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youarejesting · an hour ago
Wash Out.9
Tumblr media
Banners: @purpleskies1999 Pairings: Dolphintrainer!Taehyung x SharkDiver!Jin,  Mer!Jimin x Reader, Scientist!Namjoon x MerKing!Jungkook, Mer!Yoongi x Mer!Hoseok. Rating: 16+ Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, little bit of Action, Slice of life, Enemies2Lovers, Friends2lovers, Social media au, Fake Texts, Fake Subs.
Summary: Taehyung and his best friend Y/N are Dolphin trainers at Wash Out; Marine Wildlife and Theme Park. When the nerdy marine biologist and resident veterinarian Doctor Kim Namjoon goes missing; the two friends form a ragtag team with Taehyung’s rival Seokjin and a…. Fish?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tags: @backinblack1967 @miriamxsworld @moccahobi @simplymemyself @a-gayish-unicorn​
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agust-bee · 2 hours ago
one shots II - jjk
✨ other members ✨ jjk one shots I ✨
so close to perfect by @seok-jinnies angst, JK being an idiot, idol au, est. relationship summary: jeongguk has always been your constant, and even with what seems to be the whole world against the two of you, you can't bring yourself to let him go.
sweets by @worldwidemochiguy yandere but make it soft, kinda just really fluffy summary: in which jungkook steals your lip balm and perfume instead of talking to you, you leave a post-it note with your number on it for the strange thief who only seems to take the most inexplicable items and has a strange sense of responsibility for your wellbeing, and the cute boy in your photography class with the fluffy hair and the oversized sweater keeps getting more and more endearing…
wherever there is you by @jeonstudios angst, little fluff summary: 71. “you’ve been drinking tonight, haven’t you?”
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moon-2005 · 3 hours ago
genre : fluff
Pairing : Jungkook x gender neutral reader!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You woke up with your face being peppered with kisses. His plumpy soft lips delicately touching your skin sending shivers down your spine. You drown in his overflowing love. Flashing him the most genuine grin the moments of last night came flooding back .
Previous night
You returned from work exhausted. Every ounce of energy was drained. Your body gave up on you.
This week had been extremely stressful on you. Overnight works, extra hours and all that had been taking a toll on your health both physically and mentally.
As you walked into your shared house you were greeted by a comforting figure. Jungkook had returned from work earlier knowing how hard you've been going on yourself lately.
He stretches his hand gesturing you. You walk up to his arms as he engulfs you in a comforting hug. His body radiating a peaceful warmth. As if you were intoxicated you couldn't move. You wanted to stay in his embrace forever.
Surprisingly he knew it . He carried you to the bedroom cudddling you up in bed. Laying on his chest, sleep slowly guiding you into Netherlands.
Smiling to yourself, you remember the last thing you heard; his heart beating in a rythemic serenade lullying you to sleep.
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kookayparadise · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Humans are born with soulmates. One pair in a crowd of hundred. Some consider them god's gift to humanity, to some, they are no different from a regular being. Which is true, except for when they are with their 'other flame' as they call it.
The closer you are to your soulmate, the warmer you will feel. The further you are, the colder. Finding your soulmate is one big game of hot and cold, and it only stops when you and your 'flame' are either bonded, or one of them is dead.
➳ 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓈𝑜𝑜𝓃
❅ 𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓹𝓼 ❅
Tumblr media
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staychansbabygirl · 9 hours ago
Y’all! Got a laptop today after not having one for like 7 years and MY GOODNESS! Ugh, the amount that I am so excited for this! I’ve been running off my cell phone but man did I miss the feel of this! And I can finally actually write again! The temptation to post some of my writing is huge, but the fear of rejection and people disliking is far bigger. Who know? I may post some writing not sure. Not super confident in myself but maybe that’s just uncurable self loathing...yikes! Anyway, I’d like to try writing something, fanfic or not, I’m not sure yet. If y’all want me to try writing something send in a request or something!
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escapewithbts · 10 hours ago
Recovery Confessions - Yoongi
Not edited, I’m sorry for mistakes!
You stumbled out of the elevator and into the hallway, almost falling over from all the stuff you were carrying. A duffel bag was slung across your shoulder, an iced americano and iced caramel latte in a cup holder in one hand, way too much take out food consisting of different kinds of noodles and gimbap in a large brown bag in the other... how you made it this far without a disaster was beyond you.
Finally you made it to the end of the hall and set the food down before knocking on the black wooden door in front of you. After a few seconds it cracked open and your friend's face appeared on the other side.
"Aiiiishhh (y/n), what are you doing here?" he complained, furrowing his eyebrows and rolling his eyes, "I told you I'm fine!"
You pushed open the door further despite his struggles to keep it shut and then had a plain view of the living room. Dishes were all over the coffee table, snack bags littered the floor, and clothes were scattered all about the couch and chairs.
"Hmm, yeah, I can see that." you answered sarcastically, giving him an I-told-you-so look.
He protested again as you entered his apartment and set your stuff down.
"Seriously, (y/n), I'm fine. I'll clean all this later, okay? I don't need you here."
"Look, Yoongs, that may be the case and that's fine. I'll leave if you want me to! But I did buy way too much take out, so you have to at least help me eat it."
He looked at you annoyingly.
Then you held up his cup of coffee and shook it gently.
"And look! I brought you an iced Americano!"
His face immediately perked up as he reached for the drink.
He then took a long sip before mumbling,
"Fine, I'll eat with you."
You smiled proudly.
"Ha ha, I knew the Americano would do the trick ."
He rolled his eyes again but smiled.
You cleared a space on the coffee table, setting the dirty dishes on the counter in the adjoining kitchen. You would get to those later. Then you picked up the clothes that laid about the couch and tossed them toward the bedroom, making a mental note to start a load of laundry after eating.
You spread out all the food and grabbed chopsticks for the two of you as Yoongi sat down gently on the couch.
"So how are you feeling?" you asked, handing him his chopsticks, "How's your shoulder?"
You glanced at the black sling that held his arm and shoulder in place as it rested above a black sack. You couldn't help but feel a little sad.
He grabbed some cold noodles and stuffed them in his mouth before answering.
"It's fine. I haven't really had to use much of the pain medication so far."
You reached for a piece of beef gimbap.
"That's great! The less the better." you replied.
"Yeah, it's just hard to sleep sometimes. I get pretty uncomfortable. And I'm just so fucking bored already."
You couldn't help but chuckle a little.
"You? Bored? No way!" you teased sarcastically.
He glared at you.
"I can make you leave now, you know."
You moved your hands holding the chopsticks back and forth in protest.
"No, no, I'm sorry, that's the only joke, I swear."
You held a hand to your heart in promise as Yoongi shook his head.
There was a pause.
"So what have you been doing then?" you asked curiously.
He pointed to the tv which had an NBA basketball game playing.
"Watching basketball?"
He nodded, picking up a dumpling.
"And watching YouTube videos. I can't use the keyboard on my computer so I can't make music. I obviously can't play the guitar. I can barely put on pants for god's sake."
"Well," you said in between bites, "I know you don't want my help, Yoongs, but I'm here. So maybe I could at least entertain you a little."
It was his turn to chuckle.
"So you're saying you think you're entertaining?"
You narrowed your eyes at him.
"Hey now! You've been friends with me all these years so I must at least bring something to the table!"
He gestured to all the take out in front of you two.
"Uh yeah, free food."
You huffed, half a dumpling sticking out of your mouth.
"If you hadn't just had surgery, I'd hit you right about now."
He laughed.
"Hmm so I guess this surgery was at least good for some thing."
You cocked your head and smiled at him sympathetically.
"Come on, it will be worth it, Yoongi, you know that. Think how much better you'll feel on the stage when you're healed."
He just hummed in disbelief and shoveled more food in his mouth before turning his attention back to the basketball game.
After a little while you both had stopped eating, too full to continue on.
"I really should take a shower." Yoongi stated, rising carefully from his position on the couch.
"Okay," you replied, watching him walk towards the bathroom down the hall, "Let me know if you need anything."
He sighed.
"I told you, I'm fine," you heard him mumble.
You rolled your eyes. He could be so damn stubborn sometimes.
You took this as your chance to clean up. The stubborn man was going to be gone for at least a little while.
You put the lids on all the containers of your leftovers and took them into the kitchen to place in the refrigerator for Yoongi later. Then you collected all the wrappers and old take out containers and threw them in the trash. You gathered all the dirty dishes and washed them, laying them out neatly to dry, keeping them on the counter so Yoongi didn't have to reach for anything. Finally, you bunched up all the clothes laying around and put them in the washer, dirty or not. Nothing felt better when you were home all day than wearing clean clothes.
Just as you pushed the start button on the washer you heard a voice from down the hall.
"(y/n)!" Yoongi yelled, "(y/n), are you still here?"
You walked to the bathroom door and stood outside.
"Yeah, I'm here, Yoongi. Is everything okay?"
You heard him sigh.
"I can't... I'm having trouble..." he let out a groan followed by a pause.
"Yoongi?" you called, knocking softly.
"I need your help.." he said so quietly you had to put your ear to the door to make sure you heard him correctly.
You hesitated.
"O-okay, can I come in?"
"Um, yeah," he responded, "but don't look, okay? I'm... not fully dressed."
Your face got red immediately. In all your years of friendship you hadn't even seen Yoongi with his shirt off. You knew it was something he wasn't very comfortable with. However, that's not to say you hadn't been curious...
"Alright, I won't look. I'm coming in."
You turned the knob and opened the door, a wave of hot steam exiting around you. You entered, shielding your eyes with your hand to not look at him.
"What do you need help with?" you asked, just seeing his feet on the black tiled floor.
He sighed again.
"I can't get my pants or shirt on. I-I got my underwear on, thank god, but I'm having trouble with everything else."
"Well... how have you been doing it by yourself before?" you couldn't help but wonder out loud.
"Not well by any means, but it really started hurting after my shower this time. I think I may have moved it too much in there. I'm worried about hurting it more."
You nodded in understanding.
"Okay, of course I'll help. But Yoongi, I think... I'll have to look at you. I can't help you dress just by looking at your feet."
You assumed he nodded as he responded with a quiet Okay.
You looked up at him finally, his face bright red and his milky white skin blotchy from the hot shower. He was just in a pair of black boxer briefs that hugged his narrow hips and skinny thighs. You couldn't help but take him in a little. His stomach was in no means muscular, but rather just slightly squishy. His arms and shoulders were nicely toned, though, probably from all the dancing he usually does on a daily basis. His skin looked so smooth and was so bright in this lighting that he looked almost angelic.
But what caught you most by surprise was the area on his shoulder where his surgery had been. There was a large, red, stitched up scar across the blade, and purple and blue bruising covering the entirety of his right shoulder, upper back and upper arm. You wanted to cry the moment you saw it. He must be in so much pain.
"Yoongi..." you whispered, reaching towards it but not touching it.
"Looks brutal, right?" he chuckled softly, “they said it would probably look like this.”
Your eyes began to well up with tears before you could stop them. He noticed right away.
"Aiiiish, (y/n), don't cry, come on!" Yoongi exclaimed, "I'm fine, just help me put on my clothes."
You nodded and wiped the tears from your eyes before grabbing the plaid drawstring pajama pants from the floor next to him. You let him steady himself on you as he stepped into them, and you pulled them up, stopping at his waist and gently tying the strings, your fingers grazing the soft skin of his lower stomach. You noticed goosebumps appear on his skin at your touch, but you didn't dare make eye contact with him at this moment. This small act of helping him get dressed was way more intimate feeling than anything had ever been with him.
You reached over where the matching button up shirt was hanging and held it behind him so he could snake his arms in the sleeves, maneuvering it in a way where he didn't have to move his right arm much at all. Then you returned to his front and buttoned each button before straightening out the collar. Finally your eyes met, but Yoongi quickly looked down to the floor.
"Thanks.." he mumbled.
You cleared your throat and backed away from him.
"No problem. I'll -uh, see you back out there."
Then you turned and walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.
You felt a little dizzy as you headed back into the living room; out of breath and flustered. Your muscles had been tense without you even realizing it. You plopped back down on the couch and shifted your attention to the basketball game that was still playing on the tv, hoping to drown out the feelings and questions of what just happened back there from your racing mind.
A few minutes later Yoongi appeared in the living room again. His black hair was damp from the shower, the blotchy red still evident on his pale face.
He sat down at the other end of the couch from you. Did he feel as weird about what just happened as you did?
"I decided to take a dose of the pain medicine," he stated, curling his legs underneath him, "I'm not sure what I did differently in there but it really started to hurt."
You frowned. He looked so delicate.
"I'm sorry, Yoongi."
He rolled his eyes.
"It's fine, whatever. Just really fucking annoying. I have to live like this for at least 3 more months? How am I supposed to do that?"
You shrugged and looked at him sympathetically.
"You'll be okay. You're strong, Yoongi. And you did the right thing. Plus, I'm sure after a little while they'll let you participate in at least some promotional stuff with the band so you won't be just sitting around here."
He looked down at his hands and chewed his fingernail in anxiousness.
"And in the meantime," you continued, "whether you like it or not, I've decided I'm going to be here to help you. Because that's what friends do."
You gave a triumphant nod and fully expected him to argue with you at your conclusion, but instead he said nothing. He just looked defeated and it broke your heart.
There was a pause as you looked back up at the tv screen, wondering what you could do to cheer him up.
"You want to watch something else? Maybe a movie?" you asked, reaching for the remote on the coffee table.
"Yeah, sure, whatever." he mumbled in response.
You scrolled through the movies he had available before stopping at one and looking at him.
"Ooh, 'The Dark Knight'! I know it's one of both of our favorites. You want to watch that?"
He just nodded, staring at the ground in silence.
You could tell he was deep in thought, probably worried about his shoulder and his career. You suddenly felt selfish for wondering earlier if he had felt anything back when you helped him in the bathroom. That was probably the farthest thing from his mind at the moment. He had never focused on any of those kinds of feelings before, so why on earth would he now? You pushed the thoughts out of your mind and replaced them with ones that were important in the present.
"Do you need anything? Maybe a drink or a pillow from your bedroom?" you questioned.
He looked up at you finally as the movie began to play.
"Umm, maybe a pillow would be nice..."
You nodded and got up, walking into his room and coming back out, a comfy pillow in hand.
"Here you go."
He shifted his body down a little and laid on his back as you placed the pillow under his neck and head, his slinged arm laying at his side.
"I feel really drained..." he said softly, his eyes fluttering shut.
"Yeah, I imagine the medicine is already kicking in, and your body is tired from all the healing it's trying to do."
He just grumbled a response and let out a soft sigh.
You made yourself comfortable then turned back to the tv to let him fall asleep peacefully.
"If I fall asleep," Yoongi suddenly whispered, sounding half asleep already, "please don't leave me, (y/n)."
You smiled at him gently even though you knew he couldn't see. Things like this rarely came out of Yoongi's mouth but it always made you feel warm and fuzzy when they did.
"I'll be here, Yoongs. I promise."
About halfway through the movie you looked over at Yoongi sleeping soundly. His thin lips were partly opened, small snores emitting from his nose, some of his bangs falling in his eyes. You resisted the urge to move them away. Instead, you grabbed a blanket that was laying on the chair next to you and got up to spread it across his still body. He stirred slightly but instantly started snoring again. You couldn't help but smile.
You decided to go back into the kitchen to finish tidying up while he slept. But as soon as you stepped away from the couch where he lay, you felt a hand wrap gently around your wrist. It startled you and you looked back at Yoongi.
"Mmmmmnnooo..." he groaned softly, eyes still shut, "(y/n)..."
"It's okay, Yoongs, I'm still here. I'm just going into the kitchen. Go back to sleep."
You tried to release your hand from his grasp but he continued to hold on tightly.
"Nooo, (y/n), wait," he mumbled, still not looking at you.
You chuckled softly.
"What is it, Yoongi? Do you need something?"
"I're so... such a good friend, (y/n)." he said, "I-I'm sorry I don't tell you enough. I'm not... good at that."
You smiled.
"It's okay, I understand. I just want to be there for you because, well, I know you would do the same in a heartbeat."
You weren't sure if he was even conscious enough to actually be comprehending what you were saying, or even what he was saying for that matter, but it felt nice to have this conversation.
There was a pause as you realized he was moving his hand down further, suddenly holding your hand in his. Your heart skipped a beat. Should you pull away?
"Yoongi, I-"
He interrupted before you could finish
"Do you ever think we could be more than friends?"
Your felt your heart stop. You looked at him, his eyes were still closed, he looked like he could fall back asleep at any moment.
"What?" you managed to whisper out.
"You're just so... caring and funny, and you're not afraid to challenge me and tease me and I like that. I just..I like you, (y/n)."
You swallowed, your heart racing, you breathing getting heavier. This didn't sound like Yoongi. This was drugged up, exhausted Yoongi. He didn't know what he was saying. He was imagining things. He didn't mean any of this.
But why did that make you feel so sad?
"Yoongi... you're-you're on drugs," you stuttered, finally pulling your hand away from his, "Your mind is a little loopy right now. I don't think you know what you're saying..."
"No, (y/n), fuck I know what I'm saying, okay? I-I do know what I'm saying. Do you?"
You ran a hand through your hair, unsure of what to say or do next. You weren't sure if he was serious. If he could barely open his eyes, how could he make such abrupt confessions?
"Well... maybe you should get more sleep. You seem out of it. Can we... talk about this later?"
He sighed and opened his tired and puffy eyes to look at you. He looked so small and so fragile in this state.
"You're rejecting me," he stated flatly, attempting to sit up more to show he was awake, "Shit... I shouldn't have said anything..."
You shook your head immediately and sat down in the small space next to him.
"No, no I'm not rejecting you," you reassured him, but you were still weary, "I just," you looked down at your fingers, "I just don't know how serious you are right now. You took some strong pain meds, and you're tired from your surgery... I don't want you saying things you... might regret later."
His free hand suddenly reached up to your face to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear and you leaned into his touch. He gave you a lazy smile.
"I would never regret saying those things to you. I mean all of it, (y/n), drugged up or not. How can I prove it to you?"
You bit your lip and shrugged in response, looking into his dark brown eyes. You noticed them glance down at your lips, then back at your eyes as his hand moved to the back of your head.
"Come here," he whispered softly, gently pulling your face closer towards his until your lips were just centimeters apart. He closed the gap between them in a tender kiss. You kissed him back, relishing the feeling of his soft lips on yours, something you had only ever imagined before.
Once you broke away he smiled, rubbing his thumb on your cheek.
"Does that help?" he asked.
You chuckled and fiddled with the collar of his shirt.
"You know, you should be soft Yoongi more often," you joked, grinning up at him, "I kind of like it."
He rolled his eyes and smiled wider, poking your chest gently with his finger.
"Hey, don't get used to it."
You laughed.
"Come on, I won't. I know you better than that."
He smirked at you and pulled you to him again as you shared another wonderful kiss.
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kookings · 10 hours ago
red hot ice [preview]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING -> cryokinesis!jungkook x fem!reader/pyrokinesis!reader
GENRE(S) -> magic au, rivals au, fluff, action, fantasy, suggestive, crack
SUMMARY -> There’s a very good chance you may not graduate; one, because your Elementals essay due first period is currently frozen solid, and two, because you are and always have been ass at Elementals — a fact that Jungkook only realizes once you storm into his room at dawn and reign hellfire upon him.
However, using this knowledge to his advantage, he strikes you an irresistible deal: beat him in a sparring match and he’ll help you pass Elementals.
Lose, and you’ve just bought yourself a one way ticket to the Formal. With Jungkook as your date.
WARNINGS -> profanity, semi-suggestive content, sword fighting, magic fighting (?), graphic depictions of blood and injuries, minor enemies-to-lovers, jungkook is a hot mf even though his powers are ice manipulation, oc is also hot but like literally, because of her fire manipulation oc blushes a lot, oc’s nickname is Firestorm because i cannot for the life of me write y/n, lots of banter, lots of repressed feelings, lots of stupidity, and most importantly, lots of fluff!! more to be added!
WORD COUNT -> TBD but like 15-20k??
TAG LIST -> @soobmint because you said you wanted to see what i had written so far so i guess i l*ve you. let me know if you’d like to be tagged as well!!
AUTHOR’S NOTE -> hello!! thank you for checking out my first tumblr fic (: this is going to be one of many summer writing projects, so manifesting that i don’t lose motivation to write this monster </33
Tumblr media
You are going to kill Jeon Jungkook.
Your crimson cloak billows behind you like waves of blood as you sweep through the halls of the sleeping fortress. Early morning sunlight spills through the cathedral windows, thawing your skin and flaring the simmering rage in your gut. You've always loved the sun; loved how it fuelled your fire, filling you with such boundless warmth and power that you feel as if you're truly at one with your gifts. And now, at the ass crack of dawn, still sporting your tattered pyjamas and thoroughly fed up with Jungkook's antics, the sun acts as kindling, twisting your anger into a weapon you can't wait to use to rock his shit.
You'll kill him, you think, fully aware that your eyebrows are now on fire. You'll kill him and bring him back to life and kill him again.
You know every inch of the ancient school like the scars on your hands, effortlessly mapping the quickest way to Jungkook's dorms and setting off on a blazing warpath. The guards stationed at their posts don't even blink as you pass. Realization hits that they no doubt saw the ravenette make the very same trek to your room hours before, knowing the nature of his visit and yet doing nothing to stop him. It's probably why they don't ream your ass for being out of bed so early. They pity you — if the sheepish glances at the snowflakes spiraling up your arms are any indication — and you hate it.
A vicious heat shoots through your veins, washing outwards and scalding the last lingering traces of ice to steam.
Now, if only it were that easy to rid parchment of his ice. Or the entirety of your dormitory, for that matter.
Your hair is sparking and coiling like snakes of fire by the time you reach his room. Placing your hand on the doorknob, you watch as the metal glows and sags beneath your touch, the inner workings of the lock melting to hell. With a pleased hum, you haul your shoulder into the door and barge into the space.
A freezing gust of air smacks you in the face, causing you to recoil slightly, your flames flickering. It takes a moment for your eyes to readjust to the darkness. Jungkook's room is painstakingly familiar, it being the gathering space for your group of friends. Soon enough, you can trace the outline of the squashy couch, the unused fireplace, the cluttered desk and the four poster bed that stirs with the presence of the boy you seek.
You watch, unimpressed, as the lump of blankets shifts, stringing together a barely coherent stream of curses. When you refuse to shut the door and provide him with relief, a muscled arm slips out from the covers, grabs a pillow and chucks it aimlessly in your general vicinity with a grunt of, "piss off, Yoongi."
You blink, and the pillow erupts in flames before it can make it's mark.
"Guess again, motherfucker," You snarl.
And then the room roars to life.
The curtains are blasted back with a hiss!, sunlight cutting through the frosted panes of glass and bathing the space in gold and honey. The fireplace burgeons in a fit of orange, red and blue, flames licking hungrily at the cobwebbed logs and ebbing away at the frigid air. With a lazy flick of your finger you light the torches and candles too, purely because Jungkook's building groans are like music to your ears and you'll do anything to keep up his mantra.
"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," You sing-song, a humourless smirk curving on your lips. "It's ass-kicking o'clock."
A strangled grunt. Curses. Silence.
And then the covers are flung back and the boy grudgingly sits up; his hair a mess, his lips parted and his eyes cold as if he wishes to freeze you solid with his glare. You, however, are much more concerned by the fact that said boy is shirtless. The smooth planes of his chest and the dips of his abdomen inflate with a barely restrained sigh. You glance away, hating the way your cheeks burn.
"You've always had a flare for the dramatics, Firestorm," he mumbles through a yawn, "but even this is extreme."
You bristle at the nickname, the very one he'd dubbed you all those years ago when you'd lost control and set fire to the Great Forest, all because he'd insinuated that he was more powerful than you. The icing on top of the cake was that he was the one to put your fire out, earning him praise and admiration from your fellow peers and teachers alike. You, on the other hand, were sentenced to a month's detention on bathroom duty. The bleach still burns your nose to this day.
You fix him with a scowl. "Says the boy who froze my entire room last night. Including me. I thought we were over our childish prank war."
He simply smirks, giving you a lazy once over. "Nice pjs, by the way. Hot date?"
Something inside you snaps, and you pitch the frozen block of ice you'd been carrying in his direction. Rather than hitting him in the face, as you'd intended, it merely bounces across his mattress and lands an arm’s reach away from him.
"A gift?" He cocks his head, dark fringe kissing his brow. "You shouldn't have."
"And I didn't. Wouldn't want your ego to inflate to the size of your head now would we?"
Ignoring your jab, he squints down at the block of ice, even going so far as to slant it in the sunlight for a better look. Eventually he comes to the same conclusion you had when you'd found it on your frozen desk, albeit his reaction is more humoured than angered.
"We have an essay in Elementals due?"
"You think this is funny?" You hiss, eyebrows sparking. Panic crawls up your throat. "Jungkook, that draft is due first period today and I need to finish it, like, yesterday. Do you know what caused the Elemental War? Do you? Because I do, and Professor Bang would too if he could read my essay through a brick of ice!"
You take a steading breath, spooling in your magic that threatens to thrash outwards and burn everything in its path. You despise the way your emotions tend to govern your fire whenever you're with Jungkook, and it takes more willpower than you'd like to admit to keep your powers under wraps. Not only for your sake, but for his too.
Losing control was never an option when you were around him.
And you’d both learned this the hard way.
Tumblr media
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kimnjss · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mentally fucking
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— he has no idea who you are… up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
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pen pals (with benefits) | jjk | (iii.)
