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#bts jungkook
"I like it, of course." Jungkook thought he was being good at concealing his emotions, but she could just tell how flustered her earlier actions had made him. "It's my favorite movie, after all." Most of the time, it was Jungkook who made her feel this way. So, it honestly felt good to finally being the one who brought out her boyfriend's shy side. "What about you?" She turned to him, amusement dancing in her eyes. "Do you like it?" Perhaps, she wasn't speaking about the movie anymore. | -馃挮

He looks down at you shyly. “Y-yeah I like it… ” He looks into your eyes and his shyness started to slip away as he caught himself leaning in closer to you until your lips connected


Originally posted by jeonchildd

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I look down and laugh. “You need to stop spoiling me with those pretty words or I’ll end up getting used to them.” 馃崁

“You should always get use to the truth.” He smiles and puts his hand under your chin so you look up at him. “Show me that beautiful smile of yours jagi.” He kisses your nose


Originally posted by kookiegguk

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Hiiiii first official post I think??

Anyways, I just want to let people know that I am doing my first ever Social Media AU story!! It is obviously BTS and it doesn’t really have a pairing yet but I am figuring that out!

It’s kind of about the Reader and the boys are either in college or working on their careers.

So far I have the Chaos Crew that consists of; Reader, Hoseok and Jungkook.

-The Reader is the lead singer of her band Before The Fall.

-Hoseok is a Dance Major and Hip Hop Enthusiast

-Jungkook is a Photography Major and also has the ability to annoy the hell out of his two best friends.

Then I might throw in Jimin and Taehyung to the crew later on but I don’t know about it yet. Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon come in later on too. Right now I am just trying to make their profiles and such. I will figure more out later!

Before i post the actual story, I will post something similar to this post but a shortened version that is less sloppy.

That was all so have a nice day/night! ❤️❤️

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by skylightgalaxy  (47k, complete, 4/4, E)

tags: alternate universe // non traditional abo dynamics // alpha namjoon // omega jungkook // strangers to lovers // cabin fic // snowed in // getting to know each other // scenting // scent marking // nesting // mating cycles/in heat // self lubrication // knotting // but it’s all very soft // self discovery // self acceptance // pack dynamics


Jeongguk’s winter getaway takes a sudden turn into new territory when he meets an alpha on the train — the first alpha he’s ever met. Instead of the quiet and cozy art filled winter holiday he had planned, Jeongguk learns more about himself and a world he thought he could never be a part of.


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by hammersandstrings  (4k, complete, 1/1, T)

tags: fake/pretend relationship // pride // awkward flirting // dancing // namjoon gets himself into situations because he’s too polite // jeongguk gets himself into solutions because of thighs


“So I accidentally signed up for a couples’ event? I thought I was signing a petition, but it ended up being a charity event for couples to have a chance to dance together without prejudice, and now I am single and gay and can’t dance.”

“Then just rescind your signup?” Yoongi suggests, drawling and matter-of-fact, at the same time that Seokjin murmurs, “But you’re always single and gay and unable to dance.”

(Or: the one where Namjoon gets a fake boyfriend and a very real date at Pride.)


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Pairing Seokjin x Reader

Tagsboyfriend!Seokjin, older brother!Yoongi, producer/songwriter!MC, military au (ish), idol au (ish)

Genre fluff, angst

Word Count 2.1k

Summary Kim Seokjin is your entire world, and that world falls apart the moment he and your older brother Yoongi are conscripted into the South Korean military.

Part 5 / 15

Warnings — Do I even have to say enlistment at this point? Last chapter with a warning for that. By now, you know that every post will at least reference it.

A/N — So someone asked about a taglist for this fic, and I think it’s a great idea! The list is at the bottom and it’s open! Comment if you’d like me to add you to the taglist and I’ll get you on there for future updates :)



By mid-January, everyone is finally starting to get back to normal. After Hoseok’s timely intervention, the holidays were a joyful time for the band. While there weren’t any events or parties or New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, like last year, you were silently glad that peace was returning.

As the new year passes, everyone is pumped up and motivated to continue working on the next album. While still in the pre-production stages—melodies, lyrics, and concepts being solidified and meddled with—there are few places you’d rather be. Right in the middle of the chaos that is BTS, crafting alongside the boys, that’s your happy place.

That’s what dreams are made of.

