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#bts oneshots
taetaespeaches · a day ago
“I dreamt of meeting you for years.”
jungkook x reader (oc) genre: fluff; slightest bit of angst (tour is hard on lovers) word count: 3.2K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Ok so the original idea for this was simply, Jungkook and Holly/reader put their stupid handshake on display at the airport when they have to go their separate ways for Jungkook to finish out his tour. But then I made it way softer than that and the handshake is only a small piece of this lol. So I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
There were few things better than waking up with Jungkook’s lips on yours. Possibly the only thing that really bested it was his lips on yours before you both fell asleep; sealing a promise to wake up together, another kiss just a sleep away.
But his kiss was bittersweet on this particular morning. The events that were to come in just a few hours were looming over you both.
“It’s amazing how much a hotel room can feel like home when you’re here,” he whispered to you, his lips brushing yours as he rested his forehead against yours.
“What does it feel like when I’m not here?” You asked quietly, your finger dragging along his features, tracing the definition of his cheek bone. His face had become sharper recently, the plushness that he had when you first met him not as present. But his eyes still held all those stars that made him appear eternally young and like the world was his. It was. At least your world.
The man thought for a moment, his eyes tracing your face carefully. Sucking some air between his teeth, he let out a small sigh. “Like I’m thousands of miles away from home.” Frowning at him, you flattened the pads of your fingers against the side of his face. “Hey, it’s ok. I just miss you a lot, but it’s ok.”
“I miss you too,” you whispered, closing your eyes to prevent the tears that were quickly building from falling.
His hand that was positioned on your waist squeezed your flesh gently, the small gesture made in an effort to comfort you. “You’re here now, baby.” His words triggered you to open your eyes, meeting his own and the small smile that he gave you. “Let’s enjoy it.”
He spoke the words with a dazzling grin that instantly pulled your own lips upward, despite the mistiness in his orbs that matched your own.
“What do you suggest?” You asked, your smile widening as Jungkook immediately bounded out from under the covers, excitedly sitting on his knees. Watching him with wide eyes, Jungkook giggled childishly as he leaned over your body, reaching for something off the bedside table.
Looking up at his half-naked frame, dressed only in his briefs, you couldn’t help but reach up and tickle his bare sides. Jungkook yelled out in surprise as he squirmed, falling slightly on top of you and effectively pushing an oof from your lungs, followed by laughter. He grabbed one of your hands, intertwining his fingers with yours as he directed his wide eyes at you.
“Baby,” he gasped through his smile, rolling off of your frame to rest beside you.
Dragging your free hand along the definition in his abdomen, you smiled innocently. “I couldn’t help myself,” you told him nonchalantly. “Just so ripply,” you played up your fawning.
Scoffing at you, Jungkook quickly leaned toward you, capturing your lips with his, lingering for a moment. He wasn’t quite ready to lose the feeling. Your hand flattened against his stomach and you pushed your mouth harder against his, causing Jungkook to smile into the meeting. Pressing his forehead against yours, he pecked your lips once more before pulling away.
Looking down at your body that was only covered in one of his extra baggy t-shirts, the one he wore the night before, he shook his head and sighed dramatically.
“Stop being so attractive, I’m trying to be cute,” he told you through his smile. Giggling at him, you raised your arms up in feigned surrender.
“You’re always cute,” you interjected, Jungkook smiling bashfully at you. Stepping off the bed, he stood next to it as his hands tapped at the phone he held. It was the first time you realized he had the phone, putting two and two together that the device must have been what he grabbed off the nightstand moments earlier.
A drum and guitar intro started playing through the phone speaker, the song radiating romance and longing, and appreciation for love; loving, being loved, the union of lovers. You didn’t recognize the song, but you made a mental note to ask Jungkook the title later, already in love with the sound and sentiment.
Holding a hand out to you, Jungkook smiled. “Dance with me.”  
You honestly didn’t know if you were going to giggle adoringly or burst out into tears at how much you loved him, especially so in that moment. It seemed your body found a happy medium between the two reactions, a fond smile spreading across your face as your eyes became glossy with emotion. An airy chuckle slipped from your lips as you placed your hand in his, allowing him to gently pull you onto your knees. You made your way across the bed toward him, Jungkook’s arm wrapping around your waist as your fingers tangled with his own. You draped your free hand over his shoulder, leaning your forehead against his and smiling so widely your cheeks would start to hurt if you didn’t change the expression soon.
“Your mission to be cute is successful,” you whispered, Jungkook giggling at the comment. “Mission passed!” you said in a voice that imitated at least one video game.
Shaking his head at you with a wide smile, Jungkook tugged you off the bed so your feet were planted to the ground. “You know I love you so much?” He asked, the question mostly rhetorical. Of course you knew. “Even though you’re so dorky,” he teased, you faking a gasp as he swayed your bodies to the melody of the song.
“Hey, I’m cool,” you defended. “You should consider yourself lucky that I even give you the time of day. That’s how cool I am.”
Nodding at you, he hummed, not even trying to hide the smirk on his lips. “Whatever you say, lame-o,” he continued to mess with you. A snort slipped through your nose, Jungkook giggling in amusement. “See?”
“Shush,” you forced a frown, lowering your forehead to rest on his shoulder.
A moment of silence settled between you both, the song filling the space your voices previously occupied. With the lull in conversation, or more like teasing, you were able to focus on the lyrics.
I don't know who you are But I'll save you a seat Hang my coat on a chair next to me I tried to reassure the waiter Say you're down the street He laughed at me So here's to you The most beautiful thing that I have never seen
Someone on a screen asked me a question Something about what love means to me Maybe it's just circumstance Or general compatibility
The lyrics brought you back to your first meeting with Jungkook, a once in a lifetime chance in which so many things had to line up just right to make it happen. Had either of you gone to a different store, or had even started in different ends of the shop so you didn’t meet up in the laundry aisle, you would only know him through screens and speakers.
You were never quite as romantic as the man swaying with you, his eyes traveling over your features, holding your gaze unabashedly despite the shy smile that graced his pretty lips. Jungkook had always dreamed of meeting someone in a manner that felt once in a million, only being able to be described as fate. He was a romantic at heart.
“I dreamt of meeting you for years,” he whispered to you, no need to speak louder due to your proximity, and not wanting to disrupt the pleasant feeling of love that enveloped you both.
Cocking your head at him, you smirked. “Me? Or just someone?” You teased, Jungkook poking his tongue to the inside of his cheek as he scoffed at you.
“You. I didn’t know at the time that I was waiting for you to show up, but when you did, I knew,” he explained.
The way he spoke so earnestly, his sparkly eyes stared into your own, trying to relay his sincerity, you had no doubt that he meant those words with his entire being. The song perfectly explained how he had felt before he met you, eagerly awaiting the moment he’d lay eyes on you.
When tears formed in the man’s eyes, you found yourself appreciating you both for how far you had come. There was a time when Jungkook feared giving you anything but his best, most put together self. Vulnerability meant weakness, and weakness gave you a reason to leave. But you didn’t leave, you only dedicated yourself more to the union. And now there he was crying in front of you without a bit of shame.
Reaching up to wipe the tears from under his eyes, you smiled at him.
“You’re pretty when you cry,” you teased, Jungkook giggling. “Not saying I like when you cry, but I’m happy you show them to me rather than hiding them away.”
Tightening his arm around your waist, he pulled you even closer so he could press his lips to your forehead. His touch lingered for a moment, your eyelids fluttering shut at the comfort he brought.
“Being with you is the most myself I’ve ever felt,” he whispered against your skin, a small sniffle following the words. “I can be me with you, do you know how much of a gift that is?”
Craning your neck back so you could look at his face, you grinned, your own eyes becoming misty at the intimacy of the moment. “I do.” And you didn’t have to say more than that. You both knew he provided you with the same safety. The same unconditional love.
Tumblr media
As you stood in the airport, people lugging their baggage down the corridors as they passed you by, you decided suitcases were your least favorite things in the world. They so easily allowed people to pack up their belongings and take off, away from their homes; their loved ones.
Looking down at your own luggage, and then your eyes glancing at Jungkook’s bags, you felt your heart sink into your stomach.
“What’s that face for?” Jungkook suddenly asked through a hint of a smile, his elbow nudging your arm. Looking up at him, your eyes widened questioningly, silently asking him what face? Jungkook pulled his face into a glare, mimicking your previous expression that you weren’t aware you were wearing.
Giggling at him, you bumped your shoulder against him in protest. Jungkook’s arm easily wrapped around your back, tugging you against his side.
“I hate suitcases,” you pouted childishly.
“Hmm?” He asked, his doe-eyes curious and amused. “What? You want a new one?”
Chuckling, you shook your head. “No,” you whined, “they just make it too easy for us to leave each other.”
Giving you a sad smile, he leaned in toward you, leaving a sweet kiss to your temple.
“They’ll also make it easy to come back home to you,” he pointed out. Sighing dramatically, he giggled before pressing another kiss to the same spot.
“Hey, what was that song you played earlier?” You asked.
“Mm, The Most Beautiful Thing. Bruno Major,” he told you. “You like it?”
Meeting his eyes, you nodded before both of your attention was brought to the staff member approaching you both, the dread settling into both of you. Your time together was about to end for another month before Jungkook could join you back at your apartment. In response to the man’s words stating that Jungkook and the rest of his group members needed to head to their gate, you caught the way your boyfriend’s body tensed. Your flight home was leaving about an hour after his flight to their next tour stop, and your gates were on opposite ends of the airport.
“Hey,” you whispered to him, watching as his jaw clenched in an effort to conceal the tears that were bubbling up. “It’s ok,” you nodded to him, a small smile on your lips, though your own tears gathered on your bottom lash line.
“This is the worst part about my job,” he frowned, his voice soft and fragile. It broke your heart.
“You know, I love visiting you on tour. And not just because I love seeing you, but because it makes it easier to accept why you need to be away. You belong on a stage with these guys. And I’m so proud of you, and I want you to enjoy the next month. I’ll be home waiting for you,” you told him, whispering the last six words.
As the first tear slid down his cheek, Namjoon approached you both, giving you a sad smile. Jungkook quickly wiped the tear with the back of his hand, removing his arm from you so you could say goodbye to his members. As you hugged them all, giving them your love and well wishes for a healthy finish to the tour, Jungkook stood close by, watching and gathering himself.
Coming out of a massive bear hug from Taehyung, the man lifting you off your feet just slightly before placing you back down and swaying you back and forth a few times, you met a giggling Jungkook’s face, a laugh leaving your own lips.
Cocking your head at him, you watched him pretend to pop his neck and fingers as he stretched his arms out in front of him. Taking a few steps toward each other, your hands met in a firm handshake as though you were strangers meeting for the first time. Looking into each other’s eyes, you couldn’t help but giggle as Jungkook’s bright smile and sparkly eyes shined just for you.
You heard Jin groan from the side of you both, making Jungkook’s boyish laughter sound out just before your hands slapped each other’s in a low-five three times. A series of hand gestures and movements took place between the two of you, following the routine of your dorky handshake.
Hoseok and Taehyung hyped you both up with “ayy’s” and “ooh’s” as you and Jungkook went through the handshake you had made up early on in your relationship. Namjoon scoffed through a fond smile as Jin shook his head with his own big grin plastered to his face.
“You guys are so weird,” Jin told you through his amusement. Yoongi watched the hand moves carefully, his gummy grin unknowingly on display as Jimin giggled cutely, entertained by you and your boyfriend’s antics.
“Strangest couple ever,” Jimin said through his laughter.  
Finishing out the handshake, your pinkies hooked together, a silent promise, you both leaned toward each other, using your free hands to pat each other’s shoulders three times in a friendly manner; in a way that said, “be well, old sport.” The handshake gave no indication of you two being lovers, concealing all of the intimacy and confessions you had shared just hours earlier in the hotel room. You simply looked like two pals, best pals, saying goodbye for now.
Giggling at each other, you shifted your hand in his grasp so your fingers intertwined with his. Bringing the limb to your lips, you pressed a kiss to the back of his hand. The gesture wasn’t enough for Jungkook however, the man suddenly pulling you toward him, his opposite hand finding the back of your head as he pushed his lips to yours passionately.
The meeting didn’t last nearly as long as you had both liked, too aware of the public setting, but it was full of love and longing, and sealed your earlier pinky promise of returning to each other as soon as you could; a promise to love each other through the distance.
As soon as his lips were leaving yours, he was whispering, “I love you.”
Nodding at him, you watched as he gathered his bags and started stepping backward, his members urging him along gently, all too aware of the pain of leaving your lover in such a way, for such a long time.
“I love you too,” you whispered, the words barely reaching his ears as he put distance between you both.
“There’s something wrong with you two, you know that?” Hoseok teased Jungkook as he wrapped an arm over his shoulders, ensuring the younger man wouldn’t run back to you, abandoning his tour just to stay with you. Hoseok shot you a wide grin, waving at you.
Waving back, your eyes stayed on Jungkook. You just wanted to look at him for a moment longer. He eventually turned around to walk toward the gate, though he continued looking over his shoulder at you. Reaching for your suitcase, you began backing away, the distance between you both already unfavorable, and he was still in your eyesight. Until he wasn’t. And then the cold settled in, the dread of returning to an apartment that he wouldn’t arrive at for another month.
Four weeks you tried to rationalize with yourself. That’s just one week, four times. The bigger part of the tour was already done, he was on the last stretch. But the truth was, tour never got easier, you just got better with comforting each other. The handshake was just one way to have fun one last time, keep things light, before the heartache settled into both of your chests.
As you wandered through the airport, slowly making your way to your gate, you opened your music app on your phone and immediately searched for The Most Beautiful Thing, by Bruno Major.
Securing your earbuds, the song filled your ears as tears filled your orbs.
Like you said, you were never quite as romantic as Jungkook. At least you didn’t think so. You weren’t waiting for a meet cute of your own, one that mimicked all the dramas you’d seen. You didn’t dream of romantic kisses in the rain, or late night calls full of confessions of love. But when you met Jungkook, you realized you had never thought of those moments because you hadn’t met him yet. When he came into your life, it was as though he had awakened that part of you that you kept hidden, buried beyond your shield of indifference. As soon as you spoke to him, met his bambi eyes, received his adorable smile and heard his boyish giggle, it was as though you had been waiting your entire life for him. He had always been that most beautiful thing you had never seen, and when you finally saw him, there was no going back.
Your phone buzzed in your hands, interrupting your stream of thoughts. A text message from Jungkook, your heart instantly fluttering at the sight of his contact name. The message was simple but perfect.
“Let me know when you take off and land, I’ll do the same. I love you so much. Thank you for visiting me, you made this tour feel a bit more like home.”
Pouting at your phone, you prepared to respond when another text popped up on the screen. “And thanks for taking a chance on me back in that grocery aisle.”
Giggling at the message, you quickly typed a reply.
“I will. I love you too, baby. Hurry home so home can feel like home. And thanks for causing a fabric softener shortage.”
Jungkook was your once in a lifetime. He convinced you of the validity of fate and made you a romantic. Because how could you not be? How could you not believe in fate when he was yours?
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chloefran · 2 days ago
“It’s 2am,” - Drabble.
Jeon Jungkook x Reader.
The steam of the hot beverage in hand hits your face the moment you bring the mug to your lips. After hours of a deep sleep, you had decided that the only way forward was tea. Hot, sweet tea. A small smile places on your lips as your eyes pass over the television. It had been raining miserably all day, and all you had looked forward to was finishing work, showering and sliding into your comfiest pyjamas. You were even more excited to be sipping sweet cocoa in the comfort of your bedroom, bundled under soft, fluffy blankets, however, the moment you had climbed into bed, you had fallen asleep and thus, you were now wide awake.
You settle back against your pillows, and reach for your phone. A few Instagram notifications, a tweet and a text message. You open it, and as you do so, butterflies flurry to the pit of your stomach.
Are you awake?
Now, you knew that a lie would be easy enough to conjure up. Easier to tell him no, than to stand in front of him, hiding emotions that you were not ready to share with him just yet. Yet you also knew that the text was sent three hours prior to this moment and so it was more than likely he would be fast asleep by now. Clinging onto all hope that he were still awake, and the idea of him potentially hiding the same emotions, you begin typing.
Yup. Are you?
You text back quickly. Short, and...blunt. You shake your head quickly, sighing as you read it back. Three dots appear, the sound of him responding echoing through your small bedroom.
A response in the form of a video call bounces back from him before you can even lock your phone.
Anxiety rises in your throat and immediately, you peel yourself away from the comfort of your bed.
You ponder over the call for a few seconds, your brain scanning all the possible conversations that could follow your simple ‘hello’. He too, could be in between sleep and whimsical dreams, or he could be drunk, having wasted the night with copious amounts of red wine.
You answer, feeling beads of sweat begin to form across your forehead.
‘Jungkook,’ you grin into the camera, your phone lighting up with a full image of his face.
‘(Y/N), my love,’ he beams, before scrunching his nose and allowing a small sigh to escape his lips. ‘I need your help,’
‘What’s up?’ you breathe, furrowing your brows. 'Where even are you?' you question, frantically adjusting your eyes to the trees surrounding him.
'Well,' he grins as he holds the phone high. He takes a few steps forward. 'I'm outside,'
The panic shoots through you, your eyes beginning to water at the thought of him being outside, surrounded by the thick October chill.
'It's 2am,' you cry, leaping out of your bed and starting towards the bedroom door.
'I know,' he giggles softly before rolling his eyes. 'Please let me inside, I'm freezing,'
You hang up and hurry down the stairs, tripping over a shoe and falling into the door as you desperately fumble for the key. You pull it back quickly, your cheeks burning red.
He enters quickly, pushing past you and blowing dramatically into his cupped hands.
‘It’s so cold,’ he whispers, kicking off his shoes.
‘It’s also 2am,’ you roll your eyes, chuckling. You close and lock the door before turning on your heel to face him. ‘Tea?’ you ask, shooting him a smile.
‘Coffee would be good,’ he shrugs, running his hands over his face. ‘A blanket, too,’
You shake your head. ‘Do you ever sleep?’
‘I’m here for a reason,’ he quips, his cheeks blushing rapidly.
‘And what is that?’ you ask, brushing past him and traipsing down the hallway.
He lingers for a little while but soon follows you through to the kitchen.
You reach for a mug whilst Jungkook pauses at the door, resting his hip against the door jamb. A silence fills the kitchen, the whistling of the wind outside the only thing breaking it.
You pull yourself up onto the countertop, waiting impatiently for him to answer.
'I-', he begins but stops himself as he edges further into the kitchen.
You nod your head, encouraging him to continue.
'I went on a date tonight,' he whispers, his gaze softening.
You witness your breath catch in your throat. 'Well that's good for you,' your words are more snide than you had intended and you immediately regret speaking.
'Yeah, but it wasn't really,' he sighs as he grows closer to you, taking the mug from your hand and setting it under the coffee machine. 'It was stupid if anything,' he adds, quickly turning the machine on.
You chuckle lightly, throwing your head back. 'Was it that bad?' you ask, raising an eyebrow.
'It made me realise how much I love you,' Jungkook's voice is soft and his words are fast, his face glowing scarlet.
You blink at him, eyes widening. The butterflies that had been swarming your stomach suddenly disappear, a new form of nervousness erupts through your body, a pang of emotions; ones you had never witnessed before.
You run your hands over your face and inhale a sharp breath. ‘You love me?’ you question, unable to hide the smile that was playing on your lips.
He nods his head gently, edging closer to you as he does so. He reaches out and takes your hands in his.
‘I love you (Y/N),’ his voice is louder this time, more confident, more comfortable.
He places your hands on his hips and presses his body close to you, his lips slowly brushing against yours. ‘So, please save me from going on any more dates with girls I have no feelings for,’ he giggles, before planting a kiss on your lips.
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jungkxook · a month ago
—just for tonight. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: nerve!au / strangers-to-lovers / fluff + smut 
⟶ words: 17,762
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: jungkook will do anything to get invited to the annual and exclusive start-of-the-year party, even if that means dragging you along for the ride
⟶ warnings: jungkook and oc get close to committing a few crimes oops, unprotected sex (jk got that pull out game tho), breast play, multiple orgasms, sixety-nine position, oral sex (f and m receiving), deepthroating, face riding, cum eating, doggy style, missionary
⟶ note: this is a repost of an old fic of mine, and a gift to celebrate since it’s jungkook’s birthday! this fic is also inspired by the movie nerve!!
Tumblr media
From: Unknown number.
Received: 2:45 p.m.
Congratulations! You are one of the randomly limited selected numbers that have been chosen as a potential candidate to be invited to the annual start of the year party! If you wish to accept your invitation, you must first prove your worth to us by completing a number of tasks that we will assign you. These tasks will also have to be documented and sent back to us, at this exact number. If you are interested, please respond accordingly to this, and any other future message we send you, with only “yes” or “no” answers.
From: You
Sent: 2:48 p.m.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 2:50 p.m.
The rules for tonight are simple. Complete the tasks we give you and send us proof of your completion of the task. If you fail or refuse to complete a task, your invitation is revoked. Once you complete all assigned tasks, a secret location and instructions on how to find us will be sent to you. Are you ready for your first task?
From: You
Sent: 2:50 p.m.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 2:53 p.m.
Your first task is as follows: sneak into the gala masquerade ball downtown being held tonight at 4:00 p.m. and get a drink from a stranger. Then, kiss said stranger.
Tumblr media
4:10 p.m.
From beneath a simple black mask, you stare nervously down at the illuminated screen of your phone in your hand, eyes skimming over the texts you had received only hours ago. Tearing your gaze from the phone, you turn your attention towards the grandiose banquet hall and the masked party-goers that occupy it, drinking champagne out of crystal glasses, snacking on delectable hors d’oeuvres, and sharing shrill pompous laughter that rings in your ears over the sound of smooth jazz that plays from a live band.
You don’t belong here. You hadn’t been invited, hadn’t been a part of the rich families that were only supposed to be there, hadn’t dressed the part, and yet you had somehow found a way to sneak in. It was a risky idea, you’ll admit you thought, when you anxiously and briskly walked to the very back of the banquet hall with a plan formulating in your mind. You had been restlessly tugging at the frills of your prom dress that you were still surprised you had fit in after stuffing it in the back of your closet for the past few years but the simple idea on your mind was all that you had. You find the back doors of the kitchen with ease, the windows of which you peek through to notice the staff of the banquet hall hurriedly bustling about.
It’s chaotic, it’s messy, but your plan is to act as one of the waiters that run back and forth from the kitchen to the main floor. You are surprised when, after cautiously tiptoeing into the kitchen and past the chefs, someone (someone whom you assume to be the boss), angrily points at you and you think you have been caught until he exclaims, “There you are! You’re part of the new staff, correct? My goodness, love, you’re really putting a strain on my heart ━ and you’re not even dressed! No matter, there’s a change of clothes in the breakroom. Make it quick! We need all the hands we can get out there!”
Then he’s scurrying off, yelling orders at another one of his staff, and you are left alone just like that. Using their frenzied commotion to your advantage, you pick up your pace and jog out the kitchen until you have finally emerged into the open space of the gala. The music and decorations are as quaint as the guests, and you are apprehensively glancing around the party when you notice certain eyes flicker to your bare face and fraying dress. Your palms flatten the stray wisps of your hair back down to your head and smooth the skirt of your dress. You gulp, hold your head high, and glance once more down at your phone and the texts you had received.
It happens every year.
Through whispered tales and harbored secrets, almost everyone knows of it but no one knows who plans it or where it is held. The Start of Year party begins every September 1st, ending summer, and starting the new school year, in a promised thrilling way. You have heard stories of it being grand and elaborate, with the best food, the best music, the best drinks, the best guests (the list of which includes the utmost famous of celebrities), the best everything. Except, it’s near impossible to receive an invitation. It’s invite only, an anonymous organization throwing a secret underground party that requires a certain location and a certain codeword in order to access it.
Invitees are given numerous dares to complete in order to finally be deemed of worth to be allowed entrance. The “worthy” people, you have discovered over time, are meant to be people that are fun, exciting, thrilling, bold, akin to the anonymous group who host the party. Up until receiving the texts in your phone, you had thought the whole idea to be rather pretentious. In fact, you had even considered it to be a fabricated lie. But upon being selected to be invited and receiving the text, you could not bring yourself to reject an invitation to a party others would kill to be at.
So, as expected, you find yourself accepting the dare, even if you cannot bring yourself to kiss a random stranger, let alone converse with one that is, perhaps, too far out of your league. Yet you tell yourself that you can be reckless, wild, exhilarated, even if it is just for tonight. So, you approach the bar first and slowly sit on one of the stools, eyes scanning those around you for a potential date you could flirt with but the masks, as they would, distort their true appearances. You’re too caught up in surveying your surroundings that you don’t even notice the stranger that slips into the seat beside you.
“Are you okay?”
Craning your neck, you turn to see the newcomer and are surprised to find him staring right at you from underneath his own mask. You can’t make out much of what he looks like but you know he is tall with shaggy carob brown hair that is pushed hastily up and out of his face in an attempt to make him look somewhat formal. He’s wearing a suit but it looks just as frayed and old as your prom dress and the tie he wears is wrong. But his voice… His voice sounds all too familiar, though you can’t quite place a finger on it.
“Hm? Me?”
The boy nods and gestures to the way you absentmindedly gnaw on your fingernails.
“You look a little nervous,” he points out, the faintest of grins tugging at his pink lips. “Did you do something you’re not supposed to?”
Your eyes widen at his simple question and, for a moment, you think you may have been caught.
“What? No, of course not!” You exclaim. The boy raises an eyebrow beneath his mask and chuckles lightly, even as you straighten up in your seat and scoff. “I mean, no, I’m fine. You know, it isn’t very nice to accuse people of doing something they didn’t. Oh, and your tie is on backwards. Are you sure you aren’t the nervous one?”
The boy glances down at the flimsy material around his neck and bursts out into laughter. He shakes his head and yanks at the tie, loosening it until it falls off from his neck. He shoves it into his pants pockets, murmuring, “I never really could put a tie on properly.”
When he glances back up at you, he smiles. “Hey, how about I buy you a drink? To make up for my apparently accusatory joke.”
You nearly jump at his offer, your face lighting up with a smile as you think, was it really that easy? You nod eagerly, your eyes flickering down to your phone momentarily, as the boy leans over the counter to order two drinks. When they slide onto the counter beside you, you carefully and swiftly snap a picture of them to send to the unknown number who had first texted you. Maybe it’s because you were so swiftly able to get a drink from a stranger that suddenly boosts your confidence and makes you eager to finish the rest of the dare, and the ones that are to come. So, as you stare at the boy who makes himself comfortable next to you, your mind has an inner struggle on what you should do.
“So,” The boy begins, but you are hardly paying attention, “what’s your name━”
It’s as he’s turning to face you that you react fast. You reach out to grab onto his face and pull him down to you, instantly colliding your lips with his. You catch him completely off guard that he nearly falls out of his seat but you are just as shocked with yourself. Palms warm, cheeks burning, heartbeat ringing in your ears, you can’t believe that you actually kissed a stranger. He doesn’t push you off and you take that as a good sign, even when he begins moving his lips in time with yours for a chaste kiss, but then you’re slowly reminded of the fact that this is for a dare and you pull apart from him just as frantically. You’re staring at him with widened eyes, and he looks bewildered, staring down at your lips.
“I mean, it’s never hard for me to pick up girls but I gotta admit this is a new time record for me,” The boy admits with a laugh.
“I’m sorry,” You say sheepishly, your face flushing in embarrassment. “I had to.”
“Is that because of my charming personality and good looks,” he says, “or because of your dare?”
You’re stricken horrified as you stare up at him but then you notice the way he gestures to your phone.
“I’m not that stupid,” he says. “Don’t think I haven’t seen the way you’ve been glancing at your phone or when you tried to slyly take a picture.” He glances over both his shoulders to look around the room and leans in closer for when he speaks next, as if it is some exclusive secret, “So, you got invited to the party too, huh? What was your first dare?”
Swallowing your nerves, you tell him, “Sneak into here and get a drink from a stranger, then kiss them. You?”
“Same as mine, minus the drink part,” he says. “Hey, how’d you get in here?”
“I went around back to the kitchen,” You explain. “It was so hectic back there that they confused me as one of the staff.”
The boy bursts out into sudden laughter so loud that a few guests turn to shoot him a look. “Genius! I wish I’d thought of that.”
You quirk a brow. “How did you get in here, then?”
“Well,” he says, “let’s just say it didn’t go as smoothly as your entrance and that security is still looking for me. So, I’m glad you decided to make that very quick first move because I’m afraid I need to get going.”
He cranes his neck over his shoulder to look at something in the distance and you follow his gaze only to notice a brute looking man in a security uniform. He is scanning the crowd with an intense eye, his brows screwed together in a look of vex. When you turn back around, the boy is already out of his seat.
“Wait, wait!” You exclaim. “What was your name?”
Fortunately, the boy pauses. He turns to look at you and flashes you a cheeky smile that makes your heart flutter. “Jungkook.”
Yet just as fast as your reverie had overcome you, it comes crashing and burning down. The name dawns on you and suddenly you realize who he is. “Jeon Jungkook? It’s you? I knew your voice sounded familiar!”
The boy squints from beneath his mask as he stares at you, as if trying to figure you out, and then he gaps. “Y/N? You got invited to the party?”
The surprise and hostility in his voice when he asks you his question distracts you from the fact that you had just met, and kissed, Jungkook, a reckless boy who attends the same college as you and shares a few classes with you but someone you never really talked to before. From what you could tell, he was rather popular amongst the student body but you couldn’t quite pinpoint if it had to do with his handsome features and dark hair, his charming and daring personality, or the tattoos that litter his arms and made him even more appealing.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask hotly.
“Nothing!” Jungkook assures briskly. He tosses a glance over his shoulder to see the security guard walking aimlessly and naively towards the bar, not yet spotting Jungkook. “Just that you don’t exactly seem like the type to be daring. Look, I really have to go-”
“Then take me with you,” You say abruptly. “I’ll show you I can be daring and we can help each other finish these dares so we can get into the stupid party sooner.”
Jungkook pauses to think, shuffling his feet nervously. He rakes a hand through his hair, eyes flickering fleetingly once more to the security guard and back again. He sighs rather quickly than you would have thought he would. “Fine. Fine, let’s go! Quick, come on!”
You wonder why he’s suddenly rushing before you notice the security guard hurriedly pushing through the crowd and chasing toward the bar. Jungkook grabs onto your hand and then he’s running, pulling you along with him and, though you know you can push him off of you and change your mind (especially when he, in his rush, bolts past a pompous-looking couple and knocks their champagne out of their hands so that it spills down their designer outfits (but still takes the time to shout an apology), you quicken your pace and scurry after him.
As you’re running, another security guard jumps out from his hiding place and blocks the path Jungkook is running in. To avoid an unpleasant confrontation, Jungkook suddenly jerks you to the left and maneuvers his way through the guests, ignoring the angry yells coming from the guards. It takes you a moment to realize that Jungkook is laughing maniacally and you wonder if you should be scared at just how much he seems to be enjoying the adrenaline rush. You doubt for a moment that you will even be able to make it outside to your freedom that you don’t even notice Jungkook pulling you in the direction of the kitchen. He bursts through the swinging doors and emerges into the crowded and frantic kitchen and nearly bumps into a waiter carrying a tray full of dainty finger foods.
“Sorry!” Jungkook shouts, reaching out with his free hand to steady the tray before side-stepping the waiter and running past him.
You scramble to keep up, legs burning and lungs wheezing for air, but you favour the idea of not being caught now when you are so close to the exit that it pushes you to run faster. You giggle at Jungkook’s clumsiness in his haste and watch incredulously as he zigzags past every waiter and chef even when the security guards charge through the kitchen door. It doesn’t take you long before you finally come tumbling through the very back doors and are thrown out into the darkened night. Jungkook, however, doesn’t stop running until he’s far away from the back alley, far away from the building, and is once more in the crowded streets of the city’s nightlife, long escaping the security guards from the gala. When you finally come to a halt, it is next to a car that you assume is Jungkook’s as he starts digging around his pockets for his keys. You’re both gasping for air, stripping yourselves of your bothersome masks and attempting to calm the shrill beating of your heart, when you start laughing.
“That,” You say, “was insane. You’re insane. Do you know that?”
Jungkook chuckles as he fishes his keys out of his pockets. He shrugs sheepishly, innocently. “At least we didn’t get caught. Are you still sure you want to team up with me after that?”
“You’re going to have to try harder than that to scare me away,” You tell him. “Especially from this apparently too exclusive party- Hey, what are you doing? I thought that was your car.”
As you are talking, Jungkook slowly inches forward, moving away from the car and heading for what’s parked in front of it. A motorcycle. The boy mounts the bike and reaches down below to another compartment to pull out a helmet. He looks over his shoulder at you and smirks at your startled expression, especially when he hands you the helmet.
“This is your ride?” You ask.
Jungkook nods. “Not chickening out now, are you?”
You scoff at his accusatory tone and snatch the helmet from him. “No, of course not. It’s just that, y’know, I’m in a dress and I don’t think that’s exactly the best thing to wear on a motorcycle-”
“Oh, get on, princess,” he sighs dramatically. “We’ll get a change of clothes before we do the next task. Sound good?”
You’re still staring at him long after he finishes speaking. It’s ridiculous, you think, how easily you seem to want to prove yourself to this boy you had hardly talked to before tonight - and now you were actually considering going with him on his bike. It’s the small nagging voice in the back of your mind that pushes you to cave, that tells you it’s only just for one night.
“Sounds great,” You say weakly.
Jungkook grins wide and then readjusts himself in his seat, revving the engine to life. You’re still hovering awkwardly next to the motorcycle as it roars and groans, gnawing on your lower lip. You tell yourself that maybe Jungkook isn’t that bad of a partner - and you certainly can’t deny how good he looks in a suit on a motorcycle.
“You coming?” Jungkook asks, bursting through your thoughts. “We don’t have all night.”
“I know, I know,” You say. “But Jungkook?”
“Kiss me again so we can get a picture.”
Jungkook’s head snaps in your direction and he lets out a rumble of laughter, shaking his head. “Well, if it’s for the picture, then I guess we have to.”
“Have to?” You repeat. “I’m sorry it’s such a hassle-”
But he silences you quickly by smashing his lips on yours. You’re taken completely off guard that you stumble forward and trip, colliding against him, though he catches you swiftly and hooks one arm around your waist. Unlike the kiss in the bar, you take the time to memorize his soft lips on yours and the way they taste; how he moves gently and slowly for a soft kiss, how his free hand grasps lightly at your face. Without warning, there’s a flash of light and the sound of a camera clicking. You pull apart and snap your eyes open to see Jungkook holding his phone level with your heads. His eyes flicker fleetingly down at the picture on his phone and he shoots you an amused look, the corners of his lips tugging upward into a faint smirk.
“Definitely not a hassle,” he says. “In fact, I kind of like it. Maybe we should kiss again - just to get a better picture. I think this one’s a little blurry.”
You stare at him for a moment, completely dumbfounded, before bursting into a fit of (albeit, nervous) laughter. You push his head away from you with a shake of your head and climb onto the motorcycle behind him, ignoring his suggestion. It’s only when you both have your helmets on and wrap your arms around Jungkook’s torso, that you can feel the light shake of his back as he tries to contain his laughter.
The last thing he says to you before kicking the motorcycle into a start is, “Hold on tight, okay?”
And then he’s off, speeding down the street at what feels like lightning speed that you almost shriek and wonder just what you have gotten yourself into.
Tumblr media
5:45 pm.
It’s nearly an hour later when you and Jungkook arrive at your next destination, having made two stops along the way, one at your house, and another at his, to change out of your “formal” attire and into something more casual.
Jungkook doesn’t even receive his next dare until you’re both leaving his place and seems rather ecstatic to read that it says “get a spontaneous tattoo.” Jungkook had almost laughed out loud in an air of pride - what’s one more tattoo to his arm already covered in an intricate sleeve of ink? He isn’t necessarily excited to read the second part of the dare which is “get a spontaneous tattoo of the name of the stranger you met at the bar and let someone who isn’t your tattooist tattoo you,” but it somehow still doesn’t seem to stop him from adding yet another tattoo to his random collection and soon you’re standing in the tattoo parlour that he says one of his friends works at.
The shop itself is located in the heart of downtown, and in the midst of a busy end-of-summer festival. It’s dimly lit and rather shabby-looking, with thick smoke clinging in the stuffy air and flickering neon lights but it seems to be quite busy. Jungkook is hardly intimidated by the idea of getting your name tattooed on him and goes straight up to his friend (who is equally as covered in tattoos as Jungkook) who introduces himself as Yoongi. Jungkook, within minutes, is sitting back in a chair for Yoongi to begin work on. He decides to get your name along his neck, just behind his right ear. You sit across from Jungkook, watching Yoongi with steady eyes as he concentrates on the needle and the tattoo. At some point, when you look up at Jungkook, you find him already staring pensively at you.
“So, what made you decide to go to the party?” he asks. “I used to always hear you make fun of it.”
You shrug. “I just figured I’d give it a try and it’d be a shame to pass up the invitation when so many other people are dying to get one.”
Yoongi chuckles under his breath. “Yeah, that was Jungkook. The kid turned into a huge baby whenever he didn’t get invited.”
Jungkook grimaces and shoots Yoongi a glare as you stifle your giggles.
“No,” he says firmly. “It’s just that I’ve been trying for three years to get invited to this party and tonight is finally the night. I’m not letting it go to waste.”
Yoongi only hums in response, ignoring his friend.
“So, why do you want to go to the party so badly?” You ask.
“They always hand out invitations the last day of August and my birthday is the first of September,” he says. “I just figured it’d be a pretty awesome way to end my summer and kick off my birthday. That, and, I, Jeon Jungkook, never back down from a dare.”
“He’s an idiot,” Yoongi comments. He pauses on Jungkook’s arm and pulls back to glance at you. “You can finish the name, if you want - and if Jungkook wants.”
“Well, we need to finish the dare,” Jungkook replies.
Yoongi sighs and hands you a pair of latex gloves for your hands before passing the tattoo gun onto you. You switch seats with the other boy and follow Yoongi’s directions as he tells you what to do. When Yoongi leaves you to finish it on your own, you catch sight of an uneasy-looking Jungkook.
“Don’t mess up,” he says. “Please.”
Quirking a brow, and favouring a moment of redemption for the scare he had given you at the bar, you decide to feign a dramatic gasp. You curse aloud, “Oh, shit!”
Jungkook jolts in his seat and immediately glances behind at you only to be greeted to the sight of both you and Yoongi stifling your amused laughter.
“Relax, Jeon,” You snicker. “I’m just messing with you.”
Jungkook only rolls his eyes. A few minutes pass of silence (in, which time, Jungkook snaps a picture of you tattooing his neck) but when you are finally done, you pull back from him and beam down at your work.
“Well, I think it looks pretty good,” You say. “Considering it is my name.”
“It better be good,” Jungkook retaliates. “Considering I’m stuck with it on me forever now.”
Yoongi finishes cleaning, sanitizing, and wrapping the tattoo before letting Jungkook go. When the commotion is done, Jungkook finally takes the chance to look at his tattoo in the mirror and you’re relieved (despite your teasing) to see he doesn’t hate it. It’s when you’re both leaving after paying Yoongi for his time that Jungkook remembers something and turns to you.
“What did you say was your dare again?” he asks.
“I didn’t.”
“Oh,” he quirks a brow. “Well, what was it?”
You purse your lips when you look at Jungkook. You had received your dare shortly after Jungkook’s and have been thinking about it the entire time in the tattoo shop. Now, as you’re standing in the large crowd of people at the festival, you realize you have the perfect opportunity to finish your dare. So, you swiftly push away your worrisome thoughts that had been plaguing you for the past hour and the nerves churning your stomach. Just for tonight, you tell yourself again. The simple mantra you are slowly coming to accept.
“This,” You say to Jungkook and then you’re dashing forward.
Jungkook wonders why, wonders what your dare is, as you run into the middle of a busy crowd and hop up on a nearby concrete step. Before he can chase after you and ask what you’re doing, you’re lifting your shirt and bra and cheering loudly enough to make everyone near you look over in appalled and shocked stares. Your back is to Jungkook but he can see the smooth expanse of your skin and his jaw drops open in a gasp. Before you can pull your shirt back down, Jungkook fumbles to snap a picture of you flashing the crowd from your back and nearly drops his phone. The crowd’s reaction is a mixed cacophony of either cheering or disapproved murmuring but none of it makes you feel any better. Jungkook watches as you pull your shirt back down and scurry back to him, your face burning sheepishly and your eyebrows scrunching together.
“Let’s get out of here, please,” You beg silently. “And don’t say anything.”
Jungkook, despite you grabbing onto his wrist to pull him away, can’t help but laugh at your flustered attire. People are still staring but he and you seem to blend easily amongst the crowd that reforms to carry on with their own business. He’s smirking at the way you continue to stomp away but he doesn’t bother to linger and chases after you, swiftly falling into step beside you.
“Listen,” he hums, “I gotta give you kudos for actually doing that. I don’t think I’d even flash people.”
He’s suddenly laughing again at the way you frown and, if you weren’t as embarrassed as you are or desperate to flee the crowd, you may have scoffed some sarcastic response but, for now, you remain in your silent brooding and hop on the back of the bike to prepare for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
6:30 pm.
“So, where are we right now?”
Your voice seems loud as you ask your question in what feels like the dead of night. After finishing your last dare, Jungkook’s next task was to deface private property (though the actual dare read T.P. or egg a random house). While you stood with the fact that this was a bad idea, Jungkook seemed keen to get started and had the perfect place in mind. Half an hour later, he’s made a pit stop at a grocery store to buy a carton of eggs and a package of toilet paper and drives you both into the suburbs of the city. He finds the right house with ease and parks the motorcycle in front of it, hoping off of it with a frown already etched on his face.
“This,” Jungkook says, “is Lee Minhyuk’s house. Ever heard of him?”
The name hardly takes a second to register in your memory. Lee Minhyuk is a boy who you have had the displeasure of attending all years of high school with and college and is the least favourable person you have met to date. He is pretentious and snobby, arrogant and mean, and finds joy in hurting others.
“Rings a bell,” You reply grimly. “I take it you don’t like him?”
“What’s there to like?” Jungkook scoffs. “We used to be friends but he’s done a lot of shit to me. One, for instance, is the way he deliberately hooked up with my, now ex, girlfriend behind my back for a good few months. I never really did pay him back for that.”
“Ouch,” You wince. “That’s an asshole move.”
“Tell me about it,” he hums, his eyes narrowing into a glare as he stares up at the house.
You purse your lips as you study Jungkook and then the house behind him. You push yourself off of the motorcycle which you had been leaning against and grab the bag of items, carrying them over to the boy.
“Then I think we should use both the eggs and toilet paper,” You say. “That way we can give Minhyuk a special surprise for when he wakes up. Choose your weapon.”
Jungkook looks down at you and the opened bag in your hands. He laughs before sticking his hand inside and pulls out the fresh carton of eggs, flipping open the lid. He plucks one perfectly rounded egg from the dozen, looks down at it in his hand as if sizing it, and then glances back up at the house. He hesitates for a moment before winding his arm back and hurling the egg forward, where it collides messily with the bricks on the foundation of the upper level, breaks into pieces, and splatters it’s yellow yolk all over. It’s silent as he observes his work and then he’s smirking.
“Now that was satisfying,” he admits. The look on his face is one of pure unadulterated joy and it’s irreplaceable. “Let’s just make this quick before someone finds us.”
You don’t argue his point as you aren’t exactly keen on the idea of being caught. Jungkook continues to make his way through the carton until the house is painted in egg-white shell pieces and dripping yolk. As he’s busying himself with the eggs, you take the time to run around Minhyuk’s front lawn and toss the toilet paper around the tree planted near you and on his car. When you have both used all your supply of eggs and toilet paper, the two of you stand back and admire the mess that you have created together. Jungkook is right. It’s satisfying to do something so destructive and maybe it’s the fact that you’re doing it to someone as payback that makes it fun. There is a small inkling in you that makes you feel bad for doing something such as vandalizing but the joy it gives you, the smile on Jungkook’s face, and the laughter the two of you share in the process of destroying the exterior of Minhyuk’s home is all worth it.
“I gotta say,” You hum in content, “this may just be our magnum opus.”
