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— for you | jjk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: smut, masturbation! au
rating: 18+
summary: jeongguk read your diary and he hasn't been the same ever since.
word count: 785
warnings: explicit sexual content, masturbation, koo is whipped and horny, pure filth.
a/n: ik it's been a minute since i last posted but things have been busy. however, here i am, back with some filth because jungkook's been on my mind much more lately and i need a release :D
Tumblr media
It's not like he knew that you maintained a diary just to let out all the feelings you couldn't tell him about. How all his light touches everywhere affected you much more than they probably should, how his sweet smile just made you want to kiss him more, how his muscles made you want to touch and feel and maybe even lick them.
You were far too gone for Jungkook and there was no point in denying it anymore but you couldn't bring yourself to say it to him either, so you bottled it up everytime until you reached home. Then, in the privacy of your room at night, you let it out by writing it.
Tumblr media
What you didn't know however, was that Jungkook had already read your diary. Not on purpose, of course, but he happened to find it opened on your bed when he entered to find your books you had asked him to pick up. It just so happened that he saw his name written on the page left open and curiosity got the best of him.
After that, it was like a switch was flipped on. Jungkook couldn't help imagining you in various situations, begging for him, after reading your words on how you'd want him to dominate you. Sex with you is something he thought about quite a lot but it was truly exciting to find out that you felt the same way.
He sighs.
Today he yearned for you a little extra after seeing you bounce around in that pathetic excuse of a dress that made you look like sin incarnate and oh how he would never be able to forget the outline of your hips and those breasts that almost spilled out from how low the neckline was. That is how he found himself, fisting himself in his room at night, imagining it was you relieving his aching cock instead.
Your hands, your mouth, your wet pussy.
He imagines you being good for him, wanting him as bad as he does, begging him to dominate you. Crying and whimpering for him to hug you, kiss you, touch you.
"Come here baby, you're too far."
As you shifted to stand in front of him, he tugged you closer.
Jungkook couldn't help kissing your neck, it just looked so inviting to him. He sucked and licked and nibbled for what felt like forever, making sure that he left marks everywhere for you to see. So when you looked at yourself in the mirror the next day, you'd see how you made him feel.
He'd tease you, make you whine, only to calm your frenzy by stuffing you with his fingers. Rubbing your hot insides till you can't take it anymore and ask him for his cock.
"Do you want my cock? Do you want it so deep inside that you'd be able to feel it for days after? Bet you do."
He imagines you whining as he teases you some more and those beautiful sounds falling from your lips would only serve to make him harder. You'd ask him to fuck you, tell him that you can't take it anymore. And he'd give in, he always would.
"Come on then, spread wide baby. Yes just like that. Show that wet pussy to me. Fuck it looks so inviting, let me take a picture, baby. Pose for me baby. Fuck yeah just like that."
He'd be at his limit too, just looking at you drip for him enough to make him lose all control. Taking a picture for him to use later when you're not around to touch him, to make him feel less lonely as he relieves himself.
"Fuck, shit ____. Yeah baby, so good for me," he moans out loud as he pumps his cock, imagining you fucking yourself on it instead.
He glides his hand over his hard cock faster, spreading the precum all over while his other hand busies itself with his balls. His balls. They feel so heavy, he knows you'd take good care of them. He rubs his tip in a soft slow motion to imitate how your tongue would feel on it when you suck him dry.
Just the thought of you being so fucked out for his cock, begging him to fuck you as you play with his big cock is enough to make him come undone.
"Fuck fuck fuck, my baby. Love it, love you so much, _____. So perfect for me." He pants as he returns to his senses. Looking around his dark room with the sound of the air conditioner as his only company, the thoughts of you still clouding his mind and stirring his cock.
You, on his mind, as always.
Tumblr media
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our beloved summer | jjk (01)
Tumblr media
You made a vow to hate Jeon Jungkook ever since he packed up and left you without a single explanation, but when he shows up at your door after years of radio silence, it turns out that maybe your resolve isn’t as strong as you thought.
pairing: producer!jungkook x songwriter!reader
genre/warnings: exes au, college au (in flashbacks), fluff, angst, eventual smut, kissing, swearing
rating: PG-13
word count: 8.4k
note: OKAY SHE IS FINALLY HERE. i am so nervous about this oh god i will hide in my bedroom and never come out again. anyway umm obviously all the technical stuff about music producing and album making comes from google so! blame google if i get things wrong about music making lol
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Tumblr media
The movies lied—college really isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Who even has the time to constantly go drinking and clubbing, deliver assignments on time, maintain a social life, all the while be expected to have a blooming love life? Definitely not you, and not when there’s a pain in your ass by the name of Jeon Jungkook.
The douchebag in your music theory class who’s always trying to one up you.
To be fair, he’s not a bad person (probably), but he’s just so goddamn annoying. 
It’s only your first semester, but you’ve already found a sworn enemy in Jungkook. The funny thing is, you and him share the same circle, and your friends all adore him to bits. 
Curse Kim Taehyung for bringing you into this mess.
(You got a job at the campus library nearly halfway into the semester, and that’s where you met Taehyung, a fellow part-time librarian and full-time stressed out college student. Though your majors and interests don’t exactly align—he’s studying Art History while you’re pursuing a Music degree—you somehow hit it off and he became your first real friend at college.
Taehyung introduced you to Jimin, his roommate, who then brought in someone that you recognized from class named Hoseok but had never really talked to before and… tragically for you, the bane of your existence, Jeon Jungkook.)
At every party and get-together that Taehyung drags you to, Jungkook is there. There was a part of you that hoped he was only an asshole to you because you two had been competing for first place in class, and it wouldn’t have mattered that much if the person with the highest GPA wasn’t given the opportunity to intern at an up-and-coming record label where one of the executives was old friends with your professor.
Neither of you got it in the end; the professor said you and Jungkook had too much “unhealthy” competition going on and decided to bestow the honor upon the third highest ranked in class which was Hoseok. (Okay, that was good for him, but still.)
Anyway, even outside of academia, Jungkook is insufferable only toward you while he’s a ray of sunshine to literally everybody else. You’ve seen him interact with other people, and you’ve witnessed how his attitude completely switches up when it comes to you. No, whenever he talks to you, sweet and bubbly Jungkook immediately morphs into a cocky and patronizing version of the man.
He probably thinks he’s so much better than you just because he happens to have a great singing voice (not that you would ever admit this to him) and you can’t belch out a single note to save your life. But newsflash buddy! Not every music major has to end up a singer.
Taehyung, Jimin, and even Hoseok have assured you that Jungkook doesn’t hate you, but who are they to say? They’ve never received the same treatment as you.
Tumblr media
“On Earth, We’re Briefly Gorgeous?” You skim the cover and quirk an eyebrow. “Huh. I didn’t know you’re into stuff like this, Jeon.”
He isn’t. Though he was surprised that the school library even had a shelf for contemporary autobiographies, the only reason he borrowed it was because Taehyung mentioned in passing that it’s one of your favorite books.
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” he mumbles under his breath, which you don’t catch.
When Jungkook lingers, you look at him in confusion. “I already know who you are. You don’t have to give me your student ID. You can go.”
“You should, uh, check if I damaged the book or something.”
“Did you?” you narrow your eyes at him.
“No, no… I mean– Just do it, will you?”
Rolling your eyes in annoyance, you reach for the book but his hand shoots out to stop you. “Not right now,” he stammers. “Later.”
What the hell are you doing? You want to bark at him, but it’s nearly 9 o’clock and this tiresome day has drained the life out of you.
After you finished your last exam this morning, all you wanted was to go back to your room and get some much needed rest. But alas, the universe had different plans. Taehyung begged you to cover his shift at the library because the dumbass messed up the dates and bought his bus ticket home today instead of tomorrow to visit his family. You’d do anything for your friends so naturally you said yes, at the expense of your physically deteriorating form.
Right now, you just want to teleport to your dorm and sleep till the sun swallows up the Earth. “Fine,” you grumble, not having the energy to deal with whatever Jungkook’s schtick is, “anything else?”
He purses his lips, glances between you and the book, then shakes his head. He taps his fingers lightly against the wooden desk between you, like he wants to say something else but doesn’t know how to verbalize the words. If you weren’t so tired, maybe you’d even make fun of him for getting his panties in such a twist.
“Okay, um,” he says finally and turns to leave, “goodnight then.”
You only hum and wave a disinterested hand at his retreating form, not caring that he can’t see you. Leaning back against the chair that offers you zero lumbar support and has been killing your back for the past few hours, you groan loudly.
The library barely had anyone coming in today, probably because finals were over and everyone was either recovering from nights lost to exam preparation, or out drinking to celebrate the end of the semester. You highly doubt there would be anyone dropping by ten minutes before closing time, so you push yourself to your feet and start to gather your things.
After entering Jungkook’s name into the computer and ticking his borrowed book as ‘returned’, you flip through it boredly per his request. 
A piece of yellow paper slips from the pages and falls to the floor. When you go to pick it up, you freeze at the sight of a neatly scripted line in black ink. Surprise (or perhaps shock would be a better word) parts the fog in your brain.
Dinner this Saturday? – JK
Tumblr media
The next afternoon, Jungkook comes back to the library with no book to return nor a need to borrow a new one. 
“Hey,” he gives you an awkward wave as he approaches, “how’s it going?”
You give him a small smile in greeting that you know must look weird and manufactured. Never in your few months of knowing him have you ever smiled at him on purpose. “Fine, thanks.”
“Did you, um, check the book?”
You stiffen, and this makes him stiffen. Jungkook knows you saw it.
Do you say yes? No? What’s the best course of action here? What did he even mean? Why would he ask you out for dinner? What does he want? Why was he acting so self-conscious about it? God, why isn’t Taehyung here to help you through this crisis?
Your lips tighten into a thin line as you contemplate your plan. Jungkook has never seemed shy around you. Maybe he’s just trying to be nice because all your friends are home to see their families, and you and him are the only ones who aren’t. Maybe he just pities you because he thinks you might be lonely.
“Yes,” you decide.
“And?” he prompts, growing more nervous by the second. What is up with this guy?
“Do you need to talk about something over dinner?”
“No, not really,” he says, scratching the back of his head. “I just want to hang out with you, one on one. Get to know each other better, y’know…”
“Just the two of us?” you narrow your eyes at him skeptically. “Are you… asking me on a date?” That can’t be possible, right? But then, he was acting weird when he was returning the book. And he’s here again now, anxiously glancing between you and the door like he’s ready to bolt any second.
You can’t figure out what it means.
Is he messing with you? Is it all part of his plan to trick you into dressing up for him only to stand you up and humiliate you? He’s annoying, but you’ve never thought of him as someone who would do such a thing.
No… Jungkook might be the most irritating prick on the planet but he’s not that douchey.
“Yes?” he doesn’t sound so sure of it. He looks like he’s summoning the ground to swallow him whole under your scrutinizing gaze. “I mean,” he adds in a small voice, “if you want...”
It isn’t that you don’t find Jungkook attractive. God knows that man is blessed with looks that people dream about, but you suppose the hostility between you two has distracted you from that fact. Irritation eclipses attraction.
But that irritation is nowhere to be found now, not even an inkling. There’s mostly perplexity, and that certainly isn’t enough to trick you into thinking that Jungkook isn’t one of the most handsome men you’ve laid eyes on.
You can’t think properly in this stupefied state. The words slip out before you can make sense of the whole situation. “Sure, yeah, okay.”
Jungkook looks just as surprised as you are once you realize what you just said. Your eyes widen and your lips part. You should definitely take it back, this is absurd! Where’s your goddamn voice when you need it?
“Yeah? It’s a date?” he asks, gazing down at you with those stupid doe eyes that you haven’t fully taken in until now. They compel you to nod.
“Yeah… it’s a date.”
What is happening?
A few seconds pass, and part of you thinks he’ll start laughing in the middle of the library but you’d be the one embarrassed.
Instead, Jungkook gives you a big bunny grin that has you startled. You’ve never been on the receiving end of it before, having gotten used to his arrogant smirk and condescending tone the entire semester. But this is clearly something you didn’t expect. It’s kind of… beautiful, actually.
Before you can react, he’s already headed for the door. He waves enthusiastically, nerves seemingly gone now, and calls out in a loud voice that you would usually frown at and shush people for. “I’ll text you!”
Tumblr media
What if it ends up a huge disaster? Well, then you suppose you’d go back to hating each other and forget the whole thing happened. But there’s a possibility even worse that you can’t even begin to fathom right now. If it goes well, would there be another date? 
What should you wear? What’s a good outfit that doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard? It’s January though, should you sacrifice warmth for fashion? Where’s that pair of lace underwear that you bought last month–
Wait, why do you care?
God, why is this happening?
You were definitely overthinking this. These were the questions plaguing your every waking moment since that day at the library until this afternoon, a couple hours before your… date. Your brain went haywire the moment he left the library and evidently, it didn’t get a chance to calm down. 
(When you called to tell Taehyung about it after the realization that you would actually be going on a date with Jungkook hit you like a truckload of bricks, your friend gasped and mumbled to himself something you couldn’t quite catch over the phone, something about owing money to someone.)
In the end, you settled on a fitted sweater and your favorite winter coat. Mostly because Jungkook showed up right on time and you spent too long fussing over the possibilities to think of anything else to wear. 
It was awkward at first with neither of you knowing how to act. What’s a girl gotta do on a date with her arch nemesis? No one writes guides on these kinds of things, not even Buzzfeed. You actually considered shaking his hand when you saw him, but he pulled you into a loose hug before you could do anything else.
Throughout the evening, he felt like a stranger. It wasn’t the Jungkook that you’d been used to, the one who constantly volunteered to make your life a living hell.
No, tonight you were with a different Jungkook. You laughed with each other, smiled at each other, let your hand intentionally brush the other’s but never gathered enough courage to actually lace them together. There was still banter, but not the kind that you hated.
There was no trace of the jerk who always irritated you to no end and instead, Jungkook was softer, incredibly sweeter and thoughtful. You felt like you were meeting him for the first time.
It was refreshing, but also… disheartening? These past few months, you could’ve liked him rather than despise him had he shown this side of himself to you. You suppose that’s a question for another occasion; you don’t want to risk turning the mood sour.
Now, as he’s walking you back to your dorm, only one question lingers on your mind. 
“Tonight was actually… really nice,” you admit shyly.
He laughs softly then. “Did you expect it to crash and burn?”
“Yes,” your lack of hesitation only spurs on his chortles. He sounds like he could be an Elmo impersonator.
Once the laughter dies down, you’re left staring at each other in front of your building. The mid January cold bites at your exposed skin, making you shiver lightly and your nose redden. Your skin heats up for a reason other than the wind.
“We’re here,” you say, lamely pointing to the front door. “Guess I should head inside…”
You watch Jungkook visibly gulp as he nods, eyes locking onto yours for a brief second before his gaze falls to the ground, then back to your face again.
You haven’t gone out with someone in a while, but you still know what should happen now.
Will he kiss you? Do you want him to kiss you? Wow, you think. You never imagined there would come a day where you would have to ponder about something like this. Taehyung would be hounding you for days if he got to pick your brain right now. Oh One Direction, just how fast the night changes indeed…
Jungkook takes a step closer and your heart involuntarily picks up a couple beats. When he leans down, it has your stomach doing somersaults. But the tingly sensation is soon replaced with disappointment when you feel his lips press against your cheek.
“Goodnight,” he smiles when he pulls away. 
You’re sure you look flushed, but it isn’t something that can’t be easily blamed on the cold. You return his smile and bid him a safe walk home before turning toward your dorm.
Once there’s some distance between you and Jungkook, you can’t help but ghost your fingers over the spot where his lips were. 
Goddamn. God damn him, god damn those stupid lips and god damn those stupid eyes.
This isn’t how you imagined you would spend your semester break. The moment you set foot in your room, you know you’ll begin to analyze every single detail that happened over the last few hours. You had a good time, but didn’t he? Is that why he only pecked your cheek like you were his grandma?
Oh God, not to mention the way your heart dropped when he didn’t kiss you. On the mouth! Jeon Jungkook! 
As you riffle through your cluttered purse to fetch your keycard with an even more cluttered mind, a hand lands on your shoulder. Instinctively, you gasp and jerk away.
Naturally, your heels are your downfall in this moment of hasty panic. Your purse drops to the ground as your arms flail in the air. Seconds feel like hours as you await the impending collision between your butt and the asphalt, though it never comes.
The hand that was on your shoulder is clutching your arm tightly to keep you upright. It might leave a bruise tomorrow, but at least it’s the only thing keeping you from falling ass first right now.
“Shit! I’m sorry, that was so stupid,” Jungkook stutters as he helps you steady yourself. “I called your name but you didn’t respond.” 
He should be the one embarrassed, but somehow you are. When he picks up your purse and hands it to you, the awkwardness from earlier returns. You’re staring at each other again; whoever is watching the security cameras must be having a blast.
You clear your throat. “Oh, I must’ve been… thinking. Did you, uh, need anything else?”
“No,” he mutters as he fumbles with his fingers. “No, I…”
Okay, this just took a turn for the worse. This is going to be what you fixate on for the rest of the break—how you almost fell on your ass in front of Jeon Jungkook, because of Jeon Jungkook. 
He seems to be having a different kind of dilemma than you though. He still has an apologetic look on his face, but he shakes his head a little more harshly than necessary, as if that would erase what just happened from existence. He clasps his hands together firmly, like he’s about to give you a sales pitch.
Fuck it, Jungkook thinks, now or never.
“I chickened out earlier,” he says and loops an arm around your waist, tugging you closer and effectively making you gasp at the suddenness. His other hand brushes your hair from your face and settles on your cheek, the one he kissed only minutes prior. “I wanted to do this.”
He leans down for the second time tonight, and this time you know what’s coming. More importantly, you know you want it to happen. Your faces are so close that you can see the small scar on his cheek; your fingers itch to trace that line of his skin. You hope there’ll be another time for that.
Still, he doesn’t kiss you just yet. He waits a moment to see if you’d pull away and when you don’t, he just smiles. Like he can’t believe this is finally happening.
His pillowy lips meet yours in a tentative greeting. It’s slow at first, you’re both just testing the waters.
A goodbye to your old dynamic now that a line has been crossed and you two can never go back to the way it was. A hello to a new beginning and to the seeds that it’s planting in your chest, right beside your heart.
His body wraps around you as his mouth envelopes your own, everything is just a little surreal that you get lightheaded. It’s kind of… nice, and you tell yourself it’s the heat radiating off his body that’s making you feel this warm.
When you pull apart, you would’ve thought it was a fever dream if it wasn't for the blush that colored his cheeks. His lips are shiny from the kiss, and his eyes are still glued to your mouth.
Okay, so maybe there are two things you’ll never forget about today: How you almost fell on your ass, and how he kissed you.
He laughs breathlessly to himself and pulls you closer, resting his forehead against yours while you remain speechless.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since your presentation on tonal systems.”
Tumblr media
Eight Years Later
Wednesday. The absolute worst day of the week.
You can’t even remember what made you hate Wednesdays so much, but you always feel a sense of dread whenever the middle of the week rolls around. Maybe it’s because every bad news you’ve received in your life has mostly been delivered on a Wednesday. That’s why you never work, or do anything really, on this day, and given that you don’t have a traditional 9-to-5 job, it gives you more leeway to skip work anyway. It’s your own self-care day, where you allow yourself to stop worrying about anything and just be. 
Nothing bad can happen if you don’t let it, right? (It’s definitely not a logical plan, but whatever, let’s just entertain this.)
When the incessant rings of your doorbell echo throughout your apartment at 7:56 on this—surprise, surprise—Wednesday morning, you already know it can’t be anything good.
Your sleep-hazed brain doesn’t allow you much to work with. It’s too early for deliveries, and all of your friends and co-workers know better than to bother you on Hump Day, least of all in the morning at that. So when you throw open your door, ready to tear a new one into this godforsaken person who woke you up from your slumber, never would you ever expect to see a ghost from your past standing in front of you. Not in a million years—because it has been years, hasn’t it? 
No, not a ghost—the ghost, one who has been haunting you since the summer of your college graduation.
Him. In the flesh. In a simple black blazer thrown over a t-shirt but still looking every bit like the sun on the day he left you. Jeon Jungkook.
You must still be dreaming, right? There’s no reason for him to show up at your door after all these years of radio silence and oh yeah, especially after he—once the keeper of your heart—crushed it into pieces and even went the extra mile to cut it up like finely-chopped garlic, and left you. Besides, how does he even know where you live now? There is absolutely no reason for him to be here. It must be the bottle of rosé you wholeheartedly chugged last night while rewatching Goblin. That’s right, this is just a figment of your worst imaginatio–
“Long time no see, stranger.”
You almost jump. Oh no, it speaks. Was your wine laced with hallucinogens? Your brows knit together and your lips part in bewilderment.
In this nightmare of yours, he looks good. Jungkook always did manage to look effortlessly handsome even if he had just rolled out of bed. Still the same pillowy pink lips, same sparkling doe eyes boring into yours. His hair is styled differently, in an unfamiliar way that you’ve only been acquainted with through the photos that he gets tagged in online. He’s back to his black hair though, with zero traces of the blond head that he sported last year. You never did get a chance to see what it looked like in real life, but once in college, you and him had laughed about the possibility of him dyeing his hair golden and how it would look so terrible. That didn’t turn out to be the case, obviously. 
It’s not until the figure in front of you snaps his fingers that you realize you’ve been gaping for the past few minutes. You reach a hand out to poke him in the shoulder, and you almost gasp when he doesn’t dissipate into thin air.
What the fuck.
Jungkook only chuckles. “Aren’t you gonna invite me in?”
You let yourself gape at him for another minute before you speak. “Why are you here? How do you know where I live?”
“A little birdy told me,” he smiles, but soon gives up when you remain unimpressed. “Fine, it was Tae.”
Taehyung, that fucking traitor. You make a mental note to send him a very strongly worded letter.
You exhale in annoyance. “Get to the point. What do you want?”
“So…” he starts, rubbing his hands together as he looks at you, “I’m assuming you know Jin, right?”
“Jin? Kim Seokjin?” you stare at him like he’s stupid. “Global superstar Jin? Two-time Grammy nominee Jin? Turned-down-an-offer-to-be-in-a-Bond-soundtrack Jin? The guy with the face of a Greek God and the voice of an angel? That Jin?”
He pokes a tongue into his cheek, a very Jungkook thing that you haven’t seen in a very long time. He used to do that when he was annoyed or jealous, and to be fair, they often overlapped. “Yeah, that Jin.”
“Sure,” you shrug, “I’ve heard of him.”
“Well, I’m producing his new album. No, I should be producing his new album, and…”
You raise an eyebrow, shooting him a pointed look. And? C’mon, out with it.
“He’ll only sign with us if… if we get you on board as the primary songwriter.”
If it were anyone else saying this to you, you probably would’ve jumped up and down in pure excitement and called every single person you know to brag about the international pop sensation wanting to work with you. Snatching an opportunity like this will most likely ensure that you’ll never be unemployed again, not when you’ve had a hand in creating a Kim Seokjin album. It’s the big break you’ve always dreamed of, the one to propel you forward and get your name circulating around the industry. Just imagine the kind of apartment you could get with Kim Seokjin-level royalties.
If it were anyone else asking, you would’ve fainted, woken up again, and said yes in a heartbeat. Instead, it’s your ex boyfriend who’s propositioned you out of the blue because it’s really him who needs to make this work.
In the moment—and to be fair, in the morning too—you’re not level-headed enough to weigh the pros and cons. If he’s the producer, you’d also be working with him and you don’t think you have the capacity to handle being in the same space as Jeon Jungkook, and even for months on end until the album is fleshed out. But it isn’t even just that, there’s a petty voice inside your head screaming at you to forgo whatever success you may garner from this project, just for the sake of fucking him over.
You’ve heard enough chatter about Jin to know that he isn’t someone that can be sweet-talked and bargained with. If he wants something, he has to get it. If not, the man walks.
You succumb to the pettiness. “I’ll have you know, my email is just blowing up with offers. I’m doing quite well for myself.”
Okay, it’s not completely untrue. Your inbox might not be on the verge of combustion from an overload of messages, but you have made a name for yourself. Since your project with Agust D last year, your songwriting has definitely been a sought after commodity, but not anywhere near the circles of Kim Seokjin though.
The smirk on Jungkook’s face drops, and in its place a smile blooms across his lips, an earnest smile. “I know.”
You’re taken aback by the sincerity, and how you still think his smile is beautiful enough to part way for the sun on cloudy days. Like Kim Taehyung, your own heart becomes a traitor when it misses a beat.
Jungkook’s acknowledgment of your achievements has you blinking at him to make sure you heard him right. It takes you a moment to regain your composure and straighten up. “Oh… Then you know how it is. I don’t have time to take on another project. Off you go now.”
“C’mon, you won’t even consider it for an old friend?”
Your mouth sets in a grim line as you stare at him, and he knows from the way your jaw clenches that he’s said the wrong thing.
No, he’s not an old friend. And while he knows of your achievements and that you’ve created somewhat of a decent life for yourself, he doesn’t know that your first day of work started with false bravado and nearly ended with a breakdown in a lavender-scented bathroom stall when you remembered that the only person you wanted to talk to about your day wouldn’t be there when you got home.
He doesn’t know you used to get so shitfaced on a weekly basis that Taehyung became genuinely concerned for your health at one point, that he and Jimin had to sit you down for a talk before they thought your liver would give out.
He doesn’t know how much it fucking hurts to be suckerpunched by someone you thought was the love of your life, to be disregarded and abandoned as if years together held the significance of mere days in the end. To be left without a single word as to why you weren’t good enough for him.
So no, Jungkook isn’t an old friend. Sometimes you think maybe it would have been better if that’s all he ever was to you.
“We’re not friends,” you declare eerily calmly that you even surprise yourself. The door closes in his face with a click. The wood under your palm should feel light, but somehow it weighs a thousand pounds now.
Old friend, you mull over the word in your head. Is that all you’ve been reduced to? You’re reminded once again that you hate Jeon Jungkook, and this sensation poking into your heart like a sharp needle is just your accumulated disdain toward him—nothing more. 
For a split second you wonder if you should have let yourself feel that January cold instead of his warmth.
Tumblr media
You can’t go back to sleep now that your entire morning has been ruined. 
[08:38]: Kim Taehyung.
[08:38]: is there anything u would like to tell me
[08:39]: ? 😇
[08:52] Taebear 🐻: ?? it’s not 10 yet why are you up
[08:53]: answer the question, Kim 😇
[08:53] Taebear 🐻: what are you on about
[08:55] Taebear 🐻: is this because i ate your ice cream the other day?
[08:56]: what ice cream
[08:58] Taebear 🐻: that white flavor with the chocolate bits
[08:59]: ????