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Chapter Summary: You're frustrated as the day gets closer for you to part ways with Jungkook, the contract ending in a matter of weeks. Sensing your ire, he whisks you away on a grand adventure because he thinks you're stressed out with the project.
Chapter Sentence: There's a rush when the agony of waiting dissipates, Jungkook's lips finding yours, devouring you whole. Your name is a prayer to the heavens, Jungkook whispering it into the night once - twice - and your body finally reacts, reaching over to tangle yourself with his limbs, mouth clashing hungrily against each other.
Tumblr media
♠ Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Fem!Reader ♠ Word Count: 12,161 ♠ Rating: 18+. This work and it's subsequent chapters are not suitable for younger audiences. ♠ Genre/AU: college au, fwb to lovers au, e2l au | smut, fluff, wee little angst ♠ Warnings: unprotected sex • fingering • masturbation (f) • creampie • dirty talk • swearing • name calling (slut) • pussy spanking (once) • multiple orgasms • slight degradation (only if you squint) ♠ Author's Note: was it all planned for this to get posted before sowoozoo? maybe. special thanks to @monvante and @missgeniality for reading through this fic! i appreciate u, my lovely beta readers! this turned from a 8k fic to a 12k fic. what did i do?
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“I’m genuinely so happy to see you happy," Jeehyun mentions off-hand while the two of you enjoy Aunt Ji's famous chicken noodles. "You've been smiling a lot more in these past few days, and I can only assume it's 'cause of Jungkook."
You choke slightly on your noodles at her statement, sputtering coughs as you try to gain control of your breathing. Your roommate rolls her eyes teasingly while passing you some tea. After taking some calming gulps of the now cold tea, you glare at Jeehyun, though you couldn't deny the truth of her accusation. She looks triumphant in the way she looks at you, the quirk of her eyebrows begging for you to tell her she's wrong.
She isn't.
"Yeah, I guess so," you shrug in agreement, the corners of your lips twitching into a smile.
Jeehyun giggles, clapping her hands in delight. "Okay, spill. I've been dying to know at this point. Do you like him?"
You can't answer her question immediately because your cheeks are set aflame by her straightforward question, mouth opening and closing a few times. Your eyes shift towards your noodles, shoveling more food into your mouth with your chopsticks instead. Jeehyun backs away slightly from the table, folding her arms in front of her chest, patiently waiting for your answer. The two of you are engaged in a mental battle, seeing who'll crack first. After another beat of silence where you focus only on your noodles, you finally sigh, throwing your chopsticks on the bowl in defeat.
"I do, Jee," you mumble after swallowing your food, scrunching your nose playfully when Jeehyun's face shines with excitement. "No, don't give me that. That's the problem. The contract ends when one of us falls in love. I can't risk telling him and losing the best dick I've ever had in my life," you scowl, bringing the tea to your lips again, unaware of the mischief glinting in your roommate's eyes.
"Tae and I would be down for a threesome if you really want dick that much," she says flippantly causing you to choke on the tea at her careless comment. Jeehyun roars with laughter when you sputter out liquid from your nose, trying to even out your wheezing breath.
"You are evil!" you cough, kicking Jeehyun underneath the table while you wipe your tears away with the sleeve of your sweater. "I guess I walked right into that one, huh?"
"Oh, like how I walked in on you and Jungkook on the co-"
You yelp, cutting her off entirely while putting a hand in front of her face. "You’re so fucking loud! Don't say another word or I swear our friendship is over!" you groan, slapping her hand playfully.
Jeehyun laughs, the sound of windchimes filling the air, causing a few patrons to stare. "Okay, I'm sorry, don't hate me," she stammers, trying to control her laughing hiccups.
"Only if I get to ask you a question about Taehyung!" you smirk, quirking up an eyebrow while drumming your fingers on the table as you lean in, picking up the habit of a certain someone. You stop instantly when you realise who it was you’ve been mimicking, choosing to fold your arms as you lean on the mahogany table instead.
Jeehyun shrugs, a big smile dancing on her lips upon hearing his name, unobservant to your change in stance. Your grin matches her devilish one before you speak, low enough for her to hear.
"Are you guys dating yet?"
Your best friend laughs quieter this time, head tipping back slightly and a hand covering her mouth as she shakes her head. "Not yet, but hopefully soon! I can't stop thinking about him and I know he can't stop thinking about me either, especially after the party at Hoseok's," she winks at you confidently, reminding you of one very fateful night involving too much alcohol.
Jeehyun starts to talk to you about her most recent date with Taehyung, glossing over some of the nitty gritty romantic details to give you a barebones explanation of her evening. "He got me flowers, babe, flowers. The whole gigantic-bouquet-red-roses type deal! Tae's such a gentleman. We sat on the park bench after dinner and talked for a long time about the future before he confessed. It was so perfect, but it's such a shame that the timing isn't right. I mentioned it to him and he's more than willing to wait until I'm ready… which led to a very confusing conversation. I mean, I am ready, it's just… I don't want it to be messy. At the end of the day, we're incredibly different people, you know? Navigating that will require a lot of communication from both our parts. Fucking is one thing, but throwing feelings into the mix could be a recipe for disaster."
Jeehyun takes a few deep breaths in, drinking more tea to calm herself down. Leaning closer to you, she props her head on her hand, a soft smile on her face as she continues. "I genuinely like him though, but I did ask him to wait until the end of the semester for my answer. Taehyung's happy to agree and he looks like such a child when he realised it wasn't the end of our physical relationship." Jeehyun takes another sip of her drink as she giggles, eyes straying to look around the restaurant, a wistful look appearing on her face. You know she’s thinking about the first time they met. Back then, you were about to get thrown out of Aunt Ji's for almost assaulting Jungkook. Who knew that your drunk ass would be the reason your best friend finds love?
Silence falls between the two of you as you finish your noodles, knowing that Jeehyun has more to say. As if right on cue, Jeehyun's eyes return to yours, a large smile appearing on her face. "Remember that cheesy rom-com movie we rented out last week? There's a line in there that basically talks about how her boyfriend "completes" her, but, like, I don't feel that way with Taehyung at all. I'm a whole-ass human being that doesn't need anyone else to "complete" me. If anything, I just feel like a cup overflowing with happiness because there's no way of containing it, which I think is a good thing?" Jeehyun giggles, shaking her head. "Does that even make sense?"
You nod in agreement as you smile at Jeehyun, feeling a sense of growth coming from the person in front of you. You're not sure what changed over the semester, but you can only assume that you have Taehyung to thank for her willingness to experience love.
Love, the word echoes again in your head. Your heart quickens as a flash of dark purple hair comes into view, whispering soft things about you as russet eyes stare into yours. His lips form the words you long to hear and the restaurant is now a thousand degrees warmer than before. Heat rises to your cheeks at the fantasy and you quickly snap your attention to Jeehyun, who's talking about Taehyung again and their newfound relationship.
As the night draws to a close, the two of you walk back in the shivering cold, laughing while swapping stories about your antics during the semester. You don't miss the way Jeehyun checks her phone every so often, eyes shining brightly when a text comes through and though you can’t see, you have a solid grasp on the identity of the sender. You wonder if that's what you look like too.
"Do you mind if Taehyung comes over?" Jeehyun asks as you put away your shoes, shivering as you hang your coats.
You poke at your roommate's arm, teasing her with a waggle of eyebrows. "No, but don't be too loud, okay? I have something going on tomorrow."
"With Jungkook?" Jeehyun teases back, nudging your arm.
"Shut up… and yes."
Jeehyun giggles and the two of you sit on the couch, teasing one another until the doorbell rings, signifying the arrival of one Kim Taehyung. Tall, dark, and handsome. The man waves shyly at you, grinning as he slides an arm around Jeehyun's waist, kissing her temples. You make a fake gagging noise as you turn around to go to bed.
"Don't be too loud!" you snicker, watching their faces instantly reddening at your warning. Jeehyun sticks her tongue out at you as she pushes Taehyung into her room, closing the door behind her rather loudly.
Closing the door after wishing Jeehyun 'good night,' you bristle at the cold emptiness of your mattress, wishing you could call Jungkook the way Jeehyun's able to call Taehyung. Shivering as you wait for the sheets to warm up, you lie underneath your blankets and imagine Jungkook holding you in his arms, the sound of his breathing lulling you to sleep. Your dreams that night are pleasant and though you don't recall it the next morning, the feeling of euphoria stays with you for the remainder of the day.
As of today, it's officially been close to two months since you've established the contract with one Jeon Jungkook; 7 weeks and 5 days exactly. Your plans that day consist of hammering out the presentation that the two of you are going to present in two weeks time to a class of all seniors - you and Jungkook being the only sophomores. Since you're the first to go, there's an uneasiness in your stomach when you think about the eyes that's going to be evaluating your project, pencil scribbling away on a feedback form while they analyze your findings. The research project and paper makes up a third of your grade, but more importantly, it's one of the few core classes that will help you graduate with your degree, so fucking up is out of the question.
Jungkook, sensing your ire, doesn't try to engage in conversation aside from the project, choosing to focus on his half of the presentation to give you some space. The usual cafe chatter seems to be winding down too, students starting to study for their mock finals that's just right around the corner. There's a nervous energy you can't stand floating around the shop and with every hushed whisper of exams, the pounding in your head grows, amplified even greater as you read research paper after research paper. The words start to swim after your sixth research paper, names of psychologists lifting off the page. With a loud groan, you put your forehead against the table, pulling your hoodie over your head to gain some semblance of solitude, trying to ignore the chatter from the cafe and shielding your eyes from the fluorescent lights. After some time, you hear the absence of typing and Jungkook knocks on the table quietly by your head.
"Do you wanna get out of here? We've been trying for four hours and it seems like we're getting nowhere."
You lift your hood away from your face at that moment, brows furrowing at the brown irises staring at you. Sighing, you rub the back of your neck before groaning at the stiff joints. "No, Koo, just give me a few minutes and I'll be okay again. Also, no, I don't want to have sex right now," you grumble, putting your head back down on the cold table.
"That's not - oh my god, you're so weird," he chuckles, a snort escaping his lips as he tries to settle his breathing. Jungkook nudges your hand with the back of his pen as he smiles at your growing frown. "Come on, you're clearly exhausted. Can I whisk you away even just for a little bit?"
You shrug, what's the harm in saying 'yes'? Jungkook's right, you're feeling stuck and frustrated, staring at the same slide and rewriting the same sentence has driven you mad. You fix your eyes on his dark brown ones before nodding, sighing heavily as you pack your belongings into your backpack. As the two of you leave, Namjoon's voice calls your name and you whirl around to find him beckoning you to the counter. Jungkook waves at Namjoon, to which the latter responds with a jerk of his chin and a bright smile.
"Two of my favourite customers!" he exclaims when you two get closer. "Try this for me?" Namjoon grins as he sets two identical glasses in front of you.
You and Jungkook share a quick glance before your eyes fall on the pink liquid. You've already tasted Namjoon's floral coffee, so without hesitating, you take a big sip, indulging yourself to the strange yet comforting taste. An instant sense of peace returns to your tired bones and you feel conflicted, thinking about Jimin's own drink he's been experimenting on - a dark purple thing that seems to shine as you mix the liquid together. Your two greatest friends are competing against each other in the coffee shop tournament in November, the winner will have their drink permanently added to the menu. And although you love Jimin with all your heart, you secretly hope Namjoon's creation gets chosen so you'll be able to drink it every single day. It feels like betrayal, but you like the calming taste of hibiscus better than the sharp tang of lemon.
Jungkook gauges your reaction before taking a hesitant sip of the coffee. In an instant, his face changes from confusion to delight, a lightbulb appearing comically on top of his head. "Oh, hyung, it tastes good!" Jungkook grins before downing the rest of the drink, licking his lips in pleasure.
You nod in agreement, scrunching your nose in delight when you hear Jungkook referring to Namjoon with respect. "Have you decided on a name?" you turn towards the pink-haired man, cocking your head to the side.
"Yeah, I'm toying with "Saudade" or "Mamihlapinatapai". The latter might be too long though," Namjoon grins sheepishly, running his fingers through his pink hair.
You try to catch Jungkook's eye one more time, but he's looking at Namjoon, nodding his head in agreement, tattooed hand coming to rub his chin in thought. "Okay, what do those words mean?" you finally ask while the two men start to talk.
"Mamihlapinatapai." It's Jungkook that answers and his hand seems to inch closer to where you're currently standing, not quite touching yours, but you feel the heat radiating from the back of his palm. "It's a word in Yaghan, right? Joon-hyung correct me if I'm wrong, but it means somewhere along the lines of 'a shared look between two people' and 'wishing the other one would initiate something', right?"
Weird. This isn't the "know-it-all" Jungkook voice you've come to know. You can't put your finger on it, trying to put into words why the lilting in his voice caught you off-guard.
Namjoon nods, a flicker of emotion dancing behind his eyes when he looks at Jungkook. "That's pretty much spot on. “'Saudade' is Portuguese. Jungkook, do you know what it is?"
"Longing," Jungkook whispers, voice thick with an emotion you can't name.
There it is again. That weird lilt in his voice, like somethings caught in his throat and he’s trying to push it down.
You don't dare turn your eyes towards him, afraid of the raw emotion that he's currently displaying. The question lies on the tip of your tongue, wondering if you should ask Jungkook what he's thinking about, but it seems too personal to ask; too intimate of a subject to discuss with you, especially in the middle of a coffee shop. Pressing your nails against your palms, you don't say a word, saving it for your adventure perhaps.
"Well, yeah, but it's more, like, a longing for something you may never experience again," Namjoon interjects, his voice cutting into your thoughts. "There's also "Intenso," which means "intense." It completely contradicts the drink itself, but it's mysterious, right? If I add food colouring to make it darker then maybe that'll boost the sales!"
Namjoon's exclamation is met with cold silence and though you don't know what Jungkook's doing, you offer the barista a weak smile and a thumbs up. However, you don't miss the way Namjoon's gaze keeps darting back and forth between the two of you, eyes lingering on your figure for a second longer as he quirks up an eyebrow in a silent question. You shrug, looking away. Namjoon sighs, shaking his head as he brings a hand to rub the back of his neck.
"Okay, I know when it's my cue to leave, so I'm going to pretend I have something to do at the back. I'll see the two of you later!" Namjoon whistles before making a break for it, disappearing behind the door labelled Staff Only.
The two of you stand planted in front of the counter before you hear the jingling of the front door, signaling the arrival of some new customers. You poke Jungkook's arm, trying to break him free of his thoughts. "Ready to go?" Your voice sounds strained, too high pitched for the simple question. Staring straight at the two empty glasses on the counter, you don't turn towards Jungkook as you lead the way out the door.
The two of you walk out of the coffee shop with your own thoughts and you let him walk ahead of you some ways on the sidewalk, watching his slumped figure trudge towards the parking lot. You try to make sense of what you said inside that has caused the shift in mood, but your mind is plagued by Jungkook's voice.
Jungkook drives silently for a while, the radio crackling with songs, but with such low signal, you can barely make out the lyrics. After the seventh song plays that sounds like someone’s died, you've finally had enough, your fingers reaching for the know to turn the volume down. The sudden silence that exists in the car is curbed by the sound of distant traffic and the engine, but it's still palpable. Chewing on your bottom lip, you wonder if shutting off the music was a wise choice. The question still weighs heavy on your tongue, so you sigh, eyeing the brooding man next to you. Jungkook's sharp jaw is set, grimacing as he gnaws through his bottom lip, fingers drumming irritably at the steering wheel. You decide it would be best to not ask.
"Okay," you say softly, shuffling in the passenger seat until you’re unable to hold the silence any longer. "Koo, I know there's a lot in your mind right now, and you don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to, but can I at least know where we're going?"
This seems to bring him back to reality and he spares a glance towards you before returning his gaze on the road. Jungkook rolls his neck, cracking the joints and you wince as you hear the crack and pop. His lips quirk up into a smile at your discomfort, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.
"It's a surprise and it's going to be a long drive, so if you're tired, go rest. I know we barely got any sleep last night," his insinuation brings forth laughter from both parties as the tension eases to a complete halt.
"That's your fault!" you counter, slapping his arm gently. "You just had to be horny at 3am and god forbid you take care of it yourself."
"Okay, but you happen to be awake! I even texted you out of courtesy, just in case you were already asleep," Jungkook slaps the steering wheel while laughing. "Why would I take care of myself when I have you to help me? Also, might I remind you that you agreed?"
You punch his arm gently, shaking your head in embarrassment as you giggle. Jungkook fake gasps, eyes widening at the minor hurt you've caused, ever the drama queen. Whatever has been plaguing his mind seems to retreat itself to the depths of his brain and he starts laughing quietly at the conversation, seeming lighter than when you left the coffee shop. You turn the radio back on, appointing yourself as a DJ and switching channels when it starts to crackle. You take turns singing poorly and loudly in the small space, laughing at each other's cracking voices.
Never losing focus even as tears start to prick his eyes from the boisterous laughter, Jungkook seems to know where he's going, twisting through roads and intersections while the two of you joke around. He makes a turn into the highway, zooming up on the bridge on top of the river by your campus. You squeal as he speeds up, hands grabbing at the dashboard while your stomach flips a few times, closing your eyes tightly at the sudden roller coaster. Finally, he slows down, calling your name to get you to look out the window. Opening your eyes gingerly, colours burst through your eyes as you catch the glimpse of the fading sun kissing the horizon. The sky is tinged with orange and pink, gold rays painting the inside of Jungkook’s car, turning the space into a kaleidoscope of rainbows.
"Whoa," you gasp in wonder, face smushed on the window as you stare at the dancing colours.
"If you think this is pretty, you haven't seen anything yet!" Jungkook hollers, rolling the windows down to feel the rapid kisses of wind raking through your hair. His spare hand blasts the music to a deafening volume as he laughs with glee.
Your own laughter mingles with his, resuming the poor singing competition the two of you had moments before. And maybe it's the music or the sun gracing you with the most beautiful sight, but there's a bubbling dizziness of being drunk only in the atmosphere that causes you to be a bit braver. Grinning your way towards the mess of purple locks, your heart melts as you see Jungkook smiling just as wide, dimples on full display, hands slapping the steering wheel as he sings.
"HEY!" you poke Jungkook on his shoulder as you try to call him over the chaotic sound of wind, music, and traffic, unsure if he can hear you.
"What?" he calls back, glancing at you for a second before he turns down the radio.
"I like - I -" you struggle with your words, trying to figure out if this was the right timing Jeehyun mentioned. It's now or never. The sun seems to be blessing your decision, but there's a tug in your heart as you remember the contract, his words from months ago still fresh on the forefront of your brain.
"The contract is null as soon as someone falls in love with the other"
Heart hammering against your chest, you manage to hold yourself in check, taking care not to say exactly what you had in mind. "I like hanging out with you!" you finish instead, smiling brightly despite your almost confession.
Jungkook looks shocked, mouth hanging open as he ingests your words. His smile returns and he laughs loudly, whooping and cheering, turning the volume of the radio high up again. His foot slams on the gas pedal as you shriek in surprise, the small car lurching forward as it gains an incredible amount of speed. He shouts your name with gusto, turning in your direction for a second with the biggest grin on his face. "I like hanging out with you too!"
A giggle bursts from your chest as you gaze at Jungkook, the setting sun turning his skin into a beautiful golden bronze. His dark brown eyes hold sparks in them, a burning glee that sets your soul on fire. When the sun disappears, its rays waving you along your journey, he rolls the windows back up and eases on the gas pedal, twin smiles and wild hair forming on both your faces. Aside from the residual giggle, the quiet returns to the car, though it's less choking and more comfortable this time. You make your way to mess with the radio again, assuming your position as the car DJ.
"How do you feel about seventies music?" you ask, sticking your tongue on the inside of your cheek as you adjust the many dials.
Jungkook hums distractedly, a small shrug on his shoulders. "Turn on the 'Oldies' channel if you can find it. It's one of my favourites."
Just as you've found a perfect volume to strike up another conversation, Jungkook's trembling hand comes to envelope yours suddenly, pulling it away from the knobs to rest your connected palms on the center console. He doesn't glance at you, eyes staring hard on the road. There's a slight pink tinge on his cheeks and you chalk it up to the sun; it's surely sunburn on his cheeks and nothing else.
So, to avoid any uncertainties and to ease the pounding of your heart, you try to untangle your palm from his, only for Jungkook to intertwine his digits in the space between your fingers firmly, squeezing once to indicate his unwillingness to let go. "Koo?" you whisper, relishing at the pleasant throb in your brain as the blood rushes in your ears, head swimming with thoughts of Jungkook and the warmth of his hands in yours. What could it all mean?
Jungkook's voice cracks when he says your name, so he clears his throat and tries again. "If it's okay with you, can we stay like this for a while? Please?" He squeezes your hand lightly when he finishes his sentence, the pressure sending your mind reeling.
"Y-Yeah, of course! It's all good - I'm not uncomfortable or anything," you ramble, trying to get your point across. You are only too acutely aware that you can feel the racing of his own heartbeat through your connected palms. Should you say something? Is your hand sweaty? Fuck. What's going on?
Your mind quiets down for a second when a familiar melody fleets through the car. The soft music playing from the radio is a slowed remix of an old sixties song and you listen intently before recognising Paul Allen's tenor voice pitched lower to accompany the beat.
…maybe you and I will fall in love.
Jungkook calls your name softly and starts to say something after the song ends. But he hesitates and despite your best efforts to cajole him, he remains tightlipped until he finally changes the subject. The two of you talk about nonsense: friendships and school prior to meeting each other again. Selfishly, you don't want this moment to end, wanting to drive forever to the ends of the earth just to have his fingers intertwined permanently in yours.
The end date for your arranged proposition is nearing; the project drawing to a close within two weeks. The lump in your throat catches you off guard as you feel the quiet streaks of tears on your cheek. Turning away from the driver, you look out the window to rest your head on the glass, feeling the waves of sadness and euphoria all rolled into one. It’ll take mere seconds to stop holding on to his hand, but how long will it take for you to let go of the memories?
The quiet music and Jungkook’s humming starts to weigh on your eyelids, feeling the pull of rest. "How much longer?" you yawn as you settle into the passenger seat, the drive lulling you to sleep. You had just texted Jeehyun that you won't be home tonight and your roommate gave you a thumbs up in response, reminding you to be safe.
"About an hour or so. Go rest, I'm here," Jungkook murmurs softly, squeezing your hand once.
Your sarcastic comment dies on your lips before your eyes close, the feeling of complete safety and a sense of home washing over you as you dream of a fantasy that won't come true.
"Mamihlapinatapai," you hear Jungkook's voice whispering from all around you. " means somewhere along the lines of 'a shared look between two people' and 'wishing the other one would initiate something', right?"
You wake with a start, feeling the cold brush against your empty palm, only to find darkness all around you. There's heavy fabric keeping you somewhat warm and you realise, based on the scent of pine and amber, that it's Jungkook's favourite jacket. Whirling around to find the driver’s seat empty, you feel a deep sense of panic clutching at your heart, the night feeling like it's closing you in. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and you find yourself in some type of forest, trees growing so tall they seem to touch the sky. Slowly stilling your pounding heart, you finally find Jungkook lying down on the hood of his car, unaware of your current state of consciousness. He's only wearing his cream coloured sweater, fingers dancing on his phone as he scrolls through social media feeds and occasionally taking pictures of his surroundings, though you aren’t sure what he’d be capturing with the non-existent light. The clock on the dashboard shows that it's well past dinner time and though your stomach grumbles over the lack of nutrients, the thought of food is unappetizing at the moment.
You wrap the jacket around your freezing frame, zipping it all the way up to your chin before you exit the car, teeth chattering as you carefully make your way towards him. You already feel small when you wear his shirt in the numerous times you've slept over, but his jacket is a whole other beast. Your arms don't even reach the ends of the sleeves and you feel like a baby penguin, waddling around to try to make sense of its surroundings.
Jungkook sits up from his position to laugh at your drowned figure in his large jacket, hands clapping in front of him like a seal as he watches you dawdle closer. You puff your cheeks in irritation, sticking out your tongue, only for Jungkook to wheeze louder. "Sorry, you just look so cute," he grins, holding up both his hands while flashing those dimples at you.
"Ha. Ha. Very funny," you sulk, though your cheeks warm at the compliment. "Anyway, where are we?"
"Lime's Way Forest," he said matter-of-factly, removing himself from the hood of his car. "Actually, we're not even there yet. Are you good to walk for a little bit?"
You shrug before realising the action has no effect over the heavy material bunching on your shoulders. You choose to nod instead. "Lead the way!"
"Hold my hand, the ground is a little unsteady," Jungkook stretches his palm towards you and he falters, realising the obstruction of sleeves. Chuckling quietly, he helps you roll the sleeves of his jacket so your hands can peek through before threading his fingers in yours like he did in the car. You try to calm your thundering heartbeat, breath coming out in wisps of smoke as you walk silently by his side, all too aware at the trembling of your own fingers. It's Jungkook that breaks through the silence, nudging you to the side. "And before you ask, no. I'm not here to kidnap you and sell your organs on the black market."
"How'd you know I was about to ask you that?" you widen your eyes with a grin, winking at him when your eyes meet.
"Oh, come on. We've been fucking for a month," he laughs, rolling his eyes. "That's a lot of time to spend with someone. I know a bit too much about you now."
Jungkook teases you while you walk and you're not afraid to tease him back, dishing out what he gives you. It seems unfair to laugh loudly in the tranquil forest, so you keep stifling your giggles, putting your spare hand in front of your mouth. There's just enough light from the moon to see two steps in front of you, but you skid against the uneven ground anyway, screeching as you try to find purchase on something steady. Jungkook yelps before his arm shoots out to wrap itself around your waist, steadying you before you fall.
