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#bts jin

Hoseok + paintings aesthetics🌟

  • Requests are open if you’d like to open specific requests
  • Pictures are not mine credits to the owners.
  • Hobi is so beautiful
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Jin said he was going to work riding his bicycle and ran into Yoongi riding bicycle too on the other side 🥺❤ so precious


Jin said Yoongi waved his hand to him when they saw each other. There was no one around them so Jin was thinking who is this person and why is he waving his hand ? Maybe he hurt his arm ?

Then Yoongi texted Jin “why are you riding like old man”

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Girl idk why but a need a gynecologist!Taehyung fluff 🤩👀

I never thought I’d see “gynecologist Tae” and “fluff” in the same sentence 😂 but this should be interesting. You ask, you shall receive ❤️

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Short one-shot.

pairing: taehyung x female reader

genre: fluff <3 (light descriptions of a papsmear)


As you walked into the enterance of your gynecology office, you’re immediately greeted with a smile by the woman at the front desk. You’ve been coming here for years, so you’ve become quite close with the employees.

“Goodmorning, ______. How have you been?”

You give a soft smile as you gently drum your fingers against the wood of the counter, “Oh I’ve been great, how about you?” You lean in and whisper quite loudly, “I’m surprised your hair hasn’t fallen out yet from working with these lunatics.”

“Hey!” The other front desk employee, Jennie, gives you the stink eye and holds her fist in the air. You just let out a laugh and blow her a kiss. “Oh you know I’m just messing with you.”

“Mhm,” she turns in her chair to grab a paper out of the fax machine, “Oh by the way, your usual gynecologist isn’t in today. She’s been sick, so you’ll be seeing Dr. Kim.”

She hands you the paper and you read the words ‘Dr. Kim Taehyung’ on the top right corner. Your suck your lips in and look back up at her. “A man?”

“If you’re not comfortable, we can reschedule you.”

You give a reassuring smile and shake your head, “Oh no, it’s okay.” You make your way over to the waiting room and watch the tv that hangs on the wall.

You’re not the type of person to be uncomfortable during these kinds of check ups, especially when you’ve been getting them for so long, but the thought of a man being the one to check your goodies was just a tiny bit nerve wracking. Of course he’s a professional, and he’s probably seen hungreds of vaginas in his life. Maybe it was just because you didn’t want some old man all up between your legs.

You try to shake the images from your mind. It gave you a case of the heebs when you thought about it.

You were waiting for about five minutes before you hear your name being called. As you walk to the back, you get many waves from the employees, some asking how you’ve been, others throwing teasing jokes your way. The nurse leads you to a room and begins taking your blood pressure, weight, etc.

“Dr. Kim will be with you in a moment. Just remove your bottoms and hop up on the table.”

Once she left, you quickly begin undressing, in fear that he may come faster than you think, catching you bent over, goods on display, even though he would be seeing them anyway. You hop on the table and quickly cover yourself with the sheet right when you hear a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Your jaw nearly hit the floor when the doctor came in. A wave of relief washed over you when you saw you weren’t gonna be dealing with and old man, but you instantly felt insecure when you realized how beautiful he was. He gives you a smile as he closes the door and you watch as his chestnut brown hair bounces slightly when he walks across the room.

Oh shit. You’re definitely blushing.

“Hi, _____. How is your morning so far?” Your eyes immediately go to his chest once he turns towards you. The first two buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a little bit of his Carmel colored skin. It looked so soft.

You force a smile and tuck your hands under your thighs, “I’m great.”

Fuck, even his smile was perfect. You were no doubt blushing like crazy at this point and you had no way to hide it.

He turns his back once again to begin slipping on a pair of rubber gloves and you couldn’t help but notice how wide his shoulders were. This man was built from the fucking gods. “Alright, so I’m gonna need you to lie back for me and put your feet on the stirrups.”

