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#bts namjoon
bts-trash-blog · 2 days ago
Summary: Cold rushed mornings.
Parring: Jungkook X Reader
Warning: Slice of life, freaking fluff
Tumblr media
It's cold.
The type of cold where the air catches your breath, frost covered windows and slippery sidewalks. The cold where your nose goes red, and the tips of your ears burn. It had you wincing when your feet hit the cold floor cause you forgot to turn the heat on. The cold where a nice bowl of soup would warm you from the stomach out.
And yet, Jungkook forgot his jacket.
He had tumbled out of bed, waking you in the process first by dragging the covers half way off of you then by slamming the bathroom door and turning the bedroom light on. Yet the moment he remembered that his girlfriend, you, had yes slept over the night before, and yes was now  groaning and glaring at him had his doe eyes widen as he quickly shut the light back off. Apologizes rolling off his tongue as he fixes the covers over you and press gentle soothing kisses across your face. Making you slightly slap his shoulder with a pout as he chuckled and quickly pressed his lips against yours. While trying to apologize and help you relax so you could go back to sleep he was wasting time, the company vehicle downstairs waiting for him with a grumpy leader and his phone blowing up. He was running late. So late he forgot his jacket.
He was suffering for it.
The car ride there was fine, Namjoon having snapped slightly at him for making the whole day start ten minutes late. But his scolding stopped when Jungkook admitted it was because he woke you up, having forgotten he had you stay the night before. The look in his eyes having Namjoons anger dulle as he saw the love he had when he spoke your name. Though it didn't mean he could get away with it. Though when they arrived on set, the feeling of his arm freezing even though covered with a long sleeve shirt had him shivering. None of the boys had brought a spare, and the stylist team hadn't one either as all the clothes they had brought were costumes. So he decided to suffer.
Taehyung thought differently, knowing the sight of you not only would make the younger man's day but the jacket you'd bring would make the rest of the shoot that much easier.
He had texted you a photo of your shivering boyfriend, body locked in a hug with Jin, him tucked between the man's arms. His own arms hidden by the open jacket. It's the first thing you see when you wake up again hours later. It brought a small smile to your face, moving to get out of bed. Legs thrown over as your feet hit the black shag carpet you'd convince Jungkooke to buy when he had moved in. It was a perfect fit for his bedroom to have under his bed. Standing, you stretch your arms in the air, as you grunt as your back pops. Moving around to grab a spare pair of jeans you kept in one of his drawers and one of Jungkook long sleeves you quickly, while wince at the cold floor bentheir you feet, rush to the bathroom.
Once done changing, a pair of one of his socks and your shoes you'd worn the night before, hair in a messy pony you went and grabbed yours and his jackets. Asking Taehyung where they were filming, instantly getting a reply having you nod, decided you'd get the two of you a hot chocolate.
When finally arriving at the set, the security doesn't even ask for your ID and let you through. Taehyung must've told them you'd be showing up, when you parked and started to walk towards the cameras one of their managers rushed to you and guided you to a chair behind one of the large monitors. The seven boys in front of the camera were dancing to their newest single. Their movement mimicking one another as suddenly Jin stumbles slightly making him and the others groan, the chill of the wind picked up as you adjusted one of the cups on your thighs as the other is brought up to your lips. Jungkook bent in half breath after breath passing his lips as he lifted his head up. The wind picks up more and more, making him snap up his jaw moving in chatters as one of their make-up artists point towards you while patting his face making his eyes widen. His body suddenly pulled from the girl, his body tumbling towards you as his hand reached out for the cup completely ignoring your open arms making you huff as he smiled. The warm drink makes him slightly wince making you chuckle softly, his jacket over your lap as Taehyung rushes over his arms wrapping around your neck making you huff as he smiles.
“Hi.” His voice came out husked as Jungkook's eyes snapped over and glared at the older boy.
“Off.” Jungkook mumbled making you roll your eyes as you leaned against Taehyung, the back of your head resting against his shoulder as he showed you his boxy smile. Jungkook huffs as you lift your cup to sip on the hot chocolate, a small smile curled at the ends of your lips. His body pushing between your legs, his cup resting on the top of your thigh as he smiles at you, though it was clear he was forcing it. “Hug?” He mumbled making you sigh as you looked at Taehyung, his teasing smile still on his lips as he patted your shoulder.
“Should I give him a hug?”
“Eh give him his jacket, he didn't even thank you for bringing him hot chocolate and his jacket.”  hearing Jungkook let out a whine had you looking to see his lower lip jutted out, his doe eyes glimmering in the midday sunlight that was still cold. It had you reach down and lift the jacket to him as he huffed and nuzzled his nose against yours.
“Thank you baby.” He mumbled making you nod as you took his cup from him so he could slip the heavy and long sleeves over his bare arms. Suddenly his lips were pressing against your lips as he hand took his cup back, it had you letting out a small gasp at the sudden movements. Taehyung finally pulled away as he watched his friend poute, shaking his head he walked away making Jungkook's free hand wrap around your waist as his forehead pressed against yours. “Sorry for not hugging you first.”
“Tae-oppa and I were teasing.” You mumble your hand to cup the base of his jaw so as to not disrupt his makeup on his skin. He gave you a lopsided smile as he nudged his nose against your once again.
“Well hyung just had to remind me how to be a gentleman like they raised me to be.” he joked slightly, though a saddened truth was behind his words it had you nodding as you pulled away and gave him a toothy smile.
“So how is the filming going?”
“Good, I'm excited to see how it comes out.” He mumbled making you nod as he let out another breath, a large smile on his face as he looked back at you. “I think Army are really gonna like this one.”
