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#bts hoseok
v-hope · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—Hobi’s Girl
after attending a bts concert and very clearly catching one of the members’ attention, you can’t help but get flooded with hate comments once people find your twitter account. who would’ve thought that would be the reason jung hoseok would find his concert girl, too.
Tumblr media
pairing: jung hoseok x army!reader
genre: social media au, fluff, crack, angst
status: completed
updates: wednesdays and saturdays between 5 and 6pm est!
✏️ written part
✒️ drabble after the texts
tag list: CLOSED
a/n: hello! this is my first time ever doing this so i’m sorry if it’s shitty 🤧 but i got this idea and i really like it, so i hope you do too and please let me know what you think! 💞
Tumblr media
🌻 part one - profiles
🌻 part two - noticed by The Mans
🌻 part three - mang headband girl
🌻 part four - i’m slapping you
🌻 part five - i knew it wasn’t me
🌻 part six - nooo don’t fight
🌻 part seven - notice me again senpai
🌻 part eight - rumor has it
🌻 part nine - y/n’s your girl
🌻 part ten - @ [redacted]
🌻 part eleven - we lost him pt.2
🌻 part twelve - whipped
🌻 part thirteen - anyway... selfie? 🥺
🌻 part fourteen - let’s go out tonight
🌻 part fifteen ✏️ - mint choco
🌻 part sixteen - we?
🌻 part seventeen ✒️ - i’m staying here
🌻 part eighteen - packing ✈️
🌻 part nineteen - the L word
🌻 part twenty - sad and turned on
↳ bonus - i don’t take it back
🌻 part twenty one ✏️ - enamoured
🌻 part twenty two - j-hope can’t stop us
🌻 part twenty three - rip mang 😔💔
🌻 part twenty four - you can trust him
🌻 part twenty five - broken friendships
🌻 part twenty six ✒️ - oxygen? idk her
🌻 part twenty seven - whiny thinkerbell
🌻 part twenty eight - guess what
🌻 part twenty nine ✒️ - i want a divorce
🌻 part thirty - soulmate senses
🌻 part thirty one - wish you were here
🌻 part thirty two - i miss you
🌻 part thirty three - hobi and y/n
🌻 part thirty four - leave her out of this
🌻 part thirty five - the kpop guy
↳ bonus - who’s [redacted] :(
🌻 part thirty six - block her number
🌻 part thirty seven - another lawsuit
🌻 part thirty eight - gotta go kill a snake
🌻 part thirty nine ✏️ - you and i
🌻 part forty - no more @hobisyn
🌻 part forty one ✒️ - priceless
🌻 part forty two - i’ll let him live
🌻 part forty three - one year
🌻 epilogue ✒️ - yes
Tumblr media
more bonus parts because why not:
🌻 bonus one ✏️ - better namjoon-ie than that hasung guy
🌻 bonus two - mint choco lips
🌻 bonus three - baby mincho
🌻 bonus four - q&a
Tumblr media
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zoalicious · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ★ 𖠵 — goo details !
ㅤㅤㅤ(っ⸝⸝ •ㅅ• ⸝⸝ ) # 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴! 𝚉𝙾𝙽𝙴!
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ﹫ 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐓𝐀𝐍 𓂃 ♡
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bloomsuga · a year ago
Tumblr media
╰ the one where you have dreams about your past lives and you can’t seem to figure out why the guy you just met seems to be in all of them
Tumblr media
pairing: time traveler!hoseok x writer!reader
genre: smau, crack, fluff, smut, slight angst
series: hobiverse masterlist (reading the other stories is important to understanding this one!! recommend reading at least roses and breathe)
status: completed
playlist: listen here
a/n: ahh it’s finally here y’all!! the last story in the hobiverse series!! i’ve been waiting so long to write this story and i hope you guys will enjoy what i have planned!! buckle up, y’all 🤠🤙💓
Tumblr media
👁 part one - profiles
👁 part two - human petting zoo
👁 part three - peppa pig’s sister
👁 part four - emotional support demon
👁 part five - the beef king
👁 part six - kidney tickling
👁 part seven - charles e. cheese
👁 part eight - rare chicken
👁 part nine - lobster harem
👁 part ten - RAWR XD
👁 part eleven - planty mcplantface
👁 part twelve - crafting
👁 part thirteen - [redacted]
👁 part fourteen - brown cows
👁 part fifteen - lady stuff
👁 part sixteen - born-again virgins
👁 part seventeen - cyrano de bergerac
👁 part eighteen - little a salami
👁 part nineteen - humpback whales
👁 part twenty - second chances
👁 part twenty-one - dates
👁 part twenty-two - couples
👁 part twenty-three - written in the stars (m)
👁 part twenty-four - relations
👁 part twenty five - epilogue
Tumblr media
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lovejeons · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
map of the soul : the journey
“there is a light side and a dark side to this image. (...) perhaps it relies on human individuals to become conscious of itself, to incarnate in the three-dimensional world of time and space, and also to rejuvenate itself and extend its existence.”
quotes from the book jung's map of the soul: an introduction, by murray stein
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ppersonna · a year ago
who’s your daddy? | jhs - masterlist
Tumblr media
➸ in order to get over your hopeless crush, you sign up for DADDI, a daddy-dom dating site.  you can’t tell your friends, especially your best friend hoseok.  but as weeks go on, you’re desperate to meet the man behind the screen.
a social media au
zero- profiles
one- booked solid
two- half sad, half horny
three- this is a nightmare
four- kinky shit
five- give her that madeira cake
six- big brain
seven- realizashon
eight- curiousity
nine- coffee date
ten- sexy little bird
eleven- so many men
twelve- fucking dumbass
thirteen- all yours
fourteen- simp
epilogue part one
epilogue part two
bonuses- requests, q&a’s
to be added to the taglist, send me an ask! 
