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#bts fluff
mercurygguk · 2 days ago
ridng jk for the first time as he praises you and uses lots of use of pet names
thirst night #4
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
it’s crazy how easy you give in to his teasing and flirting – all he has to do is say your name in a certain tone and you’re a goner, completely and utterly whipped and simping for him on the spot. sometimes it even feels like you’re melting into a big puddle when his voice reaches a specific level of deepness, when he shoots that soft, soft smile at you and kissing you like you’re the only two people in the room. it’s always a dream when you’re with jungkook, a hazy dream that feels like it’ll end soon but thankfully it never does.
however, in this very moment, those sweet moments of love and care are long forgotten and replaced by heavy breaths and moans, whimpers and whines of pleasure, the slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of you as you bounce on his lap.
“ohhh- fuck,” you cry out, losing yourself on top of him, the feeling too good to bear.
jungkook’s lips are brushing over the skin on your chest and breasts, your nipples receiving small kisses once in a while as he slides his hands up and down your back, down to your ass to grip a tight handful of flesh in them, guiding you on his cock.
“shit, look at you, baby,” jungkook groans as you begin to grind on his cock, hips rocking back and forth in a pace so slow that jungkook needs to hold himself back from pinning you against the mattress and fuck into you hard and fast.
the sight of you letting your head drop back, eyes closed tightly and lips parted in silent moans, one hand gripping his wrist tightly, the other gripping his shoulder, your nails digging into his skin. you look absolutely beautiful as you ride yourself towards your orgasm, using jungkook’s body for your own release.
“look at you riding me so well,” he rasps, lips brushing over your collarbones. “you look so fucking sexy right now, can’t believe you’re mine-“
the words leaving his mouth causes your stomach to tighten in excitement, your walls clenching around him as he calls you his. a low moan falls from his lips as he feels you tighten around him, your walls making it almost torturous for him to be inside of you.
“mhm- kook,” you whimper. jungkook hums in response, meeting you halfway as you pull him in by the nape of his neck, your lips searching for his desperately. “fuck, you feel so g-good.”
“so do you, princess-“ he gasps as your clench hard around him, your hips stuttering in their grinding. jungkook feels himself reaching his high faster than ever before, the feeling of you tightly wrapped around him makes him lose his mind slowly. “you’re doing so good, riding my cock like fucking a pro.”
“oh my god,” you gasp, feeling yourself falling over the edge, tensing in his embrace. the feeling of you cumming around him is enough to make him cum hard inside of you. your pussy keeps clenching, milking him for every single drop of white, sticky cum. “fuckfuckfuck-“
“yes, fucking take it, baby girl,” jungkook hisses, lifting his hips to fuck into you just a bit more until his orgasm has died down, “you gonna milk me for everything, huh?”
“mhm,” you hum, teeth digging into your bottom lip, “give it to me.”
a low guttural moan escapes from jungkook’s throat as he pulls you in for another kiss, cock still tightly nested between your wet folds, cum still leaking as he slowly guides you to grind against him again. you’ll end up ending him if you keep up with riding him like you just did, but to be totally honest, jungkook doesn’t really care – as long as it’s you who’s riding his dick, he’ll gladly accept to die.
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ressjeon · 3 days ago
boo..yah! | pjm (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
summary : you’ve been hoping that Taehyung will get the message when you keep on ignoring him for months now but what if his very inviting best friend offers something that will for sure relay your answer?
rating : 18+
genre : college!au, friends to lovers? (not really), pwp-ish?, smut, halloween party!au
word count : 7k
warnings : crude language, explicit sexual content, alcohol consumption, voyeurism, exhibitionism (on the balcony yolo), fingering, spanking, hair pulling, pussy and breasts fondling, protected sex (cuz it’s a must), edging, consensual drunk sex (they’re only buzzed), Jimin is a demon so don’t be fooled, also some It spoilers ig 🤷🏻‍♀️
a/n: we’re finally back after 3 months so pls excuse my writing lmao 😭. it’s very late but this is for the Jimin's Sunset Spooktober event hosted by my lovelies @opaljm​, @chateautae​ & @jamaisjoons​. thank you @knjsnoona​ & @balenciaguks​ for this sexy banner 🤤 and to @taegularities​​ for letting me write this ilysm <3
Tumblr media
― prequel to “Hot Boy Summer"
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes as you enter the frat house after hearing that participating in the frat's Halloween games is a requirement for free booze. If you didn't want to be pissed drunk tonight you would've left this party at once.
But one of the frat's higher-ups, Kim Seokjin insisted on it since he organized the events for the night. Each person who enters the house must pick an activity to do, whether it's playing with ouija boards, actually going to a haunted house near the cemetery for hide and seek, watching a scary movie, etc.
And since you're a fucking pussy you pick the movie marathon since it’s the safest one. It's cold outside and you don't wanna trudge with your white pumps in the woods even if you’re wearing black thigh socks, plus you’ll get the first choice on which booze you wanna start drinking while watching.
Sitting down on one of the side couches in front of the flat screen tv, you wonder how much money this frat has to have expensive belongings. Well, they do a lot of charity events but you know it's because its members are mostly rich boys so you're not surprised at all.
A newly initiated frat boy who's in charge of this activity started the movie for the night, It. Though you usually don't like horror movies, you've been hearing great things about this one from everyone around you so you actually want to give it a try and you’re not alone while watching it so why not. 
There's only a few of you who stayed inside the frat house to watch so you don’t expect to see who situated himself on the opposite couch in front of you,
Kim Taehyung.
The frat's resident fuckboy that you've been avoiding for months. You look away when your eyes meet, turning to the TV to focus on the movie instead. You can feel him staring at you from your peripheral view but you get distracted when you get a whiff of someone with a faint floral scent, the look of surprise etches on your face to see the person who plops beside you,
Park Jimin, the fuckboy's best friend or soulmate as Taehyung calls him playfully.
He looks damn good with his white shirt and oversized blue mohair cardigan, paired with tight black jeans that accentuate his thick thighs. Jimin runs his hand through his ash blonde hair as he smiles at you.
"why aren't you dressed?"
"i am?"
"i mean a costume"
"i don't need one angel"
He’s right since he looks like one tonight in comparison to his demonic best friend but you've heard the rumours, of course, he's a fuckboy too like the rest of his friends. 
Some girl in a sexy nurse costume catches your eye when she sits beside Taehyung, breaking his focus on you. This shouldn't bother you at all but it somehow did cause he could've sat beside you earlier but he didn't. You have no idea why he's even here since exploring the haunted house is more of his go-to activity.
"why with a skirt y/n? you could've been like those bunny girls"
Jimin teases while gesturing at a group of girls with bunny suits posing for pictures at the corner and you snicker, dismissing his attempt to divert your attention. You ignore him so he wordlessly reclines on the side behind you after, gradually laying his whole body on the couch, a silent message to everyone else that the couch is now fully occupied by the both of you.
The movie's almost halfway done and you're perplexed that you didn't notice since you are genuinely interested in it. Maybe because you can't focus because Taehyung is in front of you with a girl and his gorgeous best friend is behind you, so maybe.
“your hair’s tickling my nose”
You scoff at Jimin's whining though it's quite cute for him to complain about your hair. Every time Pennywise comes out, your body moves back in instinct so you bring the rest of your hair in front of you, realizing only then that you just gave Jimin the chance to seduce you now that you can feel his breath against your skin.
He blows a breath and chuckles when he sees your back squirming as you try to straighten your back, moving your body forward until you lean back again when another jump scare scene comes on. You can feel the pendant of his necklace grazing the exposed skin of your upper back when he sits up, his left hand holds your waist to stop your whole body from hitting his face.
An embarrassed giggle comes out from you as you try to sit back forwards but Jimin’s hold on you just tightens, your attention now fully on him than the movie. He’s closer with how you can feel more of his breath, and something inside you wants to lean back further to test it out.
He doesn’t do anything after you lean back a bit and you can sense that he is about to remove his hand from your waist so you spread your legs a little, your right thigh now touching Jimin’s right hand. If that isn’t your signal for him to do something then―
Your eyes widen when his hand that’s holding your waist drops down to grip your exposed thigh just above your thigh socks, shuddering a bit when he starts running his knuckles against your skin, letting you feel the three rings that are adorning his fingers.
Jimin chuckles again behind you after noticing you taking deep breaths as he continues in his ministrations, your eyes closing while your legs are unconsciously spreading wider. Then his hand moves closer and closer to your inner thighs only to retract it and shift his body to grab a bottle of Green Apple Smirnoff from the table.
You snap your eyes open, directly meeting Taehyung’s eyes in front of you before his eyes look down on your legs while running his tongue on his bottom lip. He’s always been an observant one so this made you grab the large cushion and place it between your legs, obscuring his view. He immediately looks up to meet your eyes, no shame in them as you expected.
“That scared of the movie y/n?”
Taehyung teases you with a cocky smile after he recovers, making you scoff and look away when his lips quirk even more before turning his attention to the girl beside him although you can clearly tell that he's not paying attention to her. 
Jimin returns to his position behind you but he doesn't lie back down and instead he puts his now cold hand back on your thigh, thanks to the iced cup of vodka that he was just holding. You squirm immediately at the cold touch, trying to close your legs but his grip tightens instead, the cold metal of his rings digging into your skin.
You don’t want to be obvious to everyone else how Jimin’s affecting you so you sit up and grab a cup of booze, hoping to calm down. But Jimin suddenly blows out a breath on your nape before leaving a peck on it, wrapping his other arm on your waist to pull you closer to him, his arms under your breasts pushing them up.
“Jimin! I almost spilled my drink, stop distracting me” you hiss to cover your embarrassment and pinches his arm that’s holding your waist in retaliation but the motherfucker just chuckles and places his chin on your right shoulder.
"am i angel? sorry" he coyly responds before nuzzling the side of your neck below your bow tie collar, his left hand finally creeping into your inner thighs, cold tips of his fingers nudging the lining of the crotch area of your bunny suit but not pushing it aside.
You wait for a bit to see if he will eventually but he still doesn’t. Your body jerks when two of his fingers start tracing along your slit through the thin fabric of your costume. Jimin continues stroking your folds, starting from the base until he goes up to press the pads of his fingers on your clit. He starts rubbing on it in circles, while his right hand caresses your arms.
“fuck you Jimin” you curse at him quietly, though your voice came out shaky as you try to calm your breathing.
“that’s what you want right?” he whispers beside your ear, his breath fanning on your skin and you can't help but tilt your head sideways at the sensation, your eyes glancing on the TV, bringing back your senses a bit that you’re currently on a frat’s Halloween movie marathon.
Jimin presses his fingers more and you only hum as an answer, doing your best to not moan out loud when he dips one finger through the fabric slightly, causing you to jerk and almost drop the cushion that you're holding.
“want my fingers?” he continues and starts kissing your shoulder, emphasizing his question now by flicking your swollen bud.
You don't wanna beg but you also know he won't do anything unless you do. He's the biggest tease you've ever met just like his best friend. fuck this.
“fine, please” you plead breathlessly, your eyes refusing the pull to look back at someone's stare in front of you. You feel Jimin's smile against your skin at your begging and for a second you forget that there are people around you because of his non-stop ministrations.
You know Taehyung’s been observing you and Jimin this whole time so you’ve been trying to maintain a neutral face as much as you can. Though it’s becoming very hard when Jimin finally pushes the lining of your bunny suit to the side, your embarrassingly wet folds welcoming the cold touch of his fingers.
“so..wet..damn you’re not even wearing anything under”
He comments in surprise and goes back to tracing your bare pussy lips, his touches even more intense now that you can feel his fingers directly. You wonder if he wants you to beg again for him to do what you want. Then your eyes turn to Taehyung just as Jimin plunges two of his fingers inside your pussy, earning a gasp from you, your mouth opening slightly at the intrusion. 
You can’t help but shut your eyes, dropping your head on top of the cushion when Jimin starts moving his fingers slowly, the edge of the thick ring on his index finger stopping the other from going deeper. He chuckles a little after sensing your frustration, not surprised when you grip his wrist to urge him to go faster.
But the demon just removes his fingers totally, making you whimper in annoyance and you slap his arm before letting out an exasperated sigh.
“It’s definitely Bill’s fault that Georgie died” you lift your head instantly to turn at another frat member who’s sitting on the back couch facing the tv, scoffing at his ridiculous comment about the character that you like.
“No, it’s the fucking clown’s fault” you hiss, still annoyed at Jimin who’s been caressing your thigh even though you keep shrugging his hand off of your leg. If he doesn’t wanna fuck you he never should’ve started touching you in the first place.
“Yeah, it’s not Bill’s fault that the clown was hungry” Jimin responds in a woozy way and nuzzles you while trying to nudge him off. 
Others would think that both of you are just bantering each other with no malice. Him being this close to you looks normal since he’s known to be very affectionate and you both are not exactly strangers so this is basically Jimin being Jimin with his so-called other friends.
“Still is, cuz he didn’t follow his little brother to make sure he’s safe” the deep voice who added a reply surprises you, you don’t expect Taehyung to join the argument. But then he could just be teasing you just like his fucking best friend who still tries to pacify your irritation.
“He didn’t know that there would be a clown in the sewers so NO” you fire back, glaring at Taehyung and he just smirks at you with those knowing eyes as he leans back on the couch, putting his arm on that pretty girl beside him. You resist the urge to roll your eyes at the scene in front of you because no, you’re not jealous.
Jimin tries to get your attention back by tugging the edge of your thigh socks but you elbow him so his hand goes straight into your bare pussy, not touching you directly but pressing the square gem of his ring on your clit and rubbing it in circles immediately. He doesn't give you a chance to process what just happened before he pushes one finger in, followed by the second one though he's focusing more on pressing the gem ring harder on your clit.
You bit your lip to stop a squeal coming out of your mouth from the sudden pleasure, the cold feeling of his ring against your swollen bud making your legs tremble, his fingers stroking your insides shallowly. He’s back to puffing breaths on your nape, his other hand occasionally coming up to tug your bow tie collar before playing with your hair that adds to the forming knot on your lower abdomen.
He just laughs a little hearing you curse, enjoying how his touches are affecting you. You're damn struggling to keep quiet, clutching the cushion closer to your chest to cover both your flustered face and Jimin’s hands under your skirt but he’s barely doing anything not to be obvious on what the both of you have been doing.
Thank goodness that the lights are off so the only light on the entire living room is from the TV...
You’re so so close and you don’t even realize that you’ve been moving your hips to meet his fingers until Jimin holds your waist to stop you right when you’re about to cum. 
A surprised gasp comes out from you when he’s pulling out his fingers, your approaching climax receding at what he just did. You dig your nails unto Jimin’s forearm as a plea to put his finger back in your pussy, a whine almost leaving your mouth but you pause when you feel his face beside your ear.
"balcony" he whispers teasingly, biting your earlobe before he gets up from behind you, saying an excuse to get some air and everyone just nods except for Taehyung, who has been looking at you more intently than before. You know that he’s aware of what just happened, it’s his best friend of course and they both have the same hobbies.
Jimin brings his fingers to lick your arousal off in his mouth and you swear that it’s one of the hottest things that you’ve ever seen, add the way he’s looking at you while he’s at it before finishing his cup, his wink and teasing smile making it harder for you to concentrate on regulating your breathing. 
He leaves after and you follow his figure as he leaves the living room until he disappears from your sight when he turns a corner, probably towards the balcony. This is it you should leave now and forget this ever happened even if Taehyung knows. You can just lie and leave Jimin hanging in there. Is he really gonna wait for you though? Won’t he just fuck some random girl instead if you don't show up?Hurriedly finishing your own cup to fix yourself, your eyes go back to Taehyung who’s getting up with that girl who latches onto his arm. The movie just ended so everyone is now getting up to go do other activities but you didn’t even care about it because you’re torn with Jimin’s proposition and with what you’re seeing right now. 
Taehyung’s lips quirk at your eyes on them but you scoff at his attempt to make you jealous.
You truly wanna know if the rumours are true. If Jimin’s really more of a fuckboy than Taehyung so that's why you find your legs walking towards the direction of the balcony, sliding the door open to see Jimin already leaning on the railing, a smug smile on his angelic face.
It must be the alcohol that you just consumed because he’s looking extra hot tonight, even with the dim light from the outdoor balcony lamp, the lack of full light doesn’t change his whole inviting look and you really want to kiss him until you remember how he delayed your orgasm earlier.
"bold of you to assume i'll let you fuck me after what you just pulled"
"You won't be here if you really don't want to, would you?" 
He's got a point but the frown on your face is still apparent.
"I don't even know why i came here"
While waiting earlier, Jimin contemplates if you’re going to follow him with what he did but you’ve been dying for a release so his smile widened after seeing your silhouette approaching the balcony door. There’s an urge in him that suddenly wants to tease you even more but he stops himself as soon as he sees a frown on your pretty face, replacing the hungry look that you had just seconds ago.
"’m sorry~" 
He teases with a whine while standing up wobbly from the railings and for a second you thought that he’s drunker than you.
And then you see the stupid smirk on his face as he takes off his blue cardigan while approaching you, tossing it on one of the outdoor chairs, followed by his white shirt that reveals his defined abs and the NEVERMIND tattoo on his rib.
You lick your lower lip, suddenly having the urge to touch his tattoo which didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin.
"shut up, you annoyed me" you glare at him but he knows that you don't really mean it like his apology.
"wow do you want me to say sorry?" he whispers when he comes near, eyes fixed  on your lips down to your breasts, shameless as always like his best friend.
"by letting me ride you" 
"demanding much" 
He playfully pouts with that fake hurt in his voice that you almost tell him off until he suddenly cages you in his arms, his beautiful lips now grinning at you.
"why are you–"
"have fun sometimes y/n"
You figure out what he's trying to do but you're hoping to ride him since you're annoyed at what he did but then he denied your orgasm already so you don’t protest when he drags you towards the railings.
"you're crazy"
"it's more fun to fuck you this way"
If you were totally sober, you would never agree to something as scandalous as this but the alcohol in your veins is making you feel adventurous for once. A hot guy offering to fuck you in public? Especially the Park Jimin so why not?
And so you start pushing down your creamy white skirt, revealing the rest of your one-piece tube bunny suit to Jimin's hungry eyes.
He drops his head to your neck at once and starts kissing every inch of your skin that he can reach, feeling him smirk when you let out a small whimper after he finds that sensitive spot on your neck.
Jimin's hands go busy while he continues to suck on that spot, roaming around your body until he reaches the top of your tube and pulls it down. You whine at the sudden cold on your sensitive nipples due to the cold breeze but his eager hands are immediately on them, kneading them roughly.
"Jimin..wait" you breathlessly call his name before you get more distracted with his touches.
"hmm? fuck you have amazing tits" he groans, too distracted from gawking at your breasts and nipping your neck to hear you. He tweaks a nipple, earning another whine from you that you actually push his chest a bit to focus on what you were going to say.
"Back pocket.." he moans against your neck and you gasp when he doesn't stop fondling your breasts while he slowly grinds himself against your still-clothed body.
You quickly reach into the back pocket of his black jeans to fish out the foiled package, bringing it to your mouth but Jimin grabs your neck as he kisses the side of your jaw, his mouth moving closer to your lips.
Jimin releases you after you push his shoulder lightly, the questioning looks apparent in his blown out pupils staring at you.
"do you want this?" you ask and you don’t miss the surprised expression on his handsome face. You both may have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol but you still want to make sure that you both want this to happen.
He nods before kissing you on your lips for the first time, his pillow-like lips making you dizzy with want and you kiss him back with more hunger. Your hands came up to grab a handful of his hair, a moan coming out from his mouth through your kisses that made you smile.
So he likes that.
You release his lips before he can deepen the kiss more, grabbing the hem of his black pants and Jimin gets the signal instantly. He starts fumbling his belt, pulling down his tight black jeans along with his boxers off his legs while you step out from your white pumps and lift one of your legs to start pulling down your thigh socks.
"You pervert" you glare and he just winks in return.
Your eyes roam his fully naked body in front of your eyes, biting your lip when you see how hard his dick is already, beads of precum coating on its red tip as he starts stroking his dick while slowly approaching you.
Jimin watches you rip the edge of the foil packet and he thinks how fucking hot you look while doing it, he always loves it when his partner does this, it’s like a treat to him since it’s way better than putting it himself. 
"may I?"
Your lips quirk at his request as you put on the condom on his hard dick, running your hand down to give it a full squeeze while your other hand pinches the top to secure it in place.
"fuck..i can't wait anymore" he groans and suddenly turns you around, bending you against the railing immediately.
He didn’t wait for you to undress fully, pinning you on the railings with his body this close to you and you don’t think that you can wear a bunny costume again anytime soon or even look at one without remembering him or this night.
You gasp when the tips of your nipples brush the cold edge of the railing, sending shivers down your spine. You can feel Jimin's hands roaming around your body, kneading up both of your ass cheeks, the familiar cold feeling from the rings of his fingers.
He moves the part of the bunny suit that's covering your pussy to the side and you whine once again at the cold feeling of the air hitting your wet core. His hands leave yours so you turn around, ready to chastise him but you see him removing his thick rings so you turn back in front, only realizing the number of people that can see the both of you in this angle from the balcony.
"shit.." you moan needily when you finally feel his full fingers in your pussy, the cold feeling of his fingers making you clench around them, even more so when he adds a third finger, sighing in relief when they reach deeper now because he's trying to prep you.
It's not long before the tip of his dick replaces his fingers on your core as he lines up, both his hands sliding back to your hips and you needily push back which makes him chuckle a little.
"ready to show Taehyung how you say no?" he asks with that playful tone again and you grit your teeth, missing the rest of what he just said because your only focus is the feeling of his cock slowly entering you.
Though Jimin hasn’t seen his best friend yet, he knows that Taehyung will be lingering around based on the way he was looking at you and him inside the living room earlier. He grins after hearing you moan loudly when he fully rams in, not letting you adjust to his size as he starts pounding into you roughly.
You've been sensitive already because of his teasing earlier and the way he's roughly fucking you right now makes you forget that you’re at the balcony of his frat house and that makes you clench more than usual, eliciting louder moans from him each time you do it.
"fuck you're tight.." he moans and grips your hips more, his fingers digging into your skin when he grasps you and you're loving the feeling of it, especially from his hand where his rings are still on.
