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bang4tan · 4 months ago
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deepdarkdelights · 5 months ago
Run Little Red (Namjoon x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Word Count: 7.8k
Warnings: 18+, Yandere, Werewolf Namjoon, Stalking, Obsession, Forced Relationships, Blood (Lots of it), Gore, Fear, Panic/Anxiety, Discussions of discovering dead bodies, People going missing, Devious Intentions, Depictions of Guns, Mourning, Wolf Courtship Rituals
I do not condone the acts displayed in this story nor do I believe any members of BTS would actually engage in this type of behavior. This is simply written for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a reflection of my own values, opinions, or morals. 
<<Forbidden Fables Masterlist>>
Preview:  A calm life in a small village was all you ever knew, your days spent in the bakery and keeping to yourself. You liked the quiet and gentle nature of your life, but one day a wolf stands outside of your window, a stranger arrives, and people begin to go missing. Do you dare don your red coat and enter the forest?
A/N: Hello babes! My fellow authors and myself decided to change up the order of our release dates for our Forbidden Fables Collab! And, since I recently finished this little beauty, I get to release it first. yay! Now I can sit back and savor the delectable writings of my fellow authors 💜 I hope you enjoy Run Little Red it was fun to make! I can’t wait to read the comments and asks 💜
Tumblr media
There was a wolf outside your window. 
It’s eyes gleaming in the early morning light like molten gold with silver fur that melted into the snow. 
You sat up in bed, wrapping your patchwork quilt around your shoulders as you scooted to the foot of the bed. It was staring at you, that much you were sure of. And that startled you, the almost human like appearance to its gaze was intense and unsettling. It was an animal, but it appeared to be far more intelligent than you had first anticipated. 
Maybe it was hungry, perhaps that was why it was so intent on peering through your window.
No, it certainly wasn’t, that was evident. What you had missed before was glaringly obvious now, its silver muzzle was stained in red. It had made a fresh kill before it had wandered over to your cottage mere feet from the woods. 
So, if it wasn’t hungry, why was it here?
You watched in morbid fascination as its tongue slipped out of its mouth and laved over the fresh, thick, crimson blood that decorated its muzzle. You could see the rows of sharp canines hidden within its maw for mere seconds before the wolf clenched its jaw shut and settled on its hindlegs in the drift of snow.
“My, what big teeth you have.” You whispered to yourself, your voice seemingly louder in the empty room.  
You couldn’t help but wonder what it had made it’s meal. Perhaps a deer, or a squirrel, maybe a bird, or even a small, innocent, little rabbit. 
That would have been ideal. But, you knew it was most likely one of the poor farmer’s livestock. Your village was small and self sufficient, rarely reaching out to its neighboring villages and rarely receiving visitors of its own. So, when the cattle and the goats began to disappear, only their entrails remaining, the town quickly became suspicious. 
It was either one of two things, rebellious teenagers making a hassle for everyone, or a wolf amongst you.   
If only you had known what was to come. 
You stared back warily out the window at the creature, suddenly realizing just how easily it could bust through your flimsy window if it wanted to. This wolf was probably the largest you had ever seen, it was almost the size of a pony, with long limbs that held thick muscle from the time it spent chasing down its prey. You were certain a simple snap of its jaws would kill you in an instant if it desired to do so. 
It’s gaze had not left you, petrifying you to your very spot. You felt like the two of you were playing a game, waiting to see who would be the one to make the first move. 
The call of your mother’s voice was the tie breaker. 
You rose to your feet, your bare skin brushing over the cool wood of the floor as you retreated through your door, back first. 
“Yes?” You replied, angling your neck to the hallway for a moment. 
“Hurry, sweetheart! You’re going to be late!” She called back from the kitchen. 
The bakery had been in your family for the past three generations now, starting with your grandfather, then your mother, and now you. Your mother was showing signs of her age now, her hands were unsteady and unreliable creating more of a mess than a sellable meal. So, it was your turn now. It was the only thing you could do for her, besides be married off and you weren’t quite ready for that. No one was. 
At least that was the gentle way of putting it, in reality you had made yourself quite the social pariah. You were a determined woman, one who liked to keep to herself, one who liked owning the bakery and not having to sign over the ownership to a husband. You had your mother to care for, a business to run, and a grandmother that lived deep in the woods to fret over. 
It didn’t really matter what you wanted, you did what was necessary to stay afloat. 
“Just a minute!” You called once more before slinking back into your room. 
There was a noticeable difference about the space now, the wolf was gone. The only sign he had ever been there being the large dip in the snow that his form had disrupted and a track of paw prints headed into the forest. How strange. 
You shook your head in an attempt to clear your thoughts, you didn’t want to think about what you would have to do if the creature returned. The shotgun looming over you from above the front door said enough.
You couldn’t allow a predator to get comfy around your home, that would only invite trouble into your life.
You dressed yourself quickly that morning in as many layers as you could. The walk to the bakery wasn’t a far one, but it was a frigid one. You made sure to wear your wool stockings and your leather boots, the snow looked to be thick and you didn’t fancy the idea of wet feet all day while you worked. 
You leaned over the side of your bed, scooping up your bag and throwing the keys inside of it in one motion. The extra sleep you had gotten the night before had cost you the time you needed in the morning to ready yourself. 
Once you gave yourself a quick look over and ran through your mental checklist, you rushed out of your room and into the main room of the house. Your house was more like a cottage, it was incredibly small. With only your mother’s room, your room, and the kitchen in one corner with the fireplace in the other it made for a quaint and cozy home. Albeit a cramped one. 
“Your breakfast is on the table.” Your mother said, smoothing a stray hair behind her ear with trembling hands. 
You could see her cleaning up the mess she had made that morning in an attempt to show you kindness. Normally, you were the one to wake early and prepare the both of you for the day ahead. But she had also told you many times before that she was your mother and she was supposed to take care of you as well. 
You eyed the bowl of steaming porridge that sat upon the rickety table. “I don’t think I’ll have the time to eat it.”
“Then you’ll make the time.” She huffed, wiping a wet rag over the counter in two swipes. 
“I shouldn’t have overslept.” You sighed, resting your bag on the floor as you took a seat. 
“You needed the rest, dear. You’re up every morning at the crack of dawn and you don’t come home until nightfall. You don’t need to work that much.” She chided you, smoothing her hands over your hair in a fond manner. 
“I do, for you and for Grandmother.” You reminded her. The cost of living was not cheap. 
“And what about you? You should be spending time with people your age, not working yourself to the bone.”
“I don’t need anyone but you, and Grandmother.” You smiled before sipping at your spoon quickly, hissing as you burned the tip of your tongue in your haste. 
“Youth is wasted on the young.” She chided under her breath, spurring a giggle from your throat. 
You finished your food as quickly as you could before excusing yourself from the table and heading for the door. 
“Your cloak, dear!” Your mother called as you pulled the door open, the chill of the snow seeping into your bones. 
“Yes, mother!” You chirped with an amused roll of your eyes as you curled your fingers around the crimson fabric of the cloak. Your grandmother had made it herself two winters ago, as much as you loved it and her you had to admit it was a tad ostentatious and you weren’t exactly one for attention. But it was warm and it served its purpose well. 
The door creaked shut behind you, squeaking softly as it settled back into the frame. The snow had fallen much higher than you had previously anticipated. You tightened the ties of your cloak and delicately flipped the large hood over your head before gripping your layers of skirts and hiking them up as you began your journey. 
It was rather slippery that day, you couldn’t restrain the slight squeals that fell from your parted lips each time the heel of your boot found a patch of ice and sent you sliding. You were certain you should have caught the attention of a few passerbys, but to your surprise a large group of them had become preoccupied. 
There were about fourteen of them, all in one great circle fervently discussing something. They seemed to be worried, panicked even. It had caught your attention now that the group was made up mostly of men excluding the butcher’s wife and daughter. Both’s cheeks were stained red, their eyes brimming with unshed tears as they held onto each other tight in the crisp air. 
Your face tensed in confusion as you approached the bakery, the group not too far away from you. 
“Oh, poor Sarah.” A tender voice cooed worriedly from next door. It was the tailor, she and her apprentice were stood outside, thick shawls wrapped around the both of them. 
You occupied yourself by rifling through your leather satchel, pretending to look for the shop keys you held in that very hand. You knew that eavesdropping wasn’t very polite, but you also were the curious sort, and that curiosity demanded to be satiated. 
“Don’t worry, miss. I’m sure they’ll find him soon, you know how the young ones are.” The apprentice said, her hand resting on the tailor’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort. 
“It’s not like William though, he’s a sweet boy. It doesn’t make any sense for him to go up and missing at the crack of dawn.” She replied, her dark eyes narrowing in suspicion. “I just find it funny is all, that a stranger shows up here the same day that Sarah’s boy disappears.”
“Coincidence isn’t evidence.” The apprentice hummed, pulling her shawl tighter around herself  as she began to back up against the shop door, aggravated by the chilly air. “I’m sure he’ll turn up, with a search party that size he’ll be back home in no time.”
With that, you finally retrieved your “missing” keys and unlocked the door, sliding into the safety of the bakery. You knew William as well, he really was a sweet most. Your heart did go out to Sarah though, you didn’t know the pain of a missing child but you could empathize. The sight of her broken face remained burned into your mind as you readied the shop, lighting the hearth and preparing your materials to start your first batch of bread for the day. Your late start was going to nip you in the behind, most of the women arrived by noon to get their first pick of goods and the two hours it would take to make your batches was going to loom over your head the entire time. 
You were mid kneading your dough when the familiar tinkle of the bell above the shop door demanded your attention. You paused for a moment, your aching arms thanking you for the short reprieve. Almost immediately your breath was caught in your throat. You had been expecting one of the regular mothers wandering their way in, or perhaps even one of their children running errands. Not this man that stood before you. 
This was most obviously the stranger the tailor had been referring to moments earlier, there was no mistake. Your village was small, everyone knew everyone and this stranger looked nothing like any of the people in your town. 
He was so much taller than anybody else, broader too. But most astonishing was his pure silver hair and the deep honey shade of his eyes. You had never seen anyone as young as him with hair that light, it surely wasn’t grey, the shade far too bright to be mistaken with something that dull. He was damn near ethereal and unfairly attractive. His looks had almost distracted you from his attire but now that you were paying attention, he was severely underdressed for the weather. He had to be freezing cold. 
“Hello, can I help you?” You asked softly, patting your hands against your apron to remove the excess flour from your skin. 
He had a rather confident stance, like he was the owner of the shop instead of you, you who was slightly cowering and thrumming with anxiety. 
He sent you a wide grin, his teeth were pearly white and for some unknown reason that sent your heart crashing into your stomach. You could have sworn they even looked slightly pointy at the ends, not unlike those of the creature you had seen outside your window that morning. You had almost been distracted by the sweet dimples that rested in his cheeks. What duality he had. 
He tilted his head back slightly, peering down at you from above, “Hm, I’m looking for something sweet.” He hummed. 
“Sweet?” You mumbled to yourself, resting your hand on your hip in thought.
“Oh! I made some sweet rolls yesterday, how about that?” You said with a snap of your fingers, retreating further into the shop without a response from him. 
Now in work mode you busied yourself with preparing the stranger’s order. You couldn’t help but wonder why he had arrived, what his reason for being there was. Barely anybody passed through your village, and they certainly didn’t stay as long as he had. 
Once you had retrieved the tray of rolls you set them on the counter before grabbing a pot of freshly warmed icing and gently drizzling it over top. Once each roll had been thoroughly coated, you set the pot aside and headed to the cupboard to retrieve a bag for them.  
“Perfect.” You sighed in irritation, craning your neck back to see the top of the shelf. 
Normally, you had endless amounts of bags and never needed the ones stored on the top shelf. But this winter had been far more difficult than past ones and your stock had not been refilled in quite a while. 
Desperately not wanting to search for your wooden stool, you stubbornly resorted to balancing on the tips of your toes, your fingers just barely brushing against the material of the bags. You groaned in frustration, bouncing up slightly only to knock the bags back further on the shelf and worsen the ache in your shoulder. 
Just as you were about to give up and resort to looking for your rickety stool, you felt a hand settle on your waist and a chest press against your back as the stranger reached up and grabbed the bags for you. He was incredibly warm, so warm you thought he may even be sick. He felt as warm as the heat emanating from a fire of fresh coals and that was incredibly alarming, but also explained his state of dress.
You flinched in surprise as you felt him set the bags aside and settle his other hand on your shoulder. It was deathly quiet, the only sounds being his slow, steady breaths underlying your panicked ones accompanied by the calm rise and fall of his chest against your back. You had never been this close to anyone before, it was incredibly uncomfortable. 
You felt much like a rabbit, cornered, panicking, and believing that if you stayed still enough he wouldn’t see you and would go away. 
He gently rested his forehead against your hair, nuzzling from side to side before reaching up and playing with a stray strand. You could feel him taking a deeper breath this time, humming softly like he was pleased. 
“Sweet.” He mumbled to himself. 
Oh. Oh, no. Who did this man think he was? You were not on the menu. You shuddered in fear before jerking away, smacking his hands off of you. 
You turned on your heel, backing away from him as you fixed him with an annoyed glare. The look he gave you was one of clear confusion, a layer of hurt and frustration buried beneath. 
“I’m not sure how things work where you come from, but normally you ask for permission before you go touching someone you don’t know.” You huffed, slamming the empty bag on the counter as you began to package the rolls. 
It didn’t matter if he was attractive or not, you were not going to let him touch you as he pleased or get the wrong message that you weren’t even conveying in the first place. 
The stranger rounded the counter, the block of wood effectively separating the two of you, making you feel a little safer. His eyes looked darker than before, less like honey and more like amber. 
His confident demeanor had returned, effectively confusing you even more. 
“Forgive me,” He said, another smile gracing his lips as he rested his forearms on the countertop, “It seems we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot? My name is Namjoon, and yours?” 
So, he did have the capability to be somewhat of a gentleman. He was rather well spoken, and his strange mannerisms and quiet demeanor had all but disappeared in a flash. 
So, begrudgingly, you replied with your name. 
He repeated it after you, his tongue swiping over the full flesh of his lower lip like he was tasting it, sending a chill down your spine. 
“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, you were correct in assuming where I come from we do greetings a little differently.” He said with a soft chuckle, his amber eyes tracing every movement you made. 
You did feel a little bad now for how you had lashed out at him. Normally, you weren’t one who was quick to anger, but that still didn’t excuse what he had done. 
“It’s alright,” You said, slowly, “You need to be more careful though, if that had been anyone else I don’t think you would have gone unscathed.” 
“Are most of your people so quick to violence?” He asked, titling his head slowly, a strong sense of intrigue exuding from his form. 
“I wouldn’t say so normally, but we’re all a little on edge as of late. Our livestock has been attacked and just this morning one of us went missing.”
“Missing?” He asked, a new glow to eyes. 
“Yes, I’m afraid so. The butcher’s son hasn’t been seen all day, it’s very unlike him.” You said, your teeth sinking into your lower lip, unsure if you should tell him more. But, considering it concerned him you felt maybe it was in his best interest to tell him. 
“If I were you, I wouldn’t stick around for too long. Some find it suspicious you turned up the same day that William went missing.” 
“And what if I don’t feel like leaving just yet?” He asked, disregarding the information you had just given him as if he had no reason to be worried. 
You had no answer for him, truly you didn’t. The packaged rolls sat between the two of you and a long stretch of silence as he stared at you and waited for a response that didn’t come. And, without another word, he dropped a few too many coins on the counter, gathered up the bag, and headed for the front door. 
He stopped for only a moment, his fingers gently stroking at your red cloak you had hung up beside the door. His amber gaze trailed over each stitch as he lightly grazed the material a few more times. 
“I’ll be seeing you soon, little red.” 
After he had left, your day had not gotten any easier. Just as you had expected, it had been another busy day. You had managed to satisfy all of your customers, despite that late start you had made. 
There were a few upsides to the job you had, one being that it allowed you to tune into any gossip you would normally miss out on. You were more of a hit with the older women of the village, the people your age finding you to be a tad strange and off putting. 
That day your shop had been filled with hushed whispers of what had come to pass, the search party still had not returned from their trip to recover William. The outlook was not in the boy’s favor, not with the increase in predator activity you had been receiving as of late. You weren’t so sure you would be seeing William walking back into town any time soon. 
Once the day had come to an end, the sun dipping just below the tree line and casting shades of red over the snow, you had extinguished the lights of your shop and were locking up, your hood drawn over your head. That was when you found out the horrible truth. 
As you slid the shop keys into your bag and turned on your heel, you saw the search party emerging from the woods. And with them, you could see a blanketed form lying in the snow, the sheet swaddling the body slowing turning red. 
You swallowed harshly, turning as quickly as you could and beginning to make your way through the snow and away from what you knew was coming. You didn’t want to see the look on Sarah’s face, you didn’t want to watch her go boneless in the arms of her husband. But it didn’t matter what you saw or didn’t see, you would never forget the sound of her screams piercing the crisp, snowy air.
Your breath was visible in hot puffs in front of your face as you felt the burn of tears beginning to prick at the corners of your eyes. It didn’t matter if you didn’t care for William, it didn’t matter if you knew what he was really like, there was nothing quite like the sound of a mother’s heartbreak. It was enough to send anybody down to their knees. 
Your numb fingers wiped away the warm tears rushing down your cheeks, and amidst your blurry vision you could have sworn you saw a familiar figure slinking off into the woods, a flash of silver hair that just barely materialized. You could have sworn that that was Namjoon disappearing like a ghost into the frigid depths of the forest. 
You shook your head, you shouldn’t bother yourself with what he was doing, your main goal should be getting home before the sun completely dips below the horizon and plunges you into darkness. So, with that thought, you rushed home. 
Once you entered the cottage, things didn’t get any better. Your mother was stood there, waiting anxiously for your arrival. As soon as you had stepped foot inside she whipped the door shut and helped you remove your cloak as you toed your boots off. 
“No more working late, do you hear me?” She said, gripping your shoulders to get you to look at her. “It’s not safe out there.”
“Word travels fast then?” You asked humorlessly. 
“It’s a shame what happened to that boy, and I’ll be damned if that happens to you.” She replied sternly. 
“And what about Grandmother then? What do we do about her? She’s out there, all alone, with no one to protect her.”
“She has the lumberjack-”
“And he only checks on her every two weeks.” You interrupted, “Let me go out tomorrow and bring her back to us. I’ll go first thing in the morning.”
Your mother bit her lip, her hands shakily settling on her hips as she thought to herself. “I’ll go with you then.”
“No, you can’t possibly think you’ll be able to make the trip. The snow is thick and it’s a long walk there, you’ll exhaust yourself. It’ll be better if I go, faster too.” You said as you approached the fireplace, raising your hands to the flames to warm them. 
“And your grandmother, you think she’ll be able to make it back through the snow?” She probed, raising her eyebrow. 
She had a point, if you were saying she wouldn’t be able to make it there how would you expect your grandmother to make it back with you? 
You rested your hand on the back of your neck, pacing the floor and causing your layers of skirts to swirl around your ankles. You came to a sudden stop, your eyes settling on the shotgun that was mounted above your front door. Idea.
You didn’t like the thought of her being out there all alone, but if you knew she had something to protect her from the wild animals that would make you feel much better. 
“Alright, what if I bring her some supplies instead? I’ll grab some things that’ll last her a good while and I’ll show her how to use the shotgun. I’ve saved up some money of my own, I could purchase us a new one.” You mused out loud.
You loved your grandmother, she was the last living member of your father’s side of the family, she was the only connection you had to him at this point. You couldn’t bear the thought of losing her just yet, not when you could prevent it from those creatures that were beginning to terrorize your people. 
Your mother was silent once more, her thumb settled between her lips as she nervously chewed at the nail. She didn’t like the idea of you headed out into the woods alone, but she was comforted by the thought of you taking the shotgun with you, that much you were certain of. 
“We don’t know when the next storm will hit, and the last thing we need is for her to be stuck out there, all alone, with no food, surrounded by the wild. Let me go.”
And that was enough to break her resilience. 
“Promise me, promise me that you’ll come back.” She whispered, her body visibly sagging as those words left her lips. 
“It goes without saying.” You murmured, wrapping her up in your embrace. 
It was easier this way, you didn’t want to make a promise you had no certainty in keeping. 
The air in the cottage had lost all tension, everything was much calmer than before. But your peace could only last for so long. It was when you entered your bedroom that you realized something else was wrong.
The room was positively frigid, and upon further inspection you realized that your window had been pried open, the cold winter air surging forth and snuffing out any traces of heat. 
You surged forward and grasped the window, attempting to swing it shut as quickly as you could to try and insulate whatever warmth was left. But the thick scent of copper quickly stalled your movements. Instead of closing the window, you found yourself leaning forward into the brisk air, sniffing intently as you tried to make out where the scent was emanating from. You didn’t have to look far.
Your hands sealed themselves over your mouth, smothering the scream that threatened to break through them. 
Sitting in the snow where the wolf had once laid, was a human heart. The snow seemed to sizzle around it, the organ still warm and slick with blood that carved rivers and valleys into the pure ice. 
You could feel bile rising up your throat, your vision shaking so violently it made it appear that the heart was vibrating with steady pumps like it was still alive. 
And, to your horror, you could make out a form a few feet back in the snow. The only thing that was visible in the pitch black were it’s molten gold eyes, shining back at you in recognition before it scuttled away into the darkness.
You frantically slammed the window shut and drew the curtains closed tight. 
There was no mistake now, someone or something had been following you. 
When you awoke the next morning from a restless sleep, you elected to keep your discovery to yourself.
