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personasintro · 10 months ago
the boss | jhs
Tumblr media
𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗽𝘀𝗶𝘀; In the middle of important business meeting, Hoseok spreads his mouth free and it almost costs you one of the greatest business deals. You've to remind Hoseok who's the boss.
𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲: boss!reader, fluff, smut, little bit of angst
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: strong language, dom!hoseok, bratty!reader, ass play, oral sex [female & male receiving], fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, edging, multiple orgasms, spanking, impregnation kink, creampie, penetrative sex, choking, little bit of dirty talk, jealous hoseok, reader provokes him, he rips her panties, nipple play, overstimulation, biting, throat fucking
𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁: 11.4k
𝗺.𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 | ☕️
Tumblr media
“How could you do that?!” you exclaim through clenched teeth as soon as you hear the door of your office slam.
You’re pretty aware that if you raise your voice, all employees could perfectly hear you scolding none other than Jung Hoseok. A perfect employee with doing amazing job every day, until today.
He possibly ruined the business deal you’re a head of and let’s say it this way, once your boss finds out he lost a perfect opportunity to earn tons of money by Chung investing some money into your business, you’re done for. Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic but he certainly won’t be happy with you. All thanks to Hoseok who couldn’t remained to be professional for another hour.
The meeting went great. Chung listened to your every word with so much intensity, seeing rather interested what the company could offer him. You had him. Not until it was turn to the rest of your colleagues slash employees to explain the project further. That was until it was Hoseok’s turn to speak. Throughout the meeting, you could see him looking strangely serious, even if he always tends to have that professional look when he’s focused and working. But this time he looked different, almost angry and annoyed.
Now that you look at it, he really was trying to remain professional and explained all the points he made on his laptop. That was until Choi barely paid attention to him, which probably irritated Hoseok even more. It was disrespectful of Choi to turn with an obvious bored expression as he asked; “Come again?”
But then something snapped in Hoseok, his eyes turned almost dark underneath the bright lightening of the meeting room.
“Maybe you should listen to us, rather then eyeing our boss’ ass.”
A round of gasps that resounded around the table made you do the same thing, your mouth falling open when you realized that you’re the boss. Hoseok was talking about you and how Choi couldn’t keep his eyes off you. But it’s the word ‘ass’ that should never been said in that room, especially when one of the most important CEOs is sitting there and it’s aimed towards him.
But even then, it didn’t stop. Not even when Choi shook that look of shock and embarrassment for being called out in front of fifteen people, including you sitting at the top of the huge table.
“Excuse me?” he asked as he tried to remain calm, not wanting people in the room to see him caught off guard.
And you clenched your teeth, daring Hoseok to say something while your eyes shot him daggers which he ignored so easily.
He surely wouldn’t be so stupid to talk back. You thought.
“You heard me. Shouldn’t you be more professional? Aren’t you old--“
“Jung,” you barked, cutting him off at the exact point when your brain caught onto what he was about to say.
Choi is older than you, in his early forties to be exact.
“In the office. Now.” you stood up, your chair screeching against the marble floor but you could care less about that, or the fact everyone watched you with big eyes and opened mouths.
And here you are.
Hoseok seems unbothered, carelessly tucking the hem of his shirt around his elbow. Silver watch sparkle around his wrist and you’re momentarily distracted by the veins that are popping underneath his skin.
“What? Stop him from ogling you like you’re the greatest meat?” he asks, an attitude laced in his voice as he frowns.
Ignoring the fact he called you the greatest meat, you roll your eyes. “He’s a very important business partner. Do you realize what you’ve just done? You probably cost us one of the biggest deals we could ever had!” you exclaim, not having the strength to keep your voice down anymore.
Just the thought of it makes your blood boil. You can imagine yourself sitting in the CEO’s office, being scolded by him while you’re trying your best not to cry.
Maybe in that moment, Hoseok didn’t realize what could possibly happen if he opens his mouth.
“Who the fuck cares about a business deal?! He ogled you like a fucking pervert he is! He doesn’t care about our business deal!” he exclaims back, leaving you speechless that he just raised his voice at you.
“Language.” you scold him, causing him to snort in return before he chuckles.
Is that what really bothers you right now?
“He doesn’t care about us or this business deal.” he tells you again, keeping his voice down this time.
“All we need is the money!” you snap frustratedly, ready to choke this man to death. He’s so fucking stubborn. “Look, I know you’re coming from a good place. But you can’t talk to him like that, not when he’s about to sign a new contract and gets us the money we need.”
“Who says I can’t talk to him that way? That’s what he gets for eyeing your ass and licking his lips. Fucking pervert. I don’t care who he is.”
“But I do, Hoseok. We need this business deal. It comes before our personal life.” you inform him, causing him to frown once again.
“No it doesn’t,” he argues back, leaving you mentally groaning. “I don’t care where we are. He doesn’t get to eye you like that.”
Your heart swells at his words, knowing he’s being protective and incredibly hot while he’s doing it, but your job is more important right now. You had him, but Hoseok ruined it with his big mouth.
“He can, I wouldn’t even touch him with a stick.” you tell him, scrunching your nose in disgust.
“Oh really? If I remember correctly, you were smiling widely when he greeted you with a kiss.” he points out, raising his brow at you while he has that look on his face. The one where he’s angry, annoyed and brave at the same time.
“Kiss on the cheek!” you exclaim, “I was trying to be nice. Kim relies on me, he told me to do this business deal and I almost had him. But you probably ruined it.”
You don’t mean to sound so angry, because you know Hoseok meant well. He still does. But he has to realize he has to put a line between you and job as soon as you cross those wide door of the company.
“So, you were aware of him eyeing you... is that right?” he asks lowly, something switching in his eyes.
Sometimes that makes you feel nervous, rather than angry.
“Yes,” you sigh, “I’m not stupid.” you grumble, seeing him scratching his chin before he lets out a dark chuckle.
“I’m not so sure about that.”
Your eyes widen and you stare at him with a utter shock. “Excuse me?” you frown, your voice angry but he barely seems to be affected by that. “I’m your boss, Jung.” you remind him, but he only chuckles again.
However, there’s no amusement in it.
“Yeah, I’m aware. But I won’t let him disrespect you like that.” he snaps, wondering how the hell you’re so cool with it. It seems like this is bigger deal for him, than it is to you.
“Hobi,” you speak softly, walking closer to him.
Your heels click against the floor as you make your way to him, appreciating how close he is once you can smell his manly and fresh cologne. His own eyes soften, especially once your hands sprawl against his chest.
“I appreciate you standing up for me, but you don’t have to do that. Not right now. This is really important for the company, he didn’t touch me or anything close to it. This is what I meant by saying that we won’t work like this,” you tell him, watching him scowl as he takes a step back from you. You quickly go to explain yourself. “What I mean by that is, that we need to draw the line here. I don’t regret doing this with you, but you know how scared I was at the beginning. God knows what boss will think once he finds out.”
He knows that. He knows it all, yet all he can see is Choi’s eyes on your body. If he could, he would punch his old face. Maybe he could go back and do it. He doesn’t realize he said it outloud, not until you exclaim his name and frown at him, annoyed that he barely listens to your words.
“Stop it,” you scold him, “We should go back and you should apologize to him. Maybe we can still save the deal.”
“Fuck no.” Hoseok frowns again, disagreeing with you right away as you gape at him.
“I’m your boss, Hoseok. I’m telling you to go back there and apologize. Put your man pride aside and start acting professional.” you order him, knowing very well he doesn't like every word you just said.
“No,” he tells you firmly, your mouth opening once again in shock. “I’m not gonna do any of that.” he disagrees, crossing arms over his chest to prove his point.
“I’ll fire you.” you threaten, but the man remains unbothered at your sudden threat, although it surprises him.
You were never this serious over some business deal. But then again, this is for the first time something like this have happened.
“You wouldn’t do that.” he scoffs, but his eyes search for the right answer.
“I’ll, if you won’t listen to me.” You don’t budge, crossing arms over your chest like he did.
But he frees his arms, letting them drop to his sides as he stares into your eyes. “Then fire me. I don’t care.” he spits, turning around as he walks out of your office with a loud thud.
You flinch at the sound, your eyes watering because all you can think of, is his back and the way he’s leaving without another single word.
To say he’s pissed is clear. He made sure you know that.
Tumblr media
Going back to the meeting room was quite embarrassing, considering everyone stared at you while they kept their mouth shut. You were the center of attention and they probably wondered where Hoseok went, because he certainly didn’t come back with you. He stormed out of your office and went God knows where. As much as you wanted to look for him, wondering if he left, you had a business to save. That’s what you had to do anyway, set the personal life aside and be professional.
