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Mafia! BTS - After They Get Hurt by the Rival Mafia Boss (pt. 4)
A/N: This is the 4th and last part of the "Rival Boss" mini-series. I'm sorry it took so long but things have been even more hectic than usual.
Warnings: slight sexual insinuation, implications of violence etc
You stayed by Jin's side the whole time he was in the hospital. His men were guarding the door although there was no need because they had learned you were more than willing to risk your own life to protect their boss.
When Jin woke up, you were so happy you could not stop yourself from crying.
"Wh- What's wrong, princess? Why are you crying?" asked Jin quickly as if he had woken up to seeing your tears on a usual morning when you'd share a bed, safe and happy in his apartment.
"W-What?" you chocked, "How can you ask that?! You almost died," you cried even louder and buried your face in your hands.
Jin sat up in bed with some difficulty, a hidden smirk of satisfaction on his lips.
"But I didn't," he smiled and caressed your hair with his healthy hand that was not in a sling, "You made sure of that."
You looked up, your eyes widening. "Why did you sit up?" you cried once more and urged Jin to lie back down. He did as he was told only to stop you from being so upset.
Once you'd calmed down a little and wiped away your tears, you sat down beside Jin and found his hand with your fingers. You caressed his knuckles with your thumb and sniffed, your heart fluttering to see him awake.
"Were you really that upset, princess?" asked Jin more gently, losing the mischievous grin off his lips. You nodded and it took nothing more to make you cry again.
"Oh, princess, it's okay, I'm okay..." spoke Jin reassuringly and had you lean against his healthy shoulder as you laid down beside him. "It's okay, baby... I love you..."
"I love you too, Jin... so much..." you stuttered, wiping your tears away once again.
You would not leave Namjoon's side not for a moment whilst he was unconscious. You did not even give yourself leave to change your blood-stained dress.
You were kneeling down beside his bed during the night and held his warm hand between your two palms. Unwilling, you eventually drifted off.
When you opened your eyes in the morning and looked up, Namjoon was already awake. He was watching you tentatively as his fingers caressed your palm. Not a moment later, you broke down in tears. You sobbed, leaning your forehead against Namjoon's warm palm, squeezing it tightly.
"Thank god you're awake," you sobbed quietly and kissed the top of his knuckles.
"Y/N..." spoke Namjoon softly, struggling to see you hurt like that. He sat up and pulled you closer to him before he kissed your forehead. He brushed the hair from your face and caressed away the tears from your cheeks.
"It's just a bullet wound, baby..." Namjoon murmured.
"I... I know but..."
"But what, Y/N?" he said, lifting up your chin.
"There was just so much blood... I thought..." you began but you broke down in tears once more.
"Shh, don't, don't, don't, shh..." he urged you quietly and made you look up at him again. "Don't say it, don't think about it. I'm never going to leave you, baby." Namjoon propped up your chin and kissed you hungrily over and over again.
You waited patiently for the doctors to dispatch Yoongi from the hospital and even when they gave him leave, you made sure with them he was going to be alright if he were to return home.
"He will be alright, Ms Y/N, don't worry about it," said Yoongi's doctor as he signed the papers before your eyes. "I'm sure you're going to take good care of him, therefore, I'm not at all concerned." The older man smiled reassuringly and handed you some of the necessary papers.
When you returned back to the patient's room, Yoongi was more than ready, sat at the edge of the bed and eager to leave. You wanted to carry his bag for him but he would not have it. One harsh, annoyed look from him and you shut your mouth although a part of you wanted to laugh. He was adorable when grumpy.
You drove him home since Yoongi could not drive with just one arm. As you arrived home, you helped him take a shower, making sure he would not get his bandages wet. Nevertheless, that was the last thing on Yoongi's mind when he saw you take your clothes off as well.
"How can you think about this right now?" you scolded him as you noticed the look in his eyes, "You're hurt!"
"I'm not. I feel perfectly fine," Yoongi contradicted in all seriousness but you would not have it. You gave him a harsh look whenever he'd try anything although you yourself were struggling to hold back. However, just one thought at what happened the night Yoongi got hurt and you could not think of anything else anymore.
You helped Yoongi dry himself but he could notice your mind was somewhere else. After you got dressed and helped Yoongi put on a black t-shirt, he caught your arm and pulled you back to him.
"What is it? What are you thinking about?" he demanded, drawing your gaze to him. You licked your lips but you could not say anything or you would have started crying again as you did a lot the past few days. Instead, you wrapped your arms around Yoongi's waist and leaned your head against his chest. He hugged you with his good arm and rested his chin on top of your head.
"It's okay, kitten, everything's okay, I promise..."
You stayed by your boyfriend's side all through the night, your forehead leaning against the top of his hand which was resting between your palms. It was close to morning when Hoseok's fingers moved in your hands and his eyes slowly fluttered open. You looked up suddenly wide awake.
"Hobi?" you spoke gently but you voice broke from all the crying you had done.
Hoseok blinked and looked around, realizing he was in the hospital. Before his gaze locked with your own, his hand squeezed yours tightly. Memories of last night came flooding back to him and your safety was the first thing on his mind.
"Y/N? Y/N are you hurt?" he asked quickly and tried to sit up but his wound was still fresh from the surgery. You jumped up and urged him to die down before you helped him with his pillow to have him sit up somewhat.
His hands never left your body, a thousand questions slipping from his mouth as he stared up into your eyes.
"I'm okay, everything's okay..." you reassured him whilst brushing his hair back from his face. His lips parted when he saw the tears in your eyes and without a second thought, he knew what had happened to Lee.
"Are you sure you're alright, baby?" Hoseok whispered and caressed your cheek. The look in his eyes made tears slip down your cheeks. A sob escaped your lips before you hid your face in his neck.
Hoseok drew shapes into your back and soothed you until you fell asleep in his bed out of sheer exhaustion of everything that's happened.
You insisted on taking care of Jimin yourself after he was dismissed from the hospital, fussing over every little thing that could hurt him. As you barely reached the private exit of the hospital, Jimin caught your arm and trapped you against the wall although his injured shoulder was in a sling.
Breath caught in the back of your throat as your eyes met his, your lips parting. A slight smirk resided on his mouth, amusement in his gaze.
"Stop fussing about, Y/N," spoke Jimin under his breath although he could not help but feel pleasurably entertained in your care.
"W-What?" you stuttered as blood rushed to your cheeks. You were caught off guard, wondering when was the last time you saw Jimin behaving like this. I guess lying in bed for so many days with nothing to do but busy himself with his thoughts got him thinking of certain things.
"I love how you're worried about me, Y/N..." he smirked, "But you have to stop bossing me around - or prepare for some consequences."
"Jimin," you gasped outraged and pushed him away. "You're injured! We're not- You're not-" you tried to scold him but as his smirk grew even wider you could not help but lose all thought.
"What?" spoke Jimin with a tone of seriousness as he rose his eyebrows. He dared you to tell him to so something again but your lips only opened and closed once again.
Blushed coloured your cheeks again before you looked away and opened the door. "Nothing," you grumped under your breath.
"Stop blushing, you're driving me crazy as it is," said Jimin out of the sudden before he pulled you to him and kissed you passionately.
You were sleeping in the hospital armchair beside Taehyung's bed when he woke up early the next morning. His gaze searched for you immediately although he was in much pain. When he saw your scrunched eyebrows fighting off a nightmare and your still-bloodied clothes, flashbacks of the shooting came back to him. Taehyung recalled the last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Lee dropping to his knees as blood spluttered from his mouth.
Your eyes slowly flickered open as if you knew there was someone watching you. When your gaze met Taehyung's, you jumped up immediately and went to him.
"Tae... How are you feeling? Are you alright?" you rushed in a quiet tone as you took his hand in your own.
Taehyung blinked slowly, watching your eyes red from tears and bad dreams. He pulled his palm from your hold and reached for your cheek before he made you lean in closer and kissed your forehead. Breath caught in the back of your throat as you looked up into his eyes and let him kiss your lips as well. You caressed his cheek and responded to his affections but you could not help but be extremely gentle with him.
"Please forgive me, Y/N," said Taehyung gravely when he pulled away. Your eyebrows scrunched into a frown and you were thoroughly confused.
"What for?"
"You shouldn't have done that..." he began with a terrible weight pressing down on him. "I should have protected you... I should have pulled the trigger not you..."
"Tae..." you shook your head immediately as tears filled your eyes. "I did it to protect you. And I would have done it again... a thousand times over if necessary..."
"But you shouldn't have to-"
"Don't." You silenced Tae with a soft but passionate kiss as tears slipped from beneath your closed eyelids.
You were holding Jungkook's hand all the way through the night, refusing to let go not even to change your bloodied clothes although the doctors assured you he was not going to wake up due to painkillers they gave him.
It was nearly dawn when your eyes began to drop but you did not want to fall asleep. You gathered all the willpower to go and change in the hospital bathroom and splash some water in your face. Just as you put away your bloodied dress into the bag some of Jungkook's men brought you, you heard a familiar voice shouting.
"Where is she?!"
Your eyes widened as you recognized Jungkook's voice. You left everything and sprinted out of the bathroom, finding your boyfriend holding one of the doctor's against the wall by their collar.
"S-She... she..." stuttered the doctor but Jungkook's eyes already found yours. You breathed his name and rushed into his arms. He hugged you tightly, his nose burying in the nook of your neck as your scent filled his lungs.
"Are you alright?" asked Jungkook quickly as he pulled away and cupped your cheek with his good hand.
"I'm... I'm okay," you hurried, taken back that he would think of you first even when he himself was hurt.
"What happened?" questioned Jungkook, referring to the time after he blacked out. You suddenly realised he did not know you killed Lee. Your heart caught in your throat as your lips parted and you looked away.
"He didn't get away, did he?" Jungkook's voice rose louder and his eyebrows scrunched into a frown.
"N-No, I..." you cut him off quickly but you couldn't find it in you to tell him what you had done. You thought Jungkook might think of you differently now.
"What?" he breathed, his eyes locking with yours. "You what, Y/N?" asked Jungkook slowly yet his tone was formidable.
Shivers ran down your spine as your gaze flickered nervously between Jungkook's brown eyes.
"He's... He's gone," you admitted, licking your lips. "I just... I couldn't let... I couldn't let him hurt you," you stuttered and your eyes filled with hot painful tears.
Jungkook cupped your cheeks and made you look up, his own eyes widening although there was a tempest of emotion behind his pupils. He did not say a word but pulled you into his arms and kissed the top of your head.
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방탄 소년단 Masterlist
Tumblr media
The works in this masterlist are listed in chronological order per member. Please do not copy, repost or translate any of my works without my permission here or on any other platform.
김 남준 (Kim Namjoon)
Tumblr media
Fear - You’re My Tear
Plot: He’s cursed and he can’t do anything else but take lives and souls away, killing them with their deepest fear. But with her, it didn’t seem to work. Was she even scared of something?
Pairing: Kuchisake-onna Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Dramatic
Wordcount: 11k
김 석진 (Kim Seokjin)
Tumblr media
민 윤기 (Min Yoongi)
Tumblr media
정 호석 (Jung Hoseok)
Tumblr media
박 지민 (Park Jimin)
Tumblr media
김 태형 (Kim Taehyung)
Tumblr media
More to come: I’m currently working on another ff, it’s the longest I’ve written until now. I started it last year around this period so it’s almost over, it’s taking me a bit to finish it and it will take a little to edit it, I’m trying my best.📖🖊
First Sight
Plot: Just another day of waking up next to your boyfriend who uses you as a human pillow and loves to cuddle as much as he loves to fuck you.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut, One Shot
Wordcount: 4.4k
Plot: It almost feels like a dream to Teahyung when he finally wakes up home, with your baby beside him and the delicious smell of the pancakes coming from the kitchen. He is home, he is home and can’t help wishing to have more, of you, of this family, of this life. He desperately wants your love, he’s been missing it for so long, he needs your touch, the place where you are is his home, he wants that home.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Established Relationship
Wordcount: 10.8k
How You Say It
Plot: Saying “I love you” for the first time to Taehyung seems to be your biggest problem, until it slips out of your lips when you’re half asleep.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Established relationship
Wordcount: 2.1k
Getting Old Together
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Established Relationship
Wordcount: 2.5k
Plot: It’s Taehyung’s birthday and even though last night he was so exhausted that he didn’t even eat, today is everything he’s been waiting for. You’ll remember it for the rest of your lives, especially thanks to your gift that will witness most of your stunts, some as hot and spicy as Jjambbong, others just... as nauseous as shit.
필요한 손 - The hands you need
Pairing: Teahyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Established Relationship
Wordcount: 2.7k
Plot: These days are tough. Your nail artist exam is getting closer and even though you have everything under control you can’t seem to control yourself from stressing. Thankfully, tonight Taehyung came home before you and instead of just taking a shower and sink in your bed - as he could perfectly do after rehearsing for more than eleven hours - he made you dinner. And he’s willing to help you with your exam too, with his hands.
전 정국 (Jeon Jungkook)
Tumblr media
Still Alive
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Wordcount: 2.4k
Plot: Jungkook is the reason. For what, you don’t really have to explain. And the fact that he’s been feeling low lately, you say, only makes you want to stay by his side more. Truth is he’s feeling worse than he’s ever felt.
Not even a gift
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Dancer AU, Fluff, Humor, Smut
Wordcount: 30k
Plot: Since the moment Jungkook saw your ass he swore he never saw something that beautiful. But then you turned around, and well, that was a total different thing. The poor man couldn’t even stand beside you without embarassing himself or embarassing you, and evey time seems to get worse and worse and...worse. 
Other Masterlists
Life Goes On Project Masterlist
Tumblr media
Welcome Project
Tumblr media
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sparklingchim · a month ago
long way home masterlist | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: dilf!jk x best friend!reader
genre: single dad jk, friends to lovers, angst
summary: jungkook's life makes an 180 degree turn when he's suddenly a single dad and while you're trying to help him come accustomed to the new circumstances, your long-standing friendship takes new turns as well.
part 01: cockblock
the one where you babysit jungkook's baby and somehow let the night end up with being a cockblock for him.
part 02: promises
the one where jungkook breaks his promise for the first time.
part 03: drunken confessions
the one where you had a little too much to drink and, oops, your lips are pressed against someone else's.
part 04: oh, you mean the babysitter?
the one where jungkook fucks up.
part 05: girlfriends and boyfriends flashback_01_
the one where you think calling jungkook will make you stop missing him but it actually worsens the ache in your heart.
part 06: apologies and excuses
the one where jungkook tries to apologise for his behaviour.
part 07: first time
the one where jungkook has to deal with your rejection for the first time.
part 08: the night i lost hope flashback_02_
the one where you're drunk and ask jungkook a question and he unknowingly crushes all your hopes with his answer.
part 09: birthday surprise(s)
the one where jungkook wants to surprise you on your birthday but then he gets surprised with a half naked jimin in your apartment.
part 10: best friends
the one where you're reminded why you love jungkook so much.
part 11: needing him flashback_03_
the one where you're absolutely broken and there's only jungkook that you need.
part 12: weird behaviour
the one where jungkook is acting weird but you can't tell why.
part 13:
part 14:
part 15:
part 16:
part 17:
part 18:
part 19:
part 20:
part 21:
part 22:
part 23:
part 24:
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youmyjhope · 6 months ago
Everything I posted so far.
morning sex
eating your pussy
rough sex in the studio
car sex
passionate sex
"free time"
overstimulating you
eating your pussy
shower sex
slow sex
birthday sex
sex after the muster?
sex with jimin 2
eating your pussy
"show me you are sorry" – w real voice :/
rough 2
handjob (in the studio)
eating your pussy
rough sex / spanking
dirty talk
slow sex
jerking off/trying to be quiet
studio fuck
eating your pussy
rough sex in the practice room ft. jin
masturbation 2
jerking off
eating your pussy
riding him in the studio
rough sex
getting a blowjob
rough sex in the practice room ft. hobi
eating your pussy
Vmin x you
Rap line x you
Taekook 2
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lavishedinjimin · a year ago
kinky hours masterlist
Tumblr media
— all drabbles are 18+. for adults, by adults, about adults. all are for f.readers!
— do not repost anywhere outside of tumblr. 
Tumblr media
rules before sending a request 
mean daddy jk denies sub!reader of his touch/name-calling/degradation
OC asks for kisses during sex and jk finds it adorable
stressed jk getting pissed off at OC’s attitude/manhandling/ball gag
crybaby™ jk x reader/ jk licking the tears off of OC’s cheeks
criminal!jk x officer!reader/kidnapped/imagine butter era jk’s concept photo vr.2
brat tamer jungkook/punishes reader for being a spoiled brat lol
sub!jungkook is tied up/giving him oral/tracing his arm tats with your tongue
ex-bf jungkook/argument turns into hate sex/reader cheated on namjoon lmao
hand kink/making origamis with daddy!jk/gagging
single dad jk/apologizing that he fucked you too hard/babysitter reader
crybaby™ jk x reader but OC uses her safeword
daddy jk takes care of you after not having sex for weeks
he finds out that you’re a Little/daddy!jk
cumming inside you without protection/creampie kink
eating you out with whipped cream
dom!jk/dirty talk/window sex
reader squirts and jungkook’s “give me more”
atgggth™ jk/eating pussy/whiny reader
jk fucks you while standing
spitting in mouth/overwhelmed reader
dom!jk/bratty reader
crybaby!jk/anal play with sub reader/ddlg 
jungkook finding your moans adorable
softdom!jk/rainy ambience/dirty talk/cuddling 
chubby reader/rough sex/praise
horny jk comes home while you’re cooking
crybaby™ jk/reader wearing cat ears and tail
riding jk’s thigh while spooning
overstimulation/clit torture/squirting
dom!jk pinning you down as he fucks you
daddy jk and his corruption kink
soft jk but reader wants it harder, hmmppp >:(
clit overstim/tied to the bed
hard dom jk/rough sex/jk fucks reader ‘inhumanly fast’...haha
passionate sex/lotus position
jk fucks reader gently and deeply™
ddlg/first time riding dom!jk/praise
blowjob while on the phone/punishment/degradration/jk meanie 
hard dom!jk/humiliation/subspace/big dick jk haha
reader does jk’s makeup as she rides his cock
daddy!jk/small reader/praise kink/size kink/wearing his baggy shirt
daddy!jk is handcuffed to the bed by babygirl  
dom!jk is jealous so he gives you hickeys
slapping/spitting in reader’s mouth/degradation/rough/choking
jk catches reader humping her pillow with his jumper on
punk jk fucks reader on her parents’ bed
crybaby™ jk and his love for eating pussy/spitting/descriptive
thigh riding/degradation/choking/spanking/hair pulling/whatever
overstimulation/reader tells jk to stop but he doesn’t listen
cockwarming/”move and i’ll take my fucking cock out of you”
punishing you in front of the members/degradation
dom jk fucks you mercilessly in front of a mirror/rough
having your first time with dom!jk
jk comes home to reader fucking herself/punishment/size kink/daddy
fucking you roughly while the members are around
dom jk/cocky jungkook energy/slow down by chase atlantic/descriptive
cockwarming :D
punishing you after you came without his permission
reader says she’s ‘too heavy’ but jk proves her wrong/against the wall
jungkook trying his spanking kink out on you
holding your thighs while he eats your cunt
dom!jk manhandles reader/virgin kink
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
crybaby™ jk/reader got her nipples pierced/descriptive
testing out his pain kink on you/face slapping/biting/choking
taehyung finding the wet squelching noises cute iykyk 
bad boy™ tae gives you hickeys in public/possessive tae
dom!tae/mutual masturbation/voyeurism
werewolf!tae asking you to run because you disobeyed him
lactation kink/slight mommy kink
pushing your head against a pillow bc you’re too loud
sweet hot tub sex
taehyung uses his ties to play with you
reader cheats on jk while fucking taehyung
mutual masturbation but ends up fucking anyway lol
ddlg taehyung/size kink
bad boy™ taehyung teachers reader how to blow
the start of bad boy™ tae x young reader ;)
movie date with a remote control vibrator/dirty talk
dom!tae/nipple play/hand kink
tae fucks you while you’re asleep/spooning
ddlg/tae is jealous of you spending your time with other guys
cockwarming while he’s gaming
soft dom!tae/praise kink
bratty reader/rough/pissed from all the dating rumors
tae makes you wear a ball gag
taehyung fucks you in a pool
getting heated with tae in the pool
ceo!taehyung/secret relationship/some spanking
fucking you sensually while Singularity plays in the background
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
tae walking in on you riding jungkook’s thigh
bisexual reader/jimin gets jealous from you fangirling over a female idol
jimin getting on his knees/you’re standing during oral
dom!jimin corruption kink/condescension/jimin and his kendo agenda
jimin edges you with a bluetooth vibrator in public 
making fun of jimin’s small hands until he shuts you up 
cockwarming with jimin while he works out
jimin releasing his pent-up stress on you
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
softdom!jimin/swallowing his spit/praise kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
truth or dare/bts taunting jimin that he can’t make his gf cum
softdom!jimin/cocky/reader says he’s the biggest she’s ever had
softdom!jimin/readers sits on his lap and he bounces her up and down
dom!jimin/use of vibrator/edging/denial/squirting
jimin and his corruption kink/small!reader
jimin makes you sit on his face for being bratty
controlling your vibrating panties at dinner
hard dom!hobi/pissed off that you accidentally said his name instead of ‘daddy’ during sex
hobi getting annoyed that you keep moving during oral
werewolf hoseok in heat/mentions of impreg/slight blood mentions
tattooed hobi x curvy reader/praise kink/loving degradation
daddy hoseok/trying to get his attention while he’s on the phone
softdom!hobi/fucking you in front of the practice room’s mirror
masochistic hobi punishing reader
namjoon discovering your pinterest board full of kinky shit
wolf namjoon x bunny hybrid reader/bunny gets lost in the forest o_o
dom!namjoon uses a spreader bar on you/squirting/degradation
giving joon oral under the desk bc he’s stressed from working
dom!namjoon x sub!reader x dom!yoongi/spitting kink/spanking
daddy namjoon fucks you while you’re both high/marijuana intake
namjoon spits in your mouth/wall fucking
sub!jimin x sub! reader x dom!namjoon
namjoon and creampie... yum
namjoon punishing reader/overstim/degradation
softdom!namjoon/size kink!!
daddy!joon babies reader to be intimate with him 
edging with joonie and his babygirl
sucking him off while he’s on vlive
servant namjoon x princess reader/bending her over the desk
tae x reader x namjoon/impreg kink/who can get her pregnant first
butt play wohoo/no peneration/just thumb on butthole typa’ thing
PUBLIC. BUS. SEX./cockwarming & grinding/slight exhibitionism/honestly this is just so hot
distracted by his hands/fingering you against his piano/hand kink
sitting on yoongi’s face + overstim
pet play/kitten play with yoongi
innocent s/o never masturbated before/virgin reader/size kink
dom!yoongi x sub!reader x dom!namjoon/spitting kink/spanking
breeding kink/pregnancy kink
poly dom!jimin x dom!yoongi x sub!reader
hard dom yoongi
hand kink omfg
dom!yoongi/bondage/using a dildo on you
yoongi shows off his tongue technology/cunnilingus 
reader wears vibrating panties in public
seokjin ruining your orgasm/putting the vibrator inside your panties
yoga with seokjin/ahh yes, the downward dog/cunnilingus
dom!seokjin fucking you in front of a mirror
ball worship!!
lactation kink with seokjin aaahhhh
teasing seokjin until he snaps/big cock seokjin agenda
dry humping/cumming in his pants
daddy seokjin takes care of you after weeks of not having sex
asking jin if he can choke you
Tumblr media
— since 2020.