You're breathing heavy, the combination of the adrenaline rush and your heart beating fast causing your vision to swim. Jungkook helps you down on the forest floor gently, squatting next to you and smoothing your hair to help calm your nerves.
You take a few deep breaths before shakily standing up again, a small embarrassed smile on your lips. "I'm okay, thanks for helping me."
"Yeah! No worries," Jungkook smiles shyly, slinging his arm around your waist to press you tightly against his side. You pray that he doesn't hear the clamoring of your heart. "Sorry, this must be uncomfortable, but it'll be easier for me to help you in case you slip next time."
You nod, casting your eyes down at your feet, glaring at every stick and stone that obstructs your path. Jungkook fills your ears with conversation, trying to distract you from focusing too much on the slippery ground beneath. After some time, your legs no longer shake as you walk. Regaining your sense of balance, you feel comfortable enough to laugh along with him and talking about your classes in freshman year.
"Speaking of - what's your major, Koo? I don't think you've mentioned it."
"I'm undecided. I just want to take as many classes as I can before choosing one. I mean, I've always had an interest in people and how they work, so when this class opened up, I begged Professor Na to let me take it since it looks like a challenge. Who knew I ended up being partnered with the only girl in the world that hates my guts for the final project?" he laughs dryly, nudging your arm teasingly.
You stop walking, tugging his arm backwards to make him face you. There's that pull again; the sense of urgency to tell him how much he means to you; how the past weeks have been the happiest moments of your life; how every waking moment you spend with him is an adventure you're dying to embark upon and... how much you've fallen so deeply in love with him. You swallow the tears at bay when the realisation hits you. That night with Jeehyun when you told her you liked him wasn’t the whole truth after all.
It’s too late for you now. You’re hopelessly in love.
You start to say something, trying to piece together your fractured mind. But when Jungkook whispers your name in worry, the words catch at your throat again, your mind booing you at your cowardice.
"I don't hate you," you mumble instead, gazing deep into his eyes, trying desperately to convey the affection you feel towards the tattooed man.
Jungkook gulps, dark brown eyes searching your face for a moment, a soft 'Oh' escaping from his lips before he tugs you closer, resuming your walk deeper into the forest. Maybe it's the cold, but his hands tremble slightly as you squeeze him reassuringly.
The quiet of the situation isn't one of awkwardness, but a calm ocean of two people feeling so comfortable with each other that there isn't a need for words, allowing one another to be lost in their own thoughts. Jungkook squeezes your waist once, humming the one Paul Allen song that’s been stuck in his head. You want to say something more – to explain what you meant, but the words die on your throat when he stops walking all of a sudden to spin you around. You yelp at the sudden movement, causing Jungkook to snicker. At least this time you didn’t slip on the mushy ground. There's a flicker of softness in his features as he regards you, Jungkook's hands resting on your shoulders as he dips his face low so he's eye level. "Do me a favour and close your eyes for me? I promise I won't lead you astray."
You scowl, pushing him gently. "This is slowly turning into 'kidnap' territory, weirdo."
Jungkook laughs, tipping his head back. "Okay, I get it, but trust me on this?"
Sighing, you grab at his arm tightly when you close your eyes, letting him guide you deeper into the forest.
"No peeking!" he sings playfully.
You’re not sure how much time passes as the two of you walk for a little while longer, Jungkook humming next to you to keep the scariness at bay. There’s a woosh of air and the sound of water lapping against the shore, but before you can ask where you are, he leaves your grasp.
“Jungkook!” you screech in panic, hands swatting at the empty air, trying to find the built muscles of his arms.
"I’m right here, don’t worry. Sorry, I should’ve told you that I was moving,” Jungkook whispers apologetically behind you, cold hands on your eyes as he kisses the shell of your ear. “It's not much, but I do hope you like it, you can open your eyes now."
Jungkook removes his hands from your face and you blink a few times, letting your eyes adjust to the night. A gasp leaves your lips as you take in your surroundings, hands flying in front of your mouth at the gorgeous scenery. High above your heads, the moon winks at you playfully as the stars laugh, dancing merrily in the night sky. The still lake in front of you is a dark mirror reflecting the galactic scene above and the soft rustling of trees around you brings a soft thrum of wanderlust in your veins. You close your eyes, listening to the wind as it whispers secrets, welcoming you to the wondrous space.
"Jungkook, this is beautiful. How…?" You're at a loss for words, spinning around the clearing to take in the serene surroundings, giggling wildly as you spread your arms wide, drinking it all in.
"It's all by accident," he shrugs, taking large lungful of the crisp air. "I had a fight with my freshman roommate and needed to get away. I found this place on Google and started driving. I had actually gotten lost and I know you couldn’t see since it’s so dark, but I actually marked the trees so I can come back to this little clearing whenever I need to," he explains with a proud grin as he watches your figure carefully in case you slip on the uneven ground, ready to catch you at a moment's notice.
Jungkook takes a step towards you, catching your arm to stop your spinning form. He rests his hand on your cheek, stroking it delicately with his thumb, swaying your bodies slightly as he dips his face lower. "I've never brought anyone else here. It's been my secret for the longest time.” There’s a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he takes a shuddering breath, a sliver of white fog leaving his lips from the cold.
When he murmurs your name, his gaze burns into yours like a thousand splendid suns. "Do you like it?" he whispers after a heartbeat, eyes darting between your features to watch every millisecond of your reaction.
Your hands come to envelope his cold fingers on your face, closing your eyes momentarily to lean into his touch. You hum in approval, breathing in the familiar scent of him and the surroundings. "I do, I love it."
Jungkook clears his throat before he speaks again, his spare hand looping around your waist. “Can you do me-?”
“Yes, Jungkook, it will be my pleasure to do you,” you snicker, poking at his stomach teasingly. His muscles involuntarily harden at the touch causing your finger to bounce off his abs, and you sigh in delight as you splay your hands fully, running it up and down the hard muscles. Imagining a half-naked Jungkook feels wrong in the quiet of the forest, but you can’t help it, you’ve got needs.
"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm sleeping with you," he groans playfully as he rolls his eyes, removing his hand from your cheek to fluff his hair.
"Okay, okay, what is it, Koo?" you giggle as you drop your hand to the side, keeping the sinful thoughts at bay… for now.
"As I was saying, can you do me one last favour? Close your eyes for me."
"Okaaaaay?" you quip, but you listen to him anyway, screwing your eyes shut and sniffling slightly at the cold.
Jungkook takes a shaky breath and your heart speeds up, hands bunching at the hem of his jacket to keep them from shaking with anticipation. His cold hands soothe the burning of your cheeks, causing you to flinch backwards at the sudden contact. Jungkook whispers apologies, taking in large mouthfuls of air. His hands tremble slightly when they return to your cheeks and you feel his breath tickling your nose as he leans forward. The world halts and the sound of the wind dies down, the universe allowing you to feel every inch of sensation from your fingertips to your curling toes. There's a rush when the agony of waiting dissipates, Jungkook's lips finding yours, devouring you whole. Your name is a prayer to the heavens, Jungkook whispering it into the night once - twice - and your body finally reacts, reaching over to tangle yourself with his limbs, mouth clashing hungrily against each other.
When the hunger slows, Jungkook rests his forehead against yours again, closing his eyes to take in the moment, placing the occasional pecks on your lips as you both sway. Both his hands travel south to hold your, pulling your body flush against him. He extracts himself away from you, holding his arms out so you can twirl. When you return to his embrace, your hand resting on his chest while the other is captured in his, you hear that he's singing quietly, the words from the song in the radio you heard on the way over, tumbling from his lips.
"...just a kiss goodnight, maybe, you and I will fall in love," he croons, his velvet voice caressing your ears, causing your heart to pound loudly against your chest. Jungkook places his forehead against yours again, staring deep into your soul, dark eyes shining with emotions you know too well.
You've seen that look before because it's the same one you wear when you look at him. Could it be? Does Jungkook have feelings for you after all?
Keeping your fantasies at bay, you drink it all in. The steady pounding of your heart and the twinkle of stars in his eyes. The tranquil scene of dancing underneath the moonlight with a secret shared just between the two of you.
Jungkook stops singing, but he continues to hum other songs you don't recognise, twirling you around and swaying to the music crafted from his lips. Your eyes don't leave his features once, never straying from the face of a man that has caused you so much anguish in the past, but now someone you know you can't live without. The nagging in your brain is louder now - incessant - trying to force the words out that exist on the very tip of your tongue. There's a rational part of you that holds up the contract you've established with Jungkook and you know you'd rather have him this way than none at all, so you bite your cheek until it hurts, forcing yourself to smile brightly and to pretend that you're not dying inside as the feelings threaten to escape.
"Okay, that's all the surprise I have planned for you tonight," Jungkook laughs quietly after he finishes singing a song, removing his forehead from yours though his arm remains intact on your waist, tugging you towards the direction of his car. "Your nose is turning super red, Rudolph. Should we head home?"
"Jungkook, I -" you start to speak though the words catch in your throat. What's the proper thing to say at a moment such as this? Should you let the chance slip you by, rendering you speechless and flustered every time you see him afterwards, waiting - wishing - for another instance that's just as special as this one?
"Mamihlapinatapai," Jungkook's voice reminds you.
Frustration claws at your heart, tears pricking the corner of your eyes as you wrestle with your thoughts for the nth time that night. You’re confused and afraid, unsure of the proper course you’re meant to take when it comes to your relationship with him. Jungkook, sensing your distress, drops the smile that he’s wearing to search your features and you see the way he goes through his memories to try and pinpoint the moment he's upset you. Your heart wrenches at the sight, wanting to convince Jungkook that it isn’t his fault, but that will require you to spill the contents of your heart – and you aren’t sure if you’re ready for him to hold the entire thing in his hands. Even though you know he’s had it this entire time.
He whispers your name, the last syllable caught in a lilting, almost panicky voice. "Hey, what's wrong?"
Jungkook's eyes dart from your face to your body, moving your arms up and down to see if you're hurt physically. That familiar pang in your chest leaves you breathless and you step back from his vicinity. There’s a wild look in his eyes, brows furiously knotted together to try and decipher your actions.
"No, it's nothing! I'm just getting super tired and I'm worried that we'll be stranded here if you're getting sleepy," you ramble running your hands over your face to wipe the stray tears away, plastering a smile on your face in hopes he doesn't ask the real reason for your anguish.
He doesn't, though you see the tensing of his jaw as his tongue pokes at the side of his cheek, mulling over the pros and cons of pressing you. You whisper an apology to the heavens, and you wait patiently, turning your back towards the beautiful lake. Jungkook finally nods and takes your hand again, refusing to let go as you make your trek back to his car. You try to ignore the scent of his cologne wafting through the jacket you're still wearing, but when you exit the clearing, Jungkook leaving you for a bit to warm the engine of his car, you bury your face inside the fabric and take the longest breath in, trying to remember his scent before it eventually disappears.
"Okay, good night, I'll be on the couch if you need me," Jungkook yawns, closing the bedroom door behind him.
Darkness envelops your figure as you fidget underneath his blanket, his scent sending you into overdrive. The sleepovers have been a weekly occurrence now, sometimes Jungkook's too tired to move to the couch, so he turns his back to you to get as close to the wall as possible, but for the most part he tucks you under mountains of blankets before moving to the living room, obeying “no cuddling” clause in your contract. You can usually hear his snores and soft breathing if you press your ears against the plywood, but you don't do that tonight, mind churning out thoughts and possibilities about how the night would end if you just told him.
Your body feels feverish from the chill in the air and you have yet to feel the warmth returning to the tips of your fingers from your adventure outside. Diving deeper into the covers, you think about the kiss you shared with Jungkook in the clearing, replaying the scene in your mind like a movie. The needy part of your brain congratulates you sarcastically at your cowardice, unable to admit your own damn feelings towards the man sleeping in the other room. Frustrated, you throw the blankets away from you with a huff, abandoning sleep to pad quietly towards his bedroom window, seeking guidance from the moon. The luminescent orb in the sky sends no reply. Unhelpful piece of rock, you scowl.
You strain your ears against the bedroom door for a tell-tale sign Jungkook's still awake and when you hear absolute silence, you sneak into his wardrobe to steal his shirt, pulling the one you're wearing off your body. Does it count as stealing when you return it the next day? You digress, moving back towards the bed to breathe in his scent.
As you sit on his bed, back leaning against the wall, you try to remember the warmth of Jungkook's body on yours and your mind flits through the many instances of your adventures with him. There's the dressing room, the classroom, and the drunken night at Hoseok's party, all urges and desires that cloud your mind with pleasure. Tonight has been different and you're unsure if the changes are just from the romantic atmosphere… or if there's something else. You know your own feelings for the dark-haired man, but can you say for certain that he shares them with you? Truth be told, you’re scared. Scared of this beautiful relationship ending, even if the only tie between the two of you exist in physical intimacy. The frustration you feel brings an uncomfortable stab in your heart and since you're nowhere close to falling asleep, you figure you can distract yourself to round out the beautiful night.
With fingers bunching on the hem of the soft fabric you're wearing, a quiet sinful moan escapes your lips as you pretend it's Jungkook's large, warm hands tugging at your nipples underneath his shirt, imagining hot, open-mouthed kisses leaving marks on your neck, your shoulders, your body. You breathe his name into the air, trying to control your gasps so no sound can be heard from the room next door. Trailing your fingers lower, you aren't surprised to find your panties ruined, immediately discarding them away from your dripping cunt. Some of your whines are getting louder and you bite the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from raising your voice. You're getting close, so close to the precipice as you rub your clit harshly, trying to emulate Jungkook's touches that drive you wild. Your fingers aren’t as thick as his and they’re starting to cramp, but you persist, inserting three fingers to curl into your g-spot. Fuck, right there! Jungkook - your brain fuels your imagination, an image of dark purple locks drinking your arousal and tattooed fingers curling in your cunt, as you shudder, pushing your body harder until you feel the licking waves of pleasure coiling around your stomach.
"Well, isn’t this quite the sight?" the darkness speaks to you just as you’re about to succumb to your pleasure. Panting hard and heart pounding against your ribcage, you yelp at the sudden presence in the room, fingers leaving your dripping core to drag a blanket over your naked lower half. Your head snaps towards the bedroom door to find a half-naked Jungkook smirking at your helpless state. "If you wanted to fuck, you could've just woken me up. I mean, I'm right outside. Plus, I can definitely get you to cum much harder than your fingers."
You groan inwardly to beg the moon to crash into earth and bring forth destruction, so you don't have to face Jungkook in your precarious situation. The piece of rock floating in space did not respond and you threw a glare at the window, mentally flipping it off.
The blanket is ripped away from your body as Jungkook chuckles, throwing it over his shoulders. He comes up to the bed, climbing to kneel in between your spread legs, hands on either side of your head to trap you against the wall. With nowhere to go, you can see the glint in his eyes, a mischievous spark igniting behind those brown irises. "Now, what exactly are you doing in my bed with my shirt, hmm?" Jungkook asks rhetorically, face tilting to the side as he's inches away from your own.
You try to push his shirt lower to cover up the evidence, but his hands are faster, grabbing your wrist while making disapproving tsking sounds, placing the offending hand on the wall next to your face. A gasp leaves your lips, though it doesn't hurt, just a warning for what's to come if you continue to disobey. "Answer the question," he commands, the fire in his eyes turning from mischief to desire.
Jungkook leans closer, barely brushing his lips against yours. When you try to chase the fleeting touch, he chuckles and moves away, his spare hand cups your heat, fingers teasing at the entrance before a sharp smack rips a whine from you. He rubs his fingers rub your clit to ease the ache. "Keep this up and you won't get anything tonight. Use that pretty voice of yours, yeah?"
Bottom lip tucked between your teeth, you suck in a deep breath, half-lidded eyes roaming Jungkook's chest. "I was thinking of you," you whisper into the quiet as you try to escape his grasp even though you know it's futile. "I thought you were asleep and I didn't want to bother you since you drove for so long tonight. Also, unlike you, I can take care of myself just fine, thank you."
There's a heartbeat of a silence accompanying your laboured breathing and pounding heart. Even in the dim light, you can see the corners of his lips twitching upwards at your taunt. His grip on your chin tightens, causing your eyes to snap to his brown ones. There's a lazy lopsided smirk on his face, only one half of his dimple forming on his cheeks.
"I suppose if you can take care of yourself, I'll leave you alone." Jungkook's weight disappears from the bed. You can see his silhouette walking languidly towards the door as his hands are stuffed in his pockets. You make a frustrated, strangled noise, calling his name through gritted teeth.
"Jungkook, wait. Don't go."
"That's more like it." You hear the smirk behind his words, and you feel a shiver run down your spine. "Tell me exactly what you want, and I'll make it come true."
Jungkook's voice is barely a whisper, a sultry teasing causing your cunt to flutter around nothing. He holds your stare, waiting patiently for you to speak. In the darkness, his face remains impassive as the shadows cover most of it, but those eyes – the brown orbs seem to come alive right in front of you.
"Kiss me," you gasp breathlessly.
He’s impassive, on the edge of the bed with his arms folded in front of his chest. There’s a knowing quirk on his eyebrows, head tilting slightly as though he’s waiting for something. You gulp, feeling incredibly small against his broad frame. You know exactly what he’s waiting for and against better judgement, you crawl slowly towards him, leaving your dignity behind.
“... please.”
Satisfied, his weight returning to the bed as he uses both his hands to cup your face, tongue darting to lick your lips. His kisses always start out slow, a buildup of tension for what's to come. You moan when he parts your lips, guiding your tongue to dance with his. Your own hands claw at his chest, wanting to remedy the distance that's formed between your bodies, but he makes no move to close the gap, letting your sharp nails leave red traces on his skin, growling into the kiss at the dull pain.
"Come closer," you whine, grabbing him by the shoulders to crash your mouth into his lips again.
Chuckling, he finally envelopes you in an embrace, kissing your neck and jaw before moving back to your lips, shivering when he hears you gasp underneath him. When he parts, Jungkook's breathing hard, pink mouth glistening with the combination of your spit, eyes alight with lust eyeing your fucked out face. "Anything else? Or did you just want a good night kiss?"
"God, you just love the sound of your own voice. Get serious and fuck me already," you groan, hitting him playfully on his chest.
"Gladly," he snickers before fishing out a condom from the nightstand and shedding his pajama pants in one fluid motion.
Just as he's about to rip the condom, your hands palm his erection, marveling at the veins running on the side. Jungkook shudders, dropping the foil on the bed and you take the opportunity to wrap your lips around the weeping head, tongue licking the salty precum.
"Fuck, wait- are you sure?" comes Jungkook's raspy response, his fingers already tangling in your hair, breathing ragged as he tries to keep himself from filling your throat in one go.
You moan in answer, taking him deeper. Jungkook mutters more expletives under his breath, shifting slightly to kneel on the bed. The view from below is marvelous; Jungkook's eyes fluttering shut as he moans your name. His hands dig painfully in your scalp and you take it as a sign to continue, inch by satisfying inch sliding past the roof of your mouth as you struggle to take him all the way to the base. When he reaches the back of your throat, you breathe through your nose and swallow, earning a loud cry of your name from Jungkook.
“Shit – how is your mouth this tight? Fuck – you just love worshiping my cock, don’t you? Can you take it in deeper? Of course, you can, you’re so good to me – so fucking good.”
You moan around his length at the crude words, the vibration causing Jungkook to snap his hips inside you. Willing your throat to relax, you start to move, bobbing your head to a slow rhythm. Jungkook hisses as his pleasure builds, small spasms wrecking through his body as he tries to keep still for you. Tears are starting to prick in the corners of your eyes as you gag around his cock, feeling so fucking full, but you don’t stop, trying to push him in deeper – to please him the way he’s pleased you so often in the past.
Fingers squeezing on his thick thighs, you bob your head faster, relaxing your throat muscles to accommodate his length. "Fuck, no I'm going to cum - ah, shit -" Jungkook moans, thrusting into your mouth. He pulls out at the last second, groaning loudly as you leave his cock with a satisfying pop, gasping in mouthfuls of air. Jungkook crashes his lips against yours, bringing your body closer as his hands search the bed for the condom.
"God, you're marvelous," he exhales, bringing the foil to his lips.
"Koo," you say hesitantly, halting his movements to look at you. "Um, we're - I mean, you're not seeing anyone else, right?" Your eyes shift between his brown irises towards the foiled packet, swallowing your thunderous heartbeat, trying to hold on to your last shred of courage.
Jungkook drops the foil on the bed again, moving to cup your face gently in his hands. "Of course not. I'm not seeing anyone else. Are you?"
"No! I'm not seeing anyone else either. Sorry, I'm just insecure, is all," you smile weakly, wiping your sweaty palms on the sheets.
"Never thought I'd hear an apology from your lips," he chuckles teasingly. "There's no need to apologise, though. It’s perfectly normal to feel insecure."
He fishes for the condom amongst his sheets for the third time that night and you know that it's now or never. Your knuckles are white from bunching his shirt tightly and with scraps of bravery, you take the condom from Jungkook to throw it across the bedroom, the foil landing soundlessly on the carpet. He groans in protest, puzzled by your actions.
“What the fuck was tha-” he starts to say, but you quickly cut him off, a finger on his lips to stop him from talking.
"Canwefuckrawtonight-?" The words spill from your lips with your heart pounding dangerously loud against your ears.
"Wait- what?" Jungkook balks, blinking rapidly to try to make sense of your jumble of words. "Say it slowly."
"You said you'll make my wishes come true tonight," you speak slower, unable to disguise the desire trembling your vocal chords. "I want to, you know, try it out without the condom. I'm on the pill and recently got tested, I'm all clean. And I know I probably made things very awkward by talking about this literally moments before you fuck me silly, but… I don't know, it's both our calls, so, yeah… umm."
Very convincing and mature, you chastise yourself sarcastically, kicking your brain into the trash.
"Are you sure?" he breathes, hands pulling your face close to his. "I don't want you to regret this and this is a big ask. I've never, umm, done it raw before. But, I’m also clean, I swear."
"First time for everything," you grin sheepishly, throwing his words from months ago back at him. "Again, we can stop at any time if it makes you uncomfortable. Just because you said you'll make my wishes come true, doesn't mean you should."
Jungkook groans your name suddenly, causing you to flinch, before he shifts on the bed to rest his back on the headboard. "You'll be the death of me, I swear."
He pulls you on his lap, discarding the shirt you're wearing on the floor, baring your naked body before him. Jungkook cards his hands in your hair, whispering your name as his lips mark your jaw, your neck, your body. You’re not coming out of this room clean, already feeling him lick at the small hickeys he’s left, scattered on your skin like stars. The grip around your waist tightens, the kisses growing messier as he nips at your lips, growling when your tongues meet again.
"Fuck," he moans, grinding his cock against your cunt, causing a moan of his name to drop from your lips. "So wet for me. Are you sure this is okay?"
You nod fervently before you find your voice. "Yes, it's okay. I'm okay."
Your eyes close involuntarily as he lines himself against your entrance, moaning at the shivers running down your spine.
"Look at me as I fill you up… please," Jungkook pants, tipping your chin to meet his eyes.
Whining, you do as you're told, focusing your gaze on his brown irises, trying to keep them steady as he sheaths himself fully inside you, a unified moan escaping from both your lips. Jungkook's shivering against your touch and you can't say you're faring any better.
"Fuck, Koo, did your dick get bigger somehow?" you tremble, forcing a weak smile as you shift your hips to adjust to the monster nestled between your legs.
Jungkook moans wantonly when you start rocking slowly back and forth, hands gripping tightly on your hips. "You feel so fucking good and warm and - fuck - I don't think I can last long."
"That's okay, I can always help you get back up," you chuckle with a roll of your hips, relishing the sounds Jungkook's making underneath you.
He grins playfully, the moon outside causing a faint glow around his features as he matches your thrusts, eyes never straying from your face. His hand snakes to the front, rubbing your clit with his thumb as he fucks you faster, pushing you slightly to feel his entire length inside you. His name comes out in broken whimpers as you let him fuck you, filling you to the brim as the high continues to rise, the familiar knot returning to your stomach quickly since you weren't able to cum because he rudely interrupted your alone time.
“Fuck - your pussy is so tight,” he hisses with gritted teeth. “What do you think of when you touch yourself, hmm? What am I doing in your fantasies?”
You slam your hips to match his thrust, head and pussy both so full of Jungkook that it takes you a while to register the question. “I - shit, ah, Koo! I think of your f-fingers, fucking me with your hands and – ah, fuck – thinking about your lips making me cum,” you pant, barely making out coherent words. “Fuck, you feel so good!"
“You are such a fucking slut. That mouth of yours is only good at sucking dick, huh? Your entire body’s made for me to fuck it. Shit, you can’t even go a day without thinking about my cock fucking you into oblivion,” he rasps out, nipping at your earlobe as you howl in pleasure. “This fucking cunt – so tight and so wet for me all the time.”
"I'm close," you groan at his words, feeling utterly humiliated and yet loving every sinful word that drips from his lips.
“Say my name,” he growls, “cum on my cock and scream my name. Let everyone know who’s making you feel good tonight.”
When he thrusts faster, pushing you back on the bed to drive his cock even deeper inside of you, the coil tightens, heat flushing your body as you feel the onslaught of pleasure. "Fuck, Jungkook, I'm - fuck, fuck, fuck!" Your warning dies in your lips as your thighs tremble around his waist, a loud moan ripping from your throat when the orgasm shoots electricity down your spine, causing your body to thrash among his sheets. There’s wetness pooling underneath you, but you have no time to react because Jungkook’s plunging his dick deeper inside you, moaning wantonly at the feeling of your walls constricting around him as he chases his own high, eyes closing, focusing only on the sensation from your pussy.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum too."