[08:59]: wtf u ate THE haagen dazs irish whiskey and chocolate waffle ice cream that i’ve been saving ?? fuck that was limited edition
[09:00]: wait no i can’t even focus on that right now. why the fuck was jeon jungkook at my apartment on this godforsaken wednesday morning??
[09:04] Taebear 🐻: oh
[09:04] Taebear 🐻: damn
[09:09]: ?????
[09:09]: that’s all u have to say ???
Tumblr media
As irritated as you are at Taehyung, you refrain from calling to yell at him while he’s at work. So when he casually strolls into your apartment at lunch with a takeaway bag of two poké bowls from your favorite diner, you know he’s here to spill the beans. (And also to butter you up; he even splurged on a side of tobiko and a large taro boba for when you’re finished.) The sight of the food dilutes your anger; you gotta hand it to him—Kim Taehyung knows the way to your heart. (Hint: it’s through your stomach.)
The moment he sets his and your food on the dining table, you immediately narrow your eyes at him. “Explain, Kim.”
Taehyung runs a hand through his hair, sighing as he begins to mix the content of your bowl for you. “Jungkook asked me where you lived like a month ago, said he needed to ask for a work favor. But then he didn’t do anything after that so I forgot about it.”
“Why didn’t you tell me when he asked?”
“He told me not to.”
You cross your arms in front of your chest, mouth hanging open to gape at him, flabbergasted. “And you listened to him? You’re supposed to be on my side!” Are you childish for wanting Taehyung to be on your side? He has always been closer to you; he was your friend first. “I can’t believe you’d do me dirty like that, Tae. I feel so betrayed right now. I got you in the divorce and Jungkook got Jimin. I can’t believe you’d go running off to daddy like that.”
He scrunches his face in distaste. “Ugh, please don’t call Jungkook my daddy.” He pushes the bowl toward you.
Silence settles over your apartment aside from the sounds of cutlery against ceramic. As you munch on your rice and spicy mayo salmon, Taehyung asks warily. “You good though?”
Jungkook has always been a sensitive subject, clearly. With your shared circle of friends from college and even now with your mutual connections in the industry, you’re surprised that you haven’t run into him at all in the past five years. 
You only grumble around a mouthful of food. You take your sweet time with your poké and when you’re finished, you wash it down with a generous sip of the boba Taehyung brought over. Salmon and milk tea are probably not the best combo though.
“Positively dandy.” It’s just my ex who I haven’t seen in half a decade and would’ve liked to never see again for the rest of my miserable life. “Live, laugh, love, Kim.”
He only squints at you. Though your face is devoid of any emotion—you have to praise your own poker face when someone brings up Jungkook, it’s taken you a hell of a long time to master—your bitter tone is a dead giveaway of how much the surprise reunion is affecting you.
Tumblr media
You should’ve suspected that Kim Taehyung was up to no good when he suddenly called to treat you to lunch two days later. The man even insisted that you order the most expensive thing on the menu, something that you and him have only reserved for celebrations.
You never thought that one day, food would be your downfall.
A figure slides into the chair next to yours after you gulp down the last of your drink, and it became all too clear what Kim Taehyung had been scheming. You should really be more cautious when people randomly start offering you food; it’s becoming a problem.
You look at the intruder with wide eyes, fingers still gripping the glass. “What are you doing here?”
“Listen.” It’s Taehyung who speaks up, drawing your attention away from Jungkook. “Just hear him out–”
“Kim Taehyung!” You kick him in the shin under the table, to which he yelps and gets a few heads turning in the semi-crowded restaurant. “You backstabbing bitch!”
“God, you’re so dramatic. Just hear him out, okay? I think this could be really good for your career.”
Your jaw clenches, and both men notice the way you slightly scooch away from the one next to you. Damn them and damn you. You’re always more pliant with a satiated stomach; maybe that’s why Jungkook didn’t show up until after you had finished eating. 
Waving a hand in the air in defeat, you motion for your ex to do whatever it is that he came here to do. Mostly, you want to waste his time just to say no to him in the end.
Jungkook immediately launches into a whole speech about how this could be Jin’s greatest album yet if they had you on the team. Apparently Jin has been itching to sink his claws into you ever since he found out you worked with Yoongi; you knew the two of them were friends, but you didn’t realize that your work even drew that kind of attention.
As the man explains what the album concept would be, your resolve almost breaks. Fuck, if it doesn’t sound like something right up your alley. You’re already envisioning everything you could do with this album, the lyrics that are practically writing themselves inside your head. Nevertheless, it isn’t that simple. There’s always a but, and that but is sitting right beside you, droning on about how this album might actually be the one to score Jin his first Grammy win. Jungkook didn’t seem fazed when he saw you the other day, and he sure isn’t fazed now. You’re supposed to be someone he used to love, but the way he’s so nonchalant makes you feel like you were never more than just a mere acquaintance.
When he’s finished, you don’t respond. Instead, you turn to your friend. “Seriously, Tae,” you scoff, glaring at the man sitting across from you. This is the second time that Kim Taehyung has betrayed you in a span of two days; one more strike and you might just key his car. “I can’t believe you ran off to daddy again.”
He rolls his eyes at you while Jungkook raises a brow in amusement and leans back against his chair. “I told you not to say that,” he grumbles. “But honestly, I’m saying this as your best friend–”
“My best friend wouldn’t use my greatest weakness to trick me.”
“Oh my God, just—listen, do you not see what an insane opportunity this is? It’s Kim Seokjoon, for crying out loud. Even I know who that is and you tell me all the time that I have zero knowledge of pop culture.”
“Kim Seokjin,” Jungkook pipes in before you can.
“Oh, shit,” Taehyung scratches his head awkwardly, “right, well, my point still stands. You’ve always wanted something like this to happen, so why are you doing this to yourself now? Just because it’s Ju–”
“Tae.” Your gaze hardens as you look at him, and Jungkook sees how you and the older man communicate without having to utter a single word. He never understood the connection, the bond, between the two of you but he has always appreciated the fact that you have someone like Taehyung. Someone who understands you in ways that he couldn’t, who looks out for you and takes care of you no matter what, who made sure you wouldn’t fall when Jungkook was the one to shatter the ground beneath you.
After a minute, Taehyung softens. “I’m just saying,” he nudges your foot under the table to ease the tension, “when are you gonna get a chance like this again? Some things aren’t worth sacrificing your dreams for.”
He’s right, and you know you’re being childish. When are you going to get an offer of this magnitude? This is your dream; this is something you’ve been working toward all these years. Are you really about to let it pass you by because of Jungkook?
You turn away from both of them and close your eyes, sighing as you expel the weight in your chest. “Fuck,” you mutter under your breath, “my life is a dumpster fire waiting to blow up. Fucking hell.”
“Language, sailor,” Jungkook scolds you lightly. “How can someone with such a foul mouth write lyrics that beautiful? You never used to swear this much.”
You choose to fire back at him rather than focus on the fact that he listens to your songs. “The keyword here is “used to”. You don’t know me anymore.”
He stares at you, and once again he knows he’s dug his own grave, earning even more points in your bad books. He only meant to be playful, but now he doesn’t know how to respond to that.
Thankfully, Taehyung chimes in. “It can’t hurt to think about it right? It’s a good opportunity.” 
Your brows knit together and you fist the hem of your shirt. You look a little distressed, and Jungkook remembers how you used to do this to will yourself before you committed to something you really don’t want to. It used to be research papers for psychology classes, but now it’s him.
“Fine, I will think about it.”
“That’s all I’m asking,” Jungkook says, his voice a little smaller now. He hands you the folder that he’s been holding, and you gulp when his hand brushes yours, just barely. “Here’s the creative brief. Let me know what you think, alright? My business card is in there.”
As Taehyung watches the two of you, he isn’t entirely convinced if this is such a good idea anymore. Career-wise, you’d be out of your mind not to snatch this offer right off the bat; but emotionally speaking, there’s still something that he can’t properly decipher between you and Jungkook.
He sees the way the younger man glances at you, and the way you wouldn’t look at him. Taehyung has noticed how your tone has grown subconsciously more defensive and overly nonchalant the past couple of days, as if you’re trying to convince yourself and everybody else that you’re doing fine. For years, you’ve been claiming that you despise Jungkook and that the resentment you have toward him will never change, but no one has really been able to confirm that hypothesis. You haven’t been in the room since college, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to say you’re over someone when you aren’t standing in front of them and looking into their eyes.
Nonetheless, it’s his duty as your friend to make sure you choose what’s best for you, and this—no matter how ludicrous it sounds to you—will do you more good than harm. Whatever may happen, he knows you’ll never forgive yourself if you miss this chance. And just like how Taehyung has helped you through your toughest days before, he can do it again. You’ve recovered from Jungkook once, you can do it a second time.
Tumblr media
Naturally, you had to go and get sloshed that night. Alone, because Taehyung had a work function that he couldn’t skip and though he promised to take you out to drown your sorrows the next day instead, you just couldn’t wait to forget about Jungkook.
On his birthday the year of your breakup, you had called him to wish him a happy birthday even though he never made an effort to reach out to you at all after you went your separate ways; or rather, he went his own way and you were left there all alone. The line rang, and rang, and finally when the call connected, you felt the air get knocked out of your lungs at the sound of a woman’s voice filtering through the speaker, airy and giggly.
“Is this… Jungkook’s phone?” you tried to keep your voice from breaking.
“Jungkook?” the woman sounded confused. “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.”
You promptly ended the call afterward, not knowing whether to feel relieved that no, he didn’t get a new girlfriend, or dejected because he changed his number and didn’t tell you.
Well, of course, why would he? You broke up and Jungkook made it blatantly obvious that he didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. It hurt you to admit it—something that had once been so unimaginable now taking over every aspect of your life—that you had become strangers who once meant the world to each other.
Shit happens. People wake up and fall out of love everyday. People change, then they leave. Life goes on.
It didn’t mean much, but you deleted the number that night.
Now, as you’re staring at this new set of digits you took from the business card Jungkook had given you, anxiety bubbles in your stomach. The fact that you’re actually considering it, means you’ll say yes. It is an incredible opportunity, Taehyung didn’t need to do all of that for you to see it. But partly because it’s Jungkook who’s asking, and you’re weak despite how many times you’ve claimed to hate his guts. Despite wanting to say no with your entire being, he affects you in ways that you never thought were still possible. Though you haven’t agreed to his proposition, your mind is already picturing what will happen when history inevitably repeats itself.
You’ll say yes, he’ll take what he needs from you, and he will leave. You will go back to being strangers again. The numbers staring at you in blue light will be another set for you to delete.
That’s why Jimin is here now, at the wine bar where he’s found himself with Taehyung so many times before just to pick you up and drag your drunken self home.
But Taehyung isn’t here tonight because of the aforementioned work event so Jimin brought backup—it just happens that it’s the same person you're trying your hardest to forget about.
(They were lounging on Jungkook’s couch playing video games when the call came and interrupted Jimin. When Taehyung’s voice rang through the speakers to inform him of your situation and how Jimin would have to handle it alone this time, Jungkook’s curiosity was instantly piqued. 
“I’ll take you,” he said to the older man. “You didn’t drive here anyway.”
“Oh, you’re with Kook?” Taehyung asked hesitantly, then went quiet for a moment after Jimin confirmed. “Yeah, sure, you should take him with you. She probably won’t remember it…”)
“Jiminie,” you whine loudly once your friend helps you into the car, “Jiminieee.”
“Yes, what? I’m right here.”
“I saw Jungkook again. Twice.”
“Oh?” He looks at the younger man, unsure of how to proceed. “How did it go?”
Jungkook watches your face in the rearview mirror. Your hooded eyes are looking out the window, blinking lazily every few seconds before closing completely shut. He thinks you might have fallen asleep until you speak up a few minutes later.
“He didn’t ask how I’ve been doing. He just showed up out of the blue because he needed something from me and didn’t even bother to ask if my life’s been okay or anything. I–It made me feel so insignificant.”
For a moment, the already stuffy air in the car thickens. You sound like you’re sober, like you’re saying all of this under the guise of inebriation to see how he would react. But before either man can respond, you’re lolling your head to the side and mumbling incoherently again. Jungkook swallows, and Jimin remains quiet for the rest of the drive. The only sounds are your occasional hiccups and giggles.
When the car pulls up to your apartment complex, Jimin is too preoccupied with hauling you out of the vehicle to notice Jungkook’s hesitation to help him lug you into the building, but he does anyway. He hasn’t touched you in years, and you won’t even remember it in the morning.
It’s been so long, but when his arm wraps securely around your waist, it seems like no time has passed at all. His hand on your body still feels familiar and not as foreign as he would expect. Since you’re mostly leaning against Jungkook, it stirs a strange sensation in his gut when your head falls to rest in the crook of his neck. 
The elevator ride only lasts a few minutes, but he can’t focus with the way your warm breath is fanning his skin. When he crashed your lunch date with Taehyung 12 hours earlier, he didn’t expect the day would end like this—with you in his arms again, though the circumstances could’ve been better.
Once you make it to your door, you immediately perk up. “Oh?” You turn to Jungkook, as if you’ve only just noticed him for the first time tonight. “Chimmy, who’s your friend here?”
Jimin doesn’t reply, too busy ruffling through the chaos in your bag to find your keys and letting Jungkook hold you up by himself. (He never understands why women carry so many useless things around. The only things a person should need to bring with them outside are keys, phone and wallet. Maybe a pack of gum and condoms. Why do you even have a flask of vodka when you were already headed to a bar?)
When he takes too long, you turn to him and whisper. “Bitch, your friend is so cute!” (Only you think you’re whispering.) Jungkook chuckles as he tightens his grip on you. He can’t help but think you’re adorable—you’ve always been a cute drunk in his eyes, though if you would probably smack yourself over the head if you were aware of the words coming out of your mouth. It’s nice to hear that you still find some part of him tolerable.
Jimin lets out a triumphant sigh when he finally pulls your keys from the bag. The way he navigates your apartment in the dark and makes a beeline for what Jungkook assumes is your bedroom makes him wonder how many times the older man has done this whenever you’ve had one too many. Jungkook purposefully, albeit awkwardly, stands in the middle of your living room, glancing at your open door at Jimin who’s setting you on the bed and struggling to take off your jacket because you keep flailing your arms trying to hug him. Jungkook could help, but he feels like being in your home is already pushing his luck, let alone your bedroom, even if you aren’t quite conscious of his presence.
He takes the liberty of looking around, smiling to himself when he sees traces of you in every corner. Picture frames are scattered across your apartment—of you and your friends, your family, even Taehyung’s dog Yeontan because you love the little fluff ball so much. Dainty trinkets from your travels and art prints that you always said were pretentious but you secretly liked them anyway. 
No photos of you and him, but that makes sense of course.
Jimin emerges from your bedroom after a while, leaving the door ajar to see if you’re sleeping soundly before they leave. This is the first time in years that he has seen you and Jungkook in such close vicinity of each other. Sure, you’re drunk out of your mind, but still.
“She didn’t mean what she said earlier,” he says as he hands Jungkook a glass of water.
“She did. It’s fine, it’s not like she said anything wrong,” he takes a sip to wash away the slight sting creeping up his spine. “Of course I wanna know how she’s been, hyung. I just didn’t think I had the right to ask. I didn’t know it made her feel that way.”
Jimin sighs, unsure of what to say. Wounds that he thought had scabbed over are starting to bleed again, but this time it seems like it’s affecting the both of you. You were once each other’s safe haven, but now the waters are murky, and no one has a single clue on how to chart them.
A couple of sentences, but this might be the most that Jungkook has talked about you in years. You’re in the same circle of friends, your name was bound to come up in conversation. Whenever it happened, he would simply not contribute anything to the topic, or excuse himself to go to the bathroom until chatter about you has stopped.
He has always refused to disclose anything about the breakup when anyone asked. No one knows what really happened back then; not his brother, not his closest friends, and certainly not you.
Tumblr media
— all rights reserved © jeonqkooks. reposting, translating and/or modifying is not permitted by any means.
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colour me in | jjk | teaser
Tumblr media
@kithtaehyung​​​ ryen, you deserve an award for this absolutely stunning moodboard. y’all, she made this almost a year ago & i’m still in love with it !! thank you so much <3
Tumblr media
Summary: When you knock on Jungkook’s door, he doesn’t reckon that you’re here for more than the touch he usually grants you. But the deal you want... no, need to seal exceeds his expectations by far – as intriguing as it is terrifying.
➳ pairing: artist!Jungkook x reader ➳ rating: 18+ ➳ genre: fwb, fake dating, college!au; fluff, angst, smut ➳ warnings: none for the teaser. for the fic: toxic parents, pining, teasing, lots of sex, lotssss of fluff, some heartbreak bcos ofc, friendship with benefits, side couples and little storylines with the other members. more for the full thing <3 ➳ wc for the teaser: 512 ➳ a/n: this series is gonna be a ride and a half. and it’s finally coming !!! i hope you’re as excited as i am !! @missgeniality​ thank you for not just fixing this, but for being on the cmi train for so long, too, ily <3 i’ll have more to say once the full thing drops, but for now, enjoy this lil preview !! <3 ➳ moodboard sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ➳ playlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
posting date: JUNE 3RD, 7-8PM EST
Tumblr media
“Where are you?” you question, fingers of your free hand tracing the edge of your desk mindlessly. 
“Not sure,” he answers, laughing, “Yoongi dragged me to some party close to school, and now we’re here.”
You think you remember Jimin mentioning some party near the campus, too. You wonder if it’s the same one, or if Jimin and Jungkook have crossed paths, seen each other, recognised each other. At least you’ve talked to both of them about the other.
It’s impossible to not tell Jungkook about your best friend of years, since you stepped onto college grounds for the first time. It’s equally impossible to not tattle about the mess that Jungkook’s infuriating persona can be to said best friend.
“Hey, bring me a sandwich if… get a drink… kitchen,” are the only fragments of the girl’s speech you hear from the background, and then Jungkook hums again, shooting back a “My pleasure, Nara” before the noise finally ebbs down.
“Who was that?” you inquire, thankful for some peace and quiet.
“Someone I know from college.”
“And Yoongi?”
“I dunno,” Jungkook answers, sipping on something for a moment before he adds, “what’s up, babe?”
He says it so casually, his voice so clear and sober that you’re sure he isn’t as intoxicated yet as he was the night you hooked up with him first. Back then, he was tumbling into your arms, taking in your scent, his tongue bitter from the vodka, and his lips whispering far more crude nicknames than this one.
You wonder if he called Nara similar names tonight.
Not that it’d bother you much – it’s curiosity.
Because you’re not jealous. You don’t think you’ve ever felt the green sting of envy with him around before; but there’s a hint of confusion knocking at the backdoor of your brain.
It’s peculiar to you – every single time he tells you, “What other girls when there’s you?”
Because you’re certain he flirts with other women, too. You sometimes question if there are girls out there who have fallen for his charm, who have fallen for him enough to believe that he belongs to no one but them.
Not that you couldn’t assume anyway, but Jungkook seems bad at friendships with benefits.
Which might be why you can’t be mad at him or his behaviour – or why you reckon you won’t ever commit to more than whatever’s established between you.
You told yourself long ago that the both of you are nothing more than flings.
Falling for him sounds like it carries the potential of turning into something dangerous. Falling for him… it feels like you wouldn’t come out unscathed if it ever burgeoned and then eventually ended – he seems like the type of person who has an unmatched power to hurt you.
Perhaps not through his actions – you don’t think he’d ever jab your heart on purpose.
But developing feelings for Jeon Jungkook once and then letting whatever web you catch yourself in wane seems like it’d be a hard, painful, bone-breaking fall.
And you can’t hand him that much power.
Tumblr media
nara ?! smh. i’m so excited for this, seriously @[email protected] if you’d like to join the taglist, you can either click on the link above or here! <3
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“I’d so take you down in a riff off.”
yoongi x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.9K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here we have Yoongi and Kid getting a little too wrapped up in each other in front of a few of their friends. It’s just a little bit of pda among friends, it’s cute, they’re embarrassed, I hope you like it <3 this fic features Jin x Poopsie (oc girlfriend) Namjoon x Daisy (oc girlfriend), and Jungkook. (There’s also a reference to an early min/kid fic <3 I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
p.s. Happy birthday @aurorassadprosee​! I love you the most <3 
Tumblr media
Ever since you’d met Yoongi, your apartment started feeling like what you assumed home was meant to feel like. Warm and comforting, vibrant and full of life; safe. Before Yoongi, the walls of your apartment acted as a barrier, fencing the outside world and its possibilities out. With Yoongi, however, the walls began providing security, protecting the sanctity of your new shared life, the life you had fallen deeply in love with.
This particular night, you did not miss how the feeling of belonging intensified with the friendly and now familiar faces occupying the living room. As their voices filled the space, you glanced from person to person, appreciating each of Yoongi’s friends. They were honestly the greatest people you’d ever met, making you wonder what you did in a past life to gain the privilege of loving Yoongi and all of his friends. Well, your friends now too.
“What about Pitch Perfect?” Jin’s girlfriend proposed amid a debate over which movie you all should watch.
The suggestion was met with an eye roll from Namjoon, your eyes catching the gesture and immediately making you scoff. “Namjoon,” you started, raising your eyebrows in judgment. “Don’t tell me you don’t like Pitch Perfect.”
As his girlfriend cocked her head at him, awaiting his response, Namjoon looked from person to person, gauging the response he was about to receive. “It’s- fine,” he said simply, a small smile curving on his lips when his girlfriend scoffed at him.
“It’s objectively a good movie, if you don’t like it you’re lying to yourself and that’s just sad,” you began ranting, Yoongi chuckling beside you. “You should stop denying yourself enjoyment.”
“I like it,” Jungkook interjected from his spot on the floor.
“That’s because you have taste,” you told him, internally cooing at the boyish smile he flashed at you. “Sometimes,” you added, warning him to not get too comfortable with the compliment.
“Hey, I like it too,” Jin then said, defending himself against no one, his girlfriend patting his face with a coo.
“We know you have taste,” she told him, squeezing his cheeks together to push his lips into a pucker. “You’re dating me, love.” You giggled at the comment as she leaned in to kiss him softly, just before your attention was stripped away from the group entirely, your eyes darting toward your thigh where Yoongi’s large hand was suddenly resting.
And just like that, the voices, which previously filled the room in all their charming and entertaining resonance, faded into a low hum, taking a backseat to Yoongi’s touch. Your gaze lingered on his hand as he squeezed your flesh, just once, through your jeans. The material was tight on your muscle, allowing you to feel the drag of his finger tip as he began drawing invisible patterns on your leg.
Bringing your lips toward his ear, the man instinctively leaned into you. “Do you like Pitch Perfect?” You asked, observing the way his mouth curved into that gummy smile you adored so much.
“I do actually,” he confirmed with a grin, his eyes still on your leg as he scribbled unseen musings into your jeans. “Who doesn’t love a good riff off?”
“I’d so take you down in a riff off,” you playfully boasted, Yoongi shaking his head as he sucked air in between his teeth.
“I wouldn’t be so cocky,” he teased. “I do rap for a living.”
“You don’t know what skills I’m hiding, Min.” Yoongi’s gaze lifted from your lap, his orbs scanning over your smile before meeting your eyes. “Maybe I’m the chosen one who can take down the Genius Min Suga, Agust D, Mr. Tongue Technology in a rap battle.”
Lightly scoffing at you, he flashed that fucking smile again, your heart pounding against your chest in pure adoration. Yoongi then brought his hand toward your face and collected a strand of hair that dangled at the side of your face. Tucking it behind your ear, he swiped his tongue over his bottom lip before directing a confident smirk at you. “Come on, Kid,” he cocked his head to the side, his eyes lingering on yours. “You know better than anyone just how good my tongue technology is.”
You really did try to bite back the smile that formed on your lips, but how could you really conceal it? He was so cocky, and that quiet confidence about him, his casual self-assuredness, always had your body tingling. Averting your eyes, you let out a small scoff. Yoongi’s lips curved into a victorious smile, which you caught in the corner of your eye.
Rolling your eyes, you directed your gaze back on his, just before you raised your eyebrows challengingly. “Don’t forget that you know exactly how good my tongue technology is too. Do I need to remind you how much you love my mouth?”
If Yoongi had been taking a drink, he surely would have choked on it, your comment taking him by surprise. It was then his turn to direct his eyes elsewhere as he held back his grin just barely. His gaze latched onto the strings on your hoodie, your boyfriend reaching out to tug on them, attempting to make them even, pretending to care about the length of them.
“You can’t just say shit like that,” he complained cutely, a small pout forming on his lips. “That’s not fair.”
“You started it,” you defended yourself, smiling in amusement at his flustered state. Yoongi’s mouth curved into a smile as he shook his head in defeat.
Twisting one of the strings around his finger, he slowly looked up at you, his expression taking on a soft adoring one as his eyes met yours. And just like that, the teasing tension you two had been toying with shifted into one of sweet intimacy, the man’s orbs filling with honey-soaked adoration. His hand moved toward your neck where he gently stroked his thumb across your skin, his eyes bouncing around your face, trying to take in every feature at once.
As he moved his hand to cradle your jaw, your hand made its way to his wrist where you gripped onto it. It wasn’t until then that you both slowly realized that the room hadn’t just faded away because of your infatuation with your boyfriend, but rather it had gone completely silent because no one was talking anymore.
Your focus shifted to the group of people surrounding you, meeting all their eyes one by one as they stared at you with amused smiles on their faces. There were differing degrees of amusement, Jin’s girlfriend looking rather soft and smitten with you and your boyfriend, whereas Jungkook wore a bratty grin, ready to tease at a moment’s notice. Yoongi’s attention followed yours, finding your audience just after you.
As you felt your body heat in embarrassment, a sigh left the man, the reaction making a small giggle slip from your lips. His hand left your face, but not without slipping into yours and intertwining his fingers with yours. Tugging your hand against his thigh, he looked at the crowd with a disinterested expression.
“Are you guys bored or something?” He asked, feigning as though he was totally unaffected by being caught in your moment of intimacy. Perhaps these walls of your apartment had been providing you both with too much privacy, making you both forget that you weren’t alone that night. As his free hand traveled to his neck, rubbing the spot as a nervous response despite his aloof act, you damn near cooed at the man.
“How could we be bored, you’re giving us a whole show,” Jungkook teased, a bratty giggle following his words as a few of the others laughed along with him.
“You guys are so cute,” Namjoon cooed exaggeratedly, raising the pitch of his voice as he played up the comment.
“You guys can keep going, I’ll just make some popcorn,” Jin added with a squeaky laugh, his girlfriend desperately trying to hold onto her laughter, though small snorts slipped out.
“No but seriously, fuck Pitch Pefect, you two are more than entertaining enough,” Namjoon’s girlfriend jumped in, adding fuel to the fire.
“I’d give you a solid ninety-nine percent on Rotten Tomatoes,” Jin’s girlfriend then added cheerfully, taking her turn  as she wore a teasing grin.