“When havent they liked something you put out?” You mumbled your hand playing with his jacket sleeve as he shook his head and started to chuckle.
“War of hormones was questionable.” You make a face at the mention of their older rmusic as you slowly nod.
“I wasn't bad.” He let out a belly laugh as he moved back from between your legs, the heat of his body gone making you shiver. You watch as he places his cup on the ground then grabbing yours and doing the same. His hands grab yours making you raise your eyebrow as he laces your fingers together, pulling you off of the seat, watching him step back and almost stumble into the motier had you and some of the staff laughing when he mumbled that he was okay. “You're something else.”
“I take that as a complement.”
“I mean it wasn't but interpret it however you want.” Your words were met with him letting out a loud sigh, his breath catching in the air as you playfully smiled at him. Nose nudging against his shoulder as he pulled you into a tight hug.
“Thank you for saving me from the cold.”
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btsaudge · 8 hours ago
Namjoon retriever agenda is thriving
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yoonlattesworld · 2 days ago
Jungkook x reader oneshot
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary:jungkook cheats on his girlfriend with you. But you both weren't the only one who were at fault.
Jungkook x reader one shot
Genre: angst and fluff
Warning: mentions of cheating
Author's pov
"since when?" Her cold but shaky voice bounced in the wall of there living room where once happy memories were made. He was not looking at her even though she was breaking down in front of him,the girl that he fell in love with was now crying because of him. But did he felt anything for her? No. He wasn't feeling guilty. He didn't regret cheating on her. Even when she was crying in front of him,the only thing that he could think about was you. "Three months" his voice was colder than hers. He didn't looked at her even when a loud sob racked her body. Because he knew that you were also crying silently blaming yourself for everything. "Why?" He finally looked at her hearing her shaky whisper "are you really asking me this? He scoffed as more tears made there way down her cheeks. "How could you do this to me after 3 fucking years?!" She shouted at him but he didn't even flinched. He knew that he lost feelings for his girlfriend months ago. He also knew that it was his fault for not telling her this sooner. But she was at fault too. How could he tell her when she never had time to even have a 5 minute conversation with him? She was never there. She was never there when he needed her the most but you were. You were always there for him. He knows that he loves you.
It all started 6 months ago when he felt that for the first time,he didn't felt the same excitement to see his beloved girlfriend Mia. She was his first love. His dream girl and he was happy. They have been together since 3 years but 6 months ago,he started spending less time with her. Not that she noticed. She was always too busy with her work. She managed to take time out of her schedule for her friends but never him. She had time to hang out with her friends but whenever he arranged a date,she was busy. Than after another 3 months,it was confirmed that he has lost feelings for his girlfriend. He tried. He really tried to save their relationship which was on the verge of falling apart. He tried by picking her up from her work place. But he always had to come home alone because she was working late everyday. He tried by arranging small dates but she came on one date and that time too she had to leave early because of work. He tried. He really did but at one point he gave up. He was tired of being the only one who was making all the efforts. He was tired of her behaviour. He tried to understand too. But he never understood how she got time for her friends but never for him. In the beginning of those six months he met you. He fell in love the moment he saw you. You were Mia's coworker. A kind acquaintance who was liked by everyone because of her sweet nature. You had saw him too. You knew that he was your coworker's boyfriend so you greeted him with a polite smile and got his bunny smile in return. Unknowingly both of your heats started pounding.The second time he met you was at the grocery store when he wanted to make a nice dinner for his girlfriend. He noticed that his heart fluttered When you smiled at him "shouldn't you be at work right now?" He asked you smiling softly and you replied with a same soft smile "yeah i do but i leave early on Wednesdays" he nodded in understanding and you bowed excusing yourself. As he bowed back and watched you disappear from his site.
The next time he met you was when he went to pick Mia up from her work place. It was Wednesday so he was a little surprised to see you exiting the building looking visibly tired. But there was no sign of Mia which was strange as it was almost 9 pm and she leaves at 8:30. He had told her that he will come to pick her up too. You saw him standing there and went to greet him,a little surprised too "Jungkook-sii? What are you doing here?" He looked at you from head to Toe because even in your tired state,you still looking fucking gorgeous. His intense gaze made you blush but you quickly shaked it off."I should ask you the same miss y/n. Didn't you said you leave early on Wednesdays?" You looked surprised that he remembered it even though it has been a week already. "Umm Mia had to go somewhere so she told me cover her shift that's why..." You trailed off seeing the evident confusion on his face "she had to go? Where?" "Didn't she told you? She went out with some of her friends" his jaw clenched when he heard those words. He chuckled bitterly as you looked up at him with your doe eyes. He wasn't even surprised any more but she even made you do her work because she wanted to go out. That night he insisted on dropping you home as it was late and he was also feeling bad because you had to work late because of his girlfriend. You were hesitant but eventually agreed.
That night he expected Mia waiting for him but he was met with nothing but silence. Sighing tiredly he went to there shared bedroom to see her sleeping peacefully. She didn't even waited for him. It seemed it she doesn't even care anymore. The third time he met you was when he was walking in the park where he had his first kiss with Mia. He was really upset that day because it was the 6th time she cancelled there date at the last minute. He wanted to tell her about his feelings. Tell her that he fell out of love but she didn't have time because of 'work'. That night he felt mixed emotions inside him when he saw you sitting on a bench. The light breeze gently kissing your cheek as your hair flowed softly. You were wearing a simple white t shirt with blue jeans and a purple cardigan. Fuck you are so cute.
