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#bts fics
ilsangrape · 3 years ago
jungkook is such a pure romantic like his favorite song genre are love ballads, he said that before he dies he wants to kiss his s/o like in that movie Love 911 where the guy lifts up the woman with both hands and kisses her, and he says he’d carry around a bell because he saw in the anime Your Name that the bell would ring when you find your “soulmate”. also whenever he sings about heartbreak or love it’s like he’s experienced it before. his singing is so pure, but also sad like he’s longing for love.
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bymoonchild · a year ago
Sugarplum Elegy (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing | Jungkook x Reader Genre | Fluff, smut, angst / College!AU, FWB!AU, Soundcloud singer!AU, Idiots to Lovers!AU Warnings | Explicit language, hopeless and helpless pining, constipated feelings, lots of smut, rimming, cum-eating, spitting, blowjob, fingering, classroom sex, Jungkook is emotionally constipated but wbk  Summary | You know no bounds nor depth with Jungkook. While your fuck buddy loves sleeping in your bed and doing laundry for you with his favourite fabric softener, you are in love with a mysterious honeyed, velvety voice on Soundcloud. All’s fine, until you find out that the voice that metaphors your heart to a sweet sugarplum melody actually belongs to the boy who has been taking up a special spot in your bed and in your heart, strumming at your heartstrings all this while.
Or, Jungkook has one braincell, but it’s heart-shaped.
Word count | 17.9k
Tumblr media
There’s no greater testament to love than love itself – the sheer vulnerability of being bound to someone emotionally and physically, and the aching process that bleeds into infinity. To love in every sense of the word is to offer your entire heart and place it on someone's bare hands, despite knowing that they might crush it in front of your very eyes.
Maybe love is like a dandelion, pretty during the summer mornings, but upon a huge gust of wind, its petals will be blown away, leaving its heart barren, abandoned. Given your past relationships, forming a fresh new ache and vulnerability for yet another person frightens the fuck out of you.
So when you wake up to a Jeon Jungkook beside you, lulled by the quiet sound of his breathing, your heart fizzles in your chest. It’s a no-strings-attached agreement that you two have decided on at the beginning of the year, but it’s still a feeling you can’t quite get accustomed to, especially when the first thing you see in the morning is his peaceful sleeping face, unless he’s spooning you, in which his warm breath will tickle the back of your nape. It’s weird because it feels nice, feels so right.
It's been six months since you two started the whole fuckbuddy agreement, yet you still can't get used to how warm Jungkook is, always so warm, as if the sun has chiselled its way into every single pore of your body, softening and melting your sharp edges. While his body still sends zaps down your spine, your mind registers that you’ve grown to adore the heat of his body when your cold feet always find themselves tangled together with his under the sheets.
He’s not much of a morning person, but sometimes, you’d wake up to him staring at you, caressing every detail of your face with his eyes, sunlight glittering golden in them, and smiling like a fool (an adorable one at that) at your groggy and sleepy self, as though your crusty morning face turns him on because it often leads to the continuation of the previous night’s copulation before scrambling to class.
You know no bounds nor depth with Jeon Jungkook. If anything, you’ve concluded that you’ve never met a person quite like him before, like the cosmos has moved for this concurrence to be possible.
Each new day brings a discovery about your fuckbuddy which keeps you on your toes, but nothing can ever beat the dorky Jungkook who becomes a freak in the sheets as he pounds mercilessly into you or pulls your hair as he buries himself deep inside the hilt of your throat. Nothing beats the feeling of having his warm body pressed up against yours as he whispers sweet nothings that caress and fan against your skin like invisible marks that will always be there, burning from deep within.
You hear Jungkook humming softly from behind you, comfortably settled on your bed while you’re hacking away at your laptop, rushing to finish your paper. You normally can’t work with noise or with another person in the room, but his humming falls quite pleasantly on your ears.
“Bub, you almost done?”
You turn around and spot Jungkook in only a pair of sweatpants, flaunting the ripples of his toned chest and abdomen. You have no idea why he even bothers wearing pants when you both know that he’s going to take off them later.
“Getting a little impatient, Pingu?”
A little pout plays on his lips, “No, it’s just that… You’ve been at it for hours and I’m kind of sleepy.”
“O-Oh, have you been you waiting for me? Why don’t you get ready first?”
“Actually, I thought we could, you know, just sleep tonight,” he smiles sheepishly, the curve of his cheek squished from where he is lying down on his pillow.
“You mean like…?”
“You’re tired, aren’t you?”
You don’t reply, merely shrugging your shoulders, but the bags under your eyes are an easy giveaway.
“Then hurry finish your work and get your ass here. My arms are kind of lonely here and it’s cold.”
You can’t deny that Jungkook looks so gorgeous, so tempting, waiting for you with that familiar tender gleam in his eyes as he pats down at the empty spot beside him.
“You’re cold? But you’re literally my personal heater,” you laugh, tinges of amusement dancing in your orbs, as you relent, slipping under the sheets beside him.
Chuckling softly, he leans in and ensures that there’s as little space between your bodies as possible from head to toe, until the tip of his nose is brushing against yours. He playfully throws a leg over yours, pressing the strong cleave of his chest up against you and his body heat immediately engulfs you, sated and warm.
You feel like there’s a fire in you, made of soft, satin embers.
You smile, looking up at Jungkook’s pretty visage. Your night lamp casts a dim shadow on his face that insinuates his long, feather-like eyelashes, brushing the bone of his structured cheeks. He holds back smiling like the fool he is, busy drinking in the sight of you and the closeness of you, but that roseate flush that blooms over his face betrays his heart’s desire, spreading across the bridge of his nose and cheekbones. Pretty.
If stars could take human form, they’d look a lot like Jungkook.
“Want to hear a bed pun that Jin-hyung bombed on us today?”
You hum in response.
“Never mind,” he shrugs, his eyes starting to crinkle up at the corners “It’s kind of sheety.”
“I fucking hate you!” You let out a whole-hearted laugh, doubling over to shove a pillow at Jungkook’s chest, “Don’t know why I put up with your dumb ass.”
“You love my dick!”
Tumblr media
And Jungkook is one hundred per cent correct.
He likes to sleep naked, which is something you don’t have a problem with. At least he has the decency to throw on a pair of briefs, but it doesn’t particularly help cover with his morning woods.
You’re about to leave for class, but something uncontrollable and searing stabs at your belly when your eyes land on his taut, golden stomach, the faint line of hair trailing south towards the Calvin Klein imprint and the noticeable boner pressing against it.
As the soft light filters in through your curtains, casting shadows on the gentle slopes of Jungkook's face, a tempting idea pops into your mind and you drop your bag onto the floor, crawling right back into bed.
Jungkook is a guy who adores surprises and you’re someone who likes catering to his interests, though what you adore most is catching him totally off-guard and watching him writhe helplessly under you, for all the times you woke up to him in between your thighs. You find joy in taking care of him as your mouth takes the reigns, slobbery and messy with saliva dribbling down your chin.
Pushing the quilt away off the bed, your eyes take their time to map his body, before your fingers start to trace down the line of hair leading towards his clothed cock. You lean forward to press a kiss to the muscular ridges of his taut abdomen, and then down his happy trail, before slowly mouthing over his bulge and lastly, to his toned, honeyed thighs.
Fuck, you love his thighs – in fact, you've spent too many nights thinking about riding them and keening out loud when he makes your fantasies come true.
His cock springs free when you tug his briefs down and its stiffness almost hits you in the face. He's as rigid as always, tip angry and glossy with arousal and veins prominent in his shaft and you take a few seconds to admire the veins that artistically run up his length like rivers along a woodland. You love his dick, nobody has stroke game like Jungkook and you’ve never been more exhilarated when condoms were thrown out of the picture after you two agreed to be exclusive.
When you wrap your hand around his dick, the soft skin feels like velvet, enticing you to press an open-mouthed kiss to the tip. Body still weighted from sleep, Jungkook's breath involuntarily hitches when you settle in a slow rhythm, hand wrapping around the base of his dick, moving it in tandem with the bobbing of your head.
Slowly, he begins to stir awake at your ministrations, hand bringing up to rub his eyes unconsciously. When he manages to peel his eyes apart and looks down at you through the tops of his eyes, with his dick in your mouth, he groans loudly.
“Morning, Pingu.”
Coyly, you duck your head, running your tongue along the side of Jungkook’s shaft, keeping a firm grip around the base. When you return to the tip, you suckle hard with your lips, lapping over the slit feverishly. You relish the weight of his warm dick in your mouth and it’s when Jungkook starts to pant heavily with eyes rolled all the way back, his muscles straining as he rolls his hips upwards for more that you know you’ve succeeded.
“Fuck,” he knots his fingers through the dark tufts of your hair in pleasure, “I’d kill to wake up to this every day.”
“Well, today’s your lucky day.”
Leaning backwards, you pull Jungkook’s legs up higher and spread open them. You give his ass a little slap before further spreading his asscheeks and he jumps in shock when you spit obscenely into his ass.
Right after you got into the agreement, you two discussed each other’s kinks. You’ve always thought rimming was hot and Jungkook was eager to experiment with you, saying that it’s literally every guy’s dream come true to have his ass eaten out.
Your first lick is a broad strip from his perineum to his entrance, stopping there to suckle lightly at his rim. The contact sends trembles to course throughout Jungkook’s body and he gasps out shamelessly, closing his thighs instinctively and trapping your head between them. When your tongue laps at his tight, little tunnel, pressing little kisses to his rim, he arches his back out of his reaction, eyes clouded with lust.
You can’t help but tighten your fingers around his ass, kneading it greedily as drool and spit drip from the corner of your lips. At this, his mouth falls open in soundless moans, soft whimpers drawn from the back of his throat, muscles rippling beneath his skin.
Jungkook tastes better than you remember, though the only thing you can focus on is how helpless he is writhing underneath you and the protrusion of his arm veins as he clutches the sheets firmly from the interminable sensation.
You see his hand reach out for his dick that's throbbing between his thighs, aching for any kind of friction. The darkness in his eyes is enough to send a punch of heat straight into the pit of your gut.
"Touch yourself and you can say goodbye to coming,” you slap his hand away.
He throws his head in frustration, eyes shut and lips red and parted, "But–"
"Let me help you."
A growl is ready at the back of his throat when you lightly scrape your teeth on his rim, spit dripping down your chin, trailing past his balls and down to your bedsheet. Laundry Senpai would be out for a field day.
While your tongue continues to lick at his rim, back to his balls and then to the very tip of his dick, your right hand finds itself wrapped around the thick girth of his dick, finally giving it some attention. You begin to milk him, stroking him again and again and helping him to chase his orgasm. Perched on either side of your face, Jungkook feels his legs grow weak as you continue to jerk him off, revelling in each wanton sigh and moan that slips from your lips.
Out of pleasure or lack of control, you don’t oppose when his hips start to rut against your face as he chases his high. Instead, you slacken your jaw and lap at his puckered hole faster, prodding at his entrance with the tip of your tongue, knowing that he isn’t going to last much longer.
When Jungkook finally comes, you lap at his cock thirstily, taking in every drop of cum. He looks so fucked out, chest heaving up and down as globs of white cover your lips and chin, but you continue to lick the cum, swirling around his head. You gaze up at Jungkook and sees that lower lip is slightly swollen from where he’d been biting down on it, slightly red, and you desperately yearn to feel the soft and warm skin beneath the pad of your finger.
He pats your hair with a dreamy smile and your heart stutters at the way his eyes crinkle so prettily no matter how gently he’s smiling.
Your room is suspended in a beautiful haze, the morning air sitting like a blanket around you two, alongside the sounds of your breathing.
“Cute,” you whisper, pressing little kisses along the length of his dick.
Heat ruptures across Jungkook’s face, a visible flush radiating on his rounded, apple cheeks, and works its way to the bridge of his nose.
“You did not just call my dick cute,” he raggedly inhales.
“Shit, I gotta run – have class in like,” you ignore his complaint, checking your watch, “Fuck, 20 minutes.”
“Hey, take it back! My dick is not cute,” he puffs, folding his arms.
“Dude, I legit just woke you up with a blowjob and this is the thanks I get.”
“Just kidding…” He smiles sheepishly, taking your hand into his, “So I’ll see you tonight? We’re having dinner at the new Italian place, right?”
“Of course, can’t wait to watch you have an overdose of cheese.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully, but the glint in his eyes screams that he can’t wait.
“Anyways, you better get up – you’re going to be late for your 11am.”
“I’m skipping,” his lips curl up into a smirk and even in his sleepy state, he still knows how to be a brat, “Gotta help Yoongi-hyung with something.”
"You're up to something no good, huh?”
With a sparkle in his eye, he smiles, "That I am."
You chuckle and press your hand against Jungkook’s cheek, fingers brushing against the scar on his cheekbone, intending to pinch his cheek, but he beats you to it and quickly turns his face into the curve of your palm. He then presses a kiss to it, painting his smile against the wrinkles of your skin and your heart ricochets in your chest.
“I—See you, Pingu.”
Another sleepy bunny smile adorns the stretch of his lips, “See you later.”
You don’t realise that you’ve been carrying a smile on your face ever since you left your apartment until your friend Jiyoon breaks you out of your trance by telling you that you look like a clown. Waking up to Jungkook by your side is such a domestic concept and honestly, that should intimidate you. Instead, all you feel is a blooming of butterflies in your stomach.
Tumblr media
There are several traits and abilities of Jungkook’s that he prides himself on. He’s intelligent in a lot of ways and in some ways not. He’s socially aware and knows when to be quiet or loud. Yet, he has always assumed an air of detachment and aloofness, making people and sometimes even himself believe that he has an extra layer of skin, invisible and almost impenetrable.
He is, nevertheless, just a little shier with his words and doesn’t open up easily. Even when he does, he still walks on seashells around his closest of friends. He can’t help it – it’s just his nature and who he is. However, people who know him should know that he’s all bark and no bite. He’s much softer than he looks – and his heart is fragile and afraid.
Admittedly, he is a hopeless romantic at heart although the pursuit of pure, unconditional love is found dead in a ditch and he will rather die than admit that he still believes that he’ll hear bells when he crosses path with his soulmate.
Now with you in the picture, he really doesn’t know anymore. It’s unclear how this arrangement started, it’s a nebulous concurrence of fate… alongside the need to fulfil sexual desires with no strings attached.
You two met at a school event through Yoongi, your friend who’s a music production major and also the campus radio DJ, and while the three of you hung out a couple of times, you’ve never really established a friendship with him.
It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment where it all started – how you fell into each other like this, how you grew to become addicted to the crash of his body against yours, fitting into the little crooks of each other’s life. It worked so well the first time that the second time was kind of a given and soon, both of you came to some sort of unspoken agreement that the next time you come into contact would result in both tangled in bed.
So there isn’t such an exact moment when things unavoidably shifted in your life and trying to find the exact moment that unchained everything would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s just that you can’t quite remember sex feeling so good with anyone else.
Still, you wouldn’t count on him being entirely transparent with you.
He’s still an enigma, never quite settling, and consequently, neither could your so-called agreement. The line has blurred far too much for comprehension. But it’s simply the beautiful contradictions that make Jungkook so Jungkook, someone you may never quite understand, but desperately want to, from somewhere deep in your bones. All you know is that your heart somehow lurches whenever he’s near, that his gaze still makes you shy especially when you’re under him at his mercy, and that re-watching (yet) another Marvel film with him on your bed brings comfort to your heart.
It’s not fair how Jungkook can make you feel like you’re six feet under what you assume must be somewhere between lust and adoration, when he says the dumbest of things like, “96% of guys masturbate.”
“Then what about the other 4%?”
He deadpans with a casual shrug of his shoulders, “The other 4% don’t have hands.”
You throw a pillow at his smug face, but even if he says the dumbest things, you like to listen to the timbre of his voice, how it rolls over the vowels like honey smothering biscuits. You should hate the way he makes you bare your neck so easily, makes you quiver and tremble at the slightest touch, yet your stomach still coils no matter how hard you try to push away the hummingbird heart residing in your chest.
“I don’t know why I even tolerate you.”
“Thanks, love you too.”
Questionable words like these have been thrown around casually, the harrowing weight often settling uneasily in both of your stomachs. Too many unspoken words fill the air and they’ve been lingering in the air for some time now. While it’s undeniable that you two share something, where feelings are mutually understood without having to say much, life isn’t a bed of roses and things will happen when the universe wants them to.
“Noted with thanks.”
Tumblr media
Staying over wasn’t initially part of the deal in fear of jeopardising the friendly arrangement, but as time goes by, when sex becomes a daily thing and Jungkook starts coming over more often and later in the night, breaching the fuck buddy etiquette starts to matter less.
The dick appointments are always at your place because he proclaims that he loves your bed and it’s ten folds comfier than his. You can’t seem to fathom why because you find his bed equally comfortable to sleep on and it probably smells much nicer than yours, mixed with the brew of his musky scent and peach shampoo.
Now, almost half of the things in your apartment belong to him including his favourite fabric softener, just because he can. He makes sure that he’s over every Friday at least to do laundry and has even persuaded you to entrust all laundry duties. Friends with benefits etiquette? Not in this household.
You smile at the toothbrush holder, before picking out yours, which has its place next to Jungkook’s red one. It’s just moments like these where you know that he’s undoubtedly carved himself a rightful space in your life like there was a space reserved just for him. Becoming a constant beyond the late-night dick appointments and one of your best friends, someone you text and exchange dank memes with on a daily basis. Someone you trust.
You adapt to him quickly, and he accepts you unconditionally. In an odd way, it’s like he’s always meant to be by your side. It’s like the cosmos knew. And slowly, it’s as if he’s never gone and the mutual fear of overstaying your welcome or the fear of letting yourself get too comfortable with each other has dissipated. Now, it gets harder not to think about how his cologne tends to rub off on you even hours after sex and it gets harder to ignore the mixture of scents that lingers in your room.
Stepping out of the shower, you hum quietly to yourself and see Jungkook engrossed in playing a game on his phone. When you continue to hum, Jungkook drops his phone and stares at you like a deer caught in headlights.
“W-What are you singing?”
You chuckle, “Whoa, was I that bad?”
His face is a chiaroscuro, the right side illuminated from the lamplight, the left in soft shadow. But there’s something indescribable about his expression that you can’t seem to decipher as he stares at you guardedly.  
“N-No! I’m just ¬– what song is that?”
“It’s Euphoria,” you dismiss him casually, “By GCF. He’s a new Soundcloud singer whom I just discovered the other day. Heard of him before?”
“E-Er, no?”
“What’s with your reaction?”
“N-Nothing! I-It’s a nice song I guess.”
You beam, “Yeah, I think he just started his singing career, but I really like his voice. Makes me feel all soft inside.”
“Soft, huh?” A teasing smirk inches its way onto the edges of Jungkook’s lips, “I thought you only like listening to rap music.”
“Geez, can’t I have a diverse taste in music?”
“Bitch,” you roll your eyes in faux annoyance, “Remind me to send you some of his music.”
“I-It’s fine… I can just search it up myself.”
You grab your phone, ready to unlock it, “No wait, let me just play his song—”
Whatever you’re about to say is lost when Jungkook reaches for you and cuts you off with a kiss. Heat sinks low in your belly when he catches your lower lip and tugs at it roughly. He rests his hands onto the tapers of your waist, before going south to cup over the curve of your ass, causing you to drop your phone on the bed. A deep spike of pleasure pulses in his abdomen when your eyes widen, a soft sound passing through your lips that only he has the privilege of hearing.
That night, the sex is a little different.
Jungkook roams languid kisses everywhere – your lips, jaw, the column down your throat, clavicles and down the valley of your breasts and you let him trace love notes all over your skin.
It’s a feeling that you two are used to. The sound of his pants being unzipped as he unravels you, your tongue feeling heavy with his. The crescent marks of your nails on Jungkook’s back as he thrusts into you with unbridled ardour, never losing eye contact with you. The breathy praises on your skin till it’s almost scalding, like pure propulsions of energy looping into stellar spaces, burnished suns flaring radiant.
Jungkook coaxes sounds out of your mouth like he’s tugging at your heartstrings, drawing out symphonies and melodies trapped beneath your tongue, until the room echoes with a mixture of curses and moans, until there’s nothing but Jungkook and only him on your mind.
You don’t fall asleep immediately that night.
While Jungkook’s face is tucked into his pillow, lips slightly parted, and breaths calm and soft against your sheets, you comb your fingers through his hair, liking how his locks feel soft like rose petals between your fingers.
When dawn arrives and slowly paints the world a pale rose and the noise of the city is muted outside, you bury your face into the dips of his shoulder blades as your mind continues to swirl, absorbing Jungkook and everything about him. How he smells like the smell of clean linen and peach, a light musk that sits heavy and familiar, how you can’t shake the phantom smell of Jungkook’s cologne on your skin.
In all honesty, it hurts. You’ve never felt this susceptible to someone’s gaze or touch and it fills you with nothing but with further want for him.  
Friends with benefits aren’t meant to be like this. They aren’t supposed to have such tenderness laced into every touch. But the thing is, you’re well aware that you don’t just treat Jungkook as just a fuckbuddy, not when your body reacts to his touches like this, not when static seems to build beneath your bones every time he smiles at you with stars coruscating in his eyes.  
There are times you’ve thought about how maybe, just maybe he feels something different about you, like the way you feel about him, but you’re probably projecting your own feelings onto him, so you dismiss it without further thought.
You could make a home in the hollow of his hold. But for now, you’d just let the rise and fall of Jungkook’s chest lull you to sleep.
Tumblr media
[you] [16:35] hello are you open for business today [16:36] i would like to make a dick appointment
[Big Dick Dude 👅] [16:36] hi yes, welcum [16:36] we have a slot from 8pm all the way till 9am the next morning [16:37] we provide dinner too. any preference?
[you] [16:37] i would like some nuggets with a Dick on the side [16:37] mega upsize for the Dick please  
[Big Dick Dude 👅] [16:37] Large size it is. okie dokies your reservation has been confirmed [16:37] n.e ways, want to hear a joke about my dick? [16:37] nevermind, it’s too long
[you] [16:38] sorry can i cancel my appointment? i don’t remember asking for a lame willy  
Tumblr media
Jungkook always delivers and you’re not just talking about nuggets, bubble tea, and his Big Dick on the side. He always delivers, whether it’s his promises or fleeting remarks that you don’t even remember him saying. After months of being physically intimate with him, you learn that Jungkook is everything you thought he would be, and at the same time so much more and it piques your curiosity.
You want to learn more about him, unravel him from inside and out, until you are confidently acquainted with the exact colour of his eyes, the sound of his laughter, and the little antics that just make him so charming and endearingly dorky – everything that makes him Jeon Jungkook.
“Strawberry milk tea for me, 100% sugar because why not, and a green milk tea with pearls, 30% sugar for my lady.”
Static gathers at your fingertips as Jungkook’s fingers brush against yours when he hands you your drink.
You ignore his attempt to flirt, “You remember my order?”
“Of course,” he says a little too quickly and regrets immediately, “I-I mean, it’s a simple order… Pretty sure my one braincell can at least remember it.”
Smiling softly, you pull him into an embrace, while he rests his chin on the top of your head, taking advantage of the extra centimetres in height he has on you.
The light coming from your bed lamp allows the brush of his lashes to be shadowed onto the perfectly sculpted apples of his cheeks. From where you’re standing, you swear you can see a little blush making camp on his cheeks and you’re smacked once again with heavy realisation that your fuckbuddy is unbelievably ethereal.
Not that you aren’t already aware of it, but Jungkook staring at you with such bright adoration in his eyes, the light scar etched on his cheek, which screams to be smooched, and the small mole on the side of his neck that has become your favourite spot to kiss, is really something else.
“Fucking date me already, bro,” you mutter under your breath as you nuzzle your face into his chest.
His warm eyes bore imploringly at you and you tense up almost immediately, feeling hot like there is a fire deep in your bones, washing your senses away. The thought of him agreeing to your casual tease crosses your mind as a fleeting thought, but it dies when Jungkook just brushes it off with a chuckle.  
“Only if you pay me.”
“You fucking wish.”
A reciprocal laugh escapes from Jungkook’s lips, but he thinks his heart has just done a pirouette at the sight of your smile.  
“So how was your day?” He whispers, tucking your hair behind your ear even though it doesn’t fall, just because he just likes touching you, because he wants to be near you all the time, “Hope it was as nice as my ass.”
You scoff, but there’s an amused smile on your face, “I actually don’t know if you’re being truly genuine or sarcastic.”
“Well, it depends on whether you think my ass is nice or not.”
“Hmm… Well, it’s not that nice as Taehyung’s… I’ll give it a 6 or 7.”
“What the fuck?” Jungkook gasps out loud dramatically, “Right in front of my salad? Take that back! You’re not allowed to talk about my friend’s ass in front of me.”
“Why can’t I?”
“Because I… You just can’t! That’s just… the bro code!” He shakes his head furiously and the little pout starts to form on his lips doesn’t escape your notice.
“That literally doesn’t make sense.”
“Bub... Do you really think his ass is better than mine?”
Despite the crude nature of his question, there’s a certain softness laced in his voice. He clutches your palm, his thumb idly gliding up and down the back of your palm so tenderly that it has the tips of your ears warming.
“Jeon Jungkook, are you jealous right now?”
“What? Of course not!”
“Well, I mean Taehyung does have nice fingers too, but I like yours more.”
“O-Oh, okay,” he mutters under his breath, continuing to rub circles into your palm silently.
A laugh leaves your lips as you pad over, “Dumbass. When I say that you have nice fingers, it means that I want them. In me.”
You’re grinning at him and he feels like his heart has grown fists because his sternum feels like it’s being battered.
“Fuck, your mouth is a sin.”
“You love it though,” you whisper sultrily, before placing your hand dangerously near his crotch and then dragging a finger over the length of his cock through his pants.
“Hell yeah I do.”
It’s whispered, barely louder than a breath and it’s more of a confession than Jungkook ever wants to admit.
Leaning in, his breath brushes over your bottom lip as he curls an arm around your neck to pull you closer. He leans forward, nose brushing against yours before he plants a kiss on your lips.
Your lips continue to dance over each other, heart skipping a beat whenever Jungkook sucks on your bottom lip. It’s a soft kiss, but also a hard fall, like plummeting a million miles an hour through time and space to land straight in the middle of heaven, the gates opening to reveal a beautifully blossoming feeling of unparalleled warmth and joy.
Maybe it’s against Jungkook’s better judgement when he presses another chaste kiss to the space between your eyes. Maybe that in itself is a very poor decision, because his feelings suddenly threaten to consume him completely.
Because in the deep tresses of his mind, he thinks he can hear bells ringing.
You can’t breathe, hands fisted in the front of Jungkook’s shirt, dizzy, lightheaded and hot all over. His teeth scrape over your bottom lip, which nearly makes your knees give out, and you barely have time to draw in a ragged breath before he greedily dives into the sensitive part of your neck for more. You tilt your head back, giving him free rein, and grip his bare shoulders so hard that you know it’ll leave red marks on his skin. You strangely like the idea of that.
He begins to nibble the pulse beneath your jaw fervently, eyelashes fluttering against the hinge of your jaw, till he sees a bruise beginning to blossom, his hand sneaking up your skirt. You try to break away from the pursuit of his kisses, but Jungkook is undeterred, planting kisses and nibbles down your jaw and to your breasts, prompting the smouldering lust crackling over your skin to only intensify.
Shuffling to the edge of the bed, his eyes rest on your features as you hover over him. Your fingers reach out to grab at the waistband of his pants and underwear, yanking them so that they pool around his ankles, before taking his dick in your hands.
You’re about to wrap your lips around the head of his cock when Jungkook cuts you off.
“Wait, how do you know that Taehyung’s fingers are nice? Do you stare at them?”
Your actions come to a halt and you let out a loud sigh in annoyance to mask the way your chest fills with so much fondness that it oozes out of every crevice of your body at Jungkook’s confused expression with his big doe eyes.
“Jeon Jungkook, I’m literally about to suck your dick. Does it really matter?”
Something cracks in his demeanour and he snaps after that. You can’t even remember how many times you fuck that night. Right after you suck Jungkook off, he’s hitched you up and pressed you up against the wall and fucked you rough and fast, just the way both of you like it. The second time is slower and less frantic. He’s stripped you of your clothes and thrown you onto the bed and pounded into you, slow and deep, until you’re keening and begging for more.
By the end of the night, you’re sore in so many places, with bruises painted all over your body like an artwork, and Jungkook is knocked out cold next to you, a heavy arm draped across your waist. As you relish in his warmth and weight beside you, the heightened thrum of your pulse continues to be cognisant at the under of your jaw, screaming in the distance.  
Tumblr media
Three weeks into discovering GCF’s music, it’s become your life goal to never shut up about him. For someone who is a sworn rap fanatic (which is how you became friends with Yoongi because god, his taste in music is superior and he himself spits fire with no mercy), you’ve strangely become obsessed with GCF’s poignant music and his thematic exploration of love. It’s come to a point where you have every single one of his songs downloaded onto your phone and you visit his Soundcloud page every day without fail to check if he’s uploaded a new track or replied to comments.
There’s just something about his voice that manages to worm its way directly into your chest, where it’s festered into something so captivating that you can’t help but feel a meadowsweet summer warmth clamouring around your heart with giddiness on its heels. His voice has a certain sweetness, a softness that you could sometimes feel in the pit of your belly if you listen to him with your eyes closed.
You’re just a teensy bit butthurt that he hasn’t responded to your comment from last week – your really long and sweet comment about how much you could listen to him sing forever.
It also doesn’t help that Jungkook isn’t supportive of your fangirl antics and he proves it once again with the judgmental look he’s shooting you from your desk, while busying himself with a bowl of cereal at 2am. You’re unsure whether you should be the one judging him but then again, he is Jeon Jungkook after all.
"Why can’t you crush on an idol? You don’t even know how this dude looks like.”
You frown, pressing your lips together, “Stop being a hater. Isn’t that just the beauty of an underground artist?”
Rolling his eyes, Jungkook replies with an air of nonchalance, “Okay, but what if he’s a serial killer? Or a 50-year-old creep?”
“Chill dude, he said somewhere that he’s a college kid. That’s why he takes quite long to put out new releases.”
“He said that?”
“I think I read it somewhere in the comments,” you shrug, stealing another mouthful of Jungkook’s cereal just because you can, “Why?”
He ignores your question and snatches back the spoon in faux irritation, “So what else do you know about him?”
You shrug, staring at him a moment longer, “Nothing much, except for the fact that he’s hopelessly in love with someone because his songs are fucking sad and romantic, but you know what? I absolutely dig that aesthetic.”
Jungkook feels like his soul is being looked into, and for a moment there, he genuinely thinks that you’re tricking him into admitting the truth. It scares him to think that he might have been transparent and vulnerable with his feelings. But even if you suspect anything, if you’ve noticed any sort of hints in the way Jungkook acts or the things he says, you don’t show it.
“He is?” He manages to squeak out, eyes glued on his now empty bowl.
“What’s with you questioning everything about him?”
“Nothing… It’s just… this guy seems dodgy. He doesn’t even sing that well. And what does GCF even stand for? Greatest common factor?”
“Oh my god, shut your nerdy trap!” You gasp, mouth agape, “And who are you to say that? You can’t even sing!”
You hit him with your pillow, but Jungkook, being the all-rounded guy he is, deftly catches it with a tight smile, “Remember that time when you tried singing to Justin Bieber – I swear I thought my mirrors were about to shatter!”
This only prompts an eyeroll from him as he’s brought back to the memory of him purposely screeching at the top of his lungs when you blasted Justin Bieber.
He doesn’t like lying to you, but he hasn’t quite decided on how he wanted to break the news to you. Does he simply just confess to you one day about him GCF all along? That all his songs are about you? That the person he’s hopelessly in love with… is you?
He doesn’t know, but he knows that he’s fine with whatever he has with you now. It’s an easy habit, the way you immediately scooch over to your side of the bed to make room for Jungkook. It’s just as much of a habit the way he immediately throws an arm over your waist, sturdy chest against the small of your back and legs entangled for extra heat The cuddle fest resumes, but when Jungkook presses his nose against the exposed skin at the base of your neck and sighs quietly, you realise that something’s off.
“You okay, Pingu?”
“Mmm fine.”
Your eyes are patient, fond, as you turn over to trail your fingers down his face, over the apple of his cheek and the corner of his mouth, brushing gingerly over his lower lip.
“Want to talk about it?”
Closing his eyes, he sighs, “Nah, it’s okay.”
He could not be content with the joyful contemplation of your eyes and your golden heart. Not even for a second could he let this love dwell upon his senses– because he knows he’s going to let you down at the end of the day.
The apartment falls quiet. Within the moment of silence that falls between you two, you think about how you two have shared so many silences, the quiet and steady presence of unwavering and unconditional support – that you no longer feel the need to fill them up with conversation. So you allow yourself to enjoy his sweet presence, the peachy smell of his shampoo, and the steady rise and fall of his chest.
“What are you thinking about, Pingu?”
There’s a beat of a pause that lingers between you, the gleam in the caramel of his eyes sparkling with something akin to lust as he attacks your neck with a violent raspberry to your neck.
Your heart leaps at your throat and you feel warmth simmering under your skin, sitting high on your cheeks.
“What about me?” You ask, skimming your fingertip down Jungkook’s chest.
Shivering slightly at the contact, the smallest of smirks inches into the corner of his mouth, “The number of bad things I want to do to you.”
Your lips curl up, resembling his as you whisper breathily into his ear, “Want to know what I’m thinking about?”
Your eyes are filled with mirth, a little sinister, mostly playful, inviting him to inch closer and you reach for the crook of his neck, lips coming into contact with his sensitive spot that you’re very familiar with. He moans when he feels the light suck of your teeth and the curve of your evil grin forming against his skin.
“How much I want you to do those bad things to me.”
And Jungkook’s heart stutters in his chest, his head spinning at the propinquity, the intimacy of it all, and the love in his chest blossoming and spreading throughout his body.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is well aware of the fact that he is indeed an idiot. Him and feelings? An irreconcilable combination. He’s accepted this. While he’s decent in his grades and talented in many areas, he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing with you. His hands have minds of their own whenever you’re near and his mind goes short-circuit. Especially when he sees you with a dude he doesn’t recognise at the study lounge.
Something heavy and uncomfortable settles in the pit of his stomach at the sight. He’s always been mildly aware that you have a life outside of catering to his every whim, but this is the first time he’s been slapped in the face by the fact.
Squinting his eyes, he realises that you’re sharing your earpiece with the unidentified dude and he becomes super vigilant of your little mannerisms – how your face is lit up as you’re laughing and how your shoulders are brushing against the dude’s too much to his liking.
You’re always smiling when you’re with him. He’s not quite sure he’s seen the expression slip from your face, laced in the curve of your mouth and the crinkles of your eyes. It's another little detail, just one from his burgeoning list of things that he finds attractive about you. He wonders if he could be the only reason for your smile. He wants to be, desperately wants to, but he’s not sure if he’s capable of doing so. And he’s angry at himself for not believing that he can do so. Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t tie you down, maybe you’d be better off with some other dude.
Maybe he shouldn’t be so selfish.
But he wants to be. When it comes to you, he wants to be selfish. He feels like he’s in a trance, fallen straight into the web you’ve woven around him, and he can’t get out because something in him turns green.
You beam at the boy standing awkwardly across the room, totally forgetting to keep your cool when your eyes land on his outfit. You have to stop yourself from drooling at how good he looks in his usual black button-down and dark jeans, the wide planes of his chest and the strong curves of the muscles in his arms.
When he walks over, his cologne wafts through the air and you have to will yourself not to have any dirty thoughts from how well his button-down stretches across his shoulders.
“Hey babe.”
Jungkook’s eyes zero in on your face, vaguely fleeting to the boy’s beside you, and shoots him a quiet seething glare when his eyes land on the proximity of your shoulders. For a split moment, he looks down at your phone and sees that you’re on GCF’s Soundcloud page – listening to his newest single, “Nothing Like Us” and his heart pummels to his stomach, softening a little.
“Boyfriend?” The guy perks up beside you, wariness evident in his tone.
You gently slap him on the shoulder in laughter, “Oh, we’re not together—”
“Yes, we are. Let’s go, bub.”
Jungkook doesn’t wait up, grabbing your things and shoving them in your bag like you’re in a mad rush. It’s impossible for him to think straight. His mind has become an unrecognisable labyrinth that he has difficulty navigating, sent into a turmoil.
As he pulls you out of the lounge, fingers firmly intertwined with yours, warmth encapsulates your heart and cheeks, like sunlight melting on your skin in molten gold.
“I texted you,” he begins quietly, focusing on the ground and everywhere, except on your face as you desperately search for his eyes.
“Sorry, I didn’t see. Was busy doing work with Minhyuk.”
At once, Jungkook’s vision flares red, glinting in the smooth obsidian of his eyes, “Don’t say his name.”
He doesn’t answer and continues to tug you through the hallway.
“J-Jungkook? Where are we going?”
Realisation hits you when he brings you to an empty classroom – you recognise it as the old classroom that nobody ever uses – and a chill runs down your spine when the sound of the door being locked echoes throughout the room.
He pushes you against the wall, hands perched next to your head and you can't stop staring at his biceps, revelling in the way his arms flex whenever he moves.
“Strip,” he orders sternly, nipping at the lobe of your ear.
Jungkook has shared his kinks with you and you’ve never pegged him to be one for classroom sex, though you’ve got to admit that you’re turned on as well at the idea of a desperate, quick fuck in a classroom. Something so raw and visceral about it that sends a hot rush of arousal through you.
“You need to be taught a lesson,” he quirks his brow and smirks, reaching to unbuckle his belt.  
His lips purse before a chuckle leaves him, breathy sound meeting a restless tongue, as he runs it over his lips, “Did I stutter?”
The glint in his eye is dangerous like he has a primal need to claim. It makes you feel even more like a prey put on display, all weak in the knees for him when he slowly traces the dips and curves of your face – your eyelashes that’s fluttering with every breath, that tiny mole below your right eye, and your rosy pink lips. His eyes continue to trail down to the marks painted all over your neck and he feels a strum of possessiveness and satisfaction swell in his chest, knowing that he’s the rightful artist of such masterpiece.
He unbuttons your shirt and tugs it over your head, almost ripping it in the process but refrains himself from doing so at the thought of you screaming at him afterwards.
He plants an open-mouthed kiss on your lips and your mouths move in perfect synchronisation, practiced and perfect, but still sloppy with desire, a little too loud, a little too heated. There’s a tangible frantic hunger in the way Jungkook kisses you, a desperate need in how his hands roughly clutch at your waist, like he’s trying to steal the air from your lungs.
“All mine,” he whispers, teeth finding the plump of your bottom lip, a gentle gnaw at the flesh. When he tugs at it, it burns an inferno into your chest, imprinting your so deepest desires to the edge of your mind.
“Oh god,” you sob into Jungkook’s mouth, winding your arms around his neck and pressing closer, kissing you through the ache in your jaw, through the ache between your legs.
He doesn’t hesitate to hitch you up and you wind your legs around his waist, sweeping your tongue across his lips. This is far from romance, miles away, but it feels so romantic when it’s this raw and aggressive, tasting so much like teeth and sweat, lips working in precise vigour.
It’s almost impossible to pull away and when you finally break apart, a strand of saliva connects your mouths together. You watch Jungkook’s swollen lips glisten with your own saliva alongside the flecks of gold in his eyes and the very sight sends an electrifying heat down to your arousal.
There's something about kissing Jungkook, the mere act of having his chest pressed against yours and arms wrapped around you that feels natural and right, like you’ve been doing this for years.
When you slot one of your thighs between Jungkook’s and rock your hips forward, he takes this time to trail soft kisses down the column of your throat. Your breath catches in your throat when Jungkook sucks at the underside of your jaw, where your pulse is at and lets his lips linger, mouth leaving the warmth of an invisible mark that makes you rightfully his, even if just for a second.
He presses another kiss to the corner of your mouth, before trailing his lips to the shell of your ear and whispers, “I’m going to ruin you. Going to fuck your brains out till you can only remember my name.”
His words prompt a gasp to escape your lips and he uses this as an opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth, coaxing another moan from you when he explores the inside of your mouth with his tongue and you let him, wanting him to explore every nook and cranny of your cavern.
“Going to fuck you silly, babe. Just the way we like it.”
It’s the deep timbre of his voice, almost a growl, that sends electricity to course through your veins, making you feel so fucking alive. It’s the way Jungkook’s shoulders barricade your leaner frame, which makes you feel so weak in comparison and dots your body with goosebumps, remembering the time he shoved you against the janitor closet and left a lovely bruise on your lower back and reminded you of the sheer force of his hips even days after.
“On your knees.”
And you comply wordlessly, sinking onto your knees as your hands find themselves holding onto his thighs for support.
He’s so fucking hot with the radiant flush on his face, hair sweaty and dripping onto his neck, shirt clinging like an extra layer of skin. Jeans tight around his thighs and oh, he’s saliently hard.
He tugs his jeans down impatiently, which land with a thud, and you watch with fascination as his thick, angry cock springs up and slaps onto his abdomen, precum already pearling at the tip.
“Open up, love,” he commands.
Before you can even touch his cock, he bends down to meet your eyes. Patting your head, he puckers his lips and spits, coating your tongue with his saliva in one sharp shot. You gasp at his sudden action but swallow, wanting to taste your wetness mixed in with his. His tongue twists against yours as he buries his fingers in between the silky strands of your hair, tugging it backwards, leaving you whimpering with desire.
“You like that, baby?” Jungkook whispers against your lips.
You can only moan again, unable to form coherent sentences, especially when he breaks away and slaps the head of his dick against your cheek, spreading precum there, and then on your tongue before guiding himself to the cavern of your hot mouth.
He curses underneath his breath when you stick out the flat of your tongue to lick around the slit, before kissing the head softly and smearing your lips with his precum.
Desperation peaks hot in the air around you two. This must be what it feels like to be on fire, so consumed by flames of desire. You peak up at him through your eyelashes and you watch as Jungkook’s eyes flash with something so carnal that it makes you want to take his dick deeper. You feel like you might just combust into ashes.
You wrap your lips around the velvet tip, beginning in a slow rhythm, swiping your tongue out as you savour the bitterness of it and sucking hard. Jungkook’s cock rests heavy on your tongue, throbbing at the wet heat of your mouth. Your hands reach forward to cup his balls, massaging them while you continue to suck around his head, eyes peeking upward every so often.
“Going to fuck your throat now, babe. Open wider for me, okay?”
You hum in response, before pulling away from his dick and return to slide back down again till you feel it hit the back of your throat. Jungkook reaches down and threads his fingers into your hair, right down to the base of your scalp. When he pulls tight, your lashes flutter, a breathy noise that sounds a lot like a moan spilling out of your swollen lips.
Jungkook pulls out slightly and you know what’s about to come. Using your mouth with no regards, he incessantly shoves his cock down your throat, satisfied by the disgusting gurgling sounds coming out of you. Your affirmation reeks of desperation, rolling out in ecstatic waves and ripples.
His mind is growing hazy, the sharpness dulling and the only thing he can think about is how good you feel around him. Fuck, no one chokes and slobbers on cock the way you do.
His hips continue to jerk faster desperately, catching and sliding right into the wet, hot vice of your throat, until his dick is buried warmly and snuggly at the back of your throat and the curved point of your nose is pressed against his pubic hair. In his mind, he thinks your mouth looks so fucking pretty stuffed with his cock.
You gag once again, tears forming at the edge of your tears, and it sparks something in Jungkook’s stomach. He wants to take you into bed, eat you out for hours and makes you orgasm till your vision goes black, till you know nothing but him and only him. But you’re not in your room and in fact in an abandoned classroom and as much as he wants to please you, he knows that the table isn’t the most comfortable. With that, he yanks you off him, which comes with a light ‘pop’ and a thread of drivel stretches from your lower lip to the crown of his shaft. You whimper at the loss of his dick, tears trickling down the high flush on your cheeks, and even then, he still thinks you look the prettiest.
Jungkook can barely get his fingers around himself, stroking once, twice, before he comes in thick spurts across your lips and chin.
Reaching behind, he gets a handful of your ass and easily hoists you up on top of the teacher’s desk. There’s a slap to the junction between your ass and your left thigh, the meaty flesh reddening and as much as it hurts, you love it when he’s rough with you. 
For a second, the world is black and then your shirts are tossed on the floor after much pulling and tugging, your bare chest heaving as you try to retrieve the breath that Jungkook seems to have stolen straight from your lungs.
He’s got you lying flat on the teacher’s desk before him, your skirt and underwear hanging carelessly around one of your ankles. His thumb darts right over your nipple, before he drags his tongue over it, sucking on it lightly and circling around it while he kneads the other with his palm and tweaks the bud between his knuckles. But what really sets you off is when he grinds the solid girth of his cock over your glistening centre teasingly. 
“Please don’t tease...” 
As your thighs engulf around him, he leans forward, letting his nose nuzzle at the apex of your cunt, where the scent of your sex is so strong.
You can’t see the lower of his face or mouth, only his nose and tendrils of hair stuck on his forehead, but you can definitely it as his tongue circles around your clit, trailing a fat stripe up your folds playfully and sucking at your wetness. A string of curses fall from your mouth, pleasure hot and sharp shooting through your veins to feed the tightening coil in your abdomen, and a sense of satisfaction hits him square in the chest when he hears his own name in the mix.
He relishes in the shaky gasp he coaxes out of you again when his teeth scrape lightly against the nub before the pearl a harsh suck. There’s nothing sweet or soft about the way he’s eating you out, but that doesn’t stop you from squeezing your thighs in between his head.
It’s a tidal wave, causing even more wetness to pool between your thighs when you feel a finger teasing at your entrance. He rubs you a few times more before easing the digit in, while his tongue continues to flick at your clit lazily as you throw your head back, hitting the desk lightly in the process but it feels so fucking euphoric. His finger is thick, so fucking long and thick and your tightness gladly invites the chafe of his finger, relishing in the way he makes you feel so full. 
“Fuck yeah, so good,” your fingers find themselves tugging in the tufts of his hair, weaving through his hair to push him closer to where you want him to be. Every stroke of his finger sends your cunt into a hot ocean of fuzziness and when he presses his nose flat against your mound, your hips rise off the table, a rampant fire fusing in your abdomen. Your brain is fogged with nothing but utter desire to have his dick right inside you. He doesn’t let up, inserting another finger, curling them against your wall and proceeding to fuck you raw, fast and rough.
“You’re so needy,” he smirks at how pliant you are, how much you crave for him.
He can feel you tightening against his fingers, your walls clenching unimaginably tight around him with every stroke and he pulls out before you can come. You don’t even have time to protest when he grabs his dick and gives it a few pumps, before lining himself in front of your cunt.
The velvet tip first circles around your clit, the feeling sending bolts of sparks through your abdomen and there’s a deep rumble that falls past Jungkook’s lips when he finally pushes his head into your cunt that makes you immediately clench around his shaft, bringing the inklings of stars behind his eyes.
He restrains himself for a moment, allowing you to adjust to the stretch and burn before you wriggle your hips the slightest bit and he knows it’s okay to continue. And then without warning, Jungkook rocks his hips forward, causing you to gag out loud, as his hips continue to roll up, drowning you in a white-hot heat. You keen shamelessly, loving the thickness and girth buried inside you to the hilt.
“Can’t believe the tightest pussy is mine.”
He wants to close his eyes and lose himself in this in the heat of your bodies, but he doesn’t want to look away. There's a shine on your cheeks and the expression on your face is caught in a euphoric bliss that Jungkook feels electric in his blood, the air between you two charged and alive.
“All mine.”
It’s been months since the two of you started this – this downward spiral into a mess of feelings that could never quite be spoken out loud, but understood nonetheless. But sex is always so good and you two are always so needy, so desperate, like you could never get enough of each other. And after all these months you’re supposed to be used to his thickness, you’re supposed to be used to the way his cock buries way too deep inside you, but you always feel like it’s the first time – your every nerve ending is alive and electric beneath your skin, receptive to each of Jungkook’s touches and sounds.
You can feel every drag of Jungkook’s cock inside you, every curve and line sliding against your walls, hitting that little bundle of nerves inside you that has left you babbling nonsense and drool dripping down your chin.
“Whose cunt is this?” His voice is dangerously gentle, but he’s looking into your eyes with eyes that are hooded and sharp by blazed arousal, the usual comets in them diminished and hidden behind the otherwise darkness of his irises, framed prettily by wispy lashes.
Your teeth sink down on the flesh of your bottom lip, red and bloodied in your attempt to somehow distract you from the overbearing stretch his cock tugs at your walls.
“Whose?” A low groan rumbles from deep in his throat, the sound bordering on animalistic, which sends tremors of desire to thrum through your veins.
He knows how to pry everything from you. How to get you to scream, shake from pleasure, how to get you to claw at his back like an animal and you love that about him.
“Yours, Jungkook. All yours.”
Finally, desire ricochets through his abdomen and the last tendrils of his noisy thoughts drift away, leaving him floating, the only sensation he knows at that moment is pleasure and the feeling of being inside you. He’s so out of breath when you rake angry red lines down his back in return, but he doesn’t mind. 
He wants all the scratches and bruises from you. He wants it all and he wants it hard.
Propping himself on his forearms so they frame your face, he brings up his foot to rest on the table leverage and pushes two fingers into your mouth. 
“Suck my fingers, yeah? You’re doing so good for me, bub. So good.”
You don’t protest, almost submissive under him, eyes obsidian and clouded with lust, sucking his fingers and revelling in the weight and fit of them in your mouth
At the crude sight of you, Jungkook pulls out of your cunt almost all the way, before slamming back into you with sickening precision, finally able to fulfil the primal, animalistic need and urge to act on his feelings and give you the best fuck you’d ever have. A choked moan is drawn from both of you as his length drags against your walls, hitting a spot deep inside you that has your back arching off the table, keening shamelessly as wet squelches and constant snapping of your skins resound the room.
He continues to pound harder into you, driving you into a delirious, babbling mess. Perhaps it’s the angle, but the way his hips snap into you, ploughing into that same sensitive spot over and over and over again, has you clutching desperately at his nape for stability.
You look so good like this. So soft beneath him. So close to him with your pretty tits snug against his chest that it feels like your heartbeats are in sync, falling into an echo of one beat together.
The desk whines under the weight and motion, but he continues pounding into you, bodies rocking to meet each other. Each rock of his hips sends you closer over the edge, the tip of his girth hitting just the cushion of your cervix, bodies rocking to meet each other.
His head dips, capturing your nipple and suckling gently before he nips at it, taking it between his teeth and pulling gently. The moan that tears from your throat is more than desperate and needy as he continues to grab onto your breast for support. 
Having been your sexual partner for months, he knows when it’s getting too much for you. He can tell by the way your eyes quiver and start to roll back and his fingers instinctively intertwine with yours as a way to help you relax as he rocks you through your orgasm, toned thighs and balls hitting against the backs of yours.
“Fuck, give it to me Jungkook. Please!”
A fizzle akin to a firecracker trails down to your legs and you fall back onto your elbow, your other hand firmly interlocked with Jungkook’s as he hike your leg over his shoulder and fucks you with the same vigour, feeling the weight of his cock inside you and his balls, heavy and full slapping against you. You keen at the new angle, feeling so full of him, and when you come, your entire body shakes and Jungkook holds you through it all, whispering love notes into your hair, against the shell of your ear, thumb tracing circles on your hip, soothing and reassuring.
He soon follows, spilling spurts of his warm cum inside you, harder than he ever has, your warmth a comfortable stroke to the ridges of his dick. For a few seconds, all he sees is the murky red of the inside of his eyelids. You’re still pulsing around him, clamping his dick with your warm walls, breath like staccato in your throat while he sucks at your neck, both instinctually trying to stake a claim for the best fuck ever.
The silence between you two is refreshing as you take a moment to catch your breaths.
Jungkook watches as your chest heaves with each breath, looking properly wrecked with a glazed look in your eyes. When he pulls out of you from oversensitivity, his eyes are fixated on his cum that’s dribbling out of you and he registers that nothing could be more enticing and beautiful than seeing your rosy pink pussy swollen and painted with his seed. He wants to come inside you all day. It boggles his mind, how close and intimate he yearns to be with you, how he has surrendered his heart to you on a silver platter.
He raises a hand to your neck, fingers brushing lightly on the florid bruises, his touch soft and longing.
“You’re so pretty,” he whispers in a saccharine tone, corners of his pretty lips curving upwards into a grin, “All for me.”
You blush fervently at the sudden change in demeanour, still reeling from all the feelings coursing through you. Jungkook’s back to being the soft, doe-eye bean that you adore.
“And you’re like a dog. So fluffy.”
You squeeze his cheeks until his lips pout out like a fish.
Shoving your hand away, he scrunches up his nose and breaks into a blinding smile, the warmth spreading down to his toes, “Can’t believe you’re calling me a dog after I just had my dick in you. Way to ruin the mood.”
“Can’t believe you dragged me into a classroom because you got jealous.”
The flush on Jungkook’s face only darkens and he’s forced into quiet submission, shaking his head and muttering a quiet fuck you, but he doesn’t deny it.
“Wear this, your shirt looks ruined.”
Jungkook hands his sweater over and you take it gratefully, pulling it on, and for a moment, you let himself take a deep breath, the spell-binding musk of his cologne making you feel warm and safe. You find yourself slipping again into that safe, content state that you always feel whenever you’re with him. And just like this, you’re back to falling into Jungkook and the galaxies collapsed into the coracles of his eyes.
Tumblr media
“So, when are you planning on telling her?”
Jungkook hates how straightforward Yoongi is sometimes with no patience for bullshit.
“I don’t know,” he mumbles, shoulders drooping low.
“Kid, you know you can’t hide this from her forever. It would be easier if she wasn’t a fan, but she’s obsessed with you and your other alias.”
“I didn’t think she was going to find me… All I wanted was to post my music somewhere. I didn’t think this far.”
“Kook, she’s in love with GCF, your songs, your lyrics – I think she deserves to know.”
Jungkook shakes his head profusely, “It’s not that easy, hyung. When she finds out that all the songs are about her, I’m fucked.”
“Why do you assume that?”
“I just… When she finds out that I’m hopelessly in love with her, she’s going to hate me and whatever we have is going to be ruined.”
Yoongi shakes his head and looks up at the ceiling, praying to god for strength to pull through. He doesn’t know how to deal with his idiot friend and his equally idiot of a crush. It’s pretty common knowledge that Jungkook has a crush on you – if his intense aflame yearning for you could even be labelled as a crush – so big that he has dedicated his entire underground singing career to you in secret. But it’s also common knowledge that Jungkook is dumb – living in his own little bubble with his deteriorating one braincell.
“You think too lowly of yourself, kid.”
Jungkook doesn’t reply, distracted by the notification that flashes on his phone.
[you] [14:56] listen to this!!! i love his cover
His heart falls. He is confused. He is beyond confused – he is conflicted, stupefied, disoriented and madly disturbed and even that is an understatement. He feels like he’s falling like a feeble autumn leaf from the gust of wind into a bottomless pit.
Drowning in a whirlpool of emotions he doesn’t even know he had the capability of feeling.
A smothered voice at the back of his mind starts to question your relationship. You two have shared so many words, so many late nights spent talking to each other even when you’re too tired to keep your eyes open, so many afternoons spent laughing over one braincell moments and food and so many instances unravelling each other physically and emotionally.  
He truly questions himself – whether the weightless impossibility that he feels around you could be love. He’s never been in love, like really what is love? What’s the difference between liking and loving someone? Each emotion feels so vivid, from the calm to the happy to the quiet.
He’s not sure if he loves you, or he’s in love with you, but sometimes he thinks that he could be, when he feels the lingering sweetness of your heart on his tongue, tastes the heavy redness of want beneath your teeth, and yearns for the softness of your body when he’s in class.
You’re a faraway planet and Jungkook wishes to settle his arms into their orbit around you.
Still, he wouldn’t risk something so delicately special for a thought that comes and goes fleetingly, in stolen pockets of time when the sky shifts from muted geranium to deep violet.
Even if it is love he has for you, even if this love could be made for movie screens, Jungkook knows that it’ll leave both parties broken. He knows that you deserve better, more than a guy who secretly writes songs about you because he doesn’t have the courage to love you loudly and wholly, like the bells ringing in his ears whenever his eyes land on you.
Tumblr media
It doesn’t take a lot for you to realise that Jungkook has resided back into his shell. He’s been avoiding you for the last week and you kind of hate it when he gets like this, closed-off and hard to reach.
The thing about your relationship with Jungkook is that it’s a big nebula. While the two of you fuck around on a daily basis with supposedly no strings attached, Jungkook has also become one of your best friends.
As mischievous as he is charming, endearingly shy and heartbreakingly sweet, he’s just really nice to be with and it makes you falter, knowing how unconditionally Jungkook cares for you and vice versa. When you need someone to talk to, you often find yourself calling him, in which he’ll have no qualms about coming over, even at three in the morning.
This time, you fight the urge to call Jungkook again. The heavy want to hear his sweet, calming voice before you fall asleep is strictly romance territory, and you’re definitely not together with him, but you want to tell him about your day. The new movies you’ve watched, the songs that you’ve discovered, GCF’s new track that reminds you of him. You’ve been sending song recommendations to Jungkook. You want to share all the music you love with him, because they all remind you of him, because all the songs are about love, because they are all about how you feel for him.
But after much radio silence, you’re beginning to wonder if he even gives a shit about you. Deep down, you know that he does – he’s always been treating you a little differently, like you’re someone he holds dear to his heart. At least, when you’re together, just the two of you like this, he makes you feel as if you’re someone special and dear to him. And when another track of GCF plays in the background, you wonder: how nice would it be, if the lyrics reflect how Jungkook feels about you. Maybe this is how galaxies come into a pleasant, mutual collision.
Tumblr media
[Big Dick Dude 👅] [2:34] you asleep?
You stare blankly at your phone, your instinct to pick it up and answer him immediately battles with the pettier side of yourself wanting to ignore him. The thought crosses your mind for only a second or two before you dismiss it.
[you] [2:35] nope
[Big Dick Dude 👅] [2:35] can i come over?
[you] [2:36] okie [2:36] i’ll leave the door unlocked for you
Tumblr media
As the night transitions into a lighter grey and warmth sinks deep into their skin, Jungkook thinks that you look prettiest like this, sprawled across the mussed up sheets of your bed with the soft moonlight that makes the lilacs around your neck and chest gleam in gold.
“You’re staring,” you accuse, but your eyes crinkle up at the corners.
There’s a momentary hesitation flicker in Jungkook’s eyes and you part your mouth, ready to tease him even further, but your heart gets caught in your throat when he replies.
“How could I not?” He presses you closer to him, making sure there’s as little space between your bodies as he can possibly manage, “I could look at you all day.”
Everything feels a little hazier, a little gentler, a little warmer all at once and it’s not just due to the heat simmering under your skin, tinging your cheeks a translucent pink. It’s also due to the stars in Jungkook’s eyes that come to live, smiling at you with their pristine pearly teeth.
He’s always tender after sex – all soft touches and tender words. It’s always a fight between warm and soft and hot and hard when it comes to Jungkook. And it’s exactly this clashing dichotomy that makes you so attracted to him and the low voice coming from those lips that glisten with a pretty, rosy swell.
“Bub,” he whispers, more to himself than to you.
He rests his hand in the dip of your side, fingertips gliding along the grooves of your ribs and raising goosebumps on your skin, as if his small touches are signals that he wants you within his reach, scared that you’ll leave.
His tone slips into something softer, “Can you… Can you smile for me?”
You turn to look at him with a questioning look, but you’re greeted by the undeniable loneliness that overwhelms the monsoon of his obsidian eyes.
“Smile for me, bub.”
Your eyes narrow at his weird request, but eventually relent anyways, breaking into a soft smile as you run your fingers through his locks out of habit.
Jungkook feels his heart soar to an enchanting level of complete and utter rapture at the sight, feeling as light as he does heavy.
Upon his conflicted expression, the tilt of your lips fades into something more serious, “You okay?”
“I don’t know, you’ve just been a little off these few days. I kinda miss the old Pingu.”
“Sorry… I’m just stressed.”
There’s a heavy silence in the moments following your question, hanging between you two.
Jungkook wants to tell you. That he’s currently putting up a full album with the help of Yoongi. He wants to tell you everything, confess to you that all his songs are about you, and he knew he was fucked when you found out about GCF because he never thought that his songs would reach you.
“About school stuff… Nothing important.”
You could sense that he’s been wanting to tell you something for the longest time and you’re about to pursue it further, but upon seeing the hard rock expression on his face, you know better than to probe. He’ll tell you when he’s ready.
“Okay,” you whisper back, so quietly it would have vanished in the wind and the distant noise of the city, “You have all my support, you know that right?”
Jungkook feels his skin tingle, especially when you slot your head into the crook of his neck, lips resting lightly against his pulse.
“I—” He opens his mouth, “Yeah I know.”
There’s a sheen in your eyes before the air leaves your body in a rush. You lift your hand to brush your fingers against Jungkook’s lips, before shuffling forward to plant a kiss on the corner of his right eye. You linger, breathing like a fresh spring against his face, and then pull back.
As your hands find the courage to explore the soft material of his shirt, you run your fingers over the buttons, curling into him and delicately ghosting over his skin that you yearn to kiss with your lips, lick with your tongue, mark with your teeth and bruise with your nails.
He strokes up and down your side rhythmically, but doesn’t seem to have any motive behind the touch, so you let him despite the goosebumps forming on your skin and the zap of electricity that runs down your spine.
You stay like this for a long while. It feels right, somehow, like this is the universe's plan for you two. Soon, you fall asleep to the rise and fall of his chest, to his steady breaths, to his fingers intertwined with yours. And you know that when you wake up, Jungkook will be here right beside you, like always.
Tumblr media
“You two are so domesticated, you know that right?”
You purse your lips at Jiyoon, eyebrows slightly furrowed, “What are you talking about?”
“You act like a couple,” she says matter-of-factly and continues at your dumbfounded expression, “Have you seen the way you two act around each other? You might think you’re just fuckbuddies, but dude… anyone can see that you two are fucking whipped for each other.”
You’re not oblivious. You know for one that you’re someone who will go all in on someone, give your 100 fucking per cent and have your heart dangling out on your sleeve just for the taking. You know what it means when your heart jackhammers whenever Jungkook smiles at you with the warmth of a summer day curved in it and when you get a little weak in the knees from his touch. You know what it means when your room smells a little different – when your mind only registers Jungkook’s smell and nobody else’s.