Although you were incredibly frightened by what you had seen, the last thing you needed was to scare your already frail mother. Your grandmother was still in need of assistance, and you couldn’t allow your mother to halt your plans. You had a mission to accomplish, and you were set on completing it with a shotgun slung over your arm and a picnic basket on the other. 
So, you shakily grasped your red cloak and wrapped it around your shoulders in haste, your fingers struggling to do up the ties at the base of your throat. Once you had completed the normally easy task, you slipped your basket onto the inside of your elbow and pulled down the shotgun from its resting place above the door. 
You regularly cleaned it, a task your father had enjoyed teaching you at a young age, so you were certain it wouldn’t jam if you needed to use it in a hurry. You slid a box of ammunition into your pocket, one for you, and another box into the picnic basket, one for your grandmother. 
And then you were off, bidding your mother goodbye with a hug and a swift kiss to her cheek, and an unspoken promise tittering on the edges of your lips saying that you would be home for supper. But those words were better left unspoken. 
The sun was just barely peeking through the thick clouds overhead, you were certain a blizzard was brewing. This only urged you to move quicker through the cleared paths. 
But the clouds weren’t the only foreboding message that morning, it was the mother’s wailing in the town square. There were three more now, holding each other in a comforting manner as they wept into each other’s shoulders. 
More children had been snatched from their mothers.
Sarah sat by herself, of her own volition, an obsidian mourning veil obscuring her tear stained features. A chill ran down your back as you urged yourself to walk by them quicker, she looked more like an executioner than she did a mourner, surrounded by a choir of weeping women. 
You could still hear the echoes of her cries in the back of your mind, the raw chords striking your ears once more. 
You tightened your grip on the strap of your shotgun, your pace slowing as you reached the bridge that led you into the forest. You felt like you could breathe now, despite the knowledge that people your own age had lost their lives in the thick overgrowth before you. The relief that you felt from the women in the square outweighed your fear.
The bridge creaked in protest as your boots tapped against the wood. It would need to be repaired come spring. 
“Little red!” A voice called from the treeline causing you to suddenly stop, snow kicking up beneath your boots. 
Moments later, a familiar figure emerged from the frost coated trees, tall, ash hair, and honey eyes. Namjoon. 
“Where are you off to, little red?” He cooed, his voice low with a sultry edge that sent shivers down your spine. You couldn’t tell if they were delighted or terrified chills. 
“My grandmother’s, what are you doing here?” You asked, your body tense and defensive. 
He drew nearer now, a wide grin gracing his lips with a set of teeth so white they resembled the snow beneath your boots. The closer he got the more you noticed about him. His perfect white teeth seemed a little sharper than most, and the clothes he wore were once more, not suited for the frigid weather. 
“I caught sight of this old thing,” He hummed, his finger tracing over your cloak and the strap of your shotgun as he slowly circled you, “And couldn’t help but see you.”
You stepped back hesitantly, his presence was unnerving. Without saying anything more you pulled away from his reach and began to walk by him briskly, headed into the woods. 
“Leaving so soon? We only just met.” He laughed, it would have been a nice contagious laughter had you not heard the bitter edge to it. 
“I’m afraid I don’t have the time to dawdle, Namjoon. I need to reach her before the storm hits.”
“Well then, won’t you let me accompany you?”
“I don’t need an escort, I know my way just fine, thank you very much.” 
“And what about the beasts then?” He asked from beside you, sending you halting to a stop. 
“Beasts?” You asked slowly, gazing up at him from beneath the cover of your hood. 
“Well, surely you know?” He asked in a patronizing tone, his honey eyes narrowing. “Four people from your village have gone missing, red. Surely you know that wasn’t an accident. Great beasts have roamed this forest for centuries and they don’t take kindly to intruders. It would be much safer if I came with you.”
You stood there for a moment in silence, contemplating his words. He was not wrong, two people were much safer than just one. 
So, begrudgingly, you accepted his offer. 
His hand quickly captured your own, his fingers intertwining with yours as he pressed his side tightly to your own with a grin. How bold. You were struck once more by the fact that he was incredibly warm, it was no wonder why he wasn’t bundled up like you were. It felt like he had struck a fever. 
Namjoon filled the silence between the two of you surprisingly well, telling you stories of the great beasts that roamed the woods, effectively scaring you and holding your attention. He had a way of speaking that drew people in, like a siren from the stories your father had read to you. 
It was easy to forget with him, easy to forget why you had been frightened in the first place, easy to sink into his side as his warmth seeped into your flesh, and easy to get lost in his voice. 
That was of course, until you felt him pulling you off of the path. 
You dug your heels into the snow, tugging at his hand violently. “Namjoon!”
“Yes?” He asked.
“What are you doing? Her cottage is this way, we stay on the path, we never leave the path.” You said, gesturing towards the dirt pathway beneath the two of you. 
That was a spoken rule in your village, never go off of the path. 
“That’s ridiculous,” He chuckled, “If we continue the way you were going, that doubles the time it takes to get there, it’s better we take the shortcut.”
“No.” You sternly said. 
“And why not?”
“Because, there’s predators out there! Mountain lions, bears, wolves!”
A mischievous smirk pulled at the corners of his lips, “Are you scared of wolves, little red?”
“I’m scared of anything that wants to eat me.” You replied with a dry tone. 
“Well you do smell very sweet-”
He took a deep breath, his eyes darting between you and the shortcut. “I promise you, nothing will hurt you while I’m here. Besides, did you know some flowers bloom in the winter?”
“What? You can’t be serious.”
“I am, there’s a field of flowers this way, all different breeds that bloom in the dead of winter. Don’t you think your grandmother would enjoy those?” 
You chewed at your lip uneasily. He knew exactly what to say to make you question your own actions. You would be lying if you said you didn’t want to see what he was talking about, and you knew that yes, your grandmother would be elated by something so cheery in the bleak winter months. 
So, after a few moments of consideration, you agreed.
And Namjoon had not been lying. After a few minutes of trekking through the deep snow the two of you emerged into a clearing, and just like he said, it was filled with flowers of all different breeds. 
You found yourself crouching down into the field, your fingers trailing over each velvety petal that had somehow found a way to survive in the clutches of an icy death. Your favorites were the deep red roses. They were a dead match for your cloak, a beautiful color that was delicately dusted with soft flakes of snow. 
You couldn’t help but greedily pluck several blossoms from the foliage, slipping them into your basket. 
And, amidst your excitement, you hadn’t noticed just how close your companion had gotten until you felt him. That incredible warmth had returned as he crouched down behind you, and just like he had in the bakery, you felt him lightly nuzzling your head and breathing in your scent as he pressed himself closer to you, his arms winding around your body in an attempt to pull you even tighter to him. 
You froze, your finger mid pull on the rose’s stem causing you to slice the appendage on a stray thorn. You hissed in pain as you watched the blood drip from the tip of your finger before rolling down your wrist and carving a pool into the snow beneath you. 
And, without a thought, Namjoon’s hand encircled your wrist and yanked it up to his face. 
His once honey eyes appeared brighter than before, his long lashes fluttering as his warm breath misted over your skin. And before you could stop him, he licked a line up your wrist, collecting the blood, and pressed your finger to his lips swiping his tongue over the wound. 
You yelped in surprise, wrenching your hand free from his grip as your heart pounded violently. You rose to your feet and stumbled backwards through the snow. 
Namjoon remained where he was crouched, a sudden hunger evident in his honey gaze, a gaze that was not so unfamiliar. 
“We-we need to go!” You stuttered, turning on your heel and retreating from whatever had just happened. 
You held your hand close to your chest as you walked, frightened by what had just transpired. A part of you suddenly wished you had made your journey alone as you had previously intended.
But the harsh crunch of snow behind you reminded you of the choice you made, and the molten glare digging into your back exemplified it. 
The rest of your journey was made in complete silence, a new tension had settled between the two of you. And, true to Namjoon’s word, the way he had taken you was indeed a shortcut. So, you felt no remorse as you sprinted toward the cottage ahead of you and threw a weak thank you over your shoulder. 
You couldn’t stand the awkward tension anymore, you couldn’t stand being in his presence any longer than you needed to. 
As soon as you approached the front door, you threw it open and let it shut behind you. You leaned against the door for a moment to catch your breath before you shrugged the shotgun off of your shoulder and strung it up on the hook beside the front door. 
“Grandmother!” You called as you began to approach the kitchen door, “I’m here!”
And upon opening it, a blood curdling scream broke free from your lips. 
The sight before you could only be described as a massacre. Your hands desperately tried to cover your eyes, but the damage had already been done. There was blood, so much blood amongst other things laid out atop the counter. 
You fell backwards, your body sliding down the wall as hoarse screams raked through your throat. The unmistakable scent of blood was thick in the kitchen sending your stomach churning in your gut. You knew that scent, it was clear as day whatever had remained in that room had once been human. 
“Sweetheart?” A familiar voice called out to you. 
And upon opening your eyes, you saw your grandmother standing before you. The sudden feeling of elation surging through your body at the sight of her alive quickly died out. She wore a leather apron stained with blood, both fresh and old, and her hands were gloved. You quickly stood and began to back away from her, your sense of self preservation suddenly kicking in, your eyes zeroing in on the meat cleaver she held in her left hand. 
“Sweetheart, calm down.” She whispered softly, carefully setting the blade down on the counter beside the gorey mess. 
Your eyes were darting everywhere but her, panicked breaths leaving your parted lips. Your gaze finally settled in the corner of the room where a pile of clothing sat and a familiar axe. The lumberjack, she had murdered the lumberjack. 
“Why?” You cried, trembling as if you had been drenched to the bone. “Why did you do it?!” 
“I had too sweetie, I have to feed them.”
“Them? Who?” You asked, backing out of the kitchen as she followed your trail, her face soft with sympathy despite the flecks of blood that decorated her cheeks. 
“The wolves, of course. I made a deal with them long ago, if I fed them in the winter I could stay here.” She replied, her voice alarmingly calm. “The lumberjack was a sweet man but this winter was a rough one, not many travelers I’m afraid.”
“You’ve gone mad.” You whispered. 
“I know this is a lot to take in, but it’s best if you listen to me darling. Your grandfather was one of them, he courted me and then we had your father and your uncles. It’s always tricky with litters, you never know who is going to take after who. Your father though, he was the most human out of all of them. Poor thing couldn’t even shift.” She sighed, her eyes glazing over.
“You need help, you’re not well.” You tried again, doing your best to keep distance between the two of you.
“I know you’re a bit shaken up, but you need to listen to me, it’s in your best interest.” She sighed, untying the leather apron from around her waist. 
“That cloak you’re wearing, it’s a symbol that you’ve come of age and Namjoon has had every intention of courting you. He’s been rather obvious really, he’s becoming quite frustrated with you.” 
You suddenly became still, your mind flashing through every time Namjoon had ever touched the very item you were wearing. What she was saying, although deluded, had some semblance of truth. 
“I-I have to go.” You mumbled, your throat tightening from the copper scent and smell of flesh that hung heavily in the air. You needed to get home and far away from her before she killed you too. 
A deep sadness spread over her features as her head hung low, shaking from side to side. “Don’t run,” She breathed, “They find the chase seductive.”
All this time you had been slowly backing away from the person you loved the most, and now you had been stopped by the feeling of a solid form behind you. You quickly spun around, a shriek of horror escaping you as you met the bright, gold eyes of your escort, Namjoon. 
And, without thinking, you ran. 
Your cloak was fluttering behind you rapidly in the harsh, cold winds, the snow coming down thicker than it ever had before. And, to your absolute horror, a loud howl was echoing throughout the trees. 
You peered over your shoulder as you sprinted to the best of your ability through the snow drifts. The wolf that had sat outside your window days before had returned and was chasing you down. Now that there was nothing separating you from the creature you were terrified, it was massive and hunting you down. It had the clear advantage, you were inevitably going to die. You were never going home again, another child was going to be ripped from their mother. 
Tears were pouring down your cheeks like waterfalls as you blindly ran, unsure as to where you were going. You knew that you didn’t have time, four legs were faster than two and you were greatly impaired by the weather. 
With no goal in mind, no destination in sight, you ran in hopes you would be able to live for a little longer. You did your best to weave between the trees, slide down hills of snow, and keep running for your life. Your lungs burned and your legs ached but still you ran, even as you heard the loud steps of the wolf coming nearer and nearer.
And, just as you had lost all hope, an outcropping of rocks became visible at the base of a snowy hill. And with every intention to save your life, you recklessly threw yourself down the hill allowing gravity to take over for you. 
The second you felt yourself cease rolling, you rose to your unsteady legs and dizzily stumbled into the cluster of rocks, pulling yourself into the shelter away from the blizzard.
But your hope was fleeting as you came to a realization. The shelter was a den, one that had clearly been in use. It was littered with furs, blankets, books, and materials for a fire. The creature had been corralling you to this very location. 
You turned as another burst of adrenaline shot through your body only to be stunted by the sight of the silver wolf blocking the exit to the den. 
It’s bright eyes stared back at you with a gleam of satisfaction as it crouched down, shimming it’s way into the den and backing you up further into its depths. 
You watched, horrified, as the wolf began to whimper, it’s body shaking violently as the sound of bones beginning to snap and crunch echoed throughout the space, reforming and distorting themselves into vaguely familiar shapes as it’s fur began to melt away. 
Those bright golden eyes faded to a recognizable honey shade, and the silver fur disappeared and showed itself as ashen hair. On the floor of the den sat Namjoon in the place of where the powerful wolf had once stood. 
He carefully rolled his head from side to side, his neck cracking loudly in response as he rose to his feet. A mischievous smirk pulled at his lips, a triumphant gleam to his eyes as he confidently approached your trembling form. 
A broken cry escaped from your throat as you felt him press his forehead to your own, lightly nuzzling his head against yours. His strange behavior now made sense, he had been courting you in a way that was unfamiliar to you, but natural to him. 
All of the people that had gone missing were male’s your age, he had been wiping out the competition. 
And the bloody organ he had left outside of your window, had been a horrific present. A show of his dominance and his twisted affection. 
You were crying uncontrollably now, everything you had experienced suddenly crashing down on you. You flinched in terror as you felt his fingers grip your jaw, his lips just brushing against your own and he hummed happily.
“You have nowhere left to run, little red.” 
Tumblr media
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ironicarmy · 6 months ago
victory lap | knj (m)
Tumblr media
↣ pairing: namjoon x reader
↣ genre: smut, fluff, married!au, president namjoon!au
↣ rating: +18
↣ word count: 6.5k
↣ warnings: rough sex, unprotected sex, daddy kink, oral (f), fingering, cum play, cum eating, breeding kink, impregnation kink, namjoon is a filthy dilf lmao, this turned out cheesier than i wanted but it’s okay since soft feral is my brand, namjoon is in his FORTIES and he is a DILF, enough said
↣ playlist: we are the champions - queen // positions - ariana grande // nasty - ariana grande // the way you look tonight - frank sinatra // willow - taylor swift // 34 +35 - ariana grande // mmmh - kai
↣ summary: Your husband, Namjoon, has been finally elected as President after many months of campaigning and effort. After his acceptance speech, the adrenaline rush is too much to bear. 
↣ notes: banner made by the amazing Vivi @chillingtae​ love u so much and thank u!!! beta read by @dee-ehn​ and @jjkxla​ // dedicated to @joonsgalore​ bc i owed it to her
also THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 8K FOLLOWERS!!! here’s your little celebration post that’s been like weeks in the making uwu
Tumblr media
You still couldn’t believe it. Months worth of campaigning and sleepless nights had all come to fruition. The ache in your feet was worth the smile on your husband’s face, deep dimples showing the youngest president South Korea had ever seen, having just turned 40, but still retaining that youthful, handsome face he captured your heart with years ago.
His hand held yours, refusing to let go as the votes tallied in, one by one. Your team stood in awe around you as your husband crushed the competition by a landslide. Hours and hours spent with your eyes glued to the multiple TV screens, coffee cups in hand, well into the evening until all votes were counted and the people had spoken. Namjoon had just won the presidency by a large margin. You were, together, bringing in a new era. A younger generation finally taking charge of the country.
Twitter went nuts. Media outlets all over the world covered the news. Namjoon was ushered out of the common room and forced to put on his suit jacket so he could give a statement to the press while looking crisp as always. You clasped your son’s hand tightly while your eldest daughter, Sunghee, trailed behind you with sleepy eyes and a smile, aided by Jungkook, Namjoon’s secretary, who only beamed at you with pride.
“I’m sorry to keep pestering you with the kids, Jungkookie,” you apologized, bending down to expertly carry your three-year-old son, Sungho, whose droopy eyes only signaled he was way past his bedtime. You kept mentally kicking yourself for not calling your nanny on the busiest day of your life.
Sungho wrapped his arms around you with a pout, burying his face into your perfectly styled hair, whining about wanting to go to bed. You chuckled at his cuteness, wishing you could bring down the moon and the stars for him and put him to bed as he wanted, but alas, you had places to be, and your son only weighed you down. Still, you managed.
The plaza was packed with people, mostly supporters and news outlets wishing to get the latest scoop on the newly elected President of South Korea.
“It’s alright, Mrs. Kim,” Jungkook dismissed with a warm smile, taking Sunghee’s hand in his and leading her beside you. “I love kids. I’m a proud uncle to three little brats. They’re my whole world. Can’t even begin to imagine how it will feel once I have my own.”
You chuckled, rubbing circles on your son’s back, your heart clenching once he hugged you tighter. You reached the exit to the courtyard, where security guards cleared a pathway between all the ruckus so you could pass through to the stage. Namjoon was already on the podium, beaming at the crowd, but the gleam in his eyes only got brighter once he saw you approaching with your children in tow.
Biting his lip, he hurried off the stage despite the protests of his team, jogging down the stairs at lightning speed to meet you halfway. Sunghee squealed at the sight of her father, releasing Jungkook’s hand to run to his outstretched arms. Namjoon lifted her, happily wrapping her little legs around his torso and planting a loud smooch to her soft cheek, and finally meeting you in the middle of the crowd.
You swore you’d never seen him so happy, the light in his eyes only matched by three distinct moments of your life: the day of your wedding, and the births of your two children. He looked spectacular, with the way his baby blue button-down hugged his wide, built torso, straining at the seams, hair neatly combed, showcasing the little streaks of grey that added a touch of maturity to his youthful appearance. The passage of time had done well with him, aging like fine wine. It only heightened your desire for him.
When you met, your lips crashed in a fiery, passionate kiss, a large hand cupping your face tenderly and angling it better. The crowd cooed at the display of affection, camera flashes going off from every possible direction. You were sure it was going to make the headlines tomorrow. It only made you kiss him harder, your daughter groaning at the scene.
“Ugh, that’s gross!” Sunghee complained, eliciting laughs from both of you when the kiss broke. Namjoon ruffled her long, dark hair and planted a kiss on her forehead. You leaned in to peck her little button nose, a trait inherited from her gorgeous father. She was the spitting image of him, while your son resembled you a lot more, who, by the way, was already sound asleep on your shoulder.
Namjoon laughed once you turned to show Sungho’s squeezed cheek and pouty lips, also taking his time to tenderly kiss his son’s head. “My babies,” he beamed, the stars in his eyes replaced by hearts. “I love you three so much, my little babies,” he said, pinching your cheek adorably. Namjoon wasn’t always this mushy in public, but you guessed the adrenaline worked wonders on him. “Come on.” He cocked his head, letting you walk before him and lead the way back to the stage.
He didn’t dare let go of your daughter once the screams died down. He needed someone to anchor him to the earth, and who better than the absolute light of his life, his princess. Sunghee was a daddy’s girl through and through. You knew from day one she would be like him when she grew up. It was known, it was meant to be.
Standing behind the microphone, your husband took the stage and dazzled the crowd through his inspiring words. It reminded you of those long nights in which you helped him prepare and rehearse his speeches, where you helped him find the courage to stand up for what he believed in. Those arduous days of campaigning had finally paid off, and while you wanted to lay down and rest, you knew this was only the beginning of the story for your little family.
As your husband addressed the crowd and the press, your gaze softened and your smile widened with pride. He looked so unbelievably happy it made your heart swell, and you knew that smile was worth every night of sleeplessness.
Namjoon suddenly looked at you, breaking you out of your trance once you realized he had extended his hand towards you in order to present you to the crowd. With your son in your arms you walked over to the podium and waved at the countless rows of cheering supporters, the flash of the cameras nearly blinding you yet you didn’t care. Namjoon beamed at the public and so did you, but in all honesty, all you wanted was to go home, put the kids to sleep, and pop open a bottle of champagne in his office.
You spent the better part of an hour on that stage, your son was drooling over your blazer and your feet were killing you. Sunghee didn’t dare separate from her father, insisting she stay with him at all times, and he was too weak to say no to her anyway. The press loved her, not even hesitating to take pictures of the adorable five year old clinging to her father’s shoulders.
After a final press round, you returned to the building in order for Namjoon to settle some things with his team. It was nearing midnight by the time you managed to escape to the underground parking lot, and you already knew Namjoon had to wake up early the next day to continue the mountain load of work he had ahead. The coming years, as you feared, were about to take a toll on your collective sleep schedule, and you were barely getting started.
Your car was escorted by a swarm of police and government cars, mainly for security reasons, and your security team didn’t dare leave you alone until you were completely safe in the confines of your gated home. It was only a matter of months before you had to pack up and leave your property for the Blue House, and you had to plan as soon as possible with the members of the staff.
But for now, all you wanted was some time alone with your husband.
Finally out of earshot from your bodyguards, who diligently guarded the outside of your house, you appreciated the peace and quiet. Your son still clung to your frame, out cold, and Namjoon carried your daughter who had fallen asleep on the way home, mouth hanging hilariously open. You tucked her in first, with Namjoon taking off her little shoes and changing her into her comfiest pajamas, and finishing her off with a tender forehead kiss. He took Sungho from you as you tucked your daughter in and kissed her goodnight too.
