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burberryplaid · a day ago
sweet love making w jk and him calling u pretty girl
☆ pairings: jeon jungkook x f!reader ☆ warnings: established relationship, unprotected sex (don't make a mistake, cover your snake), virgin!reader, sub!reader, soft dom!jungkook, profanity, oral sex
[bts masterlist | requests are open!]
Tumblr media
The second you had given Jungkook permission, your panties were gone, his fingers caressing your folds. You watched him visibly swallow before his pink lips were attached to your clit, sucking harshly. You groaned, legs attempting to swipe shut but his broad shoulders combined with the warning glance he gave you kept your thighs locked in place.
His tongue ventured south, prodding your weeping slit experimentally before slipping inside. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of you; the foreign — but pleasurable feeling making you whimper.
Your nails dug into the coarse material of the couch. Jungkook grabbed your ankles, throwing them over his shoulder. His warm hands ran up and down your thighs, fingers digging into your flesh. Slipping his hand between your legs, you were not prepared for his rough digits to push past your folds and into your cunt.
With a cry, your hands flew to his hair, tugging at the roots at the base of his skull. "Kook - please..."
He curled his fingers inside you in a come hither motion, enjoying the noises of pleasure that escaped your lips. He could feel how your walls fluttered around his fingers, indicating that you were close to finishing. He had imagined this moment several times. A part of him wanted to edge you before letting you cum later that night, but the sight of your fucked out face only pushed him to quicken his movements. This was your first time and Jungkook wanted it to be memorable.
"Are you gonna cum for me, pretty girl?"
A few unintelligible mumbles left your lips before your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your back arched. You felt a weird coil at the pit of your stomach tighten with ever stroke of his fingers. It barely took one glance at the smirk on his face Your walls clamped around him as you squirted all over his fingers.
The feeling was extremely foreign to you. Your legs were partially numb from the overwhelming sensation. You were too far in your headspace to notice the soft chuckle that left your boyfriend's lips, his arms wrapping around you and cradling you in his hold. He couldn't hold back from leaning over and kissing your soft pink lips.
You were left breathless as his tongue pressed against yours, teeth nipping at you bottom lip. Your fingers gripped the fabric of his hoodie pulling him closer despite the burning in your lungs.
"Are you sure you want to continue?" Jungkook mumbled as he laid you down. You nodded, scrambling to your knees (which proved slightly difficult since your legs felt like jelly) and tugging at his sweatpants.
"Yes I want to." You huffed, eyes widening when his cock sprung out. "Do you always roam around with no underwear on?"
"You're noticing this now?" He smirked, fingers pushing your hair back. You rolled your eyes, digits immediately wrapping around the thick base and pumping it a few times. You pressed a kiss on the tip, giving the slit a few licks before putting it in your mouth and bobbing your head. Hollowing your cheeks, you made eye contact with Jungkook. His head was thrown back in pleasure while his fingers tugged at the roots of your hair.
You had watched porn a couple of times but Jungkook was clearly bigger than anything you had seen. You had given up at taking him entirely in your mouth and resorted to using your hands on the parts you couldn’t reach. Jungkook however didn't think twice before pushing your head further making you gag. His hips jerked forward a couple of times, loud moans and curses leaving his lips before you felt warm spurts of his cum shooting down your throat.
"Fuck." He hissed when you swallowed, grabbing your hips and flipping you over. Your skirt rode up at the motion, a gasp leaving your lips when he pushed your hips up. You arched your back when you felt a sharp sting on your ass, hands reaching out to fist the sheets near your face when you felt his cock rub your soaked folds.
"Ready, baby?"
"Please." You whined, the ache between your legs driving you crazy. With a groan he pushed himself inside you, the stretch making you moan wantonly. "Jungkook..."
His cock fit inside you perfectly, and you could tell he felt the same with the soft caress of his fingers on your hips. His grip on your hips tightened when he pulled out of slowly before pushing into you again. You knew there would be bruises along your sides by tomorrow but you didn’t care, all that mattered at this moment was the way he was slowly thrusting into you, filling you up with his cock.
"Faster please." You begged, pushing your hips back.
"Anything you want, pretty girl." He mumbled, hands roaming up as he pulled you closer to his chest. You moaned at the feeling of his lips on your neck, while one hand dipped between your legs and circled your clit. His thrusts picked up pace, cock hammering in and out of you at a bruising pace. Your jaw slackened, letting him use you as you fell limp in his arms from the pleasure. He held you up with ease, continuing his ministrations. Your moans were music to his ears.
After a couple of more thrusts, he laid you down on your back, crawling over you before lining his cock with your entrance once again. Holding himself up with one arm, he used his other hand to pull your leg over his shoulder.
The new position made you see stars; white and black dots clouding your vision. Jungkook was able to reach deeper and hit all the right spots this way.
You clenched around his cock, on the verge of another orgasm. Your body spasmed with every jolt of his hips while your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you reached your climax.
Jungkook's movements slowly became sloppy from how your pussy kept sucking him in with a vice grip.
"Come for me baby." You mumbled, the fluttering of your walls pushing him over the edge. You felt the hot ropes of his cum paint your insides as he collapsed on top of you, exhausted.
"I love you." He panted, nuzzling into your neck.
You giggled. Your soft boyfriend was back. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: thank you so much for reading! i had this crazy idea where i'd turn this ask into a full fledged yandere step dad jk fic, but i've been too slumped to finish writing it :( i hope you guys enjoyed either way! take care and stay safe lovelies ~
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taetaespeaches · 12 hours ago
74 with yoongi? I could melt just fantasizing to this prompt list
“Are you calling me bitter, Kid?”
(request for: "We can share.")
yoongi x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 900+
a/n: So I had the idea a while back that even though Yoongi only drinks decaf now, he would still make Kid her regular coffee every morning. So that's basically what this is but with a good amount of Min/Kid antics. Honestly, I feel like the dialogue is a bit weird and random but we'll just say they're tired lol. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :))
Tumblr media
Stepping into the kitchen, you pouted fondly at Yoongi as he handed you a mug of hot coffee, prepared just the way you like it. Despite the man believing it was practically a sin to add any variation of milk and sweetener to a cup of coffee, he never failed to add just the right amounts of both to your mug.
“Thank you, honey boy,” you cooed, Yoongi flashing you a gummy smile as he shook his head. His messy hair from sleeping on it made him look extra soft and cute.
Leaning your hip against the island and standing so you faced your boyfriend, you glanced around at the stone top. “Where’s yours?” You asked, noticing the absence of his own cup. A few months ago, Yoongi had quit drinking his regular coffee and switched it out for decaf, and you, of course, had thought the world was ending. But he was without even his decaffeinated beverage, making you pull your eyebrows together curiously. “Don’t tell me you quit coffee altogether now,” you sighed dramatically, Yoongi chuckling.
“No, I just didn’t realize I was almost out,” he told you nonchalantly, his indifference emphasizing how much he totally didn’t care.
“So you’re out?” You asked, reaching out to pat down some of his strands that were wildly standing upright.
“Just about. There’s not really enough for a cup,” he shrugged as you pouted at him, bringing your hand back around your cup. Smiling at you, he assured you, “it’s ok, I’ll live.”
“Will you?” You teased. “You know, you don’t have to make yourself decaf anyway. We can share,” you said with a grin, giggling when Yoongi rolled his eyes at you. “Just take a sip,” you enticed him.
“You make me do this every morning,” he groaned. However, he entertained your request, as he always did, placing his hands over yours on the mug. You both carefully lifted the mug to his lips so he could take the smallest of drinks, the man immediately scrunching his features at the taste.
“I have to keep reminding you of what you’re missing,” you joked, ignoring his expression. “Decaf,” you rolled your eyes.
“It’s not just that it’s caffeinated, you like too much sugar,” he continued to wince.
“You need a little bit of sugar to sweeten you up,” you sassed back, taking another drink for yourself, humming as it hit your taste buds.
Making your way around the island, you felt Yoongi’s eyes follow you. Taking a seat, you looked up at him, smiling at the sight.
“I like it black,” he pointed out quietly, a slight pout on his lips.
“Bitter," you corrected. "And yeah, yeah, we know,” you told him playfully.
“Who’s we?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.
Biting back a grin, though his lips couldn't help but curve upward, he sighed. “Are you calling me bitter, Kid?”
Shaking your head, you pouted innocently. “No, but you want everyone to think you’re a grumpy old man when you’re actually a honey boy with a grumpy old man’s attitude but with a honey boy's heart,” you rambled, fully aware the sentence barely made any sense. It was still early, maybe, just maybe, he’d let it slide.
“Are you drunk?” He asked, a smile lingering on his lips as he teased you. Ok, so he wouldn’t let it slide.
“No.” Taking another drink, you held back your own grin.
“Are you sure?”
“It’s 7 am,” you retorted. He shrugged as though it could be possible. “Do you want to fight me?” You playfully asked.
“Maybe,” he replied simply. A warmth settled in your tummy as butterflies erupted throughout your body. You loved this banter, loved starting your day with it.
“I love you,” you said suddenly, nonchalantly.
“I love you, too. Now, shh," he silenced you, bringing his finger to his lips. "You'll say something else that makes zero sense and I'll have to call you on it again,” he said with a teasing grin.
Pulling a look of offense, you glared at him once again. “First of all, rude. Second of all, this attitude is exactly why you need to start your day off with some sweetness.”
He sighed, resting his forearms on the countertop. “Love you.”
“Love you more,” you grinned at him.
“Stop,” he protested, a forced scowl and a natural pout meeting on his face.
Giggling, you suddenly reached for your bag that sat atop the counter. He watched you in silence, awaiting your explanation or to see what you were grabbing. When you pulled your hand out, you held a bag of decaffeinated coffee beans.
“I noticed you were running low so I ran by the store and got you some on my way home yesterday,” you smiled. “Just wanted to mess with you before I gave them to you,” you told him, gloating about your successful teasing as you wiggled your shoulders at him.
Scoffing at you, he reached across the island and took the coffee beans from you. “You’re the best.”
Smiling at him, you reached for your coffee and brought it towards your mouth. “Told you I love you more,” you smiled behind the mug.
“Stop,” he whined through a barely there smile, the man fighting it from blossoming into that gummy grin you adored so much.
As you watched him shuffle from the island to the coffee grinder, you couldn’t help but follow his every sleepy and gentle move with an adoring gaze. He was just too cute, and you were just too in love.
“I love you most,” he suddenly spoke with his back to you, and you just knew the gummy grin had curved on his lips. Too cute.
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ressjeon · a day ago
masqued secrets | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: best friend!jungkook x fem!reader (a bit of seokjin x reader)
rating: 18+
genre: smut, fluff, angst, masquerade!au, yacht club!au, friends to lovers?
word count: ain’t sure but it’s gonna be long 💀
warnings: explicit sexual content (duh lmao)
summary: you are given an unexpected invitation that you think will finally let you find a man to settle with for a long time run. however when the meeting ends with you no closer to figuring out his identity, you have no idea what to do or how to find him. but what if Jungkook, your dearest best friend, promises to do so because he claims he wants to ensure your happiness?
Tumblr media
— submission for 🕸NO-FACETOBER hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​      
⤖ 「 Day 19 」 : Mask
Tumblr media
comment under if you wanna be tagged or send an ask!!
permanent taglist: @bluesharksandfish @taebkyun​ @sheprocrastinatesalot​ @iamscharene​ @mwitsmejk​ @halesandy​ @codeinebelle​ @takochelle​ @joonado​ @moonchild1​ @helenazbmrskai​ @just-me-and-myselfs​ @procupcake​ @babyrosieareroses​ @erennjim @jiminable​ @kooyanami​
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satansleftnut · 2 days ago
Amelioration pt.8
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re poor. You’ve always been poor. So, imagine your surprise when one day a lawyer turns up and claims that your father, whom you haven’t seen in 19 years, has died and left everything he owned to you. Add the fact that he became a multi-millionaire during those years of absence so now, you’re also more loaded than your favorite molten lava cakes. Oh, did I forget to mention that he also left you seven exotic hybrids to take care of?
Genre: crack, fluff, VERY FUCKING SAD SHIT, smut ;).
Pairings: Exotic hybrid BTS x Female Reader
Rating: 18+
READ THE WARNINGS BECAUSE I WILL BE LOSING MY SHIT IF I GET ANOTHER ANON TELLING ME TO PUT A CERTAIN WARNING WHEN THE WARNING THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT IS ALREADY THERE. If I have missed anything, please tell me, chapters are big and often not  proof-read, so things might have slipped my mind. Thank you.
Warnings: For this chapter, we have very depressed mentalities of some characters, since we get insight on how they truly feel like. There are references to forced prostitution, forced exotic dancing, forced fighting, forced games that include getting hunted, forced slavery, forced killing, eating disorders (anorexia as a form of self-punishment), referenced self-harm that isn’t explicit (always judging by my own standards so tell me if I am being unsensitive). There’s explicit smut, including dry humping, thigh fucking, wet dreams, somnophilia but I doubt that it would be considered somnophilia (just in case), kissing, making out, humping without any clothes present, cum eating, cum on top of multiple parts of the body, voyeurism. Also, this chapter contains roasting people to death (Yoongi has a big mouth when his precious fruit tarts are concerned).
Word count of this chapter: 22,609…. issa big boi.
Author’s note: You are not allowed to copy, repost or translate this. Also, English is not my first language so expect some grammar mistakes. If I have missed anything on the warnings, please let me know. If you want to be part of the taglist, just tell me!
Also, some of the scenes that I told you would be included in this are going to be added to the next chapter because tbh I just want this chapter to be published so that I can move on and start fresh with a new one. I am sorry if I have disappointed you by doing so, and I am incredibly sorry for the long wait. Please enjoy and appreciate that I put a lot of energy in this :).
''That's because you are not entirely human, Y/N-ssi.''
Was this woman off her rocker or something?
''Yes, Y/N-ssi?''
''Did you take something before you called me? Or consumed alcohol?''
''I promise I won't judge, I completely understand. Heck, what's better than a nice, crisp glass of wine after a tiring day of working? It's Sunday after all.'' You hushed her, assuring her that it would be fine if she admitted to calling you while high or drunk. Honestly, you got why she'd do that, since there had been many occasions during which you had downed a few shots of soju down too, having noticed that business was slow and you had the freedom to get a little tipsy.
Now, there was kind of a great difference between the dangers of an intoxicated cook or bartender and an intoxicated doctor on duty, but you still understood why she wasn't sober. You had asked for her help on a Sunday anyway, she had the right to party a little since you had ruined her short holiday.
''I...'' she sighed from the other side of the line, and from the rustling that could be heard, you realized that she was shaking her head in disbelief. ''That is most definitely not the case, Y/N-ssi. If you could please not jump in conclusions before hearing me out, that would be great,''
Your eyes widened a little, finally realizing that what you had implied could have offended her, and you rushed to explain yourself, ''No, no, no, that is not what I meant uisa-seonsaengnim, I am so sorry if I offended you, I deeply apologize-''
''It's fine, just please let me explain why I made such a claim.'' She quitened you down, and you nodded in agreement, closing your mouth with a little smack of your lips and awaiting for her to continue.
''You're not a hybrid... But you're not a human either. I'm afraid there isn't a term that you could identify with.''
.... Huh? What the fuck did that mean? And why was she speaking in a voice full of solemnity, as if she was announcing bad news to a patient at a hospital? Were you in actual danger?
And for the love of God, why wasn't there a term that matched your situation?
''There is a term for everything, how come I don't have one?'' You questioned with a pout on your lips, eyes focused strictly onto your slippers as you shifted your weight from one leg to the other while you waited for her to start speaking again.
''Well... That's because you're the first person with this kind of genetic makeup.''
Okay, let's count our facts for a little while before asking some more dumb questions.
Number one, Doctor Kim said that you were neither human nor hybrid. What the fuck did that make you? A unicorn?
Number two, there was no fucking way you were not entirely human because both your parents had been humans.
Number three, even if a miracle had happened at your birth and you were indeed a unicorn (What the fuck was this? A fictional story on Tumblr made up by some weirdo that liked to spend too much time in their imagination?), then how come you were the first person with this kind of genetic makeup? Yoongi was as rare as he could be, yet people knew of the existence of tribrids (You didn't, but that was because your time spent on the Internet was pretty little, considering that you were stealing your neighbor's WiFi and he liked to turn it off whenever he didn't need it because he was older than Queen Elizabeth).
But, instead of telling the doctor all this stuff and using it as arguments, you followed up with another dumb question in typical Y/N fashion.
''How come?''
''Hybrids have been specifically created with the inability to reproduce with humans. They have a gene that renders them completely incompatible with humans, therefore a hybrid cannot impregnate or get impregnated by a human. That gene was added in their biology later on while they were being created as a method of birth control because the first hybrids that got sold to the upper class, the ones that we call 'The Prototypes', were getting pregnant by and impregnating their owners continuously, since the human methods of birth control didn't work on them, which resulted in a significant drop in the sales. None of the conceived fetuses made it out of the womb, and since hybrids lost the ability to reproduce with humans later on, there haven't been any cases like yours.''
Okay, that made sense, but it still didn't answer why you were a unicorn special. Instead, it actually proved your point (the one that you had yet to make since just saying to yourself didn't really count as a valid defense).
''I still don't understand why I am not entirely human though.''
''It appears that one of your parents was human and the other one was hybrid. Polar bear hybrid, to be specific.''
.... Hadn't she just said that humans and hybrids couldn't reproduce?
Yeah, the woman was definitely not sober.
''But then how was I conceived? If one of my parents was hybrid and the other one was human, then how did they manage to reproduce?''
''The hybrid parent probably lacked the gene. I've never heard of any reported cases of a hybrid lacking that gene, but it can definitely happen sometimes. Hybrids are very rarely born naturally, usually the fetus is created in the labs and then a surrogate is used, but some hybrids that have managed to escape their owners create their own families. I am guessing that the hybrid parent was a result of a natural conception, and that the gene wasn't passed down. If the parents of the hybrid were naturally conceived too, then the chances of the gene being passed down are even lower.''
.... Inhale.... Exhale.... Inhale.... Exhale.... Fuck. You knew exactly who the hybrid parent was, thanks to your father's incessant talking about polar bears. He had serious word vomiting whenever it came to that damn animal.
''My mother was the hybrid.'' You made the revelation, and the doctor hummed in agreement, not questioning you at all about how you had come to that conclusion, which you appreciated, since the topic of your mother was still a bit sore.
Your subconscious reminded you that you were a twenty-six year old woman for fuck's sake, but you ignored it completely. Your subconscious mind was a fucking disaster, which you had realized long ago, when that little annoying voice in the back of your mind always said he most useless, contradicting shit ever. You had once been approached by a boy when you were in the eighth grade, back when you actually thought you were a straight woman (ohoho, what a great actress you were being even in your head), and he had asked you out on a date. When you were contemplating the idea because you were trying to avoid going out with a boy being careless, there was one bitchy person telling you to go for it, and another one telling you to stay the fuck away from teenage boys. There was a third one too, grumbling like a ninety year old ajumma that was tired of her grandkids, though it reminded you of an annoyed dog too, whose existence you used to question a lot.
It was needless to say that your subconscious had never been helpful. At all.
''I don't think there is something else I can tell you except for the fact that the gene has probably not been passed down to you either, so be careful if you have any sexual intercourse with your... housemates. The chances of it resulting in pregnancy are quite high.''
Had you been drinking or eating anything at the moment, it would have been yeeted out of your mouth and chucked onto the wall across from you with such speed it would have made a hole on the wood.
''I- Um... Ahem, I, uh, I understand, yeah.... I have one more question though, it's the last one, I promise.''
''Go ahead.''
''Why now? I mean, I am twenty six years old, why did I spend so many years with no signs of being... whatever I am?''
''.... This is going to be kind of a weird question, but have you ever had sexual intercourse with a man?''
You didn't need a mirror to be able to witness how wide your eyes had gotten. The aching stretch of your eyelids was more than enough. Plus, your face felt hotter than Park Sooyoung, so that was yet another hint of how embarrassed your were feeling.
''So you're a virgin?''
''.... Yeah, you could say that.''
You definitely weren't, but the people in your country weren't.... happy with the community yet, therefore you usually avoided admitting to not being straight.
''That explains it. You see, hybrids feel the need to procreate every once in a while, but they don't have sexualities. They are completely fluid, but they do have the need to reproduce. Humans on the other hand have sexualities, but they don't have the need to reproduce. So, hybrids have no problem mating with any gender, but they do need to reproduce with someone of the opposite sex once in a while. If they can't do that, then they try to imitate the feeling the best they can. For example, male hybrids on rut will be on top of their male mates to simulate the feeling of mating with a female.''
.... Weren't Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung supposed to get their rut tomorrow or something?
Oh God. Should you prepare four wheelchairs for the males that wouldn't be getting their rut?
''That's great, but what does that have to do with me?''
''Did you have any sexual intercourse with the hybrids?''
Dear fucking- Namjoon was the one that had made you like that?
''Well, we, uh, I made out a bit with one of them.''
''That's what caused it. The other part of you, the one that's been supressed for so long, finally got to do one of the things that it needs, yet has been denied of. Think of it as an awakening.''
Namjoon's kissing skills awoke the part of you that had stayed hidden for twenty six entire years.
''That's... understandable. Um, so the changes in my scent, hair, and eye color were the result of this.... awakening?''
''Yes. I doubt that you'll show any more animal features though, considering that you're mostly human and less hybrid. But I can't be too sure about that, since you are the first of your kind.''
"I see...'' you hummed in agreement, moving around the room and changing the hand you were holding the phone with, placing the device on the other side of your head. ''Well, I think I don't have any more questions doctor. Thank you for telling me and clearing it all up for me. And, uh... Am I welcome to call you whenever I have more questions?''
''Of course. As much as I am disappointed by the fact that I do not know as much as I'd like about you, this is still very interesting to me, and I'd love to help you as much as I can.'' She assured you with a kind voice, to which you responded with an appreciative sound.
''Thank you, uisa-seonsaengnim. I'll be going now, since they must already be suspicious of my absence.''
''I understand. Eat and hydrate yourself well, these changes are going to take a toll on you if you don't.''
And with that last piece of advice, she ended the call, though it took you a few seconds to finally let go of your phone, throwing it on your bed when you got out of the short daze you had gone into.
''Fuck...'' you cursed, walking back and forth on the space next to the left side of your bed, your footsteps probably resonating around the house from how heavily you were stepping onto the flooring, the thick carpet doing little to hide how stressed you obviously were from the whole ordeal.
But the revelation was eye-opening. The way your father always loved talking about polar bears and the way he associated them with your mom oftentimes...
And it also helped you realize why you had a certain kind of relationship with your housemates. You must have felt the most comfortable when you were with Seokjin because you belonged to the same family, and you had always been fighting with Namjoon because bears and wolves were natural enemies (Special thanks to National Geographic and Animal Planet for playing a big part in your eye-opening experience). You being half polar bear hybrid explained why you preferred the cold and why it didn't affect you negatively, it explained why they had welcomed you whereas they had rejected other women, since they could smell the familiarity of a hybrid's scent in you.
But it gave you closure too. Polar bears let their cubs go when they turned two and a half years old, and that was when your mom had abandoned you too. Maybe she hadn't abandoned you after all, maybe she just hadn't been able to fight her nature, maybe she needed to flee because that was what her instincts were telling her to do.
It had surprised you, the fact that you weren't human, but you weren't going to reject it. Because the puzzle had almost been completed thanks to that tiny piece of information that you had just found out, and it wasn't as if you couldn't reason why it was true that you were half hybrid. Even if the doctor had spoken to you with terms and phrases used in the practise of medicine, words that you didn't know of, you would have still believed her, for the hints had always been there; you'd just never managed, and cared enough, to try and piece them together.
In simpler words, your dumb ass had finally managed to understand who you really were thanks to that seemingly unimportant blood test.
''Y/N? Are you okay?''
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
Goddamn it Hoseok, how the fuck did he manage to show up at the worst time possible?
''I'm perfectly okay, thank you very much,'' you replied, trying hard not to make it obvious that you had just made the revelation of your life (quite literally).
He sighed before responding, the airy sound reaching your ears easily as it trespassed the walls with ease, betraying what his knowledge of the situation was, ''What happened? Is it because of our conversation earlier? You know that we didn't mean any offense, right?''
It was your turn to sigh now, but you exhaled much more heavily than the male on the other side of the door did, ''It's not that I am offended, I'm just frustrated that you don't think about certain things as much as you should. There is a vast difference between the rights I have and the rights you have, and you are aware of that, you haven't had the choice not to be aware of it.... But you still try to be all fair and mighty, even when your lives could be in danger. I just-.... I am disappointed that you'd really sacrifice yourselves with me even though you know that my punishment will be much gentler.''
You knew that they would never willingly throw you under the bus were something like what you feared to happen, but you had hoped that they would at least think about themselves before taking such decisions. You were committing multiple serious crimes, but the thing was that you'd just end up in jail for a few years, or just months, which you could actually escape buy having Jiwoo pay for your bail, whereas your housemates would be met with certain death.
This was not a fair world. Every single person on this planet knew that much. There were people that basked in the unfairness because it was favorable to them, and there were others that got the short end of the stick and lived miserable lives because of it. Of course, there would always be a kind of protestors, rebels, that gave their everything to the cause of creating a fair world. But you knew that no matter what, this world would always be unfair for as long as power existed.
Your housemates were trying to be a sort of rebels. They were trying to treat you as an equal when you weren't, and no matter how many actions you took and how many words you said, that would never change. Well, it could change one day, since hybrids had the abilities to turn the whole situation around, but even if that were to happen, you'd still be unequal to them.
Though judging from your recent discoveries, maybe you weren't that different after all.
''We are aware of that. But it would be unfair for us to just drop it all on you and let you take the fall while we kept living our lives. Doesn't that sound horrible to you?'' he questioned, knowing that it indeed sounded like a shitty thing to do, but at the same time he also knew that you were right as well. But Hoseok prided himself for being a fair man, so he wouldn't budge until you at least admitted that he was right.
''Fine,'' he smiled in victory at that, ''It does sound like a shitty thing to do. That doesn't mean that I won't abuse my power to claim that whatever you claim is a load of bullshit when you try to defend me and tell on yourselves. Now, want to watch a movie with me? I'm starting to get bored of this conversation. It's starting to sound like a broken recond.''
