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bonsai | oneshot
Tumblr media
excerpt | where a bonsai plant brings you and your husband closer together.
pairing | mafia!namjoon x reader, arranged marriage!au
genre | fluff, extremely minor angst
warning/s | usage of guns and brief mentions of blood
lee’s notes | there weren’t much specifics on this request so i just assumed it’s the same arranged marriage trope as my other mafia aus! hopefully you guys aren't too tired of it yet T_T
word count | 4.6k words
go to | home / navi / m. list
Tumblr media
NAMJOON WATCHES AS THE DOOR to his office slowly closes, the last of his meetings for the day finally over.
He lets out a sigh in relief and leans back in his chair, turning it towards the window directly to his right. The glass of the window took up practically the entire wall, giving him a perfect view of the garden outside.
As he scans through the lot, his eyebrows begin to furrow when he spots you crouched down nearby a pot of flowers. While you were free to roam anywhere you'd like, he never expected you to settle around the garden when there was also a library and a music room in the home as well.
He reels his chair back to reach for the telephone on his desk, swiftly dialing the number of the housekeeper.
"Hello?" A familiar voice answers.
"Hi Mrs. Jung, this is Namjoon."
A little bit of rustling is heard from the other end before the lady responds. "Ah, Mr. Kim. Would you be requiring my assistance anywhere?"
Namjoon slowly reels his chair towards the window, gazing at you while you watered the plants. "No, I just wanted to ask you about something. I'm staring outside my window and it seems as though (Y/N) is tending to some flowers in the garden." He explains, "Do I need to hire another housemaid assist you?"
Mrs. Jung lets out a soft chuckle before responding, "Ah, there's no need for that Mr. Kim. I've been doing fine tending to them on my own but Mrs. Kim insists on helping. It seems as though she has quite an interest in helping the plants grow."
Namjoon raises his eyebrows in surprise, "Is that so?" He asks, more to himself.
But, Mrs. Jung, thinking it was addressed to her, chooses to respond. "Yes, Mr. Kim. I have informed her on multiple occasions that I do not require any assistance, but the young lady always tells me she wants to help."
Namjoon simply hums, noticing the small smile on your face as you watered the plants with care. His eyes unconsciously soften at the sight before he quickly snaps out of it, clearing his throat.
"Well, if it is what (Y/N) wants, then feel free to let her be." He says, taking his eyes off of you.
"Alright, Mr. Kim."
Namjoon makes sure to thank Mrs. Jung before he hangs up, diverting his attention back to the papers on his table.
The two of you had been married for over 5 days at this point, yet he couldn't find the time to talk to you after the wedding because of his numerous responsibilities as the leader.
He sighs and takes another glance at you through the window before looking back to his papers, shaking his head.
A few days past and you were back in the garden, happily spritzing the plants with as much water as they needed. It was quite a relaxing hobby, especially considering the rather violent nature of your family's business.
You grin when you feel Monnie, the house pet, snuggle into your side. The dog kept you company most of the time ever since you moved in, especially when you realized how fond he was of you.
"Hi Monnie," You coo, swooning at the way he leans onto your hand while you pet him.
He barks towards you, causing you to glance towards your hand. You chuckle when you realize he's referring to the water bottle you were holding. "Aigoo, do you want to get sprayed?"
Slowly, you bring your hand closer to the dog, swiftly spraying him with water. He barks happily, making you let out another laugh. He jumps before running away, a smile on your face as you shake your head.
You divert your attention back to the leaves of the plants, suddenly hearing someone clear their throat from behind you. Assuming it was just Mrs. Jung, you let out a chuckle, knowing she was probably just going to nag at you again.
"Mrs. Jung, I'm telling you, I used to tend to a garden in my former household. You don't need to—"
You pause when you turn around, meeting your Namjoon's slightly intimidating gaze. Your smile falters for a moment before you replace it with a more subtle one as you guide yourself up to your feet.
"Namjoon," You say, licking your lips in nervousness. "What brings you here?"
His gaze slowly eases as he simply gestures behind you, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. "I uh—I just saw you from my office and I thought I'd drop by."
Your mouth makes an 'o' shape as you nod, "Oh, okay."
The two of you stand in awkward silence for a few moments before Namjoon clears his head, pointing towards the bottle of water in your hand.
"So, do you need any help?" He asks, causing your eyes to slightly widen.
You blink twice before finally replying, "Y-You want to help me?" You ask, somewhat taken aback.
Namjoon softly chuckles at this before nodding, a small amused smile on his lips. "I have the hour off and there isn't really anything better to do in the house." He explains, "Besides, you seemed to be having a lot of fun."
You slightly blush at his remark, a smile creeping onto your lips as well. "Well, I do need some help plucking out the dead leaves on this plant." You say with a chuckle, pointing towards the pot on the ground.
Namjoon smiles and nods, "Lead the way, then."
You bite back a grin and motion for him to take a seat next to you before you begin to teach him how to carefully pluck off the dead leaves. He simply listens with a small smile, nodding to let you know he understood.
Once you two got into the groove of things, the plants became the main focus of both your attention. You both worked in silence, the sounds of leaves crunching filling the atmosphere.
Namjoon breaks the silence after a few moments, slyly glances your way. "So," He starts, "You said you had a garden in your former household?"
You shyly chuckle before nodding, keeping your gaze on the plants in front of you. "Yeah, it was just a nice way to take my mind off of all the—well, I think you know what I mean." You respond, Namjoon nodding.
"I kind of get it, to be honest." He says, "After awhile, it really just gets suffocating to be in the environment we're in. So, it's nice to have a little escape from it all."
You smile at this, happy to see that you two have a mutual understanding on the topic. "How about you?" You ask, briefly looking at him. "What's your escape?"
You two continue to engage in light conversation, occasionally letting out laughs at each other's remarks. As you both talked, you don't notice Yoongi and Seokjin walk up to the garden entrance, disbelief on both their faces.
"Is that Namjoon? In the garden?" Seokjin asks, blinking.
Yoongi tilts his head to the side before squinting and letting out a chuckle. "It is." He says, amused.
The older member lets out a scoff, a smile forming on his face. "Never in my life did I ever think I'd see Kim Namjoon watering plants in the garden." He mumbles, shaking his head.
As they both begin to approach you two, a pair of hands suddenly stops them, causing the two to turn around.
"Mrs. Jung? Is something wrong?" Yoongi asks, slightly confused when he makes eye contact with her.
The housemaid simply sighs before glancing behind them, watching as you and Namjoon continued tending to the plants. "Unless it is urgent, I think we should leave the newlyweds alone. They haven't spent much time together since the ceremony." She says, a solemn expression on her face.
The two men slowly nod, looking at one another for a few seconds before coming to an agreement. "Well, I guess we can wait awhile." Seokjin says, patting Yoongi's shoulder.
The latter voices out his agreement, making Mrs. Jung let out a small grateful smile. "Thank you two very much. I'm sure Mr. Kim will appreciate your patience later on." She says, making the two others smile.
They bid their goodbyes to Mrs. Jung before they all go their separate ways, the entire interaction complete unbeknownst by the couple.
Meanwhile, you watched Namjoon chop off some stems with a pair of scissors, letting out a soft chuckle at the focused expression on his face. "Here, it's easier this way." You say, moving closer to him to demonstrate.
As you place your hands on the stem, Namjoon slyly gazes towards you, unable to stop himself from admiring how happy you looked as you dealt with the plants. He made a mental note to visit you here more often, seeing as you looked much brighter under the sunlight than under the rather gloomy lights of your home's dining hall.
"—then, you just gently pull it apart." You say, causing Namjoon to snap out of his gaze.
He nods and smiles at you gratefully, "Thank you, (Y/N)." He says, watching as you smiled back before moving back to the plant you were working on.
While you worked, Namjoon glances towards you, thinking of how to start another conversation.
"Does it get lonely?" He asks, glancing towards you after a few moments. "You know, spending time here in the garden by yourself."
You let out a small sigh before glancing towards him, a small smile on your face. "Well, it was when I first moved here," You respond, looking down towards the plant you were tending to. "But, after awhile, I guess I found comfort in it. Besides, I have Monnie to keep me company anyways."
Namjoon lets out a chuckle at this, nodding his head. But before he could reply, his eyes quickly widen when he sees your peaceful expression contort into one of shock.
"Woah, are you alright?" He asks, eyeing you worriedly.
You bite your lip and nod, looking down towards the knife you were using to cut the stems of the plant. "Yeah, I think I just accidentally cut myself."
His eyes travel towards the open wound on your finger, anxiously watching the blood drip out of the wound and onto the ground.
Namjoon sighs and stands up, motioning for you to do the same. "Come on, let's come inside so we can treat it."
You nod and stand up, following him out of the garden and into the house. But, instead of leading you to Mrs. Jung like you expect him to, you're confused to see him lead you towards another direction.
"Oh—aren't we heading to Mrs. Jung?" You ask, blinking.
Namjoon shakes his head at you, putting a hand on the small of your back. "There's no need to, I have some medical supplies in my office." He responds, causing your eyes to slightly widen.
You halt in your steps, making him do the same. "I-I would hate to hassle you over a simple cut, though. I can treat it myself when I finish up downstairs." You reply, a small frown on your face.
Namjoon sighs, "(Y/N)-ah, we're married. Helping you should be on the top of my priorities." He says, motioning for you to continue walking.
You look at him hesitantly, not knowing how to respond. Then, you slowly nod and continue walking, making Namjoon inwardly sigh in relief.
He leads you to his office and walks you inside, closing the door open behind him. "Take a seat on my chair, I'll just get the supplies from the cabinet." He says, giving you a small smile.
"Okay." You mumble before moving towards his chair and sitting down.
You take in your surroundings as you wait, this being your first time in his office since you moved in. The interior was relatively dark, with most of the structures in the room being tall. You subconsciously shrink into Namjoon's leather chair, watching as he stood up from one corner of the room.
He walks toward you and places a bottle of antiseptic on the table together with a cotton swab and a band-aid. When he sees you staring at the objects, he sheepishly smiles. "I've had a fair share of injuries in the past, so I like to just have them here in case something happens." He explains, making you nod.
He leans against the table and grabs the antiseptic before opening the bottle. "You have a nice office." You blurt out, Namjoon letting out a small smile.
"Thanks. I spend most of my time here so I did my best to make sure it was somewhat neat." He replies, eyes trained onto the bottle of antiseptic as he places some onto the cotton swab.
You bite your lip nervously when he puts the bottle on the table and turns towards you expectantly. "Ready?" He asks, looking towards you.
"I guess so," You mumble in response, giving him your hand.
He smiles at you encouragingly, gently placing your hand on top of his which, happened to be slightly larger. The two of you notice the detail, letting out soft chuckles. "You have very cute hands." He teases.
You blush slightly, "Maybe yours are just big." You mumble in response, biting back a smile as Namjoon looks at you amusedly.
"Okay, uh—I think you can put the medicine now." You say after a few moments, eyes trained onto the wound.
Namjoon glances towards you, quickly noticing the nervous expression on your face. "It might hurt a bit but I'll try my best to make it quick."
You nod, taking a deep breath before the cotton swab comes into contact with your wound. You slightly wince, immediately feeling a sting on your hand.
"There you go," Namjoon mumbles, placing the swab on his table.
He fans the wound, letting the medicine dry a bit before wrapping it up with the band-aid. "All done." He says, looking at you with a smile.
You smile back, slowly taking your hand out of his. "Thank you, Namjoon."
After your last encounter with Namjoon, the two of you began to spend more time together. From simply greeting one another when you'd see him around the house, you two would now actively converse with one another. He would ask you about your day as he told you about his, sometimes even going as far as inviting you to his office for a quick coffee.
As you two slowly got closer, you thought it would be a good chance to return the favor for the time that he helped you treat one of your wounds. He had been cooped up in his office, clearly stressed about something that was happening in the business. So, to give him a little boost, you decided to bring him one of your favorite bonsai trees from the garden to display inside.
You nervously bit your lip before opening the door and peeking inside, smiling when you met Namjoon's gaze. He smiled back, eyebrows easing when he sees that it's just you outside the door.
"Come in." He says, nodding towards you.
You walk inside, about to close the door behind you when you feel something blocking it. You glance behind the door, chuckling as you see Monnie trying to come in as well.
When you open the door wider, the dog comes running in, quickly jumping into Namjoon's lap. The sight makes you laugh as you close the door behind you.
"So, what brings you here?" Namjoon asks, lightly petting Monnie.
You grin and raise up the small pot in your hands, causing him to raise his eyebrows in surprise. "I got you a little gift." You say sheepishly, watching as his gaze moved from you to the plant in your hands.
"Is that a tree?" He asks, making you let out a chuckle.
"Yes, it's a bonsai tree. I noticed the last time I was here that you didn't really have any plants, so I thought you might appreciate a little friend." You explain, gauging his expression.
Namjoon blinks for a few moments before slowly smiling. "That's very nice of you, (Y/N)." He says, making you smile back.
You place the potted plant on top of one of Namjoon's many cabinets, glancing towards him. "Where do you want to put it?"
Namjoon hums and stands up, letting Monnie run free within the office as he walks towards you. "I think it would be nice to place by the window." He replies, motioning to a specific side of the room.
You nod before lifting it up, smiling thankfully at Namjoon when he helps you move it towards the glass window. The two of you place it in the corner of the room, where the bright greenness of the leaves perfectly contrasted the black wall behind it.
"It looks nice."
Namjoon nods his head in approval, glancing towards you. "The room feels a lot brighter now." He says, "Thank you again."
You sigh in relief, smiling back at him. "No problem."
He opens his mouth, as though to say something else, when suddenly, the phone on his table rings. He glances towards it before looking at you apologetically. "Sorry, just give me a minute."
You nod at him to answer it before crouching down to pet Monnie. Namjoon sighs and walks up to the phone, "Hello?" He asks.
As he hears what the other person has to say, his eyes suddenly narrow. "What do you mean?" He asks, slightly louder than he realized.
This makes you glance towards him, concern beginning to fill your system. You watch as he tightens his grip around the telephone, almost glaring at the ground beneath him.
"Okay, I'll go there now. Just—hello? Hyunsuk-ah?"
When Namjoon realizes the line was cut-off, he curses and hangs up, immediately glancing towards you. "Is everything okay?" You ask, standing up.
He simply sighs and runs his hand through his hair, looking at you with a slightly worried expression. "I have to go, I think someone's trying to trespass the gate." He says, making your eyes widen.
"Wait—trespass, like, someone's trying to come into the house?" You ask, clearly taken aback.
Namjoon looks at you uneasily and nods, walking up to the safe by the couch. "Listen, I'll be right back, okay? I need you to stay here and keep the door locked." He says, grabbing a gun.
You hold in a gasp upon seeing it, hearing Monnie whimper from beside you. You sigh and carry the dog up, hugging him close to your chest as your heart rate begins to speed up.
"I'll try sending one of the members here to guard your door. Let them in when you hear their voice. But if it's someone else, just keep the door locked and call my number, alright?" Namjoon says, his voice a mix between serious and distraught.
You simply nod, "Okay."
Namjoon sees the nervous expression on your face and approaches you, gently placing his hands on either of your shoulders. "Hey, hey, look at me." He says, tone much gentler.
You hesitantly look towards him, feeling the slight warmth of his gaze. "Everything's gonna be alright, I promise. Just stay here and I'll be back before you know it." He says, caressing your shoulders.
You can only nod, Namjoon nodding back before letting go of you. He begins to walk away, pausing at the door when you call for him.
"Namjoon," You say, watching as he turned towards you. "Please be safe."
He lets out a small smile at this, nodding at you before he rushes out the door. You nervously sigh and walk towards it, quickly locking the door. Once you're sure it's locked, you walk back to the couch and take a seat, anxiously waiting.
Monnie senses your nervousness and softly nudges you with his head, making you glance towards him. You let out a smile when you see him gazing up towards you, paw on your stomach.
"We're going to be just fine," You mumble to him, the words directed more to yourself. "I trust him." You say, hugging the pet close to your chest.
You continue to wait on the couch, unable to let your guard down when you have no clue what may happen next. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, causing your heart to stop.
Monnie barks, jumping off of your lap to defend you from the person outside. You smile at this, petting him on the head before you anxiously glance towards the door.
"(Y/N)-ah?" A familiar voice asks, causing you to sigh in relief.
You walked up to the door and slowly opened it, relaxing when you see Yoongi standing outside the door. He gives you a warm smile before coming inside and locking the door behind him.
"You okay?" He asks, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder.
You nod, letting out a sigh. "Yeah, just a bit shocked," You respond, "Everything just happened so quickly—I didn't have much time to process any of it."
Yoongi nods, patting your shoulder before placing it in his pocket. "Don't worry, we have the man in captive already. They're just bringing him downstairs to the basement." He explains, reassuring you.
You inwardly shudder at his remark, knowing fully well what the basement was for. For obvious reasons, you had never been there yourself. But, that didn't stop you from hearing multiple stories about it—even before you moved in with Bangtan.
"Is Namjoon okay?" You ask, recalling he went down to check on everyone.
"He's fine," Yoongi responds, "In fact, the only reason why he didn't come upstairs himself was because he still needed to speak to the guards downstairs with Jungkook."
When he hears you sigh in relief, a teasing smile creeps onto Yoongi's face. You see his expression and tilt your head, looking at him questionably.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" You ask, slightly confused.
He simply chuckles, "You were worried about him, weren't you?" He asks, making you furrow your eyebrows.
"Of course I was worried, he's my husband, Yoongi." You respond in disbelief.
But Yoongi shakes his head, squinting his eyes at you. "It's more than that though," He says, "Don't think for a second that we haven't noticed how much time you've been spending with our leader lately. Not to mention, the fact that he's always with you in the garden now when he used to shudder at the mere idea of even touching grass."
You blink at this, not knowing what to say. Yoongi sees this and lets out a laugh, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm just saying, it's nice to see that you two seem to finally be getting to know one another. Namjoon needs someone like you to keep him steady." He says, giving you a pat on the head.
You simply smile at his remark when suddenly, before either of you could react, a loud bang is heard from a few rooms away. Yoongi quickly furrows his eyebrows, motioning for you to move away from the door.
"Don't say anything." He mouths to you before pointing to Namjoon's desk.
You swallow nervously and nod, picking Monnie up before quickly taking a seat on Namjoon's leather chair, the table being a considerable distance away from the door. Once Yoongi sees you're seated, he grabs his phone and types a text message before bringing out his gun.
He leans towards the door, trying to listen in for any sounds in the hallway. Then, his phone buzzes. You hold your breath when you see his eyes widen as he accepts the call.
"How did that even happen—no, I'm in Joon's office with (Y/N) right now. Yes, I know, we heard the gun." He says softly before pausing as he listens to the man on the other line.
After hearing what he has to say, Yoongi glances towards you hesitantly and lets out a sigh. "(Y/N)-ah, I'm sorry but they need me in the other room." He says, frowning at you. "I'll be right back, okay? Keep the door locked and don't let anyone in."
"I—" You say before pausing as you noticed the urgency in his expression. "Okay, be careful."
He smiles at your remark and nods before walking out of the room, shutting the door behind him. As much as you walk up to the door and lock it, you can't help but sit still in Namjoon's chair, the nervousness taking over your system.
Oh my god—Namjoon. You think to yourself, wondering if he was okay. What if he was hurt?
While you daze out and begin to assume the worst-case scenarios, your hands begin to quiver as the anxiety settles in your stomach.
Unexpectedly, the door in front of you slams open, causing you to shoot up from your seat. Monie whimpers, hiding behind your legs as you both wait for the person to come in.
"(Y/N)? Where are you?" Namjoon asks, making you let out a sigh.
You almost cry from relief when you see him come into the room, watching as his hardened expression softens once he sees you. "Are you alright?" He asks, concern in his tone.
Before you realize it, you run towards Namjoon and tackle him into a hug, burying your face into his chest. He frowns at this, wrapping his arms around your shoulder as he rubs your back.
"I thought something had happened to you." You mumble, causing Namjoon to sigh. "When I heard the gunshot, I just assumed the worst and—"
He cuts you off with a shush, "I'm here now, (Y/N)," He mumbles, "I'm so sorry I had to leave you alone."
You sigh and close your eyes, leaning into his chest while he continues comforting you. After a few moments, once you're more calmed down, you slowly pull away from him, feeling his hands remain on your lower back.
"You're sure you aren't hurt anywhere?" You ask, gazing up at him.
Namjoon gives you a small smile and nods, "Yes," He responds, gazing at you comfortingly. "I'm sure."
You let out another sigh at this, hands dropping to his chest as you shake your head. He sees your expression and gently brings your chin up to face him again.
"The gun didn't hit anyone, don't worry. There was an attempt, but—thank god no one got hurt." He explains, "The moment I heard the gun from downstairs, shit—I just ran up immediately. I thought something might have happened to you."
Upon hearing Namjoon's exasperated words, your heart warms as you as realize he cared about you just as much as you did for him. You slowly wrap your arms around his neck and bring him in for another hug, making him smile.
"Thank you for being here," You mumble, "for checking up on me right away."
Namjoon places his chin onto your shoulder and wraps his arms around your waist, "No problem, (Y/N)," He says, "I'm always going to be here to protect you."
As the two of you enjoy one another's embrace, you're cut short from your trance as you hear a familiar dog bark from beneath you two. You and Namjoon both pull away from one another, smiling at Monnie who was looking at you two from the ground.
"Ah, and how could we forget about Monnie?" Namjoon teasingly says, causing you both to let out laughs.
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Marital Love - Chapter 9 (Final)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3K+
Warnings: None
Tags: Fluff, SFW, Cold!Jungkook, Arranged Marriage AU, Jungkook-centric, CEO!Jungkook, Workplace AU
Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch7, Ch8, Ch9 (Completed)
With Jungkook taking a shower, Y/N was peacefully lying on the couch, completely absorbed in the book she was reading. Immersed in the scene, she was startled when the doorbell rang. The book flew from her clutches and landed on the soft material of the couch with a slight thud. Y/N placed a hand on her chest, trying to calm down her racing heart. The doorbell rang again, forcing Y/N to push herself off the couch and walked towards the door, opening it wide open to see two (very handsome) men.
"Uhh... How may I help you?" Y/N asked politely.
"I'm sorry, doesn't Jeon Jungkook live here?" Inquired one of them, absolutely befuddled at Y/N's appearance.
"Huh? Oh ye-" Y/N was soon interrupted by a voice from behind her.
"Y/n-ah, who's at the door?" Y/N turned around to see Jungkook coming down in grey sweatpants and a t-shirt, drying his wet hair using a towel.
"Oh, Jungkook! They're here for you." At Y/n's words, Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows and walked towards the door, swinging an arm around Y/N's shoulders before looking at his visitors.
"Hyung! What are you guys doing here?!" Jungkook exclaimed while Y/N buried herself on the side of Jungkook, slightly intimidated by the two strangers.
"We were assigned to the main office once again, so we decided to come to visit you. Also, we wanted you to sign some papers while we were here." He glanced continuously at me, utterly confused.
"Oh! I totally forgot to introduce you guys. Y/N, these are my friends Jimin Hyung and Jin Hyung. Guys this is my wife, Y/N." At Jungkook's words, their eye bulged out in shock.
"You're married?!" The two exclaimed at the same time.
"So, you're telling me, YOU are married?!" Jin exclaimed
"I can't believe you didn't even tell us! I still refuse to believe this anti-romantic is settling down. Y/N-ah," Jimin turned towards Y/N before continuing. "If he ever mistreats you, know I will be there single and ready to mingle." He finished off his sentence with a cute and adorable wink, his charms overflowing smoothly.
It earned a small giggle from Y/N, reminding her of a cute cat. However, Jungkook didn't look so pleased, instead, he squinted his eyes at the elder man, almost challenging him to even try anything with his wife.
"I don't think that would be necessary," Jungkook said, wrapping a protective arm around Y/N's waist, pulling her even closer, eliminating any space between the two.
Seeing Y/n almost crushed against the side of Jungkook and the daring glare pointed towards Jimin, Jin decided to interfere.
"Anyway, Jungkook-ah, could you read through these documents and sign them? We would have brought them to you tomorrow but they need to be finalised and sent by tomorrow morning."
Reluctantly unwrapping his arm, still glaring at Jimin, Jungkook nodded. Standing up, the young man straightened his pants before pointing upstairs.
"Let's go to my room." Jungkook muttered before leading the way. The other two quickly followed him, with Jimin not forgetting to give Y/n one last wink, flustering Y/n.
Y/n had resumed her spot on the couch, swinging her legs up and down while reading her book, when they came downstairs.
"We'll discuss more about the hotel tomorrow. Hope you have a safe journey back." Jungkook said with a professional tone laced on his voice.
"See you tomorrow." Jin bid the couple goodbye, ready to leave.
Unfortunately, Jimin had slightly different plans. He walked towards Y/N with a flirtatious glint in his eyes, causing Jungkook to immediately be alarmed, ready to fight Jimin if he even laid a finger on Y/N.
"It's a pity we couldn't talk more. How about we grab a coffee tomorrow?" Jimin asked, a suggestive expression plastered across his face.
"S-she can't!" Interjected a worried and flustered Jungkook. "She has class full day tomorrow." At his words, Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, an adorable expression of confusion on her face as she heard about her non-existent classes.
"Well... I guess some other time then. Bye Jungkookie!" He exclaimed before heading outside, a tired-yet-not-surprised Jin following him.
The door closed behind the two men, an indication to start Jin's rant.
"Why would you aggravate that muscle bunny?!" Jin accused Jimin, tired of his playful antics.
"Oh come on! Don't find it amusing? I mean, he has never shown interest in anything before, let me just tease him."
Jin gave Jimin an unimpressed look, silence falling over the two, before bursting out in laughter.
"That is right! I swear, I thought he was going to burst. Did you see how red he got?" The two joined together, laughing and teasing the poor boy.
"Bye Jungkook!" Y/N said, waving her arm. Jungkook, in response, gave her a loving smile, waving back at her.
Y/n stepped out of the office, the wooden door closing behind her, as she walked towards the elevator. However, the sight of a blonde-haired man caught her eye, causing her to panic and run back to Jungkook's cabin all flustered. She slammed the door open, hastily entering the room, shocking and surprising Jungkook, who looked at her in alarm and confusion.
"What happe-" He started off.
"Jimin is coming here." Y/N panted out, tired from the previous running.
Jungkook widened his eyes and stood up in alarm.
"What?! He can't know you're here or he'll never stop teasing me!" His tone was full of worry and regret, not knowing what to do now.
"You know what, just hide."
"What? Whe- Why?" Y/N asked, startled by his words.
Jungkook pulled the poor, flustered Y/N under his desk, not having time to answer any of her questions, and ran a frustrated hand through his hair, looking around his room in panic before sitting on his chair, just in time for Jimin to enter the room.
"Hey, Jungkookie!" Greeted the cheerful Jimin
"Oh Hyung! Have you ever heard of knocking?" Jungkook said sarcastically, trying to buy time to calm himself down.
"When did I ever knock? Anyway, with the scandal going on with Special Security Inc. I think it is best to use another security company in the new hotel. In our test run, we are already having complaints, and people may not feel safe with their technology being used. The next best option is Diamond Security but they are 1.2% more expensive and we would have to set up a meeting with them to discuss the contract and conditions." Jimin said, not even aware of Y/N's presence under the desk.
Jungkook composed himself before discussing the details and thoughts, soon almost forgetting the fact that Y/N was hiding under his desk, who was starting to get bored. As she tuned out her husband and Jimin, she was starting to feel restless and annoyed. Trying to find something to focus on, she leaned her head on Jungkook's thigh and started drawing small doodles on the other thigh with her delicate finger. Jungkook widened his eyes and sat up straight in shock at Y/N's actions.
"What's wrong?" Jimin asked, seeing the shock on Jungkook's face.
"N-nothing, continue." Jungkook started, trying his best to keep calm.
Y/N innocently carried on with her doodles, not aware of the effects of her actions on Jungkook. As her finger traveled higher and higher in an attempt of drawing a flower, Jungkook closed his eyes tightly in frustration, desperate to tame himself down. His legs bounced up and down, in an attempt to both calm him down and to stop Y/N. However, Y/N chuckled silently and challenged herself to continue to draw with new turbulence, finally eradicating her boredom. Unfortunately, Jungkook could take it no more, forcing him to spit out words in an attempt to get Jimin to leave.
"You know Hyung, could we talk about this later? I have a call that is about to come in." Jungkook said, trying his best not to stutter.
"Sure, I'll just set up a meeting with the finance team and the IT team to come up with the solution and inform you later." Jimin said, nodding in agreement, getting ready to leave.
"I'll take a leave then." Jimin bowed slightly before walking towards the door and leaving the room.
At the newly found privacy, Jungkook heaved a sigh and wrapped an arm around Y/N, hoisting her up from her hiding position, shocking her and preventing her from doodling any further. Y/n looked at Jungkook in shock and confusion, eyes blatantly displaying her innocence and purity. However, it was that look of innocence that annoyed Jungkook even further. How could someone rile him up so much without even intending to do so? Why was he so responsive to the slightest touch of Y/N?
"Just what do you think you were doing?" He spoke in a low voice, in an attempt to intimidate Y/N. However, used to the cold demeanour of her husband, Y/n was not at all intimidated.
"Why? I was just bored?" She tilted her head in confusion, giving Jungkook the cutest expression.
He chuckled looking down, desperate to get away from the adorable look on Y/N's face, before facing her once again.
"You really have no idea what you're doing to me, do you?" Jungkook question, a dark gaze entering his eyes.
He stood up from his chair and walked closer to the petite frame of Y/N. She looked questioningly at his dark gaze and knowing smirk, slightly alarmed. She took a step back unconsciously, worried about what was going inside Jungkook's mind.
"Why a-are you looking at me like that?" Y/N said, looking at him warily.
"Do you know what you were doing to me?" He said, slowly walking closer and closer to her, forcing her to take a few steps back. "Do you not see me as a man? Do you not know what your touches do to me?"
Y/N widened her eyes when she felt the hard surface of the wall hit her back, leaving her no way of escaping. Jungkook smirked when he cornered her, towering over her, his arms caging her.
"Did no one tell you not touch your husband like that?"
"L-like what? I w-was just drawing some flowers." Y/n stuttered desperately to justify her actions. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at her retort.
"Well then, you wouldn't mind if I did the same, would you?" A teasing glint in his eyes.
He caressed Y/N's cheeks before slowly drawing his finger down to her neck, stopping just before her first button to draw the outline of her name, getting dangerously close to the lace material of her bra. Y/N gulped at Jungkook's actions, starting to understand what he was talking about.
Jungkook leaned down to her ear, before whispering in the huskiest voice he could muster.
"Do you understand? Hmm? How I felt?" He whispered before nibbling on her earlobe.
Y/n was shaken, never experiencing things like this before, she stood still not knowing what to do. Jungkook slowly moved from her ear to her jaw, meticulously covering her jaw with wet kisses. He peaked at Y/N's expression, pleased to see the flustered and surprised expression on her face, causing him to smirk victoriously at the effect he had on her.
"Why? Regret it already? Do-"
"I don't." Y/n injected in a small voice, almost afraid of his reaction.
With the single sentence, a heavy tension loomed over the two, as they stared at each other in silence, not breaking eye contact for even a second.
"What?" Jungkook whispered, in absolute shock and disbelief.
"I don't regret it." It was now Y/n's turn, walking closer to the frozen Jungkook, eliminating any space between them. "I don't regret doing that to you." She muttered, slyly playing the top button of his shirt.
"Baby, don't play with m-me like that. It's not funny." He said, stuttering due to the thundering of his chest at Y/n's words.
"I'm not. I may have not intentionally done that, but now, I really don't regret it." She said, looking directly at Jungkook, eyes displaying the sincerity of her words.
"God, I love you!" Jungkook muttered under his breath before swooping down to smash his lips on hers, her back crashing on the wall due to the impact.
Y/n arms automatically wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to her than ever. Her eyes fluttered close as she kissed him back, harder and deeper, melting at the touch of their lips. He salvaged every single feeling of the kiss, the passion, the ferocity... the love. A million thoughts filling their heads were ignored and pushed away, desiring nothing more than to enjoy this moment. The intensity ignited a fire between the two, her chest exploding at the fervent urgency of the kiss. The kiss was heated, messy, and all over the place, but Jungkook couldn't care less. He continued kissing her like his life depended on it, sucking, biting, and licking, trying to savour the sweet taste of his love. His arms roamed around her torso, waist, her hips, and chest. He didn't know what to do, he wanted everything at the moment. The innocent touches were no longer present, both of them immersed in the intimate feeling of their bodies next to each other. She knotted her fist in his hair, making him let out a soft, low groan. Tongues battling each other, hungrily kissing and devouring each other, they forgot everything around them, focusing on the burning touches of each other.
Jungkook tapped her thigh, indicating her to jump. Not breaking the kiss, Y/n jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jungkook pushed her further onto the wall and pressed himself – all of him – against her.
Jungkook reluctantly pulled back, both panting heavily, breathless, before asking slowly. "Baby, are you sure? I can't stop later."
Y/N chuckled before leaning to leave a soft kiss on his lips.
"I'm sure." She whispered while smiling lovingly at Jungkook, looking purely at his eyes.
"God, I don't know what to do with you" He muttered before he smashed his lips against her, eagerly tasting every bit of her.
Y/n matched his passion as she kissed back hungrily. As Jungkook slowly yet tauntingly traveled to her neck, meticulously searching for her soft spot, Y/n leaned her head against the wooden wall, unconsciously giving him more space, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Jungkook avidly sucked her soft skin, leaving hickeys everywhere. He knew that leaving markings out in the open was immature, but he didn't care. He couldn't help but act like a hormonal teenager in front of Y/n when all he wanted was to devour her. Y/n snaked her hands around his head, unconsciously pushing his face closer, not wanting to stop. She arched her back into him, melting in his hold, while Jungkook tightened his hold around her waist, not caring if he left a mark. As he held her with hand, the other hand aimlessly yet impatiently wandered around her torso, traveling up to play with her buttons before eagerly popping them open, unconsciously grinding on her. In the future, Jungkook would find himself cursing at himself continuously as how eager he was acting, like a 15-year-old boy, when he should have treated her with utmost care. However, that was for later. Right now, he couldn't think about anything but Y/n. Both of them couldn't care that they were in the office as they drowned in pure ecstasy, heat bubbling inside at their touches.
Regardless of where they were, they felt at home.
"Hey, Jung-" A voice interrupted them causing y/n to yelp in surprise as she jumped out of Jungkook's hold, immediately hiding behind his figure embarrassedly.
Jungkook, on the other hand, had instantly turned his back to the unwelcomed visitor as he wrapped his arms around y/n, protectively covering her, before snapping his head towards the figure in anger and shock, glaring at the individual with swollen lips and extremely tousled hair.
"Hyung?!" Jungkook questioned, outraged at how he didn't even knock before entering.
Jimin on the other hand, merely stared at the couple in shock and disbelief, utterly embarrassed at the situation. His eyes were wide open, frozen in his place as he took the scene in front of him.
"I'm s-sorry. I'll be back later." He quickly muttered before hastily leaving the room, slamming the door behind him.
Silence loomed over the couple as they tried to decipher what had just happened with unfocused eyes. Y/n couldn't help but find the situation hilarious, causing a snicker to escape her before she softly chuckled at the situation as she rested her forehead on his chest in an exhausted manner. Jungkook soon followed, laughing while he hugged Y/n closer to him.
Y/n slowly lifted her head, staring loving at Jungkook with a soft smile as he returned the smile.
"I love you…" She softly muttered.
"I love you too."
Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch7, Ch8, Ch9 (Completed)
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watashijeon · 10 days ago
After Midnight | KTH
Tumblr media
songs to listen to while reading 📖— It was only a dream - thee sinseers - i suggest this song after the smut
before you read: Keep in mind that this is all purely fiction. If any of the below warnings trigger you then do not read, blocking is welcomed if you are uncomfortable btw.. idc! (๑˘・з・˘)~
pairing: reader x lawyer taehyung
wc. 7.9k | smut & angst + fluff (reader is 22 & tae is 32) :>
→ Warnings: (+18) — not proud of this so.. be nice! desk sex, taehyung smokes cigars + drinks whiskey because lawyer stereotypes yasss, raw birthday sex for mister kim, cunnilingus + masturbation, sensitive and vocally whiny yn, fingering, cum eating, brat yn appears here and there, spanking, he’s kinda a big bully, hair pulling, taehyung’s been ran through he likes his variety, agonizingly slow but yet fast and rough sex? he changes the tempo a lot, brief biting, orgasm control, oversensitivity on both ends, clit slapping, aftercare because taehyung is no bitch boy, not a nice ending here ^_^ don’t get upset w me
Tumblr media
You finally make it to his apartment walking into the living to see it is empty, so is his room.