Jungkook swiftly swipes a picture of the house with his phone and then finally turns to you. “I think we’ve done enough remodelling to Minhyuk’s home. How about we get going?”
You nod silently, watching as he walks back to his motorcycle and grabs his helmet. When you join him on the bike and are hugging his torso close to you, you ask, “So, how are you feeling now?”
Jungkook, without missing a beat, replies, “Like I can take on the world,” and it makes you laugh.
Tumblr media
7:25 pm.
Forty-five minutes later, and miles away from Minhyuk’s house, you are wishing that you had the bold attitude and brave heart of Jungkook as you struggle to find the courage to complete your dare.
It’s a simple one but it’s enough to make you shift nervously in your spot, toy anxiously with your fingers, and gnaw on your lower lip or the inside of your cheek. Dye your hair a bright colour. It’s the bright colour aspect of the dare that makes you apprehensive, as you tend to enjoy the way you seem to blend in to crowds rather than stick out. You and Jungkook spend a good fifteen minutes in the beauty section of your local drug store, staring at the abundance of hair dye before you gather the last of your wits and courage and grab the brightest of shades, a vibrant violet purple, and pay for it. Then, you march straight to the empty and dingy woman’s washroom and pull Jungkook inside where you hesitate once more.
“I don’t think I can do it,” You say. “I don’t want to ruin my hair.”
“You’ll be fine,” Jungkook assures.
“What if I hate it?”
“It’ll fade. Besides, you can dye it back to your natural colour later.”
You grimace at the thought of having to go at least 24 hours with bright purple hair and rub your face tiredly.
“Everyone will stare,” You say.
Jungkook chuckles and nods. He’s leaning against one of the porcelain sinks in the washroom, his arms folded over his chest. “That’s the point. Purple will look nice, trust me. At least it doesn’t stand out as much as neon green or yellow.”
When you don’t reply, Jungkook glances over at you and the way you’re nervously toying with your hair as you stare at your reflection in the mirror. He feels bad to see you struggling so much with one simple dare that it jolts something in him and he begins beaming at you with no explanation. You see the strange look on his face and quirk an eyebrow, shooting him a questioning stare.
“What are you doing?” You ask.
“Helping,” he says. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
Then he’s fleeing out of the washroom and disappearing out of your sight. You wait by the sink, anxiously watching the door as you wait for his return, and when he does, it is three minutes later. He’s grinning wide as he holds up the box in his hands, the hair dye that he just paid for.
“How do you think I’ll look with blonde hair?” he asks.
When you lock eyes with his, there is a mischievous glint in them that makes you shake your head at him and a warm smile tug at your lips.
“I guess we’ll just have to find out,” You say.
“Exactly,” he replies. “If I look like an idiot, it’s because I’m helping you. Now, let’s do this.”
It’s Jungkook’s blazing determination and fearlessness that seems to suddenly reinvoke your own confidence and you nod firmly. The next few minutes are spent with the both of you applying the whole bottle worth of dye on both of your heads, evenly coating every inch and layer of your hair. Then, you let it sit for the next thirty to forty-five minutes, in which time the two of you spend lounging around the washroom and talking. When the time is up, you both struggle to wash your hair out in the sinks with shampoo you buy from the same store. The whole process is long and tedious but you don’t seem to mind when you’re spending it with Jungkook.
When you’re finished washing your hair, you straighten up and finally take a long look at yourself in the mirror. The first thing you see is a shock of purple hair and it makes you gasp audibly. Though it is mostly a sound of surprise as you find that you actually kind of, sort of, like it. You laugh at your own dumbfounded expression in the mirror, too caught up with fiddling with your new purple strands to notice Jungkook is done washing his hair. When he straightens up beside you, you glance over at him and can’t help but smile. The blonde dye mingles with his dark hair and creates some sort of beautiful dirty blonde that makes his golden tan even more prominent. You find yourself gazing too long and too hard at his new hair colour that you don’t even realize he asks you a question.
“Earth to Y/N?” he asks. “You there?”
When you hear his voice break through your reverie, you shake your head furiously and avert your gaze back to his. “Oh, uh, sorry. What was that?”
“I said, how do I look?”
“Hot.” The word slips from your mouth before you can bite it back but Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind. He laughs at your compliment and nods.
“Thanks,” he says. “I can say the same for you.”
He reaches out suddenly to run his fingers through the ends of your hair, admiring the purple. “It actually really suits you. I told you it’d look nice.”
“You’re lying,” You say.
“I swear I’m not,” he replies. “I think you should keep it. I like it on you.”
His comment makes you blush but he doesn’t seem to notice - or maybe he doesn’t mind.
Tumblr media
8:38 pm.
“Jungkook, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”
After leaving the washroom of the store with your newly dyed hair, and after sending pictures to the unknown number as proof, your next dare came rather quickly. Jungkook’s was to skinny dip in any body of water and yours was to sneak into a stranger’s home and use their pool. Jungkook had the “perfect” idea and suggested using his friend, Namjoon’s, home for both your dares. Namjoon’s home is big, almost mansion-like, with huge lot and an enormous backyard, in which lays an inground pool. It doesn’t seem to hit you when Jungkook arrives to Namjoon’s house, or when Jungkook guides you around the side of the house to the fence of the backyard. It’s when he starts opening the fence door that you suddenly stop him.
Jungkook pushes open the door and looks back down at you. “Why not?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” You roll your eyes. “Maybe because this is considered breaking and entering.”
“It’s not that bad if you think about it,” he says. “Namjoon is my friend but is considered a stranger to you. Namjoon’s out of town at the moment but he asked if I could check in on his house every now and then. Granted, I told him I couldn’t because I can’t even look after a plant without having it die on me, but, long story short, he wouldn’t mind if I came over or brought someone else with me.”
Your face scrunches up with doubt but Jungkook simply shrugs. He gestures for you to follow after him and you reluctantly do so.
“We’ll be out of here in less than half an hour,” Jungkook promises. “If that makes you feel any better.”
“Not really,” You admit.
The boy laughs as he walks straight for the rectangle pool in Namjoon’s yard. The clear water ripples lightly under the slight breeze of the night and glistens as it reflects the silvery light of the moon and stars. You’re too busy admiring Namjoon’s yard and pool to not notice Jungkook as he starts pulling off his shirt. When you look over at him again, he’s tossing his shirt to the side and starting with the buckle of his belt and your heart all but stops beating before quickening in pace to the point where the rapid thud is all you can hear in your ears.
Jungkook, for lack of better words, is hot.
His golden tan spreads all over his toned torso and biceps and defined lines of his abs. His arms are both covered in tattoos and there is even one on his chest that you had no idea existed. His jeans hang low on his hips and you have to look away when you notice him kicking off his shoes and socks and then his own pants until he’s standing in just his boxers. You must look flustered because, when Jungkook glances over his shoulder at you, he starts chuckling.
“Are you getting naked or what?” he asks.
“What?” You exclaim, instantly rounding on him. “Excuse me?”
His chuckles escalate into booming laughter and he shakes his head. “Your dare. You have to go swimming in the pool with me.”
Your gulp thickly, soothing your heart to a lull. You sigh, “Right.”
He notices that you hesitate and looks at you curiously, maybe a little expectantly. “Well?”
“Don’t look at me while I’m stripping!” You argue.
“I’m going to see you in the pool anyway,” he points out.
“Just-” You shake your head. “Just humour me and get in the pool and shut your eyes. Please?”
Jungkook gives you a look, one that’s mostly amused, and laughs lightly to himself. Thankfully, he doesn’t protest your demand. Instead, he takes a few steps back before running forward and jumping into the pool, creating enough momentum that the cool water splashes at you. He resurfaces from the water with a beaming grin seconds later, shaking the water from his shaggy and dripping wet hair. When he sees you staring at him expectantly, he shuts his eyes and makes it a point to cover them with his hand. Just to be cautious, you turn your back to him (but not before you spot the way his lips curl into a faint smirk). You kick off your shoes first, then jeans, followed by your shirt. And, while you’re distracted with stripping to your underwear, Jungkook can’t help himself but sneak a glance at you. It’s much too tempting not to.
His eyes fall first to the smooth expanse of your legs and trails upward to the way your hips move as you shimmy out of your jeans. He watches the way your hair spills out of your shirt when you lift it up and over your head, notices the strap of your bra that falls down your shoulder and gulps. Just before you turn back around, he shuts his eyes once more and clamps his hand over them. He listens as your feet gently pad forward and as you slide into the pool with a soft splash, sighing at the way the cool water soothes your warm skin. He doesn’t open his eyes yet, not even when he’s certain you’re standing in the pool.
“You can open your eyes now,” You giggle.
He does so, slowly, just so he can take his time as he studies you. You’re standing a few feet away from him, your arms wrapped around your chest and all he can think is that you are beautiful. It’s this time, out of the entire night, that you finally find Jungkook to be the one gawking at you, to look flustered, and it puzzles you.
“Are you okay, Jungkook?” You ask. “You look red.”
“I-I’m fine,” he stammers. He swallows and shakes his head, taking a step forward. “More than fine, actually.”
A small silence follows that makes you look away from Jungkook and up at the sky. He let’s a few moments of solitude pass before inching forward again.
“So,” he hums, “how’s this night turning out for you?”
“Not as bad as I thought,” You admit. “I just hope this party is worth it.”
“And if it isn’t?”
“Then I’ll be kind of pissed.”
Jungkook laughs at your bluntness. He takes another step towards you and grins. “Isn’t the whole point of these dares to have fun? Kind of like the whole deal is with this party?”
“Are you telling me,” You say, “that you wouldn’t mind if this party was absolutely shit because you had fun trying to finish these dares to get invited in the first place?”
“Something like that,” he says. “Oh, come on, don’t make that face! Are you trying to tell me that you haven’t had fun tonight?”
“It’s been kind of stressful.”
“But it’s been fun.”
“Well, I’m still debating if this was a fun idea or not,” You say. “I’m still worried your friend might walk in on us at any moment and call the police.”
“He won’t,” Jungkook promises. “He’s on some trip with his family. We have the house all to ourselves. You didn’t answer my question, by the way. Have you been having fun?”
You don’t respond at first, and Jungkook waits patiently for your answer. After a while, you sigh exasperatedly.
“Okay, so maybe I have had a bit of fun,” You admit. “But I think it’s because you’re here.”
“So, you’re saying I’m fun?” he asks with a smug grin.
His question receives a roll of your eyes, though you’re trying to stifle the humour that paints your face by biting back your smile. He’s standing right in front of you now and you absentmindedly reach out to brush away the annoying piece of hair dangling down his forehead. When you realize what you’re doing, your hand drops from his face and a blush creeps up to your cheeks.
“Sorry,” You apologize sheepishly, looking away hastily.
You’re startled when his fingers brush against your chin and gently lift your face up to look at him. His gaze is warm, his smile is gentle, and his eyes twinkle under the light as they stare down at you. You aren’t quite sure what to expect him to say next but what he does say completely startles you.
“I really want to kiss you again right now.”
Your eyes widen into shock as you gawk up at him, your heart racing in your chest. When he realizes what he said, he suddenly looks as if he has just done something wrong and drops his hand from you.
“I-I-” he mumbles. “I just-”
You react fast, purely by instinct, just as you had hours earlier in the gala when you were near fearless. You reach out to grab onto his face and pull him down to you, pressing your lips against his and you instantly melt against his frame. He’s stunned for a moment, unsure of how to react, but you find him quickly relaxing and smoothing his own mouth over yours. His mouth detaches from yours to kiss your upper, then lower lip in such a slow yet sensual manner, but when his mouth collides with yours again, his tongue grazes along your lower lip, as if cautious to move any further. You’re too caught up in the moment, in the heat and passion of the kiss, but you remember taking the time to enjoy it, sliding your arms around his neck and letting your fingers tug at the hair at the nape of his neck. His own hands find purchase on your waist and he holds you delicately against him, in such a way that makes your heart skip a beat. Your lips part to allow him access and his tongue presses against yours in a fiery need.
“Don’t. Stop.” You mumble against his mouth.
You feel him smirk, sighing against your lips, and as if to reassure you that he has no means of stopping, he lifts one of his hands to cup the side of your face and pull you closer to him.
“Don’t plan on it,” he whispers between kissing you. “I’ve been wanting to do this again all night.”
He presses his mouth against yours again for a needy kiss that it distracts you momentarily. When you gather your wits again, you whisper weakly, “Then you should have kissed me sooner.”
Jungkook parts from you to laugh and then quickly reattaches his lips to your jawline, sucking at the sensitive skin there. A shiver runs down your spine and you can begin to feel the heat pooling at your core, warming your body all over. He kisses a trail down to your neck and nibbles down gently on the skin there but with enough force that it leaves you gasping, moaning his name. As soon as you do, it seems to jolt some sort of excitement in him because he sighs in content and buries his face in the junction where your shoulder meets your neck.
“God, you’re amazing,” he mumbles. “Do that again.”
As if to tease you further, he nibbles down on your neck again and emits yet another moan from you. You shake your head at him and, if you hadn’t been enjoying yourself as much as you were, you might have pushed him off of you. Instead, your fingers thread in his hair and hold his head closer to your neck as you crane it, allowing him more access. His hand that rests on your waist drops down to your hip bone and his grip tightens just enough for him to yank you toward him as his mouth continues to leave love bites along your neck. It’s then that you can feel the prominent stiffness in his boxers, feel it brush against the inside of your thigh, and it reminds you of your own heat that drips from your core. You instinctively jutt your hips forward, desperate to please him and yourself, and earn a guttural growl into your neck.
“Fuck, I need you,” he hisses. He presses his mouth back against yours, kissing you hard and fast, and holds your hips tight against his. “I need you so bad.”
“Jungkook,” You rasp. “M-Maybe we should go inside.”
He parts from you only to leave heated kisses along your jaw and neck once more just so he can speak between them. “I can’t wait. Let me take you here and now, baby.”
You giggle at his neediness and push his head away. He relents at once and looks at you desperately, silently begging you. You don’t hesitate to lock eyes with him and lean forward to kiss the skin just below his left ear. Your teeth catch onto his lobe and you tug at it lightly, letting his breath hitch in his throat.
“If we go inside, you can have me anyway you want,” You pur. “Bend me over, spank me, eat me out, or fuck me until I can’t walk - I’ll be all yours.”
A lock of shock paints Jungkook’s face when you pull back from him, and then it’s quickly being replaced with a sudden urge. “Then, let’s go,” he says. “What are we still doing out here?”
You laugh again and purposely reach down with your hand to splash him with water as if to distract him so you can have a head start on climbing out of the pool. He scrambles to join you, completely shameless with his budding erection but it still humours you nonetheless. It’s a struggle to keep your hands off of one another as soon as you’re both out of the pool. When you’re grabbing your clothes haphazardly and standing up straight again, Jungkook can’t help but wrap his arms around your torso from behind and kissing your neck and shoulder all over, both of you equally dripping with water. You bask in the way his hands feel running down the front of your stomach, his lips as they graze along your skin, but before you can get too carried away again, you’re pushing him off of you and winking up at him.
“You’re such a tease,” he whines, bending over to grab his clothes.
Prompting to further tease him, you choose you ask, “How do we get inside?”
He grumbles something behind you but briskly keeps up. He guides you back to the front of the house and pauses on the porch next to a small potted plant. He lifts it up where there is a tiny latch that he pops open to reveal a key inside. He nearly drops it in his haste and fumbles to unlock the door, much to your amusement. By the time he is able to fling open the door, the two of you aren’t nearly as wet as climbing out of the pool and don’t leave wet footprints as you walk inside. Namjoon’s house is as big as Jungkook promises and is rather clean for someone who lives on their own. As soon as Jungkook slams the door shut and locks it and flickers on the lights, he tosses his clothes to the ground and walks right up to you. He takes the liberty of knocking your own clothes out of your hand, though you don’t protest him - especially not when he leans down to kiss you again.
“I swear when we make it to this bed,” he hums against you, “I’ll make you wish we had just fucked in the pool.”
You snort. “That’s if we make it to the bed.”
“Do you want me to take you on the floor instead now?” he asks.
You snicker. You lean into the kiss once more and nibble down on his lower lip before pulling away and letting go. You spin around and saunter off quickly, leaving him stumbling after you in your wake. Trying to make it up the stairs proves to be a hassle as he continuously tries to grab onto you to yank you back to him. Somehow, you’re both able to make it to the second landing, and Jungkook pulls you quickly into what you assume is the guest bedroom. He shuts the door behind him and, as soon as he does and turns back around to you, you fling yourself against him, knocking him off his balance. He collides against the door as your lips smash against his and he grabs onto your hips, urging you to jump. You instantly oblige, leaping forward and hugging your legs around his waist as your arms snake around his neck and then he’s walking you towards the bed.
He plops you down onto the mattress and silky sheets with a soft bounce and climbs over you with a certain type of hunger laced in his eyes. He’s hovering over your stomach as he crawls up to meet your face and pauses along the way to press his lips against your navel. He leaves a trail of butterfly kisses up past the valley of your breasts, along your collarbones, and jugular, before planting them once more on your own lips. Your fingers grasp needily at his hips and you pull him down onto you, bucking your own hips forward to meet with his erection. It’s then that you realize just how needy you are for him, just how wet you’ve become, and, as if to find solace for your aching core, you begin desperately grinding your hips against his.
He’s still too preoccupied with tasting your lips with his that when you first press your hips against his, he jolts and nearly collapses against you. He exhales a shuddering breath and presses his lips harder against yours in an entirely ungraceful but needy passion, full of lip smacking and teeth clashing. It’s quick and hot and messy and you find yourself loving every minute of it to the point where all you know is that you need more. Maybe Jungkook can sense this, or maybe he feels the same way, because he replaces your efforts of grinding against him with his own, pressing you hard into the bed. A moan falls from your lips and resonates deep within Jungkook because he’s certain he’s never heard anything as sexy before.
And then, he realizes he needs to see, needs to feel just how needy you are. One of his hands flitters down your stomach and lands right at the waistband of your underwear. He pauses, letting his fingers run along the top and tugging at it teasingly so that it snaps back onto your skin. Just when you think he’ll continue teasing you, he presses his fingers against your clothed core and can feel, past the way your underwear are still damp from the pool, just how wet you are and he groans. His fingers fumble to push your underwear off your legs and you kick it off the rest of the way, exposing yourself to him. His hooded eyes flicker down to your core and he licks his lips hungrily, admiring the soft glisten of your arousal. He touches you delicately, running his fingers along your folds and up to your clit, coating his fingers in your cum at once.
“Fuck, you’re soaking,” he mumbles. “I need you to sit on my face, baby. I want you to.”
“Y-You what?” You struggle to stammer, both flustered from his sudden proclamation and the way his fingers continue to rub circles against your clit.
“You heard me,” he says. “Ride my face. Let me eat you out. Can you do that for me? Think of it as another dare.”
He adds the last part mischievously, though you’re much too caught up in your own lust to pay attention. You gasp as you struggle to keep up and nod quickly. “Fuck- Yes, yes, okay!”
A smirk forms on his face and then he’s grasping at your hips again and flipping you both over so that he’s on his back. You’re straddling his hips and sit back on him momentarily, unsure of how to carry on, and he must notice the way you bite down on your lower lip as you look at him because he guides you forward until your knees are propping you up on either side of his head. His gaze locks with yours momentarily before flickering back down to your core and you watch him with steady eyes as he begins to move. He firsts reaches out with his fingers to run along your core, spreading your walls open just enough in a way that makes you writhe above him.
He continues to press small circles into your clit until he thinks you’ve had enough and then you feel the slippery warmth of his tongue lap at your core. A gasp tears from your throat and the surprise has your hurtling forward, nearly falling to the side, but you grip the headboard of the bed quickly and clutch it hard. He laps at you again and again in kitten licks that have you suddenly moaning and groaning and you shut your eyes to focus your attention only on the pleasure.
“Jungkook,” You mewl. “Mmmm-”
“You taste so good,” he hums from beneath. “So good.”
And there’s something about the way he mumbles it hoarsely before burying his face once more into your core that makes you cum then and there. His teeth suddenly clamp down on your clit and tug at it lightly but it’s enough to make you nearly scream. Your hand falls from your ironclad grip on the headboard to tangle in his blonde strands that have begun to dry after being in the pool. His tongue smooths over your clit once more and then pushes past your folds to your entrance, lapping at you until all you can hear is the sound of a wet smacking.
He spends a few moments lapping at your core and then returns to pleasure your clit, and repeats this process again and again until you’ve become a moaning and gasping mess above him. You can’t help it but grind down against his tongue each time and, when he sees you’re desperate for more, lets you ride his face as promised. You’re a panting mess, moans and curses falling from your lips, but you refuse to stop - not when you feel your release so near. Jungkook hums beneath you and you can feel the vibrations run through your body, coursing up your spine which makes you arch your back. You’re somehow able to gather a few of your thoughts and wits which make you, reluctantly, pull away from Jungkook, panting hard. When you do, he shoots you a questioning look and it’s hard not to notice the way his chin and mouth glisten with you - and he has no qualms about it.
“Wait, wait,” You gasp. “Let me- Let me try something- Don’t stop, either-”
Jungkook quirks a brow but doesn’t object when you twist around to face the rest of his body. He must catch on quickly to what your plan is because he resorts to eating you out again, lapping at your core once more even as you bend over to hover closer to his crotch. You struggle to focus on pleasuring Jungkook when he is already distracting you with his own tongue and mouth but you force yourself to move. The erection in his boxers is, if possible, ever more prominent, and you cannot help but to run your fingers along his length. His reaction is immediate and he moans into your heat, bucking his hips forward, and you take that as a good sign. Running your fingers back up and then back down, you grasp the base of his clothed length and earn yet another moan. Jungkook detaches his mouth from your core with a lewd pop and groans.
“Don’t tease me,” he complains in a needy whine. “Ah, shit- Y/N-”
You silence him by peeling the elastic waistband of his boxers back and grasping his cock in your hand and pulling him out of his boxers. To you, he’s big and bulging, his tip angry and red and leaking with pearly drops of his cum. You brush your thumb along his head and pinch it lightly, just enough in way that makes him buck forward in your hand. You lick your own lips hungrily at the sight of him and lean down to lick at his tip before wrapping your entire mouth around it and sucking. Jungkook moans again and stifles the noise by burying his face back between your thighs, wrapping his mouth around your clit. The onslaught of sensations is suddenly overwhelming but entirely in a good way. It makes you get ahead of yourself and rush to please Jungkook, licking from the base of his length up before sinking your mouth down on him as far as possible. You gag when he reaches the back of your throat and sputter, instantly pulling back, but the action causes Jungkook to moan.
“Holy shit,” he grunts. “That felt amazing. Can you do that again?”
Your lips tug into a smirk and you oblige without protesting. You first let your tongue glide across his tip, tasting his salty release, before inhaling a deep breath through your nose and sinking your mouth down on him once more. This time, you try to stay still for as long as possible, even when he hits the back of your throat, and swallow around him. He nearly yelps with delight at the sudden feeling and bucks his hips forward absentmindedly.
“A-Again,” he gasps.
And you do.
You repeat the action again and again, swallowing each time, and enjoying the way he grunts and groans even when he reattaches his lips and tongue to your core. Soon, the room is filled with lewd and sloppy sounds of the both of you pleasing one another mixed with your whiny moans and Jungkook’s breathy grunts and you never want it to stop. However, when you feel your release approaching, it hits you all at once and barely gives you time to prepare. Jungkook’s tongue is relentless against you, his lips smacking against your folds, and he grasps your hips, pulling you back and forth on him. When you can feel the familiar warmth begin to pool at your core and flicker outward to the rest of your body, your lips detach from Jungkook’s length with a loud pop! You toss your head back, pressing your hips further back on Jungkook’s face, and casting your gaze over your shoulder at him only to see him burrowing deep into you.
“Ahh, fuck!” You cry. “F-Fuck, Jungkook, that feels amazing. I-I- I’m not going to last-”
As soon as the words slip from your mouth, Jungkook makes it his duty to make sure you come on his tongue. He begins eating you out in a passionate frenzy to the point where you can feel your cum leak from your folds and drip down your thighs onto his chin. To feel your release so near makes you shudder and writhe and you hurry to aid yourself by pressing one of your hands between your two bodies to rub fiercely at your clit.
“J-Jungkook!” His name rips from your throat in a strangled croak. “Jungkook, oh my god-”
Your voice is suddenly cut off by the way your release hits you. It’s abrupt, starting with a spark that ignites in your chest and spirals outward, making you twist and turn above him. Your legs begin shaking terribly and you whimper his name in a repeated mantra. Your chest is heaving and falling rapidly as the fire suddenly explodes into a burning white light and you can feel your own cum splash down your thighs and his face but he never stops - not until he’s certain he’s licked every last drop of you. You collapse against Jungkook’s body, too weak to lift yourself up, but he continues to lap at your core to help you ride out your high until you begin to cringe from oversensitivity.
“Ah, Jungkook, nghn, w-wait-” You gasp. “Let me- Let me catch my breath- fuck-”
You yelp suddenly but it turns into a quiet moan, although Jungkook decides then that you’ve had enough and pulls away from you. You push yourself off of him and land on your back, breathing hard and struggling to catch your breath. Jungkook, in the meantime (as you notice when you glance down at him), is busying himself with licking at his own lips to taste every last bit of you. His mouth, chin, and neck are glistening with you but he doesn’t seem to mind and, in fact, smirks when he meets your tired gaze.
“Have you had enough already?” he asks.
“No way,” You pant, pushing yourself up into a sitting position. “Fuck, that was amazing- No, I need to return the favour, of course.”
Jungkook almost sighs in relief and collapses against the bed. “Thank god,” he says. “Please do.”
You giggle as you wiggle around until you’re hovering over his crotch again. He’s close, you can tell, from the way he’s breathing hard and the way his own cock twitches with each second. You don’t hesitate to return to the same process as before. As soon as your mouth sinks down on him once more, he deteriorates into a sudden mess, moaning your name. His hands find purchase in your hair, tugging it back into a ponytail and pulling you closer down onto him.
“Ah, fuck,” he hisses. “Just like that, baby.”
His voice is a hoarse croak, ending in a single grunt. His reactions make you grin tiredly around him and then you abandon your slow pace to suck him off hard and fast. You let one of your hands stroke the base of his cock which your mouth can’t reach but, eventually, you resort to letting him buck in and out of your mouth. Though tears prickle at your eyes and you gag each time he hits the back of your throat, you remain still and calm for him, breathing in and out through your nose. He comes moments later with a loud “Fuck!” resonating around the room and releases his hot seed onto the tip of your tongue.
You prop your own mouth open and watch as his hand comes down to pump himself harder, as if to finish the last of his orgasm, and he’s a spasming mess beneath you when the last of his cum is released and he becomes boneless in his hand. You swallow as much of it as you can, though some sticks to your lips and coats your face but you don’t mind. You’re licking your lips free of his cum when you push yourself up into a sitting position again and wiping the rest from your face when you look down at him. He’s breathless, wheezing for air, and sweat begins to coat his forehead. He’s staring at you through dark, hooded eyes and rakes his hand through his blonde hair.
“Holy shit,” he laughs breathlessly. “Come here.”
You push yourself back up on all fours and crawl over to him only to collapse next to him. It’s silent as you both take the moment to calm down from your highs, both of you gazing up at the stucco ceiling. When your heart is back to an even beating pace and your lungs aren’t gasping for air, you push yourself over onto your stomach and look up at Jungkook.
“We need to do that again,” You tell him.
“Right now?” he asks with a wry smirk.
You roll your eyes and shake your head. “Not now. But eventually.”
“Not now?” he repeats. “But, baby, I’m not even done with you yet.”
“You aren’t?” You ask.
“Didn’t you promise that you were all mine?” he questions. “What was that last thing you said I can do to you? Fuck you until you can’t walk? That sounds fun.”
“You’re such a shit,” You gasp exasperatedly.
He presses his lips to yours and hums in agreement, grinning. If it had been any other moment, you might have told him to stop but, in that moment, you were still too excited to stop. If Jungkook wanted to keep going, you were certainly not going to reject him. He continues to kiss you lazily and you would have been content with even that but then his hands begin roaming your body again and finds the clasp of your bra, which he easily undoes. He pulls it off of your chest and you toss it somewhere behind you and he pulls back just enough to take your full exposed body in.
He pushes you onto your back and kisses down your neck once more to your collarbones and in between your breasts. His mouth catches one of your nipples and his tongue swirls across the perked bud, teeth lightly clamping down. His other hand comes up to knead at your other breast, fingers pinching at your perked bud and you gasp in delight, back arching off the bed. You aren’t sure how much time passes as he takes his time with your body once more, kissing it up and down and in all the right places. All you do know is that it’s enough time for his erection to poke against your thigh again and when he’s rock hard against you, you’re gasping for more.
“Fuck,” he grumbles. “Shit, baby girl, I need to be in you right now.”
You tingle with delight and beam. “Then fuck me. How do you want me?”
Jungkook’s eyes widen as he stares down at you, clearly surprised with your question. Then, his expression darkens and he’s grinning.
“Turn around,” he orders. “Get on your hands and knees for me.”
You do as you’re told, lazily pushing yourself over onto your stomach and jutting out your hips for him. “Is this good?” You ask.
Jungkook’s eyes tear from your ass and flicker up to your face. He nods hurriedly, saying, “Better than.”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
“Right,” he says. “We need a condom- where the hell are the condoms?”
Jungkook suddenly springs into action and he reaches instinctively for his wallet in his jeans, which he thinks is on the floor next to the bed. He remembers then that he has left his clothes downstairs and groans inwardly.
“I’ll be right back,” he says, moving to get up, but you grab onto his arm and yank him back down, shaking your head furiously.
“No, no, no,” You beg. “Jungkook, fuck, I can’t wait any longer. I need you right now, please.”
He stares down at you momentarily and gives in “Screw it,” he says.
He’s behind you again, kneeling just behind your ass, and his hand grips his member, pumping himself slowly. You crane your neck to look and watch as he takes his time on his hardened length, his own gaze fixated on only you. Then, in the next second, and completely without breaking eye contact with you, he’s running his cock just along your folds, coating it in your own cum. Your breath hitches in your throat at the sudden pressure your core receives and you try to contain your desperate pleas for him to hurry. He taps his length against your clit, watching the way you jerk below him, head rolling back.
“Jungkook,” Your voice is a mixture somewhere between a groan of frustration and a moan. “If you don’t hurry up, I might explode.”
Jungkook laughs and shakes his head. He grabs your hips suddenly and lifts you higher up the bed. He lets one of his hands slide from your hips to the small of your back to gently guide you backward as his other hand starts pushing his member to you. Finally, you feel him push into you, feel the tip of his cock slide past your walls and you gasp. He’s even bigger as you feel him stretching you open inch by glorious inch, slipping into you with such ease that you feel no pain at all.
“Oh, fuck,” he hisses, stilling momentarily. He leans down until his chest is pressed against your back and his mouth begins to graze along your shoulder and neck. “You’re so wet and warm,” he grunts against you. “You take my cock so well, baby.”
A strangled choke of air leaves you in response and you needily jutt your hips backward on him, urgent for more. He takes the time to suck a small hickey on your neck, his teeth grazing your skin, tongue swirling back and forth in a stray pattern. He’s marked your entire throat black and blue and red but you never once tell him to stop - especially not know, as you’re completely stripped of your wits and any reasonable thought as he slowly, so very slowly, pushes himself into you the rest of the way. Your jaw drops open in a delighted yet silent cry, fingers clutching the sheets beneath for dear life, as he buries himself hilt deep within you. He pauses again, collapsing against your back and sputtering against your neck. You can feel his cock twitch inside your walls and you instinctively squeeze your muscles around him which earn you a beautiful breathy moan from Jungkook.
“Don’t do that,” he whimpers. “Not yet, shit, I won’t last if you keep doing that.”
“Well, neither will I,” You rasp, shaking your head. “Fuck, fuck, you feel so good, Jungkook, I-”
Your voice cuts off suddenly when you feel him pull out in one fluid stroke until his tip is the only thing left. Then, just as slowly, he bucks himself into you. You fumble for words but nothing comes, safe for whining moans as he continues at his slow pace. You can feel his length parting your walls each time he thrusts back into you and the simple act is enough to have your legs start shaking. His tongue and mouth remain latched to your neck and he greedily sneaks a hand around your front to grasp at your breasts.
“F-Faster,” You cry.
Jungkook sighs against you and doesn’t oblige at first. Instead, he progressively begins to pick up speed, pulling out of you in measured strokes but thrusting into you quickly. He carries on at his leisurely pace until he abandons it all together for something a bit hastier but it still isn’t enough.
“Faster, Jungkook,” You beg. “Faster, please!”
He grunts behind you as he pulls out and then surprises you entirely by ramming himself into you. You jerk forward on the bed, completely being thrown off balance and losing your grip on the sheets, and yelp as your head flies forward into the pillow.
“Faster!” You whine. “Oh, god, please-”
Jungkook doesn’t bother to fight you anymore. He is quick to adopt a new pace, pumping himself in and out of you in fast and swift motions that it is near seamless, being coaxed by your wet arousal. You’re in a state of pure bliss as you feel him practically in the back of your throat, each thrust he makes igniting hot fire. You’re dripping around his cock, your own cum spilling down his length in a sticky mess. It’s hot and frantic and erotic but Jungkook doesn’t stop, refuses to.
“Is this good, baby?” he rasps. “Moan for me, let me hear you.”
You nod weakly, struggling to find your words when all that is ingrained in your mind and laced on the tip of your tongue is his name, which slips past your teeth before you can bite it back. He straightens up behind you and pushes you gently further down onto the bed. His own hands fly back to your hips, grazing over your ass, and he pulls you back and forth on him in a frantic need. You’re far too tired to lift yourself up and, instead, collapse against the bed to let him completely take all of you. You can barely hold on, tumbling quickly to the familiar effects of your release, but you force yourself to hold off, to relish in the feeling. You’re a panting, sobbing mess as Jungkook continues at his relentless pace, snapping his hips into yours with such a feverish passion that you are certain you’ll have bruises tomorrow but you can’t bring yourself to make him stop, not when it feels so fucking good.
The room is suddenly overwhelming and stiflingly hot and sweat begins to coat both yours and Jungkook’s body. Jungkook is just as much of a frantic mess behind you, gasping for air and groaning with each thrust he makes back into your heat. He must be close considering he can hardly keep himself composed either. His face is scrunched in pleasure, hooded eyes staring down at the way he disappears within you, mouth slightly ajar, and jaw clenched. In the next second, and all too quickly, Jungkook is pulling out of you and flipping you over onto your back. You weakly follow his lead and slump against the mattress, staring up at him with tired eyes. He wastes no time in rolling his hips back into yours, his length slipping into you with a wet squelch.
He’s kneeling in front of you, holding your hips to him so he can thrust into you easier. He pushes your thighs up to stretch you wider and he suddenly hits a spot in you at the new angle that shakes something in you. Your mouth drops open and your back arches off the bed, a whimper and a cry tearing from your throat. Your hands grasp at his neck and arms, desperate to have him closer to you, and he lets you pull him down to you. Your lips crash with his in a heated and passionate kiss that is entirely haphazard and you can’t bring yourself to part from him too much, even when you feel the need to talk.
“I-I’m close,” You whisper. “Fuck, Jungkook! Don’t stop.”
“Come for me, baby,” he grunts. “I want to feel you coming all over my cock, yeah?”
You nod distractedly, biting down accidentally on his lower lip. He hisses at the feeling and soon his hand is finding its way between your bodies and thighs, rubbing furiously at your clit. Your body begins to convulse and twist beneath him and you hastily bury your face in his shoulder, squeezing your eyes shut. It’s then, when you’re a panting and moaning mess, that you feel the familiar wave hit you, feel the fire coursing through your veins. You chase after your release hurriedly and are finally, finally, hit with it. Feeling your second orgasm of the night has you completely shaking from head to toe, tears forming in your eyes as you’re momentarily blinded by the pure white light of bliss.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jungkook!” You sob. “Oh my god, ah-”
Jungkook snaps his hips quicker into you, harder, and rides you out through your high. You’re struggling to breathe, gasping for air in between moans of his name, and you’re completely caught up in the moment, the sound of the bed creaking the accompanying your mewls of pleasure. You don’t know how much time passes as you bask in the feeling of your sweet release, lazily slumping against the bed for Jungkook to take control of. Eventually, he, too, is fumbling for his high after being spurred on by your reactions and the way your walls clench around him and you can tell with the way his thrusts become sloppy and quick spurts. Just before he can feel his release, he’s pulling out of you quickly and grasping his glistening cock with his hand to pump himself hard and fast. You shudder at the way your own cum leaks onto your thighs but push the thought away and focus your gaze only on Jungkook who is chasing after his high. You greedily replace his efforts with your own and reach down to pump his length. He comes moments later, releasing onto your stomach his hot seed that paints your skin in ivory white.
“Oh, fuck!” he moans, bucking into your hand.
He slumps completely against your chest as you help him ride out his high by jerking him off until he, too, begins to cringe at oversensitivity. When you’re certain he’s calmed down from his high, he collapses against you with a huff and the room suddenly goes silent. All that you hear is the sound of your thudding hearts and panting breaths, but neither of you speak as you wallow in the pure bliss and after sex glow. Eventually, Jungkook pushes himself off of you and falls onto his back beside you. You, instinctively, curl up into his side with a yawn, your hand flying up to rest on his chest as his wraps around your waist. In fact, the two of you do not speak for what feels like hours but you don’t entirely mind. It’s relaxing, you think, as your index finger traces the tattoos that ink his chest and arms whilst his hand strokes your back in feathery touches.
“I could stay like this forever,” You whisper at long last.
Jungkook smiles tiredly, watching as you yawn and nuzzle your head in his side. “That sounds amazing. Fuck, I’m tempted to just say forget the party altogether so we can stay like this but I don’t want all our hard work to be for nothing.”
“Right,” You sigh. “Should we leave now?”
Jungkook shakes his head and brushes the hair out of your face. “Why don’t you rest for a bit? Maybe take a nap? Here, I’ll get something to clean yourself up with.”
You’re too exhausted to keep up with him or watch where he goes but you know he disappears out of the room after slipping into his boxers. He returns moments later with a wad of toilet paper only to find you already fast asleep, your purple hair splayed out across the pillow and framing your face. The sight curls his lips back in a faint smile and makes something warm tug at his heart before he cleans the mess on your stomach and wipes softly at your core.
Jungkook ends up letting you sleep for half an hour before gently shaking you awake, reminding you of the party and the dares you have yet to complete. Before you leave, you both decide to use Namjoon’s house to the best of your advantage, throwing your stiffened underwear into his washing machine and then dryer, as well as taking the time to wash the bed sheets that you ruined (which was your idea), and hopping into one of his shower to wash off the chlorine and sex on your skin (at which time, Jungkook suggests that the two of you take a shower together to conserve water, but the shower itself ends up becoming yet another round of a quick fuck and completely defeats his purpose of saving water).
You eventually leave Namjoon’s house and return to Jungkook’s motorcycle, scrubbed raw and clean and with a newfound affection for the boy beside you. Before you climb onto the motorcycle behind him and let him drive you to your next destination, he takes the time to pull you toward him for one last chaste kiss and all you know, in that moment, is that you never want this night to end.
Tumblr media
11:30 pm.
“Alright, so this is our last dare?”
Jungkook nods as he looks over at you. You’re both standing in an alleyway between two brick buildings in the busy downtown city to finish Jungkook’s dare. You had received both your dares nearly an hour ago. Yours was to sing and dance to an entire song in public which you only did after Jungkook agreed to join in with you on a, dare you say, brilliant performance of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton (that resulted in you dancing rather animatedly around a large group of people, Jungkook serenading a man sitting nearby, and somehow bribing a busker to join in with his piano). Jungkook’s dare is to graffiti a building. The thought of defacing yet another building doesn’t exactly sit well with you but Jungkook promised that he would complete his dare quickly without risking any chance of being caught. You weren’t so sure how smoothly that would go.
“Apparently,” Jungkook says. “How long do we have? What did the text say again?”
You grab your phone out of your pocket and unlock it to find the text.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 11:00 pm.
Congratulations! You have completed almost all of your tasks. Your last dare is to sing an entire song in public but beware: you must complete this task before midnight, as that is when we close the doors on late attendees. Once you complete this task, and send us proof, we will evaluate your score and send you both the location and secret password to access the party.
“We have thirty minutes,” You say. “Think we can do it?”
“Of course,” Jungkook says smugly. He’s holding a bag of spray paint that he purchased only moments ago and reaches inside to pull out a can of red paint. “Hey, don’t look so worried. It’s liberating once you give it a try.”
“You’ve done this before?” You ask.
Jungkook smirks and shrugs innocently. “Once. Okay, maybe a few times, but I’ve never gotten caught before.”
“Well, you better hope tonight isn’t the night,” You say.
Jungkook laughs and tosses you the can of spray paint before plucking the other orange one from the bag but he doesn’t respond. You watch as he uncaps the can of paint, looks up at the brick wall of the structure, and presses down on the nub, spraying orange paint all over. It’s fascinating to watch him as he works, and you tell yourself that trying it for a few minutes won’t hurt. So, you follow his lead, uncapping the can in your hands, covering your nose and mouth with your hand to protect your lungs from the fumes, and begin painting the wall in red strokes. You’re quick to realize that Jungkook is right once more and there’s something oddly liberating with spray painting a building, like a child who is suddenly allowed to colour outside of the lines, and soon you’re laughing in triumph. You’re both too caught up in the moment, too caught up with having fun, to notice the police car that drives by until it’s cruising down the street again, siren blaring and lights flashing. Jungkook is the one who notices it first and curses under his breath.
“Shit,” he grumbles.
He snatches the can from your hands and tosses both cans into the bag before chucking it to the ground. He grabs your hand next and he’s ready to run but is stopped when two police officers, both burly looking men, stand in front of you, blocking the entrance of the alleyway.
“What’s going on here?” One of them asks in a gruff voice.
Jungkook comes to a sudden halt and you crash into his back. The two of you are instantly silent, exchanging worrisome glances. The officers look stern, angry, eyeing the two of you with beady glares.
“Are you aware that graffiti and defacing of public property is against the law?” The other one asks. “And you have both just been caught in the act of vandalising this building. Can you both please step out of the alleyway?”
Jungkook grimaces and reluctantly agrees, pulling you with him. You can see him growing anxious, restless, gripping your hand tightly in his. The officers set you to the side as they drone on about the crime you’ve committed and the fine they need to write you both up for, as well as explaining that they would need the two of you to do some sort of community service to make up for it. While the cops are standing off to the side, writing up a ticket for the two of you, Jungkook glances down at his phone while the two of you sit on the curb of the street and groans.
“I’m sorry I got you into this mess,” he says.
“You didn’t. This party did,” You point out.
Jungkook winces at the mention of the party and runs a hand through his blonde hair.
“It’s 11:40,” he says. “They said we have until midnight to finish our dares. We’re cutting it close, don’t you think?”
“Didn’t you send them a picture of the wall while the cops were talking to us?” You ask.
Jungkook nods. “Well, there’s no way we can make it to the party by midnight - wherever it is - if we need to go down to the station.”
“It’s okay,” You tell him. You place your hand on his shoulder and make him look down at you. “Maybe we just weren’t meant to go to the party.”
“Three years,” Jungkook says, scowling. “That’s how long I’ve waited to get invited, and we’re twenty minutes to midnight, and now I can’t go. And, on top of that, I guess I’ll be spending my birthday at the police station - but I guess it’s not a total bust, right? We did meet.”
You look at him sympathetically and sigh. You’re gnawing on your lower lip as a stiff silence settles between the two of you. You know how much the party means to Jungkook, even if you can’t seem to find a reason to admire it, and you feel terrible for how this night might end. It’s then, as you’re fidgeting with the strands of your pink hair, that a completely reckless and shocking idea pops into your head. Your eyes flicker to the cops who have their back turned to you, then to Jungkook’s motorcycle which is parked across the busy street, and lands lastly on Jungkook.
“Maybe our fun doesn’t have to end here,” You whisper to the boy.
He turns to look at you, quirking an eyebrow. You lean in closer to him to make sure he is the only one who can hear you when you say, “Let’s run.”
Jungkook’s eyes widen. “From the cops? Holy shit, who are you and what have you done with Y/N?”
You shoot him a look that makes him sigh. He glances over at the cops and is silent, thinking, debating what he should do.
“This is a terrible idea,” he says, “but we can’t get in trouble if we don’t get caught. Follow me.”