His face fell, but he didn't expect anything less from you. You were a stubborn person, he'd come to realize, and changing your opinion or plans was as pointless as it was tiring. So, more for his own sake than your own, he nodded affirmatively, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom as he pulled away from the door, since he'd laid the right side of his face against the wood so that he could hear you, even though he was able to do so from meters away.
''Um, I'm still waiting for an answer.''
He could be very stupid sometimes, he admitted to himself.
''Sorry, I nodded without realizing that you needed a vocal response too.'' He chuckled awkwardly, right hand reaching upwards and then backwards so that he could scratch the skin on the back of his neck, cupping it afterwards until there was no more of the sensitive skin to be seen as his hand covered the entirety of it.
''Happens to the best of us.'' You assured him with a few giggles, finally revealing yourself as you exited your room. A bright grin made itself present on his lips, revealing his teeth, the fangs glinting underneath the soft lights outside of your bedroom.
You were one twitch of a muscle away from squeezing his cheeks until they were redder than a tomato when your gaze laid on his face, noticing how his warm eyes were nowhere to be seen anymore, half-crescent moons having taken over since his eyelids had closed from how high up the apples of his cheeks had moved.
He looked like he belonged in a cartoon in the form of a cute animal, or at the corner of a little kid's drawing as the smiling sun that showered everything in its golden sunshines.
''Here comes our favorite granny.''
Men. Or rather males. Whatever. They all ruined everything regardless of species.
''Let's watch a horror movie, or a thriller, I'd like to get ideas for when I come and kill you in your sleep.'' You glared at Jimin, having half a mind to lift your foot, grab your slipper, and chuck it at him, but deciding against it, despite knowing how good it would make you feel.
''Pfft, as if a human could ever manage to kill a hybrid without the help of actual weapons.'' Taehyung came to Jimin's aid, appearing out of nowhere from behind Jimin, sliding his arm across the other's shoulders and letting the excess hang off the blond male's side.
''I've been slicing meat, and to be specific frozen meat,'' their eyes widened a little at that, ''For years. You really think your delicate necks will be able to handle my knife skills and that nice butcher's knife that Seokjin oppa slices vegetables and meat with?''
Jimin and Taehyung had paled unnaturally by the time you had finished your sentence, an evil smile accompanying it to drive your point home of course, and were trembling slightly. Taehyung leaned down a bit to get to the height of the other's ear, whispering to him loudly enough for you to hear (they seemed to lose the ability to whisper properly when they were afraid).
''So.... Remember when I told you that we should be applying face cream on your necks so that the skin there can be soft too?''
''I do.'' Jimin nodded hesitantly.
''Well.... Seems like the softness of our skin is going to be the death of us... Quite literally.''
Judging by the killer side-eyes that Jimin was giving Taehyung, it was safe to say that you might as well end up doing absolutely nothing. They were going to kill each other on their own. Well, to be more specific, Jimin was going to kill Taehyung all on his own.
''Do I need to suffocate you twice a day to ensure that you're not going to be doing stupid shit that will endanger us?''
''You know that I love it when you suffocate me with your thighs, so go ahead. I have nothing to fear.''
For some reason, you found it romantic that Taehyung was willing to die if it meant that his death would be caused by suffocation in between Jimin's thighs. Ah, you've always been such a sucker for romance, and these two proved that romance really wasn't dead.
''I won't pull away this time. You're going to die.''
''Bring it on babe. You know that it would be an honor to die like that.''
A few beats of silence, then-
''Oh, Tae!'' Jimin cried out, before turning around and burying himself onto Taehyung's chest, sobbing loudly as he clenched the fabric of the other male's pajama shirt between his fingers. ''You're so romantic, my sweet, little baby!'' He cried harder, his hands letting go of the soft material and instead snaking over the tiger hybrid's shoulders, circling his neck and then pulling him down more, until he could bury his face in the soft crook of the taller male's neck.
''What the-'' you started, but Taehyung cut you off with a deep wail that reminded you of a cow bellowing.
''Oh, Minie! I love you so much!''
It was needless to say that the scene was a bit too dramatic in contrast to the actual situation. But you had learned that Jimin plus Taehyung equaled drama, so you didn't mind their theatrics too much. That still didn't stop you from giving a look to Hoseok, who mimicked your own, as if trying to wordlessly tell you that he, too, found this ridiculous. You held the deadpan stare with him for a little, trying to avoid the two... besties? Lovers? Fuck buddies? Housemates?
The answer to everything was unicorns, so you sticked with that.
Anyway, while you were too busy avoiding looking at the two unicorns acting like long lost... Well, goddamn it, like long lost unicorns, you heard a loud crash coming from downstairs, followed by a 'What the fuck have I done to deserve this shit'.
Oh God. Something bad was about to go down.
''You did not.''
It scared you how emotionless and cold Yoongi sounded at that moment.
''Yoongi, please, I swear I didn't mean to-''
You could taste Namjoon's fear on your tongue.
You were so good at commenting on what was going on while chaos and havoc were about to take over.
''You did not just drop the most expensive plate on this house.... The one with the tart I have spent four hours on making on top of it. You did not.''
.... Shit.
''I'll go grab Y/N's wallet, we can order another fruit tart from the best bakery in South Korea-''
''My... My precious fruit tart- How could you do this to me! Me and Seokjin hyung have been feeding your ungrateful, havoc-wrecking, untalented in cooking and existing, ass for eight fucking years, and this is how you repay me?''
A few beats of silence, then-
''I can make mug cakes. And fried eggs. And I can boil rice-''
''You make rice the way Americans make it.'' Yoongi cut him off, which you were certain was accompanied with an eye roll.
''Now you're taking it too far!'' Namjoon gasped, and after processing the loud sound that followed his gasp, you'd say that he also slapped his hand on his chest too, wanting to showcase how deeply offended and betrayed he felt.
You understood why Yoongi was mad, but Namjoon was right, he was taking it too far. Saying that an East Asian person cooked rice like a white American did was truly a very big offense.
''I'm not apologizing. Now, call Seokyung-ssi and ask her if she is willing to go to the supermarket and buy us some groceries, and if she is not in the mood to, then you're going to drag your ass to the supermarket anyway and buy the things in the list that I am going to give you because I refuse to not wake up to a fruit tart tomorrow morning.''
''But what if I end up getting arrested by H.C.S.?'' Namjoon questioned, to which Yoongi responded with a nonchalant 'Sounds like a you problem'.
Shit was getting brutal. You quickly glanced at Taehyung and Jimin, who were still crying like they had just met again after decades, and then you shot a look at Hoseok, who was starting look nervous about the outcome of the fruit tart's destruction.
You realized that this night was definitely bound to end up in absolute chaos if you didn't do something to stop it. So, you did the only logical thing that a person (who was also mildly dumb) would do.
''I'll go get the groceries. Make a list for me Yoongi.'' You shouted your offer, then made your way half-way down the stairs before realizing that you were in your pajamas. Oh well, it wasn't as if anyone of high importance would be seeing at such an odd hour on a Sunday night, since most people had probably already gone to sleep.
''No, you're not going out on your own when it's nearly midnight. Now fuck off back to your room and take the God of Destruction with you before I have to resort to beating him up with my slippers.'' Yoongi grunted while shoving his hands down his pants.
Why was he shoving his hands down his pants?
''Yoongi, what are you-''
''Hush, you pervert. Go hang out with Jimin if you want to be a dirty minded menace, I don't have time for this shit.'' He hissed, before withdrawing his hands from the loose inside of his pajamas, pulling out two fistfuls of green grapes. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, before slapping his fist against his lips, letting his fingers relax so that the fruit could fall right into his mouth. When he closed his dark pink lips, finally managing to capture every single one of the little spheres full of sweet juice, his cheeks puffed up, making him look like a squirrel.
A squirrel! That's what Hoseok reminded you of!
The tribrid in front of you did not hesitate to start chewing, making the grapes burst into his mouth, and his eyelids trembled when the sweetness reached his taste buds.
''Why do you keep grapes down your pants?''
''.... Yeah, but they're touching your balls. Do you really want to be eating ball-flavored grapes?''
''First of all, ew, why did you tell me this, I had to imagine it and now I'm traumatized. Second of all, I asked Taehyung to make me some pajamas with extra pockets on the inside so that I can keep stuff there. Get your mind out of the gutter.''
''Hyung, you are eating grapes out of your pants, the concerning thing would be her not being disgusted by this.'' Namjoon came to your aid, finally having mustered enough courage to face Yoongi.
''You,'' Yoongi pointed at Namjoon with a glare, ''Do not have the right to be interfering with this. You refused to wear clothes for years before you finally realized that the Korean climate plus a hairless body don't make a good thing.''
Huh. The more you know, you guess.
''As if you didn't like the sight.''
''Don't bring my.... unfortunately very hormonal behavior into this. That was in the past.''
''Oh, so now you're not horny at all?''
A few beats of silence, then-
''I hate every single one of you but Seokjin hyung and Hobi. The rest of you can kiss my ass.'' Yoongi all but grunted with the most disgruntled voice you'd ever heard, rolling his eyes so hard that it looked like it hurt, before shoving his hands down his pants again and pulling them back out, a bunch of strawberries being held tightly in between his palms.
.... You weren't even surprised at this point.
''We already kiss your ass hyung.'' Taehyung shot back from upstairs, remaining hidden from your gazes, but you had no doubt that Namjoon and Yoongi were more than able to sense his presence.
''Oh, fuck off.''
Whilst you very much enjoyed their bickering, and had half a mind to go grab a bag of chips from the pantry, you still had some questions to ask.
''What if you sit or fall on the side where you're keeping the fruit and it all gets mushed up?''
''I'm a feline, sweetheart. Only dogs do that kind of stuff.'' He shot a dirty look at Namjoon, who gasped loudly upon realizing what the older male meant.
''Wolves have nothing to do with dogs!''
''Aren't dogs just an updated version of wolves?'' Yoongi cocked his right eyebrow, and you had to hold Namjoon back by the fabric covering his back in order to keep him away from the tribrid. Though you had no doubt that he could have easily escaped your hold, it seemed like he had understood what you meant by the gesture, and held himself back on his own.
''Same goes for cats and big felines!''
Ah shit. It was obvious that Namjoon hadn't done his research beforehand, but you had, so you felt like it was your duty to intervene.
''Um... Actually no, domestic cats evolved from the Felis, which are the smaller and mid-sized species of the Felidae family, such as the ocelot and cougars. So, no, cats aren't an updated version of Yoongi's species, but they are of Jimin's species.''
''See, Joon? We've known this human for one damn week, and yet she knows more than you about mine, Taehyung's, and Jimin's family. Let me repeat that, a human that we've known for a week knows more about three of your mates than you do, even if you've been with me for eight damn years. Pah, I didn't know that betrayal would taste so bitter.''
You believed that now was the right time to go get those nice chips waiting for you in the pantry. But, when you tried to secretly move away so that they could continue their bickering without noticing your absence, Namjoon turned to look at you with eyes that screamed 'You're going to regret this'. You shot him back a look too, one that meant 'Well, I was just trying to correct a mistake that could mislead a lot of people'. Namjoon did not seem to share the sentiment, and he showed you so by squinting his eyes so much that he looked like Mr Yoon from downstairs whenever you'd try to show him a meme, and he'd extend his arm until the phone was as far as way as possible from his face, while distancing his head too, opening his mouth, and squinting his eyes. Now, Namjoon didn't have a presbyopia, nor was he the most swag person in the entirety of Seoul (Mr Yoon was the chillest dude you'd ever met), but he did look very alike to a grandpa right now.
So, you laughed. He glared at you a little more. Yoongi didn't seem appreciative of your laughing either, looking at you like you had woken him upin the middle of the night just to tell him that you were scared to go downstairs to drink water and needed company.
Your similes were literal fucking gold, no one could tell you otherwise.
''What did you think betrayal was going to taste like, grilled chicken?'' Said Seokjin as soon as he entered the kitchen, and for some reason, you felt your whole body relaxing, as if you were suddenly pulled into a warm embrace.
The fact that you weren't human rushed back to your mind.
Fuck. If you continued presenting your animal features, it wouldn't take long for them to figure out that something wasn't adding up. And you wanted to tell them the truth about you, you really did, but what would be the best thing to do? Would they appreciate it if you straight up told them about the revelation that you'd made the past hour instead of having to find out themselves? And how would they feel? Would they believe you if you claimed that you didn't know either? You supposed that you'd never know. But maybe this wasn't about them finding out the best way, maybe this was about you being honest and trusting them with such an intimate piece of information.
You believed that giving out such a thing would really balance everything out. Sure, you'd shared your entire backstory with Namjoon, and the others had probably heard too, if their hearing was as good as they claimed it to be. But you hadn't told him anything that could ruin your life. Yet Namjoon had specifically told you that he would be willing- no - that he wanted to kill for you. He had implied that Mr Oh hadn't died on his own, that he had killed him. He had told you to go to your father's office and find the files that contained information about them so that you could get to know the vulnerable side of them too.
You hadn't realized it back then, but Namjoon had given you a gun with the safety off, and he'd given you seven bullets too. He had armed you with so much knowledge that you could easily report them one day and have them put down.
Namjoon had trusted you enough to give you the means of bringing him and his lovers down because he had so much faith that you would never use those weapons against them. So, by telling them about this, you'd be giving them a piece of information about you that they could use against you too.
You had to tell them. But not tonight. Tonight, you just wanted to enjoy some chips with the company of the people that you cherished so much.
''It sure does taste even worse now that I know you're on their side too,'' Yoongi spat, and Seokjin simply laughed, extending his arms towards the hybrid in hopes of him accepting the embrace. He got a flick on the face by a long, sleek tail the color of black instead.
''Make me a fruit tart and I'll hug you.''
''Me and Y/N-ah are going to make you one first thing in the morning, okay?'' The elder offered with the kind of soft voice that teachers used on hurt or stubborn children. Yoongi seemed to lighten up a little at that, but the constant pout on his lips never left his mouth. You wanted to kiss it away.
''Sure thing. Hey, does anyone want to watch a movie with me?'' you proposed, and the people that were currently in the kitchen with you shook their head no. ''Well damn, I wasn't expecting to be rejected.'' You chuckled awkwardly, hands escaping their sweater paws to scratch onto the fabric covering your arms, the embarrasment making you jittery. Really though, did you smell or something? You had had a shower just a few hours ago, so what was it?
Were they mad at you about something? Maybe they still hadn't forgiven you for the conversation you had had when dinner was almost over.
''It's not that, we're just very tired after today's events. So much has happened in less than twenty four hours, I'm honestly surprised that you're not exhausted yet, even after everything that has gone down.'' Seokjin responded sweetly, his hands engulfing yours and pulling them away from your arms, ceasing your scratching. He brought them both to his lips; kissing the tops of them gently while still holding eye contact with you, and you were certain that all of them woul be able to hear how fast your heartbeat had gotten at the elder's actions.
Seokjin couldn't help the little smile, or rather the little smirk, from making its way on his lips, not after he could basically smell how sickeningly sweet scent of the sugar canes had gotten. He continued holding eye contact with you, not giving you time to compose yourself, and for some reason he did not know of, he took a step forward, his palms landing gently onto your cheeks to hold onto your face like it was made of the mosr fragile glass. He came closer; until he could feel your body heat intermixing with his own, and leaned down, lips touching the skin of your forehead. He puckered them very slightly, kissing your skin, before leaning down more, angling himself to his right, and placing his mouth right beside your left ear.
''I'd never reject you, you must know that by now... baby.''
.... You were going to have a little alone time after this.
''Pfft, of course and you'd never reject me. I'm too hot to be rejected.''
''Fake it until you make it, huh Y/N-ah?'' Yoongi teased, earning himself a smack on the back of the head by Namjoon.
''I'm glad that you said that Yoongi, because now I don't have to get up early in the morning and make a fruit tart for your ungrateful ass.'' You cocked an eyebrow at him while maintaining a devilish smirk on your lips, enjoying how the tribrid's face immediately blanched at this.
''No, wait! I didn't mean it like that, I swear!'' He rushed to defend himself, but Seokjin placed his right index finger right on the younger's mouth, forcing him to stop talking.
''Looks like you're going to have to make the tart on your own Yoongi-yah.'' The eldest out of all of you whispered, and you were exactly three twitches of a muscle away from starting to squeal like a cat being tortured, 'cause the butterflies in your stomach were starting to get a bit too wild.
''Oppa, you're so cool.'' You gasped like a fucking teenage girl with an unhealthy boy band obsession, and while Seokjin turned back to look at you with a literal ass smirk on those sinfully fleshy lips of his, the other two looked at you with a disgusted grimace.
''We, if you say so,'' he flicked his wrist, chuckling into his palm while looking away in a way that let you know that he knew he was hot, he was just acting humble for the sake of it.
''Jesus fucking Christ, I can't stand this. Just find a bedroom, you nasty nymphomanicacs.'' Yoongi booed, and Namjoon turned to him with wide eyes.
''How do you know that word hyung?''
''I am older than you, I should be the one asking this question,'' he rolled his eyes, making a 'tsk tsk' sound with his tongue. ''Kids these days... No restrictions on what they search on the Internet whatsoever. Back in my days-''
''I literally turned to my original form before you did. Which means that I had access to the Internet before you did. So, you can't use the phrase 'Back in my days'.'' Namjoon fought back, to which Yoongi responded with a slap on the back of his head.
''Hush, you disrespectful youngster. Go back to your room, and bang the door behind you to express your anger too.''
''You've been watching to many k-dramas hyung.''
''Suck my ass, my muse has gone on vacation for the past few days. What else can I do other than watch k-dramas?''
''You can help me and Seokjin oppa cook.'' You offered, to which he shook his head no.
''Nah. I'd rather start eating unseasoned tteokbokki than spend time with the two of you.''
You were deeply offended by this, but if you were going to be honest, you'd do the same if two of your housemates acted the way you and Seokjin are acting like right now.
Also, what the fuck? Since when was Seokjin flirty? Since when did he smirk, with a cocky look in his eyes?
And when the hell did you turn into a stutterring, blubbering, uwu mess? You used to find pride in how composed you've always acted when a romantic interest was flirting with you. Now? That pride was gone. There was nothing to be proud of anymore. Might as well become an anime character while you were at it, with how big your eyes had gotten when Seokjin had been acting flirty.
Jesus fucking Christ, you were hopeless.
''Why, Yoongi-ah? Me and Y/N-ah aren't perverts, we wouldn't do anything weird with you right there. I mean, unless you wanted to watch.'' Seokjin shrugged, the cocky expression never leaving his face. He even turned to look at you, before winking.
....*inserting high-pitched anime girl moans*.
''Hyung...'' Namjoon gasped, his hand cupping his mouth as his eyes widened comically. He looked between you and Yoongi, gauzing your reactions, his surprised expression seeming to have gotten stuck onto his face.
''.... I have to feed my ladies.'' Yoongi stuttered, before basically storming out of the room with his face facing downwards, trying to hide how blushed his skin had become.
Namjoon and Seokjin shared a look; knowing exactly what the tribrid was going to do once he was alone. The dark haired male had always had a very vivid fantasy and imagination, which resulting in him basically picturing everything that was a hypothesis or a scenario.
He had pictured you and Seokjin fucking while he was watching.
''Who the fuck feeds their turtles at near midnight?'' You scoffed, rolling your eyes at Yoongi's desperation to leave the three of you behind. How offending of him to run away at the possibility of watching a movie with you!
''That's not what- You know what, I have no idea either. Yoongi hyung is very peculiar, isn't he?'' Namjoon turned to you, acting confused too.
''Huh. Anyway, if you're not going to watch a movie with me, then I guess that I am going to watch with just Hobi-ah, Jimin-ah, Taehyung-ah, and Jeonggukie-''
''Jeonngukie's busy, he turned to animal form again so that he can spend the time with our new housemate.'' Seokjin cut you off, to which you nodded in understanding.
''Welp, if Hobi-ah ditches me too, then I'm stuck with the soap opera unicorns.''
''It's an umbrella term. I have no idea what kind of relationship they have, so I prefer to stick with unicorns. I actually use that term for most things when I don't know what to call them.'' You explained, which judging by their confused faces, did not make much sense to them.
''And out of all the words that you could have chosen... You chose unicorn?'' Seokjin questioned, to which you hummed in agreement.
''Uhuh. But why unicorns? Wouldn't chameleons match better?''
''This isn't a matter of logic and reason Namjoon. Stop trying to make everything make sense, you damn nerd.'' You hissed, to which Namjoon, for once more, gasped at, his palm smacking against his lips.
''Nerd? I'm not a ner-''
''You're a nerd.'' Both you and Seokjin cut him off.
''Yoongi hyung was right. I'd rather eat unseasoned tteokbokki too than spend time with the two of you.'' He said, voice full of venom, before turning around and storming out of the room too, heading towards where Yoongi had gone. A few seconds later, the loud sound of a squeal reached your ears.
''Really hyung? Really? In front of the turtles?''
''.... Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. Good night Y/N-ah.'' The elder wished you with a smile on his lips, which you returned as you wished him the same, then watched him walk away from you, noticing how even the way he walked was elegant.
Sometimes it was hard. Having to live with such perfect people, you meant. Although deep down, they were far from perfect, it still hurt you sometimes when you realized that you were truly inferior to them.
They were spotless; their manners, way of speaking, and mannerisms were incredibly elegant, and even though they could sometimes be crude, yes, you were referring to Yoongi, a certain level of quality always stayed with them. And you were very much aware of how they had acquired such manners and all, but you couldn't help but compare yourself to them. You had grown up in the slums of the city; manners weren't a popular thing there. You spoke crudely and your mannerisms were rough and sudden. You lacked delicateness, you always looked behind your back, you always stayed on a very low bugdet, luxury was as appealing as it was useless to you.
And you could live with that, you coud live with knowing that you'd never be as appealing as they were. Them being superior in more ways than one wasn't something that bothered you.
They'd never know it, but they had unintentionally stole something from you the day that they joined your father and became his family. Something that you would always hate them a little for, no matter how nonchalant you acted about it.
You acted like you believed that they were a replacement to your father; a bunch of young, helpless people that needed him, people that could replace the gap in his heart that the presence of his daughter once filled. But the thing was that they weren't a replacement. They'd never be. Not when they had spent eight years with your father while you had spent five, not when they had shared quality food and a nice house with him whereas you had shared water, ramen cups, and a filthy room, not when they were just so beguiling and you were the typical kind of person that had obviously been through a lot.
They weren't a replacement. They were an upgrade.
''Stop being so pessimistic, you damn idiot.'' You chuckled humorlessly under your breath, shaking your head in disbelief. This wasn't the right time to be thinking about such things. Your roommates had noses that could smell changes in emotions after all.
You looked at your reflection on the window above the kitchen sink. The storm had yet to pass; painting the sky an almost black grey that sucked every bit of light inside and then spat it out in the form of thunder.
Slightly glassy eyes the color of onyx, surrounded by light pink from the irritation that the unshed tears had caused. Eyebrows furrowed just a little, lips drooping at the corners, making you look impossibly sad, just like a child that had been scolded by their parents.
Trembling fingers reached your face, the fingertips settling onto the downturned edges of your mouth. Then, they pushed upwards, moving the thin muscles up on their wake, until the corners were at the height as your upper lip. The fingers changed direction; now pulling towards the sides, stretching the smile until your bottom lip cracked and a little bit of blood seeped out. You pulled the two bits of soft flesh apart, until your teeth could show.
That was not how a smile was supposed to look like. But it was better than nothing, right?
You let go of your lips. The smile dropped immediately, leaving an expressionless mouth behind.
Fucking hell, you were pathetic.
A movement on the other side of the window caught your eye. You paid close attention to the background, carefully scanning the garden facing you, trying to find out what it was that had moved. You inched your face closer to the window, almost sticking it right onto the flat surface.
That was until someone did the same thing from the other side.
''AH, WHAT THE FUCK!'' You screamed, flinching away and turning your back to the face for a second, grabbing one of the butcher's knives from the knife block. When you turned back around, you were greeted by the amused face of none other but the maknae himself.
''I hate you.'' You mouthed at him, flipping him off with a murderous glare. He only just smirked wider.
Fucking Jeongguk. You were kind of wishing that he'd continued being a quiet, shy kid around you, but it appeared that your wishes would never come true.
''Are you okay?'' he mouthed from the other side, the smug grin never leaving his lips. You flipped him off once more, huffing out in annoyance before turning back around, placing the weapon of your choice back into its rightful place on the knife block. You shook your head in disbelief, muttering a few curses under your breath as the sound of the door opening reached your ears, followed by quick footsteps.
''Did I scare you?''
''Go fuck yourself for me, will you?''
''Sure, if you watch me.''
.... What the fuck was going on? First Seokjin, now him too?
And when the hell did Jeongguk learn how to speak without hesitating one bit before letting the words flow right out of his mouth?
''When did you become so crude?'' You questioned, making a 'tsk tsk' sound with your tongue, clicking it against the back of your teeth. You shook your head from side to side once more, disbelief obvious in your manners, before reaching forward to grab a Choco Pie from the bowl in the middle of the isle.
''Sugar is not good for you.''
''Fuck off.'' You hissed, tearing the packaging open and letting your fingers dive greedily inside of the wrapping, gripping the dessert tightly in your palm.
''Really, it's not-''
You shoved the whole thing inside his mouth, which had been open since his sentence was cut short when he was voicing a vowel.
''Shut up and eat, life is too short to be caring about whether something is healthy or not.'' You scolded him like a mother would scold her child, while he glared at you with burning fire in his eyes.
You left him to sulk on his own, grabbing half a dozen pieces of the dessert and carefully fitting them on your hands, before heading out of the bright room, and instead entering the dark hallway that would lead you to the staircase that'd take you upstairs.
''Noona, you can't leave me on my own!'' The bunny hybrid shouted from behind you, before breaking into a sprint, reaching you in no time. He didn't hesitate to grab your wrist, which fit surprisingly well in both of his palms.
''I don't know if you it's because you're bad at taking hints, but I am avoiding you. Now, shoo.'' You pried his hands off of you, clicking your tongue in disgruntlement when he grabbed onto your right forearm this time, completely ignoring the fact that you had just told him to go away.
''Are you mad at me, noona?''
''Indeed I am.'' You responded, not missing a beat.
He whined like a child, gripping your forearm harder, ''But I just wanted to have fun.''
''I almost had a heart attack. If that's what you consider funny, then maybe we should check if you are a psycho after all. I still haven't forgotten about how you were torturing the koi fish less than half a day ago.''