It was late and the man could hear you finally getting back, later than usual. He never made an exact time stamp for meeting him but would usually expect of you to come around mid afternoon, it’s almost midnight now.
His ears listen for the sounds of you walking alone down the dark long and hollow hallway. You know where he always spends most of his living breath and it’s this very room, his office.
Your heels being the only source of sound in his quiet abode, hearing the signature knock racking gently against the wood of his door. He would never speak back when you knocked, it was only a simple common ritual you’ve picked up over time before you open the door as your greeting.
The man shifts in his chair, turning on his heel to spin his chair around to face you. Seeing you stare in shock at his appearance; he was dressed in his work attire still, the usual kind of suit that he would wear for big cases.
His tie was now untucked from his neck, lying loose over his wrinkled buttoned up shirt that he usually wore underneath his blazer.
You see he is sat behind his desk, legs likely man spreading whilst smoking his cigar aimlessly. Puffing airs of smoke staring at you with no exact emotion, his finger rises barely to do a come hither motion and you know where he wants you.
This has been a routine for the both of you for the past two years, you aren’t dating nor are you exclusive. The second time you came over he had told you blunt and straight that he doesn’t do love and you wouldn’t be an exception.
You didn’t mind, not a bit. When you shrugged your shoulders with a genuine smile the day he told you those few words, he had given you a look for shock at how you didn’t act out or let alone react. Since then nothing has been said of the sort to change the arrangement you’ve both set with said rule.
The look of him in front of you caused you to do a double-take, you assumed since you came here late that he would of been worn in nightwear by then.
And your own surprised stare quickly fell into a subtle frown, you guessed he had a long work day. Not helping with it being his birthday today, maybe that little thought tore a shred through your all for too caring heart.
He clicks his tongue tapping ashes into his cigar tray and you are quick to speed up your steps over to him when you notice his brow quirked, the telltale sign of him awaiting for you on his lap seeing he’s impatient now.
You climb into the man’s lap sitting yourself comfortable, feeling dark eyes skipping over to look at your lips. Then the slope of your nose, back up to your eyes. His gaze trailing slow up and over your perfect frame, he smirks in his mind when he notices you’ve worn more make up and a skimpier but still deemed as classy dress, all for him.
You begin to squirm under his hard stare by shifting onto one side, then the other in his lap. Maybe not the best idea for the man with a raging hard on right now.
His communication skills may lack awfully but his territorial being has heightened since you’ve came to be. He doesn’t like to show any emotion rarely, which leaves you to guessing or coaxing him into muttering an action that speaks louder than words.
Along with that, he was never vocal about sex. Having you be the one to initiate the action, no matter how hard and obvious you could see his meaty length poke through his slacks.
He hums quietly, simply wrapping arms around your waist to keep you still while pressing his bulge into your heat “You made it, so it seems.”
You giggle wrapping both arms over his shoulders leaning back to make yourself comfortable for the time being, nestling only further into his lap not minding the way your heat throbbed with burning need.
“Happy birthday old man.”
He grins small breathing out a chuckle, his hand planting their way to your ass rubbing lazy circles into clothed skin.
Never making any sly intentions to slip his hand beneath your short dress just yet.
“Happy birthday to me.”
You wiggled under his burning touch and whine already “You’re still in your old man clothes, you look uncomfortable.”
He shrugs his fingers beginning to move under the flimsy fabric to squeeze your ass just how he pleases “Long day, a lot more drafting than I would have liked.”
You nod understanding, running the tips of your fingers through the ends of his hair on his neck “Thank goodness I’m here then.” you smile cheekily tugging on the strands barely.
“Oh why, do you have plans to make this interesting?” the man smirks circling his cigar around your face, hand still remained over your ass to squeeze and knead for his leisure.
You pout fisting the strands of his hair at the strong stench of smoke wafting in your face “I’m the thing that makes it interesting, idiot.” your cheeks puffed, squinting eyes to him.
His grin falls oh so sardonic with a breathy hum “Uh huh, you are.. interesting? Would love to see how.” he urges you on, nails slightly pressed into your ass cheek. Loving the way you gasped at the impact.
“I even made you a cake.” you mumble into your gasp, bouncing against him lazily “And you need to relax, working is no good way to spend your thirty-second birthday.”
He groans taking another puff of smoke to exhale into your face that grimaced like always, “Don’t bring up my age, it makes me feel like a pervert.”
You pout more relaxing your pinched brows and wrinkled nose, pushing his cigar occupied hand off to the side diving in to plant a sloppy glossed up kiss over his lips repetitively.
“You are not a pervert, I’m legal Taehyung.”
Lips reciprocate the kiss, gently pressing into the motion on yours to test the waters. You tried to find a steady rhythm, until he had decided on taking over. Already piercing his teeth into your lower lip, things escalating from the once soft and messy pecks into rough and wet tongues clashing one another.
You’re the first one to break apart with heavy breaths whining more to him softly, toying with the hem of his collar “Let me take your clothes off, sir, please.” you put your finger into his mouth and give him a pout for a puppy, while he remained stoic. Lazily sucking and biting on your finger with no response until he felt to
“Only a few buttons.”
You smile and nod pulling your finger out from his mouth, quickly getting down to unbuttoning the first few buttons.
“Good?” your eyes search for an answer and get your great response when he lowly grunts.
“Your turn.” he taps your thigh, leaning back into his chair to get comfortable for the sight that’s to unfold.
Like always, you rolled up from his lap and stand steps away from him. Fingers deft on pushing the straps of your dress down and with a small tug from the bottom it would slip right off with ease from the seams of your hips to fall shameless pooling at the hardwood flooring.
And although you’ve done this more times than you can count, you were never not shy. Here you are stood small in only pink laced panties and heels, you decided earlier to forgone the bra so you could tease him with how your nipples pressed against the fabric that was seconds ago covering your modesty.
“Pretty.” he murmurs quietly, back to smoking his cigar in godspeed. Your eyes too busy watching his fingers press against lips, the man’s stare burning every detail into his brain about your body without blinking once.
How frustrating was this for you every time, given how he has you strip naked in front of him while being fully clothed. All from him was a few buttons open from his collared shirt, and you begin to think how you have never seen Taehyung naked besides the few nights you stayed over.
His eyes are steadily on you this whole time and the moment he sees how slow you lick your lips, looking at him with those eyes, he knows he wants you now.
He motions with his fingers in a down motion at your hips and you know what that means, you gulp in your timid step slipping off your panties seeing your wetness stained the lace.
“God.” he groans readjusting himself in his seat and you guessed that this was your silent command to sit. You have no time to dwell when you feel a pull of his fingers and you’re back on his lap, the man frowning impatient more than usual and you grew nervous at that.
You only ever wanted to see him happy. You know, put a smile on that stoic face.
Limbs wrapped around him in a koala like grip, unrelenting to plant another plethora of sloppy kisses all over him. Smiling into the kiss feeling him breath a quiet “Calm down.” against your lips while he busied to carrying you over to lay back on the paperless side of his desk, the man always making sure to clear a side for the days you came.
You grow confused at him sitting back in his chair your elbows coming to prop yourself up to speak to him properly “What.. do you want me to do.” this was different, he usually kept kissing you once he laid you back and carried onto fucking you stupid.
He wordlessly rolls his chair between your legs and leaned down into your heat, legs opened wide with heels propped against wood for leverage. You open your mouth to speak again but he shuts you up when you see lips press together to spit on your mound, feeling his saliva dribble down your cunt and you squeeze pathetically around nothing with a whiny mewl.
“Tae..” he still doesn’t speak, your legs quiver watching him bring his thumb over your clit rubbing sloppy circles into your heat. Your head throws back immediately with a gasp and desperate buck of your knees wanting more, it’s been a week since you’ve seen him and you were this sensitive to his touch.
It still feels rare and new every time he has his hands on you, feeling his fingers trail down to your folds while running spit through your pussy as if it weren’t wet from your own essence.
He keeps teasing you like this, running fingers up and down through your lips and you groan at the loss when he retrieves his fingers. You can’t complain for him to stop teasing, feeling a cold breeze of air hit against your clit causing eager hips to thrust back into his face even more.
He continued to ignore desperate attempts, pinning your hips back down against his desk while he was ready to bring digits to spread you apart more. Eyes marveling at how much your cunt shined with your arousal and his spit. He grumbles feeling fingers grip onto his hair and you can tell he is definitely done and ready to cut off the foreplay once and for all.
He groans licking a deft stripe up your cunt, sucking your clit right into his mouth with fervor and intent. Flicking his tongue over the spot that made you want to tug his strands more.
Taehyung takes his time on you, even if his tongue was sporadic and sloppy. He made sure to take breaks in between licking you up to taste every bit of you. You can’t take much more when he finally pulls back but remains put in his spot. Feeling his hot breath against your pussy, your brain warping into a spiral of pure lust and need.
He inhales one last deep breath feeling how hard you were grabbing onto his hair, getting his message across once and for all he pins both hands down on your hips to keep you in place. Leaving no room to writhe and squirm.
The man hopelessly sighs moving his head out between your legs, resting back straight up in his chair, giving you a look.
Your legs tremble more, you can’t believe he is leaving you high and dry. You furrow your brows at him and lick your lips ready to protest with the pout that always got your way.
“Why, did you stop.”
Naturally he is back to having that forsaken cigar between his fingers, you feel the great desire to snatch it right from his hand. Maybe you should shove it down his throat or better yet, throw that whole stupid damn collection of his out the fucking wind-
“Touch yourself.”
You whimper out almost naturally, you could see the twitch in his lips he got from hearing that sound of your desperation “W-what?”
He chuckles this time, shaking his head in what it seemed to be disbelief watching how his tongue poked the inside of his cheek.
“I said, touch yourself.”
He didn’t raise his voice, it’s not like he ever did around you for that matter. He always made sure to speak in his calm and reserved manner, although maybe because he was a lawyer or also the plain fact of that’s just him.
And still, he did not raise his voice. But, you could definitely hear the firm and domineering lilt in his voice. You know better than to deny and be cheeky at that.
You bob your head almost stupidly, trailing fingers down to spread yourself apart for him. All because you enjoyed the way his breath would cut short, almost like your own.
You start slow with your rubs, watching the flick of a lighter brought about smoke to lazily breeze through the air between you two
“Put a finger in, mhm that’s it.” the timbre of his voice had dropped and it had gone rough as he watched your hand “In and out, slowly.”
“More. Not enough.” you panted softly, toes on the verge of curling.
He wanted you to ache, ask for him and squirm in your spot “Please.” he hums like he was thinking about it, shrugging his shoulders he placed fingers over yours to make them move faster. And when he noticed you were fastening your pace, he shushes you getting ready to stretch you out further with slipping two fingers into your wet heat with a content hum resounding his chest.
“Ah, fuck more please!” your hips wiggle against him, finger pulling from your heat pathetically to hold purchase onto his desk “C’mon, push them in deeper.” you follow without fail feeling yourself squeeze around the knuckles of him while your clit began to throb without friction. You continue to gasp out between broken moans with fingers hooked inside you, right on your g-spot rubbing you in a come hither motion.
Way too impatient himself he’s up from his seat to hover over you, swallowing up needy whines with his lips pressed to yours and you no longer can depend on the desk for strength when you feel his wrist flick harder to finger fuck you into oblivion with your wetness dripping down your thighs, thumb circling your clit and his cigar abandoned quicker than speed could contain itself.
You feel good, so fucking good. You could never question the power that his long slender fingers held, given with how they stretched you open and made you feel too many things to even word correctly if you were given the chance.
He can feel you’re close with the way your walls squeezed over him and your lips biting down on his to hold back the screams that were to be left “Cum around my fingers.“ the sounds of your wetness filled the room with every movement of his fingers, soon after feeling your orgasm snap within you when you felt his fingers pinch your bud pushing fingers in deeper.
“Fuckkk! Yes!” he pinched and rolled your bud until it was too much, again and again. The man could feel the way you squeezed down on his fingers tighter, and there it was, he felt that shudder against his hold. Watching in awe as pleasure shattered throughout your body, you felt the wave wash over you and through feeling yourself come down with heavy pants.
His heavy stare on your cunt, the blush spreading on your cheeks as he pulled his fingers from your heat without a care.
There’s that same unimpressed look on his face, he always wears it as if it were costume when you just have came over his fingers. He has no time to waste once more, soiled fingers tapping at your lips to open
“Clean.” you abide, feeling his fingers on your tongue mouthing at the skin, licking your essence from him until he was satisfied.
This part you used to grow red and flustered at, much more than now. How could anyone bare not to, when this good looking Adonis for a man would act bored and a great mix of unbothered after giving someone a mind blowing orgasm with only just his fingers.
He slips his fingers from your lips, off to rolling his shoulders back while cracking his knuckles and neck, almost like he hadn’t had fingers deep into your cunt. He carries on according to routine, patting your thigh again you get up from your spot and wiggle over to your front, chest pressed to the cold cherry wood of his desk making you gasp.
He doesn’t spare you any gentle touches to your ass or anywhere on you, as much as you wished him to. He goes on to clear his throat and hum while placing his hand over by where your cheek rested, whispering down into your ear with nothing but a voice filled with gruffness “Gonna fuck this cunt, hm?”
The way he said it just like that made the breath caught in your throat with a sputter. He always made sure to have some type of way to ask for consent in the most lewd yet bluntest ways, you nod into the desk but that wasn’t enough for him. It never was.
He slaps your ass hard, leaving you to yelp into the wood with a moan “Speak up or I fuck your ass.”
“Yes sir!” you squealed
“Yes sir, what?” you nod more so to yourself for comfort with eyes closed shut while breathing your word of consent “Please fuck me.”
Lust apparently would come in all shapes. Whether it was posed as seduction or formed with mystery, that’s how you would describe Taehyung.
He filled you with too many feelings internally and externally when he had you under him. You didn’t even wait to knock your legs apart, you do it for him, the way he likes with your back arched and out to give the man access to everything he wanted.
He gripped your thigh tight in his hold, licking lips at the sight of your cunt dripping in arousal “Bet you’d like me to fuck your cunt and ass anyways.” it’s not like it was question, because he could guess your answer when you would give in with another moan.
You always sounded sweet in his ears, he thinks if he should coo or not at the action. But he won’t dare to when you’re this close to him with his chest against your back. Taehyung doesn’t do soft unless it was necessary aftercare of course, he wasn’t a little bitch.
You snapped him out of his thoughts with such a needy call for his name, wiggling your ass into his crotch and the man could only pierce his lip likely imaging how your sticky arousal was probably clinging to his designer slacks.
He could feel your attempt to subtly but not so subtly dry hump him like the horny mutt you were always claimed to be. Amused at his angel, he watched your head slightly turn back to meet against lips and whisper in a voice so small and tiny he would combust if he was a teenager all over again, “Fuck me please, Tae.”
“However I want?” he mumbled in a feign pout,
“Whatever you want.” wiggling your hips back into him even more so he would just get to it.
You sigh when you finally feel him move around behind you coming up off from your back although you pout, your mouth falls open with ease feeling one hand lifting your hips while he busied on grabbing his cock from his slacks, teasing the tip at your entrance to start to push inside you. You almost make a sound of complaint for him to just push in, but he was quick with yanking strands of hair into his fist while his other was pierced into your hip.
You moan wantonly, feeling the pressure of him over your entrance and the great mix of pain from finger nails indenting your skin. His grip so tight that the silver rings he wore were sure to make marks into your skin.
“Fuck fuckkk, Tae-ah!” you screamed, feeling him thrust inside of you full. Your walls tried to push him out from the sudden intrusion, not backing down with the knife like grip he held on to your hip. He starts to move you up and down over his length in a slow piercing pace without a problem, his cock twitching at your withering cries begging him to go faster.
“Watch your mouth.”
“Sorry.. so sorry sir,” you can’t even finish your sentence while you were expecting him to start you off slow and easy with teasing himself inside.
And while he continues to yank on your hair, trailing his hand up to your breast squeezing them into his hand. The man would not lie when he said he was addicted with every time you wrapped around him like this, he wouldn’t dare to word a thing of his timeless thoughts.
But, he could continue to riddle his mind on no matter how much he fucked you open, whether with his fingers or his cock you still would feel as tight as the first day he fucked you over a sink in your childhood home. The same day it was your twentieth birthday party.
The pace continued to be slow but hard with every time he thrusted his hips forward into you, making sure he hit just hard enough to make his angel beg for more.
He started to move his hands on your ass faster, forcing you to move your hips quicker against his cock “You can move better than that.” you don’t respond, he usually took over the pace so you assumed this was a mere jab.
Trailing off his hand, he flexed his fingers with a hum almost like he was in thought before you would feel a loud smack land right on your ass. Leaving you in pleasurable shock moaning at the sting and sheer pleasure “Move your fucking hips.” he hissed, wasting no time the man harshly kicks your legs apart even more than they once were. Making it difficult to move now.
The man licks his lips in satisfaction at the little tremble in your arms, beginning to lean forward pushing you in the very angle that he knew would feel just right, “Move.”
He continued to graze his teeth over the shell of your ear before biting down into skin, the unexpected action making you moan even louder. And like the bitch in heat you were, you started to gyrate your hips on his cock like this was your life long desire. The man happily grinned out in that signature cocky smirk of his, listening to the soft "uh’s” fall from lips that made you feel flush down to your cunt.
Taehyung scoffs shaking his head like you could give a fuck when he’s balls deep in you "Need more, hm?” warm hand squeezed tight around your throat and of fucking course you moan a pathetic yes. How can you even think to deny more of his cock when he drags against your walls this deliciously, the man’s hips move so unbelievably fluid with your sloppy untimely movements that it’s honestly impressive.
You can definitely tell the lawyer of a man has been ran through besides from the typical trials and cases, but who would ever care when the dick is this good.
You mumbled in your daze, you were itching to look at his face, moving your neck in an uncomfortable position to only realize how close he really was. Noses almost touching, lips swollen red and cheeks rosy. You can just guess how his chest probably shined in sweat beneath those stupid clothes of his, the veins that lingered down his v line were probably protruding from the strenuous position and all the grunting he’s doing.
Barely blinking back to the present and you realized he’s caught your gaze, this man loved to take any chance to rub in his face how attractive you found him. He goes on to give you that same forbidden look for bedroom eyes with a seductive toothy smirk mouthing the word
You couldn’t tell whatsoever if he was asking if you wanted him to go harder or saying the simple word to just say it, but oh boy you figured out quick what the man meant.
Slamming his hips into you. You cried out in a moaning yelp while he groaned watching your slick leak from your cunt with every thrust he gave, the fire and hunger in his moves making you easily turn to nothing but putty in hands.
Your eyes could only flutter back from the pleasure of feeling his girth and length enter you by tenfold. He worked you right, like he knew every little thing about your body and that he did. Taehyung’s right hand fondled your breasts making sure to nip your cheek every so often to remind you who was fucking you this good.
“Give me more.”
Whimpering, you nod in your only great way of responding. Feeling so much from just his hand rubbing your clit while fingers pinched your nipples red, heavy mint breath fanning over your cheek.
Not helping your feral self much more.
He is so down to switch his hands down over to grip your hips again, moving his chest back to watch in awe at how his dick fucked into you with ease. The way your ass jiggled every time he pushed down his pelvis making him go wild, feeling the very obvious wobble in your legs that was barely holding up if it wasn’t for his hands on you.
Nerves on fire, you begin to feel Taehyung signal his near climax with the harder and sloppier his thrusts became.
With a low groan, his pace comes to a sudden stop feeling your inner walls clench around him he hissed pulling out from your heat “Turn over.” you’re so set on chasing your orgasm you don’t even question the loss of his cock in your desperate cunt, doing whatever to please the man. You roll on your back with legs spread wide, having an idea of what he was about to do.
His jaw clenches watching how your pussy squeezed with every pump he gave to his cock, moans falling loose from his lips shooting his hot load over your mound and stomach. With one final pump he lets out a gorgeous moan, and sighs not taking any time to give himself a breather he walks closer between your legs and slips his cock back into you.
Eyes peering down at you, momentarily squeezing his shut from the overload of sensitivity. No matter how sensitive he felt, he was going to give you your orgasm.
He would focus on your desperate little noises for now, you were being such a good girl and not voicing any complaints. Even if he put his orgasm first, your voice still quivered in pure euphoria from feeling him stretch you open all over again.
He surprises you again, pulling out with a heavy exhale licking lips at the pout you wore. He hums throughout kissing your neck in a sloppy manner, pulling back to carelessly slap his cock against your clit.
The man was satisfied to say the least, bathing in the sounds of your moans and squirming hips that tried to use him for friction.
“More, please I need more.” he sighs and alternates to rubbing his length through your sodden lips “Beg for me to put my cock back in.” you are practically panting by now and you have not much will power to think.. other than blubber away “I- shit, I need you TaeTae.” and although he usually would have scolded you for swearing, his cock twitches at the special pet name that was only reserved for you to utter.
You knew what it did to him and he curses the universe for letting you be this damn endearing “Uhhh huh.” he plays it off with barely lifting his shoulders in a shrug while your pout fell more, speaking in an all but innocent tone with another whining mewl “Please, I’ll be good!”
He smiles with a grin almost too toothy for your liking, “Happy birthday to me then.” the man pulls you closer to the edge of the table, rolling his hips back into yours with a hiss and seized jaw feeling you squeeze tightly around him.
Silent cries and whimpers of “Please move” and “Touch me Tae” bounced between the office walls, but all the man would do is continue to still his hips. Occasionally rubbing your clit with his thumb, deciding to speed up the figure eight motions over your cunt. Relishing in the gorgeous ardent moans filling his ears, while you silently begged with half lidded eyes for more and more.
Taehyung enjoys this, teasing you to death with his half limp cock. I mean, look at you, getting fucked over his cock barely being fully naked with only heels on to show for who you are.
It’s almost as all the sudden something fuels him to move, and he does. He began with a soft thrust watching you gasp deeper, trying your hardest not to squeeze around him as if he would evaporate. He chuckles at your timid self, continuing to fuck himself softly into your weeping cunt that begged for so much more than before.
He watched how your hips would try to meet his, trying so hard to feel him deeper inside of you. The man chuckles again, broad shoulders shaking this time with him in amusement.
“Now isn’t that my job, Angel?”
Just those few words would make your thighs tremble in fear, poor baby. The cold ac on in his office would now be completely forgotten under his cruel ministrations and daunting words, making your hips stutter and pause to let him do the work as intended.
The tip of his cock teasing you into shambles, so slow and rough, you could cry. Your walls would unrelentingly squeeze around him while you mewled out into nothing, the muffled moans that strangled out of your throat becoming more incoherent and broken.
He bounces himself a few times, allowing only a few inches to slide out before sinking all the way back in, head lulling in pure bliss at how good you felt around him, even if he still felt overly sensitive from the earlier onslaught.
It’s when your cunt finally allows him to sink deeper, he fucks his hips up into you so hard that for a moment you were sure that you were going to fall head first off his desk if he weren’t holding onto you.
Your pussy was squeezing even tighter around his cock, groaning to the point of a feral growl, the familiar tightness forming into your stomach and with how tight your pussy was wrapped to Taehyung, he knew you were seconds from falling apart in his arms.
It takes the man a few more powerful snaps of his hips and you fall apart, head snapping back to dig into nothing but hard wood. His hand around your neck, pressing down on the two spots that constrict your air. You fall dizzy from the lack of breath, all the pleasure you’re feeling making glossy eyes flutter back with lips agape in a silent moan.
Your body seizes up to tremble all the way down to your toes curling, breath caught in your throat once more when you finally could rasp out a scream of his name as you came hard around his cock. Feeling your orgasm wash over you and through like a broken tidal wave.
“Fucking hell, so tight.” he growls an octave lower barely able to thrust his hips any further into you, fatigue beginning to make its way through. Only able to watch your body tremble down from your orgasm, looking down at you as if he wanted to have you whole with how dark his eyes bore into you “You have zero respect for yourself,” he huffs licking his bottom lip in a pitiful laugh “Smack that pretty fucking cunt, smack it.”
He loved making you feel like nothing but a whore, his whore, this was the night he got what he desired and you would give it.
Making your air catch in your throat as if you weren’t shaking to death from your orgasm. The dirty words he had merely uttered sends chills traveling down straight your spine. Cunt fluttering, with fingers tracing weakly down off to your entrance. So sensitive that you sigh in pleasure, arching head back, fingering your slit like a whore who hasn’t had her fill. Your other busied squeezing and groping the tender flesh before laying an abrupt smack on your clit.
You couldn’t help but arch forward with another broken cry feeling Taehyung buck his hips into you harder but weakly pulling back, “Fuck, again. Keep doing it.” your brows furrowed at the clear challenge, your whines of taehyung’s name not stopping anytime soon. You go on to pulling your hand back and slapping harder this time against your buzzing clit, pulling away almost immediately from the overwhelming stimulation.
“Please.. too much, no more.” your pussy consumed wholly in nerves that spread alight throughout your body, sending you spasms of pleasure with every hit you gave yourself until the man was finally satisfied.
A plain sneer drips in his voice with blatant disappointment “Go ahead, stop.” Fucking devil, he was never going to actually stop until you were on the verge of passing out just like now. You were down to only able to latch weakly onto the man’s neck with sore limbs that felt like jelly, trying your best to hold onto him.
“Relax.” he mutters with a silent hiss, feeling the weak squeezes you kept giving him from the lack of movement, he pulls out with another seething hiss through gritted teeth. You whined more like the baby you were, doing grabby hands for him to pick you up like cum wasn’t dripping down your thighs.
He leans over your shoulder grabbing a few napkins, carrying on to wiping the mess he made on you earlier and your now sore cunt down to your thighs. His brows furrowed throwing the soiled napkins in the bin, his fingertips on your thighs as he ran them over your skin gently staring at you with intent.
You understand, he wants to take care of you, aftercare always began like this.
He hums briefly before smiling small when he sees you make grabby hands for him again.
“You okay, pretty?” you were beginning to grow more tired fighting off yawns, toppling on the fact that your feet were sore from the heels that clung to your heels and well other things. You mutter a soft yes, taehyung nods busy with tucking himself back in his slacks.
Carrying off to scooping you up swiftly from the table to sit you in his lap. As if on instinct from the safe place he gave you, your eyes fluttered closed at the soft and warm feeling of him and hum in tranquility.
Your noises were low and quiet almost like a purring kitten, his palm held close onto your lower back making you nestle into his chest more. While he rolled his chair over to his desk with a cigar back between his fingers, no matter how much you scolded him from all the consequences smoking brung. He would roll his eyes and snub you as if you were being overdramatic. Who cares for lungs and great health, right? You were way too comfortable to care at the moment, it’s his office anyways.
He always knew you hated the smell of cigar smoke, the whole thing if he was being honest. But you always allowed him in moments like this and he appreciated the silence. The man grins to himself at the memory of the first few times he smoked around you, that every single time you would hold your breath until you turned blue to the point where the man would frantically grumble at you to stop and dig his beloved cigar in the tray. Always crossing his arms over his chest in disbelief at how smiley you would get from your success.
A spoiled brat is what you were, but he digresses. Slipping out the matches from the desk drawer he pulls his cigar up between his lips and lights the cancer stick. Shoulders loose, lazing his head back to the ceiling in order to take a proper exhale without hearing the coughing fit you would pull.
The man finally takes a drag from the cigar and exhales the smoke through his lips in rings of smoke. Now this, that. You found incredibly hot whenever he formed smoke rings with his lips, even if he was slowly giving himself cancer. The only joy that his awful smoking habit brought to you was the simple tricks he would do with his pretty mouth. He always looked so in his zone blowing the rings up into the ceiling with no care in the world, it makes you salivate much more seeing his Adam’s apple mixed with glossy lips and then the smoke blazing up through the air? It was a wet dream to be made, and just as he was about to throw the cigar down into his tray, his eyes close for a moment to enjoy the continuous sound of peaceful silence.
He wordlessly moves again with you in his lap, pushing his office chair backward swiveling in his chair rustling around to finally place his favorite record (an old jazz number, of course, mixed with Taehyung‘s famous hums) turning the knob for the volume at a reasonable high and wheeled himself back to snatch up a bottle of whiskey that hadn’t been empty from under his desk, thankfully.
You had a clue of what he was doing, moving around to make yourself more comfortable in his lap while giving enough room for him to make his drink, “Just like routine, hm.” the man pours himself a shot, glancing in disbelief at the almost full bottle and decides on pouring himself one more before sitting comfortably with his hand curled onto your lower back.
He kisses the front of your shoulders carelessly, fingers gracing lightly over your skin; his calloused hands caressing up and down your sensitive spine. His hums growing deeper, he grabs your chin to him pressing lips against yours in a searing kiss full of lust and need.
And god, although he may smoke a chimney. He never without a doubt did not taste like the spearmint chapstick you gifted him for his birthday last year as a gag gift. A gag that would quickly slip into his daily routine, no wonder his lips were so addictive. It’s that damn spearmint chapstick he applied to his lips, all for your liking, little did you know.
“What are you staring at?” he hums at you in question eyes narrowed to you. His eyes darkly clouded, almost hypnotic, the fringe of his hair doing the great job of covering that look he was giving you. Every so often fingers would linger up to line his fringe, humming in tune to the jazz he streamed throughout the room while swaying the both of you side to side, continuously tracing rough digits up and down your spine that shivered at the touch.
“Nothing, admiring you.”
He nods in thought, inhaling more smoke to exhale before taking his shot of whiskey in one gulp without flinching or grimacing. Another bad thing for his health, drinking. But, sadly enough he makes this also look sexy with odd ease.
“Don’t be shy, what happened to my little chatterbox.” he grins patting your back while bouncing his legs with feign excitement.
Your hand canvasses up to cup his cheek with a cheeky grin “I’m here, right here!” you giggle with a squeal from the sudden bounces in lap.
“Ohh, there she is, all it took was a few bounces in my lap.. you’re easy to please.”
You roll your eyes at him trying to fight off the stupid smile that was threatening to break your so called stoic look, awfully failing by the way.
“That is just not true, shut your mouth.”
His brow quirks with question, “Shut my mouth?” giving you the same hard stare that made you squirm awfully in your seat.
“Y-yes.. be good and be quiet.”
“Oh, wow.” he pauses to take another puff of smoke and exhales with great ease, blowing rings of smoke into your face “Maybe, I should of fucked your ass.”
And you’re sure your cheeks are turning blood red, he makes you so god forsaken flustered that your mind short circuits when the same smoke you hate and envy wafts through your face as if he were putting you in a never ending trance to keep you stuck here.
“You wouldn’t dare to.. you’re too obsessed with my,” you swallow hard, nodding to yourself once again for comfort in these awfully painful times “you know.”
And he snickers, his brow ticking higher this time “I know?” he hums almost deeper licking his lips agonizingly slow “I don’t think so, tell me.”
“My.. my,” you stutter and cough like you never heard or ever been acquainted your little brain with words.
“Your cunt.” he hums again, stating it as if it were a hard fact, which it is. You just can’t think to speak for yourself apparently.
And you can’t carry on to respond so you giggle embarrassed and shy like a dumbly flustered school girl landing a smack over his taut chest “Mhm.. that.”
He hums in thought more, running his hand in motion up and down your back “Shy and dumb, you can’t even say the word cunt.”
You flustered up even more, quickly hurrying to bury your face far deep into his neck shaking your head in retaliation. And it’s like you forget the fact that you’re completely naked with once again.. only high heels on.
“You remember nights in this room, where I would only look at your naked body not saying a word.”
Of course you do, those were the nights of the beginning of it all. You nod your head into his neck, you can’t see it but you feel him snicker at you trying to escape his blunt being.
You are convinced on the fact that he has the mindset of a fifty year old man when he is only turning thirty-two today, given how blunt he is and how he holds himself and especially with the way he acts. You are going to assume that law school aged his stoic yet plain spoken soul, even if you have a great honest feeling that no matter his occupation choice, he would of always been like this. You like him the way he is though, even his god awful habits, you are far gone into adoration for this man.
You used to hate the smell of his cigar smoke and strong musky cologne, now you crave for it to scent your clothes when you leave and tonight you beg his scent will stain you for the rest of eternity. You are beginning to lose yourself in all these troubling thoughts, while he is holding you this close and dear to his closed off heart, rubbing lazy patterns into your naked skin.
Now you feel him tapping at your spine, it’s time to come back to him. Thank goodness he’s no actual mind reader.
“Sweet, sweet girl. Come back to earth now.”
You grumble and pull yourself back from him with enough strength from his neck, rubbing fingers into your eyes with another whiny call for his name.
“Taeeehyuuung, I’m here, you disturbed me.”
Suddenly without thought you feel the man tug your hands away from your face and he’s pulling you into a kiss attack, pecking you at a constant from your blushed cheeks down to your collarbones. Making you giggle for him to stop, your voice becoming far too high pitched, squealing and squirming as he buries his face into your neck to plant one last ticklish kiss, finally surrendering.
“Keeping you here forever so no one can touch you,” he hums absorbing your giggles into his heart that soared him with too many feelings to dig from beneath the surface “Oh, really?” your fingers are back to tugging the ends of his hair looking at him with a quizzical look of challenge, as if the man’s words didn’t mean anything.
He doesn’t care for your questionable stare though, handling it well by raising his hand up to cover your mouth shut with the palm of his hand “Really,” he mocks with a roll of his eyes “you’re too good for this world.” he licks his lips again almost asking himself if he should really say this, but he does “And, I love you, my angel right?” you pull away from his hand from your mouth and nod almost barely, your mind drifting to somewhere else.
It was ok.. right. These words didn’t mean anything to him, he was only speaking in the moment like he always would do after sex. And well, he was a self reserved man that needed your body and so did you need his.
You both are going to be ok and fine, it’s fine.
“Tae.” you whisper, calling for him softly.
“Uhm?” he barely replies, nose pressed into the crook between your shoulder and neck.
“I have to tell you something.” he hums in acknowledgement running his fingers up and down your naked skin, feeling you seize under his touch. Confused at the unusual action, he stills his fingers.
You stare off into space and it’s your turn to trace your fingers over his skin, running digits up and down the back of his neck gently twisting your fingers into his hair out of nervous habit. Before you decide it’s only fair, you need to make proper eye contact for what you are about to tell him.
You look up into his bestowed but confused stare, that awaited patiently for what you needed to finally say with such importance.
“I think we should end our arrangement.”
Tumblr media
°˖✧ critique + feedback is welcomed ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ )
a/n: im sure this is one of my worst ive written and the perfectionist in me is sad about it
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
You are irreplaceable in his life and so is he in yours.
Mayhap, it's time to change that. The moment he aimed his gun at your head, where the trigger could go off at any second, there, you immediately knew you are very much replaceable so you take matters into your own hands and walk out of his life and away from him as soon as your work contract with him ended.
It's safe to say that he hates not having your presence near him and who said you get to walk out his life just like that? You promised not to leave him,
So, why did you break the promise?
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Jungkook x Reader
GENRE : Dark Romance, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers (sort of), Drama, Action : Gang AU
RATING : Mature
DISCLAIMER : This story is a work of fiction. Description of the BTS members in this story does not reflect nor portray them in real life. Everything in this story only fits in imagination and does not apply outside of imagination.
Tumblr media
hellooo !! this series was previously titled as “Irreplaceable” under another account which was deleted, this version is rewritten and fit to my (current) type of writing.
if you’ve read Irreplaceable, then you’re already aware of what’s coming up until chapter 3 and since there’s no significant changes made to the story (or maybe there are like something about yn’s personality but you be the judge of it) so you can choose to wait until I post chapter 4 or you can reread this rewritten version :)
banner idea from the loml, lee <3 (originally, it’s supposed to be red theme and then blue and finally be suggested this type of banner, it’s lovely i’m proud of my last product ㅠㅠ)
likewise, every story of mine is proofread by Grammarly (enough to correct any grammar mistakes, if there’s still some errors, turn a blind eye ayee?) andd beta-read by @leemien
WARNINGS : This chapter deals with mild violence and inaccurate information and management about certain things. If you’re not comfortable with it then exit this page immediately.
Tumblr media
DEDICATION : To my old self as you are the reason the story exists and to my present self as you have rewritten it.
Tumblr media
    The sky was exceptionally beautiful today—or maybe it has always been beautiful but you just didn’t pay much attention.
    The gentle rays and the summer breeze were everything you need in the name of seeking calmness. Today was another day of your escapades with Jungkook. His father along with his mother was out of town for some business. Jungkook’s parents have assigned guards and tight security for us but that doesn’t stop us from having our freedom.