"Inside - ah! Cum inside me, please. Fuck - fill me up, Koo," you beg, groaning as you angle your hips, letting him have as much access to your cunt as possible. You're hurtling towards your second orgasm of the night and you whimper as you bring your fingers on your clit to aid you along.
"Gonna cum one more time for me? Yeah? Needy slut isn't satisfied until I fuck you full of my cum? Shit, you feel so fucking good. You're so good to me. So beautiful – fuck," he growls, whispering more sweet things into your ears.
Your body turns rigid when you're on the brink of pleasure, waves upon waves of fire licking as your stomach coils and you make a mess of his sheets again, a broken cry of his name the only warning you can muster. It's with your second orgasm that Jungkook moans your name and you feel the warm ropes of cum filling you to the brim. "Fuuuck," he curses as he rides out his orgasm, thrusting a few times before exiting your ruined cunt, his cum spilling out.
His body trembles as he collapses beside you, struggling to catch his breath. Jungkook opens his eyes to find you staring at him, gnawing worryingly on your lips. "Hey, are you okay?" he gasps, propping himself upwards to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. "Shit, I couldn't control myself. Did I hurt you?" Jungkook scoops you closer in his arms, smoothing out your hair and peppering kisses on your face.
You giggle as you meet his kisses, shaking your head as you pull away to meet his eyes, unable to control the euphoria you're feeling. "No, you didn't hurt me. I feel... happy, but also so fucking sore. Did it feel good for you too?"
"Yes, holy fuck, you're amazing," he breathes, kissing you languidly on the lips and massaging your back. "God, I can’t believe we did that. I’d go for round two but it's getting late. Let's hop in the shower and go to bed?"
"Sure!" you smile, snuggling your head between his shoulders, leaving a quick kiss on his jaw before untangling your sweaty self from his embrace to shower.
The water feels nice on your heated skin and you sigh at the feeling, your heart finally steadying its pace. You hear the door open and shut and within moments, Jungkook stands behind you, a soft hum escaping his lips as he feels the water trickling down his face. His arms circle around your waist, body folding itself around you as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
"Mind if I join you?" he whispers as he kisses the shell of your ear.
"I mean, you're already here and I'm not so heartless as to kick a man out of his own shower," you laugh, carding your fingers through his soaked hair. "Also, you've been humming the same song since we got home. Is it stuck in your head?"
Jungkook grins, hands on your hips to sway to the rhythm. "...people say that love's a game, a game you just can't win…" he sings, spinning you around to face him, grabbing your hand to waltz around the cramped tile.
And though you're naked, in the shower with Jungkook, dancing to an old song falling from his lips, you've never felt this sense of peace before. There's an undeniable source of love emitting from his figure as he twirls you around, sinking his head to capture your lips occasionally. The song's looped a few times, but you don't dare tell him to stop, Jungkook's gorgeous voice bouncing off nicely against the tile walls and filling straight into your heart.
Wrapped up in a towel and giggling after the night, the two of you exit the room with the first peaks of the sun kissing the sky. You glance at Jungkook, both sets of eyes widening to find the new dawn approaching. You quickly get dressed, checking your phone a few times to see if you miss any messages, only to find that your early morning class has been cancelled due to an ill professor. You don't hide the squeal of excitement as you imagine spending another day with Jungkook, quickly texting Jeehyun that you're safe so she wouldn’t worry.
"Okay, I'm beat, I'm actually going to go to bed, so no funny business," he pokes at your forehead, smoothing out the new sheets and throwing the old ones in the laundry. "Good night, we both don't have classes today, so let's just relax and work on the project slowly."
Jungkook kisses your forehead quickly, the action warming up your body. You blink furiously at the intimate contact and he chuckles at your reaction, muttering "Cute," under his breath, shuffling your wet hair and retreating backwards to open the door.
You grab at his arm, unwilling to part just yet. Taking a deep breath in, you thread your fingers through his, pulling him close to you and away from the door handle. "I know there's been a few... addendums in our contract and there's a lot of new things that happened tonight," you start, gnawing at your bottom lip. "And maybe I'm blurring the lines here, but in the spirit of 'first time for everything'... can we cuddle?"
He's taken aback by your question, blinking rapidly in surprise. A shaky hand reaches towards you, his naked chest heaving with effort as he gulps. Jungkook kisses you once - twice - moving your tired bodies to the bed.
"Technically it’s the second time we’ll cuddle... but that’s beside the point. Are you sure?" he breathes when the two of you settle under the sheets, his thumb caressing your cheek gently. "I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. I’ll want to cuddle you every night if you stay over.” You can see the way he’s holding his breath, waiting for you to reject him and your chest warms at the puppy-eyed look he’s throwing at you.
"That’s okay, I want to cuddle with you every night too. It feels weird and empty after we fuck, you know? Sorry, looks like we’ll be changing the contract again," you say with a tired smile, nuzzling your head under his chin.
You're not sure where Jungkook's body starts and where you end, but you feel the synchronizing of your heartbeats melding into one.
Safe. You're finally safe.
And though at first you were too nervous to sleep, feeling the trembling of his arms as he pulls you in closer, his chin resting on top of your head, sleep claims you anyway, the sound of his slow beating heartbeat and his scent that fills your head.
The world fades to black as you no longer have the energy to fight off your consciousness. Jungkook's breath tickles your face as he leans in for one last kiss, planting one on your forehead after your lips. And maybe it's a trick of the hazy imagination you’ve formed in your thoughts, your memory casting to the far reaches of your mind of a dream that won't come true, but you think you hear him whisper, a desperate tone clinging to every syllable, voice thick with emotion.
"I love you and… I'm sorry."
Tumblr media
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eternally-writing · 11 hours ago
lovesick | knj.
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
rating: G (no swearing or sexual content)
pairing: Namjoon x reader
prompt: A gets sick and B insists on taking care of them. B is really clumsy and messes everything up but A doesn’t care because they are just glad B is there
word count: 602
warnings: none 
banner by me! Part of the Drabble challenge for BTS Ghostie Writers 
“You shouldn’t be here”
You looked like a wreck. You were wearing the same sweater and shorts that you’ve had on ever since your throat started to feel a little scratchy, your hair could easily have something living in it and nobody would be able to find it, and there was a streak of something on your face (best case rice pudding, worst case vomit), that was really just the icing on the cake. 
On the contrary, Kim Namjoon stood in front of you looking like the epitome of beauty and grace in your front door, shopping bag in hand. 
“I brought all your favorites! Let me in Y/N, please”
Unable to muster the strength to resist, you simply stepped to the side, a silent welcoming of your boyfriend into your apartment. 
It was no secret that Namjoon was a klutz. On your first date, he ended up breaking his wine glass and his dinner plate, and you both ended up eating take-out in a park after paying the restaurant a generous tip. He had broken many things over the years - everything from vases, curling irons, and AirPods. If something could break, there was a chance that Namjoon had broken it. There was a reason that you always cooked on date nights and that Namjoon had never touched the stove in your apartment - that would change tonight.
Breaking you out of your trance, Namjoon’s voice called out to you from the kitchen. 
“I’m making chicken noodle soup!”
If your chest wasn’t already tight enough, the idea of Namjoon alone in your kitchen responsible for using the stove and cutting up lots of vegetables definitely did the trick. But as Namjoon helped you to the couch, you couldn’t help the sleep that overcame you as he laid you down on your couch and started running his fingers through your hair. Your sleep was so peaceful (aside from the occasional clanking sounds of what you presumed to be a knife hitting your counter).
The cold feeling of a damp towel on your forehead woke you up, your boyfriend’s smiling face in front of you. In contrast, he was holding a steaming bowl of soup in front of you, and by some miracle, it actually looked not only edible but also delicious. If you had more energy, you would’ve taken a photo of it and sent it to the boys, who constantly laugh at him for his clumsy kitchen skills.
Right as Namjoon was about to feed you your first mouthful of soup, you heard a very unnerving noise from your kitchen. Namjoon immediately said he would handle it, but after he had been gone for all too long you had to get out of bed to see what the ruckus was. 
You were met with the sight of Namjoon in your kitchen, and your stove covered in his chicken soup. It didn’t take a detective to figure out what happened - Namjoon had probably left the stove on when he came to give you soup, which had subsequently exploded all over your kitchen. 
To put it frankly, your kitchen was a mess. 
But you couldn’t care. All the effort Namjoon had put it made you so happy and at the end of the day, you were just happy he was there. You didn’t need chicken noodle soup or a clean house as long as you had Namjoon. 
“Turn the stove off and come back to bed, babe. I’m dying to try this soup.”
Maybe it’s not chicken soup that makes you feel better when you’re sick. It the love of the person making it.
Thank you for reading! If you like what you read please make sure to interact/follow - Emily  ♡
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This is my first posted work that I plan on making a series on here. Please give feedback, all types are welcomed.
Lucid Oceans
Optional bias X Reader
Tumblr media
Today was the day your amazon package should be delivered. You ordered a variety of items from crystals to a Tarot deck. It was your first time ever working with something like this, you’d always stray away from the “super natural” aka anything that wasn’t christian related because of your parents. You started biting on your nails, you absolutely could not wait for it to get here. The main purpose of you buying it was for your curiosity. You were impatient to learn the events of your future, so what better way to know than to read it yourself. Suddenly the phone starts ringing, It’s your friend,
 “Hey y/n, I’ve been meaning to call you since you first moved, how is it not living in the city?”
You smiled happily to hear a familiar voice, “It’s going well, it is so peaceful out here, the scenery is amazing!”
“I still don't understand what you saw in that old creepy house, it’s overgrown and in the middle of the woods, of course I’m going off the pictures you sent.”
“Key, it’s really not that bad, and it's not creepy!” you sigh a puff of air from annoyance “It’s really charming in fact, plus it was really cheap for a 3 bedroom house, the living room is big and so is the kitchen” You were getting excited for all the new possibilities “Plus it has a really nice porch and garden!’ you beam.
“Y/n you suck at gardening, every plant you ever tried taking care of has died.” Key deadpanned 
“Okay well no one has lived here for a few years, and they seem to be just fine on their own” you huff.
    Key was a good friend that you knew since childhood. Although they were very blunt you appreciate them for sticking around and putting up with your impulsiveness.
The door rings, “Hey Key imma have to call you back” you say quickly hanging up the phone afterwards.
Waiting for you once you got to the door was your long anticipated package. You squeal, snatching it and running to the living room. You had hand-me-down furniture from your parents and other family members. It's not quite your style, but you appreciate having a fully furnished house.
    Tearing open the box, you see your crystals, rose quartz pendulum, and your precious Tarot card deck. You’ve done the bare minimum research on the things you got, but at least you had a slight understanding. Grabbing the Tarot deck out of the box you read the title, “Lucid Oceans Tarot Deck”. You open the box and remove the guide book, then the deck. You shuffled the deck multiple times over, seemingly unsuccessful with any cards jumping out, like you’ve seen on some videos. You try for a little longer until one card pops out, Ace of Pentacles. 
    You quickly grab the guide book and flip to the page that you’re looking for, “Let this friendship show you the way to your better true self.” You think about what the card could mean, maybe you should spend more time with Key? While you’re off in a daze your bunny hops towards you, starting to nibble on the card.
“KOOKIE, NO BAD BUNNY!” You snatch the card towards your chest, he must be hungry you think. You walk towards the fridge, pulling out some green leaf lettuce for him to chew on, you notice that you’re a little low on food. Dropping off the lettuce on the floor for your bunny to munch on, you head to your bedroom to throw on some clothes so you could head to the store.
While shopping leisurely through the store, you had noticed some man following through 
The store. You had finally had enough and turned around.
“Can I help you?” you were already frustrated that you bumped into a creep, in your seemingly peaceful little town you had moved to.
“I’m sorry for following you, but I just didn’t know how to tell you that there’s something hanging out of your pants.” He points to your behind where you did in fact have something there.
But to your absolute horror, it was some racy underwear that might have been caught on your jeans when you slipped them on. You quickly snatch it and throw it into your bag, looking back to the man with embarrassment.
“I-uh… thanks!” you quickly saw, and rushed off with your cart of food, somehow you were going to blame this on Kookie. After your rushed checkout and race to the car, you were finally back at your cozy home. After placing your groceries in their respective places, you head towards the living room.
    Noticing the Tarot card missing from the spot you had placed on the table was missing. You search high and low, you search every corner of the house with the card still not showing up. You even go through the deck and it has still made no appearance, you decide Kookie has somehow gotten to it and eaten it. 
    You decided to go out and explore the garden, picking out the weeds, and seeing what's planted. After rummaging around and picking out the dead plants and excess foliage, you came to a conclusive finish to your hard work. You stand up stretching and popping your back,all of a sudden a figure catches your eye standing in the forest a few meters from where you stand.
    You quickly gather your things and run back in the house, locking the door behind you. You go throughout the house securing every lock. You try to calm yourself, assuming you had seen a bear. You take Kookie upstairs to your room, making sure he’d be safe. He wasn’t quite happy about moving from his loafing position, and made it known by thumping. 
“Kookie it’s either be up here or possibly be eaten by a bear, I chose the best option for you.” You say sitting on the edge of your bed.
    You have an unread message from Key. “Dude are you alive you rushed off the phone earlier and didn’t say why?”
“Sorry, I had to get my package then went shopping and did a little garden cleanup”
“Okkaaaayyyy and you couldn't text me back because….?” 
“I forgot, I was just caught up with getting settled in.” putting your phone down, you lay back on your bed. Suddenly you hear an absurd amount of thunder. It goes off again, this time sounding like an explosion, you look outside through your bedroom window, but there seems to be no storms clouds in the late evening.
    You shrug it off and head towards the bathroom, maybe taking a nice hot bath would settle your nerves. The handle squeaks as you turn it, surprisingly the water heats up pretty quickly. You’re quite excited and dig through some of your unpacked boxes, searching for your bath bombs and salts. Finding your ocean bath bomb, and lavender scented bath salt and dump them into your steaming bath.
    After undressing you slowly sink into the hot water, feeling more relaxed and at ease.
“You know what, today hasn’t been that bad.” you say sinking further into the water. You spoke too soon, the lights started flickering and the power turned off.
“Shit” you say not able to see your own hand in front of your face. You slowly get out of the tub, full of water you were barely able to enjoy.
You grab your bath towel that you luckily had placed nearby, thinking that you may have remembered packing a flashlight in your bedroom boxes. After feeling your way out the bathroom and into your room, you began searching for the flashlight. After not finding it on your bookshelf, you decided to search through the one unpacked boxe left in the corner of your room. Your eyes have finally adjusted to the darkness, so you could see a bit clearer.
    After finding the flashlight in the box, you decided to find the breaker box. Turning on the flashlight you wander through the house searching for the box. After what seemed like forever, walking back and forth throughout the entire house, you feared the worst. The breaker box is most likely outside.
“Fuck me” you wispered to yourself. You weren’t about to go outside in the dark wrapped in a towel. Instead you decide to search around the house, hoping you had packed some candles. After searching tirelessly, you finally admit defeat. You slip on your house shoes and head outside. Walking from the front door around to the left side of the house and found it. On the good side it was close to the door if anything went wrong, and on the bad side you would have your back turned towards the forest.
    You take a deep breath and begin working on the box. Another sound of explosive thunder goes off above you. You look up and search around you to make sure you are still in the clear. Coyotes start howling not too far from where you stood. You started fumbling the switches when the howling was cut off, and sounds of whimpering and whining followed suit. You started flipping the switches, and the power finally buzzed back on. You sigh a deep breath of relief, until you feel hot air go down the expanse of your back.
    You were frozen, absolutely terrified to move. “This is it, this is how I die, naked and cold outside.” You felt your body trembling, and when you thought things couldn’t get worse, you felt a wet, leathery large object poking your back, hard enough to nudge your whole body forward a couple of steps. You re adjust yourself, and finally gain your senses back. You bolt to the front door, slamming it behind you as you entered the house.
    “What the actual hell was that?” it’s hard for you to catch your breath. Locking the front door and peeking out the front window, you saw nothing. You take a deep sigh of relief, finally able to steady your breathing. You head back upstairs to your bathroom. The water in the tub was still hot to your amazement. Instead of letting good products go to waste you sink back into the tub. You hadn’t realized just how tense you were until your body fully emerged in the water. You close your eyes, slowly dozing off.
    Suddenly you were in the middle of a flower field, it was dark, the only thing lighting the area around you were fireflies. You hear a deep rumbling coming from above you. You couldn’t move, your body was frozen and you had no control. You looked up to see a giant creature above you. Your eyes widened, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. It looks down and flies towards you. You shoot up out of the bathtub, what you just went through felt too real. It was a fact, what you had just seen was something out of fairytales, you had seen, a Dragon.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Broke Me First | social media au
{jimin x y/n x jungkook au; fakedating!au}
you feel safe
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taglist: @jikooksgirl19 @sherizaraiyah @notvantaes @atomickokorox @beeeb05 @bbyjoonies @kim-ji-hyeons-world @hajiraa06 @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rjsmochii @thequeen-kat @xxxanimangxxx @preciouschimine @lidda @tae165 @missmadwoman @jiminho-s @lizzzaaaaaaaaaaa @etherealyoonghwa @mooniyooni @thesweetest-peas @rlynotme @anpanman-sonyeondan @halesandy @weasleyswizarding-wheezes @lyndseygoregasmxo @semphie @parkjiminstan16 @secretlycrazyhummingbird @angietdcc @lachimolala-2l @ggukkieland @seokjinnie-writes @monstathedisco @immafuckyoutilyouaint1 @binniebutter @neverthefirstchoice @fiantomartell @whitepinkish @seoul-sunsets @kim-jias-den @oknymz @taecupreads @seolaquotes @nyamnomnamujoon @ellesalazar @wearenot7withu @embrace-themagic @goldenroses @itsyaapollochild
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blu-joons · 12 hours ago
My Little One ~ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
The sound of the rehearsal room door opening caught the attention of all seven member’s, smiles growing fondly when they saw your footsteps walk in, intrigued as to what they were up to.
“How’s it all going?” You asked, stepping back out of the room to grab the tray of coffees you’d bought from the café at the bottom of the building. “You didn’t think I’d come emptyhanded, did you?”
“I knew you wouldn’t let us down!” Jungkook cheered.
You handed coffee cups out to each member as they came towards you, leaving Jimin’s until last. As you handed it across, you felt his hands grip around yours, squeezing gently before accepting the cup, inviting you to sit down with them.
The sound of the backing track continued to fill the studio as they sat, whilst most members could ignore it, you could tell it was on Hobi’s mind. Before you sat, you walked over to the speaker, glancing up at just how high the button was.
“Can you reach?” Namjoon yelled out, chuckling as you stretched up on your tiptoes. “We really should buy a stepladder or something for whenever Y/N’s around.”
You turned back to face him with a glare, glancing across to Jimin for a bit of a hand. He sighed softly, leaving his drink and walking over to give you the help you needed.
“I never imagined that Jimin could look so tall,” Hobi teased, as Jimin pressed his hands together for you to step onto, jumping up to turn the speaker off.
“Or is it just that Y/N’s that small?”
A gentle blush crept onto your cheeks as you sat back down with the boys, feeling Jimin’s hand rest into your lap in search of your hand to hold onto.
“She’s not that small at all, in fact, I find her height a very endearing quality,” he argued.
The boys all went wide eyed at Jimin’s response, surprised to hear him suddenly stand up for you. You could only sit back with a smile, embracing the quiet that arose in the room as the boys all realised that Jimin was in fact on your side.
“How do the two of you cope at home, do you only use the bottom cupboards in the kitchen?” Jin suddenly chimed in.
“Are you really asking that question?”
Jin nodded smugly back at Jimin, as all the other boys applauded his question too, with a genuine intrigue as to how two small people could even survive.
“We’re not that small,” you sighed, “you’re hardly giants either.”
Your eyes instantly flickered across to Yoongi, a gasp escaping from his lips as to why he’d suddenly been brought into the conversation after being one of the few quiet members.
“Yeah, how come none of you pick on Yoongi, why do you only feel the need to pick on my girlfriend?” Jimin added, refusing to let Yoongi get away with being so silent.
Another gasp came from him, silently staring between you both for mentioning him. He got away with plenty, an advantage of being one of the elder members.
Whilst the rest of the boys loved to joke about how small you were, your height was by far one of Jimin’s favourite qualities about you. The two of you complimented each other perfectly, just the right height for one another to do all the things other couples did too.
“I wonder sometimes why I bring you coffee and food when all you do is tease me,” you huffed, folding your arms across your chest, “I could start some terrible rumours about you guys.”
Taehyung stared back at you, slamming his coffee cup down on the floor. “I’ll have you know, not all of us tease you about your height, some of us joke about it silently instead.”
“You laughed; I saw you. Don’t even try and deny it.”
His head nodded shamefully, picking his coffee cup back up and taking a sip from it. Your eyes looked around the group for anyone else who wanted to speak up, with Jimin right beside you, ready to back you up.
“Remember, if any of you ever date small girls in the future, I will be right here to rinse you for it like you’ve done with Y/N and I,” he challenged them, I can’t believe you guys would even get argumentative over something like this.”
“But when we’re all single, who else are we supposed to tease for being so small?” Hobi asked you, unable to hide his laughter when Jimin pointed straight across to Yoongi once again. “That’s unfair, he’s got an inch or two on you.”
“And several on Y/N,” you heard him mutter under his breath, reaching across to slap lightly against his arm.
His hand instantly rubbed against his arm, “for someone so small, she’s got plenty of strength, that really hurt.”
You nodded back at him proudly, feeling Jimin’s arm snake around your waist once he was finished drinking, proud of what you’d done. His eyes looked across the rest of the boys, making sure they knew not to take your height as a weakness.
Slowly his arm moved you further into his side, close enough so that he could rest his chin against your shoulder, pressing a kiss underneath your ear before whispering, “ignore all of these idiots, I for one am very much in love with how tall, or short you are. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it too.”
“So, you think I’m small too?” You teased, turning your head to look across at him. “And there I was thinking that you were defending me from the rest of these guys.”
“You are small, but in the best possible way, I adore it about you.”
“Nice save,” you chuckled, resting your hands over his that sat around your waist. “Although I don’t think you’ll ever get these guys to stop teasing, you know what they’re like, once they grab something, they never let it go.”
Jimin’s head nodded in agreement with you, but he was sure that if he managed to shut them up enough, they’d eventually give up on you.
“They only wish that they could have a girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend as incredible as you,” he continued to compliment, “their jokes definitely come from jealousy.”
“Well, like you said, one day we can make sure that we get our revenge on them,” you reminded him, noticing how quickly his eyes lit up.
His lips pressed against your shoulder, “see, this is another reason why you’re just so perfect, you know exactly what to say. I love your thinking.”
“Someone’s got to put them in their place,” you acknowledged, “and I’ve been the root of too many of their jokes not to be able to get my revenge. I’ll stand tall metaphorically, even if I can’t do it physically to them.”
“You don’t need to stand taller than them, you’re at the best height as you are, regardless of what them fools have to say,” he smiled.
“It seems like it’s not just me who has all the right things to say too, you’re pretty smooth yourself when you want to be.”
Your eyes were instantly drawn to the shade of red in Jimin’s cheeks, “I must have just learnt from the very best.”
“Me? I’m far from a smooth talker, I’ve just learnt how to stand up for myself.”
“And a very good job of that you do too,” he whispered closely into your ear, “metaphorically, and physically too, my little one.”
“Smooth Jimin, very smooth indeed.”
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solarwonux · 13 hours ago
In The Stars || knj
Tumblr media
cybrog!namjoon x f!reader | future!au
W.C. 11.5k
genre: fluff and smut, elements of a dystopian and futuristic society (it’s not at the forefront but its there)
warnings: established relationship, teasing, lots of kissing, alcohol consumption, smut, oral sex (female receiving), squirting, slight cum eating, masterbation (male), squirting.
summary: Namjoon get’s his driver’s license and suddenly is full of surprises.
note: I tired something new and I think it worked??? Lol, please this is my longest fic yet but something happened after I finished watching Falcon and The Winter Soldier and followed it up with In The Soop. (In the soop Namjoon does something to me and so does Bucky Barnes) My brain was working overtime that night. Anyway, I hope you guys like, ngl I’m a little bit in love with it. PLEASE PLEASE, let me know your thoughts. I have a few ideas of backstory for these two so if you’re interested I will put my brain to work overtime again. 
Thank you and PLEASE, let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.xx
Tumblr media
Everything was perfect. 
Namjoon’s hand was on the steering, the other filling in the pockets between your fingers, lying lazily on his lap. The mixtape he created for you a few days ago sounded through the speakers of his old car - the one he spent months saving up for; for moments like these. Driving carelessly (with caution) through the highway, windows down the cool breeze hitting your cheeks in a gentle kiss. 
He had just gotten his driver’s license, before you, breaking the pact the two of you made two years ago. It was childish but it made you feel like you were falling behind when he came to your door after the DMV. A smug smile stretching wide across his face as he held the stupid plastic rectangle in front of him. It stirred something inside of you, made you feel like you were stepping into footsteps he left behind, rather than you making your own. 
His reasoning was simple, though it took him thirty minutes to explain his entire thought process. Going off in tangents before restructuring himself back to the point. He wanted to take you out on trips, just the two of you without the help of any of your friends. He wanted to know what the whole rave was about, a curious thought he had been having since he was young. But most importantly, the reason that you ended up glued to his side the entire night, was that he wanted to pick you up from work every day. 
The crime in the city had increased, especially with the recent technological advances and the new law that passed granting cyborgs freedom. His freedom. 