Afterwards you laid your son in his bed and changed him into his nightwear as well, repeating the process of tucking him in, and as soon as the door to his room was closed, you let out a long sigh.
“I need a drink,” your husband said after a moment. You nodded, and without much fuss, made a bee-line towards the kitchen. When you reached him, he was already rummaging the contents of the fridge until he pulled out the bottle of champagne he had been saving for the occasion. “It seems I did well in buying it, right?”
You laughed. “I’ll get the glasses.”
He set the bottle on the large, white marble island. “Let’s go to my office, come on. I want some privacy.”
“Aren’t we in the privacy of our own home?” You innocently questioned, fetching the expensive flutes from one of the top cabinets. It took a moment, but you finally managed to reach them without your husband’s help. However, Namjoon took the opportunity to place his large hands on your hips while you weren’t looking, pressing his front to your back.
You already knew where this was going.
“You know what I mean, baby. What if the kids wake up? I wouldn’t wanna traumatize them,” he said, gently kissing your cheek as you finally placed the flutes down on the counter. “Plus, you know my office is soundproofed.”
“I still don’t get why it is soundproofed, though,” you said.
His arms wrapped around your torso and pulled you closer to him. “You know why, love, don’t play coy with me. It’ll get you nowhere. Now,” he warned, pressing a kiss to your neck. Your heartbeat quickened. “Champagne. My office. Let’s celebrate.”
You smiled. “What are you in the mood for, Daddy?”
One hand snaked down to cup your ass. “Just wanna fuck my wife until the sun is up. Is that too much to ask for?”
You laughed. “Carry me?”
He mirrored your cheeky laugh and kissed your cheek once more. “Turn around.” You obeyed and soon enough he was scooping you in his big, strong arms, your legs wrapping around his wide torso, clinging onto him like a koala. He groaned. “I’m getting too old for this.”
“Shut up, you go to the gym like your life depends on it,” you joked, briefly turning around to grab the flutes. Namjoon handed you the bottle. “Now, onward, my dear man-tree.”
“You’re lucky you’re cute,” he mumbled, then proceeded to slap your ass for good measure. “Let’s see how long that lasts.”
“Uh-huh, yeah, sure,” you giggled, nuzzling your face on his neck and inhaling the lotion he always wore. He wasn’t a fan of colognes as much as he loved wearing his Chanel no. 5 lotion every day. You kissed his neck languidly, but were startled when he spanked you again.
“You may address me as Mr. President from now on,” he joked, even letting out a chuckle, as he walked you away from the kitchen and across your living room. You lifted your head up and looked him dead in the eye.
“I swear to god if you even dare try to pull that shit on me I’ll blue-ball you for a month,” you threatened, but Namjoon just laughed at your remark and kissed the tip of your nose.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
The trek to his office didn’t take long. Located in the first floor of the house, it had some floor-to-ceiling windows that had an amazing view of the patio, but tonight, the curtains were drawn just in case one of your bodyguards happened to be wandering around your backyard. When you crossed the threshold, he set you down and walked over to his precious leather chair, rolling back the sleeves of his baby blue dress shirt and popping off a few buttons, letting you see some of the golden skin of his chest. You handed him the bottle, and with it, the honors of opening it. He deserved it, after all.
While you sat down in front of his desk, he reached for the corkscrew in one of his cabinets to safely open it. Many times he had made the mistake of breaking something while opening a champagne bottle, so you warned him not to open any more bottles in his office unless he did so with a corkscrew.
“Alright, let’s see,” he said, face scrunching up in concentration as he swiftly opened the bottle. The sound made you jump, but what really caught your attention was the way his muscles bulged through his shirt, straining the few remaining buttons. Out of instinct, you crossed your legs and leaned back, your vision raking him up and down. He grunted a bit once he safely pulled out the cork and immediately you felt the heat claiming your body.
Your husband just got finer over time.
He took both glasses and served you a generous amount of champagne. “This was terribly expensive so it better taste good or else I’m throwing it down the toilet – no questions asked.”
You laughed. “Don’t be like that, I’m sure it’s good enough to quench your thirst.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “I’m not sure it’s gonna quench this type of thirst I have right now, but it might as well try,” then he sipped his drink. He cocked his eyebrow again, then hummed. “Hey, it’s good.”
“Not as good as the one we had in Monaco, though,” you said after trying yours. Namjoon’s eyes widened.
“Oh, fuck, Monaco, how could I forget? Remember when I took you to that F1 race? Best day ever,” he reminisced.
“Best fuck ever, you mean,” you said, sipping more of your bubbly. It really tasted good, but not as good as the champagne you spent the entirety of your honeymoon drinking. “The thing I remember most is being pushed into the sheets while you split me in half.”
He chuckled. Throwing his head back and smiling. “I remember it differently. Have you forgotten the roses? The bubble bath? The handcuffs? Oh dear god, all the cute lingerie you wore…”
“I feel like you’re overlooking the part in which I blindfolded you and ate your ass,” you smirked. “We haven’t done that in a while.”
His laugh was deep and manly and sexy. “It’s been like, what? Seven years?”
“Yup,” you answered. “Seven long years. It definitely feels like a lifetime ago.”
“Yeah, remember how we used to fuck like crazy back in college?”
“We used to fuck like rabbits up until Sunghee was born,” you lamented. Though you still managed to have sex at the very least one time per week, before the birth of your eldest daughter you used to have sex nearly every night. Although it now made you appreciate your time together a lot more. The sessions were a lot longer, sometimes taking up a large part of your evening, but they left you both feeling completely satisfied until the following week.
“We still fuck good, though,” he complained.
“Ah, I never said we didn’t. In fact,” you placed your glass down and stood up, walking over to him until you sat on his desk. “I think it’s only gotten better.”
He smirked. “Oh, really?”
“Yeah, no offense to college you but… It just feels more significant now, more meaningful,” you explained. Your husband’s eyes gleamed with a hint of mischief under the warm amber light of his desk lamp. He took hold of your right hand, eyeing the white gold band around your finger and the diamond engagement ring he proposed to you with, and leaned down and kissed it.
“Baby, remember what we talked about the other night?” He asked. You raised your eyebrow to prod him into continuing. “About having another kid?”
Your heart thumped wildly inside your ribcage and you swallowed thickly. “Is this the champagne talking or is this serious?”
He chuckled, then kissed your hand again. “Very serious. I know we said we’d wait for the right moment, but… I mean… Sungho is three, Sunghee is six.... And now my election…”
“It’s going to be stressful, y’know, raising a kid in the middle of your presidential term. You’ll get a lot more grey hairs, darling,” you said, affectionately combing his soft, silky hair back. He preened almost like a cat, inching closer to your touch.
“Well, at least I’m not balding like Jin-hyung,” he laughed.
“Oh, shush, do not say the b-word.”
“What, balding?” You laughed and clamped his mouth shut. He pulled you into his lap in retaliation.
You snorted. “That word is forbidden in this household and you know it.”
He licked the palm of your hand and you withdrew it with a sound of disgust, vengefully wiping it on his dress shirt. He just maliciously laughed at you. “Anyway, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”
“You’re not the one doing the child-bearing, Joon,” you warned. “I’m 39, and the older I get the higher the risk-”
“I know, baby, I know. And I don’t want to do this if you’re not fully on board. I know what it means to you.”
“It’s not like I don’t want it, y’know? It’s just… a bit scary, to be honest,” you confessed.
“I’ll be with you every step of the way,” he reassured.
“Will you? Your new job is very demanding and-”
“Hey,” he interrupted you, “you’ll always be my top priority.”
“Even higher than state security? What if a catastrophe is happening while I’m giving birth?”
“Then fuck the whole world if it’s possible. I’m never leaving your side, baby. I took a vow when I married you and even before that I knew you were the thing I loved most in this world. I’m not going anywhere. You can count on me, baby.”
You smiled, cupping his face and gently stroking his cheek. “I love you.”
He leaned in and pecked your lips tenderly. “I love you too, baby, so much.”
“I’ll schedule an appointment tomorrow to remove my IUD.”
He grinned. “So is that a yes?”
You kissed his forehead. “Inseminate me, Daddy.”
He snorted. “God, that sounds so wrong.”
“I blame you and your kinks.”
“I thought we didn’t kinkshame in this house?”
“We don’t, but you love my sense of humor,” you shot back, kissing the tip of his nose.
“Uh-huh, sure. I think your irreverence warrants a bit of punishment, don’t you think?” He said, fiddling with the hem of your dress, hand threatening to slip in.
“Whatever Daddy wants,” you said, fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt.
“Daddy wants you bent over the desk, now.”
You dragged a fingernail over his exposed chest and up his neck, feeling the goosebumps that formed in its wake. “Make me.”
He bit his lip and sighed. “How insolent.” His dragon-like eyes bore holes into you. Smirking, he pushed you off his lap and stood up, hand wrapping around the nape of your neck and pushing you down until your chest met the hard wood of his desk, now bent at a 90 degree angle, ass in full display for him. With his free hand he pulled up the hem of your dress until he could see the white lace of your thong. “How scandalous.”
He caressed your plump ass cheek. “Did you dress up for me, baby?”
“Yes, Daddy,” you replied with a gleeful pout, cheek squished against the surface. “Just for you.”
“Hmm. I can see that.” He smirked, though you weren’t able to see. The sharp sting of his hand landing on your ass cheek made you whimper. You could feel the wetness seeping into the flimsy fabric of your lingerie. All these years with him had all but heightened your desire for him.
“I’m not in the mood for harsh punishment, darling, after all, tonight is about celebrating, right?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“But I still have to reprimand you somehow, right? This is what happens when you talk back to Daddy.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Glad we’re on the same page, baby, now count to five, will you?”
“Yes, Da- ah!” you screamed, the blow of his hand stinging even more. “One, Daddy.”
“Good girl.” Slap. “Keep going.”
“Two, Daddy.”
His third blow was harsher, so much you could make out the metal of his rings coming into contact with your skin. The fourth was gentler, paired with the soothing touches and massages meant to prepare you for the final blow. It wasn’t much compared to other sessions, but it had you getting wetter and wetter by the second, so much you already were aware of the uncomfortably sticky patch in your panties. Namjoon was bound to comment on it soon, you knew it.
“You’re such a sucker for punishment, are you, baby? Just five spanks and you’re wet as fuck already,” he said, tracing a finger across the sticky lace, making you shiver. Without warning, he landed the final spank, the sound resonating across the entire office. Music to your ears.
You inevitably moaned. “Five, Daddy.”
“That’s my girl,” he cooed, soothing the slightly raw skin. You breathed sharply. “So obedient for Daddy, huh?” You hummed in agreement, which turned into a moan once his fingers began massaging over the wet patch of your underwear, expertly locating your clit and rubbing it in languid circles. “Been waiting all day to put my cock in you, baby, fuck.”
If anything, that sentence alone made your pussy throb with want, gushing even more into his hand. Namjoon noticed how you automatically rutted into his touch. “You like that?”
“Fuck, put your cock in me, Daddy, I want you so bad,” you preened, toes curling the more he touched you. “F-Fill me up, please.”
“Oh, is that what you want? You want Daddy to fill up that pretty cunt of yours, hmm?”
“Yes,” you hissed, “so bad, Daddy.”
He smirked. “You filthy girl,” he said, tracing the elastic of your thong and letting it snap against your skin. You jumped, but before you could say anything else he was pulling them off of you, watching with awe at how the fabric peeled itself from your wet cunt, thin strands of arousal breaking off. He cursed to himself, feeling his pants getting tighter by the second.
He didn’t allow your thong to hit the ground, rather stuffing it deep inside his back pocket when you weren’t looking. He knew it would come in handy later.
“You’re so wet, baby, you could probably take me like this, huh?” He gloated.
“Ah, but it wouldn’t be so s-special then, right?” You stuttered, feeling the pads of his fingers running against your folds, then one dipping inside your heat. “F-Fuck…”
“You’re right, it wouldn’t be so special if I were to just fuck you here… bent over my desk, right?” He said, expertly sliding in a second finger and beginning to fuck you slowly. He still had you pinned down by the neck. “No, I’m going to make you cum with my fingers first. Then I will fuck you like this. And I will fill you up so much that not even your underwear can contain it. And when we’re done here, I’ll drag you to our room and get us both drunk on this expensive-ass champagne I bought, and we’ll keep on fucking until the sun rises. Okay?”
“Y-Yes,” you whimpered, your walls clamping down on his long, thick fingers. He chuckled darkly behind you, calling to you with his fingers, twisting them inside you until your legs trembled while trying to sustain your position. Luckily you’d gotten rid of your heels long ago, or else you wouldn’t have been able to keep yourself up.
Your hands balled into fists when he slid a third finger inside, stretching you out for his cock. You whimpered; the squelch of your wetness could be heard all over his office, some of your arousal dripping down your thighs. “D-Daddy…”
“Yes, baby? Do you want more? Are you close?”
“J-just want you inside me, please.”
“You gotta cum for me first, baby, can you do that? Can you cum for Daddy?” He said, hooking his fingers inside you and curling them until they hit that spot deep inside you. The moan that left your mouth was long and drawn-out, your face scrunching in pleasure as Namjoon fucked you expertly.
“Fuck, yes, keep going,” you moaned.
“Keep going, what?”
“Keep going, Daddy,” you corrected.
He smiled. “That’s better. Now, do Daddy a favor and don’t make too much noise, okay?”
“O-Okay,” you faltered, a little bit confused, until you felt his fingers retreating and some noise going on behind you. “Joon?”
“What did I say?” Came his voice, but you could no longer feel his menacing presence looming behind you. “Shut it, or else.” Then, his large hands massaged the globes of your hands, and suddenly his tongue was licking a fat stripe up your pussy.
You understood what he meant then.
Your knees buckled, but Namjoon had a tight grip on you. Biting your lip, you made sure no sound escaped your mouth; your house was big, and his office had been soundproofed, but previous bad experiences made both of you wary of what your kids could hear in the middle of the night. Only when the house was completely empty could you be as loud as you wanted. Tonight demanded silence, discretion, for even in the confines of your husband’s office, the keenest of ears could easily make out what you were doing.
Namjoon ate you out like a starved man, devouring you whole and grunting like a caveman as he claimed you with his mouth, lips wrapping around your clit and sucking.
“Shit,” you whispered, feeling your orgasm looming closer and closer, “shit.”
And just then, the fingers came back, with a vengeance.
Namjoon knew his way around you more than you did yourself, and so, he knew where to touch and how to do it properly. While you squirmed on the wooden table, your husband curled his fingers expertly, reaching the spot he’d found earlier, prompting your walls to clamp down on him once again, only this time your clit was being attacked, causing a myriad of sensations to pulse up your spine and goosebumps to appear all over your body.
Your eyes rolled further back the closer he brought you to your climax, and as you tried your damnedest not to make any incriminating sound, Namjoon seemed hellbent in making you scream. You knew it was a test, as he often liked it when you misbehaved, but sometimes you found good girls had more fun than the bad ones.
With him, the reward was better than the punishment.
“Daddy,” you whimpered, voice in that dulcet falsetto that only climbed higher and higher in tone. He didn’t falter, not even for a second, but he gave you a grunt in response. “I’m gonna cum, please, can I cum?”
“Do it,” he answered simply, returning to nibble at your folds like a madman, teeth slowly grazing your clit, the way he knew drove you crazy. It was then when he decided to be completely evil and have his pinky joining the rest of his fingers inside of you while he kitten-licked your clit, and with his approval given, you didn’t resist the wave of pleasure that enveloped you from head to toe.
Your nails dug harshly into your palms as you clamped your mouth shut and banged on the desk, legs trembling from the sheer force of your orgasm. Namjoon chuckled from behind you and the vibrations cut through you like a knife, because he was surely proud of the mess he had caused, gladly licking up everything you had to offer him.
He didn’t give you the time to even breathe, to even process the high of your orgasm, when he was standing up and unbuttoning his pants, quickly whipping out his cock and smearing his weeping cockhead along your folds, gathering all the remaining wetness before sliding right in.
He groaned, hands latching onto your waist as he buried his length deep inside you with ease; he’d loosened you up properly. Your toes curled at the intrusion, his cock filling you up in a way his fingers never could. This time you couldn’t help but cry out – your walls fluttered and spasmed around his cock, still recovering from the mind-numbing orgasm you’d just received.
“Please, Daddy, I’m sensitive,” you warned him, but Namjoon rolled his hips slowly.
“You can take it, baby, I know you can.” Of course he knew, if you felt any different you’d have used your safe word by now. “Didn’t you want my cock inside you? Well, now you have it, you impatient little girl, hnng, fuck,” he moaned, slowly working you open, spreading you in half with his thickness.
Truth be told, Namjoon seemed even more impatient than you tonight, with the adrenaline rush from the election fueling him to fuck you relentlessly, but he was holding off for now. With every slow thrust of his hips he let out a deep grunt, one you hadn’t heard in a while. You were sure that tonight he was about to fuck his frustrations with the campaign away, deservedly so, and you had the privilege to be in the receiving end of his urges. This was, after all, a celebration.
After a moment he began to pick up the pace, still just as deep, but progressively faster, his grip on you strong enough to leave marks. You had nothing to hold onto except for the edges of the desk, and yet that still wasn’t enough for you. You needed to see him, to hold him, to feel him closer as he fucked you into oblivion.
“W-Wait,” you moaned, grabbing his hand, “D-Daddy–”
“Yes, love? What is it?” He said, slowing down.
“I wanna see you,” you panted, “I wanna…”
You didn’t need to elaborate further. “Needy baby,” he said, releasing your hips and pulling out. He helped you stand back up and turn around, licking his lips at your flushed, fucked out face and disheveled hair. He cupped your cheeks tenderly and pressed a small kiss to your plush lips. “You’re always so needy.”
“You spoil me too much.” You smiled, sitting on his desk and spreading your legs wide for him. He slotted himself in between them and didn’t waste any time in sliding his cock back inside you. You held onto his wide shoulders tightly, wrapping your legs around his torso to keep him as close to you as possible. He hissed, large hands latched onto your thighs.
“Better?” He said, but you were distracted by the golden hue of his partially exposed chest, so much you didn’t hesitate to kiss the skin and unbutton the rest of his shirt. He chuckled at your eagerness and began to roll his hips slowly, lost in your warmth. “Baby,” he cupped your face again, stopping you from lathering his chest with even more kisses, “said you wanted to see me? Then fuckin’ look at me. Don’t take your eyes away from mine, alright?”
The way your eyes gleamed mischievously under the lights nearly had him spilling his seed right then and there. You nodded innocently. “Yes, Daddy.”
Something carnal got through to him. “God, I fucking love you,” he growled, then crashed his mouth on yours, kissing you desperately, so intimately, as the pace of his hips began to quicken. Tongues tied sloppily, smearing your red lipstick and staining both of you. When you separated for air, it only made you want to latch yourself onto him even longer.
It was a primal feeling, the need to have him close to you, even more so the harder his cock hit the right spots. His forehead rested atop yours, chest heaving, glinting like amber under the warm light of his desk lamp. You pulled him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him again, roughly, biting his bottom lip and dragging it out. He groaned, bucking his hips even harder, so much that the desk rattled beneath you and you whimpered.
The fact that he slid inside you right after you came for the first time did not help matters, as your orgasm came suddenly and without warning, clouding your senses and forcing you to ball your hands into fists, crumpling the fabric of his shirt and moaning into the sloppy kiss you two shared. Your vision turned white for a brief moment, and your head swam through an ocean of pleasure.
“Oh, fuck,” Namjoon moaned, his pace faltering as your walls fluttered around him, your cunt getting tighter and warmer. The room was suddenly too hot for him to bear. “Shit,” he hissed, “b-baby, I’m not gonna last much longer.”
You couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying, too lost in your own little world of pleasure to bother answering. He continued to fuck you roughly, wanting to meet his end quickly. He didn’t have any set rhythm, however, merely gripping your thighs and hoping whatever pounding he gave you was enough to bring him to climax. He grunted, calling your name and resting his head on your shoulder.
As he continued to fuck you, you finally came down from your prolonged high, the pleasure now beginning to border on overstimulation once again, and this time, your sensitivity had reached new heights after two consecutive orgasms. Your fingers latched onto Namjoon’s hair, pulling slightly as he began to trail a line of kisses from your clothed shoulder to your neck.
“Cum inside me, Daddy, please,” you pleaded, clenching your walls knowing just how crazy it made him. You dug the heel of your foot over the swell of his ass to encourage him. “Give me a baby.”
He moaned. It almost sounded like a cry. “Fuck, really? Want me to give you a baby?”
You nodded. “Y-Yes, ah, s-shit–”
His head snapped and he looked at you, noses touching. He looked desperate. “Say it again, Y/N, god, fuckin’ say it again, I wanna hear you.”
Several papers and pens fell to the floor from the sheer force of his thrusts. You threw your head back, tears beginning to well in your eyes. “Look at me, Y/N, please.”
Namjoon never pleaded like that.
Immediately you cupped his head and kissed him sweetly. “Give me a baby.”
“Fuck, I love you,” Namjoon said, and then snapped his hips one final time, spilling his cum deep inside your pussy. His mouth formed a perfect ‘o’, though no sound came from it. He came hard, tightening his hold on your thighs to the point it nearly hurt, nails digging into the skin.
When he finally came to his senses, he proceeded to kiss you passionately, releasing your thighs in order to cup your face and hug you properly. “I love you,” he murmured, not bothering to stop his attack on your lips.
You smiled into the kiss. “I love you too,” you said back, blissfully. When you finally separated, you let out a long, drawn-out breath. Namjoon giggled, giving you lovesick eyes.
“Cutie,” he said, pecking the tip of your nose, “my cutie.”