Even with the alcohol that he just drank, Jimin's pace hasn't wavered to the point that your bunny ears fall from your head to the ground below the frat house. You don't really bother anyway since you're focusing on tightly holding the railings for dear life, your mind only thinking of how good Jimin is fucking your right now because you’re more than impressed.
You open your eyes when he finds that spot but the moan that was going to come out of your mouth falters when you meet Taehyung’s eyes looking at you from below. He’s holding your bunny ears in his hand, his mouth going agape while watching you getting railed by his best friend when he’s about to go back to the frat house. You clench hard while looking at his surprised eyes though you can’t quite tell if there’s something else swimming in them.
And Jimin noticed of course.
"You love to be fucked like a bunny right?" he chuckles and you just squeeze him harder without answering.
A surprised squeal comes out from you when you feel the palm of his ring-clad hand on your ass, moaning at the sting of it and you want more.
"Right?" he swats his other hand to your other cheek, earning a louder moan from you which makes him laugh like a maniac, enjoying how your reddening ass jiggles against his hands.
"that's why you dressed as one, taunting me and to make him jealous" 
"n-no, i didn't–fuckkk" 
You try to deny his assumptions but you just can’t help moaning even loudly when he angles himself to keep hitting that spot inside you, prompting you to place your mouth against your forearm to muffle your moans.
“Liar, you saw Taehyung didn’t you?” Jimin teases you again and slower’s his pace, preventing you from reaching your high and you’re very tempted now to just fuck back against his cock.
A frustrated whine comes out from you when he further slows his pace and Jimin loves hearing it. He initially wants you to cum after teasing you earlier but after seeing Taehyung emerge and walk back towards the front of the house, he quickly changed his initial plan.
There are many reasons why he and Taehyung are best friends, and that includes how freaky they are when it comes to this.
“Jimin..” you moan needily, your voice shaky and that gets his attention back to you.
He can’t believe he’s fucking you now, you have a special disdain for fratboys like him mainly because of his best friend who always finds ways to get you to notice him. Jimin sees Taehyung sitting by the log with that sexy nurse girl beside him from earlier but he notices his eyes are solely only on you and him, a smirk appears on his face.
“Jimin..please..i can’t-” you try again and you sound like you’re on the verge of crying.
Your mouth leaves from biting your forearm and look up to part the hair that’s covering your face, one of your hands leaving the railing to reach for your clit but Jimin quickly swifts your hand away and stops his hips, making you stomp on your feet in annoyance at another denial.
“people are watching~”
He coos and you're so close to begging him again, why is he stopping now when you’re both this close already? You know that people will eventually notice the two of you but you don't find it in you to mind. You don't even care if he never shuts up after this, you just want your release.
“i don’t care, make me cum please”
You whine and reach back to grab the side of his hips, your shaky hands slipping down to pull on one of his juicy ass cheeks to continue fucking you. Jimin chuckles at your desperate move before letting out a gasp at the touch of your cuffs on his delicate skin, its sensation urging him to move so he starts again, fast like before, gripping your hips tightly as he speeds up his thrusts.
Jimin spanks you again and you toss your head back, seeing the girl beside Taehyung trying to bring back his attention to her and you grin when you watch as he struggles to be discreet on watching you and Jimin, his eyes alternating in looking down at anything and looking up at you so the girl won’t notice.
"show him y/n, come on. this is your answer to him right?"
Your heart stops at what Jimin just said, your mind goes hazy with his question and like you’re hypnotized with his voice, you start rolling your hips back on his dick while staring at Taehyung. 
“it’s not..fuck!” you shriek when you feel the pads of his fingers on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud rapidly.
Jimin sees Taehyung walk closer to watch both of you and he’s been wanting to test a theory. He’s been bugging Taehyung for months now if he really likes you but he won’t give him an answer. 
“no point in lying y/n, you keep gripping my cock hard when you do”
“i-i’m not..ahh shit”
“look into his eyes while i fuck you, if you close your eyes i’ll stop hmm?”
You’re not even sure how he’ll find out if you close your eyes but something inside you wants to obey, too afraid that he’s going to deny your orgasm again. Your eyes pierce through Taehyung’s while Jimin continues to fuck you but the pleasure is becoming too good when your high's nearing so you close your eyes. 
Jimin notices this and pulls your hair up to make sure you're looking at Taehyung. When he knows that you’re back on following what he said, he releases your hair so you can bend your head a little, eyes still on Taehyung of course. He sees the girl beside his best friend noticing what he's been looking at and she makes a commotion of seeing people fucking at the balcony and when their eyes meet, he just winks at her which made her even more surprised. 
You start hearing some whistles and cheers from people below and for a second you're worried about the current situation until you notice that no one can tell that it's you because of your dishevelled hair and because you've been covering your face with your arms this entire time.
"don't worry, no one has their phone out though i don't mind if they do"
You're not surprised by what Jimin just said, you feel him twitch inside you when the whistles keep on increasing. He clearly loves the attention he's getting from being this wild to fuck someone in front of other people's eyes.
The balcony has no proper lighting as well, just dim lighting from the street lights and the moon so people won't realize which bunny girl Jimin is currently fucking, some of them gradually giving up on watching you both. Not that it's any of their business but the way none of them are even shocked that he would do something like this makes you somehow giddy. You may be buzzed but this is certainly better than the sober fucks that you had in a while.
“I’m close..fuck..Jimin-” you cry when one of his hands leaves your hips to grab your hair, pulling your head back up to see Taehyung watching you both, his hands clutching your bunny ears tightly in his hands. This added to the pressure on your lower stomach, your breathing getting more laboured because of the bow-tie collar on your neck.
“fuckfuckfuck..” you cry as you reach your high, whining when Jimin keeps thrusting so hard because of the oversensitivity you’re starting to feel. He releases your hair and returns them on your hips, one of his hands reaching higher to squeeze your left tit, making you gasp loudly when his rings brush your perked nipples.
"tight., holyshit" he moans loudly when he reaches his, spilling his cum into the condom while he continues to thrust his dick sloppily against your swollen walls as he rides his high. Jimin bends his body to leave wet kisses along your shoulders and upper back, his right hand grasping the railings beside yours while his other hand continues to fondle your breasts.
It's only when you whimper again and slightly push his lower abdomen off of you that he releases you, pulling his softening cock out from your soaked pussy. He hisses at that and you smile with content, turning around to hit him for making you do that in front of Taehyung.
“what the fuck Jimin”
“what? you like it anyways”
He winks and runs one hand through his sweaty hair, a habit of his that you find really hot when he does it. He’s not wrong though so you give one last punch to his chest playfully before you take a glance in front, certainly not looking for someone.
“still looking for him?”
“no, he probably left to fuck someone”
He laughs as he shakes his head while discarding the condom to the nearby trash bin, pulling up his boxers and black jeans to tuck himself back and walks to one of the stacking chairs to pick up his white shirt and cardigan.
Now that your highs are wearing off, the cold from the Fall breeze is creeping up your almost naked figure, your skimpy suit not helping. You’re shivering as you pick up your crumpled skirt from the ground while struggling to clasp back the strap of your ankle pump heels but then you see Jimin’s hand with his blue cardigan in front of you.
"but you're gonna be cold!"
"someone warmed me up already" he winks before walking to open the balcony door, waiting for you to follow him inside.
You put on his fluffy cardigan, thankful for the temporary warmth it gives as you walk back into the frat house. He redirects you to another bathroom that’s exclusive to the fratboys living at the house so you can clean up in peace without people disturbing you, you’re sure the others are occupied already.
Not wasting more time, you immediately clean yourself, taking off your entire bunny suit to rinse its crotch area since it soaked from your arousal. You hear some people arguing and only when you lean against the door to listen closely do you recognize that it’s Taehyung and Jimin.
"you looked annoyed Tae"
Jimin grins with mischief when he sees his loving best friend fuming while walking up closer to him.
"shut the fuck up Jimin, where is she?" Taehyung demands, eyebrows furrowing while staring down at him and Jimin is very sure now of his theory about what his best friend feels for you. Taehyung didn’t use his nickname on him so Jimin knows that he’s being serious, his smile widens.
"admit you like her first before i tell you, you've been antsy"
"i just didn't have any pussy yet that's why”
"or because i fucked y/n in front of you"
Jimin teases again and walks closer to the door where you’re currently in, intentionally staying outside the bathroom door so you can hear their conversation. He sees the conflict crossing Taehyung’s face, mixed with annoyance that he can confirm as jealousy.
"oh fuck off, fine i like her!" 
The confession causes a flutter in your heart and more confusion in your mind because there’s no way a fuckboy like Taehyung would have a genuine interest in you. He must be bluffing with some petty jealousy that you slept with Jimin and not with him tonight.
"shit, sorry Tae"
As much as Jimin’s a little shit for messing around, he actually feels bad for doing so now that Taehyung admitted his true feelings towards you even if he’s nothing at fault. But he sighs in relief after a mischievous smile cracks on his best friend’s face, looking at him with satisfaction.
"nah man it's fine, it was so fucking hot"
“i knew it”
You clench unconsciously at the thought of Taehyung finding the view of you getting fucked so hot. You’re not gonna deny that your heart actually stopped a little earlier at the thought of possibly causing a rift between him and Jimin but then you backtracked since it couldn’t be that serious with how they are, surely those two have fucked the same people before.
"she's in there btw"
You immediately scramble towards the sink to turn on the faucet after Jimin reveals where you are, conscious that they’re directly outside the door now. You did some final retouch before opening the door, finding them both waiting for you. Jimin still has that smirk on his face while Taehyung looks at you with want.
"here, thank you Jimin" you hand him his fluffy cardigan and you eye him slyly with a knowing smile, obvious on the intention of the gratitude more than just the cardigan,
For the good fucking, and of course, he gets it.
"no, thank you angel" he bites his lower lip, winking at you and you hear Taehyung scoff beside him, crossing his arms over his chest, his scowl still apparent.
"i'll leave you two to talk, see you around y/n"
Jimin struts away from you and Taehyung after, probably looking for another fuck or drink because he certainly doesn’t look like he’s buzzed enough. Your eyes follow his figure until he’s out of sight to further delay your attention to the person who stayed with you.
Fuck Jimin for planning this sneakily, you should’ve known better.
"thanks for the show"
You turn to the owner of that fucking husky voice who’s also been looking at you with unclear eyes since the beginning of the night and you’re still not sure if it's because he’s masking his jealousy with cockiness or what.
"and you enjoyed it, didn't you?" you challenge, raising your chin to level your eye against his.
"i did" he whispers as he comes closer, not straying his eyes from yours and you almost miss that he’s planning to cage you against the door so you put both of your hands on his broad chest to stop him from doing so.
"not so fast, Kim Taehyung" his jaw clenches as he breaks his stare from you before stepping back further so you can make your exit but his words make you stop in your tracks and turn to him.
"one day y/n," he says with full determination, his eyes looking back at you this time like they want to say something more but Taehyung opens his bedroom door before you can reply to him.
You want nothing else but to kiss him earlier but you know you can't until you'll know for sure if he truly likes you. Taehyung never left your mind that whole night when you’re trying to sleep, even the next day when you’re a bit drowsy still from drinking the night before.
What happened that Halloween becomes the talk of the campus for the whole week and while you’re still occupied whether to believe Taehyung’s confession or not, he confuses you even more now when you see a new girl in his arms while walking across the same path as you are, so much for liking you.
He doesn’t notice you even though you’re almost crossing paths but you’re looking at him the entire time, watching his face frowning while listening to the girl who’s been explaining something animatedly under his shoulders. 
A small giggle leaves your lips after finding out why, hearing their conversation lifts up your mood at least since she’s talking about how Park Jimin fucked one of those bunny girls like a madman on the balcony with everyone around on Halloween Night.
And it amuses you, even more, to hear how everyone's so curious about who is it, smirking to yourself because no one knows that it's you except Taehyung.
Tumblr media
a/n: i’m still drowsy so it’s unedited and Tumblr’s being a bitch with the formatting so i’ll tag people later ✌️
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blu-joons · a day ago
A Bam Protected Pregnancy ~ Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
You instantly felt the weight of the world lift from your shoulders as you laid yourself down across the centre of your shared bed. The comfort of the mattress seemed to mould around you perfectly, taking the pressure off of the small of your back as your hands settled over the top of your growing baby bump, letting go of a tremendously large sigh too.
It didn’t take long before Jungkook’s figure appeared in the room too, smiling down at you as he took in the view of you, leaning against the frame of the door. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw the relief in your expression, bringing your eyes across to look at him.
After a few moments, Jungkook walked into the room, perching himself down on the end of the bed, careful not to knock you at all. His hand settled against your ankle, running the pad of his thumb gently across the width of it, pushing down gently too to try and relieve some of the pressure that was beginning to build as your pregnancy went on.
“Are you tired?” Jungkook asked as you readjusted the pillow that your head was resting on to make yourself more comfortable. “Why don’t you have a nap for a bit? I don’t mind sorting out some bits for dinner?”
“I can’t keep sleeping,” you laughed in reply, “it’s the middle of the day too, the midwife told me that I’ve got to keep myself nice and busy.”
His head shook back across at you, often wanting you to focus more on what your body wanted rather than what the midwife told you, knowing that no one knew your body like you.
“What about if I lay down with you for a while?” Jungkook proposed, “I had a bit of a restless night of sleep myself last night.”
You smiled weakly, “I know what you’re doing, and it’s very tempting.”
“Come on,” Jungkook grinned, standing up from the bed and encouraging you to shuffle across to your side of the bed, “I know you can’t resist a nap and a cuddle with me Y/N.”
You groaned loudly as you moved the weight of you and your bump across the room, making just enough space for Jungkook to be able to lay beside you. “I can’t believe I still have a month of moving around with this thing.”
“You’ve got to start taking it easier at some point you know.”
“That’s not me, I’m not used to lazing around.”
He smiled sympathetically as he moved his arm to ret against the small of your back, “for the sake of our baby, I think you might be able to get used to it though.”
“I couldn’t even take Bam for a walk the other day because I was exhausted,” you reminded him, “the two of us used to be able to walk around for miles.”
“And once the baby gets here, the three of you can walk around for miles instead of two.”
As if he knew the two of you were talking about him, it didn’t take long before you heard the heavy footsteps of Bam race up the stairs, following the sound of your voices through into the bedroom, immediately running up to the bed and jumping onto it too to join you both, walking across to the small bit of space that was between you both.
A snort of laughter came from you as Bam began to nudge Jungkook out of the way, stretching his legs out to create plenty of room beside you, leaving Jungkook scrambling to try and stretch his arm out far enough so that he could rest it over the top of your bump.
“Excuse me,” Jungkook laughed, gently patting against Bam’s waist as he sat himself down, without any regard for Jungkook at all. “Can you believe this? I’m being pushed out of my own bed,” Jungkook groaned, trying his hardest to wriggle around Bam, only for his leg to poke out every time that Jungkook tried.
“You know what he’s like, he hates anyone being around the bump,” you smiled as Bam settled right beside you, leaving no distance between the two of you.
Throughout the whole of your pregnancy Bam had been like a security guard by your side, keeping an eye on everyone. If anyone dared to touch your bump then Bam would be straight at them, barking loudly to warn them off of doing any harm to you.
“He’s going to be the most protective big brother in the world,” Jungkook smiled, happy to release his grip around your bump as his elbow began to ache, “he means business too.”
“Even you aren’t allowed anywhere near the bump anymore,” you joked, glancing across to face him with a smile, “he’s certainly not enjoying you being close to the baby either.”
“But that’s my child.”
“That means nothing to Bam,” you teased.
Jungkook’s eyes rolled back across at Bam, “how am I supposed to get through the last month of your pregnancy and take care of you when my dog doesn’t let me get anywhere near the spot where my child is growing?”
“Maybe I don’t need you to look after me, maybe I’m well taken care of enough with Bam just sticking by my side and keeping an eye on things for me.”
“He’d probably do a better job than me too.”
You chuckled quietly as the smile on Jungkook’s face grew, watching as yet again Bam stretched his legs out, digging into Jungkook’s knees, giving him no choice but to move his legs further away from your body, leaving him further away from your bump too.
“I reckon I might just be able to reach from here,” Jungkook whispered, slowly reaching his arm up in the air, keeping the noise quiet in the hope that Bam wouldn’t notice.
Your eyes widened back across at him, “he’s aware to just about every movement, I really think you underestimate quite how aware he has been whilst I’ve been pregnant.”
“Just watch, I’m going to prove that wrong.”
You followed Jungkook’s arm down as he tried to stretch around Bam so that he could relax his hand over your bump. Just as he managed to make contact with the top of your bump, Bam’s eyes opened back up, noticing the unfamiliar hand that was against your bump.
A loud bark soon came from him, reaching his front paw up and batting Jungkook’s hand away from your bump, warning him to keep his distance. Jungkook immediately moved his hand away, leaving you in hysterics by his side in response to how protective Bam was.
“At least I know once this baby is born, nothing will happen to them with Bam around,” Jungkook spoke up, trying to make himself feel just a little bit better. “Although I would appreciate if maybe he would be a little more understanding of the fact that that bump doesn’t just belong to him, but it belongs to me too.”
You stretched your hand back, running your hand through the front of Jungkook’s hair, only able to offer him a smile as Bam settled back down, cosying into your side.
“You’ll get your time with the bump one day, I promise.”
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bts-trash-blog · 2 days ago
Summary: Cold rushed mornings.
Parring: Jungkook X Reader
Warning: Slice of life, freaking fluff
Tumblr media
It's cold.
The type of cold where the air catches your breath, frost covered windows and slippery sidewalks. The cold where your nose goes red, and the tips of your ears burn. It had you wincing when your feet hit the cold floor cause you forgot to turn the heat on. The cold where a nice bowl of soup would warm you from the stomach out.
And yet, Jungkook forgot his jacket.
He had tumbled out of bed, waking you in the process first by dragging the covers half way off of you then by slamming the bathroom door and turning the bedroom light on. Yet the moment he remembered that his girlfriend, you, had yes slept over the night before, and yes was now  groaning and glaring at him had his doe eyes widen as he quickly shut the light back off. Apologizes rolling off his tongue as he fixes the covers over you and press gentle soothing kisses across your face. Making you slightly slap his shoulder with a pout as he chuckled and quickly pressed his lips against yours. While trying to apologize and help you relax so you could go back to sleep he was wasting time, the company vehicle downstairs waiting for him with a grumpy leader and his phone blowing up. He was running late. So late he forgot his jacket.
He was suffering for it.
The car ride there was fine, Namjoon having snapped slightly at him for making the whole day start ten minutes late. But his scolding stopped when Jungkook admitted it was because he woke you up, having forgotten he had you stay the night before. The look in his eyes having Namjoons anger dulle as he saw the love he had when he spoke your name. Though it didn't mean he could get away with it. Though when they arrived on set, the feeling of his arm freezing even though covered with a long sleeve shirt had him shivering. None of the boys had brought a spare, and the stylist team hadn't one either as all the clothes they had brought were costumes. So he decided to suffer.
Taehyung thought differently, knowing the sight of you not only would make the younger man's day but the jacket you'd bring would make the rest of the shoot that much easier.
He had texted you a photo of your shivering boyfriend, body locked in a hug with Jin, him tucked between the man's arms. His own arms hidden by the open jacket. It's the first thing you see when you wake up again hours later. It brought a small smile to your face, moving to get out of bed. Legs thrown over as your feet hit the black shag carpet you'd convince Jungkooke to buy when he had moved in. It was a perfect fit for his bedroom to have under his bed. Standing, you stretch your arms in the air, as you grunt as your back pops. Moving around to grab a spare pair of jeans you kept in one of his drawers and one of Jungkook long sleeves you quickly, while wince at the cold floor bentheir you feet, rush to the bathroom.
Once done changing, a pair of one of his socks and your shoes you'd worn the night before, hair in a messy pony you went and grabbed yours and his jackets. Asking Taehyung where they were filming, instantly getting a reply having you nod, decided you'd get the two of you a hot chocolate.
When finally arriving at the set, the security doesn't even ask for your ID and let you through. Taehyung must've told them you'd be showing up, when you parked and started to walk towards the cameras one of their managers rushed to you and guided you to a chair behind one of the large monitors. The seven boys in front of the camera were dancing to their newest single. Their movement mimicking one another as suddenly Jin stumbles slightly making him and the others groan, the chill of the wind picked up as you adjusted one of the cups on your thighs as the other is brought up to your lips. Jungkook bent in half breath after breath passing his lips as he lifted his head up. The wind picks up more and more, making him snap up his jaw moving in chatters as one of their make-up artists point towards you while patting his face making his eyes widen. His body suddenly pulled from the girl, his body tumbling towards you as his hand reached out for the cup completely ignoring your open arms making you huff as he smiled. The warm drink makes him slightly wince making you chuckle softly, his jacket over your lap as Taehyung rushes over his arms wrapping around your neck making you huff as he smiles.
“Hi.” His voice came out husked as Jungkook's eyes snapped over and glared at the older boy.
“Off.” Jungkook mumbled making you roll your eyes as you leaned against Taehyung, the back of your head resting against his shoulder as he showed you his boxy smile. Jungkook huffs as you lift your cup to sip on the hot chocolate, a small smile curled at the ends of your lips. His body pushing between your legs, his cup resting on the top of your thigh as he smiles at you, though it was clear he was forcing it. “Hug?” He mumbled making you sigh as you looked at Taehyung, his teasing smile still on his lips as he patted your shoulder.
“Should I give him a hug?”
“Eh give him his jacket, he didn't even thank you for bringing him hot chocolate and his jacket.”  hearing Jungkook let out a whine had you looking to see his lower lip jutted out, his doe eyes glimmering in the midday sunlight that was still cold. It had you reach down and lift the jacket to him as he huffed and nuzzled his nose against yours.
“Thank you baby.” He mumbled making you nod as you took his cup from him so he could slip the heavy and long sleeves over his bare arms. Suddenly his lips were pressing against your lips as he hand took his cup back, it had you letting out a small gasp at the sudden movements. Taehyung finally pulled away as he watched his friend poute, shaking his head he walked away making Jungkook's free hand wrap around your waist as his forehead pressed against yours. “Sorry for not hugging you first.”
“Tae-oppa and I were teasing.” You mumble your hand to cup the base of his jaw so as to not disrupt his makeup on his skin. He gave you a lopsided smile as he nudged his nose against your once again.
