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angelicyoongie · 2 months ago
Abundance (XVI)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, smut
— warnings/content: explicit sexual content! unprotected sex, oral (m receiving), breast play, fingering (vaginal + anal), knotting, threesome, swearing. PSA: This is just an announcement for all the coming smut, but I will not be tagging who tops or bottoms. The boys will for the most part be switching, so if you're hung up on who takes it up the ass, this story ain't for you. (If you want to skip the smut, stop reading when they go to bed)
— word count: 10k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find more chapters here!
Tumblr media
“This is so unfair,” Taehyung whines. You nervously wring the pamphlet between your hands, the paper crinkling loudly as you force it to twist and bend. Informing the others of Jeongguk and Seokjin’s rut had more or less gone exactly how you had imagined. In other words – not very well.
“This is my fault. I should’ve noticed it sooner,” Seokjin mumbles. The hamster hybrid rubs his eyes with a tired sigh, his complexion having paled significantly since you left with Jeongguk. You gave Seokjin a few pills the moment you got home, something prescribed by the doctor that’s supposed to ease his pre-rut symptoms like the bunadrox did for Jeongguk. You can’t really tell if the medicine is helping the hamster hybrid much yet, but hopefully it won’t take too long before it kicks in.
“Yeah, you should've,” Yoongi scowls, his narrowed eyes glued to the bunny hybrid pressed up against Seokjin’s side.
“But hyung, didn’t you say that Jeongguk smelled weird yesterd–” Jimin’s voice tapers off into a hiss as Yoongi’s elbow connects with his side, the youngest cat hybrid clamping his mouth shut at the look the alpha gives him.
“I couldn’t know it was his pre-rut, I don’t know his scent well enough,” Yoongi huffs, giving Seokjin a pointed look as he says, ”That’s his alpha’s job.”
Seokjin meets Yoongi’s gaze, the two hybrids staring silently at each other across the room. The hamster hybrid’s normally bright eyes look muddled and hazy, like he’s struggling hard to keep his focus locked on Yoongi.
“Hyung,” Jeongguk noses against Seokjin’s throat, trying to soothe the sharp notes peaking through his scent. Seokjin breaks eye contact first, offering Yoongi a weak nod in defeat before he tilts his head back to rest against the couch.
“It is,” He agrees. You can see the furrow between his brows deepening, his neck shimmering with perspiration as he releases another deep breath.
“I don’t think it’s fair to shift all the blame on Seokjin. They have both been under so much stress ever since they moved in. First with how all of you were trying to drive each other out, and then with Jeongguk getting hurt ..” You shake your head.
”The doctor said it was normal for all of that to have sped up their cycles and that is why Seokjin didn’t pick up on what was happening. It’s not their fault.”
The other boys seem to pause at that, their ears twitching uneasily as they remember how they behaved towards the two prey hybrids. Taehyung tucks his tail around his waist, leaning into Hoseok’s side with a sad frown as he looks over at Jeongguk and Seokjin. He knows that normal ruts aren’t supposed to make you look so tired, so ill. Something tugs in his chest at the fact that he’s part of the reason it’s hitting them so hard, and with how Hoseok pulls Taehyung close to lightly nuzzle into his hair, he thinks it’s safe to assume that the dog hybrid feels the same way.
A soft pout forms on Yoongi’s lips as he ducks his head, his pale cheeks turning a faint pink with embarrassment. “I guess–I guess that makes sense .. Sorry,” The cat hybrid mumbles. He seeks out Jimin’s hand as he stares down at his lap, his long fingers gently curling around his packmate’s shorter ones. He squeezes Jimin’s hand in apology for the jab he gave him earlier, and Jimin only lets his alpha suffer in silence for a few second before he squeezes back.
Your gaze softens as you look around at the boys, Namjoon picking at the fabric of his pants as he looks to be deep in thought. “You have to help me to understand why this is such a big deal, okay?” You say, biting down on your lip as a few of the boys shift in their seats.
”You all go through this multiple times a year and I know you wouldn’t react like this over nothing. So there’s a reason for it, isn’t it?” Your eyes drift back to Jeongguk and Seokjin, the bunny hybrid staring at you through hooded lids from where he’s tucked into his alpha’s side.