There’s a devious glint in his eyes that suddenly makes you second guess yourself and your plan, but it’s already too late. He gets to his feet, pulling you with him. His eyes are darting back and forth from the police and the traffic lights at the intersection, which are green. Cars speed past going either direction and Jungkook waits until the lights turn yellow, then red. You think he’ll move as soon as it turns red but he waits, lingering. He waits a few seconds, counting down in his head, and then he’s lunging forward, exclaiming, “Run!”
You’re caught off guard by his sudden action that you fumble over your own two feet to catch up with Jungkook as he bolts across the street. You hear the police from somewhere behind you, grunting and yelling, most likely chasing after the two of you but, before they can and just as you and Jungkook weave through the stopped cars to the other side of the street, the traffic light turns green and the cars begin to drive again, blocking the police. You’re left in a state of shock when you realize you’ve outrun the cops but Jungkook doesn’t stop. He hops onto his motorcycle and tosses on his helmet and you hastily follow his lead, clinging onto him tightly as he revs the bike to life and merges into traffic without a second thought.
You wonder how he’s able to guide the motorcycle left and right to dodge the cars as fast as he can. The speed he’s at almost scares you but he can’t stop, not when the police are struggling to chase after the two of you, but they stop eventually, figuring the chase isn’t worth the fight and they let the two of you go, driving off into the night.
Tumblr media
11:55 pm.
You still aren’t entirely sure how exactly you were able to outrun the police, and you aren’t sure if that simple action will have any other dire consequences, but all your worries are shooed from your mind when you’re both stopped at a red light eight minutes ago and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, indicating a new text. It was much to your delight to read it said:
We are glad to invite you to the annual start of year party! You can find us at the bar The Hub. The secret password is “banana milk.” We hope to see you there!
You cannot contain your excitement and nearly shriek with joy in Jungkook’s ear, startling him entirely, before explaining the text. He beams as you relay the text to him and then tells you that The Hub isn’t far from where the two of you are and makes it to the bar at record time. The bar, however, isn’t at all what you imagined it to be. You weren’t so sure what you were expecting when you thought of what this party would look like but The Hub was certainly not it. The bar was dingy and old, with flickering neon lights and burnt out bulbs on it’s sign. It’s a small building, a tiny hole in the wall, and it is completely empty except for the bartender and two other customers sitting at the very end of the bar counter. It’s silent, and you wonder if maybe this whole thing, the invitation and the dares, was just a rouse.
“This is it?” You ask.
Jungkook, however, doesn’t reply. You can tell he doesn’t want to believe that a whole night’s worth of dares and running from the cops ends in a shabby looking bar. His eyes flicker around the room hopefully and settles on the bartender.
“Maybe we can ask him,” Jungkook suggests.
“I don’t think this is the kind of place that sells banana milk, Jungkook,” You say.
“What kind of stupid password is banana milk anyway?” Jungkook mumbles.
The two of you walk toward the counter and stop near the bartender to wait, awkwardly, as he finishes washing and drying a glass. When he’s done, he turns to the two of you with a stern look and asks, “What can I do for you?”
“Do you know anything about a party?” Jungkook asks.
The bartender shakes his head. “Party? Don’t know of one. Can I get you two anything?”
You purse your lips and shoot Jungkook a look. The boy glances behind at you and grimaces, thinking. You can see the physical confusion on his face with the way his eyebrows scrunch together. He sighs heavily and turns back to the bartender.
“Banana milk?”
The words come out of Jungkook’s mouth in the form of a question, as if he isn’t too sure himself if it will work. The two of you glance back at the bartender who is suddenly silent. He eyes the two of you and you wonder if he will burst into laughter or kick you both out for even asking a question but then he’s smiling, surprising the both of you.
“Right this way,” he says.
Still uncertain with what the password does with the bartender, you watch as he gestures for the two of you to come behind the counter. Jungkook is the first to move, following after the bartender and passing the other two customers who smile up at you. His hand reaches out for yours and he grips it reassuringly as he guides you behind the counter. The whole situation seems oddly like a scene out of a horror movie and your mind begins to panic at the thought of this being a whole set up to be either mugged or murdered. You cling into Jungkook tightly as he follows the bartender into the backroom of the bar. He doesn’t stop walking until he’s reached the storage room and pushes it open. Inside, past the shelves full of other various items and bottles, is another door that the bartender holds open.
“Have fun,” he says, and then he’s gone, disappearing back to the front of the bar and leaving the two of you alone.
You glance through the door that he opens to find a flight of stairs that lead down to a third door. Jungkook begins walking down them with no qualms and, though you chase after him, you grumble angrily the whole way down.
“We’re going to die,” You say. “We are going to die. Doesn’t this seem a little bit strange to you?”
“We’ll be fine,” Jungkook says. “Just take a deep breath.”
“Fine,” You mumble. “But if we walk through that door and see that bartender doing some Sweeney Todd baking and turning these party attendees into pies, I have full obligatory rights to say I told you so.”
“Well, Sweeney Todd is a barber,” Jungkook points out. “Not a bartender. Also, he’s not real. So-”
“You get what I’m saying,” You sigh.
Jungkook smirks just before the two of you reach the last step and, thus, the door. Jungkook takes a deep breath and looks up at you before reaching forward, grasping the doorknob, and turning it to push it open.
Tumblr media
12:02 am.
It is much to your pleasure that, as soon as you walk through the door, you find yourselves walking not in the midst of the bartender baking human meat pies but in the middle of a party.
And it isn’t just any party.
It’s loud, it’s huge, it’s crazy. It certainly doesn’t let down and holds up to expectations. Crowds of hundreds of people already occupy the underground basement (which isn’t at all a basement, since, from what you can see, it stretches on and on), laughter and chatter mingling with the thump of bass that plays. There are glittering lights, ice sculptures, balloons, servers carrying trays of various arrays of foods and drinks, and a DJ playing from somewhere on a higher up platform. It’s entirely overwhelming and yet exciting at the same time and neither you nor Jungkook can fully comprehend what you have both just walked in on. You turn to look at one another, completely and absolutely shocked.
“We made it,” Jungkook says in disbelief. “We got in.”
A wide grin stretches across your face. “We got in!” You exclaim, bursting into triumphant laughter and swinging your arms around his neck. “I can’t believe this is actually a thing. We’re here!”
Jungkook can’t help but join in your laughter, scooping you up in his arms and lifting you off the ground in a tight hug. He places you back down moments later and locks gazes with yours. The smile on his face is irreplaceable, priceless, and you can’t bring yourself to look away. A sudden thought pops into your head and your smile softens.
“It’s midnight, isn’t it?” You ask. “Happy birthday! Is this everything you wanted?”
Jungkook grins and glances around the room. His stare settles back on you and his hands fall to the small of your waist so he can tug you closer to him.
“Everything and more,” he says.
“Must be a pretty awesome present, huh?”
“It’s alright,” he admits. “I think the better present was getting to spend this night with you - and, of course, when you let me eat you out.”
You gasp, reaching out to whack his shoulder playfully. “Ever the romantic, Jeon!”
“Well, I’m telling the truth,” Jungkook says. He laughs at your scowling face and leans down to catch your lips with his for a gentle kiss that leaves your heart fluttering. “Which reminds me, we’re going to need to go on a date after this night - maybe even have round two. I do, after all, have your name tattooed on me now. We can’t let that go to waste.”
“I’d like that,” You say.
“Good,” Jungkook smiles wide and then he’s grasping your hand and gesturing to the wide open space of the party and the crowd that occupies it. “Now, let’s have some fun. We didn’t run from the cops for no reason.”
You’ll follow after Jungkook then, slipping into the crowd of people to join in on the party, but you realize, in the end, that the party wasn’t the sole reason for your happiness. It was the events during the night, the dares, and the fact that you were able to meet Jungkook that made you remember that night the most - and you were certainly glad you had been able to start off the night right by gathering enough courage to kiss the stranger that was Jungkook.
If there are any potential consequences for completing your chaotic dares, you suppose you could deal with all that later (and with the bonus of Jungkook by your side), putting it off for a better day if only just for tonight.
Tumblr media
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kookings · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sry for the repost my blog was hidden </3
“The itsy bitsy spider may have crawled up the water spout, but I have a broom to wipe your bitch-ass out.”
PAIRING(S) -> jungkook x fem!reader/aspiring author!reader + side yoonmin
GENRES(S) -> college au, neighbors au, friends to lovers au, humor, fluff, suggestive
SUMMARY -> Your neighbor slash crush Jeon Jungkook is exceptional at exterminating bugs from your apartment. And also at kissing you.
WORD COUNT -> 7.8k
WARNINGS -> profanity, lewd language, suggestive content (making out, heavy-ish(but not rly) petting), scientifically and anatomically incorrect depictions of spiders, creepy crawlies, yn is awkward as shit, and she makes bad jokes + puns, then again so does jungkook but he’s cute so we pretend we do not see
AUTHOR’S NOTE -> hello lovelies ♡ so i’ve been working on this oneshot since winter and i finally finally finished it (even tho it’s not that long i just procrastinated rip)!! lowkey inspired by a tik tok!!special thanks to the jk solo staning @chanluster for being the inspiration behind a specific line (you’ll figure it out). oh and also being the inspiration for the bugs you fucking vermin. finally, this fic also qualifies for #11 of @ficscafe ‘s dialogue prompt event!! i hope u enjoy (:
Tumblr media
The spider has taken your apartment hostage.
Phone pinched at your ear and one foot halfway out the door, you pull yourself up to your full height, brandishing the broom like a weapon. You are ferocious. You are powerful. You are terrifying.
You will not be bested by a bug.
The spider skitters across your kitchen counter.
You nearly scream.
"This is how I die," you breathe into the receiver, wide eyes never straying from the very large, very scary spider that slowly nears your sink. "This is it. My last night on earth. Fuck, I knew I should've cleared my browser history. I wasn't actually going to murder anyone, I was just doing research for my manuscript!"
Amongst the chattering on the other line, you vaguely hear Jimin snort. "It's a bug, not a grenade. You'll be fine."
"It'll explode like a grenade when someone squashes it!" Your voice has jumped several octaves. Quickly — so as to not lose sight of your intruder longer than absolutely necessary — you glance around the hallway. It's empty. No one to witness your embarrassing throw-down with an insect; no one to save you from possible doom. You lower your voice anyways. "That someone being you, of course, my loving and caring roommate whom I would die for. Speaking of, what's your ETA?"
"Sorry, Champ," your best friend says, though he doesn't seem sorry in the slightest. Jimin hates bugs just as much as you do, and you have the distinct feeling he's thrilled that it's you who finally has to deal with a critter and not his plastic-gloved hazmat-suited self. "I work until eleven and then I'm crashing at Yoongi's. You're on your own."
"Dick can wait. We have an emergency."
"You have an emergency. I have table nine with a kid who just spilled his juice for the third time. And some dick to suck."
"Priorities," you scoff, making a wild swipe with the broom.
The brush end knocks into the coat rack and nearly sends your shelf of empty wine bottles crashing to the floor. You jerk back into the hallway, tripping over your feet and bashing into the door frame. A slow, numbing ache spreads through your left shoulder.
You swear the spider laughs at you.
"Listen here, you little shit," you growl, passing the broom to your right hand and pointing it at the spider. "The itsy bitsy spider may have crawled up the water spout, but I have a broom to wipe your bitch-ass out."
"Very poetic," Jimin drawls, and you have half the mind to thwart him with a broom too. "Hey, if the whole novel thing doesn't work out, you should definitely try your hand at poetry."
"You're useless," you say to both the redhead on the phone and the pathetic excuse for a Swiffer in your hand. "Absolutely useless."
"Why don't you knock on Jungkook's door? I'm sure our wonderful neighbor would love to give you a helping hand. In more ways than one, if you catch my drift."
At the mention of the ravenette, your heart threatens to pitch itself out of your throat.
All dark hair, smooth, milky skin and sparkling doe eyes that always seem to find you across a crowded room, it's no wonder you've fallen head over heels for your across-the-hall neighbor. Add on the fact that he's charming, sweet, witty and always shares his homemade pizza with you that he swears he's almost perfected, and you're an absolute goner.
Jimin oh-so-gleefully likes to remind you of that fact.
And of how you're too chicken to ask him out.
You bristle. "When I turn into spider man, your ass is the last one I'm saving from the crazy lizard men."
"Well, good luck with that but duty calls." Jimin pauses, and amongst the chaos of the restaurant on the other line you think you hear a set of footsteps, along with the distinct sound of air whistling. "No, yeah, duty's definitely calling, and he's got a rag that he's spinning around and — no, Seokjin, wait, I can explain — ow! What was that for?"
If the sharp thwap! of cloth against some part of Jimin wasn't enough, the restaurant manager's voice cutting through the public's conversation is proof that your best friend is now in the dog pound. Though not actually. Seokjin is a dear friend to you both and an even dearer friend to your pockets. The restaurant wasn't in search of new employees and yet he still procured you both jobs out of thin air. Payment, of course, for the horrible prank he pulled when you were both still freshmen.
Putrid green hair was not a look.
"Do I pay you to sit around on your phone all day?" Seokjin demands from the other line. "Hm? What was that? No? Right, then get your ass back to work. Also, tell Y/N I say hi."
You grimace. "Hey, Jin."
"She says screw you. Her words, not mine," Jimin supplies. "But don't you worry your little butt. Mark my words: this place will tip top in — aaand, he's gone. Left right in the middle of my speech. Didn't even wait for the best part."
"Fillet of Jimin, service for one," you mutter to yourself, though your smirk is slapped clean off your face at the sight of the spider staring at you. Or, more appropriately, glaring at you. A look akin to hunger, as if it wishes to gut, fillet and eat you.
You shudder and take another step back into the hallway.
"Jimin, please don't leave me," you beg once more, clutching the hilt of the broom. "I'll do anything. Well, okay, minus killing the spider myself, but virtually anything else. I'll do the dishes for a month — no, two months. Three, even."
"Tempting..." Jimin pauses for dramatic effect.
Though you know he's probably working you up only to kick you in the metaphoric nuts, it doesn't stop the hope from blossoming in your chest.
It also doesn't stop the dread that rocks through you as he finally says, "But no."
"I will cut you from mouth to anus and feed you to the—"
"That's a nice thought but I gotta blast. Table nine is having another meltdown. Don't stain the couch with spider juice!"
"You wouldn't dare—"
The line goes dead.
Serves you right for befriending Park Jimin of all people.
The apartment falls quiet. Eerily so. Lifting your chin, you let your phone fall, catching it and sliding it into your pocket. A sigh pushes past your lips as you wearily eye the critter.
"Well," you say into the newfound silence, speaking only to soothe your nerves. "I guess it's just you and me, Spidey."
Spidey stares at you.
Then he promptly crawls onto your plate of half-eaten takeout and starts making a meal for himself.
"Or not. Fuck you too."
You risk another glance around the hallway.
Still empty, still silent.
Still just you and Spidey.
Your gaze falters at Jungkook's door, just a couple of steps from your own.
At this time of night he's probably back from the gym, a fact you know from one too many run ins in the elevator; you, having just finished your shift at the restaurant and him, a sweating, glorious mess from his workout. Despite the heat rushing to your cheeks at the mental images, you can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, Jimin has a point.
Whether it be last minute do-or-die cram sessions  (for exams which you both still somehow fail), midnight grocery runs to pick up eggs or even simply offering an ear for you to bounce plot ideas off of, Jungkook always goes the extra mile to be there for you. In whatever way he can, even if he doesn't deem it much, he makes the effort. A trait you value highly in him and strive to return tenfold.
You still remember the elation on his face when you'd knocked on his door at the ass crack of dawn, ready to go catch the rare Pokémon he'd sighted after you'd told him five minutes prior you'd come over your cold dead body. And as much as you'd hated sacrificing your precious sleep, his smile made you forget you were even tired in the first place. That, and the double shot espresso he'd bought you afterwards.
Jimin's right. Jungkook probably wouldn't blink twice at killing a spider for you.
Then again, Jimin doesn't know you're currently day four without a shower. And, unironically, wearing a shirt that reads real cowboys don't shower; they just dust off.
So no. Jungkook isn't an option. Not if you want to obliterate any chance of him seeing you as remotely attractive.
You purse your lips, zeroing in on your target. Mustering up whatever dregs of courage you can spare, you angle your broom again, leveraging it like a shotgun. You wish it was a shotgun. That would make things so much easier.
"Here, Spidey-Spidey," you call, tentatively taking a step towards your open apartment.
Spidey, as if indulging you, pauses his meal — your meal, damn it — and stares back at you. You imagine he cocks his beady little head, as if to say, "proceed, oh measly human."
"You know what?" Another step forward. A shaky breath. A fake smile. "I think this is all just one big, huge misunderstanding. So if you could just, you know, pitch yourself off the counter, maybe do a flip or something cool like that on the way down, then I'll feel a lot better and you won't have to suffer the end of my broom. It's a win-win situation, really."
"What are you doing?"
You shriek in surprise, whirling around only to nearly smack Jungkook — Jungkook? Oh God, how long has he been standing there? — in the side with your broom.
He's quick on his feet, sidestepping your accidental attempt on his life all while precariously balancing a steaming platter of pizza in hand. You, however, are not quite as agile. The momentum of your swing throws you off-balance, causing you to trip and stumble sideways. It's Jungkook's free hand that manages to catch you, steadying you before you can face-plant and make an even bigger embarrassment of yourself.
"Woah, slow your horses there, cowboy," he teases lightly. The way his eyes glitter makes you certain he's noticed your attire and chosen his words accordingly. He nods at the tray of pizza. "I come in peace."
You're dazed and confused and more than a little humiliated as you gape at him, struggling to bring some coherence to your thoughts. But he's still smirking at you, still gently holding your arm, still looking as heart-wrenchingly handsome as the first time you saw him and fuck, you can hardly think.
"Oh," you breathe dumbly, blinking at him like a deer in headlights. "Hello, yes, hi. Sorry." Rational thought slams into like a truck and you jerk out of his hold, even though everything fiber of you is screaming to do the opposite. Your skin burns from where his silver-clad fingers had encircled your wrist. "Sorry. I was — I'm just..."
Swallowing, you whip back around, facing your apartment again in search of Spidey.
Only to find him flying straight at your face.
This time you really do scream.
Instinct alone compels you to slash the broom through the air, a feeble attempt at taking down the monstrosity that now zooms in and out of your vision. You miss, though, hitting the door frame instead, and the force of the impact propels you backwards.
Right back into Jungkook.
He grunts, planting his feet and slipping his free arm around your waist to prevent the takedown of you both. You hardly register the accidental skim of his fingers beneath the hem of your shirt, or the firmness of his chest flush against your back, or the goosebumps that the contact elicits.
You're entirely too focused on this new blood curling horror.
"Oh my God it has wings."
Spidey has returned to where he first started, lounging on your kitchen counter without a care in the world. As if he hadn't just single handedly caused your very first heart attack at the tender age of twenty. You haven't even ticked off half of your bucket list for Christ's sake. You can't die. Not right now, not like this.
Not without telling Jungkook how you really feel.
The boy (as if sensing how flustered you are and wishing to make matters infinitely worse) dips his head, lips teasing the shell of your ear. "You know," he murmurs, "I think the bug is more scared of you than you are of it."
You can hear the laughter in his voice, feel his breath fanning your cheek. It does silly little things to your stomach, igniting a riot of butterflies that threatens to crawl out of your mouth. His arm is still wrapped securely around your waist, and the feeling of his fingers against your bare skin is enough to make you dizzy.
"Did it tell you that?" you ask, though your voice comes out breathier than you'd like. "Because last I checked, that spider is moving ten miles an hour and looks like it wants all the smoke. And it can fly."
"Spiders can't fly."
"Tell that to the flying spider," you seethe with an unceremonious cock of your middle finger.
Jungkook chuckles. The rumble of his chest against your back sends shockwaves of heat throughout your form. "I'm guessing things between you and mother nature aren't totally simpatico."
"Mother nature can suck a big fat —" you quickly reroute as Spidey skitters forward, almost daring you to finish that sentence, and instead conclude with,  "—lollipop, of course, as a reward for providing all her love and greenery to our little world!"
"I'm surprised spiders have it out for you, what with how generous you are with your gifts." You feel his mouth curve up in that wicked smirk of his. "What, did you fry them with a magnifying glass when you were little? Tie strings around them and keep them as pets? Y/N, you naughty little girl."
"Sounds like projecting to me," you quip with a light slap to his wrist. "But no. I once stepped on an ant hill when I was eight though. Ever since then... the spiders. They're everywhere. I just can't catch a break."
Jungkook hums. "I'd have to call science and check but I'm pretty sure ants and spiders aren't the same."
"Tell science they're a little bitch while you're at it."
When he laughs, you feel some of the tension ease from your body. In fact, you begin to relax in his hold, subtly breathing in the scent of his cologne mixed with something entirely and utterly him. Your eyes remain fixed on Spidey, your hands still clutching the broom, but you feel safe. Secure. He hasn't let you go, and you have no plans on leaving anytime soon.
"So, where's Jimin?" Jungkook prompts. "Thought he was the one who normally took care of the creepy crawlies. You know, roommate agreements and all that."
"Yeah, well Jimin is currently having the fuck of his life."
He grins. "Do you want some help? With the spider, I mean. I'm no Jimin but I could teach that spider a lesson or two about messing with you." He pauses. "You can also always spend the night at mine. If you want. I have pizza."
You inhale sharply. Movie marathons and boozy nights aren't an uncommon occurrence on your floor, but it's never just been you and Jungkook alone in one of your rooms. Not when Jimin sticks to you like shit on a shoe. And while you love your best friend to death, sometimes he needs to take a goddamn hint. So many opportunities you and Jungkook have had to be alone, so many horrible ways Jimin makes them go amiss.
But Jimin isn't here, and there's no way you're going back into your apartment now. Especially not with Jungkook's proposition still hanging in the air. A giddy sense of excitement floods your veins at the prospect of spending the night with the man responsible for all your sleepless ones.
"Well," you start, a goofy little grin spreading across your face. You try to contain it to no avail. "You are really good at making pizza."
"Among other things."
"Is that so?"
"Guess you'll have to find out." His fingers gently brush your navel, cool rings stark against the heat pooling in your gut. And then he's grinning against your brow again and saying, "That is, of course, if you can deal with knowing the spider could be anywhere in your apartment when you wake up. In your fridge, in your closet... maybe even under your pillow."
"Ha-ha, very funny. I hope the universe knows that was a joke and that he's definitely not speaking it into existence."
But as much as you hate to admit it, he's right. Who knows what a spider could get up to with an entire apartment to itself?
Knowing yours, it probably has very special plans indeed.
"I think I'd sleep better knowing my apartment is spider free." You watch as Spidey continues to chow down on your food. Never again will takeout taste the same. "Only if you have time, though. I don't want to bother you."
"No worries. I was on my way over anyway."
You catch him gesture the pizza out of the corner of your eye, but you're zeroed in on the unidentifiable emotion in his tone. He sounds almost... disappointed. Rejected. It sets you on edge. Maybe because he, too, has realized this is one of the few opportunities you've had to be alone alone together.
And like an idiot, you've just squashed it like a bug.
That is if Jungkook even likes you like that. You may be ass at math but that doesn't mean you can't put two and two together. Sure, you two flirt in overtime when you're together, but you also know how many others beg for his time. Students on campus are a prime example, and the attention that follows him is sometimes overwhelming. One glance at his notifications will tell you just how sought after the golden boy is. Platonically and romantically.
Though you have noticed he's stopped going on dates.
During the first month he'd moved in, you'd caught him several times bringing home girls in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, that's because you were also sneaking in your own string of partners. Those encounters had been awkward, if somewhat funny afterwards, and you'd never really thought anything of them.
Until suddenly you did.
The more time you spent together — the more you got to know him and all his adorable quirks — the more rent-free space he took up in your head. You found yourself thinking about him constantly, every waking moment filled with thoughts of the boy of sunshine and yellow. You hadn't realized the extent of your feelings — you just thought you were happy to have a new, insanely attractive friend who'd boost your street cred.
Until you'd started thinking about your neighbor and his dates even when you were in bed with someone else.
What are they doing? Is she making him laugh that dorky laugh of his? Is she tickling that sensitive spot on his neck? Is she touching him, teasing him, running her hands through his hair, trailing her fingers lower and lower until she can feel all of him against her—
More often than not, you'd finished with his name on the tip of your tongue and shame colouring your cheeks.
You'd deleted Tinder after that.
But you haven't seen him bring home a girl in ages. Maybe one too many overnighters has kicked him into high gear for finals? He'd stopped dating months ago though, right around the time you two had started to become closer. Exams weren't considered a threat then, and you're certain he didn't-slash-still-doesn't have a long term girlfriend.
So maybe...
Maybe he's remained celibate in an act of solidarity for you? Not realizing you're abstaining from sex with others because of him?
Probably not. But a possibility nonetheless.
Whatever the case, you know you need to shoot your shot and fast. Normally Jungkook’s the one who makes the move, and you’re all too happy to let him take the reins. But this time feels different, and you know your shyness may be coming off as impassiveness or disinterest in his eyes.
You need to act now. You don't want your hopes for your Still-Hot-But-In-A-Relationship Girl Summer to crash and burn. You've been putting this off for too long, and you know he's not going to wait around forever.
A man like him only comes once in a lifetime (but makes girls come thrice in one night, if the screams are any indication).
So, gritting your teeth, you finally bite the bullet.
"Cool. Um, thanks. For the pizza too. That's really... sweet of you." You struggle to find the words, mentally damning Jimin to hell for working you up about your inability to ask him out. "If you want, afterwards we can... maybe watch a movie together? Or something? I have a chess board too if, you know, you're into that. My grandma taught me how to play. She's the one who gave me the board, actually. Well, bequeathed me the board. In her will. She's dead now, so..."
You've never really asked someone out in person before (Tinder allowed you to hide behind typed words and the bars offered liquid courage) but you're pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to do it. Who in their right mind brings up their deceased grandparent when asking someone on a date?
You do, apparently.
If Spidey laughed at you now, you honestly wouldn't blame him. You'd kill him, of course, but you wouldn't blame him.
However, rather than the insufferable insect, it's Jungkook who loses his shit.
God, he has a great laugh. It bursts out of him like sunlight after a thunderstorm, colouring your world with light. He shakes against you, head rested on your shoulder as he struggles to contain his melodic amusement.
When he finally does sober, you can practically hear him grinning. You don't know whether to feel hopeful or embarrassed or like you've just dug your own grave.
You decide you feel all three.
Eventually, through lingering fits of giggles, Jungkook manages to say, "Sure. A movie sounds great."
Your heart stops. Restarts. Stops again. And then sings.
You just asked Jeon Jungkook out. And he said yes.
Your mind is equivalent to a keyboard smash. All caps, symbols included.
"I— " You can barely think, much less speak through your megawatt grin. "Okay. Awesome. That's... great. It's a—" Date, you want to say. You fumble last second and finish with, "—movie. It's... a movie."
"Nice solve, Sherlock."
"Shut up."
You hesitate for a beat before moving to step out of his arms. It seems like the right thing to do. Besides, you're itching for your apartment to be spider-free — and, more importantly, to see Jungkook's expression. To read his emotions with your eyes.
Only before you can fully disentangle your limbs, you find yourself being snapped back into place, your back against his chest, his hand steady and sure on your waist.
"Now hold on just a minute," Jungkook simpers, voice rich and smooth like melted honey. "I don't just offer my exterminating services to anyone, and I sure as hell don't work for free."
"Fair enough." You shrug, attempting to appear calm and collected. You are anything but. "Name your price."
"What's the magic word?"
"What are you, five?"
"Says the girl who doesn't know how to do basic counting. One word, not four."
You angle your head to glare at him.
And the world disappears.
He's close — so close your noses bump and his dark fringe tickles your brow. You take in the flecks of gold in his own, twinkling with mischief and unspoken emotion. The curve of his mouth, pink and wet from his tongue, upper lip overshadowed by his lower. The little scar on his cheek, the faded blemishes of pubescent acne, the cute little mole on his lower lip. All of the quirks and imperfections that make up the man before you.
And you adore them all.
God, how disgustingly whipped could you be.
Your tongue is leaden in your mouth as you swallow, sifting through the sludge of your thoughts. No louder than a whisper, you say, "Please?"
Jungkook's eyes shutter. A muscle feathers in his jaw. He leans even closer, eyes darkening as they bore into yours and you think you might very well just melt into a pile of goo.
"Wrong," he breathes. Then he smirks. "The word was tarantula."
Jungkook chokes on the elbow you jab in his gut.
"That was mean," he punctuates as you finally turn to face him. While you're frowning, he's grinning like a madman. "So this is the thanks I get for being a gentleman."
You roll your eyes. "Let's get this show on the road. That spider won't kill itself. Trust me, I tried."
"Giddy up, cowboy."
He earns himself another glare.
Jungkook takes the lead, acting like a complete doofus as he holds one hand to his ear, pretending he's receiving instructions from a secret agency through an earpiece. He even pretends to box with the spider, throwing crosses and punches and ducking as if Spidey is fighting him back.
But Spidey’s not paying attention to him, and neither are you. You simply trail behind him, pinching the hem of his sweater to make sure he doesn’t stray too far. Your focus remains on that god forsaken insect and the thousands of ways you want to make it pay.
Consequently, you miss his glances back at you and the way he mumbles cute under his breath.
The two of you give a wide berth to the kitchen island, opting instead to pass through the open living room. It's then that you notice how messy the space really is. Sure, you and Jimin took turns on clean up duty, but with exams fast approaching, cleanliness had taken a backseat to studying. The dishes are dirty, the couch cushions are overturned, and Jungkook nearly trips on one of Jimin's hayward shoes. You don't even want to think about the state of your room.
"Love what you've done with the place," Jungkook comments idly, picking his way past a stack of textbooks that litter the floor.
You flush a deep red.
Reaching the opposite side of the cramped kitchen, Jungkook places the tray of pizza on the counter and grabs a glass and some paper towel. An interesting and foreign torture technique, but you're excited to see where it leads.
You cower behind his frame as he begins to inch towards the spider, peeking over his shoulder every couple of seconds to track his progress. This close, you realize just how big the critter is. It's hide is dark, it's legs long and spindly, and it's body and wings average out to the size of your palm. Easily one of the biggest spiders you've seen in your life; easily one of the most terrifying creatures in the world.
You hold your breath as you finally reach the counter. Your muscles lock in place, anticipated for the worst. If need be, you're prepared to jump ship and bolt for your life.
With Spidey focused on munching on a piece of meat, he's completely unaware as Jungkook lowers the cup to the counter, effectively trapping him in a glass cage. Seconds later he freaks, batting his wings and throwing himself against the glass from all angles, but it's no use.
Spidey wove his web, and now he must lay in it too.
"Wow," you say, disgust and awe heavy in your tone as you watch the spazzing ball of black, now destined to become a glorified plaque on some bug collector's wall. "That was... anticlimactic."
Jungkook shoots you a look. "I can always lift the cup and we can try again—"
"No!" You hastily shake your head. "I meant anticlimactic in a good way."
"So like edging an orgasm?"
You balk at the vicious smirk that twists on his lips, and suddenly your mind is racing with thoughts of silk sheets, phantom touches and the undoing of celestial galaxies. The space somehow feels smaller now, hotter. As if charged and humming with electricity.
"Sure," you breathe, swallowing thickly. "Not sure why that was the analogy you thought of but sure. Like edging an orgasm."
Something dark flashes in Jungkook's eyes, but he turns before you can weigh it. While he carefully slips the piece of paper towel beneath the cup, you work to steady your breathing. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Repeat. Happy, pleasant thoughts.
You finally release your grip on his sweater as he turns to face you, the glass resting on the paper towel, flat against his palm. Spidey is still trapped inside, though he no longer moves. He stands motionless, almost as if he's accepted defeat.
"Any last parting words?" Jungkook asks.
You carefully lower yourself to eye level with Spidey. Though you can't see his eyes, you imagine the fear that must play there, fear you yourself had felt only moments ago. It brings a saccharine smile to your lips.
Oh so softly, like the silk of a spider's web, you taunt, "Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, but the itsy bitsy spider was never seen again."
Spidey bows his head.
“Spoiler alert: the itsy bitsy spider dies a horrible, painful death.”
“No he doesn’t.” Jungkook frowns at you. “He’s set free and offered a chance at redemption.”
“A chance at revenge, you mean.”
“That spider must really bug you, huh?”
The pun flies right over your head.
“Seriously?” Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Okay, well if that does happen, which it won’t, I’ll protect you.” Noticing your pout, he lifts his hand and gently tips your chin so that you meet his gaze. “The spider’s not going to hurt you while I’m here.”
“You promise?”
“Scout’s honor.”
Before you even register what you’re doing, you brush a chaste kiss to his cheek.
It takes Jungkook three whole seconds to reboot.
The two of you make your way out of the kitchen and through the living room. You stop at the wall of windows that houses your miniature garden and overlooks the bustling city life below. With a grunt, you shove a window open, and Jungkook carefully releases Spidey into the open air.
For a one horrifying second, you think the critter will come zipping right back in, intent on finishing what he started. But Spidey simply floats in the air for a moment, lingering in farewell, as if to say, "until we meet again."
You flip him off. "Rot in hell, Spidey."
And then he's gone with the wind.
You sigh and brace your hands on the windowsill, leaning your face out into the balmy breeze. The streets below hum with life as cars and pedestrians hurry through the lights and shadows, the hours of the night stretching far ahead of them. The stars twinkle overhead, and you feel comfort in their embrace.
"See?" Jungkook says, and you cock your head to face him. His back is to the window, arms braced behind him on the windowsill, fingers resting mere centimeters from your own. He grins. "That wasn't so bad."
"Easy for you to say. You're not the one who caused hundreds in property damage to your door frame."
"Nothing a coat of paint can't fix. And hey, on the bright side, at least mother nature now knows how forgiving you are."
You laugh at that.
The two of you fall silent as you gaze out into the world below. It's the nice kind of quiet, where words aren't needed nor wanted to fill the space. You simply just enjoy each other's company.
You let your mind wander, mulling over your plans for the rest of your evening.
Your movie night with Jungkook.
Your date with Jungkook.
At least you hope it's a date. But you'd talked more about your dead grandmother than what tonight was actually defined as, so you're not too sure what to think anymore.
All the more reason your movie choice is so important in setting the tone.
If it's a date, you should probably pick a horror film. That gives you ample excuses to be near him and bury your head in his chest. Kissing him through all the scary scenes would be an added bonus.
Then again, GhostBusters gave you nightmares for weeks, so maybe you should watch a comedy? You know Jungkook loves a good laugh, but that kind of kills the date vibe you're hoping for. Especially if he's more invested in the movie than he is in you.
Romance then? Romance is pretty safe ground and clearly defines what you're hoping tonight will end off with. But what happens if there's a sex scene? Are you just supposed to awkwardly sit there and watch soft-core porn with your crush? Or are you supposed to make like monkeys and monkey-see-monkey-do your way through the movie?
You're starting to panic. Oh God, what if you're just overthinking this and Jungkook only sees you as a friend? What if he really is staying celibate for you because he's such a good buddy? A perfect pal prepared to pitch his penis for your purpose?
What if a friend is all he can ever be?
You whip your head to face him, hoping to see something — anything — in his gaze that will help quell the storm in your chest and tell you yes, don't worry, he likes you too.
Only he's close. Far closer than you expected.
Close enough to kiss you.
You're surprised when he actually does.
You stumble back, eyes round as saucers, hand clamped over your mouth. "What are you—"
"Sorry," Jungkook cuts in, pale as a sheet. He looks like he's going to throw up. "Oh God, I wasn't thinking. When you kissed me on the cheek, I thought that— you just look so pretty and shit, Y/N, your smile. I just... fuck. I'm so, so sorry."
Your mind struggles to catch up to your heart, which thrashes in your chest like Spidey once did in his cage.
"You just..." You swallow, brushing your fingertips against your lips. They tingle with memories of his touch. "You just kissed me."
"I know," Jungkook whispers, something like fear and regret tinging his tone. "I was there."
You scramble for your thoughts, but they slip past you like sand through your fingers, leaving you reeling. "Why did you, um, do that?" You flush. "Not saying that it was bad or anything. Or that I wouldn't want you to, uh, do it again. But..."
"Because I like you, Y/N," he confesses, staring at you with those wide, starry eyes of his. So full of worry and earnestness and adoration. "Like, a lot. So much that it scares me. I've wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you."
You freeze, churning over his statement. His confession. To you.
"You like me?" You parrot. "As in my personality?"
"I was surprised too." The tentative smile that had been teasing his mouth suddenly sags in horror as he realizes something. "Shit, please don't tell me I read into this wrong and that you don't actually—"
"No!" You cry out, louder than you'd intended to. You flinch as your voice almost seems to echo around the apartment. "No," you say softly. "I too feel those things. About you. About liking you, I mean. Just— what I'm trying to say is that I like you too."
Jungkook blinks. "You do?"
"Yes, and I've also wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you."
Your heart is pounding wildly in your chest, so loud you're positive he can hear it. He must hear it, hear the way it's screaming, singing, chanting Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook over and over and over again. Your heart is his to have, whether he takes it, breaks it or leaves it to piece itself back together. Because really, your heart has only ever belonged to him.
Jungkook's smile is earth shattering.
And then he's scoffing and saying, "Wow, Y/N. How original. Get your own confession."
You nearly choke. "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have a patent on confessing to someone? Would you rather I not like you back?"
He chuckles, pulling you closer by the hem of your T-shirt until you stand between his legs. While your hands naturally fall to his shoulders, his own smooth over your upper thighs and waist, resting just above your hips. He gazes at you, and you see yourself in the stars in his eyes.
"No. I'm very happy you feel that way."
You grin like a fool.
Something intangible hangs in the air as you silently drink in the other, basking in the golden glow of your shared confession. Your chest is so full it feels like it might burst open. A piñata of rainbows, glitter and goo that some kid is relentlessly pounding with a baseball bat.
But while Jungkook's smile still lights up the room, his eyes flicker, their warm coffee tone easing into a dark, rich chocolate. His gaze travels lower, lower still, until he's staring at your lips with unmistakable want. Need. Hunger.
His own, you realize, are pink in sheen in color and looking oh-so-kissable. You wonder if they taste as good as they look.
So, to properly convey your interest, you slowly shift your hands, dragging them across his broad shoulders to cup the column of his throat. You feel his pulse stutter beneath your thumbs, gooseflesh rising on his skin as your fingers toy with the soft hair at the nape of his neck. His nails dig into your sides and you relish in the mixture of pain and pleasure. You hope there's more to come.
"Jungkook," you whimper, snagging your lower lip with your teeth.
The effect is so fast it's almost comical, and the boy is drawn to you like a magnet, dipping his head so that his brow rests against yours.  You loose a breath, tilting your chin so that your mouth is inches away from his own.
"This is the part where you ask if you can kiss me again."
His throat bobs. Gently, as if you're made of glass and could shatter at any second, he curls a strand of hair behind your ear, palm coming to rest on your jaw, thumb stroking your cheek.
"Y/N," he breathes, mouth ghosting over your own in the smallest, softest of touches. "Can I kiss you again?"
"I mean, I guess I'll allow it—"
Jungkook shuts you up with his lips upon yours.
The kiss is slow, warm, patient, as both of you tease the waters of this newfound feeling. There's room for air as you part between kisses, savoring the taste of the other before the pull is too strong and you're drawn back in. His lips are soft and chapped, mouth hot and pliant, desire unyielding as he pulls you even closer, wrapping his arms around your midsection and holding you to him. You can feel his heart racing in his chest, beating in time with your own.
How idiotic could you have been to think your silly little daydreams would ever compare to the real thing. That they'd be sufficient balm to ease the ache of want, no, need to have him with you. Because the way he holds you, kisses you, touches you, breathes you in like a man starved of oxygen has you wondering just how brainless you could have been to wait this long to set your heart free.
And then you're grinning against his mouth, a smile which he slowly reciprocates until it becomes hard to kiss him through clashing teeth and breathless giggles. But you don't care, overcome with the realization that this is real, that he's real, and that this is not just another one of those nights of you calling a stranger by his name.
But somewhere along the way, the laughter eases into mewls and sighs, teeth now nipping and biting at lower lips, only to snap the flesh back and dive in once more. His hands are everywhere; tangled in your hair, smoothing down your sides, tracing patterns on your skin that you swear remain burned there even after he's moved on. You clutch him close, head spinning in delirium. You need more.
But the kiss truly is nothing but innocent.
That is, of course, until Jungkook shifts ever so slightly, and you can feel just how excited he is between his legs.
He quickly pulls away. His eyes are glossed over, cheeks pink, lips swollen with a delicious rosy hue and God, how adorably fucked out he looks by the most tame of kisses.
Your name is no more than an exhale of air on his tongue. A tongue that nervously digs into his cheek as he gauges your reaction. A tongue that you so desperately want everywhere; in your mouth, on your neck, on your tits, lower, lower, lower.
Your hand, as if possessed with a mind of its own, traces that very same path on Jungkook, trailing down his neck, over his pecs, across his abdomen to his hips where you feel his —
Jungkook rips your hand away, pinning it behind your back before he yanks you even closer. You can now feel him pressing into your thigh, hot and needy, but even that isn't enough to distract you from the sheer, carnal lust that blazes in his irises.
Your stomach bottoms out.
"Not so fast, spider girl," he murmurs, smirking in that devilish way of his. You nearly come undone right then and there, especially when he brushes his lips against yours and says, "Tonight is all about you."
When his lips come down on you once more, you swear you burn alive.
Gone is innocent Jungkook, replaced instead by a confident, dominating man hewn from sex and pain and pleasure. He effortlessly parts your lips, dipping his tongue into your mouth and melding it to yours in such a way you swear you can taste the stars. Seconds later you vow to see them too as he gradually coaxes your hips to move. Sparks of pleasure skate down your spine and pool in your gut at the delicious friction his control elicits.
And then you're both moving, stumbling across the room in a rushed dance of clutching hands and desperate kisses. You break apart long enough for Jungkook to shuck off his sweater, and even then it's not nearly enough time for you to properly admire his toned physique before he's upon you once more. His hands slip up under your shirt, skimming feverishly over your skin and expertly unclasping your bra before that, too, joins the mess of your apartment.
He only diverts his attention from you to rid the couch of its contents, kicking pillows and notebooks aimlessly about the space. His hands always remain on you, on your ass, on your tits, squeezing and grazing the soft flesh until you're reduced to a whining, whimpering mess.
Something snags his attention and he snatches a magazine, briefly scanning it's contents before releasing a dark chuckle. "Ten Ways to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You, huh? Did they work?"
You drag your hands down his chest, planting hot, open mouthed kisses to his throat. "I don't know," you hum, nipping at that sensitive spot on his neck that has him throwing his head back with a groan. "You tell me."
"Who the fuck reads Cosmopolitan nowadays?"
"I do. Now shut up and kiss me, you idiot."
He chucks the magazine over his shoulder. "Can do."
Wrapping his fingers around your throat, he guides your face to his and slots his lips with yours.
Your knees hit the edge of the couch and you fall back into the cushions, Jungkook following suit and hovering over you. And then he's kissing your brow, your nose, your cheeks, your jaw before settling in the crook of your neck, lips and tongue working wonders against your skin.
You arch your back, carding your hands through his hair as he finds that one that drives you to the brink of insanity. Your eyes roll into your head, pupils blown, mouth slack.
And then suddenly, you become completely and utterly still.
For there, on the ceiling above just your head, sits the devil's reincarnate herself.
She's bigger than Spidey, impossibly so, and looks as if she eats children's dreams for breakfast. Even from a distance, you can see the size of her wings, glinting in the low light from the lamp on the side table.
She embodies darkness itself.
A moan — not from pleasure, though Jungkook is phenomenal with his tongue — tumbles out of your throat.
The boy, having no reason to think otherwise, laughs against your skin.
"You taste so good, Y/N," he mumbles through his sinful ministrations. And despite how hot that sounds coming from him, you feel sick to your stomach. "Fuck, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this —"
"Yeah, me too, but— shit — Oh my God Jungkook a spider is watching us bone."
Now it's Jungkook's turn to freeze.
Your gaze never breaks from Spidette as Jungkook slowly raises his head, following your line of sight until he, too, takes in the black ball of horror that’s  enjoying the show like the pervert she no doubt is.