''It wasn't that bad... right?''
''You're the reason why I currently believe that murder is okay.'' You replied, positioning your index finger and your thumb the right way so that you could create a finger heart.
''I didn't think it would affect you so much. I'm sorry,'' he apologized, and you know what, maybe you were already ready to forgive him- ''I really didn't know that humans were that weak. Yoongi hyung and Namjoon hyung have warned me multiple times, how could I forget?''
You teared a Choco Pie open, basically shoving it down your throat in an attempt to stay grounded.
He's your housemate, Y/N. His unicorns are your housemates too. And they're all hybrids, minus Yoongi, who's a literal tribrid. They are all predators too but Jeongguk, who has a very sharp pair of teeth, the speed of a race car, and the body of a bodybuilder. Think about this carefully. Murdering him would result in your downfall too.
You took a deep breath, focused on the taste of chocolate covering your taste buds, and sighed blissfully. It was fine. Everything was going to be fine.
''Are you okay? Are you having a heart attack? I told you that sugar is bad for you, humans are already weak enough as it is-''
''Listen here, Jeongguk-ah,''
'Oh oh. She never calls me Jeongguk-ah', he thought.
''I am literally one twitch of a muscle away from attacking you. Stop talking or you're going to die.'' You stated in a surprisingly calm voice as you finally reached the beginning of the stairs.
''But noona, I'm just trying to care for you.'' He pouted, and you scoffed in response, getting ahead of him as the two of you made your way up.
''Give me another one of your lettuces then.''
''No. That was a one-time thing.'' He blatantly refused, and you scoffed once more.
''Oh, so you don't care enough about me to give me one of your lettuces? Fine. I'm never cooking for you again.''
''I prefer Seokjin hyung's cooking anyway.''
You gasped in offense, ''You little brat. Just wait until I get my hands on you-''
''Will you both shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep here!'' Yoongi shouted from somewhere on the floor beneath the one you were currently reaching, and you wondered if he was actually going to sleep with his ladies.
Okay, that did not sound right. You meant his turtles.
''Yoongi-ah, don't curse!'' Seokjin screamed back from his bedroom on the left side of the second floor, and judging by the squeaky sound produced by the bed frames, he had suddenly sat up in order to be able to scream his lungs out.
''I have every right to when these two are squealing like kittens in the middle of the night!'' Responded Yoongi.
''It's not even the middle of the night, you just think it is because you have the sleeping schedule of a fucking grandpa.'' You mumbled under your breath, thinking that he wouldn't be able to hear it.
You really shouldn't have forgotten that they all had supernatural hearing.
''Why is everyone calling me a grandpa?'' He groaned loudly from downstairs, though the sound was much clearer now, so he must have left the indoor garden.
''Oh, I don't know, maybe because you literally do everything old people do? You sleep like them, you speak like them, you act like them... I feel like your mental age is one hundred and eighty years old or something.'' Taehyung said from his own room, a fit of giggles following soon after.
''Taehyung-ah, you're so funny!''
''Thank you Jimin-ah, you're the most supportive person in this household.''
''Ah, don't thank me, I do it out of kindness of the heart!''
''You're so nice.''
''Pfft, no I'm not!''
''Well, you can be petty somet-''
''Shut your mouth before you regret being born.''
Ah, what a wonderful interaction between two unicorns!
''Well, my mental age is sixty-nine years old!'' You attempted to joke in an attempt to clear up the mood, but judging by the silence that followed, it hadn't worked as well as you thought it would have.
''I honestly can't deal with this generation, every single one of you is incredible crude. A bunch of perverts!'' Seokjin groaned in annoyance, the shrill sound of bed frames squeaking following suit, signaling that he had laid down once more, apparently too tired of your bullshit.
''I know, right? All they think about is sex. If they put one percent of the passion they have for sex into something productive, this world would be like the one on the sci-fi movies!'' Yoongi joined Seokjin in badmouthing you, while you and Jeongguk just stood there, looking like Lego people, awkwardly listening to your sunbaes judging your very existence.
''It's such a shame, really. The technology is amazing, and access to it is very easy, society has improved a lot too. Yet they won't spare any time to appreciate what their processors left them because all they think about is sex!'' Namjoon added, suddenly sounding very passionate about the subject.
''Oh shut up, you are all acting as if people forty years ago weren't having one more kid every single month!'' Jimin yelled, arguing with their points.
''That's not physically possible-''
''You know what I mean, you damn traitor! You're always taking the hyungs' side, never ours!'' Taehyung backed Jimin up, and judging by the... slurpy sounds that followed, they were proving their elders' point.
''That's because they are more mature!'' The wolf hybrid attempted to defend himself, but even you knew that wasn't true. Everybody in this house was as mature as a five year old.
''Yoongi calls his turtles 'my ladies'. Does that sound like a middle schooler trying to act all cool and womanizer like, or is it just me?''
''Shut up Y/N, this debate started because of you!'' They all but Jeongguk screamed at you.
Betrayal was starting to taste very similar to stale, onion-flavored chips. Meaning that it tasted very fucking sour, for those who don't know.
''Jiminie oppa... Taehyungie oppa... Hoseokie oppa... Jeonggukie...'' you overpronounced the 'ie' and the 'oppa', knowing that they'd fall for it, ''Will you watch a movie with me? I don't want to be alone after today's events.'' You pouted, acting sad so thatthey couldn't help but feel bad for you.
''What are you trying to do noona-''
''Of course and we can! Oh, our sweet little baby, how could we refuse?'' Taehyung cried out, Jimin following suit with a 'That's right. Anything for our second baby!', completely ignoring the fact that they cut off Jeongguk.
''Oh Y/N-ah, we didn't think that you'd be so shaken up after today. How horrible of us. Come, come, we're at Taehyungie's bedroom!'' Hoseok added with a solemn tone behind the closed door of the tiger hybrid's room, ending his speech on a cheery note.
''They really fell for it.'' Jeongguk deadpanned, almost glaring at the door where the three hybrids were behind from.
''As if you don't use the same technique to get them to do whatever you want!'' You whisper-shouted, which was probably useless since they could easily hear you if they wanted to.
''... True.''
''Anyway, will you be watching the movie with us?''
''No, I'm spending the night with my friend. I turned because I wanted to scare you.'' He smirked, and you smacked him on the back of the head.
''Shoo, you menace! Shoo!''
''Good night noona.''
''You don't have to call me noona, you know.'' You reminded him, though you did think that it was more of a force of habit thing. But he didn't come in contact with lots of women, so it couldn't be force of habit either.
''I know. I find it funny how the body heat you're emitting becomes almost suffocating when I do though.''
... Did he just imply that you liked it when he called you noona? Because you did.
''I- uh, I see... Great. Nice talk. Have a good night.'' And with that, you basically ran to Taehyung's room.
It was because of that that you didn't get to notice Jeongguk's eyes following your form until you disappeared. You didn't get to notice the faint smile that had taken over his lips, the brightness in his eyes, the soft pink taking over his light skin.
You missed the way he looked away in embarrassment, his right hand reaching up to scratch the bases of his ears.
''When you said that we'd be watching a movie called Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought it would be about an artist or a sad person. Not this.'' Hoseok shrieked from underneath the blankets, your head underneath his armpit and your eyes covered by his hands even though you couldn't even if you wanted to because of the blankets. He trembled a little in shock, and the pressure in your head was starting to rapidly worsen as time passed.
''I never said that.''
''You said it was about an artist with a complex personality and his muse!''
''Well, he is great at the art of sex,''
''Sex is not an art-''
''And he has a very complex personality, though we learn about that in the following books. And his muse is Anastasia.'' Jimin continued, completely unbothered by Hoseok cutting him off.
''I agree with Jiminie. It's your fault for not being open-minded in the forms of art.''
''Thank you Taehyungie, at least someone in here appreciates art. Argh, this is why I hate hanging out with uncultured people. Hobi hyung, you have no appreciation for art whatsoever, and Y/N-ah... Well, the only form of art you've probably ever seen was the love-making of stray cats behind trash cans. Am I wrong?''
''Wow. Thank you for being the epitome of classism, Jimin oppa.'' You deadpanned, glaring at him with sarcasm obvious in your tone.
''You're welcome. Maybe this could be a waking-up call for you. I know that you didn't grow up with access to nice clothes, but you can't keep wearing large, plain T shirts, baggy sweatpants, and the most boring shoes I've ever seen.''
''I can, and I will.''
''What about all that effort that Taehyungie puts into you being dressed nicely? Plus, you are an upper class woman now, one that will have to be showing her face around.''
Showing your face around? Why would you be doing that? As far as you knew, most upper class people that weren't some kind of artists did not make many grand appearances, nor were they famous enough for people to care about what was going on in their lives.
''I don't think that's true.''
''We can't debut as underground artists Y/N-ah, we need a company to be backing us up.''
... Shit.
The people surrounding you seemed to have realized what was going on by how silent you had suddely gotten, and it didn't take long for them to gasp.
''Don't tell me that you aren't already making plans to become the C.E.O. of an entertainment company,''
''... Would you believe me if I say that I didn't even think about it?''
''We would. We one hundred percent would.''
If the circumstances were different, this sentence would have sounded a lot more positive.
''Well... I guess I'm going to be having a lot of work to do from now on.'' You chuckled awkwardly, trying to ease the tension between the four of you. An erotic moan came from the TV, the characters of the movie apparently not too bothered by your current situation.
''Yeah, it appears that you're going to have to work your ass off so that we can debut before our hair turns white.'' Jimin said, making a tsk tsk sound with his tongue to express his disappointment.
''I will make it all work out, don't worry. I promised you that I would do anything in my power to give you the chance to have the life you've always wanted, didn't I?'' you reminded them, which proved to calm them down a little. The clenched edges of Jimin's mouth relaxed completely, bringing back that little smirk that he always seemed to have, along with the mischievous glint in his eyes. You had noticed how Jimin, no matter the mood he was in, always had facial expressions that expressed... pleasure? Gratification? Something of the sort. Even a few seconds ago, when he had been very obviously stressed and annoyed about your lack of thinking ahead, he had managed to still look pleased.
Now that you really thought about it, all of them seemed to have one particular expression that they kept most of the time. Mannerisms too.
Seokjin looked welcoming. No matter how sad or angry he was, he always looked like he'd be there to hug you and comfort you if you wanted him to. A gentle smile that made the apple of his cheeks puff up a little was present on his lips at all times, and even though he was the tallest out of all of you, he somewhoe managed to make his eyes look upwards to the person. He seemed innocent and kind, with an aura that drew people in.
His hands were always crossed below the wrists on top of his stomach or behind his back, right above his tail, unless he was doing something that somehow always proved to be helpful. He walked gently, with a pace that wasn't fast by any means, but still betrayed eagerness to accommodate anyone that wanted him too. He never forgot to greet you with deep bows either at first, even though you were four years younger than him, which he was definitely aware of.
Yoongi was kind of like Jimin. A smirk and a glint in his eyes were present at all times, and he always made sure to look confident. Cocky even. He looked daring and mysterious, like somebody that seeked out adventures and wild things, someone that couldn't be tamed even if someone tried to. But you had come to realize that he didn't look free and independent, he didn't look like he had a spirit that required freedom and independence in order not to be broken. He just looked confident. No, he looked seductive.
He was the shortest of the bunch, and you were starting to realize that maybe that was intentional in a way. Yoongi was somebody made of one part human and one part killing machine, yet he didn't appear dangerous. He walked with his head held high and with confident steps, but he didn't look confident at all. He looked like somebody that was trying to look confident in order to appear seductive, and now that you had realized it, a heavy weight was starting to settle onto your stomach.
Hoseok was the most similar to Seokjin. They were very similar in their expressions and mannerisms, but whereas Seokjin was more gentle and calm, Hoseok was joyful and energetic. He looked like somebody you could trust and have fun with, someone that would be eager to make your day better. He was always ready to service you whenever you wanted him to, and he always did it with a huge smile on his face.
His face was made to look joyful. He had a smile that revealed his perfect teeth even when he was simply stretching his lips a little, just to show that he was content about something, or simply because he smiled about everything. Hoseok was the skinniest out of them all, yet his cheeks weren't gaunt, which resulted in his eyes disappearing whenever he smiled, turning them into thin half-moons that glinted brightly from whatever parts of his eyes were visible.
He walked energetically, as if he always had somewhere to be, as if he was excited to do something. His hands moved around him like seaweed moved when gentle waves surrounded it. He always looked like he was floating. Hoseok was a fever dream of early April. His presence felt like drinking strawberry flavored tea in a garden full of spring flowers, honeysuckles scenting the air with their sweet, citrusy scent, while the sun gently warmed up the place just right.
Namjoon looked and acted like what you could only describe as rough. With scars marring whatever parts of his body you could see, fire in his eyes, whose shape reminded you of the dragons' in the myths, and his large size, paired with the posture of somebody that obviously wasn't a very open person, Namjoon looked like somebody that had been through so much that he had given up on trying to look nice. His mannerisms were rough and uncalculated, as if he did not have an ounce of gentleness inside of him, even though you knew that that couldn't be further from the truth. He walked with heavy steps and straight shoulders, but if his buffed up chest was anything to go by, his good posture wasn't a product of elegancy but rather of trying to intimidate people with his size.
Taehyung was a walking contradiction. His face, like Namjoon and Jeongguk, had many scars. Some were deeper, some were lighter, some were straight and thin like someone cut them with a knife, and others were ragged and thick like somebody had sliced their skin with something uneven in desperation. Yet he wore makeup and clothes that made him look like he had grown up with a silver - no - a diamond spoon in his mouth, which told a very different story than his past injuries did. His moved were quick and full of raw strength, very much like Namjoon's, and whereas Namjoon tried to be more gentle with things, Taehyung just tried to look more elegant. Were it be mannerisms that made you think that he had grown up learning how to lift his little finger when holding a cup of tea instead of learning how to survive in the wild, or the way his movements reminded you of the sharp yet fluid movements of ballerinas, Taehyung was clearly trying to hide how rough he could be.
And finally, Jeongguk. Jeongguk was a hare hybrid, and even though it was apparently a common fact that bunny hybrids, and probably hare ones too, were docile and soft creatures, Jeongguk was anything but that. He was fidgety and flinched at loud noises and sharp movements. He looked scared most of the time, and whenever somebody's scent became sour or spicy with anger, he winced and tried to remove himself from the situation. Which was kind of strange, if his large size and sharp teeth were anything to go by.
Jeongguk didn't have a certain pace, but he always did things quietly. His footsteps could barely be heard, and his movements were as light as a feather, as if he was trying to keep the attention away from him.
In conclusion, they were walking paradoxes. And while you could see some aspects of themselves in the way they carried themselves and in how their facial expressions remained the same most of the time, as if they had been taught to keep a certain persona up, it was obvious that it had nothing to do with who they truly were.
Seokjin was kind and gentle, he was welcoming and trusting, but he was so much more. He was passionate about things and he expressed a variety of different emotions, even though the way he expressed them was very subtle. He had a certain level of selfishness, like every person should, and he enjoyed spending time on his own too. He tried to keep a perfect persona up, but you had noticed that the mask had started to crack just a little.
You'd never know, but Seokjin felt like dying when he noticed the mask slipping at first. He felt anger and resentment towards you for showing him that maybe not everyone expected him to be perfect after all. But he was slowly starting to embrace it, and he was finally realizing how exhausting it had been trying to be a person that he wasn't. He still felt the need to be helpful, but now he focused a lot more on his self too. It was only natural to when he hadn't looked after his own person ever since he had been captured. He didn't look in the mirror anymore and wanted to rip his face to shreds just because it did a horrible job of depicting how ugly he felt inside. Instead, he admired the broken reflection in the bright glass, as if it was another piece of art that had been mistreated over time yet whose beauty had never faded.
Yoongi was mysterious and he could be cocky, but he was so much more than that. He was caring and he was soft, he was clever and he was passionate. You may not have seen him working, but judging what the other had told you, he spent incredible, even concering, amounts of time on his music, and the effort he put in making it was awe-inspiring. He was sarcastic and he bickered a lot, creating little arguments out of nothing. He teased and he joked a lot, but you knew that he only did that when he felt comfortable enough with somebody that he believed they wouldn't be offended by him.
He didn't open up right away and he was insecure about being a tribrid because he knew that most people would be disappointed by him because of the fiction they had read regarding tribrids. He wanted to keep people away as much as he could, but then he had realized that you weren't just another human. You were good. You had probably done some bad things to survive, but hadn't they too? Did that mean they were bad? Did doing bad things out of absolute necessity make you bad? Yoongi didn't care if he was bad or good. He didn't care if his mates were bad or good, and he certainly didn't care if you were. Because while every other human he had ever met reminded him of harsh winters and clashing fires, you reminded him of gentle, late autumn evenings out in the garden, drinking chamomile tea while wrapped up with thick clothes like onions; joking about things and bickering with each other while sharing a look so warm it proved that no matter how much he made fun of you, he'd always love every part of you.
Namjoon. Namjoon, with his poetry and his philosophy books, his leather-bound fiction and his cups of hot jasmine tea and honey. Namjoon, who had the gentlest soul, yet was trapped in a body that had grown up knowing nothing but violence and roughness. Namjoon, with his love for everything soft and fragile, like flowers with thin petals and old books with frail pages. Was he trying to prove how gentle he actually was by surrounding himself with frail things? Was that the reason why he needed things that could be broken so easily? To ground himself from letting the other side of him slip away? To prove that he could be anything but the beast they had painted him out to be?
But he was rough too. You remembered just a few days ago, when Namjoon would treat with blatant disrespect. You remember the utter disgust in his eyes whenever he looked at you, whenever he had to face you and be reminded that he had to co-exist with yet another human.
You hadn't noticed the mirrors behind you. You hadn't noticed that you were wearing blue-light glasses that reflected everything so perfectly. You hadn't seen the glint of a knife nearby you. You hadn't noticed that those had all been things that Namjoon could see his reflection in. The reflection of a monster that fucking hated having to act this way to protect his mates. The reflection of somebody that wished he could be what people called 'a gentle giant'. God, how much he wished he could be somebody that was soft and treated things with such carefulness that they could never break under his touch even if he wanted them to.
Jimin. You could never guess what had happened to Jimin, but you knew that that seductive, cocky persona was the product of something horrible. To be truthful, while Jimin would be considered as the most open of them all, you had instead concluded that he was the one that kept to himself the most too. It sounded cheesy and basic, but when people said that the ones that laughed the loudest were always the saddest ones deep inside, they weren't lying. Jimin was too happy and chill with everything to not be hiding something. You could see it in the way the edges of his mouth always dropped and his eyes dulled as soon as he thought he was on his own. He always craved attention and care in a sensual way, but you could see it in his body language that what he craved wasn't the attention of a lover but rather the one of a friend.
Jimin wanted gentle hugs and soft pecks on the lips, he wanted cuddling in bed while wearing the worst clothes pajamas imaginable. He wanted warm tea with the company of his loved ones in October as the leaves turned red, orange, or yellow, and fell from the branches to land on the ground, where they could decompose so that every nutrient the tree had sucked out of it to grow these leaves could return back to its source.
Jimin wanted to dance until his feet bled and his muscles and bones ached for a break as long as he danced a dance that he felt with his whole body. He wanted to dance barefoot, wearing clothes that hid every little bit of his frame, with not an ounce of beauty products on his face. He wanted to dance until he basically stank from the sweat. He wanted to dance until he was so disgusting that no one would even think about approaching him.
Taehyung tried so hard to be elegant, to act as if he wasn't somebody that grew up as an animal and then immediately started learning how to fight other hybrids to near death instead of being taught how to hold chopsticks like a normal person. He wore fashionable clothes with not a speckle of dust on them as if he hadn't spent most of his life up until six and a half years ago either running around naked or wearing just a pair of loose pants covered in dirt, dust, sweat, and other bodily fluids and excretements. He wore makeup and jewelry like he had worn dirt and rings on his fingers made of steel to knock his opponents out. He drank his tea with his pinky held high like he didn't use to kneel on the floor to drink water from the dirty surface like a pathetic dog. He refused to eat bad food as if he hadn't been willing to do anything, including to beat a person to death just to rip raw, bloody meat straight from the bones while still in his original form.
He wasn't a hypocrite, of course. He just didn't want anyone to know how desperate he had once been just for the permission to be granted the littlest common necessities. He didn't want anyone to know that the hands that created such thin, frail clothes and such beautiful jewelry had once ripped limbs apart with the roughness that only a beast like him could manage. Do I have no shame, he wondered many a time, How dare I live such a luxurious life after everything I've done? After I've hurt brothers and sisters for a piece of stale bread, how dare I live with myself? Aren't I the biggest sinner of them all? Don't I deserve to rot alive in the hottest pits of Hell after everything I've done?
Taehyung was a very talkative person, to the point that most would think that he was constantly word-vomiting. He talked very loud too, as if he was trying to draw the attention on him, to the point that he was borderline annoying. But wouldn't most never shut their mouths after finally being able to talk for the first time in years? Speaking down there, at the pit, meant getting beaten up. Weren't it only natural of him to never want to stop speaking now that he wouldn't have to deal with deep bruises and broken bones for every word he said?
Jeongguk was much taller than the average Korean man, and his height wasn't even included in the measurements that bunny and hare hybrids could have. His size was one of a professional wrestler, and he was pumped with thick muscle, sturdy bones, and good nerves, granting him raw strength that prey hybrid rarely ever had, which, if it weren't for his ears and tail, would easily mistaken him as a predator hybrid. His front incisors were sharper and longer than any of his mates', and his body was made for sharp, speedy movements that could help him escape any kind of dangerous situation. He had the DNA of a prey, yet his body was of an ultimate killing machine's.
Too bad that no matter how big he grew, he'd always keep the same mindset.
I'm a hare hybrid, I'm prey. I'm meant to be hunted. Predators are everywhere, I'm always in danger.
What good could his body do him when his entire existence screamed at him to fucking run and hide whenever the tiniest kind of a threat was detected by his sensors? What good could his body do him when his senses went haywire whenever his body thought he was in danger?
Oh, and by 'threat' and 'danger', he meant every person on this planet that wasn't a prey hybrid.
It was just his luck that he lived with six predators and a human.
Jeongguk would never be brave, no matter how much he wanted to. Because building up muscle by exhausting himself out in the gym and consuming protein did little when his body would never let him forget that he was prey, and that he was meant to run, not fight.
Hoseok. Oh, Hoseok, with his bright, toothy smiles and crinkling eyes, Hoseok with his eager and energetic mannerisms and vibrant aura. Hoseok, with his tight, warm hugs and gentle affections. Hoseok, with the ever present smile and the empty eyes. Hoseok, with the full bowls of food at the end of dinner, with the thin body and the dark circles beneath his eyes from the lack of nourishment, Hoseok.
Hoseok, Hoseok, Hoseok. Why were you doing this to yourself, Hoseok? Why were you starving yourself for every little mistake, why did you punish yourself for thinking that you let people down? Why did you hit yourself in the places on your body with the most fat, why did you wear baggy and unimpressing clothes, as if you didn't want to draw any attention to yourself? Didn't you deserve any attention, Hoseokie? Didn't you deserve any attention, even after doing so much for the people surrounding you? Didn't you deserve love and care? Why did you never accept help, even when you knew that you needed it? Why? Why did you let yourself fade away?
''Stop yawning and go sleep Y/N-ah, we're trying to watch a movie here.'' Jimin snapped at you, glaring at you while pausing the movie so that he didn't miss any of the scenes.
And most importantly, are you willing to accept the help, Hobi-ah?
''You've already read the books and watched the films, it's not like you're going to miss some kind of important detail because of my yawning.'' You defended yourself, which earned you a smack on the back of the head.
''You uncultured twat,'' Fuck, it appeared that you'd hit a nerve. ''Just because I know what's going to happen doesn't mean that I still don't want to watch the entirety of the movie.''
''It's literally fucking porn, why are you so invested in th-''
''Get out. Get out before I do something that I am probably not going to regret until the consequences catch up to me.'' Jimin all but screamed, jumping off his spot on the bed to attempt to reach you, and probably suffocate you to death with his thighs, but thankfully Taehyung stopped him by holding him back.
''Jiminie, think about the consequences-'' Taehyung begged him as he huged him close while Jimin shook with rage.
''Fuck thinking about the consequences, thinking is overrated. Why think when I can choke her to death instead-''
''Jiminie, I think you're being a bit dramatic,'' Hoseok tried to defend you, but he seemed to have realized his mistake as soon as all three of you turned to look at him.
Oh, fucking, oh.
''You know what, let's sleep together tonight, Let's go, Hobi oppa!'' You basically jumped to your feet, grabbing Hoseok's arm and pulling him off the bed easily, before dragging both of you outside Taehyung's room and heading towards your own.
You tried to keep your footsteps light and silent, since Hoseok seemed to be floating rather than walking so the only one making noise was you, but you still weren't quiet enough. Your movements echoed through the open hallway in front of the bedrooms, and for some reason, you felt like laughing your ass off. Which you did.
With a sound that sounded like, to be honest, a fart, you wheezed air out of your mouth with such pressure that you felt your lips bouncing before returning to their rightful place.
''Why are you laughing?'' Hoseok whisper-shouted, slapping his hand over your mouth in an attempt to silence you, but it appeared to be completely useless as it made you laugh even harder.
''Porn,'' you managed to spit out, before bursting out into hysterics again. Your knees doubled over too for some reason, and you fell on your ass with a loud thud.
''Y/N, please stop laughing, they are going to wake up!'' he whisper-shouted once more, this time nodding towards the rooms where his hyungs and Namjoon and currently sleeping. Of course, you didn't get to see that, since you were too busy wheezing the life out of you, your eyelids having been closed shut for the pressure on your face. Your hands were squeezing your lips, hoping that you could at least lessen the sounds you were making, but that only made the sounds sound more forced.
''H- help,'' you begged, now in pain as the muscles of your entire body were twitching at the rhythm of your booming laughter.
You were, unfortunately, very used to this kind of hysterical laughter. And most of the time, the thing you were laughing about wasn't even funny.
''Just get up, you can laugh all you want when we are inside your room,'' Hoseok said with a gentle voice, his attempt at hiding how panicked he was being quite poor. His hands reached out to you, gripping onto your biceps and squeezing them, as if he was trying to motion for you to get up.