    The grass under you moved in steady waves accompanied by the sweet song of crickets and the chirps of birds as you sat next to Jungkook and pulled your knees to your chest, your chin resting on top of them. Jungkook turned his head as he stared at the side view of your face. Your eyes were lost in admiration of the scenery ahead of you.
    “Will you ever leave me?”
    You raised your head at your friend’s sudden question.
    “Hmm,” you playfully tap your chin as if you’re pondering seriously over his simple question. “Maybe not in this life, Kook.” You giggled. 
    It’s a promise, you told yourself. If you were given two options and one of them was leaving him then you’ll choose the other option. Leaving him would never be an option. 
    “Promise?” He asked his eyes that held an entire galaxy looking at you hopefully as he extended his pinky at you.
    “Only if you promise to not leave me.” You told him.
    You stared at him, your pinky was already extended to him, waiting for him to seal the promise with you. Jungkook didn’t ruminate about it as he intertwined his pinky with yours, a wide smile tugging on his lips. 
    “Promise.” Sweet little promise. 
    But how could you not know that promises are meant to be broken and how easy it is to break likely more than one because promises are empty words. 
    “You’ve done your part. Get out of this house, (Y/N).”
    Because now? Leaving him is a choice.
    It’s the voice you are familiar with albeit it has changed a bit over time as he matures, his voice drops a pitch lower. The owner of the voice stands confidently at the entrance to your bedroom in his black three-piece suit that is pressed to a T and his hair is styled with care. 
    It’s none other than Jeon Jungkook. 
    It’s a choice to walk out of his life because you either walk out of the door and out of his life or he’ll walk the life out of your body. 
    This man - who has always been against the idea of you leaving the house without him - is now asking, no, verbally forcing you to get out of his house. His voice can be very cold, demanding even. His calm demeanour can fool anyone but dare mess with him, there’s no mercy. You’ve been by his side for years now, you are supposed to be numb to it because growing up with him didn’t raise you to be a weak bitch. 
    But this time, just this time, you can’t help but feel a tug on your heart. It’s the painful feeling of knowing how easy it is for Jungkook to get rid of you after years simply because of your one mistake and yet you still hope that he’s bluffing, that this is just a joke - but Jungkook doesn’t do jokes - you still hold onto that promise but news flash, he breaks his promise. 
    You know it’s time. It’s the time for you to finally leave, to finally be free. Your time is up.
    Your punishment is over. 
    “With pleasure, Jungkook.” Your voice is soft as the smile you had always worn tugs on your lips. 
    The look on his face shows that he is taken aback by your tone and the smile you had on your face which you sure differ from what he had thought of.
    He shouldn’t.
    You had always been the one to never question him, never question his action and his decision, always complying with his words but little did he know, walking out of his house would be no sooner said than done if that means freedom to you, out of his confinement. 
    Let’s go back to the basics, shall we?
    First question, are you in a relationship with Jungkook? No.
    Not even in a complicated relationship? For Jungkook, no.
    For you, yes. 
    You are nothing but a punching bag for Jungkook - Not literally.
    The relationship between you and him was destroyed seven months ago. Today, seven months ago was the day your freedom got taken away, you sealed a deal with the devil but today, you manage to pay for your sins. Jungkook throws the relationship both of you had cherished since the age of nine out of the window after that one mistake you made seven months ago.
    You would say your relationship with Jungkook is strained but Jungkook would say it’s nonexistent, it doesn't exist anymore. 
    Growing up with him for almost 13 years, you both tend to care for each other despite everything but Jungkook stopped caring since 7 months ago, in contrast to you who still care until now - Which also happens to be the reason why you were stuck here -  that’s why his next sentence caught you off guard. 
    “Where are you going to stay?” He asks as if his cold mask slips for a moment. 
    Your mind must be playing with you - blame it on the lack of sleep - why does he care? You let silence be the only language in the room for a moment before you finally speak with a controlled voice, you try not to appear weak and small in this situation. Back then you always had the right of either answering or staying quiet but for the past couple of months, you’ve been answering to his order, you either answer or… answer.
    Your right to speak for yourself is taken away and trampled on so you answer with what was expected to be the answer but now you’re not tied to Jungkook in any way anymore. If Jungkook expects to have his answer from you, especially at this time, then he’s wrong. You’re not going to answer him with what he expected to hear. 
    “Rika has returned and the contract automatically ends,” you tell him. “Which means my life after is none of your concern.” 
    You didn’t spare a glance on Jungkook as your only focus right now is to walk out of this house before Jungkook changes his mind - which is unlikely to happen but one can never be sure and it’s better safe than sorry - Your movements are hasty as you shove your necessities into your luggage.
    If you are to follow your heart, you’d just walk out without bringing anything other than a phone and purse but luckily you always think and make decisions following what your brain thinks is the best. 
    The last time you followed your heart, you got yourself into chaos. 
    Jungkook is silent. He didn’t even utter a word after you but he also didn’t walk out of the room like you thought he would after completing his mission of telling you to get out of his house but instead he just watches you. His dark brown eyes follow your every movement. You don’t need to lift and turn your head to him to see that he is doing so.
    You can feel his gaze on you. You’re familiar with the feeling of his gaze on you, looking at you out of hatred, anger and vengeance. 
    Only for now.
    Soon you’ll forget the feeling of having his eyes on you. You did enjoy having his eyes on you, watching your movements literally every minute, every second for the last 7 months but now, his eyes are going to be on another woman, back to the rightful one. 
    You pull your luggage and stride towards the door. You’re grateful that Jungkook let you stay in his house instead of locking you up in his basement but you’ll leave every bad thing behind in this very house and you’ll bring only the good ones - though there are not many, almost little to nothing— and start anew. You had even considered going for rebirth but maybe no, not now. 
    It’s the end of the chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. 
Tumblr media
    Your feet betray you. You aren’t supposed to be in front of this oh so familiar door but you are here, there’s absolutely no reason for you to avoid meeting this particular person but you just can’t bring yourself to face her when you are clearly planning to leave the country without telling her. 
    The door swings open and you watch as the owner of the voice smiles gleefully upon your arrival. You mirror her excitement as she opens her arms, inviting you for a hug. After your mother, this lady has always been your safe place, the person you seek comfort and love. She treats you like a daughter she never had and you treat her like a queen. 
    “Aunt Binna,” her name comes out as a soft whisper as you melt in her arms. After the incident in Jungkook’s house, this is the only thing you need, a hug. A hug that only she can provide. 
    Aunt’s hand comes up to caress your back before she breaks the hug and invites you in. She runs back to her kitchen to turn off the stove - which she almost forgot she had it on - and returns to the living room. 
    You observe her living room, empty and quiet living room. It became a habit - that you pick up from Jungkook - for you to observe your surroundings, despite being at a certain place ever so often.
    Jeon Binna, wife of Jeon Junghoon. A renowned fashion and interior designer who’s married to the business tycoon; the CEO of Jeon enterprise, Jeon Junghoon and the marriage was blessed with a son, no other than Jeon Jungkook.  
    Aunt Binna lives alone after her husband died. Aunt lives in a penthouse, 50-story luxury apartment, the highest floor, yes there. She lives in luxury, bathes in it even but loneliness still takes over sometimes. Jungkook is busy and so are you. You could only visit her at certain times which is when Jungkook gets a call from her to come to visit her and bring you along.
    The owner of this building used to be her late husband but since her husband has died, the ownership has been passed to her as stated in his will but she doesn’t want to involve herself in the business world at her age. She offered Jungkook the ownership but at that moment, he said he already had a lot on his plate so it’s better for her to keep it first, once things get less hectic, he’ll take over. His mother agreed and last month, he finally stepped in. 
    From your peripheral vision, you notice that Aunt is scrutinising you. Surely, she must’ve noticed the pale look on your face since you didn’t have the time to put on some makeup to cover the tiredness on your face. After leaving Jungkook’s house, you were in your car when you got a call from Aunt Binna and your feet just pressed the pedal and brought you here immediately - blame it on your strong nature to comply with her wish - hence, here you are, bared and tired. 
    Aunt takes a seat next to you on the couch as she takes your hand in her warm ones. You are met with her worried eyes. “Honey, are you okay? Is everything good? You look so pale.”
    No. I just got kicked out by your son. 
    “Yes, I’m good and everything is fine, don’t worry. Just a bit tired from work is all,” you tell her.
    You didn’t lie though, it’s true that work has been exhausting you to no end but all your hard work has paid off now that you’ve done your part as per what Jungkook said. But you see, Aunt Binna is a very sceptical person. The look on her face clearly says ‘I know everything's not fine but I’m going to let this slide because you are tired and that’s exactly what she said before changing the topic. 
    “I’ve cooked dinner for us, let’s eat?” 
    Having meals at Aunt’s house, especially dinner when the sun is setting down, has a special spot within you. Aunt Binna had an open view dining room which gives people a view that is nothing short of magnificent and breathtaking. It’s a cherry on top with the interior design of her dining room. It doesn’t shock you when you get to know that Aunt designed and decorated her whole house. Aunt Binna is a famous designer - interior design and fashion design that is. 
    The maids are coming in and out of the dining room to prepare the table with mouth-watering dishes that you are sure are cooked by Aunt herself. Apart from being good at designing, Aunt is a master at cooking. You had always loved her cooking that you would literally eat anything as long as it’s cooked by her and luckily Aunt had no problem with cooking for you. She would be more than glad to prepare a whole buffet for you. 
    Once all of the maids exit the hall, the two of you take a seat opposite each other. Your face brightens up at your view - the mouthwatering dishes - and Aunt notices it as she chuckles. “I cooked your favourite, Honey.”
    A maid comes in with a bottle of wine in her hands, she pours for Aunt before coming to you. As the maid leaves, Aunt Binna starts a conversation. 
    “When are you planning on getting married to Jungkook?”
    Bless your soul, you are lucky you haven’t started eating nor drinking because you would’ve choked - though you did choke on your saliva. You clear your throat and reach for the wine glass. Sometimes you forget that Aunt Binna had made it her mission to set you and Jungkook in marriage ever since you both were 15. 
    “We’re not even dating, Aunt,” your lips immediately touch the rim of the wine glass as the fruity liquid fills your taste bud wanting nothing more than to not converse with this topic again. 
    “Mhm, keep telling me that, Hon.” Aunt teases. “You guys grew up under the same roof for years, you know him better than any other woman and I know my son had a little crush on you back then.”
    Yeah, that’s back then. It’s past tense. Present? He hates me to the core. 
    “No other woman knows how to take care of Jungkook like you do, (Y/N) and I’ve seen the way he looks at you with a passionate gaze every time the two of you come to visit me. His gaze is on you as if you would disappear the moment he took his eyes off of you.”
    You mean a passionate gaze of malice and his gaze is always on you to serve as a warning to not do anything that shouldn’t be done. 
    “You helped him so much after his father’s death and not to mention even back then when his father was alive. You did more than I could ever, (Y/N). It would be great to see the two of you get together.” She smiles warmly at you. You see the shining hope in her eyes that you didn’t have the heart to crush it but you know you have to, sooner or later. 
    “Rika is not the problem right? She ran away months ago and I’m sure he’s over her.”
    At the mention of Jungkook’s lover, you freeze. Eyes looking over to Aunt Binna only to see her staring at you intently, waiting for you to respond.
    “It’s great that my existence in his life is appreciated and made an impact on him but,” you sigh. “He only sees me as a friend and nothing more, Aunt Binna.”
    Or you could say, “as a friend” was months ago because now, your relationship with Jungkook is nothing more or less than a pure boss and employee relationship. 
Tumblr media
    A saleswoman greeted you and Jungkook with a huge smile on her face, her red lips made her pearl white teeth shine brightly. You mirrored her enthusiasm as you smiled and nodded at her, acknowledging her presence and effort.
    Jungkook walked into the boutique without minding the saleswoman and straight to what he’s here for, suits are what. You quickly trailed behind him and called the previous saleswoman to assist Jungkook. 
    “Pick something for me,” he ordered you. 
    It has become a routine for you now to pick out some suits for Jungkook. The man didn’t argue with your choice as he simply paid for everything you had picked for him. The only time Jungkook got involved in picking was when it came to you, your items. He would pick everything for you and you would, likewise, just go with it though at least he picked out items according to your taste and type.
    The nicely tailored suits were hung on metal bars in expensive wood open wardrobes, all of them were sorted out by colour codes and types of fabric. You knew what type of fabric Jungkook preferred as well as what colour suited him the most and the ones that he personally liked.
    Jungkook is the epitome of perfection and nothing short of perfect in any department. Face? Body? Talent? Skills? He’s nothing short of those and was a walking perfection. In this case, anything he wore would look good on him and honestly at this point, what’s the point of you choosing suits for him when he literally could just buy the whole store because he rocked every piece of clothing. 
    “Your girlfriend got a great taste, sir.” The saleswoman commented, making you freeze. You looked over your shoulder to see Jungkook’s reaction, you know well he doesn’t like it when people talk about his girlfriend - which is obviously not you - and you most definitely know he doesn’t like it when the “girlfriend” the saleswoman had referred to was you.
    He was frowning as he lifted his gaze from his phone. 
    The saleswoman noticed the tension so she immediately corrected herself, “Oh, I mean your friend! Your friend got a great taste, sir…”
    God, please blind your eyes because you wished you weren’t looking at Jungkook when the saleswoman corrected herself because immediately you saw the hate and malice grew in his irises when he heard the saleswoman.
    To say your heart was crushed by his reaction was a vast understatement but then again you had betrayed him, betrayed his trust so you should’ve expected this reaction from him but it didn’t stop you from feeling painful heartache. 
    “She’s my assistant.” He corrected her with a glare and returned to his phone, probably reading and sorting out his emails.
    The saleswoman gasped and looked over you sheepishly as she muttered an apology. She did the same to Jungkook but he barely acknowledged it. You waved it off with a kind smile. 
    He had thrown the term friendship out of his life. 
Tumblr media
    “… and you know how deeply in love he is with Rika, he won’t be over her in such a short period,” you add. “But maybe he won’t be thinking about love at this time, he’s been quite busy lately - with business it is.” 
    Handling the underground business and his company at the same time could be tiring and now that Rika is back and you are resigning from your position as the CEO’s personal assistant, he ought to get busier with no assistant. You just hope by now Jungkook had already selected a few candidates with the potential to fill in your place. 
    “Oh, and I’m leaving the country soon,” you apprise her with a pretty smile adorning your face. You are excited to finally fly out of the country and meet your friend which is long overdue. 
    But oh you are unaware of how the air has changed as the dear aunt’s face drops. 
    “Whatever do you mean, (Y/N)?”
    The loss of the cheerful tone in her voice as it is replaced with seriousness makes you shift in your seat.  It’s a pity that the dear mother has no knowledge of the contract you had signed with Jungkook. He has been keeping you around only for a purpose and only that which is to find and bring back Rika.
    It’s safe to say that Jungkook had to lie to his mother - to keep you around him - stating that you are staying at his house because of important work. It’s a relief that Aunt believes it and she’s more than happy to have you stay close with them or specifically, Jungkook since your apartment is a bit far away from their housing area albeit it’s still near Jeon Enterprise.
    Aunt knows that you are a close friend of Jungkook along with Taehyung and of course, she knows that you work with Jungkook even with the underground business he’s handling. You are involved in everything Jungkook is involved in, creepy much but it is what it is. The two of you are joined at the hip since kids. 
    In Aunt’s view, you are the backbone of Jungkook that the man has yet to realise its true worth. 
    You didn’t want to tell the truth to Aunt because, one, you cannot, two, what good will come out of you telling her about it. Honestly, you’ve known what the consequences of your action would be seven months ago, you didn’t commit such actions without knowing the consequences and you certainly have no intention of dragging other people into your mess. You started the chaos and you’re going to end it all by yourself. 
    “My work contract with Jeon Enterprise has come to an end and I don’t intend on renewing it.”
    “Why so?”
    “Planning to pamper myself by travelling,” you grin to yourself. 
    It’s been long overdue, your wish is. If it wasn’t for the incident seven months ago, you would’ve been travelling around the world by now. 
Tumblr media
    It’s been a week since Rika has arrived. She has been staying at Jungkook’s place. It’s also a week after she had learned that you used to stay at Jungkook’s place but later on was kicked out. 
    Aunt Binna had finally decided to pay his son a visit - something she rarely does unless it's an important and urgent matter - after she’s done accompanying you with your shopping and fulfilling your needs for the vacation you had yearned for, though it takes a lot of convincing because you are keen on declining Aunt’s inclination to spend her money on you. 
    The destination of your vacation remains unknown to Aunt Binna. She had asked you once but you didn’t want to tell her. This vacation you seek is to breathe fresh air after long being caged and now that you finally gain your freedom, it’s only natural that you don’t want people to know of your whereabouts. 
    As for Jungkook, he is rather… anxious. 
    Now that you are out of his house, it’s hard to keep an eye on your whereabouts. He tries reaching out for you from calling to as far as leaving texts and emails - it is not something usual for him to do so because he always had you right under his nose - but it’s just either it didn’t reach you or you’re ignoring him.
    The latter assumption isn’t very convincing given that you never ignore him but the stunt he pulled the other day mayhap changed your attitude towards him. He didn’t blame you for the cold shoulder you’re giving him right now but he’s really anxious. True that he kicked you out of his house but it didn’t mean for you to walk out of his life. 
    His cold personality is nothing new to you, you practically grew up with him and his many flaws - one being having an aloof personality -  so why does this time seem to affect you?
    Because his efforts aren’t really seen by you. 
    Aunt Binna had given you a new phone as a gift since you are adamant about not wanting to be bothered during your vacation albeit that’s camouflage because the truth being Aunt is making sure that Jungkook couldn’t reach you.
    Honestly, you didn’t think of not wanting to be bothered as far as changing contact numbers and phone but Aunt did manage to convince you that it’s more peaceful that way. She understands that you need to breathe fresh air at some point and clear your mind. 
    Aunt Binna stares through the car’s window as the sun washes the garden with a golden glow, insects and birds are thriving in the garden maximally. It’s the garden which she vividly remembers that it’s you who had built, sown and practically grew all on your own for Jungkook. 
    “Being around nature often brings forth calmness to you.”
    It’s your words and it shows that you care so much for Jungkook to the point it appears too much but it’s never too much to care for people that you love, right?
    The car comes to a stop in front of Jungkook’s house entrance. The exterior of his house portrays calmness and peace - in the middle of nowhere, secluded to say - His house is built around the trees, protecting them. The clean exterior of his house promises warmth and comfort which contradicts the fact that the owner of the house is rather aloof, anything but warm and comfort.
    Aunt Binna steps out of the car and makes her way to her son’s door; short stairs leading to the brown mahogany wooden door. Aunt presses the bell to alert her presence and waits for her son to show up. A few seconds later, she hears a faint female voice before the door finally opens. She is greeted by a tall, model-like woman with a brown waist-length straight and silky hair. Her face carries the look of an innocent and naive person but that if it wasn’t for the hate that Aunt carries for her because surely she’s nothing but a cunning woman. 
    Aunt immediately scowls at the sight she is greeted with. Rika is the reason for Jungkook's changes in behaviour and attitude for the past few months. He’s gotten colder and more distant than ever. If it wasn’t for you who had been supporting him, Aunt would have to watch his son drown in his own misery. If Rika hadn’t left him, they would’ve probably started a family of their own and Aunt would’ve been blessed with grandchildren. 
    But, no. 
    Aunt Binna doesn’t want grandchildren that come out of Rika, that had any blood and genetics of the young woman. She wants them from you and only from you. She only trusts Jungkook with you and no other woman. If Jungkook ends up with another woman then she wouldn’t acknowledge them. 
    It’s always you and has to be you. 
    You’ve done so much for her and Jungkook. She appreciates you so much but why is her son so blind? Can’t he see how much you care for him? - is what Aunt Binna always thinks of. You take care of him whenever he’s not well or injured due to some business, take in all of his anger whenever things didn’t work his way, help him to be more expressive - but sadly Rika had to ruin your progress -  and you always show nothing but loving and caring gestures to him, be it subtle or obvious. 
    “So, this is why (Y/N) left,” Aunt scoffs as she glares at Rika who already seems nervous.
    “Ma,” Jungkook comes out of nowhere. He looks around his mother to look for any signs of you but to no avail, he finds no one other than his mother but he still voices his question just in case his mother knows of your whereabouts.
    “Where’s (Y/N)?” 
    “Did you kick (Y/N) out because of this woman?” Aunt Binna ignores her son’s question as she deems it’s a waste of time to answer it. 
    Jungkook closes his eyes as he inhales before sighing. “We made an agreement that she will leave once the work is done, Ma. It has nothing to do with Rika.”
    “Enlighten me, why is she here?” Aunt crosses her arms. “Because the last thing I remember is that she left you, ran away a week before the wedding. Practically humiliating you and our family name.” 
    Jungkook lets silence become the only language as Rika’s eyes shift between the son and the mother. Aunt sighs as she doesn't receive an answer from her son. 
    “You really don’t deserve (Y/N), Jungkook. As a friend or as someone special, both of them. She took care of you like a precious diamond, loved you with all her heart and yet you never once appreciated her or even acknowledged her worth.” 
    Aunt takes a step closer to Jungkook. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on,” she hisses at him. 
    Rika’s eyes widened but Jungkook wears his mask skillfully as he didn’t show that he is taken aback by his mother. 
    “Once (Y/N) returns, it’s best if you don’t meet up with her or even try to find her because if you do, I’ll cut off any contacts you have with her.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “It’s a promise.” Aunt glares at him. “I’ve planned to set a date for her with someone… Someone who’s worthy of her.”
    Is it an empty threat? Or is it a real one? She doesn't know. 
    She doesn’t want you to be with someone else other than her son and only her son. Although her son is a piece of shit that doesn’t mean anyone out there is better than him. But then again she also wants you to be with someone you truly love, someone who could bring happiness to you and shower you with nothing but love and affection. 
    As if Aunt Binna has triggered a wrong switch, her son is immediately inches away from her face. Jungkook glares at his mother. 
    “If you only plan to rile me up using (Y/N), you better know it’s not a wise choice,” he whispers. “Leave. Her. Alone.”
    His words make his dear mother break into a laugh. He shouldn’t feel threatened by his mother’s words but the tinge of possessiveness that he felt says otherwise. One thing Jungkook doesn’t like is being threatened or felt threatened, it won’t end nicely. 
    “Why so? I’m merely helping her find her happiness. She’s free to date anybody in the very first place but guess what, she chose not to because of you but I’m sure now there’s nothing holding her back since you have Rika.”
    She chose not to. 
    Jungkook only manages to stare at his mother in silence. Aunt Binna has nothing more to say so she gladly turns around to leave. 
    “Have a great day, son.”
Tumblr media
    Jungkook eyes his left side of the bed. Rika is sleeping peacefully. Her little snores become the only sound in the quiet bedroom. He loves it - the little snores Rika makes while sleeping - but it was back then, hearing it now doesn’t give him the same effect as a few months ago. 
    Or does it ever give him any sort of effect?
    Everything around him is empty and emptier without you but his mind is never empty of you. You are always one of the many thoughts he had in mind.
    His morning would always be greeted with you holding a cup of coffee in hand, ready for him to down it to his throat and inviting him for breakfast which he would always avoid but you managed to make him because it’s simply you. You know how to handle him even while the relationship between the two of you is obviously strained because of that incident. 
    Missing you wouldn’t be a crime given that you and he share a deep bond. Did you really just break your promise? How could you? You’ve been by his side for years and the same goes for him but now you’ve left him without telling him whatsoever. He had asked you where you will be staying after he kicked you out the other day only for you to act so cold to him. 
    He should find you—
    No, he shouldn’t… Right? He has Rika now. She should be his main priority now. Everything is falling back into place except this time, there’s no you. 
    Where did you go?
    Why did you break the promise?
    Guilt crawls on his skin as it eats him up. The incident that takes place seven months ago flashes in front of his eyes like a fast-forwarded movie. 
    The fear in your eyes. 
    The trembling hands and quivering lips. 
    The pool of—
    Jungkook quickly pulls himself back to reality as he feels Rika shifting. He gets out of the bed and heads towards the bathroom. A nice shower would clear his head, he hopes. 
    “Good morning, sir.” 
    “Good morning, Nana.”
    Nana— or Mrs Chang is the housemaid, an old woman that Jungkook and you are close to. Mrs Chang has been taking care of you and Jungkook since you and Jungkook were kids. She’s a loving and caring woman, it reminds you of your grandma that’s why the two of you started calling her Nana.
    Mrs Chang exits the room once Jungkook has settled down on his chair. He stares at his breakfast that was prepared by Mrs Chang. It’s his favourite; soft soufflé pancakes with a cup of black coffee. 
    Rich golden honey syrup drips exquisitely from the top to the sides of the pancakes. It’s decorated with some berries and dusted with powdered sugar on top of the tower of pancakes. The pancakes are puffed, browned and heavenly sweet - even without tasting it yet. Aside from having a black coffee, pancakes are the start of his day but this is not it. 
    He picks up his utensils and cuts the pancake into preferably bite sizes as he eats it. It tastes bland even with all the sweets that had decorated his plates. The pancake is good but it didn’t spark his taste buds because he knows this isn’t the one he always had, it is not made and cooked by you. 
    Pull yourself together, Jungkook. 
    His quiet breakfast is interrupted by Rika. She slides her arms around Jungkook’s neck from behind and nuzzles her face into his neck. Jungkook breathes out her name as he puts down his utensils with a clink. 
    “Can I go out for a while, Jungkook?”
    “No.” He didn’t miss a beat as he voices sternly. 
    “Whyyy?” She whines. 
    “Because I have to go to work.”
    “I’ll take the guards with me—”
    “When I said you can’t go out, you can’t. Which part of “you can’t” did you not understand, Rika?” His voice is dripping with irritation. “For now, I don’t want you to leave the house without me.”
    “You once left me. I won’t let you do it twice.” It’s a promise. 
    Because you left me, I almost lost (Y/N).
Tumblr media
    It doesn’t take long for your life to be flipped upside down or in this case, Jungkook’s life - or preferably he called it a plan. It doesn’t take long for your plan to be interrupted and ruined.
    His life doesn’t centre on love or on this particular woman but he needed these two for a purpose. The airport was a runaway with the metal birds. It’s a starter for people that seek hope and adventure on another ground. But now, Jungkook wanted nothing more than to destroy airports. 
    Once he’s at the airport, it was packed with a swarm of people. It’s the busy hour right now and he couldn’t afford to cause a ruckus with all eyes around. His eyes scanned his surroundings to find the familiar figure. He ordered a few of his men to split up and search around. 
    “Jungkook, her flight is almost departing. Gate A-32,” your voice rang in Jungkook’s earpiece. 
    “Gate A-32,” he ordered his men with a flick of his wrist and they immediately got into action. 
    Men in black suits started to fill in the airport. People were giving weird and confused stares as they saw those men in black but they knew better than to care about others. Jungkook had ordered them to find his fiancée that had run away and that’s the only thing they would focus on. 
    Jungkook was about to head to the gate that you had mentioned but he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. “Wait, Jungkook,” he looked over his shoulder and met eyes with Taehyung, his friend. 
    “A-32 is a domestic flight. Rika wouldn’t be so stupid to run away within this country,” Taehyung frowned. “Did (Y/N)—”
    “Fucking hell,” Jungkook cursed under his breath. He hastily tore off his earpiece. You were ruining his plan and buying time for Rika. Are you her accomplice? Why are you helping her?
    “Jungkook, it’s not (Y/N)’s fault—”
    “Shut the fuck up, Taehyung.” Jungkook glared at him, shutting him off. “She’s messing up on purpose!”
    “Why would she even do that?” Taehyung snapped at him. “Are you hearing yourself right now? She has no motive to do so!”
    Jungkook regulated his breathing. Taehyung might be right but he couldn’t handle any mistakes at this crucial moment and this mistake coming from you was unusual as you rarely made a mistake but then again you’re a human with weaknesses. Maybe he’s just being irrational right now. 
    Taehyung’s earpiece began to buzz off. He heard your voice trying to connect to his earpiece. “Taehyung? Can you hear me?” 
    “I can’t get a hold of Jungkook— Did something happen?”
    “(Y/N), it’s not gate A-32,” he said. “Relocate her.”
    “Gate A-32 is a domestic flight, (Y/N). Are you sure she’s there?”
    “Shit, hold on!” He heard you ordering your subordinate to relocate Rika and search every gate. “She was at gate A-32 just now— How…”
    “She is buying herself some time. She’s definitely not alone.”
    “She’s… Her tracker is at gate B-40 now. Be mindful this is just her tracker, have people outside of the airport as well just in case what you said is right.”
    Taehyung immediately jumped into action and pushed Jungkook to run to the gate you had just mentioned. 
    “Gate B-40, Kook. I’ll be outside just in case she escapes from this airport,” he told him. “Go!”
Tumblr media
    “Still at the waiting area of gate B-40?” you asked one of your subordinates. 
    They were all equally busy, pressured and stressed as you were. Their eyes were moving from one monitor to another, trying to find Rika in the midst of busy crowds. The sound of keyboard clickings filled the room.
This might be your speciality - to hack, in general - but surely everything would take time and now you have to get access to the airport’s security system just to find Rika through the surveillance cameras and with the help of her tracker she doesn’t know of - You hope she doesn’t know. Jungkook had installed the tracker in Rika’s phone without her knowledge - just a normal thing for Jungkook - so it’s a plus point for this situation. 
    Who would’ve thought…
    “Yes, she’s still there,” one of them answered as he was in charge of watching over the tracker’s location. The others were still trying to find Rika through the surveillance camera. 
    A frown was visible on your forehead. You pinched them as you tried to think of a reason for Rika to suddenly elude Jungkook. He treasured her like he had never before. You couldn’t think of any motive as to why Rika suddenly wanted to run away and to add to it, it’s one week before their wedding. If you were confused by this situation then Jungkook was twice confused. 
    Your eyes began to scan all over the monitors in the room. Rika’s figure has not been found yet but it was believed that she’s in this airport and hopefully, still. A surge of anxiety was starting to eat you up as the longer you scanned the monitors, the harder it was to find Rika; there were too many people at this hour. 
    You were about to move from the monitor to another one when your eyes caught a familiar figure in one of the monitors. The frown on your face grew harder at that. You squint your eyes to get a clearer vision as you close the distance between you and the monitor. 
    You’ve never felt the worst feeling of panic. 
    “Rika is not at gate B-40…” you muttered under your breath. 
    One of your co-workers caught what you just said. “But her tracker is still at B-40,” he said, his voice clear of confusion as to why you said that. 
     All of this was staged. Rika had planned all of this carefully and rather cunningly. What Taehyung said was true; she’s not alone and she’s buying time for that person. You refuse to believe your assumption might be right because if it was, Rika was one step away from escaping. 
    And you fucked up real bad. 
    “Entrance— The airport's second entrance, check that monitor!” you told them. “Fuck, where are Jungkook’s men?!”
    They were supposed to guard outside of the airport too!
    “(Y/N), that’s Rika!” your subordinate gasped. “But why is she—”
    “Rika isn’t planning to depart from this airport,” you told him as you rushed to the door. “Trace the car Rika is using, send it to me and inform Jungkook, ASAP!”
    Your subordinates quickly get into work. “Close down the road Rika is using. Do anything as long as the road is empty.”
Tumblr media
    The feeling of adrenaline rush in your body was indescribable. Your hand was placed on the gear stick while the other was on the steering wheel, your foot was pressing the accelerator pedal hard as you sped off in order to get to Rika or at least to stop her car from going any further. 
    After some time speeding off the road, you saw a familiar car, a black Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé. You could be wrong but you were confident it’s Rika. Yes, she couldn’t be the only person that owned that car brand and model but the car was specifically Jungkook’s. The logo of his notorious gang and company was embedded on the car - it’s a must for every car that he owned to have those - and the number plate? It was specifically designed by Jungkook. 
    Not wasting time any further, you didn’t hesitate to make a drastic turn. The car you’re aiming at was in the opposite lane. You clutched the steering wheel and spun it to the maximum. You’re driving against the current in order to stop Rika’s car. 
    The mission is to stop Rika from leaving. 
    The adrenaline rush once again pumped in your body as you were speeding up towards Rika’s car. The luck was on your side because the road was already empty and it’s all thanks to your subordinates’ effort in getting it done using whatever ways. You wouldn’t want to cause damage to the public property and people around. You stared up intensely at Rika’s car that’s a few metres away from you, heading furiously towards you with no hint of slowing down as it seemed. 
    You drifted your car to make a roadblock in hopes that she wouldn't get past you. The only way to get past you is to crash your car and that alone was enough to cause damage to her car and slow her down, you hope Jungkook and his men were already on their way and not so far from your location. 
    To your surprise, Rika’s car came to an abrupt halt. The sudden press on her brake pedal left drift marks on the road. You immediately threw yourself out of your car and ran towards Rika’s car. 
    “Jungkook and his men are already on their way to you, (Y/N),” Jake, one of your subordinates, told you through the earpiece you had on. “I told him about Rika’s actual plan and he immediately got out of the airport, don’t do anything rash, just hold her off for some time.”
Tumblr media
    As soon as he got alerted by your subordinate, he wasted no time as he got out of the airport. It’s safe to say he may have bumped into some people and caused them to fall to the ground but he didn’t have the time to help. 
    He sped off the empty road to get to your location. He assumed it’s your order to get the road closed down. 
    But maybe he was too late.
    He saw your car sped off from your location but you were still there. The car Rika had used previously was abandoned. Rika took your car and left. 
    Why weren’t you stopping her?
    Rage and anger took over his body. He finally arrived at your location and immediately got out. He strode to you with big and long steps. 
   You heard cars coming in your way, you knew it’s Jungkook. You inhaled a good amount of oxygen as you closed your eyes, ready to face his wrath. The view of your car being driven further and further was what you saw once you opened your eyes again. Courage and braveness were what you needed right now but you couldn’t afford to have them. You felt an object being pushed to the back of your head, enough to command you to turn around. 
    Once you were sure your car with Rika in it was out of your sight, only then did you turn and faced Jungkook. The object you felt at the back of your head was a gun, Jungkook’s gun. The mouth of the gun was now a few inches from your forehead. You summoned leftover courage you had - you prayed you have - and spoke with a surprisingly clear voice, contrasting your trembling hands. 
    “I’m sorry, I was careless to let her escape.”
    The trigger goes off. 
Tumblr media
    Your past will always haunt you, taunt you in the evilest way. Regret will eat you alive for every second thing you do that is against your will, you have control over the matter but you chose the wrong way. Does Jungkook have control over his actions in the past? Perhaps not, but then again is his action against his will?
    Jungkook’s eyes shoot open. 
    The hideous past of you and him is still fresh in his mind. The guilt always eats him up every night, even after seven months. Jungkook rests his head on the steering wheel as he tries to regain himself, his self-composure. Sometimes, he couldn’t help but stare into space and reminisce about the past. He takes a deep breath before pulling up his body to sit up straight and start his car.
    He wished he had not acted irrationally back then.
Tumblr media
    It’s easy to describe Jeon Enterprise building, simple, really. The building is massive and clean. Most furniture in the building is either black, grey or beige. Jungkook arrives at the lobby and immediately gets into the elevator that specifically heads to his office floor. He is greeted by the receptionist which he replies with a simple nod and proceeds to the elevator. 
    The ride to his floor isn’t time consuming and he arrives at his floor after a few seconds. His floor is spacious compared to other floors. His father had designed the building himself and Jungkook didn’t make any changes ever since he took over his father’s position. He enjoys it too, working alone on the floor, no distraction whatsoever. That’s what makes them father and son, similarities in preference. 
    They say, always expect the unexpected - but where’s the fun in that? The element of surprise is what Jungkook fancies. After all, that’s how you take down your enemy. But he certainly doesn’t like to be surprised and he most definitely didn’t expect to be greeted with a piece of envelope presented on his desk. 
    Your resignation letter. 
    When he is walking down the hallway, he misses the empty cabin of yours. Your cabin is empty; the desk is cleared, no files or documents, just the company’s original properties which are the computer, the mouse and the keyboard. The letter of resignation is placed neatly on top of his desk, too neat to his liking. 
    He reads the content of the letter even when he knows it’s just a letter of you announcing your last day of employment - which is today - explaining your reason; personal reasons along with some praises to your co-workers and the company. 
    Jungkook is anything but rational right now. His mind is a mess but he’s unsure of the reason - because of your departure, perhaps? It wasn’t stated in the contract he made seven months ago that you have to resign from your position and end your contract of employment with Jeon Enterprise once you’ve found Rika.
