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#bts meme
sugakookiesbutbadass · 2 days ago
jungkook once again, exuding broke college student energy
Tumblr media
yoongi: we’re at a fancy hotel with unlimited money to spend and you got cup ramyeon?? 
Tumblr media
jungkook: yeah and what about it? 
Tumblr media
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s-seokj · a month ago
bangtan meme bios! ˃⌓˂
eu i o jimin assistindo gcf in tokyo
ocupada namorando o seokjin favor nao incomodar.
eu e o tae assistindo barbie
namu e eu arrumando a nossa casinha no adorable home
eu i jungkook maratonando os filmes da marvel
hoseok reagiu com 👍: eh vdd q voce é so meu? ss vdd
eu i os yoonseok fazendo rap na genius lab
eu e o bangtan dando stream em ptd !!
like or rb if u save/use ‹𝟹
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yooboobies · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i hate this kfkfkfdkdkdkd
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baepsaesbae · a month ago
Before I am human, I am Namjoon’s teenie winnie mini genie lamborghini
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taechnological · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
this would make me a taegijin combo... huh
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sugakookiesbutbadass · 2 days ago
ultimate sibling dynamic
taehyung, the young mischievous one: hey look, this face mist also improves wrinkles! jin this is perfect for you! ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jin, the tired eldest one: hey! if i’m old then you gotta count yoongi in too!!
Tumblr media
yoongi, the clever middle child: nah you’re in your 30s now, i’m still young and spry in my 20s, you’re on your own
Tumblr media
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artist-tae · 4 months ago
fate (jungkook x fem!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You and your tattoo ex Jeon Jungkook have been broken up for the past 2 years. But what happens he enters your life again when you just have gotten over him?
Pairing: jungkook x reader, reader x jimin
Genre: angsty af, tattoo artist Jungkook, eventual smut (?), break up!au
Words: 2.6k 
Chapter 5/6   (1)  (2)  (3)  (4) 
Tumblr media
The empty silence of your room was dreadful. Your head was spinning from you overthinking and you could not relax all day. You sat on your bed staring at the wall, deep in thought. Visions of Jungkook filled your mind and you couldn’t get him out of your head. It was almost pathetic at this point. You gazed into space wondering what your options were. It was time for you to move on. 
Jimin’s words snapped you out of your spiralling thoughts. You didn’t even notice him entering the room. He stood next to you at the end of your bed, looking down at you as you sat. You felt guilty even looking at his face. 
"I was wondering if you wanted some food?" he asked with concern. He had just found you in your room, staring at a blank wall, ignoring him calling out for you. 
"Thanks Jimin, but I think I’m alright for now," you responded, trying your best to form a smile. 
Jimin raised his eyebrows at you. He knew when you were tense or had your mind on something. It made it hard to keep anything a secret from him. He could read you like a book at this point.  
"You know you can talk to me if something is bothering you. I don’t want you to suffer alone with your big head full of thoughts. " He joked, reaching his hand up and ruffling your hair. 
You laughed at his actions, pulling his hand away from your head. 
"Don’t worry, everything’s fine. I’m just tired these days", you explained to him. 
Another lie, Jimin thought. He decided he wasn’t going to force it out of you. He was also afraid that he already knew who you were thinking about. 
You watched as Jimin’s mouth turned into a smirk. You shot him a confused look. Suddenly, you felt his two hands rest on your knees. He leaned his frame over you, causing you to lean back. His face was barely inches from yours. His eyes scanned your entire face, entranced by your beauty. 
"How about I make us some dinner tonight?" he whispered, "Just me and you."
Jimin knew how to cook, and his dishes always left your mouth watering for more. You smiled back at him; the idea of a nice home cooked meal was perfect for you. 
"I would love that."
He smiled back at you. You notice his eyes dart to your lips. Suddenly, your body froze at this. Jimin had his eyes shut and he was leaning in. Panic spread throughout your body. Before he could connect his lips with yours, you held his shoulder to keep him in place. Jimin opened his eyes and shot you a questionable look. 
"I think I need some fresh air," was all you could think to say. You cringed at how pathetic your choice of words was.
Jimin, on the other hand, being the gentleman that he was, nodded and stood up straight again, allowing you to finally catch your breath. You immediately stood up, straightened up, and walked over to get your keys and coat. As you were about to walk out of the room, Jimin’s hand grabbed your wrist gently. 
"He’s not worth it, you know." Jimin stated. 
Jimin’s features were now dark and full of pity for you. You were lost for words at how blunt he was. 