Choi looked at you as soon as you went back to your place, but this time he set his eyes to the device in front of him. No matter what Hoseok told him, it helped and he stopped having that hungry look. Maybe he thought he was sleek with it and nobody noticed, but now that he was called out for it, he stopped.
It was just another painful reminder that Hoseok did that, he made sure you’re respected and not eyed from an older man just because you’re a woman.
But you apologized for Hoseok’s behavior, faking sincerity, knowing that if Hoseok could hear you apologizing on his behalf, he’d go feral. You had to do it and save what could be saved, even if it means lying.
Someone important like Choi wouldn’t admit his mistake or apologize for his behavior, you weren’t expecting that. And you had so little confidence that the deal could be saved, but whatever Hoseok did, it slapped Choi across his face and he realized what he did was wrong. Or it embarrassed him to the point, he agreed to the deal while he kept his eyes to himself and ended it without handshake or any physical contact.
It ended successfully. And you hope the same thing will happen with Hoseok.
When you park your car in front of the apartment building, the sky is already set dark while bright stars are sparkled across it. You can see his silver BMW parked couple of parking spots away from your car, meaning he’s home.
Of course, he is. Where else would he be? Your consciousness sassily remarks.
Making your way inside, you use the spare keys he gave you couple of months ago. This place brings nostalgia, no matter how many times you’ve been here, and it could be considered your second home. It reminds you this building, Hoseok’s apartment to be specific, has become a number one place for your secret rendezvous. Or it used to be back in the day, when you were too scared to go public and when it all began. Your secret relationship could cost you both your job, especially you since you’re the boss and you’re supposed to be the one who’s professional.
You can see Kim, the CEO, firing you for the lack of professionalism especially on your part. But you can also see him scolding Hoseok, firing him as well and somehow, that makes your heart pinch even more. Hoseok is one of the greatest employees, he barely fucks up. He’s one of the most reliable employees in the company, losing him would be the biggest mistake. And you certainly don’t want him to loose his job, and definitely not when it’d be because of you.
When you put his security password in, the front door click open and you push them, stepping into the comfort of his home. The familiar smell of it comforts your tensed nerves, hearing a little bit of rustling in the living room. Taking off your heals, you follow the sound knowing that’s where Hoseok is. And you find him.
He’s sitting on the yellowish chair, a glass of what seems like a bourbon in his hand. It makes your breath hitch, knowing he barely drinks and if he does, he really needs a drink to relax. You’re not stupid, of course it has something to do with what happened today.
Even when he sees you stepping into the light in his living room, he barely reacts and doesn’t seem too surprised to see you there. Instead, he looks away and takes a sip with a clenched jaw.
“Where did you go?” you ask him, your voice soft and filling the tension and silence in the room.
You watch him swallow the alcohol content, before he sets it down onto the small comforter next to him. It clicks and you almost jump from the intense sound, even though he's done it normally.
“Home.” he answers, voice cold and eyes lacking of the usual light he has in them.
He’s still wearing his work clothes, black slacks straining against his muscular thighs even more in the sitting position. The usual white shirt is unbuttoned more than usual, exposing his collarbones and little bit of buffed out chest. Even the black tie is loosened up, but still wrapped around his neck.
“With no notice? You can’t just storm out and go home, Hoseok.” you scold him, growing even more irritated when he smiles. He fucking smiles without even looking at you, fingers framing the rim of the glass.
“My deepest apologies.” he says, snorting right after as he finds it rather amusing.
It makes your blood boil all over again, wondering what the hell happened to him to act this way. He never had the audacity to storm out of his work, disrespecting you like this.
“You’re acting like an asshole, you know that?” you snap, narrowing your eyes at him as he finally looks at you, and frowns. “You disrespected me by leaving. Everyone noticed you were gone while I had to clean up the mess you caused. So don’t you dare being sarcastic and making fun of this situation because God help me, I’ll--“
“You’ll what? Fire me?” he cuts you off, raising his voice as he abruptly stands up. It takes him two steps to be standing in front of you, giving you a perfect opportunity to see his dark and angered eyes. “Do it. I dare you.” he says lowly, causing your mouth to hang open before he suddenly turns around and leaves the room.
You shiver, not expecting him to act this way. You surely knew he’d be angry, but you weren’t expecting him being like this. And it angers you even more.
So you follow him to the bathroom, glaring at him as he starts taking off his clothes, one piece after piece, letting you watch him until he’s fully naked. He’s turned with his back to you, and you don’t let your eyes drop to his ass, knowing you’d be distracted. He steps into the shower, turning it on while not glancing back at you, not even once. Walking closer, you lean against the shower door he didn’t close, and let out a deep sigh.
“I’m your boss, Hoseok. You can’t disrespect me like this because we--“ another sigh coming out of you, “If this wasn’t happening between us, you wouldn’t dare to do what you did today. I’m not talking about opening your mouth at Choi, but the fact you left without saying anything. And you didn’t even listen to me when I asked you to apologize. You don’t respect me as your boss, this is what I feared when we--“
“Well, you’re my girlfriend before you’re my boss.” he remarks, voice echoing and blending with the water hitting the tiles and his body.
“But I’m your boss when we’re working.” you remark back, knowing he knows you’re right.
You both settled on it, swearing you won’t be messing around when you’re working. No hidden touches, kisses or stares, so no one could tell that the two of you’ve been dating for months.
He ignores you, washing his body with one of his shower gels, one of your own sitting right next to his. Looking at your nails, you’re trying to kill some time since he’s successfully ignoring you and for a moment, you think about joining him. But as soon as you get the idea, he stops the water and steps out of the shower. Droplets of water trickles down his naked body, but it’s soon hidden from your eyes as he reaches for one of the towels and starts drying his body.
“So, you’re just gonna ignore me. Is that it?” you press, groaning when he turns his back to you and drops the towel carelessly onto the floor.
In other times, you’d scold him for doing it when the towel is wet and needs to get dry before it starts to stink of mildew.
Hoseok ignores you once again, making his way into his bedroom as he rummages through his clothes. Deciding you’ve had enough, just as he’s about to pull out one of his shirts, you smack the cabinet shut. He clenches his jaw, glaring at you but you only cross arms over your chest and raise a brow at you.
“I’m talking to you.” you point out, leaning against his dresser so he can’t open it again. You don’t care that he’s naked.
“I’m aware.” he grits through his clenched teeth, annoyed by your interruption and obvious scolding that you’re planning.
He doesn’t need this. He’s not a kid who needs to be scolded over something he’d do thousands of times to protect you. Maybe it’s not that serious to you, you’ve always worked hard and he knows how this deal means to you. But he won’t let it slide when he’s in the room, seeing thirteen years older man disgustingly eyeing you. Fuck, he wishes he’d punch his face right there.
“Y’know what? If you’re gonna act like this, they you should take a break. I’ll tell Kim that you’re sick or something. Get your act together or I’m gonna fire you, for real.” you spit, tired of this conversation and his attitude since it’s not going anywhere.
You’re just wasting your time here, knowing he won’t budge. Appearing strong right now, you know as soon as you’ll get home you’ll most likely open the bottle of wine while you’ll drink away your sorrow and anger at the same time. You’re both stubborn, but you can admit if you’re wrong. But you’re not this time, you’ve got your opinion on this and Hoseok has his own. There’s no other way how to solve this without fighting and you really don’t want that. As much as Hoseok pissed you off and his attitude was wrong, especially the way he treats you right now, you know once the both of you will cool down, everything’s going to be back to normal. It might take a few days, maybe even weeks, but you’d rather not think about that right now.
You don’t wait for his reaction, one look at his face and you might regret your words. You know you’re tough, but it’s your job to be his and other forty employees under you, their boss.
However, it seems like Hoseok doesn’t agree with you and he won’t let you get away, not when he sees the anger. He might be stubborn, but the last thing he wants for you to be upset over his attitude. Which doesn’t make any sense because he’d still do the same thing with Choi, maybe even punch his face this time. But it’s his anger and stubbornness that makes him want to ignore you and not to listen to your endless scolding.
So, he grabs your forearm and stops you before you can take another step from him. His grip isn’t tight or painful, just enough to keep you in place in case you’d walk away again. He stares at you, dark orbs dancing across your face and you wonder what is he thinking, judging the darkened look in his eyes.
“Don’t you dare to walk away from me.” Is all he says, although he sounds less angry than before and more worried by you leaving him.
“What, like you did to me?” you scoff, eyes daring him to act. And he does.
Quickly, he grabs your cheeks causing your lips to pucker as he keeps staring into your eyes. “That smart and bratty mouth of yours will get you into trouble one day.” he growls, eyes dropping to your lips before they’re back on your eyes.