“Well hyung just had to remind me how to be a gentleman like they raised me to be.” he joked slightly, though a saddened truth was behind his words it had you nodding as you pulled away and gave him a toothy smile.
“So how is the filming going?”
“Good, I'm excited to see how it comes out.” He mumbled making you nod as he let out another breath, a large smile on his face as he looked back at you. “I think Army are really gonna like this one.”
“When havent they liked something you put out?” You mumbled your hand playing with his jacket sleeve as he shook his head and started to chuckle.
“War of hormones was questionable.” You make a face at the mention of their older rmusic as you slowly nod.
“I wasn't bad.” He let out a belly laugh as he moved back from between your legs, the heat of his body gone making you shiver. You watch as he places his cup on the ground then grabbing yours and doing the same. His hands grab yours making you raise your eyebrow as he laces your fingers together, pulling you off of the seat, watching him step back and almost stumble into the motier had you and some of the staff laughing when he mumbled that he was okay. “You're something else.”
“I take that as a complement.”
“I mean it wasn't but interpret it however you want.” Your words were met with him letting out a loud sigh, his breath catching in the air as you playfully smiled at him. Nose nudging against his shoulder as he pulled you into a tight hug.
“Thank you for saving me from the cold.”
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eternally-writing · 2 days ago
bite me | pjm
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jimin x  reader
⟶ rating: R (minors DNI, 18+ ONLY)
⟶ word count: 7.5K
⟶ genre/tropes: strangers to lovers, college au,halloween party au,  fluff, smut
⟶ warnings: so much smut, grinding, dirty talk, unprotected sex (practice safe sex!!), oral sex ( m and f receiving), mirror sex, jimin makes some cheesy jokes, mentions of bondage but no actual bondage, spanking, use of pet names (baby, babe, princess, babygirl, angel)
⟶ summary: Halloween is just another regular day of the year for you. That is, until you meet Park Jimin at a frat party. A poorly dressed vampire, red wine, and a mirror - what’s the worst that could happen?
Banner credit: A very special thank you to Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this incredible banner for this fic! 
I wrote this fic as part of a collab project for Jimin’s sunset spooktober alongisde some other incredible authors! Make sure to check out the other works in the project as well since they are incredible! A special thank you to the organizers as well for making this happen  ♡
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Friday, October 29, 2021
There are three things you hate most in the world: Halloween. Tequila. And Kappa Alpha Betas. Lucky for you, today included all three of those things.
The bass was pounding through your body as you clutched the colorful drink in your hand. Halloween was just another day of the year to you, maybe just a day where you could get more free alcohol than a regular weekend. However, your best friend Lia seemed to share a very different view on the holiday, as she begged and pleaded with you to let her create a costume for you.  Silver fringe stuck to your legs as you moved your way around the all too crowded frat house. You think you’re a space cowgirl, or something like that, since your roommate mumbled something along those lines to you in passing as she threw the clothes into your bedroom a mere hour before you left for the party, but for now she was nowhere to be found. It seemed futile to try and look for the girl wearing the matching pink glittery cowboy hat to yours, since she had probably already sauntered off to find her boyfriend Namjoon. 
It was a classic Halloween tradition at your college, a Halloweekend bender put on by your college’s frats. Friday belonged to Kappa Alpha Betas, Saturdays to Sigma Thetas, and Sunday to Delta Epsilons.  Normally you wouldn’t even be caught dead at these events - it’s not that you weren’t a partier, you just would much rather be getting wasted with just your close friends and your favourite EDM playlist. But after the frat flu gave you a good excuse to not join in the festivities last year, there was no way your roommate was letting you out of going through everything there is to Halloween with her. 
“Well, fuck it -  if I’m stuck here I might as well have some fun.” you thought to yourself.
So after a quick trip to the kitchen to fill a cup full of tequila and small talk with some friends, you naturally found yourself  gravitating you to the edge of the dance floor, slowly blending yourself into the crowd of people vibing with one another. Naturally, your hips started swaying to the music and you raised your drink in the air. It was calm, and comfortable, just sacrificing yourself to the DJ’s whims as he played what seemed like a halloween playlist that hadn’t been updated since 2010. 
And then you heard him. 
“Can I join you?”
Just the deep baritones of his voice made goosebumps appear on your skin. You couldn’t will yourself to turn around and see him, knowing that you would probably be at his mercy the moment you locked eyes with him. His hands on you made your chest tighten and let the heat pool in your stomach. You didn’t even have to see his face to know who was behind you.
Park Jimin. 
If you were honest, you didn’t know much about him. He was a frat member that seemed to fly under the radar. Quiet, good looking, but kept to himself. Always mysteriously by the bar or kitchen with a red solo cup in hand. Since you were both involved in Greek life he most definitely knew your name and obviously the same went for you, but your paths had never seemed to cross. At least not until now. 
By the looks of his appearance, it seemed like he decided to dress up as a vampire today, a red cape complementing the fitted dress shirt that hugged his chest. It was only after you realized that your eyes had spent too long lingering on his chest that you looked up to meet his piercing gaze. As if his prominent collarbones weren’t enough of a distraction, Jimin had red contacts that seemed to materialize the fire behind his eyes. The passion, the lust, the hunger. 
And so you danced, and what started out as some innocent flirting quickly brought you and Jimin face to face, chest to chest as the music slowed to an R&B beat. 
“Turn back around for me?” Jimin asked as a question, gazing deep into your eyes as he cocked his head to the side. 
Jimin’s hands found their way to your hips and he ran gentle circles over your hip bones, the ghost of his touching bringing goosebumps to your skin. What a tease, you thought to yourself. 
You knew that two could play at that game, and so you slowly leaned your head back onto Jimin, your neck now clearly exposed to the frat boy who let out a deep exhale at the sight. You kept your hips swaying to the music, but only let yourself lightly brush up against Jimin’s cock. You could feel the way his body tensed at the contact every time it happened, trying to savour the feeling. It only took a couple minutes until he couldn’t take it anymore - his senses were on fire with your presence and he knew he had to do something about it. 
Jimin guided your hips to press up right against his hard cock, which fit perfectly against your plush ass. 
“This is what you do to me, baby.”  whispered Jimin as his lips ghosted against your earlobe, the pet name falling freely from his lips. 
You couldn’t help the small moan that fell from your lips as the words came out of Jimin’s mouth. His lips then fell against your neck and you knew you were a goner. You were Park Jimin’s for the night. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
“I need to know that you want this.” whispered Jimin, his body hovering mere inches away from yours, his mere body heat making your brain short circuit. You nodded, barely able to look him in the eye for more than a second. 
Jimin quickly tsk’ed and cocked his head to the side. “Not good enough, babygirl - I need to hear you say it.” 
“i  - . I want you Park Jimin” you said in quiet tones, barely getting the words out. 
Your words brought a smile to Jimin’s lips, and he lifted his head up with a gentle smirk painting his face before pushing his body flush against yours. 
From that moment on, your tongues were instantly fighting in for dominance. Your senses were overwhelmed by Jimin’s close presence to you, begging for you to be closer to him. You wrapped your leg around him, and you struggled to not let out a moan as you felt his hard length pressing against your upper thigh. You bucked your hips instinctively into Jimin, only for him to hold them in place against him while he whispered in your ear. 
“Patience, baby.”  
From there he kissed his way down your neck, leaving a trail of marks from his fake vampire teeth in your skin. The pain blended with the pleasure as he nestled his way down to your chest. 
“How attached are you to this shirt” mumbled Jimin while his head was still buried in your cleavage. 
He lifted his head this time, showing you his swollen lips and darkened eyes. “How. attached. are. you. to . this. shirt.” said Jimin as he tweaked your nipples through the fabric. 
You could barely think straight as each one of Jimin’s touches sent shocks of electricity through your body. As soon as you told him that you couldn’t give two shits about the shirt you were wearing, Jimin ripped in in half, his hands instantly cupping each of your breasts. It was Lia’s shirt and you were sure you were going to pay the price for your actions later, but for now all you could think about is how you wanted Jimin’s hands all over you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin swore in your chest as he wrapped his mouth around your nipple. 
You couldn’t hold back your needy moans as waves of pleasure ripped through your body. Fuck, with the way Jimin was going you knew you could probably cum just from the way he sucked on your tits, already between rolling your nipple around his tongue. As if that wasn’t enough, he made sure to look up at you with those sinful eyes as he continued with his ministrations.
Without missing a beat, Jimin hiked up your skirt and instantly slid his hand underneath to cup your cunt.  You couldn’t help but let out an unrestrained cry at the feeling of Jimin’s hand on your pussy. You knew that your thong was soaked and Jimin could probably tell too.
“So needy, aren’t you?” Jimin rasped as he gently moved his palm back and forth on your sex. You rocked your hips instinctively as you tried to gain some friction. 
“Need, fuck - need you Jimin” 
“Anything, everything, please Jimin” you begged as you raked your nails across his back”
Jimin pressed a sweet kiss against your lips before heading further down on your body. “Your wish is my command, princess.”
He quickly unzipped his pants, leaving him completely naked for you to see. The sight had you drooling, and your eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the sight of his thick cock in front of you. 
After a few moments of his fingers in you, Jimin quickly replaced them with his cock. 
He slid into you slowly, looking you deep in the eye as he saw your expression change as each inch of his cock slid further into you.
“So tight Y/N, holy shit” Jimin groaned as he finally bottomed out in you, his pubic bone pressing against your clit. 
He gave you a moment to adjust to the intrusion, pressing soft kisses to your temples and muttering how good a girl you were being for him. At your cue he began to build up his pace, going from slow thrust to more punctuated snaps of his hips against yours. 
“No touching yourself until I tell you you can baby” declared Jimin as he gently moved your hand away from your clit. He wanted to roll his hips into you with no interruptions, letting a natural rhythm fall between you two. You let out a pleased hum as Jimin continued with his actions, but your hand naturally fell back to your clit after a few moments, wanting the extra pleasure and forgetting Jimin’s instructions.
“If you don’t listen I’m gonna have to tie you up with my belt next time Y/N” scolded Jimin as he brushed your hand away, this time choosing to replace it with his own on your clit. You let out a loud moan at his words, and if that wasn’t enough to show Jimin your emotions, he could feel your pussy tighten at his commands. 
Jimin couldn’t help but let out a languid curse at your reaction. “You are going to be the death of me Y/N, you really are.” muttered Jimin as he shook his head in disbelief at you. He didn’t know what he did in a past life to deserve being here with you, but he felt really fucking lucky.  
Overwhelmed with the feeling of your pussy pulsing against his cock, Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer when he needed to cum. His thrusts faltered as he moaned out your name, burying himself deep inside of you. You felt yourself cum almost instantly at the feeling of Jimin painting your insides white, him helping bring you to your orgasm by wrapping his mouth around your nipple as well.
The post-sex moment were hazy, almost magical as Jimin’s touch guided you. He held you tightly as he kissed your forehead, taking the time to clean you up and wrap you under the covers as well. 
And somehow, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Saturday, October 30, 2021
You were dressed as an angel tonight, an adorable white halo adorning your head. But to Park Jimin you were the devil, the one who could get him to lose inhibitions. When he was in front of you he knew he was at the mercy of your gaze. 
Park Jimin was no stranger to a one night stand, but now that he had a taste of you he couldn’t stop himself from wanting more.  As much as he tried to convince himself that he was spending time in the Sigma Theta kitchen because he wanted easy access to the alcohol, a part of him knew that the only reason he was there was because the room would give him a perfect view of the door that you would walk through to enter the party. 
It was as if everyone else seemed to fade away as you entered the room - Jimin only had sights for you as you walked into the room with that all so charming smile on your face. 
“A vampire again, really Jimin?” were the first words that came out of your mouth as you spotted Jimin in his classic position, a red solo cup of what you could only assume to be red wine in his hand as he leaned against the counter. 
Jimin smiled. He instinctively reached to pour vodka into a solo cup for you, a habit that you didn’t even know he had picked up on last night, before walking over to you. 
“What can I say, the costume helps me pull hot chicks,” joked Jimin as he winked at you knowingly. It was only as he got close enough to you to whisper into your ear that he spoke again. “You look beautiful, angel.” 
Yesterday, you saw sultry vampire Jimin, the one with hips on the dance floor that you’d never forget. Today, you got to see a different side of him that still made your heart do backflips. Jimin, while still an extremely hot piece of ass, was much more than just that. For starters, he was a beer pong champion, but he still never got frustrated when you lost 3 matches in a row with your bad aim. You learned that Jimin was best friends with Lia’s boyfriend Namjoon, and if you didn’t already have enough proof that Jimin was a good person, if he was friends with Joonie, there was no way the man could have bad intentions. 
Intentionally or not, you found yourself by Jimin the whole night - you didn’t know where Lia or the rest of your friends were, and frankly, you didn’t care. Jimin made you laugh until your stomach hurt, he made butterflies flutter in your stomach everytime he lightly touched you or hung his arm around you. Both of you didn’t even notice that you had found yourself alone on a couch, talking about all the random things in life you could come up with. 
You don’t remember how you ended up going up to Park Jimin’s room - it was something along the lines of “Lia’s going to go home with Namjoon so I don’t want you to walk alone” and “ the DJ sucks so I can’t stand to be here any longer”, but the truth was that neither of you needed much convincing to spend more time together, especially if there was the possibility of a reenactment of last night. 
Park Jimin was a simple man, and his bedroom definitely reflected that. 
While Jimin shrugged off his coat, you took a moment to inspect your surroundings. You chuckled as you realized Jimin was a “blue bedsheets with one pillow” type of man. He didn’t seem to have too many personal belongings decorating the space, just a guitar by the bed and an extremely cute photo of baby Jimin in a cow sweater that you were begging to ask him about. However, that would have to wait as you were met with the sight of Jimin taking off the cape that adorned his vampire costume. 
“Keep the cape!” you yelled to him from across the room. 
Jimin froze in his tracks. 
“You’re fucking with me right?” Jimin said, trying to stop the giggles he had from bubbling over. “ Y/N L/N has a fucking cape kink?” he alleged with an curious tone. As he maintained eye contact with you he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few chuckles at the situation. 
“Don’t laugh! I’ll leave right now, Park” you huffed with your arms crossed, using his surname to signal your displeasure at his teasing.
“Awe baby” he muttered as he got closer to you, enveloping you in a backhug and pressing kisses into your hair. “ I’ll do anything for you, including keeping this cape on. But you, my pretty angel, need to take this off” swooned Jimin as he gestured to your dress, holding the zipper between his fingers. 
You let him take his time with unzipping your dress, both of you focused on the feeling of the zipper going down inch by inch. Jimin couldn’t suppress the pleased noise that came out when he realized that you had no bra on today. But the real surprise was when he got to the last notches of the zipper and noticed that you weren’t wearing any panties.
“You dirty fucking girl - you did this for me, angel? All night, you’ve been waiting for me like this?” chided Jimin as he looked at the sight of your exposed cunt. 
“All this is for you, Jimin” you whispered sensually, taking two fingers to spread your already dripping cunt and show Jimin your arousal. 
“I can’t let my babygirl be so messy, can I?” tsk-ed Jimin as he led you to the bed, letting you spread yourself out for him. 
He took his time, kissing his way up your thighs, before finally reaching your cunt. Catching you off guard after teasing you, Jimin buried his nose in your cunt, delving his tongue in to lap up your juices. Your body responded instantly to his actions, a depraved scream erupting from your chest at the pleasure Jimin was giving you. 
“So fucking sweet, Y/N” Jimin swooned as he looked up at you covered from nose to chin in your arousal. 
When he dove back in he made sure to play extra attention to your clit, flicking the nub between your tongue in just the right ways to elicit some sinful gasps from you. 
“I need your cock, Jimin” you whined between wanton moans that escaped you. 
“As you wish, princess” said Jimin as repeated his words from just a couple days ago. “On all fours for me babygirl.”
As soon as you got in position, Jimin plunged his cock into you, eliciting a scream of pleasure from you and a low groan from him. Three days of fucking meant that your pussy was more than ready to envelope his cock, and Jimin immediately sprung to slamming his hips into your pussy, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. 
“I want you to see yourself for me baby, see fucked out on my cock” muttered Jimin as he pounded into you. 
It was only as Jimin tilted your head up that you saw that you were aligned with a mirror directly in front of you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin murmured as he punctuated each word with a thrust. 
Lifting you out of doggy style, Jimin kept you wrapped around his cock as he pulled your upper body up to meet his, the feeling of the heat radiating off both of you just adding to the pleasure. 
The sight in the mirror looked like it was out of the Louvre, or a porno, or both for that matter. Jimin had beads of sweat rolling down his body, his face displaying the pleasure and desire that he was feeling as he rolled his hips as far into you as he could. You couldn’t help but mirror his expressions, your mouth stuck in what felt like a permanent O shape and Jimin’s cock stretched you out. 
Jimin’s fingers found his way to your clit as he rubbed your swollen bud. You writhed against him in pleasure as your body gripped at Jimin’s in any way that you could.
Testing out the waters, Jimin placed a light tap on your clit, coming down on it just hard enough to elicit an electric jolt through your body.
“Oh my fucking god” you yelled out at the feeling, your chest raising up in satisfaction at the feeling.  
“Oh? I think you liked that baby, look at the way you’re clenching around my cock. Did you like it, hmm?” growled Jimin as he landed yet another slap, this time directly on your clit. 
The moans kept pouring from your mouth as Jimin was relentless in his ministrations to your clit while he continued pounding into you. And you knew you wouldn’t last long with the sight of the two of you in the mirror showing you the way Jimin’s face was scrunched up in pleasure. 
“Jimin, I - “ you panted, trying to get the words out between bated breaths. 
“Gonna cum for me, angel?’ rasped Jimin in your ear, still not breaking his space. 
You could only nod as more moans spilled out from your mouth. 
“Look for me baby, look at yourself while you cum.” 
The sight of you and Jimin together pushed you over the edge as the waves of your orgasm washed over you. Your brain could only string out a series of “Fuck” and “Jimin” pouring from your mouth as you felt your release. 
As you felt Jimin start to lose his rhythm, it seemed that the pulsing feeling of your orgasm washing through you was enough to bring him to the edge, the tight knot forming in his stomach telling him to pull out. 
As Jimin jerked his cock to the sight of your naked body in front of him, he was moaning your name within seconds as white ropes of cum landed all over your ass, a couple drops sneaking down to your dripping cunt as well. 
And after many forehead kisses and a warm bath, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms for the second time that week. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Today Jimin couldn’t even bear to wait in the kitchen for you to walk by -  instead, he wandered the halls of the Delta Epsilon house looking for you. Making it through the halloweekend bender was a challenge, and by the decreased number of bodies floating around the house, it seemed like some people had definitely succumbed to the two day hangover they had. Jimin, however, found himself instead addicted to you instead of the bottle of Jack Daniels that he thought would definitely finish by the end of the weekend. From the moment you left his bed he was counting down the minutes until he would get to see you again. 
But soon the night started to go on for far too long without you around and he could help but think that something was wrong. No, he knew that something was wrong. 
And so, Jimin swallowed his pride. He didn’t know how much you had told Lia, but he had enjoyed keeping you as his own little secret over the past few days. Not because he was embarrassed of you, in fact it was almost the opposite of that - Jimin didn’t want to share you with anyone. All your smiles, your moans, your laughs , he wanted to keep them as a precious memory for only himself to enjoy. But he knew that if he wanted to see you (or at least know if you were ok) he would have to face Namjoon and Lia. He was sure that Namjoon would have many words on the matter once he told him (something along the lines of “damn Park you bagged a babe” was bound to come out of his mouth), so it took Jimin a moment or two to work up the courage to interrupt Jimin and Lia’s all too intimate make out session, Jimin let out a polite cough as he stepped towards them. He was eternally thankful that they turned to greet him immediately, stopping him from having to awkwardly third wheel them for that much longer. 
“Um, hey guys uh, did Y/N come with you today Lia?” Jimin asked, his gaze anywhere except into your best friend’s eyes, fearing her reaction. 
“And what would you need Y/N for, Park?” Lia said with an all knowing smirk on her face. 
“I - , just wanted to hang with her, that’s all” Jimin mentioned, trying to keep things as vague as possible to stop the conversation from going further than he wanted, the blush already painting his cheeks giving him away. 
“She stayed home today - some about not feeling well or something? Maybe it’s the frat flu, did I ever tell you about how she got the frat flu last year and - “ 
Jimin couldn’t help but cut Lia off, muttering a quick thanks and have a good night before setting off for this destination. And before Jimin could think too hard about how he was walking in the pouring rain to the Delta Gamma house, he already rushed out the door without even grabbing a coat.
“He’s so whipped for her…” muttered Namjoon to Lia as he shook his head in pure disbelief.
— ♡ ♡--
If one thing was for sure it was that you weren’t expecting to be at your door, it was Park Jimin. If you had even an inkling of a feeling that he would be here, you definitely would not be wearing powerpuff girl shorts and a ruined shirt you wore to a paint night years ago. But you didn’t. And honestly, you barely had the brainpower to think about what you were wearing while you took in the fact that Jimin was in front of you. That he was here for you. 
Jimin’s brain short circuited. He had decided to come here in a heartbeat, but he hadn’t thought of a single word of what he was going to say to you. 
“You’re sick. I mean - are you sick? Are you ok?” asked Jimin as he visibly scanned your body looking for signs of you being ill. 
“I’m not sick, I’m perfectly fine. Just a little tired i guess, couldn’t handle that much tequila three days in a row and Lia let me off the hook.” 
“Lia told me - “
“ Lia was drunk before Joon even picked her up today, I don’t think she remembers a single thing that happened after 5pm” you said factually, softening your tone to make sure you didn’t sound angry with Jimin’s arrival, especially since you were more than excited to see him. 
“Oh. ” 
Jimin let out a shaky breath and he wasn’t sure whether it was in relief because you were fine or because the fact that he just ran all the way to your sorority house the minute he thought you were sick finally dawned on him and he couldn’t find the words to express why he did that to you. 
“You’re wet. You’re a vampire again for the third day in a row, and you’re wet.” you muttered, an ironic reflection of Jimin’s words mere moments ago.
“Hm?” Questioned Jimin, until he looked down and realized that he was in fact, soaked to the bone with the rain coming down. He felt a crossroads in his chest as he didn’t know what to do - what if you didn’t want to see him today? Does he have to make the walk of shame back to the party and have everyone ask him why he’s a soaking wet vampire?
