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soobsfae · a day ago
Tumblr media
one. the city of angels! and death.
Tumblr media
→ summary. Visiting your longtime best friend and her adorable little brother, you decide to make it a great chance to have fun before heading back to your suffocating life with your even more suffocating boyfriend. There were just two problems. One, you hate Los Angeles with a burning passion, even more during pageant season. Two, Los Angeles would only prove to be worse than ever before now that your best friend was nowhere to be seen. And if there’s one thing you learned from your militant father, it’s to never leave family behind. That much was proving difficult, since the police, the people who were supposed to help you, were under the biggest cartels hold. But you’d do anything for her— even if it meant aligning yourself with the group of Korean men who ran all of SoCal.
→ warnings. cartel shit yup yup, groping, harassment, okay but mentions of death, a shootout, lots of guns, lots of mentions of alcohol/beer, inadvertently playing a hand in like mass murder, explosion, i already said death but like seriously a lot, gunshot wounds, mentions of blood and just dead bodies in general, corrupt police 🙄, cursing (tae has a dirty mouth), yn gets punched, mentions of throw up, spit, and blood, mentions of a concussion but it’s never definite and it’s just evidence pointing to it, namjoon and tae are like crazy it’ll have you 😕. im pretty sure that’s it but if you need anymore, please don’t be afraid to reach out to me to add it!!
→ word count. 9.3k+
→ authors note. hello, this is the first little chapter to this series!! i hope ur all enjoying it as much i enjoy writing it!! pls give it a note if u can, help get it out to more people!! and again, i love this series so don’t be afraid to talk to me about it!!!! thank u for reading ily. (also yes it’s unedited, i was just so excited to release this 😩)
→ story masterlist. main masterlist.
Tumblr media
Had you known just how much of a hassle it would be to travel with packs of makeup, you would have left it behind. But it was far too late, and you wouldn’t give up such a battle. And so, after relentless hours of you begging to let you pass with the products, it was allowed. Only, it proved to be a huge issue as you opened your luggage to see your makeup smeared in foundation, which had popped on the way to Los Angeles.
“What happened here?” The familiar voice of your best friend makes you snap your head up, completely ignoring the sadness that enveloped you from such a malfunction.
“Seulgi!” Jumping up, your rush to the girl, her arms wrapping around you as did yours. You lather in her hold, missing such a warm embrace.
While the two of you spoke everyday, countless messages and FaceTime calls on your phone proving your friendship, there was nothing better than being with one another. She was such a warm and happy person, she never failed to invade your gloomy and pessimistic aura in such a positive way. You were truly a better person when you were around her. And after almost five years since your last trip together, you felt yourself crawling back into your hole of self-pity. Having her softly pinch your arm brought you out of it.
“I told you not to do this! This just makes the money issues worse!” The girl clicks her tongue repeatedly, helping you lug the broken products into the trash on the side of the airport. Countless people were running back and forth to either catch a flight or a cab, while there was street music and beggars to the side, there were still eyes on the two of you struggling.
“I thought it’d make it easier…” you couldn’t help but grumble at your huge mistakes. Not only was her makeup for her competition completely wiped, so was yours. While money wasn’t a huge problem for you, you would still be left with very little. It was California, the place where everything was ridiculously expensive. How anyone wanted to live there was a thought you couldn’t fathom, but alas it was a place where art comes to life. Sadly, the one art you loved would set you back a few hundred.
“It’s okay, we’ve still got my makeup.”
“No offense, Seulgi, but this is top makeup.” You sigh, wiping the excess product off of your hands with a few wet towels.
Seulgi scoffs, “not like you bought it.”
“That's exactly why I’m upset!” You groan, pulling the rest of your luggage behind you as you make your way to her car. A very expensive and flashy Jeep colored in a bright pink. Very much screaming Seulgi. “Do you know how much effort it took stealing these from back home?”
“Could say it’s karma.” You roll your eyes at the ridiculous word. If there was one thing you hate the most is blaming the universe for your ill doings or bad luck. The universe doesn’t care enough for one to make it their job to destroy them. Life simply couldn’t work in such a manner.
“Karma, sharma. Take me to a shop.”
“Cheer up!” Seulgi sends a hard smack to your shoulder in hopes to lift your moods. “You’re in Los Angeles! The city of angels! The city of sun and fun!”
“That doesn’t sound right…” you grumble, but the seriousness wasn’t one to last long around your best friend. As if you two were never apart, you spoke about everything and anything, dancing to music along the way. You two were truly happy, feeling nothing but positive thoughts at your stay in Los Angeles.
“Lee!” With the sound of your voice, the tiny boy ran right towards you. Pulling him in your hold, you lift him and spin him around. His giggles ring throughout his apartment, bringing the lively mode so much higher. His simple laugh could cure the deadliest of diseases, you really believe it to be true.
“Auntie!” Kneeling down to match his height, you plaster kisses all around his face. “I'm not a baby anymore!” But you wouldn’t pull away from him and he didn’t put up a fight either, lathering in your warm touch. While he fought against his older sister constantly to stop babying him, he knew he wouldn’t get such a thing for another couple of years after your trip.
“How have you been?” You ask, moving the stray pieces of hair that covered his face.
“Not good.” You gasp at his answer.
“What’s up?”
“I’ve been wanting this cool new truck that I saw on TV. Seulgi refuses to buy it for me.” He huffs, glaring at his sister as she walks into the living room. She doesn’t hide the annoyed expression on her face.
“I told you I’d buy it for you when your report card comes out for the year.”
“She’s got a point buddy,” you turn back to him, softly moving his hair from his pouting face. “I promise you, once I see those good grades, I’ll go out and buy this cool toy with you.”
“Do you promise?” The boy couldn’t help the whine that came from him.
“I promise.” You assure the boy, holding your pinky out for him. The bright smile on your face makes you feel warm, his pinky intertwining with yours. “Now, go and grab your IPad! I want to see all those vacation pictures!” With a happy squeal, the boy gallops up the stairs, Seulgi coming up beside you.
“You spoil him too much.” She had no ill intentions when telling you such a thing, that much was evident as she lay her head against your shoulder. Looking down at her with a smile, you softly coo and pat her head.
“Do you want me to spoil you too?” The teasing tone to your voice didn’t go unnoticed, pushing away from you with an eye roll. Galloping into the kitchen with you, she grabs a few beers from her fridge, tossing one to you quickly. The glass bottle was cold to the touch, making it all the more better for a warm summer day in Los Angeles. The apartment she was housing was small but it was a decent size for just a sister and her little brother. And the way the pictures of her happy family decorated the wall, made it feel like a loving home. Which it was, even if all they had left was one another.
“I hate this place.” You sigh honestly, the two of you now on her balcony, leaning over the ledge. And while it was fun at times, you were a small town girl, loving knowing every corner to your home. Los Angeles didn’t provide that for you, constantly bumping into a new up-and-coming influencer or simply arguing with a native who felt they were right at all times.
“Aw, come on, it won’t be too bad.” Seulgi laughs at the grimace on your face as you watch the sight ahead of you. The tall buildings surrounding the one you were standing in were filled to the brim with tenants, cars honking twenty floors down, as if such a loud and obnoxious noise would truly hurry Los Angeles traffic. There would never be a way to cure the horrible traffic in the city. “Just until the pageant is over, we’ll head out then.”
“Can't wait.” You felt your mood brighten at the thought of heading to her late parents cabin. Nothing but the sound of the ravine close by and the birds chirping would be heard — not the sound of a tourist yelling about getting their bag stolen.
“But for now,” the girl puts her beer down and takes your hand in hers, the atmosphere filled with her giggles. “Tell me about Sangwoo!” She was quick to sit you down on her tiny table set on her balcony. The metal felt cold against your legs, but you ignored it as you rolled your eyes at the mention of your boyfriend.
“He’s an asshole.”
“A real asshole? Or just an asshole to you?”