As you laughed at their teasing, covering up the bashfulness you felt under their watchful eyes and clear amusement, Yoongi looked to the side of the room, holding back a smile as he pretended to be unbothered and utterly unamused.
“Does anyone really want popcorn though?” Jin then asked, standing up to head to the kitchen. “I made myself crave it,” he admitted, flashing a slightly shy smile to his girlfriend, the girl beaming as she followed him.
“I’d take some,” you called out. “For Pitch Perfect,” you added. Glancing around at everyone once more, you scrunched your nose in protest. “Stop looking at us,” you whined.
As everyone else agreed to the popcorn, shouting out their own excitement for the buttery snack, you turned back towards your boyfriend. Smiling at him, he let his gummy smile breakthrough as he shook his head.
“You’re adorable when you’re embarrassed,” you cooed quietly, leaning toward him and pressing a kiss to his soft cheek.
“I’m not embarrassed,” Yoongi complained, slightly leaning into your lips.
“So, so cute,” you mumbled against the plushness, ignoring his protest.
“What the hell?” Jin then interrupted from the kitchen, loud enough for everyone to hear as he peered toward the living room, looking directly at Yoongi. “Is this our microwave?”
Yoongi’s mouth fell into a pout, his eyes widening as he feigned ignorance. “Huh?” It took everything in you not to burst into laughter at his act of innocence.
“This is our microwave. From the dorm,” Jin told him, no longer asking.
“It is?” Yoongi asked, holding back a grin that was threatening to burst at the seams.
“Yoongi,” Jin exclaimed, lowering his chin toward his neck as he gave an expression of disappointment and reprimand. “You acted so shocked when it went missing. You stood next to me in the kitchen as I pointed out the empty spot on the counter. You even encouraged me to grill the kids on it. ‘I bet it was Jungkookie’,” Jin mimicked Yoongi’s supposed comments. Apparently the man was a better actor than you thought. As you watched the scolding in utter amusement, Yoongi simply sat there with a small smile, knowing he was busted and relishing in the rage Jin was releasing.
“Hey!” Jungkook called out in complaint from the floor at the mention of his name and the false accusation. “That’s why Jin came barging into my room looking around like I was hiding something?” He questioned in confusion. “I’m literally scared of microwaves.”
“You’re scared of microwaves?” You gawked at the youngest, watching as he nodded with his big bambi eyes.
Yoongi simply shrugged at the sets of eyes on him, wearing a proud smirk. “Kid’s microwave broke. She needed to eat her cup of noodles.”
As you giggled at the comment, your boyfriend leaned toward you, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. Squeezing his hand, you turned to look at Jin who gawked at you both. “You should be thankful, Jin. If he hadn’t brought me that microwave, you wouldn’t be able to make popcorn right now.”
A breath of air fanned over your neck as Yoongi lifted his face from your shoulder, chuckling in amusement at your sassy comment. He then squeezed your hand twice, reciprocating your gesture.
And in that moment, you felt so utterly at home. You were at peace. You were happy. And fuck, you loved these people.
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borahaerhy · 2 days ago
Gone (1) - jjk
Tumblr media
Summary: You and your childhood best friend, Jungkook, have grown apart over the years, although you still have the same overbearing fun-loving bestie, Aria, that really wants her best friends talking again, something neither of you really want to be apart of until Aria goes missing, and the only other person that could help you find her is the one you've spent years avoiding.
Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre: Best friends to enemies (ish?) to lovers, High School AU, eventual smut, slow burn
Warnings: Angst, Jungkook is stubborn, cursing, y/n is extremely anxious, she's also hella insecure (dw it's less noticeable in later chapters), Aria's lowkey a brat, a few unanswered questions, okay maybe more than few I'm sorry
Word Count: 3.8K
Previous | Next
Note: This is the first fic I'm publishing on here so please let me know If I goofed, I'm still trying to get used to everything :)
Tumblr media
“Hey Koo, what are your plans for prom?” Aria rushed as she sat in the seat next to Jungkook, who jumped slightly as she spoke. He sighed, running his fingers through his thick black hair as he shrugged, still a little lost in thought.   
“Dunno, I was planning on just going with friends, probably ditch it early to go to the movies or something,” he rested his elbow on the table in front of him and rested his head on his hand. Aria dropped her face slightly and gave him a knowing look.   
“And is that really what you wanna do?” she asked, already knowing the answer to the question, even if he didn’t want to admit it to her, or even himself. He cocked an eyebrow and nodded slowly.   
“Yeah, Ari, that’s what I want to do. What about you, what’re your plans?” Aria crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back, letting her long hair fall behind her as she crossed her legs and kicked her heal repeatedly off the leg of the chair.   
“Well Y/n and I are going prom dress shopping tonight,” she emphasized your name as she spoke, and Jungkook stiffened at it, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “And we’re going to go together. Unless, of course, someone asks her,” she kicked his shin as she finished her sentence. He sighed in annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose as he squeezed his eyes shut.   
“Ari, we’ve been over this. I can’t just ask her to prom. Not now. Not after everything that’s happened,” he shook his head as his eyes moved to meet hers. The bell rang loudly and the 2 stood up and grabbed their bags, Jungkook towering over Aria as they both began walking down the hallway.   
“You know she still asks about you. To make sure you’re okay and happy. I don’t think she would get angry or anything if you tried to speak to her again, Kook. You’re just overthinking it,” Jungkook kept his head down as he began to slow his pace.   
“I haven’t talked to her in years, Ari. I’m sure she won’t just forget that because I asked her to the prom. We aren’t exactly 13 anymore, not everything can be fixed by asking to hang out and pretending nothing happened,” they both came to a stop outside of Aria's classroom and had turned to face each other.   
“I know, but it’s a start. I know you guys miss each other, even if neither of you will admit it. Please, just think about it, will you?” she asked softly as Jungkook began to turn to go back down the hallway. He turned back slightly to face her and nodded.   
“Yeah, sure. See ya,” Aria smiled as she walked into her classroom.   
“C’mon, guys, it’ll be fun!” Aria spoke, trying to convince her friends that venturing out into the forest was a good idea. Aria was the oldest of the three, though only by a few months, as they had all been 12. She was also most confident of them. She had straight black hair and stunning piercing blue eyes to compliment.   
“Are you sure it’s safe?” you asked, anxiety creeping up on you as you peered behind your friend into the dark forest.  
“Of course, it’s safe, we’ll be right outside the back of my house. If there’s any trouble, just head back to the house!”   
“Yeah, Y/n, it’ll be tons of fun,” Chimed in Jungkook, always ready for a good time. The middle of the three had always been the one to keep everyone together. He always made sure no one was left out. His dark brown eyes and endearing crooked smile had always been a source of comfort for you. You were extremely apprehensive up until Jungkook had spoken. It wasn't hard for him to convince you to do anything; even if it didn't go as planned and something happened or you got scared, he was always by your side in an instant, knowing just how to calm you down.  
“Okay, let’s go explore the forest,” you mumbled, still not thinking this was a great idea. Aria sprung out of her seat, bearing a smile so wide it had encompassed most of her face.  
“Awesome, let’s split up so we can report on cool stuff we find when we get back!” Aria paused, turning her back on her friends as she looked out into the forest. “I’ll go that way,” Aria pointed left, “Jungkook, you go that way,” She pointed right, “And Y/n, you can just go straight back!” Aria spun back around excitedly. “You ready?” you gulped and looked over at Jungkook, who returned your gaze and gave you a reassuring smile.  
“Yeah, we’re ready,” Jungkook spoke for you both. And just like that, you were off.   
Aria was practically running, looking for anything interesting she could find, hoping to stumble upon something creepy or hard to explain. Jungkook took his time, looking at all of the trees and animals that were scurrying about, just happy to be close to nature. You were walking slowly, taking each step more carefully than the one before. The sun was beginning to set, something that made Aria excited, but made you feel as if you were about to puke.   
“Woah,” Aria came to an abrupt stop, as she saw a perfectly square hole in the ground. Upon further inspection, it appeared to be an entire room buried under the ground. As she brushed away the dirt that surrounded the hole, she revealed concrete that had been purposefully poured there. Looking down into the hole, Aria felt nothing but excitement. She wanted nothing more than to jump down and explore the room under the ground, but she was much too short to be able to get back out of it by herself. She would need Jungkook to pull her back out once she was finished.   
Jungkook had rushed toward the sound of water, getting excited as he discovered a river rushing through the trees. He crouched down beside it, running his fingers across the top of the rushing water. He smiled to himself, looking forward to being able to show Aria and you what he’d discovered.   
You were now walking with your arms crossed, hoping you would find something soon so you could go back to the house; back to safety. Walking with your head hung low, looking for something unusual on the ground, you walked face first into a giant spiderweb; spider included. You let out a scream, stumbling around while trying to remove the contents of the spiders’ home from your face. While flailing about, you backed into a tree, but this tree moved along with her before it eventually resisted against you. You turned around and backed up, still pulling pieces of web out of your hair. The thing you backed up into hadn’t been a tree, but instead a homemade ladder made with rope and wood.   
The bottom of the ladder was buried under the ground so the ladder would stay somewhat steady while someone would try to climb up it. The ladder led up to the top of a tree, at least 20 feet in the air was what looked to be a treehouse, built God knows how many years ago.   
“Y/n, I came as fast as I could, are you okay? Why did you scream?” Jungkook raced up to you, putting one of his hands on your shoulder, as you met his worried gaze.   
“What’s all the commotion?” Asked Aria, hands on her hips as she strolled up. You look over at Aria, then back at Jungkook, but instead of speaking, you just looked up, and the others followed. “Holy shit!” Aria immediately began to climb up the ladder, not giving a second thought.   
“Wait Aria, I don’t think that’s safe- “   
“That’s why I’m going up before you guys, to make sure it’s safe!”   
“Then I’m the one that should go up first!” Jungkook started climbing up after her, trying to climb up faster than her, but no one could beat Aria when she was that excited. They made it up to the top and swung open a trap door on the floor of the building. They both climbed in as you waited anxiously at the bottom to hear if they were still okay.   
“Guys?” you took a step around the ladder, seeing if you could see inside the building. There was no response. You squinted to try to see better, but with the sky getting darker by the second, it was quite difficult to see anything.
“Y/n, this is so cool, you have got to come up here!” Aria poked her head out of the door, smiling wide as her hair blew in her face. You gave a relieved smile as you made your way up the rickety ladder.   
“Ta-da! This place is so cool! I mean, there’s not much up here, but imagine the possibilities!” Aria twirled around, pulling you to look at everything. The main support for the treehouse was a large branch of the tree that it was built around in the shape of a “U”. There was a window built into it that faced the direction of Aria’s house, and because of how tall the tree was, you could probably see her house in daylight. “I’ll talk to my dad, we can definitely clean this place up, maybe add some curtains and get a table up here; this’ll be sick!”   
“Yeah, we can work on it this weekend together,” Jungkook said, looking around, feeling very excited himself.   
“Hey, guys, that sounds fun and all, but it’s getting dark, do you think we should head back now? I don’t want to get lost…” you trailed off, more fearful than excited.   
“Yeah, yeah, okay mom,” Aria emphasized the word ‘mom’ as she walked past you. “But we’re coming back out here in the morning, this can be our own little hideout!”   
“Yeah, I like the sound of that,” Jungkook smiled. “Our hideout,”   
“Me too, we could always meet up here if we ever get lost, or just when we want to get away from everything. I like our little hideout,” you smiled, opening the trap door once again, before you all set out back towards the eldest's home.  
“Oh my god, look at my twins!” your mother, squealed as you and Aria walked out of your dressing rooms at the same time wearing the same dress. “I have to get a picture, stand next to each other, come on,” she shoved you two together as she pulled the phone out of her pocket and pulled up the camera.   
“Come on, Mom, really?” you spoke through gritted teeth as Aria wrapped one arm around your waist, and the other found her own hip.   
“Yes, really, now smile, Y/n!” pictures were snapped before you got the chance to, and even your grandparents were ecstatic looking at the picture. Aria motioned for you to come look at the picture with a smile on her face, but you just shook your head and walked back into the dressing room. You soon both found dresses that you liked, before splitting off from the rest of the family to drive home.   
“Why don’t you like taking pictures with me?” Aria asked, almost as soon as you were in the car alone. You furrowed her eyebrows as you buckled your seat belt and started the car.   
“What are you talking about?”   
“When we were trying on dresses, you didn’t want to take a picture with me; and then you refused to look at it,” you shook your head as you pulled out of the parking space and made your way out of the parking lot.   
“I don’t know, I’m not near as photogenic as you.” Aria slouched back in her seat and crossed her arms.   
“That’s bullshit, you sexy bitch, you’ve got legs for days, and that resting bitch face is really working for you,” Aria’s aggressive complementation caused you to chuckle slightly. “And you’re going to look really good in that dress. Anyone you hope to impress?” Aria elbowed you in a suggestive manner.   
“Maybe mom,” you scoffed, using you left hand to hold your abused ribs while your other was still firmly placed on the wheel. Aria furrowed her eyebrows and made a questioning sound, not understanding. You looked over at her momentarily before fixing your eyes back on the road. “I mean come on, Ari, sometimes it just feels like she forgets I’m there,” Aria snorted.   
“Bit dramatic, no?” She adjusted, pulling one of her legs up to the seat and hugging it to her chest.   
“Yeah, you’re probably right, just thinking too much,” your brow stayed tightly knotted as you tried not to overthink your best friend. You knew Aria rarely ever saw how differently you were treated by anyone, let alone your own mother, but it still hurt to be immediately shot down like that.   
“But seriously, I was talking to Jungkook earlier today and he said he wasn’t going with anyone, so I was just thinking maybe the 3 of us could go together, you know, like old times,” you laughed lightly, before turning you friend down, just as quickly as she shot you down.   
“No, I don’t think he’d be too big on that idea,” Jungkook was another person who had started to treat you differently, but in his case, it was a little difficult for it to go unnoticed.   
“When I brought it up to him, he didn’t seem to mind the idea,” she shrugged.   
“Yeah right, Ari, I know what you’re trying to do so just please stop it, okay? We stopped talking for a reason, so just leave it,”   
“I know you still care about him, so why do you always act so cold when I bring him up?”   
“I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure you know exactly why we stopped talking, so please stop acting like nothing happened and I’m being overdramatic. Yes, I care about him, but only because he was my best friend for 10 years,” Aria’s expression softened quickly, but she remained silent, not wanting to relive old memories. “Can we just forget about it? If you want to go with him, that’s fine, I’m just not going to,”   
“No, I’m still going with you no matter what, I just thought I’d ask. I miss us all hanging out together, you know?” you nodded. How could you ever forget? You were the golden trio, no one could ever hurt you if you were together. But people grow up, they change, they forget about each other, that’s how life works: especially in the social hierarchy that is high school.   
“Yeah, I know, Ari. Me too,” Aria knew she still had a lot of work to do, but this was good enough for now. She would work Jungkook and you down some more tomorrow.   
“Okay so you remember the plan, right?” Aria ran up to meet Jungkook as they were walking into the prom, you a little bit further behind them. Jungkook turned to look at Aria before looking ahead. Aria wore a floor length tight burgundy dress that hugged all of her curves perfectly.  
“Yeah, I know the plan, but I don’t think I’m going to do it.” Jungkook shook his head as he walked up the steps of the venue. Aria slapped his shoulder, grabbing his attention.  
“And why the hell not? Have you even seen Y/n?” Jungkook looked over at his friend but refused to look behind him as he knew you would be standing a few yards back. He shook his head.  
“No, Ari, and I’m not going to.” They stopped walking as they reached the doors of the building, kids already filled the large dance floor as several more were pouring in around them. Aria crossed her arms.  
“Fine,” Aria spoke loud enough for you to be able to hear from behind them. “If you don’t want to dance with me, I’ll just dance with Y/n!” Aria extended her hand out and looked over at you, who rushed up to grab her hand and walked into the building with her. Jungkook stood speechless as he watched you walk into the prom together. Your long black dress clung to your body like a glove, causing him to stare harder than he probably should have.  
Jungkook shook his head and looked down before he opened the doors and walked in. He kept his head down as he made his way to a seat in the back of the room and sat down. You and Aria on the other hand had already found your way over to the dance floor. Aria swayed her hips back and forth to the loud music as you stood beside her, twirling her around, but not dancing much on your own. Aria shook her head and grabbed your hands, pulling you along as she danced extravagantly across the floor. You managed to pull yourself away with the promise of punch.  
Jungkook, who had just poured himself some, looked up and realized you were walking over to him, looking around and smiling at other people who waved rather than where you were going. Before you made it over to him, he had moved briskly over to his seat, not wanting you to see him.  
“Whatcha doin?” Jungkook jumped slightly, spilling a small splash of punch onto his suit. Aria had her hands clasped in front of her, eyes wide with a small smile spread across her face.  
“Jesus, Aria, you scared the shit outta me. What do you want?” Jungkook grabbed a napkin off the table they were standing near and quickly tried to dab away the bright red liquid before it ran onto his white shirt.  
“Well, I’m about to execute faze one of plan B, so you can either go apologize and re-unite with the best friend you ever had or, you can just let her stand alone awkwardly. See ya,” Aria spun around and walked off, grabbing one of the drinks from you before asking one of the many guys following her around to dance. He, of course, agreed and they went off hand-in-hand to the dance floor, leaving you alone by the punch table. Jungkook sighed, not wanting to talk to you, but also not wanting to see you all alone. It wasn’t that different from when they were in school, he thought, she was always alone there.  
You moved over to an empty table as the third song began to play after Aria had left you. You looked down at your drink, watching the bright red liquid shake to the beat of the song blasting throughout the room. You sighed, reaching down under the table, and unzipped one of your heels, pulling it off your sore foot, before repeating the process again with the other. You slouched into your chair as you dropped your shoes to the floor, letting your head fall back behind you. You proceeded to scroll through your phone for the next hour, not wanting to bother Aria or dance by yourself, or, God forbid, with someone else.  
“Hey, come to the bathroom with me?” Your head shot up to see Aria, breathing heavy and smiling widely. You nodded and stood up. You walked over to the bathrooms, where Aria turned the corner and leaned over the sink to get a better look at herself in the mirror as you walked into one of the stalls. Aria moved her hands up to her face, blending the foundation on her cheek that had begun to crease, before taking a step back satisfied with herself. “I’ll be waiting outside, okay?” Aria said, swinging open the door and stepping out.  
You finished washing your hands, flicking the excess water back into the sink before grabbing a paper towel and dried them completely. Stepping out of the bathroom, you looked around for Aria, but didn’t see her anywhere. You shrugged, guessing she went back over to dance with someone; but after 40 minutes passed and there was no sign of Aria anywhere, you got concerned.   
“Have you seen Aria?” You asked the guy she was dancing with before they went into the bathroom, but to no surprise, he had no more idea than you did. You scratched your head, turning around and walking out of the huge crowd of people before turning back to look at them, standing on the tips of your toes to see if she could see her.  
Not here.  
You ran up the stairs to the second floor that overlooked the entire room, but still to find nothing but people staring back at you concerned. Aria was gone; and you weren’t the only one who noticed.  
After you started running around, Jungkook noticed that you were probably looking for Aria. He furrowed his eyebrows as you ran up the stairs to look for your lost friend. He scanned the room, not seeing any sign of her either. He ran up the stairs after you, and stood next to you, grinding his teeth. I swear, if this is plan C- 
“Can’t you find her?” He mumbled, not looking at you. You looked at him, concern washed over your face, before you took a deep breath to calm yourself. You shook your head, looking back over the crowd of dancing teenagers.  
“No, she just disappeared,” You gulped, there’s no way she would just leave me like that, you thought. 
“I’m sure she’s fine, probably just ran off with some guy –“  
“No, she would’ve said something. She wouldn’t have just left,” you turned around, running down the stairs before Jungkook could stop you. You ran up to the table that you sat at previously, grabbed your shoes and ran out of the building, not bothering to put them back on. You made your way out to the parking lot and found Aria’s car parked exactly where it had been when you arrived. You let out a sigh of relief, leaning against the car.  
If I stay here, she’ll be out eventually, then we can go home.  
You stood there, on your phone, until it died. Then just stayed there in silence, watching everyone come out of the venue and leave with their friends and dates alike. Then the teachers started pouring out. Jungkook looked over at you from the front seat of his car, getting progressively more worried by the second about where his friend might have gone. It’s not like her to just leave, especially when she knows Y/n’s waiting for her. He gritted his teeth as he started his car and drove off, not wanting you to notice he was watching you.
Everyone had left. The teachers, the students, the staff, even the prom committee that stayed until one in the morning to get all the leftover food. The only car left in the parking lot was Aria’s – and Aria was gone. 
Note: AHH okay please let me know how you like it any feedback or any questions or theories you have, I'd love to hear it! I do already have most of the fic written out, so it shouldn't be too long between updates, I just have proof reading and such to go through.
btw let me know if you guys want to be tagged :))
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heyitsmehaneul · 2 days ago
Ink Petals
Chemistry Partners
Not All Bad
Crystal Snow
Perpetual Datejust
Fix You
Move In
Set Me Free
Close To You
No Choice
Technologically In Love
No Signal
The Sweetest Things
Love Like That
Devil’s Plaything
Going Deeper
Just Be Cool
Heart Attack
Hard Liquor
Family Man
Okay, Bloomer
Love Roulette
Late Bloomer
So I Heard You Like Bad Boys
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yerion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
you’ve set rules—don’t ever kiss your brother’s best friend, even if it’s jeon jungkook.
your brother—min yoongi, needed his car fixed. rather unfortunately, his hotline happened to be jeon jungkook—the unheard genius mechanic. everything about him is suspicious, and every word about him sounded devious. it’s not like you wanted to find out more, but it was natural, and so was your slight, growing hatred towards him.
Tumblr media
pairing : jeon jungkook x you.
genres : car mechanic au, enemies to lovers au, fluff, sexual tension, mutual pining, angst, slowburn.
content : you become someone significant through helpless arguing and flirting with your blasé genius while you try to act cool around him (you’re an influencer, not an actress); you’re constantly trapped in the garage or out on late night drives with him.
your driving playlist with jungkook.
Tumblr media
next chapter. chapter directory. masterlist.
chapter one.
word count : 5,2k.
a bustling friday night is merely a day away from you, making today a thursday night. relief passes by the sky because you’re concluding your week’s worth of plans on a day free of commotion.
your brother—min yoongi, picked you up from busan after your spontaneous and poorly planned three-day trip with your friends. apart from stuffing your stomach with busan’s colourful food and drowning your liver in toxins called soju—the satanic libation, you didn’t do anything significant to ponder back on.
through the tinted window from the passenger’s seat, all you see are trees and a few flickering street lights. the unsteady scenery should rouse some fear in you and kindle desperate thoughts of wanting to hop out of a car going at the speed of ninety, but you’re familiar with your brother’s odd routes in the car.
everytime you ask, he’d say it’s a shortcut.
you’d click your tongue, roll your eyes and call bullshit every time, but he always happened to prove you wrong whenever you arrived at a place thirty minutes earlier than the intended time—you really set him up for the stereotypical moment of an older brother sitting a younger sibling down for being annoyingly clueless.
“fuck,” suddenly, yoongi blurts out in time with the car coming to a rough, loud halt. with the sound of a caved screech of the tires and the feeling of your thighs vibrating intensely as the car grinds against the rugged road, your body rocks forward to only a slight extent behind the straining seat belt.
“sounds like your car is breaking down again.” you resist the strongest urge to spit out another one of your charged groans at your older brother upon throwing your head back up.
“seems like it.” yoongi replies nonchalantly once the two of you are eventually out of the car, inevitably greeting the unwanted nips of the cold accompanied by the dark.
here we go again.
this happened multiple times to your brother, where his car would malfunction out of the complete blue like some hereditary curse from the old aeons.
it’s funny, because you wouldn’t blame yoongi for this at all (however, on days he steals your burgers, you do).
he’s a fluid driver, and from what you’ve seen as of recently, he seems to be understanding the deepest roots of driving and enjoying the depth it offers—yet, the only question is that he still hasn’t bought an extravagant car that’d be much safer on the road, especially when you’re sure his savings can afford one and obviously have a decent amount leftover.
he’s been keeping his small, soft toyota yaris around his side like an owner taming his puppy for years. you think it’s because of sentimental attachment, since your parents handed the car over to him as soon as he walked out of university with a literature degree in between his fingers.
“just buy a new car, stupid. you’ve had this yaris for years and it broke down on you three times already.” you shake your head until your dark strands stick to your wet lips. “isn’t that saying a whole lot?”
“i’m eyeing the market.” yoongi replies mindlessly while easing all strength in his knees to fall against the ground, easily bearing the weight of his natural slim figure as he leans forward to diagnose what today’s car problem is. “it’s not the tires.” he says whilst pressing the tire with the pad of his pale digits.
“i’d be concerned if it was.” you scoff as you watch your brother’s fingertips stain from poking the tires.
“jungkook put in the best tires when the previous ones popped.” yoongi stands back and places an unstained hand onto his hip as a means of forfeiting the need to identify the problem in the car.
“and he didn’t bother to tell you to get a new car as a trustworthy mechanic and best friend?” the corner of your lips tug upward in disapproval and you kick a rock at your feet when you feel the thriving cold of the evening testing your temperament.
“he’s also eyeing the market.” yoongi turns his head and raises a smug brow.
“eyeing the market must be the new trend.”
“you may as well be efficient when you can.” yoongi crumbles into a laughter; rather unfitting for the current mood. he seems to have forgotten you and him are stranded at the side of this empty road—which, for your information, no cars have driven past ever since this breakdown.
“mhm,” you buzz out rather calmly as well. you’re not too mad about what came down as of this second, even though this can easily be classified as a concerning, petrifying disaster that finds one in every horror movie. it’ll just become something to remember in the future; much better than your bland vacation in busan.
“jungkook is on his way.” yoongi randomly says. when you peer up, he’s putting his phone back into his jean pocket.
“what?” you instinctively look into the blind distance, almost shocked someone would be keen to come to your rescue at a place like this. “i’m more surprised to know you got service around here.”
“it doesn’t look like it, but we’re still in the vicinity of busan.” yoongi crosses his arms. “he happens to be nearby.”
“you’re getting awfully close to him these days.” you say, barely covering up your suspicion towards yoongi’s new friend. you’ve only heard of him, but you’ve never actually seen him. the stories you’ve briefly heard through your brother aren’t particularly bad, but there was never room for you to consider and approve of his persona, only room to compliment his peculiar talent of fixing cars.
“what university did he go to?” you asked with a straw in between your teeth. you were recovering from the excessive amount of fizz sprouting up from the coke.
“he hasn’t gone.” yoongi said. “he doesn’t need to.”
