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zibermuda · 7 months ago
canceled | jjk
Tumblr media
Summary — Jungkook has a passion for camo pants, science, and debating with strangers on the internet. Usually, he wins arguments, but when you show up in the comment section of one of his his blog posts, shit goes down and he's left wanting more than a virtual conversation.
Genre — smut (sci-blogger!jk, fashion-blogger!oc)
Words — 6,416
Warnings — jk masturbates to your photos, sending & receiving nudes, mutual masturbation, unprotected sex (in a library), jk spits on your pussy, lots of spit, drooling, biting, breath play, oral sex (male & female receiving), mentions of jk throat-fucking you & coming on your face, nipple play, cum eating, jk likes tits, jk is a little shit, PWP, swearing
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
On a Thursday night, Jeon Jungkook — a cybersecurity major — is sat in his dorm-room with nothing else to do other than leisurely scroll through his social media feed. There’s not a lot going on in his mind right now either, aside from the odd thought about the girl who sits at the very front of his ‘Python Scripting’ class. She's fond of wearing tight tank tops and he's very fond of looking over her shoulder.
That’s when he sees it; a miscreant with the username 'frillsarecute2' has left a rather insolent comment underneath his latest blog post.
frillsarecute2 commented on your post: you sound dumb as hell.. tulips need a nutrient ratio of 10-10-10 and the fertiliser needs to be slow releasing.
Frills? He repeats to himself. Cute? Who the fuck is this?
Your profile picture is a seductive shot of your face and a tease of your bare shoulder (and a great one at that.) Jungkook has never once seen a girl like any of his posts, let alone comment on them. To him, the girl in your profile photo is way too hot to be anywhere near this section of the internet, so he’s quick to come to a ball-busting conclusion; your account is fake. But, more importantly, how dare this stranger over the internet call him dumb? What the fuck do you know about anything?
Without much rational thought, he clicks on your profile — not even bothering to scroll through your posts — and direct messages you.
[luck_master + frillsarecute2]
luck_master: who the fuck are you?? you don’t know anything about anything. it's 9-9-6.
With brows furrowed and fingers ready to attack the keyboard, he waits for your response. You could be anywhere in the world right now with a completely different timezone, but he wants an answer right this second. Exactly two minutes and twelve seconds later, you send in your response.
frillsarecute2: why are u so maddd!!
luck_master: i’m not mad bro you just need to get your facts right.
Jungkook took a plant biology broadening unit in his first year of college, so he sure as hell knows how plants and their functions go. He knows science like his dick knows his right hand. And, speaking of dicks in hands, he decides to close the chat for a moment to scroll through your posts. Further investigation, if you will.
Tits. Tits everywhere.
Whoever this chick is, he’s hot for her. Scattered all throughout your blog are photos of your body wrapped in various colours and cuts of lace. Other posts are of fashionable outfits, fresh gardens, and coffee art. But, why the fuck would he care about the latte you had last week? He sees more tits than he knows what to do with and his dick is very fucking happy about it.
Now, let’s get one thing straight. frillsarecute2 may be a greasy, forty year old man sitting in his mom’s basement, but Jungkook is a guy with raging hormones and these photos are of a woman he’d like to see naked.
frillsarecute2: u gonna cry? want me to read u a bedtime story? fucking baby.
luck_master: ayt man.. who’s that chick in your pfp?
frillsarecute2: me? lol.
luck_master: do you think i’m stupid? i could probably find her on pornhub.
frillsarecute2: ur literally so dumb!! im the girl in the photos.
luck_master: ok give me your snapchat and prove it.
frillsarecute2: my username is the same.
And so, he types up that exact username and sends a friend request your way. He truly, truly believes that he’s about to be sent a photo of some balding man with a dirty beard, but he doesn’t receive that image at all. This is exactly why he just about ascends into heaven and bursts out into gospel choir when you send him a snapchat of your face. You’re you, and jesus fucking christ, you are so hot.
luck_master: wtf???
frillsarecute2: do u feel bad for wanking to my photos now?
luck_master: i didn’t even look at your posts.
frillsarecute2: yeah u did, u fuckin virgin.
luck_master: stfu i’m not a virgin.
frillsarecute2: show me ur face and i’ll decide for myself.
Jungkook debates with himself, mostly because he is the epitome of internet safety. But, come on now, what harm are you gonna do to him? You’re just some girl over the internet with good angles and an even better lingerie collection.
He snaps a photo of himself — nothing special, just him looking at the camera like he wants to throw hands with the recipient — and then hits send. If there’s one thing to note about Jungkook, it’s that he doesn’t realise (or care to realise) just how attractive he is. If he spoke to girls on campus instead of looking at them from the corner of his eye, he’d be drowning in pussy and his dick would be on life support.
He dresses without a care in the world, but that’s exactly what makes him so stylish. Streetwear, basketball sneakers, combat boots, camo print, skull print; he has it all and he wears it so well. His fingers are littered with thick, silver, meaningless rings and his hair is usually jet-black and un-tame. Monochrome is his palette and girls like you are just his type.
frillsarecute2: yeah ur hot. i would fuck u.
Being who Jungkook is, he doesn't dwell on the accuracy of the comment, and instead uses it as a balloon pump for his inflatable ego. A hot girl called him hot, so he must be. A hot girl said she would fuck him, so he'd definitely get laid if you were here right now. That's how his mind works. It's black and white. He says what he means or he doesn't say anything at all.
He also plans on returning the compliment, but is swiftly interrupted by his friends and their booming group chat. So, instead of entertaining you, he fucks around in the messages app to discuss which system is best for running Adobe and the downfall of Hackintosh —
Tumblr media
— and then he logs off for the night.
Tumblr media
When the next morning rolls around, Jungkook performs his daily routine; ramming his finger against his screen to silence his 7:30AM alarm, rolling out of bed with a nest of hair, and taking on the day with his camo pants and combat boots. His first class of the day is ‘Systems Programming,’ which usually goes 15 minutes over-time because the professor rambles like a tinfoil-wearing, flat-earth-believing-ass, anonymous reddit user.
"Welcome back to this hellhole." The professor speaks into the microphone with a tired, monotone voice. His bright orange tie is slightly off-centre, too. "What am I here to teach you about today? Computer safety and security."
He continues. "As you all may know, you now have the option of sitting your exams in the comfort or discomfort of your own home. I know what you're thinking — what a good idea to write up some notes and cheat a little. But, despite what we all believe, this college isn't as stupid as they pan themselves out to be. They've already asked themselves — how do we make sure that students aren't cheating? The answer is to use invasive proctoring software that, on a base level term, acts exactly the same as malware. How? It grabs control of your webcam, your microphone, hooks into the deepest parts of your computer's operating system, and digs around in your directories. Now, let's get one thing straight. I don't condone trying to outsmart the college. I'm just here to show you that you could theoretically bypass monitoring software and better protect your data by use of a virtual machine.."
Blah blah blah. You get the point. His day revolves around quirky professors and lessons on computers and their functions.
Jungkook has another two classes today, and during the last ten minutes of the third class, his mind wanders to the chick he had briefly bickered with the night before; you.
He wonders what you're like in person, what you're studying, what your bra size might be, and what you could possibly sound like. Maybe you're super shy in real life, but then again, maybe you're fucking crazy and have a criminal record for stealing chapstick. Still, that's sexy and he would fuck you just the same if he had the chance. He then becomes curious and wonders if you've posted anything new for him to look at; perhaps a mirror shot of your ass or another full body shot of you in tight lace.
There's a student sitting next to and behind him, but, come on now.. these are cybersecurity majors we're dealing with! They've seen it all by now. Last week, a guy sitting at the front of the lecture theatre was watching hardcore hentai on his 13" laptop. Nobody even bat an eye and someone probably asked him for the title after class.
Anyways, back to you and your body.
Your latest post was at 9AM this morning and it's a shot of you in a white, summery dress. Bingo! The fabric is short and cuts off mid-thigh, and the cut of the dress shows off your cleavage and the tightness of your bra.
Jungkook is so immersed in investigating the contents of the photo that he doesn't even realise when he presses his knuckle against his front teeth. Why do pretty girls have such a grip on him? The sight of half of your bare thigh poking out from a dress is more than enough to make him horny and bite down on his skin to stifle a groan.
Class no.3 is quick to come to an end, but he’s even quicker to head back to his dormitory. Any bystander would think he’s late for an exam or an important interview, but no, he's just very eager to get himself off to the thought of some random chick he met over the internet.
Let's get another thing straight; Jungkook feels very little shame when it comes to masturbation. He doesn't care which porn website he has to visit to get a professional shot of a woman's tits, or if said website is Instagram and he's scrolling through the feed of the girl from his 'Python Scripting' class.
Today, he has an added option; your blog. The two of you may have bickered like angry, thirteen-year-old minecrafters yesterday, but he's more than capable of letting that go to use your photos as a stimulant.
So, with his phone in hand and his back comfortably resting on his dormitory bed, he opens up your blog and scrolls to his heart's content. There's an art to your photos and he expresses his appreciation by unbuttoning the thick fabric of his camo pants. The photos aren't always in HD quality, but the colour scheme is always well thought-out and visually pleasing.
A particular image catches his eye; you snuggled in-between fluffy throws with tight, red lingerie wrapped around your tits and hips. He can't see your face in this one, but he can see the exposed skin of your neck, the bare skin of your thighs, and a stomach he'd like to come on.
His imagination takes him to a whole different place; heaven, if you will. So, with the waistband of his pants pushed below his hips, his hand wrapped firmly around his cock, and his stroke game at 100%, he visualises. He visualises running his hands underneath all that lace, how hot your tits would look with his mouth all over them, and how wet and tight your pussy probably is. God, you'd probably smell so nice, too. Pretty girls like you always smell nice. He then wonders how many people in your real life know about your risqué blog. Two? Seven? A hundred? Fuck, that just makes it even hotter.
A breathy "fuck" escapes his lips as he slows his pace to run his thumb over the tip of his cock. Pre-cum coats his fingers, but it's hardly enough to lubricate the entire length. So, like he usually would, he runs his tongue along his gums and spits into his hand. And, as he slowly rubs his saliva-slick palm down his girth, he shuts his eyes and imagines your mouth taking over. You probably give such good head and you'd probably look so fucking hot with lock-jaw and mascara running down your eyes.
At this point, his chest is heaving, his breath is erratic, and he's bucking his hips into his right hand. He's on the very edge of glory. The muscles in his thighs and abdomen tighten with each stroke, and the breathy moan he emits could make any pretty vixen salivate at the mouth. Yes, I’m talking about you.
He's so fucking close, he can practically taste the victory. This is about to be his best orgasm yet, but then, your username pops up on his screen and he's swiftly beaten back to reality by a very hard, virtual, metal bat. He's sat somewhere between pissed off and even hornier — considering he literally just edged himself.
frillsarecute2: i must say.. ur blog is pretty informative.
The least he can do is reply to you in a timely manner. He is using your photos to get himself off, after all.
luck_master: thanks, i'm pretty smart.
frillsarecute2: doubt. what u up to?
luck_master: netflix.
frillsarecute2: liarrr. u literally just liked one of my posts from 3 months ago.
Now, let's paint the scene right now; Jungkook's hand is wrapped around the base of his cock, his bottom lip is caught between his teeth, and he's looking a little worried. Why? Because, five minutes ago, his thumb accidentally nudged his phone screen more than once. Well, what does that mean? He liked that photo of you in your red lingerie; the photo from three fucking months ago.
luck_master: uhhhhhh that was an accident.
frillsarecute2: maybe, but why were u so far down my blog?
You've caught him now. How is he supposed to wiggle his way out of this one? He considers leaving you on read, throwing his phone out the window, or literally microwaving himself out of awkwardness. But then, it occurs to him that your blog is public. Public = anyone can view it. This also means that you must know that people are gonna use your photos to get themselves off. Why else are you posting such filthy images and reblogging even filthier gifs? Your entire blog is a thirst-trap and a fucking good one at that.
luck_master: getting a good look.
frillsarecute2: did i interrupt something?
luck_master: you ever heard of edging?
frillsarecute2: i invented that. can i send u a photo?
Jungkook doesn't know what just hit him. A photo of what? Your face? Your middle finger? Your tits? Jesus fuck, please be a photo of your tits. That'd be exclusive content and that'd definitely be enough for him to finish what he started.
luck_master: please.
A minute passes and it feels like an eternity, but once he sees that little, red square next to your username, he knows it was worth the wait. An image of you fills his screen and his cock stiffens at the sight. Your hand is lifting up your shirt to reveal the pretty skin of your chest and the lacy fabric your bra. It looks expensive, but more importantly, it looks fucking sexy and it eggs on his hand to move against his throbbing cock.
frillsarecute2: send me something.
He isn’t entirely sure what you’d want to see. Maybe the muscles of his abdomen, his pecs, his face, his cock, or his thick thighs. He’s never sent an explicit image of himself before, let alone receive one from somebody else. It’d be so much easier if you were here in person. Fuck, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.
Another red square appears next to your name and his finger is quick to tap against it. Right in front of his eyes is a video of your hips wrapped in lace and the cock-stuttering movements of your fingers. They dance down your sternum, down your stomach, and then slide underneath those pretty panties. He wants to be those fingers. In fact, he wants to replace them with his tongue and sit between your thighs for hours on end. You’d probably taste so fucking good.
He isn’t a taker, but a giver, so he opens up the camera and positions his phone at an angle that captures more than one treat; not only is his hand wrapped around his thick cock, but his shirt is lifted slightly to reveal his deep v-line and defined abdomen. The muscles of his thighs are on full display, too.
His dormitory curtains are drawn shut and remain that way for the entirety of most days. And, as a result, dark shadows have cast themselves unto the room to further carve out and define his features. He then presses his thumb against the record button and captures 15 seconds of footage, to which you open with just as much enthusiasm.
As you watch him hastily stroke his cock and listen to the sound of his stuttered breath, you quicken the pace of your own fingers against your clit. There's so much to look at; his hand is big and you'd like to see it stuffed between your thighs, his fingers are littered with silver rings, and his cock is thick in girth and long in length. The camo pants are an added bonus. Visually, he's your type.
The pair of you take turns in sending each-other videos until somebody can’t take it anymore and comes first. Spoiler; it’s him. And, when he comes, his hips stutter and he emits a deep, velvety groan. There’s something about men and their moans that make situations like these a whole lot sexier. His in particular.
Cum drips down the tip of his cock and runs over his fingers, and you can’t help but nurture a desire to run your tongue along his skin and lick him clean. He’d probably love that. His voice is deep, too. Holy fuck, this dumb idiot with a messy blog has it all. It makes you wonder what city he lives in and how long it would take for you to drive there, but more importantly, it makes you rub your clit until you reach your own orgasm. And, despite him already having reached his, he continues to send you videos of him spreading cum down the length of his softening cock.
Tumblr media
It happens again and it happens for an entire week.
Each day, somebody initiates a conversation, it turns sexual very quickly, and next thing you know, you have your panties pushed down your thighs and your phone positioned to take shots of your body. Jungkook does the same, but he grows more confident with being vocal in his videos. On the fourth day, he speaks an entire sentence as he's on the verge of an orgasm. Hand on heart, you swear you've never heard anything so sexy.
"Fuck, you're so hot." Is what he says. How'd he say it, though? With a breathy voice that was dripping in sex and laced with a need for you.
And, when you send him a video of you fucking yourself with your fingers, you make sure to be just as generous.
Tumblr media
On the eighth day, Jungkook is sat in the library with a hefty textbook on JavaScript and a notebook full of complex equations. He’s dressed in monochrome camo pants, a black sweater with a skull printed on the back, and black combat boots. Fuckable. Very fuckable.
Sitting at the same study table are the boys; Namjoon and Hoseok. Aside from working on their joint assignment for the past hour and a half, they've also been bickering about the quality of the new Avengers game.
“Looks clean. Runs alright minus the stuttering every-time it tries to load.” Namjoon says as he stacks his textbooks and tucks his chair back underneath the desk like a good samaritan.
The three of them pack up the rest of their things and make their way through the busy library. A lot of students are sat in here with furrowed brows and cups of overpriced coffee on hand. Why? Finals are next week and bitches are sleep deprived.
"The graphics are awful." Hoseok argues as he catches up with the two boys. "Why have we reached a point where we allow such fucking degeneracy?"
Jungkook chimes in with a jestful remark, which ends with him being captured by Hoseok and held in a headlock. "The only issue with the game is that it's being run on your garbage computer."
"My PC is bad? Mine?" Hoseok tightens his grip around Jungkook’s neck as they stumble toward the library exit. "My RTX 2080 i9 9900k 64 gigs of ram ssd? You kept disconnecting from Mario Kart because your microwave of a fucking computer couldn't handle more than 4 pixels."
The three of them are causing a ruckus; laughing to their hearts content and play-fighting like pubescent pre-teens. Come to think of it, you've definitely compared him to a 'pubescent miscreant' during a heated debate about something stupid, probably.
Jungkook hasn't spoken to you today, but he plans on sending you a message during the evening. It could go two ways; he could ask you how your day was or he could ask you to spit on your fingers and send him a video of you fucking yourself. A little friendship has sparked from this online interaction, not just the production of home-made porn. Mostly porn, but some friendship. The pair of you still bicker about plant biology, but that's just an accelerator for the sexual tension. You tried to tell him that purple tulips don't exist (just to rile him up) and he swore he never wanted to choke out a girl so much in his life. You're such a vixen, you know exactly what to say t—
“Do I know you?” Your pretty voice snaps the boys from their play-time, and as Jungkook looks up at you from the grasp of Hoseok’s headlock, his face drops. Standing in front of him is you in all your glory. You look the same as your photos and he can already tell that you're wearing lace by the way it peeks out from the bust of your mini dress. "You look really familiar.”
Jungkook comes off as nonchalant, but inside, he’s going into cardiac arrest. Out of everything that could ever happen ever, this happens; you share the same college. You, your tits, and your thighs have been walking around on this very campus. How could he even miss that? "Doubt it."
"You sure about that?" You've already taken notice of the thick, silver rings on his fingers. There's one on his thumb, his index finger, and his ring finger. Aside from being really hot, they look awfully familiar. “Luck master.”
His username rolls of your tongue and he swears his dick twitches at the sound. And, as he breaks free from Hoseok’s hold and straightens his posture, you get a better look at him. He’s taller than you, lean with honey skin, and has jet-black hair that’s a little dishevelled from earlier. If you weren’t attracted to him from a weeks worth of sexting, you’re definitely attracted to him now.
Namjoon and Hoseok have both acknowledged that you’re hot as fuck, but they also want to head back to their dorm-rooms to play Cyberpunk 2077. Being who they are and what their hobbies are, the latter interests them a little bit more. They don’t dwell, but they don’t leave without slapping Jungkook over the back of the head and giving him the eyes. The eyes = My man! Go ahead and get your dick sucked!
You know him. This is definitely luck_master. You never forget a face like his.
And, when he tilts his head and offers you an amused grin, you know for a fact that he knows you, too. It’s not until he flicks his eyes to your chest that you make a pussy-dampening realisation; he's real and so is his dick.
"Why'd you lie, luck?" You fold your arms over your chest; tightly enough for your breasts to press together and feed his eager eyes. "Thought you'd be eager to tell your little friends about all the action you've been getting."
"I didn't lie, frills." He amuses himself with his response. It’s evident by the way he tries to stifle his growing grin. “Technically speaking, you don’t know me.”
"You’re such a little shit."
“Yeah? Well, you look hotter in person.” He says, completely void of shame.
Let's get another thing straight; Jungkook isn't shy about a lot of things. He spent most of his childhood voice-chatting with strangers during intense online games of Black Ops: Zombies, so he's well past his fear of strangers and public humiliation. He doesn't care about mindless gossip, Channel 9's boring take on petty crime, or how other people live their lives. He sent you multiple videos of himself coming onto his own stomach, for gods sake, so he might as well speak to you like he has been over the internet.
Jungkook steps out of the way to let a student pass by, and as he does, he lightly places his hand on your waist to move you, too. "I guess this means the fun is over."
Maybe, but it doesn't have to be. The pair of you spent the past week being cagey about your real names and locations, but that's just not an option anymore. He's standing right in front of you with his fingers ghosting your waist and his pretty, brown eyes gazing into your own. Theyre doe-like and make you want to squeeze his cheeks, but they also hold the same mischievousness you're conditioned to.
"Does it have to be?" A smile plays on your lips and you hold that same smile as you make a not-so-subtle offer. “Study room 5 is free for the next fifteen minutes. Just saying.”
You don’t have to tell him twice, nor do you have to beg. In fact, you don’t even have to ask. His hormones have such a tight grip over him and he even ends up being the first one to make it to the private study room. It’s not as big as a full-sized classroom, but is large enough to hold a bookshelf and a 12-seated meeting desk. There are windows, too, that allow students to look in and out of the room. But, with windows come blinds and the option of drawing them shut. There’s no reason to keep wasting these valuable fifteen minutes.
He kisses you fervently — like his tongue doesn't know any better, like his saliva wants to replace your own — and immediately cups your breasts through your dress. His fingers eagerly tug down the bust of your dress to reveal your lace-clad skin. And, as much as he loves the sight of you covered in lace, he wants it off so he can clamp his mouth over your nipples and stimulate them with his tongue.
Your own fingers run underneath his sweater to trace the definitions of his abdomen, and then trail lower to unbutton the thick fabric of his camo pants. His cock is warm and rock hard against your touch, and as soon as you trace the length with your fingers, his mouth falls open against your own.
"Fuck, please touch me.." His voice is breathless against your lips. You knew his cocky act would come tumbling down as soon as you laid a finger on him. After all, he has been fantasising about this moment constantly for eight days straight.
You sink to the floor, and with your not-so-innocent eyes trained on his, you grasp the base of his cock and run your tongue along the length; coating his skin with your saliva. You place kitten kisses on his cock, swirl your tongue against the tip, and take as much of him into your mouth as humanly possible, all while keeping those pretty eyes on his.
Each time your tongue runs along his sensitive slit, he takes a sharp intake of air and tries his hardest to keep his voice low and breathy. "Oh, fuck me.. You're good at this.."
And, when you take his cock deep into your mouth, he fights the urge to fuck your throat. At this point, both of his hands have found refuge gripping the back of your neck and it's growing near impossible to stifle the knot in his stomach.
Saliva has gathered at the corners of your lips, as well as the inescapable smudging of your mascara. He knew it; he knew you'd look this way whilst giving him the head he spent the past week fantasising about. But, he can't fucking take it anymore.
He wraps his fingers around your throat and uses the advantage to pull you back to your feet. He's quick to capture your lips in another filthy kiss and run his hands underneath your dress. He can feel lace against the pads of his fingers, but more importantly, he can finally rub his fingers against your clothed pussy and feel your panties dampen at his touch. The muffled moan you emit is a clear indicator that you like what he’s offering.
You know him, but you hadn't known him like this. You'd known his messy, scientific blog, his thighs, and his camo pants. But, you definitely hadn't known him backing you against the nearest desk and sliding your panties down your legs and off at the feet.
"So pretty." He mutters, mostly to your bare pussy. "So, so pretty."
Jungkook grips your bare thighs and allows his saliva to drip from his slightly swollen, pink lips. Slowly, his spit runs down your skin, coating your pussy in more than your own arousal. The act alone is filthy enough to taunt the ball of fire growing in your stomach, but once he leans down to run his tongue along and open-mouth kiss your clit, that feeling amplifies by twenty.
He listens to your stuttered breath and your low whines to ensure that you're getting your bang for your buck. He's definitely getting his.
"What's— fuck." Your own throat betrays you, especially once he adds his fingers to the mix; he runs his index finger between your folds, spreads them wide, and drags his tongue firmly against your entrance. He'd be an idiot to let any of this free honey go to waste. "What's your real name?"
You sound like the worlds shyest porn-star, but he can't blame you. The two of you are separated from the general public by a very thin and very sound-permeable wall. If you're any louder, the librarians will surely hear and you'd be hit over the head with multiple encyclopaedias.
"Jeon Jungkook." The vibrations from his voice play their role in stimulating your clit, as does the coy eye contact he holds during the delivery of the upcoming compliment. "You taste as good as you look, by the way."
Eye contact; you can't get enough of it. But, Jungkook already knows that. He spent a lot of time scrolling through your blog and taking note of all the filthy quotes and idioms that are scattered all throughout. Breath play; you like that, too. He recalls a particular gif. Messy fucking kissing; it's enough to make your pussy soak itself and stick to your panties. He knows. You mentioned that in the hashtags of one of your reblogs.
Looking at your pretty face, low eyes, and parted lips, he knows he has to fuck you. Everything about you is a stimulant; your filthy tongue, your mischievous eyes, your tight, little pussy. The list goes on, but if he keeps fantasising instead of doing, he'll come before he has the chance. His cock is violently hard and begging to be stimulated, as if it wasn't abused by your mouth just five minutes prior.
"Yours?" He tugs you to the edge of the desk by your hips and pumps his cock a few times to prep himself. He doubts he's going to last very long stuffed inside of you, but he's gonna give it a good fucking go. There’s always time for round two, three, seven, and ten back at his dormitory. Now that he thinks about it.. maybe your dorm would be better. He's not sure how sexy you'd find his shrine of anime figurines and video game character posters.
"YN." You wrap your arms around his thick neck and further spread your legs in anticipation. Your pussy is slick with his saliva and the sight of it is enough to make a grown man cry. Jungkook can't keep his eyes off of it. "I'm a first year Psychology major."
"Suits you.” He pulls his eyes away from your slick pussy to look at your pretty face. Fuck, you're so fucking pretty. The fact that you're as freaky as you are makes you even better. You're his type and he wants to fuck you like you are. "Cybersecurity. Second year.”
That explains why he never ran into you during classes or second year events, but it doesn’t explain why his cock isn’t stuffed deep inside of you yet. He can barely contain his urges, let alone wait to finally fuck you. So, with his bottom lip caught between his teeth and his fingers guiding the tip of his cock, he watches as his girth pushes past your folds and sinks deep into your pussy. The stretch is delicious, as is the way your nails sink into the back of his neck and the unified sounds of your moans.
"My god— Shit.. you're so big." Is what breathlessly falls from your lips.
He starts off slow, letting you adjust to the size of his cock, and watches with furrowed brows as your skin stretches to take him. It's mesmerising to him. You're just as tight and wet as he fantasised you to be. Maybe even more.
"Can't get enough of you. Think about you all the time." His lips and chin are coated in your arousal, but that doesn't stop him from kissing you like he's trying to steal all the air from your lungs. He slips his tongue into your mouth and demands the same gesture, to which you return without hesitation.
The kiss is filthy. Entirely. You've never kissed somebody this way and he definitely hasn't. He had a short-term girlfriend in high school and lost his virginity to her at a techno-themed birthday party. It wasn't that great. He came after three strokes and she broke up with him swiftly after. It is what it is. He's had a lot of practice with his hands ever since.
Jungkook breaks the kiss to catch his breath, and as he does, a string of saliva connects both of your mouths. It swiftly breaks and drips down your chin, and he can’t help but visualise painting your face with his cum. You'd look so pretty.
"Can I— Can I take you out?" He pants with his forehead pressed against your shoulder and his hips hastily bucking into yours. A little saliva creeps from his lips and slowly trickles down your skin, but he doesn’t care. All he can feel is your nails in his skin, the heaving of your chest, and your pussy wrapped tightly around him. He’ll drool if he wants to.
"Mm.. Fuck— Yeah." You rake your fingers through his hair and bathe in the delicious feeling of being fucked this way. Your pitchy whines are of equal stature.
He fucks you like you owe him money, like your pussy did him wrong. And, with each hasty thrust, he sinks as deep into you as possible before pulling out and slamming back inside. His skin is warm and slaps against your own with each movement. You can't get enough. It makes your back arch and your pussy clench.
This guy is so fucking hot. His black hair is hanging over his furrowed eyebrows, his lips are parted, his breathing is erratic, his groans are dripping in sex, and his hands grip onto your skin like he knows exactly what he wants. Mind you, he does; he's currently deep inside of it.
"Ah, so tight.. You're gonna make me come." He groans and he swears he feels tears of joy coming on. How is it that he was blessed with the opportunity to meet you? You could've met anybody. You could've commented on any other blog, but you decided on his. Maybe he really is the luck master. "I can't—."
Once that familiar ball of fire taunts his stomach, he tightens his grip on your thighs and quickens the pace of his hips. The only thing he can think about is you. Your skin is so soft, your hair is so pretty, and your moans are so fucking sexy. He can't get enough of you.
"Oh, fuck.. Y/N." He sinks his teeth into his bottom lip and tries his hardest to stifle his vocals. Your pussy has such a tight grip over him and there's no fucking way he's gonna last another minute. When it comes to you, he doesn't need any foreplay. Simply hearing his name fall from your lips would be enough to have his cock standing at attention. "I'm gonna—."
"Come in me." Is all you have to say for his hips to stutter and his cock to twitch inside of you. You're on the pill, so let's thank the medical field for that one. "Mm.. I wanna feel you."
He halts the movements of his hips and stuffs his cock as far into your pussy as he can. And, with the warm skin of his hips pressed tightly against your inner thighs, he comes inside of you. A deep groan follows in suit, but you're quick to muffle it with your lips.
Despite his breathlessly, he still kisses you like you're the only girl in the world, all while prepping himself to spend the next 6 minutes tongue-fucking your pussy until you come in his mouth. "I'm so glad you commented on my blog.. even though you were fucking wrong."
Tumblr media
permanent taglist — @zeharilisharaban @ayumimegami @philostuff @carolsummerlove@piaesthetic @viokook @bangtan-serendipity@kookie-monsteur@codeinebelle@omot7 @jeon-ggukkie@prdshobi @kookoo-kachoo@goldenlilyz @chiminies-noona@callmeyourstarrynight @minbinwhore @jiminxjimout @rjsmochii @waves-and-woods @dayjeons​ @hip-hop-phile @ggukkieland @preciouschimine
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kimnjss · 8 months ago
cherry pickers | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
banner by @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— known for your body and surrounded by rumors about your sex life... rumors that he doesn’t think to doubt. until he’s meeting you... forced to realize there’s much more to you then the thonged shorts and lacy costumes.
(or, you’re a video vixen with an assumed identity and jungkook manages to see past it.)
Tumblr media
pairing: gamer(fuckboi)!jungkook x video vixen(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: sope (?)
genre: a gross amount of fluff :( smut!! // some angst mixed in ofc.
disclaimer: jungkook’s friends are real assholes nd some of the things they say are… ehhh :/ i’m sure the actual 97gc is nothing like this - this is strictly for story telling purposes!!
updates: everyday. (please don’t ask!!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
character profiles: 97 liners
character profiles: jungkook nd his hyungs
character profiles: yn nd crew
part one: open house
part two: basic geometry
part three: kinda cute
part four: status report
part five: bro code gods
part six: worthy opponent
part seven: birthday dinner
part eight: broke boi
part nine: moving funny
part ten: just hanging out
part eleven: formal setting
part twelve: romance factor
part thirteen: fourth wheel
part fourteen: pretty boy
part fifteen: bare minimum
part sixteen: kiss me
part seventeen: devoted hoes
mini time jump: always careful
bonus: ruined me
time jump: come over
part eighteen: balls deep
part nineteen: being gross
part twenty: food demon
part twenty-one: 190718 yn
part twenty-two: fucking yoongi
part twenty-three: keep going
part twenty-four: real different
part twenty-five: random fuck
part twenty-six: traumatically destructive
part twenty-seven: shit show
part twenty-eight: just perfect
part twenty-nine: we’ll survive
part thirty: fucking terrified
part thirty-one: break up
time jump: couple rescue
part thirty-two: only you
part thirty-three: take notes
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high end | jjk
Tumblr media
→ summary: jungkook is a best-selling erotica novelist living in a lavish neighborhood. He spends his days cruising on yachts, tasting the world’s most expensive wines, and fucking bar-staff. But, as soon as you move in next door with your fruity cocktails, tight bikinis, and odd philosophies, his hobbies shift. To put it plainly; you're sex on legs and he wants to write about you in his upcoming novel. But first, he has to get to know you inside and out. 
→ genre: smut, fluff, angst (erotica-novelist!jk, architect!reader)
→ words: 13,050
→ warnings: unprotected sex, orgy, semi-public sex, semi-public petting, semi-public fingering, ice play, nipple play, bondage, licking, biting, fingering, drooling, spanking, finger sucking, hair pulling, masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, use of sex toys, multiple orgasms, pussy eating, dick sucking, throat fucking, crying, gagging, high drug use, drinking, swearing
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
Let's get one thing straightened out; rich people love to do rich people shit. Whether it be deep-throating oysters in the coastal towns of France, raiding designer stores, or pretending to relate to the lower class, they do it and they do it often.
Jeon Jungkook is guilty of most of the above. At 25 years of age, he lives in a multi million-dollar house situated in the privacy and luxury of the Hills. His neighbors live just as lavishly; some actors, some dentists, and some wealthy by marriage. Their problems seem bizarre to the average person, but respectfully, problems are problems. If you're feeling off about something — even if you're standing in your ten-acre garden and can't seem to decide where to build your own personal water park — you still have a problem.
Jungkook has a problem of his own, but we'll get to that in a moment.
How the fuck did he get so rich and where do I sign up? You might be thinking to yourself. He writes about the intimate and explicit details of sex. Each of his novels revolve around a successful individual dealing with life’s obstacles and ultimately leaving their imprint on the world. The sex scenes are a by-product of the power play. There's a lot of power in sex, there's a lot of love in his heart for life and its obstacles, and there's a lot of money in publishing well-written (debatable), fantasy-driven erotica novels. 
To say he was born with a silver spoon sticking out of both of his ears would be a bit of an overstatement, but not too far from the truth. His parents are the masterminds behind a multi billion-dollar tech company that develops security software. From day one, they drove the tech-fantasy into their sons head, and even though they persuaded him to graduate college with a Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science, things took a different turn once he stepped foot into the real world; he grew a little too cocky with his qualifications, social status, and good looks, and so spent his time entertaining a rowdy bunch of people, partying, having insane amounts of sex, drinking whatever was handed to him, snorting blow off bars, and everything else the champagne life entails.
And then, like most young people, he was inspired by a short-lived summer romance. She was an aspiring solicitor, beautiful, confident, and determined, but her determination made her use people like dental floss. She bat her eyelashes a thousand times, said anything to grow her network, and lied like it was a 9-5 job. But, as much as it hurt him, he never grew to hate her. There was something about her — maybe it was the way she could tame every doubt in his mind, or the way she built herself from the ground up — that made it clear that she knew the world was hers. She was the inspiration behind his first novel. Similar to how musicians write an array of emotional lyrics and dedicate music videos to ex-lovers, he too found a way to tell stories. The difference is that he never writes out of spite. No matter how many chapters of heartbreak he could write, he believes it to be wholly unproductive. He sees the good and the fun in others or he doesn’t see at all.
He knew many fine publishers through his parents, so it wasn’t long before he was an official published author with a new network of literate friends. His novel was a quick success thanks to his advertising team. They worked their ass to the bone to gain a cult following for him. Posters were on bus-stops, library walls, retirement home notice boards, and even on the ‘Do Not Feed the Ducks’ signs at parks. If the ducks and the elderly weren’t already into sexy, but also kind of odd novels, they sure as hell are now.
He was crowned the king of erotica just a week after his first publication.
The average Joe appreciates a little sex every now and then, but this isn't a story about average Joe’s. It's about filthy rich savages who can't get enough of it; in every position, at every time of the day, at every setting. They put rabbits to shame. For all intents and purposes, Jungkook is one of these rabbit-shaming savages. He loves dubious, sweat-inducing, vulgar sex with loose women; MILFS, teachers, models, lawyers, doctors, bartenders, and even the neighbor living in the colonial mansion opposite from him. She's forty-three years old, freshly divorced, and had been a fan of his writing since the very first publication, so she thought 'what the hell? I'll just knock on his door, crack open a bottle of wine, and gush about how much I love his work. Maybe I can work on my game, too.' She came for conversation, but never thought that he'd be spelling it out with his tongue between her thighs.
When it comes to conversing with him, there's often tension, whether sexual or just plain enlightening, and a tipping point. He always says the right things to aid out unlikely confidence within people; a type of confidence that makes a person say what they truly mean and want. He likes to ask unlikely questions and do unlikely things, sex aside.
Back to his problem, though; writers block. He’s lacking very specific inspiration, but this is where you come into play. He was curious about you from the very moment he saw you chatting with the driver of the movers truck. You'd been standing outside your new house with your summer dress and broad-rimmed hat, and he'd been curiously scoping out his new neighbor from his window. It's not uncommon for him to feel such curiosity toward a successful person, nor is it rare for him to adapt and characterize them for his novels. Only the devil knows what kind of woman you are. Maybe you’re a teacher of fine arts, a model, a marine, a police officer, maybe you married into wealth, or even a decoy sent by the FBI. He learned many years ago to not judge a person by their cover.
It was only yesterday that he saw you standing on your driveway with a shadow cast over half of your face, and if he hadn’t been preoccupied with avoiding various voicemails and bickering with his lawyer over the phone, he would’ve introduced himself. Today, though, he plans on doing just that. In fact, he’s already half-way down the stairs with a free schedule and the brighter side of your face clear in his mind.
The staircase banisters are glass panes adorned with silver hand-railings, and each step is a thick, hand-cut slab of grey marble. The steps cascade from the second floor to the kitchen, where contemporary wine racks have been built underneath. Stocked on the racks are hundreds of bottles of imported red wine, white wine, and limited edition champagne taken from events and given to him as gifts. Most, if not all, are purely decorative. He prefers whiskey.
Bright, white spotlights are tucked underneath floating wall dividers to brighten up the home and most, if not all, of the walls have been coated in a light grey paint. A theme of dark wood runs true to his home; dark counter tops, coffee tables, and sculptures. His home is very much an open plan, quite like himself.
Money has never been an issue for him, but it’d be foolish to say that wealth is what got him here in the first place. He has always been smart, has always known the right people, and has always been ambitious to the core. You could give him nothing but an empty bottle, and he’d soon be the best-selling bottle maker in the country.
Jungkook takes a few moments to pick out an expensive bottle of wine — a house-warming gift, if you will — before heading outside. The sky is a pretty shade of blue and almost void of clouds, except for a single cloud spread across the sky like a stroke of white paint. He knocks on your door three times and checks his Rolex after waiting an excess of fifteen seconds. Almost a minute passes before the front door swings open to reveal your shadow-free face. You have light, complementary makeup and a small smile adorning it. If he were younger and a little more naive, he’d drop to his knees.
It’s 4:48PM on a Sunday, yet you have a half-empty, strawberry cocktail in your hand. It’s 4:48PM, yet he has an expensive bottle of wine in his. He already likes you.
“Hello.” You say with those strawberry stained lips. Something about you suggests that you’re a little bit introverted, but it’s definitely not the cloud-white bikini and black, sheer cover-up wrapped around your figure. “I don’t suppose you’re the pool man?” 
“No, but I can take a look if you’d like.” He smiles a true Hollywood smile. “Your neighbor. To the right.”
His home is the biggest in the neighborhood. Many of the other homes are half the size, but just as lavish, including your own.
“Y/N.” You offer out your hand for him to shake and he does so without hesitation. “Architecture is my forte, but that’s not usually the first thing people guess.”
He tells you his name and you repeat it back in a way that makes him raise his eyebrows ever so slightly. And, as you invite him inside, you size him up; from his broad shoulders, slim waist, to his surprisingly perky ass. What is it with men and winning the genetic jackpot for good asses and eyelashes?
You’re not the only one, though. He’s already taken note of your half-naked body, ring-less fingers, and the dimples in your lower back. Your house smells like clean laundry and fresh paint, and an array of gin, brandy, vodka, and whiskey bottles sit on a silver platter on your marbled kitchen counter, right next to a bouquet of deep pink Dahlias. He places the wine bottle nearby, slightly defeated by the wrong choice of drink.
You’re not a wine-drinker, he notes. Cocktails are your best friend.
"Thank you.” You say, genuinely, as you inspect the brand and age of the wine. It looks expensive and by the looks of him, it has to be. “You really didn’t have to bring me anything.”
“I would’ve brought you a pie, but I can’t bake to save a life.” He humors. “You’ll get one, though, just not from me.”
The sun is far too warm to keep the conversation strictly inside. Summer has always been your favorite time of the year.
“What do you do, by the way? I don’t think I asked.” You inquire as you step past the large, glass sliding doors and wander around the great length of your swimming pool. Sundays are the only days where you have the time to lounge around in a bikini and drink cocktails before 5PM, so you make the most of it.
“I’m an author.” Even for someone like him, he’s never seen such a huge personal pool. Are you coaching the Olympic swimming team or something? He can just about picture you lounging on an inflatable pool float, skin wet and glistening in the light.
"What kind of stuff do you write?" You ask with your drink in one hand and his full-attention in the other. "Let me guess.. Science fiction? Business advice?"
His tan skin, wavy hair, and aura yells — practically screams — ‘leisure’, so he could easily be mistaken for a businessman with a habit of visiting the Bahamas every weekend. That’s not far from the truth, to be fair. He isn’t one to shy away from self-indulgence.
"Erotica." There’s no hidden shame behind his confession, nor is their a flicker of embarrassment. He owns it, just like he owns that white, button-up shirt and that dark, ruffled hair. He’s physically fit, too, thanks to his interest in recreational boxing and high intensity training.
"Erotica?" You repeat, way-off, but entirely captivated by this strange man. “So, you’re addicted to sex?”
Cheeky, he notes.
You tap your finger against your glass and drink in everything about him. The longer you look, the shyer you feel. What’s that about? You’ve never been one to shy away from a hot, single neighbor; that is if he’s actually single and not just a cocky husband of a woman who deserves a whole lot better. There’s something very intimidating about him. He carries himself like nothing in this world could bother him or make him stutter over his words.
He likes that you asked that. It gives him incentive to ask you the same thing. “Aren’t you?”
“We’re living in the hills, Mr. Author.” Your laugh strokes his ears like soft velvet. “I’m sure everybody around here is in some sort of sex ring.”
He touches the bottom of his chin and your eyes linger there for a few moments. His face is perfectly symmetrical; sharp jaw, deep brown eyes, pretty pink lips. A small mole sits directly under his bottom lip, too. “You free Thursday evening, Y/N?”
“Could be.”
“Could be.” He repeats, amused. “A friend of mine opened up a bar down on boulevard. Real fancy shit. They serve $1,000 diamond cocktails and everything else pretentious. I’d like to take you.”
“Sounds fun.” You agree without much hesitation. “I get home from work at 7.”
And that’s how Jeon Jungkook meets you for the first time. He doesn’t stay for too long, though, because he prefers to pace himself. Too much of a good thing isn’t good for anybody. You’ve only spoken to him for twenty-five minutes, but he’s already so intrigued. You’re two years his senior, graduated college twice; first with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, and the second time with a Master’s in Architecture. You love what you do, but you hate where you work, even though it’s one of the best studios in the city. Interior and spacial designs interest you the most, but your boss compresses what you’re allowed to do out of fear that you might be better than he is. Jungkook can already tell that you’re better than a lot of people, especially your boss.
“I won’t be mad if you pour that wine down the sink, honestly.” He wanders past your front door and eyes the way you ever so slightly lean your hip against the door frame. “I mean it.”
You laugh, knowing damn well that that very thought crossed your mind just moments before. “See you Thursday, Mr. Author.”
He heads back home, but catches you again from the same window he’d seen you from yesterday. He observes, slightly hypnotized, as you bend over to place a cocktail glass on the concrete nearby the pool. The sheer fabric of your beach kimono rides up your lower back, revealing the curve of your ass and the white bikini thong clinging to your skin. And then he notices his own novel in your hands. The coloring of the front cover suggests that it’s one of his older novels. He then wonders if you already knew who he was and are just a really convincing actress. You didn’t, really, but his novel was stuffed into a box of books that you had just started to unpack. You recall a friend gifting you the erotica novel for your 25th birthday, but you never even read the blurb. It’s been gathering dust at the back of shelves for two years, but now you just have to know what it’s all about. 
Not expecting much, you flick through a few chapters until you land on a random sex scene. You drink in every word like it’s a new cocktail flavor, tasting the incredibly lewd descriptions of wall sex shifting to wet, shower sex. The way he describes each scene has your imagination firing up like an old truck. You can picture each water droplet sliding down the two bodies, the hand print left on the main character’s thigh, and the thick, misty air in the bathroom. A little warm in the face, you flip the novel and peer at the image of Jungkook printed just above the blurb. He’s wearing that same Hollywood smile.
What have you gotten yourself into?
Tumblr media
Monday rolls around far too quickly. You bid farewell to your bikinis and cocktails until next Sunday, and head to work with armfuls of files.
Your boss, David Woods; a man with a passion for development and architecture; ushers you to his large office before you can even make it to your desk. He’s tall and lean; at-least 6′1; with a short quiff that he feels the need to gel back. His hands are abnormally large and disproportionate to his body. Pressed suits, solid-colored ties, shiny shoes, and white button-ups are all that he wears in fear that he could be mistaken for anything other than a rich man.
A dark oak desk sits toward the further end of the room, closest to a blue-grey wall and a painting of something dark and abstract. There are countless awards for god-knows-what lined up on his bookshelves, and a prayer plant is sat on the left side of his desk in a tall, gold vase. If it weren’t for that plant doing regular plant things, the air in here would reek of death.
He takes a seat at his black leather chair and places his big hands on the desk, grinning wickedly at you. The gold light fixtures match the thin, gold necklace that’s half-tucked beneath his button-up.
“A little birdie told me that you’re planning to open up your own studio.” He interrogates. Woods has never been one to mind his business, let alone speak to another human being without a condescending tone. “When was that? Sometime this year?”
“A little birdie?” You’re not afraid to call him out on his blatant dishonesty. “You look through my laptop when I’m at lunch.”
“The company’s laptop.” He corrects. He’s amused by your boldness, but if you squint, you can see the irritation behind his pale blue eyes. “You know how I feel about my people taking clients from The Woods. It’s not good for business.”
No, he’s not talking about literal tree-dominated land, although he does a good job at making people feel as if they’re lost in such a place. The Woods is quite literally him and anything he owns. Once you step foot into the building, you’re in The Woods territory. There’s a difference between being proud of what you’ve made for yourself and being an overbearing asshole who thinks he has a say in everyone and everything.
“I’m just trying to help you out, Y/N. You know that’s all I’ve ever done for you.” He says as condescending as ever. “I just don’t think you’re ready to be your own boss.”
“I’ve been ready for a while.” There’s no reason for you to say this out loud, because, well, both of you are already aware of it. You’re his best. You draw in clients like no other, have a network exceeding 500 professionals, and are a complete realist. You could run five successful studios, but with the right investors, you could run one of the best in the country. “If it’s clients that you’re worried about, don’t. I won’t steal from you.”
“Oh, but you’ve been stealing from me since I let you in these doors.”
Loyalty is a big thing for Woods, but he holds it against people to an extreme extent. He interferes with personal lives, often ordering people to cut ties with others he holds a grudge against or because they don’t ‘fit his vibe.’ If you have an ugly pet, he’ll refer you to the nearest pet sanctuary. If your wife or husband is an under-performer, has one too many blemishes on their skin, or can’t bear a child, he’ll introduce you to somebody he deems worthy.
You leave his office with a plunging feeling in the pit of your stomach and a need for fresh air.
The receptionist greets you as you walk past and toward the revolving doors. She’s a woman in her mid twenties with a noticeable French accent. Light highlights run through her shoulder-length, brown hair. She’s fond of wearing sneakers to work as it makes the train commute a lot more comfortable for her feet, she likes ice-cream scented candles, cats — that’s evident by the few cat hairs stuck to the sleeve of her blouse —, and keeping up with local gossip. She’s good at her job, reliable, and always greets people with a warm smile, even Woods. She’s no-doubt the glue that holds this place together and prevents people from strangling each-other to death.
“Long day?” Mylène, the French receptionist, asks even though lunchtime has yet to hit.
“You could say that.”
“11:11AM.” She says like it means anything to you. “That’s an angel number. I’ll make a wish for you.”
“Thanks.” You step outside for a breath of fresh air. The summers breeze greets you like an old friend.
Tumblr media
From Monday to Thursday, you work and you work and you work. You have countless meetings with new and old clients, draw up elaborate designs, revise old designs, and visit various construction sites. Your desk grows littered with pens, pencils, cuts of fabric and woods, and random slithers of wallpaper prints. During your lunch breaks, you often grab a coffee with old college friends and colleagues, making the effort to really nourish relationships.
Jungkook works, too, but in the most unique way. He meets new characters at various events, leaves an impression on everyone he speaks to, and has sex with three bartenders all in the same night. He gets unconventionally drunk, smokes weed with his cousin on his dad’s side (it’s their thing), wakes up with nothing but a suspicion of what happened the night before, and then sits down at his computer with a throbbing head and very little clothing on. Funnily enough, he thinks up the majority of his novel plots in less than sober states. He writes about a character very similar to you, focusing on her work ethic, her devil of a boss, her love for cocktails, and her sex appeal. He has no coherent plot for this novel, but he knows that ideas are likely to come to mind the more time he spends with you. None of this chaos is new to him. I told you he does very unlikely things.
Tumblr media
Thursday rolls around faster than usual and you find yourself sitting at a bar with Jeon Jungkook at 8:48PM. He’s wearing a black button-up shirt with a slight satin finish, rolled at the sleeves, black dress pants and shoes, and a Rolex around his wrist. His well built chest strains slightly against his shirt, as do his biceps. You’ve come straight from work in a deep blue pencil dress. There’s not a single casual tee or distressed jean in sight, only high heels, neutral colored ties, gorgeous dresses, and styled hair.
Soft, white down-lights shine from the ceiling above the bar table, illuminating whatever vibrant drink the bartender has served to a customer. Pleasant jazz hums from cleverly hidden speakers. The atmosphere couldn’t get any more intimate. You often find yourself at bars like these after a shit day at work with a drink in both hands. There are specific things that make a shit day, but your boss is always the garlic and onions behind recipes like those.
Jungkook orders a scotch on the rocks and takes the first gulp like a parched man. You order yourself a strawberry-mint gin and tonic.
“What got you into writing?” Is your first question of the night. “I’ve heard that the industry is hard to get into. A friend of mine was rejected dozens of times and told that her plots were all wrong.”
He ponders carefully before settling on an answer. “Life and its shit. I’ve been rejected before, but that’s just how it is out there. Wouldn't it be boring to be right all the time?”
You chuckle at the notion. “My boss begs to differ.”
Writing — putting your thoughts out into the world for crass feedback — isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s often praised as brave; to open yourself up to such interactions with people who should have zero impact on your self-worth because, they’re, well, complete strangers with a different set of values, literary interests, interpretation skills, and are often just doing their job as a well-paid shit-stirrer.
A handful of people get a kick out of sharing anonymous, hateful comments. Jungkook deals with those kind of comments every day of his life, but if there’s one thing that he’s learned by being in the public eye, it’s that opinions aren’t facts. It’s important to take them and then let them go. Hell, you even have the power to build your own foundation with the bricks people throw at you. His life is his. Your life is yours. It’d be a very big mistake to see your life in eyes that aren’t yours.
People are always going to be cunts with zero regard for other people’s feelings. The difference is that you and him know the difference between being a decent human being and being that. That’s something to take pride in.
“Sure, but how do you deal with criticism?” You ask, intrigued by his extraordinary life. He’s so young for the empire he’s amassed. Sure, he’s two years your junior, but he could teach you a thing or two. “Do you rewrite or try somewhere else?”
He swirls the whiskey in his glass and watches as it glisten beneath the lights. Amusement is written all over his face, but there’s something foreign wavering in his eyes. “I deal with it by sitting in my mansion and not changing a fucking thing about myself.”
“Touché, but wealth isn’t everything.” You challenge. “A lot of people learn to love the money, but hate themselves.”
“I don’t hate myself.” He says and you believe him. “Not always. I try to hate the choices I make instead of hating myself for making them.”
"Smart. You’re your own best friend.”
“I’m never going to know somebody as well as I know myself, so why not? I am my own mind. I know what I’m thinking at most times of the day.”
He makes an interesting point, but you can’t help but challenge it further. “Then again.. you see yourself, but you also don’t see yourself. There are some things that I know about you that you don’t know about yourself. For instance..”
He holds his glass with a limp wrist, listening attentively. “Enlighten me.”
“Well.. I’m sitting in front of you and I can observe the expressions that your face makes during our conversation. You don’t always realize that you’re making them, but you can’t carry a little mirror with you and check what your face is doing all the time. Wouldn’t that be weird?”
“I’ve never thought about that before.” He says with a smile. “You’re a bit strange, aren’t you?”
His answer disappoints you slightly, but you don’t bother verbalizing it. He can tell you feel this way by the slight lowering of your eyebrows. Only, you don’t realize yourself that you've taken on this expression. Funny, he thinks to himself. Ignorance was bliss.
You both discuss your the past few riveting days that you’ve had; you speak about your boss in the kindest way possible, and he speaks about the people he recently met in only good tones and smiles. He doesn’t ever poke fun at another persons flaw, or their dress choice, or their intellect. He could sell anyone any product, no matter how shit it actually is, with that talent. You find yourself laughing and cringing like he’s an old school friend. It’s a nice feeling.
“What’s the worst thing you’ve done?” You dare to ask with your straw poking at your bottom lip. You’re on your third gin and tonic.
“The worst thing?” He repeats, amused by your formidable question. He could list a few things that’d shift the mood, but he isn’t ready for you to meet the skeletons in his closet, to evaluate the bad decisions he’s made, or to sympathize with the people he’s hurt.
“Yeah, you know-” You take a sip from your drink before returning it to the bar. You’re in a prying mood. There’s something about him, maybe it’s the way he looks at you with those big brown eyes, that makes you want to try your luck. “The naughtiest.” 
The naughtiest? He thinks to himself. Maybe it was when he bent his lawyer over her desk and showed her what 'taking it from the back' really meant, or when he fucked a prestigious critic for a better review on his novel. He's been everywhere, done a little bit of everything, and a little bit of everyone. To choose just one naughty thing would take a weeks worth of contemplation, but then, something of value comes to mind and he leans closer to whisper it into your ear; something so filthy that it makes your breath catch in your throat and your posture improve.
As he speaks lowly, his breath tickles your neck, sending goosebumps down the length of your arms. If you were slightly more sober, and some may argue — smart —, you’d recognize them as warning signs.
“And then..” His voice is intoxicating and has you hooked on every syllable that falls from his lips. He smells like a delicious mix of whiskey, vanilla, and pine. And, during the most telling part of his confession, he runs his palm from your knee to your upper thigh, taking the fabric of your dress with him.
You definitely took him as the promiscuous type, but this is far beyond anything you’ve ever heard before. When he pulls away, your skin is engulfed in an arousing heat. A warm flush had been crawling it's way up your neck, but has well and truly settled between your thighs. "That's pretty naughty."
“Think so?” His confident tone arouses you more. You’re wet. That’s clear to the both of you. “I like the way you’re looking at me.”
You’re way too lost in his eyes and consumed by the feeling of his fingers tracing small circles against your thigh. Your eyes are probably begging for something, a portion of your bottom lip is probably caught between your teeth, and your chest is probably rising and falling quite quickly. “What way?”
“That way.” His eyes flick to your mouth, and then, just like that, his lips are on yours. He kisses you slowly at first, gently sliding his tongue against your own and relishing in the warmth and wetness of your mouth. He craves you; from your bashful smile to every inch of your body that always seems to be wrapped tightly in designer. He wonders what sounds you’ll make when he fucks you, whether or not you prefer to go slow and make love, how wet you’ll get you with just his fingers, and if your panties are thin and lacy and riding up your ass.
He hates wondering, so he takes you home. You unzip your dress and let it fall to the hardwood floor, and he pours himself a whiskey on the rocks. His curious eyes roam all over your skin, from your hardened nipples to your bare thighs, as he guides your lower back against the kitchen counter. Every touch against your skin makes you shudder, whether it be the pads of his fingers or the grey marble of the countertop.
“Look at you. Fuck..” He says, mostly to himself, as he rolls your nipple between his fingers. Your eyes flutter shut at his touch. 
He runs his palm up the curve of your ass and hooks his fingers underneath the band of your panties, tugging it tight against your pussy. The feeling of your skin burns into his memory, and as he looks at your face, really looks at it, he knows he hit the jackpot; your face is as beautiful as your voice, your voice is as beautiful as your mind, and your mind is as beautiful as your body. To him, you’re fucking faultless. He knows he’ll be on his knees for you before the night is over.
The ice sitting in his glass glistens beneath the kitchen light and it gives him an intriguing idea. He wants to see you come undone, to make you so stimulated that you can’t pinpoint where the feeling is coming from. He takes an ice cube between his lips and presses it against the side of your neck. You gasp at the feeling of the ice running against your skin; so cold that it almost stings. Your fingers grasp at the fabric of his button-up as he drags the ice past your collarbone and down to your nipple, pressing it firm against the bud until your back arches away from the counter. A thin sheen of water maps out exactly where his lips have been.
Just like he knew he would, he sinks to his knees and tugs your panties down your thighs and off at the feet. The ice melts in his mouth. His lips are still cold and wet as he presses a hard kiss against your pussy, and the feeling draws a startled gasp from your chest. He spreads your folds with his fingers and teasingly drags his tongue against your pussy hole. His nose digs against your clit as he licks into you. His own saliva coats his chin, and at one point, drools from your pussy to the hardwood flooring.
“Right there.. Like that. Fuck!” You sigh as he alternates between sucking and licking your clit, and curling two fingers inside of you. He touches you right, really making the effort to listen to the sounds you make and taking note of the way you squirm against his mouth.
He licks your pussy and digs his fingers into your ass until your moans double in volume and your breathing turns rapid, and then he stands to steal your breath again with a deep kiss. You fumble with the buttons of his button-up as he fervently kisses you. The pace of the kiss is erratic and you find it difficult to keep up. He bites and sucks on your tongue until your lips are swollen.
His body is dreamy and something you’ve been curious about ever since he turned up in that tight, black button-up; wide shoulders, slim waist, defined abdomen and pecs, and small nipples that harden slightly as you run your hands over his skin. You tug on the zipper of his pants and reach beneath for his cock. It’s stiff and warm in your hand.
He lifts your leg and wraps your thigh snug around his bare waist, eager to feel you. A relieved sigh falls from both of your mouths as he sinks into you. He pulls your hips flush against his own, delving deeper and filling you up until he can’t any more. You feel so warm and wet wrapped around him. It couldn’t be any better.
“You feel so good.” He praises and he means every word. “So fucking good..”
Similarly to the first kiss you shared, he starts off gentle and slow, but is quick to lose himself in the moment and set a quick pace. His pecs and abdomen flex as he bucks his hips against yours over and over again. The sex has you in a trance. Moans drool from your lips, your nails rake across the back of his neck, and your head grows increasingly dizzy. Your lower back digs firmly into the counter top as he fucks you against it, and profanities fall from his tongue in arousing moans. You can’t imagine your night getting any better.
The sex migrates from the kitchen counter, to the doors of the pantry, and finally to the nearby couch. He sinks onto, almost into, the couch as you straddle his lap. Nothing else is running through his mind aside from you; the feeling of your wrapped tightly around him, the sight of your parted lips and low eyes, the sound of your pretty whines and stuttering breath, and the bounce in your tits as you sit on his cock over and over again.
“Oh my.. god. Oh my-” You chant in desperate whispers. “Fuck..”
He reaches for your tits, squeezing the flesh and pinching your nipples between his fingers. Your skin is delicate beneath his touch; he almost feels like he could break you at any moment, but you’re proving to be a bigger girl than he made you out to be.
You come twice that night; once on his cock and the other on his tongue. You’re breathless when it ends and it takes you many, many more moments spent in his arms before you can gather your thoughts and clothing.
Jungkook has had enough sex in his life to understand that sex is never perfect and that’s a very normal and human thing. Sometimes it takes a few different touches and manoeuvres to turn somebody on, and other times it’s a walk in the (water) park. Sometimes he’ll laugh while he’s balls deep in somebody because one of them made a funny noise. He might miss their mouth and accidentally kiss their chin. He might come too early or too late, lose his erection halfway through because a bizarre thought crossed his mind, or even fall asleep before he can take his pants off because he’s had a little too much to drink. Sometimes sex is boring, or silent, or just an itch that needs to be scratched. But he saw no fault in the sex he just had with you. His mind didn’t wander, but his hands definitely did. He liked everything about it; from the sounds you made to the way you slipped your tongue into his mouth. He still sees zero faults in you.
You head home with a slight wobble in your step. The sex was something that you never knew you’d been craving. It relieved a good handful of your pent-up stress and gave back some confidence that you’d been missing. Your sex life wasn’t dead before tonight, it was just put on hold for a few weeks while you get your shit together at work. Woods has been hinting at letting you work with a really huge client for some time now and you feel the need to give him a very compelling reason to. Sex with no strings attached is easy to find, but good sex with no strings attached isn’t. You know you’ve hit the jackpot with this one.
Tumblr media
Woods hands you the client on Friday morning. Just like that. He strides to your desk and slaps down a file full of various sketches, building plans, and contact details. You flip through the pages with an abundance of enthusiasm as he glares down at you. He wants you to stay at the studio and he’s hoping that this will buy your confidence. That’s what this is.
“Don’t disappoint me.” Is all that he says.
You meet with those clients on the very same day, introducing yourself and chatting about various design ideas over coffee at a nearby cafe. They’re a married couple in their late fifties and as rich as ever. They carry themselves well and decide on a budget in the millions. They want to build a retirement home for themselves; somewhere secluded and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, open plan, modern, lots of light, white and elegant decor.
“Plants.” The man adds as you’re taking notes on an iPad. He’s handsome; short, dark hair, well-built figure, pretty brown eyes, and a soothing voice. “Lots of house plants. They make the air better.”
“Actually..” The woman adds as the meeting comes to an end. She’s as attractive as her husband; pretty eyes, shiny black hair, and delicate fingers. “We’re heading to a literature event tonight and the venue is exactly in the style we’re looking for. Why not come? It’s a nice excuse to get you out of the office, isn’t it?”
You accept with a smile. Who are you to turn down free champagne during a weekday? You’re not much of a reader, not because you don’t like to read, but because you rarely have the time. Regardless, you put on your nicest dress and your nicest heels, and adorn your face with pretty makeup. 
The venue is stunning; high ceilings with expensive chandeliers, white Victorian walls, indoor ivory hanging from aged wooden beams, huge windows that allow the sunlight to pass through. It really is beautiful here. The other guests are dressed to the nines; shawls, glistening dresses, designer ties and suits, and priceless shoes. As you’re looking around and sipping on a glass of complementary champagne, somebody all too familiar catches your eye. He notices you just moments after and comes bounding over with a handsome smile on his face.
“Fancy seeing you here.” Jeon Jungkook, your neighbor and the man you had literal sex with the other day, joins you by the table of champagne glasses. A huge chocolate fountain and a few vases full of white flowers are sat on the table, too.
“What are you doing here?” You ask, a bit taken aback by how good he looks; black blazer over a tight high-neck sweater, black dress pants, and shiny shoes. His hair is styled neatly and pushed off to one side.
“I was invited-” He quirks an eyebrow. “-to the author’s events because, believe it or not, I’m an author. Why are you here?”
“Right.” You breathe out all of your tense energy in one, long sigh. With little conviction, you gesture toward the middle-aged couple who are enjoying champagne with a slightly younger woman. “Those are my clients. They want a home in a similar style to this. They didn’t have to invite me, but it’s nice that they did. Could’ve just googled this place or visited later in the week..”
“My parents?” He asks, unaffected.
“Your parents?”
He points two limp fingers in the direction of the same couple and you can’t help but remember the feeling of them between your thighs. “The pretentious looking couple, yeah, my parents. I was so sure you were the type to read through my Wikipedia page and draw up my family tree.”
Small world, you think to yourself. It seems like every rich person knows all the other rich people in this world. They all meet at some point, buying and selling parts of themselves in the good name of business. The world makes the strangest connections sometimes.
“If you ever feel nervous, just remember this.” He says. “Their son writes sex novels, so nothing can really disappoint them any more than that. You’ll give them what they want, though. I’ve seen some of your work.”
“They don’t support you?”
“They do. My mom tells people that I write about science and the order of the universe, though. She’s still holding out hope that I’ll suddenly want to work at their company. My dad doesn’t really care.. as long as I don’t overdose on some yacht in Cancun.”
Jungkook’s eyes drag from your exposed neck and arms, to the curve of your ass. Your glittery dress is as amazing as everyone else's, maybe even better. The soft skin of your back is exposed and a delicate string of jewels runs down your spine. “You look nice, by the way. Really nice.”
The opportunity for mingling comes to a close once a young man — about the same age as Jungkook — steps up to the mic that’s been set up at the front and center of the venue. He’s wearing round glasses and a black, fitted suit. The guests take their seats at their allocated tables. It comes as no surprise to you that Jungkook is seated at the same table as parents. You sit at the table behind with a few other rich women draped in designer. The eldest woman sat around the table taps your shoulder and compliments your dress.
“Stunning.” She says and you smile.
“Thanks for coming everyone. I’d like to start us off with a passage from my latest self-help book.” The young man with the glasses begins after tapping the mic with two fingers. He’s not nervous, just eager to change at least one person’s outlook. “If somebody doesn’t bring anything positive into your life, let them go. You’ll feel bad and question whether you’ve done the right thing, but just give it some time. Don’t check up on somebody who doesn’t check up on you. Don’t try to keep in contact. Stop associating things, music, and people with that person.”
“Maybe they said something mean and you said something back or vice versa, but in reality, it just doesn’t matter. You were both upset. You’re not defined by a petty argument. People in this world kill each-other, steal, abuse power, and assault the most vulnerable. You’re not a bad person for being upset and saying something hurtful, and that rings true if you feel any ounce of regret. It happened and you can’t change it. Sure, you might’ve had some awesome times and genuinely have love for that person, but if they continuously make you doubt your worth, intellect, choices, values, invade your privacy, and lash out at you for being somebody other than who they want you to be, let them go. You don’t even owe them an explanation or a goodbye. Don’t apologize when it isn’t your fault. Don’t apologize for mistakes that you didn’t make. Don’t waste time reflecting on shit that just isn’t worth it. This world is full of people who you will love and who will love you. Don’t settle. You lose part of yourself when you do.”
And then he nods to the crowd and returns to his seat. An older woman takes his place and introduces a passage from her own novel.
“Lessons in love hurt.” She says. “If there was a class for love, nobody would turn up. We’re not lab rats and we’d all prefer to learn without pain. I don’t ever remember feeling like I’d spend life alone after a math class, do you?” 
Despite Jungkook being the most famous author here, he doesn’t get up to speak at all during the night. All he does is listen to the others and clap once they finish reciting their bit. When the event ends and all the rich people have shaken all the other rich people’s hands, he offers to take you somewhere where they serve a lot more than champagne, and you accept without a hesitating thought.
He drives a black camaro and it smells exactly like his aftershave. You don’t bother to ask him where he’s taking you because you trust that he’ll show you a good time. He drives for fifteen minutes down a busy road before turning a corner and continuing down a narrow driveway toward a federal colonial house. The driveway widens five times it’s previous size, making room for at-least twenty decent sized vehicles. He parks among nine other cars and walks toward the large front door with your hand in his; just in case you trip in the dark with those heels on.
Dim, alternating colors of light emit from each of the windows; floor to ceiling on the first floor, and half the size on the second. A huge lawn surrounds the property and is dimly illuminated by outdoor solar lights that are impaled into the soil. Loud, electropop music booms from the walls of the building. You can practically see them shaking in tune with the bass.
“Where is this?” You ask over the volume. Bunches of balloons are fastened around an assortment of topiary bay trees.
“A happy house.” He lets himself in like he’s been here one hundred times before. He has. This is the one place that he won’t ever outgrow. People do every type of drug here, party for three days in a row, and have boatloads of sex. The police don’t bother intervening because too many celebrities are fond of this place and come often. If offered enough money, even the law can turn a blind eye. “You get very happy here, if you know what I mean.”
The air is thicker inside the building and more difficult to breathe in. It doesn’t feel like a home at all. You can smell weed, sweat, sex, and alcohol. The flickering lights illuminate parts of people’s faces and bodies. They’re chatting quietly, touching each-other through and beneath their clothing, smoking cigarettes, and exchanging saliva in the hallway. Some have multicolored hair, streaks of neon paint smeared on their face, missing shirts, cocaine melted into their upper lip, and a light sheen of sweat adorning their skin.
Jungkook takes no notice. He guides you past the bodies in the hallway and toward what looks like a pumped-up, party-haven living room. Two couches sit opposite from one another and in-between a table that’s littered with empty glasses and glow sticks. It’s hard to see much else.
“I was wondering when I’d see you again.” An older woman comes out of nowhere and engulfs Jungkook in a tight hug. She’s wearing a turquoise jumpsuit, lots of jewellery on her wrists and fingers, and bright pink lipstick. The flickering lights make it difficult to make out the true dimensions of her face, but you can tell that she’s very beautiful. She has yellow neon paint smeared down her neck and arms.
“Huifang, Y/N.” Jungkook takes the joint that she offers him and lights it between his lips. The smoke rises to the ceiling and changes color in tune with the lights. “She’s designing my parent’s old people home.”
The woman steps forward and you expect her reach for a hug, but she cups your face and presses a hard kiss against your lips instead. You’re wide eyed when she pulls away, but her smile doesn’t falter. This is definitely a happy house.
“She’s very friendly.. Ever since the divorce.” Jungkook’s eyes sparkle in the light as he laughs. It’s a playful gesture that Huifang returns by nudging his arm.
“Wow.. Yeah.” You pat your lips and check your fingers for her bright pink lipstick.
Somewhere along the flashing lines, Jungkook vanishes beneath the lights and Huifang pulls you down on the the nearest couch. You’ve never been so bewildered in your life. There’s so much going on that you don’t understand, but the three glasses of champagne that you had previously are doing their bit at calming your nerves.