And you know what it means when Jungkook is the only who can affect you like this and he’s the only person who’s ever affected you like this.
The little instances of watching Netflix with Jungkook and doing homework together before fucking till the wee hours of the night – and just simply being together – have stuck with you as kind of romantic and domestic. He’d drop by your apartment at random times of the day, sometimes even before you’re back, already rummaging through your fridge, and you’d just shake your head at his barbarian behaviour and order takeout. These are few and far in between, but they’ve given you a glimpse of what things could be like.
With Jiyoon’s words settling heavily at the back of your mind, a tangle of what ifs and what could bes, you call Jungkook over that night and ask him to fuck you like he means it. You don’t miss the number of times he hesitates to ask what’s wrong, but he doesn’t upon seeing your distressed face.
Your relationship with him, without actually having any resemblance of a relationship, is really starting to worry you. You don’t know what Jungkook’s thinking – you’ve never really known what thoughts rush through the waterfall in his mind, but he’s always doing these pseudo-romantic gestures that probably don’t mean anything and it’s scaring you. The way your body reacts to even the slightest touch from him is absolutely terrifying.
The way your body wants and it continues to want – it yearns to be intimately connected with him. Because your mind knows that nothing can ever top the feeling of him being inside you, especially when he eases two of fingers inside of you, sinking all the way down to the knuckles.
A shiver traverses your figure when he pulls out slightly, only to piston his fingers into you again mercilessly at your g-spot. But before he can sink you onto his dick, your stomach growls, as if announcing to the entire world that it has been waiting forever for this exact moment.
“Bub, you hungry?” He bites softly at your earlobe, chuckling lightly.  
He stares at you with the celestials in his eyes and you know that he’s not simply asking for the sake of doing so, “What do you want to eat? I think we still have ramen left.”
Your heart skips at how he refers to the two of you as we. Technically, he’s not wrong, considering how he’s been getting the groceries for your apartment that don’t just include cereal and milk.
His breath is coming out in warm swathes of air against your collarbones and you glance down to see his eyes, the slow blinks of his heavy lids, each breath laboured and potent with lust. Beyond that, you see utter fondness in each of his little starry friends.  
“You’re seriously asking me what I want to eat when you have your fingers in my vagina? Jeon Jungkook, you are one rare breed.”
He scoffs, planting a kiss on your forehead, and when he pushes himself off the bed, you know that he’s abandoning whatever intention he has of getting off to make a run for the kitchen, “I’m just me.”
And right at this exact moment, you’re utterly defenceless to the slaughter that your heart endures.
“Yeah,” you mumble, gazing at the back of his adorable, round head, your words lingering in the heavy air, “You’re you.”
Tumblr media
It’s been ages since you went over to Jungkook’s apartment and you thought it’d be nice to drop him a surprise visit since he hasn’t been coming over. He’s always kept an extra key under his rug (hashtag just Jungkook things) and you’ve conveniently let yourself in, knowing that he’s probably at home because he has Wednesdays off.
Upon entering his apartment, you’re immediately greeted by a familiar voice wafting through the walls. You feel like you know the voice by heart. That voice… GCF?
Strange. While you’re an avid fan of the underground Soundcloud singer, you don’t recognise the song and you wonder if he has a new release that you don’t know about. You make a mental reminder to check out his Soundcloud page afterwards.  
“Pingu?” You call out, saunter towards his room that’s left slightly ajar. Easing the door open, you pop your head in and the sight hits you with a pang, drowning your heart in your chest.
At the sudden voice, the boy twists his head around almost immediately and shock crosses his face, his mouth dropping open slightly when he sees you standing at the door. He didn’t hear you calling for him and he sure didn’t expect you to show up at his apartment.
You stare blankly at his studio – equipment neatly spread across on his desk with a mic stand lowered to his face. You can vaguely make out the different equipment, having frequented Yoongi’s studio. Your eyes slowly shift to the rest of his room – his album covers pasted on his walls come into view and your chest tightens with a disconsolate, stifling feeling. His room looks so foreign as compared to the last time you were over.
How long has he been hiding this from you?
"You—you are…"
The sight of Jungkook’s face of shock (or is it guilt?) punches you straight in the gut. It's like the world's come down to the two of you again, just the two of you, at this moment.
“Bub…” He mumbles, finally finding his voice even though it's hard, especially with you staring at him straight in the face.
Suddenly, he’s hyper-aware of the deafening thud of his heartbeat, how his lungs seem to rattle behind his ribs and the unnerving churning in his stomach.
"That explains everything. Oh my god,” you gasp, “Oh my fucking god."
You blink a couple of times, looking down at the floor before you slowly lift your eyes back to Jungkook’s again. You hold each other’s gaze for a few quiet seconds and he watches, almost in slow motion, how your lips part to his impending doom, hurt evident in your tone.
"You mean all this while, the Soundcloud singer that I’ve been gushing to you about was… you all along?"
He breaks his gaze from your face and mutters under his breath, “You weren’t supposed to find out.”
“Were you…” you mumble, voice tight, "Were you even planning to tell me at all?"
"Yes or no?"
He casts his eyes to the ground, chin dropping to his chest, and remains silent.
The quiet plagues the room with heavy stagnancy, swallowing your bodies whole and caging them with its wings. Jungkook shuffles his feet in his seat, thinking about what he got himself into and sighs deeply.
"You wanted to continue to lie to me?"
“You weren’t supposed to find out,” he says, the words sounding sugar crystalised and rough in his throat, like the honey that trickled into his lungs from recording earlier has all hardened.
“So you wanted to, huh?” You close your jaw, the familiar stiff creaking adjusted to a sharp snap and you shut your eyes.
Jungkook’s chest rises with a shaky exhale, “I wasn’t ready to tell you.”
“All this time when I was talking about GCF and recommending his songs to you, I was actually talking about you? And you just let me?”
“It’s not like that, I—”
“Jungkook,” you exhale, a tremor laced in your words, “You know… You never want me to know anything about you. I tried so hard to get you to open up and I thought that maybe you’ve finally let me in. Maybe because I’m special to you. But I was wrong this whole time. You don’t trust me. You never did.”
There’s a crack in Jungkook’s armour. Something flickers across his features that look a lot like hurt and he begins to frown, brows pulling taut at the centre, “Maybe you pushed me too much! Why do I need to tell you everything? We’re not even together for fuck’s sake.”
Every syllable from Jungkook’s mouth sends a wave of searing coldness down your spine and echoes throughout the apartment. He closes his mouth instantly, regretting his brash words, and even more at the vacant expression on your face.
For moments and moments, the world seems to hang on a thin gossamer thread, suspended in static.
“Right,” you mutter dejectedly with a shattered expression, mouth parted and chest expanded with a breath that you haven’t let go of, “You’re right. We’re not.”
“This was a mistake. Right from the very beginning. Don’t know why I tried. I should have known…”
The words ring in Jungkook’s ears before it's even properly out of your mouth.
“Known what?”
You shoot a glare at him and you hope that he can see the newfound contempt that you have for him blazing in your eyes. Your throat suddenly starts to ache, a ghost of tears already running down the breadth of your oesophagus, setting your entire body on fire.
“That you wouldn’t let me in. That you wouldn’t want my heart if I handed it to you on a silver platter. That I’m fucking stupid for thinking that you’ll actually like me back.”
You don’t hear him out, turning on your heels. Maybe this is why he doesn’t like you coming over. Maybe that’s why he’s been avoiding you.
When you go to sleep alone that night, every single limb of yours feels heavy with exhaustion, aching with agony. Jungkook’s scent lingers stronger in your pillows and sheets, your mind only registering his scent and nobody else’s, and suddenly your bed feels a little too big, a little too empty.
Tumblr media
"I’m not going to say I told you so, but I fucking told you so.”
Yoongi comes stomping into Jungkook’s room in a blaze of anger and indignation, lips pulled back in a snarl and eyes narrowed into slits.
Jungkook flinches at his tone, but looks up from his laptop like nothing's wrong. Nothing’s wrong, besides the headache pulsing between his temples and the fact that he has fucked things up with you beyond repair.
"She called me yesterday. Started crying on the phone.”
“She cried?” Jungkook winces, heart plummeting to the lowest pit of his stomach.  
“Sorry,” he mumbles under his breath, not knowing what else to say.
"You know, to be very honest, you guys make it seem like the world is ending."
"It’s not that deep, you know? You write songs for her, she loves listening to them. You’re both in love with each other.”
"We’re not—"
"Don't give me that shit," Yoongi snaps, "You can keep denying, Kook. But I can tell from the way you look at her. The way you act when she’s around. It’s my first time seeing you like this… You’ve never acted like this with anyone.”
Jungkook inhales deeply, holds it, then exhales through his nose. Around him, everything is silent and still.
"And I think you very much know why you hid it from her in the first place.”
"I don’t.”
"You do."
Yoongi’s frown deepens, creasing the smooth skin between his eyebrows, "You’re scared that she’ll get disappointed knowing that you’re GCF all along. The guy who writes beautiful, romantic lyrics, the guy who sings his heart out. You’re scared that you’re not what she hoped you to be.”
Jungkook remains silent.
“But you know what’s ironic here? She’s in love with you. And she’ll love you even more when she realises that you’ve been writing songs about her. All for her.”
Tumblr media
Loss comes entangled in love; insisting its way into little spaces in between skin and bone, and once inside, it seals the door and never leaves. It builds a home.
You should have known.
Stringless sex is easy until someone catches feelings – and what’s supposed to be casual and simple turns into something messy. You should have known that you were fucked from the get-go. The two of you have been warm bodies, seeking each other out after long nights and hard weeks, skin to skin, nothing but terrifying and intense, but so, so wonderful.
You should have known that someone like Jeon Jungkook would come whirling into your life, thrashing and maddening like the storm he is, would come sweeping you entirely off your feet, in his own little endearing Jungkook ways.
Endearing. Everything he does is endearing. Weirdly endearing, but still so, so endearing.
He’s the boy who eats cereal at 2am just because he’s hungry, the same dork who barges into your apartment at random times of the day to sleep on your bed and help you with your laundry, the boy who often drops his rice grains on his clothes and doesn’t hesitate to pick them up before shoving them back into his mouth. The boy who snacks on canned tuna directly from the can.
You shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve fallen for him. He’s always been there, ready to take your heart and it makes it so easy – too easy. Falling in love with him and having your heart torn apart by him is nothing like you’ve ever experienced, but it is so easy, like the first snowflake during winter, so light, so at peace, like destiny.  
Your heart soars through the clouds as you let the feeling complete you. It’s as if every inch of your body has been set aflame, but you strangely feel safe, letting yourself drown with his heart that pumps liquid gold through his veins.
Now the memories come flooding through your apartment floors like a movie scene. You think about his small mannerisms, the way he always listens to you, even when he doesn’t give two shits about the topic or looks disinterested, but he’s always listening quietly, and how he always seems to take care of the people around him in his own quiet ways. He cares and loves so fiercely and deeper than you could have ever imagined.
Getting used to Jungkook not being in your life proves to be way harder than it seems. You find yourself with tons of dead, empty hours that feel way too long and insufferable. It’s not the sex you miss, it’s more of the mere presence of him, his smile, the feeling of his fingers intertwined with yours. It’s the way his chest would rise and fall peacefully beside you, the way he’d share his favourite songs and movies with you, something you’d only convinced him to start doing recently, and the way he would banter with you over the dumbest of things and then make it up to you later on.
No matter how much you tell yourself that you’re upset at him, it doesn’t stop you from getting your hopes up every time your phone buzzes, only to be disappointed when it’s everyone but the boy you yearn to see. If only you could get some closure, but you can’t even bring yourself to initiate a conversation because there’s really nothing to say. It’s impossible to ask for an explanation, because you two were never anything. There was no us, regardless of whatever your heart has fooled you into believing.
Yet, your heart knows one thing: you’ve fallen in love with Jungkook in the quietest and gentlest of ways, almost as gently as the way he strokes your palm with his thumb, as gently as the way he looks at you, so impossibly fond it makes hope flourish in your veins.
And when your phone buzzes that night, you realise that your heart has always been right.
[googie ☁️🍞] [23:48] hey bub i know you probably don’t want to talk to me [23:48] but i’m having my first public performance as GCF this sat and i hope you can come [23:50] i missed you. a lot. you have no idea [23:51] i’m sorry for everything [23:53] really sorry
Tumblr media
It takes every ounce of courage in you to leave your apartment that day for the campus music festival. Acts from the various school clubs and student artists are invited to perform, but the highlight of the evening would be the official debut performance of GCF. You’ve even heard that there would be media present to report on it.
You wonder how Jungkook is feeling. He’s probably dying inside, never one for crowds and unwanted attention and you wonder what made him decide to reveal himself. Could it be because of you?
When it’s finally time for GCF’s appearance, Jungkook’s blood fizzles with the sheer energy exuding from every corner of the pit. He glances at the crowd and finds himself dying a little more inside at the sheer amount of people gawking at him, anticipating him, including you, who’s stood rooted to the ground amidst the roaring sea of people.
He finds himself doing a double-take, heart caught in his throat like he’s not quite sure what’s in front of him is real, because there you are, looking as pretty as ever, staring right at him, your eyes slowly widening when you realise that he’s staring right back at you.
When he locks eyes with you, fizzy warmth fills you like a flooded street, a devastating kind that crashes right through you and throws you off-guard. He manages a smile, but his lips have a nervous, crooked curve to them and you watch him tug at the hem of his shirt anxiously.
There’s a love song written for you coursing somewhere through Jungkook’s blood and he breaks into a passionate belt when you offer him a soft smile.
His heart sinks once again. He probably should not be thinking about kissing the pretty curve of your lips when he’s supposed to sing and he fears that he’ll forget his lyrics because you’re here. Right in front of him, waiting for him to spill his heart out.
You’re here.
And that’s all that matters.
You realise that you’ve been holding yourself together by a thin thread and it snaps the moment Jungkook sings to you, for you. He always has this funny way of making you feel so special, looking at you like you’re the only person to exist, even now, when you’re surrounded by an entire crowd. As you listen intently to the lyrics, painful vines start to curl around your throat and thorns prickle over your skin. 
He continues to sing, the air around you two like running pages, his voice capturing you in a daze. He has reigned in the flitter-flutter heartbeats, blowtorched the butterflies in his stomach until there’s nothing but ash left in his chest and it kind of hurts, but right now, he’s going to sing, because this is how he is going to love you loudly and wholly, like the bells ringing in his chest.
Tumblr media
The sky is painted with a violet flush hovering above the moon and the streets are quiet and aglow, pools of orange-yellow light being emitted from the lamp posts, distant sounds of the distant city echoing in the air. Everything around you is suspended in radiant city fog, soft in its vibrancy.
Not a word is exchanged between you two, with only the moonlight above your heads as the comfortable silence engulfs you in ellipses.
“Sing for me, Pingu.”
Jungkook’s gaze skims over your features in silent contemplation, “Bub…”
He doesn’t respond and you fear that he’s going to turn down your request, but then he starts singing softly and your heart gnaws at how pretty his voice in the darkness is.
Soft and crystalline, his voice hangs in the moonlight and drifts away with the stars, each word a drop of light, some of them whispered and some flawlessly held. His voice is huskier than you’d remember and its timbre sends shivers raking down your spine. You cannot emphasise how much better this is than listening to his songs on your earpiece.  
When he finishes singing, you ask, “Were you nervous just now?”
He chuckles, as if to ease the tension, “I was actually more nervous about you not showing up.”
“Pingu, of course I came,” you smile softly to yourself, “I wouldn’t miss your performance for anything and you did great – like you always do. I’m so proud of you.”
He smiles back at you as gently as the pretty pink sky of a fading summertime day.
“Did you know that I started singing because of you?”
You freeze.
“It’s quite obvious that all my songs are about you, silly.”
“They’re everything that I feel towards you, but couldn’t tell you.”
Your eyes flicker across his visage – he’s biting his lips anxiously and your heart gnaws.  
“D-Did you know?” He slowly begins again, careful with his words, “That I like you?”
“No,” you admit, biting your bottom lip, “but I hoped.”
Jungkook’s eyes become soft crescents on his face and wordlessly inches forward to close the breath of space between you two, cupping your face in his hands like you’re the most delicate flower he’s ever touched. He doesn’t look away from your eyes searching your gaze silently and you watch as the moonlight catches on the flecks of gold in melted brown.
If you went stargazing with him, it’d be pointless because you would spend the entire night staring at the little stars in his eyes and becoming acquainted with each of his starry friends.
“I knew though.”
The whisper is warm and enticing as the words are exhaled onto your lips, leaving trails of electricity to tingle on your skin in the rise of gooseflesh.
“I knew that I was going to love you.”
At his words, the press of skin to skin is nearly overwhelming. Under the moonlight, the hint of a blush glows effervescently on his cheeks.
“And too much. Far too much,” he adds, the curve of his lips soft.
Heat sits high on your cheeks as his words linger in your ears. It takes awhile for you to fully register his words, though petals are already wildly blossoming between your ribs. He makes you feel like you’ve got an entire universe in you just waiting to happen.
“Y-You love me?”
He nods.
“Listen,” he takes your hand into his, his voice soft, “I don’t know how to define myself without you anymore. You’ve been such a big part of my life and you’re the only person who has such an effect on me. I miss you like crazy when you’re not around and I knew something was up when I kept on wanting to see your face, wanting to see you smile for me and that’s when I knew it wasn’t just sex anymore. It was hardly just sex between us, even from the very start.”
The words come out in a messy tumble, and if you aren’t focusing on his voice, you probably wouldn’t have understood them. Still, the unexpected confession sends you into a mild state of delirium, mind racing a mile a minute.
“But you… You deserve to be loved loudly. You deserve someone who isn’t afraid, who isn’t always fucking up.”
“Pingu,” you begin, enjoying how his nickname rolls pleasantly off your tongue, “I’ve always wanted you from the start. And then things got really messy even though we aren’t together and even now, I’m still scared that I’ll ruin whatever we have.”
The sound of crickets echoes around you two, mixed with the faint rustling of leaves and the melody of a chilly autumn night. Muted in the back of your throat, softly lulling in the back of your mind, loudly screaming from the heart shapes in his eyes, you see love.
“But if you must know, my feelings for you are beyond this universe.”
You take Jungkook’s hand in yours, tracing the lifelines of his palm, the deep crease that represents his mind, the curve of his heart, and the delicate vines that he carries with him.
“You love loudly, Pingu. You love me in every sense of the word in the gentlest and loudest of ways.”
And when he puts his hand on top of yours, it feels like your galaxies have collided and become yoked as one, his starry friends now orbiting your once solitary sun.  
“So…” He starts, rubbing his palm against the nape of his neck, “I was thinking…”
He lets out a huge puff and attacks you with a fit of tickles, laughter shared in low pre-dawn voices.
“Oh my god, Pingu! Sorry, let me live!”
“You’re so annoying, but so adorable.”
“I could say the same about you.”
So I was thinking…” He repeats, his voice dropping to a soft dulcet whisper, “Hypothetically.”
You hum in response, relishing how Jungkook’s breath tickles warmly on the slope of your nose.
“Maybe we could go out…”
“Like right now? It’s almost midnight.”
“Oh my god, you’re so dumb,” he laughs again, a deep, throaty sound that you can feel under your skin and presses his body even closer to you. His laugh echoes throughout the night and into the city and echoes in your mid.
“As in we could go out for real,” he says slowly, “As boyfriend and girlfriend.”
A dusting of pink blooms on the peaks of his cheeks, crossing the bridge of his nose and spreading over his cheekbones. It snakes furiously down his neck and he searches anxiously for your eyes, catching the light from the lamppost and they illuminate like filaments of copper, while his heart hammers against his chest.
“And maybe you would say yes.”
“And I could, you know,” he finds his fingers instinctively winding themselves in your soft strands, smoothing it down rhythmically, “Love you the way you deserve to be loved. Loudly and wholly.”
Your entire body shivers. Grabbing his hand, you smile, “And maybe… I can’t wait for you to do that.”
Under the moonlight, Jungkook’s wearing a sun of a smile on his face and there’s a lovely light that reaches his honey eyes whenever his lips stretch and his dimple deepens. Ethereal.
At the first brush of his lips, an inferno ignites. Heat blazes through your veins, rendering you molten as you sink into his kiss.
Kissing Jungkook is a lot like coming home. His kisses are as soft as sighs and giggly secrets whispered in the middle of the night; happy, private, comfortable, familiar. In a way, you feel like you’ve been doing this all whole life. And then Jungkook moves closer and traces his tongue over your bottom lip, warm and heavy. Hums spill past your lips each time your tongues brush and you feel a restless fire raging beneath your skin, a meadowsweet summer warmth blossoming in your chest as he swallows every hitch of your breath.
In and of itself, there’s no greater testament to love than love itself. For one, you love how Jungkook seems to always know what your heart wants even when you don’t say anything. You love how gentle his heartbeat is and how it’s become the sound of your universe. You love how he has one braincell, but it’s heart-shaped and it loves fiercely and loudly and gently. You love how he’ll always be just there, in every sense and meaning of the word. You love how hearts will be broken and tears will be spilt, but even then, it’ll still be worth it. And you love how fully love wakes between the two of you and perhaps, it is entwined in him that you find absolution.
Tumblr media
ta-dah!!!! this is yet another mammoth istg i want to try writing short fics but I Simply Can’t. sorry if the wait was rly long ;; i just want to say that i fucking love jungkook and writing this made me feel so soft for him once again. jungoo is the goodest boi who cares and loves so gently and loudly in his own dorky, endearing ways and i hope you feel the same while reading this! !!
i love the ending,, still waiting for the day i can use the last line for somebody that’s not jungkook because life be like that i just want someone to hold my hand lmao
i probably will disappear again bc i’m going to be taking up a (legit) leadership position in school and i can foresee myself being fking tired,,, but i have plans to start on a hobi postbreakup & volleyball au fic... i won’t promise when it’ll be out because i am horrible at deadlines
once again, thank you so much for reading this and if you enjoyed it, please please hit that like or reblog button or/and hmu in my inbox/dms! ♡ 
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Get You The Moon (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing | Taehyung x Reader Genre | Fluff, smut, angst / College!AU, enemies to lovers!AU, football!AU,  jock!Taehyung x student reporter!OC Warnings | Explicit language, sarcastic banter, dirty talk, blowjob, facefucking, eating out, cumplay, cum-dumpster, fingering, rough sex, slight dom!tae, spanking, degradation, unprotected sex, ass-pining, tae has the phattest ass and dick but wbk Summary | Life has its ways of fucking with you, but you know you’ve hit 50 feet below rock bottom after being tasked to do a profile feature on Kim Taehyung, the varsity football captain, for your school newspaper. Pure torment awaits you, but this is alongside glassy eyes, pink cheeks and conflicted feelings that you’ve never dared to imagine with the likes of the devil incarnate. Word count | 19.6k 
Tumblr media
“What a surprise, you’re alive.”
It is exactly that fake enthusiasm and subtle mirthful nuance that’s too familiar to your liking that gives rise to the arch of your eyebrow. You don’t even need to look up at the owner of the voice to picture the shit-eating smirk that belongs to none other than your editor-in-chief-slash-best-friend, Min Yoongi. Such morbid greetings have been long established as an inside joke between the two of you due to the peculiar sense of humour that you two share.
This is just how he likes to start his mornings. Being the systematic person he is, he has his own morning routine in the newsroom. Regardless of the pile of work on his desk, he’ll first make a beeline for his first cup of coffee of the day, after which he will come sauntering your way to provoke you with his laundry list of snarky remarks – about work, being tired, being alive and dead, about how bureaucracy sucks, the negative sides of capitalism and what not. Well, you two share a deep-seated sense of misanthropy so albeit provocative, his laments are refreshing in the morning – a literal morning boost of positivity from negativity.
“Not for long buddy,” you shrug, looking up from your laptop and your eyes land on Yoongi, who looks just as dead.
“I barely slept last night – was busy rushing my essays. Essays, might I repeat. So it would be great if you don’t have much for me today, although I know you have a kink for torturing me.”
At this, the edges of his lips curl up and you instantly register the meaning behind the sinister smile: your impending doom.
“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I do have something for my most talented and gung-ho reporter and best friend.”
“Kindly elaborate,” you smile back acrimoniously, squinting your eyes in distrust.
“It involves a profile feature of a popular varsity athlete.”
An involuntary groan escapes your lips almost instantly. Athletes are the worst people to interview.
“That’s not even the worst part yet. As we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of our publication this year, we’ll be doing a special spread on honorary members of the school, including club presidents, captains and valedictorians. Oh, which reminds me – maybe I should feature myself for being the most overworked Editor-In-Chief because this publication is sucking my entire soul, but anyway, I digress.”
He brings up his mug to his lips. It’s only 10am, but you wonder how many cups he has had, eyeing the pallor of his face.
“I’ve already assigned the other reporters their respective targets for the lack of a better word, and left the toughest nut for you to crack,” he grins smugly and that’s when it hits you.
Clocking you square in the face.
“Yoongi, no you didn—”
“Yoongi, yes,” his smirk widens at your aghast expression, “A profile feature on Kim Taehyung, for my most talented and hardworking reporter.”
Kim Taehyung.
Your biggest nemesis.
The boy who lives to torment you.  
Literally everyone in school and their mother (or their dog) knows him because 1) he’s quite a looker (he’s known for having a god damn symmetrical face and you’re honestly baffled and amazed at how people even took the time to check the degree of symmetry), 2) he’s the captain of the varsity football team (cue the huge hoo-ha about varsity captains), 3) he’s probably slept with everyone in school and their mother (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but he is a dumb fuckboy to the bone), and 4) he’s also the poster boy for the department of narcissistic and annoying fuckboys, star football player and all that jazz.
“What the fuck?”
You challenge the carefully hidden astonishment reflected in Yoongi’s eyes, disregarding how the other reporters in the newsroom have jumped in their seats at your abrupt outburst.
“You know I fucking hate him!”
Yoongi, per contra, does absolutely nothing to show the slightest of empathy, simply because he has none, and even finds the scowl on your face hilarious, “Which is exactly why you’re the perfect person for this story.”
“There must be someone else whom I can cover. Please, Yoongi – I really, really don’t want to take this up.”
“Listen,” he sighs, running his hand through his fingers and you know that signifies that his sigh is genuine, “As your friend, I’m really sorry that you’ve been assigned to this story, but there’s no one more suitable than you. No one does profiles as incredible as you. Look, you just need to follow him around for a week – observe how he is in class, what he does after class and how he performs on the field. I can promise that it won’t be that bad.”
You frown, “As my friend? Then… what about–”
You don’t miss the 180 change from his previous expression, the soft in his comforting smile replaced with a sneer that is all malign in a blink of an eye.
Panic starts to form a thick film in your throat.
Lowering his voice by two tones, he snarls, “As your Editor-In-Chief, I only have three words for you: suck it up. The journalism world is a dog-eat-dog world. You don’t and can’t choose your beats. What you can do is to go out there and come back with a story, or this newspaper is going to flop at your hands, along with your GPA.”
Such audacity.
You glare at him in disbelief, squinting your eyes at the sneer that’s still plastered on his face.
“As my friend,” you mimic, dragging each word, “Fuck you bitch.”
Sighing out loud with absolute disregard, you clench your fists to tamper down the vexation that threatens to escape your throat, “But for the sake of my GPA and this publication that is my precious baby, I’ll take this up. Very unwillingly though, I must add. But if he refuses to cooperate, he can suck my ass.”
“You have my seal of approval if you meant that literally.”
“Fuck off—”
“Anyways, you won’t need to worry about Tae. I contacted him just now – he’ll be expecting you at practice on Monday.”
You roll your eyes, “Tae? I can never understand how you two are close.”
He inches closer to taunt you further, “May I remind you that Tae and I literally grew up together in Daegu, so he’s like my little bro. Anyways, he also told me to tell you that he cannot wait to see you.”
Nose scrunched up in disgust, you groan out loud at the duality before you, before flipping your friend off and burying your head in your palms.
But as much as you hate to admit it, Yoongi’s right. You have to suck it up.
If doing this profile is the only way to save your GPA and the publication, to hell with your pride and Kim Taehyung. You’re going to do this story well and you’re going to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing – including Kim Taehyung and his fuckboy antics – is going to fuck that up.
Not in this economy.
Tumblr media
Building up to Monday aka the Big Day as what Yoongi calls it, while you refer to it as the Day You Die), Yoongi has left you very specific instructions for the profile feature, expecting you to find some easy way out of this. He normally leaves you on your own, knowing that you’d always return with a solid piece that he won’t be able to find anything to nit-pick on. But for this task, he has ordered you to follow the boy around for a whole damn week and expects you to submit your voice recordings for accurate transcription.
Right from the get-go, you can already deem this profile to be the most stressful and frustrating piece in your entire journalism career. In other words, it’s a sham. A popularity stunt. A hoax. An opportunity to give Kim Taehyung even more clout and undeserving commendation than what the resident fuckboy deserves.
The day you finish your story will the best day of your life because you won’t ever need to interact with the said boy ever again.
To say that you hate him would be an understatement – sure, hate is a strong emotion, yadda yadda yadda, but the cacophony of arrogance and smugness that radiates off him makes your face scrunch up in disdain whenever he’s around. Though you would never allow him to have such power over you, he has tormented you countless of times with his shameless flirting whenever he has the chance to, and by simply existing and being his annoying, putrid self. You really don’t know why Taehyung has taken a liking to teasing you and pushing your buttons, ever since Yoongi introduced the two of you two years ago.
The sun is dripping down on the soccer field with delicacy, casting its golden light on the grass patch when Coach blows the whistle from the sidelines. Right in the heart of the field, Number 6 springs into action on the field, shouting commands at his teammates who listen to him intently.
Indeed, there are many other guys running all over the field, decked in the same jersey, but you could instantly recognise the outline of Taehyung’s ass, your eyes fixated on how the fabric of his shorts hugs his lower half like a second skin. Much to your dismay, one of your thirsty friends had hooked up with Taehyung last Christmas and didn’t allow you to forget the details of his bomb dick game and the thickness of his ass, so it’s fair to say that you have a good gauge of how his ass looks like. Not that you take pride in that knowledge though.
A smug smirk plays on his lips when he scores another goal as he instinctively pumps his fist to the air. You observe how he proceeds to run around the field, high-fiving and patting his teammates to spur them on.
Being the captain of the precious varsity football team, Kim Taehyung naturally carries an aura of confidence, which easily moulds into palpable cockiness. He’s infuriatingly talented and thus, his big ego sadly, and he also doesn’t have much of a filter and says anything that comes to mind. You’ve come to a conclusion that his language is an unfortunate concatenation of sexual jokes, sarcastic taunts and indolent mischief.
As if having sensed your gaze, he cranes his neck in the midst of practice and shoots you a seemingly innocent grin when he spots you standing awkwardly at the sidelines, hugging your notebook like they’re a piece of armour shield. But you know that there is more to his smile than just innocence. Still maintaining eye contact with you, he grabs the hem of his shirt to dry the sweat on his forehead and smirks in satisfaction when your face drops disgruntledly.
After calling for a five, he jogs up to you, his smile unwavering. Behind him, his teammates have all huddled together, pretending to drink up and talk amongst each other, but their eyes are all glued on the interaction between you and their captain.
“My my, look who we have here. Isn’t it my favourite girl cheering me on during practice?”
Taehyung’s awful voice pierces your eardrums, thick with honey and mixed with some other cloyingly sweet substances.
Your annoyance reaches its peak level as your eyes narrow to slits when he stops right in front of you.
You could leave right this instance. In fact, you very much want to, but your conscience is holding you back. While you’ve contemplated smoking your way for the profile one too many times, you know that Yoongi, being the smart shit he is, would be able to see through it (and also, Taehyung might just snitch on you) and the mere thought of a disappointed Yoongi just bites you.
“Look,” you spit, facing him properly for the first time, “I’m here against my own will because I have a story to write and that’s the only reason why I am even here. So I would very much appreciate it if you could quit acting like a jerk and let me do my job so I can leave ASAP.”
You’ve never been this up-close with Taehyung before, not when all you ever focus on around him is putting on your bitchiest expression, coming up with spiteful retorts, or pretending that you didn’t see him in the hallway which is actually impossible because he comes for you like a plague.
“Sssh, did you hear that?”
“That’s the sound of you begging for my help.”
A taunting smirk inches its way onto the edges of Taehyung’s lips and you want to sock him in the face and wipe it off his lips. Your glare seems to only spur it to grow wider, as if somehow your clear distaste for him is amusing to him.
“Going to fake a quote for me again?” He continues, the shit-eating grin never leaving his face.
“If you continue pissing me off, I just might.”
For your previous article which involved having to interact with Taehyung, he had refused to answer your questions properly, spouting nonsense and idiotic pickup lines that served of no value to your article. You just needed a one-liner from the egotistical football captain, but all he did was obliterate your gossamer thin patience and last few braincells. Given his insistent reluctance to cooperate, you eventually made up a quote for him – something along the lines of “I don’t really think much about life – I just YOLO it because you know, YOLO” – and made sure that it reflected him badly.
The quote eventually became the unofficial quote of the year and it gives you so much satisfaction, knowing that it made a small dent on Taehyung’s reputation. On bad days, you’d think of the fake quote and laugh to yourself. Needless to say, he was enraged and even sent complaint emails to Yoongi for false reporting. Journalism ethics? You don’t know her.
“Oh yes, where were we?” He draws out each word with a smooth tone, unfazed, “We were talking about how I hold your fate in the palm of my hands, Princess.”
You hate that nickname he has for you. You don’t even remember when and how it started or what led to the nickname. Grunting out loud in abhorrence, you stop to contemplate kicking him in the shin and running away, but you lack the courage to carry out the former because if you’re to ever hurt the precious varsity captain, you can jolly well bid farewell to your collegiate life.
But before you can even take a step away, he stops you by blocking your passage with an even wider smirk. If he is fucking ecstatic at your rage, he’s determined on making sure that you’re well aware of it. 
“Seriously, if you don’t want to do this, let me know right now so we don’t waste each other’s time.”
“Oh Y/N,” he calls out dramatically and you cringe at how your name rolls off his tongue, “I did promise Yoongi-hyung about that profile, but I didn’t promise him that I won’t make your life a living hell.”
If it’s possible for your eyeballs to roll out of the socket, you’re pretty sure it would have already happened by now because Kim Taehyung is impossible.
“Okay,” you exhale, gathering your thoughts, “Then I will, for the better of mankind, start this civilly. But let me just say that I’ll take the mantle of being the bigger person here, which isn’t hard because you’re technically not a person.”
“Of course, I’m more than just a person,” he laughs and a devilish smirk, way too familiar against your own will, tugs at his lips, “I’m Kim Taehyung.”
“Did I ask? Can we just get this over and done with so that I can stop being around your despicable presence, stat.”
“Now, that’s not the way to treat your interviewee. Also, Yoongi said you’ll be following me around for a week. You’ll be around my ‘despicable presence’,” he holds up his fingers in the air to quote, “For an entire week. You think up for it, babe?”
He waggles his eyebrows with a mischievous glint blazing in his eyes, enjoying the scowl on your face.
“Fuck off, Kim.”
His eyes light up when he realises that he’s hit a nerve.
“Every breath you draw in my presence annoys the heck of me,” you edge, words slowing down to a pace that’s normally used on children.  
His large, almond eyes continue to regard you with keen interest.
“That’s funny. I thought that after all this while, you would be used to me scoring right into your goal.”
“Get your head out your ass.”
“Oh, I’ll have you know that I have a bomb ass. 10 out of 10 would tap.”
He laughs with an amused grin on his face, the same one he always has whenever he riles you up, finding entertainment in your fury. You hate his laughter. He’s always laughing, his smile huge and genuine and his out of this world personality knocking girls off-kilter. You hate it. Everything about it.
“What the fuck,” you spit scathingly, mouth agape in utter disbelief at the boy in front of you, or Satan himself wearing the flesh of a human.
You end up only asking two questions from your entire list of 15 questions, but it’s as though you’re stuck at square one because his answers are either half-assed or pure nonsense, and boy are you pissed.
Tumblr media
“Hey, you’re alive.”
You look up from your misery and see the very cause of the said misery, standing at the door with an eyebrow raised. You don’t miss the extra sarcastic bite to his voice and the irritating smirk on his face, but you’d like to believe that he’s actually impressed by your unyielding resilience.
“Highly arguable. Mentally, no, but physically, yes I am. Not for long though,” you grunt, tone imbued in sarcasm because you are seriously done with this profile feature and you can’t wait for this torture to end.
Lifting your tumbler, you suck on the dregs of your coffee and groan louder at how it’s no longer hot. Lukewarm coffee is like torture to the tongue, much more than burning your tongue. You’re one of the annoying customers who would request for extra hot coffee, because you simply can, and you’re used to them faking a smile and then rolling their eyes when they’ve turned on their backs.
“I take it that something happened?”
“Oh nothing,” you shoot him a sarcastic grin, “Except for the fact that the bastard just toyed with me and wasted my Monday evening. If this is how it’s going to be, I say that we stop immediately.”
“Oh come on, it’s just the first day! I get that Tae can be playful and says a lot of stupid things, but he’s actually a really nice dude.”
“I just don’t like him,” you mumble and your voice trails off upon realising that you sound like a bratty preschool kid who can’t get along with the others.
Yoongi scoffs at your remark to correct you, “You don’t like anybody.”
“As if you’re not the most misanthropic person I know.”
“Wow, this ain’t about me,” Yoongi throws his hands up in the air in faux-defeat, “This is about you and Taehyung. Can you at least tell me why you hate his guts?”
The empty remark that brews on the tip of your tongue dies instantly and all you can lamely mutter is, “Over my dead body.”
“Seriously? Why?”
“Because I’m embarrassed.”
“Wait, what? Did you embarrass yourself in front of him?” Yoongi urges with a confused frown, but your lips are still sealed.
“Something like that.”
“Would you be so kind as to elaborate on that?”
“Nope, continue suffering.”
He rolls his eyes in disbelief, before flipping you the bird.
Tumblr media
The next two mornings, you find yourself dragging yourself across the campus and past the newsroom, just to show up at the football field. Upon your arrival, the entire team ditches their warmup session and falls into a collective silence, openly gawking at you and your every movement. The sudden change in the atmosphere elicits an uncomfortable shiver to crawl up your spine. Looks like your social anxiety is about to have a field day.
“Captain, you have a visitor!”
One of the boys hollers with a playful glint in his voice, breaking the silence. At that, some teammates instantly gather in their own circles to whisper to one another, while some discuss your presence without bothering to be discrete. Is this… a jock version of Mean Girls?
“Tae! Your girl is here again!” Another dude shouts and you turn around to shoot a glare at the owner of the voice, eyebrows furrowed.
“Call me his girl one more time and I’ll make sure your legs won’t make it to finals.”
“Damn, a feisty babe. Noice.”
Another guy comes up to you – Jungkook, you recognise him because he’s in one of your classes. His build towers over you, while he flashes you a small, shy smile and you can’t deny that he is pretty cute with his dimples and doe eyes, which makes him look like a little bunny, but all hope is irrevocably lost when he opens his mouth.
“Hey, I think I lost my number. Can I get yours?”
The earlier guy who calls you feisty butts in, “If Taehyung isn’t fucking you right, call me yeah? I’ll make you feel real goo—”
“Minjae, leave her alone.”
You hear a displeased grunt from behind you and turn around to an annoyed Taehyung. His grip on the football in his hand tightens, before he shoves it roughly at Minjae, throwing his teammate off completely.
“Guys, please leave Y/N alone. She’s here to interview me, so I’d appreciate it if you could keep it in your pants and have some decency or respect for yourself.”
The boys instantly mutter a sorry, the peculiar sharp undercurrent of their captain’s voice has them heaving themselves upright in alarm.
You turn your head slightly to look at Taehyung, who’s wearing a vexed frown on his face – well that’s a first for someone who is joking around and laughing. Seeing his strong side profile irks the fuck out of you because someone this attractive shouldn’t be such a big nuisance. What an unfortunate waste. Of course, you would rather be impaled than admit this.
“If you don’t go back to warmups, you’re getting another 5 more laps around the field!” He raises his voice to the entire team and they scramble back to their warmup positions like ants.
After making sure that the team is back on the grind, he spares you another look and leads you to an empty bench away from the warmup area.
“Pretty sure you could have handled it yourself, but you looked uncomfortable,” he smiles apologetically, resting his hand on the back of his neck.
“Well, if you didn’t make me wait, I wouldn’t have needed to go through that.”
“I was helping this freshman who needed extra help with his dribbling. It’s a one-on-one thing so we were in the clubroom.”
“Whatever, it’s cool.”
“Anyways… I got an earful from Yoongi-hyung this morning. He said that I was being too annoying yesterday, so yeah, sorry about that…” His voice trails off and for once, the smile playing on his lips is sheepish, instead of a cocky one.  
“I said I’m sorry. And also for my teammates’ behaviour. Don’t know why they act like this every time they see a girl on the field.”
“D-Did you just apologise to me? Is everything okay, like you know, with your brain?”
“What?” He scoffs, but the smile on his face still remains, “I’m not an asshole. I will apologise if I crossed the line.”
“Kim, not to burst your bubble, but you’ve crossed the line with your annoying and rude ass self since the beginning of time.”
And there it is again. That little grin tugging softly at his lips as his eyes lock themselves on yours.
“Not going to lie, that’s part of my charm.”
You hastily ignore the stirrings of intrigue in your chest, deciding to stop with the chit-chat, “Yeah sure. Let’s just start with the interview. I’ve got a class in an hour.”
He extends an arm to gesture you to sit down on the bench, while he settles down beside you and leans back in an elegant slouch, one ankle crossed over a knee.
“So, let’s talk about the freshmen players this year. Anyone potential successors yet? Do you have a lot of one-on-one trainings?”
“Wow, we playing 20 questions now?”
“Kim,” you sigh loudly with every intention of making sure that he knows how done you are, “I’m literally here to interview you. If I don’t ask questions, then what’s the point.”
“I was just kidding!” He throws his head back with a chuckle, “All right, shoot me with your best shot.”
“Okay,” you clear your throat, “You’re called the dark horse of the school. How do you feel about that?
“Do you like horses?”
“Bet you’ll like mine.”
You cup your face in your palm, as your heaving suspire lowers into an interminable groan, “Kim Taehyung. Before I—”
“Hmmm, so a dark horse…” he begins slowly, “I think it’s a respectable and fulfilling title. It’s when you amaze them with how unexpectedly good you are. It’s about really proving your competence to everyone who didn’t think highly of you before, so I’ll take it with pride and satisfaction.”
You nod your head as he speaks and when he finishes his sentence, you ask with a raised eyebrow, “Practiced that much?”
“Every day before I go to bed.”
“Well, I can show you first-hand.”
“You fucking wish.”
Thankfully, Taehyung gradually stops playing around and actually starts answering your questions properly without giving bullshit answers or making suggestive remarks.
At your last question about his legacy in school, he even elaborates without any prompters and you gratefully take everything down, nodding once in a while when he brings up a good point.
“Wow, you’re writing all these down while I’m talking? Can I see?”
You casually hand him your notebook and he gapes dramatically at the notes you’ve taken.
“These are just scribbles, but they’ll help with transcribing later on.”
“Wow I have to say, I’m impressed and also a little turned on right now.”
Rolling your eyes for the nth time in disbelief, you grunt, “Kim, you do know that you’re still being recorded, right?”
“Of course,” he smirks, raising instant flags for mischief etched across his lips, “Here’s a little note for Y/N who will listen to this when she gets home – I think she’s hot as fuck.”
“You’re shameless.”
Laughter bellows from his lungs, “That I am. I’m not going to deny it.”
Afterwards, he offers to take you for a tour around the clubroom, showing you the medals and trophies that the team has snagged over the years. As he elaborates on the trajectory of the varsity team, the noisy chatter of other students outside fades into background noise like timing in your ears.
He shows you a picture of the team taken from two years ago and your eyes nearly pop out at how small and out of place freshman Taehyung looks. He’s grinning widely at the camera, surrounded by his poker-faced burly seniors, painfully sticking out like a sore tongue, even more so with his scrawny build.
“You look way too happy in the picture that I actually have second-hand embarrassment,” you mutter, but Taehyung manages to catch it.  
“Hey! I was an excited freshie and they didn’t tell me it was a formal picture.”
When you leave the clubroom that day, you take along with you new knowledge about Kim Taehyung. Firstly, you learn that he has only been playing football for two years, which comes off as a shock and almost a form of embarrassment when compared to the other guys with at least a decade of football experience, thus deserving the title of a dark horse. He’s always been more of an arts dude, but he got sucked into the sport when he and his best friend from high school Jimin walked past the football tryouts during orientation.
Secondly, either his cologne or shampoo has a fruity undertone and this is derived from the fact that he is suddenly standing so close to you that you can feel the warmth of his breath and see each glimmer of darkness that surfaces in his orbs, alongside the humming warmth radiating off of his body.
A chill runs down your spine and your heart starts slamming against your chest out of nowhere at the proximity. You’re not used to being so physically close to him and you try not to think about how his alluring scent has you biting the inside of your cheek.
Taehyung seems to know his effect on you because his lips start to spread into a wolfish grin, inching closer to you.
“Your fuckboy antics won’t work on me, Kim.”
Your voice doesn’t come off as strong as you wanted it to, but you hope that he doesn’t catch on.
“You sure about that, princess?” His breath fans out across your cheeks when he speaks, causing instant warmth to scatter over your skin in the rise of gooseflesh.
Irritation bubbles like a brook throughout your entire body.
It’s taking every single willpower of yours not to headbutt him in the face. You desperately want to, but because you’re obviously the bigger person here and you need to prevent yourself from being expelled from school, you could only jab your finger harshly at his chest.
“Try it on another chick, yeah?”
He uncoils from his slouch and rises to his full height, exuding a smug superiority.
“What if you’re the only one I want to try it on?” He teases, his voice echoing with timber, rich and velvet.
You shoot him a leer, accompanied with the imaginary daggers to his face, trying to ignore the steadfast flutter in your belly. By the anger that undulates from your pinched features, he knows he’s left you tongue-tied, and this only spurs his grin to widen, your clear distaste for him a pure entertainment and amusement to him.
“I hate you.”
You grit, but your voice comes out as a mere squeak. You feel like burying yourself from the weight of his longing gaze. Clearing your throat, you push the strange flutter that’s settling in your belly as you hoist your bag over your shoulder and speed-walk away from him, missing the way he smiles at your departing silhouette.
Tumblr media
The shift in Taehyung’s demeanour on the field is beyond commendable, almost palpable to everyone who has their eyes on him. When he’s on the field, there is no fooling around, only the giving of his one hundred and one percent to the game.
Moving agilely with astounding precision, you observe how his sun-kissed skin shimmers with a thin sheen of sweat on his neck, while his eyes sparkle with intensity.
All right. There is some truth that Taehyung looks kind of cool (do people still use that word to describe someone?) and charismatic like this, all serious and immersed in the game. You just wonder if he could be the same when answering your questions.
His brown mop of tousled locks is damp, parted haphazardly, while his jersey clings onto his frame, drenched with perspiration. His biceps strain against the fabric and the veins on his exposed forearms are given prominence when he grabs onto the ball with his fingers effortlessly. Taehyung’s not the buffest, but he is lean with just a nice amount of toned muscles.
When your eyes trail further south for an infinitesimal moment, his tight football pants accentuating the swell of his thighs and the curve of his ass on full display come into view.
Fuck. Your eyes divert back up to his face when you realise what you’ve been gawking at. As the sun hikes up in the sky, it casts a pretty golden glow on his profile, highlighting his sun-kissed skin. You push away the sensation of a small bud blooming in your chest when you meet his gaze, especially when he shoots you his signature boyish smile, a foil to your frown.
Well, looks like someone is happy to see you.
A disconcerting feeling starts to stir in the pit of your stomach when Taehyung approaches you without wiping that smile off his face.
“Good job for surviving two and a half days with me. You ready for today?”
“Replying yes or no literally won’t make a difference at all.”
Shrugging, you lift your tumbler to sip on your coffee before pulling a face.
“Fuck,” you curse quietly under your breath, unexpecting Taehyung to catch it but he does.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing… My coffee isn’t hot anymore.”
“I bought this tumbler not long ago and it’s supposed to be good at trapping heat, but it just sucks and it was kind of expensive? I’m so angry I need to get another one—”
You stop your rant abruptly when you realise that Taehyung’s been staring at you quietly. He even urges you to continue with a nod of his head.
“Sorry, I’m oversharing.”
It’s not your fault that you tend to get too passionate when talking about your distaste for lukewarm coffee. For something that’s your bloodline, it has to be the right temperature, or else.
“Is that your pet peeve?”
You nod, “You can’t judge me though, or I’ll punch you.”
“It’s cool. If your greatest nemesis is lukewarm coffee—”
“Wrong. My greatest nemesis is the boy who’s currently talking to me right now.”
“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,” he rolls his eyes in faux-annoyance, “I absolutely detest coffee, big ass pills that I can’t swallow, and bread crusts.”
“Wait,” you stare at him pointedly in a cursory silence. “You don’t like coffee?”
“Nah, never liked the bitter taste.”
“Okay…” You drag your word out, “But you can just add sugar? Not that I do, I like it bitter. But please elaborate on the big ass pills and bread crusts. For a big boy like you, I have to say that this is pretty amusing.”
Laughter rises in Taehyung’s lungs at the pure confusion on your face, “I can’t swallow pills. Used to always puke them out. I usually crush them and yes, I know it tastes even worse but really, how else can I take my medicine? And bread crusts? Incardinate of evil. I’m really picky when it comes to bread.”
You can’t help but laugh at his dramatic expression. You don’t think you’ve ever had a proper chat with Taehyung that didn’t include insults, remarks, or retorts of any kind.
“You’re one weird boy, Kim.”
The conversation carries on smoothly, tucking itself into every available space, and you’ve got to admit that not only is Taehyung not bad at holding a conversation, he’s also a decent listener and listens quietly when necessary. This really piques your curiosity – maybe Yoongi’s right about him, maybe there is indeed a decent side to him. You’re just not sure why Taehyung loves to push your buttons. It’s as if he wants you to give him the time of day.
From your periphery, you realise that Taehyung’s looking straight at you and you freeze at the weight of his piercing gaze, feeling hot all of a sudden. A stunned silence encompasses the space between you, sitting heavily in your lungs.
After mustering up some courage, you look up to meet his eyes to reciprocate his actions, but your gaze diverts to the ground when you realise that his eyes are piercing right into your soul, like they’re searching or yearning for something.
“Kim,” you clear your throat awkwardly, “What are you doing?”
“Looking at you,” he replies matter-of-factly, his intense gaze never leaving your face. You want to bury yourself alive when you feel a persistent heat simmering under your skin, tinging your cheeks a translucent pink.
“And may I know why?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” The right corner of his lips curls up into a smirk. He’s raising a challenge.
“Spit it out.”
“Do I say the truth or?”
“Not that bold after all, huh?”
“Well,” he opens his mouth again with a devious little gleam in his eyes, “I was thinking about kissing you.”
You don’t miss how he is openly gawking at your lips and your eyes instinctively rest on his as well, which are somewhere between the colour of peaches and cherries. You’re not sure of what washes over you, but your mouth takes the better of you. And for the first time, your words aren’t clogged in your throat.
“Do it then.”
You look at him through your lashes, dark and coy, eyebrow raised, testing the very limits of Taehyung’s restraint.
The erratic beating of his heart is in sync with yours, but it increases within a second when you notice his gaze fall back on your lips from your eyes. Suddenly, this sparks your curiosity and all you can think about is how good Taehyung’s would feel on yours.
“Do it, Taehyun—”
Before you could even mutter his name, his lips are suddenly smashed against yours.
Goosebumps rise on your skin in its wake when his tongue grazes along the flesh of your lower lip, and you, suddenly so enthralled by the boy in front of you, part your mouth to meet him halfway.
You don’t know how long it has been. With his lips pressed against yours, you lose track of time, watch it fly away in the form of the licks on your mouth. Taehyung slackens his jaw to deepen the kiss, cupping your face with his hands to bring you closer to him. His tongue brushes against the underside of yours and then he recedes slightly before tangling for dominance.
Your name leaves his swollen lips in a dulcet whisper, causing your heart to spike in your chest and your stomach to unravel and knot again. You press your palm over your chest to calm the injured patter of your heart against the depths of your stomach.
The way his eyelashes that are almost impossibly thick and dark flutter just a fraction with each breath, brushing slightly against your nose and you squirm at the intimacy of the moment.
When he finally parts away, you feel like you’ve been electrocuted. But your stomach drops again when a pretty blush blooms over Taehyung’s face, crossing the bridge of his nose and spreading over his cheekbones. His hands continue to rest on your shoulders, but his touch is so hot and tantalising that it makes you want to melt.
Taehyung has always called bullshit on all those romance novels that rave about how lips can taste as sweet as strawberries. But you taste like the strawberries from his grandparents’ farm – sweet and delectable.
When he licks his lips again, he shudders when his senses register the honey musk of you and the ghost of your afternoon coffee. He hates bitter coffee with a passion, but you taste so fucking sweet. Overly saccharine that he feels dizzy.
Tumblr media
You don’t talk about the incident the previous night and you’re grateful that Taehyung doesn’t act any differently. It was most probably the adrenaline that took over you and also perhaps your curiosity because you’re a reporter and reporters are supposed to be nosey, curious and also dreaming about kissing the varsity soccer team’s captain. Yep, absolutely.  
Your pride be damned. While it kills you to admit it, it’s common knowledge to everyone in the fucking school that Taehyung is just really nice to look at, be it when he dons his jersey, a button up or his colourful printed clothes. There is no doubting his ravishing features – his sharp nose, big almond eyes, long eyelashes, perky lips and the little moles that adorn his face.
Unbeknownst to you, you cross paths with Taehyung in a day more often than you think you do. Too often for your own good. Most of the time, you can hear him before he comes into view. His boisterous laughter that highlights a lilting charm to his low voice fills your ears like a plague. It is as though he has intended to haunt you with his loud presence. And though you’ve already made up your mind to avoid him unless it’s necessary to spare him a glance, it’s quite impossible. After all, you have one job – and that is to follow Taehyung for a week.
“Hey Princess!”
You could almost hear the sneer hidden in his coo and envision it with perfect clarity, that infuriating spark in his eye whenever he manages to rile you up. You don’t turn around, your feet bringing you further away from him, but eventually come to a halt when he jogs up to you, blocking your way of passage.
“I heard you the first time.”
“And you still ignored me? I’m hurt.”
“What do you want?” You grunt loudly, having absolutely no qualms about showing your displeasure.
He slings his football bag over his right shoulder and smiles, “You know, you shouldn’t be mean to a person who just bought you coffee.”
With a goofy smile pulling at his lips, he pushes a tumbler towards you that was initially hidden behind his back.
“You said you don’t like lukewarm coffee and a styrofoam cup wouldn’t keep it warm by the time I pass it to you, so I got you a tumbler… Besides, you said yours wasn’t good so I figured that I’ll just get you a new one.”
Warmth violently flares in the full of your cheeks, tipping your ears pink at his words. You try not to let the fact that he remembers get to you, but he fucking remembers.
You are a college student to the bone. Turning your back on coffee would be a sin. But coffee from Taehyung? In a tumbler that he purposely bought because he fucking remembers what you said?
He beams, simpering at your speechless self. He thinks your shocked expression is adorable, doing nothing for the wildfire claiming the land of his chest.
“Did you, like, stalk me or something?”
“Pfft. Maybe?” He runs a hand through his hair with a lopsided smile, eyes filled with mirth.
“You’re so weird.”
Despite being surrounded by the steaming, teeming mass of students in the crowded hallway, the moment you two share is as private and as comforting as sitting on the sideline bench alone.
“Enjoy your coffee! This tumbler has very good reviews, I checked! So your coffee should be still hot. If not, text me and I’ll give them a bad review.”
“W-What? Tae—”
Before you could call out for him, he has already scrambled away and blended in with the crowd. You deadpan mentally when you realise that the entire hallway is gawking at you and the tumbler around your hand. But what’s more alarming is the strange tightness in your chest and the warm, tingling feeling coursing through your fingertips that you can’t get rid of.
Tumblr media
You start learning random things about Taehyung beyond just football and general facts that everyone knows about him. It’s surreal how drastically your relationship with Taehyung has changed over the past few days. While snarky ripostes and greasy comments (from Taehyung, of course) are still exchanged, talking and listening to each other, or just being with each other, feels almost natural to you. But you’re no longer at each other’s throats and his annoying retorts have significantly decreased.
The daily meetings bring the two of you into line: by tacit and unconscious consent, you two have begun to weave a space for each other in your lives, forming a joint narrative like a breeze in the boughs, hanging in the spaces in between the two of you.
He was telling you about how he likes comparing his cheeks to bread buns, and he likes to stuff his cheeks when he eats, and that his grandparents would get upset if he returns to his hometown with sunken cheeks. You don’t realise that you’ve been grinning this entire time listening to him ramble on about his cheeks, but your smile grows even wider at Taehyung’s lock screen when his phone lights up from a notification.
“Oh my god, is that a dog?”
“Yes!” He exclaims, a little too loudly and shoves his phone in your face, “Say hi to Yeontan! Isn’t he just adorable?”
Your heart jumps at his excited smile and the tinges of pure adoration dancing in his orbs.
“Aww, he looks like a little ball of fluff.”
“He is! But he can also be very grumpy. Like you.”
“Did you just compare me to a dog?” You fold your arms fold over your chest in faux-rage.
“Such audacity!” He raises his palm to his chest with a gasp, feigning indignation. “He’s not just a dog. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since I saw him at the shelter.”
“Oh, I volunteer at a shelter for abandoned and stray pets every month. You know, Yeontan was actually abandoned by his previous owner and I don’t know, I just had to take him in? I would take all the animals at the shelter if I could, to be honest. Maybe next time. Anyways, let me show you more pictures! I have an album full of his pictures.”
“Don’t be like that. I already have a Yeontan who gets super unenthusiastic whenever I show him pictures of other dogs. I think he’s jealous.”
A small smile tugs at your lips and the edges of his lips start to curl up to a semblance of a smile as well.
“Well, Yeontannie sure is one lucky dog.”
“More like I am one lucky boy,” he beams, flashing his honey bread cheeks in all their glory.  
There’s no denying the sweet quiet of Taehyung’s presence when he’s not making stupid remarks, and this is expounded by how time seems to forget about its own existence these few days. Before you know it, it’s already dark and you’re soon packing up to head back home.
“I’ll need you to go through some fact-checking with you tomorrow. You free around 6pm?”
“Shit, I think I have something on,” Taehyung pouts, fishing out his phone from his pocket, “Let me check.”
“Oh, then it’s fine—”
“Do you want me to cancel it?”
“No! No, it’s fine!”
“It’s okay, I can just postpone it—”
“That’ll mean that you’re cancelling for me.... and you know, you don’t have to.”
“It’s just dinner with Jimin. Fact-checking is important for your article, right?” He says quietly, while his eyes come slowly round and rivet themselves upon your face.
You don’t miss the twinkle in his eyes, igniting a blaze deep in your bones and washing your senses away. All of a sudden, your throat feels constricted, breaths coming out short. You’re hyperaware of how close he is and to be honest, you feel like you’re standing in a room that’s on fire, too hot for the chilly evening which has a very high chance of rain.  
Even if you continue to insist that you despise him, you can’t help but admit that somewhere deep down, something between the two of you is now different. 
Tumblr media
Exhaustion creeps up onto Taehyung, the pain in his arms manifested in his back as well, gradually sneaking into his legs until all his limbs are aching and stiff. Hunched over on a bench, he grits his teeth in frustration, nails digging the skin of his palms, while hot tears threaten to spill.
On Friday, you’ve walked into the team huddled in a circle, frowns all over their faces, a congealing tension evident in the air. From the clamour, it seems that one of the boys have gotten injured during practice and the team was split into two on who to be held responsible and whether there was any foul play involved.
From the sidelines, you watch Taehyung order everyone to shush and makes everyone sit down for a deconflict session. He appears surprisingly calm and addresses the issue in a collected manner. Afterwards, he invites the team to share about how they feel, allowing the conflict to openly spoken about and viewed from different perspectives. He listens attentively, like he always does with you, and speaks clearly and practically, easing the tension in the air till their teammates start coming to a consensus.  
When he sees you standing at the sidelines, he gives you a small smile that you easily see through and approaches you after making sure that his teammates are cool with one another and reminds them that whatever happens on the field stays in the field.
“So um,” you begin quietly, treading carefully around his feelings, “Are fights like that common?”
You already know the answer from looking at the size of the dark bags under his eyes. He is slowly breaking down, but still holding tightly onto the carefree façade that he puts on for show, for the team. It’s also mid-terms period and from the earlier interviews, you remember that he is on a scholarship that he cannot afford to lose because his parents are struggling to send his other siblings to school as well.
Contrary to popular belief, Taehyung isn’t an open book. He’s more of a sealed book, covered in dust and trapped in a forgotten corner of a bookstore. He has his own elusive way of dealing with ways, befriending people, treasuring the people and things around him, but he has also his own way of hiding his feelings. He hates the idea of being vulnerable with people.
He is a combination of hot and cold – sometimes you feel like he’s an old friend because of the emotional compatibility and his comfortable presence, but sometimes, he just goes back to being the cocky fuckboy he is. Maybe that’s just part of the jock persona – to deceive people into thinking that he’s more than that. But in all honesty, that’s not Taehyung and you wouldn’t compartmentalise him like that or homogenise him as just another fuckboy no matter how much you dislike him.
You think you’d know him quite well from having shadowed him the past week. It has come to your realisation that you’re no longer at each other’s throats and his annoying retorts have significantly decreased, but you’re not sure whether it’s because he’s just tired from everything to go out of his way to be annoying. But you don’t have any complaints.  
He lets out a dry chuckle at your question, his words sounding sugar crystalised and rough in his throat, “Are you asking this as a friend or as a reporter?”
“We’re friends?”
Some threads of a biting remark begin to sew themselves together in his mind, but he stops instantly, too tired to really fabricate anything, much less bother to speak.