Of course, that wasn't going to be happening any time soon, judging by how jelly-like your bones felt. Your muscles were twitching and you were wheezing so much that your chest moved up and down in such a way that you bet it looked like the wild sea.
''I can't.''
You managed to open your eyes. You instantly faced Hoseok, who looked like he was in deep thought. His eyebrows were furrowed in the center and he was biting the inside of his bottom lip, making his mouth appear much smaller. His hands were tense on his sides, but he finally seemed to think of how to get you to stop laughing, or at least to move, because his face lightened up immediately.
''I guess there's only one thing left to do.''
You had watched enough drama series to know that when the male lead said something like that, it was never good.
It didn't take much time for you to realize what Hoseok wanted to do when he leaned down until his face was above yours, one hand snaking underneath both your armpits until he was hugging your chest, while the other one slipped beneath the back of your knees, gathering them both between his wrist and his arm while his palm and fingers molded their shape onto the flesh on the flesh on top of your thighs.
Your eyes must have widened comically at the realization that Hoseok was about to attempt to lift you up, and your hands were pushing at his chest as soon as he started raising you off of the ground.
''Hobi-ah, put me down! I'm too heavy for you to lift, you're going to slip a disk or something!''
Hoseok was the skinniest of them all, and you really didn't have it in you to be the reason why Hoseok would have to be taken to the hospital for a broken back.
''May I remind you that I am a hybrid and that we have supernatural strength?'' He reminded you, before you were suddenly being raised completely off the floor and right onto his chest.
He didn't even make a sound of pain.
''Oh my God... Are you some kind supernatural creature?''
''I'm a hybrid Y/N, of course and I am supernatural.'' He deadpanned, but you didn't give it much thought, smiling widely at the feeling of being carried by somebody. It had been what, more than two decades, since someone had held you up in their arms?
''I'm not even remotely heavy for you, am I?''
''No, you're very light.''
''Wah,'' you dragged the 'ah' sound more than you should have, eyes wide in excitement and happiness as Hoseok started walking towards your bedroom. His pace didn't falter one bit, as if he wasn't carrying a grown woman around.
He crossed the distance between Taehyung's and yours rooms' in seconds, and when he reached your door, he raised his knee high so that your bottom was resting onto it so that he could free one of his hands, managing to open the door that way. When he was done pushing the wooden entry to your room away, his arm snaked beneath your knees again, pulling you higher up once more, before walking inside of your space.
You tried not to blush at the realization that this must have looked like two newlyweds entering the doorstep of their house, the husband holding his wife up.
Ew. Now, why the fuck was your subconscious trying to push such a cheesy though to the forefront of your mind?
''You can let me down Hobi-ah, I stopped laughing a long time ago, you know.''
''I know. But you looked so happy to be carried and I didn't want to take that away from you.''
*inserting crying cat meme*
''Stop, you're going to make me cry, you ass.'' You mewled, slapping his chest gently a few times. He simply laughed at this, the deep, soft chuckle reaching your ears in such a smooth timbre that you almost moaned.
''You know, you are radiating a lot of body heat right now.'' He informed you, implying that he knew you were currently having a major butterflies-in-your-stomach problem.
''Put me down on the bed and join me before I decide to kick you out.''
''Right away Mistress.''
... What?
''Mistress?'' You asked in a high pitched voice that broke at the 'ih' sound.
''... Just blame Jimin, okay?''
And with that, Hoseok finally put you down, placing you gently right onto the middle of the bed, after having pulled the thick, burgundy duvet covered in velvet down to the lower part of the bed so that he could make things easier for you. He joined you shortly, laying himself down right next to your left side. He reached down, gripping the material of the duvet between his long, thin fingers, before bringing it upwards so that it was covering your chest. You noticed that since he was taller, his uppder body was left uncovered, so you scooted towards the head of the bed a bit, until both your chest could be protected from the harsh cold of Seoul's winters. Your windows hadn't been closed, but that was by choice, since you couldn't sleep unless the temperature of the room was kind of alarmingly cold.
Your polar bear genes were probably the ones to blame.
''Thank you.''
''Got to make sure that you're warm in case you pulled a muscle while carrying me.''
''You are offending me very much.''
''I'd rather offend you than have to take you to the hospital tomorrow. I wouldn't even be able to drive you, I'd either have to steal a bike or call a taxi again.''
''We need to get a driving license.''
''Fuck no, I'm not ever driving those killing machines willingly.''
''Fine, I guess that you're going to have to be paying tons of money just to get around the city.''
... Shit.
''... I'll find a driving school next thing tomorrow.''
''Good. Now, sleep.''
And with that, Hoseok turned around, his back facing you as he made himself comfortable on his side of the bed.
You sighed silently, wanting him to keep talking to you, but it had been a very tiring day, so it was only logical that he wanted to go to sleep right away.
You turned to your own side, your backs now facing each other. You slowly twisted your body until you were laying face down, before lifting your left leg to the left, until it was bent next to your body, while your right leg remained extended and in a fairly straight line. You moved your left arm and bent it at the elbow so that you could bury your face between the soft crook created by your bicep and your forearm, while the other arm was bent in a similar way and placed above your head.
That was the only sleeping position that you respected. That's the only thing you wanted to say.
Unfortunately, even after spending this very fucking eventful day, you were still not tired enough to want to sleep. Yet your eyelides were drooping, and your body had relaxed to the point you feared that you were going to melt into a puddle.
Maybe you were exhausted after all. But there was obviously something missing.
You had read somewhere that your body naturally fell asleep after spending fifteen minutes in a state of absolute lack of movement, yet no matter how hard you tried, there was always a place that needed to be scratched, or a part of your body that had grown uncomfortable by the immobility.
The room had the perfect temperature and the duvet kept you comfortably warm, so why the fuck were you feeling this way?
Shit... Had your rustling woken him up?
''Did I wake you?''
''No, it's just that your scent has gotten very sour, and it's making my nose sting.''
''Oh... I'm sorry.''
''Why are you agigated?''
''I just... my body wants to sleep yet I can't?''
''... I can cuddle you if you want.''
A pang of annoyance hit you at that for some reason.
''You obviously don't want to cuddle me if you're literally almost falling off the bed when I am on the very other side of it. Why are you avoiding me?''
A few beats of silence, then-
''I thought that you wouldn't want to cuddle me.''
... What?
''Why would I not want to cuddle you?''
''Humans don't like physical contact unless it's sexual.''
... Oh. Was that the reason why Hoseok barely touched you affectionately, even though he was always so touchy with the others? Did he actually believe that you wouldn't want any kind of physical contact with him unless it was for the sake of sex?
''Hobi-yah... That's not true. I don't know what they taught you or what kind of people you've met but-''
''You know what kind of people I've met.'' He cut you off, but he didn't sound angry at all. He sounded sad... embarrassed even.
''I... I do. But not all humans are like that. And I am certainly not. You can touch me all you want, Hoseok-ah.''
''When you say I can touch you all you want... You mean it in a non-sexual way, right?''
And even though you should have answered with just a 'yes', that was not that you responded with.
''You can touch me in whatever way you want.''
Before you knew it, an arm was sliding beneath your neck and another one was being thrown over your waist, hugging you close to him. His hip quickly met your backside, and his legs were snaking in between yours, until they were a tangled mess.
It was a very intimate position. But your skin didn't start heatening up until his face dived in between the crook of your shoulder and your neck, burying itself into the soft skin, sniffing it. His nose traveled upwards, until it was right below and behind your ear, and when he kissed the spot there, you couldn't help the little moan that escaped you. He kissed it again upon hearing the soft sound; letting his tongue slip out a little so that he could lick the spot a little, covering it in a thin layer of saliva.
And when he blew on it with the heated air coming from the very inside of his lungs and stomach, you mewled, your mouth opening slightly as you started getting breathless right away. Your hips moved without your permission, pushing your ass backwards until there was no space between you and him. Which meant that you could feel everything, from the warmth of his skin and the tautness of his muscles, to the rapidly hardening length tenting his sweatpants.
He was obviously very fucking turned on, just like you were. Yet as soon as you backed up into his crotch, he pulled his most intimate parts away, continuing to cuddle you but making it clear that this wasn't going to turn into something much dirtier.
''I'm not going to do this with you. Not yet.''
''Hoseok...'' you whined, not wanting to put a stop to this.
''Sleep. Now.''
There was a dick between your thighs. A very hard one at that. And someone was begging someone else to suck their dick harder. But let's take the story from the beginning.
Hearing him command you like that for the first time made something stir deep inside of you, yet you didn't dare to disobey his demand. You nodded in defeat and relaxed your body as much as you could, ignoring the wet, throbbing need pulsing in between the apex of your thighs. Hoseok held you close, tucking your head beneath his chin and hugging you tightly, very much identical to the position you were in before, except for the distance between your ass and crotch.
You had woken up not long after you had managed to fall asleep. At first, you were confused about what had woken you up in the middle of the night. Apparently, there seemed to be a lot of reasons why you were currently awake, so you were just going to list them all.
Reason number one) Someone was being very fucking loud about how good they were feeling. To the point that you could hear every little moan and wet sound even though the walls of your room were pretty soundproof. The sounds were high pitched and whiny, as if somebody was being rejected the sweet release they were craving.
That was Jimin.
And then the moans turned deep and long. It reminded you of the moans of somebody that was finally getting the stimulation they needed so badly after having to endure being untouched too long for their liking.
That was Taehyung.
Now, moving on to the next reason why you had woken up.
Reason number two) Somebody was fucking your inner thighs. And they were going very hard at it, judging from how both you and the bed were being rocked back and forth like weightless ragdolls. The bed was making squeaky noises too, though they couldn't really be heard since Jimin and Taehyung were much louder.
The person having the time of their life thanks to your poor thighs was Hoseok.
Okay, now that some context has been given, let's go back to the present.
''What the-''
You were cut off by a very hard thrust. Which was followed by another. And another. And another.
You didn't know how you had ended up like this, but it appeared that Hoseok had somehow managed to push his hard dick in between your thighs, between the very apex of them to be specific, and he was now thrusting his muscles' life away in the chase of an orgasm.
''H- Hobi?'' your attempt at calling out his name came out stuttered, thanks to the fact that Hoseok had now moved enough to change the angle of this thrusts, resulting in him hitting your clit with the head of his cock every time he pushed up and down.
Dear fucking God-
''H- Ho-''
''Y/N-ah...'' he moaned, sounding extremely breathless from how his voice broke at the end of your name, his desperation showing right through it.
You turned your head a little, until you were able to look at him, and you were faced with a sight that made your walls clench uncomfortably tight.
Hoseok was having a wet dream. His eyes were firmly closed shut, his eyebrows were scrunched up in the middle, and his mouth was open in the most erotic way possible. Sweat had gathered at his temples and at his eyebrows, proving how desperate he was about getting the release that he was chasing in his dream. His Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as he swallowed heavy amounts of saliva so that his throat wouldn't dry up from all the effort he was putting into rocking into your ass, and his hands were gripping you tight, one of them having reached upwards enough to be squeezing on your left tit like it was his lifeline.
His hips were bumping against your ass so harshly you were certain that the skin there would be covered in bruises tomorrow, and even though you were both wearing sweats and underwear (but you couldn't be too sure about Hoseok, judging from how easily you could feel the details of his member through his pants), slapping sounds echoed throughout the room.
And fuck, the best of them all was his cock. He felt hard and long, his tip reaching the top of your cunt and the base resting right above your asshole every time he thrusted to the point that he couldn't go deeper anymore. He was thick; so much that you knew your fingers wouldn't be able to meet if you were to take him into your palm.
''Y/N-ah-'' he choked at a particularly hard thrust, which granted you unable to stop a moan from leaving your mouth too. His angle was too good to be true; hitting your clit from top to bottom every time he rocked into the softness and fullness of your thighs. Sometimes his tip caught onto your entrance, but the fabric of your sweats and underwear always stopped him from being able to push inside of you.
You were so fucking wet, and from the way he was touching every centimetre of your pussy when thrusting, he was transferring your juices from your entrance to above your bundle of nerves, covering you whole with your own lubrication, which made matters easier for him too.
You couldn't even imagine how good he must have been feeling, with your thighs squeezing him deliciously and your pussy making the top side of his cock hot all over.
You didn't even notice that you had started backing up into his thrusts up until his other hand gripped onto the area where your hip bone was, guiding your movements and helping you do it easier.
He was too good at this to be sleeping.
''Tae... Fuck, I'm going to cum...'' Jimin whined from the other room, and the wet sounds and gags became even louder, echoing clearly through the walls separating the bedrooms. You hoped that Seokjin and Namjoon were heavy sleepers, because there was no other way they could still be sleeping if you, whose bedroom was two rooms away, could hear them so clearly.
''I-I'm- Ah-  going to fucking burst-''
''Aw, is Taetae going to cum untouched? Are you going to fill your pants with cum, you dirty boy?''
Hoseok stopped thrusting altogether, his hips just twitching a little against your ass.
''... Y- Y/N-ah?''
... Oh shit.
''H-hey there Hobi, how you doin'?''
'That's great Y/N, just abandon all your knowledge of proper grammar just because the dude that has been dry humping you in his sleep just woke up,'  
''I- I, uh...''
You prepared yourself for the rejection that was going to come soon, shutting your eyelids closed as you winced at the realization that Hoseok would have to leave your room to take care of his... problem, whilst knowing that you would be doing the same thing underneath the thick covers of your bed.
He was probably going to say something like 'You disgusting pervert, why didn't you just wake me up? Why did you take advantage of me when I was literally sleeping?', or 'I am so sorry Y/N-ah, this will never happen again... don't worry. I'll stay away from you'.
Instead, he went with-
''Can I... Can I please keep going? I, uh, I've already formed a knot.''
What the fuck was a knot?
''A- a knot? L-like, you know, like dogs have?''
''All Canids have knots.''
''Oh... I see. That's nice. Thanks, uh, for the information. It's very helpful.''
''No problem.''
A few beats of silence, then-
''So, can I?''
''... I guess?''
''I can smell how turned on you are, Y/N-ah. It's kind of like the candy street vendors make for ppopgi.''
You smelled like fucking dalgona candy when horny? Hm, what a great piece of information.
''How do you know that the game is called ppopgi?''
''Your father always took us out on Y/B/M Y/B/D to celebrate something, and the day would always end at a nice park, where he'd let us do whatever we wanted. Taehyung always went to the street vendors that had this game. He sucked at it, but it didn't really matter because losing meant that he'd get to eat the broken candy.''
Y/B/M Y/B/D. Your birthday.
''Hobi-yah, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't mention my dead father when your dick is literally between my asscheeks,''
You didn't have the energy to think about what it meant that your father would always take them out to have a good time and treat them like his own children on your birthday. What you did have energy for was getting off because the throbbing feeling at your entrance was starting to get painful.
''Fuck, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean-'' you cut him off by backing up into him, jostling his dick against your clit with a choked moan, ''Oh God-''
''God isn't the one you are currently dry humping, so call out my name instead.''
''Y/N,'' he groaned deeply, pushing his hips against your ass so that he could make contact with your clit again, eliciting a pornographic cry from you.
''Fuck, do it harder, like when you were still sleeping,''
You really shouldn't have said that. Or you should have said that earlier. You didn't know which you should have done, but what you knew was that you certainly weren't expecting this from such a thin person.
The slapping sounds returned ten fold, both in loudness and speed. And that was thanks to the literally impossible rhythm that Hoseok set right from the start. And while speed as very important, it was the strength behind his thrusts that threw you off.
Hoseok was literally rocking into you. Your ass was starting to hurt, which you almost didn't notice from how good the area felt in general, and you couldn't even breathe properly, the air coming in and out of your mouth in ragged, shaky moans from how powerful he was smacking his crotch against your backside. Your fingers searched around for something to hold onto so that you could grant yourself some stability, but the headboard was too high up for you to grip, and the bedsheets were absolutely useless.
Thankfully, Hoseok seemed to notice that despite how good he was making you feel, it was still a bit too much for you, so he slowed down his thrusting. To the point that he stopped completely.
You'd rather be shaken like a ragdoll than this.
''Hoseok, why did you st-''
You were one hundred percent taking back your earlier statement, because you certainly did not prefer being shaken up like a ragdoll over taking a little break. Why the change of mind, you may ask?
Because Hoseok had somehow managed to literally flip you onto your back like you weighed absolutely nothing, and he was now gripping your inner thighs like they were made of dough. He raised his head a little, meeting your gaze through hooded eyes, even smirking a little, before he pushed your legs apart until they met the fabric of the bedsheets next to you. He didn't miss a beat, positioning himself between your now wide open legs, until his cock was right on top of your exposed pussy. It was then that he finally escaped your gaze, instead opting to looking at where your heated, cloth-covered genitals touched each other.
You expected him to start rutting against you once more right away, but Hoseok surprised you instead, for he actually stepped away.
He stepped away. Why the hell did he step away?
A pair of hands slid beneath your ass, gripping onto the waistband of your sweatpants, pulling it down until his fingertips touched the band of your underwear too, and before you could stop him, he was pulling them both down.
When he reached the lowest part of your ass, he freed one hand, gathering both your calves into one arm, before managing to pull the rest of the clothes away, until the waistbands of both articles of clothing were touching the thin skin covering your ankles. With one last little tug, your pants and your underwear were being thrown behind his head, landing somewhere on the floor surrounding your bed. He finally let your legs go, and they naturally fell back into the position they used to be in before he decided that humping you over your clothes wasn't enough.
It took you a few seconds to realize that Hoseok could now take in every little detail of your pussy, special thanks to the moon, who had decided to make a full appearance tonight, and when it finally hit you, your knees flew inwards so that they could touch each other, hiding your most private parts from him.
''Why are you hiding from me?'' He asked, eyes suddenly feeling with concern, and maybe a little bit of hurt too. His eyelids were now open wider, and his eyebrows had shot up, making him look like a child that had just gotten scolded by their parent.
''It's just that I haven't done anything like this for about two years, and I didn't think that I would be getting any action any time soon either-''
''Well... I probably don't look very attractive down there at the moment.''
A childish concern, that much you were aware of, but a concern nonetheless.
''... Can I see?''
''But I just told you-''
''I've already caught a glimpse, but I want to see more of that apparently 'unattractive' part of you,'' he spoke the last part with sarcasm dripping heavily from his tongue. ''So... Can I see?''
''I guess.''
''That's too vague to be considered consent.''
''Yes. Yes, you can see. Aigo, that's what I get for surrounding myself with horndogs.''
''Your compliments always make my day, Y/N-ah.''
And with that, he spread your legs open again, looking straight at your exposed pussy, not wasting any time.
You certainly weren't expecting him to laugh at the sight of you.
A tear slipped from your eye at his reaction, and you felt the pit of your stomach sink at the realization that he was making fun of you.
Fuck, this was why you didn't like men, males, anyone that identified as a man. This was the very fucking reason why.
''Go fuck yourself Hoseok.'' You said, getting defensive at his reaction in an attempt to hide the pain in your eyes.
''That's not very nic- Hey,'' he called out to you at the sight of tears staining your cheeks. ''Why are you crying? Did I hurt you? Did I push your legs apart too much?''
''You know why I'm fucking crying Hoseok.'' You spat out, slapping the hands resting on your thighs away in favor of being able to close your thighs shut.
''I really don't.''
''You literally laughed at me when I had just told you that I was insecure about how I looked like!''
It made your heart break just a little when you caught the look on his face as soon as he realized what this was about.
''Wha- You thought that I was mocking you?'' He screeched in panic, and you nodded slowly in response, suddenly getting the feeling that you had misunderstood the situation.
''You- I was laughing in disbelief!''
''... That's not any better.''
''No, I mean that I couldn't believe that you thought of yourself like that. Y/N-ah, you're beautiful. All of you. And besides, I don't have anything to compare you with, so...''
He had nothing to compare you with? Was Hoseok a virgin, regarding women and females?
''Have you never been with a woman? Or a female?''
''Yeah, I've only been with men and males.''
Holy shit. So this was as much of an uncharted territory to him as it was to you?
''Same, but the opposite.''
''You're lesbian, of course and you've never been with a man. You had never met a hybrid before either,'' He stated the obvious, all the while smiling at you brightly, as if you hadn't rejected and pushed him away less than a couple of minutes before.
You felt bad that you had ruined the mood for such a little misunderstanding, but at least whatever insecurities you had were gone now.
''I'm sorry for being mean to you. I just thought that you were laughing at me, and it really hurt my feelings,''
His eyes softened even more at your apology-confession, and he leaned his upper body forward, his right hand reaching for your face. You let him cup your cheek, finding yourself unable to resist leaning into the gentle touch, pressing the flesh against his warm palm and fingers harder. You even shook your head up and down a little; rubbing the skin into his, until you could feel every single crook and line of his hands.
''I'd never laugh at you. You know that, don't you?''
You didn't miss a beat, replying ''I know,'' right away. Not because you wanted to agree with him, but because it was the truth.
''Okay then. Do you... you know, want to continue?''
His eyes were searching for yours, wanting to meet your gaze, and you granted him that; shivering a little at the emotion behind his warm, cinnamon brown eyes, that reminded you of dark chocolate as the cool tones of moonlight hit them.
You raised your hips upwards, making your crotches meet. A wordless answer.
''Can you take off your clothes too? I want to see you,''
It was a bit unfair that your lower half was entirely naked while he was still fully clothed in his pajamas, but the reason why you wanted him to rid himself of his clothes was because you craved the direct contact of skin-on-skin so fucking bad.
Hoseok nodded, before backing up until his bottom was at the edge of the bed, before bringing down one foot, then the other, until he was standing on the floor right next to the end of your bed. His hands gripped the edge of his loose T shirt, before starting to pull it upwards, revealing more and more of his smooth, golden skin. Your eyes followed the movements of his hands, until the shirt reached his chest. Hoseok then unbuckled his elbows, straightening his arms, until the shirt was over his head and being discarded on the floor the very next moment.
You felt your walls clench at the realization of what was following next, and soon enough, the hybrid was reaching for his waistband, pulling it down until it reached his ankles and then stepping out of the clothing.
You had been right. Hoseok was not wearing underwear.
Now, you had already seen Hoseok nude the day that you found him roaming the streets like a lost child, but that had done absolutely nothing to prepare you for this.
Hoseok was, as expected, thin and long, with little musculature bulging certain parts of his body from beneath his skin. He appeared to be made of miles and miles of soft skin the color of pure gold, with white colored stretch marks on his shoulders and ribs. His neck was sculpted so beautifully, with his Adam's apple bobbing up and down in a hypnotizing manner beneath the thin skin, and his sternum was just as sculpted, with clavicles whose sharpness was enhanced by the shadows and moonight of the night, and a chest that was fairly flat but still strong, decorated by a pair of dark nipples that were hard from the cold air of winter and the stimulation. His ribs jutted out against his skin slightly, but not to the point it worried you about how much he was really eating.
His stomach was similar to the rest of his body, lean but toned. His muscles clenched every time he breathed, making the appearance of the crooks and lines there appear even more enhanced. A trail of dark hair started from his belly button and ended right above his crotch, for it turned into a full thatch of hair the color of a moonless night, creating a huge contrast between the chamomile tea colored peach fuzz covering the rest of his upper body.
And then, there was his erect length, the red, wet tip pointing straight at you.
You couldn't hold back from releasing a little moan at the sight of his cock, and you closed your legs, craving for the littlest bits of stimulation.
His cock made a gush of wetness spill out of you, wetting your inner thighs too. He was above average in length, as far as you knew, and he was thick in a way that made you wonder whether he would actually be able to push inside of you. There was a vein following the underside of his member, and his head was blunt and round, colored red from being turned on and dripping copious amounts of precum, to the point that it leaked onto the floor.
Yet when your eyes found the base of his dick, there was a round, bulbous thing bulging there, in a red so birght it looked like his skin was irritated.
''Um, that's my knot.''
''Oh, that's your knot... Does it hurt?''
''Yeah, but that's because I am turned on and not touching myself.''
''Touch me then,''
Hoseok didn't reject your invitation, immediately rushing into action as soon as the offer was on the table. He got back on the bed, crawling on all fours until he finally reached your legs, which he didn't hesitate to push open once more when he managed to get a good grip on the insides of yoru thighs, which had been clenched shut from your attempt to ease the throbbing feeling in your cunt.
''Can I take your shirt off?''
''Why even ask at this point, I'm already buck ass naked.''
He laughed at that, his laughter airy and soft, unlike his usual loud and high pitched one. His shoulders shook all the while, and he looked absolutely adorable like this; so carefree and bright.
His laugh evaporated into thin air as soon as you pulled your shirt off though, his mouth falling open at the sight of your bare tits. His eyes followed the jiggle of your breasts as the edge of the shirt was pulled off of them, and you swore that you could hear the saliva filling up his mouth. He closed his mouth and gulped down harshly, Adam's apple bobbing up and down at the movement, before opening it again, just to close it once more.
''What is it?''
''Nothing!'' he squeaked, not convincing you at all.
''I see. Well, can you... you know, start doing your thing again?''
''My thing?'' he asked jokingly, something between a smirk and a smile having taken over his lips.
''My dirty talk sucks, so yeah, your thing.''
''Just say co- Oh,'' you cut him short by pushing your hips up, making your pussy rub against his cock, and oh dear Lord, the pressure and warmth his member was putting on your clit was the best thing you'd felt in a long time.
''Do your thing or I'm kicking you out.''
This time, he didn't respond with a sassy comeback, but rather with a hard thrust that made a wet sound echo through the room. He didn't stop there, thank-fucking-fully, but pulled his lower body backwards, before slamming forward again, the slit on his tip resting against your clit every time he rocked into you.
It was lewd; the sounds the two of you were making, the sounds of his hard cock meeting your drenched pussy, the sound of his thighs and balls meeting your wet inner thighs, the sounds the bed was making from all the movement going on on top of it.
You were breathing hard, maybe even too hard, but you couldn't help it. He was rutting against you like a dog in heat, pressing himself closer and closer to you so that you could feel every single detail of his lean body and hard, leaking cock, and your body was being rocked forward so harshly that your breath got cut off. The only other way to get your much needed oxygen was gasping for air like a fish outside of water, so that was exactly what you did, but at what cost?
''Y/N, the others are going to wake up.'' Hoseok gritted out of his teeth, and when you opened your eyes, which, unknowingly to you, had been closed shut, you were met with yet another sight that made your pussy gush even more.