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yoongsisbae · a month ago
Naughty Girl Christmas
BTS X-MAS Masterlist
A collection of steamy ONE-SHOTS to keep you warm this winter!
Tumblr media
I Appreciate Your Apology | KNJ
A Christmas party has you on thin ice with your favorite dom. Daddy Joon appreciates your apology, but does he accept it? daddydom!Joon smut, PWP, filth, Joon edging you until you see sleighbells. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Not a Creature was Stirring | JJK
You wake up Christmas Eve night not to find Santa, but to find a man cold and shivering on your front porch. Clothes tattered, cuts on his body, out in the snow. You find out he’s not as helpless as he appears. Kind of cute, kind of scary, very buff Jungkook Fantasy AU. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s Ho Ho Ho | KSJ
Your boyfriend surprises you with a Christmas dinner on the beach, things get a little steamy, candy canes get sucked, peppermint liquor might be involved, there is definitely some questionable Santa Costume attire, and lots of jolly lovin'! HOAL couple holiday special. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Disco Winter Ball | JHS
You and your friend Hoseok are best friend buddies going on a date to the annual disco winter ball. But it's not a date date, okay? You and Hoseok just love music and you love dancing and Hoseok loves watching you dance. Wait not love, not in that way! A friendly love. Just friends. Just two friends who drink a little too much eggnog. HOAL couple holiday special. Read Here.
Tumblr media
Christmas Lights Out! Agust D vs RM Super Hero Christmas Special! | MYG
You visit your hometown during the holidays. You and your childhood friend Joon reminisce and you learn more about your smooth tech talker business partner Yoongi. Can he win you over once and for all? Set in Super Clumsy Super Hero RM universe. cuming...
Tumblr media
XxXmas Stream with V | KTH
Stuck in Quarantine for the Holidays you decide to use this opportunity to hold a special x-rated x-mas cam show. You wanted to treat your friends and family to really nice Christmas presents this year, and Santa’s not paying your bills! So you’re going to have to be a little naughty. V has been a good boy, so you think, so you give him extra attention this holiday. Set in C!HOC universe. Yandere!Taehyung cuming...
Tumblr media
Christmas Mass | PJM
Every Sunday, like clockwork, as designed and ordained, you sit quietly. Pray. Christmas mass comes, tonight your congregation dresses beautifully, like ornaments placed in a row right in front of God. Your priest, stands at the head like an angel atop the tree, commanding and pious and hauntingly handsome. Red. You're a good faithful girl. You were taught to be, punished to be. You pray for respite, for something more than the condemnation this cold and icy town bestows upon you. Sinners. The coldness permeates your bones, you're always scared. Tainted. Terrified of sin, terrified by your thoughts for your priest. Sacrilegious. This Christmas prayers are answered by no God. Demon AU. Dark smut. Read Here.
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rosiekooreads · a month ago
➪ 𝙴𝚗𝚌𝚢𝚌𝚕𝚘𝚙𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚊
Tumblr media
ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ !! ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀᴏsɪᴇᴋᴏᴏ’s ʟɪʙʀᴀʀʏ; ᴇɴᴄʏᴄʟᴏᴘᴇᴅɪᴀ. ʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ғɪɴᴅ sʜᴇʟᴠᴇs ᴡᴏʀᴛʜ ᴏғ ғɪᴄs, ᴡʜɪᴄʜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴀssᴏʀᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ ᴀ ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴄᴀᴛᴇɢᴏʀɪᴇs ᴛᴏ ʜᴇʟᴘ ɴᴀᴠɪɢᴀᴛᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴛᴏᴘs ʙʏ ᴛᴏ ғɪɴᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅɪsᴄᴏᴠᴇʀ sᴛᴏʀɪᴇs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʟɪᴋɪɴɢ. ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ & sʜᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀғᴜʟ ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s sᴏᴍᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ♡︎
Tumblr media
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙻𝚒𝚜𝚝 ♔ 𝚁𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠𝚜
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ღ 𝚜𝚎𝚘𝚔𝚓𝚒𝚗
ღ 𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗
ღ 𝚢𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚒
ღ 𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚘𝚔
ღ 𝚓𝚒𝚖𝚒𝚗
ღ 𝚝𝚊𝚎𝚑𝚢𝚞𝚗𝚐
ღ 𝚓𝚞𝚗𝚐𝚔𝚘𝚘𝚔
ღ 𝚘𝚝𝟽
ღ 𝚗𝚘𝚗 𝚋𝚝𝚜
Tumblr media
ღ 𝚏𝚕𝚞𝚏𝚏
ღ 𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚝
ღ 𝚜𝚖𝚞𝚝
ღ c𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔
ღ 𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎
ღ 𝚑𝚞𝚛𝚝/𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚝
Tumblr media
ღ 𝚊𝚕𝚙𝚑𝚊 / 𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚊 / 𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚐𝚊 
ღ 𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚐𝚎
ღ 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚐𝚎 
ღ 𝚍𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛
ღ 𝚍𝚒𝚕𝚏
ღ 𝚍𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚙𝚒𝚊𝚗 
ღ 𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜
ღ 𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚍 𝚛𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚙
ღ 𝚎𝚡𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜
ღ 𝚏𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚜𝚢
ღ 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚍𝚍𝚎𝚗 𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎
ღ 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚋𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚏𝚒𝚝𝚜
ღ 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚋𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚏𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜
ღ 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜
ღ 𝚐𝚘𝚍𝚜 / 𝚍𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚜
ღ 𝚑𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚍𝚊𝚢
ღ 𝚒𝚍𝚘𝚕 / 𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚍
ღ 𝚖𝚊𝚏𝚒𝚊 
ღ 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚎 / 𝚌𝚎𝚘
ღ 𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚑 / 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚕 
ღ 𝚛𝚘𝚊𝚍 𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚙 
ღ 𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜 
ღ 𝚛𝚘𝚢𝚊𝚕
ღ 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚜
ღ 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜
ღ 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛 𝚍𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚢
ღ 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚊𝚕
ღ 𝚞𝚗𝚛𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎
ღ 𝚢𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎
Tumblr media
ღ 𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚜
ღ 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜
ღ 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜
Tumblr media
ღ 𝚋𝚝𝚜 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
ღ 𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝚡 𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛
ღ 𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝚡 𝚘𝚌
ღ 𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
ღ 𝚗𝚘 𝚙𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐
Tumblr media
ღ 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚘𝚗𝚎
ღ 𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚗
ღ 𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎
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heyitsmehaneul · 14 days ago
Sugary Sweet
Sunshine Riptide
Hybrid Games
Making You Sweat Like That
Oh, Little Red
Bigger & Better
A Place Called Home
Right Here, Right Now
Caramel Macchiato
Bitten And Knotted
You Never Walk Alone
Crème De La Crème
Cumming Inside For The First Time (Reaction)
Cold Chinese
King Of Masked Singer
The Queen’s Secret
The Ravenheart Manor
Release From Jail (Reaction)
The Afterparty
Bed Cuddles
Cobalt Blue
Friendship Goals
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agustdakasuga · 26 days ago
The Way Of A Criminal
Genre: Mafia!AU, Criminal!AU, Angst, Romance
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Dealing with the sudden passing of your father was more than enough, you were truly alone. Until one day, 7 boys appear and tell you that you are to live with them and be protected by them. 
Warning: This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. It may contain depictions of violence, blood shed/ gore and mentions of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
[Tag list is now open and will remain open until the end of the series!]
Character Introductions
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kithtaehyung · 19 days ago
three tangerines (m) | myg | masterlist
Tumblr media
series: three tangerines  pairing: fuckboi!yoongi x reader(f) rating/genre: m (18+) ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au ; angst, smut summary: “when yoongi told you he would be there if you needed anything, this isn’t what he had in mind” warnings: stated in each installment. minors dni. mood: moonlight, 28, people - agust d  by readers: inspo | playlist  mlist: created 2022/01/04 status: ongoing 
Tumblr media
🍊 parts 
Tumblr media
⇥ three tangerines smut ; 12k
⇥ fireworks angst ; 4.1k
⇥ house party angst ; 10k 
⇥ ??? ??? ; wip
Tumblr media
🍊 extras 
Tumblr media
⇥ all extras
⇥ ask/tell 3tan (requests: currently closed) 
reader | yoongi | brother | jimin | taehyung
⇥ drabbles (requests: currently closed) 
fireworks (yoongi pov): kitchen | countdown | balcony  truth | dare | on purpose 
⇥ playlists 
pov: ur in yoongi’s car  pov: ur in a house party & catch him looking
Tumblr media
🍊 taglist ; feedback 
Tumblr media
 taglist (18+ only):  ⇥ anonymous form, no emails collected ⇥ optional teaser with every upcoming update ⇥ HERE feedback box: ⇥ anonymous form, no emails collected ⇥ any feedback you’d like to give/say/yell! ⇥ HERE other links: masterlist 
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hbkdrecs · 23 days ago
My 2021 Bookshelf 📚🥸
As I did last year here's the list of my favourites fics I read in 2021 (whether they were published this year or earlier) in no particular order!! note: all of these are/contain smut(s)? with some of them with more plots than the others
1) Bad Influence, Devilish, & this drabble by @noteguk
2) Girls Like You & Like You Used To, by @bratkook 3) Mutual Help by @personasintro
4)​ Rotten Angelcake & Starfruit by @inkedtae
5) Days To Morning Glory by @sketchguk
6) The Wishlist by @jjkpls
7) Kinda Hot, Cyberslut by @kimnjss
8) Pretty Boy by @angelguk
9) Oh, What A World by @cutechim
10) Only For You by @jikookiekosmos
11) Gradation by @shina913
12) Ruin You by @taegularities
13) Obey by @jjkfire
14) Bad Boy Good Things by @yoonpobs
15) Shield by @rmverse
16) The Road To Radiant by @kookskingdom
aaaannnd obviously there's also lots of other fics that ain't listed here but that I also really enjoyed 🥰
2021 was even worse than hell for me and reading was a really good distraction amidst all the chaos going on in my life... so big thanks to every single writer out here, I wish you a happy & healthy new year with everything you could wish for coming your way! You can reach out to me if you need a beta reader or for literally anything else really 🥺
love yall, have a nice day/evening & stay safe 💕💞💓💗💖💘
Tumblr media
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ninetailedfoxmanchi · 7 hours ago
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - They Take You on a Date and Get Possessive (pt. 1)
Warnings: yandere, toxic, trigger warning, explicit violence, abuse, profanity etc
A/N: A part two will follow
You've been feeling stressed and anxious lately in light of everything that has happened. From the rival gang member breaking into the apartment when you were home alone to everything that happened after, like the separation anxiety you felt each time M/N would leave for work or even sometimes when he'd just go to another room. On the other hand, you've been growing closer and closer to him; your trust slowly rebuilding though M/N affections. To take your mind off things, M/N decided to take you out to a proper dinner for the first time since you were with him. He was not keen on the idea of people gawking at your gorgeous self but he would be by your side the entire evening. You got dressed up nicely, almost too nicely in M/N's opinion but he was holding himself back to the best of his abilities to not stress you out even more. In the restaurant, M/N got you a special table away from the gazes and the crowd. You were grateful for it yourself because you were not used to be around people as much anymore. You sat comfortably as the waiter brought over their best bottle of wine. You had not even noticed, your attention on M/N but when his eyebrows furrowed you could not help but trace his gaze. The male waiter was smiling flirtatiously at you as he poured wine into your glass, not removing his eyes from you for a second.
Your fingers were intertwined with Jin's, his hand resting in your lap. Yet suddenly his grip tightened and his jaw clenched. He let you go out of the sudden and got up, towering easily over the waiter. The young man jumped, holding the wine bottle timidly against his chest. His eyes turned wide at the sight of the absolute rage on Jin's handsome features.
"Sit down, princess." Jin cut you off roughly before you could even properly stand up.
In a single swift motion, Jin pulled a slick black gun from his suit and pointed it at the waiter. The young man dropped the bottle in his hands, making both you and himself flinch as it cracked and spilled everywhere.
"Jin, please..." you begged, tears spilling from the edge of your eyes. "It's okay..."
"What the fuck did you just say?" asked Jin outraged and turned to look at you. Your heart caught in your throat as you looked down.
"Only I can look at you, princess," he snarled whilst his gun was still pointed at the trembling waiter. But before you knew it, the hoof of the gun slammed against the young man's temple and he dropped to the floor, blood rushing down his cheek as he groaned in pain.
"There... Now you know your place," said Jin, towering over the waiter squirming away on the floor.
In an instant, Namjoon let go of your hand and grabbed the waiter's collar. The young man's eyes widened as he was nearly lifted off the floor.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" growled Namjoon through his teeth, his face but inches from the waiter's.
You froze in place, your heart beating violently against your ribcage. You could not move for the life of you but watch what was happening right before your eyes.
"I-I was j-just... I was just p-pouring you... pouring you wine," the young man stuttered as he clawed against Namjoon's grip.
"You were just pouring wine, were you?" asked Namjoon, one of his eyebrows raising whilst the corner of his lips curved into a gentle smirk.
"Y-Yes, sir."
"Yes, sir," the young man stuttered again. Namjoon's smirk grew ever so slightly as he nodded to himself and let go of his collar. The waiter bobbed his head respectfully, his eyes catching yours.
Your heart dropped to your stomach as the man turned around to leave but Namjoon's features darkened like a raging storm. He grabbed the back of the waiter's head and slammed his head face front against the wall. A sickening crack echoed through your ears when the waiter's nose broke, a splash of red staining the beautiful walls.
"DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING LOOK AT HER AGAIN!" snarled Namjoon at the man's crawling body. "SHE'S MINE!"
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" asked Yoongi in a quiet yet perfectly enraged voice. His grip on your thigh tightened ever so slightly.
The waiter's eyes darted to Yoongi's formidable glare.
"I was just pouring you wine, sir," the waiter tried to save himself yet his voice was just as disrespectful as his actions in Yoongi's mind's eye.
Yoongi got up from the table and released his grip on your thigh.
"Yoongi, it's okay-" you tried to stop whatever was to come but in vain.
"Shh, shh..." he quietened you and pushed you behind him when you got up as well.
"See? The lady says it's okay," the young waiter spoke casually, standing up to Yoongi.
Your heart jumped to your throat than fell to the bottom of your stomach. This was not at all what you wanted to say yet suddenly it sounded as if you enjoyed the waiter's attention.
"That's not what she said," said Yoongi slowly and threateningly. He took a step forward and for each the waiter took a step back. "I see you bark a lot but you don't seem to bite."
"I do though," Yoongi spoke under his breath as the young man began to tremble, the wine in his hands shaking like a leaf.
Yoongi grabbed a slick black gun from his jacket, cocked the weapon and pulled the trigger without a moment's hesitation. The bullet pierced through the man's head as he dropped to the floor. The wine bottle smashed against the tiles, the red mixing with his blood.
You jumped and screamed, turning your eyes away as you covered your head.
"You see..." said Yoongi as he towered over the dead body, "She's mine."
The smile disappeared from Hoseok's face when his gaze pierced through the waiter instead of resting on your beautiful features. The light disappeared from his eyes and the corners of his lips turned downwards. Hoseok's grip tightened around your fingers yet before you could process everything, his hand had released you and went for the waiter instead.
Hoseok slammed the waiter face front at one of the empty tables, the half-full wine bottle flying across the floor in a thousand particles. You whimpered and jumped up instinctively, your hands covering your mouth.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing you piece of shit?" shouted Hoseok as he rained down punches on the waiter who dared smile at you flirtatiously. "Do you think I'm fucking blind?" he roared before slamming his fist at the young man one last time before he let him drop to the floor.
The waiter was still conscious, hiding his face but the worst was yet to come.
Hoseok pulled a gun from his suit jacket and cocked the weapon as if he had been yearning for it for years. His nostrils flared and his teeth was bared. The waiter shielded his face with his hands and begged for mercy but it was no use.
"SHE'S MINE!" roared Hoseok at the top of his lungs, his voice cracking from rage.
"Hoseok, no!" you screamed before he could pull the trigger, drawing his attention to you. He was breathing heavily but the sight of your tears and your trembling arms brought some humanity back in him.
Hoseok's upper lip twitched when he looked back at the squirming man on the floor. He could not help himself but pull the trigger twice, the bullets piercing through both of the waiter's kneecaps.
You screamed again, this time sheltering your own head with your hands as you dropped to the floor.
Jimin stood up immediately, his jaw clenched with anger. Your heart picked up its beat, thumping violently against your chest.
The waiter turned pale as he winced backwards, holding the bottle to himself as if it were the most precious thing in the world.
"How dare you look at her?" growled Jimin walking towards the young man. With each step Jimin took forward, he took a step back until he hit the wall.
"I... I..." stuttered the waiter, his hands trembling.
Jimin's nostrils flared before he grabbed the wine bottle from his hands and smashed it against the waiter's temple. You screamed, covering your mouth with your hands as your eyes watered.
The young man dropped to all fours, whimpering out in pain. The wine was spilled all over him, black shards sprinkled around him like shimmering stars.
"DON'T YOU EVER LOOK AT HER AGAIN! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HER!" snarled Jimin and kicked the man in the stomach. The waiter hit the wall behind him and lost consciousness from the impact to him head.
Jimin turned around and ran a hand through his messy hair, pushing it back before he straightened out his suit jacket.
"Come on, darling," he spoke as if speaking of the weather, "We'll eat somewhere else."
Taehyung's fingers tightened around his glass of whiskey as he stared at the waiter flirting with you. Suddenly, the glass cracked and the whiskey spilled all over the white dinner cloth. You jumped but Taehyung was completely unfazed. He did not even notice his palm was bleeding but you did.
"You're bleeding," you spoke with a weak voice before your grabbed a napkin and tried to take Taehyung's hand but he had already stood up.
He grabbed the waiter by the collar and slammed him against the wall, the bottle of red wine spilling all over the floor. The man's breath caught in his mouth as his eyes widened when Taehyung pulled a gun to his temple.
He did not blink once, his eyes wide with rage and fury.
"Don't you ever fucking look at her again," Taehyung gritted through his teeth, a look of utter madness in his glare.
"I-I wasn't," lied the waiter but that was the one thing he shouldn't have done.
"SHE'S MINE!" roared Taehyung out of the sudden and shoved his fist through the young man's face. You whimpered but you could not move from your seat.
Taehyung kept raining punches on the waiter, first with his fists then with the hoof of his gun until the man was past unconscious.
You managed the courage to get up as you watched Taehyung breathe heavily over the waiter's body. You made your way towards him, gently touching his hand.
Taehyung snapped around, his eyes bloodshot from anger.
Jungkook's grip on your thigh tightened as a storm raged behind his brown eyes. He glared at the waiter so furiously it sent shivers even down your own spine.
The waiter noticed the enraged look upon Jungkook's face, his cheeks turning pale. His petrified eyes flickered to the gun glistening behind Jungkook's suit jacket. The young man jumped up and took a step back. Small drops of sweat glistened on his forehead and he began to tremble.
Your heart was beating out of your chest. Just as Jungkook was about to pull out his gun, you placed your palm over his that was still holding onto your thigh.
Jungkook's eyes flashed to your own, striking you like a whip of lightning. Breath caught in the back of your throat but you managed a small, soundless 'please' nevertheless.
He frowned even worse if possible, outraged you would try to stop him.
"I'm yours," you whispered before you looked down because of the tears that rushed to your eyes.
Something shifted in Jungkook, something deep and dark got restrained and his grip on your thigh softened. He leaned in instead and kissed you passionately. His lips moved against yours, his arms wrapping around your waist possessively. Jungkook pulled you to his lap and deepened the kiss, letting everyone know who you belong to.
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jjiimin · a month ago
heart wide open
Tumblr media
❥ summary: yn has spent her entire life waiting for her soulmate. she missed out on dating, her first kiss, her first time, and pushed her first love aside for the promise of a man who would return her feelings as written by fate. on the eve of the winter solstice, when souls are bound together for eternity and yn is set to finally learn her soulmate’s identity, she finds that he had erased her from his heart long before she could carve a space for herself in it. and sure, maybe things wouldn’t be so tough if she walked away. but how do you walk away from your best friend?