“Taehyung,” you call out after drawing a furtive breath, “Don’t doubt yourself. You’re a great friend and captain.”
Your soft and sincere tone permeates through Taehyung’s every last prickle of frustration, especially when you offer him a reassuring smile, “What you did out there was one of the selfless acts I’ve ever seen in a leader. And this should mean something, you know, considering that it’s coming from me.”
“Of course I am, I’m actually nicer than I look.”
“I know you’re kidding, but I’m trying to be serious here and on the off chance you’re not, fuck off.”
He remains quiet.  
“I’m serious though. It’s obviously not easy being the captain, but it’s clear that you have rightfully earned the respect from all your teammates. You handled it quite well without being biased or losing your cool.”
“I did?” His tone, deep in timbre, is so quietly surprised that it gnaws at your heart.
“Conflicts like that are a daily occurrence,” he mumbles, “But they can really break or make our teamwork and… the momentum for me as their captain, so I have to try? I have to be responsible for my guys.”
You watch how a cocky smirk instantly settles itself on his lips right after you think that he has opened up, “But I might be just great at forming relationships and team-bonding.”
“Judging from how you treat the girls around you, I don’t think that’s completely true.”
“Girls around me?”
“You’re a fuckboy. I don’t think it’s safe to say that your relationships with girls are great.”
“It’s just sex, no big deal.”
“And that gives you the right to play with their feelings?”
“Of course not, we just hook up that’s all. No hard feelings. It’s just sex with no strings attached and they all know it. Before I hook up with someone, I make it very clear that I’m not looking for anything serious. Just meaningless sex and fun.”
“Okay, but let’s say for example, a girl does end up falling for you. Is that solely her fault?”
He stops to think.
“For now, I just don’t wish to get involved in anything serious. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with feelings.”
You scrunch your nose up in distaste when Taehyung shrugs his shoulders casually, dismissing the conversation.
You’re not someone who is easily lost for words, always quick to retort with a witty comeback, especially when it’s with Taehyung. But this time, all you could mutter is an “I see”, before pretending to focus on writing on your notepad. For some reason, you feel like your heart just took a dip. The thought of him playing around with girls leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but you can’t comprehend why. Since when did you care what Taehyung does with his life? You never did before.
Maybe it’s because at the back of your mind, you know that your said example might not exactly be one. Maybe.
Tumblr media
Sunday arrives quicker than ever. In retrospect, you know this day would come – in fact, you’ve been waiting for this day ever since Yoongi assigned you the profile. But there’s just something – sort of a difference in the air surrounding you and Taehyung – that kneads at your heart about this coming to an end. Whatever this is.
He doesn’t say a word when you take a sip from the tumbler that he gave you, but you’re pretty sure that the way his eyes instantly lit up with a smile to match says it all.
“Oh right! Have you eaten breakfast? I, um,” he coughs awkwardly, hand scratching the back of his hand with a nervous smile, “made some sandwiches this morning.”
He turns around to his sports bag and fishes out a lunchbox, “Strawberry cream sandwiches!”
“My grandparents own a strawberry farm, so I get all the best strawberries!” He beams, and his eyes turn into little sparkly crescents. At that, your heart skips in two, one half in your throat and the other down in your gut.
“Not to be biased, but these are the tastiest and sweetest strawberries ever. Oh! After Japanese strawberries, but don’t tell my grandparents. They’ll be sad.”
“Anyways, try it,” he hands you a sandwich and you take a moment to observe how it screams Kim Taehyung at his finest. He has trimmed the bread crusts (his nemesis) and added a shit ton of cream cheese.
Taehyung’s crescent-like eyes are now staring straight into you as he watches you bite into the sandwich, anticipating for your reaction. There’s something in his gaze that makes your limbs heavy. It makes you feel trapped and lost in the depths of his eyes, warm and inviting.
You smile at the sweet and sour taste and he literally jumps with joy, flashing his honeyed cheeks.
“It’s good, right?” He chirps, beckoning you to eat more and you ignore how Taehyung’s cheeks are fully stuffed and how he chews with a natural pout on his lips.
For a moment, the world seems to be out of space and time as you sit on the bench, savouring the sweetness of everything. Taehyung is looking at you and the moment is lengthening. He becomes severely tongue-tied, no longer knowing what to say, but yearns for this moment to stay the way it is.  
“Nice weather, huh?”
“Talking about the weather now?” You ask in a bemused tone and he puffs, rolling his eyes playfully, but the growing tingle of pink on his cheeks doesn’t escape your notice.
“I-I mean... It’s nice.”
A softness settles into the lines of Taehyung’s face, and you can’t bring yourself to look away when his eyes land on yours, “It’s nice being here with you.”
And he means it. He generally feels good around you. He isn’t an anxious or socially awkward person, and he’s got tons of friends, but he still finds himself putting on a mask with most of them. A slightly louder, a more playful and enthusiastic version of himself. He almost always becomes the life of the party, the person who makes things easier and more comfortable for everyone else – breaking the silence, making jokes, drawing people out of their shells and easing them into conversations. He likes being that kind of person.
But it does get tiring, sometimes.
He likes being quiet, sometimes.
Sometimes, he just likes to curl up on the couch in his PJs and not feel like he has to be Funny! Loud! And gregarious! All at once. On some days, he just wants to laze around and watch anime till his eyes bleed. On some days, he just wants to be a normal college student without a team to manage and reputation to uphold.
You roll your eyes at his sudden confession, hoping that the warmth that sits high on your cheeks isn’t that obvious, but it probably is, from the way your heart ensnares at how Taehyung’s lips are stretched so widely across his face, his crescent eyes crinkling so adorably that you find yourself smiling too.
“You’re a loser,” you tease, shoving him lightly.
Then Taehyung is laughing, highlighting the undertones of oak and berries. He is laughing so hard that his stomach hurts and his chest aches with a drumming sound against his ribcage. Soon, laughter pokes its way across your glassy eyes, with tinges of amusement waltzing in your orbs, and pink cheeks and you’re doubling over him, with tears in your eyes and nose all scrunched up. Taehyung is holding onto you and the moment is lovely, everything is lovely.
You’re lovely.
Taehyung raises his arm to ruffle your hair, stirring up a mini tornado within you and chuckles again when you jump slightly.
“Gotta say that I’d miss having you around. You and your pesky presence. Can’t believe a week just went by just like that.”
“Rude,” you half-heartedly taunt, pushing his hand away, while a corner of your mouth curls up in retaliation.
“It was fun being your side hoe though. Do you know how many glares I’ve received by strangers, literally girls I’ve never seen before in my entire life, in the hallway? Imagine the power I have.”
“What side hoe?” He chuckles boyishly and your breath hitches, “You’re as good as my main.”  
Your heart pulses erratically in your chest, cheeks flushed with a warmth that matches the one that blooms in your heart. The way he makes your heart soar terrifies the fuck out of you.
“Not sure if I should feel honoured.”
“You know, I actually don’t know how we ended up like this. You hated me for the longest time and now we’re sitting here.”
“I did hate you, all right.”
“You have such a personality.”
“That’s another way of calling me a bitch.”
“As in… vibrant, colourful, I don’t know how else to describe you. You’re rude and endearing at the same time – it’s weird.”
The most adorable of smiles form on his face as he lets out a wholehearted laugh, it makes your insides melt.
A grin moulds on your face that resembles his own, “And you’re still a huge pain in the ass.”
“Still a bomb ass that I’ll tap.”
Tumblr media
Later in the day, you receive a text from Taehyung. It’s not the first time that he has texted you. But little did you know that he would be a freaking double texter.
[from annoying ass jock] [18:49] hey you [18:49] do you want to grab dinner [18:49] i am very hungry right now lol [18:49] i mean you’re probably hungry unless you’ve eaten? [18:49] take this as a goodbye dinner, celebratory dinner wtv [18:51] feel free to say no tho HAHAHAHA
[you] [18:53] stfu I wasn’t going to say no [18:53] clam down [18:54] i’m kinda craving for a good burger and cheese fries
Tumblr media
The night passes by smoother and faster than expected. Maybe it’s because you don’t realise the possibility of it being a date. The way Taehyung has asked you for dinner seems rather impromptu, so you’ve completely eliminated the idea of it being a date.
On the other hand, Taehyung himself knows that this is a date. While you’re cutting into your burger, he is furiously chewing on his fries, struggling to believe that you had even taken up his absurd offer of eating dinner together. On a Friday evening. With him. Is it a sign of peace? Or even something more?
He offers to walk you back to your dorm after that, telling you that he needs to walk off his burger. When he walks side-by-side with you, you focus at how he is so tall, how his height literally hovers over you, doing nothing but darkening the pink high on your cheeks.
When he stops in his track abruptly, you have to tilt your head upwards to look at his face, and each passing streetlamp casts his already golden skin in an orange glow, throwing tiny suns in his eyes into orbit.
Tonight is a little different.
The way he’s looking at you is a little different.
He takes your palms into his and starts playing with your fingers, allowing the two of you to stew and bask in the quiet contentment of the night.
His other hand rests gingerly on your waist, before bringing you closer to him. Then you find his lips graze the shell of your ear and shudder at his warm breath on your skin, inviting the rise of gooseflesh to scatter all over your body.
Your mind goes blank. All you can only think about how his touch on your waist burns, how ticklish his breath is on your face, and how there are little awakening tingles that shoot up your spine every time his skin comes into contact with yours. How he’s so gentle with you as if you’re a delicate piece of art.
How much you want him to kiss you.
Honestly, it takes you by surprise how much you actually want him to do just that, how much you’ve unconsciously thought about this so often that you can already imagine the ghost of his fingers down the cleft of your chin.
A fizzle of electricity runs down your spine when he brings your hand to his lips and presses a soft kiss to each finger, before he brushes over your knuckles to intertwine his fingers with yours.
He’s looking at you with as much certainty as you know that he’s going to sweep in and kiss you. You offer him a smile, and it is all the reassurance Taehyung needs before he leans in to press his lips against yours. Something akin to fireworks explodes inside you, colouring your insides and nerves with rainbow sparks. It makes you feel so alive.
The gentle brush of skin becomes static charge. He takes his time with you and kisses you like he’s always had the intention of doing so, like this isn't a spur of the moment catastrophe. Like he wants more of you, needs a taste of what he’s been yearning for the longest time.
You are abstrusely drawn to Taehyung. Like planets condemned by gravity to collide, you two have become yoked as one. It’s the headiness of his scent, the taste of his lips, his tongue that carefully darts over your bottom lip and seeks entrance. It’s the way he’s kissing you, so different, so soft and gentle, like it’s grounded in something you can’t quite place, compared to the first kiss.
Taehyung’s lips are soft like the cup of his hands around your face, but it is the settling of the repeated brush of his mouth against yours that makes you almost melt into the ground.
Nipping lightly at your lower lip, his lips curl up into a smirk when he hears a gasp escape from your mouth, your heart ricocheting in your chest.  
It’s an amalgamation of teeth, hidden feelings and pure adoration that are coming to a head and finally bursting – absolutely everything you wanted and more. But even when your tongues tangle with one another, it is more sensual and romantic than hasty and lustful.
The night is upon you when he parts from you moments later, allowing you to catch the breaths that have escaped from your now swollen-red lips and come down from your highs. You’re staring at him with eyes laced with fondness, before he leans in to meet your forehead and chuckles to himself at how surreal everything is.
You shouldn’t be feeling so happy, so satisfied, but you feel like you’ve been moon-struck. God, you can’t even figure it out yourself. Not when you’re tucked into his broad sturdy chest, his chin resting on the crown of your head and hand resting gently around your waist. Listening to his heartbeat. Though you’re aware that he isn’t looking for anything serious, you want to believe that maybe, just maybe his heart is beating as thunderously as yours because he’s serious this time.
Tumblr media
“Not about to feint surprise at how you’re still alive because I’m going to need that profile from you, but I have to ask. Did you not sleep last night?” You look up to see Yoongi raising his eyebrow at you with suspicion.
“Ah, the appearance of negation in a question – my cup of tea. Do I reply yes or no to your pervasive question?”
“Very snarky today, I see. You look like melted ice cream, topped with tasteless sprinkles.”
“And you look like a boiled dumpling.”
“I was up doing work last night.”
“You’ve already handed up all your submissions,” he replies matter-of-factly.
“I know… I just… was,” you shoot Yoongi a pointed look, “thinking about stuff.”
The change in his expression lets you in that he knows exactly about what’s up, “Thinking about stuff, huh?”
“I’m just so—”
“Whipped for Kim Taehyung and I want to tap that ass. South Korea’s ass, yeah?”
“Disoriented. The word I was going for was disoriented, thank you very much. But also, what the fuck?”
“I said what I said.”
“I also said what I said. Don’t be gross.”
“Look,” Yoongi clears his throat, as if to brace himself for his forthcoming words, “I don’t really want to be involved in whatever feud or relationship you have – look how I didn’t overgeneralise because I’m generally confused. But one thing’s for sure. You clearly have feelings for him.”
“Yeah, of course I do. Anger, impatience and animosity.”
“You know what I mean,” he sighs in incredulity and gives you a look like he can look through your soul and tell that you’re lying through your teeth.
“What the fuck, dude? Kim Taehyung is just urgh. There is nothing good about that jock – all he knows is fucking around and getting onto my nerves. Seriously—"
“Seriously? You expect me to believe that? Don’t think I didn’t notice you smiling at your laptop while working on that profile? Or how you’re glued to your phone because he’s texting you or sending you memes?”
“What?” You blurt out in disbelief.
“Don’t fight me on that – you hate texting. I’m not blind, Y/N. He obviously ignited something in you.”
“What the fuck,” you snarl, “That’s disgusting. I don’t even know what’s so interesting about him, like why the heck are people so smitten by him. They must be blind or something. I swear that I’ve lost at least 10 years of my life from spending an entire week with him. Don’t know how I’m still alive.”
“I don’t fucking understand why people put him on a pedestal. He’s really your typical jock? Another egotistical fuckboy. An airhead with no personality. I don’t understand why people like him so much—"
“Um… Taehyung…”
“What?” You flare up impatiently, acrimonious at how Yoongi keeps interrupting your hate speech, totally missing the grimace on his face.
“Y/N, Taehyung… He’s behind you.”
You spin around and your heart drowns in your chest.
The sight of Taehyung’s face of reticence at the door punches you straight in the gut. He shakes his head with a forlorn smile that you can easily see through and turns on his heels, walking away quickly.
Without hesitation, you run after him, your chest tightening with a disconsolate, stifling feeling, as if you’ve just swallowed a hard lump of cloud.
“Tae! I can explain–”
He turns around, maintaining his distance from you, “Gee Y/N, I didn’t know you hated me that much. I thought… thought that after spending all this time with me, your feelings might have changed. But you still… you still hate me, don’t you?”
“Taehyung, listen – I didn’t mean it. I j-just–”
His brows crinkled together in a tight wedge, eyes pressed shut.
“You meant it.”
Your tongue feels heavy, like it’s made of iron.  
“You meant it,” he repeats, shoulders sunken low, crestfallen, and you swear, you see hurt in his eyes.
Your heart immediately falls with it, knowing that you’re the cause of his sadness. It feels like there’s a fist seizing your heart and squeezing it until it bursts and splatters all over the walls. When he walks away from you, the pain remains, unabated.
Only heaven and you yourself know how much you did not mean it.
Tumblr media
When you wake up the next few mornings, it’s as if a shadow is lurking at the back of your mind.
There is a tirade running on loop in the back of your mind, the more you thought about it, the angrier you got. But anger is merely a convenient emotion that easily covered up for sorrow. You are angry at yourself for hurting Taehyung.
You’d never say it, but in between glances, hazy mornings at the field and the exchange of witty ripostes, your feelings for Taehyung have changed, unbeknownst to the world. You have no idea when it happened. When the lines that so clearly distinguished you from Taehyung became so blurred. When he stopped being irritating, an obstacle, an enemy and became something else entirely.
You don’t exactly know when you started to thaw and let your guard down to let him in, but you know that you… like seeing Taehyung smile. And you also know that you want to be one of the reasons for his smile.
Despite the overwhelming amount of work you need to attend to, these few days, you spend a lot less time working on your assignments like you should be and a lot more daydreaming about twinkling eyes and a distinctive laughter from a boxy smile. It doesn’t go past your notice – how your heart goes all erratic when a particular football player is around, his sunshine smile radiating the darkest part of your mind and threatening to break your steely, collected demeanour into bits.
You have been so scared to let him in, so afraid to let yourself fully submerge in the comfort of his touches, in the calm that envelops you when Taehyung is beside you, listening to you ramble, or when he looks at you when he thinks you’re not looking.
You tell yourself that you’d be fine. That life goes on. That Taehyung is just another almost and you can live without talking to him again like how your life was before this whole shit-show. But you remember the current that zaps you whenever he brushes his hand against yours, the ricocheting of your heart whenever you find him staring at you. You also think about the little crinkle at the edges of his eyes whenever he laughs and the music of his laughter that you’ve grown to adore. Little did you know, the warmth at the pit of your stomach has long built a house to reside in and it’s yearning for its owner to come home.  
It hurts.
It hurts because Taehyung has the prettiest, purest and brightest of all souls. He views the world in a different light with all his little quirks. You adore his ardent love for classical jazz (he accidentally played his music out loud when you were with him and gave you a whole lecture on and you didn’t stop him for he spoke so animatedly with stars in his eyes), for strawberries and his family that he would have been a farmer with his grandparents if he didn’t attend college.
Because when he loves, he loves so fiercely, softly and dearly, like the first snow, like the fresh dew on a perfectly bloomed rose. Soon, the gentle heat of the morning will send him back to the clouds and the bloom will raise her head, calling to the summer bees. Taehyung flows like honey in your soul and makes you feel so whole, but vulnerable at the same time.
He’s a dream come true, a daydream, a part of the labyrinth where reveries rest. He’s just so wonderfully and ethereally endearing.
The ache in your chest throbs especially when you spot a cute dog on the way to the café downtown and whip out your phone to snap a picture to tell Taehyung that it’s one of Yeontan’s little friends. You almost hit the send button, but your thumb freezes into place when you remember.
He’s never going to talk to you again.
It also hurts extra bad when you’re glued to your laptop, fingers hacking away to finish up the feature article on the said boy, writing about the true Kim Taehyung that currently, only you know of. But he probably hates your face right now.
“Hey, you’re—”
“Yoongi, no. I’m not alive. I’ve never felt more dead before.”
“I was going to commend you for being here today after you know, yesterday’s incident.”
He grabs a chair and sits by you and a dreadful sigh escapes from your lips because you’re well-aware that Yoongi is going to make you talk. He isn’t the type to let you ignore your feelings, preferring in honest and open communication even if it pains you to talk about your feelings because you’re so emotionally constipated.
“How are you?”
Burying your face in your hands, you somehow manage to choke out the words lodged deep in your throat, “Feel like shit. I thought I hit rock bottom. But now it’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap and then me.”
If Yoongi notices the tremble of your fingers, he doesn’t comment on it and you’re grateful for that.
“Tell me more.”
It’s not a question.
God, you hate it when he presses. Fuck journalists and their persistence of sticking their noses into other people’s business. You want to laugh at how ironic this is.
“I don’t even know where to start,” you laugh dryly and cringe at how fake it sounds.
You have your usual self-defensive answer rolling off the tip of your tongue, “I am just another dumb bitch who fell for him.”
“You know, if you’re going to continue being like this, I don’t really know how to help you.”
“I’m not kidding. I feel so dumb for liking him. In fact, one part of me is fucking furious that I’m so vulnerable right now. I hate feelings.”
“First of all, you’re not dumb for liking him. And second of all, human beings are vulnerable and all feelings, no matter how small or insignificant or cliché they are, are all valid. That’s how we grow.”
He continues sagely, “Look, whatever happened between you two is a mess. So you hated him last time, but you’ve developed feelings for him, and that’s all that should matter, no? Don’t refuse your feelings just because you know, you’re too ashamed or scared to acknowledge them.”
Your mouth opens and then snaps close. You repeat this in your state of stupefaction as your brain tries to process everything that has occurred.
“Does it matter if I acknowledge my feelings?”
He doesn’t answer.
“He told me that he isn’t looking for anything serious. Just meaningless sex and fun. I literally just played myself.”
“I don’t exactly know what Taehyung feels about this. But what I know is that they have their first game in a few days and he hasn’t been doing well. Coach has been going really hard on him. You should go talk to him, yeah?”
“Yoongi,” you whisper helplessly, “I’m scared.”
“I know.”
He puts his hand atop yours as a form of comfort and suddenly, everything seems okay. Even if it is just in that moment.
Before you clock out of the editorial room, Yoongi sends you back with your article to vet through before giving the green light to the designers. Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the document, you realise that Yoongi hasn’t fixed anything at all to the point that you wonder if he has accidentally sent the wrong version. Until you spot his message at the bottom in really tiny font because you know, Yoongi.
I said that you’re the only person who could cover this feature article and I wasn’t wrong. Well done. Hope you know that I’ll always have your back, alive or dead.
Tumblr media
You decide to drop by football practice the next day. Lurking near the bleachers, you jump in horror when Jungkook spots you being suspicious. From the way his eyes widen like a deer caught in headlights upon the sight of you, you know that he’s aware of the recent happenings.
“Hey,” he offers you a small smile, but you could tell from the size of the dark bags under his eyes that he is shagged to the bone.
“Y/N, right? You okay?”
You let out an awkward chuckle, “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because Cap is a mess?”
“Is he really?”
He laughs dryly, “Aren’t you here to confirm that?”
“Sorry, I just… the stress is getting to all of us. But especially to hyung. He’s being really grilled by Coach for the sudden dip in performance.”
“Right… I’m sorry… If I caused this. I just—”
Across the field, Coach’s whistle shrills through the air and you realise that it’s directed at Taehyung. From where you’re standing, his grunts are almost inaudible, but the sound of his voice still traverses the darkness of your mind.
“You know, this is the first thing hyung is being grilled by Coach. He’s always been Coach’s favourite, even right from the very start, so Coach doesn’t really know how to deal with him either. Hyung’s even worse than his freshman self. You know, hyung didn’t know shit about football when he first joined? It was a joke. He really worked his way up, even though all he wanted was just to play on the field.”
A sudden prick of guilt pinches at your chest.
“Hey Jungkook, could you do me a favour? Could you pass this to him? You can just leave it on top of his bag? I think he’ll know.”
When Taehyung hobbles into the locker room feeling like death after a vigorous grilling session, his legs almost collapse on the floor. But then he sees a lunch box atop his bag and runs towards it, huffing louder than usual, so hard that he feels like his lungs might collapse like his legs. And when he opens it, only to see a nicely packed strawberry sandwich with a little post-it note on top of it, he lets out a huge breath and for the first time in years after his grandmother’s passing, Taehyung cries.  
Don’t tell your grandparents (sorry!) but these are Japanese strawberries. Good luck for Sat, Yeontannie and I believe in your galaxy 💜
Tumblr media
A big commotion startles Taehyung from his mandatory quiet time that he sets aside before each game. He’ll put on his headphones and play his jazz playlist to meditate for at least a good 10 minutes, allowing both his muscles and mind to rest. But even his noise-cancelling headphones can do so much in blocking out his rambunctious and adrenaline-filled teammates.
“Captain! Your girlfriend’s here!”
Before Taehyung could even remove his headphones to bark at his teammates for disturbing his peace, the door that swings open reveals his very confusion, rendering him utterly speechless.
He sees you standing there with an apprehensive expression, looking out of place as fuck, and if it’s possible, Taehyung can hear the gears in your brain turning frantically from here.
When your eyes land on Taehyung sitting across the room, the first thought that pops into your mind is that it feels like eons since you’ve last seen his face. It’s only been a few days, but you miss seeing him. You miss him so fucking badly.
He looks tired. There are dark circles painting his under-eyes and frown lines on his forehead and that doesn’t sit well with you, because there’s always either an annoying smirk or a bright smile plastered on his face.
For moments and moments, your eyes rest on the boy in front of you, drinking in his presence – the coruscating eyes and pretty lips behind his inspired, untiring voice.
“Hi,” he breathes with an indifferent expression, removing his headphones hastily before he stands up to close the gap between the two of you. The nervous flickering of your eyes doesn’t escape his notice.
“Hey,” you whisper back, lips quivering. There are many more words on the tip of your tongue, but the prevailing fear that catches in your throat freezes your lungs.
The boys have filed out of the locker room to give you two some privacy and now the world is basking in their awkward, ricocheting off the window in a quiet plea for noise. It is so quiet that if you focus more, you could hear the erratic thumping of your heart.
“How’s your article?” Taehyung asks and silence comes to splinter like a stone thrown at a wall, colliding with it and shattering like lightning bolts.
A frown settles itself on your temple at how he is trying to make everything seem all right. How the first thing he does is ask you about your article when you’re the one clearly at fault and he isn’t even showing signs of anger towards you. How could he be so selfless?
“It’s fine,” you mumble, “But I’m not here to…. I’m…”
Without warning, you go on your toes and reach for the rosy flesh on his mouth. At your touch, his entire body softens. It feels like there’s a cavernous hole in his aching heart.
“I’m sorry, Tae.”
Taehyung gives you a little nod, his way of saying it’s okay, before closing his eyes until they disappear in the shadows of his long black lashes.
You kiss him with profound earnestness that had been missing during the first kiss, dusting kisses over every inch of his blushing features, until you’re breathless, dizzy with want. There’s this inexplicable spark of desire growing within you and warming your body from inside out. Your heart longs for him, marvels in how right it feels to be in his arms, to kiss him, to be as close to him as possible.
Gosh, you’ve missed this so much.
Taehyung’s hands find your face, cradling your cheeks as if you’re the most delicate flower he has ever encountered, as if your petals would tear apart if he wasn’t gentle with you. He doesn’t look away from your eyes, searching your gaze silently. Now that you’re here, standing right in front of his very eyes, it makes everything all the more painful.
You move your hand to the back of his neck, pulling him into another gentle kiss, falling onto him like moonlight on a window seat.
“Princess…” He calls for you, voice deep and huskier than you’d ever heard it, and the timber of it sends shivers raking down your spine, “You know that I’m physically incapable of being angry or upset with you.”
The two of you move silently in each other's orbits, solitary planets in a lonely galaxy.
“I’m sorry for everything,” you whisper against his lips as his fingers play with the hem of your shirt.
“Hey, it’s okay, love. I’m just happy that you’re here.”
More words are lost on his tongue as he seizes the opportunity to drink in the sight of you, his eyes trace the outline of your visage, from the curve of your nose to the arch of your philtrum and down to the soft of your lips.
“Are we just going to stare at each other until the buzzer rings?” You joke.
“Can I? I haven’t looked at your face enough lately,” he laughs, “Missed your face. A lot.”
His eyelashes brush against his cheeks, following the stare of your eyes into deep brown irises. When he leans a fraction of a space closer, his bangs brush softly against your forehead.
“Taehyung…” You breathe out, reaching out to caress his face, fingers brushing away his bangs from his eyes, “Can I ask you something?”
“As a friend or a reporter?”
“Neither,” you reply, “I just wanted to know… Since when?”
“Since when?” He tilts his head.
“Since when did you start having feelings for me?”
He laughs like it’s an obvious question, tugging the fallen strand of your hair behind your ears. His expression is hard to decipher, it’s a combination of amusement and endearment, but he is smiling so widely that it’s almost blinding.
“I’ve always liked you, Y/N. Remember when Yoongi-hyung introduced you to me and you were angry about something?”
“I’m always angry about something.”
“I thought you were interesting as fuck.”
“You’re fucking weird.”
“Okay, but can you at least tell me why you hated me?”
“Fine. It’s because… Iwasjealousathowyou’regoodateverything.”
“I was jealous… because you’re good at everything. Like without even trying. And I thought it was plain unfair, because people like me need to work so hard to do well, while there are people like you who are just… born talented.”
“But after getting to know you, I realised that I’ve completely misunderstood you. You hide a lot of things about yourself, but you’re incredibly humble and hardworking even though you’re fucking annoying and cocky. And you’re so selfless, you offer help to your teammates when you notice them struggling. And you’re also so nice to everyone, you make them feel comfortable. Y-You kind of bring light to everyone around you. That’s just your charm, I guess.”
You reach out to hold his hand, but he beats you to it, taking your palm into his. He starts playing with your fingers, mapping every whorl of the ridges on your fingertips.
“Remember the day Yoongi introduced us to each other? It was also the day I failed my scholarship interview. I was up against you and there was only one slot left. You got it, so when you were teasing me for being grumpy, I kind of took my anger out on you. Felt like you were making fun of me.”
“Shit,” he curses under his breath, “I was smiling at you because I found you cute, dumbass. I kept pestering Yoongi-hyung to introduce me to you so when he finally, I was so nervous and didn’t know how to behave in front of you. I didn’t even know that I was up against you for the scholarship.”
When Yoongi first introduced you to Taehyung, he thought that you two would hit off long. But he didn’t take into account the fact that Taehyung and you are polar opposites – your petulance and Taehyung’s happy-go-lucky attitude is a stark juxtaposition. So when Taehyung opened his mouth and told Yoongi (right in front of you, bitch) that you looked like you were about to cry, his chin tilted up slightly, one eyebrow cocked, right after you found out that you failed your scholarship, so it was a straight-up no for Kim.
“Well, we’re both dumb.”
You look away in faux-annoyance, desperately trying to prevent your cheeks from igniting under the warm gaze that deftly lights upon you. “Long story short: I’m mean and I don’t deserve you.”
He cups your face with a smile so bright that his nose scrunches up adorable, “What are you on about? We were made to complete the living hell of each other.”
This prompts another fond smile to play on your lips, one so tight it hurts your cheeks.
When you realise that time’s running out, you tip-toe to press another kiss on his cheek, “For good luck. Go out there and get the trophy for me, bitch.”
The smile you give is soft and pink-cheeked, but familiar in every kind of way and for the umpteenth time, Taehyung gets the fucking air truly knocked out of his lungs. He’s a goner.
“You know,” his eyes are soft and there’s a wisp of a smile on his rosy lips, “I’ll get you the moon if you asked. But you deserve so much more than just the moon, Princess.”
Tumblr media
If there’s one thing you know, it’s that you have almost always wanted to kiss Kim Taehyung. From the very start. And if there’s one thing that you don’t, it’s that the same boy will almost always kiss you back until you’re drowning in honey.
After Taehyung receives the trophy and lifts it high in the air for everyone to see with his teammates cheering around him, the entire ordeal almost has you in tears and you run to him, pressing kisses and bites down necks and collarbones. The ministrations don’t stop even when the two of you waltz-dance and skip all the way to his apartment, never getting enough of each other’s touches.
Taehyung’s fingers knot in your hair, controlling the kiss, his other hand finding purchase on the curve of your waist and teeth digging into the swell of your lower lip. You let out a whine that only encourages Taehyung to press against you closer and kiss you harder, in such a primal way that has heat swirling in your belly and wetness to pool between your thighs.
Your fire to him is the most peerless of lights.
Adrenaline runs through his entire body, lighting up his nerves like fireworks as he removes your shirt and openly soaks in the sight of your body, how your breasts are cupped by your lacey bra and how you’re blushing fervently.
“So pretty for me. All for me.”
You don’t miss the way he growls and licks his lips, eyes hooded as he stares at you like you’re a piece of meat that he can’t wait to devour. And his actions prove his ardent hunger when he grabs your chin and tilts it to the side, before attaching his lips greedily to the skin on your neck and licking a stripe over the flesh. He carries on nibbling on the sensitive part of your skin, sucking and biting in a way that is sure to leave you crying for more.
“Wow, and I thought you’d be tired after the game.”
He is already breathing heavily as he towers over you, biting back his moans, rocking his hips upwards for some needed friction.
“Can’t be tired when I’m just getting started with you.”
He pushes you onto the bed and comes crawling to hover over you within seconds as he connects his lips aggressively with your neck once more. While he continues to suck faint lilac bruises into your skin, you can’t help but jut your hips firmly against his, an instinctive reaction to feel more of him.
He groans loudly and this spurs you to give another experimental roll of your hips over his. This time he freezes and accidentally bites down on your neck a little harder than before which earns another sharp gasp from you, but this only douses the flames licking your abdomen. He leans back to apologise, but his words are lost at the tip of his tongue when you continue to grind against him shamelessly. His hands fall to your hips, nails digging firmly in place, and holds you down against his raging boner that now pokes at your inner thighs.
Thrashing in Taehyung’s grip, you sit up, hands finding the courage to explore the soft material of his shirt. Running your fingers over the buttons, you hastily tug it off him, lingering your fingers over his bare skin that you desperately want to kiss with your lips, lick with your tongue and mark with your teeth as yours.
You feel his hunger swallow you whole, his gaze leaving trails of fire as they run all over your body, electrifying you all over.
“Can I eat you out?” His voice is deep, much huskier than ever, and the timber of it sends shivers raking down your spine.
“God, why did you ever think that I would say no?”
In the briefest of moments, Taehyung tugs your shorts down with a grunt. Your eyes lock briefly, heat blooming like a stove burner, flaring up with that low flickering blue when you notice the pure, unadulterated lust in his concupiscent eyes. Fizzy warmth floods your belly, the knot of lust tightening within your abdomen.
His hands rub at your thighs, spreading them widely as he moves down the expanse of your body. There’s a raw power hidden in his hands and it’s tantalisingly arousing to feel those fingertips pressing into the meat of your thighs, wandering under you to squeeze at your ass.
Leaning in, he begins to leave hot, open-mouthed kisses over your bare torso, before trailing lower to your inner thighs and giving them a few kitten licks. You squirm underneath him at the intimacy, while an involuntary gasp leaves your lips at the sensation of his warm breath and lips dusting across your sensitive skin. The sudden stimulation leaves you aching for his lips to be somewhere else, somewhere where it’s throbbing to be touched, to be filled.
Taehyung seems to sense exactly what you want and the next thing you know, you’re falling back onto your elbows and his nose is pressed into the cotton of your underwear. He inhales deeply and groans, eyes cloudy with lust and pleasure, relishing the unbidden scent of your arousal.
Fucking hell.
The hot of his tongue starts teasing your bud through the sheer fabric, sucking through your underwear. Timidly, you lift your lips up, seeking for friction, but Taehyung doesn’t relent, pushing you back down.
“Gotta be patient, Princess.”
When he finally, like finally, removes your soaked underwear, he dips his head between your thighs and licks a long, languid strip along your folds. This elicits a loud keen from you, hips bucking but he winds his arms under your legs and over your hips to properly restrain you. He begins slowly again, lapping up your juices like a man starved, his satisfied whimpers sending vibrations straight to your clit.
“You smell so fucking good,” he continues on to wrap his plush lips around your clit, growling against your pussy and you feel it vibrate deep in your core, “But taste even fucking better.”
Ecstasy washes over you and you cry out, pleasure hot and sharp shooting through your veins to feed the tightening coil in your abdomen as you writhe in his iron grasp, fingers grasping for purchase at his hair.
“Can fucking eat you out all day, want to bet?”
His teeth scrape lightly against the nub when he speaks, and your back arches at the pleasure. He continues to slurp up whatever you offer him, before giving in to your unspoken request, trailing a finger up your folds and sliding it in.
You’ve always known that Taehyung has long, slender fingers – you’ve noticed how long and pretty they are when they’re wrapped around the football, when he waves to you and when he plays with your fingers. And perhaps, you’ve thought about him doing things to you with those fingers before, but now that he has his finger in you, you cannot emphasise how otherworldly it feels. Fucking delirious.
His long digit meets no resistance, instantly enveloped in the tight, slick heat of your core as he goes in knuckle-deep and adds another finger, and it makes you feel so full that you’re losing your mind. You scream even more when he fucks you deep with both his knuckles and the flat of his hot tongue, bringing the inklings of stars behind your eyes.
His fingers continue to pump into you in a quicker succession that has you trembling and keening. Your pussy gushes at his merciless, erratic flicks and pokes at your hot spots, clenching around his fingers and soaking them in your intoxicating sweetness. Shockwaves begin to tear through you and you’re coming too hard and too fast. But Taehyung doesn’t stop and continues to suck harder to help you ride out the pleasure, the squelch of his tongue lapping at your juices filling the entire room in their entirety.
“Please, Tae, please I’m c-close. Your fingers… Fuck. Feel so good. Fuck, fuck!”
You’re dripping, leaking even by now and when he detaches away from your clit to look at you, you can see your own juices glisten on his lips, dribble down to his chin, and it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. The throb in your core has never been more torturous.
He leans in to give your clit another chaste kiss and your hips buck up instantly into his face as he gathers the arousal onto his tongue, tasting the heavenly mix of your juices and his saliva.
“Does Princess want to taste how sweet she is? Princess likes my fingers, doesn’t she?” He purrs, coating your juices with his fingers and holding them up so you can see how they coruscate in the dim light.
Nodding hazily, you open your mouth and he doesn’t hesitate to slide three of his digits in and you suck the evidence of your own bliss off his skin, enjoying your own taste and the weight and fit of his slender fingers in your mouth. Taehyung swallows in satisfaction and fervour at how dirty you look.
“Fuck, Y/N. Can’t wait to fuck you. Going to fuck you so good you can’t walk for days.”
A spark of a fire in the very core of your being, beginning to fizzle outward at his words.
Without warning, he pounces onto you, planting kisses on your jawline and down your neck again. When you crane your neck to give him more space, he takes his time, hard muscle of his tongue lapping at your sweet skin, lips sucking until a bruise begins to bloom.
“So fucking beautiful, God,” he croons, threading his fingers through your hair as he groans at how hot this is.  
“Taehyung,” you breathe, looking up through your eyelashes, vision hazy with lust, “Want your fat cock in my fucking mouth. Please?”
Taehyung grunts loudly at your crude request, rolling his eyes in a mixture of disbelief and pleasure. He wants your words, this exact memory, to be burned into the very cells of his brain.
“Yeah? Princess wants my dick?”
Pushing his sweats and underwear down with swift fingers, you watch how his dick slaps hard against his stomach. It is searing red at the tip, the head thicker than the shaft, begging to be touched.
You want to fucking sit on it, suck him till you’ve milked him of all his cum. You don’t think you’ve ever been this turned on before, not when his long fingers are wrapped around his fat cock, giving it a couple of quick strokes. Fuck, his fingers can barely wrap around his dick and that itself makes you dizzy with arousal.
“Open wide, sweetie.”
You throw yourself in front of his thighs, mouth wide, sticking your tongue out in anticipation. You can’t help but moan out loud when Taehyung slaps the head of his dick against your cheek, spreading precum all over, and then on your tongue, before slowly feeding you his cock. Fuck, you feel so dirty.
Taehyung’s cock rests heavy on your tongue, throbbing in the wet heat of your mouth. You lick a long stripe with your tongue on the underside of his length, feeling the very veins that have popped out.
He doesn’t believe that it’s happening. He can’t, not at how he has dreamt about this more times than he can count with both hands, and now it is actually fucking happening.
He grunts, “Dreamt about this so many times. You have no idea how many times I’ve jerked off to this.”
“Jerked off to what?” You tease as your fingers wrap themselves around the base of Taehyung’s dick to keep it steady, massaging his balls every now and then, as you suck noisily around the tip. Running your tongue along the side of his shaft and then back up to swirl your tongue at his slit to lick at his precum, you rejoice in the almost pained whine he lets out.
“Jerked off to you on your knees, looking pretty as fuck, while sucking my fat cock,” he smirks, without blinking an eye at the announcement of his fantasy.
Shuddering at his words, you start to bob your head, taking a little more of him every time you go down until you’re choking and your eyes are watering.
“Fuck yeah, just like that. Does Princess want me to fuck her throat? Feel so full and good?”
A low groan rumbles from deep within his throat, bordering on animalistic, which sends tremors of desire to thrum through your veins.
Peering up through fluttering lashes at Taehyung with your plush lips stretched wide around him, you smile at his fucked-out expression and proceed to alternate licking between his balls and his hard shaft.
When you take his cock into your mouth again, you purr at the fullness of him, opening your mouth wider to take him deeper until he’s fucked himself to the hilt of your throat, your nose buried in the tussock of cleanly trimmed pubic hair at his navel.
“Not so snarky anymore now with my cock in your mouth, huh?”
You don’t reply. The darkness in your eyes is enough to send a punch of heat straight into the pit of Taehyung’s gut and he can’t help but buck his hips forward, sliding right into the wet, hot vice of your throat, fucking right into your throat ruthlessly, leaving you a whimpering, writhing mess.
You don’t stop suckling with your lips, coating his length in saliva and then pull off with a little 'pop’, your hands still working at the base of Taehyung’s cock, fondling his balls.
“C-Cum,” your lips gleam in saliva and precum, “Please… Cum on my face.”
“Want me to come all over your face, doll? You’re so fucking dirty.”
Taehyung grips at his cock, stroking it a few times, before he taps his cock against your cheek again. His mind is sent in turmoil when you stick your tongue out and before he knows it, he’s ejaculating in thick spurts all over your face.
You look so fucking pretty with globs of white all over your chin and cheek and Taehyung shivers in ecstasy, a growl ready at the back of his throat, “Y-You really have no idea what you do to me.”
You lick off what he can, relishing in the taste of Taehyung as you swipe your thumb over your mouth to coat it with his cum and suck on it, while your other hand reaches behind to squeeze his ass.
“You weren’t kidding about your ass,” you whirl, slapping his ass and loving the way it jiggles.
“Yeah? It’s all yours, Princess.”
Taehyung traces the knobs on the base of your spine with his other hand, finding warm and soft skin. You let out another desperate sound against your lips, feeling a shock of electricity zip through your back down to your very core.  
Arching your back, you throw your head back and Taehyung takes this opportunity and slips his tongue in the hot wet of your mouth and licks fervently at the four corners, rougher and needier this time round.
It’s as if all at once, something connects between you two. You find it impossible to breathe properly, hands fisted in Taehyung’s locks, dizzy and lightheaded and hot all over. Taehyung’s teeth scrape over your bottom lip. It’s almost impossible to pull away, but when you finally break apart, a strand of saliva connects your mouths together and it lands on your chest.
“Fuck, so dirty,” Taehyung’s eyes are golden, blown wide, and he smiles at you so dearly that it makes your chest gnaw. It’s the littlest of moments and softest of gasps that render you breathless. Every part of your body that Taehyung has touched feels like it’s on fire, but it’s the deep timber of his voice, almost a growl, that makes you feel like he’s melting.
“So wet for me.”
He yearns to memorize the map of your body, the trenches of the grooves on your lower back, the stars living in your eyes, the parts of your body that have you shuddering from the pleasure.
You can feel it, the tip of his cock brushing against your wetness and you let out a soft plea. Your stomach ties into a knot when he slaps his dick against your clit a few times, loving how his head is already soaked by your juices. When you search for his eyes, you see that his irises are long gone, blanketed with pure, unadulterated lust.
“Want you. Want you to fuck me with your fat cock, Tae.”
He has to bite his own flesh to suppress the feral moan threatening to drip from his swollen, red lips, “Fucking hell. Can’t believe you used to hate me. Now here you are, begging me to fuck you.”
Your breath hitches when you feel him enter you, his cock pushing against your walls and stretching you out so good. He eases his cock slowly until it fills you the brim, pushing against your hot walls until he can go no further.
“You’re so tight for me. Feels fucking good,” he breathes out with a hazy smile, and your eyes flutter closed.
He doesn’t move for a moment, allowing you to adjust to the stretch and burn, before the wriggle of your hips urges him to move and he knows that he’s about to take you higher than ever. He lifts his lips to almost pull all the way out, the tip nestling an inch within your entrance, and without warning, slams back into your cunt, drawing a choked moan from the both of you as his length drags against your walls and hits a spot deep inside you.
Your back arches off the bed at the pleasure, a sharp cry leaving your lips.
“Fuck yeah, you like that princess? Going to be a good girl for me?”
“Yes, yes! Fuck Taehyung. You feel so good.”
This only prompts him to repeat the movement a few more times, until he settles on pounding into you mercilessly with a precision that he flaunts on the field. He continues fucking into that same sensitive spot over and over again with no signs of slowing down, finally able to fulfil the primal, animalistic need and urge that has accumulated ever since the day he met you.
As his hips snap into yours, his palm remains gentle on your face, his tongue hot and assimilating your own so passionately and tenderly that it makes your heart melt. There’s just something so tangibly tender and sensual about the way he’s kissing you, while fucking you senseless, as if he wants you to know how much he wants this, how much he wants to give himself to you with each stroke.
How much love he has to devote to you.  
“Faster, faster, don’t stop, Taehyung. Fuck.”
You can feel every drag of Taehyung’s thick cock inside you, his ridges sliding against your walls and hitting that little bundle of nerves inside you that has got you babbling nonsense and your eyes rolled all the way up.
Screwing your eyes closed, the sparks glow brighter, and your moans heighten in pitch, while you sink your teeth into the swollen flesh of your lower lip. Above you, Taehyung learns that your mouth is sinful from the way you’re repeating curses and cries like a mantra and from the way drool is dripping down your chin. It’s just how unbelievably rough he’s fucking you, rough enough that you’re convinced there will be bruises all over your body and he’s going to rip you apart. But maybe that’s what you want, maybe that’s exactly what Taehyung intends to do to you.
“Say please.”
He then sits up and leans back to rest on his calves, before he hikes your leg up to rest over his shoulder, effectively folding you into half, and pulls you towards him roughly to fuck into you harder. You keen loudly at the new angle, how he’s able to fuck into you so much deeper, hands clawing at the sheets and dragging long, red marks on his back.
“Please, Taehyung. Please, you fuck me so fucking good.”
He smirks at how helpless you are underneath him and frees his hand from your thigh, reaching to search for yours, intertwining them tightly.
Which each thrust, the both of you grow closer to your impending orgasms, excitement curling in your abdomen along with pleasure that shoots straight to your core as Taehyung continues to pummel into your welcoming heat, strong thighs trembling against the backs of yours.
His other hand rest on your hips as his fingers squeeze and caress your skin each time you curse and whimper his name lasciviously, blending in with the symphony of skin slapping against skin, of his balls and thighs smacking against your ass that stirs the silence.
“I’m on the pill. Cum inside me, please. Want your hot cum in me.”
“Princess wants to be my personal cum-dumpster, doesn’t she?”  
Taehyung dips his head over your chest and takes your nipple into his mouth, sucking it lavishly as if the taste of you is suddenly too much to bear. You wail in pleasure, back arched all the way up, the grip on his hand tightening as your hips rise to meet the brutal thrusts of his hips, pleasure shooting white hot to join the heated desire in your core.
That’s all you need to lurch over the edge. The coil within your core suddenly snaps with the tension and then comes the onslaught of immense white-hot pleasure, curling and roaring like a beast in your stomach, the pressure between your legs immeasurably high. You clamp around him one last time, galaxies firing in the murky red of your eyelids as he coaxes you through your orgasm.
You know Taehyung’s close too – now faster, more erratic, as he chases his release relentlessly. For a moment, all you can see is glorious light, blinding your vision until it consumes you whole and you’re shaking ferociously.  
Your eyes roll to the back of your head when Taehyung comes hard with a harsh shudder and an animalistic growl from between his clenched teeth, thrumming at his warm seed inside you. He isn’t done with you yet though. When he pulls out, the emptying sensation of his cock being drawn out of your walls gives rise to another wail from you, but you forget all over it when he rubs the swollen tip of his dick against your clit in a circular movement, playing to its sensitivity and pushing in his cum inside you again. His personal cum-dumpster.
Taehyung kisses you once more just because he can, and then lets his eyes run over the girl in front of him and his mind goes blank because wow, that actually happened – and it certainly did, evident from the mussed hair, blown hazy pupils, lovebites all over flustered skin and the soft, dreamy smile belonging to a pair of swollen-red lips.
This, Taehyung registers despite the giddy turbulence in his mind, is the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. So unbelievably, heart-wrenchingly beautiful that he can feel something in his chest splinter.
There’s a passing second of staring at each other, your cheek deep in the pillow, his head lulled against the headboard.
Taehyung lets out a chuckle, airy and filled with a rasp of post-sleep that would never come. He moves slowly, creaking the mattress in droning successions as he slips his arm around your waist, dusting little kisses on your nose before bringing up your hand to his lips. You realise that he likes doing that.
He stares at you for a long while, thumb over the back of your hand in tandem with the flick of his eyes, back and forth, between yours.
Even in the dark, Taehyung’s lovely flush is brilliant, otherworldly effervescent.  
“You know when you said those things to Yoongi, I knew you said it out of a fit, but I couldn’t help but be upset about it.”
His lips quirk upward on the edges into something knowing, “Then I realised that this was the first time I was genuinely upset about someone’s opinion about me. I usually don’t care what people think of me. I mean I don’t live to impress them, so this made me realised that I actually care a lot about what you think about me. About how you feel about me, whether I’m just a dumb fuckboy to you or whether you see the real me.”
He presses another kiss to your knuckles and your entire body tingles with warmth, “Then it hit me. That you know, maybe I really, really do have feelings for you and I want you to like me too. Like for real. I know I said that I don’t have the time and energy to deal with feelings. But you… You drive me insane. I used to be cynical about being so vulnerable for someone, and it’s so scary how much you can yearn for someone’s attention and affection. It’s just crazy – the things you do to me.”
As his words spill into the spaces between you, you simmer in the comfortable silence, ignoring the sharp tugs at your heartstrings.
“Never thought I’d live to see this day,” he mumbles, before pressing a kiss to your forehead with an earnestness that heightens the tugs at your heartstrings.
“Talk about character development,” you joke, burying your face in his chest and finding solace in the warmth of the sweet honey gold that he possesses. His hand on your waist begins caressing the small of your back, bringing you closer to him, until his nose is settled in the crook of your neck.
“Looks like my YOLO-ing did me some good,” he whispers into your ear and there’s a resplendent lilt to his voice.
It takes you a while for you to realise that he’s referring to the fake quote you’ve assigned to him.
Taehyung smiles at your deadpan expression and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. His mouth is pulled into a rectangle and his eyes are curved into crescents. You realise this a long time ago, but you will finally admit to it now – Taehyung is beautiful. He is so beautiful that he could rearrange continent with that smile of his.
When he laughs and the moonlight catches on the flecks of gold in melted brown, that’s when you know that you’re struck with a love the size of the entire galaxy for him. To hell with your past hatred and feud with him, you’re just grateful to have your entire universe lying right beside you, right in this moment, under the burning light of the great, yellow moon that hangs heavy and radiant above the two of you.
Tumblr media
that’s it. that’s the mammoth i’ve been brewing over the past few months (and rushing it like mad over the past two weeks)! i wanted to depict tae as accurately as possible so i made sure to include the little tiny details and quirks of his ;; did you know that he was the one who coined the term bread cheeks??? there’s a video of him comparing his cheeks to bread buns and i think that started the entire trend i’m just. i never want tae to be sad he has the purest and biggest heart
thank you so much for reading this and if you enjoyed it, please please hit that like or reblog button or/and hmu in my inbox/dms! ♡ i love receiving asks and messages tho sometimes ;; i just disappear from the face of the earth. i literally post a fic every 6 months sobs but next up sugarplum elegy (and i promise i won’t take another 6 months, my aim to upload it is end june!) love you guys  much and remember to take care of yourself – i believe in your galaxy ☁️💫💜💞🌃✨
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submissive-bangtan · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
sub!bts x dom!reader writings. all consensual, femdom-centric, explicit. enjoy! ♥
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Tumblr media
LATEST: domestic yoongi bullet points
Tumblr media
◇ ⌈note⌋ reposts, modifications and translations are prohibited. depictions are fictional & for entertainment purposes only. mind the warnings, this features nsfw/18+ content. 
◇ ⌈key⌋ fics are bolded.
Tumblr media
♡ all members
bts as house husbands
sleeping positions and habits with you
playing 7 minutes in heaven with them
dating a tall girl
bts as types of subs
taking care of them when they have a cold
reaction: they can’t help but moan
what type of domme would match each member?
reaction to your riding crop
bts in bed tarot reading
bts sucking your fingers
being their werewolf girlfriend
giving you a hand kiss
how fast would they like to have sex?
tongue-fucking you
domestic sex
reaction to breath play
bts as your vampire boyfriends
you give them flowers
[MASTERPOST] sub!bts a-z series (smut alphabet)
reaction to chastity
favorite pegging positions
reacting to your high sex drive
they call you goddess
their orgasm faces
where they love to kiss you
maknae line: their balls slapping against your clit
sub!bts— their kinks (list)
their scents
dauntless (m) | mermen!ot7 x reader au
baby cheeks/weight gain appreciation
they call you mommy
they insist you’re beautiful
dirty talk with them
boarding school sub training imagine
deepthroat x male dom!reader
would you rather game
where to kiss them
romance with you
facefucked w/ a strap-on
using a glass dildo on them
you catch them getting off
you shave them
little spoon bts
bts as butlers
using a fucking machine on them 
they’re shocked how dominant you are
his domme is busy, he wants her attention
how bts would eat you out
you find out they’re submissive
you like pet play
their favorite kinky clothing
their favorite ways to turn you on
you call them good boy
what music bts would choose for sex?
body/breast worship
massaging you
slave/masochist boyfriends snaps
you’re their tall girlfriend/idol mentor
vampire au: you’re craving their blood
pegging — they break the bed
reader feeling insecure about her body
accidentally turning you on
fingering you
you’re getting loud in bed | crack
putting them to sleep after a long day
their motivations to be submissive
tackling their insecurities
you want them to sit on your lap
bts receive punishment
you’re anxious
dinner table dirty talk
pegging them
jealous bts
bts are insecure about losing their abs
bts as the 7 deadly sins
you ask them to sub
giving bts hickeys
they hug you
you’re on your period
bts as mermen
how masochistic are they?
bts cook for you
xmas eve sex
how do they sound like in bed?
bts as submissive boyfriends
Tumblr media
♡ jungkook    
gone viral | stream au call of nature (m) | camping au sublime (m) | merman au — sequel: dauntless (m) my neighbor with the bloody laundry (m) | vampire au electric lovers (m) | android au ft. tae, jk, myg pump jack (m) | desert au ft. myg baby goodnight (m) | domestic au sloppy savvy (m) | domestic au ft. myg
sub!jk details (hc)
bondage with him
maknae line reaction: dom to sub
he’s insecure about his lips
biting kink / pegging scenario
kissing sub!jk
maknae line safewords scenario
comforting the busan & daegu line
sub!maknae line: favorite sex positions
Tumblr media
♡ taehyung
electric lovers (m) | android au with tae, jjk, yg | pt 2 cornflower blue (m) | farming au my word to treat you well (m) | prince!tae au playfight (m) | stuck in a blizzard au tease you well (m) | vintage au
his choking kink (picture)
maknae line reaction: dom to sub
pet play / he comes too early
kissing sub!tae
maknae line safewords scenario
comforting the busan & daegu line
sub!maknae line: favorite sex positions
Tumblr media
♡ yoongi 
fuckin’ wembley (m) | hotel sex au snowdrop (m) | domestic au trophy boyfriend (m) | secretary au sloppy savvy (m) | domestic au ft. jjk pump jack (m) | desert au ft. jjk electric lovers (m) | android au ft th, jk, yg streaks of fuchsia (m) | baby girl yoongi au repeat (m) | domestic au baptized (m) | domestic au ft. jm
domestic yoongi hcs
random things about boyfriend yoongi
witcher!yoongi imagine
first time with him
first kiss gif reaction
you dress for halloween
underground tattoo artist yg
caning him
hyung line reaction: top to sub
[MASTERPOST] oral writings with myg
sub!hyung line kinks
comforting the busan & daegu line
kissing sub!yoongi
cuddling with him
Tumblr media
♡  hoseok
second year’s pains (m) | anniversary au
brat hoseok (bilingual post)
fairy coffee shop au
hyung line impact play series masterpost
flogging/butt plug scenario
hyung line reaction: top to sub
kissing sub!hoseok
sub!hyung line kinks
Tumblr media
♡  jimin
boss witch (m) | sorcery apprentice!jimin au — 2 | 3 | 4 cygnet & cinder (m/r) | bavarian au: prince!jm stunna [r] | domestic au how to kiss a man from venus (m) | alien!jm au simulacrum of dawn (m) | incubus!jm au potions and reverie (m) | husband!jm au baptized (m) | domestic au ft. yoongi 
making jack-o-lanterns with him
maknae line reaction: dom to sub
kissing sub!jm
maknae line safewords scenario
comforting the busan & daegu line
sub!maknae line: favorite sex positions
Tumblr media
♡  seokjin 
choking gold (m) | pornstar au
trick or treat halloween imagine 
hyung line impact play series masterpost
paddling/handcuffs/roleplay scenario
hyung line reaction: top to sub
eatjin meets pegjin
kissing sub!jin
sub!hyung line kinks
Tumblr media
♡  namjoon
fuckup trucker (m) | winter vacation au doc on a date (m) | venice au on the rocks (m) | husband!rm au
pinching kink hc
hyung line impact play series masterpost
spanking scenario 
lip appreciation
hyung line reaction: top to sub
kissing sub!rm
submissive hyung line kinks
Tumblr media
club daemon (m) | super m fantasy au
rude boy (m) | sub!tom holland student au
boyfriend bot (m) | baekhyun x reader sci-fi fic
treats for you (m) | yuzuru hanyu x reader (figure skating)
hey angel (m) | felix halloween fic
scream for me (m) | hyunjin x reader first time au
- yuzuru hanyu (olympic figure skater; intro post)
nsfw alphabet
boyfriend hc
- levi ackerman
sub!levi hc 
physical affection hc
levi’s life after war hc
levi dating a tall girl
- exo
sub!exo getting loud in bed
oral sex hc (reader receiving)
teasing baekhyun
baekhyun doms you: ending up laughing
your first date with baekhyun
oral fixation thread
- taeyong
handjobs with sub!yong
- taemin
soft VS rough kinks
domestic taemin hc bullet points
- super m
riding their face hc
as boyfriends hc
nsfw and fluff notes/hcs
group sex with them 
two girls dominating them
super m as subs
super m eating you out
ideal doms for super m
cuddling with super m
- måneskin (eurovision 2021)
getting frisky with the members 
mtl mlist
femdom resources
how we pick a bias (our struggles/potential) 
fantasizing about bts: disrespectful?
— [quiz] which superm member are you compatible with? — [quiz] who’s your matching sub in bts? — [quiz] what type of domme are you? — [quiz] which bts member is your baby boy?
Tumblr media
thank you for reading - caro 🐅
© 2017-2021 submissive-bangtan. all rights reserved. no reposts allowed. all depictions fictional.
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rmverse · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
last updated : 7/25/2021
banners made by my angel @mikrokosm!
Tumblr media
♔ Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
♔ Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
♔ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
♔ Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
♔ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
♔ Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
♔ Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
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ppersonna · 5 months ago
swipe right - jjk | m
Tumblr media
“ i wanna ruin our friendship. we should be lovers instead. i don't know how to say this, cause you're really my dearest friend “ - jenny, studio killers
♡ summary-  after a horrible breakup, you sign back up for tinder and ironically match with your best friend, jungkook. a date for fun is harmless, right?
♡ genre- best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, jk is a minecraft streamer, brother namjoon, brother-in-law jimin, namjoon is kind of a himbo stay at home dad ngl, ex-boyfriend seokjin (mentioned but doesnt show up)
♡ word count- 9k
♡ warnings- mentions of a bad breakup (smh seokjin wtf??), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (u know the business folx), oral sex (m receiving), teasing, SO MUCH BODY WORSHIP, jk is a simp, slight dirty talk, lots of just talking during sex yall it happens, creampie, cum play, praise praise body worship praise, did i mention body worship, tit-fucking, cum eating, i think thats all.
♡ a/n - helloooo and thank you for your wait for this fic! i’m so happy its done and i loved writing it! it’s a little bit different feel for my usual style of writing (smut-wise) so please tell me your thoughts! i didn’t use dom/sub themes OR a daddy kink LMAOOOO praise me please. i hope you enjoy!! pls feel free to comment, chat, message, carrier pigeon, email, mail, WHATEVER U WANT, me. i love u babies. thank you to @kimtaehyunq​ for the sexy banner. and for @xjoonchildx @ladyartemesia​ @untaemedqueen​ for the writing support and idea generation. i would be nothing without my council. and thank you to my beta editors @hobi-gif and @ughseoks​ and @hongism​ for the perusal and help in writing this!
Tumblr media
Jungkook is the person you call when your world falls apart.
He answers, voice raspy from the late hour, and the second he asks you what’s wrong, the downpour of torrential tears you’ve been holding back finally escapes and you’re sobbing through the phone that you just lost the love of your life—that he left and with little effort on his part, and a lot on yours.
Jungkook listens to you—his heart aching deep in his chest at hearing the utter heartbreak that’s clear in your voice. You’ve never been hurt like this, and he’s desperate to hold you, to make it go away. He wants to drive over to Seokjin’s house and throw a left hook into his stupid, handsome face for making you feel you weren’t worth it.
Because if there’s anything in the world that Jungkook knows, it’s that you’re worth it. You’re worth everything. Add up all the money and all the gold in the entire world, and it still doesn’t meet a fraction of what you’re worth to him.
“Where are you?” He asks as he cradles the phone against one arm and pulls on his jeans.  
You sniffle. “Jungkook, it’s 3 am.”
“So? I was up playing Minecraft,” He lies. “Where are you?”
You can’t help but laugh the tiniest bit, a sliver of warmth wrapping itself around your raw and exposed heart. Like a balm to a flesh wound. It doesn’t heal it, not yet.
“I’m at our park.”
Jungkook smiles as he grips the phone back in his hand. The park. The place you and Jungkook spent your childhood playing make-believe games, and formative teenage years loitering around smoking clove cigarettes to look cool.
“Give me five minutes, okay?”
You nod, even though he can’t see you. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook arrives with two minutes to spare. His beat up Nissan that he insists is “vintage” and “priceless” idles next to you.
He can see you through the darkened glass of your car—your mascara is running down your face, tears streaked through your flawlessly applied makeup.
You still look so beautiful.
And it angers Jungkook that all that time you spent looking good for Seokjin meant nothing to him.
He motions for you to come over, pats the passenger seat next to him and smiles as he watches you open the door and slide into the security of his familiar car.
“You cleaned your car,” you murmur as you notice a severe lack of McDonald’s trash.
He sniffs haughtily. 
“The trash added character.”