“You’re free here.” She says. “You can do anything around these people; take every kind of drug, have sex on the tables, commit fraud in the hallway. Nobody fucking cares here and I love living this way.”
She points a manicured finger toward two people sat on a dining table chair. Balloons are tied to the legs of the nearby table and confetti litters the floor. A woman, about the same age as Huifang, has the straps of her dress at her hips. She’s hungrily kissing a man whose lap she’s occupied. The flickering lights make what their doing seem slightly more private, but they’re still definitely having sex. There are other people slumped against the wall, some are on the couch, some are cutting up cocaine on the table, some are walking past the couch and into the back garden, where sex is also definitely being had. It all seems very normal here. It’s like a frat party on steroids and Viagra.
“You and I are from the same spaceship. I can tell.” Huifang says, but doesn’t elaborate until she lights a cigarette between her lips and takes a long drag. “Ambitious as hell when shown a little faith.”
“I wasn’t always like this.” She gestures to her styled hair and the expensive rings on her fingers. “I was dirt poor when I had my son and couldn’t even afford to send him to school with lunch like all the other kids. Selfish, right? I got pregnant when I knew I couldn’t take of my own kid. And then it got even harder; I couldn’t afford to pay for his bus tickets when the school fees starting increasing. Something to do with expensive development in the area. That’s when I knew I was in real shit. I thought about pulling him out and teaching him a thing or two around the dinner table, but what the hell do I know? I dropped out of high school to raise him. I couldn’t teach him half the things a decent school could. All I could do was work unstable jobs.”
In the time it takes her to preface her story, her cigarette burns out completely. She takes a new cigarette from the pocket of her turquoise jumpsuit and lights it between her small, pink lips. “Anyways..” She says with a cloud of smoke chasing each syllable. The lights make her dark eyes look like they’re shifting colors.
“I met him during my shift at a bar when I was thirty-two and he was twenty-one. I couldn’t believe how smart and handsome he was. He spoke like he knew the answers to everything.” She doesn’t point to any man, but you know for certain that she’s referring to Jungkook. “He was interested in my life, so I told him everything. I told him how my parents would frown at me for living how I lived. They were rich, but I didn’t want to live off money I didn’t earn. They didn’t understand and scolded me for being selfish. My son wasn’t ever a depressed or spoiled child and he knew the value of money from a very early age. I guess that’s one thing I could teach him.”
“He wrote about me, you know?” She admits. “It’s a complete autobiography, really. He’s a talented writer, always describing things that others wouldn’t have thought to. And he gave me 100% of the profits he made from it. I refused at first, but he insisted that I deserved it.”
You’re so engulfed in her story that you don’t notice when Jungkook takes a seat next to you until his fingers push your hair away from your neck. His hand is smeared in pink neon paint, which is now glowing in a section of your hair. In his other hand is a clear drink. He offers it to you and you smell it; vodka and lemonade. Classy.
“Having fun?” He leans close to your neck so you can hear him over the booming music. “She’s funny, isn’t she?”
“You could say that.”
He watches as you take a leisurely sip of your drink. Your lips are slightly wet and glisten beneath the flashing lights. “Can I ask you something?”
You give him a playful look, the same one you’ve been giving him most of the night, and he responds by placing a hand on your thigh. The silk is smooth against his palm, but so is your skin as he reaches underneath the skirt of your dress. Huifang isn’t sitting next to you when you look for her.
“What’s the worst thing you’ve done?” Jungkook coos against your neck as his fingers dance against your skin. They inch higher and higher as each second passes. The music grows louder.
You’ve had plenty of sex with ex-boyfriends at questionable places, but you haven’t been touched so publicly before, nor have you been so aroused that you’d even allow somebody’s hand to reach any further than your knee.
Your heart slams against your rib cage and you swallow hard. You can’t find the strength to recite your response in anything other than a quiet whisper. You’re no stranger to sex, but you feel like a virgin again. “The worst?”
He can’t hear you. His hand vanishes beneath your dress, now delving beneath the fabric of your panties and running against your wet skin. You sigh at his touch.
The music and chatter has dimmed around you and the only thing your ears listen for is his voice. “The naughtiest.”
Completely void of shame, he eases two fingers into your pussy until his palm is flush against your clit. You instinctively reach for his inner thigh and dig your nails into the fabric of his pants. He moves, slowly pumping his fingers and rubbing his palm firmly against your clit. You’re hazy and light-headed, completely drunk on his touch.
He takes your earlobe between his teeth before pressing a gentle kiss against the sore skin. “I think I can guess.”
You bite back a moan into a whimper that only he hears. Your pussy aches around his fingers and you instinctively push your hips closer toward his touch. He presses a hard kiss against your neck and drags his paint-covered hand from your neck down to your breasts. A trail of neon pink paint vanishes beneath your bra, where he has your nipple between his fingers.
Arousal drools down his skin as he increases the speed of his fingers. Your hips move on their own, circling and following the rhythm of his fingers. A fire grows between your thighs and you have to really, really focus to not drop your drink on the floor and smash the glass.
“That’s pretty naughty.” You can hear the amusement in his voice.
That’s the worst thing you’ve ever done.
Tumblr media
On Saturday, you work yourself to the bone. Jungkook crosses your mind when you’re alone in your bedroom, but you fall asleep before you can do anything about it. On Sunday, though, you just can’t fall asleep. The thought of his touch and the insanely perverted thing you did in that house full of people lingers in your mind. Things like that would usually repulse you, but you can’t help but ache for it again.
Shamelessly, you touch yourself. You run the tip of your vibrator up and down your pussy, spreading your lips and slicking up the toy. You picture the shower scene you had read in his novel; the hand-print on the woman’s thigh, the slapping sounds of wet sex, and the heavy water flowing from the faucet. You picture his fingers rubbing hard against your clit and easing deep into you, just how he had done on Friday night. You picture the dimples in his lower back as he dips in-between your thighs, his wide shoulders, toned abdomen, his voice in your ear. 

A whine falls from your mouth as you delve deeper into your imagination. His sex, his moans, the furrow in his eyebrows when he concentrates on fucking you well, the kisses that he likes to press against your neck. Your back arches off the bed as you draw yourself closer to your climax. You can barely contain yourself. Moans and gasps fill your bedroom. You grasp at the sheets and think of him when you come.
Jungkook sleeps with two women and writes more of his novel; the one inspired by you. His writers block is well and truly being replaced with something far more productive.
Tumblr media
From Monday to Friday, David Woods invites you into his office before you reach your desk in the morning and before you step outside at the end of each day, demanding updates on the rich couple you’re working for. They may be Jungkook’s parents, but they’re your clients. You’re smart enough to know that it’s always best to leave personal-life far, far away from work-life.
“Well?” Woods always begins with.
“Well what?” You always finish with. “They’re happy with how things are progressing.”
Every second of every day, you feel Woods’ ghost looming over your shoulder and yelling ‘don’t fuck this up! make me look good and make me lots of money! more, more, more money!’
Tumblr media
Sunday is supposed to be the day that you can dedicate to yourself and to your peace of mind, but you find it increasingly hard to wind down. No matter how delicious your cocktail is, how warm the summers night is, or how pretty the pool looks as the water glistens beneath the moonlight, you just can’t seem to settle your thoughts.
“Rough day?” A familiar voice calls from his second story home. You don’t need to lift your head to know that Jungkook is hanging out of his window with a glass of whiskey in hand and a handsome smile on his face.
“You have no idea.” You call back, making no effort to meet his gaze. You’re wearing a short summery dress and he likes the look of it.
“Well.” He lifts his glass like he’s making a toast to God himself. “I’d like to have an idea.” 
He invites you over and you hesitantly accept the glass of red wine he pours for you. A gin and tonic would’ve been nice, but he’s keen on you tasting this exclusive bottle of wine. You take a tiny sip and are pleasantly surprised. It’s not vinegary like all the other wines you’ve tasted. It’s floral and soft on your throat.
You tell him everything about your ordeals at work; from the first time you met your boss, to the time he told you not to wear a particular color because it ‘washes you out’, and now to his constant breathing down your neck. You want to leave and create your own business as soon as you can, but you can’t leave a client before construction work begins. You’ll look like a fucking idiot.
It feels good to vent and it feels even better to vent to someone who holds zero judgement toward you. The conversation shifts and you ask about Huifang. He tells you that her son recently received a scholarship for university.
“What’s your favorite color?” Jungkook asks as he refills your wine glass for the third time that night.
“Why do you ask?”
He’s amused at your sudden defensiveness. Is it that bad? “Trying to get to know you.”
“I don’t have one.” You say without giving it a single thought. It’s such a simple question, but you don’t want to answer it. There’s something much more intimate about telling somebody your favorite color than, for example, drawing them a labelled diagram of your vagina and asshole. You don’t want to be that kind of intimate. Not now.
“Fine.” He says, smile not faltering. “Mine’s blue.”
You decide to ask him a question of your own; one that you’ve been meaning to ask since that night at the bar. “Nothing in this world bothers you, does it?”
“Things bother me.” He admits. “But I see no point in hanging onto things that I can’t change.”
When midnight strikes, you announce your departure. You pick up the bottle of red wine and make a rightful request. “Mind if I take this? It’s better than I thought.”
“Help yourself.”
You leave and he rolls himself a tight joint. His personal phone rings from the kitchen counter and he picks up after five rings.
“Yes?” He asks, wholly uninterested.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” A pretty female voice murmurs through the receiver. “I’m a few hours behind, so I’m sorry for calling you so late at night.”
His joint hangs loosely from the side of his mouth, the filter growing slightly damp. It crosses his mind that this woman behind the phone may be his first love, but that thought leaves his mind as quickly as it comes. He changed his phone number multiple times to avoid a handful of others, so how could it be? “Who is this?”
“You forgot me already?” Her laugh rings in his ears like a high school bell. It is her. Only she has that laugh. It’s beautiful, but also sort of villainous. “How long has it been? three years?”
“I don’t keep track of time anymore.”
“Because you’re so rich, right? Nothing really matters to you anymore. You can do whatever you want.” He can picture her rolling her eyes so clearly in his mind. That was something she often did when she disapproved. “Money is a nice feeling.”
He doesn’t say anything, too taken aback by the exact same person who used him up like a favorite lipstick three years back. He doesn’t understand why she called him.
“I read your novel, by the way. The one about me.” She cuts the silence with a softer tone. “You made me look a lot better than I’ve been. Why?”
He lights the tip of the joint with an old, silver lighter and inhales the smoke deeply into his lungs. The smoke chases his response and then vanishes into the air. “No hard feelings, right? We agreed on that.”
“Did you mean it?” She switches the topic at the very moment he notices the lights to your bedroom flick on. “When you said you’d always love me? Wait for me?”
“I meant it then.” He admits, his vision and mind softening. He checked out of the conversation just moments before. “But that was then.”
And then he hangs up, eyes on the gentle light emitting from your home. Unbeknownst to him, his heart isn’t stuck in the radio waves that momentarily connected him to his past, it’s in that bottle of wine you took, in your hands, in his future.
Tumblr media
You work like you always do. Jungkook crosses your mind, but it’s far too often for your liking. It concerns you how he easily he can creep into your mind while you’re sitting at your desk, waiting in line for a coffee, or driving home. You always look at his house before pulling up to your own. This isn’t seeming like a no-strings-attached arrangement anymore and that bothers you.
Jungkook is presented with countless opportunities, but he doesn’t sleep with anyone during the time spent away from you. He touches himself to the thought of you a few times; a clear picture of your face in his mind as he runs his fingers over his skin. He can’t help it, but he doesn’t quite know why. He wonders what you get up to at work and if your boss has backed off yet. He hates wondering.
You don’t speak for almost three weeks and that irks him. He writes a lot of his novel in that time, but it’s not enough to ease his mind. He wants to see you, to listen to you ramble about your life, to see that bashful smile. He calls you on a Tuesday night, but you don’t answer. He calls you on a Friday night and you answer after six rings.
“Where have you been?”
“Working.” You hate the effect that his voice has on you. “Where have you been?”
“Working. Wanna hang out?” He asks because he wants to touch you and you agree because you want to touch him, too.
For a change, he knocks on your door and you have sex in your house. The sex is just as good and dirty as it had been the last time, maybe even better; he pulls your hair, pushes his fingers in your mouth, and slaps your ass as he fucks you from behind. He makes you come twice, makes you say his name, and ties your wrists with your own panties. You lick his cock from the base to the tip and coat his skin with your saliva. You hollow your cheeks, swirl your tongue, and run your tongue along his slit, and he fucks your throat until tears prick at the corner of your eyes. The both of you let completely loose and crumble beneath each-other’s touch, but when all is said and done, you immediately start searching for your clothes.
“Are you avoiding me?” He asks as he watches you step back into your panties. He’s laying back on your bed, naked, with a hand resting under his head.
This is where he had his heart broken for the first time; not with his dick out, although, that does come to mind whenever he reminisces, but after being avoided for a period of time. He remembers what his ex said to him; ‘I’m moving away. Away from this fucking city. I’ll call you.’ And then he let her. He let her glance at him only once, get on that flight, and leave his heart on the runway. But he’s not a total idiot. He picked it up and shoved it back into his chest where it should’ve stayed and where healing only comes with time. Even after publishing his first novel, he still felt alone. Money, fame, and sex isn’t everything. He was missing a kind of company where he was allowed to be flawed. And then he met you. You let him say the wrong things, drink too much on a night out, have messy and imperfect sex, and express dissatisfaction even toward his wealthy lifestyle.
You hesitate before answering. Have you been avoiding him? You couldn’t say. You’ve definitely been running from thoughts of him. “No, why?”
“Don’t know. Maybe you’re not.” He doesn’t pull his eyes away from your frantic movements. “I like spending time with you, so it sucks that I can’t see you more often.”
To you, he’s just another contact in your phone book. To him, you’re just company that he’s very fond of. That’s what you’ve convinced yourselves, at-least. Maybe you were both raised the same way; taught to not put yourself in risky situations unless they’ll bring you success and fortune. Emotions are messy and complicated, and feelings of heartbreak aren’t worth the trouble. Sex is fun, but falling in-love isn’t. You go from occasionally thinking about a person, to becoming a vessel for their entire existence. You’ll no longer put yourself first and that can be a dangerous thing. After sex, you can just get up and leave. But, when you’re in-love, it stays with you no matter how far you run.
“I’ve just been busy.” You say. It’s not a lie. “You know how it gets.”
“Yeah, I do.” He grins at you and you feel a huge wave of guilt wash over you. Why is he such a nice fucking guy? Why do you never want to see that smile leave his face?
You can’t hold it in much longer, so you just let it all out. You need to make sense of this. “This is just a friendship, right? We’re clearly friends, but then there’s all of this sex. Really good sex, don’t get me wrong..”
Jungkook knows that he has love for you, but he’s not in-love with you. He could be, though, and that’s something that intrigues him. If you would just look into his eyes a little differently and let him see past the shades of your iris’, he knows that he could fall in-love. Seeing you stand in front of him, now, with nothing on but panties and his shirt makes him wonder. He’s seen what’s beneath, but he hasn’t seen much of what’s even deeper. You don’t talk when you don’t want to. You don’t let yourself be wholly vulnerable around him.
“Why wouldn’t we be friends?” He realizes how that sounds as soon as he says it. You’re just trying to draw the lines and he’s really fucking awful at coloring within them.
“Okay. Let’s agree on friends.. Just to be clear.” You hold out your hand like you’re offering him a life-changing deal. It may not be life-changing, but it’s definitely a one-way deal. How can he refuse? If he does, he’ll lose you completely. If he agrees, he’ll lose you in the way he wants you, but you’ll still be around.
This has happened before, something similar at-least. He should’ve seen it coming, but he gets so lost in your eyes and lost in the way your voice envelopes all of his senses. This is how his life will continue to be; others will do great things and he will be the messenger. Willingly, of course. There’s something quite intriguing about being the pawn in another person’s self-discovery plan. Besides, he’s not leaving empty handed; he gets another plot for his next novel. He gets to feel whatever pain he feels and he’ll make millions out of it. People will do just about anything to succeed in this world, whether it be playing the devil or the fool. Both warrant profit and a status of some kind. 
He wants to ask if you’re sure, but who is he to question your choices? He doesn’t know what goes on in your head, what’s best for you, or how you truly feel about him. Some may say that he deserves to know, but he doesn’t. Nobody in this world is entitled to your thoughts, your body, or your time, no matter what they’ve done for you.
His expression shifts to one of amusement — like he’s saying ‘well played’ — as he takes your hand and shakes on it. You’re one hell of a woman, the most intriguing one he’s even met. There are layers to you that are never-ending, depths that are too dark for him to see in. And, until you hand him a torch bright enough, he’ll appreciate the things that you do decide to show him. “Friends, whatever you want.”
No matter how much it hurts, nobody can force what isn’t meant to be. Maybe time will change the story, but for now, everything is how it’s supposed to be. He won’t force any of his feelings onto you and that’s what will make him a good friend. You’ll just look at each-other, exactly how you’re doing right now, with tight lips. You’ll share the warmth of each-other’s palms and bathe in the silence until somebody picks up their pride and makes the easier decision.
Just because two people love each-other, even in the most platonic way, it doesn’t mean that they’re meant to be together. For some, pain is pleasure. For others, pain is pain, and they have a habit of letting it go along with the person who sparked the feeling. Life is a cycle of giving and receiving pain, but it’s also a cycle of giving and receiving love. Without pain, nobody would know love, and vice versa. 
But, before he can pull his eyes away from yours and be the one to leave, to make that easy decision, you give him that very look; the look that makes him fall in-love with you.
“Purple.” You say, holding onto his hand like it’s keeping you afloat. You feel like you might lose him forever if you let go, like you might drown in the most painful way. You don’t want him to leave. “That’s my favorite color.”
He doesn’t say a word, far too afraid of missing one of yours.
“Not a hickey-colored purple, more like a lilac.” Your eyes are wide and desperate. To be friends isn’t what you want, even if it’s what you said. You know that you’ll never feel what he makes you feel with any other person. Maybe he’ll break your heart into a million pieces, or maybe you’ll break his, but you wouldn’t want anyone else to do it. You’ll never trust somebody like you trust him and that’s important to you. “I didn’t like wine until you poured me some, daises spark up my allergies, my parents have been separated for nine years, but can’t be bothered to divide their assets, so, technically, they’re still married. My friends and I have a Sex and the City marathon every Christmas..”
What happens that same night is unlike anything either of you have ever experienced before. Shut off from others and believing that you are the only two people awake in this big, messy world right now, you allow yourselves to fall completely, deeply, and unconditionally in-love with each-other. There’s nowhere else that you’d rather be than in his arms, sharing what seems like pointless things about yourself; your experience in college, what you were like when you were a kid, your favorite foods, your favorite music, your worst habits. You laugh, you cry, you run your fingers through his hair and kiss him tenderly. You tell him that you love him because you know that you do, and he tells you that he loves you because it’s impossible for him not to.
Tumblr media
You succeed in your own studio because that’s what you put your mind, body, and soul towards. You rarely question your identity, femininity, and self-worth, but when you do, you take a step back and take a long look at the empire you’ve amassed for yourself. You cry when you need to, you scream at the ocean when things bottle up, you have the filthiest sex with Jungkook and let him kiss every inch of your skin when you want to be touched, and you allow yourself to be wholly vulnerable with the people that love you. You take a look at the kind friends you’ve made, the supportive clients, investors, and even those who despise you in silence.
And, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, you take a good look at a newspaper article displayed behind the window of a news agency: David Woods, former CEO of Woods Architecture Studio, is under fire for subjecting his employees to bizarre company policies, underpaying, and failing to provide adequate training and feedback opportunities to female employees.
The article displayed on the following newspaper makes you smile just as wide: Jeon Jungkook, author and new-found owner of a whiskey distillery, sold more than one million copies of his new novel in the first seven days, and has achieved the title of Best Selling Author for the third year in a row.
You might be thinking to yourself: did he ever write that odd, sex-filled erotica novel about me? The answer is yes. You just read it.
Thanks for reading!
taglist — @zeharilisharaban @ayumimegami @philostuff @carolsummerlove @piaesthetic @viokook @bangtan-serendipity @kookie-monsteur @codeinebelle @jeon-ggukkie @prdshobi @kookoo-kachoo @goldenlilyz @chiminies-noona @callmeyourstarrynight @minbinwhore @jiminxjimout @rjsmochii @waves-and-woods @dayjeons @hip-hop-phile @preciouschimine @kookiesdoe @min-nicoleee @jungc0ck @kuuuuroo @boraength @vantesday @shrimpmsg @bbydoejk @syazkook @bts-junseagull @tae165 @bangtanforeverxxx7 @cupidguk​ @lilacrosebud​ @lovrboyjk​ @busansonenonly @marcoazz2
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kimnjss · 4 months ago
kinda hot | kth sm au
Tumblr media
banner by @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda... hot?
Tumblr media
pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: jikook, (semi-established) namjin
genre: best friends to lovers. college au. smut, fluff and the tiniest dash of angst.
warnings/disclaimesr: yn is that girl best friend... and taehyung is not the best boyfriend, hobi’s lowkey a fboi... but there’s always room for growth!
*there are a ton of group chats, try and keep up!:
😈: yn. jimin. yoongi. joon.
💉🤌🏼: jimin. taehyung. jungkook. yn.
🎮: jin. hoseok. jungkook. taehyung.
⛈️: yoongi. taehyung. joon.
🦀: jungkook. hoseok. yn. joon.
🍰: everyone but taehyung.
status: completed!!
updates: everyday. (please don’t ask!!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue: slumber party
character profiles: yns mains
character profiles: taehyungs mains
part one: mortal enemy
part two: skip class
part three: girlfriend tiny
part four: wild-monkey sex
part five: bad boyfriend
part six: barely friends
bonus: new outfit
part seven: lovey dovey
part eight: half naked
part nine: zero complaints
part ten: weirdly defensive
part eleven: uncharted territory (written)
part twelve: no big deal (written)
part thirteen: fucking predictable
part fourteen: clean break
bonus: kinda nervous
part fifteen: relationship drama
part sixteen: huge difference
part seventeen: boyfriend material (written)
part eighteen: biggest crush
part nineteen: heavy petting-zoo
part twenty: crazy selfish
part twenty-one: valentines bae
part twenty-two: gets worse (written)
part twenty-three: whatever it takes
time jump: no talking
time jump: spring break
part twenty-four: missed me (written)
part twenty-five: say yes (written)
part twenty-six: the dream (wrtten)
part twenty-seven: deleting numbers
part twenty-eight: extremely sexy
bonus: “feels good, tiny?”
epilogue: first date
epilogue: hot boy
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cutechim · 6 months ago
picking petals|pjm
Tumblr media
summary ↣ you asked for a baby, so a baby is what you’re going to get. 
pairing ↣ f. reader x idol!jimin
genre ↣ married couple au|smut, fluff
word count ↣ 6.3k of pwp i’m so sorry
warnings ↣ nsfw (18+), good old-fashioned baby-making aka unprotected sex, post concert sex, impreg kink, mild pregnancy kink, talk about conceiving/not being able to conceive, dirty talk, soft dom!jm, sub!reader, thigh-riding, oral (f. receiving), brief cockwarming, handjob, cumplay, nipple play, praise kink, jimin is a pretty boy with a pretty cock, use of “daddy” in a non-sexual manner: oc affectionately calls jimin her baby daddy, gross amounts of fluffiness, too much kissing, it’s soft, there is no plot!! (currently unedited)
notes ↣ banner credits: 1, 2, 3, 4. this is technically a stand-alone one shot but it’s set in the owaw universe. enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Jimin knows he’s in trouble before he even steps backstage.
His veins are already pulsing with adrenaline, chest still heaving from two hours of non-stop exertion in the summer heat, but he can feel his heart rate skyrocketing from the mere knowledge of your proximity.
The show proceeded as well as it could have. Jimin takes pride in technical perfection, something that’s become second nature to him. He can perform this choreography in his sleep and no one would know the difference.
But he enjoys being present during concerts—being able to feel the ebb and flow of movement during the performance, using the stage as his canvas, letting the energy of the crowd guide him. Performing was his first love, and to this day, that zeal is undying, pumping through his veins as strongly as ever before.
Yet, he’d been distracted all evening, too busy anticipating the moment the curtains would close and he could get his hands on you again.
Even amidst the chaos of his entrance into the green room—a horde of crew members immediately swarming towards him, pulling off his mic gear and stage jacket—his eyes are able to find you immediately.
You’re conversing with one of his staffers—hair loose, styled casually as it normally is, and there’s a warm glow to your skin that exudes utter radiance. Your eyes are sparkling with enthusiasm, a broad smile filling out your cheeks as you animatedly discuss the show.
And if that isn’t enough to have his heart skipping a beat—your tight jeans hug your figure perfectly, the plunging neckline of your plain blouse providing a generous view.
And though his first thought, regrettably, is how much he wants to tear it off of you, your unassuming eyes light up with excitement when you catch sight of him, and an instinctive smile finds his lips in response. (How you still manage to take his breath away with the smallest, most innocent of actions—that’s a mystery to him.)
He utters quick words of thanks to his crew members as they disperse around him, his surroundings fading into the background as you cross the room to jump into his arms.
“Baby, you were so good!” you exclaim, throwing your arms around his shoulders, completely undeterred by the sweat-drenched towel around his neck. “That aerial was so amazing,” you immediately begin to gush, “and that other move—you told me what it’s called but I forget—it was all so perfect!”
Jimin chuckles in appreciation of your enthusiasm, equal parts endeared and amused.
“You think so?” he asks, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
His mind is already racing to determine the fastest way he can get inside you, but he figures he has to try to show his wife some basic consideration before fucking her senseless.
His attempts sorely fail when your smile broadens to accompany an eager nod, his gaze falling onto the sight of your rouged lips automatically.
Fuck, if the image of them around his cock hasn’t been haunting him for the past few hours.  
“All of it—the choreography, the songs, all that hard work paid off,” you say, reaching to run your fingers through his hair, blissfully unaware of his affliction. (It’s an innocent gesture, but maddening to his sensitized nerves that are yearning for more of your touch.)
“I’m so proud of you, Jiminie,” you whisper, gaze achingly sincere. “You were perfect up there, just like always.”
He feels a twinge of guilt when your sweet, heartfelt words only leave him hungrier for your taste. He values your opinion more than anyone else’s; he cherishes every word of encouragement and support you’ve ever given him.
But what else could he possibly be thinking about, at a time like this? Every passing moment is precious, an opportunity for him to be buried inside you and filling you up again.
“I’m so happy you think so, sweetheart,” he says, pressing a more sensual kiss to your lips—now that the two of you are in the privacy of the hallway. 
You reciprocate gently, letting him take the lead as he molds his lips to yours.
Upon entering his dressing room—while still eagerly chasing your taste—he pushes the door closed with his foot, gently laying you onto the chenille couch.
He wishes he had the self-control to wait a few more hours. He prefers more romantic venues these days, allowing him to take his time and go slow (the complete opposite of most post-concert trysts the two of you engage in).
But this particular room is definitely on the nicer side—resembling a hotel suite with its fancy furniture, a full bath and restroom attached. And it’s insulated from the steaming humidity outside, a dim orange glow illuminating the space, fresh flowers gifted by the venue hosts sweetening its aroma.
Admittedly, this is only the bare minimum he’ll accept on your behalf, but at this moment, he simply needs to be close to you.
Crawling over your form, he bends down to give you a proper kiss, cupping your face with his hands.  
“What else did you like about it?” he asks, mumbling into your lips, refusing to part from them. “Tell me everything, baby.”
You know him well enough to know what’s going through his mind, responding to his leading words with a shy smile.
“You know how sexy you looked up there,” you tease, letting him cage you between his arms. “Anyone with half-decent vision could tell you.”
“I don’t care about just anyone,” he scrunches his face into a pout, shamelessly fishing for compliments. “Just care about what you think.”
He finds your jaw with a dip of his head, gently brushing his lips against your smooth skin.
You let out a faint sigh when he nuzzles your neck, trailing his lips along the contours of your skin languidly.
“Wanna know—” he pauses for a lingering kiss to the nook of your neck “—what my pretty girl likes.”
Meeting his gaze, you take the opportunity to thread your fingers through his hair, encouraging him to lower his weight onto you.
And he loves nothing more than to have you beneath him like this, chest to chest with your beating heart against his.
“I—” You’re distracted from your train of thought when he deftly flicks your jeans open.
Stiffening, you reach for his hand, your eyes darting towards the door.
“Baby—people might walk past—”
“The door’s locked,” Jimin assures you.
He’s a performer through and through, but certainly not an exhibitionist, not when it comes to you. No one else needs to hear the pretty noises you make for him, or to see you all wet and needy.  
“And they won’t be able to hear, it’s soundproof.”
It speaks volumes about how much you trust him, that the tension in your shoulders instantly dissipates, your grasp loosening on his hands to permit him to continue.
He gathers the dark denim of your jeans in his hands, waiting for your approval before pulling them down to expose your panties.
“Tell me what you want, sweetheart,” he utters, hooking a finger into the scant fabric, gently circling his thumb over your clothed clit. “Let me take care of you.”
He’d been hasty about it this morning, and though you insisted you didn’t mind (more accurately: thoroughly enjoyed the rare appearance of his rougher side), the future mother of his children deserves to be taken care of properly.
He gently traces your slit over your panties, pleased to find the fabric soaked through already—a fact that has your face flushing with warmth.
It’s adorable, how you still get flustered by his amorous advances, even after years of being together. It reassures him, that you’re still as smitten with him as he is with you, that the butterflies are yet to subside despite the rollercoaster of highs and lows that you’ve seen each other through.
You hesitate for a moment, as if to debate whether or not to beg him to get inside you as fast as possible, but the sensation of his thumb brushing against your clit coaxes the desirous words out of you.
“I—I was thinking about riding your thighs,” you admit, taking your lower lip between your teeth. “They always look so good on stage, when you dance...”
Jimin hums in approval, feeling his length stir at the mere thought of you on top of him, immersed solely in your own pleasure.
“Yeah, baby? Want to use me to get yourself off?”
With a flushed nod, “Want to get you all wet and messy,” you add breathlessly.
Jimin rewards you with more friction, rubbing the heel of his thumb against your sensitive nub. A little mewl escapes from your lips at the sensation, hips flitting upwards to chase the gratification.
He knows your body, every inch of your flesh, better than his own. He knows exactly what makes you tick, what makes your toes curl in pleasure, how to coax those pretty sounds from your mouth.
And he knows what you like on him as well—it isn’t like he doesn’t notice you eyeing his ass and thighs in this particular pair of pants. But he certainly doesn’t mind hearing you say it, too.
“What else, sweetheart?” he purrs. “That’s not all, is it?”
You squirm beneath him, impatiently grinding into his fingers.
“I want to touch your pretty cock,” you whine, letting out a whimper when he attaches his lips to the dip of your collarbones, nipping gently. “Want to feel you get hard for me, make you feel good.”
Your breathing is becoming ragged, whines growing desperate as he continues his leisurely teasing with an expectant expression.
“I—I just want you to fuck me,” you plead, a swipe of his fingers against your clit snapping your resolve. “Wanna be full of your cock. Fuck a baby into me, Jimin, please.”
He can’t help but kiss you again—earnestly, rougher than he normally likes to, but his fervor is matched by your eager reciprocation, your hips rolling against his impatiently.
After more than a year of marriage to solidify the fact, Jimin can testify to every single cliche he’s ever heard about finding the one. He can see his entire future reflected in your starry-eyed gaze, all the encouragement and assurance he could ever need spoken in your voice only. The intimacy of the stage of life you’ve reached together is only more proof of that.
“Were you good for me?” he asks, his own breath becoming slightly uneven as his mind races in anticipation. “Did you keep your legs up after I left?”
It’s shameless, the way he relishes in the visual from this morning—you in his oversized T-shirt and nothing else, your bare legs resting vertically against the headboard of the bed, cunt plugged up with his seed.
You nod shyly, rubbing your thighs together in an adorable yet infuriatingly-arousing manner.
“You can check,” you breathe out.
It’s an invitation rather than an offer of proof, one eagerly given and even more eagerly accepted.
He drops a kiss to your chin before reaching for the waistband of your jeans, peeling them off your skin to leave you in the scant satin number you have on underneath. A swift tug on your blouse reveals your nipples provocatively visible underneath sheer tulle, the pink of your bra’s binding painting a vivid streak against your skin.
“Fuck,” Jimin mutters under his breath, momentarily distracted by the sight. (Just long enough for you to decide that the new purchase was worth it, simply for the look on his face.) “I have such a hot wife.”
You giggle in response, allowing him to press a grinning kiss to your sternum before lifting your hips to help him shimmy your panties off of you.
He’s greeted by the view he’s been eagerly anticipating all day—your stuffed cunt, still slightly swollen from the treatment he afforded you earlier.
Using his fingers to spread your lips apart, he has to wait a few moments for his cum to begin leaking out, the watery liquid dripping from your lips only sparsely. The fact has him preening, his chest filled with smug pride—knowing that he’d filled you up properly, with his cum deep inside you where it belongs.
It isn’t like the pearly-clear substance coating your walls is a foreign sight. You nearly always convince him to cum inside you, pleading with that doe-like pout of yours until you get your way.
But things are different now, now that your pills have officially been tossed. Now, when you beg him to fuck a baby into you, it isn’t just a fantasy or a distant possibility—no, he’s actually going start a family with the girl of his dreams.
And if he’d been crazy about you before, he’s insatiable now.
Thoughts of you occupy his mind constantly, everything from the most innocent images of you as the beautiful mother you’d be to his children, to what it would be like to cradle your belly and play with your swollen tits while he fucked you from behind.
“Shit, that’s so hot,” he curses under his breath, palming his crotch to relieve the ache that’s building there.
You shiver below him as he runs a finger along the seam of your entrance, fresh dampness already slickening your walls.
“You’re so pretty, baby,” he coos, lifting his reverent gaze back towards you. “You didn’t waste a single drop, did you?”
You nod immediately. “I kept it all in,” you promise, spreading your legs wider for his viewing pleasure.
The earnestness in your voice has his cock stirring.
“I know you did, Princess,” he acknowledges with a breathy exhale. “You want me to get you round and swollen with my baby, don’t you?”
“Please, Jimin,” you beg, once again squirming to get some friction between your legs. “So, so badly.”
Your gaze is so desperately sincere that he has to resist the urge to forget everything else, to spend the next hour simply kissing and teasing you—just to hear more of that sweet, needy voice of yours.
But the sight of your leaking cunt beckons him with primal urgency, overshadowing the flowery sensation in his chest.
If you want a baby, you’re going to get a baby.
“Get on top of me, sweetheart.”
You eagerly comply, swiftly pulling your panties off and switching spots with him. Your hair falls forward to frame your face as you lean over to unbutton his pants, a quick swipe of your fingers popping them open.
To help you out, he pushes his jeans down just enough to expose his thigh, while you clamor for the hem of his sweat-soaked shirt. Your fingernails scrape against his skin lightly when you pull the white tee over his head, before reaching to release his cock from his briefs.
His length instantly springs out of the confines of the fabric, already rock hard and leaking from the tip.
You eagerly wrap your fingers around his girth, but he reaches to stop you.
“Not yet,” he says, lifting you up by your hips to pull you forward, slotting your bent knees on either side of his thigh. He instantly feels your wet folds brush against his skin, a mixture of your fluids and his sweat beginning to mix onto his leg. “I’m not going to last long. Just get yourself ready for me.”
You don’t need him to elaborate, readjusting yourself on his leg, the lips of your cunt rubbing against his flexed muscle.
Hesitating slightly, “I might need some help,” you admit.
You’re clearly seeking reassurance with that worried frown of yours, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to tease you.
“My pillow princess isn’t used to doing the work for herself, huh?”
Your lower lip juts out in a pouty display of displeasure.
“I am not a pillow princess.”
It’s a total lie, but he certainly doesn’t mind.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” he affirms with a cheeky grin, leaning forward to drop a kiss on your forehead. “Tell me how to make you feel good.”
He doesn’t require instructions anymore, but he won’t turn down the opportunity to hear the words in your silky voice.
“Touch me,” you request, breathily. “Wherever you want, just touch me.”
He takes the directions easily, placing his hands on your thighs, enjoying the softness of your skin as he slides them further to cup your ass.
Spurred on by his reassuring touch, you begin rocking against him, easing yourself into the movements slowly.
It takes a few moments for you to adjust to the feeling, but within a minute, you find your stride—grinding down into him while he keeps his thigh flexed.
Jimin’s eyes are instantly drawn to your chest, to the glistening sheen of sweat coating your breasts. Each roll of your hips sends the rounded flesh bouncing in your bra, the fabric lying taut over your perked nipples.
Small whines and whimpers accompany your rhythmic movements, eyes fluttering shut as a wave of pleasure begins to mount in your core.
With a firm grip on the curve of your ass, he reinforces your steady pace, guiding your hips. The wetness of your cunt has smeared onto his skin, allowing you to glide along the length of his thigh without any harsh friction.
And lying beneath you, Jimin is fairly certain he’ll blow his load just from the visual he’s blessed with, without a single stroke of stimulation. There are very few things he enjoys more than fucking you raw, and just seeing you fall apart for him, using his body for your own pleasure—that’s one of them.
For an extended moment, he allows his gaze to linger on your figure, soaking up the beauty in front of him—everything from your pretty eyelashes fluttering with pleasure, to the way your tits sway with each thrust of your hips.
“There you go, baby,” Jimin can’t help but coo, ignoring the ache of his neglected cock. “Look at you, making a mess on me. Is this what you wanted?”
You nod immediately, trying to stifle a moan as you drag your clit against him.
“Let me hear you, pretty girl. No one else is around.”
You let out a soft whimper while continuing to rock against him, prompting Jimin to slide his hands up to the clasp of your bra. With a deft flick of his fingers, he releases your tits from the fabric, tossing the dainty garment onto the pile of clothes at the foot of the couch.
Tweaking one of your nipples in between his fingertips, he rubs circles with his thumb against the other, feeling your peaks pebble under his touch.
“Keep doing that, Jimin,” you gasp, leaning forward onto your hands for a better angle against your clit. “Keep—” you take a clipped breath “—doing that.”
He has no intention of stopping, but your lowered position now gives you perfect access to his leaking cock. You drop a harmless kiss to his base between thrusts of your hips, but then another to his tip, and then one with a hint of tongue—
“Baby,” he interrupts you firmly, taking his desperate, twitching cock into his palm. He barely manages to force out the words, “I want you to cum first.”
You give him that doe-eyed look in response, begging him to reconsider.
“I wanna touch you, Jiminie,” you plead, leaning forward to rest your head on his chest, keeping your legs tangled around his thigh.
Continuing to grind into him, you gently take his cock from his grasp, your imploring gaze fixed on him. “Wanna make sure my baby daddy feels good too.”
He nearly chokes on his own spit at the unfamiliar term, the throb of his dick confirming that the surprise is a welcome one.
You remain completely unaware of his affliction, continuing without missing a beat.
“You have such a pretty cock,” you purr, tracing the prominent vein decorating his underside, teasing his sensitive skin with the feather-like lightness of your touch. “Please, just let me make my pretty boy feel good.”
You’ve certainly come a long way since the two of you first slept together, when you could barely say the word “cock” without a shy stammer. Now, your coy veil is a weapon you use to your own advantage, lifting it off strategically to leave him at your mercy.
“Okay, just—”
You don’t even let him finish his sentence, giving him a pump that has his previously-neglected cock spurring to life, jumping in your hand.
Melting into your touch instantly, he has no choice but to wrap an arm around your frame, his skin craving close proximity to yours. There’s no point resisting his fate—he’s putty in your hands if you decide you want him so, and the way his hips automatically jerk forward into your fondling strokes is proof of that.
Gently circling his weeping slit with your thumb, you spread his precum around the head of his cock, before reaching between your legs to gather the slick that’s dripping from your folds.
You rub his length up and down with your fluids, using them as lubricant for your gentle pumps.
The stimulation hits him all at once—your face buried in his chest, hips rutting against his leg, fingers wrapped around his girth.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he whispers, holding your naked body against his, fingers splayed across your ass for a tight grasp. He takes his other hand to brush a few strands of hair out of your face, looking down at your blissed out expression. “You’re so needy today, baby, aren’t you?”
You nod shamelessly, meeting his gaze with guileless eyes.
He massages the supple flesh of your ass with his palm, encouraging you to keep rocking your hips.
You let out a faint moan in response, release fast-approaching—if your erratic breaths are any indication.
Pressing a kiss to your forehead, “This morning wasn’t enough for you?”
“N-no,” you whimper, caressing him with languid strokes while your cheek rests on his sweat-slickened chest. “Want more.”
Jimin returns his fingers to your nipples, gently rolling them under the pads of his fingertips.
“Take it then, baby,” he encourages you softly. “Take what’s yours.”
You cum with a breathy cry, a shudder running through your frame, limbs going slack in his arms.
Jimin holds you close until the tremor makes its way through your system, pausing to afford you an opportunity to breathe before flipping you over and stuffing you full.
But the moment you catch your breath, your lips are on his.
He’s caught by surprise with how earnestly you kiss him, hands exploring his bare torso, but he accepts the advance easily, breathing life into the kiss with a gentle swipe of his tongue.
You reach to fiddle with the chain around his neck, entangling your fingers with the metal and making yourself comfortable on his chest.
It’s easy to melt into the feeling, your soft hair between his fingers, plush lips caressing his chin and cheeks, chest pressed up against his. In between heavy lids, he catches sight of your crossed legs, feet leisurely suspended in the air.
And the fact is equal parts endearing and amusing.
“I’m not complaining,” he says, smiling in between stolen kisses, “but I thought we were, you know—fucking.”
“You can put it inside,” you hum nonchalantly, continuing to lavish his lips with yours. “Just wanna kiss you for a little longer.”
He can’t help but chuckle at that, though he appreciates the brief lull—it allows the fog of adrenaline from the concert to clear. With his blind lust satiated by the eroticism of what transpired, he can appreciate your presence for what it is.
Comfort. Happiness that seems to seep through his skin and soak him down to his bones.
And so he focuses on the feeling of your lips—soft as the inside of a rose—as you align his cock with your entrance and sink down onto him.
“I love you so much,” he says softly, as your walls ease him into a tight, velvety embrace. The warmth spreads throughout him with an emanating pulse—and once he has your frame wrapped in his arms, his chest is full to the very brim. “You know that, right?”
An endeared smile fills your cheeks as you cup his face with both hands, peppering soft kisses to his nose, mouth, chin.
“You make it hard to forget,” you whisper, stroking his hair as you continue to kiss him, sucking gently on his lower lip. “I love you too, baby. Our kids are going to be so lucky to have you.”
His body responds for him, cheeks flushing pink, cock twitching inside you impatiently.
“Don’t say stuff like that,” he whines. “It’s hard enough for me to last these days.”
Your lips curve into a moony smile, eyes flitting down to his lips momentarily. 
It’s ineffable, what you convey with just that little look—a contrast between contentment, complete happiness, and anticipation, so much excitement and optimism for the future.
“It’s true. You’re going to be an amazing dad.”
His face is practically aflame, and for a moment, he forgets everything else.
“You really mean that?”
You’ve assured him a million times, but years of believing otherwise have left their scars. He’s lucky in that regard, that you’re willing to say it again and again, with as much conviction as the first time.
“I know it,” you assert with a tender gaze, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I can’t wait to make you one.”
You have him under some sort of spell—he’s convinced of that. There’s a form of magic laced in that silvery voice of yours, because he truly believes you. He can see the best version of himself reflected in your eyes, someone selfless and loving, someone worthy of creating life with you.
With one last peck to your lips, he takes you by the waist, gently pulling you off his cock.
“Do you want me to—”
“It’s okay, baby. Just let me take care of you.” He shifts to lay beside you, situating his chest against your back. Snaking a hand between your legs, he rubs a few teasing circles into your clit, eagerly soaking up the pretty sighs that come from you in response.
Gently lifting your leg, he brings his cock to your dripping entrance, nudging your lips open with his head. Collecting more of your slick on his tip, he spreads it along his length with his palm, giving himself a few shallow pumps.
“My gorgeous wife,” he hums upon entering you—slowly, supporting your leg to keep you open wide as his girth forces your walls apart. “I’m gonna give you exactly what you want, I promise.”
As always, despite sliding in without resistance, his size still takes a moment for you to adjust to, and you let out a soft mewl when he finally bottoms out inside you.
“So big, Jiminie,” you whimper, cunt clenching around him erratically.
“Too much?” he asks immediately. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, no,” you shake your head. “It’s good—wanna be full of you.”
He presses a kiss to the back of your neck, attaching his lips there to suck a gentle bruise while his fingers return to your clit. Your silken walls pulse around his length as he flicks at your swollen bud, remaining buried deeply within you throughout.
Despite being unable to see your face, the intimacy conferred by this position—being able to spoon the curve of your backside, hands free to roam your tits and soon-to-be swollen belly—is incomparable. 
He can’t stop imagining what it’ll be like to feel your shared love growing inside you, to caress your rounded flesh as he holds you in this very position.
And though your soft moans communicate your own bliss as he continues to tease your clit, he can feel you grinding your ass back into him impatiently, begging for movement.
He complies, pulling out slightly, then testing shallow strokes to get you acclimated to the friction. Pleasured sighs fall from your lips with each rut, the sounds stringing together to form an intoxicating melody. Maintaining a persistent rhythm with his fingers, he pulls out almost completely, before fucking back into you deeper than before.
“Ah—god, Jimin, keep going,” you plead, prompting him to set a slow yet potent pace. “Don’t stop, please.”
He can’t anyways—doesn’t want to, relishing in the sound of his name falling from your lips over and over again. Your cunt is warm and wet around him, juices soaking his length and dripping down to his balls as he brings you towards your second orgasm. And he can feel your ringed muscles clench around his cock, their frenzy only intensifying when he pinches your clit deftly.  
With your thighs trembling around him, he carries you through your climax, maintaining gentle thrusts to help you ride out the euphoric release. The sounds you’re making only fueled the volition of his hips as they snap into you again and again, prepared to draw out his own cum.
When you finally collapse next to him, muscles spasming around his throbbing length, he slows to a still, reaching to pull your chin back towards him.
“Come here,” he says, meeting your plush lips with a deep, searing kiss. He slides his tongue against yours, caressing it in a manner equally as doting as it is lewd. He absentmindedly rubs your midsection as he does, tracing a circle around your navel with his fingertips.
When he pulls away a few moments later, he catches a glimpse of your eyes fluttering back open, sweat shimmering where your collar bones meet, damp strands of hair sticking to your skin. The sight sends his stomachs doing backflips.
“How are you feeling?”
You don’t hesitate. “Like I want you to fill me up already,” you whine impatiently, despite the fact that your breathing is still shallow from the intensity of your orgasm. “Please?”
He nods, smiling softly at your earnest eyes. He can’t help it, endeared by how blissfully unaware you are of how much self-control it takes for him not to. Sometimes it’s completely unpredictable—a heavy-lidded glance or a swivel of your hips and he’ll unravel like a teenager.
Not that you ever hold it against him when he does. If anything, you get a flattered glow to your cheeks, and he forgets the embarrassment in favor of enjoying the shy giggles that bubble from your lips.
“Anything my baby wants, she gets,” he reminds you with another chaste peck. He slips out of you momentarily to pull your thigh over his, turning you over so that you’re facing him.
He doesn’t waste any time re-entering you, cupping your ass with splayed fingers to draw your hips in. Your heat is sopping by this point, clamped walls coaxing out his release forcefully.
Eagerly scissoring your legs through his, you lean in impossibly close to press your soft tits against his chest, resting a hand on his waist.
“Perfect,” you hum happily, closing your eyes.
He doesn’t have much leverage for his thrusts, but it isn't necessary, not like this. With his cock nestled perfectly inside you, your lips on his neck, short strokes are all it takes. His head kisses your cervix just barely, a gentle sigh into his skin alerting him to the perfect depth for each rocking movement.
“You’re so good to me,” he sighs, as you run your fingers through his hair, cradling his head. He holds your frame tightly in response, grinding his pelvis into yours to give you some more stimulation. The movement draws his attention to his chest, where your pebbled nipples graze against his skin.
He can’t resist the opportunity to take one of them into his mouth, sucking at the sensitive skin with an occasional flick and stripe of his tongue.
You squirm and whimper in response, the stimulation starting to overwhelm your senses.
Lifting his head with a lewd slurp, “You’re going to be such a beautiful mom,” he pants, his warm breath raising goosebumps around your saliva-coated nipple. He drops a kiss to each of your breasts, worshipping their perfect form, trying not to think about how gorgeous you’d look—nourishing the baby the two of you make. A sight to be reserved only for his eyes.
“Make me into one, Jiminie,” you request, in that melodic voice of yours—sweetly innocent and sensuous all the same. You meet his eyes with the most delicate of gazes, reaching to caress his jaw. “I waited so long for you to come into my life, I don’t want to wait anymore. Let’s make ourselves a family.”
He feels his balls tighten, the steady build in his core suddenly tipping over the edge, and he gently pushes you back down against the couch, rolling on top of you. Hooking an arm around your knee, he spreads you open as far as he can, tossing your leg over his shoulder.
And when he meets your anticipatory eyes, so open and earnest, looking at him as if he’s the center of your entire universe—
A groan of “I love you” is all he can manage before his cock begins throbbing inside of you, splashing thick coats of white against your walls. He continues rocking his hips gently as spurts of cum spill into you, his length pulsing while your tight muscles milk him dry.
As he finishes, slowing his strokes down to a still, you cling to his shoulders tightly, peppering his neck with kisses. Other than his chest heaving with panting breaths, he remains purposely motionless, keeping his cum plugged up inside you and enjoying the warmth of your heavenly cunt.
Only when he begins to soften and slip out of you does he stir again—
“Baby,” you whine, protesting his movements. “Don’t go anywhere.”
He chuckles lightly, simply reaching for a cushion from the other end of the couch and sliding it beneath your hips.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you just yet.”
Before you can respond, he ducks his head between your legs, ensuring that nothing is leaking out from your slit.
“I didn’t mean—ah!”
He attaches his lips to your clit, lathing your swollen nub with his tongue and draping your legs over his shoulder. Your ripe essence is mixed with his, and he can’t help the instinct to lap up the heady taste, shamelessly reveling in it. 
You instantly begin writhing under him, prompting him to pin your thighs down while he sucks at your sensitive bud.
“Too—too much,” you yammer between gasps. “I don’t—I can’t—”
“You can, sweetheart,” he assures you, relentless. “Need to make sure everything stays inside this pretty cunt of yours.”
You begin bucking your hips into him after a few perfectly-timed flicks of his tongue, waves of pleasure possessing your body. With your spine arched off the couch, your cries sound out with a crescendo, before a shiver marks your climax. The ebb of your release descends with a muted mewl, your thrashing limbs falling limp.
He drops a kiss to your ankle as he unwraps himself from your legs, guiding your feet to the elevated backrest of the couch.
“Are you comfortable like this?” he asks, slightly concerned—it isn’t exactly ideal to have your lower half sticking up in the air as it is.
But you nod without hesitation. “Just come cuddle with me.”
He obliges easily, crawling back up towards you to lay his head on your chest, extending an arm around your waist.
You wrap him up in an affectionate embrace, dropping a kiss to his forehead as he curls up to you.
“I love you so much,” you murmur into his hair. “So, so much.”
“Because I fuck you so well?” he teases, lifting his chin to give you a cheeky grin.
You roll your eyes, through your touch remains tender, fingertips tracing meaningless circles into his skin.
After a few minutes of silence, nothing but the sound of your chests rising and falling in tandem to speak of, “How long do you think it’ll take?” you ask quietly. “For me to get pregnant?”
With post-concert fatigue and fucked-out bliss flooding his senses, he has to force his eyes back open, slightly concerned by the pause in your voice.
“Six months to a year—that’s what the doctor said, right? Why?”
You hesitate for a beat, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m just wondering.”
It doesn’t make sense to worry this early in the process, but he bites back the instinct to tell you so. You’re a worrier by nature, and he knows that this decision places an unfair burden on your shoulders.
A gentle stroke of your cheek draws your gaze back to his face, and he gives you a tender smile.
“I want this as much as you do, but you’re always going to be enough for me.”
You smile weakly in response, eyes soft. “I know that, baby. Trust me, I do.”
“And you feel the same way, right?”
“Of course I do,” you reply without hesitation, almost indignant that he even asked.
He smiles, subconsciously reassured by how confidently you answered.
“I just—I love you a lot,” you explain sheepishly. “I want to share all that love with some tiny humans. Our tiny humans.”
The giddy sensation that fills Jimin’s chest has him floating on air.
“It’ll happen for us, one way or another,” he promises, taking your hand in his to give it a squeeze. “And don’t worry, I trust my swimmers.”
With an amused laugh, “Your swimmers have the easy job,” you reply. “My wrinkly old uterus is going to be the problem.”
“Don’t talk about your uterus like that,” he scolds you. “It’s perfect, just like the rest of you.”
If the look on your face is any indication, that was the right thing to say. Though you playfully feign otherwise.
“You’re such a cheeseball.”
Jimin smirks at that, puffing his chest out slightly. “A cheeseball you’re married to,” he gloats. “And want to make babies with.”
With a dreamy sigh, “I do,” you admit, cupping his face. “I love this cheeseball very much.”
You kiss him again softly, and he feels that inexplicable contrast tugging at his heart once more. 
He could live suspended in that very moment for the rest of eternity, and paradise would pale in comparison.
But he also has a lifetime to look forward to, one filled with unconditional love for the person he knows he’s meant to be with. Whether or not that love will manifest itself into tiny humans—that won’t change anything.
He pulls you in closer to enjoy a few more minutes of solace and intimacy, with the world kept at bay by the dressing room door. The crowds and blinding lights, the spectacle of his career—he loves all of it, but this is what keeps him going. A stillness that filters out all the white noise, attuning his senses to what really matters.
Your thrumming heartbeat lulls him into quietude, both of you blissfully unaware of the bud that started to bloom inside of you a few days ago.
And you’ll have a few more days of calm to enjoy, before the appearance of a simple blue line will mark the beginning of your next adventure together.
Tumblr media
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nochueso · a month ago
Rich People Shit
Tumblr media
➱ summary: I really just wanted to write rich!Jungkook. Jungkook approaches you with a proposition of friendship. He wants to spoil you shitless with designer everything, and you both end up really fucking liking each other.
➱ word count: 11k
➱ genres: smut, fluff, rich!jk x reader
➱ includes: cursing, unprotected sex (be safe out there yall), virgin!jk, virgin!reader, literally smut idk what to say rlly you're either gonna read it or not lol!
Silently, you sat on the steps of the entrance to a very pristine, very flamboyant, and affluent University. You never thought you’d ever be here nor did you think you’d be sitting on its steps– like an actual student. Yet, here you sit, quietly, mysteriously, with a dash of pride, paging through the “Luxury” magazine in your lap. You sighed for a second, looking away from the glossy pages to take in your surroundings from the top of your sunglasses. You squinted, watching the students parade by. You could tell, you weren’t like them, you may even never be. You may dress like them, talk like them, walk like them, act like them, but on the inside you are not one of them.
On paper, you are not one of them either. You are not a student here.
You looked back at your magazine.
Surely, you applied last year, friends and family pestered you to at least give it a try, then you had actually thought you had a chance. But you see, when you’re not a trust fund baby, or have parents with cash basically flowing out of their assholes, then you really did not have a chance at this school built on classism and wealth. So why were you even here? The thing is, you might actually be a mastermind, or you may just be naively stupid.
You came here to fish.
You were still a student, just not here, your shabbier university– for the commoners– was just a few blocks away, so it was always easy for you to come here between classes, to get your work done, or just contemplate nothing.
There isn’t a pond or lake at this school, nor is there a river or fishing pier. You came here for a very specific kind of fish. Fish without gills. Fish that don’t spend their lives in water. Fish that can walk. Fish with a specific kind of gait that oozes an overflowing bank account. A handsome little fish. A handsome little fish that can make your dreams of owning pieces of fucking name brand clothing true.
Some Gucci to be specific. You like Gucci, maybe even some Dior, and Alexander Wang. You nodded silently at the reminder of your motives.
Today was your fourth Thursday sitting on these god awful steps that pierced your ass bones. Pelvis? Who cares, you’re not an anatomy major. If that’s even a thing– biology, pre-med, most likely is what it’s called.
That means this is your fourth week, and it’s once again coming to a near end. Four weeks. Still no fish. You remind yourself that fishing requires patience. Fishing requires a careful skill of observation and strict mental control. You need to be ready for the slightest tug. The slightest tug of your prey taking the bait you’ve so carefully laid out for them. Your bait was you of course. Who wouldn’t want a taste of you? Well...that wasn’t the best question to ask. Let’s rephrase that. Who wouldn’t want a taste of a classy mystery woman sitting on the steps of a school where only cream of the crop students go? That sounded better. You were oozing confidence out of your pores as you sat on those demonic stairs, your black sunglasses shielding your eyes from the cloudy sky. And your outfit, oh golly gee your outfit... Only the best of the best from your closet ever gets to see these steps. These fucking ste–
“What language is that?”
In the midst of your tumultuous thoughts, you failed to take note of the random stranger who came to sit to your left. Nonchalantly staring over to your magazine, seemingly interested in whatever the hell you were reading. You questioned whether you should even look over, whether you should feign ignorance to push your “mystery” woman agenda. You didn’t have very strong self-restraint. So you turned...slightly. Your face in the direction of his feet, your eyes are however on his.
Jesus, this man was fucking hot. Diabolically so. You had a hot flash just by looking at him. You started getting dizzy too, there were stars flying around him. Perhaps you just got hemorrhoids from how satanically sexy this man was in the face. And you didn’t even get to the rest of him yet. You hoped the rest of him wouldn’t disappoint you. You see, perfect people are rare, it’s either they have a pretty face or a pretty bod. He probably had a missing toe or something with that perfect face of his.
Your answer was simple. Disregard.
You flipped to the next page. Your hands are nearly shaking from the pressure of this ridiculously gorgeous man’s eyes on you. You could feel him drilling holes through you with those evil brown sex eyes. You tried to steady yourself, as unnoticeably as possible. ‘Remember your goal, remember your destiny!’ The voice inside your head yelled.
When he didn’t leave, even after you had ignored his existence, and effect on you, this was your chance to find out if the fish really took the bait and got fucking stuck on it.
“Is there something you need?” You trailed your eyes back to him, once again feigning distaste and annoyance.
He looked down for a bit. You bit your bottom lip, not sure whether you had hurt him with your words. Then he looked out towards the green park in front of you both: a number of students having picnics and walking around in friend groups.
“Trying to talk to people today is so hard. No one wants a stranger coming up to them, it’s not normal anymore. Everyone meets on instagram and snapchat and twitter, sliding into DMs and all that.” He speaks in a low voice, melancholic almost. His elbows on the steps behind him, resting. Fuck he was sexy. You could tell he was genuine. He got up. Shit shit shit shit.
He placed his hands in his pockets, “Just wanted to talk to a pretty girl.” He smiled, his eyes drowning you in guilt. With that he turned around, slowly stepping down the stairs.
“It’s French.” You called out after him. the classic romance language you had chosen to learn as your language requirement. It’s not like you understood much of it, but looking at pretty pictures and deciphering a word and a sentence every now and then was fun, and you used it to convince yourself that you were actually learning from it. You weren’t.
His head turned back towards you, rapidly, with one of the most magnificent smiles you’d ever laid eyes upon. The butterflies in your stomach were having a field day. He came back and sat next to you, this time a bit closer. Close enough to where you could smell him. A sweet smell, not the usual smell of cologne that most men wore. He was wearing ladies perfume. It was odd, but it made you feel more relaxed, like there was no way this man could ever do anything wrong.
“So, are you a linguist major here?” He badgered you with another question. Like a child that had just won a prize at a carnival game. Why he was making assumptions about you was beyond you. It was a bit bothersome though, you never liked when people would ask assumptive questions, why don’t they let you give the details.
“I’m not, if we’re going to talk please stop making assumptions.” You sighed.
“Sorry. My name is Jungkook. And now I’m gonna stop talking and let you tell me about yourself instead...if you want to. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.” Nervous, that was cute.
“Well...” You looked at him. Unsure of what to tell him. You didn’t want to lie. You hated lying, and you didn’t understand the point of it. Why lie about yourself to others when you can just hide the truth. When you can be deceiving just by saying the right things and leaving the rest out. However though, you were feeling rather bold today, like, you didn’t really give a fuck. Though his face looked so fucking kissable, delectable, ravishing, his outift was rather plain, and one thing you knew about the kids at this school was that they didn’t love anything more than to show off with daddy’s money. The man before you was just wearing a black shirt, black baggy pants and black sneakers. Very simple. Was he just being modest perhaps? Humble. Or was he one of the affirmative action kids? A super smart athlete from a poor home on a full scholarship? Or maybe just a smart kid that got in from his own diligence, from a lower middle class family?
“I’m fishing.” Your words made him raise his eyebrows, perplexed.
“Fishing for what?” You were expecting him to assume something again, but he didn’t, he kept his word, letting you answer.
“Rich little assholes with too much money to spend, so I can offer some assistance in spending that money.” Your eyes squinted with a hint of evil genius.
He laughed. A roar almost. His head was thrown back and his teeth, eerily similar to those of a bunny’s, were now on display, he’s adorable. You flushed, elated, that you made this beautiful human being laugh. You could add this to your bucket list and check it off now if you even had one, ‘1. Make a super, incredibly, sexy, hot, cute, handsome, pretty guy laugh.’ In the box next to it a little check mark to display your success. But your mouth turned into a frown, confused on why he was laughing at your meticulously thought out plan that was sure to score you some sweet sweet cash.
“How’s that going for you?” He said through giggles.
“Not great, haven’t gotten a single fish yet, unfortunately.”
“Why are you doing this, if I may ask?”
“Well, it’s not like I want to get married to them or anything. I guess my reasoning is quite materialistic. I just want some Gucci pieces that I’ve been thinking of for the last two months. I’ve got five-k in my savings, and half the shit on here costs five thousand bucks.” You slap the magazine page in front of you with the back of your palm, like an old smoker upset that his lighter is out of fluid. “The other half more than that. So I had to devise a plan, obviously.” You shrug as if it were obvious and you were explaining to a five year old. You just spilled the entirety of your reasoning to this man you’ve known for five minutes. You should’ve stopped yourself, but there was just something about him that made you tell all the truth, not just tiny bits of it.
That was all he said to you, no laugh this time, not even a giggle or a smile. This time he just looked at you. Glazed over you. Studied you. You felt nervous. You removed your sunglasses, in hopes of looking less ridiculous on a cloudy day. You didn’t notice it, but his eyes sharpened. You worried that you may have scared him off, maybe he was a rich prick and your poverty disgusted him.
Jungkook thought that he had scored. He’d noticed you the first day you sat on those stairs, those stairs that were too tough to sit on, so you were usually the only one on them, he wondered if you were actually comfortable. You were impossible not to be noticed, but maybe that was just him. He always saw you paging through a new magazine, he wondered if you were a fashion student, the way you dressed and the specific magazines that you always seemed to bring.
One could say he had created narratives in his head about you, he gave you a personality, a name, a major, he undressed you with his ey–
He wanted to get to know you. He had spent his past time between classes in his usual spot by the tall, ancient tree at the edge of the park placed perfectly in front of you. And so, he spent each day there, and so did you, and he was delighted to know that he would see you each day, except on weekends. The class he would leave to come here, Economics 101, a pain in the ass, but it ended at 11:45 am every other day. So on the days he had this class, he would be prepared to speed walk, sometimes even sprint out of the classroom at precisely 11:45 each time. He was always the first to walk through the exit doors, just so he wouldn’t miss a single second to see you. Maybe it was creepy, or maybe it was just what they called “Le coup de foudre” he mouthed. Love at first sight.
He knew you weren’t a student here because every student here had tried sitting on those stairs every once in a while, but they’d always find a better place around campus to idle in. You, on the other hand, always returned to the exact same spot, but he couldn’t figure you out. He couldn’t understand why you constantly returned there. So one final day, he ventured out, to finally crack the case, and shatter every other possible story he had created in his mind palace, and perhaps build a real one, where it would be just you and him.
“French,” you had said. But he obviously already knew this. Who couldn’t recognize one of the most famous languages to exist on this earth. He hoped you didn’t think he was stupid, but it would be fare anyways, since you were holding the magazine upside down. He was relieved though, that you had called out for him to return. You gave him a chance, and he wouldn’t waste it.
You shared your diabolical evil genius plan with him, and he was appreciative of the fact that you were so honest with him. He was able to finally connect the last red string to the correct picture on the detective board in his head. But it took him a minute to figure out you weren’t joking.
“Interesting,” he had said. Quizzically studying you when you had spilled your entire scheme to him without a single laugh or even a giggle, snortle, chuckle, swift inhale. Nothing. So he knew you weren’t kidding. Your lip quivered like you had regretted telling him all this information. So, he decided to make an appropriate proposition, a proposition of friendship.
“I’ll buy you whatever you want.”
He watched as you stared at him, mouth slightly agape like you were torn between believing his offer or breaking out in a boisterous laugh. He needed to be a bit more convincing.
“You have five-k in your savings, I have fifty million.” He shifted his gaze from your bewildered face to your upside-down magazine. For someone that was so nonchalant a few minutes ago, you weren’t holding up too well now. He thought about how you wouldn’t actually be able to go through with your plan had it actually been one of these other rich trust fund assholes you had aforementioned. Because first of all, they wouldn’t have stuck around after your first act of obtuseness. He grabbed the magazine out of your nimble fingers, flipped it over, and went back a page. The designer pieces that were seducing you not that long ago, and he brought out his phone that sat in his front pocket. Dialed the little number that hid at the bottom of the page, and you both sat patiently as it rang next to his ear.
“Yes hello, I’d like to purchase the Gucci wool coat with leather details in your...” He flipped the magazine to see its cover. “Luxury twenty twenty-one Spring issue magazine....Yes....Yes the one that costs forty-five hundred...” He glanced over you for a moment to register your reaction, raising an eyebrow as you had your bottom lip between your teeth. Something in him ignited.
“Actually, can you add everything else too? Yes, I’d like to purchase all your uhhh... Gucci and Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Zimmermann, Dior and Chanel pieces on display in your magazine as well...Am I sure? Yes...Oh um..” He glanced back to you, this time seriously eyeing you like a piece of meat. But he was just trying to figure out what kind of size you probably wore. “Can you send (Y/N's usual size) and (a size smaller)? We’ll try them on and return the ones that don’t fit...Yes...Just charge my account Jeon Jungkook, I’m already a member...Yes same shipping address...Thank you.” With his final thanks, he hung up, closed the magazine, and turned to face you.
He found you stuttering something but every time a word came to your tongue you closed your mouth, prohibiting it from escaping the gates of your mind. Jungkook grinned, not a sly grin, not a smirk, a grin of amusement, like he had never seen a sight so rewarding. He understood you now. You weren’t rude, or mean, or crude, you were a sweetheart, a gentle soul, a naive one too. You didn’t think things through, yet you had an immense amount of motivation, that wasn’t something that goes hand in hand but you were lucky, it worked for you. You had put up an act, a poor one at that. You were probably a goofball, the way you hadn’t even been paying attention to your magazine, probably too lost in thought to care for it anymore.
“It’ll all be at my house by tomorrow evening if you want to come pick it up.” He placed the magazine back into your nimble fingers.
Jungkook had no evil intentions or plans, he was truly a genuine guy, kind and endearing once you knew him, he would never try anything that would make you uncomfortable which is why he didn’t ask for your address to send it to.
“Do...” You paused. “Do you want something in return?” You asked. Now Jungkook was hit with a wave of anguish. He knew exactly what you were thinking, or at least he had an idea, you were terrified, and that was the very last thing he wanted. He could see the way you gripped your hands together to keep them from trembling, and he nearly dropped to his knees in apologies. He knew you probably thought that by doing this he had forced you into some sort of putrid debt that you’d be demanded to repay in various forms, and oh did he not want that.
“No!” He nearly yelled, his voice unexpectedly louder than he wanted. “No, I don’t want anything, it’s all yours, I just didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable if I asked for your address to send it to.” He waved his hands, not taking a single breath between words. He surely did not want this to be the last time you saw each other, so he did his best.
Oh you were trembling alright. Trembling because you couldn’t hold yourself back much longer from swallowing this man whole right then and there. A small inch inside of you had actually hoped for Jungkook to ask for something in return, even if it was just a cup of coffee, you wouldn’t have even minded if he was an asshole because you would let him ruin you. There was just something about money that made you squirm, pleasantly. You know that money apparently doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure as hell bought something inside of you, and that face of his helped in swaying you even further.
“Alright.” You laughed.
“So, why Gucci? I personally prefer H&M.” He asked
“I can tell.” You gestured to his all-black ensemble with your eyes.
“I’m not going to take that as an insult because you look like you’re dressed for a runway show right now, but you’re sitting on some butt aching steps.”
“Well thank you, I take pride in my outfits. And I don’t know, do you have something softer to sit on?”
“Depends.” He said. You raised your eyebrow, challenging him.
“On?” You persisted him, eager to hear the very obvious answer to his obnoxious yet somewhat endearing flirtatious remark.
He doesn’t answer you, instead choosing to rub his palms across his thighs, as if they were slick with sweat, looking at you then away with a teasing grin. You wanted to wipe it off his face.
The both of you spent the rest of the day chattering on about each other while he showed you his favorite hiding places on campus. He told you stories about his many extravagant trips with his just as extravagant family and friends because you asked him to. And you in turn told him about the numerous shenanigans you pulled at your previous part-time jobs, always ending up in trouble one way or another because you didn’t like the way the customer spoke at you.
“No way!” You exclaimed, your hand slapping his bicep.
“My thoughts exactly!” He laughed, his hand coming up to hold his ear.
