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littlemisskookie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Langour Ship: Hoseok | Reader Description: Hoseok’s got a lust-driven thirst for his step sister. Warning: Step-Siblings!AU, Incest Sorta? Impregnation Kink, Somnophilia, PWP, Dub-Con? Dirty Talk, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral, Fingering, Intercourse, Handjob Word Count: 3,387 A/N: I’m sooooo going to hell for this I’ve never seen anyone write this particular kink s h i t.
There's an unspoken but clear rule that everyone knows about family- and one that Hoseok seemed to have broken.
Family doesn't look at family with lust.
More precisely, Hoseok happened to look at his sister with lust. Even more precisely, his step-sister.
Sure, it wasn't incest- but considering the fact that you two lived together and shared the same parents, it was wrong nonetheless. He couldn't help it, though- it was as though you were enticing him with your mere presence.
Hoseok hadn't thought too much about when his father's girlfriend said yes to the proposal. He was happy for his father actually- the man had been lonely and sad ever since Hoseok's mother died years ago. He had never seen his old man so happy. He liked the new woman anyway- she was very liberal and down to Earth, being open-minded.
He didn't think much either when he found out she had a daughter.
"Eleanore's got a daughter about your age, you know," his father commented after a few dates with said Eleanore. Hoseok was a mere teenager at the time, at the peak of his hormones and being flooded with school work. It wasn't as though he had much time to think about the possibility of a step-sister.
But when you moved in... that's when things changed.
You were fun to be around, but he could never quite get comfortable with you. Sure, he was at ease, but it wasn't familial ease. It wasn't even quite the friend-type of ease- there seemed to always be a tension between you two, so thick it could be cut with a knife. He had a feeling you could sense it, too. It wasn't that you two weren't fond of each other- it was the opposite.
It was as though Hoseok had fallen into a trap. He was a teenager, it was natural for him to be horny and lustful over any girl his age who wasn't related to him by blood. It didn't help when you snuck out of the shower, hair slicked back and wet, water droplets rolling down your skin, and a small towel pressed daintily against your body. Or when he'd call you down for dinner only to see you prancing around in your ridiculously short shorts, and on occasion, underwear.
He remembered what shame he felt when he clasped his hand over his mouth, biting down on his fist as he jerked off to the memory of you pinned down by another man against the wall, his chest pressed against yours so tightly that your toes barely grazed the ground. Hoseok felt seething jealousy- though he disguised it instead as brotherly anger. He had marched himself over to the two of you, shoving the guy off of you. "Get away from my little sister" and bullshit like that. Though he's never thought of you as a sister. Not once.
What made him stop in his tracks, lungs constricted from oxygen, is when he turned around to face you, his nostrils flaring and his eyes practically bulging out of their eye sockets. Your lipstick was smeared, lips swollen and cheeks rosy. Your eyes had a blown out appearance to them, practically black with how dilated they were. Your hooded gaze had fallen onto Hoseok, and at that moment he felt as though someone had knocked all of the air out of his body.
"You should stay away from creeps like that, Y/N," Hoseok scolded, chastising you. "Hell, isn't that the guy who's been sliding into your DMs? What do you want with a jerk like that? What do you see in him, anyway?"
You simply gave him a sultry look, a smirk on your lips as you gave him that innocent shrug. "I guess I just like guys who take what they want."
God, how those words sent Hoseok ablaze. He was always the kind of guy who respected women- respected anyone, really. He didn't cross boundaries and was cautious and tenacious. He considered himself a feminist and was disgusted with some of the acts he'd hear about on the news and such.
However, he had never suspected a woman would actually like that behavior. Maybe it was the confidence of it all that had you attracted to it, but it left him hard in the middle of the night, only able to jerk off to the sight of your swollen and glossy lips along with your dangerous gaze. Fuck, and to think you were peacefully sleeping on the other side of the wall, your rooms connected to one another.
He could forgive himself for that, though. He was a teenager- it was bound to happen to a degree, especially since he never considered you a sister.
But now he was an adult.
And he still wanted to fuck your brains out.
God, if his stepmother and father knew, they'd shit a brick. He had no doubt you knew, though. You'd tease him, often, it seems. Your smile was too coy to be innocent, brushing against him as you passed by, your ass pressed against his crotch. You'd grin from ear to ear whenever you'd ask him to hold onto your waist and balance you as you tried to reach something on the top shelf, on your tiptoes as you balanced on a stool. Hoseok would always try to look down, your short and inviting skirt giving him glimpses of the black lace you wore underneath. It took a lot of self-control for him to keep himself from throwing himself at you whenever you strutted about the house in the skimpiest clothes you could find. You'd meet his glares with sharp giggles.
What a tease.
There was one night, though, when it all snapped. You two were watching a movie. Your parents have fallen asleep due to their older age. You had a habit of snuggling against him, as though for warmth, but Hoseok always felt so tense. He couldn't imagine you actually felt comfortable.
There was a certain scene in the movie where the man had snuck into the woman's room, feeling her up and kissing against her neck as she slept.
Hoseok grimaced. "Isn't that... wrong?"
What a stupid question.
You shrugged in response, your eyes trained on the glowing screen. "I dunno- I think it's kind of hot."
Hoseok tensed at that, his muscles tight. "What about that is hot? It's sexual assault."
"It's called somnophilia, Hoseok. Look it up. And I wouldn't want just anyone to do it to me- I'd kick them in the face. I think I'd be ok with it, though, if it were someone I trusted."