“You’re so cheesy,” you joked.
“Oh, please, you’re cheesier than I am. You love it too much,” he quipped with a laugh. “Now, I believe we can take this party upstairs, right?”
“Hmm, you did promise to fuck me all night…”
“Say no more,” Namjoon said, slowly pulling out of you and watching as his cum seeped out of you and into the hardwood. He grimaced. “Gonna have to clean that first, though,” he laughed, then extended his hands to you. “Come here.”
He helped you stand up, careful not to let you fall, and handed you your panties that he’d previously stored in his pocket. While you hilariously tried to put them back on without falling, he looked for the box of tissues he kept in one of his drawers, taking it out once he found it and wiping off the remnants of cum off his desk. Once he discarded the soiled tissue he took one long look at the mess in his office and sighed.
“I wanna say that I wanna clean this up, but in truth I have absolutely no desire to,” he stated, pursing his lips. You chuckled from behind him.
“Uh, Joonie?” You said. He turned around to watch you comically covering your clothed cunt over your dress. He quirked his brow in curiosity. You showed him your left leg, from which he noticed a small stream of cum leaking from your lace panties.
He chuckled, then pointed at his chair. “Sit down,” he ordered, and you did as told. He knelt down in front of you and raised your leg until you propped your foot on his shoulder. Without an ounce of doubt, he proceeded to lick up the path of cum until his tongue reached your soiled panties. Your breath got caught in your throat as he looked up at you with pure lust in his eyes, then showed you the cum pooling in his tongue, and then swallowed it down.
“There’s more where that came from.” He winked and stood up, leaving you speechless.
“Jesus Christ,” you murmured, “what’s gotten into you?”
“Definitely not the Holy Spirit,” he joked.
“Demon,” you said.
“Correction, your demon,” he said, smirking. “Now, are you capable of walking?”
“Yeah but I’d rather have you carry me upstairs,” you answered simply. “If you’re gonna leave me bed-ridden by tomorrow morning I expect the five-star treatment, sir.”
He laughed, but proceeded to scoop you up in his strong arms anyway. “You’re impossible.”
“No, you spoil me too much. You’ve created this monster.”
He only chuckled and pecked your forehead sweetly. “Grab the champagne, we’re not done with that yet.”
“Ooh, are you planning to use it at some point?”
He shrugged. “Let’s just say the prospect of licking it off your body is far too enticing for me.”
You smiled darkly. “Heathen. Let’s go.” With that, you grabbed the bottle, and he set course for your bedroom.
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bloomsuga · a month ago
Tumblr media
╰ a series of comedic and heart-wrenching bts social media au’s that combine the supernatural, the modern age, and the downright stupid—all in pursuit of the most powerful kind of magic: love.
a/n: hey y’all!! so as a follow up to my hobiverse series i’ve decided to do a series of supernatural aus!! these will contain a mix of fake sm posts as well as written chapters and drabbles. enjoy!! x
Tumblr media
➳ GHOSTED (ghost!yoongi x ballerina!reader)
╰ your new roommate is everything you could ask for: quiet, never makes any messes, a killer dry sense of humor... and oh, yeah—he’s dead.
Tumblr media
➳ CURSED (witch!taehyung x cursed!reader)
╰ in which you are a wedding florist plagued by ghosts, taehyung is a witch with a secretive past, yoongi is a grim reaper who hates his job, and jin is your guardian angel who’s just trying his best
Tumblr media
➳ BITTEN (vampire!seokjin x historian!reader)
╰ when your date’s goodnight kiss turns into a bloodthirsty bite, you’re just as shocked as he is to find that it hurts him more than it hurts you
Tumblr media
➳ HOOKED (merman!namjoon x biologist!reader)
╰ your marine crab study comes to a splashing halt when your net accidentally ensnares a catch much bigger than the average sea critter… a man
Tumblr media
➳ ENCHANTED (fairy!hoseok x gardener!reader)
╰ lately you’ve hit a streak of bad luck; missing keys, smashed garden gnomes, wilting flowers… and the root of it seems to be a mischievous new neighbor who finds you too fun not to mess with
Tumblr media
➳ MOONSTRUCK (werewolf!jk x vet!reader)
╰ when a strange injured dog is brought to your clinic, you volunteer to take him home and nurse him back to health. however, when you wake the next morning, you discover he isn’t a dog at all
Tumblr media
➳ FALLEN (angel!jimin x musician!reader)
╰ he was never supposed to know you, he was never supposed to talk to you, and he definitely wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you. and yet, somehow this lovesick angel has done all three
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Deviant ⫸KNJ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⫸pairing: Namjoon x reader featuring OT6
⫸genre: Yandere, smut, angst 18+ E
⫸w.c: 15.4 k
⫸summary: Jealousy can  be a powerful thing, and when Namjoon feels threatened by your behavior, he makes sure to  trap you in his web of seduction and charm--with nowhere left to go but deeper.
⫸warnings: Explicit, yandere, controlling, manipulation, aggression, dub-con sexual intercourse, rough touching, rough sex, pussy slapping, finger gagging, shaming, dirty talk, possessiveness, Namjoon finger fucks oc aggressively, masturbation, bleeding, dub-con taking of virginity, mentions of alcohol, jealousy, degradation, gaslighting, forced orgasms, obsessive behavior, stalking, panty sniffing, use of panties in a degrading manner, painful first time, ripping of clothes, impreg kink, belly bulge kink, car sex, sorta voyeurism, Namjoon spits his drink into ocs mouth because why not, praise kink, bruising, biting, oral, DOM!Namjoon, unprotected sex 
⫸a/n: Thanks to the amazing @chimoona​ for writing this with me. It was an honor! Go check out her content! It’s amazing! This fic goes out the my true mvp, the one that’s been there since I had about 300 followers or so, and who never left my side. She’s supported my content since day one and now I am honored to call her my friend. It seems fitting to close out with her as the recipient of my last fic @rmsbicycle​. Here’s one of the first posts I made about her. Thanks to her I stuck around. I love you <3.
Tumblr media
He was sick of it. This was the fourth weekend in a row that you continued to strut around Jin’s house like you owned it. For weeks he pretended to ignore you, let things play out naturally until his time came, but the way you looked standing in front of Taehyung smacking him on the chest because of some lame joke he said had him feeling disgusted. Namjoon shifted in the seat he was sulking in. Jungkook was going on about some new game he’d been playing, but Namjoon’s eyes could focus on nothing but you.
“Oh, looks like I ran out of soju. I’ll be right back, bro.”
As Jungkook left, Namjoon let out a sigh of gratitude that the younger friend of the group had finally got the hint that he didn’t want to talk. Not waiting for him to come back, he stood up and marched up to Jin, his premeditated intentions unwavering.
“Why does she act like such a slut with the guys? Doesn’t that bother you, Jin? I know she’s been a friend of this group for a long while, even longer than me, but doesn’t it just seem a little weird?”
Jin chuckled and turned to look at you. Surrounded by Jimin, Taehyung, and Hobi, Jin could see what Namjoon meant. There was, however, no way he would ever call you a slut. He’s known you for a long time and your flirty nature was just part of who you were.
“She’s not a slut, Joon. She’s always been cute with us. We consider her our little sister.”
“What! I don’t recall little sisters wearing skirts that short.” Namjoon huffed and almost growled when he saw Taehyung run a hand over your leg. There was no way you weren’t doing something with all of them.
“Sounds to me like you’re jealous. She hasn’t given you the time of day since you joined our group. Why don’t you say hello instead of moping around here like a little boy in love.”
“Love?” Namjoon's eyes darkened at the assumption. “Far from it.”
Respect is often required in order to love someone, and that’s exactly how he had to play it in front of the others. In this room, around Jin, Namjoon hadn’t felt an ounce of respect for you since the second he set sights on your pathetic attempts to draw attention. He acted nonchalant with a casual lean to hide how this act affected him. Aside from keeping up appearances, it really did make him furious to see just how easily you got what you wanted. Meatheads like Taehyung and Hobi were too easy, blinded by testosterone. Only he could see your true colors.
“I’m not jealous either,” he added.
Jin smiled and nodded, clearly disregarding everything Namjoon said. “Talk to her then, if she’s so easy.” He couldn’t hide his amusement as it spread across his lips. “I bet you couldn’t get her to like you. No offense, but you’re kind of an asshole.”
Namjoon smiled back. “Thank you. None taken.”
You laughed from the other side of the room and trailed your polished nails down the front of Tae’s v-neck. The sharp tip of your digit hooked into the collar of his shirt and lingered for a second too long, like you were beckoning him to fuck you in plain sight. You didn’t need to say a word--he knew what your intentions were.
Namjoon waited until most of the guys left to piss or grab a refill from the kitchen. Only Tae remained, bewitched by your slutty wiles. Just seeing the confident expression on the idiot’s face made Namjoon want to rid him of it permanently. He needed a good reason to come interrupt this bullshit flirting session you had going on because it really wasn’t a good look on you. If there was anyone you should be focusing on, it was him.
“I need a drink. I’ll be over there if you need me. Oh, and by the way, I’ll have her laid out for me before the night is over.”
Jin lifts an eyebrow intrigued and nods before taking a long drink of his beer. “Best of luck to you. I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Namjoon waves off the cynical nuisance he’s had to pretend to be friends with just so he could get to what he wanted--you. Because of you, he subjected himself to lame gatherings and parties just so he could get in with your crowd. It infuriated him how you could be so obsessed with these men, how you just threw yourself at them night after night. For whatever reason, they never took things further with you. Your teasing would have made him mad were he the one you doted on, but sadly, he wasn’t. And here he was yet again, at another party, except now you were present too. He’d been patient, getting to know each of your six male friends--talking to them, going to events with them separately, building their trust enough for them to welcome him to their homes.
It was months of torture knowing you’d been in the house just hours or even days before he was. He’d come to learn your habits and forgetfulness just by visiting the guys. Purses, sweaters, and even your hair ties were forgotten on many occasions allowing Namjoon to build up a lovely collection of your personal items. His favorite items to date were the extra pair of underwear you had stored inside of your small bag. He wasn’t even sure why you would need that when you were simply coming to visit your friends, and of course his mind raced with countless scenarios. That day he took them for himself, remembering to leave things behind so that it didn’t seem too suspicious that all your items went missing. It took him a few weeks but he was able to figure out that you hadn’t slept with any of them. It made him feel better to know you weren't tainted, and so he kept the underwear safe and in his pocket--always. Whenever he got anxious, he’d put his hand inside his pocket and rub the material between the pads of his fingers. If only you knew how much you and he were meant to be.
Realizing he’d been staring for longer than was acceptable, he began to walk toward the table that held all the liquor and made to reach for a cup. His actions resulted in Tae spilling his drink everywhere, including down the front of your shirt.
“Hey! What the fuck. Watch it, Joon!”
“Oh shit. Maybe you oughta get some napkins for that. If Jin sees this mess he’ll have your ass.”
“Wow, Namjoon. I just bought this shirt,” you whine.
“You know me--clumsy.” Namjoon gestures with his hands up in the air and smiles revealing his dimples.
“Yeah, sure. I gotta wash this.”
“Let me help.”
“No, I got it.”
“Come on, ___. Let me. It was my fault after all.”
At this point Tae was returning with the paper towels and you were giving in to the soft look Namjoon was giving you. “Fine. Just….don’t touch anything.”
Like a sweet puppy he followed behind you. He hadn’t gotten close enough to see your entire outfit, but the way your ass bounced as you walked had him balling his fists. Why were you wearing a skirt anyway? You were such a whore, and he realized more than ever how much you really needed to be taught how to behave. It actually took him back to the first time he saw you, this very outfit similar to the one that caught his eye. At the time he didn’t know any of the guys, let alone of your existence, but when he saw you walking by, swaying your hips, practically begging for attention, he knew he had to have you.
He’d gone to university at the command of his parents and he never really fit into crowds very well. Since he could remember he struggled to make friends simply because he was smarter than all of them. One night he went to a party after being handed a flyer. The excitement he felt from being invited was immense and his emotions were through the roof when they actually opened the door and let him in. After a few drinks he leaned against the wall seeking stability and then he saw you. How long has it been? Three? Four years?
He’d never fallen in love at first sight before, but there was no mistake you were the one. He knew he couldn’t just approach you as he was. Being called a freak for most of his life wasn’t easy, and he had to change--for you. He learned the hard way that not everyone would appreciate his form of affection, so he observed others and learned. He quickly developed a sense of style and personality that had many women vying for his attention. He’d fucked around with a few wanting to make sure that when his time with you came, he’d be ready. And now here he was, walking into the laundry room, alone….with you.
“This isn’t that big of a deal.”
The silence of the room was interrupted by your musing, peeling your shirt over your head without any thought as to who was around. In this case, it was Namjoon, who tried his very best not to gawk with his jaw on the floor.
Without the others flocking around you like birds to prey, you had a bit of innocence. A delicate pink lace hugged the swell of your breasts and covered just enough to hold your modesty. It surprised him, as he assumed you'd worn nothing at all with the way your perky nipples showed through your clothing. He was wrong. Pleasantly wrong, but still deeply critical of the way you held yourself around other men.
You swiveled around and shamelessly exposed yourself in front of the newcomer, which was another strike against your record in his mind. Absolutely careless--starved for attention. At least it was him and not one of the others who got to see you in such a state, however, it solidified his theory. You’re an insatiable whore who needs to be put in her place.
Namjoon averted his eyes to show respect. He didn’t want to, and it took every ounce of restraint in his body, but he managed to do it. Gestures like this were crucial to gain your trust. He learned this after a night of experimenting in college, in which he endured head from an overconfident co-ed. She was all lip and no tongue, but he gritted through it and smiled. When she shied away from swallowing his cum, he looked away so she could spit it into a tissue swiftly and dab the slick from her lips. He was a true gentleman then, even when it pained him to be. She called him back the next day and wanted to grab coffee--a domestic outing that he only hoped to have with you one day, when you came to your senses.
“Of course it’s a big deal,” he tutted, busying his hands with the washer dials. “I ruined your pretty shirt.”
You scoffed. “Don’t be so dramatic, Joonie.” With a long stride, you stood beside him near the machines and began to run warm water over the fabric. “It isn’t ruined, see?”
Oh, he saw. But he saw more than just rivulets of water wicking away the bready scent of beer. Droplets had escaped the sink and stuck to your bare chest; some so thick and weighty that it slid down into the valley of your breasts. He dampened his lips, but quickly, so you weren’t put off by his unabashed lusting. He didn’t want you to get the wrong idea and treat him like one of your many other suitors. Already, you were throwing yourself at him like a fucking steak he desperately wanted to sink his teeth into.
“Looks like you don’t need my help after all. It’s already clean.”
You smiled and wrung out the damp shirt, then tossed it into the dryer to bounce out the wrinkles. You must have found his meek demeanor endearing, because you leaned against the machine and raised your eyebrows to continue the conversation.
“Don’t look too disappointed. You still have to wait with me while it dries.”
It was working. How easily your attitude changed when he simply showed disappointment in not being needed. Is that how you broke for those other guys? Did they show you the cracks in their hearts that made you bend to their will in any effort to mend them? Weak and predictable. He’ll play the part to get you to notice him, but the act stops once he makes you his.
“It’s nice having you alone like this,” Namjoon said with a bold smirk. “Rarely get the chance to hear your lovely voice when Taehyung is talking over it.”
“Hah.” You tried to hide it, but he noticed how the compliment brought a blush to the apples of your cheeks. “He does get pretty animated when he’s excited.”
“Which is all the time!--”
“--All the time!” You cut him off, finishing his sentence in unison.
You two laughed, and your hand slid over his unknowingly. He let you hold it there until you noticed, then pretended like it didn’t happen despite how flustered it made you. He would have loved to indulge in the moment and grab you back, but this had to be your idea. You had to want this--him--more than anything else. No one should be able to compete for your affection, and that level of commitment took time. He knew this better than anyone.
The game had just begun.
“Anyway, I really am sorry about your shirt. Maybe I can get you a gift certificate for coffee or something. I hope that’s enough to cover the damages.” Namjoon offers the bribe with a wink hoping you catch the bait.
“No, no! You don’t have to do that. The shirt is almost clean anyway. There’s no need to get me a gift certificate.”
“Hm..” Namjoon thrummed a few fingers against the tip of his chin. “Then perhaps dinner?”
You quirk a brow at the offer. “Dinner?”
“I’m thinking spaghetti. I don’t know if you like Italian, but--”
“--Are you asking me out?” Your amusement was evident in the high pitch of your tone and light in your eyes. It really was out of character for someone like Namjoon to propose such a thing, but the oddity of it all really was intriguing.
“Me...ask you out?” He pretended to be appalled, holding a hand to his chest to clutch his pearls. “That would be far too forward. I’m the brooding quiet one, remember?”
You bite back a smile. “Mhm.”
“You have me pegged all wrong, ___. I’m not the dating type. However, if you just so happen to be eating spaghetti in the same vicinity as I’m eating spaghetti.” His hand waved in the air, spinning his tale. “And we happen to be seated at the same table with a lit candle and gentle acoustic guitar playing in the background...”
“This is quite the hypothetical scenario, I’m having a hard time visualizing it.”
Then it was his turn to bite back a smile, because it was absolutely perfect. You were so thrilling to speak to, he really began to feel the bloom of love and infatuation beat back into his heart without the others around.
“Then don’t visualize. Meet me at A Mano Italiano tomorrow night. Let’s say...eight P.M.?”
As if on queue, the dryer’s buzzer screamed.
“Eight P.M.,” you confirmed, tugging your shirt back over your head. “Perhaps you’ll find me eating spaghetti within the same vicinity as you.”
“If that vicinity is A Mano Italiano, then the chances are very high.”
You pushed him by the shoulder with a giggle, then stood from the washing machine to straighten out your newly ironed shirt. “Okay, dork. Don’t get too cocky. Let’s get back to the party before anyone jumps to conclusions and thinks you’ve seduced me or something.”
“Hah.” It was alarming how much Namjoon liked the thought of that. A large part of him wanted to find a reason to draw out your conversation so the rumor would spread, but thought against it. No...dinner was so close, he could taste it. “Wouldn’t that be something?”
Namjoon waited to enter the restaurant even when he saw you arrive first. He sat in his car, dark eyes watching the nervous tension practically pouring out of you as you entered and spoke with the hostess. He couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at his lips. For all the pretense you put on while around your male friends, at this moment you looked like a vulnerable little lamb walking toward the table all alone.
He was glad he set up the table he wanted beforehand so that now he could simply sit in his car and observe your behavior. Cute. It’s not like he’s never watched you before, but this time it was different. This time he asked you out, or at least that’s what was alluded. He enjoyed the way you fidgeted with your fingers and checked your phone constantly. Every microexpression upon your face had him unconsciously shifting in his seat. The dress you chose to wear could mean many things, but all he could focus on was your skin. It was clear you took time to prepare for this date.
There was no doubt in Namjoon’s mind that he could win you over. He knew he had you after the way you responded to him in the laundry room. It was something he wasn’t expecting right away, but then again, you were a renowned flirt. Maybe this date wasn’t even really a date to you but an opportunity to get laid. Too bad for you Namjoon had a much bigger plan.
After about fifteen minutes he stepped out of his vehicle and walked right in making a beeline for your table. You barely had time to even notice his arrival, too busy checking your phone to make sure you hadn’t missed his text.
“Hey, beautiful.”
Though you were annoyed that he was late, his greeting made up for it. The way he was dressed was also enough to make you forgive him for any future thoughtlessness. “You’re late.”
“Am I? As I recall, wasn't this supposed to be a chance encounter? I just happened to be nearby and decided to enter. It’s purely coincidental that I found you here.”
“Charming. Do you always lie to the ladies like this?”
“You’re calling me a liar, ___? It’s only our first date. How about you get to know me first?”
“So it is a date!”
This time he could not hide his smile as he sat down to pick up the menu. Without a response he merely read over the items and mentally noted how your demeanor changed. Your shoulders were now slumped forward, head bowed--a bit of your hair hiding your face. Were you feeling shy? Insecure? Whatever it was--he loved it.
“What are you in the mood for? Choose anything you like. Your dry cleaning bill must’ve been through the roof. The least I can do is repay you with my kindness.”
“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it was. They tried to remove the non-existent stain and had the audacity to charge me an arm and a leg. You’re going to have to pay me back big time.”
You suddenly get your nerve back making Namjoon realize you thrived on being teased. How fucking perfect. It’s funny how this behavior was the very same that made him notice you, and yet, it also set a flame in his belly. He didn’t like it one bit. With him, it was fine, but there was no way he could bear watching you continue to do it with the other guys. This night would be crucial.
“I’ll pay you back. Anyway you’d like.”
With a wink sent your way, Namjoon set his attention to the menu once again, though his eyes were no longer reading the words on the page. Your leg shaking under the table made the water glasses shake, and Namjoon bit back a laugh.
“So, have you decided?”
“I--y-yeah I think so. The fettucini sounds delicious.”
“Good choice. I’ll get the same.” Namjoon waved over the waitress, and once the food was ordered, he crossed his fingers in front of his face and stared at you silently.
“Is there something on my face?”
“Oh. Um, so...thank you for suggesting this place. It’s very nice.”
His one word responses had you squirming in your seat. You were already well aware that you were fidgeting, but his behavior was quite unlike what you were used to. It was easy for you to have the upper hand in almost every conversation with the men around you, but something about Namjoon had always been different.
“Why did you ask me out? I mean, we hardly ever talk. I see you around, but you always stay on the far side of the room. Are you scared of me?”
“That’s pretty presumptuous of you, ___. I’m just here to pay for my wrong doing. How’s that shirt by the way? I sure hope this skimpy dress you’re wearing doesn’t get any wine on it too.”