Your body shivers as lust evokes inside of you, lightening out of nowhere at the sight of him manhandling you. Dating him for a few months, nine months to be exact, you know he’d never grabbed you out of nowhere, out of pure anger. He never touched you that way, never hurt you and was rough without your contest. And you know he’s getting turned on by your and his anger as well. He lets you go, your cheeks slightly hurting but you love it. He sees the way your eyes mimic his, darkening a familiar shade of dark while they sparkle with interest and lust.
“Well, that smart and bratty mouth got you out of trouble today.” you point out smartly, knowing it’ll provoke him even more.
The double meaning behind your words make him groan, even though he knows you’d never do what he just thought about. Just the image of you using your mouth the way he wants you to right now, is driving him insane and burns with jealousy. He’s angry. Angry because he can’t shout in front of his colleagues that you’re his. He can’t scream at Namjoon for making comments about how beautiful you look, or him saying that they’ve the hottest boss. Even when he agrees with him, because you’re the most beautiful and hottest woman he's ever laid his eyes on, he doesn’t like hearing other man saying it. Certainly, if Namjoon knew he’d never speak about you like that, even though he never said something disrespectful. Namjoon is a nice guy who can appreciate beautiful women, it just sucks you’re one of them.
Hoseok growls, growing tired of how you’re testing him and the cocky little smirk you’re trying to hide from him when you got the reaction you wanted. He grabs you by the back of your neck, pushing your body in the direction of his bed. As soon as the back of your knees meet the edge of his mattress, you stumble and you’re ready to fall down onto his bed, he still holds you tighter by the back of your neck while your arms instinctively grab his forearms.
“Turn around,” he orders, voice loud and clear as you gulp in response.
And you listen, scolding yourself for doing it so easily, but it’s too late for that. You’re turning around, eyes met with the grey wall instead while you feel his hands on the zipper of your pencil dress. Your whole body jerks when he opens it furiously, almost ripping the expensive material before your back is exposed to him. He hums, most probably at your white lingerie that he hasn’t seen yet. Let’s say, you had other plans tonight and different image of celebrating a successful deal. It involved Hoseok and nice dinner at one of his favorite restaurants.
His hand touches your back, the nails slowly grazing your skin as he presses into your skin, making you whimper. You can feel yourself getting wet by each second and move he makes. It’s incredible how responsive you’re to him, one of his favorite things about you, like he told you before. The low amused chuckle is the prove of it, and you think he’s going to be painfully slow with you, making sure you feel the frustration he felt. Surprisingly, he doesn’t waste time and pulls down your dress harshly, causing you to stumble but his strong arms and body that’s behind you, steadies you. And you smile at that. No matter how angry or dominant he appears to be, he’s always having your back.
But the smile doesn’t last long when he turns around and you’re met with his angry eyes again. The flames in them makes your stomach bubble with anticipation and you feel your juices flooding past your folds, wetting your underwear. With one single poke to your shoulders, he’s sending you to his mattress as he watches you yelp in shock, laying in front of him. He stares at you, eyeing the lacy bralette that you’re wearing matching your white panties that wraps around your curves. Fuck, it’s almost sheer and if he tried harder, he could probably see your pussy. He almost wants to ask if that’s a new lingerie, but he knows the answer to that anyway.
“Sit up,” he orders you, looking down at you like you’re the dirtiest person he ever looked at.
It should hurt your confidence, but it doesn’t. It makes you filthy and you love it. And you listen to him, slowly sitting up as you keep looking up at him. He’s so close to you, you can feel the warmth coming out of his body and the delicious smell of his shower gel makes you dizzy. He knows you love the manly smell he always holds. You let your eyes drop down, knowing very well what’s in front of you, and you almost salivate at the sight of his length. He’s not fully hard yet, but he’s getting there.
“You know what to do.” Is all he says, head nodding towards his big cock. It’s not the biggest in the world, but just the right size to make you whimper anytime he enters you. He’s definitely bigger than average and you almost choke at the simple thought of having him in your mouth.
There were so many times that you wish you could taste him in your office, locking your door just in case, but you kept those thoughts to yourself. You know it never ends well whenever someone starts fucking around. It’d be just a matter of time before someone caught onto your hidden relationship. You’re not protecting just yourself, but Hoseok as well. As much as he wanted to be vocal about the two of you, you won’t let him get into trouble because of it. You’re aware that he’s more than willing to do so, but you can’t let him ruin a good job. It’d take him months to find something even remotely good like his current job is. He’d never get paid so well, like he’s getting right now.
Your mouth curls into the slyest smirk, and your eyes flicker up to his before you say; “Do you?”
He groans grabbing the back of your head as he pulls you closer, dangerously close to his hardening length while you dryly swallow. “Don’t test me, love.” he warns you, your insides bubbling with excitement.
So, you don’t test him. For now. 
Grabbing his length, you ignore the way your core clenches at the feeling of his velvety hardening skin, you earn a soft groan from him in response. You give it a few tugs before you spit into your hand, coating it with your saliva before you cover his length in it. You don’t look at him, but you can feel his burning gaze as he watches you doing something so dirty. No one would guessed that the firm and stern young boss could be so filthy, yet innocent and obedient. Pumping him, you let your thumb slide over his tip every now and then, knowing how much he loves when you do that. You’re stopped when he grabs his dick, the other hand tilting your chin as he caresses your bottom lip. He traces it with his thumb, appreciating the soft and plump flesh before he brings your head even closer to him. He’s harsh, yet caresses your head in silent praise. In seconds, you feel his tip against your lips and the precum that’s drooling out of his tip.
“Put it in your mouth,” he orders. If he notices your mouth salivating, he doesn’t mock you for it and you swallow, before taking him into your mouth.
Your mouth stretches around his head, savoring the taste of him causing you to moan. You can hear the low chuckle coming from the back of his throat, but you’re not embarrassed about it. You know he loves it. You suck his head, twirling your tongue around it before you pull out to swallow just for you to dive back, taking more of him. With each pump and suck you make, you barely hear any sounds coming from him, but that’s just how it is when it comes to Hoseok. He’s really strong when it comes to being vocal in bed and whenever you get the littlest moan or groan, you get all proud of yourself for making him do that.
“Not so smart anymore, huh?” he mocks you, causing your eyes to flick up as you glare at him. But the sight only makes him amused, his cock in your mouth while you’re trying to give him the biggest glare.
So fucking cute, he thinks before he stops you from sucking him. “Now be a good girl and take it.” he tells you, tilting your head slightly up as he instructs you to open your mouth.
Your core clenches, knowing very well what’s about to happen. You hold your breath, hearing your heart beating in your eardrums so loud that you can barely hear the littlest sighs he gives you, while he nestles his hardened length in your mouth. When he’s all in, you try your hardest not to choke at the feeling of him being in your throat. Automatically, you wrap your mouth around him before he sets a quick pace, not waiting for you to adjust some more. With each thrust he delivers to your throat, it makes you shut your eyes while you press your thighs together. His balls smack against your chin, the sound is so forbidden and dirty that it makes you clench around nothing. Oh fuck, you wish you could feel some relief.
Saliva coats your mouth, drooling down his length and balls while he fucks your throat. He delivers a brutal and further thrust, causing you to choke while you’re trying to pull away from him. But he’s not having it, not allowing you to rest as he keeps fucking your throat. Your nails dig into his naked thighs, letting him do whatever he wants. He’s close, you can feel him throbbing in your mouth and it’d take him a few more minutes before he’d cum down your throat. And you wonder if he’ll do that, using you to make himself cum and then leaving you high and dry. But he has never done that. No matter how brutal and dominant he seems, he really puts your pleasure first and even if he didn’t notice your clenched thighs, he wouldn’t allow himself to do this. It’s not the first time he’s fucking your throat, but it doesn’t happen as often as someone would think.
He pulls away, watching saliva connecting his cock and your mouth before you wipe it away with the back of your hand, with chest heaving for some air. He doesn’t let you rest for a minute, grabbing your cheeks once again as he puckers your lips. “You might be my boss in the company, but don’t forget who’s the boss behind these door.” he says lowly, making sure his every word is audible and clear.
He lets you go, your tongue instantly wetting your lips and you can’t take your eyes off him. He’s so fucking beautiful, even when he has those flames in his eyes and the firm line between his eyebrows as he glares at you.
“Lay down,” he barks suddenly, your body jerking at the sudden command and his eyes soften for a solid second, before he glares at you again.
Laying down slowly, he almost whines at the sight of you being so delicate with every move you make. You’re not jumping straight into action, showing him how much you want to feel his hands on you or anything he can give you, you’re careful and slow like a little lamb. He almost wants to laugh at his thoughts, but it’s enough to make his length twitch as he takes your lingerie into sight. Your legs are bent at the edge of bed, spreaded by Hoseok’s arms before he kneels in front of you.