“Both? I don’t know.” You shake your head, your mind falling back onto your boyfriend waiting for you in your shared apartment. While you, at a point in time, had loved him, he was far too comfortable now. “He thinks I’m the one supposed to be doing the house chores at all times. Never cooks, never picks up after himself — all he does is play video games.”
Seulgi grimaces at your despair. “Kick him to the curb.”
“I wish I could. But our contract won’t allow it. Think I’m just gonna stick it out.”
“How much longer is your contract?”
“Hmm… like ten more months.”
“Y/N, you can’t stay with him for ten more months because of your apartment.” She deadpans.
“Money’s tight.” You shrug, taking a swig of your drink. “Unless I can manage to get a roommate within a good timeframe, I gotta stick it out with him.”
“You’re such an idiot.” She shakes her head at you with a laugh. The stunt you were pulling was just like you — and although you wanted to play it off by saying it was the contract, she knew you much better than that. He wasn’t good for you, but you had been with him for so long, you were petrified of leaving the only relationship you know so well. But she stays quiet, knowing it was a topic for another night.
“Auntie, I got em! I got em!” Lee skips right back to you. Lifting him up onto your lap, he begins to give you a rundown on each picture, detailing just what he felt in those instances. And while your first day in the city of angels was uneventful, full of babysitting and gossiping, it was all you had wanted and more.
Being woken up the next day to go on a run was not what you had planned for your jet lagged body. Seulgi yelled at you about getting her body toned for the upcoming pageant, earning her nothing but a groan. A groan and your compliance because soon, you were clad in her way too tight leggings as you ran behind her. She was quick to try and coax you to run faster, but you waved her off, the sweat dripping down your face only annoyed you, hating such a gross feeling.
“I’m not leaving you behind, come on!” She’s quick to jog in place beside you. You, on the other hand, felt like you were dying. You could barely carry yourself up, your arms holding yourself up on your knees, panting as if your father hadn’t forced you to train all of your life.
“Do it.” You gasp for breath. “Leave me. I’m not worth it. Keep going.”
“You're so dramatic, come on.” She grabs your arm, dragging you with her. She slows her pace down though, while she loves chasing you around, she knew not to push your limits. You were grateful to any god out there that listened to your prayers as she ushered you into a small coffee shop near her home. Plopping down onto a seat outside, you begin to slouch in tiredness.
After a ton of begging, Seulgi let the two of you walk to her apartment, where you spent almost two hours soaking in a warm bath, soothing your aching muscles. But seeing as you were in the city to help your best friend win her last pageant on her roster, you couldn’t rest. Heading over to shops for more makeup, ones that would last longer and had better effects than pharmacy makeup. Soon after that, you were dragged to shop for clothing, most specifically, a swimsuit for the single part of the pageant.
You hadn’t gotten a chance to breathe before being dragged to the huge and fancy community center where such an event was being held. The pageant wasn’t Miss America, but it was still big enough for the Los Angeles natives, lots of attention was on it to be the best of the best. Your bright best friend greets everyone she passes by, her invigorating aura pulling everyone into her.
Walking among the other attendees made you squirm in your seat. They were all absolutely stunning — ranging from skin tone, style, body, and height. You couldn’t help but feel shy around their beauty, and while they paid no mind to you, your mind was telling you otherwise. You wondered if they could see the pimple on your forehead that you had picked at the night before. Nevertheless, you stuck by Seulgi’s side as she signed up for the event, giggling with her opponents who were all too kind to you both.
Seulgi shoo’s you away when the group is assigned to join a basic pageant lesson, one of which you couldn’t be a part of unless you signed up yourself. And while you’re proud of the way you are, pageants was a whole other part of self-confidence. You’d much rather help the already beautiful women glam themselves up to show off to the judges and eyes of the audience.
Clad in your comfiest black jeans and white corset top, you head out into the city. And while you glared at just about anyone who bumped into you, you were enjoying yourself. While nature and the quiet environment you loved would always be superior, you absolutely loved the sunny days of Los Angeles. That was seemingly the only thing you loved though, even more so when an annoying blogger with his camera high up in the air bumps into you, his entire coffee spilling onto your favorite top. Cursing, you hiss at the cold from his iced americano, making sure to give him the deadliest glare. He apologizes profusely but you pay no mind to him, telling the college boy that it was alright and scurrying off.
Walking down the streets of Los Angeles with a huge coffee stain on your outfit and an even bigger angered look on your face had everyone dodging you. And while you didn’t care, you still didn’t want anyone to accidentally capture your utter demise on their cameras. So with a neutral look on your face, one you had a lot of practice with growing up how you did, you walk into what seems like a club. While the atmosphere was not one of a major rager like it turns into at night, there were still quite a few people around the place. The bartender spoke to a man who drowned in his sorrows, a few women were seemingly on dates with men clad in expensive suits. Ignoring them, you head to their public bathroom, and with it’s prestige, you wonder if they hadn’t meant to let you in. Why would such a rich atmosphere allow a random passerby to use their restroom?
That was the least of your worries as you tried your damndest to get rid of the coffee on your top. But the material wouldn’t give it up, only irritating you more at the thought of getting rid of the top, it made you feel as confident as you could get. The corset hugged your body beautifully, and while a tiny bit of your body fat fell out at the sides, you felt amazing, even more so with the way your breasts popped. With a small frown, you toss the napkins into the bin closest to you and you rush out. Glancing at the time on your phone, you turn right back to the bar, hoping to get a few shots in before Seulgi gets you two back home and makes you watch her stance and runway walk for hours.
“What’s the cheapest thing you’ve got?” You ask the bartender, but you are far too into your phone to notice that it wasn’t the same man taking orders as when you came in.
“Cheapest?” The man hums, watching you in amusement. The Armani he wore was far too expensive to consider him a bartender, but his strong aura went unnoticed. “Probably tap water.”
You sigh, putting your phone down and looking back at the man. He was smiling brightly, sleeves to his shirt now rolled up to showcase his strong arms. If your head wasn’t so muddled with thoughts of your boyfriend back home, you would pay such a scrumptious man more attention. But you found it too hard to be positive or enjoy anything as of late.
“Guess I’m going for tap water. I’m assuming it’s like, what? At least fifteen dollars here?” You question as you take in the building. It was clean and sleek beyond belief, gold rimmings all around the dark walls and floors. It yelled rich but alas, you weren’t one to get intimidated by money too often.
“It’s free, sweets.” He laughs at your words, serving you a cup full of iced water.
“Surprising,” you hum as you take a hold of the glass cup. “Everything in California is so fucking expensive.”
“Not from around here?” He questions, enthralled in you. Again, you paid no mind to him and the way he looked at you.
“Ew, no.” You scoff, looking back up at him. The man’s hair fell onto his face, his soft features in full display. He was a beautiful man, too beautiful for you to even think of as anything but a kind bartender who served as a therapist for all his clients. “Some small place in France. I hate cities.”
“And so a trip to Los Angeles called to you?”
“Absolutely not.” You shake your head. “If it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t take a step in this place. But I missed them so I gotta suck it up.”
“Small place in France, huh? More of a Conques or Saint-Tropez?”
“Definitely more of a Conques. Saint-Tropez is filled with American tourists who think they’re better than everyone else. As if a trip to France warrants nasty attitudes? I live here, dude! You’re not all that.”
The man chuckles at the way you vent to him. While any other person in Los Angeles would be offended by your words, he appeared to not be from there either. But you didn’t want to risk it.
“Are you from here?” You ask the man.
He shakes his head, “born and raised in South Korea. Just got a few businesses here.”
“Ooh,” you turn to him filled with interest. “Does that mean you own this place?”
“It does mean that. Smart girl.”
“You gotta lower these prices then.” You huff, glancing at the alcohol on display. “No one in their right frame of mind should buy something so pricey.”
“You’d be surprised how much Californians pay for all of this. More money means better quality.”