Jungkook doesn’t give you a chance to respond. Instead, he’s unbuckling his seatbelt and pulling you as close to him as he can get you. The instant his arms wrap around your body, the floodgates open again and your once-quieted tears turn back into full-fledged sobs.
“I loved him,” you gasp through the pain in your throat.
He rubs your back, pats your hair gently, soothing you the way he has for years now. Through every breakup, through every family fight with your older brother Namjoon, through all the mean girls in high school. Jungkook is the north star—always consistent, always guiding you back to safety.
“I know, babe,” he sighs. “You deserve someone who’s going to treat you right, who’s not just going to give up when things get hard.”
You choke back a cry against his Patagonia hoodie and bury your face further into the crook of his neck. He smells like Old Spice and the shampoo he uses, along with the smell of laundry soap you buy for him—he uses dish soap when he runs out and nearly broke his washing machine last time.
“I thought he was the one. I’m so stupid.”
Jungkook swallows hard. Tonight is about comforting you, not about feeling sorry for himself that you’re his best friend and not his girlfriend. He can’t help but think of what kind of life he would give you. He knows it’s one that wouldn’t end with you crying in a parking lot at 3 AM.
“You’re not stupid, you just loved him. And there’s nothing stupid about loving someone, even if it doesn’t work out,” he sighs as he cradles your head against him. It feels right having you there, pressed up against him and seeking comfort from the solace of his arms.
“Let’s go get a milkshake, yeah?” He asks as you pull your head up and look at him with sad, glassy eyes.
“Yeah,” you nod after a moment of staring.
Jungkook’s eyes sparkle with love, with hope. It makes the desperate, alone feeling inside you—disappear. Jungkook presses a soft kiss to your forehead and then starts the shaky ignition of his car, that takes three cranks of the key before it turns over.
He sends you a look, a laugh evident on your face.
“Don’t even start,” he warns. “The engine is fine.”
“Whatever you say,” you snort as you wipe an errant tear from your face.  
“It’s a certified classic car! I could get millions for this baby!”
Tumblr media
As the weeks pass, the pain of losing Seokjin becomes further and further from your mind. You can get through the day without crying anytime you see something that reminds you of him and even start flirting with others without feeling like you’re cheating.
You just still haven’t reached the point where dating someone else even feels possible. You’re terrified of allowing someone close to you, letting them into a place where you’re inviting them to possibly hurt you. You’re not sure your heart is ready for it. 
“I think you’re just scared,” your older brother Namjoon states as he warms up a bottle of milk in boiling water. 
He cradles his new baby in one arm while the other works at the bottle of milk. 
“I’m not scared,” you huff. “I just don’t think it’s the right time.” 
Namjoon sighs and hands the gurgling newborn baby off to you and readies the bottle for you to feed your new niece, Jisoo. 
“Look, Seokjin sucks, okay? I know you two were together for some time, but in the end, he wasn’t the right one for you. There’s someone out there who is the right one for you. You know how many shit frogs I had to kiss before I got my prince?” 
You make a face as you feed Jisoo, who happily sucks and gazes at the lights above. 
“You call Jimin a prince?” 
Namjoon sighs dreamily as he watches the baby and thinks of his husband. 
“The dreamiest prince,” he breathes, eyes closed in bliss. “But back to your problems. I think you should get back out there. Go on some dates, meet some people. No one is telling you to fall in love and get married tomorrow. Just go have some fun.” 
You allow Namjoon’s words to mull through your mind. What could be the harm in joining a few dating sites, perhaps spending some time at the gym or grocery store flirting with someone cute?
“Fine,” you say. “I’ll think about it.” 
“Good. I can’t be the only one giving our parents grand-babies. Soo needs a cousin.” 
You smile down at the tiny bundle in your arms and imagine a future where you have a baby of your own. 
“Okay, I’m not trying to get knocked up, Joon.” 
“Whatever,” he sighs. “Help me choose a wall color for me and Jimin’s new master bathroom.” 
Tumblr media
Tinder’s changed since the last time you used it, years ago. It’s gone from any semblance of dating to strictly an app used to get laid. 
It’s discouraging swiping through all the obvious fuckboys. Sure, a quick and easy lay sounds great, but you’re also trying to go out and enjoy real, traditional dates, and it seems none of these guys want to step foot outside of a bedroom. 
The swiping left becomes almost monotonous. You’re sitting on your couch, watching some documentary about serial killers, when a startling profile pops up on your Tinder feed. 
Tumblr media
The picture that pops up is... Jungkook. You can’t stop the bubble of laughter that leaps from your chest. His profile is so authentically Jungkook that you’re swiping right before you even know it. 
Your brain doesn’t even comprehend what a match with Jungkook means, really. You’re still laughing as you click on the bubble to message him and send him as many laugh emojis as you can. 
Tumblr media
“Hey guys, what’s up, Kookie here with another Let’s Play Minecraft video for ya. Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content.”
Jungkook’s headset is firmly wrapped around his head, mic next to his mouth and hands at the ready on his mouse and keyboard. He’s set and in the zone. 
The game is well into play when the familiar chime of his phone goes off. It’s a Tinder notification—he can tell by the sound. He can’t help but roll his eyes, wondering what sort of boring conversation he’s meant to have with a girl who will probably ghost him, anyway. 
He lazily lifts his phone and glances at the notification, before dropping it back to the desk. 
His hand freezes on his mouse as he finally comprehends what he just read. 
He just matched with YOU. 
His best friend. 
His secret, lifelong crush. 
He sputters something into the microphone and stops recording his game, wildly grasping for the phone and unlocking it. 
YN: 😂😂😂😂 is your bio a Minecraft pickup line?!
He pauses, attempts to collect his thoughts, before desperately typing on his screen. 
JUNGKOOK: Why? 😉😏 did it work?
You spend the rest of your night jokingly flirting with Jungkook, sending GIFs and emojis in between the silly lines you’re using on each other. 
Right before you’re about to head to sleep, Jungkook sends one last message. 
JUNGKOOK: What if we went on a date lolol. Haha jk. Unless?? 👀👀👀
Your thumbs hover over the keys to your phone. 
A date with Jungkook? Even though you matched with him, you’ve never thought of a date with your childhood best friend. 
YN: alright, it’s only fair since we matched 😝 show me how you treat these tinder ladies
Tumblr media
“I have a date with Jungkook tonight,” you tell your brother, Namjoon, over the phone. 
Over the crying of your newborn niece, you hear Namjoon splutter in confusion. 
“You what!?” He nearly screams. “Jeon Jungkook? Like... the annoying kid you’ve been friends with since fourth grade?”
You huff. 
“He’s not annoying! He’s my best friend. We ironically matched on Tinder and… Well, why the fuck not? Nothing serious is going to happen. We’ll go out and have a story to tell about how incompatible we are.”
Namjoon doesn’t reply. Instead, you hear him speak to his husband. 
“She’s going on a date with Jungkook,” he says over the muffle of his hand on the receiver.
There’s a shuffle, and the dulcet voice of your brother-in-law, Jimin, comes over the line. 
“Girl,” he starts. “What the fuck?”
You chuckle as you move about your closet, trying to decide what’s appropriate to wear on a date with your best friend. 
“It’s nothing!” 
“Mm-hmm,” Jimin tuts. “You know the boy is in love with you.” 
“Okay, Chim, you’ve been spending too much time cooped up with my brother. It’s affecting your grip on reality.”
“Sure, honey. I just tell it like it is. Don’t break his heart.” 
You roll your eyes. 
“I won’t break his heart because there’s nothing there, Jimin.”
“I’ll be expecting your call later.”
“Yes, dad. Love you guys.”
“We love you too, sweetheart. But really, don’t break that poor boy’s heart.”
You open your mouth to retort yet another reassurance that there’s nothing to break, but the line goes dead.
“Fucking Jimin,” you mutter as you throw your phone to the bed.
You can’t allow yourself to think that Jungkook might have feelings for you. It’s totally out of the questions. He’s your best friend. The guy who shoves Cheetos up his nose to make you laugh and falls asleep during every movie night with his face in the popcorn bowl. He’s just Jungkook. This date is just a funny way to hang out.
So, why do you care so much about what you wear?
You’re still standing in front of your closet, attempting to find something respectable to wear. It doesn’t matter that the last time Jungkook saw you; it was with mascara streaming down your face and a hoodie from Namjoon’s college swimming days and ripped leggings. Jungkook has seen you in nearly everything you wear, so your indecisiveness gives you pause.
Do you want Jungkook to be attracted to you? Do you want to do your best to look as presentable as you would for a normal date?
The thudding of your heart tells you that maybe you’re more interested in this being a date than you’re allowing yourself to believe.
You shake all thoughts off. 
No, you won’t allow yourself to overthink a night that should just be fun.
You settle for a fitted and simple summer dress, tights and heels. Simple, easy, respectable but also showing enough cleavage and sculpt of your ass to ensure you look more dressed up than not.
With one last look in the mirror, you’re ready.
JUNGKOOK: I’m outside!
ME: See you soon!
Tumblr media
Jungkook taps his foot anxiously as he sits on the bench outside your apartment. His tight black jeans feel like a second skin on his legs, and the black button-down shirt he’s tucked in makes him rethink his choice of outfit.
Is he too casual?
He’s never really worn something like this around you. This is what Jungkook wears when he wants to seduce. This is what every girl he’s desperately wished was you got to see. The girls who swooned over his messy hair, the way his jeans display his toned thighs, the peek of skin at his throat.
Maybe it’s too much.
Maybe he’s afraid he’ll scare you away.
Maybe he’s afraid you won’t like it.
He’s given no chance to ruminate anymore because you’re exiting the building and walking straight towards him.
He doesn’t think he remembers how to breathe.
It’s as if you walk towards him in slow motion. Angels chorus around him and the setting sun sparkles on your face like a spotlight. There’s nothing in the world anymore, nothing but you.
You’re the most beautiful human he’s ever seen in his life.
“Hi,” you smile as you approach him.
He continues to stare, eyes traveling over the soft curves of your cheeks and jaw, trailing down to the way your dress clings just right to each dip of your body. His throat goes dry.
You are without a doubt the girl of his dreams. 
It pushes him out of his reverie, eyes widening as he realizes he’s been staring at you for maybe a few minutes too long to play off as normal.
“Hey!” He coughs, attempting to right himself.
“You okay?” You ask, eyebrow lifted in concern.
“Yeah! Yup! Totally! I’m okay—a-okay, absolutely great.” He internally slaps himself.
“You clean up nice,” you smile as your eyes elevate up and down the lean form of his body.
“Oh?” He asks, taken aback. 
In his daze, he never even realized what you’re thinking about him, rather only how intensely he was thinking about you.
“This must be the Jungkook that all the girls in college couldn’t stop begging me to hook them up with.”
His cheeks flame with sudden embarrassment, hand moving to the back of his neck to rub it awkwardly. 
“Ha, yeah,” he swallows. “You look r-really nice too. I don’t think I’ve seen you in a dress since your brother’s wedding.”
The smile that he’s rewarded with nearly knocks him on his ass. “Thanks! It’s fun to dress up cute again. Jin hated this dress.”
A stab of pain eeks its way into Jungkook’s heart. Seokjin. God, how he hates that man.
“Well, uh, you can wear whatever you want with me!” He assures. 
You loop your arm around Jungkook’s, saddling up to his side as you look at him expectantly.
“Well, are we going?”
Jungkook can’t help but smile at the sparkle in your eye, the way you peer up at him with those soft, cherry lips. He wants to capture them with his own, kiss you until you don’t remember Seokjin’s name ever again.
But he resists.
“Let’s go!”
Tumblr media
You never thought you’d admit it to yourself. You never even thought it could happen. 
But the date is everything you’ve ever wanted, and more. 
Jungkook is still Jungkook, still just as silly and easy to talk to as he always is. 
But he’s also charming. Flirtatious, even. He holds doors open for you; he rests his hand on the small of your back as he guides you towards your table at dinner. He feeds you bites of his dessert and lets his eyes linger on the way your lips look wrapped around his fork. 
Jungkook treats you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated. Like someone he wants to cherish for the rest of your combined lives. Someone he wants to take care of, build a future with, enjoy life with.
And as much as it thrills you, it absolutely frightens you. 
It’s when you’re walking down the small river trail together that Jungkook slips his hand into yours and laces your fingers together. The once-steady beat of your heart becomes erratic. He continues chatting—as if holding your hand was a subconscious act for him. He’s knee deep in a story of his Minecraft server when you stop walking, causing him to pause. 
“What’s up?” He asks curiously. 
Your eyes glitter with anticipation, with fear, as you stare at the gorgeous man before you. He looks like a full course meal in his tight jeans and he makes you feel like a princess. You can suddenly see doing life by his side—no longer his platonic best friend, but as his lover and lifelong partner. 
You say nothing. Instead, you simply close the space between you two by grabbing the buttons of his shirt and tugging his lips onto yours. 
“Wha—oh, mmmmmm.”
Jungkook is still for a second as he battles the surprise, but jumps into action and cups your face with his hands, deepening the kiss by pushing his tongue past your lips and swirling it around your own. 
Your bodies press close together. He can feel your breasts against his chest and he desperately wants to rip the dress off your body and worship you like he’s always wanted to. 
As soon as the kiss started, it’s over. You’re pulling away with eyes wide with fear.
“I’m sorry, I—I need to go,” you stammer awkwardly.
Jungkook’s heart drops to his stomach.
“What? We were going to get ice cream?”
You can feel tears building in the corners of your eyes. You’re so confused, so unsure of what you’re feeling. You want to stay and kiss Jungkook until you’re clawing at the clothing on his body, pressing kisses to the firm column of his neck. You want to run far away, too scared to admit it to him you’re sure you could love him for the rest of his life.
You can’t lose that friendship. You can’t risk everything you love about Jungkook. He’ll only hurt you the way every boyfriend ever has.
“I don’t really feel well,” you swallow hard as you lie. Jungkook always knows when you’re lying.
His body stiffens.
“Okay, let me walk you home.”
You shake your head, already moving away from the man.
“It’s fine. We’re nearby. I’ll just run or something.”
He opens his mouth to protest, but you’ve already turned face and started running the direction away from him.
Jungkook watches, misty-eyed, as the girl of his dreams runs further and further away from him.
Tumblr media
You’re sobbing as you finally reach home, out of breath and confused. The phone call to Namjoon is quick.
“Yo,” he says cooly as he answers the phone. His tone changes when he hears your whimpering sobs on the other end.
“Joonie,” you whisper. “I fucked up.”
“Oh god,” Namjoon quickly shuffles and calls his husband over, before putting the phone on speaker.
“What’s happened, baby?” Jimin’s sweet voice asks.
“I—I kissed him,” you sob, holding yourself close in the comfort of the elevator. 
Namjoon and Jimin look at each other with knowing looks.
“We’re on our way over.”
Tumblr media
Jimin knows the first order of business is to stop the crying. He places sleeping baby Jisoo in your arms, which quiets your whimpers enough as you cling to the tiny baby. He knows your weakness is sleeping babies.
Namjoon looks on anxiously, hates seeing his little sister upset and with no way to make it better.
Jimin’s been asked to take the lead on this, because he knows his husband's response is to cry as well—he gets emotional anytime he sees her cry. Namjoon agreed, knowing Jimin was better suited for the conversation.
“Tell us what happened,” Jimin asks quietly. You’re rocking the baby gently, sobs turned to sniffles. “Did something go wrong on the date?”
Your eyes peer up at your brother-in-law’s, a wounded look that makes Jimin feel sad. Namjoon clenches beside him, and Jimin lays a hand on his lap to soothe the protective brother.
“No,” you whisper. “That’s the thing. It was an amazing date.”
Jimin watches you curiously, but remains silent to let you continue.
“We had dinner, and we played arcade games and we walked around. And he was so… fuck, he was perfect. It was like dating the guy of my dreams.”
Jimin nods knowingly.
“And it surprised you how much you liked him.”
“Yeah,” you sniffle. “At the end, he was holding my hand and just talking about normal, stupid Jungkook shit, but this time it felt like more. Like, I felt in my heart that I wanted to be the one he always talked to about it. I wanted to be the one he came home to at night.”
Jimin pats your cheek lovingly, the care for his sister-in-law clear in his gaze. 
“You don’t just like him, honey. I think you might even love him.”  
You pull baby Jisoo tighter into your grasp and nod, pathetic tears slipping down your face. 
“I just left him. Like, I ran away from him like an asshole.”
Namjoon grunts and takes a spot next to Jimin. “If he loves you, which I’m sure he does, he’ll still be waiting for you.”
Jimin nods and rests a hand on his husband's back. “But you better have one hell of an apology.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook doesn’t answer your phone calls. He doesn’t respond to your texts, snapchats or Instagram DM’s. He doesn’t even look at the TikToks you sent him! It’s becoming infuriating to get in touch with him.
You take matters into your own hands and storm to his apartment after work, the rising tension in your shoulders and stomach full of rocks an indicator of your anxiety about the future of this relationship.
Jungkook opens the door wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweats. All the carefully crafted words exit your mind at light 
speed and you’re left gasping, wide-eyed at the chiseled body of your best friend.
“Can I help you?” He asks, tone flat.
You push past him into the apartment you know so well. “Yeah, you could start by answering your phone.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and closes the door, then heads back towards the large gaming setup in the living room.
“My apologies for not responding to the girl who literally ran away from me on a date.”
Your cheeks heat uncomfortably as you stand in the center of his living room, arms crossed over your chest. 
“Jungkook, listen. I’m—”
“Please,” he shakes his head as he sits down at the impressive gaming chair. “Save the apologies. I get it.”
“You don’t get it!” You say, exasperated. “You don’t get any of it! That’s why I’m here.”
Jungkook narrows a look at you then stands from his chair. Slowly, he makes his way towards you and stands inches from your face. The proximity of his bare, toned chest to your body makes your throat dry.
“No, you don’t get it.” His voice is threateningly quiet, completely different from his usual chipper tone. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?” He quirks his head sarcastically, and you’re struck by the sharp lines of his jaw. “Sorry for running away from the date? Sorry for going on a date? Sorry for making me feel like I had a fucking chance when you kissed me?”
You swallow hard and open your mouth to reply, but he cuts you off.
“I’m sorry too. For giving myself way too much hope that this could ever be something. I’m sorry for myself for thinking you’d at least respect me enough to reject me politely.”
“You always had a chance!” You can feel tears building in your eyes and Jungkook feels his heart pound in his chest like a drum.
He scoffs, a harsh and mirthless laugh. “Clearly not.”
“I just—,” you start. “I never saw you like that before and suddenly you became everything I’ve ever dreamed of. It was like getting hit by a train, Kook! Suddenly my best friend turned into the man of my dreams.”
He shakes his head, stepping back away from you.
“I really find it hard to believe you,” he whispers. “I can’t let myself hope.”
“Jungkook, please,” you beg as tears start slipping down your face. “Please believe me.”
“Just leave,” he sighs. “I hate making you cry.”
You want so badly to wrap yourself in his arms, cry into his chest like you always do when you’re hurt. But you stand still, frozen in your shame and embarrassment of hurting your best friend so badly.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, before you spin around as quickly as you can and leave Jungkook’s apartment in a flurry.
He watches as the door slams behind you, eyes full of sadness and regret. As much as he wants to believe you, have faith in every word you said, he can’t allow himself to get his hopes up again.
He can’t watch you run away from him again.
Tumblr media
“Welcome back to Kookie’s Wild Weekly Walkthrough!” Jungkook cheers as enthusiastically as he can through his microphone. “The weekly segment where I react to your Minecraft worlds!”
Jungkook needed to dive back into streaming to take his mind off of you. He hasn’t left his apartment in days, only subsisting on takeout and coffee. At least he was making more money and his subscribers didn’t seem to mind the up-tick in content.
“Tonight I’ll be walking through a creation sent by,” he squints at the username. “‘Kookiesgal95’ Aww that’s cute.”  
He readies the content and starts his camera as he watches the YouTube link. His subscribers love his reaction videos—it’s a highly requested segment.
The video starts off easily, a generic Minecraft world that looks like a park.
“Hi Kook.”
The voice that reverberates through his headphones makes him pause the video quickly, wide-eyed with recognition.
It’s you. He’d know that voice from a million others. 
Shit. He’s going to have to edit so much of this clip. He’s staring at the screen as if he’s just seen a ghost.
Unsteadily, he clicks play again and watches as you lead him through your Minecraft creation.
“I wanted to recreate something for someone very special in my life.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother to react to this anymore. This entire video is going to be worthless—there’s nothing he can say.
The video pans around the Minecraft setup and he can see what looks like handmade swings and merry go rounds.
“It took me a really long time to do this and an embarrassing amount of help from some twelve-year-olds on the internet.”
He laughs and is stunned by the wet tears rolling down his cheeks. He hadn’t realized he was crying.
“I re-created a park that is really special to my best friend and I.”
He feels his chest tighten and relax. The park. 
“This is the spot where he held me when my dog died when I was nine. I still miss that dog.”
The view is on a spot next to a blocky oak tree. Jungkook remembers that day, remembers your heartbroken sobs as he whispered words of comfort to you. He misses that dog, too. 
“This is where he and my brother got in a fight when we were eleven, because my brother called me a stupid-head. My best friend has always been protective of me, even from my own big brother.”
He can still remember pushing Namjoon around after hearing him call you names. He pushed Namjoon over and threatened to use his “big muscles” if he did it again.
The camera pans to an enormous structure, rather sloppily made, of a slide and monkey bars.
“This is where we first shared a joint in high school. I coughed a lung up and he ran down the street to a gas station at ten pm to get me a bottle of water even though I told him I was okay,”
The memory of the bewildered 7-11 employee plays through his mind. The man watched as a very stoned, very out of breath, Jungkook paid for a bottle of water in coins.
The video continues playing, moves towards what appears to be a parking lot made of cobblestone blocks.
“This is where he held me when my world fell apart.”
The break-up. The way you cried and cried and cried in his arms and he held you as if you were the only thing left on Earth. 
“This is where he reminded me I’m worthy of love, that I’m not broken. This is where he held me like I was delicate, but treated me like I was unbreakable.”
His tears don’t stop. Jungkook feels his heart thundering in his chest like a summer storm. 
He can hear your sniffles through the recording of the video—you were crying too. It pans around to the swing set.
“And this is where I’ll tell him everything, tonight. Where I’ll tell him how deeply I love him and how I want to make him the happiest guy in the world. In all of Minecraft and beyond. I hope he comes.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother turning his camera off.
Instead, he’s running to change out of his three-day-old clothes and bolt out the door.
Tumblr media
The creaky, rusty metal of the swing set is deafeningly loud in the silence of your park.
It’s dark, just a few street lights around to illuminate the perimeter, but it’s otherwise only lit by the moon.
It’s getting cold. You shiver in your hoodie and kick at the dirt under your swing. 
Maybe he didn’t see the video. Maybe he wasn’t going to show.
Maybe it was too late.
You spent hours working on the Minecraft world, staying up at all hours of the night to build and craft a poor re-creation of this park. The twelve-year-olds on Reddit had been invaluable and Namjoon definitely made fun of you for your creative assistants. But it had all been worth it. 
“Fuck,” you speak out loud to no one, as you try to warm your hands in the pockets of your sweater. “It’s cold.”
“You should have brought a jacket.”
The sudden voice from behind startles you. You hop off the swing and whip around to face  down the intruder.
He looks so good. He’s wearing a thick coat and tight jeans. Your eyes take a delicious journey from head to toe.
He can’t help but preen at your blatant appreciation. He enjoys knowing you’re attracted to him, at least physically.
“You came.”
He nods and takes a nervous step towards you. He’s still far away, more than an arm's-reach away. You’re desperate to bring him closer, to pull him tight against your body and wrap yourself around him. You never want to be without his gentle touch again.
“I felt pretty compelled to come after you made all this in Minecraft for me.” He cracks a wry smile, a boy-ish grin that makes your heart flutter.
“It took me twenty-five hours and some teenagers to help.”
He laughs, a beautiful sound that warms you. “I’m sure they were ecstatic to help.”
You chew at the inside of your cheek, nervous at what he thinks about your in-game confession.
“Did you mean it?” He asks. He steps closer—one more step.
“Every word.”
His eyes are searching yours for the truth, desperately diving into the depths for validity.
“Why did you run away?” Another step.
You swallow hard, heavy tears brimming in your eyes.
“You went from being the silly best friend to being the person I could spend the rest of my life with. It all hit me. It’s always been you.”
One more step and now he’s just within your reach. If you stuck your hand out, your fingers would graze the soft puff of his coat, the delicate skin of his neck. 
“I’ve always felt that way about you. I never thought you’d feel the same.”
You smile softly, timidly. “It just took me a little while longer to realize it.”
All at once, Jungkook closes the gap and holds you gently by your cheeks. His thumbs wipe at the moisture under your eyes. 
“I promise to never make you cry again,” he whispers reverently. 
“And I promise to never run away from you again.” 
Jungkook smiles at that, cradling your face like you’re the most expensive and precious jewel. 
“Can I kiss you again?” He asks, somewhat unsure of himself. 
“I would like it if you would.”
As Jungkook presses his cold, plush lips to your own, you make a promise to yourself to never go a day without kissing him again. 
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you’re in my bedroom,” Jungkook murmurs as he kisses at your face. After the park, Jungkook loaded you into his priceless Nissan and scurried home. You could hardly keep your hands off him as he drove you back to his place—reaching and caressing the spots on his body you’re dying to become familiar with. 
“I’ve been in your bedroom before,” you remind him as he tugs up the hoodie you’re wearing. 
“God, don’t be so semantic when I’m trying to fuck you,” he says before throwing the hoodie to a corner of the room. “You know what I mean.”
Jungkook kisses you again, all lips and teeth and tongue. He kisses you like you’re the last breath of air, and he’s greedy for every bit. He grips your hips, not too tight, and brings your body against his. You can feel him grow in hardness in his too tight, and it feels like bliss. 
Teasingly, you grind your hips against his, making him shudder with desire.
“I want you,” he whines as he nibbles at your lip. 
“Really? I couldn’t tell.”
He opens his eyes to level a look at you, pulling his mouth away from yours. 
“You’re such a little smartass.”
His hands become feverish on your jeans, tugging apart the button and flicking down the fly. He pushes them down quickly, and you kick them off carelessly. 
He can’t stop looking at you in your bra and panties, standing at the foot of his bed. 
“Holy shit, okay, this is happening, right? Like, this is real?” 
You smirk, pleased with Jungkook’s obvious excitement. 
“Let me prove it’s not just a dream.” 
Softly, you spin Jungkook around and push him down to sit on his bed. He complies easily, eyes wide and excited. 
“If this is a dream, would you be able to feel this?” You ask as you unbuckle  his belt and open his jeans. He doesn’t reply, simply watches you as you tug his jeans down to his thighs. 
His cock strains hard against his tight boxers, and you run a teasing finger over the obvious bulge. 
“Oh fuck,” he breathes. 
“Feels pretty real, huh?”
Your delicate hands gently tug at the waistband of his boxers and easily work them down enough to free the length of his cock. It springs out easily and your eyes widen at the impressive size. You assumed he would be at least average, but you’re looking at something definitely more. 
“Oh wow,” you whisper. “You’re fucking huge.” 
Jungkook grins. “All for you, baby.” The cockiness is palpable. 
One solid grip around him wipes the presumptuous smile off his face, replaced with a gasping, shuddering moan. 
“How about this? Not a dream?”
He struggles to find his voice, instead he’s gulping for air like a fish out of water. 
“That’s what I thought,” you whisper before settling into a position on your knees. “I’ll admit, I’ve dreamt about this too. I always felt so ashamed for dreaming about sucking my best friend's cock.”
You press soft kisses to the head of his length, teasing the sensitive areas at the tip before kissing up and down the length. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
His evident desire for you encourages you, and your tongue swipes at the crown of his tip and swirls around it gently. 
“Oh my god.” His eyes shutter closed and you trace the veins in his dick with your tongue. 
“This h-has to be a dreeeaaaaam,” he whines as you make an exceptionally long stripe with the flat of your tongue. 
You pull off for a moment, humming. He springs his eyes open and watches as you reach behind your back and unsnap your bra. Your breasts escape with a bounce and his eyes widen, nearly bulging out of their sockets. 
“What the fuck,” he whines. “You have the most amazing tits.”
He reaches out to grasp them and you slap them away playfully. 
“Not yet,” you smirk. “Still trying to convince you you’re not asleep.” 
He sucks in his breath and puts his hands back to the bed to steady himself, eyes never leaving yours (except to stare at the luscious curves of your body). 
Grasping your breasts in both hands, you smash them together lightly in an elaborate show of what Jungkook wants most. You lean over his body and place the throbbing thickness of his cock in between your tits, allowing him to feel just how soft and warm they are. 
“Shit!” He yelps, grabbing his sheets in a tight fist. “Are you really tit-fucking me right now?!”
Slowly, you lift your body up and down, allowing his cock to feel each stroke of your breasts. You nod at his question and continue to pump up and down. 
“Still dreaming?” 
He whines and shakes his head, already feeling so close to the edge. His cock is slick from your teasing licks and the pressure of your tits surrounding him had his mind spinning with desire. 
“Ahhh, I’m so fucking close,” he warns.
You continue, speeding up the friction and pressure of your strokes. 
“I want you to cum on me, Kook,” you whisper encouragingly. “Cum on my tits, please?”
Jungkook feels like he’s a wire about to snap, and your thick, sultry voice and incredibly perfect breasts are the snips that breaks him apart. 
“Oh, shit,” he grunts. “Gonna paint your titties white, baby.”
His moans echo around the walls of his bedroom, small gasps of pleasure and your name escaping his perfectly plump pout. 
His hot load splatters on your chest, and you stroke him through each pulse of his cock. You’re slippery with his seed now, and when you pull away from his spent length, you make a show of rubbing in his cum over your chest.
“Okay, definitely not dreaming,” he says in a daze as he watches you lift a wet finger to your mouth, popping it in to clean it off. “Who knew you were so fucking kinky?” 
His confidence grows as he catches his breath. He can’t believe he’s sitting on his bed with you on your knees, breasts covered in his load. You’re suckling the cum off your finger like it’s his cock, and he’s desperate for more.
“There are lots of things you don’t know about me,” you shrug. 
Swiftly, he grabs you gently by your bicep and pulls you close, sucking at your lips until you’re both standing. 
“I plan to find out everything.” 
Suddenly, you’re switching positions and Jungkook is pushing you down into the bed. You lay flat in the center, body relaxed and eager for your best friend.
“What are you doing?” You ask. He’s still standing at the end of the bed, watching you get comfortable. Once he’s satisfied that you’re lying exactly how you want, he settles himself by your feet.
“Worshipping you,” he says as he lifts an ankle and presses gentle kisses to your calf. “Showing you how much I adore you.” More kisses, soft and sweet. “Showing you how I plan on treating you for the rest of your life.” 
He takes his time, lavishing your legs with his mouth. He kisses and sucks at any spot, sexual or not. He mouths at the roundness of your knees, your firm hamstrings. He presses his love into the skin of your thighs, mouthing his praises with each kiss. 
He reaches the dip of your hips and he gently kisses your exposed skin as he tugs your cotton panties off you. 
“I have loved every inch of you since before I can remember,” he praises as his lips skim over the mound of your cunt. “And I don’t plan on stopping soon.” 
Your body feels like it’s on fire, as if Jungkook lights a match at every spot his lips press against. Your eyes close, and you allow Jungkook to continue his pious worship of your body. 
He teases around your folds, kissing your labia ever so gently—making you gasp. He doesn’t linger long, only kisses you enough to stir the licking flames of heat in your belly.  
He kisses at your stomach, gently nibbling and laving at the softness there. You try to hide from him, try to hide your insecurities of your body in his thorough exploration, but he moves your hands. 
“I know you don’t like this part of your body,” he murmurs. His voice is so soft, so pure and sincere. “But I do. I love everything about you.” 
His tongue swirls around your belly button, making you gasp at the ticklish sensation. 
“You’re so pretty. So perfect.” 
He continues upwards, lips now trailing to your full breasts. He takes his time there, licking and kissing and flicking at your nipples with his tongue. It feels exhilarating—Jungkook’s mouth feels like everything you want it to feel like. His tongue is warm, and he bites with just enough pressure to make your back arch off the bed into his embrace.
His hands explore, taking stock of every millimeter of skin he can find. He wants to memorize every freckle, every bump, every scar and line. Your body is his paradise, and all he can think of is you, you, you.
One hand travels down your body as he moves his lips up your neck. It snakes down your stomach and deftly slides over your soaked core. You whine as you feel his fingers part your folds and dip into the wetness.
“So wet,” he says out loud, verbalizing every tantalizing detail of your body. “So perfect.”
His lips are finally at your own and you kiss him passionately, tongue swirling around his as he slides his two fingers past your clit and into your drenched hole. You gasp against his mouth, eyes widening as he slowly scissors his fingers into you and pumps slowly. It’s almost teasing, the way he fucks his fingers in you. Slow, firm movements with his powerful hands.
“Jungkook!” You gasp. He doesn’t reply, instead he bites at your lip and tugs, then trails his hot mouth back down to your nipples. He can’t get enough of your breasts and the slightly salty taste of him still lingering.
“You feel so good,” he says as he speeds his fingers up minutely. “So tight and wet for me.”
Your hips writhe in need. He’s giving you what you need, but not enough. You need more, more. You want to feel him, all of him, spearing you open.
“Please, Kook,” you groan. “I need you.”
He laughs softly against your nipple and sucks extra hard, letting it pop out of his mouth audibly.
“And I need you, my love.”
“Fuck me, please.” You’re desperate, thighs quaking from the slow teasing. “I want you to fuck me, Jungkook.”
Chills shudder down Jungkook’s spine and he’s powerless to say no, not when you demand it so well.
“With pleasure,” he agrees. He pulls his fingers from within you and copies your move, sliding them into his mouth to suck your essence off. 
He’s never looked sexier. His eyes are dark chocolate pools of burning intensity, and you feel your breath become shaky as you watch him clean his fingers with precision.
After he’s deemed his fingers sufficiently clean, he settles himself between your legs. Easily, he lifts your hips and shoves a pillow underneath, elevating you to a more comfortable position. He grabs your legs and tosses each over his shoulders so they’re higher in the air. 
“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby,” he promises as he rubs the tip of his cock on your soppy slit. “Condom?”
You shake your head, appreciative of his question but desperate to feel him completely.
“Birth control. Regularly tested. Haven’t had sex in a while,” you blurt out. “You good?”
He nods in agreement. “Same. Well, except the birth control. But, I’d take it if they made it for men.”
“Jungkook!” You whine. Your best friend is so easily sidetracked. “Please, can you fuck me?”
He grins. “Tsk, someone is impatient.”
A low moan is rumbling in your chest as he continues to rub his thick cock at your entrance.
“I swear to god, you’re the biggest tease.”
“Oh, I’m definitely the biggest.”
Before you can react, he’s pushing past your entrance and sliding deep in your walls. Your position makes his cock feel deep, and he bottoms out and stills there, eyes closed in bliss.
“Holy shit,” he gasps. “This is absolutely the best pussy I’ve ever felt.”
You wiggle your hips as you get used to the sensation of the delicious stretch.
“Please don’t tell me how many pussies you’ve felt when you’re balls deep inside of me.”
Jungkook turns his head and kisses at your legs resting on his shoulders, lavishing them with his praise once more as he keeps his cock buried inside your tight heat.
“Yours is the only one that matters. The only pussy I’ll ever be in for the rest of my life.”
“That’s a good answer,” you smile. “Now, fuck me, lover boy.”
Jungkook winks and grips your hips with his hands. He swiftly pulls out, enamored with the way his cock is already covered in your creamy essence, then eagerly pushes back in. He sets a pace and soon the sound of skin clapping on skin echoes around the room.
“Oh god!” You’re moaning loudly, unabashedly. You’re thankful that Jungkook’s old roommate, Yoongi, moved out to live with his boyfriend Hoseok months ago. He’d definitely complain about the noise for months. “Fuck, Jungkook, you feel so good.”
Jungkook fucks into you with ferocity, speed and power gradually rising as he feels his core tighten with the coming anticipation of release.
“Mmm, you look so fucking sexy like this,” he murmurs. “Getting fucked by your best friend’s fat cock.”
He moves a hand from your hip, trails it up your body to squeeze at your breast, before he’s cupping your face once again. His hips snap against yours and he loves the way your mouth utters little squeaks and gasps with each deep thrust into you.
“God, my beautiful girl,” he groans. “Can’t wait to cum in this pussy, shit, you got me so fucking close.”
You open your mouth desperately and Jungkook easily slips his thumb in. You latch on quickly and suck, tongue swirling around the tip like you’re sucking another cock. It nearly sends him over the edge and the speed of his hips matches his desperate need for more.
“Fucking hell,” he bites back. He can feel his belly tighten, driven further and further to the edge by the constricting wetness of your cunt. 
He pulls his thumb out and moves it down to where his cock spears into you, allowing your spit to swirl with his thumb around your clit. Your core tightens around him at the added stimulation and your back arches up in ecstasy.
“I’m so c-close, Kook,” you plead, as if begging for mercy. “Please, I want to cum so bad.”
The speed of his thumb increases, and he watches as your face twists in pleasure and desperation. 
“Cum on my cock, baby, let me see you fall apart. Show me what I’ve dreamt of for so long.”
A high and wanton cry ripples out of your body as he savagely increases his speed, both his cock and thumb working overtime to drive you towards your end. The butterflies that erupt in your lower stomach make your moans louder, higher. You’re so close, closer than ever. It’s building to an incredible crescendo.
He can tell you’re close—he sees it on your face as your back arches and your fists grip his sheets.
“You look like a fucking angel, baby,” he whines as he soaks in the vision of you writhing underneath him. “I bet you cum like an angel, too. Let me see it, let me see.”
With just a few more swirls of his thumb and his deep, hard strokes, you’re soaring over the edge into a pool of nothingness. Your cunt pulsates wildly around his length, milking and stroking it with your tight walls. You throw your head back, moaning out his name at the top of his lungs, letting his neighbors know just who fucks you so well.
“Holy shit,” he gasps, hips stuttering as he fucks into your juicy hole. “That was so fucking sexy.”
You grip his forearms, holding onto him tight and encourage him to go harder. “Cum inside me, Kookie, please. I’m all yours, make me yours.”
His heart feels like it might burst in his chest. He’s always wanted you to say it to him, to hand over your love to him like he does so easily to you. It’s all so much, so overwhelming, and the feeling of your hot cunt still fluttering around him sends him reeling into his own completion. 
He spills into you, warm seed coating your walls and pooling inside your womb. He fucks himself through each throb of his cock until he’s sure he’s drained every ounce of himself into you.
Your legs slip off his shoulders easily, and he gently pulls himself out of you. He falls beside you, panting with exertion, and wraps an arm around you.
After a few silent moments of catching your breath, Jungkook pulls you in close to him until he can koala-cling to you, arms and legs both wrapped around your body.
“Mine,” he whispers as he kisses your head. “All mine.”
You return the favor, clinging to your best friend—boyfriend—like he’s your only lifeline.
“All yours.”
Tumblr media
“So, you’re telling me, you got together because of Minecraft?” Jimin asks, pointing a fork in your direction. It’s been months now since your grand virtual declaration of love for Jungkook. Months of bliss and romance, laughter and companionship. 
You were right all along. Jungkook is everything you’ve wanted in a man and more.
You’re sitting at your brother’s expensive dinner table, enjoying a meal with his family with your boyfriend at your side.
“Yeah, Jimin, I guess that’s what I’m saying,” you retort as you roll your eyes. “Minecraft and Tinder.”
Baby Jisoo is awake and in your brother’s arms, but she’s whining and wiggling to leave him.
“What’s wrong, Soo?” Namjoon asks with a pout on his lips. “Why don’t you want daddy anymore?”
Jimin snorts at his husband and you hold out your arms for your baby niece. “Come here, baby, I know you want auntie.”
Namjoon dutifully hands over his daughter, sulking that he’s been picked over for his sister. 
You cradle the baby in your arms, expecting her to calm once she’s there, but she continues to fuss. She’s thrusting her arms out and nearly crying, reaching towards Jungkook who’s busy chowing down on Jimin’s homemade ramen.
“I think she wants you, Kook,” you murmur. He looks at you, then to the baby, then back to you, before he wipes his hands and face clean with a napkin.
“Oh, okay,” he whispers, slowly taking the baby from your arms with your help. “Hello, ma’am.”
Namjoon and Jimin laugh. “She’s a baby, Jungkook, not an elderly woman,” your brother teases.
Jungkook doesn’t listen. He’s too busy cooing at the baby in his arms and playing with her tiny hands. Namjoon turns his attention away and looks at you.
“Guess I won’t be the only provider of grandchildren for much longer.”
You playfully glare at him and turn away to watch your boyfriend. Watching Jungkook interact with your niece makes your heart swell, your soul sing. He’d be a perfect father.
“I swear, if he teaches her how to play Minecraft, he’s banned from the household,” Jimin grumbles. “This is a No-Nerd-Zone.”
Jungkook cradles the child and rocks back and forth, singing her a soft, made-up song, before he looks over at you.
“Hey, I want one of these,” he smiles. “Can we have one?”
You lay a hand on your stomach, a soft bump not quite visible yet. It’s only been one test, the lines faintly indicating ‘positive’ on the stick. You wanted to make sure, get confirmation before you spill the beans.
“Sure, Kookie.”
He grins and leans over to kiss you, before turning his attention back to the baby. “Okay, Jisoo, now let me tell you all about the Endermen.”
Jimin groans. “Oh my god, do not give Minecraft facts to my infant!”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Power Play (m)
Tumblr media
⇥ written as part of the Lights, Camera, Action! pornstar collab ⇤
➾ 27.6k 
➾ warnings: degradation/ humiliation, unprotected sex, creampies, cum eating, thigh riding, ass play, spitting, mentions of religion (porn scene involving a Catholic priest and school girl- please skip over if this offends you!), mentions of impregnation
➾ a/n: thank you so much to my deli fairy @jimlingss for hearing me out when i was ranting about how hard it was to write this. you gave me so much inspiration and motivation to write, and this fic would not be here without you :D @parkmuse you are the absolute mvp for offering to beta read this monster. thank you for validating me when i needed it TT i know you’ll just nut over this so enjoy ;-) and of course!!!! @winetae I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of this collaboration 😭 im honoured to be able to fulfil your porn star dreams :”D 
happy valentine’s day 🌹❤️ 
please do check out the other lovely writers in the collab too!!
➾ summary: You know him as the A lister of all porn stars; a man who sits pretty in his place at the top of the food chain. But you also know him as the Park Jimin who single handedly humiliated you and ruined your own career as a rookie just starting out, the epitome of the biggest dick in the entire industry… and you’re not talking about his assets. But when Park Jimin comes to you, saying he’s in a slump that only you can get him out of and begs you to sign an exclusive contract with him; things get messy… in more ways than one.  
“Longer thrusts, we want to see that cock sliding in and out, and more power please,” the director calls out as Jimin grunts mid thrust. “And watch your expression! You look like you’re fucking a garbage disposal. Get it together, Park!”
Sweat is pouring down his face as he gathers the last bit of his strength to push his co-star’s legs up onto his shoulders. Below him is one of his fellow A listers, the hottest, most on demand porn star in the industry. Everything from Sana’s bouncing, voluptuous breasts to her tiny squeaks and moans should serve as motivation for him and help him to perform his best, but there’s somehow… something lacking.
He’d been wanting to work with Sana for the longest time ever, even his manager was enthusiastic about two top A-listers coming together (no pun intended), but looking down at her now, it’s blatantly obvious that he isn’t as physically attracted to her as he thought.
“Cut, makeup team please,” the director motions for a touchup to be done, and Jimin groans as he pauses his thrusts and a few stylists fuss with his hair and his face. The sweat is carefully sponged off his forehead, the shading on his abs touched up a little, and being in this position, with this many strangers crowding around him nearly makes him go soft inside Sana’s pussy.
“You okay?” Sana frowns in concern as she can feel him start to slide out of her, gripping him with her walls tighter.
Jimin brushes aside her concern with a nod, just as the director calls for them to resume, and he starts pumping his hips into her again, driving deep with every thrust. Something he’s doing must be right, since the director is calling for close up shots and urging him to go faster and harder.
“Money shot in two minutes, Park please get ready,” the script writer reminds him somewhere from behind, and he grunts low in his throat, reaching down to wrap his hands around Sana’s waist to pull her onto his cock more firmly. “When you’re ready, pull out till just the tip. We want a nice big creampie there, tell us if you need the backup…”
Jimin forces himself to go harder, feeling his balls tighten up as he tries to cum on command, something he’s never had trouble with since the beginning of his career. He’s practically built his entire reputation as a porn star on creampies and facials, not to mention he knows he looks like sin incarnate when he throws his head back while he cums.
“Oh fuck, yes,” Sana gasps under him, and when her walls flutter around him, it occurs to Jimin that she’s not acting right now, she’s actually about to cum around him. “Pl-lease cum inside me, I want your cum so bad, fill my pussy up.”
Her passionate moans make her scripted lines even more believable, this is why she’s an A-lister, because she actually enjoys having sex on camera. Hearing her beg for his cum is almost enough to push him over the edge, just almost. But today he needs just a little bit more, so he squeezes his eyes shut and calls to mind a random image from his wank bank.
The first thing that comes to mind is a red plaid skirt under him and his hands around a waist, translucent white shirt stretched tight over small, perky breasts. His gaze travels up to her neck, and just almost reaches her face before—
“Fuck,” Jimin swears under his breath, hopefully disguising it as a grunt of pleasure when he realises that he doesn’t have the money shot today, too distracted by the suddenness of that mental image. He makes a discreet gesture behind his back, hidden from the camera, and that’s when one of the assistants steps in with a tube in between his spread legs.
The tube goes below his cock and inserted shallowly unto Sana’s pussy, so when Jimin groans and jerks himself off with one hand, the assistant pumps the lube up into the tube, making it seem as if Jimin had just blown his load. He feels the lube surround the head of his cock as he attempts a few small thrusts to spread it around a little, make it more realistic, before pulling out.
The fake cum that drips from Sana’s pussy looks far too realistic, that even Jimin himself is amazed. He spreads her lips with both fingers to show the camera the thick white liquid leaking from her, playing with her clit and coating it with the mixture as he rubs her to a final orgasm that makes her walls clench around nothing, squeezing out even more of the fake cum onto the mattress.
And then he moves off the bed as the camera zooms in for the last frame as Sana spreads her legs wide to show off her creamed pussy, fingers dipping into the mess and then licking it clean with her tongue, giggling as she licks her lips.
“Cut!” The director draws the final scene to a close, and just in time too, because Jimin’s cock is going soft even though he didn’t even cum.
Sana flashes him a smile in thanks as she sits up to peer in between her legs, and a few assistants help her to clean up.  
“Hey, you okay?” Manager Sejin hurries over to bring him his robe and a wet wipe, and Jimin shrugs it on silently, swiping half-heartedly at his thighs just to go through the motion of it all before he ties his robe closed and runs a hand through his sweaty hair, adamantly turning his back towards the director who is still talking with a few set assistants and script writers.
Not a few minutes later, the director strides over with a few script writers and exchanges a few laughs and jokes with Sejin, and Jimin is forced to turn around as well.
“The famous Park Jimin, what a show stopper,” he grins, slapping Jimin on the shoulder a few times with a huge grin on his face, seemingly pleased with how the whole shoot went today. “I knew it was a good call casting you and Sana together. You both look like a real on-screen couple! Both hot as fuck with bodies to die for, now that’s what I call chemistry!”
Jimin can only manage a half-hearted smile, which the director is entirely smitten with as he makes promises with Sejin to be in touch for Jimin’s next project soon. If that’s what the director thinks is chemistry, then he hasn’t seen many movies. But then again, what counts as chemistry in the porn industry is totally different from Hollywood. Here, as long as you act like you’re having a good time, say your cheesy lines and cum on command, anything goes.
His teeth sink into his lower lip as he makes his way to the car, getting in without a single word. Fooling the director is one thing, but there’s one person he’ll never be able to fool, and that’s himself. Jimin has never felt as if he was on the verge of losing an erection during a scene. The first five minutes of the car ride is spent in silence as he reproaches himself over and over, and Sejin casts him a wary glance.
“You’re doing it again, aren’t you? Blaming yourself over something that can’t be changed,” Sejin interrupts his thoughts.
“No, it’s just…” Jimin denies it, but gives in a second later. “I was struggling during that last scene. Like really, honestly struggling. I think I’m losing it.”
To admit it out loud might be the scariest thing he’s ever done in his entire life to date. Saying it out loud makes it seem all the more real, and although it might be childish, Jimin thinks that if he keeps all these thoughts buried away in the corners of his mind, then everything will be alright again. All his doubts and insecurities will turn out to be nothing but lies, and everything will be okay.
“I know. I saw,” Sejin says. “Everyone struggles once in a while. What’s important is that you pulled through.”
His sincere words somehow makes Jimin want to keep talking. “I think… I’m tired. Tired of fake cumming in girls, tired of slapping random asses every day. The director said we had fucking chemistry. Can you believe that? Sana and I wouldn’t last two seconds in a science lab.”
Sejin chuckles as Jimin gets himself all worked up, muttering under his breath. “People see what they want to see, kid.”
“Do you remember anything about a girl in a white shirt and red plaid skirt?” Jimin asks suddenly, and Sejin is somewhat derailed by the change in topic, but decides to go along with his plucky charge’s demands. “Maybe one of my ex co-stars?”
“Park, this is porn. Red plaid skirt is a porn category all on its own, you must have fucked at least a dozen girls in that get up. So you gotta be more specific,” Sejin says as he turns into Jimin’s driveway, bringing the car to a stop.
“Oh. Right.” Visibly disappointed, Jimin leans back in his seat for a moment before reaching for the seatbelt to unbuckle it. “Well, thanks for today, hyung. I’ll get going now—“
“Wait, Park, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this for a while now,” Sejin turns to Jimin with a contemplative look on his face. “It’s about a new project I had in mind. I’ve been discussing this with a few people from the brand department, and I think it’ll get you out of your slump.”
“That’s what we thought about Sana, remember?” Jimin fidgets with the tie on his robe. “Who is it this time? Another blonde bombshell? We pretty much exhausted the entire A listers already, so I don’t see who else—“
“Except she’s not an A lister,” Sejin turns and rummages around the mess that is the backseat of his car for a few minutes before pulling out a tablet and unlocking it with a few swipes. “But she’s a rising star. A face you don’t really see that often in porn, and her concept is unique too.”
He clicks open a few folders and swipes through a few albums before he finds what he wants, handing the tablet to Jimin. “Here. This girl. I don’t think you’ve ever worked with her before, but—“
The tablet feels like stone in his hands as he stares at the image, and suddenly, he’s able to put a face to that girl in the white shirt and plaid skirt from earlier. This must be a slightly newer picture, since your hair looks different from how he remembers it. You’re wearing a white lace babydoll set, looking more innocent and pure than anything he’s ever seen in his entire life.
Jimin’s seen way too many girls in lingerie by now, such that he’s almost desensitized to it already. But there’s something different about this picture that makes his blood rush through his veins almost immediately. Unlike the hundreds of girls he’s seen, you’re more modestly covered in this picture, your breasts are fully covered in the delicate cloth, and Jimin has to tear his gaze away from it before his mouth starts to water, the lace allowing him peeks of your skin through the material. The way you’re seated on that chair—luscious thighs spread apart, your pussy just hidden from view—is the most provocative sight he’s ever seen. Your head is propped on your hand and you are looking somewhere off camera in a slightly bored expression, but it enraptures him nevertheless.
“As you can see, her concept isn’t about showing as much skin as possible. Her brand is pretty much the opposite of yours—softcore domination, that is—and since opposites attract, I was thinking a miniseries… that is, if you guys have the chemistry. If you really like her and you gusy can work well together…” Sejin glances over at Jimin to gauge his reaction, only to find him still staring at the picture on the screen with a laser like intensity. The tell-tale bulge in his dress pants makes Sejin burst out in laughter. “I’m guessing little Park approves? What’s with you, popping a boner just by seeing a girl in underwear?”
Jimin sends him a side eyed glare, hastily using the tablet to cover his lap as he mumbles defensively, “it’s leftover from the shoot just now.”
Sejin hits the steering wheel with a victorious fist. “I knew it! I knew you’d like her. When I first saw one of her videos a few days ago, I immediately thought of you. I don’t know why she looked so familiar, but I guess there aren’t many girls doing the modest concept these days—“
“You’re wrong, hyung,” Jimin interrupts before Sejin can get too carried away. “I haveworked with her before, five years ago.” Jimin’s memory is now crystal clear, he remembers that day as if it was yesterday.
“Really? You have?” Sejin frowns in confusion. “I think I’d remember a face like that…”
Jimin sighs as he tosses the tablet into the backseat in resignation. “Your project sounds great and all, but it’ll never work.”
“What? Why?” Sejin fumbles for the tablet again, struggling to understand Jimin’s sudden change in mood.
“Because she hates me to the core. There’s no way she’ll ever agree to work with me.”
Tumblr media
“And that’s a wrap, thank you!” The slates clap one last time, and your co-star breaks character immediately to brush his thumb at the corner of your eye to make sure that one bit of cum doesn’t accidentally get inside. Inwardly your heart stops at his tender gesture, as if you hadn’t been on edge the whole scene.
Cha Eun Woo is one of the most handsome porn stars you’ve ever seen. His face is a work of the gods; when he smiles he is all shy boyish charm that has all his older female viewers quaking in their panties (you included), but when he clenches his jaw tight he is anything but a flower boy. You consider it a privilege to get to work with someone like him, and even though this scene isn’t exactly up your alley—bondage and face fucking—you’d do it all over again if it only meant getting to look at his beautiful face.
Eun Woo reaches for the restraints on your wrists and starts undoing them before his manager drapes a robe over him and tries to usher him away. Good looking and has manners? You need to get on that dick immediately, preferably not with a dozen cameras surrounding you.
He insists on undoing at least one side of your restraints before he allows himself to be dragged away by his manager who insists that he has another shoot to get to. He throws you an apologetic smile over his shoulder which you return as one of the set assistants helps you with your wrists and hands you a robe along with a wet wipe for your face. The back view of him isn’t too bad either, in fact it’s just as good as the front. You continue staring till it’s regrettably covered by his robe, and then you migrate your gaze down to his thighs.
You wish you’d written your number on the backs of those hard as steel thighs. Never mind that you don’t have a pen, there’s plenty of cum on your face for you to-
“Done ogling your co-star yet? Didn’t you get enough in the past four hours already?” You sigh in disappointment when your manager finally appears in your field of vision, blocking your view of Eun Woo’s thighs as she hands you a bottle of water.
Regrettably, you unscrew the cap and take a sip, following Wendy to the changing room. “Even a lifetime together with that man wouldn’t be enough.”
Before you enter the changing rooms, there is a flurry of activity behind you and a few screams here and there. You whip your head around, clutching your robe to your chest in terror as the most horrifying scenes cross your mind. Maybe you’ll be burnt alive before you can collect your day’s pay, resigned to a tragic death without ever having a chance to try that new all you can eat buffet. Or maybe it’s a gunman looking to shoot down the most attractive person in this set, and seeing as Eun Woo has left the building long ago-
“It’s Park Jimin, oh my god!!!” Wendy squeals in your ear, abruptly putting an end to your macabre imagination as she scurries towards the set, stopping halfway when she realises your expression has darkened over.
You can spot a gaggle of fangirls- mostly set assistants and even the director himself- crowding around him as he runs an unbothered hand through his silver hair, pushing his dark circle lenses further up his nose as he shoots them a polite smile. Jerk. Asshat. Pretentious bastard. Who the hell wears sunglasses indoors? You hope he trips an invisible crack on the floor and falls flat on his stupid face. Why would an A-lister like Park Jimin be here in the first place?
Just then, the man in question raises his head as if he’s looking for something, and while you can’t exactly be sure, you feel his gaze lock onto you, and you hurriedly turn away to the safety of the changing rooms.
You open your locker to start changing into your shirt dress, your robe half off your frame when you hear the door open. Thinking that it’s Wendy, you don’t bother to speed up your actions at all; she’s seen you naked plenty of times. Sometimes when she breaks into your house to wake you up for morning schedules you don’t even bother putting on clothes till the very last minute, so—
“I must say, you’re a lot hotter than I thought you’d be. You look like you’ve grown a cup size or two.”
The sound of a male voice makes your heart leap into your throat, and you drop everything you’re holding, but thankfully your robe remains clasped under your arms. Park Jimin lowers his sunglasses to the very end of his nose as his eyes linger on every bit of exposed skin, even tiptoeing to get a better look, the bastard.
“Long-time no see, hmm?”
He looks conspicuously out of place in his immaculately pressed dress pants and white silk shirt, arms folded against his chest with an amused look on his face as you scramble to cover yourself up as quickly as you can. Arming yourself with a glare, you turn around to face him fully, your back against the lockers and feeling as if you’re being cornered.
For the first time in five years, you come face to face with the source of all your misery. He looks just as cocky and suave as he did all those years ago when you were just a rookie starting out in the porn industry, fresh faced and hopeful, desperate to make a quick buck to pay off all your tuition fees.
“I don’t think we’ve met,” you deliberately force yourself to turn back to your locker, acting as if his gaze on your back doesn’t bother you in the least. “What are you doing here? It’s not your shoot.”
Jimin looks a little disappointed when you’re decent again. “Why so shy all of a sudden? It’s not like I don’t know what you look like under there. That video where you get titty fucked? They’ve definitely grown a cup or two since then.”
You cast a cursory glance towards the entrance of the changing room, wondering why Wendy isn’t storming in by now. Granted, people in the porn industry are a lot more relaxed when it comes to nudity and personal space. In fact, just last month, management proposed to merge both sexes’ changing rooms into one in favour of an onsite barista serving custom made coffee and drinks, and everyone jumped on that bandwagon like a man with blue balls at an orgy.
Thankfully some people still had brains enough to protest it and overturn that decision.
“As if you’ve ever seen any of my videos,” you tell him with a roll of your eyes, fumbling around for your underwear so that you can get the hell out of there as fast as you can, to spare yourself from any more humiliation in front of this man. “As if that tiny pea brain of yours could contemplate anyone else’s existence other than your own.”
“Ouch, that’s harsh,” Jimin pretends as if you shot him straight in the heart, and you honestly wish you had a gun just so you could. The world would be a much happier place without him.
Jimin bends down to pick something up from the ground, and you’re horrified when you realise that it’s your plain old white cotton bra, the ratty one that’s been in the wash one too many times and may or may not have its underwire poking out. He dangles it from his finger by the strap with an accompanying smirk on his face as he examines it thoroughly, eyes flitting towards your face every now and then.
“Looking for this? I was right. You did grow a cup size.”
You snatch it from him and decide to bite the bullet, shoving your robe off and pulling your shirt dress over your body as fast as you can. You can already feel him gearing up to make a greasy comment about your lack of underwear, but you stop him in his tracks as you slam the locker closed.
“Watch it, Park. My body’s only a free for all when the cameras are on. Apart from that, I charge by the minute.” You swing your tote bag over your shoulder and make a beeline for the doors, but Jimin isn’t letting you get away so easily.
“Then how about I film you with my phone? Does that count?” He grins cheerfully as he whips out his phone from his pocket, but all you see is just sleaze personified on his face. “I’ve never done amateur porn before, but I’d do anything to fuck that pussy of yours.”
The nerve of this guy. Just because he’s an A lister, he thinks he can just show up all willy nilly at someone else’s shoot, scare them while they’re half naked and say these kinds of disgusting, lewd things. Honestly, you have no idea why he’s even here at your shoot in the first place when he could be doing a number of other things instead. Namely, working out and ingesting copious amounts of protein, and also checking himself out in the mirror. You can’t say that you’re intimately familiar with his hobbies, but it seems about right for someone as vain and cocky as Park Jimin.
“In your dreams. Now if you don’t mind, I have other places to be.” You shut him down again as you head outside to look for Wendy’s car.
“I’m serious. I have a preposition for you.” Jimin stops you with a hand on your arm. “A mini-series with me.”
“Save it, Park. Why would I want to do a scene with you?” You wrinkle your nose at him as you unscrew the lid of a bottle of water to take a few sips. “Actually, scratch that. I’d love to do a scene with you. It could be the shortest shoot ever in the history of porn. A tiny dick like yours couldn’t last even an hour. We’d be done in thirty minutes!”
While you are exclaiming in glee to yourself, clapping your hands with mirth at the thought of poor little Park Jimin prematurely ejaculating all over himself while the rest of the set watches on in disappointment, you don’t notice his eyes narrow and his lips press together in a firm line. You’re all too absorbed in the fantasy of watching Park Jimin embarrass himself in front of you and a whole bunch of other people, instead of it being the other way around, for karma to kick his ass and give him what he deserves after all these years.
You turn back to him when a thought suddenly strikes you. “Hey, you were there watching me and Eun Woo today right?”
Jimin folds his arms across his chest, all traces of glee wiped clean from his face. “Yeah… why?”
“Did you see how long he lasted? He didn’t even need a fluffer in between scenes. He fucked me like a pro,” you sigh dreamily, unconsciously gripping the bottle tight as you call to mind how thick his cock was. “And he’s so good looking too. I heard he once sat on a nail and he didn’t even feel a thing. Can you imagine how fine that ass of his must be?”
“My ass is pretty great too…” Jimin mumbles in consternation. “Why won’t you do a scene with me? Look, if it matters that much to you, I’ll even sit on a nail too. I’ll sit on two nails. Just to prove it.”
You don’t hear him over the sound of your phone chiming with a text. Unlocking it to check your messages, you throw in a few random belongings from your locker into your bag and get ready to leave, but Jimin still has more to say.
“My team’s already done the market research and analysis, you’re just that tiny bit short of making it to A list. If we collaborate, I’m pretty sure you’ll sky rocket to fame—“
You shrug his hand away violently, turning to face him with the immense urge to slap him hard. “What if I don’t want to be an A lister? Ever thought of that, Park? I’m no longer a charity case for people like you who’ve had it smooth sailing all along to take pity on. I made it this far on my own merit alone, and I sure as hell don’t need your help now—“
“Is this because I turned you down that one time?”