He starts prepping kisses from your calves up to your knees, paying attention to your left leg as he doesn’t take his eyes off you. He’s making sure you see him, and his dark brown eyes that glare at you despite of his soft and delicate touch. That’s until he comes up to your inner thigh, biting the soft flesh making you whimper. He’s punishing you for today, from letting Choi kiss your cheek and watch something that’s his, to threatening to fire him. You know he won’t let that slide so easily, but you love every second of what he’s doing right now.
He slowly moves up, head right between your legs, you can feel his breath fanning your covered heat where you anticipate his touch the most. But that wouldn’t be fun, no. That would be too easy, to just give you pleasure you’re searching and waiting for. He hovers over you like a snake, watching you like you’re his prey before his mouth hovers over yours. The need to kiss him, feel those soft pillows of his in the shape of heart, is so strong that you automatically lift your head to meet them. But he dodges your attempt to kiss him by simply lifting his head more. Whining, he stares at you with neutral eyes, almost as if he’s saying ‘this is your fault’. His mouth ghosts over your neck, licking the skin before he moves to your chest. He adores the soft white lace that contrasts with your skin tone, making you look like an angel. Too bad that you’re the complete opposite. Hooking his fingers under the white material, he tugs it down all quick and harsh, causing you to yelp as the material scratches against your skin. He frees your breast, smirking when your nipple is already puckered and screaming for attention. He does the same thing with the other, letting your bralette rest underneath your breasts without taking it off. First, he starts licking the bud, twirling his tongue over it until it reddens. When he’s satisfied with how it looks, especially when he sees you curving your back to meet his lips even more, he does the same thing with the other breast.
He’s about to ruin you. You know that, his mouth is painfully slow and intense, he knows how impatient you’re getting when your pelvic bone meets his firm stomach. He holds your hips down, sending you another set of glare almost as if he’s warning you. All you can do is enjoy that and be thankful for everything he’s offering you. And you do, you let him lick and suck your nipples until they’re sensitive, not paying attention of him being so dangerously slow. When he sees that, seeing how you’re enjoying yourself instead of whining and arching your back for him, he grows frustrated. When you least expect it, he bites onto your nipple while he pinches the other between his fingers, causing you to yelp.
He pulls away, letting go off your nipples with a loud smack of his mouth before he sends you a glare. “Stop enjoying yourself. This is supposed to be a punishment.” he slaps your breast, causing you to yelp again before you giggle.
Fuck, the sound of your giggle makes him go all soft and when he sees you smiling at him from such submissive position, he wants nothing but to kiss you.
He raises his brow, diving his head to the other breast to do the same thing and you quickly protest, but he’s quicker and already biting the nipple. You cry out from the pain, but it goes away quickly and you’re left with euphoric feeling of lust. He sees you breathing in and out, savoring the feeling from what had just happened before he goes back to his knees. He stretches your legs apart even more, bending them at the edge of his bed as he takes a good sniff of your arousal. You know he can smell it, fuck if you just sat down you could probably smell yourself as well. He flickers his eyes to yours, and they say it all. He knows. The corner of his mouth twitches but he doesn’t allow himself to break his current state, and he presses his face between your legs instead. His nose pokes your clit, causing you to bite your lip as he licks you through the fabric. Moaning, you arch your back all over again, too eager to feel his mouth on you. Deep down, you know he’s not going to give in so easily. Maybe eventually, but nothing’s easy when it comes to Hoseok.
“Please,” you whimper pathetically, toes curling in a desperation.
“Hm, not so bossy anymore, huh?” He has the audacity to mock you, even laughing at you while you’re close to loosing it all.
“Jung.” you bark at him, using that one nickname he hates whenever it leaves your mouth. It’s just a reminder of work and your situation, knowing you call him that in work.
And he doesn’t like it, no he hates it and decides to deliver you a proper slap to your left thigh as you gasp at him. You could’ve guessed this was about to happen, but your mind is clouded with no one else than Jung Hoseok.
“Okay, Daddy.” you joke, knowing he hates that too and when he sees you cackling at him, he growls and gives you another slap. This one is much more intense and it makes you shut up right away.
It started as a simple conversation over red wine including sex talk, which slowly lead to a inside joke. Hoseok’s face that was scrunched in a weird grimace when the whole ‘Daddy’ kink came up is still clear in your mind, and you like to tease him about it from time to time. Maybe, right now isn’t the right time to do that, but you couldn’t help it. You’re a little minx, you like teasing him when he’s so worked up. You love getting on his nerves because you can, because he allows you until he punishes you for it.
You shiver when you feel his hands tracing the hem of your panties, humming softly to himself before he tears it off you. By that, you mean literally ripping the fabric, until two pieces of clothing ends up in his hands and he grins at you in a pure triumph. All you see is red, not believing what he just did.
“Hoseok!” you exclaim, plopping yourself onto elbows to scowl at him. “Those were new and expensive!”
It’s cliché, but it’s true. They really were on the more expensive side, and if it weren’t for your boyfriend and his love for seeing you wearing lingerie, you wouldn’t buy it. You’d probably stick to your H&M ones without doubt, not caring if your bra and panties match.
“That’s what you get by acting like a brat,” he says simply, shrugging his shoulders like it’s no big deal. “Now shut up if you want me to taste you.”
Pursing your lips, you really want to talk back at him and give him a piece of your mind for ruining such an expensive lingerie that was meant for his eyes, not for him to rip it in seconds. But you just want to feel his mouth against your heat, where you need him the most, so you decide to shut up for now. He rewards you, kissing your clit before gives it a little nibble causing you to hiss, both in pain and pleasure.
“Oh, fuck.” you moan out, head thrown back as you arch for him. Grinding against his mouth, he slaps the top of your thigh with a disapproving hum causing you to whine. As long as you want him to keep going, you need to keep your mouth shut just like he asked.
Leaning slightly back, he stares at your heat and you watch his eyes darken at the current state of your pink pussy. He sees the juices glistening your lower lips as it tricks out of your tight hole down your ass. Biting his lower lip, he releases it as he parts your folds and stares at you with hungered eyes. Automatically, it makes you clench and he sees it right away, noticing your need. He lets go, making himself more comfortable before he finally fulfills your wish and licks a long stripe, catching your arousal onto his tongue. He swallows it, tasting it on his buds as he lets out an appreciative groan. Deciding he’s not having enough, he goes back to licking you but this time makes sure he sucks your clit every now and then. Your whole body shivers and as soon as he enters his tongue into your tight hole, you’re a moaning mess. He makes you see stars, which is nothing new but still feels like it, you could never get enough of this man. With tongue inside of you and thumb circling your clit, you feel yourself so close to cumming. When your hand goes into Hoseok’s brown locks and tugs onto his roots, he knows it’s just a matter of time before you let go. And he wants to feel you tightening around him, clenching repeatedly as cum gushes out of you and he can taste you some more.
Too bad you were acting like a bitch today.
Of course, he knows where you were coming from and realizes how important your job is to you. Mostly, he’s angry and irritated by the fact he can’t hold your hands or kiss you in front of his colleagues, even though it’d be inappropriate in a place work. But he’s not going to lie, he was quite surprised by you threatening to fire him. He knows you wouldn’t do that, you want him to have this job and that’s why you insist on keeping your relationship a secret. And he agrees, because it means Kim would fire the both of you or he’d change your position but not for the better, obviously. And you’ve worked so hard to get where you’re right now, he wouldn’t allow it. And he knows keeping you as a secret is the most intelligent thing to do.
Just as your toes curl and right leg starts to shake, he knows you’re about to cum in seconds and just as he feels you tightening around his muscle, he pulls away with a smirk. You whine, looking at him with a question in your eyes. But once you see the familiar smirk of cockiness decorating his glowing face, you know he did it on purpose.
That fucker.
He stands up, length slapping against his stomach before he turns you around with his strong arms. You giggle, but it dies down when he puts you on all four and slaps your ass. It jiggles from the slap and goes to grab his length as he gives himself a few pumps.
Before you can look back, wondering what he’s doing, he’s already diving back and eating you out again. With your forehead pressed against the mattress, you gasp a soft moans into his sheets that smell like him. Fuck, your clit is already so sensitive and the orgasm that’s approaching is so freaking close. It makes you clench the sheets between your hands as you grind against his mouth, whimpering his name over and over again.
“I’m cumming,” you whine, tears pricking your eyes but before you can finally get the last push you need to let go, he’s pulling away again. “No!” you whimper, sobbing into his sheets.
You feel him hovering over you, his naked chest pressed against your back while his hardened cock brushes against your ass, his mouth hovers over your ear. He doesn’t touch you, nor kisses you into the hair like he usually does. He’s punishing you probably more than he thinks he does. All you can feel is his hot breath fanning one side of your face.
“Frustrating, isn’t it?” he chuckles, not waiting for any response before he’s pulling himself off you just to go back.