Hoseok was drenched in sweat. His curls had gotten darker and curlier from the salty water, and his face was covered in droplets of liquid, which shone under the moonlight in the color of silver. He was biting onto his lower lip harshly, his sharp canines gleaming against little bits of dark red flesh that managed to peak through, and his eyes were firmly focused onto the place where your bodies met. You couldn't help it, wanting to get a glimpse too, so you somehow managed to support your upper body on your buckled elbows.
The sounds filling up the room could not even compare to how lewd this was.
Hoseok's tip reappeared through the hair covering the upper part of your pussy at least three times per second, gleaming dark pink and almost red from how much precum he was leaking. Your pubic hair was drenched from the mixture of yours and his liquids, and his cock produced more of the clear white substance every time he rutted against your puffy pussy.
''Y/N, you're being too loud-''
''Find a way to silence me then.''
He indeed found a way to silence you. A way that included him leaning over until you were face-to-face, and then smashing his lips against you like a starved man.
''Good girl. Now, be quiet.''
And with that, Hoseok started making out with you. Not the kind of make out that you saw in those romantic movies, but the one you read about in books, the one that was the product of utter hunger and craving for each other. Lips, tongue, teeth, spit, you were giving each other your everything, while Hoseok continued thrusting against your overwhelmed clitoris.
''These lips... I've been craving them from so long, you know?'' he moaned against your swollen mouth, pulling away just enough for him to be able to speak but for your lips to still be touching. ''You bite them a lot. You suck on them too, as if they are lollipops, and when you release them, they are these dark, sinful color, and covered with spit... Fuck, do you have any idea how much it affects me? How much it affects all of us?''
... Oh, so that was why he and the others always looked at you with dark eyes whenever you went in deep thought or zoned out.
''I don't- ah - I don't do it on purpose.'' You managed to say in a whiny voice.
Hoseok didn't seem to like your answer, for he punished you with a brutal thrust that made your hips kick upward from the overstimulation. How was this male, who claimed to have never had any kind of intercourse with a woman or a female, so fucking good at this? It was as if he knew all the right spots to hit, and the techniques to have you whimpering like a mess beneath him.
''H- how are you so good at this?'' you stuttered out, head falling back and back arching against the bed from a particularly good movement of his hips. He was now moving in gyrations, focusing the head of his cock solely on your puffy clit.
''I watched porn. I wanted to be good for you in case we had sex.''
''You wanted me before tonight?''
''I've wanted you ever since the day you helped me when you found me roaming the streets.''
Oh. It wasn't really long ago, just days, but so much had happened the past week, to the point that each day felt like a whole week, or even a whole month.
''What about you?'' he questioned you, his thrusts slowing down just a little so that you could talk without gasping for air every two seconds.
''I haven't really thought about you sexually before tonight, but I've always felt attracted to you... I actually feel the same way for the others too. Is that okay?''
''Why wouldn't it be okay?''
''They're your unicorns.''
''... My unicorns?''
''You are on a relationship of some kind with them.''
''Ah... Still, why wouldn't it be okay? I am very happy that you like them just as much.''
''Because you can become part of our pack too now.''
''Part of your pack? What does that entail- Oh!''
Really? Humping you like a dog in heat to get you to shut up? Really?
''I'm so close, don't stop.'' You begged, your hands having found his shoulders now from snaking beneath his armpits and then going upwards, to grip onto his shoulder plates.
''Me too...'' he paused for a little, biting his lip in a hesitant matter, then opening his mouth for a few seconds before closing it again.
''Just tell me.''
''My knot needs something to lock onto, or I can't orgasm. So can you take it in your hand please?''
Jesus fucking Christ, you were going to die tonight.
''Y-yeah, I just don't know how to-''
''Just wrap your hand around it like you're holding something, and grip it.''
You were going to touch Hoseok's dick. Holy fucking shit, you were going to touch Hoseok's dick!
And no, touching it with your pussy did not count as touching it.
But as soon as your hand reached out for him, your eyes entirely focused onto the leaking, bright red tip resting on top of your mound, he pulled back, his dick following the rest of his body too.
''I have an even better idea,''
What could be better than jerking him off?
''If I push your legs together, then I can fuck your thighs and touch you at the same time. My knot will just lock onto the flesh between your thighs.''
... Yeah, that was much better than just jerking him off.
''Yeah, do that.''
And with that, Hoseok was pulling himself away from you even more, until enough space had been created between you and him, so that he could grab onto your outer thighs, shut them closed, and then take your calves in his embrace, placing them over his left shoulder so that he could ensure the most space for movement possible.
But he was still too far away, so you curved your feet enough to nudge on the back of his shoulder plates, pulling him closer to you.
''Eager, are we?''
''I am naked, the windows are open, and the temprature is low enough that if it rained, the water would turn into ice. It's not eagerness; it's the desire not to freeze my ass off,''
''I see.'' He simply responded, though judging by the faint smirk on his lips, and the dark, hooded eyes looking straight into yours, he didn't believe you one bit. But who would, when you were almost dripping your juices onto the thick blanket below you because of how turned on you were?
You were ready to spit a comeback at him, in what would most likely be a pathetic way of admitting that your excuse was nothing but a mere lie, but his cock was now resting on the spot right above your asshole, leaking copious amounts of precum on the very top of the back of your thighs. And when he finally pushed in, thrusting his cock between the space between your inner thighs and your pussy, hitting your clit with his tip right away, you couldn't help but moan a sinfully erotic sound.
''Hoseok, faster,'' you whined, throwing your head back and arching your back as your hands found the material of your pillowcase, the one belonging to the pillow you were currently smashing the back of your head into.
One moment, Hoseok was being slow and sensual, gentle even, thrusting his cock in and out of the crevice he created every time he pushed in between your thighs and cunt, and the next, he was pounding into the fake entrance, humping your pussy so fast that you were being rocked back and forth once more.
He got a high pitched whimper in response.
You were so fucking close to cumming, just a couple more strokes and you'd be gone. You opened your mouth to tell him that, but then Hoseok abruptly stopped, groaning loudly and heavily as his hips twitched against the back of your thighs.
At first, you were confused about why he had stopped, but when you managed to focus on your senses and realized that there was a hot, hard, pulsing ball on the base of Hoseok's cock that was growing bigger in size by the second, you managed to caught onto what was happening.
Hoseok was knotting you.
''I'm cumming-''
The first spurt of cum hit you right in the face, managing to travel the distance between your pussy and your face in just a second, and then more followed; each one of them landing lower and lower on your body as they shot out of his cock. You pried one eye open, since they had closed on instinct as a reaction to the first spurt hitting you above your lips, and immediately looked right at his dick.
It was a fucking magnificent sight. His cock was red and glistening as it shot out thick ropes of white, each and every one of them finding their way on top some part of your body. Your face, your neck, your tits, your stomach, and your pussy were covered in his semen, the substance feeling hot and sticky on your skin.
And there, at the base of his dick, was his knot. The bulb had grown to the size of the baseball ball, round and hard, and you were certain that if you were to touch it, it would feel hot and hard. It was pulsing continuously, and for every throb that it gave, a spurt of cum flew out, seemingly endless.
You spent half a minute like this; with Hoseok covering almost every inch of you with his cum. And it was the hottest fucking thing you'd ever experienced, yet something was missing.
''You know hyung, she didn't cum.'' A voice stated from the entrance of your room, and your panicked eyes immediately flew over to your door, where two males were standing, naked save for the loose sweatpants barely holding onto their hips.
''Want help making her cum, hyung?''
Your pussy clenched at the sound of Jimin's and Taehyung's words, pushing out another gush of your juices from your inner walls as you whined quietly, wanting to answer for yourself even though the question had been directed at Hoseok.
All three of them raised their head in the air, pointing their nose high, before sniffing.
The moan they let out afterwards was enough for you to almost reach climax.
''No need to answer; her pussy did it for you hyung.'' Taehyung smirked, and then with long, light steps, he made his way to your bed, where you were still laying completely exposed, with your legs spread open and covered in Hoseok's cum.
''Open your mouth,'' the youngest one demanded, and you didn't hesitate from obeying. ''Good girl.'' Taehyung smiled, almost too adoringly considering the situation you were currently in, before letting his fingers glide across the skin of your face, gathering his hyung's cum, and then bringing it to your mouth, pushing his semen-covered digits against your tongue, painting the taste of sperm on your taste buds.
''Swallow.'' Jimin, who had made his way to you too, said, and you did so almost too eagerly.
''Good. Hyung,'' the cougar hybrid addressed Hoseok, who was still panting heavily as he fought to catch his breath. ''Scoot over. You took your turn. Now, it's time to take ours.''
You were going to die tonight.
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Kinktober ~ Day 18
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Yoongi x GN!Reader
GENRE: Blow Job, Keep quiet, use of toys, under the desk, whiney Yoongi,
Tumblr media
Yoongi looked down at all of the papers he had been working on. A huge meeting in less than 5 minutes and he was worried about everything that would be going on. His eyes glanced up for a second when he heard the door, expecting it to be his assistant but he was shocked to see you standing there holding a paper bag.
"Baby? What are you doing here?" Sending him a warm smile you held up the bag and waved it a little,
"Lunch," You smiled at him placing the bag down onto the desk in front of him. You knew he must have been worrying too much if he was going to forget his food at home and you wanted to help as much as you could.
"Oh, I forgot my lunch?" He leaned up to kiss your lips softly and smiled. 
"Thanks, I would have just grabbed something from the machine though.." You stared at him while shaking your head, 
"No, you really think I'm going to let you eat junk out of a machine, what kind of partner would I be?" You teased leaning down to kiss his cheek as he let out a nervous cough.
"You should get going, I need to prepare for this...meeting and I'm nervous enough as it is..." You frowned looking down at him and sighing a little. 
"I know how nervous and stressed you've been, you haven't been sleeping much and I miss you." You whined getting up from the desk and standing beside him, hands rubbing his shoulders through the blazer that he was wearing. 
"Then last night you were making a lot of noise downstairs," You hated the fact that he was stressing himself too much.
"I know...I didn't mean to keep you up last night baby, I've been stressing, this meeting has to go right or....O-Or..." His voice trailed off as you got down onto the floor in front of him, smirking up at him as he looked down at you. 
"What are you doing? What if someone comes in? You know I'm not allowed guests at work," Rolling your eyes at him you reached up between his legs and began to palm him softly. The one thing that was able to relax Yoongi no matter what, he always relied on you to help him destress.
"Let me help you relax...Before your big meeting," You whispered as he shuddered a little, whimpering as he looked down at you.
"Well, I don't, please-" He couldn't finish his sentence as he let out a low groan, hands gripping onto the sides of the desk as you released him from his pants. Pumping him in your hand and spitting onto the head of his cock.
"Normally...F-Fuck!... Normally, I wouldn't object to you putting my dick in your mouth baby but. But I have a meeting in less than-" His head rolled back as he gave in to the feeling of your mouth around him, grunting as you began to work your head up and down his cock slowly. 
"Shit...Be quick, be quick." He begged as you looked up at him, smirking as you reached up to the desk for the brown paper bag that you had bought in. There was no lunch inside of it but Yoongi didn't need to know that. 
A buzzer sounded on his desk and he jerked away from you, 
"S-Shit! You need to stay down there...Seriously baby if he finds you here I'll get fired for sure." You nodded at him, smirking as he never told you to stop. 
Clearing his throat Yoongi greeted his boss as he walked into the room, Yoongi stayed seated since he was still exposed below the view of the desk. 
"Morning Yoongi, I assume you're ready." The rough voice asked as he walked further into the room, seating on a seat at the other side of Yoongi's desk. Pulling your feet in you made sure that you wouldn't be seen.
"Good morning Sir, yes I have the presentation all up and ready." Yoongi smiled before he began to give his presentation.
The meeting was boring and Yoongi's cock was still hard and red, inviting you in as you inched closer to him. Licking small stripes on the head of his cock as he inched forward on his seat, glancing to you and back at his boss.
"As you can see we've had a slight i-increase-" He gasped a little feeling your hands beginning to massage him and you stopped, hearing the boss speak again. 
"Everything okay Yoongi?"
"S-Sorry sir. Just a little under the weather today." He mumbled as he tried to ignore your hands on him, the way you would twist your wrist just a little with each pump. 
"Are you okay?" 
"Yes, I'm sure I'll be fine," He cleared his throat before relaxing back against the seat, staring over at someone else in the room. 
"My part of the presentation is over. Miss Hansen if you'd like to do yours," All you saw was blood at the mention of Miss Hansen. Someone who had been routinely flirting with Yoongi since the moment she began working in his office.  Yoongi stared down at you as you began to work him with your mouth again, wanting his attention only on you instead of the other woman in the room. 
"Baby...No." He mouthed to you as you looked up at him with pleading eyes. 
"Get my cock out of your filthy little mouth." With that you let go of him, moving away and waiting for the insanely boring meeting to be over so that you could go home.
Tumblr media
"Goodbye Sir, have a wonderful night!" Yoongi let out the fakest laugh and came back to his desk, moving the chair out from underneath it and staring at you. 
"You! Out from under that desk now," He growled at you watching as you crawled out from under the desk saying nothing as you brushed down your outfit. 
"B-Baby what's wrong?" He questioned as you began to head for the door, keeping your head down. 
"Nothing. Going home." You mumbled reaching for the handle when Yoongi suddenly stopped you, turning you around to look at him as he tilted your head up. 
"Don't give me that bullshit. I know when somethings wrong with you," You said nothing as you looked behind him and out of the window. This wasn't something that you wanted to get into right now, all you wanted to do was go home. 
"You're all quiet. Did I do something wrong?" His voice with dripping with concern so you just laughed sarcastically, moving away from him as you pointed over at the door. 
"Her! She was here, you never told me you worked so closely with her." The venom dripped from your tone as he looked over at you, your body shivering as you thought about all of the late nights he had with her. She was perfect, the perfect hair, face body...It would be any man's dream to have her and she would flirt with Yoongi. Your boyfriend and he would allow it to happen. Claiming that it was simply nothing.
"Oh, Miss Hansen? S-she's nobody. She's just someone I work with..."
"Someone you work with a lot, someone you spend late nights with," Yoongi rolled his eyes at you, no matter how many times the two of you would go through this and he would tell you there was nothing you still got jealous. 
"Yes someone I work with a lot. Babe. Seriously?" He questioned as you shrugged your shoulders, 
"It's why you don't want me here."
"Do you honestly think that's why I don't want you to come to the office?" He held back a laugh as he questioned you again, 
"Because of her?" As soon as you nodded he began laughing and shaking his head at you. 
"Oh yeah! So fucking funny let's just laugh at Y/n." 
"You're right I'm sorry, this isn't funny," Sighing a little he shook his head, 
"Baby you are the only person I have eyes for." He began kissing up and down your neck making you whimper a little. 
"You mean the world to me," Taking him by the hand you pushed him back down onto his office chair, grabbing the bag and returning back to your original plan. 
"We're going to let her know you're mine," You whispered pulling him from his pants once again and smirking seeing that he was still so hard. Taking him into your hand you began pumping him slowly. 
"Babe...Sensitive." He whispered as he watched you spitting down onto your hand and pumping him once again, rolling his hips up a little and moaning.
"Well, what do we have here?" He chuckled watching as you began taking out a toy from the bag. One of his favourites that you used back home,
"Your favourite little fleshlight baby, you're going to be a good boy and moan my name out, right?" You questioned as you placed the head of his cock into the toy, twirling it just a little to tease his already so sensitive cock making him whimper. 
"F-Fuck! Yes! Yes, I will," He whined a little looking down at you as you smiled in satisfaction, slowly sinking the toy down all the way onto his cock. Watching as his head rolled back against the chair and moaned out your name rather loudly. 
"Oh fuck just like that," He moaned out as you continued to pump the toy up and down his shaft, using your mouth to play with his balls making him moan out louder. Hands gripping onto each of the seats as desperate and whiney moans left his lips, getting ready to finally release himself after your teasing session earlier when his buzzer sounded again. Someone was asking to come back into his office and you smirked. Moving the toy faster and urging him to answer the buzzer. 
"Miss Hansen? Yes...I'm still in my office, you're coming up?" As soon as you heard her name the toy began to move as fast as possible, watching as he whimpered out to her. 
"You forgot your jacket? I'll see you in two minutes, Miss Hansen," He hung up and looked at you as you began to get up, kissing him as you moved the toy a little rougher on his cock now. Wanting to hear him scream your name.
Small whimpers left his lips as his hips began to jerk forward. 
"Aw, you're close? You wanna cum inside of this or my mouth?" You questioned as he nodded his head desperately, reaching across to your lips and pushing his fingers inside. You smirked widely, his favourite place to finish.
"You can cum baby...I want every last fucking drop," You giggled removing the toy you sank down in front of him. Taking him all the way to the back of your throat as you began to move your head just as fast as the toy. 
"Fuck that's it...Milk every last drop out of me," He whimpered as you began to move your head faster, Yoongi's moans only growing in noise and whining.
Soon he finished into your mouth and you smirked, swallowing every last drop and getting up from the desk, sitting in front of him as the door opened to reveal Miss Hansen. 
"Good evening," You greeted as she smiled at you, looking at Yoongi who was panting and sweating heavily on the chair in front of you. 
"Have a good night!" You called out as she walked out without her jacket which clearly, was never in the room in the first place. 
"She wants you," You smirked sitting down on his lip, grinding yourself down against him and listening to his whimpers. 
"But you're mine," You whispered kissing down his neck as he nodded his head over and over again. 
"All yours baby, all yours,"
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx​ @mitzwinchester​ @rjsmochii​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @sweeneyblue1​ @jin-from-the-block​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @misa0000 @min-yus​ 
Tumblr media
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sweetlyskz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Overview: You’re a straight A student. He’s not. He likes to go out and party. You definitely don’t. You both have nothing in common, but for some reason all of your friends ship you both together. You vowed to never let yourself stoop that low, but maybe he’s not as bad as you thought?
Pairing: yoongi x reader
Genre: College AU, non-idol AU, fluff, ANGST, smut here and there
Lmk if u wanna be added…
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nonameyoon · 21 hours ago
Mafia! BTS Reactions: You getting hurt because of them/they accidentally hurt you~
(Hyung line)
Warning: This will contain some content where reader gets hurt. If you are not comfortable with that, then please look for another story.
You were a handful to say the least. Jin sighed heavily as he carried your limp body towards his apartment door. The first thing he had told you not to do, you had done. “Don’t get drunk,” it was that simple. But of course, you didn’t listen. So there he was, struggling to open the door while carrying you. You buried your nose into the crook of his neck, inhaling the strong cologne he always wore.
Jin on the other hand, was hit with the strong smell of alcohol every time you mumbled something incoherent to him. The unpleasant scent made him cringe and scrunch his nose up in disgust. He hated when you got drunk.
“Jiiiinnieee, open the doooor,” You slurred out, kicking your legs up in a tantrum.
“I’m trying, but it’s not easy when I’m carrying someone,” he snapped, finally unlocking the door and pushing it open. Your giggles filled the hallway as you held onto him, leaving sweet wet kisses all over his neck.
“(Y/N) stop, you’re drunk,” he said calmly, lifting your body again and holding you tightly. But as he was about to enter the apartment, your head made contact with the doorway. The strong contact echoed through the quiet apartment as Jin looked down at you. You would’ve laughed it off if you weren’t so drunk, but right now your eyes started watering as if it was the most painful thing you’ve been put through.
“It hurts Jin!! My head hurts!!,” you sobbed, he forgot how emotional you got when you were intoxicated. He sighs, carrying you to the bedroom and laying you on the bed
“You hurt me!,”
“I’m going to die!,”
“Goodbye beautiful world,”
“(Y/N)!!,” your eyes snapped back at him once he raised his voice, even more tears running down your puffy cheeks. He sighs once again and gently pushes some strands of hair out of you face.
“I didn’t mean to raise my voice… here,” he sat besides your laying figure, kissing the top of your head where you had previously bumped on the doorway. Your heart fluttered once his lips made contact with your head, the tears immediately coming to a halt.
“Does that feel better? I’m sorry, I should’ve been more careful,” he places yet another kiss onto your head, handling you with such love.
“It okay Jinnie, I love you,” you managed to slur out, a grin decorating your features, making him smile gently at you. It was entertaining to see how drastically your attitude changed from sobbing to grinning like a dork. Oh, how he loved you so much. He snapped back to reality once he heard your soft voice call out to him.
“Yes princess?,”
“I need to puke,”
Oh boy, this will be a long night.
Tumblr media
Both you and Yoongi were laying on the couch, enjoying the free time Yoongi had from his work. He would always spend his time inside his office working, barely even having time for you lately. So it was nice that you two could finally spend time together just relaxing and taking the day off.
Yoongi’s eyes never left the screen as he was very focused on the movie that was playing. You on the other hand, were lost in your own thoughts. You’ve been wondering this for a while but never got an answer. Was Yoongi ticklish?
I know, a dumb question, but come on. If there was something Yoongi always complained about, it would be the way your fingers grazed against his stomach or neck. He would immediately push your hand away and tell you to stop. So since then, you’ve always thought about it none stop.
As you look up at your boyfriend, who was still very focused on the movie, a big grin plastered on your face. Your hand moved upwards, your fingertips grazing over his clothed stomach, yet it still made Yoongi stiffen.
“What are you doing?,” he questioned, about to shove your hand away. Fortunately, you were much more quicker. You immediately moved your hands up and under his underarms. You fingers moved and wiggled against his soft flesh, and to your surprise, a series of giggles and laughter burst out your usually stoic boyfriend’s mouth.
“Oh. my. God. You’re ticklish… I knew it,” you laugh, moving your hands to other body parts that might be ticklish too.
“I’m not- stop it! (Y/N) stop!,” he said between laughs, trying to grab onto your wiggling fingers that were causing his skin to tingle.
“I’ve never heard you laugh this adorably! I should do this more often,” you giggled proudly, lowering your hands onto his stomach. Yoongi flinched, his hands automatically pushing you away from him to stop you from tickling him even more.
But as you tried to catch yourself, your back made contact with the sharp edge of the little wooden table in front of you. You dropped to the floor, a hand flying to your back to clutch the area where the flesh had just been abused. Your whines finally woke Yoongi from his daze as he panicked and got up to help you.
“Shit- sorry baby, I didn’t mean to push you. Are you ok?,” he asked worriedly, turning you around to examine your back. You whine as his fingers grazed the wound that had already start to bruise.
“Fuck, I’m so sorry,”
“Auch… it’s fine Yoongi, you didn’t mean it,” you turn to him and smile gently, flinching a bit when you changed positions.
“Still, I’m sorry. Now you’re going to have a bruise because of me,”
“Yoongi,” you grabbed his face and made him look at you. His dark orbs pierced into yours as he examined your features.
“It’s alright, it’s just a bruise,” and you spent the whole night assuring him that he had done nothing wrong since it wasn’t on purpose. He even promised to give you free back messages for the whole week since he felt really bad. But he knew deep down that all you wanted was to keep tickling him again just to hear his laugh. You were just the most precious thing to him really.
Tumblr media
It was late at night when Hoseok finally arrived home from work. He entered the quiet apartment and sighed, mostly of relief since he’d get to see you after a long day. Just the thought of laying beside you and holding you tight sent butterflies to his stomach.
He quickly made his way towards your shared bedroom, expecting to see your peaceful sleeping figure laying on the bed, only to find it completely empty. This did not worry him at first though, thinking that you were in the bathroom or something of the sorts. But as he waited patiently for you to return, you didn’t. So he went to check the bathroom too.
That’s when panic began building inside him. It was unusual for you to not be in bed when he got home, let alone be nowhere in the house. Had the rival mafia finally taken you as some sort of hostage? Had that time finally come where Hoseok would have to hide you away from any danger that might try to get to you?
He quickly took his gun from under his suit jacket, pulling the hammer down and searching the entire house.
Guest rooms? Empty. Kitchen? Empty. Living room ? Empty.
“Fuck, where are you baby?!,” Hoseok mumbled to himself, getting frustrated by every passing minute. Where the hell were you?!
He quickly entered his office to contact his men; if you had been kidnapped he was going to need all the men he could to find you and capture whoever had taken you away.
But as he entered the room, a dark shadow loomed on the other side of his desk. Out of instinct, Hoseok pulled the trigger, the loud bang echoing through the room. But that wasn’t the only sound heard by Hoseok, what made his stomach drop was the sound of your shrieking.
Hoseok rushed to turn the lights on, catching a glimpse of your figure cradling one of your arms in plain. Loud whines came out of your mouth which made his heart ache. He rushes towards your shaking body, looking at your arm to see if he had really shot you. Luckily, the bullet had barely missed you, but still grazed the soft skin, leaving an ugly graze that still bled a lot. As he sighed in relief, his worried expression started contorting into one of anger and panic.
“What we’re you doing here?! I could’ve killed you!,” he shook you by the shoulders, raising his voice loud enough for him to be yelling at you. Your head hung low as you whimpered quietly, which was unheard by Hoseok.
“I’ve told you many times to always stay in bed when it’s late! Do you know how worried I was?! And now look! I almost shot you! Are you stupid?!,” in a fit of rage, he kept going.
Your mind was blank for just a moment, before fresh hot tears rolled down your cheeks. Not only did the wound on your arm stung horribly, but now Hoseok was yelling at you. But he kept on rambling, only stopping when he felt a wet drop fall on his arm.
That’s the only moment where he took his time to examine your features. Watching your tears roll down your puffy cheeks, his heart gave a tight squeeze. He had been so lost in the moment that he hadn’t notice your trembling figure. He should’ve comfort you instead of yelling and scolding you.
A heavy sigh was released from his chest as he held you face in his hands.
“Let’s…. Let’s patch you up,” he said before going to get his med kit and some other things to help your wound.
He handled you with care and love all the way, hands gently holding your face after he finished.
“Why were you in here baby,” he asked, wiping the tears that still streamed down your face.
“I was just… looking for the charger I gave you yesterday…,” you explained, lifting your hand up to show him the charger that you still clutched tightly. He stared at it and sighed, rubbing his thumb against your cheek.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you… I was just… I got scared, I thought I had shot you,” he explained, and although he knew that it didn’t give him the right to yell at you when you were clearly hurt, he couldn’t help himself. In his mind, he’d be nothing without you.
“I’m sorry…,” you apologize, head hanging low in shame and sadness.
“Shh, it’s ok baby. I’m the one that should be sorry,” his lips came into contact with yours, your body immediately relaxing after feeling his gentle kiss.