“I didn’t actually think rich people were that stupid, wow.” You gleamed at him. “No offense to you.”
He clutched his chest to signify the cliche look of hurt. “I’m actually at the top of all my classes.”
“And I’m a porn star with a side hustle of being the queen of Australia.” You teased.
“Wouldn’t that just be the queen of England?”
“Which one?” You both burst out laughing, loud boisterous laughs that quickly turned into snorts and chortles, mixing into indecipherable sounds that could be used as background noise for a ritual.
Jungkook had ended up walking you all the way to the cafe that was next to your campus dorms, a gentleman.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, I hope?” He said,.
“You will.” You replied with a smile. Jungkook thought that your smile could make the brightest star in the universe cower in defeat.
Jungkook took a single step back, preparing to take his leave but unable to take his eyes off you until you were the one to turn and depart. And it was quick. A peck on the cheek and you were running. Fleeing the scene of the crime where your dignity was killed in action. And Jungkook stood suspended, his hand on his cheek, a smile on his lips, and he knew then, that there was no way he’d be able to stop thinking about you.
You laid in bed reminiscing about today's events. When Jungkook had turned out to be a total sweetheart you were caught completely off guard. You were thinking he would ask you for sex or something, some sort of fuck buddy relationship perhaps, and that in return he’d shower you in extravagant gifts. Perhaps he was just doing a good deed. Helping the needy. But he had invited you to come to his home. So this wasn’t the last time he wanted to see you, and this made you excited. You weren’t sure what to do next though, you didn’t have much experience in this...area. Never haven taken interest in anyone because they just never seemed to satisfy your plethora of expectations, and you never lowered your standards. Then you thought about the kiss, or peck, whatever that crime of passion was. You were able to catch a glimpse of Jungkook’s face before you booked it, gone behind a building, and what you saw was the sweet shock of fondness. He didn’t hate it, and you were zealous.
On the other end, Jungkook could barely contain himself, he’d be seeing you again tomorrow. Don’t even get him started with the kiss, he had nearly grabbed you and given you a proper one, but you were gone too quickly. Even if you didn’t run, he would’ve still kept to himself, not wanting to push you into anything you didn’t want, allowing you to show him what you were comfortable with.
Friday evening came quickly. And as you approached Jungkook’s home, a literal mansion that cost you thirty bucks in an uber to get to, you thought about your plan. In all honestly, you didn’t have one even though you had ample time to think of one on your ride here, you came up blank. Because of your awfully picky nature in men, you had little to no experience, and right now you were coming up empty and decided to opt for plan B: let the lady make the decisions! By lady you meant your punani. If she wanted to go wild with this heavenly looking man then so be it. Even though you were most likely not going to be getting into bed with him tonight and entrancing him with your magical pussy, you still wore your favorite pieces of lingerie– the best that your broke college student money could buy. And so you put on your fake-it-till-you-make-it confidence and sashayed over to his three-meter tall doors. You rang the doorbell.
Within a minute you were met with his sweet smile. The smile you didn’t know you missed. And your eyes were naturally pulled towards it. And now your eyes were on his lips, and you watched as he licked them, and now you wanted to lick them. You were like a child, eyeing candy. You let your eyes drop lower, today he was wearing a tighter shirt, the type that was loose towards the abdomen but was tight at his arms because his arms were powerful– he was stacked. That was the men’s equivalence of a whore shirt. He was being a whore. You noticed the tattoo sleeve on his right arm, and you knew this man was actually perfect. He had no missing toe.
And Jungkook watched you. He knew you were checking him out because he was checking you out too. The way you bit your lip when you saw him lick his. His eyes naturally fell to your exposed legs, and were you carrying a pretty set.
“Hi, I’m glad you came.” He said.
“Me too.” The tension between you two strangling any other words that could be spoken, instead letting each other’s eyes battle to the death.
Jungkook stepped aside to let you in. You marveled at the interior of his home. Overwhelmed by how much it must have all cost. “Holy shit.” You felt a hand on the small of your back.
“Your items are in my room, I can have them packed up for you if you want?” Jungkook said, bringing you back to your senses.
But you didn’t, you wanted to spend as much time with him as you could because if you were being honest, you wanted to get to know him (too). You wanted to understand his motives, why he did it, and why he approached you.
“No, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to try them on first.” You gently touched his arm, the one that was on your back, the one laced in beautiful works of art. There was a certain awkwardness in the air now.
So with that, Jungkook led you up to his room, up the huge marble spiral stairs, down the hallway, and at the very end, the third door to your right, was his little cove. It definitely was not little. His tremendous cove. He had a king-sized bed at the very end of his room, and there was probably enough room for twenty more of those. And by his bed was the entrance to his closet, next to the closet entrance were three clothing racks filled with clothes, and beside those were a couple of purses and bags and smaller boxes. And he had beautiful huge windows on the west wall, opposite from the door you entered through. The windows basically took up the entirety of the wall, and your thoughts ran wild.
“I never got to ask but, why?” You looked at him. He was already looking at you. And you think you caught him. His head was slightly tilted and his eyes were on yours, and you saw a faint smirk, and a lip bite, and you think that for a second you were hallucinating because as quickly as you saw it, it just as quickly disappeared.
“Why did I buy you those things?” He pointed his chin to the clothes in the corner of the room. And you forgot how beautifully sculpted Jungkook was, his side profile a perfect silhouette.
“Yes.” You whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear, so he came closer.
“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you.” He was a head away from bumping into yours, and his eyes were pacing back and forth between yours and your lips, which were now pinker from the blood rushing towards them. But you whispered again because you wanted him even closer, “Yes.” But he didn’t move, sadly.
“You wanted to waste some jerk’s money, so I offered mine.” It was then that he stepped closer, and you could feel his breath on your skin. “I don’t think I’m much of a jerk though, sorry if you were looking for that too.” He added in a lower tone, one you had to pay attention to in order to catch every vibration. Your breathing became ragged, shaky and you weren’t sure if he was doing this on purpose.
“I wasn’t, I don’t really like jerks actually.” You moved your arm, gently placing it on his chest. Jungkook took it as a warning, do not wander further than my palm. He wasn’t sure why, but he surely didn’t want to mistake it for an invitation.
“Where can I try them on?” You smiled.
“There’s a walking closet right next to the racks, feel free to use it.” He took a step back.
“Thank you.”
“Or you could just use my room.” Jungkook froze, he wasn’t sure if he had actually said that out loud. It was just a passing thought in his head, and now he was mortified. He searched your eyes fervently for a reaction.
“Thank you for the offer, Jungkook, I’ll keep that in mind.” You took it as another one of Jungkook’s obnoxious jokes, like eighty percent of your conversations with Jungkook usually entailed. But silently, you wished he wasn’t joking.
Jungkook, however, felt his soul rise from his body and go far, far away. The way his name rolled off your tongue like a sweet melody, he would do anything to hear that again. He hadn’t even noticed any of the other words you said like they were all blurred except for his name, and it drove him crazy. You left him standing there, like a frozen popsicle. But your hand burned, it pulsated, from being on his chest, from feeling him flex under your palm, and it was exhilarating. You wanted to feel him again, but next time without a piece of clothing blocking the sensation.
Jungkook wasn’t used to bringing women home, the last time a girl was in his room was before his sixth grade dance, and it was only because she was amongst the rest of his little friend group. They were all going to the dance together, and Jungkook had told them he had snacks in his room, so they all rushed up to get some before leaving. Pathetic surely, for someone his age. But he never cared enough to go out of his way to find someone to share the majority of his time with, he never thought he needed to. He was always given everything he wanted or needed from birth, and until four weeks ago he didn’t realize that he did in fact want one more thing. Or perhaps he needed it? Love at first sight, what an idiotic concept.
For someone like Jungkook, it wasn’t uncommon to get married the moment he graduated, to another crazy rich person. In these circumstances, you marry someone you could tolerate, someone easy on the eyes too, and you just hope to see that person as little as possible. So you both have affairs, multiple, and it’s no secret, everyone knows, even friends, and family, they all know. It always made Jungkook’s stomach churn, at the mere thought of it all, the lack of integrity. He had met plenty of good-looking, rich, women, but they never seemed to stimulate him mentally. It was always a ‘Jungkook you’re so funny!’ and a firm grip of his thigh, when all he had said was that he didn’t care where they’d go eat, they could just watch Netflix instead. And he’d look at them, detached, then hail that he wasn’t feeling too well, and retire to his room. And the girls would always leave. They’d freshen up their lipstick as if they had another scheduled date before stepping out the door.
Jungkook was surely the black sheep of his family, his entire environment, and not in a bad way. He just didn’t behave like the others, he didn’t share their same mentality. Jungkook preferred to meditate than to go clubbing, he preferred to go to a local cafe than on a jet to Singapore for the weekend. Yes, he had seen and done his fair share of rich people things, but he was still always grateful for the plate of food that his personal chef would place in front of him, bowing to show his gratitude. Obviously, the staff in Jungkook’s home were all incredibly fond of him because of that, knowing this little prince from birth, watching him grow into a genuine and respectful young man.
Truthfully, Jungkook wasn’t really aware of the effect he had on people. He was a charmer, but he was kind too. So everything he ever said, whether it be a compliment, or a random remark on the nice weather, he meant it all one hundred percent. But Jungkook also didn’t say much, which is why he was never able to be properly understood by anyone but his family, staff, and very close friends, and maybe now even you. With you, Jungkook didn’t even feel the need to sat much, the glances you shared seem to fill in forty percent of your conversations. A single glance could mean you two would start barking like rabid dogs, or it could mean a ‘shut the fuck up you can’t be serious’, or even a ‘I will actually punch a hole in your smug little face right now.’
When you walked out of his closet with the first full outfit that fit, he was laying on his bed, hands behind his head and he jumped up at the sound of your entrance. You posed ridiculously for him and giggled. You were happy, and that was all he wanted. He winked, then whistled, eyeing you. You knew he was joking but you couldn’t help but blush, this was his effect, this was what he did to you. And now you really wanted to kiss him, and he really wanted to kiss you, but he didn’t want you to think that was what he did all this for because it wasn’t. He didn’t want you to think that was all he had wanted.
You both quickly fell into conversation, loudly speaking to each other through the thick doors of the closet. Every now and then you’d poke your half-dressed head through the doors to say something or make sure you heard Jungkook correctly, a ‘What?’ and ‘Harhar very funny’ spoken every now and then. Jungkook now stood by the doors with his back against the wall and face towards the ceiling. And you’d think you were going crazy with the way he would look at you, like he had never seen something so divine. He’d never say anything, no ‘You look beautiful’ or even a ‘Wow’, none, he would just stare in awe with his mouth slightly ajar. And you would chuckle, every time. The both of you didn’t seem to be too good with words, never able to quite find any to properly use in describing your feelings.
So when you finally asked him, “How do I look?” he grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer, and said with the most serious look on his face, “Like the queen of Australia.” And you stared at each other, in disbelief, both of your eyes racing each other to look from one to the other, both your lips perked and quivering with the familiar wave of a roar that was surely soon to burst through the both of you. Like an explosion, the glee was released. You grabbed his shoulders to keep you balanced as you threw your head backward, your upper body following. And Jungkook was able to open his eyes slightly, through the tears he ogled at your neck, then at your face that shared an image of pure joy. He admired the way your lips parted way for your teeth, and the scrunches on your nose, the smile lines that led from the edge of your nose to the edge of your lips.
“You’re funny.” You said, dazed out of your mind and knocking on his chest, the dopamine coursing through your brain surely mixed with some oxytocin. And it was the same for Jungkook. You thought about the way his hands felt on your waist, leaving a ghostish touch, gentle and comforting.
“Wouldn’t it be even funnier if I kissed you right now?” His eyes were staring at yours with rapt attention. And you answered with an energetic nod, like you had been waiting for this question for years.
It was quick, his lips were on yours, soft, gentle. They glided against yours almost too perfectly like they belonged to you. Jungkook couldn’t get enough of the feeling of your mouth on his, so he was kissing you deeper, more fervently, like he didn’t even need to breathe. Your breaths fanned each other, exasperated sighs as you both inhaled every five seconds for air because you refused to separate. Jungkook felt a warmth blossom within him, the feeling of your arms wrapping around his head to pull him in closer. The two of you began clumsily stumbling towards his bed, the back of Jungkook’s knees hitting the edge first and he fell backward, you on top of him. Now you were peering at him from above, hair framing your face like a painting, and Jungkook adored the way you looked at him with your half lidded eyes through your long eyelashes. He was in paradise. No other paradise he had ever been in, no island vacation or shopping spree in Singapore could compare to the paradise he was in right now, with you. And he knew then that he wanted to share his world with you, and he could only hope and wish that you share yours with him too.
Jungkook caressed your cheek, gentle swipes across your cheekbones with his thumb. His eyes deeply focused on memorizing your every pore. If he told you he was counting your scars you would probably slap him out of embarrassment. He flipped you over, took off his shirt, and kissed you once more. This time it was quick, rushed, like he couldn’t get enough of you before the time was up.
“Can I?” He tugged at the hem of your top. And you nodded, hesitantly, your bottom lip between your teeth. “I won’t do anything you don’t want.” He reassured you, as if reading your mind, following his statement with a soft kiss on your forehead. “So tell me, what do you want?” He trailed his thumb across your bottom lip, slipping it into your mouth, entranced by the way you took him in.
“Can I just have you?” You looked up at him, from eyeing his topless body. That alone had you pressing your thighs together. Your hands all over him, as if your eyes were closed and you were trying to picture him in your mind through your touch. Then you took his left hand with yours, and your right hand trailed down to grab his crotch, and you moved his hand down to yours. “But I don’t want these two to meet yet.” You snickered. Jungkook found you so amusing, his lips perking into an endearing grin. “That won’t be a problem, princess.” Your tummy did a little flip at his pet name, the way he purred it to you making you go a little crazy.
The rest of the night was spent touching and kissing and touching and kissing. And when Jungkook asked if he could ‘massage you down there’ you took his hand once more and slipped it into your panties. And when you were both in your underwear, Jungkook couldn’t stop drooling over you, the black lacy lingerie that you had worn just for him, hugging every one of your curves as if they were specially handcrafted for you. He proceeded to bite the hem of your panties, tugging them off gently while stopping to lick your thigh every now and then. Jungkook truly did not care that he wouldn’t be having sex with you. He loved this just as much. He loved the way your breath hitched when he slipped his fingers inside you, and the way your nails dug into his arm and his back pulling him closer and closer until you were glued together. Your lips never parting even through muffled moans. You touched him too, you felt the way he twitched in your palm, and it made you giddy when he would shiver in pleasure, biting your lip and curling your toes from excitement. And Jungkook would mutter your name beside your ear anytime you teased him a bit too much, "Y/N, baby, you're driving me crazy." Accompanied by his vulnerable whines and gasps. You guided each other, until you both reached the finish line. And you did this until it was late into the night. Reaching the finish line a number of times, in a number of different ways.
You laid in each other’s embrace, whispering sweet nothings to each other through flirtatious kisses. The kind of fondness between you resembled that of hopeless romantics. And that was exactly what the two of you were. Jungkook’s hand caressing your arm, and you outlining his tattoos with your finger.
“Are you hungry?”
“Starving.” You replied with a hearty laugh.
Jungkook reached over to his bedside to grab his phone. Returning to you he asked, “What do you want to eat, pretty?”
“Whatever you have to offer, handsome.” Your flirting was disgusting, but you both didn’t care.
Jungkook then called his chef, even though it was like 1am in the morning. “I am so sorry for waking you up Mister Young, but I would really appreciate it if you could cook up a meal for two, please.” Your heart instantly melted at the sweetness that Jungkook displayed, truly a kind-hearted gentleman. Mister Young was not at all bothered by Jungkook’s request, in fact, he was overly excited for young sir, this being the first time he had ever requested a meal for two at 1 am in the morning. A sense of pride filled him, happy for the young prince who had possibly found someone to be happy with, finally.
Jungkook turned to you, a grin on his face, “You know, I barely know you.” He said.
“Why lie?” You replied.
You were right. Jungkook did actually know you. He had a private investigator do a background check on you this morning. In Jungkook’s world, it was just out of precaution. There’s always a new story that finds its way to him about someone in their circle being another victim of fraud. He just wanted to make sure that the woman he felt himself falling for, was real.
“How did you know?” Jungkook’s mouth slightly agape.
“You just told me.” You grinned. And Jungkook loved the way you made him feel like a fool. You were joking at first of course, but when Jungkook ironically confessed you put two and two together. Figuring that a person of his stature would surely have the means to know what the name of your pet hamster from when you were seven was. You didn’t really care since you had already told him much of it yourself, all he did was cross-check with the records available to him. But now he owed you, big time.
“You owe me now.” You said.
“Like I said, anything you want, whenever you want.”
Over his shoulder, your eyes noticed something that you were inspecting earlier.
“How about... for next time... or whenever I um, come around to it...” You paused to build up your courage while Jungkook turned to what your eyes were peering at. “We do it against those.” You were both now glancing at Jungkook’s window-filled wall.
“Baby...” He turned to you, eyes wide like he was on cocaine, shifting beneath the sheets before slithering nearer to you like an injured puppy placing his face in the crook of your neck. “You’re so sexy.” He whined into your neck, drawing out the ‘y’ at the end.
He looked up at you, his big doe eyes in action, "What are you doing next week?" A cunning smirk sneaking onto his face.
"Well, I'm scheduled at work for like twenty hours, then I have classes to attend..." You mindlessly listed off the things you were going to do next week as if you weren't speaking to Jeon Jungkook, as if he was just a random commoner–like yourself–looking to ask you out on a simple dinner date.
"Come to Fiji with me?"
Wow, you were not expecting that, and it clearly showed on your face. However, it was not at all like you to turn down this kind of offer just to slave around at a job you despised. Your classes you could easily catch up on. Your mind was made up, but Jungkook didn't know that, so you wanted to tease him a bit.
"I don't know." You exhaled as if torn between the 'very difficult' decision.
"Please." Jungkook whined, lengthening the vowels. "I have to take you on a date. Our first official date." He coaxed.
"And us spending the whole day together yesterday wasn't a date to you?" You asked, genuinely puzzled.
"I said o-ffi-cial." He carefully pronounced each sound in the word 'official' to make it clearer.
"And you can’t just take me out to dinner?" You provoked. Jungkook pouted at you, "That’s boring, I’m not a boring guy." And you knew this already, from some of his earlier ministrations.
"Did someone say skinny dipping?" You yelled, frantically searching the room for an imaginary person. Jungkook’s eyes lit up. "I'm fucking with you, of course I'll go." You finally gave in, unable to compete against his pout.
Jungkook didn't even give you time to pack anything, telling you he'd buy you whatever you needed later. You had both ended up sleeping well into Saturday afternoon in a tangled mess on his bed: your leg was thrown over him, his hand instinctively on your ass all night, or he'd be spooning you and have his hand down the boxers he let you borrow. One way or the other, he made sure those butterflies didn't leave your stomach from his touches. Later in the evening, you were both driven to the airport to board Jungkook's own private jet. He told you how every member in his family had their own designated plane all because of an incident where his older brother had taken the plane to see his girlfriend in Amsterdam when his dad had a meeting to attend in Malaysia.
"It was a huge thing." He said. "My dad was like fuming, you could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears, he was yelling into the phone at my brother like 'You better bring that plane back this instant or else I'm selling your Rolls-Royce!' it was hilarious." You laughed in both amusement and agony, this was really some rich people shit that you could not wrap your head around.
"It was my brother's favorite one too." Jungkook snorted. You connected the dots that the car was indeed sold.
"That's insane..." You looked down at your entangled hands. "Our lives are really different, Jungkook." Your throat started to burn from realization, you were in the car on your way to another fucking country with someone you had just met a day ago. The adrenaline and desire overwhelming the practical part of your brain that would've probably been screaming 'Don't! Don't' at every decision you ended up making to spend more and more time with Jungkook. You thought about the home you had grown up in, the two-bedroom home that was just enough for you and your parents. You had nothing to offer Jungkook, and here he was spending all this cash on a stranger. You wondered if he did this with every pretty girl, then dropped them a week later once he got bored. Probably shouldn’t have let miss lady take charge yesterday.
Jungkook squeezed your hand. You looked back at him. "That doesn't matter, I hope you know that." The remaining ten minutes of the ride was spent in relative silence, you battling in your thoughts, and Jungkook humming to himself while looking out the window, turning to check on you every minute or so. He didn't need a reply from you. He would've understood if you made the decision not to go right in front of the jet's stairs. And he'd take you home, without question.
But you didn't. You got on that plane, fell asleep an hour into the flight, and woke up to Jungkook gently telling you that you were about to land. You looked out the window, "Doesn't look like Fiji, did you kidnap me to sell me off?"
"Unfortunately not, you'd make me so much money though," he pouts through his teasing "we're in Sydney, you need things so I figured we'd make a stop..." He leaned over you, his hands on top of the baggage compartment while he looked out your window. You grabbed his waist and stuffed your head up his shirt, yup this was the best decision you've made so far.
"You smell nice, kinda wanna take a bite." You said, actually taking a bite of his sturdy abs.
"What do I taste like?" He asked.
"Like burnt chicken nuggets." You licked.
"Alright, that's enough, let's get going." He pulled you out from under his shirt and enveloped you in a rather dirty kiss. He took you by your hand and guided you off the plane and into the black range rover waiting for you both.
“I don’t need much, Jungkook.” You said, causing Jungkook to stare at you with wide eyes. This was very unlike you. “Well half of the time I’m gonna be in the water, and the other half I’ll probably be...” you leaned over to whisper the rest in his ear “naked.” His grip on your thigh tightened.
“Plus I have nowhere to keep all this stuff in my tiny dorm room closet.” You whined, placing your head on his shoulder. You didn’t even want to think about the amount of time that packing would take.
He hummed as if deep in thought, “Well you’re lucky, I just so happen to have an extra closet you can use.”
You groaned, you were a bit terrified at how things were moving. Yes, Jungkook was a rare gem, a one in a million type of guy but you feared that he didn’t see you the same way. And maybe he really wasn’t, there’s only so much you can learn about a person in 48 hours. Though, character may be hard to fake. Why worry though? This was a once in a lifetime experience that not many people were lucky enough to get, after all, this was what you were working towards anyway. You were absolutely going to enjoy yourself.
“Fine, but that means I have to come over anytime I want something from that closet.”
“Very true, I’m sure we can work something out.”
It wasn’t long before you both arrived at the very posh boutique lined shopping centre. You weren’t sure why you had expected to go to the general mall with stores such as Topshop or Zara. Instead, you were staring down price tags that could pay six months worth of rent. “Stop looking at those.” Jungkook snatched the price tag out of your hand. “Just choose what you like, I’ll wait for you in the changing room, pretty.” The changing room which was quite literally a room with a whole sofa that Jungkook laid on. So when you came in with a stack of clothes in your arms, a huge toothy grin on your face, and the store clerk behind you also with a stack of clothes in her arms, Jungkook smiled. You began trying on the clothes, all made for warm weather, you just wanted to make sure that they didn’t look stupid on you. Sometimes some pieces would look gorgeous on the hanger, but the moment it was on a body it became an awkward looking mess. Jungkook would still say that you made it look good but you wouldn’t care, your own confidence in the piece being more important than whether or not it actually looked good. Jungkook was enjoying this just as much as you were, having front row seats to see your panties slightly slip off whenever you removed some shorts or skirts that were tight fitting. His favorite part though was the swimsuit try on, yup, and you had a lot of those. Every now and then he’d get up just to grab you, spin you around, and hold you, like the big softie he was.
You both spent around two hours shopping. Jungkook bought two pairs of swimsuits for himself, the remaining six bags were yours. And you were back on the plane for a quick-not-so-quick four and a half hour ride to Fiji islands, final destination being Turtle Island.
It was mid-day by the time you arrived at the five star private resort that Jungkook had booked for you two, well his travel agent, but that wasn’t the point–he still paid. It was a beautiful little stilt building on water, there was even a pool and jacuzzi on the patio overlooking the crystal clear blue water. You oohed and aahed at the colorful fish and turtles! that swam below. Then there were footsteps coming up behind you, fast, and before you could even turn there was a huge splash in the water you were watching. A wet blonde head of hair looking up at you from the water. “You coming or not!?” Jungkook yelled over to you. Luckily, you already had your swimsuits on under your clothes, a little trick that your mom and you would do every time she’d take you to the beach or to the water park when you were younger. So you stripped your clothes off and jumped in after him. And when you were floating beside him he brought his hand up out from the water, two goggles hanging from it. You squealed a bit from excitement, snatching one, pouring the salty water out from inside, wiping the goggles and putting it on. Then you were both under, diving then coming up for air then back down to swim after a turtle.
The rest of the day went by quickly, exhausted by the time the sun set. You were in the jacuzzi eating a bunch of fruit that the resort staff had delivered earlier. Eyes closed and head relaxed on the cushioned headrest, with your arms outstretched on the jacuzzi edge. Jungkook was somewhere inside, you assumed he was taking a shower. That was not the case though, apparently he was straddling you now, his thick arms wrapped behind your head, his fat ass on your thighs. You opened your eyes “cute,” you giggled, moving your hands up his sides while inspecting his ravishing body.
“Did you know that sea turtles eat jellyfish? It’s like their favorite snack. I wonder if it’s like jello.” Jungkook said. You hummed, too busy with your hands.
“They can also hold their breath underwater for like five hours.” He added on. Now he was smirking, but you weren’t sure why.
“That’s very interesting, Jungkook, is there a reason you’re telling me this?”
“Not really.” He started sliding off you, into the water. Your eyes followed him down until everything was submerged except for his head.
“May I?” He asked.
“May you what?”
He stuck his tongue out, then flailed his head in the water and you were genuinely embarrassed by him even though it was just the two of you. But you knew what he meant: the turtle facts now made a bit more sense to you. He pinched your thigh and you swatted him. Jungkook’s devious little plan was ruined because you were now wrestling in the jacuzzi. HIs head tucked under your armpit, then you were tucked under his armpit, then multiple counts of attempted homicide.
Though, eventually, somehow your swimsuits had managed to fly off in various directions and somehow you were now all over each other, tongues in action and lips glued together. Jungkook’s hands ran up and down your spine then went to fondle your ass that he would occasionally squeeze. You were quick to let him into your mouth, his tongue having begged at your lips. You naturally began to grind against his muscular thighs, and he would flex them to create some sort of aid in this frictionless water. Your hand inched down his chest, his abs, then you traced his v-line till you reached what you were going for. You fondled his dick that was now getting pressed between your torso and his, running your thumb against his tip. “Shit, baby, do you like doing that? Teasing me?” Jungkook groaned into your ear. You hummed in agreement. Your lips smacking against each other, the sound of hot breath and waves mixing together. Jungkook’s dick being so close to your entrance but not inside you made you feel empty, and you could feel his outline against you, not small in the slightest. “Jungkook, I want you.” The words barely escaping with sound as you mouthed them into the kiss before he started nipping at your neck, taking a bite and leaving a fresh hickey. “Mhm, can you say that again for me, baby?” You loved Jungkook’s way of flirting, he would call you ‘pretty’ whenever you were in public and keep ‘baby’ for the bedroom. “I want you so deep inside me that I can’t see you right in front of me.” You pulled away to speak properly.
Jungkook must have seen the devil because he yanked you up, threw you over his shoulder and removed you both from the jacuzzi. You were now two naked bodies on display for all the turtles and fishes to see, though they seemed to be too preoccupied to watch Jungkook ruin you shortly. He slapped your ass and ran his fingers over your mound as he carried you to the canopy bed that sat outside on the patio. “You know, when you say things like that you make me go a little crazy.” He said in a deep, groany voice. And he threw you onto the bed, barely giving you any time to adjust before he was spreading your legs and looking at you hungrily.
“You’re too pretty for your own good,” he drew his fingers along your entrance, “I wonder how many times I can make you cum with my mouth alone.” You nearly cried as he replaced his fingers with his tongue, his thumb tracing little circles on your bud. It wasn’t long before he was shoving one finger in, then two, then three, going in and out and in and out, his tongue lapping you up. You grinded against him, your fingers in his wet hair. Then he was moving up your body, licking the droplets of water along the line he drew. He circled your nipple while he rubbed the tip of his shaft against your entrance. Your hands were above your head, giving him an all access pass to every inch of your body. Then he was showering you with kisses again, your lips connecting once more like magnets. “I can’t believe I’m about to fuck the queen of Australia.” He whispered into your ear. You let out a breathless laugh, your hands moving to wrap around his neck. “That would make you my king, or rather perhaps my concubine?” You moaned as Jungkook grinded against you, slow lustful grinds. “Sounds like fun either way, but you’ll always be my princess.” And you gave out a loud moan from Jungkook finally shoving his dick inside you.
“What if I said I’d never had a concubine before?” You laughed breathlessly, afraid that Jungkook might not catch your drift. Though when he paused from fucking you into the sheets to look at you through wide eyes, you can confidently assume he did.
“Are you?’ He asked, unable to say much else. And you nodded hesitantly in reply.
“Then I guess we’re both just going off instinct here, aren’t we?” He smiled, returning to kiss you, devotion laced with his kiss. The fact that Jungkook was a virgin, too, made you lightheaded, you were his first and likewise. To you, this meant something more than just a quick fiji trip with a pretty girl.
Jungkook wouldn’t have even guessed that he’d be your first, thinking that you didn’t want to fuck him on your kinda-not-really second date was because you just didn’t fuck so early. He didn’t really understand why, or how, but knowing that he was your first too made him feel connected to you even more, like you were truly both meant to stumble into each other. He was so fucking glad that he asked you that stupid question, or else you wouldn’t be here right now, with him. And God, the way your lips felt against his, he could go crazy just from a brush alone. He held you like you were fragile, made from glass, but with every thrust he wanted to go deeper, further into you, and no he wasn’t doing that just to hear your heavenly moans.
Unhurried, lazy but deep thrusts. Because he’s not rushing anywhere nor are you. And your fingers are entangled in his, beside your head, and they’re warm, moist even, soft, and his thumb drags along the back of your hand, calming you, sweet little ministrations– his specialty. And his lips are on your ear, your cheek, your jaw, your neck, your shoulder, and he’s tasting you, like a hungry gentleman. You’re on a cloud, with nothing else but yourself and him around you. And you can feel it all, everything, everywhere, the sweet tingles that run up from your mound through your stomach, up to your brain and it’s intoxicating, like narcotics, you can’t get enough. But it’s happening simultaneously with the pumps from your heart, and the feelings are mixing, like a sick little concoction waiting to burst out of every opening. Now Jungkook’s fingers are running down your shining body, like paint brushes, he’s painting you then erasing you with his lips, then painting you again, and he does this many, many times, and each time is like the first. You can feel him, so intimately, filling you slowly, his warm, slick body on top of yours, his tough chest and abdomen sliding on yours carefully, gently, almost like he doesn’t want to scrape you with his piercing muscles that he had so diligently built. His golden chain tickles your face, and you smile, biting it, and twisting your head to the side to pull him closer, and Jungkook answers with a chaste kiss, no hesitation.
He pulled out all the way till only his tip was past your entrance, “I’m happy to be your first concubine, my princess,” and as he spoke those words he thrusted into you, a slow, meticulous thrust, guiding you to your high. “I’ll always be your princess.” You repeated to him the same words he had spoken to you, a tear running down your cheek as you felt an unfamiliar sensation bubbling within you.
And you know, you know now that you love him. You love him a bit too much. But it’s impossible to describe, there aren’t enough letters, not enough words, to describe the way your stomach flips whenever he smiles at you– that smile, the smile... his smile. Maybe not enough words in this language alone, maybe there are more in French, there should be more that you can use? So you think, but you only know so much. Amour sans fin. Your love for him, endless, until the very last star burns out. But still, you’re trying to find the words, struggling to put together the letters while sharing the same breaths with him. You open your eyes, and you’re met with his, penetrating you, as if he’s reading your heart’s wishes, longings, needs. And he says it before you can.
“I love you.” And you know, you understand, that it’s all you need. There’s nothing more he can say, to explain to you how deep his feeling goes, there aren’t enough words, or songs, or poems. So you accept it because you too know nothing of what else he could say, to express his longing for you. The longing for something that is already there, but he still wants to be with you, constantly, he wants you there, always.
Jungkook knew that you were the one, his search coming to a full stop with you snug between his arms. He continued to fuck you while paying attention to every inch of your skin, and he soon learned all your sweet spots. The spot right below your ear, which he would lick, and kiss, and bite, and you in turn would cry his name. The spot on your side, on your waist, right below your ribs, he would run his fingers across it, his tongue, and you'd shiver. And your lips of course, when he'd bite your bottom lip, you always smiled into the kiss without fail, and if your hands weren't already holding his face then you would bring them up to hold him.
Even though you were all over each other, tossing and turning, fucking and crying. Fucking from the side, fucking with your leg swung over his shoulder, fucking with both legs over his shoulder, fucking with your face stuffed into a pillow, you still couldn't get enough of each other. This seemed to be the case anytime you two were together though, the physical touch between you two being never ending. Whenever this becomes official, the PDA will be disgusting. So when you've both reached your highs, multiple times, and the fogginess has left your mind, you're finally breathing out an "I love you," that gets lost among the waves, but does not go unheard.
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ego killer (2) | jjk
Tumblr media
Summary — Jungkook doesn’t like that you’ve stopped sleeping with him to pursue somebody else. He doesn’t respect the fact either, which is exactly why he spends every waking second trying to make you fold. And, fold is exactly what you do.
Genre — smut (fuckboy!jk, nerdy!reader)
Words — 10,255
Warnings — unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving) at a party, deep dicking, missionary, multiple orgasms, body praise, hair pulling, tongue fucking possessive jk, in-love jk, begging, spitting, fingering, cum eating, nipple play, nipple sucking, biting, licking, dirty talk, breath play, overstimulation, crying (almost), jk is freaky and horny as fuck, drug usage, drinking, swearing
one | two | three/final
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
Things go back to how they had been prior; Jungkook pretends you haven't a clue about his family and their struggles, and he fucks you like you owe him money. He touches you the same, but different. He kisses you the same, but different. The difference is him; he feels something for you and it's not entirely platonic anymore. It’s difficult for him to articulate his feelings, let alone comprehend them in his own mind. All he knows is the feeling of your tongue against his, the goosebumps that form on your skin each time he touches you, the stutter in your breath, and the way you feel so perfect wrapped around him. And, when you look into his eyes, he falls deeper into a trance. You have him wrapped around your finger, but you don't know that.
You see, he doesn't tell you how he feels about you, so you don't feel inclined to tell him how you feel, either. In a perfect world, you two would already be dating and you'd be so loved up without a care in the world. Alas, the world isn't perfect, and for the sake of turning this into a series, you don't date just yet.
You make him vulnerable and that's not okay. To entertain Taehyung’s comparison, Jungkook is like a little puppy, but only in the sense that he feels the urge to follow you around and hang from your every word. You know too much about him and it concerns him. He’s the same guy, but different. In the span of a few months, you’ve learnt that he’s much more than the campus fuck-boy with the thickest thighs and the dirtiest pick-up lines. He’s a stubborn boy who likes childish mobile games, who has an intriguing family, who has such a pretty smile, and a talent for maintaining his physique. He's just trying to get by like any other person.
He wants to get by so badly, and he does a pretty good job at it, but then things become different in an entirely different sense. Suddenly, you're not his to touch anymore and it's considered 'disrespectful' for him to ask what panties you're wearing or if you've touched yourself recently.
Well — you're probably thinking — what the fuck happened here? Taehyung asked you out and you said yes.
How, exactly? Nothing special or romantic, really. You’d been sat in a lecture by your lonesome — this was on a day that Jungkook hadn't shown up to class or in your notifications — and Taehyung pulled up the seat next to you. Being who Taehyung is, he spoke and he spoke until the idea of hanging out was brought up. You’d been morbidly embarrassed about the aquatic centre incident, but it quickly became clear that he couldn’t care less. If anything, he was satisfied that you put Jungkook in his place.
Let’s establish this; you're not the type to cut off all feelings for someone as handsome as Taehyung, so you obviously accepted his offer and met up with him at a dimly lit bowling alley. The date was fine, really, but then Jungkook crossed your mind and made you feel like something you didn't want to be; somebody who breaks hearts for the fuck of it. You then excused yourself to the bathroom to 'break up' with Jungkook. Not really, though. You weren't dating him per se, you were just dating his dick. Jungkook knew that, but he also knew that it was the worst day of his life.
Why? Aside from not having the option to see you naked anymore, his dad was arrested for tackling another man in a vodka-enduced-ninja-rage and his mom made a surprise visit back home. We'll call it what it is; the worst fucking timing. All aspects of his recent life are overstimulating, and whenever his mind races, he finds comfort in touching and being with you. You've made that clear that that’s not an option anymore, but he doesn’t believe that’s what you really want.
You’ve also learnt that he doesn’t listen to basic instruction. You could tell him not to put his hand in boiling water and he’d do it just because he was asked not to. If he wants something (you), he’ll break down obsidian walls to get it. If he put that much effort into his school work, he’d probably be a decent student. But, education-wise, nothing interests him. His dad was the same when he was younger, but never made it into college. He took a carpentry apprenticeship straight out of high school and has been constructing and building flooring, furniture, walls, doorframes, and other fixtures ever since. It’s pretty good work considering how handy it made him. When he’s not shit-faced off beer and vodka, he’s usually pimping out his wooden koi pond, or he’s bent over with his ass hanging out as he inspects the conditions of all the skirting boards.
Like a lot of dads, he makes petty mistakes which ultimately leave a huge impact on his kid. Like a lot of dads, he finds it difficult to apologise. If he ignores it and drinks a lot, maybe it’ll go away.
Jungkook sometimes thinks he’s going to end up like him. That’s his only fear.
Tumblr media
Let's rewind a little.
3:29PM. Wednesday. Jungkook took the bus to campus, decided to skip a forty-minute-long lecture because his attention span was lacking, kicked a soccer ball around the campus green with his friends, grew bored, and then headed back home, only to receive your 'break up' text as soon as his head hit his pillow.
6:11PM [Y/N] Hey! I’m gonna have to cut off our arrangement. Taehyung asked me out (yay) and I wanna see where things go from here :)
What an awful day, indeed.
He calls you, but you don't answer. And, he's never done this before, but he lays there and listens to the full length of your voicemail tone. You have such a pretty voice, even when you’re frustrated and it shifts a few octaves higher. He could probably listen to it for the rest of his life. Maybe. All he knows it that he’d much prefer that over the sound of an economics lecture. Geez, he sounds like a love-sick teenager.
He hasn’t ever been in a meaningful relationship, so he doesn't really know what he's feeling or how he should be acting. Maybe the feeling is something similar to how he felt when his mom flew across the world to live out her dreams without him. ‘Without him’ is the key word here.
You made him feel like he was part of something — something meaningful — and maybe his romantic feelings are a little far-fetched, but he can’t help but feel like you’re leaving him behind/taking something meaningful away. Why do all the best women in his life leave him for better things? He can’t get by without women — not just for sex — but because a handful of them give him the approval he so-secretly desires. He trusts women more than he trusts anybody else, especially if said women are strong and independent. But, on the contrary, women are like a bad religion. He drops to his knees for them, but no matter what he says or does, they won’t ever love him back. Unrequited love and mommy issues are an understatement.
He contemplates calling you for the second time, but a sudden knock on the front-door snaps him from his thoughts. And, as he wanders down the hallway and toward the front door, he frowns at the empty beer cans scattered all over the kitchen counter. His dad must've drank a lot more than usual to get into a fight with someone who wasn't his own kid, or maybe he had a lot of pent-up frustration from seeing a woman who wasn't his ex-wife in his home. Whatever the case, Jungkook isn't a happy bunny. He's 2/4 frustrated, 2/4 pride-less, and completely and utterly alone again.
He expects the knocker to be the mailman ready to complain about the lack of mail box. His dad pulled it from the ground and tossed it into the neighbours pool one night and it was never returned. Alas, the mailman must be fucking incompetent because there's such a thing as 'leaving mail by the front door.'
It’s not the mailman at all.. Not unless his mom took up another occupation.
She stands with dark hair tumbling over her collarbones, sun-kissed skin, and a small rug-sack slung over her shoulder. Her smile grows as she takes in the sight of her only son. And, when she wraps her arms around him and hugs — really hugs him — he smiles too.
“You’re back.” It comes out more like a statement than a question, mainly because he doesn’t want to hear ‘no’ as an answer. ‘No’ would mean temporary and he's had enough of temporary. She’s here right now and he’s just going to accept that the world may be helping him out a little. 
“Just for two weeks, but we can spend it together! We have so much to catch up on! I want to hear all about your studies and your new friends!” She says as she welcomes herself into her ex-husbands home. The house isn’t as tidy as she’d like, so she makes a mental note to spend the rest of the evening giving it make-over and smudging all the rooms with sage. “I have to be back at the sanctuary to see Sheila give birth. I’ll send lots of postcards.”
Temporary. He hates the feeling of temporary. 
Sheila is a three-year-old koala, by the way. There’s nothing else I can say about her. She doesn’t think about anything other than her primal instincts of sitting in a tree, eating eucalyptus, and breeding. She doesn’t know what love is, what quantum physics is, what an Oreo is. Sheila is just a koala and the least complicated character I’ll ever have to write about.
“Please don’t..” Jungkook mutters, mostly to himself, as he locks the front door behind her. “I’ve seen too many koala vaginas..” 
"Well, it's good to see that the house is in order." She says, and as she does, a kitchen cabinet unhinges itself and falls to the floor. "..Most of the house."
His mom scopes out the kitchen and smiles a little once she sees that her mug collection is still present and thriving underneath the kitchen sink. Jungkook's dad didn't change much about the house, not even the items that belong to his ex-wife. He still loves her and sometimes thinks that he can't go on living without having her around. The divorce wasn’t rough or fuelled by arguments like you may think. It was completely silent in a way. Jungkook’s mom simply packed her bags and left. No note, no text, no phone-call. That’s what made it so difficult for his dad and that’s what made him drink so much more than ever before. She kept in contact with her son, though. On most days after high school, Jungkook would take the bus to his mom’s new house and spend the rest of the afternoon playing sports in her garden or taking trips with her to the animal sanctuary. She made it very clear that he was forbidden from telling his dad where her house was or that she had plans of moving to Australia. And, when she eventually did get on that plane, she took away his only friend.
"Where's your father?" His mom finally pops the question as she's gathering empty beer cans into her arms. She’s expecting one of three answers; he’s at work, he’s out getting milk, he’s in the garden. None of those are on the menu, though. 
"What?” Her face drops like she’s just watched the alter boy shank the pope with a sharpened candy-cane during Christmas mass. “Why?"
"Assaulted a bus driver."
“My gosh.. For how long?”
He hopes never, but that would warrant a whole different set of issues. He’d have to find work at the local supermarket and work tirelessly to support himself; electricity bills, water bills, gas bills. Maybe he’d just go back to Australia with his mom and leave everything behind. That sounds easy, but it also sounds like the easy way out. “Long enough for three years of whiskey to drain from his system.”  
Silence. Utter silence, despite how much these two need to catch up. Jungkook’s mom has never been one to keep her feet on the ground and her head out of the clouds. She sees everything way too positively and it’s unbearable at times. It makes it difficult for her to feel anything other than butterflies, sunshine, and vegan ice-cream.
"..I'm supposed to have my friends from the local sanctuary over tonight.” She says, a little conflicted. "For tea and biscuits. Maybe you can invite your girlfriend."
"What girlfriend?" He’s confused about all of those statements. “And you’re gonna throw a tea party in this house?”
“I thought your father wouldn’t mind me staying here.”
You see; she doesn’t think things through. She left him without a word and thinks it’ll be fine to turn up, move back in his house like it’s a holiday home, and treat him like he’s an old friend. It’s a good thing he’s locked up right now, otherwise this house wouldn’t be as quiet as it is right now. 
"The nice girl who wears a lot of floral.” She says. “And, I didn’t think he’d mind.”
Y/N doesn’t wear floral. He thinks to himself. Then again, you’re not his girlfriend and you've never been. Maybe you could be. That would make it okay for him to kiss you in public, hold your hand, and be a bigger nuisance to you than he was before. Maybe the sex would be softer, but he doubts it. Sex is like a game of soccer or a session at the gym; he needs to eat a protein bar beforehand, bring his a-game, and dominate. Besides, we’ve already established that you like it when he handles you like you’re unbreakable. All this thinking is making his skin warm, but his heart colder. 
She notices the unchanged expression on his face and corrects herself. “I suppose it’s been a few years.."
A few years, yeah. Jungkook dated the ‘girl who wears a lot of floral’ when he was eleven years old. Is dated the right word? The two of them mainly avoided eye-contact in the hallways, danced together at the school disco for a record time of twenty seconds, and then moved schools and never spoke again. 
"I'll bring some people, don't worry."
Oh, Jungkook definitely brings some people, but they're not the type of crowd you should ever merge with your saint of a mom. By 9:00PM, the house is full of his outrageous college buddies and their spectacular drug collection. And, by 9:23PM, his mom’s friends are zooted out of their brains and can’t stop giggling at the shape of the vase that’s sat on the coffee table. The vase is normal, really, but these are a bunch of middle-agers who haven’t smelt the musky scent of weed since their time in college. They’re on cloud nine. Let’s leave them be for now and move on to the other attendees.
Kim Taehyung never misses a party, nor does he leave one without hooking up with a chick wearing a tight dress. This is precisely why you’re sitting on the couch with his arm slung over your shoulder and a cup of rum and coke in your hand. Your dress isn’t the tightest, nor is it the hottest one at the party, but Jungkook begs to differ. No matter what you wear, he can get one up. Your voice is enough at times. 
You tried to persuade Taehyung to go to a different party, maybe a club or another house party, but all your efforts were mercilessly torn down. It’s awkward to turn up to your ex-fuck-buddies party on the day you stopped fucking, right? You couldn’t verbalise that as an excuse, but he definitely knows about yours and Jungkook’s sexual history. He probably wants to rub salt in Jungkook’s wounds, too. You really hope they're not too deep, but the way he keeps throwing back shots and glaring at the non-existent gap between you and Taehyung suggests otherwise.
"Y'know, the face you make before sneezing is supposed to be similar to your orgasm face." Taehyung leans closer to mutter the innuendo in your ear, but you're not moved in the slightest. Why do dirty lines sound better coming from Jungkook's mouth? Hearing them come from Taehyung makes you wonder if he was frantically scrolling through just five minutes prior.
That very thought is backed up once Taehyung drags you to the kitchen for a refill of your red cup. Jungkook has spent most of the night in the kitchen with a shot-glass in one hand and a joint in the other. He looks great tonight, but that means nothing because he always looks good; dark hair that often falls over his eyes, pretty pink lips, thighs to die for, and biceps that you’ve sank your nails into more times than you can count. Taehyung is equally attractive with a broad figure, a perfectly symmetrical face, and golden blonde hair. 
"Nice dress, Hello Kitty." Jungkook leans his lower back on the kitchen counter to steady himself. His world is spinning, and if he doesn't grab a hold of something, he'll fall face first right in-between your tits. "Really brings out your, uh, eyes."
Taehyung agrees with a nod and a leisurely glance toward your chest. Something else has caught his attention, too. He’s heard Jungkook call you ‘Hello Kitty’ more times than he has fingers and he has no idea why. He doesn’t like being on the outside of inside jokes. It makes him feel inferior and not in-control. "Why do you call her that?"
"I hope you never find out." Jungkook says and he means it. He also manoeuvres his way closer to you, but not for any particular reason; just because he can. But then, something crosses his mind and he leans down to mutter it in your ear. “Your boyfriend is a fucking dick.” 
First of all, Taehyung isn’t your boyfriend. Secondly, he’s way too busy browsing the enormous alcohol selection to pay any mind to the insult. He doesn’t even notice when Jungkook leans his cheek on your shoulder like you’re child-hood friends or something. You can smell the alcohol and weed on his person, and feel all 60kg of him slumped against you. He can smell your perfume and he loves it so much. It reminds him of all of those times he’s pulled your shirt over your head and been hit by the sweet scent. 
“Gonna black out. Maybe.” He adds and that’s your cue to be his friend, throw his arm over your shoulder, and drag his deadweight toward the hallway. If he throws up on you or passes out before you make it to his bedroom, you’re gonna rip your own hair out. There’s no way he should be anywhere near a bottle or vodka right now, let alone in the kitchen where he’d probably fall over and impale himself on some sharp object. 
Taehyung eventually notices the pair of you vanishing down the hallway and tuts like it’s the most pathetic thing he’s ever seen in his life. As long as you throw Jungkook in his bedroom and return to the party with a little more hormones coursing through your veins, he’ll be happy. He’s not worried about Jungkook stealing you from him. How could he be? Taehyung is smart, insanely hot, rich, and Jungkook is.. well.. equally attractive. That’s all there is to him. 
Jungkook’s bedroom smells the same as it had before you met his dad; of eucalyptus and a mixture of his cologne. Nothing has changed or moved, not even the stack of important college papers sat atop his desk. That’s a concern, considering how close finals are. What hasn’t changed is his desire to press kisses against the side of your neck as you’re tugging him toward his bed. 
"Jungkook, I'm seeing someone." You remind him with a tilt of your head. Your skin likes the feeling of his lips, but they really shouldn’t. 
"No, not you." You sit him down on the edge of his bed, but he just uses that as an opportunity to wrap his arms around your waist and press his face against your stomach. "Taehyung, remember?"
"That's so mean of you."
"Lay down and get some sleep."
"Can we fuck right now? You smell so nice. Like flowers or something." He doesn't want to let go. He can feel your heartbeat and the soft fabric of your dress against his cheek. He likes himself better when he’s in your presence. That’s the way you make him feel; like he can do no wrong, like he has a voice. "Yeah, like flowers. Very floral."
"I'm here with Taehyung." You're not sure how many more times you'll have to remind him tonight. God forbid it being in the double digits. "I just told you."
“Okay, and? You're not dating." His familiar hands wander from your waist down toward your ass, but you're quick to swat them away. "Wanna fuck you so hard right now. Bet I can make you feel so good."
Ignore it. Come on, woman! It’s barely been a day. He’s as drunk as a sailor and would probably say the same thing to any other woman within a ten-mile radius. That’s what you think, but that’s not entirely true. To him, you’re the only woman in an infinity-mile radius. 
"I have an important rule." He slurs as you guide his back toward the mattress. You can smell the vodka and mint on his breath. "No panties allowed in my bed. You'll have to take them off."
"You're so gross." You scoff, but an amused smile contorts your mouth. He's so fucking unfiltered and it entertains you at the best of times.
“Can you do that again?”
“Do what?” You ask as you pull the bed covers up to his neck and tuck him in like he’s a child and you’re about to read him a bedtime story. He might as well be with the way the alcohol is making him incoherent.
“Smile.” He says. “You look like an angel.”
Should you feel unaffected by that? Because you don’t. Not entirely. It makes you feel a little shy, but he’s far too wasted to read your body language. 
"Why him? I know so much more about you.” He holds up a finger for each point he makes, but grows a little confused at number two. "You like strawberry flavoured water, studying late at night because it’s peaceful, being a bossy-boots, and your favourite writer is Jane Austen."
"Everybody knows that."
"You're ticklish on your hips, so you fight back a smile every time I touch you there. The only game you have in your phone is solitaire because you're so fucking lame." He’s still holding up two fingers because counting is near-impossible for him right now. "Your g-spot is ri—."
"Alright! You’ve made your point.” You silence him with a frantic hand wave, and as you turn your head to let your eyes run over the trinkets sat atop his bed-side table, you notice the Hello Kitty keyring attached to his house keys.
His eyes are already on you when you turn to face him again. They never left. Those big brown eyes are so enticing and doe-like, but that's not the only reason for the quickening of your pulse. There's something hidden within them. Something much more pure than usual. "Can you stay?"
"I have to let Taehyung know that I'm still alive."
"Please? I don’t wanna sleep by myself."
You weigh up the pros and cons, but those eyes play their part in convincing you entirely. The grip he has over you is comedic at times. You still have to come up with an excuse to tell Taehyung. Maybe you’ll say that Jungkook is incredibly ill and you’re the only one who can look after him. Eh.. We’ll work on the excuse. "Okay.. I'll stay."
You stay the night, but not without coming up with that really shitty excuse; because Jungkook’s mom needs help cleaning up the remains of the party in the morning. Pretty lame, right? But, Taehyung seems to accept it with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. And, when you return to Jungkook’s bedroom during the come-down of the party, he’s waiting for you with his hand resting underneath his cheek and those pretty brown eyes. 
You don’t have sex, or kiss, or say much of anything. You just fall asleep next to each-other. And, despite being wrapped up in your little dress, you fall asleep quite easily. He does too, but the slumber he falls into is the best one of his life.
Tumblr media
Jungkook wakes up at 9:21AM the next morning with a hangover almost as awful as the feeling that seeing you with Taehyung warranted. He remembers things pretty vividly, especially you agreeing to stay the night. That must mean something deeper than friendship, right? He really hopes so. He really wants you to feel something deeper for him. 
"Fuck sake." He rubs his eyes with the back of his palm and groans at the throbbing pain, but then sees you sleeping next to him and feels okay.
God, you’re so pretty. Your mascara is a little smudged around your eyes from fidgeting in your sleep, but he swears that he’s never seen anything as pretty. This is the first time you’ve woken up together, which is a little peculiar considering the amount of times you've hooked up. It’s a nice feeling, but it’d probably feel slightly better if you’d actually touched each-other the night before.
Right on cue, his mom waltzes into his bedroom with a mug in each hand. She's wearing her usual attire; an old teeshirt with a koala printed on the front, sneakers, and a pair of old jeans. And, despite the out-of-pocket party Jungkook threw the night before, she doesn't seem angry or irritated in the slightest. Her friends had a pretty good time, so that’s all that matters.
"Good morning, you two." She says with such enthusiasm that it wakes you from your slumber. It's a very weird thing to wake up to; next to Jungkook while his mom stands over you with a mug of hot tea.
Out of respect, you sit yourself up, thank her, and take a leisurely sip. It’s pretty damn good; slightly floral and citrusy like a French tea. You probably look like a complete mess. You can already tell that your hair has seen better days.
"I've cleaned the house." His mom inspects the bookcase full of Australian trinkets as she speaks. They’re all here. Everything she’s ever sent to him has it’s place on the bookcase. "Maybe you shouldn't tell you father that I'm back.."
Jungkook agrees. "Probably not."
"I'm going to stay with your aunt. Come visit later." She nods her head toward you and smiles slightly. "Bring your friend, too."
And then she leaves. She takes her rug-sack and one last look at the house, and then hops on a bus to her sisters house. It's about a twenty minute ride. Nothing too far or crazy. Jungkook knows where it is. He’s been to that house more times than he can count. 
“What’d you tell him?” Jungkook asks as you place your mug on his bed-side table. The strap of your dress falls down your shoulder during the process and he wants nothing more than to see it completely off. Your bare skin is a canvas that he likes to paint (if u know what i’m sayin).
“That I was gonna stay the night. He said it was fine.”
He mutters his response very quietly, but you’re not deaf. You hear him quite clearly. "Some boyfriend." 
“Not my boyfriend.”
“Still a dick.”
"Can you stop?" You frown. You’ve had more than enough of hearing his opinion on Taehyung. Those two boys are like dogs who can’t stop barking whenever they see one-another at the park. It’s ridiculous. "I get that you don't like him, but you don't have to be an asshole about it.”
"You like assholes, though. That's what made you so horny for me. Practically begged me to fuck you in your Hello Kitty panties."
"Drink your tea."
"No, I'm not done." He presses further like a ruthless detective. “Have you fucked him?"
"You’re unbelievable.."
"Answer me."
"No, we haven't slept together yet."
"Yet." He echoes back.
"Yes, yet. We like each-other. I'm allowed to do that."
He doesn’t say much in response and instead leans his head against the headboard and looks at you with those fucking brown eyes. Every time with those eyes. His dark hair is slightly disheveled from his slumber, but still looks fucking fantastic. He must’ve pulled off his shirt during his sleep because it’s definitely not covering those toned pecs or chiseled abs. It’s almost impossible for you not to flick your eyes from his to his abdomen; just to see if everything is in working-order. His lips are a little more fuller than usual, too.
“Are you just gonna argue with me all morning?” You pull the strap back over your shoulder and look around for your shoes. They’re placed neatly by the side of the bed. Your bag is there, too. Thank god. “And stare at me?”
“I can do other things, too.” His eager hand reaches underneath the bed-sheets for your inner thigh. He can’t help himself. He wants to touch you all the time.
“We can’t.” You insist, but you don’t do anything about his hand. Your body knows exactly what it can do. “I stayed the night because I thought you needed a friend.” 
“You’re saying you don’t feel anything for me?”
“I’m saying we’re just friends.”
He hears you, but he doesn’t believe you. You’re not entirely sure if you believe yourself, either. It’s complicated. Everything about this is complicated. He’s so fucking sexy.. Hang on a minute.. Control youself, woman!
He begs to differ because he places a little of his bodyweight into his hand and leans closer to graze his lips against yours, and you don’t pull away. His touch feels so good that your mind draws a complete blank. And, when he drags his mouth along your jaw and presses gentle kisses into your skin, your eyes flutter closed. “Friends who kiss?” 
Your breath stutters slightly as he runs his fingers underneath your dress until the hem of your panties meet his skin. His touch is light and sends goosebumps up your spine. “Friends who turn each-other on?” 
His tongue easily finds its way in your mouth and you kiss him back like a starved woman. It feels so right, but in the wrongest way. His touch never fails to make you weak in the knees, but that's exactly the problem. And, when he breaks for air, it’s hard for you to form a coherent thought. You’re beyond conflicted. He’s way too hot for his own good. “Friends who fuck?” 
"We can’t." You try to find a good reason, but it's lost deep inside of you. Your hands have found refuge hooked around his neck, but you’ve only just noticed.
“We can.” He says with his mouth, but those brown eyes do most of the talking. “Just one more time.”
One more time. His words ring in your ears like an apple alarm. Just one more time and then that’s it, right? Come on, you have the strength to resist him after just one more time. Once. That’s it. Good-bye sex. 
"I’ll do it how you like it." He brings his lips to your earlobe to mutter the explicit offer and his hands do their part in bunching the fabric of your dress at your hips. "Spit on your pussy and fuck you nice and deep.”
Your response sounds a little breathless, but he wouldn’t want to hear it any other way. “Just one more time.” 
It sounds like a pact, but those are just mere words. He already knows that he isn’t going to stop pursuing you and he knows for certain that you won’t stop giving in. Nobody else can make him come quick like you. Nobody else could make him beg for it like you can. He can’t stay away from you. You’re candy and he wants to suck on you until he gets a toothache. 
Without missing a beat, he tugs you further down the mattress and sits himself in-between your thighs. You’re wearing lacy, black panties, which is completely different to those cheeky panties you usually wear. It’s a complete turn on and is quite obvious by the growing out-line of his cock pressing against his sweatpants. His pant of choice is both a blessing and a curse. If he’s not wearing distressed, fitted jeans or vintage plaid plants, he’s wearing grey sweat-fucking-pants.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He says as he hooks his fingers underneath the lacy fabric and tugs them down your thighs and off at the feet. You drive him insane. Your body may drag him further to hell, but your thighs are the gateway to heaven. 
He’s not entirely sure how you got this dress on, so doesn’t even bother taking it off. Instead, he tugs on the fabric until it bunches just above your bare breasts. No bra. How convenient for his tongue to press against your skin and his mouth to capture your nipples. And, as he sucks on your skin and grazes your nipple with his teeth, he bathes in the feeling of your fingers raking in his hair.
"You're mine." He pulls his mouth away from your now-sensitive nipple and looks into your eyes, and for the first time, you feel afraid. You're not worried that he's going to hurt you — that's the last thing he ever wants to do — you're afraid that he's going to make it his mission to sabotage your chances with Taehyung. You've already had a head start, though, because you've just kissed someone who wasn’t him. "You're so mine and you know it.”
He runs his tongue over his teeth to gather saliva in his mouth before allowing it to dribble from his lips and onto your pussy. His spit runs from your clit to your entrance, where it merges with your own arousal. He knows exactly what he’s doing; he’s done it numerous times. He knows what you like, what makes you come quick, and what makes you sink your nails into his shoulders. 
And, as his mouth finally meets your pussy with just as much confidence as he met your nipples, he keeps his eyes trained on yours. He doesn’t want to miss a single expression, nor does he want to deprive you of the stimulation that something as simple as eye-contact can bring about. His fingers sink into the soft flesh of your thighs as he teases your entrance with the tip of his tongue. He knows the lewd act will make you want to clamp your thighs shut, so he plays his role by holding them wide enough for his face to slot right in-between. 
He fucks you with his tongue until his jaw starts to hurt, but that’s not enough to make him stop. He’d eat you out for hours if you asked him to. No questions asked. He open-mouth kisses your pussy like he’d kiss your mouth, and stimulates your clit with his tongue until your thighs are resisting against his hands. It makes you see a sky of stars, your lips fall ajar, and your fingers tug on his hair with no remorse. The moans falling from your mouth are heavenly. They make him press his hips harder against the mattress for some kind of stimulation to his throbbing cock. 
“Oh my god!” You jerk forward and tighten the grip on his hair, if that’s even possible. A ball of fire has been growing in your lower stomach from the very moment his tongue greeted your clit, but it’s becoming unbearable to the point where your thighs automatically fight harder to resist his hands. Your orgasm is just around the corner. You can practically taste it. He definitely can. “Stop! I’m gonna— fuck!”
“Come.” The vibrations from his voice over-stimulate your clit, as does the way he takes your skin in-between his lips and sucks harshly. “Come for me, baby.” 
You come on his tongue, but not without a whine that sounds a lot like a sob and an unprecedented trembling of your thighs. He licks you clean until there’s no evidence of your orgasm. He licks you like you’re his favourite lolly-pop.
Although slightly breathless, he wastes no time in tugging his sweats down his thighs and running the tip of his cock against your folds. And, when he sinks into you, he watches your eyes roll into the back of your head with his bottom lip caught in-between his teeth. Your arousal coats his tongue, lips, and chin, and glistens in the morning light. 
He fucks you like he owns you, like nobody else is allowed to stretch out your pussy and hear your pretty moans. Nobody else is. He’d probably kill somebody for this.
"Look at me." He demands, but you're way too caught up in the feeling of his cock buried deep inside of you to even register his words. He could say the same. He can’t get enough the feeling of you wrapped around him and the way you tighten your core whenever he does something completely unexpected; like praise you or hold his cock as deep in you as possible. "Fuck, this pussy is so tight. Never wanna get out."
He leans forward to wrap his fingers around your jaw and press his lips against the side of your mouth. And, the strain on your hamstrings is a little painful, but is balanced perfectly with the pleasure. 
"I'm never gonna leave you alone." He mutters, and as he does, he slams his cock into you. The lewd act earns a pitchy whine from your lips and an equally sultry moan from his. "You don’t want me to."
Your voice is tucked way too far back in your throat and you just can't bring it forward right now. All you know is those brown eyes, your stuttering breath, and that filthy tongue of his. He drags it from your jaw to your earlobe, where he bites down on the flesh to make you tighten your cunt around him once again.  
"Tell me you don't want me to." His grip on your jaw tightens at your lack of a response and his breath is hot against your neck. "Tell me."
"D—don't stop!" You’re on the verge of a sob. Your thighs are still shaking from your first orgasm and you can feel that very same ball of fire growing in your lower stomach again. Your head is cloudy and your inner thighs are sore from the harsh slapping of his skin against yours.
You dig your nails into his lower back until you’re almost certain you’ve pierced a few layers of his skin. There are definitely prominent, red scratch-marks cascading from his shoulder blades to the base of his spine, but he doesn’t mind. If anything, that means he’s doing his job right. 
He can feel the pulsating of your pussy and the quick heaving of your chest against his. He wants to make you come again. He’s going to make you come again, whether you think you can handle it or not. 
"You gonna come for me, Kitty?" He tightens his grip around your throat and focuses on pounding into you like he was placed on this earth to do just that. His lips fall ajar as he watches his cock pull out of your cunt and then sink back in where it belongs. There’s nothing better than this. He swears he’s never met a girl with a tighter pussy than yours. He loves how wet you get and how he can make it drip down your thighs without even touching you. "Twice in ten minutes. Don't forget it."
Are you crying now? Maybe you are. You’re definitely having your second orgasm and he’s absolutely fucking you through it nice and slow. His hips stutter not long after and he pulls out, grips the base of his cock, and comes on your pretty stomach. The groan that follows the string of white cum is enough to be embedded in your mind forever. 
"You're such a good girl." He mutters against your trembling lips. His hands run from your throat to your jaw, where he keeps you in place to place gentle kisses on your mouth. "My good girl. My pretty kitty."
You've really gone and done it now. This wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to respect your boundaries, not push and push until they tumbled down. He knows that he can get what he wants if he pushes hard enough. It's something you need to become immune to. But, it's becoming really fucking difficult with the way he's looking into your eyes. He does this thing; flicking his gaze from your eyes to your lips. And when he leans in to kiss you, he always grins. It makes your heart race, your head hot, and it turns you on beyond belief. No matter how hard you try, you cannot rid yourself of him.
Tumblr media
Taehyung really doesn’t miss a party, which means you haven’t been missing any, either. It becomes way too much of a routine for him to text you the details of latest party with the expectation of you attending with him. It’s definitely a status thing. You’ve met all of his football friends and their equally attractive partners. They’re a little snobby with rolexes on their wrists and access to daddy’s credit card, but they’re nice people. Taehyung is exactly the same, but you’re blinded by your fondness of him. Very few people would pass up the opportunity to be in the position you’re in right now.
The two of you are still in the talking phase. He sometimes pushes it when he gets a little too drunk, but he’s generally been respectful of your boundaries. Boundaries are a funny thing. You tend to put them up for certain people, but completely let them down for others. Jungkook is a prime example. You’re not sure why you trust him so much. Maybe it’s because he hasn't ever shown any sign of judgement or because he’s fond of every woman and their varying body types. He just doesn’t care and that’s super fucking comforting at times.  
Jungkook is at this party, too, but you really need to stop looking at him from across the room. You keep looking for him at places like these and never know why. Maybe you’re just running through the guest list, or maybe having him around makes you feel safer. For someone who doesn’t play in any college sport teams, he sure has a body full of muscle and fists made of iron. He’s bigger than the majority of the football players, including Taehyung. Then again, the gym is his happy place, second to being in-between your thighs. 
Jungkook knows that you’re looking at him. He knows that you haven’t been able to stop looking in his direction since you walked in here and sat down with that dickhead of a guy, Taehyung. So, with no shame whatsoever, he wanders over to you, sits down nice and close, and drapes his arm over the back of the sofa. Taehyung doesn’t care to notice. He’s too busy bantering with his friends and spilling his beer all over his denim jeans. 
"You look nice." Jungkook says with eyes full of mischief. And, as he leans closer to your neck, he whispers something that makes your head hot and your stomach twist. "I wanna eat you out."
That’s not the only thing he whispers in your ear during the length of the party. He tells you how nice you smell, how tight your dress looks, and how hard you’ve made him, but the thing that makes you abruptly stand and head straight for the bathroom to cool off is quite short and simple; do you think he knows that I fucked you so good last week? 
You stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror and give yourself a mental pep-talk. What the fuck are you doing? Just tell him to stop. Hit him in the face. Another part of your brain fights and doesn’t want him to. But, he’s so fucking hot and has the prettiest cock you’ve ever seen. He fucks you so well, too. What if Taehyung isn’t as good at sex? That’d be a disaster. During all of this debating, you rummage around in your purse for your chapstick and start applying it like it’s armour and will somehow make you stronger. 
"Your ass looks fucking spectacular in that dress." An all-too familiar voice startles you as you’re stuffing it back into your purse. Jeon Jungkook is after you once again like he’s a debt collector and you’re a disagreeable tenant. 
"Jesus Christ!" You clutch your chest as he closes and locks the bathroom door behind himself. That can’t mean anything less than smutty intentions. 
"Not quite." His eyes roam your pretty figure as he wanders over to you. Your dress is tighter than anything he’s ever seen you wear before and it’s really, really turning him on. "I've come to tell you that your little boyfriend has his hand in between someone else's thighs right now."
"Liar." You fend with a roll of your eyes. Again, you’re turning him on. Your attitude was the thing that drew him to you in the first place. He is lying, by the way, but it’s not a very good lie. 
He places his hands on the bathroom counter beside the curves of your hips and holds his face close enough to yours until you can smell the spearmint on his tongue. He hasn’t been drinking at all tonight, which is beyond odd. You haven’t, either, but that’s not a surprise. "Why would I lie to you, Kitty?”
"To get into my pants."
Your response amuses him, but it also makes him a whole lot more smug than he was five seconds ago. And then, he doesn’t that thing with his eyes; alternating between your lips and your eyes. "I'm gonna get in there no matter what."
Fucking hell. Just breathe. Just resist.
"I had a dream about you last night." His fingers migrate from the counter-top to rub against the back of your thighs. He already knows that your panties are dampening. His voice and touch does that to you very easily. 
Your voice is quiet and breathy. "We ca—."
"—Can’t fuck anymore? Aren't you gonna ask me what my dream was about?"
"We can't do this anymore." You get the whole sentence out this time. Good for you. "Last time was the last time."
"No? Then why is your pussy clinging to your panties right now?" He proves his accusation by running his fingers along the hem of your panties. You’re wet and he knows that he’s the reason behind it. "I walk into a room and you don't know what to do with yourself."
"Speak for yourself."
"I know exactly what I wanna do when I see you." He brushes his lips against your earlobe as he speaks. His voice is low, dripping in sex, and driving you completely insane. There’s no way you’re walking out of this bathroom with anything less than damp panties. "Wednesday; I wanted to fuck you against the admin building. Yesterday; I wanted to fuck your throat until you cried."