Sensing Jimin’s aloofness, you pulled him by the elbow to bring him inside without saying another word . Within minutes you were rubbing a towel on his hair as he stared at you in wonder. 
I hope you don’t catch a cold.” You muttered as you diligently stayed focused on your task of drying off Jimin’s hair. 
“What did you say?” He wondered through the muffled sounds of the towel covering his face. 
You apologized for almost suffocating him as you lifted the towel off his face to give him some breathing room, unintentionally also running your fingers through his hair to get the water out of his eyes. As you repeated yourself you could barely find the confidence to look at Jimin, but you’re glad you did because you could see the blush creep up on his chest. 
You smiled as you felt that all too familiar warm feeling creep up in your chest. 
It was a no brainer that Jimin was going to stay with you for the rest of the night. In no particular order, Jimin’s logic was that:
His clothes needed to dry before he could leave 
What was he going to do at a frat party without you with wet clothes (see point 1 for reference)
Halloween movies were his favorite thing in the world and there was no way he was going to miss out on watching your reaction to Monster House
WIthin just the last couple of days, you and Jimin had fallen into a comfortable nighttime routine. You would tell each other random things about yourselves, like how you make the best broccoli and cheese soup and Jimin can do a backflip once he drinks enough beer, make cheesy jokes, flirt and tease one another until the other got a little frustrated, but always end up in enjoying the physical presence of one another. The teasing and playful banter was what made you giggle until your stomach hurt (or until Jimin decided that he wanted a tickle fight and he was not about to lose). It was all so simple, but it felt like everything to you. 
So that’s how you and Jimin found yourself in your deceptively small bedroom. It was intimidating to let him into your room - it felt like the final piece of bearing yourself to him, almost more than being intimate with him. When he first walked around your room and looked intently at the photos of you from your childhood and with your friends back home, you missed as he muttered “cute” under his breath every single time he saw a cute photo of you, but you were relieved to see how non-judgemental he was about it all.  
Until he spotted one thing. 
“What’s this, Y/N?’ A black piece of lace hangs from Jimin’s finger. 
“Another one of Lia’s halloween costumes that she planned for me tonight. There’s more pieces for it scattered around here somewhere. I think it’s a dark angel? Or a witch? Or something like that” you said with your gaze still focused on tidying up some of the mess in your room. Your tone of voice was something that you’d use to describe a boring history assignment or doing laundry, definitely not what Jimin was feeling as he looked at the cloth in his hands. 
“It’s fucking sexy, that’s what it is.” 
“Have a costume kink or something Park?” you joked, eyes still focused on the pile of sweatshirts you had taken to folding during the conversation. 
“I don’t have a Halloween kink” he scoffed. “ I have a “you’re really hot and I think my dick is throbbing just thinking about you wearing this” kink.” Jimin  walked over to you, kneading the garment between his fingers. You could practically see Jimin’s imagination come to life as he looked at the fabric. 
“Well ask and you shall receive, baby boy” you winked as you grabbed the fabric from him and sauntered off to the bathroom to change. Before you could get very far, Jimin caught your wrist and therefore your attention. 
“Wait ,Y/N, I don’t want you to think that I came here for sex. I genuinely just wanted to see you and you look just as beautiful and sexy as you are right now and I don’t want you to feel like i’m forcing you into - .” 
You couldn’t hesitate from pulling Jimin in for a quick kiss to cut him off. Jimin’s rambling was cute, charming even, but you couldn’t let him get too far in his head with those thoughts of his. 
“I know, Jimin, that’s why I’m doing it - because I want to.” 
------ ♡ ♡------
In what was objectively a couple minutes but felt like hours to Jimin, you returned to the room. And his jaw dropped.
Jimin let out an unholy groan as his gaze stayed fixed on you. 
“You like it or something?” you tease as you do a twirl to show off the way the lace barely covers your ass. 
You truly were a sight to be seen - it was like the fabric was made for you as the sheer bodysuit clung to your skin. Had you actually worn this to the party you would’ve put a bra on underneath and a skirt on top, but you felt like bearing it all to Jimin as your nipples poked through the fabric, seemingly teasing Jimin from behind the black lace. 
“Like? Oh baby I fucking love it.” said Jimin as he stayed frozen in his position, taking in your figure in front of him. 
Even though there was no music playing, you found yourself sauntering sultrily over to Jimin with a natural rhythm to your steps. As Jimin stayed seemingly star struck, you sunk down to your knees in front of him. 
“Oh no, no, no, baby” muttered Jimin as he tried to pull you up from the ground. “You’re too pretty to be down there like that. Gotta treasure you” muttered Jimin while his lips ghosted over your skin, pressing kisses into your neck and shoulder. 
“Please, Jimin?” you begged, puppy dog fuck me eyes coming out in full force as you gazed up at him. “Want your cock so bad… want it in my mouth…” You nestled your nose and mouth right against his cock to express your desire, darting your tongue out even through the fabric to try and reach his member that you could feel throbbing underneath.  
Park Jimin was a simple man - how was he going to say no to that?
Your licked your lips as you unzipped his jeans, the way his cock popped out to freedom from its constraints making both of you groan.
You started by lightly licking the tip of his cock, teasing him slightly as you swiped your tongue along his frenulum. 
“Baby…” moaned Jimin through a raspy breath, obviously already affected by your actions. 
His reaction inspired you to go further, and you started bobbing your head up and down on his cock, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful man staring down at you. It was so good, so fucking good to Jimin, which he made sure to let you know almost constantly as it fell out of his mouth as a chant as you swiped your tongue all along his cock, making sure to take the time to play with his balls as well. 
You took one good look at Jimin before burying your face as far down his cock as you could go, nose brushing against his pubic bone as you had tears in your eyes from the feeling of fullness that you had in your throat. Jimin accidentally bucked his hips at the feeling, instantly apologizing and running his hands through your hair to make sure you were okay. 
“Fuck my mouth, Jimin” you said with a raspy tone, your lips covered in his precum. 
Jimin tilted his head back in disbelief at what you said. “You’re gonna be the death of me Y/N,” he muttered again as he leant down to press a quick kiss to your lips.
“Tap me twice if you ever  need to stop, okay?” Jimin said seriously as broke free from his sex-driven persona for a second.  You nodded in agreement while sending him a small smile. 
And with that, Jimin gathered your hair in his hands into a makeshift ponytail and guided your mouth back onto his cock. If your pussy was the best thing Jimin had ever felt, your mouth was definitely a close second. He began by slowly letting your lips surround his dick, taking in the image of your lips dark and wet with saliva. 
“You’re fucking amazing, baby - Oh fuck”  Jimin moaned as he kept his eyes focused on you down below. 
Soon he began picking up the pace, building up a steady rhythm of his cock down your throat. You hollowed your cheeks accordingly, the vibrations of your moans around his cock only increasing his pleasure.
Jimin was ready to cum from the moment you had stepped in the room wearing that all too sexy piece of black lace, and he knew he wasn’t gonna last very long. 
“Baby I - I’m gonna cum. Fuck, can I cum on your face princess?” Jimin begged as he looked down at you. 
You took him out of your mouth with an overdramatic “pop” as you switched to wrapping your hands around his length, one on his dick and the other cupping his balls. And Jimin could barely warn you before thick ropes of cum started shooting out of his length onto your face. 
“You’re fucking incredible, Y/N” Jimin moaned out as he rided out the shockwaves of his orgasm 
Jimin pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming as he looked at the vision of you in front of him on your knees, black lacy lingerie on, face covered in his cum. He knew that from this moment on, every time he closed his eyes he would see this image burned behind his eyelids. 
You laughed as you easily plopped down beside Jimin in the bed after wiping the extra cum off your face, him obviously still being in a post-orgasm haze. Within seconds the mood had shifted from sex powerhouse Y/N and Jimin to your usual playful state as you tickled underneath his chin. 
“Mmm, I’m not done with you yet” Jimin said as mustered all his energy trying to sit up. Before he could even get onto his elbows, his stamina had already sent him collapsing back into the bed, a moan of tiredness coming out of him in defeat. 
“Jimin, babe, you look completely fucked out.” 
Jimin raised his eyebrow as if to signal “you think?”, before chuckling at you and shaking his head. 
“Only for you, Y/N, only for you.” He paused and you could see his eyebrows furrow as he took all his energy to sit up. “But I’m a gentleman, I can’t give and not receive” 
It was now your turn to laugh. “You just throat fucked me to oblivion, babe, I think we’re past chivalry.” 
“but - “ 
“Tomorrow my pussy is all yours, Jimin, but you need to get some energy back babe” you proclaimed as you grabbed a bottle of water off of your nightstand to hand to him. 
“Pinky promise” you nod as you intertwine his finger with yours, kissing the tips of them with your lips.
{In true Jimin fashion, as soon as the clock hit 12:01 he was buried between your legs.}
Naturally you tangled your limbs with Jimin’s as you watched the movie playing in front of you, the lines where your body begins and his ends slowly starting to fade away. You don’t know who initiates it, but somehow your lips find their way together and Jimin pulls you into his lap to straddle him, bringing you even closer together. 
It’s different than usual. You’re not kissing each other with the same hunger and desire as before - it’s caring and calm, like you’re in no rush, just enjoying each other’s presence. 
“This is all a little cliche, isn’t it?” Whispered Jimin as he pulled his lips away from yours for a breath. 
And the truth was, it was really cliche. Halloweentown playing in the background, wrappers from candy that you should’ve given to trick or treaters but ate instead lying around - to an outsider you must’ve looked like the perfect couple. 
And then the word dawned on you -  couple. 
Jimin and you had never talked about being a couple. Fuck, you hadn’t really talked about much at all about relationships. But you knew how you felt - how you always want to be close to him, how your chest fills with this unexplainable feeling when he’s around, how. Park Jimin was definitely more than a halloweekend hookup to you, and your skin went cold as you worried that he may not think the same. The moment that brought you so much warmth now seemed to turn ice cold as you feared that this may be the last time you ever get to see Jimin like this - his eyes glimmering under the moonlight streaming in from your window.
“Thinking too much is bad for your brain, Y/N,” scolded Jimin playfully as he picked up on your uneasiness in a heartbeat, throwing one of your favorite candies at you at the same time in an effort to lighten your mood. It was going to take more than a piece of chocolate for your brain to switch gears, and you knew that there was no way you were going to get through the rest of the night without having the talk. 
“What are we doing, Jimin?” 
The silence that seemed to plague for what felt like hours made you instantly regret your decision. You were too caught up in your own head that you couldn’t see the gears turning in Jimin’s head too. 
“What are we - what do you mean what are we doi- oh. That what are we doing?” Rambled Jimin as he put the pieces together. 
And then you were back to silence… 
“Do you really wanna talk about it right now?” his voice seeming much more timid as he couldn’t even look you in the eye.  His fear seemed to also creep into your soul as you couldn’t look at him as you nodded.
“Um, ok - I guess I’ll go first” said Jimin as he cleared his throat with a small cough. You could feel the tension radiating off of him as he squirmed around in your bed while trying to find a comfortable position. Eventually with his head propped up in his hand he began to speak. 
“I don’t do this, I mean I don’t - . I don’t know, I -. Fuck, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never done this.” Jimin expressed  as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. 
You instinctively reached out to hold his free hand, rubbing circles gently on it with your thumb. You nodded slightly, letting him know that you think he can do this. 
“I guess, I’ve done this before, but I’ve never felt this before, yknow? This is just - this is scary but it’s all so amazing at the same time” His hands gesturing to god knows what at this point as it fluttered through the air
You chuckled and pulled Jimin’s hand closer to you, effectively bringing the two of you to be mere inches from each other. 
“You lost me a little there Jimin, I’m gonna need to know what this is” you said cheekily with a slight smirk on your face. You couldn’t help but be a little playful with his shyness. 
Jimin shook his head with a slight grin as he gazed at you, before taking your hand and putting it on his heart. You could feel his heart racing, pounding out of his chest essentially. At the same time, you looked at him and you could feel what he was saying to you even though no words were being exchanged. 
“You do this to me. In fact, I think you’re the only person that’s ever done this to me. And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough of you, Y/N. And I don’t want to ever be without you - yeah, I just don’t want you to forget about me after this weekend, I guess. But I don’t know how you feel and if I made you really uncomfortable I’m sorry but I just wanted you to know in case there was a chance but I don’t know even know if there is a chance or if you even - “ 
You stopped Jimin’s rambling in his tracks by calling out his name. 
Wordlessly, you took his hand and placed it over your heart, letting him hear its rapid rhythm. 
“My heart beats for you too, Park Jimin.”
The smile that spread on Jimin’s face is one that you’ll never forget. He instantly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to be on top of him, peppering kisses all over your face in pure elation. 
As you got lost in your thoughts, you let out a hearty laugh while still laying on Jimin’s chest. 
“Think I can convince you to dress up as something other than a vampire next year?” 
“Oh bite me, Y/N” Jimin laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss, muttering something about how his vampire costume definitely made you fall for him. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Thank you for reading! - Emily  ♡
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kookieluvv · 2 days ago
New sheets
yoongi x reader
Tumblr media
You laid in bed staring at the ceiling. You just couldn't fall asleep. The bed didn't smell the same anymore. It didn't smell like him. You missed him. His soft touches, his light snore, his warm embrace. You've got new sheets and Yoongi wasn't there with you.
You knew you shouldn't call him. He's busy, the comeback promotions are about to start, that also meant he would be on tour. How many more nights could you spend with him? Right? It would be okay if he said no. It would be fine.
Three rings before he answered. "Why are you still up bub?" Bub. He's such a honey boy.
"Couldn't sleep." you said with a pout hoping he would hear it through the phone.
"Bub I'm really busy, I-"
"I know, just wanted to hear you're voice that's all. I just miss you. I also got new sheets."
Now he knew why you called. He would always sleep in your bed when you would get a change of beddings. He wasn't always there for you, his smell comforted you.
"Anyways, I'll let you go. Don't work too late. Tell Namjoon the same thing." You said with a light chuckle. "Bye baby." You said hanging up the phone. With a heavy sigh, you closed your eyes waiting for the inevitable sleep.
Couple minutes later you hear your front door open and close. Some shuffling. Peeking from the covers you see Yoongi leaning from the bedroom doorframe.
"New sheets huh? Well we gotta do something about that."
hi my lovelies it's been a while bc medical school has been kicking my ass 🥲
anyways y'all know the drill lolz not proof read ~~ typed in one go hahah~ enjoy 💜
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lavienvante · a day ago
most wanted: boyfriend  ♡  kth | teaser.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡   summary:  the official boyfriend application  ―  or the OBFA, as you liked to call it. the rules were simple: 1. dates in potential would apply anonymously to fill the role of your (also anonymous) best friend’s boyfriend and 2. go through a strict analysis conducted by you. if deemed lucky enough, they would earn a blind date with the prettiest, most wonderful girl on campus: your best friend. the only problem? you didn’t count on the likelihood of those bold, flashy letters denouncing the latest submitted application signed off with the pseudonym of your hardcore crush: vante.
♡       listen to the playlist. ♡       series navigation.
Tumblr media
♡       pairing: kth x f!reader. ♡       genre: college au  |  idiots to lovers  |  fluff + crack. ♡       rating: pg-16. ♡       word count: 770 (teaser only). ♡       content warning(s): swearing and heavy language, brief mention of alcohol, mentions of cheating and lying, pretty much a whole lot of heartbreak.
Tumblr media
♡       taglist: @kirbykook @ggukkieland @jimilter @itsallaboutdetails @somewhereofftheglobe @mimi14berrybear @chateautae @acsycharm  @grandqueen1533 @lilianm3 @todosmash @joonjulyagust-d​ @amourtae​  @anila127
reply to this post or send me an ask to be tagged.
Tumblr media
“Hana, I swear to God, you have to stop checking his goddamn Instagram profile every five seconds or I’ll confiscate your every device from you.”
Your voice echoes from the kitchen, followed by a barely audible sigh from your best friend sitting by the living room. Her incessant clicking stops, bringing you to let out a breath of relief. Though your apartment isn’t the most spacious place, lately it feels as if both of you are oceans apart, even within the confines of these four walls - a silence is so loud you cannot feel a thing.
Stomping over to the living room, you find the image of your hangover, teary eyed best friend. You had never seen Hana cry, at least not like this. Even as she’s embraced by the warmth of a blanket and your arms around her quivered figure, the cold of her features denounces the wreckage that the last ten or twelve hours have done to her.
“I know you said I had forty eight hours to ugly cry as much as I wanted,” she looks over at you, rubbing off the mascara stain from her skin. “But I don’t think I can stop crying anytime soon,” Hana shrugs, her voice faltering into quiet sobs.
From the screen of her laptop, the bright letters of Hana’s now ex-boyfriend’s name - a name which you’ve come to hate - flash at you. You knew he was a good-looking dude, that was undeniable. But somehow the ugliness seemed to pour out of his picture onto every pixel of the screen, making your stomach sick with disgust.
Eric Nam was a dead man. To you, at least.
Regardless, you’ve made it a point not to ever scroll through the pixelated chaos of your direct messages instigating more rumors amongst the campus. You simply didn’t read them, because the target was on your “prettier” counterpart this time. 
And truly, while a teensy, tiny bit of you envied her effortless look, her undeniable popularity and her natural social butterfly persona, you could not imagine the way she felt then and still does now, upon having her heart ripped into shreds when his last uneventful post was published exactly twelve hours and forty six minutes ago, with the picture of him and his girlfriend. Except it wasn’t Hana herself.
It wasn’t as scandalous for him as it was for her - because it wasn’t enough for her to have been cheated on and lied to, the prying eyes on campus also had their own inputs to share in between the hallways. Apparently everyone knew about it, it just took nearly a year for one single person to have the guts to go about it and let Hana know - not in a good way.
And truly, your heart broke into pieces just as much as Hana’s when you saw those far too high quality pictures of Eric with his tongue down some this girl’s throat. You didn’t know what was more infuriating: the fact that everyone knew, the fact that your best friend had become a laughing stock or the fact that for legal purposes, you were not allowed to kick her ex “boyfriend” in the gut.
Her quiet sobs feel worse than the loud cries of last night. You know it hurts her deeper now that the initial shock is gone, replaced by a faint smell of alcohol in her clothes and about fifteen unanswered texts from her social circle. Eventually, you decided to text them back yourself, with a copy-paste message telling everyone Hana needed some space, yadda yadda.
You did not tell them she also needed some tequila and a whole pack of Doritos, regardless of how much you hated the smell.
You knew she would be fine. Everyone did. Even if a part of you feared what would become of Hana’s love life when she decided (sooner or later) to get back into her “carefree” phase, you could still bet on her confidence and her bravery made of steel. She knew better than anyone how to stand tall and proud in the spotlight, even when the circumstances were against her.
However, you also knew she had a marshmallow heart when she was truly, madly, deeply in love.
And that had only happened once in her entire life.
With none other than The Asshole Who Shall Not Be Named.
You, on the other hand, had never had the opportunity to claim a broken heart by any means. And right now, that was a privilege over your best friend’s current state, bad enough for you to arrive at a drastic conclusion.
She needed to fall in love again.
And you were going to help her.
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lushtans · 8 hours ago
— divided and multiplied | ksj
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: seokjin x f!reader
↬ genre: smut, fluff, pwp
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 au type ꒱ idol au, established relationship + there’s a surprise ;)
↬ rating & word count: 18+ ; ~1.1k
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 summary ꒱ on his birthday, Seokjin finds out that you divided and multiplied.
↬ warnings: profanities, explicit sexual content → soft dom!ksj, sub!reader, cock warming, big d*ck!seokjin, dirty talk, pet names, praising, unprotected sex, cream-pie — this is a work of fiction and doesn’t represent seokjin in any way!
↬ masterlist
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 a/n ꒱ surprise? i know i’m on a hiatus and i said that i won’t be able to post anything because of my exams, but here we are! this is a sequel to ‘You’ — which happens to be my first bts fic to be posted on any platform. it’s unedited and a bit messy, but i hope you enjoy this domestic and wholesome piece ♥︎
Tumblr media
The euphony of breathy whimpers, paired up with the occasional deep moans echo through the expanse of the dimly lit bedroom. It’s quite hard to spot the tangle of limbs hiding under the thick, protective layers of blanket, but it’s certainly not impossible. Not when one can clearly make out the subtle movements if they pay attention.
“Jinnie, move, please,” your whine is desperate, inner walls squeezing his impressive girth buried all the way inside you. After being away from you for a week, it’s understandable why he has the urge to be as intimate as possible. But you’re getting impatient.
Seokjin drops a chaste kiss on your forehead, leaning down to whisper against the skin of your exposed neck, “Wait a bit more, jagi, I just missed you so much.”
“I– I missed you too, so much.” A shaky sigh escapes you, cunt pulsating with need around his cock.
Seokjin mutters a curse under his breath. “Fuck, your little pussy only craves to get ruined, doesn’t it?”
“Jinnie!” your voice is somewhere between a gasp and a moan. He draws back his hips, easily sliding out before he thrusts back inside, causing you to moan wantonly. His lips are guided on the soft flesh of your cleavage, sucking, licking and biting.
Seokjin falters for a moment when your nails start digging into his wide shoulders, recovering quickly to keep up the moderate pace he has created. “You are so good to me, baby, always.” He cradles your figure in his arms and groans.
“I love you, Seokjinnie. I love you so much,” you pant heavily, pressing your lips against his fervently. He complies, deepening the kiss as his balls start slapping against your ass with each thrust.
“Jagi, you’re taking me so well. I love you too, my moonlight. Can’t believe how perfect you are.” Seokjin mutters huskily, hips purposefully grinding on your swollen clit. The stimulation makes you shudder and he notices immediately.
“So sensitive already, fuck. I can’t imagine what will happen a couple months later.” You mewl at his words, left hand gently cupping his face as you stare at him with pure adoration.
“I want to come, please. I love you.”
“Fuck,” Jin growls, the tip of his cock kissing your g-spot and cervix with a powerful thrust. Eyes watering from the overwhelming euphoria, you scream his name, hurtling towards the edge.
“Just like that, you’re amazing.” His calloused thumb finds your clit. Your body goes rigid when he starts rubbing it in tight circles.
“I’m— I’m so close!” you squeal. Seokjin hums, kissing you hard on the mouth, tongue molding with yours. Catching both of you off-guard, the added sensation triggers your release.