You looked up hearing footsteps and a warm smile adorned your face when you saw him. "Hello jungkook-shi-" before you could complete your sentence,he growled "i like you so fucking much"and in a second you were on your feet as his hand wrapped around your waist tightly and you bumped into his hard chest. You gasped and looked at him to see him looking at you with his jaw clenched. His gaze was so intense that it caused you to stutter nervously "w-what-" again,he cut you off but this time,he smashed his lips on yours making your eyes widened for the nth time. There was no use in denying it anymore because he knew from the start that he is in love with you. His arms around you tighten and he pushed his tongue inside your mouth causing you to softly moan his name "j-jungkook" he let out a low growl as you melted in his arms and kissed him back. Your hands rested on his chest and his another hand supported your jaw, softly carresing your cheek. Suddenly "meow" a cat passed the both of you while meowing loudly causing you to flinch and pull back hastily. Your eyes widened and you looked horrified realising that you just kissed your coworker's boyfriend. "N-no this is wrong w-we shouldn't" you pushed him gently as tears filled your eyes and you looked down in shame. Jungkook's eyes softened and he immediately pulled you back holding you tightly as you kept on pushing him but he was too strong for you. "Hey hey hey baby look at me" he whispered raspily and made you look at him. You sniffled and whimpered"i-i am sorry...t-this.." "y/n calm down baby" he said and hugged you tightly while you buried your face in his chest. Once you stopped crying,he made you look at him again "do you have feelings for me? And answer honestly sweetheart i promise i will walk away if you don't feel the same" you looked hesitant but than he heard you whisper "i-i do" it was true. You liked him from the moment you saw him but you knew that it was wrong so you tried to forget those feelings.
He smiled a little and leaned his forehead against yours "i like you angel" you looked up at him with your innocent eyes and whispered"b-but Mia...she is your girlfriend jungkook " "i don't love her" your eyes widened a little and he made you sit on the bench and crouched down in front of you taking your small hands in his much bigger ones. He one by one told you everything. You looked at him with sad eyes knowing he had to suffer alone. Sighing heavily he felt you pulling him up so that he sat beside you. Cupping his face in your small hands you whispered"you aren't alone jungkook..i will always be there for you" you started blushing when you realised what you just said and started stuttering nervously"i-i mean only if you want to-" your sentence was cut short again when he placed his lips on your again. Pulling you on his lap he kissed you passionately. His hands wrapped around your waist and your's wrapped around his neck. You both slowly kissed each other. His tongue caressing yours as your fingers tangled in his hair. Pulling back he buried his face in your neck breathing heavily. After so long,he felt happy. He felt the warmth that he craved for so long. And that was the start of your relationship.
One day you both were laying on his bed with your head on his head as he held you delicately. "Koo" he hummed kissing your forehead "do you ever regret this?" His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you"what do you mean babygirl" "i-i mean this..did you ever wished that you haven't lost feelings for her?" "No" you looked up surprised and he continued"i Don't regret anything. And i am glad that i met you that day babygirl. I am glad that i lost feelings for her. I...i love you baby" it was the first time he said that and you bite your lip trying to hide your shy smile and mumbled"i-i love you too koo" smiling fondly he hugged your petite body tightly "b-but koo i-i feel bad for Mia. She still loves you. Don't you think we should tell her?" Of course you were scared to tell her. What will she think after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her coworker. You heard him sigh "you know that i tried to tell her multiple times baby. But she never listened... don't worry y/n. I will tell her today" you were about to say something but your eyes widened when you heard the front door opening. Mia was home. You gasped and looked at jungkook to see his face emotionless "j-jungkook she is home w-what should we do?" He cupped your face and looked at you "hey don't be scared baby. You know i won't let anything happen to you. I will handle it yeah? I am going to break up with her right now. You stay here okay?" You nodded shakily and watched him as he stood up and walked towards the door.
Jungkook walked down the stairs and looked at Mia who was looking at your clothes folded on the couch. You like to wear his clothes so every time you come here,you wear his clothes and keep yours neatly folded on the couch. "Jungkook whose clothes are these?" She looked up not hearing any response but her throat dried when she remembered you were wearing the same white shirt with a pencil skirt. Gulping she looked at him to see him looking at her with cold and emotionless eyes "kook i asked you something. Answer me!" She raised her voice and you flinched. "They are my girl's clothes" "w-what? Jungkook I'm your girlfriend what are you s-saying-" "let's break up" her eyes widened and he continued speaking "i fell out of love. I'm sorry but i love someone else"
*present time*
He scoffed and said "you are asking me how? Seriously Mia?" "H-how can you cheat on me jungkook..w-was i not enough?" "You weren't" he said without hesitation and another loud sob escaped her mouth. "You are such an asshole jeon" "stop saying like it's all my fault Mia. Were the fuck were you to call me an asshole when i needed you? Ha let me remind you. You were working or busy hanging out with your friends. You are always working Mia" her eyes widened hearing those words and she snapped back at him "that doesn't fucking give you a reason to cheat on me jeon! You could just told me about it!" His jaw clenched and anger flashed in his eyes "Told you?! When the fuck should i tell you when you are never fucking home! When the fuck should i talk to you when we see each twice a week despite living in the same house?! You know how horrible i felt when i realised i fell out of love?! I hated myself for that because i knew that i will hurt you that's why i fucking tried my best to save this relationship! I tried my best to gain those feelings back! But you weren't any help to it! You cancelled every fucking date at the last minute. You told me you were busy every single time i tried to spend time with you! And you are saying that this is my fault?! Where