"Today.." His fingers dip beneath your panties and tease the entrance of your cunt. Your knees are already feeling unstable, but feel like jelly once he pushes a finger deep into your pussy until his palm hits your clit. "Wanna taste your cum on my tongue and fuck you with my fingers."
“Oh my— god..” Your voice sounds pathetic. It’s barely a whisper. 
“Tight.” He says simply. It’s just a statement, but it sounds a whole lot like a compliment. Whatever the case, you take it as one. “Always so tight.” 
Your hands grip the counter-top with such force that your knuckles begin to cramp. And, a breathy moan tumbles from your lips as he adds his middle finger to the party.
“Can’t stop thinking about you.” He says with two fingers pumping in and out of your cunt at a slow, sloppy pace. Your lips remain ajar and your fingers grip onto the marble for dear life. He can fuck you well with anything. Literally anything; fingers, tongue, eyes.. “All the time. What have you done to me?”
He fucks you deep and presses against your g-spot until your thighs automatically clamp themselves shut. Again and again. He slides his fingers inside of you until you really clamp around him and reach an orgasm. 
With his eyes trained on yours, he brings his fingers to his mouth, where he slowly drags his tongue over his skin. He gathers your arousal in his mouth and licks his fingers until there’s no remaining evidence. It leaves a tight knot in your stomach and a painful throbbing between your thighs. And then, he kisses you hard and fervently. You taste your own cum and chapstick on his tongue, and when he breaks the kiss, you take a little longer to re-open your eyes than he does. He already has his back to you and is headed toward the door. 
“If you can’t have me, nobody can, right?” You call out before he leaves entirely.
Jungkook holds back many urges whenever he sees you, but he has to try a little harder to suppress this one; a confession. He wants you so fucking bad. Not physically, although he definitely wants that too, but emotionally. Relationships aren't easy. Sex is. Fucking you, eating you out, and muttering filthy innuendos in your ear. Those are all so easy. Very easy, in-fact, but now isn't the time to brag. Talking about his feelings, opening up about trauma, thinking about those three words. It all seems impossible to him, but then he looks at you and he feels like he can say anything without fear of judgement. Yeah, you're a complete ego killer, but you're entirely in-touch with your emotions and probably vent a healthy amount in a diary or with your lame marketing club friends. You’re a good girl.
"You look so pretty tonight." Is all that his mouth presents. He was going to call you a minx or a vixen, but pretty suits you a lot better. "See you in class."
Tumblr media
You definitely see him in class the following week. He’s just as negligent as you expect him to be, but you don’t expect him to be called back into the lecture theatre to speak personally with the lecturer. That can’t mean anything good. Not unless he somehow turned his grades around in the span of forty five minutes. 
You know it’s none of your business, but you can’t help but linger outside the theatre to eavesdrop on their conversation. The students passing by barely pay you any mind, so you feel like you can do this pretty stealthily. 
“Jungkook, this is the third time you’re taking this unit.” The lecturer starts and your heart instantly sinks. “This unit is compulsory for your degree and I’m worried you won’t graduate at all.”
“Don’t worry about anything, miss.” Jungkook says. You wonder what expression he’s wearing. Maybe he’s forcing a smile or leaning against the desk to come off as nonchalant. “I’ll pass this time. Definitely.”
“Have you thought about, I don’t know, following in your fathers footsteps? Taking an apprenticeship and getting into handiwork?”
Of course, she doesn’t know just how bad home-life is for Jungkook or how much of an asshole his dad has been his entire life. She doesn’t know that he’s completely missed the point and taken her suggestion the wrong way. Follow in his fathers footsteps? He’d rather cover himself in wet cement, wait for it to dry, and have someone tear off the dry cement as well as his own skin. He’d rather die than be anything like his dad. 
“Have you?” His voice grows louder, which could only mean that he’s headed for the door. Quick! Pull out a book and pretend like you weren’t being nosy! “Have you thought about getting into handiwork?”
Jungkook doesn’t expect you to be leaning against the wall with a romance novel covering your face. He’s also not sure why you’re reading it upside down. Maybe you’re just that smart and can read at any angle. “Oh, hi. You have another class in here?”
“No.. I was just..” What’s the point in lying to him? You’re concerned, and as a concerned friend, you should try to find out the issue and do your bit as a friend to help him. “You’re failing?” 
“I’m not failing.” He swipes the loose that’s paper sticking out of your coat pocket and scans over it with his curious eyes. And, even though he doesn’t understand half of the words used, he knows it’s some sort of flyer for your marketing club. “I’m just good at finding out what doesn’t work.”
You nibble on your bottom lip and mentally debate with yourself. Was it selfish of you to stop tutoring him? You’re not obliged to help him, but then again, you’re not obliged to return shopping carts to their respected locations. It’s just about morale. Jungkook is your friend, right..? A friend who licks his fingers before shoving them down your pants. Not the point! He’s a good guy and deserves success and happiness. You might just be the only person on campus who truly believes that, though, and that’s what makes your stomach turn. 
“I gotta go, Kitty.” He returns the flyer back where he found it, but doesn’t leave without saying something that’s always running through his mind whenever he sees you. “You look pretty today, by the way.” 
Jungkook isn’t planning on passing that unit, in fact, he’s not planning on passing any of them. Why? He can’t find the motivation or the willpower, and no matter how hard he tries to concentrate, he just can’t. He doesn’t believe there’s a worthy reward to studying and passing his units. This is exactly why he’s wandering over to the administration building to withdraw from them all. He’ll have to wash cars, walk dogs, or tend to his elderly neighbours’ garden with his shirt off. You’d be surprised how many elderly women would pay him to do just that.
While at college, some students fall in-love with an area of study, some grow fond toward new friends and hobbies. That’s what college is supposed to be about; finding yourself and your passions, pushing your limits, and making meaningful friendships. Jungkook hasn’t done much of any, but he sure has fallen in-love with a girl who has. 
The lady sitting behind the front desk greets him with a small smile. It’s almost like she knows exactly what he’s here to do. She’s quite beautiful with dark hair tumbling over her right shoulder and lips coated in a soft, pink lipstick. She has to be in her early twenties. That or she’s a total MILF. 
“How can I help?” She asks with her pretty and professional voice. 
Jungkook places his hands on the desk and thinks about his decision before verbalising it. He has nothing to lose. He wasn’t getting anywhere with his studies. If anything, they were holding him back from doing something he might actually want to do. “Can I withdraw?” 
“Name and student number?”
“Jeon Jungkook.” He says, and as he does, a boy sitting in the waiting area pulls down his newspaper to scope out the speaker. It’s Taehyung, of course. Who else would it be?
Taehyung doesn’t like Jungkook that much, mainly because he’s a rule-breaker and always finds a way to humiliate him in front of his friends. The pair of them are classic textbook enemies; they’re after the same girl, both incredibly handsome, and are polar opposites. He’s here because he’s waiting for his new student ID card to be printed. He lost it somewhere on campus and nobody has bothered to come forth and report their findings. It’s practically a collectors item.
Jungkook doesn’t like Taehyung either, so when he leans his lower back against the front desk to look around the administrative building, he sighs when he spots him folding up his newspaper and meandering his way over. 
“Be straight with me.” Taehyung wastes no time and jumps straight into his questionnaire. He’s also internally begging that you haven’t been sleeping around behind his back. It would humiliate him beyond belief. He’s supposed to do the sleeping around and you’re supposed to be an all-innocent girl with a GPA that matches his own. Oh, how wrong he was to think that. “Have you been sleeping with Y/N?”
“Be more specific.”
“Jesus Christ. Have you made her come in the last week?” He says a little too loudly. The pretty woman sat behind the front desk pulls her eyes away from the computer screen to scope out the two boys. She’s had to deal with many upset students during her time here, but she’s never heard this route of conversation before.
“Yeah, three times.”
Taehyung pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs deeply like his personal landscaper has just fucked up the garden by trimming the hedges unevenly (that actually happened, by the way). “Fuck, man.. She was such a nice girl.”
“She’s still a nice girl.” Jungkook reassures. You’ve never been a bad girl to him. Well, not in the sense that Taehyung’s implying. You only warrant the bad girl status when you suck on his fingers during sex or sink your teeth into his bottom lip during heated make-out sessions. 
Taehyung suspected that something was still going on between you two. That's so fucking humiliating and that’s definitely not how things are supposed to work for him. How could a girl with the worlds least intimidating face play him for a fool? And with a guy like Jungkook? Humiliating. “She’s never going to see you as anything serious.”
“I don’t get it..” Really, he doesn’t. He thinks can be serious. He thinks can be your type of serious. 
“Your grades are shit, your parents are shit, and you don’t even have your own car."
“Not all of us were born with silver spoons shoved up our ass.”
“Look, I'm gonna give you some life advice. Women are simple.” Taehyung says with such conviction that some might actually believe him. “They wanna be fucked deep, buy a nice house, have a few kids, get their nails done, and be taken out to Olive Garden every Tuesday.”
Jungkook isn’t convinced, though. He knows that the most stressful part of your day is going out for meals because ‘there’s just too much choice.’ “Y/N doesn’t even like eating out.”
“You’re missing the point. Just leave her to me.”
What's the deal with you? Taehyung wonders. Why is it that campus' notorious playboy can't stop sleeping with you? Are you that good in bed? Do you have the sexiest moans? Are you flexible in a way that no other woman is? He needs to find out for himself, but he needs Jungkook to be completely out of the picture for that to happen. There's something going on between you and Jungkook, but he doesn't think it's entirely sexual anymore. Whatever it may be, he needs to put a stop to it. Smart girls like you shouldn't be with muscle-head boys like Jungkook who can't even recite the alphabet without calling a friend.
Taehyung knew you were different from the very moment he saw you being pestered by Jungkook by the edge of the pool. And, he knew you were different when you humiliated him in front of all of those students. It’s a rarity to find somebody like you. He thinks he deserves you more than anybody else. 
Meanwhile, Jungkook has thoughts of his own. Is love completely off the table? It might be, but he's the type to push off all the cutlery and ceramic to make room for something bigger and better. Although, he’s not entirely sure why he’s playing this out to be such a difficult task. He already loves you. He just doesn’t know that love is behind the constant thoughts of you, the smile you put on his face by being nearby, and his unprecedented goal of making you happy. You’re a good girl and that’s what makes you so attractive. It’s not about the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, or the colour of your nails. Those kinds of things are candy for the eye. You’re candy for his mind and he’s entirely addicted to you. 
Thanks for reading!
taglist — @zeharilisharaban @ayumimegami @philostuff @carolsummerlove @piaesthetic @viokook @bangtan-serendipity @kookie-monsteur @codeinebelle @omot7 @jeon-ggukkie @prdshobi @kookoo-kachoo @goldenlilyz @chiminies-noona @callmeyourstarrynight @minbinwhore @jiminxjimout @rjsmochii @waves-and-woods @dayjeons @hip-hop-phile @ggukkieland @hayounnnnngggggggg @drumsofheaven @anoncutiw @sugaslittlekookies @kookiesdoe @anextragreating @preciouschimine @kuuuuroo @boraength @vantesday @shrimpmsg @shameless-army @hcneybees (idk why i can’t tag you) @f4ncyvelvet @sherlynxx @jkthethief​ @ilikestrawberries04​ @lustremyg​ @soulstaes​ @prdshobi​ @jkbangtan7​ @di0rgguk​ @ppangiiroo​ @ephemeralkookie​ @jeonchokoolate​
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kimnjss · a month ago
cyberslut | myg sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (platonic...) vmin.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity...
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity.
*BYR: yn knows yoongi is the guy she’s posting abt... yoongi does not know abt yns acct (until he finds out). yoongi nd yn have never talked before the start of this fic.
status: completed!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
bonus drabbles...
prologue: homeroom hottie
character profiles: yn, her alter ego, nd besties
character profiles: yoongi nd the boyz
part one: invasion of privacy
part two: private sessions
part three: pretty prints
part four: went viral
part five: malleable substances
part six: fellow fish nerd
part seven: long night
bonus: fuck me
part eight: fucking prude
part nine: under the bleachers
part ten: buzzer beater
part eleven: mentally fucking
part twelve: deductive reasoning
bonus: turn the page
part thirteen: teachers pet
part fourteen: surprise me
part fifteen: emotion sex
part sixteen: sexy mermaid
part seventeen: not finished
time jump: untapped ass
part eighteen: give a fuck
part nineteen: not dating
part twenty: away game
part twenty-one: at your pace
bonus: nervous and excited
part twenty-two: petal
part twenty-three: too messy
part twenty-four: drunk yoongi
part twenty-five: being stupid
part twenty-six: superior couple
part twenty-seven: iconic parties
part twenty-eight: twenty minutes
part twenty-nine: risk it
part thirty: reformed fuckboy
part thirty-one: nice change
part thirty-two: public event
part thirty-three: bars and clubs 
epilogue: on purpose
epilogue: fucking nerd
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chateautae · 6 months ago
high-class | masterlist.
Tumblr media
from the original parent story ‘maybe i do’ comes ‘high-class’; a spin-off series detailing the fateful love lives of the seven most prestigious CEO’s in seoul.
a/n : here’s the much requested ‘maybe i do’ au turned series for taehyung’s ceo friends, i hope you all like it 🥺, will be updated as i upload !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
『 K I M  T A E H Y U N G 』
Tumblr media
maybe i do (m). (series)
genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, s2l!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.”
Tumblr media
『 J E O N  J U N G K O O K 』
Tumblr media
to turn a bad thing good (m).
genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!jungkook, fwb!au (?), s2l!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “jungkook’s drunken one night stand goes awry when he comes to learn not only is he being forced into an arranged marriage, but it’s to the very girl he abandoned that night—and things get a lot more complicated when you’re the best hookup he’s ever had.”
» coming soon
Tumblr media
『 K I M  S E O K J I N 』
Tumblr media
blueberry muffins (m).
genre : office!au, ceo!jin, s2l!au, smut, fluff
— “kim seokjin has a photographic memory that allows him to remember every face in his company. but upon discovering who steals all his blueberry muffins every week, he never once remembers seeing you.”
» coming soon
Tumblr media
『 K I M  N A M J O O N 』
Tumblr media
at a crossroads (m).
genre : arranged marriage!au, established relationship!au, smut, fluff
— “kim namjoon’s arranged marriage has always meant very little to him, but what happens when his wife must become his secretary after losing her job, and things become much closer than he ever expected?” 
» coming soon
Tumblr media
『 P A R K  J I M I N 』  
Tumblr media
honor-bound (m).
genre : arranged marriaged!au, ceo!jimin, childhood enemies to lovers!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “when park jimin finds out he must marry you, his childhood enemy turned uncontrollable heiress, and is also required to re-integrate you into the business scene, he’s quick to dismiss his duties. but it’s not long before being with you turns into much more than an obligation.”
» coming soon
Tumblr media
『 J U N G  H O S E O K 』  
Tumblr media
all mine (m).
genre : ceo!hoseok, bartender!reader, co-workers to lovers!au, smut, fluff, slight angst
— “jung hoseok is the owner of all things good; CEO of the most infamous clubs across Korea, copious amounts of alcohol and heart-pumping music. but the one thing he can never seem to be the owner of is your heart, and he’ll keep trying until he has it all.”
» coming soon
Tumblr media
『 M I N  Y O O N G I 』
Tumblr media
if it’s you (m).
genre : ceo!yoongi, oc!reader, childhood friends to lovers!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “love has never been on min yoongi’s agenda, especially with his taxing position leading his father’s architecture company in america. whenever it came to his little sister’s best friend, however, there was always something that made him want to try.”
» coming soon
Tumblr media
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zibermuda · 9 months ago
all over you (2) | jjk
Tumblr media
Summary — Now that you have the hottest nerd all to yourself, you strive to keep it that way. But, that becomes more of a task when a new female member (with an even shorter skirt collection than you) joins the gaming club and has eyes for your man.
Genre — smut, fluff (nerd!jk, fuckgirl!reader)
Words — 8,237
Warnings — unprotected sex (in a janitors closet/in a car with four others), fingering, oral (male receiving), drooling, orgasm denial, cum eating, spanking, biting, breath play, sending & receiving nudes, drug use, pregnancy scare, broken ankle lol, drink driving, swearing
one | two | three | four/final
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
“Y/N, quit distracting me.” Jungkook pries your eager fingers away from his inner thigh. “I need to kill this boss.” 
He’s been at it for almost an hour now — hands glued to the mouse when they could be around your throat, tongue darting along his top lip when it could be between your legs, eyes locked on the screen when they could be on your ass. It’s killing you, plus, he looks extra fuck-able today. There’s something incredibly sexy about grey sweatpants and tousled hair. 
“But, we need to get ready for the party.” You say with something special embedded in your tone. 
He furrows his brows at the high-def screen. “That’s in four hours.”
“No, Jungkook.” You place a chaste kiss against his neck and completely ignore the presence of the other gaming club members. They’ve seen it all by now. “We need to get ready for the party.” 
That’s code for ‘please fuck me before the party so we don’t get too handsy in Taehyung’s fancy kitchen’ and he’s just been made aware, which is exactly why he pauses his game and turns to meet your playful gaze. 
These past few weeks have been a literal dream — regular sex, sickly sweet PDA, indecent snapchat photos and, not to mention, the oral sex you oh-so-love to give him after he helps with your assignments. Could things get any better? You wonder. 
“Is this one of your friends?” Jungkook snaps you from your daydream and nods toward a foreign presence lingering by the entrance of the classroom.
You follow his gaze and your entire face drops. Standing in the doorway is a pretty girl with an even prettier pair of legs. The sheer length of them are accentuated by her three-inch heels and her tight mini-skirt.
“Hi!” She says in the sweetest voice known to man. “I want to join this club.”
You barely hear her with the way the cogs in your brain are churning. Plus, you’re still trying to take in her appearance. She’s wearing a black blouse with a plunged neck and has some of the nicest hair you’ve ever seen. Her smile could stop traffic, too. And, hang on a minute, is her skirt shorter than yours?
Jungkook finds your expression amusing. He finds everything about this amusing. This girl is dressed exactly how you were when you came waltzing into his gaming club almost five months ago. 
“I’m Valerie.” She runs her slender fingers down the length of her handbag strap and offers out smiles to each of the members, to which they immediately return. They can’t seem to keep their eyes off of her and her legs. Not even Yoongi! You’re thoroughly disappointed in him for that. 
“Yoongi, Seokjin, Youngjae and Yeonjun” Jungkook introduces and gestures to the wide-eyed members. “I’m Jungkook. This is Y/N.” 
“His girlfriend.” You add for very good reason. She mustn’t get any ideas, but ideas is all her head if full of. 
She brushes off your statement with a revolting giggle. “You’re funny.”
You want to kick the back of her knees until she feels nothing but jelly-leg. She is the very definition haughty. And, to make matters even worse, she places a hand on Jungkook’s bicep and looks up at him through her mascara-slick eyelashes. “You’re coming to Taehyung’s tonight, right?” 
This has definitely happened before. It’s like watching the remake of an old, classic movie with some shitty ass director and even shittier actors. There’s no way you’ll allow her to wriggle between you two like some sort of slimy earth worm. Fuck no!
Jungkook gives a brief nod before you tug him from the IT suite and out into the hallway. It’s quiet and mostly deserted, since most students are either in their 4:45PM class or have headed back to their dorms to catch up on sleep. Time spent with the Gaming Club is supposed to be your down-time. And, the fact that you’ve been the only pretty, short-skirted girl to ever set foot in it is supposed to be a classic, one-time story. Said story isn’t supposed to repeat itself with a watered down version of you. That’s horrible!
“I don’t wanna go to Tae’s party anymore.” You wrap your fingers around his broad hand and tug him down for a kiss so deep that he hums slightly when you pull away. 
“Why not?” He recognises that familiar mischievous look in your eyes and is quick to respond to it with a not-to-subtle gaze aimed toward your lips. God, you love it when he does that. It’s not always intentional, but he often flicks his gaze from your eyes to your lips, from your legs to eyes or from your tits to your mouth. The combination is endless and they all drive you insane. 
There’s no way you’ll be able to make it back to your dorm without jumping him, so you’re quick to come up with a solution. One of these classrooms have to be empty, right? The nearest door, however, is the janitors closet. You can’t imagine how frequently this little closet is used for a quick fuck by horny students, but why would you care? You’re a horny student, too!
The closet is dimly lit by a hanging lightbulb and is the size of a regular home closet, so you have just enough room to drop to your knees and position your face in-line with the outline of his hard cock. You doubt he’s even aware of the immense power he possesses — all because he’s wearing these fucking grey sweatpants. His cluelessness when it comes to kinks and spontaneous sex is both endearing and a turn-on, especially since it’s produced some of the hottest sounds you’ve ever heard from a man’s mouth.
With your bottom lip sat between your teeth, you reach between the waistband of his sweats and pull out his cock. It’s warm against your fingers, long in length and rock hard. You’ll never get tired of this man and his devil dick. There’s so many things it can do. 
“Already so hard for me, handsome?” You purr dangerously close to his skin and emit a sigh of content as he rubs his thumb against your cheek. “You want my mouth that bad?”
He stumbles over his answer, already turned on by your filthy mouth. “F-fuck. Yes!” 
“Say please.”
“Please! I want your mouth!”
His heartbeat is in his ears at this point. You have such a tight hold over him. Quite literally. The sheer sight of you on your knees with your fingers wrapped around his cock and your pretty eyes looking up at him is enough for pre-cum to ooze from his pink tip and trail down onto your fingers. 
You drag your tongue up the length of his cock and wrap your lips around the tip, all while looking up at him through your eyelashes. You’re the first girl that has ever had the pleasure of touching his cock, let alone stick it in your mouth and watch as he squirms at the movements of your tongue. To say it’s an honour would be an understatement. 
His fingers soon migrate from your face to the back of your head, where his gentle touch shifts into one of aggression. He tightly wraps the length of your hair around his knuckles and fucks your mouth at a steady pace.
“Fuck, you do this so well.” He groans and you hum at his praise, knowing damn well the vibrations from your voice-box will completely fuck up the pace of his hips. 
Saliva gathers at the corner of your lips as his cock bobs as far down your throat as you can take. Your gag reflex isn’t the greatest, so you choke on him a few times, but the tightening of your warm throat around his cock feels feels like bliss to him.
He can see your pink bra clinging to your tits at this angle and it draws out a deep moan from his own throat. You drive him crazy at the best of times. You’re a walking tease — short ass skirt, tight little blouse and a devilish look in your eyes that could make any man’s cock twitch out of fear. Also, let’s not forget the way your thighs are always on display. He remembers when it was wrong of him to watch your cross your legs underneath the desk, but now that the pair of you are officially dating, he can stare at your panties all he wants. His obsession with your legs and your thighs definitely hasn’t gone unexplored — he thoroughly enjoys thigh-fucking you while you wear thigh-high socks. And, let’s not even get started on when you wear fishnet stockings. They make him drool like a golden retriever. 
“I’m gonna- fuck-.” He watches with parted lips as you suck on the tip with the most innocent look in your eyes. “-come!” 
He looks like an angel with those rosy red lips and that soft blush sitting atop the apples of his cheeks. With a stutter of his hips and a pretty moan, he comes down your throat and on your eager tongue. And, even though you’re already breathless, you stand to your feet and pull him in for a filthy kiss. A mixture of saliva and cum smothers your chin and around your mouth as you kiss like the world is about to end. You often think that he was made for you — his tongue fits so well against yours, his hands fit so well around your tits and ass and his cock always penetrates and hits all the right spots. You didn’t believe in fate before you met him, but now you do. 
“I want you to fuck me.” You mutter against his wet lips. “Right now.” 
He doesn’t waste another second. He immediately pushes your chest against the shelf and bunches the fabric of your skirt at your waist. His fingers push past your lacy panties and rub against your already soaked pussy. To test how easily he’ll be able to slide in, he pushes a finger or two into your pussy. If he had three cocks, you would be able to take them all. That’s how wet you are. 
Just like he always does, he rubs his tip against your clit before pushing his cock as deep into you as he’ll go at this angle. His chest is currently flush against your back and he’s taller than you, so you make the effort to bend over slightly and stick your ass out a little further.
“Oh my god!” You throw back your head and make room for him to bury his face into the crook of your neck. “You’re so big!” 
“Holy shit.” He breathes against your neck. The feeling of your warm pussy wrapped around his hard cock never fails to make him shudder. It’s evident by the way you feel the newly-formed goosebumps on his forearm as he reaches his arm around the front of you to rub your clit. 
If you open up a dictionary and flick to the word “switch”, you’ll find a very HD photo of Jungkook’s face. When he’s mad, tipsy or has just finished an exam, he won’t hesitate to fuck you like you owe him money, but for the majority of the time, he likes being told what to do. The fingering in the library and the dom-stance he took as he fucked you in your dorm for the first time will never be forgotten. But, as time has progressed, you’ve introduced him to new things and he’s taken a liking to the hold you have over him — both physically and mentally. He’s never met anyone like you and he doubts he’ll ever love someone with as much passion.
Time goes by too quickly whenever you two have sex, which is exactly why you have it so often. It’s difficult to go without sex for a number of days. The old people were right — todays youth only care about drugs, sex and money! 
“Don’t come.” You manage to breathe out amidst your frequent moans. He fucks you so well and fills you up like you’ve never been filled before. “F-five more minutes.” 
You’re so close to your climax, you can practically taste it, but it’s clear that he was ready to come five minutes ago. He can’t even think at this point, let alone form a coherent sentence. His lips are parted just enough for saliva to drip from his tongue and down your neck. He’s delirious now, sloppy with his thrusts and barely able to control the rapid pace of his breath. 
The moment he feels your pussy clench around his cock is the very moment he can’t hold it in anymore. He quickly slides out of you and comes down the soft skin of your inner thighs. 
“I told you not to come!” You whine as he steadies himself against your frame.
“You can’t expect me to hold it in for that long.” He mutters before placing a wet kiss against your neck. “You can ride my face later.”
That’s another way of saying ‘I love you.’
Jungkook isn’t the type to reveal his feelings so easily (we all know that), which is precisely why you’re generally the one to initiate public intimacy (private intimacy is a whole different story.) For example, hand-holding. Well.. Hand-holding is a bit of a stretch. You usually wrap your fingers around his pinky and drag him along campus. You know he doesn’t mind, though. You’ve caught a smile tugging at his lips way too many times. 
But, what does seem to bother him is the way your mini-skirt bunches whenever you’re bent over or reaching for a top-shelf book in the library. He positions his body strategically, so there’s no possible way for another guy to catch a glimpse of your exposed skin. He was subtle about it at first, but it’s now crystal clear that he goes out of his way to prevent a slip-up, whether it be by tugging on the fabric of your skirt or handing out evil glares toward any bystanders. 
The pair of you are polar opposites — he spends his free time playing Overwatch and studying, while you entertain yourself by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and painting your nails to match your bra. The teasing hasn’t stopped, either. You play with his hair while he’s sitting with his friends and call him a nerd. And, in return, he runs his finger underneath your bra strap and pings it against your skin. He has a new nickname for you too. Legs. Your contact name in his phone is just the leg emoji. It’s fitting and very, very accurate. 
Tumblr media
Day after day and class after lecture, Valerie finds a way to be near Jungkook. If he’s sat in the library, she’s somewhere in the vicinity. If he’s at a party, she’s lingering nearby with a red cup in hand. You’re usually glued to him like a magnet, but she’s outdone you by a long shot. To say you’re concerned would be an understatement. You’re livid!
Today of all days, you’ve made the mistake of turning up to the lecture hall a few minutes late. Valerie has already sat herself beside Jungkook and is chatting away like she’s known him since birth. This is the one class that you share with him, so you always, always sit next to him. This isn’t just a violation of personal space, this is a violation of the law. Your own laws. 
So, with your cute little frown, mini-skirt and your pretty legs, you strut to the auditorium desk behind theirs and pull up a seat next to a pre-occupied looking Hoseok. He’s a good student, despite the fact that he rarely takes lecture notes. He holds onto information like a sponge and once exams are all over, he lets all that shit go. 
“Hey.” Hoseok greets as he finishes typing up a long text message. His hair is styled in a way which allows his forehead to sit on display. You’ve always appreciated how well he presents himself. “How’s your day?”
Your day couldn’t get any worse. You want, no, need, to sit next to your boyfriend. This is prime time to play with his fingers while he writes with his dominant hand. God, you feel like crying. 
"I hate her." You glare at the back of Valerie’s head and visualise lasers  shooting from your eyes and piercing through her skull. "So much."
"Relax." Hoseok consoles as he takes out a barely-used pen. "She probably just joined the club for extra credit."
You considered that possibility at first, but it quickly became adamant that she's after a lot more than extra credit. She's currently holding up her manicured nails and is egging on Jungkook to compare hand sizes. If it weren't for Hoseok restraints, you would've already thrown a hefty textbook at her. But, like the good boy Jungkook is, he ignores her flirty gestures and takes lecture notes instead. You’re the only person who has the power to distract him during his well-loved study time, but you can’t quite do that if you’re sat so far away from him. 
Your legs aren’t quite long enough to reach the back of his chair, so you lean forward and run your fingers through his soft, dark hair. “Hi, handsome.” 
In return, he pats the back of your hand, but that’s all you get. He’s totally engrossed in whatever the professor is waffling on about. Whatever.
Valerie watches the interaction with a simple smile contorting her mouth. She looks great today and you’re woman enough to admit it — dressed in a tight, black, ribbed dress with matching black heels and makeup. The lace of her black bra is poking out from the straps of her dress and it immediately reminds you of a lacy lingerie set you’d bought and photographed the other day. 
Hoseok already knows what you’re about to do. He knew way before you reached for your phone and began scrolling through your camera roll. Amongst all the photos of Jungkook doing handsome boy things — 
Tumblr media
— are a dozen photos of you hugged by expensive, pink lace. 
You could wear briefs and he would start salivating at the mouth, so you wonder what would happen if you were to accidentally send him a few of these promiscuous photos during class. Damn, it would be a shame if Valerie saw, too.. A real shame..
To say you’re spontaneous would be an understatement. Jungkook knows better than to ever leave his phone laying face up. You’ve sent way too many topless photos and dirty texts to count on one hand. But, his mind is a little too preoccupied on the professors words, so when you press send and his phone dings, he has no idea what to expect. He finishes the sentence he’s writing before picking up his phone and opening his messages app. 
It takes him a moment or two to register what exactly is on his screen. But, once he takes in your lace-clad skin, he quickly hugs his phone to his chest and whips his head to look at you. His shocked, wide eyes are adorable. He’s adorable. It’s exactly the reaction you wanted, so you can now sit through this lecture in peace and know that you have him completely wrapped around your finger.
Oh and about that pre-party sex — it doesn't happen. Jungkook wants nothing more than to have you sit on his lap in your pretty pink lace, but Valerie had been so insistent on stopping by her dorm to grab her party gear and then getting ready together at your dorm (for yet another one of Taehyung’s parties.) She speaks with such speed and with such an annoying tone, so you agreed only because you wanted her to shut the hell up. 
Maybe she isn’t that bad, you keep repeating to yourself over and over as you’re fixing up your makeup in the mirror. But, that theory swiftly flies out the window when she changes into the very same body-con dress you had planned for tonight. It's a deep purple, completely different to your usual vibrant shades, but it still pisses you off. The only thing you have to yourself is your collection of scented lip-glosses. She prefers coloured lipstick, usually in a dusty pink or mauve shade. 
And, to make matters so much worse, she then twirls in front of the mirror and asks for Jungkook's opinion on the tight fit. He's sitting on the edge of your bed with no means of an escape.
“You look.. cool.” Is all that he musters. As he should. It takes a while for Jungkook to even bat an eyelash at a woman (you know this more than anyone), so you’re not super worried about him taking an interest in Valerie. You’re more concerned about her interest in him. 
You girls take a lot longer to get ready than he does, so he entertains himself by pulling open your drawer and searching for that pink lingerie. It’s sitting in all its glory atop your other fancy panties and bras. He contemplates staying at his dorm tonight just so he can see you in it, but he knows how much you want to see Kaya. You haven’t spoken to her since that fateful pool party, so you have so, so much to tell her! Jungkook saw sense and things couldn’t be any better!
Tumblr media
The walk to Taehyung's house isn't that much better, but at-least you look like Jungkook’s girlfriend with your fingers tightly intertwined. Valerie is yapping on about how chic her mom dressed all through her childhood and how that influenced her current style. You can’t even begin to imagine what her mom is like. She must be a nightmare. 
As soon as you reach Taehyung’s doorstep, you immediately search the bustling party for Kaya’s head of dark hair. You need to vent before you explode. She’s currently mingling in the kitchen with a glass of fruit juice in one hand and a celery stick in the other. How odd. She’s usually the drunkest chick at all of Taehyung’s parties, with you following close behind in second place. Jungkook has experienced that first hand. The amount of times he’s had to carry you back to your dorm and cradle you to sleep is up in the double digits. 
Jungkook places a chaste kiss against the back of your neck before letting you go. He heads toward the couch to play-fight with Taehyung. Those two will forever be little puppies, constantly teasing one another and kicking each-other’s ankles just because it’s funny. And, guess what? Valeries follows after him like she’s a fucking ant chasing after a slice of grape. She looks good enough to get any guy tonight, so the fact that she’s after yours is not okay.
Kaya beams at the sight of you and pulls you in for a much-needed hug. As usual, she looks amazing with her pretty eyes and smile, her glowing skin and full lips. She’s dressed in a body-hugging, neon yellow dress with matching heels. A love for fashion statements is something you two will always share. Nobody can compare to her beauty, but they can to you, apparently. 
“Y/N, oh my gosh!” She hands you a red cup filled with vodka and coke, which you take and quickly down like it’s tap water. You need all the help you can get at this point. “Did I just see that?”
“With your own two eyes! He saw sense.” The pair of you giggle and gossip about the ins and outs of dating extremely attractive men, college life and the new imposter among us, Valerie. She seems happy and content, but there’s something slightly off about the way she keeps gazing over to the living room. It’s obvious that she’s looking at Taehyung, but you can’t quite figure out why.
The conversation soon switches and you ask a question that’s been playing on your mind since the moment you saw her. “You’re not drinking tonight?”
You’re on your fourth refill now, so you’re definitely a little tipsy. Jungkook has been chugging bear with Taehyung and is probably just as drunk as you. Valerie is.. ah who cares? She’s probably sat in the corner and salivating at the mouth. 
Kaya nibbles on her bottom lip instead of vocalising a reply, but that’s a reply in itself. It takes a few moments for you to actually grasp the situation at hand, though. Pregnant? Kaya? There’s no fucking way! She is usually so responsible with shit like this.
“You’re pregnant?” You say a little too loudly, but the music drowns out your voice. “I thought you were on birth control?”
You can’t even begin to imagine what you’d do if Jungkook got you pregnant. You’re barely twenty years of age and still have a year left of college. You don’t even know what you want to be yet. So, adding a child to the mix would probably send you straight to heaven or hell. The frequent and freaky ass sex you’ve been having with Jungkook would suggest you’re headed for the latter. 
“Keep your voice down!” She grabs you by the forearm and tugs you away from any prying ears. The hallway is a slightly part of the house to talk. There’s a couple making out against the wall, but they’re not of concern. “I am.. I just forget to take it sometimes and I think.. I might be.”
You uncover your mouth with your hand and use it to pull her in for yet another hug. She’s practically trembling now. She hadn’t spoken to anybody about this before you, so it’s only just starting to settle in and feel real. 
“Have you taken a test?” 
“I was going to do it later tonight, but I guess I should just do it now.”
The nearest door in the white hallway leads into the bathroom, so that’s exactly where you head. Kaya pushes open the door, expecting it be empty, but Hoseok (out of all people) is sat on the floor with his head propped up against the toilet seat. 
“Oh, hey guys.” He grins with half-open eyes. Classic Hoseok. 
“Hoseok, what the hell?” Kaya closes the door behind the three of you and heads for the cabinets. There’s already a pack of six pregnancy tests hidden behind a fancy box of jewellery. She must’ve bought and stashed it there earlier today. “Can I not piss on a stick in peace?” 
Taehyung’s house is magnificent. Everything is white and pristine and still gives off a well-taken-care-of aura even after a wicked one of his parties. His parents are barely home these days — away on business trips or lounging in Spain with a margarita in hand. His father is just waiting for him to graduate so he can become an employee of his company. A year isn’t that long a time if you really think about, so it’s stressing Taehyung out big-time. He has his future planned out for him by both parents. 
“I mixed my drinks.” Hoseok slurs and watches with a blank expression as Kaya tugs up her dress and sits on the toilet seat. “Why are we pissing on sticks?” 
She holds the pregnancy test between her legs and focuses on the task at hand. But, it’s a little difficult with two pairs of eyes watching intently. “Stop staring!” 
You’ve vanished from Jungkook’s line of sight, so he’s starting to worry about your whereabouts. He was expecting you to waltz on over with Kaya and spend the rest of the night sat on his lap, but now you’re no-where to be seen. With a deep frown plastered to his face, he darts his eyes around the crowd of drunk students and then turns to a very stoned Kim Taehyung. “Did you see Legs leave?”
“Who..” Taehyung squints at nothing in particular. “In the fuck is Legs?”
“Y/N. Y’know, my girlfriend.”
Taehyung stays silent for a few moments. He then emits a single chuckle, which is then followed by a spontaneous burst of laughter. “Legs! I get it! Because she has nice legs!”
“Oh, for fuck sake.” Jungkook mutters to himself. And, before he begins his search for you, he checks on Valerie, who is currently flirting with a questionably dressed guy. She’s drunker than both of you and isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. The guy she’s with has his collar popped and is wearing jeans that are many, many sizes too large for him. She’ll regret her choice in the morning. 
You’re not in the kitchen anymore, so he checks the backyard, but you’re not there either. You have a child’s bladder, so maybe you’re just peeing in the bathroom and gossiping with Kaya about the finer things. He needs to see it to believe it, though. He’s right about you being in the bathroom, but he’s not entirely sure why there’s four of you in here.
When you see his head of hair wander into the bathroom, your eyes immediately light up with excitement. It happens every time you see him, whether you’re drunk or not. 
“Hi, baby.” You drag out the last syllable and pat the seat next to you. And, by seat — the edge of the bathtub. 
“What are you all doing?” He queries as he joins you on the ceramic. He looks so hot tonight, you could just eat him. Well, he looks hot 100% of the time, even when you tie the front of his hair into a unicorn horn. 
Hoseok is still on the floor and Kaya is still desperately trying to pee. You’re just watching, completely fascinated. Life is so funny sometimes, but moments like these make for good stories and memories. 
“Peeing on sticks.” Hoseok laughs, mostly with himself. “We’re peeing on sticks.”
Jungkook isn’t an idiot, so he knows what Hoseok meant by that. Hoseok doesn’t even know what he meant by that. “Kaya, you’re pregnant?” 
“Hoseok!” Kaya nudges Hoseok with her heel and he winces in pain. “Stop telling my business!”
“Have you told Taehyung?” Jungkook queries. “He’s right out there. You shoul-.”
“Not right now!” Kaya barks, completely silencing all occupants of the bathroom.
Well, this is awkward. You fiddle with Jungkook’s fingers and bathe in the silence for a few moments before asking something completely random of him. "Would you still love me if I turned into a worm?"
He takes a good look at your drunken state and answers with something that he knows will make your alcohol-hindered mind happy. "Yeah."
With a face contorted with a pretty smile, you fling yourself towards him and wrap your arms around his neck. And, in the process, the pair of you tumble backwards into the empty bathtub. You could care less, though. Your lips have already found his and are locked against them like a magnet drawn to the opposite pole. He’s never going to deny you a kiss, which is why he parts his lips and allows your tongue to roam his mouth. 
A few moments later, a loud thump can be heard from the living room, followed by a wave of gasps. The music is then shut off completely. Something crazy has happened — maybe there’s a fight or somebody threw the microwave across the living room just because they’ve reached that level of drunk. 
“What the fuck?” Kaya questions with a frown. She’s only just managed to force out urine. Call it stage fright, if you will. 
You and Jungkook exchange confused looks before scrambling to your feet and heading toward the commotion. There, on the kitchen floor is Valerie. She’s sobbing and clutching her ankle like it’s broken or something. What the hell has she been doing to warrant a broken ankle? Her heels are high, but she knows how to walk in them. Maybe she slipped on somebody’s spilt drink.
“What happened?” You ask and quickly drop to the floor to inspect her ankle. As much as you hate her, you’re not a shitty human being. She’s in pain, so you’re going to do your best to help her. “Someone answer! What happened?”
Taehyung is the first to speak. “She fell? I think she was standing on the counter.”
Hoseok and Kaya have also evacuated the bathroom and are also standing over the confusing scene. 
“Get her to the fucking hospital!” Hoseok screeches before picking her up bridal style. He’s too drunk to walk in a straight line, but he’ll try his very best! “Taehyung! Your car!”
This night is no going to plan at all. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do with yourself, so you just grab Jungkook’s hand and drag him along. Taehyung dives behind the wheel and Kaya joins him in the front. Hoseok is currently cradling Valerie in his arms and staring at her bruised ankle with wide eyes. There’s barely enough room for both you and Jungkook, so you make yourself comfortable on his lap — facing him, of course. You’re still extremely horny from the kiss you had shared not even five minutes prior, so of course you’re looking at him like you want to eat him. 
"Fuck! It hurts so bad! "Valerie clutches onto the fabric of Hoseok’s shirt and sobs. "I'm gonna fucking pass out!"
"No!" Hoseok yells before slapping Valerie’s cheek a little too harshly. The sudden force snaps her from her hazy daze and she emits a deep groan. "You're fine!"
“What were you even doing on the counter?” Kaya asks as Taehyung hastily pulls out of the driveway. He shouldn’t be driving, but his judgement is very clouded right now. 
Valerie doesn’t answer. She’s too busy sobbing into Hoseok’s chest and feeling sorry for herself. But, seriously. What was she doing on the counter? This isn’t a strip club and she’s not a stripper. Well, she might be. You don’t know her that well. 
Valerie will be fine, which is why you don’t feel guilty in resuming the earlier kiss with Jungkook. The alcohol influences you to deepen it even further and run your fingers down his chest. You’re as drunk as each-other at this point, but Jungkook is completely wasted off of you. Every time you kiss him, he forgets how to breathe properly, but his cock knows exactly how to act. You can feel it strain against his jeans and press against your thigh. 
You take his bottom lip between your teeth and suck on the flesh, and in return, he runs his fingers underneath the lacy fabric of your underwear and lands a slap to your ass. 
"What in the fuck?!" Hoseok watches in awe at the scene unfolding right next to him. He’s seen a lot at his time in college, but he’s never had to experience sex while he’s clutching on to some random girl with a broken ankle. Those two things generally don’t occur simultaneously. "I think these two are about to fuck!”
Hoseok is absolutely right. You feel no shame whatsoever in unzipping Jungkook’s jeans slightly, pushing aside your panties and sinking down onto his cock. And, Jungkook doesn’t feel any shame as he wraps his fingers around your throat and devours each and every single one of your moans. That doesn’t really matter, though, since the radio is on and is at a loud enough volume to drown out any sex noises. 
“Oh my god!” Hoseok cradles Valerie tighter and rips his eyes away from the literal porn scene. “Hurry up! Someone cum!"
Kaya doesn’t bat an eyelash and neither does Taehyung. Those two are the epitome of public sex-havers. You can’t even begin to count how many times they’ve fucked in the pool, in the kitchen during a party, underneath a towel at the beach, in the library, etc. The list goes on and on.. Good for them, though.
"I might be pregnant!" Kaya tightens her grip onto the interior car handle as Taehyung turns a corner at a high speeds. The hospital is in view now, less than a minute away. It wasn’t that far to begin with. 
Taehyung darts his wide eyes toward her. He can barely focus on pulling in to a parking spot at this point. "What?!"
"I took a pregnancy test tonight!"
There is too much happening in this car for him to process. Valerie has broken her ankle, you and Jungkook are literally fucking each-other, and his girlfriend might be pregnant. He feels like his soul is about to leave his body. “Well, are you fucking pregnant?”
“I don’t know!” She raises her voice in sync with the growing level of panic. “We left before I could see the results!”
He takes up three parking spots, but that’s the least of his worries. The hospital isn’t as bustling as you’d expect on a Saturday evening, but at-least Valerie doesn’t have to wait to be tended to. The nurses have seen this exact scene plenty of times, so they’re not entirely phased. Hoseok is yelling like Valerie is about to go into cardiac arrest, Taehyung is staring blankly at Kaya as she yells at him for never listening to her, and you and Jungkook are standing nearby with blank expressions. You’re not as horny as you were before. All the yelling has killed the mood.
“Would you let me peg you?” You ask, completely out of pocket.
“Probably not.” Jungkook doesn’t dwell on his answer. 
“Yeah, you’re right.” 
The four of you hang around in the waiting room while Valerie gets a cast made for her ankle. Yeah, it’s definitely broken. This is exactly why you don’t hop up on marble counters while you’re a) in heels and b) drunk as fuck. 
Valerie isn’t as tough as she acts. She sobs into your shoulder during the entirety of the ride home and then begs to sleep with you and Jungkook in Taehyung’s spare bedroom. Kaya drove the car back to Taehyung’s house. Thank god. Taehyung shouldn’t have even driven in the first place. He’s probably seeing in black and white with the amount of edibles he’s eaten tonight. 
Most of the party attendees have put down their drinks and started to head back to campus. They knew the party ended the moment Valerie stepped her ass onto that kitchen counter. Apparently she was trying to change a lightbulb? Why in the fuck..? You’re not questioning it any further, though. You don’t want to know what goes on in that mind of hers. 
She was given a bunch of painkillers, so she’s not a crying mess once she’s placed down in the spare bedroom. You, Jungkook and Valerie are all squished in the double bed and are huddling like the world is about to end. She’s been asking you various questions about your personal life and you’ve been answering because you doubt she’ll remember any of it in the morning. 
“What about your mom?” She mutters, already half asleep. “What’s she like?”
“She left right after I was born. I don’t know her. It’s just me and my dad.” You barely manage to finish the sentence before she starts snoring in your ear. 
Jungkook fell asleep the moment his head touched this mattress, so you’re now left to your own devices. Valerie has her arm wrapped tightly around your neck, while Jungkook has his hand resting on your waist. You feel like a teddy bear. Scratch that. You feel like a whole mom cradling her children to sleep. 
Jungkook’s fluffy hair has fallen oven his eyes and there’s a soft blush sat atop the apples of his cheeks. His lips are slightly parted, too. He’s so handsome, you could eat him. He’s literally perfect in every way.. Well, that’s only if you’re not counting the time he tried to teach himself how to dirty talk via wikiHow. It was a few days after you had first started dating and he didn’t want to seem inexperienced. You’re not entirely sure what possessed him to say it, but hearing “your pussy is a hot tub, babe” was definitely not his greatest string of words. It probably sounded sexier in his head. Regardless, you recovered from it and he apologised by making you come twice that day. 
Tumblr media
After tonight’s incident, you and everybody else who was present feel that they have to include Valerie in their friend group and show her kindness, despite how unlikeable she is. And, to show support, you all write cheerful messages on her cast with black marker and take turns in carrying her books as she hopples along with her crutches. 
You feel bad, not quite awful, but bad enough to spare her a smile every now and then. You’re constantly trying to convince yourself that she’s not as bad as she acts, that she’s not going out of her way to flirt with your boyfriend, and that she’s not trying to replace you. You can’t be replaced! You’re you and she’s her! There’s no correlation between the two of you!
Tumblr media
The Gaming Club has expanded their play-time to 4PM on Tuesdays, as well as 4PM on Fridays. You’re all for it, since you receive credit for turning up, while also getting to spend time with your boys. The only down-side is Valerie. She never fails to show up on time, sometimes too early. It’s no longer possible to drop to your knees and fit Jungkook’s cock in your mouth before the other members show up. No worries, though. There are plenty of other places to do just that. 
“Hello, boys.” You sing as you waltz into the gaming club’s IT suite at 4:37PM. The members greet you with a warm smile and a quick wave before heading back to their very important game. Valerie isn’t here for some reason, but you’re not concerned in the slightest. “I need help with a lecture question.” 
“Which subject?” Yoongi asks after smashing his fingers against his keyboard. You’re assuming his character has just died. 
“I’m good at economics.” Jungkook adds, but doesn’t pull his eyes away from his screen. “I’ll help you after this game.” 
“You’re good at everything” You stand behind him, lift the hair from his forehead and lean forward to place a kiss on the exposed skin. “But, you’ll just tell me the answer without explaining how to get there. Yoongi will help me. Won’t you, Yoongi?”
Yoongi barely passed his first-year economics unit, but he’s not capable of saying ‘no’ to you. There are very few people in this world who would pass up an opportunity to spend time with you. 
Huge mistake! You regret asking for his help because — surprise, surprise — he has no fucking idea what economics is! You’ve spent the past hour going over the same question and coming up with a completely different answer for each attempt. This is ridiculous! 
Jungkook ended up joining you in the library after he finished his game, but he’s sat at a different table with a very glum-looking Taehyung. Taehyung is resting his cheek against the wooden table and is staring off into the distance like a renaissance painting. 
Jungkook watches you argue with Yoongi for the twentieth time and predicts your very next act. "She's gonna stamp her foot in 3.. 2.." 
And, right on cue, you stamp your foot and emit a not so library-friendly groan. He watches, amused, as you wander over to his table. 
“Babe, what’s the answer?” You tap your foot impatiently and watch as he draws up a very familiar supply and demand graph. “That was my first graph! Yoongi said it was wrong!” 
He soothingly rubs the back of your thigh and runs his eyes up the length of your legs. He eventually meets your eyes. “Why do you ask for help when you know the answer?”
“I’m not good at economics.”
“You’re good at whatever you put your mind to.” 
Taehyung emits a deep, drawn-out sigh. He's been feeling sorry for himself ever since Saturday’s pregnancy-scare incident. He reacted like a child and completely shut off, so of course Kaya is pissed. She needs him more than even right now and he’s just sat in the library with no life purpose. It turns out, she’s not pregnant, but the fact that Taehyung is avoiding her because she could’ve been is beyond stupid. 
“You guys are disgusting.” He mopes. “It makes me miss Kaya.”
“She didn’t break up with you.” You roll your eyes. “But, she might if you keep acting like a fucking idiot.” 
"I don't know what to say to her."
"Taehyung, you’ve been speaking to her every day for the past two years. Don’t be such a ba-."
He stands abruptly, scraping the legs of his chair against the carpeted floor. "Okay, I get it! I’ll go see her!”
For some strange reason, Jungkook is still seated. You look down at him with a frown. “Why are you still here?”
“I have to go, too?”
“Um, yes.” You pat his head. “To mediate. You’re good at it.” 
With Jungkook present, the conversation between Kaya and Taehyung will be productive. He’s really good at diffusing arguments, which seems to work in your favour. Drunk Y/N always finds something small to whine about. If you’re not sat on his lap at a party, you’re having a heated debate with a stranger in the kitchen. It is what it is. You have a mouth and it’s put to good use. That mouth works in his favour, too. 
The two boys leave swiftly after, leaving you in the library. However, Yoongi continues to work through the economics question, only because he’s way too invested in figuring out how the fuck you got to the correct answer. You would spend this free time studying some more, but Yoongi has just sucked all the studious life from your very being. So, instead, you pull out an adult colouring book and a pencil-case full of vibrant colours. Now, that’s self care. 
Just as you’re getting started on an intricate image of a giraffe, Valerie comes out of nowhere and interrupts you. She’s leaning against her crutches and offering you a very tight-lipped smile. 
"Y/N, right?" She asks as she takes a seat opposite you. "You're Jungkook's friend?"
You’ve never wanted to fight a bitch so bad in your entire life. She knows exactly which string of words to use to spark a negative reaction from you. But, if by friend, she means the chick who's had his dick in her mouth, between her tits and up in her guts four times this week (and, it's only Tuesday) Then yeah, you're his friend.
"Something like that."
A sudden voice shushes you from the opposite end of the table. Said voice belongs to a blonde-haired Park Jimin. He was in a few of your first-year classes and has built quite the reputation for himself. If he’s not in the library reading fan-fiction, he’s hanging out in the art department and flirting with uniquely-dressed art students. "Can you two shut the fuck up? Dumbledore is literally about to perform the super suck 3000 on Snape in the room of requirement!"
"I don't remember that ever happening in the movies." Valerie shoots him a foul look.  
Jimin takes a good look at her and then at you. He then comes to a quick conclusion and dishes out a very much needed read. “And, I don’t remember you dressing like that before Y/N started dating Jungkook. Is there something you want to tell the audience?”
"My style evolved.” She narrows her eyes. “People change, Jimin.”
The winning grin on his face doesn’t falter. “Do they?” 
You’re not entirely sure what the fuck is going on, but these two definitely have a history. Valerie is anything but amused by Jimin’s presence and vice versa. Her expression is one of deep concern.
“Y/N, how’s your dad?” She asks out of the blue. The look on her face now suggests genuine curiosity, though. “Has he spoken to you recently?” 
You furrow your brows at the vagueness of the latter question. Does she remember Saturday night’s details? Surely not. “About what?” 
“I guess not.” She taps her manicured nails against the wooden table and says something that makes your stomach twist. “Your mom is in town.” 
“I beg your pardon?”
“Well, our mom.” She adds and watches your expression for something of interest. "We have the same mom."
You look to Jimin for a brief moment, who is entirely intrigued by this conversation. Whatever smutty fan-fiction he was reading has been put aside and he’s now sliding his chair closer to your side of the table. 
"That's not funny, Valerie."
"I'm not trying to be funny." She digs in her bag for something of importance and then slides a few crumpled photos across the table. They’re all of you at varying ages, stages in your life and hairstyles. "Your dad has been sending mom pictures of you. She's been keeping them."
Jimin shuffles through the photographs and holds up an image of you at a questionable stage during your life. “What the fuck was this look? Did you just come home from an exorcism?” 
This cannot be happening.
Thanks for reading! 
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uncharted territory | kth
Tumblr media
⤑  series: kinda hot
⤑ pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
⤑ genre: lmao i don’t even know... angst? smut?
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 7.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: use of alcohol and weed, cursing, dirty talk, slight hair pulling, over-the-shirt nipple play, dry humping, ruined orgasms.
⤑ A/N: hihihi! just here to remind you how much i appreciate all of you guys reading this story nd getting as invested as you are!! don’t hesitate to let me know what’s on your mind - no matter what it is ., feedback is my favorite!!
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:07
Hoseok is leaning handsomely against the side of his car when you're stepping out. Arms crossed over his chest as his teeth nibble on his lower lip, eyes seeming to sparkle when he's looking at you. The shine only getting brighter when the corners of his mouth lift into a smile. Body lifting from the side of the car to pull the passenger's door open, gesturing to it with his hand.
“Ooh, check out the gentleman,” You're teasing with a laugh, ducking into your seat as he rolls his eyes. Jogging around the front of the car until he's sinking into the spot beside you, taking another moment to let his eyes travel over your body.
Nodding slightly to himself before he's grinning, “You look hot,” His warm hand landing on your thigh to give it a little squeeze before he's pulling from his parking spot and onto the road.
Compliments from Hoseok came sparingly, wasn't really one to gush over your appearance with mere words. He was more of a show-er than a talker in that sense. So when he was paying you a compliment, it was never anything all that deep. Never once compared the brightness of your eyes to the sunlight or whatever Shakespearean shit he could muster up. He was just going with what he thought and you appreciated that.
It kept things from getting confusing between the two of you. If he was constantly dotting on you and telling you how amazing he thought you were (and you were amazing, no doubt about that), but if he was telling you.. it would definitely put a damper on your whole arrangement. You were a simple girl to be completely honest. Words got to you, you'd be head over heels in love if he was calling you beautiful every chance he got.
Hot was good. Hot was fine. Hot was safe. Because catching feelings for Hoseok? You'd be better off standing in the middle of the road waiting to be run over. And then getting the driver to put it in reverse. Hoseok was brutal when it came to girls and relationships, didn't waste time on feelings or the overly emotional.
A bit of an asshole, but that was why you liked him. He knew how to keep things fun and exciting, loved being surrounded by people. But he wouldn't hesitate to tell someone to fuck off if the circumstances called for it. He was cool. To put it simply. A very cool guy taking you out on a date. Anyone would be giddy about that, it was Jung Hoseok for crying out loud!
“What you got a taste for?” His eyes don't move from the road in front of him. One hand steering the wheel while the other keeps its hold on your thigh. Skin easily warming under his touch, you force yourself to focus on what he's saying.
Having to keep yourself from suggesting, (for the first time in person but the eighth(?) to him) skipping dinner and going back to your place to make proper use of your time. You bite that down. He wanted to take you out to eat, so you planned to humor him. Eat with him so he can eat you out. Simple.
“Anything, really. You like pasta. Should we just go to that Italian place?” With a slight nod, he's directing the car toward the restaurant. The smile on his face lets you know that he had been secretly hoping to get to eat there tonight. It was his favorite place to go, knew the menu like the back of his hand.
So he's pleased that you're suggesting it.
The car ride is filled with soft music and playful banter about whatever comes to mind. He's challenging you, saying things that he knows will get under your skin just to hear you argue why he's wrong. Laughing as you outline all the reasons why mints and chocolate should be far away from each other.
He keeps a gentle hand on the small of your back as he leads you into the restaurant. Still egging you on with why he thinks you're wrong, laughing at the way your face twists up at him. Pausing only briefly to get your table, but the debate is in full swing the moment the two of you are settled across from each other.
There's a subtle type of competitiveness in his tone, paired with the playful smile on his face. Not even a full hour here with him and you were starting to see what Jimin was talking about. Being out with Hoseok, talking beyond where you should do it next, was something you never considered. 
It's nice.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:59
Conversation between the two of you doesn't die down even after your food is being set down in front of you. You're only now noticing that you never really talked to Hoseok before. You were friends, of course, that's what the 'F' in FWB stood for, but you were more like group friends.
Never really hung out alone until some months ago when you were starting this whole thing up. And fucking didn't really account for all that much talking. You knew nothing about him aside from the fact he was Taehyung's asshole womanizer roommate. No idea how witty, how animated, how attractive he could be.
It made you want him even more.
He's in the middle of explaining the King Henry VIII drama he had seen the other night, which is also surprising. He almost seemed 'too cool' to be this interested in a period piece starring Natalie Portman. But he's speaking so excitedly, that you can't help but hang on to every word from his lips. All until your phone is flashing on the table beside you, Taehyung's smiling face lighting up the screen.
The buzz steals both of your attention from the conversation, your brow furrowing slightly. A part of you knows that he's only calling for nonsense, probably in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend and he's calling for you to tell him he's right. It's hardly ever an emergency when he's calling you, so there should be no problem with letting his call go to voicemail.
Especially this close to the end of your date, you'd be heading back home with Hoseok in no time. Plus he could just text you if it was something important. There was no reason to answer, and yet, you can't keep your hand from reaching for the device. Shooting an apologetic smile over at Hoseok.
“He knows I'm with you... he wouldn't call if-,” The nod of Hoseok's head cuts you off, waving you away with a smile to take your call. And you're excusing yourself quickly, pressing the phone to your ear once you're far enough away from the table.
He better have his dick caught in a mousetrap or something to justify interrupting your dinner. “Tae. What's going on?” You listen, for any telling sounds of things being out of the ordinary. All you hear is the hum of the TV and his heavy breathing hitting the line.
“Yn, you've gotta get over here.” There's an urgency in his voice that has the hairs on the back of your neck standing. “Why? What's going on?” It's probably something stupid, it usually is when it comes to Taehyung. But curiosity has already set in and you find yourself thinking of how to tell Hoseok you have to go. 
“I can't just tell you... you have to come,”
Groaning into the phone, your hand lifts to pinch the base of your nose. A deep sigh leaving your lips. “Tae. I'm out right now. If this isn't urgent-”
He's quick to cut your words, “It really can't wait.” He almost sounds serious, which has the slight annoyance you feel melting away. “Okay, okay. I'll be there in a minute,” Quick to hang up the phone and head back over to the table.
Hoseok has his head bowed, full attention on the plate of lasagna as he shovels forkfuls into his mouth. Reaching for his glass as you slip back into your seat, gulping down his water. And you're two seconds from telling him that you have to go when he's reaching for his napkin, wiping the corner of his lips.
“Taehyung needs you to rush over?” How he was able to just guess that is beyond you, but you're nodding your head a sheepish smile taking over your features. “He says it's urgent,” You genuinely feel bad. Even though things between Hoseok weren't any deeper than hooking up, you still had agreed to come out with him. To stay out with him.
To leave in the middle of it (not to mention before you could wrap everything up and go back home) felt shitty. You were having a good time getting to know him, but if you didn't go see what was going on with Taehyung, you knew it would bother you for the rest of the night.
Despite everything, Hoseok seems to understand. Insisting you finish the rest of your risotto before he's paying the bill. He even keeps up with the bubbly conversation from earlier, enjoying the sound of your laughter all the way to the car. Guiding you in with a gentle hand on the small of your back.
He lets you choose the music and hums along with the songs you play. It's not long before he's pulling up in front of his house, car staying on as he steps on the brake. You wait for him to put the car in park and when he doesn't, you're shooting a confused look in his direction.
“You're not coming in?”
He's quick to shake his head, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. “I'm gonna go see what's up with those girls in building E.” Oh. Right. You almost forgot for a second who you were dealing with. Jung Hoseok, notorious fuck boy. If he wasn't sleeping with you, then he'd just find someone else to do it with.
Feeling bad for cutting your date short was useless. “See you later, then.” He meets your words with a nod, waiting patiently for you to get out of his car. Spares a moment to lift his hand in a wave before he's speeding down the road.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 20:21
Taehyung is sat on the couch when you enter the house. Hunched over a bowl with chopsticks in hand. Torso bare and hair falling in a ruffled mess around his face. He doesn't budge at the sound of the door, too focused on pushing long strings of spicy noodles into his mouth.
He could've at least put together a fake emergency if he was going to call you over like this. Pretended his arm was broken or something, instead of coolly sitting on the couch trying to gulp down his beer around the mouthful of Ramen.
“Hey! What's so urgent? Why are you half-naked?” Your loud voice startles him, droplets of beer falling from his lips and rolling down his chest. He swallows, reaching forward to grab up a napkin, using it to wipe at his well worked on pecs. 
Your eyes follow the movement of his hand, long fingers brushing the droplets from his tanned skin. It must be the anticipation of getting fucked tonight because you're finding it hard to tear your gaze from the ripples of his stomach. “I'm in from the gym,” He explains the no shirt, the tightness in his arms that have fallen victim to your greedy stare. Flexing obviously as he reaches for his drink again, taking a few sips before he's picking up his bowl. His chest tenses with the movement.
Has he always been this... wow? Quite literally staring in the middle of the room, greedily enjoying the sight of your best friend without his shirt on. Yet, it's not the first time you've seen him sans shirt. Countless sleepovers and pool parties, but his bare stomach seemed different now.
Seriously. Did he always have abs like that?
You're forcing yourself to look away, face grimacing at the loud burp he lets out. Enough to snap you from your thoughts, wherever they were going was uncharted territory. And you had no interest in exploring that, especially when you were supposed to be annoyed with him!
“What's the problem? Why'd you make me rush over?” Wearily, you step closer to him. Eyes scanning over his body in a less pervy way, trying to detect any sign of injury. Maybe even a paper cut a little too deep. “Are you okay?” Your face inches from his, still searching.
He's laughing, hand lifting to rest on your forehead, pushing your head back slightly. “I'm fine. Want some?” Taehyung lifts the bowl between the two of you. And your gaze drops to the spicy scent. And normally you'd be letting out an excited whoop, accepting his generous offer and plopping down beside him.
But right now, all you are is annoyed. Annoyed and frustrated. If it wasn't for him, no doubt you'd be off somewhere with Hoseok, minutes from having your eyes rolled back, nails scraping against his skin. Instead, you're here, no emergency in sight. You shaved for this! Matched your lingerie for this! What a waste.
“Are you fucking kidding me!? I was out with Hoseok, Taehyung.” As if he didn't know. And he had the audacity, to sit there, slurping his noodles as if he wasn't at fault for this annoying ache in the pit of your stomach. Something that would've been long taken care of if it wasn't for him.
His shoulders lift in an uninterested shrug, jaw falling slack as he shovels another mouthful into his mouth. “Well... now you're not. It's extra spicy. Your favorite,” He's offering more food up to you and all you do is roll your eyes, letting out a frustrated huff.
“You're fucking ridiculous,” You scoff, hands rummaging through the contents of your purse until your fingers are catching onto your phone. “I'm calling Hoseok,” You announce for no real reason, especially because he acts as if he hasn't heard your words. Attention back on the hot bowl in his lap.
He's being weird and you don't know what it is. Noticed it in doses these past few days and assumed it would just blow over... but he just seemed to be acting more and more out of character the more time passed. It confused you. And you hated being confused.
Part of you was convinced that it had something to do with him now knowing that you're sleeping with his roommate. The side comments, inadvertently trying to cock block, and now this being proof enough. But there was another part of you... a much smaller, poorly trained part, that was convinced these were the actions of a jealous man.
What would he have to be jealous of, right? It wasn't like he wanted to be the one sleeping with Hoseok. Well, debatable... but seriously, the way he's been acting lately has led you to believe that there was something else going on that he wasn't telling you. Tae's known the guys you've fucked around with before and never has he acted so... stiff?
Something changed. Something was different. And you can't help but wonder if the picture incident had something to do with it. Highly unlikely, as Joon said, he has probably already forgotten about it. But, nothing else made sense.
Hoseok doesn't answer. Not like you actually expected him to. He went to 'see what's up with the girls in Building E'. No doubt busy with that, why would he answer his phone? “Come on, Yn.” Taehyung is beside you now, you're not sure when he stood up, but you can smell the sweetness of his body spray. Even after the time, he spent in the gym.
“Listen, I'm sorry I interrupted you.” His hand is reaching to lower your phone, halting your request for an Uber. “...but you're here now. Just stay. Relax.” Flashing that breathtaking smile of his and it's becoming apparent how he gets away with so much. This boy knew how to use his looks to his advantage, there was no denying that.
But, you're not easily fooled. “You can't just interrupt my dates because you're lonely,” Some of the bite is gone from your tone. Not entirely sure how upset with him you really were. Of course, calling you out when he knew you were with someone else was shitty... but it was Taehyung!
A terrible reason, but the best one you could come up with. There was no way staying mad at him was an option, when he has done the reverse many times with you involved. He's smirking at you, picking up on the anger melting away from your features. “So it was a date. You told me it was just dinner,” He teases.
Not entirely pissed at him anymore, but that didn't mean you'd just let his stupidity slide. This was the second time he's interfered with your much needed Vitamin D and it was about time he heard something about it. “Just dinner. A date. A fucking square dance. Taehyung, you can't just cut in because you want.” He's looking at you funny, this dazed expression that you've never seen directed to you before. From him.
It makes your heart stutter, so you ignore it. “What if I did the same with you? If you were out with Ailee and I called you up with some stupid excuse?” He doesn't even hesitate, dark eyes glued to yours. A stare so intense, you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. “I'd come running,” The deepness of his voice and the seriousness of his tone has your breath hitching.
There was no way this was happening. You were used to flirty Taehyung, got pretty good at compartmentalizing your feelings when it came to the Taehyung that you dealt with on a day-to-day basis. But this... this was different. Uncharted territory, indeed. The way he was looking at you? Talking to you? Nothing like you've ever handled before when it came to him.
No idea how you were supposed to react, so you decide to just leave to keep from making a fool of yourself in front of him. “I'm leaving. Goodnight, Taehyung. Call your girlfriend.” A halfhearted request, you're really just reminding yourself that he has one. And while 'The Other Woman' was a great song, that wasn't you.
“She broke up with me like an hour ago,” Again? You want to say, feigning disbelief. Their routine breakups were far from surprising and they always ended up in the same way: them back together and holed up in Taehyung's room for days on end. Only to end in a pointless fight that would repeat the cycle.
They were always broken up, but that didn't mean they were done with each other. It never meant that. “Please, stay.” He's pouting obnoxiously, so you're confused why you find it so cute. Fingers laced with yours as he lightly shakes your arm. “I miss hanging out with you,” Puppy dog eyes aimed right at your heart.
He's not wrong. It's been a little while since the two of you just hung out. Lounged around in sweats, ate, and watched bad TV. And it was very unlikely that Hoseok would be returning your call. Jimin is surely busy with Jungkook or something. You'd just be going home to sit around and do exactly what you could do here.
“Fine.” Eyes rolling to exaggerate your annoyance. “Go make another packet while I change,” Soft hair bounces as he nods his head, turning to pick up his half-empty bowl from the coffee table, carrying it into the kitchen.
You're halfway up the stairs before he's calling out to you, smiling when he sees your head poke around the corner. “I'm really sorry I ruined your date. That was not cool,” There's sincerity in his tone and in his eyes, every last bit of annoyance or frustration you felt dissipating at the sight.
“It's fine,” The prettiest smile he's ever seen pushes onto your lips, nearly stealing his breath away. “I'll just have to text Hoseok and explain your issue with separation,” Giggling at your own lighthearted joke and he's matching the sound. 
Silently praying you hurry upstairs so he can get his heart in check. So he could think. Something he's been skipping out on that since the moment he picked up his phone and decided to call you.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 21:43
You're wearing basketball shorts. His basketball shorts. Paired with a sports bra that you must've left here for one reason or another. It takes everything in him not to zero in on the jiggle of your ass as you pass him. The pebble of your nipples pushing against the fabric. You always complained about how cold his apartment was.
He tries not to stare as you stretch to pull a bowl from the cupboard, laughing out loud when you realize that he's already taken one down for you. Thanking him as you move to stand close. Your cheeks are red and irritated from the quick way you removed your makeup with the dried-out wipes you left in his bathroom. Hair let out of the tight ponytail, cascading down your back in pretty waves.
It's not until you're pinning him with a furrowed brow and an upturn of your upper lip, does he realize he's literally gawking at you. With this unmistakable love-struck look in eyes. “Why are looking at me like that?” Spoken while plucking a piece of meat from the pan and pushing it into your mouth.