“Now let’s go to bed, I’ll make you breakfast tomorrow and we’ll spend the whole day together,” he beamed, helping you stand and hugging you tightly after. He always knew how to put a smile on your face.
Tumblr media
You were currently laying on the soft sheets with Namjoon right by your side. You two had decided to lay outside in the yard today since it was the perfect weather for it. A smile graced your features as you watched the clouds form different shapes.
“That one looks like a doggy,” you pointed, giggling at the dog shaped cloud. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and shook his head in disagreement.
“No, it looks like a cat,”
“Of course not, it’s obviously a dog. See? Look at the ears!,”
“Dogs don’t have really long tails, (N/N),” he chuckled and pushed you playfully, which you answered by groaning.
“It’s not that long, maybe it’s a mutant dog,”
“That’s absolutely terrifying,” he pointed out, his eyes furrowed while his imagination ran wild with images of a mutant catdog species. You laugh at his reaction, propping yourself up with your elbows.
“You’re just blind and that’s why you can’t see the dog,” you pushed him with your elbow, giggling at his dorky smile.
“Blind? You offend me,” his hand flew to his chest, acting as if you had just said the most offensive thing a person could ever say.
“Yes, blind,” poking him in the chest, you get up. A smug grin plastered on your face as you watched him closely. The big bad Namjoon, who was feared by everyone, was a big dork when it came to you.
“What are you grinning about? Don’t make me come for you,” he warned playfully as he too sat up.
“Oh? Really? You’re going to come for me?,”
“Don’t think I won’t,” he replied, getting ready to chase you, knowing all too well you’d burst out running at any moment. And you did. The moment he got up to his feet, you were already sprinting away from your boyfriend.
The chase was filled with both your giggles and his laughter. It would be strange for any other person to hear him laugh like this, but it was all too common for you. He melted at your touch and became putty under you. Of course, this was only around you. No one else could ever hear or see him like this. It was all reserved for you.
But as you kept running, he was slowly catching up to you. With him only a few inches away from you, you tried to speed up, only for your foot to take a wrong step.
The feeling of your foot bending and spraining sent an electric shock through your whole body. Your knees bucked and you body plummeted to the ground in a matter of seconds.
“Fuck!,” the sudden cursing made Namjoon stop just in time before he could trip with your body.
“Woah, what happened? Is everything alright?,” all the laughter that was heard only mere seconds ago had completely died down, only to be replaced with your whining and Namjoon’s worried tone.
“I think I sprained my ankle— shit! It hurts so bad!,” at this point Namjoon had already picked you up and took you inside. He had your personal doctor come to check on you—you wondered how he came to check on you so quick and how he was always free for you, but Namjoon assured you it was mere coincidence— and he even made you some coffee.
“It’s just a sprained ankle, Joonie,” you explained after seeing your distraught boyfriend pace around the room.
“It could’ve been much worse! From now on, we will avoid chasing each other,” he explained, crossing his arms and quietly scolding himself.
“You’re being dramatic again,”
“I’m not. I’m just taking precautions!,” you chuckle at his stubbornness.
“That cloud was a dog though,”
“… it was a cat,”
Tumblr media
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Angel On Fire (M) #1
Tumblr media
summary: Jimin stumbled upon your old tumblr full of short letters without knowing it was written for him or the fact that you, one of his ex hookups, wrote it.
pairing: jimin x reader
genre: smut, rockstar!au, friends with benefits, angst, fluff
warnings: creampie, mention of breakup, sexual tension, flirting, long-haired!jimin, mention of jealousy, teasing, mention of struggles after a breakup, praising, swearing, pet names, dirty talking, masturbation, foreplay, dom!jimin, penetrative sex, degrading, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, plagiarism on jimin's end, use of substance
other notes: I didn't proofread im sorry :-( also my first ff lol
Masterlist - Part 2
Tumblr media
"Baby, I'm bad for you,"
He whispered in your ear lowly as his tongue traced the outline of your lobe. You swear the chills that ran down your spine tingled so hard you felt a shockwave if that's even realistically possible.
Looking over your shoulder to take a peek of the man who's hands are now running at the sides of your hips, you give him a teasing smile. He sees your soft eyes and chuckled.
Both your minds are a haze with all that alcohol you both mixed in your bodies. You drowned every glass that your friend passed you. Shot after shot you never missed a single drop.
Jimin on the other hand was not only drunk off his ass but also high on some things you never knew what exactly were. Well that's Jimin for you. Reckless and Tackless would make the cut to his middle name if his parents ever decide on changing his name again.
You and Jimin held the same position that consisted mostly of teasing each other on the dance floor. If you hadn't known any better by now, you're a hundred percent sure he wasn't afraid to pull a voyeur move right here, right now.
His hands have moved on to your thighs, running them up and down, until he reached your inner thigh and gripped it lightly.
"Y/N," he huskily breathes behind your neck.
"If you keep moving like this I'm afraid I'd have to tie you to my bed,"
You shivered at his words. He moves your hair to your side and left a trail of wet kisses along it.
"Have my cock wrapped around your tight pussy while you moan my name like the chants they do in church,"
His finger has skillfully found its way to the band of your throbbing core. Moving your underwear to the side so he can have a feel of your neediness.
"Wet for me already?" he chuckled.
"Want my fingers to drench your wet hole in front of these people? For everyone to see?"
Public sex wasn't really your thing but the lust that dripped in his voice and hooded his pretty eyes had you second guessing. You nodded slowly. You were out of your wits for sure.
"Such a dirty girl"
Thank god the lights were dim in this club or else you'd be damned to have people starring at you as you get off of Jimin's fingers. His other hand held your waist, the other had his fingers tracing your core. You shut your eyes tightly with fear and excitement.
One second you were just a fan of his band attending one of his gigs the next thing you know he's whispering dirty nothings in your ear as the cold rings in his fingers leave a sensual burn to your clit. He inserted one finger first but you were too dumbed out by lust to even realize the second finger that stretched your walls.
"Damn you really are tight. Feels good doesn't it?"
You held on his arm as you felt the knots that pooled in your stomach begging to be released. You move your hips along to his movements.
He watched you with amusement because right now, under his touch, you looked like a divine mess. Those who'll probably look there way right were both of you were will only assume you were dancing to the music that's now cancelled out to both your ears.
"I asked you a question, princess"
The answer to the question was a no brainer. 'Of course it felt good!' You screamed inside your head. The problem is uttering the words. You opened your mouth but your throat was dry. You really wanted to cum so bad.
"My love language is words of affirmation. I need to know you love what I'm doing," he teases once more.
You hastily nodded as you legs wobbled.
"Jimin, please, gonna cum, you feel so good"
Jimin knew you were near but had other tricks up on his sleeve. You're not getting your release without a good memory of him even whether it may be good or bad.
"You're not cumming until you tell me each thing that you love about it"
'I badly wanna punch that pretty face of yours after this' you mentally note. He edged you without pulling his fingers out. Your inaudible whining made him chuckle.
"So, nothing?" he asks almost innocently.
You leaned your back towards his chest while you guided his fingers to push in further as you whispered in his ear while catching your breath, "Love how your fingers hit my spot and stretching me out just like that. The rings on your fingers, just the sight of it wearing it, could make me cum on an instant"
"Rings huh? You like them?"
"I like them on you when you finger fuck me like this"
He captures your lips as he pumped his fingers in and out of your clenching hole.
"Cum for me. Wanna know how you taste on my fingers," as if on cue you finally reached your high and creamed all over his digits.
He pulls his fingers out and cleaned them in his mouth with approval.
"Just as I thought, you taste good"
You fixed the hem of your dress as you tried to stand up straight. If there was something Jimin was good at, it was aftercare. He held on your waist tightly as he guided you back to your table where your friends were sitting earlier. Jimin sat you down and let you lean your tired body on him, wrapping an arm around you as he caressed your head. You watched him call for a waiter to get you something to drink.
Taking a sip of your water, you glance over Jimin who was still watching you. You cocked a brow,
"Anything else I can do for you?" smiling teasingly at him.
He responds with a warm smile, "Actually,"
He inches closer, "You number?"
You happily put your contact in his phone and gave it back to him. You fished your phone out of your bag and handed it over.
"Alright, your turn," Just as he handed your phone back, his bandmates called him over to leave.
"Jimin, wait!" He looks back at you.
"I hope this is a one time thing"
"Already?" He chuckled as he turned his back to walk off.
Tumblr media
It hasn't been too long since your last encounter with the Park Jimin.
You haven't told anyone about anything. You also didn't want to drop his name loosely out of your lips. After that night, you and him have been seeing each other on the regular only to have sex. If Jungkook found out, he'd kill you for sure. You can't sleep around with your best friend's boss.
"Hello? Earth to YN," Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face.
"Yeah? Come again?"
Jungkook rolled his eyes at you, "As I was saying, I met this guy but I also met this girl. Both great people by the way,"
It's been a while since Jungkook has come into terms with his sexuality. He came by your apartment, broke down crying, saying there was something wrong with him. Apparently, he's also into men to which you hugged him and assured him that you accept him no matter what.
You huffed at his dilemma. This is the thing with him, he can't seem to choose one thing for a long time. It's either he changes his mind last minute after deciding or dips out of the situation before making a choice.
"And that's a problem because...?"
"Because he's cute and charming! He's also smart. I could go on and on about him if you'd like. Say, aren't you dating anyone?"
You weren't even drinking anything yet you choked on air.If you were to be honest, you wouldn't call your thing with Jimin as 'dating' per se. Just a casual fuck. Come and go type of thing.
"Not really but I'm seeing someone if that how you put it," you shrugged. Jungkook eyed you suspiciously.
"Any body modification that can ring a bell?"
"Piercings and a few tattoos," you simply shrugged.
"Sharp eyes?"
You shook your head, "Varies"
"And this someone is blonde I presume," he scoffs as your eyes widened.
"Jungkook, I swear!"
Your best friend mimics your voice mockingly, "Jungkook I swear. You whore! Was he good?" You threw a pillow at his face at his last question.
You shyly respond, "I guess you can say that"
"Living up to his name and reputation. Classic Jimin," He pinched his nose bridge out of frustration.
"Y/N, really, you're giving me and yourself brain damage. Out of all the guys you could fuck, why the community dick?"
You laughed, "Hey! That community dick has you on his payroll for being his band's producer. Besides, he isn't that bad, Kookie"
Jungkook sighs, "Listen, benefit of the doubt, maybe he's alright. But if he does anything to you I'm kicking his balls. Just be careful Y/N. I've seen women cry on the ground that he walked on"
"Beats me, I would never know," you jokingly retort but Jungkook's face paints worry.
Tumblr media
You spoke to soon when you told Jungkook you would never know what it's like to cry over Jimin.
Both of you agreed to keep it casual and brief. He has so much things to do given that his job required a lot of his time and presence and so did yours. You worked a miserable 9 to 5 corporate job, fixing taxes that weren't yours. Your thing with him went on for 2 years.
He often went to your place because he says it's more convenient. He fucks the living daylights out of you - fucking you in every corner of your home but his favorite is having you up against the wall - until you see a swirl of galaxies as he rides you out of your high.
"You look like an angel on fire," you would tell him after sex and he would grin at your words.
"An angel huh? Never been compared to one"
"Too used to being compared as the other?"
"Among other things? Kinda"
It was cool at first. Random messages in the middle of the night just to meet in a common place which is sometimes your place. Jimin never liked bringing people that weren't his family or friends into his home. To him, it was his safe space that hasn't been tainted by his impulsive urges in his lifestyle. You liked that about him and you respected it. A man who sets his boundaries is sexy.
Random messages became frequent messaging. He started messaging you on his off days when he wanted to do your routine. Gradually moving to messaging you in his free time where he updates you with how sleepy he is. Sometimes a selfie if he's feeling generous and you would send one back. Moved on to messaging you every chance he gets until it finally came down to him messaging you just to hang out and not have sex (sometimes). You figured that lazy days all cuddled up with Jimin in his living room as you surf through countless Netflix shows are the best.
"I'm bored. Hey Jimin, wanna fuck?"
"Pass. Too tired to get my dick up even if your pretty eyes begged me"
"So you think I have pretty eyes, huh?"
There was a long pause before he spoke again, "Sometimes"
Then you started to miss him. There are times where he had to get out of the country for a week and you missed him so bad but couldn't bring yourself to say it. If you did you'd look like a clingy loser and that's the last thing you want to be looked at. What you didn't know was he missed you just as much as you did. He even waited for you to message him you missed him too. If you did, he would pack his bags to leave the country in a snap.
Every now and then, he would bring home random gifts he bought when he was away. When you would ask why or what for he says, "Nothing. Thought it would look good on you," or "Why? You don't like it?" but you accepted nonetheless. You felt wanted even if the thought of you was just a brush in his mind. You were grateful.
You used to hate it whenever your doorbell rings unless it's a package from what you ordered on Amazon. Not until you started excitingly looked forward to hearing the annoying ring.
"For you" he hands you a bouquet of white tulips. You cock your head to the side and asked what for.
"Just because," he says nonchalantly.
Casual wasn't so casual anymore. Not when he invited you to one of his friend's wedding as his plus one. Namjoon and his wife smiled at you when Jimin introduced you to them.
"I see you're finally on a leash there, Park," to which he scoffed at.
"Fuck off, Joon. Hey Ye-Jun, I'm so sorry for you right now. You married an idiot"
Namjoon's wife laughed at him knowing she knows something that only the both of you haven't realized by now.
"He's my idiot and I'm happy to spend the rest of our live together"
Jimin gagged as he excused both of you away from the married couple, taking your hand tightly.
Weddings are meant to make the bride and groom feel like the day was made for them but why did it feel like it was yours and Jimin's? The way his hand held onto you gave you countless butterflies as if it was the first time to feel you've ever been held by anyone. Unlike your first meeting where it was sensual the angels could cover their eyes and ears, this feels intimate. Like the angels were singing along with the band that played soft music.
And then it hit you. You were falling in love with Jimin.
It wasn't when he was eating you out in the bathroom during a holiday with Jungkook and Taehyung who just started dating. Not when he brought over pizza and ice cream whenever your period came around. Not when you stressed the fuck out trying to find him the perfect birthday gift; settling with a gold locket that engraved his name's intitials and a picture of the two of you inside.
"This is the best gift ever!" he says with eyes curving like the crescent of the moon.
It was when you realized you had fallen for him when he cuddled you while sleeping. Park Jimin never cuddled his fuck buddies. You liked it. Being held like this by him. So you kept curled in his embrace for a while but you knew it's gonna hurt so you pulled his hands away.
But the realization dawned on you. If there was anything that Park Jimin didn't do is that he would never let his guard down and fall in love.Your little deal with him means nothing to him.
All that 'Hey, I missed you' texts. The random flowers with notes 'To my beautiful Angel' written on it. When he tucks your hair behind your ears and whispers sweet nothings. Still, he touched you the same and had you on all fours as he fucked you over and over again. And that's when you decided to walk away before things got worse.
On a rainy September, you broke it off with Jimin. In your defense, you're getting older and your friends are starting to settle down with their respective relationships. A stable, healthy relationship is what you yearned for.
He enters the cafe near his workplace wearing the locket you had given him on his birthday. He looks at you with worry because your text said to meet you here for something important. He could've sworn you told him you were on the pill and part of him wanted to hear that he knocked you up or something.
"What's wrong?"
Exhaling the deepest breath you've ever mustered, "This,"
your hands motioned the space between the two of you. "It's over"
Jimin sat in shock but tried to keep his cool. This was bound to happen but he didn't expect it to be this soon.
"I-What? Baby, Y/N, what did I do?"
The fact that he looked so uneasy made your heart clench.
"N-nothing. You didn't do anything. It's just me I guess"
"What do you mean just you?"
Insistence was evident in his voice. For a moment you wanted to take what you said back. Oh if only you could turn back time even just for a few minutes.
"Jimin...I-I want to go on dates again," you rubbed your arm.
He eyes you intently, "We go on dates, Y/N"
"You know, not the friendly kind. Maybe I wanna get in a relationship too like Jungkook and maybe, just maybe, get married someday like Namjoon. Besides, we both agreed this to be a temporary thing, right?"
"Right," He looked away as he scoffed, sucking in his cheek as his tongue poked it.
"Jimin" you looked at him with sad eyes. Jimin could tell a lie as if it was the truth. If if there's anything that crumbled Park Jimin it was your eyes. He turned his head to face you as you called him.
"Are you mad?"
'Mad? You've got to be fucking kidding me' he thinks.
"It's cool. Why would I be mad? I've no bearing with this setup anyway," Jimin shrugged his disappointment.
His words felt like a burn to the skin. It almost wanted you to coil in pain. If only you could.
"O-oh uhm, okay I understand but you didn't have to say it like that even if you didn't care, Jimin"
You stood up from your sit and pushed your chair back properly.
"I-Y/N wait," he tried to grab your hand but you pushed it away.
"It's fine. See you around I guess"
Mentally, Jimin was punching the air but right now he wanted to pull his soul out of his body and have a one-on-one talk with it. 'Fucking idiot, 2 whole years of fooling around acting all sweet and shit but you couldn't bring yourself to tell her you love her' Jimin doesn't particularly like using the word hate but right now he hates himself for letting you go without even trying yet.
That was the last time you crossed paths with Jimin.
Tumblr media
Jungkook knew you'd have your heart broken the day he found out about what was going on between the two of you.
He wasn't called a best friend for nothing. Being friends with Jungkook meant getting to his sixth sense - Him knowing when something wrong is a bout to happen and you being too oblivious to even realize it.
All you had to text him was a simple 'hey' and the next thing you know he's already ringing your doorbell non-stop. By now you were convinced that Jungkook is in fact your soulmate as he consoled you while you cried in his arms as if you've had the biggest loss of your life.
"Y/N, I don't wanna say I told you so but I'm gonna say this as best as I can okay?"
You nodded your head as you wiped the tears that kept trickling down your face.
"I mean..okay, whatever. But I warned you already, didn't I?"
"I know, Kookie"
You sniffled as your best friend rubbed your back to sooth you. It's been so long since you were alone and you didn't know where to start. Should you leave the country? Should you find a new job elsewhere? Should you delete his number? Block him on social media? You didn't know.
Your apartment has always been dull but ever since Jimin started coming over to hang out with you it felt like a home. 10 years in Seoul and it never felt like Busan. Only when you're with Jungkook had that sense of home.
"Well shit, how am I supposed to live in here when we've had sex at every corner?"
Looking at the walls reminded you of the time he pushed you up against it, both wrists restrained by him with one hand, as he fucked in you deep. The kitchen counter memory flashed too when he was rawdogging you when he found you dancing while you cook breakfast wearing nothing but his white oversized shirt.
Maybe your favorite part of the house was the balcony when you had a simple dinner, no sex, just watching the night sky as you listen to him blabber about stars and how he likes looking at the moon's reflection in the waters when he's on the outskirts of Seoul. You're not too sure but every memory with Jimin was your favorite.
You've decided to just move to a different place. Jungkook and Taehyung promised to move your stuff and help you settle in your new home. You wanted to decline but both of them insisted saying you were family and family always help each other out so you agreed.
Your new place in Ilsan wasn't too far away. If you did, Jungkook and Taehyung would've freaked out being too far from you. Besides, you never really wanted to leave Seoul no matter how noisy and chaotic it can be. You just needed a breather. A place that didn't remind you of Jimin even if you weren't a thing.
"Y/N, seriously, you need a hobby instead of moping around"
"Like what, Tae? Grow flowers? Please"
"I'm serious. Didn't you tell me you liked writing as a hobby?"
You looked at Taehyung quizzically. "Yeah, what about it?"
Taehyung clapped both of his hands while flashing you a boxy grin.
"I say, why don't you open up that old blog of yours and pour all your emotions into words. You know, like a budget therapy"
"Wha- A budget what? Therapy?"
"Yeah just write anything until you feel better. It's your safe space after all," he gets your laptop from the coffee table and shoves it in your lap. "There, now type! I have to go somewhere now. Ciao!"
It's true that you used to like writing as a hobby. You even considered taking up Journalism for college at one point but your parents refused to the idea saying there isn't money in passion so you gave in with taking up Accountancy. It's been so long since you last typed a sentence that wasn't a text message or an email.
You weren't even sure if you still remembered the password to your old blog but you still tried until it worked. You stayed silent for a while until your fingers slowly tapped on your keyboard keys. Once you were done with your entry, you hit post. Taehyung was right, that lifted some weight off of your chest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What you didn't know was Jimin has been ripping his hairs trying to scour for you. The next week after you ended things with him, he went to your empty apartment. The landlord has told him you moved out a week ago. He wanted to ask Jungkook about you but he knew he'd never rat out on his best friend like that. Even tried to look for you online but your accounts have been deleted. It was as if you never existed and that hurt him.
Jimin has been beating himself up internally. He never told anyone about you or what had happened. He thinks he was so good at keeping his emotions but it reflected in his work. He barely gave a shit about his promotions nor his music. He could throw a fit if he wanted to but then again, there was never a you and him to begin with so why bother?
For 5 years he went on with his life. Doing his usual work routine and sometimes, when he feels the urge, a casual hookup here and there but none of it felt the same way as it did with you. To him you were the one that got away but he would never admit that. These days, he spends quiet nights drinking in his studio alone.
"Tough night?" his manager Yoongi gets him out of his train of thought.
"No shit," taking a swig of his nth glass of whiskey.
"I suppose you still haven't found that girl you brought to Namjoon's wedding 5 years ago"
"Wha- wait what? You know?"
"Jimin, I've been a manager to a lot of people. Your tricks aren't new to me anymore. So what happened?"
"Timing happened. I'm too lazy to even go through everything at this point but I lost her without even shooting a single shot. Have I found her yet? No. Have I asked around? I think the fuck not. None of her friends will tell me where she is. I mean why would they?"
Yoongi sighed. Defeated was an understatement to describe the man in front of him.
"Have you tried writing about her?"
"Are you seriously asking me to do my job in the middle of a breakdown?"
"That's besides the point. The point is, try writing about how you feel about her. That's far from shooting a shot - you're actually shooting bullets to nowhere but nowhere is somewhere"
"Yeah like in another universe, boss"
Jimin chuckled bitterly. He hasn't made music in 3 years but wrote for other musicians instead.
"Just try it, Jimin. Think about it"
That night he tried to write random lyrics but they weren't making sense to him. He was losing his touch in making his own music that he even sought Google for help with finding the right words until a blog caught his eye.
The blog's title reminded him of you and how you used to call him an angel on fire; looking all sweaty and tired after a night of rough sex. The nickname burned a hole in his heart and so did every blog entry the writer posted. These weren't blog posts, they were letters to nowhere. Yoongi's words resonated with him: Nowhere is somewhere.
Tumblr media
5 Years Ago.
Jimin was a man of individuality. He believes in worlds living separately versus two people sharing one world; to Jimin, living in a safe distance where you can salvage what's left is better than crumbling to dust. Marriage sounds good when his friends talk about how much they were in love with their partners. He's not gonna lie about that. It's just that things like that only look good when they stay in your head. The long haul, he thinks, isn't for him.
"People come and go," is what he would retort whenever his friends would ask him if he had plans on settling down.
The long haul didn't seem like it was meant for him. No sad cliche reason behind it, really. Jimin grew up in a loving home and had been in a few relationships but nothing he was extremely invested in. He wasn't an asshole - didn't even want to romanticize what he does - but it is what it is. Park Jimin is as free as the birds that soar with the winds who come home only when they feel the need to which wasn't the case with him. Where is home anyway?
"Jimin-ah, meeting the right person feels like going home after a long day of work," his mom would say.
"Besides, you're too handsome not to pass down your good genes!" his father would quip right after.
Ever since he started pushing in his 30s that's all they've ever talked about: him coming back to Busan to introduce a girl he can start a family with. All these people he sleep with yet none of them felt like home. Detachment is a blessing and a curse, rolled into one giant sushi.
The man belonged to the streets of Gangam where bars peaked on Thursdays til the weekends. Jimin is no stranger to the sweaty bodies that suffocated the establishment. He didn't have any routine in particular other than work but that doesn't mean his bed hasn't seen its fair share of his one time affairs. Not until you landed in his arms, swaying your body to whatever the DJ was playing that night, as he fingered you – a complete stranger – because you let him and you wanted him to.
"I hope this is a one time thing," you say.
"Already?" Jimin wasn't one to get seconds but there was something about you that he couldn't point his finger on.
The second time you met up with him was after his concert in Daegu. He had just come home to Seoul and was bored out of his wits.
"Min-ah, I'm really sorry. Ye-Jun and I had things planned already. You understand, right?"
Namjoon, his drummer, apologized over and over how he really wanted to join Jimin but of course he understood that already so he just nods his head.
"Park, get a life or a wife. I don't know. How about men?" His manager, Yoongi, declines his offer to drink with him.
"Men? I'm straight as a stick"
"Oh yeah, right. Well I'm as straight as a circle. Whatever."
Having sex tonight wasn't part of the plan but he wasn't left with much of a choice anyway. Besides, you liked messing around like him so he sends you a message.
Tumblr media
He snorts as he gets up on his seat.
Tumblr media
You didn't live that far from him anyway so he agreed. He rang your doorbell thrice before you answered the door with a smile to let him in.
"Hi, Jimin"
He eyes your body, focusing on the tightness your night dress hugged your body in all the right places. You have the perfect thighs he wouldn't mind suffocating in between with. God he loved his women with thick thighs. Imagining you sitting on his face moaning profanities and pleasure as you come undone on him tightened his skinny jeans.
"Eyes up here," you pointed to your face. He smiles at your comment. Slowly entering your apartment.
"You know," he takes off his shoes slowly. "I'd have to agree with you, I'd like to look at your eyes"
You watched as he unbuttoned his dress shirt one button after the other, "Preferably while you kneel"
You smirked as you obliged, you submit as you kneeled in front of him. He caresses your cheek before holding your chin to look up to him.
"Good girl"
You reach for his pants, unbuttoning it as well then pulling his zipper down, your fingers traced the outline of his hardened cock.
"Careful, Princess. You're playing a dangerous game with me"
You hum teasingly, looking at him with eyes that emulated as that of a lost puppy. You pulled down his boxers that sprung out his cock begging to be sucked. His fingers ran along your jawline before bunching all of your hair in a makeshift ponytail.