were YOU when i needed you?! Where were you when i had a bad argument with my manager and needed comfort. Well let me tell you. You were busy hanging out with your friends Mia. You had time for your friends but never for us! But she was there for me! She was there for me every single time when i needed someone! And honestly? I regret being with you. I wish we had never met" his words caused her heart to squeeze painfully as she looked down on shame knowing he was right. She was too busy living her life that she completely forgot about her boyfriend. Of course she loves him with all her heart. But at that time she realised that love isn't the only thing keeping a relationship stable. "Who is she?" She whispered shakily and he replied to her with the same cold tone "you don't need to know" both of there head snapped towards the bedroom door hearing a crashing sound. Mia heard jungkook curse under his breath before he ran towards the bedroom. Knocking the door loudly he was met with nothing but the sound of sobs. His heart clenched and he immediately kicked the door open to find you crouching on the floor while covering your ears. You were shaking and crying "y/n" he whispered and wasted no time in cradling you in his arms. He forgot that you have phonophobia (the fear of loud noises) "hey hey shh it's fine babygirl. Everything is fine. I'm here shh" he whispered in your ear rubbing your back not noticing that Mia was standing at the door watch him with sad eyes. He really does loves you. Sniffling you looked up at him "k-koo" "yeah baby I'm here. It's okay" only then you noticed Mia standing there watching you both with her jaw clenched "so it's really you" she chuckled bitterly as you both stood up and jungkook immediately hide you behind him. Mia looked at jungkook with nothing but pain in her eyes realising she lost him forever "I'm sorry" looking at him one last time,she walked out of his room and his life completely. He sighed and took you in his arms as you gripped his shirt tightly and looked at him with teary eyes "i-i am sorry koo. It all happened b-because of me" you wailed and he cupped your face gently"it's not your fault babygirl. Don't worry about anything. I promise i will never let anything happen to you" he pressed his lips on your. Your lips moulding together perfectly. He picked you up and walked towards the bed not breaking the kiss. Gently placing you on the bed,he hovered on your small form and placed kisses all over your face. You giggled a little making him smile too and he pecked your lips before saying"i love you babygirl" "i love you too koo" maybe many happy moments might be waiting for you in the future even though your start of the relationship was unsual but you know that he will always make you happy and you will do the same.
Ofcourse you felt bad for Mia. But she also got to understand that work is not important than your loved ones. Maybe she will also get her hapoy ending soon.
Author's note: hey guys! It's my first time posting a jungkook one shot so i hope you all like like! Also,some of you may think that kook and y/n are wrong but see it from his side too. What mia did was wrong. Both of them were at fault. It showed that they weren't for eachother.
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heyitsmehaneul · 21 hours ago
Red Mercedes
Almond Milk
Underground King
Intro: Her
Until You Make It
11:09 PM
The Fundaments Of Winning Your Heart
When Life Forms A Full Circle
Two Years
A Father’s Love
Roommate’s Hidden Desire
Kits N Cubs
Private Sessions
Lost In The Funhouse
Under Your Spell
There Was A Bug
Office Hours
Sweet September
Date 1987
Love Language
Woods & Witches
Wish Granted
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yonkimint · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Still Want You [Jin x Reader]
20. New Stepdad
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added!):
@pb-n-juju @jikooksgirl19 @sopebubbles @halesandy @unadulteratedlyunique @bangtantruffle @danny-boy27 @esteemedsalt @lyra0cassiopeia-deactivated2021 @breathing-inthemoon @daydreambrliever @hey-itsmina @bri-mal @alinaax3 @pineapple-hoseok @dreamamubarak @lilacdreams-00 @bubblytaetae @proflyndo @just-another-keysmash @90s-belladonna @letmebreathepls @jaiuneamesolitaiire @kawennote09 @friendlywraith @lena7bangtan @theestrangeddreamer @yoongicap @lostbitvh @xxxanimangxxx​ @curedblues​ @thehuntresswolf​ @kissme-ornot​ @lochness-butmakeitsexy​ @goldenhoney-cas​ @naajix​ @jinscharms​ @may1996s​ @broken-glowsticks​ @sunflowerbebe07​  @apolloxxivmin @juju-227592​ @somelazysundays​ @jooniesbanoonies​  @annoyingtimemachinee​ @piecesofapril11​ @malewife-supremacy​ @brit97​ @magicalmarauder​ @fairy-jaykay​
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strawberrytata · 2 days ago
he sees you with your new s.o. after the break up ; bts
(inspired by know it all by the band camino)
tries to avoid you but can't help looking and wondering what you saw in that person
was waiting for time to heal so he could ask you for a second chance
looks like he was beat to it
makes conversation with everyone except you two
it's like he's trying his best to make it seem like you're not there
but you are and you moved on
and you seemed so happy, he's never seen you this joyful before
and it breaks him into millions of pieces
Tumblr media
doesn't even notice you're with someone before approaching you to talk
when he does realize, he's embarrassed as hell
he becomes all jealous in an instant
but knows he can't do anything about it
he walks away and maybe even leaves the place
he simply cannot stand how his emotions are working against him
he takes a moment to breath, to remember that everything is okay
but he knows nothing is fine at all
Tumblr media
honestly heartbroken to see you moving on
it felt like since you left he was stuck in the same place (right where you left me starts playing)
he was waiting for you to come back to him
but now you were in someone else's arms
you looked so happy but he felt so betrayed by that happiness when he shouldn't have felt that way
it wasn't over for him
he would do anything to try and get you back
even if it meant waiting for someone else's turn to be over
Tumblr media
approaches you and tries to make casual conversation
it was all to pretend that he wasn't hurting and he knew it was for the best
being there and seeing you with someone else made him realize he needed to move on
despite it hurting so much, it felt like a dagger on his heart
but he knew what mattered was seeing you happy after all that you've been through
it ended for a reason
he felt a weight off of his chest
this was a new beginning for him and he needed that
Tumblr media
now he wouldn't get it at all
how was he replaced so fast? like nothing happened?