Caught and he doesn't even think of trying to backtrack. With a shrug of his shoulders, he's turning his attention back to the food in front of him. “I don't know. You just look beautiful or whatever,” He can hardly look at you as the words leave his lips, afraid you'll catch the blush on his cheeks.
“Or whatever?” You joke with a laugh, ignoring the flip of your stomach at the compliment. Instead, you move to the fridge, retrieving a couple of eggs while chastising him on forgetting the best part. Not sure what was up with him, but you refuse to let yourself get carried away.
You've spent so long accepting that he has and only will see you as a friend. Best friend, even. And just because he was throwing a few compliments your way didn't mean that everything all of a sudden changed. Nothing has changed. The two of you were still in the same spot you had been two years ago.
 Taehyung serves you with a smile ten minutes later, fingers lingering on yours for a moment longer than normal. Not long enough to be weird, but definitely long enough to get the wheels turning in your brain. And then he's plopping down across from you like nothing, head ducked as he takes the first steamy bites of his food.
It takes everything in him not to profess his unclear feelings. Trying to limit how often he looks at you, censoring his thoughts as they teeter between mushy and cringe. It's hard with the way you're joking between bites the way you always do, he can't help but notice how pretty you are.
He felt lucky to have you like this. Even if it wasn't truly having you. Just the fact that you were comfortable enough around him to be like this. Even if it had been years, it felt different now somehow.
Everything felt different since he's started to notice little things about you that he failed to see all along. Your cute habit of flicking and tossing your hair as you spoke, more often with how animated you got. How your eyes lit up when you were excited. That tiny dimple at the corner of your mouth, which only made an appearance when you were laughing really hard.
On top of it all, he was noticing how obvious you were. Not exactly sure when it clicked in his mind and it could very well be his ego talking, but he was starting to feel like he wasn't the only one keeping a mental scrapbook. The more attention he paid to you and your little mannerisms, the more he picked up on the fact that you were doing the same.
Whenever he'd bite his lip, rest his cheek on his palm, angle his head in a certain way – your eyes would follow. And how could he forget the lust-filled look on your face as your eyes devoured him, it hadn't even been a full ten minutes since you got there and you were so obvious.
A wonder he didn't notice it before, but now that he thinks back... all of the signs were there. Everything that he missed has been screaming at him for the past-however-many years. And as much as he wanted to do something about it, he knew he had to be careful.
Extremely careful.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 23:52
Right now, you had your legs in his lap – ankle inches from his junk, but that's the least of your concerns. You're more focused on tucking every last crumb of weed into the paper, eyes flickering between your fingers and the TV screen. 
“How is she this oblivious?” You're commenting with a wrinkle of your brow and Taehyung has to act like he's been following the plotline all along.
From what he was able to pick up with your brief summary of the plot and the way you talked over every scene with backstory, the main character was set the be married to a man with much more experience than her. In life. In the bedroom. The scene playing in front of you right now she was just finding out that he had been lying about not being able to have children.
You had suggested starting from episode one, but he denied the offer. There was something about watching you explain a show while getting frustrated about the scenes that played out before you that he found endearing. Not a new feeling, but holding a new meaning now.
He can hardly hear what's being said because you're in the middle of a rant on how there was no reason for her to be so clueless and sent into a marriage. And how her mother should've gone into the nitty-gritty before shipping her off. And how her husband was just a compliment douche bag for taking advantage of her ignorance.
Taehyung is positive he looks like you just agreed to go riding off in the sunset. Leaned back against the couch and watching you with this dazed-dopey expression that you sum up to him just being high. You were working on rolling the second joint you'd share.
His eyes follow as you lean forward, hovering over his lap as you reach for the lighter on his side. Not even thinking to ask him to pass it over, not that he's complaining about the closeness. Elbows holding your body up as you fiddle with the spark, bringing it toward you when it stays.
You catch his stare as you exhale, handing the joint off to him before moving back to your end of the couch, legs falling back in his lap. He doesn't pull his gaze from you, letting the weed burn out between his fingers. “What?” You're asking with a soft laugh. He's hissing out a breath, bringing the smoke to his lips and inhaling.
“You're fucking gorgeous, it's annoying.” He says with a shake of his head, a thick cloud of smoke leaving his lips. “You're always talking shit,” Speaking through a burst of laughter, but he doesn't entertain the thought any further. Extending his hand to pass it over, eyes flickering up to the screen.
There had been something that he had paid attention to when you first turned this show on. The conversation that was being had on the screen about best friends and getting married and falling in love. And how that's how you should do it. Marry your best friend and it would work out.
No matter how many porn-like sex scenes appeared after that, he was still stuck on that one conversation. And the thought that if you looked so pretty next to him right now, there was no telling how much prettier you'd look done up and dressed in white. He has to laugh at himself, though.
Blaming his raging thoughts on the half-empty bottle of liquor on the table and the green you're handing back over to him. Which is why he doesn't bother to stop the question that slips out next. “Do you think that's really the key?”
Half forgot that even though you never left his mind, you couldn't read it. So you have no idea what he's talking about. “Key to what?”
“Being happy in a relationship?”
He hardly ever really talked about his feelings being with Ailee. You just knew what he told you and that was very limited. She annoyed him, but she was sometimes funny and knew what she was doing. That was pretty much it.
So you're a little shocked that he all of a sudden was bringing this up as if you knew their relationship from a hole in the wall. “Are you not happy with Ailee?” Someone who fought with their significant other as much as Taehyung did, couldn't really be happy. But you could be wrong.
“I'm sure I could be happier,” He's looking at you with those eyes again, flicking the ash off with his finger before bringing the joint back to his lips. “Do you think falling n love with your best friend is the key to all that?” He pauses, the blurts the last part out like he's lost control of his tongue. “Like you and me,”
You're letting out a harsh cough that has nothing to do with the smoke cruising through your lungs. Eyes tearing up while your back shakes. “Me and you?” You manage, letting out a gasped breath. “Like me falling in love with you and you falling in love with me?” Finger used to point between the two of you, just to be sure.
Taehyung nods his head, unphased by your dramatic reaction. “Yes, that's exactly how that would work. A money-less transaction,” You're letting out a laugh and a shake of your head, pushing the thought from your head. He was only joking, talking shit for whatever reason.
“Yeah, no. That would never work out,”
His words chase yours, “Why not?” You don't miss the small pout of his lips, as if he's actually asking. Wondering why you thought the two of you together wouldn't work out.
“I know too much. You know too much,” Going with the first reason that pops in your head, one that you've used countless times with convincing yourself. “There's gotta be some mystery,”
Taehyung is rolling his eyes, “Oh, come on. We're not the Scooby-doo kids, Yn. Mystery is overrated.” He's really pushing for this and you're not sure why. Most likely entertaining the thoughts that pop into his foggy mind, so you don't allow yourself to think too hard on his words.
Or what they could mean. “It's perfect,” He continues. “You meet someone, become best friends, decide to fall in love and now you're married to your best friend. That's the dream,” He says with a grin. And you're not sure if he's actually talking about you or if he's just talking.
“That's lazy,” Either way, you attempt to get the race of your heart to slow down. No matter how much closer he was to you now, backs of your thighs pressed against his. You're nearly seated in his lap and you just now noticed the mindless way his fingers drag over your knee. “You can't pick off from your existing friends. You meet someone, fall for them and then you become best friends,”
His laugh rings through your ears, then your entire body. Just the sound has you feeling warm all over, something that you were sure you had gotten under control a long time ago. “You just said the same thing as me, except you changed the last two steps,”
“It makes a huge difference,” It did. One was the two of you and the other could be any two strangers on the street. For the sake of you, your version was the one you'd go with. Anything else and it would be hard to talk yourself out of it.
But Taehyung has been a lot more attention, putting the pieces together as they appear. And one thing he was always good at spotting (except when it came to you for some reason) was when someone was into him. And judging from the subtle changes in your demeanor throughout this entire conversation, you were so into him.
With caution on his mind, he's shifting focus. Hand lowering to discard the dead bit in the ashtray. Leveling you with a squinted eyes and a purse of his lips. “What's the real reason you didn't want me to know about Hoseok?” Sort of had an idea of what this might be, but he wanted to hear it from you.
“What do you mean? I already told you,” You're reaching for the bottle on the table, taking a swig to keep your hands busy. And to keep you from having to look at him, no doubt the unfiltered thoughts in your mind would be slipping out with one glance. 
He doesn't pull his gaze from you, though. “No, you said you didn't want things to get awkward. I think that was a lie,” His face is much closer to yours now, you can clearly see the faint beauty marks scattered against his skin.
Just a simple stretch of his leg and you're pushed further on to his lap. Back resting against his arm now that he has his hand is pressed against the armrest. He's close, but not suffocating, has left enough space for you to get up and move if you wanted to. But that's the farthest thing from your mind right now.
“Wanna know what I think it is?” Voice so low he might as well be mumbling. His eyes flicker down to your lips, noting how soft they look. And he finds himself wondering just how they'd feel pressed against his. “What?” You sound breathless like you had been thinking about the same exact thing.
He's smoothly moving his arm from you, guiding the way your back falls against the couch. “I think you're into me, like how I'm into you... and you didn't want me to know because of that,” The risk of fucking up your friendship takes the backseat because he knows he's right. Took his time and put the signs together.
“Yeah, right.” You laugh it off, but he's learned how obvious you are.
A grin spreads over his features, hand dropping to your hip. “You're making the face you do when you've been caught,” The heat of his palm spreading from your side to your entire body. And you've come to terms with the fact that you've lost control of your heart. Wrapped up in the moment where Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, your best friend and former crush revealed he was into you.
His head bows, nose nudging against yours. It's embarrassing the way your lips instantly pucker, eyes falling shut as you wait for the soft press. Eyes fluttering open after a moment of waiting and receiving nothing, catching the devious smirk on his lips. 
“You're into me, aren't you?” While he was sure, positive after seeing how ready you were to have him kiss you, he needed to hear it. Needed to be sure that he wasn't missing something, he's been doing a lot of that lately.
The nod of your head is answer enough, followed by your warm hand reaching to rest on the back of his neck. Not sure who moved first, if you were pulling him down or he was lowering himself and you really didn't care. 
A tiny moan escapes from your lips as he shifts above you, the sound being sent straight to his crotch. His mouth is pulling from yours, brows raised and eyes wide as he stares down at you – surprised by the fact that you could actually sound like that. Before he's given a chance to comment on it, you're pulling him back down.
Kissing you is everything he's imagined it to be and more. The soft push of your tongue paired with the deliberate scrap of teeth on his lip. Your hummed moans fill the room and stir him on, his grip falling from your hip to your thigh. Easily pulling your legs apart to slot himself between them.
Fingers tangled in his hair and heavy breath hitting his lips each time you pull away, only to dive right back in. Mouths moving over each other messily, Taehyung can barely ask the groans that die on your lips. Free hand pressed against his chest, you can feel the hammer of his heart.
Thighs squeezed to his hips, bodies so close the thinnest of papers wouldn't fit. So it's no wonder you feel it. The twitch of his cock hardening against you, so enticing you can't help the way your hips lift to meet his just as he's dropping down to press into you. A hissed moan falling from your lips at the contact.
“Fuck,” He's groaning, a switch seemingly turning on inside of him. Mouth breaking for yours and hand moving up the toward your chest. His thumb brushes over your hardened nipple through the fabric of your bra as he rolls his hips into yours.
Just the heat from pressing against you like this was enough to rile him up, mind reeling with thoughts of what it would be like to really fuck you. And the sounds you'd make. You sounded so pretty with the simple rolls of his hips, what if he was actually buried deep inside of you.
His head drops, mouth latching onto the crook of your neck to suckle at the skin there. Your senses are fogged with nothing but him. The smell of him, the feel, the taste. Still lingering on your lips and hitting your taste buds as you lick them. There's a definite heat growing between your legs with each drag of his covered cock, angled perfectly that he's just barely tapping your clit.
You want more. So much more and it's making you delirious. Needy. Hips rolling up to meet his and he's pushing you down every time. Teeth scraping against your skin and fingers pinching at your chest. “Taehyung,” It sounds more desperate than you intend it to. He's groaning back in response, face lifting from your skin to admire the red mark he's left behind.
Tongue dragging over it, soothing it with a simple swipe. Hands re-positioned on either side of your head, his gaze drops to watch the way your hips move in order to meet his, a smirk pressed on his lips. “Fuck, look at you... such a mess.” He's pushing forward, cock meeting your clit perfectly.
Strained whimper ripping through your throat as you brace your hands on his side, back arching into him. “Grinding that pretty pussy all over my cock, didn't even let me get undressed. You're so wet, huh?” Now you knew what the boys were on about when they clowned him for being mouthy. Had laughed along before, but having his words directed to you was no laughing matter.
You knew what you were doing. You could feel the effect of what you were doing but something about having him point it out in that breathy tone of his was hot. What you didn't expect was for him to want you to talk back, but the slow of his hips is quickly warning you of your role.
“Don't stop,” You're gasping, hands reaching out to him. “I could cum like this,” Your whispering, cheeks heating up at the admission. How embarrassing, losing it over dry humping, you half expect him to laugh it off as a joke.
But he doesn't, instead, he's lowering his body back onto yours, the movement of his hips picking up in speed. “Me too,” He breathes out, fingers tangling in your hair as his tongue teases against your covered lips. “Wrap your legs around me,”
His words are muffled, but you understand him enough to lift your legs, ankles locking behind his back. He drives into you like he's balls deep inside of you, pulling gasps and moans from your lips. Nails pressed into his skin as you beg him not to stop, chanting your near release. And just as you feel it bubble up in your stomach, his low pants of your name getting to you. Just as you're about to be knocked over the edge you've been teetering on, Jin's voice is breaking through.
His loud laughter bleeding through the door behind you, followed by the low grumble of Joon's voice. The jingle of his key is what snaps Tae out of it, body freezing as his head lifts to glare at the door.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You're quick to push him off, looking away as he adjusting the throbbing bulge in his pants – leaving you to wipe at the slobber-dampened mark on your chest. Jin and Joon are stepping in just as you're rushing upstairs for a shirt. Their laughter filling the downstairs as you rummage through drawers for something to pull on.
All while shoving your raging thoughts out of your mind. Still in shock that that actually happened... whatever that was. Taehyung was into you. He had said it and then kissed you. God, he kissed you. Would've been to be able to fully enjoy it if you weren't so damn greedy.
Just one taste and you were wanting the whole thing and from the look of it, he was willing to give it to you. But what if it had been a fluke. A one-off because of whatever happened to Ailee and the fact that you were there. Into you, but what did that really mean? Would that change anything?
You dare to hope, even though you're sure you're wrong. There was a lot going on tonight. Him fighting with Ailee, you being torn away from Hoseok before you can do anything properly. You were high! Still, high to be honest. Would he still be into you when he was sobering up?
Finding out is the last thing on your list. Fitting yourself as his best friend after your quiet crush was one thing. Doing that after he's taken back being into you was another. You didn't want to think about what a disaster that would be, you'd rather just go home and sleep.
Jin is turning to happily greet you as you make your way downstairs, while Joon makes room for you on the couch. Taehyung doesn't look up, cheeks flushed and eyes glued to his knees. You'd give everything to know what he's thinking.
“Yn! Tae said you were here. We're gonna open Monopoly, wanna play?” It's an invitation from Jin that you'd usually be jumping at. Claiming your designated money bag piece without a thought, so he's shocked when you're shaking your head. “Think I'm gonna just head home, turn in early.”
Tae looks up at the sound of your departure, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He had hoped you would want to stay, so he could have a chance to talk to you properly. Tell you how he was feeling even if he didn't fully understand it yet. He wanted to tell you that he liked you and he wanted to hear you say it back.
Let you know that he wanted to try to be good at relationships because he wanted to try with you. He's standing with that in mind, shrinking back when you're looking at him. There before did he feel nervous around you, but with all this weighing on his chest, he doesn't know how else to feel.
“Let me walk you home,” He offers, it's a twenty-minute walk across campus. Enough time for him to talk to you... or just be around you for longer.
You're shaking your head, though. Pushing an easy smile onto your lips. “It's fine. I texted Jimin,” It's a lie and he knows it is, but he doesn't call you on it. Obvious that you didn't want to be around him. Most likely regretting the whole thing.
Nodding as he plops back down beside Jin. He watches as you pull your shoes back on, throwing a quick goodbye over your shoulder before stepping out. Not even sparing a proper look in his direction. A huff leaves his lips as he sinks into the couch, hands tugging through his hair.
He really screwed up.
Tumblr media
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda… hot?
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angelicyoongie · 2 months ago
Abundance (XVI)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, smut
— warnings/content: explicit sexual content! unprotected sex, oral (m receiving), breast play, fingering (vaginal + anal), knotting, threesome, swearing. PSA: This is just an announcement for all the coming smut, but I will not be tagging who tops or bottoms. The boys will for the most part be switching, so if you're hung up on who takes it up the ass, this story ain't for you. (If you want to skip the smut, stop reading when they go to bed)
— word count: 10k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find more chapters here!
Tumblr media
“This is so unfair,” Taehyung whines. You nervously wring the pamphlet between your hands, the paper crinkling loudly as you force it to twist and bend. Informing the others of Jeongguk and Seokjin’s rut had more or less gone exactly how you had imagined. In other words – not very well.
“This is my fault. I should’ve noticed it sooner,” Seokjin mumbles. The hamster hybrid rubs his eyes with a tired sigh, his complexion having paled significantly since you left with Jeongguk. You gave Seokjin a few pills the moment you got home, something prescribed by the doctor that’s supposed to ease his pre-rut symptoms like the bunadrox did for Jeongguk. You can’t really tell if the medicine is helping the hamster hybrid much yet, but hopefully it won’t take too long before it kicks in.
“Yeah, you should've,” Yoongi scowls, his narrowed eyes glued to the bunny hybrid pressed up against Seokjin’s side.
“But hyung, didn’t you say that Jeongguk smelled weird yesterd–” Jimin’s voice tapers off into a hiss as Yoongi’s elbow connects with his side, the youngest cat hybrid clamping his mouth shut at the look the alpha gives him.
“I couldn’t know it was his pre-rut, I don’t know his scent well enough,” Yoongi huffs, giving Seokjin a pointed look as he says, ”That’s his alpha’s job.”
Seokjin meets Yoongi’s gaze, the two hybrids staring silently at each other across the room. The hamster hybrid’s normally bright eyes look muddled and hazy, like he’s struggling hard to keep his focus locked on Yoongi.
“Hyung,” Jeongguk noses against Seokjin’s throat, trying to soothe the sharp notes peaking through his scent. Seokjin breaks eye contact first, offering Yoongi a weak nod in defeat before he tilts his head back to rest against the couch.
“It is,” He agrees. You can see the furrow between his brows deepening, his neck shimmering with perspiration as he releases another deep breath.
“I don’t think it’s fair to shift all the blame on Seokjin. They have both been under so much stress ever since they moved in. First with how all of you were trying to drive each other out, and then with Jeongguk getting hurt ..” You shake your head.
”The doctor said it was normal for all of that to have sped up their cycles and that is why Seokjin didn’t pick up on what was happening. It’s not their fault.”
The other boys seem to pause at that, their ears twitching uneasily as they remember how they behaved towards the two prey hybrids. Taehyung tucks his tail around his waist, leaning into Hoseok’s side with a sad frown as he looks over at Jeongguk and Seokjin. He knows that normal ruts aren’t supposed to make you look so tired, so ill. Something tugs in his chest at the fact that he’s part of the reason it’s hitting them so hard, and with how Hoseok pulls Taehyung close to lightly nuzzle into his hair, he thinks it’s safe to assume that the dog hybrid feels the same way.
A soft pout forms on Yoongi’s lips as he ducks his head, his pale cheeks turning a faint pink with embarrassment. “I guess–I guess that makes sense .. Sorry,” The cat hybrid mumbles. He seeks out Jimin’s hand as he stares down at his lap, his long fingers gently curling around his packmate’s shorter ones. He squeezes Jimin’s hand in apology for the jab he gave him earlier, and Jimin only lets his alpha suffer in silence for a few second before he squeezes back.
Your gaze softens as you look around at the boys, Namjoon picking at the fabric of his pants as he looks to be deep in thought. “You have to help me to understand why this is such a big deal, okay?” You say, biting down on your lip as a few of the boys shift in their seats.
”You all go through this multiple times a year and I know you wouldn’t react like this over nothing. So there’s a reason for it, isn’t it?” Your eyes drift back to Jeongguk and Seokjin, the bunny hybrid staring at you through hooded lids from where he’s tucked into his alpha’s side.
He surprises you by huffing as your eyes meet, a pout pulling at his pink lips as he says, ”You never answered my question earlier, noona. The others are upset because they don’t know if you’re going to help us or not.”
“You asked her?” Namjoon says, staring at Jeongguk with calculating eyes. It’s the first time the wolf hybrid has said anything since you arrived back home, but you’re not surprised he’s the last one to add his thoughts the discussion. It’s become clear to you that he seems to like to hear what the others have to say before he speaks up himself.
Jeongguk nods, shrinking against Seokjin at the low growls that fill the room.
“I can’t believe I was fooled by those big eyes,” Jimin grumbles. Yoongi lets out a humourless snort, squeezing Jimin’s fingers as if to say I told you so.
Namjoon’s attention slowly turns from Jeongguk to you, the wolf hybrid’s expression carefully blank as he says, ”So, are you going to join them, Y/n?”
You shift uneasily on your feet, the pamphlet crinkling loudly as you cross your arms over your chest. “I .. I don’t know,” You frown. You feel like your thoughts are split in half. You do want to, but you’re also afraid that everything is moving too quickly, that you’re maybe rushing into this too fast without properly considering the consequences. If you join Jeongguk and Seokjin for their ruts, you don’t think there’s any way to go back from that.
“It’s okay, Y/n,” Seokjin cracks open an eye, tilting his head just enough to meet your gaze. ”I understand that it’s not a decision you can take lightly. You only agreed to let us start courting you a few days ago, and this is a lot to ask for in comparison to what we’ve been doing so far. There’s always next time, or the time after that if you don’t feel ready yet. There’s no pressure.”
Seokjin squeezes Jeongguk’s waist, prompting the bunny hybrid to voice his agreement to his alpha’s words. Jeongguk never intended to pressure you into anything; he just really really wants you to join them. The hamster hybrid’s face suddenly pinches, his sculpted jaw clenching tightly as he exhales through his nose. Jimin winces in sympathy, carding his fingers soothingly through his tail to settle the unpleasant feeling in his chest. He doesn’t like seeing anyone in pain, and he dislikes it even more knowing that he’s part of the reason it’s hitting the preys so hard.
“It might be too much to ask, but is there anywhere you can stay for a few days if you choose not to help us?” Seokjin offers you a strained smile. There’s nothing the hamster hybrid wants less than sending you away right now, but he knows it’s for the best if you don’t want to join them.
“We started thinking about you as part of the pack the moment you adopted us, and since we’re also courting you, it’ll make it .. difficult to for us to go through our ruts knowing that you’re so close, but we can’t be with you. Bonded packs don’t have very long ruts, so it’ll only be a couple of days.”
“Only two days? I thought it lasted much longer?” You swallow down the guilt in your throat as Seokjin releases a pained breath, Jeongguk nosing against his throat in an attempt to comfort him.
“It used to. Some of the first hybrids had much longer heats or ruts. But, while the idea of having a horny hybrid around for a week was appealing in theory, it wasn’t very convenient in reality. It was altered to a shorter time frame once people starting complaining, so now it’s around three days for hybrids without packs, and one for bonded ones,” Seokjin explains.
You can’t help the scowl that twists your lips as you listen; the idea of altering someone’s DNA because they find something about them inconvenient is more than enough to make your blood boil. You know there’s no pretty history attached to hybrids, but you didn’t quite realize that it was this horrific – this invasive.
“That’s horrible! I’m so sorry. Humans are fucking terrible," You hiss.
“Not all of them! You’re the best human I know!” Taehyung suddenly exclaims, his orange tail dancing happily behind his back.
"She’s the only human you know,” Jimin counters.
“So? I’m a great judge of character,” Taehyung huffs. Namjoon lips quirk, and he pats Taehyung’s thigh as the fox hybrid shoots Jimin a weak glare.
“I, uhm, thank you Taehyung?” You blink; bewildered at the sudden turn the conversation took.
"But even if I wouldn’t do anything like that, it doesn’t help the fact that there are others who think it’s okay. I know it must’ve been altered long before we were born, but that doesn’t make it any less bad,” You sigh, ”And yes, I do have somewhere I can stay for a few days if I don’t help you, it’s not too much to ask at all.”
So maybe you deliberately chose not to mention that it’s Jihyo and Sana that you’ll have to stay with, but you know it won’t do Seokjin and Jeongguk any good to have to worry about another hybrid when they already have enough to deal with on their own.
“I’m glad, thank you,” Seokjin murmurs.
Namjoon suddenly inhales sharply, his nose scrunching as his gaze roams over Jeongguk’s form, “I think he’s progressing, hyung. You should bring him to your room.”
Seokjin nods, tightening his arm around Jeongguk as they both stand up on unsteady feet. “No pressure,” The hamster hybrid reminds you as they shuffle past.
“No pressure,” Jeongguk echoes weakly from where he’s clinging to Seokjin, his dark eyes meeting yours over his alpha’s shoulders. You swallow thickly at the open invitation you find, the bunny hybrid holding your gaze steadily until they leave the room.
“Y/n,” Yoongi’s voice snaps your attention back to the rest of the boys, and you shift uneasily on your feet as you take in the apprehensive expressions on their faces.
“If you want to help them, it’s okay,” Yoongi grimaces, ”We’re just jealous. We expected this to happen eventually, just not now. It has caught us all a little off-guard.”
“Think about it for a bit, and don’t push yourself if you’re not ready. They’re big boys, they can handle whatever decision you come to,” Hoseok says. You think this might be the first time you’ve ever seen the dog hybrid look so serious, the soft furrow between his brows only adding to the firmness in his voice.
You loosen the death grip you have around the pamphlet, letting out a deep breath as you spare the glossy paper a glance, “I should probably go read this.”
Tumblr media
You flop down on your back with a grunt, flinging the paper aside. While the pamphlet was well, educational, it hasn’t made the choice any easier for you. Staying hydrated and getting enough rest during refractory periods is all well and good, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the consequences. Helping Jeongguk and Seokjin during their ruts is bound to change things. You know it’s a step you logically would come to take at some point anyway, but you thought you would've had more time to prepare. You know you’re not built for a quick fuck and dump, and while the boys have made it very clear that they’re after something more serious, you can’t stop your stupid brain from worrying. What if they get bored? Or what if it’s just their ruts talking and they regret it after? There are just too many things that can go wrong.
You frown, picking at the blanket thrown haphazardly over your bed. Stop psyching yourself out. There are many things that can go wrong, but it doesn’t mean that it will. The boys want you and you want them. You know that if you keep worrying about all the what ifs you’ll never get to experience anything. And you’re not willing to take that risk with the boys – you won't let any chances of a happy future with them slip through your fingertips.
The timing is horrible though, especially since Mr. Gwan is returning to work tomorrow. You need to speak with your boss face to face for him to truly understand just how big your case really is, and that your firm is not equipped to handle it. Sure, you won’t be gone for more than two days, but even that feels like too much right now with the threat of an entire syndicate looming over your head.
But – the pamphlet made it very clear that you either have to be there for Jeongguk and Seokjin from the beginning or opt out completely. According to the instructions, a hybrid’s room becomes their den when they go into rut or heat, and it’s the only place they feel safe as their instincts go haywire with arousal. Any outsiders trying to enter a hybrid’s den after a rut has hit never ends well. So, considering you don’t want either of the boys to attack you, you need to pick. Your case, or Seokjin and Jeongguk. The choice is frighteningly easy.
You grab your phone, wincing slightly at the bright screen that lights up your room. You hadn’t even realized that so much time had passed since you went upstairs. With no more time to lose, you hastily type out a quick text to Soohyun, a simple ”hybrids in rut, back in two days” that should be more than enough information for your nosy but helpful co-worker. You feel bad for leaving her to rearrange your tightly packed schedule again, but based on the colourful array of emojis that immediately flood your phone, Soohyun doesn’t seem to mind too much. Especially not since she makes you promise to let her grill you for all the juicy details as soon as you get back.
You toss your phone aside as you get up from bed, something light blue catching your eye from on top of your dresser. You walk over to pick up the pyjama set, your favourite soft sleeping shorts and oversized t-shirt feeling like a good fit. You don’t know when Jeongguk’s rut will hit exactly, but you will likely have time to get some sleep first, so why not be comfortable while you can? Once your clothes come off, you probably won’t need them for a few days anyway. You feel yourself blush as you grab the baby blue fabric, trying your best to calm down the surge of excitement and nerves that rushes through your body. It’s okay to be nervous, but you have things you need to do before it’s too late. And showering is definitely one of them.
You think you should probably be more surprised when you open your door to find Yoongi and Jimin waiting outside of it, the two cat hybrids offering you sheepish smiles.
”You’ve made up your mind?” Jimin asks, his eyes flickering down to the clothes in your grip.
”Y-yeah, I’m helping them,” You stutter under the weight of Yoongi’s intense stare, the cat hybrid tilting his head as he looks you up and down.
”Be careful. Talk to them if it’s too much and remember that you can always leave, they’ll understand.” Yoongi’s smile is soft as he steps aside, his hands clutched tightly into the fabric of his sweater. You notice that Jimin takes a step back as you walk forward, his ears twisted back in displeasure.
"We shouldn’t touch you,” Yoongi suddenly says, as if he can see the concerned question resting on the tip of your tongue, "We get extra possessive during our ruts and there’s no need to trigger the bunny unnecessarily. You should take a shower and make sure to wash our scents away properly. We’ll see you in a few days.”
You hate seeing the boys anything but happy, and it’s obvious how much Yoongi dislikes even just suggesting removing their scents. It pains you that you can’t reach out and touch them, that you can’t comfort them, but you know it’s the right thing to do.
”Right, see you in a few days,” You feel your smile wobble as you hurry to the bathroom, rubbing your chest as you close the door behind you. It’s only two days, but you’re going to miss the rest of the boys. You sigh, stripping out of your clothes as you turn on the shower. Knowing them though, they’re definitely going to make up for lost time later.
“Y/n?” You turn around to find Taehyung peaking out through a gap in their door, the fox hybrid keeping his distance just like Yoongi and Jimin did. Taehyung's eyes dart up and down your body, lingering slightly on your exposed legs and the lace trim around your thighs before his attention drifts back to your face.
”Yeah?” You clutch the water bottles in your arms tighter, trying your best to balance all of them without dropping any.
”We’ll leave some food outside the door for when you get hungry. Hyung and Jeongguk need to eat a lot, and you have to make sure you’re keeping your energy up too,” He says.
”Thank you, Tae,” You grin, your heart doing a little flutter at how thoughtful they are.
You see Namjoon’s gray wolf ears pop around the corner of the door before it begins to close, Taehyung letting out a little whimper as he says, ”See you soon, I miss you already.”
”Miss you too,” You murmur.
You just manage to catch the boxy grin erupting on his face before the door shuts, Taehyung’s muffled whine barely audible through the door as he complains, ”But hyung, blue is my favourite color!”
You shake your head, endeared, as you turn back to the door in front of you. You knock your elbow against the wood, taking one last breath to ready yourself before it opens.
”You’re here,” Seokjin’s cheeks puff up as he smiles, round ears twitching with excitement as he steps back to let you enter the room. The hamster hybrid helps you place the water down on a nearby dresser, gently drawing you into his arms the moment you let go of the last bottle. Seokjin’s dark brown eyes sparkle as he slowly scans you from head to toe, fingers tracing small circles on your back. “You’re sure this is what you want?”
”I’m sure. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t,” You confirm.
You barely register the sweet kiss Seokjin presses to your lips before he’s already pulling back, your skin tingling from the brief contact as he murmurs out a quiet, ”Good.”
The sound of rustling sheets reminds you that you’re not alone, and you have to choke down a laugh as you turn to find Jeongguk glaring at you from bed, lips formed into an exaggerated pout. You assume the two hybrids took a short nap while waiting for you, because the bunny hybrid’s face looks adorably puffy from sleep, his hair ruffled and messy.
”You’re both mean,” He grumbles, flopping back on his side as he tugs the duvet over his head. Seokjin sighs fondly as he nudges you in the direction of the bed, eyes filled with mirth as he looks at the Jeongguk-sized lump under the covers. It’s only when you notice Jeongguk’s long bunny ears sticking out and twisting to face the both of you that you catch on to what he’s trying to do.
”Why am I mean?” You feign ignorance as you climb onto the bed, crawling slowly up the mattress until you can lay down behind the bunny hybrid, facing his covered body. You bite down on you lip in amusement when you only hear muffled words in response.
”Jeongguk?” You say as you wrap an arm around his waist, pulling yourself flush against his back. There’s a low whine as you begin to peel the duvet back, exposing his messy hair and bare shoulder. ”Why am I mean?” You repeat.
You can feel the shiver that travels down Jeongguk’s body as you nose against his neck, the bunny hybrid hiding his face into the pillow with a groan. You have to strain your ears to hear the soft words he begrudgingly murmurs against the fabric, but you just manage to pick up, “–'ant kisses too.”
You press a chaste kiss to Jeongguk’s shoulder, grinning as you say, ”There you go.”
“Now that is mean, Y/n,” Seokjin snorts at the shocked whine Jeongguk lets out, taking a seat on the bed behind you as the bunny hybrid scrambles to rid himself of the duvet. Jeongguk twists around, lips pressed into a frown as his gaze moves between you and Seokjin.
”Why does hyung get a kiss, but I don’t? This is hybrid discrimination!”
You hear Seokjin let out an indignant squeak behind your back, but the hamster hybrid doesn’t start bickering like he normally would. He seems to be too tired to indulge in any playful arguments with his packmate.
”I’m sorry,” You move your arm from his waist to cup his cheek, the bunny hybrid still feeling a little warm under your touch despite the bunadrox he received at the clinic. Jeongguk leans into your touch, the frown slowly slipping off his face as you close the distance between your lips. You stroke your thumb across his soft cheek, watching as Jeongguk’s eyes flutter shut. He makes a pleased sound in the back of his throat as your mouths meet, his pink lips parting to deepen the kiss. There’s a faint taste of peppermint as you swipe your tongue against Jeongguk's lower lip, and you tug lightly on the soft flesh before releasing his mouth with a soft pop.
”Please forgive me?” You whisper against his skin, pulling back as the bunny hybrid tries to capture your lips in another kiss.
You grin at the impatient huff he lets out as you hold him back. Jeongguk’s ears flop down as he realizes you’re not going to let him get close, the soft pout returning to his lips as he grumbles, ”Fine, I forgive you. You’re not mean.”
”Thank you,” You press a quick peck to his cheek, delighted at the soft blush that blooms over his skin. Seokjin reaches over your back to ruffle Jeongguk’s hair, the bunny hybrid clearly enjoying it despite his weak protests.
”Y/n,” The serious note in Seokjin’s soft voice makes you turn on your back, giving him your full attention as he says, ”There are some things we should talk about before anything goes too far. I don’t want you to be caught off-guard or feel uncomfortable because we didn’t explain it beforehand.” The concern in Seokjin’s eyes makes your heart squeeze. You don’t know how you managed to get so lucky.
”That sounds like a good idea,” You smile. You can feel Jeongguk inch closer, the bunny hybrid carefully wrapping an arm around your waist as you speak. You glance over at him to find him already watching you, his doe eyes widening as you slightly tilt your head. His ears spring up at the invitation, a happy sigh leaving his lips as he nuzzles into your neck, pressing himself as close as possible. You grab Seokjin’s hand, intertwining your fingers as you wait for the hamster hybrid to speak.
Seokjin clears his throat, the tips of his ears going a little pink. ”Regardless of how we normally are, most hybrids tend to get more dominant during their ruts. It can differ of course, but most of us don’t like to give up any control. The sole reason we have ruts is to breed, and we need to make sure we’re taking care of our mates properly. That applies to us too.”
Jeongguk’s hand tightens on your waist, embarrassed, as he hides his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
”We know ruts can be intense, so you just need to remember that you can tap out at any moment if it’s too much. We’ve spent enough ruts together to know what we like and dislike, so you have to be honest with us if we do something you’re not into, or if we overstep any boundaries,” Seokjin pauses long enough for you to give him a nod before he continues, ”Jeongguk’s rut will hit first tomorrow, and then mine will hit the day after. You don’t have to help both of us, but we would love it if you did.”
”I do, uh, want to help both of you,” You feel your cheeks heat up as the words tumble out.
Seokjin’s face brightens as he brings your intertwined fingers up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your hand. ”Do you have any questions?”
”I–” You hesitate slightly, wondering if you just should’ve looked it up on your phone earlier, but you also know that the boys will give you a more trustworthy answer. ”The pamphlet said something about a knot?” You voice grows weaker as you feel Jeongguk stiffen against your side, the bunny hybrid releasing a harsh breath against your throat.
”Ah,” Seokjin swallows thickly, ”We have knots to make sure the breeding has a higher chance of being successful. It makes the base of our penis swell up enough to lock inside our mates, and it traps everything inside. Normally they last for half an hour, but during ruts they hardly last for ten. It’s to make sure we breed our mates properly.”
”I see,” You mumble. You have heard about knots before, there’s a reason hybrids are so popular in the adult industry after all, but you didn’t really know what the purpose was before now.
”Does it hurt?”
Seokjin shakes his head, running his thumb soothingly across your knuckles. ”It shouldn’t. It might be a little uncomfortable at first since you’re not used to the stretch, but we’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt. You don’t have to make your mind up right now if you want it or not, you can let us know what you’re feeling like tomorrow.”
”Yeah, okay,” You say, absentmindedly tracing little figures into the arm curled around your waist. You try to dispel any thoughts of discomfort out of your head, knowing that Seokjin and Jeongguk are going to do everything they can to make it a good experience for you too.
”Still want to help, noona?” Jeongguk murmurs into your neck, his ear brushing along the side of your throat.
”Of course, it takes more than that to scare me off,” You smile.
”Thank you,” The bunny hybrid stifles a yawn, his voice drowsy and low as he asks, ”Can we sleep now? ‘M too tired to think.”
”Yeah, we should get as much rest as possible. It's going to be a long couple of days,” Seokjin releases your hand to help you get under the covers, and Jeongguk’s low whines makes it clear that he's not happy about being moved around as you try to make yourself comfortable. Seokjin settles on the opposite side, caging you in securely between them. His arm joins Jeongguk's around your waist, the hamster hybrid resting his hand on his packmate's hip. Jeongguk snuggles back into your neck, soft ears tickling your chin.
You take a few deep breaths, willing your heart to slow down as the room grows quiet. You honestly expected that you would be too nervous to fall asleep; but the warmth surrounding you and the gentle breaths spilling across you skin slowly begins to make your eyes heavier and heavier. In the end, it doesn’t take long at all before you drift off to the feeling of plush lips pressing against your temple.
Tumblr media
It’s the pressure around your ankle that wakes you up. You blink blearily against the soft sunlight spilling into the room, confused as you feel something squeeze around the duvet, trapping your foot in place. You still at the hushed sounds a little further down the bed, your groggy mind working overtime to get rid of the disorientation from waking up in a foreign bed.
”Hyung,” The soft moan sounds familiar, the grip around your ankle tightening. You slowly push yourself up on your elbow, squinting as the two blurry figures come into focus. Your eyes widen as you take in the scene in front of you, heat pooling in your stomach as you watch the two hybrids. Seokjin is kneeling on the floor, his broad shoulders between Jeongguk’s toned thighs as he works his throat up and down on his packmate's cock. His lips are stretched wide and pink, glistening, as his throat bobs to take in more of Jeongguk’s length.
”Hyung!” Jeongguk pants, throwing his head back as Seokjin swallows around him, his nose brushing against Jeongguk’s clenched stomach. He buries his fingers deeper into Seokjin’s hair, holding his alpha in place as he bucks his hips, cockhead brushing against the back of Seokjin’s throat. The hamster hybrid’s eyes flutter as he keeps himself pressed up against Jeongguk’s abs, his throat convulsing around the hard length in his mouth as he digs his fingers into Jeongguk’s hips. He’s relaxed enough that the bunny hybrid’s bucks doesn’t choke him, and the needy little moans falling from Jeongguk’s lips holds him down for a few more seconds before he begins to pull back, hand wrapping firmly around the base. Jeongguk groans as Seokjin’s plush lips squeeze around his length, his tongue dragging along the underside of Jeongguk's throbbing cock.
You clamp your thighs together as your eyes fly over the two hybrids, Jeongguk’s deep moans and Seokjin’s choked sounds sending fires down your spine.  You see the hand twisted into Seokjin’s hair twitch just as you feel the grip on your ankle tightening. As your gaze follows the defined muscles in Jeongguk’s arm you realize that the bunny hybrid is clinging to both of you as Seokjin gets him off. You release a shaky breath as Seokjin bobs his head up and down before he pulls back, suckling on the head of Jeongguk’s cock as his tongue dips into the leaking slit. It’s the little rush of air that alerts the hamster hybrid, his round ears suddenly twitching at the unexpected sound. Seokjin tilts his head just enough to let his eyes find yours, and the heated gaze he gives you causes your thighs to involuntarily rub together.
Seokjin suddenly pops off Jeongguk’s cock, a string of saliva connecting his lips to the red tip as he pulls away. Jeongguk tries to tug him back with an impatient whine, but the sound is cut off as Seokjin begins to stroke his length, keeping the pace slow and controlled as he says, ”Ah, Jeongguk was getting desperate. We wanted you to get some more rest, but the bun has never been good at keeping quiet.”
You can only shake your head dumbly, shivering at how raspy and fucked out Seokjin’s voice sounds. “It-It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You stammer.
Jeongguk’s head snaps up at the sound of your voice, his ears shooting into the air. ”Noona?” The bunny hybrid blinks rapidly, some clarity returning to his eyes as he momentarily ignores Seokjin’s skilled grip around his cock. You recognize the hazed gaze from your pamphlet, the small section that explained how hybrids can get a little lost to their surroundings when they’re falling deep into their ruts or heats.
”I’m here,” You push yourself up properly, suppressing another shiver as Jeongguk’s dark eyes roam over the exposed skin of your shoulder, your top having slipped down your arm in your sleep. Heat blooms in your cheeks as the bunny hybrid suddenly moans, his eyes glued to your neck as Seokjin pumps him faster, the slick sound of his fist dragging over Jeongguk’s length filling the room.
”Y/n,” Seokjin’s attention is solely on you as he calls your name, his expression serious as he says, “Are you still okay? Do you still want this?”
Your gaze flickers down to the hamster hybrid’s hand when Jeongguk hangs his head, panting hard, as Seokjin rubs his thumb along the head of his cock. ”I do,” Your voice is almost drowned out as the bunny hybrid groans, ”I’m okay, It’s just .. all very new.”
Seokjin nods. ”Having someone else join us is new for us too. We’ll try our best to make you comfortable, just remember to talk to us.”
”I will,” You give him a soft smile, curling your fingers into the duvet at Jeongguk’s low moans.
”Hyung, please–” The bunny hybrid looks close to tears as he tugs on Seokjin’s hair, his big doe eyes pleading as his hips jerk into grip around his length.
Seokjin’s gaze lingers on you for a moment before he twists back to face Jeongguk, the corner of his lips quirking as he says, ”What do you want, baby? You have to tell hyung.”
”Your mouth, hyung, shit, need you to suck me off,” Jeongguk begs.
The hand around your ankle twitches in anticipation as Seokjin smiles, his eyes locked on to Jeongguk’s as he lowers himself back down on his packmate's cock. Seokjin keeps his grip tight around the base of it, lowering himself down until his lips brush against his own hand. Seokjin sets a quick pace right away, bobbing his head in tandem with his hand as he works every inch of Jeongguk’s slick length. The bunny hybrid releases his fingers from Seokjin’s hair as he falls back on his elbows, his ears twitching back and fourth as his alpha hollows his cheeks, adding even more pressure around his cock.
”Hyung, ‘m close,” Jeongguk pants, his thighs flexing as his hips begin to jerk, chasing after Seokjin’s mouth on every upstroke. Seokjin stills his hand at that, and your lips part in surprise as you watch the base of Jeongguk’s cock begin to swell, the hamster hybrid squeezing rhythmically around it as it grows. Seokjin swallows around the throbbing length in his throat, coaxing Jeongguk closer to his release as the bunny hybrid thrashes his head, his long ears trembling.
Jeongguk’s breath quickens as his stomach tenses, his voice a desperate whine as says, ”Hyung, Seokjin hyung, I’m going to cum, I need to–” Seokjin hums around Jeongguk's leaking cock, giving his knot an almost bruising squeeze as he swallows around him again, his throat hot and wet as it constricts around the throbbing length. Jeongguk’s hips jump once more, the head pressed firmly against the back of Seokjin’s throat as he suddenly lets out a broken moan, his climax tearing through his body as he comes.
Jeongguk collapses fully against the bed, hips jerking as he rides out his orgasm. You release a soft moan of your own as you watch Seokjin massage Jeongguk’s knot, his throat working furiously to swallow all of the cum flooding his mouth. He keeps sucking until Jeongguk begins to whimper with oversensitivity, the bunny hybrid shuddering as Seokjin finally pulls away, giving the head a soft kiss that leaves his muscles twitching. You’re confused to see Jeongguk’s hard length hardly even softening, only the knot at the base slowly shrinking back to normal.
Seokjin takes a deep breath as he climbs up on the bed, his hand cupping Jeongguk’s cheek as he murmurs, ”Still with us, baby?”
Jeongguk lets out a pleased sigh, eyes closed as he says, ”Need a moment, hyung.” Seokjin dips down to press a gentle kiss to Jeongguk’s lips, whispering a soft good boy against his skin.
You swallow thickly as the hamster hybrid leans back, his eyes dark as he shifts his gaze back to you. You don’t quite know where to look as Seokjin shuffles closer on his knees. The hamster hybrid is broader than Jeongguk, his shoulder tapering off to a smaller waist, the definition on his stomach a little softer than his packmate’s. You can still clearly see the outline of his abs though, and you feel yourself growing wet as your eyes latch on the thick cock bobbing against his stomach, the tip a pretty pink just like his lips. A small smirk graces Seokjin’s lips as he notices what’s got you so distracted, the hamster hybrid brushing a lock of hair behind your ear before his fingers glide down to your mouth.
”Can I kiss you, Y/n?”
You barely manage to squeak out a eager please before Seokjin’s mouth is on yours, your head spinning from the rasp in his voice and the soft, glossy lips pressing against your own. You moan as Seokjin’s tongue dips past your lips, the hamster hybrid cupping the back of your neck to keep you in place. You can feel his calm composure crack at the breathy sound, the kiss turning hungry, bruising, as he licks into your mouth. Heat pools low in your belly as you taste Jeongguk’s cum from Seokjin’s tongue, the hamster hybrid’s other hand travelling under the duvet to firmly grasp your side. Seokjin pulls you closer to his chest, groaning against your lips as you drag your hands across the firm muscles in his arms, mapping out the smooth skin.
”Hyung, Y/n,” You break away from Seokjin’s mouth at the sound of Jeongguk’s voice, gulping down air as the hamster hybrid moves his lips to your jaw, trailing slow kisses down the side of your throat. The bunny hybrid is staring at you over Seokjin’s shoulder, his eyes blown wide as he chews absentmindedly on his lip. He plasters himself against his alpha’s back the moment he grabs your attention, using the little height he has over Seokjin’s slightly hunched form to lean over his shoulder. You swallow down Jeongguk’s needy moan as he finds your lips, the bunny hybrid trying his best to lick into your mouth despite the awkward angle. You gasp as Seokjin’s teeth scrape over your shoulder, the faint sting making you clench around nothing. Both hybrids abruptly pull away, something unspoken passing between the two packmates as you suddenly find yourself pinned underneath Jeongguk’s body, the bunny hybrid caging you in against the mattress. You let out a surprised noise as your back hits the bed, blinking up Jeongguk as he presses a quick peck to your mouth, one hand curling around the duvet.
”Noona, can we take this off? Wanna see you.”
You nod, itching to feel Jeongguk’s bare body against your own as you help them push the cover down the bed. The moment it’s off, Jeongguk crashes his lips against yours, one hand dipping underneath the fabric of your shirt as the other cups your cheek. You shudder at the warm fingers ghosting over your skin, Jeongguk’s hard length brushing against your stomach as he kisses you passionately.
You lose yourself in Jeongguk’s lips as you let your hands move on their own, fingers roaming over his sculpted back and hard chest. You feel a tremor run through his body as you move down to his stomach. You moan at the defined abs you find, the taut muscles jumping under your fingertips. Jeongguk lets out a deep groan as the back of your hand bumps against his cock, the bunny hybrid grinding his hips against yours to get more friction. You choke as his length glides over your clothed cunt, another gush of wetness soaking your core at the firmness rubbing against you.
Jeongguk delves back into your mouth, sucking gently at your tongue before he whines against your lips, ”Please let me touch you, Noona.” He tugs at your clothes, fingers slipping beneath the waistband of your shorts.
”Help me then,” You raise your hips off the bed, allowing just enough room for Jeongguk to drag it down your legs alongside your underwear. He wastes no time in pushing your shirt up, helping you slip out of the soft fabric before he tosses it aside.
The bunny hybrid moans, hard cock twitching against his stomach as his eyes roams over your naked body. Jeongguk nudges your legs apart, taking up room between them as he stares down at your dripping core.
”Shit,” He groans, running his hands from your calves all the way up to your thighs, ”–shit, you’re so gorgeous, Y/n.”
You reach for his shoulders, tugging his body back down as your face grows warm under the reverent twinkle in his eyes. ”You’re gorgeous too, bun,” You smile, bringing your hands together behind his head.
You card your fingers through the soft hair, stroking the soft fur at the base of his ears. Jeongguk whines, burying his face in your neck to inhale your sweet scent. The bunny hybrid settles his hands on your waist, warm fingers squeezing your hips tightly as he begins mouthing down the side of your throat. Your breath hitches as he nips at your collarbone, wet lips soothing the sting before he continues downward, not stopping until he settles between your breasts. You feel a harsh exhale against your skin, the bunny hybrid suddenly dropping his weight against your body to nuzzle his face into your chest. You let out a surprised snort as Jeongguk rubs his face between your boobs, clearly enjoying himself as he moans into your skin.
”Bun, where are your manners?” Seokjin tuts, delivering a soft slap to the back of Jeongguk’s thigh.
The bunny hybrid’s hips jump from the impact, making his length brush against your soaked cunt as he groans, ”’s gone, noona has bigger boobs than you do.”
You can’t help but laugh at the insulted expression that crosses Seokjin’s face, the hamster hybrid opening and closing his mouth before he splutters, ”I don’t have boobs you brat!”
”Exactly,” Jeongguk hums, giving Seokjin a weak kick on his thigh in retribution. The laughter dies in your throat as the bunny hybrid begins humping against your core, moving his lips to the side of your breast.
”H–how are you still hard?” You stutter through a moan. It can't be more than five minutes since Seokjin got him off, and you don’t think the bunny hybrid actually ever grew soft.
Jeongguk raises himself back up on his forearms, eyes dazed and a smirk curling at his lips as he says, ”Ever heard the term fucking like bunnies, noona? We have a really short refractory period.”
“Oh,” You breathe, fingers gliding from Jeongguk’s hair to his shoulders. You think you’re beginning to realize just why they wanted you to rest for as long as possible. You dig your fingers into his back as he grinds against your cunt, cock gliding against your folds as his erection is coated in your wetness.
”Fuck, you’re soaked,” Jeongguk grunts.
You throw your head back as Jeongguk lowers himself back to your chest, the bunny hybrid swirling his tongue around your nipple before he sucks it into his mouth. You moan, hips buckling as he gently bites down on the sensitive bud. Your whole body feels like it’s on fire, desperation burning through your veins as Jeongguk’s cock bumps against your clit. ”Jeongguk, I-I need more,” You pant.
”You know what to do, bun,” Seokjin runs his hand down the bunny hybrid’s spine, trying to soothe the tension in his back. Jeongguk has been keeping his rut in check well so far, but he’s starting to slip. He can’t fend off his instincts forever, and you need to be ready before that happens.
Jeongguk moves to your other breast, nipping the fragile skin as he leans back enough to slip a hand between your bodies. He quickly brings his fingers down to your dripping core, dragging one between your folds before adding the slickness to your clit, circling the aching nub. Your thighs clench, squeezing around Jeongguk’s waist at the sudden pressure.
”More, Jeongguk, please,” You moan. You both know you’re wet enough to take it, but Jeongguk is slow as he slips two fingers into your throbbing cunt, giving you time to adjust as he sinks his fingers into you.
You clench around them, loving the feeling of finally having something inside you as Jeongguk lets out a garbled whine, “Fuck, you’re so tight.”
The bunny hybrid speeds up his hand, beginning to stretch and crook his fingers the moment he feels you relax. Jeongguk adds one more, two more, and you gasp as he pushes all four fingers into you, the stretch teetering between pleasure and painful. You feel the bed shift near your head before a hand grasps your chin, turning your face to the side. Seokjin swallows down your moan as he crashes his lips against yours, and you release your hold on Jeongguk’s shoulder to wrap a hand around the hamster hybrid’s neck, pulling him closer.
Seokjin’s skilful mouth distracts you from the slight burn as Jeongguk stretches you out properly, the bunny hybrid’s nips turning more forceful as he bites and licks over your skin, his control slipping. All the attention has got the heat in your belly lighting up faster than ever before, your orgasm building quickly as squeeze tighter around the fingers pumping into you. You’re so close, you just need a little more, but then the fullness suddenly slips away, and your cunt is left clenching desperately around nothing.
You whine loudly at the loss, ready to beg for Jeongguk to bring his fingers back when you feel something bigger rub against your soaked folds. Seokjin releases your lips, moving his mouth to your cheek, ”Are your ready, Y/n?”
You suck in a deep breath, glancing up at Jeongguk’s blown eyes as he slowly fists his length, your juices glistening around his cock. ”How do you want me?” You ask.
”Like this, wanna see your face,” Jeongguk’s voice is low and raspy, cheeks flushed pink from holding himself back.
”Then yeah, fuck– fuck me,” You spread your legs out to give the bunny hybrid more room.
Jeongguk growls as he holds his cock, the length throbbing in his hand as he rubs it against your folds. You let out a choked moan as the head catches on your opening, Jeongguk’s firm cock slowly slipping inside as he leans down over your body. Seokjin has pulled back enough to give the bunny hybrid room to place arms on either side of your head. Jeongguk’s jaw is clenched as he keeps the pace slow, giving you time to adjust despite his body urging him to snap and breed you hard. You can’t help but clamp down around him as he sinks inside, his cock filling your achingly empty cunt so good. Even with all the prepping, there’s still a slight burn as your walls form around him, Jeongguk’s cock slowly stretching you open.
“Noona, ah, you feels so good,” The bunny hybrid hangs his head with a deep moan as he bottoms out, his length twitching from the intense heat wrapped snug around his cock. You can feel Jeongguk’s arms shaking from holding himself still, Seokjin whispering something in his ear as he rubs the nape of his neck. You’re filled to your limit already, panting hard as you try to relax around the bunny hybrid’s length.
”Jeongguk, you can move,” You murmur after a minute, bringing one hand up cup his cheek, rolling your hips against his. You can feel him trying to hold himself back, and that’s not what you want – and it’s not what Jeongguk needs.
”Let go, bun,” You tip his face up, heart hammering wildly in your chest as you see his eyes flash, nostrils flaring as he digs his hand into the mattress cover, hips jerking involuntarily at the motion. You rake your brain for the right words, pushing yourself up enough to reach his ear as you whisper, ”Breed me, Jeongguk.”
The bunny hybrid stiffens, his long ears twitching rapidly on top of his messy hair as you lay back down. You barely have enough time to wrap your arms around his shoulders before he snaps, Jeongguk pulling out almost entirely before slamming back inside, inching your body up the bed from the force.
”Fuck!” You cry out, wrapping your legs around his lower back as he snaps his hips forward again, setting a bruising pace from the get go as he fucks you. Jeongguk presses his face into your neck again, groans muffled by your skin as he pounds into your cunt. His hips stutter as your hand drifts up to his ear, running your hand along the soft fur.
”Noona,” The bunny hybrid whines, pushing a hand under your back to tilt you up. The change is enough to make you see stars as he drives his leaking length into you, the new angle making his cock reach even deeper than before. The orgasm you lost before is building rapidly, the heat soaring through your body making you clench down around him.
”Again,” He growls, moaning loudly into your neck as you repeat the motion, squeezing your walls around his cock.
You're utterly lost in the way Jeongguk feels as he hammers into you, his hips slapping loudly against your ass. The bunny hybrid is hitting your g-spot straight on, and you know you can’t hold yourself back for much longer. You let out a confused moan as Jeongguk begins to feel thicker, the slight stretch suddenly returning as he thrusts inside.
”What–?” You breathe, raking your fingertips down Jeongguk’s back as he keeps up the rapid pace.
”It’s his knot,” You open your eyes, not managing to remember when you closed them. Seokjin’s heated gaze is overrun with concern, his lips pressed tightly together as he studies your face.
”Bun,” Seokjin calls out, but Jeongguk is deep in his rut, senses drunk on your scent and the feel of your body pressed against him, around him.
”Jeongguk!” The harshness in Seokjin’s voice accompanied by the tight squeeze on his neck makes the bunny hybrid freeze up immediately, his body locking up in fright from the tone he’s never heard from his alpha before. You let out a choked gasp, Jeongguk having stilled his hips flush against yours, cock pressed against your most sensitive spot.
”Hyung?” Jeongguk’s voice is meek against your throat, his ears flattening against his head.
”You need to slow down, Jeongguk,” Seokjin says softly, ”You have to make sure Y/n is comfortable taking your knot.”
Jeongguk makes a wounded noise, pressing a careful kiss against your skin as he says, ”‘m sorry, noona. Did I hurt you?”
You smooth your hands up and down his back, heart full from the overflowing concern despite their instincts. ”I’m okay,” You promise, “Do what you need to do, bun.”
Your pamphlet made it very clear that a hybrid needs to knot something to fend off the worst of his rut, and you don’t want Jeongguk to suffer. Besides, it’s not like you aren’t curious as to how it will feel.
”Go on then, baby,” Seokjin massages his neck before releasing him. Jeongguk tentatively pulls out halfway before pressing in again, ears perking up at the soft moan you make. You squeeze your thighs around him in reassurance, urging him on as he slowly picks up speed.
”Fuckfuckfuck,” You gasp as the bunny hybrid resumes the pace he had before, the quick movement making your body shudder as you feel your release rapidly approaching. You whine out Jeongguk’s name as his knot begins to expand, the added friction driving you crazy as he works it inside with every thrust. The bunny hybrid plasters himself against you as he starts slowing down, his hips snapping against yours with more force.
You throw your head to the side, watching through half-lidded eyes as Seokjin slowly pumps his cock, his slender fingers wrapped around the thick length. The hamster hybrid lets out a low grunt, ”Look at you taking him so prettily, Y/n. Is Jeongguk fucking you good?”
Seokjin licks his glazed lips, humming as his eyes drifts down to where Jeongguk is working his cock into you, wetness running down your thighs with every thrust, ”I bet he is. Are you going to let him breed you, hmm?” Seokjin looks at you questioningly, clearly expecting an answer.
”Y-yes,” You stutter out between moans, flames licking up your belly at the satisfied smirk you get in return.
”Good girl.”
It’s the rasp in Seokjin’s voice and Jeongguk’s relentless pace as he bumps against your g-spot that sends you over the edge. You clamp down hard around Jeongguk’s throbbing length as your arms and legs begin to shake, your muscles clenching as your release washes over you, making you see white.
The bunny hybrid bites down on your shoulder at the tight grip around his cock, his hips slamming into you thrice before his knot swells fully, locking him inside of your tight heat. Your whole body is trembling as Jeongguk’s orgasm hits, the bunny hybrid chanting, “so tight noona, you feel so good, gonna fill you up,” as his hot cum floods your cunt. It feels like Jeongguk’s release never ends, every spurt making you twitch as it paints your walls. He keeps working his hips in little circles, making you mewl with oversensitivity. You’re panting by the time the bunny hybrid finally stills, your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath. The bunny hybrid spends his last energy rolling you both over on your sides, hoping to avoid crushing you under his weight.
He slots a leg between yours, wrapping his arms securely around your waist. You whimper as Jeongguk kisses a sore spot on your neck, no doubt the area he bit down on. You know he didn’t break through your skin, and the bunny hybrid licks over the mark, soothing the sting.
”Noona,” Jeongguk murmurs as he kisses his way up your throat, not stopping until his lips are brushing against yours, ”–Noona, thank you. I like you so much.”
He doesn’t let you answer before he kisses you, his mouth moving gently against yours as you both try to calm down. You glance over his shoulder as he pulls back, your dazed eyes widening as Jeongguk tucks his face back into the slope of your neck. You watch as Seokjin reaches behind himself, red bitten lips parting in a silent moan as he circles his rim. The sated fire in your belly roars up again as the hamster hybrid’s face twists with pleasure, one hand stroking his cock languidly as he works himself open.
”Y/n,” Jeongguk whines as your hips jerk, his still hard cock twitching at the stimulation.
”Sorry, bun,” You have to force your eyes away from Seokjin, focusing instead on the feeling of Jeongguk’s knot slowly softening inside your cunt, some of his cum beginning to drip down your legs. You fend off a shiver at the feeling, smiling as the bunny hybrid recaptures your lips, whispering out a soft, ”I like you too.”
Tumblr media
“Shit, I can’t feel my legs,” You roll of Jeongguk with a faint wince, feeling your cunt throb as you collapse down on the bed. Your thighs are screaming from riding the bunny hybrid for so long, and you sigh in relief as you reach down to massage the aching muscles. You’ve honestly lost count of how many times Jeongguk has fucked you, of how many times you’ve come, but you know there’s no way you can go another round, not with how sore everything feels. You grimace as more of the bunny hybrid’s release escapes your overworked walls, the hot cum gliding down your skin. You desperately need a shower, you all do, but the washcloths and lukewarm water the other boys left outside the door a while ago will have to do.
You push a few locks of hair away from Jeongguk’s clammy forehead, pleased to find that his temperature feels nearly back to normal. Seokjin makes a content sound as he drags one of the washcloths across his chest, wiping away the worst of the sweat and cum from his skin. You almost jerk away in surprise as Jeongguk’s hips begin to slowly rut against your body, cock dragging against your sticky thigh.
”‘m tired, noona” The bunny hybrid whimpers, eyes barely managing to stay open.
”Still got more to go?” You murmur, ignoring the dryness in your throat as you reach down to grip his length. You might be tired, but Jeongguk has been going at it twice as much as you have, and it’s clear he’s absolutely exhausted.
”Last time,” He makes a pitiful sound as you begin to pump his shaft, his cock still slick from his own orgasm.
”You’re doing so well, bun, you're almost there,” You kiss his cheek. It doesn’t take more than a minute before his knot pops, and you bring one hand down to squeeze around it, mimicking what Seokjin did many hours ago.
”Noona,” Jeongguk comes with a sleepy gasp, his eyes fluttering shut at the last spurt against your skin. You use the already damp sheets to wipe away the worst of it, pushing yourself up with a groan as the bunny hybrid’s breath begins to even out.
”You should clean up a bit, I’ll wipe Jeongguk down,” Seokjin ruffles your messy hair, giving you a soft peck as he urges you out of bed. You stumble over to the desk, legs shaking as you clean yourself to the best of your abilities. You chug down a water bottle, practically stuffing one of the sandwiches nearby down your throat. You’ve managed to eat a little here and there, but not nearly enough. If you want to help Seokjin tomorrow, you’ll need to keep your energy up.
You hear faint footsteps pad across the floor, and you lean back against Seokjin’s chest as he wraps his arms around your waist, tucking his face into the side of your neck. “How are you feeling?”
”Like I might never walk again,” You snort.
Seokjin’s laugh is soft, fingers rubbing soothingly over your stomach, ”Are you sure you want to stay? You don’t have to push yourself if you’re too tired.”
”I want to. I’m sure it’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.”
”Good,” You shiver at how pleased the hamster hybrid sounds, your brain supplying the girl at the end, his voice echoing inside your head.
”Are you cold?” Seokjin hugs you tighter, moving you both back to the bed. Considering you have Seokjin’s fever stricken and burning hot body wrapped around you, you’re not really cold, but you do want to go to bed.
”We should probably wake Jeongguk up and change the sheets,” You sigh.
Seokjin grumbles something against your throat, nose skimming against the fragile skin before he steps away, eyes a little hazy, ”Yeah, we should.”
It’s a bit of a struggle waking Jeongguk up and getting him out of bed, the bunny hybrid hardly managing to keep himself standing despite leaning his entire weight onto you. You manage to coax him to drink some water while Seokjin makes quick work of the sheets, and collapsing back into a fresh dry duvet is for sure worth the effort. You cuddle into Jeongguk’s back, the bunny hybrid curling into his alpha’s chest as Seokjin throws his arm around both of you.
“Goodnight,” You whisper into the darkness of the room, Jeongguk and Seokjin giving you sleepy sounds in return. You can’t help but smile, the butterflies in your stomach going wild at just how content and happy you feel. You press a soft kiss to Jeongguk’s nape, lips barely touching his skin. You can’t wait for tomorrow.
Tumblr media
a/n: if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖 seokjin's rut is happening next, i hope you're all ready 👀 sorry for the long break, university had to take priority for a bit :( but i'm almost done now, only a few weeks left! the boys might have slight breeding kinks (heh), but there will be no actual pregnancies/children during this fic. y/n is on the pill, it just isn't explicity stated. thank you all so much for sticking with the story for over a year, it means the world to me!!
see you all soon, stay safe! <3
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chateautae · 8 months ago
bts masterlist
welcome  — [♡]
Tumblr media
❝ desire an escape to a world anew? you’ve come to the right place. ❞
MUST be 18 years or older to read mature content, rated ‘(m)’. 
© chateautae ; do not repost, replicate or translate any works without explicit permission. 
ot7 masterlists
‘high-class’ masterlist
‘frat house friends’ masterlist
Tumblr media
blueberry muffins (m).
genre : office!au, ceo!jin, s2l!au, smut, fluff
— “kim seokjin has a photographic memory that allows him to remember every face in his company. but upon discovering who steals all his blueberry muffins every week, he never once remembers seeing you.”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon
embers of the fire (m).
genre : established relationship!au, married!au, angst, fluff, smut
— "your marriage with seokjin is slowly dwindling, and so is your love. but as you near the end of it all, it's not long before an unexpected event reminds you why you’ve always loved each other."
» coming soon
vice versa (m).
genre : established relationship!au, smut, slight angst
— “you were always more of the jealous type compared to seokjin, but when he sees someone vying for your attention, it’s not long before his envy grows stronger than yours.” 
» coming soon
Tumblr media
hard liquor (m).
genre : college!au, smut, pwp, some fluff
— “you’re a lightweight drinker, and min yoongi isn’t. when he offers to show you the ropes on how to hold your liquor, his lessons suddenly turn into much more.”
» coming soon
if it’s you (m).
genre : ceo!yoongi, oc!reader, childhood friends to lovers!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “love has never been on min yoongi’s agenda, especially with his laborious position leading his father’s architecture company in the u.s. whenever it came to his little sister’s best friend, however, there was always something that made him want to try.”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon
pull me closer (m).  
genre : non idol!au, fluff, eventual smut
— “kicking it back with your friends every movie night had all been fun and games until somebody started inviting min yoongi—and week by week, things get much closer than you expected."
» coming soon 
Tumblr media
 why can't we (m).
genre : childhood bestfriends!au, college!au, angst, smut, fluff 
— "jung hoseok is your dad’s best friend’s son, the same boy you've always cherished. somewhere along the line love began to taint your relationship, and even if you and hoseok never seem to find a middle ground when it comes to your feelings, it all comes full circle one hot summer."
» coming soon
all mine (m).
genre : ceo!hoseok, bartender!reader, co-workers to lovers!au, smut, fluff, slight angst
— “jung hoseok is the owner of all things good; CEO of the most infamous clubs across Korea, copious amounts of alcohol and heart-pumping music. but the one thing he can never seem to be the owner of is your heart, and he’ll keep trying until he has it all.”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon
Tumblr media
at a crossroads (m).
genre : arranged marriage!au, established relationship!au, smut, fluff
— “kim namjoon’s arranged marriage has always meant very little to him, but what happens when his wife must become his secretary after losing her job, and things become much closer than he ever expected?”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon 
Tumblr media
flirt (m).  
genre : college!au, sexual tension, smut 
— “park jimin is a notorious flirt, but so are you. when you both meet at a party after weeks of back and forth, it’s a matter of time before somebody gives in.” 
the getaway (m). 
genre : college!au, smut, fluff, slight angst
— "when park jimin only has a couple days to find a girl for his friends' annual spring break getaway, he settles on you as his choice." 
» coming soon
saviour (m).
genre : college!au, fake dating!au, f2l, fluff, eventual smut
— “when an act of kindness for a stranger goes awry, you're dubbed a saviour they’re unconviced of leaving alone. that’s when you enlist in park jimin’s help; to act as your fake boyfriend to get the message across. but, little did you know park jimin would become your saviour, and maybe even a little more.”
» coming soon
honor-bound (m).
genre : arranged marriaged!au, ceo!jimin, childhood enemies to lovers!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “when park jimin finds out he must marry you, his childhood enemy turned uncontrollable heiress, and is also required to re-integrate you into the business scene, he’s quick to dismiss his duties. but it’s not long before being with you turns into much more than an obligation.”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon
100 m/hour (m).
genre : nonidol!au, smut
— "what exactly happens when you and your friends have to pile into one car for the ride home and find yourself sitting in park jimin's lap?"