He was finally allowed to do the things everyone else could do. You suspected that’s one of the reasons why he went to get his driver's license. He will never voice that minor detail out loud, especially after you clung onto him the entire night. Begging him to stay in your room with a slight pout and wide eyed gaze. He couldn’t resist you. 
You thanked him in quiet whimpers and soft touches. Reveled in the fact that instead of worrying about himself and his own safety. He was worried about yours. The thought of having that other minor detail in place, only made the guilt stirring inside of you less prominent.
“Head in the clouds, anything good up there?” He says, squeezing your hand gently. 
A shiver flows down your body like a crashing wave, skin prickling at the sudden coolness, a tiny squeal escapes your lips. Namjoon looks over at you, taking his eyes off the road, two dimples showing off while he shakes his head, mumbling a tiny cute underneath his breath before he re-focuses his attention on the road again. 
“Nope, just a lot of precipitation.” You answer. 
He laughs at your joke, palm spread out against the steering wheel, guiding the car into another turn. You take your eyes off him propping your head against the window. Namjoon squeezes your hand three times, the silent signal between the two of you. I love you. You smile, closing your eyes and answering him, drinking in the way the wind hits your face, sending a relaxing ripple through your body. 
I love you too. 
Tumblr media
“We’re here.” Your eyes shoot open upon Namjoon’s declaration. He was leaning over the middle console, fingers walking down your arm as he gently paraded you awake. His brows furrowed, his right eye glowing orange. He was worried. “I’m sorry I didn’t know how else to wake you.” 
You sit up waving him off with one hand, the other rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. “My fault I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” 
His dimpled smile returns, the orange in his eye disappearing into the chocolate brown that matched his other eye. His real one. He presses a soft kiss against your cheek causing the butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach. 
He doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t tell you it’s not a big deal. Or jokes about how you were mid-sentence telling him about the frightening fight below your window that kept you up all night when suddenly you were fast asleep. Instead, he nods his head, signaling to the window behind him and everything that was beyond it. Everything that was waiting for the two of you. 
You smile, unfastening your seatbelt and getting out of the car, earning a sigh of disapproval from the Kim Namjoon himself. A warm giggle escapes you as you stick your tongue out at him. 
It had only taken you two days after Namjoon had gotten his car for you to realize that he loved to open the door for you and hated whenever you did it. If he was waiting for you in front of your work building, he would lean against the car, a cigarette either placed between his lips or between his fingers, blocking the handle, giving you no access. If he was walking beside or behind you, he would take longer strides in order to get to the door first. 
It was endearing, made your heart swell at this sudden discovery of one of his many love languages. Which is why sometimes you went out of your way to tease him about. Nothing malicious, everything in good innocent fun. Plus the pout on his lips afterwards was just another excuse for you to kiss it away. 
“I’ll get the bags you can go in first, I think our rooms’ on the second floor.” Namjoon says, shutting the door behind him and stuffing the car keys into one of the pockets of his dark blue sweats “What do you want for dinner?” He follows up, circling his arms around your body, a soft kiss finds the crown of your head. 
Namjoon was usually calm and collected, you assumed it had to do with the fact that he was part cyborg. But there were moments, moments like now where you would throw him off his bender, where his usual laid-back demeanor disappeared. Especially when it comes to you. He couldn’t control the way his body would grow hot. The way his pupil turned pink. His words would disappear leaving in their wake broken syllables and incoherent blables. He would lose control of the technical part of his brain while the other half, the creative part, the part that wasn’t programmed took over. Inappropriate images of you would flash before his eyes, in positions he had only seen in videos Jin showed him one night years ago. 
He couldn’t blush, at least not in the way normal people did, for god sake one of his eyes was glowing pink. Yet, he would take the heat of his body coloring his cheeks red over that any time because it wasn’t a very visible sign and one you wouldn’t abuse it as much. In other words you were evil and he loved it. 
“Very funny.” He swallows, removing his arms from your body, eyes falling onto the gravel covered ground hiding his flustered state. You smile and walk past him, giving his ass a light tap. He coughs into his hand, sending you a glare watching you walk up the driveway laughing. 
It was impossible, there was not a moment in his life with you where he wasn’t a flustered mess. You had broken him, at least that’s what his friends claimed it to be. But to him the reasoning was much simpler. He was in love. Deeply head over heels, feet first plunged into the ocean, in love. 
He felt everything, people at the facility told him he could never feel. He felt the way his heart would beat against his ribcage, threatening to fall out into blissful freedom. He felt the way his stomach would twist whenever he kissed you. He felt the exhilarating waves of pleasure whenever you touched him. He felt the fear of not knowing if he would ever be enough for you but the chest pumping, neanderthal confidence whenever he realized that he was. 
He did it. He proved everyone that told him it was not possible, that talked down on him, wrong; and you were all the one to blame. 
“Joon, come inside unless you want to be mosquito dinner.” You peeked your head out from the living room window. The sheer white curtains blowing against the wind behind you, smiling dazzlingly at him. You looked ethereal, like one of those angels that belonged to the stories his mother would tell him before bed every night. 
“I’m going, do you want spaghetti for dinner.?” He felt all those emotions he had been thinking about at once. He would never grow tired of it, even if it sometimes ruined his cool-guy reputation. 
You nod, lip in between your lips. “But desserts on me!” You send him a wink before disappearing behind the curtains, leaving the window wide open. So much for avoiding the mosquitoes, he thought. 
He closed the trunk of his car shut, grabbing the handles of both of your suitcases before starting his journey up the gravel driveway. “Oh baby.” He stopped dead in his tracks. You appeared through the window again, a scowl invading your beautiful face. “We forgot to go grocery shopping.” 
Namjoon laughs and starts walking again. “You did, but I didn’t. I ordered groceries at the rest stop before arriving while you were sleeping. They’re scheduled to get here in-” he pauses and looks down at his watch, “-in ten minutes.” 
“Kim Namjoon, have I ever told you what a genius you are?” Your praise doesn’t fall short upon his ears. Instead it makes his chest swell with pride and his footsteps gain confidence. 
He smirks. “Once or twice but I don’t mind hearing you saying it again.” 
Tumblr media
Despite being part robot, there were a lot of things Namjoon couldn’t do. For starters he lived in his head a lot. Distracted, trapped in other worlds instead of focusing on the things in front of him, prompting his fiddle mind and balance. He lost a lot of things, was shit at directions, fell a lot and for some reason he wasn’t aware of his own strength, resulting in a lot of things breaking. But the one thing he absolutely sucked at, which made you fear for his life and yours, was that he couldn’t cook. 
You had banned him from ever using the kitchen after a few to many accidental fires, at the lab. How he managed to convince you to let him cook tonight was beyond you. You blamed his smile and charming tongue. He had a way with words and knew how to use them against you to get his way.
It took Namjoon a few video tutorials in order to get the Pasta Al Pomodoro just to his liking. Surprisingly, nothing had caught on fire and the kitchen wasn’t in upheaval. A few paper towels were situated strategically here and there, but everything was in order. 
“See babe I told you I’m getting better.” He gloated while placing his final presentation in front of you. 
It looked good, promising even. Namjoon would never go out of his way to poison you, at least not purposely, accidently, maybe but never purposely. You knew the food would at least be edible. Not totally confident on having it taste good, but you had watched him throughout the entire night - he insisted on you just watching while setting the table instead of helping - and the smile on his face while showing off his mediocre knife skills was enough to convince you to eat his version of Pasta Al Pomodoro.
It was like watching a food critic in those cooking shows the two of you found guilty pleasure in watching. He sat in anticipation, his hands on his lap, gripping the cute little apron you helped him put on earlier as you moved slowly. His nerves were on fire he could feel them move throughout his body until they reached the top of his head. He knew what color he had shifted into, that dark navy blue he always seemed to sport right before a huge exam or a date with you. 
You were also nervous. There was a part of you that really wanted everything to work out. More so because you saw how hard he worked. How cautiously he moved around the kitchen, mumbling to himself, reciting the recipe he had read over more than a hundred times. You took a deep breath and brought the fork up to your lips, avoiding his eyes, and focused on the plate in front of you. 
There was one thing you couldn’t do to Namjoon and that was lie to him. Even the few times that they did stumble out past your closed lips, small insignificant white lies, your eyes always gave you away. And you weren’t the one with the ability to have them change color depending on their emotions. Namjoon was just damn good at reading you. 
Finally you took the bite, jumped the gun and let a decent amount of food into your mouth, letting it coat your taste buds for a few seconds before deciding on your final thoughts. 
“Namjoon.” You started, his full name coming out of your lips felt foreign to him, unless you were scolding him for breaking something. His cooking skill sets were already in the negatives. Not because of his failed experiences in the kitchen but because that was his worst score out of all his evaluations back at school.
He closed his eyes, dropping his head ready to be met with the final blow. The one that would hurt him more because it came from you. But it never came, quickly he raised his head at lighting speed, if he could he would’ve been suffering from whiplash from how fast he had thrown his head up. He blinked at you in surprise, his own wide eyes matching yours. 
“It’s delicious!” You repeated, going in for another forkful and he felt the sigh of relief stumble past his lips embarrassingly loud. 
“Really?” He grabbed a hold of his own fork, twisting it excitedly in his own plate of noodles, as you devoured the plate of food in front of you, while nodding. “You’re not lying to me, I can take it. I’ve heard harsher things said to me.” 
“I almost wish it wasn’t as good as it is.” Your head was thrown back in an orgasmic state while you savor each and every bite. His eyebrow quirks in curiosity, silently asking you why? “I’m going to want to eat this everyday now and I’m trying to cut down on eating carbs.” 
Namjoon laughs, letting go of his fork. metal hitting the ceramic plating in a dramatic and loud manner. “Yoongi has been teaching me how to cook, I don’t just know how to make Pasta Al Pomodoro.” He shrugs, picking up his fork again and shoveling some pasta in his mouth. He hums in satisfaction. He doesn’t want to brag, but damn he really out did himself. 
“Like what?” You place your fork down and pick up the wine you had poured the two of you earlier. This was new and you weren’t sure how long this hobby of his would last. Another thing that Namjoon sucked at was sticking to one hobby. At least once a month he would come to you, explaining a new hobby of his that peaked his interest. 
Last month, it was painting. He painted, diligently, stayed up at night, until he exhausted himself, and eventually he got sick of it. After finishing his final painting, he threw his paintbrush down and vowed to never paint again. As a result you had about twenty unhung paintings sitting prettily in the storage closet of Taehyung’s lab. The other ones he had gifted you were already occupying the empty spaces of your walls. 
He knew about your thoughts regarding his many hobbies, at the start of your relationship it was the cause of many of your fights. Until one day you stopped, accepting that Namjoon didn’t have much of a childhood while growing up, he was always hidden away due to something that was completely out of his control. The time he could’ve spent exploring thousands of hobbies was replaced with lessons on how to be human, or fear instilled by his foster parents.
His hobbies were a part of him. Each one contributing to a piece of him that had been left unexplored. You loved every single one of them. Loved the way he got so immersed in something that sometimes you had to pry him away from it for a little while. So, you supported him, rooted for him. Listened to him as he explained the mechanics of quantum physics - that was his hobby three months ago - with a smile on your face even though your brain wasn’t operating at the same capacity as his, therefore not understanding anything. But you never once complained about it, knowing this was just another trait of his that made him, him. 
“Unfortunately for you, we’re starting with the pasta dishes first. He figured it’s the easiest for me to learn.” He started, taking a sip from his wine, cringing at the taste making you smile. He was never much for alcohol, but after years of underground partying he had built a tolerance. “Last week I learned both lasagna and spaghetti bolognese. I haven’t mastered those yet. I can’t get the layers on the lasagna to cook right yet, but when I do I’ll make sure to cook it for you.” He points his glass in your direction before setting it down. 
“Joon I’m cutting my carb intake so my jeans fit better when I sit down and here you are ruining that for me.” You smile, pushing your empty plate away, bringing your wine glass close to you, placing both of your palms at the base. “I’d love to try it though, if it’s as good as what I just had I might never let you leave the kitchen.” 
“Why wear jeans when you can just be naked?” He winks and stands up, plate in hand.
You hand him your plate, “I can’t be naked in public.” 
“It’s a shame you have a banging body, a national treasure if you will, and I am the only one who gets to see it.” He sighs sadly in mock disappointment, making his way into the kitchen again. “Want to go stargazing, I made chocolate covered strawberries, which is surprisingly harder than making pasta. Baby tempering chocolate is harder than quantum physics I swear.” 
You shake your head and stand up, taking your wine glass with you and sit on the countertop behind him, watching the way his back muscles contract everytime he scrubs at a dish. He was showing off, you knew. 
Whenever he was alone with you, Namjoon turned into a deceitful, cocky, teasing mess. He knew exactly what to do, how to move, to get you all riled up to the point of jumping his bones. Tonight had been no different but unspokenly the two of you were walking on eggshells around one another, filled with ghost touches, incredulous actions and suggestive words. Waiting to see who would cross the threshold first.
It wasn’t going to be you. 
“Can’t believe you’re asking me to go stargazing after calling my body a national treasure.” You scoff, swinging your legs, your heel hitting the cabinet underneath you lightly. 
Namjoon shuts off the water, placing the last dish on the drying rack. He grabs a towel and dries his hands before throwing it over his shoulder and turns around to face you. A lustful glint sparking behind his left eye, while his right glows in a bright red. You swallow. “Well that’s not the only thing I want to do with you underneath the stars.” He closes the distance between the two of you and puts both his arms next to your thighs on top of the granite countertop. His touch was so close, yet it felt lightyears away. 
“Is that so?” You raise an eyebrow bringing the wine glass up to your lips, swallowing the last droplets of the dark red liquid before setting the glass down next to you. 
He hums, bringing his face close, nosing your chin with the tip of nose. “But you’re going to have to go outside to find out what it is.” He smiles leaving a delicate kiss against the base of your neck. A small preview of what was to come next. 
“Why go outside when the master bedroom has a skylight above the bed.” You challenge, placing your arms against his shoulders. Maybe giving in wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but your competitive spirit refused. 
Not until he gives in first. 
Namjoon pulls away, taking his body heat with him and pushes off. His eyes are back to their original color and you pout. “I worked hard at tempering that chocolate last night. It almost came in between Yoongi and I, so please get the blanket and your cute ass outside so I can feed them to you.” He whines, his soft gaze burning into yours. 
You laugh and jump off. “As you wish, my prince.” You pat his shoulder and walk past him. 
“Not a prince.” He grumbles and turns around to face the sink. Once you were out of his eye shot, he turns on the faucet, cranks it up to cold, before cupping his palms underneath the water and splashes his face a few times. 
He almost didn’t survive his slip up a few minutes ago.
Tumblr media
The pink and purple swirls of the bleeding sun faded making way for a blank midnight blue canvas and the silver light of the moon. 
You found yourself in between Namjoon’s legs, back pressed against his chest. The bottle you had brought out with you empty and forgotten somewhere next to the two of you. The stems of the chocolate covered strawberries the two of you finished feeding each other, moved gently against the light breeze around the ceramic plate in a minimal dance. The steady rhythm of his breathing, serving as a quiet noiseless lullaby as you relaxed further into his arms. 
This was everything you ever wanted.
The night was still young but Namjoon had gone above and beyond pointing out five constellations; the little dipper, aquarius, virgo, pisces, and andromeda. You in your wine stained haze could barely pick them out, watching as they danced along the light of the moon, while he explained each of their meanings carefully and slowly. 
“And next to Andromeda, there’s Perseus.” Namjoon pauses, extending his hand in front of you creating a ragged outline with his index finger. “A love written within the stars.” He whispers the last part and drops his hand. 
“Can you tell me the story again?” You hug the arm that was around you tighter, resting your chin against his propped up knee. Namjoon hums happily in response, the only slight evidence of the smile he had on his face. He loved this myth, almost as much as he loved the Daphne and Apollo one. Something about both of them both being poetic and a little bit heartbreaking - to quote his words exactly. 
The exact representation of Kim Namjoon himself. 
He was full of poetic similes, and metaphors. The hyperbole of his life was something you still had trouble wrapping your head around. He broke your heart when you first met him, at an underground house party. That’s how things were in the world, everything that wasn’t approved by the government had to be dealt with underground. Even innocent parties, where drugs and alcohol were being passed around like candy. 
He was scavenging for parts, that’s all he did when he went to these parties. Figured that there would be at least one dealer at these events where he could bargain his way on new rusting metal parts for his arm and leg. There was. Taehyung was only three slimy green drinks in, sporting you as arm candy when Namjoon approached him. Skipping out on the usual pleasantries he got down to business. With one long breath he explained everything he needed and how he planned to pay for it by working a few shifts at the junkyard Taehyung owned. 
Taehyung couldn’t say no, he always needed a few extra hands around the place, so he extended his hand out towards Namjoon. The two of them greedily sizing each other up while sharing a firm, vice gripping shake. You watched the entire scenario play out, and was floored when his right eye glowed green with determination. You had met a couple of cyborgs in your lifetime, but none that had the ability to change their eye color depending on their emotions. As far as you knew about them, which wasn’t a lot - the history of cyborgs wasn’t covered much in school and if it was it was dwindled down to something insignificant - they weren’t able to feel human emotions. 
That was until Namjoon came along and turned your entire perception around. He angered and cried easily. When he laughed, he would place an embarrassed hand in front of his lips and doubled over. When he smiled he showed off his two perfect dimples, claiming them to be the best part of his entire self. Which you disagreed with. They were maybe the third best part of him. His heart was your favorite, despite everything he went through he held it in the palm of his hands. He cared so much about others, always putting them first instead of himself. Listened to them talk about their banal problems like they mattered, and offered advice whenever it was asked of him. It was equally heartbreaking and endearing. 
You never really said anything to him the first few times you visited Taehyung’s junkyard. If you could even call it that. It was hightech and looked more like a science lab, especially because the owner himself offered free check ups for cyborgs, free living and paraded around in a long white lab coat. He figured that if he wasted four years on a medical degree he should at least put it to good use. So he did and created a science lab disguised as a junkyard to ward off any suspicion. Even after ten years, the people that belonged to the outside and not to the underground, suspected nothing. It still looked like an ordinary junkyard. 
A safe place for people like Namjoon. A safe place where you could love him freely without an outsiders opinion or nasty remarks. They never angered Namjoon, he grew up being tantalized by others, but they did anger you to the point of breaking down. In those moments you hated the world, people and the way Namjoon comforted you instead of himself. You almost felt childish for crying out in anger when Namjoon was the one that suffered his entire life because of something he couldn’t control. 
His life was on the line, and upon the request his dying mother managed to get out between labored breaths, a desperate plea for her son to survive. The doctors did everything and anything they could to respect her wishes and Namjoon spent a good few years of his life running away and resenting her for not being able to let him go. Until that night at the party, until he shook hands with Taehyung, until he found out the truth about the junkyard, until he found his new family. A couple of recluse guys who were passionate about changing the world even if it meant laying their life’s out on the line.
Until the night he spoke to you for the first time, and finally decided he was done running. Finally, thanking his mother for saving him.
“Then Perseus was flying overhead with his pegasus and saw Andromeda chained to a rock ready to be devoured by Cetus,” he pauses and wraps both of his arms around you, pulling you closer to his chest. “Are you even paying attention?” He chuckles, burying his face into your neck, blowing the few strands of hair away making you shiver against the cold.
“Sorry, heads in the clouds, probably the wine too.” You whisper, shaking your head, letting the memories of a beautiful encounter escape back into your memory files. 
You were here now with your lover as he told you the myth for the thousandth time. You never got tired of it even though it wasn’t your favorite. Namjoon was a natural born storyteller, especially when it came to greek mythology. But for this particular story he would trace each constellation as the words spilled out his mouth, with eyes wide and full of light. He loved the fact that the entire narrative was literally written in the stars, it was poetic and heartbreaking and his favorite to tell you because he claimed that one day the two of you would be written in the stars too. 
“You’ve been spaced out all night, what’s going on up there?” He smiles, and gently brings his hand up, knocking gently against the crown of your head as if to wake you up from your bewitching daydream. 
“Do you ever wonder where we would be if we hadn’t met each other?” You say abruptly and sit up, turning your body to face him. He has a gentle smile on his face, his eye glowing lilac. The color of his nostalgia. 
He shakes his head and rests his forehead against yours. “I used to, a lot actually. When we first started dating I always stayed up at night wondering where I would be if I had just left after paying my debt. But the guys kept me around, I loved that they supported each other and fought for everything they believed in. So I stayed. I almost left after the riot next to the yard, I was so scared they had finally caught on to what Tae was doing so I packed my bags. I was ready to leave until I found you in the small kitchen of the lab, typing away on your laptop, glasses sliding off your nose. You looked so determined, so passionate and I realized that the only thing I knew about you was your name, that you lived in the room next to Jungkook and Jimin’s and that every morning you left before the sun woke up.” He leaves a gentle peck against your lips and pulls back, giving you enough space again. 
You hum, snaking your arms up the side of his body, running over the ridges against the metal plates of his left arm, circling them around his neck. “I was always too scared to talk to you. Not because you were scary but because I had a huge crush on you and I was afraid to make a fool out of myself in front of you.” You give him a smile, loving the way he melts against you. “Why did you talk to me that night?” 
“I didn’t want to leave and regret anything. Before that night you were always just Tae’s friend who helped around in the yard every once in a blue moon and the girl Hoseok had a huge school boy crush on. So, I kept my distance.” He shrugs and brings his hand up, placing it against your chin. “I’m glad I sat down in front of you that night though. I’m glad that I managed to say something despite my nerves overflowing out of my pores. You were so easy to talk to and so willing to just listen. You never interrupted me while I unbashefully told you all about my struggles. Instead you hugged me, something only my mother had ever done and it meant so much to me that I stayed.” 
You nudged his hand, letting it caress your cheek before pressing your lips against his palm. “I’m happy you stayed, otherwise I wouldn’t know what true love feels like.” 
“Want to go inside?” Namjoon asks, moving his hand down your cheek and letting it rest against your hip. “I have a lot of love for you in me and I can only think of a few ways of letting it out.” 
You laugh. It’s small and doesn’t last very long but it’s enough to cover the sounds of your hammering heart. “Can you finish the story first?” You protrude your bottom lip, begging like a child for five more minutes of their parents' attention. Namjoon wants to kiss you, erase the way your teasing eyes are egging him on. But he restrains, as much as he loves the idea of making love to you, outside in the backyard of Jimin’s family summer home. The mosquitoes are brutal and he doesn’t love the idea of them enjoying the scent of your sweet skin as much as he does. In every sense of the word he was yours and you were his. So he restrains himself for the third time in the night. 
“Are you going to pay attention this time?” He manages to force out. 
You nod, turning around in his arms, resuming your previous position, intertwining both of your hands with his. “I like the ending, it’s the only part I like.” 
“You only like it cause it ends.” He chuckles and leans down kissing your temple. His lips stop above the tip of your ear, his breath sending an earth shattering shiver down your spine and pulls you tightly against him. “He makes a deal with both Cepheus and Cassiopeia.” He whispers leaving a light kiss against the tip of your ear. “If he saves Andromeda, he gets her hand in marriage.” He moves your hair away from his neck and leaves a gentle kiss against it. “They agree and though Perseus is outnumbered, he wins using Medusa's head to kill Cetus.” He says, lips skimming down your neck, leaving behind the ghost-like touch of his kisses. “Then they married, grew old together and the God’s placed them in the sky as a lesson for the ages.” He mumbles into the skin between your neck and collar bone, finishing the drawing of the constellation onto your skin. 
“A love within the stars.” 
Tumblr media
Your laugh bounced off the dark wooden walls of the vacation home. Namjoon was trailing behind you, his arms outstretched in front of him as he chased you up the steep wooden stairs. “We should’ve just gone to the fishing house.” He whines, closing the distance while you quickened your steps. 
“I don’t want to smell like fish, plus I saw a spider web in there earlier.” You shudder, trudging down the narrow hallway towards the white door leading into the master bedroom. Namjoon comes up behind you, he puts both of his arms on either side of your body, encasing you in. “The skylight is here and I want you to love me underneath the stars. I want to let them catch a glimpse of our story for them to write.” You whisper, grabbing the door handle behind you. He lets out a low groan, pressing his body against yours. The tip of his nose buried into your hair, letting your smell overpower him. It was sweet with a hint of lavender, enough to get him begging on his knees for you if you were to ever ask him too. 
“Open the door baby girl.” Namjoon mutters. The command berating from the back of his throat coated in lust. It’s low enough for only your ears to catch, but not loud enough for it to travel through the bubble surrounding the two of you. It sends a pleasing shiver down your spine, plaguing you with impatience as you fight with the door handle that seemed to not want to budge.
He crosses over the thin threshold between you and his patience. Covers your hand with his and forcefully pushes open the door. It hits the wall behind it, making you wince. But you don’t have enough time to scold him or process the inevitable damage because Namjoon’s hands are around your waist, his lips attack your neck and he’s pushing you towards the white linen-clothed bed. 
“You drive me crazy.” He tongues your sweet spot. The one located just beneath your left ear. He marvels against it, loving the sweet sighs falling out of your mouth while he sucks his mark on you. Something you rarely allowed him to do in fear of your work colleagues making it into a big deal, filling up your time with questions that didn’t concern them. But the two of you were away for three days. It was three days away from the city, surrounded by the sweet sounds of nature. Three days where he could leave his visible imprint on you without anyone else’s intruding curiosity. 