The moment your eyes widened like saucers Namjoon cocked his head and waited for your rebuttal. It took you a little longer than he expected. Perhaps you weren’t used to being told the truth, and yet something told him you liked that he had.
You grabbed the thin strap of your dress and tugged it higher suddenly feeling exposed. “This isn’t skimpy. It’s a summer dress. I dress like this all the time.”
“Oh, I know, ___. Trust me.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing, it’s jus--”
The waiter’s entrance interrupts his words and the way you pout makes Namjoon want to reach across the table and set you straight. You really needed to stop being such an attention whore. He would ask if the dress was only for him, but he knew it wasn’t. You liked being seen, being desired--except no one should desire you, but him. No one understood how perfect you were and how much attention you needed. There would be no one to fill that role better than himself.
You both ate in silence, the tension palpable, but Namjoon was quite humored. It seemed you had a bit of a bratty streak--nothing he couldn’t fix. After the meal was done, you still hadn’t spoken a word. Namjoon had to give you credit, you were tougher than he thought.
“I don’t appreciate what you said about my dress. I happen to really like it and I don’t need you or anyone telling me how to look. I wore it for this date and because it’s nice.”
“So you wore it for me?”
Namjoon stands up and offers his hand. It felt like the entire date had gone terribly wrong and you were sure he was going to see you off. Before he even says a word, you beat him to the punch.
“I guess I’ll be going. Thanks for dinner. I’ll talk to you--”
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet.”
“No. I think we’re done here. I don’t even get why you asked me to dinner. I can see you have this preconceived notion about me and it hurts.”
Namjoon paused for a moment, reigning in his temper a little. His goal wasn’t to lose control and yet being around you always clouded his head. He wanted you to want him, just the way you wanted the others. Unclenching his jaw, he sits back down and reaches for your hand.
“I’m sorry that you’re hurt. It was never my intention to do so. I don’t have any preconceived notions about you. To be honest, I’m just a little jealous.”
“Jealous?” The word caught your attention just like he knew it would. Bringing your hand up, he manipulates your fingers with his own all while looking at you over the edge of your knuckles. He kisses them for good measure relishing in the small sigh you release from those pretty soft lips of yours.
“Mhm. I don’t get as much attention as the guys. I feel like you and I should get to know each other better. Let me start over, yeah? How about you come over to my place for some drinks. I promise to be good.”
You thought over his offer for a bit, his large presence yet sweet demeanor confusing the hell out of you. It was hard to read him since you’d only interacted with him while others were present. He seemed like a nice guy overall, and the others wouldn’t socialize with him as much as they do if he were a bad guy, right?
“I don’t know, Namjoon. I just feel like you might get the wrong impression. What are you even jealous about? I’m friends with everyone. That’s just me.”
“That may be true, but I have yet to experience that friendship. I think a little alone time will allow us to become closer. Come on, ___. Just for an hour or so, and then I’ll take you right home. Promise.”
“Say yes.” As he speaks these words over your knuckles, he kisses over the middle one, wrapping his lips over it as if it were the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. The action sends shivers throughout your body that settle right between your thighs.
Namjoon walks around his car to open the door for you hoping that his gentleman-like behavior weakens your resolve. Being so near you wasn’t easy especially when you looked so gorgeous. When you slide past him to sit, he almost loses his composure--you smell fucking delicious. He focuses on making sure you’re seated fully before shutting the door and making his way to the driver side. You were already behaving exactly how he wanted and now that he was taking you home, he’d make sure not to fuck it up. He drove the entire way without saying a word, but the tension was palpable. As soon as he arrives, he turns off the ignition and jumps out of the car.
Tampering down his excitement, he lets his hand fall to the small of your back as he leads you out of the car and up the stairs to his front door. It took everything within him to let go so he could unlock it, but he had promised you he’d be good after all. For a moment, as he twists the knob, he feels vulnerable. You would be the first girl to see his apartment. All this time he slept in the beds of random women, all so he could become the man you couldn't resist. For him to allow you inside would be a big step, but he was more than ready.
When you walk in, he focuses on your face, watching the awe spread over your features. He steps to the side, hands clasped behind him letting you take it all in. He worked hard for what he had, and knowing you loved it just as much as him was rewarding.
“You live here? How can you afford this?”
Another thing you didn’t know about him. Namjoon was intelligent and smarter than most high honor university students. His last year he lucked out with an internship that got him the job he’d always wanted. Now he was living the way he wanted, except there was still one thing he didn’t have.
“Yeah. I was lucky enough to land my dream job right from school.”
“That’s amazing, Namjoon. So where is this drink you offered me?”
Namjoon gestures to take your purse and sets it on the couch. He walks over to the mini bar he had put in the corner of his dining room. It’s immaculate, like the rest of the room, furnished with all the trims a proper bar would have. Olives, citrus garnishes, cherries--anything your heart could desire. However, he doesn’t pause to ask you what you’d like. He clearly has something in mind as his hands become busy behind the counter, clinking ice into a chilled lowball.
“You can handle your liquor can’t you?”
You smirk and playfully roll your eyes. “Yes, Joon. I was in a sorority, I think I know how to drink.”
“I bet.” He begins to pour you a drink he suspects matches your tastes, the way you cross your legs and lean into the bar solidifying his assumption. You were easy--a dessert laid on a platter, and with a little liquor and a lot of attention, god knows what you would be willing to do.
“I hope you like something on the sweeter side.” The drink he chose was sugary enough to mask the amount of alcohol he poured into the glass. If he had to measure it properly, it would probably be 50% liquor and 50% fluff. But you need it on a night like tonight, for him to truly get to know you as he always intended.
Namjoon builds up the drink like it’s the elixir of life, serving it on a gold coaster and sliding it to the edge of the bar closest to you. The condensation on the glass is beautiful as it glides down the lip. You want to taste it and quench your thirst. If anything, it’ll serve as a nice distraction from your surroundings.
“This looks really yummy.” You swipe over the rim once and lick your finger, noticing Namjoon’s jaw tick.
“Maybe you should taste it and let me know how yummy it really is.”
Placing it on your lips, you let the liquid slide down your throat, the burning sensation revealing the amount of alcohol in the glass was more than appropriate for the drink. You didn’t comment, however, the sweetness distracting you if but for a moment. When you finish the contents, you set the glass down and lock eyes with Namjoon.
“Mm,” you hum, bringing the glass to your lips and lapping at the side of it to clean off a stray droplet.
You take far too long for Namjoon’s tastes. And the way your eyes narrow seductively to look at him while your tongue makes work of his glassware is sinful, to say the least. Discreetly he adjusts himself thankful that the counter was a little above the buckle of his belt.
“You must have been thirsty.” He comments casually while his fingers mindlessly fiddle with a olive spear beneath the ledge of the bar, jabbing the soft pad of his thumb with the tip of it.
There’s so much visual stimulation and he’s unsure of what to make of it. Your tongue swipes over your glossed lips and makes them shine under the low light. They naturally pucker, likely adjusting to the aftertaste of the alcohol on the back of your tongue. Those fucking straps on your dress keep falling, and he can’t stop his gaze from following them as they slip down your shoulders. But you keep adjusting them, like it isn’t a big deal.
“Very thirsty. You make a good drink. Perhaps you could make me another?”
Namjoon clinks his glass over the decanter, his own drink untouched. He swirls it in his hand and takes a small sip letting his eyes fall back on you. Lifting up his eyebrow, he sets his glass down with practiced control. The truth was, he was about to lose his mind.
“Sure. But you’d better keep an eye on those straps. Can’t have you being tipsy and falling out of your dress.”
Perhaps it’s the alcohol in your system, but you settle into your seat and recline for comfort. You adjust your posture and swing a leg over the other to rest a hand on your bare knee.
“Wouldn’t you hate that,” you giggle. Your unoccupied hand floats over your thigh and inches the fabric of your dress up a bit. “You’ve already seen me topless, Namjoon. Don’t act like a prude.”
Namjoon steps around the bar, his drink long forgotten and your second serving neglected as well. He enjoys how your head turns to follow him, completely caught off guard and not expecting him to boldly come to stand before you.
“Am I being a prude? Is this more to your liking?” His hand settles on your knee gently, jaw clenching and dragon eyes locked onto yours and nothing else. He waits for your refusal, watching your fingers twitch in an almost attempt to deny him, but he knew you wouldn’t. He tests the waters sliding up a little more, breathing out his frustration, the satisfaction of being able to touch your skin releasing years of tension.
When you don’t make a move to stop him, he slides your leg off of the other and opens them so he can settle between them. The hem of your dress climbs higher and again a strap falls over your shoulder.
“Baby, this will not do. This fucking pathetic excuse for a dress--useless fabric, made for nothing but ruining.”
You’re startled by his forward nature. Up until now he’s been quite reserved, aside from the playful banter over dinner. Now his hand lays on your thigh, and the heat of it warms your skin through the ‘useless fabric,’ as he stated it.
Namjoon tsks and reaches over towards the counter to grasp his drink, hand still lingering on your leg.
“I’ll stop acting like a prude when you stop acting so naïve.” In a smooth motion, he brings the glass to his lips and drinks heavily. The sound of his throat constricting as he swallows the liquid is powerful, like he needs it to survive. “Open your mouth, ___.”
At first you’re unsure, the entire moment surreal. A tiny pinch to the flesh of your inner thigh causes you to gasp in shock. Looking back up, you shrink at the smirk Namjoon wears proudly.
“I said open.”
Perhaps it was the alcohol in your system, or the way his knees begin pushing yours open, but you find yourself hesitantly doing as he says. Tipping your neck back, you open wide and close your eyes not wanting to know what he will do. It’s exciting but also anxiety inducing.
“Good girl.”
Namjoon drinks the remnants of his glass and leans forward, head tipping in admiration of your beauty. He’s never been this close before, but your essence was intoxicating. He noses along your cheek and jaw, your reaction to him setting a fire in his belly. Your legs attempt to shut, but his stronger ones don’t allow it.
He doesn’t say anything or move further once his lips dance over yours. His breath tickles your skin and causes your lashes to flutter in anticipation. When you lock eyes, that’s when he parts his lips to share the alcoholic remnants with you. It’s still cold from the chilly cubes in his glass, but tastes like him.
You swallow what you can, but a small amount dribbles over your chin. It doesn’t make it very far, Namjoon’s tongue is already collecting whatever was lost.
“You’re right. It is yummy.”
You barely begin to process everything, your mind now a bit hazier with the amount of alcohol swirling through your system. “I--”
You feel a tug against your shoulder, the front of your dress now falling forward to reveal a bit of the top of your breast. The culprit stands before you with the tiny string dangling in his hand and a shit-eating grin plastered on his lips.
“Like I said...useless.”
He doesn’t stop after that. His moves are calculated and dominant--who are you to stop him? There’s a moment of indulgence from his end as he stares at your bared breast, weaving his fingers around the other strap.
“Everything you’re wearing is fucking slutty, baby. But that’s the point, right?” His grin grows wider, and then he gives a harsh tug to break the other side. “You wore it for me, so I get to choose whether I want to see it on your body or not…”
His hands make fast work of your clothing, tugging at it to expose more of your skin. In front of the other guys, he’d strain not to say anything while you were shamelessly exposed for their enjoyment. But in the comfort of his apartment, between the two of you, anything goes.
“Take this off and sit on the couch. Now.”
The low growl of his voice makes you jump and you don’t wait to see what the consequences of your disobedience will be. You slide your dress off, shame washing over you at the fact that Namjoon will be seeing your underwear as soon as he comes closer. The dress was fitted and panty lines would have ruined the look, so you couldn’t help but wear your tiny seamless pair. Kicking off the dress, you go to sit as instructed, but Namjoon’s voice stops you.
“What do we have here? I bet you did this for me too, didn’t you, dirty girl?”
He’s much too close, the raspy sound of his words causing goosebumps to spread over your skin. He continues to play his game of proximity and no touch, a game that drives you completely insane. The way his seductive energy had you submitting to him in less than an hour was unlike you. You never gave it a second thought, never imagined him to be this sexy, but you weren’t complaining.
You feel the tips of his fingers work their way up your spine, the feather-like touch drawing a gasp from your lips. He stops at your shoulder, the nail of his index finger following along the outline of your body as if he were memorizing your curves. He makes it back down to your hip and then replaces his finger with his hand. Sliding it down and over your pelvis, he finds your heat and cups it. He doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, his body pressed against your back and breath tickling the sensitive spot on your neck. You want to scream at him, beg him to touch you the way you need, but you knew it would only fuel his already established opinions of your reputation.
“Nothing to say now? That’s funny since you’re always running your mouth, flirting with all the guys--talking all this game--and yet here you are. I would ask what you want, but the way your cunt is soaking my fingers tells me all I need to know. Filthy, filthy whore.”
With a sharp tug he rips the underwear down your legs, the action ruining the fabric and stretching the elastic so that they are no longer wearable. He pulls them from you and stands back up, the low moan that escapes you catching his attention. You bite your tongue in hopes that he hadn’t heard--but he had.
“Yum. You sound as good as I expected. Let’s see what other sounds you can make.”
He leans you forward and kicks your legs open. The position is awkward so you bend further letting your hands support you on the couch cushions in front of you. The hiss you hear behind you causes you to bite your lower lip, the fact that you could get him so strung-- intoxicating. You don’t get to dwell in this victory long, the sharp blow onto the tender flesh of your ass much too painful.
“Do you think this is funny? I find you’re really the worst kind of brat. Wanting all the attention but never able to handle the punishment. Tell me--for how many men have you stood with your cunt spread open like this? I bet if I opened you up like this in front of the boys you’d cum untouched.”
He leans over your body, placing the fabric coated in your juices into your mouth before delivering another slap, this one more angry. You can already feel the welts rising on your skin and it’s hard to find your voice with the way your mouth is stuffed full of your arousal. If you told him he was wrong, he might think you were lying, and if you admitted he was right, he might get even more angry.
There was no explanation for what you were feeling, but for some reason you wanted him to see you in a positive light. You didn’t want to disappoint him, and you don’t know why, but just the thought of him seeing you any other way made you feel sick to your stomach.
“No one!” You barely muffle out when you feel his body jolt a little in preparation to deliver another blow. You weren’t fearful of receiving another, the truth was, you were so incredibly turned on. But something about needing him to know that you were not a whore, that you truly have only ever let him do something like this was so important for you. Whatever this hold he had over you was, his perception of you meant everything.
Joon snickers at your response, the high-pitched declaration music to his ears. He knows you are somewhat innocent with men, and that you flirt mainly for attention, but he needs to be sure that there is still an untainted part of you in there somewhere.
“Good.” Gently he straightens you and moves you to the side so that he can sit on the couch in front of you. With a light tap to his thighs, he gestures for you to straddle him, and you do so without a second thought. His large hands come to wrap around your waist allowing him to hold you down flush against his obvious erection.
“I like you. I can feel how much you like me too. Look how much you need me. You’re ruining my fucking pants, baby.”
Guiding your arms to wrap around his shoulders, he settles you to neatly on his lap, the closeness so incredibly erotic. He’s still wearing all of his clothes while you sit completely ruined and exposed before him. You try to look at his face, follow along with the seduction game that has your entire body surrendering without question, but you feel too shy.
“What’s the matter, whore? Suddenly you want to act innocent? That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think? You act like such a fucking slut with every other man. I think I deserve the same.”
One swipe up your slit with his fingers draws a gagged whine out of you. He continues to rub back and forth, his middle finger probing at your entrance but never pushing further. Your thighs begin to shake, the little strength you have left working toward keeping your control in order to prove to him that you aren’t the slut he believes you to be.
“Tsk, tsk, baby. You’ve soaked my hand. Is my girl needy? Do you want to cum all over my fingers?”
You somehow manage to lift up your face to acknowledge his question, your orgasm already so close it’s embarrassing.
“Know what I think? I think you would love to be mine. Wouldn’t you, baby? Mine to kiss and touch whenever and wherever I want--my shameless whore. That is what you want, isn’t it?”
Whatever he says, you agree to, your sex-hazed mind too focused on reaching your high and not on the words you so easily agree to. It was like he was saying everything exactly how you needed to hear it and you were already too far gone.
Namjoon continues rubbing back and forth, the palm of his hand hitting your clit relentlessly. It was fun watching you lose yourself, your frustration making you impatient and desperate. He doesn’t want to waste this time entirely, his goal to ensnare you never too far from his mind. He does, however, want to give you a going away present, one that will have you crawling back to him.
Deciding to indulge himself, he squeezes your nipple and tugs harshly. When you open your mouth to complain, he pushes a finger into you and swallows your moan eagerly, then snakes in his tongue and rips out the sullied fabric with his teeth. He spits what used to be your underwear to the floor carelessly so his tongue can keep your mouth busy, forcing your tight cunt to take another thick finger.
“You’re dripping, ___.” Namjoon swallows tight when feels how you become a soaked wreck just from the pressure of his digits stretching you out. “Gonna make a mess all over my nice pants, aren’t you? Fuck...”
Your body is perfect, the way it welcomes him so easily--it’s impossible for his ego not to inflate. He knows what to do, has worked so hard to get to where he is now. A woman’s body was always so much fun to navigate and he was quickly learning what made you weep. Small thrusts, and tiny lip bites have you broken-- exactly how Namjoon likes it.
“What if I do this?” He hooks up, right into your gspot, and thrusts with vigor. From the lewd squelching sounds that follow, he knows he can make you cum like this.
“W-what are you...Joon, don’t!” Your voice cracks pathetically as you strain to compose yourself. The alcohol must have gone straight to your bladder, because this feeling is overwhelmingly foreign, yet so familiar. If he continues, you’re certain you’ll release everything right in his lap. It’s embarrassing, but there’s nothing you can do but ride his digits and whimper for relief.
“Don’t?” His lips curl into a devilish smile and then he nips your bottom lip until the skin nearly breaks. He laves over the sore flesh with his warm tongue and whispers sin into your mouth, picking up his pace until he feels you begin to trickle. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
You tense your muscles to hold it in, until you can’t anymore. “I’m--Joon, s-stop!” Your head snaps to the side to bury your shame in the crook of his arm, face beet red and sweating.
With that, he withdraws for a mere second, only to sink in three long fingers, hooking into you hard and fast. “Cum on my fingers, little whore. You want to make me happy, don’t you?” He bites you again, this time at the slope of your neck, embedding his sharp teeth into your skin and creating a possessive mark. “Now.”
You nod, still hidden in his soft clothing. His jacket smells like cologne and his musk, and in this moment, feels like the greatest comfort as your legs shake beneath you. You’re certain you’ve lost all control of your body when you cum hard and scream silently with eyes clamped shut. All you can feel aside from the blinding pleasure is how soaked you’ve become, ruining Namjoon’s pants with your release.
“Fuck, you’re filthy.” He rasps into your ear, breath hot on your lobe. “Is this how you treat your gracious host?” His fingers thrust into you even after you’re spent, to draw out as much of your slick arousal as he can muster. The oversensitivity has you whimpering for him to stop, but he doesn’t relent. Though his movements are slower than before, it still hurts and you squeeze his solid arms, your nails digging into the fabric.
“ hurts.”
“Come on, pretty baby. I know you can give me one more. Be a good girl and try.”
Deciding to have mercy, he moves his thumb over your clit and presses against it, slow and calculated. He moves in a circular motion, then flicks over it rapidly all while his other fingers are still embedded inside of you. He moves them perfectly, as if he’s known your body for years.
It doesn’t take long for you to cum again, but this one felt more intimate, like he wanted it to be more pleasurable than forced. Unable to move, you lay against him, the wetness beneath you bringing a chill to your flesh. You feel embarrassed, but then his soft kisses on your shoulder calm you slightly. The evidence of your reckless behavior is hidden beneath you, but you can find no energy to care. It’s only when you hear him suck in his breath that you move from him in worry.
“___. Why are you bleeding? Are you on your period?”
Your heart thunders in your chest., not this...not now.
He holds his fingers up so you can see--a droplet of blood slides down his palm and collects with the rest of your juices. “What is this?” His eyes narrow on yours, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Are you?...” There’s no way. You can’t be..
You slowly nod with cheeks furiously heated. That was all the response he needed. “You’ve never been with a man? I could have sworn…”
His words are leading into the territory you fear. You know he thinks of you as a whore when the truth is, you’ve never been touched by a man this thoroughly. The realization makes you feel pathetic, but you also wonder why you let him have you so easily. You suddenly feel completely exposed, and your nakedness isn’t helping. You look for something to salvage your dignity, but Namjoon is quicker, his jacket coming off of him as he swiftly places it over your shoulders.
“Thank you. I-- I don’t know what to say. I’ve never done this before. You’re the first.”
“You’re a virgin then. You’ve never had an orgasm?”
“No, I have-- just...not with someone else.”
Your confession makes Namjoon feel soft. This was a new revelation--one he wasn’t expecting at all. “I see. Did I hurt you?”
You can’t say the entire experience was without discomfort, but everything toward the end was just amazing. His touch was intoxicating, making the pain subside quickly. There was nothing done you didn’t want to happen. The proof was all over his pants.
“No. It felt really good. I’m sorry about your clothes. I’m so embarrassed.”
Namjoon tilts his head and brings your face to his own. He kisses you softly before pulling away slowly. “Please don’t be embarrassed. Forget the pants. How about I show you to the bathroom and find you a change of clothes?”
You nod nervously, surprise coming over you when he manages to lift you off his lap to set you down on two wobbly feet. “There. Now, follow me.”
He grabs your hand and leads you down the hall where he provides everything he promises. You can’t even look at yourself in the mirror after your shower, the water not having done enough to wash away your debauched behavior.