❥ genre: fluff, angst, soulmate au, bf2l
❥ warnings: cursing, mentions of sex
❥ word count: 7.5k
❥ author’s note: hello!! this fic is short and sweet and more fluffy than angsty, but i hope you enjoy it! i have more fics in the works and i hope you’ll look forward to those as well. happy reading~! :]
"Please... please..."
Words of crystalline desperation bubble and pour from the edges of your lips and into the toasty atmosphere of the living room where you are sitting cross-legged in front of the fireplace. Glorious swaths of warmth tenderly wraps itself around you, encasing your body in a cocoon of delight. It is the only affection you have allowed yourself all day long.
With minutes to midnight on the eve of the Winter Solstice, you, along with hoards of others across the lands, are set up in the comfort of your home awaiting the arrival of your destiny.
The name of your Soul Companion.
Each year, Fate promises the reveal of romantic destinies to all eligible people upon the Earth. There is no ceremony. No grand galas. It is a simple commencement which most people your age choose to partake in alone. Such as you have tonight.
All your life, you have been patient for this day. From the moment you had your first crush, on a boy whom you met in class on your first day of the second grade, and your mother had sat you down to explain Fate to you, and all the wonderful things which arrive in its belief.
As your mother explained, in your world, soulmates, or Soul Companions, are chosen by Fate long before a person is born. They exist in the Realm of Souls. They have no bodies, no faces, no physical entity of existence. They are simply essences of a future person. In this realm, Fate ties two souls together. They live and love in the realm and it is perfect. However, when they are sent to Earth, they are separated. Their separation involves a period of twenty-one years in which they grow into their personalities until they are prepared to meet one another again. And when they do, happiness of an indescribible sort opens the door to the rest of their lives.
When your mother told you this, everything stopped. Inside your brain, inside your heart. It felt like the pieces of a puzzle joining together in unification. Everything just made sense. And the crush you had on said boy became only a friendship instead. One which has lasted more than a decade.
It would be improper of you to lie to your own self and claim that you do not harbour any romantic emotions for the boy. He has been in your life long enough for your heart to stagger in his presence on occasion. But each time it does, you promise yourself it does not matter. For he is not your soulmate.
At least... you don't think he is.
The more you think about it, the more the idea begins to sounds less and less awful. Around sometime last year, you had even begun writing diary entries about the possibility of being his soulmate; and of having him as yours. And when you truly allowed yourself to think it, it didn't sound so bad. Actually, it sounded—sounds—lovely. Like a dream come true.
But when it comes to Fate, no one can predict it. So even while you have spent ages mooning about a boy, there is less than a 0.1% chance he is your soulmate. Only time will tell.
The clock on your phone dings with thirty seconds to go. Inside your head, you begin to count backwards. The stutter of your lips gives away the anxiety flowing through your veins but you trek forward anyway. There is no way back now.
A beautiful, velvet melody lifts from your phone and mixes eagerly with the atmosphere. In the space of subdued silence, you slowly raise your hand to your heart where the name you have waited all your life for is etched into your skin by the Hand of Fate.
When the moment settles, and the skin ceases to stretch with insignificant pain, you swallow the fear in your throat and stand up. The walk to your bedroom feels like forever but in reality, it is only a few seconds before you are standing with your toes pointed towards the arched, thin frame mirror. In front of it, you lift your sweater over your head and shut your eyes.
Even after all this time, there is remains a myriad of apprehension in your mind. Is this what it's like to wait so long for something and then to finally receive it, you feel overwhelmed with apprehension?
"Whoever it is, welcome him with an open heart," your mother had always told you. "He may be equally as terrified to see your name."
The remembrance of her comforting words calm you down. And then, you do as she says--you open your eyes and welcome him.
Eyes fluttering, you pan your gaze just above your heart to see a name which you have uttered, shouted, exclaimed, and cried over and over for years and years.
Tears spring to your eyes, and as the drops melt down your cheeks, you bring a hand up to your mouth where a sob-like laugh bubbles up and out. And all at once, everything simply makes sense. All the time which has passed and all the times in which you craved and wept and begged... they all make sense. And they mean something more than just late nights all alone in your bedroom.
His name is heavy on your heart and heavier on your mind as you rush to pull your sweater on again. Though you trip and clumsily fall a few times while you get grab your coat and boots, the call you make for a taxi is full of cheer strong enough for the receptionist to congratulate you. And when the taxi driver sees your lit up face, he wishes you good luck.
And that's exactly how you're feeling. Lucky. Like the luckiest girl in the world. Like a girl who is fated to be with her best friend for eternity and she cannot wait to go to him and hold him and love him exactly how she's wanted for all the years she couldn't because she wanted to remain loyal to her soulmate. And now that it is him, she cannot think of anything better.
The elevator up to his apartment is full of people, and you are far too excited to wait. Instead, you run to the stairwell and rush up five flights of stairs. The race burns your lungs, but you don't care. All you see is your future ahead of you and the door of his apartment at the end of the hall.
Heat swims in the cradles of your cheeks as you raise your hand up to knock. The sound of bone on door echoes in the silence down the corridor, but you don't care. Not today. Today is the only day in which your inhibitions are mute.
"Open the door," you whisper, licking your lips as you knock for the third time and he doesn't come running to open it. "Open the door, Jimin. Where are you?"
A few more knocks later, you retire from the action. Feeling your cheeks burn, you quietly take a step back. He's not home. And it kills you that he isn't. Everyone knows how special tonight is. He does, too. Why isn't he home?
You scratch the side of your head, looking frantically down the corridor as if expecting him to jump out at you. Of course, he doesn't. And the more you think about how he doesn't, and how he's not home on a monumental night, your heart begins to sinks. What's worse is the spot where his name lies and how it pains you just a little extra there.
With confusion lacing your brows together, you reach inside your coat pocket to retrieve your phone. It lights up in an image of you and him together at a concert over the summer. He has his head on your shoulder, and he's looking up at you with a smile you can't name while your eyes are trained on the camera. The photograph is something you have always loved looking at because it brought you comfort and ease. But right now, all it does is stir a tornado of grief inside you.
The phone rings four times before it goes to voicemail. Though worry becomes you, you bite your lip and try again. There's no harm in trying again, is there? Maybe he's in the restroom and left his phone somewhere. Or maybe he's busy with something important.
More important than the Winter Solstice?
If not for knowing his own name is imprinted upon your heart, the least he could have done was ask you how you were. He knows how important this night is to you. The past decade or so of friendship should have been a decent enough hint. And yet, here you are, in front of his door and he's not here.
Even after three more calls to his phone, all you get is voicemail.
A thousand emotions wade through you. Nothing makes sense and you just want to go home. But if there's still a chance--even a tiny, miniscule chance--of him showing up and taking you into his arms and sharing your happiness, then you are willing to wait for it. You have waited all your life. What's a little while longer?
A shudder rocks your body as you plant yourself on the cold doorstep. Although you have a key to his apartment, on your run over here, you had left it inside your desk drawer. For now, all you have is this doorstep until he comes home.
The side of your head falls flat against the side of the door as you listen to the sounds of your own breathing. In, out. In, out. In some ways, it's healing, and this time alone gives you the chance to gather your thoughts.
First, you think about him. With his dark brown hair and sparkling eyes and enchanting smile. He used to be a little kid with glasses and now he's a man with contacts in two different colours. He loves wearing black and white and boots which cost too much money. And he laughs just as much as he smiles, which is a lot and just the way you like it. If it were possible, you would build a nest in his cups of joy and live there forever.
Time flies through the night and when morning comes, you are awakened to the sound of a familiar voice by your ear. When you open your eyes, his eyes peer into yours. But instead of what you hope to find, all you find is a turbulent blur of mayhem. And that is when the putrid scent of alcohol flows off him and chokes you.
"What are you doing here?" He giggles, not really looking at you anymore as he fumbles with the keys in his hand. He tries three different ones before he lands on the correct one. The door opens and he stumbles inside, almost kicking you as he goes.
Tired, a little aggravated, and very much lovesick, you rise to your feet and follow after him. He doesn't bother to turn on the light in his living room before plopping face first on it. He groans when you turn on a lamp.
"Too bright," he grumbles, and the sound makes you wince. He is wasted. "Turn it off!"
"I can't see, Jimin," you sigh, quietly taking a step forward in his direction. Half his body is strewn on the sofa while the rest floats over the hardwood. "Were you out drinking?"
"Uh uh."
He cranes his head to blink at you. "I don't know. For fun." He pauses to take you in some more. "Why did you... uh..." He blinks away the haze and tries again. "Why were you on my doorstep?"
"I was waiting for you. I called a couple of times."
Jimin digs in his pants, albeit as well as he can in his inebriated state, and pulls out a phone similar to yours. The two of you had received a good deal on a dual set last year. "It's dead." He throws it on the other side of the sofa and whips around, his left arm folding uncomfortably behind him. He stares up at you like he's seeing you for the first time. "Ah shit, today's the Winter Solstice..." For the first time tonight, you sense remorse on his person. His lips wobble with an apology. "I forgot, I guess."
"So you don't..." The words die in your throat. In your mind, you scribble a note for yourself: keep calm. "Have you... did you... do you know who's name is on your heart?" The question feels so small as it leaves your mouth.
Jimin licks his lips. He appears reluctant to answer you. "I... don't be mad, okay?" He gulps and meets your eyes again. "When you went to stay with your parents over the summer, I had the Fate Removal Surgery." He waits for a moment before continuing. It doesn't matter, though. The entirety of your being is falling six feet into the ground while a haze surrounds you. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I know how much the Winter Solstice means to you so I didn't want to hurt you by telling you I got the surgery. I was going to tell you tomorrow. I didn't know you'd come here in the middle of the night."
For a long moment, silence is the only sound you offer. Jimin expects it and takes it in stride. He gives you the chance to mull over the new information, knowing it will take you a while to process. He hadn't meant to be so secretive, especially not with something as big as this and towards you, of all people, but the decision had come so quickly and by the time he was in the operation room, everything was already set in stone.
He waits another minute, then tries to meet your gaze under the cloudy mist of morning air. "YN... I'm sorry. Say something."
A deep exhale, leaving burns and aches in their wake, departs your lips. The silence around you captures the sound at once, and it feels like you never breathed at all. "Why?"
He purses his lips. "I don't know if you'll like the answer."
"It doesn't matter. Tell me."
Jimin lays back against the sofa. A slow inhale patters in. He stares up at the ceiling, as if finding it easier to talk to an inanimate object than his best friend. "I didn't want to be tied down," he explains, and though his tone is soft, his words are sharp. And with their jagged edge, they pierce through your skin. "Why should Fate get to decide who I love? I want to make my own path. I don't want one chosen for me." He takes a moment to look at you again. His eyes are moist with the request for you to understand his point-of-view. "I had a consultation, and the surgeon told me my soulmate would never know about me and be free to choose her own path, too. As long as she wasn't in love with me before the Solstice. Which," he pauses to chuckle, "is impossible, I think."
The world seems to tip on its axis. Nothing he says makes any sense and somehow, all of it does. The beat of your heart slows, and where it slows, it hurts. It's like someone tore through your chest and grabbed the organ in a fist, squeezing it only when you breached the brink of death. When you close your eyes, this person transforms into the man across from you.
Tears blur your vision, but you hold yourself back from crying. Not right now. Not in front of him and his truth. "Thank you for telling me, Jimin." Even his name, a name you have loved all your life, hurts you to say. The syllables don't feel right. The sound feels wrong. Nothing feels good inside your mouth except the desire to sob.
He tilts his head at you and smiles a bit, clearly unsure of how to move forward with this. He knows you're probably upset by the fact that he kept something this big from you but he knows, with time, you'll forgive him. You always do. "Why are you here instead of searching for your soulmate, huh? I'm sure he's looking for you, too." His eyes are playful, and it kills you. "What's his name?"
In a panic, you take a step back. And in an even bigger wave of distress, you lie, "Jack."
Jimin's eyes furrow. "Jack? Do you know a Jack?"
He lifts a finger in the air. "Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll help you look for your soulmate, okay? I'm so tired right now... I just want to sleep..." On exhausted legs, Jimin struggles to stand. He blinks at his surroundings, then takes in a deep breath. "I'm still drunk."
"I can tell," you manage to say, adding a morsel of humour to your voice so he doesn't notice your agony. You move closer and wrap an arm around his waist. "I'll take you to bed. Come on."
Jimin giggles and kisses your cheek. "I love you, YN. Not more than your soulmate, but I still love you."
A voice, breathless and sounding nothing like your own, whispers back, "I love you, too, Jimin." As much as I love my soulmate.
The moment his head hits the pillow, Jimin whines for you to lay down next to him, just like you always do when he needs to be held. His arms come around you. The contrasting hard and soft ridges of his body blend with yours as he snuggles close. He places his head on your chest, and you will your unsteady heart to find tranquility.
"I know we probably can't do this anymore," he says quietly, snuggling into your neck. His words softly peck your skin. "But just for tonight... let me hold you?"
The depth of his request swirls your blood, and melts your bones until you are sinking into the mattress below you. Certain parts of your body are raging havoc, begging you to leave his embrace faster than you came, but you are nothing if not blind to your own protection. Because you let him hold you and you smile when he does.
"What if my soulmate gets jealous?"
He exhales and brushes his lips on a sensitive part of your neck. It takes everything in you to stop from shuddering with delight. "He shouldn't. He's the love of your life, and I'm just a friend." He pokes your cheek. "Don't forget me when you're with him."
Though a fresh bout of tears line your eyes, you choke back the pain and settle for another question. "Do you feel bad for your soulmate?"
"How so?"
"She'll have to go through life wondering why you didn't even want to know her name."
He sighs, and you feel the hot air spread over your skin like a fire. "I think I freed her. Without knowing me, she has the chance to choose her own soulmate. Fate doesn't get a say." He stops to look at you. "And I know what you're thinking."
"What am I thinking?"
"That I'm a jerk. I know I am, but I just... Fate has ruled our lives for such a long time. I just didn't want to be tied down to someone who I might not even want."
Everything inside you stops moving. It's as if your heart forgets how to beat, and your lungs forget how to breathe, and your skin turns cold and all your thoughts vanish.
"How do... how do you know she wasn't what you wanted?"
His shoulders rise and fall. On the bed, the motion can hardly be seen. He's like a ghost.
"Because I know who I would pick if Fate didn't have a say." For a fraction of a moment, he glances at your lips. Heat surges through your body, but you keep your emotions in check. He's drunk. Jimin has always been a touchy-feely drunk, ever since he had his first sip of alcohol as a teenager. This doesn't mean anything; and after today, it can never mean anything.
Jimin keeps talking while you hold him, about his night out at a bar downtown with his work friends, and when his words begin to slur and his eyes start to shut, you kiss his forehead and finally allow yourself to cry. It's quiet, and you have to stop yourself from sniffling multiple times, but you do cry in the arms of the man who let you go even before he knew you. For tonight, it's your only solace.
. . . 
The next day, you wake up to find Jimin in the kitchen. His back is hunched over a cast iron skillet, something he adores cooking with, while he prepares breakfast for the two of you. Scrambled eggs, some kimbap he ordered while you were still asleep, and your favourite orange juice. He sets the breakfast down in front of you while you shake off the early morning. The fact that the dishes aren't done pulls painfully at your heartstrings. The habit is so Jimin of him. You promise yourself to do them later so he doesn't have to.
"I looked up all the guys named Jack in our city," Jimin says, forgoing a 'hello' as you dig your fork into a plate of eggs. He waits for you to express interest, even just give him a smile, but your eyes are hollow and you don't look even a little happy. He frowns. "Aren't you going to tell me I did a good job? It took two hours!"
"Good job, Jimin," you sigh, trying to paste on a semblance of a smile. The ache in your heart is still present, and no amount of food in the world can make it go away. "How many did you find?"
"Twenty two," he annouces with a proud grin. "But most of them are older and already found their soulmates." He stops to check his phone. "But there was one guy who said he'd been looking for a girl with your name." He shows you a picture of a blonde haired man with astounding green eyes. "What do you think? Is he handsome?"
"I guess." He's not you. "What if he's not my soulmate, though?" He isn't. Because he's not you.
"He's been looking for you... er, a girl with your name since the last Winter Solstice. It might be you, and Fate just made him wait. I know that happens sometimes. It happened with my parents." His mouth forms a cute smile. The smile you dreamed of kissing all your life even when you tried not to. "I set up a meeting already."
The egg you were just about to swallow begins to choke you. "You did what?!"
"I thought you'd be happy," he whines, hurrying to your aid. His shoulders fall when he reaches you. "Don't you want to meet your soulmate?"
"I do, but..." He doesn't want anything to do with me. The corners of your eyes prick with tears once again as you meet his gaze. "I want to wait a little bit."
"But he's waited so long for you, YN."
And I waited so long for you, Jimin.
Pushing the useless thought away, you sigh as a way of letting your friend know that you're already tired of this conversation. The eggs, though delicious because he's never not been good at everything he does, transform into tasteless bites of protein you no longer want. The bottom of your stomach churns with grief.
"He can wait a bit longer. I'm not interested right now."
Jimin stops you with an outstretched hand before you can slip out of your chair and go searching for the purse you brought with you last night. His brisk motion brings you to a halt.
Then, his hand is curling over yours and he's intertwined his fingers with your own. The sweet act should bring you whatever comfort he's trying to relay, but it doesn't. Because in the place of serenity, you experience bone-crushing heartbreak.
This is how you imagined last night to go.
For him to see you and be so, so happy to see you. For him to lose his mind in seeing you. For him to gather you in his arms and twirl you around and tell you he loves you the way he never said it before. For him to press his lips to yours and give you your very first kiss, rendering you utterly breathless and begging for more.
Dreaming... it's fun while you do it. Until reality walks in and crashes the show.
Perhaps your first mistake was dreaming of a future with him from the moment you saw his name on your heart. No—perhaps your very first mistake was secretly hoping and praying for him to be your Fate all throughout your childhood when things could have been different, and perhaps you could have been content with someone else.
The idea of someone else in his place burns you. It's like someone lit a match and poked you with it until the skin ripped apart, and all you are left with when the fire burns out is a scar to prove you felt what you did.
"I'm not saying this because I'm trying to be a jerk," he says, shaking my hand a bit so you will lock gazes with him. And fuck, if that doesn't kill you, too. "But are you on your period?"
The instant tug of your hand out of his startles him. He appears shocked while you are raging. "Oh right, because if a girl isn't feeling her best, she must be on her period!"
He rubs his forehead with the back of his hand. "Well... why else are you being so weird about this? All our lives, you've been talking about your soulmate. What he looks like, what he likes to eat, what he likes to do, how he dresses. You even planned how many kids you'd have with him!" He huffs out, exasperated. "And now that the Winter Solstice has come and gone, you're not bouncing off the walls trying to find him?"
"I..." The words get lost in your throat. Jimin's eyes are glazed over with something like regret, the sort he always experiences after an outburst, but you know he's holding himself back from apologizing to you. Because he knows that if he does, you may never tell him the truth. Funny thing is, with or without an apology, you never plan on telling him anything about your soulmate. Not so long as you both shall live. And so for now, for the sake of the threads of friendship tethering you to one another still, you switch back to the safest topic. The one which stop making him question you for answers you don't want to give. "Let me grab my purse and then we can go meet him."
Jimin stands up as you walk away from him. Behind you, he calls out, "I'm sorry, YN. I just want you to be happy."
I'm happiest when I'm with you.
. . .
The knuckles of Jimin's hands are tightly wound over the steering wheel. He isn't talking, but you know why. He expects you to. To fill the silence with all the things you always say when the two of you are anywhere together. Jimin has no trouble with silence, but he knows you don't like it. If there's silence, then you find ways to cram it with interesting subjects or simple nothings.
Silence has always been your enemy, but now, it seems, you have made a friend of it.
The man to your left briefly glances at you. "I don't like this," he says, emotion coating his words. He breathes in through his nose and lowers the speed. A driver behind us honks, but Jimin ignores him. "I feel like we're in a fight."
"We're not."
"We don't have to go meet Jack if you don't want to, YN. Say the word and I'll turn this car around right now."
"No, it's fine."
He blows a raspberry. "Fine. Have it your way."
The car swerves right and soon enough, we are driving off the highway. Jimin stays quiet as you drive up and past the first intersection in the heart of a nearby city, and quieter still he remains as he slows his car down and makes a stop in front of an alley. It looks familiar, but you can't place where you know it from.
His breathing is somewhat uneven as he kills the engine and unbuckles his belt. When he looks at you, you find yourself fighting back tears again. His presence is suffocating you, and yet, this is still the place you want to be. Even on the edge of misery.
"What's going on, YN?" He starts out with, tone soft and kind. The sort of tone he only uses when you are truly hurting. If he can read you this well, why can't he see that you don't want to be read at all? "Talk to me. Shout. Be angry. Do something." He reaches out to tap the hand you have in your lap then wraps his pinky around yours. "I know I can read your mind well most days, but I don't understand anything right now. Talk to me... please."
His gentle, soothing voice breaks the dam, and you are crying. The soldiers you placed along the walls of your eyes fall in defeat, and there you sit, with tears dripping down your cheeks in wet lumps.
"YN," Jimin whispers, tripping over himself to get past the center console but you hold him back by twisting your hand in his and pushing your fingers through his. He glances down at your intertwined hands and calms down, staying in his seat while you hiccup. "What's wrong?"
"I'm scared," you whisper, building the strength to lie to the one person in your life whom it is impossible to lie to. "What if he doesn't want me?"