"To each their own, I suppose," Hoseok murmured quietly. He had never pictured you as the type to have a kink or fetish like that, but you still managed, to this day, to surprise him. As he thought about it, too, he could picture how you could get turned on from the idea. He didn't think he'd feel comfortable with putting his dick in an unconscious person, though.
Hoseok's breath hitched when he felt your hand on his knee. You were hesitant, waiting a few seconds to observe his response through the light of the people having sex onscreen. "You know I trust you, right?"
Hoseok didn't know how to respond to what you were insinuating. However, you dismissed that worry from his mind, as though knowing he wouldn't want to directly answer.
You sat up, stretching your arms as your mouth went agape. Letting out a yawn, you rubbed your sleepy eyes. "I think I'm gonna hit the sack. Night, Hobi."
Hoseok watched you walk away, his eyes trailing after you, gaze firmly planted on your rear as you sauntered out of sight. He couldn't believe what had just happened, and as his mind filled with ideas and questions, he looked down only to realize that his body had also reacted to the vixen that was you.
Needless to day, Hoseok was restless that night. He tossed and turned in bed, unable to so much as close his eyes. Why was it you had this effect on him? Why you, of all people? Why did he have to be so goddamn attracted to his step-sister? It was driving him mad.
He debated in his head whether to do something about it and finally sleep with you, or to pretend as though it never happened.
He was starting to seriously consider the former when he heard something.
His name.
Someone from the other side of the wall was moaning his name. Your voice rang out, light and airy, and though there was no doubt your sleeping parents wouldn't be able to hear, Hoseok sure as hell did.
His name spilled from your mouth in breathy moans, small groans and whimpers tumbling out, and Hoseok strained to hear. It was as though he were possessed, getting up from his bed to open the door to your room, though it was already slightly ajar. He had suspected something like you masturbating with a vibrator or toy in hand, but instead, he found you sound asleep, your body moving reactively to whatever wet dream you were having.
You were having wet dreams about Jung fucking Hoseok.
He felt his throat get tight, and though he was undeniably aroused at the moment, he wanted to deny the temptation. He couldn't- you were asleep- he was your brother-
"I guess I just like guys who take what they want."
Hoseok felt as though he wasn't even in control of his own actions at this point. He found himself climbing into bed, slithering between your legs, and his fingers hooking into the waistband of your panties.
This is wrong, this is so wrong, he thought to himself as he slid them down your legs, throwing them to the side. He was about to get up to leave when you gave another moan.
"Fuck, Hoseok, please, please touch me."
He felt his hard-on throb with need at that, and he took in a deep breath, your wetness and feminine scent clouding his train of thought. Slowly he slid down to lay on his belly, his head between your thighs as he pushed them further apart. He could see your pussy barely glistening in the dark, and he felt as though he were a starved man tempted with delicacies before him. There was no other accurate description.
Tentatively, he licked a stripe up your glistening cunt, the sweet flavor of your slick on his tastebuds making him want to devour you whole. His eyes rolled back, and despite the fact he had gotten a mere taste, he felt as though he were in heaven. This was enough jerk off material for years, no doubt about that. You tasted too goddamn sweet.
He licked you again, spreading you with two fingers as the flat of his tongue pressed against your clit. You mewled, writhing beneath him, your thighs tensing at his sides. He found himself gradually getting firmer as you coated his tongue, the greedy muscle occasionally dipping into your sopping hole. His lips pressed and kissed the folds, tongue causing wet, lewd, and sloppy sounds to fill the room. He enjoyed how your moans would get low and more groan-like at that, and when his tongue twirled around your clit you would become more breathy and whimper-like.
You began to tense more as his tongue lashed out, becoming more punishing with how loud your moans were. Chanting his name, he couldn't get enough. He slipped two fingers into your glistening heat, a come-hither motion making it easy for him to find your g-spot. You were unraveling, your thighs clamping together around his head as you felt yourself come undone, a violent orgasm wrecking throughout your body as Hoseok continued his harsh motions, the searing pain as he continued causing undeniable pleasure.
When you came down from your high, your body went limp, your skin glistening with sweat. Hoseok saw your eyes peer down at his, your chest rising and falling with each deep breath you took, your mind dazed from drowsiness and the lust-filled haze.
Hoseok kept his eyes locked with yours before pressing his tongue flat against your clit, toying with the swollen nub once more. You cringed from overstimulation, hands flying down to grasp onto his locks as your thighs instinctively locked him in. "Mmf, Hoseok."
Hoseok gave you one more strong lick, enjoying how you shuddered beneath him, your bottom lip trapped between your teeth. He came up, between your legs as he caged you between his arms, the lower half of his face glistening with your juices. "Did you have a nice dream, Y/N?"
You nodded slowly, looking at him with hooded eyes. He was shirtless at the moment, wearing nothing but sweatpants. You reached out, palming the prominent bulge beneath the fabric. "Do you even have to ask?"
Hoseok grinned at that, his eyes darkening as he saw you waiting intently, eyes peering up at him as though to wonder what his next move will be. "You came pretty hard, there. What will Mom and Dad say to know I'm corrupting my little sister?"
"Why don't you corrupt me further?" you questioned, spreading your legs alluringly, your pulsating heat beckoning to him once more. "You still need to be taken care of."
"Fucking shit," Hoseok hissed as you pulled his dick out from beneath his sweatpants and briefs, stroking him slowly. You stopped for a moment to reach down, swiping your fingers through your copious arousal and twirling the little nub, moaning a bit. Your fingers dipped into your puckered hole, coating the small digits further in your arousal and the leftover result of your previous orgasm. You slid your fingers back up, swiping them through the folds and letting them graze over your clit before you wrapped the hand back around Hoseok's cock, your juices mixing along with the pearls of precum that circled the tip of Hoseok's cock.