Jungkook shoots you a pained look, almost wishing what comes out next isn't the truth.
"Is a bug seriously cock blocking me right now?"
But it is the truth, and any arousal you'd felt moments before is all but zapped from your form, leaving pure, unadulterated terror in its wake.
Eyes wide, lips trembling, you whisper, "Tarantula?"
He stares down at you a moment longer.
Then he heaves a sigh.
"Where's the broom."
Tumblr media
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lavishedinjimin · 4 months ago
Hi! First off...I love your work! .Anyways..I wanted to request a scenario where WEREWOLFdom!tae or WEREWOLFdom!jk asking s/o to run because he cant control himself as she disobeyed him.. But, he loses it and catches her...
Would love it if you could do this!! I love your work sososososo much!!
this prompt oml save my soul
decided to use taehyung x OC :))
warnings: possessive tae, also angry tae oh no, slight humiliation
"Didn't I tell you to stay the fuck away from him?" Taehyung snarls, walking up to you with anger written all across his prominent face. His eyebrows furrow intently, making sure that he was upset and angered.
"It's not my fault!" you try to defend yourself, backup up away from him, "He... he talked to me first! He was a part of your pack, Taehyung. I couldn't do anything!"
"You could've told him to go fuck himself instead." Taehyung crosses his arms, looking down at you with malice.
You feel small and defenseless, cornered against a wall. You bite your lip in utter fear, this being the first time he was genuinely mad at you.
"You know how he's like. He's a motherfucker who wants everything, including you. That's why I told you to stay away from him, right? But of course, you had to be disobedient. For what? Huh?" Taehyung lifts his hands up and rests them between your head, trapping you with his arms. "You want to prove something to me, little one? You want to prove that you're an independent woman who can do whatever she wants? Is that it? Or are you just certifying how disobedient you can be?"
Your eyes expand, "Taehyung, no! Absolutely not."
He grits his teeth, unconsciously showing you his sharp canines. "Then what the fucks your reason, hm?"
You did not like the way he was talking to you. Although your heart was racing in nervousness and fear, it wasn't your fault that he's vastly the jealous type.
You decide to speak up, "Stop being so jealous all the time! I don't have anything to do with him!" You push his chest, but he doesn't budge, "I know my boundaries, Taehyung!"
Taehyung was baffled. He looks at the floor with a smirk, mouth agape. He takes a step back, then gazes back at you with his head slightly tilted down. "You know I'm territorial, Y/n. That's the first fucking thing I said about myself when we first met."
Taehyung groans loudly and runs both hands through his hair while turning around. He walks away from you, rubbing the back of his neck as he mutters something under his breath.
You didn't quite catch what it was, making him repeat himself. He completely loses all control.
"I said," he turns around, eyes now gold, "fucking run!"
Within a heartbeat, you did not hesitate to run as the sight of him startles you. Nothing else occupied your mind but to run, move your legs as fast as you can, and run away from your boyfriend.
You fight back the tears that were trying to escape. You have never seen him like this before. Angry to the point that he asked you to stay away from him. Your body feels heavy and your feet try their best to run, and run, and run.
Your shoes rustle against the fallen leaves, your legs pushing you deeper into the woods.
Deciding to stop your tracks to catch your breath, you sink down onto your knees.
If only you can change back time.
Suddenly, two hands grab a hold of your shoulders, causing you to jump. Turning around in lightspeed to see who it was, you fall to your back when Taehyung pounces on you.
He pins your body down, lips attaching themselves to your neck. You didn't get to process what he was doing for everything was happening so fast.
"Stop. Being. A. Disobedient. Brat." He says in between kisses. Taehyung finds your sweet spot right below your ear and licks it, biting the skin right after. You let out a quiet whimper, shutting your eyes.
"You belong to me. I own you. Get it?" He continues to bite down on your skin, leaving marks all over your neck. The stinging only drives you crazy, already used to him bruising you up like this. "I'm gonna fuck you so good in these woods so that every time they go to this place, everyone will smell our scent together. They'll know you're mine, and mine only."
He travels his hand down to your pants, cupping your crotch firmly. You gasp, looking deep into his golden irises. "My territory."
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btssaysstudy · 19 days ago
Salvage - 2 || jjk/kth.
Summary: After your confession, it's safe to say that there was nothing left to salvage between you and Jungkook. However, things start to change when a new hurdler joins the team. Genre: college!au, track!jungkook, track!taehyung, track!reader, angst & fluff Pairing: jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader Warning(s) : unrequited love, alcohol (drinking) mentioned, swearing Chapter count: 4.5k
series masterlist || one ||
Jungkook may have stopped talking to you, but he never stopped noticing you. But Jungkook had been carrying his own guilt that stopped him from approaching you. Every time you greeted him, all he could remember was how he ignored your texts and left you in the dark.
He wanted to message you and tell you he missed you. He wanted to tell you that he never wants you to leave his side. But he couldn’t. Not when he was the one who pushed you away.
Just when Jungkook had gathered himself to approach you, he noticed you enjoying yourself more. He saw how you got closer to the other track members, and he didn’t want to disrupt your life.
He figured that things were going well for you and it was better that he stayed out of your life. As much as it pained him to not be by your side, he knew he had caused enough damage.
Despite hating it, he made the conscious choice to stay out of your life ever since. Jungkook had convinced himself that it was the right decision.
“Take a picture while you’re at it.” Hoseok’s teasing tone brought him out from his thoughts. Jungkook scoffed, “Wasn’t looking.”
“Definitely believe you. You know she still tells me that it’s her fault.”
“She does?” Jungkook’s eyes darted back to you. You were enjoying your lunch with your usual group but with a new addition - Taehyung.
He used to be that fourth member of the group.
“It’s not her fault, it’s mine…” Jungkook mindlessly uttered with a forlorn gaze as he watched you joke with your friends. Hoseok patted his friend’s back encouragingly, “Use your words on the right person. Those words are not mine to hear.”
“You know I can’t do that. She’s happy now and I hurt her too.”
Hoseok sighed, chugging his Sprite drink down. “I give up on you dude. Don’t be stupid. It’s not too late.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
He grinned at Jungkook, “You should.”
“Hoseok! Jungkook!” A deep cheerful voice disrupted their conversation.
“Hey, Tae! Yn!” Hoseok was the first to greet you and Taehyung. Jungkook greeted Taehyung and glanced at your direction to say hi but you seemed to be actively avoiding his gaze.
Confused and slightly taken aback, he bit back his greeting.
“I’ll text you guys the details later but just wanted to check if you guys are free this Friday night? I’m hosting a small birthday celebration.”
“Sure! I’m free!” Hoseok nudged Jungkook, “You’re free too, right?”
“Yea I’m free.”
Taehyung grinned, draping his arms over your shoulder. “Great! Well, we gotta head off for class now. I’ll text you guys the details later!”
“I’m beginning to think it’s too late, Hoseok.”
Even though Taehyung had said those words nonchalantly, they have been glued in your mind. It was hard to consciously stop trying to smile and greet Jungkook whenever you saw him. But you knew Taehyung was right.
You had been trying for so long to salvage your friendship but to no avail. Jungkook had clearly made it clear that he did not want you in his life.
“Yn! Got you your favourite drink on the way!”
You smiled, reaching out to accept the drink, “Thank you Tae! You didn’t have to!”
He gave a short cheeky giggle as he shrugged his shoulders, “I know but you had a long day today. Plus, you just had a good run.”
You tried to ignore the fluttering in your chest as you thanked him once more. Despite it only being a month since you met Taehyung, he had been around you almost every day. He didn’t attempt to hide his happiness when he found you were both classmates for your Wednesday class for the semester.
It was refreshing to have someone so expressive around you again. At times, it reminded you of Jungkook.
“Yn! Let me see your schedule!” Jungkook reached out for your phone only for you to pull back. “Why do you have to see my schedule?”
Jungkook pouted, slouching his shoulders, “Because I want to be classmates with you.”
You shook your head jokingly, “Someone’s being clingy.”
“I am! I love having classes with you.” Jungkook extended his hands out one more time for your phone, successfully grabbing it while you were caught off guard by his response.
“You do?”
Jungkook’s eyes looked up from your phone to meet yours with a bewildered expression. “Why do you sound so shocked? It’s not a secret I love spending time with you. You’re my best friend after all.”
“It’s all practice. You’ll get there too.” You took a big gulp to quench your thirst, “In fact, you’re a really good sprinter. I’m sure you’ll improve in no time.”
“Very kind words.” He teased, tossing a clean towel over your head, completely blocking your view.
Taehyung placed his arms around your sweaty shoulders, “Now it’s your turn to watch me die out there.”
You pulled the towel off your face and your eyes landed on Jungkook who had been looking at you from afar. Immediately, your eyes darted away, focusing back on Taehyung.
“Good luck on your run.” You playfully pushed Taehyung away and watched as he got to his position as the first runner.
Jungkook hated how comfortable you were Taehyung. That used to be you and him. The two of you used to be the inseparable duo. He used to be the one teasing you and handing you your bottle. Why wasn’t it him anymore?
Jungkook knew the answer and he hated it.
Something in him snapped when he started noticing you getting closer to Taehyung. He knew it could’ve been him instead, but he pushed you away unintentionally. Jungkook had screwed it up and he was now facing the consequences.
As he positioned himself as the final runner, all he could think about was how you used to cheer for his name at the top of your lungs.
But right then, he could distinctly hear your voice cheering another man’s name.
Unlike last time, Jungkook acknowledged the feeling in his heart. It was as if someone had punched him in the throat and momentarily made him lose his breath.
Surprisingly, ever since you had followed Taehyung’s advice, you have been feeling lighter and it was obvious in your actions and expressions.
“The last time I saw you was that huge birthday party which wasn’t long ago, but I feel like I’m talking to a different yn.”
“What do you mean?”
Hoseok tapped his pen to his chin several times, trying to find the proper words to describe it. You had booked one of the study rooms for the day since Namjoon was over at your place and you didn’t want to disturb them either.
“You just seem less burdened.”
“Less burdened?” You repeated, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. Hoseok nodded his head, as if he were agreeing with his thoughts.
“I didn’t want to bring it up, but Jungkook’s noticed that you have been avoiding him recently.”
You huffed, “I haven’t been avoiding him. I’ve just been appreciating those who are still by my side.”
He placed his pen down, letting out a long sigh, “Yn, you know that Jungkook still cares about you. I don’t get why you two can’t just talk it out—“
“You know why,” You said sharply, “I’ve given him space, reached out to him, always greeted him to get his attention. But what did I get in return? I get Jungkook trying to avoid bumping into me in every corridor.”
“Y-Yea… He hasn’t shown it in the best way but—“
“I’m tired Hobi, I’ve been trying for so long. I already feel guilty for screwing up our friendship because of some stupid crush. But at this point, I must be stupid for not reading the signs.”
Hoseok’s face showed it all. He felt bad for you. They all did. Every time Jungkook’s name was brought up, it always turned into a lecture of how you two should talk things out or how Jungkook misses you or how you should approach him one last time.
It got tiring at times, but you understood that Jungkook was their friend as well.
Maybe that was another reason why you liked hanging out with Taehyung. He didn’t know the full history between the two of you. Even if he didn’t, Taehyung never pressed to ask for more.
When you hung out with him, the topic was just you and him. It wasn’t about someone else or about any lecturing on life. It was just you enjoying life with Taehyung.
“It’s okay Hobi,” You glanced at your phone that lit up from a notification. Your tired expression instantly vanished when you saw his name. “He’s coming over right now!”
“Tae?” Hoseok’s pitiful expression morphed into something cheekier as he leaned back into his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. “Is this why your aura has changed? Is something going on with you and Taehyung?”
You scoffed, flicking your wrist to dismiss his accusation, “Please, we’re just friends. Good friends, that’s all.”
“Right…” He replied, unconvinced.
“You better not tease me when he arrives—“
“Hello!” The door to the study room busted wide open to reveal Taehyung with his arms outstretched in a welcoming greeting. “What’s for dinner?” He asked, dropping his bag on the floor, and plopping right next to you.
“It’s 2pm, Tae. Why are you thinking of dinner?”
“I need some motivation to look forward to.”
“Well…” Hoseok’s eyes glinted mischievously, and you flashed a warning look his way. Immediately, he changed his mind, “Instead of having dinner at the dining hall, shall we leave campus for some good meal?”
“Why not!” Taehyung smiled, “Sounds good to me.”
For the next 2 hours, you managed to study with complete focus on your tasks, the two surprisingly did the same. That was until Hoseok’s phone started ringing.
“Hello?” He answered, “Yea… I don’t know, I gotta ask them… Yn and Taehyung…”
Your ears picked up your name and your fingers stopped typing as you tried to listen in to his conversation on the phone.
Hoseok covered his phone’s speaker and whispered, “You guys okay with Jungkook crashing? Library’s packed.”
Taehyung noticed the way your body stiffened at the mention of his name. He figured that you didn’t tell him the whole story, but he didn’t want to pry.
“Are you cool with it?” Taehyung asked you in a low whisper. You didn’t expect Taehyung to direct the question to you and it was thoughtful that he had asked how you felt about it since you had briefly shared your history with Jungkook.
“Yea I’m fine.” You nodded your head, facing Hoseok as he informed Jungkook that he could join in.
Though you tried to make yourself look busy with your revision, your mind was far away from your syllabus. Having Jungkook over was not helping your new agenda on closing the chapter.
“Yn, have you covered this chapter?”
“Mm?” You peered over to Taehyung’s laptop, “Oh I’m revising that now actually.”
‘“Great! Should we go through it together?”
“Yea sure,” You were thankful to have Taehyung force you to focus on your work while waiting for the Jungkook to come over.
It didn’t take long for him to arrive, knocking on the door before entering as he greeted each of you. You willed yourself to make eye contact with Jungkook, casting a small smile as you said hi.
Jungkook was hoping that the seat next to yours was empty. However, he kept his expectations low knowing that Taehyung was present. It didn’t need a genius to notice that you had been spending lots of time with Taehyung. Jungkook always looked for you at the dining hall, though he would chicken out when you made eye contact with him.
So Jungkook immediately picked it up when he always found Taehyung next to you when he spotted you at the dining hall. It left a sour feeling seeing your group become a 4-member group again. It had been a while since your group was ‘complete’, of course, it was because of him.
“Jungkook, wanna join us for dinner?” Taehyung strikes a conversation with the fellow track member opposite him. You stayed out of it as you kept your eyes on your laptop screen, attempting to forget that Jungkook was in the same room as you.
Taehyung had completely given up on studying and he started conversing with Jungkook. As much as Jungkook didn’t like seeing you with Taehyung, he couldn’t help but admit that Taehyung was easy to talk with. He got along well with Taehyung which made him even feel worse that he always felt bitter seeing the two of you together.
As Jungkook’s eyes watched how your face lit up whenever Taehyung talked to you, a heavy feeling washed over him. Jungkook had made his mind that he had to talk to you.
He knew he had to reach out to you before it was too late.
He just had to figure out how.
“Happy advance birthday!” You and Miya cheered, raising both your arms to invite Taehyung in for a hug. His eyes lit up with joy, stretching out his arms to pull you both in for a hug.
“Thank you!”
Namjoon chuckled, shaking his head as Taehyung shimmied his shoulders, “Happy advance birthday Tae but I’ll pass on the hug – Alright, then!” Namjoon caved, chuckling as he wrapped his arms around Taehyung, giving a pat on his back.
“Come in!” Taehyung gestured energetically, “Let me show my house.”
It was a small gathering like Taehyung mentioned. He had only invited those that he was genuinely cool with, a few from table tennis and a few from track. Taehyung, being the welcoming host, gave a house tour, explaining how his parents had book a hotel for the night to let him fully enjoy this birthday celebration.
“This is the guest room, if the party ever gets too chaotic, feel free to use it.” Taehyung opened the door, allowing you three to peek into the room.
Right after the house tour, Taehyung led the way to kitchen, where all the food and drinks were. “We just ordered more pizza so don’t be shy, let’s not waste any food!”
“Yo, Tae! How do you set up this game console?” Someone hollered from the living area. Taehyung flashed a grin, “Make yourself at home! I’ll find you all later!”
“Sure, no worries!” Miya nodded, already filling up her paper plate. Taehyung glanced at you, reaching out to pat your arm, “See you later!” He mouthed before heading off to help with the game console.
After everyone grabbed their snacks for the late, you headed to the living area to find the birthday boy placing a racing game on the console.
“Yn!” Taehyung exclaimed while his eyes glued on the TV screen, “Sit beside me! Watch me beat the record.”
You chuckled, taking a sit next to the birthday boy. Miya and Namjoon followed suit, squeezing on the couch next to you.
“Yes!” Taehyung cheered, turning to you for a high-five which you quickly returned. His bright smile never failed to make the people around him happy. Being around him always felt light and peaceful.
“Hold up!” Namjoon pointed to the coffee table, “You have Just Dance too? Let’s play a match before Hoseok comes to wreck us.”
You and Miya laughed aloud, “Were you that affected?”
“Yes, yes I was. Let’s play around! You and Tae versus Miya and I.”
Taehyung glanced at you and shrugged with a playful grin on his face, “Sure!”
Sitting a couple meters away was Jungkook, downing his first cup of the night. His eyes torturing himself as he watched you partner Taehyung for one Just Dance round. The way your eyes lit up, your mouth upturned almost to your ears.
He knew you were happy. He used to see that look all the time.
After seeing it again, he knew he wanted to be the reason that you were smiling. But all he’s done the past year was made you feel guilty. Jungkook knew he had to change things before graduation.
“You okay?” A feminine voice brought him out from his thoughts.
Jungkook winced internally, momentarily forgetting that he had bumped into a friend at the birthday party.
“Y-Yea sorry, just a bit tired.”
“We could leave the party early if you’d like? I can help us tell Taehyung.”
Jungkook sighed, glancing at his empty cup, “Yea maybe—“ He stopped midway as he looked up to see you leaving your group to head to the kitchen alone, “I”ll get us a few snacks to energise.”
He placed his empty cup on the table, not looking back at his companion as he made his way over to the kitchen.
“Yn,” Jungkook’s voice sounded behind you, “We need to talk.”
Out of all things, you had not expected to hear Jungkook’s voice calling your name that night.
“Talk? We haven’t been talking for a year.” You let your words slip as you finished the remaining alcohol in your cup before refilling it with a non-alcoholic refresher.
Jungkook wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol talking or if it was intentional. He shrugged it off and insisted once more, “Could we talk, please?”
You sighed, nodding your head as you swirled the drink in your cup. “Alright.” Looking up from your cup, Jungkook froze a moment, he noticed the drastic change in your eyes, from how your eyes lit up when you playing Just Dance, to how hurt they looked in front of him.
“I’m shocked that you actually approached me.”
“I mean seeing how you’ve managed to avoid me for the entire year since I confessed—“
“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know how to react to it.” He admitted, “I was stunned and shocked. You were my best friend and to hear those words from you left me speechless.”
“I understand it definitely shocked you and I gave you space but afterwards it just seemed like you didn’t want anything to do with me.”
Jungkook frantically shook his head, “No, no! You misunderstood, I never wanted that. I never wanted to push you away.”
“But it happened.”
He grimaced, knowing that he played a big part in driving a wedge between the two of you. “I know… And I’m really sorry.”
“Then…” You bit your lip as you contemplated your next few words, “Why have you always avoided me ever since?”
Jungkook’s shoulders slumped as he leaned against the counter. “I just didn’t know how to approach you after all this. And after awhile, you seemed to be settling down with a new group of friends and… I didn’t want to disrupt that.”
“So why’d you approach me tonight?”
Jungkook’s eyes darted to the hallway down to the living area before back to you. “I just… I just want to make things right.”
“Make things right?”
“I miss us,” He admits through a heavy breath, “I miss the times when it was you and me. I know I haven’t been the best friend you’ve needed for the past year, and I regret that. But,” Jungkook takes a deep inhale in before continuing, “But if you’re willing to give me a chance to make things right between us, I promise I won’t screw things up.”
As each word came out from his mouth, you felt a lump grow in your throat as you stopped yourself from breaking down into tears. You have been waiting so long to hear those words from Jungkook — to hear that he still wants you by your side.
“It’s been a year,” You choked, “I don’t get why is this suddenly coming up now—“
Jungkook nodded his head as he ran his hand through his hair as an attempt to calm himself down. You could his own emotions getting to him as he blinked repeatedly to stop himself from tearing up.
“After seeing you with Taehyung, it just reminded me of our times together. I never stopped looking out for you ever since. You were my best friend and the past year always felt like something’s missing.”
Just as if you were moving on to a new chapter without Jungkook in the picture, you found him trying to write himself in it.
“I hope I’m not too late, yn. I mean it when I say that I miss my best friend.”
Jungkook cautiously took a step forward towards you, “I’m not asking for an answer now, but, would you consider it?”
You collected yourself and looked him in the eye, thinking of how to phrase your response. You had almost completely given up on the thought of salvaging your friendship with Jungkook that you thought it was the alcohol making you hallucinate the conversation.
“I’ll think about it—“
“There you are! I’ve been looking for you! Here’s your new cup, got a good mix in there.” A well dressed stranger waltzed into the kitchen and approached Jungkook with a cup filled with whatever mixers Taehyung had at the party.
“Oh, hello, you are?”
She flashed a smile at you, “I’m Yuna, nice to meet you! Do you know Jungkook too?”
You glanced at him with his eyes begging you not to leave as your conversation with him was unfinished.
“Sort of. Sorry, I gotta look for my friends.” You tilted your head slightly towards the two to say goodbye, promptly turning on your heels to leave the scene.
You went straight up to the guest room, closing the door behind you to mute the loud pop music blasting in the living room.
Making your way over to the guest bed, you melted into the mattress, letting out long sigh as your palms covered your face.
Jungkook’s face planted in your memory as he reached out to you for the first time in a year.
A part of you wished he didn’t do it because you were just starting to make good progress moving on from that part in your life. You hated how much of an effect his words had on you.
As much as you hated to admit it, you never wanted to remove Jungkook from your life. Despite trying to give up, you always hoped that things would change.
Now with Jungkook being the one who approached you, maybe it was the right time to make that change.
The click of the doorknob startled you, jolting yourself up to see Taehyung enter the room.
“Had a feeling you’d be here.”
He shook his head, “No, actually Hoseok just saw you enter the room.”
You chuckled before letting your smile falter, eyes drifting to the wooden floor.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing Tae.” You looked back up to smile at him, “It’s your birthday party. You should be out there with the rest. I just need some time away from the loud music.”
Taehyung frowned, making his way over to sit next to you.
“They can entertain themselves. You wanna talk about it?”
“I never told you what actually happened with Jungkook.”
Taehyung knew you never told him the full story. He always had a feeling the story was missing information since the day you told him. Sensing that it was a sensitive topic, he never wanted to pry further. He simply nodded his head, staying silent to let you share on your own terms.
“I confessed to him a year ago. I made things awkward between us which is why we drifted. I tried to act normal and get things back to how it was, but I just made it too uncomfortable for him.”
His heart ached as your voice cracked at the end, sniffling to stop yourself from crying. “He approached me tonight, saying that he wants to make things right. You don’t know how badly I’ve been wanting to hear him say that. And to finally hear it,” You let out a bewildered chuckle, “Feels like maybe I had too many drinks.”
Taehyung pressed his lips into a thin line. A part of him had already suspected that something awkward had happened between the two of you. Even though he loved being right, he felt awful knowing that his suspicion was right.
“Shouldn’t you be happy then?”
“I should, shouldn’t I?”
“Are you not?”
“I am… But it’s just so unbelievable.”
Taehyung nodded his head, “The guest room is yours for the night to let it all sink in. That’s good news, yn. You should be happy! Show me that charming smile of yours.” He playfully nudged your sides, trying to get a laugh out of you.
You scoffed, slipping a small smile.
“There we go.” He clapped his hands together, “I’ll go get you water to hydrate and snacks so you can camp out here.”
“No, it’s your birthday party, I’ll come out—“
“My birthday wish is that you stay here and take the time you need to process whatever happened tonight. Could you grant me that?”
Taehyung gently took your hand in his, you nodded your head, “Alright, alright. Thanks Tae, I owe you one.”
“You don’t! You’re just granting my birthday wish!” He grinned before heading towards the door to prepare a special delivery for you.
Sitting alone in the guest room once again, your mind drifted back to Jungkook’s words.
Was there really a chance for both of you to return to how things were?
After that Friday night, he decided it was best to give you the weekend to think about what he said. Even though he decided to do that, he made him antsy. He knew he had to do something.
So when Jungkook spotted Miya alone at the dining hall, Jungkook had to approach Miya.
Miya looked up from her food to greet the person only to then look around her surrounding, “Are you looking for Namjoon?”
“No, I’m actually looking for you.”
Jungkook timidly nodded his head, Miya shrugged her shoulders and gestured to the empty seat opposite her.
“Thanks… I need your help,” Jungkook fidgeted with his fingers, “I want to make up for the lost time with yn. I miss being with her.”
Miya sighed, placing her utensils down, “Jungkook… You don’t need my help for that, I’m sure yn will be more than glad to—“
“We had a… Awkward and tense conversation during Taehyung’s birthday party.”
She chuckled, “So that’s why she was acting strange after the party.”
“She was?”
Miya looked back to Jungkook and shook her head, “Nothing. But, I really don’t think I can be of any help.”
She knew how close you were and Jungkook was also one of her first friends in college, so she wanted to help. She knew how much Jungkook meant to you, even just as friends, she knew how important your friendship with Jungkook was to you.
A part of her had always hoped that she would see you and Jungkook together again. Miya watched Jungkook’s expression, sensing nothing but a genuine determination to make things right.
She shrugged her shoulders, “Alright fine, I’ll help you out.” ~~
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fightmechimchim · 6 months ago
BTS Scenarios - They react to your touching habit.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None (unless you’re uncomfortable with butt touching)
Word Count: 3421
Kim Namjoon:
Tumblr media
‘’Why do you always do this? You have pockets too.’’ Namjoon jested, nodding towards your hand that was currently occupying the right pocket of his jeans.
‘’My pockets are crap. Look how tiny they are! You can’t fit anything in them.’’ You whined, using your free hand to grip at the useless fabric, only pretending to be a functional pocket.
Namjoon chuckled, watching your lips curl in frustration as you continued to criticise your incompetent jeans.
‘’You can buy new clothes.’’ He suggested, which earned him a roll of your eyes. He often felt that these kind of things were simply beyond his understanding.
‘’It’s just not that easy to find clothing with properly sized pockets,’’ you answered, pouting. ‘’And besides, maybe I’m just subtly asking for you to hold my hand,’’ you cooed while shaking your hand inside his pocket.
‘’Oh?’’ Namjoon wondered, looking down at your hand buried deep inside his spacious jeans. A softness encased his features, and he immediately reached inside his pocket to take hold of your hand. He pulled out your intertwined hands from his pocket and began swinging them back and forth at your sides. 
The day was cold, but Namjoon’s warm hold was enough to warm you from the toes up. You grinned as you made your way towards a peaceful little café you both liked to visit.
After getting your drinks and leaving the café, you glanced at Namjoon walking in front of you. A sly smile crept on your face. You ran up to him, careful not to spill the drink in your hand, and slipped your free hand in the back pocket of his jeans, giving his precious behind a loving squeeze. Namjoon startled and almost dropped his drink. He looked at you over his shoulder and began chuckling in embarrassment. You admired the soft pink layering his cheeks.
‘’Uh, you won’t find my hand in there,’’ he quipped with a playful glint in his eyes.
‘’I know.’’ You winked, and he laughed aloud, leaning in to kiss you.
Kim Seokjin:
Tumblr media
Dragging a chair to where Jin was seated, you sat down and lifted your legs so you could place them on his lap. He gave your legs a gentle squeeze before resuming with his game. Five minutes later, your chin was on his shoulder as you toyed with his earrings, and in the next five minutes, you were practically sitting on him as you traced the veins on his hands. You played with his fingers, traced his knuckles, drew circles on his fingertips, and even brought his palm to your face to feel his warmth whenever he freed his hand away from the keyboard.
‘’Are you bored?’’ He asked, glancing at you swiftly before looking back to the screen. The corners of his mouth lifted in a small smile. He’s been very well aware of your actions, finding them immensely adorable.
‘’No, are you?’’ You yawned, poking at his cheek, he pretended to bite your finger, and you pulled it away with a giggle.
‘’I’m not bored, but you always play with my hands when you’re bored,’’ he informed you absent-mindedly while his gaze shifted through the content on the screen.
‘’I didn’t notice. I just love your hands, I guess,’’ You uttered, continuing to idly stroke his fingers.
Jin chuckled, his eyes glowing with tenderness, ‘’I’ll quit playing, and we can do whatever you want,’’ he said and closed the game.
‘’No, it’s okay, you can keep playing,’’ you protested and tried to take the mouse, but Jin closed his hand over yours.
‘’I need both of my hands to play, and I can’t play if you keep groping me,’’ he laughed, poking at your sides.
‘’I wasn’t groping you!’’ You chastised him, but he only laughed.
‘’Okay, okay, how about we do something else…’’ He said suggestively, winking at you. You rolled your eyes, slapping his shoulder lightly.
‘’Later, let’s just cuddle for now?’’ You said, taking his hands in yours, urging him to stand up with you.
You laid down in bed and immediately intertwined your limbs with his in an escapable hold. After some time of peaceful quiet, you found his hands and began playing with them once more. 
‘’Is cuddling boring for you?’’ Jin asked, faking irritation, which made you laugh.
‘’No, I didn’t lie when I said that I love your hands,’’ you smiled, pulling his hands to your lips where you planted plenitude of kisses along his knuckles to prove your point. You felt his chest vibrate as he laughed, but he let you resume, and soon enough, you fell asleep, hands intertwined and hearts full of love.
Min Yoongi:
Tumblr media
‘’What’s on your mind?’’ Yoongi asked, tilting his head to look at you.
‘’Hm?’’ You tensed, staring at the back of his neck where your hand rested, and your fingers pulled at his hair, delicately so as not to hurt him.
‘’Something is on your mind, isn’t it?’’ Yoongi asked again, leaning back on his chair. He lifted his head to look at you, who stood right behind him. You turned your gaze to his loving eyes and tried to smile.
‘’Nothing,’’ you mumbled, shifting your gaze to his computer screen where an array of boxes, whose language you were unfamiliar with, sat occupying the time and attention of your hard-working boyfriend.
‘’You sure?’’ He probed gently, but you just shook your head. He took your hand away from his neck and turned around, silently inviting you to sit on his lap. You accepted and immediately melted into his embrace as he hugged you. He set his chin on your shoulder, and you turned slightly to give him a brief kiss on his temple.
‘’I miss you,’’ you said, giving in to the nagging feeling inside your chest. His comforting touch was an irresistible key that was bound to unlock every strand of thought and emotion hidden inside you.
‘’I’m right here, though,’’ he said, smiling softly into your shoulder.
‘’I know, and I’m probably just being clingy but staying at home sucks, and I just want to be around you all the time… is that bad?’’ You confided with him, letting your thoughts stream into the air, hoping they won’t awaken the insecure voice inside your head.
‘’No honey, I know how you feel,’’ Yoongi spoke softly and brushed his lips across the side of your cheek.
‘’You do?’’ You asked, turning to face him.
He nodded and leaned in to press a reassuring kiss on your lips, slowly as if he had all the time in the world to cherish you. You smiled, and the longing in your began to settle.
‘’Do you want to go home?’’ He suggested.
‘’You still have a lot of work to do, don’t you?’’ You said, looking over his computer.
‘’There’s nothing I can’t finish tomorrow. I don’t want to worry you anymore,’’ he smiled, reaching to caress the side of your face.
‘’I’m not that worried. You don’t have to leave for me…’’ You pouted as a snip of guilt found its way into your gut.
‘’You always play with my hair at the nape of my neck when you’re worried about something, and that’s enough to let me know you need me,’’ he said, glancing backwards at your hand, which somehow found its way to the back of his head again. You let go of the soft strands that tangled between your fingers and looked at him sheepishly.
‘’Thank you, Yoongi,’’ you beamed, hugging him, happy with the content peace that settled over you both.
‘’I don’t want to get up anymore,’’ you giggled.
‘’Me neither. Do you just want to sleep on the couch?’’ He said, as you looked over at the small couch in the corner of his studio.
‘’Yes,’’ you smiled.
‘’It might not be comfy,’’ he reminded.
‘’It’s okay, you’re a great pillow,’’ you chuckled, poking his tummy.
‘’Is that all that I am?’’ He teased, poking you back.
‘’Of course not, you’re the love of my life,’’ you said, kissing him on the forehead.
‘’I’m honoured,’’ he grinned, his gummy smile making an appearance.
‘’The honour is all mine,’’ you laughed, dragging him to the small couch where you laid your head on his chest and relished the feeling of Yoongi’s fingers brushing through your hair.
Jung Hoseok:
Tumblr media
You eyed the numerous sheets that littered your desk, heart sinking with every unchecked paper that glared at you. The harsh light of the computer screen has been burning your eyes for the past hour, and you no longer had any strength left in you to work through another few minutes. Your head was pounding, and your joints ached.
Stepping away from the table, you made your way into the kitchen in search of your boyfriend. Despite the soreness in your muscles, you did not protest against the steps that took you closer to the warmth of Hoseok’s figure standing at the kitchen counter making you dinner.
You circled your arms around his waist and rested your cheek on his back. The warmth radiating from his skin seeped into you, and you relaxed against him, turning your head to set a multitude of lingering kiss on his shoulders. You felt him shake as a leisurely chuckle sounded in your ears. You hummed in pleasure, feeling his hands rub soothing circles along your arms that rested on his stomach.
‘’You okay?’’ He asked, trying to turn around.
‘’Mhm, just don’t move please,’’ you whispered into his back, and he stilled. He continued to caress your hands which you shifted to pull him closer to you.
‘’You’re warm,’’ you remarked, eyes closing.
‘’Are you cold?’’ He asked, pulling your arms tighter around him as if to give you more of his heat.
‘’No,’’ you smiled despite the headache.
‘’You put too much pressure on yourself. You need to rest and take better care of yourself, or at least let me take care of you.’’ Hoseok spoke, and despite your protest, he turned around to face you. Your arms remained circled around him, and he gently cupped your face stroking your cheeks as if he could wipe away the exhaustion eating away at you.
‘’I don’t even do that much work, no matter how long I sit at that cursed table, it seems like nothing gets done, and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the results I want,’’ you sighed, dropping your forehead to rest on his shoulder.
Hoseok reached his hand to gently lift your chin so you may look at the sincerity in his eyes when he spoke, ‘’hey, you’re the most incredible person I know, and I know you put all that you have into your work even if you don’t think it’s enough. I can see how much you care, and I wish you could see just how much I admire you for all that you do. You should admire yourself too.’’ The softness of his voice was enough to invite the heap of tears that have been welling up inside you. Not worrying about shielding your stress from him, you let yourself cry.
Hoseok tugged you closer to him, engulfing you in his arms as he murmured loving words to you. He let you cry for as long as you needed, and once you sniffled past your last sob, you thanked him.
‘’How do you always know what’s wrong with me?’’ You croaked out, your throat thick from crying.
Hoseok smiled, placing a kiss on your cheekbone.
‘’I realised that your way of seeking comfort when your upset is by giving me a back hug and showering me in kisses,’’ he said, petting your head as you gazed at him.
‘’I’m glad you noticed that,’’ you whispered, feeling warmth swell in your chest.
‘’Let’s eat and go to sleep, okay?’’ He wiped away the wetness underneath your eyes and planted one more affectionate kiss on your lips. You nodded and followed him to the table set for you to eat, thankful that you always had him to care for you. 
Park Jimin:
Tumblr media
The click of the lock had you springing from your seat and rushing to the door to greet him. Jimin was barely a foot in the house before you embraced him in your arms and nestled your face in the crook of his neck, and heaved in a deep breath. You missed him all the way from his scent to the press of his hands on your back.
‘’I missed you too, angel,’’ he smiled into your temple before setting a soft kiss. The feeling of his lips on your skin, the sound of his voice fluttering down your back, and the tenderness of his arms around you had you pulling him even closer to you with aching effort. If Jimin felt smothered, he didn’t show it. He was more than happy to be swallowed by your embrace.
You did not care for time as you stood with him in the narrow hallway, simply adoring the feeling of his body so close to your own. You began brushing your nose back and forth against his neck to soothe the ache that’s been haunting you ever since Jimin left for tour.  
‘’Is something wrong?’’ He asked, pulling you away gently to gaze at you. Concern lined his eyes, causing something to stir in you.
‘’What? How did you know?’’ You looked at him, startled that he caught on when you didn’t even give him a chance to see your face before tackling him to a hug.
‘’You always brush your nose against my neck when you feel upset… just something I’ve noticed over time,’’ he explained, a smile gracing his beautiful face.
‘’Oh…’’ You blushed, glad to welcome back the familiar stammering of your heart that only ever appeared when Jimin said something to make you feel loved and noticed.
‘’I just missed you… It feels good, to finally feel you close,’’ you said, reaching to stroke his cheek. He leaned into your touch with a bright smile and pulled you back to him. You felt him bury his face in the crook of your neck, and soon enough, the gentle touch of his nose, brushing against your neck back and forth, warmed your skin. You laughed, glad to finally have him home.
Kim Taehyung:
Tumblr media
‘’I’m going to get something to eat from the kitchen. Do you want something?’’ You asked your boyfriend, nudging him with your foot, where he sat in front of the computer playing video games.
‘’No, I’m good,’’ he murmured, completely mesmerised by whatever was happening on screen.
You hoisted yourself from the bed and set a chaste kiss on Taehyung’s cheek before leaving the room. Frustrated exclamations followed you out, which made you laugh.
After finding some snacks, you trudged back to your room, eyes glued to your phone screen where a random video stole your attention. You sat on the bed, snacking while continuing to scroll through random posts.
‘’Are you mad at me?’’ Taehyung asked suddenly, and you almost dropped your phone, surprised to see him peering at you from the foot of the bed.
‘’Huh?’’ You asked, confused. Taehyung looked at you cautiously and then slowly glanced towards the kitchen.
‘’Did I forget to wash some dishes? Did I leave the fridge open? What did I do?’’ He asked, inching closer to you, each question leaving you more confused. 
‘’No? I’m not mad at you, Taehyung,’’ you giggled at his unconvinced expression.
‘’You called me Taehyung,’’ he said, pointing at you accusingly, ‘’you are mad at me!’’ He exclaimed, standing up and rushing to the kitchen.
‘’I’m not mad at you! What are you talking about?’’ You yelled after him, and eventually got up to follow him into the kitchen.
You saw him standing there, turning in circles as he scratched his head.
‘’What are you doing?’’ You approached him and placed your palm on his forehead to check for temperature. He took your hand into his and stared at you deep in thought while you raised your eyebrows in silent question.
‘’If you’re not mad at me, then why didn’t you kiss me?’’ He asked, tilting his head in wonder.
‘’Kiss you?’’ You repeated, bemused.
He nodded before explaining, ‘’you always give me a kiss when you leave or enter the room,’’ he said, pointing at random parts of his cheek and the top of his head where you’d usually place a kiss. ‘’And you didn’t kiss me when you came back from the kitchen… the only time you don’t do it is when you’re mad,’’ he finished. You stared at him in bewilderment.
‘’I do that?’’ You asked, feeling humoured by a habit you never noticed you had.
‘’I didn’t realise, but don’t worry, I’m not mad at you,’’ you chuckled, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek, parting away with a loud ‘mwah’ sound in exaggeration. He smiled, taking you in his arms.
‘’Now take back that other part,’’ he said, eyes beaming with delight.
‘’What other part?’’ You questioned.
‘’The part where you called me Taehyung! I’m not Taehyung. I’m honey, babe, or love,’’ he exclaimed, offended though a smile bloomed on his face.
‘’Oh, okay, sorry I take it back, honeeyyyy,’’ you laughed while exaggerating the word.
Taehyung raised his eyebrows as a playful gleam flashed across his eyes. You ran before he could tackle you and start tickling you, although it was futile. Not even a minute later, you were begging for mercy as sounds of laughter rang from your room. Taehyung had you pinned on your bed, his hands travelling up and down your sides, demanding that you never call him Taehyung again. 
Jeon Jungkook:
Tumblr media
The heat of the morning sun was slowly but incessantly burning your cheek, and you whined for Jungkook to close the curtains so you could continue your slumber. After some time, the sun was still heating your face, except this time it was accompanied by someone poking at your forehead.
You open your eyes begrudgingly and met Jungkook’s gaze. He was watching you sleep with a soft smirk shaping his lips.
‘’Good morning,’’ he whispered, brushing his fingers through your hair. You sighed at the sensation but then frowned.
‘’Why didn’t you close the curtains when I asked?’’ You whined, stretching your legs underneath the warm blankets.
‘’You didn’t ask me,’’ Jungkook chuckled huskily, still not fully awake.
‘’I thought I did… maybe I asked you in my dream,’’ you yawned, biting down gently on Jungkook’s finger that he tried to slip inside your gaping mouth.
‘’Babe?’’ He asked, poking your forehead once again. You hummed in question.
‘’We need to talk about something,’’ he said, looking at you sternly. You opened your eyes wider in question, and Jungkook flipped the covers off of your bodies despite your protests that it’s cold.
‘’Look,’’ he said, directing his gaze to where your hand was… on his ass, where it has been sneaking to all night, and no matter how many times Jungkook pushed it away, he always woke up with it right there. You laughed, squeezing his behind as Jungkook just rolled his eyes and pulled your hand away.
‘’You’re welcome?’’ You teased him while poking at his butt.
‘’Why is it that every time I wake up, your hand is always there?’’ He asked, taking your hand in his own, giving it a playful shake.
‘’Well, why do you have such a nice butt?’’ You retorted back, trying to slip your hand back to where you had it, but Jungkook quickly rolled on top of you, pinning your hands to your sides.
‘’No more butt touching,’’ he said, failing to sound serious as a rumble of laughter escaped your lips, causing him to laugh as well and release your hands. You took that opportunity to place both of your hands on his behind, securing him against you.
‘’Hey!’’ Jungkook protested, trying to wiggle out of your hold. You only laughed in joy.
‘’Don’t pretend like you don’t like it,’’ you teased, squeezing his butt once more. He groaned in response, but his lips were stretched wide in a smile. He laid his head down on your chest and began to hum, and soon enough, the both of you fell back asleep. When Jungkook woke up an hour later, cuddled next to your side, he found that your hand never moved away from his behind. He could only laugh because you were right, he absolutely did not mind waking up with you like that.
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binxyu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Jungkook was meant to be just a guilty pleasure. Not your guilty pleasure, but a guilty pleasure. You knew never to fall in love with a man that thought loyalty was showing up on time. He was everything you never needed, but here you were. Your fingers pressed on the trigger that would start the flame of pain.
>>Pairing: Jeon Jungkook (dom) x fem!reader (sub) | fuckboy!jk x witch!reader
>>Word Count: 7.5k
>>Genre: Mini Series / Smut & Angst
>>Warnings/Kinks: Arguments, breast play, creampie, cum play, disloyalty, degrading, exhibitionism, fingering, hair pulling, marking, oral (receiving), praise, unprotected sex, and witchcraft
Tumblr media
Jungkook was too beautiful for his own good.
From his pouty lips and sharp jaw line to his starry eyes. The man was perfection.
Even you had fallen for him, a woman that stopped believing in love.
But, all you could do now was remember the times you had together as the fire slowly burns in front of you.
As your love for Jeon Jungkook disappeared into nothingness.
Tumblr media
Your fingers typed away at the keyboard, writing the second of three essays you had due. It was nearing the end of the semester and, while you were ecstatic at the mere thought of summer vacation, the stress of exams was looming over you.
“Can you look over this paragraph for me?”, you peeked up over your laptop and nodded, moving your own device out of the way to make room for Namjoon’s. Kim Namjoon was a journalist in the making, a man that knew exactly how to put events into words. He was quite different from you, but study sessions together were always eventful. You were the perfect person to correct his grammar mistakes or to help add detail to his work and he was the perfect person to help explain a certain historical detail you may have missed.
Studying religions was what you had decided was your interest considering your unique practice. You enjoyed learning about the beliefs of people centuries ago but the facts could get scrambled in your brain and that’s where Namjoon came in. He almost seemed to have a never ending timeline in his brain.