He surprises you by huffing as your eyes meet, a pout pulling at his pink lips as he says, ”You never answered my question earlier, noona. The others are upset because they don’t know if you’re going to help us or not.”
“You asked her?” Namjoon says, staring at Jeongguk with calculating eyes. It’s the first time the wolf hybrid has said anything since you arrived back home, but you’re not surprised he’s the last one to add his thoughts the discussion. It’s become clear to you that he seems to like to hear what the others have to say before he speaks up himself.
Jeongguk nods, shrinking against Seokjin at the low growls that fill the room.
“I can’t believe I was fooled by those big eyes,” Jimin grumbles. Yoongi lets out a humourless snort, squeezing Jimin’s fingers as if to say I told you so.
Namjoon’s attention slowly turns from Jeongguk to you, the wolf hybrid’s expression carefully blank as he says, ”So, are you going to join them, Y/n?”
You shift uneasily on your feet, the pamphlet crinkling loudly as you cross your arms over your chest. “I .. I don’t know,” You frown. You feel like your thoughts are split in half. You do want to, but you’re also afraid that everything is moving too quickly, that you’re maybe rushing into this too fast without properly considering the consequences. If you join Jeongguk and Seokjin for their ruts, you don’t think there’s any way to go back from that.
“It’s okay, Y/n,” Seokjin cracks open an eye, tilting his head just enough to meet your gaze. ”I understand that it’s not a decision you can take lightly. You only agreed to let us start courting you a few days ago, and this is a lot to ask for in comparison to what we’ve been doing so far. There’s always next time, or the time after that if you don’t feel ready yet. There’s no pressure.”
Seokjin squeezes Jeongguk’s waist, prompting the bunny hybrid to voice his agreement to his alpha’s words. Jeongguk never intended to pressure you into anything; he just really really wants you to join them. The hamster hybrid’s face suddenly pinches, his sculpted jaw clenching tightly as he exhales through his nose. Jimin winces in sympathy, carding his fingers soothingly through his tail to settle the unpleasant feeling in his chest. He doesn’t like seeing anyone in pain, and he dislikes it even more knowing that he’s part of the reason it’s hitting the preys so hard.
“It might be too much to ask, but is there anywhere you can stay for a few days if you choose not to help us?” Seokjin offers you a strained smile. There’s nothing the hamster hybrid wants less than sending you away right now, but he knows it’s for the best if you don’t want to join them.
“We started thinking about you as part of the pack the moment you adopted us, and since we’re also courting you, it’ll make it .. difficult to for us to go through our ruts knowing that you’re so close, but we can’t be with you. Bonded packs don’t have very long ruts, so it’ll only be a couple of days.”
“Only two days? I thought it lasted much longer?” You swallow down the guilt in your throat as Seokjin releases a pained breath, Jeongguk nosing against his throat in an attempt to comfort him.
“It used to. Some of the first hybrids had much longer heats or ruts. But, while the idea of having a horny hybrid around for a week was appealing in theory, it wasn’t very convenient in reality. It was altered to a shorter time frame once people starting complaining, so now it’s around three days for hybrids without packs, and one for bonded ones,” Seokjin explains.
You can’t help the scowl that twists your lips as you listen; the idea of altering someone’s DNA because they find something about them inconvenient is more than enough to make your blood boil. You know there’s no pretty history attached to hybrids, but you didn’t quite realize that it was this horrific – this invasive.
“That’s horrible! I’m so sorry. Humans are fucking terrible," You hiss.
“Not all of them! You’re the best human I know!” Taehyung suddenly exclaims, his orange tail dancing happily behind his back.
"She’s the only human you know,” Jimin counters.
“So? I’m a great judge of character,” Taehyung huffs. Namjoon lips quirk, and he pats Taehyung’s thigh as the fox hybrid shoots Jimin a weak glare.
“I, uhm, thank you Taehyung?” You blink; bewildered at the sudden turn the conversation took.
"But even if I wouldn’t do anything like that, it doesn’t help the fact that there are others who think it’s okay. I know it must’ve been altered long before we were born, but that doesn’t make it any less bad,” You sigh, ”And yes, I do have somewhere I can stay for a few days if I don’t help you, it’s not too much to ask at all.”
So maybe you deliberately chose not to mention that it’s Jihyo and Sana that you’ll have to stay with, but you know it won’t do Seokjin and Jeongguk any good to have to worry about another hybrid when they already have enough to deal with on their own.