Jimin sighs, and leans his hand out to take the side of your face. Tears paint his palm, but he doesn't care. They're your tears after all. "Is this about what I said last night? About my soulmate?" When you don't reply, he takes it as confirmation. "I was talking about myself, YN, and I was drunk. I say stupid shit when I'm drunk. I do stupid shit when I'm drunk. But I'm not drunk right now and I know you're scared." He pauses to get you to look at him. His eyes seem to mirror your pain, but you know he doesn't truly understand. No one can. "How could anyone not want you, YN?"
His compassion tilts your world on its axis, and squeezes you so tight that breathing becomes infeasible. More tears drip and drip down your cheeks until you have soaked his hand and your face, and there are so many things your heart and mind are screaming at you to say. Though, you say nothing.
Jimin pulls his hand away from your cheek and shifts in his seat. Then he unlocks his door and steps out, and you watch, with sniffles and teary eyes, as he runs past the front of the car and onto the other side. He doesn't wait for you to put two-and-two together. He just yanks your door open and sits crouches at your feet.
A hand, the same hand which held you before, reaches up your cheek. He presses his thumb under your eye and wipes the tears away. Then he moves the back of the same hand over the other cheek until your face is less tear-stained and you are biting back a smile.
His touch is everything to you. Everything and more.
He smiles up at you. From his spot down below, he looks just like the prince you dreamed of as a kid. Curse your brain for being so hopelessly in love. "That bastard is the luckiest man in the world," he tells you, honest and sincere. "I may not trust Fate, but I know it's fair. I know that if your name is on his heart, he's going to love you exactly the way you deserve, YN." His thumb moves down and grazes your lip where a teardrop glistens. The heat of his skin sets you aflame, and you watch, curious, as his Adam's apple bobs. "He's going to love you better than any other man."
"Because he's my soulmate?"
Jimin is quiet, for a few seconds, as his thumb presses over that same part of your lip. The beat of your heart is so loud, you hear it ringing in your ears. You wonder, does he hear it, too? "Because when he sees you, he will understand how lucky he is." His thumb falls away, and a part of you goes with it. He stands up and throws a hand out for you. He's smiling, and you are unnerved by how fake it looks. Though, you take his hand anyway. Never will a time come when you won't take your best friend's hand and allow him to take you anywhere he wants to go. To the ends of the Earth or another galaxy. "Now, lets go get tattoos."
"Wait... what?!"
. . .
Turns out, the reason why the alley seemed so familiar to you before is because it's the same alley you and Jimin took the first time he went searching for a tattoo parlour when he was still underage. The country has strict tattoo policies and forbids people under eighteen to be tattooed. But when Jimin was seventeen, he decided to be a rascal and bypass the system anyways, and he found himself a place willing to tattoo him even though he was just a teenager.
The tattoo itself wasn't a walk in the park to get, either. He got the word 'Nevermind' tattooed on the side of his ribcage and nearly broke your skin from how hard he held your hand as the tattoo artist did his work. But when all was said and done, the tattoo came out looking gorgeous. (And yes, you will admit to one or two late night fantasies of your tongue and hands and breaths on said tattoo. Or three or four. Who's really counting? God? He's your other bestie. He can keep a secret.)
Jimin is through the roof with excitement as he drags you by the hand into the tiny tattoo shop past the alley and down the other side of the road. He keeps holding your hand even as his favourite artist, a man named Gumball, greets him with a giant hug. He keeps holding on to you, almost afraid of you running away.
And he wouldn't be totally wrong. A part of you does want to run away. Back to the car and straight home.
He didn't bring you here to get tattooed, did he?!
"This is YN," Jimin introduces, glancing between Gumball and you. "She came with me for my first tattoo."
Gumball, who has to be at least six feet, nods and flips his baseball cap around. His tattoo sleeve shows off a series of flowers and plants intricately painted on his skin. He notices you staring and says, "My wife did these." He points to a woman in the back who is hunched over a stack of papers. She waves her hand in the air when you glance over. "End of year tax work," he explains.
Jimin grins. "We came to get tattoos."
"Uh..." Although you try to pull your hand away, Jimin keeps holding on. "Actually, I'm not—"
"It's a small tattoo she wants," Jimin goes on to say, as if he didn't hear you at all. "On her heart next to her soulmate’s name.”
His answer tightens a coil in your stomac, and although you are speechless and Gumball is agreeing to Jimin's request, all you find yourself doing is panicking. Liquid, hot, blazing chaos spreads through your bloodstream. Jimin, on the other hand, is none the wiser as he walks you to a reclined chair and helps you up on it.
He smiles as Gumball turns around to gather his tools, and places his arm over your head as he leans into you. "This will make you feel better," he says, and uses his other hand to push some of your loose hair back. His fingers are a heavenly touch on your skin. "Get the tattoo of a heart next to his name, just like you always talked about. Maybe then, you'll feel ready to meet him." The fact that Jimin keeps referring to your fake soulmate as 'him' instead of Jack does not go past you, but you are far too terrified of what's about to happen to delve into it.
Worriedly, you try to sit up in the chair as Gumball sets up next to you. Jimin still has one hand in your hair, and it slips as you move. The panic is plain in your eyes. "Can't we just go meet him? I mean, that's what we came out to do, right? And anyways, a tattoo for a guy I don't even know sounds a bit much—"
"YN," Jimin says, cradling the side of your face again. "I'm right here. I won't leave you."
Gumball glances between you and Jimin, then settles for you. "Sorry, but your top needs to come off for me to do the tattoo or he needs to hold it down." The older man gestures to Jimin who looks at you with another beautiful smile.
"What do you want to do?"
Not get a tattoo. Not have you see what's written on my heart. For the next few seconds not to blow up in my face.
Though, the answer you settle for is much less convoluted. Actually, it's silent. Whatever is written in your eyes, Jimin reads it as permission and he starts to push the side of your shirt down. A stampede of frightening emotions fly through you as you slap a hand over your chest, right on top of your heart. Jimin frowns and looks at you again.
Gumball clears his throat and puts down his needle. To Jimin, he says, "I don't think she wants to get the tattoo."
Jimin seems to ignore him and focuses on you. Like he did before at his apartment, he slips his hand under yours, gentle as can be, and intertwines your fingers. Out of honest fear, your eyes fall shut and he slowly brings your hand away.
Then... silence.
Seconds pass. Maybe hours and days and years pass, too. Maybe a century passes and you would not know because you still have your eyes closed. And although you cannot see, your other senses are on high-alert. Particularly your ears, which pick up on the hitch of his breath despite the sound of Gumball's wife pushing her chair back.
Tears blur your vision when you can no longer keep your eyes shut. When you open them, you find that Jimin is not looking at you. At least, not directly. His sole attention is on the spot at the tip of your heart where his name is stitched in perfect accordance with the laws of Fate. The letters are not scribbled nor small. They are inscribed with ink more permanent than the one in this shop, and they are more painful than any needle could ever be. And through swirls and lifts, they make up the name of your soulmate.
The soulmate whose lips have parted and who finally manages to raise his eyes towards you.
"I'm sorry," you whisper, before he can say anything, because that's exactly what you are. Sorry that things turned out this way. Sorry that he had to see this. Sorry that Fate stole his choice from him. Sorry that you can't turn back time beg Fate not to do this to him.
Jimin looks at Gumball. "You're right," he says, "she doesn't want the tattoo. I'm sorry. We'll get going."
He doesn't wait for the man to answer nor does he wait for you to say anything else after your apology. All he does is step away from the chair and waits for you to follow after him like a puppy. When you're back out on the street, he is a silent grey cloud until you both reach the car and he turns on his heel to plant you with a steel gaze.
"When were you planning on telling me?"
Wind blows past, and you shiver, gulping down a sour taste in your mouth. "It doesn't matter."
"So you weren't planning on telling me at all then?"
"It doesn't matter, Jimin," you spit out, hating the way his name sounds so foreign all of a sudden. His chest rises and falls and even under his coat, you can read his anger like it's on the big screen. "Besides, it may not even be you, so—“
"My name is on your fucking heart, YN," he growls, "and you... you were just never going to tell me?"
In that moment, your desire to understand his anger vanishes. He might be the man you love, but he is also the only man who has ever broken your heart, and fuck him. Fuck him to infinity for that. Fuck him for not knowing how deeply he's hurt you.
"It's not you," you grind out through gritted teeth. "You got the surgery, remember? There would be a jagged line on my heart if you had erased me."
His eyes are wide and round, as if recalling something important. "They told me the surgery doesn't work sometimes... if your soulmate was in love with you even before the operation." He stares at you. "Are you—"
"No." The adamant nature of your voice is a surprise even to you. "No, I wasn't. And I'm not. It's not you. Stop being so narcissistic."
He seems to sober up quickly, and levels you with another glare. "If it's not me then why did you care so much if I saw your heart?"
"Because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea."
"Right. Because having my damn name on your heart isn't giving me the wrong idea."
"Excuse me?! You think I asked for this?! I'm not fucking Fate!"
He takes a step closer to you. "Are you sure it's not me?" His eyes are so intense, you almost give in.
But you don't, in the end.
"No. I promise it's not you. You're not my soulmate, Jimin, and I'm not yours."
. . .
After that day, you don't hear from Jimin again.
One day turns into two then two turns into three and eventually, it's been a week since the last time you heard from him. Typical, you suppose. The man has never been very good with deciding what he wants or figuring out what's going on. He is intelligent, you will give him that, but he is also a man who pushes himself away from life on occasion when things don't make any sense.
And you can't lie and say you aren't in the same boat. Because you are. And because no matter which way you think about it, separating yourself from Jimin seems to be the only plausible answer after everything. Maybe he knows this, too, and he has decided to accelerate the process.
As you turn the handle, the pressure of the faucet dwindles until there is no water left to give. The aroma of the room is fresh and pleasant, thanks in part to your favourite body wash and the perfume you keep your bathroom soaked in. A shower after work is exactly what you need to pull yourself together. Between meetings and assignments, you have lost nearly all desire to go on.
The tune of Taylor Swift's 'State of Grace' phases into nothing as the lyrics fall and splatter to the ground, joining the water rushing down the drain. 'These are the hands of fate... you're my Achilles' heel... this is the golden age of something good and right and real...'
The lyrics stick to you and warm you as you wrap a a towel around yourself and step out of the bathroom. Ropes of steam rush out alongside you, and you smile to yourself. Although the air outside is cooler, you feel completely refreshed. And everything is perfect, until the fog clears and you notice a man coming towards you.
"What the—“
"You're such a liar," he growls, sounding more animal than human as he takes giant steps forward. He leaves no space between the two of you as you stand there in the hallway with his dark eyes and piercing gaze. "Do you enjoy seeing me suffer, YN?"
"Jimin, what are you—?"
“I went to the hospital," he goes on, ignoring you, “and found out that they keep a record of names for those who undergo surgery. Apparently, this sort of thing happens a lot."
"What sort of thing...?"
"Regret. Remorse. Despair. Guilt for having thrown happiness away before you truly had it."
Fresh pain grips you by the throat. "What are you talking about?"
"They gave me your name," he replies, quieter as the anger dissipates. His eyes gloss over with moisture. A pang in your heart readies itself for battle. "Why did you lie to me, YN? You're my soulmate and you just—“
Despite your previous willpower, you cannot find it in yourself to hold back your tears this time. They come and they come freely, and they fall and fall as he watches you. "You said that you didn't want Fate to lead your way! That you wanted to make your own path! What was I supposed to say?!"
His ears turn red with heat. "That was before I knew you were my fate!"
"What does that mean?!"
"It means... it means..." He struggles for the words as your breaths hang in the air. Waiting for something. He locks his gaze to yours. "If it's you... I don't mind. Even without Fate, you're the only path I want to take."
When you cry this time, it breaks you down. It tears down your walls and your promises to yourself and everything else you mulled over again and again for days. Jimin doesn't hesitate to reach out for you, bringing you into his arms before you can fall to the ground completely.
He lifts your chin, lets his fingers be coated with your tears, and says, "How could I not want you?" And it's the last thing he says because the next thing you know, his lips are on yours and he is giving you the kiss you have spent all your life longing for.
It starts off slow, a gentle caress of lips on lips, as he holds you to him. His fingers are on your skin and they feel holy. Like they were made to touch you and only you. And to give you all the feelings you dreamed about.
Gradually, the kiss deepens and Jimin slips his tongue in. It causes a moan to bubble up from the back of your throat, and he smiles as it comes, pecking your lips then snaking an arm around your waist to hold you tight. The curves of your body, separated only by a towel, mold to his body, and if you weren't already wet from the first kiss, the way he maneuvers his hand in your hair and tilts your head back is enough to do it.
Without breaking the kiss, he reaches down to carry you. When you giggle, the kiss does break and he grins at you from above. His cheeks are rosy and you palm them with love overflowing your senses.
"I love you," he confesses, even though such a truth didn't need to be stated. The love is in the air. And after all, you are soulmates. He leans in to kiss you again. The perfect kiss to drive you just a little insane. "Tomorrow, I'm having the surgery reversed."
"You don't have to—"
"My heart has always belonged to you, YN," he says, confident and certain, "I didn't need Fate to tell me that. But I won't let you walk around on this Earth without seeing your name on my heart. I'm your soulmate, and you're mine."
Smiling, you nod and stretch your head out so your lips can press a soft kiss on his heart. "I love you, Jimin."
. . .
A soulmate who is not only your best friend, but also a generous lover, proves to be heaven and hell simultaneously. Heaven because he knows all the right ways to touch you and help you come undone and whisper sweet nothings in your ear to make you blush. Hell because he never tires from touching you, even when you insist you are more than sated.
"I have twenty-seven years of love to make up for," he says, head between your legs as he licks your essense off his lips. His eyes are sweet but they are wicked. Just the way you love him. "And you taste so perfect."
Moans bounce the walls of the bedroom for hours and hours more then, and you are thrown back into heaven.
When night finally bleeds into dusk, and the sun starts to peek out for a new day, Jimin finally learns rest as he lays in bed beside you, intertwining your hands with his and kisses the back of them. He has a twinkle in his eye.
"You know what this means, right?"
He leans in to give you an Eskimo kiss. "It means I get to marry you after all."
"When we're older, I'm going to marry you."
You look at the nine-year-old boy with glasses which match your own and a heart bigger than the soccer field you are both standing on. "No way! I'm going to marry my soulmate!"
"But I want to marry you!" He exclaims, almost stomping his foot. "We're best friends!"
"I'm only marrying my soulmate!" And with that, you kick the ball far away and race after it.
Jimin watches you with crossed arms, a little angry and a little confused, and with his little heart making a wish to be with you all his life.
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1uvtae · 25 days ago
what do you do when you have just been cheated on? | kim taehyung
Tumblr media
♡ word count: 17k (yes it may be less than 20k but this! it's intense!)
♡ genre: hard smut& fluff!! & crack & some angry angst towards the end (...also very protected sex! stay safe friends!) taehyung is a sweetheart inside a fuckboy's body and y/n is quite immature for getting back on her cheating boyfriend with taehyung but,,,,girl gotta do what she gotta do!
- kae's little 'moral of the story' tip: just don't cheat on your s/o. unless it's kim taehyung. /j
♡ summary/snippet: what do you do when you have found out that your long-term boyfriend has been cheating on you? well, contacting his (may i mention, very, very hot) best friend tae is definitely an option.
♡ kae chit chats: happy taetae day! i was actually on the way of posting another lengthy fic that i had started writing a month or two ago but i think that might not be the best option because i have sadly not edited that fic to the point where i think it is suitable to be posted...so here we are with this fic! i don't know where my inspiration for this fic came from because no i have literally no experience in almost any of the events that have happened here (except for eating ramen probably) but the thought of it popped right in when i opened a new doc so here we are..! enjoy this very much and i hope you guys are weirdly satisfied with this ending because this fic was definitely a rollercoaster in my opinion...lastly, so much love for my supporters (you guys hee hee) and happy birthday to the best boy in the world, taehyung. - kae
do you want to give me some feedback? request something fun? chit chat with me?!
kae's recommendation of songs to listen to when you are reading!! (psst, i have immaculate taste btw.)
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ENTER- (trigger warnings: mentions of cheating and emotional manipulative side character with a hint of moral coercion, semi-violence towards the end & stalking behavior, very intense conversations, and mentions of one small injury and alcohol use but a happy ending !)
what do you do when your boyfriend just cheated on you?
when you found out that your boyfriend cheated on you that day, you decided to contact your boyfriend’s best friend.
before that day, you had only met taehyung one or two times, in fact, you didn't even know his name, only hearing the nickname ‘tae’ being called out by your boyfriend a few times. you did not even have any source of contact with him except the silent and dead group chat your boyfriend has once added you to.
you go through the list of members and find him at the bottom of the list. a profile picture of a pretty and slender hand holding up the fluffy face of a black and tan pomeranian. his username was simple and casual: thv. you supposed this must be the ‘tae’ you’re searching for since you knew everyone else's names.
the account was private and you requested. he did not accept the request until late in the afternoon, followed by a bold question mark in your message requests.
y/n: busy?
thv: not really
thv: whats up
the thought that he probably does not remember who you are hits you, considering your profile picture also doesn’t include your face. and of course, the many years you have been dating your boyfriend, he barely took you out to hang out with his friends, none of his friends would remember you anyways. you hesitate to reply but end up typing a word and sending it anyway.
y/n: well
thv: if youre asking to hook up, im afraid im not the suitable person to be sleeping with my friends girlfriend :)
a splash of awkwardness enters the chat, followed by your surprise that he still remembers you.
y/n: i wanna get back at him for cheating
thv: :0
the emoji he sent over seemed to know too much, you can’t help but think to yourself if he knew about your boyfriend’s unfaithfulness all along.
and that makes you feel very uncomfortable.
you decided to not reply, locking your screen and you lie back on your couch, switching to take a tired and quick nap. right when you are starting to enter the comforts of dreamland, you were startled by a notification. you struggle to grab the phone on the coffee table, unlocking it, you stare at the blue text and freeze.
thv: come over then
before you could text back a question mark or anything, he had already sent his location over.
the anger you were supposed to feel hours ago when you had just found out that your boyfriend had cheated on you came in right this second. when you had finally realized that you, y/n y/l/n, had been cheated on.
and that gives you more motivation to head over to tae’s house. you were going to get that cheating bastard back, be sleeping with his best friend. you barely felt embarrassed about going to tae’s house now. it was something consented to and with a purpose.
you stand up to go shower, pick an outfit, do your makeup so perfectly that you even brought out the expensive lipstick you only use on special occasions (like this one). you called an uber and headed right over to the location he had sent you an hour ago.
when you find yourself sitting on the black leather seats of the car, you feel hunger growling in your stomach, then you recall that you have not eaten anything today due to the load of information you have consumed last night that made you lose all your appetite.
he lived pretty far away, an expensive area almost out of your city, full of luxurious and lavish shopping areas and too much lighting at night time on the noisy streets. when you thank the driver and walk out of the uber, you notice the ramen store in front of you, you immediately rush in.
before ordering, you text him. “have you eaten? i’m at a ramen store, do you want some takeaway?”
thv: bro?
thv: my pants are already off wdym if i want ramen
you snort at the text, then catch yourself.
thv: anyways
thv: extra pork slices and no spring onions thank u <3
y/n: …..
one plastic bag in each hand, you walk into the neighborhood while trying to calculate the large prices of each car driving by. (as if you knew anything about cars, you cannot even tell the difference between two brands of cars.) you take your phone out once again to skim the address he had sent you, after strolling around with no result, you receive another text.
thv: hello. where is my ramen order?
you roll your eyes. does he think you’re uber eats?!
y/n: i think im lost =.=
thv: where r u rn
y/n: 13A
thv: turn around, walk straight until you find 9A then turn right
thv: im standing outside
with the text, you find him outside his house in less than a few minutes. you pause in your tracks and question yourself if that is actually him.
the past times you have seen him was always at clubs, the lighting dark and mysterious, smoke travelling everywhere, he always wore a white or black button-up, surrounded by different women, not to mention the thoughts you were brainwashed by your boyfriend, always telling you he’s a fuckboy and extremely flirty with anyone. your conclusion of him was a complete asshole with nothing but a pretty face and money.
but this was different. maybe because it’s at his house instead of clubs. or it’s because you have come to the conclusion that your boyfriend is a liar himself and everything that comes out of his toilet hole of a mouth is made up or exaggerated.
he’s wearing a grey oversized hoodie with causal sweats, too boyish to consider he was the person you’ve seen once or twice at the bars.
the second he sees you, he breaks into a small smirk.
you want to scream.
the thought that “i am going to hand him the ramen and leave” has completely left your mind. you knew he was pretty handsome before, but that wasn’t the handsome you were interested in. this long and fluffy dark hair, square-jawed, semi-tan skin with simple silver hoops piercings is your type of handsome.
you walk to him and smile back.
he reaches his hands out to grab the plastic bags from your hands, your hands brushing slightly.
he inspected the ramen in his hands and knitted his brows in concern. “you’re quite slow, the noodles are cold.”
you resist pouring the noodles on his face at his annoyingly funny gesture of criticizing the noodles. you follow him into his house thinking that the next actions will probably be the awkwardest moments you will ever encounter. but he didn’t pause to say something or do anything, he walked straight to his kitchen to get the noodles ready, taking chopsticks and bowls out while kindly asking you if you wanted to try some of the kimchi soup he had just finished making.
you close your eyes and convince yourself many times. you are here to hook up. you are only here to hook up. just have dinner and sex, then you are going to leave.
the soup was so good though.
before you finished eating he went to answer a call. you finished with your food and walked to the sink to start cleaning the utensils while thinking about all the moments that have happened in the past day or so, then you feel a hand take the bowl from you and put it back into the sink. you jump in surprisement. he shut off the running tap, “just leave it there. i’ll clean it up later.”
his voice was so deep it’s haunting. the distance between you two was close but safe. a good distance for friends to maintain. but the fact is: you two aren’t even friends.
you dry your hands and turn to look back at him, he opens his mouth to speak. “i have something to do, gotta go.” you pause. what? so you’re not gonna do anything?
he continued: “there’s barely any taxis here, i’ll send you home.”
you couldn’t help but stress the fact that: “but you told me to come over.” he nodded in agreement, showing understanding, tilting his head (cutely), he tried to negotiate: “so….how about…you stay here and wait for me? i’ll come back.” you understood that you’re gonna be a bother no matter what and this was just not going to happen.