he would struggle and would have to leave as well
tears would consume him as he remembered the good parts of your relationship
those highlights in his life wouldn't leave him alone
it's like he needed you in the worst kind of way
somehow knew you weren't coming back to him ever again
but there was always a flame of hope, a spark if you will of your love that lived with him
Tumblr media
oh he was jealous as hell
wouldn't want to walk over to you and just like jin, he would avoid you at any costs
he would try to make you as jealous as you're making him
it would be useless, you wouldn't care and he knew you didn't care
it finally tears him apart the fact that he doesn't get to touch you, love you, have you...
now it was someone else's touch you were lingering
when he himself couldn't even imagine being with someone that wasn't you
but he would have to do it for his own sanity
Tumblr media
he was so lost when he saw you walk in with them
it's like 100 realizations came in at once and he didn't know how to process any of them
he would 100% leave cus he couldn't take the pain
he wouldn't want to have a breakdown in the middle of a crowd
he saw the pity in your eyes as he walked away and it was worse
that moment of anger hit when he knew he should've done better
he could've saved the two of you, your relationship
he just simply chose not to and now he has to live with the consequences
Tumblr media
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passionatelyfanfic · a day ago
mtl into tongue kissing
Thank you for the ask anon, sorry that the response took so long x
MTL Be Into Tongue/ French Kissing
Tumblr media
Definitely into deep, long french kissing. Would like to suck on your tongue and have you suck on his.
Hoseok/ Jhope/ Hobi
Tumblr media
Very passionate french kissing, fast, with short breaks in between to catch some breath.
Namjoon/ RM
Tumblr media
Slow, sensual, tongue in mouth for short spaces of time, then licks across the lips, maybe a little lip biting and pulling.
Taehyung/ V
Tumblr media
Fast, passionate kissing, tongue in mouth for very short spaces of time, till he moves to kiss some other part of your face.
Yoongi/ Agust D/ Suga
Tumblr media
He enjoys sucking on your clit, I don't see why your tongue would be any different (Lmfao, I'm sorry I couldn't help it).
Seokjin/ Jin & Jimin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They have those lips for a reason. I can imagine their partner really wanting to suck and bite at their lips. Them enjoying kissing and gently sucking on your lips as well, occasionally adding very little tongue into the kiss.
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Namjoon: *takes deep breath* Today is going to be a good day
Namjoon: There will be no more bullshit
Namjoon: *opens door to see Jungkook standing there*
Jungkook: My shoes are on the roof again
Namjoon: *closes door*
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The two of you loved getting out and about during the holidays, you were open to giving anything a go, but you knew deep down that there was only ever one thing that Namjoon wanted to do at Christmas, go ice skating.
Doing anything in the kitchen together at Christmas was a big no-no for you both, always making sure that Namjoon kept his distance from the kitchen. Luckily for you, he much preferred to observe whilst you baked some Christmas goodies, but his favourite part was definitely getting to eat them once they were done, often burning his hands too when trying to try what you had made before they cooled.
The two of you were big on traditions on Christmas Eve, you had grown up with a very strict routine in your house on how the celebrations unfolded, and on your first Christmas with Namjoon’s family they adopted many of the traditions that your family had so that you felt right at home with them, as well as showing them something new too.
Putting your home together for Christmas was nothing short of a nightmare with Namjoon as your partner, somehow ending up making much more mess by the end then you had started with. You spent most of your time untangling lights that he had messed up or hanging up baubles where they were supposed to be rather than just clumped up in one part of the tree where Namjoon usually placed them.
He loved getting involved in the events that went on in the city over Christmas, mainly because he knew just how much you loved to get involved. On the evenings that he had off from work the two of you would usually venture down into the city to see what was going on, whether it be a market, carol singers, or a production from one of the local schools, you hated missing out on all of the festive things.
You had to usually keep a very close eye on the kitchen during Christmas as Namjoon was constantly snacking on what was around. You usually loved to try and go to your holiday home with some food to give as a thank you for having you both, but if you were to manage that, you usually had to keep the food that you had prepared well hidden from Namjoon’s hands which searched high and low around the room for it.
Namjoon much preferred to give gifts then receive them, he loved exchanging presents and putting a lot of thought behind what he bought for others too so that they could really know just how big of a part they played in his life.
Each year you always made sure that the holidays were spent with your families, usually alternating each year which family you spent it with. As you were both so busy throughout the rest of the year you made sure to give yourselves plenty of time to spend with your families, extending your stay for as long as you could.
If there was one place that Namjoon loved to go to during the holidays, it was the ice rink. It was his chance to really show off to you, and he often did so, leaving you behind as you struggled to even keep a hold of the barrier whilst he skated away, finally being able to show you a hobby of his without being clumsy.
The festive spirit that you carried certainly rubbed off on Namjoon, although he didn’t tend to feel too festive with his busy schedule during that time of year, whenever he came home to you in the evenings, he suddenly found himself feeling a lot more festive, getting into the spirit of things as you usually had something planned.
It was usually around Christmas when Namjoon began to think about having kids the most. He would sit around with you and your families, often daydreaming about how he hoped Christmas would be one day if you got the chance to have a family, enjoying the magic of Christmas with them like you were kids again.