"We could've been doing this years ago if you weren't so scared," you whispered, cocking your head to the side. "I've waited long enough. I can't wait for you to wreck me."
He moaned, shuddering as you continued to prep him, lubricating him thoroughly. He swiped your hand away quickly, however, wanting to get to the real deal. "I'm gonna fucking destroy you, baby. No other man will be able to perfectly wreck you the way I will."
"Fuck me, big brother," you said, arching your back and lifting your hips in the air so your entrance can meet with the tip of his cock. You circled your hips in the air enticingly before Hoseok grabbed onto your hips, slamming you back down into the mattress as he pushed inside of you.
Both of you moaned as your walls enveloped around him, and you hissed at the delicious burn of his cock stretching your walls further. He began to move, bucking his hips against yours as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. He kept himself above you, his elbows acting as his support as he was careful not to crush you. It was good that he was caging you in, however, because the velocity of his thrusts threatened to have your head bang against the headboard. There was no doubt there'd be bruises on your pelvis by the time this was over.
Your feet reached towards the sky, heels to heaven as you arched your back beneath him. Hoseok licked against your neck, collecting the salt, as though his tongue was a paintbrush and your skin was the canvas. You grabbed onto his face to eagerly mash his mouth against yours, tongues twirling together in a sloppy kiss. You could still taste remnants of yourself on his lips.
It's odd to think that you two have gone this far, and yet this moment was actually your first kiss together. Right as he was drilling into you at a brutal pace, his sharp pelvic bone causing just enough friction and applying just enough pressure as it rubbed against your throbbing clit. You could feel your body shake, your walls clenching around him as your second orgasm approached, but you wanted him to come too.
Sensing that you were close, Hoseok hitched your legs up, your heels on his shoulders as your feet dangled beside his head. He leaned forward, the angle allowing him to penetrate you deeper, and you felt your eyes rolling back. You were beginning to convulse around him from the intense sensations of your approaching orgasm, but you kenw you wouldn't be satisfied with just that. You wanted to feel the soreness between your legs the night after, knowing each moment you moved that the cause of it was because your brother had snuck inot your room to plow into your tight cunt. More than that, though, you wanted to feel him fill you up with so much cum you were practically overflowing.
"Cum in me, Hoseok," you begged. "I'm so, so close. I want to feel you inside me from this moment to when I wake up in the morning- mark me as yours."
That seemed to do it. Hoseok's eyes rolled back as he let out a few more sloppy thrusts. Your heels dug into his ass as you pulled him close to you, his last few strokes having your orgasm spread throughout your body, intense as it bloomed from your crotch to the tips of your fingertips.
You were panting heavily, and Hoseok's arms shook as he tried to stay upright instead of falling on top of you, though he looked worn out from both the orgasm and the exercise.
You grinned at him, knowing all too well the worrisome look on his face. Instead, you helped him roll over, sitting on top of him as you planted a wet kiss against his mouth.
"You filled me up so good, baby," you whispered in his ear. "I'm going to keep this in me all night. If I weren't on birth control, you would've gotten me pregnant. You filled me up that much- it's spilling out of me already."
"God, you're dirty," Hoseok said, enjoying the way you spoke teasingly and erotically, pulling you down for another kiss. "Imagine what our parents would think if they knew what a dirty girl you were."
"They'd be horrified to know you knocked me up. I'd be so swollen and full, my breasts filled with milk, and they'd know you corrupted their precious baby girl," you smiled, feeling up your breasts as though you could already sense how tender they were. "Our kid would be so precious, huh? So pretty and handsome- just like you. All because you fucked me like an animal."
"You're the filthiest girl I've ever met. I should've fucked you sooner," he said, groping your ass, feeling the full flesh of it as he palmed you thoroughly.
"Daddy always said I should find a decent guy once in a while. I doubt he'd say his own son wasn't decent," you giggled, sliding off the bed to go to the restroom, feeling quite content despite what others would perceive as very wrong.
You still had that after-sex glow in the morning, despite how many hours had passed. Your family was having breakfast, and though you and Hoseok had done your best to remain inconspicuous, the passing stares and glances towards one another would be obvious to anyone who was paying attention.
Hoseok had returned to his own room after the sexual encounter, not wanting your parents ot be suspicious. The two of you had yet to talk about it in the morning, but judging from your teasing smirk and glinting eyes, you most certainly didn't regret it. In fact, you seemed content on teasing him.
You also happened to be purposefully brushing your foot against his leg, just to tease him. It was fun seeing him so uncomfortable and riled up, it made you laugh, evidently. Hoseok gave you a passing glare at the audacity of your boldness, but you batted your eyes demurely in response, acting innocent as always.
Your mother looked between the two of you and sighed, taking a sip of her morning coffee. "I do hope you two used protection."