"That guy, he couldn’t treat you with the love you deserve. If he is destroying you, then it is not love, ______. "
The silence you both stood in was filled with tension. You didn’t dare break it for fear that something would go wrong. You gave a slight nod to Jimin before turning and heading out of the house. 
You jumped in your car and put it in the ignition. You pressed your head against the wheel of the car in frustration. Your head was spinning with stress. Jimin’s words were echoing in your head as you drove away from your house. You knew he was right. Jungkook coming back into your life was doing more harm than good. Jimin was only watching out for you. 
You needed answers.
Before you even realised what you were doing, your car was already pulling into Jungkook’s home. You wasted no time in leaving the car and walking up to the front door. You knew if you sat and overthought the whole situation, you would just turn around and leave. You gave one last sigh and pressed the doorbell to the house. 
It felt like an eternity had passed before you heard the sound of the door unlocking. A dishevelled Jungkook opened the door. His eyes widened seeing you standing at his doorstep so unexpected. You noted Jungkook dressed in gym shorts and a loose tank top, exposing all his tattoos from his arms down to his legs. The silence between you two suggested that Jungkook wasn’t planning on greeting you. 
"Can we talk?"
Jungkook’s face was still emotionless as he processed your words. Finally, he jerked his head, motioning you to come inside, holding the door open for you. You walked past him entering his house. You caught the smell of cigarettes in the air as he directed you to his bedroom. 
Piles of drawings were strewn across his desk and on the floor in his room. Some were crumpled up in or near the trash can. You noticed the ashtray on his desk, from which smoke was rising from a glowing cigarette. You obviously caught him during his creative hours, when he was sketching up new tattoo designs for his clients. Jungkook took a seat at the foot of his bed. You made the decision to continue standing.
“What are you working on?", you asked.
"Just some doddles for work.", was all he replied. He stared down at his feet, not making eye contact with you.
You could easily tell he was uneasy with you being here so suddenly.
"It looks really good. Your drawing skills have improved a lot. "
"Why are you here _____?", his eyes finally shot up to look at you. He had a look of displeasure.
You began to fidget with your fingers. Jungkook knew that you only did this when you were nervous.
"I need to know" you explained, "Why did you kiss me?"
Jungkook let out a cynical scoff. "Why did I kiss you? Isn’t it obvious _____? "
"But I need to know why you did it when you know I am with Jimin."
Jungkook’s arm muscles tensed up at the sound of his name. Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in annoyance.
"Why aren’t you with him then, huh? Why did you come all the way to my house just to ask me about kissing you? ", he hissed at you.
Your nervousness turned to anger. Why does Jungkook think he has the right to be mad at you when this was all his fault?
"Stop avoiding the question." You said harshly, "Tell me why you did it."
Jungkook was now stood up towering over your frame in rage.
"Maybe it’s because I finally got to see you after all these years after you chose to dump me out of nowhere!"   
You were speechless at his words. Jungkook's face morphed from anger into defeat. His shoulders were slouched down, and his eyes were now watering.
"Think about it ______. We were perfect. Everything was going so well. We were going so well. But you had to end things with me to go halfway across the country. I know you did it for school. But did you ever stop to think about how it would affect me? You left me alone. It was like you were never even there. "
Jungkook choked up a sob.
"You were all that I had _____."
The lump in your throat was growing as you saw the tears stream down his face.
"I couldn’t stop thinking about the life we could have had." He said, sniffling.
"You knew how much I loved you, Jungkook." you said, fighting the tears.
Jungkook rubbed his eyes at your words. "Loved" he laughed dryly.
"We were just kids. I had to move on," you explained," And you know you must do the same. It’s not healthy. "
I can’t just move on like you ______ ", he shot back," You are ignoring everything that we had! "
You broke eye contact with him as the tears started to fall down your face. It was no good to talk to him.
He suddenly stepped towards you and faced your body. You could feel his breath on you as he spoke.
"Tell me you don’t love me."
"Jungkook", you pleaded, "Stop."
"Please ______, I’ll leave you alone."
You were now sobbing at his words. You felt his hands touch your shoulders as you tried to calm down.
"Jungkook, you know I am not", you confessed. You shook your head profusely, burying your head in his chest.
"Then let us just be together, ______! Just say I do, and we can go back to normal. It will be like nothing ever happened. I will treat you like a princess, I promise. "
"This is normal now! It’s been so long. I can’t leave Jimin, he has done so much for me. "
Jungkook leaned his face into yours and you felt the breath of his lips near yours.