» coming soon
Tumblr media
maybe i do (m). (series)
genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, smut, fluff, angst
— “ maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
work out for me (m).
genre : established relationship!au, boyfriend!tae, workout!tae, pwp, smut
— “interrupting your boyfriend's workout session was either the best mistake you made, or the worst... especially for your legs.”
saudade (m).
genre : idol!au, established relationship!au, angst. smut, fluff
— “a demanding idol lifestyle was something taehyung and yourself were all too familiar with. It wasn’t so hard when considering your unconditional love for one another, but lately, taehyung wasn’t the same anymore; and you decide it's time to find out why.”
the most wonderful time of the year (m).
genre : nonidol!au, f2l, fluff, smut
— " taehyung hasn’t seen you since high school graduation, but when he finds himself in need of a date for his friend’s annual christmas party, running into you is like a godsend; especially when he once had feelings for you, and little did he know, you felt the same way all along."
*part of ksmutclub's winter project 2020!*
guns & roses (m).
genre : mafia!au, mafia leader!tae, established relationship!au, fluff, smut
— "he was cold-blooded, stone-faced and ruthless; a formidable force anyone in the criminal underworld sought to destroy. and he didn't care, so long as it was never you.. anything but you."
» coming soon
as long as we last (m). 
genre :  supernatural!au, vampire!tae, ?? to lovers!au, angst, fluff, smut
— “near the precipice of death, your life flashes before your eyes in episodic memories. everything is familiar until odd glimpses of a man you've never met before appear, dawning happy memories you don't remember making. all would've been well except for the fact that you never die, and one day see the same mysterious man in waking life. seeking the truth behind your lost memories, it's not long before your world entangles with his.
and you find out exactly who he is, along with what he meant to you.”
» coming soon
red (m).
genre : established relationship!au, business!au, smut
— “with an event to attend in an hour, taehyung watches you get ready in that silk red robe of yours he adores. but the longer he waits, the more he wants to take it off.” 
» coming soon
strawberry sensations (m).
genre : roommate!au, college!au, e2l!au, angst, smut, fluff
— “you're thrilled when you finally find a place to live... except it's with kim taehyung, your sworn enemy you can never stand, only your shared love for strawberries keeping you two from killing each other in the same apartment. however, the line between love and hate eventually blurs, and you never knew taehyung could be as sweet as strawberries.” 
» coming soon
cyber sex (m). 
genre : camgirl/boy!au, pwp, smut, some fluff 
— “after weeks of camgirling with your favourite camboy, it’s time to take it to the next level when he asks you to meet in person.” 
» coming soon
of fire and ice (m). 
genre : fantasy!au, frenemies to lovers!au, fluff, eventual smut, angst
— "the four elements along with variants are practiced by 'elementals' in the grand city of jayeon. attending training camp as an ice user, a variant of water, you never expected to get caught up with kim taehyung, the camp's most notorious fire user. however, the more time you spend together, falling in love becomes easy and there’s just one problem with that—elementals are prohibited from being with anyone outside their own element."
» coming soon
punishment (m).
genre : established relationship!au, smut
— "after finding out taehyung spills all the details of your sex life to his friends, you decide to tease him under the table during a night out. fed up with your antics, taehyung teaches you a lesson." 
» coming soon
Tumblr media
here i come (m).
genre : college!au, smut
— “tipsy hide-and-seek turns into more when you and jeon jungkook choose the same closet to hide in.”
the lines between us (m). 
genre : detective!au, partner!jungkook, e2l!au, fwb!au, slight fantasy!au, one-shot, smut, angst
—  “you’re detective partners who hate each other’s guts and everyone knows it. what they don’t know however, is that there’s so much more between the lines, and he knows damn well how to rearrange your guts too.”
» coming soon
shots, shots, shots (m).
genre : college!au, angst, smut, fluff
— “there was nothing more you hated than needles, but jeon jungkook was a close second. finding yourself having to attend your monthly appointments for contraceptive shots, alone, jungkook’s odd suggestion to tag along one day gives you more than what you bargained for.” 
» coming soon
to turn a bad thing good (m).
genre : arranged marriage!au, ceo!jungkook, fwb!au (?), s2l!au, smut, fluff, angst
— “jungkook’s drunken one night stand goes awry when he comes to learn not only is he being forced into an arranged marriage, but it’s to the very girl he abandoned that night—and things get a lot more complicated when you’re the best hookup he’s ever had.”
*part of the ‘high-class’ series!*
» coming soon
strings attached (m).
genre : brother’s bestfriend!au, age gap!au (3 years), fwb!au, rockstar!jk, smut, fluff, angst
“in a world where jungkook should be wrong, why does he feel so, so right?”
— “leather-wearing, blonde-haired and tattooed jeon jungkook is bad news, but a natural at playing the guitar. seeking lessons, maybe you learn the guitar, but maybe you also learn jungkook isn’t so bad after all, especially when he’s got his tongue down your throat. that would’ve been perfect, except for one, small problem; he’s your older brother’s best friend.”
» coming soon
high speed (m). 
genre : non idol!au, biker!jungkook, fluff, slight angst, eventual smut
— “your life was the definition of boring and slow, until a stranger with a bike, tattoos and a leather jacket came riding into your life, turning everything high speed.”
» coming soon
eat the rich (m). 
genre : non idol!au, heir!jungkook, e2l!au, angst, smut 
— “when a fundraising event for local food businesses causes jeon jungkook, heir to seoul’s most powerful food conglomerate to meet you, a waitress at a restaurant, your views on class make you an instant mismatch; but not as incompatible as you think.”
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zibermuda · 4 months ago
ego killer (3/final) || jjk
Tumblr media
Summary — As a fresh college drop-out, Jungkook has to navigate the world with a bit more enthusiasm than he put into his studies. A lot changes, but what doesn't is his desire to make you his. Rough sex, lewd acts at dubious locations, and a (not-so-well) hand-written note is what it'll take.
Genre — smut, fluff, angst (fuckboy!jk, nerdy!oc)
Words — 9,548
Warnings — jk dyes his hair blonde, jk masturbates to your photos, jk gets more tattoos, unprotected sex, bondage, throat fucking, orgasm denial, breath play, finger sucking, oral sex (male & female receiving), cum eating, cum play, hair pulling, rough handling, crying from over-stimulation, dirty talk, deep-dicking, marking/hickeys, fingering, teasing, licking, spitting, spanking, jk hits it from da back, swearing
one | two | three/final
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
Where did we last leave off? Right! Jungkook put aside his pride, strolled to the administration building, and made the decision to withdraw from his college units. Taehyung said some questionable things that you might hate him for later, and you probably waltzed back to your dorm-room to study for a questionable number of hours. It doesn’t really matter what you or Taehyung did, though, because this is about Jungkook. He made a tough choice; he’s no longer enrolled in college, and when the pretty lady sitting behind the front desk tells him just that, his lips quirk into a small smile. What does he feel? Relief, freedom, but not in the free-bird sense.. In the half-dead-spider-that-was-just-throw-out-of-someone’s-house sense.
He feels somewhat content with his life, but then he wonders what you’ll think of his decision and his happiness turns into shame.
He wants to tell you, to be proud of himself, but there’s a voice in the back of his mind telling him to feel otherwise. You might just try to convince him to re-enrol and make it to graduation. You see things in people that others tend to skim over and have the ability to understand most, but you might not understand this. All you do is spend your free time studying and organizing events for your marketing club, and all you’ve ever been told by your parents is that working hard, graduating college with honors, and getting a fancy office job is the key to life. You’ve never been a quitter, and even though what he did isn’t quitting, you might see it as such because that’s what you’ve been conditioned to think.
He isn’t a quitter. That’s gotta be pretty obvious at this point.
He said this to you; he’s just good at finding out what doesn’t work for him and that’s more than okay. Taking a different path to the average Joe doesn’t equate to quitting. There’s no single path in life that a person must take and he knows that. He just has no idea how to explain that to you. Maybe you already know that. Maybe he’s just afraid of being vulnerable.
Taehyung doesn’t say much else when Jungkook heads for the exit. All he does is smirk a little like this is an act of karma. If only he knew that karma was just a bus-stop away from reaching him instead. 

Jungkook takes the bus home — not the karma bus, just the regular public bus — plays an intense game of Greedy Smurf’s Baking on his phone, does, like, fifty push-ups on his bedroom floor out of boredom, and then jogs toward the house-phone as it frantically rings from the living room. And, even though there’s no way you’d have the number to the house phone, he still holds hope that the caller is you. Alas, it's the police station. They've officially released his dad from his cell and need somebody to collect and take him home. There's nothing Jungkook would rather do less than walk into a building full of authorities, see his dad slumped up against the wall, and have to drag him back to his truck because he’s already hit stage one of alcohol withdrawal. But, he has to and he does, and during the drive home, he’s somewhat glad that he did. It may be hard to believe, but his dad can be useful at times of soberness.

The car-ride is silent for the most part, with the exception of his dad’s obnoxious string of sighs and deep breaths. Jungkook doesn’t say much, either. All he can hear is the humming of the engine and his own heartbeat ringing in his ears. But, if he really wanted to, he could fill his head with your pretty voice.
His dad slumps back in the passenger seat and looks out of the window to avoid all possible eye contact with his kid. There’s not a lot to look at; a few fields of damp grass, a cow or two, a grey sky, and whatever hallucination his brain has created. “How was college?”
“I quit.” Jungkook feels no shame in telling his dad. Why? Because he’s never cared for or considered his opinions. His dad lost his right to give fatherly-advice once he took that first sip of whiskey.
“You didn't quit. You just moved on to better things.” His dad mutters as he rubs the slightly-greying-but-still-relatively-dark stubble on his chin with his thick, callused fingers. He adds something and Jungkook wishes that he hadn’t. “Just like your dad.”
Just like your dad. This is the second time he’s heard that comparison today and it feels just as awful hearing it as it did the first time. Maybe even more so. They may look physically similar; dark hair, big brown eyes, a handsome smile, and a broad build; but, that’s as much as he’ll accept.
“You’re a man now.” His dad ponders for a few moments before dishing out more of his unsolicited thoughts. “You need a job. Get one at the diner in town. I’m sure they’d take you.”
Jungkook debates the idea in his mind, but is quick to conclude that he has no right to. He needs a job, something productive to pass the time, something that’ll make him feel a little less like a failure. He doesn’t even care that the idea was molded and created in his dad’s cruel head. He’s going to get that job at the diner and he’s going to be the best damn busboy anybody has ever seen. For once in his life, he feels a need to prove something, not only to others, but to himself. Whether it be cleaning the bathrooms at the sketchiest nightclub in town or working with the finest lawyers in the city, he’ll find a way to matter in society.
He’ll find a place.
But, when he returns home, he doesn’t quite shut himself away in his bedroom to watch a revolutionary TED talk on something he doesn’t understand. Instead, he pulls up a seat at his desk and starts typing something with a lot more letters than ‘’.
Hang on a minute.. Could he be doing something productive for once?
This might be the second time in the two years that he’s owned this laptop that he’s using it with the intention of pursuing something that’ll actually be beneficial to his future. Porn tabs, Tetris scores, and Reddit up-votes will only get you so far in life.
He’s made his way to one of your social media accounts so he can touch himself to a very average photo of you. And, no, this isn’t the first time.
Shamelessly, he slumps back in his chair, unzips his jeans, and runs his thumb over the tip of his hardening cock. He imagines his fingers as your own, or better yet, your tongue. You may be a good girl with grades higher than his sex drive, but you sure as hell know how to take a throat-fuck.
Is this insanely perverted and unhealthy? Probably, but he needs to do something about all of this pent-up frustration. Some due to his new life, some from the pain of not having you on speed-dial anymore, but the majority comes from the times he has had you; from behind, from the side, with his fingers in your mouth.
Jungkook deals with his issues two ways; he either kicks a soccer ball through somebody’s living room window, or he fucks it out. The former isn’t an option anymore because.. y’know.. character development, and the latter is far too difficult to arrange right now.
You’re not physically here, but he can see you very clearly on his screen. Your smile, pretty eyes, the exposed skin of your neck, and the fingers that have been dragged down his back many times before. You look like an extremely average student in this photo, but he sees so much more.
He could visualize you spread out on his bed in nothing than your pair of Hello Kitty panties, but he’s already opted to spare himself the mental gymnastics. 
“Fuck..” It falls from his mouth in a groan, but if you listen hard enough, it could be taken for a whimper.
His lips hang ajar as he drags his eyes from yours to the lame band shirt you’re wearing. So fucking lame. But, he finds you so fucking sexy. What exactly have you done to him? Better yet, what could you be doing right now? You’re probably studying in the library or being attentive during a boring lecture with your endless supply of stationery and sticky notes. The chances are slim at this time of the day, but you could be doing the same thing as him; back pressed against your mattress, fingers dancing between your thighs, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. What he’d give to see that in person.
The mental gymnastics has well and truly begun now; his mind is doing back-flips and somersaults just to paint the perfect picture of your body. To stop would be detrimental.
He tightens the grip around the base of his cock before sliding his palm up and down the length at a master-masturbator pace. At this point in life, he’s touched himself more times than he’s formulated coherent sentences.
His breathing grows rapid with each stroke and his dark hair falls over his low eyes. He can almost feel your skin pressed against his and your stuttered breath fanning against his neck. He can visualize your legs and thighs straddling his, your hips dipping as you fuck yourself on his cock, the furrow in your eyebrows, the feeling of your nails digging into his traps. He can see all of you and he doesn’t want it to stop.
Pre-cum leaks from the tip of his cock and runs over his fingers, and his breathing deepens further until low whines begin to follow closely behind each breath. He can hear you now; your sultry moans, the vulgar curse words that slip from your lips, his name on your tongue.
“Oh, fuck.. Y/N..” Your name falls from his lips in a pathetic stutter; something that’s been useful in speeding up your own orgasms at the best of times.
He’s done a lot worse than this; you have a pair of thighs, and with having thighs comes the joys of compression while sitting in a lecture. You usually wear jeans, but on the odd day that you rock a pair of shorts or a skirt, your thighs press against the seat like it’s nobody’s business. And, during lectures like those, he found himself shuffling in his seat just for an ounce of friction. Shamelessly, of course. He can’t get enough of you, but the best part is; he knows this feeling goes both ways.
He knows you’ve touched yourself to the thought of him and he knows you won’t ever resist the temptation he presents. From an outside perspective, he has you wrapped around his finger. But, if you really get to know the story, you’d figure out quite quickly that it’s the opposite.
Tumblr media
If you have an adequate imagination, I want you to picture this; it’s a gloomy evening with an 86 percent chance of rain, the sky is a shade of oxford blue, and the stars are too shy to show themselves. There’s a small town with a narrow road running through it. Clothing, jewellery, fresh produce, charity, and home decor stores live parallel to each-other on either side of said road. But, what’s most important is that little diner pushed further toward the nearing forest. How do we know it’s a diner? By the bright, neon-red lettering perched atop the building. Technically, it’s a ‘dinr’, but we’ll just pretend that the letter ‘e’ has electricity powering through it.
Jungkook landed himself a job at this diner a couple of days ago. ‘Landed’ is an understatement; he crash-landed like a comet from outer-space. The interview went swimmingly and he was hired on the spot. Who knew having no filter, failing to feel awkward in social situations, and having relatively good hand-to-eye coordination would be the perfect characteristics for the busboy role? The uniform is quite cute, too; a black apron which is rarely tied properly around his waist, old sneakers, and his favourite plaid pants. His presentation could be a little better, but his customer service couldn’t. Where there’s a customer, there’s something for him to talk about. Whenever there’s an issue, he’s quick to resolve it. No matter the age or generational difference, he can welcome conversation. It’s a talent, really, but it’s definitely not his only one. You know that more than most women.. But, that’s beside the point!
Jungkook has never been good at expressing himself, but he’s made an attempt at doing just that on the back of an old receipt. He keeps it in his back pocket and scribbles on it whenever he has a moment of understanding toward his feelings for you.
He’s worked more day than night shifts, but prefers the moodiness of working during the hours of the night. There’s something oddly artsy about the way the red neon sign lights up the parking lot and the surrounding trees. Plus, it also means that he can spend the majority of his daytime targeting different muscle groups at the gym.
It’s currently 7:32PM and his shift ends in 30 minutes, but something — more accurately,  someone — all-too-familiar makes him wish that it had ended a little sooner. Who has he seen, exactly? A pretty face sitting opposite one he’d like to slam into the table several times.
“Stop loitering.” The general manager (and the general fryer) waves his greasy, chubby hand in front of Jungkook’s face. He’s sporting the same black apron, but it has a few holes, a few loose strings, and struggles to fit around the roundness of his stomach. His hair is jet black and tucked underneath a grease-stained diner hat. “And, why can I see an empty glass on table four? I don’t pay you to do nothing.”
You’re here. You shouldn’t be (according to Jungkook), but you are. Taehyung is here too, and by the looks of it, you two are on a date. A diner? Seriously? And, this diner? Jungkook knows Taehyung is a snidey little cunt, but he went above and beyond by dragging you all the way out to the very place he works at. This is no coincidence. Taehyung knows everything that goes on within a 500 mile radius and he definitely knew of Jungkook’s recent employment. Well.. technically, his parents know everything, but they have mouths larger than the Atlantic ocean and a friend group nosier than a family of anteaters.
Alas, Jungkook has a job to do; clear that empty strawberry milkshake glass from your table. There’s a (very slim) chance you that won’t recognize him, or be bothered to look up from your pancake stack. Or, maybe you’re far too engrossed in whatever bullshit Taehyung is spilling from his lips to acknowledge your surroundings.
He’s foolish to even consider those things because you notice a presence moving toward your table almost instantly. Even if you lacked social awareness, that eucalyptus tattoo inked into his hand is unforgettable and you’re quick to recognize as it reaches for your glass.
"Jungkook..?” His name falls from your lips before you can even reconsider. “You work here?”
All he does is offer you a small smile and waver his eyes over your outfit. You’re wearing a black, over-the-knee dress with short, matching heels. It’s very clear that you thought you’d be going to a restaurant with a little more class. “You look nice.”
“Oh.. thank you.” Your voice is sweet, which is nothing new, but it’s something that he likes about you. He likes it a little too much, but he can thank his apron for hiding the fact.
You could return the gesture just as eagerly. You can’t believe how attractive he is and how you always manage to have this same thought every time you lay your eyes on him. Maybe he’s turned you into a sex fiend. Maybe something in you knows that nobody can satisfy you quite like he can. Yeah, you have a new found appetite for sex, but what if it’s only for his sex? Seokjin said that you were lucky to find someone in the world — let alone on campus — to have decent sex with.
“You don’t, though.” Jungkook directs his insult toward Taehyung before heading toward the kitchen door with your empty glass in hand.
Taehyung scoffs at the diss. No matter what Jungkook does — whether it be unproductive or productive — he won’t ever give him credit. “Classy.”
You might be wondering; why does Taehyung hate Jungkook so much? I haven’t explained it in great detail yet, but it’s because he doesn’t put any effort into anything. Jungkook doesn’t work hard, but he still gets what he wants. He spent his entire college career causing trouble and ignoring his academic responsibilities, but, somehow, the entire school still wanted to befriend him and the teachers gave him leniency. Taehyung was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his own head up his ass, but he puts effort into a lot of things; his friends, his grades, his social status, his appearance, and even his sabotaging and bullying.
A lot of things come naturally to Jungkook; his sex appeal, his ability to make and maintain friendships, his humor, his status. He doesn’t have to try, but he knows that he has to if he wants a better future for himself.
Taehyung has been unsuccessful in sabotaging Jungkook’s previous accomplishments, but he’s certain that he can ruin what he has with you. You’re the last straw. You’re too smart for Jungkook, too kind, and you don’t deserve to be dragged down by him. If anyone deserves you, it’s Taehyung. That’s what he truly believes.
There are other pressing issues on your mind, though. Since when did Jungkook start working? Wouldn’t he have texted you to let you know? He usually texts you if he finds a quarter on the floor. It doesn’t make sense to you.
“I’m glad he’s finally gone.” Taehyung says before popping a slice of crispy bacon into his mouth. “He was a drain on resources.”
“Gone? What do you mean gone?” The question is directed at him, but you can’t pull your eyes away from the door Jungkook has just vanished behind. Seeing him feels so good, but you don’t know why. You feel safer being here, like if anything were to go wrong, he would have your back. Maybe the toned biceps and thighs have something to do with it.. Definitely.
“Haven’t you heard?” Taehyung’s expression changes into one of pure joy. It’s like he’s filled to the brim with excitement because he of all people has the privilege of dishing out the awful news. “He dropped out a couple of days ago. Thought you knew.” 
You shouldn’t feel irritated — because this is Jungkook’s life and he has the right to do whatever the hell he wants with it — but, he didn’t even bother to tell you. That’s what irks you. Was he trying to hide the fact because he’s embarrassed, or does he feel that a friendship between the two of you isn’t worth it anymore? “He didn’t tell me..”
Jungkook doesn’t show his face for the rest of the time you spend sat at that table. And, by the time the meal has been paid for and you’ve returned to the passenger seat of Taehyung’s car, he still doesn’t make an appearance. You can’t pull your eyes away from the diner’s display of front windows.
Somewhere along the lines, the night sky clouds over and heavy rain begins to pound down on the roof of Taehyung’s sports car with undue strength. His car is the only one in this parking lot, with the exception of the general manager’s four-wheeler (don’t ask) and Jungkook’s busted truck.
“I had fun.” Taehyung’s voice snaps you from your thoughts. He drapes an arm around the back of your seat and offers you a genuine smile.
You turn to meet his gaze and return the gesture. “Me too.”
His other hand wanders up your thigh before his eyes do and you’re not entirely sure why. He’s looking at you like you’re a piece of meat, like you just said something suggestive. You definitely didn’t. His ability to make something out of nothing would be credible in any other moment but this.
“Not here.” You brush his eager fingers away and offer a sheepish grin. “Can we go back to campus?”
For a reason unbeknownst to you, his kind expression shifts into one of distaste. The silence that follows lingers for only a couple of seconds.
“..Can you get out?” He mutters while his eyes burn into the steering wheel. He’s far to heated to look at you directly. If he did, he’d probably just attack you for wearing earrings worth less than $500. “Like now.”
“What..?” You can barely believe your ears. He’s never acted this way around you before. He’s never seemed selfish or judgemental, but this night is enlightening you in the worst way possible. “It’s pouring outside. How am I supposed to get back?”
“Get the bus or something.”
It’s your turn to scoff. You can’t quite tell if he’s joking or not, but his inability to look you in the eyes confirms that he’s being deadly serious. Despite your disbelief, you do exactly as he asks.
“Oh, and by the way.” He dishes out his final words over the sound of the pouring rain. “I know you’ve been fucking Jungkook behind my back, so I took the liberty of fucking the chick who runs the accounting club.”
And, then he speeds off in his parents sports car and leaves you standing in the rain like a fool. You respect your well-being enough to run for cover underneath the overhang of the diner. But, do you have too much pride to ask Jungkook for a ride back to campus? A short debate in the cold brings you to a very abrupt conclusion; no, you don’t.
The diner is warm when you re-enter and it makes you glad that you did. A few water droplets fall from your hair and drip down your bare arms, making you shiver a little. You look like a mess, but at least you’re a mess without hypothermia. It smells like coffee, pancakes, and grease in here, but you’ve never been happier to get a whiff of the combination.
“Hi, sorry to bother you..” It’s just your luck that the large man who had served you earlier is still lingering behind the counter. He has a rag in his hand and a dirtier, second rag slung over his broad shoulder. He looks no older than fifty. “Is Jungkook still here?”
“He’s in the back washing up.” He halts for a moment to listen for the sounds of manual labor. His voice is a husky like he smokes a few packs during his lunch-break alone. “He better be, anyway.”
You look sad and in distress, and that’s one of the very few things he can’t stand to see in a young woman. So, he drops his hard-as-nails act for a moment and summons Jungkook with a loud, abrupt yell of his name. And, like a trained puppy, Jungkook pushes open the kitchen doors and wanders over. His black apron is in his hands, so that must mean his shift has just ended and he was about to head home. You’re so incredibly lucky to have caught him beforehand.
Jungkook looks at you with confusion written all over his handsome face. “What’s wrong?”
“He left.” It embarrasses you to even say those words out loud. “Taehyung, I mean.”
His expression shifts to one you’d never like to see again. He looks like he’s ready to step into a boxing ring to fight to the death. “What do you mean he left?”
You shrug like it’s no big deal, but it is. You feel like crying, like going over every single interaction you’ve ever had with Taehyung just to make sense of this. “He just got upset.”
It’s decent of him to not press any further, but you know this isn’t something he’s ever going to let go of. “Yeah, I’ll give you a ride.”
The car ride is completely silent, but if you had to ability to read minds, you’re sure you wouldn’t hear the end of his distaste toward Taehyung. You can see him glancing toward you every so often in the corner of your eye, but you’re really not in the mood to talk about what happened. You’re still trying to understand it yourself.
The heavy rain subsides and at most, drizzles. This weather is a wonderful reflection of tonight’s events, if you really think about it. Also, if you hadn’t dragged your eyes over to the keys jingling in the ignition, you wouldn’t have noticed the Hello Kitty key ring. He kept it and appreciated the gift enough to attach it to his keys. A smile tugs at your mouth at the gesture.
As he pulls up in the main campus parking lot, you thank him, but as you hop out of the truck, an offer slips from your lips before you can reconsider. “Do you want to hang out?”
“When?” He replies faster than you offer.
“Now.” It’s a speed contest at this point. The pair of you are more eager than a suburban mom with a taste for home-renovation. “Tonight.”
And, that’s exactly what goes down. He parks his truck and pays for parking like a lawful citizen, walks with you to your dormitory in the darkness of the night (with the exception of LED lights smartly hidden in the bushes), and then wanders around your room like it’s an art gallery. He hasn’t been here in a while.
Jungkook has always been a nosy son of a bitch and that proves true once his curious hands wander from your jewellery box to the top drawer of your dresser. Some socks, plain bras, and panties are tucked neatly in said drawer, but something far more interesting catches his eye.
“Never seen these before.” He says with a delicate, red, lacy panty hanging from his index finger.
“Oh my god.” You shriek before snatching the garment from his grasp and stuffing it back into your private drawer. “Don’t look in there!”
“Why can’t I?” He lays his back on your mattress and emits a bores sigh. It smells so much like your perfume and the shampoo you’re so fond of. He recalls the same scent from all the times he’s fucked you from behind with his face buried in the crook of your neck. You always smell so nice. “I’ve seen a lot more than your panties.”
You brush off the embarrassment in the only way you know how; by changing the subject. “Were you ever going to tell me?”
He may not pick up on the simplest social cues, but he knows exactly what you’re referring to. “Eventually.”
“Eventually.” You repeat with an unsure nod and take a seat next to him. “Do you know what you’re doing?”
He chuckles at your question — not because it’s funny — but because it’s a question he hadn’t even thought to ask himself before leaving college. Maybe he should’ve. Maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference. “Does it matter?”
“Of course it matters.”
“How was your date? Aside from being ditched?” His own subject change comes out like venom, but he doesn’t mean it to. He’s pissed off at himself more than anyone else. He knows he should’ve made a move long before Taehyung came into the picture. Things would be easier.
“He acted like an asshole.”
“You like assholes.”
“You’re not an asshole.”
He’s quick to redistribute his weight to his elbows. The new position does wonders to his biceps and shoulders. “You just admitted that you like me.”
Your belated response is contradictory. “No, I didn’t. Don’t be silly.”
He won’t lie to himself; your words damage his pride. The better half of him is suspicious of your answer, but the other half wants to spend the rest of the evening trespassing on construction sites and adding water to every bag of cement just to be an asshole.
“Don’t lie to me.” He sits up properly and gazes at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid his eyes on. The gap between your faces grows smaller and smaller, but it doesn’t quite close.
He smells and looks amazing, and his lips look as inviting as usual, but, as irresistible as he is, something inside of you is still holding onto another chance with Taehyung. Why? No fucking idea. Maybe this is your way of denying your feelings for Jungkook for as long as you can. That’s if you even have any.
“I’m going to call him in the morning. Maybe we can talk it out.”
“Are you kidding me?” His head clouds for reasons unrelated to sex. “Y/N. He left you out in the rain, at a town you don’t know, and in the dark. What if I wasn’t working tonight? You’d still be stuck if he took you to any other place.”
You shrug, but you know he’s right. There’s no defense for Taehyung and you shouldn’t try to pull one out of thin air. You also shouldn’t let your eyes drop to Jungkook’s lips, but you do it anyway. This is the biggest hint of the night, but the difference is; you want him to act on it.
He hesitates at first, watching your expression for a green light. And, when he finds it, he kisses you. A sharp intake of breath follows in suit. He’s missed having you like this; needy for him, practically begging with your eyes, his for a night. He’d give up his favorite hobby just for the chance to touch you.
The kiss is sweet, filled with a longing, and a passion for perfection, but is quick to turn messy. He sucks your bottom lip into his mouth while his eager hand works its way up your thigh and underneath your dress. His touch makes you shudder and laces your skin with goosebumps. 
It feels familiar, like you never want to be anywhere else but in his grasp.
Slowly, he hooks his fingers underneath the band of your panties and drags them down your thighs and off at the feet. The act alone is enough to have your breath shaky.
“Relax, Kitty.” He coos, but all it does it make you ten times more eager. He wants to do everything with you at the same time; make you cry, make you suck his fingers; his cock, fuck you so deep that you forget your own name, punish you for even considering giving Taehyung a second chance. He wants to fuck you so well that you never give a second thought to anybody else. But, first, he wants you to beg for him, to be the only one you want. He knows he can make you.
Jungkook backs you against the mattress, presses a reassuring kiss against your lips, and then swiftly turns you on your stomach. He does it with such ease that you could be genuinely convinced that you weigh nothing more than that of a feather.
As much as he loves the front view, he’d kill for the back. He’s caught himself staring at your ass and the back of your thighs countless times, but the knowing didn’t actually make him do it any less. Everything about you is enough to make him stare; your lips, eyes, tits, ass. He could stare all night.
He pulls your arms out from underneath you and secures your wrists behind your back with your panties. They’re a pretty, pink bikini-style with a cotton body and lace trimmings. But, the fact that you put these on for your date with Taehyung pisses him off even more. There’s no point in being gentle with you. You need to know who you belong to.
He hikes your dress over your hips before roughly dragging his tongue up your pussy, along the curve of your spine, and then back into your mouth. This kiss is as messy as it comes; saliva-dominated and pornhub premium worthy.
“You drive me so fucking crazy.” He mutters against your wet lips, but you can only hum in response.
He touches you like he was made to do just that, stimulating you like you’ve never been stimulated. He flicks his tongue against your clit and elicits the prettiest moans from your lips. The sounds are enough to have his cock hard against his stomach and the veins in his forearms protruding at the sudden blood-rush. He parts your pussy lips and dips his tongue deep into your cunt until you’re struggling against the restraints.
“Please..” Your voice is breathless. He loves it when you beg. “Please..”
“Please what?” His own voice is leaking with dominance.
You’re shameless at this point. There’s no point in feeling shame when he has you tied up with your own panties and his eyes on your drooling pussy. “Please fuck me.”
Jungkook pushes his knee in-between your thighs to draw out a whine from your mouth and to deepen the arch in your back. He’s definitely going to fuck you, but he also wants to fuck your pretty little mouth for lying to him. He knows you like him. The cocky side to him has well and truly revealed itself. “Not yet.”
Abruptly, he wraps the length of your hair around his fist and pulls your back flush against his chest. The whimper that falls from your lips makes his cock jerk against your inner thigh. “Wanna fuck your mouth first.”
He isn’t kidding, either, and guides you to the edge of the bed, where he stands over you with a hand tangled in your hair and the other around the base of his cock. His grip on your hair tightens as you take the length of his cock into your mouth. He isn’t kind about it and pushes himself down your throat until tears prick the corners of your eyes. Your mouth is warm and wet against his skin and it makes him eager to rock his hips.
“Good girl.” He praises as he slowly fucks your mouth. The moans that fall from his lips and the squelching sound of his cock pushing down your throat are the only sounds you’re interested in hearing. “My good girl.”
Arousal leaks from your pussy and dampens the sheets underneath you at his words. It’s difficult for you to admit it, but you love his attention. You love it when he praises you during sex, when he spent all of those hours flirting with you during lectures, when he cursed Taehyung’s name during the first time you two had sex. You like it all.
Your lips grow slick with your own saliva as you bob your head up and down his cock and gag on the length. Whatever mascara you were wearing prior has made its way down your face, and the fabric wrapped around your wrists is tied too tightly for you to break free, so you don’t bother fighting against it.
"Mm.. Just like that." He groans at the feeling of your tongue swirling against the tip of his cock and the sight of your desperate face. You look a little wide-eyed, like you’re worried about your throat giving out. “Fuck, baby.. You look so pretty.”
You do everything to draw him closer to his climax; hollowing your cheeks, holding eye contact no matter how tear-filled your eyes get, dribbling down your own chin, moaning to stimulate him with vibrations. You do such a good job, until you do a great job. But, instead of letting himself cum on your tongue, he tugs your head back by your hair and leans down to capture your mouth in a filthy, saliva-dominated kiss.
You find yourself laying exactly how he first intended; face down, ass up; and taking the rough spanks he lays on the curve of your ass.
Soothingly, he runs his hands down the exposed skin of your lower back and over the dark marks made from his hands, tongue, and teeth just seconds prior. You’re supposed to be this way; his.
Unlike the first kiss, he doesn’t ease you into it by fucking you slowly. He pushes his cock deep into your pussy until his lower abdomen grazes against your skin, and then he pulls out and fucks you like he’s wanted to everyday since the last time; hard, fast, until a light sheen of sweat forms on his skin, until you’re gasping for air and your thighs are shaking with pleasure.
Your moans, sobs, and the sound of your tight, wet pussy taking the full length of his cock are what drive him to ask you such a ballsy (ha!) question.
“Who do you belong to?” He purrs in your ear, but you’re far too lost in the pleasure to register his words. Your moans are a response in themself, but it’s not enough for him. He wants to hear you say it.
Completely unsatisfied with the lack of reply, he grabs a handful of your hair and jerks your head backward. “Answer me, Kitty. Who do you belong to?”
Your throat is raw and dry from his cock, and you can barely formulate your response with his cock buried deep inside your pussy. But, you try, and even though your voice doesn’t sound half as sweet as it usually does, he likes what he hears. “Yours! I’m y-yours! Fuck!”
Tears prick the corners of your eyes and soon leak down the apples of your cheeks. Your pussy clenches with each of his harsh thrusts and your arms ache from being so tightly restrained. 
The sex is everything you’ll ever look for in sex. He listens to your body and your voice until your vision floods with stars and your pussy clenches tightly around his thick cock for the final time tonight. It feels like heaven as he fucks you though your orgasm and rubs the sore skin of your ass. You definitely needed this and you don’t regret anything that happened tonight, not even with Taehyung. But, maybe that’s just the orgasm high talking.
With ease, he releases the fabric tied around your wrists and grins a little at the relieved groan you make. His cum pools on the curve of your back and slowly begins to run down your waist. But, like the dirty son of a bitch he is, he runs two fingers in the mess and pushes his coated digits past your lips and against your tongue.
And, then it ends and he doesn’t get to tell you he loves you. All he gets are brownie points for making you cum and a meaningless half an hour with you.
Jungkook doesn’t want to sound desperate — that’s the last thing he’d allow himself to be — but, he needs love more now than ever. He wants to feel a different kind of love; different to the momentary love his mom offers, different to the abusive love his father gives. He wants to confide in someone, to cry in front of someone knowing they’ll still run their fingers through his hair and tell him they’re proud of him, someone who has enough love flowing through their veins for the both of them. That’d be enough to give him a purpose in life. He sometimes thinks he’s sees his purpose in your eyes, but that’s seeming less and less true as time progresses.
It’s sex, really fucking good sex, but it’s just sex. He wishes he’d look into your eyes and find something more than that, but he never does. Or, maybe he just doesn’t know what it looks like. Maybe it isn’t in your eyes. Maybe it’s in your words, your actions, your thoughts, the margin of your textbooks. Wherever it’s hidden, he needs to find it before it’s too late.
“I gotta go.” He places a kiss on your lips before standing and re-dressing himself; pulling on one leg of his pants at a time and throwing his shirt over his head. His cheeks are a dusty pink shade and you can still see something eager in his eyes. It’s like he’s running away before he gets too involved, before he hurts himself.
He closes the door behind him and heads back to his truck with a head full of you, and his fingers rake through his dark hair in a feeble attempt to console himself.
With an intuitive smile plastered on your face and a high from your recent orgasm, you rub your sore wrists and allow your eyes to wander to the door, where a small piece of paper has been neglected. That can’t be yours. You’re way too obsessive about the cleanliness of your dorm-room. It must’ve fallen from Jungkook’s back pocket.
It’s been folded so many times that it fits into your palm with room to spare. You’re not entirely sure what to expect as you’re unfolding it, but once it’s fully unfolded and you’ve done your best at smoothing out any obtrusive creases, you realize what it is. It’s a love-letter. Well, technically it’s a receipt with a bunch of feelings he’s tried to put into words. But, it’s very much a love-letter and it’s addressed to you. The writing is minuscule and difficult to read, but the parts that you can read send an unprecedented rush of heat to your face. 
I love you. It’s not just about the sex. I can’t stop thinking about you.
He’s written many different phrasings of the same thing, but the message is as clear as day. The sex you just had with him wasn’t just sex to him, and maybe he’s felt this way during previous hook-ups, too. Maybe it wasn’t just sex to you, either, but you can’t quite put your finger on your own feelings.
You should text him and ask him about this. But, then again, maybe you shouldn’t. If he was ready for you to find out, he would’ve already told you. You’re right to hesitate because he isn’t ready. He isn’t ready to talk about his feelings. He can barely write them coherently on the back of a receipt.
Tumblr media
Like he promised weeks prior, Jungkook visits his mom who’s currently staying at her sisters house until she inevitably heads back to Australia. The pair of women were already sat in the living room with a cup of herbal tea in hand and an appetite for conversation, so when he knocks on the door, he’s greeted very enthusiastically.
“How’s college?” His aunt pries as she hands him a cup of tea that he’s never going to take a sip from. “I heard finals are coming up pretty soon.”
He knows he shouldn’t lie, especially not to some of the most important women in his life, but it falls from his lips before he can debate the morale behind it. “It’s fine.”
And, he gets away with it. They don’t press for anymore college-related answers, either, and instead start talking about the importance of a herb-rich diet. He mentally can’t take it anymore once his mom brings up the supposed health benefits mixing dirt in tea, so he excuses himself and heads down the hall and toward the bathroom.
The décor in his aunt’s house falls into the beach-mom-live-love-laugh vibe. He’s never seen so many jars full of shells or motivational signs strung up by frayed rope in his life. And, when he unzips his jeans and aims his piss directly into the water (just because he’s the type), he wonders why a ceramic crab has it’s beady little eyes on his. Who thought it was a good idea to sit a ceramic crab on the lid of the flush tank? In which magazine was that ever considered acceptable décor? His aunt, of course. She likes to be unique.
He does his thing with the supervision of the ceramic crab, and after all is said and done, he wanders toward the sink and pumps a generous amount of lavender-scented soap onto his palms. His eyes do what his eyes usually do; they wander. They wander to the shelving unit drilled into the wall, where multiple bottles of women’s perfume, spare toothpaste boxes, some waxing strips, and jewellery are stored, but what really strikes his interest is a little box of blonde hair dye. The women printed on the cover has long, natural-looking hair and a big smile on her face. She looks happy; something he doesn’t see in himself when he turns to look into the mirror.
He wants to be happy, too.
And, because he’s Jeon Jungkook and gives no thought to consequences, he rips open the thin card-box box, ignores the safety gloves, reads about three words printed on the product tube, dollops the bleach onto his head, and then does an alright job at using the hair-dye brush to coat his dark locks. The product smells awful; he’s never smelled anything quite like it. And, as he waits for his hair to lighten, sizzle, crackle, and pop, he plays a game of Jenga with the toothpaste boxes. 
I’m no hairdresser and he certainly isn’t, but once he washes his hair in the sink (with gloves this time), the end-product doesn’t look too shabby. Not too shabby at all. He could probably do with a little bit of toner, but he doesn’t know what that is.
His mom and aunt are just as impulsive as him, so they see no fault in his sudden, new hair colour. In fact, they take countless photos to send to the rest of the long-distance family members, and it’ll be his mom’s header photo on her social media accounts for a while. That is until her koalas give birth and she replaces it with a very graphic photo of koala-birth.
Tumblr media
The bleach isn’t the only thing he adds to himself.
During a sunny day of loitering and playing soccer with his friends, one of the boys suggest heading to the nearby tattoo parlor. Three out of the four boys have ink on their skin and rarely miss an opportunity to add to their collection, so, of course they agree.
I know what you’re thinking; are these guys just as bad at school as Jungkook was? The answer is no. One is studying engineering, one is on his way to a law degree (tattoo-less), and the other two are taking their own path (Jungkook included). He and his friends know they’ll stick together no matter the differing paths each of them take. They the homies.
Jungkook didn’t have the desire for more ink before going to the parlor, but his curious wandering and the artsy posters hung around the building inspire him. For the longest time, he felt like a mess, like he didn’t really have a purpose in society. But, he knows now that he needs to give himself a different meaning. He needs to ‘redefine this mess’, so that’s exactly what he gets spread over his knuckles.
Tumblr media
You, on the other hand, spend these days studying for your finals. Jungkook crosses your mind more times than you care to admit, but you’re just too afraid to reach out to him. You two are different, maybe too different. It hurts to think about possibly never speaking again, but maybe it’s for the better.
You re-read his note more times than you have fingers before you come to a conclusion. But, your decision to cut things off isn’t the right one and you know it deep in your heart. Out of everyone you’ve befriended at college so far, he feels the most valuable.
An explanation from him would be nice. It’d clear things up, or possibly open up new and exciting doors. All you have to do is ask yourself; is he worth it? Has he earned a place in your life?
You recall all the times he’s ever made you feel special, the times he made you laugh until you cried, the intense orgasms he managed to elicit from you, and all the other ways he showed you that he cares. You recall the pain he shared with you, his lack of love from his parents, and his feelings of irrelevancy. You recall his handsome smile, the way his eyes scrunch each time he laughs, his touch on your skin, his voice, his playful kisses, and it makes you wonder why you’re still sat at this library. He’s never intentionally hurt you and you know it’d kill him if he ever did.
You make the right decision this time; go to him and talk it out, express everything you’re feeling; the confusion, the happiness, the sadness. Say everything and mean it. Luckily for you, you remember the bus and the route it takes to reach his neighborhood, so you follow it. Talking over text or a phone call isn’t enough. You need to see him, touch him, and read every ounce of his expressions.
As you sit on the bus with fidgety fingers and a head full of arbitrary thoughts, you wonder what he does to pass time during moments like these. He plays childish games on his phone, sure, but what does he really do to pass time? What does he think about when he’s sad, happy, excited, angry? What does he think about when he sees a blue sky or a little puppy on the street?
You don’t know this because he’s never told you before. You don’t know this because he’s never been good at expressing his emotions. You don’t know this, but he thinks about you whenever he has the chance; when he’s sad, happy, excited, angry. You are the blue skies and the little puppy walking along the street. You stay on his mind like an anxious thought. You stay in his sight like he has tunnel vision. You hold the golden key to his heart and he loves you. He’ll never love anybody like he loves you, never look at somebody the way he looks at you, never touch somebody the way he touches you. He’d do anything you asked of him, even if it was at his expense.
The bus comes to a stop at his neighborhood, and after thanking the bus driver and stepping onto the pavement, you begin to worry about things you’ve never given a second thought to before. What if you’ve forgotten where he lives? What if he isn’t home? What if his dad answers the door? What if the note wasn’t even about you? Oh, shut up. It was addressed to you!
These thoughts clash and collide in your mind and do a wonderful job at egging on the tightness in your chest and the shortness of your breath. You feel like you might pass out, but then you find yourself standing at the end of his driveway and every thought you’ve ever had clears from your mind.
Jungkook is right there and looking as handsome as ever. His hair is a shade it’s never been before; a butterscotch blonde. It makes him look ethereal, more golden, like his skin is more tanned than it was before, like he's late for a runway show. There are also new, black lettering spread across his knuckles, but you can’t make it out from the distance.
He’s sawing a thick piece of pine wood with an old hand saw and it looks as if he’s making a table of sorts. Not a very good table, might you add. You’re not even sure if the legs are cut to an even height, or if the table-top has the strength to hold much more weight than that of a pencil. That doesn’t matter much, though. What matters is that he’s standing right there; shirtless, glistening with sweat, eyebrows furrowed, bottom lip pulled between his teeth; and you can finally say what you should’ve said days ago. No more beating around the bush. No more hiding feelings behind mindless sex. 

“Jungkook.” His name falls from your lips in a whisper, but he somehow hears and glances toward you. He looks happy to see you, surprised, but happy.
He wipes the sheen on his forehead with the back of his hand before greeting you. “Oh, hey. What are you doing here?”
“I want to apologize.”
“For what?” He asks, genuinely stumped. “You haven’t done anything wrong.”
“For not realizing your, my, feelings sooner.”
He hesitates. He doesn’t recall any time he’s ever revealed his feelings to you. The only thing he can recall are the words he had drawn on an old receipt during work, but he swore that was still tucked away in his back pocket when he left your dorm-room. “What feelings?”
You hold up the crumpled receipt and try your best to stop your hand from shaking. You’re so fucking scared of misinterpreting his words and making a huge fool out of yourself. “You left this in my dorm.”
“That’s.. a draft.” His words console you instantly, but the tightening of his abdomen distracts you from the main point. Why is he shirtless again? Right.. It’s a hot day and he’s being a handyman in his front garden. No biggie.
“You love me.” You can’t quite believe those words are coming from your own mouth. He loves you, and he has for a while, and you didn’t know. You neglected his feelings and you hurt him by accepting Taehyung’s advances.
“Yeah, I do. It’s hard not to.” He admits, but grows curious toward your attire. You’re wearing a nice dress, your hair is styled, and your makeup is subtle and pretty. “Why are you dressed so nice?”
This is probably going to sound so stupid coming out of your mouth, but you try to word it as coherently as possible. “I wanted to re-do the night at the diner. I know it should’ve been you and not him.”
Jungkook has never been happier to hear Taehyung mentioned in a sentence before. He’s never been as happy as he is right now, in front of you, and only an arms-length away.
“I want that.” God, he wants that more than he wants anything else in this world. He wipes his hands on his paint-stained cargo pants before placing them on your waist and pulling you in for a desperate kiss. It’s the sweetest kiss you’ve ever shared with him. It feels so right. He feels right.
And, for the first time in your life, you feel yourself fall completely and utterly in-love with another person. The date at the diner goes well, too, by the way. The general manager is a little pissy about having to take his own employee’s order, but he’s secretly glad to see the both of you two so happy. The sex that follows is dirty, too. Imagine the filthiest car sex you’ve ever come across in your life; right in the parking lot of the diner. You’re not sure if visions from that night will ever be erased from your mind.
Tumblr media
It’s an unlikely outcome, but Jungkook takes an apprenticeship to pursue the very thing his dad pursed when he was the same age. He cuts wood, fits doors and windows, paints skirting boards, but he doesn’t follow any other of his dad’s footsteps. He doesn’t reach for the bottle whenever something stresses him out, he doesn’t belittle you or have sex with other women because they’re readily available and eager, and he works hard for everything he wants in life.
He attends your graduation day in his paint-stained cargo pants and gives you the biggest kiss and congratulations the following night, he stays with you through the stress-filled time of applying for postgraduate jobs, through your first promotion, through your first pregnancy scare, and through your indecisive few weeks of choosing an apartment for the both of you. The point is; he stays with you and he’d have to be an idiot to be anywhere else.
His handiness comes in handy whenever you have a sudden desire for DIY, too. If you want the bathroom re-tiled, he’ll happily do it. If you want the living room walls painted a different colour, he’ll rummage around the attic for his paintbrushes. Anything you ask of him, he’ll try his best to provide. It goes both ways.
Taehyung, on the other hand, doesn’t quite hit it off with the girl who runs the accounting club. Yadda yadda.. Their relationship ends with a hard, well-deserved slap to his face.
College is generally a time for students to figure out where they belong in the career world, but that’s not always the case. Jungkook can happily admit that college helped him find his place of belonging in somebody; you.
Thanks for reading!
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kimnjss · 9 months ago
game nights | ot7
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader  ⇢ genre: smut. // pure unedited filth. ⇢ word count: 4.7K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, fingering, voyeurism, oral sex (f/m. receiving), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, soft noona kink, riding, cum shot, light anal play, exhibitionism, idk if this is an orgy buut... handjobs, masturbation, think there’s a bit of dry humping too. ⇢ A/N: yall, this was so !! i had a lot of fun writing this and this is my first time writing all of them so like pls be nice :( seven is a lot tho ., yn really out here living her best life x
Tumblr media
Several kisses are placed to Yoongi's cheek as you stand from the bench in the camper van. Wanting to give him some space to work as he got sucked deeper inside of his music, his grin grows at the feeling of your lips against his skin, a distracted peck being placed on your lips before you're heading out of the van.
Quick steps are taken toward the main house, set on seeing what the other guys are up to in there. Joon and Tae busy preparing dinner for tonight. Jimin is the first to notice you as you slide the screen door open, lips stretching into a pretty smile.
He's sat on the table, Hoseok in front of him and Jin on the other side. “What you guys in here talking about?” You're asking, sinking into the open space between Hobi's legs. Your back resting against his chest, strong arms wrapping around your waist. His head cranes to the side, wet lips grazing over the shell of your ear.
“They're playing the game,” His words tickle your ear, teeth nipping at the skin. He has your eyes fluttering from the gentle touch of his tongue, tips of his fingers brushing against your thighs.
The soft swipe of his tongue shifts into bold sucks from his lips, a single hand sliding underneath the fabric of your shirt. He's tracing patterns against your stomach, grip tightening around your thigh, parting your legs slightly – just enough so he's able to fit his hand between your legs.
A soft laugh falls from your lips, head tilting a bit so you can get a better look at his face. “What's gotten into you?” His fingers managed to creep up high enough underneath your shirt, fingers just underneath the wire of your bra. “You look good. This Kookie's shirt?” You're nodding, barely registering his words.
Mind too wrapped in the anticipation of what the and between your legs plans to do. Never one to beat around the bush, it's no surprise that Hoseok is skipping the formalities, going for what he wants. Jimin has hopped up from his spot at the table, singing is heart out with the karaoke lyrics that appear on the screen.
Jin is still in his spot at the table, focus on the character running across the screen. Neither of them picking up on the way Hoseok has slipped his hand underneath the waistband of your shorts, bypassing your panties completely. Cool fingers find your folds, stroking them slowly.
“So soft,” He sighs into your ear, fingers moving further between your legs. The tips of his fingers finding your entrance. With each gentle stroke he leaves behind, paired with the wet kisses he's leaving on your neck, you're growing wetter. And he's quick to notice, a groan falling from his lips at the feeling of your slickness. “Getting so wet already.”
With his words, his fingers are picking up speed. Moving up to find your clit, applying light pressure to the nub and you're eyes are rolling. Hips lifting slightly as your head lulls back against his shoulder. If he was trying to be discreet, that's now shot to hell with the sounds that leave your lips.
He doesn't seem to mind, rolling your clit between his fingers allowing you to lift your hips into his hand. Hoseok sucks hickeys into your skin and you feel heat bubbling in your chest. Close already and it's a little embarrassing how quickly he managed to get you there.
“Oh, fuck!” The cry tumbles from your lips automatically, as he's pushing two long fingers past your walls. He's chuckling, sliding into the knuckle, curling up, and just barely brushing against the soft spot inside of you. Jin's attention is flickering to you instantly at the sound of your voice, recognizing the roll of your hips automatically.
Thick lips caught between his teeth, sitting up slightly to get a better look at the movement of Hoseok's fingers between your legs. He's pumping his fingers in and out quickly, pressing against that spot each time he can reach it. Pulling whiny moans from your lips that has Jimin turning to face you.
Dark eyes zeroing in on the look on your face. Brows furrowed, jaw slack as a string of moans falling from your lips. A tightness rises between his legs, brow arching slightly. The karaoke forgotten as he lowers himself in front of you. “Is Hobi making you feel good, baby?” His tone soft, fingers reaching out to catch your jaw.
He uses his grip to tilt your head to his, pinning you with that sexy look that has your toes curling. You nod, but he's shaking his head instantly. “Wanna hear you,” Hoseok has pulled his fingers out to the tip, pushing them forward with a force that has a loud shout breaking through your chest.
Keeping his fingers pistoned inside of you, his thumb lifts to toy with your clit. Jimin's waiting expectantly in front of you, hands set on your knees to keep your legs from clamping shut. Weakly, you nod again – quickly realizing that wasn't enough for him the last time.
“Y-yes. It fe-els... so good.” It's the stroke of his ego that has Hoseok speeding up the movement of his fingers, mind set on making you cum in front of his members. Jin has moved from his spot behind you. Sat beside you with a large hand set over the growing bulge at the front of his shorts, not daring to look away from you.
It's different, having all of their eyes on you. Use to the times that Jungkook has watched, but this was much different and you liked it. So much that it has your walls clenching around Hoseok's fingers, pressure building in the pit of your stomach. “She's so close,” Thumb pressing down rougher on your clit as he speaks.
His name falls from your lips on a broken cry, orgasm washing through your body. Long fingers fuck you through the entirety of it, lips pressing soft kisses against your skin as you ride it out. He's not pulling his fingers out until your body is crashed against his chest again.
Jimin allows you no time to breathe, hands instantly reaching from the waistband of your shorts. He's tugging them down your legs before you're able to register he has a hold on them. Catching your panties along the way, effectively revealing your wet lips to the entire living room.
“Fuck, you're so messy.” He's whining before leaning forward, Hoseok's hands now on your knees – holding your legs open. Jimin's thick tongue takes a bold lick over your slit before he's diving in, lips attaching to your clit as the tip of his tongue flicks against it.
Hoseok's chin is rested on your shoulder, watching Jimin's tongue fuck into you. His thick length pressed into your lower back, the slow lift of his hips dragging it against you. Soft groans from the friction falling from his lips, mixing with the husky moans that echo beside you.
Eyes shifting, landing on Jin. Cheeks flushed and teeth scraping against his teeth, eyes downcast, focus on the twist of Jimin's tongues over your folds. He's since pulled his cock from behind his shorts, glistening tip on full display as his large hand strokes over the base. His hips move to match the movement of his hand and you can't keep yourself from reaching out.
His cock is thick, heavy in your palm. There's a stutter in his hips when you're stroking him, a pit more power in your movement than he had been applying before. The tongue between your legs moves swiftly, pushing past your folds and slipping into your entrance.
He's lapping up the juices that have leaked from your core following the orgasm Hoseok just gave you. Moaning against your core like the taste of you is the most delicious thing to ever hit his tongue, the sound sending vibrations through your body that has your pussy tingling, not far from your next release.
“Jimin,” The gasp falls from your lips easily, free hand reaching down to tangle in his hair. Pushing his face further between your legs as they threaten to close, if it wasn't for the firm grip Hoseok had on your thighs – no doubt they would've clamped down around his head by now.
Jin hisses, your hand squeezing around him a bit hard – moving faster over him. He's moving against you, cursing under his breath as the tightness in his stomach grows. The steady roll of Hoseok's hips behind you doesn't let up either, driving himself closer to the edge which each thrust.
“You're so sweet. Gonna cum all over my tongue?” His words are murmured into your entrance, but you hear him as if he's right at your ear. Nodding breathlessly as your hips lift, silently begging him to bring you to your climax all over again. Strong hands reaching out landing on your inner thighs.
His nose is pressed snugly against your clit, pushing against it with each movement of his jaw. Desperate pleas and mules fall from your lips and it's not long before you're falling apart, hand loosening around Jin's length which has him reaching to finish the job himself.
He watches you as you cum, grunting out his own release moments later. Jimin doesn't let up between your legs, taking in the new flow of arousal that leaves your body while Jin's cum splatters onto your cheek, rolling down the side of your face. Soft kisses are being placed to your clit before Jimin is lifting his head from your legs completely, hooded eyes finding your flushed face.
Your juices drip from the tip of his nose all the way to his chin. You don't bother to mask the soft moan that falls from your lips at the sight of him sucking his lips into his mouth, groaning at the taste of you. Thick lips capture yours a soft hand set on the back of your head to keep you still, mouth instantly flooded with your taste.
Jimin pulls away after a while, grinning down at you. Hoseok is the one to wipe your face, sleeve covered palm reaching up to wipe the stickiness from your cheek. He's cooing sweetness into your ear, gentle praise of how good you were for them. Hearing his words is enough to have your head spinning.
Jin is helping you to your feet after Jimin has secured your shorts onto your hips again. Soft lips finding your forehead and the moment is so sweet. Being surrounded by them, the way they care for is enough to make your heart swell.
And for the hundredth time, you're filled with the simple happiness that comes from being her. With them.
Tumblr media
Dinner was delicious, much to Namjoon's surprise. He had been so worried about cooking for everyone, but it turned out well in the end. Paired with the delicious stake prepared by your Taehyungie, it made for a great meal. Now the eight of you were gathered around in the game room, figuring out what game to play together on your last night.
Last night. You couldn't believe that the week had flown by so fast, had enjoyed yourself to the fullest here with them. It was nice to get away from it all, be in a place where only you guys existed. A definite breath of fresh air being able to step away from the constant hustle and bustle of their everyday life, finally able to breathe.
And them wanting you to be here with them made it that much better. This trip could easily be placed high up on your list of time spent with them. Whether it was spending mornings with Jin, cuddling with Yoongi, or working out with Jungkook you had enjoyed yourself.
Even if it was something as simple as watching Jimin and Taehyung sing karaoke, it felt like the best moment. Reading with Joon, driving with Hoseok such simple things but each moment felt precious. Even now, sat around the table listing off the different games you could play, it felt special.
It's Taehyung that suggests strip poker after the game of Avalon has grown too confusing to keep up with. And it's no surprise how quickly the suggestion is picked up, wide grins spreading across features as the cards are passed out. The game quickly turns competitive, it's inevitable with these boys. Although, their goal isn't targeting each other – no, what they were focused on was which one of them could trap you. A secret alliance formed to get you undressed but battling to see who could make you take off the most.
You're not the only one that has stripped down, though. Sat in the t-shirt that you stole from Jungkook and a pair of panties is almost nothing compared to what Taehyung is left in. the one that suggested the game, but he wasn't doing so well. His shirt and pants discarded, as well as his socks. He sits in nothing but the clingy briefs that leave very little to the imagination.
And you don't even bother to keep yourself from looking down. He's hard, which isn't much of a surprise. You had been pressed against him since he took his shirt off, seconds from nuzzling your way into his lap. His cock seems to twitch at the new bit of attention, lips parting as you all but drool at the sight.
He notices instantly, shifting so that his crotch is on display. You can clearly see the way it fights against the fabric of his boxers and your mind is wandering to all the things you know he can do with it. Yoongi's attention is spiked at the lull in your game, eyes following where you're staring. A brow lifted in Taehyung's direction.
Tae doesn't even realize he's got another set of eyes on him, the game the farthest thing from his mind as he reaches for your hand. Movements slow but there's direction behind them. Yoongi watches the entire time Tae sets your hand in his lap, spreading your fingers over his crotch.
A breathy moan falls from his lips when your fingers flex around him, hips lifting just slightly to meet your touch. The others are so wrapped up in the game, attention on Hoseok who has lost two rounds in a row. Shirt ditched as well as the sweats that hug his hips so nicely.
Your focus doesn't shift from the movement of your hand, though. Encouraged by the soft whines that fall from his lips, paired with the intense stare from Yoongi beside you. The tightness grows between his legs, not sure if it's from the sight of Taehyung getting worked up or watching the both of you. He doesn't care enough to dwell on it, though.
He's scooting closer to you without a second thought, arms wrapping around your waist. It seems like the game has been forgotten, an argument broken out about Jimin cheating the entire time. All so caught up in the game, they're not even realizing that's going on right beside them.
That's until Taehyung is letting a loud groan fall from his lips, a reaction following the swift way you've slipped your hand into his boxers – grasping his length in your palm. Yoongi ignores the new set of eyes on you, continuing his movements in spreading your legs. Effortlessly pushing your panties to the side, long fingers finding your sensitive clit instantly.
“Noona,” The breathy moan follows the whine that falls from your lips, your eyes snapping up to find Jungkook's, watching you hungrily from across the table. In that alerting you to the five-set of eyes burning into you, watching as your hand works over Taehyung and your hips roll into Yoongi's palm.
“You like being watched, huh? You're so wet already?” Yoongi's deep voice fills your ears, fingers slipping past your folds. He uses your slickness to easily slip past your walls, the familiar stretch pulling a soft sigh from your lips.
Head bobbing in response to his words, catching the smirk that falls on his lips. “M-more,” You croak, wrist twisting as you work your hand over Taehyung's length. His legs are spread, making it much easier for you to stroke him. Head cocked back slightly as his hips move with the rhythm of your hand.
“More what, princess?” He's asking as if he doesn't already know, the slow drag of his fingers enough to drive you insane. He doesn't show any signs of speeding up either, having too much fun teasing you.
Your eyes are finding Joon, the one that has always been sweet on you. Hitting you with a simple pout, silently begging him to implement his leader skills somewhere in here. Anything that would get you to your release quickly, you could already feel the dull ache growing between your legs.
One look is all it takes to have Joon rising to his feet, large hand pushing the soft hair back off his forehead. “You want all of us, huh, baby?” His words are making your eyes go wide, the opposite to be said about your walls that clench around Yoongi's fingers.
“Fuck, she just got so tight,” Yoongi announces, eyes lifting to land on Joon. That is all the confirmation that he needs to round the table, taking up space behind you. A hand set on your shoulder to pull your body back, just enough where he's able to reach your lips.
He kisses you hungrily, plush lips taking over yours. Wet tongue slithering past your lips and meeting yours, the moans Yoongi is able to pull from your lips are swallowed with each twist and push of the appendage. Jungkook rises across from you, instructing his hyungs to lay you down and you're still trying to keep your focus on Taehyung.
Thrusts have grown weaker, but the soft sighs still seem to fall from his lips. Obviously getting off on more than just the way your hand was able to make you feel. Joon is quick to follow the younger's request, pulling back from your lips as Yoongi pulls his fingers from inside of you. He's able to easily lift you onto the table, amazing you with the way he's able to handle you as if you weigh nothing.
You're laid out for them like the meal they just feasted on and they're looking at you like you're the most delicious thing. Yoongi's got his fingers pushed into his mouth, sucking your juices off the digits. Hands catch the hem of your shirt, you're not registering that it's Jungkook in front of you until the boyish chuckle leaves his lips at the sight of your bare breasts.
“So pretty, Noona.” He groans, soft lips latching onto your raised nipple. Teeth grazing over it as his hand reaches to pinch and twist the other one. Long fingers curl around your calves, lifting your legs and pushing them toward your chest. The soft suck around your clit has a pang of arousal shooting through your body, hips lifting.
A firm hand pushes your hips back down onto the table, thumb brushing against your hip bone lightly. “Be still for Hyung,” It's Yoongi's voice, don't even have to open your eyes to pick out his gruff drawl, which could only mean it's Jin who's between your legs.
Somehow, the twist of his tongue is exactly opposite to the swirl of Jungkook's on your chest. It's hard to keep up, hips fighting against Yoongi's grip – desperate to move closer, take more than Jin was willing to give you. The velvety brush against your lips as your eyes peeking open, eyes focusing on the flushed face of Taehyung.
Crouched over your head with his cock in hand, just inches from your lips. He looks strained, as if he's holding back from pushing his way into your mouth – you don't doubt that's exactly what he's doing. “Open your mouth for me,” He pants, brushing the tip of his cock over your lips again.
You're opening up immediately, head tilting back making it easier for him to slide his cock down your throat. A hand reaching back to grasp his hip, forcing yourself to get used to the odd feeling at this angle. Lips wrapping around the base, pulling a grunt from his lips. Despite the bold licks Jin delivers between your legs, you try to focus on sucking Tae off – trying to keep yourself from choking.
Jungkook has switched sides, moaning against your skin. Your throat constricts around Taehyung's shaft when Jin's thick lips wrap around your clit, sucking down harshly on the sensitive nub. “Ah, shit.” Tae groans, not being able to help himself from fucking deeper down your throat.
“Damn, you look so good, baby. Does it feel good?” It's Jimin's voice beside you. Taehyung is pulling back, the drag of his cock leaving your throat forcing a cough from his chest. Drool and precum dripping from your lips, head bobbing at Jimin's words. He grins, reaching for your hand.
You watch with watery eyes as he places soft kisses to your knuckles, grin stretching as he lowers your hand to his cock. “Feel what you do to me?” There's a soft whine behind his words when your hand moves against him. At the same moment, Jin is pushing two long fingers inside of you. Scissoring his way past your walls and your hips buck into his palm.
Yoongi's attention has shifted, grip loosened on your hip as his hand finds it's way back between your legs. Rolling your clit underneath the pads of his fingers, effectively adding to the pleasure that Jin's fingers bring you. Taehyung is pushing his way back into your mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his head when he sinks into the warm wetness.
His hand is reaching forward, set on toying with your breasts only to be met with the softness of Jungkook's hair. Gripping the strands between his fingers, he's quickly rocking his hips back and forth. Fucking his way to release with your distracted sucks. The tingle between your legs stealing most of your focus.
Tae's able to bring himself to release with the roll of his hips into your mouth, a slight hiss falls from his lips moments before he's filling your mouth with his thick cum. The warmth paired with the pressure between your legs is enough to push you over the edge, walls clenching almost painfully around Jin's fingers as your orgasm washes over you.
He fucks you through the whole thing, the pressure being lifted from your chest as your body tenses. Jin doesn't pull his fingers out until your body has fallen slack on the table. Taehyung's cock slipping from your mouth moments after and you're parting your lips to show off the fact that you've swallowed every last drop.
Jungkook's hands are quick to grip your hips, lifting your body off of the table. He holds you up as he shuffles, laying himself down on the table instead. It always amazes you how easily he's able to maneuver you in his arms, setting you on his lap. A whimper slips past your lips feeling the thickness of his cock against your thigh.
Not even bother to hide the way your hips roll against his, craving that friction between your legs. “You gonna let our youngest fuck you?” It's Hoseok's voice, crouched at your side, long dick clutched in his hand. “P-Please,” You sigh.
You're the center of attention and that fact alone is enough to have your skin burning. Eyes watching you hungrily, lips glistening from the orgasm Jin had just given you, panting and ready to be fucked for all of them to see. Jungkook doesn't waste a minute with slipping past your folds, wetting his cock with your arousal before he's pushing his way past your walls.
“Fuck, Noona.” He gasps once you're seated on him completely, buried inside of you to the hilt. Your thighs pressed on either side of his hips, large hands gripping your thighs. He gives you a moment to adjust to his length, a drawn-out moan falling from his lips as you begin to move over him.
Allowing him to slip out to the tip before you're lowering your hips back onto his. He groans, tips of his fingers pressing into your skin. He's holding back, you can tell. And all it takes is the sound of your breathy moans, encouraging him to move. His hips are snapping up, bouncing you on his lap. Tits bouncing in his face.
Just as his lips are catching one of your nipples, warm hands land on your ass. It's Taehyung behind you, using the grip he holds on the globes of your as to keep you steady. The bold swipe of his tongue over your puckered hole has your toes curling, moaning out loudly as you push your hips back.
Tae holds your hips steady as he licks into you, Jungkook's cock dragging against your walls. He doesn't let up, only growing rougher in his thrusts. A direct contrast to the sweet roll of Taehyung's tongue, the sensation has pleasure shooting throughout your core. Hoseok is still at your side and your hand is lifting to wrap around his shaft, pulling a hiss from his lips instantly.
“Mmh, baby.” He sighs, hips instantly moving along with the movement of your thrusts.
A euphoric feeling cruises through your veins with the more force Jungkook puts into his thrusts, jaw falling slack as your eyes flutter. Just barely focusing on the other men around you, Jin watching you with lust-filled eyes as he strokes himself to completion. Heavy breaths falling from Yoongi's parted lips as he palms himself over the fabric of his shorts.
Joon is making his way to you, sweats pushed down his legs. His thick cock gripped in his hand, glistening with precum. “Wanna feel your mouth. Think you can do that, baby?” You're opening up instantly, tongue pushed out welcoming him into your mouth. The velvety tip brushes against the roof of your mouth, long fingers curled in your hair to keep your head steady.
Mind all over the place and a bit overwhelmed with all this attention, you can't concentrate on sucking him off properly. Yet, he doesn't seem to mind. With the grip he holds on your head, Joon's able to easily buck his hips against your face, fucking his cock in and out of your warm mouth.
“You look so good, baby.” Jimin's close to you now and you don't hesitate to reach for him, hand wrapping around his length. Stroking him quickly, in time with the way you're working your hand over Hoseok. He's whining, gasping with each stroke of your hand. The roll of Jungkook's hips, the stretch of Joon in your mouth and Taehyung fucking his tongue into you has you tumbling over the edge quickly.
Muffled moans falling from your lips as your walls convulse around his shaft, thighs shaking as your body crashes onto him. Jungkook is not far behind you, releasing noisily against your thigh. Joon moves quickly to stand behind you, hand working over his shaft already close from having your mouth around him it doesn't take long before you're feeling the warmth of his cum splatter onto your ass.
Your quiet moans grow louder, mixing with the sounds coming from Jimin and Hoseok's mouths as they reach their climaxes, covering your back and hair. “You're so messy, Noona.” Jungkook points out with a laugh, words falling on sleepy ears. Eyes fluttering as you sink into the comfort of his chest spent.