“In what world? Give me a cup of whiskey here and another from my favorite pub back home, they’re the same!”
“Maybe so, but I’m sure you know how faulty society is with these mindless things.”
You nod, his words settling within you. “You’ve got a point. Tossing money left and right makes you worthy.”
“Exactly. Plus,” the man pours a glass of whiskey. “I gotta play their game. Get my bills paid, you know?”
“I respect that.” You nod but shake your head as he hands you the cup of alcohol. “Keep up the hustle.” He laughs at your words of encouragement while still sliding the drink to you.
“Tell you what,” you lean on the bar, getting closer to the man. “When I become a millionaire, I’ll come right back here and pay this back.” You point to the whiskey before grabbing it and taking a big gulp. The man laughs as you cough a bit before settling on the burning sensation.
“I’ll hold you to that.” His smile was bright, completely contrasting his rugged and buff body. “I’m Hoseok.”
“Y/N.” You smile softly, the first he’s seen since you plopped down at his bar. “Glad to meet an individual who doesn’t seem all too keen on this city either.”
“Likewise. Let our burning hatred bond us forever.” And you laugh at his words, taking the last gulp of your drink as you read the message that pops up on your screen. Being told it was time to finally head home, you send one last wave to the man and thank him for the drink before leaving.
“Don’t be such a prude.” Seulgi smacks your hand as you try and pull your dress down. The dress was unbelievably short, and while you loved to show off your chest, your ass was not something you loved all too much.
“It’s not flattering on me.” You sigh as you watch your body in the mirror. The dress was a tight fit, stopping way too far from your knees. While the color was beautiful, a glimmering purple, which adorns your skin tone, it still wasn’t you.
“Girl, I'd hit that fine ass.” She sends a smack to your ass, making you laugh. Admitting defeat, you grab your bag which was sprawled on her couch. The heels you wore were actually very comfortable, with the way Seulgi slapped some shoe pads to make it all more better for the night.
“I still don’t see what clubbing has to do with pageant season.”
“Are you kidding? Connections help so much!” The girl swears as the two of you hop into the cab. The guy driving paid no mind to the two of you as Seulgi handed him the address.
“It’s gross how much old white men play a hand in this shit.” You shake your head as if scolding her for such a thing.
“Right? But still, I gotta do this.” She slumps into the seat. “Plus, it’ll be a great night with just us two! No pesky little brothers or annoying boyfriends. Just two best friends dancing and drinking.”
You sigh happily at the thought of it. “It does sound nice.” You admit, looking over at her.
“By the way, you so gotta break-up with Sangwoo.” Seulgi brings up the topic of the man back at home.
“I told you, I’m waiting for the lease to be up.”
“Or you’re too scared to be alone.” She scoffs, earning her a glare. “Come on. I know you love Èze but… you’ve got nothing there, Y/N. While I’m not saying to move out here, just… don’t be so far away.”
“There’s nowhere else I could be.” And while you hated the way a frown decorated her face, you knew it to be true. Since leaving your father’s hold, you swore to finally settle down and you had. You love the village you live in, you know every street like the back of your hand and the people watch over one another. It was more of a home than any place you had ever moved to with your father during his deployment days.
“With me.” She takes a hold of your hand. “This pageant thing won’t be forever. I want a smaller place for Lee too, we could do this together.”
“And where would we go?” You ask, a smile on your face as you realize she’s really thought it out.
“There’s a few small towns around Los Angeles, we could go farther too! But I've read up on a few and they’re perfect!”
Watching your best friend continue speaking of small towns she researched, you couldn’t help the swelling of your heart. While it hadn’t been plausible before, you wondered what your life would be like with Seulgi and Lee. Would it be the family you always dreamed of having? A little wonky, but a nice family nonetheless.
“Give me your hand.” You call out to her. She stops her talking, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. But she does as told, holding her hand out. Digging through your bag, you grab two familiar bracelets a lovely elderly woman made back at home. Placing the pink colored jewelry in her palm, she gasps. Bringing it up to her face, she admires the beauty of them. They were carefully woven, the intricate details in them showcasing just how much effort was put into such work.
“Holy crap, they’re stunning.” She awes, looking back over at you with curious eyes.
“You mean the entire world to me.” And just like that, the tears began springing up into her eyes. “You know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Which is why I’m saying absolutely yes. Fuck yes. I can't wait to move out to one of those small towns with you and Lee.”
“Y/N.” She pouts, a few tears falling down her cheeks. You coo as you help wipe them away, trying your best to not smudge the makeup you spent a while putting on her.
“This is…” you clasp the band on her wrist. “A symbol of our sisterhood. Thank you for being… you. The only person who bothered putting up with the horrible time zones I had to get accustomed to.”
“You were worth it.” You laugh as she sobs into your shoulder at your sudden sappy moment. While you weren’t completely cold-hearted, you weren’t one to show emotions as often as others. Growing up the way you did, you were forced to hide what you truly felt and all the practice you put in helped you glide by in life with neutral expressions. She knows it all too well, which is why she couldn’t help but cry at you opening yourself up.
“God, do I look bad?” Seulgi asks as the two of you prepare yourselves in front of the club. There was a huge line of people trying to get in, but you two were already on the exclusive list, trumping everyone else.
“Absolutely not.” You shake your head, slightly dabbing beneath her eyes. “You look amazing. As usual.”
“You flatter me too much.” She giggles, holding your hand, which was clad in a similar bracelet as hers, only in a deep red color. Walking into the vibrant place, the music shook you as the lights flickered in bright colors. There were bodies upon bodies dancing on the dance floor, people at the bar drinking and flirting, while some couples stood in the side lines making out and groping one another.
“There’s the man I gotta suck up to!” Seulgi tries to yell over the music. You managed to grab a bit of her words, looking over at the white and gruff man sitting in the VIP section. He was surrounded by beautiful women, all of them trying to appeal to him. The bodyguards surrounding him tells you just how important he is, but you weren’t all too aware of the politics in the city. “I told him about you earlier and he’s excited to meet you!”
“Why would you tell him about me?!” Stunned, you get dragged over to the group, the bodyguard letting the two of you pass up and stand across from the man. The man clad in the ugly suit stands up quickly, taking in the sight of the two of you.
“And what do we have here?” The man teases the two of you. You smile at him, hoping your disgust isn’t evident. “Two stunning ladies here all for me!”
“Good evening, mayor.” Your eyes widen at the mention of his status. Turning back to him, you see that his eyes are already on you. More so, your body. You could feel him undressing you with his eyes, making you shiver with disgust.
“And who's this?” He asks your friends.
“This is Y/N! My friend from way back when!” She announces.
“Ah, this is the famous Y/N.” As if you two were acquainted, he placed his arm around your waist, flushing your body up against him. You gasp at the sudden move, an even bigger gasp coming from you as you feel his hard-on through his slacks. You felt violated as he softly runs his hand down the arch of your back and onto your ass.
“Woah,” you pulled away nervously as he groped your ass in a harsh manner. Getting out of his grasp, you turn to Seulgi who looks highly uncomfortable as well. And you didn’t blame her. Sticking up for the both of you would result in her elimination and she needed the money that came with the pageant win. “I’m not used to this California heat!” You try to yell over the music. “I’ve gotta go to the little girls room.” He nods happily, still staring at you with such a disturbing look. Glancing one last time at Seulgi, you sigh as you walk to the restroom.
Once you were in there, the last two girls leaving, you took a deep and shaky breath. Feeling absolutely violated, you weren’t sure how you were supposed to head back out there. And you didn’t plan on doing so either, fully intending to spend as much time as possible in a stall. It hadn’t been more than ten minutes of scrolling on your phone on the toilet that the sudden rattling of the vents had you jumping. Tensing up at the sound of the vent tops clattering onto the floor, you hush yourself up as the voices of men begin to fill the restroom. Their loud stomps made you jump in fear every time. Bring your feet up onto the toilet, trying your best to go unnoticed, you hold your breath as to not make a single noise.