The one thing that Namjoon loved during the holidays was being able to spend some quality time with you, as much as he loved being able to go out and do things with you and explore the city, the only reason he truly loved doing all of that was because he was getting to do it with you, which was a rare opportunity for him.
When the two of you were being lazy, Christmas films were the perfect thing for the two of you to stick on in the background. It didn’t matter how cheesy or cliché the film was, as most of the time you would be paying little attention to it, but you just enjoyed having something else festive as a part of your day.
He was always on the nice list for you, Namjoon treated you perfectly and so you always wanted to make sure that at Christmas he knew just how thankful you were for him and all that he did for you throughout the year.
Namjoon was obsessed with how much you loved Christmas, he got so involved in all of the activities that you did because you loved them, and the smile on your face was just so infectious during the holidays too.
For Christmas, Namjoon never asked for much from you, he felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have his family and his career. If there was one thing that he ever did ask for from you though, it would be plenty of notepads and stationery so that he always has something on hand for when inspiration hits him to write it down.
Namjoon needed your advice on just about anything when it came to Christmas, especially buying presents. For everyone but you, he had gotten your advice on what to get so that everyone would be pleased with their gifts.
Whenever you mentioned something that you liked throughout the year, Namjoon always made sure to write it down so that when Christmas came around, he could go back to wherever the item was that you liked and purchase it, knowing that when you opened it on Christmas Day, it was guaranteed to make you smile.
Seeing snow always made Namjoon a massive kid, he loved to mess around with you and cause chaos. He would push you down into the snow whenever he could, collapsing down beside you and getting you to make a snow angel or something, anything that he could capture an image of to remember the memory.
The two of you were big on matching pyjamas, and so every Christmas Eve you would always bring out a new pair of pyjamas for the two of you to wear, and for your families too if you were celebrating with them.
Namjoon would often carry the mistletoe in his hands so that you had no choice but to kiss him whenever he caught you under it, following you around the house until he managed to corner you somewhere.
He was much keener on being at home during Christmas, he wanted to spend time with both his family and yours rather than go off somewhere, especially when he spent so much of the rest of the year around the world.
Getting presents wrapped with Namjoon was absolute chaos, with tape and paper everywhere that it usually wasn’t supposed to be.
Namjoon loved kissing you whenever the two of you were out and doing something fun, whilst his kisses were never anything too over the top, he loved making sure that people knew you were a couple at Christmas.
You were his constant present; every year you were the best gift he could have hoped for.
The night before Christmas, Namjoon can barely sleep. He still feels like a big kid for much of Christmas, but most of all it’s a time when he reminds himself just how lucky he is to fall asleep beside you every night.
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kpop-er · a day ago
My favourite BTS lyrics
1) ON
Where my pain lies, let me take a breath
Tumblr media
If this can no longer resonate, no longer make my heart vibrate; then this will be how I die my first death
Tumblr media
I can’t show you a ruined part of myself, once again I put a mask on and go to see you
Tumblr media
4) UGH!
Ah, what the hell is there to be upset about being criticized a bit?
You earn a lot, why are you whining again?
You'd have to put up with at least that much, ahem
Tumblr media
It's alright to stop
There's no need to run without even knowing the reason
It's alright to not have a dream
If you have moments where you feel happiness for a while
It's alright to stop
Tumblr media
Try smiling, what are you hesitating for?
Wasn't this the kind of thing you were hoping for?
Or cry instead, what are you scared of?
Wasn't this the kind of thing you'd been wanting?
The life you hoped for, the life you wanted
The life you chose, you achieved everything without regrets
And on top of that, you have a big house, big cars, big rings
All the things you wanted, you've got it all
So what's the problem? Just enjoy it
Or just let it go, no? Then run, or stop
Don't whine, just choose one or the other
Honestly that whole song deserves to be here, it was hard choosing just one part
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm a bit dangerous
Like the pied piper
I'm testing you
Like the fruit from the tree of good and evil
Tumblr media
Yes, I hate you, you left me
But I never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
I miss you, honestly, but I’ll erase you
'Cause it hurts less than to blame you
Tumblr media
I grew a flower that can't be bloomed, in a dream that can't come true
Tumblr media
I scream out of frustration but the empty air echoes
I hope tomorrow will be different from today
I’m just wishing
Tumblr media
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joon-com · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Watching you behind his office desk always had its perks, but when the moment came and you needed a better grade he had you bent over his desk for extra credit. Even if that credit evolved another eye watching you.
— pairing namjoon x fem reader
— au professor x student
— 3k
— WARNINGS; smut, pwp, oneshot, perverted namjoon, teasing, dom joon, sub reader, masterbation, teasing, voyer, big dick joon, public sex, kissing & marking, video taping, palming, fingering, dirty talk, curvy reader, undressing, caught, breast play, groaping, shy reader, Namjoon sir kink, deepthroat, verbal joon,
Tumblr media
with a tapping of his pen on the small stack of test papers, he scanned a student who turned in work with an unnoticed sigh. Leaning back, namjoon looked at the clock noting the minutes left of his night class. Namjoon taught both Business and English in the institute, with you being a prized student in his business night class he always took close note of you. To him, you were reserved, confident, and feminine. He liked it, loved it even. There was backing to his desk and never once did he think he would be thankful for something as normal as that.
Breathing out heavily Namjoon softly closed his eyes, his glasses sitting softly on the top of his nose bridge comfortably as his mind softly clears to black. Meditating, his arms were crossed , and his ears listening to the sounds of number 2 pencils hit the test marking sheet. With the smell of soft perfume, he opens his eyes softly and looks up at you. Standing in front of him with the paper in both of your hands, he takes it with a smile and says;
"You've finished fast, you sure you don't wanna double check your answers?"