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struggleofarmy · 3 years ago
Hyung Line:
He forgets your anniversary
You are drunk (Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook)
Birthday Smut (Jhope)
Another Girl Flirts with him 
He gets hurt
Not being in a relationship but raising a child together
You fall asleep on his lap
First night after moving in together
Another guy Flirts with you
He comes home from tour
He spoils you and you feel bad about it
Your daughter gets jealous when you kiss
Morning after pill
Types of Dad’s
The morning after
He overworks himself
First/Heated argument 
First/Heated argument Part II
Someone breaks into your house
Your child asks for a sibling
Your child wets the bed Yoongi&Namjoon  Jin&Hobi 
First day of school but their daughter doesn’t want to leave her Daddy Jin&Hobi
Halloween with your child
Maknae Line:
He is jealous of your guy best friend 
He forgets your anniversary
Another Girl Flirts with him 
He gets hurt
You are drunk (Jimin, Jhope, RM)
You fall asleep on his lap
First night after moving in together
Another guy Flirts with you
He spoils you and you feel bad about it
Someone breaks into your house
Your daughter gets jealous when you kiss
Your first kiss
You surprise him on tour on his birthday
Types of Dad’s
The morning after
Their pregnant wife is in danger/doing something dangerous
First/Heated argument
First/Heated argument Part II
Your child asks for a sibling
First day of school but your daughter doesn’t want to leave her Daddy
Your child wets the bed
Halloween with your child
You have a powerful sneeze
You’re being affectionate/clingy
He has a bad dream about you
He bakes with your child and it ends in a disaster
He is nervous before a performance
You get flustered when they call you a nickname (Maknae L.) (Hyung L.)
Their pregnant wife feels a sharp pain during an argument
Their plus size s/o feels insecure
Their little daughter has a crush/boyfriend
Insulting your body without realizing/meaning to
They’re talking to your baby bump
Their daughter wants to marry them 
Period Problems
Namjoon: Thunder Pt.1 Pt.2
Member of choice: Valentines Day 
Tumblr media
Chapter 1  ♡  Christmas Special  ♡  Chapter 2  ♡  Chapter 3  ♡
Last updated April 14th 2020
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yeontantrash · 3 years ago
BTS Reaction-They Call You Clingy
Tumblr media
Jin Every day when you wake up you decide to make Jin lunch. Since the comeback was in full swing you know he doesn't take care of himself like he should. That means he skips out on meals often when it's practice days. It didn't bother you to make him lunch though, anything you could do to help him made you happy. So, you put everything into a bag and then headed off towards BigHit. You visited so often the security knew you by name and happily let you in and you followed the sound of loud music playing. You snuck inside quietly and set your bag on the table watching the boys all dance in unison. After the song ended you clapped and whistled for them, and they all turned and smiled brightly at you. Their choreographer telling them to take five. "Hey guys, I brought some HEALTHY snacks for you all!" you said pulling everything out of your bag. The rest of the boys happily digged into everything you brought. You smiled turning towards Jin, but he wasn't his happy smiling self like he usually was when you stopped by, so what makes Jin happy? Food of course. "I made you your favorite!" you said pulling it out and holding it in front of him. "Why are you here Y/n." You frowned slightly tilting your head to the side "You know we're busy with the comeback. You just a distraction." he grumbled reluctantly taking the lunch box from you. He sat down and started eating the food you had made for him, you wondered if maybe he was having a touch day so you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and resting your head on his shoulders. You could literally feel the tension within his body, you pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. "You doing amazing Jinnie, I promise." He groaned shrugging him off his shoulders "God why do you have to be so clingy!" he groaned softly not wanting the other boys to see. "Don't you have anything better to do than come here?" he asked harshly. You felt tears threaten to spill down your cheeks but you bite down on your lip and lifted up your bag throwing it over your shoulder. "Actually I do have something better to do than be yelled at by you," you replied before turning on your heels and running out of the building. You didn't know where you were going, but you weren't going to go home and sit around and wait until Jin came home and yelled at you some more. So you walked down the streets of Seoul until something interesting came up. However the most interesting you found was a bar, and seeing as you had nothing else to do you went in and started downing shots after shots. "Because I care too much he wants me to leave him alone!? Who doesn't like being babied!" you slurred to the bartender, extremely overly drunk, the bartender had decided to stop serving you as you could hardly hold your own head up. "He's lucky I put up with his his his shit," you said trying to find the words to explain how you felt. Your phone seemed to ring for the seventh time that night and you picked up the phone seeing it was Jin again. "Probably going to yell at me for coddling him again!" you complained dropping the phone, but the bartender lifted it up and answered "YAH!" before giving it back to you. "Y/N-AH WHERE ARE YOU!" Jin shouted getting you head to pound, "I can home for dinner and cuddles and you were nowhere to be seen," he whined. You rolled your eyes before bringing the phone to your mouth so you could talk. "I didn't want to be clingy!" you replied tears welling in your eyes "So I thought I'd give-" you hiccuped "You the night off by hanging out with...." you looked at the bar tender "Whom are you again?" you questioned getting him to roll his eyes and walk off. "Well I don't know but he's really good at making vodka drinks," you replied. He sighed and you did the same exaggerated sigh "Just have a relaxing night without your clingy girlfriend." you told him before hanging up. "Ya know I really ought to break up with him." you mumbled dropping your head on the table. The next thing you knew you woke up with Jin's strong arms around you as he carried you down the streets. You lifted your head and gave him a questioning look, wondering how he found you and why he did. He sighed "I'm sorry for calling you clingy Jagi, I love that you make sure I eat, and give me endless cuddles and rubs after practice, I was just having a bad practice and I couldn't do anything right and I felt like I didn't deserve you," he mumbled before kissing your head. You sighed plopping you head back against his shoulder. "You don't, but unfortunately you are stuck with me."
