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#bts incorrect quotes
mikrokosmos713 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2013 Debut Era Selcas → 2020 Latest Selcas
Tumblr media
7 years with Bangtan. 7 summers. 7 springs. 7 autumns. 7 winters. And so many to come. 💜
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Taehyung: It’s crazy how Leonardo could paint and invent all those things and still find the time to be a crime-fighting turtle.
Jungkook: And he was amazing in Titanic. 
Jimin: A real Renaissance man. 
Namjoon: Holy shit. 
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kpop-fanatic-lover16 · a year ago
[Kpop Leaders pt.7]
Namjoon playing a human game of zombies: pick your greatest fighter, go!
Hongjoong, snatching Jongho: he can break apples
Taeyong dragging Johnny: I've got the fashion evaluator
Shownu pulling in Hyungwon: I've got a killer visual
Namjoon turning to Chan: Chan?? Hurry!
Chan holding I.N's hand: does this work?
*I.N smiles*
*kills the entire zombie apocalypse and the rest of the universe*
Namjoon's soul: yep, that'll work
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yoon-kook · a year ago
bts: “stop obsessing over us and focus on yourself. you need to rest ami. get some work done okay?”
also bts: “here’s 2 livestreams that are both 12 hours long”
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mikrokosmos713 · a year ago
Just J-Hope Things
It’s long overdue but finally, it’s Hobie’s turn
Jung Ho Seok, 정호석
18.02.1994, Aquarius
Was in the dance group - NEURON
Even back in the day, he was known for his dancing skills
Baby was born to be one of the greatest dancers of our generation 
He auditioned for JYP Ent. 
Went to the same dance academy as B.A.P’s Zelo in Gwangju 
Smile Hoya~ 
Hobie Hobie Kyo Kyu   
Tumblr media
J-HOPEEEEEEEEEEEE - Min Yoongi, anyday, anytime 
He was a not as hopeful and cheerful but after getting his stage name, he became full of love and very happy 
‘I think (the name) J-Hope is specialized for me’  - Jung Hoseok
My name is my life~
The time Hobie pretended to be at the gym by using Jimin’s legs 
He was a tennis player and and obtained a bronze medal but there were only 3 teams 😂King of Tennis
Wrote MAMA for his mother who worked extremely hard for him to be able to attend dance academy and support his dreams
His sister, Jung Dawon, she is very beautiful and talented as well
Owns her own successful clothing line: Mejiwoo
Good genes and talent runs in the family
Their father is a literature teacher 
His has a dog, Mickey who seems to have all the dog toys in the world and is so cute I can’t even
The voices Hobi makes when he talks to Mickey is so cute, like don’t @ me ok
It’s sweet he treats Mickey and talks to him like a baby 
Tumblr media
J-Hope trained to be a vocalist but Yoongi and Namjoon helped him to learn rapping, thus he was included in the rapline 
His rapping skills are out of this world, he has such a unique and signature way of playing with his eunciations and voice, you can immediately recognize his rap and his voice
He’s a phenomenal singer as well 
I can give you 100s of example but a few of my favorites are: 
You Never Walk Alone
Make It Right (OMG 01:21, his freaking voice, there’s just something about how he sings this particular part that makes my heart feel so calm and happy)
Let Me Know
Save Me
Crystal Snow
Two! Three!
I mean I might as well list every single song he sang cause his voice is so clear and beautiful 
Did I mention he’s a Dancing King? 
Tumblr media
Teaches the other members dance moves, he looks over the dance practices and choreography for the group 
Despite being injured on stage or accidently hit on stage by another member, he does not hesitate the slightest bit and continues dancing 
I don’t know about you but the little smiles and smirks that Hobie flashes during performances make me feel so giddy 
He gets startled/scared very easily 
I’m sorry but that Run Zombie episode was everything 
I was crying and laughing
His laughter is music to my ears 
Always laughs heartily 
His beaming smile 
He is basically our sunshine, our hope and our light 💜
He’s so damn extra with all the sound effects he makes I love it
PANG PANG PING PONG PONG PING PONG PONG PONG BARABONG barabong (admit it, you heard his voice in your head) 
His expressions 😂especially when he’s excited or disgusted 
During their 2015 Summer Package they went to the zoo to do a photoshoot and despite Hobie’s fear of snakes he tried to take pictures 
Has a driving license 
It’s illegal to look so stunning in a simple white shirt but it’s Hoseok 
Tumblr media
When he was younger, his parents were very affectionate and she would pat him to sleep which became a habit
Now he caresses or strokes himself when he’s sleeping 
His endearing habit of saying something and re-enacting it like Tennis
He starts swinging an imaginary racket including sound effects 
Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side
His tribute to the original song, OH MAI GOD
Before releasing the song, he made sure to ask for permission and reach out to the original artists and creators, giving them credit 
“I thought it was a track that can really express who I am. You know how ‘Hope World’ contains a lot of my own color, I did what I wanted to do and ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ is the kind of music I wanted to do too, and I kept feeling sorrow over it.” Vlive (J- hope! 🍗🍜) 
Such a great song 
Tumblr media
How can someone be so talented, beautiful and such a nice human being
Hobie’s dance video was featured in Drake’s In My Feelings mv 
Mang’s father 
He struggled and had a hard time as a trainee and almost quit, which made Jungkook and Jimin cry cause they did not want him to quit 
Namjoon told BH how vital J-Hope was and BTS needed him, the members needed him 
Hobie returned and resumed his training cause he fully trusted the members 
ILOVEYOUSOMUCH Hobie, thank you for coming back. Thank you for completing BTS 💜
He wrote in a letter that despite their tiring and hard days, the reason why he’s able to endure and go on with is days is cause of ARMYS (I’m sobbing, I wanna give him a big hug) 
He’s a hard-worker and a perfectionist
He over-worked himself to a point during their ‘BOY IN LUV’ shoot he fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital to get an IV drip 
“I think a flower is beautiful when it blooms and fades, I will be a flower-like singer for all of you.”