"I did before I came up, but uh thanks for the offer" you whisper, before walking back to your seat. Looking at the paper while you were speaking, he looked back up to see your black stockings and black skirt. A classic look of yours, one he loved the most. Smiling to himself, he looked down at the paper and began taking out his answer key and scanning the card. Scrunching his brows confused, he saw you had gotten a few wrong which was shocking knowing you normally get less wrong in the first bit. Itching his head, he pushed his glasses up a bit more with the other hand and sat your work aside in hopes it was simply a human error on his side. Taking a breath in, he realized they may go over time than normal with the in-class test. Normally you would have a certain amount of time to take it, but in his, you could stay overtime and finish it. His student always thanked him for that.
With a look on his watch, he remembered it needed to be programmed again and that's when he saw your legs. Open in a skirt, showing off Cranberry red underwear. You sat one row away from his desk, so it wasn't like he wasn't going to see it but even then why was it apparent to him. Making it seem like he dropped his pen, he looked at the fact that those were thigh-high stockings before coming back up. Flustered, he moved papers around to a position he knew he could look at it without being caught. This wasn't the last time his pants felt restricted and uncomfy from the view of your clothed crotch. It was the main reason why he loved the fact under his desk couldn't be seen.
"Again huh, your thighs are barely covering that thin fabric and you dare to open your legs like that- fuck~," he thought, lips licking the plumpness of his bottom lip as he felt a soft heartbeat from them. "The things I would do to bury my cock deep in between them~" he adds, heart, beating softly as he rolls his chairs closer to the desk. Before doing what he wants, he gets up with a slight but very untouchable budge to move a turn in the basket to the front of his desk along with a 'teacher is unavailable' sign on his desk as he grabs his silver Mac book from his bag to put students grades in and to swiftly create a barrier between your eyes and his.
His laptop camera was on and zoomed in close, his hands were softly pushing his pants down mid-thigh as his underwear showed signs of stress. It didn't take him long to get fully erect, but when he did there was no way of hiding it. With a swift movement, his hand softly stroked his shaft through the cotton fabric as it twitched and moved from time to time. The point was for him to just feel out his pleasure and taunt the idea of your hands simply groping the area. Moving so his chin rested in the other hand's palm, the bell rang and a bit late too. Watching almost every student leave, he wondered why you didn't get up and close his computer.
"Trying to snooze off or are you worried?" he says breaking the short silence between the two of you.
"Both, more worrying than anything. I saw the way you looked at my papers, that wasn't the normal look other" you tell, his eyebrow-raising in amusement.
"So you paid attention to my exspression, do you do this offten by chance?" He asks.
"Well no- yes, maybe?" You choked, expecting a tone other than a suggestive one from him. "W-why?"
"No reason, i just find it cute you pay attention to small details" he lingates the end of the sentence and flashes a smile. "Well your welcome to stay, I'm just you know grading." He adds, eyes fixated on the way your breast looked in your black shirt.
"Tell me, one thing?"
"Hm?" the sudden ask shocks him as you him.
"If I were to fail, would there be any assignments I can do to bring it up?" You asked namjoons gaze calmed thinking you were onto him. Thankful that wasn't the case.
"I can make one for you, depending on how awake you are" he replys as his voice becomes more softter then usual.
"Im awake"
Soon he hands you an answer key and papers and then goes on to explain that he wants you to put the grade written at the top of the papers in this book with the student's initials. Namjoon then offered you to sit next to him, agreeing you grabbed a chair as he pulled his pants up as you looked without him noticing you caught that and simply brushed it off.
"Mind if we work together?" He asks, you nodding with a smile. With doing so, he moved his seat closer to yours and with very little room next to the both of you you blushed. With his eyes scanning the papers, you watched and started your own and did exactly what he wanted. Once half way through, namjoon peaks over and softly rubs your thigh. Not minding it and thinking it was a mistake you feel hands move up and that's when you look at him.
"Keep working" he leans over to say in the closest ear. Blushing, you continued feeling the warmth of his hands rub between your thigh and simply allowed it to. see where he was gonna take it. Eventually, his hand shifted your thigh open and rubbed the fabric between your slit as you slowly did work.
"Your getting things are done the way I asked, that's good baby," he says unprovoked, thumb enjoying rubbing the sudden wetness in. "You can tell me to stop and I will, no need to feel scared," he says, taking his thumb away to replace it with his middle and pointer. Massaging slowly, he felt the thin fabric begin to soak and smirked to himself.
"You're doing great with my fingers, imagine what they'd feel inside. Would you like that?" He questioned, fingers softly coated in arousal. Nodding, you bit your lip softly and looked at him. Pushing your underwear to the side, the middle finger swiped down your lips causing you to their slightly before taking to fingers and rubbing to feel around where your clit would be according to your body. Rubbing your clit slowly, you held his arm softly and he watched as you did. With a slightly breathy moan, you closed your legs and he moved his hand. Moving his chair back he pats to his lap offering you a seat, getting up you sit on his lap.
"Just know if you want to continue the doors open and anybody may walk in and I won't be the one in trouble" he mentions, adjusting your body to sit on his crotch. "Besides, there's more fun when everything is risky" he adds, his hands snaking themselves from your thigh to your breast groping them in the black bra you decided to wear. Whilst he moved his hands you began to unclasp your bra and allowed him to take the hem of your shirt to pull it off, taking your bra off too. Taking in the sight of your exposed breast he lowered his eyes as you gulped softly. With his hands now on your thighs, his fingers danced closer to your soaked cunt to softly play with the hem of it.