For someone who hasn’t seen you in five years, Park Jimin sure knows you well enough to hit you where it still hurts. Before you can stop it, the memories of that terrible, awful day come filtering back in despite your feeble attempts to block it out.
“Who’s this?” Park Jimin wrinkled his nose as he glanced at your poor fitting outfit.
You were well aware that your attempt at a sexy schoolgirl outfit didn’t quite meet the mark- it had come out of your own closet after all- but still, there was no reason for him to be quite so harsh, and you were at a loss for words. “I-I’m—“
“Is this my co-star?” Clothed in his perfectly pressed suit with his hair perfectly coiffed and standing at the other end of the table, Jimin glanced off to the side at the camera crew in doubt. At their confirmation, Jimin turned back to you and broke out into laughter. “PD-nim, I know you were aiming for an innocent school girl getting punished, but isn’t this a little too much?”
The entire set went silent, all eyes were on you and Jimin as you pushed yourself into a sitting position. Now that you looked down at yourself, you saw everything that was wrong- your skirt should have been a good three inches shorter, your blouse tighter, and you should have thrown on that pair of knee socks too-
“I-if there’s something wrong with my outfit, o-or my makeup, I’ll fix it real quick, I promise,” you were mumbling, tripping over your words in anxiety. You knew that this was your big break- appearing on screen with someone as famous as Park Jimin would give you the exposure you needed. More pragmatically, that day’s pay alone would be enough to pay off three months of rent that you’d been late on, and buy some much needed food other than instant noodles and bread and-
“This isn’t something that can be fixed with clothes or makeup,” Jimin shook his head as he turned away to walk off set. “PD-nim, I specifically requested a hot co-star right? Not her. She’s just too cute. No one would take her seriously. She looks like she belongs in a church choir! I’d feel like I was committing a cardinal sin. I don’t even think I could get it up!”
And you were left staring at his back as he walked away, pride wounded. You could hear some of the staff whispering amongst themselves, shooting you looks of pity. But the thought of the bills stacking up made you fight back tears and push yourself off the table as you ran after him.
“M-Mr Park, please, I really need this,” you hated the way your voice sounded, hated putting yourself at someone else’s mercy. But having this opportunity disappear right in front of your eyes made you desperate, you were already clutching at straws, right at the end of your rope, and this was all you had. “Just tell me what I need to change. I’ll do anything.”
“Nothing you do could make me want to fuck you.” Jimin shrugged out of your grip as he pushes back the sleeve of his blazer to reveal a gold Rolex on his wrist. He began to unbuckle the watch from his wrist. “Here. Take this. Compensation for your time.”
He threw the watch onto the ground carelessly as he walked away with his hands in his pockets.
You turn to face him fully, clenching your jaw as you force the remnants of the past back where they belong: out of sight and out of mind. “So what if it is? You think just because you’re an A lister everyone is dying to work with you? I wouldn’t work with Mr Four Inches even if you begged me to.”
How the tables have turned; if only someone had told you on that fateful day after Park Jimin left you in tears, that five years later he’d be crawling back and asking you to work with him. But revenge is sweet and a dish best served cold.
“Listen, back then I was an arrogant jerk, and I said things I shouldn’t have,” Jimin removes his sunglasses so that you can see his eyes now, and it actually looks as if the bastard is truly sorry. Too bad a mere apology won’t fix things now; neither will it negate all the hardship you went through just to make a name for yourself. “Just tell me what it’ll take for you to agree to work with me. I’m open to anything.”
You take a step closer to him, securing yourself a front row seat to the guilt and remorse that plays out on his face as he averts his gaze downwards. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for the past five years, even fantasised about it while going to bed hungry only to wake up at the crack of dawn the next morning to get to your shoot by yourself. This is the moment that makes all that suffering worth it.
“Nothing you do could make me want to fuck you.”
Tumblr media
On days that you don’t have a schedule, your guilty pleasure is lying in bed doing nothing. Maybe scroll through some social media on your phone. Go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Nothing strenuous like getting out of bed even for food though. And besides, no one ever visits you other than your manager anyway.
So when your doorbell rings on your day off, you groan and push yourself out of bed, taking a whole five minutes just to muster the energy to get to your feet. Your body is still healing and recovering from your last session with Eun Woo—the script had called for some love bites and marks, and you have to let them fade a little before you can do your next shoot.
You stumble to the door and open it, only to find Park Jimin at your doorstep.
“What the fuck are you doing here? How did you know where I live?” You’re almost instantly awake now, fumbling for your phone. “Get the fuck out of here, or I’m calling the police.”
“Wait, please,” Jimin pushes against the door as you attempt to slam it in his face. “Just hear me out. Five minutes, that’s all. Please.”
Something about the tone of his voice makes you hesitate, and Jimin is able to shove the door open a little wider and wedge his body in between the small space. You’re pressed up intimately against him, much closer than you’d like to be, so you back away immediately just to put some distance in between you. You should have kicked this cocky bastard out when you had the chance.
To put aside his pride and humble himself, coming all the way to your doorstep to beg for you to hear him out takes more out of Jimin than he’d ever thought. But your moment of hesitation means a chance for him, and he’ll take it.
“The clock is ticking,” you show him the timer on your phone as you cross your arms.
Jimin almost laughs, he never thought you’d actually be timing him.
“I’m sorry,” he says, figuring that the simplest approach is the best one. “Look, I’m not going weave you a sob story about how much I’ve changed since then, since you most likely won’t buy it anyway. Instead of that, I’ll be honest with you. I’m in a slump.”
You snort with laughter as you cross your arms, leaning back against the counter. This isn’t all too bad, seeing Park Jimin get all desperate in front of you actually helps close those wounds a little. “The great Park Jimin, most sought after porn star in the entire industry, in a slump? Yeah, right. Tell that to your viewers, tell that to someone who actually cares.”
“It’s true,” Jimin insists, and he clenches his fists tight. As much as it hurts him to admit it, he knows this is the only way he’ll ever have a chance of getting through to you. “I know it may not seem like it but I… I’m just sick of fucking a random girl every day. Every shoot feels like a blur, and I’m just… not happy with my performance. If you watch any of my recent videos, I-“
“Watch your videos? Why would I want to watch someone with a tiny dick acting like he’s got it all?” You toss your hair over your shoulder as you walk towards the kitchen. Since you’re up, you might as well get something to eat. “Hey, I have a question. How does the cameraman manage to get a good shot with your big head in the way?”
Okay, he definitely deserves all this, but that doesn’t mean that your insults don’t hurt. Jimin follows a few steps behind you, casting a surreptitious glance downwards. Is his dick really that small? He knows he doesn’t conform to the porn industry norm of seven and up, but he knows he’s got a good girth, and none of his co-stars have ever complained about his size…
“Just… please. It’s not like you aren’t getting anything out of this either, you’ll get on the A list in no time-“
“Do you think that’s what I really want? To get on that fucking A list?” You shoot back at him, fury reignited once more at the mention of rankings. Someone like Park Jimin would never understand how hard you had to work just to get here. And why to be offered a leg up to ride on his coattails is all the more insulting. “Even if it meant more money, even if it meant more fame, I’d rather die than be on that list, if it’ll make me turn into someone like you, who looks down on others beneath them. Newsflash: not everyone is as obsessed with rankings as you are. Some of us are happy with things the way they are, if it’s enough to get by on, then that’s all I need.”
Jimin looks as if he’s been slapped, and his eyes dart around uncertainly, well aware of your indignance, but having no idea how to proceed from this point on. “I’m sorry if I made it sound like that. I was just trying to help you out too, but I-“
“Thanks, but I don’t need it,” you shove his chest, pointing to the door. “Get out of my sight.”
“I haven’t had an orgasm in ages, alright?” Jimin finally exhales in defeat, shoulders slumping as he admits the one thing that he hasn’t told anyone, not even his manager. “And you can laugh at me all you want, and I deserve it, but it’s hard to even get it up these days. There’s only so many pills you can take before it starts to fuck with your health, and if that snowballs, there goes my entire career, my everything-“
Jimin cuts himself off, turning to face you with an inscrutable look on his face.
His sudden confession has you stumped, and you struggle to find the right words as you stare at the man that has been the bane of your existence during the most difficult time of your life. Your first instinct is to mock him and gloat over his misfortune, but the man standing in front of you isn’t the Park Jimin that you know and hate- making fun of him now wouldn’t be morally right. You know of plenty of porn stars who’d been through the entire system and come out the other side worse for wear.
“So? What does that have to do with me? What makes you think I’m the miracle cure to all your problems?”
Jimin is encouraged when you don’t immediately chase him out or laugh at him. To think of how the tables have turned since five years ago makes him feel like an utter jerk- he hadn’t even given you the time of day back then. You’re a better person than he could ever be.
“I’m attracted to you. Physically, at the very least.” Jimin doesn’t have anything to lose now as he shrugs. He’s always been shameless to a large extent. “I popped a boner for the first time on my own when my manager showed me your photo.”
Now this is just plain ridiculous. Your eyes immediately drop to his crotch out of instinct, and the greasy little shit actually smirks. Before you can avert your gaze, he grabs his own dick through his dress pants, and your cheeks immediately heat up as you look away.
“And you expect me to believe that? Out of all the girls you’ve fucked, you’re not attracted to any single one of them, but you pop a tiny little boner for me?” You clear your throat hastily, trying to get your cheeks to cool down. It feels as if the room suddenly became a few degrees hotter, and-
“Why not? Is it that hard to believe?” Jimin shrugs as if it’s no big deal, leaning against your kitchen counter as he watches you gulp an entire glass of water.
“Listen, Park. I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here, or if this is just one of your tricks to humiliate me again-“
“I’ll prove it!” Jimin is at his wits end, the timer on your phone ran out what seemed like ages ago, and he’s getting kicked out any second now.
“Prove what?” You turn around, and nearly drop the glass you’re holding.
Park Jimin is most definitely not Mr Four Inches. His pants are bunched up around his thick thighs- you’re privy to the very intimate fact that Park Jimin likes to go commando when he wears dress pants- and his dick is standing straight at attention. Even though he must have only been half hard when he grabbed himself just a few minutes ago, right now he is sporting a full erection, and you can’t help but stare at his one-eyed monster with a horrified look on your face.
You’ve seen many dicks in porn while sucking and fucking your way to the top. Park Jimin’s dick should not have this effect on you. But for some reason you can’t take your eyes off it no matter how hard you try, you can’t meet his eyes. “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?”
This at least seems to shake his confidence a little. “Wh-what do you mean? If you’re talking about the underwear, it’s good for my balls-”
“How are you hard that fast? Just a second ago you were-“ you cut yourself off as you close your eyes, massaging your throbbing temples. It feels as if you’ve aged ten years since Park Jimin showed up at your house and flashed you his dick in your kitchen.
“This isn’t even my final form yet, if you show me your pussy I can-“
“Did you get a boner just from arguing with me? Wait, you know what, I don’t care. I really don’t care. Just get out. There are knives in this kitchen and I’m not afraid to use them. In fact, I have this special knife I like to use just for long things like pickles and sausages.”  You mime a chopping action while staring directly at his exposed dick, and Jimin winces, covering himself instinctively.
Grabbing him by his ear, you half drag him to the door, giving him almost no time to pull his pants up before you toss him out on his ass. Tomorrow you’re putting in a request to end your lease and shift somewhere into the corner of the city so he’ll never be able to harass you again.
That’s the last you’ll ever see of Park Jimin.
Tumblr media
You must be drunk. You must be out of your mind.
At least one of the above is true, judging from the almost empty bottle of wine on the table, and if sitting in front of your computer browsing porn in your underwear is considered normal, then you can write off the second one.
But this still doesn’t account for the fact that you’re on Jimin’s homepage scrolling through his top ten most popular videos, learning from his bio the very precise measurements of his dick. And very bizarrely, the fact that he has an especially tiny pinky is… cute?
There must be a virus on your computer. How else would you explain the fact that your mouse is moving of its own volition towards the most popular video on his page and clicking on it? Someone must be controlling your computer from a remote location, forcing you to watch porn videos of this stupid punk who probably can’t even last more than a minute max-
No, no, you can’t do this. You close your eyes tightly as the video buffers. You’ve never seen a single video of his in your entire life, and you’d do anything to keep it that way. But then the sound of Jimin’s low grunts and whines forces your eyes open again, and you’re met with an intimate view of his spread legs as he wraps one hand around his cock. The sight of his precum dripping over his knuckles as he grips himself harder makes you squeeze your thighs together in response. From this perspective his balls look so tightly drawn and swollen, and your mouth waters at the prospect of taking them into your mouth, wondering how he tastes like.
There is a giggle from a girl offscreen, and Jimin looks off to the side with a smirk on his face, spreading his thick thighs wider and letting his cock fall against his abs with a heavy thump. “Your pussy looks so tight, you sure you can take me?”
The camera pans to his female co-star, and you recognise her to be Sana, top A-lister who has a body to die for. She giggles and spreads her lips, lowering herself down on Jimin’s cock as he hooks his arms under her knees. Sana leans back against Jimin’s chest as he begins to fuck into her roughly, her stuffed pussy front and center on camera as her breasts bounce and she screams and cries his name.
Your underwear is suspiciously wet, and you shift uncomfortably, unable to take your eyes off his cock, pumping in and out of her pussy. Sana is actually one of your role models, and you’ve seen enough of her videos to know when she’s putting on an act and when she’s truly screaming her head off from being dicked down so hard. They change positions several times, and it looks as if she manages to have an orgasm every single time.
You forward to the end, somehow curious to see Park Jimin’s famous money shot. The last thirty seconds of the video shows Jimin’s tip buried in her pussy as he jerks off furiously, sweat shining on his abs as he grunts. Sana is egging him on, asking him to cum inside her, and Jimin complies with a groan, giving a few thrusts with his hips as white liquid begins to seep out around Sana’s pussy. You recognise it immediately as the fake stuff even as Jimin thrusts a few times to make it more realistic, before pulling out. The camera switches angles to focus on his fingers that are pulling her lips apart, exposing her to the camera as he leisurely plays with the fake cum, licking his lips and following the stream of cum with his eyes as it drips from her.
The close up shot of his face doesn’t lie- Park Jimin is one hell of an actor. If he hadn’t told you he was struggling, you’d be entirely fooled by the way he’s kissing Sana’s inner thighs on-screen, post orgasm glow on his rosy cheeks as he praises her for taking his cum so well. Jimin’s face is lit up with reverence and fascination as he runs his fingers through her used cunt, spreading his cum around and using it to rub her clit. The camera then focuses on Sana’s face, gasping and writhing from Jimin’s fingers, but the sound of his voice telling her to cum like the dirty girl she is, suck up all his cum deep inside where it belongs, steals your attention.
You can’t help but start to fan yourself. The soothing lilt of Jimin’s baritone voice is enough to make you feel like he’s actually talking to you right through the screen. With Sana’s face cut off from the frame, it’s easy to just close your eyes and immerse yourself in his praise, like some kind of ASMR porn. Your panties are unbelievably sticky. Now you know just why Park Jimin is an A lister, not because of his good looks or just Lady Luck smiling down on him, or god forbid, his not-as-small-as-you-thought dick. He is truly talented, he works hard, and he knows he’s good at what he does.
As much as you hate to admit it. But you are a person who gives credit where credit is due.
If what he says is true- that partnering with you will go a long way in helping his performance- then you wonder just how well this man can fuck. But yet… collaborating with him would mean having to deal with his insufferable cockiness, not to mention that you’ve already seen enough of him to last a lifetime by now.
But the stickiness between your thighs that just begs for your attention conjures up the filthiest, nastiest thoughts of what it would be like for Jimin to actually say all those things to you. Since everyone says he’s just that good at his job, why shouldn’t you test him out for yourself to see if he really lives up to his name? It’ll be like test driving a car with no intention to buy it whatsoever. Or just going to the showroom for the free biscuits and coffee. No commitment, no getting involved, nothing.
Easy as pie.
A part of you hesitates as you reach for your phone, fingers hovering over the send button long after you’ve typed out your message. Indecision has always been your weak spot.
Oh fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? You hit the button and send the message to your manager before giving in to temptation and reaching for the rarely used vibrator that you stash away at the corner of your desk drawer.
Tell Park I’m in.
Tumblr media
“Mr Park will see you now,” the receptionist gestures you toward a meeting room down the hallway, and you have to force yourself to aim a friendly smile at her instead of just turning right around and leaving immediately. 
After having been made to wait a good ten minutes past the agreed meeting time- you can see through the damn meeting room’s glass doors that Jimin is just twiddling his thumbs, doing absolutely nothing at all- you utterly regret your decision. You should never have agreed to work with this prideful asshole.
Park Jimin is absolutely obnoxious. You’ll bet a hundred bucks that he told the poor receptionist to quote that line from Fifty Shades. 
“Well well well… look who we have here,” Jimin grins smugly from his seat when you enter, legs spread wide so that your eyes are forced to take in the broad expanse of his well-muscled thighs and slowly travel up… up to-
Already beyond annoyed that you had to come all the way here- your number one rule when it comes to men and business is to let them come to you- you plop yourself down on the plush sofa, feeling out of place in your denim skirt and white shirt. Jimin, as usual, is dressed to the nines, white dress pants stretched tight over his thighs, and his light blue shirt draping slightly off one shoulder.
“What made you change your mind?” Jimin twirls a pen with interest as he crosses one leg over the other, nodding his thanks when a man clad in a full suit sets a tray with tea and coffee on the table. “Let me guess. I’ll bet it was my dick. It was, wasn’t it?”
This man is so full of himself, it makes your temples pound immediately. Yet, you can’t bring yourself to disagree entirely, even as you try not to gape at how luxurious Jimin’s label company is. This entire room alone is bigger than your company’s entire office, and you’ve most certainly never been served tea and biscuits at a contract negotiation before.
“I’m…” you fumble around for a plausible excuse to feed him even as you panic a little. “I’m adopting a cat!”
Jimin’s brows furrow in slight confusion. “O-ookay?”
You want to kick yourself. When you go home today, you need to write out a list of excuses to use in a pinch when cocky bastards ask if you like their dicks. Jimin looks amused as he raises his eyebrows, that stupid infuriating smirk telling you that he sees through your excuse as if it’s nothing but cling wrap. But you’ve made your bed. And now you have to lie in it. “A-and I figured the extra money couldn’t hurt.”
“How much money does one need to adopt a cat?” Jimin queries, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees now. The stupid little punk has a tiny smirk on his lips, but his eyes seem as if he is genuinely curious.
“It’s a… a very expensive cat, a purebred,” you say defensively. You’re just pulling all this out of your ass now, but you can’t, refuse to back down. “He’s gonna need lots of vet checks and toys and um… cat things.”
“Cat things. Right. Very expensive, those. I would know, since I know pussies very intimately.” Jimin nods, the corners of his lips twitching as he struggles to fight back a grin.
“You told her to say that, didn’t you,” you accuse him, desperate to change the subject. “On purpose, just to annoy me.” 
Jimin merely raises his brows, taking a slow sip of his tea and staring at you from over the rim of his cup. Stupid, cocky, obnoxious, handsome bastard. 
You roll your eyes and tilt your chin toward the reception. “’Mr Park will see you now’.”
Jimin’s eyes light up with mirth immediately as he sets his cup down, licking his lips, feigning innocence. Or ignorance. Or both. “I’m not sure what you mean by that... she is a receptionist, and that is her job, so I’m not sure why you’d think-”
“You were waiting in here doing nothing for ten minutes!” You finally explode, pointing a finger at him. “I fucking saw you through the glass door!”
Jimin seems to be utterly amused by your explosive anger, and he only shrugs nonchalantly. He has this stupid shit eating grin on his face as he revels in your irritation.
“Ah yes, that. I was meditating, you see. Very good way of calming the mind and the body,” Jimin is still grinning from ear to ear as he twiddles his thumbs. “Speaking of, you might want to try it yourself. Maybe you can get rid of some of that... pent up anger.” 
You are still fuming at him, grabbing a biscuit off the plate and popping it into your mouth, chewing silently for a few minutes as you continue to seethe. Jimin admits you look cute like this- cheeks puffed out from chewing- bickering with you is actually fun, and it’s entertaining to see how easily he can rile you up. 
Jimin silently praises himself for coming up with that idea, beyond pleased that Sandra came through as promised- if only he could have seen the look on your face when she said that to you. 
He clears his throat, resting his arms on his knees and lacing his fingers together. “Anyway, before you sign anything, I just wanted you to know what you’re getting yourself into.”
Immediately, you narrow your eyes in suspicion, turning your knees away from his lewd gaze as he eats up the expanse of your legs with his eyes. “What do you mean?”
“I’m sure you know by now, after much… research,” Jimin pauses to lick his lips- that bastard knows exactly what he’s insinuating- as he uncrosses his legs. “You’ll know all about my style, and I guess you could call it a brand that I made for myself. Mainly I do submissive and occasionally softcore dom-“
“Wait, what?” You nearly spit out your coffee. Images of your late night ‘research’ session assault you, and although you would never admit it, Park Jimin is anything but submissive and softcore dom. You remember being awed at his hidden strength as he tosses his girls around, bending them into positions that give the camera the best view, almost felt the stinging sensation of his spanks on your own ass, the sharp bite of his teeth sinking into your own skin, marking you all over. His girls end up thoroughly fucked and marked, and his trademark is that his videos always end with a leaking pussy. Jimin likes to play around with the cunts that he’s fucked, tongue lingering teasingly around his girls’ inner thighs, almost but never quite coming close to licking up the mess that he just made. The video would always cut to black in a very unsatisfying manner, and that’s how you found yourself clicking from one video to another in the hopes of finding one where he actually eats his own cum. Or the fake cum, that is.
“You? Submissive? Softcore?” You nearly snort with laughter. “Maybe in your next lifetime, Park-“
The shit eating grin that spreads across his face lets you know that you’ve been caught red handed. Park Jimin pushes himself off his seat to join you on the sofa, crowding into your space as he sits so close to you that his thigh brushes yours. One arm goes around the back of the sofa to curl around you, and the other casually rests on your bare knee. His agonizingly plump lips just brush against the shell of your ear. “Caught you, princess. Been watching my videos? No wonder you look like you didn’t get much sleep last night.”
“I wasn’t- I just…” words elude you for the nth time today, and a bubble of frustration rises in your chest. Just what is it about this man that makes you so tongue tied, when usually you have no problem saying whatever comes to mind?
“What if I told you I’ve watched every single one of your videos too?” Jimin’s lips ghost across your cheek, following your jawline. “And I like the ones where it’s just you on camera. Your lips sucking my cock, eyes tearing up because I’m fucking your mouth so good. Your pussy getting creamed and filled up so that it leaks everywhere. Your ass bouncing on my cock while you whine and moan because you’re just that. fucking. tight.”
You do all you can to keep your breathing level, even though your body reacts instinctively to his words just as it had the night before. The tone of his voice, the filth that spews from his sweet plush lips awakens your lust once more, lust that you spent the better part of last night trying to quench. The difference is, this time Park Jimin is actually here whispering these words into your ear and you can reach out and just-
His thigh feels like steel under your touch. You slide your fingers up till you almost reach the apex as his breaths on your neck cause your nipples to harden and ache for his tongue.
Abruptly, Jimin draws away with a satisfied smirk on his lips. “There. I think I gave you just a tiny little taste of the weeks to come hmm? Now, let’s go over the contract together, shall we?”
Tumblr media
The contract ended up to be pretty standard, nothing you’ve never seen before, except for the exclusive part. You’re bound to Jimin for three shoots exclusively, and over the span of these shoots, you’re not allowed to take on any other projects, and neither is he. As for the actual script and content of each shoot, Jimin left it open to negotiation. But having spent the past few years doing every single porn cliché imaginable, you’re pretty much fresh out of ideas and don’t really mind leaving it up to Jimin, as long as he runs it through you for your approval first. A part of you is actually even a little curious to see what he can cook up that he hasn’t already done.
And with that, you’d just entered an exclusive contract with your nemesis, the man you swore you’d never fuck. He’d turned you down all those years ago and left you high and dry, what’s to say that he won’t do the same again this time? For years after you’d cringe at yourself when you look in the mirror, forced yourself to fight through the crippling panic attacks before every single shoot as his words come to mind again and again.
Everyone is their own worst critic, but your own self-degradation is only bolstered by the ghost of his words uttered when you were at your lowest. Even the memory of letting someone see you at your most desperate and dire causes a physical shudder to run through your body. Never again will you be in such a position.
But at least now if he decides to revert back to his arrogant self again, you’ll be protected by the contract you signed. You’ll make sure to sue his balls off.
When Jimin emails you the first script, you’re too shocked for words when you read through it. It’s nothing he’s ever done before, at least not from what you remember. The premise is you as a high end prostitute being rented out exclusively by CEO Jimin, only he’s found out that you’ve been seeing other customers behind his back. His lines are definitely not soft-core, nowhere near it. It is degrading, slightly humiliating, and there is plenty of name calling.
Just the thought of letting Jimin have the upper hand in this scene brings back all the unpleasant memories, and bile threatens to rise in your throat. It seems like he wasn’t joking when he said he likes to dominate his girls. You know you could always just write him back and tell him that it’s too much, too fast for you. While Jimin might be an insufferable bastard with the biggest ego you’ve ever seen, he isn’t unprofessional. He’ll change the script if you tell him to, no questions asked.
But a stubborn part of you is desperate to prove to him that the events of five years ago no longer hold any power over you. To show him, and maybe yourself too, that you’ve long ago moved on from it. You don’t want to run from it anymore, and the best way to do it would be to accept this script, willingly put yourself in a subservient position below the man who’d rejected and humiliated you all those years ago.
You sigh and reach for a bottle of wine before you read any further. Why can’t moving past trauma be as easy as finishing an entire bottle of wine by yourself?
Nursing a glass of wine, you read on. The kinks… oh god.  Spanking, for one. There’s also a part where you’re required to do a lapdance for him, accompanied with stripping. As you read through both your parts, you try and visualise the entire scene in your head. There’s no way you’ll be able to dance confidently, that’s for sure. The rest of it is a slight stretch, but for now that’s the only change you want to make, and you type back a brief line to Jimin.  
And then, there’s nothing left to do but search for strip tease videos and learn the heck out of them.
Tumblr media
Doing a shoot with Park Jimin has its perks.
Proper make-up artists, for one. And an actual chair to sit in while your hair and makeup gets done professionally. There’s even a manicurist on call who gives you a quick touch up when she sees your bare nails. And the wardrobe… usually the lingerie that gets shoved at you is two sizes too small, scratchy and doesn’t fit well, and even once or twice looks like it hasn’t been washed. But today the stylists prepared a custom fit scarlet lace bralette that supports you just right, enhancing your natural cleavage and making you more confident than you’ve ever been about your tits. The lace of it just skims your waist, accentuating the petite curve of it, while the low rise panties come with matching garters. You’re also given a black lace see through cardigan to drape over your shoulders, and overall the entire outfit is very tasteful, very much your style of not exposing too much skin.
As you sit in the chair and go over the script one last time, you can’t help but feel the nerves right in the pit of your stomach. The makeup artists are working their magic on you, transforming you into an entirely different person altogether, so when you look at yourself in the mirror, it feels foreign. After they’re done, you ask to be left alone just for a moment so you can calm yourself down.
“Hey… how’re you doing?” Wendy approaches you and places her hands on your shoulders from behind. “Okay? Nervous?”
You put on a brave smile for her, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “No, not nervous. I mean, maybe a little.”
“It’s normal,” she reassures you, kneading your shoulders to get at the tense knots. “You’ve never done something so… intense. Actually, I was surprised you even accepted it in the first place.”
You give her a muted shrug as you focus on looking through your script. You haven’t seen Jimin since stepping on set, assuming that he is off somewhere also getting his hair and makeup done.
The director’s assistant pops her head in soon after to let you know that it’s time for the preliminary lighting checks. Placing your script on the table in front of you, you take a deep breath, meeting your own eyes in the mirror once more before sliding your feet into your four inch black heels that you’d been given and making your way to the main set area.
Today’s set is simple- what looks like the interior of a bachelor’s pad. The first scene takes place in the living room over the sofa, and you wait awkwardly by the side for the director’s cue. You notice Jimin laughing and joking with him from afar, giving him a brief side hug before he notices you staring at him and makes his way over.
“Morning,” your co-star greets you with a lazy half smile, and you wobble on your heels, nearly twisting an ankle. Irritated with yourself, you bite your lip hard.
Jimin reaches out to steady you with his hands on your waist through the flimsy material of your cardigan, and when he sees what you’re wearing, he raises an eyebrow in approval. He doesn’t take his hands off your waist, seeing it fit to pull you into his body so that you can feel his hips against yours. You can feel the ice cold metal of his rings on your skin, and it makes you shiver. Jimin doesn’t look all that different since he is wearing a suit, but his hair is slicked back and his makeup dark and smouldering. He exudes an aura of power and control.
“Morning,” you mutter back, taking a step away from him and averting your gaze to calm your racing heart.
Jimin lets you go with a chuckle, but then he glances down at your heels. “Are those bothering you? You should take them off if it’s uncomfortable.”
A little taken aback at his sudden concern, you glance down at your feet. “It’s fine. Maybe later, during the strip tease. For this scene I won’t really be standing much anyway.”
Jimin hums an agreement as he absent mindedly plays with his rings, briefly directing his attention to the set technicians as they adjust the lighting and check the camera angles. Having his eyes off you sets you at ease a little, and you let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding, causing Jimin to turn to you.
“You look a little tense,” he comments, noting your crossed arms and hunched shoulders. “Was there anything else you wanted me to change in the script? I’m still open to last minute changes. Don’t force yourself to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I’m serious about that, I’ll handle everything with the director, so don’t hesitate.”
At the mention of the director, you turn your head toward where he is currently surrounded by a few script writers. This director is known for being short tempered and very direct, although of course Jimin has an excellent relationship with him. The director probably doesn’t even know who you are, doesn’t care about a nobody like you.
“Nothing?” Jimin raises his eyebrows. “Last chance to cop out before you forget everything but my name.”
The bastard is grinning like a Cheshire cat now, and in spite of your nerves, it actually sets you at ease to see Jimin acting the way you’ve always known him to be.
“Please. I think it’s you who should be nervous,” you roll your eyes at him, glancing at his crotch pointedly. The material of his dress pants are dark so you can’t really tell if he’s hard or not. “Little Park up to the task today? Or maybe you need me to flash you first? Are you gonna cum once you see my tits?”
The back and forth banter feels familiar. It feels right.
“Are you offering a sneak peek? I’m not in a position to turn that down, although…” Jimin actually reaches forward to grab your hand and pull it to his crotch, and you gasp when you’re met with his semi-erect state. “I’ll make you eat your words today.”
The playful glint in his eyes makes you forget about everything you were nervous about.
“Maybe you should have written in some against the wall action,” you direct your gaze down to his covered thighs. “Your thighs and ass look like they need some work.”
Jimin just laughs as if the thought had never occured to him before. He does suppose his ass has got a little flat recently... and Jimin can think of more than one way to get his famous bubble butt back. One that involves you being naked, on his back while he does some squats.
“You’ll be seeing plenty of my ass and thighs, I assure you,” he lowers his voice as his lips brush against the shell of your ear. 
One of the assistant producers directs you on set, and you walk ahead of Jimin and take up your opening position against the back of the sofa. Jimin follows and crowds up against you, every inch of his body against yours as you spread your thighs to accommodate him. He presses his nose into the crook of your neck, his hand running up your side and lifting your cardigan so that your ass is exposed. He cups your cheek with his other hand, and up close like this, it’s actually quite magical to witness Park Jimin getting into character.
All traces of humour and boyish playfulness fades, and in its place is a poker face: eyes hard and unforgiving, jaw clenched with a muscle that jumps in his cheek. His grip around your waist is punishing and no doubt leaving finger marks, yet the way he strokes your cheek is completely opposite; a gentle caress with his thumb on your chin, playing with your bottom lip. Your heart skips a beat from how cold his gaze is. 
The director gives his approval for the cameras to start rolling. “Scene one, action!”
“My favourite whore,” Jimin mumbles with a slow smile, eyes dipping down to appreciate your cleavage from his vantage point. His hand leaves your cheek to tangle in your hair, giving it a few firm tugs as the camera focuses on your side profiles. “I’ve missed that mouth of yours around my cock so much.”
He reaches to push the lace cardigan off your shoulders, and it falls to your feet, exposing you to the camera and also to his gaze. Wearing a devious smirk, you let one bra strap fall off your shoulder. “I missed you too, Mr Park.”
“Oh really?” He comments with a raised eyebrow when the other strap falls down too, and you lean forward to show off your cleavage to the camera circling the both of you. “Then maybe you’d care to explain why one of my acquaintances just bragged to me mere hours ago about fucking that sweet pussy of yours?”
As the script calls, you freeze immediately in his gaze. But there is no need for you to put on any sort of pretense, because the look on Jimin’s face is enough to make your heart skip a few beats. He looks genuinely displeased, unimpressed with the little show you’re putting on for him that it makes you doubt if you’re doing a good job at playing the sultry prostitute or not.
He makes his way over to the couch, sitting with his thighs spread, motioning you to stand in between them.
“I-I wasn’t, Mr Park, I just-“
“Save it, dollface,” he waves your excuse away with a disappointed sigh. His eyes travel the length of your body passively. “The terms and conditions of being my whore were clear, were they not? Surely even a slut that’s as cock hungry as you would understand how many girls out there would kill to be my personal fuck toy. I don’t share my toys, and I don’t fuck sloppy seconds either.”
Jimin waits a beat or two before he continues, his voice now a low growl. “Take your panties off, turn around, and bend over. I want to see your pussy.”
Trembling in your heels, you do as he says, inching the lace fabric down over your hips as the camera relocates behind you. The humiliation that burns on your cheeks is real even though you keep reminding yourself that it’s just a scene. You bend over so that your chest touches your thighs, putting yourself fully on display for him. You can only imagine what kind of view the camera; and by extension, Jimin, is getting now.
“Spread your lips with your fingers. Let me see inside,” he demands, and you reach back to pull apart your already damp pussy lips with both hands.
“Look at that,” Jimin marvels. “Didn’t even bother to clean up before you came over to fuck me. What a fucking cumslut you are, you let him cum in your pussy? You think you could fool me? Make me take disgusting sloppy seconds?”
There is a hitch in your breath when Jimin goes slightly off script, mentioning cum that isn’t in your pussy. Thankfully you aren’t too far gone to think on your feet. “N-no Sir! I made him use a condom.”
A sudden sharp sting on your ass elicits a cry from you.
“It still doesn’t excuse your behaviour. In case you forgot, I’ll remind you again. Your. Pussy. Is. Mine.” Jimin punctuates each word with a slap, causing you to wobble on your heels as your walls clench around nothing. “Dripping for me already?”
You can feel your pussy start to drip down your inner thighs, and a blush heats up your cheeks involuntarily.
“Why don’t you get on my thigh and show me how sorry you are, and maybe I’ll consider letting you suck my cock. And lose the bra.”
Scrambling to kick off your underwear, you turn around to face Jimin again, and he is leaning back against the sofa, a proud smirk on his lips as he spreads his thighs invitingly. You manage to take a few steps towards him before Jimin grabs your waist and pulls you down, situating his firm, thick thigh right against your bare center. Embarrassingly, you can feel yourself start to soak through his dress pants almost immediately as he watches your chest heave with an unimpressed raise of his eyebrow.
Jimin tugs down the lace cups of your bra to expose your breasts, pinching your nipples harshly. “What’s a slut like you doing wearing underwear? Cumwhores like you should go around with a bare pussy, since you like cock so much, hmmm? Don’t you think?”
With his hands around your hips securing you on his lap, Jimin makes eye contact with you for a brief second to check your reaction. Imperceptibly, his thumb brushes against your skin softly, and the touch reassures you that it’s all just for the camera, and you relax slightly.
“Yes, sir,” you whisper as you arch your hips up, showing the camera your pussy and Jimin’s soaked lap.
“Good girl, now grind like you mean it,” Jimin spits onto your right nipple, watching perversely as his saliva drips over your erect bud, soaking the red lace.
With a moan, you begin to work your hips against his thigh, feeling his muscles tense to give you just the right amount of friction. Your clit rubs against him just right, and Jimin reaches down to spank your ass before he gropes it lewdly.
“That’s it… fuck, I knew a whore like you’d be good at this. Show me how much you want my cock. Look at your dirty pussy, you made such a mess of me.” He spreads your ass cheeks apart to show the camera your tight asshole, and you lift your hips for a moment to grant your poor clit some reprieve before you cum prematurely like a rookie. Jimin reprimands you with a sharp slap. “Did I say you could stop, whore?”
With a barely concealed whimper, you lower your cunt onto his thigh and start to grind again, but Jimin shoves you off roughly, and you land on the couch with your thighs spread, pussy already red and swollen. Jimin pushes himself to his feet with a disappointed sigh as he looks at you, utterly unimpressed as he delivers a spank to your clit, followed by three more. You sob and cry for mercy, thighs quivering as you jerk and wriggle on the couch, trying to close your legs.
“Keep your fucking legs spread, or I’ll have to tie you to a spreader bar,” Jimin growls as he digs his nails into the soft flesh of your inner thigh. His eyes are hard, cruel and cold as he spanks you a few more times. “Sluts like you should know how to keep their legs spread right?”
“Please, Sir, please,” you pant and whine, tears gathering in the corner of your eyes as he soothes the crescent shaped indents with a caress.
“Give me one reason why you deserve my cock. A dirty little whore like you who fucks every man she meets.” Jimin slaps your clit again before spitting at it in disgust. You can feel his saliva on your clit, dripping down over your slit. “That’s all you are; a desperate, cock hungry slut.”
“M-make it yours,” you gasp, thighs trembling in Jimin’s grasp even as your breath comes in uneven heaves, cheeks burning in humiliation that is all too real. “Make my cunt yours, Sir.”
“Should I?” Jimin pretends to consider for a moment, and the ice cold sensation of his rings against your skin are the only thing keeping you sane right now. Your cunt is throbbing, desperate for any kind of relief, you are covered in sweat, tears and Jimin’s spit, utterly wrecked and he hasn’t even taken off a single article of clothing yet. “We’ll see how well you suck cock, whore. Get up.” 
“And cut!” The director calls an end to the first scene, and Jimin immediately releases his grip on your thighs.
The director’s voice is like a wakeup call, and you take in the sight of the cameras and crew surrounding you with a renewed clarity. The cut came at a good time; for a moment there you almost forgot that this is merely a scene from a porn script, and it’s never happened to you before. Your breaths are coming in harsh pants and you recognise that you are about to hyperventilate if you don’t regulate your breathing soon.
You push yourself to a seating position and close your thighs, taking a moment to regain your senses as Jimin crouches in front of you. He is fussing with a tissue at your tearstained cheeks even though there are two make-up artists hovering behind him, and you are thrown off by this 180 degree change.
“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jimin frowns as he glances at your thighs. “I cut my nails this morning, but…”
“I’m fine,” your voice is wobbly as you push his hand away and get to your feet, stepping around him and letting the makeup artists do their thing. Letting your impeccable mask slide back into place as the tears are sponged off your face. A few swipes of a brush here and there, and they step back. And you are good as new. No sign whatsoever to indicate that you were this close to almost breaking into tears. 
Jimin is still way too close for comfort, you feel as if having him look at you up close like this is enough for him to realise how affected you were by that scene. And that’s not something you’re willing to divulge just yet.
Jimin looks as if he’s about to protest, but then the director cuts in, ordering everyone to move to the bedroom for the next scene. You start to walk towards the set, but Jimin stops you with a hand on your wrist.
“Hey, look at me. Are you okay? I need to know before we go any further,” his grip on you is insistent as he pins you in place with his eyes. “This is a rough scene and I need you to tell me when you need a break or if it gets too much.”
Jimin is genuinely concerned as he searches your expression, refusing to relinquish his grip on you till you give him an answer. He doesn’t seem to care that the director is left waiting on the new set; all his attention is focused on you only.
“The dialogue was a little much,” you admit as you look away from him, crossing your arms over your naked chest self-consciously. The thought of admitting just how much it affected you nearly makes you sick to your stomach. “But it’s fine. I just need to get used to it.”
Jimin releases a breath as he nods to himself. “Good. And also- I should have asked you this earlier, but my partners and I have a signal we use for each other during scenes to act as a non-verbal safeword. Are you familiar with that kind of practice?”
You hesitate a little before answering, since it’s hard to reconcile this Jimin with the domineering, cold man just moments ago. Also, you’ve never done shoots that even came close to requiring such a protocol. “No. I can’t say I’m very familiar with that.”
“Just touch my earlobe once if you need to slow down. Twice to stop completely.” He says as he begins to lead you to the bedroom. “In my shoots, my girls have all the power. Just one word from them and everything stops. I’m serious, ______.”
Thrown off by how seriously he takes all this, you take a seat on the foot of the bed first. Hearing him refer to you as ‘his girl’ admittedly makes you a little giddy, and what makes it worse is when Jimin kneels down between your thighs with one hand stroking your knee, eyes fixed on you intently as he studies your expression. You’d never expected this degree of attention and concern from your co-star, but it seems as if your pre-conceived notions about Park Jimin may have been wrong.
You’re aware that every single pair of eyes in the room is on you, waiting for your signal to go ahead. Suddenly you don’t feel like the no-name extra on set any more like you’re used to. Even the director himself looks concerned as he strides over to check if everything is alright, calling over a few scriptwriters too. It’s clear that they are all waiting for your approval to go ahead, and you just barely hear Jimin’s voice when he checks in with you.
“Hey, you okay? Get her some water,” he says to an assistant, but you wave her away.
“I’m fine, it’s fine,” you scramble to reassure everybody. “We can continue, really. I’m good.”
“You sure?” Jimin confirms one last time, and you reply with a nod. Then, all the crew and the director return to their assigned spots, and you shift off the bed onto your knees to prepare for the next scene.
Jimin positions himself in front of you so that his crotch is directly at eye level, and you realise that he’s only half hard. It must have been all the delay in between scenes, but when you consider helping him out, Jimin looks down at you, and you can feel his eyes appraising every inch of your body.
“You look so good down there on your knees. Can I?” Jimin palms himself with one hand and the other reaches down, gently cupping your breast when you nod.
The cameras aren’t even rolling yet, and the director is busy checking some camera angle, so you whisper-hiss at Jimin, “what are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” He shrugs nonchalantly, rolling a nipple between his fingers and tugging at it, letting it go to watch how your breast bounces. “I’m getting myself hard. Usually I’d sneak a pill right about now, but with you around I don’t think I need it. Maybe you’re my Viagra.”
“Gee, thanks, what an honour,” you grumble under your breath, but you can’t really complain because his warm hands feel quite nice on your skin. The air conditioning is ramped up on set, so your skin feels a little chilly, but Jimin continues to massage and tweak your nipples, and you can feel yourself start to drip onto the floor, shifting from your position to rub your thighs together.
His knowing, cocky grin irks the shit out of you as he switches to the other breast, abandoning his grip on his dick to push both tits together as he admires your cleavage. “Y’know, I think I’ll write in some titty fucking in the next one. What do you think about that?”
“Let’s see if you even have that much dick first,” you quip back at him just as the director calls for everyone to be on standby.
“Rolling for scene two, let’s go!”
Immediately Jimin’s face shuts down into a cold, sombre expression as he slaps your breasts hard. You feel the heavy weight of them swinging under his gaze as he buries one hand into the hair at the base of your neck as he tugs your head up to look at him.
“Take me out. No hands, use that filthy mouth of yours, whore,” Jimin’s voice is bone-chillingly sharp, and you rush to do as he says.
Undoing his dress pants and dragging down his zipper with your teeth is something you’re practically an expert at, having done it for practically every single shoot since you started porn. It’s part of the niche that you carved for yourself as the innocent, angel incarnate. You can tell that Jimin is slightly surprised at how fast you are and how easily you drag his pants down to reveal his fully hard cock by the slight widening of his eyes before he covers it up by slapping his cock against your cheek, leaving a sticky trail of precum.
You can see the pleasure in his face when he drags his cock all over your face, ruining your makeup as he slaps his cock against your cheek several times. You open your mouth for him, showing him your tongue as Jimin buries his cock into your mouth at an angle, pushing against the side of your mouth and thrusting a few times so that your cheek protrudes obscenely. Then he lies his dick on the centre of your face so that your mouth touches his balls and his tip is leaking onto your forehead, precum dripping down your skin. This is ultimate degradation, your face is used as nothing but a bed for his cock.
“Lick my balls like the cockslut you are. Don’t miss a single inch, bitch.”
You comply and lave his balls with your tongue reverently, taking them into your mouth as Jimin spreads his thighs for the camera to get a good view. You take one of them into your mouth and suck on it, wishing you could play with the other one with your hands. He feels big in your mouth, heavy on your tongue as you roll him around, coating his balls in saliva. Jimin pulls your head away and pushes his cockhead against your lips, demanding you to open up for him.
You part your lips and he slides in almost immediately, sinking all the way into your throat without a warning. He may not be as big as some of your other co-stars you’ve had before, but damn is he thick. Your eyes water immediately and you gag a little, to which Jimin grunts in approval as he strokes your cheek.
“Choking already? Shouldn’t a whore like you do better than that? Show me how well you can suck dick, I know you’re better than this.”
You glance up to meet Jimin’s eyes directly- with the camera focusing on your face, Jimin lets his stone cold expression loosen a little as he raises an eyebrow- issuing you a direct challenge. Somehow the mischievous spark in his eyes motivates you to reduce him to nothing but a whining, moaning mess just with your mouth, so you force down your gag reflex and start sucking him as if your life depends on it.
Spit and saliva is everywhere- all over his dick, covering your chin, dripping down to your breasts- but you don’t give in as you deepthroat him completely, swallowing a few times before pulling back and running your tongue along the veins of his cock. Jimin is so thick that your jaw actually starts to ache, but a tiny little flicker in his expression when you let his head touch the back of your throat spurs you on. Somewhere in the distance you can hear the director’s approval, but all you can concentrate on is the sloppy sounds emanating from your own mouth, and Jimin’s dark, heady gaze trained on you as he supports your head with his hand, gathering your hair into a messy ponytail.
He is biting his lip hard, a surefire sign that you’re affecting him at least a little bit. Jimin, for his part, is doing his best to fuck your throat evenly and keep his expression unreadable, but when your throat closes and grips his dick, he has to pull you off his cock before he loses his load way too early.
Jimin can see the look of triumph on your face as you pant for air, lipstick smeared around your lips and mascara running down your cheeks. He grips his dick at the base hard, breathing heavily for a few moments to regain control before he bends down to grab you by the waist, tossing you onto the bed.
“Arch for me,” Jimin whispers just under his breath, palm smoothing along the dip in your back. There is a grunt of approval when you push your ass out for his viewing pleasure. “I knew you were good with that mouth, but your punishment isn’t over yet, baby.”
A visible shudder runs throughout your entire frame at the unexpected nickname, exacerbated by the way Jimin strokes the small of your back almost reverently. He spreads your ass cheeks apart to appraise your most intimate parts, and he chuckles when he sees your dripping pussy.
“So here’s what’s going to happen next,” Jimin palms a handful of your ass as he strokes his dick with the other. “I’m going to spank this pretty ass, and you’re not allowed to make a single noise. If you do, there will be consequences.”
Your cheek against the mattress, ass up high for Jimin, you can feel yourself start to drip down your thigh. “Wh-what consequences, Sir?”
Jimin makes no answer, but suddenly you feel the blunt head of his cock against your unlubed asshole, and you pretend to whine and wriggle away from his grasp.
“No, Sir please, please not there,” you are struggling as Jimin grips your waist and pulls you against him just as the script calls for.
“It starts now, slut. Every little noise you make means one inch in your tight ass.” Jimin pulls your cheeks apart to see the head of his cock pressed against your asshole, and he delivers a slap to your right cheek before he leans down so that his tongue traces your earlobe. “I’ll go up to fifteen today, I think. And as much as I’d like to tear that pretty ass open… I’d advise you to keep quiet, dollface.”
Jimin has one hand on the base of his cock, the other alternating between your left and right cheeks, so that your skin burns a bright red with every strike. You can feel Jimin actually putting in his full effort with every slap, not the kind of half-hearted pretending that you’re used to with your co-stars. On his seventh slap you can’t help but cry out into the sheets, the burn on your skin radiating right down to your clit, and Jimin clucks his tongue in disappointment.
“We were so close too…” Jimin sighs as he taps his cock few times at your tight entrance, and you sob in response, clenching your muscles automatically. You can feel Jimin chuckle in amusement as he draws his cock away for a brief moment, and you hear him spit, before feeling a wet and warm substance drip down your asshole. He spreads it around a little with the head of his cock, and despite your scripted pleas and cries, Jimin pushes his cock into your barely lubed ass.
“How’s that feel, slut?” He murmurs as he caresses your bright red and sore ass.
All you have is his saliva and precum lubing you up, but it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would. You can feel Jimin’s tender touches on your waist as his way of checking in with you, and the minute action sets you at ease even though you can’t see or touch him to activate your safeword.
“It-it hurts, Sir,” your voice is a low sob as you bury your cheek into the soft bedding, amidst all your arousal, it’s a wonder how you can still remember your lines.
“Then you’ll keep that slutty mouth of yours shut the next time,” Jimin responds with another strike, and this time he can feel the way your muscles clench around his cock, and he swears under his breath, grabbing a handful of your ass to keep him grounded. “Fuck, I can feel your tight little ass around my cock. What a disgusting whore you are, so desperate to get fucked up the ass, hmm?”
Jimin spits again, and his saliva lands right on his cock buried in your ass. He withdraws the tip just a little to work his spit into your ass, as he delivers more spanks. You manage to bite back your cries until the twelfth strike, where you barely whimper against the sheets, but Jimin’s keen ears pick it up. His hips work to drive his cock another inch into your ass, spreading your cheeks apart so that the camera captures every sordid detail.
His cock isn’t the biggest you’ve ever taken, but having him slowly go deeper into your ass like this somehow makes it feel as if he’s stretching you out so good. Your muscles are trembling and you can barely remember to keep your back arched for the camera and Jimin, but if he feels this big in your ass only two inches in, how is he going to feel when he’s balls deep? You clench involuntarily around him on that thought, and a part of you is tempted to just fuck the script and make him bury himself inside your ass fully.
Jimin completes the fifteen slaps sooner than you would have liked, and he rewards you with a kiss between your shoulder blades as he smooths his hands over your ass, pulling his dick out slowly to watch your ass gape for him and the camera.
“Fuck, that’s so hot. Turn around and legs spread, whore, I want to fuck you now,” Jimin climbs onto the bed on his knees, hand on his cock guiding himself to your soaked entrance.
His hands grip the back of your knees, forcing your thighs apart for him as he sinks his cock into your pussy. The burn of his penetration nearly makes your eyes roll back into your head- the satisfying girth of him stretches you wide in ways that you’ve never felt before. Jimin works his way deep into your pussy with small strokes, finally bottoming out with your legs on his shoulders and his balls against your ass.
“How are you so fucking tight still? After fucking so many men,” Jimin grunts as he secures your thighs against his chest, leaning over your body and folding you in half. “How many cocks have you had other than mine? Answer me!”
His mouth is against your neck, teeth sinking into your flesh as he marks you. Between his deep thrusts hitting your cervix and his hands around your neck, the cold metal of his rings digging into your skin, it’s all you can do to summon your lines from the recesses of your memory. “Just o-one Sir, I swe-ar, please.”
“Stupid fucking whore,” he growls as he slaps your cheek hard. “How dare you fucking lie to me? Your slutty pussy needs to be stuffed with cock all the time, and you dare tell me you only fucked one other man? I’ll say it was at least five. Five cocks have been in this whore cunt. Tell me, did you make them take turns? Or did you get fucked by two dicks at once?”
“I di-didn’t, please, I’m sorry Sir,” your voice comes in sobs and whines. You scrabble for purchase against his still clothed torso, and you wish you could feel his heated skin under your fingers, mark him with your nails.
“Did you let them cum inside?” Jimin demands again, drawing back and pushing your thighs to your chest so that he can see his cock spreading your pussy lips apart, see your tiny little clit practically begging for attention. “Tell me!”
“No, I didn’t,” you answer him immediately, and something about the possessiveness of his voice seems a little too real, the jealous glint in his eyes that fuels his anger sends a very real thrill that sings through your veins. All you can see is his dark eyes as he fucks into you with his cock, and it is a gaze that is all-consuming, a gaze that makes you forget about all the cameras and the crew, erases them from the background until it is just you and him alone.
“Doesn’t matter, I’ll fuck all their cum out of you,” Jimin holds your legs apart as he drives himself deeper into your cunt, stopping when he’s balls deep. “No one can ever fuck you as deep and hard as I can.”
The sounds of skin against skin resonates throughout the set, accompanied by your whines and sobs as Jimin sneaks a hand down to rub your clit even though it isn’t in the script. Caught unaware by his sudden move, it sends you over the edge as you orgasm around him, walls clenching deliciously and body contorting under his grip, screaming his name. He fucks you through your orgasm without missing a beat, and you moan and thrash under his grip from overstimulation, but Jimin only grips your waist with both hands.
“Take it, fucking take my cock, you whore,” he demands as sweat drips down his forehead. “I’m gonna cum so deep inside your pussy, and you’re taking every drop. After that you’re going to walk out of here with cum dripping down your thighs so that everyone knows what a cum slut you are. My favourite little cumslut.”
His thrusts are getting harder and sloppier as a few assistants crowd around behind him, ready to deliver the fake cumshot, but Jimin waves them away impatiently. He can feel his balls churning with the biggest load of his life, and with the camera trained on your bouncing tits, he glances at the director to let him know he’s ready. With the director’s go ahead, he skips to his final few lines just before he cums.
“You ready for my cum, slut? Say it, I want to hear you beg me to cum inside you.” Jimin slaps your cheek once with measured strength. “Fucking beg, or else I’ll finish all over your tits instead.”
“Fuck, no please, don’t cum on my tits,” your mouth is open, clinging on to Jimin’s shoulders as he fucks you into the bed, pounding your cunt with every last bit of strength he has. “In my pussy, please cum in my pussy. I want it, so fucking bad, please sir!”
Jimin is apparently pleased with your begging, and he rewards you with a rare smile, stroking your cheek to soothe the stinging slap he gave you earlier. “Good girl… that’s my cumslut.”
You glance down to where his cock is fucking in and out of your pussy, and Jimin focuses the rest of his attention to hitting you as deep as possible, throwing his head back and letting out a strangled moan as he cums deep inside you, filling you with warm, real cum for the first time in any of your shoots. The real stuff feels so good, so wet and messy, and Jimin’s cock twitching against your walls feels intimate as he thrusts to prolong his orgasm.
From your vantage point you have a front row seat to watch Park Jimin as he revels in his pleasure, and everything from his moans to the way he throws his head back is entirely intoxicating, and you find yourself squeezing your walls around him to prolong his pleasure.
“Fuck, that’s my whore,” he pants as he slowly comes back to his senses, allowing the camera to zoom in on your cunt as he slowly slips out of your used core.
Following the tradition of every one of his videos, Park Jimin gets on his elbows and spreads your pussy lips wide, showing off the globs of real cum that drip from your center as you squeeze your walls to make it even messier. He whispers praise against your skin as he dips two fingers into the unholy mess and coats your clit with it, rubbing you to a final orgasm that makes you whimper and moan, fingers clutching the sheets and hips bucking under his grasp.
“And that’s a cut! Well done everyone!” The director interrupts with a gleeful clapping of his hands, but to your surprise, Jimin doesn’t move from his position between your thighs, not even when his manager comes up behind him with his robe and a bottle of water.
He is still staring at his cum leaking in a steady stream from your pussy, running his fingers through it and playing with your folds with an intrigued look on his face. When you make a move to get up, he glances at you first, then at his manager.
“Hyung, just give me a minute?” Jimin directs this at Sejin, and the older man looks a little confused, but nods and turns away. Around the two of you, all the crew is starting to dismantle the equipment and hurrying around, but Jimin remains focused on you. “Can I?”
“C-can you… what?” Now that the scene is over and the cameras are off, it’s as if the spell has been broken, you are once again self-conscious and all too aware of how vulnerable you seem to be around this man. When Jimin dips his eyes to your pussy and back up to your eyes, your heart nearly stops in your chest. He can’t possibly be… why would he want to…?
“Can I?” Jimin strokes his thumbs against your inner thighs softly, placing a gentle kiss on one side as he licks his lips. “Please? I really want to.”
Breathless, you nod at him, afraid that one more word out of you will make Jimin realise exactly what he’s offering to do, and that he’ll snap out of his lust induced haze. And then gone will be that genuine smile that lights up his entire face, only to be replaced by the condescending smirk that you know all too well.
Jimin starts with wet kisses on both inner thighs, kissing his way to your soaked lips as he begins to gently lick up his spilled cum, gathering it with his fingers to make sure he gets every last drop. This is the scene that you’d been waiting for all this time, clicked through nearly a hundred of his videos in vain. But nothing could compare to seeing it live and up close in person like this. Watching him eat you out when there are no cameras around is strangely intimate, what’s even weirder is the way he maintains eye contact as he continues to suck at your clit, his own cum smeared around his lips as he eats your pussy as if it’s the best dessert in the world.
“Delicious,” he draws back and wipes the back of his mouth with his hand. “Your pussy tastes exactly like how I imagined it. Better with my cum too.”
You clear your throat, still a little sore from deepthroating him earlier as you awkwardly close your legs and scoot away from him, feeling a burning desire to get as far away from this damned man as you can before he sees right through you. “Do you do that with all your co-stars?”
“Would you be jealous if I did?” He shoots you a cocky little wink as he gets to his feet, reaching over to help you up from the bed with his hands around your waist, dipping down to inspect a few bruises on your neck with his fingers. His touches are so gentle and tender that they don’t hurt at all, but you brush him away.
“Jealous? Who? Me?” You laugh it off as Wendy hands you your robe and you snuggle into the warmth of it. As you hide your naked body from his view, your walls come back up, and the defensive mask slides back into place. “You wish, Park. Although I might have to be a little concerned, since fake cum tastes like shit.”
“Well, I wouldn’t know,” he shrugs. “I only eat the real stuff, and it wasn’t bad, for a first taste.”
Jimin lets his eyes linger on yours for a few moments to allow his words sink in before he turns away to pull on a pair of grey sweatpants and perhaps review the footage a little. “Rest well before next week.”
Tumblr media
This is just ironic. Plain and simple, Park Jimin is trying to mess with you.
The second script is a cardinal sin. That’s all you can describe it as. Father Park Jimin with a Catholic schoolgirl confessing her sins in a confession booth.
You run your fingers through your hair in distress. Noting that the costume requirements are red plaid skirt and white shirt. As you read through the entire script, it is a short one, but still present are the elements of degradation and humiliation that require you to position yourself as subservient to the man who shattered your hopes and dreams all those years ago.
It must be a coincidence. There’s no way Park Jimin remembers exactly what he said to you all those years ago.
For you, it might have been a life or death experience that remains etched in your memory forever. But for him, it was just another day on another set humiliating some poor rookie. 
It’s fine. You did it once before and you survived. So who’s to say you won’t survive this one either? You are stubborn and obstinate, you refuse to write that damn email to Jimin and tell him you can’t do this. So you just have to pussy up and fucking commit to this, dammit. Just two more damn shoots.
You have to give it to him though, he is pretty creative as a scriptwriter himself. Or maybe these are just his lewd fantasises? 
Thankfully there’s nothing in this script that requires any preparation, other than learning your lines. Over the next few days as you go about your routine on none schedule days- working out at the gym, indulging in wine and movies, you can’t help but keep the pit of nerves at bay in your stomach. Acknowledging them would give it too much power over you.
When shoot day comes, you nervously change into the outfit provided for you once you reach on set. Donning these clothes bring with them a hoard of heart pounding memories and associations, and it’s all that you can do not to throw up right then and there. You are unusually sweaty as you sit in the chair for hair and makeup.
“Everything okay?” Your makeup artist checks in with you as she powders your nose for the third time. “Nervous?”
You pretend to laugh it off a little. “Yeah, a bit.”
“From what I heard, you and Jimin killed it last shoot,” she grins at you as she replaces the cap on one of her lip glosses. “Don’t need to sweat. Just keep doing whatever you did last time.”
You accept her encouragement with a strained smile even as you stare at yourself in the mirror. From your vantage point, it feels as if you have regressed to that shy, insecure girl from five years ago- you might as well be looking at her now. The same scared expression, except maybe the clothes are better fitting and you’ve definitely grown into your body a little.
“Ready?” The director’s assistant pops her head in with a smile. “We’re all set up and raring to go.”
Shakily, you get up from your chair and follow her with a wobble in your step and an uneven breath. The plaid skirt is tight around your waist and restricts your breathing a little, but you force it to the back of your mind as you see Jimin adjusting his robe. Today he has his hair in a deep side part off his forehead with circle glasses perched at the end of his nose. The rest of him is concealed in long priest robes, and when he spots you, his face lights up.
“______! What do you think of my outfit?” He flourishes his robes and raises his eyebrows. Typical of him to ask someone to tell him how good he looks. Park Jimin looks damn good alright, and he knows it, but it’s not enough unless someone compliments him.
“Very, um… sinful,” you offer him half-heartedly before turning away to let your stylist adjust your hair. You are not in the mood to jibe with him today, even less to stroke his ego.
“What did you think of the script? You didn’t reply to my email, and I realised I don’t have your phone number so I can’t contact you except through your manager, so…” Jimin frowns as he turns to face you. “Ironic, isn’t it?”
His comment catches you off guard. “Wh-what do you mean?”
“Me. Committing a cardinal sin. Like I said all those years ago,” Jimin casually turns to face the set, fluffing his hair with a careless hand. “I’m really getting my just desserts, aren’t I?”
A sharp intake of breath betrays your surprise, and you cross your arms tightly over your chest, wanting so badly to just disappear right at that moment. He remembers? He can’t have. Why would someone like Park Jimin remember some fleeting comment he made about not wanting to fuck a rookie? Sure, it may have cut deep for you, but surely for him it can’t have been that memorable. Is he doing all this just to mess with you? What could he possibly want?
“_____? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Jimin’s expression turns sombre as the cocky look on his face disappears. “Is it the script? Is it too much? I can change it if you need me to-“
“Is this some kind of joke?” You accuse him, deciding to just strike first with aggression rather than risk being ridiculed in front of the entire crew later. “Some kind of sick little torture to recreate… this? For your own twisted pleasure?”