When asked about most beautiful moment in his life is every moment spent with ARMY. He said this: 
“They sing along to our songs and cheer us on, this alone is so touching. I think I’ll never be able to feel or experience these kind of emotions even if I’m born again. So I always think that this moment right here is my Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa.” 
No matter how dark the future path is, you guys are always shining and lighting up the path for us. Thank you for participating in my life, I love you all
Produced and composed so many songs, the talent and artistry he has is insane 
Talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never the same totally unique 
Go on your own path even if you live for a day
Sometimes it can get so hard pretending that it’s okay
Even if I’m a little hurt, I’m okay
I don’t think of myself that valuable, I think of the others who I love that are valuable to me
He’s honestly so beautiful and special and I can go on and on for days about how amazing he is 
They reciprotate each other’s shenanigans 
Always having fun and just goofing around 
Helps Jin with dance practice and always encourages him 
Both of them are naturally affectionate so they hug each other often 
Tumblr media
SOPE - Otsukare (お疲れ) 
Yoongi and Hobie’s energy and personalities match so well
Hobie is always so extra and encouraging Yoongi which makes Yoongi hyped and react 
Whenever Hobie does hip thrusts and Yoongi looks at him with his hand covering his mouth 😂
Let’s Hobie do whatever he wants to Yoongi
My babies 💜
*GIF* Same Yoongi same. 
Tumblr media
94 liners
Namjoon said he often talks to J-Hope and J-Hope always motivates him to do and be better 
Does not matter where or what they are doing, whenever Namjoon or Hobie is doing or saying something, the other is always there watching with a smile on their face 
Ready to jump in and help 
Always compliments each other
“Be more aggressive” 
Those little smiles when they talk about their friendship or bromance 
I need more Namseok moments 💜
Tumblr media
All the extra and entertaining things these 2 does makes me roll my eyes and laugh so much
Both of them are naturally affectionate so they are not afraid of skinship with each other
J-Hope loves to tease Jimin, their laughter together is music
Always makes Jimin laugh 
Jimin has this soft and gentle smile whenever he’s with J-Hope, it’s so sweet 
Tumblr media
Rookie King Kiss
Tae always blushes when Hobie reminds him of that episode 
That churro he tried to share with Tae 😂
“Whenever I see him, I say I like him 😍” Taehyung to J-Hope
Shows off whatever he buys or gets to J-Hope who always compliments and reacts positively which makes Tae smile 
Wakes Tae up by hugging him 
Tumblr media
J-Hope’s baby 
Jungkook cried when J-Hope wanted to quit 
No matter what happened, J-Hope always comforted Jungkook 
Loves to hug each other, such babies 💜🥺
Hobie always worries about Jungkook and makes sure he’s careful during performances 
Both of them are such softies for each other 
You can see how much Jungkook respects and loves Hobie, both of them are so endearing 
Tumblr media
Maknae line hypes him so much it’s so loving 
Despite being in the hyungline, Hobie always accommodates to everyone 
Joins maknae line in doing silly things and encourages them 
Despite everything he has been through, he’s such a positive and loving person who only thinks about us ARMYS and how he can reach out or comfort us with his song 
I hope even on days he’s tired and not as energetic, everyone loves him
He’s such a special person and I love him so much 
Thank you for being you Jung Hoseok, Thank you for existing.
Tumblr media
A/N: Please tell me your thoughts by commenting or sending an ask cause it really means a lot 💜Hope everyone is safe and taking care of yourselves. 
© cityoffandoms-yjn20, 2020. Do not copy, repost or translate without my permission.
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incorrectk-popquotes · a year ago
Taehyung [putting honey in his tea]: Hell yeah, get in that leaf juice, you sexy, sexy bee sauce.
Namjoon: Hey, do you take constructive criticism?
Taehyung: I absolutely fucking do not.
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Yoongi: *aggressively throws water bottles*
Namjoon: Uh....
Jimin: He’s trying to yell mental health and well being into us. 
Hobi *crying*: It’s working.
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incorrectk-popquotes · a year ago
[Namjoon and Jin on a first date]
Namjoon: So... what's your favorite color?
Jin, unimpressed: Really? Don't ask me dumb questions.
Namjoon: How is fomic acid prepared in a lab? Give me the chemical reaction for it.
Jin: Pink. My favorite color is pink...
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accuratebts · a year ago
Namjoon: Bang PD said that since we're famous now, we have to go over some safety procedures. So, tell me, if I got shot, what would you do?
Jungkook, eyes darkening: Avenge you
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Jungkook: Did it hurt when you fell?
Jimin *rolling his eyes*: From heaven? No, Jungkook, I get you’re into me but-
Jungkook: No, I mean when you fell walking in. I watched you trip on your foot and just kind of lay there on the floor for about ten minutes. 
Yoongi *not looking up*: We all saw it. 
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