“I’d add more emphasize on Jungkook. He did beat the record after all”, you quickly realized when you read the paragraph that he was writing for the school paper again. Despite your attempts to persuade the man that he could do much better with his time, he continued to write for it.
“That’s true. Wait, how did you know about that?”, you let out an amicable chuckle. Of course Namjoon would assume you did not know. Just because you despised sports did not mean you were deaf. The whole school had been talking about the student since the track meet. While you couldn’t remember the exact record he beat, it was still a record.
“People talk”, you shrugged and Namjoon nodded. It was peaceful for a moment as you went back to typing, managing to push aside your emerging migraine. Your body was begging for a good nap, but you had to get this done. You were, among less appealing qualities, a hard worker. Perhaps it was due to the pressure put on you as a child or maybe it was because that diploma was just out of reach. Either way, nothing was going to get in the way of your future.
And, like the biggest fuck you from the universe, Jeon Jungkook walks in.
Yet, you hadn’t realized and kept typing until Namjoon cursed loudly, drawing you out of your world.
“Are you okay?”, your voice was soft before your eyes met the issue. Oh, poor clumsy Namjoon.
He had spilt his coffee all over his shirt, staining the freshly new white blouse he had worn. You couldn’t help but laugh as you dug in your bag for a napkin.
“Don’t bother, it’s too much for a napkin. I’ll go to the restroom. Be right back”, you gave him a brief nod and a thumbs up. Still, you got up with your little pack of napkins and tried to clean up the remaining coffee staining into the table. The librarian is sure to kill you both if it does end up staining the wood. Standing back to examine your work, you almost screamed.
Standing by your laptop was a tall figure with the most sinister smirk you’ve ever seen.
Jeon fucking Jungkook spilt your coffee all over your notes and laptop.
Your mouth hung open for a moment before fury overtook the shock. You stomped up to the broadly built man and yes you didn’t believe in violence as a solution but all you wanted to do was slap the smirk right off his gorgeous face.
“Why did you do that?”, you also wanted to yell but the librarian was already eyeing the table and you couldn’t draw attention to the mess.
“Because I like to watch you suffer, sourpuss”, how have you not killed the man in front of you? You had no idea. Because that name infuriated you.
You knew it was the student’s way of messing with you, wanting to strike that minuscule nerve inside of you. No one else believed you could get angry but Jungkook knew you could. Mostly because he had caused that anger.
“And why is that? Because Jimin told you another lie about me?”, Jeon Jungkook was so impossibly similar to Park Jimin that it was uncanny who he had learned his traits from. Truth be told, you had the smallest crush on the man in front of you during freshmen year. He was so affectionate, caring, and friendly back then.
But, instead of ending up with the sweet heartthrob, you had ended up with Jimin for that year and the next.
Starting out, he was simply a popular boy and loved you with his whole heart. But, time went by and his true colors shun through like the sunlight through your irritatingly useless blinds. He was a playboy. An awfully good one at that for you to have never noticed the extra pairs of undergarments that laid on his floor when you slept over at his dorm.
He cheated, but he blamed it all on you and even Jeon Jungkook hates your guts because you were sure Jimin had told him exactly what he had told most of your friends. That you had broken his heart with your “horrifying” witchcraft and that you were dangerous. It explained why so many students asked to see your devil shrine the next day or tried to barge into your dorm to look at what Jimin talked about.
The most ironic thing was that you had never used magick around the man and you barely used it to begin with. You supposed it was for good reason considering that happened the first time you told someone about it.
“Jimin doesn’t lie. He’s never lied to me and I’m sure you’re well aware of what you did”, his finger jabbed harshly above your breast, just slightly lower than your collarbone. Among many things, Jungkook was dense and forgetful. You noticed that quickly when you started spotted reminders written on his fingers or palm. Just like the little note saying “library 7pm” was written on the finger jabbing you.
Unless the track star had another reason to be in the library he never visited, he wrote that down just to catch you in time.
“Tell me, Jeon. What did I do?”, you tilted your head and moved away from him, realizing the coffee was now leaking onto the floor. You desperately wished Namjoon would hurry up and get back to help you.
“You broke his heart. Using magick or something”, you bit your lips in annoyance and turned around to face him.
“Or something? Jungkook, I never did anything to Jimin. I know you won’t believe it because you look up to him like some god, but he cheated on me. He broke my heart”, you jabbed back, hitting the same spot he hit you, “and, if you haven’t noticed, Jimin doesn’t seem heartbroken, does he?”. If he dared to say yes you may have to use that horrifying magick Jimin lied about because your ex was anything but heartbroken. He was with a new woman almost every night and, even with this knowledge, they lined up to be with him. Who could deny the charming Park Jimin?
Finally, Jungkook shook his head, his curly black hair bouncing as he did the movement. If he wasn’t such a nuisance, you might’ve wished you could run your fingers through it. It looked so fluffy.
“Then, leave me alone. It’s been years of your torment and I’m tired of it”, you sighed and slung your bag over your shoulder after shoving your slightly wet laptop into it, walking out of the library after sending a text to Namjoon that you had felt bad because no one really knew about your fights with Jungkook and Namjoon would surely try to beat his ass if he found out about it.
Leaving the coffee on the table was a bold move but a part of you hoped that the asshole would clean it up. It was his mess after all. Not your’s.
Tumblr media
“You’re coming to the track meet, right?”, the voice startled you and you sat up on your bed, making direct eye contact with Kim Taehyung. The only guy with a key to your dorm.
“Tae, I love you but you know I do not do sports”, you grumbled and flopped back onto your bed. Your classes had you beat and the need for a nap was too great to give up. Even if it was for your best friend.
“I know but it would mean so much if you were there”, don’t do it. Don’t do it.
You did it.
You made direct eye contact with those big puppy eyes Taehyung always used to get his way. You had fallen victim once again.
Which was why you had ended up in the cold, shivering as you watched the team run around the track for what felt like an eternity.
Taehyung had done great considering he barely moved before the season but who really stood out was Jungkook. His back muscles were only moments away from ripping through the flimsy shirt he was wearing and sweat was coating his hair. He was aware of how good he looked. He always was. He even was ballsy enough to wink at one of the girls screaming his name in the crowd.
Thankfully, the pleasant bliss that was drinking kept your mind off how irritated you were. You had snuck in a beer to drink (not that everyone else didn’t) and the alcohol loosened you up a bit.
After the meet was over, a sweaty Taehyung was clinging to you like a massive koala. He was high off adrenaline and couldn’t decide whether he wanted to cuddle or jump around.
“Tae, take this before you pass out on top of me”, you handed him a water and he gratefully took it, still leaning against you as he chugged down the drink.
Taehyung and you were polar opposites. He was an athlete, quite dorky, a great singer, and was overly optimistic. You, on the other hand, liked to keep to yourself, was not the best of singers, and always stuck to the reality of things. Even if you could manipulate that reality the tiniest bit.
“Let’s get you home”, you let the man lean his weight on you tiredly as you started to walk towards the exit of the field.
“Sourpuss, I need to talk to you”, that voice was definitely not the one you needed to hear when you were this tired and already agitated. What does a girl have to do to spend time in her bed?
“I’m a little busy if you haven’t realized”, you gestured to Taehyung, who was breathing directly on your neck and nuzzling his nose against the skin. It wasn’t an odd gesture considering your close friendship but his face was so cold it send goosebumps down your spine.
“I’ll help”, Jungkook offered, quickly coming to your rescue by crouching down and getting Tae on his back. The man grumbled but was happy to take the ride considering it was less soreness for his legs to endure the next day.
The Jeon Jungkook helping? What a trip.
“What do you want?”, you winced at how rude it sounded. Sure, Jungkook most definitely deserves said rudeness, but he was helping you.
“I’m sorry”, you legitimately thought you were hearing things and turned your head to look at him, stopping in your tracks.
“Can you say that again? I don’t think I heard you correctly”, the athlete groaned before turning to look at you, frustration evident on his face.
“I’m sorry. You were right about Jimin. He’s been talking shit behind my back for months and I had no idea”, if it wasn’t for your “told you so” attitude, you would’ve felt sorry for him. Jimin was one of his closest friends after all.
“Hate to say I told you so but”, he glared at you to shut up and you quickly did. His glare was so cold that a shiver went up your spine.
“Sorry, it was a joke. Jimin is really manipulative so don’t let him bring you down”, you reassured him, even bringing your hand up to pat his shoulder. By the way he flinched away, you would’ve assumed your hand was made of lava.
Noted. Jungkook hates being touched.
“I assumed so much about you and that was immature of me”, the man smiled softly at you. It felt like arrows pierced your heart. He had such a cute smile for an asshole. Like a bunny.
“It’s fine. Lots of people assume things about me”, you shrugged as you both started walking again, Taehyung looking down at you to make sure you’re okay. He was like your protective older brother and you couldn’t be more thankful to have him around.
“But they shouldn’t. So what if you follow a different religion? It doesn’t mean you’re evil”, that was probably the first time someone agreed with your practices besides Taehyung and Namjoon (mostly because he understood it better than others).
“Thank you for saying that. It means a lot”, you finally smiled back at him, sending his heart right into his chest as his heartbeat picked up. Needless to say, he adored your smile.
“I hate to ask this of you but could you tutor me on Epidemiology? I regret ever taking it and I’ll pay you”, you were wide-eyed with shock to say the least. You didn’t expect Jungkook to go out of his way to learn. Especially, not with you.
“Sure, you can join Namjoon and I in the morning”, you nodded before you saw the way Jungkook’s nose crinkled up in displeasure.
“What? What’s wrong with that?”, he sighed in response to the question as you both reached your dorm building. You’d just let Tae stay with you for the night.
“Namjoon hates my guts. We’re way too different. Besides, aren’t you two dating? I don’t want to be some third wheel”, Jungkook almost sounded disgusted at the idea, probably imagining you making out with Namjoon in front of him.
“I’m not dating him. He’s just the only other intelligent male I can tolerate”, he seemed to relax once you finished speaking but there was still tenseness evident in his shoulders which wasn’t due to the large man on his back.
“I still don’t get along with him despite the fact that he writes about me all the time. He once yelled at me for cheating and wrote an article about it”, that was a slap right to your face. Right, Jungkook was a player and he could throw your feelings aside like one of his cigarettes. Do not get attached.
“Well, don’t cheat”, you said because, let’s be real, it’s the truth. You unlocked the door and helped Taehyung off of his back.
“Bye Koo, thanks again”, your words were quick and you kicked the door closed with your shoe, your hands full thanks to the oversized man child clinging onto you.
Koo. He liked that.
Tumblr media
Weeks had ticked by and, somehow, Jungkook had managed to get your number. Honestly, Namjoon probably slipped it out or Taehyung gave it to him. According to Tae, the man had been oddly friendly to him and they were (borderline) friends now. They played video games together, practiced together, and even barged into your place for snacks together.
Great. Now you had two man-children to take care of and feed. It was definitely taking a chunk out of your paycheck each week to get extra snacks for the two. They ate like starving animals whenever they came over. A small part of you even thought it was just to piss you off even more.
Jungkook finally managed to get you to agree for a tutoring session with him. Just one. If this one went well then maybe you would agree to more.
The only sad thing about the session was that it was scheduled to happen right after your last class on Friday in your previous dorm. The dorm you had just finished cleaning up since the last time the two adult toddlers had destroyed it.
Surprisingly, when you had woken up one morning, Jungkook was still there. You assumed he and Tae were too drunk to get back to their own dorms and had decided to just sleepover at your’s. It was quite annoying if you were to be honest, but the way Koo looked actually interested in your religion was enticing.
He didn’t look scared or disgusted when he looked at your little collection of crystals on your desk or the jar resting on your end table sealed with candle wax. If anything, he actually looked amused or even impressed.
“I’ll pick you up after class. I can’t believe you don’t drive and walk to your dorm every day”, Jungkook shook his head as he walked beside you. Coincidentally, your last classes were next to each other but you were shocked to hear him offer to give you a ride.
“Don’t judge me, Mr. Playboy. I just have a fear of hitting someone. Have you seen the lunatics at this campus? They will run out into traffic for fun”, the man chuckled wholeheartedly at the pout on your lips. Plus, your joke was actually pretty accurate. Even he had almost hit a drunk idiot when trying to get back to his dorm late one night.
“Okay, that’s fair. So, you okay with me driving you?”, you nodded cautiously. While Jungkook was guaranteed to know every path to your dorm by now, you were still guarded. Being in that tight of a space with him was going to be difficult.
No, you don’t get those so-called “butterflies” when you were with him. Honestly, those butterflies were typically a bad sign to you. Feeling sick because you loved someone sounded a bit odd and almost contradictory.
You actually found yourself with more powerful emotions than anything. If Jungkook made you angry, you were angry. If he made you happy, you were happy.
Everything just felt so much stronger when you were around him. Thankfully, he almost always made you happy. He made you laugh because, once he discovered that beautiful sound, he couldn’t get enough.
So, after your class, you met him out in the hall and he walked you to his car. Now you realized how such an undetermined man got into college.
He was filthy rich.
Sitting there in the parking spot was a brand new Mercedes Benz. Its black color almost matched the distinct leather jacket that he decided to wear today. It very much screamed Jeon Jungkook.
However, it did not scream you whatsoever. You were almost afraid to get near it.
“Hop in. My grade isn’t getting any lower”, he opened the door for you and you weren’t sure if it was because you were friends, or whatever the fuck you two were, or if it was because he wanted a discount.
That’s not fucking happening. He’s already stolen plenty of money through snacks from your cabinets.
Meekly, you got into the vehicle, immediately buckling your seatbelt as if it was going to hurl itself into motion at any moment. Jungkook shut the door and went around to get into the drivers’ seat. Apparently he trusted his own driving so much that he never wore a seatbelt (Namjoon would’ve had a stroke if he was told that) and he drove with one hand (scratch that- make it two strokes).
Despite those things, he was an actual good driver. You felt safe and he drove the speed limit. Maybe it was just because you were in the car with him?
Getting out of the luxurious leather seats proved to be a hassle considering you knew your seats in your dorm were no where near as comfortable. You could sleep in that passenger seat without a care in the world compared to your own bed. Still, you forced yourself to get out and you two went up to your dorm. Jungkook is way too familiar with the place now considering he barely talks to you. It’s your place and, yet, he comes here for Tae.
“Alright, what unit do you need help on?”, you asked softly as you took the needed supplies out of your bag. You actually already took Epidemiology. It had nothing to do with your major but it was interesting to you. Who wouldn’t want to learn about the science of the world’s biggest killer: disease?
Jungkook simply looked at you, blinking a few times and pressing his tongue into his cheek in that nervous habit you realized he had.
“Oh- for fucks sake, Koo”, you grumbled as you realized how long of a process this was going to be.
Tumblr media
It had been months since you began tutoring the student and, finally, there was progress.
Standing proudly with his shoulders back was Jeon Jungkook holding a test with a big number ‘92’ on it in red ink. Your heart swelled with pride.
“I passed! This was the exam review test so I’ll pass the exam, right?”, you smiled brightly as you looked at his excited eyes. You never thought Jungkook would ever be excited over passing a class but you can’t judge people by their covers, right?
“Yeah! Just keep up with the studying and you got it”, you nodded quickly, looking away from his puppy eyes when you felt happiness engulf you like a fire.
Ironically, you were actually playing with fire. Your hand tugged on the trigger and a flame flickered from the end of your lighter. You brought it down and lit the candle in front of you. To be honest, you were a bit of a goodie two shoes but you did break one rule.
No fire in the dorms.
“Hey, I really wanted to thank you. I’m actually passing all my classes now and it fills like my life has purpose again”, woah, didn’t expect that.
“No problem, Koo. Your life always has purpose. What do you mean?”, you looked up from what you were doing, noticing he was leaning against the frame of your door.
“All I did was party and drink. Sure, I was a good athlete but that can only take you so far”, you nodded in understanding and stood up, walking towards him.
He followed your every move like prey waiting for the predator to attack them.
But, instead of an attack, he was met with a warm, genuine, and, all around, great hug.
“Do you think of me as everyone else does?”, you looked up at him, meeting his starry eyes.
Oh, you hated them because of how much you loved them. They held the galaxy within them and you could stare into them for hours if given the chance.
You were many things but, tragically for Jungkook, a liar wasn’t one of them.
“Honestly, I did before. I’ve seen you do some of the things the rumors talk about-“, smoking, cheating, fighting, “but now I know that’s not all you are. There’s more to you, Koo”.
Tumblr media
All Jungkook had been able to think about was your words. Sure, he didn’t care about your opinion before but it truly did make him happy to know you thought better of him.
“Jk! Where have you been?”, oh no.
“Jimin? I’ve just been at the gym a lot”, lies. He had been with you a lot.
“Ah, I see. How’s the bet going?”, the shorter man asked, running his fingers through his precisely cut hair. What a born model.
The bet. The bet you had no clue about. The bet Jungkook was too dense to refuse.
“It’s going. She hugged me yesterday”, Jimin scoffed and then chuckled, vastly different sounds that almost made Jungkook double over in fear. Truth be told, he despised Jimin. He despised him because he scared him. The only other man more influential than him was Jimin and that meant Jimin could ruin his reputation in a matter of seconds.
“That’s all? Damn, she really is void of love”, the bet Jimin was referring to was the one he made with the younger at the beginning of the year.
“I bet you can’t make her fall in love with you. She didn’t even love me, Koo! Me! I’m telling you, if you make her fall in love with you then I’ll get you anything you want”.
Time was running out with exams coming up and Jungkook needed to hurry if he was going to win such a bet. But, was it worth it if it meant disappointing you? Jimin may be scary but you made him feel so happy and so proud.
The only time he had seen you disappointed was when Taehyung broke one of your jars, resulting in a mess of coins, herbs, and wax on the floor. That’s the day he decided he never wanted to be on the receiving end of one of those looks.
“Yeah, she’s guarded which is understandable-“, wait- did Jeon Jungkook just grow some balls? “I’d be void of love too if everyone judged me for something I believed in”. He did.
“Where is that coming from? She deserves it, doesn’t she? Come on, JK. Keep that head in the game!”, Jimin patted his head like he was a child with all A’s on his report card, which, for once, was actually true thanks to you.
What game? You? Were you truly just a game to him?
“Alright, I’ve got this”, damn. Maybe you were.
Most nights you found yourself at the library now. It was the only place that was filled with peace and quiet. Especially on a Friday. Not even the librarian was here.
“Guess who”, hands covered your eyes and you would’ve punched the man behind you if you didn’t immediately recognize his husky voice. It was soothing with just the perfect mix of roughness. You couldn’t help but wonder what it sounded like when he just woke up.
“An asshole who thinks it’s okay to sneak up on women in a deserted place”, you grumbled and Jungkook immediately removed his hands.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”, oh here we go. Argument number two thousand.
“I wasn’t scared. I was just saying that, one, you’re an ass and, two, don’t do that to women”, he nodded in agreement and you thought that was the stopping of an argument. Boy, oh boy, were you wrong.
“I won’t anymore but you’re so weak. I’ve scared you so many times now”, you glared at him. Thanks to months of being by Jungkook’s side, you had become a bit more out of control. The feelings you used to keep caged up were now more out in the open. You cussed more often, even tried drinking (and almost spit it out on him), and your frustration was no longer hidden from the world.
“Jungkook, you are a menace to society and I would like it if you leaved”, it was a pointless threat. You didn’t really mean it. You adored his company but you wouldn’t admit that with a gun to your head.
“Liar, you love me”, shit. Did you? No, don’t ask that. It was just a joke.
Damn you and your overthinking.
“No, I hate you. Shut up”, that was also a useless threat. Jungkook never shut up. He was quite the talker and shutting up was not in his vocabulary.
“No, you hate me. Shut up”, he sat on the table you were previously working on, knowing this would take a while. Your arguments always lasted between thirty minutes to two or three hours. You both hated to back down.
“No, I love you. Shut the fuck up”, wait a second-
“As you wish”, he smirked victoriously and leaned closer, his face so close to your’s that you could smell his musky cologne.
“That was wrong”, you glared at him and he shook his head, “don’t open your mouth aga-“ you were cut off as his lips connected with your’s. He kissed you so intensely that your mind was fogged up, trying to figure out what the hell just happened.
Finally, with your brain still hooked on adrenaline, your hands found their way to his cheeks, cupping his well defined face as you kissed back. You could feel him smile into the kiss before he pulled away, leaving a spark traveling down your body. Now, that’s a good feeling.
“Ah, I love when you shut the fuck up”, you were so close to beating him with your bag.
Tumblr media
Everything was weird after the kiss. Life wasn’t some fairytale where you both lived happily ever after in some old palace somewhere.
No, you were both actually stuck in that “fuck, what are we?” mess.
Love wasn’t something you could control and that was why you never let it get that far, but, with Jungkook, it felt uncontrollable, spreading like wildfire.
So, you avoided him.
Of course, it wasn’t the most humane or easiest form of dealing with your feelings but it worked.
Well, for a little bit until Koo decided to block you off in the library, cornering you into the back section of the religious books. Oh, how ironic.
“What’s wrong?”, his voice made your knees want to give out. It was early and you assumed he woke up early just to catch you. His attire said that enough from his sweatpants to the tank top hugging his upper body. He obviously just threw something on before he left.
“What are you talking about?”, you tilted your head and tried to act innocent, but, once again, a liar you were not.
“Oh please, you’re obviously pissed off or scared of me or something”, bingo. You were horrified of what you were feeling and, in tune with it, Jungkook.
“I don’t know! Why do you even care? You’re obviously going to pass your exam so what am I needed for anymore?”, you winced at your own words, watching as the man’s usual bright expression turned into a sorrowful one.
“It’s much more than that, y/n”, that was probably one of the first times he had said your name. He usually called you nicknames like princess, sourpuss, or whatever else he came up with depending on his mood.
“Then what is it?”, the stare he gave you made you want to hide further into the corner. It was so predatory that your body was trying to fight its own instincts to run away and avoid the problem. You were always a flight over fight type of girl.
“You”, the one word made your eyebrows furrow, racking your brain for a response or understanding of what he meant. Jungkook shook his head as you watched your face twist in confusion.
“You’re so dense. Why would I kiss you if it wasn’t all for you?”, he leaned closer to you, hand resting on the shelf of the bookcase behind you. You silently thanked the universe that no one else was in there yet.
“Discount?”, it was the first thing you thought of and it caused a low chuckle to rumble out of Jungkook’s chest. He looked up into your eyes and it almost knocked the air out of you.
“Hmm, unless it’s a fuck buddy discount then I don’t think I want it”, he raised an eyebrow cockily and your eyes went wide. Little did Jungkook know that he just complicated your relationship even more.
“And what if I’m okay with making such a discount?”, the student practically groaned at the words, free hand finding its way on your hip, squeezing it. You don’t know where your new found confidence came from but you had gotten rather blunt since hanging out with Jungkook.
“Then I’d say you’re not the person I thought you were”, he hummed, leaning in to whisper in your ear. The way his breath tickled your ear sent sparks through your body.
“Is that what you want? For me to take you here against these books?”, yes you did. Looking around, you were met with many versions of Bible and other holy books of all religions. It was absolutely filthy and wrong to do it there which was why it was perfect.
“Yes, I want that”, your nails dug into the wood behind you, trying to ground your emotions down. It had always been an escape tactic to you.
“How naughty”, now you understood why he had chosen today of all days to corner you. He loved the skirt you were wearing and how easily it gave access to everything delicious underneath. Plus, your legs were perfect to him.
His fingers danced along your thighs before he pushed up your skirt, revealing the black lace panties underneath. Oh, you knew what was going to happen today and you definitely knew Jungkook liked his black.
“So pretty. Just for me?”, the question took you off guard, your own questions flooding your brain. Ultimately, after a few moments of silence, you decided he probably had a possession thing. Who didn’t like to feel powerful?
“Just for you, Koo. Fuck, touch me please”, so you decided to feed his little ego, edging him on until he pulled the panties to the side to reveal your glistening pussy.
The dim light of the library truly didn’t do it justice but he couldn’t help himself from finding it to be also perfect. He was in deep shit now.
His long fingers ran down your slit until they reached their destination: your pussy. He rubbed around it before he slowly plunged his middle finger into the wetness, curling against your walls.
Fuck, you always hated that finger but with it inside of you? Maybe you could make an exception.
Your body shook in response to the stimulation since you hadn’t been touched in so long, your hands gripping the wood tighter to keep yourself steady. Jungkook smirked when you clenched around his finger before he added another, stretching you out wonderfully as he scissored you open.
And that was when Jungkook found his favorite sound in the world.
“Jungkook! Oh god”, you moaning his name sounded like music to his ears and he couldn’t get enough. The only thing he hated was how quiet it was since you were still conscious of the library around you. He wanted you to scream it.
“You like that, princess? You want more?”, you obediently nodded, not in the mood to be denied an orgasm (which you were sure Jungkook would do if you didn’t obey). The man chuckled and leaned down, still pumping his fingers steadily as if it took no effort at all. If you had done this yourself then your fingers would have been cramping by now.
Your body jolted when Jungkook’s plump lips wrapped around your clit, sucking harshly on the nerve as if he was starving. To be fair, he had skipped breakfast.
You feared for the books behind you as your body spasmed, orgasming on the man’s fingers. You took deep breaths once you were finished and watched as Jungkook pulled away, pulling his cum covered fingers out of you.
With prolonged eye contact, he slipped the digits into his mouth and sucked the juices off of them. A new wave of arousal went through you when he tapped your lips with them, making you open your mouth. You gagged briefly when they hit the back of your throat but you sucked on it, licking your way up his middle finger.
“Good girl”, now that was going to haunt you forever. You whined when he pulled his fingers away and he smiled teasingly at you.
“I’m going to need to see these”, your eyes went wide when he gripped the collar of your shirt and ripped it clean down the middle, tossing it aside as if it didn’t cost you a fortune.
“Jeon Jungkook! That was expensive”, you huffed but he paid you no mind, just reaching behind you to remove your bra too so it can join the rest of your clothes.
“What if someone sees? I can’t cover these up quickly, Koo”, you crossed your arms over your chest, looking around cautiously. Jungkook just laughed and pulled your arms away, pinning your wrists above your head so he can press his body against your own.
“Take my shirt off and you can put that over you for the day. It’s fine, sourpuss”, oh you would’ve slapped him if you weren’t so turned on. He let go of your wrists and you quickly removed his shirt for him, revealing a muscular chest you could’ve never imagined.
And he never imagined how beautiful you’d look with your hard nipples pressed against the thin fabric of his white t-shirt. He grabbed them immediately and you failed to see the spark in his eyes as he squished them together.
“That was one of my favorite shirts. What a di-“, you yelped when he pulled your leg up over his shoulder, yanked his pants and boxers down, and pulled your panties aside to rub his angry tip against your folds. Your head rested back as he rubbed against your clit, covering his cock in your juices.
“What a dick indeed”, Jungkook chuckled deeply, arousal blurring his world into nothing but you. The only thing that mattered at that moment was feeling you.
His lips attached to your neck and you were so out of reality that you didn’t realize he was littering the skin with his marks, a silent claim on you as he pushed himself inside of you.
“Oh shit, it’s exactly as I imagined. So tight and warm”, and he was just as you imagined. So very big. You didn’t think anyone else could stretch you out as much as Jeon Jungkook and that thought made you groan.
“You’ve been imagining it?”, it was your turn to smirk and, for the first time ever, the man in front of you blushed.
“Oh please princess. I know you’ve been thinking about it too”, and you had been. Not that you’d ever admit that after he just basically friends with benefits zoned you.
“Just move you asshole”, Jungkook gripped your hair, tugging on the soft strands as he finally kept pushing, bottoming out inside of you perfectly.
His big hands moved to grip your hips, a little help to keep you up as he started to snap his own into your’s. He was mildly uncomfortable at first but, as you adjusted to his size, bliss filled your body.
Finally, you were doing something to make yourself happy and pleased. Maybe Jeon Jungkook wasn’t the best man to do it but he was making you feel so so good.
The man snapped you out of your thoughts as he brought your hand down to your clit. You understood and started to rub it, happy knowing that Jungkook was also looking out for your own pleasure too. Not that you’d know he had been thinking about you creaming on his big cock for months now.
“Keep doing that”, he whispered despite the heavy groan that threatened to come out. He was referring to the uncontrollable clenching you were doing around his dick, sucking him into your walls with each muscle movement. You listened and (despite knowing you were going to keep doing it anyways) clenched once again.
“Can I cum inside?”, you whimpered at the idea of Jungkook’s cum filling you up and, knowing you’re on grade A birth control, you nodded. While Jungkook was effortlessly attractive, kids were not part of your plans by far.
“You close too, princess?”, you nodded, a small moan spilling past your lips despite your best efforts to be quiet. With that knowledge, the man orgasmed and you could feel his seed start to coat your insides. The feeling made you tumble over into your own orgasm, coating his softening cock with your release.
“I think that’s the best sex I’ll ever have”, you praised him as you tried to put your cramping leg down off his shoulder. Instead, he held it tighter and pulled himself out of you. He watched as his cum started the spill out of you, dripping down your thighs beautifully.
So, he’s a man who likes to admire his work.
You almost screamed when he pushed it back inside of you with his finger due to the sensitivity.
“See you later, sourpuss”, Jungkook smirked and put your panties back to their original position before he pulled his own boxers and pants back up. He walked off and you were left gobsmacked with his cum dripping out of you onto your panties.
Tumblr media
As the weeks passed by, the world became more vibrant and cheerful but also more chilling and worrisome.
Exams were over and you were free to go wherever you pleased but, somehow, you always found yourself wanting to be with what was supposed to be your secret guilty pleasure. Now, he was your everything. He truly brought color into your world; sadly, color always comes with black and white.
“I won the bet, Jimin. I want what I asked for”, you listened intently from the other aisle of books. The library had become your go to spot to find Jungkook. Surprisingly, the once unmotivated student was more frequently in here because of the sheer relief he got when you stood before him with a proud smile. What a softy.
“Really? She fell for you? Damn, you still got it. I can’t believe you asked for this though”, the disgust in your ex’s voice was evident and you so desperately wanted to see what he was referring to. You truly thought Koo had stopped being friends with Jimin after he apologized but apparently you were wrong about a lot of things. Most of all, you were wrong to love again.
Feeling your tears start to spill down your cheeks for the first time in years, you forced yourself out of the library. You should’ve seen it coming. What would a playboy want with you? A woman looking for a serious relationship? You’re an idiot and you’ll fix it.
Said playboy must’ve spotted you because you could hear his heavy footsteps behind you as you rushed out of the library, hurrying into a run with the safety of your dorm in mind. It was time to end this.
So, here you were. Remembering everything from the past few months as the candles in front of you burned, getting so desperately close to the string connecting them. You had carved an evident ‘JK’ on one and your initials on the other, bonding them to the people who needed to be apart from one another.
Watching his candle, you noticed the wax dripping down the long wick and you knew they were tears. You knew because of the loud banging coming from your dorm door, the man on the other side screaming and sobbing for you to let him explain.
Your candle, however, burned strongly with vengeance. It stood so tall compared to Jungkook’s and, as the fire finally burned through the string tying you both together, you felt free. It was like Jeon Jungkook had never affected you before and his name slowly slipped from your mind.
Eventually, the banging stopped as the candles reached their ends and the fire flickered out under your gaze. You felt so blissfully numb as you walked towards the door, opening it to reveal a confused Jungkook looking up at you.
“What did you do? It’s like-“, you cut him off with your hand, pulling him up rather roughly.
“You never knew me. That’s how I want it, Jeon Jungkook. You never knew me and I never knew you. Now, get your prize and leave me alone”, you slammed the door in his face. You felt pure relief but Jungkook could still feel a pang of want in his body.
You had failed to notice the little wax left of his candle that stood strong as you dumped it in the trash and he failed to notice that he had left his “prize” outside your door as he rushed off.
A gorgeous rose quartz necklace.
What a way to declare your love to a witch who just cut it all off.
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honeytae · 2 months ago
I liked your performance better.
happy wednesday, my loves! ooh do i have some filth for you...just take a peek at the warnings. in my defense, i wrote this based on Soowoozoo!Hoseok because…he really did something to me. i hope you all enjoy and as always, let me know your thots thoughts :)
tags: @ahgasearmyfan, @hoseokayy, @the1921-monsters
genre: smut, fluff
warnings: needy!reader x smug! hoseok, heavy petting and kissing, a slight mention of exhibitionism, fingering, unprotected sex (USE A CONDOM), penetrative sex in a public place, katoptronophilia (getting off on sex in front of a mirror), a brief blowjob, deepthroating & mouthfucking, hoseok is really vocal and might just get you into some trouble…
word count: 2.3k
Jung Hoseok was insane. He had to be.
Between his freshly bleached platinum hair, barely buttoned shirt, and tight shorts revealing built thighs and long legs that seemed to go on for days, by the boys ending ments you were absolutely ready to lose your mind, restless on the sofa he’d left you on to watch the performances off the television in his dressing room. 
Fidgeting on the cushions, you sat up with a start when you heard the crowd of rowdy men approaching the hall, practically flying off the couch and running out into the corridor to briefly greet the group before running into your man’s arms. 
Hoseok’s face lifted in a display of shocked amusement at your sudden launch at him, intercepting your frame with a chuckle as you wrapped your arms around his torso. 
“I-hey! What’s up, angel?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion yet mouth spread in a wide smile at your greeting.
“Just proud of you, Sunshine.” You murmured, your boyfriend’s face softening at your words, squeezing you to him appreciatively.
“Thank you.” He whispered, you humming in response as the other men’s voices faded in the background, seemingly making their way down the hallway to the food awaiting them. 
Staring at each other for a moment, you exhaled as Hoseok’s eyes flitted down to your lips, his own mouth quirking up when yours. Tipping his head to the side, he eagerly pressed his mouth to yours, leaving chaste kisses that faded in length each time. 
Settling your hands on his shoulders, you gripped his biceps for some kind of balance, his mouth always having a dizzying effect on you no matter what the circumstances. 
“You did amazing, Hobi.” You mumbled against him, wanting to drill that very fact into his mind to boost his confidence. As expected, the man blushed with a nervous giggle, making you smile at how easy it was to get him flustered. 
“Yah, stop it.” He smiled, dipping down to press another kiss to your lips and pulling away, humming when you guided him back to you by his cheek. 
“Babe- mm.” 
This time, the kiss was much needier, tongue entering his mouth with a press of the muscle against his bottom lip as he moaned in surprise at the fervor you met him with. 
Turning your bodies so that he could guide you back to his private dressing room, he gripped your hips as he walked forward, you following his lead and blindly going backwards as your lips melded with his over and over again. 
Finally reaching the room, he reached behind you without disconnecting your mouths, shoving the door open and pushing you inside before hastily shutting it behind him, making sure to latch the lock. 
Spreading your arms for him to walk into, you smiled as he followed along, wrapping his arms around your waist as he pressed his chest to yours. 
“Didn’t know exhibitionism was a thing of yours.” He joked, leaning his forehead against your own with a grin as you laughed. 
“Hm. Nobody was around, Sunshine. Not that I could hold myself back any longer, anyway.” You shrugged, the man’s cheeks heating instantly at your words and the tone you spoke them with. 
“Is that right?” He asked, squeezing your love handles with his palms before letting his hands trail down to cup your ass. 
His touch practically had you purring in delight, fingers sinking into your plush flesh with an appreciative hum that automatically had your heart pumping harder in your chest.
“Mhm. You try sitting back here and watching your sexy self perform. I mean, fuck, Hobi. I think you’re just out to get me.” You sighed, tipping your head to the side as Hoseok began trailing kisses down from your jaw to your neck, peppering his lips against the skin with a smile you could feel, but not see. 
“I’m glad I have that effect on you, love.” He replied coolly, making you scoff under your breath as he tucked his finger beneath the neckline of your shirt, puckering his lips against your collarbone. 
“You’re so modest.” You said, gasping when his teeth playfully bit down on your skin as he backed you toward the wrap around sofa in the center of his dressing room, bypassing the racks of clothing lined up for his precious performances. 
“Hm, you have that effect on me. Just happy it’s mutual.” He murmured, wet purses of his lips along the skin of your neck interrupting his words, your fingers digging into his shoulders at both his actions and his words.
“Seokie,” you whined, “please fuck me.”
Eyes nearly popping out of his head at your urgent request, Hoseok did little to conceal the tent in his pants, pulling you flush to him as he raised his eyebrows at you. 
“Here?” He asked, sounding genuinely surprised at how low your standards had become. He was sweaty and disgusting, and his dressing room wasn’t faring much better. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic or even remotely sexy of venues.
“Are you really turning me down right now?” You raised your own brows above your widened eyes, the man flicking his gaze over to the door as he sighed out a breath. 
“Well?” You cut him off at the single word, pouting a bit at the rejection before Hoseok pinched at your bottom lip to stick it back into its original place. He leaned in to kiss you once more, soothingly stroking up and down your bicep as you continued to frown at him.
“Well, it’s not exactly the most romantic of locations-“
“Since when do you care about the amount of romance in a location? Didn’t we just have sex in a food closet last week? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong-”
Cutting you off with a heated kiss, one that stole your breath momentarily as his tongue immediately swept into your mouth in a hot and needy act, he stepped forward to guide your body backwards.
“Fine, I’m not gonna be one to argue this. Take your pants off.” He ordered breathily, an obvious strain in his voice from the torturous build-up between his legs, watching as you did as told with a happy pep in your moves. 
The sight made his heart swell a bit, lifting his own shirt above his head before he reached for the hem of your own, dragging it up over your face to pull you flush to him again, chests touching each other as he leaned in to kiss you. 
While still passionate, this kiss was albeit a bit subdued, more loving than needy and more passionate than the earlier greediness that was present from both sides. His velvety lips, slightly chapped from his day in the sun, worked over yours deliciously, your fingers grasping at his biceps to hold onto anything for the sake of your sanity. 
Humming into his mouth as you felt his hand trail down your torso, you leaned further into him as he caressed your curves, squeezing at the flesh of your ass with one hand and letting his other slip between your thighs. 
“Hoseok,” you gasped as his finger pad made contact with your clit, whine emanating from the back of your throat as he increased the pressure upon the swollen bud.
Swearing into your mouth, he moved his fingers down your slit, prodding two fingers into your entrance, humming at the slick dripping down the length of his fingers.
“Hobi.” You whimpered as he scissored his pointer and middle fingers inside of you, spreading you open with a hum as your fingernails pressed into his arm, crescent shapes embedding in his skin. 
“Please, Hobi.” You begged, rocking your hips to the pace of his thrusts, chasing your orgasm as you desperately palmed over his hard length. 
“Ugh, fuck.”
Yelping as your man suddenly spun you around in his arms, you giggled as he pressed your back to his front and bent you over the makeup counter, giving himself a few preparatory strokes between your legs. 
“I wanted to touch you.” You pouted, Hoseok chuckling a bit before dipping down to press a kiss to the top of your spine.
“Next time, baby.”
Delicate fingers traced over your back as he settled your chest onto the table, sweeping your hair all over to one side as you laid your cheek down, spreading your feet wider apart on the ground in a beckon for Hoseok’s throbbing cock. 
After a few moments of him not making any initiating moves, you looked back with a whine, the man coming down to chuckle in your ear and pucker his lips behind your lobe. Shivering as he took it between his teeth, your legs gave out when he unexpectedly began swiping the bulbous head of his cock through your folds, humming when it made circles around your clit. 
“Fu-uck.” Hoseok breathed out as he plunged bare into your entrance, his voice catching in his throat as he felt your warm walls finally wrap around him, the feeling everything and more than what he was envisioning throughout the show. 
You weren’t doing much better at keeping your composure for the sake of your surroundings, fingers grasping the table for stability as your boyfriend began rocking his hips into yours. 
Glass bottles of makeup clashed against each other with each and every movement, Hoseok’s thrusts growing harsher as he tipped his head back with a groan. 
“Babe, open your eyes.” He exhaled, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck before moaning against it as your walls clamped around his twitching cock. 
Following instruction, you peeled your glazed over eyes open to meet his own dark pair in the mirror’s reflection, the sight nearly causing your eyes to roll back into your head. 
His skin was glistening with sweat again just how it’d been while he was performing, but now he had a completely different look on his face. His eyes hooded, narrowed and completely taken over by lust, mouth parted to let moans freely spill out, pure ecstasy written into every feature. 
“Fuck, baby. You see that? See how beautiful you are? How sexy?” He grunted, each question starting and ending with a rough thrust that had the mirror on the vanity banging into the wall behind it. 
“H-hobi,” you moaned as you watched your wrecked selves in the mirror, closing your eyes when his thrusts picked up depth.
He slid in and out of your pussy with embarrassing ease, wet noises resulting from his thrusts making both of you groan collectively.
Soon the only sound in the room, and the near vicinity of the concert hall, was your moans and the slapping of skin against skin, your ass beginning to sting with the repetitive impact from Hoseok’s pelvis. 
Your core was beginning to get that familiar fizzling feeling as the head of his cock bumped your cervix, whimpers increasing as your boyfriend leaned down to press kisses onto your neck. 
“Sh-shit, I love you.” He breathed as your walls twitched around his length, oxygen stuttering in his throat at the feeling. 
“Hoseok.” You whined, jaw dropping as his finger made connection with your neglected clit, rubbing it in concentrated circles to ensure your release.
Slamming your hand down on the table to grip onto the edge, you let many inaudible words slip out of your mouth as you suddenly released on Hoseok’s cock. 
The man groaned at the feeling, slowing his pumps in an attempt at being careful to exclude any overstimulation. 
The action only made you whine as you pushed your hips back on him, wanting to feel him lose everything as you just had even in your foggy state of mind. 
When all you got was a “you okay?,” you just rolled your eyes, pulling away from the man to let his dick drop from your entrance and face him, immediately dropping to your knees before he could utter a word. 
“Wh-what are you, oh fuck.” He moaned as you quickly took his throbbing cock into your mouth, watching you as you sunk down his throbbing length until he tapped at the back of your throat, initiating a small cough before you adjusted to the feeling. 
He was definitely a tight fit in your mouth, as Hoseok was most likely about to blow his load with the size of him right now, but he fit snug in the back of your throat, sucking a hiss through his teeth as you swallowed around his cockhead. 
“Baby, can I?” He asked, looking down at you with scrunched eyebrows and a curled lip, chest heaving as you swallowed around him again. 
You nearly chuckled at the question, always asked out of consideration despite you both knowing it would always be an affirmative answer from you.
“Mhmm,” You hummed for his benefit, and the fact that your entire mouth was already occupied, the vibration making Hoseok let out another loud moan before slapping a hand over his mouth. 
“You’re gonna get me in so much trouble.” He chuckled after a moment of silence outside the door, you humming again with a smirk as he repeated the loud sound you’d heard previously. 
“Mm, shit.” He swore, letting his hands travel down to land on the back of your head, both supporting and controlling you as he began pumping his hips into your hot mouth, face scrunched in ecstasy.
You mostly let him do as he pleased, only making a move to lick at his slit when his mushroom head slipped from your tongue. 
“Oh god.” He rolled his head back to look at the ceiling, sweaty neck fully visible as he put his last few strokes into your hollowed cheeks, increasingly weak before his cum painted your tongue, long, tangy ropes making it down your throat as well. 
Popping off of his softening length in pride, you rose to a stand in front of the heavily breathing man, brushing his wet hair back from his forehead with a hand before reaching out for you with an exasperated laugh. 
“I liked your performance better. You’re fucking unreal.” 
Quirking a smile at his breathy words, you leaned forward to press a rather gentle kiss to his lips, resting your hand on his chest with a grin as he cemented you close to him with a hand on your spine. 
“So are you. I’m so proud.” You said genuinely, tone softer than when you’d told him earlier, now without the fiending need to jump his bones. 
The look in Hoseok’s eyes told you that was everything and more that he needed to hear, smiling wide before kissing your lips once again. 
“Thank you, angel.” 
A few peaceful moments passed before you suddenly pulled back from your man, widened eyes catching his attention as he rubbed his fingers over your forearm. 
“What is it?” He asked, following your gaze as you looked over at the door of his dressing room. 
“Do you think they heard us?” You asked fearfully, only remembering now that the backstage space wasn’t huge at this venue, and the other six guys along with all the staff were bound to have heard the noises resulting from your activities. 
Hoseok was quiet for a moment, seemingly debating how to handle the situation before he turned to you with a sigh. 