However, this time he caresses your ass before he takes off your bralette. Luckily, he doesn’t rip it like he did to your panties and throws it somewhere on the floor. He spreads your ass cheeks, thumb grazing your puckered hole as you flinch.
“Hush,” he shushes you, licking your puckered hole that makes you gasp in utter shock. It feels so fucking good, his tongue circling your puckered hole is enough to make you clench around nothing. “What do you want, boss?” he asks, mockingly saying the little nickname with a little venom in his voice.
And you want to talk back, mocking him back by saying; “Aren’t you the boss right now?”
But you don’t.
“Your fingers.”
“My fingers?” he laughs while saying it, shaking his head that you can’t see right now. “Aren’t you little greedy?”
“Please, Hobi. I need you, I’m sorry.” you almost sob, voice cracking and for a moment, you feel him tense behind you. He wonders if he crossed any lines because he never heard you sob in bed. No matter how brutal and dominant he was, you never were in this state. But then he sees your tight hole clenching and unclenching and he audibly sighs in relief.
“But are you really?” he decides do ask, his voice shifting while you nod furiously.
“Yes. I’m sorry.” you whine, wiggling your ass in the air that makes him chuckle.
“So needy,” he comments and before you can curse at him, he licks your puckered hole again but this time enters your pussy with two fingers.
You gasp, not expecting that while your walls stretch around his two digits. He sets the pace slow this time, and you like to think he’s done it to let you adjust to the sudden stretch. The feeling of his fingers is indescribable, they brush against your sensitive walls so deliciously that you almost cry out loud. However, the slow and intense pace he set doesn’t stay for too long and he starts to pull out just to slam his fingers right back, into the wetness and warmth of your clenched walls. With tongue still circling around your ass, the combination of both — his fingers and tongue — drives you insane. Your legs tremble and you feel like you could burst any second. Praying he’d let you finish is all you can hope for, but as if he could read your mind, he stops when your moans intensify in the form of approaching orgasm.
“I can’t,” you whimper, laying down on your back while he lets you. Two dark orbs stare at you with curiosity and maybe hidden worry, at the sight of your disheveled hair and naked trembling body. “Why are you so mean?” you ask him, pouting at him and his attempt of edging you.
“Am I the one who’s mean?” he asks back, raising a brow at you while he hovers over you. His hot breath fans your face and you close your eyes, knowing he wouldn’t kiss you even if you tried to. “Open your eyes, love.” he tells you softly, causing you to do what he asked.
His eyes dance all over your face, primarily focusing on your eyes, although you see the sudden drop at your lips. Almost as if he shook himself out of the little trance, he looks back at you with softness.
“That’s how you made me feel today,” he informs you, hand reaching for your cheek before he gives it a few strokes. “You drive me crazy, so fucking crazy that all I could think about it bending you over that huge desk of yours and fuck you. Fuck you, so Choi could hear your moans, but most importantly, It’d be my name he hears.”
Your body shivers, his chest brushing against your perked nipples and if you weren’t so aroused, you’d probably feel embarrassed by your current vulnerability. However, you know there’s no need to ever feel embarrassed, not in front of Hoseok at least. He always made sure of that.
Maybe it’s the visual thought of what he just told you that makes your inside clench with fire, the one only Hoseok can light up. The fantasy is forbidden and a huge no for the both of you, but that’s what it has to be. Fantasy. You know it makes Hoseok annoyed as well, not that he doesn’t get to fuck you over your work desk. This is not a movie and people often get caught in reality doing that. It’s a work place, not a place to have dirty office sex. What makes him so annoyed that you’ve to keep your relationship hidden, even though you both know it’s the best option.
“He won’t be a problem anymore,” you speak, voice light and gentle despite of your current positions. You can feel his hard length pressed against your stomach and even if it sets another flame inside of you, you stay still.
Hoseok frowns in confusion, wondering what do you mean by that. Smiling up at him, you open your mouth before he’s going to wake up with couple of wrinkles from all that frowning.
“He kept his distance and barely looked me in the eye. No matter how unprofessional of you was saying such thing straight into his face, it worked.” You don’t fail to give him that look of a raised brow, which he returns with another glare.
Your hands slowly move to his back, finally touching his hot and soft skin while he doesn’t even budge. He watches you, letting you caressing his exposed back and no matter what he’s thinking right now, you keep being quiet. He leans down, lips pressing against your neck before he moves to the spot between your shoulder and neck. You don’t think much about it, appreciating how his lips feel on your neck, even though you’d rather feel them pressed against yours. Considering what he just did to your butt hole, you’re not so sure of that anymore. What you don’t expect, is the sharp pain that pierces to your skin and it lets you gasp into the air. He fucking bit you.
Not hard enough to actually tear the delicate and thin layer of your skin, but just enough to make it hurt. It’s long forgotten when your body shivers with lust, reminding you of your intimate position.
“Mine,” he murmurs against your skin before he gives it a few smooches. “I won’t let anyone have you.”
His words are not possessive, you know Hoseok isn’t like that. Yes, he gets jealous and you’re sure it has to do something with your secret relationship between boss and employee. But his words are nothing but gentle and loving. He knows you’re not his property or anything close to it. But he likes to think you’re it for him. Nine months of secret dates that escalated to dates and having sex almost every night, which ended with the two of you dating. It still feels fresh, yet it’s familiar and it’s everything you could’ve ever dreamt of.
“Good,” you murmur, hugging him closer to you and caging his body with your legs. “I don’t want anyone else.”
He smiles, you feel those heart shapes lips stretch against your skin and it’s enough to make you do the same thing. His hands goes down between your bodies as he adjust himself, before you feel his tip against your entrance. He looks at you, recognizing that lower lip biting and sparkles in your eyes as a green light and when you urge him with your heels digging into his lower back, he chuckles and slowly enters you. Both moaning, your foreheads meet while he starts to fill you up with his incredibly hard and amazing length. When he bottoms out, you gasp at the stretch mixed with pleasure and pain, and you curve your back for him. Giving you a few seconds to adjust, he slowly pulls out before he thrusts in with much more strength and intensity. He pulls away, his length still nestled inside of you, before he pushes your legs against your chest. The new position causes him to get even deeper and you gasp at the new feeling. He smirks before he sets a brutal pace and starts fucking you, your head spinning at the pleasure he’s able to give you. What seemed like a romantic and loving moment is turned into another dominant fucking ass bomb sex. You can feel your arousal prickling down your ass, staining his nice smelling sheets and you feel almost sorry that he’ll have to wash them as soon as you’re done.
Your orgasm was denied so much that you can barely take him, the animalistic pace makes you see stars and your walls clench so tightly around him that you can feel every little vein on his cock. With a few brushed against your sensitive spot and him hitting all the right places that makes it feel like he’s in your stomach, you’re cumming without notice. Repeatedly clenching and unclenching around him, your whole body shudders as he groans at the tight feeling. When you’re done, he stops and slowly pulls out, letting your legs drop and rest.
“Did you just cum?” he asks, eyes widened in bewilderment like he hasn’t been edging you for hours. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been hours, but it surely felt like it.
Rolling your eyes at him, you’re met with a single raise of his brow that makes you sigh. “Of course, I did. I was about to cum for the last twenty minutes and maybe I’d cum sooner if it weren’t for the little stunt you pulled.” you remark sassily, not noticing the fact he’s still hard and nowhere done with you.
All you can focus on is your own breathing and the way your body finally relaxed. And your mind might be clouded with a little annoyed towards him for stopping your orgasm before it could even happen. You wish you’d pay more attention to your surroundings and none other than Hoseok, because the sudden twitch of his eyebrow means nothing but danger. In one swift movement your whole body is turned around, stomach hitting the mattress as you yelp in surprise.
“What the hell--“
“Quiet,” Slap.
Your ass aches from the sudden slap, your mouth falling open as you gasp in shock.
“You think we’re done?” he growls, grabbing the sides of your ass before he’s pulling you up. With your ass in the air, he delivers another slap to your other cheek with the same sting.
“I can’t--Hobi--“
“Don’t Hobi me,” he barks, spanking you again making you cry out. “I think you forgot something, Y/N.”
You shiver at the sound of your name leaving his lips. Looking back at him and finding him just behind you, he leans down once again while he licks his lower lips.
“I’m the boss here.” he smirks and before you can even open your mouth, he’s slapping you again.
Throwing your head back into the mattress you gasp, feeling him stroking the red and sensitive flesh. You almost purr at his hands caressing your ass in soft circles. Maybe he’s done it to help ease the pain, or maybe it’s just the part of distraction before he enters you in all go. Your sensitive walls clench around him, your whole core burning with overstimulation but you don’t stop him. You let him enter you by relaxing your muscles and taking him in. Your muscles ache from tiredness but you don’t let that stop you. The overstimulation is uncomfortable, leaving you whimpering into Hoseok’s sheets with sweat dripping down your back. You’re sure your hair must be coated in sweat, but that’s the least of your worries right now. There’s no space to focus on anything else, other than Hoseok’s length driving in and out of you with no mercy. His hands are settled on your hips, making sure you don’t loose balance that your weak knees barely have. He grips you tightly, almost like he fears you’re going to leave. Soon enough, the shots of pleasure shoots right into your core and the low whimpering turns into moaning Hoseok’s name over and over again.