“nah, it’s fine. i’ll call an uber.” you smile back and head to grab your tote bag off the couch.
before you could take a step, you feel a warm hand reach for your arm. the excitement rushed to your head. he tugged you slightly and you were back to where you were, in front of the sink, his eyes stared you down slowly and carefully. you didn’t try to struggle or anything, just completely mesmerized by his dark pupils.
“kitchen, living room, or the bedroom?”
he smiled and nodded.
hand in hand, he walked upstairs with you and into the bedroom.
your eyes traveled from the colored lights to the wines on the bedside table, then to the rose decorations, maybe this was not a good idea. the thought that the bed probably had been rolled with other people concerns you.
“hey.” you speak and he looked back at you and hummed in response.
“can i return to the previous options?”
he looked confused. “what previous options?”
“the ‘kitchen, living room, or bedroom’ options.”
he chuckled lightly, “too slow.”
then he pushed you onto the bed.
the bed, very soft. him, the opposite. he got on top gently and slowly started taking each piece of his clothing off, while still maintaining eye contact between you two. hoodie, tshirt, sweats, all the way down.
then it’s your turn. one of his large hands caressed from your face to your neck and the other traveled with every minute from one button to another on your white button-up dress. popping each of them with such care. the moment lasted long. so long that it made you question if you actually should’ve just worn a shirt and shorts instead. when he removed the dress, what was under was revealed to him. he looked from up and down with his pretty eyes, and backed up at your eyes. this time, there was a fire burning in his eyes.
under the dress, you wore a laced-up sheer slip-in dress. and nothing else. the handsome smirk found his face for the millionth time today. “only wearing that?”
his hand had found your abdomen and you felt your skin burning from head to toe at the touch of his soft and gentle palms, and it was going to burn this dress if he didn't take it off right now. at last, he found the way to your chest. his long and slender fingers drawing random shapes on your skin through the loose fabric, causing a ticklish and tingle right to your head. your hand found his and you held it tightly, squeezing it before trying to form proper words with your breath. “no more playing, please.”
he raises an eyebrow at you and grabs your hand so fast that now it’s the opposite way around, his hand now squeezing yours, he leads your hand slowly from his knees up, your eyes focused on the hands that are intertwined and slowly traveling up his thighs, and then he stops before it reaches the final stop before muttering with his deep and playful voice, “how can something like this be quick? hm?” you look back up. “only sex toys don’t play and gets straight to the point. what can i say? i like to play with my food.”
you can’t spit any words out. he slowly hovers over you and his fingers proceed into the rim of the dress, making their way slowly and steadily up. your breath becomes harder to breathe in and out as if he has sucked all the oxygen there is in the room. then his fingers find their way there to your core, and his teeth also find their way to your neck. his head tucks itself in the crook of your neck and kisses it gently before trying to bite a small part of your skin, you try to move away. but it resulted to leave a mark there that is way too obvious.
he didn’t seem to notice you moving away, pulling down the band of your dress and continuing to kiss your body downwards, his hands never stopped. a hand of his reaches into the bedside table drawer and pulls out the obvious sealed item. one hand on your abdomen again, he pushed in. although there was a lot of playing beforehand, the pain was still there. you hear his groan right in your ear and you turn to look straight at him, his eyes were filled with a fog of lust and the handsome face of pleasure was definitely something you could get used to.
he stops when he’s all the way in, not forgetting to remind you: “relax.”
you respond with a hint of brattiness. “i’m very relaxed…..thank you very much.” he chuckles darkly and the vibration from his chest goes straight into you, you contain yourself to make a noise. his hand lifts your chin up and his thumb brushes your bottom lip gently, rubbing it with such care. “if it’s uncomfortable, tell me right away. if it feels good……..you also have to give me some feedback, okay?”
feedback? how?
before you could ask the question out, he started moving inside you again, more violently and more aggressively. without any guard against it, you couldn’t help but to make sounds. soft noises, loud noises, all from the intimate touch under the shards of moonlight. you hear his chuckle between the hits.
“see? you’re giving me feedback.”
his chest hits yours and you feel how heavy he feels against but how good this feels to you. you use your hands to circle around his neck. the bed feels emotional, as if this was a test tube experiment in science class, going to explode any second.
you don’t know how to describe this feeling. like everything inside you had been removed and toggled around and placed back into you. was it pleasure? yes. was it love? was it something right? you don’t know. but all you can feel is his touch. all you can see is him under the pink lighting. and all you can hear was your voice, his breath, and the sound of thumping and connecting that makes people’s faces blush.
you both ended under the darkness. you leaned against him and felt it impossible to move around anymore. you mumble with a sleepy voice, “there’s no one at your house, right?” “that’s a bit too late to ask that, don’t you think?”
right. you’ll shut up now.
you fell asleep easily.
when you wake up, you don’t even know what time it is. the ceiling was still pink and the night was still dark and cold, this felt like a dreamland but in reality. you find himself next to you, his back towards you, and the room was filled with his light snoring. under the bunch of discarded clothing you hear the vibration of a phone, the caller was under the name of ‘s.young’, and they have rung him at least 10 times. you realized that this was his phone, you put it down and try to find yours.
the bright screen illuminated your face as you scrolled through the game and social media notifications to find a text message from him telling you that the asshole himself was going to be back home. you two had moved in a year ago and even though you knew he has been cheating for the past day or two, he doesn’t have a single clue.
and you needed real proof and evidence to break up with him or else he would accuse you of not knowing anything. so at this moment, you still had to suffer living with him every day. it was something you were already partly used to, so you were fine about it.
you stand up so quick to put on your clothes. taehyung was woken up by the sound of your bare feet walking on the wooden floor. he raised his head to look at you, still filled with sleepiness. “what time is it?” you look at your dress, trying to figure out which button is supposed to go into the third hole. “2 am something.” he lies back in bed and shuts his eyes to go back to sleep before speaking again. “leaving so late?” you didn’t respond, struggling to pop all your buttons in.
when you arrived back home you were met with the familiar pair of shoes, of course, he is back. you walk past him that’s almost falling asleep on the couch, he turns on the light and looks at you before asking. “where did you go?”
you answer coldly. “friend’s birthday party.” then you grabbed your pyjamas and headed to the bathroom without waiting for any reaction from him. you spend 5 minutes in front of the mirror, observing your body. you could not see anything when you are clothed, obviously, but when you take everything off, it is a complete mess. marks on your chest, legs, fingermarks on your waist, and the obvious. there was a red and every indented bite mark on your left breast. vibrant and deep.
you were sure that anyone who knew tae would definitely know who has created this mark. it was like a logo, a stamp. after showering and cleaning yourself from everything, you walked into your bedroom without sparing him a glance. sitting comfortably, you find a text being sent to you half an hour ago from your ‘one-night stand’.
thv: i think……i might’ve bit you.
y/n: yes. you did.
thv: whoops
while you were changing his contact name he sent another message over.
tae: r u home
y/n: mhm
tae: rest well
tae: good night.
you didn’t answer, instead, you deleted the entire chat.
this was nothing but something you wanted to get back at a cheating dick. it’s a perfect ending this way. nothing more, nothing less.
he never contacted you afterward, and you never went to disturb him like the first time, you were busy trying to figure out what would be a suitable way to break up with your boyfriend.
and then that happened. you feel your boyfriend leave in the middle of the night like every other time. you hold your breath until you hear the door shut and his key locking it from the outside. you wait for a good half an hour and search for the contact that has been discarded.
y/n: are you with them?
he answered right away as if he knew you were going to text him after two calm weeks.
tae: yeah….
tae: my room is next to their room
and that was all you needed to be assured that tae knew this all along. he knew everything. you knew it too and you don’t blame him. your boyfriend and that girl had gone out many times and you never really knew how to approach and handle that fact. but this time, you’re sure your one-night stand can help. he sent a location right away, but this time it’s for different purposes, obviously since you two are obviously not planning to hook up.
you found your way to the hotel in half an hour and texted him for which specific room he’s at. he sent over two rooms, one is his and the other, well, theirs. (you stare at the two consecutive numbers and debate on whether you wanted to head for the left and catch them in the act or head to the right and make it a two-night-stand.)
you are now looking at the two rooms in front of you and hear a sharp ‘ding!’ and the door slides open slowly to reveal a familiar person looking down at his phone, he raises his head and meets eyes with you. you didn’t know what emotion or mood you should use to face him, so you just stood there and he smiled lightly.
“oh! i thought you were also gonna be lost this time…so i headed down to wait for you.”
you feel your cheeks go pink at the kind gesture. “well, yeah, thank you.”
you two walked shoulder to shoulder to his room and you watched him ring the doorbell. that’s weird. isn’t this his room? the door opens to reveal another woman, she leans on the doorframe and starts to complain, “taehyung that took you a long time just to buy some beer-” her eyes meet yours as he grabs your wrist and pulls you in with him. “oh mr kim! is this perhaps some three-person game we can play…?” she speaks in a joking tone.
your mind is zooming from how you found it funny how he used buying beer as an excuse to wait for you and how you have just found out his name is kim taehyung. he smirks and shakes his head in response. “definitely not. ick.” he takes a car key and throws it at her before telling her to leave. she smiles knowingly and shuts the door. the atmosphere has returned to awkwardness for you. not him, obviously. he does things normally, turns on the tv, takes off his jacket, and casually asks you if you ate dinner.
“yeah, i ate.”
“oh, i thought you were going to take away some ramen for me again.” he pretends to be disappointed, pouting like a little child and you answer in a small but still audible voice that the reason why you bought him food was that you wanted to fuck him, and today, well, that’s not the case today.
“okay then, i get it. i’m only worth one bowl of ramen.” he then fakes to sulk and you roll your eyes. “then what are you going here if you don’t wanna fuck me?” he emphasizes on the ‘don’t’ and you ignore his annoyingness. “jokes aside…if you wanna catch them in the act…” he gets comfortable on the bed and looks at his watch. “im afraid it’s not the time yet.”
“how long have they been together? like this whole cheating thing.”
he shrugs. “i think you have to ask your boyfriend that.”
he pats the empty spot next to him and tells you to come to sit here.
you feel like two dumbasses sitting on the bed together as if there aren’t three couches next to the both of you, but the bed is comfy and cleaner than the last time you two were on a bed. so who cares.
you lay down and look at the white ceiling, and you see him also lay next to you but looking at you. you were scared to look at him so you kept your eyes focused on the ceiling above speaking, but more as if it was to the ceiling than him. “i feel like i cockblocked you.” he hums lightly and stares at you with amusement. “not really, i still have you if i need that..”
you want to muffle him with a pillow sometimes.
then you hear his chuckles again randomly, causing you to turn curiously towards him. his eyes are squinting in laughter and you felt a sudden attraction towards his boxy smile.
he explains, “you know, that night after you left, i slept for hours and hours. i haven’t slept so deep and long in so long, y/n.” this was the first time you have heard your name come out of his mouth, and you loved how it sounded with his voice. you don’t mind him calling your name every second if you can be here to hear it.
“i bet you slept that long cos you’re old and crusty and i'm too energetic for you.” you joked and the two of you fell back into bursts of giggles and chuckles. “you’re too confident. i didn’t expect you to leave in the middle of the night, i also left some energy for the morning activities too.”
“........shut up.” and he did what you said.
in the silence, you hear the notification sound from your phone. it was your boyfriend responding to the text you sent that was ‘casually’ asking where he is and why he slipped out in the middle of the night.
son of a bitch: i’m drinking with my friends…they dragged me out.
son of a bitch: go to sleep babe don’t you have work tomorrow?
you raise an eyebrow as you type back, taehyung watching your actions next to you.
y/n: you have so many friends, which one?
he did not even hesitate to respond with of course: tae. yk? you’ve seen him a few times.
you let out a dry laugh and turn to look at taehyung, him also looking back at you. when your eye’s meet, he smirks and sits up. “i’m gonna go shower, wait for me.”
you didn’t even think much of it that second, responding with an ‘okay’ and not even thinking why he had to tell you that and why did he ask you to wait for him and why did you even agree to wait for him. his hand patted your head lightly and you heard him mutter a “good.” and walk towards the bathroom. your eyes followed his back and all the way to the glass door shuts, your eyes were still fixed on the glass door.
you look down as you come to the realization that the glass bathroom door perfectly shows you what’s inside with a light blur, but still easy to make out the figure inside. (although you have already seen everything, it’s still very intimidating.) you unlock your phone and start typing again.
y/n: watch out, tae might be a bad influence
son of a bitch: haha you worry too much, he’s a great dude
son of a bitch: go to sleep babe
son of a bitch: be good
you cringe at the last text, being called ‘good’ by these two different men makes a perfect contrast now, and you realize how weird your boyfriend is. the thought that he can just lie to you like that and if you aren’t with taehyung right now or did not know anything about him cheating, you would’ve believed him easily. and that disgusts you.
taehyung comes out of the shower quickly and you watch him walk to the empty side of the bed and sit comfortably as he starts drying his damp hair with a towel. “hey, can you pass me my phone?” you look to your side and grab the phone and hand it to him without looking at him, still focused on whatever TikTok video you were watching. when you passed the phone over, he didn’t reach for the phone, instead, his hand found your wrist.
you look up and find him still drying his hair, the towel covering his face, so you don’t know if the interaction was a pure accident or on purpose, but you don’t care at this point. you pull away from his grasp and plop the phone in his palms.
this was getting boring, not knowing when was the right time. you sat up and decided to walk around the room out of boredom. right when you were going to open the door and check outside, you heard a trail of loud laughter. freezing, you turn to look at him. taehyung pulls the towel off his head and comments casually. “as you can tell, the hotel’s not that soundproof.”
not that soundproof? this hotel just isn’t soundproof at all. might as well knock these fucking useless walls down at this point. (actually, don’t. you kind of need them there right this second.”
you can hear everything clearly and loudly. from the spring of the bed to the harsh and unpretty words, to the giggles and obvious moans of pleasure. everything came through the walls as thin as paper. you feel a ball of anger rush out, you rush to storm out the door, right when you reached the handle, his hand stopped you.
“you have to let me go. i'm gonna burn the two of them down!”
taehyung speaks with a big smile, “hm. as if that will do something.”
his words felt like a splash of water that just put out the rage of fire you were feeling.
the voices from next door still went on, but they didn’t seem to make you as mad as they did before, in fact, you find it quite entertainingly funny. you can’t help but wonder their reactions if you rushed in. the sounds and moans the girl was making were indeed……sexy. you could tell why he would go for someone like her.
taehyung stays standing in front of you, his hand still wrapped around your wrist, “you smell nice. you always did, you know?” you were taken out of your thoughts when you heard the sudden compliment. “last time when you slept over, the entire room smelled nice afterward.”
the words bring you back to that night. the confused and complicated afternoon with a hint of flirtatiousness. every scene was pierced into your brain and you couldn’t get yourself to move back when he started coming closer. his hand felt warm and hot like that night, making your face also heat up.
the next second, you were pulled to the soft and comfy bed. he pressed you against the bed as he moved closer to you, his face nudged against your neck, he spoke against your soft neck. “hmm..yeah, you smell really good.” you gently push him away. “taehyung…….”
he interrupts, “it’s tae.”
you clear your throat. “tae.”
he smiles boyishly at the mention of his nickname, looking too cute to be pressed against your burning body right now.
“mhm. i’m listening, jagi.”
you stare in his eyes for a slight second before moving your glance away when you come to the conclusion that whenever you look straight into his eyes, he’s going to get what he wants with those doe eyes. “i don’t wanna…….” your voice trails off.
“i…i don’t plan on having sex with you again. the previous time was an act of revenge for that dick. if we do it again…it will get out of control.” you make serious eye contact with him, trying to hope this will convince him.
you deeply want this. you know he wants this, and you’re sure if he went one more step further, you would’ve let him anyway. you found this wrong, but it didn’t mean you couldn’t do wrong things sometimes right….? maybe you should’ve just let this happen again. and again.
your glance of seriousness immediately turns to a defeat and a regretful mood, oh god if you wished you could unsend words like texts on a digital screen. because you want to do this right now.
he raises an eyebrow to look at you, who are currently locked lying on the bed, and he can definitely tell by your eyes that you also want this now. he slowly guides a finger up to your core as he searches on your face for a sign of approval.
‘if he doesn’t get a sign of approval in 3 seconds he will stop.’
his burning fingers send a tingly sensation from your legs to your head, you shut your eyes tightly and try to keep your breathing normally.
taehyung stops right in front where you need it the most, his eyes never left your face.
you nod.
after the nod, he did not give you another second to hesitate, the fingers entered and you were invaded once again. his memory seemed so good, although you two slept once, he had already seemed to remember all your sensitive spots and has created a perfect guide to enter and reach every single of those points.
your mind slowly fogs up and the fog is completely cleared in a second when he enters your flower field of a body again. you were expecting more foreplay, considering he had given you a good hour of foreplay that night. when he enters, your hands reach for the closest thing to grab and hold onto - his arm. you squeeze it tightly and hum in response.
his mouth finds your earlobe and bites it gently before whispering with his hot breath. “ah…..sorry…..it’s been a while….”
you pause to think about what you wanted to say without sounding too salty. “how long is ‘a while’? i bet you had sex like a day ago.”
he doesn’t move and thinks as if he was solving a question. “after that time, i left the country for a trip to Hawaii.”
you couldn’t help a slight hint of jealousy as if you were the suitable person to feel jealous.
“oh. i bet there were so many pretty girls there.”
he makes strong and intense eye contact with you once again. “not as pretty as you.”
that second, you actually felt your heartbeat speed up.
but there was an unspoken rule you were used to: anything men say before, during, right after sex should not be believed.
back to the main topic….he is very expressive with his hands. he squeezes you gently to get your attention back onto him, although your attention had ever left him. “hey, did you forget what i said?”
your brain goes blank. “what?”
he looked slightly disappointed, rocked his body at you, teeth-gritting at the intimate touch. “feedback, jagi.”
you contain yourself from actually making some noise. “there’s feedback next door. listen to that.” he cracked up: “come on, i’m not listening to random moaning clips on youtube. also, your voice is so much prettier than hers.”
although this was not something to be proud of, you couldn’t help but feel good about his comment: “are you being serious?” he bites down harder on your shoulder before responding. “of course.” although the effect of his touches completely sweeps you off your feet, you still tried your hardest to not make a single noise.
“hey hey hey, am i really that shitty that you won’t even moan? or are you scared he’s going to hear it and find out?” the eyes he gave you were a teasing glance that you’ve never seen from him before, and you gotta admit it, it’s making you feel more than something.
you shake your head. “he won’t recognize it.”
“you’re his girlfriend, what do you mean? your voice is so unique.”
“i never moan when it comes to sex with him.”
he was taken by surprise, and you realized that maybe this was not the suitable topic to be discussing right now when you two are connected to each other. the atmosphere has shifted and definitely way weirder than before, you felt a slight pain when he moved his hand away from your chest. “fuck, sorry. i should’ve just said nothing.” you speak moments after.
he shakes his head, eyes looking down. you start to speak again. “i can just leave, you know-” he suddenly pushes your shoulder down with great force, and brings his face back to the familiar place, biting on the exact piece of flesh as he did last time. “what the fuck- ow!”
“taehyung you bitch!” you look down to observe the deep bite mark.
“shh jagi. they can hear us next door.”
you huff. he could’ve at least switched to the other side!
after the bite, more dirty and filthy words started to pour out of his mouth and drown your entire body out with each syllable. you felt completely under his control and not going to lie, you loved this feeling. his mouth began to make marks everywhere like last time, and you can still feel the pain from your left breast. “god- tae. stop fucking biting me.”
his voice sounded too innocent to be forming the dirty words: “you don’t let me kiss you…so i gotta keep my mouth occupied.”
“fuck you, my head is going to…hit the headboard.”
he laughs as he brings an arm to protect your head from the wooden board. “i’ve never fucked someone until they get angry.”
hours passed and you two are still lying comfortably on the bed. “oi. bathroom.” you nudged him and he lifted the arm that was embracing you. you pick up the pile of your clothes and walk into the bathroom.
you walked out clothed and he checked you out, after seeing that you were probably going to head out soon, he seemed a little disappointed. “come here.”
you bend down to take your phone off the floor, “i'm gonna go home.”
he sits up: “your boyfriend texted me, do you wanna see it?”
you turn to him with curiosity,
he smiled “he heard us….do you wanna see what his reaction was?”
of course you wanted to. you walk slowly towards the bed and smile sheepishly “so….can i see?”
he pats the spot next to him and lifts the covers, signalling for you to get in.
you hesitated.
“you don’t have to get in. or can i have a smoochy smooch?!!” you shudder at the disgusting nickname and make a face before making your way to get in the bed.
“hey. that’s rude! i swear i don’t stink or anything.” you giggle and lean back into his arms once again and take the phone he handed to you. your boyfriend started the conversation first: “oh shit you’re finally done. taehyung replied casually with a “you heard us?” “no shit. your girl seemed so fun.” after reading the three sentences, you felt so utterly uncomfortable that your boyfriend could just throw out these adjectives to describe you as a toy, so you returned the phone.
taehyung didn’t take the phone back: “continue.”
there’s more?
you scroll down.
taehyung: you guys were also very loud.
your boyfriend denied it with a long sentence explaining how his partner was only faking the sounds and taehyung had a ‘real girl’.
you felt as if you wanted to vomit. then you read the last two texts and completely freeze.