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v-hope · a year ago
Mint Choco
Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Army!Reader
Genre: Fluff, fluff and more fluff
Word Count: 3.1k
Summary: Hoseok convinces you to go out in the middle of the night to cheer you up after having dealt with the constant hate coming from his fans, or the one in which you realise you might not dislike mint choco ice cream as much as you thought you did after all.
A/N: This can be read as a stand-alone one shot or as part 15 of my social media au “Hobi’s Girl”. Also, for this au’s purposes, Y/N doesn’t like mint choco ice cream, my apologies to all of you mint choco lovers but a girl’s gotta do what she gotta do 😔✊🏻 Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy 🥰
Tumblr media
You got this. You got this. You got this. You got this. You go—
Those three words kept repeating over and over in your head like a mantra as you took a fair amount of time walking down the stairs of your apartment complex; wanting with everything in you to believe you were indeed cool about the whole situation, when truth was, you were most certainly not.
Nervously tugging at the long sleeves of the light grey sweater you had settled for wearing after Yeonsu and you had made an entire mess out of both your wardrobe and hers, later matching it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and sneakers to complete the perfect casual outfit, you could not help but wonder if you had maybe underdressed. Hoseok had not really mentioned what the two of you were doing, if anything, you were pretty sure he had no idea either considering how late at night it was; yet it was still Hoseok. Jung Hoseok, the fashion icon. Not only that but you were also meeting him for the first time...
Fuck, you were most definitely underdressed, weren’t you?
Just when you were about to turn around and run back to your place so you and your best friend could once again go through pretty much all your clothes again, however, your phone buzzed in your back pocket — just like that feeling your heartbeats speed up, even more when you read the text Hobi had just sent you, letting you know he was right outside waiting for you.
Deciding not to answer him considering you were just about to go out, you took a deep breath; trying one last time to calm yourself before meeting him.
It would be alright. He was just Hobi, not J-Hope your bias from BTS whom you had been head over heels for ever since they debuted. No, this was Hobi. Seok-ie. Your self-proclaimed baby, for crying out loud. Not like that helped too much either, for let’s face it, although you had only been talking for a little over a month now, you were absolutely head over heels for him, too.
Nevertheless, with that thought in mind, the one of him not being this intimidating idol you had loved for so long, but the guy you had been talking and flirting with these last couple of weeks, the one who called you cute pet names and always wanted to be there for you, you finally made it out of your complex.
Simple as that, and even though half of his face was being covered by a black mask, you recognized his figure at the other side of the rather dark street, right in front of you. His back was casually leaning against his expensive car as his eyes remained focused on his phone; probably waiting for your answer, you guessed given his slightly furrowed eyebrows.
Not being able to hide the huge smile that had just parted your lips at the sight of him, and silently rejoicing on his all-black outfit being just as casual as yours, you looked to both sides of the street before making your way over to him.
“Should I have worn a mask, too?” you spoke up to catch his attention.
Before you could mentally punch yourself at the way your voice had betrayed you by breaking a little given your nervousness, his chocolate eyes were on you, quickly adopting the shape of two crescent moons the second he realised it was actually you.
Pulling down his mask just low enough for his mouth to show, you felt your knees go weak at the up-close view you got of his bright smile.
“Hey” he managed to say, followed by a blissful giggle as he gave you a brief side hug that left you longing for more. “No, no. Not at all” he answered your previous question, “I just wasn’t very familiar with this side of the city and didn’t know if it was too crowded, so…”
“Well, now you see it’s not” you smiled, motioning around to point out how visibly deserted the place was. “Great for sneaky moments like this. Awful for late nights out when you lose your wallet and have to walk back home all alone, trust me”.
Your words earned a small laugh for him. “Well, if there’s ever a next time just give me a call and I’ll go pick you up” he offered.
“Oh, yeah” you snorted, “because I would really disturb the small amount of sleep you get at night”.
He shrugged, unconsciously moving closer to you. “I wouldn’t mind. I can make time for you if you need me, you know?”
Your gaze abandoned his for a second, staring down to your feet and biting your lower lip as you tried your best not to let his words affect you as much as they were already doing right then, only to later fix your eyes on his beaming ones once again.
“What is it?” he wondered after a few seconds of silence, in which you had done nothing but look at him in pure adoration.
“Nothing, I just…” his head nodded reassuringly for you to go on, “I just can’t believe it’s really you”.
Hoseok laughed under his breath, tilting his head slightly back as he stared at you with squinted eyes and pouty lips. “So what, all those times we video called weren’t proof enough of it being actually me?”
“You know what I mean” you lightly laughed along with him.
“Yeah” his stare softened, “I can’t believe it’s really you either” he confessed.
Because never in your wildest dreams would either of you have thought you would respectively end up meeting your ultimate bias and the girl you had seen one miserable time at one of your concerts. But the world works in mysterious ways, and the two of you could not be happier about the way things had worked out for you.