“You’re wonderful,” he groans behind you, letting his voice mix with the sound of your and his skin meeting each other and your moans. The praise makes you proud and confident, pursing your ass at him how much you can. “So fucking stubborn,” he growls, slapping your ass with his right hand while the other one stays clasped around your hip. “But I love you so fucking much.” he almost whimpers, like it’s the dirtiest secret he has ever told.
“I love you.” you gasp into the sheets, your sensitive walls pulsating around him while his length starts to throb inside you. He’s close.
“Maybe I should fuck a baby into you, so Choi and everyone else would know you're mine.” he growls, your heart almost jumping out of your chest from his words. He has never said something like that, it's the first time you hear him saying something about baby and you in the same sentence. But the image of you carrying his child makes you shiver with excitement.
“Yes!” you gasp, not believing you'd just be absolutely fine with it if it happened. Which shouldn't and you both rely on the birth control you're taking every day. But still, the thought of Hoseok fucking baby into you is explicit and absolutely incredible.
His hand slowly wraps around your neck, leaving your breath hitching as he gives you a few testing squeezes. Once he hears you letting out a low moan, he knows you’re okay with it. While he focuses on his thrusts, picking up his pace, he squeezes your neck as cuts some of the oxygen. Your eyes roll back, jolts of pleasure shooting straight through you. The second time of tonight, you’re cumming around him with a huge gasp and moan. This orgasm isn’t as long as the first one was, but it’s much more intense.
A few seconds later, Hoseok’s thrusts halt and his length starts twitching before he’s cumming inside of you, letting himself plugged around your walls while he coats them. It's warm and the feeling of his cum inside of you makes you feel so full. He gives couple of lazy thrusts before he’s pulling his and your body down to bed. He pulls you closer, his chest pressed against your back while he pulls out. Feeling his cum dropping down, you both don’t care about the possibility of making even more mess. How can you care when he kisses your temple and cuddles to you even more.
You’re both sweaty, and you both stink of sweat and sex, but none of you move. Staying like this for a few minutes in a complete silence with Hoseok’s occasional kisses to your cheek and shoulder, he hums in appreciate as he cuddles to you even more. He’s crushing you with his strong hold against your delicate body, but you don’t tell him anything.
“Fire me.” he says, causing you to tense around his arms immediately.
What the hell is he talking about?
“What?” you chuckle, getting out of his hold to turn around and face him. At first, you think he must be joking. But when you see his face and how serious he looks, you know it’s not just another one of his jokes.
“I’m serious,” he tells you, “Fire me.”
“Hobi, I was joking.” you clarify, fearing he took your words way too seriously. Yes, you were angry but both of you knew you were just bluffing and speaking out of anger. You’d never fire him.
“I know you were, love,” he assures you, placing another sweet kiss to your forehead. He takes your hand, fidgeting with your fingers while you stare at him with doe and big eyes. “But I don’t want us to be a secret anymore. I know that’s what we settled on because our job, but if that’s what keeps me away from kissing you or at least talking to you about your day without suspiciously looking over my back, I don’t want it. I don’t want that.”
Hoseok’s words and voice are sincere and honest, not sad like you’d guessed if he ever talked about something like this.
“But you love your job.” you point out, not being able to imagine Hoseok doing something different. Even if it was a similar job, he belongs to Kim Enterprise.
“But I love you more.” he argues immediately, pulling your hand to his mouth as he kisses your knuckles.
“I won’t fire you. Ever.” you tell him sternly, not liking the idea. You know where he’s coming from, but you won’t allow him to drop his job because of you.
“Then I’ll leave. I’ll see Kim on Monday.”
“Hoseok, no!” you exclaim, sitting up as his hands slide off you by your sudden movements. He sighs, turning himself on his back while he stares at the ceiling and lets out the deepest sigh. “I won’t let you do that. We’ll figure out something. I’ll talk to Kim and tell him what happened--“
“No, he’ll fire you or drop you out of your position.” he disagrees right away.
But you can’t seem to be angry, not when he stares at you with those soft brown eyes full of adoration and love.
“Look at us,” you chuckle, his brows shooting up. “We’re both willing to make some sacrifices but won’t let the other do the same thing.”
At that, he lets out a small chuckle but he gives you a soft smile. “Yeah, is that how love feels like?” he asks with a little laugh.
“I’m not sure, but it could definitely be described like it,” you laugh, shaking your head at your conversation. “But don’t worry. I’ll tell him we love each other and no matter how he’s going to react, we’ll figure it out.” you tell him, reaching for his hair as you brush your fingers through it.
“Are you sure?” he asks softly, doubt laced in his voice and eyes.
“Of course,” you tell him, “I love you. I think it’s time to stop hiding. It was unprofessional of us to get together. I don’t think it’d matter that much if we were colleagues. But since I’m your boss, people might think I went easy on you or something. And I’m ready for those kind of words.” you shrug.
People in the company will talk, it’s going to be one of the biggest gossips and you won’t avoid weird stares of curiosity and disapproval. But you don’t care. Hoseok is worth it.
“I know that, that’s why I’m scared for you to do this.” Hoseok admits.
“Don’t worry about that. I’m a big girl, I’ll manage.”
“I know that too, I just don’t want anyone to hurt you.” he says.
“They won’t hurt me.” you assure him, heart swelling at his thoughtfulness.
“That’s how it is for me, y’know, I love you and I’m willing to do anything to stop hiding. You’re the it for me, Y/N. It’s quite scary because I’ve never felt about anyone this way. But I can imagine you being mine, like properly mine. I can see us living together and getting married, fuck, I can imagine us having kids.” he gasps at his own words, realization setting on his face while you laugh at his expression.
His words filling your heart with more love and adoration. “We’ve known each other for nine months and here you are, mentioning marriage and kids.” you joke, watching him as he sits down.
“We’ve known each other for two years. We’ve been dating for nine months.” he corrects you, almost sounds as if he’s scolding you for not saying the correct time and that makes you laugh again.
“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Jung. I meant two years.” you roll your eyes, leaning to him to finally kiss him but he dodges your kiss and pulls away.
Frowning, he chuckles at you and pokes your nose. “I’ve licked your asshole. Do you really want me to kiss you?” he asks, snorting when he sees your horrific expression.
“Way to ruin the moment.” you murmur, causing him to laugh as he stands up. He starts to stretching his muscles, moaning at the feeling as he reaches for his clothes.
“I’m gonna run us a bath, you good?” he asks, eyes flickering between your legs and the mess there.
“Bath sounds good and yeah, I’ll manage.” you smile.
“You need help?” he asks you, not bothering to put on his clothes but he still picks up your own.
“No, thanks. But you could help me by brushing your teeth and then kiss me. I missed your kisses today.” you pout, causing him to laugh but he has that look of proudness.
“Oh, poor baby. I’ll do that. You should get that pretty ass out of bed and join me in a few minutes.” he tells you, sending you a kiss when you nod.
Watching his naked perky ass, he walks out of the bedroom and goes to run the bath for the both of you. A few seconds later and you hear him turning on the water while you’re still sitting on his bed, and ruined sheets, with an idiotic smile adoring your lips.
If it weren’t for Hoseok’s big mouth and Choi’s inappropriate staring, you wouldn’t probably talk about your relationship going public. At least not anytime soon. You knew you’d eventually, and as much as you knew how much Hoseok loves you, you weren’t just sure if you’re at that stage. It turns out you are and you couldn’t be happier. So not wasting any more time, you stand up with a wobbly legs and ache between them. You join your boyfriend, finding him standing naked in front of the sink while spitting out water, smirking at you before he finally kisses you.
Fuck, you’re so whipped for this man. You might be his boss, maybe not for long, but he’s definitely the boss when it comes to your sex life. And your heart.
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bloomsuga · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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part seven - charles e. cheese
[time traveler!hoseok x writer!reader]
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a/n: sorry it’s so late tn ahsjdkk but i hope y’all enjoy it!! lmk and let’s chat!! thx for reading!! x
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which, as they kiss, consume | jjk
you just wanted to get a tattoo from your boyfriend
Tumblr media
pairing: tattoo artist!jk x reader
genre: established relationships au, tattoo artist au, smut
word count: 4k
warnings: unprotected sex, biting, making out, grinding, licking, nipple play, jk has a lip ring, oral (f receiving), fingering, shy jk and oc, sexual tension, slight choking, slight aftercare
Tumblr media
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He visibly chokes on his glass of beer as he almost snaps his neck to meet your gaze. He could say that you were awfully drunk and hence the sudden confession out of the blue, but behind your heavy lidded eyes, Jungkook could sense that you were serious.