It was a rather abrupt entry, warning you that it wasn’t the best of people. Even more when you hear the sound of guns cocking. Your heart begins to beat hard against your chest, palms getting sweaty as you grasp onto your phone tightly. Shutting your eyes, you pray and hope that whoever it is out there, has the decency to just walk right out. Luck was not on your side, not when one of the men with heavy boots began kicking down the stall doors. The others were empty, that much you knew but they didn’t stop with the first two, getting to your stall. With a loud yelp, you jump back as the door is kicked open, thrown back harshly.
You shut your eyes, scared of what’s to come. Feeling a tight grip on your hair, you’re pulled out of the stall and onto the floor of the bathroom. The tears streaming down your face didn’t stop, even more when you’re made to look up at the man. His face was uncovered, which wasn’t all too good a sign — you were sure it meant he’d kill you for knowing who he is. His brown curly locks fall atop of his head, an amused expression on his face as he watched your shaking figure. Your dress had since risen up your legs at being dragged, but you paid no mind, not as you struggled to breathe in front of the man who held such a huge weapon in his arms.
Grabbing your bag from your shaking body, he rummages through it. “Please, please. Take it all.” You cry but he seems unfazed at your words, until he takes out your passport at the least.
“France? You don’t look French.” You keep your mouth shut as his deep voice resonates throughout the restroom. His men around him don’t seem to pay any mind to you as they continue setting their weapons up. “Hmm, cute photo.” He laughs as he shows the others your photo. His jokes only tenses you up more, eyes shut tight as if that’d stop the scene from continuing.
“Open up.” His hand softly holds onto your chin, forcing you to open up your eyes. He was bent over to match your height on the floor, a smile on his face. His smile was dizzying, almost making you forget the way he dangerously held the weapon so near your face as he moved your hair with the cold thing. “Do you wanna live?”
You nod a yes, tears still streaming down your face. It all felt so surreal, in such a horrible way of course. The way your blood pumped within you at such a quickening and hard pace made you dizzy, but you pushed through fainting. “That’s great, baby,” he chuckles, placing the gun below your chin, forcing you to look up at him with your red eyes and smudge makeup. “All you’ve got to do is leave this place. Walk out to the backdoor and you’re safe, got that?” You nod your head in such a ferocious manner, ready to leave his sight. The man helps you up, ushering you out the restroom and you were quick to run, even in your all too tall heels. Shoving through the bunch of people, you yell out for your best friend, but she is nowhere in sight.
“Seulgi!” You cry out, seeing the men come out of the room. You yell out her name one last time, panic filling you up entirely as bullets start to fly all around the club. Getting down, you’re forced to search the club while crawling on the dirty floor. You ignore the way people step on your hands, crying and begging out for your friend. The loud noises continue to ricochet into the building, people pushing against each other to leave. It isn’t until a huge body falls onto yours, that you get your first injury throughout the mess. Your head slams against the floor at the heavyweight laying on you. It takes a second for the room to stop being so blurry and dizzying, the only thing bringing you back is the sight of the dead body on you, bullet holes all through her chest and a single hole through her head. You let out a yell as you pull yourself away, crawling to the door closest to you at a frantic pace. Feeling the cold air of the outside doesn’t relieve you, not when you run around the groups of crying people who managed to escape and don’t see your friend anywhere.
The gunshots were brought outside, and it was evident who it was the men were trying to kill as you watch the mayor being protected as he’s rushed out of the building and into a car. Some of the men from the restroom chase after him, sending bullets to his car but it was too late. Hiding behind a still car, you watch as the bullets continue, the last thing you see is a bullet flying into a young man’s chest before getting up and running from the parking lot. The sounds of sirens and helicopters ringing throughout the dark helps you forget about the cold air harshly hitting your body clad in a shirt dress. Bodies upon bodies were being carried out of the club, some managing to get help from the ambulance outside, while others lay completely devoid of life.
“Excuse me, excuse me!” A voice is heard calling out to you but all you can focus on is the sound of the ringing in your ears. The noise only heightens by the second, sending you crashing onto the floor.
Waking up in a hospital room is the last thing you need. Rushing to the couch in your room, you grab your bags of clothes and anything found on you. Your phone was on its last life as you dial your friends number, but it was to no avail. You couldn’t help the tears that slipped as you called the familiar little boy. The phone rings for a few more seconds before being picked up.
“Auntie! Are you almost home? I’m hungry!” Lee’s voice is heard. You feel your heart speed up at the mention of him being alone.
“Hey, little man,” you try your best to not sob into the phone. You were beyond frazzled, the strong ache in your head only worsening by the second. “Is your sister there?”
“No… I just thought she’d be with you. Where is she, Y/N?” He sounds nervous over the phone, mentally cursing yourself for getting him upset.
“She’s with your aunt Mai.” You were quick to lie. “I forgot she said she needed to grab some of her heels for the pageant.”
“That girl,” he clicks his tongue as if disappointed in his older sister. “She’s so forgetful.”
“Right?” You laugh, in hopes that it’ll stop you from being honest with the kid. “I’ve gotta go, bubs. There’s some money in the upper left drawer, grab some lunch on the way to school.”
“Okay, bye, auntie. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”
“Love you m-more.” Hanging up the phone, you let out a sob, silently crying to yourself. You were scared beyond belief. You were shaking in fear, and it seemed like it wouldn’t ever stop. Countless images ran through your head of your best friend dead, only making the situation worse for yourself. And so you cried, feeling so completely tired. You cried until you felt you couldn’t any longer. And when that time came, you spent the little battery you had left calling the hospitals nearest to the Millenium, as well as the one you’re residing in, asking for your friend.
“Seulgi. Seulgi Kang.” You say her name one last time.
“I’m so sorry, we don’t have anyone by that name.” And that was it. You had no other options. Grabbing your bracelet from your bag, you shakily place it back on, tears still streaming down your face as you sniffle. Getting up off the floor, you walk out of your hospital room, and while you didn’t expect much, it was still eerie how quiet the hospital was. Walking down the hallway with the famous hospital socks clad on your feet, you make your way downstairs, hoping to talk to anyone about what it was that happened after falling out of consciousness.
The first floor was a lot more busy, nurses running around the place. There were a few cops about the place as well, and without a second thought, you rushed to the nearest one. “Hello? Hello, hi.” The man with a big bushy beard turns to you. “I-I’m one of the people who witnessed what happened last night at club Millenium.” You begin. “I-I… I’m looking for my friend. S-Seulgi Kang.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am, I can’t help you with that right now. Try checking at the front —”
“I already did!” You plead with the man, and without a second thought you say — “I know who did this! I-I saw him in the restroom before it all went down. I-I’ll give a report if I have to, just please help me.” It took everything in you to not break down again.
“You saw who it was?” He questions, his attention suddenly all on you.
“God, yes, I did! Just… take me to the station to ask for help… please.”
A couple of seconds of silence passes between you both, until he caves. “Alright, to the station it is.” The officer is kind enough to help you to his vehicle, taking a seat in the backseat. The familiar fence separated the two of you as he drove off in the Los Angeles morning. It was quiet for a while, until he spoke up again. “You said you saw this man, is that right?”
“Yes.” You nod carefully, your head still aching from the huge slam a couple of hours ago. “I don’t know who he is, of course, but I’m sure I could get one of the sketch artists to compile a good—”
“No need.” He shakes his head. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his sudden pause. Looking out the window, you take notice of the streets he was driving you down. It was no longer the busy streets of Los Angeles, rather a sleek neighborhood with houses that ranged in size, from big family homes, to huge mansions. That’s when you begin to sense something is wrong.
“Sir, I think we passed the station.” You remind him.
“I know where I’m going.” He snaps, making you flinch at his sudden change.
“Let me out.” You shake your head, turning to the doors and trying the doors. Only, you were in a police vehicle and there was no way out, not without the help of the cop driving. “Let me the fuck out!” You yell with fear.