“So, um…” he cleared his throat, finally breaking the eye contact as his eyes shifted to the passenger’s door before holding it open for you and motioning towards it. “Shall we go?”
“What a gentleman” you couldn’t help but tease with a small smile.
Rolling his eyes with clear amusement in them at your statement —which earned a giggle from you that made his heart jump—, he closed the door after you had gotten inside and rushed to the other side of his car to take his place on the driver’s seat.
“So what’s the plan?” you asked once he turned the engine on.
“I don’t have one” he sheepishly admitted — his eyes focused ahead of him as he started driving away from your place. “I was thinking maybe we could go for a walk somewhere nice, maybe to a park or—”
“Isn’t that...” you cut him off mid-sentence, “too risky?”
His shoulders moved up and then down as he sighed heavily. “Everything is kinda risky when you’re an idol, to be honest…”
“I’m sorry” you couldn’t help but apologize, even more at the way his mood had seemed to slightly drop at the thought of that. “It must be hard…”
“It’s okay” he reassured you, throwing you a small glance that was followed by a sincere smile. “I love my job, I really do. It’s just…” he fell silent for a second, turning left as he continued driving without a clear destination, “I just wish things would be easier when it comes to going out and dating… and us, you know?”
You smiled sweetly, not really thinking twice when you reached for his hand and held it in yours, yet knowing he appreciated that small act of yours when he gently squeezed it as a smile curved up his lips.
“Maybe we could just drive around like this for a while?” you proposed. “Or you could just park somewhere so you don’t have to worry about driving”.
“And you would be okay with that?” he cocked one of his eyebrows.
“Of course” your eyebrows knitted together in confusion at how utterly surprised he had sounded.
“Don’t you at least want to grab a bite or something?”
The way your lips puckered up as you were deep in thought caught Hoseok’s attention, and he would’ve been lying to himself if he said he didn’t feel the sudden urge to lean in and steal a kiss from you right then.
“Something sweet would be nice…” your eyes trailed off to the window, as if the Seoul streets you were driving by would give you the answer. “Oh, ice cream!” you exclaimed excitedly, causing him to stare fondly at you and how adorable he thought you were, “and then we can just stay in the car listening to music and talking or whatever”.
“That’s really all you want?” he couldn’t help but wonder again.
“Why do you say it like that?” you pouted. “I just wanna spend time with you, I don’t mind what we do”.
“Ah, stop doing this to me” he said overdramatically, letting his head fall on his seat as one of his hands clutched at his chest and a smile curved up your lips. “One condition, though” his eyes went to you.
“Tell me”.
“This doesn’t count as our first date, because it is so not what I had in mind for it”.
Feeling the heat reach your face in a matter of seconds, you turned to look out of the window for a moment; collecting yourself before your eyes were back on him. “Okay, this doesn’t count as our first date then”.
That was how, half an hour later, Hoseok had parked his car in front of a lake that provided the two of you with the perfect view as you silently enjoyed your ice creams while Hobi’s playlist played quietly in the background — the moonlight illuminating the water in such soothing way that made the whole atmosphere feel even nicer.
As much as the sight ahead of you was beautiful, your eyes found themselves travelling over to the man next to you, quietly admiring his delicate factions and slightly long dark brown hair before they focused on the mint chocolate flavoured ice cream he was currently savouring.
“You want some?” he offered, having caught the way you were intently staring at it.
“Oh. No, thanks” you declined politely, feeling once again the heat reach your cheeks.
“You don’t like it?”
“Not really” you admitted, bringing your green tea ice cream up to your lips.
Hoseok’s mouth fell open in astonishment, staring at you without moving a muscle for a couple of seconds. “Okay, it was nice to meet you” he said once he ‘came back’ to his senses. “I can’t date a mint choco anti, I’m sorry” he joked.
Trying to hide your amusement —and also trying your best not to freak out over the way he had deliberatedly used the word ‘date’ right then—, you nodded understandingly.
“Yeah, it was nice to meet you, too” you dramatically reached for the door handle, “but I don’t want to date a mint choco lover either, so—”
Before you could even open the door to make your dramatic exit, you had him reaching over to your side and grabbing your hand to prevent you from doing so; pulling you closer to him as you both laughed wholeheartedly, almost enough not to notice how close you had ended up being to each other.
With your face being almost pressed against his chest while his face remained near your shoulder, you found yourselves staring into each other’s eyes, only inches away, once you straightened yourselves up.
As if snapping back into reality, he cleared his throat after having pulled slightly back and away from you — not being uncomfortable at all with how close you had been until then, yet not wanting to make you uncomfortable on the other hand.
“Have you even tried it?” he tried to initiate conversation again. “Mint choco, I mean”.
You nodded. “Once”.
And that had been enough for you to know it was not your cup of tea. However, Hoseok was not having that.
“Okay but you seriously need to try this one, love. It’s really good”.
Staring reluctantly at the ice cream cone he was holding up to make his point, you ended up agreeing with a small ‘okay’, mostly because the look he was giving you right there made it impossible for you not to give in to his wishes.
The way your nose scrunched after he had brought it up to your mouth for you to have a taste, however, was enough to let him know your perception had not changed much from the other one time you had tried his favourite flavour.