“I seriously can’t get enough of you baby girl.” He guides you down onto the bed, pushes your legs apart and settles in between them. His face hidden in your neck, breath hitting your skin in a sweet chill. His chest rises and falls against yours, his hands take the white comforter in a tight grip. 
“Don’t hold back Joon, I want you.” You leave a light kiss against his temple. 
Whenever it came to sex. Namjoon needed your verbal confirmation. He refused to move forward even though he wanted to, even though your body reacted sweetly to his touch, until he had your verbal confirmation. It was something you became aware of during the first night you spent together. 
The two of you were shaking, giggling like teenagers as each of you removed each other’s clothes. He shied away when you first took off his shirt, marveled at the scar tissue that connected his shoulder and metal arm. Your fingers had a mind of their own when they lightly ran over the metal plates between decorating his shoulder blades and hip bone. He was beautiful, still human in your eyes, with a few embellishments that kept him alive. You loved them and loved him and you were determined to show him how much you did, until he stopped you. His left eye seared in fear, while his right eye glowed red, lust hidden behind his soft piercing gaze. He needed you to say it, his strength unknown to him and the last thing he wanted was to hurt you. So, ever since that night, every night that followed he would let himself go until a certain point. He waited, breath labored until you gave him the verbal go ahead. When you did he would come into himself, shed his fear and give you all the love and passion he harbored for you. 
It was like magic. He was like magic, igniting you whenever he could. 
“Lay against the pillows angel, tonight is about you and I want to take it slow.” He taps your hip gently and you oblige by scooting yourself up the bed until the back of your head meets the pillows. 
“Are you sure you can take it slow?” You tease, sneaking your hands underneath his navy blue shirt. They matched his sweats and for some reason something about the whole ensemble made your lover irresistible. “We’ve been teasing each other all night, I’m surprised we even lasted this long.” Fingers run up the ridges of his toned abdominal muscles, pushing up his shirt. He catches the knowing glint dancing behind your eyes and brings it over his head, tossing it to the side. 
He places both of his hands underneath the waistband of your already unbuttoned jeans. He laughed when you had unbuttoned them earlier, claiming he had impregnated you with a food baby due to the amount of food he fed you. He shook his head before promising that one day, further into the future he would impregnate you with an actual baby if you wanted too. That almost made you give in, but you stood your ground, took a swing from the wine bottle and pushed his words to the back of your mind. 
“Trust me I almost didn’t, I wanted to christian this entire house the second I parked in the driveway.” He says and pulls them down with your help, leaving you in your oversized t-shirt and bright white panties he saw you buy online a few weeks ago. They had been a part of every fantasy he had of you since that day, excitement flowing through him as he touched himself in his room, knowing you were three doors down. He couldn’t wait for the day until he could see them on you, waiting for him to rip them off. 
His wishes were finally being fulfilled. 
“Can I tell you a secret?” You sat up on your elbows, tilting your head to the side. Namjoon nods, throwing your jeans off to the side. “They’re crotchless.” You say and open your legs to him, leaving nothing to the imagination, your dripping arousal shines against the light of the moon. Namjoon all but loses it. 
“Fuck I don’t think I can take it slow.” He grunts, closing his fists and lays down on his stomach. You laugh and watch as moves so he’s closer to your crotch. “Is this why you didn’t just take your pants off earlier?” He kisses the waistband of your panties and pushes your shirt up further. A low moan leaves his mouth as he takes in your matching bra. He swears he’s going to die. He feels it, feels the wave as it travels up his body and closes over his heart. For a second he thinks this is the best way to go, until his eyes find your pussy, so wet and insatiable, ready to be played with. And he decides that buried in between your legs is the best way to go. 
“I didn’t want to give away my secret so early in the night.” You bite your lip as he kisses down your pubic bone, hooks his arms underneath your thighs and pulls you closer. He doesn’t falter wants to hear you say it, even though he’s literally face to face with all the proof he needs. But this was a game the two of you had been playing all night long. 
He wasn’t going to be the first one to cave. 
“You’ve been wearing these all day?” He shifts kissing your inner thigh. “I could’ve just put my hand down your pants and there would’ve been nothing separating my fingers from your pussy?” He bites down, pulls on the flesh and lets it go with a pop. You hiss as he runs his tongue over the bite mark, kisses it gently when you tremble against him and smirks against your skin when your hands make their way into your hair, knowing he’s won. 
“Yes.” You tangle your fingers in his hair, letting every single lock of hair fill the spaces between your digits. “I wanted you too, fuck Namjoon please touch me.” Your voice feels small as you beg. The whine is music to his ears and he caves. 
“As you wish, baby girl.” He moves, goes back to kissing your pubic bone, until they’re hovering over your center. You lift your hips, whimpers running up your throat past your lips. “So pretty.” He says before connecting his lips, running his tongue up your slit. It feels like heaven, the way he laps at your drenched pussy repeatedly, like he didn’t just eat a full course meal two hours ago. 
He closes his plump lips around your clit, your hips buckling coming up to meet his mouth. He kisses it, massages it with his tongue as if it were your tongue and sucks on it. No matter how many times he eats you out, Namjoon always manages to leave you breathless. “J-Joon, mmm, can you use your fingers?” You arch your back when he bites down gently, nibbling on the swollen bud and pulls away.
“Which one’s?” He takes the band of the lace that’s supposed to cover you in between his teeth and pulls on it. He sends you a wink before letting it go. It ricochet’s against your pussy lips, sending a sweet wave of painful pleasure up your body. 
“The metal one’s.” You pant, tugging on his hair and push his face to meet your lifted hips. 
“Aren’t you happy that Tae upgraded my arm, no more metal that rusts so I can finally do this.” He’s cocky, you hear it laced in between the syllables of each word he lets slip out. But you don’t get a chance to answer with a snarky remark before he plunges two of his metal fingers inside of you. Somehow they feel bigger than his normal ones and having both of them inside of you is sending you over the edge. You silently thank Taehyung for finally using that brain of his correctly while creating Namjoon’s new sleek black monochrome arm. 
“Does it feel good, I need your words baby.” He moves them slowly, pacing himself. He sighs happily when he realizes he can still feel your delicious walls wrapped around him. 
Technology is fucking amazing. He concludes. 
“So good, keep going.” 
He hums and picks up his pace before tonguing your clit, moaning against you when he finds that mushy velvet spot inside of you. He toys with it, while his name falls out of your lips in breathy whimpers. You sound so beautiful, you feel so good around him and you taste so sweet. He really wouldn’t mind his last moments of life to be here between your legs. 
This is all the happiness he could ever need, if he were to ever lose it again. 
He tugs on your clit, releases it before running his tongue over it to minimize the pain. “Gonna cum around my metal fingers baby girl?” He picks up the speed, running his tongue over his lips, licking up the rest of your essence coating his lips. He sits back and brings his flesh hand down against your thigh making you jump. “Answer me my angel or I’ll leave you here all needy and desperate until you're begging me to cum.” 
“Mmm,” You arch your back when the index and middle fingers of his flesh hand come in contact with your clit. “F-Fuck this feels so good Joon, please I’m so close.” You arch your back running your hands over your stomach, pushing your shirt up until it's bunched up underneath your chin. 
Your nipples are hard against the innocent lace of your bra. He watches as you pull the material down and pinch them. The added stimulation makes you clench around his fingers, while you switch, rolling your palms against your nipples. You look so delectable, touching yourself while Namjoon has you at his mercy. He loses his focus and let’s go, growling as he feels your pulsing walls get tighter around him. “God, I can’t wait until I’m inside you, you feel so good right now baby girl.” He pants, wishing he had taken his pants off earlier. His cock was so painfully hard, straining against his tight boxers. 
“Baby, oh my, Joon I-” Your sentence is cut off as your body bounces off the bed. Your mouth opens in a silent scream as it hits you hard. You feel it rush through you, between your legs soaking his fingers, the bed and your panties. Namjoon works you through it slowly, eyes wide as he takes in the mess he just helped you create. He whispers sweet praises while you come down. You barely acknowledge them as the ringing in your ears gets louder, your body twitching as the overstimulation takes over. 
“Fuck,” He whispers, taking his fingers out, bringing them up to his mouth, liking up your cum, moaning at the sweet taste. He hovers over you, planting a sweet kiss against your cheek, “Baby come back to me.” He whispers, laying down next to you. His hand travels up the side of your body, drawing patterns against your skin. “I’m here with you, come back sweetheart.” Waving off the terrified timbre masked in between his vocal chords. This has never happened before, and now his mind was running around paranoid as he took in your blank gaze. 
You blink rapidly, feeling yourself finally coming down. “Wow.” You turn to look at him, meeting the concern wavering behind his irisis, “You just made me squirt Joon.” You laugh in disbelief, hiding your face into his chest. 
“Honestly, one of the top five hottest things you’ve ever done.” He says and pulls you close. “But you scared me for a second there.” He kisses the crown of your head. “We can stop here if you want, I can take a cold shower and then we can continue later when you’re less sensitive.” 
You shake your head, tightening your arms around him. “I want to keep going, give me a few minutes.” 
“Are you sure?”
“Positive Joon.”
Tumblr media
His touch was soft, almost fleeting as he carefully undressed you leaving you bare in front of him. He sat there for a second, hands resting gently against your hips, thanking the round skylight above the two of you. The light of the moon, casted upon you like a spotlight, illuminating every single inch of skin, accentuating everything he loved. His chest swelled with pride as the faint marks he carved into your body seemed to glow against the soft white light. You looked like a goddess the very one’s he spent his entire upbringing reading about. 
He was so damn lucky. 
“Stop staring.” You bring your hands up to your face, embarrassed. 
He felt something turn in his chest, his face morphing into a scowl. He leans down, hissing at the feeling of having your body against his, his cock poking your thigh, itching to just move a few inches to the left so he could be where the two of you needed him to be. “Don’t hide from me, you’re beautiful.” He takes your hands away and locks them with his placing them above your head. 
“Sometimes when you look at me like that I never know what you’re thinking and it scares me.” You confess.
Namjoon presses himself further into your thigh, “I’m thinking about how beautiful you are.” He captures your lips with his in a gentle kiss. It doesn’t last long before his lips are traveling down your chin and neck. “How sexy you are.” He whispers against your skin, nibbling gently as he makes his way down the valley of your breasts. “How incredibly lucky I am to be loved by you.” He looks up at you through hooded eyes, your breath catches itself in the back of your throat, a smug smile etched into his lips. “How much I love you.” 
A shameless moan runs past your lips as he takes one of your nipples into his mouth. He circles his tongue around it, massaging it, sucking on it. His eyes burning holes into yours. You try to keep yourself from shying away, not because you’re embarrassed or scared but because every time he looked at you like you were his entire world, his entire galaxy, it overwhelmed you. 
He lets go of your nipple with a sultry pop and runs his tongue over it one last time before giving your other nipple the same attention, letting himself moan in sweet utter bliss. 
He loved your boobs, well he loved your entire body, but he loved playing with your boobs, or simply touching them. If he wasn’t so desperate to feel you wrapped around him he would spend a few more minutes just feeling up your breasts, but he was so needy. So turned on that he can’t wait another moment, unless he wants to come untouched against your leg. He knows you wouldn’t be opposed to it, you love being covered with his cum. A kink of yours he lets himself indulge in every once in a while. But right now he doesn’t want that and by the way you hold his hands in a vice like grip, hips tantalizing him, he knows you don’t want that either. 
“We forgot to buy condoms Joon.” You whisper. It wasn’t a big deal, you were on the pill and had been taking it for a year now to regulate your period and he knew that. But you needed something to say. Something to break through the sound barrier caused by your heavy breathing, to refocus him, plant him back down into the moment to let him know that you needed him desperately. 
He chuckles against your nipple, sending the vibrations through your body. He let’s it go, licks it one last time before sitting up, letting go of your hands and dropping them down to your sides. “Good thing my pull out game has gotten better.” He winks. 
“The pregnancy scare we had two month ago says otherwise.” You joke. 
He ignores you, giving you one last chaste kiss before reaching over your body to get to the bedside table. He grabs the lube he conveniently didn’t forget to buy, and situates himself back in between your legs. 
You roll your eyes and sit up against your elbows, tapping his knee with your foot. “I don’t need that, I’m pretty sure I’m wet enough.” Words hinting at the events that happened earlier because of him.
He shrugs smugly, as he replays the way you squirted all over him earlier. After you had relaxed, felt yourself gain the strength you had lost, he pulled another one from you. This time with just his mouth and his fingers pinching your nipples. It was a talent he didn’t know you had, and he wanted to find every which way that could get you performing like that again. 
“Don’t want to hurt you.” Namjoon says, grabbing hold of his cock. He swipes his thumb over the tip collecting the bead of precum before massaging in, spreading it  around his head. You pout, silently cursing him for not letting you touch him, for not letting him use your mouth to get himself off. You wanted his lingering taste against your tongue, but he refused. Told you that you had the entire weekend to go down on him, but that tonight was only about you. 
He uncaps the bottle and squirts a generous amount on himself. Uses his hand to coat himself with the clear liquid, until it’s standing proudly, shining against the light. He lets himself go before he gets carried away. 
You shudder, caught off guard when he squirts some of the lube onto your pussy and throws the bottle away to the side. He bites his lip watching as it runs down your slit slowly, your fingers traveling up your thighs so you can spread it around. But you stop, the look in his eyes tells you not to once he realizes what you were discreetly trying to do. 
He guides his cock to you, tapping himself against your clit before using his head to spread around the lube. The sight was so immoral, it had you clenching over nothing. Once he’s satisfied, confident that his precum, mixed with your essence and the lube is coating you generously, he positions himself at your entrance. 
“Ready? Use your words if it gets too much, I know I’ve overdone it tonight but I’ll stop if it gets too much.” 
“Just put your cock in me Namjoon, you talk too much.” You're left breathless when he takes your words literally and pushes himself in. You feel everything. The way your walls stretch over him, painfully and sweetly. The way the veins of his cock seem to leave imprints against the velvet skin of your pussy. He feels so good, so big, filling you up as he keeps pushing inside slowly. 
“I think we both need a lesson in patience.” He hisses when he’s finally bottoms out. “Always so tight.” He doesn’t move, let’s you get used to him, uses his hands to shift your focus onto the way he grabs hold of your thighs and wraps them around his waist. 
A loud moan escapes you at the shifting of the angle. He’s already hitting your g-spot and he hasn’t even moved. You wrap your arms around his waist and pull him close, “Move baby, I can handle it move.” You nod, grabbing hold of his ass. 
He laughs and pulls his hips away, not enough to disconnect the two of you, but enough to leave room for some space to push in. So he does hard and slowly, pacing himself. He huffs, digging his fingers into the skin of your thighs as he keeps his movements controlled. He doesn’t want to lose himself yet. Not when the image of you splayed out underneath him, tiny moans leaving your perfect lips is burning itself deep into his memory. 
He loves you so much. Loves that you were his first. Loves that he’s so comfortable with you to explore all these kinks he never knew he had. Loves that you trust him enough to let go of all your control for him.
“You feel so good, baby girl. I can stay here forever.” He says, buries his head into the crook of your neck, picking up his pace. 
You savor the way he’s hitting all the right spots. It’s amazing how in tune he is with your body, that he’s memorized everything that makes you unravel. He’s pushing into you hard, hitting that soft fleshy part in your every time and it’s driving you insane. You feel your orgasm building up fast. Feel it start from the pit of your stomach as it slowly travels around your body. 
“Joon, I’m close.” You pant, pressing your hands into his back and pushing him closer. 
He lifts up his head, eyebrow quirked up, “Already?” 
You nod, hiding your face into his chest. “Sorry Joon.” Normally you would last longer, needing some extra help from his fingers to get you where he wanted you to be. But you blame the two powerful orgasms he managed to pull from you earlier. You could tell as desperate as he was, he wasn’t anywhere near close to cumming and you felt bad, knowing that after this you would be too sensitive to continue. 
“It’s okay just cum baby, let me feel you.” He snakes his hands underneath your body, squeezes your ass cheeks and lifts you up slightly. He fucks into you hard, yet carefully enough so he doesn’t hurt you. You feel yourself clench around him, the harder he pounds into you. His cum filled balls slapping against your skin. 
The noises the two of you are making are so loud and raunchy, the headboard pounding into the wall behind it, creating tiny unmasked dents. Everything feels and sounds so good, it makes his mouth water. He’s grateful that the two of you are alone. That the only sign of civilization is miles away, because you're free and he’s free and the two of you can be as vivacious as you like without a care in the world. 
Your mouth opens, screaming out his name in devotion. You come undone, the force pushing him out of you as you make a mess for him for the third time that night. He has no idea what he has done to get your body to react in such a way but he doesn’t question it. Instead he watches you, eyes wide in pleasure, back buckling away from the mattress, legs shaking in ecstasy, pussy clenching over nothing while your substance soaks up everything underneath. 
If he were to ever die young, he wants this to be the last thing he sees. 
He fists his hand around his cock and moves it around pleasing himself at the sight of you coming down from your high. He can feel it coming and wishes he had felt it earlier, wondering what it would feel like with you squirting around him, while he buries his cum deep inside your pussy. 
Your chest is heaving as you watch still coming down from your high, heart pounding against your chest, resting your hands on top of your stomach. “Come on me Joon.” You croak out, voice hoarse from screaming his name like it was the last thing you would ever say. 
Namjoon moans, let’s the pleasure take over him as he leans over your spent out body, the tip of his cock poking your pubic bone. He thrusts himself into his hand, attempting to make it as tight as your pussy. He looks deep into your hungry eyes.  It only takes a faint smile from you to have him coming undone. He moans your name out loudly, coating your stomach with translucent white ropes of cum. You coarse him through it gently, running your hands down the side of his body, before he collapses next to you. 
“So much for taking it slow.” He chuckles, taking a deep breath as he tries to put air in his lungs again. 
You laugh, swiping your index finger into the pool of his cum, collecting some and bringing it up to your mouth. A satisfied hum leaves you as you let him coat your taste buds. 
“Don’t do that, I’ll get hard again and you need a break.” He places his arm around your waist and kisses your cheek. “You squirted for me three times, baby, do you know what that does to me. My ego is through the roof right now.” 
“Don’t get too excited I’m pretty sure you put something in those strawberries, I honestly didn’t know I could do that let alone three times.” You say in disbelief, arms hugging the back of his neck and bringing him close. 
“Ah my god like skills at tempering chocolate got to you. Noted.” He laughs, placing his metal hand on your cheek. The fondness in your eyes, makes his heart jump.  “Why are you looking at me like that?” 
You smile and tap the corner of his right eye, “It’s white, I’ve never seen that one before.” You whisper letting your thumb go over the outline gently. “What does it mean?”
“That I’m completely infatuated by you.” 
Tumblr media
You forgot to shut the blinds last night. 
After Namjoon drew you a bath, changed the sheets and massaged your back, you felt so relaxed that you fell asleep, forgetting about the blinds. 
A groan of annoyance with a silent mumble of a curse leaves you. The aches all around your body light up like a wildfire, reminding you of the passionate love you and Namjoon shared last night. You stretch out your hand, curiosity dawns on you when you feel the emptiness of the space next to you. Namjoon nowhere to be found. 
Confused, you sit up grabbing a hold of your phone to check the time. 7:30am it read. Namjoon never wakes up this early, and when he needs to, you need to pry him awake as he whines about just needing five more minutes to rest his eyes. You push the sheets away, move slowly, feet barely hitting the wooden floor when the door of the room bursts open. Creating another dent next to the one from last night. 
Jimin was never going to let you use his family's vacation home again. 
“Don’t get up, lay down again.” Namjoon’s soft command reverberates off the walls, shocking you. You nod and pick up your feet again, scooting up the bed so your back is against the headboard. 
Namjoon smiles happily, showing off his perfect dimples and walks over to the bed, carrying a tray full of food in one hand and mug of coffee in the other. The sweats he wore the day before hanging low against his hips. He looked delectable.
“You made breakfast?” You ask, extending your arms out to grab the tray from his hands. Your mouth watering at the sight of the huge stack of blueberry pancakes, the few slices of bacon and the bowl of chocolate covered strawberries which makes you laugh lightly. You shouldn’t have said anything last night, now he wasn’t going to stop feeding you chocolate covered strawberries. 
“Mhm...woke up early to make it.” He places his knee on the bed, setting his mug on the nightstand before giving your head a light kiss. “Good morning my love.” He whispers before getting up. 
“Morning Joon.” You tilt your head as he makes his way out of the room. “You aren’t going to eat with me?” You pout, yelling after him. 
“I still have to get your freshly squeezed orange juice by yours truly and I forgot the utensils.” He answers, his hasty footsteps sounding against the floorboards. 
Always so forgetful, your boyfriend. 
You grin and take a bite out of a bacon strip, moaning as it practically melts in your mouth. Maybe Yoongi teaching Namjoon how to cook wasn’t the worst idea. Not when he clearly honed a talent neither of you knew he had. 
“You look beautiful.” Namjoon says, the second he walks into the room again, setting down your glass of orange juice and utensils on the nightstand. He sits on the bed and wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close. You mumble a thank you before, bringing a piece of bacon up to his mouth. He takes a bite, humming in approval, satisfied with his own work, before furrowing his brows. 
“What’s that on your finger?” He points to your left hand. 
You give him a strange look and slowly lift your hand up. “What do you mean, it’s my fi-” Your words leave you when you finally see it. A beautiful, simple diamond ring, decorating the finger that supposedly leads straight to your heart. “Joon I...wait wh-Kim Namjoon what is this?”
“Marry me?” He whispers the question, full of fear and hope. His right eye glowing the same white it adorned last night. You don’t know what to say, or you do know what to say but your mind has somehow gone blank, rendering you speechless. 
“You don’t have to give me an answer right now. Truthfully this wasn’t the way I wanted to propose but if you want we can forget about it an-” 
“Fuck, no.” You cut off his ramble, hands flying up to your mouth as you look at him with wide eyes and you see the slight hurt flash behind his dual chrome eyes.  “I mean don’t take it back, this is perfect.” You squeak out. “Wait I mean, yes. Yes Namjoon I’ll marry you.” 
It’s Namjoon’s turn to be speechless, so much so his body gives out and he almost knocks the tray full of food over. He composes himself quickly, grabs the tray from your lap and sets it far away from the two of you, before pulling you onto his lap. “Wait, is this really happening?” He all but whispers. His voice makes him cringe. He’s never heard it sound so small before and it shocks not only you but him too. 
“Why are you so surprised you’re the one that proposed?” You laugh, knocking your forehead against his gently. “Yes it’s really happening.” 
“I didn’t think you would say yes, so I didn’t think this far ahead.” He hugs you close, kissing your nose gently. “God I love you so much, I’m so happy right now.” 
“Is this why we came all the way out here?” You wiggle your ring finger in front of his face. It made sense. He had knocked on your door the previous morning and told you to pack clothes for three days, before disappearing down the hallway. He didn’t let you enough time to process anything before he was loading your bag and his into the trunk of his car and waving goodbye to your friends. 
It had confused you when all of them were shouting their goodlucks, but you ignored it. Assuming it had to do with Namjoon’s first time driving farther than a couple of blocks. But now everything made sense. This was planned and everyone knew. 
“Well yes, but also for the mind blowing sex.” He says cheekily, finally regaining his composure. 
“And everyone knew?” 
“Yes, they all helped me plan it.” 
“Unbelievable, all of you are unbelievable.” You shake your head, moving out of his lap and grabbing the tray of food. The weight of the ring on your finger felt odd, you weren’t used to it, especially knowing what it signified. Nevertheless you were so happy you could burst, and you bite your lip from hiding the prominent squeal of joy that was bubbling in the back of your throat. 
You look back at your boyfriend, sitting smugly against the headboard sipping on his now cold coffee. Finally, letting yourself indulge in the moment. This was everything you could ever want and need. 
It was perfect.
Everything was perfect.
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The Drop Of A Tear - 14
BTS V x Y/N (Reader)
Summary: Tae meets a woman who is very manipulative. Before he even notices anything, she got him around her finger. He decides to leave his wife Y/N and his four kids to start a new life with the new woman. This perfect house of cards that he had just started to build, starts to unfold as she starts to show her true face. Piece by piece it makes him feel sick. Tae notices his wrong doing as his house of cards starts to fall apart. Regret and hate towards himself makes him wish to turn things around. Will he be able to safe his house of cards and to get back what he once threw away?
It’s been minutes since Y/N keeps starring at the ceiling. The words Jungkook said, felt like medicine to her soul. Even if he might have not meant it one hundred percent the way he said it, it still feels good to hear that she would still be looking good for a mother of four. A smile escapes her lips the longer she thinks about his words. It has been a long time since any compliment was directed to her looks positively. The insecurities about her looks are coming back into her mind as she sits up. Her eyes fall immediately towards the mirror. She tilts her head slightly as she brushes her right hand through her hair. As she steps out the bed, she sighs softly. Y/N puts on her slippers and steps towards the light switch to turn on the light. Her eyes immediately look into the mirror once again as she sits down on the corner of the bed.
“Where exactly, am I still beautiful?”, she asks herself as she looks up and down her mirror image. It might be a short question but it felt like a minute until she noticed that she did not care about her looks for a long time. Her hair is long, but the ends are damaged. Her nails are slightly broken and her nail polish is barely left on her nails. “I am surprised I even got the job...”, she says as she takes a closer look on her nails. Y/N’s eyes move from her knees, to the floor and back to the mirror. “I look so much older than back then...”, she sighs. “My eyes are still swollen. Even as a mother, I got those stupid pimples on my cheek. Why would Jungkook even say I am too beautiful to be an insect? He obviously did not look...” As her hand slides over her thigh, she gets up to step closer to the mirror. The eyes of her keep going up and down her legs. The shape, the stretch marks. Every inch of her body, she keeps looking closer at. “Those legs had better days.”, she comments as the memory of her honeymoon reminds her on how beautiful her legs looked like when they were crossed with Tae. The sunset above the sea, the only thing she heard was Tae’s heartbeat whilst she hugged him. All the memories come back at once like a wave rushing over her. In realization to where her head is heading, she shakes her head to stop  herself up from dreaming away.