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Originally posted by jengkook

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. | Taehyung | Hoseok

Add New Contact

First Name: Jungkook

Last Name: Jeon


Jungkook doesn’t have company you thought, scrunching your face in thought as your red pointed ears twitched. Unless that meant his place of work; the idea popped up into your head but you didn’t remember the name of the place he worked at you quickly realized.

You dropped your head and smushed your face into the pillow with a groan as the small device remained in your hands. It wasn’t until you felt like you were suffocating that you turned onto your backside on the bed and held the phone above your face with your arms outstretched.

Technology was too difficult for you to comprehend no matter how much you tried to remember what the girls were teaching you. You were thankful to Cherry for buying you a phone but you couldn’t even add a single contact by yourself. All you could comprehend was taking pictures, which you had been doing the rest of the day since you got back in the house. You were grateful that Cherry got you back in before Jungkook made it back from work, planning to take the secret to the grave with you that you had snuck out again.

The sound of the front door unlocking had you scrambling in bed on instinct making the phone fall onto your face. You let out a yelp followed by a hurt groan as you sat up in bed and held onto the cursed phone.


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by frozenlychee  (9k, complete, 1/1, T)

tags: college/university au // pining // slow burn // jungkook is whipped // fluff // hurt/comfort // happy ending // vminkook roommates // yoonjin married // taehyung has questionable taste in pets 


“So, this is the place, huh?”

They opened the door to a mess of a living room, scattered items on various places they shouldn’t be and he wanted to laugh this off but–

Jungkook could tell Namjoon was processing a more significant amount of information at hand, staring helplessly at the pack of raccoons sitting on their living room couch, who all were gawking back at him with their beady black eyes.

So Taehyung forgot to feed the raccoons before he left. Jungkook bit his lower lip, trying to wrap his mind on how to explain this to his company. Fuck, he didn’t even know if he would still have his company after this one hell of a sight that had sent Jimin’s Tinder dates running miles from their place.

Except, Namjoon was godsent of a human being, so he just smiled, asked if he could pet them and then retrieved his hand back when Jungkook told him they had not passed any health check.

or a namkook au where jungkook learns you can find love in the most unexpected places! (which may or may not include a pack of wild raccoons that Taehyung fed daily 🦝)


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Chapter three preview 


Originally posted by mysourceofhoseok


“Y/n we’re here are you ready to go in?”

Looking into the glass on the door you could see everyone going over choreography. Your eyes instantly land on Hoseok as your heart picks up in pace. Taking a deep breath you open the door to the practice room, walking in you swear everyone could hear your heart beating. But before you could even do anything else Mr.Bang starts to speak.

“Boys I need your attention for a moment I want you all to meet your new makeup artist y/n.”

As soon as he calls for their attention they all stop and turn to look at you. At first they don’t say anything then Yoongi speaks up first.

“Hello y/n it’s nice to meet you I’m Suga but you can call me Yoongi if you like.”

Not sure what else to say you just take a small bow and start to introduce yourself  

“Oh hello guys my name is y/n and I will be your new makeup artist so please take care of me. Also there is no need to introduce yourselves. I already know who you all are. I am actually a new fan of you guys.”

Once you introduce yourself you start to look at everyone and notice that Hoseok is looking at you as if he is trying to read your every move. You soon start to stare back at him but for some reason you can’t seem to focus on anything else because all you can see is the sweat dripping off of him from all the dancing and the heat in the room. Your eyes travel up to his lips and now all you can think about is what it would be like to kiss him and get even just a small taste. But you are soon snapped out of your dreaming when you hear Namjoon call your name 

“So Y/n how long have you been doing makeup?”

“Oh I uhm… I have been doing makeup for about 2 years now.”

“Oh that’s great well I’m glad that you will be joining our team and we all look forward to getting to know you.”

“Oh well thank you Rm, I look forward to getting to know you all as well.”

“Please call me Namjoon.”

“Okay I will, also thank you all for taking time out of your practice to meet with me.”

Just as Namjoon opened his mouth to say something he was quickly cut off by Hoseok reaching his hand out to shake yours. 

“Don’t worry Y/n we all needed a small break from all the practice anyway, thank you for coming to meet with us. Just as Namjoon said I can’t wait to get to know you. All of you.”

This is just a quick little preview to get a few people excited I guess. I hope to be posting this story by April 15, 2020 so be on the look out for it. And follow me because in the mean time I will be doing other small activities on her just to keep people interested. I also plan on taking request soon so stay tuned for that as well!!

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