“You what?”, he gulps abruptly, moving closer to your face, doe eyes pleading to repeat yourself.
“Yes Kook. I want that tattoo on my breasts. I’ve decided”.
It’s not that Jungkook didn’t have experience in his career with inking on different parts of a human body. He just had never given a tattoo to someone who is romantically associated with him and the thought of seeing you half naked made him chuck down the rest of his drink in one go.
The most physical he had ever gotten with you was a kiss shared occasionally since it’s only been over two weeks you had started dating. Okay maybe you made out once in his car but that’s it. It never got to the point of shedding clothes or anything intense.
“Are you sure?”
You giggle at the sudden hoarseness in his voice and nod positive. Ironic how his aura never matched his personality. His inked skin, athletic body proportions covered in black monochrome bad boy outfits gave out default energy that he is a local heartthrob with multiple chicks wrapped around his finger each night and a heavy demeanor to carry in his smirk.
You were one of those believers until Jungkook asked you out in the most hopeless romantic way possible after constantly visiting the café you work in, a few shops besides his parlor. He was a gentleman with respectful boundaries, warm hands to hold yours and sweet sensual kisses though you are pretty sure he probably has a good game.
For any outsider it looked like those cliché bad boy and shy girl love stories, but for real both of you were a good percentage of introverts.
Jungkook runs his tongue around his lip ring while he is stressfully ruffling his dark locks into a mess. He is trying to explain his reasons to postpone your decision considering how shy he got at this point. But then that’s exactly why you were requesting him with soft eyes, it would be so uncomfortable to be shirtless in front of anybody else. Or maybe it’s your way of saying the relationship is open for higher levels of physical affection.
After debating around in vain, he finally hums and clears one of his slots for his beloved client.
Tumblr media
Friday approaches way quicker than you assumed and now your heart is beating in your throat. Right after you are done cleaning the tables, you have to make it to Jungkook’s parlor for your appointment.
Running on three hours of sleep, black under eyes even after a decent amount of makeup, you groan as you check yourself out in the mirror. You opted for a simple shirt and skirt (also known as the outfit you bought for occasions with Jungkook), light beach waves resting on your shoulders. Hoping that a few cups of coffee will save you, you stride across the street to stop before the infamous parlor he worked in. Hopefully the full body shave and chocolate body butter has kept its excellence on your skin below the clothing.
The door chimes as it opens with a dragged creak on the musky wooden flooring. It felt like an otherworld where air smelled like men’s perfume and faint tint of cigarettes. In other words, intoxicating.
You ask the first person you meet at the reception, one of Jungkook’s companions at the shop and he assists you to his cabin located at a comfortably remote location.
His space is hidden with a simple black curtain. You are met with Jungkook’s back facing you, working determinately on a client’s arm and cares to spare a glance only when the guy with you is informing him about your presence.
“This will be over in a few”, he grins to your face and goes back to focusing his coil on the skin of a woman in her late twenties laying down his chair. The vibration from his inking machine fills in the silence and you excuse yourself to sit on a small black couch beside them.
This was the first time watching him at work and now you can understand why people rumored so much about his attitude because damn it is intimidating.
Brows knit together and inked muscles flex as he drags the needles around for finishing touches. Meanwhile you can pretty much smell the drool from the woman who is shamelessly checking out your boyfriend. Though you are pretty sure Jungkook gets such glances more than he can count every day, you can’t help but feel jealous. Partly because of the childish possessiveness and partly because you want to be the reason behind his dark eyes and intricate concentration, in profession or not.
To stop from mentally throwing daggers on the client’s way, you grab a random fashion magazine from the side table and flip through pages, though other four senses are inclined on your man. With a close attention to his low sigh you conclude that he is done.
The customer with now a fresh tattoo on her arm is discussing random useless topics to get him to talk, a very vain job realizing how Jungkook doesn’t bat a friendly lash at anybody, especially to those who hit on him. To be honest a large part of the ink business was linked with the obsession to attractive people who worked here, even if it meant trading an area of your skin. You grip the edges of the magazine a bit hard, not able to contain the sanity particularly at the high pitch voice she mumbles in before finally leaving his cabin.
A little excited and a lot nervous, you stand up as Jungkook bids goodbye to the third person.
He is quick to notice your discomfort, though not sure if it was the woman or the thought of finally getting the tattoo, he knew you were nervous and surviving in several cups of espresso by the dark circles slowly showing through the faded layers of your concealer. But nothing pulls down the opinion he has about you, beautiful and simple, no dramatics attached.
“Hey are you okay?”
You nod as soon as you sit down on the black tattoo chair, shifting a little to find a comfortable position. He is taking out a box full of equipment and fine needles, already making you break a sweat at the side of your forehead.
But more than that, it’s the way he is sharp and professional that catches your attention more.
You have never seen Jungkook this serious before. The choice of his vetiver perfume digging through your nostrils was driving you insane. If he doesn’t smile soon, you are going to melt into a puddle at his gaze.
“Are you nervous?”, he smirks this time, a newfound reason for your worsening gut health.
It’s mostly going in cycles at this point. Every bit of his skilled motion causes a vigorous hormonal reaction which initiates his next set of effortless teasing.
“I’m a little nervous”, you say, fiddling with your freshly painted nude nails.
“Me too”
It’s something you least expect to come out of his mouth observing how confident he looks right now. He basically has you cornered with his gaze. But whenever he had been truthful about his emotions it felt like a hug.
“I can take off my shirt too, so that we are even. Is that okay?”
He said it so softly like he is handling a child and the duality of the situation had your mind fogged and limbs frozen for a few minutes.
“Yeah it’s okay” It’s far beyond than okay. It’s great actually.
Jeon Jungkook is ripped, a Greek God sculptured masterpiece covered in self designed artwork you are more than happy to wake up to every morning. He hears you gulp at the feast before your eyes while he discards his black t-shirt to a nearby chair.
Now you don’t know if this whole thing is supposed to warm your heart or make you play several erotic fantasies like a movie before your eyes.
Both of you share a small smile while his long fingers are tugging at the hem of your shirt and pulling it up over your head.
He almost wishes you don’t opt to wear a bra but he is met with lacy black, a-bit-over your-usual-budget fabric hugging the roundness of your breasts.
It seemed like you were way too competitive about today. Anything less than complete awe from Jungkook for you was straight disappointment, you don't want anything less.
Well it seems like it did from how blown his pupils were at this point. He peels his gaze off your chest with a sharp gulp to look at your eyes suddenly devoid of any fear and staring back at him with all ease. He is filled with an exapnse of warmth and he isn't sure why does spending just a little amount of time with you had such a grip on him. He can’t wait to propose the idea of getting a couple tattoo together soon and as far as you know how Jungkook is, he is very serious with his body art so apparently he does trust you a lot already.
“Where exactly are you trying to get it?”, his voice is a lot deeper suddenly as he waits for your fingers to guide to his canvas.
You softly trace the spot at the upper circumference of your right boob, “Here”.
You suck a breath through your nose as his own fingers are mimicking your gesture, lightly pulling down the lace to inspect the fitting of the design at hand.
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Jungkook traces each word on your burning skin, now leaning dangerously close which was questioning your control to put your palms flat on his pecs. He doesn’t notice that though, his mind is busy creating his own fantasies about the women under him.
After two minutes and twenty four second long of inspection and mutual thirst, Jungkook is selecting a bunch of needles to set into the rotary machine. Five fine sharp like a painter's brush moves in and out at a set regularity as Jungkook tests it out.
The next of his actions had you flushed into a pool of crimson. He gently lifts up your resting torso with one hand while the other is unclasping the hook of your bra, making you half naked for the sake of the tattoo.
"I'm going to start", he says shyly.
You still have time to save yourself from the growing phobia for the object, but another unlogical part of your brain says it's a piece of cake considering you have a whole distracting full course meal in front of you.
It stings at first. Well, okay it hurts like hell but your face is devoid of any indication, except your right hand is gripping on the rim of the chair for dear life.
Jungkook on the other hand had never felt this much diversion of mind during his work. He knows that you are probably hurting very badly, especially for a first timer. He is biting into his lip ring, trying to get this over with for the well-being of your pain and his hormones.
After he had scribed one word into your dermis, you are no longer able to contain the ache so you give out a small squeak out of your glossed lips and the vibration of the machine at his hands stops as he looks at you.
"You want me to stop? ", he is relaxing his face as he cups yours with one hand. You don't want to answer that question, but the drumroll of the current situation is making your heart flutter and everything about the little burn on your chest is forgotten.