“You hate it that much?” the disbelief was clear in his voice.
“I don’t hate it” you corrected him. “It’s not bad, I just... wouldn’t choose it”.
“So green tea it is for you, huh?”
“Yup” you emphasized the ‘p’ for cute purposes, having succeeded given the way he was lovingly looking at you. “Wanna try?” you offered, bringing your cone up to his lips.
“Sure” he accepted immediately, having a small taste of it before his lips formed a perfect ‘o’ at the delightful taste. “That’s really good”.
“I know, right?” you smiled, bringing it back to your mouth so you could have another taste as well. “Much better than mint choco” you pushed it.
“Okay now that’s just crossing the line” he called you out, determinedly having some of his delicious ice cream as he dramatically glared at you.
Not being able to hold back your laugh, you ended up closing your eyes and throwing your head slightly back as you let it escape your mouth; only to find Hobi’s adoring eyes fixed on you once you opened them again.
“What?” you questioned shyly, feeling so little yet so secure somehow under his piercing stare.
With him moving closer to you, you felt a shiver running down your body when a smile curved up his lips; and you swore you could’ve melted the moment his free hand went up to cup one of your cheeks.
“I like seeing you smile” he confessed quietly. “You’re feeling better?”
“Yeah…” you said sincerely. “Thank you for not letting me sulk in my room for the rest of the night…”
“That’s what I’m here for, angel” he smiled sweetly, tenderly drawing circles on your skin with his thumb. “Again, I’m really sorry this is happening to you…”
You sighed, placing your hand over his and giving it a gentle squeeze. “It’s not your fault, Seok-ie” you reassured him what you had already said over text.
“But they’re my fans…”
You shook your head to keep him from speaking any further. “Stop blaming yourself for it, baby”.
Somehow, hearing you call him that pet name for the first time in person, was enough for his heart to feel at ease and for him to drop the topic.
“You do know all those things they’re saying are not true at all, don’t you?” his hand travelled down to your chin, pulling your face slightly up so he could lock his dark eyes with yours.
“I mean…” you shrugged, trying to take importance away from it, “they are kinda right about a few things…”
“No, they’re not” he was fast to determinedly disagree. “You’re not delusional. You’re not desperate. You’re not annoying. And those who were saying you’re not attractive?” he scoffed, not being able to disagree any more than he already did with them. “Fuck, Y/N. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, anyone would have to be blind not to see it”.
“I’m really not—”
“Y/N” he cut your off before you could even begin to deny his words, “you’re so fucking breathtaking you had me looking for you for weeks after the concert, just because I couldn’t bear the idea of that being the first and last time I’d see you”.
Feeling like your cheeks would burn up anytime by then at his words, you found yourself taking the closeness of your faces to your advantage — letting your forehead rest faintly against his, in a way of letting him know how much his words had meant to you.
“I really meant it when I said you’re the best, you know?” you mumbled, loving the way his eyes had lit up at that. “Even if you’re a mint choco stan”.
Hobi laughed lightly, gazing down to your lips as his thumb traced over them. “And I really meant it when I said I’m happy I found you” he referenced the first conversation you ever had. “Even if you’re a mint choco hater” he joined in your teasing.
Not saying another word, he leaned in just enough for his lips to press lightly on yours, getting just a small taste of them before pulling slightly away and looking into your eyes for some kind of sign of you being uncomfortable by his actions. When he found nothing but elation being displayed on them, he couldn’t help but smile softly; not wasting another second to close the space between your mouths once again, only this time with no intentions of breaking the contact between them anytime soon.
His hand still on your cheek managed to keep you in place for him to intensify the kiss, just as your free hand travelled to the back of his head so you could entangle your fingers on his brown locks.
It just felt… right. Everything about it. From the two of you being together, to just sitting in the car eating ice cream in the middle of the night, to the way your lips fit so perfectly with each other’s.
Everything seemed to have fallen right into place.
And so, when you pulled away a good couple of seconds later, letting your breathings mix as you tried to catch your breath, the two of you were wearing the brightest of smiles on your faces.
“What?” he wondered after hearing you hum something under your breath, which had only caused his smile to grow wider as he faintly bumped his nose on yours.
Biting down on your lower lip, your eyes gazed up to meet his. “I think I could start liking mint choco from now on…” you giggled shyly, still savouring the fresh taste of his mouth on yours.
A low chuckle abandoned his mouth, pushing your chin slightly up so he could softly brush his lips on yours. “Let me help you with that”.
Just like that, his addictive lips were back on yours and the melting ice creams in your hands were long forgotten. You would deal with that later.