It does not take long until she finds another spot on her body that she so deeply dislikes. “Stupid tummy. Why do I not get rid of you? Stupid fat roll...” Her hands find their way to her stomach and starts to squish it. “I was toned. I used to work out before I had a family of my own... I will have to start working out again. Next goal after everything has been taken care of, I will be getting fit again.”, she says confidently as she lets go of her stomach. “It would have been nice, if I went through with the surgeries that the surgeon suggested... I could look so much better today.” She keeps turning in front of the mirror as she stares at her butt. “The only good thing about my body change after becoming a mother. I finally have a nice butt but my breasts... God, I hate the way they look!” Upset of her current look, she takes the closest jacket next to her and covers up the mirror. “So much better.”
“Are you done?”, Jungkook asks as he makes himself being noticeable.
“Huh?”, she says surprised as she turns to look at the door, unaware that anybody had opened the door whilst she was in front of the mirror.
“I actually forgot one of my USB sticks over there.”, he explains slowly as he points at the USB stick next to her on top of the earlier washed clothes. “I brought it to the bedroom but forgot to return it to the studio.”
“Oh.”, Y/N comments as the redness in her face starts to show. Slowly, she picks it up and walks to Jungkook who just closed the door behind him. “Here you are.”
“Thanks.”, Jungkook says as he takes the USB stick from her. “Uhm, Y/N. Can I ask you something?”
“Why did you say those things about yourself?”, he asks carefully as he looks into her eyes intense.
“Sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about...”
“Why are you so judgmental with yourself? You were never vocally this judgmental to anybody around you. What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”, she lies again with a fake smile on her face.
“I think I already told you, do not use a fake smile on me. I can see that something is wrong and I think I even heard what it is about. Just tell me, why did you say that? You always courage your daughters to love themselves. You also tell them how perfect they are, why are you not saying the same thing about yourself to yourself?” Stunned by Jungkook’s words, Y/N clears her throat whilst she plays with her fingers.
“I don’t think that is any of your business.” Her voice sounds quiet and guilty. As Jungkook wonders what else he could say, Y/N looks away to sit down on the bed whilst looking almost everywhere but into his face.
“I think it is though.. I am here for you, which makes it my business.”
“But it is not your business. So, forget what you heard. It was just a ‘i-cannot-sleep-let's-talk-about-something-else-conversation with myself to get sleepy.”
“If I should forget what I heard, you need to listen to what I have to say. I can see on your face that you do not feel happy that I heard you...”
“Jungkook, my thoughts are my thoughts. You understand that, right?”
“Yeah. Yes, of course. Just as I understand that becoming older, looking older is a normal thing. Look at me and at the photos when I debuted. I am not the same person either. Not physically not mentally. That your eyes are swollen is normal due to the situation you are in. Not just that it is almost midnight as well and you are standing here hating your body.”
“Jungkook. You can stop as-”
“I am not done, so listen.”, Jungkook interrupts. Annoyed by Jungkook's words, she crosses her arms in front of her chest. “You might have pimples, but here is some news for you. Even I still get them. Your legs, they might not look like they did in your twenties, but trust me, they still look amazing. Your tummy? Oh, come on. It looks more than fine. When you sit down, there is barely a, how did you call it? Oh yeah, fat roll. You were toned, okay, it might have looked different back then. We can work out together if you want your toned body back. I have some weights here and trust me, the couch is great for training.”, he jokes. “But there is no fat that I can find on you.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Don’t you get it? You are very beautiful. I noticed that people turn their heads when you pass them. Did you not notice that? Y/N, you are so attractive. Do you know what makes you look unpretty?”
“Jungkook, I appreciate what you are trying to do here but-”
“Answer. Just answer me. Do you know what makes your body look unpretty?”
“I don’t know. I seriously don’t know, Jungkook.”, she sighs as she wishes Jungkook would finally be quiet and just leave the room.
“Then let me tell you. You are feeding this poison to yourself.”
“Hey, I watch my diet!”
“I am not talking about your diet. I am talking about what you just did.”, Jungkook explains as he walks to the mirror to uncover it. “You cover up the mirror to not look at yourself. What does it tell your mind once it is covered? That is your poison, Y/N. The more you say those bad things, the more you feed yourself with this negativity, the more you will believe every single letter of those negative words. Stop asking yourself why anyone says something good or bad about your body. You are the one within it. Embrace it.”
“I am not telling you how to do anything else, because you got that figured out. But I am telling you, as somebody who cares for you, stop poisoning yourself with those thoughts. Do you have any ideas how pretty you actual are? Trust me when I say, that there are women who are adoring other women for their looks. You have no clue how many of them would like to have a killer smile like you. Do you know that there could be someone who would like to walk into a room and get everyone’s attention just by appearing? You do that get this attention!”
“Jungkook, thanks but if I do not see it this way... Thank you, thank you for your kind words but I do not see any meaning in what you are saying.”
“Maybe you should spend time thinking about my words instead of what you do not like about yourself.”, he says in a tone which sounds like a father who is talking to his daughter in a strict tone.
“Why are you talking to me like that? You are behaving like I am a kid. I am an adult like you and a friend of yours. Who do you think you are to talk to me in this tone?”
“I talk to you like that because it drives me crazy!” Jungkook takes a long breath before he steps back to her. “How can someone, who looks like you, not see how damn pretty you are.”
“I am sorry! That is just how I feel...”
“Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to yourself!”
“Why are we even having this conversation...?”
“God damn, Y/N. If I could just simply confess to you and show you how pretty-” As soon as Jungkook notices what he just said, he stops himself from talking.Y/N watches as Jungkook’s eyes get bigger as he freezes on the spot. Confused, about what he said, she steps closer to him to have barely any distance to him.
“Confess what? What did you just mean by that?”, Y/N asks puzzled as she looks at him with widen eyes.
“Good night, Y/N.”, Jungkook says quickly as he walks outside the room and closes the door behind him quickly. “I am an idiot!”, he curses himself. “Why, why did I say that?” As he leans his head against the door, he hears some steps coming from around the corner towards him.
“Jungkook, why were you in mom’s room in the middle of the night?”, Y/N’s oldest daughter asks.
“How much did you hear?”, he questions concerned with one eye brow up.
“Nothing. I just came out of the bathroom and saw you walking out of mom’s bedroom.”
“Good. Time for bed. Let's go!”, he says in a fast pace as he puts his hand on her back to lead her back to the bedroom.
“Are you okay? Jungkook, why were you in mom’s bedroom?”
“None of your business, princess.”
“Did you confess?” Shocked, he stands still and looks at her. “You did? Finally!”
“Shh. Keep it down. Princess, listen closely. I did not confess to your mom and if you remember our conversation, I told you that now is not the right time. If you say it out loud like that, your siblings will hear you and tell your mother and if that happens, your mother will not believe a single word I would say. You understand that, right?”
“Absolutely. But when will you finally...?”, she asks innocently.
“When the time is right, I will do it but until then, get some rest.”
“Why are you not asleep yet?”
“I have to work on this one song.”
“Maybe you could read a good night story?”
“I do not want to wake up your siblings.”
“We are all awake.”
“What? You all should be already be sleeping since at least last two hours.” Y/N’s daughter walks fast towards the kids’ bedroom door to open it.
“We could not sleep and stayed up to talk about a few things.” Still surprised by the girl’s honesty, Jungkook walks into the room and closes it behind him as soon as the girl is sitting next to her sister.
“That still does not explain why nobody is sleeping.”
“We could not sleep and our little brother wants to hear a good night story.”, the older girl explains.
“I will not even ask why your little brother is not in his own bed. Your mother won’t be happy about it.”
“She does not need to know.”
“Princess!”, he calls with a warning tone.
“Okay, I will not do it again...”
“Good. Why did no one tell us that you need a good night story?”
“Because he wants this book.”, the older boy says as he hands the book to Jungkook. “I am not in the mood for reading such a long book nor are the girls. Mom wouldn't have read this one as this one is for the afternoon reading and I thought you were too busy.”
“Okay.”, Jungkook sighs as he looks at the book. “Fine, I will do it but then you must sleep. Even you, Champ.”
“Wait!”, the younger girl whispers. “You have to lie down with us.”
“But then I can’t leave for the work that is waiting for me without waking you up.”
“That is not my problem, uncle Jungkook.”
“You are very friendly tonight.”, he comments with a smile as he turns off the light. “Alright. Here we go.” Jungkook turns on the flashlight of his phone as he walks towards them.
“Where are you?”, Y/N wonders as she checks the toddler’s room once again. “How can a toddler just disappear? Okay, I got this. It must have been princess who brought him to their room.” Nervously, she leaves the toddler’s room. Once she opened the kids’ bedroom door, she found her four children sleeping peacefully with Jungkook lying in the middle with a big book on his chest. “Good morning everyone.”, Y/N says softly as she walks closer to them. “Good morning, good morning.” As soon she holds her son to her chest, he hugs her and it feels to her as he would continue his sleep in her arms soon. “So sleepy, young man?”
“Morning, Y/N.”, Jungkook says in a deep voice. “I must have fallen asleep after reading them a story.”
“You read them a story?”
“Well, to my surprise they were all awake after our conversation.” Just as he finishes his sentence, Flashbacks of the end of their conversation pops up in his mind. Quickly, he jumps up and runs pass her. All the eyes within the room, seem to follow Jungkook.
“Is uncle Jungkook alright?”, her younger daughter wonders. “He never ran in the morning. I think I never saw him running except when we played soccer.”
“He probably must use the bathroom urgently.”, her older son jokes. Whilst everyone laughed for a moment, Y/N fakes a smile as she turns back to her kids. “Who wants pancakes?”
“You made pancakes?”
“I was about to make some.”
“I’ll help!”, her girls say in unison.
“Alright.”, Y/N laughs. “I guess we three will make it together. Clean your teeth first and wash your face. I will be waiting in the kitchen.” Y/N announces as she leaves the room.  As she sees that Jungkook is almost out the door of his apartment, she steps closer to him. “Jungkook, do you have a minute?”, she asks as soon as she stands in front of him.
“Uhm, no. Sorry. I have to, you know, with... With someone and I cannot be late. They are waiting and I... You know... So, I got to go.”
“We can talk later. No big deal.” Jungkook nods as he storms out the door. “Your uncle did not even clean himself before leaving... You know what we call that?”
“Dirty.”, the toddler answers.
“Yes, that is right. That is dirty.”, Y/N laughs as she pets his head.
Jungkook quickly runs into the building of Big Hit once he gets out of his car. He tries to greet as friendly as he can whilst he tries to get to the practice room. Once he is inside the practice room, he looks around.
“Who are you trying to escape from?”, Jin asks as he sees how out of breath Jungkook is.
“Are you the only one here?”
“No, Jimin has arrived too. The others might come in later.” Jin watches curiously how fast Jungkook finishes his water bottle. “Are you alright?”
“No. No, I am not. I am actually not alright.”
“Does it have anything to do with Tae?”
“Somehow it does.”
“Yep.” As the door opens behind Jungkook, both turn to the door.
“Uh, Jungkook is practicing with us.”, Jimin says happily. “What happened? You are so out of breath.”
“I tried to figure it out.”, Jin explains.
“The answer I got it has somehow to do with Tae.” Jungkook steps closer to Jimin with a glare that makes Jin and Jimin a little nervous. “Why are you looking at him like you want to tear him apart?”
“You will help because of you I am in the situation!”, Jungkook tells Jimin in a warning voice.
“Did something happen between you and Y/N?”, Jimin wonders.
“You confessed and kissed?”
“Just confessed and she told you she does not feel the same?”
“Worse.” Confused, Jimin looks to Jin.
“Worse? What did you do?”
“If I would have not have let her stay at my place, I would have not heard her and I wouldn't be in this stress.”
“Tell me slowly. What happened?”
“I heard her speaking badly about her body and it annoyed the hell out of me and I found an excuse to walk inside.”
“Sounds alright…”
“Yeah, but somehow between telling her to stop thinking like that I said that if I could confess…”
“Congratulations! You finally told her.”
“Not exactly...”
“What do you mean?”, Jin wonders. “Did you or did you not confess to her?”
“I think I did… I am not sure.”
“Hold on.”, Jimin says as he scratches his forehead. “What happened afterwards?"
"I said good night and stormed out.” Jungkook watches his friends who keep exchanging facial expression before they start to laugh.
“Okay, that was funny. But honestly, what happened?”, Jin asks as he holds his stomach.
“Guys, I keep trying to stay away from her.”
“Are you for real? You needed so long to finally tell her and now you try to stay away from her?”, Jimin questions as his facial expression changes into a focused one.
“Yes. The horrible thing is she wants to talk with me about it tonight...”
“What is horrible about it? Don't you want to know how she feels for you or if there could be more?”
“Not anymore.”
“Damn, you are starting to sweat again.”, Jin says as he discovers how sweaty Jungkook’s face is becoming. “She really means something to you! Sorry Jimin. I truly thought you might be wrong.”
“It’s fine. At least I am not the only one who heard it from him right now.”, Jimin says as he touches Jin’s shoulders.
“Guys, help!”, Jungkook begs. “I feel like I am dying.”
“Listen, we will practice a little bit and during the break we talk about this, okay?”, Jimin suggests.
“Maybe I can help you with something ahead of your upcoming conversation.”, Jin suggests. “I still remember talking with Namjoon and Yoongi, before I confessed to my wife. I felt similar to you. Trust me, if it does not horrify you to hear a ‘sorry, i do not feel like you’, then she ain't the one for you. I bet she feels something for you, I can sense those stuff trust me.”
“You only try to relax me, aren't you?”
“I sometimes hate you for doing that.”
“It worked, didn’t it?”
“Only until you came up with the sense thing.”
Y/N puts the fork down after taking a last bite from her pancake and continues to feed her toddler. As she hears how the conversation of the kids become louder, she clears her throat to get her kids attention. “So, now that you all have eaten. I got some news.”, Y/N announces happily.
“News?”, her older daughter asks carefully. “What kind of news?”
“I will start my new job this Monday.”
“You got a job, mom?”, her younger daughter questions cheerfully.
“Yes. I will work together with Uncle Jimin’s wife. Which is why I needed you all at the table. Because of my new job, me or her will bring you to school or bring you home from school. Depending on who has to work in the afternoon, you will always be at the house of the person who picks you up after school.”
“That’s cool. That means we can go to their house after school?”, her son wonders.
“Probably. That brings me to the next point; you will all behave, okay? It can happen that your little brother will be picked up from her as well. I do not want you to cause any troubles, got me?”
“Yes.”, her kids answer in unison.
“As usual.”, her older daughter says confidently.
“Mom, I know it is something we do not like to talk about, but dad texted me yesterday.”, her son mentions nervously. The eye roll of her older daughter was the biggest one she ever did. Whilst ignoring her, Y/N tries to make an eye contact with her son.
“Oh really? What did he say?”
“That he will not make it to the game... He meant they got a recording on the day and if we could film it for him.”, he explains sadly. “I told him no, because he will not watch it anyway.”
“He would watch it. Your dad loves to see you play.”
“I think dad only tried to tell me that he does not want to come at all. He probably has nothing to do on that day.” As a tear rolls down her son’s face, his mother gets up to hug him tightly.
“I understand why you think like that but I do think that he wants to see his boy shooting a goal after the other. He always talked about how proud he is that you are the number two of best players in your team.”
“Why can he not just come? He just has to be there. I do not even expect him to cheer anymore.” Hearing her son’s disappointment makes her feel bad as she did not know what to say to cheer him back up. Carefully, she wipes his tears off his face.
“I have to bring the divorce papers to your father next week. I will ask him if he sees any chance of coming even if he is just coming for twenty minutes.”
“Even if just for ten minutes...”
“Text him that you want to see him there for a minimum of ten minutes and I will talk to him when I see him if he has not answered you by then, okay?”
“Okay.” Y/N presses a strong kiss on her son’s cheek.
“I will give you a new plate. Your tears landed on your plate.” As soon as she was far away from her kids, she tries to take a deep breath as she takes a new plate from the shelf. If Tae would miss this game as well, she knows that there is no chance that her son will forgive his father for it. There are only two games left for this season. Tae never missed the most important games, which were the last two. “Here we go.”
“Thanks, mom.”, he thanks her as he takes another pancake.
“You are welcome. Eat up kids. There is still some left even though I am sure that uncle Jungkook would not mind to eat them.”, Y/N plays with her toddler.
Nine o’clock. It has been twelve hours since Jungkook has not shown himself in his own apartment. As Y/N leaves the bathroom in her pajamas, she thinks about how to speak to him without him running away from her. Y/N follows the sound that seems to come from the kitchen. The closer she comes, the surer she is that it must be Jungkook.
“Hi.”, Jungkook greets whilst he takes a pancake.
“Hi.”, Y/N says as she walks closer.
“I have to take a shower.”, Jungkook says as he puts the pancake back into the fridge to walk away from her.
“Jungkook, will you keep on running from me?” Just as he thought, he stopped in his track and turns back to her.
“What are you talking about?”
“You are avoiding me since last night.”
“I am not.”
“You are. Can we please talk this out like adults?”
“Let’s sit down on the couch.”, Jungkook suggests as he grabs two small water bottles. He places both water bottles on the coffee table before he sits down. He waits until Y/N has sat down before he turns his body towards her. Nervously, he plays with his fingers as he can feel the anxiety building up within him.
“So, let’s talk about it. Why are you acting so strange?”
“Look, I am supporting you as much as I can, I know you know that. If the kids need me, I am here for them, you know that as well.”
“Yeah, I am aware of that and I am super thankful about that.”
“The last months, were hard on you, but they were not easy for me either. Not because I was helping you, but with all the emotions.”
“I thought we might talk about that...”
“You know what I am trying to say?”
“I guess you want to talk about the pressure that I had put on you...”
“That is not what I want to talk about.”
“No? Sorry, I thought that might be the reason why.”
“No, that isn’t it... Please, answer me honestly about what I am going to ask you next.”
“How do you feel about Tae?”
“Tae? Why you are asking me about him?”
“Please. Just tell me.”, Jungkook begs. His face shows how emotionally he feels on the inside to Y/N’s surprise.
“I have a lot of anger towards him. I hate him for what he had put us through but on the other side, he is their father and I want them to have a father in their live. I know how hard it is to be without a father...”
“Do you still love him?”
“I don’t think so. Look, there has been moments in which I felt like I am becoming weak but then I remember what he did and I cannot forgive those things. But there are also moments which remind me on his old personality.”
“Do you want him back?”
“No.” A sigh leaves his lips as his hands wipe over his own lips. “Why are you asking me those questions?”
“Because I would have just died if you would have said that you still have feelings for him and that you think about going back to him.”
“I don't think that I could ever try to have what I had with him again. That train left months ago. Feelings might still be there but they do not mean a thing.”, she explains slowly as she notices the nervous and insecure facial expressions of Jungkook. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I am just in disbelief that you think you might be still in love with someone who treated you like that.”
“I cannot help it. Maybe it is me trying to forget what happened to move on that I get these damn flashbacks of beautiful moments we shared. I mean, it has been twelve years. Jungkook, thirteen years is not something that I can just forget.”
“Isn’t the pain killing you?”
“You have no idea how much it hurts. Especially when I look at my little boy, knowing that there could be a little brother next to him. You have no clue how much it hurts that I send my daughter to spend time with her father even though she doesn’t want. When I think about my son this morning, when he talked about Tae missing his game, I thought I die with him. When my little girl asks me why kids in school are so mean to her lately whilst she cries and I try to cheer her back up. It all hurts.”
“You never showed how much in pain you still are...”
“I couldn’t do it. The kids saw way too much of things they should not be involved in. Hold on, is that why you thought I would go back to him?”
“The option was always there, but I kept hoping that you would not do it.”
“Trust me. I am done with him.”
“You do look like there is something else... What’s wrong?”
“Y/N, I will tell you one thing and I do not want to make things weird between us but I need to get it off my chest. Not saying a thing is killing me even though I do not know how it will affect us.”
“Okay. I promise you. Nothing will change between you and me-”
“As I said, nothing will change no matter how you feel about what I am about to tell you.” Y/N nods as she leans forward to make sure to catch every facial expression to the fullest. “Y/N, the reason why I am asking you about Tae is because I do not want to push myself between you and Tae.”
“Your worries are unneeded. Tae and I are past. Promise.”
“Good. I do not think you got what I tried to say though... Okay, I will try it like that. The last few months, I do not know why but my feelings for you have changed. You are not just a sister to me; you became so important to me. Look, I... God, it is harder than I thought.”, Jungkook comments as he takes a deep breath. “Y/N, I fell in love with you.”
“You fell in love with me?”
“Oh wow. Since when are you in love with me?”
“Honestly, since Tae introduced you to us. That is why I was so distant until I had my feelings under control.”
“But the two girls you introduced as your girlfriends... Did you not love them?”
“I did not. But I needed to get over you as you were getting closer and closer to marry Tae. The feeling I have for you, it is stronger than what I ever felt for anybody else. The feeling I hid so well inside me, is coming back stronger and stronger by day.”
“I do not know what to say.”
“Don’t say anything. I am not expecting you to give me your answer to what I just told you right away. If you excuse me, I need to calm myself down. I feel like I am about to fade.” He adds before he leaves the room.
“Hyung, you know I will not appear this late if it is not necessary.”, Tae says. “Can I not do that all on another day?”
“Why did you not mention it earlier on? All the production has been set for those three days. Everything is organized by now. I talked with my son that I will not be able to watch the game as I have work to do.”, Namjoon answers. “I cannot cancel anything anymore for you. Sorry, but it is simply too late.”
“But this is the second last game for this school year! As you just said, your son is playing too, you must know that it is very important for our sons for us to be there. I missed the last two games. This is one of the important ones. Namjoon, please. Talk with our manager once again.”
“What makes you think that I can change our manager’s mind? He said no to you and even contacted me already about your request. I cannot believe that you complained all afternoon to him that you must see your son play.”
“I had no other choice... You were not able to do anything?”
“No. Not even that you could leave for watching him from the car for a few minutes. Absolutely no chance.”
“What about your son? Will you not watch him either?”
“My wife will call me and I will watch it via FaceTime.”
“That is a great idea! I will watch it with you.”
“Will your son believe you when you say you watched it without anyone proofing that you did? He wanted you there. Tae, this game has been fixed for at least six weeks… This shooting was settled four weeks ago.”
“I will try to get someone to FaceTime me during the game.”, he comments as he picks up his jacket.
“Where are you going? You have just arrived…”
“Shopping. Y/N said she will come over this week. I got to prepare some stuff before she comes.”
“She comes over to your place?”
“Yes. I do not know the reason but I do not want to miss a chance to make things alright between us. I got to go!”, Tae says as he winks at Namjoon as he leaves.
“He truly believes that he can get her back, huh?”, Namjoon’s wife asks when she notices that Tae left.
“You were listening again?”
“Could not help myself. I do not like him being at our house, Namjoon.”
“He is my friend and band mate. What do you think I am supposed to do? Plus, he did not even say anything about him coming over.”
“I know. But right now, it might be better to keep him away. I said to Y/N that she could come over anytime, any day. She will not do that when she sees his car in front of the house.”
“I get that. But if I tell him that that is the reason why, he will camp outside.”
“He still does not know where they are at?”
“He doesn't. I want to keep things like that at least until after the next comeback.”
“I understand.”, she says as a long breath leaves her lips. With a little smirk on his face, he hugs his wife. “He is such an asshole.”
“I know your friendship with her hasn't been the same since.”
“I feel like she only talks with Jimin’s or Yoongi’s wife. I have no clue what happened the last two days.”
“Oh come on. You could call her, what do you think?” Smilingly, she pushes him away.
“Hey, I got a degree in psychology. I am licensed and you think I did not think about calling her?”
“Just saying.” The silence might lasted a half minute as Namjoon’s phone starts to ring.
“Tae again?”
“No, it is Hoseok.”
“Pick up and I will get the kids to bed. I see you in the shower?” With a big grin on his face, he nods as his eyes follow her body. “Don't forget to pick up!” Reminded by his wife, Namjoon picks up the phone.
“Hey. Make it short.”, Namjoon says as he walks towards the window to look outside.
“Nice greeting. Am I calling at the wrong time?”
“Kinda. Listen, I finally got some alone time with my wife without us being super exhausted.”
“Ooh.”, Hoseok says as he laughs for a moment. “Okay, I’ll make it short. Why is Tae asking me about Y/N living with Jungkook?”
“He asked you what?”
“He called me a minute ago.”
“He was at my house like five minutes ago but he only mentioned that he will meet up with her this week.”
“Well, Jungkook is totally through the wind, I was barely able to talk with him normally and Tae is mad at Jungkook for telling him to stay away from Jungkook's apartment.”
“What else did Tae say?”
“Nothing but that he does not understand why Jungkook is taking Y/N’s side… the typical things.”
“You did not say a thing about her living with him?”
“No. I said that the wives know where she is at but they won't tell us.”
“Do the others know about your excuse?”
“No, not yet.”
“Text them to let them know.”, Namjoon tells him.
“Honey, the kids are in bed and I am about to hit the shower. I thought you might want to know.”, Namjoon’s wife whispers as she places a kiss on his neck.