“Shit, ____.” He moans, your pussy clenching around him deliciously. Burying his face in the crook of your neck, he pushes forward to meet his own orgasm.
“You’re gonna milk me dry, hm? Squeezing me so tight. Fuck.” Jin rasps, giving a few more sloppy thrusts before finishing. His milky white load shoots inside you, coaxing a whine from your lips.
The sound of heavy breathing fills the atmosphere, his forehead resting against yours as you try to catch your breath in unison. He has pushed the heap of blankets covering you two aside, the cool night air a contrast against your sweaty and heated skin.
Once recovered, Seokjin gently pulls out despite your whines of protest. He heads straight to the bathroom and cleans himself thoroughly, taking a warm bowl of water and a washcloth. Making sure that the temperature is not too high, he re-enters the bedroom. Noticing how you’ve curled yourself up in a cocoon, he shakes his head.
“C’mon, jagi, let me clean you up at least.” He nudges your side in a gentle manner. Receiving no response from your end, he decides to take matters in his own hands.
“Just a bit more… yeah! Good girl.” Seokjin pushes you until you’re laying on your back, legs spreading for him. He grunts at the sight of your filled cunt, dabbing the washcloth around your inner thighs to clean out the slick first.
He takes his sweet time with you, making sure that you’re completely clean and handing you a glass of water before he dresses you up in your pajamas.
“Thank you for coming here, jagi. I’m so glad to have you in my arms right now. Can’t imagine how empty today would have been without your presence.” Jin mumbles, kissing the crown of your head once you’re back inside the comfort of blankets and his embrace.
“Of course, Jinnie. I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything. And… I thought that today would be the perfect occasion to surprise you with the news.”
A goofy grin adorns his face, his large hand covering your stomach. “Yeah, we divided and multiplied. I’m the happiest man on the Earth right now!”
Your face scrunches up in confusion. “Wait… what?”
Seokjin chuckles at your lost state. “We divided and multiplied! You know that joke? It goes like this, ‘Add the bed, minus the clothes, divide legs and multiply’!”
Your cheeks heat up from embarrassment.
Groaning, you hide your face in his chest, playfully hitting his arm. “Why are you like this?”
“Why am I like what?” Jin’s hearty laugh makes you melt, and you sigh.
“You know what.” You pout at him.
“Stop acting like you hate it! One: you suck at acting, two: we both know you fell in love with me because of my humour.”
You grumble, trying to push him away. But Seokjin catches your wrists, holding them close to his heart. “No, but for real, I want you to know that I couldn’t possibly be happier at this moment. You’ve always been one of the main reasons why I wake up everyday and try to give it my all. And the fact that there’s another reason now budding inside you… it just, makes me beyond grateful. I can’t wait to meet our baby. Thank you so much, jagi. For everything. I love you.”
Eyes cloudy with tears, you pull him into your warmth. “I love you too, Jinnie. More than you’ll ever know. I know the baby will be just like you growing up. Just praying that there won’t be any complications.”
Seokjin rubs your back, whispering, “Everything will be okay, I promise. And I bet! I can’t wait to pass all my tricks to the next generation. It’ll be so glorious.”
You giggle, hand finding your stomach to hold it. He joins in with his trademark chuckle, cupping your face to give you a gentle peck.
Gosh, words aren’t enough to describe how much you love this man.
Tumblr media
💌 end notes: thank you so much for reading! i do hope that you enjoyed reading this 🥰! comments, reblogs and feedback is always appreciated <3 let me know that you thought!
to be entirely honest, i wasn’t planning on posting anything because of the massive amount of pressure i’m under right now due to my upcoming exams. but... the heart wants what it wants, i guess 😭? this is quite emotional for me because i remember, exactly an year ago, how terrified i was of posting ‘You’ :(
i won’t make it long, but thank you so much to everyone who’s been a part of my journey 💝! it wasn’t easy, i’ve felt like giving up numerous times, yet i’m here today :( it makes me feel proud of myself! i love you all so much, thank you once again <3 happy Seokjinnie day!
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itsdingdong · 2 days ago
Love ≠ Limerence ̴ TEASER
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 376
Summary: It all started the day when a baby with chubby cheeks and tearful doe eyes stumbled on Y/N and her best friend’s table at the café. It was the day Y/N and the father of the baby’s paths crossed for the first time. Their fates were finally conjoined. As she’s gotten to know him, she thought that he was this sweet, kind, magnificent, gorgeous, sexy- basically the perfect guy. At this rate, they were becoming inseparable. Neither of them expected to get along the way they did. A match made in heaven. Except, little did she know the past of the guy she was slowly and irreversibly falling for, was still haunting him. Whenever he spoke of his ex, she knew he was the partner she’s longed for her entire life. Also how she could never have his heart wholly... Fighting his demons in the meanwhile, will he be able to fall for the girl who’s pretty much made for him or succumb to those demons and lose her altogether?
Tumblr media
"Don’t lie to me Y/N. While I’m still giving you the chance to explain yourself, so do it. Or else…”
“Or else what Jungkook?” You can’t help but challenge this sudden attitude change of his. He wasn’t really asking you anything, he was expecting you to confess but what, you had no clue. The fact that eyes could tell much more than the words has never been truer. He doesn't have to say anything. Hate, sadness, disgust, disappointment…regret. All of them are right in there. Those eyes hurt more than the words leaving his mouth. And worst of all, you had no idea why this was all happening.
“You need to leave.” You feel your body freeze. You can’t fight back. Everything that’s happening at the moment reminds you of something like a poorly written K-Drama. No storyline, no character development…only plot holes and inconsistent characters. You do want to fight for him but you’re hurt and mad, mostly hurt. You know that you didn’t do anything wrong. And if you did, he didn’t tell you what it was. You had nothing to work with and the situation was beyond unfair. How could he accuse you of hurting the kid you’ve come to love like he was your own? Whenever he took a tumble, a part of your heart ached because he was just too precious for you.
“How could you think for one second that I would willingly harm Jihun?” You say hoarsely, barely a whisper, no fight left in you as the tears stream down your pink cheeks. Never once you've imagined how painful this could be but here you were in excruciating pain. How could he accuse you like that?
“Y/N leave.” His voice slightly wavers. His eyes briefly divert away from yours. His unsure and somewhat devastated guise might’ve sparked a tiny fragment of hope yet still not enough for you to stay. So you don’t. Just before you close the door as you leave, you give him one final look and this time he sees the regret in your eyes. The tug on his heart tells him that he messed up but it’s too late to turn back now. So he just watches the door close, biting down on his chapped lips to keep the tears from falling. It was over and this time, unlike how it was with his marriage, he was to blame...
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fluffyydumplings · 2 days ago
Chocolate, You are Late
Tumblr media
Pairing: hoseok x reader
Summary: Agagagaga! Another day of boring old college! Well.. Today is a little different. White sweater, black-rimmed glasses, heart lips and cute bangs different. Fishing hell, why does Jung Hoseok have to be your partner for this stupid little project. Why can’t you go back to staring at him from afar? Ughhhh... Fish! Fish! Fish! Speaking of Jung Hoseok, where the fish is he?
Genre: fluff / crack / friends to lovers / pinning / crush!au / idiots in love / college!au
Word Count: 1.2k
Warning: profanity / consumption of food (chocolate to be exact)
A/N: Mother fucking jay: ‘Happy 500 followers and Merry Christmas!’.. Ahhaaa, you never knew this day would come. Didn't you? Ahhahaa, well here it is. Jung Hoseok is all yours for today :].. I’m writing this before I actually write the actual fic. But I’m pretty sure this one is going to be so sweet it’ll make you want to barf. No heart aches for today, I guess :) @jayhopely - And now you know what the mbti question was for :D Inspired by this
Mood board
Tumblr media
Tikidey Tik Tok Tok.. 6 pm
Tikidey Tik Tok Tok...6:20 pm
You never expected to have such close connections with your all-time fascination, Jung Hoseok. The genius who seems to know the answer to every question there is to answer - the one with the pretty yet adorable face. He could cut you in half with his knife-like jawline or blind you with his radiant smile.
‘6:22 pm..’ you smile awkwardly at your glistening cup of coffee.
‘Oh.. Hi, Hoseok.. What’s up, dude..’
‘You’re late.. We were supposed to meet up at 5:55 pm.’
‘Oh.. You forgot, dude. Nice!’
Your favourite drink unfortunately doesn't answer you back. What a shame..
Smiles awkwardly for the seventh time... Fish you, Jung Hoseok! I hate you even more now! How rude! Eeeeeek!
‘Oh.. Y/N, I’m sorry for being late. I got caught into a bit of traffic..’ he smiles, teeth showing and cheeks pinched to the side.
Ever so charming.. Aren’t you, Jung Hoseok? Aren’t you.. Ughhh..
Your fucking smile!!! TAKE MY NON-EXISTENT SOUL!!
‘Huhh..’ you look slightly over to his way, a stiff smile in return.
‘Help me with mixing these,’ you direct at the tubes of red and green paint on the table, his hands unconsciously brushing over yours.
Heart.. Ahahaa.. Why are you like THIS What the FISH EWWWW EWWWWW
The same feeling you had when you realised your eyes were lingering a bit too much on that little sunshine shorts, named Hoseok.
‘So.. I really like the way this person acts, I think they are cute, and they are very attractive to me. What is that supposed to mean?’
Please don't say what I think it is! Pleeeassseeee! Pleeeease!!
‘That is what one would call a crush.’
Fish You!!!!!!!
‘It’s probably nothing.. Bye!’ you waved your hands up in the air, trotting away as quickly as you could.
EWWWWWW! Fish You!! Fuck You!!!
‘Too light,’ you comment, using your paintbrush as a pointing stick.
‘Too dark,’ your pointing stick of doom returns.
What? It was necessary.. The candy cane painting you were to copy had to be perfect, alright!! P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!
‘This?’ he looks for your approval, eyes shimmering with desperation.
‘Oooh.. Nice, you did a wonderful job! I think you’re getting better!’ you cheerfully exclaim.
‘I don’t know. I plan on dropping this art course soon..’ as he coats the canvas in green, he confesses.
‘Oh.. Why is that?’
‘I don’t think I’m getting any better. Even after two years.’
‘Hey.. Hey, you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy doing it. You can struggle to draw stick men, for all I know. But if you enjoy it, just go for it.’
‘Everyone else is so good at it though.’
‘Who cares about everyone else?’ you roughly sketch the candy cane out.
‘I really suck though.. Like, seriously.’
‘Everyone sucks, Seokiee.’
A blush creeps up his cheeks. Could it be? Could it be?!
His hands accidentally quiver, messing the painting up.
‘Oiiiii.. The lines.’ you frown slightly.
‘Sorry... See, I suck.’
‘Dude, we can just cover it up with more paint. No worries.’
‘Wouldn’t that make it bulky?’
‘We aren’t painting frauds.. Whatever you call them... It doesn’t have to be perfect. Plus, I’m sure a little overlaying would simply add more personality to the painting.’
You have a way with words, he is impressed.. More than impressed..
‘Time?’ you swing over closer to his side, eyes focused on the hands of his watch.
A pause-
‘You smell like chocolate.’
Ughhh.. What the fuck?
‘Oh.. Do you not like chocolate?’
‘I do.‘
‘I was late because I grabbed some,’ he brings out a bar like one would bring out a gun.
‘If I had left a few minutes earlier, the traffic wouldn’t have been so terrible,’ he smiles, he always does.
You’re an ANTI-ROMANTIC! Say it again, you bitch! A- N- T- I- R- O- M- A- N- T- I- C-!
‘Chocolate?’ he breaks off a piece and offers it to you.
Like chocolate binding together in a pot, perhaps that day he was offering over to you a small piece of himself.
Tumblr media
*ding dong*
On the sofa..
‘He should have received it by now. I’m pretty sure.. Yeah.. Yeah....’ you gently pat yourself on the head.
‘Oh.. What in the world is this?’ Hoseok creeps over the package dropped at his doorstep, almost as though a spider would jump at him if he didn't.
He picks the package up with one finger, the cardboard box dangling from a piece of yellow tape.. He can’t afford to lose a whole hand!
‘Oh.. What is this?’
Marching over to the table, he carefully dissects it open with his handy-dandy box cuter. (nicknamed: Mr fuzzy not so fuzzy sharpie sharp sharp)
‘A box of chocolates..’ his teeth shows.
He’s happy to receive gifts.. He loves affection.. He loves love..
He doesn't remember it being Valentine’s day or anything.. But, okay..
It’s Christmas, actually. The ground is covered with an unholy amount of freaking snow and his hands are freezing. But, okay...
‘Oh.. What is this?’ there was something else in the box.
He doesn't hesitate now that he knows a bomb or grenade isn’t hidden in there, ready to blow him and his house up in seconds.
‘It’s shaped like a cup of chocolate,’ trailing his fingers over the cleanly-shaven piece of paper, he opens it.
Dear Hoseok,
It’s me, Y/N.
The holidays are here, and I wanted to give you something. (In return for your help with the project, of course.) You seem to like chocolate, so yeah, I decided on this gift. It’s simple, but I hope you like it.
Ah, yes. One more thing. You did a great job with the painting, I’m proud of you.
Tumblr media
‘Sweet, where are you?’ he presses the phone close to his ears.
‘Traffic, Hoseok.’
Instead of a frown, he hands a box wrapped in red and green paper over to you.
‘Chocolate, You are late.’
‘I know, Hoseok.. Traffic.’
‘Now that I think of it, that rhymes.’
‘Oh.. What rhymes?’
‘Chocolate, You are late.’
‘Ha.. Reminds me of when we first met two years ago,’ he giggles, taken back to where he first interacted with you.
‘That’s true, it does.’
‘Now.. Now.. Is there actual chocolate in here or are you messing with me, you evil little chocolate latte..’
‘Cocoa mix, chocolate kisses, and...’ he pulls something out of his sweater.
‘It’s.. It’s.. Oh, it’s that bar from two years ago.’
‘Yes, it is.’
‘Here, have some.’
This time around, he breaks half of the bar off for you. After all, over time, you have become his other half. Not a dot in his life, and instead everything he could wish for and have.
Doses of shy smiles, sparkling eyes, hidden glances and held back shots of laughter. Love isn’t so bad after all.
‘We both should stop arriving in late.’
‘I always come in early, Mr Latte.. You’re the one who’s always late.’
‘Okay.. Okay, you win.’
‘I was only five minutes late by the wa-y,’ he shoves a piece of chocolate into your mouth, some clinging to your cheeks.
‘I could have choked on that.’
‘Hush.. Hush.. You’ll choke if you keep on talking.’
‘Shut up, Mr Latte.’
‘If it takes a kiss to make you shut up, then so it be.’
Maybe love is terrible after all... Loud and clear, bitch!
A- N- T- I- R- O- M- A- N- T- I- C-
Ewww.. Ewww.. Eww.. Jung Hoseok!!!!!! Fish you! Fuck You!
Tumblr media
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mercurygguk · a day ago
for thirst night i just can’t put out the idea of post-divorce angsty sex,,w/ any of the members !!!
thirst night #5
pairing; bts x f. reader (imagine whoever you’d like!)
this wasn’t supposed to happen.
how you ended up in this situation is a mystery to you as a soft breathy moan falls from your lips. his hips are grinding against yours, his cock sliding in and out in a pace so slow that you feel every single inch and vein of him. his hands are tightly intertwined with yours above your head, lips hovering just above yours as he grunts, the feeling of your pussy clenching around him making his head spin and his heart ache.
this wasn’t supposed to happen.
how he ended up in your bed with you underneath him is beyond him, a mystery to say the least, but somehow he doesn’t regret a single thing about tonight – he’s doesn’t regret how he went out to drink with the guys from work or the fact that he ended up in front of your door instead of walking through his own. he doesn’t regret telling you he misses you more than you’d ever be able to imagine. he doesn’t regret kissing you just before you told him to get out.
“oh, baby,” he rasps, lips ghosting yours.
you whimper in response, hands tightening around in as you feel yourself nearing the edge. his hips deliver hard and slow thrusts, hitting a sweet spot within you. it has your eyes rolling to the back of your mind every time, the pleasure almost too much for you as you moan his name – over and over again.
it’s like sweet music in his ears but a heartbreaking sound for his heart that only beats for you. if only you’d realize and accept that there’s no one else but you. there never will be.
“miss you,” he sighs, “miss you so much.”
you feel the tears pressuring behind your eyelids. as if letting him into your home and your bed wasn’t enough, now you’re going to cry about it as well.
“don’t-“ a moan cuts you off, the hard jab of his hips the reason. “don’t do that, please.”
“do what?” he hisses, eyes opening to look into yours, shifting between them as he watches them fill with unshed tears. “tell you that i miss you? or remind you that you miss me too?”
“no, fuck- please, not now…” you whine, writhing beneath him.
he frowns as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth, watching how one single tear trickles from your eye. “am i wrong?”
shaking your head, you meet his lips in a soft kiss; a stark contrast to his hips grinding hard into you.
“no,” you breathe out, “i’m just scared-“
he watches your face contort in pleasure, a quiet moan emitting from your pretty, swollen lips. you’re so beautiful as you lay here beneath him – swollen lips, flushed cheeks and messy hair, wet eyelashes from the tears in your eyes, irises shiny as you look up at him.
“why?” he asks, wondering what you mean.
you smile softly, leaning up to kiss him once more because why the hell not? might as well just give into it despite the papers saying you’re not supposed to do this anymore.
“because i didn’t think i’d ever regret divorcing you but here i am… still in love with you.”
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alpacaparkaseok · a day ago
you meant to surprise them by visiting but you fell asleep on the couch because of jet lag instead
Tumblr media
plops down on the couch across from you
pulls out his phone
calls you
watches you wake up and fumble for your phone
you totally forgot where you were lol
and Jin just laughs
crawls onto the couch with you
you wake up with all the movement
he just smiles at you
he's so tired
"go back to sleep" he whispers
and so the two of you just drift off to sleep on the couch
your neck hurts when you eventually get up but oh well, it was worth it
he feels bad waking you up so he tries to do it as softly as possible
when your eyes crack open he grins down at you and you groan
"It was supposed to be a surprise" you lament
he cuddles you like he does with everyone else; by just straight up laying on you lol
"best surprise ever"
then you two order takeout and just chill for the rest of the night
it's the most relaxing night ever
he does a vlive that night, and you spend the whole time trying to make him laugh off camera
he eventually has to rush to the bathroom because he's gonna pee from laughing so hard
and you may have let a giggle out
and that's the story of how you and Hobi accidentally went public
literally walks right past you lol
the man has tunnel vision
does he notice the woman asleep on the couch of his hotel room?
you wake up to the sound of him singing in the shower
so you grab your phone and text him, not wanting to startle him
did you seriously ignore me and go take a shower?
thus pursues a texting conversation in which Namjoon is wondering how on earth you knew he was taking a shower
eventually you just knock on the bathroom door and he scrambles for a towel thinking one of the members is needing him
but he opens the door and sees you
and it takes a moment to click, but you just laugh
"yah, finish your shower. I'll order some food."
he just stares at you from the doorway instead, hair dripping onto the carpet
utterly smitten.
like Yoongi, he doesn't waste time and just hops onto the couch with you
but instead of drifting off to sleep, he tickles you awake
nearly gets an elbow to the nose as a result
you wake up to the sound of his giggles
it's enough to make you melt in his arms
neither one of you say anything for a bit
you just lay there
until Jimin remembers something
"hold on, I got you something!"
and he launches off the couch and grabs something from his bag
he brings back a PTD concert shirt just for you
"I wanted you to feel like you were part of the whole experience" he explains
you wear it the next day and he can't stop grinning
at first he's worried that the boys are pulling a prank on him like they did with Jin all those years ago at Mnet.
like, why else would there be a random woman sleeping on his couch in his hotel room??
oh wait, it's you??
then say no more, the boy is launching himself at you
"jagiyaaaa wake up"
the second you show any signs of waking up he begins to tell you everything he's been wanting to since he last saw you
like how the concerts have been
what he ate last night for dinner
how much he and Jin have made fun of Jimin during "save me"
the whole nine yards
because he's missed you. and he sucks and talking a lot on the phone, he usually just asks you to tell him what you're up to.
as soon as he pauses for a breath, you just play with his fluffy hair and smile up at him.
"I love you a lot," he mumbles.
you arch a brow. "love? last time you said you liked me."
he chuckles. "oh, I still like you, too. don't worry."
the kid lets you sleep.
don't get me wrong, in most scenarios I think he wouldn't leave you alone
but it's been a month since he last saw you
and he's still so new when it comes to serious relationships
so he quietly gets ready for the night
turns on the tv but mutes it
and once he thinks you've slept enough, he wakes you up
he does so by tracing the lines of your face, smiling when you crinkle your nose
he can't help but chuckle at your noncommittal response
"did you come all this way to see me?"
you open one eye and get a little overwhelmed with how startlingly attractive he is. a month away certainly made you forget a bit.
so you nestle deeper into yourself, hiding your burning cheeks
Jungkook laughs now, knowing what's going on in your mind. he doesn't pry, but he just scoops you up
"you wanna sleep on the bed, instead?"
"...yes, please."
"c'mon. let's go to sleep."