“does he have any other friends? i’m curious if any of my friends know who he is.”
“not sure.”
“suspicious.” you cocked a brow instead of scoffing before purposely allowing your mouth to go ajar, letting the straw slip out of your lips. “how did you even meet him?”
“on the motorway.” yoongi wiped the table before you, getting rid of all the messy drops of liquid on the surface. “he helped me out.”
judging a book based on their cover is ancient and useless, but jungkook has had three whole strikes already if you were looking from a strict parents’ perspective—and here you were thinking, yoongi would’ve gotten the ‘stranger danger’ education when he was younger.
“there’s a lot to learn from him.” yoongi simply says. “he’s four years younger than me, but he’s already found ways around life. he’s making money for himself, better than any university graduate.”
“and you’re awfully gassing him up a lot.” you sharpen your eyes at your brother casually perching himself against the steel of his car. luckily, his leather jacket is countering the iciness sunk into the metal. 
“you’ll see what i’m talking about.”
“really?” you challenge your brother by raising an incredulous brow. “i better be mesmerised by this prodigy you speak of so highly.”
“just don’t come crawling back to me for relationship advice.” yoongi sighs loudly. if he sighed as deep as that later in the night, the lengthiest steam would be flowing off his tongue. 
“of course not,” you interject. “i’ve dated more than you.”
“unfortunately, your little instagram boys don’t make the count.”
“they’re daily fasting models, streamers obsessed with gaming, problematic idols, nameless actors and conceited tiktokers—to be precise.” you stress every word with gritted teeth. “and what am i?” you gasp dryly, “an influencer that happened to stumble into each category of filthy men for experience.”
so, yoongi is right, they genuinely don’t make the count.
“damn,” yoongi replies sarcastically for the sake of entertaining you in the dark. “didn’t know that.”
“tell me, have i also mentioned each of them were utter shit?”
“i meant utter bad.” you smile shortly.
“you did,” yoongi breathes out. “every single day.”
“and not every minute?” you scoff, “i’m a disgrace to the family for not spreading awareness.”
before anything, a harsh beam of light abruptly pierces through the darkness. with an arm reflexively covering half of your eyes, you start to think the light is slowly approaching your proximity. however, reality crushes your expectations by showing that there’s actually a fast car behind the blinding lights.
the revving of the engine shuts down not too ahead of you, and the light automatically fades into the grains of blackness once the vehicle becomes idle upon the driver’s command.
“that must be him.” yoongi pushes himself off the hood of his own car.
“his entrance is as obnoxious as his description.” you mutter under your breath in annoyance, watching a lean, muscular silhouette slam the car door in front. the stranger’s entire height is clouded from the weak illumination bouncing off yoongi’s poor car headlights.
“hey, jungkook.” yoongi’s face lights up with a grin once the guy turns true—jeon jungkook finally appears in front of yoongi. “thanks for coming.” he adds huskily.
well, are you impressed?
unlike yoongi’s usual neat cut, jungkook’s hair is quite long. the back of his hair runs attractively down his nape, accentuating the prominent veins pulsating beneath his tan skin. he’s got his own style; something that isn’t wavered by online trends.
how are you so confident to tell?
well, you’re someone who lives on the internet.
and nobody rocks long hair dyed in an uncanny shade of purple, except for this guy—jeon jungkook.
his eyes are an easy pass. god, the shape of his eyes seem unreal to you; it almost looks computer generated. they’re round and innocent, a jarring opposite of his overall image and aura he selectively emanates with his tasteful choice of fashion.
his towering height and muscular build is irresistible in the clothes he’s showed up in—a long, baggy t-shirt without any tacky logos eating up the entire material and cargo pants without any of those irksome straps flying out of each pocket.
to you, he’s actually a solid seven out of ten.
you’re impressed.
“no problem,” jungkook replies. “i was just around the corner.” he quickly spares a glance over to yoongi’s car before stopping at your eye contact.
“i heard a lot about you.” you spark the first word with a pretentious smile. “thanks for coming. really.”
“don’t be,” jungkook returns the smile knowingly. “yoongi said he had a sister.” he rolls his shoulders back and slides his hands into his pockets casually.
“how’d you know she was my sister?” yoongi asks.
“you said she was pretty.”
you scrunch your nose in disgust at yoongi. “you said that?” you lift both brows in absurdity while rubbing your hands together to create heat in between your palms. “seriously?” then, a smile of contentment consumes the thin line in your lips.
that’s my brother.
yoongi pinches his nose bridge and lets out a defeated sigh. “you talk too much for someone who just got complimented.”
jungkook shakes his head and offers an amused chuckle to be heard at the banter he’s caused. “you alright with me seeing the car?” he asks casually.
“all yours.” yoongi nods.
jungkook brushes past your shoulder upon permission, naturally leaving you and your brother behind to exchange deliberate eye contact with each other.
“not bad.” you hum quietly. 
yoongi shrugs as he walks past, stopping behind jungkook’s arched back hovering above the exposed car hood. his head subtly juts forward in interest, hoping to see what the legitimate mechanic spots inside, especially with a handy flash shining from jungkook’s hand.
without much choice, you decide to spend closer time with the two similar guys instead of fully giving into the cold. by stepping over to their side, you stand normally with your arms crossed against your chest, tapping your toes against the road while observing jungkook’s eyes scan whatever the hell is inside.
“any plans for tomorrow?” jungkook questions under his icy breath, eyes still glued to the family car.
“nothing.” yoongi answers.
jungkook succeeds in finding your eyes in the dark after lifting his head and letting his hair glide across his brows. “you?” he inquires softly. 
“depends.” you reply vaguely.
“nothing important, i assume?”
“good.” jungkook exhales as he closes the hood of the car. “because the fastest i can get you back onto this road is tomorrow before sunset.”
tomorrow before sunset?
you survey your surroundings again to absolute no avail. there is no chance any motels or hotels would’ve miraculously spawned for your convenience in between these trees you were helplessly counting earlier.
your eyes drop to your bare knees transitioning into a bright shade of red from the thickening chilliness. clearly, you’re in no condition to camp out since you’re about to become hypothermia’s bitch.
“is it a bigger issue than last time, jungkook?” yoongi reacts rather calmly.
“just don’t have the suitable tools in my car.”
“understandable.” yoongi says.
“how about sleeping bags?” you purse your lips at jungkook in all seriousness. “do you have any in your car?”
“i have a few back at home.”
“huh,” your voice drops a few octaves. “me too.”
“your thoughts are too loud.” one side of jungkook’s lip twitches into a smirk at your dramatics. “you can drop the concern, since you and your brother are safe with me.”
“don’t let us trouble you further.” yoongi opposes. “we’ll call a taxi and spend a night elsewhere. it’s not a problem on our end.”
“i prefer company.” jungkook says. “i got a place not too far, and that’s where all the tools are.” while his hands are still in his pockets, he pulls one hand out with keys looped around his two fingers. “i’ll need you first up in the morning to fix the car anyway.”
yoongi releases a breathy laugh. “you got me there.” he replies. “food’s on me next time.”
“deal.” jungkook raises a brow. “when you’re ready then.” he takes turns in eyeing both you and your brother before striding back to what looks like an audi r8. it’s his way of beckoning, and the effect worked on you and yoongi immediately. 
“go to the front.” yoongi instructs when both of you stumble at the same door connected to the back seats.
“you should.” you murmur. “i’ll doze off at the back while the two of you catch up.”
“dozing off doesn’t solve your motion sickness.” yoongi says normally, making you frown at your own trivial issue that’s been stuck onto you like a parasite ever since birth. “go to the front.” he repeats.
“hope you don’t mind.” you smirk playfully at jungkook on the other side. “i’ll be sure to keep my hands to myself.”
“no need to be too humble.” jungkook reciprocates your cheekiness with a mere tilt of the head. “since i don’t mind after all.” he imitates your words before entering the driver’s seat, allowing you to follow his lead without any thought—almost like hypnosis.
you kept your promise when you said you’d keep your hands to yourself. the interior of jungkook’s car was mesmerising; extremely so, to the point you’d think your fingertip would graze over the fascinating stitches sewn into the leather. 
however, that feeling only lasted a minute.
the next minute, you found yourself caught in a loop of admiring and becoming inquisitive about jungkook’s tattoos sketched across his arm. with every turn of the steering wheel, your eyes would widen in curiosity every time you saw a new illustration.
it started with a few letters of the alphabet on his knuckles, a crown, a questionable yet goofy expression, three stripes and random words of the english language crossing over each other. 
you thought it’d be nice to know the meaning because you’ve never seen someone’s art put on their body look this meaningful. every mark seemed to have its own cover and its chapters, which made you intrigued of what type of life this guy lived.
perhaps you judged him too fast; perhaps as fast and illicit as the speed he’s going right now.
jungkook is just like yoongi when driving, but unquestionably better. jungkook is also venturing out on routes you’ve never seen and cruises behind people’s eyes. although he’s travelling fast; although it feels slightly dangerous, you don’t feel at risk.
when you begin to wonder if you’re the same; if you’re just as methodical and proficient while doing things you feel passionate towards, your vision fuzzes sporadically before turning into a blur.
Tumblr media
“…i figured.” 
yoongi’s voice.
“…i had to see her.”
jungkook’s voice.
“…i would’ve as well.” 
the car is still racing, the heater is now on, and you’re hearing fragments of their conversation. it sounds serious.
“…do you still have feelings for her?” 
remaining loyal to the silence you’ve committed to, you helplessly shake your head in your daze with your eyes shut, unbothered by your own hair brushing over your nose. you’re also unsurprised by the subject of the two males’ conversation.
and you fell again, into your endless pool of meaningless comfort.
Tumblr media
it’s one of those nights where you thrash side to side, hoping to fall back asleep again after a few seconds. you’re aware of yourself flinging your arm back and forth, but you just can’t feel yourself fading away.
peeling your eyes open, you realise that it’s pitch black. 
then, you notice that it’s quiet.
you blink confusedly at the unfamiliar softness hugging your entire body. not to mention, it also gives off an unfamiliar scent. what actually matters is that you feel overly comfortable though.
when you spring your head away from the pillow, you consciously swat your hand at the darkened outlines of some furniture in hopes of finding your phone; it’s odd to think the first thing you search for when driven into the edge of paranoia is your phone.
you’re somewhere, probably safe, but you can’t see shit without any lights.
your phone, at that, is probably somewhere as well.
looking around, you find no windows. there isn’t a seam of light anywhere, and it’s impossible to grasp the flow of time because there’s not even colours in the room.
“yoongi?” you call out boldly nonetheless, only to hear absolutely nothing back a few seconds later. “cool of a brother to leave his sister alone in a stranger’s home.” you snort as you toss the blanket to the side, exposing your thighs to the unwelcoming, crisp air emanating in the room.
a survivor’s manual, specially made by you—you quickly set off, distancing yourself from the bed in a composed stride before directing yourself to a hard left until you feel your body press firmly against the wall. your arms stretch out, knowingly feeling the grated texture of the wall glide across your fingertips just so you can stumble upon either a light switch or a door handle.
your fingers scrunch up against an object that feels like a doorknob. relentlessly, you twist the door wide open during this ungodly hour for anyone’s whereabouts.
you’re not scared, but you don’t feel at ease either.
you’re not tired, but even if you were, you wouldn’t go back to sleep regardless.
walking out of the door, you finally discern mundane colours of dawn—dark blues and light purples drowning the anatomy of this unknown house. you hustle down a flight of stairs ahead to stop at an opened door in the very corner of the dimmed living room.
“well,” you exhale at another staircase leading downwards beyond the opened door. there’s light, at least.
a groan—you suddenly, randomly and coincidentally hear a manly fucking groan behind your shoulder.
the muscles in all your limbs freeze as if you’re at gunpoint before flicking your head back at the noise.
“what the—” you stop breathing until you spot your fucking sibling swishing under the sheets on top of a couch. “—fuck.” you breathe out quietly as you continue to observe yoongi’s sleep habits you never knew about.
a really fucking good way to report your survival, min yoongi.
he was your last straw; you bravely walk down the stairs now that you’re genuinely craving an adventure after a scare. however, you fail to adjust your speed. like a car being forced to stop at an abrupt red light, you push yourself back when you run into jungkook beside the other end of the door—he’s scavenging some tools in the drawer next to the door you happened to roll out of.
“morning.” jungkook looks up from his toolbox. “didn’t think i’d see you so soon.” he grins, almost ready to chuckle under his breath. 
“and i didn’t think i’d see you at all.” you reply nonchalantly. “am i distracting you?”
“maybe,” jungkook straightens his shoulders upon grabbing a couple of tools from the box. “you just got here, so you’ll have to give me a few minutes to decide.” he says cordially.
“you’re giving me quite an advantage here.” you escape the door, making your way into his garage and towards an old bmw jungkook seems to be repairing.
“i’m giving you trust with that as well.” jungkook says. “try not to leave me with more work.” he cocks his chin towards the broken car as he watches you approach its exposed interior.
you stifle a snicker. “i’m in no mood to make someone’s life terrible.”
“kindness must run down in the family.” jungkook moves to the opposite side of the car, sending you a glance from there.
“you really don’t think yoongi would pull such a stunt?”
“i really don’t.” jungkook emits a short-lived laugh. “don’t forget, you owe him one for calling you pretty.”
“that must mean i owe you one too.” you smirk playfully. “just no lamborghinis.”
“think you can handle a rolls-royce?”
“a rolls-royce?”
“28 million—the most expensive car in the world.”
“i’d rather you take back the compliment.”
“it’s in my mind.” jungkook smirks as he bends down and starts cutting thin, electrical wires inside the hood of the car. “you do know it’s four in the morning?” he says after half a minute.
“no idea.” you lean against the wall, inevitably seeing your dishevelled appearance in the side-view mirror of the car. “i couldn’t find my phone.” you scoot closer to the mirror to tidy yourself a little—combing through your hair with your fingers, brushing a fair bit of hair away from your features, fixing your wrinkled shirt.
“the latest iphone model without a case?”
“you know where it is?”
“i do, but not how you want it to be.” jungkook places the wire cutter in his hand alongside the other tools he grabbed earlier onto the bench.
“as long as it’s not broken—”
jungkook pulls out his clenched hand from his pocket, slowly unfurling his fist to raise your shattered phone in the air. “you spoke too soon.” he tilts his head in repentance, “i should’ve been more careful.”
you speechlessly trudge towards the malfunctioned device hovering in the air, peering up at jungkook’s height and the phone simultaneously. “that looks pretty dead from where i am.” you jest. “how’s it your fault though?” you raise your brow at the boy.
“carried you while thinking your phone was in your bag and not hidden in your front pocket.”
“you carried me here?” you chuckle heartlessly. “i ate a lot in busan before coming here, so i also have some responsibility.” stretching your arm out to his, your eyes narrow at him. “let me see the damage.”
“you’ll wake your brother if you do.” jungkook flicks your chin with a finger teasingly. “i’ll replace it tomorrow.”
“guess i don’t owe you anything after all.” you throw back a smug smile. “interesting of you to ask for the most expensive car upon breaking a perfectly working phone.”
“kindness happens to run down in your family, not mine.”
out of habit, you unknowingly lean back in hopes of resting against something to deflect whatever is coming to you—whether it’s figurative or physical. however, you let yourself fall only to realise that there’s nothing to save your perfectly working spine.
you feel yourself in freefall—every second of it, no matter how fast or slow.
suddenly, an arm snakes around your waist to tug you forward while you’re barely on your heel; rewinding you back to the safer past. your toes and the sole of your feet come back to the ground, snatching a breath out of your chest as an exchange.
“look behind you.” jungkook advises as he casually loosens his arm around your waist.
doing as told, you sneak a glance behind your shoulders. “that was a bad idea.” you squeeze your eyes shut in horror, grimacing at the thought of collapsing on top of a bunch of bumpy and spiky shaped units slotted inside the exposed car hood.
“you’re in no mood to make someone’s life terrible?” jungkook questions your words with a teasing smile. “watch out if there’s a next time, because that’d seriously hurt you.”
“thanks.” you clear your throat.
“mind if i borrow your phone for a few minutes?” you suggest after seconds. “my phone’s equivalent to my work, and surveillancing it even for a minute is a crucial part.” you always try to clarify your intentions immediately—just in case.
jungkook lowers the arm with your phone before offering you his phone with the other hand. “sounds important,” he replies. “take your time.”
maybe, just maybe, you were wrong about him.
he seems good.
sliding the phone out of his slightly dirtied palm from the work he’s done alone, you return the favour by flashing a genuine smile. “you keep doing what you’re good at in the meantime.”
jungkook shuts the car hood and cocks his head towards something that looks like a board with wheels. “i’ll be underneath.”
“under the car?”
you quickly duck your head when you notice that jungkook left his phone unlocked for your use. you don’t want it to time out on you, awkwardly leaving you to ask for his help one more time.
you’ll just login to your instagram, check your notifications, flick through some direct messages to see if you’ve received any significant advertisement deals or relevant responses.
so, as easy as said, you do everything you had in mind.
funnily enough, jungkook didn’t have instagram installed. you went over to download it for your convenience and logged straight out of it once you’ve checked everything.
then, out of nowhere, you watch the top of jungkook’s phone go all out. random text messages from park jiwon triggers his notifications to flicker frantically, inevitably making you curious and confused as to why this girl is texting someone at four in the morning.
‘jungkook, please.’
‘why aren’t you replying?’
‘give me another chance.’
‘it’s urgent, i need you to reply.’
those are merely half of what you managed to read.
“jungkook?” bewildered, you call out to the owner of the phone because of the context you’re given by this maniac camping in the text messages app. “hey—” you blurt again, but to be cut off.
“jungkook!” some other feminine voice echoes your saying even louder from a great distance. you can see her stomping in front of the peaking sun, but you bet she can’t see you or jungkook from where she is. the girl is simply assuming that jungkook is there because his garage door is rolled open.
which automatically makes you think that this is another day for jungkook—he likes fixing cars at dawn and this girl remembers that fact enough to find him.
today can’t be the first, judging by how bold the girl is.
and if you want to dig deeper into this unreal situation as a woman of intuition, this girl walking towards you now is the texting offender.
“what the hell?” jungkook mutters under his breath once he wheels himself out of the car, stopping what he’s doing to stand and scowl at the girl’s voice. “you’re kidding.” he cracks a scoff before smirking at the absurdity behind her entrance.
“a red flag is coming over for a ride, i suppose?” you click your tongue, tipping your head to the side in observance as your long hair falls past your ear.
“mind doing me a favour?” jungkook asks sternly.
“ask away.” you answer calmly while staring at the girl grumpily looking down at her phone. for your information, jungkook’s phone in your hand still continues to vibrate—she’s the villain behind it.
“i want you to hide for me,” jungkook eyes the back seat of the car. “you don’t have time to run back up the stairs.”
“you want me in there?” you cross your arms in uncertainty. “that’s a risky play.”
“the windows are tinted.”
“just tell me if you’re about to face a mass murderer.” you add. “i know tricks to make a girl cry.”
“later.” jungkook dismisses. “i’ll finish up with her as soon as possible.” 
blowing on your lip, you shrug as you pull on the handle to access the back seats made of leather. it’s quite expected of jungkook to keep the car extremely clean and pleasant, alike to the car he drove earlier. coincidentally, the car actually smells almost identical to the scent you picked up on in that room you were sleeping in before.
you squish yourself in between the front and back seat on the floor for extra measure, hugging your knees with a frown flourishing on your features as you follow jungkook’s instructions more nicer than anticipated. putting yourself on the ground is already an overkill, but he sounded quite concerned.
peeping into the rear windshield by raising your chin, you see the girl walk past (the texts ceased too). all you know is that she’s dressed rather prettily for five in the morning. not even you can wear a fucking floral dress clinging attractively against the curves of your figure when the sun is barely up.
“i saw that you weren’t reading my messages.” the girl speaks louder for herself.
great, you get front row seats—literally.
“figuring out why shouldn’t be difficult.” jungkook replies coldly.
“i told you it’s urgent.” jiwon states. “did you ignore that too?”
“you should know it’s five in the morning, jiwon.”
“did you break your phone?” jiwon randomly asks.
hold on.
she must be looking at your phone right now.
you look down at jungkook’s phone in your hand, and the first thing you do is mute it. luckily, you’ve seen plenty of movies and tv series to predict the next move of an inconsiderate girl.
“you got the newest model.” jiwon points out. “why?”
“get home safely.” jungkook interposes softly. “i’ll see you another time, i haven’t slept today.”
“i’ll stay until you wake up.”
just as you were about to roll your fucking eyes at the nerve of this girl, another text message lighting up from jungkook’s phone catches your lazy eyes off guard.
‘did you get home safely last night?’
who would’ve thought the red flag was actually beside you?
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Tumblr media
Gamer!Jeon Jungkook x Girlfriend!Reader
Words: 1.5k
Warnings: pwp
Summary: ..."remember the pic you send me yesterday?" "Oh yeah" he smirks "isn't it so cool?"...
To The Gamer Jungkook Drabble Series -> 🎮 🎮🎮
Jungkook and you had known each other for 2 years now and have been dating for 6 months. The way he asked you was rather funny, as he went on one knee and gifted you a candy ring. You couldn`t say no of course, wasn`t he just so endearing?
You went on numerous dates and most of them consisted of long gaming sessions at his expensive ass dorm. It was no secret that your boyfriend was one of, if not the best, streamer on twitch. Having reached just over 10 million subscriptions last weak. To that you guys celebrated ordering a family sized pizza and playing the new pokemon game that had just come out.
Right now you were laying on his bed watching him play some shooter game you had no idea of. You thought wandered to last night, he'd send you a rather interesting picture of him holding his dick and and a spiderman packaged condom in his hand.
You knew Jungkook, a slight obsession with the marvel character, but this was some next level shit. Did he really want to fuck you with that on? You giggle to yourself just thinking about it.
"What's so funny?" You heard your boyfriend say as he stood up, apparently done with his game. "Nothing just-" you started giggling again "remember the pic you send me yesterday?" You ask, he looked confused but his expression quickly changed as he remembered. "Oh yeah" he smirks "isn't it so cool?".
You shrugged your shoulders and sat up. "I don't care what you're wearing while your fucking me" you simply state, motioning for him to come closer. "Want me to fuck you huh." He states, taking a handful of your ass in is hand and massaging it. "Knew you liked it" he chuckled. Your eyes went wide. "No- I said I didn't care, I don't have some weird kink" you protested to which Jungkook just shook his and and began to take off your shirt and stared at your boobs.
"I'll never get tired of these" he spoke more to himself. Taking both of them into his hands and fondling them, making you moan.
Soon enough the both of you are making out on his bed, completely naked and rubbing your bodies together to create some sort of friction.
You could tell that Juggkook was getting needy as his dick started throbbing against your heat. Just as he was about to go in, you stopped him. "Condom"
Jungkook just rolled his eyes and grabbed the first one he could get from his drawer. Quickly glancing over your eyes widen. Not the spiderman Condom.
Jungkook noticed. "It's either this or raw, you decide" he raised a brow, cocky look on his face.
Rolling your eyes you take the condom from him ripping it open. "Fine" was all you said before sitting up and pull it over his dick drawing a moan out of your boyfriend.
"Now fuck me."
Jungkook did not hesitate as he propped his elbows besides your face a gave you a quick kiss. Thrusting into you with for he started with a punishing pace.
"Can you like-" you moan "calm down??" You hit his chest in annoyance.
"Cannot" he simply replied as he kept up his pace. Rolling his hips into you like a madman. "Babe you feel me huh?" He asked you kissing your neck. "Feel me right here?" He asked once more, pressing down your stomach. "Y-yeah" you moaned out "keep going im gonna cum"
He started rubbing your clit with a quick pace and soon enough had you creaming his cock. Jungkook took himself out of you and started pumping his cock, Spiderman condom still on. Just as he was about to come he quickly pulled it off, tossing it into a nearby bin. You opened up your mouth and waited patiently for his release. Soon after he came, missing your mouth completely and making a mess on your chest and face.
Dropping his tired body beside you he giggled.
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thehopelessromanticclub · 2 days ago
I Love You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, domestic au, angst? idk
Word count: 1.4k
Summary: Being a 'not-so affectionate' person, you rarely said I love you. but this was hurting him. So now you're gonna make it up to him.
Warning: None
Love… What is love?
Strong feelings of affection?
Extreme feelings of attraction and need?
Well, then let me tell you, it’s not just about the loving, sudden feeling of affection and attachment, it’s also about those petty little arguments and conflicts. It’s about the disagreements that comes in with a relationship.
For where there is love, there is life….
On the phone:
Jk: when r u coming home??
Y/n: it might get late, there’s this seminar coming up that I need to prepare for.
Jk: oh… then I’ll get the dinner ready.
Y/n: Ne, gomawo jagiya. (Cheesiness lacing in your voice, while you heard a chuckle on the other end.)
J/k: I’ll wait for you.
Y/n: Don’t stay up late though, you have work tomorrow and we both know how grumpy you can get if u don’t sleep properly. (You said ordering like a mother to her child.)
Jk: Ok eommonie. (Both chuckling at his response.)
Jk: Ok then bye, I love you.
Y/n: I love me too.
Jk: C’mon say it back.
Y/n: What?
Jk: Don’t play dumb. Say you love me.
Y/n: Yeah, yeah whatever.
You were never the type to always go on about boasting about your love for him. Ending each conversation with ‘I love u’s’, was rarely your thing, while Jungkook on the other hand was your complete opposite. True he was not good at showing affection, but he always made sure that you felt loved and cared for.
He always quoted an ‘I love you.’ at the end of every phone call between you two, a form or more like his form of saying “be safe, I need you here with me.” Not gonna lie, u lived for it, although u never gave the typical ‘I love you too.’
Time skip
You heard a beep on your phone, indicating you received a text message making you turn your attention towards your phone. It was none other than your boyfriend.
“The food is on the table.” it read. You were smiling ear to ear. Someone said it true, “when you are in a relationship, the smallest things have the biggest impact.”
You still remember the initial stages of your relationship. It used to be so awkward owing to the so-called introvert personality of both of you. He used to be so shy around you. Words were rarely exchanged. The first time he held your hand, it was so special. It was a magical experience. Forget the butterflies, the whole zoo was dancing in your stomach. A pretty shade of pink evident on your cheek. And even he knew the effect he had on you. You still get teased by him now, on how he could feel your heart palpitating wildly under your fingertips.
Whenever you both fought, instead of hugging you, he would make you your favorite dish to say he wants to make up.
You still have that heartfelt letter he wrote for you on your first anniversary. It was simple, childish yet it was the most adorable thing. In your relationship, ‘sweetness’ had a whole new concept.
Days turned into months, and months into years and you both still look at each other the same way when it all started.
Time skip
At home
“I’m home.” You whispered, more like to yourself, as it was pretty late and you didn’t want to wake him up in case he was sleeping. And yup, you were right. He was sleeping. But at the wrong place.