Namjoon waits for you to get clean and exit the bathroom. He offers to take you home, but you insist on taking a cab. He doesn’t want to push you, not now, not when he had you right in the palm of his hand. You were going to be easier than he thought. It would be like taking candy from a baby, except in this situation, innocence from a woman.
You don’t know how it happened, but your relationship with Namjoon took an unexpected turn. After you almost ran out of his apartment an embarrassed mess, he called you the next morning to make sure you were alright. By the time you’d hung up the phone with him, there was a flower delivery at your door, and before the day was through he managed to find his way to your apartment for a movie night.
It felt like a dream the way things fell into place so quickly. Over and over he worked to show you that he was truly interested in the real you, and although nothing was official, he made hints often about you being his and no one else’s. You often took it as teasing and flirting, but a tight grip over your hands and an even tighter hold of your waist whenever you went out together said a lot. You didn’t want to be silly admitting to liking such possessive behavior, but something in the way Namjoon swooned you was unlike anything you ever experienced before.
Every guy you’ve ever met flirted heavily with you in the hopes you’d give yourself to them, but not Namjoon. As a matter of fact, ever since the night he made you cum all over his pants he hasn’t attempted a single sexual advance. For a bit you assumed it was because he was trying to be a gentleman by getting to know you without the cloud of sexual desire, but now you were wondering if maybe he didn't like what went down that night.
As you stare at yourself in the mirror waiting for Namjoon to pick you up for your tenth date, a bit of doubt creeps into your mind. Tonight would determine his interest, the sexy black dress you were currently wearing with no underwear beneath, a temptation he most certainly wouldn’t be able to resist. He never really said what his sexual tastes were, and all you really had to go off was one night’s events to guide you. Your best guess was, if he had ripped your other pair right off, surely he preferred women without them.
You sigh out and arch a brow at the pathetic look on your face. “You really are dumb, ___,” you chastise yourself. Here you were trying so hard to get his attention, but you had no idea what steps to take. The ringing of your phone snaps you back into the now. A text from the man that consumes your thoughts glows on the screen and you rush to read it.
Joon: [I’m here, beautiful.]
Walking to the door, you swiftly open it and hurry to the elevator to meet him in the parking garage. As soon as the doors open, Namjoon glances up and swallows hard. Good.
He is leaning against the side of the vehicle looking like temptation itself. You needed to remind yourself of the goal you had set. This night was to entice him, not the other way around. Walking over to him, you smile and lean in to kiss his cheek. The air is crisp and you know for certain your nipples are clearly on display. You make sure to lean against his arm and brush against it, annoyed that now you’ve teased yourself in the process.
“You’re a bit too sexy in that dress don’t you think, baby?”
You smile and shrug your shoulders in response--he doesn’t like it. When he comes around and opens the car door, he dips down and breathes in your scent, his nose tickling the nape of your neck. You almost forget who the experienced person is in this little game you were playing. Sitting down, cross your legs and look up at him with your best innocent eyes.
“I put it on for you, silly.”
Namjoon shuts the door and says nothing more. When you arrive at the club, his arm instantly wraps around your waist to hold you close. The entire night he’s either next to do, holding you, or watching you from afar. You mostly laugh and have fun dancing with some random girls you meet, but when a man comes much too close, the entire night comes to a screeching halt.
“___, let’s go. Now!”
“But, we just got here.”
“I said now!” When he goes to grab your hand the mysterious stranger decides to speak up.
“Hey, my guy, we were just trying to have a good ti--”
Namjoon pushes the guy without a second thought causing him to land on the dance floor. He tugs you harshly and leads you all the way outside. The entire time you throw a fit and tell him he’s being crazy. The moment the cold air hits you both, he lets you go and turns to stare you down with fierce eyes.
“Don’t you ever do that again.”
“Namjoon! What the fuck. I was only dancing. Why are you being crazy?”
“Crazy? You wanna see crazy?”
You don’t get a chance to speak anymore. He drags you around the corner to the empty alleyway and presses you against the brick wall of the club. “I don’t know how many fucking times I have to tell you. You’re mine. That is what you told me, isn’t it? You said no one has touched you before...only me. That means you’re mine.”
“Joon, I know, but I wasn’t--”
“Baby, please just stop talking. Look at you. Look at this fucking dress. Don’t you know how sexy you are? I can’t even be close to you without---”
He has both fists pressed to the cement beside your head in frustration, his breathing rapid and eyes burning with a fire you almost guiltily take pleasure in. Was it right to find his jealousy attractive? To see the desire eating him he could lose control at any moment? The truth was, you were turned on by it and you needed him to know.
“Then touch me.” Reaching for his hand you guide it right to where you so desperately needed him to be. You remember the way he used his fingers--it’s all you can think about, but he tugs his hand back and away. “Joo-”
“My needy little whore. Do you think I want to touch you where anyone passing by can see? Is that what you like?”
“Wha-- no, I just thought.”
Namjoon grabs your hand once again and leads you to his car. He doesn’t say a word as he coaxes you inside, not even looking at you as he begins to drive. In that moment you felt like a true whore and were even more worried that you’d made him think even less of you. In less than an hour you’d managed to disgust Namjoon and push him away. You felt dejected and the memory of his opinion of you surfaces. After all this time, he really did think of you as a cheap slut, and you weren’t helping the matter.
When you arrive at your apartment, you assume he’s just going to leave you there, but he parks instead. He opens your car door and grabs your hand, tenderly this time, and walks up with you to your building. The entire elevator ride is awkward and you want to say something so bad, but the fear of making things worse stops you. When you get to your door, he simply stands to the side and waits. You glance over at him hoping to soften whatever may come, but the way he clenches his jaw and looks up to the ceiling isn’t a good sign.
You open and walk in, set your purse on the table and remove your heels. Now that you’re smaller in height, his tall frame dwarfs yours and you fold into yourself.
“I hope you know how much you hurt me tonight. I wasn’t happy at all. No man should be looking at what’s mine and no man should even touch what’s mine. You don’t get it do you, ___?”
His words set a rage within you. How did you hurt him?
“What! I didn’t even do anything! I was just dancing and he came up to me! What am I supposed to get when you don’t even want to touch me? Do you even like me, Joon?”
You’re halfway seated on a stool near the counter of your kitchen when Namjoon steps forward--you instantly regret your choice of seating. The corner is blocked off with nowhere to go.
“There you go again running that mouth of yours. It’s so fucking pretty too. It should be busy gagging on my cock, shouldn’t it, baby? Open up for me.”
Without a word, he slips his fingers past your open lips, your shock humorous to him. It was cute how tough you thought you were. He presses down on your tongue and when you wrap your lips around his digits, he smirks hungrily.
“Good girl. I’m going to need you to be quiet while I tell you what you did wrong. Can you do that for me, baby?”
You should be having an adult conversation with him right now instead of letting him manipulate you with his sexual prowess, but you’ve been needing his attention for so long. You simply nod and moan in response, the action earning you a chuckle from the man you so desperately want to please.
“Good. Now, listen closely so you don’t miss it. I want you to understand that when I pushed these very fingers into your untouched cunt, I claimed you. That means that no other person is allowed near what I own.” He presses his fingers further when he feels your tongue sucking him in. “You see what a fucking dirty whore you are? If anyone else saw this, they might try and take you from me. We can’t have that. I wouldn’t like that at all.” Again he pushes further and when you gag he pulls them out and then places them into his mouth, running his tongue down the length of them, all the way to his fingertips. “So yummy, baby.”
With a gentle kiss to your forehead, he walks off and right out the door without so much as a goodbye. Your current state is a mess and you can longer wait to satiate your body’s cravings. You run to your room, sliding your dress right off and jump into the bed where you search for your vibrator in the nightstand. You’re so wet you don’t even need lube, and by the time Joon texts you his routine goodnight, you’ve already cum three times.
A couple weeks passed, but the time dragged on. Minutes felt like hours around Namjoon -- some of them pleasant, but most of them not. It seemed your boyfriend had more layers of himself to unveil to you, bit by bit, day by day. You enjoyed the time you spent for the most part...until you didn’t. At those points, you told yourself it would get better, and it always seemed to.
His mannerisms began to shift once he was provoked at the club. As you gagged around his hooked fingers that night, he made it very clear you were his to play with whenever he pleased. You didn’t mind, as he began to kiss you more and show his affection physically. He never tried to fuck you though, but he’d do things to your body that, in your mind, were second best.
He’d cup your pussy while standing behind you at the grocery store where no one could see, or palm your breasts while watching tv. He’d be slow at the start, until he got himself worked up. One night while watching The Bachelor and you made a passing comment about how the man had a nice smile.
“Is that what you want, ___?! Apparently that’s all it takes to get your filthy pussy dripping--a nice fucking smile. You want to throw yourself at that dickhead like every other whore on the show? ...Huh?!” He began to get rough, biting marks into your neck and down your chest, but you were told you’d learn to like it.
While his possessiveness increased tenfold, you found it oddly times. The marks on your skin ached at the start, but they faded to pretty little bruises, subtly showing his claim. No one has ever gripped you with such passion, and there was no doubt Namjoon had passion coursing in his veins. Sometimes he became too passionate, tightening his hold on your wrist when you stumbled upon an old friend from high school.
“He’s just a friend,” you quietly assured him as you walked back to your apartment. But he wanted you to prove your loyalty, so you did.
He scared you a bit with his manic energy, but you did your best to remind yourself that this is how he expresses his affection, so you expressed it back. You got on your knees the second you stepped through the doors, sucked his vascular cock until you couldn’t breathe, and stroked him fast, to finish all over your face.
“What would your ‘friend’ think if I sent him a picture of you looking like this?” He squeezed his cock hard until a few lasting drops drooled over your lips. “You’re so pretty baby...Thank you.”
On one particular Saturday morning you awoke to the sounds of someone at your door. You were extremely exhausted after having stayed up until almost dawn talking with Namjoon. If he couldn’t be with you, he insisted you stay on the phone until he could hear your breathing even out signaling your sleep. You didn’t get up to answer but curiosity had you bouncing off the bed to see who it was.
When you open the door, all you can see is a huge bouquet of flowers that is so large it covers whoever is holding them. The delivery guy sets them on the ground, asks for your signature and leaves. You have no idea who would send you such beautiful flowers, but a tiny note sticking out of the top would clear things up in no time.
‘To the sexiest and most beautiful woman I know. Mine always - Joon’
It doesn’t take you long before you text to let him know that you got his present. He was probably sleeping, so you didn’t call, and now that you were giddy with love, your sleepiness left you. You knew you should at least take a nap because tonight you would be going out to meet up with the guys again with him. It feels like ages since you last saw them.
You mentioned to Namjoon several times how you missed them and wanted to see them, but he always managed to change the subject, making you forget what you asked for. It wasn’t like you meant to stay away for so long, but having a relationship took up a lot of your time and you knew this to be true of many of your friends when they started their relationships. So tonight you would make sure to have a good time and apologize for being such a terrible friend.
The day flies by and soon you’re on the elevator ready to make your way to meet Namjoon and be on your way. The ride to Jin’s house doesn’t take long, and the minute you enter, a booming cheer resounds throughout. Namjoon had asked you before you entered not to leave his side and hold his hand because being away from you would make him miss you, and you honestly tried to stick to the promise, but the boys tug you away faster than you could refuse.
You made sure to glance back at Namjoon, often trying your best to work your way back to him, but Jungkook kept wanting to show you some new videos he edited and Jimin had a lot of dating fails he was eager to share. Eventually you made your way through Hobi and Yoongi who talked about their music and dance club and then Jin had only greeted you the moment you entered, which left Tae. You had the intention of meeting up with him too, but you could see the look of annoyance on your man’s face. Although he was also talking to the guys and drinking, he wasn’t happy.
Finally free, you start to make your way to him, but Tae catches up with you first.
“Hey, sexy. Long time no see. Now that you’re Joon’s girl you can’t say hi?”
“Shut up, Tae,” you giggle and then hug him in greeting. “I was going to come say hello, but everyone was keeping me busy. I was actually just going to go talk to Joon real quick. Could you give me a sec?”
You turn to walk away, but Tae grabs your arm and spins you right back. “Why are you in such a rush? He gets to have you all the time. I’m sure he’ll move on from whatever he’s sulking over.”
“Tae, it’s not like that. You don’t know him. I’ll be right back.”
Again you spin and Tae grabs you once more, but this time he doesn’t turn you. He gets up close, right to your ear, and whispers. “What the fuck? This isn’t like you, babe. You and I could talk about anything. We used to fuck around. Why are you bei-”
“Get your fucking hands off of her.” Namjoon’s voice booms and you close your eyes already expecting the worst scenario.
“Shit, Joon. What the hell? I’m not going to take her from you.”
“Fuck off. Let’s go, ___.”
You feel torn because this is the last thing you want to happen, but one stern look from Namjoon has you moving. You get a moment to say your goodbyes noticing the look Jin gives you--was it pity? You weren’t sure. Before you know it, you’re back in the vehicle on another awkward ride home. You knew his jealousy was becoming too much, but he always made up for it somehow. It wasn’t like him to be jealous of his friends, though. You didn’t even know what he was so jealous about. It’s not like you were going to sleep with any of the guys. Hell, Namjoon hasn’t even taken things that far with you, so why would he think you’d be that way with someone else?
Although you’d been sexual in some ways with him, you still hadn’t had actual sex and you wondered if it was because he might not want to actually be with you. Maybe he was acting jealous because he knew how pathetically in love you were with him. Neither of you have said the word, but you were blatantly obvious, while he just got into fights. What was this relationship anyway?
“Joon. Why are you being this way? It’s obvious you don’t want me the way I want you. You always fight with me, get jealous, and then we end up getting each other off somehow. Is that even what a relationship is supposed to be? I’m trying here but I don’t get why you even wanna be with me.”
Namjoon hits the brakes of his car and parks off to the side of the road. His hands grip the steering wheel so tight you can see the white of his knuckles. Instantly, you swallow your words.
“I don’t want to be with you? Is that what you think, ___? You think I’m over here protecting you from people like Tae and other obviously desperate men because I don’t want you? Look at you! You’re so fucking hot and beautiful. Every man is out here trying to take what’s mine and yet you’re so painfully oblivious. Fuck!”
He smacks the steering wheel and then resumes driving, his foot pressing on the gas a little faster than before. You don’t know where he’s going and you’re too afraid to ask. He manages to pull into a park that overlooks the city, the trees so dense it’s hard to find the location unless you know exactly where it is.
“Get over here, baby.”
With a softer voice, he gestures for you to climb onto his lap, and you do so already knowing what’s coming. He always covered up your issues with sex, something you wish he wouldn’t do. There’s no way your relationship would progress like this. His lips, however, work their magic over your neck, and soon you’re melting right into him.
“Namjoon, we need to talk about this...we can’t just...ughh.”
Your words are stolen as soon as his fingers find their way into your panties. You almost didn’t wear any, but knowing this particular dress tended to fly up with even the smallest pick up in the wind, you didn’t take a chance. It didn’t even matter at this point. Your man found his way to your clit easily and his fingers were already experts in your pleasure.
He removes your jacket, teeth and tongue nipping and tugging on the flesh of your shoulders and neck the second they're exposed. Your arms lay upon his shoulders, thighs holding you up slightly to give him easier access. You think he’s simply going to make you cum and then sit you back down, argument forgotten, but the feel of his soft tip against your entrance stops the motion of your hips.
“What are you doing?”
“Shh, calm down baby. You love me, right? Hmm? You love me as much as I love you, right?”
His words are tender, eyes soft and brows creased as if the sudden revelation of weakness made him feel pain. You couldn’t deny him. Not when he just admitted to loving you in return. You blow out a breath and close your eyes, the tears threatening to spill over due to the overwhelming feelings flowing through you.
“Yes, Joon. I love you. I love you so much.”
“Good.” Your vulnerability was his drug, and wanting to prepare you for your first time, he slid in two fingers, working you open easily since your cunt was used to them. This time, he decides to press in a third without warning and the gasp you release makes him feral. You’ve taken them before, but not so quickly, and the way your body relaxes into them tells Namjoon you were more than ready.
He works your clit with his thumb while he scissors his other fingers into you, proud at the way you drip onto his palm. Knowing that it would only take a second, he removes his hand and then lowers you right onto his cock and thrusts up. You cry out into the vehicle, and dig your nails into his shoulders. He holds your hips down and slowly rotates them in order to bring pleasure back to you.
He centers you with a kiss, his mouth distracting you from the burning sensation you feel after taking his thick cock so quickly. His thumb finds your clit once more and the crease in your brow softens when he flicks it teasingly.
“’s gonna feel better soon, baby. Look at my good girl filled up so full. I didn’t know if you were ready to take me, baby. Maybe I should take it out…”
“No! Please...don’ feel sooo..gooo-”
“Yeah, baby? How good?”
Namjoon knows you can’t speak, but he can’t help teasing you. He can feel exactly how good, your cunt sucking him in so deep he can barely move. He knew this wasn’t the ideal place, that taking someone’s virginity, especially yours, should be done in a more romantic way, but he couldn’t let you go on thinking you could behave the way you had. And even more, he had to wipe the notion that he didn’t want you clear out of your mind.
When he knows you’ve completely surrendered, he tugs your hips forward, helping them to move against his rock hard cock. It was starting to hurt, being inside of you without moving a muscle, but he’d given you enough time to adjust and now it was his time to enjoy it.
Your sounds of ecstasy are enough to break any man, yet he remains in control, fingertips digging in deep and now settling on the round of your ass, hands motioning you faster and faster. His hips have now begun to meet yours, the in and out motions his cock is experiencing becoming too much to bear.
You feel so good, so warm, and so perfect. Your face is buried in his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders and interlocked behind his neck. He could feel you trying to move, your hesitance adorable and evidence that this was certainly your first time. He’d practically taken your virginity with his fingers before, but being inside of you was another feeling entirely. He knew you took birth control to regulate your period, but he wasn’t certain if you took them faithfully. He didn’t care. You were his anyway.
With the way events unfolded, there had been no time to take out a condom or ask if you would get pregnant. All he knew was that you were his completely and the only thing left for him to do was claim you officially. Once he spills his seed into you, no man would ever be allowed to know this feeling. He would know you inside and out, just as he should.
You start rocking faster, the now pleasing feeling of his length rubbing against the walls of your cunt, something you never thought would feel so euphoric. When he starts pulling you down onto his lap and thrusting his hips faster, you feel as if you could faint. It was heaven, the moment, the pleasure--the pain. His breathing labored and heavy against your temple has you feeling more aroused even though he’s already fucking your brains out. He complains a little when his dick gets squeezed by your hungry cunt, but you can’t help it. You were so close to cumming, of that you were sure, but you struggled to find the end.
Namjoon, of course, senses your trouble. Pulling the dress above your head, he takes your bra off quickly and latches onto a nipple. Immediately he sucks and tugs on it like his life depends on it. Your neck is now exposed, back arched, and thighs shaking at the overstimulation. And just when you think you’re about to lose your mind, his thumb meets you at just the right moment. A soft stroke is all it takes for your body to lose control and rock uncontrollably. You don’t know what it is about Namjoon, but your orgasm is incredibly intense and lasts longer than you're used to. Small repetitive spasms continue to hit you and you shudder in his grasp. He continues to roll over the already swollen and sensitive nub, his solid cock letting you know that he wasn’t ready to finish just yet.
“Such a good little whore. Give me one more, baby.”
“I can-- I can’t,” you cry against his shoulder, already worn and ready to collapse.
“Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to feel me inside of you? Right here?”
His hand comes to settle on your lower belly and it quickly becomes clear what he means. He adjusts you slightly so that he can fully settle inside of you. He thrusts up using his powerful legs to balance him, and completely sheaths himself. The tip of his cock hits up against your cervix and you can see when his cock protrudes slightly from your lower belly. He does it over and over, gentle but firm and your whimper at the strange yet uncomfortable feeling.
“That’s my good girl. I’m gonna fill you up nice and good, claim this little pussy for me. You’re gonna be my good bitch and take my cum, right, baby?”
“Yes, oh god...yessss”
When he hears your broken voice, he can no longer hold back. Returning to your clit, he begins to rub desperately needing you to cum at the same time as him. He knows you’re close, so he swirls and rubs it in just the right pattern. As soon as you take in that familiar deep gasp, he spills himself inside of you as you both reach ecstasy.
The car is a million degrees hotter and your body is coated in a light sweat, but Namjoon’s soft laugh is all you can focus on. Barely able to speak, you moan in complaint and he chuckles a little louder. “What’s so funny?” you whine.
“Nothing, baby. I’m just thinking about how I’m the happiest man in the whole world.”
You smile and lean your head on his shoulder, arms limp at your sides. He was right. You were also happy and without realizing, you too felt a giggle creep up to your lips. As you both sat in the car catching your breaths, you realize that whatever fight you’d been having didn’t even matter. He loved you more than anyone you knew and that was the best feeling in the world. Namjoon was right.
Kissing his cheek, you smile and hug him tight, his dimples too adorable to ignore. He was utterly gorgeous, and so amazing to you. You couldn’t remember the reason why you were upset in the first place. “Let’s go home, Joonie.”
A few days passed but everything had changed. Namjoon became more attentive and gentle, even spending more nights with you at home, and you were glad for it. Your relationship was in the best place it could ever be. He must’ve said I love you a billion times already, but you never grew tired of hearing it. This was the softest you’ve ever seen him be and you were falling even harder.
Last night he made love to you too many times to count, the evidence of his presence clearly marked over your inner thighs and belly. You lay in the bed stretched out like a cat listening to the shower come on. You felt sore, yet you couldn’t get enough. Needing to replenish your body, you decide on making a huge breakfast for the both of you, but Namjoon’s phone rings on the nightstand.
You walk around to see who it could be, and Jin’s name flashing on the screen makes you curious. “Hmm, why would he be calling?”