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holdinbacksecrets · a day ago
boyfriend things// meeting people you love
disclaimer: i made these more personalized bc i couldn’t help myself p.s lighthearted/fun/fluff
namjoon: he would show up to your apartment thirty minutes before the set time because he was worried about finding parking, even though your complex has a garage that’s rarely full. he asks if there’s anything he can help you with, but all you have to do is coat your bottom lashes with mascara and choose a tinted moisturizer for your lips. joon says you look beautiful, and holds your hand while he walks you to his car, carrying the cake box for rachel’s birthday in his left hand, admiring the pastel balloons in your right one. “do you remember everyone?” “mhmm, i made flash cards” your heart-fluttering, “of course you did” mary has freckles and never leaves the house without the flannel her mom wore in the 90s. rachel works at the cafe near the university, and that’s how you two met. you share the same zodiac sign and often react in synchronization, something joon looked forward to witnessing, which urged you to remind him he knows 6 people who do the same thing. lucy is soft spoken and talks about her cat maple when she’s nervous. happens to be very knowledgeable about plants (botany major), so she and joon will get along swimmingly
jin: instead of your friends, jin would be meeting your two younger sisters who were in town... just in time for the concert -world tour 2022?- in Seoul, and he would insist on you bringing them. jin might have set up a fitting with Fila for matching track suits and definitely asked what their favorite foods are for catering, but you insisted they’ll be happy with sandwiches or cereal. he doesn’t agree. when you show up to the stadium he’s literally the sweetest ever. you fall in love with him all over again because he’s asking lucy about school and if it’s stressful being a student athlete. he tells her to send you videos of her meets so he can watch, knowing the likelihood of showing up to a college swim meet and not causing utter turmoil is unlikely, and he didn’t want to be a distraction. he asks mina about her life in new zealand and tells her how much fun he had there, and a trip out to see her would be perfect. she talks to jungkook because they’re both fearless, and she’s still waiting to cross skydiving off her bucket list. jin gives mina a cooky headband and she’s blushing, having no idea you told jin her bias is jungkook. he rolls his eyes dramatically when he gives lucy the chimmy headband and mang plushie, urging her to “make up her mind.” he’ll definitely take you all out to brunch the next morning. makes your sisters laugh and your heart sing. once you’re done with the meal/alone with your sisters again, mina will ask how much longer y’all will be waiting until a ring is on your finger. lucy says it won’t be long after seeing the way he looks at you. you hope she’s right. surprise: she was right
yoongi: this man is so suave and nonchalant, but that isn’t always the case when it comes to you. nerves shine through the cracks of his demeanor. you can see them in his cheeks turning a pretty shade of rose. in the way he keeps changing his shirt. back and forth. back and forth. and he didn’t notice you standing in the doorway. biting your lip to stop yourself from interrupting, but you can’t help yourself “do you mind my two cents?” he looks up and you disapprove of both t shirts and find the sage colored sweater because he looks so damn good in them. and if there was something that would make your friends more likely to give their approval, it would be Min Yoongi in a soft, sage green sweater. truly powerful. according to yoona, a sweater “shows they’re willing to make an effort”. nina always says “boyfriend energy exists in a sweater, and we must see what y/n is working with”. extra points for a shy, gummy smile *check and check*
hoseok: somehow a lot of time would go by and previous attempts to get the!crew together kept falling through because half of your friends are students and the other half have joined the corporate world. therefore everyone’s schedules are all over the place, and then you have to add in hoseok’s who spends an insane amount of hours rehearing, at the studio or traveling. and when free time does arrive maybe you want him all to yourself that bad? so when things finally work out, it’s your birthday. the nerves you expected to feel are pretty much forgotten because you spent the whole day decorating your apartment with your friend jess, blowing up balloons and hanging lights. she met hoseok when he showed up with lunch for the both of you and basically melted as soon as she saw his smile. the moment included: “wait a damn minute. you’re handsome as fuck.” yes all your friends say something about his beauty and sunshine spirit. hell yes you end up dancing and drinking the champagne he brought too. your friend ella falls asleep in the guest room, and in the morning you wake up to the sound of her laughing with your boyfriend while they eat breakfast and look through the stack of polaroids from the night’s festivities. later that week, hoseok gushes over how happy you are around your friends. you seem more relaxed, and he likes that look on you,, “happy and carefree makes your eyes sparkle,” but he didn’t know the biggest smiles came with every compliment shared by the girls in your life for the man you love
jimin: you have a few really close friends. one of whom lives in the same complex as you and regularly comes over for meals, work and rant sessions, or evenings of reality tv. tonight happened to be the latter, but jimin came over unexpectedly, completely distracting you. and even if you remembered the plans later that evening, they would’ve evaporated from your mind as soon as you saw him standing outside your door... looking so good. skin dewy and smelling strongly of vanilla. you could see the tired in his eyes, but he still smiled so brightly having you so close. hours later, one movie down and a second just starting with take out on the way, jennie shows up, and jimin opens the door thinking it’s your dinner. you recognize her voice and curse yourself for forgetting, but of course jimin is a sweetheart and tells her she has to stay, that food’s on the way, and you watch them with love in your eyes as they bond over dance (jennie teaches at a studio) and pictures of her corgi, buttermilk. when the food arrives, jimin makes up plates for everyone. he gives you extra black bean noodles and asks what jennie prefers. when he jogs to the kitchen for a coke, jennie nods, with a LOVE him, and her signature, double 👌 jennie’s 👌 are like shooting stars. her students and friends all agree: they come rarely and mean a hell of a lot. you know he’ll be excited to hear all about it later
taehyung: instead of taehyung being nervous, your friends were. and mostly because they’re all fans to varying degrees and have spent an embarrassing amount of time mentally preparing themselves out of fear they’ll do something stupid and turn him off. of course you share all of this with him, and he finds it hilarious and cute, not at all worried about how your friends will be. he was honored they at least like bts’ music, hoping that would give him some brownie points in case he came across awkward or quiet. once a month your friend erin holds a game or trivia night. everyone brings a dish for potluck and dresses to a theme. the night taehyung was joining happened to be Evening in Paris, which he was ecstatic about. y’all showed up looking way too good in comparison to the mustaches made with eyeliner and toilet paper berets. tae dressed as an artist, with his apron pockets holding acrylic paints and brushes, and you his muse. ended up getting a little tipsy. tried to stop erin from attempting the butter choreo. tae hyped her up, filmed the whole thing. ate lots of crackers and the homemade hummus lisa brought. taehyung couldn’t get enough of the puppy chow from meredith, his fingers coated in powdered sugar. yes he won every game that evening and took home the stuffed octopus prize. prizes are always stuffed animals. no one knows why. you’d get more use out of a candle
jungkook: poor baby is a nervous wreck. shows up early but paces between your bedroom and the kitchen, eating from the bag of pretzels left out on the counter. you laugh from the closet as you hear his big ass boots stomping and then stopping and then the crunching and then his head appearing in the doorway. you kiss him every time he calls your name in hopes of your lips calming him down. smiling, “you taste like pretzels and strawberry lip balm” the tactic works, and his shoulders relax more with each kiss,,muah “my friends will fall in love with you immediately. in case you didn’t know, you’re quite the charmer... not sure why you’re so nervous?” jungkook doesn’t understand where your question is coming from “i’m in love with you?? and not impressing my partner’s friends is something i won’t recover from.” you roll your eyes because this man is being dramatic. “and you had to try so hard to impress me, right?” and of course he smiles at that and all you can do is laugh because he KNOWS. he knows it’ll be fine, and if you’re so in love with him, there’s no way your friends won’t be too. he looks at the picture in your glove department one more time, recalling the names of the friends surrounding you in the picture from your 23rd birthday, before going into the restaurant. kisses you deeply before opening his door. probably asks you if his hair looks ok. dude looks like a prince for real. spoiler: they adore him. you’re worried lea might love him more than you after he helps her out of her coat. clumsy girl managed to get her arm stuck in the sleeve. he has his left hand on your thigh the entire evening, looks at you often to admire and smile fondly
check out the masterlist besties >.<
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jjiimin · 11 hours ago
do date
Tumblr media
—drabble, 4.0k words, fluff, a little explicit, dedicated to @faithdmrn thank you for always leaving me nice messages and for supporting my fics, i hope you love this 💜
People who claim not to be procrastinators in university are liars. Plain and simple.
Like a thief when he's found or a cheater when she's caught, those who lie and openly state that all their class work gets done before the due date are only kidding themselves. Everyone knows the real truth—all students leave their work until the very last minute.
In your day-to-day life, procrastination is a common practice.
Dishes need to be done? In a few hours sounds like a good time to do them.
Laundry needs to be folded and hung? Tomorrow sounds alright.
Final project of the term worth half your grade? Hey, the first part is due on Monday, and today's only Friday. You've got plenty of time!
Except, you don't. Because this particular project requires months of advance planning and the assistance of another person.
This is where your nervous, socially inept mind decides to text your crush, a boy you're kind-of sort-of friends with, on Friday evening and begs him to help you out.
YN: hey, are you busy tonight?
JM: hey! not really. was gonna head out to corner pub for drinks. wbu?
YN: uhh lucky. i can't drink tonight. too much work.
JM: big test?
YN: project. it's due on monday and i haven't even started TT
JM: do you need any help? you're studying fashion and marketing, right?
YN: yes!! i can't believe you remember lol
JM: of course i remember. it's one of the first things you ever said to me :)
The flutter of your heart forces your hand up to your chest. The boy on the other end of the texts has no idea what he does to you with his simple words. The fact that he recalls such tiny details about your life is insane. Granted, what you're studying isn't exactly miniscule information, but when everyone is drunk at a party, the last thing you expect is the guy you made out with to remember what you said before his tongue slipped down your throat.
That party was over two months ago and you have been unsuccessful in shaking off your feelings for the guy. And it's not like you haven't tried because of course you have. The moment you sobered up enough to realize what a gorgeous man he was and your insecurities hit you like a fucking brick, you high-tailed it out of that party and pretended like the night never happened. The back-then stranger was quick to follow suit when he caught up with you the next day before your first class (the fact that you brushed it off when he brought it up totally has nothing to do with that).
Now, he's just another guy in the sea of men entering and exiting your life during your university years. Maybe years from now, you'll be telling your office friends about the hottie you kissed at Happy Hour.
Although, for now, you need said hottie to save you from your past self's dire mistake.
YN: thank you for remembering. and also... i do need some help... :(
JM: text me your address. i'll be there in 20.
As far as you know, your mutual friends claim Jimin is bad with time. Very bad with time. So after you read his text, you plopped down on the sofa to lotion your legs only to hear the doorbell go off ten minutes later.
Brows crinkling, you glance at your phone to make sure you didn't order food again without realizing it. The screen lights up with a single text from your sister asking you about a dress she needs to borrow from your closet. (It's funny that she texts you to ask when you know she does what she wants regardless.)
Sure enough, when the door creaks open, Jimin stands in the entryway in all his glory. His raven black hair is tucked neatly under a beanie which he takes off the moment he sees you. Thick tresses wave out onto his forehead, surely obscuring his vision, and just like earlier, your heart launches into a sprint. A valiant sprint meant to end your life.
"That was fast," you blurt out, making the boy chuckle.
He steps forward. "Can I come in? It's kinda cold out here."
"Oh, sorry! Yes, please! Come in!" Calm down, YN. Oh my God. With lovestruck eyes, you gawk at him as he removes his shoes by the door and pads his socked feet into your living space. "Thank you for coming," your dry mouth finally manages to relay. Jimin smiles at you from where he's standing, a little awkward and unsure by the sofa. "I promise I won't take up your whole time. I just need your measurements."
"Measurements?" Right. You need to be clearer than that. "For the project. I promise I'm not a creep." Says the girl who sounds creep as fuck right now. A cloud of embarassment washes over you. "I need to design an original outfit and submit it for review on Monday. That's why I need your measurements."
Jimin runs a hand through his hair and grins. "Well, I'm happy to help. Let me know what you want me to do."
"Take off your clothes." The words jump out of your mouth faster than you can catch them. Eyes bugging, you swallow around the lump in your throat and frantically throw your arms out. "No! I'm sorry! I just mean you need to strip so I can measure your--" YN, what the fuck. "I'm so sorry, please keep you clothes on. I didn't mean any of what I just insinuated."
Jimin laughs again but you don't know if it's because he finds this situation amusing or if he's feeling as awkward as you are. Once again, you have managed to make a fool out of yourself in front of a man you find attractive. Great. Hundred points to Gryffindor.
He studies you for a minute, visibly concerned by the way your shoulders are pulled into a tight knot. "I came here to help you so whatever you need, I'm here." His benevolent response should soothe you except it doesn't. In fact, it does the opposite because it sends barrels of inappropriate thoughts about ways he could help you shooting through your mind. Because of course, of course, you don't already have enough of those swimming around.
Jimin takes a look around the room. "Is it okay if I take off my clothes here?"
Though your cheeks are hot, you find the courage to push through the mess you have created. "Please don't take off your clothes. I'm an idiot. What you're wearing is fine." From the back of your shorts pocket, you produce a white tape measure. The ribbon of cloth sits cooly in your palm as you walk towards him.
He continues smiling as you approach him and it reminds you of how much he smiled that night you kissed. How good it felt to be able to kiss that smile and what it felt like to taste him on your tongue.
It's so stupid, you know that, to be thinking about a single night months ago when so many more have passed by since. So many more nights when he has kissed other girls and touched parts of their bodies where you can only dream about being touched.
Jimin waits for you to give the orders as you approach. Though, a question nagging him in the back of his neck does force him to pose it after a short while. "Hey, I was just wondering..." he slows his words as you quietly unwind the tape measure. "Do you remember the night we met?"
The question stops you. A million emotions rush through your body at once, but you ignore them for the only one which bounces to life. Hope. "A little... it was a while ago, so the details are a bit hazy." Except they're not. Everything is clear as day.
Jimin chuckles, then rubs the back of his neck. "Right... um, that makes sense. So you don't remember that we..."
"I do," you whisper, and almost miss the way his face changes as a result. "It's okay. I don't expect anything. We were both drunk."
Jimin is quiet. By extension, you are, too. The two of you don't know what to say to each other.
When the silence begins to suffocate, you clear your throat and hold up the tape measure. "So I'm going to take your measurements. After that, I'm going to create an outfit in your size and submit that for my final grade." Jimin nods. His eyes are a little muddled, but you chalk that up to him unnerved by what you said earlier. It's surprising he's still here at all. "I would need you to model it when it's done, but no more than ten photographs max. And I'll pay you. Whatever you want."
"Friends don't pay friends for their help," he says. "I'm happy just to be here for you."
"Thank you."
When you look at Jimin, you will yourself not to burst into a thousand flames. There are so many things you wish you could say to him but there are also many things you can't say to him. The truth of that matter is that that night, you made out with a stranger at a party and he turned out to be a really good-looking, kind, and attentive guy, and you ran away. After kissing him for what felt like hours, you woke up from the dream and ran before he could tell you he regrets it. Because that would have ruined the dream and you have very few good dreams to begin with.
"Can you hold out your arm?" Jimin does as you ask. Quietly, almost as quiet as a mouse barring your hefty breaths stemming from nervousness, you lay the tape measure over the expanse of his arm. Two months ago, this arm was a bit lanky. Today, the same arm has bulked up and it frightens you to think about what other parts of him have changed as a result.
Jimin laughs as you stick the tape measure between your teeth while you type away the measurements on your Notes app. He reaches out to jiggle the tape. "You could have asked me to hold it, you know?"
His eyes are alight with laughter, and it's contagious because in the next second, you are laughing too, and the tape measure slips from your mouth and drifts to the floor. At the same time, you and Jimin bend down to catch it and bump your heads together.
His smile is big and heartbreakingly beautiful. "I think I just lost a few brain cells."
"I'm running on empty, so that head bump might just get me kicked out of school," you joke, finally feeling some of the earlier tension flush away. The part of your character which is usually jovial and tame begins to surface. "Are you okay? I didn't hit you too hard, did I?"
"Nothing I can't handle."
For the next few minutes, Jimin finds himself cracking jokes while you note his measurements and you find yourself laughing at all of them. He's a funny guy, and everything he says is humorous. It's easy to laugh with him. Especially when you can tell he's trying his best not to make things uncomfortable for you. It's like he can read your unease and wants to do everything in his power from lulling you into a cautious state.
His memory remembers you as a fun, enthusiastic girl who locked eyes with him that night two months ago and kissed him like he was a king. That night made him feel like he was one. Until you ran away and later brushed off the ordeal as a drunken mistake. Jimin has never admit it to you but it hurts. It hurts that what he recalls as one of his best nights means next to nothing to the one he spent it with.
But now he's here and you're touching him and fuck, if it's not simultaneously the best and worst thing which has ever happened to him.
Jimin arches a brow as your tape measure extends over his broad chest. He holds his breath, hoping you'll look up just this once, but you don't. The entirety of your attention is on getting the measurements right.
His chest is as muscular as his arms are, and it's killing you. Every time you try to measure him, your shaky fingers drop the tape or your vision grows so hazy that you cannot think straight. What's even worse is the fact that you have to hold your breath from his scent. His clean, manly scent which is causing all sorts of limbos inside your womanhood.
"I need to measure your legs so..."
Jimin takes that to mean that he needs to stand with his legs apart. Slowly, you breathe in then sink down to get to the measuring. Again, your fingers are trembling. No matter what you do, you cannot get them to stop. To pause. To not ruin your life further.
What you end up doing in all your struggle is touching him. A little touch here, a brush of skin and fingers there, a tiny poke of your pinky on the outside of his thigh, another one on the inside. Jimin gets so rattled that he almost makes a run for it. Or at the very least, he considers it. He can feel himself hardening with every touch you send his way. What is he supposed to do after all of this is over? Rub one out in your bathroom?!
There has never been so much quiet and breaths held in your home as there are right in this moment. And when you break it, the question you ask is almost unlike you.
It's when your fingers are a little higher up his thigh and you notice the distinct bulge between his legs.
"Are you..." A blush burns heavy in the cradles of your cheeks. "Are you hard...?"
A tiny gasp escapes Jimin and he takes a step back, his thigh smacking you in the face.
"It's not my fault!" He cries, two parts embarassed by the question you asked and how his thigh managed to hit you square on the face. A beat of colour similar to yours splashes his cheeks red. "It's because you're touching me so much! Why are you touching me there?!"
The way he poses the question angers you. Is he accusing you of being malicious? Is he saying you can't keep your hands to yourself and be professional? The nerve! "How else am I supposed to get your measurements, dickhead?!"
Jimin's eyes nearly topple out. The swift change in atmosphere makes him feel as though he just got smacked in the face. His stomach twists. "Don't call me a dickhead when you're so close to my dick!"
"I wasn't close to it! I was going around it! It's not my fault your thighs are fucking ginormous!"
"Most women love my 'ginormous' thighs!"
"Lucky you! I'm not one of them! I'm just trying to get your damn measurements!"
Jimin is so red in the face that it's almost comical. "Shit, YN, just... finish already!" The double entendre of the sentence makes him look away. He crosses his arms and stands with his legs apart, seemingly to wait for you to complete your work. He flinches when your fingers lay the tape measure over his legs again. He holds his breath when you circle his thigh just like before.
As slowly and calmly as humanly possible, you bring the tape measure around his muscular thigh. The struggle to hold up the tape long enough so that you can type in the measurements without forgetting since your brain is so damn foggy is beyond difficult. Everything about these moments makes you wish you hadn't asked for Jimin's help at all. Not if things were going to turn out so awkwardly.
"Okay, I think I'm done—" As the sentence leaves your mouth, Jimin takes that exact moment to turn his body, causing you—who is still on her knees on the floor—to be thwacked in the face with his bulge. And just like you had guessed, it was, indeed, hard. Extremely hard. And now it is like you are being rewarded with mouthfuls of it.
Out of sheer humiliation, Jimin tumbles back onto the sofa. On the way, his knee also manages to get a snag at your face. He sinks into the flush fabric with big eyes and racing heart, and when he sees you on the floor with your hands on your face, he forgets the mess he's created and rushes down to his knees to be by your side.
"Fuck, YN, I'm so sorry, that was—" He stops when his hands bring yours off your face. Your cheeks are full and bright crimson. He licks his lips as he takes you in. "Are you laughing?"
Unable to reply, you nod your head so fast that you are surprised it doesn't go flying off. He bites back a grin. "Why are you laughing? I just hit your face with so many parts of my body!"
"It's okay," you muse, sniffling back more laughter as it bubbles out. "I don't mind being smacked around."
The blank sincerity sits in the middle of the two of you for a moment. Then, Jimin touches one of your cheeks. His palm is warm, and his eyes are even warmer.
"I like you the best when you're like this," he admits, trying to get you to look at him as you keep staring at some spot to his right. "Why are you so nervous around me?"
"Probably because I mess up so much when I'm around you."
"Like what?"
"Like the night we met."
Jimin holds his breath. "Why don't we ever talk about that night? We've been friends for so long but we never talk about how we met."
"I didn't know you wanted to. I didn't know you even remembered."
His eyes soften. "How could I forget? I didn't want to shower after you touched me that night. I didn't want my body to be free of you."
"That's kind of gross," you chuckle, but on the inside, your heart is hammering and thrashing and wildly kicking inside your chest. Shyly, you look up to see Jimin's eyes on you. "I'm sorry I ran away."
His fingers reach up to trail through my hair. "Why did you?"
"I was scared that you wouldn't want me."
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." His frank response makes your mouth part. "Sorry, but it's true. How could I not want you? I'd been waiting to kiss you all night. I thought it was a miracle when we finally did."
An idea comes to you. Before you can talk yourself out of it, you reach down for the tape measure and swing it around his neck. Jimin glances on either side of him then looks back at you.
"I won't run away this time," you promise. Then, you tug on the ends of the tape and bring the center of your affection into your embrace. The moment his chest meets yours, you throw your arms around his neck and press your lips to his. Jimin, albeit startled, takes the new position in stride as his right hand reaches out to clutch the edge of the sofa while his left settles upon your waist. He is hesitant, but the moment your teeth drag on his bottom lip, his slips his hand under your oversized shirt. The touch of his bare skin on yours makes your belly swoop. "Don't you dare fuck me if this doesn't mean anything," you warn, eyes and mind clouded by overwhelming pleasure of your senses awakening from his touch and eager kisses. The tips of your fingers roll down to dig into his thick biceps. He reads the fear in your eyes so easily as if you stitched the words for him by hand.
He clasps one side of your face again, his palm hot and fully certain. "This means everything, baby." With that confirmation, he snakes both arms around your waist and lifts you up. Though you squeal, you are not afraid. Not with him. He lays a sweet kiss on your arm which wraps around his shoulders. "Hold on for me." His authoritative, penetratingly dominant voice pushes you to do as you are told. Not that you would dare dream of doing the opposite. It's almost like the moment you touched him, any qualms you had about the past withered away into nothingness.
You are more than prepared to say goodbye to the girl who thought she couldn't have this gorgeous man who is kissing her like she's gorgeous, too. And maybe, just maybe, in his eyes, she is.
. . .
Jimin takes his sweet, loving time helping you come undone. On his fingers. On his tongue. On his hard cock. He managed to stay hard for you for so long that by the time he climaxed, you had to hold him through his high. Not that you mind. His gasps and moans were so worth it.
Now, it's just a quarter to midnight and the two of you are in your bed. Jimin has his back against the bedpost and you are snuggled in his arms. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.
"I like you in my shirt," he admits, nosing an exposed part of your neck. Every part of you smells like him and he loves it. Wishes he could imprint his scent on you so you would always smell this divine.