Tumblr media
Yoongi "Yoooooonnnggii!" you whined walking over to him pulling his chair so he was no longer in front of his desk. He sighed rolling his eyes before spinning around to look at you "You need to take a break!" you complained climbing into his lap. He groaned once again but you buried your face in his neck wrapping your arms around him. "I've barely seen you all week, and I need some cuddles," you mumbled into his neck. He sighed letting you sit in his lap for a while, but his fingers were tapping a beat and muttering lyrics under his breath. Sighing you pulled your head back to glare at him and he tilted his head to the side as if to say 'what?'. You huffed and climbed off his lap before turning him back towards his desk and pushing him back in. "Fine, if you rather work than cuddle with your girlfriend, be my guest!" you said crossing your arms over your chest. Hoping that throwing a little tantrum would guilt him into cuddling you. "God, why do you have to be so needy?" he grumbled pulling his head phones back over his ears, you rolled your eyes and walked out of the studio slamming the door shut. Tears rolled down your cheeks, you made your way back to your shared house and changed into you pajama's that felt new because you usually sleep in Yoongi's clothes but you were hurt by his words and you didn't want to be so clingy anymore. You collected the covers out of the guest room and set yourself up in the living room. Chips, cookies, and sparkling drinks and curled up in a blanket. You turned on your favorite Kdrama. Yoongi came home around three in the morning and when he saw you on the couch he rolled his eyes and then went into the bedroom probably to sleep like he usually does. Most of the time he wakes you up by curling around you and you happily take him into your arms and cuddle him until his hearts content. But not wanting to be clingy you decided you were going to sleep on the couch tonight. It was at least an hour and you were nearly alseep when a dead tired Yoongi kicked your foot. You opened your eyes and furrowed your eyebrows "What do you want dick?" you grumbled before getting comfrotable again closing you eyes. He huffed before sitting down next to you and poking your face, you opened on eye at him "I'm trying to sleep," you told him. He jutted out his lower lip and you closed your eyes wrapping you arms around yourself "And I didn't want to be so needy." As soon as the words left you lips he lifted you and the covers over his shoulder and ttrudged back into the bedroom throwing you down. He then lifted the covers up and slide in beside you, before burying his face in your neck, his arm around your torso, his legs twisted with his. "I'm... sorry..." his lips feathered over your neck, he nuzzled closer in hopes you would run your fingers through his hair like you always did to help him sleep. "I love your snuggles, cuddles and hugs. I was a dick, you were right, forgive me?" you rolled you eyes at how easily soft Yoongi could get you to forgive him. Your fingers ran through his hair, and he hummed content "I love you Jagi," he whispered pressing a kiss to your neck. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
Hoseok Hobi had convinced you to come to the BTS party with him, even though you only have met the boys once and the rest of the people would be absolute strangers. The only reason you agreed was because you would get to spend time with your boyfriend who's been awfully busy with the comeback lately. So when you got there, you refused to let go of his hand, which at first he didn't mind, in fact he showed you off to literally everyone. Showering you in complements, making other people agree to how beautiful you looked in your party dress. You seemingly relaxed into the night knowing Hobi had your back. He finally got pulled away from you when a dance battle broke out between the dance line for the crown of best dancer in the band. You didn't mind though because he wasn't too far away and you were having a lovely conversation with one of the make up artists. However by the end of your conversation she was stolen away and for the first time that night you were left completely alone in a room full of unfamilair faces. Feeling a bit uneasy you searched around for your boyfriend. You found him with the rest of the boys by the bar and quickly made your way over to him. You could tell they were all a little tipsy when you took your seat next to Hobi, and it actually took a while for Hoseok to even realize you had taken a seat next to him. "Why are you sitting here? I thought you were making friends?" he questioned or slurred, it was a little bit of the two. You shrugged lacing your fingers through his holding his hand once again. All the boys started leaving and Hobi sighed watching them go before looking over at you "Why do you have to be so clingy to me? I brought you here to make friends, not follow me like a puppy," he said letting go of your hand. He then asked the bar tender for another shot and you slowly lifted yourself off the chair. "Okay then," you said giving him a smile before walking over to the boys, you looked between the six of them and found Namjoon to be the most sober meaning he was in charge of getting the boys home. You tugged on his arm and he looked at you "Make sure Hobi gets home safe, yea?" you asked with a smile. He nodded sadly at you not expecting you to tell him why Hobi was no longer go home with you. "Thanks," you whispered before making your way out of the building. Slowly the tears rolled down your cheeks as you trudged your way back to your arpartment. The words that rolled off Hoseok's tongue were very hurtful to you as you always thought the two of you were equally clingy to each other. You went into your empty apartment and continued to ponder his words, maybe he was right, you moved to Seoul to be with him, and hadn't really made any friends, you mostly just stick with him. That must be annoying to have to deal with you 24/7, so you decided right then and there that you were going to give Hobi some space. You would cut down on the constant flow of texts and calls, visit the dorm less often and just focus on settling into Seoul. However, two days later you wouldn't realise how lonesome you'd be for your little ball of sunshine. There was a knock on your door and you lazily made your way to the door and then pulled it open to find your boyfriend. Standing there looking at his feet, you crossed your arms over your chest "Would you like to come in?" you questioned. He nodded softly and you stepped out of the way so he could step inside. "To what do I owe the surpise visit?" you questioned walking over to your couch sitting down staring at him. He walked over and sat down next to you and finally looked up at you. "I've missed you Jagi," he mumbled looking sorry, "I tried to figure out why you were so distant from me but Namjoon helped me figure it out." he sighed before wrapping you up in his arms "You're not clingy and I don't like spending more then three hours apart. I'm sorry for what I said, please don't banish me from seeing your beauitufl face anymore!" he whined pressing kisses all over your face getting you to break out into a giggle. "Ugh, I've miss you so much Jagi," he mumbled pulling you closer. "I missed you too," you whispered before cuddling into him "Don't be so cuddly if you don't want me to be clingy," you teased wrapping your legs around him. You looked up at him and he smiled down at you before pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
Tumblr media
With the comeback on the horizon Namjoon was more stressed than ever, being the leader he feels it’s his job to make sure everyone is in their places. He’s constantly working on things, tweaking others, and it’s almost like he doesn’t have a moment to even sleep. You being the caring girlfriend you were started to worry about him, it couldn’t be healthy what he was doing and if there was anyone he would listen to it was you. You walked into BigHit with a bright smile trying to find the best way to lure Joonie away from his work.