You knew how these things go. You immediately scoot down so your butt is barely hanging off the edge of the table and you place your heels in the feet stirrups. Now your nerves were beginning to go wild. This man was possibly one of the most beautiful people you’ve seen in your life and he was about to be neck deep between your legs.

He plops down on his roller chair and peeks over at you from behind your leg. “Is everything okay?”

You probably looked like an idiot, heaving like a parched dog, face red as if you’d just got done running a marathon. “O-oh yeah, I’m fine.”

“You seem nervous. It’s not because I’m a man, is it?” He chuckles and places a hand on your ankle.

You sit up on your elbows and shake your hair from your face. “Honestly, maybe a little.”

“Ah, I see. Well, we’re all professional here. It won’t be weird unless you make it weird, okay? I’ll make it as quick as possible.” His giggle at the end helped ease your nerves a little. He was right. Don’t make it weird and it won’t be.

You nod and lie back down, hands crossed over your stomach. He lifts the sheet, making it slide down your thighs, leaving you completely exposed to him. He didn’t have a reaction and acted as if having your vagina on full display in front of him didn’t phase him at all, and that calmed you down.

You watch as he grabs the speculum, smearing some lube on it and his fingers as well.

Oh boy. This part might be hard for you.

He pushes your legs futher apart and gently slides the tool inside of you, making you jump a little at the temperature. He chuckles, “It’s cold, isn’t it?”

You smile at how cute he is, admirring how he tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible. “Just a little.”

For a second, all you can see is the top of his head before he pops back up again. “Well, everything looks perfect. Only one more step and we’re done.”

After he takes the speculum out, he comes to stand next to you, one hand on your lower stomach, the other reaching between your legs. You try not to react when he pushes two fingers inside of you. He smiles down at you as he gently presses around your lower abdomen, asking if anything hurts.

Once he’s done, he pulls the gloves off and writes a few things on his clip board. “All done. I really hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.”

You sit up and tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “Oh no. You were perfect. Thank you.”

He stands and pulls out a pack of wipes from the cabinet. “Here’s these. You can go ahead and clean up and get dressed. Just wait here for a second and I’ll be back.”

Usually once you’re finished, you clean up and leave, but you just nod anyway.

You finish cleaning yourself and throw the wipes away before putting your underwear and shorts back on. Not long after, Dr. Kim enters.

“So um, the check up was perfect. Everything was fine, but I just wanted to ask you something before you go.” He’s nervously rubbing the back of his neck and you giggle at how red his face turns.

“Hey, don’t laugh at me,” he chuckles and looks around for a second before looking back at you, “I was gonna ask if uh, I could have your number, maybe?”

You were shocked to say the least. You never thought your gynecologist would ask for your number, but you couldn’t complain because he was cute as hell.

You give him a smirk as you grab for his clipboard, writing your number down on the paper that was meant for you to take home, but you didn’t need it. “I might just have to request for you to be my new gynecologist.”

He blushes at your words and folds the paper up, shoving it in his pocket. “I wouldn’t mind.”

“Well thank you, Dr. Kim. I’ll be waiting for a text when you get off work.”

He leads you out of the room and gives you a wave before disappearing down the hall. You get many looks from the employees around, some teasing you and pointing out the blush on your cheeks. Once you say your goodbyes to everyone, you head back to the front where Jennie smirks at you.

“He’s cute, isn’t he?”

“Oh, shut up.”

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Trust (Mafia AU)


Originally posted by joonsoulmap-archived

Ship: Namjoon x fem!reader

Warnings- mentions of: guns, violence, death, blood, and kidnapping, a slightly angry Namjoon as well , and he grabs your face once


Kim Namjoon wasn’t an idiot.

He didn’t expect it to happen in a day or a week or even a month.

He didn’t expect you to trust him or show him any kind of affection anytime soon after he had one of the others kidnap you. He was gonna have to prove to you that he was an alright guy when it came to you and once he did it, he never wanted you to forget that he was just a normal guy when it came to somebody he loved.