“if my girlfriend was half as enthusiastic as your girl was tonight. i would be so fucking loyal.”
taehyung: lol.
you hand over the phone in silence. taehyung locks the phone and looks towards you. “so….are you gonna go over?”
“no, changed plans.” you answer calmly.
“you’re not going to…..break up with him?”
“i want to see how long he can play this fucking act for.”
you hopped down the bed and this time he didn’t stop you from leaving. but when you had found your way in front of the door, you heard him call your name for the second time tonight. you turn your head to look at him. “it’s my birthday on the 30th…do you wanna come over?” it was definitely a weird offer from him but you didn’t think much, knowing that you will not be welcomed if you went. you didn’t have a purpose there, cockblock your boyfriend with his lover and try to explain afterward the complicated relationship between you and taehyung without giving out the fact that you two had sex? that’s too tiring for you. you declined and he nodded, sliding down into the covers and scrolling on his phone when you left.
you knew your boyfriend wouldn’t mention a single word about taehyung’s birthday. it’s fine, you didn’t want to go anyways. but on the 29th, the bastard knocked on your bedroom door. “are you close with tae?”
hearing the name being mentioned, you feel a thump in your chest. “what?”
he told you to go check the group chat. you find the group chat that has been covered by messages.
taehyung: birthday on the 30th
taehyung: bring your friends family idk
taehyung: i can't cook for shit so we going to the club to eat
then a bunch of useless and random messages flooded the group chat.
then you find a message mentioning you.
taehyung: @y/n are you coming?
you have not talked in the group chat in ages and the mention of you is shocking. knowing that you probably cannot hide in the group chat for any longer, you were forced to respond. “yeah i'll go with him.” mentioning your boyfriend (unfortunately). your boyfriend looks up from the text and smiles at you. “hm. that’s cute of you, babe.” and he comes closer to you, putting his hands on you. you could not help but think about the uncomfortable moments you have shared with him and turn away in decline. “sleep early. goodnight.” he was used to you denying most of the contact between you two, he left you alone, and soonly fell asleep.
you feel the vibration from the phone on your chest, and in the darkness, you unlock and tap on the notification badge.
taehyung: no need for presents <3
you find a smile creeping onto your face at the playful text.
y/n: who said i wanted to give you a present anyway
taehyung: give me u? ;)
your fingers stop typing when you read the message.
taehyung: actually
taehyung: i would love a kiss
he’s such a flirt it’s hard to handle it. also, you two are just friends with benefits, why is he so desperate for a kiss. in fact, you two are barely even considered friends, nor with benefits.
taehyung: rest well, see you on the 30th.
you smile at the text.
the day of his birthday, your boyfriend picks you up from work to head to taehyung’s birthday party. the car ride was silent and very, very awkward. you didn’t want to say anything and he didn’t seem like he wanted to communicate with anyone.
when you two arrived at the booked club, you met eyes with the supposed girl that your boyfriend has been spending his time with every day. she seemed to be making a phone call, or just blatantly waiting for your boyfriend to arrive. they made a good second long eye contact, and you walked past and into the restaurant. the girl following you two as if she has just ‘finished’ her call at the same time you two arrived. if you didn’t know everything, this gesture would’ve looked completely normal. in fact, everything would’ve looked completely normal. (even the fact that she came over nearly every day you were at work and left minutes before you arrived back home, pulling a fake smile to greet you every time you two bumped and you still remained clueless.) now what you think about it, you are such an idiot.
your boyfriend tugs on your hand as you two walk in and greet everyone, just like normal. your eyes search for the familiar face and he is looking straight at you. your boyfriend leads you to taehyung and wishes him a happy birthday, then jokes around with him like normal. “oh, the birthday boy didn’t bring a girl with him today?”
taehyung looks up lazily at him and takes a sip of his coke before checking out your outfit. then opening his mouth to speak. “well, didn’t you bring the girl for me?”
you feel your hands sweat at the scandalous speech that taehyung had just made.
your boyfriend freezes and tightens his grasp on your waist. you resist yourself from shutting your eyes at whatever was going to happen the next second. your boyfriend lets out a light laugh. “hey man, i only have one girl. what would i have if i gave her to you?” taehyung gives him a side glance and uses his chin to point at the girl that was following behind you two, the girl you are way too familiar with.
“what do you mean bro? you still have her.”
you try to not smile at how good this feeling felt. your boyfriend couldn’t get a word out of your mouth and the entire room was silent. it was taehyung who broke the silence once again. he looked back at you from his phone, and switched his glance back onto your boyfriend. “just joking, man, why do you look serious?” you see the girl storm out from the corner of the room. “hey everybody, make space for y/n.” your boyfriend speaks and sits down on an empty scene, observing everyone in the room. you see the girl who you bumped into the other night when you had arrived at the hotel, you see taehyung, of course. a bunch of people smoking on another table. the room was crowded, yet it felt empty at the same time.
just then, your boyfriend’s phone rang. he placed a hand on your shoulder. “i’m going to go answer the call babe.” you knew what he meant by ‘answer the call’, probably just heading out to calm down his other girl. he left and you were left sitting there by yourself, just watching the boys play poker or whatever game that was. the room was filled with loud chatter and you found it quite annoying.
a good 15 minutes went past and you were browsing on your phone as your boyfriend came back, you caught a whiff of an unfamiliar perfume and immediately knew what’s up. feeling empty and the sense of nausea, you excused yourself to the bathroom. the dinner was loud and noisy, at least 25 people were there, eating, drinking, singing karaoke, taehyung was sitting on the leather couch in front of you, a girl practically draped over him, and he looked completely unbothered. you walk into the singular bathroom stall and go through all your social media apps. no messages.
you catch yourself that you are actually waiting for someone to talk to you.
a specific person.
you walk out of the stall and splash your face with cold tap water, calming yourself down.
when you have walked back into the place, you see your boyfriend with the girl, two people completely stuck together, browsing on a phone. heads touching and not knowing that you were getting closer. when he realizes that you have already made your way to the seat next to him, he pushes the girl away and puts an arm over your shoulder.
“i want to leave.” you sit down back on your seat and suggest. it’s already midnight and half of the people had left. “baby, i’ll go with you soon.” you decided to just close your mouth and go back on your phone, knowing that he will not obviously leave with you anytime soon. “tae booked rooms for us too, cos you know, drink driving and all. so we don’t have to go back.” you nod.
“y/n!” you look up when you hear your name being called by the girl who you had bumped into when you visited taehyung in the hotel room (her calling him by his first name and asking why he took so long to buy beer): “come here.” you walk over to her, confused. she holds you by the hand and sits you down. you sat down only to realize that she purposely sat you down between her and taehyung. you look at him for a split second, he sits up a little straighter and opens a can of beer, passing it to you. you pretend nothing went on and took the can, muttering a small ‘thanks.’
“taehyung. pass me the cards.” the friendly girl called to him and you leaned back in your seat, thinking he was going to pass it from the front. but obviously, you’re wrong. you lean back slightly and touch his arm, leaving you a little frightened.
the girl takes the cards from her side and he moves his hand back, but not back to him. he pats your back and caresses the skin lightly. you turn to look at him, he drank a lot today. red tint on his cheeks and a small smile pierced on his lips. the hand moves down and stops on your waist. you move your attention onto your boyfriend, who’s currently doing god-knows-what, obviously clueless to what is happening between you and tae.
you move back to the position you were in before and take the can of beer and take a big sip, washing the feelings down and avoiding the grip he has on your waist. you watch your boyfriend sit closer to you guys, asking what you guys were going to play. and of course, his ‘other girl’ followed. “truth or dare….duh!”
and the game started.
by round 5, you were caught. “truth or dare, y/n?”
you knew what was dare going to be, ‘pose your favorite sex position, chug a coke bottle, deepthroat a banana.’ the usual.
“okay….hm…..how did you fall in love with your boyfriend?”
your boyfriend looked at you, hinting for a good answer, one that he can feel proud about and brag to the boys about.
you ignore it and give your honest answer. “his outfit on the day we went on our first date.”
it was something you never mentioned or said to him because he obviously was taken by surprise. and it was true. that day your boyfriend was wearing a silk button-up with baggy khaki pants, leather shoes, and styled fluffy hair. it was something you would never forget, although it was kind of weird that he never wore anything in that kind of style afterward.
the other person continued asking: “so what kind of outfit was it?!”
“that’s the second question,” you answer and he nods, starting the next round.
after the game, you guys finally returned back to the rooms. and of course, he had to bring up the question. “you liked me because of my outfit?” it wasn’t even in a joking tone, he sounded angry. “well….yeah….at first it was the outfit….then…..”
you didn’t finish the sentence.
then you stopped liking him.
you wished you had the courage to say that out loud. but you didn’t. and he nodded before sitting on the bed with you, obviously wanting to do more that night.
you refused and pulled out a random excuse, telling him you’re on your period and have really bad cramps. he huffs and goes back on his phone, texting someone. a good minute passed and he excused himself to ‘buy some cigarettes downstairs”.
buy some cigarettes?
in a bathrobe?
he shuts the hotel room door and you peek from the key eye that he disappeared into another room in front of yours.
you get out your phone and text taehyung.
y/n: where are you?
taehyung: next to yours
y/n: anyone there?
taehyung: just come over
you change back into the clothing you had on an hour ago and walk over to the room. before even knocking, the door opened. taehyung was also in a white bathrobe, looking down at you: “what does miss y/n want in the middle of the night?”
“spreading the love around the community.” you take out a large branded gift bag and he smiles, offering you to come in the room. he shuts the door behind you and your fingers find their way into his bathrobe. he slowly removes your hand from his chest and clears his throat, reminding you: “there are people here, you’re a bit too eager, miss y/n.”
you turn to find the friendly girl and another boy sitting on the couch, two wine glasses in hand and ‘enjoying the show.’ your face heats up and drops the bag before moving to storm out of the room due to embarrassment. he grabs onto you and tells the two people to leave first.
the girl shakes her head and giggles lightly, “we’re awfully sorry for disturbing you, now, go ‘unwrap’ your present.”
the two people left and your mood also left the room. he chuckles and takes the bag with one and keeps the other hand on your waist. “i’m glad you came.”
you remove his hand from your waist. “it’s your birthday, i had to come.”
“no, not that, i meant i'm glad you came to my room to ‘spread the love around the community.' ” you spack his arm from the reminder that you were probably going to be made fun of that forever.
as if there was even going to be a ‘forever’.
he looks down at the bag curiously. “can i open it?”
“of course.”
the first and only time you went to his house, you were immediately in love with the design and interior of his house, vintage and simple. so you had decided to give him an antique record player because it completely matched his vibe and personality.
“oh shit. i like that. does it work? it is new? how expensive was this thing? the design of this thing is so unique.” he looked as if he quite liked it.
he takes it out of the box and observes it, and carefully back into the packaging, placing it on the couch, he leaned over without any warning. you felt a cold and light peak on your face and by the time he moved away, your face was burning. you bring your hands up to your cheeks and look at him, speechless.
“hey, i said i didn’t want anything but a kiss yesterday.”
“thank you very much, y/n”
again, without any warning, you were pushed onto his bed. “taehyung what the fuck-”
“shh. unboxing my present.” he uses one hand to pin both of your hands up, locking you in place. “also, i forgot to tell you. soo-young said she saw the both of them leave to the bathroom for a good 20 minutes when he was ‘making a call’. you didn’t even need to think who he was indicating with ‘them’. rolling your eyes at the disgusting mention of him, you wrapped your arms around his neck.
he looked at you before asking. “why did you come over tonight?”
“....he left for another room.”
taehyung didn’t understand: “is he not interested in you?”
you shake your head. “i said i was on my period.”
he raised his eyebrow in a teasing manner. “really?”
“what do you think? i'm literally here, in your room. under you.”
you don’t know if it was the alcohol that made the both of you a little more braver tonight or was it the excitement that your boyfriend and everyone else didn’t even matter at this moment.
his lips felt soft and warmer than when they were against your cheek. weird, you two have already slept twice, and yet, kissing seemed more intimate than sex. you avoided eye contact when the two of your lips met. his hand found its way onto your neck, forcing you to look at him. the kiss felt passionate, more than what a friends-with-benefits kiss should feel like.
“you kinda suck at kissing, miss y/n.” taehyung muttered between groans.
your only boyfriend was the one you had right now, so you’ve never known the difference between a kiss and another, but now you do, and you are sure that he will be the reason that you will like kissing.
the moments went on and although he was doing many, other things, creating many, other roadmaps around your body, he never stopped the attack on your lips. you gain your consciousness to speak between breaths. telling him to at least stop for a moment or else your lips will swell up, he listened, removing his lips from yours and keeping his hands on your waist, steadily trying to keep you in place while invading your body. and then again, his mouth found the familiar spot. and bit it down.
he hummed and stopped in his movements while looking at you with a huge smirk: “not my fault. i was in the moment, jagi.”
what can you do when he looks like that, hovering above you?
taehyung takes your soft hand and peaks it before speaking through deep groans. “you wanna know a secret….”
his voice was interrupted by your phone’s vibration on the bedside table. he could grab it easily, but he didn’t, ignoring the phone. your hands were placed against his chest. “hey…wait…phone.” but the strength difference between the both of you was so big that you just gave up, and the loving continued.
after another 2 minutes, another phone rang again, it was his this time. and you had finally realized with the little left of brain left in your head, that it could very possibly be that asshole.
calling because of the fact that he went back to the room, but you were not there.
you were sweating everywhere when taehyung reached for his phone this time and answered it in a heartbeat. (or two heartbeats because your heart is beating too fast right now.)
you hear the familiar sound and bite down on your lip, trying not to make a noise, but it was impossible when he was using all his stamina. “hey tae, are you busy right now?”
“yeah, very.” taehyung answers and leans down to kiss you, the phone microphone less than an inch away from your face, you move away and hold your breath. “why did you call me this late?” the other side pauses, then speaks again. “my girlfriend isn’t in the room, i dunno where she went.”
taehyung lets out a laugh. “then how would i know.” after he had said the sentence, he started moving even faster, if that was possible. without any guard, you let out a small sound. definitely knowing what was going on, the other side responded quickly: “oh, you guys continue, i won’t disturb you anymore.” and then ended the call.
“taehyung i have to go back-”
he didn’t even budge.
“no seriously. please.”
“jagi…be patient…” his husky voice came on into your ear and you decided maybe you weren’t that urgent.
you felt like a chunk of dough afterward, head in his chest and his arms embracing you warmly. “soo-young, yeah, just say she’s staying in your room for the night.” he hung up and moved in to connect lips with you again, and you moved away. “angry again?”
you did not respond. “you’re always angry after sex, it’s funny.” you push him away. “i’m going back.” you mumble.
he stares you down. “right now? not scared to be found out?”
“found out what?” you questioned
he looks you up and down. “you do know if you walk out like that, anyone can tell what you just did.”
you realized: “........let me borrow your bathroom then.”
he let go of you, “go ahead, pretty girl.”
you walk into the bathroom and again, like always, observe the ‘crime scene’. the same marks, hickeys, and the one bite mark you’re already used to, you smile. sometimes after a while, you realize that the mark is gone. and that makes you feel empty. it feels when a permanent tattoo is suddenly removed and you’re unused to it. then you were covered by a while soft clothing is thrown at you. you could tell from the light scent that this was no other bathrobe than tae’s. you close your eyes and turn away from the big mirror. you see taehyung get dressed through the foggy and mosaic glass door and knocking comes from the outside. you hear the annoying voice: “soo-young told me she’s in her room. but i don’t know where soo-young’s room is.”
taehyung lazily spoke: “i don’t remember, let the two girls have fun, don’t interrupt them.”
he laughs. “of course, you have a lovely girl with you. you won’t understand the loneliness of having no girl to fuck.”
taehyung responded coldly: “don’t you have another one?”
the other side quietly responded, reminding taehyung to never mention that again in front of you, taehyung reassured him that he will never make jokes like that in front of his girlfriend, and rushed him to leave.
after hearing the door closing, you walked out of the bathroom and taehyung walked behind you, you were taken by surprise when he walks in front of you and his arms looped around your waist and he tucked his head in the crook of your neck comfortably, as if it was made for his face. “hey, tae, my hair’s not dried.” you take a hand and softly play with his hair. he lazily takes his hand and returns the favor, running his fingers through the strands of your hair. “it’s dried~” his voice sounded tired and you slowly led him to the bed. you waited until he fell asleep and covered him with the soft duvet.
his hand reached out as if he wanted to grab something, like a small animal without a sense of security. you laughed to yourself and reached your hand over, and he pulled you into his arms.
this was your first time staying overnight, but you were already so used to his scent that it felt like home already. you fell asleep in his embrace safely and easily.
you woke up not knowing what time it was. the curtains were blocking all the light, so you had to check your phone for the time. it was only 8 am, there was an unread message from soo-young. “Hey I have sleeping tantrums so they won’t disturb me- I normally sleep till 10 or noon.” you knew the text was just informing you that you can stay at tae’s until 10 am. from the few interactions with soo young last night, you have figured out that she was no other than a friend of taehyung’s that is super nice and bubbly.
you feel taehyung shift behind you into a better position, your back is touching his chest, and you can feel his slow rising of the chest and the sound of his gentle and soft heartbeat. you put your phone down and turn over to him. he opened his eyes slightly to only see that you turned towards him, and your eyes are now closed. his hand found its way to your soft strands and caressed them like usual, and you two fell back into sleep.
the second time waking up was when you heard the tap running from the bathroom. the other side of the bed was already empty, and you watched the boy walk from the direction of the bathroom. “good morning.” he greeted you and bent down to peak your lips. you could taste the freshness of mouthwash and see small water drops on his long eyelashes, his eyes are dark and bright, and reflecting you. “did you sleep well, jagi?” you nod in response.
he squished your cheeks softly and spoke and instructed you like a parent. “he woke up, i’ll drag him down for breakfast now, and soo-young will pick you up and you two can go down together.” you nodded again and he patted your head. “do you specifically want to eat something? i’ll order in advance.”
“...i don’t have much appetite.” you replied and watched as he put on his yellow hoodie.
after half an hour, soo-young knocked on your door, the both of you walked downstairs and started chatting. you got to know that she was classmates with both taehyung and your boyfriend. she said many good things about taehyung when they were classmates, she completely refreshed your opinion about him.
you wanted to know if soo young had watched his sexual partners changed, if he treated them all differently, if they were pretty, if he spent time with them outside of having sex, if he ever felt attracted to them, you wanted to know it all. but who were you to ask? who said you were that important?
you hesitated for a second to ask the question lingering in your head all along: “.......is he always so gentle with his partners?”
so gentle it feels like love.
oh god you wished she refused, so you can stop making a fool of yourself. so you can stop this ‘trade’ with him, so you can move away before you fall in love, so you can distance yourself from him. but soo-young shook her head. “no, it’s because it's you are-” her voice stops when the elevator opens to reveal no other than the unwelcomed girl. soo-young greeted her with a forced voice and she explained (as if the two of you asked) that she had already eaten and wanted to go back to sleep. “you must’ve been pretty wild last night. very dark circles.” soo-young joked and the girl rolled her eyes before staring right at you. “i’m so lonely and single….how would i be wilding around with other men?” she emphasised on the other men and you walked out of the elevator with soo-young without sparing her a glance.
you and soo-young made way into the room and you walked to sit with your boyfriend, then soo-young next to you, and then tae. your boyfriend immediately started offering you coffee and toast, helping you to spread jam and you thanked him quietly. when you all had finished breakfast, everyone left to tidy up their hotel rooms.
you and your boyfriend met soo-young and taehyung outside the elevator afterwards. your boyfriend had his arm around you and was laughed when he saw taehyung, jokingly asking him about ‘the chick you were fucking last night’. then you feel the atmosphere changed, you look up from your phone and onto taehyung. to spot the wine red wool scarf you were wearing last night to the party, now wrapped around taehyung’s neck. the hand wrapped across you immediately stiffens. you realized that the reason why you felt so naked and revealed was due to the fact that you forgot your scarf in his room.your mind goes blank and your face flushes pale. that second, you felt completely stripped away.
“that scarf….isn’t that y/ns?”
taehyung looked at you, and smiled: “hm? i don’t know, i found it in my room.”
and that was it.
you wanted to run away or dig a hole and bury yourself into the ground forever.
when taehyung’s last words came out and into the air, everything went silent. you kept your eyes focused on the empty elevator that has just arrived, unable to get yourself to look at anyone else.
your boyfriend speaks again: “explain it then.“
soo-young clears the atmosphere quickly, “taehyung stop fucking joking. it’s not funny!”
she then carries on to “explain” it to your boyfriend that you left it in her room and taehyung said it was cold so he took it off her to wear it.
not going to lie, that was very convincing considering it was something tae would do. but your boyfriend was too angry to comprehend words or even use his brain (as if he had one.) “take it off.”
“what if i don’t want to?”
your boyfriend lets go of your shoulder and reaches his arm over to yank the scarf off. before he could, two of taehyung’s other friends came and immediately pulled them away, thinking they were going to start beating each other up. they got both of them into the elevator and started asking soo-young wha happened, she kept her arms linked with yours and stayed silent. then you hear a serious voice again. “take the scarf off.”
taehyung did not listen to him, instead, he leaned towards you and looked into your eyes, as if he was pleading for something. “y/n, i’m kinda cold, do i have to take it off?”
you wished you could’ve said something but you knew that even another word would completely wreck this mood that was already terribly bad. you guys had reached the car park and split paths. your boyfriend was more than angry, like a monster. he drove the car so fast that you had to grab onto the safety belt. you bite down on your lips as you slowly mutter out two words: “i’m scared.” his hands tightened on the driving wheel and sped up, as if it was even possible. you gave it a minute or two and spoke calmly.