Faced with your overly defensive posture reminds him that he’s not dealing with that girl from five years ago anymore. You have changed, the years hardening you over and coating you in a hard little shell that’s almost impossible to break through. Jimin almost wonders why you always immediately assume that everyone is out to belittle or hurt you, but then he realises with a guilty start that it’s partially his own fault.
Blame it all on the stupid arrogant jerk he was five years ago.
“No, it’s not a joke, and neither is it some petty revenge,” Jimin says as calmly as he can. “I don’t know if its sunken in by now, but I told you before that in my shoots, my girls have all the power. So yes, at surface level it may seem like I’m dominating and humiliating you, but what the camera doesn’t see is that you are the one who controls me. A single word from you and I stop.”
His breath is stuck somewhere in his chest. Never before has he felt so vulnerable in front of someone else. Not only do you seem to throw a wrench in the casual uninterested disposition he’s carved out for himself with it comes to his co-stars, there’s something about the way you truly hold his heart in the palm of your hand, even if you don’t know it yet.
Your eyes are brimming with disbelief, posture still defensive as the director calls for everyone to take their places. But you remain silent, thinking his words over as you heed the instructions given by the crew. Jimin follows you closely till you stop just outside the small wooden confession box.
His hands are slightly sweaty as he steps in front of you. Reaching out slowly, to gauge your reaction, Jimin gently places his hand on your chin to tilt your head up towards him. “I’ve always been a believer in actions speaking louder than words. I know you still think of me as that arrogant small dicked jerk who can’t think about anyone other than himself. But let me prove to you that I’ve changed. That’s why I wrote this scene. I want to show you that you are the one in control of me, not the other way around.”
Looking into your eyes, Jimin can see the residual fear and trauma leftover from that incident all those years ago. Silently he begs for a chance, knowing full well that you could just walk out right now and he can’t do a damn thing. Just one chance for him to remedy his mistakes and prove to you that he’s a changed man.
“Let’s get this over with,” you say as you turn and step inside the box, and Jimin lets out a sigh of relief as a staff member ushers him into the other side.
Your knees are shaking slightly as you perch on the chair inside the confession box. Separating you and Jimin is a mesh screen that obscures most of his features, and on the table in front of you are a few props- some candles, a rosary and a fake Bible that looks almost real.
“Scene one rolling in three, two, one… action!”
You pick up the rosary in front of you, feeling the beads with your fingers as you settle into your role, trying your best to drown out your obsessive thoughts and worries. The dark confession booth lends you some anonymity- you’re sure that the lighting has been purposely fixed so that the camera can only catch a glimpse of your silhouette.
“Father, forgive me, for I have sinned,” you recite your first line, clasping the rosary beads in your hands and bowing your head in repentance. “I have come here to confess, Father, to a terrible sin that has been occupying my mind and soul for the past few weeks.”
“Pray, tell my child. What is bothering you?” Jimin’s low, soothing voice comes from the other side. “The truth shall set you free.”
“In school, I can’t concentrate on the lessons, and in mass, my mind is always somewhere else… lately I’ve been feeling so restless, Father,” you sigh, resting your head in your hands. “My thoughts haven’t exactly been… pure.”
There is a brief noise from the other side, as if Jimin is shifting in his seat. “What kind of thoughts are you having? Child, if you do not come clean with me, I cannot cleanse you of your sins.”
You play it up for the camera as it focuses on your face, wearing an expression of conflict, embarrassment and distress all in one. This script that Jimin wrote really tests your acting abilities. “U-unholy ones, Father. They get worse at night, when it’s just me alone in my bed… I can’t help it, it just gets so unbearable…”
“Child, sins of the flesh are against the Holy Scripture,” Jimin clucks in disappointment, and you can feel his look of disapproval singe your skin directly, even though you can’t even see his face. “What do you do in your bed when you’re all alone? Are you engaging with these unholy thoughts? Come clean with your Father if you want absolution.”
“I…” you swallow hard in embarrassment, pressing your thighs tightly together as you tug your skirt down, playing the role of the innocent school girl. The skirt is barely long enough for you to sit on, so you can feel your ass, left bare by the thong you’re wearing underneath it, come into direct contact with the chair underneath you. “I… I touch myself, Father.”
Another sigh of disappointment from Jimin as you hear him flipping a few pages of the fake Bible. “You have to be more specific, my child. Where do you touch yourself? Tell me, or else I cannot help you, and you shall be damned to Hell.”
“M-my… I touch myself… down there,” you whimper, feeling yourself dampen against your thong as you start to grind into the chair, thighs parting sinfully as the camera relocates itself to between your legs. You give it a few glimpses of your covered core as your hips rotate slowly. “Please don’t make me say any more, Father… it’s so sinful, so embarrassing, and I…”
There is a slam on the other side as if Jimin has closed the Bible forcefully. “A sinful whore like you, embarrassed? I think not. Look at yourself. Confessing to your Father that you touch yourself, and you can’t even bring yourself to say the word ‘pussy’. You think you’re still an innocent little girl, but your actions tell me otherwise. Go on with your confession, slut. We’re not done yet.”
You whimper as your thong is getting more and more soaked, and your breasts are heaving against your tight shirt. “I… I think about it at school too, Father. At mass. I sneak out in the middle to rub myself in the toilet, and then I… I come back to mass. Sweaty and my fingers still sticky.”
“In school too?” Father Jimin’s voice is a low purr now that sends shockwaves all the way to your core, and you can’t help but rub yourself against the chair, legs parting all the way. To a certain extent, the embarrassment on your cheeks is real, for Jimin has yet to touch you or even see you to get you this worked up, and even though you despise it, his degrading and humiliating words only serve to spur you on and add to your performance.
He surely knows how to bring out the best of you.
“What about boys?” Father Jimin suddenly demands. “Do you have a boyfriend? Do you let him touch your sweet little pussy? Put his fingers inside you at mass while you recite the Holy Scripture? Rub your pretty little clit until your sinful mouth cries out? I bet a little slut like you wants all the cock she can get. Tell me, do you lift your little plaid skirt for any boy who passes by?”
Hearing the jealousy and possessiveness in his voice only sends a fresh wave of arousal to soak your panties, and at this point you’re pretty sure that the chair is wet too.
“No! No Father Jimin, no boys,” you beg and plead earnestly. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”
Jimin makes a low groan in his throat, a noise that makes your nipples ache. “Fuck, then you’re a tease. Nothing but a little cocktease. Look at you. Do you really think I don’t know you’re rubbing your little pussy against the chair while you confess your sins?”
You gasp in shock as the script calls for, hips immediately stilling. “Father Jimin, please, I can’t help myself.”
“If I have any say in it, your sweet pussy will remain pure and untouched except by the Father himself,” Jimin groans lowly from the other side, and you can hear his slight panting. “Tell me, my child. Do you want to receive forgiveness for your carnal sins?”
“Yes,” you gasp immediately, feeling your hips jerk and your clit catch deliciously against the chair through your soaked underwear. “Please, Father forgive me. For I have sinned.”
“Ask and you shall be rewarded, seek and you shall find,” Jimin says as he gets up from his chair. “Bend over the table for me, sweet child.”
Raising yourself on shaky legs, you prop the upper half of your body on the table, back arched as the camera relocates behind you to give Jimin time to cross over from his side of the confession booth. You can feel your thigh high socks rub against each other as your thighs chafe in your impatience.
“Look how slutty you are in your school uniform… fuck, boys would be all over this ass in an instant,” Jimin gives you a harsh spank to your right cheek, and you gasp and writhe under him. “In order for me to rid you of your sins, I have to thoroughly cleanse you here.”
His fingers massage your ass, splitting your cheeks open and revealing your most intimate places to him and the camera. Jimin runs his fingers along your inner thigh, just shy of your thigh high socks, up until he brushes against your swollen pussy lips. The crotch of your little white thong is soaked, and Jimin uses his fingers to push it into your pussy.
“That’s it, sweet child… show Father Jimin all your sins,” he massages your panties deeper into your pussy with two fingers. “Show Father Jimin how sweet your pussy looks when its stuffed.”
“Father,” you whine low in your throat, wiggling your ass against his thighs. To which he responds with a sharp spank on your left cheek that smarts.
“On your knees, harlot,” Father Jimin commands, pulling you off the table by your hair and taking a seat on your chair, spreading his legs. “I think you need a taste of the Holy Staff to cleanse that impure mouth of yours.” He parts his robes to reveal his dress pants, unzipping and revealing his cock, red and throbbing with precum already leaking out of it. “Time for Holy Communion, my sweet child. Open up wide and receive the gift of Christ.”
You feel the saltiness of his cock against your tongue as he slides in deep, spearing your throat open as he thrusts into your face. Jimin’s balls brush against your chin as you swallow him deep, tears springing to your eyes as he controls your movements with his hand buried in your hair. You are choking and gasping around his cock noisily, and Jimin just eats up every single sound as he continues to ravish your mouth mercilessly.
From his viewpoint, seeing you on your knees has Jimin confident enough that he can muster up two loads for this scene. He just wants to watch your mouth fill with his cum, watch you swallow every drop of his salty essence, and show him your empty mouth after that.
“Suck me, yes, good, just like that, harlot,” Jimin demands as he pushes you down on his cock. “Suck your Father and feel my cum fill your mouth. Swallow down my blessing, so that you may strive for the salvation and absolution that you so seek.”
He can feel you twitch in surprise at the sudden demand for you to swallow his cum, but you sink down on his cock readily, looking up at him with wide and innocent eyes that nearly makes him blow his load right then and there. He looks off to the side to the director to gain his approval before Jimin starts to thrust again, feeling his balls tighten. With a strangled groan, Jimin feels his cock swell in your perfect mouth between those red lips, and he unleashes a torrent of bitter, salty cum into your mouth, swearing as you suckle on his cock like an infant, coaxing every drop from him.
“Swallow every drop,” Jimin pulls away from your mouth, his spent length twitching. You flash him a naughty little smirk as you clean a drop of cum from your mouth salaciously, opening your mouth to show him the reservoir of cum inside before your throat swallows, and you show him your empty mouth.
“Enough, harlot,” he declares as he pulls you up. Jimin watches as you pant desperately for air, tear stained cheeks and precum staining your chin. “You have dabbled in impure and unholy thoughts, my child. Sins of the flesh must be purified, for your body is a gift from God and not a receptacle for lust. Your body must be kept pure and untouched except for the man God intends you to marry and have babies with.”
Jimin leans back, thighs spread as his eyes linger over your thighs. “Sweet child, have you followed the rules of the Catholic Church? Are you on birth control, or any form of contraception that isn’t allowed by the Church?”
“N-no, Father,” you whimper. “My body is pure and untouched, as nature intended it to be.”
A pleased yet somehow also wicked smile crosses his face, but vanishes just a second later. “Good, my child. Be seated on your Father’s lap.”
“And cut!” The director yells, and Jimin lets go of you immediately, his spent length limp against his inner thigh. You turn around to watch a stylist clean him up carefully, an odd sensation in your throat when you see how unbothered Jimin is as he lets random strangers touch his soft cock.
Jimin is coated in a thin sheen of sweat, his thick, plush lips parted and looking like the devil himself as he gulps down some water that someone hands him, running his hand through his sweat soaked hair. Droplets of water travel down his neck as he drinks carelessly from the bottle, and you can feel your core pulse painfully. He catches you looking at him as an assistant sponges his soft cock, and he raises his eyebrows before glancing down at his crotch.
You step outside to have a few breaths of fresh air.
Jimin looks over at you as his stylist removes his circle glasses for a polish. “Doing okay? First half was intense.”
In your mind’s eye you have no doubt that you look wrecked beyond belief. Cheeks flushed with arousal, nipples hard and straining against your thin shirt- they didn’t give you a bra today- and you try and tamp down your embarrassment, replacing it with professionalism instead as you give him a taciturn nod. “Was alright.”
Someone hands you a bottle of water and you gulp gratefully. You can feel the wet stickiness between your thighs start to drip, and hope to whatever deity residing above you that Jimin can’t smell it.
“You were doing great,” Jimin says unexpectedly, getting up and tucking himself back into his pants just for modesty’s sake, especially as he moves closer to you. “Really got me so fucking turned on without even seeing you.” With his nose and lips dangerously close to your neck, you can feel your heart pounding against your ribs. “Now I know why you’re so good at what you do. The innocent yet naughty thing really works for you.” Jimin gives you his greasy little smile that doesn’t make you feel as disgusted as you thought you would be and is almost… endearing?
And as a scriptwriter he knew perfectly well what kind of role would suit you. You didn’t see it before, but you’re able to show off your innocent charm in the best ways possible with this script, and Jimin as an actor complements you perfectly as well. 
As much as you try to deny it- you have to admit that this man turns you on. Park Jimin has this intriguing charisma with his offscreen personality that draws you in. Although it’s a whiplash from his cold, domineering onscreen persona, you can’t say that his dominance isn’t equally arousing either- it’s all just so confusing. You never thought you’d enjoy letting the most hated man in your life dominate you, but here you are, getting wet after a few insults from him.
“Can I kiss you?” He says suddenly, and you realise he’s been staring at your lips for a while. 
The question shocks you to your core, and you take a step back involuntarily but Jimin follows your body with his, his hand coming around your back, but not touching your skin. Around you, various crew are still running around changing the lighting and modifying the set and doing who knows what, so no one is paying any attention to the two of you. Jimin still holds your hand in his as he stands with his body mere inches away from yours. “Just once. Please.”
You realise you’ve never kissed any of your co-stars before, much less outside of a scene. Jimin looks at you so earnestly that you almost can’t recognise him as the man who so cruelly put you down all those years ago, nor can you reconcile it with your perception of him as a selfish, cold bastard. Your head dips ever so slightly, and Jimin grins as he leans in.
His lips are soft and pleasant against yours, a very relaxed kiss with him leading and his hand soft against your back. It seems to be over far too quickly though, for he pulls back with a genuine smile on his lips.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you that day in the locker room,” he admits as he glances away, rubbing the back of his neck in a gesture that you recognise as embarrassment.
The great Park Jimin, embarrassed? You must be seeing things. He grins at your expression and boldly takes your hand in his, pulling you to feel his crotch where his cock is hard, again. In a mere span of minutes, just from kissing you alone.
Your cheeks heat up, whether in embarrassment, arousal, or flattery, you have no idea. But Park Jimin doesn’t seem the least bit ashamed as he palms his cock with your hand over it, licking his sinful, thick lips as he admires the curve of your neck, the soft flesh that he wants to mark with his teeth.
“It… it wasn’t a bad kiss,” you begrudgingly allow him to grin at your half-hearted compliment. “Not the best, though.”
You feel Jimin chuckle briefly against your neck, his breath skimming your heated skin. “Playing hard to get. I love it. You’re better than Viagra for me, sweetheart.”
Before you can react to the tender nickname, the director calls for everyone to take their places, and you step away from him with your heart pounding, back into your side of the confession booth. Standing in front of the chair as per where you left off last time, you feel more than see Jimin follow you into your side now. His thighs brush against your ass as he sits down, getting his once again hard cock out of his pants before he places his hands on your waist. With your back to him it’s easier to calm your racing heart even as you prepare yourself for the next scene.
“It’s gonna get a little rough from here on, you know that right?” Jimin’s voice is a low murmur as you feel his hands on your waist soothingly. “Just remember you can tap out anytime. You have all the power.”
“Okay.” You turn your cheek to the side to get a glimpse of him smiling back at you. Once the director starts rolling, however, it disappears entirely into a cold mask again, and porn star actor Park Jimin is back.
You turn and step backwards, feeling his hands on your waist guiding you as you start to sit down. His cock brushes against your ass, and you whimper in fear as the script calls, struggling to stand up again.
“Shhhh, my child, do not be afraid, for your Father is here,” Jimin whispers, pulling you firmly down and spreading your thighs for the camera. His sticky cockhead brushes against your inner thighs, and you fight against his strength as Jimin seeks to impale your tiny virgin hole with his cock. “My beautiful child, cursed and sinful harlot, are you ready to receive your anointing? Are you ready for the Holy Spirit to enter your impure body and cleanse you from the inside out?”
Your pussy is still wet and dripping despite the cut, and you can almost feel Jimin smirk as he takes in the implications of this.
“Yes, Father Jimin please… please enter me,” your legs are trembling as Jimin slowly lowers you onto his cock, and the head of him breaches your entrance.
“Lower yourself fully, my child, and accept your position at the Lord’s feet where you belong,” Father Jimin pulls you to sit fully upon him, cock now buried deep in your supposedly virgin pussy as you cry out. He bends to gather your thighs in his grip, fully opening your legs and exposing your stuffed cunt to the camera, bidding you to rest your full weight upon him. “Recite your rosary, sweet child, and rejoice in your blessing.”
And then he begins to fuck up into your cunt with measured strokes, reciting a prayer under his breath as he does so. His hands grip your thighs apart and his thrusts are harsh, punishing against you as his cock bottoms out all the way to your womb.
“Fuck, this sweet pussy, meant to be used for your Father’s pleasure, meant to worship your Father’s cock with reverence,” Father Jimin pants as he watches his cock disappear into your pussy. “You won’t let any other boy touch it, will you my sweet? Only Father Jimin.”
“O-only Father Jimin,” you repeat after him as he fondles your clit with his expert fingers that makes you wail and thrash on top of him, the camera zooming in to capture your expression as your orgasm around him, switching to your pussy to focus on how it grips him like perfect velvet.
His thrusts are speeding up and getting sloppy now- you recognise the cadence of it as he races for his climax.
“Are you ready to receive your blessing, harlot?” Father Jimin growls as he tightens a hand around your throat, cutting off your air supply. “F-fuck, forgive me, God!” He groans loudly as his hips thrust a few more times and he is spilling into your depths, filling you up with his second load of the day, covering your cervix with his thick, warm anointment and blessing.
You can do nothing but writhe on his cock as your walls clench around him, feeling your womb swell with his gifts. He is still twitching and spurting inside you; it feels strangely intimate for him to hold you as he comes down from his high. Whether it’s because Park Jimin is the first man to ever cum inside you bare like this, or if it’s because of something else, you’ll never know. The camera focuses on his rapidly softening cock as it slips from your pussy, cream immediately leaking from your centre and dripping down your ass and inner thighs.
Jimin’s fingers skim down your body to play with the remnants of his offering left at your altar, and his other hand is over your lower belly suggestively. His fingers slide over your dripping slit, gathering up some of his cum mixed with your arousal as he brings it up to your clit, rubbing and pinching as you continue to leak his cum all over his softening cock that is resting against your inner thigh.
With a cry, you cum again, swollen cunt clenching around nothing and oozing more of his cum out. Jimin soothes you with a few kisses to your neck that feels oddly intimate, and are definitely not in the script as you come down from your high. 
His lips are poised close to your ear as he delivers the final lines of the scene. “My sweet child, I have a feeling you’ll be back here with another confession in 9 months. May your time away from me bear fruit.”
“CUT! Brilliant, amazing, I was blown away!” The director claps his hands as you sag against Jimin, thighs slipping off his frame. “Someone help them clean up, and it’s a wrap! Thank you!”
Jimin situates you more firmly on his lap so that you won’t fall off, carefully helping you stand up as his cum leaks from your centre. An assistant hands you a wet tissue and you take a few steps away from Jimin so you can clean yourself up, but he follows you, snatching the wet tissue from you and cleaning your inner thighs himself.
“Jimin, stop, I can do it myself,” you start to protest, but it seems like nothing can stand in the way of Jimin’s obsession with his cum on you. He purposely catches a glob of it on his finger and brings it to his mouth, making eye contact with you as he licks his finger sinfully.
“Any chance of doing a sequel with that?” Jimin grins perversely, pushing himself to stand as he hands the used wipe to an assistant. “The title can be, ‘Blessed with my Father’s Baby’. What do you think?”
“I’m not doing a pregnancy porn shoot with you, Park,” you roll your eyes and put on the robe your manager hands you. “If that’s the last script, consider me out. I’m breaking the contract.”
Even as you walk out with Jimin’s amused gaze still on your back, a thought occurs to you that this shoot wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. There was no signs of the panic attacks, traumatic memories and actual, real humiliation even though you spent most of the scene grovelling at Park Jimin’s feet, sucking his cock and being used thoroughly by him. In fact, as you walk away from the man himself, you start to realise that maybe he is right about this whole domination business—you had the upper hand all along.
Tumblr media
The last scene is so unlike the previous two that you have to pause and make sure that the sender of the email is Park Jimin. After you confirmed it three times, you click back to the pdf file and read it through again, just to make sure you’re not seeing things.
A newly-wed couple on their wedding night, consummating their marriage for the first time.
You swallow hard, noting that there isn’t any of the dominance and humiliation that Jimin usually has in his scripts. Instead, it seems to require intimacy and chemistry between the two actors, seeing as there are barely any lines for you to memorise. All he’s given you is a brief premise and description of positions from start to finish, and at the end he put a director’s note that all of this is to be very loosely followed.
The premise of the script remains in your mind even as you go through your workouts at the gym. Sweat drips down your face as you increase the speed on the treadmill, wishing that life was as easy as just running away from all your problems like this.
Can you even act that well? Jimin seems to have too much faith in your acting skills, though you know that he probably has no problem mustering up the appropriate emotions for this scene. But you on the other hand… your feelings towards Jimin have been getting more and more confusing. If this goes on any longer, it’ll be hard for you to draw a firm line between the two of you, much less keep on convincing yourself that he is the selfish, proud and egotistical bastard you always thought he was.
Why does he have to write such a corny and awful script? This will really put your acting skills to the test. You swear at him under your breath as you punch the stop button on the treadmill, grabbing your towel and stepping off. Taking a swig of your water, you continue to curse his obnoxiously handsome face as you walk to the locker room—
“Did you just say my name?” A familiar voice startles you and you nearly drop your phone as you turn around.
Jimin has his silver hair slightly matted and damp, sticking to his forehead. He’s obviously here for a workout, dressed in a thin white shirt that is see through with his sweat, and some workout shorts that show off the thickness of his thighs. You’ve never seen him in anything but a suit or perfectly pressed dress pants, and you can’t help but let your eyes wander over how built his physique is. Slim, yet wiry, he is the epitome of sleek, elegant power as he pushes his sweaty hair off his forehead, giving you a glimpse of his firm biceps as he does so.
“Wh-when did you start coming to this gym?” You avert your gaze by taking a gulp of water.
“Since I heard you went here,” he grins shamelessly, stopping at the water cooler for a refill.
This is the first time you’ve interacted with him outside of a porn shoot, and even though you’ve practically seen his dick, had it inside you, done all sorts of sordid things with him— you feel awkward around him, especially when you think about the shoot you’ll have to do with him soon.
“I’ll um… see you tomorrow then. Ha-have a good workout,” you mumble under your breath, making a wide berth around him to head for the lockers and showers. The stutter in your voice makes you cringe.
“Hey— you didn’t get back to me about the script. Is it okay?” Jimin turns off the tap at the water cooler and follows you for a few steps.
You turn back to him and study his face carefully. He doesn’t seem to be teasing you or making fun of you, in fact he is completely serious. Should you be honest and tell him what you’re really worried about, or should you beat around the bush?
“… it’s a different script. Different from what you usually do,” you finally say.
Jimin shrugs, unperturbed. “Different, yes. But different is good, and I wanted to try something new since… since it’s with you. I thought since our last two shoots were more of my style, we could incorporate yours for the final one. So that there’s some kind of balance. Is there a problem? Or did you change your mind about that pregnancy shoot?”
His little teasing voice makes your cheeks heat up involuntarily. You are irritated with yourself, at how you always seem to be at a loss for words around him, at how he always affects you just so.
“It’s just… it’s very brief. I’m not sure I know how you want it to go.” You fret with your hands a little, avoiding eye contact with Jimin. “If there were more lines, more stage directions, more things like that. I’d feel more confident about doing it with you.”
“Ah, it’s about that,” Jimin makes a humming noise in his throat as he considers your words. “I purposely didn’t include many scripted lines because I thought it wouldn’t fit with how I envisioned this entire scene to go. In my mind I saw two lovers, passionate yet innocent, celebrating their love for the first time. Lines would make everything kind of awkward and artificial, don’t you think? We should let it flow naturally. Get into the mood and character with each other.”
While Jimin is speaking, you can sense that he really does have a passion for acting, and not just the scripted trash that porn actors usually dole out. You’ve witnessed his genuine talent when it comes to immersing himself in a scene, admired him for how he seems to have two sides to his personality, and how he can switch between his on and off screen persona so fluidly.
“I definitely won’t have a problem getting into character. I could help you if you need me to… but somehow I feel like you don’t.” His voice is a low baritone against the shell of your ear, and his words are suggestive. Jimin smiles confidently as he steps closer to you. “At least, I hope by now you don’t think I’m still that stuck up jerk.”
Jimin’s eyes are fixated on your forehead, and he’s so close that you can feel his breath on your skin. He reaches up to wipe a drop of sweat from your forehead, and then his thumb brushes against your cheek. “If you need more stage directions… then let me just say I think we’ll be doing a lot of kissing. A lot.”
He lets his hand drop as he meets your eyes again, waiting for your response as a he grins at you. Jimin drops his eyes to your lips as his tongue dips out to caress his own plush ones. You think back to the last time he kissed you in between scenes, and you can feel your traitorous heart skip a beat in your chest. It flusters you so much that you can only step away from him and throw a hasty goodbye over your shoulder as you flee.
Tumblr media
“Last shoot of the contract!” Wendy sings as she brings you your iced coffee. “Are you relieved?”
The useless script sits in front of you as you take a sip from your drink absently. “Why would I be relieved?”
“You get paid after this, and they’ll be releasing the first film shortly after. And I thought you hated Park Jimin, so isn’t it a relief that you won’t have to work with him anymore?”
You consider her words carefully as a few stylists adjust your outfit, hair and makeup. Today you are wearing all white, a lace bralette that skims your waist and accentuates your breasts, along with a pair of matching panties and a garter set. Over it all you have a sheer lace cardigan that drapes over your shoulders. “I don’t exactly… hate him, I guess. He isn’t as bad as I thought he was.”
You set aside the script and take a few sips of your drink before handing it to Wendy, nerves fluttering in your stomach as you follow the assistant director’s cue to get ready on set. As usual, Jimin is already on set and mixing with the crew, but when he sees you, he comes over straightaway.
His eyes are taking you in from head to toe, and for once it’s his turn to be speechless. This is exactly what he fell for the moment Sejin hyung showed him your picture, an angel draped in white. For a moment Jimin actually lets himself believe that all of this is real, that you and him are actually newly-weds waiting to consummate your marriage... all for the sake of helping him get into character, of course. Not for anything else.
“You look beautiful,” he says honestly, nervously putting his hands in his pockets to keep him from running them through his hair and ruining his stylist’s hard work. “I’m a lucky man.”
Jimin is talking as if all of this is real, and it sets you on edge. This is dangerous. You should never have agreed to doing this script in the first place. Out of all the shoots you’ve done with him, you feel as if this is the most nerve wracking and outside your comfort zone you’ve ever been.
It’s all for the shoot, you remind yourself, forcing yourself to put aside your feelings and remain professional. All for the shoot, and nothing else. Since Jimin has a distinction between his on screen and off screen persona, you should have one too.
“Everyone on set, and initial positions please!” The director calls, and Jimin takes your hand in his, leading you to the door frame of the bedroom set they have today.
He pulls you in closer to him, arms around your waist so that your body is touching his intimately. Abruptly his legs give out and you fall into his lap, his arms around your waist and chest to chest with Park Jimin as he grins insufferably. 
You make a sound of protest even as you try to get off his lap- this position is far too intimate, you can feel the heat of his thighs against your core- but Jimin halts your movements with a pout. He nestles you comfortably straddling his hips, eyes glittering as he grins at you. 
“Jimin, filming hasn’t started yet-”
“I know, I know, get into the mood with me? C’mon, I promise it’ll help. We’re supposed to be married, you know.” He plays with a strand of your hair in his fingers, tucking it behind your ear. 
Reluctantly, you start to relax in his lap as you wait for the crew to get ready. Being on his lap like this isn’t all that bad. It isn’t awkward like you thought it would be. Jimin is holding your waist and humming in his throat as he leans in to smell your hair, his lips ghosting against the shell of your ear. Each and every one of his actions is so natural and thoughtless that if you let yourself go for one moment- you could almost believe this is real and not reel. 
The thin layers of your lingerie do nothing to obscure how warm and firm he feels, and you can see Jimin admiring every inch of your body with unabashed hunger in his eyes, and another emotion that you can’t quite identify. Being this close to him has your heart rate and temperature sky rocketing, and you can feel him rapidly growing hard against your stomach. Jimin’s eyes are soft as he leans in to kiss you even before the director says anything else.
Surprisingly, the kiss settles your nerves rather than worsens them, and you feel yourself relaxing into his touch, closing your eyes and forgetting about everyone else other than the man kissing you right now. Jimin is soft and gentle with his touches, even more tender with his kisses today, and your head lolls to the side to give him more access when he starts to kiss down your neck, sucking along your collarbone and pushing your lace cardigan off your shoulder.
Belatedly you realise that filming must have already started— but then why didn’t you hear the director’s voice…? Jimin brings your attention back to him with his wet tongue on your chest, licking and suckling bruises into your skin.
“Can’t fucking believe you’re all mine,” he moans into your skin, sinking his teeth into the lace and pulling it away from your breast, only to let it snap back into place. “After all these years of running from me, finally, you’re here.”
A jolt runs through your frame as you take in his words; they sound way too specific to your situation. To hide your shock, you moan his name and play with the hair at the nape of his neck.
“Jimin, I—“
“I love you, so much,” Jimin interrupts you as he starts to undo your bra, his eyes bright and lips swollen. To you he looks exactly the same as five minutes ago, you really can’t tell if he’s acting or not. He didn’t But he must be acting— this is a scene, and there’s no way he’s actually in love with you… right?
“I love you too,” you whisper back as your breasts are bared to the camera and to Jimin’s reverent gaze. He takes them in his hands, one nipple in his mouth as he sucks on it, occasionally flicking it with his tongue.
“On the bed, baby. Let me love you like you deserve tonight.” Jimin helps you to lie down on the white canopy bed, and the camera shifts to take in an overhead shot of you on your back as Jimin positions himself between your legs.
From anyone else those lines would have sounded cheesy. Heck, if you knew they were scripted, you would have been struggling not to cringe right then and there. But somehow, knowing that Park Jimin is just throwing himself fully into his character, that he’s fully present with you in this scene makes it hyper realistic, such that if not for the cameras around you, you’d have trouble differentiating between real and reel.
Jimin starts from your bare breasts, kissing his way down your stomach till he reaches the tops of your thighs. This is a Jimin you’ve never seen before. He is soft, loving and looks as if he is content to spend the rest of his life between your thighs worshipping you.
“Wet already? And I haven’t even done much yet,” he smirks as he notices the wet spot on your panties, rubbing his thumb into it so that you can feel your own stickiness on your skin. The camera zooms in to capture the evidence of your arousal, and Jimin slowly starts to peel your panties off, his other hand on your inner thigh, spreading your legs for him as he sucks another bruise into your skin. “Gonna mark you and make you nice and pretty for me, hmmm?”
He spreads you with his thick fingers, examining your most intimate places with a reverent gaze that makes your cheeks heat up. Jimin glances at your reaction with a tiny little chuckle at how cute you are, then he teases you with little licks at your clit that have you mewling and whining under his touch.
“You just need your pussy to be eaten out real good, right baby? No one eats this pussy better than me. Tell me.” Jimin pauses with his lips shining from your arousal.
Being far too used to the dominant side of him, seeing needy little Jimin who aches for your praise nearly makes you cum all over his tongue right away.
“J-Jimin, you’re the only man who can eat me so good,” you weave your fingers into his hair, pulling him closer as you beg for his tongue once more. “Please baby, I- I want to cum. Want your cock now.”
“Begging already?” He grins as he buries his face into your pussy, lewd little sucking sounds emanating as he tastes you from the inside out, tongue delving deep into your folds and spreading you apart for him. “My greedy girl. You’re so sweet, look at this pussy. Dripping so much, and it’s all for me. Can you cum like this for me first?”
Your hips are starting to arch off the bed with every lick and suck he gives you. Park Jimin truly is number one at pussy eating, and to have him praising you like this, calling you his while in between your thighs elicits a flutter in your stomach, a racing of your heart that you can’t seem to control. Jimin allows your hips to move freely, grinding into his face as you ride his tongue to your orgasm, thighs trembling and his name spilling from your lips as he licks every inch of your pussy.
“Jimin.” You whine needily and stretch out your arms for him, and Jimin chuckles as he crawls up the bed to meet your lips with his. You can taste yourself on his lips, but it doesn’t throw you off in the least as your tongues clash and moans spill from the both of you.
“Tell me I did well. Tell me how good I made you feel,” Jimin whispers against your neck. 
Your legs come up to circle his waist, cradling him intimately into your centre, and you can feel his hard cock rub against you. “So, so good, you made me feel so good baby,” your chest heaves as your arch your body into his. “The only man who can make me feel like that.” 
Jimin shifts back onto his knees to admire how fucked out you already look, hair spilling over the pillow and cheeks all flushed, lips swollen from his kisses. He places his hands behind your knees, pushing your thighs back to your chest to further expose your swollen pussy lips and your dripping center to him.
“Fuck, you look so fucking pretty like this,” Jimin caresses the lace garter on your thighs. “All spread out and dripping for me. Say what you want and I’ll give it to you, princess.”
His thumb caresses your clit lightly, and your thighs twitch, a whine spilling from your lips. “Your cock. I want your cock. Fuck me, please.”
“Such a sweet but dirty little mouth,” Jimin grins, satisfied as he reaches down to kiss you again, one hand on his cock and brushing his head against your lips. You can feel his sticky precum spread all over you as he thrusts forward with his fluid hips.
The first stretch of his cock makes you arch your back, and Jimin presses your thighs to your chest further, feeling you tighten around him. He continues to work his cock into your soaked depths, praising you for how tight and good you feel around him as he finally bottoms out. His lips are brushing against your collarbone as his cock grinds against your cervix, but the pain is a welcome one.
You brush a few strands of sweat soaked hair out of his eyes, watching his expression as he closes his eyes and withdraws from your clenching pussy. Today Jimin seems to be closer to the edge than usual even though you didn’t even suck him off, and he seems to be trying his best not to blow his load right now as he delivers hard thrusts into your pussy. He flashes you a shy little grin that makes your stomach flip as your eyes meet, and as you purse your lips to give him a tiny little kiss at the corner of his mouth, that’s when you realise it— you are actually in love with Park Jimin.
Somehow, somewhere along the lines, you stopped acting. Maybe it was never an act all along. But what about Jimin?
“So tight, so pretty, so wet for me,” Jimin grunts into your neck as his hips speed up, cock battering your pussy as you feel yourself dripping all around him, wetness coating his balls and his base. “I can’t wait to start a family with you. Like this. Just the two of us.”
The talk of starting a family once again reminds you that this is a shoot where you’re supposed to be newlyweds.
“Give it to me,” you stroke his cheek with your thumb, smiling up at him gently as he presses your thighs to your chest, grunting with the effort of fucking into you with his cock. “Want your baby.”
As you lock eyes with him, you realise that Jimin isn’t acting either. Unlike the previous shoots where the transition from his offscreen to onscreen persona was painfully obvious, this time Jimin’s face isn’t the cold mask he puts on during shoots. Park Jimin wears all his emotions on his face— and all this while you thought he was a heartless, cold bastard.
Then, it becomes painfully clear to you why he didn’t write any lines for the two of you, simply because they aren’t needed. This intimate gaze between the two of you says it all, and it conveys more than what a few lines ever could. You raise your head to meet his lips again, and the feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of your pussy slowly, his lips against yours and his tongue licking your bottom lip tenderly makes you feel as if you are really lovers.
“I can’t hold it much longer,” Jimin admits, pushing himself onto his knees and letting your legs stretch out to rest on his shoulders. From this here he can see every inch of your beautiful body, breasts bouncing with every thrust of his, and the way your pussy takes his cock so well.
“Cum for me?” You reach down to brush your fingers across his firm abdomen, walls starting to clench around his cock as Jimin circles his thumb around your clit. “Please?”
At the sound of your sweet begging, Jimin decides to throw all caution to the wind and chase his orgasm just how he’s dying to— pounding into your wet cunt with his cock and feeling you clench around him; your little whines and moans egging him on. A few more thrusts inside your warmth and he buries himself as deep as he can go, throwing his head back and exposing his pretty throat as he cums inside you.
The warmth of his cum seeps into your pussy as he fills you up to the brim, even more than he’s ever cum before. Even after he’s done spurting into your depths, Jimin continues to thrust lazily, fucking his cum deeper into you and chasing your lips with his. When his cock has softened too much for him to keep going, he pulls out and positions himself in between your thighs.
“You didn’t cum yet did you baby?”
“N-no, not yet, oh! Jimin, what are you—“ Even though this isn’t the first Jimin eats his cum from your used pussy, it never fails to bring a blush onto your cheeks, watching him slurp and kiss your lower lips messily with his semen all over his chin.
But he licks it all up like it’s the rarest delicacy in the entire world.
You’re so absorbed by his endearing little grin as he licks his plush lips that you almost don’t hear the director call cut.
“Park, _____, this may be your best work yet!” He is starstruck, eyes shining with admiration as he clasps his hands to his chest. “I could really feel all the emotion, for a moment I really believed that you were lovers! Well done, both of you. It’d be my pleasure to work with you again!”
You call out a thanks to the director as you start to get up from the bed, closing your thighs. But Jimin has his arms around your waist and stops you from getting up, pulling you closer into his side. Now, you feel as if it’s time to address the elephant in the room. There was a definite chemistry sparking in between the two of you just now, you’d be a fool to deny it.
“Shhh, just a while more. I’m tired.” Jimin whines, pressing a kiss to your lips to quiet you, and his casual yet intimate gesture despite the cameras being off only makes you melt even more. There is a comfortable silence between you for a moment.
“You weren’t acting just now, were you?” You reach out to pinch his cheek, and he grins shamelessly. “You wrote this last scene on purpose. Trying something new my ass.”
“Am I that obvious?” Jimin’s eyes light up with mischief. “But it wasn’t to annoy you this time. I just knew you’d fall in love with me once I made love to you.”
You place a hand on his chest and push him away slightly. “Excuse me? In love? Getting cocky now aren’t we, Mr Park?” 
Jimin doesn’t deny it as he buries his face into your neck, giggling. “Stop or I’ll get hard again.” 
“You get hard by hearing me call you Mr Park?” 
“Can we role-play Fifty Shades next?” Jimin asks. “I think I have a kink for Mr Park. I always wanted to be a rich CEO. Can I gag you with my tie?” 
“You kinky bastard,” you mutter under your breath even as a smile tugs at your lips. “But wait. Our contract is over.”
Jimin hums in thought as he kisses your shoulder. “I thought we could enter a different contract this time.”
“Different? Like how?”
“A more personal one, with no scripts involved. Still exclusive, though,” Jimin is grinning, the sneaky little punk.
“Oh really? What exactly does this contract entail?”
Jimin pretends to think for a while before he answers. “Roleplaying Fifty Shades with me, for one. I was thinking we could do a professor student one too. Oh and also, a nursemaid one. And last but not least... go on a date with me.”
He’s so sneaky that it makes you laugh. “Signed, sealed and delivered. But just so you know, I’m fucking your ass this time.”  
Tumblr media
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jungshookz · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
→ pairing: min yoongi x reader 
→ genre: ceo!au, clumsy!y/n because that’s always nice, jimin is ur best friend, floofy fluff, a touch of nsfw aka office sex
→ wordcount: 21k+ so u should probably read this using ur laptop and not ur phone
→ note: inspired by my love for an intimidating yoongi in suits 
(gif isn’t mine!) 
(((and the read more function iS there so if it doesn’t work for some reason i am sorry don’t attack me))) 
“shit, shit, shit, fuck- ow, shit- fUCK”
you scramble around your apartment shoving things into your purse while simultaneously dressing yourself
out of all the days to wake up late
why did todAY have to be one of them???
you have your house keys dangling from your mouth while you wiggle into a pair of jeans aNd your phone is sandwiched in between your shoulder and your ear
“the new boss is going to be here any minute now, where the hell are you??”
“obviously i slept through my goddamn alarm, jimin! i- yes, i’ll be there in like… five minutes. i’m on the bus already”
that was an obvious lie because you’re still trying to find a decent shirt to wear
you end up going with a polka-dotted button blouse
“you better hurry, i hear this guy’s a bit of a hard ass. apparently he fired someone who was only two minutes late to-“
“you’re freaking me out, jimin!!!! look, it’s fine he’s probably just going to introduce himself and then hole himself up in his office so he won’t even notice that i’m late”
your own words reassure you and you slow down to take your time in choosing a pair of shoes
“okay, yeah but you’re his secretary, y/n. i think he’ll notice if his own damn secretary isn’T THERE”
…..he has a fair point
“if you don’t get here in the next ten minutes dinner’s on you tonight” the call clicks off and all you hear is the dial tone
by the time you get to the office it’s 9:23 so you’re officially 23 minutes late BUT you made a stop by the starbucks across the street to grab a soy latte for the new boss
the old boss (mr lin - he was pretty chill but he was alSo pretty old so that explains why the company decided to let him go) would forgive you immediately when you presented a soy latte and a muffin to him
you were sure you’d be fine
“ooh, hold the lift, hold the lift!!!!!” you slip right into the lift right as the doors are about to shut and you let out a sigh of relief because you didN’t spill the coffee thank god
“hey, morning” you turn to give a nod of acknowledgement to the (handsome, very very handsome) stranger standing next to you
he’s dressed in a crisp suit and he’s currently scrolling through his phone but he looks up at you and kind of looks you over before humming in response
his raven black hair looks awfully soft and it’s perfectly styled
and whatever his cologne is…. you’re digging it because he smells goOd
you look up at the little screen telling you that you’re only on the eighteenth floor
the office is on the fifty-second floor and this lift is literally as slow as a snail
you then notice that the stranger is also going to the fifty-second floor
a new co-worker!!
so either you wait in awkward silence with this hot stranger or you try to stir up some conversation
“y’know, i hear the new boss is a bit of a prick.” you snort, glancing over at the stranger. he tenses and his eyes leave his phone but he doesn’t turn
“oh, really? interesting” he shifts and tightens his grip on the folders he’s holding
“mm. and i’m his new secretary so hopefully he doesn’t chew me out for being-“ you look down at your watch “28 minutes late”
“his name’s yoongi. min yoongi. even his name sounds snooty, am i right?” you snort, glancing over again and just tryIng to get some kind of a reaction out of this emotionless person “are you, uh, are you new here?”
usually you’re like super charming but it doesn’t seem to be working on this guy
you glance up at the screen again and let out a breath of relief because you’re approaching the fifty-second floor
“it’s not good to be late, but i admit i’m a little behind on schedule as well. and yes, i’m new.”
“we better hurry otherwise mr min’ll have both our heads on sticks!”
“are you late because you stopped to get a coffee and food?” he raises an eyebrow and looks down at the starbucks cup
“hm? oh, well, kinda. it’s more like an apology drink and a chocolate chip muffin for the boss.” you raise the cup and the paper bag slightly “everyone loves muffins”
the elevator dings and the two of you look up
the doors open and you’re surprised to see… what looks like every single employee just standing in front of the doors
the stranger takes a step out but turns around quickly to face you and you’re kind of like ??
“i’d suggest doing a little more research next time, secretary. i’m not a muffin person.” and then he’s walking out and everyone’s bowing respectfully to him as he introduces himself
it doesn’t hit you until the doors slowly begin to close again and the last thing you see is jimin looking at you with so much pity in his eyes
“you’ve got to be kidding me.”
you would be so happy if in this moment the elevator just broke down and sent you hurdling down fifty two floors to your DEATH
you freeze when the doors slide open again but thankfully it’s just jimin standing there
“hey buddy” he approaches you slowly as if you were a ticking time bomb 
“….so you met mr min i see”
“and i’m guessing u didn’t know that was mr min”
“and i’m guessing u tried to strike up a conversation abouT mr min tO mr min”
jimin has to drag you out of the elevator and you’re as still as a statue as he fixes the collar on your blouse and makes sure your employee lanyard is straightened up
“i wouldn’t have gone with this blouse but i suppose this is presentable enough” jimin gestures towards the long hallway leading to yoongi’s office doors (with your cute little station set up by the doors) before he’s giving you a pat on the shoulder and heading back to his cubicle
you know that scene from the shining
the shot where it’s like a long, long hallway and there are those two creepy twins at the end
this is like that except instead of twins you have your new terrifying new boss’ office
you set your bag down on your chair before turning to the doors
you clear your throat a couple times and look down at the latte and the muffin sitting on your desk
maybe he’ll like the latte
so you pick it back up and you give yourself until the count of three
and then you’re knocking on his door and you hear a muffled ’come in’
you take a second to think over what the hell you’re going to say to him
“mr min i am sO sorry i swear i wasn’t trying to offend you i was just trying to be funny because i thought you-“
and just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse
things get worse
because yoongi just so happened to be standing right by the door as you opened it and of COURSE you knock into him causing the lid to pop off the cup and now the two of you are covered in latte but it’s more you than him thanK god
your face is so red you’re sure you’re going to explode
you don’t even know what to say at this point
“i am……. so-“
“sorry? yeah, i’m seeing a main theme here with you.” yoongi scowls and shakes some coffee off his hand before looking down at his stained louis vuitton button up
this was new but it’s okay because he has 10 ten more in his closet
“i’ll pay for the dry cleaning?” is all you can squeak out because you are just so horrified
yoongi rolls his eyes discreetly while he’s patting himself down with his silk handkerchief
what the hell is wrong with you??? you’re not usually this clumsy and you’re sure you’re like 1 more sorry away from getting fired
“can you just send me my schedule for today?” he sighs as he heads back towards his desk “i’m sure it’s easy enough for you to handle” he mutters condescendingly and you know what you totally deserve that comment so you’re fine with it
“yessir” you don’t even bother asking if he actually wanted a coffee or not because you just want to get out of his fiery gaze
surprisingly the rest of the morning goes by pretty smoothly
he came out of the office wearing a new crisp shirt and you were like dAng this guy’s prepared for any situation
unlike you
because you’re sitting here with your cardigan buttoned all the way up to hide the stain
you keep a smile on your face whenever yoongi passes your desk to head back to his office but after you hear his door shut the smile drops and you always let out a breath of relief
he’s just so…. scary
and he’s your age too
if he was a co worker instead of your boss you were 100% sure the two of you wouldn’t get along at all
and you get along with almost EVERYONE
you’ve never been happier when your phone goes off and tells you it’s your lunch break because you just want to rant to jimin and
“turkey sandwich on whole wheat. lettuce, red onions, avocado, chipotle mayo. the place is called the sandwich station. it’s a block or two down. i’d like a green juice to go with it as well- hold the cucumber. they know my order. you can just tell them it’s for me.”
what the
yoongi literally just materialised out of nowhere
“….i’m sorry?”
yoongi clenches his jaw and you want to CRY
“it’s noon. meaning it’s lunch time. meaning i want my lunch.”
the old boss never made you go out to get a fancy sandwich for him
there’s a canteen here for a reason
they’re serving spinach and potato curry today!!!!!!!! which is your favourite!!!!!! and your lunch breaks are only an hour long and by the time you get back the curry will be gone but maybe you can ask jimin to save you a bite
“is there a problem?”
“no! no sir.” you shake your head quickly and get up from your seat “but, um, just to let you know we do have a canteen here if you ever- okay, yep, i’m going”
jimin’s standing by the lift when you get there and he’s like why did you press the down button the canteen is Up you dummy
and you’re like mr min wants a fancy sandwich and a green juice what kind of sane person likes green juice???
jimin promises he’ll save you a bite of the curry as long as you make it back in time aka fifteen minutes before he inhales it all
you say goodbye to each other in the form of air kisses as you walk into separate lifts
so now you’re sprinting down the sidewalk trying to find this damn sandwich place that isn’t one or two blocks away it’s like TWENTY minutes away according to google maps
you would’ve worn a sports bra today if you’d have known you’d be running
by the time you finally make it there you’re all sweaty and red and you can barely speak
“h..hi, a sandwich and a green juice thing for, um, mr min yoongi??” you look at the notes you scribbled down on your palm even though all the words are smudged from your hand sweat “it’s turkey on whole-“
“for yoongi??? coming right up!!!!” the girl at the counter seems a little too enthusiastic to be making a sandwich and a juice for him….. and she’s on a first name basis with him….
but whatever at least she’s being speedy about it
you check the time on your watch
jimin’s probably already eaten everything
your lunch break ends in half an hour and it’ll take you 20 minutes to head back so that leaves you with like ten minutes
maybe you can get a sandwich from here
you look up at the- oH NO way you are not paying tHAT much for a sandwich
this place is bougie
certainly not for someone with your budget
maybe there’s like a hot dog cart nearby
a hot dog sounds good
“here you go! tell him i said hi. i’m lisa, by the way.” she smiles and you give her a smile back as you take the bag from her
you kind of pause to think and you’re like hMm what do you meAn tell him i said hi,,,,,,
does yoongi have a secret sandwich lover
you don’t have time to think because you are reminded that you are running out of damn time
“thanks for being so fast, lisa. uh, here you go. this should cover it.” you throw the bills that yoongi gave you on the counter before you’re zipping out the door and beginning your little jog back
you feel your phone buzz in your pocket and you already know it’s yoongi wondering where the hell you are
you make it back in tEn minutes thank god but your feet are killing you and you’re sure your blouse is drenched in sweat by now
as you’re walking briskly down the hallway you pick up your pace when you see yoongi standing outside his office and leaning against the frame of the door
“what took you so long??”
“there’s no excuse” yoongi snatches the bag from you and shuts the door in your face
you can already hear the chatter of people returning from their lunch breaks
your stomach grumbles and it’s your body’s way of reminding you that HEY quit neglecting M E
maybe you should have splurged on a fancy sandwich
you huff and plop down on your seat
now you’re just hangry and the next person who talks to you will FEEL YOUR FIERY WRATH
“by the way- reschedule my meeting with mr kim to next wednesday. he couldn’t make it today.” yoongi opens his door again and takes a sip of his obnoxious green juice
you spin around in your chair
immediately your lips tug up in a bright smile
“yes sir. i’d love to do that for you.” yoongi looks at you weirdly before he disappears into his room again
where was that fiery wrath
that wrath could barely light up a birthday candle sis
about twenty minutes go by and you actually feel like you’re dying because you’re honestly starving so you decide to text jimin and tell him to sneak some food to you
you technically could just get up and go to the vending machine yourself but yoongi could pop out of his office at any minute and if he sees that you’re not at your desk he’ll definitely have your head
so it’s too risky
to: chimchim - be a pal and bring me a bag of chips or something from the vending machine
jimin jumps when his phone vibrates loudly against his desk and he apologises to his fellow cubicle mates before checking the notification
he can’t help but snort after he reads your message
to: y/n - i’m busy! get it yourself
he’s not surprised that you reply almost immediately
from: y/n - too risky!!!! plus you’re closer to the vending machine
from: y/n - just pretend like you need to print something you can come and use ~my~ personal printer
to: y/n - why would i walk across the floor to use your tiny ass printer
from: y/n - PLEASE i am so hungry i will take care of the laundry this week just get me something to eat before my body starts eating itself
jimin immediately gets up from his seat and heads right to the vending machine
he hates doing the laundry
you want to cry tears of joy when you see jimin’s blonde head bobbing down the hallway from where you’re sitting
“don’t accidentally turn all our white sheets pink agaIN” he teases and he tosses you the bag of chips that you open greedily
he’s munching on an apple himself
he’s always been the healthier one out of the two of you
“how’s the boss?”
you’re immediately triggered
“omg i had to go to this dumb fancy sandwich place and pick up an overpriced turkey club and a green juice for him and then one of the sandwich workers was like obViously wanting me to say hi to mr min for her and i was like ?? what do i look like a messenger pigeon or something” you snort and shove a handful of chips into your mouth unattractively 
“and ALSO he totally got mad at me when i got back because i took too long but it’s not my fault your dumb sandwich place is like a million miles away and another ALSO i’m walking in HEELS-”
“you should invest in a pair of flats, perhaps”
there’s something else to add to your already shitty first impression
you swallow thickly when you realise jimin didn’t say that
you turn around slowly in your chair and you’re met with the intimidating gaze of yoongi
why do bad things happen to good people???
yoongi tosses his trash into the bin sitting by your desk before he’s looking up at a terrified jimin
“is there a reason why you’re here, mr park?”
“…i needed to print something” he swallows his bite of apple and hides it behind his back
“do you not have a printer on your side?”
“it was jammed, sir.” 
“what are you printing?”
jimin blanks and all that comes out of his mouth is
“contra..ct. sir.”
“what contract?”
“this one!! this one” you grab a random sheet of paper of your desk and stand up and shove it into jimin’s chest
“yep, this one! i’ll be on my way, thanks for letting me use your printer y/n!” jimin practically rockets down the hallway to head back to his desk
he barely made it out of there alive
he’s never doing that again
there’s a silence between you and yoongi for a couple seconds as the two of you watch jimin bolt away
you turn around a little to face him with a sheepish smile and you wobble slightly on your heels
“can i trust you to be more responsible and do your work instead of complaining to your friend about your awful boss?”
you open your mouth to reply but you dip your head down in shame
you deserve that one
“sorry, sir” you murmur under your breath and you don’t want to look at yoongi because if you do you’ll definitely burst into tears
and your face is sO hot
you look up when you hear the click of yoongi’s door shutting and you let out a breath before sitting down
time to actually work
you’ll find a way to make it up to yoongi
the next morning you make sure to set your alarm like an hour earlier than you usually wake up because this day has to go PERFEctly otherwise you will literally stab your eyeball out with a letter opener
yesterday night you already set up yoongi’s schedule for today so that when he wakes up and checks his calendar he’ll know exactly what’s going on
you even memorised his schedule
he has 2 conference calls in the morning (one starts at 8:30 and the other at 10:15) and 2 meetings in the afternoon (one starts at 1:45 and the other at 4:30)
you just want to prove to him that you’re not a total disaster and you’re capable of handling this job
and you made sure to dress yourself up a little more ~professionally~ although it pained you to leave your skinny jeans aside and slip into a pencil skirt instead
you hATe pencil skirts
they’re so tight and after you eat lunch you always feel like your tummy is going to buSt out
so yes you’re wearing a nice white button up long sleeved shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt along with a pair of shiny black heels that you polished last night
you also spray on some perfume and put a little more effort into your makeup
because,,,,, it’s no secret that min yoongi is an attractive man
you just want to look more presentable!!!
you texted jimin last night and asked if he wanted to get to work early this morning and he was just like lmao who do u think i am
so you pass by his apartment door and stick a note on the front that just says ‘good morning - see you at work!!’
it’s about a twenty ish minute walk and you’re definitely regretting choosing a pair of stiLETTOs to wear
so you take them off and proceed to walk comfortably to starbucks to get yourself and yoongi a coffee
you’re about to ask for a muffin but then you remember that he doEsn’T liKE muFfInS so you stick with a black coffee for him and a caramel macchiato for yourself
of course you’re hungry so you get a bagel for yourself with extrA cinnamon cream cheese
after you get everything you head on over to the building and greet the security guards good morning and they’re all pretty surprised because you’re never here,, so early
your heels click clacking on the marble floor is the only thing that’s heard as you make your way down the hallway to your desk
you check the time on your watch and you’re satisfied with yourself because you still have about thirty minutes until work starts
and you lean back against your chair and you give yourself a mental high five because uMMM,,, you’re kiLLING it and it’s not even 8am yet
you look around and
wow it’s quiet
you can hear the bustling of the city from outside and it’s oddly very calming
you kind of want to fall asleep
plus that bagel really filled u up and you always get sleepy after a good meal
uh oh
maybe you can take like
a five minute nap
you deserve it!
you can re energize yourself and then you’ll be even more efficient today
you rest your head on your folded arms and shut your eyes
five minutes
“good morning, sir”
“morning, mr min!”
“good morning, sir!!”
your eyes open and your vision adjusts to youryou shoot up from your desk and wipe the drool off the side of your mouth and stand up from your chair immediately
and you glance down at your laptop and see that you didn't take a five minute snooze you took a FORTY minute snooze
thank god you're a light-ish sleeper otherwise yoongi's shoes echoing down the hallway would definitely not have woken you up and he would’ve caught you sleePING
you look up to see yoongi walking down the hallway looking at his phone
so you quickly fix your hair and straighten yourself up
“good morning sir” you clear your throat to get the raspy sleepiness out of your voice and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
he walks past you and goes straight into his office and you’re about to sit down but then you remember you have a coFfee for him
so you knock on his door clutching his now lukewarm coffee
“i have a coffee here for you, boss” you walk over to his desk and place the cup on his desk
“one cream one sugar?”
uh oh
this coffee is black
“….i will be… right back” and you pick up the coffee and walk out of his room calmly
once you shut the door behind you you’re immEDIATELy zipping down the hallway to the break room
this coffee isn’t even lukewarm anymore now it’s just cold sad coffee
daMN it
it was stupid to buy a coffee forty minutes beforehand
and you can just make coffee here!!!! you dingus!!!!!
so you dump out the coffee and you see namjoon about to pour himself a cup but you slip over and you’re like namjoon sweetie hi good morning can i take that i am sO sorry
and you take the pot from him and refill yoongi’s cup
he just blinks at you because you hand him back an empty coffee pot
“it’s for the big guy you know how it is” and you reach past him to get the cream and a sugar cube and you plop it in and give it a stir
and you pop the lid back on and you’re like thanks joon i owe you big time!! and honestly you were moving so fast namjoon's not even sure what just happened
so you’re practically sprinting down the hall in stilettos back to yoongi’s office and you spot jimin walking out of the lift as you past by and you manage to say goOD morning buddy!!! but all he sees is like a blur and he rubs his eyes
when you get back to the office you’re panting a little but you calm your breaths as you set the coffee down
“one cream one sugar, boss” and you straighten your blouse and clear your throat
yoongi types something out on his phone and blindly reaches for the coffee cup and you gently nudge it towards his hand
he takes a sip and then looks up from his phone and gets his first glance at you for the day and
yoongi chokES on his coffee and quickly sets it down
holy shit
you don’t even look like the same y/n as yesterday
“oh shoot- do you need a napkin?? i’ll get a napkin hold on” and you shuffle out of the room and yoongi isn’t usually like this but he can’t help but let his eyes flicker down because dAmn you look good in that skirt
he thought you looked cute yesterday with your polka dotted blouse and your jeans but today you look so
god damn
he needs to chill
you’re his secretary
he’s your boss
even more you’re his KLUtzY secretary who spilled coffee all over his shirt and talked smack about him
“…sir?” he snaps himself out of it and looks up and you’re standing over him holding a napkin
he thanks you quietly and takes it from you and dabs at his mouth
okay woO
keep it professional yoongi
“you've got a conference call in twenty minutes. i put everything in your calendar and it should alert you five minutes beforehand but in case it doesn't i'll come in and remind you. i filed the contracts you asked me to sort out yestreday everything's colour coded and also arrange alphabetically so it should be easier to find next time."
yoongi blinks up at you because... what happened to the y/n he met yesterday
“right. yes. good. okay." yoongi swallows thickly when he sees you suck your bottom lip in between your teeth which seems to be a nervous habit of yours "that's all i need from you then. you can go now."
you nod happily and see yourself out
this is a good start 
things are going to be greAT from here
it’s been about two weeks since yoongi took over the company
and all you have to say is
you want to jump out the window
you want to jump off the fifty second floor of this building because yoongi is working you like a dog
which is something that you obviously aren’t accustomed to because the most rigorous thing you had to do for your old boss was to walk across the floor and get him a snack from the vending machine
but yoongi doesn’t do vending machine snacks because it’s appArently all trans fats
he mentioned it to you when you were scarfing down a little packet of cookies because of course you didn’t have time to get lunch for yourself because you were getting his stupid fancy sandwich like a million miles away
and you were like :) and threw it away and he nodded satisfactorily and then went into his office
and you bent down and picked the packet back up and threw the rest of the mini cookies into your mouth
he’s your boss not your dad
he can’t control your diet!!
you’re so physically and mentally drained
you feel like a husk
your soul left your body the moment you met yoongi and it hasn’t returned ever since
you usually like being a secretary because you like organising things and colour coding things and going like ‘i’m so sorry- mr min will have to call you back’ and slamming the phone down because it makes you feel ~powerful~
but damn
you wish you had applied for an office job like jimin
he works in human resources
you would probably be really good in like finances or some other section like that
of course jimin isn’t paid as much as you’re paid so there’s that
you do want to continue having a roof over your head and food in your tummy so
you grin and bear it
to make a long story short
you strongly dislike yoongi and you’re pretty sure he hates you
here are some more things that have happened in the last two weeks
yoongi told you to photocopy 50 copies of a contract
of course you said yes and you went ahead to your little copying machine and made 50 copies
and when you went back and handed him the copies he looked at them and blinked and then looked at you and he was like this isn't the contract i asked you to copy
and you were like ?? you hANded me the contract
“this isn't the right contract”
“you were supposed to copy this one” and he hands you a DIFFERENT CONTRACT
so you end up shredding 50 sheets of paper and you make a brand new 50 copies and when you give the new ones to yoongi he’s like what took you so damn long??
and you were like
you wanted to SCREAM
and another time
yoongi was about to go into a meeting but before that he told you that as soon as mr kim calls for him you should tell yoongi immediately
and your concern was that mr kim would call during the meeting and you would have to interrupt the meeting which is noT what you want to do but before you can voice your concern yoongi's like okay peace out i'm leaving now
and of course because the universe is against you
mr kim called during the meeting
so you knocked on the door and opened it and there are like 15 businesspeople just staring at you blankly and yoongi's staring at you blankly at the front of the desk
“sir, um, mr kim called"
and he nods and waves you away so you shut the door
after the meeting ends yoongi literally goes like
you shouldn't interrupt another meeting like that again
and you said that you only did it because yOOngi said to tell him as SOON as mr kim called
“hm. i don't recall telling you that."
you had your hands balled into fists so tightly that your knuckles were starting to get white but of coURse all you say is
“you're right, sir. it was my bad. it won't happen again."