“I think we should sneak out the back door.”
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capaimagines · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook - bandaged
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader | Genre: angst & slight fluff | Warnings: fighting, themes of depression, brief mention of death of a family member | WC: 1.6k
Request: can i request a jungkook x reader oneshot where jungkook gets into a lot of fights and the reader is patching him up? jungkook is feeling really guilty and down and kind of in a dark
Tumblr media
You sighed as you opened your door to a bloody and bruised Jungkook. This wasn’t something new for you. It wasn’t the first, and sure as hell wasn’t going to be the last. The past few months he had been showing up in the late hours of the night—or the early hours of the mornings, with his face and body adorned in cuts and bruises. You never asked why, because you already knew not to ask; you’d just quietly clean him up and get him to bed and never speak of it.
It was a new norm for you two. He’d come with black eyes, bloody knuckles and split lips and just give you a dead stare. The once bright, bubbly, brown-haired, doe-eyed boy you had fallen in love with was no more.
A year ago, you thought you could see yourself being with Jungkook forever. He was your best friend since childhood and your family was practically his family and vice versa. He was a bright boy in his younger years; a little shy but was able to easily make friends with anyone. He liked to sing and dance at one point in time and you’d always catch him doing it at random times, he was always open with you. You had truly thought he was going to grow up to be famous.
However, the last half-year had not been kind to your best friend. His older brother was in a terrible car accident which unfortunately, he passed away almost immediately due to the injuries. It was no surprise that he was hurt, but it seemed to have closed himself off from you, as well as others, completely. He was very close to his brother and losing him, meant that Jungkook also lost a part of himself.
Of course, you tried to be there for him as much as you could. You tried to help him through it, but he wasn’t talking to anyone. He was just a ball of anger and your once calm friend now would pop off at the slightest inconvenience. He started to fall into the wrong crowd of friends and you had tried your best to talk to him about it, but he had only yelled at you to leave him alone and to stop caring. So, as much as you hated to do it, you stopped, you stopped caring. Despite showing that you no longer cared, deep down, he was all you could think about.
Your friendship was strained, but you still loved him and you were still there for him when he allowed you to be. It didn’t take long for you to figure out that his new ‘friends’ had introduced him to the underground fight scene. You weren’t happy about it, but you knew that no matter what you said about it, it wouldn’t get through to Jungkook.
That’s when he started showing up to your doorstep, with no words and you’d let him in every time and bandage him up. Your heart broke a little more every time you saw him in that state. You wished that he would just let you help him or anyone for that matter. That he would let go of the anger raging inside him and start to care for himself.
Staring at your once best friend in front of you felt like staring at a complete stranger. His once bowl cut brown-hair was now grown out. He had dyed it a raven black and it was incredibly curly, stopping just shy of his shoulders. The tattoos had surprised you at first, but now you were used to seeing the black ink trailing over his hands and up his arms.
His eyes that used to be a golden brown and so full of light were now dark and dull. The almost black circles under them probably played into that ambiance. It hurt to know that your best friend was gone, there was no getting back the Jungkook you once knew.
“I’ll be right there,” You sighed as he sat down on your toilet seat as you grabbed a warm rag, before going back into the bathroom and getting the first-aid kit from under the sink. You quietly dabbed the dried blood off some of his cuts before pouring the alcohol on the rag and dabbing the cuts.
He hissed, jumping away from you with a glare. You only rolled your eyes, grabbing his shirt and pulling him back towards you, “Maybe if you’d stop getting yourself into these dumb fights, you wouldn’t have to go through the burning sensation of pain,” You said, clearly annoyed.  
“Just shut it,” He snapped back and you scoffed with a roll of your eyes again.
This was the new norm for you two. Anything you said he’d snap back at you, so you just stopped saying anything altogether. It broke your heart this is where your friendship was at, but there was nothing you could think of to do. Jungkook would either have to come out of it on his own or maybe he never would. Only time would tell.
You sighed as you finished wrapping his knuckles up with gauze and stood up, “Don’t move, you have a cut by your lip that’s still bleeding,” You took the antibiotic cream and leaned forward, your breath fanning over his face as you concentrated on gently cleaning and dabbing the cream over the wound. Once finished, you put a butterfly stitch band aid on it.
Jungkook felt the guilt well up in him. Due to you being so close to his body, he could see the bags under your eyes and the slight discoloration. He could see no hope in your eyes when it came to him anymore. He saw disappointment and worry—mostly worry. He was so angry at himself for becoming this monster. For ruining one of the best friendships he ever had. Why you still did this for him, why you still responded to his cryptic texts or let him in your home at odd hours, he had no idea. Why you still wanted to even know him he had no idea.
Why he still showed up at your doorstep after nights like these, he had no idea.  He didn’t deserve your kindness and he definitely didn’t deserve you losing out on sleep to care for him. Part of him hoped you would turn him away; reject him.  But another part of him—a very small part—was happy you never did. Happy that there was still someone in this world who still cared if he was okay. Who still cared if he had scrapes and bruises. Who still helped even if he was the biggest dick.
“Alright, I think I got mostly everything. You’re gonna be sore tomorrow, so you should soak in the tub before you leave. Right now though, you need to sleep,” You put the first-aid kit away and threw the rag in the laundry basket before turning to go crawl back in your bed and most likely shed a few tears.
What you didn’t expect was a pair of arms to snake around your waist before you could get any further, and for you to be pulled back into Jungkook’s chest. He buried his face in your shoulder, his grip tightening and you could hear his breath quiver. Jungkook hadn’t held you like this for over six months. You don’t even remember the last time the two of you had hugged, had been this close to one another.
“I’ve fucked up. I’m fucked up, Y/N,” He mumbled into your skin and you stayed still. You weren’t quite sure what to do. His grip was iron tight around your waist, so turning around at the moment wasn’t an option. Plus, this was the most he had ever said about anything and you didn’t want to make him stop talking. So, you stayed quiet, letting him pour his heart out.
He cried about his brother, about how messed up his life had become since then, about all his mistakes and how he can’t get through the darkness clouding his mind. How he ruined your friendship and that he knows it hurts you to see him this way. That he hurt you by pushing you away.
How he didn’t understand why you kept him in your life. Why you keep opening the door for him and caring for him. Why you still loved him. His grip tightened more and you heard him gasp into your shoulder. This was the most vulnerable you had ever seen Jungkook in all your life, your heart was breaking for him. He was screaming for help, but rejected all of it for the longest time. You decided then and there you were done letting him reject you, you had to fight harder this time.
Eventually, you had been able to turn yourself around in his grasp, wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him a tight hug. He sobbed into your shoulder, apologizing over and over and over. You felt tears burn your eyes, letting a few fall. It was the first glimpse of the Jungkook you knew that you had had a year ago. 
You walked him to your bedroom, laying him down in the bed. He refused to let you go. He needed help now, he was literally crying for help and you couldn’t help but feel relieved. Relieved that he finally was relying on you. So, you crawled in next to him, wrapping your limbs around him and running your fingers through his hair.
“I’m here, Kook. I’m always here. We’ll get through this; you’ll get through this,” You whispered as he pressed a kiss to his forehead, “I’ve got you,” You whispered, continuing to play with his dark locks, noticing that it didn’t take too long for his breathing to regulate and for him to doze off.
“We’ll get you out of this mess. I promise you.”
Tumblr media
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99liners · 6 days ago
pregnancy a⇝z hcs: jhs;
pairing: hotelier!jung hoseok x trophy wife!reader
original oneshot: psychomachy (it is advisable to read the oneshot first)
warnings: yandere!jhs, toxic relationship dynamic.
part of: tatemae; 建前 — a bts series
Tumblr media
when he was around, jhs was a doting husband. cooing about the baby, letting you know what all he has planned for the kid; the nursery, pre-school, school, friends, career, etc.
he is mindful of it but not obsessed with it.
oh, bbs, this is jhs we are talking about. and the fact that you are pregnant with his HEIR. ma’am, whichever direction you look is yours, like literally. he would maybe even buy the air, the space above your head if he has to for you, he will do it. whatever you are craving, he will get you the expensive, extravagant version of it. even if he is overseas, he gets everything home-delivered to you. you have to yell at him to get it through his thick head that you want street food, not seven-star-hotel food. and he goes OJO, ‘but isn’t that bad for the baby’ and you go, ‘get your ass here before you talk about the health of the baby. you ain’t here, you don’t get a say’ then he basically gives up and gets you whatever you want.
well, uhm, he kinda-sorta was late for it... don’t come at my neck, you have beef with him, then take it up with him. not defending him but he did remember your due date, he just miscalculated the time difference between korea and australia (where he was, at the time, for a business deal.) well, we all know how you were stubborn to not give birth if jhs was not by your side. thankfully, he did arrive before any dire consequences.
he was not overly ecstatic. he takes after his family A LOT, unconsciously. he thinks he is different than them, better than them but he is just like them, maybe even worse. getting married, having a child, it is all clockwork to him. a kind of responsibility that he knew he would have to take on at a certain age, as foretold by his family. you can think of his mindset as, ‘it was supposed to happen anyways, so it’s happening, what’s the big deal about it?’
wow, do i even have to type this out? jhs legit dumped you at the jung villa when you were in your first trimester itself. you were constantly surrounded by his family more than him, on account of his continuous absence. as to your family, the jungs never expressed any discomfort when you wanted to visit them but you did not visit them much by yourself on account of the distance between jung villa and your house. the journey tired you out and the whole ordeal seemed too hectic so, you limited your visits willingly.
you did not want to know and wanted it to be a sweet little secret to be unveiled on the special day but oh, well, you are the only daughter-in-law of the jung family. how could they ever let you have anything to yourself? against your express instructions on how you did not want to know the gender of the baby, the family would casually let it slip in front of you while having dinner one night. oh the rage on your face, that distorted look, you have never wanted to burn the villa down so strongly. however, before you could spew out any venom, jhs was home that day and he noticed the look on your face just in time to stop you. you only let out a small distasteful, ‘i wanted it to be a surprise!’ and grandpa jung replied, ‘you kids think every other thing is a trendy game. we wanted to know the know the gender of our future heir. get over it.’
oh baby, i don’t know what to tell you but jhs kinda-sorta was not there for most of the scans / check-ups / ultrasounds. so he missed the heartbeat...
not too big on romantic gestures unless it involves expensive gift giving but jhs is traditional so expressing his love to you is so basic to him. likes to remind you that he loves you and cares for you. almost as if his guilty conscience is speaking for always being away.
my mans ain’t jealous of anything. what could he be possibly jealous of? he was born with a silver spoon, went to the best school and universities, had a throne built and waiting for him, met the love of his life, married her and now he is going to be a father. what could he possibly be jealous of? he knows that too, he knows he has it all and he takes immense pride in it. jhs does not do petty, cheap and irrational feelings like jealousy, sign him out.
jhs has been able to feel the kicks maybe a handful of two-three times, max.
ahaha, lol, mf arrived late and then had the audacity to be clueless about everything. was hyperventilating at the sight of blood and had to be pumped back to life by one of the doctors in the OR and you are just staring at him like -_- while the obstetrician gives you a confused look to which you just sigh. you probably broke his delicate hand that day with how strongly you squeezed onto it. he swallowed the scream that almost escaped past his lips but 10/10 would be moaning in pain when he got to leave the OR and rush to the men’s restroom.
when he was around, he was as helpful as most husbands can be. the type to forget his sleep routine to take care of you.
he already had the nursery in mind and he mostly showed you what the nursery was going to look like than asking you what you wanted there. might have asked you before finalizing the colour but that is about it. the furniture, the décor, the aesthetic, the theme — everything was his choice and you were just the bystander :/
here comes the (lactation kink) whore, hello (lactation kink) whore. oh, he is so obsessed with your breasts, oh my god. he can nibble on them for hours, preferably all day. probably that is the only thing he gets jealous about against hyuk. loves to grab at them, squeeze them, play with the nipples and, of course, suck at them :))
jhs was very much around after birth and was, incidentally, more close to hyuk than you were. he bonded very smoothly with his son and hyuk knew his father very well. if jhs is not in front of his eyes and maybe just came home after work, from the very rumbling of his father’s car wheels out on the porch, hyuk already knows it is his father. he also remembers the sound of jhs’ footsteps, his voice, his cologne, his smell. hyuk feels very comfortable in father’s arms and mostly falls asleep when he is with his father.
a lot like adronitis!knj, jhs bothers enouement!kth way too much. kth is tired of reminding both the adult ass men that he is not a paediatrician. at this point, kth has given up and does the research/consultation with paediatricians himself before clearing his hyungs’ confusions.
jhs was away a lot after the marriage cause life felt like clockwork to him. his entire life has always been laid out in front of him, very much like an unrolled red carpet, for him to just walk on. he always knew he had to get married by this specific age, then have kids, then on and on like an endless loop of stairs. dating you was probably the only part which was adventurous for him, a time in his life which brought him true joy. mind you, he is very happy with you even now but the fact that his life has fallen back into a schedule really sucked the life right out of him. he was away a lot because he wanted to get away from reality, hoping that he would wake up one day and his life would be looking any different but it never did and then one day, he was a dad. jhs knew that it was high time he took some responsibility, so he finally came back home and rooted himself right by your side as he should have months ago. additionally, he is the only child so all the jung family responsibility is on him. the jung family smother him, suffocate him so you can say that he used you as the scapegoat and threw you at the wolves while fending for himself solely.
again, i feel like these hcs are only hurting you cause it keeps reminding all of us how much away jhs had been throughout the pregnancy period.
oh, it was actually euna who saw it first. she has a sharp eye and was able to detect at once that you might be with a child. both you and jhs were clueless and not really expecting a child. after hearing euna’s words, it prompted you to take a test and lo and behold, she was not tweakin’. 
this is hurting me now :/ well, if it is any consolation, he was in direct contact with your primary obstetrician at all times so he had the ultrasound reports emailed to him.
this is a joke, right? you were literally kept away from your son and reduced to the position of a wet-nurse. no wonder, hyuk is so close to his grandparents, his great-grandfather and his father. they always hogged all of his time even when hyuk was a new-born. and the number of guests, dear lord. jung villa is always overflowing with guests; business partners, family, relatives. hyuk was around people all the time and only ever with you when he was hungry or was napping. the jung family is the sole reason why you were not able to bond with your son.
jhs is very patient. patience is his virtue, to be honest. come on, he is the product of the jung family, if anything, he is the most patient person you have ever encountered. when the pair of you moved back to your own place with hyuk, jhs would always let you be with the baby. yes, it is a different story that hyuk only ever wanted to be patted down / cuddled / snuggled by his father.
you were almost going through a dry spell during pregnancy and had to relieve yourself by your own means, that too, in the jung villa. post birth, jhs was a gentle lover, always there to take care of all your needs, making your wants the priority.
unbeknownst to you, jhs really admires you for putting up with his family. even he cannot put up with them and just wants to escape but he admires your rigour for always tolerating them no matter what they throw your away. he has mad respect for you.
well, hyuk only ever slept with jhs in the initial months. no matter how much it annoyed, your phone is equally filled with series and series of photos of hyuk and jhs sleeping together, snuggled together.
feedback is deeply appreciated.✨
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- jaimie.
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taetaespeaches · 11 hours ago
“Why do you like this stuff?”
taehyung x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 500+
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here’s the first piece for the halloween blurbs. Tae and Peaches/reader are watching Nightmare On Elm Street and while Peaches is having a blast, Tae is not thriving near as much. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
“Tae,” you giggled, trying to move the blankets out of the way to find your boyfriend’s beautiful face. “Stop hiding, it’s not even that scary.”
“Not that scary?” He asked incredulously, his voice muffled as he spoke from underneath the thick covers.
Unable to dig him out, you instead pushed yourself inside, crawling on top of Taehyung’s body. Why did you have so many blankets on your bed? “Dearest,” you pouted, your face resting on his chest as you looked up at him, the man clasping the sheets and comforters over his head. “Let me see you.”
Slowly, a little untrusting, Taehyung lifted the blankets from his face, still holding them above you both, creating a little cavern for you both to hide in. His boxy smile immediately greeted you as you giggled. His hair was full of static electricity, making him look adorably silly.
“Hi,” you smiled, cocking your head at him, your cheek pressed against his chest.
“Why do you like this stuff?” He asked with wide eyes.
You had suggested watching a scary movie, and perhaps that wasn’t the best move considering your boyfriend was a bit sensitive to spooky things. Put the man on a roller coaster and he was ready to go, but he claimed the adrenaline rush was very different from the hair raising spookiness of a scary movie, story, or environment.
“It gives me a thrill,” you grinned, Taehyung gawking at you in shock. “It’s fun!” you defended yourself against his silent judgement.
“Freddy hunts them in their dreams! That’s not fun, that’s terrifying. They can’t even sleep,” he complained cutely, his lips slightly pouted.
Sighing, you crawled up his frame slightly so that your lips could reach his chin. Placing a kiss to the spot, you quickly pulled away at the shock that electrified your lips. Looking at each other with wide eyes, you watched as Taehyung’s lips curved upwards into a wide beam.
“Ow,” you complained, reaching up and brushing his staticky hair down.
“Shh, more,” he whispered, staring at your features. Rolling your eyes, you stretched a bit more to kiss just below his bottom lip. “Mmm, more,” he said again, a smirk planted on his face.
Lifting yourself, you moved to straddle his hips before pressing your forehead to his. “Don’t shock me again, you already got your payback for the movie,” you joked, Taehyung letting out a light huff. Craning his neck, he pushed his lips to yours, his hands instantly grabbing the sides of your face, your hands grasping onto his wrists as you kissed him back happily.
Pulling away slowly, your lips still ghosting over each other’s, you smiled. “We don’t have to finish this movie,” you told him, a breathy chuckle following your words when you felt a smile form on his mouth.
“No, it’s ok. I’m tougher than I act,” he noted, eliciting a giggle from you. “Just meet me in my dreams tonight, keep Freddy away,” he joked, pecking your lips quickly.
“Of course,” you grinned, shifting your face just slightly so you could trail kisses across his cheek. “I’ll always protect you, Dearest. Freddy has nothing on me.”
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jungkxook · 10 months ago
—backseat serenade. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: taehyung x reader
⟶ genre: punk!taehyung / band au / brother’s best friend au + smut 
⟶ words: 10,790
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: falling in love and having weekly sex with kim taehyung is wrong for a number of reasons — and, no, that’s not including the whole other issue that he’s also your brother’s best friend
⟶ warnings: multiple sex scenes, slight exhibitionism if u look hard enough, wall sex, car sex, unprotected sex, all the sex (seriously), fingering, pussy slapping (also if u look hard enough), lots of teasing, doggy style, riding, creampie
⟶ disclaimer: this story is another repost of an old one (although it’s basically been entirely rewritten lol)!  
⟶ this is part of the melodrama tour series!
Tumblr media
“We have to hurry. I don’t have a lot of time.”
Taehyung says this with much difficulty, of course, especially when considering you’re currently pressed up against him, his fingers digging crescent-moons into your hips ━ but he knows you’re teasing him now.
You can’t help it, though; he just makes it so easy for you.
He can be so stubborn and impatient at times that poking fun at him brings you quite a bit of joy. Maybe not so much to him, as he often whines and complains that you like to torture him, but, really, how could you not? When you think about what he’s usually like in bed, away from prying eyes, it’s entirely different. So to see that dominance in him fade into nothing short of helpless is simply satisfying ━ even if you know you’ll pay for it at a later time. It doesn’t always happen either but when it does, you bask in it for as long as possible.
Which is why you seem to take the liberty of “torturing” him so sweetly now, just before the boys are about to play a gig at a bar late one night. Taehyung had found you the moment he and the boys had finished soundchecking for the evening, then had you pinned up against the brick wall of the dingy washroom, his hips digging harshly into yours, and his hand now gripping your thigh around his waist. It might have been you who instigated it, hooded eyes and fluttering lashes and shit-eating grins meeting him in secret from across the room as he stood on stage before you with his bass guitar in hand, but Taehyung was the one to put it into action just like he always does, pulling you in there even despite the fact that they were scheduled to play in twenty minutes.
But who could blame you? Taehyung is always so charming, and tonight he was looking extra irresistible. Maybe it was the silky blouse, the first few buttons left open so that the floral tattoo on his chest pokes through, leaving very little to the imagination, or maybe it was the way he had let his hair grow out a little longer than usual, soft dark curls pushed back by a single bandana.
“You’ll be late,” You warn him in between heated kisses as he pecks his way down to the underside of your jaw where he tongues a warm pattern there.
“Just a quickie,” Taehyung promises gruffly. His hips rut against yours again and you feel his straining erection against your inner thigh. Poor thing. “Been dying all day to feel you on my dick.”
You only hum in response, a small amused smirk plastered on your face. He’s sucking a hickey onto your neck when he speaks next.
“Had all these thoughts but I was all alone. It was terrible.”
“What kind of thoughts?” You pry, quirking a brow. Your fingers toy at the top of his belt buckle, pulling him towards you. “Let me guess. Were you thinking about what it feels like to have my mouth on you? All warm and wet.”
He doesn’t move a muscle when he feels your hand trail lower past his belt only to grab at his crotch through the rough material of his jeans. You press your palm against him and he hisses.
“Sucking you off nice and slow, just how you like it?” You probe, teeth tugging at his lower lip when he catches your mouth on his once more. Your voice is low and sultry and invokes something in him that has him tensing. “Or maybe the way it felt when you had me bent over your kitchen counter the other day. You know, you always make me feel so good, Tae━”
He growls against your mouth but the harsh sound dissolves into a strangled whine. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, love.”
“And I always love when you pull at my hair too━” But you continue on as if he hadn’t even spoken, the thrill of the moment coursing through your veins like crackling electricity. “And when you grip my thighs so tightly when your head’s between my legs━”
“Y/N,” he says your name in a strained warning, bordering on a desperate beg if you listen close enough. He gets distracted when you suck delicately on a spot on his jawline and has to take a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. “Please. I’ll do anything. Just let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”
“My mouth?” You ask, tantalizingly slowly. “Or me?”
“I’m a simple man, I just wanna cum,” he hums, earning a delighted snort from you. “I’ll take whatever you give me, Y/N, please.”
“Hmm…” You trail off. You press your palm a little harder against him, rubbing your hand across his length. “Think I want you inside me, Tae. Wanna be wrecked by you.”
Now, this seems to excite him to no end. He fumbles with his belt at once. A devious cackle meets his ears and he knows you’re purposely toying with him. The next few moments unfold in a blur as his eager hands join with your own nimble ones, having his belt undone in a matter of seconds and your skirt hitched up nearly to your waist. With one hand gripping his straining and leaking cock as he pulls himself free from his pants, the other hitches one of your thighs to his waist. He pushes into you at once, the familiar feeling of your wet walls coaxing him in further and further as he sinks against your chest entirely, a beautiful luscious moan falling from his lips and a hiss of glee from yours. And, then, all at once, it’s as if all the pressure that has been building up inside of him tumbles to the forefront to be released.
“Jesus, fuck,” he grunts. He buries his head against your chest, one hand feverishly grasping at your breasts from under your shirt, fortunate you chose to forgo a bra for the night.
“Ooh, Tae━” Your own arms wrap around his neck, holding him tightly to you, but you don’t think he’ll bother going very far when his own weight slumps against you entirely, pressing you against the wall roughly. And even though he’s quick to fuck himself into you, his hips hardly stray far from yours too, causing you to bob violently up and down the wall behind you, the rough brick structure scratching at your flesh paling in comparison to the cool metallic rings on his fingers holding you up and the burn between your legs as his cock stretches you open.
“Nice to know that’s all I am to you━” Your head falls back against the wall as he continues. “Something you can use to get off. Not that I mind.”
“Nah, that’s not all you are to me,” Taehyung sharply inhales, and then shudders. In the heat of the moment, you miss the sentiment in his voice. He lifts his head to yours finally, smothering your lips with his. “But your pretty little cunt sure is nice.”
A maniacal cackle bubbles at your throat as you nip at his lower lip. Before you can respond, outside the washroom Jimin’s voice can be heard calling out aimlessly for Taehyung as the boy most likely wanders by, oblivious to what’s unfolding only a few feet away from him. “Has anyone seen Tae? Taehyung! Get your ass back here or we’re gonna be late━”
Taehyung groans out of frustration and buries his face in the crook of your neck, grumbling angrily, “Fuckin’ hell.”
But despite the Jimin’s close proximity and despite Taehyung’s bitter resentment for it, his hips still continue to rut into yours. You do manage to pull apart from his mouth and giggle when he chases after your lips desperately. “Think that’s your cue, baby.”
“There’s no way you’d be that evil,” he protests like a whining child.
“But Jimin sounds pissed.”
Taehyung finds it hard to focus when your fingers tug at the collar of his shirt, absentmindedly (or so he thinks) running your hands under his shirt and over his chest. He cradles you close to him, following your every move. That, and the way your walls clench around him drives him wild. “Heaven forbid we let down Jimin.”
“Nnng━” You choke back a whimper. “He’ll be mad.”
“As if he wouldn’t already lose his shit if he found me here in such a compromising position with you being that you’re his sister.”
Compromising is certainly one word for it. So, maybe Taehyung had a point, but that never stopped him or you before. In fact, it only seemed to add to your lustful endeavours, as if you both enjoyed seeing how far you could push the boundaries before getting caught ━ or not.
It hadn’t always been like this. For a period of your life, you had somehow forced yourself to believe you had despised Taehyung as much as you claim, as much as you lie. You wondered just how Jimin could ever be friends with, or be as inseparable with, Taehyung as he was. Whereas Jimin is timid and shy, gentle and caring, like a soft breath of cool air on a hot summer’s day that sways the knee-high grass in meadows behind your house, Taehyung is energetic and effervescent, reckless and wild, akin to that of a sudden flash of lightning that breaks apart the calm sky, a clap of thunder that shakes even the very core of sleeping Gaia. Though, somehow, their two vastly different personalities come clashing together in a harmonious perfection and create something that is entirely too rambunctious for you to handle, even as a young child.
But now? Now you’re positive neither you nor Taehyung would stand a chance against Jimin’s wrath if he found out his best friend enjoyed weekly sex of all sorts with you, sometimes even when he’s asleep in the next room over in your shared apartment with him and Taehyung had somehow managed to sneak in during the night.
“You know he’s already suspicious,” You moan as his cock angles upward into you in such a way that makes your body tremble. You jut your hips forward, meeting his halfway. “Now━ Fuck, Tae━ you wanna… You wanna risk getting kicked from the band for not showing up to your set?”
“There’s still ten minutes,” he hisses hotly. “Ten minutes is more than enough time.”
“Then you’ll really be late.”
“It adds to the rockstar brand, doesn’t it?” he asks hastily. “Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking wet and you’re teasing me?”
He’s met with a roll of your eyes, and then a drunken snicker as you retort, “Maybe being fashionably late will be more acceptable when you’re a big celebrity.”
“Did you find him?” Another voice suddenly sounds from outside, this time resembling Hoseok’s. Taehyung wonders how they haven’t heard either of you yet, the lewd wet noises of his cock burrowing into your cunt seeming to grow louder each time. Surely, you would have been caught by now had it not been for the thudding bass of the music playing at the bar.
“No,” Jimin grumbles, closer this time.
A dangerously loud whimper tumbles from your lips and Taehyung hurries to clamp his hand over your mouth. You’re fortunate when he does, clinging to his hand as he pumps himself into you. At the very least, no matter how cocky Taehyung got with you or how many times he teased the thought of getting caught, he would never actually risk facing Jimin’s mighty wrath. Still, he finds a way to have fun with it.
“Uh oh.” Taehyung meets your darkened stare, lids heavy, as his other hand leaves your thigh to stick between your legs, fingers rubbing circles against your clit. You know he does it on purpose, judging by the broadening smirk on his face when the added stimulation makes your hips jerk instinctively beneath him. He’s surprised when you hardly let out a noise, safe for a sudden gasp for air. “Not even one tiny moan? Come on, baby.”
“Fuck it. Wherever he is, he better know we’re on in ten!” Jimin’s voice carries back to the two of you. Then, a little more faintly as he wanders off, you can hear him grumble, “I swear to God, this asshole━”
“Wait, wait━” You rasp suddenly, twisting and turning beneath Taehyung and the boy stops at once. You try not to let your heart swoon at the way his hands are all soft and gentle as they touch you now, sliding his palm off your mouth if only for it to fall to your hips where he rubs at comfortingly.
He tries to ignore the way his cock twitches, shoved so deep within your walls. “What’s wrong?”
You slither from his grasp, unraveling your leg from his waist and delicately pushing him away, trying not to focus on the way your pussy throbs at the sudden missing warmth of his length. Taehyung is suddenly even more concerned, the poor boy gawking at you helplessly, his swollen cock completely forgotten as he fixes himself back into his jeans, his attention solely focused on you and your wellbeing now.
“What happened? Did I hurt you━”
“No,” You promise. “No, I just━” You look sheepish, and he wonders why, up until he sees you fidgeting with your skirt in an attempt to fix it and the mischievous twinkle flashing in your eyes. “I just figured maybe we shouldn’t risk it tonight. I mean, you heard Jiminie.” You pat Taehyung’s chest once, smoothing out the material of his now crumpled shirt. “So, I’ll see you out there.”
Taehyung blinks once. “What the fuck.”
It doesn’t seem to hit him at first; not until he spots your wicked grin as you lean past him to look at your reflection in the mirror, fixing your clothes and hair. You wipe at a smudge of lipstick in the corner of your mouth, and Taehyung gaps.
“Y/N, what the fuck?” he whines. Needy and desperate hands try to grab at you on your way to the door, but he ultimately lets you weave your way out of his reach. “What are you, the antichrist? Don’t be such a tease. I’ve got a problem that you helped start. It’s only fair if you help finish it.”
Admittedly, it is cruel. He looks both shameless and shameful, an exasperated and flustered expression to match the helpless state he’s in. Shirt askew on his shoulders, hair a wild mess, and his painfully obvious boner struggling against his jeans. You almost feel bad, until you realize you shouldn’t be. Because this is all it’s ever been between the two of you ━ sex, and more sex, no feelings attached, but lately something seems off…  Either way, Taehyung will get over it, and he’ll still come crawling back for more which is why you have no qualms when you leave. Just, maybe, not in the way you would like.
The last thing he sees of you before you flee the washroom for him to fend for himself is a seductive smirk and a wink being thrown over your shoulder as you remark innocently, prettily, “You have hands.”
And then you’re gone, leaving him alone in the dingy washroom. He doesn’t come out right away, though it leaves the restless boys that make his band awaiting him to speculate some more.
“He’s gonna totally screw us over if he doesn’t show up in the next two minutes,” Jimin is saying hotly to the boys behind the stage when you rejoin them. The bar is already filling up with partygoers but mostly fans of the band, eagerly anticipating the set.
“Relax, Jimin,” Namjoon says carelessly. “He’s probably getting blown in the washroom or something. Can’t rush a man through these things.”
Jimin rolls his eyes as the others snicker. When the others have distracted themselves by discussing other business, you approach your brother casually, saying as inconspicuous as possible yet reassuringly, “Everything will be fine. I’m sure he’ll be here any second.”
“Wouldn’t be surprised if he throws this all away for a girl,” Jimin shakes his head. “It’s a miracle he ━ or any of the guys, for that matter ━ hasn’t tried anything on you yet.”
You try to laugh, though the sound is more forced and strained than you would like. At least Jimin doesn’t seem to notice. “But he’s your friend. Don’t you trust him?”
“I do trust him,” Jimin replies. “He’s a good guy, he’s just too caught up in all this band life. We’ve both seen it with the guys, especially with Taehyung. They take advantage of this stuff in the early stages.”
“Well, you don’t have to worry,” You promise. “I’m not interested in your friends and never will be ━ especially not Taehyung.”
Fortunately, the dreaded conversation doesn’t last much longer. Taehyung does end up making it to his own set on time, and when he finds you out in the crowd, you’re smirking deviously up at him for a secret that never has to be told aloud to the world and certainly not to Jimin.
Tumblr media
You don’t quite remember when you and Taehyung started hooking up behind your brother’s back or what exactly caused it.
If you think back long and hard enough, you’re positive it was the result of some sort of drunken one night stand that elapsed into sober days and conscious decision making, which then turned into weeks, then months, which leaves you to where you are now. Almost a year of sucking your brother’s best friend’s dick and you’ve somehow, miraculously, never been caught. But aside from occasionally sleeping with one another, there was nothing more to be exposed to Jimin in terms of romance. Because, as far as he was aware, you and Taehyung were still embroiled in your childhood rivalry with one another that was less violent now than when you were younger and more civil, aside from the offhanded jabs and retorts shot at one another. And, as far as Taehyung and you were aware, the charade and the hook-ups all resulted in a peculiar sort of friendship between the two of you that was certainly as far as either of you would take things. Supposedly.
But between sexual teasing and taunts, you sometimes wonder if the lines have begun to blur, and if you’ve gotten too comfortable with Taehyung asking to sleep in your bed. Which is why, maybe, you overcompensate by “torturing” him on the days that he really needs you, like the night before in the grimy washroom of the bar. He hadn’t joined the real world or the band until the very last second they were meant to go on stage, looking all the more discomposed and flushed in the face when he rushed out, though at least he had somehow managed to tame his raging boner.
Now you were certain the universe was toying with you, bittersweet payback coming to nip you in the ass.
You hadn’t been so bothered the night before, leaving with the boys when their set was done and returning to your home with Jimin, not a word being uttered between you and Taehyung, even up until the very next day where you find yourself now. Crammed in a local studio run by some friend Yoongi had known from college, you were quite used to watching the band brainstorm new lyrics and record songs in real time, all from the sofa shoved up against one wall of the small space. You had been there every step of the way ━ their first rehearsal as a formed band, the day they discovered the group’s name in almost a dreamlike epiphany, the release of their very first full-length album produced and recorded all by them and promoted all by them, their very first gig with a decent following and the jittery anxiety they had all been troubled by, and every gig following it in which their nerves subsided and their effervescent charm and credence began to finally show through. But they had never been as disconcerted as they had now ━ which, really, you don’t blame them.
“Bro, this is stressing me out.” This aggravated groan sounds from Jungkook, the band’s lead guitarist.
He’s currently splayed out on the ground of the sofa you’re seated on, head thrown back against the cushions. Every other boy in the studio bare a similar wearied look ━ even Jimin, as their usual spritely lead singer.
You suppose that’s just the inevitable stress bound to occur when a scout from the infamous Columbia Records had somehow found the band either in person at one of their gigs or online and taken an interest in them and were interested in signing them. After weeks of back and forth discussion, Jin had been fortunate enough to land a meeting with the label in New York City, looking promising enough to excite even the stoic Yoongi. And after a month of planning, their meeting was set to take place finally only a week from that day. The issue seemed to arise when the label claimed they wanted the band to bring a set of new songs to the table to discuss at the last possible moment, sending the boys into a chaotic frenzy as they had only just released their first album a few months back. You had come to help the boys, though they were lucky enough to have found a handful of pre-written songs from their repertoire that still, unfortunately, needed fine tuning, vocals, and melodies. After working meticulously all morning, they were only just now deciding to split for a much needed lunch break.
“Same here,” Jimin says glumly, rubbing at his tired eyes. “Can’t wait to get out of here. I feel like I’m going insane.”
As the boys begin to shift and move, Jin gets to his feet and clasps his hands onto Jimin’s shoulders, giving him a reassuring nudge. “Just think about it: international success and Grammys await.”
“If we don’t fall apart before then,” Namjoon stifles a yawn as he stretches out his arms. He tosses a glance at you and Taehyung. “You guys coming?”
“Yeah,” You say, though you hardly move from your seat. “I’ll be there.”
“I’ll catch up with you guys in a minute,” Taehyung nods. He’s sat across from you on the couch, journal propped on one knee as he scrawls away in it, a jarble of chord progressions and lyrics. “Just gonna finish cleaning up in here.”
It seems convincing enough to Namjoon and the rest of the boys, even Jimin who is already out the door, not in the least bit suspicious of you or Taehyung. Honestly, you’re sure not even Taehyung is suspicious of your unmoving presence beside him until the boys leave and suddenly the room falls silent.
“You’re stressed,” You point out in a gentle musing. Which is true. You don’t usually see Taehyung riddled with anxieties, typically keeping to himself and maintaining some sort of effortless and mysterious coolness around the others.
The boy quirks a brow as he lifts his gaze to look up at you, tossing the journal onto the ground. Whether or not he seems to catch the underlying suggestive and sultry tone in your voice, you’re not quite sure but could you really blame yourself? It was difficult having to watch Taehyung all morning in his element, gazing at him whenever he was in the recording booth, headphones dangling from his neck and bass guitar in his lap as his expert fingers thrummed away at the strings. He always looks most attractive to you when he’s so utterly consumed by his work and his art, whether it be on stage in front of hundreds of people or in a more intimate setting at recordings or practices.
“What happened to you not wanting to disappoint Jimin by getting caught or whatever it was?” he asks, waving his hand dismissively. “Staying back with me is definitely gonna catch his attention.”
“Maybe,” You shrug. You catch his hand as he brings it back down, raising it to your lips to kiss at the tips of his fingers slowly, one-by-one, never once breaking eye contact with him. “I was just thinking you could use some help. And an apology for yesterday.”
Despite the way Taehyung’s dark gaze scrutinizes you in a taunting manner, he still watches as you take his hand and place it between your thighs, over your core. At least today you chose to wear leggings, the smooth material allowing for very little obstacles standing in his way as you press his fingers against you. A wolfish smirk tugs at his lips. “You think your pussy’s gonna help me?”
“Yes, actually, I do,” You say, matter-of-fact. “And I don’t think it will; I know. If I remember correctly, you were begging to use me as a stress-reliever before your set yesterday.”
Taehyung clucks his tongue. “Sounds a lot to me like you just want my fingers in you. Not so nice now being the needy one, huh?”
“I want you to do a lot of things to me, Tae.”
“Careful, baby. You’re playing a dangerous game,” Taehyung says. Still, he entertains the idea. Pressing his thumb harder against you, he rubs leisurely at the sensitive part of your clit over your clothes and the sudden feeling makes you pur with glee. “Besides, why should I be so nice and help you after what you did to me?”
You roll your eyes. “You’re still on about that? You’re a grown man, you can pleasure yourself.”
“How mean.” He feigns a look of mock hurt. “It doesn’t feel as nice when it isn’t you.”
“Taehyung,” You scold his name in a warning, but it mostly comes out as a contented sigh. You know you’ve already won him over, though the impatient tug you give on his arm as you clutch at his wrist of the hand still between your legs is a wordless reminder. Your fingers flutter up to his face, pulling him down for a kiss which he gladly obliges to. “Think they’ll walk in?”
“Nah.” His voice is a throaty murmur. “We’ve got some time. The boys’ seem worried enough as is; think they’re already halfway to that pho place around the corner they wanted to try, and they’re probably not gonna wanna come back here for at least another hour. Plus, I think we’ve given the producers a raging headache with all our requests so they definitely won’t want to be back in here for a while.”
You snicker at the thought, humming into his mouth as you pull him down with you onto the sofa, bending your knee so as to let him slide into place between your legs more comfortably. He pulls his hand away from you only long enough to lick at his digits before slipping his hand past the waistband of your leggings this time. Nudging aside your underwear, he swipes his fingers at your clit, marveling at your stickiness.
Your breath hitches in your throat. “What do we say when they ask where we went?”  
“Doesn’t matter,” he grunts into your mouth. “Fuck, tell them we were busy fucking for all I care.”
You swat at his chest playfully but lose your spirit when he presses his thumb against your clit, causing your hips to rut forward in a silent plea. Taehyung’s right, you think. Your excuse for the boys can be worried about later. Now, Taehyung slides a finger into you, then another, stretching you open experimentally, causing you to croon.
Face warm and head spinning, a sudden thought pops into your head that seems much more intimate than his fingers in you. “So━” You bite your lip to stop a moan. The question that forms on your tongue is timid despite the lewd things that threaten to run through your mind at his every touch, “S-So, what happens when you’re a big and famous rockstar, touring the world now?”
“I’ll take you with me.” Taehyung tongues a pattern down to the underside of your jaw, sending shivers down your spine. He curls his fingers upward, sinking further into you until he’s reached his knuckles, enjoying the way your hips twitch beneath him. “Fuck you in every city we go to, in every fancy, over-the-top hotel we stay in. New York, L.A., Paris, London, Rome…”
“Romantic,” You snort, although maybe it kind of is if you think about it long enough. He slides a third finger into you then, fucking his digits in and out of you at a gradual pace that has your core aching. You’re all warm and wet around him that it goes straight to his dick, the thought of him tearing you apart as he plunges his cock into you making him grow antsy. It does the same to you. “Nnngh, Taehyung━ We’ll see about that when you meet pretty girls thousands of miles away who can offer you so much more than me.”
“Hmm… Dunno about that,” he hums. “There’s only gonna be you.”
You wonder if he knows what he’s doing, the way his words make your heart stutter in your chest. But then you start to wonder why you’re even feeling such things for him. Pretty words promising you that you meant more to him than sex meant little to you in comparison when he never acted upon it ━ but could you blame him? Even you were apprehensive of ruining what you already had with him, his friendship with Jimin if you told him how you were feeling lately, and the integrity of the band.
Your legs tremble as your orgasm approaches. Taehyung busies himself by nipping and sucking at your neck and all you can do is puff and pant, the lewd wet noises of his fingers penetrating you filling your ears. “Taehyung━ God, I wanna feel your dick so badly.”
“Yeah?” he growls. “Gonna let me fuck you finally? You’re so wet right now, could slip right in. Fuck, look at what you do to yourself by being so mean to me.”
He twists his finger up into you in such a way that has you grinding against his knuckles. “Please, Tae━”
“Got you stretched so wide too,” Taehyung hums pensively. “Your pussy always takes me so well too, doesn’t it?”
“Hmm, Taehyung!”
“Look at you,” he hisses, quickening his pace. Your back arches until your chest is pressed flush against his, walls quivering around his fingers. You reach out desperately for his face, smoothing your lips over his but you fail to really make any sort of connection. Instead, your jaw unhinges in a breathless moan against his mouth as he rests his forehead against yours. “Wanna come around my fingers so badly, don’t you? So close too.”
“Fuck, fuck, I’m━” Your hands ball into fists around the collar of his shirt. Your eyes threaten to roll back as you get closer and closer, your aching pussy so close to feeling its much needed relief when━ “What the fuck, Taehyung?”
He pulls his hand from your core before you can cum, leaving you a sweating and panting mess. The sudden loss of contact leaves you dumbfounded, gawking at the boy who’s suddenly grinning in a similar ungodly manner to your selfish response to him the day before. Payback has never tasted so sweet before to him, and so bitter to you.
“You did that on purpose,” You whine, jutting your hips forward desperately to meet his hand again. Instead, he gives your leaking and sensitive pussy one slap, the pleasant jolt shooting up your spine making you moan. “You’re so mean. I thought you were over it.”
“Well, now I am.” He pulls his hand out from between your legs and licks at his fingers. “Have you had your fun?”
It takes you a moment to respond as you gather yourself. He finds your sulking a little hilarious, and maybe also feels a little bad. “For now.”
“That’s a good girl.” He leans down to kiss your mouth hungrily, enjoying when you suck eagerly at his lower lip. “Because I’ve had my fun.”
You open your mouth to say something more but are stopped shortly when, somewhere outside the recording room, you can hear the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching, followed by the sound of the doorknob turning and Jimin’s curious voice, “Tae?”
You and Taehyung have stumbled off of one another within seconds, listening to the way Taehyung curses under his breath as he flings himself off the couch and a few feet away as you sit upright on the sofa. You have to only pray and hope that you both don’t look too obvious, though you think it’s too late for that. Either way, you cross one thigh over the other, biting down harshly on your tongue as Jimin stumbles into the room. As his gaze sweeps fleetingly across the room, he hardly takes note of both you and Taehyung.
“There you two are,” he says. “Was wondering where you went off to. And━” His stare flutters over to Taehyung for a moment and you hold your breath, fearing he may know a little too much, when━ “There’s my wallet! I knew I forgot it here.”
He crosses the room swiftly and plucks his abandoned wallet from the desk, holding it up to show the two of you. You smile nervously and Taehyung takes it upon himself to answer, clearing his throat in the process. “We were just gonna catch up with you, actually. Y/N was just helping me finish up here.”