Tumblr media
tag list: @lets-keepit100 @aquietkerfuffle @hobicomeholla29 @hhhhwww7 @brinnalaine @thefickive @zxlla @dreamcatcherjiah @booklover240 @luneseok @randomkoalablog @seokssbagel @thestral-balerion @unadulteratedlyunique @pikapikaachuu @salty-for-suga @biaisezabini @extaevaganza @jennygracekent @nerdycookiemonster-1222 @btsxdoll @cvbachacbitch @dearest-sunshine @tirednation @shakes0peare @moralita76 @re-sugance @rosiegukk @yeontanie21 @notinmycomfortzone @slxtfortae @cherryjiminiee @creepysweet @hobi-love @betysotelo18 @zaryas @kpopgirlbtssvt @bubblegumcat229 @suga-bangtan @uxwi @lovelymultiwrites @rjsmochii @margaritafariasw @lilliaflurr @lidda @seoulgotmysoul @sunskook @jayhope88 @magicshop-myg @longlivebnc
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youarejesting · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre: [♤] = Angst                  [♧] = Adventure/Action  [♔] = Crack/Comedy  [♡] = Fluff  [❁] = Fantasy              [♢] = Thriller/Scary [☆] = Mature themes   [★] = Smut [➵] = Trigger warnings
Status:       [✎] = Projects             [✉] = Request   [✓] = Complete            [X] = Incomplete    [  ] = Coming soon       [∞] = On going
Tumblr media
[Sitting in their/your lap]  ☆♤♡♔
[Saying another name]  ☆★♡♔ 
[Wearing their/your clothes]  ☆♡♔
[Fidgeting]  ☆★
[Getting your Period]  ☆
[Getting hard] ☆★
[Favorite part of you]  ☆★
[Thigh Riding]  ☆★
[Pregnancy Reveal] ☆★♡♔
[Perfect]  ♡♔
[Walking in on them]  ☆★♡♔
[Walking in on you]  ☆★♡♔
[Being walked in on together]  ☆★♡♔
First time for them  ☆★♡♔
First time for you  ☆★♡♔
Honeymoon night  ☆★♡♔
Star Signs:
Star signs as [RunBTS] Star signs as [BTS songs] [Part 2]
[BTS Text Imagines]
[Bangtan Sonyeondan and the Purple Magic]
BTS go to Hogwarts 
Tumblr media
[BTS Birthday - One Wish]  ♡♣️
[Kisaeng]  ♡♣️☆♔➵✎
[Mall Santa] NJxJMxReader ♡♔✎
[Cold]  ❁♤☆♢♧➵
[Lost Boys]  ❁♡♤☆♢♧➵
Tumblr media
[The Check-up]  ☆➵ [A Very Bad Day]  ♡♤♔✉  [Soul Food]  ♡♤♔✉❁ [Jinnie]  ♡♤♔❁♧ [Side Dishes]  ♢❁✎ [Even the cake is in tiers] ♡♤♔❁♧
Tumblr media
1. [Music is the spark that sets my soul on fire]  ♡✉✓            2. [Dance is the celebration of the flame]  ♡✉✓ [Baby girl]  ♡✉ [Bonnie and Clyde] Mafia au ♡♤☆♢♧✉ [Royal Pain]  ❁♡♧✎ [SEA]  ♡♤☆♧♔➵
Tumblr media
[Feel Better]  ♡♧  [Blue Side]  ♤❁➵ [Steal my sunshine]  ♧✎ [I wish there were more good days] ♡♤✎
Tumblr media
[Peace]  ♡✉ [Pizza]  ♡✉ [The bomb]  ☆♤♡♧♔♢➵ [Pandemonium]  ☆♤♡❁ [Namjoon the giant and his tiny friend] ♡♤❁ [Talk is Cheap]
Tumblr media
[Death need no invitation]  ☆★♤♡❁➵  (same storyline as [Me and the ghost in number 23] but a one-shot instead of chapters) [Herb] [Herb.2]☆★♡♤♔➵ [Kitten]  ☆★✉ [Beach]  ☆★✉ [Wild space]  ☆♡❁ [Daylight]  ♡♤♔♧❁ [I Kendo it]  ♡♤♔♧ 
Tumblr media
[Horror movies]  ♡♔ [Love Listening] [Part 2]  ☆★♤♡➵ [Stars]  ♡✉ [Dangerous]  ♡✉ [Um...]  ♡✉ [Like real people do]  ♡✉❁  [Video games] ☆★✉ [Salad]  ☆★✉ [Ramen]  ☆★✉   [Temptation] ☆★✉ [Mad]  ☆★♤♡♢➵
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Your life may be considered a little unsavory, but you would call it dangerously cozy. When a group of crime fighting young men put your plans on hold. Over run with criminals they work to protect the innocent and stop these malicious acts of violence.
[I’m Dead]  ☆★♤♡❁♔✓➵
Woken one night by memories of the past you meet a mysterious man on your balcony. He is cocky and charming and you find yourself swept up in something that is bigger than you can imagine. Why? Because he is death. And because your meeting is long overdue.
[Curse]  ♡♤❁♔✓
A modern-day fairy tale whereby seven young princes born under King Bang’s greed cannot find true love. Unless they break a special spell, called the ‘Bang curse’. In order to break the curse, Prince Seokjin must be loved by a ‘Blue’ blood, by a royal. That seems almost impossible when you have a pig nose. (based off the movie Penelope)
[Wash Out]  ♤♡❁♔♧✓
Taehyung and his best friend Y/N are Dolphin trainers at Wash Out; Marine Wildlife and Theme Park. When the nerdy marine biologist and resident veterinarian Doctor Kim Namjoon goes missing; the two friends form a ragtag team with Taehyung's rival Seokjin and a…. Fish?
[Midnight Circus]  ☆♤♧  
Traveling through the back alleys is the midnight circus. Step inside and fill your curiosity by gazing at the freaks of the night. IF YOU DARE.