With a hum, you turn in his arms and plant a kiss on his lips. "And I like you shirtless." To further your point, you lean down to flick his nipple with your tongue. The same appendage then sucks on the pebbling nipple.
Above you, Jimin moans out sexily, fisting the sheets below him as you work him into another erotic operation. "We still need to work on your project," he tries as you continue your assault on his sculpted chest. Warmth explodes in fireworks wherever your skin touches, especially the places where the wetness of your tongue leaves a trail. "It's due on Monday."
"That's true." With a free hand, you teasingly circle his left nipple using only the tip of your index finger. He gasps, moving up the bedpost. On the other nipple, you graze your teeth then lightly suck until the bud relaxes and blooms at your touch. He's so sensitive here and it's driving you crazy. Maybe you can talk him into letting you lick whipping cream off of it. Or chocolate. The ideas are endless.
His mouth releases a breathy, aching moan when you bite down. "It's worth h-half your grade, b-baby."
For a moment, you close your eyes allow the pet name to wash over you. The cheesy name has never appealed to you before but now, hearing it from his lips and the sexy way he moans it, you are certifiably obsessed. He can change your name to that for all you care.
"Call me that again."
"Baby?" Jimin grins as you nod, adoring the excited look on your face. He's glad the nervous girl who opened the door for him is gone. He wasn't lying before. He loves you the most when you're being who you are. He gathers your face for a kiss. Then several more tiny kisses. "Baby, baby, my baby."
He says the name over and over and over. With kisses all over your face and euphoric conclusions below.
(And don't worry, he wouldn't be the best boyfriend in the world if he didn't make you finish your project. Even if it was with your hands all over his body.)
. . .
thanks for reading! please let me know if you liked it with a message in my ask, a reblog, or even a reply on this post. it means a lot! thank you! 🤍
Tumblr media
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bts-trash-blog · 2 days ago
Best Of Us
Chapter 13: Day Together
Summary: Being an Omega is hard, it could be so lonely. The hardships that you would sometimes feel seemed to much, always expected of things you could never fully reach. Always seen as a piece of meat to some, seen as weak and stupid. So you worked your ass off to finally work your dream job. And the world all changed when you met one of the bosses. And couldn't help but end up falling.
Paring: Rap Line X Fem!Chubby OmegaReader
Warning: A/O/B!VERS, mentions of sexual harassment, heats, ruts, knotting, breeding, angst, possessive behavior, more warnings will be added as needed.
An: Well I posted, after like two months and then Tumblr when I went to edits slightly it decided to delete my post when it glitched on my ass. Anywhoo here is chapter 13 once again. I hope you enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Namjoon was odd. More odd than you originally thought he was, though it wasn't that type of odd that had you wanting to run for the hills. No it was endearing in away, in the he clicked his tongue as he tilted his head while watching tv, or as he cleaned the kitchen he was twirling around on the balls of his feet to put dishes away, or the way he wouldn't let you move from the seat on the L-shaped couch you had nuzzled up in after you had eaten breakfast cuddled up against Yoongi. He had wrapped a blanket around you once Hoseok and Yoongi had left,his soft warning growls and playful pushes every time you tried to get up was getting borderline annoying.
You just wanted to pee.
No, you need to pee. But his damn head omega or whatever was preventing you from getting up, especially now as he is currently curled up into you. Head pressed right against your belly, where you could feel it in your bladder. It had heat spreading across you as you fought pushing him off and running to the nearest bathroom that you could find. Hopefully you will find one.
“Namjoon can y-”
“I need-”
“I'm getting up and if you stop me so help me I will piss on this couch.” You all but growled, making Namjoon sit up, a redness to his cheek spread across his face as you stood, hand brushing the top of his head in a comforting way. It had a soft hum passing his lips as you go where you remember seeing a bathroom the day before. As you open it, it feels as if everything had hit you at once, your phone in hand as you stare into the mirror the smell of the three around you, sticking to you. It was sticky as you rolled your shoulders back and tried to calm your racing mind.
You are safe.
They could slip away from you in a blink.
Taking a deep breath in you attempt to shake the thoughts away and leave the bathroom, almost instantly running into a firm chest. The sweet smell of peaches had you closing your eyes as you blink slowly and look up to see Namjoon already looking down at you with worried eyes.
“You okay baby?” He asks, his hand moving to cup your jaw, his thumb rubbing against your cheekbone as you felt tears build up in your eyes. “Y/n?” He wondered, his brown eyes staring down at you as his ash brown hair fell into his face. His scent was slowly claiming you as you took a deep breath in as you took a step closer to him, the sound of his voice and the smell of his scent had you omega making you relax. Letting you fall completely into him.
“It's okay, this isn’t your den. It's normal.” His words had you nodding, making you wonder if that is what really set you off and not the thoughts of your mother crying the first night you were in the hospital. “Did..did your parents teach you about the courting process?”
“Of course they did. What kind of parents do you think they are?” It came out as a snipp, a scoff afterwards. You felt offended, how dare he even ask if your parents had raised you correctly. Pulling away you look up to see an awkward, skittish, maybe even an ashamed  look on his face as he takes a deep breath in and closes his eyes.
“Sorry..sorry I..just..Yoongis..his mom and dad didn't teach him anything right and he..he didn't do anything right and I..sorry it.” he pauses with a deep shaky breath, his sweet peach smell slightly went sour at the sad memory of the older Alpha and you quickly reach up and cup his cheek. His eyes that were closed snapped open and looked at you, now he was the one with tears in his eyes.
“I had no idea..Namjoon I'm sorry for being so...” You watch him shake his head as you trailed off, you feel his hands move to the hem of your tank top as you feel him move closer to you. “Can..can you tell me more? If you can, of course, don't feel like you have too, Joon.”
“Yeah...Yoongi..he..he actually kinda told me to bring it up in a better way of course.” He awkwardly reached up to rub the back of his neck the wucily his hand came to wrap around your waist as he looked back up at you for a split second. “I can explain it better than he ever really could by himself. There are some things he and Hoseok want to tell you about themselves just like there are some things I want to tell you about me, but there are some things that we..that as mates can help explain for the other..” You nod slowly as you watch as he tilts his head down, suddenly it's pressing against your neck, his soft hair tickling your skin as he takes a deep breath in. “The reason we ask this is because when he and Hoseok started to court ,Yoongi thought it was just about the physical things. The marking the sex, nothing else. His parents weren't very present when he was presenting, when he was young and impresentable. They were always working, you know he didnt come from money. He didn't have a good relationship with them, hell even now it's not the best but they love each other, they do, they're just all very different people. You know? They love their son but they’re betas who had no idea on how to rise and Alpha son, who trusted only the school system to teach him how to be an Alpha and you know how they taught us in schools.” Namjoon paused, you moved your arm around his shoulder and held onto him tighter, listening to Namjoon ranting about Yoongi, imagining a younger version of the Alpha you know today confused and not confident in who he liked he was today. It made you sad. It made you angry and it made you want to hug him. “You know the wrost part about the whole thing, the first couple of people he courted only used him for sex. So he had no idea what real courting was like, so with Hoseok it was a learning curve, and with me it was a whole different world. He was scared and so was I. So with you he wants to make sure you understand everything, the steps, and that you are comfortable with everything.” You rubbed his back nuzzling into his scent gland making him purr as you felt tears in your eyes burn slightly as you rapidly tried to blink them away, feeling his chest move as he takes a deep breath in as she slowly pulled back.
“I want to hug him now.” You whisper making him let out a soft single laugh as he nods, leaning down slowly cupping your cheek as his eyes move to your lips then your eyes making you nod. Pressing his lips to yours in a soft reassuring kiss you pull away as you wipe under your eyes and take a deep breath. “Okay..okay as you were saying or the point of the question?” As if the whole reason as why the conversion has even happened hit him like a truck he took a step back, his hand lacing with your having you stumble into him.
“Sorry yeah okay so like to make this place more of your own we get you things you throw blankets and frames..throw rugs even..stupids stuff I know but that stuff helped me everytime I came over.” His words were sheepish and it had a small smile grow on your face as the two of you walked back to the couch, a laptop already open and the blanket, one that you had cried over, already on the couch.
“Not stupid, thoughtful..cute.” Your words were whispered as the two of you climbed onto the couch, Namjoon wrapping the blanket around the two of you as he wrapped himself around you.
“So what would you like to do first?”
“ to sound gross..but maybe femine h-”
“Already in the cart.”
“I need Supers.”
“I use Supers, also I hate tampax.”
“There's a difference?”
“See right idea, wrong shit.” You giggle, you see the panic in his face as he clicks to the cart and sees he had in fact gotten a box of tampax though it was a virtity pack it had you nodding. Giving his thigh a squeeze, having the panic look vanish as you look through some of the other things in the cart. It had some more blankets, large sweaters,and a large amount of pillows. It had you smiling at the amount of nesting materials that were already in the amazon cart. “ The nest is gonna be double the size.”
“A lot is also for the heat room, I had Hoseok call cleaners to do the deep clean of it and once that is done I'll give you the grand tour and me and you will do a stock..and uh not to sound weird but it seems our heats line up..” He trails off slightly, it has a blush rising up your neck  as you take a deep breath in a nod slowly. “Are..are you on any suppressors?”
“No..I was, they caused more problems than anything..I'm on a slick suppressor though.” Your words were almost a whisper at the end, he had Namjoon nudging his nose against your jaw as he hummed.
“I could tell.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“You have to be consistent on taking those, pup.” His words were teasing, a small dimple smile on his face had you closing your eyes as you threw your head back onto his shoulder. A small laugh passes your lips as he wraps his arms around your hips pressing you closer to him,the feeling of his arm pressing against your large frame makes heat spread across you in embarrassment. As you look down and see just how much larger your thighs are compared to his are to yours start trying to shift away but with how tight he was holding you almost made it impossible to pull away from him. Though with his lips pressing to your jaw it had you melting against him as he presses back the computer. “Come one, chose something.” He whined as you sighed and began to type, making him hum against your jaw taking a deep breath in.
“You guys have horrible taste in throw rugs.”
“I'm offended.” He mumbles against your skin, you could feel his smile as he spoke it had you giggling as you looked for fluffy ones. “We have these!”
“But you haven't brushed them so they’re gross!”
“You have to brush them?!”
“Yes, to make them stay like that! Gosh Joonie!” You laugh your kiss, his surprised face making him blink as you look at him for a second, a soft smile falling on his face as he rolls his eyes. “You three need me.”
“Or we could bring them food.'' The thought seems to bring a almostsad look on his face making you tilt your head in question as he sighs his thumb rubbing at your arms as he takes a deep breath in.
“Now what size do we need?”
“I'm not sure, just add it and I'll ask Hoseok when they come home.”
“Can..can we just have a day together? I really need it, I know we nested and we spent yesterday kinda together but they...they get to work with you and see you and I dont..and I know it selfish and I know we just kinda officially started courting you but I need just alone time with you.”
“Of course Joon isn't selfish at all..I..I guess I never thought of spending time with them at work as courting if I'm being honest.” You pause as you watch surprise crossing his face, and then understandment.
“I forgot that we were all mentally courting you way before the night with Bambam.” He mumbles softly against your hairline, it has you nodding slowly. Your eyes closing as you take a deep breath in as you open your eyes at the thought of your friend, and dramatically gasp turning to your Omega. “What?”
“Want to know some drama?”
“Oh gosh.”
“Bambam is now marked.” Namjoons eyes sarcastically gasps, it makes you giggle, your hands placing themselves on top of his shoulders. “Wanna know who?”
“Oh do tell.”
“Jackson Wang.” At that you see genuine interest and surprise, his body turning to you as his hand moves to grab one of yours as he grabs your hand.
“Wait seriously, as in Chinese business man Jackson Wang?” His words had you rolling your lip between your teeth as your nod, watching as he played with your fingers before looking back at his face. Curiosity in his eyes.
“So there Bambam..who else?”
“How’d they meet?”
“Jackson took some extra classes at our University, and he ran into Bambam like actually ran into him, it was so much like a kdrama it was ridiculous. He chased after Bam for months before Bam agreed on a date and when I tell you Jackson bomb at the date I mean he bombed. He tried way too hard.” You giggled at the memories of earlier months of the year, and then how Bambam showed up with wide eyes and a new scarf from Louis Vuitton around his neck and four shopping bags of name brands you guys had only talked about owning one day and a very confused look in his eyes. “I guess he was stumbling over everything, he couldn’t choose a language to speak in, Bam just looked at something in a shopping window and he bought it..but Bam thought his laugh was cute and love the Jackson wasn't scared to hold his ‘tall lanky ass’ hand.” You giggle softly as you look up at Namjoon after reminiscing, the look in his eyes had your heart racing and the small smile had you huffing out a puff of air as you looked down.
“Yeah, she's a firecracker. Her parents moved her from Thailand because they wanted what was best for her education. When I presented in highschool she was the only person in my class at the time who had also  presented, so she and I got close. She's a choreographer and has her own dance studio and stuff, she's really cool...and Jen her mate is just as much as character if not more so.” You pause as Namjoon nods  at your words, you move the hand that was still on his shoulder into his hair making his eyes close his humms. You stay quiet for a moment too long making him whine, it has you chucking slightly as you tuge at the ends of his hair making him let out a soft moan as he looks up at you lovingly.
“Keep talking, I like learning more about you. I want to know everything.”
“I don't want to bore you about my friends.” You watch him snap open his slowly closing eyes, his lower lips jutting out as he drops his hand from you, arms crossing over his chest. The pout and the noise he makes has you letting out a giggle slightly. “Oh you baby.
“Nothing about you is boring, I want you to keep going.”
“Well I want to know about you too.” Your words had a small smile curling at the ends of his lips as he nodded.
“I’ll go after I learn about Jen.” Sighing you, you nod.
“She is a fashion designer for Chanel, she travels a lot but she is determined to stay here for Lisa. I swear she loves that Omega more than she loves herself, no matter what the media tries to say. They're both also kinda media famous I guess? I don't really know how that works, maybe you do? Since you three are international heartthrobs.” You tease slightly, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose making him glup as he looks down and takes a deep breath in chuckling as he looks back up and shakes his head. “Anyway, they went kinda viral on instagram from being the best lesbian Alpha Omega duo, and then Chanel posted a picture of the two of them on their main page and they kinda just took off from there.” you blink slowly, tilting your head watching his face as he nods, rolling his lip between his teeth. “You use instagram?”
“Do You have social media?”
“I have Kakao.” Nodding slowly you patt his cheek as you move to stand up, making him look at you with a frown.
“Wait, I haven't talked about myself.
“I know, I need water, and so do you. Stay here Omega, I'll be back, are you hungry?”
“No let me take care of y-”
“No, You took care of me earlier, it's my turn.” You cut him off, it makes him huff as he crosses his arms, you look at him with a proud smile as you look at him and patt the top of his head. “Now any snacks?”
“Fine, starve
“I'd rather eat you.” You let out a small squeak and you pinch his shoulder and rush behind the couch the kitchen hearing his soft teasing laughter as the sound of clinking on the laptop as you try to cool down. The heat of embarrassment having you almost want to splash water on your face, as you look around for cups, looking at the back of Namjoons head you see him peeking over his shoulder. “Need help?”
“Which cabinet are the cups in?”
“How hungry are you?”
“We have water bottles in the fridge.”
“Oh okay.” You nod, going to the long metal bar and pulling the cold breeze making you shiver, seeing the bottles you grab two when arms wrap around your waist.
“I don't eat a lot of meals, I snack mostly during the day. I usually only eat dinner. Sometimes I eat breakfast.” You mumble honestly making him nod as he reaches forward for a tupperware and hands it to you, opening it you see cut up  watermelon making you smile.
“How’d you know?”
“Any time you’d bring food you'd always bring watermelon, heck one time when you went to the convences store you bought those watermelon iced drinks.”
“It's my favorite.” You bashfully mumbled, you hand grabbed a cubed piece of the fruit and shoving it into your mouth looking up at Namjoon, his eyes already on your mouth as you chewed. Eyebrows squished together as his thumb rubbed under your lip and moved into his mouth. “What are you looking at?”
“Maybe I do have a bit of a food kink.” he whispers, probably without really thinking and you know that, but you still snort and shake your head at him with dramatic wide eyes.
“And now I'm done eating.” He blinked slowly then shook his head rapidly.
“No, no wait wait. Okay okay yes I mean that but also not.” he tried to save himself, you giggled as he shut the fridge, fruit still in his hand as he turned you around the tupperware set on the counter. “I never got why Hoseok or Yoongi watching me eat something they prepared for me gave them such satisfaction till now.”
“I chopped the fruit for you the other day and was planning to give it to you for a snack yesterday but you guys showed up when you did.” You nod slowly as he smiles softly at you, reaching for more watermelon and holding it to you making you smile. Opening your lips he places it in your mouth and you take a bite and chew as he places what was left in his mouth and eats it.
“So tell me about you, If I remember it correctly someone told you you make music.” You mumble, chewing slowly looking down at the floor back up at him with a small little smile playing on your lips making him cough slightly at you.
“Yeah, uh I go by RM in the world of comprossing. I've made music for a lot of stress..and uh I've debated releasing some stuff too but I haven't decided to do so or not yet. I've written and produced for some pretty cool people actually.” He got flustered at the fact, making you smile as you moved forward and wrapped your arms around his waist bringing him to you as you grabbed another piece of watermelon nodding for him to continue. “Ed Sheeran was fun to work with, EXO, Joohoney, CL and recently Chungha just to name a few..” he grew even more red as he cleared his throat making you raise your eyebrow as he nudged his nose against your cheek.
“How’d you meet Yoongi and Hoseok?” You wonder, pulling back slightly moving to feed the older Omega, making him chirp with glee as he nudged his nose with yours with the acknowledgment with the courting gesture. It was small, but it was sweet and it seemed to mean a lot to Namjoon.
“Its a bit of a funny story..well a dumb story actaully.You know their coffee shop? Well I used to take my brakes there, maybe do some light work on my laptop a couple years back and well Hoseok I guess could hear one of the songs through my headphones and really liked it and just wanted to ask what it was. And when I got flushed and was like all stuttered he said he knew.” His words had a small dreamy tone in them, his eyes were half lidded as he reminisced and it made you smile brightly at him as you moved and kissed his chin. “Yoongi didn't feel the same, not right away. He was protective of Hoseok, Hoseok being the first person in the world who never purposefully hurt him. Who loved and believed in him, and he thought I was gonna take Hoseok away from him. But when I just..when I didn't anad kinda fell in love with his coldness and he small caring gestures cause y/n even though he hated the idea of being a trio and was scared he was gonna lose Hoseok he still tried, he took care of me and was never rude or dismissive.” he paused as you felt yourself grow slightly stiff.
Yoogie thought he was gonna lose people once too? He felt like that once?
“He fell, and he trusted me to catch him, I guess to put it in words it was rough….but it was worth everything in the end.” You look to see Namjoon giving you a direct look, his brown eyes staring you down as he moves to cup your cheeks. “You can tell us anything you want to, when you want us too. How you want to. And to whom, when you want to, okay? If you want to tell me something now and just me then wait for the others then that's fine. As long as your life isn't in emitted danger then my lips are sealed baby. Goes the same with the others, as long as you aren't shit talking about the other boys that you are willing to work through we don't care, some thighs need to be talked out with other people before others know, and we get that.” Namjoon words had tears you did even realize were built to fall as you took a deep sniffled breath.  “Does that make sense?”
“Yeah.” You nodded slowly, his lip moving to kiss each of your cheeks then your nose, then your lips, pulling back you move your arms back around his neck. Pulling him back into your lips pressed back to his as you moved your mouth against his you felt his hand wrap tighter around your waist, it had you smiling into the kiss as his sweet smell went sticky. The feeling of his soft lips moving against yours had you pinning against him as you felt his tongue pushing against your lips making you whine as you let out a purr. His tongue slid across your teeth first against your own tongue before you pulled away from a breath but not before his teeth caught your lower lip. The feeling of something twitching in his sweatpants, and the smell of his slick and the feeling of your own leaking had the two of you moving your legs, and the both of you whining softly.
“Tastes so sweet.” He mumbled making you whine and move to nuzzle under his chin, your arms tighten around his waist as you felt him slightly twitch again.
“I’ve always wondered this its probably gonna be something stupid.” You mumble after a few seconds of silence.
“Nothing from you is stupid,What is it baby?”
“Could you be horny and not get hard? Or nor produce slick? Or like do you have to deal with the double whammy as an omega male every time?”
“Oh man I'm sorry…''You mumbled, your eyes closing holding your tongue from laughlin at the new found fact you were happy finally having the proper answer to.
“Yeah I'm not feeling very comfortable right now.”
“I mean I kinda get you.”
“Only halfway.”
You couldn't hold your laughter in anymore, and neither could your omega, his dimples on show as he pinched yous sides his teeth teasingly nipping shoulders as you giggled.
Maybe the fear of everything would be worth every memory like this.
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sopejinsunflower · a day ago
It is barely the second day when the biggest change happens. The alphas are presenting, all at the same time.
Once again, I’m awakened by a sharp scent. I can’t quite pin it but I can pick out the sour coffee and the tangy cinnamon. I take another whiff and almost gag, this time recognising the smell of zesty lemons or oranges and this sickeningly sweet perfume. I hear loud voices and movements from outside my bedroom door. I glance at the clock on the wall; 5.45AM. I can hear Jin’s and Yoongi’s voices, loud and urgent.
Feeling a little dizzy from the bombardment of different smells, I make my way out of my room to almost bump into Taehyung who has this deep scowl over his face. He is speaking to Jin who is somewhere in Namjoon’s room. “I lock Jiminie and Jungkookie in their rooms but I don’t think we can keep them in there for long.”
I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “Why? What’s going on?”
Jin peeks out the doorway, concern written all over his face. “Now’s not a good time, sweetheart. Can you please stay in your room?” He then strides across the floor towards Hoseok’s room opposite of mine.
Curiosity peaks inside me and I walk over to Hoseok’s room, the door left slightly ajar. Jin is speaking in a hush tone with the lead dancer. The smell of cinnamon, spicy against my nose, is so strong I’m starting to get a headache. I approach the bed where Hoseok is laying in and see him under the blanket squirming around as if he is in pain. Then his eyes shoot open, looking straight at me and he emits this low growl. A shiver runs up my spine.