You’re fortunate that Jimin’s probable sudden panic of trying to find his wallet and the relief of realizing he hadn’t lost it to the ether is what distracts him. He seems hardly intrigued by your lack of presence or yours and Taehyung’s odd companionship without the other boys. Whatever the case, you both manage to make it out of the recording studio unscathed and Taehyung does a well enough job at deflecting from any further suspicions by talking as normally as he usually would with Jimin on your walk over to the restaurant the rest of the boys are at.
Well, as unscathed as you can be, the tragedy of your lost orgasm still haunting you even as you sit across from Taehyung at the table.
Tumblr media
“Now you’ll really be late.”
You say this as a heedful warning, though you’re fortunate when you find that you’re both distracted this time.
You know you have Taehyung under your spell that morning when he catches you purposely wandering his apartment in nothing but a pair of your panties. It’s not as if it’s uncommon to see you naked in his kitchen, making breakfast. That morning, when you walk into the bedroom holding a cup of tea, Taehyung almost chokes at the sight of your bare chest. It’s early the day of the band’s flight to New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records, and though Taehyung has roughly an hour before he has to leave the apartment, you’re worried he might just miss the flight altogether when he pulls you onto his bed again after a night of fucking.
“Don’t care. Come here.” His large hands are on you in an instant, roaming your body as he kisses the underside of your jaw and pins you beneath him. You let him get carried away, let him leave a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips down to your collarbones and in between your breasts.
“What are you gonna tell the boys when they’re on a flight to New York and you’re still in your apartment?” You rasp, fingers threading in his hair.
“Was busy spending the last twenty-four hours making hot, passionate love to you.”
The wry grin on his face makes it come across as a joke and makes your heart skip a beat. Admittedly, that was partly the truth. He had invited you over the day before and you had spent the better part of it in his bed in every position imaginable. Have to make up for the three days we won’t see each other, he had said after your first round, head between your legs and mouth on your cunt.
You snicker now but the sound falls short when a moan replaces it. “Don’t think you can call it passionate love making when you gave up halfway and made me ride you like you always do.”
He gasps and bites down teasingly on your skin but not with enough pressure to hurt. “Was that a jab at my manhood?”
“Of course not.”
“Besides, I like it best when you’re in charge.”
You roll your eyes but pull him up to your face so that you can kiss him again. It’s an odd shift in atmosphere when you find him kissing you in a chaste manner, despite having marked you red all over and legs still shaking from how many times he’s made you come in the last twenty-four hours. But it wasn’t all sex for once. Falling asleep in his arms left you still dreaming even when you were long awake.
“Gonna miss you,” he whispers once he parts from you. He rubs soft circles against your hips, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.
“It’s only for three days,” You say.
“I know,” he sighs. “I just━ God, I’ve gotten so used to you being here. I’m just sick of sleeping alone all the time. Shit, I don’t think I’m making any sense anymore. All I know is you’re driving me crazy.”
“Am I wrong to feel that way?” He lifts his head now to look at you, ardent sincerity glazing over his eyes as he gazes at you.
You’re too caught up in the moment, the lustful afterglow of sex and whatever else is starting to emerge however blurry it may be now, to not notice right away the sound of knocking on the front door. Instead, you reach out to push his hair out of his eyes. You think you know what he means; you just want to hear him say it aloud. Your question is a gentle probe. “What are you trying to say?”
But Taehyung’s voice is cut short by the sound of Jin’s shouting from the front door. “Taehyung, you in here?”
Wide eyes meet with yours in the sudden alarming panic of Jin’s arrival. Taehyung grumbles mostly to himself, “God dammit, what’s he doing here?”
You can hear the band’s manager talking aloud, quite possibly to another one of the boys that he’s dragged with him, and you and Taehyung scramble to react. Taehyung only has enough time to clamber out of his bed and pull on a pair of discarded sweatpants from the floor as you pull on one of his sweaters and grab the bedsheet to cling to your chest if only so it can hide the rest of your bare legs.
“Are you alive?” Jin’s asking, closer this time.
“We had to come check on you━” You don’t register the second voice until it’s too late.
Because there, standing at the threshold of Taehyung’s door to his room, is not just Jin but your brother. Jimin’s familiar pop of bright blue hair and nonchalant smile are much too hard to forget. But, upon stumbling across Taehyung’s room, they each come to a stuttering halt. It doesn’t take long for the realization to dawn on them ━ and how could they not piece together the puzzles painting such a painfully obvious picture? The dishevelled bed, the clothes that litter his floor, your clothes that litter his floor, Taehyung’s shirtless and sloppy attire, your own half-hearted attempt at dressing yourself and the marks that riddle your body that you were banking on fading completely by the time you were reunited with Jimin after their return from their meeting.
“Uh…” Taehyung trails off awkwardly. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Oh shit,” Jin curses under his breath. Despite having no idea whatsoever about you or Taehyung (though maybe having a better inkling than the rest of the boys), he turns hastily towards Jimin. “Maybe now’s not a good time.”
But Jimin hardly budges. Instead, he looks enlivened, jaw setting harshly in place as his brows furrow into a scowl. “Jin knows I have a spare key to your place after that one time you locked yourself out and he wanted to make sure we all met up before getting to the airport. You weren’t answering our calls, thought you were dead. Guess now I know it’s because you were too busy fucking my sister.”
“Jimin,” You hiss sharply.
Taehyung shakes his head wildly. “It’s not like that.”
“Really?” Jimin retorts. “‘Cause it sure seems like it is.”
Taehyung grimaces. “Okay, yes, but not in the way you think. It’s not some meaningless fuck. I care about her.”
But that only seems to be the wrong answer. Would there ever be a right one? Taming Jimin’s stubborn anger and protectiveness over you was hard enough on any other day. Now that he knows you’ve slept with Taehyung, Taehyung felt as if he were a lost cause.
“How long has this been happening?” Jimin asks, tight-lipped.
You can’t bring yourself to answer, neither can Taehyung, and that seems to be enough to answer his worries. Maybe if you had acted faster, said it was only a one night stand, he wouldn’t have been able to read your mind so easily. Yet your silence was enough to make you guilty.
“Shit,” Jimin runs a hand through his hair. When he speaks next, he’s looking only at you. “Do you love him?”
“I━” You open your mouth, as if to explain yourself. This time, the answer came much easier. You know what you want to say, but voicing the truth out loud in front of your brother and Taehyung, who might not feel the same way, makes you clamp your mouth shut. Whatever your answer anyway should be for Taehyung only. Instead, you frown up at your brother. “I don’t get why you’re so upset anyway. Who cares if we’re in love? Who cares what we are? It’s not like you can control me. I can make these sorts of decisions myself, Jimin. This is ridiculous.”
“No. I get that,” Jimin says firmly. “But you’re my sister, and your wellbeing comes first to me. So, Tae━” Now, your brother turns to look at Taehyung. You’ve never seen him so furious before, disappointed even, and certainly not when it comes to Taehyung. “If you care about her so much, when were you gonna let her know?”
This seems to catch your attention, sending a curious gaze between Jimin and Taehyung. “Let me know what?”
“That he’s been screwing some other chick he met at the bar a while ago,” Jimin says. “Walked in on them once by accident and, after the fact, he said some similar bullshit about how it wasn’t meaningless or whatever.”
You blink.
The blow to your chest, and subsequently your heart, makes you teeter on your frail legs. Because if what Jimin was saying was true, then were all the sweet sentiments Taehyung whispered to you even yours to begin with? Did he care about you as much as you cared about him? But, the worst part of it all, is how utterly foolish you feel. Because when Taehyung doesn’t immediately answer, your question about whether or not Jimin was telling the truth was confirmed; and you had let yourself almost willingly fall for Taehyung despite all the warning signs. Despite the fact that you had both initiated your relationship on the basis that nothing would ever blossom from it.
“Is that true?” You ask Taehyung.
The boy hesitates. He meets your stare solemnly, flinching when he notes just how hurt you seem. “Partly.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You demand. But before he can respond, you scoff under your breath as you begin to gather your belongings. “Oh my god. I’m so stupid━”
Taehyung starts. “Wait, Y/N━”
“Just leave her alone━” Jimin interrupts.
“Hey. Hey!” Jin snaps abruptly, the firm tone in his voice catching the boys’ attention. “We gotta go. Now. Taehyung, get yourself decent; Jimin, in the living room. We leave for the airport in five minutes.”
You decide you no longer want to wait for an answer. Your own embarrassment is far too much to handle for the moment being, and you favour the idea of fleeing from Taehyung’s sorrowful gaze, Jimin’s heated one, and Jin’s scrutinizing scowl.
You’re long gone before Taehyung can even think to stop you.
Tumblr media
The three days in which the boys find themselves in New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records is the longest three days of your life.
Taehyung never bothers to call or text you ━ and the looming swell of concern of awaiting to hear his voice or your brother’s or any answer of how the meeting has gone fades in comparison. Because every sweet nothing he ever said to you suddenly means nothing, and you don’t know where that leaves you.
Just when you think you can take the torture no longer, the band returns. Jimin comes bounding into your shared apartment the moment his flight lands and the taxi has brought him home, greeting you with the wonderful news that the band’s been signed, and a celebration is in store consisting of their closest friends and family members. While you initially bask in Jimin’s excitement, mirroring your own, it quickly fades as you fear you’ve lost Taehyung for good.
“You’ll come to the party, won’t you?” Jimin asks hopefully at some point. “The boys will want you there.”
You shift warily in your seat on the sofa across from your brother who stands in the midst of the room after having animatedly relaying the story of the past three days to you. You shrug now, and when Jimin shoots you a quizzical look, you decide to approach the topic cautiously, dancing over your words slowly. “I dunno, Jimin. If he’s gonna be there… I don’t know if I can face him right now.”
Jimin comes to an immediate halt. His face falls and he sinks onto the seat beside you. “Y/N… Look, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. While we were away, Taehyung and I talked and he’s gutted about what happened. But that’s all I can say. I think you should talk to each other. No, I want you to talk to each other. I know now that you’re meant for one another.”
“Are you only telling me this because you’re being your best friend’s wingman, or because you’re being my brother?” You ask, a weak lighthearted attempt at a joke.
“Both,” Jimin says warmly. “Because I care about you both, and I don’t want to have to live with the regret of being the reason two people perfect for each other aren’t together.”
And when your brother says it with such earnestness, you have no choice but to believe him.
So, despite feeling like a fool for potentially crossing paths with Taehyung again, you muster the nerve and motivation to go, and arrive at the party with Jimin later that night. The impromptu last minute party itself is held at Namjoon’s home, filled to the brim with mostly familiar faces and a few unrecognizable ones that must be acquaintances of the boys you’ve never met before. You make your rounds and congratulate the boys one-by-one, being enveloped into a tight hug with each one, safe for Taehyung whom you don’t see at first.
You’re fortunate when mutual friends of yours and Jimin’s arrive, spending the majority of the night with them as your brother wanders off to get wasted. At some point, as the night drawls on, you catch sight of Taehyung and the presence of him is enough to dampen your mood entirely. You decide you’re no longer in the mood for a party, and make haste for the door, stumbling out onto the lawn. You only make it so far, coming to stop at the foot of the curb to breathe in the cool night air around you, before you notice Taehyung hurrying out after you, calling your name.
Almost as soon as he’s able to catch his breath and you lock gazes with the boy, he asks aloud, “Where are you going?”
You hadn’t expected him to follow you, nor the terrible nearly tangible awkwardness that hangs heavy in the air. Still, the concern in his voice and the corners of his eyes softening at the sight of you makes you want nothing more than to forget all the heartache. “Home.”
“Let me drive you?” he asks delicately.
You hesitate before responding. You know the simple offer of a drive is more than that. It’s an invitation to talk to him, sort things out. And you, of course, can’t possibly deny him. As soon as you’ve followed him to his car and he starts driving, everything goes silent. It’s almost unbearable as you shift uncomfortably in your seat and gaze out the window, hoping the long car ride will pass by rather quickly. You thwart his attempts at starting any conversation by turning the radio up and letting the music ━ a mix from Taehyung’s phone filled with pop-punk and indie classics ━ fill the emptiness but it doesn’t work with distracting you. He takes a detour from the path to your apartment, driving instead to a nearby lookout point of a hiking trail, now abandoned and desolate this late at night.
It’s quiet even long after he shifts the car into park, leaving only the sound of the stereo to fill the void. Then, at long last━
“You didn’t call,” You say.
Taehyung swallows thickly. “I know.”
“That’s all I wanted. An explanation.”
“I know,” Taehyung shifts in his seat to look at you. “I’m sorry. I messed up.”
“I know I have no right to feel like you’re mine when the reason we started seeing each other was casual, but everything you’ve been saying to me lately━” You rasp, “that I’m the only one for you and that you were gonna miss me because you were tired of being alone ━ did all of it mean nothing?”
The boy’s stare hardens. “No. I was never lying when I was with you. Everything I said, I meant.”
“Then why didn’t you call?”
“Because I was scared I had lost you,” Taehyung grovels all at once, silencing you. “Because things were starting to finally change between us ━ where it wasn’t just sex all the fucking time, but something genuine ━ and I didn’t want to face the reality that it could all be gone, just like that.”
“Well, what did Jimin mean, about that other girl? Was he telling the truth?”
“Did you fuck her?”
“And did you fuck her while you were still saying there was only me in your life and pretending you meant it?”
“I was never pretending,” Taehyung protests exasperatedly. “We had a fling, but that was months ago, when you and I first started whatever the hell this is. But Jimin was wrong. I never told him she was the one, or whatever. I said I didn’t want it to be meaningless anymore. That I want something more. I thought I had found it with that girl; but it was really with you.”
“Taehyung…” You whisper his name now, a delicate utterance.
“You can’t tell me I’m the only one feeling this way about us,” Taehyung beckons desperately. “I know you’ve been feeling it too.”
You purse your lips; then, you let out a small exhalation of air. “Tae… I think I’ve been in love with you ever since we were little kids.”
Now, Taehyung’s stare softens. He reaches out to grab at your face, gingerly pulling you into him, thumb caressing your cheek.
“I want you,” he promises. “God, I want you so bad. Do you really think I’d risk getting kicked from the band for anyone else but you? Or let anyone else tease me so bad but you?”
You can’t help but snicker. You shake your head at him as he pulls you into a kiss. He grins against your mouth and, this time when he kisses you, it’s hot and needy, a whole three day’s worth of pent up emotions and desires pouring into your every touch. Your hands fumble to undo your seatbelt and then you’re climbing over onto his lap and he’s welcoming you with open arms, the skirt of your dress hitching up higher on your thighs. Your knee, or maybe it was your foot or elbow, accidentally hits the horn of the steering wheel and startles the two of you, earning a squeak from you, before you both erupt into laughter. Taehyung reaches down to push the seat back a few inches to give you more space in the cramped driver’s seat and then he pauses to look up at you with mesmerized eyes. He kisses you again and again, as your hands come up to grasp at the sides of his neck.
“Had enough of the bullshit, have you?” he asks humorously. “Gonna take matters into your own hands?”
“I’m tired of all this teasing and chasing,” You pout. You’ve already begun grinding your hips against his, enjoying the way his face pinches in pure delight. He burrows his face into your chest, breasts soft against his head. A soft moan bubbles at your lips as you plant your own hands onto his chest. “I think so are you. We’ve both got a taste of it, haven’t we? We need to make up for lost time.”
“Fair enough,” he rasps. “What do you want from me, baby?”
“You, all of you,” You murmur. “Want your dick in me.”
“Gonna let me finish this time?” he tuts.
Your amused giggle meets his ears and he wonders how you can be both cute and sexy at the same time. “Mmm, I wanna be filled with your cum.”
“Oh, fuck,” Taehyung grunts. “Okay, okay. Here━”
Somehow, he’s able to gesture to the backseat and you and him clamber your way there until you’re finally both situated once more with you straddling his lap. There’s a mutual understanding that there’s no point, nor time, for foreplay but it’s not as if either of you mind. Taehyung’s surely had enough and so have you because while teasing him may be fun for a while, it certainly can feel like torture trying to stay away from him in the meantime. You help him fumble with the belt of his jeans so that he can unbuckle them and watch as he grasps at himself, pulling his cock free. Immediately, you’re lifting your hips to pull the skirt of your dress up higher and his hands help aid you clumsily, palms gliding up the smooth expanse of your thighs.
Then, fumbling to push you on your knees before him, with one hand on the small of your back, he pulls you towards him and gazes down between the two of you as he hooks a thumb over the material of your panties to push it to the side and teases the tip of himself over your slick folds. Your hands flail outward, palms pressing against the windowpane as he somehow situates himself behind you in the cramped space on his knees. He grunts from behind you at the feeling and then slowly and carefully guides you down onto him. It takes a moment to adjust but as you sink fully down until he’s balls deep, his cock coaxed easily by your leaking wetness, the both of you come to a halt, sputtering for air.
“Wait, wait,” he gasps. “Oh, fuck━ Stay put for a sec.”
“Why?” You ask, jutting your hips backwards teasingly. “Gonna cum already?”
“You’re such a fucking tease,” he mutters. He thrusts up into you without warning as payback, causing you to gasp out loud and flail forward. “No, you brat. I just want to enjoy it a little bit longer.”
He’s right. It does feel nice to finally feel some sort of friction after three days of nothing. To him, you just feel so nice and warm and snug and, to you, he fills you up so perfectly. So you stay put for a little bit, adjusting to the feeling as you kiss each other slow and steadily. His dick twitches inside you, warm and wet and so fucking hard. He’s just so big, your head is spinning. It’s almost as if you feel him in the pit of your stomach, legs trembling at the feeling. He yanks impatiently at the top of your dress, pulling it down so that the material pools at your waist now, reveling in the way your bare breasts spring free. At once, his hands are reaching around your front to palm at your breasts, grasping at your hips and navel.
“Wanna wreck you so bad,” Taehyung growls roughly against the shell of your ear as he presses his chest against your back. “Gonna fill you up so good, make your pussy all mine. How does that sound?”
“Want it so bad,” You whine, one arm hooking behind you so that your fingers can scratch at his hair. “F-fuck, Taehyung━”
When he tugs lightly at your hips, you take that as his gesture for you to move and start grinding your hips against his.
“Been waiting so long,” he hisses. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t know why you always gotta tease me.”
“Taehyung,” You choke out. “Oh, f-fuck━”
“That’s it, baby girl. Doing so well,” Taehyung grunts as your walls quiver around him. He starts grinding into you, rough snaps of his hips sending you jolting forward each time. “Gonna take my dick like a good girl?”
“Y-Yes━ God, want it so bad,” You cry out. “Give it to me harder, please, Taehyung━”
He gladly obliges, quickening his pace until he’s slamming his hips into yours in thrusts that tremble you to the core. Tears begin to prick at your eyes at the glorious sensation, your cunt throbbing with each thrust. You’re so wet, he almost slips from your walls each time he rolls his hips into yours.
“Fuck━ Want you to ride me,” he rasps at some point. “Show me how your pussy belongs to me. Can you do that for me?”
You nod blindly. You try not to whine at the sudden loss of contact when he pulls out of you, the tip of his cock glistening with both of your leaking cum mingling together, the sticky strands pulling apart midair as he fumbles. Soon, he has you straddling his lap, sinking onto his dick once more. You grip his shoulders this time, bouncing on him as he buries his face in your chest.
A sudden thought has him groaning aloud. “Your brother’s gonna fucking hate me.”
“I thought he said you talked things over,” You gasp. “That everything’s okay.”
“I don’t mean that,” Taehyung’s head rolls back, eyes squeezing shut. “He’s gonna murder me if he ever catches us like this.”
“Think he knows it happens by now,” You giggle. You moan when you drop your hips on him completely, swiveling around his dick.
“Still don’t think that means he wants to see us making love on the couch in your apartment. Not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you,” Taehyung points out. Then, adding hastily, “Fuck it. Can we not talk about your brother? It’s killing the mood.”
Another delightful chuckle bubbles from your lips though it’s quick to dissolve into a splintered cry as his dick angles upwards into you.
Your back arches until your chest is pressed against his. It’s almost embarrassing how fast the two of you become complete shambles, a sticky mess forming between your legs. It comes to that point where you don’t care about being careful and where you decide to adopt such a reckless pace, fucking yourself on him, your breasts bouncing wildly before him. Taehyung moans and eagerly latches his mouth on one of your breasts, sucking hard.
“Taehyung,” You whine. “I’m not gonna last.”
He hums against you, pulling you closer to his mouth and chest and wrapping you in his heat, as if to urge you on. Your mewls and whimpers ring in Taehyung’s ears as beautiful sounding as the music that plays in the background. You begin to give out, your tiredness mingling with the intensity of pleasure, and you collapse against Taehyung’s chest, huffing for air. He quickly replaces your efforts, grabbing your hips tightly and plummeting his upwards into yours so hard that you feel each thrust shake you to the core. You know you’ll have bruises in the morning but you don’t mind. You’re leaning entirely against Taehyung now, your arms wrapping around his neck, as cries of his name and choked whimpers continue to tear from your throat and mouth.
“F-Fuck!” You cry. “Taehyung, faster━ oh my god, please━”
Your pleas drown out when one long moan escapes you. You can feel the muscles in your core tighten and loosen in a constant battle that has your head swimming in a good way, your heart pounding in your chest. Taehyung grits his teeth, focusing on bringing you to your high, and, before you are able to even comprehend what’s happening, you’re toppling over the edge. You’re still on top of Taehyung, whimpering profusely and crying his name in a beautiful mantra as your high shakes you from head to toe.
“Fuck, that’s it, baby,” Taehyung hisses. “Cum for me. Cream all over my dick. You love it, don’t you? Love having me fill you up like this?”
“Yes, oh my god, Tae, yes━ faster, please━”
Taehyung obliges, sweat forming on his forehead. He feels you squeeze around him so tight that he fumbles for a second, sputtering for air. Then, he feels your cum pulsate out of you, leaking down his length. You’re instantly floating up high with the stars, relishing in your high and the way Taehyung rides it out as he also fights for his own sweet release. As your hips come to a stutter, he grips at your waist and pummels his dick up into your aching pussy.
His tongue continues to lav lazily at your jawline and, by the time he reaches his own high, you are beginning to cringe from the sensitivity. Yet, you hold on, pushing away the slight sting as you help coax him to his high, squeezing your muscles around him. He cums moments later, releasing into you warm and wet, crying your name.
“Fuck, Y/N━ Gonna fill you up, baby, just how you like it━”
He rams his hips up into yours for one final effort, shuddering in elation as his cock twitches every last drop of cum from it. Then, both breathless and panting, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, you slump against his chest, resting your forehead against his. The car instantly goes silent and the foreground music that was the radio comes to once more. You listen to the soft lyrics as the two of you bask in the afterglow of sex and he kisses you all over.
You don’t know how much time passes as the two of you lay there, his hands rubbing comforting circles on your hips as your own fingers trace the tattoos that ink his skin.
“You know━” Taehyung speaks up eventually, his voice a low mumble. “Gonna be extra hard not to be late getting to gigs now.”
“Uh oh.” You roll your eyes. “Think we’ve got all the time in the world now for sex, Tae.”
Taehyung grins. “I was thinking more about the fact that I’m not gonna want to get out of bed in the morning, whenever you fall asleep beside me.”
Your heart swells at his confession and you peck his cheek quickly before burying your face in the crook of his neck. It’s his own serenade of sorts, his small promise in the backseat of his car, that makes it all okay in the end.
“And,” Taehyung admits cheekily this time, “knowing we don’t have to keep us a secret anymore, even to ourselves━ I'm definitely not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you now.”
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work.
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated!
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joonscore · 4 months ago
“you should be more careful.” - jjk
Tumblr media
requested by @lcksndkys​ for #71 on this list! suzie if you’re not shorter than jungkook pls forgive me
➯ pairing: boyfriend!jungkook x short!girlfriend!reader
➯ genre + warnings: pg13. sfw. fluff. y/n is kinda short and clumsy lol, but wants to impress her bf.
➯ summary: there’s just a few things you haven’t quite adjusted to yet when it comes to moving in with your boyfriend. 
➯ wc: 1.3k 
Tumblr media
Despite how big of a move it was to finally be living with your boyfriend, the change shifted your life in the smallest of ways sometimes. You were eagerly waiting for the day you’d graduate so you could move out of the tiny dorm you spent far too many years in. However, you found yourself sizing up more than you’d ever imagine. 
Of course, with square feet aside, height was something that you didn’t really factor in when it came to living with Jungkook. In fact, it was totally glossed over, especially as the two of you were more than elated to be sharing the same space. As much as you enjoyed driving to his place or vice versa to see each other, you were both in agreement that limiting the commute would be most ideal, and the next step in your blossoming relationship. 
You first thought of buying another place entirely, but Jungkook was adamant on easing the burden of real estate off your shoulders. Why mess with realtors, browsing places, and rents and mortgages if you could just join him? He had worked his ass off for years to live in the penthouse he owned now, and he’d been waiting for the perfect moment to share his home with the person who had a share of his heart. 
With easing your burden came his persistent support with all things moving, and you could’ve sworn that he had done more of the dirty work for you when it came to transferring all your belongings over. From his abundant help, you told yourself that you had to make it up to him somehow, so until you could seal in your dream job, you’d work to improve the overall ambiance of Jungkook’s place. 
You couldn’t forget the jubilation your boyfriend expressed when you were over. Even when the two of you started dating, Jungkook knew you had the ability to brighten up every room you were in, which was exactly what you did when you visited. Now that you were a permanent resident, you strived to preserve that very atmosphere everywhere you left a trace. 
It was easier to communicate that in some forms than others, such as, the spotless cleanings, the recurring good morning greetings and good night lullabies, and the fun you always had planned whenever Jungkook returned from a long shift at his studio. 
However, there was one daunting task that didn’t seem as scary to you until you were a resident. No, it was something you knew you honed, something you knew you were an expert at, but when it came to execution, it was the total opposite. 
Yes, you would try to avoid the one staple of living at all costs to risk embarrassment. It wasn’t like you never ate, because you couldn’t survive that. But, reaching for produce and general ingredients weren’t the real challenge, it was just when you wanted to get intricate for your boyfriend that you realized you should probably just ditch the idea. 
It wasn’t your fault his counters were placed so high up, so much that your fingertips could just barely brush the bottoms of them, let alone the handle. Let alone, even trying to wrap your hands around something would be a recipe for disaster, as you could probably see yourself dropping it easily. 
However, the temptations were almost always there. Seeing your boyfriend return after a tiring work day, you wanted nothing more than to spoil him with a table full of food. You could remember all your sneaky dates back when you were at college, a new restaurant every time was something you’d never forget. Or, you were reminded of the days when Jungkook mentioned something he was really craving, because if you could, you’d waste no time to spend your entire day making it. 
But, at some point, you needed to face your fears. If not now, then when? 
You just weren’t expecting it so out of the blue, especially as Jungkook randomly brought it up on a chill Saturday morning. 
“I restocked the fridge last night after getting the groceries you wanted. Let’s cook together?” 
After waking up, eating was one of the first things you wanted to do, so how could you pass up on the opportunity? Plus, with Jungkook by your side, the previous hesitations could melt away. You could simply ask him for help, and hope that he wouldn’t make fun of you for it. 
“Yeah, sure. What were you thinking?” you inquired, setting your phone aside in favor of preparing breakfast with Jungkook. 
“I haven’t had pancakes in a while, honestly. I would go out to a diner but I don’t feel like it,” he murmured, sleep laced in his voice as he yawned into his hand for a second. 
“Pancakes?” You found yourself repeating, trying to think of where you’d seen the pancake mix, “Uh yeah, sure. Just take out the box for me and I’ll get the bowl ready.” 
You were better off handing some of the more “taller” tasks to Jungkook to mask your reluctance when it came to doing them yourself. However, right when you finished your sentence, your boyfriend received a phone call, causing both you and him to shift attention his way wondering who had called. 
“Shit,” he murmured looking down at the caller ID, “It’s work. I don’t think it’ll take long. You can get started, I promise I’ll take the dishes,” the male flashed you a signature bunny-toothed grin before he went in the direction of his study to take the call. 
Well, there goes your saving grace. 
You could’ve sworn you’d stared at the upper shelves of the pantry for far too long, eyeing the pancake mix as if you could use the force to bring it to you. For a split second, you stole a glance at the bottom shelves, wondering what would happen if you tried to prop your feet up- 
No, there was no way. Not without an accident. 
But what were you going to do for the duration of Jungkook’s call? Wait, and probably have him make fun of you? 
The more you pondered it, the more you accepted that getting made fun of was most likely inevitable. However, you knew you could live it down. 
With your gaze fixed on the box, you stood as close to the shelves as possible before reaching up the highest you could go on your tippy tip toes. Like you thought, your fingertips just barely brushed against the box, even while exerting full force you knew you couldn’t grasp it. 
“Come on,” you grunted to yourself, so focused on the task that you couldn’t hear Jungkook’s footsteps on the tile as he made his way to you. At some point, they stopped, because he couldn’t help but stop too as he watched you reach for the top shelf. 
Pushing your feet against the tile, you tried to jump, wincing a bit as you felt your knees brush against some of the bottom shelves. Oh, it wasn’t pleasant for sure. 
With success far away, you could only sigh in defeat, deciding to turn around only to come head first with Jungkook’s torso. 
His chuckle echoed throughout the kitchen as he looked at you, shaking his head as he effortlessly retrieved the pancake mix to set down on the counter. 
“You should be more careful, Y/N,” he remarked, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, “Are you okay? No accidents while I was gone?” 
“No accidents,” you confirmed in a mumble, “I think you need to be more accommodating of your fellow residents.”
“As long as I get extra pancakes for helping you reorganize the pantry and cupboards.” 
“As long as you clean up those extra dishes too, Kook.” 
Tumblr media
what did you think of the fic? let me know in comments, dms, or asks! please remember to reblog the works of your fellow content creators, it means the world to us ♡
Tumblr media
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rnjfy · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
inspired by the terribly handsome taehyung in the my universe recording !!! a hybrid!reader x owner!kth au.
missing you — kth.
in which his adorable and hyper little pup just couldn’t wait for him to get home.
he didn’t like having to stay late in the studio. who would, when he knew he had an absolutely adorable puppy waiting for him at home?
“tete! you’re home!” you grinned, your smile as bright as day, even as the clock read 2:17 am.
his eyes glittered at the sight of you (and the sound of your beloved nickname from him rolling off your lips), his hands reaching around your waist as you came rushing into his arms, causing the taller man to let out a hushed oomf.
“hey baby.” his deep laugh echoed through the empty apartment as he carefully set down his bags.
he could feel the excited twitching of your ears, the soft black fur of your tail brushed against his leg as it wagged from side to side. he urged your legs to wrap themselves around his waist as he maneuvered the two of you towards the kitchen.
“how was your day tete? mine was pretty awesome! you would’ve loved it!
i-i baked some cupcakes, though they didn’t really turn out so well. i just wanted to surprise you after your practice but—!”
chuckling softly to himself, taehyung carefully sets you down onto the kitchen counter, watching knowingly as you bounce off to curl closer towards him.
“that’s okay! i tried cookies next, but those didn’t turn out great either. i knew you liked chocolate c-chips… but i can’t taste those! so i—“
he reaches into your fridge, his hands grab an opened water bottle, knowing you opened it and had probably forgotten about it. “hey, hey.”
you immediately shut your mouth, your eyes meeting his as your ears twitched and tail wagged excitedly.
his heart melted.
“slow down baby. don’t want you to lose your breath now do we?” laughing, he scratches that spot near your ears, causing you to sigh in content.
“mmn…” you grinned lazily, his touch intoxicating you and bringing you into a sluggish state.
he grins at you, swiftly patting your head and sauntering over to the room you both had shared.
his eyes quickly take notice of the small pile of clothes you had gathered on the bed, before flicking over to you—pink cheeks and all.
“i-i… just missed you.” you murmured, your tail had stopped wagging as it curled around your leg, the pink on your cheeks spreading to your ears.
“you’re adorable, my little puppy.”
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btssaysstudy · 4 months ago
My Girl || jjk
Genre: Fluff, angst, f2l, fuckboy!Jungkook, college au Warning(s): swearing, alcohol (a lot of drinking), mentions of sex (but no smut), jk being a fkboy, Summary: Starting off the semester feeling stressed, your group had a drinking session which led to your friends interrogating you on who would you consider dating. When asked about Jungkook, you immediately said no because of your personal rule “no fuckboys”. Ever since that night, Jungkook’s behaviour seemed to change slowly but surely and so do your feelings for him Note: unedited so pls ignore any mistakes :”))
You were ready to drink the night away. It had already been a stressful first week back for the new semester. When Jimin had proposed a drinking session, you were all down for it. “All” being you, Jimin. Jin and Jungkook. Jin was the first one you befriended during one of your classes as a freshman, and he knew Jimin, who knew Jungkook. 
Being friends with three good looking guys, it was natural to have had at least an eye candy on one of them. You weren’t shy about that either. You had told Jin one day that you thought he was cute and he was your eye candy. To be fair, you were slightly tipsy. You knew you tend to say things without thinking when you were tipsy. However, you were used to ‘spilling the beans’ with the three of them as you had gotten close to each and one of them. 
Including Jeon Jungkook.
A classic fuckboy. 
It wasn’t hard to wonder why he was so popular. He was basically the whole package. Good looking, talented and charming. He was easy to talk to as well. Whenever you had problems, you would turn to him for advice. Jungkook was a great listener and you really cherished him as a friend.
That was all you saw him as. You weren’t sure whether it was because you just weren’t attracted to him or if it was because you knew that he was a fuckboy, which was something you didn’t want to meddle with. You stayed far away from fuckboys, Jungkook being one of your closest friends was already a huge exception. 
“There’s my girl.” He greeted you with the biggest grin, stepping aside to let you into his apartment.
“It’s only because I’m here with the drinks.” You joked, passing the bottles to the muscular one between you two. Jungkook laughed, “I won’t argue that. I miss soju.” The two of you made your way to the living room, and you made yourself comfortable while Jungkook kept the drinks in the fridge.
“I’m guessing the two are late?”
“What’s new,” Jungkook laughed, heading over to sit beside you as he raised his legs on the coffee table. You were sitting perpendicular to him and decided to stretch your legs, laying them over his lap for more space, “Am I your leg rest?”
“Yes, yes you are.”
Jungkook chuckled, scrolling through his phone with a smile as he seemed to be conversing with someone. “Who’s the lucky one this time?” You teased, nudging him with your foot. Jungkook smacked your leg, “Just someone from my class today.”
“You are a speedy one Jeon Jungkook.”
“Yes, yes I am.” He teased, casting a wink at you.
Jin and Jimin had arrived together half an hour later with bags of snacks and even more soju. “We have a reason this time!” Jimin immediately defended himself as they placed the bags on Jungkook’s kitchen floor. “I dragged Jin with me to buy all these since we’re all sleeping over here tonight. So we need lots of food and drinks. It’s going to be a long night.”
“We’ll let you off this time.” Jungkook replied, “yn and I already ordered dinner. It’s arriving soon.”
“Then we can start drinking!” You clasped your hands excitedly, all ready to drink the night away.
“Why are you so stressed already?” Jin asked as he opened another round of bottles for each of you. You all had cleared a few bottles of soju and the effects had already settled in. You groaned, placing your hands on the floor as you rested your weight on the palm of your hands. “It’s because of the freshmen orientation next week. The planning is driving me nuts.” 
“Better warn the freshies about Jungkook.” Jimin teased as he took a large gulp from his bottle. Jungkook threw the bottle cap at him. “I’m not that bad.”
“You definitely know that’s a lie.” Jin rebutted. Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, feigning innocence. 
“I’ll definitely warn them, don’t worry.” 
“While you’re at it,” Jimin wriggled his eyebrows, “Why not scout for a potential date for yourself?” From your peripheral view, you saw Jungkook look up from the floor to watch your reaction. You simply laughed, taking a few sips of soju as well before replying. “I’ll pass. I’m not into freshmen.”
“Then who exactly are you into? You have a couple of good looking friends. Time to start scouting.”
“Yea, you haven’t been on a date in such a long time. Let us be your wingman!” Jin suggested. Jimin vigorously nodded his head, “Wait!” He raised his hand to sign ‘pause’ as he quickly downed his nth bottle of soju, emptying it easily. 
“Okay!” Jimin eagerly cleared his throat as he got up to sit on his knees. You sat up straight yourself, curious as to why Jimin was so curious. “What’s your ideal type?”
You laughed as a reaction to the sudden question, feeling the curious eyes of your friends staring at you. “I don’t have a list for my ideal type. I just go with what I feel.”
Jin frowned, placing a finger to his lip as he thought, “I was your eye candy.”
You groaned, your head tilting to lean against Jungkook’s shoulder as you pretended to hide. “Stop bringing it up and feeding your ego.” You heard Jungkook’s melodious laugh as he reached out to pat your thighs as a way to comfort you. “There, there. Nothing’s going to tone down his ego. He already knows he’s good looking.”
“How about me?”
“What?” You sat back up, emptying your bottle this time. “What do you mean?”
“Is the soju already messing up your comprehension skills.” Jimin sassily remarked, “I mean would I be eye candy worthy?”
“You all are.” You shrugged, “You guys already know that, stop using this opportunity to feed your egos.”
Jimin laughed, ‘Okay, how about, would you, if ever, see yourself going out with me?”
You took time to think, staring at Jimin as you wondered if you would. “Yea I would. I would consider that.”
Jimin smiled triumphantly, “Of course you would. I’m an amazing catch. Okay, how about Hoseok?”
“Oh,” You nodded your head, “Definitely would’ve given it a shot. But he’s like a brother now.”
Jin chipped in as he started listing names from your mutual friends, to which you replied with a yes or no.
“How about Jungkook?” Jimin interrupted.
“Definitely not.” You replied almost instantly. Jungkook choked on his soju as he was drinking when you replied. Jin laughed loudly, clapping his hands as he laughed, “That was a very quick no.”
You shrugged as Jungkook looked at you, clearly offended. You smiled as you reached out to pat his shoulders, “Sorry…” You slurred your words, “I don’t do fuckboys.”
“So!” Jimin jumped in, “If he wasn’t a fuckboy, would you consider him?”
You turned back to face Jungkook, your eyes scanning him up and down as you pondered. If you weren’t that drunk, you would’ve caught on with Jungkook’s stiff posture as his facial features gave off a somewhat nervous vibe. “Yea I would.”
You had a major hangover the following morning. Jungkook had let you use his room to sleep. Despite being close friends, you were still the only girl after all and he insisted that you take his room so you could have more privacy to wash up and rest for the night. 
“Thanks for letting me use your room again Kook.” You greeted him in a raspy voice as you stepped out of his room wearing his shirt. Every time you guys stayed over at his place to drink, it had become almost a tradition for him to insist that you use his room and borrow his shirts. You didn’t argue much with the latter since you were lazy to bring an extra set of clothes to sleep in. 
“It’s nothing. How’s my girl feeling?” He teased, clearly aware of your pounding headache from the many drinks you had. You shot him a glare as you dragged yourself to the dining chair. Jungkook, being the gentleman he was, handed you a glass of water to hydrate.
“Feeling great. Where’s Jin and Jimin?”
“They already left.”
“What? Why’d they leave so early?” 
Jungkook only chuckled, taking his phone from his pocket to show you the time. You had slept the entire morning and lunch. It was already 3pm. “What!? Why didn’t you wake me up? Do you have plans today? I’m sorry—“ You got up from the chair, ready to pack your things to leave.
“Yn, relax.” He extended his arm out to stop you, “It’s a Saturday. I have no plans except to bum around.”
“Yea right, weekends are for your dating adventures. We all know that.” You teased as you headed to his room to get changed.
“W-Well I didn’t have any plans this weekend.” He defended himself, straightening himself up in defence.
“Alright, alright. I believe you.” 
Just as you were about to close the door, Jungkook called out to you, “You slept through lunch. Wanna head out to eat?”
“Sure! Give me time to change.”
Two weeks had passed since your drink night and freshmen orientation was finally over. You had bonded pretty well with the group of freshmen that you were assigned to. You enjoyed it every time they would call out your name and say hi ever since orientation week. Despite the torturous planning phase, it felt rewarding to have made the orientation experience pleasant for the freshmen.
“yn! Hi!” One of your freshmen, Yeonjun waved eagerly to you as he spotted you from afar, jogging up towards you and Jungkook.
“Oh, Yeonjun! Hi! How’s your semester so far?”
Yeonjun smiled, “It’s not bad, still pretty chill for now. By the way, the others want to meet up for drinks this Friday night, you in?”
“Sure! Just text me the details!”
He nodded his head, “No problem! I’ll see you on Friday!” He waved goodbye and headed off with a skip in his steps, clearly in a good mood that day.
Next to you, you heard Jungkook snort a laugh. “What’s so funny?”
“He’s into you.”
“No he’s not. He’s just really friendly.”
“Trust me, guys knows each other well. He’s into you.” 
You shrugged your shoulders, a small smile appearing on your face which Jungkook caught, making him frown in response. “If that’s true, I wouldn’t mind. He’s pretty cute.”
“I thought you weren’t into freshmen.”
“Well, maybe I thought wrong.”
There you were on a Friday night with your orientation group at the nearest bar from college, playing whatever drinking game someone would suggest. For some reason, you were more lightweight that night. It was probably because of the lack of sleep and crazy long Friday schedule. Being the oldest since they were all freshmen, you had been drinking water for a while to sober up.
“Pause! I gotta pee!” One of the girls abruptly got up to head to the toilet. Your gaze followed her to make sure no creepy stranger tried to follow after her. Glancing through the bar, your eyes landed on an all too familiar figure sitting by the bar top. His weight resting on his arm as he was chatting up with someone you didn’t recognise. You felt a sour feeling settle in as you watched Jungkook’s date flirtatious body language.
Of course they’re flirting, they’re on a date.
You scolded yourself for feeling bitter from the scene. You shook your head to get rid of these thoughts, turning back to the table as you reached out for the nearest bottle to pour yourself a shot.
“I thought you’re sticking to water?” Yeonjun questioned, you pointed your index finger upwards, signalling him to keep quiet as you took a shot, immediately filling it up for another one as you emptied the last bottle.
“You guys want more drinks?”
“Sure!” Soobin grinned. “You got it!” You clicked your tongue, standing up to head to the bar top to order more drinks. Yeonjun decided to follow you behind.
“Hey I’ll get—“
“I’ll take it from here.” Yeonjun interrupted, talking to the bartender instead. You stood beside him, waiting for the bartender to hand you more unopened bottles.
You turned around, plastering a smile on your face. “Jungkook! What a coincidence!” 
Jungkook’s gaze flickered to Yeonjun before back to you, “I didn’t know your group was meeting here for drinks?”
“It’s the nearest bar.” You shrugged your shoulders as your eyes travelled to his date who seemed rather awkward for being left out from the conversation. 
“Hey, don’t be worried,” You spoke, directed at her while you reached out to pat Jungkook’s arm, “we’re just friends! He’s all yours!” You winked at her.
“Sorry, she’s had a bit too much tonight.” Yeonjun interrupted apologetically, already carrying all the bottles. “Yay!” You clasped your hands together, “More drinks!”
Jungkook opened his mouth to stop you from drinking but Yeonjun had beat him to it. “These bottles are for the rest of us. Not you.”
You pouted as you decided to leave Yeonjun behind, feeling offended that you were excluded from drinking.
Jungkook felt relieved for some odd reason when he had heard Yeonjun mention “rest of us”. For a moment, he had forgotten that you were here with a group, not on a date with Yeonjun. That thought had made his mood turn sour slightly before he remembered that he himself was on a date.
A few more hours passed but the bar was still thriving with people drinking their night away. Your group had decided to call it a night and head home.
Your group passed by the counter after paying for the drinks. Yeonjun tapped your shoulder, “yn, I’m taking the cab with Soobin since we both live pretty far from college. How are you going home?”
Pressing your lips into a thin line, you tried to wrack your intoxicated brain for a solution. “Probably just flag a cab myself.”
“Are you sure you can go home alone? Maybe someone else should follow you.” Soobin suggested but you flicked your hand, dismissing his worry. “Don’t worry, I’m good. Y’all just head home safely yourself.”
Little did you know, Jungkook had shifted to a low table near the entrance and had overheard your conversation as your group exited.
You watched everyone get into their rides first before you decided to book your own ride. However, it was 4am and no one wanted to accept your ride request and there were no available cabs passing by. 