You weren’t an idiot. You know there’s corrupt cops left to right, it was something your father was in charge of taking care of for a long time. While he trusts the American government with his entire being, he was always sure to warn you of those who didn’t care for the law, they were simply there to help others break them. And telling him of the man you saw with the weapons was not the brightest idea you’d ever had. Stopping in front of a huge mansion, the man steps out of the car, walking over to your side and pulling the door open. You scramble to get away from him, but you really have nowhere to go. He grabs your ankle, dragging you into his hold, all while you scream and kick against him. But his hold was too strong for your already tired and aching body.
You were all too focused on getting out of his grip to take notice of the nice home you were being dragged into. It was such a lavishly decorated home, one filled to the brim with buff guys and stunning women. You were shoved onto a chair in an office of the home, the cop pushing you as you tried to get back up and run.
“Ouch, that looks like it hurts.” Your head snaps over at the sudden voice. Your eyes widen as you catch sight of the man from the club, a smirk sprawled on his face. “I told you not to manhandle her, jackass,” he directs to the cop. “Leave us.” And he does as he’s told. You’re frozen in your seat as he walks her to you at such an excruciatingly slow pace.
“When I told you to leave, I sort of thought you knew not to tell anyone of our rendezvous.” He speaks, taking a seat across from you. He slouches in his seat, a tired look on his face as his legs part open in the spot. “Don’t French girls have any common sense?”
“I-I’m sorry. I’m just… I don’t care about you or the cops,” you begin shakily, his eyes never leaving you. “I’m just looking for someone from the club.”
“And who's this someone?”
You hesitate before answering softly, “a friend. Her name is Seulgi Kang.”
“Doesn’t ring a bell.” He gets up off his seat and walks straight up to you, taking a hold of your bag, grabbing it off of you harshly. “Do you mind?” He taunts, holding your bag up. With a shake of your head, you let him open the bag up. He rummages through it just as he did before, only this time he grabs your forms of verification and cellphone. “I’m taking these, alright? For good measure.”
“Please… please, I just want to find my friend.” You beg with the man.
“Hmm, I know, baby. I heard. But you… I trusted this pretty face. You were going to rat me out.”
“I-I promise I wasn’t!” You defend yourself with all your might, even if you know it wasn’t true.
“I hate liars.” He seethes.
“Leave the girl alone,” you jump in your seat at the sound of another voice. A new figure jumps into your line of vision. He sends you a kind smile, dimples on display. “You must be scared. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything yet.” The way he speaks the last word makes a chill run up and down your spine. He grabs the phone from his partner, turning it on with its last one percent. Looking at the picture you have as your lock screen he smiles as he shows the other man. “I’m assuming she’s this friend you’re looking for?”
You nod a yes.
“She’s very pretty.” The man hums. “I can see why you keep her around — pretty people follow one another, isn’t that right?”
You don’t answer, too intimidated by his tall figure.
“Well, Y/N.” He read your name off of your passport. “What if I told you, we could help you find this Seulji.”
“Seulgi.” You correct quickly.
“Right, Seulgi.” He repeats. “Would you like that? Would you like me to find her?”
You look up at the men with a stride of confidence for the first time, despite your appearance and how you were clad in hospital clothes. The two contrasted one another, the man from the club seemed quite a bit younger and he wore clothes that yelled rich. The other seemed more calm and mature, his simple clothing not giving any insight as to where it’s from.
“How will I know that you mean it?” You question, eyes glancing between the two. It didn’t take a genius to hear the nervous waver to your voice, only grating a smirk from the shaggy haired guy.
“I guess this is just something you’ll have to trust us on.” The dimpled man tells you, arms crossing over his chest, his strong muscles being drawn exquisitely against his black long sleeve.
“Trust?” You ask in disbelief. “Where’s trust gonna get us when I have no idea who you are?”
“How rude of me,” he hums. “You're right. We need to establish even a small form of acquaintance between us. I’m Kim Namjoon. This is my home. I’m, uh, twenty-seven years old. Quite old compared to you,” he glances down at your passport one last time. “And I run a few businesses.”
You turn up to the other man, awaiting his introduction. “Me too?”
“Go on.” Namjoon ushers the man to go ahead.
With an annoyed sigh, he begins. “I’m Taehyung. You can call me Tae, baby. Should I give my age as well, you corny fuck?”
Namjoon laughs at his words but he concedes. “I think that’s good enough.”
“Names don’t establish a good base of trust.” You tell the man, “your names don’t mean anything to me when I want action.”
“Well, the police here are pretty worthless.” Namjoon begins. “And these businesses I own do a pretty good job of controlling them all. I don’t think you have much of a choice. Unless, of course, your friend isn’t worth it. Which, I would completely understand — some people you just don’t really need to fight for, you know? I've got a few of those people in my company.”
And watching them begin to leave their room has it all come crashing down on you. The fear you felt in getting mixed up with dangerous men, it didn’t matter for the time being. “Wait!” You call out, a pleasing tone to your voice. “I-I’ll do it. I’ll do anything. Just… please, help me.”
“That’s what I like to hear!” Taehyung hollers, wrapping an arm around the older man.
“Lovely.” His dimples were on display again, walking over to your sweaty frame and taking a daunting seat across from you. No longer was the soft man sitting across from you, nothing but an intense persona staring back at you. “Don’t underestimate me, Y/N. Mess this up, and you’re both dead. Got it?”
With a shaky breath, you nod, complying to their every wish.
Being dragged by your arm across the home was not at all pleasant. Their mens hands gripped you all too tight, feeling the blood stop coursing exactly in their hold. Namjoon was quick to have a maid escort you to get a change of clothes and comfortable shoes. The running shoes clad on your feet made your legs feel like jelly, and that only meant one thing. You’d have to run from where it is they were taking you.
“Hey, fucker.” A sudden voice pulls you out of your petrified trance. Turning around, you’re faced with a man much shorter than the two bosses you’ve seen so far. He looked like a simple handsome man, but the gun he grabbed told you otherwise. And you hadn’t expected much if he was around such a bunch. “Big Boss got you babysitting?” His eyes trail up and down your body. “Nice to meet you, pretty girl. I’m Jimin.” Ignoring his introduction, you let his man drag you into the driving seat of a sleek van.
“Listen,” Namjoon appears in your window, placing a black hat over your head. It was a tight fit, but you had no room to complain, not when his aura was still one of domination and intimidation. Your fingers shook as you paced your hands on the steering wheel, but the bit of silence you had when changing was enough to help you gather yourself. Like practiced — your expression was neutral, not showing any fear. Your face did the trick at the least, the man far too bust commanding the rest of his men to watch you shaking in fear. “All you’ve got to do is follow the system.” He points to the map displayed on the screen in the car. It was a fairly simple GPS map, a red line showing you your path until your destination. “Drop the car off on the very edge of that exact address and we’ll pick you right up. Any questions?” You shake your head, turning forward to avoid looking at him any longer.
“Good girl.” Hitting the side of your car door, he whistles out to his rowdy men. Speaking in his native tongue, the cars begin pulling out of the vast space, and you assume it’s time for you to head out as well. The drive was a rocky one, even more when your trail continued into the worst parts of Los Angeles. The roads were uneven, the homes were rundown around you, and there was the occasional drug addict coursing the streets. But then, it began to get a bit nice the closer you got to your destination. It wasn’t rundown like the street before, rather it seemed homey. A lower class neighborhood which still seemed to be kept up. Beautiful art was drawn on the sides of buildings, women talking to other women on their lawns, kids running around in the summer sun. It felt so lively. Which only makes your stomach churn as you park the car right in front of a small and welcoming store.