Knowing full well Joon wouldn’t just come with you for himself, you decided to make it seemed like he was doing it for you. You got in the practice room to see 4/7 sleeping on the floor, Hobi and Jimin dancing, and Namjoon talking with the managers. You smiled and offered a small wave to the two dancing boys who smiled back and waited patiently for your boyfriend to stop talking with his managers. However, even from this far away you could tell he was getting frustrated. Eventually the rest of them walked away and you skipped over wrapping your arms around your tense boyfriend, pulling him into a back hug.
“You work so hard Joonie, Armys will be very pleased,” you said holding him for a while in hopes to relieve some tension. You then walk around to stand in front of him, smiling your brightest smile at him. “You need a break Joonie, why don’t we go out to eat?” you offered as he continued to look behind you at the papers on the table. “Hey,” you whined taking his face and forcing him to look you in the eyes “Just fifteen minutes that’s all I’m asking for… I miss you.” you said giving him your best pout wrapping your arms around his neck.
He sighed pulling your arms off of him, rolling his eyes, “I don’t have fifteen minutes to give you,” he replied before going back to the papers, but this time you sat on top of them crossing your arms over your chest. He glared at you for a moment, before running his fingers through his hair shifting his weight from one foot to another “Why do you have to be so needy? God, just go do something else,” he said harshly pulling you off the table gently and turning you towards the door. Hobi and Jimin looked at you concerned, knowing what Joon had said wasn’t exactly nice. But you bite back the tears before turning around tapping him on the shoulder, “What now!?” he turned around.
“I wanted to apologize for being so ‘needy” you said using your fingers for air quotes around needy. You shook your head “i’m sorry for being annoying when I want to talk to you, but the sound of your voice calms all my anxieties. I’m Sorry I’m needy because I miss you when I haven’t seen you in days, and if I do it’s only quick in the morning and when we go to sleep at night. I’m sorry for getting emotional because I care about you and I know you’re not taking care of yourself like you should be. I love you, and I am so, so, SO sorry for making your life harder because of that.” You turn around on your heels and make your way towards the door.
As soon as you pull it open you stop when Joon’s voice starts “I’d like to go to lunch with you,” he said as you looked over your shoulder at him. You could tell he felt bad for snapping at you, “If the offer still stands… that is,” he said softly. You rolled your eyes not believing the things his man did to your heart.
“Well come on then.” He quickly dashed away from the table and over to you, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you left the BigHit company. “You’re lucky I love you,” you mumbled knowing you pretty much just let him off the hook. He smiled and pulled you closer to his chest pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Thank you… you know for everything… I love you.” he whispered into your head and you smiled slightly leaning into him, happy to have him for even a few moments.
Tumblr media
It had been nearly two days since you had last seen your boyfriend, he comes home way late at night and leaves before you even wake up. To say you were missing him was an understatement, but you knew today was the one day they'd get to rest up and Jimin was still fast asleep in bed. You on the other had woken up hours ago and cleaned the house and then started making breakfast for him. You had the whole day planned out for the two of you. You'd make him breakfast, and then cuddle on the sofa, then maybe a full body massage. 
You were going to spoil him rotten because that boy deserves it for how hard he works, but it also means you get to spend the day with him. You heard the shower running and knew he was up. You quickly set the table full of a breakfast feast. You heard him tumbling down the stairs and turned smiling at him. But that smile quickly faded as you saw him dressed in his usual dance outfit and a duffle bag over his shoulder busily messaging on his phone. You pouted and made your way over to him.
Gently you pushed his phone out of his face before wrapping your arms around his neck getting him to focus on you. It had been a while since you got to be this close to your boyfriend and you missed him terribly. He looked tired, exhausted really, like he hadn't slept properly in weeks, or even eaten properly. "Where are you going?" you asked with a slight frown on your lip, it was obvious to the both of you where he was going to go. 
"Hoseok hyung and I were going to get some more practice in."
You frowned tightening your arms around him burying your face through his neck. "But you've haven't had a day off in weeks Chim, you need to take care of yourself!" you said pressing a kiss to his neck getting him to giggle. You pull away and smile brightly at him "And I miss you so much, please spend the day with me," you whined. He sighed trying to take your arms off him but you wouldn't budge "Please?" you questioned once again. He rolled his eyes this time pulling you off of him before heading towards the door.
"We only have a few weeks left until comeback and I need to be ready, everyone is already disappointed the abs won't be making a comeback so my dancing needs to outshine that, it's what I'm most important for anyways!" he sighed  "You know how important it is to me, to the boys, to the army? When did you get so needy?" he snapped before walking out the door slamming it behind himself. You jumped slightly at the sound of the slamming door before a sad feeling washed over you. You sniffled before walking back over to the table and putting away the breakfast you had worked so hard on. Then walking into the living room to put away all the massage oils you had just bought. 