    But then again, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. Originally your contract of employment ended seven months ago, exactly a day after Rika had escaped. You renewed it because it was included in the contract Jungkook made you sign seven months ago that you have to continue working with Jeon Enterprise. 
    “You’ve read the letter, son?”
    Jungkook is too absorbed in his thoughts to the point he didn’t hear the footsteps of his mother nor did he hear the door to his office being opened. Aunt Binna is leaning against the wall near the door. She’s wearing a long black leather coat that reaches to her ankle and a belt secured on her waist. Her face is adorned with a pair of sunglasses and red lipstick. Her hair is tied back to a low bun, leaving a few strands to fall on the left side of her face. 
    Aunt takes off her glasses. “I sent that letter on her behalf.” 
    Jungkook immediately raises his head and stares at his mother with a bewildered look on his face. “Why?”
    “It’s her choice to resign,” she shrugs. “I only helped with sending the letter to you.”
    Jungkook heaves a heavy sigh. “Never mind, Rika is back. That’s all that matters.” He leans back to his chair, pinching his eyes close. Aunt heard him, of course, and she couldn’t help but to feel angry at her son. She scoffs as she crosses her arms. 
    “Why is she back anyway? She left you, Kook,” Aunt reminds him. “You’re overlooking the important thing right now. (Y/N) left the country to god knows where! Aren’t you worried?”
    “I love Rika so much, Ma. I can’t let her go,” he bares himself. 
    “Well, you might love her but I hate her— Maybe I loathe her even more after knowing the real reason why she escaped!”
    “What—What do you mean, Ma?” he frowns. 
    “God, I don’t know why (Y/N) kept this as a secret from you,” Aunt Binna sighs. “She loves you too much to not tell you the painful truth because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.”
    Jungkook's frown deepens. His mother glares at him and puts back on her sunglasses, clearly ready to leave the room. “Maybe back then if you had asked (Y/N) what truly happened, you would’ve known.”
    Aunt looks over her shoulder. “You’re a smart man, Kook. I hope you have not become a fool because of Rika and I hope you have a solid reason as to why Rika is back.”
Tumblr media
Past : A week after you left. 
    The studio apartment was quite spacious; the bedroom, kitchen and living room were all in one space. Taehyung moseyed around his temporary little apartment. He’s used to living in a mansion but new experience doesn’t hurt especially when he’s doing this for you. 
    “(Y/N) suffered enough to get you back, Rika,” Taehyung drawled. He’s in no mood to talk actually, but Rika has been blowing up his phone so he had no choice but to pick up her calls. “Now that she’s free, I have no intention of keeping your little affair.”
    He hummed over something Rika was saying over the phone. “She doesn’t know that I knew about this,” he smirked when he heard Rika throwing a string of curses at him but his playfulness dissipated in a blink of an eye. 
    “You made my (Y/N) suffer. You and Jungkook… Both of you made her suffer.”
    They said anger is the bodyguard of sadness; it’s true. Anger started to spark in his veins as he remembered the tears that had fallen from your eyes while having a gun up to your head. He’s angry that he couldn’t afford to do anything back then and he’s sad that those images, those memories would stay in his mind forever. 
    Taehyung mastered the art of masking one’s emotions, be it by face or by voice. He’s angry but couldn’t afford to snap at Rika, at least not now. Anger is a powerful emotion. 
    “We are supposed to be together by now, you know? Me and (Y/N), I mean,” he continued. “If it wasn’t for your reckless action, I would’ve had her in my arms now…”
    Rika continued throwing profanities at Taehyung but he didn’t mind her of course instead, he continued. “But it’s fine, you’ll suffer in her place now.”
    The playfulness seemed to have come back as it was evident in his voice. “I’m giving you a chance, Rika, since (Y/N) wouldn’t want Jungkook’s love of life to suffer, right?” He pouted, his tone mocking. “So, now everything depends on how he gets to know about this; either from the mouth of others or yours.”
    He moistened his lips before he hissed out his opinion. “The latter option is better.”
    He didn’t let Rika continue any further so he ended the call with one touch. He returned to the app he had opened before picking up Rika’s call. The resume button was pressed and the audio was loading before it started playing again. It’s a conversation between two individuals. Taehyung had his earbud on one side of his ear as he listened to the conversation tentatively. 
    “Jungkook has given you everything, Rika. Why are you betraying him?”
    Your weak voice, your desperate voice which Taehyung knew that you were on the verge of tearing up - not out of sadness but rather out frustration, confusion and even anger - filled the room. He had replayed the audio for god knows how many times. It’s to the point he had remembered each and every sentence of the conversation. 
    He’s waiting for the perfect time to drop the bomb. 
    The conversation was still going on when he heard a knock on his door, breaking his concentration but he was bound to be disturbed at this time because the person he had been expecting had finally arrived. He knew exactly who’s behind the door without even opening the door yet. 
    Taehyung walked towards the door and with a happy smile, he opened the door. 
    “Aunt Binna,” he called. “Pleasure seeing you.”
Tumblr media
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jeonfrvr · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Let me get this straight.. you want me to break up with you for 24 hours so you can go barricade yourself in our bedroom and cry to Taylor Swift?”
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader genre: fluff, crack, not real angst but it's still there ig word count: 2.1k warnings: they’re really in love, jungkook best boyfriend, reader really goes thru it listening to this album, mentions of jake gllynhaal, spiderman far from home spoilers if u haven’t already seen it, did i mention that they’re really in love? alcohol consumption (like 2 beers) note: yes the title is also a TS song, because ‘i take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover’ is literally jeon jungkook???
Tumblr media
Your eyes flutter awake at the first inklings of sunlight that peek in through the bedroom window, the warm rays on your skin stirring you towards consciousness. With half a mind, you reach blindly for your phone to check the time, wincing at the brightness of the screen as you bring it to your face, squinting enough to see that it’s only 7:03am. 
What finally shakes you awake though, is the notification sitting at the top of the pile on your screen. Listen to Red (Taylor’s Version), out now! You blink a few times, wondering if you’re dreaming, but when you check the date beneath the time, November 12th, you realise that today is in fact, the re-release of one of Taylor Swift’s greatest albums of all time. You grin like a mad-woman, whisper screaming oh my god! as you scroll through the track-list.
You finally take notice of the arm draped over your waist and the warmth at your back, twisting and coming face to face with your sleeping lover. You smile, your body’s automatic response to seeing him. You reach up to place a kiss on Jungkook's pouty lips, sincerely apologising in advance for the day ahead.
His eyebrows furrow and the arm around your waist tightens, bringing you closer to him until your face is buried in the crook of his neck. You can't help but smile against his skin, your eyes falling closed as you let him fill your senses.
"Go back to sleep," He rasps, thumb rubbing back and forth on your hip as if to soothe you. You're already halfway there before Jungkook presses a gentle kiss to your hair, and it's all you need to tip over the precipice.
The next time you're awake, it's almost 10. By the time you shower and get ready for the day, Jungkook is up and making breakfast in the kitchen, the smell of pancakes greeting you as you step out of the bedroom.
"Good morning," Jungkook smiles, opening his arms to bring you into a hug. Your arms snake around his waist, face pressed against the cotton of his light grey tee as you murmur a good-morning in reply.
It's when the both of you are sat at the dining table, eating the pancakes Jungkook had cooked, when you decide to bring up your absurd proposition.
"Kook?" His head tips up at the sound of his name, face mid-way through a mouthful of pancakes. He swallows before replying, "Yeah?"
"Red came out today," You begin, not really sure how you were supposed to get this out. "I hate to break it to you babe, but red's been out for a while now.." You playfully roll your eyes with a smile, at least he's cute. "The Taylor Swift album, not the colour." you deadpan, shaking your head. Jungkook replies with an outstretched ohhh.
"And I need you to break up with me-" Jungkook's eyes widen, almost choking on his pancakes when he hears the sentence that comes out of your mouth. "Wait! Let me finish," You exclaim, wanting to laugh at his horrified expression. But something in your heart warms, knowing that would be his reaction if you ever said something like that- which you never would. You were adamantly in love with this man.
"Just for like a day, so I can listen to this album and pretend I'm heartbroken. It doesn't hit the same when you're in a loving relationship. Also! we're still dating, so don't you dare go out and start fucking random girls, cause then I really will be heartbroken." You look over at Jungkook, who seems to be processing your words with every slow chew.
"So let me get this straight.. you want me to break up with you for 24 hours so you can go barricade yourself in our bedroom and cry to Taylor Swift?"
"Yes." You say with a straight face, and Jungkook shakes his head incredulously.
"You're lucky I love you, you know," He says, chuckling at the way your eyes light up. "Are you serious? I didn't think you'd actually say yes," You can't help the smile that erupts on your face, jumping out of your chair and coming around the table to straddle Jungkook's lap. You hug him tight, and his arms automatically slide around your waist.
"As long as you're still mine at the end of the day, I don't care what you do." He says, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear when you pull back to look down at him. "I love you," You sigh, kissing him softly. "I love you," He smiles when you both pull away.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I can't believe I'm doing this shit." Jungkook sighs from where he stands in your shared bedroom.
"Shut up, you literally agreed to it." You roll your eyes, walking towards him to swat his arm. "I didn't think we'd be roleplaying!" He exclaims and you roll your eyes again.
"Just pretend to break up with me." You say, standing in front of him with your arms crossed. "Break my heart, go on Jeon." Jungkook blinks down at you for a moment. "Um, this isn't working out?" He says slowly. You roll your eyes, but nod at him to keep going.
"It was fun.. but I think we should see other people. I still love you a lot, and the memories we made will always be in my heart forever. I hope one day you find someone who treats you the way you deserve.." His hand comes up to tuck your hair behind your ear, for dramatic purposes. "Because you deserve the world, and I'm sorry I couldn't give you that."
"Goodbye, _____."
You stand rooted on the floor, and watch as he walks away, not turning back once before he closes the bedroom door behind him.
You immediately start crying, making a mental note to later ask Jungkook where the fuck he pulled that out of. Too many Kdramas, you think. Still crying, you shut the curtains, submerging the room in darkness, before curling up in bed and pressing play on your heartbreak anthem.
In the living room, Jungkook stands at the kitchen island, running a hand through his hair. He's about to go back into the bedroom to see if you're okay when he hears the music blaring through the walls. Shaking his head, he decides to be useful and get things done around the apartment, so at least after your fake break-up, you can come out into a clean and tidy home.
He’s mid-way through the dishes when the doorbell rings. Jungkook washes his hands, drying them with a tea-towel before heading towards the door. 
Jungkook takes one look at the male at his front door and shakes his head, moving to the side to let him in. “Did you just get dumped for a day too?” He asks, closing the door behind him. “She kicked me out of my own house!” Taehyung exclaims, toeing off his shoes before collapsing onto the couch. Jungkook laughs as he makes his way to the fridge, bringing out two beers and tipping off the caps. He hands one to Taehyung before leaning back against the couch. 
“To our crazy- beautiful, but crazy women,” Taehyung says in a toast, bringing his beer up. “Who we love to death nevertheless.” Jungkook adds before clinking his beer with Tae’s and chugging it down in 3 gulps. 
The rest of the after-noon is spent playing video-games and talking about how in love they had to be to put up with their girlfriend’s antics. They’re 100% tipsy, but Jungkook’s words are genuine when he says you’re the person he wants a future with. When the two of them somehow land on the topic of marriage, Jungkook says it in a heartbeat, that you’re the only one he’d ever want to marry. There truly was no one else.
Jungkook orders a pizza and after about 4 action movies, Taehyung finally decides to go home. The two grown men wish each other luck before saying goodbye.
Jungkook closes the front door behind him with a sigh. The music has been playing all day, and Jungkook has heard you scream (cry) the words ‘and you call me up again just to break me like a promise!’ at least 8 times. He starts to get genuinely worried, but knows you’d absolutely have his balls if he interrupted you, so he stays out of the bedroom. He eats dinner alone, missing your presence at the table more than he thought he would. 
Jungkook gets ready for bed in the bathroom down the hall, barely used, since there was an ensuite in your bedroom. The spare bedroom was turned into a recreation room, with your painting supplies on the desk by the window, and bookshelves lining the walls. Other abandoned hobbies lay around the room, and Jungkook smiles at them. You were always so outgoing, he loved that about you- he loved everything about you though. Jungkook fishes out a spare blanket from the storage cupboard and heads to his bed for the night. The couch is relatively comfortable, but nothing could ever compare to his own bed, with you in his arms. 
After an hour of mindlessly scrolling on his phone, Jungkook falls asleep to the soft hum of your music seeping through the walls.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You stir in your sleep, finding the usual warmth that cocoons you, missing. Your eyes open, and you turn on your side to find Jungkook’s side of the bed empty. You sit up, rubbing at your eyes, only to realise you had fallen asleep with your mascara still on. You had put it on earlier to maximise the effect of a breakup, letting it streak down your cheeks as you listened to All Too Well and watched the short film. A tub of ice-cream lay finished on your bedside table, and the music still played from the speaker beside it.
Your hazy state has you worrying if Jungkook had up and left, a tear escapes, running down your cheek, and before you know it you can’t stop them as they silently fall. You knew you were a handful, but Jungkook had never chastised you- telling you a million times he could handle you. But what if this had pushed him to the edge?
With tear stained cheeks and a quivering bottom lip, you slide out of bed, deciding to look for your lost lover. You don’t miss the plate of lasagna on the hallway table, next to your bedroom door. He had thought of you during dinner. The search doesn’t take long, when you step into the living room, sprawled out on the couch with a tiny blanket draped over him, your Jungkook slept peacefully. You breathe a sigh of relief that comes out as a whimper as you trembled towards the couch.
Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow when he feels a body slide onto him, clutching his sides tightly and crying into his neck. When your familiar scent registers, he’s wide awake and wrapping an arm around you, rubbing up and down your back soothingly. 
He sits up carefully, adjusting you on his lap to make sure you’re comfortable before he’s brushing the strands of hair, wet from your crying, away from your face. “I thought you left.” You sob miserably and Jungkook’s heart cracks. “I would never.” He murmurs, bringing a hand up to cup your cheek. “Stop crying now,” He whispers softly, thumb caressing your skin in the most loving way.
“I woke up alone,” You mumbled, the tears finally stopping. You aware you looked like a mess, eyes swollen from your crying earlier, plus the smudged mascara. But Jungkook didn’t seem to care at all, he never cared how you looked. 
“I thought you were still you know, going through our break-up” Jungkook grins, making you smile. “I’m over it,” You sigh, cupping his face in your cheeks. “Missed you too much,” Leaning down, you kiss him gently, having missed those lips since this morning. “I missed you too.” 
Jungkook moves you to lean against the couch, heating up some dinner for you before grabbing your makeup remover from the bathroom. Your heart clenches as he wipes the mascara from your eyes and cheeks  and brushes your hair. 
“I love you.” 
You smile behind a mouthful of delicious lasagna. “I love you, Jungkook.” He smiles. “Ew, chew don’t talk,” He grins when you roll your eyes. He thinks you’re too cute with stuffed cheeks, leaning forward to peck them. 
“You know, I also have a deep hatred for Jake Gyllenhaal..”
You stare dumb-founded at your boyfriend after the random statement, acceptable, but random. Jungkook had decided to search up the album himself, falling down the rabbit hole of the hating Jake Gyllenhaal agenda. 
“He revealed Spider-Man’s identity!” 
A grin breaks out on your face. This man. 
You truly love him so.
Tumblr media
tysm for reading! i don't particularly know how i feel about this.. but i want to get more imagines and what not out onto my tumblr- also if you're looking for my jjk series Sheltered Hearts, i deleted that :/ i have no idea why, i just didn't like it?? it's still a saved draft on wattpad and I might edit it and post it in the future but we'll see
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knotty or nice | ksj
Tumblr media
synopsis: you only see seokjin once a year, so you have to make sure your visit counts.
Tumblr media
p: seokjin x reader
wc: 6.8k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | sugar daddy, est. rel. au | smut, fluff
warnings: dom seokjin, sub & bratty reader, pwp, dildos, masturbation, voyeur, size kink, there's a camera involved, lots of dirty talk, deep throat, hand kink, unprotected sex, overstimulation, breast play?, blindfold, light bondage, breathing control (asphyxiation), jin has a potty mouth and he's mean :(, lots of name calling :), multiple orgasms, multiple sex scenes, rough sex, delayed orgasm, facial, cum eating, creampies (yum), aftercare, the ending is mushy and cute :)
a/n: happy birthday to the love of my life ♥ thank you so much to @chelsea-chee for helping me out ;;
posted: 9 dec 2021
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
Every year around the holidays, without fail, you and Seokjin would meet up for a Christmas Rendezvous. It's the only time the two of you can see each other since he's so busy running his million-dollar business while you're busy doing… stuff. Not only was this a moment you've been waiting all year for, but you're determined to convince him to purchase a property in your city so he can drop in any time he wants without needing to rent a hotel.
This year, for your meeting, he’s chosen a fancy hotel by the mountains for you to enjoy the sights, though you doubt you’ll have time to check out any of the fancy amenities listed on the website. You and Seokjin tend to overplan, only for the both of you to never leave the comfort of your rooms because you're too busy tangled up in each other's arms.
When you arrived at the hotel, the concierge mentioned that there’s something waiting for you in the room, and sure enough, upon you walking in, you’re greeted by a giant stuffed teddy bear resting against the headboard on the bed with a note tucked between its paws. It’s black, plastic eyes shine in the dim winter sun, and it stares at you like it knows what horrors it's about to witness.
“Ready to play?” the note read in Seokjin’s bubble-like handwriting.
You bite back the smile of excitement. He mentioned in your texts leading up to the event to expect something special, because there’s an additional cause for celebration that’s not just his birthday plus the holidays.
You wanted to let him know that you’ve arrived, so you decide to send him a text that includes a photo of you and your gift. The problem is… the teddy bear is so big that you have a hard time fitting it in the frame for your picture. After a few tries, the only decent picture that comes out is one of you lying on the bear’s soft brown stomach with its nose peeking from the corner. Well, you’re sure Seokjin will get the ‘picture.’
You: I’m here ♥ Thanks for the bear.
It hasn’t even been a few seconds until you see that your message has been read, and the emergence of the three little dots that’s indicative of his reply.
SJ: Good. In the top drawer of your nightstand, you’ll find a blindfold. SJ: I expect that when I come into the room, you’ll be nice and ready for me.
Turning towards the nightstand, you open the first drawer per Seokjin’s instruction and you find the familiar black satin fabric. You begin to discard your clothing and loop the blindfold around your head, but just before you place it over your eyes, you pause. Seokjin didn’t mention when it was he’s coming over. He just expected you to wait.
Well, that's not fun! Based on the website of the hotel, apparently there’s a hot spring somewhere in the lower levels that you wanted to dip your toes in. Since you can’t leave the room unless you’re looking for punishment, you decide to explore the room you’ll be occupying instead.
Judging from the large window in the bedroom that overlooks a crystal blue lake, this seems to be the “scenic room”, and you can’t help but stare in awe at the rippling water that looks like diamonds in the setting winter sun. To the right of the lake lies a mountain range, and you can see the few brave skiers going down the slopes, looking like miniature figurines in a diorama.
There's also a breakfast nook on the other end of the room. You don't recognize the lush flowers they've provided in the gorgeous dark green vase, but you can smell the sweet floral notes from where you're standing.
You hum as you walk towards the large door you saw on your way in. Behind the door is a bathroom, and it is already bigger than the living room in your apartment back home. A black marble bathtub lies in the centre of the tile floor, and not only does it look like it costs more than your one year of rent combined; it's big enough to fit the two of you with plenty of space to spare.
You have no doubt that he spent a pretty coin to reserve this room. But what surprises you most is how Seokjin found this area in the first place. From what you can tell, when he told you where you’ll be staying together, the town doesn’t seem to be listed in any map, which was why he had you picked up in a limousine that was filled with your favourite snacks and drinks for the lengthy trip.
As you make your way back to the bed, the realization hits you.
You forget who it is you’re dealing with! There's a good chance that Seokjin’s family owns this place, and not just the hotel either, but the entire area surrounding it. You definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. That slim black card in his wallet was his father's gift to him when Seokjin was only 10, and it has paid for a number of things in your life: from something as “trivial” as your college tuition, the expensive outfits and lingerie you brought with you, and down to this gigantic bear in your hotel room that takes up half of the king size bed.
Currently, you’re debating whether you should move all your outfits from your suitcase atop the chaise lounge to the antique wooden wardrobe on the other side of the room. Seokjin did mention that you’re going to be here for at least a week, although judging from your previous escapades, you’ll probably spend New Year’s wrapped up in his arms again.
You just started to unzip your suitcase when your phone chimes. It’s another message from Seokjin!
SJ: Shame. You’re not ready to play.
“Wait… what?” You stare at your phone at the weird message. You're decoding the meaning behind the text when you receive another one.
SJ: I won’t repeat myself for a second time. Get ready. Now.
Well, there’s no sense in arguing, though you are interested as to where Seokjin might be watching from. It’s not until you undo the last few buttons of your blouse that your eyes land on the bear. What are the odds that those beady eyes are actually camera lenses?
You quickly stripped yourself of your clothes until only the red lingerie is all you’re left in. Then, placing the loop of the blindfold between your lips, you crawl on the bed on all fours until you’re staring eye-to-eye with the bear. You squint at what you thought were soulless plastic beads. After closer inspection, you find it; the faintest blink of red that disappears as quickly as it comes. You were right. There is a camera hidden behind the left eye of your gift.
Two can play at this game. And if Seokjin wants a show, who are you to deny him one? Smirking, you tower over the plush before planting a kiss on the lens.
“Can you hear me, baby?” you test.
The ding of a message from your phone is proof that he could.
The smirk you wear stretches wider across your cherry-tinted lips. Time to enact your plan. You pull the bear by its legs so it lies horizontally on the bed. Shifting up, you straddle its face before lowering your hips until your clothed core meets the cold tip of its nose.
Oh. That feels good.
“Baby…” Throwing the lens a smirk, you secure the blindfold around your eyes. “I don’t want to wait," you pout, "So, I'm going to play right now."
As soon as you finish your sentence, your phone on your nightstand beeps again. Something tells you that hidden inside that text notification is a command for you to stop whatever you’re doing, but since he’s not here…
You rock your hips forward experimentally, shuddering when the bear’s nose bumps your clit. “Oh fuck…”
With quiet pants, you repeat the action, back and forth. Back and forth. The candy-cane patterned panties you’re wearing gradually grows wetter, your arousal seeping into the cream muzzle of the bear.
In response to your rebellion, the buzzing from your phone increases to a point where it vibrates itself off the nightstand. Still, you don’t stop, and instead, it fuels you to grind faster, harder, until you feel the telltale tingling in your spine.
Your hands grip the sides of the bear, using its ears as leverage to steady the head. You hope he's enjoying the view. “Seokjin, baby, are you watching?” you smirk.
The thrill of potentially disobeying him is exhilarating. Within the realms of technicality, you’re not breaking any rules. Seokjin just said to put the blindfold on and wait, which is exactly what you’re doing right now… just with the added bonus of possibly making yourself orgasm.
The embers quickly spread across your body, and the grip you have around the bear grows tighter. You can’t stop your moans, and they tumble out with careless abandon, growing louder and louder as your orgasm approaches.
“C-Can you hear me? I’m… ah, so fucking close! Baby, baby…” Your body is a forest fire. All your senses are heightened to that one specific point in your body. The world no longer exists, just you and a taut string, ready to snap at a moment’s notice. You’re close… so close. “I’m gonna—”
The rocking of your hips freeze instantly at the familiar command that often haunts your dreams. In your blinded state, you swivel your head this way and that, trying to pinpoint where his voice is coming from. There’s no way he’s in the room… is there?
“S-Seokjin?” you call out meekly.
His voice sounded so cold, so furious.
At the silence that greets you, you try again. “Jin? Baby? Are you here with me?”
You don’t dare move, or even breathe, as you wait. Then it comes, the unmistakable click of his tongue, followed by the dull thump of his expensive leather shoes against the carpeted floor of the room. Shit.
"O-Oh, when did you get here?" You smile at the direction you think he's coming for.
He ignores your question. “What do we have here?” Seokjin asks instead. Though his words sound amused, you have a feeling he’s anything but.
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you attempt a cheery attitude. “B-Baby… I’ve missed you so much! Are you finally here to play?”
Seokjin chuckles, but it’s not the high-pitched laughter you’re used to. No, it’s the one he reserves for when he’s disappointed in your antics; like he can’t believe your audacity.
You gasp when the familiar curl of his fingers wrap around your throat, his forefinger and thumb tilting your chin to the side. His other hand lands on your thigh, drumming his fingers on your skin.
“Bad girl,” he tuts, trailing his lips from the nape of your neck to your shoulder. “I told you explicitly what to do, and here you are disobeying me. What's worse is that you ignored my calls and texts with the phone I gave you.”
The hand on your thigh trails up and up, skirting around the lace edges of your underwear. “What should I do with a baby that can’t even listen to simple instructions, huh?”
You stay completely silent, a small hint of fear diluting your excitement.
Seokjin grazes his teeth along the shell of your ear. “What’s going on now, pet? Too scared to say anything? You were so loud before. Answer me. What shall I do with you tonight?”
“Wanna see you…” you whimper instead of answering his question.
Seokjin laughs in disbelief. “What makes you think you deserve to see me? No no. Not after that stunt you pulled that forced me out of my meeting. Decide on your punishment, baby; I’m giving you this chance because it’s Christmas, but also because I don’t think you’ll appreciate what I have planned for you.”
You attempt to quiet down the loud pounding of your heart with an inhale. It’s mercy, especially from him. “Spank m-me,” you manage to utter.
He hums against your skin. “Spanking? Isn’t that too boring? We’ve done that plenty of times before and it’s clear you don’t learn your lesson from it.” Seokjin pauses, and when you don’t object, he continues. “Well, since you don’t seem to have any other ideas, let’s go with my plan then.”
The cold air whooshes around you when Seokjin departs from your back, and upon release, you slump forward onto the bear. Whatever it was he has planned, you’re not sure you’ll survive.
When he returns, not long after you hear him sticking something to the floor, Seokjin removes the blindfold carefully, making sure it doesn’t tangle with your hair. You can’t help but smile, even when he’s upset with you, he’s still trying to make sure you’re unharmed.
“Okay, angel, seeing as you’re so eager to cum, get on the floor and show me.”
It takes you a few moments to adjust to the bright light. When the room no longer blinds you with white, you find yourself face-to-face with Seokjin. There's a flush of red across his cheeks and ears, a beautiful contrast to the navy vest he wears over his white shirt. God. You must look completely disheveled compared to him.
Seokjin's lips curl into a feline smile. He tucks your hair behind your ear as he whispers, "Are you done staring? Don't forget what you're supposed to do, pet."
Embarrassed, you pretend to not hear him, and instead your eyes find a dildo placed on the floor.
You purse your lips as you survey the toy. It looks pretty standard, although it’s a bit bigger than the normal dildos you’ve seen in sex shops. You’re not too keen on the silicone’s bright neon pink shaft, and the veins protruding along the sides look more comical than anything. But this is the task that Seokjin has assigned you to and even with your hesitance, you’re not about to say ‘no’.
After removing your panties, you take another glance at Seokjin, who smirks at you, before positioning your hips so that the tip of the dildo kisses your hole.
“Come on, get on with it.” Seokjin taps his foot impatiently on the carpet. “Put on a good show for me.”
After taking a deep breath, you slowly lower yourself onto the silicone toy. As the toy disappears inside you, a gasp leaves your lips at the slight burn from the stretch. Yeah, this was way bigger than any of the dildos you’ve tried previously; and maybe it’s because of your position, but the tip reaches further than what you’re used to as well.
“Oh… god…”
You’re filled to the brim, and you’ve barely taken up half of the toy. Thankfully, the cold silicone begins to warm up to your body’s temperature, and you moan as the first bursts of pleasure erupt in your head. You’re moving slow, allowing yourself to get used to the girth, but Seokjin seems displeased, his mouth turned downwards at your efforts.
With a click of his tongue, he rises from the bed to sit behind you on the floor, bunching the black satin fabric in his hands. Your vision disappears when he secures the blindfold over your head again.
After he makes sure that the blindfold won't come loose, he moves your hair to the side and plants a kiss on the nape of your neck, murmuring, "Do you love me?"
You sigh happily, leaning towards his touch. "You know I do. What's up with the question?"
Seokjin chuckles. "Oh, nothing at all." His large hands take hold of your hips, massaging you gently. You squeak when his grip turns forceful, his dull nails digging into your skin, but it doesn't compare to the scream you let out when Seokjin slams you down to the hilt.
“Fuck! Seokjin!” Your walls clench at the sudden intrusion, pinpricks of tears collecting in your eyes when he yanks you up. Your legs shake so badly that if it weren't for the tight hold he has over your hips, you'll surely buckle forward.
Seokjin seizes your jaw, his fingers digging into the flesh of your neck as he rasps harshly, “Didn’t I tell you to put on a show? Huh? Fucking hell. Are you too stupid to understand simple instructions now?”
"N-No…" you sob. "S-Seokjin… I can do it myself."
Using your hips, he pushes you back down onto the dildo, ignoring your whimpers and pleas. "I don't think so," he coos mockingly when your hands scratch over his palms as you beg him to stop. "I think after a year apart, my baby is too stupid to do anything without my help."
Seokjin doesn't need both hands to force you to ride the dildo, and he spits out taunt after taunt, each one meaner than the last. The other hand on your neck holds your head in place, and your neck is surely riddled with half-moon indents by the power of his grip. You’re left speechless as you're made to ride the dildo, there are only half-syllables of his name escaping every so often with how mushy your brain’s turning. With the brutal pace he sets, the burn from your walls stretching open takes a bit to fade into pleasure, but when it does, you're moaning loudly, slamming your hips down repeatedly on your own.
“That’s better,” Seokjin praises, removing his hand from your body to smooth out your hair. You whine when his large hand presses on your upper back, pushing you forward until your chest is parallel to the floor. “Okay, angel, keep riding that dildo and give me your hands. Don’t stop. Good girl.”
Seokjin secures your wrists behind you with a long piece of cloth. You continue to move per his instructions, but at this point your thighs are burning, especially without the support from your arms.
That dreaded click of his tongue reaches your ear again, and so you try to keep up with the momentum, but it’s only for a few more seconds until you falter again.
The grip around your hip tightens again, his nails digging into your skin. “Aww… what’s wrong, baby? Didn’t you want to cum?” Pleased with the results after testing the knot a few times, Seokjin picks you back up from the floor like a rag doll, and begins to move your body for you again.
Your limbs are screaming, the soreness spreading from your thighs, down your legs, turning them numb. Yet you follow his heed, bucking your hips with Seokjin as your conductor. “G-God… Too big…” you whine.
Seokjin sushes your complaints by slipping two of his fingers past your lips. “You can take it. That’s it. Good girl. Keep going.” he praises, kissing your shoulder. Saliva drips from your lips and down your chest as you swirl your tongue around his digits.
Without warning, Seokjin’s hand leaves your hip to draw circles on your clit, his praises unending as you move faster. You garble his name as your eyes flutter shut under the blindfold. The soreness in your thighs is forgotten as you chase your high, climbing higher and higher with each second that passes you by.
Seokjin rips his fingers away from your mouth to unclasp the bra you’re wearing. His wet digits swirl around your nipple, rolling the sensitive bud between his forefinger and thumb, and your spine curves from the dull pain.
“Look at these gorgeous tits,” he groans, pinching your nipple not unkindly. “Your nipples are so fucking hard. Do you feel good, baby?”
“Very… good,” you gasp. “I’m close—”
Everything inside of you is hot – an unchecked flame spreading like wildfire as you keep edging to the brink of madness. The tingling in your spine returns; a delicious warning to your downfall.
“Cum for me, baby. Soak this carpet, yeah?”
“Fuckfuckfuck, Seokjin!” you screech.
Your body shakes with the force of the orgasm, the spine tingling sensation causing your head to swim like you’re thrown into another dimension. Yet the blinding light doesn’t cease because Seokjin’s still going; his hand returning to your hips as he forces you to pick up the pace again.
“Shit… Seokjin… I can’t…”
He laughs aloud at your words. “You can’t? My little fucking brat… Didn’t you say you wanted to cum? I’m giving it to you right now and you’re telling me you can’t?”
No, no, no. Not like this. You’re going to break if he keeps going. Yet your body continues to absorb every brutal impact; every drag of the toy against your walls, and soon the familiar knot returns to your stomach.
“Fuuuck!” you scream. Your bound hands shake behind you in an attempt to break free, but Seokjin’s rope tricks keep the knot from getting undone.
It’s a little bit faster now, the way in which the light blinds your vision. Within a few more moments, you’re soaking the carpet below you again, your high cresting over you and reaching its peak. You think you screamed his name as you came, but you can’t be too sure – not when the world is spinning, and your blood roars loudly in your ears.
You’re whimpering as you come down from the intensity. You’ve tried everything under the sun with Seokjin, but you’ve never had two orgasms in a row – not at the same degree. Seokjin’s large hands cup your face as he removes the blindfold from you, kissing your hair and murmuring sweet praises in the process. With heavy lids, you look up at his handsome face, and you smile at the pride that shines in his eyes. Looks like you did good.
How long have you been leaning on him? You quickly scramble away from his chest, but your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds, so you simply flail before landing back on his sculpted chest with a thump.
With a quiet chuckle, Seokjin massages your back as he gently removes the dildo from underneath you.
“Ah… fuck…” you hiss at the soreness that’s beginning to settle.
“Was it good?”
“Very,” you hum, kissing him along his jaw. “Is that all you have planned for me tonight?”
Seokjin scoffs as he gathers you from the floor and lifts you up. “Of course not. That's just the beginning. Are you ready for more though?”
“Always. What do you take me for?”
“That’s my girl.”
He lays you gently on your tummy after discarding the stuffed bear to the floor. His hands massage your palms, making sure he hasn’t cut off any blood flow. “How are your hands?”
“Sore, but okay.”
“Would you like me to take them off?”
“Not at all. It’s the only way for you to keep me still, right?”
“I guess so,” he chuckles. “I’m going to move you to the headboard, unless of course… you can do it yourself?”
You take the challenge with a firm nod, and though your legs are jelly from your adventures on the floor, you manage to lift yourself up and crawl to the headboard before dropping your weight onto the mountain of pillows. It wasn’t graceful by any means, but it got the job done.
Seokjin whistles at your feat as tosses his vest away and undoes the first few buttons of his shirt, and you have a sinking suspicion that the missing tie in his ensemble is the exact same one that has bound your wrists together. And judging from how his hands return to his sides, it seems like you’re the only one that’s going to be naked tonight. Darn.
“Eyes up here, baby.”
To be honest, you hadn’t realized you had thrown all your focus on the sliver of honeyed-skin, but at his words, your eyes jerk up to meet his, and you find yourself staring at that irritating half-smirk you’ve come to love.
“Wasn’t staring,” you mumble.
There’s a hardness in Seokjin’s gaze, causing the air to still. “I don’t remember teaching my baby to lie.” Even though he spoke in a whisper, there’s a hidden threat underneath the words.
“I mean… I didn’t…” you fumble.
“No, no, you clearly did.” Seokjin shifts to loom above you before pressing his thumb on your bottom lip. “This filthy fucking mouth,” he growls.
You start to mumble, but Seokjin pushes his digit past your lips and hooks his thumb on the inside of your cheek, causing it to bulge and force you into silence. His other hand reaches over to unzip his pants, freeing his girth of its confines. You’re transfixed, unable to take your eyes off the leaking head. He pumps his length a few times, and your mouth begins to salivate at the thought of his taste again. Oh, how you’ve missed him.
Without removing his thumb, he stands over you and jerks himself in front of your face, the tip of his dick bumping your cheek every so often. You struggle against your binds, your mouth wrapping itself around his thumb as you whine around it.
“You're making a mess of my finger,” he groans. “Are you that hungry for my cock, baby?”
You nod fervently without looking up from the sight of his purple-ish head.
“Okay then, open up.”
Just after your lips part as you release his thumb, Seokjin rams his dick all the way inside, knocking your head backwards against the headboard. But the dull pain on your head is nothing like the burn in your throat. Seokjin’s big, and your small throat has a hard time accomodating to his girth.
“Shit… so fucking tight. Just for me.”
His cock sits heavy on your tongue, your jaw aching from having to keep your mouth open. You try to breathe but the air seems intent on not entering you. Oh god, did he get bigger?
“Ah, isn’t this much nicer?" His voice distracts you from your predicament. "You’re so much quieter with a cock in your mouth.”