"Please, its soaking Mr-"
"Just say sir, sir is all i need from you right now"
"Sir please~"
Suddenly his hands pulled your underwear far enough to let it fall down to your ankles on its own, you kicking your shoes off along with the damp panties.
"Is that better?" He asks, you nod slyly. Smiling, his nose nuzzled inbetween your neck and shoulder, lips kissing a spot everyone new to be sensitive. Moaning softly, your eyes closed and his mouth pulled away softly. Spreading your legs, he took that as a sign to continue. Infact he took that as a sign to get you warmed up. With his hands stroking your thighs, his lips connected back and your mouth slightly opened to moan.
"You know you can moan louder" he pauses, realizing he has dominance over you "no i want you to moan louder, let me hear how my simple touches makes you ache for more baby~" he continues, his hands moving towards your entrance. With a slight heat coming off your cheeks, you moan louder feeling a digit enter you slowly. Clenching on it, he slowly begins to pump the finger in and out listening to your moans and paying attention to your reactions. Moving his other hand to your breast, feeling the rise and fall of your breath.
"I can tell yiur holding back, theres no need we're in a safe place and even if we where to get caught you'd be to fucked out to care" he tells. Nodding, you let out a loud moan that makes his cock push up more aginst the bare fabric on your ass. Chuckling, he enters another digit and keeps the same motion and pace hearing your moans progress in sound and your chest heave as if you were hypervelaiting.
"Good girl" he whispers, your mind going blank as he continues before pulling his fingers out and sucking on them. Humming, you feel flustred, your core acing desperately for more.
"Mind if you get on your knees for me baby and make me feel just as good as you were feeling too?" He asks, you noding and shakily getting up to drop to your knees. Smirking, he pulled down his pants with his boxers down to kick them nesr your panties and spresd his legs open. Looking up, he noticed your eyes exspanded as you eyed the erection he had.
"Sir, my mouth can't take all that," you told, while you watched him roll his chair forward.
"I know"
Starring at it, you scanned to find the areas you assumed he was the most sensitive in and began softly licking the slightly sweaty skin of his shaft. Watching you, his hands softly played in your hair, before griping and taking it and moving your head towards the location he wanted you to focus most in. Letting go, he closed his eyes the minute your hands touched his thighs. Breathing deeply, he paid attention to how your mouth sucked softly on his tip and how far in he was. Surprisingly 9in was a bit easier to take down than you thought, so you simply just bobbed your head and jerked the rest you couldn't get to, remembering to fondle his balls in the process.
Moaning, his hands stroked his thighs and spread his legs a bit wider as he slouched. "That feels good when you suck in like that" he mentions, wanting you to keep going doing that. Humming his head went softly back and hands went immediately to your head. Helping to move your head the way he wants, his cock smoothly slipped in and out your mouth as his moaning continued. Cursing, you tasted the slight saltiness of his cum squirt and slide down your tongue. Pulling off, he breathed out heavily flashing a smile. Helping you up, he stood up as well towering over you like a tree.
Pushing you closer to his desk, he moved his laptop and eyed the door quickly to see if anyone was nearby. With no sound, he lifted your skirt up and softly began to enter hearing the whines that escaped your mouth as he did.
"Fuck" he breathed, softly pushing himself in. He wasn't surprised he was still hard, then again he did have a hyper sex drive and a vivid imagination. Laying your hands behind your back, he pushed your back to place your bare chest on the table. Aching for him to continue, he noticed his slight pause and pushed himself in as crying was heard from your mouth.
"Too big hm? Keep whining for me~" he demands, your cunt clenching onto him in response. Spanking your ass, he kicks his chair back as it hits the wall and pushes your hands in front of you. Pulling you up by your shoulders, he cups your breast and begins to thrust softly before being able to go to a stable pace. Clenching his jaw, he begins thrusting a bit harder causing your moans to go higher in volume and your body to begin to lose strength. Listening and grunting, he paid attention to how your body was responding to slight little jerk ups and cock in general.
"Fuck you're taking me well-baby, keep moaning," he says, hips thrusting upwards as his cock enjoys the grip you have on him. Moaning you begin dripping softly down his length as curse words leave his mouth in pleasure. Moving your back to his chest, his speed continues, mouth slobbering around your neck trying to get you to come as close as he was.
"Close baby?" He mutters in your ear, nibbling around the nub. Moaning yes, he keeps his mouth there, and with a flix of a switch, he knew someone was in here. "Close your eyes baby, I wanna cum in you~" nodding without notice of the dimmed lights. Namjoon moves over to the other side of your neck and sees another teacher leaning on the door frame. Giving him the eyes, namjoon didn't stop but continued to thrust.
"Moan my name baby, let me hear you" he grunts in your ear, noticing Mr. Jung watching the both of you. Hearing you moan his name, had him thrust harder-hitting in an area he hadn't before causing you to announce your orgasm.
"Namjoon! Namjoon! Namjoon~"
Was all both him and Hoseok heard as namjoon jerked his hips once more before staying inside to eject, his chest and face a red color as he moaned in his climax? Kissing your neck, he softly brought you into an embrace before hearing the door shut.
"There was somone hesr" you questioned, ignoring the question he kissed your neck and pulled out.
"More importantly, do you have anywhere after here?" He asked, pulling out a drawer and grabbing wet wipes to wipe you off.
"No, i tske the buss usually "
"Then it's a done deal, you come over for dinner maybe?" He suggests and you nod, turning around to place a kiss on his cheek.
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