“I’ve told him a countless number of times not to sleep on the sofa.” You muttered going towards him.
He looked so cute while sleeping. His face squished between his arms and a pout evident on his lips. it should be made illegal to be this cute. You blew on his face in order to wake up this sleepyhead. Your face was so close to his face that all that was left wass to lay a kiss on his face. You laid a quick kiss on his lips.
“Let me sleep.”
“Yah! I told you not to wait for me.” to which he just gave you a smile with his eyes still closed.
“Why didn’t you pick up your phone when I called you?”
“My phone died. I tried doing CPR but I couldn’t bring it back to life.”
“Haha, very funny.”
“I know right.” You both broke into fits of laughter.
“Anyway, can I use your phone, I need to tell the professor that I submitted my thesis.” He gave you his phone without any hesitation. You unlocked his phone by entering the passcode which was your birthday. How sweet. I know right.
You were welcomed by a google tab still waiting to be closed.
If my girlfriend doesn’t say I love you back, does that mean she doesn’t love me? read the words on the search bar.
Your world paused for a moment.
"She doesn’t love me?" as in?
You swear you read the words at least 10 times to make sure your eyes weren’t betraying you or that you were seeing things.
Your eyes immediately went to him. Sitting there scratching his scalp without any clue. Why didn’t you ever realize the fact that you were hurting him indirectly? why couldn’t you notice his pain? The pain that he so skilfully hid behind the mask.
“Are you done?” His words broke your train of thought.
“Oh...yea-yeah, I’m almost done.” You quickly sent the respective message and handed him the phone back.
“I’m going to the bedroom, come quickly but not before you eat your dinner. Arraseo?”
You passed him a nod as an affirmation. He left to the bedroom but not before giving you a smile and a kiss on your forehead.
Time skip
You were laying on your side of the bed with not a single trace of melatonin in your system, with him by your side snoring as if there’s no tomorrow. He secured you tightly by your waist. He had this sensor in his arms that always made its way to your waist whenever you laid beside him no matter how deep in his sleep he was.
The words from earlier were still so fresh in your mind. You were shocked. That would be an understatement. It was a mix of emotions. You were hurt? yeah maybe a bit, but not by him but yourself. You never realized your lack of expression was hurting him, upsetting him.
You didn’t even realize it when tears started escaping your eyes. You were so disappointed with yourself.
Before I met him, I didn’t even think love was for me. It was something other people had and felt. Something in movies and in TV shows. It felt more like a wish I had than something real. Now that he’s with me, love is so much more tangible. It’s so much more magical than I ever imagined it would be. It’s so much more than a wish or a hope. He is the reality to all my imaginations.
I love him so much more than I could ever convey. But I guess I failed to express it.
“don’t worry Jungkook-ah, I’m gonna make it up to you.”
Time Skip
Author’s POV
Rays of the sun made their way through the window as they always did and fell on his face making him scrunch his face at the ‘sorry, you’re-not-welcome-now’ light. He was never an early bird. It even got you believing that he belonged to the nocturnal category.
“Uhh…” a moan escaped his mouth, not liking the high intensity oh light on his face.
“Y/N, can you close the curtains?” the lack of response got his hands searching for you in the bed where you’d usually be, beside him.
He peeled his eyes open, his eyes roaming around the room searching for you. Not being able to find you, his eyes immediately rushed towards the clock to check if it was already time for you to leave for your work.
‘8:14 am’ it read. That’s when he noticed the sticky note peeping its way around the side table. He picked it up, already knowing it was from you.
‘I got an urgent call from work, so I have to leave early. Also, I wanted to say something, look at your hand.”
His eyes immediately darted towards his palm.
Tumblr media
‘I love you.’ written in big bold letters right on his palm. He blushed, the light crimson shade adorning his cheeks. A lovestruck smile lighted up his face, his teeth nibbling his bottom lip. If his heart could squeeze out more love for you, he swore it did at that moment.
“I love you too.”
And he didn’t wash his hands for the whole day.
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yeow6n · a day ago
yeow6n’s fic recs
a collective of fics i’ve read that have made me experience every single human emotion. shout out to the amazing authors, thank u for writing such amazing works, hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as i did ૮₍ ˃ 𖥦 ˂ ₎ა
(f) fluff (a) angst (s) smut
delicate @koostarcandy f,a
i heard a rumor @taeshobipop f,s
a holiday snowdown @kpopfanfictrash f,a,s
in which you’re boyfriend, jungkook, gives you a concussion @onlyswan f
willow @breakiebunny f,a,s
long way home @sparklingchim a,f
home @rosedtae f
koo morning @rosedtae f
the art of @venusiangguk f,s
let the games begin @venusiangguk s
gold rush @venusiangguk f,s
for me @personasintro a,f
until you were mine @jeonfrvr f,a,s
dilf!jk @yoon2k s,f
white lies @noteguk s,f
netflix & chill @1kook s
bliss @taegularities f,s
“you think i wouldn’t recognize the face of downy?” @taetaespeaches f,a,s
livestream @izjeon s
lemon sherbet @extravaguk f,s,a
lovefool @citrustan a,s,f
fight for you @ahundredtimesover a,s
game over @ressjeon s
aim for the heart @writemywaytoyourheart a,f
day by day @hansolmates f,a
swipe right @ppersonna s,f
rockstar 101 @jeonjcngkook s
unavoidable @sunpopz f,s
this is the story of how we fell in love apparently @navyhyuck f
and i love her just like that @rrxnjun f
ice ice baby @cozyjae f
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
Baby Talks ~ Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
A chuckle came from you as Jin laid himself down beside your bump on the bed, not expecting him to go anywhere else. The left side of your bump had well and truly become his home, finding himself often falling asleep for the night curled up right by your side.
Once Jin had made himself comfortable, he brought his hand across to rest it against the top of your baby bump, instinctively drawing patterns over it as he patiently waited for a bit of movement.
He would lay all night long to feel just a single kick from your baby, he never tired of feeling around, hoping that eventually he would be able to catch a little kick against the palm of my hand.
“How’s my favourite girl?” Jin asked, pressing a kiss to the side of your bump.
Straight away, you knew that he wasn’t talking to you. You had taken a backseat when it came to your daughter, with Jin doting on her more than anyone else. Of course, he cared about you, but the apple of his eye had definitely changed to someone a little bit smaller.
“Have you been trouble today?” He then asked your bump, knowing that he wasn’t going to get a response, tilting his head back instead so that he was able to look up at you.
Your head nodded in reply to him on your daughter’s behalf, “she’s been a right little wriggler today, kicking and fussing every time I’ve stood up to go and do anything.”
Jin’s eyes rolled as he tapped his hand gently over the top of your bump to let her know that she had done wrong. Although she had no idea what was going on, Jin still liked to involve her in absolutely everything, making sure to talk to her as much as he possibly could too.
“Do you need anything? You’re not in any pain, are you?” Jin asked, turning his attention to you, fretting as usual that something was up with you and that you weren’t letting on.
Your head quickly shook in response though, having taken the weight off of your feet after lying down in bed, your body felt alright. It was a part of pregnancy, and oddly, the discomfort was something that you were beginning to get used to.
“I think she must have known that you weren’t here today, that’s why she was wriggling, because she missed you.”
A quiet laugh came from Jin as his eyes looked back down to your bump again. “We’ve definitely got a daddy’s girl growing in that bump of yours Y/N, I can just feel it,” he told you, pressing a kiss against the side of it too.
“With how she’s been recently, I think I’ll have to agree.”
There always seemed to be a little more movement in your bump when Jin was talking which was your first clue that your daughter adored Jin. But more importantly, whenever he laid beside your bump and held onto it, she seemed to be calmer, almost as if she knew that Jin was there so that she could rest comfortably.
He took great pride in your baby bump, very protective whenever he was around. No one was allowed to touch your bump when Jin was around, his eyes would be on you at all times to make sure that no one pushed their luck either.
“Are you a daddy’s girl?” Jin asked, placing his hand around your bump, hoping to feel a kick, only for nothing to come in reply to him.
“Maybe she’s undecided yet,” you teased, reaching down to brush your hand over the top of his head, “you never know, she might be a mummy’s girl instead.”
Jin’s eyes rolled back across at you; he was pretty stubborn when he came to your daughter. More than anything he wanted a daddy’s girl; everyone knew that he wanted your daughter right by his side so that he could always take care of her.
The boys had teased him endlessly, something which you loved to be a spectator of. He hated whenever any of them talked to closely to your bump, not wanting your daughter to get confused between him and any of them.
“I can’t believe that she’ll be here in just a month now,” Jin whispered with a wide smile.
Every single day when you woke up, you got a reminder of how many days were left to your due date. Although you were getting nervous, Jin was only ever excited, those days couldn’t pass by soon enough for him for your daughter to arrive.
“Do you think she’ll know my voice when she comes?” Jin then asked you as his mind continued to wonder. “They always say don’t they that if you talk to a baby in a bump they’ll recognise voices, will they recognise mine?”
Your head nodded back at him, “I think you’ve probably talked out daughter’s ear off.”
A shy smile appeared on his face, “I’m just making sure that they feel involved and part of the family, we can’t leave our daughter out of all of the things that we’re doing, can we?”
“Of course not,” you chuckled, offering Jin a wide smile, “she might be sick of the sound of your voice though when she arrives, she listens to you constantly.”
Jin pushed gently against your side as you laughed back to him, noticing the look of disapproval that was on his face. He refused to allow anyone to knock him, even when that person was you, making sure that you knew that he was your daughter’s number one.
As much as you loved to tease Jin, you couldn’t hide the fact that you loved how much Jin spoke to your bump. Most nights you were able to glance down and watch him as he whispered to your bump and told them all about his day, making sure that he tried to remember as many of the details as possible.
“I’m not going to stop talking to the bump,” Jin told you, tracing his hand over the top of your bump still, “I won’t let her go for her to be able to avoid my voice.”
You knew that Jin meant every single word, your daughter was absolutely going to be his everything. He had booked the time off of work, cleared his schedule, and made plenty of time to at least spend a couple of weeks at home with you.
“Are you excited?” Jin smiled up at you.
“I am, are you?”
“Absolutely,” he smirked, not even having to think about an answer. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being a dad, but most importantly I can’t wait to do everything with you right by my side too.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “you know as much as I love to joke, there is no one else in the world that I would like to do this with other than you Jin.”
“I see your smile when I talk to the baby, I know you don’t mean it when you mess with me,” he joked back across to you.
Your hand brushed over his head once again, “that’s one lucky little lady in there being able to call you dad.”
“I just want to make sure that I do the best job for her,” he confided in you, “I don’t ever want to let her down.”
“You won’t,” you assured him, “you’ll be amazing, I can already tell.”
“I really hope so.”
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strawbearytae · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
20. mëñ📎
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a/n: thanks for reading! please remember to hit that rblg button as a pat on the head for me for a good job (•ᴗ•◍)!
synopsis: flirting with your crush of 3 years wasn’t something you thought of when first getting twitter, a nasty breakup wasn’t what you expected either… but why is it that after 3 years and loads of droning on self-improvement and trying to become “that” girl, your gym buddy reminds you of the one person you wanted to forget?
@epiph4ny @90s-belladonna @bubblytaetae @somelazysundays @flowerprincejin @silscintilla @hangsang-jh @vivisimpact @l7bangtan @bluxjun @mwitsmejk @vwinterr-bearr @xx-sikki-nixx-xx @haitani-22 @wrmnssoul @rjsmochii @halesandy @vicki1031 @peachyjk97 @therapysides @rinkud @pb-n-juju @teti-menchon0604 @jay-fireheart @bjoriis @fancycollectormoon @yoonabeo
message me to be added on the taglist!
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satnin-darling · 2 days ago
Drabble | (Love You) All The Time. (m) | Kim Taehyung, 4.7k
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Summary: “How many more minutes till we land, Chim?” Jimin stretches his legs, the all black outfit he wore giving him a slender silhouette. He regards Taehyung with a light amusement in his eyes. “Relax Romeo. We’re almost home.” 
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+); for language, smut (fem-reader; on today’s edition of your fave horny, love-sick dorks, there is: dirty talk (sdfljkl); fingering; pussy slapping; cow-girl/riding; multiple orgasms, penetrative sex; so much teasing and talking, Taehyung may be a menace but that didn’t mean that he can’t be rivalled lmao); fluff - drying Taehyung’s hair because in my mind, he’s too lazy to dry it properly; I feel like the general tangent for these two is to stay in love and have the best time in bed and basically forgo all else, but I mean, what a way to live tbh; idol!AU - established relationship. 
I’m coming at you with something short (filthy lol) and sweet! It happens sometime after he comes back from the US! It feels like an age since I last posted but I’m so so happy that the series is so well loved :’] 
If you want to read the series it’s @4:23AM :]
Taehyung always thought of travelling as an exercise of untethering the soul. Nearly a month away lends itself to his mind adjusting to a different environment - a different kind of frequency. The concerts came and went and as much as he wanted to keep it to himself, he was literally and figuratively spent. Home would be good. 
Ideal, really. 
He didn’t used to feel this way, home being just a place as opposed to a person. Usually, he considered himself pretty independent and raring to go, but it’s only now that he’s begun to miss a certain kind of stability. To heed the yearning to want the world to slow simply because he feels like he’s not getting enough time to just… be. 
Though it does help that you’ve moved in. He knew that Jimin’s grateful for your presence curtailing their nearly nightly calls, two hours being a little excessive despite the cabin fever they all go through sometimes. 
Or maybe it’s because he liked being around you all the time. 
He did love you, after all. 
He imagines you sound asleep when he gets back, the slope of you will be the first thing he’ll see when he enters the bedroom. The sheets would be a garish colour this time, as he gathered from the previous video call together, but he doesn’t mind. Grey and blue might even be passé, especially given that it’s summer. Besides, he couldn’t resist the way you were ecstatic after the set arrived no less than a week after the purchase. The thought puts a smile on his face, one that Jimin catches as he straightens his posture. The plane judders, breaking the lapse of turbulence. Taehyung hides his grin behind his hand but Jimin is onto him, as expected. 
“You’re lucky we have masks on, otherwise people would be able to tell right away just how happy you are to be back,” Jimin laughs, his own mask slipping up as he smiled behind it. 
Taehyung joined in, laughing at how the mere thought of you was enough to melt the fatigue of being suspended in the air for longer than he wanted. So he allows himself to indulge and ask silly, almost rhetorical questions to anyone who’d listen. 
Thankfully though, Jimin is always gracious. 
“How many more minutes till we land, Chim?” 
Jimin stretches his legs, the all black outfit he wore giving him a slender silhouette. He regards Taehyung with a light amusement in his eyes. 
“Relax Romeo. We’re almost home.” 
Taehyung deflates onto his seat, sliding the window up. Seoul is so close, its lights blinking bright, framed nicely from where he was sat. There’s the whole ordeal of going through the exits, the intrusive and rapid shutters of the cameras, then there was the alcove of the van and the journey along the sweeping highways. Then, the tedious journey up to the right floor, the almost automatic punching of the key code, and into the hearth. 
Yeah. Jimin’s right. 
He’s almost home. 
Early evenings were a staple in your routine. A month apart from Taehyung was nothing compared to what you’ll have to endure as things are gradually returning to normal. That means a plethora of things out of your control, one of which is time spent together. Yoongi hinted to it at some point, describing in fractured pieces that you were able to puzzle together. 
It’ll be hard at first, that you knew. But the relief you felt once reunited couldn’t compare anyway.
A month seemed doable if not for the maze of Taehyung’s apartment making it obvious that the space was so large. It made being alone that more tangible, which was a change in perspective given that you went from living alone to cohabiting. Perhaps you needed time to get used to how often he would be working and the hours demanded of him sometimes. 
The office he had set up for you was not in need of further furnishing and working from home eased the burden of the commute, so it was just you and Yeontan against the hours of the day. Taehyung would call, of course, but it wasn’t the same as having him in person. The scent of his skin, the softness of his hair, the sound of his laugh really is better in real life. 
He could tell too, from the way you’d linger during your goodbyes, doing his best to remain upbeat despite the demands of his schedule or the marathon he kept up during the concerts. Somehow, Taehyung being reduced to the borders of your phone screen made little impact on just how much you missed him. You’d insist that you were fine, that it was, as he often said, ‘no big deal,’ but for you, he seemed to make an exception. 
Another week. 
And you’d nod, endeared at his attempt at being a human countdown. 
The evening before he was due to fly, he had sent you a photo of how he was scratched up from the stage, the wounds looking tender and raw. 
Went a bit too hard since it was the last day, he said, grinning so wide that his eyes sparkled in the tiny window of your video call. 
But are you really okay? You asked, propping your head up with the flat of your palm. 
Good thing you packed some band-aids, he replied, a smile erupting on his face, possibly not because he was that happy about having those at hand but because he was amused. You hide your face behind your hand, your skin heating up instantly. 
I really thought they were the normal ones, you confessed, ears burning up about how silly it was to have grabbed the assorted Pokémon band aids as opposed to the usual ones on the way back home. 
I love them. They’re really cute, he said, pushing his hair back. 
Soon enough, he had posted about it to reassure you that it wasn’t much of a mishap. As if to echo, no big deal. 
You had exchanged messages right before he boarded but you fell asleep swiftly as the day’s activities had exhausted you. Yeontan slumbers peacefully near and it wasn’t difficult to succumb either anyway. Your dreams weren’t that eventful and while you were used to being alone, you slept lightly during times of anticipation. 
Which was why you stirred awake the moment Taehyung lifted the comforter to try and slot himself behind you. 
“You’re here!” You said, flinging your arms around his neck as he laughed, securing his arm on your back to steady. Yeontan’s excited little barks receded as he padded outside, disturbed by the sudden flood of light in the otherwise, pitch black bedroom. 
It felt so good to feel Taehyung against your skin again. 
Pulling back, you’re met with tired eyes and barely dry hair. He kisses you before you could remark on anything, groaning as you adjusted yourself on his lap. There’s not much to say when you’re frantic like this, and in spite of the late hour, you both seemed wired, fuelling a month’s worth of distance into a hasty, five minute reunion. 
“I missed you,” he mumbled, his large hands skating up your back, ruching the shirt you wore. You nodded, at a loss for words. You kiss and kiss, this easy push and pull, the smiles that make your teeth clash and soft sighs bubbling from your lips. You suppose that you’re overwhelmed by his return, mostly uncontainable in the way that you never thought you could be with anyone else. 
Yet, Taehyung seemed to be an exception in an array of cases. 
Your hands sought the nape of his neck, the smooth skin, warm to the touch, the lengthy waves of hair, now resembling his natural shade. Not quite the caramel ‘Bichon Frise’ perm you teased him for months ago. And when his groan filters past his lips, along with the hard grip of his hand on your hips, controlling the way you’re grinding over his lap, you press closer. 
“Your hair’s wet,” you managed to say, squeezing some of the water from the end tendrils, he tilts his head, kissing you deeper, ignoring the way his hair is now soaking the collar of his shirt. 
“Taehyung,” you laughed, deliberately pulling back. You push the curtain of hair on his forehead to better see him. The first thing you asses is his pout, then the obvious way his hair is matted. 
“Did you even try and dry your hair?” 
Taehyung coughed out a laugh, his cheeks blooming red against the tan of his skin, “thought it was going to be loud. Didn’t want to wake you.” 
“You didn’t want to wake me,” you said, pushing yourself away from him and swerving the way his hands tried to make a grab at you. Some of the droplets made into your skin and you laughed as he quickly swiped it dry. 
“Okay, maybe I was a little too excited,” he confesses, sliding the nearby bean bag and placing it by the foot of the bed. 
After switching on the lamp, you opened a drawer and plugged in the hair dryer. Taehyung positions himself to sit, marginally lower compared to the bed. You had both figured out this arrangement early on as Taehyung would wander in, fresh out of the shower with wet hair, far too tired to make the last step of drying it. 
“It takes three minutes at most,” you said, though you didn’t really care. You smile as you saw that he had replaced the band-aids with fresh ones, this time Snorlax and Pikachu were next to each other, less corrugated and more uniform over his scratches. 
“What if I want you to do it?” Taehyung asked jokingly, slotting his arms around your legs as you fought to untangle the wire. 
“You always want me to do things for you.” 
Since there was truth to it, Taehyung resorts to getting comfortable, but you smile at the way he accepts the fact that he loves it when he’s coddled. At least in a manageable way, one that isn’t jarring but authentically himself. Looking down, it’s an odd position, to somewhat be straddling his head while sat on the edge of the bed. But that meant he could kiss the inside of your knee whenever he wanted to. Maybe it might take more than three minutes because you’d often be distracted by him in that way. 
“Won’t take that long,” Taehyung mutters, placing a light kiss right where you predicted, on the inside of your knee. 
This time, you agree. 
In an instant, the hairdryer comes to life, forcefully whipping his hair then flattening it as the air filters through the strands. Taehyung bows his head, articulating it in a slow arc, much to your amusement as he tries to dodge the way you try and untangle the stubborn knots at the end. The water evaporates and soon, he’s back to being cheeky, craning his head back so that you pointed the slim nozzle that ended up flattening his cheeks. He bared his teeth at some point and suddenly, his cheeks puffed up, making you laugh. 
“Stop it! I’m trying to prevent you getting a cold,” you said, trying to cage him with your legs. 
But he laughs harder, making more exaggerated movements until he’s getting up quickly to snatch the hairdryer from your grip. It lands with an underwhelming thud on the bean bag and you then find yourself on your back, looking up at him, the light from the lamp colouring his hair a kind of auburn, his eyes bright with mischief. 
“Wasn’t even done,” you protested (lamely) reaching up to loop your arms only to be prevented by him circling his hands over your wrists, pinning them above your head. That way, your back arches up, like a string anchoring you up to him. 
“Doesn’t matter,” he said, kissing you back, the weight of him feeling so good that it didn’t even matter so much that you were literally half hanging off the bed. Fighting against his hold, even as a gentle protest was futile, as he had pressed your wrist securely onto the mattress. 
“Any chance of letting me go?” 
Taehyung noses along your neck, the flick of his tongue landing a wet trail on the skin, the nip of his teeth making you gasp. 
“Difficult to say,” he murmured, that baritone delivery never failing to make you shiver in times like these, “spent too long away.” 
Everything is so distracting whenever Taehyung gets likes this, and your thoughts pour out like syrup. But you fight through it, remembering other details, like that fact that he came off a month-long schedule and a long-haul flight. 
“Aren’t you sleepy?” You asked, which sounded more like a moan from the way his fingers slip up yours shirt, caressing bare skin, grazing your nipple. He kissed you, muffling your breathy sigh, hooking his arm to spread your thighs wide. 
“Jet lag,” he replies, grinding more forcefully, igniting heat and making you go all dizzy. 
“Jet lag?” 
Taehyung releases your wrists, successfully sliding your shirt up and off. Despite being in every possible state with Taehyung to this date, you still, on instinct scramble to cover your chest, acutely aware that you’re now only in your underwear. 
“Jet lag,” Taehyung repeats, reasserting balance by shrugging his own shirt and letting it disappear on the floor. There’s no denying the fact that he’s been keeping well, his arms noticeably defined, the muscles contracting together that there are ridges and grooves apparent under the skin. It makes your earlier concern waver a tad, preparing to take his word for it. 
“But,” you said, gasping as Taehyung secures his hand on your hips to drag them at an angle that slots you just right, the pressure satisfying that it makes you aware of how your underwear is a stubborn barrier. “You should ah,” you said, breath hitching as he starts a slow grind, making your legs flinch. 
“You should rest,” you mumbled, tucking your face against the crook of his neck. Taehyung groans as your hip shot up, surprisingly mobile in spite of his attempts at locking you against the bed. He sweeps his head up, kissing you softly at first, then deeper, his tongue against yours in a heavy pressure, your eyes fluttering close. 
“Got all week to do that,” he mutters, his mouth opening like yours as you shivered, your core getting wetter by the second. You wanted to reply, to insist that this could wait, but Taehyung leans back, sliding your underwear off you. Trembling and exposed, you snap your thighs shut, but he catches you in time, spreading you wide. 
“T-taehyung,” you gasped, and he leans forward, capturing your lips in another kiss, curling an arm above your head for leverage. His fingers, slender and teasing, make inconsistent trails on your skin, wandering down, down till they find your slit, wet and throbbing. 
“Ah fuck,” he sighed against your lips, and you whimpered as you feel him tentatively pushing two fingers in, a sort of preemptive curl as his thumb settles on the swollen bud of your clit. 
“Was fucking torture,” he starts, all while pushing into your tight heat, your legs seize for the moment, coming together in a way that constricted his fingers as they thrusted in and out of you. “Being away from you for that long.” 
The confession is nothing new. You were both on the same page about how hard it was but it seems different now, the distance being responsible for you being restless. Taehyung goes deeper, knuckle-deep, his thumb flicking your clit that you jolt. The pleasure reaches almost dizzying heights, the easy glide of his fingers audible in the room. You cling onto him, your hips following a jagged rhythm.
“Ahn,” you breathed, grabbing at his broad shoulders, biting his bottom lip in earnest. He inhales, a quiet sort of noise before he ups the pace, crushing you underneath him with a steady pressure. You whined, toes curling at how attuned he was, the plunge of his fingers, now coated in a sticky drip, the nasty little noises making your face heat up. 
“Ah fuck, I -” you gasped, not sure what you wanted to say, just lost in the way the pleasure roils through you, lost in the perfect rhythm of his fingers, his thumb at your clit, you’re sure that you’re sullying the sheets by now. 
“So fucking wet,” he breathes, kisses you slowly, the mesh of his lips against your adding to the dizziness you’re experiencing. He shoves his fingers in a devastating plunge, sinking to the knuckle, a languid caress at the retreat that you’re squirming, half embarrassed at the constant audible squelch. 
“Mmh, fuck,” Taehyung rasps against your mouth, and you gasp in reply, clutching desperately at the firm. He carries on, ruthless in the pace. You tuck your face at the crook of his neck, flustered and overwhelmed, whiny mewls filtering into the air as your thoughts dissolve. 
“T-taehyung,” you moaned, hips jumping up, following where it felt good. “Fuck, keep going, ah.” 
You feel your pussy clamping on his fingers, your thighs shaking as the pleasure gathers, his fingers getting more rapid coinciding with the slap of his palm as he goes deep. Your eyes shut at some point, your moans becoming sighs but then you feel him pull his fingers out suddenly. Eyes snapping open, your breathing devolves into an erratic stutter, unable to hide your disappointment at the loss but in seconds, his open palm lands on your pussy and you cry out, losing all strength as your back hits the bed. 