Seokjin tangles his fingers in your hair, angling your head slightly upwards so he can easily thrust into your throat. Even though he’s going slow, tears begin to collect in your eyes as you struggle to breathe.
He then wraps his fingers around your throat, squeezing hard enough that it cuts off your air flow. As you choke and gag around him, Seokjin groans loudly above you. “Fuuuck, I love how tight you got. I can feel the outline of my dick around your throat. Is it hard to breathe, baby? Huh?”
“Mmph!” you whine around him. Your fingernails dig into your palms as lights begin to dance in front of your eyes. Just as you think you’re about to tap out from the lack of oxygen, Seokjin removes himself from your throat, relieving you of much needed air as you sputter and choke.
You’re inhaling lungfuls of air, until your heart is no longer running like you just finished a marathon.
“Fuck,” you cry weakly.
Seokjin tips your chin up with his finger. “Still want more?”
“Please,” is all you can muster.
With a whispered ‘okay’, Seokjin returns to straddle you and places the tip of his cock on your lips. You open your mouth dutifully, maintaining eye contact as you go down on his length. He waits patiently until your nose brushes against the dark hairs on the base before he begins moving.
Seokjin tangles his fingers in your hair to keep you steady, and so you don’t knock your head against the headboard. When you give him the slightest nod, he’s merciless; driving his hips forward, and groaning loudly every time you swallow around his length. Though there’s a curtain of tears that block your vision, you can still make out the twist in Seokjin’s face as he loses himself in bliss.
His balls slap against your jaw and you want nothing more than to play with them, but you’re only left wanting, with your hands unable to hold on to anything aside from the sheets below you. You focus on hollowing your cheeks, and with it you’ve earned yourself a deep thrust and Seokjin’s loud grunt of your name.
“Baby, baby,” he hisses. Seokjin’s close; you can tell by the way he falters in his thrusts. “Shit…”
Just before he explodes, he yanks your head back to unsheathe himself. His other hand wraps around his length, his body jerking as his orgasm overtakes him. You barely manage to close your eyes before the first spurts hit you; the warm fluid decorating your forehead and cheeks in white. As Seokjin’s ragged breathing slows down, you peek when you don't feel anymore spurts on your face, but you shut your eyes immediately when it turns out he hasn't spared them.
“You – ah – look so pretty with my cum all over you like this,” he smiles through quick inhales of air.
You attempt to lick at the drops that land on your cheeks, but they’re unfortunately too far from your tongue. “Wanna taste…” you pout.
“Dirty girl.”
You can’t help but grin at the pride in his voice. Seokjin scoops up his cum with his fingers as he mutters, “Open wide.” You stick your tongue out and he presses his cum-stained fingers to your mouth, and your lips close around his digits automatically as you begin to suck. When his digits are clean, Seokjin wipes the cum from your eyes with what you assume is a handkerchief he retrieved from his pockets.
“Such a beautiful cumslut,” he hums as he cleans your face. “Would you let just anyone make a mess of you?”
“No,” you mumble, opening your eyes when he's done. “Just you,” you whisper absentmindedly, staring in awe at his dick that hasn’t lost its rigidity.
Seokjin follows your gaze and beams when he realizes what it is you’re staring at. Gripping the base of his dick, he taps the tip of his dick on your lips. “Do you still want more? Are two orgasms not enough for you?”
You nod enthusiastically, spreading your legs outward to prove your point. “I don’t think one is enough for you either,” you tease.
“You're absolutely right,” he beams. Seokjin traces your cheek absentmindedly, and there's a strange tone in his voice when he murmurs, “My cock-hungry whore. Is that what you are?”
That’s a new one, and you’re surprised to find how much you love it.
“I am. I’m your cock-hungry whore,” you pant, your eyes falling to his length again. Perhaps it’s the trick of the light, but you swear– no, you know for sure that he’s bigger than before.
Seokjin grabs your legs and kneels down between them, situating the tip over your entrance. But instead of entering, he purposefully slides up, bumping into your clit and causing you to shiver.
“How much do you want me? It seems like you’ll do just fine with the dildo. Should I just bring that back?”
As you chase after his length with your hips, you let out a high-pitch whine, your cunt leaking more juices with every drag of his fat cock against your swollen folds.
“A- A lot… I want it,” you beg.
“Oh?” Seokjin whispers. “I don’t know… it doesn’t seem like you want me that much,” he teases.
Every time the tip of his cock bumps your clit, you’re permitted a small sliver of heaven, one so out of reach with the way he’s teasing you.
“Beg for it, baby. Or else I’ll really get the dildo and fuck you that way instead.”
You’re squirming; kicking the sheets underneath you. If he doesn't stop teasing you, you swear you're going to explode.
“Fuck! Fine! Seokjin, please. Pleasepleaseplease. I need your cock so bad,” you rasp. “Hurry up and fuck me!”
“As you wish.”
Seokjin sinks into your heat after your cry, and the both of you moan in unison when he fills you to the brim. If you thought the dildo was big, it was nothing compared to Seokjin. Every time he buries himself inside of you, it’s like you’re about to tear into two. Yet the usual burn from the stretch doesn’t last as long, and you’re soon thrown into the depths of pleasure.
“Fuck!” you hiss repeatedly.
“Oh, fuck,” he repeats, and he splays his hand on your stomach, pressing lightly at the slight outline of his cock. “I’m always amazed that this tiny pussy can take me so well. Can you feel how deep I am inside of you, angel?”
You claw at the sheets underneath you as he begins his punishing pace. “Yes, fuck! So deep…” You blink the tears away at the sight of Seokjin above you.
Even in the throes of pleasure, with sweat slicking his forehead, he looks like a god. It’s not fair that he’s still clothed; you want nothing more than anything to rip his shirt away. Once again, you attempt to free yourself from your bindings, and once again… you fail.
“What’s wrong, baby?” Seokjin asks with a teasing lilt.
“Want to touch you,” you whisper breathlessly.
With a chuckle, he shakes his head. “You don’t deserve to touch me. Just lie there and be a good hole for me.”
“Seokjin…” you wail. “Need to touch you.”
“Nope.” He proceeds to exit out of you and flip you over, so that you’re lying on your stomach again. “You’ve not been good today, pet. So you don’t get what you want.”
Seokjin grabs your bound wrists and yanks them upwards, bringing your body up into the air. With his knees, he pushes your legs out further. Without your hands supporting your weight, you’re relying heavily on your thighs and the hold that Seokjin has.
It hasn’t even been a few seconds and your thighs are already burning, but thankfully, that feeling quickly goes away, replaced by the pleasure that his cock brings upon entering you.
This time, his thrusts are slower, and he prioritises going deeper into your heat. It’s more intimate, a complete one-eighty to the rough pounding you just received, but you’re not certain that you can cum from this alone.
As if he’s reading your thoughts, Seokjin’s hand snakes around your waist to return to your clit, massaging the bundle of nerves gently with figure eights. You sigh, feeling so full and whole with him so deep inside you.
“I wanted to be mean, but you just looked so lovely,” he admits, his voice wistful and soft. “I don’t think I have it in me to go hard on you anymore.”
He doesn’t go any faster than he needs to, paying close attention to every sound you make and adjusting his speed then. It doesn’t take you long to reach the apex again, the climb much easier after you’ve experienced it once before, but still, it’s not enough to pull you over the edge.
“Jin… Jin… Need you faster," you wail.
“Yeah, baby, I got you,” he grunts.
He releases you from his hold and pushes your face to the bed, his thrusts punishing as he slams repeatedly into your cunt. You’re screaming his name, chanting it like a prayer, even though your throat is sore from overuse. This is what you need; the feel of Seokjin driving his dick deeper within you, pushing you over and over to the brink.
“Seokjin—” you cry, soaking the sheets below with your tears.
You’re so close, so so close.
“Cum for me, angel. One last time. Cream my cock, yeah?”
The orgasms you’ve had previously doesn’t compare to the one you’re experiencing now. This isn’t an ember, but a white blinding light, consuming you from the inside out as you come undone with a silent scream, your mind filled with a pleasant buzzing that renders you completely speechless. Yet Seokjin isn’t done, and he continues to pound into you, growing faster and deeper as he chases his own high.
“Fuck, baby. I’m gonna cum, gonna fuck you full of my seed.”
You whine at his brutal pace, raising your hips higher. "S-Seokjin!"
“That’s it, take all of me. Oh God… Shit—I’m cumming—"
Seokjin lets out a long moan as his orgasm takes over. His dark hair falls over his eyes, and he grabs your ass tightly as he fills you up with his warm seed.
Wholly overwhelmed, you only mumble something unintelligible when he slips away. The bed dips when Seokjin returns, and all you feel is a warm damp cloth between your legs. When he's done, he tosses the rag away before he gathers you in his arms. When Seokjin undoes the knots, you sigh, feeling pins and needles settling in, as Seokjin massages your wrists.
“I love you,” he mumbles as he lays you back down on the bed, bowing his head to claim your lips.
You return his kisses slowly, opening your lips to let his tongue glide inside. “I love you too,” you mumble back when you part. “I can’t believe it took you this long to kiss me.”
Seokjin laughs, the sound muted and quiet, but still warm. “What can I say? You were a total brat today. I told you one thing and you did the complete opposite.”
You scoff, bringing your hand to your chest. “Technically, I didn’t break any rules. You never said I couldn’t touch myself. I just had to sit pretty and wear a blindfold.”
“Yeah? Well, look at where that ‘technicality’ got you, brat.
Seokjin scoots you over to lie next to you, and you’re both silent except for the sound of your breathing. Turning over to your side, you slide over into his awaiting arms. “I have a question for you…”
“Was this anything like what you had planned today?”
You can feel his chest rumble as he laughs. “Nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to you.”
You chuckle along with him. “Not even the dildo?”
“Oh, that one was planned, although my original idea was to be a bit nicer to you. God, you bring out the 'mean' me,” Seokjin pouts.
“Speaking of, where did you get it anyway? I’ve never seen a hot pink dildo that big before. Holy shit, it’s almost as big as you.”
Seokjin doesn’t say anything, and after looking up from where you lie on the crook of his neck, you spy that he’s smirking. And the realization slowly dawns on you. “No fucking way…”
“You said you wanted my dick as a Christmas present, so here it is,” he shrugs.
“So, you’re telling me… you molded your dick and… wait what? How does that work?”
He laughs, filling the room with the sound of Christmas bells. “I think the words you’re looking for are ‘thank you’.”
You roll your eyes, knowing that he can’t see. “Thank you,” you repeat coyly after him.
“You’re welcome.” Seokjin squeezes you in his embrace. “One more thing? You’re moving in with me after this weekend. I’ve prepared an apartment for the two of us close to where you work so we don’t have to only meet once a year.”
You pry yourself away from his arms. “Wait what?” Leave it to Seokjin to leave the details to something this extravagant at the last minute. You can’t believe what you’re hearing. Does that mean you don’t have to part with him at the end of your holiday? “For real?”
“Yeah,” he beams. “Surprise."
You look into his eyes, staring at the familiar warm irises for a few seconds before you bring his face in and smash your lips to his. Stupid, impulsive Seokjin. You still can't believe he bought an apartment for you so the two of you won't have to part.
"Is that the cause for celebration?" you mumble into his lips.
"Yep, that's the big surprise. There's no more after that."
"Got it," you whisper, pulling your weary body up to straddle his waist. "I promised you a show, didn't I?"
Seokjin raises his brow as your hands begin to undo the rest of the buttons. "Oh? Is there more?" he asks as you part the white fabric to his sides.
"Of course. That's just the beginning," you parrot with a wiggle of your eyebrows, leaning down to kiss his collarbone. He's finally exposed, thank god. "The question is…" your nail drags from the centre of his chest down his torso, "are you ready for more?"
Seokjin laughs from underneath you before flipping you over, his arms landing by the side of your head as he smirks down at you. He looks deep into your eyes, fitting your chin between his forefinger and thumb, and you see the mischievous fire blazing in his eyes.
With his lips curling into a smile, he whispers, voice so angelic to hide the sins he's about to commit–
Tumblr media
moon's notes: woooooo! i wrote this thinking about my biggest fantasy :) i hope you enjoyed it because i had a great time writing this :DD let me know what you think!
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vacnte · a month ago
Taehyung’ in LA vibes is illegal ⛓❌☠️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jeonnhera · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Sex Genie- Short Series. (Masterlist)
Member: Jeon Jungkook × Reader, Kim Taehyung is reader's step brother, Park Jimin is reader's bff.
Genre: Smut, fluff and a little angst. Fantasy AU
Word count: 25k
Synopsis: yn lives with his step father and step brother after her mother got married to the pastor of the town, who is really concerned about the his own image of discipline he upholds in the society. There is a forbidden area in the house where no one is allowed, but yn ventures amidst the quest to find answers to get pleasure and be stress free. Some familial secrets which lay locked up in the attic, how will yn's life unfold after the supernatural discovery she has made?
Warnings: manipulative mother, controlling father, cocky step brother, somewhat loner yn. contains heavy smut which will be stated chapter wise.
PART 1 (03/01/2022)
PART 2 (04/01/2022)
PART 3 (05/01/2022)
PART 4 (06/01/2022)
PART 5 (07/01/2022)
PART 6 (08/01/2022)
PART 7 (09/01/2022)
PART 8 (10/01/2022)
click on the parts as they're updated to follow and tune in with the story! Will be cross-posted on wattpad all parts together on 10/01/2022
Cover credits to @minshook-gi ! thanks a lot for your hard work 😙😙😙
dates mentioned in DDMMYYYY format!
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jeonsbaes · a month ago
Taehyung with skinny jeans hits differently.
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lynnloveshobi · a month ago
I miss you. || Jungkook x reader. ||
Tumblr media
Rating : none
Genre: fluff, late night calls, established relationship.
Pairing: jungkook x reader
Warning: none
Word count: 800
Summary: Jungkook wakes you up in the middle of the night because he misses you.
AN: I just came up with it, and it's 2:30 am, so be mindful if there's any errors, between writing in my second language and being sleep deprived idk what i can do lol
Tumblr media
Your eyes flung open as the loud ringtone echoed in the silent room. You didn't bother to open your eyes, you simply crawled on the side of the bed and reached for your phone, and with a swing of your finger, you answered the unexpected call.
"What do you want?" You mumbled sleepy as a chuckle reverberated through the speaker of your phone.
"I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you up" the familiar voice laughed on the other side of the line. You were not a fan of being abruptively awaken, so he'd better have a damn good reason to interrupt your precious sleep.
"Then why did you call?!" You groaned as you rolled over on the side and pulling up the duvet again.
"I missed you" he admitted shyly as you could feel his body shuffling on the bed.
"Jungkook, it's not a good reason to wake me up" You admonished your boyfriend as you finally opened one eye to check the time.
As you unlocked the phone, the bright light almost blinded you. '3:00 am' the phone read.
"It is, cause I can't fall asleep without you" You could feel his smile springing on his lips as he spoke the sweet words.
You tried to wrap your head around a solution but it was hard since you were on the other side of the city, in your bed.
"So what do you want me to do?" You relaxed your body under the blanket as you lowered your tone.
"Mhh" he mumbled. "You could come here and sleep with me"
"Kookie, it's three am and I don't have a car" Your voice almost sounded like a tired plea to send you back to sleep, but the man on the other side of the line didn't seem to want to give up.
"I can come and pick you up" He suggested hopeful.
Twenty minutes later you were out of your bed. You didn't change, you simply put on a random hoodie and waited for your boyfriend to call you again to let you know that he was outside of the building.
It was not a long wait, around thirty minutes later you were already halfway back to his apartment.
You slouched on the seat, pulling up your feet on the dashboard of the car, and pulling up your hood to shield yourself from the bright roadlights.
"I love your pajamas by the way" he laughed over the calm music that was reverberating in the car.
In that moment you realized that you were wearing the most embarrassing piece of clothing you ever possibly owned. The bright pink pants decorated with little chibi sheeps could have never gone unnoticed, and you were sure that you'd never hear the end of it from Jungkook.
You scoffed as you retracted your legs, balling yourself up and resting your head on your knees.
"Sh, don't make a sound, everyone is asleep" He lowered drastically his voice as he opened the apartment's door and signaled you to get in.
You both quickly and silently slid off your shoes before he grabbed your hand.
"Sh" He pouted pulling his finger in front of his lips. You loved to see his face contorted in that playful grin as he tugged you gently to move.
It was hard to not make a sound although you tiptoed your way towards his room, mainly the issue arose when you had to contain your laughter as you walked past Namjoon's room, from which you could hear his hilarious snoring, but once you were past Jungkook's door, you were safe.
You both let out a long sigh of relief as he dropped on the bed. He quickly pulled off his clothes and tossed them aside before patting next to him to invite you on the bed.
You didn't need him to do it twice, you took off your hoodie and climbed on the bed next to him.
Soon enough you were engulfed in his protective arms andhis legs naturally wrapped with yours . He quickly pulled up the blankets and covered both of you under his freshly washed duvet.
He rested his head on yours, inhaling the sweet scent of your shampoo before nestling his head lower on the crook of your neck. "Mh, I love you" he murmured as he snuggled you closer, you couldn't help but admit how much you missed his natural warmth and his delicate kisses.
"I love you too, Kookie" you yawned as you closed your eyes once more.
It was true, he really needed you to sleep, cause before you could count to 10, he was already long lost in his dreams.
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lolabangtan · 4 days ago
STAY | 07
You might as well say this is the apocalypse: when a storm and a blackout ravage the city, chaos ensues. But it seems like Jungkook has decided to be kinder than usual as you find your way through your pitch-black flat.
An unintended eavesdropping and an unwanted dream change the way he sees you completely.
Tumblr media
index • previous • next
Tumblr media
Word count: 9k
Warnings: strong language, smut, wet dreams.
# EVEN MORE FLUFF, things get a bit awkward between them ngl, huddling for warmth, dom to sub!Jungkooktag, noona kink, restraints, sexual tension, horny and whiny Koo 😭, coming untouched, I honestly can’t he’s so cute.
A/N: I am NEVER writing a dom-to-sub scene again. The way I cringed, istg.
Tumblr media
“Wow, what nice weather.”
Staring at the dark clouds hovering over the entire city, you let out a whistle of feigned amazement. It’s like all the buildings are being swallowed by a giant, pitch-black maw.
“Yeah, it’s been like that the entire day. They said on the news that it’s a summer squall or something like that.” Jungkook stands in front of you while he munches on a toast, eyes fixed on you as you just revel in the ugly beauty of the sky above you. “They recommended not to go outside.”
You dramatically click your tongue. “Really? Bugger, my jogging plans will have to wait until tomorrow.”
Surprisingly, Jungkook laughs at your comment and turns on his heels to head to the kitchen when the microwave beeps and the delicious smell of popcorn invade the living room. Jungkook opens the micro so loudly it makes you flinch, though.
But you wouldn’t mind having some popcorn now that you think of it.
He was watching a movie when you came out of your room, laptop in hand and looking for a better Wi-fi connection. It works better in Jungkook’s, but it’s smaller – especially the closet – so you’d go there to work on your assignments until he moved in. Now you can’t really ask him if you can work in his room, so you’re getting used to staying in the living room instead.
With the air getting chillier by the second, you rub your bare arms as you sit down on the couch. Jungkook resumes the movie he was watching as soon as he comes back, and the two of you sink into the TV noise-filled silence.
“Oh, I remember that actress!” You raise your head, intrigued when he suddenly speaks. “I think she was in a big show last year.”
Your eyes move to the screen – hm, you can’t recognise her. Maybe she isn’t famous at all.
But you’re quick to return to your laptop, thinking hard and typing harder – you still have a long way to go until you’ve more or less settled with your topic. Honestly, Marketing has never really been your strongest suit, and Professor Kim is as relentless as an iron plank when it comes to shabby essays.
“The music sounds familiar, don’t you think?”
You try not to let out a sigh. “Uh, yeah, I think it sounds like the Indiana Jones theme.”
It takes you a couple of seconds of screen-staring to remember that you were working on your very important and soon-to-be-handed assignment before he interrupted you.
You don’t notice the way Jungkook is looking at you, though; like he’s perfectly aware of how much of a bother he’s being, and with this slight hint of melancholy, missing that sweetness he had witnessed and tasted during the tournament.
Things just… went back to normal once the weekend ended. It’s been a whole week since then, and he misses it. It’s clearly nice when you are nice to him, and now you’re just being cold and indifferent. The usual, he knows, but why can’t you be always like that, smiling at him, saying nice things, even – he’ll admit – patting his head with a grin?
So, he’s figured out that, maybe, he just has to be nice to you first.
“I knew he was the bad guy!” Jungkook suddenly lets out, startling you. “Uh, sorry… But it was so obvious, right—? That he was a double agent.”
Truth is, you’re just as freaked out.
Ever since the tournament came to an end and Jimin and Ari got back together, you’ve been having this weird feeling of guilt towards Jungkook, like you’ve been playing with him. God, the way he was so happy to watch anime with you when you showed up in his room—? The cutest thing you’ve ever seen. You’ve noticed him staring way more often, too, so this is straight-up creeping you out. What the hell is going through that head of his right now? Does he want to be friends all of a sudden?
“Yeah,” you say after a sigh, “as clear as water.”
Are you being sarcastic? With a pout, Jungkook shrinks in his spot on the couch, gripping the control tightly.
Suddenly, thunder roars across the city, and soon you can hear the rain tapping with patient aggressiveness against the windows. You don’t hesitate to get up and walk out into the terrace to see that it is indeed starting to rain.
“As if the day couldn’t get any more depressing,” you mutter to yourself.
Since you’re standing already, you decide to go pour yourself a mug of coffee to fully wake up – it’s getting dark already, but honestly, most of it is thanks to the dark sea of clouds hovering over you; otherwise, being this time of the year, there would still be a bit of sunlight left to walk around without having to turn the lights on.
But then the lights flicker. Just a bit at first, and they do it again after a couple of minutes. That, along with the roaring coming from outside, makes you frown.
You stare down at the screen; there’s only the conclusion left, and you still have the rest of the day to finish it off. Besides, it’s not like you can focus properly on your essay with Jungkook’s incessant barrage of comments and questions, so you shut your laptop and decide to concentrate on your coffee.
The credits finally roll down the screen. Your nose is filled with the salty smell of popcorn since Jungkook has left the empty bowl on the coffee table. Now that you think of it, you have no idea what to make for dinner; noodles make the ‘adult’ in you tingle in frustration.
Well, you’ll think about that later. First, you stretch out on the couch and close your eyes, eager to give them a break in the dark.
“Uh, noona?”
You use all your might not growl as you peel your eyes open. “What?”
“That building over there” – Jungkook points at the building in front of yours with the control – “just lost power.”
“What?” you repeat, this time sitting up to see for yourself.
At this time of the day, most people already have the lights on. Or so does every other building around the block, so it’s pretty weird that one decided to turn off the lights at the same time.
Just as you’re wondering what could’ve happened, the lights flicker again, and thunder ravages the sky.
Everything goes dark in a second.
“Oh, really?” you groan, looking up at the ceiling. “Jungkook—! Don’t move.” Okay, let’s calm down and not panic. “I still can see a bit, so I’ll go and look for some candles. Hand me my phone, please.” You hear him fumble around, but Jungkook can’t find it. “Wasn’t it…? Shit, I can’t find it either— do you have yours with you?”
He shakes his head, even though you can’t see it. “I left mine charging in my room.”
“Where, exactly?”
“On my bed?” he tells you with a tilt of his head.
You spin on your heels, ready to head to his room when you bump into his chest. Jungkook has to catch you before you fall down.
“Uh, be careful,” he murmurs. “It can be dangerous to just walk around like that.”
Somehow, you find your way to his room and grab his phone. Okay, now you have to come back to the living room— as soon as you manage to unlock Jungkook’s phone.
“Why won’t it let me turn the flash on from the lock screen like every other phone in the world?” you cry out, hoping he’ll hear you.
Jungkook replies from afar, “The password— it’s a ‘C’ mixed with an ‘L’. I mean, uh, it’s a pattern, you have to draw a pattern— are you still in my room?” You let out a tired ‘yeah, of course’ before you hear some fumbling, and soon he’s made his way to his own room, bumping into you this time. “Sorry… It’s just— like that. Yeah, okay, let’s find your phone.”
For some reason – that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you can’t see shit and you dread the idea of tripping and falling flat on the floor – you let him guide you hand-in-hand down the corridor. As soon as Jungkook shines the flash onto the table, you spot your phone.
“Okay!” Now that the both of you are well equipped, it’s time to look for some candles – your phones’ batteries are precious now, a scarce good you can’t just go around wasting. “I bought scented candles not too long ago – the flat is gonna smell like those overwhelming perfume shops, you know, those that make you dizzy, but it is what it is— Jungkook, uh, are you listening?” He turns to you like a deer caught in headlights when you aim your phone flash at him. “What’s up? Are you okay?”
“Nothing, it’s just— I don’t deal well with the d-dark.”
You stare at him – or at what you think is his face – in silence and absolute disbelief. The Jeon Jungkook is… afraid of the dark? Even though your body asks you to, you can’t even laugh at that, too amazed at this new piece of information.
However, you do let out a tiny sigh. “Okay, we’ll light some candles around the living room and stay here until the power comes back.”
Jungkook’s doe eyes open even wider under the dim light of the flash, no longer aimed at him, and he stifles a smile, nodding to prove that he agrees with you. Then he starts looking for the candles, which he finds in the drawers of your desk after you give him your permission to rummage through them.
He’s not going to comment on the fact that he also found your bunny vibrator hiding in one of them, though. That’s too personal, and even if he knows you won’t get embarrassed— well, he might.
“Why do you have so many of these?” the boy asks, taking a closer look at them, desperately trying to find something to talk about.
You shrug and take one. “I tried to get into some meditation stuff a while ago. It obviously didn’t work” – he lets out a soft chuckle, and you mimic him out of your sense of self-deprecating humour – “but I kept them anyway, you know, since I already paid them.”
“Sounds reasonable.”
As the two of you sink into a pretty weird silence, you decide to stare down at the candle instead, and something lights up in your head – no pun intended.
“Can you start lighting them? I’m going out for a second.” And you’ve stormed off to the entrance door before Jungkook can even stop you. “Don’t worry! I’ll be right back,” you say when he calls out to you, wondering where you’re off to.
But the storm is as furious as ever, so Jungkook follows you out into the hall; the rain is tapping against the windows, making them tremble as the wind whistles before ravaging against the glass. The floor is wet, probably because of all the poor victims who suddenly found themselves at the ruthless mercy of the storm.
“Noona!” he calls out, finding you ringing at door next to yours.
“Hi!” Your neighbour replies after a short while, murmuring something he doesn’t quite get. “Yeah, it’s pretty awful. I was just wondering— we’ve got some spare candles, so I was thinking that maybe you’d like to have some… Oh, is that it? That’s great, anytime! Take care.”
You go back to your door, where Jungkook is waiting with a deep frown and his phone tightly clutched between his fingers.
“What? We don’t need so many candles.”
Instead, he sighs and closes the door behind him, already going down the stairs. “Let me go with you at least.”
Unless the building gets hit by a bolt of lightning, there’s no reason why he should tag along, but you’re not a fan of thunderstorms either and you don’t have the energy right now to fight with him.
“You brought the keys, right?” you ask with an identical sneer.
As an answer, Jungkook holds out the keychain with a triumphant smile as in ‘do you think I’m stupid? Because I am, but not to the point of forgetting to keep my keys in the middle of a thunderstorm’. Or that’s what it looks like to you.
“Watch your step.” Since the lift isn’t working, the two of you have to go down the stairs to the floor beneath. “Hm, we only have eight spare candles” – which are a lot of spare candles, to begin with, he thinks – “and there still are ten flats left to visit. I guess, younger people will be using their phones or something, so I think we should hand them out to them first – the Lees are pretty old, and there’s an old lady living on the third floor too…”
Jungkook watches you ramble as you go down the steps, tripping from time to time until he realises he should be the one leading you. With his foot moving forward, he gently grabs your arm and hops in front of you.
He decides to break the silence. “How come you know all your neighbours?”
“What do you mean? Of course I do,” you reply as if it was as clear as the sky – not the current one, though. “I’ve been living here for three years already—”
Just as you finish off your sentence, your foot makes contact with an annoyingly misplaced puddle on the step, making you slide on it and fall flat against him. Jungkook trips right after your body literally pushes him forward, and the two of you roll down the stairs amidst groans of pain.
“Fuck— shit—!”
However, you fall on top of something relatively warm instead of the wet, cold floor you were expecting to meet.
“Ah, fuck, hurts!” You sit upon what seems to be Jungkook’s lap while he squirms in pain, not even able to feel his throbbing back. “Shit!”
You let out a chuckle. “Potty mouth.”
He shuts up just to look up at you – his phone, lying on the floor, shoves weak beams of light that light up your face only dimly, so he can barely make your features in the dark. But they’re there, and he knows it, he feels it, your eyes, staring down at him with an amused grin. And suddenly, when your hands move to his chest to get his attention, the warmth of your thighs straddling him get boiling hot on his sides.
“Are you okay?” He’s squirming so much it makes you frown. “Does it hurt? Where?” you ask, pressing your fingers against his ribcage this time. “Here?”
“N-no, it doesn’t hurt,” Jungkook blurts out.
“Think you can stand up?”
As he nods slowly, you get off of him and help him get up from the floor. It makes him flinch and whimper, his back throbbing in pain again, but he refuses to have him checked out, flying from your touch as if you were going to make it hurt even more.
His hands twitch. For some reason, his hands twitch, suddenly cold, colder than ever, empty.
Jungkook bends to retrieve his phone. “Hm, let’s look for the candles. I think they rolled down to the landing downstairs.”
“All right, let’s go!” You rush to his side and grab his arm. The muscles flex instantly, startled by the sudden contact, but you tell yourself it’s because your hands are too cold. “Let’s watch our step for real this time, hm?”
It doesn’t take you longer than ten minutes to hand out candles up and down the building and ask your eldest neighbours to knock if they ever need anything. Jungkook just lets you do your thing, eyes glued to your serious but gentle, concerned expression until you say goodbye under the frame of the last door and start your way up back to your flat.
“That was very kind,” he murmurs.
“What do you mean?” Now that the living room is no longer sunk in the pitch-black darkness, it’s pretty easy to find the bathroom and grab a few towels to dry up. “I’m a kind person.”
Well, not to him.
“Yeah, but… not everybody would go out of their way— I mean, yeah, but it was kind, I guess.”
Again, you blush lightly and shrug it off. “Somebody has to.”
Again, the two of you sink into an awkward silence, and you take a look around the room before heading to flake out on the couch as Jungkook follows you quietly and sits next to you. You let out a yawn, suddenly worn out; this last hour feels like an entire day, now you just want to close your eyes and doze off a bit.
“Shit, it got so cold in just a matter of minutes…” You stretch your arm to get a hold of your phone, brushing in the way against Jungkook’s. “Uh? What are you, a human heater?” you groan, grabbing his arm to feel it. “How can you be so warm? I’m literally freezing.”
He just shrugs it off. “Fast metabolism, I guess? I don’t know.”
His skin felt just as warm when you fell on him earlier. You fidget, suddenly taken aback by your own thoughts.
“You’re probably going to tell me to fuck off,” you blurt out, startling him – talking in the dark suddenly feels overwhelming, “but can we, like, snuggle—? To warm up, I mean! I’m literally freezing, and there’s only one blanket.” Silence. Awkward, nerve-wracking silence. “I understand if you don’t want, though. Let’s just pretend I never said that—”
The two of you fumble like idiots on the couch, not having agreed on a position, until you just grab the blanket to throw it over him and squeeze into the gap between his back and the backrest. Your thighs rest against his hips, tense as well.
Then you pull the blanket to cover him like it’s a baby bib. The fabric tickles his nose, it makes him snuffle through his nose, but he doesn’t dare to take out his arms.
Now that things are a bit quieter, you finally get to let out a breath of exhaustion that hits his cheek; what a day. It feels like you’ve been running a marathon for hours now, your body finally melting into Jungkook’s warmth and starting to relax. It seeps into your muscles, into your drained brain, nourishing and feeding it. It’s pretty ironic that the person that enervates you the most is also the only one who manages to calm you down so easily.
Craving a warmer contact, you tangle your arms around his waist. Wow, it’s tiny. You’d noticed before, any time you saw him wearing a swimsuit, but you had never got the chance to feel for yourself how tiny Jungkook’s waist actually is.
His skin prickles under the fabric of his shirt, going unnoticed.
“Tell me if you’re uncomfortable,” you say against the shell of his ear with a voice so low it makes Jungkook shiver.
This is nice. “Sure, I will…”
Again, it doesn’t take long for the two of you to sink into this eery silence that’s driving you crazy. You’re so close to him, can feel the way his chest rises and falls as he breathes, can hear how he clears his throat every once in a while. These last few months you’ve come so close to Jungkook, the line of hatred you had drawn between him and you is so blurry now. It’s like there’s something pulling you towards him while something else pushes you back.
And if you only knew that Jungkook feels just the same way, that he’s just as confused and afraid and freaked out and torn apart, maybe then— maybe then you’d understand what’s wrong with you.
You don’t open your eyes. “Hm?”
“Can I ask—?” Jungkook cuts himself off before going at it again. “What do you hate about me?”
“Uh, what? What do you mean?” you ask, finally opening your eyes for them to meet his dim-lit features.
“I mean, we don’t get along. Why do you think is that?”
“And why should it be because I hate you?” Where the hell is this coming from? You haven’t bickered the entire day, why is he looking for trouble just now? What you’d give to understand that weird little brain of his. “I’m pretty sure you don’t like me either.”
His nape vibrates against you as he speaks, “You— you can be honest with me, you know. I’m just curious.”
“I guess” – you instinctively tighten your arms around his waist, catching him off guard – “you could say that… I hate it when you get petty with me out of the blue. I’d say anything, and boom—! Suddenly it feels as if I disrespected your ancestors. Sometimes, you know— most of the times I’m only joking, or it isn’t that big of a deal—”
“Maybe what I hate about you is that you think you can just shrug anything off as a joke—”
You snort, cutting him off. “We were talking about what I hate about you! You were the one who asked— shit, see? You make no sense.”
Against all odds, he doesn’t answer; his silence gives you the chance you notice that his shoulders are incredibly tense, that his breathing is quicker than usual, that his reactions are more characteristic of a deer caught in the headlights than a young, healthy man.
“Uh, what?” His voice comes out louder than expected as he jumps, startled by yours.
“I think we’re too tired,” you murmur, “how about you try and get some sleep? We should be getting our power back any time soon. I’ll wake you up.”
“It’s okay,” he replies half-heartedly.
“Shut up,” you cut him off again, cradling him against your chest out of the blue, “and go to sleep.”
Before Jungkook can even find the moment to complain about your patronising babying, you have your nails raking through his hair, gently scratching his scalp. It makes him utter a sound of pure delectation that he’s too embarrassed to describe, and soon you’ve got him practically purring and melting between your arms.
Each of your caresses sends shivers down his spine. They expand all across his body, pooling in his nape, in the pit of his stomach, even reaching his fingertips.
Your other hand is clung tightly to his waist. It’s almost as if you found it fascinatingly tiny and needed constant reassurance that you weren’t just imagining things. But your closeness is soothing, in some way, and so sweet – he’ll bother to feel guilty later.
“Can I ask” – he’s already closed his eyes, breathing regularly, when you speak – “how come you’re so afraid of the dark?”
“I’m not afraid.” The reply blurts out of him pretty quickly, though. “It’s just— I just hate not seeing a thing.”
You nod. “Yeah, that makes sense…”
Soon enough, exhaustion takes over the two of you, forcing you to fall asleep on the couch. It’s warm, warmer than before, at least – and you’re so mentally drained that you’re positive you could fall asleep on a frozen rock on top of the Himalayas right now.
Tumblr media
There’s no coldness surrounding him when Jungkook wakes up. Instead, he’s welcomed by warmth seeping into his limbs and stroking his cheek as he struggles to peel his eyes open. The vine that is one of your arms hugs his waist and secures you against his back, breath fanning his face since you’re resting your chin on his shoulder.
It takes him some time to fully wake up. When did he fall asleep? Why are you two lying on the couch now? What is your hand doing on his head? What time is it?
The living room is still dark, dimly lit by the surviving candles, which means the power isn’t back yet. It must be one or two in the morning, judging by the lack of noise coming from the street. It feels as if he’s been sleeping for a century, but it probably was an hour at most.
You, on the contrary, seem to be enjoying your peaceful slumber in the ninth cloud.