“Oh, hey, ____. I was hoping to talk to Namjoon. Is he around?”
“Sorry, he just jumped in the shower.”
“Good. Listen, ___. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Oh? What is it?” There has always been a level of mutual respect between you and Jin. He’s not known for beating around the bush either, which is a breath of fresh air.
“Tae and I spoke about the other day, and, well...we didn’t like how Joon was treating you. It didn’t sit well with us.”
“O-oh?” It wasn’t what you expected to hear, but then again, you really didn’t know what to expect. The fresh marks along the slope of your neck and the tender ache of your cunt return as Jin continues to speak.
“He snapped at Tae. Drug you out of the house like a dog. ___, we hadn’t heard from you in weeks. Then we see you, and, were barely allowed to look us in the eye. It’s so unlike you…”
“It’s not like that, Jin.” But then why is your lip trembling and your eyes welling with tears? “He loves me a lot. I know it’s soon, but...sometimes these things can’t be controlled. It’s just the way he expresses himself, and…” You stall to think of the right response, but it sounds muddy and wrong, even to your ears. “Really, I’m okay.”
“Okay?!” Jin never raises his voice, let alone at you.
“Jin--” The pitch of his tone snaps you farther from the floaty bubble of comfort Namjoon has created for you in your room. “Why are you being like this? I said I’m fine--”
“Tae followed you two.” He speaks in deadpan, like he can’t risk the time it takes to add pleasantries and a soft tone to his response. “He was so scared Joon would do something stupid based off the way he was acting, so he wanted to make sure you would be okay.” His breath grows ragged with emotion, noticeably trying to reason with you. “He saw, ___. The way he treated you in his car...he said it didn’t look consensual, but he couldn’t be sure. So he waited until he could see your face.”
“He followed us? Watched us?” Jin I--”
“Despite being safe, he said there was something in your eyes that didn’t look right. Like they were cold and...lost.”
You don’t know what he’s talking about. What happened in the car versus what a spectator could see are two completely different things. Plus, if Tae saw...god knows his own fondness for you could muddle his perception of things. The news is so sudden, and it gives you no time to mentally prepare or form a rebuttal. Why do you need a rebuttal? The relationship between you and Namjoon is amicable...copacetic...loving and kind.
“Lost?” A lump forms in your throat as you take a ragged breath in. “Jin, I’m okay. I’m fine, see? I’m talking to you, I’m happy. I’m in love, Jin. I love him a lot…” Your voice trails on. Some of what you’re saying registers and some of it doesn’t. In the end, it all sounds like noise.
“I don’t believe you,” Jin states bluntly. “I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I can’t believe that someone who treats you that way is someone you could love. And as for Namjoon, ___, I didn’t want to say this at the start because you seemed too happy, but Namjoon used to hate you. Spoke about you like you weren’t worth a millisecond of his time.”
“He...he what?” You weren’t blind to the way Namjoon thought lowly of you before you were together. The way he tore that dress off of you the first time he sunk his thick fingers into your cunt was telling of how little he cared for your sense of style or the way you carried yourself around other men. But it made you feel speci--
“He said you were a slut. That you were easy. He didn’t respect you then, and I don’t think he does now.”
Jin’s words cut deeper than if they came from Namjoon himself. Hearing them from one of your closest friends makes it feel...real. Like the micro insults thrown your way were more than jealousy and possessiveness.
Just as your mind begins to trail back to Jin’s voice, another one takes its place--
“Babe, who are you talking to?” Namjoon’s lips curl to a frown. “Is that Jin? I heard you say his name.” He shouts over your reply as you attempt to speak. “Hi Jin! Thanks for checking in. We’re great!”
In a flash, he’s by your side; snatches the phone from your hand and hangs up the call, then tosses it to the floor.
“What the fuck did you say to him?” His stare is intimidating, darkened beneath narrowed lids.
“We were just talking--”
“What did you say?!”
Tears stream down your face. You’re rattled, trembling to speak out. “I said we were happy. T-that I love you, Joon.”
“Why?” He takes one step closer and shoves you onto your back. “Clearly you needed to defend our relationship..” His hands are rushed and rough as he peels away your clothing, making you equal to his level of vulnerability, towel slipping off his hips. “Am I a monster, baby? Am I bad to you?”
“No. No!”
“Those fucking pricks think I’m bad for you. I knew they would. They’re jealous, just like I’ve been saying all along!” A TV remote tangles in his feet as he paces by your side of the bed, so he grabs it and tosses it at a wicker chair, splintering the framework. “Fuck! Don’t you see? God damnit, they’re ruining everything!”
You nod, because what else is there to do? You see the darker sides of your boyfriend--his temper, for one. You believe a part of what Jin claimed. Plus, the way Namjoon is handling your body is alarming--aggressive, fast, powerful. He could harm you if he really wanted to, but hasn’t. He’s positively agitated. You trust he’d never do anything to harm you, but for some reason, you’re terrified.
“We should stop, Joon. Uh...put some clothes on and talk about this.”
“Stop?” He shakes his head and closes his eyes, burying his face in his hands. “You want me to stop. I thought you loved me..”
“I do!” You’re quick to come to his side, coaxing him to sit on the bed beside you. “Baby, I love you. I just need you to calm down, okay?”
He laughs and uncovers his face. “Words mean nothing. I need you to show me.”
He grips you at the wrists and presses your back to the bed. “Spread your legs if you’re a good girl for me.” He does it for you before you can comply, using his other hand to pry you open. “There it is. Mine,” he hisses, “Wet little cunt, dripping wet, waiting for me to fuck it.”
You wriggle in his hold as the circulation in your wrists begin to pulse, but you don’t say a word in protest. He’s right, you are madly responsive to his touch. Even if he scares you, you can’t help the way your body reacts.
“It belongs to you,” you coo through a few stray tears.
“That’s right.” He shows you his agreement, using two large fingers to rub through your arousal and cost your lips, holding you open to see your tensing hole. “Mine to use whenever I want. To fill with my cum, as many times as I can. You want my cum inside you, right baby?”
Your eyes grow wide as he turns over his hand and places the backs of his fingers against your clit. “Mmhm. Y-yes.”
A harsh smack follows, right against your most sensitive skin. There’s no space for a yelp or questioning before the next smack lands. This time, he finds the spot he was looking for, directly over your clit. Smack. Smack.
“Joon! Ah--s-stop!”
“Don’t cry, baby. It’ll feel good soon.” Your boyfriend assures you with gentle words while he picks up the pace, harder and faster, smacking your pussy and inner thighs until you grow numb. “Accept it...accept me. Doesn’t this slutty body want to be fucked? If you can’t take this, you can’t take my cock.”
You try, but the pain grows too strong. You can feel the hot heat of your cunt swelling from the shock, so you back your hips to escape the next blow. SMACK.
“Aghh, ow, fuck!” Tears spring from your eyes.
“Unless you want someone else’s cock?” Namjoon rises to his knees on the bed and shows off his glistening length, how it drips pathetically to fill you raw. “Is that what you want?” The anger returns to his eyes as he shouts, gripping his shaft and stroking it. “Tell me, ___! Choose now--me or them?! Be a petty little whore for those liars. Go ahead, but you’ll never see me again...” He lines himself up at your entrance and prods the tip in without warning. “Answer me!”
“You! You!” Your cheeks are stained with tears and beet red.
“You’ll never see them again?”
“Promise me!” Namjoon spits, thrusting his fat cock into you. “Say it!”
Your vision blurs. The pressure of him entering you fully catches your breath in your throat and causes you to choke, struggling to respond quick enough. “I promise! I’ll never see them again!”
“You’ll stay here with me?”
A smile curls over Namjoon’s lips as he gives you another firm thrust. “Good girl.”
In his eyes, he’s finally won. It was a long road with a lot of twists and unexpected turns, but he finally broke you down. He doesn’t have to fear the thought of you giving yourself to someone other than him, or running away to have your mind turned against him by nosy friends. You want everything he has to offer--your mewling lips are enough to indicate how badly he affects your body, and how undeniable his touch has become.
“Say you love me,” he pleas, railing into your cunt with slick smacks. “One more time, so I can cum.”
Like clockwork, you comply. He’s won. You’re all for him, and all he has to do is snap his fingers. In this case, he rolls his hips and fucks you deep until he can feel the familiar slick of your cum trickle over his bare thighs. Now your body is hardwired to his. With a little punishment and a rough fuck, he can turn you to putty.
“Like that,” he groans. His hips angle upward to pulse inside you, spilling everything he has. “F-fuck, all mine. All of you...forever.”
Tumblr media
↳ All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland. Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
Thank you for all your support!<3
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smilesjeon · 2 months ago
Gaming and cockwarming | JJK
↳ Genre: Smut
↳ Word count: 3k
↳ Warnings: cockwarming, humiliation, degradation, overstimulation, praise, little bit of aftercare :), (tell me if i've missed anything!)
"Stop fucking moving, baby." He gritted through his teeth, muting his mic as he said it.
You were feeling bratty. You needed his attention. Fuck that, you needed all of him right now.
Your boyfriend loved playing video games. He loved them so much, sometimes he would completely forget about you, his girlfriend of nearly two and a half years. Nothing big.
He unmuted his mic, going back to screaming random gamer talk like 'Over there!' and 'Tae! You just got me killed you fucking idiot.' Going back to ignoring you for god knows how long.
You knew he loved you. So fucking much. It's just he was too invested in his games at the moment. And that, that got you bored and left you touch starved.
You tried hiding the faint laugh coming out of you, trying to keep it in as you thought of all of things your boyfriend would do to you after. You couldn't wait until his game was done.
Teasingly, you clenched your walls around his thick cock. You knew you were only meant to be cockwarming him; you weren't even meant to be cockwarming him, it was only because you wouldn’t stop distracting him until you got something.
Jungkook moaned a low 'fuck', inaudible for his friends to hear through the microphone. He muted his mic once again, slapping your thigh and dragging his hand up, almost touching your heat until he pulled it away, grabbing your neck harshly and pushing your head onto his shoulder.
"Do you think I'm dumb? Hm? Don't you think I know what you're doing," He tutted out, "Should I unmute my mic? Tell them how needy my little slut is being? I can unmute it right now if you-"
Grabbing onto his thighs tightly, you whimpered and shook your head, gulping down the ball in your throat, starting to feel rather small compared to your boyfriend, subbing out. You didn't want to be humiliated in front of his friends - at least you think you don't.
He smirked at how quick you had turned into a mushy sub for him, just by him threatening to humiliate you, turning his microphone back on. "Sorry, sorry. Just had to deal with something, y'know."
The way his long, thick cock stretched you out fully, his tip hitting your cervix, throbbing against it, almost driving you insane. Key word; almost. But the fact he wasn't moving, barely showed you any kind of indication he will move soon, did drive you crazy.
"Kook... P-Please..." You practically breathed out, quieter than a whisper, looking back at him, your eyes tearing up from the lack of attention and your hand playing with his hair as your eyes moved from his eyes to his parted lips.
You silently thanked that his camera wasn't on, but you knew he would turn it on right now, just to humiliate you if he wanted.
"He's behind you moron! Oh my god, Jimin and Namjoon you're literally useless at this game!" He practically screamed out, eyes looking at every pixel on the screen as his fingers pushing buttons and moving the sticks like it was his first time, as you grinded slowly on his dick, wanting some kind of friction. Any kid of friction.
Whimpering, you bit down on your bottom lip as you continued to slowly, slowly grind on your boyfriend. Your mind thinking it might be better he turned his camera on, humiliating you. At least you'd get action.
You felt your slick drip onto his balls, your slick coating his skin, threatening to spill onto his expensive gaming chair.
He whispered out a 'fuck' throwing his head back for a brief second, feeling your juices coat him and your pussy clench around his dick, his breathing turned heavy. It didn't last long though, he snapped back into 'gamer mode' and acted as if nothing happened.
Whilst there was a small minute break in his game, he grabbed your thighs, squeezing them hard. You let out a gasp at the sudden attention, only to have his hand cover your mouth.
Moving the microphone away from his mouth, not turning it off, he whispered into your ear, "Keep it down, baby girl. You want me to fuck you whilst I play? Want my cock pounding your slutty pussy as my friends watch, huh?"
You shake your head, 'no', secretly wanting him to pound into you, no matter if his friends watch or not. It wouldn't be any different from when Jungkook sends videos to his friend group chat, videos of you sucking him off, him fingering you, him fucking you.
You loved attention. You couldn't get enough of all the attention from his friends, who were also your close friends, after Jungkook sending a video. All their comments praising you, boosting your ego. 'Fuck, she's a filthy girl', 'If you ever break up, the first thing I'm doing is fucking your girl, Kook'.
Jungkook loved showing off what's his. He loved sending them explicit content of you, knowing that no one else will ever get to finger you. No one will get to eat you out. No one else will get their dicked sucked by you. You're all his. Only his.
"Oh, who am I speaking to? Y/n, she's here with me." He cut you out of your thoughts. Thoughts that only made you hornier.
Jungkook placed his headset on your head, moving your hair out of the way as he turned his camera, you oblivious to his action.
You heard a 'oh' sound come from the boys. You heard a bunch of questions. 'How are you?' 'Where's Jungkook?' 'When should we next meet up all together?'. Slightly confused, you brushed any questions off your shoulder and said a faint 'hi'.
Jungkook nuzzled into your neck, wanting to smell you, wanting to get closer than you already were. "Don't be shy, baby. You know the boys, right? They sure as hell know you." He laughed out, your face blushing at his words as you remember the latest video you had sent to the group chat; you taking all your boyfriends dick down your throat until tears streamed down your cheeks, face turning red and gagging around his size.
The thought made you unintentionally clench around his dick, triggering Jungkook to groan out. "Shittt, fuck Y/n."
Jin, Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi halted mid-conversation, Taehyung and Jimin slightly giggling. You were suspicious but you didn't think much of it, they always had their weird moments and so you thought nothing of it.
You were oblivious to the light beaming next to the camera, indicating it was on and showing you sitting on Jungkook. Oblivious to the fact they could almost see Jungkook's dick inside of your cunt; your skirt covering it. Only just.
Without you realising, he looks at the camera, looking at the six of his friends, watching with wide eyes; clocking onto what's happening.
"Let's take this off, baby. You've been such a needy slut, haven't you, hm?" He sighed out, gently pulling the headset off your head, placing it on the table. What you didn't know is the reason he took the headphones is so that you wouldn't hear the boys speaking as they watched him pleasure you.
Thinking he had muted the microphone during the break in his game, you cried out a strained moan as he slithered his hand under your skirt, touching your sensitive clit. You head was thrown back onto his shoulder, your face turned towards his neck; the neck where you were giving him hickeys and soft kisses when you're normally sitting on his lap.
He quickened the movement of his fingers that were circling your clit, only causing you to non-stop moan, your slick to continue dripping onto his balls and now onto his chair. The sensation of it all caused your hips to start moving, trying to get friction as you felt you had been edged a hundred times.
He tutted loudly. "Uh-uh-uh. You're such a needy cockslut, huh? So fucking needy for my dick." He grabbed your hips, keeping an iron hard grip on them and he said nothing but promises and dirty things he would do to you.
"I bet you wanted me to fuck you in front of my friends, didn't you? You like the idea of them getting hard at you being a slut for daddy's dick, hm?" Without knowing, you nodded as soon as he finished the question, still trying to grind yourself onto him.
"Why's that, baby? Why would you like them watching you as I fuck your brains out?" He teased, smirking as his hands was tracing lines up and down your thighs soothingly, moving his chair backwards to have 'more room'.
You almost choked out your answer when his slender fingers came to your clitoris once again, adding more pressure than the last time, his circular motions speeding up. "To show them h-how well you treat - fuckk - how you treat me. How y-your cock fills me up so good. Fuck!"
Your walls clenched around your boyfriends dick, almost spasming around him like when he overstimulates you. You came as the speed was almost too much to take. Your eyes had rolled to the back of your head, your head was thrown against his shoulder, your legs were trembling, trying to close but unable to because Jungkook’s legs locked in between yours, spreading your ones out, making sure to give his friends a nice view. Making sure they know that he's the only one to make you like this.
"Hold your skirt up, baby. It's getting in the way" He uses the excuse, just so the boys could get a good look of him stretching you out.
Your body was still a little shook from your last orgasm, so you sat there for a moment, trying to gather any sort of 'oomph' left inside of you. When you finally had enough energy, you grabbed the skirt, holding it up high as your boyfriend started moving your hips for you, also thrusting his hips up, meeting your movements.
"So fucking tight. So tight, as if I didn't pound into your tight little pussy on the bed behind us yesterday." He groaned out into your ear, speeding up the pace for the both of you. The way your cum had coated his dick before, left it easy for him to thrust into you as you rode him. It always burned at first, as if his dick were so big it was ripping something inside of you; perhaps you would never truly get used to his size.
Moans, groans, squelching, panting and skin slapping was the only thing heard in the room. Your vison started blurring from so much pleasure, "T-Too much, Kook, fuck."
"You can take it, baby. I know you can. You were so desperate and needy - shit - for my cock. You can't say it's too much now, hm. Take it in like the good cumslut you are. Maybe after I finish my game for good, we can go properly onto the bed? Would you like that, baby?"
All you can do is moan out in approval. You were sure he literally fucked your brains out of you. The only words you knew were 'fuck', 'shit' 'Jungkook'. Nothing more, nothing less.
He sped up, trying to now reach his high. Although he was trying to reach his high, he always put you first; he always made sure that you finish first and enjoy it.
"Ju-Jungkook, I-I'm close, fuck!" You stuttered out, almost embarrassing how you stuttered so much. You couldn't help it though. His dick filled you up so much. Filled you until you could see the bulge in your lower stomach.
He brought his hand to your stomach as you were looking at it. Correction, you tried to look at it. Your head was thrown back and eyes were rolled at the back of your head from the overstimulation. You couldn't help what your body did anymore.
He looked up at the boys reactions as the tip of his dick poked at your skin with every thrust. Jimin was sighing heavily, his boner clear. Taehyung, Jin and Yoongi was palming their boners through their joggers. Hoseok and Jin watching, wide eyed and their boners on display. He chuckled at their reactions; still knowing he's the only one to put you in this state. The only one to pleasure you like this. The only one to hit your spots as good as he could.
Your hands were grabbing onto anything and everything. His thighs, your thighs, his arm, his desk, his hair, his neck as your knuckles were turning white grasping to grab something. The hand he had on your lower stomach, moved lower down to your cunt, his hand grazing over your clit before touching it again, only adding onto your pleasure.
His other hand slipped under your, basically see through, shirt. His hand played with your sensitive nipples, his cock thrusting in and out of you at a speed you couldn't even think about in your mind and his other hand rubbing your clit in circular motions, adding more and more pressure to bring you over the edge - and it did.
Jungkook's thrusts got rougher, harder, and faster, pounding into your dripping cunt, hitting all the right places, sending you into a hard, body-shaking orgasm. You swear you nearly blacked out when your vision went blurry. Seeing stars, your pussy coats his dick with your cum, going on his thighs, balls, and the seat under both of you.
He thrusts went even faster after you came, making you scream from the stimulation of having two orgasms and your boyfriend pounding into you so hard, most likely bruising your cervix, catching up to his high which finally hit, his breaths hard, short, and paced.
His comes undone, shooting his hot strings of cum, painting your walls inside as he still thrusts in and out, trying to lengthen the pleasure for the both of you as he pushes himself as deep as he could, one last time before stilling as his cum still shoots out.
"Fuck, that's it. Take it all, baby. Take all my fucking cum." He moaned out. His moans could make you cum again, but you weren't sure if you had any more in you; you hadn't came that much before. Ever.
Before he did anything else, he leaned forward, his hand coming to grab the computer mouse and moving the camera that showed you and him. All of you. He also made the boys screens bigger, you now piecing together they had just watched all of that.
Your cheeks had never been so red, you hid in your boyfriends neck, hoping you could disappear right then and there. Although you were so embarrassed that you just wanted to be swallowed by a hole in the floor, it started getting your turned on again, getting a glimpse of all of them; heavy breathing, boners, mouths open in shock and eyes glued open.
You would've got up and cleaned yourself but that was physically impossible. You tried standing up to walk away, pulling yourself slowing off his still-hard dick, not aware that your legs were jelly, you had sunk back down onto him as you never managed to get off him complete, moaning loudly, forgetting you have an audience.
"We all missed out on the game. The game all of us had been grinding for at least a month. We missed it all because you were being a needy slut for me, isn't that right?" Jungkook spoke out, cuddling you from behind as you were still sitting on his cock.
You nod shyly, being lifted off your boyfriends cock and being laid on the bed before he walked off into the bathroom.
Jungkook made sure to place you on the bed so the boys could still see your dripping cunt. So, they could see the creation your boyfriend had just made inside of you. You didn't have any energy to care. Jungkook didn't mind if his friends got off on the thoughts of you; he knew that he's the only one who would have you.
"Such a pretty slut. My pretty, pretty slut." He cooed at you.
Every time he complimented you, you felt as if you were some high school girl, getting butterflies even when her crush looks at her. He carefully cleaned you up, laying on bed for a few minutes, cuddling you and whispering the sweetest things into your ear, kissing your forehead before you drifted off to sleep.
Not wanting to wake you, he got up, tucking you into bed. He walked back to his computer, putting his headset on, one ear free of his headphone so he could hear you if you needed anything and to make sure he wasn't being loud enough to wake you up.
"Fucking hell, Kook." Taehyung was the first to speak out, hearing 'mhm's' and the others agreeing with his words. Jungkook had a mix of a sweet smile and devilish smirk plastered onto his face.
"Yes, she's my girl and my girl only. I'm glad you think she's as hot as I think she is." All the other boys looked shocked, not wanting to pass any boundaries, worried that Jungkook would think they want you to themselves.