You sighed, rubbing your arms from the slight chill of the night. “Always looking out for others first even when you’re wasted.” You heard a voice right behind you, spinning around and almost losing your balance from being intoxicated. 
“Jungkook?” You asked, blinking your eyes forcefully a couple of times to make sure you weren’t hallucinating. 
The man only smiled in amusement, “The one and only.”
“Jungkook? What are you doing here?” You looked around nearby to see no one else standing outside the bar. “Where’s your date?”
“She had to go home early.”
You were too drunk to had picked up that it was rare for Jungkook to be ditched by someone else. “Why didn’t you leave with her too? Was she not up to your standard or something?” Jungkook winced at your sharp tone at the end. You didn’t mean to sound so harsh when you asked. Or maybe you did. 
“N-No. Just wasn’t feeling it tonight.”
There was a small pause as you stared at the road, hoping for a cab to magically appear so that you could crash. However, your mind kept thinking about Jungkook’s presence next to you.
“I’ll take you home. You’re really drunk.” Jungkook spoke, reaching out to hold your arm in case you were to lose balance (or puke) any moment.
“A-Actually… Can I crash your place tonight? I don’t feel like sleeping alone today.” You randomly asked, not sure why you had said that when you were completely fine being alone.
“Anything for my girl.”
Your snorted, punching his arm lightly, “Bet you say that to every girl you’re on a date with.”
“That’s not true.” He denied it almost instantly. You looked back at him, furrowing your eyebrows as you had caught how fast he reacted. He sighed, “Come on, I managed to book a ride. Let’s walk down the road a bit.”
When you reached his place, Jungkook handed you a fresh towel and shirt to get changed into. “Use my room, yea?” He patted your head, making you feel jittery thought you weren’t sure if it was just the alcohol.
Nonetheless, you were exhausted and knocked out the instant you laid in his bed.
The next morning, you were both awoken but the non-stop ringing of the doorbell.  You were adjusting to the brightness as you emerged from his room. “I’ll get it.” He said, getting up from the couch and went to see who was visiting Jungkook at 11am.
You too, made your way to the door to see Jin and Jimin smiling brightly at Jungkook and jumping on their spot. 
“Why are you guys here so early?” Jungkook asked in a raspy morning voice that you noted sounded attractive. “Because i have great news!” Jin moved Jungkook aside to invite himself in. He stopped in his tracks with Jimin bumping into him behind. 
“What are you doing here?”
Jimin’s head popped out from the side to see who was Jin referring to. A gasp escaped his lips as he panned between you and Jungkook. “Don’t tell me Jungkook actually got to yn and you guys fuc—“
“Gross, no, Jimin please, we didn’t.” You waved your hands frantically to deny his allegation. “We bumped into each other last night at the bar. I was with my orientation group. I got too drunk but luckily Kookie was still lounging around even after his date ditched him.”
Jungkook cleared his throat, running his hand through his hair to fix his morning bed hair. “Someone ditched Jungkook?” Jin asked incredulously, clearing not believing what he had just heard. 
“Yea.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders.
“Right.” Jimin said in a peculiar tone that caught your attention. He had a funny look on his face but you couldn’t quite figure out what he was insinuating at that moment. You shook your head to dismiss the curiosity, “Anyway, what’s the great news?” You turned to look at Jin whose face instantly lit up.
“I entered a giveaway contest last week and I won a staycation! We can book after finals!”
Jungkook’s eyes widened, slapping Jin on the back to congratulate him, “That’s great man! Sounds good, I’m down for it.”
“Still didn’t explain why you guys came barging in here so early in the morning.”
Jimin laughed, walking towards you to drape his arm over your shoulder, “It’s 11am, honey. It’s not early. We wanted to find you after dragging Jungkook along, so that we can all have lunch. But since you’re here already, that’s less work for us. So freshen up and let’s get lunch.” 
“Wait I don’t have new clothes.”
“You can just borrow my shirt,” Jungkook offered, “it’s like a shirt dress on you anyway.”
“We’e just eating nearby too.” Jin reasoned.
You sighed, glancing at the mirror by the door. “But I look terrible.”
“No you look great in anything.” Jungkook replied without thinking. You had to pause for a moment, so did Jin and Jimin. “Right…” Jimin drew out the word, sounding more suspicious this time. “Anyway, he’s right. Just go freshen up so we can eat. I’m starving.”
“I’ll get you a spare toothbrush.” Jungkook headed towards his room.
“Thanks Kook.”
The semester went by pretty slow this time, with lots of assignments and projects. You had most of your classes with Jungkook and it felt even more tiring to have to go through seeing people trying to flirt with him. 
You didn’t know why it was bothering you so much when you already knew this happened on a normal basis. You convinced yourself it was because you never really saw it up close before since your previous semesters were mostly with Jin.
“One more time I hear a ‘see you soon hopefully’, i’m going to puke.”
“Is my girl jealous?” Jungkook playfully nudged you. That nickname had made you feel like a high school teen developing a crush on a senior. He had always called you that since you became friends. But somehow, ever since you asked him about the nickname that Friday night, it felt different.
“You wish.”
“There’s nothing to be jealous about anyway. It’s not like i’m actually planning to ask them out.”
“You’re not?”
“Yea, I haven’t really been out on dates recently.”
Your eyes widened in bewilderment, “wow.”
Jungkook laughed, turning to face you. “Wow? That’s all you have to say about it?”
“It’s just hard to believe! Is fuckboy Jungkook getting bored? Who knew this day would come.”
“I’m not getting bored. I just… Want more time to study to pull up my grades that’s all.” His confident tone drifted towards the end, looking straight ahead as you walked down the corridor to your next lecture. 
You narrowed your eyes and pointed your finger at him suspiciously, “Is that why you’ve been asking me to always study with you? Are you using me to pull your grades up?” You accused him jokingly.
He only winked, leaning closer to your ear, “you know I won’t use my girl like that.”
There was that feeling again. 
“You’ve been spending lots of time with Jungkook lately.” Jin remarked as you were both shopping for your own groceries. Jimin and Jungkook had something on that afternoon so that left Jin being dragged by you to buy groceries.
“Well… Yea, we have lots of classes together.”
“Yes, that’s true. But I meant like outside of class too.”
“We have assignments and projects together too. We’re studying for the same thing. Anyway, why are you even bringing this up?”
Jin just shook his head, pushing the trolley down the aisle, “Nothing, I just find it interesting.”
“What’s interesting?’
There was a pause, as if Jin was contemplating if he should answer your question. “Jimin told me the other day that Jungkook hasn’t been doing his fuckboy duties majority of this semester except that bar night.”
A part of you had an inkling as to why Jin was bringing this up. You hated that he was beating around the bushes but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask him to get straight to it either. 
“Maybe his ego got crushed after the girl ditched early.”
You both knew that was a lie.
Jin didn’t reply immediately, tossing his favourite cereal into the trolley, “I guess so.”
It was midterms season and you were cramming for your test alone at the library. Jungkook had another project meeting and so you were studying alone for the day. Somehow, it felt weird to not have Jungkook by your side. Almost as if you’ve gotten so attached to the feeling of having Jungkook be with you.
Someone had pulled you out from your concentration with a tap on your shoulder.
“Do you mine if I take this seat?”
 “No, not all!” You shifted your belongings so that the stranger could have more space. The girl paused, taking a double take at you. “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”
You looked back up to face the girl, trying to recall where you had seen her face. “I’m sorry?” You were confused, as you did not recognise the girl at all.
“We met at the bar at the start of the semester. I was with Jungkook that night.”
“Oh! Right.” 
“He’s a really good friend you know.” She made a random remark while she took out her belongings to settle down.
“That night. I’m guessing you got pretty drunk with your friends. He asked if he could leave to send you home since you were super drunk.”
“He did?”
“Yea. But I left earlier. Since it seemed like he wanted to wait for you.” She nodded her head as she recalled that night. “Oh but, please don’t think that I’m pissed at you or him, or anything like that. It was sweet, him looking out for his friend. I can tell he really cares about you.”
“R-Right well, we’re all from a super close group.”
She smiled, “That’s nice. But, my female instinct is telling me it’s more than that.” She sent you a wink, “Though, it’s not my place to say anything.”
You didn’t know how to respond, your gaze shifting to your paper as you tried to decipher what she meant. “I’m sorry. I disrupted your study session as well.”
“Oh no, it’s fine.” You shook your head and she smiled apologetically as she decided to start on her revision.  You tried to focus on your revision as well but her words kept bugging you at the back of your head. 
Jin’s words came back to you as well as you recalled the conversation you had with him.
What was going on?
“If we don’t get an A+ for this project. i’ll quit college.”
“We’ll get that A+. I’m confident.”
You had been staying over at Jungkook’s place every Wednesday night since you had morning class on Thursday with him and his apartment was literally opposite college. You hated traveling in the morning as you had to wake up early. You guys had decided that it was a good idea for you to stay over since you could work on your assignments together.
“Anyway, let’s call it a night. We gotta wake up early tomorrow.” 
Jungkook was about to prepare the couch for his own makeshift bed but you stopped him. “You should sleep in your own bed. I’m the guest here.”
“No, you take it.”
“No… You take it.”
“Yn please, just take it.” Jungkook repeated. You bit your lip as you felt a sudden rush of courage and adrenaline as you suggested, “Or…” you hesitated, “we can share the bed? I mean it is a queen sized bed, so there’s plenty of space.”
Jungkook’s ears turned red as he tried to maintain a nonchalant expression. “I mean if you’re okay w with that—“
“I’m fine with that, we’re friends after all. Though, only if you are.”
“Y-yea I am.”
So for that night, you both shared his queen sized bed, laying still like rocks. You were terribly aware of the situation but tried to appear chill on the outside. You had no idea why you felt so nervous when it was just Jungkook. Your friend. The fuckboy that you swore to yourself you’ll never be attracted to. 
“Night Kook.” You flipped on your side to turn away from him.
“Night yn.” 
In the middle of the night, you woke up to find yourself wrapped up in his embrace. Your heart was racing and your cheeks felt hot from the close proximity. “Jungkook…” You whispered, trying to wake him up so you could break free. His embrace only became more firm, “just for tonight, please?”
You softened from his request, his voice almost a whisper. You gave in, enjoying it just for that night, just like he said.
The semester was over and the four of you had just checked into Jin’s big win. It wasn’t even a hotel.  It was a huge villa with a room for each of you and you were all excited for the next three days and two nights. 
“We definitely need more drinks tonight. I’m going to order them now.” Jimin walked off to find a room to call his own for the next two nights. Your room was directly opposite Jungkook. The four of you were resting in your own rooms as you waited for the room service to deliver your dinner. 
Once dinner came, Jimin had busted out the drinks as well. You knew it was going to be a fun staycation. 
“So…” Jimin eyed Jungkook mischievously, “Jungkook, why haven’t you been on dates this semester? Is your dick not craving anything?”
“It’s just been a busy semester.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulder. You watched his mannerisms. You had known him long enough to know he was trying to hide something but you didn’t want to question him in front of everyone. You had a hunch but you weren’t sure if you wanted to confront him. A part of you was scared of the answer.
Jin glanced at you, “How’s Yeonjun, by the way?”
Your attention was pulled away and you looked at Jin, “Yeonjun? Oh, there’s nothing. I can confirm that I do not have a thing for freshmen.”
Jimin grinned, “Do you have a thing for anyone at the moment?” He extended his arm to hand you an opened bottle of soju, possibly handing you liquid courage before you responded. You took it and took a big gulp. 
“Maybe.” You winked at him.
“Really?” Jin exclaimed, “That’s new. You’ve never said you were into someone the entire college.”
“I just said maybe,” You laughed, “Calm down boys.”
Your eyes took a quick glance at Jungkook, you seemed to be rather quiet for a discussion right up his ally. You knew he would’ve chipped in to give you a good tease. But he didn’t. Instead, he remained quiet, reaching for the bottle of water instead.
“Drink a bit more and we’ll find out who.” Jimin grinned cheekily at you. 
“Not gonna happen.”
Thankfully, you were right. Nothing much happened that night besides drinking games and tons of laughter. You all called it a night and slowly made your way to your own rooms. You took a quick shower and laid in bed as you scrolled through social media, winding down for the night. 
A knock on the door startled you and you got up to see who it was.
“Hey… Uh… Just wanted to check in on you if you were puking.” 
You laughed and opened the door wider, “I’m not puking. Do you want to come in?”
Jungkook hesitated, “I should probably get to bed.”
Feeling dejected, you stumbled over your words, “O-Oh yea, r-right.” You tried not to show that you were upset, which obviously failed as Jungkook spoke, “If you wanted to talk or something, I’m down for that too.”
“N-No, I was just asking. Good night Kook.”
“Goodnight.” He turned away but someone was gnawing at you to ask him what you were curious about. 
“W-Wait Jungkook.”
“Yea?” He turned around to look at you.
“You didn’t stop dating this semester because of what I said at the start, did you?”
Jungkook froze, his eyes immediately darting to your door instead, somehow entrance by the inanimate object. “N-No, of course not.”
You nodded your head, his response answering your suspicions. With alcohol still in your system, you replied, “Mm… That’s a shame.” You watched his facial expression morph into confusion and semi-realisation as you closed the door. 
The next morning, you got up to see Jin making breakfast. Jimin and Jungkook weren’t out so you assumed they were still asleep. “Morning, Jin.” You walked over to help him out with breakfast.
“Morning, yn.” Jin smiled at you but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What’s wrong?”
He sighed and placed the spatula on the table. “I’m just gonna say it.” He took a deep breath and said, “Please just make a move on Jungkook. You guys clearly have a thing for each other. You two became close this semester and everyone else can see it. Jungkook’s clearly too pussy to make a move. Jimin and I are dying from this sexual tension. Please help yourselves.”
You took a moment to internalise his quick monologue before letting out a short chuckle. “I already gave him a hint last night actually.”
“You did?” He leaned closer, interested to know more about the ‘tea’. You smiled, winking at him, “Yep. I’m just going to see if he’s still pussy to do anything about it.”
He scoffed, “If that boy is still pussy after your hint, he doesn’t deserve to be a fuckboy in the first place.”
“Cut him some slack.” Jimin’s voice sounded behind you, his hair damp from his shower. “We all know it’s the first time he actually likes someone for real this time. He’s been in denial about it for so long. I’m glad something is finally happening.”
“Okay, okay, let’s stop gossiping about Jungkook as if he’s not here.”
The rest of the day went by quickly, the four of you exploring town and doing some retail therapy. It wasn’t long until it was your second and last night at the villa. You had a few bottles left from the previous night and you were all ready to finish them so you could go home with a light baggage.
Jin suggested to watch a movie for that night, you sat beside Jungkook throughout the movie. “Look at Jimin.” He whispered to you. You peeped over his shoulder to see Jimin passed out on the couch. The credits had rolled in and Jin suggested to just let Jimin be.
The three of you got up and headed to your own rooms to call it a night. Just as you were going to enter yours, Jungkook stopped you, “yn, can we talk?”
Jungkook entered your room and you both sat at the edge of your bed, you turned to face him to wait for him to being speaking.
“Last night, what you said… Did you mean it?”
“Depends?” He questioned.
“Did you decide to call off your fuckboy phase temporarily just so you could be my type for now and then go back to your own ways later on?”
Jungkook shook his head, “N-No, no. It’s definitely not because of that.”
“Then why’d you suddenly change this semester. It can’t be a coincidence especially after our drinking session at the start of the term.”
He sighed, “I know. I know it looks suspicious. I didn’t change because it seemed like a challenge or something temporarily. I already had a thing for you the previous semester.” He admitted, and your eyes widened in disbelief. 
“You did?”
He nodded his head, looking at his hands as he started fidgeting with his fingers.
“I didn’t do anything because I figured, we’re all friends and you won’t see me that way. But then you said it was because I was a fuckboy and I just wanted to change. I thought maybe things could be different if I changed.”
You didn’t say a word as you didn’t know exactly what to say. Jungkook took this opportunity to continue. “I started to like you even more this semester. Especially since we spent so much time together with lectures and projects. Even if you do reject me, that doesn’t mean that I’ll go back to my old ways. That phase is truly over.”
You just looked at him, a small smile tugging on your lips. Internally, you were practically squealing with your heartbeat racing rapidly. With a nervous chuckle, he asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”
“I meant it. What I said last night.” 
Jungkook broke into a smile, “I’d love to kiss you right now.”
“Why don’t you?”
Jungkook reached out his hand to cup your face as you both leaned in, feeling his soft lips on yours was something you never thought would have happened. You felt him apply more pressure as he pulled you in closer. 
“Sleep with me today.” You said breathily as you pulled away.
“Anything for my girl.”
“You know, you owe me extra for not only letting you experience a free staycation but also basically helping you start your relationship.” Jin smugly remarked as you checked out from the villa.
“Don’t worry, Jungkook will treat you to good food.”
You grinned, “Yes, you.” He sighed, “Can’t say no to my girl, can I?” He pulled you in closely, planting a kiss on your forehead. Jimin groaned, playfully shoving him. “Barely a night as a couple and you’re already a big softie. Never thought I’d miss the fuckboy phase so much.”
Jungkook let out a laugh, “Sorry, that phase is gone for good.” His gaze shifted to you, to which you returned with a smile. “Just the way I like it.”
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athenathesharkwrites · a month ago
Touch Me - Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
A/N: Almost a part 2 to “Stableman.” Don’t need to read Stableman to read this, also, happy 1 year friendship anniversary @taeandpuppies​
Warnings: AU, male masturbation, handjob, explicit language, fingering, female receiving oral, nudeness, aftercare mention.
W/C: 1.8K
Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!
Tumblr media
You step out of your home and begin making your way down the stairs before making your way to the stables, wanting to ask Taehyung if there was something you needed to order for the farm and animals, the sun was hidden behind some clouds, but that didn’t stop the heat from reaching the earth, you could already feel sweat forming on your skin, you just knew Taehyung would be covered with sweat and mentally started to prepare yourself for what you will find in the stables, once you reach the building, you pause outside the stables as you heard whimpers coming from inside it.
Was he hurt? Did something happen? You step inside, concern in your eyes as you look around before spotting him leaning against the wall, his jean around his ankles along with his underwear and his hard cock in his hand, he was hunched over, and his eyes were screwed shut, sweat covered his forehead making his hair stick to his skin, sweat was running down his skin, you could see the droplets on his skin as his button-up shirt revealed his soaked chest, you could see his thigh muscles twitching as his hand moved along his length, your jaw slacks at the sight.
“Y/n… right… there… fuck.” He whimpers out, you could feel your neck becoming warm along with your cheeks, he was fantasising that it was you touching him, you weren’t sure how to feel about it, but you were more relieved that he was imagining you, you were his everything, his dream and his fantasy, all he would ever need, his eyes open, and he lifts his head, his hand freezes as his eyes fall on you, you could feel wetness pooling between your legs, it wouldn’t be the first time you would do it in the stables, and the memory from the last time was still fresh in your mind even if it was years ago. “I… Y/n…” He looked like a deer caught in headlights as he stared at you. “I… can…” You take a few steps towards him, thinking everything through. “Explain.” You stop in front of him, with him still hunching over, he looked directly into your eyes.
“Are you that needy?” You ask, he releases his cock and stands upright, his back press against the wall. “Are you that needy for me, for my hands?” Your eyes move down between the two of you, looking at his hardened length, the head of his cock was glistening with pre-cum, you could see how much of his wetness he had spread along his shaft. “You could have just called me.” You move your eyes up his clothed chest, seeing wet patches forming on it from the sweat. “Or came to me, I could have taken care of you.” Your hands move to his shirt, your fingers curl around the fabric before harshly pulling at it causing the buttons to break off from the fabric, the shirt hung open revealing his toned stomach and the sweat droplets that hasn’t dissolved into the cloth, you release the fabric and move one hand to his stomach, you could see him take in a deep breath as his muscles jerk at your light touch. “So sensitive, and everywhere.” You tilt your head to look up at him as you slide your hand down his stomach, leaving a burning trail behind on his skin, your fingertips reach the head of his cock.
“Hmm.” He whimpers, your fingers trace along his length, feeling the veins on his cock, his sticky wetness quickly covers your fingers, you reach the base of his cock and flatten your hand against him, you could almost see him stiffen as your fingers graze his balls.
“Why didn’t you come and tell me you were this needy?” You ask, you could feel his cock twitch underneath your touch, you slowly slide your hand along his length, his lips part as a content sigh leaves his lips, you wrap your fingers around his length the higher your hand travelled.
“Shit… I don’t know… fuck.” He moans out, your thumb swipes over the head of his cock, collecting more of his leaking juices onto your fingers before sliding your hand back down his length. “Fuck… Y/n… Angel.” Your hand slides back up once you reached the base of his cock, your palm reaches the head of his cock, your hand becomes wet from his wetness, you move your hand down his length, covering him with his own wetness, your hand suddenly twists around his cock, his eyes fall close at the pleasure running through him, his hand could never compare to yours, but he had tried, but the feeling of your hand after he had his own hand on himself, he knew, he would never have the same effect on himself, it had to be you that palmed his cock, only you could have this effect on him, this hold that made him yearn for more, he could feel his muscles contracting as he neared his high, your scent completely invaded his lungs.
“Isn’t this much easier than doing it yourself?” You ask, his jaw slacks and his head leans back against the wall, his breath was getting ragged, and he begins rocking his hips into your hand, trying to add to the pleasure. “Go on, let go… release.” It was as if you had whispered a spell to him, he could feel the ball of energy at the head of his cock exploding, hot spurts of cum shoot out from the slit of his cock, making a mess on your clothes, his lower stomach and your arms, his hands slam down against the stable walls, his fingers clawing at the wood as he tried to post something, pleasure coursed through him like lightning striking, he couldn’t describe the ecstasy feeling going through him, his mind was blank, but he was chanting your name like he was performing a ritual, you couldn’t help but smirk, knowing the hold you had on him, knowing the hold he had also had on you, you feel his cock growing limp in your hand, and once you were sure he had come down from his high, you release his length and take a step back. “Better?” He nods his head as his eyes slowly open. “Good, I’m going to go clean up.” Your eyes slowly move down. “I think you should as well.” You turn around and make your way out of the stables and back to the house, you quickly enter and move to your bedroom, you remove your clothes about to step into the shower when a hand grabbed yours, stopping you, you turn around to look at him.
“Let me repay you.” He says.
“Tae… you don’t have to.” You softly say.
“No, no, I want to.” He says, he guides you out of the bathroom, thankfully you hadn’t opened the water yet, he guides you to the bed and makes you lay down at the edge of it with your legs dangling off the bed, he moves onto his knees between your legs, using his shoulders to spread your legs and keep them spread, a shiver runs through you as you feel cool air blowing against your sodden pussy, had touching him really made you this wet? You couldn’t help but wonder if it did. “Fuck.” You felt his fingers touch your pussy lips before they slipped between your folds. “You’re so fucking wet.” He spreads your folds, revealing your sopping slit to him. “What were you going to do about it?” You hadn’t even realized you were that wet, but what would you have done when you discovered it? “Were you going to touch yourself?”
“Hmm.” You whimper out.
“I thought so.” You say. “Luckily, I caught you just before you washed all of this away.” You felt his fingers tracing along your folds, collecting wetness onto them, you felt his arms brush against either side of your thighs before feeling his thumb touch your clit.
“Ooh…” You gasp out, your body shaking as you gasped, the shock wave of pleasure travelling through you making you grip the duvets, his thumb circles the sensitive nub making sure to give it tons of attention, he watches as you suck in a deep breath before blowing it out, he was aware of what he was doing, his eyes lower and moves to your wet slit.
“So pretty like this.” He says, you could feel a tightening feeling start to build up inside you, he moves his face closer to your core, his fingers spreading your folds more, your eyes fall close when you felt his breath against your pussy, his nose touches your folds and moments later his tongue was touching your slit.
“Tae!” You gasp out, you felt his tongue curve upwards as he slipped it inside you, your toes begin to curl at the sensation, you could hear him lapping at your juices, his nose rubbing your folds as he moves his head, his thumb continuing to rub your clit. “Fuck… fuck, Tae.” Your moans were becoming louder and breathier, your skin felt on fire as you were engulfed with pleasure, you tug at the duvets, his thumb was moving at a slow pace, almost keeping you just at the edge, his mouth leaves your pussy and seconds later his thumb disappears from the sensitive nub, you could feel the tightening feeling disappearing until you felt him slip a digit inside you and his lips wrapping around your clit. “TAE!”
“Hmm.” He hums against your clit, jolts of pleasure goes through you, your insides churning as you were almost pushed over the edge of ecstasy, the sound of your wetness sloshing around filled the room, the feeling of his lips sucking your sensitive nub was sending you into the clouds, you could see stars already forming behind your eyelids, another finger slips into you, filling you just a little more.
“Tae…” You moan, your toes curl in pleasure, your legs were starting to shake, his tongue flicks over your clit as he sucked it, you tumble over the edge of pleasure, your mind falls blank as the stars turn into fireworks, your body shakes with pleasure. “TAE!” His fingers curl inside you, making your walls clamp down around them. “TAE!” He unwraps his lips from around your clit and flicks his tongue over the nub before licking it, easing you through your high, his fingers disappears from inside you and his tongue immediately moves to your slit, collecting your leaking juices. “Tae…” You release the duvets and your toes uncurl, his mouth disappears from your core, you open your eyes and look up at the ceiling.
“Now we can go clean ourselves.” He says, you lift your head to look at him, a satisfied smile on his lips, his mouth and nose covered with your wetness. “Shower or bath?”
“You’re asking that as if you didn’t just finger and eat me out.” You say, his smile widens before it turned into his famous boxy smile.
“Which one, angel?”
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crispy-chan · 7 months ago
⬫ crispy-chan's fic rec m.list (sfw)
Tumblr media
disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of these stories. this is just a fun place for me to compile my favourite fics and possibly introduce new authors to some people.
note: if any author wants their story off this list, please notify me so I can do so. I would have asked for permission, but I would never get around to do this if I'd go around asking every single author if they mind. However if you do mind, let me know so I can fix it!! also, I will not be adding descriptions bcs not all authors do them (the ones that do - I'm not sure if they'll be okay with me using their description), and writting my own description for a story that's not mine seems wrong.
stray kids + bts
Tumblr media
when the clocks stop ticking | 13.6k  - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, time travel/boxer au)
scintilia m.list | completed series (15/15) - by @mintymiknow (fluff, angst, royal au, ‘superpowers’, red queen au)
pros and cons | 20.2k - by @hanniiesuckle17 (fluff, angst, con artist au)
priceless | 14.3k - by @chaoticminhos (fluff, angst, e2l, rich kid!chan)
enemies-to-lovers!bang chan | 21k - by @taelme (ceo au, e2l, fluff, angst) 
intoxicating | 9.5k - by @luvknow (detective au, vampire au)
illicit & priceless | 26k - by @missinghan (mafia au, romance, action)
a night to remember | 6.7k - by @dreamescapeswriting​ (angst, fluff, idol au)
who you are, who i am | 48.6k - by @jeonginks (fluff, angst, arranged marriage au, s2l, traveling to another dimension au)
danse macabra + hymn of the winds | 26.6k, 5.5k - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, fantasy, royal au & masterpiece au)
between the lines | 9.7k - by @maatryoshkaa (fluff, retro school au, slight e2l) 
out of my mind | 15.6k - by @luvknow (science experiment au, angst, fluff)
in another lifetime | 18.9k - by @luvknow (iron man au, fluff, angst)
moonlit | 14k - by @kim-seungmine (exes to lovers, angst)
love is a strong word | 13k - by @chogiwow (angst, fluff, ice skating au)
love you right | <7k - by @kim-seungmine (angst, fluff, soulmate au)
gravitational pull | 8.1k - by @bandaigaeru (fluff, angst, brief fake dating, f2e2l)
you're laughing. I just bruised my ass and you're laughing. | 6.2k - by @gdaychan (fluff, f2l, ice skating au)
clover prince | 25.7k - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, fantasy)
the valentine trials. | 17.3k - by @jeonginks (fluff, f2l, angst)
dandelion | 12.2k - by @missinghan (angst, fluff, s2l)
a spell for you | 11k - by @bandaigaeru (e2l, hogwarts au, fluff)
bits of stardust | 16.8k - by @jeonginks (fluff, angst, time travel au, s2l, historical au)
for my love, sincerily, for you. | 32k - by @seungmoe (fluff, angst, platonic-ish, royal au, ft, Chan, Changbin and Minho)
candles in the sky | 16.6k - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, warrior and fantasy au)
rule breaker | ongoing series - by @mxxndreams (fluff, angst, fake dating au)
the modern wife | 11.5k - by @hanniiesuckle17 (fluff, angst, regency au, e2l)
young god | (16/16), total wc ? - by @maatryoshkaa (serial killer au, angst, fluff)
kingpin | 15k - by @luvknow (hitman au, angst, fluff)
19 | 6.8k - by @bandaigaeru (angst, fluff, soulmate au)
back to me | 12.6k - by @missinghan (dynasty au, fluff, angst)
dull blood | 26.8k - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, modern fantasy)
matters of the head and heart | 13.1k - by @skzsauce01 (historical au, fluff) 
young and beautiful | 13.1k - by @missinghan​ (zombie apocalypse au)
paint the moon | <10k - by @chaninfused (fluff, angst, set in war)
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dulcebangtan · 2 months ago
your eyes tell | chapter one
your first word wasn't "mama" or "dada," or anything else like that.
it was "brown," which overwhelmed your parents with joy. in another reality, other parents would have been confused or maybe even upset that their child's first word wasn't one of the affectionate nicknames for parents.
however, your parents were happy to know the color of your soulmate's eyes, and later in life, they asked you if it was a light brown or dark brown.
"it's a dark brown," you replied, happily munching away on a chocolate bar your parents had just bought you from the candy store down the street. you were seven years old at the time, and unbeknownst to you then, your parents were bragging to their friends about how their daughter's soulmate's was going to have beautiful, dark brown eyes.
you didn't understand the complexity of it all until you were fourteen, when you were hanging out with your best friend, mina, at the mall and she nearly passed out in the middle of the food court upon seeing a male around your age walking by, who made eye contact with mina and widely grinned.
"what the heck is wrong with you!?" you remembered asking her; she was absolutely freaking out, her face bright red as she excitedly giggled like a child receiving the toy they've always wanted for their birthday.
"it's him, y/n!!" mina practically shouted, shaking your arm. "my world filled with color the moment we made eye contact!! i no longer just see blue!"
with that, mina departed your side and rushed over to the boy, leaving you standing there, dumbfounded.
you watched as the male gasped in surprise as mina approached him, and you imagined his world flooding with color just like mina's did. if you and mina were both fourteen, how could she have already met her soulmate? wasn't fourteen a bit too young? your parents didn't meet each other until they were in their early thirties, and you were genuinely confused and even upset.
flash forward ten years and you still only saw dark brown; from dirt to your neighbor's cat, you were starting to lose hope on ever finding your soulmate.
mina was happily married to her soulmate, arlo, and you were truly happy for the couple, having enjoyed seeing them get married and began to plan a family.
deep down, however, you were still bitter about being alone. you lived alone, and even with mina and arlo living in the same neighborhood, you still felt alone.
you just hoped to find your soulmate sooner rather than later, especially now with more stories of people's worlds filling with color reaching your ears.
as summer approached, mina offered taking you and some of your other friends on a girl's trip to south korea, and you instantly accepted the offer, hoping the vacation would take your mind off of stressing about finding your soulmate.
mina had relatives in korea, so she knew her way around and showed you and the others all of the iconic landmarks, delicious food, and fun activities that the country had to offer.
the first night in korea somehow ended up with all of you outside of a club in seoul.
"i'll be down the street shopping with lily," mina told you as she mentioned towards one of your other friends, who also happened to have found her soulmate when she was a teenager. "we're both married women, so-"
"what, so you think we'll find our soulmates in this club?" your other friend, ayame, laughed, and her words reminded you that you were lonely, and you quietly sighed.
"just go have fun, okay?" lily told you and ayame. "if it's meant to happen, then it'll happen."
you and ayame nodded, but you weren't really feeling enthusiastic about going into the club; now you were probably going to mope around the whole night as you repeatedly wondered why you still haven't found the one yet.
ayame entered the club first, you begrudgingly following behind her. your ears were immediately hit with the sounds of blaring dance music, joyful laughter and chatter, and glasses clinking. the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and energy, but you just couldn't get yourself into it.
"come on, don't have such a long face," ayame playfully scolded you when she noticed your solemn expression. "have fun! even if you don't find the one here, maybe you'll end up having a one night stand or something."
you laughed a little, shaking your head as ayame led you towards the dance floor, which was crowded with koreans and foreigners alike. you've danced before and weren't too bad, and figured if you just got lost in the music, you'd momentarily forget about your dilemma.
the crowd was growing thicker, and before you knew it, you lost sight of ayame, unable to spot her in the throb of people.
"ayame!?" you shouted, but your voice was lost under the roar of the music. you then awkwardly stood there, your heart pounding as people began to push and shove around you. you knew you couldn't just stand there forever or you'd probably get trampled over, so you began to walk forward, unsure of where you'd end up in the bustling crowd.
a tall man suddenly bumped into you, his beer spilling over and completely drenching the front of your dress. you gasped, looking up at him to give him a piece of your mind, but then your froze.
the moment his dark brown eyes met yours, your world was flooded with color.
your hands flew to your mouth, ignoring the cold liquid of the beer seeping into your bra as the realization crashed over you like a giant wave.
your soulmate was so handsome; he had a head full of straight, purple hair, plump, pink lips, and deep dimples on each cheek.
the male's eyes widened and his mouth fell open, saying something that you couldn't hear.
he turned around to place his beer down on a nearby table then gently grabbed you by your arm, weaving the two of you out of the crowd and towards the back of the club where the bathrooms were located.
you couldn't speak, in too much shock to even process the fact that you finally met your soulmate and he finally met his, and it was you.
he pushed open the door to the men's bathroom, shutting it behind the two of you before leaving your side to grab paper towels from the dispenser by the sink. he nearly broke it trying to get them out, and you couldn't help but giggle quietly.
"i'm so sorry," he frantically said as he finally managed to grab a handful of paper towels, making his way over to you afterwards. "i'm a clumsy guy in general and-"
"hey, it's okay," you softly interjected and he paused before nodding firmly and standing in front of you.
you two made eye contact again, and time felt like it froze; you couldn't believe it. the person you had been looking for for ten years was finally here, standing before you in the dim men's restroom of a club in seoul, south korea.
you always imagined meeting your soulmate in paris or in a mystical forest, somewhere more intimate and romantic, but you didn't mind now; you were elated to finally be with them.
"i'm namjoon, by the way," the male said, breaking the silence between the two of you, a dimpled smile appearing on his lips. "it's so nice to finally meet you after all these years."
"i'm y/n," you replied, in a daze as you gazed at his handsome face. "l-likewise, namjoon."
namjoon chuckled softly, looking away shyly before looking back at you to ask, "do you want me to clean you up or- cause like- i'd have to be touching that area and stuff- and like i know we're soulmatees and all but i just don't want to make you uncomf-"
"go ahead," you lightly interrupted. "it's okay, namjoon." you then gave him a reassuring smile, wordlessly encouraging him.
namjoon swiftly nodded, using the paper towels to clean up the front of your dress, his eyes wide in awe as he studied your face and your figure; to him, you were the most beautiful thing he's ever laid his eyes on.
"how long have you been waiting to meet me, y/n?" namjoon softly asked you as tried his best to wipe away the mess.
"for ten years," you lightly laughed, and namjoon looked up at you, his mouth open in shock.
"yup, ever since i was fourteen," you replied. "what about you?"
"ten years as well," he replied, smiling at you. "a lot of people around me started finding their soulmates when i was sixteen years old, so i was left hanging and constantly wondering when i'd find mine."
you didn't reply, simply sighing happily as you looked at namjoon. he finished cleaning you up, discarding the soiled paper towels in the nearby trash can.
"i leave you speechless, huh?" namjoon teased you, and you giggled, quickly nodding your head yes.
"you're just so handsome," you hummed, causing namjoon to blush deeply and bite his lip. "i'm so glad that you're mine."
"and you're just so pretty," namjoon happily replied with a giggle. his mood quickly changed, though, and his face fell. you frowned, wondering what caused his mood to suddenly change.
"y/n...i have to tell you something," namjoon started to say, and you slowly nodded, worried that he was going to say that this was all a big mistake or something along those lines.
"i'm yours, obviously, since i am your soulmate," he hesitantly continued. "but...when i become officially yours, there's going to be problems that come with it."
your breath hitched in your throat, practically feeling your heart sink at his words.
"i'm apart of this famous korean pop band called bts, y/n. i'm the leader of the band. there's going to be so much drama when we start dating," namjoon finished, looking down at his shoes. "it's going to be very, very difficult to keep our relationship safe and protected from outside negativity."
his words hit you like a ton of bricks and you simply stood there in silence as you turned his statement over and over again in your head, a single tear drop rolling down your cheek.
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99liners · 19 days ago
pregnancy a⇝z hcs: jjk;
pairing: detective!jeon jeongguk x trophy wife!reader
original oneshot: kaiho (it is advisable to read the oneshot first)
warnings: yandere!jjk, toxic relationship dynamic.
part of: tatemae; 建前 — a bts series
Tumblr media
his love language is physical touch so expect a lot of affectionate touches. pregnancy is the only time when his touch will be gentle, lingering even. it’s always wordless, though. he is bad with words so touching you is his way of showing you the affection that you deserve in these months. don’t expect him to ever say anything meaningful.
he stares at your bump, like just stares. he touches it sometimes but it absolutely fascinates him that a baby is growing under that layer of skin and how the female body can go through such transformations to create a brand new human being after gathering two sets of DNA ~ boggles his mind.
he doesn’t get it, okay? he really doesn’t understand why you need to devour a pineapple pizza with whipped cream but he abides by all your cravings and gets you what you need then proceeds to watch you eat it with a disgusted look. whenever he is leaving for home from work, he leaves you a message,
“do you need anything? i’m omw.”
he would 10/10 fight a criminal if the criminal evades arrest on your due date. his job is pretty unpredictable so he could not possibly finish up his work in advance for a special day because fresh work always comes up but he has your due date duly noted in his mind. would constantly check his phone to see any messages from tanaz (kth’s wife, your best friend who is helping you) to run to the hospital if your water breaks. the whole precinct knows that your due date has arrived and they are ready to take over jjk’s duties when he would be gone.
when you first time told him that you were pregnant, he was so happy that you got to see his bunny smile (which is rare in the tatemae universe.) when the baby was born and he got to hold jeon!boy for the first time, you could see the traces of tears lingering around his irises. he would coo and hold the baby with so much care. the smooth skin of the baby contrasting on top of jjk’s tattooed arms.
throughout your pregnancy, jjk would let you go to your parents’ place as many times as you wanted. his parents are decent folks but not the cosy type and he knows you need parental love so he drives you to and from your parents’ house all the time.
oh he’s an excited bunny. he would definitely want to know the gender but you wanted it to be a surprise so he would try to control himself lol. every ultrasound, he would stare at the screen like he can discern the gender of the baby. he would catch your eye and turn away immediately lol. 
it would be the best part for him cause he rarely gets to feel the kicks and the ultrasound just looks like a peanut to him lol but the heartbeat is definitive and something that never misses his senses.
remember he is not good with words? so, it is rare that he proclaims his love out loud. this one night, you were going through extremely bad nausea and struggled to fall asleep. he came back late at night and found you groaning on the bed. he joined you and massaged your back till you drifted off to sleep. his hands on your bump,,, you know that phase when you are drifting off to sleep but still aware of your surroundings? it was in those fleeting moments when you heard jjk speak softly. “i know you are going through a lot. thank you for enduring it. i love you and this baby so much.”
he denied having said anything at all when you asked about it the next day. 
he would actually be jealous of jeon!boy because of how much time he gets to spend with you. when the baby was first born, he was fine with it but as the baby grew up and sometimes would cry at night interrupting sex night; it would end up annoying him. he be an ass sometimes, okay? might even block your passage and not let you leave the room while you both can clearly hear the baby crying at the top of his lungs. you would keep trying to wiggle out of the room but he would hold your elbow in a death grip and ignore your pleads. but it is his kid after all, melts soon enough and lets you go to tend to the baby.
he is so oblivious xD would miss the kicks even when you keep his hands on your bump at the best places to feel it clearly. he misses them although the baby kicks when his hand is directly on your bump. he would always complain how he can never feel it. then come one night, he had fallen asleep, his arms wrapped around your bump securely when suddenly the baby kicked and the sensation broke through his sleep. he would sit up immediately, raise up your t-shirt and keep his hands on your bump again ~ he was a happy bunny when he finally could know what it felt like.
he would be so stressed. stress level intensified. biting nails, constantly touching the jewellery in his piercings, feet tapping against the floor, biting the inside of his cheeks but he would be silent for the most of it. would hold your hand and give a death glare to the obstetrician every time you screamed too loud as if it is the doctor’s fault xD. one time he would even yell at the doctor only to get rebuked by you. 
would let you squeeze his hand as hard as you can without popping up a sweat. he can take it easily, but when the baby started crowning; the way you squeezed his hand had him squealing almost but he supressed it 😂.
jjk is not always there to help you through it but when he is, he would try and ease your pain any way that he can; massages, pats on your back, running his hand through your hair, helping you eat, throw up, sleep, sit, stand, walk.
yes, DILF!jjk is here to paint the room. he won’t let you do anything, would make you sit and just choose the colour scheme, furniture, aesthetic through the magazines or on your phone while he puts on a pair of old joggers and gets to work on the nursery. shirtless.
he would be obsessed with your boobs. he doesn’t necessarily have the lactation kink but your badonkas have gotten so big, how can he possibly complain about that?
it shocked him how fatherhood changed him. he became, at least, a tad bit gentler around the house now. always talking at a softer tone to not disturb/startle the baby. his actions softer too, at least in the beginning, later on he would obviously return to his old ways.
his google search history:
baby cries what to do?
baby pacifier fell on ground does 5 second rule apply?
would 4 month old baby understand if parents have sex in the same room?
baby scared of tattoos how to fix?
dropped the baby when wife was away will he lose braincells?
his team at the precinct is obsessed with the baby and they have like this whole group chat with you called “baby’s pictures” where you would post videos and pictures of the baby and this one time you sent in a video where jjk was playing peakaboo with the baby, both jeon!boys giggling and the team could not believe that it was their boss. yoona accidentally spilled out, “you are so soft with your son, sir.” and jjk just stares at her like “what are you talking about?” and the whole team just exchanged scurried glances before recalling imaginary tasks they have to finish and left the room.
he is not a big gesture kinda guy. he has no pictures on his work desk like everyone else does of their s/o, parents or kids. jjk only has kept the first scan picture of the baby as any sort of memorabilia inside an old case file in the bottom left drawer of his desk. locked at all times. 
he did not even know that you were missing periods and had taken a pregnancy test. it was not exactly planned or in the making but mentally he was ready for a baby. he would take you to the doctor immediately after the quick test to get official confirmation.
his job does not allow him to be present at every ultrasound but he remembers when you are supposed to have one. would ask how it went when he comes back home to you.
would detest anyone visiting when you newly gave birth, would detest you going out too much, as well. he wants you to heal first.
he is the type who realizes in the middle that having a baby is a whole process, it doesn’t end anywhere and as parents you both have to constantly be there for the baby and tend to it. would be extremely impatient if you take too much to come back to bed to him. it’s always something new every day, why can’t the baby grow up itself? why do you have to be gone to take care of the baby, especially when he is finally home after working all day.
during pregnancy, was the ONLY time he ever made love to you. so gentle, you almost did not recognise your husband. surprisingly would not expect a lot of sex while you were pregnant and let you rest mostly. 
honestly, only you can endure having a kid with kaiho!jjk and he knows that. he knows you are the one for him and that to his mind, makes the jealousy justified cause there is no one like you.
he is bad at handling the baby, like bad bad. can never get the baby to stop crying (we all were witness to his google search history). after jeon!boy turns a toddler, their way of spending time together would be watching TV together at night. jeon!boy would be lounging on his dad’s lap and they would sometimes fall asleep together.
a/n: it’s HIGH time we name jeon!boy, i am tired of typing that xD. drop baby boy names below in the comments or in the ask box, please avoid english names. all suggestions are welcome <33
feedback is deeply appreciated.✨
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- jaimie.
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