At some point, after you fell asleep, one of you probably succumbed to gravity and dragged the other down onto the couch. Now, if it was weird enough to huddle for warmth, this is straight-up a spooning session, and Jungkook doesn’t really know how to feel about it. For the time being, he’s just not going to think at all and enjoy instead the last minutes of peace he’ll see until you wake up to throw his world into chaos.
As far as he remembers, you’ve never looked so peaceful before; eyes not shut, only fluttered closed while your lips are parted to breathe so quietly he can’t even hear it.
Jungkook has to turn away when his neck begins to cramp.
Maybe he should just sleep it off until power comes back. He’s tired, after all, and the silence reigning over the entire place is no longer eery but rather soothing. There are no thoughts in his head, it’s just empty now.
This is nice.
Jungkook reaches out to grab the blanket, kicked away carelessly on the floor, and cover the two of you with it. His back is boiling hot thanks to your body heat, but his chest and arms feel like they’re freezing, so chilly and damp with cold sweat. That crappy blanket isn’t much, but it’s enough to help him stop shivering.
“Jungkook…” you suddenly groan, startling him, “stop moooving…”
“Noona? A-are you awake?”
This time, though, you don’t answer – you just whine a bit more and fail miserably to turn over to face the couch and run away from Jungkook’s ‘noisy existence’. Instead, you just stir against him, unable to move properly, and resolve to take reality just as it is and cling onto his back for a warmer contact.
Then something hard and thin pokes his stomach, and he finally knows where his phone has been all along.
11:24. You did take a good nap. “Noona, don’t you have to hand in an essay tomorrow morning?”
Your eyes snap open, and Jungkook is torn between finding it amusing and fucking terrifying. But you sit up in a jump, practically crushing him to get off the couch before you rush to grab your laptop.
“We haven’t got our power back yet?” you cry out. “Okay, Y/N, don’t panic. I still have twenty per cent of battery left; that means I can use the laptop for another half an hour. If I do the research with my phone and write the last section and the conclusion in less than fifteen minutes, I still have time to edit it, turn on my phone’s Wi-fi and send it to Kim!”
Jungkook stares at you in silence. Are you really that delusional?
“What?” Hmm, it seems you have noticed his arched eyebrow and his judging look. “You think I can’t do it—? Just watch me.”
That smirk on your face, it’s making him feel something in the pit of his stomach, but he decides to ignore it. The view from the window is obviously much more interesting than your antics.
Well, now, does it work? Yes, technically. But it’s also extremely annoying and distracting, having to switch from your phone to your laptop and not really having enough light to see the keyboard. It’s also harder to do the research since the screen is pretty small in comparison.
For the third time, you drop your phone onto the keyboard, catching Jungkook’s attention with your desperation-filled groan.
“Want me to help?”
You frown, not quite sure. “Uh, what do you know about customer segmentation and the development of social media?”
“I—” Jungkook goes silent for a second. “I’m a customer? And I use social media.”
But it’s kind enough from him to offer his help, and you wouldn’t mind an extra hand or two, a necessary evil to finish your essay in the twenty minutes you have left before your laptop shuts down for sure. So, you scoot to the side and give him room to sit next to you.
Jungkook is quick to catch up with the topic of your assignment. His assistance is working, too, helps you stop hyperventilating every five seconds and burst out in flames of rage every six.
Even if it’s not a hard job, you’re too worked up after spending your freshman and sophomore year listening about Kim’s amazing but hard as fuck courses. She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment. The rule is clear: pass one of her classes with a good grade and you’ll have the entire department of Marketing kissing your feet.
And God, wouldn’t that be a sight to behold.
“I was thinking, this paragraph would look better if I changed this one for that one, right?” you ask, pointing at the screen. “What do you think?”
Jungkook stares at it. “Hm, yeah, the sentence in the middle could work as part of the conclusion.”
“Right! That’s a great idea.”
You rush to swap the phrases while he sits back and watches you type like a madman, afraid you’ll lose track of your thoughts and forget the exact way it should sound like. What can you say? You’re a perfectionist.
Once you’re done, you proceed to read it out loud from the beginning, waiting for Jungkook’s approval.
Not that he’s the smartest student out there, but he’s got pretty decent grades despite being part of the swimming club – even though it’s one of the busiest sports teams on campus – and being friends with some of the biggest party animals you know. And, you may add, spending most of his free time killing his own brain cells with his late-night gaming sessions.
“Looking good, huh?”
“I’m sure you’ll get a great grade, noona,” Jungkook replies with a sweet smile.
Something fuzzy stirs in your stomach. “Well, I— we tried, and that’s what matters. Thank you for helping me, really, you didn’t have to— what?”
He’s grinning in the dim light. Not in a mean, rude kind of way, but rather, like he finds something about you cute and funny. Do you have something on your face? Did you drool in your sleep and have failed to notice and wipe it?
Maybe it’s the darkness, you think. Maybe it’s the fact that you can only see the shadow of his reactions and hear his voice like it’s a deep echo. For the first time, you can’t really see each other’s faces as you talk. And that is, perhaps, the reason why you don’t feel the need to protect yourself from his non-existent attacks.
“Why did you let me help you?”
You frown. “I could ask you the same. What on earth do you mean?”
“Even if you’re mean and cold to me” – Jungkook raises his palm to beckon you not to cut him off as you let out a sigh of ‘I knew it’ – “you don’t… take advantage of people. Hell, I know you’d rather fall off a cliff than let me save you. So— why?”
He's kinda right about that, and it makes you think. Why did you barely fight off Jungkook’s proposition? You would’ve refused the help of any of your friends. You like to do things on your own.
“I guess,” you finally reply with a quiet voice, “that I never feel like you’re pitying me. I mean, you’re the last person on earth who would. And I hate it; I hate thinking that I’m so useless and miserable that I need help. Because— let me finish” – this time it’s you the one to raise your hand – “I know they do. I know they look at me and think, ‘poor girl, what she used to be, she’s so sad now.’ I’m just a long-heartbroken stupid girl for them.”
Jungkook tries to reassure you that it’s not the case, but then he remembers: he remembers every single time someone stopped him and let out with a pitying sigh how much you were suffering. And how lucky you were to have him with you now. It would be hypocritical of him to tell you that’s not true.
“I think you’re pretty strong – in your own menacing way,” he murmurs. You let out a cackle at his words. “But I also don’t think your friends pity you. You, I don’t know— you pity a stray cat, or one of those cute Instagram grandparents. But not a friend.”
You turn to him, suddenly agitated. “Then why do they keep looking at me like that? Why are they so fucking sad I’m not the happy, social girl I was anymore?”
“I guess they just feel helpless.”
You want to reply, you’re already parting your lips and trying to come up with something to say, but then the living room lights start flickering back to life, and hundreds of windows pop up in a yellowish light across the streets.
“I think now is the time for you to fix this up and say something mean,” you mutter, squatting down in front of Jungkook. “Come on, let’s not ruin our traditions. I feel awkward as fuck.”
Instead, he just giggles, thinking you’re messing around with him.
Tumblr media
Anyone would think there’s a clumsy robber in your house, or rather, a fucking blind, deaf elephant trying to find a needle in the cupboards. But no, you know it’s Jeon Jungkook stumbling his way across the kitchen in a hungry fit in search of all the snacks he can shove down his throat.
You grab your phone and check the time – half-past two in the morning. Why does he act like he doesn’t have school tomorrow?
With a groan, you bury your face into the pillow.
Now there’s no point in going back to sleep, you’re starving too. But you wouldn’t have noticed that if someone hadn’t woken you up, so it’s technically Jungkook’s fault. He might as well gain all the pounds you’re gonna eat as soon as you get out of bed. Shit, what you’d give to eat some spicy noodles right now. They’re floating above your head, images of steamy, delicious food as they poison your mind with hunger.
The microwave’s horrible beep is the last straw, though, before you jump out of bed and burst out into the living room.
“Jungkook!” you shriek. “Are you doing it on purpose or what?”
He turns away from his noodles-dumpling-chips-and-cheese abomination of a dish to face you. “Noona? What do you mean? I’m just making myself something to eat.”
“And it sounded like you had to build the kitchen too. Don’t you know what time is it? I have class tomorrow.”
“I was not being that noisy.”
“Are you sure about that?” you ask him with an arched brow, crossing your arms, and the microwave starts beeping away at the unnecessary neglection. The sound beats up most of the units of patience you have left.
“If I give you some of my food,” he mutters, “will you stop nagging me like you’re my mum?”
You don’t say anything, going instead to grab some of the dumplings. Jungkook whines and moans that you took way too many, but you’ve already moved on to the noodles.
“Stop! Make your own food—!”
He stops wrestling with you in an attempt to keep you away from his noodles, and his eyes travel down to your lips, where a drop of sauce rests. Jungkook’s first instinct is to wipe it with his thumb, but fortunately, his mind works harder and he just pulls away from you, shoving you far away from the pot.
“A-and you have dipping sauce on your mouth.”
“Is this how you treat the woman who took you in and gave you shelter?” you snort. “You’ll have to pay me back for my kindness in some way.” You then wipe your lip and suck your thumb clean, staring at him. “Either with food or— your body. Come on, pretty boy, you don’t think you’ll stay here for free, huh?”
He groans when you jokingly grab his waist. “I already pay you half the rent.”
“Hm, yeah, but that’s not enough,” you murmur with a dramatically vicious tone as your finger run up his cheeks.
She’s only joking, she’s only joking, Jungkook desperately repeats to himself in his mind. Your finger stroking his face is a joke, your body slowly pinning him against the fridge is a joke.
You’re just playfully messing around with him.
If he were a thousand times more confident and you didn’t horny-scared the shit out of him, Jungkook would probably play along and kneel on the floor or something. That’s what friends do, they play with each other— but not in that way, Jeon Jungkook.
“Chill, man, I’m just joking,” you say then, pulling away from him. “Those dumplings were enough. But tone it down, will you? I need to sleep.”
He nods and watches you walk back into your room, body wiggling like jelly as something has knocked the wind out of him.
Jungkook eats quietly in the kitchen, mindlessly scrolling down every single one of this phone’s apps in search of something to entertain his brain with. Something that is not your face or the dipping sauce on your lips, at least. Nor the warm feeling of your body pressing him against the fridge.
Slurping in the already soggy noodles, he lets out a groan and buries his face in his hands.
It’s not like he’s hungry anymore, and the noodles are cold and taste like shit after staring at the wall for minutes instead of eating them, so Jungkook simply gets up, grabs his phone, and goes back to his room.
Maybe I’ll just listen to some music and play with my phone for a while.
What a day. And he’s got class tomorrow, ugh. When will his freshman year be done? It feels like he’s been a first-year student for a decade now.
Actually, these past few months Jungkook has spent as your flatmate and fake boyfriend passed pretty quickly. In comparison, at least. And as infuriating as it was in the beginning, he can say the two of you have adapted to each other decently. There have even been good times by your side.
He decides to just forget about it and opens a random app.
As music blasts through his ears, Jungkook checks the time on the screen of his phone just to see it’s almost four in the morning.
“Shit—” He takes them off and starts getting ready to go to sleep. “God, I’m so tired…”
Jungkook keeps sulking about his idiot idea of staying up just fooling around with the phone when he hears a soft buzzing sound coming from your room. His alarms set of instantly; are you perhaps making noise late in the night? Huh, how the tables turn…
With his ear to the wall, he’s trying to hear clearly what the hell you’re doing – the next time you have the nerve to tell him he’s cooking late at night, he’ll finally have something to fight back with!
Oh. That sounds like— Uugh!
The buzzing, the rhythmic squeaking, those little sounds that pretty much sound like moaning.
Jungkook jerks away from the wall in an instant, face heating up as he realises what you’re actually doing, unable to stop picturing things in his head. No, no, no. Stop. He doesn’t want to know what position are you in, or if you’re thinking about someone, or if you’re using your— okay, maybe he should stop this right now. Yeah, that’s right, he’ll put his headphones on again, play some sad piano music to go to sleep, and he’s not going to hear a thing.
The picture of you riding the vibrator he found earlier pops up in his head. For some reason, it makes his body shiver, and Jungkook has to turn over on the mattress and bury his face in the pillow to get it out.
He’s practically sunk his earbuds into his ears when Jungkook musters the courage – and mental clarity – to go to sleep.
Tumblr media
“F-fuck, Jungkook, right there! Uugh, you— you feel so good!”
He smirks as he thrusts into you, revelling in your sweet moans and whimpers. With your hands tied to the headboard, you feel tight around him, soaking wet, he can practically feel your walls fluttering around his length.
“Gonna come for me, noona?” he growls against your lips in a ruined kiss. “Huh? My cock feels so fucking good, right?”
You whimper again and tighten your legs around his hips. “Jungkook! Don’t stop, Kookie, s-so good—!”
So, so good—
That’s it, good boy, such a good boy, my good boy.
In the blink of an eye, Jungkook feels like he can’t move his hands. The world seems to be upside down, and now you’re the one straddling his lap and peppering teasing pecks all over his neck and down his chest.
He pulls his hands to no avail; both the slight contact and the inability to move make him shiver – what happened? Why did the tables turn? Shit, you look hot—
“You know” – your breath hits his cheek, but he’s not sure which is hotter right now – “the good thing about being a dumb bunny is that you don’t have to fuck anyone, baby.” Jungkook nods with a stifled whimper, staring up at your eyes as your hand travels down his chest. “I’ll take care of everything, and you’ll be a wonderful fuck-toy and let me use you, stay still, tied up like a good boy while I fuck myself with your cock.”
Fucking hell, you look hot. You’re naked on top of him, hands stroking down his chest and brushing past his nipples. Jungkook stares up at your half-lidded eyes before his focus goes down to your chest and the pair of round, soft breasts that seem to instantly hypnotise him. With your tights straddling his lap, everything about you is urging him to touch and kiss you.
“Do you like them?” you ask, cupping your boobs with a playful smile, knowing he can’t touch them. “I love showing them off, and I know you like them too – you aren’t exactly subtle.”
“I-I’m sorry.”
You bend down to sink your teeth in his neck, sucking the skin into your mouth and making him gasp. “Don’t be, it’s kinda cute that you can’t help staring. Guess you’d love to touch them, but you can’t, baby, not yet.”
“Not yet,” Jungkook parrots, almost spellbound.
His eyes are again fixed on your perked nipples, mind full of thoughts and ideas that send shivers down his spine – wrapping his tongue around them, sucking them while you cradle his head, flicking them and making you gasp. God, Jungkook would die just for you to let him suck on your tits.
You groan as he tries to thrust up, his cock sliding into you and bumping into your cervix. It makes you clench around him.
“Love your eyes, Koo; it’s like you’ve got stars in them,” you purr against his lips.
Jungkook tugs at the ropes again, desperate to writhe and stir on the mattress as much as he wants and needs. His eyes prickle with unshed tears, his blood is bubbling hot. Shit, he’d willingly unhinge his jaw to fit one of your tits in his mouth and have you sit on his face.
His tongue wrapped around your clit, feeling it throb as you get closer to your climax and your thighs flutter around his head, pretty moans coming out of your pretty mouth. Shit, he wants to make you cum so fucking bad.
“F-fuck, noona—”
You chuckle against his lips before biting them. “Potty mouth.”
Suddenly his hands are free, the bounds nowhere to be seen, and his palms fly to your hips to help you bounce up and down his cock.
Jungkook yelps at the feeling of your wet walls clenching around him, but you just chuckle and beckon him to sit up. He fits so nicely between your arms now that you’re pressed against each other, bodies moving and writhing and shivering in pleasure. So intimate, it prickles his skin and makes him scrunch his nose when you attack his neck with hunger as the tip of his cock bottoms out again and again.
“O-oh God!” he cries. “Y/N, please, I can’t—!”
It's building up in the pit of his stomach, burning and overwhelmingly sweet. You look down at him between kisses and tell him in a whisper to let go. It’s okay, there’s no need to hold back.
“Look at you chewing your lip.” Jungkook lets go of his lip instantly, worried it’s making him look silly, but you lean into him to take it between your teeth yourself and kiss him deeply. His soft whimpers drown against your tongue. “My pretty bunny,” you whisper as he catches his breath.
Jungkook is overwhelmed, it’s the only way to describe what he’s feeling – overwhelmed by your sweetness, your care, your bedroom eyes fixed on him, your wet warmth wrapping his whole being. Your lips kiss him so tenderly, would it be weird if he started crying? You’re usually relentless with him, but this time— this time it looks like you want to hold him and make him feel good, looks like you actually like him—
“I-I’m close!” he whimpers suddenly, thrusting up into you. “Noona, n-noona, please!”
You kiss him again. “Come on, baby Koo— come for noona, fill me up.”
Jungkook’s hips are starting to falter as he chases his climax, eyes rolling back. With your lips peppering kisses all across his face and jaw, you watch him whimper and sob, probably overwhelmed, and squirm on the mattress until he goes still for a second, and then you feel him emptying himself inside of you with a loud and whiny moan.
You thrust against him relentlessly, helping him ride out his orgasm as – he’s pretty sure – a dribble of spit trickles down the corner of his mouth. “N-noona! Oh God, uggh, noona!”
Noona, noona—
Your hands all over him, your lips all over him, your skin pressed against his as your body pours itself onto him. Jungkook’s temples are boiling hot, a headache creeping in. It’s like a fever, but if only fevers felt this good— is he screaming? He’s pretty sure he is, his throat feels sore and you’re looking down at him with lust and amusement.
“Noona,” Jungkook calls out in a quiet, meek voice.
You whisper something in his ear that he doesn’t quite make out. But it’s sweet, and mellow, and it makes him scrunch his nose when your breath tickles him and giggle when you kiss it. Your lips then travel down to his lips, and you cup his face before leaning down to kiss him.
He pouts. “Noona~!”
Again, your lips find his earlobe, and you give it a nibble that has his body shivering beneath your fingertips before you part them:
Tumblr media
Jungkook wakes up in a jump, feeling as if a truck has run over him. His heart is beating like crazy in his chest, skin prickled with sweat and agitation. What on earth was he dreaming about just now? There’s a vague image in his head, something that resembles you—
“N-no, no, please—” He takes his blanket off him in a second just to see a wet patch on his crotch. “Fucking shit.”
It can’t be. Jungkook is still asleep and this is all actually a nightmare. Some kind of punishment to teach him a lesson on how to be, uh, a better person or something.
Jungkook really did just have a wet dream about you.
A sudden thought crosses his mind and propels him to panickily get out of bed: what if he made any noises? What if you’re awake and you heard him? WHAT IF HE SAID YOUR NAME OUT LOUD? Oh, man.
Okay, calm down, Jungkook. First things first. He gets up and glares at the wet patch with disgust; he has to get changed and toss it into the washing machine as soon as possible. Or burn it to ashes, that would be better for his mental health right now.
Jungkook takes off his dirty pants and underwear in the blink of an eye and crumples the clothes into a ball. Then he sticks out his head into the living room and spots you making breakfast, earphones plugged into your ears and seemingly unaware of the fact that he just woke up. God, why do you have to walk around the house like that? Really, your bare legs and your perky ass are the last things he needs to see right now—
Can you be any hornier and weirder, Jeon Jungkook? Well, of course you can.
Funnily enough, he doesn’t understand now why it took him so long to realise how much into you he actually is. Like, all right, he did get kind of a crush on you when you first met, but he got quickly over it the second Jungkook noticed your shitty personality. Or so he thought, at least.
“Ah, good morning.” Jungkook freezes on the spot when you speak up. “I made coffee, so, uh, well, it’s here if you want some… You sure slept like a brick last night, though.”
“By the way—” Before he can run away, you slide an arm around his neck and point around you. “See? This is how I wanna find the kitchen when I wake up,” you say in a threateningly sweet voice, fingers gripping his shoulder; “exactly how I left it before I went to bed.”
Jungkook squirms out of your embrace. “S-sorry. Uh, I— gotta go.”
You frown and put your earphones back on as he storms into the bathroom with the dirty clothes clutched against his chest; it’s not like you don’t already know how weird he can be sometimes.
Behind the bathroom door, Jungkook is sitting on the toilet, face buried in his hands. Why does his life have to be so damn difficult? Why did he have to have a wet dream with you out of all people?
The images come back to his head so vividly, touch and sounds included—
“Out! I said, out!”
Maybe he doesn’t know that you’ve taken off your earbuds already and are staring at the bathroom door, wondering what the hell is he doing in there howling and weeping. Should you knock to check on him? He looked fine yesterday before you went to sleep. A bit pissed off at your nagging, but fine overall.
Okay. Jungkook takes a seat on the toilet lid and closes his eyes in search of concentration. Why would I ever dream about having, uh, sex with Y/N-noona? She’s pretty hot, yeah, but she’s also the worst person I know. But she was so kind yesterday… Well, anyone could have an outburst of kindness. But she kept scratching my head until I fell asleep because she felt I was tense? Huh, well, it could’ve also been because she wanted me to shut up!
When he thinks of your face, the only thing he gets is a clutching feeling in his chest, like something is gripping his heart. It leaves him breathless and shivering, unsure and wondering what is that hunger that’s digging into his brain.
Yep, Jungkook is definitely into you, at the very least.
Shit, he wants to cry. Why does he like you? Why did he have to lay his eyes on you, out of all the human beings prowling the earth? Why you, why you, why you—
“Hey, are you gonna finish taking a dump any time soon?” Your voice bursts in from the other side of the door and makes him flinch. “I gotta go and get ready for class— Jungkook, are you listening? Huh, hello!”
“Just wait a damn second!”
Jeez, okay, he hears you grunt as you make your way out, striding away from the door.
Jungkook really wants to die right now.
Tumblr media
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best couple award | oneshot
Tumblr media
excerpt | you and taehyung are both making your acting awards show debut, and the least expected ends up happening.
pairing | taehyung x rookieactress!reader
genre | fluff
warning/s | none
lee's notes | this has been in my drafts for god knows how long and I thought I would finally take the time and publish it today! hope you guys enjoy it <3
word count | 3.47k words
go to | home / m. list / faq
Tumblr media
YOU NERVOUSLY SHIFT IN YOUR SEAT, patiently awaiting the signal for you to leave your car. It was parked in the middle of a line of cars, each containing different actors and actresses that were invited to the annual KBS Drama Awards.
This would be your first appearance since officially starting your acting career, being fortunate enough to have your debut role in a drama take off. You played the love interest of Taehyung in Hwarang, a historical Korean drama.
The story between your characters was only meant to be a mere side-plot to the drama, but it ended up attracting a surprisingly large amount of attention due to the chemistry your two characters shared. Many ended up heartbroken over your arc, since it ended with the unexpected death of both characters.
"Alright, we're up soon. You ready?" Your manager asks, watching as you glanced towards him.
You let out a sigh, your hands slightly trembling as you let out a chuckle. "Not really, to be honest." You reply, making your manager laugh.
"Hey—you're going to be just fine, (Y/N). You remember what I said, right?"
You hum at this, nodding. "I'll walk down the carpet, pose for a few photos and answer a few questions. Then, I'll follow the staff member assigned to me and go to my designated seat." You answer, recalling everything he told you.
Your manager smiles at this and nods, patting your back. "See? You got this, (Y/N)-ah. There's no need to be nervous." He says with a chuckle.
You let out a breathy chuckle at this, your nerves somewhat calming down. Your eyes trail to the window, gazing at the different actors and actresses posing on the carpet. Your trance is cut short as you feel the car move, your eyes immediately widening.
"We're up next, (Y/N)-ah. You'll do great, okay?" Your manager says, giving you an encouraging smile.
You smile back, unable to fully hide your nervousness. "Oh my god." You mumble, letting out a sharp breath when the car stops.
"Here we go." He mutters before sliding the door open.
"Oh! For our next star, it's (Y/N) (L/N)!" You hear the announcer say as you slowly walk out of the van.
You flash a thankful smile to your manager as he helps you out, gently letting go of his hand as you begin to walk down the carpet. While walking, you don't neglect to flash a few smiles and waves at the cameras, trying not to appear too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of lights being flashed onto your eyes.
You let out a soft laugh upon hearing a few fans scream your name, giving them a polite wave and a smile. Once you get onto the platform, you stand on the center of the photo-wall before posing for the photographers, a small elegant smile on your face.
"(Y/N)-ssi! To your left!"
"To your right, (Y/N)-ssi!"
"Look over here, please!"
You smile and bow slightly after a few moments, turning to your left and walking towards the announcer. He smiles politely and walks towards you, handing you a mic.
"(Y/N)-ssi! Wah, for your first-ever red carpet event, you did amazing while posing for photos! An ace indeed!" He exclaims, making you let out a chuckle as you shake your head. "How do you feel to be here tonight?"
You smile and accept the microphone from him. "I'm kind of nervous, to be honest, since it is my first time. But I'm also very excited to be here with so many other well-respected actors and actresses." You respond, the announcer nodding.
"Well, I'm sure you'll do amazing! And by the way, (Y/N)-ssi, if I may just say, your dress looks gorgeous! Did you pick it out yourself?"
You smile and nod, "I was honestly blown away when they showed me this dress. In that moment, I knew I couldn't pass on the chance to wear it for the show." You say with a chuckle.
"Alright, well we're very excited to watch you tonight. I wish you all the luck!" He cheers, bringing one of his fists up.
You let out a laugh, slightly bowing to the announcer. "Thank you so much." You respond with a smile.
"Oh! Wait a minute, look who's coming!" He exclaims, looking somewhere.
You politely smile and assume it's your cue to leave, but as you take your first step, you see the staff members raising their hands at you, as if to tell you to stay put. Dumbfounded, you follow the announcer's gaze, your eyes widening when you see who it is.
Taehyung walks out of the van with Seokjin and Hoseok behind him, all waving and smiling to the cameras. The fans begin to scream upon seeing them, causing him to let out a sheepish chuckle as he smiles at them. His eyes travel from the cameras towards you and the announcer, smile widening when he sees you.
"It's Kim Taehyung-ssi—joined by his two members, J-Hope and Jin! What a coincidence!" He exclaims with a laugh.
The three members pose on the photo-wall, smiling at the photographers from all three angles.
"Can we have a photo with Taehyung-ssi and (Y/N)-ssi?" The announcer asks, glancing between you and Taehyung.
You make eye-contact with your manager who nods at you encouragingly and look towards Taehyung. You chuckle and walk towards him, bowing to Seokjin and Hoseok.
Once you get there, you laugh awkwardly and stand beside Taehyung, watching as Seokjin and Hoseok both jogged towards the announcer. The two of yoy both stand at the center, smiling at the cameras.
"Wah, such a beautiful couple they make! Their outfits even match perfectly!" The announcer exclaims, making you both smile. "Wouldn't you say the same, Jin-ssi?"
Seokjin laughs as he takes the mic, nodding. "I agree! But I do believe the photos would look much better if me and Hobi were in them as well." He jokes, making everyone laugh as well.
You and Taehyung wave one last time before you both head towards the announcer's stage, smiling thankfully when Taehyung offers you his arm. You gently grasp onto it, the support helping you balance on your high heels until you both arrive at the small platform.
"Well, I can't argue with that!" The announcer says to Seokjin with a laugh before turning to Hoseok. "J-Hope-ssi, do you think they have a shot at getting the couple of the year award?"
You and Taehyung smile sheepishly at his question, looking at Hoseok curiously.
"Of course! Me and the other members all watched the drama together and these two made all of us cry so much. They deserve the award!" Hoseok exclaims, flashing you both a smile.
You let out a soft laugh at this, Taehyung grinning as well. The announcer hands Taehyung the microphone, looking at him expectantly.
"How about you, Taehyung-ssi? Do you think you two are going to win?" He asks, making Taehyung lick his lips and tilt his head to one side.
"Well we can never be too sure—but there's nothing wrong with hoping." He answers, the announcer nodding.
"Alright, well, there we have it! Thank you so much to (Y/N)-ssi and Taehyung-ssi and of course, our beloved Jin and J-Hope. I hope you all have a great time tonight!" He exclaims, lightly bowing to you guys.
You all thank him and bow back, giving the audience one last wave before walking down the stage. The moment you're all off-stage, you let out a sigh in relief. Taehyung notices this and chuckles, grinning at you as he gently lets your arm go.
"You did very good for your first red carpet, (Y/N)-ah. I told you there was nothing to worry about." He says, making you smile.
"Thank you, Taehyung." You mumble shyly, your nerves slowly calming.
As Taehyung continues to smile proudly at you, Seokjin's eyes widen, looking at you in disbelief. "That was your first red carpet?" He asks, surprise in his tone.
You chuckle and nod, "Yes, this first awards show too." You reply sheepishly, Seokjin nodding.
"Well, like Tae said, you did amazing! Congratulations, (Y/N)-ah." Hoseok says, giving you a grin. "Agreed, you did really well for your first carpet!" Seokjin adds, giving you a thumbs-up.
Your cheeks turn slightly pink as you smile at them. "Thank you sunbaes, that means a lot." You respond, making them smile. "I'm also a huge fan, by the way—Taehyung tells me a lot about you both." You add, the two members chuckling.
After the four of you get better acquainted, a staff member leads you all into the theater, bringing you towards your designated seats.
The man-in-charge escorts the three members to a specific row and you follow them, expecting to sit in the same section. But before you could take a sear, the man stops you, motioning to one a little further to the side.
"Ah, you'll be sitting in a different section, (Y/N)-ssi." He says, making your expression falter slightly. Since you were fairly new to the industry, you didn't really know anyone else besides your co-stars. So, upon realizing that you might be seated with people you didn’t know, a small frown formed on your face in anxiousness.
When Taehyung sees your nervous expression, he sits up, gently grasping your hand in his before smiling at you reassuringly. He looks to the man-in-charge, looking at him apologetically.
"Sorry, but our managers actually requested that we sit together. Would it be alright for you to just swap (Y/N)'s seat with the person that's meant to sit here?" Taehyung asks kindly, making up an excuse to have you both sit together.
The man nods, understanding the situation. "Just give me a moment to clear it with my team leader. Then once it's good, I'll come back here." He says, giving you both a smile before walking away.
You let out a sigh once he leaves, looking at Taehyung apologetically. "Sorry, I’m just really nervoys." You say with a frown, Taehyung's eyes softening as he shakes his head.
"Hey, it's alright, (Y/N)-ah, you don't need to apologize." He says, offering you a smile.
You simply smile back, appreciating what he did for you.
By this time, you were sure most, if not all, of your cast mates were familiar with your rather shy nature. Taehyung especially, considering how you both spent a significant amount of time with one another.
It took awhile for you to open up to all of them since you weren’t someone who was exactly great at socializing with others. But, with their help and encouragement, you slowly came out of your shell and got along with them better, eventually developing a solid friendship with all of them.
"(Y/N)?" You hear someone ask, making you look up towards the source.
You make eye contact with Taehyung, realizing that you accidentally spaced out for awhile. "Oh, sorry." You say, making him chuckle.
"It's alright. I was just going to say that you can sit with us. The man-in-charge cleared it."
You let out a small smile at this, enveloping his large hand in your two smaller ones. "Thank you so much, Taehyung." You say sincerely, causing him to grin in amusement and shake his head.
"I got you, (Y/N)-ah. No problem." He replies, letting out a laugh as he shakes your two hands.
"Hey, look who it is!" Someone suddenly exclaims from in front of you both.
You look in front of you, eyes immediately widening as you see Hyungsik and Seojun, two of your other cast mates, standing in front of you two.
"Oppa!" You exclaim with a laugh, letting go of Taehyung's hands to tackle Hyungsik into a hug.
Even though not much time had passed since you last saw each other, you couldn’t hide your excitement upon seeing the two actors.
"Yah, where's my hug?" Seojun teases, acting offended.
You laugh at this and let go of Hyungsik, immediately giving Seojun a big hug. As you did, the three BTS members watched, amused smiles on each of their faces.
"Hyung, it feels like ages since we last saw each other." Taehyung says with a laugh, tackling Hyungsik in a hug as well. "These are two of my members by the way, Jin-hyung and Hobi-hyung." He adds when he pulls away, the two members waving.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Hyungsik-ssi." Seokjin says, shaking the man's hand. "Likewise." Hyungsik replies, giving him a smile.
Taehyung introduces Seojun to the two members as well, happy to see them get acquainted with one another. Soon after, the staff begin to usher everyone into their seats, stating that the show was set to begin soon.
You take your seat next to Taehyung, a nervous sigh escaping you as the lights begin to dim. He notices this and gives you a reassuring smile, gently placing his hand on top of yours.
"Hey, let's just have fun tonight, okay?" He says, immediately calming your nerves.
You softly chuckle and nod, smiling back at him. "Deal."
"—and for our last best couple, wah—I actually personally love this couple a lot."
The female presenrer smiles excitedly, the card containing the winners in her grasp. The end of the show was approaching, and while you and Taehyung were still empty-handed, you still had a great time sitting next to him, Seokjin, and Hoseok.
You all watched as the male presenter laughs and nods, "It's the same with me, I loved their story a lot. It was truly tragic, but it was beautiful as well." He responds, glancing towards the crowd.
"Alright! I'll announce it now. The last best couple award goes to," The female presenter says, playfully pausing as she looks down at her card.
"Kim Taehyung and (Y/N) (L/N)!"
Your eyes quickly widen as everyone begins to applaud around you, unable to believe it. Taehyung lets out a chuckle in disbelief as he stands up, just as shocked as you were.
"Go get your award!" Hoseok exclaims, a proud grin on his face.
You stand up with a breath, smiling at Taehyung thankfully when he offers you his arm. "I can't believe this is happening." You mumble, causing Taehyung to smile and shake his head.
"Me neither." He responds, biting his lip.
You both walk up to the stage, bowing to the other winners and giving a playful wave to Ara and Seojun, who had both won as well. As the staff hand you two your awards, you let out a sharp exhale, gazing at it as you held it.
Taehyung does the same, biting back a grin. He glances towards you and elbows you, noticing that the host was still interviewing the other couples. “Congratulations Minhae,” He mumbles, making you let out a chuckle upon hearing your character’s name.
“Congratulations to you as well, Hansung.” You reply, nudging him back.
The two of you stand next to one another and watch the other couples get interviewed, unable to fathom the fact that you were standing on-stage with a lot of very well-respected actors and actresses.
Finally, the two hosts approach you, standing on either side of you both. “Ah, and we finally move onto our last and youngest couple!” The female presenter says, making you both smile.
“Might I just say, you two look dazzling! Was this planned?” The male presenter asks, causing Taehyung to chuckle.
He shakes his head before grabbing the mic, “We didn’t really plan much before showing up. I guess it was just a coincidence that our attires matched.” He answers, the two presenters nodding.
“Now, I want to ask, you two were both known for being the cute and lovable couple of Hwarang. Yet, you two suffered such a sad fate in the end. How did you guys feel when you read about it in the script?”
The presenter hands you the mic and you accept it, looking at Taehyung who smiles at you encouragingly. You smile back before answering the question, “I mean, I don’t know about Taehyung, but I was definitely saddened by it. I actually cried when I first read the script.” You confess with a chuckle, causing the female announcer’s eyes to widen.
“Really?” She asks, slightly surprised.
Taehyung laughs and looks at you for the mic, smiling when you hand it to him. “I can affirm that. I actually had walked into her trailer while she was reading it and I was so surprised to see her crying in her makeup chair.” He says, making the other actors chuckle.
You laugh in embarrassment and playfully cover your face, making the two presenters laugh in amusement.
The male presenter nods his head, a smile on his face. “Aigoo, well, at least we know that even the actors were affected by the ending.”
Once the show was done, everyone was slowly beginning go leave the theater and go back to their vans to go home. You were on your way out with Taehyung, Seokjin, and Hoseok following behind, smiles on each of your faces as you talked to one another.
“Alright, well, I think we should get going. Our van’s already in the front.” Hoseok says, patting Seokjin’s shoulder.
You slightly bow to them before giving them a wave. “Get home safely! Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you guys tonight.” You say, making the two members smile.
“Don’t mention it, (Y/N). We had a lot of fun getting to know you!” Seokjin says, “You should definitely come to one of our concerts in the future.”
This makes you smile even wider as you nod, “I would love that.” You say, the members nodding.
“Okay, we’ll see you then!” Hoseok says, giving you a wave before turning to Taehyung. “You’ll ride with Beom-hyung, right?” He asks, the younger member nodding.
You listen to their conversation, slightly confused. “You aren’t going home with them?” You ask Taehyung, who smiles and shakes his head.
“I’ll be going home a bit later.”
You nod, not wanting to pry any further. Then, you hear a honk from the road in front of you, causing the two members to perk up.
“That’s our ride!” Hoseok says, giving you one last smile. “Bye, (Y/N)-ah! It was nice meeting you.”
You smile back, “You too! Get home safe.”
