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eat ramen with me - jjk II part 10


part 10 - get nae nae’d

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eat ramen w me masterlist

  • summary :  you keep getting texts from a random number and decide not to go against the will of the universe
  • a/n : i actually rly like this part
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- Pensé por un momento en que deberíamos alejarnos.— admitió, encogiéndose y Jungkook se queso helado.—Cuando te conoci, realmente me preocupa que supieras que no era de tu nivel. Me convencí a mí mismo que necesitabas algo mejor, sabes?Pero después me hiciste cambiar totalmente de idea y si a ti no te importaba, ¿ por qué debería preocuparme yo? Pero ahora.

+ Ahora es igual.—Jungkook le dijo, pero no sonaba triste.

Taehyung lo miro a los ojos y vio decepción. Los labios le temblaron.

+ ¿Que seas hijo de Kim cambia todo?.— Jungkook le preguntó— ¿Cambia lo que sientes por mi?“

- No es así, Jungkook.— le aseguró.— Sólo estoy diciendo que en serio quiero que estés bien y que tu vida sea fácil, y que encuentres a alguien con quien no tengas de estresarte demasiado.—dijo despacio y Jungkook sólo se quedó mirándolo, incrédulo.— Estar conmigo hizo todo esto.

El omega le apartó la mirada, con los ojos aguados.

- Pensé en eso por semanas.—Taehyung le dijo, sacudiendo la cabeza luego.— Pero soy egoista y quiero estar contigo. Odio verte estresado, pero odiaria más verte con otra persona, įsabes? Odio que todo sea tan dificil, pero odian más no poder estar contigo en absoluto

Le tomó del brazo y lo atrajo, sintiendo el cuerpo del omega duro bajo su tacto. Jungkook no le miró, pero aún así, Taehyung se acercó a besarle la sien.

-El objetivo de Kim era que te sometas a mi, įsabes? Sabia de nosotros y sabía lo que eres para mí y lo que soy para ti y me aterra que alguien quiera hacer lo mismo. Pero aún así, aún quiero estar contigo.

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↪ I’M FINE   📱 🌙       [ part eighteen ]

Where Jungkook is a little brat taht came back from military and enventualy ends to be the bodyguard of a super famous popstar.

“There’s no way I can help see how special you are if you refuse to see yourself.”

↪ genre : idk really ↪ pairing : jungkook x reader // vmin ↪  warnings : may talk about depression

  1. i’m fine masterlist
  2. full masterlist
  3. a/n : hey i’ve pretty busy schedule this week end so i won’t be there to answer any messages or questions, but i promise i’ll do it on monday :)  have a nice day everyone. with love. sph.

TAGLIST (ask if you want to be in there) : @hannahdinse8 @rjsmochii @jeonlovers @karissassirak @19jisungs @lilacsmoon @diamonddia-mond​ @parkmaeri​ @deolly @adelina1299 @tiddieshakeshownu @lovesickggukie

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Our inspiration first came when we (admins) were discussing how each of the members would react to being cheated on (which we started writing but never got round to finishing. However, some of the answers are alluded to in ‘how they would react to being broken up with’. and we used part of that discussion in Suga’s fic where his first girlfriend post-debut cheats on him.)

We did do a post on ‘most likely to cheat’ which might interest you and answers part of the question as to why we chose Jungkook.

Anyway, we decided to flip the question to how the girlfriends would react to being cheated on (but we found it really hard to imagine for some members, such as Yoongi and Jeong-sun, since we just didn’t think it would ever happen). For Jungkook, we both agreed it was more likely to happen, and we came up with a snippet of dialogue where Young-soon says something like ‘you didn’t have to put your cock in her though, did you?’ which we really liked, and rang true of how she would react. (She does say something similar when she finds out in ‘Aftermath’.)

I think he would find it very hard to justify what he did and he honestly doesn’t even really try, knowing that it would just make things worse. Moreover, I don’t think he really knows himself why he did it, other than being drunk and lonely in that moment. Instead he takes quite a mature approach in not trying to excuse his behaviour and instead admitting to what he did and trying his best to make things right again with Young-soon. 

We do think, deep down, in addition to simply being drunk and lonely, a part of him would have wanted to somehow sabotage what he has, as a sort of echo from his first relationship with Jia, where she emotionally manipulated him a lot of the time. We don’t think he would realise this, but as Young-soon is so perfect for him (and in hindsight is basically the ideal woman in the mature way she handles what he did and takes him back - a lot of readers have pointed out what an absolute goddess she is for doing this, since most people would not take back a cheater) and everything with her was going so well at this point, he might have wanted to punish himself a little. 

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