You quickly grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back.
"No Jungkook, not again." You knew if you kissed him it would make everything a hundred times worse than it already was.
Jungkook was defeated. He now knew his efforts were entirely useless. It was always going to be Jimin. He must have known that all along, right?
Jungkook stepped away from you and the air was suddenly colder than before. Jungkook turned away from you and stared out his window. The room was just filled with the sounds of you and Jungkook sniffling.
"Jungkook please say something to me." You spoke up. 
"I have nothing more to say. Please just go ______. " He continued to stare out the window, not daring to look at you. 
Knifes were digging into your heart at his words. This was how it was finally going to end.
"I leave tomorrow. I won’t be coming back. I will be out of your sight _______. You will never have to see me again. " He explained. 
You were choked up as he spoke, and your head was pounding with pain. You just wanted to hug him and reassure him that everything would be fine. You wanted to say something, but nothing came out of your mouth, so silence filled the gap between you two. You stared at your feet as you walked defeatedly out of his house and into your car.
You drove in silence. But you could not help but look in your rear-view mirror, hoping that just maybe Jungkook would chase after you. But no one was there. You had to pull into a random spot to cry before heading home. You sobbed, hugging your knees to your chest as the realisation hit you. Jungkook was gone forever. He will now be known as a distant memory.
Tumblr media
You chose not to tell Jimin about your eventful visit to Jungkook’s house. You knew he wouldn’t approve of it and you didn’t want to spend more time thinking about it. 
Later in the evening, you received a text from Jimin to dress up more formally than usual. The text also informed you that you were banned from the kitchen until Jimin said so. You then remembered the dinner Jimin planned for you and him. 
When you finally got a text stating that the kitchen was now open for dining, you made your way out of your room in your elegant dress. Jimin had lit candles all over the kitchen and your casual kitchen table was decorated with flowers. The light sound of relaxing music aided the ambience. Your jaw dropped at his efforts. He always went above and beyond for these things. 
"Dinner for two?"
You turned around to see Jimin in his fancy black suit, a bottle of wine being held in his hand. A smile plastered your face at his efforts.  
"Let’s eat!" You said thrilled. 
Jimin's meal was delicious. It was a big difference from takeaways and instant noodles. As you two ate, your hands grazed each other’s across the table. You had your plate cleared before you even knew it. Jimin kept the conversation engaging and fun. He knew it would help you take your mind off your problems. The wine was also a big help to you. The alcohol in your system allowed you to relax throughout the night. Jimin’s silly jokes were able to be more funny than they actually were, leaving you laughing at his stupid puns. 
Jimin then began to ramble about ball dancing as you continued to laugh at his humorous tangents. He began to explain to you in detail the elegance of ballroom dancing. 
"It's easy, I’ll show you." He suddenly said, jumping out of his chair. 
Jimin marched over to the stereo and fumbled with it until it reached some classical radio station. The kitchen was filled with a gentle orchestra song. Jimin began to stupidly sway back over to you. Jimin held out his hand to you as an invitation to dance. 
You gladly accepted and placed your hand in his. He immediately pulled you into him and began to lead you in a dance. You could easily smell his cologne as you placed one hand on his shoulder, the other hand still interlocked in his. Your drunken body wasn’t able to keep up with the intricate steps of the dance, but Jimin seemed to have experience of this. The music and being so close to him felt so intimate. 
 He slowly dipped you, still holding you close. The gesture and his face being so close to yours, you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He made note of all the perfections in your face as you giggled drunkenly at his actions. 
"I love you _____"
Your giggling was suddenly halted by his words. His eyes stared deeply into your pupils.
"I have never felt this way about anyone before." He stated.
 You felt his hand moving to cup your face. His thumb lightly brushed along your cheek.
"I want to be with you. I am tired of holding it in anymore. "
He used his hand on your waist to pull you closer to him. You could feel his heart pounding in his chest. You beamed up at his face, he was so romantic. Both your eyes travelled down to each other’s lips. Jimin gave you one last glance into your eyes, almost as if he were asking for your permission. You smiled reassuringly at him, wrapping your hands around his neck.
He finally leant in and pressed his lips on you. You kissed him back with such passion. Your hands made their way into his hair, tugging at it slightly. Jimin sighed into the kiss and deepened the kiss. He wanted this moment to last forever. He wanted to take all your pain away.
He finally pulled away from you. You caught your breath as he cupped your face with both his hands.
"Let’s leave this place ______. We can go somewhere new where we can be together. Just you and me. "
Tumblr media
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