Taehyung alternates with fucking you with his fingers and slapping your pussy, your swollen clit getting the most of it that you jolt. The force of his arm, flexed and taught, is just enough that you’re overcome; he slips his fingers out, the shining digits coated plentifully, gentling them over your slit, rubbing your abused clit in an almost tender fashion. Your moans become high pitched, hips bucking up as your legs tremble. 
“C’mon,” he murmured, unfairly calm given that the veins his arm have raised, “yeah, so fucking sloppy for me, shit.” 
And it’s his words, more than anything, that causes the sudden snap. You’re whole body jolts, your voice robbed as your legs rise higher. Your pussy clamps around his hand, juices dripping down as you came, hands scrunching the sheets into disarray. Taehyung groans as he feels you tighten around him, he slows his fingers and pulls them out again, slapping your pussy once more that you yelp, toes curling. Taehyung leans forward, skating his touch, dragging his soaked fingers along your bare skin, kisses you softly, moaning as you are, feeding off your high. 
Your face is so warm that you might even think it’s scalding. As your thoughts come back to you, it’s not hard to realise that  the distance made Taehyung a little bolder and a lot more vocal. A part of you thinks you can meet him halfway, if not, do better and reduce him into a mess. 
“You looked so pretty coming around my fingers,” he mutters, grazing his lips along your jaw, you moaned softly in response, trying to settle the twitch in your heart. 
Admittedly, something in you makes you want to hear the crack in his voice, to hear it taper into something shaky, and make the tan of his skin bloom red.
With that resolve, you kiss along his neck, down till you skim your lips along his collar bone, hands desperately tugging his shorts down. You moaned at the sight of his cock, heavy and leaking, the tip beading pre-cum as you swipe your thumb over it. 
“Yeah? Was I pretty for you?” 
“Fuck,” he gasped, his breath separating the strands of your hair as his hips buck into your touch. 
Then, there was that gap in his control, and you’re able to push him on his back. Taehyung’s lips curved upwards, his bottom lip trapped under his teeth as his hands bracket your hips. His hair has taken a wild tumble, the darkened strands easily pliable. You lean over him, slotting your mouth against him, hovering your breaths together. 
“Want me to bounce on your cock?” You whispered, grinding on his length, just enough to coat it with wetness. You feel him dig his fingers over your hips, aware of his mouth moulding into a snarl as you rocked against his cock. He was leaking so much that it was pooling on his abdomen, viscous and sinful. 
“Oh fuck,” he grunts, his hips lifting from the bed, in turn lifting you. 
“Want me to come all over you?” 
That seems to rile him further as he curses under his breath, a little more forceful than the last time as he presses you down so that your messy folds envelope his length almost completely. You loved his deeper voice melting into the air, made the vulgarities that came after more charming. 
“Feels so good when you’re inside me,” you murmured, kissing him again. 
“Want you deep,” you sighed, swiping your tongue against his, “so deep that I won’t be able to think about anything else for days.” 
Taehyung seems to lose it, his voice in this deep rumble, your name sounding more like a warning than any kind of affection. He reaches to the side blindly, grasping at the random assortment of condoms on the table. You couldn’t help but laugh, helping him locate one. Impatient, he tears one with his teeth as you lean back, tilting your head in a display of coyness. You observe him make clumsy work of sheathing his cock, his mouth twitching into this snarl, his jaw jutting out slightly, pink lips in an even deeper shade. Once done, he grips the tops of your thighs and you grin widely, grasping the base of his cock.  
You raise yourself up, steadily taking him in, inch by inch, until there’s that familiar muted squelch that has you both moaning. You grind down, fully seated, shivering at the way your pussy stretches to accommodate. Taehyung has thrown his head back and the sight of his neck, corded and the veins raised made you bite your lip. 
“Fuck,” he breathed, digging his nails onto your flesh, “don’t think I’ll last a minute.”
You smiled, “you still want me to bounce on it?” 
He shoots you a warning glare, his features flickering as you grind on him, getting used to his cock in your pulsing walls. But you had to control yourself from moaning as your clit grazed the base. 
“Fuck, ah,” he moaned, folding his legs up for some leverage, you feel yourself tightening around him,  “bounce on it, fuck.” 
You sit up, palms braced on his chest, the move straightening your arms to the point where it swells your tits together. Taehyung’s mouth twitches into something menacing, his eyes coming alight. 
He then dents your skin in an impatient display, “yeah.” 
That was all you needed, raising yourself up, breath thinning into a whine as you slam your hips back down, grinding to finish. Taehyung gasped, his abdomen seizing as you started a rhythm, arching your back, the fleshy smack of your thighs against his echoing sharply, your skin practically searing hot that it breaks into a sweat. 
“Ah fuck,” he grunts softly. It makes you shiver at the upstroke, the momentum building as you used the bounce of the mattress to help you along. Your muscles are exerting a lot of effort but it was worth it seeing Taehyung visibly struggle to hold himself back. His eyes continually flutter, his jaw slack, and his freshly dried hair beginning to stick at the temples. Finally, you see his tan get tainted in rose, blooming along his chest, seeping up his neck and flourishing on his cheeks. 
“Is it good?” You breathed, leaning forward, kissing him in a featherlight press of your lips. 
“Shit, yeah,” he groans, kneading your ass in desperation, “feels so fucking good.” 
Elated as he kissed you deeper, your moans blend into a soft whine as he juts his hips up, messing up your rhythm. You manage to get it back, leaning back again and dropping down forcefully, your pussy unbelievably wet that it’s spilling onto your inner thighs. You’re already sensitive from your earlier orgasm and it’s not long before Taehyung lifts his hips in earnest, his cock stretching you so good that you’re a mess. 
“Right there, fuck, you’re so good,” he praised, pulling you back down by the nape, crashing his mouth against yours. You tremble above him, hurtling towards higher heights, whimpering against his mouth as his tongue makes the kisses messier in a filthy swipe. You knew that Taehyung gets loud right before he’s about to come and you couldn’t wait to hear those groans drawn from somewhere deep in his chest, almost a growl. 
“Taehyung, hgnh,” you moaned, your words muffled due to his mouth on yours, his kisses tender and addictive. 
He wraps his arms around you, practically stitching you against his chest, his thrusts are brutal and deliberate and you couldn’t do anything except take it. You yelped as you felt it then, a quick unravelling as you came, that bolt of pleasure that will pierce through you in an blinding sensation. A wave of arousal spills past your folds, your pussy contracting and bearing down on his cock that he emits a helpless groan. It spurs him too, his grip on your hips like a vice that it steals your breath, his hips jumping up in an unrelenting, the slippery slide of his hand following the trail of your spine, curling over your shoulder and holding you in place as you cried out against his lips, your clit oversensitive as his cock pistoned into you, over and over. 
The aftershocks hit you like a wave, it crashes through you as Taehyung’s muscles stiffen, his snarl diffused at the skin of your throat as he pumps his cock one, final time, your thighs burning from the action. But it’s the best kind of satiation, the kind that brands technicolour neon behind the eyelids. 
“Fuck,” he gasped, his pulse strong in his ribcage, holding onto your hips as you shivered at the come down. You press your cheek on his, trying to catch your breath as your exhales fan his hair into wisps. You feel him rub your lower back in slow, soothing circles, a chuckle follows. On shaky arms, you prop yourself up. 
“You’d think that I’d be,” he says, kissing along your jaw, eventually landing on your lips, “but I’m not.” 
His confession makes you clench involuntarily and he groans into the kiss. 
“Can’t get enough,” he adds, squeezing your ass for emphasis. 
You laughed, playfully swatting his chest and sitting up to gingerly lifting yourself off him. Once on your side, he fusses over you, tucking your sweaty hair behind your ear. You’re met with his spent expression and that drowsy smile you loved so much. 
“We’ve got time,” you said, reassuring him. He finds your hand, twining your fingers together. 
“Yeah, but it’s hard cause I want to be with you all the time.”  
You feel your face grow warm. 
"You know, some say distance makes the heart grow fonder," you replied. It’s all in jest though, and Taehyung knows it so he pokes his finger to your side, making you burst into laughter.  
“My heart’s had enough of the distance.” 
Shrugging, you admit, “but I love it when you get all clingy.” 
Taehyung blushes, his eyes glowing suddenly, “I’m clingy all the time, though.” 
You think to yourself that each time he comes back home, it’s the same: that it’s just as comfortable and just as nice to be together, like this. With dawn peeking through the blinds in a familiar, neon orange border, limbs heavy and sated, while enveloped in this bubble you’re in.  
You grinned, accepting his kiss as he leans in, your chest filling up with something warm, something you've gotten used to because of him.
“Then I love you all the time.” 
Other drabbles (m)
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Coquet, Part 1 | JJK
Tumblr media
Coquet, Part 1
\ kō-​ˈket Definition: noun. a man who indulges in flirtation.
Tumblr media
✫✫✫Coquet Masterlist✫✫✫
Tumblr media
Pairing: Escort!JJK x Fem-reader
Rating: M (🔞)
Genre: Fake-dating!AU; Strangers to lovers; fluff; angst; smut
Warnings: cussing; explicit sexual conversations; hints of awkward family dynamic; fake-dating; hired escort; some anxiety; alcohol consumption
Word count: 2.3K+ words
Summary: On your brother's wedding, you dread traveling to see your family–whom you have successfully avoided for over a year after moving across the country for work. In an effort to save face, you hire an escort to get them off your back and perhaps even make your ex–who happens to be the best man–a little jealous.
A/N: I've been waiting for the right time and prompt to do another JJK fic so...I'm super excited for this. This is loosely inspired by The Wedding Date (2004) but with a slight twist. If you know the movie, I hope you'll still read along. I have a habit of getting prompts from random movies or shows that I revisit and then find some details that I'd like to switch up for my own personal wish-fulfillment bank so, I hope it does the same for yours as well! 😊
Thank you to @internetjunkdrawer for beta-ing and screaming with me (as if there was any other way of talking about this AU). Also thinking about you, @deepseavibez, my love. 💕
And with that, please enjoy Part 1!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Hi, YN–It’s Jeon Jungkook. I apologize for not getting back to you last night but I just wanted to let you know that I got your message. Listen, I can tell that you’re nervous–I completely understand, but this is what I do for a living. And you know what? By the time this is all over, your ex will regret that he ever left you. Trust me,” he says.
“Anyway, I’ve got a couple things that I need to do this morning so I’m afraid we’ll just have to meet at the airport. I received the itinerary and the e-ticket, so I appreciate you sending those.” He sighs. “Well...I can’t wait to see you!”
Since taking your seat, you hadn’t been able to stop fidgeting–just unable to settle. You keep glancing back, past the business-class cabin entranceway, keeping an eye out for him.
You scroll through your phone for a couple minutes but even that can’t keep you calm as you couldn't stop your fingers from trembling. You slide your phone into your purse and pick up the in-flight safety instruction pamphlet and examine that instead.
“I’m guessing you’re not much of a frequent flyer?”
You look up to see a lady seated right across the aisle from you in business class. She gave you a kind smile and could sense your restlessness. “Oh…” You immediately tucked the pamphlet away. “No, I actually fly a fair amount. It’s just that–” you felt weird oversharing with this complete stranger but your anxiety just causes you to expel more words out of your mouth than necessary.
“My brother’s getting married and his best man is my ex. I just want to make sure that I know where all of the exits are in case I change my mind and you know…yeet myself out of this plane,” you rambled, finishing with a grimace.
She smiled at you uncomfortably before turning back to her e-reader. You sink into your seat in utter embarrassment. This trip was already off to a great start.
// Three months ago…
“Cris…I don’t know,” you said skeptically as you absentmindedly twirled your office chair around.
“What do you mean? I’m telling you, it’s very discreet. Literally, there’s an NDA option, if you really want to go there—“
“But that’s the point,” you protested. “I don’t know if I actually want to go there.” You ran your fingers gently over the calligraphy embossed on the thick, textured cardstock while talking to your friend on the phone.
“Maybe I’m just going to tell them that I’m tied up with a huge campaign and I have to be here to oversee everything.”
You hear Cristina groan angrily through your bluetooth earpiece. “YN, that is the coward’s way out and you know it. Why are you the one left feeling insecure and embarrassed after all this time? You did nothing wrong! If anything, that asshole should back out and retreat into a dark hole if he knew what was good for him,” she spat out.
“Also, do you really think that Taehyung would allow his favorite sister to bow out of his own wedding?” She asked.
Ever since your mother remarried, you and Taehyung have developed an unexpectedly close bond over the years. He was a bonus sibling that you didn’t ask for and he sure as hell felt the same way about you in the beginning. As time went on, you realized that you would be around each other for a while and so your relationship organically grew. You loved and protected each other as if you had shared the same DNA.
You sighed, tossing your brother’s wedding invitation on your desk, where it lands on a pile of the rest of your interoffice mail. The last time you were around your family was during his engagement party–which was already a stretch for you. You flew out there, intending on staying for the weekend but were so traumatized by nosey friends and relatives that you ended up taking a red-eye that same evening to escape it all.
When you are still silent on the other line, Cristina urges you further.
“Babe, listen. I have it on a very reputable source that this service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed—or your money back.”
You rolled your eyes then chuckled. “Cris, I’m not buying a vacuum cleaner.”
“Really, YN? Because by the sound of it, you seem like you need some good suction in certain places,” she cackled.
"Cristina!" you shrieked as her laughs rang on the other line.
You groaned. “Why are we friends again?”
She exclaimed, “Because! You love me and you know I’m not afraid to call you out on your bullshit,” she laughs. “And if there’s a chance that you can get a good dicking-down out of this—“
You immediately stop her right there. “Yah! Okay, Cris, I got it!” You sighed heavily, reaching over and picking up the invitation again, tapping it furiously on the surface.
After a long beat, you finally relent. “Fine. I’ll message him on the app. No promises, though. And who knows, he might not have any room on his calendar even with the three-month leeway. What with him being so popular and all,” you muttered.
You open the app on your phone and key in his name to pull up his profile–which turns up in your history because you’ve repeatedly visited and studied it obsessively for the last few days before chickening out and promptly closing it.
His page didn’t contain a photo but he was ranked at the top of your search results based on proximity and reviews alone. And boy, did he have a lot of them! He had hundreds of comments and triple the amount of anonymous ratings. Five stars on all of them. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend.
You shuddered at the thought. 
Before losing your nerve, you finally made up your mind and decide to pull the trigger. You tap on the envelope icon to begin typing a direct message to him.
“Well, either way, tell me how it goes! I want to know every detail!” Cristina says excitedly.
As your thumb hovered over your phone’s keypad, you asked your friend one last question. “Cris, be honest–are you the reputable source claiming 100% satisfaction?”
After a brief pause, she says, “I’m afraid I can’t comment on that, YN. I signed an NDA.”
“Ma’am–ma’am, you can’t be back here,” the flight attendant warns you.
“I’m sorry–I swear, I don’t have a drinking problem,” you breathed out after you helped yourself to a couple of mini bottles of cognac from the in-flight crew’s stock. “And you can charge my seat. I just…I’m just really nervous,” you say anxiously.
“W-we have some dramamine, if you–”
“N-no, it’s not that.“ You blurted out. “I’m nervous because any second now, my date will show up at 2B. I’ve never met him so…if there’s any chance that I’ve made a huge mistake and he looks like a troll, I need to be drunk enough for him to look really good.”
“Oh, honey,” Her brows flick up as she looks past your shoulder. “I think you need to sober up now to appreciate the masterpiece that just walked in,” she says, sounding flustered. 
Your brows furrowed. “What?”
She clears her throat and widens her eyes, tilting her chin up to gesture towards the cabin. “Say hello to 2B.”
You turn around slowly to find a man dressed in a dapper suit–his back facing you. He is welcomed by another flight attendant, who presents him with a tray of glasses filled with complimentary champagne.
You approached him carefully. As he reaches out to take a second flute, you catch a glimpse of his tattooed fingers, making your breath hitch.
“J-Jungkook?” You say with a hint of uncertainty.
Suddenly, time slips into slow-motion. At the sound of his name, he turns so fluidly. You couldn’t stop your jaw from dropping when you finally got a good look at him.
His hair was brushed up, letting a few strands fall loosely onto one side–barely brushing his eyebrow. He had big, dark eyes–eyes filled with youthful curiosity yet glazed with intense masculinity. It was a deadly combination that would unnerve anybody.
Your eyes zero-in on his mouth–pink and plush with a little freckle that sat beneath the fullest part of his lower lip. You watched it disappear as his lips curved into a slow, sexy smile.
“Hi, YN.” The sound of his voice was soft, but it was the underlying tone of it–firm but calm. And it oddly settled your nerves almost instantaneously.
When you finally pick your jaw up off the floor, he hands you the second glass of champagne. After you accept it, he takes your free hand in his and gently squeezes it. “Nice to meet you,” he says, then takes you by surprise when he leans in to plant a soft kiss on your cheek.
And just like that, your stomach is in knots again. He smiled after hearing you gasp softly at how forward he was. You gave him a tight smile in return, figuring that it was all part of the act.
“Let’s sit?” He offers. 
You’d interacted with him for all but 30 seconds but you were all-too-happy to obey. After he settles into his seat, he turns his full attention to you.
“I, uh–hope you didn’t have trouble checking in,” you said meekly.
“Everything went smoothly,” he says. “Thanks for making all the arrangements.”
You took a sip–actually, it was more of a hefty gulp–of your champagne.
“I’m sorry that I couldn’t leave sooner. I know that you wanted some time to get settled before heading to the party but–I ran into some extenuating circumstances,” he says vaguely.
You chuckled. “Must be peak season for you, huh?” You regretted the words the instant they left your mouth. 
His eyebrows quirk at your comment.
“I…I mean–” you stuttered. “I’m so sorry–I didn’t mean to say–”
He chuckled. “It’s okay, YN. Doesn’t phase me,” he says calmly.
You sink into your seat, willing the ground to open up and swallow you whole.
“So…maybe, we can take this opportunity to get to know each other? It’s a 5-and-a-half hour flight. We should maximize our time, don’t you think?”
You nodded at his suggestion. “Uh, yeah,” you sat up straight. “Yeah, for sure. I should tell you, though–right off the bat…You know those families who are totally crazy and chaotic? But at the end of the day, they’re still your family and you love them regardless of all that?”
“Uh huh?”
“Yeah, my family is not like that.” You said immediately.
He stifled a snort. “Noted,” he says with a smile before taking a sip of his drink.
You quickly added, “I love my brother, though. And my dad. Well…stepbrother and stepdad,” you clarified. “We don’t share the same bloodline–so…I consider them more as unwilling participants in the craziness. Kind of like hostages,” you gave him a small smile.
He thinks it’s endearing and he gives you that million-dollar smile once more.
Holy shit…an entire week of this. You cleared your throat in an attempt to stay on track. “Anyway, should we talk about our cover story? Just so we’re on the same page and all,” you say, suddenly all business-like.
“Of course,” he says politely. “Always good to get the basics down.”
You both agree to a rehearsed but realistic and sensible story.
Jungkook is a cardiologist and you were introduced by a mutual friend months ago by going on a blind date. Even though you both had ridiculously busy schedules, you were both just absolutely crazy about each other and couldn't stand the thought of being apart so you found a way to make this relationship work.
“Okay–I've got it down,” he says nonchalantly.
“Are you sure? We can go over the details again?”
“YN–” he says in that quiet but stern tone that stops you in your tracks. You were starting to think that you might actually enjoy being spoken to like this every now and then. Before you could let that sink in, he interrupts your thoughts. “I said, I’ve got it. And don’t worry. I’m a professional,” he says, reassuringly.
You nodded wordlessly, taking another gulp of your champagne.
Seconds later, he changes tact. “When we first spoke, you also mentioned a certain someone..."
Your eyes widen, knowing full well whom he was referring to. “Oh yeah…him." You paused. "Haru.” His name finally came to you as if it was a distant, forgotten memory that you had to pull from within the depths of your brain cells since you had been distracted for the last few hours by the magnificent piece of work sitting next to you.
“How do you want to deal with that? Should we come up with a plan for him?”
You chewed at your bottom lip. The last time you saw Haru, you spent all of your energy trying to dodge him during the engagement party. But you'd be circling each other all week, at which point, he'd be impossible to avoid. You had to deal with him sometime.
“How far do you want to take it? I can kick things up a notch whenever he’s around or…should I follow your lead?” He paused, waiting for any other ideas that you might have.
You looked away, pursing your lips, considering it. After a long beat, you look him in the eye again. “I just want him to see what he’s missing out on,” you replied confidently.
He regards you intently. “Well…easy-peasy then,” he says smugly.
You cocked an eyebrow and scoffed. “Oh, really?”
He smirks at your skepticism.
“All in a day’s work, huh?” You say to him.
He shook his head. “I say it’s easy because,” he turns his hot gaze towards you again. “Only a blind man would fail to see what they’re missing out on,” he finishes without blinking. 
You swallowed hard while you watched him throw his head back, downing the final drops of his drink.
For a brief moment, you questioned his sincerity. If there was a fine line between truth and lies, Jungkook was excellent at blurring it.
And you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.
Tumblr media
Part 2◥
Thank you for reading!
If you loved it and/or curious to learn more, please comment, reblog, or send me feedback! 📩. I love hearing from readers! If you didn't like it so much, I would still like to hear about it 💜
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Tumblr media
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Day in the Life [3/7]
Pairing: hyungline (seokjin, namjoon, yoongi, hoseok) x reader
Genre: family/domestic AU, fluff, comedy
Summary: You have seven kids. Four husbands and three toddlers. So yeah, seven kids.
Tags: EXTREME domestic bliss, domestic fluff, husband!hyung line, baby!maknae line, established relationship, protectiveness, comedy, slice of life, seokjin is in a state of constant and overwhelming fondness, namjoon should never be allowed in a kitchen, yoongi has tattoos, hoseok is a humble chaebol, maknae line are demons (toddlers)
[Part 2] [Part 4]
Tumblr media
Wednesday morning and the house is full and frantic as ever. Squeezing past Seokjin’s pancake triage and Taehyung and Jimin’s war cries, you make a beeline to the coffee machine, where Hoseok pulls you back just long enough for a kiss before he presses a cup into your hand and sends you off to Jungkook and Yoongi at the kitchen table. 
“Good morning.” You greet, picking a fugitive blueberry off Jungkook’s lap. 
Without looking up from his phone, Yoongi mumbles, voice rough, “Morning.”  
“Somi said her appa is getting marriage again,” Jungkook announces around a mouthful of sausage, as Jimin and Taehyung make an Olympic dive for the chair beside you. “What does it mean?” 
You think about it. “Getting married means—” 
“My chair, loser!” Taehyung screams, beating Jimin by literally one (1) knuckle.
Like a slinky, Jimin flops over Taehyung, cheeks smushed up against Taehyung’s back and drawls, “I didn’t lose, Tae, because this is a battle in which I have chosen not to engage—” 
“It’s a promise you make to build a life together,” Yoongi says, as Taehyung makes a valiant effort at shrugging, and then peeling, and then shoving Jimin off. Yoongi meets your eyes for a second before he glances back down at Jungkook. “And to love each other. For a very long time.”
“Can umma marriage me?” Jungkook asks, hopeful, as octopus alien Jimin slithers into your lap. 
“Nope,” Taehyung claims, without batting an eye. “Umma’s marriaging me.” 
“Not without a ring,” Hoseok chides, delivering a plate of Seokjin’s pancakes, half-batting away Taehyung’s grabby hand. 
“Like this one,” Jimin sing-songs, snagging a can of juice. He pops the tab off and slides it over your ring finger, burrowing possessively into your chest, “Ta-dah. Now I get to marry umma forever, losers.”
“Language, Jimin,” you say, reflexive, and pat him on the head. “But OK.”
Jungkook, with all the incredulity of a heart-broken toddler-year old, stares at your hand, stares at Jimin, and hiccups once.
And then starts bawling.
Tumblr media
Twenty minutes later, you’re pulling on your scrubs when a small thing latches onto your left leg.
“Baby, what’s going on?” You ask Jungkook.
“Nothing,” Jungkook mumbles. 
He doesn’t look up, just slips something into your pocket with shaky hands and dashes away, giggles and footsteps rumbling down the hallway. 
You dig into your pocket, confused.
And find a piece of grass, tied around itself to make a circle. 
Tumblr media
“Wait for umma here,” Yoongi instructs, planting Jungkook into the couch of your office. “Appa has to go back to work. Don't move an inch, Jungkook, all right?”
“Yes appa,” Jungkook nods, at full attention, but also busy cramming sticky notes into his mouth. 
...which is, admittedly, not the worst thing he has crammed into his mouth today. 
As Yoongi turns to leave, Jungkook calls out behind him. “Appa?”
“Appa,”  Jungkook asks, coming to tug on the corner of Yoongi's jacket, looking very adorably serious about it. “How did you get umma to marriage you?” 
“Well,” Yoongi says, crouching down so he can pinch Jungkook's cheek. And also remove the sticky note from his mouth. “You just have to ask.” 
Tumblr media
Later that day, you’re in the middle of dealing with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, standing very still beside the surgical trolley as the attending anesthesiologist briefs your residents, trying to order your thoughts into some semblance of logic, when there comes a small tap somewhere overhead. 
“This was brought on up a ruptured cerebral aneurysm,” you say, slanting a stern look at the eager faces around you, “So it will be hairy, and focus will be essen—”
The tap comes again, louder.
One of the residents looks up at the observation room. 
She blinks. “Um… is that…”
“Focus, Dr. Song,” you repeat, snapping her back to attention, “will be essential.”
The next tap is followed by a dull thump and a muffled, “Umma!” 
You look up, eyes narrowed. 
All three feet of Jungkook, bright as the sun, knocks on the observation room window again, hefting over his tiny shoulders a giant bouquet of “Get Well Soon” flowers you’re pretty sure belongs to the coma patient in Ward 2. 
He climbs closer to the window and mouths, face squished against the glass, “Umma, will you marriage me?” 
Tumblr media
Near midnight, you’re pulling up into the driveway when something literally catapults itself off of the second floor balcony. 
…and lands on the hood of your car.
With a dull thud.
And a tiny achy, “Ow.” 
“JUNGKOOK?” You scream, a sharp stab of dread twisting into your stomach as you scramble out of the car, “OH MY GOD, JUNG—”
“Umma,” Jungkook says, totally fine and outrageously nonplussed, sitting cross-legged on the pavement, “Did you marriage me yet?” 
You gape. “What are you—where are your appas, Jungkook?” 
Jungkook ignores you and asks again, “Umma, did you marriage me?”
“Uh, no,” you start, brain still seizing on the fact that your toddler baby just flung himself from the second story of a house. “Baby, Koo, you should never jump out of a window again, do you understand?”
Jungkook, as a matter of fact, understands nothing. 
Instead, he peers at your hands.
Then averts his eyes with a tiny pained wince. 
“The ring wasn’t pretty?” He asks the pavement, voice wobbly, entirely crestfallen. “'m sorry, umma.” 