“it better not."
lisa the sandwich girl
it's like she's expecting you to hook her up with yoongi
everytime you go into the shop she hands you yoongi's lunch and is always like :) tell :) yoongi :) i :) said :) hi :) and you’re like :) let :) go :) of :) the :) bag :) i :) need :) to :) leave :)
and because lisa is the last thing you're concerned about you never tell yoongi she says hi but you don't need to because lately she's been writing notes on the paper bag like ‘i was going to write a pun about a sandwich but i was afraid you’d find it stALe’
when you read that you were like ?? what does that mean are you saying the bread you used in his sandwich today is stale
one time you decided you'd splurge so you treated yourself to a sandwich from there made by lisa herself
it was,,, the worst sandwich you've ever had in your entire life
the bread was barely toasted
there was like 3 pounds of mayo in there
she was skimpy on the turkey
she placed the tomatoes on the bottom making the bread all soggy
yoongi must really REALLY want to get into lisa's pants if he can continue eating this shit without gagging
the conclusion here is that you hate lisa’s sandwiches but not as much as you hate yoongi
:) and you’re allowed to say that because you’re only saying it to yourself and it doesn’t count if no one else knows about your feelings :)
“we’re going to have sO much fun tonight it’s literally been a century since we last got to go to a club and get wasted!!!!! i even bought a brand new shirt for the occasion.” jimin grins and takes a sip of his juice and you nod excitedly
“i’m so ready to get shit faced let me tell you mr min honestly wants to make me rip my-“
“miss y/l/n.” both you and jimin turn when you hear your name and you’re surprised to see yoongi standing there
why’s he in the canteen he’s never in the canteen
“mr min, what.. can i help you with?” you clear your throat and turn yourself around a little more to face him
“i need you to stay late tonight to reorganise some files that your old boss kept tucked away in the drawers. it’s frankly a mess in there.” you don’t even get a chance to respond before yoongi takes a bite of an apple and strolls away casually
wait what
he can’t just
okay technically he can do that because he’s your boss but
not tonight!!! 
“mr min i don’t-“ you stand up quickly to chase him and he whips around and raises an eyebrow
“is there something wrong?”
yes there’s something wrong
you have plans tonight!!!!!!!!!
you’re going dancing and you’re going to down shots like there’s no tomorrow and you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning with a hangover like never before so yEs there’s something wrong
“…i don’t know if you wanted me to colour code them or arrange them alphabetically.” you breathe out and you feel your soul leave your body
your first night out in weeks and now you have to stay late and arrange dusty old files
“of course, sir.”
“i’ll be here to keep you company you can get ‘shit-faced’ another time.”
you’re pretty sure you’re going to burst into tears when you see jimin and a couple other co-workers seemingly having a bLast at the new club downtown from his snapchat story
you let out a grunt as you get up from your knees
you’ve been organising these damn files for like two hours
yoongi was done with his phone call like half an hour ago and then he said he was going to get some food
your stomach grumbles at the thought of food
you h8 your boss with a burning passion
another twenty minutes pass and you’ve never been so relieved in your life when you finALLY are finished with the files
it only took like 30 years to dust things off and then colour code them and then re label them and then arrange them alphabetically
“good job, y/l/n” you give yourself a pat on the back and then plop down on yoongi’s cushy office chair
wow you feel powerful just sitting here
it only takes a second for you to start spinning the chair in circles because this is literally your only form of entertainment for the night
“if you break my chair it’s coming out of your paycheque.” you stop spinning immediately when yoongi seemingly appears out of nowhere
you’re about to apologise profusely and get up but from the way yoongi tilts his head and offers you the smallest of smirks you know you’re not in trouble
“i wasn’t going to break it.” you grumble and you’re about to get off his chair and let him sit but he sits across from you instead
you’re in the boss’ chair and he’s not
how the tables have turned,,,,,,,,
“here. eat. the only place open at this hour was mcdonald’s.”
“you bought dinner for me?”
yoongi plops a paper bag on the desk and your mouth waters when he pulls out a big mac and an order of large fries
“oh gosh, boss. you didn’t have to go all out for lil ol me” yoongi can’t help but smile before he shakes his head and pulls out a miLKSHAKE
“a vanilla milkshake? i thought you weren’t into sugar.”
“it’s for you. i know how much you love anything that rots your teeth.”
that’s like
oddly sweet
but also kind of insulting
but still sweet in his own way
“i also bought a couple beers if you’re interested you won’t get shit-faced like you wanted to but you’ll get a little buzzed.” he pulls a niNE pack of beers out of the bag and cracks one open for himself
at first the meal is kind of awkward
the two of you are kind of just sitting there in silence eating food and drinking
but yoongi breaks the silence when he sees you dip a french fry into your milkshake
what the fuk
u so nasty
“that’s disgusting.”
“don’t knock it til you try it!” when yoongi opens his mouth to give you another snarky comment you shove a milkshake dipped fry into his mouth
he chews thoughtfully and then swallows
“what do you think?”
it’s sweet
and it’s salty
at the same time
somehow this disgusting combination works
“it’s… it’s okay, but it’s still disgusting.” yoongi mutters and takes a swig of his beer “here, i can’t finish all of these on my own.” he hands you a can of beer and you crack it open
the two of you spend the next hour eating and drinking
halfway through eating your milkshake became yours and yoongi’s milkshake
yoongi’s really enjoying your french fry hack in case that wasn’t clear
you’re really enjoying this beer it’s surprisingly good quality coming from the corner store
“i’m serious! i turned all the white sheets pink because of one red sock and jimin didn’t talk to me for a whole week because the two of us had to come to work wearing matching pink button-ups.” yoongi throws his head back in laughter and you suppress your own laughter by taking another sip of beer
the alcohol coursing through your veins is making you become a little more talkative than usual
“i have a question for you, boss”
“why do you hate me?” you push your bottom lip out in a pout and yoongi looks up at you in surprise as he wipes his hands off on a napkin
“where did you get that idea?”
“because you-“ hiccup “because you’re always so mean to me! like i know i didn’t have a great first impression but you knOw i’ve already apologised like a triLLion times for what i said and you also know i only say things to be funny but you’Re such a meanie-bobeenie sometimes it makes me wonder what the hell i’m supposed to do to make you-“
“y/n, i don’t hate you. i’m just-“ yoongi pauses to think “i’m just like that.”
why was he so mean to you all the time? he didn’t have a particular reason
maybe it’s like that thing where when kids have crushes on each other they’re mean to their crush instead of
wa,,,,,,aaaaaait a second,,,,,
yoongi has to admit he’s taken an iNKLing of an interest in you since your first meeting but it’s not serious or anything
like yes you’re attractive and you’re his type but,.,.,.,.,. ya you’re just his secretary it’s not a big deal he doesn’t like you like that
“it’s, uh, it’s getting late - we should probably head home.” yoongi clears his throat and begins cleaning up the wrappers and napkins and ketchup packets
“thanks for treating me to an extravagant meal tonight, mr min. you really didn’t have to.” the two of you step onto the lift and you hit the ground floor level for yourself and the parking lot level for yoongi
“trust me, i did. i know how upset you were about not getting to go out with mr park and the others… and fast food makes everyone feel better. by the way - it’s after-hours. you can call me yoongi - mr min makes me feel like i’ve aged 50 years.” he nudges you playfully and you’re like i should get yoongi to drink more beers if he acts like this from it
and then ur like o wait that’s call alcoholism so maybe not
“touché.” the elevator dings and you look up “this is me! i’ll see you in the morning then, boss.”
before you get off the lift yoongi stops you
“sorry if i’ve been, um, a little hard on you since i started working here. you’re responsible and you’re hardworking i’m glad to have you as my secretary, y/n, even if i don’t show it sometimes. i promise i’ll try to be less of a… as you said, a meanie-bobeenie.”
that was,, unexpected
but aw!!!!
that’s nice of him to say
your lips tug up in a bright smile
“i’ll see you in the morning… yoongi.”you step out of the lift and you wave at yoongi as the doors shut
waking up in the morning for work feels a lot better now that you know yoongi doesn’t actually hate you
although your slight hangover doesn’t feel that great
you keep your sunglasses on when you walk into the office with yoongi’s coffee
and when you knock on his door and enter his office to see him also wearing his sunglasses you can’t help but laugh
“you’re having black coffee today, it’ll wake you up.”
“please tell me i don’t have any meetings today because i feel like death.” yoongi’s voice is all low and raspy and in ur head you’re like [h o ly shit that’s hot]
“i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have two. your first one is in ten minutes. and i suggest taking your sunglasses off before you head in there.”
yoongi groans and slams his head down on his desk
the next couple of weeks go by pretty smoothly
aside from like one or two-ish slip ups
“yes, sir?” you’re about to leave his office after giving him his morning coffee
you were almost late but after you took your heels off in the middle of the street and sprinted back to the office you made it right on time
the downside of getting there on timE is the fact that in your rush you literally forgot to pick up yoongi’s cup of coffee that was SITTING ON THE COUNTER neXT to youRS YOU IDIOT
luckily you picked up a little trick
in case something like this happened, you always bought two cups of the same coffee
like if you spill one cup it’s fine because you still have the other
but in this case you only have one cup
and this is your cup
and it says ‘call me sometime :-) -jungkook’
jungkook is the cute new barista that started working at your starbucks like three weeks ago?? he usually has the morning shift
and yeah you’ve been having fun like,,, flirting with him
because he’s an attractive guy
chestnut brown hair
cute round eyes
adorable smile
and he’s very very verY charming
so SUE you if you’re having a good time!!!! (although you’re like low key leading him on so you better cut it out soon)
but it seems that today was the day that jungkook decided he’d finally make a move
because when yoongi turns his coffee cup and points to the note
you’re like ….:) shit :)
“who is jungkook, and why does he want me to call him?”
“…business proposal?”
“and his form of communication is via paper coffee cups?”
“kids are getting super creative nowadays, boss”
“mm, okay.” yoongi takes a sip of his coffee and lets out a small sigh “you sure this wasn’t your cup?”
“nope. i need at least like five pounds of sugar and creamer in my coffee.” you laugh awkwardly and back up towards to the door “i wouldn’t get the same cup of coffee as you in case… something happened… oH is that my phone ringing pardon me!!” and you slam the door and plop down on your seat and let out a breath
yoongi smiles to himself and shakes his head
but he’s definitely going to need to call this jungkook and tell him to back off
yoongi’s definitely warming up to you
after one of his meetings he passed by your desk and placed a pack of those mini chocolate chip cookies from the vending machine in front of you and you were like gASP a GIFT
“what’s this for??”
“for actually getting to work on time two weeks in a row. keep it up and i might just treat you to a chocolate bar, too.”
one day as you’re coming back from your lunch break you see yoongi at your desk huffing and grumbling to himself
“mr min?” he looks up at you and then looks back down “what are you-“
“i’m trying to photocopy this contract but your stupid printer won’t-“ he pauses to smack the side of it and you gasp in shock because he just whacked your bABY “won’t work!! i think we need to get you a new one.” he scowls and scratches the top of his head
you roll your eyes before gesturing for him to scoot and then bending down to check out how much damage he’s done (somehow he created a small paper jam)
“it’s my printer and it only responds to my magic touch.” you punch a couple buttons on the thing and it sputters for a second before a fresh photocopy comes out the slit “here you go, boss!” you hand yoongi the sheet and he’s like i could’ve done it myself ur printer is just weird and you’re like mMMmm
you sit down on your seat and yoongi’s about to head into his office before
“by the way - i’m going on a date tonight, with lisa. can you jot that down in my schedule? the dinner reservation is at 6.”
“date with lisa at 6” you reply almost immediately and begin typing it out onto his schedule
he’s going out on a date?
your heart immediately drops to your stomach
all you typed in was date with lis and you’re getting up and stumbling into his office
you wrap your fingers around the frame of the door and peek in
“mhm” he doesn’t look up at you and you swallow nervously
“what,,, what do u mean you’re going out on a date”
yoongi looks up at you and is like ?
“it’s pretty self explanatory… have you never been on one?”
your cheeks flame up and you’re like “of couRSE i’ve been on one i just-“ you stop yourself and press your lips together because what exactly are you going to say to yoongi
oH i just thought maybe i had a shot with you because we’ve been spending so much time together lately and we’ve gotten preTTy close and i think nO i'm pretty sure i have a teensy weensy crush on you sir but enjoy your date!!!!!
you scratch the back of your neck awkwardly and feel your cheeks flame up at the fact that you…. definitely have feelings for ur boss
but he has feelings for someone else
“i just… wanted to remind you that you have a skype conference at 10 tonight. i, um, i’ll be working late so if you need help during the conference you know where to find me and stuff. uh, yeah. that’s it.”
“okay. what time is it?”
you peer down at your watch
“5:20. you should probably get going in the next 20 minutes so you won’t lose your reservation”
there’s a moment of silence and you take that as a hint to leave
“y/n, wait.” yoongi lets out a breath and he stops sorting through the papers on his desk
you spin around on your heels and you’re like yes???
“if i’m not back by 9:30 give me a call to remind me about the meeting.”
“yes, sir.” you sigh and shut the door
yoongi frowns once you leave
it'll be fine
he's going to have a great time with lisa
your chair squeaks under you as you plop down on it and lean back and look up at the ceiling
you feel pathetic
what were you thinking?
of course he’s not interested in you
he thinks you’re just a klutzy idiot of a secretary
you thought something had changed between the two of you considering you’d been spending sO much damn time together and honestly speaking you had completely forgotten about lisa
were you really that crazy to think that mAybe there was ~something~ romantic going on between the two of you?
why did you have to be such a hopeless romantic
you definitely need to cut back on the romcom binge-watching sessions with jimin
and now your fukicgn eyes are starting to tear up
just gREAT
no crying at work!!!!!!!!!!! you are a grown woman!! get it together for the love of god
you squeeze your eyes shut and curse to yourself when you feel a hot tear rolling down the side of your face and you use the sleeve of your blouse to dab it away
if yoongi comes out and sees you crying that’d be humiliating
just cry at home like a normal person
you calm yourself and distract yourself by scrolling through and organising your emails
soon enough yoongi’s door opens and he steps out and woW
he looks so dreamy
he fixed his hair and you’re pretty sure he changed into another shirt because this one has no wrinkles
yoongi adjusts his cufflinks before patting himself down to check for his phone and wallet
and before you can help yourself
“you look handsome, mr min.” you immediately look away when yoongi turns to look at you and you’re like hMMm let me take a look at this sticky note that only has a smiley face doodled on it
a small smile tugs at yoongi’s lips when he sees your cheeks warm a little
god u r so ADOrable
no! he scolds himself and reminds himself that dating someone you work with never ends well
he has to get over this stupid little crush of his and lisa is the perfect distraction
maybe he’ll end up really reaLLy liking lisa and then he won’t have to worry about you anymore
that’s a good plan
“buy yourself some dinner. i’ll see you later.” yoongi tosses a couple crumpled up bills onto the counter and then he gestures to the hallway and then he’s off
you watch wistfully as he makes his way down the hallway
lisa’s one lucky girl
the next couple of hours really give you some alone time to reflect on what’s happening
let’s see
you like yoongi
a loT more than you thought you did
and he doesn’t feel the same way
nothing ever works out for you in the world of ~romance~
even in high school and college
no one was ever interested in u
and when you thought someone was interested they were actually just being nice to you
of course after you graduated things were a little different
you used tinder and ended up losing your virginity to this guy you’d texted for like a month
he came after like two strokes and then kicked you out of his place and that’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you
you’re going to die alone
you groan and pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration
save the tears for home save the tears for home
you’re rarely at the office alone at night
usually there are other people on the level but tonight it’s just you
you would be creeped out but you’re too busy pitying yourself to be scared of any ghosts or demons potentially haunting the building
you finished work earlier than you thought you would and you were tempted to leave because you have nothing else to do but you told yoongi you’d be here
maybe he’ll give you a small raise for being such a loyal secretary
you just finished your dinner (fish tacos and french fries from the food truck across the street) and you’re just aimlessly scrolling through your facebook feed
it’s about 8:15 when you hear the faint ding of the elevator and you perk up
and then you hear yoongi
you recognise the sound of his walk
why did he come back so soon his meeting isn’t for like another hour and a bit
you get up from your chair and straighten yourself out and look up as yoongi approaches your desk
“back so soon?? it’s only- oh my goD” yoongi’s grumbling to himself while dabbing at his shirt that has a huge splatter of wine on it
no wonder he’s back
it’s fine you’ll get him another shirt and he’ll head back to the restaurant
how did he pour sO much wine on himself
“i’ll get you another shirt, boss”
you immediately go into his office and grab a crisp shirt for him from his little closet
you walk out and
oh sweet baby jesus
you squeak and instinctively cover your eyes as your cheeks flush because
yoongi is shirtless
“sorry, i just wanted to get as much of it out as possible” yoongi’s not looking at you but that’s good because now you’re basically gawking at him
he has his shirt on your desk and is rubbing pretty hard at the purple stain
he’s kind of bent over and you can see his bicep flex every time he wipes
and o hl o r d
his back muscles,,,,,,,,,,,
“are you, um, is lisa waiting for you at the restaurant? did you just come back to change?”
yoongi pauses
“she went home. the date didn’t work out. there was no spark. the meeting is more important anyways” he grumbles before getting up and looking down at the shirt
“what- you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but what… happened on the date?”
yoongi sighs as he slips into his shirt and you’re about to apologise because it’s really none of your business but then he speaks up
“i don’t wanna get too into it, but the gist of it is that she kinda just wanted me for my money and then when i accused her of that she threw her wine all over me” he shrugs as if that’s the most casual thing to happen ever
oh dang
that’s rough
that sucks!!!! lisa sucks!!!!! what sane person would be perfectly fine taking advantage of someone like that??
(you hated lisa the moment you met her)
“oh… i’m sorry, that sucks” is all you can manage because you’ve never been good with comforting people “if it… makes you feel any better i think her sandwiches are put together pretty sloppily i mean i could probably make better sandwiches with my feet”
that gets a laugh out of yoongi and he shakes his head
“yeaH i’m definitely going to take a break from sandwiches for a while”
he buttons his shirt up and fixes the collar before he moves past you and into his office
meanwhile you fold up his stained shirt and tuck it into your purse so that you can drop it off at the dry cleaners tomorrow
you figure you’d give yoongi a little alone time
you want to comfort him but you don’t know how
so you distract yourself by making a cup of coffee since it’s already pretty late
“you want a cup of coffee? i made extra” you poke your head into yoongi’s office and raise your brow when you see he’s not sitting at his desk
“i could use some caffeine.” yoongi’s standing at his closet and is currently trying to tie his tie but his fingers are not cooperating with him and he’s clearly struggling
you’re about to go and get his coffee but then you hear him mumbling about how dumb ties are and you can’t help it you need to help him out
“here, let me,” you click over to yoongi and slip in between him and the mirror before reaching up to fix his tie
he stares down at you as you wrap the blade around the tail of the tie and a fond smile twitches at his lips
there’s something different about you but he can’t point out what it is
your brows are knitted together in intense concentration and
wow you’re cute
“once around…” you mumble to yourself and pause, tilting your head in confusion
that doesn’t look right
“oh, wait. twice! twice around, sorry” you adjust the tie slightly and make sure it’s not so tight so that’s it’s cutting off his breathing lol
“twice around…” yoongi breathes out and his head lowers a little when you yank on the tie gently to tighten it
your eyes flicker up and your cheeks immediately flush when you realise how close you are to yoongi right now
you’re basically pressed up against the mirror and you’d only have to take like half a step closer and your nose would be touching his
you don’t know what it is but you find yourself tugging on his tie and pulling him down so that you can press your lips against his
yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise but his lips are moving on their own accord
and for the first time evER
yoongi’s heart flutters in his chest
he’s never felt this way before
not even with lisa
your lips are so unbelievably soft
yoongi can taste the strawberry chapstick that he sees you apply all the time and he can’t help but suck your bottom lip in between his teeth
and when you let out a little moan of his name his hands itch to pull you closer because god daMn…
and then it hits you
you’re kissing yoongi
you’re kissing your boss
you’re not just kissing him you guys are fully making out
what the hELL R U DOING
you immediately pull away and you are just,,, mortified
just because u haven’t gotten laid in like idk 8 months doesn’t mean you can go around KISSING anyone you like
get your hormones in check girl!!!!!!
this is not the way to comfort someone!!!!!!!
“oh shit- that wasn’t- i’m so sorry, i, uh- i don’t know why i did that but-“ yoongi’s about to speak up to calm you down and tell you it’s okay but then the skype ringtone echoes from his desk and the two of you are reminded that he has a very important conference call “okay, i’ll be out there, um, have fun??” you bolt out of the room and shut the door behind you and uGHHHH
for about forty minutes you’re just stewing in your own humiliation as yoongi takes his call
meanwhile yoongi can barely focus on what he’s talking about because all he can think about are your lips and how sweet you taste
you realise you’ve spent the last ten minutes just staring at a blank word document because all you can think about it WHY DID I DO THAT
you hear yoongi saying goodbye to whoever he’s talking to and you slap your face gently a couple times to snap out of it
maybe you can just act casual about it
haha yeah bro we just kissed but it’s fine it’s totally normal i kiss jimiN all the time
okay that’s not a very good approach to the situation
you don’t get a chance to come up with another brilliant solution because yoongi’s office door opens and he steps out before switching the lights off and tucking his phone and wallet into his back pocket
“c’mon, i’ll drive you home”
wha,,,, you don’t think you can survive a car ride home with yoongi because you’re still mortified about what happened
and he’s not bringing it up either so maybe he just wants to forget about it too
“oh, no, it’s alright! i can take the bus home”
“it’s a little past midnight it’s not safe. don’t be stubborn.”
“i’m not being stubborn! seriously, it’s fine” you wave him off before pointing to your laptop “i have some work to do anyway”
yoongi bends down to look at your screen and raises an eyebrow
“this is an empty word document.” he stands back up and looks down at you before nodding his head over to the hallway “pack up your stuff that’s an order.” he switches your desk lamp off for you before he’s walking towards the elevators and well you don’t have a choice now so
you shove everything into your bag and grab your cardigan off the back of your chair before quickly jogging over to the lift
the two of you step in and you’re standing so close that your arms are pressed together
but neither of you seem to be moving away
the two of you stare up at the little screen showing the descending floor numbers
“i’m perfectly capable of taking myself home”
“i’m aware”
“so i’ll just take the bus then?”
“mr min “
“yoongi. it’s after hours. you can call me yoongi, y/n.”
((his name is cute to you for some reason))
“yoOngi. i don’t want to inconvenience you, sir. my place is like a twenty-minute drive away and your penthouse is like five minutes “
“it’s not an inconvenience. come.” you figure there’s no use trying to argue with yoongi
he pretty much always gets his way no matter what
maybe that’s why he’s so rich
you trail behind him and he unlocks his car (it’s a sleek black range rover!!!!!!!!!) and he gets into the driver’s seat while you slip into the passenger seat
“are you sure about this, yoongi? i feel bad because you’ve already had a bad night like don’t feel obligated to drive me home because i helped you tie your-“
“i’m literally not even listening to you right now” the engine purrs to life and yoongi pulls out of his spot
he has his sleeves rolled up and his tie is loosened and his hair is kind of messy probably from him running his hand through it (a nervous habit you’ve noticed he has)
…..god he looks sexy
it’s also pretty late and his voice has gotten slightly raspy and is like an octave lower
your mind wanders and you find yourself wondering what he’d sound like while
omg get urself together
you’re tempted to just not say anything for the entire duration of the ride and just let the radio do the talking but
“…so you really don’t know how to tie your own tie?” yoongi smiles at your question as he keeps his eyes on the road
“it’s too much effort, tying a tie. that’s why most of mine are those clip-on ones” he admits and your mouth drops because LoL you have this professional ceo who terrifies everyone and he uses lil clip-on ties like a little boy
“clip-on ties??? omG that’s so adorable you’re so cute” you blurt out as you laugh at him and yoongi glances over at you for a second before he shakes his head and laughs along
the rest of the ride to your place consists of you sharing funny stories and yoongi mostly listening and focusing on driving but he laughs a lot and you feel good because you think you’re making him feel better about the she who shall not be named situation
((lisa doesn’t deserve him anyways))
lisa is the last thing on yoongi’s mind because of you
he never really liked those sandwiches anywho
you feel kinda sad when he rolls up to the front of your building because you guys were having such a nice time
like you’ve literally never been so casual with yoongi before
you like spending time with him
…you like him.
that was probably pretty obvious considering you kissed him
he hasn’t brought it up,,,,,, which is kind of concerning but
knowing yoongi he’s acting professional about it
“thanks for the ride, yoongs.” the nickname slips out accidentally and you look up to make sure he’s not like disgUSted with the new nickname you’ve given him
“c’mon, i’ll walk you to the door”
he gets out of the car before you can protest
you hop out and shut the door behind you and he locks the car
“thanks for everything, by the way. i enjoyed your company tonight.” yoongi murmurs and in the dim streetlights you can see his cheeks go a little pink
“i know. i’m amazing company, what can i say?” you joke and yoongi rolls his eyes because of coUrse you would say something like that “i hope i made you feel a little better.”
“you did” the two of you stop in front of the entrance and you turn to face each other
“good! that’s good. well,,,,goodnight, boss” you’re about to zip right into the building but you’re stopped by yoongi tugging on your wrist causing you to spin around and all of a sudden you feel yoongi press the ~softest~ kiss to your cheek
“goodnight, y/n.” yoongi smiles kindly at you and you beam at him with pink cheeks before you nod and go inside
you can feel his gaze on you as you wait for the lift and you’re bouncing on your toes for some reason
you feel super jittery and you want to scream so loudly but it’s like 2am lol
the next morning you have a pep in your step and jimin’s like omg slow down i know you’re happy about the whole yoongi thing but i have short legs!!!!!!
your arm is linked with his and you’re basically dragging him down the street so you slow down and you’re like sorry i’m just,,,,, really happy,,,,,
jimin lets you get away with it because he knows you haven’t gotten some romantic action in a while
and suddenly your happiness is replaced by nervousness the moment you see yoongi
jimin yelps when you duck behind the corner and yank him with you
you listen for the ‘ding’ and you peek out from behind the corner to make sure the elevator doors have closed
“what was that????”
“i….,.,, i don’t know!!!” you snap and walk over to the lifts and push the up button quickly
“i thought you and yoongi had a greAT time yesterday so why’d you basically piss yourself when “
jimin takes that as a hint to stop and the elevator ride up is silent
you’re so flustered you forget to blow jimin an air kiss and he’s like okay now i look like boo boo the fOOL blowing a kiss to nobody
you plop down on your chair and put your purse under your desk and let out a breath
whatever that panic attack was
it can’t happen again
how are you supposed to act around yoongi now??
you kissed him
he kissed your cheek
you guys had a great time
should you act more casual around him???
maybe you should ask him if he wants to go out for lunch
or is that too much too soon
oh god
“good morning, miss y/l/n.” you jump when yoongi walks past you and into his office
“good- hi, good morning boss!!!” you say a little too enthusiastically and you clear your throat
you stand up and clutch your iPad to your chest and waddle into his office
you curse to yourself and lean down to adjust your heels
“you surprisingly don’t have any meetings today but you do have to look over the rewritten company policies after that- um, incident that happened on the 45th floor and the financial precinct”
“okay. what’s for lunch today?”
“what’s for-“ oh no you weren’t prepared for this what’S THE PLAN Y/N WHAT’S THE PLAN “lunch is… with me. you’re having lunch with me.” is what you blurt out and you press your lips together when yoongi looks up from his phone and gives you this…. look  
“unless you… unless you want a… sandwich or something i “
“where are we eating lunch?”
oh okay he wants to eat lunch with you that’s a good sign
“i’ll get some takeout for us? there’s a really good sushi place a couple blocks “
“okay. you can use my card. i like the spicy tuna rolls with those crunchy bits sprinkled on top.”
“okay! okay okay that’s- yes, those ones are nice. how does lunch at 12:30 sound?”
“mm.” yoongi scribbles something on a post-it note and you take that as a hint to get the heck out
you shut the door behind you
so is yesterday just going to be an unspoken thing
you can do that
keeping it casual
you can keep it casual
you’re as cool as a cucumber
you’re as cool as the sunglasses guy emoji
jimin pouts a little when you tell him you’re not joining him for lunch but when you say you have a lil sushi date with yoongi he’s like……. hmmmmmmm okay i’ll get over it :-))))))))
the sushi place is a couple blocks away
and to get there you have to pass by the sandwich place which isn’t a big deal
and when you get there you’re about to just keep walking because who cares about sandwiches anymore but
well you can’t help yourself
you walk in and lisa looks surprised to see you
“lisa.” you smile at her and then look down at the display case
“y/n! i, um, hi. hey. what can i get for you?” she scratches the back of her neck and can’t seem to keep eye contact with you
in fact she seems to be a little scared
now you know how yoongi feels
being powerful…… makes you feel niCe
“i’m in the mood for… a nice, hot cup of tea.” lisa nods quickly and punches a couple buttons on the cash register
“english breakfast or green?”
“english breakfast, please.” you hum and rummage through your purse for your wallet and hand her a couple of coins and then you go over and wait for it on the side
but you’re not just here to get a cup of tea
oh nonoOonononono
“y/n, here’s your tea!” lisa chirps happily and hands you your cup of tea with a smile
“thank you,” you take a tiny sip and then purse your lips and lisa’s like !!! what’s wrong??
“oof, i hate to do this.” you sigh and shake your head “but could you add a little more cream and a sprinkle of go fuck yourself?”
“sure i’ll just-wait w-what?” lisa looks up at you with wide eyes and you stare blankly at her
“…a little more cream and sugar?”
you hand her your cup and she nods quickly and adds in a splash of cream and even stirs it for you the polite little thing
“h-here you go, y/n”
“thanks lisa.” you begin walking away but you turn back to look over your shoulder “have a wonderful, gold-digging day!”
lisa grows pale
you dump the tea into the bin the moment you leave the sandwich place and head straight for the sushi place
you give yourself a high five for avenging yoongi in your own twisted way
“i’m bAck and i’m ready to eaT” you shut the door behind you as you enter yoongi’s office and frown when you see him typing an obviously angry email
now the past y/n would’ve immediately excused herself and then leave the room but for some reason you feel like,,,, you’re the one holding the power
maybe you’re still on a high from your encounter with lisa
so instead of being like oH i’ll just come back in a sec you stroll over and shut yoongi’s laptop and then hand him a pair of chopsticks
“i was in the middle of something.” his eyebrows knit together and he’s about to open up his laptop but you use the chopsticks to gently whack his hand and he flinches
“i’m aware” you wave the chopsticks in front of yoongi and he sighs and takes it “but the only thing you had today was half a cup of coffee. so we’re going to eat and then maYbe i’ll let you get back to work”
you take a seat and proceed to take the takeaway containers out of the flimsy plastic bag and yoongi’s just sitting there like since when did you become so,,,,, bold
“a spicy tuna roll with the crunchy tempura bits on top for you and a dragon roll for meEE” yoongi perks up when you pop open the lid of your styrofoam box
your roll looks rly good
he looks down at his own spicy tuna roll
sure he likes spicy tuna but he’s not in the mood for raw fish today
“what’s in your roll?” yoongi raises an eyebrow when he sees that you’ve already shoved a roll into your mouth
the way your cheeks are filled resembles a chipmunk and he waits patiently for you to chew and swallow
“nice to see that you’ve got the eating abilities of a three-year-old toddler”
you roll your eyes and ignore his comment
“it’s tempura shrimp and cucumber on the inside and then avocado on top with a drizzle of spicy mayo i think” you pick up a sliver of ginger and pop it into your mouth and chew thoughtfully
meanwhile yoongi takes half a bite of one of his rolls and decides he’s over it
it’s good but it’s not tempura shrimp and cucumber with avocado on top and a drizzle of spicy mayo
“you forgot to shut the door.” yoongi uses his chopsticks to point over your shoulder and you immediately turn around and get up
didn’t you shut the door when you came in??
once your back is turned yoongi reaches over and snags one of your rolls before shoving it into his mouth
holy shit
this is SO GOOD
when you walk over the door… is closed
“the door wasn’t open” you walk back over and take a seat
yoongi swallows his bite and shrugs “sorry, my bad.”
okay he was originally just going to eat one and be done with it but he wants another one
“is that your phone ringing outside?” yoongi stops eating and leans forward a little bit as if listening to something
you turn back again and look at the door and try to hear for your ringtone
“i don’t hear anything”
“you don’t??” yoongi grabs another roll from your box and shoves it into his mouth
“do you think i’m going deaf or something because i seriously can’t hear a thing” you turn back just in time to see yoongi shoving one of yOUR rolls into his mouth
“did you just-“ yoongi wipes a dot of mayo off from the corner of his mouth and then swallows
you look down at your roll and count in your head
you only ate 1
but 3 of them are missing
you look up at yoongi slowly and he takes a sip of water
“…yOU!!! you THIEF!!!! that’s not fair now you have to give me two of yours so we’re even” you reach over with your chopsticks and gawk at yoongi when he blocks your chopsticks with his own
“you don’t have any proof”
“i saw you with my own eyes yoONGI”
next thing you know the two of you are fighting with your chopsticks and using them like swords
it’s when a droplet of soy sauce almost stains yoongi’s dress shirt that he stops whacking his chopsticks with yours and holds a hand out to stop you
“tell you what-“ he leans forward as if negotiating some sort of business deal “you give me your dragon roll.” and then he doesn’t say anything else
“that’s it. you just give me your dragon roll.” the playful glint in yoongi’s eyes tells you he’s just kidding but you can’t help but scowl at him anyways
“you’re a lousy negotiator how the hell’d you become a ceo??” you end up sacrificing your dragon roll and yoongi gives you his spicy tuna roll which honestly is also pretty good
at the end it’s worth it to see yoongi humming happily as he chews thoughtfully
he’s so cute uWu
yoongi, to put it bluntly
is completely and utterly fucked 
he like
kind of wants to bring up what happened between you two
but he also doesn’t know how
because he’s never been in thiS kind of situation before
so the kiss is kind of just a thing that’s been hanging in the air but the two of you act like nothing happened
all this relationship drama makes him feel like he’s in high school again
he just!!!!!!! wants to do something!!!!!!!! but he doesn’t know what to do!!!!!!!!
so when yoongi gets an email about the yearly company gala
a lightbulb appears above his head
“y/n i need you in my office” yoongi walks past your desk and into his office and you quickly spoon the rest of your rice into your mouth before wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and going in
“what’s up? um, i mean- what can i help you with?” you clear your throat and lick over your teeth in case there’s any food stuck in between your teeth
yoongi sits down and leans back against his chair while keeping his eyes on you
“you’re coming with me to the gala tomorrow night”
oh what
you squint your eyes slightly and wait for him to be like lolz just kidding get back to work
but he never does that
you’ve never been to a company gala before
your old boss had a wife so it’s not like he had to ask you to accompany him
“you- me? you want me to come with you to the “
“we’ll leave after work tomorrow, so make sure you bring something nice to change into.” yoongi’s flipping through some papers on his desk and he reaches up to lick his finger before swiping to the next page
“sir, you don’t think it’s a little bit-“ your phone rings outside and you turn to look at the door before looking back at yoongi “-it’s a little bit weird for you to be showing up with your secreta-“
“go and pick up the phone. might be an important call.”
okay well
apparently you’re going to a gala now
tomorrow comes a lot sooner than you thought it would because the next thing you know work is over and you’re changing in the disabled washroom with jimin as your lovely assistant
“c’mon, suck it in” jimin grits his teeth as he tugs at the zipper of your dress “i told you to go for that blue one”
it’s a little black dress
off the shoulder
sweetheart neckline
it ends a little above your knees
“but i’ve never worn this dress before and i wanted to take it out for a spin!!” you wiggle your hips to try and help jimin and he lets out a breath of relief when he finally gets the zipper to zip up in one smooth movement
now you know why you’ve never worn this dress before
it’s so damn tiGHt
well honestly it’s not that bad but it’s just,, tighter than things you usually wear
at least your boobs look perkier
“if you bend down, this thing is going to bust open” jimin snorts and bends down to help you into your heels and he scowls when you put your hand on top of his head to keep yourself from toppling over
“how does it look?”
“it looks good, you look sexy” and sure you’re just friends with jimin but that comment gets your cheeks to flush a little bit and you can’t help but bite back with a “keep it in your pants, park” and he raises his hands in defence
“alright, you go and enjoy yourself at a fancy ball while i go home and pig out in front of the TV” jimin sighs dramatically and you laugh but give him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the washroom
you keep your eyes down as you click past the cubicles because you can feel everyone just staring at you and you hear jimin go like “i know her ass looks good but keep talking about her like that and i’ll knock u out” in the distance
you knock on the door to yoongi’s office and let yourself in and
you see yoongi wear suits everyday but for some reason tonight he looks ten times more expensive
his hair is styled to perfection
his lips look extra pouty and when he licks over his bottom lip and moistens it you audibly swallow
there isn’t even one wrinkle on his shirt
not only does he look sexy he also smELLS sexy
the entire room just smells like yoongi
he’s on the phone and is scribbling something down so he doesn’t notice you yet
“yes, i hope to hear from you soon.” he has his phone sandwiched in between his shoulder and his ear as he adjusts his cufflinks and woW you are totally heart eyes emoji right now “take care.” he hangs up and gets up from his seat while looking for his keys “ready to go?”
“yep! let’s get a move on because i don’t know how long my feet are going to last in these heels”
yoongi’s hand stops searching and his eyes flicker to your heels and then his eyes slowly trail up your legs and the rest of your body
“you clean up nicely” is all he can say because words cannot describe,,, how sexy you look to him right now
okay calm down yoongi find ur keys don’t gawk at ur secretary
he finds his keys and tucks them into his back pocket but then he’s like oH hold on before i forget come here
and he rummages through his bag and pulls out a velvet box from fuckign cartier
“this is for you. for tonight.” he opens it and your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of this gorgeous diamond necklace and you don’t even get a chance to protest before yoongi’s taking it out and moving behind you to help you clasp it on
you reach up and pinch the diamond charm between your fingers and then you turn to look at him over your shoulder and you’re like yoongi i can’t just accept a diamond necklace from u
“fine i’ll take it out of your paycheque”
“i’m kidding i’m kidding c’mon let’s go”
the car ride there consists of you humming and bopping along to whatever song is playing on the radio
yoongi calls you out on not knowing the lyrics and you’re like u know whAt i could just leave you at this gala thing and go home
“then i’ll fire you”
“you’re mean”
“i’ve been called worse.”
“by who??”
“by yoU”
when you guys get to the gala
all you can say is woW because WOW
you’re parked across the street from this huGe mansion that literally looks like the white house
“a bug is going to fly into your mouth if you keep gawking like that” yoongi places a hand on the small of your back and walks you across the street and you feel all tingLy
“are you kidding me yoongi do you sEE this place it’s HUGE”
“there are like 1000 people here of course it’s huge”
that just adds to your anxiety
you clutch your purse tightly when you see some very veRy fancy looking people walk past you and into the building
you really don’t belong here
and it seems like yoongi can read your mind
“don’t worry, y/n. i’ll be glued to your side all night.”
“and why is that?”
“so i can make sure you don’t accidentally knock something expensive over.” the two of you make your way up the stairs and your feet are already beginning to throb from your stilettos
“you know what i’m not thAt clumsy” right as you finish saying that you stumble a little over your heels and yoongi’s grip around your waist immediately tightens
“…you were saying?”
you clear your throat and grab his arm and drag him into the building
this is…. this interior looks like it was ripped straight out of some kind of fairytale
huge glass chandeliers
marble columns
waiters and waitresses evErywhere
their uniforms look more expensive than your entire existence
and then you spot it
the f o o d table
“oh my god i see tiny baby sandwiches” you gasp and immediately head for the sandwiches and but yoongi grabs your wrist and tugs you backwards “whAt are you doing i’m so hungry i’m going to eat like 100 of those let me gO- “
“mr min! it’s so nice to see you!” you shut up immediately when the two of you are approached by an older looking couple and you put on your polite smile
“mr lee. it’s nice to see you again.” yoongi gives him a firm handshake and then turns to his wife “mrs lee- looking lovely, as per usual.”
“still charming, i see!” and you’re tempted to be like lol yooNgi??? charming??? wheRE
“and who’s this lovely lady?” the man smiles at you and you’re like whoops time to introduce myself
“oh, i’m y/n! i’m mr min’s secreta-“
“date. she’s my date.” yoongi wraps an arm around your waist and draws you in nice and close and you’re like ! ? ! ?
y/n.exe has stopped working
okay okay coolcoolcool keep it casual nice and casual
anyways you shake the guy's hand and you shake his wife’s hand too and offer her a smile
“gorgeous necklace! who gave it to you?”
time to keep it casual
“yoongi did!” you pat his chest gently “he knows i have expensive taste even though i’m only worth like 50 cents and a pack of instant ramen.” everyone laughs and yoongi laughs along too but he’s not really focused because he’s just so,,, entranced by you
you’re so unbelievably charming and witty
and god you look good tonight
you look like a million bucks even though you told him you got your dress for 70% off the original price
“could you excuse us for a second? i need some alcohol in my system otherwise i don’t know if i’ll be able to survive tonight.” you excuse yourself and yoongi from the couple and link your arm with his and now he’s like ! ? ! ?
“buddy system, yoongi. you can’t lose me in this crowd otherwise you’ll have to find a new secretary.”
“i don’t see the problem with that.” he earns a slap on the arm for that comment and he can’t help but smile at the way you scowl at him
you hand yoongi a flute of champagne and pick one up for yourself and the two of you clink glasses before taking a sip
this shit tastes frickin expensive
it’s like liquid gold
you’d drink the whole bottle if alcohol poisoning wasn’t a thing
“you should take me to more of these things” you hum and take another sip before wiping off a bit of your lip gloss staining the rim of the glass
“and why is that?”
“not only am i greAt at charming people i also happen to really really like champagne” you tsk and yoongi laughs lightly
“charming people? ah, yes. as proven by what you said when we first met.” 
“okay but if you weren’T min yoongi and you were some other person you totally would’ve thought what i said was charming”
the two of you spend the next half an hour just talking to each other
you’re having such a good time
yoongi’s a great person to talk to and with every passing minute you find your fondness of him growing and growing
and with alcohol running through your veins you feel,,, a tad more confident
the buzz makes you feel giDDY
so you reach over and fix a strand of yoongi’s hair “i didn’t know this was a date, by the way.”
yoongi’s not surprised that you’re touchy when you’re tipsy
“what are you talking about?”
“i thought i was here as your secretary!!!!”
“you’ve never been on a date before and i’m a good samaritan who loves giving to charities”
“wha- i’VE BEEN on a dATE BEFore!!!” you scowl and yoongi rolls his eyes playfully “okay well it was more like a hangout with a bunch of friends but i really liked the guy and i think he liked me back and you know what he sat next to me when we were watching a movie so-“
“you don’t have to come up with a crazy story to try and convince me that you’ve gone on a date - this is your first date, and it’s with me.” he shrugs and downs the rest of his champagne “i have to go and talk to someone, will you be alright alone?”
“why can’t i come with you?” you whine and lean against yoongi a little and you’re a little too tipsy to notice his cheeks flare up
“because they’re all going to look at you like a piece of meat and i’d rather that didn’t happen.” you look over your shoulder and see a round table with a bunch of older men
your heart feels a lil fuzzy at the realisation that yoongi is,,, being very very protective of u
yoongi hands you another flute of champagne and sets your empty glass down “you’ll be fine in the VIP section just enjoy the drinks and don’T move from this spot”
“but i don’t wanna stand here-“
“i’ll only be like 10 minutes, you whiney baby. here-” when you open your mouth to speak he pops an olive puff into your mouth and then pats your cheek and slips past you
you want to pout but it’s hard doing that when there’s foOd in your mouth so you just watch yoongi as he walks away
of course he turns back to glance at you and gives you a warning look that says if you move from ur spot i’ll shank you
you hate being alone at parties and now you’re alone at this fancy gala
so you resort to your usual solution
scrolling through your phone while standing by the food and drinks
about five minutes pass and you’re already getting bored of the tetris game you’re playing
and then you hear two voices belonging to two girls and they’re standing a little distance behind you
“you think she fucked mr min so she could come here? i bet i could’ve fucked him better.”
oh hELL no
you would nEVER do something like that to get a job you’ve always believed in earning a position through hard work and determination
you want to turn your head and look at the two girls and confront them but you also want to hear what else they have to say
“oh, definitely. what a slut! fucked her way to the goddamn top. that’s how this business works when you’re desperate, i guess.”
you’re clutching your flute of champagne so tightly that your knuckles are starting to get white and you’re surprised the glass hasn’t cracked from the pressure
you can feel your entire face burning up with humiliation and you try to calm yourself by taking a sip of champagne but even good ol bubbly can’t help you
this was a mistake
you should have turned down yoongi
“the point is that she doesn’t belong here. especially in the VIP section with us??”
they’re right!!!! u don’t belong here!!!!!!! you are noWhere as rich and successful as these people,,,, you’re tempted to just ditch yoongi and go home
“that dress was a choice. this isn’t a strip club, honey.”
“god, look at her necklace. there’s no way a fucking secretary could afford that shit. how many times did she suck him off for him to give it to her?” the blonde snorts to herself - and raises an eyebrow in your direction
the introduction of a third voice makes you perk up
because that voice belongs to yoongi
he stands in front of them with his hands clasped behind his back
“zero times, actually. i suggest keeping your assumptions - which are all wrong, by the way - to yourselves.” yoongi smiles and tilts his head and the two of them go pale and exchange glances before looking down at the ground
it’s almost eery how calm and composed he is when he goes “miss cho, miss pak -  i can destroy your pathetic little cupcake company with one phone call. have a good night, ladies.”
he walks over to you and you’re like >:-) when you see the security guards guiding the two girls out
“thanks for doing that”
“i don’t know what you’re talking about” yoongi downs the rest of his drink and sets it down on the table before taking your champagne and putting it down as well
“you didn’t have to be so mean about it, though”
“i still don’t know what you’re talking about.” he pauses “and yes, i did have to be mean about it. i never really enjoyed these gatherings, anyway. let’s get some ice cream.”
“don’t you still have business to tend to?” you gesture back to the table of men
yoongi shrugs “they’ll call me if they need anything”
you nod slowly and look around one last time “i thought you didn’t like sweet things though”
yoongi is very tempted to say even tho he doesn’t like sweet things he certainly likes you but
the cheesiness of it all makes his entire soul criNGE
“i can make an exception”
he google maps if there are any ice cream places near the event and luckily there’s one about a six-minute walk away
and so the two of you begin the mini trek
you should have brought your cardigan with you
you underestimated how breezy it gets late at night
yoongi obviously notices this and proceeds to take his suit jacket off before wrapping it around you
you turn and give yoongi a smile even though he’s looking straight ahead
“don’t look at me like that”
“like what?” you hum and link your arm with his and yoongi freezes for a millisecond at the contact
he grumbles something under his breath and you don’t bother asking him to repeat it
“sorry for forcing you to go to this dumb thing with me”
“it’s okay, i had fun! plus you’re treating me to an ice cream in four minutes time so that makes everything worth it”
a comfortable silence falls between the two of you
and it’s just the sound of your heels clicking against the pavement mixed in with the occasional car driving by
goD his suit jacket smells like him and it’s making you feel all woozy
when you get to the cute ice cream parlour yoongi opens the door for you like a true gentleman would and when you give him a little curtsey in thanks he can’t help but roll his eyes playfully while the tiniest of smiles tugs at the corners of his mouth
you’re adorable
and if it’s even possible you become even more adorable at the sight of the large selection of flavours of ice cream there is
“oH MY god red velvet cake ice cream??” your nose is practically pressed up against the glass and your eyes are big and sparkly
there are only like one or two other people in the parlour at this hour and yoongi’s glad because that gives the two of you at least a lil bit of privacy
he looks around a little and turns his attention back to the ice creams
“CINNAMON BUN FLAVOURED- you shouldn’t have taken me here boss the sun is going to come up before i make a decision” you shake your head and tsk and yoongi laughs at that “what flavour are you thinking of getting?”
“i was just going to get the low-fat low sugar vanilla frozen yogurt.”
“oh bOO c’mon live a little grandpa” you snort and shuffle a little to scan over the other flavours
“it’s not my fault-“ yoongi pauses and squints his eyes “-apple pie ice cream sounds like the nastiest thing in the world”
“how about you go and get us some seats and i’ll choose your flavour”
“if you don’t like it then i’ll let you get your low-fat low-sugar low-fun stupid vanilla frozen yogurt” you negotiate and yoongi’s like okay finE i guess
he’s about to reach into his wallet but you stop him and you’re like nope it’s mY treat go and find us a booth
of course before he goes and finds the two of you a seat he makes sure to slip the cashier a couple of bills and is like i’m covering for whatever she picks out
yoongi decides to go with a lil booth in the back
just for a little more ~privacy~
and now that he has a moment to himself
oh my god what the fucK is happening to him
he doesn’t do ice cream??
he doesn’t do arm linking??
giving his jacket to someone because they’re cold??? not his thing!!!! he ALWAYS puts himself first!!!!!!
but most importantly
he doesn’t do the whole
romAnce thing
like after the whole fiasco with lisa he was like lol i’m not going to put myself through thaT again and then you came along and RUINED everything by kissing him and making his heart go boom boom because he’s finally realising that you’re just so terribly sweet and nice and kind to him even tho he’s a grade A asshole most of the time
he literally can’t get you off his mind
he thinks of you before he goes to bed ( ;-) )
he thinks of you when he wakes up
and then he sees you most hours of the day and you’re always there with a bright smile and you’re like good morning boss! and he wants to EXPLODE because gosh darn it!!!! you are so cute!!!!!!
and now he’s having a crisis because right now in this stupid ice cream parlour at 1 in the morning he is realising that he 110% has feelings for you and wants to kiss the heck out of you
“i told you it was mY treat!!!!” yoongi snaps himself out of it when you slide into the booth to sit next to him and usually yoongi would be like um,,,,, why are you sitting next to me it makes sense for u to sit across from me u idiot
he’ll.,,,,,… he can make an exception for u
you slide his cup over to him and yoongi blinks down at it
this…. multicoloured monstrosity with tiny baby marshmallows and sprinkles and chocolate syrup on top
“what flavour is this?? diabetes??” yoongi frowns and twists the cup around a couple times to look at it from all angles
“haha, very funny” you stick a spoonful of your ice cream into your mouth (u went with blueberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream) “it’s birthday cake flavoured! it’s wild but it’s not toO wild”
“you call this not too wild??” yoongi takes a small scoop “i can tell u right now i’m not going to like this because birthday cake is a cake it doesn’t belong in an ice cream” he puts it into his mouth
and you watch him as he processes the many flavours swirling around in his mouth
o shit
dis shit is gud
“…eh” he shrugs “it’s passable”
you reach out to take his cup “i can always eat it for you and get you your froyo if you “ yoongi slaps your hand away from his cup and glares at you
and in your head you’re like lolz i toLd you so
“you wanna try some of mine?” you offer him a spoonful and yoongi takes it almost immediately
“i like mine better” he shrugs and holds a spoonful up for you “try some.”
as you’re leaning in to take the spoon into your mouth yoongi’s pulling the spoon farther and farther away from you and he feels his heart go boom boom again when you pout and go yOOooOngi pls
you hum when he finally feeds you the spoonful and you don’t even realise your hand is on his thigh and you’re practically pressed up against him
there’s a moment of silence where the two of you kind of just stare at each other
you’re about to pull away when suddenly
a cartoon exclamation mark appears at the top of your head when yoongi leans in and presses his lips against yours
you want to whine when he pulls away like a second later but you compose yourself quickly
“you had some ice cream there” yoongi clears his throat and focuses his attention back on his ice cream
you’re tempted to smother ice cream all over your face if it means yoongi will kiss you again
yoongi’s eyes widen in surprise when you lean in and plant a kiss on his cheek
“you’re cute, you know that?” you murmur and yoongi grumbles that he’S not cute but his cheeks heat up anyway
the point is
you two are now realising
that you like each other
: )))
[screams into the void]
the car ride home is spent letting the radio fill the silence
your tummies are filled with ice cream
both your hearts feel warm and fuzzy (although that’s probably from the insane amount of sugar you guys consumed earlier)
yoongi parks in front of your driveway and is like c’mon i’ll walk u over
you kind of want to invite him in?? to talk about things?? like if he kissed u that must mean he likes you back but what if he’s only doing it because he still hung up over lisa and blah bLah
but for some reason u can’t find the courage because what if it’s true,,, that he’s only using you to get over lisa…. and you’re really enjoying this little bubble that the both of you are floating in right now…..
“i, uh, i’m just going to come out and say it” the two of you are standing by the entrance
you nod slowly and wait for him to continue
oh god
here it comes
he’s going to tell u he’s not looking for anything serious and then you’re going to have to deal with your romantic feelings for him for the rest of your life
“i had a lot of fun tonight, and i… i think i like you.”
you don’t even realise you’re holding your breath but all you can say is
“you like me or you like-like me????”
okay he’s going to ignore that question
yoongi literally feels like he’s in high school again he’s far too mature for this shit
“i liked you the day we met in the elevator and you unknowingly told me how much of an asshole i am, i liked you when you whined about getting my shitty sandwiches for me, i liked you when you made fun of me for not knowing how to tie my own tie the point is i like you and i like-like you. don’t… don’t make a big deal out of this i don’t have a lot of experience with confessions like this but i just need to know if you like me back or not”
yoongi feels his body beginning to cave in on itself when you stare at him like :0
he can’t even look you straight in the eye he’s just staring at the space behind you
“this is the part where you kiss me, yoongi”
he looks at you and he swallows thickly when you take a small step forward
usually he’s the one in power but right now you definitely hold the power over him
and then it happens
he leans down in one swift movement and presses his lips against yours
this is your third kiss with yoongi and it’s your seCOnd one with him toNIGHT
at first it’s a relatively innocent kiss
nice and slow
makes your heart flutter
but of course
the two of you know exactly where this is going
you feel your tummy doing summersaults when he grabs your hips and pulls you in closer
you wrap your arms around his neck loosely and grin when you feel his tongue prodding at your bottom lip and yoongi groans in his throat when you tangle your fingers in his hair and give him a little tug
“you wanna come in for some coffee or something?” you smooth down his collar and he presses a kiss to your mouth smartly
“…one cream one sugar?” you giggle and pull him in and the two of you stumble to the elevator
yoongi’s hands are aLL over you the moment you unlock your front door
your purse and your keys end up on the floor somewhere because you’re too preoccupied making out with yoongi while he presses you up against the wall
“i’ve wanted to rip this dress off of you the moment i saw you in it” your back arches so that he can unzip the back of your dress while he’s planting kisses to your neck and your shoulders
he lets out a throaty groan when he sees the lingerie you’ve got on underneath
you felt like tonight was an appropriate night to go full bougie so you treated yourself to some ~lingerie~
thank god you did
you gasp when you feel yoongi tug at your panties and you hear a couple threads snap so you slap his hand away
“yoongi!!! this wasn’t cheap!”
“i’ll buy you a new pair, fuck, i’ll buy you ten new pairs” yoongi groans against your neck and pushes his crotch into yours and you automatically forgive him
meanwhile you’re blindly unbuttoning his shirt
articles of clothing are tossed on the floor leading a trail to your bedroom
“you gonna be a good girl for me?” the bed bounces underneath your weight as yoongi gently pushes you onto the mattress
and goD he looks like sin standing above you and loosening his tie while looking down at you with dark eyes and swollen lips
“yes, daddy”
oh,,,,,,,, o oh my god
he wants to wreck you
“naughty little thing” he purrs then leans down to kiss you while slotting himself in between your legs
and the moan you let out when he rolls his hips against yours is something he’d want to listen to for the rest of his life it was possible
and then he’s leaving a trail of wet kisses down your neck and your chest and your stomach until his head is in between your legs
the coffee can definitely wait
; )
when he wakes up the next morning he’s surprised to see your chin propped up on his chest and you have the brightest smile on your face
“you like-like me”
yoongi groans and smacks you with a pillow to shut you up but he can still hear your muffled you like likE Me biTCH
the two of you get to work an hour late because yoongi decided he wanted to strip you out of your pencil skirt the second you changed into it
and everyone’s kind of like ?? what…… the..,.,.,.,fuuuuuu when the elevator doors open and they all catch a glimpse of you adjusting yoongi’s tie and yoongi leaning down to give you a kiss
you’re not sure if yoongi wants the entire office knowing about the two of you so you move to the side to let him walk out first but he grabs you and wraps an arm around your waist and walks the two of you out
and you’re like okay i guess this is a thing now
“good… morning, boss….”
“morning, sir…!”
yoongi pauses and turns back
“good morning, everyone. i hope you’ll all work hard today.”
and then he pushes you gently and the two of you continue walking down the hallway together
oh shit
yoongi just
yoongi just said good morning back
and now everyone’s even more confused because literally whose mans is this
you push his hand back up to your hip when you feel it sliding down a little and you retaliate by pinching his bicep
yoongi smiles and pinches your hip
you turn and look over your shoulder and it looks like the entire office is staring at the two of you like they’re just crowded around the beginning of the hallway
and jimin’s in the front like THAT’S. MY. BEST. FRIEND. Y’ALL. and he blows a silent air kiss to you and you blow one right back
you love life
min yoongi and y/n y/l/n
b i g  d i c k  e n e r g y
yoongi joins you on one of your morning coffee runs because you spent the night at his place so he was like i might as well get coffee with u instead of u walking over here twenty minutes after we get to work
and ah
thIS is jungkook
handsome guy
he can see the appeal
“morning, kook” jungkook perks up when he sees you
you turned jungkook down one morning when he plucked up the courage to ask you if you wanted to grab dinner and see a movie sometime
he was heartbroken for like one minute but when you said goodbye and gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek and told him if yoongi was out of the picture u definitely would’ve ended up with him and he was like :-)))))
the two of you are good friends and he gives you discounts sometimes
“morning, y/n! i’m guessing you’re here for the usua……l…..” and then his eyes very slowly,,, trail over to yoongi who’s standing next to you
he can feel his fiery gaze through his sunglasses
“throw in a cake pop. kook.” yoongi coughs and gestures to the cake pops in the display case
jungkook almost shits himself at how intimidating yoongi is
“y-yessir. right on it… sir.”
after you pay for everything and go over to wait you turn to yoongi and you’re like stop staring at jungkook you’re scaring him
and yoongi’s just like >:-) on the inside because he loves scaring people
when jungkook hands the coffee over to you his grip around the cups are so tight you’re surprised the lids haven’t popped off them
“thanks kookie” you take the paper bag from him and shove your elbow into yoongi’s side because jungkook isn’t staring at you he’s basically staring at the counter
“yeah. thanks, kookie.” yoongi offers a smirk and jungkook’s just in a state of [E N DM YS U F F E R I N G]
you give jungkook an extra large tip to make up for yoongi’s presence
even though you and yoongi are officially together that doesn’t mean you can slack off during work
and you learn this the hard way
sometimes you and jimin are too lazy to text each other so you end up calling him
he moved to a bigger cubicle thanks to you and it’s in a more ~secluded~ area because you know he works best in privacy
“oh my god jimin the other night he fucked me so hard he nearly broke my bed like i woke up this morning and i found a crack in the headboard but honestly i don’t even care because he made me cum like three times and i am so sorry but mr min’s schedule is booked up for the next week i’m afraid i can’t slot you in until next month! yes, goodbye!” you clear your throat and hang up and look up at yoongi who is currently looking down at you with a very amused smile on his face
“…hi boss” your voice cracks and you clear your throat quickly
“miss y/l/n. who was that?”
“oh,,, just some… guy… calling about a meeting… did you…. need anything?”
yoongi shrugs and shakes his head “i’ll be in my office”
but of course
because he’s yoongi
he can’t help himself and he stops before going into his office
“i made you cum four times. if you’re going to gossip at least get the details right. tell jimin to get back to work. and i’m still waiting for the revised copy of the contract that you said you’d type up an hour ago.”
maybe u and jimin should go back to texting
“i have parts of it revised but i-“
“got distracted?” yoongi’s eyes flicker towards the phone “don’t let it happen again.”