Jungkook chuckled lightly and their responses of them defending themselves. "Well, you're saying one thing, but all of your boners are saying other shit. It's okay. Even if she's the hottest person in the world, no one has ever treated me like she does. That's why I love her." Within an instant of understanding that Jungkook doesn’t care, most of the boys had turned their cameras off and given excuses such as 'I'm going to the bathroom' or 'I'm getting something to eat' but Jungkook knew they were going to jerk off.
He sighed loudly. "Poor, single boys." He chuckled to himself and started playing a game, waiting for the others to come back.
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banqdanfnfic · 6 months ago
which, as they kiss, consume | jjk
you just wanted to get a tattoo from your boyfriend
Tumblr media
pairing: tattoo artist!jk x reader
genre: established relationships au, tattoo artist au, smut
word count: 4k
warnings: unprotected sex, biting, making out, grinding, licking, nipple play, jk has a lip ring, oral (f receiving), fingering, shy jk and oc, sexual tension, slight choking, slight aftercare
Tumblr media
♫ : Streets by Doja Cat, Candy by Doja Cat
♡ Aesthetics: Playlist | Moodboard
Tumblr media
He visibly chokes on his glass of beer as he almost snaps his neck to meet your gaze. He could say that you were awfully drunk and hence the sudden confession out of the blue, but behind your heavy lidded eyes, Jungkook could sense that you were serious.
“You what?”, he gulps abruptly, moving closer to your face, doe eyes pleading to repeat yourself.
“Yes Kook. I want that tattoo on my breasts. I’ve decided”.
It’s not that Jungkook didn’t have experience in his career with inking on different parts of a human body. He just had never given a tattoo to someone who is romantically associated with him and the thought of seeing you half naked made him chuck down the rest of his drink in one go.
The most physical he had ever gotten with you was a kiss shared occasionally since it’s only been over two weeks you had started dating. Okay maybe you made out once in his car but that’s it. It never got to the point of shedding clothes or anything intense.
“Are you sure?”
You giggle at the sudden hoarseness in his voice and nod positive. Ironic how his aura never matched his personality. His inked skin, athletic body proportions covered in black monochrome bad boy outfits gave out default energy that he is a local heartthrob with multiple chicks wrapped around his finger each night and a heavy demeanor to carry in his smirk.
You were one of those believers until Jungkook asked you out in the most hopeless romantic way possible after constantly visiting the café you work in, a few shops besides his parlor. He was a gentleman with respectful boundaries, warm hands to hold yours and sweet sensual kisses though you are pretty sure he probably has a good game.
For any outsider it looked like those cliché bad boy and shy girl love stories, but for real both of you were a good percentage of introverts.
Jungkook runs his tongue around his lip ring while he is stressfully ruffling his dark locks into a mess. He is trying to explain his reasons to postpone your decision considering how shy he got at this point. But then that’s exactly why you were requesting him with soft eyes, it would be so uncomfortable to be shirtless in front of anybody else. Or maybe it’s your way of saying the relationship is open for higher levels of physical affection.
After debating around in vain, he finally hums and clears one of his slots for his beloved client.
Tumblr media
Friday approaches way quicker than you assumed and now your heart is beating in your throat. Right after you are done cleaning the tables, you have to make it to Jungkook’s parlor for your appointment.
Running on three hours of sleep, black under eyes even after a decent amount of makeup, you groan as you check yourself out in the mirror. You opted for a simple shirt and skirt (also known as the outfit you bought for occasions with Jungkook), light beach waves resting on your shoulders. Hoping that a few cups of coffee will save you, you stride across the street to stop before the infamous parlor he worked in. Hopefully the full body shave and chocolate body butter has kept its excellence on your skin below the clothing.
The door chimes as it opens with a dragged creak on the musky wooden flooring. It felt like an otherworld where air smelled like men’s perfume and faint tint of cigarettes. In other words, intoxicating.
You ask the first person you meet at the reception, one of Jungkook’s companions at the shop and he assists you to his cabin located at a comfortably remote location.
His space is hidden with a simple black curtain. You are met with Jungkook’s back facing you, working determinately on a client’s arm and cares to spare a glance only when the guy with you is informing him about your presence.
“This will be over in a few”, he grins to your face and goes back to focusing his coil on the skin of a woman in her late twenties laying down his chair. The vibration from his inking machine fills in the silence and you excuse yourself to sit on a small black couch beside them.
This was the first time watching him at work and now you can understand why people rumored so much about his attitude because damn it is intimidating.
Brows knit together and inked muscles flex as he drags the needles around for finishing touches. Meanwhile you can pretty much smell the drool from the woman who is shamelessly checking out your boyfriend. Though you are pretty sure Jungkook gets such glances more than he can count every day, you can’t help but feel jealous. Partly because of the childish possessiveness and partly because you want to be the reason behind his dark eyes and intricate concentration, in profession or not.
To stop from mentally throwing daggers on the client’s way, you grab a random fashion magazine from the side table and flip through pages, though other four senses are inclined on your man. With a close attention to his low sigh you conclude that he is done.
The customer with now a fresh tattoo on her arm is discussing random useless topics to get him to talk, a very vain job realizing how Jungkook doesn’t bat a friendly lash at anybody, especially to those who hit on him. To be honest a large part of the ink business was linked with the obsession to attractive people who worked here, even if it meant trading an area of your skin. You grip the edges of the magazine a bit hard, not able to contain the sanity particularly at the high pitch voice she mumbles in before finally leaving his cabin.
A little excited and a lot nervous, you stand up as Jungkook bids goodbye to the third person.
He is quick to notice your discomfort, though not sure if it was the woman or the thought of finally getting the tattoo, he knew you were nervous and surviving in several cups of espresso by the dark circles slowly showing through the faded layers of your concealer. But nothing pulls down the opinion he has about you, beautiful and simple, no dramatics attached.
“Hey are you okay?”
You nod as soon as you sit down on the black tattoo chair, shifting a little to find a comfortable position. He is taking out a box full of equipment and fine needles, already making you break a sweat at the side of your forehead.
But more than that, it’s the way he is sharp and professional that catches your attention more.
You have never seen Jungkook this serious before. The choice of his vetiver perfume digging through your nostrils was driving you insane. If he doesn’t smile soon, you are going to melt into a puddle at his gaze.
“Are you nervous?”, he smirks this time, a newfound reason for your worsening gut health.
It’s mostly going in cycles at this point. Every bit of his skilled motion causes a vigorous hormonal reaction which initiates his next set of effortless teasing.
“I’m a little nervous”, you say, fiddling with your freshly painted nude nails.
“Me too”
It’s something you least expect to come out of his mouth observing how confident he looks right now. He basically has you cornered with his gaze. But whenever he had been truthful about his emotions it felt like a hug.
“I can take off my shirt too, so that we are even. Is that okay?”
He said it so softly like he is handling a child and the duality of the situation had your mind fogged and limbs frozen for a few minutes.
“Yeah it’s okay” It’s far beyond than okay. It’s great actually.
Jeon Jungkook is ripped, a Greek God sculptured masterpiece covered in self designed artwork you are more than happy to wake up to every morning. He hears you gulp at the feast before your eyes while he discards his black t-shirt to a nearby chair.
Now you don’t know if this whole thing is supposed to warm your heart or make you play several erotic fantasies like a movie before your eyes.
Both of you share a small smile while his long fingers are tugging at the hem of your shirt and pulling it up over your head.
He almost wishes you don’t opt to wear a bra but he is met with lacy black, a-bit-over your-usual-budget fabric hugging the roundness of your breasts.
It seemed like you were way too competitive about today. Anything less than complete awe from Jungkook for you was straight disappointment, you don't want anything less.
Well it seems like it did from how blown his pupils were at this point. He peels his gaze off your chest with a sharp gulp to look at your eyes suddenly devoid of any fear and staring back at him with all ease. He is filled with an exapnse of warmth and he isn't sure why does spending just a little amount of time with you had such a grip on him. He can’t wait to propose the idea of getting a couple tattoo together soon and as far as you know how Jungkook is, he is very serious with his body art so apparently he does trust you a lot already.
“Where exactly are you trying to get it?”, his voice is a lot deeper suddenly as he waits for your fingers to guide to his canvas.
You softly trace the spot at the upper circumference of your right boob, “Here”.
You suck a breath through your nose as his own fingers are mimicking your gesture, lightly pulling down the lace to inspect the fitting of the design at hand.
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Jungkook traces each word on your burning skin, now leaning dangerously close which was questioning your control to put your palms flat on his pecs. He doesn’t notice that though, his mind is busy creating his own fantasies about the women under him.
After two minutes and twenty four second long of inspection and mutual thirst, Jungkook is selecting a bunch of needles to set into the rotary machine. Five fine sharp like a painter's brush moves in and out at a set regularity as Jungkook tests it out.
The next of his actions had you flushed into a pool of crimson. He gently lifts up your resting torso with one hand while the other is unclasping the hook of your bra, making you half naked for the sake of the tattoo.
"I'm going to start", he says shyly.
You still have time to save yourself from the growing phobia for the object, but another unlogical part of your brain says it's a piece of cake considering you have a whole distracting full course meal in front of you.
It stings at first. Well, okay it hurts like hell but your face is devoid of any indication, except your right hand is gripping on the rim of the chair for dear life.
Jungkook on the other hand had never felt this much diversion of mind during his work. He knows that you are probably hurting very badly, especially for a first timer. He is biting into his lip ring, trying to get this over with for the well-being of your pain and his hormones.
After he had scribed one word into your dermis, you are no longer able to contain the ache so you give out a small squeak out of your glossed lips and the vibration of the machine at his hands stops as he looks at you.
"You want me to stop? ", he is relaxing his face as he cups yours with one hand. You don't want to answer that question, but the drumroll of the current situation is making your heart flutter and everything about the little burn on your chest is forgotten.
"No. It does hurt but I'll be fine I guess", you whisper. His breath is mixing with yours slowly as he is leaning more towards your face. If it isn't for a kiss then you are likely to be disappointed.
"It'll be over before you know it. I'll make it quick", and then he kisses you, a small act to get off the pressure of sexual tension between your bare upper bodies.
Before you think of any tongue in the act, he is breaking off the contact and returns to his position on your chest. He misses the pout that forms on your mouth but right now both of your heads are in cloud nine.
The pain starts again, only this time you are busy reliving how his lips felt in yours; soft, firm and controlled.
You gasp when you feel one of his hands cupping your right breast to further his design but it's lowkey an act empowered by lust which is straining behind the so called professional eyes.
You just sit there flustered out of your mind and then Jungkook is suddenly squeezing, full palm hiding your breasts like it's a protected treasure, but he isn't showing the slightest facial expression other than determined eyes and his lower lip caught between his teeth.
Fuck you can't take it anymore. Jungkook can feel your nipples harden against his hand and his brain isn't helping much to concentrate on the design. But by the grace of some positive karma left on his side, he makes it through the long text and when he is letting go of your chest and standing tall, your skin is popping out with redness on the places the text lays embedded.
He fishes out a mirror for you to look.
"It looks beautiful thank you Jungkook", you smile.
"Can I give you one more tattoo on your left one?", he asks while you are contemplating whether going through the pain is worth it, not to mention you really want to get back at a private space with Jungkook as soon as possible.
"It won't hurt I promise", and then he is kissing you a lot filthier than before; all tongue and teeth, while his hands are grazing on the skin of your waist, pressing a little firmer than before.
The coldness of his lip ring rivaled around your mouth, and you try sucking on it to which Jungkook responds with a growl and pushes his body adamantly against yours.
Skin to skin, you are lost in euphoria of everything happening and finally, you roam your eager hands around his body, to his pecs and the definition of abs.
As your fingers scraped against his scalp, Jungkook is biting eagerly down your jawline to your collarbone and continues his ministrations at a particular spot which is bringing out melodic moan variation from you.
He is going down your skin, licking on your left boob before he starts planting violet tattoos as he had promised. As if it couldn't get better, he is massaging the right breast, in a way to soothe pain.
He loses it when you stutter his name, but he is just a fucking tease when it comes to making love and doing anything in a public space is the last thing he wants to do. There isn't much room for all that he wants right now.
"Why did you choose this particular tattoo Y/n?", he rasps while he is planting small pecks on his artwork, and you reply when he is finally eye level with you
"I just felt like it's a good one", your breaths are uneven and mostly caught in your neck. He pecks your lips before speaking, "Those are lines from Romeo and Juliet".
He takes your hands to trace over a line of text among the many designs on his chest.
which, as they kiss, consume
"We pretty much have a couple tattoo now Y/n", his breath is matched with your pace and you are not very sure how to respond to this new knowledge.
"That's… hot"
You break into giggles along with him, he just can't stop dragging his lips around your skin, but he isn't able to word his feelings right now either.
"I have some aftercare healing ointment for the tattoo at my place, wanna come over?" Now that may be a little lame of an excuse to get his little friend out of his pants but you are too unfazed to analyse any of that.
Tumblr media
His hands find place on your ass under the skirt as soon as the door to his apartment closes, and before you know it, you are in his bedroom, sitting on the soft mattress and tongue lost devouring each other.
While eagerly getting rid of every article of clothing, Jungkook notices that you don't have your bra on beneath the shirt, so it's probably back at the parlour, but none of you have the slightest care for it, might as well make an excuse with it later to fuck you in his cabin.
He is pushing you farther towards the headboard, him on top, grinding sensenslesy while your lips mould with his. Though he has his whole body pressed against you, you can't seem to feel his weight at the slightest, every one of his actions were just balanced and perfect.
As Jungkook goes down on you, his smile is evident against your skin, finally able to find out how every one of those scenarios in his head will come to look like. He lets out a satisfied hum being finally able to suck on your tits, your fingers finding place on his hair, twisting it out of stimulation.
His pelvis is flushed harshly against yours, grinding and rubbing against your pussy for as long as he is rejoicing the feeling of moving his tongue around both the nipples.
He stops rubbing after some point and you whimper at the loss but his fingers are soon to meet your core as a quick apology. All your later moans are muffled on his mouth once again.
Feeling the controlled movements of his fingers on your clit, you dig your nails down on his toned shoulders. It's becoming impossible to reciprocate his lewd movements of tongue on your lips at this point as the excitement between your thighs is growing every passing second.
Your mouth remains slightly parted as he removes his face to watch you squirm underneath, lips swollen, deep red and glossy from all the saliva.
He pecks at the shell of your ear before going down past your navel.
You haven't had much heads in the twenty years of your life, most of the guys being completely against the idea which made you feel insecure to bring up the topic in bed, but Jungkook does it like his life depends on it.
He growls at the sight of you dripping into his sheets and he seems to enjoy the idea of being the influence behind it. But none is going through your head at the moment, not the metal on his lips grazing against your folds, or the fact that Jungkook is grinning each time you cry his name, it feels unreal to feel something like this.
His mouth is wrapping against your entrance and he is balancing your lower body on his palms to help him reach the right depths inside you. While all you can muster up is the strength to grope the bedsheets in your fist and close your eyes at the pleasure.
Jungkook brings his head higher to give some attention to the throbbing clit, catching it between his teeth and triggering the bundle of nerves just the perfect dose to have your hips jolting up to his face.
He can't take it himself when you are now whining and chasing for your release, so he is slightly humping against the bed to get some friction.
He licks a slow stripe up till your abdomen and slowly raises to your face, already fucked out and dishevelled to keep up with his dominant orbs.
He swears he had never felt so much warmth and care for sex with any of his previous partners, in relationship or not, all he could think is how good can he treat the pleading eyes underneath him.
"Is there something you like that you want me to do?", he says, fingers grazing once again to your crotch to not deny you from his contact. Only this time he is exploring the tightness of your pretty cunt with two skillful fingers.
Is there? You are not sure. Or in other words you are too caught up at the sense of him fingering you. It's not like you had enough experience or people who cared enough to ask that question. It astounds you that never in this entire foreplay he asked for any favor for himself.
"I'm not sure…", you whisper and then maybe you have something on your mind " um I guess I would like to be choked" Okay this felt embarrassing.
He smiles before sliding his free hand from your lips to your neck, and applies slight force, careful to not hurt you in the slightest bit.
"Is that fine?"
"Yeah", you muffle through the decreasing course of air.
He pulls up your face by the throat to attach lips once more. He just can't seem to get enough of kissing you senseless. Then, the tip of his long ignored cock is teasing the length of your pussy twice before it's stretching you out to the brim.
Bodies flushed and hot, his pace is deep and slow, making sure to kiss the cervix every time he is inside.
He watches as your eyes close shut and flutters around whenever he is grazing against your sweet spot. Both of your ears lost and eager for the moans looming out of each other, his more like what he sounds at the gym. Nice observation Y/n.
In this span of sexual energy you shared, you can make some obvious conclusions. Sex with him was surreal, both in terms of domination and the care he had. Rocking against him and keeping up with his hips was attainable— Compared to the intense eye contact he tries to hold, or the way he cups the side of your face and rubs the pad of his thumb on your cheeks while he kisses you during sinking back in, or the way his eyes glow at the beauty of your body open for him. It makes you feel special and it's difficult to respond to these gestures when you never felt this way before.
Jungkook could tell that from your face, but he hopes he lasts with you enough to help you know the worth you hold. You couldn't think too much about anything when you are busy squeezing around his length and coming twice in the first ten minutes.
By the third orgasm Jungkook is nearing his own and he pulls out to pump a few times before coming on your stomach.
"Was it okay?", his voice is all over the place, still balancing his body on his arms while you are amazed by his strength.
"It was amazing Jungkook", you smile. You have known a lot about Jungkook over the few dates you spent with him. That he likes literature, classics and philosophy, designs tattoos as a subconscious thing, that his game is A-1, and he likes working out almost three hours a day. Good for you. But it wasn't until now you know him to be gentle, like he is afraid to crush you under a feather touch. You don't know him as someone who is staring deep into your face after a good fuck, speaks nothing, smiles widely, and plants a peck on your forehead before getting off the bed.
He does the honors of cleaning both of your bodies with a towel, it's not like you have any strength left in you anyway. And then pulls out an ointment from the bedside table and plops next to your body.
"There. You need this to protect the tattoo", he takes off the nozzle and applies a required amount against the words on your chest and massages against them.
"Now go to sleep Juliet", he mocks, pulling up the sheets over you both "good night".
You snuggle against his hard chest, kissing his pecs before resting on it, "Good night Romeo".
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
a/n: this is my first time writing smut and i basically died of second hand embarrassment during the process. pardon for my untalented ass, i tried this wip continuously for a week and i seriously don't think it could get anything better though it's probably not much.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A muscle pulses in Namjoon’s jaw. “Officer, I wouldn’t consider that mission-related...”
I had the honor of drawing Commander Namjoon from @btssavedmylifeblr’s Void, the most enthralling, sexy, chef-kiss 18+ sciencefanfiction we honestly don’t deserve. 🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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playlist series
Tumblr media
— pick your poison, there’s everything in here — literally a collection of stories that are inspired off songs i listened to when i was younger... even more than i am now, please don’t judge my music taste.
a/n: i literally have been planning this one since 2019 but i guess i never decided to actually do it until i realised that i was already writing fics based on songs, so i might as well put them together in the same place! no they are not loyal to what the song says... and yeah i know 2 jk fics, i have no self control for the dude okay???!!
Tumblr media
— bodyguard!seokjin + princess!reader + modern royalty | smut + fluff — after the biggest royal screw up with your previous bodyguard, you are assigned a new one. you’d never had such a hard time befriending someone who worked for you. 
song: uptown girl by glee cast (originally sung by billie joel)
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Tumblr media
— assistant!yoongi + CEO!reader | fluff + angst + smut — as if finally being appointed CEO of your family’s corporation was such an easy task, your sent-from-heaven assistant decides to quit. it’s known that you’d die without yoongi by your side, so would anything change his decision?
song: show me love (america) by the wanted
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Tumblr media
— bartender!hoseok + reader | smut + fluff — hoseok was intrigued with everything about you. maybe it was how every time you walked into a room you commanded it, or maybe it was how you didn’t take anyone’s crap. he truly didn’t know. what he knew, though, was that he had one perfect song with you and no one was going to take it away form him.
song: best song ever by one direction
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Tumblr media
— nerd!namjoon + cool!reader + college!au | smut + fluff + angst  — namjoon didn’t know how he ended up talking to you at this godforsaken party. namjoon definitely didn’t know how you ended up agreeing to go back to his place. he still wonders how you two ended up here.
song: end up here by 5 seconds of summer
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Tumblr media
— singer!jimin + rising artist!reader + childhood friends!au | angst + fluff + smut — jimin rose to stardom quite fast, contrary to you, who still struggled to get a couple hundred views on your youtube covers. so what happens when you get noticed by an agency and are now one of the most promising new stars?
song: popular song by ariana grande and mika
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Tumblr media
— fuckboy!taehyung + reader + friends to lovers!au | smut + angst + fluff — going to clubs was never your scene, mainly because it would mean seeing taehyung take girls that weren’t you. what happens when one day you get a little too brave?
song: into you by ariana grande
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Tumblr media
— actor!jungkook + actress!reader + exes to lovers!au | fluff + angst + smut — there is no way to deny that you and Jungkook have chemistry. the two of you used to be a couple, after all. what happens when after a not-so-amicable breakup the two of you are cast as opposite leads of a movie?
song: ancient history by set it off
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Tumblr media
— rocker!jungkook + gleek!reader + enemies to lovers | fluff + smut — with dionysus coming back as a reinvented band and finally taking off, jungkook has a new found confidence, but what happens when the new-in-town waitress is resistant to his charms and would rather listen to glee than the band’s sets?
song: try hard by 5 seconds of summer
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