Jin is reaching out after a moment of you laying there, the sexual haze seeming to fade away now after you've all reached your peaks. Soft hands wrap around your waist, carefully lifting you. “Let's get you all cleaned up,” He speaks in the softest of tones, carrying you all the way to the bathroom.
So comfortable in his arms as they pamper you, running a warm bath for you to soak in. Taking such good care of you as if you were precious. And to them, you were.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
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angelicyoongie · 4 months ago
Abundance (XIV)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, eventual smut
— warning: none
— word count: 10.5k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find the rest of the chapters here!
Tumblr media
You groan as you roll out of bed, the shrill sound of your alarm still echoing inside your head as you drag your feet across the room. You can’t remember the last time you felt this tired, but you suppose a business trip and seven hybrids practically mauling your neck for hours on end adds up. You wince as you roll your shoulders, the motion pulling at your tender skin. It was probably a bad idea to let all of them scent you last night, but you were just too weak to resist the desperate whines that had filled the room whenever you pulled back to catch your breath. There’s nothing you would love more than to go back to bed considering it’s the damn weekend, but your boss requested the whole office to work through it and you know you can’t ignore that. The documents you picked up finally allows you to progress the case and track down more people that might be willing to testify alongside your client. It’s a huge step in the right direction, one you’ve been waiting for, and yet – you can’t help but mourn your social life. You have a feeling you’ll only see less and less of the boys the more testimonies and witnesses you manage to get hold of.
You rub your eyes in a futile attempt to wake yourself up, stifling a yawn as you swing open your door. You nearly walk right into the person waiting outside of it, your sight too bleary to make out much aside from their silhouette. ”Good mornin–” You sputter as you suddenly find yourself pressed against a warm chest, firm arms wrapping around your shoulders. You melt into the soft woodsy scent; a smile tugging at your lips as low purrs begins to rumble against your chest.
”Morning,” Yoongi drawls. The cat hybrid’s tail curves around your leg as he nuzzles his face into your hair. He can still pick up your sweet undertones underneath the heavy layers of their scent, the saccharine fragrance too strong to be completely covered up. You flinch as Yoongi’s nose bumps against your throat, an embarrassed whimper leaving your lips as you pull away from the cat hybrid’s touch. ”It’s sensitive,” You mumble, watching as Yoongi’s ears perk with interest. The cat hybrid’s eyes turn dark as they roam over your neck, and you feel yourself begin to flush under the intensity in his gaze.
”Is it bad?” You wince. Yoongi only hums in response, a lazy smirk adorning his lips as he shamelessly drinks in the pretty colours they’ve created on your skin. Yoongi just seems so pleased you can’t help but feel a little curious. You take a few steps back into your room, turning to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror by your door. You gasp as you take in your bruised neck, your skin littered with blooming red and purple marks. You touch your throat tentatively, careful to keep the pressure light as you map out the marks that trail all the way from your collarbones to your jaw.
”This is–” You swallow thickly as you look up to find the cat hybrid standing behind you, Yoongi’s dark eyes meeting yours through the mirror. ”–It’s very visible,” You grimace. There’s no way you can go to work like this, they’ll probably think you actually got attacked.
You shiver as Yoongi’s breath washes over your shoulder, the cat hybrid licking his lips as he says, ”It suits you.”God, you’re not awake enough to deal with the excitement that sparks in your body as you register Yoongi’s words, your face growing warmer and warmer under the undivided attention. You let out a strained chuckle, trying your best to play off the cat hybrid’s comment. Surely Yoongi doesn’t it mean it like that, right? … Right?
”I–I should cover this up,” You stammer, "I can’t go into the office like this.” Now would be a good time to dig out those turtlenecks you had forgotten about. Before you can move to grab one, Yoongi leans in to press a soft kiss to your shoulder, the cat hybrid’s eyes trained on yours as he says, ”No.”
”No?” You squeak, your heart tumbling in your chest.
”You can’t cover up all of our hard work Y/n, we spent hours making sure we scented you properly,” Yoongi pouts. Your eyebrows furrow as you process what Yoongi said – something about it not quite adding up. Their scent should still be there on your skin, so other hybrids should be able to pick it up with their heightened senses even if you wear something that covers you up more than usual. They’ve never been fussy about this before so you’re sure it must mean something, but–
”Here! This looks pretty,” You curse yourself internally for your own laziness as Yoongi hands you one of your freshly washed blouses, the shirts stacked up on your dresser. The cat hybrid isn’t wrong, it is a pretty blouse, but it won’t cover much of the bruising on your neck.
Yoongi looks at you expectantly as he nudges you in the direction of your door. ”Fine,” You sigh, ”I’ll go wash up.”
The cat hybrid's satisfied grin makes your stomach flutter, and you clutch the fabric to your chest as you hurry to the bathroom. ”Shit,” You curse as you take in the bruises under the harsh lights. There's no way you can show up looking like this. You can always go back to your room and grab something else to wear, but you have a feeling that you’ll only be met with more pouts downstairs if you do. Frankly, they’re a little too good at tugging at your heartstrings and you’re just a little too soft for them. Still, you’ll have to draw a line here. Even you know enough about hybrids to understand that it doesn’t matter whether the  .. hickeys on your throat are visible or not. It’s not like seeing the marks will make you smell more, that’s not how it works. Scents can’t be covered up by clothing, and you don’t think even a shower would fully erase their scenting with how thoroughly they did their job yesterday. No, other hybrids will know immediately, but there are those that don’t have a heightened sense of smell, those that might need a more visual example. Those that are like you. Human.
”Don’t be silly,” You snort, but your expression begins to falter the longer you think about it. That’s the only explanation, isn’t it? It the only way they can show both hybrids and humans that you’re taken. You know you probably shouldn’t entertain the thought that the boys want you like that - like you want them - but the more you think about it, the harder it is to ignore. Because you’re ours. The memory of Namjoon’s confident voice and the earnest looks you saw reflected on the other boys’ faces makes your knees go weak. You hadn’t thought much of how he rushed to correct it to roommates at the time, but looking back, you’re almost certain that’s not what he really meant. You suck in a breath, clutching the edge of the sink as you stare at the bruises in disbelief. Has it always been like that? Did you just not .. realize? You nearly jump out of your own skin as you suddenly hear Jimin’s voice through the door, the cat hybrid knocking rapidly at the wood as he whines, ”Y/n, I need to use the bathroom.”
”J-just a minute!” You race through your routine, nearly dropping your face cream to the floor twice as your mind unhelpfully decides to point out every minuscule thing the boys have ever said or done that might hint at something else than just friendship. Even though Jimin sounds ready to bust down the door as you exit, the cat hybrid still pauses just long enough for his eyes to linger on your neck before he runs past you. Your heart is pounding as you make your way back to your room, and you let out a shaky breath as the door closes behind you. You’re not going to jump to conclusions, but it seems like you might have to be a little more attentive around the boys from now on. You just need some more proof that this isn’t all in your head before you do something about it. You throw another glimpse at the mirror as you pack up your bag, an idea sparking in your head as you make sure the documents are still securely tucked away. You let the boys admire their marks as you leave for work, the hybrids visibly delighted at the fact that you haven’t covered them up. You tuck away their reaction in your mind, adding it to the list of 'this isn’t all in your head!’ as you bid them goodbye.
Okay, so maybe you feel a little bad as you pull out the silk scarf from your bag once you arrive at your firm, but you have to at least appear somewhat professional at work. You don’t think you’ll be able to live it down if you walk in looking like .. well, like you’ve been with seven people. You try not to overthink it as you walk to your office, but you can see Soo-hyun practically vibrating with curiosity from her desk as she eyes your scarf. You’ll be fine, nobody knows! It’s totally normal to wear a scarf indoors when the office is already too warm! You internal pep talk dies the moment you see the sly grin spread on Soo-hyun’s face. On second thought, maybe it’s a good idea to skip your lunch break today.
Tumblr media
“Hey Namjoon, do you think Hoseok would be okay with this one instead?” You twist the tub of yogurt around in your hand, scanning for the ingredients. You know the dog hybrid has a particular kind that he loves, but you can’t find a trace of it in the store today. They’re probably just sold out, but you don’t want to go back home empty handed when it was the only thing he asked for.
”Namjoon?” You turn to look over your shoulder when you don’t get a response, the container almost slipping from your hands as you realize why. The wolf hybrid is posturing behind you, his back straight and chest puffed out as he lowly growls at anyone that dares to step too close. His gaze is locked on the nearest hybrid; the poor mouse looking scared out of his wits as Namjoon bares his teeth. Nope! You have no idea what he’s doing but that’s notokay. “Stop it!” You smack his arm, sending the mouse hybrid an apologetic smile as you tug Namjoon closer. The frightened look on his face reminds you painfully of Jeongguk and Seokjin, and the prey hybrid scampers away the moment Namjoon's eyes snaps to meet yours.
”What are you doing?” You hiss. The growl in Namjoon’s throat stutters to a stop as he takes in the angry set of your mouth, your lips pressed into a tight line as you glare up at him.
”I’m sorry, it’s my instincts,” The wolf hybrid whines, his gray ears twisting back, “The need to protect you is stronger when we’re outside, and it makes it difficult to suppress it.” Even as Namjoon speaks, his eyes flicker over your shoulder to track the other human that’s walking down the same aisle.
You sigh; regret swirling in your chest as you notice the tension in the wolf hybrid’s body. They did say that their instincts would be heightened during the next few days, so you suppose you can’t really fault Namjoon for the added hostility. You probably shouldn’t have let the wolf hybrid come with you in the first place, but the temptation of having an extra pair of arms to help you carry all the groceries was just too good to resist. Normally you would buy food on the way home since it’s already on your way, but Soo-hyun’s interrogation during lunch had left you feeling flustered and scatter-brained enough that it had totally slipped your mind.
”I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have yelled at you,” You duck your head in embarrassment. You watch Namjoon’s shoes as they move a step closer, the wolf hybrid’s fingers curling around yours as he gently takes the tub of yogurt out of your hands. ”Don’t worry about it Y/n,” You can hear the smile in his voice as he quickly reads the label, ”And yeah, I think Hobi will like this one just as much.”
Namjoon reaches around you to place the yogurt in the cart, the side of his body pressed up against yours as he puts the tub down with the other food. Your eyes fly up surprise as you feel the wolf hybrid press a chaste peck to your temple as he leans back. Namjoon looks down at you with a wide grin as he gestures to the list clutched in your hand, his tail wagging behind his back as he says, ”Let’s go, we still have a lot of stuff to find.”  
You do have a lot of groceries to find, and shopping for eight people with varying dietary needs isn’t exactly easy. You let out a frustrated huff as you eye the two different types of steaks, trying your best to remember if any of the boys have a preference. You can feel Namjoon shift impatiently beside you, glaring at anyone who tries to come close to the meat display. While it’s not exactly ideal, it’s still better than having him growl at anyone who dares to pass by you. You startle as you suddenly feel Namjoon’s fingers dip below the collar of your coat, tugging gently at the fabric to expose more of your neck. It’s still cold enough in the evenings that bundling up in a coat isn’t seen as odd, but the wolf hybrid clearly isn’t too happy about the hidden hickeys (–which yes, that was admittedly your intention.) You let Namjoon pop the first button of your coat, the wolf hybrid pushing the fabric aside with a pleased noise as your bruised throat becomes more visible. You’ve never really been the type of show off the marks left behind on your skin, but you figure you can deal with the awkwardness of pointed looks for the duration of your shopping if it makes Namjoon happy. You throw another glance at the steaks, figuring you might as well just go with both. It isn’t until you’ve started walking away that you realize the wolf hybrid hasn’t followed you, Namjoon seemingly frozen in place as he stares at an approaching hybrid.
You mumble out a curse as you notice the familiar ears and tail, because of course you had to run into another wolf hybrid. You’ve gathered enough to understand that hybrids often feel more threatened by those who share the same species as them – that they learn from a young age that they have to be the best if they want to get adopted. Apparently that instinct sticks around even after the hybrids find their home, and with how your cycle has already made Namjoon overprotective, you don’t think an encounter between the two wolf hybrids will end well. You can already tell that Namjoon is starting to look agitated, and you have no intention of just standing by and letting him try to assert dominance over the other wolf hybrid in the middle of a grocery store. You backtrack as quickly as possible, your filled cart squeaking against the polished tiles as you notice how Namjoon squares his shoulders, his gaze hardening as he scans the other hybrid top to bottom. Luckily for you, the other wolf hybrid seems lost in her own world, tapping away on the phone in her hand and completely oblivious to Namjoon’s death stare.
”Namjoon!” His gray ears twitch as you call out for him, but his attention is zeroed in on the rapidly approaching hybrid. You reach him just as his chest begins to rumble, grabbing his hand and yanking on it as hard as you can. The wolf hybrid is definitely bigger than you, but the suddenness of your pull seems to be just enough to catch Namjoon off guard. He stumbles from the sudden shift in his balance, warm eyes blinking rapidly as you drag him over to your cart. The instinctual haze seems to lift as he refocuses on your face, and his tail tucks between his legs as he realizes he slipped up again. You can practically see Namjoon yelling at himself inside his own head, his lips set in deep frown as he stares at the various items in your cart. You know he already feels bad, so there’s no need for you to make him feel worse about something that’s normal for him. You give his hand a squeeze before you bring it up to the handle of the cart, curling his fingers around it. You cover Namjoon’s hand with your own, slotting your fingers between his as you grab the handle.
”Just to make sure you stay with me and behave,” You smile, playfully bumping your hip into Namjoon’s side. The confusion on the wolf hybrid’s face transforms into relief, the tail behind his back wagging slowly as he helps you push the cart. Grocery shopping goes much quicker with Namjoon glued to your side, and you find that the moment his attention begins to stray to someone else in the store, a quick squeeze of his hand snaps it right back to you. And yeah, maybe you find it just a little bit hot when Namjoon subtly tries to cage you in against shelves and displays to block you from view when you go to grab something. (Just a little though.)
You find yourself back the house in no time, and despite the multiple bags Namjoon is carrying, you can see how his posture relaxes the moment he steps into the house. ”Thank you for your help,” You flash Namjoon as sweet smile as he closes the fridge, the mountain of groceries finally put away where it needs to go. ”And for spending some time with me. I know it might be difficult after what happened with Taehyung, but I really appreciate it.”
”I don’t mind helping, and I don’t mind spending time with you,” Namjoon says, the wolf hybrid inhaling deeply as he leans against the counter, “I’ve said things out of ignorance before too, things that I didn’t really mean. It doesn’t excuse what was said, but it would be hypocritical of me to not give you another chance when I’ve been in your place before. We all deserve a chance to learn and better ourselves.”
You swallow thickly, blinking away the sudden moisture in your eyes. God, you’re not sure what you did you deserve these boys. ”Are you sure?” You murmur.
”I’m sure,” Namjoon holds your gaze, his brown eyes flashing golden in the low light.
“Taehyung often forgives a little too easily, but this time .. I think he’s right. It’ll take some time for things to go back to how they were, but I’m willing to try. We’re–” Namjoon cuts himself off, a gentle smile spreading on his lips as he opens his arms, ”–We’re good.”
You only hesitate for a second, just long enough to register the sincerity on Namjoon’s face before you cross the room, walking straight into the wolf hybrid's embrace. ”Thank you,” You whisper. Namjoon only hums in response, hugging you tighter.
If it wasn’t for Namjoon’s arms around your waist though, you swear you would’ve collapsed to the floor with the way Taehyung suddenly bursts into the kitchen. The fox hybrid’s tail is swishing behind his back with excitement, and the smile on Taehyung’s lips only grows wider as he takes in you and Namjoon. ”Y/n! Hyung! Hobi hyung is getting the deck out, do you want to play a few rounds with us?” A glint passes through Taehyung’s eyes at your agreement, and you can’t help but think that maybe the fox hybrid has something up his sleeve.
Tumblr media
“I give up,” You pout, tossing your cards down on the bed. Just like the first time you played with the boys, Taehyung wins every round. No matter what kind of card game it is, the fox hybrid somehow manages to get the upper hand every time. You swear you saw Taehyung slip in an extra card during one of the rounds, but it happened so fast you couldn’t be sure. Honestly, seeing the fox hybrid’s boxy smile when he wins is almost worth all the consecutive losses, but even you have a limit of just how much defeat you can handle in one night. You’re not a sore loser by any means, but the game loses some of its charm when you already know the outcome before you’ve even begun.
“Me too,” Hoseok sighs, flopping down on the bed next to you. Namjoon stares down at his hands with concentration, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips as he shuffles through his cards. The wolf hybrid doesn’t look ready to give up, but judging by the smug smile on Taehyung’s face, you doubt it’ll be long before he admits defeat.
You glance down at Hoseok as he begins to wiggle over, the dog hybrid using the opportunity of his packmates being distracted to have all of your attention on him. Hoseok doesn’t stop moving until he has his head in your lap, his tail thumping against the mattress. ”Hey,” He grins.
”Hey,” You echo back with a laugh. You run your fingers through Hoseok’s blond locks, enjoying the silky strands between your fingers as you pet his head. All of the boys just have such soft hair, and you would be lying if you said you weren’t a little bit envious. It’s probably a mix of their genes and using the right products, but maybe Hoseok would be willing to spare you some of his conditioner to try out? You make a mental note to ask the dog hybrid later.
You lightly scratch behind his ears, making sure to not actually touch them. You should probably ask the rest of the boys if their ears are as sensitive as Jeongguk’s – but judging by the very descriptive titles of the uhm, adult hybrid films you’ve come across while trying to research, you have a feeling the answer will be yes. You suck in a surprised breath as Hoseok turns on his side, his arm curling around your waist as he nuzzles his face into your stomach. You flush at the contented sound he makes, turning your attention back to Taehyung and Namjoon in an attempt to ignore how your chest is fluttering from how close the dog hybrid is. You look up just in time to see Namjoon groan, the wolf hybrid throwing his cards down in defeat.
”Maybe next time hyung,” Taehyung grins, amusement shining in his eyes as he watches his alpha collect the deck. Namjoon grumbles in response, his gray ears pulling back. It looks like he really thought he would be able to win this time. The fox hybrid looks beyond pleased with himself as he scoops up some cards, but it only takes a few seconds before he registers Namjoon’s disappointment and his expression softens.
”You can’t be good at everything,” Taehyung still has that smug smile on his face, but his voice is far too gentle to be teasing. You might not be a sore loser, but it appears that Namjoon is. Taehyung drapes himself over the wolf hybrid’s shoulders, rubbing his face comfortingly against Namjoon’s neck as the alpha licks his wounds. There’s something longing in the way Taehyung looks at Namjoon as he pulls back, like he wants to do something to comfort his alpha, but he can’t. You’ve seen it reflected in both Hoseok and Namjoon’s eyes before too, and you think it’s easier to name it now that you’re sure you must be looking at them in the same way. It’s pining, yearning, for something more. The pack is obviously close, but not in the same way that Yoongi and Jimin, and Jeongguk and Seokjin are. You’ve seen the two prey hybrids peppering each other with soft kisses in the morning, and Jimin and Yoongi seem to enjoy regularly flaunting what they’ve gotten up to, but you’ve never seen anything aside from hugs and cuddles being shared between the canines. It’s clear that they all want the same thing, but it seems like there’s something holding them back from taking that last step. But with how the longing glances between them seem to have been increasing lately, and with how you’re fairly sure they want something more than just friendship from you, you have a feeling they’ll have to face what has been holding them back sooner rather than later.
Tumblr media
You fall into somewhat of a routine over the next couple of days; your time being split between work and lingering touches. (–”Today is ours,” Jimin had purred into your neck before you left for work, the cat hybrid making sure that you still smelled enough of them as he rubbed his cheek along your shoulder. Yoongi and Jimin had been miffed that so much of the day before had been spent with the canines, and so the two cat hybrids had taken it upon themselves to decide that Sunday was theirs. In all honestly, you really didn’t want to go into the firm, but the mountain of cases stacked up on your desk didn’t leave you with much choice. At least you’re not alone about it, considering you’re pretty sure everyone – even including your boss – shared the same faith as you. You could always refuse to come in, but the hefty compensation you were promised was too good to pass up. You do have eight mouths to feed after all, and a little extra money certainly doesn’t hurt. Thankfully though, working on the weekend means your hours are cut a little shorter.
Once you get home, you barely make it inside the house before Jimin grabs your hand, making you follow him upstairs. ”Come to our room once you’ve changed,” The cat hybrid nudges you inside your room with a soft tut, closing the door behind you before you can ask what’s going on. You’re eager to get out of your work clothes, so you don’t waste any time changing into a far more comfortable hoodie and pair of sweatpants.
Your knuckles hardly even manage to brush against their door before it’s opened, Yoongi’s soft features greeting you. ”Bed,” He rasps, his fingers intertwining with yours as he leads you over to where Jimin is sprawled out on their mattress. You let yourself be maneuvered down between the two cat hybrids, Yoongi pulling you to his chest while Jimin wraps himself around your back.
”What are we doing?” You hesitantly let your arm drape across Yoongi’s stomach as he pulls you closer, Jimin nudging your leg on top of his alpha's thigh to make room for his own.
”Sleeping. You’ve had a long week," Yoongi murmurs against your hair. You can’t agree more. You can practically feel the heaviness in your bones, your eyelids already starting to flutter shut from the steady thrum against your ear. Jimin’s leg slots between yours as he curls his arm around your waist. You can’t help the involuntary hitch in your breath as you feel his nose skim across your neck, his tail moving languidly across your thigh.
“Why?” Jimin teasingly nips your neck, his voice sultry and low as he says, ”Did you have something else in mind?”
”N–no, sleeping is good – great!” You stammer, pressing your face into the soft fabric of Yoongi's shirt to hide the flush creeping up your face. The oldest cat hybrid lets out a light chuckle, his chest moving underneath your cheek.
”Mhm, it is great,” Jimin smugly hums against your skin, pressing a soft kiss to your nape before he settles down. It doesn’t take long before you begin to feel light rumbles vibrating against your body, the boys’ purrs ebbing and flowing into the silent room like a gentle lullaby. You spend the rest of your Sunday curled up between Jimin and Yoongi, and you can’t remember the last time you slept so well.)
Tumblr media
(–”Noona!” Jeongguk waves you over to the couch with a bright smile the following day. Seokjin moves to the side to make room between himself and his packmate, but you don’t get far enough to claim it. You squeak as the bunny hybrid suddenly pulls you into his lap, Jeongguk’s strong arms wrapping around your middle as he tucks his face into your neck.
”Missed you,” You just manage to make out Jeongguk’s shy voice over the sound of the TV, your heart fluttering at the unexpected confession. The bunny hybrid has never been this bold with his affection before, but you suppose it matches up with how the boys said that your little situation would make them more clingy than usual. You catch Seokjin trying to suppress a smile as he fake yawns, the hamster hybrid’s eyes shining with fondness as he looks at you and Jeongguk.
”I missed you too,” You murmur, giving the arms around your waist a squeeze. The bunny hybrid relaxes at the sound of your voice, sinking into the couch as he holds you close. You feel hyperaware of Jeongguk’s chest pressed against your back, but whenever you try to shift your weight forward, the bunny hybrid pulls right you back. You allow him a few minutes to scent your neck, choking down any noises that try to escape when Jeongguk’s nose brushes against the tender marks on your throat. The bunny hybrid makes a disgruntled sound as you gently remove his arms, his big eyes looking up at in you confusion as you slide down into the spot between him and Seokjin.
”You’re still hurt Jeongguk, you shouldn’t be putting too much strain on your ribs,” You explain. Jeongguk’s ears droop, his doe eyes looking even bigger as he tries to protest, ”But–”
”Y/n is right, bun. You can cuddle more later,” Seokjin interrupts. The tone of his voice doesn’t leave any room for arguments, and it makes Jeongguk’s foot thump harshly against the floor in response. The bunny hybrid just looks so adorable you can’t help but giggle at the childish reaction. Jeongguk gives you an affronted look, a pout pulling at his soft lips as he decides to ignore the both you in favour of the TV. “Hey no–I’m sorry Jeongguk, I didn’t mean to laugh. You just looked so cute,” You apologize, choking down the urge to coo as you see one of Jeongguk’s ears straighten at your words. ”Really?” He murmurs.
”Really,” You grin.
”That’s okay then,” Seokjin snorts at how easily Jeongguk gives up on being annoyed, the bunny hybrid grabbing your hand as he cuddles up to your side. The hamster hybrid moves closer too, throwing one arm behind your back as he lets both you and Jeongguk lean into his touch. You rest your head on Seokjin’s broad shoulder as he starts carding his fingers through his packmate’s hair, the bunny hybrid practically melting from having both his hair and fingers played with. You absentmindedly run your thumb over Jeongguk’s knuckles as you turn your attention back to the TV, losing yourself in the plot and the sporadic kisses Seokjin presses against your hair. It doesn’t take long before you can feel Jeongguk begin to nod off, his head slipping down your shoulder before he wakes up enough reposition it. You and Seokjin whisper back and fourth about the show when something exciting happens, but the soft rise and fall of the hamster hybrid’s chest and the warmth of Jeongguk’s body pressed against yours is beginning to make you feel sleepy too.
In fact, you’re sure you must be dreaming as the end credits stop rolling, and the screen cuts to a serious looking news anchor. A grainy picture pops up on the screen, and you have to squint as you try to focus. There are three people in the image, and from their hunkered and tense postures it’s obvious they’re up to something they shouldn’t be doing. You let your gaze sweep over their slightly blurry faces as the anchor talks about a hybrid trafficking syndicate, and how it’s been almost impossible to track down.
You blink.
Your heart plummets to your stomach as it dawns on you that you’ve seen two of those men before. It was the same two men that stared back at you in the file Hansol handed over. They’re connected to your case, and apparently Lim Enterprises isn’t just smuggling a few hybrids here and there – they’re running one of the biggest trafficking syndicates in the country.
”What’s wrong?” Jeongguk’s head suddenly springs up from your shoulder, his long ears standing straight up in alert as Seokjin turns you around, his plush lips pressed into a firm line as he stares you down. The two hybrids are still reeling from the abrupt switch in your scent, the sugary sweetness on the air suddenly bitter and suffocating.
”Y/n, what’s wrong?” Seokjin repeats. You can’t tell them. You already knew that a case against a big enterprise wouldn’t be easy, but this is dangerous. This is more than your firm can handle – than you can handle. You’ll have to convince your boss as soon as he gets back from his business trip that whatever he’s being offered for taking the case isn’t worth it. This is too much of a risk.
”N-nothing!” You stutter, feeling yourself grow pale as your gaze flickers back to the TV. ”I-I just thought I saw a mouse!”
”A mouse?!” Jeongguk pulls his legs up from the floor, his wide eyes frantically sweeping over the floor, ”Should I get Yoongi or Jimin hyung?”
Seokjin waves of the bunny hybrid’s comment, his eyes never leaving your face for second. ”Y/n, is that all it is? Are you sure?” God, you want to break and tell them so bad, but you can’t risk it. You can’t.
”I-I’m sure,” Your smile is little more than a grimace as you take a deep breath, Seokjin’s grip still firm on your shoulders as you try again with a little more conviction, ”I’m fine.” But you’re not. You’re so, so fucked.)
Tumblr media
You had a routine, but that doesn’t last for long. Not when you open your front door on Tuesday to find Jihyo standing there with an excited dog hybrid peeking over her shoulder. ”Jihyo? Why are you here?” Your eyebrows furrow as you try your best to think back to the last thing you and your friend talked about. You definitely would have remembered inviting her over.
”Can’t a girl visit her best friend? I haven’t heard from you in ages!” Jihyo huffs. You roll your eyes, not bothering to fight the smile that tugs at your lips as you say, ”We texted last night.”
”Sure we’ve texted, but I haven’t seen you for weeks,” Jihyo shoots back with a pout. Your stomach twists as the dog hybrid standing behind Jihyo rubs her head soothingly against her shoulder, trying her best to calm her down. You didn’t realize that Jihyo was actually upset about it.
”I’m sorry, it’s just been a lot lately,” You sigh.
“I figured. I could tell something was up with you last night,” Jihyo says. You slump against the doorframe, guilt spreading through your body as you look back at your friend. You can’t help but wonder if you’ve paid enough attention to the texts you’ve shared with Jihyo over the last three weeks. Was there something you should’ve picked up on like she did? Have you been neglecting your friend that bad?
”Don’t be sad!” A light whine pulls you out of your thoughts, and you move your gaze to the drooping white ears on top of the dog hybrid’s head. ”Can I hug you? Please, please? I don’t want you be sad,” She looks at you pleadingly, her fluffy tail tucked between her legs. You’ve briefly talked to Sana over the phone, but you haven’t actually seen the dog hybrid since that day at the shelter. She’s pretty. Really pretty. It’s not hard to see why Jihyo is so smitten with her. You can’t resist the distraught expression on her face though, and all it takes is a small nod before Sana tackles you into a hug. You have to take a step back from the force, your arms automatically wrapping around her small waist to keep the both of you upright.
”Sana, we've talked about this!” Jihyo sounds exasperated despite the fond smile on her face, ”You can’t just jump people like that, you have to–”
You freeze as you suddenly hear a deep growl behind you, the threatening sound sending a violent shiver down your spine. Sana’s arms stiffen around your body, a low rumble building in her chest as she tugs you a step back towards the door. You throw a look over you shoulder, eyes widening with shock as you realize that the growl came from Hoseok. The golden retriever hybrid has his eyes locked on Sana, his lips curling into a nasty snarl as he takes in how she’s slowly trying to inch you away from him. You jump as the door to the canine’s room is thrown open, the bang echoing through the house as Namjoon and Taehyung scramble out into the hallway. Namjoon’s eyes turn to steel as he stalks closer, his jaw clenched tightly as his chest begins to rumble.
”Y/n,” The deep baritone of Taehyung’s voice makes your breath hitch. The fox hybrid’s ears pull back and the cold expression that settles on his face makes a flash of fear shoot through your body. But it’s not for you you’re worried about – it’s Sana. You’ve never seen the fox hybrid look so angry before. It’s no wonder he managed to scare off three hybrids on his own if this was the way he looked at them. You swallow thickly as you hear Jihyo’s weak voice call out your name; your eyes locked on the heated glares the boys are giving Sana.
”I’m not sad anymore, it’s okay. You should go back to Jihyo,” You reach up to give Sana’s head a comforting pat, not daring to move your gaze away from Hoseok. The dog hybrid tracks your hand as you rest it shortly in Sana’s hair, the phantom touches of your fingers carding through his locks making something uncomfortable unfurl in his stomach. You’re only supposed to touch them like that, not her. Sana lets out a choked sound, something between a whine and a growl as she drops her hold and steps away from you. You can tell she feels unsure whether it’s the right thing to do, but Jihyo reaches out to grab her hand, pulling her back until she’s once again hidden away behind her.
”I wanted to ask you to come out with us, but I guess now’s not a good time?” Jihyo winces as Namjoon’s hard gaze flickers to her, her fingers tightening the hold around Sana’s hand.
”No, it’s–” You bite down on your lip, unsure what to say. You know the boys have a stronger instinct to protect you right now, and that going off with another hybrid probably isn’t the best thing to do. But you’ve also been neglecting Jihyo for weeks in favour for the boys and work, and you miss her. You miss your friend.
”How about the three of you hang out here instead?” Seokjin’s composed voice washes over the tense air in the hallway, and you glance back from Jihyo in shock to find that the rest of the boys have somehow filed into the cramped space as well. ”I think it would be better for everyone if Y/n stays somewhere we know is safe. Our instincts are a little .. on edge these days,” He says. The polite smile on his face doesn't quite reach his eyes.
”Are you sure?” Jihyo doesn’t quite seem to know who she should really ask, her gaze moving between you, Seokjin and Namjoon.
”That’s a great idea, thank you Seokjin,” You speak up before any of the boys can protest, grabbing Jihyo’s hand to usher the two of them into the living room. You hear a few low growls and hisses as the boys are forced to step back to make way, but the sounds soften as you send them a pleading look. You let Jihyo and Sana enter the room first, the dog hybrid’s tail tucked between her legs from the glowering stares. She knows she’s no match for seven hybrids, and especially not seven hybrids who seem like they all want to lay a claim on you.
”Just a couple of hours, okay? I know it’s really bad timing with everything that’s going on, but–” Yoongi cuts you off with a light push, the cat hybrid looking like he’s trying his best not to scowl as he nudges you into the living room, “We’ll be fine Y/n. Go have fun with your friends.” The hostile expressions on their faces makes your stomach flip even though you know it’s not directed at you. Jimin and Jeongguk are sulking behind the others; clearly not happy about the situation or their alphas judging by the heated looks they’re sending to the backs of their heads. Namjoon’s face is carefully blank as he says, ”Go on, it’s okay.”  
It takes a while for Jihyo and Sana to loosen up after the rather intense greeting they got, but you find yourself beginning to relax and enjoying their company soon enough. The dog hybrid had whimpered out an apology as soon as the boys had scattered back to their rooms, her ears pressed flush against her head as she pouted out a, ”I’m sorry that I hugged you! I just wanted to make you feel better.” Jihyo has kept Sana tucked against her side ever since, probably to both keep the dog hybrid still, but to also offer her some comfort in a house that’s been scented to hell and back by the hybrids living there. You notice how Sana keeps bringing her sleeve up to her nose whenever she doesn’t speak, breathing in her own smell in an attempt to block out the boys’.
You keep your voices a little lower than normal as you catch up. It’s not that there’s anything the boys shouldn’t hear and you don’t think they would really try to listen in, but you’re just suddenly very aware of the fact that all seven of them have exceptional hearing. ”So .. work?” Jihyo quirks an eyebrow. You slump back against the couch with a grimace, yesterday’s discovery still fresh in your mind. You still have a few days before your boss will be back, so until then you can’t do much aside from stew in your own misery. ”There has been some recent complications ..” You trail off, nervously picking at your nails.
“I see,” Jihyo pauses, her brown eyes locked yours as she mouths ‘Is it dangerous?’. You have no idea how Jihyo always manages to read you so well, but being friends for over a decade certainly helps. Jihyo’s mouth twists with worry as you nod.
”Are you still going to do it?” She murmurs.
”I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide,” You might actually kill your boss if he refuses to back down, but that’s a problem for future you. Right now you still have to at least have hope that Mr. Gwan will have enough brains to realize how risky this case really is. Jihyo doesn’t bring it up any further, and you’re honestly a little relieved that you can forget about it for a while.
It doesn’t take long before you realize that the boys aren’t doing too good.
You’re in the middle of stifling your laughter when you see Taehyung’s head poke around the wall, the fox hybrid’s eyes widening as he realizes you’re looking right at him. Taehyung immediately jerks out of sight, leaving you staring dumbly at the empty air for a second before you turn your attention back to Jihyo. Only a few minutes pass before you notice a flash of deep orange out of the corner of your eye again, but this time, Taehyung isn’t alone. You let out an amused huff under your breath as you notice Jeongguk’s long ears sticking out over the fox hybrid’s head, the brown bunny ears twitching along to the story Jihyo is telling you. You figure you might as well let them be if keeping a closer eye (–spying) on you and Sana will help soothe their instincts. You forget about Taehyung and Jeongguk after a while, getting carried away by Sana’s descriptions of the trip they took to Jihyo’s mountain cabin.
The thing is, the hovering doesn’t stop with just Jeongguk and Taehyung; it’s how Seokjin suddenly comes into the room with drinks, the polite yet pained smile on his face never faltering as he quickly scans you up and down. it’s how Yoongi and Jimin enters the room and tells you to ”don’t mind us” as they spend five minutes looking for a charger you know is in the kitchen. it’s how Namjoon and Hoseok decide to start gardening outside the large window in the living room despite it being way too early in the year for anything to grow yet, the two hybrids definitely paying more attention to you than the cold dirt in their hands. It’s only been a couple of hours, but you can tell they’re beginning to grow impatient. And you’re not the only one that notices.
”We should probably stop torturing them,” Jihyo snorts. She throws a little wave to Namjoon and Hoseok, grinning as they quickly duck out of sight.
”I’m sorry for all of this,” You grimace.
“I should be the one to apologize,” Jihyo shakes her head, “I knew that turning up with Sana probably wasn’t the best idea, but I just really wanted to make sure you were alright.”
”I appreciate it, you know I do,” You smile. “I promise we’ll hang out soon. Maybe we can do lunch at that new restaurant that opened downtown?”
”Of course! Just let me know when you’re free,” Jihyo keeps a tight grip on Sana as you all stand up, keeping the dog hybrid close to her side as you lead them out. You have a feeling it’s to make sure that Sana doesn’t get too excited and tackles you into another hug based on the longing gaze she sends your way. You wave them off with a soft grin, and you can feel the tight pressure you’ve had in your chest ever since yesterday loosening just a little. Even if you can’t tell Jihyo what’s really going on, it’s still nice to somewhat be able to share your troubles with someone.
You close the door with a soft click, turning around to find yourself face to face with Hoseok. The dog hybrid looks troubled, his ears pressed flat against his golden hair. ”I think we need to talk,” You say. Hoseok nods as he rocks on his feet, his tone a bit resigned as he says, ”Yeah, we do.” The dog hybrid’s nose scrunches as he sniffs the air, a scowl passing over his features at Sana’s lingering scent.
”Would it be better if I took a shower first?” You should have realized that Sana probably scented you earlier while she was trying to cheer you up, but there had just been too much going on. You know now though, and it’s hard to miss the way Hoseok’s shoulders sag with relief at your offer. ”Please,” He says.
”How about you bring the rest of the boys upstairs in fifteen minutes? We can talk in my room?” The dog hybrid’s tail does a half-hearted wag as he murmurs out an agreement. You peek into the living room as you pass by to see the boys rubbing off their scent on the couch Jihyo and Sana used, matching frowns on their faces as they try to cover up the new smell. Safe to say, you make sure to scrub your neck extra well in the shower.
Tumblr media
“So..” You clear your throat, resisting the urge to squirm under the seven pairs of eyes that are looking at you, ”I’m really sorry Jihyo and Sana came over unannounced like that, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. I, uhm, shouldn’t have let Sana hug me either – not with how things are right now.” Taehyung huffs in response, his fingers carding through the hairs of the deep orange tail curled around his waist. The boys are taking up space where they can on your bed, forming a half-circle around you from where you’re leaning against the headrest. They had all given you a brief hug as they entered the room, making sure to cover up any trace of Sana’s scent before they sat down. Your bed is just big enough for Yoongi and Jimin to sit on your left, their bodies pressed together. Seokjin and Jeongguk are in the middle, the bunny hybrid kneeling behind his alpha as he uses Seokjin’s broad shoulders to rest his arms. The canines are to your right, Taehyung tucked between Hoseok’s legs as Namjoon sits next to them, their knees brushing.
”We’re sorry too,” Namjoon says, his gray ears twisting back as he shares a look with Yoongi and Seokjin, “We haven’t been .. completely honest with you Y/n.” A spark of panic bolts through your body at the soft whines the rest of the boys let out as they lower their eyes.
”When we said our instincts made us more affectionate and clingy it wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the full truth either. It doesn’t happen with just any female we’re close with, it’s a little more complicated than that.” You sit up a little straighter. You’re not sure what you were expecting, but this is doesn’t sound too bad. You give Namjoon an encouraging nod, but the wolf hybrid’s cheeks are turning a faint pink, seemingly at a loss of how to continue based on the strangled growl that rumbles low in his chest.
”Our instincts are only triggered like this if we’re around a female we consider to be our mate,” Yoongi drawls, helping the other alpha out. The cat hybrid’s tail is flicking anxiously behind his back, his fingers clasped tight around Jimin’s hand. They weren’t planning on telling you this yet, but there’s only so many lies they can spin to explain away their behaviour. Not to mention, the way they’ve been acting isn’t acceptable when you aren’t even theirs.
Mate? You suck in a surprised breath, your gaze bouncing from hybrid to hybrid as they offer you sheepish smiles. Your heart is thundering away in your chest, the pace almost bruising against your ribs. You’re just so happy and relieved that the boys feel the same way that you could cry, but there’s something holding you back from fully embracing it. Something you need to know the answer to. ”Do all of you want to be with me .. like that?” You ask. The chorus of agreement that rings out inside the four walls of your bedroom splits you in half, one part of you elated where the other is nervous beyond belief.
”How? I mean, you’re all in different packs. I don’t understand how that’s going to work,” You murmur.
”We’ve talked about it already. We–” Yoongi awkwardly clears his throat, his dark eyes hesitantly meeting yours as he says, ”We’ve agreed to share you.” He cringes at how it sounds, quickly following it up with, ”I know it sounds bad, but if you want to be with all of us, and will allow us to court you, we’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ll be split between our three packs. It’s not ideal, but we would much rather share you than lose you completely.” You catch Taehyung's hopefully eyes, the fox hybrid giving you an enthused nod.
”And you’re sure you’re all fine with this – with sharing me?” You blush, ignoring the inappropriate thoughts that are vying for your attention inside your head.
”We’re sure,” Seokjin confirms. The hamster hybrid offers you a reassuring smile as he notices the overwhelmed tremor in your hands, the sight tugging at his heartstrings.
”And courting? What does that entail?” You might as well ask all your questions now instead of trying to rely on the very few resources you have online.
”It’s like dating. We already spend a lot of time together, so the only difference is just that we’ll be more .. intimate. Our animals all have different ways of courting potential mates, but for the most part it’s just the need to be closer together,” Seokjin explains, the tops of his ears flushing pink. Jeongguk leans down to whisper something into his alpha’s ear, the murmurs too low for you to pick up. Seokjin looks unsure, but he seems to decide to relay what the bunny hybrid told him. ”Once both parties decide that the courting is over, we officially mate. It’s similar to how humans get married, except we exchange mating bites instead of rings. There’s no limit to how many mates you can have, it just gets more difficult with each one. I’m not sure how it affects humans, but hybrids feel more closer and more in-tune with our mates after mating. For us it doesn’t matter whether a mate is human or hybrid, the bite works the same way.”
You release a shaky breath; focusing on twisting your fingers together as you try to process all the information the boys just gave you. It’s just dating, you remind yourself. You don’t have to think about mating just yet. You like them, and they like you. You just need to focus on that for now. ”We know it’s a lot Y/n,” Jimin speaks up before you can answer, ”But there’s no pressure. Take all the time you need to think it over, and if you don’t want it, we’ll get over it.” You see the spark of panic in Hoseok and Taehyung’s eyes at Jimin’s words, Jeongguk letting out a tiny whimper at the idea of getting rejected.
”I technically own you though, are you sure you don’t want someone else? Someone you aren’t forced to live with?” You blurt out the last thought that has been bothering you, anxiety clawing up your throat at the surprised looks the boys give each other. Oh no, did they just realize they could do better? What if–
”You didn’t just choose us, we chose you too,” Namjoon says, a flash of gold passing through his warm eyes, “We would have never accepted the adoption if we didn’t like you. We all felt that maybe it could blossom into something more, but it was never an expectation. Just a hope.” You swallow thickly, allowing Namjoon’s words to soothe your nerves.
”Think about it for a bit, yeah?” Yoongi pushes himself off the bed with a soft smile, dragging Jimin along with him.
”Yeah,” You murmur, watching as the rest of the boys follow after the two cat hybrids.
Do you need more time to think though? You like them, and they like you. Haven’t you thought about this enough? Wondered about this enough? You’ve already known your answer deep down for a long time, so it is really necessary to wait any longer? ”I like you all too.”
The boys stiffen as you voice carries across the room, their ears perking up so fast it almost would’ve been comical if it wasn’t for the butterflies trashing your insides. ”I want all of you to court me.” You squeak as Taehyung dives back into your bed, the fox hybrid scrambling up the mattress until he’s kneeling in front of you.
”Really? Are you sure?” The bed moves as the rest of the boys hurriedly move to take a seat, sitting much closer now than they did before. You steel your voice, making sure there isn’t a once of doubt to be found as you smile and say, ”I’m sure. There’s nothing I want more.” You swear you hear a whispered good girl under the pleased whines and purrs that erupt behind Taehyung, your heart skipping a beat at the happy grins that are sent your way.
”Y/n,” Your attention snaps back to the fox hybrid at the sound of your name, Taehyung’s eyes big and pleading as he says, ”Wanna kiss you so bad. Can I kiss you? Please?” Your mouth suddenly dries, and you can feel your skin heating up all the way from your hairline to your toes as Taehyung inches closer, his fluffy tail swishing behind his back.
”Not so fast brat,” Yoongi hisses as he tugs Taehyung back.
”You know it’s alphas first pup,” Namjoon runs his fingers through the fox hybrid’s hair, quirking an eyebrow at the sullen expression on Taehyung’s face.
”I know,” Taehyung sighs. Yoongi tenses when it looks like Taehyung is about to argue, but instead, the fox hybrid just flops back into Hoseok’s arms with a pout. The dog hybrid rolls his eyes as Namjoon huffs, the two of them clearly used to Taehyung pushing his boundaries. Your mind is still reeling from what the fox hybrid asked you when you say, ”Alphas first?”
”The choice is yours of course, but when it comes to courting someone outside of the pack, it’s normal that it’s the alpha that does things first,” Hoseok explains. You nod. You can’t believe you almost forgot about the whole hierarchy thing. ”Who’s first then?” The question tumbles out before you can stop it, the boys growing visibly more excited at your eagerness.
”Me,” Seven heads turn in the direction of the calm voice that speaks up, and your breath hitches as your gaze lands on Seokjin.
”Why you? You’re–” Yoongi's hiss is interrupted as the hamster hybrid moves up the bed, Seokjin barely sparing him a glance as he says, ”–the oldest.” He settles down in front of your crossed legs, ignoring Yoongi’s grumbles and Namjoon’s glare as he gives you a sweet smile. Seokjin grabs your hands, pulling your upper body a little closer as he murmurs, ”Is this okay?”
You let your eyes roam over the hamster hybrid’s features, your gaze getting caught on the pink shade of his plush lips as you whisper out a soft, ”Yes.” Your blood is rushing in your ears as Seokjin reaches up to cup your cheek, tilting your head slightly to the side as he leans in. You let your eyes flutter shut as his nose gently bumps into yours, your lips parting as you feel his breath spill across your mouth. The short second Seokjin holds back almost makes you whine for him to hurry up, but then the hamster hybrid presses his lips to yours, and your mind goes blank. Seokjin kisses you soft and slow, taking his time to map out the feel of your lips against his. You melt into his touch, and the thumb running across your cheek calms down nerves you didn’t even realize you had until they’re gone. You make a discontent sound as Seokjin lips leave yours, the hamster hybrid holding you still as you try to chase after his lips.
”You still got six more to go,” Seokjin reminds you. You open your eyes just in time to catch the hungry glint in Seokjin’s gaze as he looks down at your lips, the hamster hybrid pressing a peck to your nose before he reluctantly pulls away.
You don’t even have time to mourn the loss of Seokjin’s lips before Yoongi takes his place, the cat hybrid’s dark tail curling around your waist as he kneels in front of you. ”Okay?” He searches your face for any hesitance as he leans down.
”Okay,” You confirm. Yoongi doesn’t waste any time before ducking down to connect his lips with yours, one of his hands supporting the back of your head as his fingers curl into your hair. Your mouth parts with a small gasp as you feel Yoongi's tongue dart out to brush against your lips, and Yoongi uses the chance to lick into your mouth, deepening the kiss even further. You bring your hands up to his shoulders, clutching on to him for dear life as the cat hybrid nips against your lower lip, sucking slightly on the flesh before he releases it with a soft pop. Yoongi’s eyes are completely blown out as he hurriedly presses one, two, three more kisses to your glistening lips before he pulls back. You force your lungs to suck down air as your hands slide down from Yoongi’s shoulders, the cat hybrid offering you a smirk before he lets Namjoon take his spot.
The wolf hybrid gently takes your hands in his, bringing them up behind his neck. A happy sound rumbles from Namjoon’s chest as you take his cue to bury your fingers into the long hair at his nape, his gray tail wagging behind his back. The wolf hybrid holds you gaze, his silent ”Still okay?” answered with a quick nod as you pull him closer. You met him halfway, lips already parted as you kiss him heatedly. You can still taste Seokjin and Yoongi on your mouth, and that combined with Namjoon’s large palms settling on your waist, makes your head spin. You tug slightly on Namjoon’s hair as his lips moves hungrily against yours, and the sudden groan that drops from his mouth to yours makes a shiver bolt down your spine.
You pull back once your chest begins to tighten, your dazed eyes finding Namjoon’s as you rest your forehead against his. You find yourself growing a little proud of the rapid rise and fall of the wolf hybrid’s chest as his pants brush over your lips. You like that just something as simple as a kiss can rile him up so much.
You jerk back from Namjoon as someone clears their throat, your cheeks burning as you remember the audience you have. You peek over Namjoon’s shoulder, your fingers twitching in anticipation as you’re met with the dark and hungry gazes of six other hybrids. A few of them in particular are beginning look a little desperate from where they’re squirming on the bed, their hands digging into the sheets below them to keep them seated. You untangle your fingers from Namjoon’s locks, smoothing down the hairs as he lets out a disappointed whine.
Right, you think, four more to go.
Tumblr media
a/n: happy birthday yoongi!! i can’t believe that abundance has now officially passed 100k words, that’s just insane to me! i know i ended the chapter on a teasing note, but we’re getting closer and closer to the smut my dudes. we’re almost there! (also if there’s any mistakes, pretend you do not see them. i had to rush the editing so i’ll go over more thoroughly later!)
See you all soon, stay safe! <3 And in case you enjoy my stories and want to buy me a coffee, you can do so here! 💖
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joheunsaram · 14 days ago
hot boy summer - masterlist
Tumblr media
In an attempt to keep their philanthropy standing the boys of Beta Tau Sigma open a car wash. Who knew washing cars for charity could be this steamy?
This series is a collab between myself and six other brilliant authors here on tumblr because like you we too were struck by the car wash photoshoot.
Genre: fratboy!bts, college!au, pwp, smut, fluff.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: R
Release Schedule: End of August
Please note that the fics are all set in the same universe and so may contain minor spoilers for each other within them.
Tumblr media
hit the back by @ironicarmy​​
Namjoon x Reader  | friends2lovers
Namjoon sees you. He sees the way everyone gawks at you the moment you walk by, how you got every man on campus wrapped around your pinky like it's nothing. But he also sees past your charade, and he likes what he sees, he likes it a lot.
Tumblr media
slow. dirty. wet.  by @clouditae​​​
Seokjin x Reader  | friends2lovers
When Seokjin stops by your convenience store to buy his typical snacks, he's such a friendly and funny person. When you stop by the beta tau sigma's car wash, he's a completely different person, and inside the office of that car wash, he shows you how different he really is.
Tumblr media
all a wash by @joheunsaram​​​​
Yoongi x Reader  | strangers2lovers/enemies2lovers
You know what everyone thinks about you - how they whisper when you walk by and only talk to you when they need weed. No one had ever even attempted to be nice to you. No one, except Min Yoongi. The same man you are now being paid to take on a date by his friends.
Tumblr media
water you waiting for? by @hobiandsprite​
Hoseok x Reader  | enemies2lovers
You’ve always been the good girl that could get away with murder. Blessed with innocent looks and the ability to charm the pants off people, you soon get bored of having every whim and passing fancy catered to. Enter Jung Hoseok, resident sunshine, who teaches you that you’re not the only one whose looks can be deceiving.
Tumblr media
crash test by @oftenderweapons​
Jimin x Reader | one-night-stand2lovers
A young woman should be entitled to bad decisions, but maybe the tequila sent you a little overboard when you decided to get down and dirty with the infamous Park Jimin in a club. What happens when sober you realises he's decent enough to give it a try?
Tumblr media
washed on by @ressjeon​
Taehyung x Reader | strangers2lovers
Taehyung's heated stares were what drew you in at first and you think he seemed shy since you're shameless though he's confusing you the more you see him. Is he just planning all of this or are you also too fixed to see past what he's been showing you? So who's really playing here, you or him?
Tumblr media
carwashing for beginners by @petiteyoon​
Jungkook x Reader | strangers2lovers
Jungkook and his frat mates just opened a carwash to raise money for charity. As he tried to wash your car with his unexperienced hands, he accidentally broke it but promised to take you out for dinner as repayment. You have something else in mind, though.
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zibermuda · 8 months ago
all over you (4/final) | jjk
Tumblr media
Summary — It takes a hellish camping trip, a call that never comes through, Valerie's schemes, and a hundred 'i love you's' from Jungkook to make you realise that the people you've been pushing away are the people that love you the most.
Genre — smut, fluff, angst (nerd!jk, fuckgirl!reader)
Words — 8,827
Warnings — unprotected soft sex, masturbation, dry humping, fingering, edging, teasing, biting, choking/breath-play, hair-pulling, needy jk, kinda sorta obsessed and madly in-love jk, mentions of mental abuse and abandonment, swearing
one | two | three | four/final
Tumblr media
masterlist || request
Tumblr media
"So.." Jungkook presses for an answer. He'll do anything to get you back at this point. "What's your plan?"
Valerie is a little displaced, but she makes an effort to push her own issues to the back of her mind. She'll work on herself in due time, but for now, she really wants to do something great for another person. She imagines it'll fill her with great satisfaction — different from the satisfaction she feels after raiding a Gucci store.
"Y/N can't resist a party, right?" She queries, earning a nod of confirmation. "Then that settles it. We'll go to a party and catch her attention. She'll throw a tantrum, realise how much of a bitch she's been, and then you two can go back to normal. And, by normal, I don't mean having sex in a car full of people! I haven't forgotten.."
Jungkook agrees with another firm nod, but he doesn't want to things to go back to how they had been prior. Your relationship was good, but it was far from great. The sex was top-notch, but sex can't be the centre focus of a serious relationship. There has to be some changes, starting with him working on his communication issue, and ending with you admitting your faults and cutting your mom from your life.
"She's the jealous type." Valerie adds for comfort. "This is going to work."
Her plan sounds great in theory; stick some fake fangs and blood on herself and on Jungkook, turn up to Taehyung's halloween party, mingle, and make you jealous. Only, Taehyung cancels said party and instead invites the gang out camping at a campsite less than two hours away. Wonderful! The plan is put on hold before it even had the chance to start!
What could be worse? You, Jimin, Hoseok, and Valerie think to yourselves upon receiving invitations. Yoongi was invited, but he declined because he has 'other commitments.' And, by commitments — a pretty, new girlfriend. He seems to be the only one with his head on straight and his relationships in good health.
What could be better? Campfires, swimming, water games, card games, and looking up at the stars. Jungkook and Taehyung are ecstatic. The pair of them are explorers to the core and would wrestle in mud for half of a chocolate bar.
It takes a whole lot of convincing for you to consider coming along to this camping trip. Valerie had told Jungkook to tell Taehyung to tell Hoseok to convince you. It was all very confusing and lost in translation, but you were ultimately convinced on the basis that there would be a chalet for you to stay in; running water, a bed with a mattress, and the luxury of privacy. That's obviously a lie. Taehyung has three little tents that need building. That should be fun.
Aside from the fact that you hate insects and will dive behind the nearest person before a mosquito has the chance to look you in your eyes, you don't own a single item of clothing sensible enough for a trip such as this. Tight skirts, fitted blouses, high heels, expensive lingerie, and high-end jewellery. That's you right there.
Your luxurious lifestyle is exactly why you resort to packing a huge bag and why Taehyung frowns as he hauls it over his shoulder and into the back of his car. The contents of said bag include skin treatment, clothes, makeup, and magazines to keep yourself entertained while the others do horrible nature activities. You’d rather give up herbal tea than have to partake in fishing or medieval card games.
"What?" You snap in response to his frown. "They're essentials!"
Hoseok titters as he hops in the backseat. He's come prepared with a novel, headphones, and a fully-charged phone. If a car journey exceeds thirty minutes, he's putting in his headphones and maxing out the volume. Don't even bother talking to him because he won't respond. "Essentials.. Yeah, for a spa day."
"I have an image to maintain.." Your words trail off as you catch Jungkook wandering from Taehyung's house with two cartons of beer tucked underneath each arm. He looks like a little boy with his fluffy hair, his excited grin, and his rosy cheeks.
Valerie follows close behind with a handful of water bottles. Too close behind. It makes your eye twitch.
Cars are generally made with five seats and a trunk, but there's six of you and nobody is willing to hide in the back for the entirety of the road trip. Considering the history that Jungkook and yourself share in crowded cars, you were half expecting to be the one to sit on his lap. Or, maybe Valerie was to sit on Hoseok’s lap. Alas, Jimin is sat in the front passenger seat, Hoseok is pressed up against the side door, you're sat in the middle, and Valerie has seated herself on Jungkook's lap. His hands had been awkwardly resting next to his thighs, but she has now placed them around her waist. You’re half-planning to jump out the window at the next traffic lights. This is too much to deal with.
Valerie knows exactly what she's doing. Her plan was eradicated, so she made a new one. Same principles, different setting. She knows for a fact that her touchy-feely act with Jungkook will make your blood boil over. She's also aware that Jungkook is off limits, which means she's not planning on doing anything outside the scope of her elaborate plan to get you two back together. You're completely unaware of said plan, though. You've convinced yourself that Jungkook has given up on you and is pursuing the next best thing; your fucking sister! How low can he go?
If there's one thing you can't stand, it's seeing someone else take something that belongs to you. Jungkook doesn't belong to you per se — he's an actual person, not an inanimate object — but, you're a match made in the stars. You need each-other. That's evident as the pair of you have been literally falling apart like withering broccoli ever since the breakup.
You still want him, but you want your mom, too. It's difficult for you to live up to two opposing sets of ideals. It makes you angry and it makes it difficult for you to put your pride aside. You're too afraid to apologise to Jungkook, so you mask your feelings with bitterness. He doesn't take it personal, though. How could he? He's madly in love with you and would nod in agreement if you said the earth was flat. He practically worships the ground you walk on and often dreams about your pretty face and the curves of your body. Nothing compares to the real thing, though.
The car journey is painfully stale. There's an immense amount of awkward energy filling up the space and bringing down the mood. You can't keep the frown off of your face, Jungkook can't decide whether to hold his eyes on the curve of your tits or on your face, Jimin won't stop complaining about the lack of aircon, and Hoseok’s elbow is digging into your rib cage. This has definitely earned #1 in the list of ‘top 10 worst car moments.’
"Cows.." Is the only word you mutter as the car zooms past a huge field of livestock. You're going to hate this camping trip. You should've never come. If you could teleport, you'd be back at home in a warm bath filled with rose petals.
"You know what.." Jimin says as Taehyung finally pulls up the car on the side of a dirt road after an hour and half of driving. There’s nothing but tall trees for miles, so you’re not entirely sure why the fuck the car has stopped. ".. I think I forgot my toothbrush."
Taehyung turns in his seat and grins at the four of you squished together in the back. Nobody is equipped with an amused expression aside from him. "We're here, ladies. Get up and get out. We have to set up before it gets dark."
I beg your pardon?
Jungkook, Hoseok and Valerie are quick to hop out of the car and start scoping out the area for a sense of familiarity. There aren’t any other campers in sight and you haven’t seen another car for a good thirty minutes. If you die out here.. No. Let's not even think about that.
As you take your very first step onto the dirt, your heel sinks an inch into the earth and the velvety material ought to be completely ruined by the time you take another step. The air is noticeably clearer and easier to breathe in. It feels nice, but not nice enough to excuse the damage to your Louboutins. Someone will be paying. You’ll call up Mother Nature herself if you have to.
"Ew. Ew. Ew." You say with each step you take until you reach a tree to lean against. Your tight skirt and your fitted blouse make you look completely out of place. It's comical. Even Valerie is dressed for the occasion; in trainers, shorts, and a scout shirt which probably belongs to her dad.
“Um..” You shield the sun from your eyes and run your eyes around the wooded area. There are zero buildings in your line of vision, which means zero chalet. For as far as the eye can see, green forest and a beautiful lake stretch out in every direction. “Where’s the chalet?”
“What chalet?” Taehyung stomps past in his hiking boots with tent polls tucked underneath his arms. “We’re sleeping in these bad boys.”
This is a disaster.. No, this is heinous criminal activity! “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Where are we supposed to shower?”
He equips himself with a familiar frown and then nods his head toward the blue lake. “That massive body of water.”
That lake could be filled to the brim with disease and crocodiles. How could a person possibly clean themselves in such a dirty river? "There’s no way..”
"Look.." Taehyung has had just about enough of everybody's complaining. He just wants to build these fucking tents and get a campfire going so that he can roast marshmallows. "..I'm not the CEO of tents. I need help over here. Jungkook!"
It turns out; Jungkook isn't any good at putting together tents, either. Him and Taehyung have just spend the past twenty minutes trying to force the metal poles into holes that weren't made for each-other. That may have something to do with the fact that the poles were just thrown in the back of the car without being held together in their separate respective bags. Nobody knows which pole belongs with which. You're just about ready to get back in the car and drive yourself back home, but it’s not like you’ve been of any help. You’re just here to stand with your legs out and look pretty. Jungkook can’t think straight with you looking so good all of the time. It’s a burden. 
"How dumb can you get?" Valerie wants to drive the tent pole through Taehyung's eye socket at this point. She then pushes the boys aside and figures it out for herself in less than five minutes. "How is it that I'm the only one with functioning brain cells today?"
The night rolls around quickly and if it weren’t for Valerie, these tents wouldn’t have been put together in time. She’s a good problem solver, you’ve concluded. But, she’s still a backstabbing-boyfriend-stealing bitch.
Taehyung builds the fattest campfire, douses the wood with a small can of petrol, and then sets it alight with a lighter. Um.. Hello? Safety 101? The only decent thing about today happens to be the roasted jumbo marshmallows and Jimin’s wild storytelling. 
The fire crackles and illuminates each of your faces, and the smokey smell is oddly comforting and cozy, but it’s hardly enough to convert you to a camp-freak. You doubt anything will make you ever want to do something like this again. Plus, you didn’t pack the correct clothing, so you’re now dressed in Jungkook’s spare sweatpants and hoodie. He was quick to offer them up. 
“And so I said to her..” Jimin continues his rant about his grandmother. “That’s exactly why your husband left your balding ass. That’s how I feel.” 
Hoseok listens in utter awe and with the most perplexed expression plastered on his face. He hasn’t spent that much time with Jimin, so he hasn’t become familiar with his humour just yet. “My god.. Don’t you love your grandparents?”
Jimin shrugs and begins nibbling on the end of a of burnt marshmallow. "Love is a game and I don't wanna play. Not even platonically."
You pull your head away from his shoulder to look up at his face. Jimin deserves love more than anybody you’ve ever met. It pains you a little to hear that he doesn’t want to experience it. Although, love isn’t something that can only felt by actively scoping out. A lot of the time, love scopes out its victims and infects them like the plague. "Ever?"
"Never." He reaffirms with a firm nod. "I mean, look at what it did to you and Jungkook."
Crickets.. Nothing but the sound of crickets and the gentle flow of the lake. How humiliating.. 
"Sorry, but you get what I mean."
Valerie and Jungkook haven’t been paying attention to the conversation at all, so Jimin’s remark flies over their heads completely. They’re currently whispering to each-other as she sketches something on a small notepad. The scene alone makes you clench your fist until your knuckle cracks. You wonder what they’re discussing and why they have to do it so damn quietly!
You obviously don’t know it, but it’s a sketch of you. And, it’s a pretty damn good sketch at that; it encompasses your current frown, your pout, and your clenched fists. Valerie has a unique style of drawing where she etches the shadows using lines. And, as she finishes up the details of your oversized hoodie, she tears out the page and hands it to Jungkook. He grins at the image and decides that it’s going to live in his wallet for comedic purposes. 
It takes you a little over an hour to fall asleep that same night. You can’t help but wonder what on earth Jungkook and Valerie are doing in their shared tent. Yep, they decided to share tents. You and Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok. Why did they have to do that? It’s plain disrespectful. It makes you sick to your stomach. It makes you want to resort to violence and set their tent alight, but arson isn’t the answer to this problem. You don’t know what is. You thought he was supposed to love you and only you.
Tumblr media
The next morning is just as disorganised as the previous afternoon. Surprise, surprise; Taehyung has only packed ramen, beer, beans, three apples, and some bread. Are we living in the middle ages? What the fuck is this?
Yourself and Jimin have taken turns in cussing at Taehyung for starving the six of you for three days, and the two of you are now dipping your limbs into the river to clean off. Taehyung was supposed to be the host for this camping trip. He said and I quote ‘I’ll sort everything else out. Just bring your clothes.’
"How long does it take a person to wash themselves?" Taehyung complains for the fiftieth time in the past thirty minutes. His temper fuse has been short lately, especially after Kaya blocked him on every single social media platform out there. His hope in ‘they all come running back eventually’ has almost run out. She’s not coming back any time soon. He knows this now. He’s not God. Kaya isn’t going to follow him around like a lost puppy. She has shit to do.
Hoseok occupies himself by reading a survival book by the campfire while Taehyung and Jungkook try to figure out the easiest way to cook the noodles. Did I mention he didn’t bring a cooking pot? Yeah. World’s worst camping host ever. 
The wind is mild, but carries enough strength to rattle around tree leaves and various bushes. The twig snapping 500 metres away and the subtle waft of your perfume are the things that capture Jungkook's full attention, though. "They're coming back now."
"How can you even tell?"
"I just know."
Taehyung is in utter awe. He never thought his best friend — who had spent so much of his free time gaming and browsing PornHub — would turn into such a simple man with veins pumped full of a single woman in a tight skirt.
"I can't see anything." Jungkook holds the packet further from his eyes in a feeble attempt to make out the tiny printed instructions. "I didn't bring my contacts."
"How can you not read the back of a ramen packet, but can tell when Y/N is coming by a change in the fucking wind? You're useless to me."
And, right on cue, you and Jimin come stumbling down the dirt path and back toward the campsite. Jungkook could make out your figure from a mile away. He could also pick you from a long line of women while he’s blindfolded. One touch of your skin and his heart is full.
“You’re obsessed with her.” Taehyung mutters before snatching the ramen from his fingers. 
“I’m obsessed with how she makes me feel.”
‘Obsessed’ just might be the right word to describe his feelings for you. It’s definitely not puppy love or infatuation. He would be over you by now if it were either of those two. 
Alas, there’s no possible way to cook these ramen packets, so Taehyung comes up with the idea to sprinkle the uncooked noodles with the seasoning and eat it as is. It’s honestly not that bad, but there are a million things you’d rather be eating. There are also a million other places you’d rather be sleeping than in a tiny tent. You don’t mind sharing with Jimin at all — he’s the only person you feel comfortable sleeping in such close proximity to right now — but, he falls asleep so fucking quickly. You can’t even finish your rant about Jungkook and Valerie before he starts snoring into your ear.
Wonderful! You guess you’ll just check your phone for something entertaining. Oh, right. You’re in the middle of fucking no where with no access to anything or anyone.
"This fucking reception.." You mutter to yourself before wriggling out of the sleeping bag and stepping out of the tent. The nights cold air is quick to nip at your exposed skin and threaten to do some harm.
With a frown and a hoodie wrapped around your figure, you wander around the campsite for better reception. There has to be at-least one decent spot. You'll climb a tree if worst comes to worst.
Ah ha! A singular bar of sweet reception returns to your phone and a sudden flurry of text messages appear on your screen. Most of them are from your other group of friends, two are from your dad, and zero are from your mom.
She never texts you if it's not to do with herself, but you don't want to believe that to be true. She hasn't messaged or called at all. Not even a 'text me when you made it to the campsite, so I know that you're safe.' Your dad sent you that very message followed by a pixelated image of a potted plant that he bought at a garden sale. Even Jungkook asked how the car journey was for you, and he was sitting right next to you. Things don't add up, but you're no mathematician.
You feel odd.. A little more odd considering the fact that you’re stood in the darkness of a forest where ghosts and murderers could be lurking. The very thought sends a chill running down your spine and you want nothing more than to get back to the safety of the tent.
All three tents are identical and are sprawled out around the campfire, which makes it damn near impossible to know which one you’ve just stepped out of. So, you simply head for the closest one. There’s no harm in failure. As long as you learn from it. 
"Jimin?" You nudge the sleeping body buried in the sleeping bag and become satisfied that it's actually him after a mans groan is produced. "My mom hasn't even messaged me. Do you think she's just busy? That's probably it, right?"
You zip the tent closed and lay yourself beside him. Only, this person doesn’t smell like Jimin’s strawberry scented shampoo at all. They smell like vanilla and a cologne you know oh-too well. 
"Jungkook! Jesus Christ!" You bolt upright and offer him the worlds most un-threatening frown. "What are you doing in my tent?!"
He sneaks a hand behind his head and grins at your bewildered expression. He's still half asleep, so this could just be a wonderful dream he's having. "My tent.. You just walked in here."
You scan the surroundings for any sign of your belongings, but they're no-where to be seen. This isn’t your tent. Why does this have to happen to you? You seem to have a talent for walking right into the worst case scenarios.
He doesn't bother to stifle his laugh. It's boyish and contagious to any fool who has the chance to hear it.
"It's not funny! Stop laughing!" You try to fight the smile that's tugging on the corner of your lips, but you lose tremendously. "You're an ass!"
You can't remind the last time you smiled this way. Perhaps it was two weeks and three days ago; right before your mom stepped into your life. But, that smile is quick to turn into a frown once you recall the exact situation at hand. Jungkook is no friend to you right now, neither is Valerie. “Where’s Valerie? I thought she was sleeping with you?”
“Jealous?” Is the first word to comes out of his mouth. That singular word is all that you need to put two and two together. Their entire ‘fling’ was just an act with the sole purpose of making you jealous! How could you be so blind? But, more importantly, why would he put you through that? “She hasn’t been sleeping in here. She leaves during the night to sleep with Taehyung and Hoseok.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?”
Jungkook swiftly sits himself up and begins apologising profusely. Your expression is anything but relieved. You’re clearly pissed off. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to get your attention. Maybe you would want me back if you saw me moving on..”
There aren’t any words that you can think of using as a response, so you just deepen your frown. It reminds him of the drawing and he tries his hardest to hold back another smile. The expression pisses you off to a whole other level.