The moment you ran into his arms because you were sacred and, as he quotes to this day, “wanted protection”; he would never forget it. Even though it took four months, he was just beyond glad it even happened. Now, you were this bubbly little girl that he could protect and love, which he did already; but, now you didn’t fear him.

Well…for a few weeks you didn’t.

You had just hopped out of the shower; dressed in one of his big shirts and ready for bed when you tiptoed to Namjoon’s room. You had been sleeping there lately, cuddling with him; but, you found no Namjoon when you peeked in. Furrowing your eyebrows, you started walking around to find him; not seeing the others either.

When you got to their normal conference room, you heard some muffled talking. Assuming that it was just a meeting going on between them, you cracked the door open and stuck your head in. The moment you saw Namjoon pressing a gun to some beaten up guys forehead and the blood splattered on the wall, you felt sick and you whimpered. Namjoon turned around and his face dropped.

“Y/N, baby,”he started before you ran off.

Before he could even leave the room, you were already in your bed; hiding under the blankets. You kept burying your face farther and farther in the blankets as you heard him starting to yell loudly at some of the other men in the room, the other memebers of the rival gang you presumed.

By the time it was silent, you were shaking as you blinked away the tears that were threatening to come out of your eyes.

You were terrified.

A knock broke you out of your thought as you heard Namjoon’s voice call out gently. “Jagiya, can I come in? I have something for you.”

“No, go away.”

After hearing a sigh; you saw something being placed by the bottom of the door before his foot steps receded down the hall. It took you ten minutes; and the sound of a shower starting, to get out of bed and open the door to see what it was.

Namjoon’s Ryan plushie

Nobody else in the house knew about his obsession with them. Only you. You reached down and picked it up, rubbing your thumb over his ear gently; glancing down the hall.


When Namjoon walked out of his bathroom in nothing but some grey sweats; he saw your figure laying in his bed, back to him. He smiled softly, getting in the bed next to you. He placed a hand on your shoulder; making you flinch gently, causing him to frown. “Jagiya, it’s okay. It’s just me, alright?” He spoke softly; feeling you untense very slightly.

He rubbed your shoulder gently; eventually coaxing you into rolling to face him, the Ryan plush held tightly to your chest. “Everyone else is at the warehouse with others from the rival gang. It’s just you and me,”he told her.

“Yeah…they’re down there hurting and torturing people just to eventually kill them,”you mumbled; staring at the bear, making him roll his eyes.

“You do this every fucking time. It’s to protect you. Do you not understand that?”he said; gripping your chin so now you had no choice but to look at him. “I did that for you, alright? For you,”he spoke, angrily. You lip trembled; you were still shook up from earlier and now that you sensed his anger; and you couldn’t get away from it, you were even more scared.

“Just…please don’t hurt me like you did him. Please?”you whimpered out; looking up at him and his demeanor softened immediately. Your eyes were wide and glossy; a look he had seen too many times from you. “I’ll be good, just please don’t.”

He immediately pulled you into his chest; petting your hair gently. “I would never hurt you, ever. You understand me?”he whispered as you cried softly into his bare chest. “That was allllll just something you weren’t supposed to see or hear.” He kissed the top of your head gently; trying to calm you down.

“Promise?”you asked; muffled.

“I promise, Jagiya.”

You came out from his chest a few minutes later; sniffling. He reached toward your face gently, your hand going to grab his wrist as he whispered, “It’s okay.” He gently wiped your tears away with his thumb as you retracted your hand.

“Let’s get some sleep and talk about this in the morning, so this doesn’t happen again; okay?” You nodded softly and he reached over; turning the bedside light out. You laid your head on his chest softly as he cuddled up to you.

“Don’t let that Ryan get hurt either. He needs to be protected too.”


Originally posted by ksjknj

Hi, Mafia BTS is my life thanks. Anyways, I have a request I’m gonna start working on so be looking out for that!!!


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