And no, you did not know it was medically possible to feel this magnitude of pain. 
Tumblr media
Each day and every day, Namjoon wakes at 4 AM on the dot. At that hour, the first floor of the house is deserted. There are usually tumbleweeds and leftover toys and chunks of bokchoy Taehyung has hid under various pieces of furniture because he is just old enough to begin to understand that he does not have to do what two of four appas tell him to do, at “I’m half a teenager now” miles per hour.
Not today.
Today, there is all of that, and also one small child crouched over the coffee table, half a dozen tab-less juice cans beside him, a fat marker in his hand and the whole rainbow dashed over his two little hands. 
“Hey,” Namjoon whispers, tactful. “What are you doing, big guy?” 
“I’m making a ring for umma,” Jungkook says, then shows him a wad of can tabs that have been glued together.
And also, glued onto his palm.
Namjoon wonders briefly if this might be the fault of his genetics.
“Umma has a ring already,” Namjoon tells him, mildly concerned.
“But umma doesn’t have my ring,” Jungkook says. “Do you think she’ll like this?”
Namjoon huffs out a laugh, finally piecing together what Seokjin capslocked into the group chat yesterday. “I think so, Jungkook. It’s beautiful.”
There is a pause.
Jungkook asks, in an endearingly shy whisper, “Will umma love me forever?” 
Namjoon reaches for Jungkook’s shoulder and tugs him into his arms. “Of course she will, baby. She loved you before you were born, and she will love you for a thousand years.”
“Oh.” Jungkook hums.
And hard as he tries to hide it, when Jungkook smiles, he glows. 
“Will you make appa a ring too?” Namjoon inquires. “Appa will love you for ten thousand years.” 
Jungkook thinks about it, squelching out a yawn. He rubs his eyes. “Maybe.” 
Quietly, Namjoon wraps Jungkook into his cardigan, admiring the bundle of glue and metal in his hand. Gradually, as dawn starts to break, he feels his son’s little body slumping against his side, and he squeezes him with a soft fond smile.
Tumblr media
Friday morning, Yoongi is frying up a few eggs and as usual, you’re mainlining coffee while side-stepping a small mountain of legos and the rubber-band apparatus Taehyung had built for science class. You manage to kiss Hoseok on the cheek (which he had been long presenting) and Seokjin on the chin (which he had been pretending not to be presenting), before you stumble on Jungkook.
On one knee. 
With an extremely funky ball of metal in his hand. 
Namjoon, towering over him like a daddy bear, looks over at you and mouths, obscurely, “Say yes.” 
“Umma,” Jungkook starts, clearing his throat, as Jimin waddles in blearily behind you. “Will you mar—”
“OW!” Jimin yelps, as his toe catches in Taehyung’s rubber-band booby trap of doom™, which proceeds to sail across the room. 
Over Jungkook’s hand.
Catching, of course—because Friday mornings are never chaotic enough and 66% of your sons are 50% demons—Jungkook’s precious ball. 
“Well,” you squint, as the metal ball clears it out of the window behind him, leaving a neat spider-webbed crack and a hole the size of a tennis ball. 
Before you, Jungkook’s eyes are the size of saucers. 
“Jimin,” Namjoon grits out, eyes narrowed. 
“Jimin,” Seokjin grits out, arms crossed. 
“What! I didn’t do anything!” Jimin whines, very falsely accused, ducking behind you for protection. 
“My science project!” Taehyun gasps, from behind him. “Jimin!” 
As world war three implodes into your kitchen, Jungkook stands on the frontline, eyes welling with tears, little hands balled into fists. He swallows thickly and chokes out, “Umma…” 
“No,” you cry out, launching yourself onto one knee before Jungkook as you dig Jungkook’s grass-twig ring out of your pocket. “Jungkook. Will you marry me?”
“But I,” Jungkook blubbers, shaking his head, “I don't have a ring! Umma can’t marry me! Umma won’t love me!” 
You laugh, wiping the tears off of Jungkook’s fat little cheeks with both hands cupped around his face, “Oh, Jungkook. I don’t need a ring to love you, baby. Namjoon appa lost the ring too, you know?” 
Jungkook’s still crying, but he does pause to confirm. “Really? Namjoon appa did that?”
“Oh yeah,” Namjoon assures, coming to sit on the floor beside you. “So many times.” 
“Namjoon appa had to propose twice,” Hoseok recounts, ruffling Jungkook’s hair.
“Three, actually,” Yoongi says, scooping Jungkook up into one arm. 
“What?” Seokjin cocks his head, feeding Jungkook a cherry as he glances at Namjoon, “No, wasn’t it—”
“A long time ago,” Namjoon allows magnanimously. “Shouldn’t you get going, hyung?” 
Tumblr media
Hoseok, ever the competitive overachiever, was the first to propose. It hadn’t happened entirely out of the blue. After two years of rotational interviews with his family, most of whom were common characters in the Business section of Cholsun Ilbo, his noona took you out to an incredibly long spa date to onboard you onto the so-called “constraints” of an “inheritance.” By the end of the day you were sufficiently hydrated, plumped, shell-shocked with anxiety, and fairly certain your credentials had been vetted by half the PIs in Korea. 
“My dongsaeng is lacking in so many ways, and it can be argued that our parents are assholes,” she said, before the valet shut her door, “but have no doubt that Hoseok will fight tooth and nail for you every day in this family.” 
The next day, Hoseok asked you if you wanted to go ring shopping. Before you could answer, there was a chartered jet on the rooftop of the hospital.
Hoseok flew you straight into those dark velvet Parisian rooms to try on the jewels of bygone eras, and amidst the dizzying glamour of champagne towers and couture chocolates and dresses worth their weight in gold, he asked if you would grant him the privilege of staying with you for the rest of his life. 
As Seokjin likes to recall, you choked on your sea bass and never officially said yes, so technically the validity of that marriage is questionable. 
But anyways. The news still drove Namjoon and Yoongi into a cold panic.
Seokjin, of course, being the oldest, remained cool as a cucumber. 
“YAH, HOBI, YOU COULD'VE MAYBE WARNED US,” Seokjin screamed. Calmly. In the middle of a topology lecture. At his phone.
At, actually, a text message on his phone. 
One of the five grad students raised his hand and asked, somewhat terrified, “Professor Kim?” 
Seokjin chucked his phone across the room and darted for the door. “MY GIRLFRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED.”
And then, because he did have something of a reputation to protect as an academic and all, Seokjin ran back and flung open the door. “CLASS DISMISSED, OBVIOUSLY, NUMBNUTS.” 
Regardless, Seokjin ending class in the middle was not nearly as catastrophic a reaction as Namjoon’s actual proposal, which was to tie the Most Expensive Tiffany’s Ring to the collar of your cat. 
“It’ll be like a lovely thing delivering a lovely ask,” Namjoon explained, wiping his hands down on the front of his expensive silk suit like an idiot. “What could go wrong?”
“Oh. Nothing, I’m sure,” Yoongi, nodded, eyes dead. 
Three things went wrong. 
Namjoon, the cold, ruthless, battle-hardened Forbes poster child, who could skewer businessmen twice his age to the trading floor, who could spend days arbitrating billion-dollar M&A deals without batting an eye, was too panicked and sweaty to figure out how to attach a ring to the collar of your cat.
The cat was an actual cat.
And like any cat would, the first thing your cat did, after scratching the ring off of her collar and onto Seokjin’s bed, was run off into the streets like an apex predator. (which she is.) 
As a result:
Namjoon, the cold, ruthless, battle-hardened Forbes poster child, who could skewer businessmen twice his age to the trading floor, who could spend days arbitrating billion-dollar M&A deals without batting an eye, was out chasing a cat through the streets of Hannam-dong like a madman until… days, maybe. Seokjin can’t remember.
Seokjin can’t remember because he found a ring on his bed.
And like, Seokjin tried not to overthink why there would be a ring on his bed except you must have left it there.
Which resulted in Seokjin overthinking. A lot. 
“Are you OK,” Hoseok asked casually, as Seokjin ran equally casually into a cabinet.
And nearly beheaded himself. 
“I’m fine,” Seokjin grunted, ears ringing. 
And he was. 
Only he was not fine because fuck toxic masculinity but he wanted to be the one to ask you because obviously he loved you more and it wasn’t not a competition thing because it was just the simple truth that he loved you more, and he loved you first, and he deserved to be the one to ask.  
“Are you bleeding?” Hoseok gasped, “Do you need a ride to the hospital?” 
“No,” Seokjin decided, clutching onto your ring, fully offended as he stormed his way towards the living room.
“Listen,” he started, outraged, banging the door open, “I am handsome and tall and cook well and IF I WERE A WOMAN, GOD HELP ME I’D WANT TO MARRY ME TOO BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN...” 
And found you on the couch.
Sitting beside Yoongi.
Or rather, sitting on Yoongi.
With one of Yoongi’s hands on the small of your back.
And the other one of Yoongi’s hands…
Is holding a ring.
“I’m,” Seokjin spun around, suddenly weak. “Uh.”
And Yoongi was perfectly content to mentally unexist Seokjin. 
“Look at me,” Yoongi said in his soft indulgent voice, gently turning you back to face him. “Can I ask you a question?”  
And Seokjin saw himself out.
That same Thursday, Seokjin reported that his old Hyundai broke down. He asked you to pick him up from his office at the university. And when you showed up, you had a prickly feeling that all the students seemed to double-take at you. The girls giggled when they saw you, and a few came up to shower you with compliments about your gross second-day hospital fit. 
You wandered into Seokjin’s office, profoundly confused. “Why are there—”
And were promptly interrupted by a whole stampede of people scrambling out of the room.
“Hey!” Seokjin beamed, wiping his chalky hands on his ugly prof fashun cord pants. “You look pretty.”
“Very funny,” you deadpanned. 
Seokjin’s face was suspiciously pink. “I know. I love you.” 
You backed away. “What?”
“I love you,” he repeated, face suspiciously pinker. 
“All right,” you squinted. “I love you too?” 
“But!” Seokjin declared, standing up so fast he had to steady himself against the corner of his desk. “But I love you more.”
You stared, perplexed, at a loss for words.
“In fact, I love you this much,” Seokjin said, and dropped down onto both knees, proffering a small box. “And I will definitely kill myself if you marry Yoongi and Hoseok without marrying me.”
Outside, the same twenty students who’d booked it out of the office were holding one lettered cardboard sign each, looking equal measures accosted and sleep-deprived as they crowded over the courtyard.
“DONT LET OUR PORF DIE PLEESA,” the signs spelled. 
“WE NEED TO GRADOATE,” the signs spelled. 
“Well,” you grinned at Seokjin. “I can’t let you die, I guess.”
And you could have sworn that the entire Seoul National University campus in Gwanak-gu erupted in cheers in response to that. 
But you can’t, really, because all you remember is Seokjin picking you up into his arms, lifting you just slightly off your feet as he asked, face violently red, “Hey so. Are you going to kiss your handsomest husband?”
“Oh?” You smirked. “Did he get here already?” 
“Yah, fine,” Seokjin huffed, unnerved, sitting you down on his desk, his one big hand cradling your entire back, “WHATEVER.”
And just like that, you kissed him.
For a second, Seokjin stopped breathing.
And then he surged forward, running his fingers through your hair. You caught a flicker of fire in his eyes before he tilted you back and pressed his lips to yours. His mouth parted and he licked deeper into your mouth, teeth grazing against your lip, and it wasn’t until he pulled away that you realised how pliant you had gone beneath him. 
“Now that we’re engaged,” Seokjin breathed, running his thumb across your lip. “You get to kiss this face free of charge.”
“Shut up,” you mumbled, drunk on want, and tugged him back against you. 
When you kissed Seokjin the second time, you had no idea that Kim Namjoon, twenty miles away, was chasing a puppy across the lawn of his Fortune 500 company, a dozen senior VPs tailing after him as he face-dived for Ring #4. 
You had no idea because Namjoon had sworn your three other husbands to secrecy, because in your mind, you were the one who propositioned him. And Namjoon liked to keep it that way.
It happened on the last day of summer, when you invited Namjoon out to go sailing with you. He’d been depressed and dejected for weeks, and you thought you’d ask if you could help him solve whatever problem he had on hand.
And all the other problems he will have on hand, for the rest of his life.
“What,” Namjoon blinked, uncomprehending. “Come again?”
“I’m asking, Kim Namjoon,” you said, steadying yourself against Namjoon’s leg as you crouched down on one knee, “will you marry me?”  
As if on cue, it began to drizzle. 
Then the drizzle turned into a downpour. 
And Namjoon, sitting there like a right idiot in this tiny sail boat, floating in the middle of an emerald green lake, facing the single most beautiful creature he has ever seen in his life, fell in love so hard he flipped the boat. 
Which doesn’t physically make sense, but who cares, because after Namjoon flipped the boat, after he helped pull you to the boat, he got to tuck the wet strands of your bangs behind your ears and gaze into your eyes.
“Wait,” you struggled, “I think—”
Namjoon didn’t wait. He kissed you up against the boat. 
“No wait,” you murmured, breaking away. “I think I dropped your ring.”
“I wouldn’t sweat it,” Namjoon said, and kissed you again. “I brought spares.” 
To be precise, Namjoon brought three spares in his pocket. One from his mother. One from his paternal grandmother. And one from his maternal grandmother, who told him, lovingly, clearly, with all the patience in the world, “If you lose this one, Joonie, I’m absolutely going to disown you.” 
“She means the girl,” his mother clarified, “but also the ring, of course.” 
And Namjoon had laughed at that, because even if he lost it, even if he lost them all, even if he had no family left in the world, he’d never lose you. Not in a million lifetimes. 
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kookieswan · a day ago
Molten Eyes - Territorial
Tumblr media
DragonHybrid!Jungkook x NoviceMage!Reader
Word Count: 1.1K
Genre: Hybrid AU, Magic AU, Fluff, Angst. A little bit of nsfw content.
Warnings: Dirty talk, mentions of breeding. Blame Jk lol. Someone other than JK is crass/rude toward MC.
Summary: Going on a cute little mall date with your boyfriend seemed like a good idea. That is, until you run into another dragon hybrid he loathes.
Notes: Thank you to @xmagicxshopx for requesting this! It’s the one of the first ever drabbles for the Molten Eyes series (which Rachel inspired!), just a little tidbit of their lives together.
Find the ME Masterlist here!
If you wanna be tagged, lmk. All I ask is that you interact ❤️
“Thanks for the coffee baby., it’s super yummy” Wanting to go out and about with Jungkook, he had suggested a day at the mall after you cuddled up to him. Surprising for him really, he’s never been one for prolonged contact with people but you can’t complain. Not when he’s been so cute all day long, carrying your bags and keeping you close.
“No problem love. Are there any other stores you want to go in? We still have a while till the mall closes I believe.” Walking down a long stretch hand-in-hand, you look back and forth between stores as you sip on your coffee. He’s been buying you stuff non-stop all day, so naturally, you want to return the favor. You boyfriend only deserves the best for his horde after all.
“Hmm. Maybe that new little boutique that opened last month? It has a whole bunch of things; clothes, shoes, little trinkets…” The smallest of giggles leaves you as his eyes light up like a child in a candy store, his speed picking up slightly. At even the smallest of mentions of expanding his horde, he’s always sold. It brings him so much joy; you wish you could give him all the pretty things.
You walk on for a bit before he brings his hand up and twists. You twirl around to keep hold, laughing at his antics, letting him get a proper view of you. He looks thoughtful, features soft as he smiles down at you with so much affection as you tug him to start walking again.
“Your dress looks really stunning on you by the way, you look beautiful. Like a jewel…” Glancing down, you grin big and try not to fluster. He’s being awfully sweet today, soft touches and kind words. It’s making you melt.
“Awww thanks Ko- Oh! I’m so sorry!” Something, or someone apparently, slams into you rather hard, enough to make you drop the remainder of your coffee on the ground. Jungkook pulls you close to him immediately, eyes roaming over your face before cutting harshly to whoever bumped into you. The man isn’t focused on you at all, instead he’s staring at Jungkook with an unreadable expression.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Jungkook Jeon. Or really is a small world.” It’s instantly obvious that whoever this is a a complete asshole, the way he says Kookies name borders on condescending and his general disposition grosses you out. He didn’t even say sorry to you either, and the way Jungkook’s hands tighten their grip on you only supports that idea.
“A little too small it seems. I was hoping I wouldn’t run into you any time soon.” Your boyfriends voice is tight, harsh even as he spits out the words. Trying to calm him since he’s clearly getting worked up, you snuggle closer, hoping that your scent is strong enough to reel him back.
The man slides his eyes from Jungkook to you finally, and it’s then you notice that he’s not just any kind of hybrid. The douchnozzle is dragon hybrid just like Jungkook, the blue scales on his arms glinting in the light. That… Cannot be good. Kookie doesn’t usually get too territorial but with another dragon hybrid, and I’m top of that, one he doesn’t like…
“So this is your little girlfriend huh? I heard you had managed to catch someone eye somehow. Damn, she’s a tiny thing…” Somehow Jungkook manages to drag you even closer, practically squishing you into his boobs as his chest puffs out. Uncertain, you reply to the man, your voice ringing out quietly but still firm.
“My name is _____.” He just smirks in reply, slitted eyes still on you as he licks his lips. The snarl that rips through your loves chest is loud, causing others walking by to steer clear of where you stand. You rub his back, not exactly sure how to handle the situation. Things are going to get out of hand fast though if things don’t calm down.
“She’s adorable Jeon. You haven’t mated her yet though? Interesting choice considering anyone could swoop in for it.” He hasn’t mated your because he’s a gentleman, wanting to make certain that you’re ready for something like that. This asshole though, it’s clear he doesn’t care as he steps closer and closer, clearly trying to rule your boyfriend up.
“I don’t have to worry about that considering the fact that she’s mine.” With that it’s obvious to you that Kookie is slipping. Slipping into something a little more animalistic, definitely more territorial. You reach up to rub your hand over his thick neck, to calm him, and then-
“Sure, but you always were a little shy. Bet she’d like a man who can actually take care of her. Would you like that baby? I could have you screaming on my big fat knot-“ Jungkook’s on him in a second flat, fists clenched into the man’s shirt so tightly it looks like it’ll rip, lifting him up like a damn doll. You lunge forward, grabbing his arm and whispering fiercely for him to stop. It’s admirable that he’s willing to stand up for you but you really don’t want him to get in trouble.
“Jungkook! Hey, not here baby. Please calm down… For me.” He breathes out, ragged and rough as he shoves the man away harshly, practically throwing him and causing him to fall flat on his ass. Not being able to help yourself, you snort at the singes left behind in the clothe, which quickly turns into a gasp as Jungkook picks you up as if you weigh nothing instead, still balancing all the bags in his hand.
“You’re lucky I don’t fucking end you right here, you disgusting piece of shit. If you ever come near her again, don’t expect to walk away so easily; I’ll beat your ass.” Just like that, Jungkook turns on his heel and starts walking toward one of the exits and no one dares to stop him. You sit in his arms, slightly dumbfounded, before leaving a small kiss against his jaw. You really do love your cute territorial dragon man.
“Where are we going love?” He’s still breathing harshly, eyes on fire and skin unbelievably warm. It’s quiet for a moment before he whispers the words, just loud enough for you to hear, deep and sultry.
“I’m going to take you home and breed you till you’re nice and full of me. No one will question who you belong to then.”
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serenityslutt · 2 days ago
may I request something where oc tells jk she wants a divorce because hes neglected her due to work, no matter how much he tries to change and spend more time with her shes still wants the divorce but she comes home really late one day and finds him crying yet he wont tell her why and then right when shes about to fall asleep she feels him gently putting her wedding ring back on while hes silently sobbing?? 💜 💜
I want to give a heads up on the people who sent requests i will try to get to all of you today because tomorrow im focusing on my late school work. Don’t feel like i denied your request or simply skipped it just takes sometime to write because I want to write every request differently. Please understand and be patience I will get to everyone!
Tumblr media
~ lagrimas de dolor
Pairing: jungkook x f!reader
Genre: lovers, married, angst, fluff
Warning: crying, heartbroken, work addict, etc
“No quiero vivir sin tu amor”
“_____” he grabbed your hand begging “jungkook no I already made my decision” you pull you hand back. “i don’t want this” his eyes water as he looks up at you “you should’ve thought about that before choosing your work over spending a couple hours with your wife” you walk in the bathroom with a broken heart.
You’re not trying to make him pick you or his job you’re happy he loves his work but half of the time you don’t see him. The only times you see him is in the morning when he barely fell asleep or at night to take a shower. He’s always at his office painting his master pieces. You get it he’s the most famous painter and everyone wants to see his next master piece but putting you and your feels aside isn’t part of his job. When you want to spend time with him he brushes you away “I’m almost done give me ten minutes” those ten minutes turn into hours.
“Jungkook your parents invited us to lunch tomorrow” no response he can clearly hear you “jungkook” you say his name louder making him mess up “what is the matter with you, you made me mess up on my painting” he raised his voice as he turned to look at you with a annoyed face. You stare at him disappointed you laugh “okay” you turn around as he quickly regrets what he said “____” he calls out for you but you ignore him. He’s going to talk to you tonight, he picked up the phone to see it’s one in the morning he cursed under his breath he lost the chance to talk to you.
Two hours before the lunch with his parents you call him to remind him to be there. First call nothing second nothing you rolled your eyes you send him a message before focusing on your work again.
Nothing you have lunch with his parents alone “darling I’ll talk to him” you smiled “it’s okay” you reassured her “but it’s not I’m not liking what he’s doing, he will lose you and I don’t want to lose you” she smiled rubbing your hand as you try to fight back your tears “it’s okay to cry I know you’re scared” you quickly wiped the tear from your eye. After having lunch with them you went home.
“____ im sorry i over slept” you nod “are you mad at me” you shake your head “I’m disappointed do you know how bad your parents want to see you” he tried to say something but you quickly cut him off “no you don’t because work is more important right” you shake your head as you walked away.
It’s been a couple weeks since that “fight” everything is the same and you decided to call it ends he clearly doesn’t care so you’ll make me him care. Before you left to work you left the divorce papers in front of his chair. Your signature is already there he just needs to sign youre done playing his little game he think youre going to be his dumb little house wife he’s wrong. You’re not going to waste your time on someone who isn’t putting his part in the relationship. You take your ring off placing it on top.
Three hours later jungkook wakes up taking a shower before heading in his office he was about to get up his stuff when a folder sitting on his chair caught his eye. He frown as he picks up your ring and folder, his heart instantly dropped. No, no this much me a joke he thought to himself he opens the folder knowing what’s inside. Your pen sits inside with your signature, he sits down on his chair she can’t leave me I need her his heart breaks. He can’t lose you he loves you, you’re his happiness his beautiful lover. He tried to call you but you don’t answer declining his calls every time. He bites his lip trying not to cry, he quickly call his mom telling her everything.
“I warned you jungkook but you never listened I told you one day she will leave you” he runs his hand through his hair “what should I do” his mom stays quiet “give her what she wants most” all you want most is his love, his smile, his loving kisses, his everything. “What if she still wants to leave me” his voice cracks just saying that “then you lost her over your work, last time I seen her she looked heart broken” fuck “you’re going to lost a beautiful and wonderful girl kook” a tear fell down his face “I-I I’ll try to fix this”
Once you got home you knew what’s going to happen. You take your heels off setting your stuff on the counter “____” you look up at him “why” the sadness is written all over his face “you know why” you keep it short and simple “why are you giving up on me” you shake your head “I’ve been trying to make this work I’ve been trying everything just to get five minutes of your time I tried to talk to you and you simple push me away” he gets closer to you placing the folder on the counter “I’m sorry but please don’t do this” he grabbed your hands “and what you want me to accept this life style with you” you shake your head “it’s like you’re not even here” you tried to pull back but he doesn’t let you. “B-But I can’t lose you I need you”. “I won’t be the painting on your wall you simply walk past” his eyes water “baby your aren’t a painting on the wall” he hugged you “you have been making me feel like one” you push he away. “I’m sorry but please don’t push me away” you give him a heart broken smile “it’s already to late I made my decision” you pull your hand away walking away with his broken heart in your hands.
The next few days he secretly cried, his heart needs you, he needs you. He tired to give you what you want but deep inside you know he’s only doing this so you can stay with him. He tries to make things better but it’s too late this just makes your heart hurt more. Every night he kisses your head whispering his sorrows wishing you’d forgive him “please I’m trying” he cries himself to sleep while holding your hand.
“Have a goodnight drive safe ____” you thank your boss wishing him the same before you head home. He asked you to say back a little late to help him make sure everything is good for the meeting tomorrow. You yawn as you drive home.
To your surprise you see the lights in the house on, jungkook has been sleeping early lately. You open the door tired, you hear jungkook sniffing you look at him as you lock the door he wipes his tears. He’s been denying to sign the divorce papers not wanting to give up on you just yet. You walk closer to him you see he’s drinking again “what’s wrong” he shakes his head closing his hand with your ring in it. “N-Nothing I’m fine” you know he’s not but you won’t try to get a answer knowing he’s not going to tell you”. “Stop crying” you wiped the tear that falls down his face.
You go in the room taking a shower before going to bed. You turn the light off slowly drifting off to sleep you don’t know at what moment jk decided to come to bed. You feel him lay closer to you slowly listening to his silent cries. You begin to fall asleep when you feel his hand grab yours, you don’t open your eyes. “I’m sorry” a tear drop falls on your hand as he slides your ring back on your finger. You instantly feel bad as he kissed your hand smiling against the kiss.
You open your eyes to see his eyes closed enjoying the feeling of having you close to him again. You startled him when he opened his eyes to see you looking at him. “I-I’m sorry” he tried to take the ring off your finger but you stop him, his teary eyes look at you “come here” you pull the covers up for him to get closer. He slowly smiled as he quickly hugged your body he rest his head on your chest you wrapped your arms around his neck letting his warm tears wet you shirt.
You let your feelings get the best of you, your heart hurts every time he cries. You kissed his head as you rubbed his back “stop crying kook” that just made more tears fall “im sorry” he buried his face in your chest as tears fall down his face. “It’s okay” you pull his face away from your chest rubbing his cheek “I can’t stand seeing you like this” you wiped his tears “I don’t want to lose you, I love you ___” he tightened his hold on you scared you will run away. “I love you too” your heart can’t help but accept his love again.
You pressed you lips on his he slowly kissed you back making your heart pump with love. He pulled away pecking your lips before looking at you “so you don’t want to get a divorce anymore” you shake your head “I can’t leave you, I love you too much to let go” he smiled laying his head on your chest “I promise to do better” you kiss his head “I know”.