The store was beautifully decorated, giving a beautiful wave of latine culture with its Mexican artwork that you managed to catch an eye of. There were displays of fruits out in the sun, cold condensation dripping from them as people scrounged up their last couple of cents to grab the delicious snack for the heat. It was such a warm day, it was just perfect. You were pulled from your small and cherished moment once you feel an arm yank you into another vehicle. In a fright at the sudden tug, you send your arm flying, hitting the man who was assigned to watch over you. The hard slap on his face only gets him angry, a hard punch flying onto your face. With a groan, you fall to the other side of the car, the man driving laughing at your pain. You could feel the throbbing pain in your lip, the taste of iron filling your mouth. You were no match against this criminal.
The car drives away, swerving quickly, your aching body falling side to side with every move. But you were the least of the men’s concern. You felt a bit of solace as the car stopped, getting a chance to gather yourself, your head aching once more having it against the car door. Dabbing the dribbling blood from your mouth with the sleeve of your shirt, the door is tugged open. The gruff man jumps out along with the driver, leaving you to sit idly by in the vehicle. With a shaky breath, you hiss at the pain reiterating through your mouth.
“There she is!” Taehyung’s familiar deep voice is heard as he looks into the car, watching your shaking frame struggling to contain the glob of saliva mixed with your blood in your mouth. It spilled a few times, making you gag at the feel. His eyes widened in shock, helping you out of the car. “Spit.” He demands, and you do so, the blood and spit glimmering in the dirty dirt.
“Stupid fuck,” Taehyung rushed the culprit who laid his hands on you, grabbing him by his collar ina threatening manner. “We said to watch her. Not hurt her.” The man was quick to defend himself, but you ignored the two bickering as Namjoon walked up to you.
“Do you like the view?” He asks, and that’s when you see it. You stood atop of a hill, looking out at the bright neighborhood you were admiring before. It was a sight to behold, the beauty and simplicity warming your heart, only to have it crack when Namjoon pulled a remote from his pocket. Eyebrows furrowing at the sight, he chuckles as your eyes follow him. “These days… I’ve really been craving some barbecue. Don’t you want that on summer days? The sun shining and the familiar smell of burning meat cooking up by your side? Such a… such a happy lived moment.”
“Are you ready for the barbecue?!” Namjoon yells out to his men, stunning you as they all holler and clap. Gripping the remote, he pushes down on the only button displayed on it.
Your blood went cold at the sudden explosion tainting the neighborhood. The store which was filled with innocent customers wanting to live on, was no longer. Not when the car that sat right beside it caused it to blow up into pieces. You felt the bile rise up within you at the sight, the clouds of black smoke filled with flames of orange illuminated the sky. The sound of the men clapping and enjoying their drinks was your limit, running behind the car, you let it all go. Which wasn’t much, only having been granted one meal since you woke up that morning.
“Don't feel too bad.” Namjoon’s voice is heard as you continue to hurl. “They were working against us. They knew what they were doing when they joined that godforsaken agency.”
You shook your head, covering your ears to block the cheers of the men. They clapped and laughed as if they were watching a silly play, forgetting the lives that were lost in such a mess. “It’s okay,” Namjoon pats your back in a soothing manner. At least, it’s what he tried to do before you shove him off of you.
“There…” you were having trouble catching your breath. “There were innocent people in there.”
“Lives have to be lost during a war, baby!” Taehyung laughs, taking an even bigger swig of his beer. It isn’t until the sounds of sirens are heard that you’re brought out of your shaking thoughts.
“Let’s go, come on!” Namjoon whistles to his crew to hop back into their vehicles and they do without question. Grabbing your arm, albeit more gently than the man before, he drags you over to his expensive car. “What were you doing at the Millenium last night?” He questions, your frame still shaking.
“Meeting a connect for a pageant.” You answer truthfully.
“You’re a pageant girl?” He questions, putting you in the backseat, Taehyung sitting at the driver's seat.
You shake your head. “My friend is.”
Namjoon nods, jumping into the vehicle beside you. “Get on it.” He motions to Taehyung and without a second to spare, he begins the drive. “Was the connect Randy Okinawa?”
“I don’t know who that is.”
“The mayor.”
You turn to him in confusion. “Yes.”
“Pretty girl,” Taehyung smiles at you through the rear-view mirror. “you just got yourself a sweet deal.”
Laughing alongside him, Namjoon turns back to you. “You’ve given me more initiative to find Seulgi.”
Tumblr media
taglist. @squishymochiuwu @sammiilynn10192 @fangirl125reader @april1538 (send only an ask to be added to the taglist. don’t comment, i most likely won’t see it for a while and you’ll be added to the list late)
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jayhopely · a day ago
⇢ ˗ˏˋMr. & Mrs. Cupid
➳ Pairing: Restaurant Workers!BTS x Waitress!OC
➳ Members: All
➳ Genre: Fluff | F2L | Idiots2Lovers
➳ Rating: G
➳ Word Count: 1.6k
➳ Warnings: too many heart attacks due to cuteness overload | too many mentions of blushing | overall fluff | idiots oc and bts |
➳ Summary: Expecting your customers to just be another sweet old couple, you didn't know how they would twist your love life upside down, and finally show that all of you are shy idiots, wanting to love each other.
Tumblr media
"So that's a fish and chips, and an alfredo fettuccine, no garlic. Will that be all?" You politely asked the old couple in front of you, a smile gracing your lips.
"Yup, thank you dear." The woman gave you a fond smile and nodded.
You bowed slightly and made your way back to the kitchen to hand the order ticket to the main chef, Jin, who greeted you with a cheerful call of your name.
"Jieun! Fancy seeing you here!" He spoke as he went to the stove to flambe some food.
He set fire to the brandy and the brandy caught fire, making you entranced by the sight in front of you.
"I know right, I'm so talented." Jin looked in your direction, a smirk on his face.
"Ji, he has literally done this a thousand times, and you still look at it like he is a magician." Namjoon scoffed while chopping up some onions, struggling to keep his tears at bay.
"I know! But it's so cool! He just puts some alcohol and whoosh- there's fire! Isn't that amazing?" You jumped excitedly, hopping to the counter to hand your ticket to Yoongi, the in-charge of it.
"Yes, Ji, but you're also boosting Jin hyung's ego." A pair of hands wrapped around your shoulders, making you jump and turn yourself in alarm.
"Oh, Jiminie, you scared me. I told you not to do that to me." You scolded.
"But you look like a scared kitten! So cute!" He pinched your chubby cheeks and cooed, making you flustered.
"Yah! Work your asses! I don't get paid to deal with all this." Taehyung huffed as he came through the doors and walked to place himself between you and Jimin. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and his skin touched your arms', and you turned redder than before.
"Aww, look you made Ji flustered. Her cheeks got so red." Everyone turned to stare at you, and you ducked from Jimin's hold and rushed out of the kitchen, shouting "There are too many customers! They ain't gon' serve themselves."
"But there are only, like 5 customers in there." Jimin muttered as he came back from his break, having heard your conversation.
"Exactly Chim. She got flustered and you didn't even do anything." Yoongi shyly wrapped his arms around himself with a gummy smile.
"I think she likes us."
Tumblr media
"How's the food Ma'am and Sir?" You asked the old couple who were happily engrossed in their conversation, their intertwined hands on the table making your heart melt.
"Oh dear! The food's great as always! Pay our regards to the chef!" It was the old man who replied this time.
"Will do Sir! Thank you!" You grinned and made your way to one of the counters that were a little hidden from the customer's view to rest.
Your tables had been served and everything was done, now you just had to clear the plates after they left, so you planted your elbows on the counter with your chin sitting on your palm, as you gazed at the cars passing on the street.
"Hello! I'm back. I hope Yoongi was able to manage the restaurant in my absence." The voice of your boss, Jungkook accompanied the chimes of the bell at the entrance.
You almost slipped from your seat, scrambling to smooth down the creases on your apron and straightening your back.
"Hello, Mr. Jeon. Everything has been going great. I think we will be able to wind up in another hour or so." You chirped.
"Ugh Jieun, how many times have I told you to drop the formalities?" He disapproved.