“buT jimin was the one who-“
“don’t blame other people for your own crippling procrastination.” your cheeks burn up and you let out a huff because yoongi’s turned into an asshole boss again
“pizza at my place tonight? we’ll leave at 5.” yoongi swoops down and steals a kiss from you and you’re like hoW do you go from asshole boss yoongi to boyfriend yoongi so quickly “you’re sleeping over again, by the way.”
you cup his cheeks and keep him awkwardly bent over so you can give him another soft kiss and he hums
“you owe me a new headboard, mister” you boop his nose and he swats your hands away before standing up and adjusting his tie “the main reason why i’m sleeping over is because i’m scared that if i lie down on my bed it’ll snap in half”
“you know, you could always just move into my place, baby. i want the contract in the next ten minutes or you’re working overtime.” yoongi leaves you with that comment and goD HE’S SUCH A..,.,.,., he’S SUCH a yOONGI
even before you and yoongi got together he always stressed the importance of not disrupting any of his meetings
there are a couple exceptions like that time he told you ‘you hAve to tell me when mr kim calls’ and when you did you got in trouble for it (he apologised about that and admitted - he only did it because he liked watching you get all riled up)
yoongi cut your lunch break short because he wanted you to re organize your desk (which was something that you were going to get to aFter lunch) so yA you were feeling a little salty because you were really enjoying your noodles
and yoongi’s in the middle of a meeting right now but you just came up with another exception
yoongi’s leaning back against his chair and keeping his eyes trained on the gentlemen currently talking about the stock market and recent increases and decreases
thank god he has resting bitch face all the time otherwise it’d be obvious that yoongi was boRed out of his fuckign mind
his phone buzzes on the table and the guy falters for a second but continues to speak when yoongi waves his hand
it’s a text from you that just says : )
but something that’s more interesting
there’s a picture attached to the text
it’s probably just a meme you found off your Facebook feed
he should text you and tell you to get back to work
plus the guy isn’t even paying attention to yoongi he’s too busy explaining his pie charts
so yoongi technically isn’t being thAt rude
he unlocks his phone and opens the message app and
oh god
definitely not a meme
it’s a picture of u with your top unbuttoned exposing a sexy little bralette that definitely is not appropriate work wear
he didn’t see you put that on this morning whEn did youyou must’ve changed during work no wonder you took longer than usual to come back with his coffee
yoongi swallows thickly and lowers the brightness on his screen but looks back up at the presentation
he’s looking at pie charts but all he can think about is how badly he wants you over his desk
you’re slightly concerned when you see that yoongi’s left your message on read
maybe this was a bad idea
maybe you pushed it too far this time
you were probably going to get in a lot of trouble
you’re chewing on your nails nervously but you’re like noPe i’m not going to overthink it and you set your phone down
it feels like a million years have passed when the meeting finally ends
you peek out from behind your desk when you hear yoongi walking down the hallway
and you feel a twinge of disappointment and humiliation when he walks past you and straight into his office
and then
it happens
“miss y/l/n. i’d like to see you in my office for a second.” and he has thAt look in his eye so you know you’re in a different kind of trouble
instead of complying ur like oOf you know what i’m kind of in the middle of something i’m sorting out your-
“that was very clearly an order and not a question” and he disappears into the office and you’re just having the time of your LIFE
yoongi ends up fucking you on his desk with your skirt bunched up to your hips and your shirt completely unbuttoned so he can see this barely there bralette for himself
and you’re pretty sure he has a thing for your heels because he makes you keep them on
he has his hands pressed flat on the desk next to your head while your legs wrap themselves around his waist
“naughty baby, sending me a picture like that in the middle of a meeting…” yoongi growls and pushes your legs down and you let out a mewl at the pure pleasure coursing through your veins “say you’re sorry and i might let you cum”
“i’m- oh, god - i-i’m not sorry, though” even when you’re getting fuCked out of your mind you’re cocky and yoongi wants to fuck that smirk off your face
he delivers a particularly hard thrust that hits you right there and makes your back arch and your eyes roll to the back of your head
“i’m sorry - what was that? didn’t hear you, princess” and then he’s hitting that spot over and over and over and ovEr again and you’re gripping onto the edge of the table so hard you’re worried you’re going to snap a chunk off
“yoOngaaH! i’m s- i’m sorry i’msorryi’msorryplease i’m s so sorry” yoongi lets his head drop and he bites down on your shoulder as you claw down his back over his shirt
“good girl.”
this is like a 200 pound mahogany desk but he’s fucking you with such fervour that it begins to tremble underneath the two of you
after your mind blowing orgasm the last thing you expect is for him to turn you around and bend you over so your chest is pressed against the desk
yoongi bends down over you and you shiver when you feel his mouth against your ear
“you’re not getting away that easily” you whimper and the next thing you know yoongi is shoving his tie into your mouth to shut you up because he knoWs how loud you get when you’re overstimulated
he doesn’t bother teasing and pushes himself all the way in and lets his head drop to your back and just lets out this gutteral grOan
when you leave his office you’re all flushed and your shirt is wrinkled and buttoned wrong but yoongi isn’t any better
his hair is a mess and his shirt is mostly unbuttoned revealing the milky expanse of his chest that’s littered with splotches of your lipstick
he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you in to plant a kiss on your cheek and then pats your bum and tells you to get back to work
one time you were going down on him and you freeze when you hear someone knock on the door so he makes you hide under his desk
it's jimin and he's like u..uh hey boss have u seen y/n?? i have to ask her to file this document for me but i haven't seen her anywhere
yoongi jolts when he feels you take him into your mouth again and he tangles his fingers in your hair when you start bobbing your head slowly
“sorry jimin, haven't seen her. come back in like... 20 minutes."
and jimin’s like okay yes sir and he shuts the door
after it’s all over jimin sEES YOU leaving yoongi’s office and he’s like oh y/n i was just looking for-
but yoongi said he didn’t see you and
you were in his office and
your lipstick is smudg,,,,ed,,,,….., your hair.,,.,.., is kind of tousled,,, more tousled than usual…..
you and jimin are kind of having a stare off and you’re waiting for it to happen
and five seconds later it hits him
when he opens his mouth you slap a hand over it and you’re like i’ll buY YOUR LUNCH FOR THE NEXT WEEK just don’T SAY ANYTHING
jimin’s like no i don’t give a shit about you going down on him at work what i’M freaked out about is the fact that he seemed so calm and composed while you were sucking him off
min yoongi is a man of many talents and one of them is being able to hold a poker face for eternity
you unfortunately are not as talented at keeping it cool as your boyfriend
which is something he both loves and hates about you
tonight yoongi’s working late again which means that you have to stay late too
you don’t hAve to but,,,, you like to keep yoongi company and also being completely alone while he’s working forces you to actually do your damn job
“who are you calling?” yoongi steps out of his office and tugs his tie loose before rolling up his sleeves
“mr jung’s secretary- if he’s ever going to pick up the damn phone. i’m trying to reschedule your meeting with mr jung because it overlaps with your meeting with mr kim this coming thursday.” you don’t even look at yoongi when you speak and scribble something down on a post it note before sticking it on your wall calendar
“which mr kim?”
“the…” you pause to think “the one with the hair” you gesture to the top of your head
“…they both have hair”
“i know i know i’m saying this one is the one with the blonde- hi! hi, i’m miss y/l/n, secretary of mr min yoongi. i’m so sorry for calling so late into the night but i just needed to…”
he loves watching you work so hard
his little busy bee
yoongi grabs the arm of your chair and swivels you around so you’re facing him and you give him a look that says what do u want i’m busy
your eyes almost pop out of their sockets when yoongi drops to his knees and settles in between your legs
“of course, i can wait for a minute-“ the second the secretary puts you on hold you put a hand over the receiver (just in case he can still hear you) “yoongi, no!!”
“yoongi, yes.” your body automatically listens to him as he taps the side of your thigh for you to sit up a little so he can push your skirt up
“i’m on the phone, yoongi. you can’t do this right now just give me like three minutes” you hiss but your legs naturally spread for him and he just smirks up at you and is like mmmmm your body is telling me otherwise
you reach over and push the speaker button and then hang up the phone and thank god the secretary still has you on hold because you are using a range of very colourful words to scold your boyfriend
“i’ve called mr jung’s office before- his secretary puts you on hold for like ten minutes you’ll be fine” you don’t know how he does it but the next thing you know your panties are gone and your boss/boyfriend’s head is buried in between your legs
“oh goD yoongi please don’t stop” you whimper
his fingers dig into the meat of your thigh so he can keep your legs spread because you keep twiTCHINg
“hello?” you want to scream when the holding music turns off and the secretary comes back on
“yoongi stoP you have to stop” you gasp and arch your back against the chair and yoongi’s hand snakes up to push against your tummy
“pick up the phone and do your job” yoongi presses a kiss on your inner thigh before giving you a small nip and you thank the lords above he’s going to let you take this call first
yoongi leans back a little and fixes his hair
“hi, yes, hello” you’re a little breathless as you unmute yourself and you clear the throat
“i’m having a little trouble with the scheduling here. mr jung can only do thursday next week, otherwise i’ll have to pencil you in for next month.”
“he can’t do friday or anything?”
you give yoongi a warning look when he begins pressing a trail of warm kisses from the inside of your knee to your inner thigh
“i don’t think so.”
“when does his- oH” you nearly bite your tongue off when yoongi suddenly attaches his mouth to your clit and your fingers immediately tangle themselves in his hair
“sorry, what was that? didn’t catch you.”
“his- whendoeshislastmeetingonthursdayend??”
“uh.. hold on, let me check here…”
you bite down on the inside of your cheek and your head flops back against your chair as you focus on the ceiling and try your hardest not to moan
yoongi can’t help but smirk when the smallest of whimpers slips past your lips
it’s when hE lets out a low moan against you that you gasp loudly and your toes curl in your heels
“his last meeting ends at 6:30 that day how about mr min?”
“five forty fiVE” yoongi throws one of your legs over his shoulder and oh my goD you want to die this feels amazing and you can’t make any sounds and your body is currently telling you that hEY i’M ABOUT TO HAVE AN ORGASM
so that puts you in a panic because there’s no way you’re going to cum and have a normal conversation with a stranger so “you know what give me five minutes to reorganise mr min’s schedule and i’ll call you right back”
you hang up the call and the next thing you know you’re seeing stars and yoongi’s name keeps slipping past your lips in the form of whimpers and moans and yoongi is just soaking it aLL up
“that was a close call, no?” yoongi looks up at you from in between your legs and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand
“i hate you.”
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inkjam-moon · 2 years ago
Instincts (M)
Tumblr media
Summary: Who wants a snow leopard as a pet? No one, and  you don’t want to be a pet, but the day before you’re supposed to be euthanized you’ll take what you can get; a nice enough man, but something about him seems off.
Pairing: Snow Leopard!Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, FLUFF, hybrid AU
Word Count: 8.3k
TW: Death mention, kidnapping, masturbation, rutting, heats, doggystyle, light dirty talk, breeding talk, rough sex, multiple orgasms, virgin!Jimin
They all walk right past you. They see what you are and immediately move on. No one wants a leopard hybrid as a pet. No matter how cute you act, or how small and harmless you make yourself look, they all leave, they move onto the actually harmless puppies and kittens and rabbits that are cuddly and soft and sweet. No one wants what's known on the news as ‘dangerous’.
You gave up caring a while ago, and you know the shelter gave up as well, your thirteenth shelter, so much so that tomorrow you’re meant to be euthanized. It’s stupid honestly, that one little law change could you affect you in such a way. You’re seen as something to be owned instead of a real person; and if someone doesn’t adopt you today, you won’t even be that.
You sit in the back of your cage with your knees pulled into your chest, silent tears slipping down your cheeks as you watch the hours tick by, knowing it’s pointless to hope. As people walk by, they peek into your cage, but when they read your information tag, they smile sadly and continue walking, oohing and ahhing at whoever’s in the cage next to you.
You know nothing’s going to change, so you don’t even move to acknowledge the humans that do linger at your cage, trying to get your attention. You wallow in your self pity until your ears twitch as you pick up the sound of your least favorite volunteer, Haeun.
“...We have plenty of other nicer hybrids sir.”
“I want to see her.” The man insists.
“Very well.” Then Haeun appears in front of your cage with a man. He looks strange; a bit chubby with a mask over his mouth and a hat pulled down low over his eyes. His eyes… something about them seems off. “Here she is. This is Y/N, our snow leopard hybrid.”
“Hey girl.” He whispers, sticking his fingers through the cage.
“I wouldn’t do that.” Haeun scolds. “She has a tendency to scratch.”
You hiss, but it’s directed at Haeun, not the man and he knows that. Him you move closer to, trying to get a better look at; something about him screams ‘fake’.
He observes you closely, probably taking in the sight of your tear stained cheeks as his face softens. “Do you want to come home with me?” He asks. Your eyes light up at the prospect and you grab the bars of your cage nodding. The man seems nice enough, and he’s plump so he’ll probably feed you well. And more than anything, you want to live. “Alright, let’s go.”
Haeun scoffs. “Are you sure you want this one?”
The man glares at her. “Don’t you have a job to do? Open the cage.”
Haeun rolls her eyes, but relents, taking the key off her belt and unlocking the door to your cage, freeing you for the first time in what feels like years. You tentatively step out, wanting to make sure it’s actually real. Haeun goes to slap a leash on your chain collar, but the man stops her.
“I don’t think that’s necessary, do you?”
“It’s protocol.” She spits.
“Skip protocol for once.”
“Whatever. You have to put one on before you leave.”
“That’s fine. Do you have any collars for sale?”
Haeun sighs. “This way. We have to finish your registration first.” She walks out into the lobby and the man allows you to go first, following behind you closely. It doesn’t take much time to complete your registration, and when all the paperwork is over, Haeun leads you both over to the shop with collars and leashes and toys.
“Pick whichever one you want.” The man says, pointing to the collars. You have to admit, the thought of actually getting out of this place and having a human to call your own makes your stomach flutter. You’d never been one to crave ownership, but being alone for so long, so deep into the pit of despair, this small flicker of hope has a shred of light peek through your dark heart.
You observe the collars closely, finally deciding on a white leather collar with a heart charm dangling from it. You point to it and the man nods in agreement.
“The white one please.”
Haeun scoffs again. “That one’s pretty expensive.”
“It doesn’t matter. Here.” The man slaps his credit card on the counter. “Ring it up. And get the matching leash for it too.”
Haeun obliges with an expression of scorn, ringing it up and then handing him the receipt to sign. She grabs the collar and leash, handing it to him in exchange for the receipt. He pretty much throws the receipt at her which makes you giggle, and when she gets it, she clears her throat.
“Um, excuse me. Are you leaving a tip in cash? There isn’t one on here.”
“Because you don’t deserve it.” The man’s eyes light up with a smirk, making Haeun gasp and storm away from the counter. The man turns to you and removes your cold chain collar, letting it hit the floor with a harsh clank before holding up the white one to you. “Turn for me?” You nod, turning around and pulling your hair out of the way as he fastens the leather around your neck. “Is that too snug?” He asks when he’s finished. You shake your head and turn back to face him. “Wow, what a pretty kitty you are.” You can see his smile reach his eyes, his face still hidden behind his mask as he fastens the matching leash to your collar. “Let’s get you home, yeah?”
You nod enthusiastically and he leads you out of the shelter and across the parking lot to his car. He lets you sit in the front seat, which is unusual to you. Maybe this man treats hybrids like humans? The prospect excites you.
It’s a bit of a drive back to the man’s house, he lives deep in the mountains of Gangwon Province near Taebaek Mountain, but the high altitude and cold climate suit your needs perfectly. Finally you’ll get to run around in the snow again, that’s all you really want.
As you drive, you doze off in the passenger seat, only waking up when the man gently shakes your shoulder, stating that you’ve arrived at your destination. You sit up and look out the car window to see snow capped peaks surrounding you. You look at the man for permission and he nods, unlocking the car so you can jump out and dive into a snow drift, squealing with glee.
“Alright, let’s get you settled, then you can come out and play.” The man laughs, helping you up out of the snow and leading you into his house. You take your shoes off and wait in the entryway for his instructions. He laughs and waves you over to the kitchen. “Do you want anything to drink? Water, juice, beer?”
“Water, please.” You answer, bowing your head a bit.
He nods and walks over to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water and then bringing it over to hand it to you. You accept it gratefully and twist off the top, taking a large swig as you watch the man. He takes off his hat, revealing a mess of fluffy blonde hair and… wait, ears? You nearly drop your bottle as you stare at the spotted white fur adorning the top of his head, fur that looks surprisingly similar to yours.
“You don’t talk much, do you?” He asks, ruffling his hair, his ears twitching.
“I-I was taught not to talk in a human’s presence unless asked.”
“Well,” He starts, taking off his jacket to reveal a long thick tail that was being used to puff up the inside of the jacket to make him appear chubby, when in reality, his white t shirt and black jeans cling to his lithe form, showing off his muscles quite nicely. “As you can tell, I’m not human, so no need for formalities noona.”
“N-noona?” You stare at the slowly transforming man before you, confused beyond belief.
“You don’t recognize me yet?” He inquires. “I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s been almost sixteen years.” The man walks over to the sink and messes with his face. He takes off his mask, but it isn’t until you see the contact lense case in his hand that you realize what he’s doing. No wonder his eyes looked so weird.
When he turns back to you, his eyes are the traditional greenish-yellow that are common amongst all snow leopards. It isn’t until you take in the features of his face; his plump lips, his crescent moon eye smile; that it hits you.
He smiles happily. “Hi noona.”
Your brain suddenly flashes back to the last time you saw him. You’re sitting outside by the swings as it snows, comforting Jimin after a few of your brother’s friends made fun of his ears for being too big. You hold him close, his tears finally having stopped as you comfort him with your purr, when a strange truck pulls up next to the park and a human man gets out.
Your brother, Jiwon, walks over to make sure Jimin’s okay, cursing his friends for being so rude, just as you see the tarp covering the truck bed lift up in the breeze, revealing a cage. The strange man walks closer and a low growl rumbles in your chest, alerting Jiwon that something’s wrong. His ears perk up and his head whips around to see the human. The two of you immediately move to stand in front of Jimin as protection; while your brother is sixteen and at least a little bit intimidating, you’re only eight, and while you’re tall for your age, you’re not that tall.
“Can I help you sir?” Jiwon asks the man as he comes to a halt in front of the three of you.
“I believe you might be able to yes.” The man snickers. “Are your parents around?”
Jiwon takes a deep breath before puffing out his chest. “They’ll be back in a second.” He lies. Your parents are at your house around the corner. They know where you are but they can’t see you.
Before you can register what’s happening, the man lunges forward and grabs both you and Jiwon by the scruffs of your necks, rendering you immobile as he yanks you in the direction of his truck. You let out an ear piercing scream as you and Jiwon try to wrench yourselves free. As the man tosses you into one of the cages, Jiwon manages to wrench free, but he doesn’t get very far as the man grabs his tail and pulls him back. You look up, terrified to see Jimin hasn’t moved an inch, and as soon as Jiwon is tossed into his own cage, the man’s attention turns to the cub.
“Jimin! Run!” You scream as the man sprints in his direction. At the sound of your voice, Jimin takes off up the sidewalk, and rounds the corner in the blink of an eye. The man shrugs and gets into his truck, starting it and pulling away as you and your brother cry out for help, the last thing you see before you disappear is Jimin’s head peeking out from behind the neighbors fence, terrified.
You forget about the water bottle in your hands, dropping it as you rush over, practically knocking Jimin over as you wrap yourself around him in a tight embrace. “Jimin!” Your voice cracks as tears of joy begin to slip down your cheeks.
Jimin hugs you back, his arms lifting you and carrying you over to the couch. He sits down, letting you sit in his lap when you refuse to let go as you soak his shirt with your emotions. He holds you tightly, rubbing your back soothingly in understanding.
“Do you even know how long it took me to find you?” He asks after a minute, his own voice breaking as he pulls your face back to look at you, his hand coming up to cup your cheek. “I never thought I’d see you again. I couldn’t help but think that they already…” He trails off as his thumb brushes a tear from your cheek.
Your lip trembles as you smile at him before burying your face in his neck as happy sobs wrack your body. You breathe deeply, both trying to calm yourself down, and trying to inhale as much of his scent as you can. A rumbling in your chest quickly turns into a loud purr, deep in your throat as you rub your cheek against Jimin’s, scenting him. He chuckles at your actions as he returns your purr, possibly even louder than your own as he pulls you as close as he can get you.
You were holding him much like this sixteen years ago when it all started. You lived on top of a snowy peak and your house was one of about six different families of snow leopards. You went to a school not far from your house where you were intermixed with humans and other species of hybrids. Everything was peaceful and you were all happy just living your lives until one of your human classmates father’s found out his child was in a school with no less than three snow leopard hybrids, and according to him, that was unacceptable.
About a week after your abduction, a law passed stating that hybrids were no longer people, they were animals and should be treated as such. A few days later, then man holding you captive sold you as a pet. You were nasty, you trashed the homes of the first few families that bought you and then bounced between shelters and families. This continued for sixteen years up until today when you were supposed to be euthanized for being ‘feral’. You weren’t feral, you just didn’t want to live as someone’s pet.
“I should’ve looked for you sooner. I should’ve tried harder. I shouldn’t have let them take you!” He mumbles into your hair.
“You were just a cub.” You remind him.
“So were you!” He whines. “But you protected me!”
“I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if anything happened to you.” You whisper, wrapping your arms tightly around Jimin, doing your best to soothe and calm him.
“I should’ve tried harder.” Jimin protests.
“Chim, you found me. You. No one else. You.”
“But Y/N-”
You silence him with your tail. “I don’t want to hear it.”
After a few moments, he whispers again. “I’m so glad I found you noona.”
You hum happily as you rest your face in the crook of his neck, your tears finally halting. You inhale deeply, only to realize that while the underlying scent is still one hundred percent Jimin, there’s an unfamiliar note lingering on top that you don’t recognize.
“You smell different…” You state, sitting up and looking down at Jimin from where you’re perched on his lap.
“I would hope so.” He affirms. “I did go through puberty while you were gone.”
He’s right. Jimin is no longer the sweet six year old you used to babysit. While his cherubic cheeks and perfect smile remain the same, he’s finally grown into his abnormally large ears; his hands are still relatively small, but they’re bigger than yours now; his face is more defined, and he’s more on the handsome side than the cute side now. As your hands rest on his shoulders, you realize just how muscular he’s grown to be, lithe and toned, doing well to fill out his clothes, the thighs you sit on nice and thick.
“Noona, you’re staring…” He whines, squirming beneath your scrutiny.
“I-I’m sorry I’m just… I can’t believe you’re all grown up now.” You state, as you climb off his lap and sit on the couch next to him.
“Well, not all grown up. I’m only twenty two.”
“Grown enough to live by yourself.” You point out.
“Not by choice. Besides, I’m not alone anymore.” He insists with a sweet smile.
You return his grin until a thought crosses your mind. “Jimin… How did you end up here? By yourself?”
Jimin sighs deeply before beginning. “Well after what happened, my parents and your parents left the group you know? So I had to go with them. I moved to a new school for hybrids and then the law was passed, so when they were taken, I was alone. I dropped out of school and moved out here to start looking for you.”
“They were… taken?” You whisper. You always figured something had happened to your parents after the law was passed, but you had no way of knowing until now.
Jimin’s face darkens when he realizes what he’s said. “Y/N, I’m so sorry… I followed the people that took them, but…” He trails off and you know exactly what he means. “But what about Jiwonie hyung? He could still be out there somewhere, right?” Jimin adds hopefully. “We could look for him and-”
“No…” You mumble, knowing exactly what happened to him. “He’s not…”
Jiwon fought harder for his freedom than you when you were first captured. He scratched up one handler and bit the other two, leading to them decide he wasn’t fit to be sold and they gave up on him. He was shot in the head. You couldn’t even get to him because you were stuck in a goddamn cage. You just watched him die, inches from your touch. The light left his eyes so fast, his blood rapidly forming a pool around him until they sent someone to clean up and dispose of his body.
“Was it… Was it bad?” Jimin probes, not wanting to upset you.
“No, it was quick… He didn’t suffer.”
“Noona, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay Jimin.” You offer him a small smile, the best you can do at the moment. “At least I have you.”
“You’ll always have me noona.”
It’s been a few weeks since Jimin rescued you. You quickly fell back into friendship with each other as though you were never apart. You spend your days playing out in the snow, snoozing in warm sun-lit spots, watching tv, and playing video games. After sixteen years, you’re finally at peace again. You’re even gaining a little weight from all the delicious meals Jimin cooked for you, but it makes you happy, having been starved most of your life.
You can’t deny that having Jimin back has sparked some sort of feeling inside you. You’re not sure if it’s because it’s been so long since you were last touched by someone else, or if it’s because it’s Jimin, but your hormones are going crazy, and you just know your heat is going to cause trouble.
Your first heat came when you were eighteen, and since it was your first, the foster family you were in at the time was nice enough to find a male and allow you a week in a room alone with him until your heat was finally over. The male, a Jaguar named Hyunwoo, was pushed into his first rut by your scent and the two of you spent the entire week in bed. He was gentle and unsure, but he wasn’t bad, and you two were friends until he was adopted and you were sent back to the shelter. For a few heats, some shelters were nice enough to let you ride them out with a partner, but most weren’t that kind, and you would often find yourself lying in your cage, in pain, bleeding on everything because they wouldn’t let you out; you were too ‘dangerous’.
You can only hope Jimin has control of his ruts; your pre-heat started a few days ago and by the way it’s already knocking you down for the count, you can tell it’ll be rough, not only for you, but for any males around you.
Today you’re curled up on the couch mid afternoon, only half paying attention to whatever show is on as your eyes drift open and closed, already tired from the energy being drained from you in your body’s preparation
Jimin’s at work; he’s part of a group that rescues and liberates hybrids from shelters, and he shouldn’t be home until later that night, at least, that’s what you think until you hear the front door open. You bolt upright, your anxiety shooting through your nerves until you look over and see it is, in fact, just Jimin.
“Hey…” He grumbles.
“What are you doing home? I thought you were working?”
“I was, but…” He stumbles over to the couch and practically falls down next to you. “I just suddenly started to feel so awful.”
“Awful how?” You ask as you sit up, cradling his head as he situates himself in your lap.
“I’m so dizzy. And I have this… God, this awful pain in my stomach. I must’ve eaten something.”
You rest the back of your hand against his forehead to find that his skin is on fire. “Jimin, I think you have a fever.”
“God, just what I need.”
“Let me get you some medicine-”
“No, stay. I feel better already next to you.” He purrs softly, inhaling your scent deeply. “Noona you smell so good today.” He mumbles into your shirt, burying his nose in your stomach.
“I’m glad my scent can help soothe your woes.” You joke, running your fingers through his blonde hair. “Oh! You know what I realized today?”
“What’s that?”
“I missed your first rut!” You whine.
“It made me so upset! I bet you were a real asshole.”
“N-not really.”
“You weren’t? I find that hard to believe.” You tease.
“N-no.” Jimin shakes his head. “I mean… You didn’t miss it.”
“Miss what? I know you’re still an asshole and all, but-”
“No, noona. My first rut. You didn’t miss it.”
“What? What are you talking about?”
“It hasn’t happened yet.”
You stare down at him, bewildered. “Are… are you serious? Jimin. You’re twenty two.”
Jimin shrugs as he sits up. “I’ve basically been on my own since I was six. After I dropped out of school, I was busy looking for you, so I was never around any girls and I guess it just never happened.”
You stare at him in shock until you put the pieces together and a smile cracks your lips. “Oh god… Chim, I know why you don’t feel good.” You state, slipping out from under his head and standing, wanting to get away from him a bit to help.
“What? Come back, I was comfortable.” He pouts.
“Jimin, you’re about to rut.”
“What??” His eyes go wide as he sits up. “What are you-”
“I started my pre-heat a few days ago.” You can’t help but giggle as you explain. “I think… I think I pushed you into it.”
He waves you off. “You’re being ridiculous.”
“Dizziness, stomach pain, clinginess. It all fits the symptoms of a first rut.”
“Wait, so you’re…” Jimin visibly gulps. “You’re going into heat??” You nod. “Have you done that before?”
You can’t help but scoff. “Of course silly. I’ve been in shelters my whole life. I got my first one when I was eighteen.”
“O-oh right…” He whispers, seemingly ashamed. You’re worried. Could you hurt Jimin, if he doesn’t know how to control himself? Or if worse comes to worse, could you sleep with Jimin and help each other out?
“I think we should stick to opposite ends of the house until it’s over.” You suggest. “Or maybe I’ll just sleep in the car.”
“What? No.” Jimin growls. “It’s fine. We’ll be fine, right? We can control it.”
“Yeah, I guess we can try. I’ll just have to run to the store and get some things.”
“Okay, I’ll go to the store tomorrow if you make a list.”
“Uhh…” You hesitate. “These are probably things I should buy for myself.”
“But you don’t have a disguise yet. I don’t want anyone to hurt you.” Jimin whines as he grabs your hand and pulls you back toward the couch.
You sigh. Damnit. He’s right. You could get thrown back in a shelter without a proper disguise. “Alright. I’ll make a list, but you might want to get some headphones too.”
“Headphones?” He eyes you curiously as you sit back down next to him. “What for?”
“Just… trust me.”
The next morning, you’re woken up by a sharp pang in your lower abdomen. Shit. It’s here. You can’t help the low groan that leaves your lips as the full force of your heat sweeps through your body. You immediately toss the covers aside, hot beyond belief as you try to slow your breathing, but it doesn’t work and you start to pant, the arousal swirling in your gut almost too much to handle as your senses of touch and smell are heightened.
“Oh god oh god oh fuck.” You whimper, clenching your thighs together in an attempt to soothe the ache between them. You’re so wrapped up in your feelings that you don’t notice the knock on your door until you hear the doorknob twist open. No. “Jimin no!” You squeak.
“N-noona?” You hear as the doorknob twists back into place.
“You can’t come in! Please… Please don’t come in…” He can’t see you like this.
“Is everything okay? You’re not hurt are you?”
You chuckle to yourself at his innocence. “Jimin, I need you to go to the store.”
“The sto- Is it here??” He suddenly sounds panicked.
“Ye-ees…” You half whine, half moan.
“O-okay, give me your list!”
Shit. You forgot to make one before you went to bed. You hastily grab a piece of paper and a pen out of your nightstand, but your overwhelming instincts make it hard for you to concentrate. Focus. Okay, you’ll need pads in case you bleed, snacks, lots of water, heat suppressant if he can find it to help with the side effects, and maybe… No. God you can’t put that on the list, what’s wrong with you? You immediately scratch it out and then fold up your paper. You stand and walk over to the door, slipping the paper underneath it to Jimin. “Please hurry.”
“I’ll be back as fast as I can noona, I promise.” You hear him run to his room, presumably to put on his disguise, and then grab his car keys before he bolts out the front door. You collapse against your bedroom door, at least you don’t have to worry about him hearing you until he returns. You crawl back into bed and slip a hand between your legs to sate your arousal the best you can. “Jimin, please hurry back…”
Jimin walks into the grocery store and pulls out your list while grabbing a cart. He pushes it through the aisles until he spots the first thing on your list. Pads, check. Wait… Why are there so many kinds?? Jimin’s eyes flit back and forth until he spots an older woman walking down the aisle. Maybe she can help.
“Excuse me auntie, could you help me?”
“Of course.”
“My little sister is having her first, uh, period. I was wondering which pads to get her?”
“Aw, aren’t you a sweet brother!” She exclaims before surveying the options. “I’d get her these,” She points to a package on the shelf. “You never know how heavy a first one will be.”
“Perfect, thank you so much!”
“Not a problem!” She smiles as she starts to walk away, “And don’t forget a heating pad for the cramps!” She adds before disappearing around the corner.
A heating pad? Jimin looks over your list, but that’s not on it. Would it help you? Couldn’t hurt to try. He shrugs and grabs one off the shelf before moving on.
Jimin fills the cart with your favorite snacks and a case of water before going to the ‘pet’ aisle to look for heat suppressants. He locates them easily enough and tosses them in the cart before looking at the last item on the list, only to see it’s been scratched out. Jimin holds the paper close to his face to try and decipher the letters; obviously it’s important if you took the time to write it down. V… i… b… n? No, it’s an r. Vibr… a… Jimin gulps as he looks at the word. Vibrator. Even though it’s been scratched out, you didn’t do it well enough. It definitely says vibrator. Jimin panics. Would that… Would that help you? Even if it would, he won’t find it here.
Jimin pays for everything else and loads it into his car before sitting in it and pulling out his phone. He opens a search engine, types “hybrid in heat - vibrator”, and hits enter. The first item that comes up says “Is your female hybrid in heat? Ten useful tips on how to calm her down!” He clicks the link. The first tip is to ‘get your hybrid spayed’. Jimin scoffs at the cruelty. The second tip is to ‘breed your hybrid’. Jimin’s face gets hot when he sees that and skips to the next option. Tip three, ‘get your hybrid a sex toy’. Jimin blushes as he reads the article.
Not ready to breed your hybrid? Get them a sex toy! Though it’s not as good as the real thing, it does the job; helping to sate your hybrids heat, even if it’s only for short bursts. Leave your hybrid in their room, making sure they’re comfortable with plenty of food and water, and let them play with themselves until their heat passes. It’s a simple, but effective fix!
Jimin closes his phone and takes a deep breath, unable to get the sight of you and a vibrator out of his mind. He shakes his head and lightly pats his face a few times to shake himself out of it before starting the car, his head swirling.
When you hear the front door open, you’re beyond relieved. Jimin was only gone for an hour, but it felt like forever. You perk up when you hear his cheerful voice, pulling your hands out from between your legs and throwing your shirt back on.
“Noona?” He knocks on your door.
“Did you get everything?” You ask, slightly out of breath from how aggressively you were touching yourself.
“I-I think so.”
“Okay, put everything down and then go to your room.”
“What? Why?”
“Because, Jimin trust me. You don’t want to smell me right now, it’ll send you right into your rut and that could be dangerous for you. You want your first one to come naturally.”
“Right. Okay, I’ll just leave everything here then.” You can hear bags rustling on the other side and smile as you hear Jimin’s footsteps disappear and the door to his room shut.
You quickly open your door and snatch up all the bags, dragging them inside before shutting the door again and rifling through them. It’s mostly snacks and water, but there are also pads and suppressants like you asked for, as well as a heating pad, which won’t do much, and… a small black bag tucked inside the bag with the pads. You pull it out and open it, your jaw dropping as you take out what’s inside; a bright pink rabbit vibrator. Rechargable with Multifunction! Enjoy an intense night in alone, or spice things up with your lover! Even if you weren’t in heat, your face would be bright red with embarrassment. This means Jimin; your sweet, innocent Jimin; went to a sex shop and picked this out specifically for you. You should’ve scratched it out better on the paper.
You lay it on your bed and stare at it from where you sit on the floor. It’s mocking you. It’s just sitting there, ready to use, but how can you even use it when you know Jimin bought it for you. You stare at it until another sharp pang in your stomach demands your attention. Fuck. Well, he did buy it for you. Is there any reason to let it go to waste? You grab it and take it out of its packaging, fiddling with it until you figure out how it works, the vibrations making your arms quiver all the way from your hands to your elbows. Your tail flicks at the sensation, pleased. You know what? Fuck it.
It’s been three days since your heat started and Jimin’s starting to lose control. He paces around the house, mostly in the hallway outside your room. He can’t focus on anything else when he’s home, all he can hear are the sounds of you pleasuring yourself, and it’s getting to be too much for him. All the beautiful moans that fall from your mouth are driving him insane, but he can’t do anything about it, he can’t even jerk himself off for some reason; he’s been hard for two days, but his hands don’t feel good enough and he’s had to go to bed unsatisfied. He should have bought better headphones.
It wasn’t until he caught the first whiff of your scent that it started to happen. He brought you food yesterday and left it outside your door, but you didn’t wait long enough for him to get some distance before retrieving it and he smelled you. God did he smell you. Your body is giving off enough pheromones to knock him to the ground in submission, but no matter how much he lingered at your door, he couldn’t get another taste of that delicious scent. He can’t get your scent out of his mind, or your moans out of his ears. He has to do something; he’s surrounded by you, everything is you, everything is you. He grabs his jacket and heads out the door, deciding a walk around the mountain trail might help clear his head.
Honestly, you’re not faring much better. While the vibrator is doing its job, it feels empty; your orgasms are disappointing to say the least and you crave the touch of another. You can hear Jimin as he paces outside your door, and it takes all your willpower not to unlock it and pounce on him.
You’ve just come off your latest orgasm and your arm is starting to hurt, so you decide to rest for a bit, but you’re overwhelmed by the urge to nest. You need comfort, and you need it now. You grab all of your pillows and blankets and shove them onto the floor, crawling down after them to arrange them to your liking. When you’re finished, you step back, but your tail flicks in irritation; something’s off. It’s not enough. You look around your room, but you don’t have anything else to add. Shit. You sit and ponder the idea of sneaking around the house to collect some more materials, but what about Jimin? You could throw him into his rut. But you need comfort. Your ears twitch, listening to see if you can locate Jimin. He’s pacing by the front door again. If he’s that far away, you could probably- Slam! As if he read your mind, you hear the front door open and shut. Is Jimin leaving for work? Thank god.
You immediately stand an exit your room, rummaging around the house to find more padding for your bed. You grab some towels from the bathroom and some sheets from the linen closet before taking the couch pillows as well, but even after you add them to the pile, it’s still not enough. As you’re adjusting one of the towels, you catch a whiff of something. You bring your nose closer and inhale deeply. Jimin. That’s what’s missing. His scent ignites your instincts and following them leads you to Jimin’s room. You grab the comforter off his bed, his pillows, as well as several pieces of his clothing before heading back into your room and shutting the door.
You make his comforter the centerpiece, putting his pillows around the edges and laying his clothes on top of it before crawling into your nest and snuggling up to his scent. It’s soothing and soft, and you quickly find yourself being lulled into your afternoon nap.
The walk did wonders and as Jimin returns home, he finds the house to be surprisingly quiet, he heads to the kitchen to grab a drink when suddenly he smells something. Just a faint touch of it, but it’s definitely there. It’s you. You must’ve left your room while he was gone. He follows the scent and it leads him down the hall to his own bedroom. That’s strange, why would you go into his room? He walks in to find all of his blankets and pillows missing, as well as his pajamas. What the hell? Where’d all his stuff go? He leaves his room and heads down the hallway to find out. He raps his knuckles against your door a few times.
“Y/N?” No answer. “Noona, are you in there?”
He tries the door knob even though it’s pointless. Wait… The door pushes open… It’s unlocked? He opens the door and is immediately overwhelmed by your scent; your normal scent as well as a sweet undertone that he finds completely irresistible, so much so that he unintentionally lets out a whine as he feels his erection forming again. He looks to your bed, but you’re not there. He enters the room but he doesn’t see you, so he walks to the side of the room blocked by your bed to find you curled up on the floor in what looks like a makeshift nest, made up of his blankets and pillows and clothes; you’re even wearing one of his shirts.
Protect. His instincts start screaming at him. She’s nesting. She’s in heat. Protect her. He can’t help himself. He crawls over to your nest and lays down with you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close as you sleep. He nuzzles against your face, inhaling your scent deeply. God you smell so good. He grows harder, but his instincts are telling him to protect you, and that includes protecting you from himself, so he simply wraps his tail around you and relaxes into your nest, easily joining you in a sweet sleep.
When you wake up, you groan. That’s what you get for sleeping on the floor you suppose. When did pillows get so hard? You stretch your arms out to pull the pillow closer, but it doesn’t move. Wait. When did pillows start to breathe? You immediately sit up, and it’s then that Jimin’s scent surrounds you as you look down to see him sleeping peacefully beside you, his arms and tail wrapped tightly around you, his ears twitching in his sleep. Oh fuck, how did he get in here? Shit. Oh god he smells so good.
You lean down and press your nose against his neck, inhaling deeply, unable to help yourself as you rub your cheek against Jimin’s jaw, your instincts suddenly flooding your mind again. Mate. Mate. He’s rutting, Mate him. MATE. You look down, and sure enough, even through his jeans, you can tell Jimin is rock hard. But can you really do that with Jimin? Your sweet, beautiful, gorgeous…
Fuck. “J-Jimin, how did you get in here?”
“You left the door unlocked.”
“But… Why? I told you-”
“I was looking for my stuff.” He states, tugging at the shirt the adorns your body, the one you stole from his bed. “Then when I saw you nesting, my instincts said to protect you. It’s like I couldn’t stop myself.”
“But Jimin…” It’s too late, you can already tell. His eyes darken as he looks over your body. “H-how long have you had, um… that?” You ask, pointing to the crotch of his jeans.
“I don’t know,” Jimin mumbles, looking anywhere but at you. “Two days or so?”
“Two days? Oh god, Jimin… You’re rutting.”
“I-I know.”
“You know? You knew and yet you still chose to come in here? When it could hurt you?”
“I needed to protect you.”
“From what?”
“I-I don’t know…” He shrugs.  “Everything?”
You can’t help but scoff. “You didn’t protect me from yourself very well.”
“Yes I did.”
“If you did, you wouldn’t be in here!”
“If I didn’t, that shirt would be in pieces on the floor right now.” He growls.
A heat floods your cheeks at his words, noting the dark gleam in his eyes as your heat starts back up again. “J-Jimin you have to go.”
“I can’t noona.”
“Not when you smell so good.” He purrs, leaning forward to bury his face in your neck and inhaling deeply as he pushes you down on your back, pinning your wrists down.
“J-Jimin!” You exclaim, making him sit back as he catches himself.
“Noona I… You have to tell me to leave, that you don’t want this. Please, I-I can’t… I can’t control it much longer.”
“I…” Suddenly you can’t think. You want nothing more than to flip Jimin onto his back and rip his clothes off, but at the same time, it’s Jimin. Can you bring yourself to do that to him? To cross this boundary?
“Noona?” He stares down at you with those beautifully sweet eyes.
Before you can think too hard about it, you reach up and grab his shirt, ripping it open, buttons go flying everywhere as you push him down onto his back and straddle his waist. Your head dips down to capture his lips with your own, a bit aggressively to be honest. You tug his bottom lip between your teeth, breaking the skin a bit, but the taste of copper only spurs you on.
You trail your lips to Jimin’s neck, inhaling deeply as he grabs hold of your shirt, ripping it to shreds in his haste to get it off of you, leaving you on top of him in only a pair of panties as he grabs your waist and pulls you down against him, letting out a small moan as you provide him with a taste the friction he’s been craving for the last few days. You nip at his neck as you grind down against him, rubbing your jaw against his to intermix your scents.
Jimin reaches down between your bodies and works at his belt and jeans, successfully undoing them and shimmying them down his legs to the best of his ability before flipping you onto your back and sitting up, pulling them off the rest of the way. You admire Jimin’s physique, his lithe, toned body; ears twitching, tail thrashing, muscles rippling, cock bouncing, tip dripping. You sit up on your knees and pull Jimin’s mouth back to yours, feeling the warmth of his skin pressing against you only turning you on more.
“Y-Y/N…” He groans as your lips find his neck again, this time leaving harsh bites in your wake, all the way down across his chest until you get to his waist and he stops you, pulling you back up to him and leaving one harsh bite on your neck. “Turn over.”
He doesn’t have to tell you twice. You bend down onto your hands and knees, waving your ass high in the air. In his haste to be inside you, Jimin rips your panties as well, but he’s too caught up to care, tossing the torn fabric to the side as you present yourself to him, wiggling your hips back and forth until he grabs them tightly, holding you still to admire you.
“Oh god…” He growls. “You smell…. Fuck, you smell so good. You’re so pretty a-and wet, hah-” You can feel the head of his cock pressing against you. “C-can I noona?”
You press back into him, feeling his tip slip between your folds. “Mate me.” You hiss, having lost all semblance of control. You hear Jimin growl behind you, the sound rumbling deep in his chest before he pushes into you hastily, not wasting anymore time. The feeling of Jimin’s cock filling you up is instantly gratifying and you let out a satisfied groan as Jimin’s grip tightens on your hips.
“O-oh- Oh god. Does it always feel this good?” He pants. “You’re so tight. A-and warm ah-” He stops, buried deep inside you as he leans forward, resting his forehead on your back, his words reminding you that up until this moment, Jimin was a virgin. That thought swirls in your mind until your brain reminds you there’s a dick inside you.
“Shut up and fuck me.” You whine, growing impatient.
“R-right, sorry noona.” He gasps, readjusting his grip before he starts, nearly knocking you over from the force of his thrusts.
He feels so good honestly you’re in heaven, your body screaming in pleasure, every nerve ending on fire with the need to orgasm. Jimin’s hips smack against your body, emphasizing just how hard he’s fucking you, making you dizzy with lust. The sweetest high pitched moans leave the lips of the man behind you, only serving to heighten your arousal as his sounds fill your ears.
You’re in paradise as Jimin fills you to the brim over and over; your mind going blank as you focus on the feeling of him touching you, caressing you, entering you, fulfilling every primal need your body can come up with; that is, until a defined whimper catches your attention. He doesn’t stop, and if he slows down it’s only a microscopic difference in speed, but you’re almost positive you can feel the warmth of his release spurting inside you, and the increasingly lewd, wet smacks of him against you only serve to increase your suspicion, until you feel something hot and wet dripping down the inside of your thigh.
“J-Ji-min-” You whimper between thrusts, trying to get his attention.
“Hm?” You look over your shoulder to see his eyes closed as he continues, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his ears laid back.
“D-id y-ou cu-u-um?” Your words are drawn out when he goes harder.
He nods in affirmation, his eyes still shut. “Mm.”
“Are you- Ah!” You cry out when Jimin slams into you harshly.
“I can’t stop, noona you feel too good.” He whines.
“Oh god…” You whimper, gripping the blankets beneath you tighter. “J-Ji… Chim…”
“Fuck-” Is all you hear before he pulls out and flips you onto your back. Before you even blink, he thrusts back inside you, making you cry out in pleasure as you wrap your arms around him. Jimin leans down and rubs his face against yours, marking you with his scent over and over until his lips find your neck again. He covers your skin in kisses and bites in between low growls. He’s slowed his pace, switching to deep, calculated thrusts as he searches for that one spot, making you moan loudly when he finally finds it.
“Oh fuck~!” You groan when he slams into your g spot again, harder; loving the way it makes you contract around him.
“Does that feel good baby?”
“Uh huh~”
“You feel so fucking good.” He grunts in your ear. “I’m gonna fill you up; fill you until you’re swollen with my cubs, does that sound good?”
“Oh god Jimin…”
“I’m gonna breed you so good baby. I’m gonna fill you with my cubs.” Jimin’s voice has lowered into a deep gruffness that serves to make the filthy words falling from his lips that much more delectable. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
“Yes-” Your voice breaks with desperation as you rake your nails down his back. “Make me yours, please.”
Jimin picks up his pace as he turns your head to the side, displaying your neck; he zeroes in on your jugular and bites down hard, kickstarting your orgasm. You cry out Jimin’s name as you quiver beneath him; the cage of your heat finally loosening its grip as the most breathtaking orgasm of your life sweeps you away. Jimin’s not far behind with his own orgasm, letting out a high pitched whimper as he buries his face in your shoulder, shaking as he fills you with his warmth. When he’s done he pulls out and collapses beside you, both of you breathing heavily, but finally satisfied.
Jimin’s the first to move again, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to him, your back against his chest as he chuffs in your ear. You return the chuff as a deep purr rumbles in your throat, your tail wrapping around his leg, sated and happy. Jimin’s own purr mingles with yours, the vibrations relaxing you as the two of you curl up in your makeshift nest.
“So how was that for your first time?”
Jimin lets out a long sigh as he nuzzles into your neck. “Amazing. You’re amazing noona.”
“I guess it’s a good thing you never listen to me.” You tease.
“You started it.”
“Oh and um… What was that about ‘filling me with your cubs’, hm?”
“N-nothing.” Jimin mumbles. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You don’t? It was something along the lines of ‘I’m gonna breed you so good’ I think.”
“I-I just got carried away is all.”
“Is that it? Just caught up in the moment?”
“Exactly.” He huffs. “Besides, you liked it.”
You chuckle lightly, smiling as you turn your head to face him. “I never said I didn’t.” You punctuate your words with a sweet kiss, lingering against his lips.
“Now that the urgency is out of the way, do I get to take my time with you?” He asks hopefully.
“You can do whatever you want to me baby. As long as you fill me with your cubs.” You giggle.
“You’re not going to let that go, are you?” Jimin inquires, pulling you close.
Copyright © Inkjam-Moon 2019
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the library
requested drabbles masterlist
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Tumblr media
[☀] ➝ fluff/humour
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[♥] ➝ personal favourites
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caramel macchiato; barista!jungkook ☀★ (old fic!)
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you realize your meticulously written i love you note is burning a hole at the bottom of jungkook’s bag and the mere thought of him finding it is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach.
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coming soon!
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rmverse · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: jungkook x reader ⇢ genre: fluffy fluff ⇢ wordcount: 3.5k ⇢ A/N: IM SORRY THIS TOOK AGES ILY TY FOR SENDING THIS IN AHAJAJAJ and i think i kinda strayed away from the request but kinda not ??? lemme know what you think pls :’)
HOKAY here we go
jeon jungkook, star player, OF COURSE, captain of the football time
cliché i know but bear with me i swear it’s cute
confidence is key, that’s his life motto
he’s far from arrogant in the douche-y, stuck up way
he’s definitely not overly cocky and overall an asshole to anyone who looks his way, not to mention the typical ‘has slept with any and everything that has two legs’
sure, he knew exactly how to woo someone when he wanted to but he wasn’t trying to get his dick wet at every possible chance
just a normal guy with a well-earned reputation around campus, shit tons of friends, plenty of admirers
even managed to befriend the youngest professor on campus, Kim Seokjin
he was good at communicating with people, wooing everyone’s hearts with his sometimes overly extra sense of humor and smooth jokes
that was so far from the truth when it came to you
a literal angel
he could’ve sworn he saw a halo glowing above your head the first time he met you
you looked so darn cute with your oversized jumper and sweater paws, taking off your glasses and rubbing at your sleepy eyes
you even rubbed at the itchy tip of your nose LIKE AN ACTUAL KITTEN
if that scene were a cartoon, it would be jungkook with hearts buzzing out of his eyes and his heart beating out of his chests as he swooned at you
however, the scene that followed right after him laying his eyes on you in the quiet campus library really could’ve been taken out of a cartoon
(he was there to meet jimin so they could head out for lunch)
imagine the star player, the least likely person to be considered even remotely clumsy, tripping over his own two feet and falling to the ground with a dull thud
his head barely misses the table you’re sitting at by a few centimeters and he lands right at your feet
how’s that for a first meeting?
and then you’re immediately getting up and crouching down to his level
“oh my god are you okay?”
now he can actually hear angels singing because your voice is even softer than your appearance and it’s so melodious and gentle but it’s laced with worry at the klutz who just tripped and fell over nothing
god he looked like such an idiot as he scrambled up from the ground and dusted himself off
his face was so red and the tips of his ears were on the verge of melting off
and then he was sure he was about to overheat because
he didn’t even answer your question and you had to repeat it again for him
he cleared his throat
and his head ticked sideways for a quick second
it was a nervous habit of his
“i’m—“ his voice actually cracked a bit and fuck jungkook needed someone to slap him silly right now
he cleared his throat aGAIN
“i’m okay, sorry about that.”
“it’s fine,” you smiled at him, but concern was still clearly etched onto your face
“you sure you’re okay though? you look kinda dizzy?”
yeah of course i do because you’re gorgeous
those were the words he actually wanted to say
but of course he didn’t
he assures you that he’s okay once again and mumbles out a lame excuse about having to leave
he doesn’t bother looking around for jimin after that
he decided to text him that he’s waiting outside for him in the car
he leaves the library in a speed walk
he would’ve sprinted if his legs weren’t still so shaky because
god damn
how on earth has he never seen you before
why weren’t you two friends
why weren’t you two married and spending your honeymoon in hawaii
next time he sees you
you’re walking to class
and it just so happens that you’re heading in HIS direction
and he’s throwing heart eyes at you all over again
but he’s ready to resurrect himself after last time’s incident
jimin, taehyung and namjoon are still deeply engaged in their conversation all the while he gives himself a mental pep talk
come on jeon
you can do this
so what if she’s gorgeous
so what if her hair looks like actual silk with the wind blowing it around
so wHAT if the pink hoody you’re wearing makes you look even cuter than the last time he laid eyes on you
you’re jeon jungkook
you know what to do
just go up to her
and you’ll sweep her off your feet
get her number
that’s what you should do—
but then
oh dear god
he was so immersed in boosting his confidence and getting himself ready to jump your way as soon as you reached his group of friends who were seated on the bench
his eyes were glued on you
attention and focus completely elsewhere
the rim of the cup of the iced coffee he was sipping on missed his mouth by the tiniest bit
and he let out an actual squeal
it was silent for a mere moment
then his three friends busted out laughing because he now sported a large, brown stain all over his white hoodie :))
but that wasn’t what had jungkook turning as red as a tomato (which was really a very rare occurrence, maybe one every year, but it’s happened TWICE within your presence in a few DAyS)
your pace slowed down and you looked over to the source of the shrill sound
and yeah
you were biting your lip really hard because you really didn’t want to be an asshole who laughed at other people’s misery
but god the way he looked you just couldn’t help but let a chuckle slip
that was exactly what he looked like
then you quickened your pace once again and walked past the group without sparing another glance
though a small smile was still on your face because
you clearly remembered this as the guy from the library a few days
you didn’t know his name but you knew that he was on the football team for sure
though you weren’t sure how such a clumsy person got on the team in the first place
maybe they just benched him all the time?
back to jungkook where the scene currently consisted of him staring at your retreating figure with wide eyes
while his friends continued to cackle at him
but before you could completely disappear from sight
he admits he did kind of seem jittery and was acting like a mad man
with the coffee stain and wide eyes (and slightly shaky hands bUT that was just the coffee he swears)
and the way he grips both jimin and taehyung’s faces, squishing their cheeks as he turns their heads towards where you walked
their laughter immediately stops
“that girl—“ he squeezes their cheeks
“the one with the pink hoodie—“ they nod
he’s still gripping their cheeks but they manage to do so
namjoon asks from behind jungkook and he immediately lets go of the two boys
who both rub at their slightly sore cheeks with confused gazes
he turns to namjoon with slightly excited eyes
“you know her?”
“yeah. we’ve had lots of classes together. she’s a literature major—“
“introduce me,” jungkook cuts him off
“to her, I mean.”
“aw, is that why you spilled your coffee? were you love-struck, jungkookie?”
taehyung yelps in pain when jungkook twists his nipple
he sits back down and looks at his stained sweatshirt with a slight pout before looking back up at namjoon when he speaks
“you’re not her type, man.”
did he just hear that right
did namjoon really just say
that jungkook wasn’t your type?
“Excuse me?”
he doesn’t mean to sound so offended
but he does
“look, it’s not that—“ namjoon tries to clarify quickly
“she just—she doesn’t do much dating. she got in with a scholarship and she’s really focused on keeping her grades up and—“
“how do you know so much about her?”
jungkook really shouldn’t sound as jealous as he does right now
he’s only seen you tWICE and he literally just learned your name
and the only thing you know about him is that he’s probably got two left feet and he doesn’t know how to properly drink a cup of coffee
but he does sound slightly jealous and namjoon chuckles because this is so jungkook
getting possessive over things and people
(he very vividly remembers the time he took a shower at jungkook’s place where jungkook gave him about a ten minute lecture to NOT use the coconut frosting shower gel bottle because that was his and to use the other bottle, guiding him to the bathroom and reminding one last time before gesturing where the towels were placed and leaving him to it)
yes that happened
so yes jungkook itching to know how exactly namjoon knew this information about wasn’t very surprising
“we had to do a presentation together once.”
“yeah well—“ jungkook got back onto their topic
“you need to introduce me.”
another thing about jungkook
always hardheaded
pressing to get what he wants
how do you think he actually became team captain huh ???
so yeah he did manage to convince namjoon to at least promise that he would try to help him if he got the chance
but before namjoon even tried to stay true to his promise
jungkook was already working on it because
impatience was not his best feat and he couldn’t wait around for namjoon to talk to you then catch up with you then talk to you for a while because he didn’t want you to be suspicious of the fact of why exactly he was talking to you again after a while and—yada yada yada
that would take too damn long
he decides to try his luck and go to the library the same time again next week
at the exact hour he was there
(he rechecked his text to jimin and concluded that it was at exactly 3:38pm)
and there you were
same spot near the window
this time with your hair up and fUCK
how could you manage get even cuter in a matter of days
you’re copying notes from your phone because you missed the last lecture
and you really couldn’t afford going back to class without completely catching up because Professor Min was a hardass and was infamously known for pop quizzes
you couldn’t fathom how such cuteness could be so grumpy and grouchy all the time
though you did catch his gummy smile every once in a while
you’re copying the notes but then
you see something out of the corner of your eye
it’s not uncommon to see people in public places you know
but he was just standing there for about a minute straight and you were more than sure that the person was looking in your direction
you look up and
it’s him
the guy
the cute guy
the cute, clumsy guy
anD you almost squeal because he has that face again
the OJO one because you clearly just caught him staring
you can’t hear it but he’s screaming at himself in his head because he looks like a moron standing there
staring at you
doing absolutely nothing related to studying in a damn library
he turns to the bookshelf to his right
in the most unnatural, awkward stance
one hand on his hip and the other on his cHIN
he’s screaming at himself again
but eventually calms down when you’ve looked away
deep breath
grow some balls
go talk to her
and that he does
walks over to you while wiping his sweaty palms down his jeans
god why is he so nervous ????
but he doesn’t back down and then he’s standing right in front of you
it only takes you a second to notice him before you look up
“hey,” you greet back.
“is it—uh, i mean. mind if I sit here?”
he gestures to the chair across from yours and you shake your head with a smile
without another word, you look back down to your notes
and you keep writing
he sits down and then it only takes a few seconds to hit him
he didn’t have any books
no books
no bag
no notes
not even a pen
he panics
he freezes and his mind blanks
the future him is laughing his ass off because he’s literally in a library and could’ve easily gotten up and picked up any book
but the present him is stuck without knowing what to do
and before he can back out of his (weak) plan and leave
you’re looking up
“are you just here to hang out?”
your question is obviously sarcastic
but your little smile shows how amused you are
and he can’t decide whether to mELT at the fact that you actually smiled at him ???
or continue to be a nervous wreck
“umm, sorry, I didn’t mean to be—“
you try to apologize because you deemed his silence as a way of telling you that he doesn’t want to interact
which couldn’t be farther from the truth
“i—i forgot.”
he quickly cuts you off and blurts – well, more like stutters out.
you’re confused and it’s clearly showing on your face
he internally sighs
“i forgot my bag.”
jungkook swears he’s never felt so lame saying a single phrase in his life
he’s truly hit rock bottom
he actually just told you that he forgot his bag
in the library
the most common studying place
he can already hear jimin and taehyung laughing their asses off at him in his head
and that just triggers him to shoot up from his seat
“i should go. you know—“ he chuckles and pockets his phone.
“i need my bag… to—you know… study. ha.”
his inner self is just begging him to leave
shaking its head at him and sighing
even facepalming
he swears he’s never sounded so lame in his entire life
and to make matters even worse
you only nod at him with a slightly awkward smile and look back down
you’re jotting down notes again and he’s still standing at the table
swallowing thickly and continuously clenching and unclenching his fists
his foot is tapping against the carpeted floor
he CAN’T just leave like this
sure he’s made himself look like a colossal moron but
he wants to at least leave you with the tiniest bit of progress this time
it was (kind of) your third meeting and
“i’m jungkook, by the way.”
he kind of expected you to look at him like he was some sort of weirdo
maybe just smile and nod politely
but you actually reply
“i’m __.”
he already knew that but he wasn’t about to let you know that he knew because he thinks that would sound a bit creepy
so he does what he knows best (with you)
awkwardly chuckles
mutters out a quick excuse and walks outta there
his shoulder hits the door on the way out but he doesn’t think you saw that
he was pretty sure you were back to writing down your notes
he feels just slightly triumphant this time because he at least introduced himself properly this time
unbeknownst to him
you’re giggling quietly and watching him rub his sore shoulder where he’d just bumped into the door
you really do try to shift your focus back to studying
but how cOUld you
when jungkook has appeared in front of you thrice in the matter of a week
you didn’t know him but you were sure you’ve heard of him
and this was far from how you would’ve imagined him
all jumpy and nervous
shy and awkward
clumsy and stumbling over his words
but it sure as heck gave you the beautiful feeling of butterflies swarming your stomach
especially the moment he officially introduced himself to you
sigh moving on
your next meeting is also, you guessed it, of jungkook making a fool out of himself
a cute fool
but a fool nonetheless
he really couldn’t stop himself
didn’t give himself time to think
especially not when he saw namjoon talking to you
so yeah he kind of just jogs over and throws his arm across his friend’s shoulder
the two of you pause your conversation immediately
“hi, __!!” he greets you with a bright smile
“oh, hey,” you smile back at him
Namjoon looks back and forth between you two as if saying
you two know each other ???
but before he could actually word out his question
jungkook jumps to it
“hey, uh, hyung. jimin’s looking for you—“
“jimin just texted me that he wasn’t coming today.”
god namjoon knew that was a dick move buT IT WAS SO FUN
well, the look that jungkook gives him isn’t very much fun
you know
“sorry, i meant taehyung—“
“taehyung has class right now.”
“umm…” it’s you who cuts in and chuckles awkwardly
your gaze is shifting back and forth between the two
because namjoon is fighting back a smile and jungkook
ohgod jungkook was giving him the nastiest look
“i’m gonna be late for class. i’ll see you guys later.”
you barely give them time to react before you’re turning the other way and walking to your class
you can hear a TINY bit of shouting
then a deep groan of pain coming from who you assume is namjoon
but before you could glance back
jungkook is right by your side and is walking next to you
“hi, again,” you chuckle
he’s quiet
hands stuffed in his pockets
he keeps siGHING loudly and it’s awkward
you’re biting back a smile because
within the few seconds you two had walked
he managed to trip over a piece of cardboard on the floor
you think you hear him mutter something under his breath
“umm, jungkook?” you ask, still looking forward
his heart does a thing
maybe it’s flipping and twirling inside his chest or something
because you just said his name for the first time and he really honestly didn’t believe that your voice could’ve sounded sweeter
he looks down at you for a quick second and gOD
you’re actually twirling a strand of hair around your finger
how are you so cute?
he did not—
he didn’t just—
did he really just say that out loud?
he’s a few steps ahead of you
because you paused your walking as soon as those words left his lips
this time
it seems that jungkook’s nervousness has rubbed off on you because your word is stuttered out and you definitely feel your stomach do a couple of flips
he walks back to you
eyes wide
mouth opening and closing like a fish
his hand is at the back of his neck again
his palms are even sweatier than usual
and yOU
you’re gripping the strap of your back so tight your knuckles are turning white
“i—i…” he trails off
he purses his lips
huffs out a breath
his hand drops to his jeans with a smack and he lets out a nervous chuckle because he knows you can most definitely see his cheeks burning bright red
“you’re cute. i said you’re cute. is that—does that weird you out…?”
the nervous smile stays present on his lips
he keeps licking his dry lips and rubbing them together
his heart is beating so fast and fuck—
“not really, no.”
he swallows thickly and lets out another nervous yet slightly more released chuckle
you’re biting back a smile and staring up at him
you look like an actual schoolgirl with the way you were gripping your books and rocking back and forth on your feet
but he legit just outright said that he thought that you were cute
“great. that’s—that’s good,” he nods his head with a growing smile.
you stare down at your shoes for a bit because looking at him was getting to be a bit overwhelming at the moment
and it was a few moments of silence before he speaks again
no stutters this time
voice confident
“give me your phone.”
it’s a demand, a soft one but
a demand
you hand it to him without question nonetheless after unlocking it
you’re biting hard at the inside of your cheek as you watch him press the green icon and type his number in
“here,” he hands it back to you
“text me when you’re done with classes for the day, maybe we can… hang out?”
you clear your throat
you both giggle simultaneously and look at each other
you part ways and you immediately pull out your phone to text him while he’s still in sight
make sure not to trip over anything on your way back :)
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