“I love you so much ____” you smiled “I love you” he snuggled closer to you slowly sniffing to sleep in your arms
Idk if you wanted fluff I just couldn’t help but add fluff at the end :,)
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etherealinowrites · 2 days ago
78 days | jungkook | one
pairing- female reader x jungkook
genre- fantasy time travel au! marriage au! angst and fluff, mentions of death and cheating MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH
summary- love had the ability to switch sides in seconds, and so followed death with it’s swift wings. could a broken heart and time ever heal the story of ruined love? or
the one where you and jungkook fall out of love in 78 days and he will do anything to turn the time back.
wc- 2K, written for the theme- by network @kflixnet
masterlist, bts masterlist, series masterlist
Tumblr media
24 september 2021 | 6:05 am | the jeon house
jeon jungkook woke up with a splitting headache as he groaned his pain out loud. cracking his stiff neck to the side, he took a deep breath as he sighed and shuffled to get out of bed.
it was a boring routine by now, he would get out of bed, stretch for a minute, pick his phone up and turn off the alarm he’d set for an hour later and place a kiss on your forehead.
he turned, watching you sleep as you paid no attention to anything around you. he sighed again, staring at your sleeping figure before he forced himself to place a swift kiss on your forehead before he walked into the bathroom.
his hesitation was not one without sound, and what he hasn’t realised was the snappy manner in which your eyes opened as soon as you hear the bathroom door close.
this was the 78th day now, you noted.
the 78th day when your husband had to force himself to kiss you as a habit before he left for work.
the shower began to run in the background as you heard the familiar water sounds reach your ears. you shuffled a little closer to your pillow, looking for a semblance of warmth only to find none.
you closed your darned eyes, trying to shut out the same monotonous noises of the morning that had been haunting you for the past three months.
you couldn’t stop the pain gripping your heart as you tightened your grip around your blanket. jungkook would be out any minute now, you’d spend more than enough time wallowing in your sleepy thoughts to realise that a good few minutes had passed.
you heard his footsteps walk back in as you hurried to lie with closed eyes again and waited. waited to see if he would caress your hair. you heard his clothes shuffle on him, the swift pull of his dress shirts, then his pants, his belt clicked and then he threw his blazer on. you heard the drawer open as he picked out his watch, waiting to choose one for the day. a swift pop button sound and the closing of the drawer told he was ready, a few brushes to his long hair and a slight spray of cologne.
he was ready.
his footsteps neared the bed and your heart sped up in anticipation, closer and closer they became.
he picked up his phone from his side table before he rushed out the door. the lock clicked in place and suddenly the room was silent.
the morning noises you hated so much, the lack of them was equally hateful.
you let the sheets go with a pained expression.
the 78th day when your husband hadn’t caressed your hair, like he used to.
a lone tear fell down your cheeks before you could even register your emotions.
where did it all go wrong? when did you and jungkook fall out of love?
more importantly,
when did your husband stop loving you?
20th september | 11:40 pm | the jeon house
champagne burned down your throat as you swallowed yet another glass, waiting for your husband to get back from work. 
it was bad enough that you both rarely spent time together, the least you could do was wait up fro him with his favourite dinner.
you counted your third glass when the doors clicked open and you heard the familiar thump of his shoes. he was removing his blazer but stopped midway as he saw you sitting on the dining table with the food laid out.
you took a good long look at him, his tired eyes, his stiff posture and awkward hands as he figured out what to look at and what to say.
“hi.” you took the first step, mumbling the greeting a little too breathily and a pang of knife cut through your heart.
when did saying hi to your husband turn into such an anxious habit?
he smiled, a little to late for your liking as he said hi back. “what's all this?” he threw his blazer down on the sofa, set his bag down and and walked to the table.
“i told you not to wait up for me.” was all he said as he stared at his favourite pasta laid out with all his favourite side dishes. “it’s late, we should sleep.” he sighed, leaning away from the table before he began unbuttoning his shirt, his steps going towards the bedroom.
“wait.” you got up hastily, reaching out to hold his arm and god believe it or not, it was the first contact you two had shared in over two months. 
he turned with a single raised eyebrow, question evident on his face. “what?”
you gulped, letting go of his arm as you took a step back. “i was wondering we could eat together you know?” when he unamused at your request, you added. “i made your favourite?”
jungkook sighed, not bothering to hide his annoyance as he turned fully to grace you with the most pitiful look ever. “i told you not to wait up didn't i?”
when you didn't respond, he continued, folding his arms together. “i already ate with my colleagues, you know i don't eat at home. more like i stopped doing that a few months ago. you should know that by now shouldn't you y/n?” he tutted, turning around once again.
“but that's exactly why i waited tonight- can't you start eating at home again? too much of outside food is not so healthy-.”
“i don't give a fuck okay? if i want to fucking eat outside i will. you have no say in what i do or not do okay?” his tone snapped you out of your little rant and you stared at his angry face in shock. the jungkook you’d married and loved never yelled at you like that, not over such petty things anyway.
“i just wanted to-.” you mumbled, trying to ignore the silly way in which your eyes watered and your bottom lip trembled.
“save it.” jungkook interrupted you once again, his expression hostile as he rushed over to the dining table and picked up a fork to shove a single bite in his mouth.
he swallowed it without even chewing it properly, using water to gulp it down. “there happy? i had your fucking pasta.”
you bit your lip, resigning to the nights events. what were you thinking anyway. you knew it was futile, it was stupid to ignore this humongous gap that had built itself between you and jungkook. there was no going back, you  were just being foolish.
“oh and by the way, i stopped liking this pasta three months ago.” he spat as he brushed past you, closing the bedroom door with a loud and definitive thud.
and so, you let your stupid tears fall again.
78 days earlier
8 july | 1:19 pm | the jeon house
jungkook walked into the house with the biggest smile on his face. he was way too early especially on a busy day like this. he couldn't stop his smile as he waited for you to react to seeing him in the house.
he found it a little strange as the door was locked, you usually kept it open because the security of the outside gate was strong enough. thinking you might be taking a shower or something, jungkook shrugged his worries off as he looked for you.
that's strange.
you never worked on thursday and fridays, you were supposed to be home but you were nowhere to be seen. you weren’t out with your friends since you would've told him and the the door clicked open, making jungkook rush towards the entrance.
“BABYYYY” he cried out enthusiastically, hoping for a bigger reaction from you however your wide eyes and guilty face made him question something.
“baby?” he asked again, staring at your wide open lips as you tried to think. 
“kook? you were supposed to be back in the evening?”
jungkook blinked twice, taken aback at your words. why was that the first thing out of your mouth when he so happily surprised you?
“is there a problem baby? can't i come home to see my lovely wife?” he smiled, trying to ignore the stinging suspicion in his heart as he came up to hug.
you let him, allowing him to place a kiss on your shoulder as ran his hands up and down you back in slow lines. “ah, i missed you.”
you gulped, and he must've sensed your hesitation for he asked you about it. “everything alright baby?” his voice was filled with concern and all you could do was mumble out a vague reassurance before breaking out of his hold and quietly walking back to your room.
as you did, you forgot your purse on the sofa. jungkook tilted his head to the side and began walking to the bedroom to look after you and find out what's wrong but the buzz of your phone on vibrate had him reaching into your purse to take it out.
“y/n baby your-” was all he had let out when a piece of paper slipped out with your phone, falling onto the thick, white couch. 
jungkook’s brows furrowed as he picked it up to put it back but the writing on it caught his eye.
8 july, 10 am at XXXXXXX”
all of a sudden, your behaviour made sense, your weird wide eyes, the guilt in your face, the hesitation to respond to him.
he felt his heart hammer in his ears as his breath quickened, his pals felt sweaty and all he could do was stare at that darned piece of paper and do everything in his control to not freak out about it. why oh why did your phone have to ring? why the fuck did he have to fucking see that cursed piece of paper?
jungkook took a deep breath, placing the paper quietly back in your purse as he walked up to the bedroom door, your phone still in his hands.
it was the same fucking number.
“y/n- your phone-” you opened the door in a rush at his words, snatching the phone from him with a hurried thanks before shutting it back again.
jungkook stood outside with a grim face, glassy eyes and a broken heart.
after that day, your interactions with jungkook lessened significantly, nor did jungkook try to intervene. slowly, ever so slowly, the two of you began to drift apart as jungkook realised where your true loyalty lied. his tone became harsher, his habits became darker and his gaze turned hateful as his actions towards you changed drastically.
you let it all happen, watching the wonderful love between the two of you go stale as you frequented going outside more than spending time with him. he let it all happen too, let his wife he was in love with leave him for other.
nobody said marriage was easy, jungkook bitterly thought to himself. but he never expected to ever be in such a situation with you of all people.
nobody said love was easy, you thought bitterly, and you had never expected to ever be in such a situation.
it was hilarious how the undying love you two had, was now guzzling into hatred, with time slowly ebbing away, the love faded into nothing and while you could’ve stopped it, you did not. because you did not want him to love you again.
present day
24 september 2021 | 11 pm | golden light hospital
at 11 pm, jeon jungkook mourned the loss of his dead wife, wishing that he could turn back time to caress her hair that morning.
his shaking hand came up to brush the tendrils of curls from her cold pale face and felt his heart break even further.
there were no tears in his eyes, just sorrow of having lost his wife, there was no despair for love, he'd lost his lover long ago anyway.
oh how badly did he want that morning to come again, so he could at least bid his past lover goodbye.
a/n- part two will be out soon.
taglist- @dreamescapeswriting @cocainee-queen @eastleighsblog is open!!!
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yoonoclock · 2 days ago
forgetful confessions, 2 | jjk
Tumblr media
❝in a less than sober minded state, jeongguk stumbles into your apartment confessing feelings you didn’t know were there. well….you weren’t confident was there. the sad part is, jeongguk remembers nothing of what he said the night before.❞
• pairing: jeongguk x female reader
• genre: fluff, f2l
• warnings: profanity, mention of being drunk
• word count: 1.1k
• note: an eternity later, i finally wrote part two!! apologies for taking so long…working full time has really been a killer. let me know what you think!!
Tumblr media
The last time you confessed your feelings to someone was under a tree outside of his house. You remember this distinctly because it was pouring down rain and you failed to bring an umbrella. He was a boy you naturally developed a friendship with through numerous classes that seemed to line up every semester of high school. Fast forward a few months where you realized that you had a crush on him…it was when he decided to sit beside you. Something sparked within your stomach at that moment. Is this what it’s supposed to feel like now that you no longer are a young girl? Sure, in elementary school you experienced crushes. Those lasted a total of five minutes. This time? It was different. 
Now, what did that have to do with being in front of his house in the rain? You were required to work on a project together. Fortunately for you this was a good thing. That is, until you hesitated to enter his house out of nerves. Eventually he caught on because he stepped outside to see you contemplating life with a miserable expression. 
Perhaps there was a better method to confessing than practically shouting it all in the same breath. He stared at you in disbelief with raised eyebrows. Slowly they moved together with an emotion that read “sorry…I don’t feel the same.” 
He could have laughed. He could have hugged you. Instead, he stared awkwardly at the floor. 
You look back on that…incident as the sole reason you hardly ever tell someone how you truly feel. At least in that case you did create a long time friend by the name of Park Jimin. He never fails to remind you of that rainy day. 
This is what your mind is flooded with once Jeongguk is sat across from you. Your vision of him had always been a glistening light accompanied by warmth. He was your safety. But that doesn’t always equate to romantic love. 
How can you be certain that what is going on within your heart is because it has been there all this time or that it’s due to his drunken confession? Perhaps time is what it takes. 
“I feel like I’m in an interview,” Jeongguk laughed softly. “I am making this more awkward than it needs to be.” 
He couldn’t stop fiddling with the hem of his shirt before meeting your gaze every few seconds. It’s quite the opposite of his character considering he shared every little aspect of his life with you. Sometimes there were no words required, you read his demeanor like an open book. Just like he does with you. 
In this particular situation it has everything to do with his poor delivery through consuming far too much alcohol. 
“How long…” you trailed off. 
Jeongguk smiled to himself, “I can’t pinpoint an exact moment because love develops over time. Every second…every hour…it compiles together until it finally clicks. Love.” 
“Oh,” you whispered. 
Come on, Y/N. You can’t just say oh in response. 
You forced yourself to stand up from the sofa. Thankfully, you both returned to your apartment in order to talk about everything. Discussing something so profound as this can’t be done in public. It’s meant to be in private. For that reason you could peacefully pace your living space. As you attempted to pass Jeongguk for a moment, he gently latched onto your fingers. His touch caused your whole body to cease. 
“Y/N…” you turned to face him. “If I am making things between us worse…one word from you will silence me on this forever. I can’t lose you…ever.” 
The whole world existed in his eyes. A softened glow that never failed to bring you comfort. In reality, he is your best friend who has been there for you in the good moments and the difficult moments. But you cannot lie to yourself in saying you never felt a little pinch of something within your heart. Not only did you find him attractive, you thought he would make the best boyfriend. Does it mean he would be a boyfriend to you? Not necessarily. You erased the thought numerous times because…dude…that’s your best friend. Aren't there dozens of books and movies that start like this where it ends up being awkward? There is no desire to end up like that. 
You need time to figure out your feelings. 
“Jeongguk,” once he heard his name being the first word out of your mouth he awaited the rejection. Except it never came. Instead, he took notice of how you gnawed on your lower lip to properly express what was going on inside your head. 
“Listen,” you pushed aside your nerves in order to convey the truth. “There is something going on in this dusty heart of mine…your drunk confession definitely caused some rusty gears to move.” 
Jeongguk shook his head, “Why do you sound like an elderly man right now?”
“Shut up,” you pouted. “I am not good at sharing stuff like this…but what I’m trying to say is I want time to figure out if this is…real.”
His eyes softened in the way that it usually does whenever he utterly transfixed. You were a sucker for that look. 
“It’s not a no?” He asks for reassurance. 
“Wait..it is a no?”
“No!” You slap your palm against your forehead. “I mean it’s a no to it being a no…which is to say that I am not rejecting your feelings.” 
Jeongguk tilted his head back in laughter, “I’m a big dummy with big feelings.” 
How could you not fall for a dork like that?
“I have a suggestion though,” he scooted forward to the edge of his seat. “What if…I take you on a few dates? That way we can both figure this out?” 
“That’s a little formal, don’t you think?” 
“Should I make a grand gesture?” He raised his eyebrow in question despite already deciding to do something out of pure embarrassment. 
You immediately rushed over to him, “Don’t you dare-”
He was out of your grasp in order to fulfill his dream of acting out the famous Romeo & Juliet scene. How did you know this was his plan? Well, he has made it known for years that he wanted to ask someone he cared for on a date in this exact style. You were merely being playful…but at what cost. 
“Stop you dumbass!” 
You ran after him as he booked it down the hallway to meet you outside your balcony. Funny thing is, you were on the first floor so this ‘romantic gesture’ wouldn’t be at the same level as the play. Thank goodness. 
Before he could make it to the front doors, you jumped onto his back to the point of dragging to the cold hard ground. 
“Don’t remember this part in the play,” Jeongguk murmured as he rolled over with a slight groan. “Juliet has a mean tackle.” 
You burst out laughing, “Are you okay?”
“Depends,” Jeongguk met your gaze. “Will you go on a date with me?”
You shake your head in amusement, “Yes, you dummy.” 
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mrworldwideshoulders · 2 days ago
One Plus One || reader x PJM
Tumblr media
Title: One Plus One Pairing: reader x PJM Word count: 2.3k Rating: rated T / PG-13 Genre: fluff (hehe), maybe a little bit of crack, friends to lovers Summary: Everyone around you seems to be getting married, while you’re feeling like you might be the only single girl left on the planet (or at least in your friend group), but a surprise confession from your best friend and wedding date just might change that. Inspired by Marry You & Treasure - Bruno Mars Warnings: the amount of sweet cotton candy fluff contained within this fic may be damaging to your health, alcohol consumption (they are at a wedding) A/N: this fic is soft and fluffy and it makes me very happy :’) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. thanks for reading! ly - robyn P.S. As always I do not own BTS or their likenesses, nor do I own the music of Bruno Mars (lol), they simply inspire me. inspo playlist here
a part of the Hooligans series; masterlist here
The wedding is beautiful. The bride, the venue, the flowers, the centerpieces, even the normally hideous bridesmaids’ dresses - all breathtaking. It sounds cliche, but…you wish it were you, standing in front of your friends and family, in a white dress, professing your undying love and affection for the man next to you. You’d hoped it would have happened by now but at the moment it’s not looking promising. Your last long-term relationship ended in relative disaster, you haven’t had a successful date in six months, and once again you’re disgustingly single, with no prospects on the horizon. Now with wedding season upon you, and all of your friends and colleagues tying the knot, you’ve been reminded of that depressing statistic every time you get one of your so-called friends’ wedding invitations in the mail, plus one included, “just in case.” Damn them and their wishful thinking. 
"You know you don't have to go to every wedding you get invited to," said your best friend and preferred plus-one Park Jimin when you asked him once again to accompany you to the event. "And you don't have to bring a plus-one every time either, just because they gave you one."
"Of course I do," you protested. "They’re my friends and I want to support them. And I know that. But it's depressing if I don’t, and I look pitiful and sad going by myself. Do you know how boring it is to go to a wedding by yourself? God, so boring. Who else is going to critique every little detail of it with me?"
"Ah, so you need me around to keep things interesting." Jimin nodded, cracking one of his knowing smirks. "Say no more. I'm your man."
You can always count on Jimin to deliver - well, that's an understatement - you can always count on Jimin to overdeliver. Always. It also doesn't hurt that he has impeccable taste in suits, not to mention he wears the hell out of them every time. This time he arrives dressed to the nines in an expensive-looking gray suit, blond hair perfectly styled as usual. 
"I'm sorry, who gave you the right to look hotter than me?" you demand from behind him as he's fixing his tie in your hallway mirror. You're well aware of how attractive your best friend is, handsome in that angelic Hollywood heartthrob kind of way. You can't go anywhere with him without someone trying to slip him their number, or attempting to get his number. 
His face brightens when he sees you, then he catches himself and clears his throat. "Just putting my looks to good use for once. Besides, isn't the bride supposed to be the center of attention?"
"Please." You roll your eyes. "They say weddings are a great place to meet people. I have to at least try, you know."
"I'm kidding." He chuckles. "You look beautiful, y/n." 
Your cheeks color under your foundation and you're grateful he doesn't notice, or he'd never let you live it down. "You're totally just saying that," you say, self-consciously touching your neck. "But thank you."
The ceremony goes off without a hitch, and you find yourself tearing up once or twice as the bride and groom recite the vows they wrote for each other, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t cry this time. At the reception you're seated with one other person you're acquainted with, a mutual colleague of yours and the bride, and the rest of the table is people you don't know, a mix of guests from both the bride and groom's sides. Jimin, of course, is his usual charming self, and has made friends with most of them by the time they start serving dinner. As you’re getting up to join the buffet line, the champagne you’ve been sipping all night seems to hit you all at once, and you nearly topple over, but you land against Jimin’s chest, which is more solid than it looks, suddenly wrapped in his arms. 
You glance up. “Sorry,” you manage. 
Jimin looks down at you with an amused expression and chuckles. “Don’t worry about it. Lightweight.” 
You steady yourself and aim a slap at his shoulder. “I’m not a lightweight, you jerk. You’re the one who kept bringing me drinks when you knew I hadn’t eaten anything.”
He holds his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I forgot you were a lightweight.” He dashes off suddenly. 
“Hey!” you shout, scurrying after him. 
After the bride and groom have their first dance, he tugs you out onto the dance floor, insisting that people who don’t dance at weddings are the worst. You’re lucky he’s such a good dancer, or else you’re sure you’d look ridiculous. When the DJ announces the bouquet toss and asks all the men to clear the dance floor, Jimin turns to you, looking excited. “Are you going to do it?” he asks. 
“What?” you scoff. “No, of course not. I caught it at the last wedding I went to, and look how much good it did me. It’s a dumb tradition, anyway. Give someone else a chance to be disappointed.”
“Go for it,” he says, shoving you towards the cluster of women gathering at the front of the room. “Maybe you’ll get lucky this time,” he adds, smirking. 
“I highly doubt that,” you say under your breath, positioning yourself somewhere in the middle of the group and raising your hands, not intending to make much of an effort to catch it. 
“One…two…three!” The bride launches the massive bouquet backwards, and the room erupts in cheers as it sails through the air…landing directly in your arms. Your mouth falls open. Again? “Y/n! When’s the big day, y/n?” she beams into the microphone, as the crowd shoves you to the front. 
You laugh awkwardly and the crowd of crestfallen women disperses, leaving you to make your way back to your table, your slightly squashed bunch of roses and cascading greenery in tow. Jimin sits in his spot, arms crossed. He’s positively grinning, a little too smugly for your liking.
“I told you,” he says.  
“You,” you say, gesticulating at him with the mangled bouquet. “This is your fault. Every time I catch the damn bouquet it probably adds another year to me finding someone.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure.” He winks. “He might be closer than you think.” 
The evening starts to wind down, with the DJ transitioning to mostly slow songs and the lighting about half as bright as it was when the party started, and the reception hall mostly deserted except for a handful of other wedding guests still milling around. You flop down into one of the ribbon and tulle adorned chairs and wiggle your feet out of your high-heeled sandals, your tipsy fingers fumbling with the straps. Your hair is disheveled, coming down out of the updo you spent most of the morning on, and your makeup is almost certainly melted off or smeared halfway across your face. Not that it matters - the bride and groom have since made their exit, headed off to their honeymoon destination under an arch of sparklers, and the photographers have already stopped taking pictures for the night. You heave a loud, huffing sigh and pin your plus-one with a glare. “God, my feet are killing me. Jimin, did we have to dance to every song they played tonight?” 
“Sorry.” Jimin smirks. “Got caught up in the moment.” He turns toward you. “It was fun, though, wasn’t it?” 
“I suppose,” you say begrudgingly. “Thanks for coming with me, by the way. Sorry for hijacking your weekend again. They should really just stop giving me plus-ones.” You lean back in your chair.
“Don’t worry about it,” he says. “That's what friends are for, right? But it’s a good thing I like weddings.”
You chuckle half-heartedly. “Well, that makes one of us.” 
“And you don’t?” says Jimin, leaning over. “Your ‘wedding vibes’ Pinterest board would like a word with you.” 
“Okay, first of all, rude, and second of all…ugh, never mind.” You sigh. “I like the idea of weddings, even if they are expensive and overcommercialized. I think, if done right, they're beautiful celebrations of love, and I would like going to them more if I weren’t so pathetic and single. I just…” You trail off. “Never mind. It’s stupid.” 
“What?” he says. He props his chin on one fist and stares at you. 
You bite your lip and avoid his gaze. “I feel…stuck. Almost every single one of my friends is getting married and moving on and making these big life changes and commitments. I love my life. I do. And I’m happy for all of them. But it's really lonely to feel like everyone is moving on without you. That's all.” 
"Everyone goes at their own pace." Jimin reaches over and touches your hand. "And you still have me," he adds. "I'm not married yet."
"Well, it's only a matter of time before someone snaps you up and makes an honest man out of you," you say, sighing again. "I'm surprised someone hasn't already. And I'm sure she won't like you being my wedding date every weekend. So eventually you'll move on without me too." The thought makes you deeply melancholy for some reason. "Eventually it'll just be me, boring, single, and going to weddings all by myself. I'll probably die alone and be eaten by cats. Not even my cats, like random cats from the street, drawn in by the smell of death." You cup your chin in one hand and stare at the centerpiece on the table, the floating candle almost burned down to nothing. 
“So marry me, then,” says Jimin. 
You start and look over at him. "What?" 
"Marry me," he repeats.
You don’t know if it’s the champagne or the pain in your feet or the serious look on Jimin’s face, but you can’t help but burst out laughing. “Very funny,” you let out in between laughing and gasping for air, expecting him to start laughing along with you, reaching over to slap his arm. "I think we've both had too much to drink, don't you?" He just sits there, head cocked to one side, watching you mischievously. Your laughter fades. “You are kidding, aren’t you?” 
“No.” He smiles. “I’m serious. I want to marry you, y/n.”
"Jimin, we aren’t even dating!” you yelp. “Don’t we have to date for like a year minimum before we start talking about getting married?” 
“Who says? We’ve been best friends for years. We’ve known each other longer than a lot of people do before they get engaged. We even lived together at one point. And don’t forget you’ve brought me to every wedding you’ve ever been given a plus-one to. We've practically been dating already without even knowing it.” Jimin shrugs. “So why not?” 
"Why not?" you squeak. "What do you mean, 'why not'? You could have your pick of anyone who’s the slightest bit interested in you. Why would you want to marry me?"
"You're right," he says. "I could pick anyone. And I pick you." His eyes soften. “I’ve been in love with you for a while, y/n. You're the best person I know, and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I can’t imagine not seeing you every day. I can’t stand the idea of anyone else being your wedding date. And I don’t want anyone else being mine, either. I want to be by your side, y/n. Always. And if that means marrying you, then so be it.”
“Jimin…” you falter. “Really? How long have you known?” 
“I don’t know." He looks down thoughtfully. "Maybe a year? After that guy broke up with you over text?" You remember the guy, who in hindsight wasn’t even your type. "I just…realized I was tired of seeing you get your heart broken, over and over, wasting your time and your tears and your brainpower on these guys who probably never thought twice about ending things."
"I never knew,” you say softly. “A year? Why didn’t you say something sooner?”
“I was waiting for my moment.” He smiles. "Every time I thought about it you had just gotten into a relationship or just gotten out of one, or there was something else going on, and the timing just never felt right.”
“I - I don’t even know what to say.” Your cheeks flush. 
“Say yes. Say you’ll consider it." He grabs your hands. "Think about it, y/n. We're already so good together as friends. I think it could really work." 
You look at your best friend, blond hair rumpled, cheeks pink, tie adorably loose around his neck, nothing but affection in his eyes. He’s never looked at you like that before - or maybe you've just never noticed. "What if it doesn't work?" you say. "What if you're wrong and it doesn't work, so we break up, and we end up hating each other so much that we never speak again? I’ve always had the worst luck with guys. You know that. What are the chances things will end up going badly with you too? You're my best friend. I don't know if I'm willing to risk losing you."
"That won't happen," he says firmly. 
You bite your lip pensively. "Do you really think so?"
"I know so," he says emphatically.
You hesitate. “Okay,” you say finally. “I'll consider it. Under two conditions.”
“What is it?” he asks. 
“We actually have to date first. I’m not going to marry you right off the bat, my parents will think I'm pregnant and desperate or something."
"So we date first," he says. "Okay. What's the second thing?"
"The second thing is…you accept full responsibility if this blows up in our faces."
“It won't. But I promise,” he says, going straight in to plant a warm kiss on your cheek. “We’ve got this.” 
You look up at him, smiling wryly. “I guess you knew what you were talking about when you made me do the bouquet toss, didn’t you?” 
“Of course I did. I know everything.” He pats you on the head. 
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