You slowly opened your mouth to take his length. Lips closed while your tongue around his member without breaking eye contact. He narrows his eyes on you as you swirled your tongue around his tip, spat on his cock like the whore he has always imagined you to be, then taking all of him in a swoop. Jimin's breath quickens as his cock hit the back of your throat sending his head to another dimension. His grip on your hair tightens as he pushed your head further down on him. He watched himself disappear in your mouth, tears pooling at the sides of your eyes. He couldn't help it anymore. He thrusts his hips further, holding your head in place, as he fucked your face. Damn, your mouth felt good sucking him off like that.
"Ah, fuck Y/N"
He spurts his warm seed inside your mouth. You slowly pull away yet his hands were still holding your jaw in place.
"Swallow it. All of it."
You nodded as you gulped all of his traces. You wiped the corner of your mouth incase you missed anything and brought it to your mouth, making a pop sound as you've finished sucking your own fingers. Jimin ran his fingers along his hair at the sight of you.
"Now, be a good girl and put on a show for me, will you?" you nodded.
"What was that? I don't understand you, Y/N"
"Y-yes, Jimin"
You stood up, taking your every material of clothing on you slowly.
"Getting all shy now?"
You blushed all shades of crimson. You've never stripped this way, well, at least not by your doorway that is. Jimin watched as your clothes fell to the ground one by one. His hands were clammy, begging him to touch you. Now that you're fully undressed he closed the gap between you. Your back hits the wall making an instant dead end for you. He bends down to your height, leaving trails of kisses along your jaw down to your neck. Surely, everyone should know by now that spending an intimate night with Jimin meant getting black and blue hickeys.
You moaned out his name from the mix of pain and pleasure. His kisses trailed down to your breasts, fondling at first then trapping your nipple in a pinch, jolting your body towards him.
"Such a filthy slut," he smirks at your body's response.
His tongue drew a map on your body until he reached his destination. He runs a finger along your dripping slit before he proceeded to part it and flick his tongue on your sensitive nub.
You moved your hips along his tongue as you tried to chase your high.
"G-gonna cum"
"Not yet, baby. If you're cumming you'll do it on my cock"
He wraps one leg around him as he teased his tip to your entrance. You whined as anticipation build up so bad.
"J-Jimin no teasing please. Need you inside of me"
"Oh yeah? How bad?"
"So bad. Please, Please oh––"
You gasped out loudly as his member filled your walls. Your back hitting the wall countless times as he begins to fuck you slowly at first then picking up the pace like a rhythm only he knows how to play. He watched you hungrily as your tits bounced at every thrust. Jimin mentally cursed at himself for not fucking you in front of a mirror.
"Y/N you're tight, fuck!"
"Wish you could see how beautiful you looked like while I ram in and out of your needy cunt, princess. Like that?"
"Y-yes. Feels so good inside me. So big. A-ah! R-right there. You like fucking my tight pussy, h-huh?"
He knows you felt his dick twitch inside of you when you asked. Could you not be more perfect? Every moan you make sounds like an amen to him. No sound better than you moaning out his name, begging him to fuck you. No sight better than your eyes rolling back, eyes watering from all the pleasure that coursed through your body.
"Yeah what about it?"
He runs his thumb against your throbbing clit, adding more pressure to it, making your walls clench hard around him.
"Fuck look at this pussy. Taking me so well"
He pulled out painfully slow only to thrust deeper and harder making you moan his name breathlessly.
"Just like that. Let me hear you moan my name, princess. You sound so beautiful"
"G-gonna cum. I'm so close J-Jimin"
The familiar tightness in your stomach knotted, walls clenching violently around his member as if it were an invitation to continue pounding in on you like that, you knew he was also close.
"Me too. Where do you want me?"
He adjusted just hips so well you forgot how to speak. His cock hitting your spot over and over, bringing you over the edge of your now scattered brain. He fucked you so good like you've never be drilled by a cock like this before.
He pounded harder and faster that you think you forgot how to breath for a minute.
"Such a cum slut huh? Want me to fill you with my hot cum?"
Head clouded with lust and need to release, you didn't respond so he pounded inside of you aggressively.
"Say it. Say you want my cum,"
"Y-yes. Fill me up with y-your cum, J-Jimin"
"Cum for me, baby. Cream all over my cock. Make a mess out of it"
You body convulsed as orgasm hit you in big waves but thankfully he held on to you tightly has he rode out your high. Not long after his orgasm painted your walls, pushing his hot liquid deeper into you.
Your exhausted figure slumped. Watching him come undone before you was such a sight.
"Like what you see?"
"You look like an angel on fire," he looked at you with confusion and asks why but you were too tired to even respond so you just smiled at him.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when the party’s over [Jimin x Reader]
33. Favorite Cousin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you would like to be added):
@pb-n-juju @jikooksgirl19 @halesandy @unadulteratedlyunique @bangtantruffle @danny-boy27 @pineapple-hoseok @bri-mal @chimchimmarie @namjooningelsewhere @lyra0cassiopeia @xianav @mybabywearschanel @lovelytaes-blog @letmebreathepls @generousrunawaylove @jaiuneamesolitaiire @somelazysundays @sopebubbles @90s-belladonna @missmadwoman @secretlycrazyhummingbird​ @curedblues​ @ellesalazar​ @lizzzaaaaaaaaaaa​ @theestrangeddreamer​ @daydreambrliever​ @salty-for-suga​ @joyfullyobsessed​ @ambersaesthetics​ @hobiismyhopeu​ @naajix​ @cursedblood707​ @abc-abc1234-a​ @xxxanimangxxx​ @livorna​ @diestheticu​
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nikieskoo · 22 hours ago
the real drama club
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y/n: jakes younger sister! right now, living with her parents. best friends are sunoo, yeji, niki, hyunjin, minho, jungwon, niki . Y/Ns surname is Sim but she put it as Kim to match it w sunoo her bestie 😩. just besf things yall😩
yeji: twin sister of hwang hyunjin. dancer and rapper. her best friend from korea. has a burning passion towards hating hyunjin 😊
hyunjin: the popular handsome twin of yeji (both are popular tho), vvvv cocky but with a face like that, who wouldn’t be🤩
minho: caretaker of all of them. dad of three cats. and if jungwon since he’s a cat too but well. yn trusts minho with everything and looks up to him as a brother who was there for her when jake wasn’t.
ni-ki: this mf. oml. best friend of yn and ‘son’ of yn. loves bunggeopangs a tad too much for his own good
jungwon: class pres ( i feel like everyone sees him like this damn) the ‘good kid’ of the squad. yns mom loves him more than yn 🙄🙄
sunoo: Y/NS NUMBER ONE!!! always there for her <3 gives amazing advice (on facial care as well les gaur) that one sassy friend we all have
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @wonjaems @dimplehyunn @lomlyeji @sweetrainwrites @penny-quinn @kittiesandsunshine @youngiez @azure-arcanum @taecup-fics @sunshinelixie-lee @sungookie @jongsaengseong @ddeonuism @c9tnoos @heelariously @hyunsuks-beanie @softforqiankun @banana-boat-doodoodododo @yougeans @yeonwon @nyfwyeonjun @maeumiluv (those which are in bold couldn’t be tagged :(( )
Tumblr media
jay’s simps | smau m.list
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delightfulserendipity · 2 days ago
Effervescent || knj
》 Genre: romance; fluff; married life; dad!namjoon x mom!reader.
》 Warnings: none.
》 Request: "Oh, my! I love the prompts with Little One! All of those ideas are so cute!🥰 Could you write about number 25? The one with the bubbles? I'm imagining a small adorable little boy with Namjoon's dimples chasing happily after the bubbles💜 Thank you very much and I wish you the best!🤗"
Tumblr media
Prompt: 25. Little one chasing after bubbles to pop them.
Tumblr media
Your finger tips grazed the surface of your coat as you placed it upon the wall alongside the comfort of Namjoon's and the tiny one that belonged to your son, completing your growing family at long last.
A sigh escaped your lips at the relief your return to your loves gifted you with, until your brow quirked at the lack of gentle hums of greeting pouring from your husband and thrilled cries of your arrival falling from your three year old's plump lips.
But you were soon soothed by a cacophony of whimsical giggles chorused within your ears to guide your steps to the two loves of your life which your heart longed to cuddle close rather than brave the chill of the world.
The passionate squeals of your only son enraptured your exhausted mind and hastened your heart with love whilst you were led deeper into your shared home.
Your eyes then traced the remnants of waning sunlight that streamed over the tiles to touch the evidence of your son's nightly bath that took on the form of puddles that led you to find how your husband held him close in his protective embrace.
The ache of the dull hours proffered to your hectic schedule instantly melted away once your eyes fell upon Namjoon's frame whilst he snuggled your freshly cleaned toddler.
The corners of your lips twitched into a faint smile at the warmth the perfect pair exuded to fill your heart with a deep longing to join them as you resigned yourself to merely watch from afar for now.
Namjoon's nose that upheld the glasses that clumsily approached the very end and threatened to fall from his handsome features, gently nuzzled into his exact minature copy that giggled contendly within the safe arms of his father.
"Look, daddy!"
Your little one hardly fumbled over his words, his vocabulary almost perfect due to the wit he had received from his father since conception.
Your brow quirked as your gaze abandoned the tight grasp his stout hands had upon Namjoon's plush sweater to discover what had captured your baby's focus.
His round, honeyed irises tenderly alighted the delicate spheres that floated above his curious gaze whilst his chubby fingers gracelessly pawed at their passings.
The dainty dimples he had inherited from his father kissed his round cheeks whilst he babbled the more Namjoon carefully rose him within the air; his clumsiness absumed by his fatherly love.
As if a banterful waltz, his lithe body elegantly rounded the airy creations that shimmered in your son's awe-struck gaze whilst he eagerly writhed against his arms.
However, his innocent play stilled once his irises strayed from the delicate bubbles that shattered within Kai's graceless hold to peer past the countless globes his little one chased to fall onto your figure that stood silently by their sides.
The corners of his lips tugged upwards whilst he drew in a deep breath, and his steadily beating heart warmed in your presence.
His arms instinctively drew his child closer as his heart longed to pull you close into the spaces that seemed far too empty without you to fill them.
"We couldn't wait for you to join us, love."
He cooed softly, offering his hand which you took happily as your toddler clapped, excited to indulge in the two people he adored most.
A grin beamed upon your lips as you happily stepped into their loving hold, to snugly fit within Namjoon's arms with your baby- similiar to the golden band that perfectly hugged his finger.
As glittering bubbles levitated around you and kissed your little one's nose before disappearing, your heart grew with the love they poured back into you.
"We are so much happier with you by our side." He rumbled, seconds before his lips met yours in a fleeting kiss that left you wanting so more of him.
"Even more than bubbles?"
You half joked, lightly pinching the adorable rolls of your baby's hand only to warm with pleasant surprise once they both nodded.
"We love you so much more than bubbles."
A low chuckle reverberated through his chest as he cuddled your little family closer, each indulged in pure joy and tranquility.
Tag list: @holaaaf @yourwonderbelle @lolalee24 @fanoffandomss
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On the Same Page (1) | KTH
Tumblr media
✧ masterlist of chapters
✧Pairing: kim Taehyung x fem reader
✧ Word count: 2.5k
✧ Genre: Angst (m) this chapter contains adult themes, don't read if you are a minor.
“What have you done!” you exclaimed getting off Taehyung lap quickly running to the bathroom, the flustered man made his way behind you.
you open the shower faucet while your core is still warm and palpitating wanting to find some relief, but you couldn’t deal with that right now, meanwhile Taehyung stands beside the frame of the bathroom door.
“You didn’t finish” he said in a low tone,sounding almost hurt.
not orgasming with Taehyung was unheard off, luckily your husband knows your body very well, he satisfied you in everyway possible and the times that you did not finish with him were almost zero.
“Oh but you did, right?” you replied sarcastically.
Jumping in the the shower you quickly started to clean your legs of the dripping cum that’s coming out of your still aching pussy, the warm water wet your body and you immediately relax when you suddenly felt the strong arms of your husband embracing you, that made you calm your anger and it reminded you that you should not let your temper say thing that you’ll regret.
“I told you specifically not to do it” you say more calm, your husband left a soft kiss in your back.
“I know, my darling, it’s just that I could not control myself,” he admitted. “I was so desperate that I forgot that you are not on the pill anymore,” he looked at you in his eyes you could see that he was being honest, so you let it go.
“My appointment for my IUD is literally in two days , though, ugh now I’m have to get the morning after pill,” you said a little anoyed, Taehyung just watched you carefully while you washed yourself, not really wanting to process the little hurt that you left with your words, something about that didn’t sit right with him but he didn´t wanted to admit it to himself.
“Do you still wanna cum?,” he asked you, but you declained his offer.
“There is no point now that I'm stressed,” you turn around to find his puppy eyes looking at you dissapointed at your responce “Let's wash ourselves so we can go to bed”.
You and Taehyung had five years of marriage going strong, you felt loved, content and fulfilled with your marriage, things are going great, sex is good, the communication is perfect and the times that your schedules let you spend together were always special and incredible, you were on the same page or that is what you thought.
Being married to one of the most famous idols has come with a certain luggage that you had learn to carry with time. The criticism, the constant harassment, the pressure and the gossip got to you more than one time, but the love that you and Taehyung share was strong enough to go through all of that, also the fact that you could share all this same problems with the other wives of the members makes you a little more sane and thankfull that you made significant friendships with them.
After your shower, both went to bed, as you wrap your arms around your husband he started to caress your back softly, your eyes met.
“Remember Yuna’s Baby shower tomorrow” you said to him with tired voice, he hummed and then both fell asleep in each other arms.
At noon you both went to Namjoon’s place, the whole thing was decorated in light shades of pink, they were having a girl, the whole bts clan was going to be there, the wives, the kids, everybody, you felt fortunate to getting along quite well with the members and their families, together you had created fond memories and the wives help you cope with the fame that came along with being married to a top korean celebrity.
You picked a couple of cute clothes for Yuna and Namjoon´s baby girl, they already had two more kids, its not surprise that Namjoon turn out to be an excellent father, just seeing the family interactions was so wholesome.
Even though everyone expected Jin to be the first one to have a child since he was the first one to get married, the first dad of bts was actually Jimin, he surprised everyone with the news, but also it was very chaotic because he wasn’t even in a relationship with the mother of his child, unfortunelly you don´t know much details because you were only started dating Taehyung two moths prior, the boy is now six and can steal everybody’s heart with the charms inherited from his father.
Jimin´s love life is a mess but he is an incredibly stable and responsible parent, the next in line were Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok at the same time, you remember how excited were everybody specially Tae at the time you were one year into the relationship.
Actually, Taehyung wanted to propose in the first anniversary since he knew short after the five month mark that you were the one, he also knew in his heart that you would say yes, but the triple pregnancy announcement made him wait for a bit more he didn’t wanted to steal the shine from his hyungs so he waited for another year to pop the question that resulted in you two getting married five months later.
After your wedding one by one the bangtan boys stated families of their own, letting you and Taehyung as the only child free couple, it was funny to you how you were known as the godmother and godfather of many children but remained childless, but no for Tae, his heart was dying to become a dad, it was his dream, but he felt like he was stuck on the last level of a videogame frustrated because all his friends had won already.
Taehyung was fighting inside on how to express to you his big desire to become a father but something always come up and he kept keeping silence about his feelings, he also wasn’t dumb, he figured out a while ago that you didn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea, but deep down he knew that it was a silly fear that he could scare away assuring you that you would be the best mother in the world for your children.
He wanted so badly having one of his own, he desired with all his heart star a family.
The afternoon passed and somehow now the theme of the conversation was you and Taehyung.
“Look I’m not gonna lie, I always thought that Jin and Taehyung were going to be the founders of the the dad line,” Hoseok joked in his arms his five year old daughter was sleeping “How come, he is last one without kids, he were always talking about his dream of becoming a father but hell I think I will be having a second kid before that happens” he said making everybody laugh but Taehyung remained silence, actually you notice how he tensed up immediately.
“Hey let them be,” said Soomi his wife “believe me you don’t need to rush into anything I’m kinda miss how my life was so simple.”
You smile at her knowing exactly what she means, all the wives of the group like to vent a lot whenever there is a brunch or a girl’s night meanwhile the boys are away at work. Those same passionate rants about mom life just enforce you more the idea of waiting a little bit longer for kids, you were overwhelmed by the amount of work maternity is.
“I know, that´s why we like to wait at least another year” you said without thinking much of it, everybody nodded and the subject changed quickly,you couldn't help to noticing the tight grip of Taehyung in your hand, you look at him and his gaze shook you a little bit, something broken inside his eyes was glaring back at you, sadness, deception, perhaps both, you were taken back by it, you never saw him like that.
“Tae, is something wrong?” you whispered at him, you really didn’t need an answer since you could feel that he was going through something.
“I wanna go home now” you could barely hear his answer but you nodded.
That was the most painfully quiet ride home you two ever had, he didn’t made a sound, his jaw was clench, his knuckles white to the hard gripping of the wheel, something was really wrong.
As soon as you stepped in your house, you look back at with pleading eyes waiting for him to speak, but instead he hugged you…tight, and then he broke down in your arms his sobbing was quiet, you put your arms around him without any idea of what was going on but at the same time so worried about his sudden state.
“baby what’s wrong you are worrying me!” you exclaimed without letting him go but he breaks the contact to look at you almost broken
“why you don´t want a family with me huh?! You think I’m not good enough? Why you freak out so much at the possibility of having my baby? huh? It would be that horrible? Don’t you stop and think what if we have a child together? No! you are too busy finding ways to eliminate the smallest possibility and quickly shut down anybody that suggest the idea, even me your husband! Your five year husband!”he spated with rage and sadness.
This was something nobody could ever prepare you for, after his speech you could feel both shaking slightly, how could you not see the giant wall between you both, you felt guilty even though you did nothing wrong, didn’t you?, suddenly everything hits you at once, and things that didn’t made sense months ago now have new meaning.
The casual mentions about how his friends told him how cute you two look holding a baby in your arms, the awe that Taehyung had whenever he saw children playing in the park, when he tag you in cute baby videos, the way his eyes shine every time he was asked if he wanted to hold a baby and his proud smile after the baby fell asleep with ease.
You fuck up big time.
“Taehyung, I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was such a big deal for you, I completely disregard you, never got the hints…oh my god I’m sorry” you manage to say taking your hands to your head in later realization, you were without words, the simply idea of hurting his feelings give you a big sorrow, he look at you now his eyes were pleading.
You needed to be cautious, now that both were in very emotional states.
“Listen, you right, I’m a monster I didn’t realize how badly you wanted this, but baby why you didn’t tell me before more directly?” you asked him softly, he look at the ground when he heard the question
“It was because of you, kind of, ” he said in a low tone “ you were always religiously taking your birth control, your rants about the stories of the other wives, how you react whenever I try to bring the subject, for the first three years of our marriage you and me was the only thing I needed but the last two years becoming a father was my longest desire, when I saw at your reactions and I knew you weren’t ready so I waited and shut up, but y/n I’m tired, I’m really fucking tired of putting aside what I want without feeling guilty for trying in some way to pressure you”.
The cards are all now in the table, it was time to be real, you are now facing one of your biggest fears…not being able to give him what he wants.
Because you got to admit to yourself that even if it is Taehyung’s most burning desire that didn’t change the bitter fact that it wasn’t yours.
And it hit you, it hit you hard, because if there is something that Taehyung and his future child deserve its someone that would want them with every fiber of their being, that could fulfill that role and do the best they can and more.
And you couldn’t, you knew that you were not ready, in fact, you weren’t even sure if you would want children at all, not even Taehyung´s.
That fact infuriates you because you are letting down the person you love the most.
Your salty tears wetted your cheeks, but in no time two pairs of warm hands were already cleaning you face.
You wanted to scream.
“Taehyung, ,my love…”you sobbed.
“Shh listen to me,” he silenced you softly “now that everything has been said, and we are now on the same page we can start all over again right?” he tried to look at you but you wouldn’t look up “Let´s start a family together, let´s be happy, I can not go on being like this with you, it kills me” he said kissing your forehead.
“Taehyung…”you exhale “I can´t give you a baby”you said dragging the last sentence.
He lifts your chin so you could see him in the eye.
“its that what you worry about my love? That you can´t give me children? We haven’t even try for real, and if that didn’t work we can…”
“Tae I don’t want to be a mother” you said, with every word slashing your throat before coming out of your mouth, his sight quickly turned watery again.
“Taehyung I can´t give you what you most desire, because it´s something that I’m not willing to do, not even all this love that consumes me is enough to want to be the mother of your children, I’m sorry so much” a couple of tears roll down your cheeks again preparing yourself for the next sentence.
“I will not continue this marriage to still deprive you of your desire, I will not forgive myself if that happens, I want you to be a father and if is not with me…I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of your happiness” that´s it you said it, words never had been so painful, Taehyung grabs your face.
“What the fuck are you saying y/n? Have you lost your fucking mind?” he asks you in desperation “Babe you are overreacting it´s clear we are in a crisis, we need help, we need to solve this problem together, you and me, don´t ever think of that, you hear me? Huh? you don’t fucking run from your problems you are supposed to face them” he said to you desperate, he was so broken, so fragile and so were you.
Taehyung hold you again in his arms, every second just tightening his grip, you wanted to enjoy one more time his arms, his strong arms.
“Taehyung I’m divorcing you, it´s for your own good” you said to him, breaking your heart in the process, he gasped.
“What do you fucking know about whats good for me? Im begging you, do you want me on my knees y/n ?” he said between his tears, dropping himself to the floor and grabbing your waist with his arms “my love look at me, please! I’m begging you, I love you” he pleaded you knew you have to go right now if you keep hearing him you would give in.
it is for his sake, you repeted yourself.
“Taehyung let me go” you firmly said pushing him away but he didn’t even flinch “Jesus Tae don’t make this difficult!” you pleaded to him
“I won’t let you abandon me” he manage to say, you could not stay there any longer.
“Taehyung it´s over!” you scream at him “…it´s over” you repeat and with all your force you broke free from his grip and run towards the door grabbing your purse that was near the door because the abrupt entrance you two had moments prior, you don´t look back in fear of his broken state would be enough to break your soul into a million pieces.
Who´s you are trying to fool? You already are a shell of a human.
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dreamescapeswriting · 20 hours ago
Inexperienced ~ JHS [Request]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Hoseok x Fem!Reader
GENRE: Angst with a fluffy ending, shy and inexperienced reader with a fluffy soft Hoseok
A/N: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you get a lot of crap for not dating a lot but there is no rush to it! Please don’t let what other people say bother you. Everyone experiences things are different stages of their life 🥰💞
Tumblr media
Evening wear was a strange concept to you. No one in all of your years of living had told you to dress in evening wear. And yet here you were tugging at your dress anxious about whether or not it was the right kind of outfit your date wanted you to wear. A simple red dress that had one slit on your left leg, stopping just above your knee. You'd paired it together with a pair of silver heels and a red clutch. Doing your best not to appear as nervous as you were feeling. 
You had been on so many dates with Hoseok but somehow this one made you more anxious than the others. Potentially because you'd never really dated before him and you had no idea what to expect. It wasn't as if there was some kind of dating guide book and if there was. You were in desperate need of reading it.
"You look beautiful," A sweet voice filled your head making you turn around in surprise. Hoseok was meeting you outside of the restaurant you were having your date. The plan had been to meet inside but you had been too afraid to actually go inside.
It was huge and looked extremely expensive, something that you could never afford even if you'd saved up for three lifetimes. Hoseok carefully lifted your hand to his lips, placing a soft and gentle kiss on your skin as he smiled up at you. All-day long the only thought that had been keeping him going at work was tonight with you. Imagining how beautiful you were going to look with him tonight. 
"The dress is okay?" A small stutter alerted him that you were nervous and he nodded. Taking the moment to slip his hand into yours and give it a small squeeze. 
"It's perfect Y/n," Even when he said your name you could melt onto the floor. 
The two of you had met through his work or rather. You'd been rushing to work one morning and spilt four cups of coffee down a notably expensive-looking suit begging him to let you make it up to him. It had all been a giant cliche but you didn't care.
After spending so much time with Hoseok you ignored that he was a CEO and some rich guy you'd bumped into and focused on his true self. The one that was kind to everyone he seemed to come into contact with. It was as if someone had created him in a storybook and placed him into this world, it was hard to believe that he wanted you.
"You have to say that because we're dating," You teased as he pulled you closer to him by your waist, pressing a long kiss on your cheek as he smiled brightly. 
"No, I say it because it's the truth." He whispered as he began walking in the direction of the restaurant doors. 
A tall blonde man was standing there in an all-black suit, looking you both up and down before taking Hoseok's name. 
"Right this way, we have a lovely booth waiting for you Mr Jung." A wave of heat washed over you as both you and Hoseok walked hand in hand through the restaurant. Fairy lights and fake blossom tree branches hung from the ceiling causing the room to appear as though you were in a forest. There was a huge fireplace beside the booths that you and Hobi were being led to. 
"Someone will be over in just a minute to take your drink order." Hoseok thanked him, tipping him kindly before holding your hand to help you sit down. The place looked incredibly fancy and you didn't know if you were ready to eat here. 
"Relax...It's just you and me." Hobi whispered as you laid your hand to rest on the table, his fingers locking with yours. As long as he kept his hand with yours you felt as though you could do anything in the world. 
"Just you and me," You repeated back to him, melting back in your seat as you began to ask him how his day had been.
You enjoyed hearing everything he had to talk about, from boring business meetings to how he was stuck in traffic. 
"We put another offer in a book publishing company, we're hoping that they take this one." He looked at you with a knowing glance. The book publishing company he was talking about had been the one he was rushing to the morning you'd bumped into it. 
"I'm sorry I messed that deal up for you-"
"You didn't, you made it better. If I hadn't have missed that meeting I never would have been with you tonight." That was the thing about Hoseok. He would always try to look on the brighter side of things, claiming that everything happened for a reason.
"But you would have had another business in your collection," You joked as he shook his head at you, bringing your hand to his lips again. 
"You're the one I want, no business compares to you." You felt your body heating up and not just because of the fireplace burning beside your seat. Every time he would compliment you or flirt with you so outright you couldn't help but shy away from him. Feeling yourself burning up whenever he did this and you were sure he did it on purpose. 
"Did I ever mention I love when you do that?" He questioned leaning back against his seat as you frowned a little. 