The two members bid you both goodbye before walking into the van, quickly shutting the door behind them before it drives away.
You look back at Taehyung, seeing as he glances back at you. “So, are you headed somewhere after this?” You ask, making him smile sheepishly.
“I was actually going to ask you the same thing,” He says, nervously brushing his hair back.
You shake your head, “No plans for me, I was just planning on grabbing dinner really quick before heading home.” You reply, causing Taehyung’s eyes to brighten.
“Oh!” He exclaims, “Well, uh—would you want to go and grab dinner together? To celebrate our win?”
You blink, “L-Like the two of us?” You ask, making Taehyung chuckle.
He nods his head, “Yeah,” He replies, “It’ll be my treat! I just thought it would be nice for us to spend some time together. I mean—outside of our jobs fhat is.”
You bite your lip, thinking for a few seconds. Was he asking you out on a date?
“Sure,” You say, a smile forming on your lips. “I would like that.”
He smiles, slightly relieved. “Great, I have the perfect place in mind. It’s not too far from here and it’s also pretty secluded, so we won’t need to worry about anyone seeing us.”
You smile teasingly at this, “Kim Taehyung, you’re not going to murder me, are you?” You ask, causing him to let out a laugh.
“I’ve already seen you die once, (Y/N). I think we’re well past that stage.” He jokes back, the two of you now laughing.
Once his van arrived, he lead you inside and let you contact your manager about the sudden change of plans.
The two of you sat next to one another inside, gazing at the passing buildings as the van began to move. Taehyung clears his throat over the radio music, causing you to glance towards him.
“I never got the chance to tell you myself but, you really do look amazing tonight.” He says, “There’s a reason why everyone kept saying so.”
Your heart warms at this and you give him a grateful smile. “Thank you, Taehyung. You looked great too. Even that aside, I wouldn’t have wanted to get through the night with anyone else.” You say, watching as Taehyung smiles at your remark.
And as the two of you sat in the comfortable silence, gazing at one another, you couldn’t help but think that after acting together as a couple for so long, that maybe—just maybe—there was something between you two that you just had yet to discover.
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mintkims · 3 months ago
sweet love making w jk and him calling u pretty girl
▷ㅤpairings: jeon jungkook x f!reader ▷ㅤwarnings: established relationship, unprotected sex (don't make a mistake, cover your snake), virgin!reader, sub!reader, soft dom!jungkook, profanity, oral sex
bts masterlist | requests are open!
Tumblr media
The second you had given Jungkook permission, your panties were gone, his fingers caressing your folds. You watched him visibly swallow before his pink lips were attached to your clit, sucking harshly. You groaned, legs attempting to swipe shut but his broad shoulders combined with the warning glance he gave you kept your thighs locked in place.
His tongue ventured south, prodding your weeping slit experimentally before slipping inside. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of you; the foreign — but pleasurable feeling making you whimper.
Your nails dug into the coarse material of the couch. Jungkook grabbed your ankles, throwing them over his shoulder. His warm hands ran up and down your thighs, fingers digging into your flesh. Slipping his hand between your legs, you were not prepared for his rough digits to push past your folds and into your cunt.
With a cry, your hands flew to his hair, tugging at the roots at the base of his skull. "Kook - please..."
He curled his fingers inside you in a come hither motion, enjoying the noises of pleasure that escaped your lips. He could feel how your walls fluttered around his fingers, indicating that you were close to finishing. He had imagined this moment several times. A part of him wanted to edge you before letting you cum later that night, but the sight of your fucked out face only pushed him to quicken his movements. This was your first time and Jungkook wanted it to be memorable.
"Are you gonna cum for me, pretty girl?"
A few unintelligible mumbles left your lips before your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your back arched. You felt a weird coil at the pit of your stomach tighten with ever stroke of his fingers. It barely took one glance at the smirk on his face Your walls clamped around him as you squirted all over his fingers.
The feeling was extremely foreign to you. Your legs were partially numb from the overwhelming sensation. You were too far in your headspace to notice the soft chuckle that left your boyfriend's lips, his arms wrapping around you and cradling you in his hold. He couldn't hold back from leaning over and kissing your soft pink lips.
You were left breathless as his tongue pressed against yours, teeth nipping at you bottom lip. Your fingers gripped the fabric of his hoodie pulling him closer despite the burning in your lungs.
"Are you sure you want to continue?" Jungkook mumbled as he laid you down. You nodded, scrambling to your knees (which proved slightly difficult since your legs felt like jelly) and tugging at his sweatpants.
"Yes I want to." You huffed, eyes widening when his cock sprung out. "Do you always roam around with no underwear on?"
"You're noticing this now?" He smirked, fingers pushing your hair back. You rolled your eyes, digits immediately wrapping around the thick base and pumping it a few times. You pressed a kiss on the tip, giving the slit a few licks before putting it in your mouth and bobbing your head. Hollowing your cheeks, you made eye contact with Jungkook. His head was thrown back in pleasure while his fingers tugged at the roots of your hair.
You had watched porn a couple of times but Jungkook was clearly bigger than anything you had seen. You had given up at taking him entirely in your mouth and resorted to using your hands on the parts you couldn’t reach. Jungkook however didn't think twice before pushing your head further making you gag. His hips jerked forward a couple of times, loud moans and curses leaving his lips before you felt warm spurts of his cum shooting down your throat.
"Fuck." He hissed when you swallowed, grabbing your hips and flipping you over. Your skirt rode up at the motion, a gasp leaving your lips when he pushed your hips up. You arched your back when you felt a sharp sting on your ass, hands reaching out to fist the sheets near your face when you felt his cock rub your soaked folds.
"Ready, baby?"
"Please." You whined, the ache between your legs driving you crazy. With a groan he pushed himself inside you, the stretch making you moan wantonly. "Jungkook..."
His cock fit inside you perfectly, and you could tell he felt the same with the soft caress of his fingers on your hips. His grip on your hips tightened when he pulled out of slowly before pushing into you again. You knew there would be bruises along your sides by tomorrow but you didn’t care, all that mattered at this moment was the way he was slowly thrusting into you, filling you up with his cock.
"Faster please." You begged, pushing your hips back.
"Anything you want, pretty girl." He mumbled, hands roaming up as he pulled you closer to his chest. You moaned at the feeling of his lips on your neck, while one hand dipped between your legs and circled your clit. His thrusts picked up pace, cock hammering in and out of you at a bruising pace. Your jaw slackened, letting him use you as you fell limp in his arms from the pleasure. He held you up with ease, continuing his ministrations. Your moans were music to his ears.
After a couple of more thrusts, he laid you down on your back, crawling over you before lining his cock with your entrance once again. Holding himself up with one arm, he used his other hand to pull your leg over his shoulder.
The new position made you see stars; white and black dots clouding your vision. Jungkook was able to reach deeper and hit all the right spots this way.
You clenched around his cock, on the verge of another orgasm. Your body spasmed with every jolt of his hips while your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you reached your climax.
Jungkook's movements slowly became sloppy from how your pussy kept sucking him in with a vice grip.
"Come for me baby." You mumbled, the fluttering of your walls pushing him over the edge. You felt the hot ropes of his cum paint your insides as he collapsed on top of you, exhausted.
"I love you." He panted, nuzzling into your neck.
You giggled. Your soft boyfriend was back. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
note: thank you so much for reading! i had this crazy idea where i'd turn this ask into a full fledged yandere step dad jk fic, but i've been too slumped to finish writing it :( i hope you guys enjoyed either way! take care and stay safe lovelies ~
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galaxtea-writes · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Their s/o Is Insecure About Gaining Weight While They Were on Tour
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jin laid on his back on top of the duvet, "I've missed home so much." He sighed with a smile, "but do you know what I missed more?"
"And what could that possibly be?" You asked, mentally preparing yourself for some cheesy line.
"My bed! My sweet, amazing, and comfortable bed!" He sprawled out on the bed like a starfish, giving you a cheeky smile.
"Yah, did you not miss me at all?" You pouted, crossing your arms.
"I said I missed home, and baby...you are my home." There's the cheesy line.
You cringed, "Oh, that's cheesy, but since you're handsome, I'll let it go. This time."
Jin chuckled, "I really missed you so much," He admitted quietly, wrapping his arms around your waist, loosely.
"Ah Jin..." You gently took his hands away from your waist and back on the mattress, "Can we just...wait a little bit for that?"
"What?" The second you did that was the moment you regretted it. You watched sadness grow on his face, lips in a firm line, "I know I've been gone for a long time, but I haven't been gone for that long. Are you uncomfortable with my touch or something?" He asked, suddenly feeling hurt.
"Oh God, no! Jin, that's not it at all! I just need to hit the gym for the next week or two. I gained a little bit while you were on tour." You admitted, covering your stomach with your hands.
"That's the reason?" He shook his head, pulling you by your hips towards him, "I hadn't even noticed." Before tucking your head into the crook of his neck, he kissed your forehead, "You look perfect, baby and I love you so much. A little bit of weight is nothing on us.
"I'm sorry, I just felt bad about myself."
"Well don't. If you really want to, let's hit the gym together. It's an excuse for us to hang out together more."
"That's a perfect idea."
Tumblr media
Yoongi smiled as he cuddled with you on the couch, happy to have finally reunited after months of not seeing each other, "Oh yeah, Y/n! I brought you some chocolates!" His gummy smile appeared as he pulled out some chocolates he had in his bag, offering them to you.
You bit your lip, shaking your head, "I gained some weight while you were on tour so I'm going on a diet." You confessed with a small frown.
"Gained some weight?" With a confused look on his face, he look down to your stomach area and cocked his head to the side, "Really?" Wearing a mischievous grin, he slowly brought his hands to your sides and began digging into them throwing you into a fit of laughter.
"Stop stop!" You whined, laughter still leaving your body.
"Only if you eat the chocolates I bought!" He said, still tickling you.
"But I want to look pretty for you so I have to lose the weight I gained." You said between breaths and laughter.
"Pretty for me?" He stopped tickling you and looked at you dead in the eyes, "Baby, what makes you think you're not pretty?"
"I don't know..." You admitted, "It's just that I don't already didn't exactly have a model figure and I don't have the best shape, so...when I gained extra weight, it just made me feel extra insecure."
"Who says that I wanted to date someone with a model figure? I like you, just the way you are. A little weight gain isn't going to change that. I know you're going to say it's cheesy, but you look the most beautiful in my eyes. So stop looking at those models on the magazines cause they have never been and will never be my ideal type, okay?"
You smiled with a nod, "So where are those chocolates?"
Tumblr media
Hoseok's head rested against the headboard of the bed, sighing loudly, "Honey, you've been working out for a couple hours, come to bed now." He tried, but you only shook your head in return.
Sweat dripped from the side of your face as you continued exercising, "I'll come to bed after I finish, but if I stop now then I won't be able to continue later."
"And when exactly does this finish?" He asked, moving to sit at the edge of the bed.
"I just have one more set, Hobi..." You breathed out, obviously exhausted to the core.
"I'm not letting you do one more set of any of this." He firmly stated, standing up and taking your arm, pulling you up from the ground, "I can't watch you do one more sit-up or I might just cry!"
You panted, wiping the sweat from your forehead with the back of your palm, "It's just one more set. Let me do this...please?"
"But you're so obviously tired." He reasoned, brows furrowed in worry, "You never worked out before, why now?"
"Isn't it kind of clear why I'm doing this?" You asked, but when you only got a scrunched nose and a shake of the head from him, you answered your own question, "I gained quite a few pounds while you were on tour. I'm only trying to shed them off."
Hoseok looked at you suspiciously and then smiled, "Then why are you exercising when you could be dancing with me?"
"What?" You laughed, "You know that I don't know how to dance."
"I've been told that I'm a brilliant teacher." Hoseok winked at you with a cheeky smile, "But in all truth, I really didn't even notice you gained any weight. Even if I did, a few pounds doesn't mean anything."
You sighed, "but..."
"No buts. Go get a shower and I'll bring the popcorn and chocolate to our room, okay? I want to binge tonight with a movie since I'm on break. How about it?"
"Okay. I love you, Hobi."
"I love you too, angel"
Tumblr media
Namjoon was very controlled, very well-tempered, very responsible, and very cautious with his words, which is why everyone was so surprised when he blew up at a staff. One of the first times you've seen him so angry. That dark look he gave the employee was deadly. He didn't do it for no reason. No, the ex-employee made a horrendous remark to you. Nobody talked to you like that. Nobody.
If it wasn't for the fact that you were already insecure about having gaining some weight while he was away then maybe he could've let it slide, but when you so honestly were struggling with your self confidence and self love, he couldn't bear to watch someone discriminate you like that.
You stroked his bicep as you two lie in bed together, in a way soothing him, "Hey Joon, you alright?"
"How can he say something like that? Y/n, how can someone be so heartless?" He asked, facing you with brows furrowed and eyes dripping with honest confusion.
"I don't know..." You replied softly, "But hey...that's what the world is like. Yes, I'm insecure about this weight I put on, I'm not hiding that, but from the day I decided to date you, I knew that I was going to have to put up with these sort of remarks."
"But you shouldn't have to."
"But I can...It hurts, but I can and I will do whatever it takes to be with you." You smiled, taking his hand in yours.
"Your body is perfect, love...I wish you didn't have to hear such cruel and false comments about something I find so beautiful. I wish I could do something to help." He rested his head against your shoulder, kissing it shortly.
"Just you reassuring me like this means so much more than comments like the ones the staff made. You help me just by doing this, staying by my side and loving me." You kissed the top of his head, "You don't have to worry about me because as long as you're here, nothing else matters, hm?"
"Then I'm going to stay here forever. By your side."
Tumblr media
You, along with everyone else smiled at the camera as the interviewer started interviewing BTS. It was not only BTS they were interviewing, but you as well. It was a rare occurrence, but it was usually a fun one in fact, but not this time. You had talked to the interviewer prior to the interview, but he could only make sly, snide remarks toward you, not even acting professional. That was an immediate red flag, but you couldn't really do anything and you didn't want to worry Jimin.
"So looks like Y/n gained weight while you were on tour. Kind of pathetic, am I right? How does that make Jimin feel?" The interviewer laughed, but he was the only one. The room fell dead silent as you looked down at your lap.
It only took one look at you to fire Jimin up. He is known for his hot temper, but he could usually keep it under control with a smile on his face, but when it came to someone insulting you, he couldn't control himself any longer.
"Excuse me? What did you say about my girlfriend?" You could swear that if looks killed people, the interviewer would already be in his grave.
You placed your hand on Jimin's bicep, shaking your head, "Don't worry about it. He's only saying the truth. In all reality, I did gain weight while you were gone." You showed him a smile, but he could see right through it. He knew you were beyond embarrassed and feeling insecure so he just had to stand up for you.
Jimin pat your hand, letting you know he will be alright, "I'm sorry Mr. Davis, but if you have at least an ounce of respect, you will flick that camera off and apologize to Y/n right now. Wait, hold on. You asked me how I feel about Y/n putting some weight on, right? Well, let me tell you this, my girlfriend is the most gorgeous woman to step foot onto this earth and I am the luckiest man on earth to have her. How do I feel? I think she's adorable. Her cheeks are what puts a smile on my face. If you had a girlfriend with squishable cheeks, you'd never want to stop squishing them, so excuse you and your bad behavior, but I am very satisfied with Y/n, especially after she put on some weight."
After Jimin finished talking, him and everyone else stood up to leave. As you were walking out the door, you let out a sigh of relief, "Thanks for that, Jimin. You really didn't have to though."
"Yes, I did. And don't you ever listen to him or anybody else that makes you feel that way. I love you and your body so much so don't feel insecure.
"You always know the right thing to say at the right time" You hugged his arm.
"Perks of being your boyfriend."
Tumblr media
You smoothed out the dress you had on, taking in a deep breath, "Tae do you think I should change? I feel like I should change." You bit your cheek as you watched Taehyung set up the camera. You were supposed to go on Vlive with Tae today since he was on the third day of break after his tour ended. He wanted to say hi to ARMY with you, but while he was on tour, you gained some weight, not expecting to go on live with millions of people.
"Why would you change? You look perfect." He complimented, fixing the angle of the camera.
"But the dress is a bit tight and shows my belly a little too much I think." You pulled the stretchy dress away from your stomach, only for it to go right back as a form fitting dress would.
Taehyung paused what he was doing, turning to look at you, "You're right, it accentuates your curves too much. Makes you look too sexy, we can't have that, now can we?"
"Tae...seriously." You sighed, pushing his shoulder softly.
"Okay okay, I'm sorry." He pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his cheek against your back, "What's wrong, really?"
"I don't know...I'd normally be alright with wearing these kind of dresses, but I think I'm just so insecure today because I gained a little weight while you were away and it's been so long since I've posted a picture or went on Vlive with you all so it's all just so nerve-racking, you know?" You admitted, rubbing his hand on your waist with your thumbs.
He nodded in understanding, "You know you don't have to be perfect, right? Sometimes we gain weight and that's totally alright. What's important is that you stay the person that I love so much, alright?"
You smiled, turning to give him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you."
"I didn't even say much." A smile made it's way onto his face as he stood you both up and pulled his hoodie from his body and started to put it over your head, "But...if you feel more comfortable this way..." He put the rest of the hoodie over your body, "Then I don't mind seeing you in my clothes." He looked at how oversized the hoodie was on you and smiled fondly at you, "Now are you ready for the Vlive? i can't wait to show you off."
"Yeah...Yes I am."
Tumblr media
"Looooove!" Jungkook screamed out, running towards you from the airport and before you knew it you were both running towards each other, arms extended like a scene from a drama.
When you finally made it to each other with wide smiled on your faces, you were thrown into each others' arms. Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up.
"J-Junkook, put me down!" The seriousness in your voice wiped the playing smile on his face and he set you back down on the ground.
"What's wrong, Y/n? Did I do something?"
"No no, it's not that, it's just that I must be heavy considering I've gained a bit of weight while you were on tour and you must be tired so- Ouch!" You held your head where Jungkook flicked you, clicking his tongue.
"So you ruined the moment because of that? Silly girl. I wanted to act out that Scene of Love 911. You know what I'm talking about, right?"
"Well yeah, but are you sure you can carry me?" You asked, still unsure.
"Positive, you're light as a feather. Now let's redo that, You go back over there." He shooed you of with his hand and you slowly complied, starting where you were before.
And then you started acting the scene. You both ran to each other, arms opened wide and when you finally made it to each other, Jungkook picked you up easily from the hips and held you close. He cranked his neck up to your height with a smile, "I told you I could pick you up.' And with that, you leaned down to kiss him. The first kiss you've had with him in three months and it couldn't have been better.
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kthyg · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You are irreplaceable in his life and so is he in yours.
Mayhap, it's time to change that. The moment he aimed his gun at your head, where the trigger could go off at any second, there, you immediately knew you are very much replaceable so you take matters into your own hands and walk out of his life and away from him as soon as your work contract with him ended.
It's safe to say that he hates not having your presence near him and who said you get to walk out his life just like that? You promised not to leave him,
So, why did you leave him?
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Jungkook x Reader
GENRE : Dark Romance | Drama | Action : Gang AU
RATING : Mature
DISCLAIMER : This story is a work of fiction. Description of the BTS members in this story does not reflect nor portray them in real life. Everything in this story only fits in imagination and does not apply outside of imagination.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
STATUS : Ongoing
Tumblr media
i. One
ii. Two
iii. Three
iv. Four
v. Five
Tumblr media
All rights reserved © 2021 kthyg. Do not copy, translate, modify or repost without permission.
Tumblr media
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shukakoo · 4 months ago
right here | jjk drabble series
Tumblr media
[pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: best friends to lovers, angst, eventual smut
word count: 1091
blurb: jungkook has a break up and you help him go through it.
[one.] [two.] [three.] [four.] [five.] [six.] [seven.] [nine.] [ten.] [eleven.]
Tumblr media
“There you are,” you hear heavy breaths followed by Jungkook squatting down to where you were.
You were hiding behind the slide in your local playground. Tear stains on your cheeks, puffy eyes with your arms embracing both your legs—that’s how Jungkook found you.
He forced his way to sit next to you, pushing you to give him the space he needs.
“Leave me alone,” you sniff.
“Do you really want me to?” he asks without looking at you.
You do the opposite and study his face. He has soft features painted with the efforts of puberty in developing his body. Your eyes start to brim with tears and you look away, letting go of your legs and straightening them.
“I was worried about you,” he sighs, “you just disappeared for hours with no word. Your parents are going crazy right now.”
You pick at the black thread of your dress, “I’m sorry. I just needed a bit of space to think and process my emotions.”
Jungkook sighs again, relaxing a bit by loosening the tie wrapped around his neck.
“Do you want to talk about it? When my nana passed, it helped to talk to someone about it.”
“He… he was the perfect person, you know? It feels like he did all he could for me while I was busy neglecting it all. I feel like… l-like a horrible person and it just hurts to think about the fact that I would... n-never be able to see or talk to him ever again,” you start sobbing quietly.
Jungkook has his hand over yours on your lap. He rubs small circles with his thumb and gives your hand a squeeze to reassure you that he’s here for you.
“It’s okay, I’m sure he loved you regardless.”
“It’s like every thing in life just passes by so quick and I always fail to appreciate it all. I’m just so horrible,” you continue to sob and Jungkook sticks by you with his words of comfort.
Jungkook doesn’t know how long he spent sitting under the slide with you that day, but watching you cry sparked his newfound intent to protect you. He doesn’t ever want to see you cry ever again.
Your eyes felt sore from all the crying and you close them while dropping your head to the shoulder of the boy next to you.
“I’m sorry for making you put up with me,” you apologise.
“Don’t apologise, you would do the same for me. That’s what friends are for,” he squeezes your hand.
“Anyway, we should probably go,” you let go of his hand, the two of you making your way out.
You stretch your arms and pat your face, the fresh air making you more awake.
“Let’s get some ice cream then head to your house,” Jungkook suggests, knowing how much you love the dessert.
You grin at him and hugged him—a form of thankfulness, saying, “You know me so well!”
The two of you walked to the small local ice cream shop and Jungkook went inside to buy them—you opted to go with him, but he just asked you to wait out.
He brought the ice creams out and he walked you to your home.
“You know,” Jungkook speaks, “we should have a way of telling each other that we’re fine even when we’ve disappeared.”
“Hmm… like a code?”
“Yea, that could work. Something short and simple?” he licks his ice cream.
“What about 245?” you look at him.
“Yea, I remember seeing it on my grandad’s old beeper code notebook while rummaging through his things to see which ones could be donated. I think it means that everything is fine?”
“Ahh, your grandad was definitely quite charitable. And yea, that sounds good.”
“Great,” you see your house come in to view, “race you to the front door!”
You quickly start sprinting with Jungkook following you behind, trying to catch up.
“It’s going to be almost a week, YN,” Taehyung sits on your couch, “you sure he’s fine? He hasn’t breathed a sign of life.”
“Yea, he’ll be fine. He just needs some space.”
“And his work?”
“I don’t really know,” you sit next to him, “you know, now that I think about it—do you know what his work is?”
“I always thought he was a photographer since he used to always talk about models.”
“That makes sense. Every time I used to ask him about it, he would change the subject. I know he studied business in college though.”
“Oh!” Taehyung sits up, “Maybe he has a modelling agency?”
You were about to respond to Taehyung when the doorbell rings. You get up and open the door, hoping it would be Jungkook.
“Uhh… hey?” a woman looks at you confused, “I’m looking for Jungkook.”
“Jungkook? He’s been out of town for a few days now.”
“I was with him this morning? Anyway, just hand this back to him he left it in my car,” the woman hands you over one of Jungkook’s favourite hoodies and makes a beeline back to the elevator.
You shut the door in confusion and make your way back to the couch, “So, this woman said she was with Jungkook this morning and told me to return this to him?” you drop the hoodie next to you.
“Damn? So, he’s back?”
“You don’t think I was being a disturbance to him or anything? Shit, I’m starting to overthink.” You start to bounce your legs and snap your fingers.
“Hey, don’t stress over it. I’m sure it’s not anything like that.”
“He did this in college once. He like ignored me for a semester because I was being annoying. Shit, I probably—”
“Wait, wait, wait,” Taehyung stops you, “you’re the one he ignored?”
“He told you about it?”
“I mean…” Taehyung tries to hide his grin, “I— yea, kind of? Like in passing.”
“What?” you look at him confused.
“Nothing? What do you mean?”
“Why do you look like you know something?”
“What, no! I was just thinking about something else, sorry. Anyway! I think I’ll get going now,” Taehyung stands up and gathers his things.
“What, but you just got here,” you say disappointed.
“Sorry, bubs, gotta work tomorrow.”
You pack some extra food you had and handed them over to Taehyung, warning him to bring the containers back or that you’d cut his balls and feed them to the stray cat at your workplace.
“You don’t even like cats!” he says anxiously in defense, covering his crotch.
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haniiii · 7 days ago
Fic Recs Pt. 5 ✨
@kpopfanfictrash - Love to Hate (M)
>Jungkook ff
fuck buddies au, enemies to lovers, chaebol au
Love the plot sm, slow-burn, angst
@joyfulhopelox - daddy made a mistake
>Jimin ff
dad!jimin, mom!reader, w twins
so cute!
@sparklingchim - better together
>Jimin ff
slice of life, husband!jimin, pregnant!reader, w a two year old son
@blue-jade - only you
>Taehyung ff
angst, best friends, unrequited love, fuckboy!taehyung
@watashijeon - after midnight (M)
>Taehyung ff
smut, lawyer!taehyung, age gap of 10 years
@lovelytaes-blog - Jealousy & Parties (M)
>Jimin ff
husband!jimin, wife!reader, jealous jimin
@jjungkookislife - hold me (m)
>Taehyung ff
smut, domestic au, husband!taehyung, wife!reader
@nitaescence - Your First Time Series - Taehyung (M)
>Taehyung ff
family au, smut, fluff, w your lil son and tae's parents
@nitaescence - Your First Time Series - Jungkook (M)
>Jungkook ff
Family au, fluff, smut
Honestly love these series' sm
@jinconda - The Devil Wears A Suit (M)
>Jungkook ff
magazine editor!jungkook, assistant!reader, slowburn 😮‍💨
(follows the script of the devil wears Prada)
love this smmmmmmmm
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vacnte · 2 months ago
< [211024] taehyung’s chest tattoo >
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
like or reblog if you save plss! + follow me to see taetae everyday :)
Please put source too if u want to repost...🥺🥲
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watashijeon · a month ago
Animals | JJK
Tumblr media
song to listen to while reading 📖— Mirror - somo
before you read: Keep in mind that this is all purely fiction. If any of the below warnings trigger you then do not read, blocking is welcomed if you are uncomfortable btw.. idc! (๑˘・з・˘)~
pairing: foreigner actress reader x idol? jungkook
wc. 9.8k | smut & minor angst
this is the yn you should imagine personality wise
— ^ but each to their own, you don’t have to.
→ Warnings: (+18) — lazily edited! slow burn sex or is that just called teasing and foreplay.. idk 🙁 yn is a tease, jk has internalized misogyny about top / bottom dynamics, sorry if yn comes off as bipolar in scenes im diagnosed bpd so it’s easy to slip my behaviors into a story? Weird coping mechanism my bad, i just be saying stuff this story has no research behind foreigners acting careers, repetitive use of certain words if you notice, whore jk discovers he’s a switch, clubbing edm setting woo, brat jk that’s all talk but no bite when it comes to you, tongue and lip piercing mentions, jk is a cocky man in deep denial, drunk needy jk receives handjob, messy cumshot, cum eating, he kinda obsessed with u because you’re out of reach, descriptions of yn being tall in heels, possessive & jealous for no damn reason that he becomes ill from how touch starved he is, car sex, creampie because yn is on the pill thankfully and he is clean, brief overstimulation, im going to try and do less detailed warnings to keep the story a surprise :~}
Tumblr media
There’s foreigners that barely make it into this club, likely because it was meant for high A list people in Seoul. He doesn’t think there is any unless they are visiting, but you made a big entrance of being now a permanent A lister with no doubt of turning heads, including Mr. jeon here. It was to be put straight that Jungkook indeed has a crush on you, he really really tried to mark it for a celebrity crush in the beginning of it all.
But since you have been making all tabloids up and down the streets of Seoul with being the first foreigner to act as a main character in a kdrama you were impossible to escape, he wasn’t complaining. If that was crazy news in itself then prepare yourself to know that your love interest in the upcoming show was his dear friend, Cha Eunwoo.
The plot was this far fetched and cliche mafia drama where you were an undercover cop working to catch Eunwoo only to fall in love with each other, an enemies to lovers trope people called it. The show is stupid enough and cliche that it reels you right in to tune in for every week on the new episode.
Jungkook knows you and Eunwoo were still shooting only two episodes left now, with this you and him made great co workers that turned into a blossoming friendship. Jungkook had asked personally if this was for press, fan service possibly to pull in more viewers that all star Eunwoo had great chemistry with a foreigner.
It was a question out of pure desperation but Jungkook doesn’t want to think that, he laughs shaking his head saying “of course not” that you guys didn’t need to do such things with the high amounts of popularity of you guys being a pair already brought. Eunwoo even had to add on how you both personally text and spend time together after filming, the only service you guys give is the leaked dispatch pictures of you both laughing at a window seat cafe pushing your spoon to his lips.
Jungkook saw this of course because it was on his naver news feed. He doesn’t know why he hisses at the pictures, it isn’t because he has buried feelings for eunwoo. Nooo, it’s because he has a stupid and sad celebrity crush on you.. and well, he really really wants to meet you. Now he understood the feeling of being in a parasocial relationship.
You didn’t even do anything to feed into the delusion, your acting and behind the scenes videos with his actor friend was enough to feed him with a minuscule of delusion that you were single. That you would never date because you love your fans and you’re only driven to focus on your career, Jungkook marks this as healthy because everyone has a guilty pleasure along with a special fixation on a person, duh.
But the second you walked in over a month ago meeting hand to hand, face to face with Jungkook. He was absolutely smitten and felt internally challenged to get you into his bed. You were intimidating from the start, fuck you were tall. Almost as tall as him, and Jungkook was never the one to cower from women. But when a tall pretty girl from a different country graces his presence, speaking his mother’s tongue so fluently that you could be mistaken for being born here and he could deem himself somewhat intimidated by your presence.
All of that aside, he really guessed from the behind the scenes you were this sweet docile girl that was easy to bend however he pleased. He was definitely wrong, he knows that now. Jungkook should have known from the second he saw the way your silky hair draped right over your shoulder, legs splayed for all eyes to see. While your body and curves are shaped perfect from the long black satin dress you have worn. Of course it had to have a far too high thigh slit for his hungry eyes to feast on the idea of a sliver of your thighs. He probably looks stupid but he cannot find himself to stop ogling at how you are this effortlessly fucking pretty.
“This is ____, you know of her already I’m sure!” Eunwoo smiles and nods between you both before telling you that he was going to find someone and that you shouldn’t hold off on having fun.
While you nod and bared your attention onto the man a step from you, bowing kindly to the tall wide shouldered man across from you that you were just kindly introduced to in a rush.
Your smile reaching your eyes to crinkle, he noted.
He looked probably silly right now, grinning stupidly at how you were bowing. You following up with a joke about how you almost put your hand out to shake his and he couldn’t find himself to do nothing but do what he knows best. Be an absolute flirt, even if he was jittering with nausea and anxiety.
He could barely look into your eyes to begin with, brain milling through the fact that you were talking to him in the first place even if it was through a brief introduction. Suddenly, a smirk formed on your lips for a brief second before vanishing, making Jungkook cock his head to the side. It was like a sign that you knew. Jungkook snapped his head forward, panic rising just a bit at being caught.
Maybe he should get wasted after all, despite given the silence not helping him. It was as if you liked catching him.
“Soo, Jungkook, I hear you are fond of these clubs.” you smile referring to his “scandal” that was blown out of proportion as of this year and his eyes go wide before he can laugh shaking his head “Yeah, I’m very irresponsible you know. Hope you like that about me.” you lick your bottom lip brushing some hair off from your shoulder smiling with your words “Well I think I can handle, you don’t seem too awful.”
Tumblr media
And that was the night you both met, you ended off having a few drinks and sparing small talk before parting ways for both your own accorded reasons. And as the months went on when there was an invite on both ends, you would meet briefly and talk for awhile. The time together growing longer and longer each time, eventually you growing fond of his group circle meshing with your few friends that you knew altogether.
Tonight though? You haven’t spoken a word to Jungkook. Only a small nod before averting your attention back to wherever it was. Your friends and his decided on meeting at the usual spot of being in a booth room for vip groups. Well the seating arrangement was fine, he guessed. You were knee to knee with some guy and on the other hand you had fingers grazing over yoongi talking to him.. about whatever.
Believe it or not you were settling perfectly here in his circle and he had to find out today you’ve known Yoongi for over the past six months because “friend of a friend” is what he told him. But besides that unplanned surprise, all jungkook could do was silently sit and observe you. As creepy as that may have looked from another’s perspective. But jungkook was hot, if he was staring well who cares. He is a good looking man and that’s the privilege it comes with having face, no one raises a brow at an attractive guy far too creepily staring down at a woman. He wasn’t being creepy he thinks, he was just admiring you from a distance. That’s all!
He is following as much detail as he could from the harsh distance between you two, he could see all the little things he liked about you. From the way the club lights reflected off your hair to create a glow around your head, to the way you laugh at probably one of Yoongi’s bad jokes. You look pretty when you laugh, head rolling off to the side covering your mouth.
Deeming you in attempting to come as modest and it makes Jungkook scrunch his nose in disappointment, because he wants to see your pretty smile. You never smile really with your teeth, it’s only ever Cheshire grins and wide crinkled eye smiles.
Afar from that he could really say you set the standard for having a resting bitch face but he honestly finds it attractive at how you come off intimidating while at the same time being nice and charismatic. You are an actress after all, he really should not be surprised. But besides from the aimless ogling he did, it wasn’t always pleasant when he found you hounded by his friends near the vip booth.
All sultry looks and quiet whispers in ears, he grumbles like a big baby and decides on finally saying fuck this and that he is going to stop pussyfooting and find someone else to hook up with. He isn’t a teenage boy anymore, he can find pussy if he wants some.
He has no need to wait around like you held the key to his imaginary chastity belt, he was embarrassing himself at this point. Jungkook knows once he finds himself after a few shots on the dance floor, that he would have a good night with whoever grabs his fleeting attention with their hips gyrating over against his.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t remember what happened after the last few sips of his fruit infused soju. He only feels hands on his waist, the stranger moving along with him to the rhythm of the music. He’s a little drunk, but the feeling is good he likes it. He acts with all liquid courage in his veins and turns around in kissing whoever it was that caused the early hard on in his slacks. They tasted sweet, cherry lips just like his, both pairs of mouths tasted the same flavor of fruity alcohol that fell sweet on both tongues. He’s being kissed like he wants to be kissed, hands grabbing on his waist pulling him in closer.
Hips still moving in tandem, having their own rhythm. He could explode now but he has his pride to be held onto. He let’s the stranger control the kiss for now, feeling lips peppering over his jaw down to his neck. Even trailing their lips down to the small opening of his chest that was revealed from unbuttoning his shirt earlier. He can feel the soft suctions of lips pressing on him, sucking hickeys into flushed skin that he would regret much later rather than now. It’s dark except for flickering lights around them, the music is loud but it’s not like he’s listening. Lost in the feeling of the other person being this close to him. and god, it feels good, he feels so good in their hands.
He doesn’t know who it is, not even their name or the color of their hair. It’s too good to care about that, he lets the stranger's hand wander under his shirt that was to be untucked. The mouth working over his neck like no other has. 
They bite and suck over his skin humming softly when he moans, the stranger takes him for his and their own good pressing him up against into one of the singular bathrooms. Broad sweaty back pushed up against the wall, not even bothered in turning on the light. Only slamming the door shut with a swift lock before hands are back all over him.
The corner they are in is far too dark but Jungkook feels safe in the stranger’s grasp and still feels the same amount of good as he did from the beginning, maybe even more if that was possible.
He probably sounds like a broken record at this point but there were no other words to describe what this person is doing to him.
You’re pulling away from his swollen lips with a moan that fell into a dramatic gasp, it's then that Jungkook snaps out of his daze when he feels his own dick jump at the sound the other made. Feeling himself slowly catch on to who this stranger actually was “Isn’t that what you wanted.” you speak sweetly, even when you are minutes from ruining him to nothing “Tell me to stop,” you muttered into a whisper your lips ghosting over his, running a hand up and down his clothed length “Don’t.” he’s heavily panting now with his forehead pressed to yours, just waiting for your lips to come back to his. He couldn’t see you, only able to feel the smirk that rose up to your lips.