“it’s just a scarf. you gave her half your wardrobe and i didn’t say shit.” he immediately knew who you meant by ‘her’, he remained to stay silent and you felt relieved, he slowed down the speed and you took a deep breath. you felt scared two minutes ago but right now, you’re enjoying the sweet taste of victory. after you two had arrived home he walked in front of you, stepping into the bedroom and slamming the door shut loudly, but you did not bother.
you were in a good mood, walking into the kitchen and making yourself noodles, then ignoring his existence as you enjoyed the night of silence.
the second day came quickly and you woke up from the couch and received a text before you got to work.
taehyung: are you okay? did he do anything bad?
y/n: no he didn’t
you didn’t have enough energy to lash out at him for wearing the scarf out, you didn’t want to ask him why he did what he did.
taehyung answered in less than a second: good, i was so worried about you.
taehyung: fuck, i’m so sorry for doing that. i don’t know why i did it. it was so childish of me. i have been beating myself up the whole night because i did that.
you read the text over and over again before responding. “never again.” the text wasn’t to scold, it was a meaning that you don’t ever want to interact with him ever again. you don’t want anything to do with him now. but you couldn’t get yourself to say that although you mean it.
he obviously did not know what you meant by ‘never again’, responding again: do you have time tonight? i want to have dinner with you.
y/n: it’s gonna be pretty awkward
this time he sent over a voicemail, “hey, don’t answer so quickly. it's going to be more awkward if we never ever talk it out, right? i just wanted to spend time with you to talk it out, we can go to my friend’s restaurant, the food there is great, it’s italian.”
his side was quiet, the only thing you can hear being his voice. you can hear how clean and pure his voice is. the first half was more of a joking tone, and the last half was completely serious.
taehyung: please, jagi, give me a chance to apologize in person.
you could not resist the voicemail and the text, answering an ‘okay’.
taehyung: tell me when you’re off, i’ll pick you up.
you sent your address and the time over, and he responded with a cheeky emoji.
the afternoon arrived and you left 10 minutes early, standing outside of your workplace, you start typing a message to taehyung as you spot in the middle of your eye, a very familiar car. you felt like a cat whose tail had just been stepped on, you peek at the man who’s currently sitting on the driver's seat and playing on his phone, unable to believe that your own cheating boyfriend is speculating that you are cheating so now he is on a mission to stalk you every day after work. you quickly caught a taxi and jumped on it, giving the driver a random area to drive to, then turning slightly, you find the same car following you.
a call form taehyung came by and you answered it with trembling fingers “i don’t think im free tonight, he’s following me.”“mhm. i know.” taehyung’s warm voice came through and you felt calmed by his soft voice.
“how do you know?”
“i saw him when he was tryna find a parking spot. he didn’t see me though.”
“so you were here ages ago?”
“yeah, waiting for you.”
you smiled and ended the call and called a friend asking if you can come over to hang. she agreed and you made your way to her place. you did not want to go home. it felt like a prison back home. after having dinner, taehyung texted.
taehyung: ate dinner?
y/n: yeah you?
taehyung: can you come downstairs? i have something for you.
you didn’t understand the text until you read it again: “where are you?”
taehyung: parking lot, he left, don’t worry.
you calculated the time, it has been at least 3 hours since you have arrived at your friend’s house, does that mean has been waiting for at least 3 hours downstairs?
you excused yourself and put on your coat to run downstairs. you spot his car when you walked down, he opened the door and you couldn’t help but to smile when you met eyes with him.
it has only been a day since you last saw him, but it was a very, very tiring day.
his hair was long and nearly covering his eyes, wearing a sweater vest over a long white blouse. he had a warm smile on his face when he walked towards you. he stopped in front of you and helped you fold your coat collar down. “you must’ve really wanted to see me, didn’t even wear your coat properly.” you look up at him. “did you stay here waiting for me?”
he hummed in response. “i'm afraid there won't be any taxis by the time you leave.”
“didn’t i tell you that i won’t make it to see you today though?”
his glance softened and he mumbles under his breath. “but……i really wanna see you……plus, it’s the last day of the year…” his voice trails on the last word and you feel yourself melt. “don’t try to seduce me, kim taehyung.” he laughs at the comment: “i actually have something for you.”
“your scarf.”
you declined and refused to take the bag from his hand. “you don’t have to give it back.” the scarf would bring up the moment you want to forget so bad.
he nudges you gently. “just open it even if you don’t want it.” you look at the bag and observe the logo on the cream white bag. it wasn’t just a normal random paper bag, it looks brand new and just bought. you slowly take the scarf out of the bag, to find a similar scarf as the one yesterday, but more expensive.
after seeing the scarf, you put it back into the packaging bag. “return it, i can’t take that.”
“but i really don’t want to give you your old scarf, it reminds me of you…” you told him that you don’t need him to give it back. “i don’t like owning other people things. i give all my friends things, infact, our relationship is definitely more than friends at this point…right?”
of course. of course you two are more than friends. you two skipped the step where you ‘be friends’, you two are not up to the level of ‘cheater and cheating partner’. you two are complicated.
you pause before overthinking more into this situation and take the bag from him slowly, “thank you.”
he pinches your cheek and smiles at the gesture.
he then sent you home, but parked his car a little away from your house, knowing to keep distance in case something unexpected happened. you walk for a few minutes, turning around before you enter the building. he was leaning on his car door, staring into the night like a peaceful painting. and then you remembered what you had forgotten, you had forgotten to tell him that you don’t want to contact or meet with him ever again. but you were sure that even if you remembered the idea, you probably couldn’t even get yourself to say it to him face to face.
even though you hesitated texting it to him too. you were so used to the greed and clinging feeling you could have and enjoy with him, you enjoyed the gentle and softness he always made you feel but at the same time, felt as if it was never there.
before you had walked upstairs to reach your house, you received another text form taehyung.
taehyung: don’t go home.
y/n: ?
taehyung: break up with him.
you didn‘t pay much attention to it, the day was tiring and it is finally the last day of the year. work has been tiring you out and you felt your entire body hurt from overworking and staying up too late to catch up on deadlines. all you wanted to was to hop into bed and sleep the night away. and tomorrow will be a brand new year. it will be a new day and you will gain enough courage to actually do what you intended to do-
he was waiting for you by the front door. you force a smile and try to squeeze past into the house. “nuh-uh. baby.” your boyfriend blocks you by the doorway and you roll your eyes impatiently. “why can’t we talk and do whatever tomorrow? i’m really tired-” you feel your eyes being covered by complete darkness. he grabbed your arm and led you into the room. you felt as if something was going to happen. and you don’t like the feeling of this. “what…the fuck are you doing?” you knew your house by heart, knowing exactly where you are right now and where he is now leading you to: the kitchen.
he lets out a laugh, “well….remembered the place we always went for dessert? they shut down in the middle of the year when we were studying in uni. i finally found the baker and paid them to make the exact cake you liked….wanna try?”
you don’t know how to describe the feeling you were feeling now. this is not something he would be doing and you are sure that he had other plans than just ‘ordering you a cake’. you kept silent when you smell the sweet scent from the cake being passed to you. you don’t take it. you don’t dare to take it. “just try it, y/n. i spent too long waiting for it.”
he nudged your mouth with the fork and you delayed to take the bite in. to be very honest, you had completely forgotten the taste of the cake, you didn’t care if he actually fed you cake or poison or a block of sponge, you wanted the night to be over. or even better, you wanted to see taehyung instead of him.
then you pause.
you move your hand up to take the item out of your mouth while the other hand reaches to yank the eye mask off.
the room was not bright enough to make your eyes hurt, you scan around quickly and figured out what was going to happen in the next few minutes. there are candlelights on the dining table, pink balloons floating in the air, you see a few boys with champagne in their hands, standing with the man who is currently looking at you with a smirk, they are ready to celebrate this. you hear someone run up the stairs, and you turn to see no other person than tae, he must’ve checked his phone after spending the hour with you. there was no light in his eyes when they met yours. they were dark and emotionless.
because the thing in your hand was a diamond ring.
you stand still in your spot, circled by the pink balloons that spell out ‘marry me’, completely shocked by the fact that he was going to propose to you because he knew that you had found out of his disgusting behaviour and using this ‘marriage’ to cover everything up has been the best plan in his opinion. before he could even get down on his knees to say whatever disgusting and unrealistic things he had to say, you stopped him.
“why don’t you go and marry that girl instead.” you point to the girl with a fake smile plastered on your face. “that bitch seemed to be everywhere you were anyways.” the atmosphere changed when you had spoken those words.
you watch his face freeze for a slight second and he breaks into a small smile, “babe….stop joking…what are you talking about?” the girl standing in the corner seemed to be stuck by your words, unable to move and tears swelled up in her face, but unable to fall out either. you nod and smile at everyone, including the girls: “haha..yeah just a joke guys.” the others obviously knew what was going to happen next, bringing up some excuse and leaving hastily, wishing you guys well although they know for fuck sure that you guys will obviously, not have a well night.
when you turned, you realised that taehyung had also left with the others. you ignore whatever will happen soon and make way into the bedroom, leaving the proposer in the living room to clean up the mess, not only the mess in the room, but the mess in his heart. you lock the room behind your room and see the two messages tae sent when he left your place just minutes ago, but it felt like hours, maybe even years.
taehyung: broken up?
taehyung: watch him apologize and call it a misunderstanding
taehyung: you’re not gonna marry that asshole right?
you couldn’t help but tease him. “nah im gonna marry him and then secretly cheat with u on him
taehyung: :) bye
after the man outside had cleaned the room, you hear him try to open your bedroom door. you take a deep breath, knowing what will come in a few seconds. “open the door, let’s talk.” his voice came over and you didn’t give it any attention other than taking the silver ring from your bedside table, walking to the door and sliding it to him from under the door. “i want to talk to you.” you suggested and he continued to speak cheekily. “babe, then open the door, we can talk.”
you didn’t open the door, still talking through the door. “i don’t want to marry you.” he went silent for a few seconds, “why? am i not doing something right?” you find it amazingly annoying how he still thinks that this is a joke, and through the door, you decided to speak honestly with him. “i like someone else.”
his voice sounds a little more disappointed and emotional now, “kim taehyung, right?” you hummed in response. he was trying to resist anger, you can hear it. “we’ve been together for so long…we have love, you only have liking for him. he’s just a fuck boy, he isn’t worth your liking, y/n….”
you smirked at what you were going to say next: “i not only like him, i fucked him.”
dead silence.
you repeat it again: “i slept with tae.”
he knocks loudly at the wooden door, “open the door and we can discuss this.”
you knew better to not open the door, you knew how angry he was going to be, and you were not going to risk anything. “look, you’ve also done many other filthy shit behind my back, with that bitch, there was no point of being so angry about the fact that i fucked taehyung-” before you could finish, a loud noise came from the door, so strong that you watched the dust form the walls bounce off.
he kicked the door. you back away. he aggressively turns the metal handle. “open the fucking door!” your heart is beating fast, not only from fright, but also excitement. although there was fear, you felt good about getting him back this way. this was more exciting than walking in on them, this was more exciting than calling them out at a dinner. he felt angry, and he should. he should feel very angry.
it was impossible for him to break the door, the door was made from quality and hardwood, the lock was secure and impossible for one man to break. you pushed the desk over to also strengthen the already very strong door. he swore and fought the door for a long time, and until when he was finally tired, he threatened you through the door. “trust me, if you don’t open the door, i’ll burn this entire house down.” you replied calmly. “i called the guards, if anything unsafe happens, they’ll rush here in a sec.”
he felt defeated yet still wanted to talk it out. “....can you tell me when it happened?”
silence. “was it the time when you were at soo young’s room? you were in his? that night?” you didn’t try to deny it. “then….”he stopped asking now, and you hear his footsteps trailing away. you continued tidying your things and sent a text to a friend, asking her to come and pick you up. then you received a text from taehyung.
taehyung: what happened?
taehyung: he told me to come back to your place
taehyung: seriously, what happened?
y/n: don’t. fucking. come.
taehyung: ?
y/n: i told him things! don’t come up unless u want him to beat ur ass
taehyung: i'm not scared of that assbag
before you could send the last text out of frustration, you hear knocking come out from the front door. alright, then that was quite speedy. you take a deep breath to prepare for what was going to happen next. you try to move the desk that was blocking the door away, but found it extremely hard to move the desk away now that you have pressed it against the door, you struggled to push it away until you could open a small creak between the door, but it was still too small for you to peep out. you hear the front door being opened and your boyfriend reminding taehyung to take off his shoes. taehyung didn’t seem to move at all, instead asking where you were.
he insisted that taehyung should change his shoes. “i just cleaned the room, take your shoes off.” you push the desk a little bit more, finally being able to see the living room from your room. taehyung heard the sound of the desk being moved against the hard wooden floor, making a step to where your room was, but immediately pulled back by the other man. “take your fucking shoes off.” tae moved his arm to shake the hand off, but resulted in being blocked by the opponent. he spoke with no emotions on his face.
“you’re gonna sleep with my woman i have slept with,,,you’re gonna pick up the trash that i have discarded? you have problems, dude.” taehyung ignored him and still tried to walk towards you, but dragged once again, and this time. it was not only a drag but a harsh punch.
you hear a groan from taehyung, knowing that that punch was filled with very much rage and anger and if definitely had hurt him. you felt your heartache and your body’s first instinct was to run and check if he was okay, you push the desk to the other side as hard as you can, but you could not think straight enough to get yourself out of this trap you have created. taehyung gave you a reassuring smile when your eyes met him, his lip was now bleeding slightly and you felt tears swell up in your eyes. taehyung licked his lips and turned his head towards the very angry man standing behind him: “did i owe you this punch or am i supposed to be the one punching you, dickhead?” after hearing the words, his eyes went completely black, running to hover over taehyung, taehyung ducks and moves away, speaking again. “sleeping with your woman? ask yourself, was she supposed to be yours?” taehyung feels his collar being grabbed onto by the man, “so? she’s mine right now!” tae lets out a small smirk and moves his hands away from his collar. “if it wasn’t me, do you think you would be here with her right now?” after the sentence, you watch the anger disappear out of his eyes, he muttered under his breath. “you promised me you won’t ever speak about this ever again.”
taehyung laughs and nods. “well, i’ll take it back now.” the anger burns up again and before anything else could have a chance to happen, you speak. “look, i got with him because i found out you cheated on me weeks ago.” he stopped everything, looking back at you, first you find the look of shock, then the look of hope, of a liar. “look, i don’t have any feelings for her, it was a short term thing, everything ended. i promise, it will never happen again.” his eyes lit up as he tried to sound convincing enough: “please! from today on nothing will happen, i won’t care about anything you did. we can start again, it’ s easy.”
you shake your head. “no.” your heart starts hunting more and you try to not let any feelings get in the way, this is over. no more apologies will work. you decided this from day one.
he knew you enough to know that you never break up casually, in fact, you never did. you try very hard to avoid conflict and breaking up. so when you had declined his offer, he knew exactly what you meant about this relationship that had died long ago. you watch the light disappear in his eyes as he squats down, mumbling apologies as if they were only for him to hear. there was no one blocking tae now, meaning he could come to you. he took calm steps to you, knocking on the door frame: “back away.” you move back steadily and you watch him kick the door that both the door and the desk move to the side, the corner of the desk making a huge line of scraped up wall paint. he takes your suitcase with one hand and the other hand wraps itself around your body. “is there anything left?” you shake your head and take the suitcase from him, moving in front of him to escape his grasp.
the now silent man didn’t block you two from leaving this time. you two walked into the elevator silently. taehyung keeps his gaze off you, and you watch the door close, then turn back to him. “thank you.” he keeps his eyes focused on the level buttons. “for what?” you were confused by the sudden attitude that had made you confused as to why you were even thanking him in the first place “....thank you for kicking the door open for me…?” he smiles at your sentence, finally looking down at you. you noticed the swollen mark on his face, it now is vividly red and bruised too. he sees your glance fall from his eyes down to his lips, and onto the injury. “i owe him that. that punch.” you felt as if you weren’t supposed to be in between the two friends, to cause this scene and wreck their friendship. “i’m so sorry…i shouldn’t have told him it was you…in fact…i shouldn’t have ever done it.” you blurted out that ‘you slept with tae’ because you wanted revenge, you wanted him to feel what you felt for days and nights beforehand, and it was going to be worse because it’s his friend taehyung.
“it’s okay, y/n. it wasn’t a strong friendship…he was always a selfish asshole. so i’m glad you told him, to be honest, i'm more afraid if you never told him about us.” he smiles, reassuring you, he reaches his hand over to caress your hair, opening his mouth to speak again. “oh god..imagine if he didn’t call me over because you didn’t tell him anything….you would not be having a great time right now.” you argue: “i locked the door for a reason.” he looks at you seriously. “doesn’t trapping yourself in a bedroom make this situation even more sticky than it already was?” you went speechless, he had a point.
“wait,” you questioned. “you left for a while, so how did you get back here so fast?” the escalator has arrived in time, he walks behind you with your suitcase, the other hand ghosting around your waist, still leaving you some personal space, answering you. “i never left.”
you raise your eyebrows in surprise, “how did you sense that i was going to confess what we did to him?” he shakes his head. “i didn’t know, not only that, i even thought that you may agree to the proposal and choose him. i had that illusion when i shut the door behind me.” you were confused. “then how did you…” you ask back in confusion, he doesn’t explain further, finding his car and putting your suitcase in the trunk, then proceeding to open the door for you, but not shutting the door when you sat in, he just stood there, watching you grab the seat belt and proceeding to try and lock it.
at last, his voice sounded as light as feathers floating into the atmosphere. “i just couldn’t get myself to leave you behind.”
your action stops with your heart. it was impossible for you to stay serious and lock the seatbelt in place, you look up at him for the millionth time today. “taehyung…i don’t want to play this game anymore.” his face changes immediately. “what do you mean?”
“im single now. don’t try to seduce me or else you’ll be stuck with me for the rest of your life.” you smile cheekily and he lets out a breath that he has started to hold for the last few seconds.
“of course i know that. i would love if if you were stuck with me for the rest of our lives.” he moved closer and bends over to help you with your seatbelt. he looks straight at you with reassurance in his eyes. “i know it’s gonna sound weird, but i'm glad you decided to contact me when you were looking for your ‘cheating partner’.” he laughed and you followed, both feeling relieved.
you lean back in your seat to maintain distance before asking a question that has just popped into your mind. “hey, what did you mean by the words you said to him?”
the sentence and the scene when taehyung smirked and removed the man’s hands off his white-collar came back into your brain. “if it wasn’t me, do you think you would be here with her right now?” what did it mean?
taehyung’s eyes formed a line as he smiled. “i'll tell you if you kiss me.”
you shake your head immediately. “never mind then. mr taehyung said my kissing skills sucked.” he laughed. “well you sure do hold grudges....”
he shut the car door and walked to the driver’s seat, starting the car he looked at you, after gaining your attention away from the phone and onto him, he raised his eyebrows before whispering, “hey, wanna know a secret?” “yeah..what?” you ask. he gestured with his pointer finger to come closer. “come closer.” your ears straightened themselves to know the secret as you moved closer, but instead surprised by a small peak on your cheek. your hands raise up to cover your cheek and you fall back to the seat. “you’re such a dick.”
he chuckled before speaking. “the secret is that, you know the outfit he wore on the first date with you? yeah, it was actually my outfit. bitch went through my closet and stole my fit for the day.” you giggle and nod. no wonder he never wore that kind of clothes in the future. he keeps his eyes on you and you patiently wait for him to start driving.
“are you gonna drive?” you ask impatiently and his hands find their way to hold onto your wrists. “hey hey hey, really not a kiss?” with the pleading tone in his voice, you couldn't say no, just nodding and he moved towards you, your lips crashed and you were completely under his control. your lips moved against his and your lips stuck to each other perfectly like two puzzle pieces. your breath starts to become heavy and harder to breathe. your face heats up and reddens all the way to your earlobes. he pulls away and mutters under his breath with his husky voice. “fuck…..i cant promise what will happen if we continue this on the car…” you cover your face with your hands and talk through your hands. “..exactly, so let’s get out of here.” he knits his brows, “where are we going then, miss y/n?” you smile cheekily and move your hands away from your face and check the time. 11:45 PM.
“mr taehyung, are you currently looking for a roommate for the new year?”
“hm. not really. i am looking for a y/n to spend the new year with though.” he smiles lightly and starts driving home. your home. his home. home for two.
the clock strikes twelve o’clock. the fireworks make their way into the night sky and you can hear cheering from afar. you are on the couch and in his lap. the huge window showing you everything happening around you, the colors with the pouring snow in front of you through the glass and behind you, you have him and his warm body, something that you have never dared thinking about is happening to you this moment. right here, right now, this is your home and you belong here.
the snow continued and you stayed comfortably in his lap, and descended to dreamland. happy new year, kim taehyung. in the light slumber, you feel a familiar hand rubbing your hair with such care, and a deep, soft whisper coming from the boy, his chest vibrating with every syllable.
“happy new years, y/n.”
it was quiet in the house when you woke up in the middle of the night due to not being in his embrace. the night has finally silenced down, no more new year cheers and fireworks. you walk around the large house, trying to search for the familiar person. the tiles were cold on your feet as you travelled from the living room to the kitchen, then finding him sitting by the kitchen island. the moonlight shined a shard down to the ground and you watched his side profile. in a black silk blouse, unbuttoned and a slender hand grabbing onto a wine glass filled with a red liquor. he turned to look at you after feeling your glance on him. “come here.” he said in a low voice, almost like a whisper. you make your way over, watching him take the rest of the liquid in one sip, swallowing before wrapping his hand around your wrist. he pulls you closer and blocks your lips with his.
you can still taste the intense wine on his tongue when he connects his soft lips with yours. the intensity of the sour yet sweet alcohol burns your throat. your instinct made you wrap your arms around his neck as you made your way comfortably sitting on his lap. slowly moving down your face, your lips found his pretty neck, kissing the smooth skin, you hear him hiss in your ear before he wraps his arms around you to bring you upstairs while his hand slowly crawls up your dress.
his voice rings in your ears once more: “this time let’s make love. not sex. love.” (end.)
thank you so much for taking your time to enjoy this <3
here is my masterlist if you want to enjoy some more of my writing!
and until next time,
thankq loveys!