[Family Secrets]  ☆★♤♡♔♧
Suga is a spy who threw away his name years ago. His latest mission requires maximum stealth he must find a wife, child and house. Taehyung aka 103899V is a child who has been the subject of extensive experiments and can now read minds, and you, you are a hitman. Each of you must keep your secrets from one another. A truly one of a kind family. (inspired by ‘Spy x Family’.)
[Choices]  ☆♤♡❁♔♧
Soulmate Au
Tumblr media
[Quarantine]  ☆♤♡➵✓  ( ★ in separate marked chapters)
ALERT! The city has shut down!
While you happen to be visiting the BigHit building. The government puts out an Alert across the entire Seoul area. Banning anyone from stepping outside, while they disinfect the streets. But you aren’t alone, you happen to meet the international Kpop boy group ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’.
[Femme Ft. BigBang, TXT, NCT, BLACKPINK]  ☆♡★♤♔✓  
(Femme is french for female. I mean NO offense to any of my fellow LGBTQIA+ community when I use this term) The Year is 3019. Some Females (Femme) were preserved cryogenically in an effort to prevent extinction. Using Elite computer algorithms a Femme is matched with her Male applicants to find the perfect match. Male applicants are usually selected whilst in school and housed together to create trust before they are matched with their femme. It is common for a Femme to be paired with 3-5 applicants due to the shortage and the compatibility between each. But you, you have 7.
[Me and the ghost in Number 23] ☆★♤♡❁➵✓  
(the same storyline as Death need no invitation just extended into chapters instead of a one-shot)  Moving into your new apartment on the dance academy campus, you hear is haunted. You practice your routines with the ghoulish resident in the second bedroom. Things get heated, except you know ghosts are cold. so…
[Witching Ft. Monsta X]  ☆♤❁♧✓
After your brother goes missing, you find yourself in Seoul with nothing but a prosthetic limb as the only clue to what might have happened. Circumstances lead you to a coven of seven handsome young men. But they happen to be a well-known coven that goes by the name ‘Bangtan Boys’.
[Tiny Tan - Limited Edition]  ♔❁♧♡✓
It is your first time buying proper merchandise, there are new chibi figurines and the first person to order will receive a limited edition set. But what happens when BTS have gone missing without a trace and a few days later you receive your package. The box says congratulations, you open to find your limited edition figures, they look so lifelike. OH WAIT! it’s cause they are.
[Light it up]  ♔❁♧♡☆✓
In Bightville there is never any nonsense, the scariest thing one might face is tripping at the roller-disco. But, when you move to the small town, crazy things start to happen. Suddenly people are going missing without any leads. It’s when your neighbour Seokjin goes missing that things get serious because now his friends suspect you!
[BTS Among Us] ♔❁♧♡♢☆♤➵✓
You have a crew of 11, well now 10. The captain has been killed. Whatever it is doesn’t appear to be human but from the evidence you gathered, whatever it is, is pretending to be one of you. Who is it and why?
[BTS 365 Prompts] ☆★♡♤♔❁♧➵✓
Seven boys. Seven days a week. 365 prompts. Find your birthday and read your special prompt. (feel free to use them.)
[MANIA]  ☆★♤❁✓
At eighteen everyone takes a blood test to find out their blood types. A, B, or O. Each blood type represents the person’s secondary gender Alpha, Beta or Omega and can be Dominant (+) or Recessive (-). When small thin Yoongi receives his letter he doesn’t expect A+. He knew there was no way he was an Alpha especially not a dominant.
[Hope in the Sheets]  ☆♡★♤♔➵
You held many titles: his neighbour, colleague, wingman… well, more likely a wing-woman, yet most importantly, you were his best friend. You had been friends since you were born. Between the two of you, you were younger; barely, but he never let you forget it. He always seemed to ruffle your hair and tease you, which could get rather annoying but he made up for it by treating you to things. What if a drunken one night stand between you and your best friend Hoseok leads to more complicated situations? Your reckless twenties are cut short as you find yourself suddenly responsible for something a little more.
[Sly like a... ?] ♧♔❁♡♤X (☆★ in seperate marked chapters)
Human’s strive to be better, faster and stronger looking to animal DNA. Thus Hybrids are born. As the rise for designer and Pedigree Hybrids increase, so do the failed attempts. There is one species scientists are unsuccessful in creating, but, folklore says they have been here all along, hiding and blending in with the humans for many millennia. How clever they are.
[Sparks of the Heart]  ☆★♡♤♔❁   
In a world where Humans live alongside humanoid computers. They can download software, use the Internet, send e-mails, or receive calls. A learning software helps mould their personality, habits, and knowledge, to make life much simpler. They must stay charged up in order to continue working properly. But there are a small few that are changing. Feeling.
[Seoul Mates]  ☆♡★♤♔∞
Finding your Soulmate is one thing trying to keep them in Seoul another. The Bangtan Boys each have a different Soulmate mark. Follow their journey to discover their other half.
Story request OPEN!
[BTS Asks]  ☆★♡♤♔➵∞
You ask, they answer.
[Jodo-Myeon National School of Magic]   No set storyline or story format.
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The world's craftiest criminals held in the most expensive and elaborate prison. What do they do to capture your attention? 