“Whatever. I’m out of here.” You prepare to stand up, but he wraps his fingers around your forearm to keep you seated.
“Oh, come on. Just stay.” He wants to kiss you so bad, which is exactly why he leans forward. Not quite onboard with the unprompted affection, you turn your head to the side and his lips press against your cheek instead.
“I’m not doing this, Jungkook.” 
“Please.” His lips graze against your jaw and his tone of voice softens. “Just touch me. Just once. Please. I miss you so fucking much.”
His words tug on your heartstrings. Something inside of you wants him, but the other parts are hesitant. It’s a tiresome mental debate to be having all the time, but you ultimately lift your head a little and place a gentle kiss against his lips. And, as you do, he takes a sharp inhale of breath. He wants to breathe you in completely until he consumes you and until he becomes a vessel just for you. 
He can't decide where to place his hands, so he doesn't; from your face, to your hips, to your thighs, and then back to your jaw. "You're supposed to be with me. All the time. I want you so bad."
"All I do is hurt you."
His lips reassure you before his words do. He can't explain how you make him feel; yes, you’ve hurt him a lot, but you're also his remedy. "I know you don’t mean to."
You don’t lean in to kiss him again. It makes you feel like an awful person and it fills you with a fuck-ton of guilt. You’ve made so many mistakes and the consequences are always weighing on your mind. He can tell by the shift in your expression. 
“Talk to me.” He rubs his thumb against your cheek and waits patiently for you to open up. “Just say whatever you’re thinking. I’ll listen.” 
"I don't know. I'm.. disappointed." You study his handsome features; the curve of his jaw, his pink lips, his pretty eyes. "Disappointed that my mom isn't who I want her to be. It's making me angry."
"You’re allowed to let her go."
"I can't. I need.. I want a strong female in my life."
"You are a strong female in your life."
His words make you laugh a little. You’ve been feeling everything aside from strength these few past weeks. "You make me feel so nice.. All the time. Why do you make me feel so nice?"
"Because I love you." He steals another quick kiss. "And, I want to be with you. You know that right?"
“I know that.” Your lips curl into a shy smile at his words, but then your mind decides to wander. “..She offered to pay back my student loans.. My mom.”
“I think she owes you a lot more than money.”
“She has good intentions..” It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. 
Jungkook runs his thumb along your bottom lip and watches with intent as you speak. Your lips are his favourite thing on earth.. or maybe it’s your voice, or your laugh, or your legs, or your eyes. Maybe it’s everything.
As he pre-occupies himself with falling in-love with you all over again, you take his thumb between your lips and remind him that he couldn’t possibly choose between a single one of your features. 
“Deja vu.” He notes before replacing his thumb with his tongue. The kiss is filthy and is anything but romantic. Can you hold blame to anyone? The pair of you have a fuck ton of steam to let off and if aggressively making out and grinding against each-other is the cure to an eased mind, then you’ll do just that. 
Jungkook’s hand leaves your hips and begin to rub against the growing outline of his cock. You’ve noticed — god, you’ve noticed — and you’ve repositioned yourself on his lap to help with the friction. You’re beyond turned on. He does something to you; he has the ability to flip a switch within you at any fucking time of the day. 
You circle your hips and devour each-other’s moans until there’s a sudden rustle from outside of the tent. You’re the first one to break the kiss and listen for any further signs of a threat. This forest is huge and filled with threatening wildlife, after all. No amount of tongue kissing can save you from the claws of a grizzly bear. 
“It’s nothing.” He uses his free hand to tilt your face back toward his low eyes. His other hand slides beneath the waistband of his sweatpants to rub against the tip of his cock. He’s so horny, he could explode. “Just keep looking at me. Only me.” 
“What if it’s a bear?”
“There aren’t any bears in these woods.” He reassures by pressing a kiss on the side of your mouth. “It’s probably just Taehyung pissing on the side of our tent cause he knows what we’re doing.”
His words make you smile and you lean in to kiss him once again. To your surprise, his fingers grip the back of your hair and he tugs your head backward until the skin of your neck is on full display for his eager mouth. An involuntary moan falls from your lips at his dominant stance and tight grip. 
“Am I better like this?” He drags his tongue from your jaw to your lips, where he takes your bottom lip between his teeth. His eyes pierce into yours and a ball of fire grows in your lower stomach at the notion. It’s pure sex. His surge of confidence is a new experience for you both. “You like when I take control of you, right?” 
You hum in response, but it’s not good enough for him. He wants to hear you say it; to hear you say what you want him to do to you. You have a dirty mouth and he wants it open and talking. 
“Say it.”
“Mmm, fuck. I like it when you do this.” You breathe out as his teeth nip at the exposed skin and his grip tightens on your hair. “Touch me.” 
Let’s call it for it is; grinding against each-other until you’re both on the edge of an orgasm while your friends are trying to sleep in peace right next door is beyond risqué, but that’s exactly what you spend the night doing. His fingers find their way beneath the waistband of your panties and he plays with your clit until you’re on the verge of tears. He bites you, chokes you, digs his fingers into your flesh, and calls you filthy names until you can’t take the stimulation anymore. The many weeks worth of sexual tension has finally come crashing down and he can’t help the way he feels about you. He’s fantasised about wrecking you, but he’s just been too timid to do it. Finally, he’s found his confidence to give it to you how he wants to. 
Neither of you can come, otherwise it’ll make for too much of a hassle to clean up. You can’t just wander down to the river at fuck-o-clock to wash cum from your thighs. Besides, orgasm denial is a whole other level of fun. You’re learning the hard way. 
Jungkook falls asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around you that night, but you have trouble following suit. There’s a humane part of you that knows it’s unfair to put Jungkook through any of this. He’s so obviously in love with you. It’s almost comical; the way he looks at and treats you. So many people would kill to be loved this way. You keep getting involved with him when you know you’re not entirely sure if you want to be date again. It’s unfair.
Tumblr media
Taehyung manages to get you all back safety after the three days come to an end. The car journey back home isn’t as awkward, but it’s definitely full of unanswered questions. You’re the one to sit on Jungkook’s lap and he’s the one to press gentle kisses against the back of your neck. The trip was supposed to put things in perspective for you and him, but it’s only confused you even further. He gets it and he gets you, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave you to deal with your emotions all by yourself. 
Instead of heading back to your dormitory on campus, you head to your dads house to spend a day or two with him. He asks you all about the camping experience and you answer with ‘could’ve been better’, but your mom doesn’t call or text at all. She doesn’t care about silly little things like these, nor does she care about your friends and their extracurricular activities. It hurts. 
Tumblr media
It's routine for Jungkook's dad to come over on a Friday night to drink with your own dad, but it's never been routine for Jungkook to come along. He used to swear that he would rather walk the plank than be trapped in your house with your dirty eyes devouring him as he awkwardly sits on the kitchen barstool. But, those times have long passed and he wants nothing more than just that.
Your dad and his put two and two together and decide to leave to drink at a nearby bar. They have some idea of the fights you’ve been having and know all about the emotions that come with being young and in-love. 
Unaware to the fact, you’re currently lounging on your balcony with a fashion magazine in hand and in nothing but panties and Jungkook’s oversized shirt. If there’s one thing you wont be returning to him, it’s his shirts — you like to convince yourself that it’s because they’re super comfy, but you’re really just holding onto them for sentimental value. They still smell like him and play a role in helping you get to sleep most nights.
“What you reading?” Jungkook leans against the sliding door and drags his eyes down the length of your legs. He can’t help it. There’s so much skin.
You lower the magazine slightly to scope him out. He may be wearing grey sweatpants and a handsome grin, but you’re in a dreadful mood. You’ve spent the whole day coming up with reasons on why you’re not going enough for your mom. So, with a roll of your eyes, you say your bit. "None of your business. Why are you even here?"
"Feisty, considering it was my business last night." He sees right through your tough-girl act. He knows you just want to be loved. “That’s my shirt, by the way.”
“I want it back.”
“I’m not done wearing it.”
Technically, he could bow down to you and let you walk all over him, or he could say his own bit. Considering how impatient he's getting with you and your shit, he opts for the latter. “I wasn’t done dating you.”
You glare at him for a few moments before slamming down the magazine, tugging the shirt over your head, and throwing it against his chest. “Fine! Have your stupid shirt back!”
He watches you storm back into your bedroom and pull open your drawers in search for another shirt; a shirt that doesn't belong to him. Your bra and panties may look pretty pressed against your skin, but your attitude is anything but appealing. He plans on telling you exactly that. "Your attitude is really shitty.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me.” He affirms. “But, I know why. You want me more than your mom, but you’re more concerned about disappointing her than me because you know you can never disappoint me. You’re so perfect, Y/N, and you always have been. It’s no wonder you’re reacting this way because someone sees you as less than.”
He reads you like a book without a single stutter and it's humiliating to have to hear it come from him. There's a small part inside of you with 20/20 vision that knows exactly what he said is true, but the other parts act blindly.
“..That’s dumb.”
“Is it?” He questions. “Then why aren’t you ever afraid to show me your ugly side? Fail in front of me? Cry? Gossip? Get naked? I’ve seen every mark on your skin. You can’t disappoint me.”
Your gaze averts from his brown eyes to your half-naked body. You’re standing in front of him in nothing but your underwear, but you don’t feel like a disappointment. You’ve been nothing but bitter ever since the breakup, but he hasn’t ever made you feel like a disappointment. He may have ran along with Valerie's idiotic plan, but he didn't do it with ill intent. He just wanted you back. He wants you back so bad.
You still have a few more defensive remarks in you, so you decide to let them out. "So, you get me naked just so you can prove a point?"
"I can get naked, too." He tugs his shirt over his head and offers it to you plus the one he had just taken. "You can have all of my shirts. Just let me have you."
It's stupid moments like these that make you realise that you like having him in your life. You like how he talks — sometimes with a lisp if he's frustrated — and how his voice drops a few octaves in the mornings. From his dark, fluffy hair to his doe eyes and pink lips; you love it all. You're in-love for the first time in your life and it's taken so much pain and petty mistakes for you to fully realise it.
"You're an idiot.." You mutter as he closes in on you and brushes a few loose strands away from your eyes.
His lips contort into a smile at your remark; a remark he'll gladly return. "You're a bigger idiot."
An involuntary sigh falls from your lips as he cups your jaw with his palms and tilts your head upwards. "I love you, though. So much." He says before leaning down and capturing your lips with his own.
It feels like home. You feel like home and you taste so sweet on his tongue. No matter where he places his lips on your skin, you’re like the sweetest candy. He’s addicted.
Your own hands find refuge against his chest and you kiss him back until you have no oxygen left in you. It feels good, more than good. You don't want to pull away for air or think about anything else aside from his touch. Your body and your mind are working in unison for once and you're certain that you're in-love with him.
The kiss grows messy and needy, and the pair of you are quick to stumble over to the comfort of your bed. It takes every strength of his being to pull his lips from yours and allow his eyes to run over your pretty body. His fingers make light work of the clasp of your bra and are gentle against your skin as he tugs your panties down your thighs.
When you get naked, you don't just take off your clothes. You take off your armour and you take down your walls until you're completely yourself. Nothing more, nothing less; your witty, lively, pretty, and kind self. It feels like a weight has been lifted from your chest, like you have no more expectations to live up to. It also feels great to have his lips roam your stomach and your inner thighs.
"You're so beautiful." His breath tickles your skin and you sigh with content at the feeling. He convinces you entirely. "So, so beautiful."
As he sinks his cock into you and fills you up until you’re gasping for air, his breath stutters and it mixes with your own. His tongue brushes against yours and his fingers run down your sides and press into the curve of your hips. He fucks you deep and slow and until your back arches from the mattress in nothing but pleasure.
You've never made love before. It feels different; more intimate than fucking in a car full of people. His touch is lighter against your skin and his eyes gaze into yours like they hold so much more than tears. His lips press against yours a hundred times, but no amount of kisses or time spent together will be ever be enough.
You've never felt as vulnerable as you do right now — not because your naked body is spread out beneath him — but because of the emotions portrayed. Every touch of your fingers, every kiss on his lips, and every whimper of his name; they all tell him what he wants to hear, what he's been waiting so long for you to say. I love you. I'll give you all of me; my heart, my soul, my mind, my body, and my voice. I’ll never pretend to be anybody else when I’m with you. You make me whole again.
Jungkook's fingers re-home themselves on the headboard in an attempt to steady himself. He feels like he's melting onto you, but he's completely in-love with the feeling. His skin is laced with goosebumps and he grows more and more sensitive with each and every touch. He wont ever take this for granted; being able to touch you like this, make you feel a way that nobody else can, being inside of you both physically and mentally. This is how his and your lives are supposed to pan out. You were always supposed to meet how you did. Your backstory and your struggles were always going to make you stronger and were needed so you could put in place necessary boundaries. Everything happens for a reason. Obviously. But, some people are intentionally placed in your life for the better or for the worst. You've learned that you have the power to decide whether they stay or not. This is your life and it always has been.
"I love you so much." He mutters against your lips and a pretty groan follows suit. You feel so fucking good wrapped around his cock. You always do. It feels like heaven and it makes him certain that he couldn't ever receive pleasure like this from another woman.
“I love you.” You manage to breathe out amongst the flurry of moans. “I’m sorry. I love you.”
He wants to marry you, to be bound to you by law and to show you off as the worlds most beautiful bride. He wants to be as close to you as possible, whether it be via the law or by physical contact.
He may be young, but he's certain that he's utterly and unconditionally in-love with you. Whenever he sees you, he’s overcome with that warm, bubbly, and content feeling one experiences as they watch a vibrant sunset. You’re every colour of the rainbow. You’re in every one of his smiles, his laughs, and his tears. He doesn’t ever want to be without the feeling you give to him. He’s no drug addict, but he’s addicted to the feeling of you running through his veins.
The sex lasts for a little longer after you both come. You just can’t get enough of being touched like that; he kisses every inch of your skin and runs his fingers and tongue along the most sensitive areas for the majority of the night. All good things have to come to an end, but being held in his embrace feels almost as good as being intimate. 
"You waited." You whisper against his chest. His skin is warm and you never want to leave his arms. Not again. It hurt too much the first time and you hadn’t realised the damage it had done to your character. "Thank you for waiting."
Jungkook gazes up at the ceiling as his fingers trace abstract patterns against the exposed skin of your back. He's content. He wants to lay in this bed and feel your soft skin pressed up against his until the end of time. He wants this forever.. "Always."
Tumblr media
From that day onwards, you refuse to be controlled and treated like a disappointment by your mom or by anyone. In fact, you refuse to be treated by her at all. She doesn’t belong in your life and she’ll never have a place in your heart. Maybe it was a good thing that she left you at such a young age. Who knows how you would’ve turned out if things were different. You probably wouldn’t have met Jungkook or any of your friends, and you can say for certain that you wouldn’t ever reach the happiness that you feel today. 
Tumblr media
Graduation. It's finally here. Those past three years you've spent crying, studying, loving, and fucking have been condensed into a singular piece of paper that you've now opted to hang on the bathroom wall. Speaking of bathrooms, you and Jungkook are officially sharing one in a cozy apartment situated in the centre of the city. It's nearby the most fashionable stores, so you have very little reason to complain.
You scored a job as a manager in the human resources department of a fashion magazine. It’s perfect; you work well with people and you're able to read about the latest fashion trends before they’ve even had the chance to be published.
Jungkook does well for himself, too. He works as a cyber security consultant at a top firm in the city. And, with his new job comes an adorable white button up shirt and a black tie. If you're not teasing him about it, you're helping him get out of it. He's completely tech savvy, so when the television stops working, he somehow fixes it, and when a new phone is released in stores, he's quick to review it. Jungkook thrives in the techy environment with all of his new techie colleagues. A lot of them share the same interests in gaming and computer programming, so he couldn't be more content with work-life.
Each day after work, you wander the streets with a smile on your face as the billboards tower over you and the bright city lights illuminate the bustling streets. There are so many potential friends, so many stories to hear, and so many street foods to try. You’ve learned to not take these things for granted.
Today though, you've decided to stop by at a nearby hardware store to pick up a can of paint. Yours and Jungkook's bedroom needs a pop of colour, despite the over-the-top decorations; scented candles, fluffy pillows, random trinkets you find in antique stores, knitted throws, and adorable group photos of you and your friends. Jungkook isn't one to complain about much. As long as he has room for his two monitors, a mattress to sleep on, and you to hold at night, he's a happy man. And, even if you pick an absurd colour to douse the bedroom walls in.
The bell on the door pings and notifies that there's a creative, new customer in need of something no ordinary store could provide. And, the first employee to greet you has a familiar smile and an even more familiar head of bleached blonde hair.
If there's one thing to note about Park Jimin, it's that he won't ever let an obstacle get the better of him. This is precisely why he specialises in the mixing of paints, despite his Tritanopia colour blindness. He loves patterns, pretty colours, sparkles, and everything else that arouses eyes as curious as his own. He also loves his job and the opportunity to mingle with creative customers and friendly colleagues.
“Urgent business.” You say as he pulls you in for a warm hug. “I need a colour for the bedroom. I’m thinking.. not neutral. Something spontaneous, but still cute.”
"You're in luck." He runs his finger along the display of available colours. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, black, grey, white, and every shade in-between. "I'm the paint master."
Your eyes wander from an opaque purple to a pretty shade of baby pink. It's perfect. Pink! There's no better colour. It looks good on everyone and it would compliment the theme of your bedroom tremendously. Sorry.. yours and Jungkook's bedroom.
"This one." You take your pick, earning an amused grin and a nod. "What do you think?"
Jimin picks up the paint can by its handle and inspects the demo colour printed on the metal. "The prettiest, babe. I suggest you even add some glitter to it."
And, add glitter to it is exactly what you do. You’re not completely selfish and lacking in interior design knowledge, so you resort to painting only one of the bedroom walls. Call it a feature wall if you will. You decide on hanging up photos and memories all over it. It’s absolutely an eye-full to look at, but it makes you happy and it reminds you of the ones that you love.
Tumblr media
Kaya and Taehyung remain strangers and go for many months without speaking a word to one-another. Taehyung now works at his parents pharmaceutical company and despite his new collection of high-end suits and his well-paying job, he couldn't be unhappier with his life. He likes to convince himself that his unhappiness stems from his work-life, but that’s not entirely true. He misses Kaya and her contagious smile and the feeling of her fingers intwined with his own. He misses her so much to a point where it becomes frequent for him to think about her in his free time.
On a particular day, he reminisces about her high pitched laugh and begins to see a literal hallucination of her standing in the hallway with a small smile plastered on her face. Only, she's not a hallucination. She's real and she's really smiling at him. She's dressed for commerce; in a blouse and a pencil skirt with her pretty curled hair.
"Hey, Tae." Kaya says with that pretty voice; the very voice he's been missing way too much. "I got a new job."
"Where?" He already knows. Fuck, he already knows, but he just wants to hear her say it.
"Here. With you."
His lips find hers before he can even form a coherent thought and he kisses her like she's the last woman on planet earth. She is. She's the only woman on planet earth for him.
Tumblr media
Valerie disappears after graduation without a word. She’s in pain, but she’s also in recovery. She doesn’t reply to any of your messages or updates, but you don’t stop sending them. You know she’s reading them and you know they make her feel included in your family; the family you’ve chosen.
On a rainy Monday morning, a letter is delivered to your address. It reads:
Dear Y/N,
I suppose you’re wondering where I am and what I’ve been doing. I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring all of you messages. I’ve read all of them and I’ve smiled at each and every one. I miss you, but I’m not ready yet. I know you know how that feels. I feel it deeply, deeper than anything I’ve ever felt.
Have you ever met someone who completed you? Someone who you truly believed was the missing piece to your puzzle? Someone who expressed love, kindness, and honesty toward you? And then, somewhere further down the road, they replaced you like an out of date toy, or they lied, or they never truly had your best intentions in mind? I also feel that deeply.
Nineteen years ago, I met someone. I call her mom. She made me what I am today and what I’ve been all this time, but she won’t make me who I’ll be tomorrow. I will. I’ve always had that power, but I haven’t always known how to wield it in my favour.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever rely on others for support, I’m saying you shouldn’t ever rely on others for self-love, validation, and self-definition. You can’t ever get those things externally. I’m sure you know this more than any of us.
P.S. I’ve re-enrolled for university and I have enough coloured pencils, paints, and canvases to last a lifetime! I’ll speak with you soon.
With love from your sister,
Valerie x
Tumblr media
Hoseok spends his time attending various workshops, swimming with sharks, chatting with elderly ladies in lengthy lines at supermarkets, and working part-time as a social worker. He’s an extrovert and an adventurer at heart, so he loves what he does. Everybody else loves him, too. He truly cares for others and that’s evident in all of his work and in each and every one of his relationships.
On Thursday evenings, Hoseok and yourself catch up over dinner at a different food spot each week. Last week was a downtown burger place, and this week is a high-end Japanese restaurant with incredible reviews and even better miso soup.
Tumblr media
No matter which path your friends take, they all make the effort to stay in contact, whether it be by catching up over coffee or calling you every once in a while. You love them with all of your heart and you want nothing more for them to succeed in life, be fulfilled, and be happy.
You keep your promises; you stay true to yourself and your passions, and you treat others how you would want to be treated.
Jungkook keeps his promises, too; he communicates his feelings and thoughts, he loves you even when you feel like you don't deserve it, and he loves you even when you're difficult to love.
He knows all of you now. He knows how your mind works, he can recognise your love, and he knows just where to find it. Finally, he fits next to you, underneath you, and in between. Finally, he's all over you.
Thanks for reading! Wear what you want, love who you want, own up to your mistakes, and try your best in everything you do x
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
plot twist | knj sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— daughter of the ceo of the biggest record label, it’s obvious she’d get whatever and whoever she wants. but what happens when she’s meeting the one person that refuses to play into her spoiled brat act?
(or, you’re a rich spoiled brat who wants namjoon’s attention, but he is not impressed... or the least bit interested.)
Tumblr media
pairing: rapper!namjoon x rich girl!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: taegi, yoonmin, jikook... yn has some boyfriends.
genre: idol au, enemies to lovers | smut!! nd of course some angst.
status: completed.
updates: everyday. (please do not ask!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
character profiles: yn nd her entourage
character profiles: namjoon nd company
part one: paris ✈️ bahamas ✨
part two: tHiRtY-TWo mINuTeS 🤡
part three: fucking adorable 😴
part four: never wrong
part five: not surprised 🤧
part six: automatic dick
part seven: buzz kill
part eight: plus one 🥺
part nine: real work
bonus: five hours 😈
bonus: fucking shaking 😭
part ten: signature sparkle
part eleven: seems different
part twelve: shamelessly flirting
part thirteen: heart 😳 flutter!?
part fourteen: getting impatient 😤
part fifteen: free parking
part sixteen: bad person
part seventeen: far from casual 🤦🏻
part eighteen: hang out 😅
part nineteen: tricky part
part twenty: not together
part twenty-one: kinda bummed
part twenty-two: self centered
part twenty-three: my boyfriend 😳
part twenty-four: feels familiar 👀
part twenty-five: no right answer
part twenty-six: perfect family
part twenty-seven: two years
part twenty-eight: plot twist
(time jump) part twenty-nine: love songs
epilogue: stay tuned 👽
epilogue: exculsive boyfriend
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Abundance (XII)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, eventual smut
— warning: none
— word count: 10k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find the rest of the chapters here!
Tumblr media
You lean into your palm with a small sigh.
Forcing down a few bites of the cold eggs in front of you is all you can muster, the rest being pushed mindlessly around your plate as your gaze drifts to the hybrids around the table. Your eyes land on Hoseok first, the dog hybrid looking lost in thought as he eats his breakfast. Normally he would greet you with his golden tail wagging up a storm, and a bright smile on his face, as he would rush to claim the seat next to you in the morning. Not today though. The unoccupied chair between you and Hoseok feels like an ocean, and you have to swallow down the food in your mouth with a little more strength than usual as you notice the limp tail behind his back, and the small frown on his face. Namjoon looks stiff next to him, the wolf hybrid’s jaw clenched and tense as he forcefully tears into the slices of bread on his plate.
You know it’s because of you. The guilt that seems to have taken up permanent residence in your throat threatens to rise as your eyes find Taehyung’s bandaged hand. The fox hybrid may have forgiven you, but it doesn’t mean that you have forgiven yourself. And you shouldn’t. What you accused him off was horrible and prejudiced, and you wish you could take it back, but you can’t. The fact that you don’t even know how to fix this is what had kept you up all night; your pillows damp and ruined by the time the sun had peaked over the horizon. You suppose the only thing that might fix this is time, but that’s one thing you’re not so sure you have, not when another shelter check-up is rapidly approaching.
You suck in a startled breath as your gaze moves to Taehyung’s face, surprised to find the fox hybrid already looking at you. Taehyung offers you a gentle smile, and his bushy tail does a half-hearted swish behind his back before he turns his attention back to his food. Your curl your fingers tightly around the fork in your hand, pushing away the sadness bubbling in your chest. This isn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself and what you might have lost, not when the others have been hurt so much worse.
As your gaze falls on Yoongi and Jimin, you notice that something seems to be a little .. off about them. Yoongi has a faint flush in his pale cheeks, and you catch his eyes flickering up to look at Taehyung, before he hastily moves to look at Jimin, and then down at the table like nothing happened. Yeah, there’s definitely something going on, especially with how Jimin’s lips purses into a frown as he catches his alpha looking at the fox hybrid for the second time, his tail flicking with annoyance behind his back. It’s not like Jimin didn’t notice how Yoongi subtly leaned away from him this morning, or how the older cat hybrid settled for petting his head instead of the usual kiss he gets when he wakes up. Jimin isn’t dumb. He caught the faint and unfamiliar scent lingering in Yoongi’s hair as he sat down for breakfast, and while Jimin can’t figure out how it ended up there, he sure knows enough to realize that it’s Taehyung’s scent that Yoongi is trying to hide from him. The youngest cat hybrid’s gaze narrow with suspicion as Taehyung’s soft eyes steal a glance at Yoongi when he isn’t looking, Jimin’s tail curling tightly around his waist to fend off the hiss building in his chest. No. He refuses to lose his alpha to the sly fox hybrid. Yoongi is his.
You watch as Jimin stabs into the sausage on his plate with a loud huff, his tabby ears flat on his head as he angrily bites into the meat. Your curl your hand tighter around the metal in your hand, resisting the urge to reach out and ask if he’s okay. Do you even have the right to do that anymore? Jimin’s annoyance may be targeted towards Taehyung and Yoongi, but you saw the hurt flash in Jimin’s eyes last night too. With everything that happened yesterday, you’re not so sure your comfort would be all that welcome.
The tense silence in the room is broken by the sound of footsteps, and you straighten up in surprise as Jeongguk and Seokjin enters the room. “Oh my god,” Jimin nearly chokes on the piece of food in his mouth as his eyes fall on the bunny hybrid. Jeongguk’s soft features are marred by a busted lip and a darkly bruised jaw, his complexion looking dull and pale and exhausted. Yoongi bites back a hiss as he digs his sharp nails into his thighs, trying his best to stomp down the anger building in his veins. The cat hybrid doesn’t quite know what to do with the relief that exhales in the back of his mind as he sees that Jeongguk is okay, the blood and terror on the bunny hybrid’s face feeling more like an awful nightmare than the reality of the day before. Namjoon lets out a low growl at the same time as Hoseok whines, their expressions troubled as they take in Jeongguk’s slouched posture and the clear pain in his big doe eyes. The wolf hybrid’s protective instincts flare up at the sight, his gray ears falling flat against his head as Jeongguk curls his hand over his throbbing ribcage. Taehyung keeps his eyes firmly locked on the table in front of him as the preys step into the room, his sharp teeth digging into his lower lip as he tries to make himself as small as possible.
You watch as Seokjin gives Jeongguk’s nape a comforting squeeze as he passes him, leaving him standing in the doorway while he takes the free seat between you and Hoseok. Jeongguk’s wide eyes find yours across the room as he inhales deeply, a nervous determination forming in his gaze before he drops his eyes to the ground, and shuffles over to the closest chair. Taehyung stiffens as Jeongguk takes the seat next to him, his bandaged hand curling into a loose fist around the bindings as he tries to lean away from the bunny hybrid. The terrified look on Jeongguk’s face as Taehyung tried to get close enough to help him is burned into the back of his brain, the hurt whimpers and groans echoing in his head way past sundown. Jeongguk licks his lips, ears pressed down flat against his head as his tongue accidentally swipes across the wound. “Taehyung,” The bunny hybrid’s voice wavers as he speaks up in the quiet room.
”Hyung,” Jeongguk forces himself to stay still as the fox hybrid’s head snaps up, pushing down the instincts that tell him to run far away as Taehyung’s red bitten lips parts in surprise. The other boys are frozen in their seats, their ears perked as they give their undivided attention to the two youngest. “Thank you for saving me,” Jeongguk says.
A myriad of emotions seem to pass though Taehyung’s face before he breaks out into a boxy grin, his tail swishing happily behind his back, his voice gentle as he says, ”No problem.” You feel a flutter of warmth in your chest as Jeongguk holds Taehyung’s gaze long enough for a quick nod, a ghost of a smile passing over the bunny hybrid’s lips before he turns his attention to the food in front of him. Seokjin lets out a small breath; a proud smile settling on his lips at how well his packmate handled himself despite being so nervous. The lessened tension between Jeongguk and Taehyung seems to help smooth out the troubled expressions on the others’ faces, although you catch them glancing up Jeongguk’s bruised face every now and then as they eat. The sound slowly resumes in the room, a few murmured whispers between some of the hybrids easing up the lingering awkwardness in the air. You glance sideways to find Seokjin staring down at the fruit on his plate with a dull look, his mouth curved into a frown. The hamster hybrid picks at the selection of fruits, the portion much smaller than what he usually serves himself.
“You okay?” You ask quietly.
“Hmm, just tired,” Seokjin gives you a weak smile. You let out a small noise of understanding. It’s definitely normal that the hamster hybrid would be tired after yesterday's emotional strain, but you can’t quite shake the feeling that there’s something more there, something he isn’t telling you.
A soft chime from the clock above the doorway tells you that you need to leave for work soon, and you regrettably bring your plate to the counter, making sure to clean up after yourself before it’s time to leave. You had tried texting your boss earlier in the morning to ask for the day off to tend to Jeongguk and Seokjin, but you had been quickly informed that something important needed to be discussed, and taking time off wasn’t possible. You push away from the sink with a sigh. “I’m leaving for work, I’ll see you guys later,” You plaster on a smile that feels more like an grimace at the half-hearted replies you get, Namjoon never even looking up from the table as you take your leave.
Everything feels a little off-kilter as you slip on your coat and shoes in the hallway, and it isn’t until you’re seated in your car with your hands clutching the steering wheel that you realize what’s wrong. For the first time since you brought them home, no one had made a move to scent you before you left. The boys have always made a big deal out of it to make sure that other hybrids would stay away, so the fact that they so clearly didn’t want to claim you as theirs only makes the horrible feeling in your stomach tighten. You turn the key to the engine with a heavy heart, sparing the house one more torn look as you pull out of the driveway. You just hope this whole mess isn’t past the point of fixing.
Tumblr media
“This week?” You can’t help the panic that slips into your voice as you grab the file in front of you.
“I’m sorry for the short notice Y/n, but we have no choice,” Your boss grumbles. ”We can’t put our client at risk, and we need someone to secure the documents. It has to be you.” Mr. Gwan leans back in his plush chair, the unspokenbecause it won’t be me hanging heavily in the stiff office air. You bite back the protest resting on the tip of your tongue as you quickly look through the folder, resigning yourself to fact that this is not something you’ll be able to get out of. As only you and your boss is working on the case against Lim Enterprises, there is no one else you can trust to retrieve the documents you need to further secure your case. This is too important.
“Fine,” You sigh. The location isn’t too far away, so you should be able to leave on Wednesday and get back home early on Thursday. Although the thought of leaving the boys alone for twenty-four hours makes you sick with nerves, you just have to trust that they’ll stay civil while you’re gone. “I’ll put everything on the company card though,” You smile as you step towards the door.
Mr. Gwan glares at you from his chair before he reaches into one of the locked drawers behind him, the metal slamming shut with a little more force than necessary. ”You always do,” He lets out a disgruntled huff as he throws you the black company card. You easily snatch it out of the air, giving your boss a half-hearted salute as you pocket it. Mr. Gwan waves you off with a frown, his attention already back on the case in front of him.
You roll your eyes as you exit his office, the folder heavy in your hand as you walk back to your own. “You’re going hiking again?” Soo-hyun offers you a supporting grimace as you pass by her desk.
“Yeah, it appears I am,” You groan.
“Is it a long trail?” She grabs one of the small wrapped cookies on her desk, pushing in into your hand as a little moral support.
”I just have to tent out for one night, it’s not too bad,” You accept the baked goods with a smile. You’ve worked with Soo-hyun the longest, and frankly, you don’t think you would still be here if it wasn’t for her. While you might not be able to share anything about the case, your co-worker has taken it upon herself to still be supportive in any way that she can. Thus, she has lovingly nicknamed the excursions tied to your case as hikes, and the distance you’ll have to travel as trails.
“Be careful, you never know what’s hiding out in the woods,” Soo-hyun winks. You can still detect a hint of concern in her dark brown eyes despite how she tries to play it off.
“I always am,” You smile as you give her shoulder a reassuring pat. Your meetings normally aren’t dangerous by any means, but this is a large corporation you’re going against, and you know deep down that desperate people often go to great lengths to ensure their win - especially if they have a lot to lose. ”Don’t worry,” You grin.
Your smile falls as you walk back to your office, the reminder that this might not be as easy as you’re used to clutched tightly between your fingers. You slump down in your chair with a frown, tossing the brown folder on top of the mess on your desk. The week you took off to bring the boys home and the days you were away while you were sick have already put you far behind on your schedule, and right now it feels like there’s no end in sight for your cases. Lim Enterprises may be your priority, but you still have to deal with other cases to keep the company running smoothly. You wince as you glance at your packed calendar, dread pooling in your stomach at the thought of having to reschedule all the meetings you had planned for the two days you’ll be gone. It seems like sleep might become a foreign concept to you over the next few weeks if you want to attempt to catch up on the work you’re behind on.
Your vision begins to grow spotty at the thought of everything that needs to be done, that needs to be fixed, and you quickly place your head down on your desk with a shuddering breath, trying to keep the feeling of being overwhelmed at bay. You ground yourself in the paper touching your skin and the floor beneath your feet, sitting still until the worst of it passes and your heart calms down. You huff as you slowly peel your forehead from your desk, leaning back heavily into your chair. You just have to tackle one thing at a time, and the first should be to reschedule your meetings until a later date. You ignore the tremble in your fingers as you type out the first number, pressing the phone to your ear as you let your gaze wander out of the glass wall. At least your computer is placed strategically enough that no one can see you when things happen to become a little too much, but you still breathe a sigh of relief as you notice that everyone seems to be too busy with their own stuff to pay attention to you.
It takes you almost an hour to rearrange all your meetings, but at least the iron grip around your chest begins to unwind as you end the last call. Despite the bundle of cases on your desk, you can’t help but feel that the most pressing issue you have isn’t even here, but rather waiting for you at home. You glance up from your phone as a few other co-workers enter the floor, the bags of food in their hands making your stomach rumble. You note down the restaurant name displayed on them, remembering that Jihyo had texted you about the same place a while ago. Apparently it caters to both humans and hybrids, and both her and Sana had loved it, so maybe it would be nice to pick up something for you and the boys on the way home. Food isn’t going to miraculously fix things by any means, but hopefully it can be a start.
Tumblr media
“Thank you Jimin,” You say, giving the cat hybrid a smile as he places the last bag by the living room table.
“No problem,” Jimin replies with a faint smile of his own, but the faraway look in his eyes as he seems to look through you rather than at you, tells you that whatever happened this morning is still bothering him. It doesn’t take long before every free surface is filled with various dishes, and the smell of food seems to slowly coax the boys out of their rooms, and the other hybrids file in before you can muster up the courage to ask the cat hybrid what’s wrong.
“I thought we could have dinner here for a change,” You gesture to the dishes in front of you as Seokjin and Jeongguk enters the room, the bunny hybrid’s ears perking up as he sees the abundance of greens and fruits laid out.
“Sounds good Y/n, thank you,” Seokjin says as he helps ease Jeongguk down in a chair before he finds his own, the bunny hybrid wincing in pain at the pull on his ribcage as he sits. The others slowly find their own seats, each pack taking over their own couch. Jimin seems to ignore Yoongi’s presence as he takes a seat next to him, the older cat hybrid frowning in confusion at his packmate’s cold behaviour. He had been careful to not let Jimin smell him before he could take a shower and wash away Taehyung’s scent, so that can’t be the reason behind Jimin’s anger.
Taehyung gives you a thumbs up with his good hand as he sinks down on the other couch, his tail swishing excitedly behind his back as he takes in all of the mouth-watering food in front of him. The smile on your lips freezes as you catch Namjoon’s eyes, the usual warmth extinguished and cold as he takes his seat next to the fox hybrid. Back is the calculated gaze, the distrust in them clear as he looks at you the same way as he did when you first met at the shelter. You swallow thickly as you sink down on the floor, taking a seat next to Jeongguk’s chair. Hoseok looks down at you mournfully as he walks past, his tail tucked between his legs as he takes up the empty space next to the wolf hybrid. You didn’t realize how used you had become to their casual touches until they were all gone, and the empty hallway that greeted you as you came home from work had made your heart ache.
“Please eat,” You murmur. Taehyung is the first to move, the others quickly following suit as the fox hybrid’s plate disappears under the mountain of food he scoops up. You help Jeongguk fill his plate, the bunny hybrid offering you a bashful thank you as he finds you’ve picked all of his favourites. You can’t help but feel worried at how little Seokjin takes, his plate shockingly empty compared to the others. He did say he was tired, and it’s no surprise he doesn’t have much of an appetite after what happened to Jeongguk but still – this feels out of character for the Seokjin you’ve gotten to know. You mull over it silently as you begin to eat, trying your best to distract yourself from the conversation you need to have about your work trip. As both the takeout containers and plates begin turning empty, you know you can’t post-pone it any longer. Seven pairs of ears twitch in your direction as you gently clear your throat, and you twist your hands nervously together as you say, ”I have to leave the day after tomorrow.”
“Why?” Hoseok whines as he scoots to the edge of his seat. The dog hybrid digs his fingers into the pillow below him to keep himself from closing the distance to cling to you, his instincts yelling at him to not let you go.
“Work,” You grimace. ”There’s some documents we need to retrieve for the big case, and it can only be done in person. I’ll do my best to come home as early as possible on Thursday, it shouldn’t take me much more than twenty-four hours.” The hybrids look tense at the idea of you leaving them, and you hesitantly glance up to meet Namjoon’s eyes, his gaze hard like steel as he slowly scans your face.
“Do you have to?” Jimin grumbles, his tabby ears flat against his head in displeasure.
“Yeah, I can’t get out of it. There’s no one else on the case but me and Mr. Gwan, and he isn’t able to do it,” You say. ”I don’t want to leave, but I have no choice.”
Yoongi’s tail twitches with unease. He can tell that no one is thrilled about it, but work is work. Had it not been for your job, you would’ve never been able to adopt them in the first place. “Don’t worry about it Y/n, we’ll be fine,” Yoongi schools his features into something neutral before he offers you a reassuring smile. Seokjin lets out a hum of agreement, and as your eyes drift back to Namjoon, the wolf hybrid gives you a curt nod. You let out a small breath you didn’t even realize you were holding, and as you glance down at your lap and the silver bracelet wrapped around your wrist, you’re suddenly reminded of the bag you made Jimin place to the side earlier.
“Oh, one more thing,” You stand up to grab it from behind Jeongguk’s chair, the bunny hybrid looking up at you with big eyes as you ruffle through the wrapping paper. You find the right necklace with Jeongguk’s information on it, and you hand the silver jewellery along with a new phone to the bunny hybrid.
“I’m sorry this is so long overdue,” Your voice cracks with guilt as you take in Jeongguk’s bruised face. The bunny hybrid’s lips part in surprise as he gently takes the items out of your hand, the fluffy brown tail behind his back quivering with excitement as he slips the necklace over his head.
“Thank you noona,” Jeongguk sounds breathless as he thumbs over the metal, his bunny ears perked with delight over finally getting his own collar.
“You’re welcome,” You smile.
You hand over phones to Yoongi and Jimin, their collars already around their necks from when you brought them home. Seokjin accepts both items with a soft grin. He has a small sparkle in his eyes as he slips the necklace over his head, the lightweight pendant resting perfectly between his collarbones. You try your best to ignore the uneasy grip around your heart as you turn to the canines, the fear that they might not accept it or want to stay with you not quite willing to let go.
“I know you guys already have a phone from one of the homes that previously adopted you, but I figured it would be nice for each of you to have your own,” You say, handing Taehyung his items. The fox hybrid lights up as you place it in his lap, his tail wagging happily behind his back as he traces your information on the necklace with his finger.
“You don’t have to accept it right now if you’re unsure,” Your mouth feels dry as you extend the objects in Namjoon’s direction, the wolf hybrid’s calculating gaze resting on your face for a few seconds before it drops down to your hand. Just as you start feeling awkward about how long your hand has been hovering in front of him, Namjoon lets out a small huff, his fingers grazing yours as he takes them out of your hold.
Hoseok wriggles closer to the edge of the couch at his alpha’s acceptance, a impatient whine leaving his lips as you rummage around in the bag for his collar. You can’t help but smile at how the dog hybrid presents his head the moment your hand slips out of the bag, his tail wagging furiously against the couch as he waits for you to place it on him. You bring the silver chain over his head, making sure to run your fingers through a section of his golden hair as it slips down so that the necklace doesn’t tangle. You feel Hoseok shiver under your hands, the dog hybrid already feeling starved of your touch despite it only being little more than a day since he last hugged you. “Here you go,” You hand Hoseok his phone, the dog hybrid giving you a dazed look as he leans back to receive it.
”I don’t doubt for a second that you can take care of yourselves, but just in case you need anything, I’ll just be a phone call away,” You say as you make your way back to your spot besides Jeongguk. You’re about to lean forward to start collecting the empty dishes when a hand on your shoulder holds you back, the bunny hybrid looking nervous as he shifts in his chair.
“I .. I have something to say too,” Jeongguk mutters.
“Of course,” You give him a soft smile. A quick glance towards Seokjin confirms that the hamster hybrid seems just as clueless as you feel, a worried furrow appearing between his brows as he watches Jeongguk. The bunny hybrid makes himself as small as possible against his chair as the attention in the room shifts to him, his ears drooping under their heavy stares.
”I-I just want to apologize for what I did. I-I know bunnies can’t be out by themselves, but I-I still wanted to go out and explore on my own despite knowing it’s dangerous. I just ..” Jeongguk bites his own tongue. I just wanted to prove that I’m not a helpless bunny. But he was, and he still is. He wouldn’t have made it out without Taehyung. “I’m sorry you got hurt because of me.” The fox hybrid makes a wounded noise as the remorseful look Jeongguk gives him, the bunny hybrid’s big sad eyes lingering on his bandaged hand before he hangs his head. Taehyung digs his fingers into the soft hairs on his tail, ignoring the weird itch under his skin that he can’t seem to scratch whenever Jeongguk looks at him.
“It’s not your fault bu–Jeongguk. I should be apologizing to you. I heard you leave the house and I was curious, so I followed you,” Taehyung shoots Namjoon a sheepish smile as the alpha’s chest rumbles in displeasure. The wolf hybrid doesn’t have many rules for their pack, but the most important one is to always let the others know if you go somewhere by yourself. Namjoon reaches up to squeeze the back of his neck, both as a warning to not do it again, but also to comfort the sour notes he can detect in his packmate's scent. Taehyung’s orange ears fall flat against his hair, his expression turning troubled as he says, ”I think I scared you, and it took me too long to find you again after you ran off. You probably would’ve been okay if it wasn’t for me.”
Jeongguk stiffens as he remembers the dark-clad figure he was sure was following him, and the equally as dark clothes Taehyung had worn when he found him. Stupid, stupid bunny. Nothing would have happened if he hadn’t trusted his instincts and run away.
“Neither of you did anything wrong,” Seokjin says, his eyes firmly resting on Jeongguk as if he can hear the bunny hybrid’s thoughts.
”You’re allowed to want to be your own person,” He holds Jeongguk’s gaze until the bunny hybrid gives him a weak nod, before he turns in his seat to look at the fox hybrid. ”And I want to thank you, Taehyung, for protecting Gguk when I couldn’t,” Seokjin flashes Taehyung a grateful smile, but then his calm expression slips for just a second, and you swear you see something awfully sad in his eyes before he shakes it off.
The fox hybrid’s cheeks turn pink from the sincerity in Seokjin’s voice, his own low and bashful as he says, ”No problem, hyung.” Namjoon’s eyes drift slowly from Seokjin to Taehyung, a thoughtful expression forming on his face as he presses his lips tightly together. “The weasels were rogue predators, so they weren’t too difficult to scare off,” Taehyung mutters.
“Should I .. report it?” You ask. Yesterday was such a mess of emotions that the thought never even crossed you, but reporting it would be right thing to do, wouldn’t it? Jeongguk deserves justice.
You notice how a few of the boys noticeably stiffen at your offer, the air growing heavy as Yoongi clears his throat. “It’s not my decision to make, but you should probably know that reporting it means that the shelter will know. And since Jeongguk was assaulted while not fully adopted yet ..” The cat hybrid grimaces. They’ll probably take the boys back. You look up at the bunny hybrid, his brown ears hanging low on his head as he nibbles nervously on his lips.
“There’s no pressure Jeongguk,” You offer him a soft smile, hating how conflicted he looks, “You should do what feels right for you.” His eyes briefly meet Seokjin’s, the two packmates sharing a silent conversation before he says, ”Don’t report it. It’s not worth it.”
“Are you sure?” You frown. You suspect that the two hybrids might have discussed this last night already, and that Seokjin isn’t too pleased with Jeongguk’s choice based on the tension in his jaw. But – it is the bunny hybrid’s choice at the end of the day.
“Yeah,” Jeongguk gives you a pained smile, ”We’re used to this as preys. It’s fine.” But it’s not. It’s not fine at all, and it tears you to shreds that Seokjin and Jeongguk have just come to accept it – that there’s nothing that they can do about it. You stomp down the urge to argue, knowing that it won’t do this situation any good. “If that’s what you want,” You say.
The bunny hybrid gives you one last nod, and you decide it might be good to put the conversation to rest. Seokjin’s face is tense and upset, his posture stiff and unmoving as his gaze rests on Jeongguk. A quick glance around the room confirms that the rest seem to be as equally distressed by Jeongguk’s words as you and Seokjin are. Namjoon and Yoongi’s expression are twisted with remorse, and the three others look lost in their own versions of guilt.
“I’ll clean this up,” You say, desperate to disperse the heavy mood.
“I’ll help,” You look up in surprise to find Namjoon collecting plates and containers, the wolf hybrid working quickly to clean up his side of the table. There honestly isn’t much to do besides washing the plates considering the takeout boxes just go in the trash, but Namjoon quietly picks up a kitchen towel, taking his place beside you by the sink. You work in silence as you begin washing the plates, your shoulder occasionally brushing against Namjoon’s as you pass something along to him. The wolf hybrid takes his time with each plate, his eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration as he makes sure there’s not a trace of moisture left on the porcelain before he puts it away.
“Hyung, Y/n,” Taehyung hovers in the doorway to the kitchen, his deep orange ears perking up as you both turn to face him. ”We’re going to put on a movie, do you want to join?”
“Sure,” You smile. The fox hybrid hurries back to the living room as soon as Namjoon agrees, leaving you both to work in silence again. You turn back to the sink to hand a cleaned plate over to the wolf hybrid, your heart fluttering treacherously as Namjoon’s hand covers yours to grab it. His fingers linger for a just a beat too long before they slip away, and you find yourself chasing the warmth left behind as you plunge your hands back into the hot water below you.
“Namjoon,” You stare down at the soapy suds as they swirl around your fingers, gathering your courage before you say, ”I know words aren’t enough to rectify what happened, but I truly am so sorry for what I said yesterday. It was really awful of me to do, and I just want to apologize again. I know the work trip is horribly timed and I’m sure it looks like I’m running away, but I swear I’m not. I’m only leaving because I have to, not because I want to.”
“I know,” Namjoon says, his voice passive, but not unkind. ”It’s a difficult situation for all of us, and I think we all just need some .. time.” The fact that the wolf hybrid isn’t outright rejecting you feels like a step in the right direction at least.
“Yeah,” You breathe. You hand the last plate to Namjoon, quickly draining the sink as he dries the porcelain off. ”You can head back to the living room first, I’ll grab some snacks.” The wolf hybrid goes easily, his warm brown eyes briefly meeting yours before he leaves the kitchen.
It doesn’t take long before you find yourself back in the living room, the boys spread around the room as they grab a few extra blankets and pillows. Jimin bristles as the pillow Yoongi placed down on their couch is snatched up by Taehyung, the fox hybrid making himself comfortable with the plush fabric in his lap. Jimin waits for the older cat hybrid to take it back, to hiss or scowl or do anything that indicates that he’s annoyed, but Yoongi doesn’t. He doesn’t seem to even care as he simply moves on to find a new pillow, and Jimin has had enough. This isn’t the Yoongi he knows. Jimin wraps his hand tightly around his alpha’s wrist, dragging him away from the couch as he lets out a confused noise. ”Yoongi hyung and I are tired, we’ll see you tomorrow,” Jimin huffs. He drags Yoongi out of the room before you even have time to respond, hushed whispers and hisses following them until the door slams shut to their room upstairs.
You share a confused look with Seokjin before the hamster hybrid shrugs it off, and you figure that whatever it is, it seems like it’s something the two of them need to work out together.
“Y/n, come sit with me!” Taehyung grins. Namjoon has taken over the couch Yoongi and Jimin left, and so the fox hybrid pats the seat between himself and Hoseok excitedly. Seokjin and Jeongguk are still in their reclining chairs, and you really don’t feel like sitting on the floor for the duration of a whole movie, so you gratefully take a seat between the two hybrids. You tense as the fox hybrid suddenly cuddles up to your side, Taehyung’s deep voice washing over your ear as he leans in and says, ”I have already forgiven you, but you still need to work for it a little.”
You turn just enough to see the teasing smirk on his face, and the fox hybrid lights up as you smile, lifting your arm up with a nod. Taehyung wastes no time in slipping his good arm around yours, intertwining them as he rests his head on your shoulder. His soft ear tickles the side of your jaw as it twitches along with the sounds from the movie, and you find yourself relaxing back into the couch. A few minutes pass before you feel fingertips hesitantly grazing your own, Hoseok wearing a soft pout as he looks at you and Taehyung all snuggled up. You hold back an endeared giggle as you offer him your hand, the dog hybrid immediately slotting his fingers into the empty spaces between yours as he scoots closer. You let yourself get lost in the movie, the added heat of Taehyung and Hoseok next to you making the cold grip around your heart a little more bearable. Things are definitely still far from okay, but like this, at least, it feels like a start.
Tumblr media
(–”Jimin?” Yoongi lets out a confused hiss as the younger cat hybrid drags him into their room, the door slamming shut behind them. Jimin suddenly spins, his hands gripping Yoongi shoulders as he backs his alpha further into the room. ”Just what are you–” Yoongi’s voice tapers off as his knees buckle against the side of their bed, a huff escaping his lips as his body falls flush against the sheets.
“What am I doing, hyung?” Jimin’s eyes are narrowed as he crawls into Yoongi’s lap, his thighs caging in the older cat hybrid’s hips as he stares down at him. ”What are you doing?” Jimin jabs his finger into Yoongi’s chest with a hiss.
“What do you mean?” Yoongi scowls. He pushes himself up on his elbows as Jimin rolls his eyes, his striped tail trashing angrily behind his back. Jimin plants his hands by Yoongi’s shoulders, leaning down until their noses brush as he growls, ”Why did you smell like fox?” Yoongi’s pupils dilate slightly as Jimin watches him, and the cat hybrid knows his alpha well enough to realize that Yoongi is nervous. That he didn’t think Jimin would notice.
“Jiminie,” Yoongi sighs, his dark ears turning sideways. He was never intending to keep anything from his packmate, but he knows Jimin, and he knows how he gets when he’s jealous. ”Taehyung wanted to thank me for standing up for him yesterday, so he decided to groom my hair,” Yoongi says, his voice as indifferent as possible as Jimin stiffens above him.
“What?” Jimin’s sharp nails dig into the comforter, ”You let him groom you?”
“Yes,” Yoongi holds the younger cat hybrid’s gaze as he says, ”Only because he was thankful, and because he was hurt, Jimin.” He sees Jimin’s tail halt, the wild trashing turning into annoyed flicks as his packmate mulls over his words. Yoongi gently nudges their noses together as Jimin’s ears fall flat, his nails releasing the comforter as Yoongi presses an apologetic kiss to his jaw.
“Are you jealous, kitten?” Yoongi hums. He moves back when Jimin doesn’t answer, laying down flat on the bed again as his hands settle on Jimin’s waist.
“No,” Jimin frowns, his eyes glued to another part of the room as he refuses to look down at Yoongi.
“Good. Because you have no reason to be,” The older cat hybrid tightens his hold on Jimin’s waist before he quickly flips them around, settling between Jimin’s legs as he cages him in with his arms. Jimin reluctantly meets his alpha’s gaze as he feels slender fingers carding through his hair, Yoongi giving him a soft smile as he says; ”You know I love you, right? Only you, Jiminie.”
Jimin lets out an indignant huff, plush lips forming into a pout as he feels Yoongi’s tail wrap around his wrist. Yoongi knows Jimin – he knows that he’ll continue to act bratty to hide that he’s insecure, and Yoongi can’t have that. Not when he knows the perfect way to distract him. Yoongi slowly trails a finger down the side of Jimin’s face, following the curve of his plump cheek until he taps a soft fingertip against Jimin’s pursed lips.
“Are you going to continue to be a bad kitten?” Yoongi challenges, his eyes narrowing as Jimin tries to squirm, his chest rumbling in protest. The older cat hybrid tsks as he trails his finger down Jimin’s jaw, the other stilling under his touch as his follows the line of his throat, his nail lightly scratching against Jimin’s skin as his hand continues downward. He feels the sharp intake of Jimin’s breath as his hand drags over his chest, and how his muscles tense as he passes over his stomach.
“Are you?” Yoongi repeats, his lips curved up into a smirk as he lightly ghosts over Jimin’s groin. Jimin’s eyes blow out as his alpha presses down harder, the friction making him gasp. Jimin whines out a disgruntled no before Yoongi presses a chaste kiss to his lips, the slow drawl of his voice and the pleased glint in his eyes sending a shiver down Jimin’s spine as he says, “Hmm, that’s what I thought.”)
Tumblr media
“Hey,” You offer a sleepy smile as you step into the kitchen, “How come you’re up this early?”
“Woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep,” Seokjin mumbles. Your smile slips into a frown as you step closer to the hamster hybrid, and you get a better look of just how haggard he looks. It seems like Seokjin honestly hasn’t slept at all based on the deep circles below his eyes, and the exhaustion radiating off him. He’s leaning heavily against the counter, almost as if it’s the only thing keeping him standing. You eye him carefully as you get the coffee machine going, letting the low hum of dripping coffee fill the space between you as you wait for it to finish. You hesitantly grab an extra cup, filling both of them up before you nudge one in Seokjin’s direction.
“Want to join me outside for a bit?” You still have a good ten minutes to spare before you need to get ready, and the soft sunlight filtering through the kitchen window feels inviting. The hamster hybrid accepts the cup silently, trailing after you slowly as you make your way out to the garden. You only pause to step into a pair of slippers left by the door, Seokjin doing the same before you walk outside. The fresh spring air that wraps around you as the door opens is delightful, and you allow yourself a few deep breaths, filling up your lungs as much as possible before you are forced to release it. You take a sip of your coffee, enjoying the warmth that travels through your body before you ask, ”Is Jeongguk still sleeping?”
Seokjin’s grip tightens around his cup, his voice terse as he replies with a simple, ”Yeah.”
You can’t help but feel concerned over how the hamster hybrid has been acting since Jeongguk got hurt. You know it’s only been two days and that it’ll take some time for him to process it, but the way he’s doing it right now isn’t healthy. Not sleeping or eating properly won’t be help to either of them. You bite your lip as you look out on the dewy grass, your voice soft as you say, ”You know, you’ve done a really good job taking care of him, Seokjin. You’re a good alpha.” And you mean it, you really do, you have no idea how he has managed to stay this calm for Jeongguk’s sake – but it seems like your words have the opposite effect of what you were going for, as Seokjin’s jaw suddenly clenches, and his body stiffens. You almost take a step back as the hamster hybrid turns to face you, his mouth pressed into a flat line and his gaze harsh and bitter as he looks at you.
“I’m not! Jeongguk got hurt and I wasn’t there to protect him when he needed me. And even if I was there I wouldn’t–” Seokjin scoffs, his lips pulling back into a snarl as he says, ”As long as I’m prey, I can never be a goodalpha.” You force yourself to remember to breathe, your chest expanding painfully under Seokjin’s burning gaze. The outburst was so unexpected that you find yourself a little dumbstruck, no words making it past the tip of your tongue. You realize now that it’s not just exhaustion that’s been weighing Seokjin down, but rather the helplessnessof the whole situation.
“I didn’t know–”
“You wouldn’t. You’re human after all,” The hamster hybrid cuts you off with a shake of his head, the conversation clearly over as he turns back to watch the garden. You desperately want to comfort him, but Seokjin is right. You are human, and you have no idea what Seokjin as a prey, or as an alpha, is going through. You have no idea what you can say to make him feel better, so you figure it might be best to leave the hamster hybrid alone, especially when he clearly doesn’t want to continue to talk about it.
“Right .. I’m sorry,” You mumble as you spare Seokjin one last glance, your heart twisting at how small and distressed he looks despite his broad stature. You quickly make your way inside, not even realizing you’re still clutching your now cold coffee in your hands before you’re back in your bedroom. You leave it on your dresser with a sigh as you finish getting ready for work, the process taking a little longer than usual with Seokjin’s words hanging heavy in your head. As you finally make it to your car and begin to pull away from the house, you wonder if you’ll ever be able to fix this – if you’ll ever be able to go back to how things were before. You can’t help but think that it’s beginning to feel impossible.  
“Fuck,” Seokjin curses under his breath as the door to the house shuts behind you. The hamster hybrid rubs his face with a deep sigh, feeling the exhaustion settle deeper into his bones. He never meant to take any of this out on you, he’s just angry. Tired. Seokjin can feel the hopelessness boiling under his skin, the image of Jeongguk’s bloody face playing on loop whenever he closes his eyes for too long. He can’t rest, not when his packmate got assaulted the last time he didn’t pay attention. He can’t let it happen again, he can’t fail Jeongguk again.
Seokjin tips his head back, trying to drown out the pained whimper and groans ingrained in his brain with the birds singing in the skies above. It doesn’t take long before his guilt properly kicks in, the hamster hybrid’s stomach turning as he remembers the surprised hurt in your eyes as he cut you off. You were just trying to be nice, and he decided to be an absolute dick in response. Seokjin hears your car pull away from the house just as he makes up his mind to head back in, another whispered curse leaving his mouth as he trudges inside. Maybe it’s for the best that he waits to apologize until you’re back home. His mind already feels like a scrambled mess, and he doesn’t want to fuck this up even more.
Seokjin shuffles into the kitchen, his head feeling too heavy for his shoulders as he dumps his full cup in the sink, figuring he can wash it up later when he doesn’t feel so bad. He jumps as someone clears their throat, Seokjin’s head pounding from how fast he whips around to find the source. Namjoon is watching him carefully from the other side of the kitchen table, the wolf hybrid’s bright eyes unreadable in the early morning light.
“Namjoon,” Seokjin bobs his head in greeting, the throbbing in his head so loud he almost wonders if he’s making up the sounds falling out of the wolf hybrid’s mouth, even as he can see Namjoon’s lips forming the words. “Hyung,” Namjoon frowns as he tests out the word, ”It wasn’t my intention to listen in to your conversation, but it’s hard not to ..” He gestures to his perked wolf ears, and Seokjin nods, his confusion clear on his face.
Namjoon’s instincts balks at the thought of what he’s going to say, but he’s made up his mind, and he can see that Seokjin needs to hear it from someone who understands. Frankly, the wolf hybrid has been thinking it for some time already, with how Seokjin handled them the moment their fighting went one step too far, and how easily he slipped into his comforting and safe alpha persona the moment he saw that Jeongguk was hurt. Namjoon had felt frazzled beyond belief at Taehyung’s injuries, and it was only because of Hoseok that he had managed to calm down enough to actually care for his packmate’s wounds. Namjoon never thought he would be impressed, and certainly never thought he would be envious of a prey hybrid, but there’s no denying what Seokjin is.
"Hyung, you .. you’re a great alpha,” Namjoon says, his hands clasped tight with nerves below the table where the hamster hybrid can’t see them. It feels weird to compliment another alpha so openly, but he knows he won’t be able to rest properly until Seokjin knows.
Seokjin blinks, his round ears twitching he says, ”What?”
“You’re a great alpha,” Namjoon repeats, his voice firm and calm despite the flurry of emotions wracking through his body. ”You’ve done everything right, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself.” The hamster hybrid opens his mouth just to close it again, his shoulders slumping as he processes the sincerity in Namjoon’s clear eyes. Seokjin hates how easily he wants to accept the wolf hybrid’s words when he rejected yours, how his tired mind begs him to put his own guilt aside to get some rest.
“Thank you,” Seokjin swallows thickly as Namjoon nods in response, the hamster hybrid’s feet carrying him in the direction of his bedroom before he can think too much about it. Seokjin quietly slips back into their bedroom, pausing slightly at the end of the bed as he takes in Jeongguk’s sleeping form. The bunny hybrid can’t curl up like he’s used to with his bruised ribs, but he still manages to make himself small, his soft features rosy with sleep. One of Jeongguk’s ears perk up as Seokjin carefully crawls back into bed, and the bunny hybrid shuffles closer to throw his leg over Seokjin’s hips the moment he lies back.
“Go to sleep hyung,” Jeongguk wraps his arm around Seokjin’s chest, pressing his slightly cold nose into the curve of his alpha’s neck. The hamster hybrid lets out a non-committal hum as he cards his fingers through Jeongguk’s soft locks. Seokjin lets the rest of the world slip away as he tries to focus on Jeongguk’s body pressed flush to his, the soft rise and fall of his chest as gentle puffs of air dance across his skin. He lets his eyes close as Jeongguk holds him tighter, trying his best to convince his heart that Jeongguk is safe, Jeongguk is here – until it finally, finally, decides to show him mercy, and let him rest.
Tumblr media
You mindlessly twirl a pen between your fingers as you wait for you next appointment to arrive. You’ve never been a big fan of handling divorce cases, but according to your boss, that’s where all the money lies. If only they weren’t so horrible to deal with. It doesn’t take long before you mind begins to wander back to Seokjin and the other boys as you watch co-workers and clients walk past your office. The thought of returning home to the boys used to bring an excited flutter to your chest, but now you catch yourself wondering how late you can stay at the office without being too obvious that you’re avoiding them. You don’t want to, but at this point it seems like you all just need some space. Maybe your unexpected trip tomorrow is a good thing after all. You’ve had fights with friends before, but Seokjin’s outburst this morning made you feel worse than you could’ve ever expected, your heart squeezing painfully whenever your traitorous mind reminds you of how it used to be. Honestly, this feels more like fights you’ve had with past lovers– you stop your fidgeting, dropping your pen to the desk with a unamused snort. Lovers. That can’t be right. But the more you think about it, the more you realize your heart might have already accepted something your mind had tried to push away long ago.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” You mutter, but you can’t shake the thought off as easily as you’ve had before. When .. when did you start having feelings for seven people? When did they change from roommates to something more? You let out a startled squeak as you office door is yanked open, a hostile looking man and woman making their way inside.
“Sorry we’re late, someone had to spend 20 minutes doing their lipstick,” The man scowls. ”Oh please, we wouldn’t be so behind schedule if you had filled up the gas last night like I told you to–” You wince inwardly at their fighting, your office already feeling too small for the angry words being tossed back and fourth. You plaster on a smile as you gesture to the chairs in front of your desk, gathering up a stack of documents they both need to go through. At the very least, this is one relationship that won’t be difficult to figure out.
“Thank you, I’ll be in touch,” You nearly push the couple out of your office, your strained smile slipping the moment you close the door behind them. Shit, it’s no wonder they’re getting a divorce with how they looked ready to tear each other’s heads off at any moment. Your plan of staying late at work is long forgotten; there’s nothing you need more right now than to head home and take a long relaxing shower. Thankfully you had enough foresight to schedule the meeting last, so you only need to gather up your things before you can go. You’re about to shut down your computer when you notice a new notification for an email, and you figure you might as well take a look before you leave. You eyes widen as you notice the sender, your finger clicking the button rapidly to open it up. Ms. Y/n, your next shelter inspection will take place this Friday at 3 pm. Please make sure that everyone is present– You groan. Of course a shelter check-up had to happen right now.
The drive home passes in a blur as you find yourself distracted thinking about everything that can possibly go wrong in the next few days, your worry only amplifying as you pull up in front of the house. You close the distance between your car and the house as slowly as possible, trying your best to drag out the inevitable awkwardness you’re sure to face once you walk inside. You open the door with a frown; you have no idea how you’re even going to face Seokjin–
“You’re home!” You stagger back a step as Hoseok’s body crashes into yours, the dog hybrid clutching you tightly as he tucks his head into your neck. Hoseok rubs his face across any expanse of skin he can find, a pleased rumble leaving his chest as you begin to smell more like him, like them, again. You have your arms locked around Hoseok’s waist, desperately trying to keep your balance as the dog hybrid tries to press himself closer.
“Nice to see you too,” You can’t help the relieved grin that pulls on your mouth, the familiarity of nearly falling flat on your ass as you walk inside more welcome than you ever could’ve imagine. Hoseok’s golden tail wags happily as he drags his nose one last time down the curve of your neck, the dog hybrid looking satisfied with his work as he pulls back to give you more space. “Missed you,” He whines.
“I missed you too,” You reach up to ruffle his hair, Hoseok’s eyes fluttering shut in relaxation as you give the base of his ear a light scratch.
“Y/n,” You glance past Hoseok’s shoulder to find Seokjin standing further down the hallway, the hamster hybrid giving you a faint smile as you catch his eyes. ”Can we talk?” You pull away from Hoseok with a nod, trying your best to ignore your nerves as you walk up to the oldest alpha. The dog hybrid leaves the hallway with a pout, but not before giving your hand a reassuring squeeze as he passes by. Up close, you notice that Seokjin looks well rested, at least more than he was this morning. His face isn’t as pale anymore, and the spark is back in his eyes as he tilts his head down to properly look at you.
“I’m really sorry about the way I acted this morning,” Seokjin rushes out before you can speak, the hamster hybrid wincing at the rapid pace the words tumble out. ”I never meant to take my frustrations out on you, and I’m so sorry I did. Jeongguk’s assault affected me more than I thought, and it was hard for me to accept the fact that I wasn't able to protect him.”
Seokjin gently takes your hands in his, his voice soft and earnest as he says, "I know you were just trying to be nice, and I really appreciate it.” You feel some of the tension in your shoulders drain out at Seokjin’s apology, your heart feeling a little lighter under the warmth of the hamster hybrid’s hands around yours.
“I forgive you,” You smile. Nothing Seokjin said was truly wrong, after all, you’re not a hybrid, and you’re not an alpha. You have no idea what Seokjin has been going through, even if you only meant well. There’s no reason for you to hold it against him.
“Are you sure?” Seokjin’s eyebrows furrow as he scans your face.
“I am,” You reply. Seokjin inhales deeply, his features softening as he pulls you closer, his arms wrapping around your middle in a gentle embrace. The hamster hybrid rests his head on top of yours, his breath washing over your hair as he whispers out a grateful, ”Thank you.” You allow yourself to sink into Seokjin’s arms, the hybrid’s comforting scent wrapping around you as you rest your cheek against his chest.
“Of course,” You whisper back.
You feel Seokjin rub his face into your hair, lightly scenting you to soothe his own instincts as he holds you close. The steady beat of Seokjin’s heart is so loud you almost don’t make out the soft patter of feet coming up behind you, Taehyung’s voice only giving you a second to brace yourself as you hear the fox hybrid say, ”My turn!”
The two hybrids share a look over your head, and Taehyung’s grin widens as the oldest alpha gives him a thoughtful nod, allowing him to join in. You expect Seokjin to pull away once Taehyung collides with your back, but the hamster hybrid doesn’t let you go even as Taehyung sneaks a hand around your stomach, a happy yip leaving his lips as he noses against your nape. Both hybrids seem surprisingly relaxed in each other’s presence, but you quickly decide you’re not going to question it. If being crushed between two hybrids is what it takes for them to get along, you’re more than happy to sacrifice yourself for the cause.
You hold back a giggle as Taehyung’s nose skims the sensitive skin behind your ear, his orange tail swishing excitedly behind his back as he gets to mix in his scent with Hoseok’s. Despite feeling tired, you have no qualms about staying put until your legs are ready to give out beneath you. You know that things are far from perfect, but with Seokjin and Taehyung wrapped around you like a safe cocoon, you allow yourself to think that maybe you’re on the right path to mending it all back together.
Tumblr media
a/n: haha heyy ... so it’s been three months since the last update, huh? it felt super weird writing about the boys again, and i’m definitely a little out of the loop, but hopefully it’ll get easier moving forward! i missed them a lot. thank you all for your sweet messages and support, i appreciate it so much <3 in case you missed it, wolf hybrid!namjoon’s solo story is finished and i also published a christmas special for abundance you might want to check out! 
see you all soon, stay safe! <3 if enjoy my stories and want to support me, you can do so here! 💖 i would really appreciate it!
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