You sat on the couch and wiped off the tears before checking your phone to see Jimin's bright face smiling at you, even though you were upset at him, the picture brought a smile out of your lips. You debated whether or not your should send a message to Jimin, not wanting to sound more clingy than he already thought you were but you did love him and didn't want him to work himself to death. You then unlocked your phone and decided to send Jimin a message. 
'Who taught you to be so small? Who taught you that your cracks were flaws? Who told you that your light couldn't shine through the fractures and scars? Who told you to accept what you were told, even when it's untrue? Who told you that any love was better than no love? 
Do not listen to them.
Their mouths are full of turpentine and cyanide. They strip all the fold from your wings and leave you unraveled- all pock marked, pink skinned and alabaster boned. 
You were not made to be grounded Jimin. You were born with wings and need crisp air, a belly full of laughter, a heart carrying so much love you feel it stretching the seams. Mostly, you need to realize that one by one the population has swelled to billions, but even still you were hand selected, all the beauty and flaws, to never be replicated. 
You are the finest art to have ever been created.'
You tossed your phone after you sent the message and turned on your favorite TV show deciding to day would be dedicated to you trying to forget the perfect day you had set up and settle for binging your favorite shows. After a while the harsh words of your boyfriend and the day was completely forgotten and taken over by your favorite K Drama. Hours later the front door opens, and you don't even turn your head to look, too invested in your show to even care.  
You heard the noise of a bag being dropped on the floor and soon the couch indented, "Hey doll," Jimin said. Not turning from the TV you offered a fake smile and then waved before listening to the show. "Can I have your attention for one second?" he questions, you look at him for a split second to see his eyes were puffy and red. You didn't have the heart to deny him, especially if he looked so beaten down. You paused the show on the TV and turned to face him giving him your undivided attention.
He didn't seem ready for it though as he continued to look down at his hands, "I'm sorry for snapping at you like I did today. You were just trying to take care of me, and spend time with me and I blew up in your face." he looked up at you sadly "Did you really mean all you said?" he asked. You sighed climbing into his lap wrapping your arms around his neck, he loosely placed his arms around your waist. 
"Of course I did Chim," you whispered running your fingers along his face soothingly, you sighed "You've worked so hard, and have accomplished so much, you should be proud of yourself, I know I'm proud of you. That's why on your day off I wanted to spoil you." You rubbed his nose with yours. He smiled as you gently brought your lips down to his giving him a gentle kiss. "I love you Park Jimin, and I don't care who I have to talk to but I'm getting you all to myself tomorrow." you said dead serious.
"I love you Jagi."
Tumblr media
Tae was back on tour for the new comeback and you couldn't be more happy for him. He loved what he did, and any time Tae was happy so were you. That doesn't mean you didn't miss him, you missed him so terribly much, but couldn't imagine asking him to come back just to be with you. That's asking to much of him, and you couldn't do that to Army, you always know he will come back to you and you can see him again, sometimes this is the only chance fans get to see him.
Missing Tae comes in waves, somedays it's just little waves, and you can manage those, but days like today is a tidal wave, and tonight your drowning. Tears roll down your cheeks effortlessly as you lay in bed late at night wishing for your boyfriends long arms around you, holding you in a death squeeze. But you'd have to settle for sleeping in one of his, it barely smelled of him anymore but if you closed your eyes and focused hard enough you could faintly smell him. 
You settled into sleep when suddenly your phone went buzzing like crazy, making your heart skip a beat in anticipation for finding it because it could be Tae. Once you found it you smiled brightly as it was indeed Tae. Quickly you answered the phone to see his usually bright smiling face to be looking around in frowning in frustration. "I've looked everywhere Jagi and I think I'm losing my mind," he complained before finally looking at you. "You packed with me right? Do you know where I put my favorite sweatshirt?" he asked before digging through his suitcase once again.
You bit your lip trying not to giggle at the sight of a frazzled Tae in the dressing room, you knew he didn't have his favorite sweatshirt because that was the one you were currently wearing. When he packed it in you took it out to keep because you knew it would stay smelling of him the longest. "Tae Tae," you said as innocently as you could and he finally lifted his head to look at you, "I may or may no have stolen your beloved sweat shirt," you told him and his face went into the classic V blank face. 
"Jagi," he sighed shaking his head sitting down on the couch "You know I love that sweat shirt and I made sure to pack it so I could have it." He ran his fingers through his hair. Before you could even give him give him your reason he huffed again "Are you that clingy you have to go stealing my stuff?" he continued on this little rant for a while and the tears rolled down your cheeks, but he was too heated to notice. You know he doesn't mean the harsh words he's saying and he's probably is just stressed, but you missed him and the only time he calls to talk is to yell at you.
"Tae.... stop, " You whimpered before hiding your face to wipe the tears off your cheeks, you heard him sigh and you sniffled recollecting yourself. "I'm sorry I constantly want to talk to you. And that I get sad when you take to long to reply.  I'm sorry you don't want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to you. I'm sorry if I think about you too much and too often. I'm sorry if I tell you about my pointless drama when you don't really care. I'm sorry if I do things that piss you off, like stealing your sweatshirt, or if I come off as annoying and clingy, but it's just me missing you."
"Oh Jagi... I didn't mean to snap at you, you look adorable swamped in my clothes, you can wear any of my clothes from the dorm. I didn't realize you'd miss me so much, " he teased smiling at you. "I love you too Jagi. I think of you every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep. I can still feel your arms tightly around me, and taste your kiss long after our goodbye. Your voice rings in my ear. I'm in pain here without you Jagi, I love you so so much, two months until you come," he said with a smile, "Fighting!"