"No. It does hurt but I'll be fine I guess", you whisper. His breath is mixing with yours slowly as he is leaning more towards your face. If it isn't for a kiss then you are likely to be disappointed.
"It'll be over before you know it. I'll make it quick", and then he kisses you, a small act to get off the pressure of sexual tension between your bare upper bodies.
Before you think of any tongue in the act, he is breaking off the contact and returns to his position on your chest. He misses the pout that forms on your mouth but right now both of your heads are in cloud nine.
The pain starts again, only this time you are busy reliving how his lips felt in yours; soft, firm and controlled.
You gasp when you feel one of his hands cupping your right breast to further his design but it's lowkey an act empowered by lust which is straining behind the so called professional eyes.
You just sit there flustered out of your mind and then Jungkook is suddenly squeezing, full palm hiding your breasts like it's a protected treasure, but he isn't showing the slightest facial expression other than determined eyes and his lower lip caught between his teeth.
Fuck you can't take it anymore. Jungkook can feel your nipples harden against his hand and his brain isn't helping much to concentrate on the design. But by the grace of some positive karma left on his side, he makes it through the long text and when he is letting go of your chest and standing tall, your skin is popping out with redness on the places the text lays embedded.
He fishes out a mirror for you to look.
"It looks beautiful thank you Jungkook", you smile.
"Can I give you one more tattoo on your left one?", he asks while you are contemplating whether going through the pain is worth it, not to mention you really want to get back at a private space with Jungkook as soon as possible.
"It won't hurt I promise", and then he is kissing you a lot filthier than before; all tongue and teeth, while his hands are grazing on the skin of your waist, pressing a little firmer than before.
The coldness of his lip ring rivaled around your mouth, and you try sucking on it to which Jungkook responds with a growl and pushes his body adamantly against yours.
Skin to skin, you are lost in euphoria of everything happening and finally, you roam your eager hands around his body, to his pecs and the definition of abs.
As your fingers scraped against his scalp, Jungkook is biting eagerly down your jawline to your collarbone and continues his ministrations at a particular spot which is bringing out melodic moan variation from you.
He is going down your skin, licking on your left boob before he starts planting violet tattoos as he had promised. As if it couldn't get better, he is massaging the right breast, in a way to soothe pain.
He loses it when you stutter his name, but he is just a fucking tease when it comes to making love and doing anything in a public space is the last thing he wants to do. There isn't much room for all that he wants right now.
"Why did you choose this particular tattoo Y/n?", he rasps while he is planting small pecks on his artwork, and you reply when he is finally eye level with you
"I just felt like it's a good one", your breaths are uneven and mostly caught in your neck. He pecks your lips before speaking, "Those are lines from Romeo and Juliet".
He takes your hands to trace over a line of text among the many designs on his chest.
which, as they kiss, consume
"We pretty much have a couple tattoo now Y/n", his breath is matched with your pace and you are not very sure how to respond to this new knowledge.
"That's… hot"
You break into giggles along with him, he just can't stop dragging his lips around your skin, but he isn't able to word his feelings right now either.
"I have some aftercare healing ointment for the tattoo at my place, wanna come over?" Now that may be a little lame of an excuse to get his little friend out of his pants but you are too unfazed to analyse any of that.
Tumblr media
His hands find place on your ass under the skirt as soon as the door to his apartment closes, and before you know it, you are in his bedroom, sitting on the soft mattress and tongue lost devouring each other.
While eagerly getting rid of every article of clothing, Jungkook notices that you don't have your bra on beneath the shirt, so it's probably back at the parlour, but none of you have the slightest care for it, might as well make an excuse with it later to fuck you in his cabin.
He is pushing you farther towards the headboard, him on top, grinding sensenslesy while your lips mould with his. Though he has his whole body pressed against you, you can't seem to feel his weight at the slightest, every one of his actions were just balanced and perfect.
As Jungkook goes down on you, his smile is evident against your skin, finally able to find out how every one of those scenarios in his head will come to look like. He lets out a satisfied hum being finally able to suck on your tits, your fingers finding place on his hair, twisting it out of stimulation.
His pelvis is flushed harshly against yours, grinding and rubbing against your pussy for as long as he is rejoicing the feeling of moving his tongue around both the nipples.
He stops rubbing after some point and you whimper at the loss but his fingers are soon to meet your core as a quick apology. All your later moans are muffled on his mouth once again.
Feeling the controlled movements of his fingers on your clit, you dig your nails down on his toned shoulders. It's becoming impossible to reciprocate his lewd movements of tongue on your lips at this point as the excitement between your thighs is growing every passing second.
Your mouth remains slightly parted as he removes his face to watch you squirm underneath, lips swollen, deep red and glossy from all the saliva.
He pecks at the shell of your ear before going down past your navel.
You haven't had much heads in the twenty years of your life, most of the guys being completely against the idea which made you feel insecure to bring up the topic in bed, but Jungkook does it like his life depends on it.
He growls at the sight of you dripping into his sheets and he seems to enjoy the idea of being the influence behind it. But none is going through your head at the moment, not the metal on his lips grazing against your folds, or the fact that Jungkook is grinning each time you cry his name, it feels unreal to feel something like this.
His mouth is wrapping against your entrance and he is balancing your lower body on his palms to help him reach the right depths inside you. While all you can muster up is the strength to grope the bedsheets in your fist and close your eyes at the pleasure.
Jungkook brings his head higher to give some attention to the throbbing clit, catching it between his teeth and triggering the bundle of nerves just the perfect dose to have your hips jolting up to his face.
He can't take it himself when you are now whining and chasing for your release, so he is slightly humping against the bed to get some friction.
He licks a slow stripe up till your abdomen and slowly raises to your face, already fucked out and dishevelled to keep up with his dominant orbs.
He swears he had never felt so much warmth and care for sex with any of his previous partners, in relationship or not, all he could think is how good can he treat the pleading eyes underneath him.
"Is there something you like that you want me to do?", he says, fingers grazing once again to your crotch to not deny you from his contact. Only this time he is exploring the tightness of your pretty cunt with two skillful fingers.
Is there? You are not sure. Or in other words you are too caught up at the sense of him fingering you. It's not like you had enough experience or people who cared enough to ask that question. It astounds you that never in this entire foreplay he asked for any favor for himself.
"I'm not sure…", you whisper and then maybe you have something on your mind " um I guess I would like to be choked" Okay this felt embarrassing.
He smiles before sliding his free hand from your lips to your neck, and applies slight force, careful to not hurt you in the slightest bit.
"Is that fine?"
"Yeah", you muffle through the decreasing course of air.
He pulls up your face by the throat to attach lips once more. He just can't seem to get enough of kissing you senseless. Then, the tip of his long ignored cock is teasing the length of your pussy twice before it's stretching you out to the brim.
Bodies flushed and hot, his pace is deep and slow, making sure to kiss the cervix every time he is inside.
He watches as your eyes close shut and flutters around whenever he is grazing against your sweet spot. Both of your ears lost and eager for the moans looming out of each other, his more like what he sounds at the gym. Nice observation Y/n.
In this span of sexual energy you shared, you can make some obvious conclusions. Sex with him was surreal, both in terms of domination and the care he had. Rocking against him and keeping up with his hips was attainable— Compared to the intense eye contact he tries to hold, or the way he cups the side of your face and rubs the pad of his thumb on your cheeks while he kisses you during sinking back in, or the way his eyes glow at the beauty of your body open for him. It makes you feel special and it's difficult to respond to these gestures when you never felt this way before.
Jungkook could tell that from your face, but he hopes he lasts with you enough to help you know the worth you hold. You couldn't think too much about anything when you are busy squeezing around his length and coming twice in the first ten minutes.
By the third orgasm Jungkook is nearing his own and he pulls out to pump a few times before coming on your stomach.
"Was it okay?", his voice is all over the place, still balancing his body on his arms while you are amazed by his strength.
"It was amazing Jungkook", you smile. You have known a lot about Jungkook over the few dates you spent with him. That he likes literature, classics and philosophy, designs tattoos as a subconscious thing, that his game is A-1, and he likes working out almost three hours a day. Good for you. But it wasn't until now you know him to be gentle, like he is afraid to crush you under a feather touch. You don't know him as someone who is staring deep into your face after a good fuck, speaks nothing, smiles widely, and plants a peck on your forehead before getting off the bed.
He does the honors of cleaning both of your bodies with a towel, it's not like you have any strength left in you anyway. And then pulls out an ointment from the bedside table and plops next to your body.
"There. You need this to protect the tattoo", he takes off the nozzle and applies a required amount against the words on your chest and massages against them.
"Now go to sleep Juliet", he mocks, pulling up the sheets over you both "good night".
You snuggle against his hard chest, kissing his pecs before resting on it, "Good night Romeo".
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