“I am coming.”, Namjoon confirms. “Hoseok, please text the others. Thanks for letting me know but I got to go.”
“Yeah, I heard her… Another Bangtan Baby?”
“No, my kids are enough.”
“Yeah, especially Mini-Me Namjoon.”, Hoseok jokes.
“Okay. I really got to go. We will talk tomorrow. Bye!”
“Bye. Have fun!”, Hoseok says laughing.
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circus-babe · 16 hours ago
My teacher | Seokjin Part 4
Tumblr media
Other parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
synopsis: Math isn’t and will never be your favorite subject. But what happens when a new math teacher is in town. Will you start to like math or him? Maybe even both.
Pairing: Seokjin x reader
Warning: Strong language, mature content.
Genre: smut, angst, fluff, teacher kink lmao?
Word count: 3k
It’s okay. You prepared all week for this. You decided to give each other space to think things through to see what happens. Turns out it was more difficult than you expected. All you did was miss him all week and overthink everything. 
After the week ended you decided to talk to him. And well he said he wanted to take you out for dinner, basically like a date he said. And of course you’re more than happy to go. So here you are all nervous and scared to see him again. 
It’s honesty a really fancy restaurant he invited you to. And that makes you even more nervous. 
As you walk in, heels clicking on the marvel floor. Looking around as you realized how beautiful this restaurant is. Big glass windows everywhere, everything including the plates were either gold or white. And you honestly love that those colors. There was also small and big plants on the corners of the room. It gave the room a fancy vibe. 
As you kept looking around, finally spotting him sitting on a small square table. It was a cute table for two. Walking towards his direction as he quickly looked up and got up quickly. Walking towards the table as he immediately grabbed you hand. 
“You look beautiful” He said while scanning you up and down. And that’s thanks to Jungkooks help. You and him decided to go shopping just for this occasion. It took you almost all day to find it. but it was worth it.
It was this simple silky black dress with spaghetti stripes that made your collar bone pop out nicely. It also has an opening on the leg area, making some of your upper thigh exposed. What you loved most about the dress was that it gave your body this slim figure look. 
As you start scanning him up and down, He was wearing a black suit that had a very soft material. Which over time he told you those were his favorites. His hair looked fluffy as always, which you loved. And don’t forget his silver glasses.  
As he held your hand helping you sit down, and he goes to his sit. Smiling at you. “Let’s order first, then I have some news for the both of us” He said, as you nod grabbing the menu. “Do you recommend me something?” You tell him and he quickly nods. 
“The steak, it’s the best one in my opinion” He said brightly smiling at you. You missed him so much. You want to hug him, give him a kiss. But you want to take things slow. It’s only for the better. As you were in your thoughts the waiter came to your table.
“May I have your orders?” He said while getting ready to write it on his little notepad. Seokjin quickly nods. “Can I have the steak?” He said as the waiter nodded. Looking at you as you couldn’t decide. But you’ll definitely go for the steak as well.  
“The steak as well” You told him as he nodded. “Two steaks coming right up” He said as he walked back to the kitchen. Directing your view to seokjin as he was already looking at you. 
“Did I mention how beautiful you look?” He said smiling as you just chucked. “I don't really remember” You said while touching your chin with your hand and he laughs. 
“Well then you look beautiful, I mean you always look beautiful” He said which immediately made you blushed. He realized it and chuckled to himself. Would things be different if you guys didn’t sleep for the first time? That’s a question that had been roaming around your head. And well decision were done, can’t change them now. Do you regret it? Of course not, it was the best night of your life. But what would’ve happened if you knew earlier? That’s a question that will never be answered. 
“You said you had news” You told him as he quickly nodded. Pulling out a small box and handing it to you. It was a cute small box with red ribbons connecting the bow. You smile and look up at him. 
“For me?” You asked him and he nodded. Slowly opening the box as you see a necklace. 
It was a beautiful silver thin necklace, with a blue butterfly pendant. It was so beautiful. Looking up at him as he got up from his sit. “Let me put it on for you” He said grabbing the necklace and putting it on. Touching the pendant as you smiled. Looking back at you as he headed towards his sit. 
“It’s beautiful Seokjin” You told him while smiling. 
“Not as beautiful as you” He said while grabbing your arms. And you couldn’t help but smile. “I missed you so much. It was just a week, but for me it felt like an eternity” He said while kissing your hands. You missed him just as much. You fell hard for him, you can't even deny that. You just hope things turn out well. 
“And well for the news” He took a deep breath as he looked at you happily. Did something happened?
“Well my son, I’ll be able to see him soon. Tomorrow I have to go to court and it’s the final day were they say who has custody over him.” He said as he smiled widely. Grabbing his hands tighter as you smiled at him. That makes you really happy. You could see it hurt him not being able to see him. 
“I’m so happy for you.” You told him as he kept smiling. “I want you to meet him. I want him to meet the person I love” He said kissing your hands one more time. And that made your eyes go wide. You meeting his son is something you actually thought about. Jungkook encourage you to meet him, but what if something goes wrong? What if he doesn’t like me? That’s the same questions you’ve wondering none stop. 
“And don’t worry he’s the sweetest little boy. He’ll definitely like you” He said as he smiled at you. And you just nod while smiling. As he was about to say something else you hear the waiter coming your way. Handing you and Seokjin’s steak as he went back to the kitchen. And without wasting time you both start eating. 
It’s honestly the best steak you have had. Not that you eat much steak but it’s good from the ones you have had. “This is really good” You told him while taking another bite. “I know right, it’s my favorite” He said while eating more. The way his cheeks became chubby while eating melted your heart. 
Sharing what you have been doing for the past week is what you both do after eating. And you found out that he planned so much for you. He also said that he has a lot of surprises for you, which got you excited. 
“Ah that’s right. I forgot to tell you the other part of the news.” He said taking a deep breath and looking at you. “I want to start a future with you. I been thinking about telling you for a month now, and well I wasn’t sure how you felt.” He said while going quiet. You have also been thinking about this question. And well you’re ready. You want a future with him. I think the time you were away from him showed you how lonely you feel without him. And it showed how much you really love him. 
“And well my question is, would you please be my girlfriend? I promise I won’t keep things from you. And I'll love you very much” He said while waiting for your response. And without thinking about it you smile at him and nod. “Yes” You told him. As his eyes got wide and quickly turn to happiness. Jumping from his seat as he yelled. Looking around as you see everyone looking at the both of you. Quickly Seokjin realized and apologized. As the waiter came back with seokjin’s card. 
Seokjin quickly grabbing it, taking you out of the restaurant. As you both stand in the side walk of the restaurant. And without waiting he kissed your lips. It was a soft kiss. A kissed you missed very much. 
Pulling you into a hug as he smiled. “I love you” He said hugging you even tighter. And you couldn’t help but smiled. “I love you too” You told him. All you can think about is a fututre together. Who would’ve thought that you would end up with your math teacher? Not you that’s for sure. 
“We have come to the conclusion to give his father custody. He has shown respect and cared for his son. Congratulations Kim Seokjin” Said the judged as seokjin smiled happily. Bowing down at him “Thank you” He said. As he turned to you with a smile. And you smiled at him back. After yesterday you decided to come with him. You know how special this day is for him. And how long he has waited. 
As the door opens a cute little boy comes out running towards Seokjin. As seokjin kneels down and catches him in his arms. Immediately the little boy starts crying in seokjin’s shoulder. “I missed you dad” He said while hugging him tighter. And that melted your heart. 
“I missed you to buddy” Said seokjin as he rubbed the back of his head with his hand. He’s like a mini version of Seokjin. It’s honestly adorable.
 As he picked him up and carried him in his arms. Seokjin quickly motions you to go with him. Quickly exiting the room as you see him carrying his son.
 As Seokjin turns around and smiles at you. Putting his son down. “This is my girlfriend, say hello to y/n” He said. As his son turned towards you. He quickly smiled at you. Running towards your direction as you hugged him tightly. Pulling away as you hold his little hands. 
“Hello! My name is Kim younji.” He told you with a smile. You could see his little teeths. Smiling as you nod. “Hello Younji! My name is y/n, nice to meet you” You told him while shaking his little hand as he giggled. 
“You’re pretty.” He told you as he touched your face with his little hand and you giggled. “Isn’t she?” Said Seokjin while bending down on his knees and Younji nodded. And you start blushing immediately. As seokjin pick him up again and taking your hand as you left the room. 
“Who wants pizza?” Said Seokjin while driving. And you could hear Younji wiggling his feets in his little chair in the back of the car. 
“Me! I do” Said Younji while giggling. Seokjin looked at you as you smile. Putting his hand on your thigh as you jump from surprise. And he just smirked at you. “Seokjin” You mumble under your breath. He quickly laughed and kept driving. 
As you both finished eating, Seokjin decided to head back to his home as he told you to go with him. You happily agreed. And you stay there all night as you play with Younji. His little self eventually got exhausted and Seokjin lay him in his bed. As you were planning to head home Seokjin didn't want you to. So you both cuddle in the couch while watching movies. 
“Are you sleepy!?” You asked him while he was trying to keep his eyes open. Quickly opening his eyes wide. “Of course not” He said while giving you a small kiss on the lips. You pat his head as he closed his eyes with a smile. “Come on go to sleep” You told him while getting up and dragging him to his room. Opening the door as you lay him down. 
“Stay with me” He told you while smiling. But then you’ll have to stay. And you do want to stay, but you have to call your parents. Walking out of the room as you hear him call your name. Quickly grabbing your phone as you dial jungkook’s number. 
“Y/n is something wrong? You never call this late” He answered with a worried tone. As you chuckled at his answer. Jungkook has always been over protective with you. He looks after you which you appreciate very much. 
“I’m fine. So I need you to do me a favor” You quickly told him as he laughed. 
“I knew you didn’t call me for no reason. What’s up?” He told you as he laughed. And that’s honestly true. Now you feel bad.
“Well I want to stay at Seokjin’s home today. But” You said while nervously biting your nails. 
“But what? you haven’t told your parents about him” He responded. He knows your too well. 
“Exactly! I'm planning on telling them soon. I mean we just started dating yesterday.” You told him as he agreed. 
“Yeah I understand. Just tell them you're over at my house. I’ll handle it when they call” He said. This is why you love him so much. He's just the most amazing bestfriend ever. 
“Thank! I love you so much” You told him which caused him to chuckled. Quickly hanging up and dialing your mothers number. The feeling in your stomach isn’t pleasant. 
“Y/n where are you?” She answered as it makes your nose scrunch. “I’m with Jungkook. You can call him” You told her as you felt a pair of hands wrap around your waist. Looking to your side as you fell Seokjin’s chin on your head. Smiling as he hugged you tighter. 
“Ah okay!” She said as you didn’t really hear the other part she said, since you were too focus on seokjin’s hand on your entrance. As he rubbed his fingers in your entrance making you cover your mouth with your hand to stop yourself from moaning. Throwing your head back on his shoulder as he leaned closer to your ear. 
“Why don’t we take this to the room?” He said while kissing your ear softly. As you nod quickly. 
“Mom I'll see you tomorrow. I want to sleep” You said as seokjin try holding his laugh. As she said her goodbyes you quickly end the call. As Seokjin picked you up and took you to the bed. Quickly laying you down. 
As he takes his shirt off and leaning closer towards you. “We don’t want to wake up Younjin. So be a good girl and stay quiet.” He said as he started softly kissing your stomach all the way towards your thighs. Making you gasp as you cover your mouth with a pillow. As you feel him slowly taking your underwear off. He takes the pillow away from your face and kissed your lips. You start to take your shirt off which made him stared at you. Which was actually his shirt but he let you used it, since you wore a dress. 
As he went down to your thighs. Kissing your inner thigh making you gasp once again. Seokjin’s lips pressing softly on your skin, leaving wet kisses just inches closer to your womanhood. Biting your lip as you looked up. it’ll take everything in you not to moan.
He had finally come face to face with your womanhood, placing a soft kiss on it. You start to shiver when he presses his warm tongue against your entrance. Holding the pillow tighter as you felt him move his tongue in circles. 
The moment he made contact with your entrance was enough for you to go wild. Bringing your hands down to his hair, you push his face deeper in your entrance. Making a quiet moan leave your mouth. You soon started to roll your hips to the moment of his lips. Your fingers tangled in his hair as he pulled away while licking his lips. 
Even though you both just started, your mind was blank. You couldn’t think of anything. It was just so foggy with lust. Leaning closer to you as he unclipped your bra, that he immediately tossed on the corner of the room. As he reached for a condom on his nightstand, while keeping eye contact with you. Placing a hand on your cheek and pulling you towards his lips. He kissed you once again. Making the kiss quick and fast. 
 As he pushed you back on the bed, brushing his cock on your wet entrance. You missed that feeling. That feeling of pleasure and lust. Slowly you feel his tip enter your entrance, making you gasp immediately. Seokjin took one of your hands, interlacing it as he started to move. Making your mouth go wide open. As he thrusted back in, making you loose the grip on his hand. As you spread your legs wider, so he could go deeper. Keeping a hand on your waist so you would keep still as he thrusted faster in you. 
“I love you” He said while smiling brightly at you. Making you look at him and smile. 
I love you too” You told him. How you missed this guy so much. He has become such and important part in your life. And you’re happy about that. 
As seokjin started to thrust faster into you, quickly bringing one hand up to his shoulder. While he started to pound even harder into you. Making you dig your nails into his back. It’s taking everything from you not to moan. If it wasn't for his son then you would be a moaning mess right now. 
As he started to desperately moving inside you, throwing your head back as lust and pleasure kept building up. He pushed harder in the mattress making you bite your bottom lip hard. Lowering his head to your chest, leaving soft kisses on your breast. 
“Fuck you feel so good” He whispered while groaning harder. You couldn’t even think of anything to say. Your mind was all full of pleasure and lust. He grunted while thrusting aggressively into you as a knot starts forming in your stomach again. It felt so hot as pleasure kept running all over your body. Strucking powerfully as you hold the pillow harder on your face while biting it. 
Legs shaking as he kept thrusting harder. As you were getting closer to your highest point. The knot had been building up to the point were you felt weak. With they way seokjin was thrusting into you, you were coming hard and fast. 
“Y-yes I’m-god, seokjin” You whispered. Arching your back, as you squeezed seokjin’s hand tighter while you came around his cock. Your walls soon tightened around his cock, making him groan hard. He was sweating just like you. Thrusting into you sloppy when his body tensed up. Shutting his eyes as he finally came on the condom. 
“Fuck” He said while throwing his head back. Quickly leaning towards you and placing soft kiss on your lips. Pulling out of you as his cock became soft. Taking the condom off and throwing it away. He leaned towards you and whispered. 
“You’re amazing” As he kissed your breast. And all you could do was nod. You really had no energy, you couldn’t even respond. He looked up at you and laughed. 
He quickly picked you up and lay you down on the right side of the bed. As he went to the other side. Pulling you closer as he smiled. “I love you y/n” He told you. And you look at him, you could see a smile on his face. You immediately smile and nod.
“I love you too” You told him as he kissed your forehead. You’re just wondering how your future will be together. But if he’s with you then there's nothing to fear. 
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Chapter 4 : Happily Home
Tumblr media
Rating : 18+
Genre : Lovers to exes , strangers to friends
Warnings : Cheating, Heavy Angst, A little but of desperation, Breakdowns and some fluff.
Summary : You were happily in love with one of the most cute guy ever and it was all a bliss, three years to calling the cutest man, Jungkook your man until one day he casually breaks up with you and leaves you hanging. Just like that!!It's only a month you are invited to a engagement ceremony of Jeon Jungkook. One thing is you're sure of you're done being a sob story for him until someone walks in your life reading you like an open book just like that!!!
a/n : First all of all, @hantaev Thanks a ton for helping me out, Your advice really really helped. I was almost discouraged and you kind of motivated me to take time off and organize it well. YOUR A SAVIOUR!!! Thanks love:)
Hanging out with Namjoon had been so helpful and yet so comfortable in the past few days, Even small coffee breaks were a pleasure. Somehow he had been like a good old friend who is just there for you irrespective of all the drama, all the chaos, something like a support that you would want to lean on.
It had been a few days since you had started working on Layla's jewelry and getting done with the pending projects. The wedding jewelry fiasco had been a bit overwhelming considering the baggage and the intricate details that Mrs. Jeon wanted.
Diving yourself headfirst into work had been helpful on some days and a bit stressful on the other. You still managed to get it done efficiently landing enough time on your hands before seriously pursuing your idea of a break.
You were still contemplating your idea when the phone call for the collective jewelry exhibition came in. You had exactly a month and a half in your hand to get the designs finalized and send them in for production. You had a lot of things to be done but right now just didn't seem the right mindset for you to actively get involved in the entire process. You knew you could get it done in half the time if you were in the right headspace.
This seemed the perfect time to quickly clear your head and get back to the prep of the exhibition. You had a lot in mind right now and you did not want an ounce of disorientation in your planning or execution which was a possibility at the moment.
After possibly running over a thousand different ideas if you should be taking a break before the exhibition or after the exhibition you decided to take it If anything you could come back with a fresh mind and a fresh insight.
You quickly started zeroing the list down to the best possible locations you could visit currently, You were both a beach and mountain person. Choosing between any one of them was impossible. So you narrowed down on the destinations that had both.
After three hours of very tedious research, you finally found the perfect place, a heavenly combination of beaches and mountains- Kauai. You had been to Hawaii once but you hadn't yet explored the Southern shore. It was a perfect combination of tranquility and paradise.
It didn't take long to set things at work, You had to fix some minor things before you left, the Rest of the major ones could be handled once you were back. You finished sending some pieces for polishing which were due in a few days while your assistant made arrangements for your flight and travel.
You had one week to yourself, One week of distraction from work, your personal life, basically everything. You were still nervous before boarding the plane. But nevertheless, you decided to go. What could possibly go worst on a solo trip? You might not have fun at all? You might end up feeling lonely? There was only one way to find out.
The flight was a long one, almost made you dead tired with aching legs by the time you arrive. It was breathtakingly beautiful to see Kauai in the shades of pink-orange and purple. It wasn't a very densely populated town leaving the beauty almost untouched. You had not seen anything closely beautiful like these views. The ride to the hotel was a bit rough since the weather was a bit unpredictable, But you still enjoyed it to the fullest. You walked around the hotel before checking in just admiring the beautiful property, You stopped in your tracks when you saw just what you needed, An infinity pool. It was a beautiful pool with stretched blue waters as long as your eyes could see. A smile lit up your face as you knew exactly where you were going to have your breakfast tomorrow. This was your escape from reality.
You quietly had your dinner in your cottage and quickly made your way to the bed since you were a bit tired already. It didn't take even a minute for you to drift to sleep. You woke up as fresh as a daisy drinking in the views of the beach. Staying by the sea was your idea of nirvana. Nothing could come close to the sound of waves while you slept and while you woke up. This was your idea of peace.
You stretched your arms over the balcony of your little cottage, The sun fell beautifully on the sand and it was a perfect day to indulge. Indulging in a swim with a floating breakfast in the beautiful infinity pool that had caught your attention when you checked in last night.
You admired yourself in the mirror, It had been a long time since you wore a bikini and it looked quite good on you. You checked yourself in the mirror satisfied with yourself pretty well!! You giggled at your action. You wore your coverup and headed towards the pool. You step in the water wading through the pool. The water seemed so comfortable, it almost felt like you were just one with the water.
The waiter brought the breakfast and you moved the tray towards the edge of the pool and placed the tray. The breakfast seemed like heaven and something told you your vacation was off on a good note. You enjoyed the swim and returned back to your cottage to plan the rest of the day.
One of the things you never liked was sticking to an itinerary. You liked to explore at your pace and to your own liking. You loved impromptu visits or detours and you loved the feels of it. You decided to explore the south shore.
You decided to sail to the napali coast today exploring the sea caves. You looked in awe at the waves jolting the caves and the sound coming from them almost clicked a reset button on your mind. The beauty of these caves and the shore along with the cliffs was unmatched. The waves crashed as most as 6 feet on the caves. You decided to spend your entire day on the coast basking in all the views you got.
Something about the calmness tugged your heart as silence was the only thing you were longing for. The events of the month and a half had caught up to you and the only way to keep yourself sane was to let it out. So far the trip was doing just that. You spent the day lazing around and the fact that you didn't have to worry about anything gave you a whole new level of peace.
You returned to the cottage after sunset and decided to retire early for the night as you had heard a about the state park a lot and you had planned to visit there the next day, The hotel people had been helpful to equip you with the driver and a person to take you up the hike there.
You slept really peacefully that night after a long time, a night of real peaceful sleep with no burden at all. For the first time in a while, you did not feel the need to hug the pillows in loneliness. You drifted off in sleep the moment your head hit the pillow.
Exploring the south shore gave you many new experiences, views leaving you in awe of the beauty of it. It was all so silent, so serene and so amazing. You spent your day in and day out capturing whatever you could in your mind appreciating life and appreciating the beauty before your eyes.
Tears streamed down your face while you sat on the cliff, watching the mountains gleaming in beautiful shades of green and pretty shades of blue above. It struck you how emotionally fragile you had become. How the boisterous laugh that you had, was something you adored in past. It pained that you had to pretend to laugh, something which was never the case before.
This breakup sure affected you, but this silence had at least let you come to terms with the fact that you were ready to face the pain, ready to deal with it and not run away from it. It hurt for sure but the way you had been dealing with it had been taking a toll on you, which showed. Clearly showed.
You looked at the empty trail behind you, There was not a soul in sight. The people accompanying you had just gone off to a distance giving you some time alone. Your thought train didn't seem to stop and suddenly you felt a sob building inside. This time you didn't suppress it, This time you didn't try to keep it low. You just let it out.
The tears kept falling furiously as you wailed your heart out that day, not in a panic attack, it was just the breaking of the barrier that you were tired of building every day every minute. You screamed in that empty valley before you the echoes amplifying the cry tenfold. It looked like the valley was crying with you.
The outburst felt soothing strangely, As you left the trail that day you realized you had left half the baggage there. You were not the grumpy, emotionally unavailable girl that came here, but you left as the girl who had come to terms with her pain, A girl who saw some light in healing. Most importantly a girl who was ready to kick the pain beneath her.
The following days had been watching turtles and sea lions lazing on the beach laying in the sun. Visiting the waterfalls, just running around the trails and basking in the beauty of this heaven. You were getting over all the emotional turbulence slowly, replaced by a calm demeanor, more stable and more mature.
You did not even realize the fact that you were already five days into the trip and now you just had two days left. A part of you was sad but a part of you was happy to act on the decision to come to this trip.
You left the next day in the morning to wander off to some markets downtown, and it was next to one of the most beautifully busy places you had seen. You started mentally making a list of the things that you wanted to buy for everyone.
You came across a very beautiful antique shop which sold many ones of kinds of artifacts, they looked like they would have been better off in the museums, and the more you admired them the more you fell in love with them. You ended up buying a lot of stuff which later on needed to be sorted to delivered to the precious ones respectively.
You came across a sweet lady making some really good charms, she practically had one for everything and every phase of everything. You looked at the items carefully observing each one of them. You looked at one specifically and it caught your attention it looked more of a couplie thing. "That's a good luck charm for starting a new life, Gift it to someone who starting a new life or getting married." The lady said placing a hand on your shoulder. You turn around to look at her and smiled hesitantly at her. "You're getting married?" She asked enthusiastically.
You looked at her in confusion, "Uh no not me just someone I know. "Someone as in?'' She already had the answer in her eyes, as he looked at you longingly. "Yeah" You almost whispered. But looked like she heard out loud and clear. "Then it's a perfect way to let go, Acknowledge the fact and move on." She said standing next to you looking at something on the table.
You took the charm and chatted a bit with the lady who seemed very friendly and answered all your questions on the charms she sold. You walked around the market some more and decided to go back to your hotel, carrying those heavy shopping bags.
You took a long shower and enjoyed a glass of wine as you started packing the gifts you bought. You paused as you looked at the wedding charm gift. You smiled looking at it. It was a perfect gift and it was an amazing feeling to finally not feel pain at the thought of Jungkook getting married. It was almost okay. You patted yourself on the back as you were sure of one thing. You were letting him go. You were sure there were bits of him here and there and it would take some time to get over it completely but you had started.
You spent the next day entirely on the beach and lazing around sipping cocktails, playing with sand, lazy walks around the beach, and finally watching the sunset on the horizon looking back on your trip here.
It was amazing what this trip had done to you, clearing the emotional roadblock and letting you heal in broken parts. You no longer wanted to run from it, You longer wanted to strangle the life out of Jungkook anymore. But more importantly, you were free, free of all the self-doubt, free of the pain that was blocking you. Free of guilt. And moreover, you were proud of yourself to let it out and not dwelling on it. Nothing mattered more than you anymore.
Right there on that beach watching the sunset you fell in love with yourself a little more, fell in love with yourself for being strong, and fell in love with yourself for letting it go.
The flight back wasn't exhausting at all. You were excited to be home, excited to be at work, excited to plan the exhibition, and most importantly getting back to your friends.
You exit the airport looking for the driver but you stopped in your tracks when five familiar faces beamed at you. You were more than happy to see them. You practically ran into yoongis arms. Yoongi, Jin, Tae, Jungkook, and Layla had actually come there.
You hugged everyone excited, but when you came across Jungkook, You no more had that cold demeanor. You hugged him back as cheerfully as you did to everyone leaving the poor guy utterly confused. But something caught your attention, rather someone.
Namjoon was right there leaning on his car, You beamed at him and he came forward to greet you, "Thought you'd never notice." He said chuckling giving you a hug. "Well that's hard, but il try next time." You said playfully punching him.
You were home finally and happily home.
Tumblr media
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