Tumblr media
Jungkook and Tae had been playing the latest update of Overwatch for the passed three days, they only stop to eat, pee and sleep. They had also had just recently come back from tour and all you wanted to do was be pulled into your muscle pigs arms and see that bunny smile as he tells you of the silly adventures he and the boys went on during tour. Instead you were sitting behind the two heads watching as characters fight each other, not even being able to touch him because it's 'distracting'. 
After the round was over Tae called pee break and snack, Jungkook whips out his phone and starts looking up better strategies on how to beat Tae. You slide onto the floor next to Jungkook and rested your head on his shoulder reading what he was doing. "Kook-ah when is this game going to be over." you questioned looking up into his brown eyes that were trained on his phone. "Kook-ah!" you whined slapping his phone out of his hand  and he finally look at you with an eyebrow raised.
"When is this game going to be over?" you mumbled playing with his sweatshirt "I wanna cuddle my lil' bunny," you said pressing a kiss to his cheek. Tae then comes running in with snacks in hand as he sit back down in his spot next to Jungkook handing him some snacks before resuming the next game. You huffed and fell back on the floor before taking your phone out and going through all of your social medias. It was at least a good half hour before you started poking his cheek again "Kookie I wanna cuddleee," you whined once again.
He was in the middle of an intense match and huffed at your attempts "Could you like chill? God Y/n why do you have to be so clingy?" he replied through gritted teeth before the game said over. "And now I lost, happy? Now do you want to cuddle until you hearts content telling me about the stupid shit that has happened while I was gone?" he snapped glaring at you. You've never seen this side of Jungkook before, to you he was always your sweet adorable bunny, but right now he was kind of scary.
"Kook-ah-" Tae scolded but Jungkook would have none of it "I just got back home from tour and all I wanted to do was relax and unwind playing some overwatch, but you come here being a needy-" "Kook-ah!" Tae said smacking him in the back of the head, Jungkook glared at him as you quickly wiped the tears off your cheeks, collecting your things and standing up.
"I've really missed you Jungkook, six months is a long time to go apart without actually seeing each other. I know we skyped and called and texted but it's not like having you here with me. I missed you so so much while you were away." you sniffled looking down at your feet "Saying I miss you doesn't even cover it really... When you are missing from my world and there just aren't any words that could describe how truly difficult it is most days to exist without you. It's better some days but even that has its own hurt too." You looked up giving him a sad smile "Sorry I ruined your game."
You walked slowly out of the room shutting the door behind you as the tears fell like a waterfall. You walked through the house carefully not wanting to run into any of the other boys knowing they would question what was wrong, and you just didn't want to talk about it any more. You walked over to the front door and pulled your jacket on before sitting down on the ground next to all the shoes. You slipped each your feet in before lifting your hands to try and tie your shoes, but they were far too shaky to function, so you had to settle with them untied as you stood back up.
You pulled open the door and stepped out into the cold Seoul air and slowly walked off the boys property, hands shoved in your jacket pockets. You were getting so lost in your own thoughts you didn't even hear Jungkook running up to you, that was until he got hold of your arm stopping you in place. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked up at the now slightly out of breath boy in front of you, before pulling your arm out of his grasp "You've made yourself quite clear Jungkook." It was as if his own name hurt him because he winced a little.
"Don't call me that, call me Kookie, or lil bun or muscle pig, even Kook-ah would be better," he told you, you rolled your eyes crossing your arms over your chest "I'm sorry for what I said earlier, but I really hate losing and Tae wins ALL THE TIME." he shook his head "Not that, that is a good enough excuse, trust me, Hyung gave me a good lecture." You giggle at the thought of goofy Tae giving Jungkook advice, and he smiled at the sound. "Come back and we can cuddle and catch up on everything," he told you.
"I don't know if you missed me like I missed you Kook-ah, I feel like maybe you don't love me how I love you." you told him honestly looking down at your feet, only to notice he was wearing two different shoes, one being a lot larger than the other, obviously because he ran out in such a rush. Then he did something you'd never expect your shy lil' bun to do, he took your chin between  his fingers and tilted your head up before pressing his warm lips to yours. You melted into the kiss as he deepened it, pulling you closer. You surely did miss this, but you still pulled away, his lips now against your forehead. "Tell me you love me," you whispered.
"I do love you!" he said taking your face between his hands making you look at him and his serious eyes "I love the way your hair looks in the morning, or how your nose wrinkles when you laugh. I love the way you sneeze and dribble toothpaste down your chin when you brush your teeth. And my heart," he lifts your hand and places it to his chest where his heart hit it rapidly "almost beats out of my chest when I wake up and the first thing I see is you sleeping peacefully beside me. I'd kill for mornings like those. I feel waves breaking in my ribcage every time I leave you because it pains me to go. Even on my worst days if I think of you and everything is instantly better. I love you so much, Y/n, please come back to my place and cuddle me."
"I love you too Jungkook."
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Epiphany: The Story of Jin
“I adapted myself entirely to you, I wanted to live for you.”
Tumblr media
“But as I kept doing so, I became unable to bear the storm inside my heart.”
Tumblr media
“I got to fully reveal myself under the smiling mask.”
Tumblr media
“I’m the one I should love in this world.”
Tumblr media
“The shining me, the precious soul of mine.”
Tumblr media
“I realize only now, so I love me.”
Tumblr media
“ Though I’m not perfect, I’m so beautiful.”
Tumblr media
“I’m the one I should love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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