He can’t handle this, the teasing and foreplay, without thinking for another second he closes the remaining gap between you and slots your mouths back together.
His lips felt soft, moving in perfect sync with your own but the rhythm is interrupted when you pull him closer by the nape of his neck and lick at Jungkook’s bottom lip. He instantly opens his mouth, completely forgetting his objective with his hands becoming eager to grab onto something.
He's licking into your mouth with desperation, sucking your bottom lip into his mouth pulling a quiet whimper from him with every lick. His tattooed hand fisting your dress when he feels your hand rushing to unzip his jeans, fuck it’s really about to happen “Pull them down.” you groan into his mouth, practically growling into him. His head bobs with a desperate nod, rushing in pushing the waistband of his slacks and boxers down altogether to allow his dick to spring free.
You waste no time now, long fingers coming to wrap around him just right. Poor thing doesn’t even need your spit, the glob of precum dribbling down his tip is just enough. He already bucks his hips into your fist, eager as can be for your touch “Fuck” he whines tipping his head back against the wall, you began stroking him off in gentle snaps of your wrist. Loosening as you move your way down his length, the twists of your wrist hard over him as you go up and down.
Your ears perking when you hear a new sound, one you’ve never thought you would ever get to hear from his little throat, a highly pitched whine “You like that, huh?” you giggle teasing him with your thumb grazing the sensitive tip as he twitches in your hand “Fuck yeah I do.” it's amusing to watch how gasps fall from parted lips, how he moans and whimpers when fingers jerk him from slow to fast, playing with him as you exactly please to “So helpless and lost.” you thrust your hand up, thumb pressed down on his oozing head to feel him writhe in your grasp trying to move.
Trying so hard to rut into your palm but your other hand is already too quick with pinning his hips back to the wall “If you want to fuck my hand,” you squeeze your fist around him for emphasis on your words grazing your lips over his jaw “then be good and ask nicely.” the sober domineering jungkook would have walked right out of here with cocky laughter and said no, but the lustful drunk driven Jungkook has the better idea.. and that is saying yes “Please, please let me fuck your hand.” his breath stutters and shakes, and a hiccup follows with every weak jerk of his hips regardless of the restraint of your grip on him “You’re gonna be all messy baby, gonna have to clean yourself up after.” he doesn’t press on what any of that means, especially when you speak to him in a taunting manner practically. With nails left from his hip now to scraping through his scalp that he wants to moan quietly, or at least try to.
Jungkook is wholeheartedly deciding now on saying fuck it and letting go, the alcohol isn’t helping him much longer with keeping himself from falling into an absolute mess. He was going to finally allow you, allow you to take care of him “You like it messy don’t you honey.” he is gonna die and it’s all your fault “Mmh Yes, yes I do.” your fingers move along down to his dress shirt with cold digits slipping under the white fabric of his button up “Like being touched here, hm?” he gasps feeling your palm moving down until your thumb and forefinger twist at his nipple.
His nipples are already stiff hard after the slightest touches from before and jungkook whimpers proudly at the sensation, twitching everywhere and all over at this point “Yes, yes. Please need more.” he doesn’t have a clue what he is saying, uttering whatever his little brain could muster so he could have more of your touch all over him “Is this what you want? Need my hand to fuck yourself dumb.” you giggle continuing the languid pumps of your hand, snapping your wrist once you reached back up to his tip.
Knowing that said spot made him hiss every time once your hand was near “More than anything.” he sounds hopeless and gone, it’s what he exactly was. He wishes so badly your mouth was around him right now but he’s more than ok with your hand, you make everything seem to feel amazing “Go ahead.” his breath hitches into his throat again, his cheeks burned coming to the quick realization he had to ask for permission to fuck your hand.
Whatever, he could care less when his dick is throbbing for him to move. He feels your hand grope at him rough, unable to stop himself from thrusting his hips forward. How does someone’s hand feel this fucking good “Gooood kookie, just like that.” Even the way you praised him in soft whispers was hot, it’s crazy since many people have called him that same nickname while under him.
But it was much different hearing it from you, especially when you continued to whisper endless praise mixed with degrading him the right amounts. Making jungkook feel like he was going to bust without announcing his end each time he jutted his hips into your hand.
You paused and waited for him to calm down and let his breathing regulate itself, your hand still pressed down by his hard bulge feeling his hips grinding low and painfully against your limp hand. Feeling him grind his hips onto the pressure of your stilled hand, if desperation was a person then jungkook would take the cake for the title “Don’t you dare fucking stop.” he growls practically seething all over your abrupt pause, he’s breathing heavily through his nose, his breaths becoming shallow as he neared climax “Now where did all that attitude come from” you laugh at him lazily stroking him off “you can’t be this pathetic for my hand, now can you.”
Jungkook feels flustered and he thanks the dark because he thinks his face is cherry red from how blunt you can be “Of f-fucking course, I am hard and it hurts.” he hissed snapping his teeth shut, feeling you squeeze him gingerly before your lips press barely to his cheek “I was waiting for you to breathe, you were breathing awfully like an asthma patient.”
“I wonder why.” he scoffs with fake laughter rolling his tongue on the inside of his cheek “No need to be such a brat.” and before he can bite back, a certain whine broke from him. Gasping to no end when he felt your hand pumping him faster than before, unable to even take control from the whiplash of your fist “You gonna cum guk?” he knows you’re mocking him but he doesn’t care, as cracked as his voice was right now he still found a place to sound cocky with his words “o-oh yeah, yeah I fucking am.” he slurs on his speech breathless, lisp prominent.
Even his once desperate hips began to stutter as he finally cums with gasp filled murmurs. Hot white ropes of his seed making a mess over his white shirt, spilling himself full into your hand.. practically dripping all over you.
You help him ride the aftermath of his high, groaning to yourself at the way his cock seized in your hand. Checking himself out done with the last push of cum oozing down his length, you may be in the dark but you can sure feel his cum is dripping everywhere. From your fingers, to his cock and probably down to his balls. Jungkook’s eyes are fluttering now licking his lips, feeling your mouth softly kiss along his neck until his high was finally over.
He has such a dumb happy smile, he doesn’t know when the last time he felt this good after a mere handjob “You liked that?” his thighs twitch feeling his hips still from the sensitivity hitting him hard, muttering out in a heavy breath of air his voice back to being deep all of the sudden “So fucking much.” he sucked in a breath before hearing a low rumble of a sound that instantly made Jungkook’s legs turn into jelly. It was more of a sultry giggle than he heard before, “A mess, just like you wanted.” you drawl your words in a sing song manner still managing to sound hot somehow.
His eyes are near closing with a bunny smile forming on his face, it’s only seconds later he feels your hand leave the warmth of him and you murmur “Clean yourself up, you’re a big boy.” he opens his eyes up halfway a bit confused with your words, unable to send his expression of his confusion since you are both in the dark. His quiet “huh” was hopefully enough, because he is afraid his voice might crack if he asks what do you mean.
He feels you leave from his side his heart dropping down into his chest, hearing the familiar sound of your heels clicking closer and closer to the bathroom stall door and he doesn’t want to believe you would leave like that. And you prove him right because all you do is flick on the switch, how embarrassing for him when he probably looks like a mess. His eyes are wide now and he watches how contempt and put together you manage to look, apart from your slightly wrinkled dress and somewhat swollen lips.. you look perfect.
Your heels click when you step towards jungkook and you’re back to his side again, his head turning slightly over to face you with the same look of confusion while your clean hand tilts his chin up to have him look at you straight in the eye. You grin noticing his eyes are so wide, wide as a deer were just caught in headlights “Are you only good at this, making a mess on my hand.” you rise your cum covered hand to his rosey red tinted face, watching his pupils dilate at the real mess he’s made. You were absolutely right, cum was dripping down from your fingers and palm embarrassingly.
He couldn’t even utter an apology before you decide on sticking your cum covered fingers into his mouth, and as if he were on autopilot his lips pressed down between your lips lapping up whatever he painted over your skin. He completely throws out his original idea of a napkin when you look this pleased with him, grinning ear to ear in absolute contentment.
Going far enough to licking your bottom lip in hunger, doing the same motion he does when he wants to get something, tonguing the inside of his cheek. Your eyes never leave his, mouth opened teasingly not unrelenting when you switch between fingers and handing him your palm to lick clean. Boring eyes into his while feeling his tongue glide over his own mess, the barbell of his metal piercing meeting your skin along with licks becoming a mix of erratic and sloppy.
Guiding him to every spot he splattered for him to clean before popping your fingers out from between his lips. And he’s so distracted by your manicured nails barely brushing lint off from his button up that he doesn’t notice the smirk you give him before walking away, the sound of your heels clicking whirl around in his mind like a spell before it’s broken with the sound of the door clicked and the softest “Bye Jungkook.” gracing his ears.
He cannot believe he just allowed himself to get topped by a woman, and worst of all, he liked it so much that he wants more. It’s embarrassing to come to this realization right now, since he quickly realized with his half soft dick out and dried cum still on his thighs.
Jungkook most definitely doesn’t know any better, especially when he sees something and it’s unattainable for others. But to him he thinks this is a great sign to do everything in his power to get what he wants. Oh he will, he will do whatever to get you under him now. Even if he has to be your bitch for awhile to get his way, it will happen and he will walk out the day it happens to say he hit that.
The challenge is on Miss L/n Y/n.
Tumblr media
Ok now jungkook is starting to think he failed this said mission, where does he even begin. It has been what? Three months since the best handjob he has yet to receive. And all you two now are just friends, can he even say that when he doesn’t have your phone number. He only ever sees or talks to you when you are in a godforsaken nightclub, constantly swarmed by your friends and desperate men just like him. A week after he should mention the conversation you both briefly had where he asked shyly what that was, basically begging with his eyes and body language how he wanted more. How he wants to ravish you whole whether in a club bathroom or a hotel room, he wants it.
And while he was begging like a love starved puppy you given him the curt response of “Be patient, Jeon.” before prancing off into the distance to your friends. It’s only that he is nothing but impatient and frustrated, he has never waited this long or tried to get one woman for so long that he came down to only fruitless attempts. And it wasn’t as if he wasn’t trying already enough to earn your attention, because believe him he was. He follows like an obedient puppy, completely fixated on you, you are pretty..mission aside he can’t help himself around you. It’s like every time you walk into a room it feels as if a slow motion of the song “love you like a love song” was playing in the background, you walking in with poise and grace with still being hot simultaneously.
Him being this desperate and practically turning into his bitch for you, he realizes that you only see him as nothing but “a sweetheart” as you told him with intending it with a nice compliment. No surprise here when Jungkook is without a doubt always holding your hand along with helping you down steps or up. Even though you most definitely do not need the help, you still allow him. Letting him open every door for you and pulling out chairs at the bars, only hoping that doing all of this would make you want to just wreck him or was he intending to wreck you, he wasn’t sure, he is stupidly confused with himself. Because he definitely thinks he can’t get anymore less obvious in how eager he is to please you.
Why does jungkook mention this all? Well. He could really punch himself right now, because it’s as if everything he did with desperation meant nothing to you. Because seeing right across from him at this very moment with his own two wide eyes were you and Yoongi. And who cares right, what is the big deal.
Well today yoongi is upset and it was evident with the frown on his face, the tension within asking questions was out of the question. So you of course decide on going over to comfort him, hearing the loose lipped words from yours and his friends that he is upset about whatever, it’s still unknown.
He has a great feeling you would quickly figure out what this great unknown reason is and well he was right. Because it’s as if he all just saw this in slow motion with a random song playing in the background of thrumming eardrums, you kiss him, Min yoongi.
You do this on the great reason because one of the lyrics cheekily mentioned something along the lines of a lipstick kiss on the cheek. Never has he seen anyone take the lyrics to a song this seriously, Jungkook practically jumps up in his booth seat with a chuckling friend of his from next to him asking with a voice laced in curiosity “What’s wrong?” “Why is he so startled? Are you ok koo?” and Jungkook doesn’t even try to answer, only asking with a voice of laced annoyance and being at loss found in his voice “Did she just,” his friend proceeds to follow his line of sight tilting his head off to the side finally catching onto what he was asking, following with a stupid smile he always did while drunk “Ohh that, yeah she kissed his jaw.” jungkook is confused, he doesn’t understand what made you do that. No he didn’t own you but you were talking, maybe on loose terms.
It was unfair to him because Jungkook was sitting and waiting eagerly for you to make another move, you said maybe over weeks ago now that he needed to be “patient.” he wasn’t unrelenting on the flirting he sent your way, which left you to just return it casually as always being left of him to be in nothing but a mess internally.
He thought maybe if he stopped doing any of this that you would come around, he’s been patient he thinks. He is on edge and upset at the same time with being this optimistic. He isn’t even allowed to be upset! He still fucks other people and so can you, it makes him itch that he doesn’t have a clue if you have slept with anyone even. He is upset and grumbling in his seat just like before, all because you kissed a very upset Yoongi on his jaw, that was now giggling in the distance over your antics.
The kiss was very low on the edge to kissing his neck, let’s talk about that can we. If this was any other girl his inner “alpha” ego would rage and immediately stomp over to pull you into the nearest bathroom stall and fuck you into oblivion, just like every other girl begged for. But he can’t, he can’t do that because you barely given him the chance to even rub your knee or touch elbows with you. He is panicking because he doesn’t know or even think you remember him, you are fucking hot. You could of easily replaced him, what is he even doing.
He’s done.. he doesn’t need to chase someone this far and wide. You just aren’t, interested. No pfft that isn’t it, you’re just shy or busy.. Mmm yeah.. so shy and busy you kiss his friends on their jaw and giggle while swaying hands side to side playfully dancing in a silly manner to make them smile.
Which you easily achieve even if it’s someone as reserved as Min Yoongi. No, he really shouldn’t be jealous because yoongi, his friend is upset. You are being the oh very kind friend yourself of making him smile, Jungkook is done now this is his healthy closure.. yeah. He’s bored, he doesn’t need you.
Doesn’t need to see your stupid pretty face that wears a lot of mascara, he doesn’t need to see you order a lemon + cherry infused vodka, wearing that stupid dark crimson red dress that fits your body perfect.
Fuck you’d probably be the type to wear a salinas bikini, it would fit you just right with your prominent bone structure and straight posture. Fuckkk, he knows you would probably even wear dramatic diamond jewelry because you could just do that and make it look natural.
Jungkook what the fuck snap out of it, he has had way too much time to think about you. There is no time to sit around when he sees you patting yoongis cock by now, practically, ok it was his thigh. Close enough and you’re off to probably get another lemon ch— he needs to leave.
He shuffles in his seat whispering over to his friend that he would be right back, his friend only waved him off already talking to someone else.
Tumblr media
He sees you at the bar, it’s like he planned everything he was going to say to you but now his mind is completely at blank. Maybe he shouldn’t have came over here after all, but jungkook doesn’t have the right mind to think all the way properly. Especially to think correctly when he is tipsy mixing his current feelings of unadulterated agitation, sexual frustration and jealousy.
He knows to take in his surroundings, as if he were an undercover detective waiting to catch you do something. He takes on how you were currently having a dramatic whisper banter at the bar with the bartender, he shouldn’t watch any longer because he thinks if he were to see him or you do something.
He would only think with his throbbing member and incoming headache of yelling dramatically to stop. He may be on the edge of being drunk but jungkook knows not to be that stupid.
And it’s kind of funny how he says he isn’t going to be stupid while he at the same time walking over to the bar, going with reason to get his point across. His orgasm has a time stamp and it’s running late, jokes aside. He’s here, clearing his throat stood right across from you.
Watching how you swirl your drink in hand before your gaze averts from your phone onto him, turning to see the tall man with a visible pout and his arms crossed over his chest that he knew himself had his biceps bulging through his shirt.
He smirks when he notices the way your stare flickered from his chest, up to his neck to finally follow with making eye contact. Your stare holding no emotional, not even a twitch in your features to be traced. You softly go onto speak as if seeing him has been in your daily routine lately “Well hello.”
Jungkook sucks in a sharp breath shaking his head at the audacity you have, his drunk brain running in circles telling him to tell his shit to you because it’s definitely well deserved “You know I exist, wow!” he laughs dryly deciding it’s his turn to stare at you with a meaningless glare, half proud at how well he is holding his attitude regardless of your dry stare.
Your laugh is a mere chuckle squinting eyes to him before shaking your head “I do, could never forget the boy who creamed my hand.” you grin swirling the drink in hand with no intent to speak any further. Jungkook has no great response to that, only able to muster with a hissing voice an octave deeper trying to hide his real emotions “How the fuck did you expect me to last when you are such a tease.”
Your brows rise to your hairline, still not speaking. Jungkook on the other hand apparently doesn’t know when to stop.
“And I cannot believe i’m waiting here hand and foot while you are over there rubbing Yoongi’s knee and what else.. kissing his jaw?”
He expects to hear you talk back, put him in his place. But it’s quiet, nothing but the sounds of club music and the loud ambiance of people around him carrying on with doing whatever.
He doesn’t have the balls to stare up and see your reaction, his eyes dead set on staring at the bar counter and your hand barely grazing over your glass. He badly wishes now that he had a cup in his hand, to have something to crush in nervous hands for his own comfort.
And just when he begins to think he scared you off for good, a great sound erupts into the air. You scoff and giggle.
Snickering to the point of having to cover your mouth like you always do, coughing your guts out so harshly before cutting off with a brute tone of voice “I’m sorry, what.” your face is incredibly quick to snap from the once sweet outgoing girl to a bitter, mean and demeaning glare.
Definitely unrelenting to the pair of wide doe eyes, that are so wide you could tell he was puzzled and lost of what to do or let alone say.
He stutters and stammers like an idiot, deeming himself definitely stupid right now. You pause still, raising a questionable brow at him, the sound of glass clinking on the bar counter heard ringing right in his ears. And your heels click over to him so slow, his throat closing on himself. He is cold and stood frozen, convinced he’s in a trance at this point. It’s as if in god speed you are toe to toe with him and your at the same eye level given your heels.
You tilt your head off to the side with a grin all so knowing of what’s next, the sweet venomous words rolling right off the tongue “What ‘d you say, don’t be shy, repeat yourself.” a single acrylic nail grazes over his cheek pressing into the faded scar with a teasing tap over the flesh “You really want to fuck me, huh?”
Unforgiving nerves are coming to show him for all he is now “Oh.” he laughs in his own spite along with awful deflection “Now, you catch onto me wanting to fuck you.” losing his once calm and cocky resolved self, missing the way your eyes had a shade of darkness linger over them while he was way too busy with rolling his own.
Your nod is slow processing his words, your gaze scrutinizing. He doesn’t even mind the way your acrylic presses into his skin, only coming to realize what this all is when your thumb presses right down into his chin. Tilting his head back with the same smile he knows that isn’t anything but evil, and he loves it. He knows he definitely stricken a nerve. And from you? There has to be an award for that.
Tumblr media
Award, reward.. same thing. Because he is definitely receiving something and things have taken a 180 in the last ten minutes or so, no complaints from him besides the feeling that he might bust within minutes tonight in the confines of his backseat in his thankfully spacious Mercedes Benz.
He was beaming with annoyance minutes before, how did it end like this?
“What are you doing to me” he whines gasping for air as if his own airways were blocked from receiving any oxygen “Ruining you.” your grin small at the way he tries pulling you closer to him, almost making you want to laugh. Feeling him press into you with desperate attempts to grind up into your heat, “Want you now.” he mumbles, raising his chin up to plant a sloppy kiss on your lips. Not leaving it at that, your lips both move in grinding against each other.
Needy hands tugging on hair with desperate tongues moving over the other’s as if you both practiced together. He moans against your lips, feeling you press a hand against the bulge in his pants.
Your fingers moving fast with massaging his cock through the material of his slacks, rolling hips in return at the back of your hand. Both of you moaning in the same melody, thrusting your hips up against the tent risen from your touches. Taking over the spot of touching his member with your covered cunt, chasing what little friction you both could get.
After a moment it’s jungkook that pulls you back when he meekly tries in desperate attempts again to control the situation once more, “Please.. get naked before I rip your clothes to shreds.” you hum admiring the way his lips are nibbled pink, eyes imploring; and fuck you want him.
You wiggled off his lap, raising his arms up to take off his shirt along with the rest of his clothes all except his jeans. Taking your time with dropping down your knees between his legs, couldn’t help not to, reaching with eager fingers to rub his biceps. Pendant chain pressed on his chest, he flashes you a lazy smirk before his lips fell into an o shape feeling his nipples already become rock hard from a few pinches and twists just like the first time.
He can’t help to not bite down on the side of his pierced lip, rushing his own fingers onto his belt to unbuckle but was stopped when quick hands pushed his away. Opening his mouth to question, he shut himself up when you started to undo his belt for him. Pulling the leather belt from the loops of his slacks and pushing them down to his ankles “In a hurry are we,” he licked his lips nodding his head with allowing you to continue “You have my attention, no need to rush.”
You were teasing jungkook with your words, getting him to crave what it was to feel powerless. A spark of arousal bubbles in his gut, it’s an all consuming sensation that makes him tense his thighs to relieve some pressure, still biting on his lip until it starts to throb with pain. And it doesn’t help when he feels your burning gaze has tenfold to watch every movement he was doing.
Before he could realize, his own hand was back to traveling down soon palming his crotch over the material of his boxers. He bit his lip even harder with his mind racing. He was nervous about how you would react but right now he doesn’t care. He is so desperate for any touch or friction, he couldn’t care less.
His hand gently rubbed the bulge slowly growing even harder, the images of your thighs flashing under closed lids. His hand quick to moving under the hem of tight boxer briefs and finally coming skin to skin as he wrapped his hand around his hardening length.
“God, you’re too cute. Are you really this eager for pussy?”
his eyes flutter open with a whine watching your hand push him off once again “Shut up,” he grumbles, cheeks matched with the color of his dick.
You have done this countless times before, he should know you do this to get under his skin.
You carry on to dreamily giggle like you always do while humming to him “Guk?”
His jaw is painfully still strained as he replies with a swift, “Yes?”
“Stop being a brat and kiss me.”
He doesn’t care to talk back now, he is too horny that he will do whatever you want. He pushed his lips against yours, it was a bit awkward and sloppy because neither of you took the lead, waiting for him to do so since he’s been begging with his actions to show who’s boss, guess the agenda has changed.
You decided you’ll do it then, it wasn’t like you were going to allow him for long to have control.
The sloppy kiss progressively steers into a fast driven pace. A pace where you decide to swipe at his bottom lip with the tip of your tongue. Slipping it into his mouth, licking the row of teeth and making it obvious that you’d like to get on Jeongguk’s lap by leaning in closer to him slowly getting yourself up from the carpet of his backseat.
He gets the message in the midst of his horny state and grabs your hips pinning you onto his lap, settling your ass down near his crotch. Grabby tattooed digits pushing your dress up to your waist and from there it’s back to being tongue and teeth mixed with languid moans.
He feels like a man hypnotized, your hands running up and down his thighs that come to rest in the dip of his waist “By the way,” he hums to your few words way too busy relishing in your touch “don’t hold back any of those pretty sounds you make when you’re inside me.”
Jeongguk feels his teeth grit with a sharp hiss at the way you press your panty covered cunt over his dick, jawline tensed holding onto whatever self control he had left.
“Jus’ wanna hear how brainless you become.”
At the moment, he’s so, so hard. He’s already anticipated of what your next words or actions will be, what you’ll say to piss him off further but also arouse him at the same time. You surprise him though, but when do you not. The way your eye contact doesn’t break with every word you mutter just shows how enticing you are to him.
You jutted your bottom lip out playfully only to make him smirk with a silent scoff “Sorry, I’ll be nice now.” you pressed on with straight blatant sarcasm running your hand up from his waist over to his shoulder, beginning to trail a litter of wet kisses from the shell of his ear down to his neck. Biting down into hot skin to hear him whine out in tiny hisses, cursing at you to move your hips over him more.
“If you don’t put my fucking dick in I swear to g-“
“Im ready, go.” even if you were ready, which caught him by surprise, jungkook still held onto your waist to prepare himself. You moan when Jeongguk finally slides in, slow and careful whilst deciding on rubbing your ass to provide distraction from the burn. As expected, he is big. However, your thoughts leave when you’re speared apart and his cock is inside within his full entirety pushes in until you were sat right on his lap, your figure settling from the stretch.
“Holy f-fuck.” jungkook takes his time to exhale a shaky breath, hiding himself in the crook of your neck feeling your body giggle at him “You sure have an attitude.”
He doesn’t look at you in his own desperate shame while he jerks his hips forward. He smells the scent of perfume clinging to your body. It wasn’t strong, just the right amount of for Jungkook’s sensitive nose. The sweet faint scent comforted him, his own shoulders easing as he took slow deep breaths. He doesn’t have a mind to respond to the retort, only wanting to feel you move “Need you bad.” you hum quiet before speaking in a whisper “Then fuck me, Jeongguk-ah.” his name should not sound that good from being simply pronounced.
Jungkook licks his lips eager before giving his hips an experimental roll, groaning out guttural at how you feel around him. Hot arousal thudding through coursing veins, feeling a pulse all over his skin “Kiss me.” the command is fierce and breathless against his lips. He can’t do more than groan capturing your mouth in a rushed kiss, resounding a quiet yes between a breath he took. Soaking up every moan and whimper that let out against your lips.
In the midst of this all, he pulls out from your heat with a quiet gasp from the feeling and slides in with one long thrust. Eyes trailing down to see how you were opened around the girth of his cock, the sounds of skin and you gasping in pleasure “More, faster.” the both of you were already moaning in tandem, rocking hips into your heat “Yeah? Harder, uh?” he is slowly becoming crazy, each thrust rocking through yours and his body.
You nod moving your hips back and forth over his cock that still remained to jerk up into your heat in rhythm. Thankful that there was room to where you didn’t hit your head on the roof of his car “Gonna ride you now, Mhm.” you don’t care to hear his answer, already positioning knees. Feeling the burn of them digging into leathered seats — by now they’re colored pink because of the uncomfortable position, but you crave the burn and because now you’re steady. Hand pressed over his chest, his tip pressed right at your entrance while grazing him over your hole and,
“Oh god, right there.” he whines voice quick to fall into falsetto, head thrown back to hit his headrest. Your feet flat against his seats, bouncing hips up and down with force and it’s then that he breaks wholeheartedly.
A cracked silent scream that falls into a moan with dilated eyes that fell into scrunched brows, pretty pink lips forming into an o shape when the pleasure that once felt determined now grows into something more driven.
“Right there huh?” you gyrate your hips over him deeper feeling his thighs seize under you, his fingers flying to grapple onto your sides in godspeed “Yes, yes! My god, there holy fuck.”
Not holding back at all, thrusting up and down to the point your wetness squelched with every bounce over his cock.
The car was surely moving with the both of you at this point and outsiders likely knew what was going on, given the tinted windows mixed with misted fog from labored actions. At this point the both of you were taking turns, cock sliding in and out of you with ease. Deft fingers pressed against your clit, the difference of the motions had nails buried hilt into his shoulders.
His eyes nearly fall from his sockets when he thinks he finally had a proper grasp on your hips, feeling you brace your hands on his shoulders before riding him into absolute oblivion. He can’t even stay in control much longer, let alone think for a second to look at the sight when his eyes are already fluttering to the back of his mind from how tight you squeeze him, whilst all at the same time riding him like your life depended on it.
“What did I fucking tell you, hmm?” you squeeze his cheeks between your fingers, his pouted lips making you go haywire “Tell me guk.” god you make him weak, sitting all pretty over his lap like this “You told me..” he gasps gnawing on his lip, head thrown back again to strain himself from busting when he feels you squeeze around him again “To be- fucking hell- to be patient.”
He could feel every push and slam into your cunt that turned faster and rougher. There was a sudden increase in speed that had your ass bouncing from the sudden force, limbs near give out at your own eagerness. The pace is animalistic, so dirty and disgusting and you couldn’t have asked for a better body to mesh with.
“And what did you do, hm?” he doesn’t respond, jungkook only can bob his head fast in responding before rolling his eyes back in bliss.
“I shouldn’t allow you to cum honestly. For being this impatient.”
Jungkook’s eyes could barely focus on you with every whine and groan he uttered feeling you ride him at every perfect angle “impatient, ex-excuse me it has been weeks what—“ he yelps feeling a tight fist squeeze around his balls and he doesn’t think a woman has ever done something that caught him this off guard “Shut the fuck up, damn.” especially doing it with getting him to shut up.
Jungkook thinks about how he could easily pick you up right now and manhandle you into whatever position he pleased, but something deep inside of him doesn’t desire to do that at all. His pupils are blown, mouth hanging agape as he felt your pace grew agonizingly slow.
Every piece of you was being used as you fucked him and deep in his mind, he was feeling like an animal. Your back arched into him and he pulls you closer to his chest.
Half droopy smirk plastered on his features when he reverts his attention back to your o shaped lips and fluttering lashes. You grab onto Jungkook’s hands and place them on your waist, fingers interlocked as he drags them down in one smooth motion until they rest back on your ass. He grabbed a handful of the supple skin of your ass, while picking up the perfect pace, his thrusts heavy but long.
Catching on you began to slow down to barely bouncing, “Close?” he manages to mumble even if his speech was slurred, you nod drunkenly. Pushing your lips onto his to sloppily kiss him while your hips still worked in motion with his.
The kiss is hot and sloppy as you feel your orgasm incoming, sucking his lips and tongue your lips occasionally grazing the metal barbell pierced into the wet muscle, running fingers through sweaty hair “So close.” your hips begin to stutter. He feels your soft palms trail down his bare sides, familiarizing yourself before grabbing at the skin and clawing his skin. No longer in control of your body, you let go.
You groan out in a throaty whine in pure ecstasy, spasming around him as your body crashed through the waves of your orgasm. No matter how sensitive you were, you still pushed through to bounce over his cock. Loving the way he throbbed around your walls “Yes, yes use me. Shit.” his own thrusts began to stagger a sign that he was about to cum, cock aching for release while you came down down from your high.
He knew he was going to cum right on the spot when he opened his eyes seeing you like this, his breaths ragged and he knew he lost it. He hears the few lethal words whispered into his shoulder, oh so sweetly “No one could ever make you feel this way, look at the realization dawning on you.” and as if you held the invisible string of his orgasm, it snapped. Not wasting a second with pinning your hips down one last time, growling feral at the way you moaned into his skin.
Your hips still rocking even if you were on the verge of tears from overstimulation “Good boy, look at you filling me up just right.” he whines bobbing his head back barely listening, how were you this good at talking a man through his end. It makes him envious at whoever had their hands on you before this, or more so your hands on them.
He feels honored in itself you allowed him to finish inside you, you feel so warm and tight, he’s not sure if he would of been able to pull out in time. Which is crazy to jungkook because his pull out game is amazing.
He is already coming back from wherever his mind has wondered, blinking profusely, his vision fuzzy and he can feel you slip out from him. Both of you hiss at the contact and his eyes are blinking to still his vision, there you are, already ready in leaving him.
Currently he sees you using the wipes he kept in his side console, guilty as charge.. jungkook is a prepared man. He tries to find the words to speak with his mouth, blubbering for anything to say. Say anything you idiot. He’s combing through his little brain right now trying to get himself to do the humanly action of using his mouth, he notices oddly while watching you get ready that even after the sex you both just had you still looked good as new.
And jungkook pouts because he didn’t take the time to slip the straps from your dress and see your chest bare, god he is disappointed in himself. He got way too busy in how good you felt around him. You almost seemed like you could care less if he wasn’t speaking and that makes jungkook annoyed to no end. How are you not clingy after sex, even he can admit that cuddles and aftercare after sex is nice, no matter how meaningless his fuck is.
He sighs heavily more to himself, leaving a spent Jungkook vying to catch for his breath. While you were busy bending over to pick up your belongings and smoothing the wrinkles out from your dress, he’s way too infatuated at how you move this swiftly after getting fucked and jungkook has a track record for wobbly limbs. He is a bit lost right now until your sweet voice knocks him from his thoughts “Gonna go, I’ll see you!” he stutters, half naked figure sitting up scrambling to wiggle on his boxers “wait wait, hold on- I can drive you home.” your eyes blink at him almost cartoonish, as if you were confused of why he was offering such “I mean I have this.” he motions his hands chuckling fruitless, he thinks you’re going to say yes.
But you break his heart all over again, shaking your head with that same giggle turning to face him straight. Eyeing his scratched skin with the same evil smile that would make knees buck if he wasn’t already drained “Guk.” his pupils dilate in hope, nibbling over his lip ring watching how you trail back into the seat next to him, rubbing over his chest with warm fingers coming to push his bottom lip together.
You smile, smiling for the first time ever with teeth. He can definitely feel his heart ricochet off the walls when you eye at his squished lips all while doing the simple action “Would stay for the ride but,” your eyes follow over his shocked and surprised ones, smiling back again with another cheeky grin before mouthing the word “dispatch” and all he can do is shake his head with an abrupt nod, your fingers have left watching them trail off to open his car door and sitting on your bottom to put on heels.
Jungkook stared timelessly at your back, completely at loss for the thousandth time tonight. And he can’t even ask if you would like to come over sometime.. outside of the club setting for once. You are gone, already left from being briefly sat down seconds before.
He is doomed and is now deeming himself most definitely pussy whipped.
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Tongue technology
cunnilingus, finger fucking, overstimulation, reader cries but he doesn't stop, spanking, he stuffs panties in her mouth,  fingerfucks her mouth. That should be it I guess.
Yoongi was so stressed from all the workload he had taken upon himself. When you came to see him at the studio he was happy, he really was, but he just couldn't help slouch. 
"Yoongi, you are too stressed baby. Is there anything at all that I can do to help?" You asked your poor boyfriend, and he eyed you up and down lazily.
"Anything? You would do anything?" He asked and then stuck his bottom lip between his teeth. 
"Yes, of course. Why are you asking that?" You questioned, confused and a little scared of what he might ask you or what if you are unable to fulfill your angelic boyfriend's request, but all that wavered with what he demanded next.
"I want to bury my tongue deep in that cunt, until I am satisfied." He said, his eyes held that dark glint, that told you he wanted to fuck you up. You were immediately clenching around nothing. His tongue makes you go crazy every time he goes down. He was extremely talented with it and with doing you.
"Should I leave the skirt on?" You asked, stripping the rest of your clothes as fast as possible, not wanting to make him wait.
"Take everyfuckinthing off, I don't want anything coming in between." He groaned, and you could feel the wetness coating your folds, decreasing the friction and making you press your legs harder with every passing second. Generally, Yoongi would comment on that, degrade you because he knew how much you loved it when he made you squirm. Today he just grabbed you by your waist and pulled your naked frame into his. His hands were rough and wild, touching and groping your every inch.
Then he placed a messy kiss on your lips, but before you could even kiss him back, he pushed you on the couch and then parted your legs. Without saying a single word, he buried his tongue deep inside your hole. You jerked up due to sensitivity. He held both your legs tightly and this time licked a stripe from your clit back to your clenching hole. 
You closed your eyes and your hand was now rooting his hair but he didn't seem to mind at all. 
Yoongi fucked you deep with his tongue, in and out. It felt like he was not really doing this for you, but like a man starved, just taking in whatever was given to him. He sucked and licked every inch of your soft flesh, exploring every spot you had to offer. Your whole cunt was covered with a coating of your juices mixed with his saliva. 
Yoongi pushed a finger in you, and you cried even more, he couldn't care less. He finger fucked you as he suckled your clit. 
If you pulled a few of his strands, it wouldn't be a surprise. He didn't care about anything else, just eating your cunt.
After a while of his rough finger fucking and his assault on your clit you came shivering all over his mouth, his chin was covered in your slick. You thought he would stop or at least give you a break, but oh, you were so wrong. 
He removed his finger and pushed it in your mouth and made you gag on it for a couple of seconds, but he was too impatient to wait anymore and delved again in your pussy like it was his last meal. 
He again tongued your desperate clenching muscle, this time you couldn't help but try to push him away. He spanked you a couple of times and you tried your best to stop. 
"Yoongi! Oh my god! Yoongi please stop!" You cried out, but he was not pleased. He left your legs and forcefully grabbed your jaw, making you open your mouth. He picked up your panties and stuffed them inside your mouth. 
You thought he would say something to you, anything, but he didn't and went on eating you out.
He pushed two fingers in you and fucked you hard and fast until you were close, and then pulled them out. At this point, tears were dripping down your face. Your thighs closing because it was too much, but Yoongi didn't give a fuck, you were still taking it without saying your safe word, so he had no reason to stop no matter, how hard you cried. He sucked and sucked until you came twice and thrice and then again.
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