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bts-trash-blog · a year ago
Humanity Chapter 4: Idiots In The Feral Ward
 Summary: Y/n works at a rehab center for abused and neglected hybrids. Some of which have lost contact with their humanity, leading to feral and aggressive hybrids. Jimin was the first hybrid Y/n had ever rehabilitated, he was feral but soon he wouldn't leave Y/ns side. So what happens when a new wolf hybrid clams her to be his mate.
Warnings: mentions of physical, mental and sexual abuse, mentions of eating disorders, depression and suicide attempts{later chapters}, mates, fluff, angst, and smut {later chapters}
Want to be tagged in this story? I got a tag list don't be afraid to ask!
Tumblr media
“Jimin!” You called out as one of his shoes got thrown your way with a hiss, his tail rapidly whipping back and forth, as his eyes glared at you. “Bab-hey those are Gucci!” You yelled as your Gucci sneaker gets thrown at your head, his body standing in front of your closet door.
“Yeah, don't make me get those red bottom fucking hee-LET ME GO, WOMEN!” His hissed out as your arms wound themselves around his neck, your nose nudging against his cheek as you slowly back up against one of your bedroom walls, you hear him hiss as his hand swatted at you making you grunt in pain at the scrap of his nails that hit your skin. Tightening your grip around him as you press yourself closer to him, your nose still rubbing against his cheek, making his body slowly relax as he chirps at you before shoving his face into your neck, his arms wrapping around your waist. His chest began to rumble with purrs as the two of you slowly moved back against the post of your bed, making you moan in pain as the sharp edge got to the back of your cafe making Jimin pull away and look at you with wide eyes.
“Owie.” You mumble to the more animal version of Jimin that was standing in front of you. He gave you a frown as he then bent down and picked you up, placing you gently on the bed as he straddled your waist and shoved his face back into the nook of your neck, licking and nipping the same area the Junkook had sentenced earlier this morning. When you walked into your shared apartment a little past four in the morning, Jimin had woken up the moment you walked into the room and went to hug you only to hiss at you and then proceed to throw makeup brushes, hats, and your shoes at your head and wall.
“Mine.” He purred into your neck, making you hum as your hands rest on top of his back, your fingertips running over the tight muscles as his hips suddenly started to grind down into you, making you huff as his hand trailed down to one of your legs, his hand hiking it around his waist. His grinding began to speed up, the stimulation moaned build up and rip past your lips as your nails began to dig into his back. “Mine.” He hissed out as he pulled away and pressed his lips against yours, his teeth smashing with yours making a wince of pain slip your lips as he slowly began to thrust against your core.
“Jimin.” You breathed out as he pulled away, his lips trailing your jaw, to behind your ear as his teeth nipped at the thin skin of your neck, you let out your hiss of pain as his cat-like teeth pierced the skin of your neck where it met your shoulder. “Jimin what the heck.” You moan in pain, pushing his chest away as your hand holds the place where he bit, his eyes were hazed over as a bit of blood smeared across his lower lip. He even meows at you, making you huff as you push him away from you and move him to sit down on the bed. “Baby?” You ask as he looks at you, his tail slowly moving back and forth as he watches your movements, your hand still pressed against the semi bleeding bite mark on your neck. “Hey baby, can you come back to me?” You asked your spare hand to rest on his cheek, he tilted his head into your hand as his eyes closed. “Jimin, baby can you come back to me? Come on baby.” You whisper, making his eyes snap open, the haze has disappeared from his brown, golden eyes as he stares at you and inhales, his eyes widening as he moves your hand. The sight of blood had him wincing as he quickly moved off the bed, hands landing on the tops of your scrub covered thighs dragging you to the edge of the bed as you whined. “Minnie.” You hand touching his, blood smearing lightly across his hand making him whimper.
“ Shit Y/n, hang on princess.” He said, picking you up, a squeak passing your lips as he moved you to your shared bathroom sitting you onto the cold granite counter. “Fuck.” He whispered, moving your hand completely off of the bite wound as he wines out as he quickly goes into the cabinet and grabs the first aid kit. “I’m so so so fucking sorry.” He whispered as he grabbed a wet washcloth and dabbed against the wound making you squeeze your eyes close at the slight sting as he whined again.
“It’s okay Ji-”
“No, no it's not I bit you, like actually bit you, and I don't remember fully doing it.” He snapped, making you jump as he moved to check if it was still bleeding, making you sigh as you looked at him .”I promised to never hurt you again after you took me out of my feral state, I promised to take care of you and love you the same way you've loved me. So no, this isn't okay.”
"You were jealous-”
“That is no excuse to bite you, to put some kind of a claim on you.” He hissed out making you sigh as you reached and grabbed his arm, your fingers gripping his arm as tightly, fingers rubbing into the muscles of his arm. His dark eyes look up at you, as you give him a soft smile, a smile that had his head fall onto your chest as your other hand begins to play with his hair. “I feel like shit, just because some hybrid who needed you, needed to have that comfort that comes when scenting you. I did that, I know and watched other hybrids do that with you and I do this-” You move his head away from your chest and place your hand over his mouth. There was even a small smile lifting on the edges of your lips as you shake your head at the overly anxious hybrid. Your hand falls from his face as you move to press your forehead against his as his hands move to rest against your jaw, his thumbs rubbing the skin as he takes deep breaths, eyes closed, while yours stay open.
“I love you.” You whisper, your breath fanning against his lips making them slip open as his tongue runs over his lower plush lip, leaning forward he gently presses his lips back against yours as his hand slowly tightens around your face.