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blazerkive · 6 months ago
—bts fic recs masterlist
Tumblr media
↯ here is a compilation of fic recommendation masterlists
ggukkiereads - jk sports au list, jk list, knj list, bts list
namjoon fic recs
knj fic recs
hying line fic rec
seoksinjin (angst list)
moonchild1 - jk fic rec
[UPDATED 14.07.21]
↯ check my pinned for other bts compilations & ml
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mintkims · 2 months ago
ameliorate ・ bts
Tumblr media
▷ㅤㅤprompt: juggling a dysfunctional family, emotional trauma and responsibilities you never wanted in the first place, seven hybrids being thrust into your care was the last thing you needed. ― or alternatively, the one in which seven eccentric hybrids teach you that life isn't meant to be spent alone
Tumblr media
▷ㅤㅤpairings: grey wolf!namjoon, white sheep!jin, king cobra!yoongi, ground squirrel!hoseok, scottish fold!jimin, brown bear!taehyung, holland lop!jungkook x reader ▷ㅤㅤgenre: hybrid!au, angst, fluff, eventual smut ▷ㅤㅤrating: mature (M)
Tumblr media
▷ㅤㅤseries masterlist ; ㅤㅤㅤ⤷ pilot
season one ; why authors stopped naming chapters
𝐢.ㅤㅤepisode one
. . .
Tumblr media
▷ㅤㅤseries extras ;
𝐢.ㅤㅤchristmas special
. . .
Tumblr media
▷ㅤㅤbts masterlist ; ▷ㅤㅤhybrid profiles ; ㅤㅤㅤ⤷ yoongi // seokjin // taehyung ㅤㅤㅤ⤷ hoseok // jimin ㅤㅤㅤ⤷ namjoon // jungkook
Tumblr media
© mintkims 2021.
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bangtangalicious · 3 months ago
nexus (m) | masterlist
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x reader 
genre: smut, pwp, eventual yandere, thriller, slow burn, casino!au elite!au gang/organized crime!au
premise: a notorious casino conglomerate took you in when you were young. you practically grew up alongside their sons; inseparable from the oldest, infatuated with the middle, and now engaged to the youngest. but when you’re suddenly being framed for a murder you did not commit, you start to question truth about your life. the truth about the people you swore your loyalty to, and the extent they’ll go to keep it
series warnings: explicit smut, drug use, money laundering, extortion, themes of revenge, manipulation, greed, obsession, possessive & toxic behaviors, betrayal, blackmail, infidelity, slow burn oh baby you’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna want it, slight violence, adrenaline rushes for days, social class dynamics, binormative universe, mentions of mxm relationships, stalking/privacy invasion, kim line are brothers
characters: heir/fiancé!taehyung ceo!seokjin therapist!jimin model!hoseok bartender!yoongi bestfriendsbrother/heir!namjoon socialite!reader detective!jungkook
a/n: just posting this now so its there but yeah HELLO SEXY HUMANS! first off, thank you all so much for 1000+ notes on Death Valley. here is my gift to you, a new series! this is something ive had in the works for a while, im super excited about it, its gonna be fucking insane, full of luxury, scandal, hotttt sex but like in a way where you’re like aching for it. its a thriller so, buckle up folks :) i will be doing a posting schedule, itll probably be weekly or biweekly updates <3
updated taglist (open): @/raynom @/gimmythatjib00ty @/yoshiure @/greezenini @/victoryscreech61 @/tbzhubrecs @/namjooningelsewhere @/sugarcoffeemochi @/jiminie-08 @/jinssexytoe @/kooookie @/only4sana @/pinkcherrybombs @/taeslarityy @/natalie-rdr @/mageprincess7 @/hopeonysus @/bibbykins @sameifnn @/shadowmoon21 @/juliemae80-blog @/gaeguuliii @/dvalitaes @/satorinnie @/fournia @/kassandravictoria @/jazmine2904 @/marslena @/iloverubberduckiez-blog @/manchuria @/btseverafter7 @/jamlessstars @/doublebunnykoo @/you-are-my-wind @/toughbook @/everybias @/lvrseok @/n4mina @/imjinvolved @/rp171198 @/codeinebelle @/itsallabouthedetails @/btseverafter7 @/just-me-and-myselfs @/blonde-bummer @/hcneybees @/babycoffeefire @/totallynoanalien
wanna join the taglist? click here!
Tumblr media
part 0 | smut ft: jungkook x reader
in an effort to celebrate your final days as a bachelorette, you head out on the town with your best friend. amidst your shenanigans, you run into a mysterious and alluring man who knows a little too much for his own good
Tumblr media
part 1 | smut ft: namjoon x reader ⟶ new update!
young heir Kim Taehyung returns home to get engaged. what was supposed to be a trip of celebrations quickly turns south when he finds his older brother dead
Tumblr media
part 2 | smut ft: yoongi x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
what all happened between you and jin in those trickling days before the murder, detective jeon jungkook is determined to find out, no matter what lengths he has to go through
part 3 | smut ft: - x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
part 4 | smut ft: - x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
part 5 | smut ft: - x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
part 6 | smut ft: - x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
part 7 | smut ft: - x reader
⟶ release date: TBA
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heyitsmehaneul · 5 months ago
Learning The Hard Way
At The Stroke Of Midnight
Flick Or Treat
Summer Nights
Yes Coach
Heartbreak Veterans
New Rules
Floods In a Flame
Swipe Right
Swimming Pools
Warm Me Up
My Babysitter’s A Quarterback
Out Of Shadows
Car Mechanic (DRABBLE)
Worth The Wait
Tattooed Together
Chasing Butterflies
Sweets & Ink
Brat Taming
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chateautae · a year ago
maybe i do | kth. masterlist
Tumblr media
➵ summary :  maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
↳  part of the high-class series!
➵ pairing : taehyung x reader
➵ genre :  arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, s2l!au, eventual smut, fluff, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ warnings : swearing, mentions of alcohol consumption, mentions of anxiety, mentions of confrontative violence (with other characters, not each other), lots of feels concerning forced marriage, a bad ex (reader’s), mentions of bad sexual experiences with ex (consensual, just bad sex), explicit sexual content, oral (m. and f. receiving), unprotected sex, penetrative sex (chapters have their own warnings!)
➵ a/n : thank you so much for all the support on this series! i couldn’t be more grateful ♡
➵ playlist : sweet night by v! the lyrics fit this series perfectly 🥺
➵ status: (complete) ✓
Tumblr media
↠  chapter one : “my forever’s falling down” (11k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter two : “on my pillow, can’t get me tired”  (10k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter three : “the window opened one time with you and me”  (17k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter four : “feels like a river’s rushing through my mind”  (16k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter five : “would it be alright, if i pulled you closer?”  (17k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter six : “my heart is pounding tonight”  (25k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter seven : “i’m wondering if you’d want me now”  (22k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter eight : “i still hope the door is open”  (38k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter nine : “i wanna ask you, if this is all just in my head?”  (32k)
Tumblr media
↠ [bonus!] chapter nine. five : “you are too good to be true” (6k)
Tumblr media
↠ chapter ten : “how could i know, one day i’d wake up feeling more?” (36k)
Tumblr media
 ↠ chapter eleven : “i’m wondering, are you my bestfriend?”  (34k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter twelve : “sharing my fragile truth” (50k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter thirteen : “i had already reached the shore” (37k)
Tumblr media
↠  final : “we were ships in the night” (55k)
Tumblr media
↠  epilogue : “a sweet night”  (3k)
Tumblr media
drabbles :
↳ “the very first christmas” 
Tumblr media
faq : when do you update?
randomly! i used to produce a chapter every week or so, though with school and work things got busy :(  i do work on my updates everyday though ! i also get very active on my blog and inform everyone before a release, so you don’t have to worry 🥺
what does mid!tae look like? 
what’s the timeline of the mid!couple’s relationship?
what’s domestic/at home mid!tae like? 
what happened to the camera?
how are real-life taehyung and mid!taehyung alike?
what do mrs. choi and seo’s schedule look like?
what did mrs. choi and seo do during the events of chapter 8?
what was taehyung’s mindset during the events of chapter 7?
what was taehyung’s pov when they first started getting intimate? 
what was taehyung’s past with women?
a deeper look into the reader’s character 
Tumblr media
extras : 
➵  announcement!
➵ the vote! how should chapter 10 be released?
Tumblr media
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amourtae · 3 months ago
❦bts masterlist❦
welcome to my masterlist ♡
Tumblr media
“for the ones who dream of stranger worlds”
MUST be 18+ for mature content labelled ‘M’
© amourtae ; please do NOT repost or modify any of my works without explicit permission.
❦ all of my work is protected by this license.
❦ key: A (angst) ,, F (fluff) ,, S (smut)
❦ latest || latest series update
Tumblr media
❦ once upon a time [ F + S]
↠ strangers to lovers au, teachers au
— Seokjin was stubborn that his love life had officially come to an end once Hyejin broke up with him. That is until the young, new teaching assistant joins. Following the advice of his class of 5 year olds, Seokjin decides to finally write his own fairytale.
coming soon…
❦ seasons of love [A + F + S]
↠ established relationship au, troubles in relationship au, university au
— He fell in love with you in May, but almost broke your heart in December. Seokjin and you were always seen as the most stable couple from your friendship group. Healthy communication, mutual understanding and the purest love. There was nothing which could come between the two of you. But what happens when an old friend of Seokjin’s comes back from the past? Where do all your qualities of a loving relationship go then? Will Seokjin and you be able to prove to yourselves that seasons will change, but you love never will.
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ nothin’ but trouble [S]
↠ pwp, enemies to lovers (?)
— In which Yoongi, the college’s well-known fuckboy fucks your stress out of you in his studio.
“Hey… when did you last have sex?”
“Min Yoongi, I swear to fucking god…”
“What? It’s just a question!”
coming soon…
❦ evergreen [A + F + S]
↠ established relationship au , arranged marriage au , enemies to lovers
— For people who have lived similar lives, Yoongi and you are polar opposites. The two of you cannot stand one other. 6 months have passed by and you both have exchanged a mere few sentences.
Realising that you can’t go on like this, the two of you decide and try to make your marriage work. With his nonchalant attitude and your prudent way of living, the two of you learn to love one so you can become evergreen.
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ kiss me more [A + F + S]
↠ one night stand au, rebound au, bartender au
— After your boyfriend of 4 years breaks up with you, you find yourself at your local bar rambling away to the cute bartender. With every complain you make, his advice stays the same:
“Y/n, sweetheart?”
“You could do with some rebound sex…”
And so what happens when you decide to give in? When you show Hoseok that you are more than ready to head his advice… but only with him.
coming soon…
❦ ferweh [A + F + S]
↠ best friends to lovers
— When Hoseok becomes tired of the life he lives, the bright idea which comes to him first is to runaway and drag you with him. As the two of you travel, Hoseok begins to feel a lot more calm. The only ache in his chest which remains is the feeling of being unable to love you.
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ bundles of joy [A + F + S]
↠ family au, established relationship au, dad!namjoon
— After years of wanting his own family, Namjoon’s wish is made true the moment his little princess, Areum is born. Certain that he wants to gift her a special memory box on her 18th, Namjoon promises himself and you that he will document all your precious moments with her in a personalised diary. Follow him as he unfolds the happy memories you both have created with little Areum as she grows.
coming soon…
❦ check me out [F + S]
↠ strangers to lovers, fluff, crack, possible smut
— The one in which you go to the library every morning to try and convince the librarian to check you out along with the books.
coming soon…
❦ for you, always [A + F + S]
↠ sugar daddy au , fwb to lovers
— You need money. He needs the sex. He has the money. You love sex.
In which Namjoon becomes your sugar daddy and you become his sex buddy. Feelings a no go zone for you both. Of course, you’ve got this.
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ always there [A + F + S]
↠ established relationship au, comfort au
— Family was what you lived for and what Jimin always wanted to escape. Your parents had constantly supported you, loved you and made sure the world was your oyster. His parents felt it was imperative to call him a disappointment, shut him out and berate him. When the two of you meet, the connection is pretty much instant and as time goes on, you manage to prove to Jimin that he is everything, but that. That he too, is worthy of love.
coming soon…
❦ please not her [A + F + S]
↠ mafia au , childhood friends to lovers
— Jimin and you had grown up in the same conditions. Crime, betrayal and a twister society. The only escape you had was one another. When Jimin’s next target becomes someone he falls in love with, it’s left to you to protect him and his family.
coming soon…
❦ red flags and red dresses [A + F + S]
↠ college au, pwp, fboy!jimin
— two parties later, jimin and you finally put an end to the sexual tension that has been brewing between the two of you.
coming soon…
❦ broken promises [A + F + S]
↠ breakup au
— at one point in life, jimin and you ran through fire for one another. now? the love you have for one another is ashes. ashes which carry the remains of your loving
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ slow motion [A + F]
↠ established relationship au, comfort au
— Burdened with melancholic thoughts, haunted by unspoken words and carrying a heavy heart... Taehyung turns to his safe haven, you. The warm you who will melt his blue and grey.
❦ before dawn [A + F + S]
↠ established relationship au, pwp, love making au, comfort au
— Your love for Taehyung was something you often described as as a quiet emotion. He had very quickly become a part of the oxygen you needed to breathe. In his kisses, you found the promises of realness. In his embrace, you discovered your heartbeat, for the echoes of its steady sounds always mended your broken wings. The split second before his touch, every nerve in both your body and brain was electrified. It was the anticipation of being together in a way that was more than words, in a way that was so completely tangible.
OR when Taehyung shows his appreciation for you in the early hours of Sunday and you fall in love with him all over again.
❦ all mine [F + S]
↠ established relationship au, boyfriend!tae, jealousy au, pwp
— Your college reunion was something both you and Taehyung were absolutely thrilled for. Meeting your old friends as a couple for the first time was something which filled you both with joy. But when your ex, Mingyu makes an appearance it’s left to Taehyung to show everyone and you who you truly belong to.
❦ i’m not yours [A + F + S]
↠ university au (masters students), estranged childhood friends to lovers au, strangers to lovers au
— When your childhood best friend, Kim Taehyung moves back into town, you expect the next few years to be reminiscent of your younger years. Awkward, tense and quiet. What you don’t expect is being forced to distract him from his overbearing crush on your mutual best friend, Eunji.
coming soon…
❦ guilty pleasure [A + F + S]
↠ pwp, lawyer!tae, enemies to lovers au, idiots to lovers au, fwb to lovers au
— It is a well-known fact within Seoul’s law firm, that you and Taehyung despise one another. His brashness and your haughty attitude certainly don’t mix together. But as time goes on, and you and Taehyung are forced to work together more often, you both begin to feel as though your cynicism about one another is perhaps just a mask to cover up your true feelings.
coming soon…
❦ good together [A + F + S]
↠ toxic relationship au
— Yours and Taehyung’s love was now a poisoned drink, but you both continued to drink out of it.
coming soon…
❦ kissing your bleeding heart [A + F + S]
↠ bad boy tae au, mafia au, strangers to friends to lovers au, florist au
— “You see my love, danger is quite intoxicating, isn’t it?”
Kim Taehyung. Epitome of trouble and danger. When he makes it his mission to corrupt the town’s favourite florist, no one can stop him. His daily visits to your flower shop gently lead to more than just your blooms blossoming. One day you’re his little rose, the next his intoxicating wildflower. You become his escape as he becomes your taste of freedom.
“You smell like roses my love.”
“And you smell like heartbreak.”
coming soon…
❦ fading memories [A + F + S]
↠ library au, strangers to lovers au
— As Taehyung helps you flourish your world, you don’t notice him trying to diminish his own. How far will you go to save the boy you have come to love? And by exactly how much will he resist your efforts?
coming soon…
❦ a midnight love [A + F + S]
↠ werewolf au, pwp, best friends au
— Your best friend Taehyung falls into heat. Lucky for him, you’re more than willing to give him a hand.
coming soon…
❦ winters with you [F + S]
↠ established relationship au, pwp, husband!tae, dilf!tae, family au, domestic au, vacation au, christmas au
— Your loving husband, Taehyung whisks you and your daughter, Haneul, away to a wintry paradise for Christmas, the heaven-given snow a blanket for your merriment. Cuddled up together, Taehyung and you savour the small moments with your little princess as she rests in your lap after requesting to have a baby brother.
coming soon…
❦ write to me [A + F + S]
↠ writers au, enemies to lovers au
— tbd.
coming soon…
❦ a princess’ cry [A + F + S]
↠ royal au, arranged marriage au, enemies to lovers au
— tbd.
coming soon…
❦ that one summer [A + F + S]
↠ brothers best friend au, road trip au
— tbd.
coming soon…
❦ dreamless nights [A + F + S]
↠ established relationship au, broken marriage au, divorce au
— 18th December. 3.30pm. The day of your anniversary. You and Taehyung meet again. Sat on the same bench you cried at after he put the ring on you, you both discuss your time together. The two of you realise that maybe you don’t always have to fix what’s broken. Instead, it’s wise to start over and create something better.
coming soon…
❦ foreign stars [A + F + S]
↠ college au , roommates au, fwb to lovers
— Letting a stranger convince you into having a one night stand seemed like a perfect idea when you were feeling tipsy at 1am. Letting him sleep in with you till 1pm also seemed like a perfect idea. When you ask him out and he says no, it doesn’t bother you. You’ll never see him again anyway. So you think…
coming soon…
❦ redamancy [A + F + S]
↠ college au, love triangle au
— Moving to a new town was meant to be a life changing opportunity. Just you, your mother and baby brother, making the most of your new life. What you didn’t see coming was falling in love. Falling in love with two different boys. Two different boys who happen to be the best of friends.
coming soon…
Tumblr media
❦ wanderlust with you [F + S]
↠ established relationship au, pwp, fluff, smut, dilf!jungkook, married!jungkook
— Your loving husband, Jungkook whisks you away to a sheltered tropical paradise for 7 days, away from all troubles and worries. Days and nights are spent with the two of you being wholly immersed in one another, soaking in all the pleasure you possibly can before having to return home to your little prince, Jaehyun.
❦ colliding hearts [A + F + S]
↠ exes to lovers au
— After 5 long years of being together, both you and Jungkook decide to call it quits. Things didn’t end on the lowest of notes, but they also didn’t quite go as either of you had planned. He knew he needed you. You were adamant you don’t love him. He was sure you were his soulmate. You were certain he could do better. And so when he supposedly does, why is it that you feel hurt? Why is it that you wish it was you holding his hand as he announces his first solo album? Why do you yearn for him to acknowledge the same feelings you ran away from 5 Decembers ago. And who’s to say you won’t do it again this December?
OR in which you & Jungkook rely on the magic of Christmas to bring you the happiness you truly wish for.
coming soon…
❦ invisible strings [A + F + S]
↠ strangers (?) to lovers au, one night stand au, parents au
— Kyungseok is your 7 year old little prince. You would do anything for his happiness. The two of you lived in your is. little world and you fulfilled every wish of his. Piano lessons with his uncle Yoonie? He got it. Basketball practice with his uncle Taetae? He got it. Sunday baking with his uncle Jinnie? He got it. The list certainly goes on! And so when Kyungseok begins to demand for guitar lessons with his uncle Taetaes new friend, who are you to say no?
coming soon…
❦ don’t follow me [A + F + S]
↠ mafia au, dating au, mystery au
— Jeon Jungkook was an enigma, but you fell for him harder than a slip on black ice. Always funny, loving & caring. After 6 months of dating, you begin to want to know more than the ‘happy persona.’ At first, he distracts you with witty punchlines and you innocently follow each one down every blind alley.
Then comes the day your mother asks about him. Where he’s from, his parents and profession. And that’s when you freeze. After 6 months, you realise that other than his alcohol and bed preferences, you know nothing of him. You reach out to him with an open heart and invite Jungkook to reciprocate… to connect. And the next day he’s gone.
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❦ whats wrong, mr jeon? [A + F + S]
↠ enemies to lovers au, ceo!jk, dilf!jk
— Jungkook hates you. You hate Jungkook. Every morning starts with him shouting at you and every evening ends with you almost crying because of him. The two of you can’t stand each other’s presence, except you have to. For the sake of his precious daughter, you have to deal with the “Jeon tantrums.”
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❦ lilac skies [A + F + S]
↠ strangers to lovers au, photographer!jk
— When Chaewon calls off her marriage to Jungkook, he is left hopeless and heartbroken, turning to photography to sought comfort. He meets you, a breath of fresh air and quite literally, already in love with him. The more time you spend together, the more you help Jungkook realise that there is a world beyond sadness and that he too, deserves happiness in its purest form.
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❦ still with you [A + F + S]
↠ best friends to lovers au
— Everything changes. People come and people go. One thing you are certain will always stay the same though is the friendship between you and Jungkook. Stuck up “girlfriends” and irritating assumptions will never change the fact that he is always, still with you.
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❦ redamancy [A + F + S]
↠ college au, love triangle au
— Moving to a new town was meant to be a life changing opportunity. Just you, your mother and baby brother, making the most of your new life. What you didn’t see coming was falling in love. Falling in love with two different boys. Two different boys who happen to be the best of friends.
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❦ it wasn’t me [A + F + S]
↠ neighbours to lovers au, enemies to lovers au
— Living next door to Jungkook has never been easy. All you hear from his apartment is his raves, his excessive drumming and the screeching of the girls he brings over. His pranks too are never-ending. A menace is what he is. You hated his guts. Yet a part of you aches for him to tell you he’ll stay when he spontaneously decides to move out.
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