Jin rushes to my side. “You need to leave. Now.”
“What’s wrong with him?” I ask, my voice coming out high. Jin is pushing me out the door but there is a strange pull that keeps me grounded and against his attempt to get me out of the room. For a moment, I can’t hear anything except Hoseok’s heavy breathing and my own heart. Suddenly, Hoseok sits up in bed and yanks me to him so that I fall with my knees on the edge of the bed. He holds me in place, hands gripping tightly around my waist. He starts inhaling me around my chest before his nose goes up to my neck. He nuzzles like his life depends on it, breathing in my scent. I whimper, my hands tangle in his hair loosely as my eyelids flutter shut. I feel Hoseok pressing kisses on my neck and then the kiss turns more wet as he nips the skin around my collarbone.
“That’s enough.”
Jin thrusts his wrist under Hoseok’s nose and immediately the younger man relaxes a little, the hold he has on me loosening. Snapping out of a reverie, I collect myself, blinking rapidly as my brain struggles to process the situation. I take a few steps back and stumble out of the room, only to find Taehyung and Yoongi wrestling with Jimin and Jungkook at the bottom of the stairs, trying to get the alphas back upstairs. The moment their eyes fall on me, the struggle becomes one sided as they easily push Taehyung and Yoongi aside and make a beeline for me.
Jimin gets to me first, pulling me into a bone-crushing embrace as we both fall to the floor with me in his lap. He is kissing my neck, my cheeks, and going back down to suck on the skin where the neck meets the shoulder. Jungkook is behind me, one scorching hot hand finding its way underneath the hem of my shirt and resting there on my side. His other hand is on my chin, turning my head to face him as he presses his lips onto mine fervently. My head is getting light from their combined scents. I feel all my energy drain out of me, no intention of fighting back, falling deeper into Jungkook’s open-mouthed kiss, our teeth clacking.
A deep voice booms across the hallway and we all freeze. The logical part of my brain is struggling to take control and make sense of everything, mulling over the fact that the voice hadn’t shouted but it was very commanding, taking charge of every fibre of my being. Jimin and Jungkook emit this tiny whine as their heads sink low towards their chest, eyes flitting up and down as if too scared to face whoever that spoke just now.
I raise my eyes slowly in the direction of the commanding presence to see Namjoon slightly leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom. He is sweating, panting a little with a slight grimace but his demeanour is full of authority. The scent of coffee fills the house and in the corner of my eyes, I see even Yoongi and Taehyung looking down to the floor. There is a shuffling behind me as Jin and Hoseok emerge from the room, eyes downcast. I turn back towards Namjoon who has his eyes locked on me. He uses a finger to beckon me. “Come.”
As if under a spell, I get up, untangle myself from the two men and pad softly across the hall to stand in front of him. His gaze is so intense that it feels like my face might catch on fire. There is something feral in the way he is looking at me that makes my stomach do somersaults. Something inside me yearns for him and against my better judgement, I let out a soft purr that shocks all of us, me the most. With a low growl that comes from deep in his chest, Namjoon cups my face in one hand and pulls me close. He leans down and bumps our noses together and I breathe in his scent. There’s a hint of fresh wet earth underneath that coffee. I look up into his eyes again and am met with a burning desire swirling in his dark eyes.
But he looks away, resting his chin on the top of my head, slightly hunched as I’m only five foot tall, tiny against his giant form. His arm circles my shoulders. He clears his throat. “Jimin, Jungkook, back to your rooms. Hoseok, you’re taking over Taehyung’s room upstairs. Go. Now. All of you.”
Like stubborn puppies, Jimin and Jungkook drag themselves back up the stairs, stomping with every step. Jin leads Hoseok up, too, one arm around the younger man’s waist as he supports him. Taehyung scurries after them. Yoongi comes up to us, though he keeps his eyes low. “I’ll take over from here.”
Namjoon nods but doesn’t let go of me. He gulps once before he pries me off of him and Yoongi takes me by the arms. Namjoon gives a pained smile to Yoongi. “Mind if we switch rooms?”
Yoongi nods before leading me back to my room. He looks at me hard. “Stay,” he says, then closes the door behind him. I hear him talk in a low voice with Namjoon but can’t catch the words. Then, they both make their way up the stairs. Gradually, all four scents weaken a little and my head feels clearer. I run into the bathroom and splash cold water on my face, leaning over the sink and letting the water drip. What the fuck just happened? Why did I let myself be handled like some kind of a ragdoll, passed around like that? But something inside me wants more. Something inside craves their touch even now, wanting to run up the stairs right at this moment and be back in their arms.
Jungkook kissed me. I look at myself in the mirror, running a finger gingerly over my lips as if they are foreign to me. They look a little swollen, more red than usual. The light pink mark on my neck catches my attention and I move my hand to feel the area. Jimin’s tongue and teeth had sunk there. It’s a little tender. Something inside me flutters, happy to have the hickey like a stupid fifteen-year-old. I pull my t-shirt over it. Something really is changing.
I heave a long sigh, switch off the bathroom light and make my way back to bed. It feels oddly cold and empty now. I pull the blanket up to my chin, willing for sleep to come. Through the thin curtain, I can see the first light breaking through the horizon but sleep is still out of reach. I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable but it is fruitless. So I decide to just lie there with my eyes closed, counting sheeps in my head to distract from all the clutter thoughts. I feel the presence first before I hear the bedroom door opening. The comforting smell of warm milk fills the air and Jin’s tall figure moves towards the bed, silently slipping under the cover behind me and putting an arm around me.
I turn towards him, pressing one hand against his chest and the other draping lazily over his waist. I inhale deeply and feel the thoughts in my head melt away. My eyes suddenly feel heavy with sleep and I snuggle in closer. Jin runs a hand through my hair and plants a kiss on my forehead. He whispers against my hair, “Yoongi really downplayed alphas presenting. That was intense.”
I hum in response. He continues, “Well, at least we have a pack leader now.”
Namjoon’s burning eyes flash across my mind and my heart skips a beat. Pack leader. It has a sexy ring to it but also familiar, as if deep down I already recognise that authority long before Jin mentioned it. As I drift off to sleep, Jin whispers something that I barely hear. “I’m dreading you presenting, sweetheart. For you and for all of our sakes.”
It took a few days until the alphas finally fully calmed down. The whole time they stayed in their respective rooms upstairs with Jin, Yoongi and Taehyung taking turns to bring up food.
It is the fourth day today of me not seeing the four of them, only getting whiffs of their scents every now and again making my stomach churn in longing. I push that feeling aside, telling myself that it was baseless, that I barely know these guys apart from what I read or hear from the media. But something deep down is getting more and more convinced that I’m wrong. Case in point: I’m in the living room on the couch with Taehyung’s head in my lap. He is playing a Switch he found in the TV cabinet yesterday, eyes glue to the TV screen, a TV that has no connection to normal channels, non-functional except for when it is connected to a gaming console. His calming scent reminds me of being on the beach on a nice summer day but recently I notice that the betas scents have become more subtle yet much more comforting. The vibe of the room changes almost immediately the moment they step into a room. I’ve never felt safer anywhere else than when I’m with Yoongi, Jin and Taetae (a fond nickname I have slipped into using as naturally as it is to ride a bike to which he had hummed in approval the first time he heard it).
I’ve noted the changes last night during dinner and Yoongi had casually waved his hand saying that the alphas presenting had somehow pushed them to present, too. Jin was right; if they did, it was the total opposite of the alphas and only overnight. The only one left is me and by this point, it is getting harder to dispute our kidnapper’s absurd claims of his weird, illegitimise experiment. Yoongi and Jin have been going through every book on omegaverse they could find in the house but I’ve been too scared to face the fact. The Master has also ceased to speak to us through the speakers, switching to using only the paper chutes. The paper instructions haven’t been of anything significant other than answering questions from Yoongi who has somehow become the lead beta. He is doing his best to tend to the alphas as well as assume leadership in the absence of the pack leader.
Other than taking turns to bring food and check up on the alphas, the betas have also been in rotation to sleep together with me. I barely sleep if one of them isn’t holding me in their arms, blanketing me in their balming scents. The omega in me, if I can call it that, is getting louder, too; her needs are growing stronger by the day. I’m almost always lethargic during the day but I’m dismissing that to my fitful nights. Today, I woke up with a dull ache in my joints and Taehyung had been absentmindedly massaging my shoulders before he got distracted with the video game. I didn’t have any appetite for lunch, either.
Taehyung pauses the game just as there are footsteps coming down the stairs. We both turn to see Jimin, Jungkook, Hoseok and Namjoon trudging downstairs, talking and joking with each other. The last time I saw them, they all had been sweating and in pain, eyes red and wild. This time they look so much better, their complexions glowing, smiling warmly and eyes that look like home. Taehyung stands up and rushes to their sides, happy to have his friends back. They greet him like long-distance lovers reunited once more after months of separation. They bump their noses together, one at a time. Jimin even pets his head. I stand up but don’t move, awkwardly watching them from a distance, unsure how to react. Something inside wants to run to them but I stay my ground, the logical part of my brain chastising me that these guys were, basically, still strangers to me.
When they are finally finished with Taehyung, they turn to me, the happy smiles melting away into apologetic looks. Feeling flustered at the sudden change of mood, I stay quiet and wait. Namjoon nudges Jimin and Jungkook in the back and they approach me, a sheepish look on their faces. They stand in front of me not saying a word. Then, the older boy leans down and places his forehead against mine, enveloping me in his perfumy licorice smell. Softly, he says, “I’m sorry about that night.”
I nudge my nose to his, rubbing our cheeks together until I’m leaning against his chest. I hear a small whine and turn to find a waiting Jungkook, eyes wide and lips pouting, looking more like a little bunny than an alpha wolf. I nuzzle against him as he lowers his head to mine, doing the same ritual as Jimin did. “I’m sorry, noona.” Without thinking, I reach up on my tiptoes and peck him lightly on the lips. His lemony scent spikes to Jimin’s dissatisfaction.
From over Jungkook’s shoulder, I see Hoseok shuffling on his feet, and, feeling a little confident, I walk up to him. Hoseok’s mouth is turned down, eyes focusing on something on the carpet. “I hurt you, didn’t I?” he says in a low voice. I shake my head. He sighs and adds, “But I scared you, right?”
I close my arms around his waist, pulling him to me. I put my nose to his neck, smelling the spot that is supposed to be where his scent gland is and breathing in that cinnamon smell before nuzzling him and placing a kiss to his collarbone. He turns his head, rubbing our cheeks together. “I’m glad you’re back,” I say into the cusp of his ear and he squeezes my sides in response. I step away to regard him. This close with no make up on his face, he is still breathtaking. “You look much better not growling at me,” I joke, which manages to pull out a small chuckle from him.
“Well,” pipes up Jin cheerfully, standing halfway down the stairs, “now that the reunion is done, who wants to help me make dinner?”
Jungkook replies, “Me, hyung!”
“What help do you need, hyung?” Jimin asks as he makes his way into the kitchen following the eldest member, Jungkook tailing behind.
As most of the group piles into the kitchen, I’m left with Namjoon at the foot of the staircase. He smiles reassuringly and holds out a hand. I take it and he pulls me in, using his other hand to grab my waist. “Did the betas take good care of you?” he asks as he nuzzles my neck.
That thing inside me, the one that yearns the seven men in a more primitive way, is more apparent now in the presence of the pack leader. She preens and purrs against his touch but the more logical me, the more human me, could only hold back so much. I lean against Namjoon, letting his lips linger where my ear is. “They did enough,” I answer before I have time to even think what to say.
“Good,” he murmurs against my skin. “I apologise for how the members behaved that night. We were...out of our minds.”
I nod understandingly. “I know. It’s fine.”
He pulls away a little to look at my face. He does a once over, his eyes raking me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. He furrows his brows, concern replacing the affectionate look he had just seconds ago. “You’re not that far away from yours. I’ll talk to Yoongi and we’ll figure out the best way to deal with it when it happens.”
I don’t say anything, dread filling the pit of my stomach instead. Namjoon’s dark coffee scent fills my nose and I immediately relax again. Gently, he presses his lips against my temple. “We’ll take care of you, baby. Don’t worry.”
Jungkook shouts from the kitchen, “Don’t monopolise our noona, Namjoon-hyung. I want time with her too!”
Namjoon lets out a low rumble as we walk into the kitchen. Jungkook pouts, mouthing, “So unfair.” I catch Jimin watching me, his eyes narrowing in jealousy. Hoseok nudges him from next to him and his face falls, looking upset, but he continues his job cutting up the vegetables nevertheless. A thought creeps into my head and I’m sure it didn’t come from myself, but the omega in me, struggling to push through, insists that it is the best decision for the pack. I choose to ignore her, but for how long, I’m not sure.
I feel eyes on me and turn to see Yoongi and Namjoon in a hush conversation with both of them looking at me. A sharp pain in my stomach shoots through me and I double over, holding my sides. Within seconds, both the pack leader and lead beta are by my sides, holding me up. The others circle us, worry looks all around. My stomach churns uncomfortably and somewhere lower than that, I’m starting to get a burning sensation.
Jin puts a palm to my forehead. “You’re burning, sweetheart.” To Yoongi, he says, “Take her to her room. I think it’s happening.”
Yoongi sweeps me off my feet and carries me up the stairs so fast the room blurs together. Yoongi’s warm, calming scent is like a bubble around me. My stomach feels funny and every once in a while, I get chills running up my body all the way to the top of my head which is starting to feel heavy. When he finally places me on the bed, that is when I notice the wetness, pooling in my panties and soaking my sweatpants. Yoongi notices, too, and quickly picks me back up and puts me on the chair by the desk instead. I’m feeling hot, parched, even. My head is starting to throb but the wetness is as constant as if I’m peeing myself. My hair sticks to my face from the sweating. I feel gross and sticky all over, wishing to disappear than be in this messy state in front of Min Yoongi, whose songs I’ve rapped along with even if the correct pronunciation of the Korean words elude me. I start to cry, out of frustration from the situation and the embarrassment.
Yoongi hushes me as he peppers my face with kisses. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I got you, kitten. Let’s get you in the shower. It’ll make you feel better.” As tenderly as he can, as if careful not to break me, he slips the damp sweatpants together with the underwear off of me and chucks them into the laundry basket. He then works on getting my t-shirt and bra off, his fingers working the clasp almost professionally. I’m starting to feel a little delirious, my head is so heavy all I want to do is get into bed and try to sleep it off. My stomach is uncomfortable, my nether region even more so. “Come, kitten.” My legs feel like jelly that Yoongi had to half-carry me to the bathtub.
With one hand, he turns on the shower and helps me get into the tub. He takes off the shower head from its hook and starts to run the water over my body, my head last. The warm water feels nice and I feel myself feeling a little better. My head feels clearer and I can breathe easier. He turns off the shower, hooks it back up, and turns on the tap to fill the bath. The water rushes in fast and in a couple of minutes, as I sit with my legs under me, my knees slowly go underwater. Yoongi sits on the lip of the tub, one hand in the water checking the temperature.
As I watch his big hand swirl the water around, as the water level slowly rises, as some common sense comes back to me, I start to feel more aware of the fact that I’m naked with a man sitting right there who had just helped me clean myself. An attractive man at that. I reposition myself to sit hugging my knees, a pathetic attempt at covering up bits he had, undoubtedly, seen. I lower my head to rest my chin on my knees.
We both stay quiet for a moment. Then, Yoongi, his voice even but kind, says, “You’ve presented. Which means, more things will change from now on, especially for the pack, more so for you.”
I want to tell him that I feel the changes, even right now. As much as my logical brain is telling me to ask him to leave and that I’m fine now, a huge part of me, the deeper part of me, the part I’m in denial with, is willing him to not just stay, but to do more. Yoongi waits until the water is three-quarter full before he turns the tap off, shakes his hand off the water and stands up to leave. Panic sets in and I grab at his arm, my nail digging into his pale skin. He looks surprised but one look at me, his eyes soften.
With one hand, he starts to work his shirt off.
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bubbleey · a day ago
The Advent Calendar(Drabble Series)
Tumblr media
pairing: boyfriend Hoseok x reader
genre: smut, bit of domesticated fluff
Rating: +18
estimated wc: around 1k+ each drabble 
summary: A drabble series in which Y/N is gifted an advent calendar. Each day a new treat and with a kinky twist. 
notes: Send an ask or message if you would like to be added to the taglist. Also, feel free to send an ask if you have a theme you want for one of the days of the drabble. This is essentially like Kinktober but Christmasfied :p
Day #4: Somnophilia   ⇢ Here
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babiekaykes · 2 days ago
fic recs
Tumblr media
by: hoseokiehopie
type: series
platform: ao3
member: jeongguk
legend of the lamp
by: @opaljm
type: series
platform: tumblr
member: jeongguk
tooth and claw
by: @johobi
type: series
platform: tumblr, ao3
member: jeongguk
by: @rohobi
type: series
platform: tumblr, ao3
member: jeongguk
pink panther
by: @gimmesumsuga
type: oneshot
platform: tumblr
member: seokjin
by: @gimmesumsuga
type: oneshot
platform: tumblr
member: hoseok
two photos, two kisses
by: @slightlymore
type: oneshot
platform: tumblr
member: jeno
by: @amorajae
type: oneshot
platform: tumblr
member: jeno
Tumblr media
© babiekaykes 2021
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yn and friends <> infinity
in a world where soulmates define ones capability in the world, you’re stuck begging to any high power up there to not assign you any. luck is never on your side though, not when you come to realize that the fucked up universe assigned you seven soulmates. and god, are they hot, which only makes it all the more difficult to ignore the persistent men.
authors note. hello, these are my babies i hope u love them as much as i do! give this lil intro a reblog or comment ur thoughts if u can! :)
taglist! @borahebangtan @kawennote09 @dreamamubarak @btsarmymochi97 @tsukkisukkii (send an ask or comment on the stories masterlist to be added!)
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all of my life (pjm x reader)
warnings/tags: boxer!jimin (cause mans is getting very buff now and that is a warning), overuse of the words darling and desperate, loosely inspired by the mv for all of my life (i only get inspired by songs smh)
genre: angst with fluffy ending
words: 964
a/n: listen to all of my life by park won. i'm not very satisfied with this but i needed to put this out. i might rewrite it again.
Tumblr media
3 years.
3 whole fucking years, you write in your diary, since he promised you that he would come back. "all lies, all of them were lies," you tear up and scratch out everything you've written. the book is thrown across the room, all the polaroids of him falling out.
you rub your eyes furiously, mad at jimin for lying to you, mad at his friends for sticking up for him and most of all, mad at yourself for being a naïve idiot and believing him. you gather the polaroids and look at them. you wipe your tears, ready to remove this chapter of your life and to convince yourself that whatever he said were all lies. you pick up a polaroid, so close to tearing it when you hear soft knocking on your door. you sigh and keep the polaroids aside and walk to the door, assuming it’s seokjin again, trying to lift your spirits. you open the door, "jin, i swear i don't need your "healing soup" anymore-" "oh, uh were you expecting him instead?" you freeze in your spot, not able to process the person in front of you.
jimin, the boy you've spent nights crying over, is standing outside your door. bags by his side, his hair a pretty blonde and a soft, apologetic smile on his face. "hello? earth to y/n?" he chuckles, "let me in will you?" you let him in, like its muscle memory, staring at him blankly. "what's wrong? say something, you're scaring me now" he laughs nervously. "you never called." you say it like it’s nothing not like it physically hurt you. jimin sighs "i can explain, y/n okay? it was wrong, i know-" "wrong? it was wrong?" you laugh humorlessly, "you never called, forget that, you might've been busy, but at least respond to a text? to let me know you're alive and healthy? instead i see you on tv, smiling like it’s no one's business!" he walks to you and cups your face gently, "believe me when i say i'm sorry, darling." he wipes the tears from your face, you didn't even realize you were crying. you push him away and look at him, disappointed.
jimin can feel his heart slowly cracking at your dismayed face. this is not how he wanted this to go.
“get out.”
he looks at you in shock. not once have you ever spoken to him like that. “will you please listen to me?” he pleads. desperation is prominently written all over his face. the more you look at him, the more you feel your resolve breaking. You look at him, stone cold. “i do not want to listen to your sob story, jimin. i do not want to listen to your pathetic excuses of why you didn’t keep your promises,” you reckon you sound like a kid now, talking about breaking promises. jimin runs a hand through his hair, a habit of his when he’s frustrated. “you’ll go-” “bald, i know darling,” hint of a smile on his face. “can we sit?” he gestures to the couch. you nod and sit, the frustration and anger you had on him has disappeared apparently. jimin sits on the couch, letting out a quiet "oof". you sit up straight, “want something to drink? maybe a bit of food?” where is all this coming from? Weren’t you just vexed at him a few moments ago? A genuine smile spreads across jimin’s face, “just need you to listen to me, darling. please?” he looks at you with longing eyes. you nod, gesturing for him to speak. “you’re my world, darling. not boxing, not the trophies and medals but you.
you were and still the reason i ever started dreaming about life again. i hated the very thought of living, despised it because nothing mattered anymore. In a world where you need something worthy enough to move forward, when i had nothing, i had you. the light of my life.” “still doesn’t explain why you ghosted me, jimin” you say bitterly. “are you trying to sweet talk your way back into my life? because that is definitely not going to work.”
jimin grabs your hands, desperate for you to listen to what he has to say. “don’t you get it? you’re the reason i started living because of you. when nothing would go my way, when my family detested the very thought of me, when alcohol couldn’t take away my problems, it was you who pulled me up.” you look at him, unaware of how he was feeling. you open your mouth to speak but you close it. you want to hear more. “you filled me up. with the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly most importantly, with you. after you, i had hope. hope that things will turn out for the better. but i had to go and ruin everything just because i was greedy. my dreams became bigger than the love i had and i regret that” he grips your hands tighter “so much. You have to believe me, please” you look away not able to stop your eyes from tearing up. he places his head on your tummy and lets out a quiet sob. you stroke his hair, “what was this use of all this, jimin? why did you leave everything for me suddenly?” he looks up at you, eyes shining with tears, “cause it was all for you, darling. you’re my everything. what was the use of achieving so much if i didn’t have the sole reason for my existence next to me?” you peck his forehead, unable to stop yourself from giving him all the affection you had pent up inside. he intertwines your hands together and smiles, “you are all of my life.”
a/n: the ending sucks ik pls don't come for moi
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