“I love you much.”
Walking into work the next morning, your Hybrid coworkers all had wide eyes as you walked through the scent neutralizer, letting out a sigh as you kept on walking as you slipped your coat on and grabbed your clipboard. Jinyoung walks up to you, the two of you starting to quietly walk together.
“How pissed was Jimin?” He asked as the two of you stopped at the charts, your eyes reading the different doctors, and nurses that were in today. Looking at him with wide eyes you let out a soft huff making him chuckle. “That mad?”
“He threw my Gucci sneakers at me.” That made him snort as his hand leaned against the wall in front of him, glaring at him with your clipboard then smacked against his chest making him groan as you walked away only to have Jackson to tackle you.
“Don’t hurt my boyfriend.” He said with a small smile as he plopped a grape into his mouth then held one to your lips, “I see Jimin wanted to put a little clam on you.” He chuckled, pressing against the bruised bitten skin making you hiss as you chew the grape.
“Leave it alone, it's still sore.” You whined, making him giggle as the two of you walk down the hall, waving at hybrids in wheelchairs or walking with I.V at their sides.
“He does love you if he did that….when I did it to Jinyoung the first time it was because he told me he loved me for the first time.” His words made you smile brightly at the dog Hybrid, his floppy ears twitching at the happy memories, his tail hitting the back of your thighs making you giggle. “But besides the point, what are you gonna do with that Jungkook character?”
“I don’t know, but I’m not just gonna give him to someone else who will most likely just give up on him.”
“That's why all the Hybrids I know love you, you never give up.”
“Beauce everybody else did...let's get to work. I hear you with me instead of Jin and Namjoon.” He nods excitedly as you enter the feral wing, where Jaebum waits with a small frown on his face, that lifted the moment he got the smell of Jackson in his orbit.
“You two are ready for the da-ow shit Jimin,” Jaebum commented when seeing your neck making Jackson giggle as you glare once again at the dog Hybrid.
“Ahaha stop, let's get to work.” You grumbled moving to the first Hybrid, there was a tiger hybrid that was named Taehyung by the breeders, his striped tail swept back and forth as his ears twitched while he listened to you enter his room. “Hello Taehyung, you remember me right?” A huff as he glares at you, sighing as you watch as he carefully turns and looks at you, his piercing yellow eyes staring at you as he tilts his head to the side. “I’m Y/n, and I will be helping you...recuperate from the trauma you have this room suitable enough for you?” He huffs once again as he looks at you, giving him a soft smile as you stand up from your chair and move behind the chair. “I’ll be back tomorrow Taehyung, I look forward to seeing you.” With that you walk out and sigh, looking at the two Hybrids who waited for you, you smile and shake your head as you begin to speak. “Still unresponsive, but he looked at me today.” You mumble making them nod, “We’re gonna do Jungkook last today, I know he’ll be a lot to ha-” A chair was then thrown at one of the walls as the growls of the dog hybrid down the way made the three of you run, there you saw a nurse had stupidly opened the door and most likely touch the hybrid to feed him.
“Jackson, Y/n.” Jaebum hissed as the two of you ran up to the hybrid Jackson wrapping himself around the growling, snarling and drooling hybrid as you dragged the nurse from under him.
“Don’t you know what wing you're in!” You screamed as you watched a needle pierce the dog's skin as he was gently placed back into his room.
“I- I thought he would be cleared...he’s a gol-golden receiver hy-hybrid.’
“Who has been raped, whipped, forced to breed and neglected so no, no one on this ward can be just woken up with a touch, or have their space, their safe space invaded.” You snapped with a cold cool tone, your body lifting her as you stood and checked the hybrids file.
“Go, you're dismissed from the wing for the rest of the month,” Jaebum said, making the nurse nod as you shut the door slowly and sigh.
“We love idiots on the feral ward don't we?”
“Hello, Jungkook, can I come in?’ You asked, already making sure what happened yesterday won’t happen again today.
“Mate..come in.” His voice called making you sigh as the two hybrids snicker behind you, slowly opening the door you move to sit down in the chair, his body was sitting crisscrossed as he watched your every move, his ears twitching back and forth with a small smile that fell when his eyes landed onto your neck.
“Jungkook, how did we sleep last night?”
“Who claimed you?” He growled, making you huff as you looked at him with a raised eyebrow his way as you cleared your throat as he kept letting out a rumble of a growl.  
“Jungkook, if you keep growling I’ll leave for the day.” Your words made him stop as he looked down at the bed with a frown on his face making you sigh. “Now, how did you sleep?”
“Decent,” he mumbled, making you smile as you wrote it down, his eyes snapping up with a small frown still on his lips but you watch the edge curl up into a smile, a small one.
“That good to he-”
“I could put a better clam on you then tha-”
“You’re mine.”
“I’m nobodies.” You stated with a soft tone as you look at him with a small frown making him freeze as he looks at you with nothing but a glazed look as he goes and lays down, his back facing away from you as you sigh and stand leaving the room and exit as the two boys look at you giving a small smile you just start to walk away.
“So lover boy did-”
“Nothing but growl and tell me he slept decently, then got all hazed over when I said I didn’t belong to anyone.”
“You belong to Jimin.”
“Hey now no I do not, we belong to each other now can we stop talking about who belongs with who, I’m starving.”
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