"When I do what?"
"You scrunch your nose up and shiver whenever I compliment you. I love it." Again your body reacted just the way he said you did and you whined a little, covering your face with your hands causing him to let out a breathy chuckle. 
"Nothing you can do will make me hate it," You poked your tongue out at him, wanting nothing more than the floor to swallow you whole right then and there. 
"You're so evil to me," You joked as he nodded his head, a wicked smirk turning on the corners of his lips. 
"The very worst." He winked before a waitress began to walk towards you ready to take your drink order and give you the menus.
Tumblr media
"Hobi," You whined a little, running your hand over your stomach and shaking your head. 
"If I eat one more bite you will have to carry me back to my apartment," You groaned as he held up a fork to your mouth. Waving small chocolate covered strawberry in front of your lips, it was very tempting but you couldn't. One more bite and you would burst out of the dress, that was how you truly felt right there. 
The meal had been as fantastic as you thought and dessert was going to finish you off. The two of you had been speaking non-stop about anything that had come into your minds, it felt as though you'd known him longer than you had. As if you had been friends for years and finally took a step towards being something more. 
"Are we still going to go to the sanctuary this weekend?" You questioned as you sat up, bringing your wine glass to your lips and sipping on it.
"Of course, I was thinking we could make it a weekend thing?" He raised an eyebrow at you as a giant unconscious smile grew across your face. 
One of your dates had been to go to an animal sanctuary together. Caring for the different kinds of animals that were there and had been a lot of fun. Seeing how kind he was to not just humans but animals also.
"I'm tempted to adopt that little bunny," You told him as you put your glass down onto the table,
"You just like him because he made a mess on me just as you had." You smirked a little at the memory. Hoseok had worn a smart shirt and jeans to the sanctuary and was sitting with you and some bunnies when one had an accident on him. 
"Hey, he's just like me. If we both made a mess on first impressions I have to keep him close." Hoseok smiled as he nodded his head at you, relaxed that you could both joke about this now. When it had first happened he'd tried to make an attempt at a joke but you were mortified. Begging him to let you pay him back in any way that you could. 
"I don't think I could take him anyway." You sighed a little and Hoseok hated it, he hated the way you sounded so sad.
"Why?" He paid for the meal and drinks, leaving a tip in the small book with the bill inside. Watching you as you shrugged your shoulders. 
"No pets in my apartment building, if I got  a bunny my landlord will flip!" You laughed a little imagining the way your landlord would kick off if he found out about a pet inside of the apartment.
"Maybe we could adopt him together, it could give you more incentive to come and see me," A blush crept onto his cheeks as he said the words without speaking. 
"I would love-"
"Y/n!?" You frowned hearing your name come from someone that wasn't sitting in front of you. 
"Y/n Y/l/b?!" You turned to your left to see a woman staring at you. At first, you could hardly recognize who she was until she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Vivid images of your school and university life flashed before your eyes.
"Daviana," You breathed out looking at her as she smiled at you, looking you up and down with a judgemental look on her face. You felt your confidence sink deeper as she stared between you and Hoseok, her mouth falling open instantly. 
"Jung Hoseok! Who would have thought!" She yelled bumping you up on your seat to sit directly in front of Hoseok, holding her hand out for him to shake. 
"I'm Daviana, Y/n's university best friend!" That was taking it too far, she was barely even a friend on your level. Someone who had done nothing but belittle you all throughout school and University. Embarrassing you with every chance that she had.
"I haven't heard about you before but it's lovely to meet you." He shook her hand graciously as you watched her, this was what she would do. Flirt with people you would even show the smallest bit of interest in.
"Look at you though! Finally dating!" She slapped your arm softly laughing in an obnoxiously loud tone as Hoseok watched you closely. It was clear to see she wasn't a friend of yours, 
"We used to have a saying about little Y/n here," She waved down a waitress asking for another glass of wine as you stared at Hoseok with an apologetic look. Praying that he would give this for even happening in front of him. 
"What was the saying?" He questioned, genuinely interested to hear about your life in University as it was always something you brushed under the rug or quickly changed the subject from. It wasn't as if you had the best experience in those years and you would rather have pretended they never happened than relive them.
"You see, Y/n didn't date. Gosh at one point I didn't even think she knew how to," Another loud laugh made you sink lower into the seat. Daviana pushed herself forward against the table, exposing her cleavage to Hoseok as she smiled at him. Running her perfectly manicured fingers around the rim of a glass that was placed in front of her.
"Always the bridesmaid and never the bride." The moment the words left her lips it was like you were back there. All of them laughing and joking about how you had no experience with dating, how you would end up alone with nothing but a cat.
"Though clearly, we were wrong if she could get you, Mr Hot shot CEO." She nudged your sides, throwing back the glass of wine as you smiled weakly. Doing your best to appear as though nothing she was saying was bothering you as much as it was. Giving her the satisfaction of knowing it was getting to you she would get worse.
"You should have seen her, she could barely even talk to another person! Is she inexperienced with you? Does she know how to act on a date?!" She began asking personal questions, asking what it was like when you were alone together. Doing what she would always do. Embarrass you. 
"Excuse me," You whispered as you got up to act as though you were heading for the bathroom. Following the signs for it but quickly finding someone to show you a back exit. 
Tumblr media
"Hey," You jumped a little hearing Hoseok behind you. A jacket being slipped into your shoulders as you stood as stiff as a rock. 
"You going home? I thought we could at least sneak out together," He told you as he looked down at you. Tears were rolling down your cheeks as you let out a sniffle, 
"Hey, hey, hey," He whispered turning you to look at him but you stared down at the floor. His finger and thumb softly tilting your head up to look at him. 
"What's wrong?"
"W-What she said, it's true." You whispered to him, wiping your face as you looked up at the sky. Trying to stop yourself from crying in front of the man you were dating, it couldn't have looked good. 
"The mean things she said about you not dating?" He questioned confused, holding your face in his hand as you nodded. Licking his lips slowly he sighed at you, shaking his head. 
"I don't want you to hear about that...It's bad enough I goggle what to do or say on dates as it is," You whispered as he pulled you closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around your shoulders to press your head on him. 
"She's nothing but a mean girl, you don't have to worry about what she says,"
"But I do." Your voice broke as you stepped away from him, his jacket falling onto the floor as you shook your head. 
"I never dated, I don't know what people what or expect of me when it comes to a relationship...I-I don't even know if what I'm doing is right when I'm on a date. Or when we're alone," You mumbled the last part, your insecurity bubbling up inside of you as Hoseok reached for your elbow. Pulling you into his personal space one more time as he shook his head at you. 
"Y/n. Do you for one second think I care that you've never dated before?" You looked at him, saying nothing. It was something you feared people would judge you for. 
"I don't care if you've dated a million people or none...All I care about is that I get to have you now." He whispered as he cupped your face one again, this time you leant your face into his touch. Feeling safe and relaxed as he held you, 
"Experienced or not I still like you for you." He whispered as he looked behind you, his car waiting for him to climb inside but he stared at you. 
"Do you want to come back to mine, or should I drop you home?" You thought about it for a moment before shaking your head. 
"I want to go to yours." Smiling happily he held the door open for you, kissing the top of your hand and helping you inside. Ready for a night of cuddling up in his bed, giving you all of the love he could muster up.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx​ @mitzwinchester​ @rjsmochii​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @sweeneyblue1​ @jin-from-the-block​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @misa0000​
Tumblr media
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streetlight11 · 2 days ago
Wedding Partner
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Jimin weren't exactly close friends but you weren't strangers either. Both of your best friends were dating each other. That is how you knew him and vice versa. So what happens when he asks you to be his plus one for his cousin's wedding?
Theme: college au, mutual friends to lovers
Genre: fluffy
Warnings: none
WC: 3.2k
Pairing: Mutual Friend!Jimin x Fem!Reader
a/n: Hi there! Here's a little cute fic of Jimin and the reader having a moment which unconsciously leads to positive endings between the two :)
Tumblr media
“Will you be my plus one at my cousin’s wedding this Saturday?” Jimin asked as you looked at him confused. Jimin and you knew each other briefly simply because he was best friends with Taehyung who is apparently dating your best friend.
Although you and Jimin never really talked to each other for more than one or two words per conversation, you both knew each other existed.
So when he randomly came up to you and asked you that while you were cracking your brain on your assignment at the rooftop garden of your campus, you couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at him.
“Why are you asking me?” You asked, hoping to not offend him in any way.
“It sounds pathetic but I don’t really have anyone to ask. And besides, you don’t have to agree to it. I mean, we barely know each other… I understand if you’re awkward.” Jimin shrugged as he stared at you from across the table.
Just then, you couldn’t help but think about the possibilities of going for a wedding reception of whom you have no idea who it belongs to.
Considering it was Jimin who asked, you didn’t really see the reason why you should say no. You knew him. You’ve met him. Yes, you don’t really know anything personal about him. Yes, you aren’t that close to him but why not right?
“Sure. I’ll go with you.” You said, earning a smile from him as his eyes sparkled in excitement.
“Yeah. I don’t have any plans anyways this weekend.” You smiled as he nodded, telling you he’ll text you the address.
Tumblr media
Weekend finally rolled in. It was time to get ready for the wedding. You put on very light makeup which was just concealer, face powder, lipstick, mascara and filling in your brows. You changed into a beautiful navy blue jumpsuit, accentuating your curves perfectly. Tying your hair in a low bun with a middle part that curls into soft waves to frame your face.
This was definitely something he isn’t used to seeing everyday which was why it rendered him speechless. Jimin told you he’d pick you up at your apartment and so he did.
You came down to meet him in front of your apartment complex, only to find him leaning against the passenger car door, head hung low to look at something on his phone.
Once you made it right in front of him, he gave you a full on check from head to toe, making you feel small in his gaze.
“Woah…” He mumbled under his breath as he found you absolutely breath-taking.
“Shall we get going?” You asked, not being able to hide your blush as he smiled at you and soon proceeded to head off. The ride there was filled with occasional chats and laughter, making you feel less awkward with him as compared to the times before this.
The minute you arrived at the venue, Jimin brought the car to a park and both of you soon left the vehicle.
You walked beside him to the outdoor garden where the chairs and altar were located. Along the way, you met with a few people who seemed to be Jimin’s relatives and some friends.
Just as he was about to approach the groom, a middle aged couple came forward and you heard Jimin call out, “Mom, Dad.” With that, you simply smiled as you stood beside him awkwardly before his mother turned to you and a wide smile plastered on her face.
“And who might you be, sweetheart?” She asked as you were about to answer her but he beat you to it.
“Uh, she’s my girlfriend. My plus one for cousin Haeun’s wedding.” Jimin said as he snakes an arm around your waist, making you slightly flinch at the foreign tough but soon relaxed when you felt him caress your sides warmly with his thumb.
“Oh, hello dear. I didn’t know our son here was dating anyone. I’m so glad you could come with him today.”
“It’s an honour to be invited here, Mrs Park.” You said as she laughed before walking away with her husband to go find more relatives.
You, on the other hand, turned to Jimin and he already knew what you were gonna say.
“Before you say anything, I know. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable by saying that but it’s just that they’ve been bugging me about having a girlfriend. Even my aunts and uncles would always ask ‘when are you getting a girlfriend’ and it has been bugging me honestly.” Jimin explained himself as you simply nodded.
A few minutes later, all of you were now seated in the chairs just waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. You were just staring at the beautiful decorations when Jimin leaned in to whisper something to you but instead, you turned just in time for his face to be right in front of yours.
Both of you paused as his eyes gingerly fell onto your lips, making your mouth dry. He was still staring at your lips so you quickly looked ahead to avoid being observed intensely by him.
Jimin couldn’t stop the soft chuckle that left his lips as he turned back in front to witness the ceremony.
After the vows had been said, it was time for the guests to lay back and eat while the bride and groom changed their outfits. You were taking drinks for you and Jimin when a low voice spoke up from behind you. It definitely wasn’t Jimin.
“Hey, you look stunning.”
“Oh… Uh… Thanks.” You said awkwardly as you tried to search for Jimin but the guy blocked your path.
“Where are you rushing to? Don’t you wanna stay for a bit? I’m Hyunshik.”
“Ah, I’m sorry but I really have to go.”
“Oh come on, I’m sure whoever you’re seeing, can wait…” Hyunshik said as he took a step closer to you and was about to take one of the drinks from your hand when a firm grip on your waist startled you followed by a familiar voice that made your nerves instantly relax.
“Sorry hyung, she’s with me. You can try and hit on other girls but not with her.” Jimin said as you turned to look up at him, only to see a smug smile on his face.
“You? This pretty girl is dating you? As if. The girls you’ve dated are never this innocent and pretty.” Hyunshik attacked as Jimin just smiled but you can see the anger building up in his eyes.
You don’t like this Hyunshik.
You don’t like the way he was talking to Jimin. So you decided to step in.
Instead of saying words, you leaned up to kiss Jimin’s cheek gently before pulling away and turning to Hyunshik and say, “Then better start believing because I’m happy with him and would never trade him for anyone else.” You gave him a fake smile that seemed genuine enough for him to believe.
Jimin’s face didn’t change at all even when you kissed him suddenly without a warning. He even smirked. After Hyunshik rolled his eyes and left, that’s when he turned to you and whispered, “I guess we’re even now?”
You couldn’t help but giggle as you handed him the drink and soon spent the rest of the evening with his family before he sent you home.
Tumblr media
Ever since then, you and Jimin have gotten along pretty well. Now if your best friend was going on a date with Taehyung and she invited you to go on a so-called double date with Jimin, you agreed to it in a heartbeat.
Today was no different.
Taehyung and Yujin asked you to tag along on their date to the movies and then for some dessert after. You agreed to it without asking if Jimin was going to be there.
There were times where he couldn’t come due to other plans so you’ve grown accustomed to third wheeling your friend’s date. So when you arrived at the mall, you were surprised to see Jimin there with Taehyung and Yujin.
“Y/N! You’re here!” Yujin squealed the minute you came into view as she squeezed you into a hug.
“Hey! I’m so glad you could make it.” Taehyung said as he hugged you warmly as well. Just then, you turned to look at Jimin who gave you a shy little smile before saying hello. Gosh he looked so cute.
“Shall we go?” Yujin asked as you all nodded.
Yujin and Taehyung walked ahead of you while Jimin and you walked behind the couple.
You talked to Jimin about some things, be it school or just random topics in life. All of you decided to take the lift as you waited for it together with other shoppers. Jimin let you enter the lift first, going straight to the back while Taehyung held the door open for everyone else. Yujin was of course beside Taehyung so Jimin joined you near the back.
However, the crowd was a little rough today as they began to push their way through. Jimin almost got toppled over so you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards you.
But instead of standing beside you or with his back facing you, he turned just in time to face you.
His hands flew up to the handrails on either side of your hips as his face was just mere inches from you. The lift door finally closes, making you break the intense eye contact with him. You heard him softly chuckle as he leaned down to let his nose graze against yours.
You looked up just in time for his lips to brush against yours briefly, making your heart skip a beat. Jimin’s eyes kept wandering back and forth between your eyes and your lips.
You almost pushed your head forward when the sound of the elevator door opening made you pull back before Taehyung and Yujin saw you.
All of you managed to purchase two couple seats at the last row on top, so you sat with Jimin.
Halfway through the movie, you were starting to get a little chilly due to the theatre’s aircon temperature. You had just finished rubbing your hands together when Jimin turned to you and asked, “Are you cold?”
You simply nodded at him before turning back your attention to the movie. Just then, Jimin surprised you by reaching down to grab one of your hands and laced his fingers with yours before bringing your intertwined hands to his lap.
You looked at him slightly confused as he just smiled innocently at you and said, “We wouldn’t want you freezing to death, would we?”
With that being said, you couldn’t help but blush and he definitely laughed before he said that you were cute.
You could’ve sworn you heard him say that.
It felt good to have his hands in yours, it felt right. Like your hands were made for each other.
Minutes ticked by and he was still holding your hand while he gently caressed the back of your hand with his thumb. You were so focused on watching the movie that you didn’t notice the way Jimin kept glancing over at you a few times, with a smile on his face.
After the movie ended and the credits were rolling in, Yujin and Taehyung turned to you and Jimin to ask where to eat but instead, they noticed your locked fingers on Jimin’s lap, earning a cheeky grin from both of them. “So… holding hands huh?” Taehyung teased, making you turn to Jimin who had the cutest silly grin you've ever seen.
“Yeah, we wanted to kiss but didn’t want to disrupt everyone around us.” Jimin teased back, as he looked at you.
“Then do it. The movie’s over isn’t it?” Yujin giggled, as you stared at her with a warning look.
“Nah… I’m saving it for a special day.” Jimin said, making you nervous. He’s not talking about you is he? Why would he like someone like you? You threw that thought to the back of your mind as the four of you soon left the cinema to continue on with your evening.
Tumblr media
It’s been at least 2 weeks since that hangout at the mall. You didn’t have any plans for the day despite it being a Saturday. Yujin was going out with Taehyung and your other friends were busy with work. You were just baking to kill time, choosing to bake salted caramel macarons. You lost track of time, not realizing it was nearing 5pm until there was a knock on your front door.
You don’t remember ordering any take out so you placed down the piping bag and went over to open the door, only to find Jimin standing there looking as handsome as ever.
“Jimin? What are you doing here?” You asked with a soft chuckle.
“Hey, I was bored and didn’t have any plans. I asked Yujin if you’re with them. She told me you’ll be home so I figured I should come and accompany you.” He explained, making your heart flip.
He came all the way here to keep you company? Wow.
“Aww, Min… You didn’t have to come all the way here…” You pouted at him knowing he lived about a good hour away from you.
“It’s fine, besides I’d die of boredom at home anyway so why not?” Jimin laughed. Just then, he smelled a sweet aroma wafting through your home. He sniffed a few times before asking, “Are you making something?”
“Oh yeah! I’m making macarons. Come in.” You giggled as you stepped aside to let him in.
Jimin closed the door for you and soon followed you into the kitchen to find your kitchen island prepped with a few trays that are halfway filled with unbaked macaron shells.
“Do you always bake?” He asked.
“Sometimes, when I’m bored or just feel like baking.” You said as you continued piping it. Jimin asked if he could try and so you passed the bag to him. He did an amazing job with stable hands. After you were done, you let the cookies sit for an hour to harden the shell.
In the meantime, Jimin decided to cook for you and him some early dinner with whatever ingredients you had.
He ended up making mac ‘n’ cheese for the both of you before sitting in the living room to watch a movie. After putting the cookies in the oven, you came back to find him scrolling through new movies to watch.
A few hours later, your macarons are done and have been decorated so you both did a little taste test. Jimin took a bite, then another, and another until one cookie was gone.
“Omg this is so good!” He said with an excited little giggle. You found him extremely cute when he did that, making you laugh.
“Really? Are you being honest? You can tell me if it tastes bad, you know?”
“No! I’m being serious! It’s really nice?” Jimin smiled as you felt shy from just his compliment. He saw this so he took his chance to tease you.
“Are you shy right now?”
“Shut up..”
“Oh come on, don’t be! It’s just me!” Jimin said as you turned your back on him.
“Y/N!” He called with a laugh escaping his lips. You ignored him by running away, pretending to avoid him completely but he was quick to chase after you. It ended up being a game of catch as your laughter echoed around these walls.
You were almost down the hall when his strong arms wrapped itself around your waist, tugging you back until you crashed against his chest with your side. A soft chuckle left his lips as you buried your face in his neck when you felt him tickle you. Jimin smiled down at you even though you weren’t looking at him.
His heart was beating so fast in his chest, he was afraid you could hear it. He stopped tickling you, only to caress your sides gently while he took small steps backwards until he was leaning against the wall.
You carefully pulled your head away only to look up at him and was surprised to see him already staring at you.
Your hands instinctively pressed onto his chest and forearm while you watched his eyes wander around your face before it stopped at your lips. Jimin couldn’t help but think how it would be like kissing you.
In fact, he has had this thought for a while now.
So when you found yourself leaning closer and closer, he stayed there to see if you would do it on your own accord.
When you felt your lips lightly brushing against his, you closed your eyes and took the leap of faith by sealing his lips with a kiss. It took him less than a second to close his eyes and return your kiss by moving his lips.
He tasted sweet, thanks to the macarons.
You got drunk in his lips as your hand that was on his chest, flew up to cup his cheek softly.
He pulled back for a breath before kissing you again. You turned your body to face him and soon allowed your hands to snake around his neck comfortably.
Both of you got lost in the kiss as he tapped the back of your thighs and took the hint, causing you to jump and sit on his waist while your legs wrapped around his hips. Jimin carried you to your bedroom, laying you down gently on your bed. He then hovered over you as he scooted you up to let your head rest on your pillows.
With lips still attached to one another, you played with his hair. Something he had loved whenever he shared an intimate moment with someone. But because it was you, it made this whole thing even more special since he had been dreaming for you to do this to him and you finally were.
So when you pulled away and kissed his nose, you stared up at him while caressing his cheek, a small smile dancing on your lips.
“I’m guessing the feelings are mutual then?” You asked softly as he nodded, licking his lips before he smiled.
“Hmm, I’m not convinced… Let’s see if it really is mutual.” With that, he kissed you again before confessing to you properly with words.
“Y/N, I like you a lot. And so I ask you now… Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” Your heart was pounding in your chest as you giggled shyly up at him. Your eyes disappear into two crescent moons.
“I like you too Jimin, and yes. I’d love to be your girlfriend.”
With that being said, Jimin grinned, earning a soft laugh from you as he smothered your face with kisses.
This boy made you feel so soft and fuzzy, you almost forgot you weren’t really close to him before that wedding ceremony he invited you to. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise to bring you two closer together and finally figure out what you’ve both been missing out on.
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athenathesharkwrites · 2 days ago
You’re My Friend - Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
A70— “You’re my friend, of course I fucking care.”
Warnings: Angst, a hint of fluff.
W/C: 977.
Tumblr media
You look at Hoseok with concern in your eyes as you step closer to Namjoon’s studio, Hoseok had called you earlier and had told you that Namjoon’s closed himself in his studio, and refused to talk to anyone, and with them knowing he had even you a key in case you wanted to visit him late at night, they had called you, ‘Because you two are so close, only you can help him.’
You step into his studio and see his head in his hands, you softly close the door behind you, causing him to lift his head to look at who had entered his space, you could see his face falling before he turned his chair away from you.
“What are you doing here?” He asks, your shoulders fall at how he sounded, defeated and almost angry.
“Joon…” You softly say, you step closer to him. “I’m here because everyone is concerned about you.” He spins around in his chair, making you take a step back from the sudden action.
“Because everyone is concerned about me?” He asks, you could see him squinting his eyes, his face almost red with anger. “Nobody’s fucking concerned, Y/n, they just want to know if I’m able to work not.”
“That’s not true, and you know it!” You say. “They’re concerned for your well-being, they’re cornered that you’re n—“ he suddenly stands from his chair and cuts you off.
“Nobody fucking cares about my well-being!” He says loudly. “And I’m damn sure that you don’t give a fuck either.” Your fingers curl into your palms as your hands form into a fist. “Just fucking go, they just called you because you had a key.” You had heard the saying, ‘Words hurt more than anything.’ And they were right. “Give me the fucking key also, I don’t want you to get back in here.” Your jaw clenches and you push your hand into the pocket of your jacket.
“You’re my friend, of course I fucking care, Namjoon.” You say, you feel around the pocket, looking for the key. “But you’re obviously not in the right headspace and that’s why they called me, to come and check on you.” You pull the key out from your pocket. “I’m glad they told me that my friend had locked himself in his studio, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about this, but the way you’re acting right now.” You toss the key onto the table, it slides underneath one of the many piles of papers he had on his desk. “You need to get out of the studio, you need to take in some fresh air and take a step back!” His eyes follow the key that had disappeared underneath his papers. “That’s what you need, because burning yourself out isn’t going to help you, or anyone, and especially not your fucking health.” You would see his jaw clenching, he didn’t dare look at you. “We’re your damn friends, we care about you, we care if something happens to you, we care if you don’t feel like yourself, we fucking care.” You turn around and move towards the door, your hand grabs the knob only for him to place his hand on top of yours.
“Wait…” He says, you could feel his front pressing against your back, his scent surrounds you. “Can we… Can you…” You look over your shoulder at him. “Stay… can you stay?” You release the knob, making him release your hand, you turn around to face him, the space between you almost non-existent.
“You need to get out… see something else other than these four walls.” You say. “You may think it won’t help, but trust me… a change of scenery is always helpful.”
“Then let’s go, but please don’t leave me on my own right now.” He says, you nod your head, moving closer to him, you wrap your arms around him, his arms instantly move around you, burying his head into the crook of your neck, you could feel him starting to shake before hearing his heartbreaking sobs into your shoulder, your hands gently rub his back, letting him cry into the crook of your neck. “It’s just… it’s getting too hard…” You carefully walk him backwards, moving to the leather sofa he had in his studio.
“Okay, here, sit down.” You say, you carefully sit down with him next to you. “Lay your head on my lap.” He does as you say, his tears not stopping, you gently comb your fingers through his hair as he practically hid his face into your thick thighs. “No one expects you to do the entire album on your own, and no one wants you to have a breakdown, Joon.” You could feel him nod. “You need a break, a day, even though a week would be much better, you need a break, and get away from these four walls.” You move your hand away from his head and place it on his arm, gently stroking your hand up and down his arm. “I’m going to extend an invitation to you, it’s up to you if you want to accept it or not, come stay with me for a week, and just relax, let your worries be put on hold for one week.” You knew he could be stubbing sometimes, but you hoped that this time he would give and listen to you.
“Okay…” He quietly says. “I’ll come over to your place for a week.”
“No working.” You say. “Unless you genuinely feel inspired, but if I catch you forcing yourself to be productive, I’m going to break your laptop and phone.” He knew you would, he knew it all too well, you had done it once before.
“Thank you, Y/n…” He says. “For being my friend… for being here for me, right now.”
“Of course, what are friends for?”
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Tumblr media
Pairing: yoongi x reader
Overview: You’re a straight A student. He’s not. He likes to go out and party. You definitely don’t. You both have nothing in common, but for some reason all of your friends ship you both together. You vowed to never let yourself stoop that low, but maybe he’s not as bad as you thought?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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A/n these are just the social media profiles. I’ll have chapter one ready by tomorrow! I know you guys have been waiting for a update 😩 just know I’m working on it!
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