"And I know what you are going to say, 'But we are employee and boss blah blah blah.' Who cares? I have known you for almost two years now, so drop the honorifics, okay?" He blew a raspberry, sitting down on a counter next to you with an overexaggerated sigh, leaving some gap as he didn't want to make you uncomfortable unknowingly.
"Okay Si- I mean Jeo- I mean Jungkook." You stuttered.
"Hmm. Hoseok hyung, can I have a can of coke please?"
"Sure thing boss." Hoseok turned to the refrigerator and took out a chilled can of coke, passing it to Jungkook.
"No fair, why can he call you boss and I can't?" You pouted at the unfairness, both of them chuckling at your expression even though their hearts threatened to collapse in their chest.
"That's because you are special, pretty girl, to all of us." Jungkook spoke, looking into your eyes, with a fond smile.
"Aha, that reminds me, I have got this thing in the car-" He trailed and jumped out of his seat and scuttering to the front door, leaving a flustered you and smirking Hoseok alone.
"P-pretty g-g-girl?" You reiterated, unsure whether he had actually said that or your ears had been deceiving you.
Your eyes almost popped out of their sockets, your cheeks adorned a blush redder than ever, some color had even seeped onto your neck and your heartbeat went crazy and that made Hoseok coo at you audibly.
Before you could completely fall into your headspace, Jungkook came back with a bouquet in his hands, a shy smile on his face as he extended his arm towards you.
"What?" You mumbled, mesmerized by the pretty colors of the flowers. They were red with specks of pink here and there and though you didn't know what kind they were, you felt ecstatic.
"Uh, this is from a-all of us actually. Today's your 700th day working here, and uh, we just thought it would be a-a nice gesture, to you k-know acknowledge t-that." Jungkook stuttered over his words, almost cowering under Hoseok's intense gaze which told him that be better not mess over his words or else he's gone.
"Thank you, I-I don't know what to say, no one has ever done something like this before for me and I-"
"Jieun, dear?" The woman at the table called you and you placed the bouquet on the table gently before walking over to her with a giddy smile and thundering heart.
"Can we have the bill, please, dear?"
"Yes, I'll be with you right away." You turned in the other direction, catching the eyes of Jungkook and Hoseok right away, and you looked away immediately, fearing that your nerves would burst.
"Is it fine if I wait here for a few seconds, the register's there and I don't want to face them." You mumbled shyly, making them coo at you.
"Of course dear. If we didn't call you here, we feared you were about to explode with how red you turned there for a second." The man gave a whole-hearted chuckle.
"Definitely honey, it's like watching a movie and seeing the characters fall in love. Oh my!" You looked down, averting your gaze to the floor.
You could not afford to get any redder now.
"I'm sorry you heard that, it's just that-"
"Oh, hush- give me the details."
"Uh, Ma'am?"
"Yes, yes, hurry up now." They looked at you with anticipating eyes, and you feared they would hurt their cheek muscles with how their smiles never died down.
"They are all my coworkers, six of them, and there's Mr. Jeon, who's my boss and he gave me a bouquet with those pink flowers, I don't know what they symbolize but he said it's from all of them, as it's my 700th day working here."
"That's not all is it?"
"Uhh, I may have a teeny-weeny crush on them, you know." You fiddled with your fingers, giving a small chuckle.
"And?" You repeated, confused.
"Are you going to tell them?!"
"I don't know, maybe they do this for every employee, like Sara, the waitress with the day shift, or even Sungmin, the doorman, you kn-"
"Dear, I can assure you with how those two boys looked at you with literal stars in their eyes, you don't need to worry about them not returning your feelings." The man stated.
"And the other five were standing right around the corner." The women pointed in the direction of now empty space and your heart skipped a beat.
You stood there in silence, taking in all you had heard, the couple smiling knowingly at each other at what's about to come.
You bowed at them and quickly printed their bill at the cash register, hands trembling with each sound of the printer working.
"Here you go. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our restaurant." You spoke with a smile on your face as you handed the bill to the woman. She smiled at you and whispered a quiet, 'think about it, dear'.
You nodded at her, not daring to look at the boys behind you at the indirect mention of them instinctively.
You left them while they gathered their belongings and made their way out the door. They turned back, just as they were about to exit, and smiled, you weren't sure if they were smiling at you since they weren't looking in your direction, but you smiled back just in case.
After the door closed, you let out a sigh and moved to clear the table with fast steps, so that none of you could catch you.
Tumblr media
"The boys are good, I can tell."
"Hmm, red tulips, a declaration of deep love, interesting choice, indeed."
"How oblivious can they be?"
"I don't think we will have to wait for that long. A day or two at most."
"Another love declared. God, I love my job."
"Me too."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @scentedsope
Tumblr media
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heartbreakmotel13 · 2 days ago
ooo. i wonder how they would react if they went too far and accidentally killed mc, or mc killed themself.👀
Admin note: I went for the three members I don’t write about often. Yoongi. Namjoon. Hoseok. If I remember correctly this was for the 8th member story. Cause it’s potentially triggering for some I’m starting the read more tag here. This request only describes the aftermath, not the actual act itself.
Of course, if you struggle with these things, seek help. Whatever getting help might mean for you, if it’s therapy, a new hobby, a diary, telling a friend, there’s always something you can do.
Warnings: $uiçïdė
Tumblr media
In the end, he’s still the leader of the group. So, when the manager confirms that MC’s attempt was successful he feels responsible.
Rather than blame himself for being the reason why MC did this, he feels more guilty about not being able to stop MC.
While the news speculates about why MC did this, Namjoon tells the other members to shut their mouths about the abuse MC was put through.
Namjoon is the one who finds MC’s goodbye letter.
The letter describes how MC blames the boys with a detailed report of the things they put him through.
However, this sparks anger with all the members, as they still don’t take responsibility for their actions and they rip up the letter.
Namjoon spends a lot of his time thinking and wondering about what he could’ve done to make you stay.
MC deserved all of it but he never wished death on him.
Namjoon still has to take care of the other members - who deal with this news in their own ways, and he’s also in charge of making sure MC has a decent funeral.
Tumblr media
He’s in absolute denial. He doesn’t leave his room for atleast two days after the news. Only leaving because he’s forced to due to his schedule.
How could he do this to you guys?
What a selfish piece of shit.
Yoongi’s grief translates to pure anger and feeling of betrayal.
He can’t even handle walking past MC’s empty room.
Yoongi smashes some of MC’s stuff out of pure fury.
He isolates himself the most out of everyone, spending more time by himself and locking himself up in his room.
Tumblr media
He’s one of the few who are genuinely sad?
He was the last person to see MC alive and he can’t help but feel that he could’ve prevented this somehow.
He even feels slightly bad about his actions.
He loved playing pranks on MC - scaring him at night, waking him up with cold water, put a pin on his chair.
In a twisted way, MC was like a cute puppy or little brother to Hoseok.
He’s going to miss MC’s petrified shrieks and flinched.
Unlike Yoongi, Hoseok wants to keep one item of MC to keep in his room as a personal thing just for him.
He would probably take something like a scarf or beanie hat.
He’s one of the few who would let out a few tears at the loss of MC.
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Tumblr media
Jungkook’s outfit 😍
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy 8th year anniversary to bangtan! ♡ 130613 cr.: namuspromised (5th muster busan), qdeoks (sy tour seoul) & miintae (sy tour são paulo)
"I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of being not a part of this group. I can’t imagine what I would do on my own, what I would do without the team. Even before we debuted my goal was to continue to work with these people, to continue to sing with these people. I think when I become older, and I grow my own beard, I would like to think that at the end, when I’m too old to dance, I would just like to sit onstage with the other members and sing and engage with the fans. And communicate with the fans. I think that would be great, too. So I’d like to keep this going as long as I possibly can." – Jimin, 2021
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𓂃 𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘵𝘢𝘯 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘴 .៹ 13.06
🧸˒ ֢   𝘧𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘤𝘤 𖥦 𝘖𝘛7 ‘ . ₊
𝖿𝖺𝗇 𝖺𝖼𝖼 — 𝖻𝖺𝗇𝗀.𝗍𝖺𝗇 ˚ ❥
࣪ 𝗆𝗒 𝗁𝗈𝗆𝖾 ˖˙ 방탄 소년단 ◟ ˒
BTS 130613 —  𝗆𝖺𝗀𝗂𝖼 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗉 ৶  🐾!!
𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 ،˙ 방탄 소년단 ˒ 𝗂 𝖽𝗈 𝖻𝖾𝗅𝗂𝖾𝗏𝖾𝗋 𝗂𝗇 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝘨𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘹𝘺 . . .
★ 𝗂 𝗁𝗈𝗉𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖾𝗇𝗃𝗈𝗒, 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾
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Black Mamba
Tumblr media
Pairing : OT7 x Hybrid! Reader Genre : Angst, Hybrid!Au  Rating: nc-17 Warning : Violence, swearing • Information above may change as the story progresses Wc : 1.4k Betas : @chemicalpink​, @kerikaaria​ Banner and divider : @jaeism​ A/N : Hello hello! Welcome to a new series~ I’m hyped for this one so I sure hope you guys like this one! Thank you to my amazing betas for helping me out and teaching me things to better my work, I’m truly grateful <3 Also a MASSIVE thank you to Chelle for making this amazing banner for the series, I love this one so so so much, I can’t say it enough! I got the idea for this series from one of @hybridfanfiction​‘s prompts~ (Chapter 11 from the prompt list to be more specific!) As usual, hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I am while writing it and feedback is always appreciated!
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Tumblr media
Waking up to the sound of metal hitting metal was nothing new to you. One would think that’s an odd way of life but not you. No, since you could remember, your life had been the same. Wake up, train, sleep then repeat. It was tiring to say the least but what could you do? Absolutely nothing.
Lost in your thoughts, you failed to hear the man in white talking to you - realising a little too late when you felt someone grab your arm. Their fingers dug into your skin harshly, causing your instincts to flare up. Without a second thought, you turned around and grabbed them by the collar. Flipping them over your head and slamming them to the ground, you pressed your leg to their neck - cutting off any airflow to the lungs.   
Breathing heavily, you looked down at the man who clawed at your leg for you to release him. You knew him from all those times he ‘trained’ you to become what you were made for. He beat you up and took advantage of the fact that you couldn’t actually hurt any of them while sparring. 
Right at that moment, he looked so weak and vulnerable. A little more pressure and you could crush him right then and there. It was in that moment that you felt powerful, knowing that someone was at your mercy and it actually mattered this time. It wasn’t some lowly robot or even an innocent lab rat they threw at you to defeat. But, then again, what would you gain from it? It wasn’t as if you could get out of here. Killing one of their members would only mean that you’d get punished. Was the momentary bliss really worth the everlasting torture you would have to endure? The answer was no.
Just as it seemed like he was about to blackout, you removed your leg and watched as he sat up gasping for air. Sucking in the oxygen greedily, he looked over at you with burning eyes. You made no move to defend yourself as he pushed you against the wall and grabbed your neck. Growling out threats as he did so. 
“Getting too brave now, aren’t you?” he barked at your face. 
When you didn’t flinch, his hand tightened around your neck. Futile attempt at intimidation, you thought, we both know who has the upper hand here, yet I have to lose to this pathetic scum for survival.
Frustrated at seemingly not being able to get through to you, he proceeded to fling you across the room - your body hitting the metal door with a bang as pain shot through it. Still not budging, you quietly remained on the ground motionless, submitting yourself to whatever he had planned for you. Pleased, he advanced when another voice cut through your cell. 
“What’s going on here? Black Mamba is supposed to be training right now,” they spoke with authority. 
Looking up, you felt your body sag just a smidge when you saw the voice belonged to none other than Lee Taemin. Though he certainly wasn’t the best guy who would save you from trouble and treat you well, he also wasn’t one to raise his hands on you or put you through pointless pain just for his own entertainment like others, either. He was neutral and you were grateful for that, knowing neutral was the best you would get in the facility. 
“Yeah, well this bitch thought it would be fun to attack me. Had to teach her a lesson, you know?” the man said, finishing out the sentence with a disgusting laugh. 
Taemin raised an eyebrow at that, looking at him then at your form on the ground, and then back to him again skeptically. “Now Aaron, we both know that it is unlikely for her to attack someone unless provoked, so why don’t you tell me the real reason,” he spoke calmly. 
Caught off guard, the man sputtered in indignation, “What do you mean ‘unless provoked’? You know what she is, she doesn’t need a reason for being a menace!”
Looking at him with silent rage, Taemin spoke in a sickly sweet voice, one that shot shivers down your spine. “Menace or not, she wasn’t trained to be aggressive towards any of the workers here,” he started, “besides, the bruises around her neck while there are no marks on your body makes it look as if you were the one who initiated this. You know that no one has the authority to harm her outside of her training time, do you not?”
Not letting him come up with any answer, Taemin turned to you, ordering you to stand before sending you away to a medic and telling you to continue your set routine without failure. The last thing you heard before the door to your cell shut and you walked away was Taemin telling Aaron, “You and I need to have a chat.”
Tumblr media
Sweat dripped down your back as you sparred the mechanical humanoid before you. Barely dodging the flying punch it sent your way, you grabbed the hand and twisted it so you were holding it behind it’s back. You felt the bot struggle to get free and you jerked the arm to dislocate it from the shoulder joint. 
Not deterred by the scream of ‘pain’ it let out, you managed to kick it away from you before bulldozing towards it at top speed - slamming it to the edge of the ring before cleanly snapping its neck. Your hands shook slightly as you stared down at the humanoid on the ground, never getting used to the fact they were programmed to feel and display emotions just like their living counterparts. Every time you destroyed one, they would send a modified model with improved skills to fight you. You wondered at what point they stopped being a robot and started to become human with how realistic they were getting.       
You stepped out of the ring to grab some water, waiting for them to send the next opponent. Your tongue flicked out to lick at your lower lip when you felt it burn, tasting something metallic. Cursing under your breath, you wiped away the blood, examining the crimson liquid on your finger. 
“Didn’t even realise it got me,” you muttered. 
Taking a big gulp of your bottle, you shivered when the cold water went down your throat. As refreshing as it was, it also made your temperature drop - making you feel like sleeping ever so slightly. 
Placing the water bottle down, you shook away the drowsiness trying to seep in as you returned to the ring. You were surprised, you didn’t see anything waiting for you there. 
“What the heck?” You whispered, “I have three more opponents to go today according to the schedule.”
The sound of the door to the training room sliding open caught your attention and you turned to face whoever entered, confusion increasing when you saw it was Taemin. It was rare to see him while you were fighting, you concluded a long time ago that he was more on the peaceful side unless needed otherwise. Ironic when he worked to create an assassin for the government, you scoffed.
“Mamba,” he addressed you, calm as usual.
Straightening your posture, you stepped in front of him with your head held high. “Yes sir?”
“We have just gotten the word that the government is shutting down this project. You will be transferred to a hybrid shelter at the earliest convenience and proceed to lead a normal life from here on out,” he informed. 
You gaped at his words, mind whirring to process the information he had just dumped on you before you scoffed loudly. “Sir, with all due respect, I’ve been bred to be an assassin and trained as such for my whole life. You cannot expect me to ‘lead a normal life’ after that,” you started, “besides, no one is ever going to adopt me willingly.”
Sighing deeply, he looked you in the eyes. “Someone willing to take you in or not is none of our concern, Mamba. You will be sent to the shelter whether you agree or not so it is suggested that you start packing.”
With that, Taemin turned and walked away, leaving you standing alone and frustrated inside. Your life just got turned upside down and your future was filled with uncertainty. 
What were you going to do now?
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