“I’m glad, thank you,” Seokjin murmurs.
Namjoon suddenly inhales sharply, his nose scrunching as his gaze roams over Jeongguk’s form, “I think he’s progressing, hyung. You should bring him to your room.”
Seokjin nods, tightening his arm around Jeongguk as they both stand up on unsteady feet. “No pressure,” The hamster hybrid reminds you as they shuffle past.
“No pressure,” Jeongguk echoes weakly from where he’s clinging to Seokjin, his dark eyes meeting yours over his alpha’s shoulders. You swallow thickly at the open invitation you find, the bunny hybrid holding your gaze steadily until they leave the room.
“Y/n,” Yoongi’s voice snaps your attention back to the rest of the boys, and you shift uneasily on your feet as you take in the apprehensive expressions on their faces.
“If you want to help them, it’s okay,” Yoongi grimaces, ”We’re just jealous. We expected this to happen eventually, just not now. It has caught us all a little off-guard.”
“Think about it for a bit, and don’t push yourself if you’re not ready. They’re big boys, they can handle whatever decision you come to,” Hoseok says. You think this might be the first time you’ve ever seen the dog hybrid look so serious, the soft furrow between his brows only adding to the firmness in his voice.
You loosen the death grip you have around the pamphlet, letting out a deep breath as you spare the glossy paper a glance, “I should probably go read this.”
Tumblr media
You flop down on your back with a grunt, flinging the paper aside. While the pamphlet was well, educational, it hasn’t made the choice any easier for you. Staying hydrated and getting enough rest during refractory periods is all well and good, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the consequences. Helping Jeongguk and Seokjin during their ruts is bound to change things. You know it’s a step you logically would come to take at some point anyway, but you thought you would've had more time to prepare. You know you’re not built for a quick fuck and dump, and while the boys have made it very clear that they’re after something more serious, you can’t stop your stupid brain from worrying. What if they get bored? Or what if it’s just their ruts talking and they regret it after? There are just too many things that can go wrong.
You frown, picking at the blanket thrown haphazardly over your bed. Stop psyching yourself out. There are many things that can go wrong, but it doesn’t mean that it will. The boys want you and you want them. You know that if you keep worrying about all the what ifs you’ll never get to experience anything. And you’re not willing to take that risk with the boys – you won't let any chances of a happy future with them slip through your fingertips.
The timing is horrible though, especially since Mr. Gwan is returning to work tomorrow. You need to speak with your boss face to face for him to truly understand just how big your case really is, and that your firm is not equipped to handle it. Sure, you won’t be gone for more than two days, but even that feels like too much right now with the threat of an entire syndicate looming over your head.
But – the pamphlet made it very clear that you either have to be there for Jeongguk and Seokjin from the beginning or opt out completely. According to the instructions, a hybrid’s room becomes their den when they go into rut or heat, and it’s the only place they feel safe as their instincts go haywire with arousal. Any outsiders trying to enter a hybrid’s den after a rut has hit never ends well. So, considering you don’t want either of the boys to attack you, you need to pick. Your case, or Seokjin and Jeongguk. The choice is frighteningly easy.
You grab your phone, wincing slightly at the bright screen that lights up your room. You hadn’t even realized that so much time had passed since you went upstairs. With no more time to lose, you hastily type out a quick text to Soohyun, a simple ”hybrids in rut, back in two days” that should be more than enough information for your nosy but helpful co-worker. You feel bad for leaving her to rearrange your tightly packed schedule again, but based on the colourful array of emojis that immediately flood your phone, Soohyun doesn’t seem to mind too much. Especially not since she makes you promise to let her grill you for all the juicy details as soon as you get back.
You toss your phone aside as you get up from bed, something light blue catching your eye from on top of your dresser. You walk over to pick up the pyjama set, your favourite soft sleeping shorts and oversized t-shirt feeling like a good fit. You don’t know when Jeongguk’s rut will hit exactly, but you will likely have time to get some sleep first, so why not be comfortable while you can? Once your clothes come off, you probably won’t need them for a few days anyway. You feel yourself blush as you grab the baby blue fabric, trying your best to calm down the surge of excitement and nerves that rushes through your body. It’s okay to be nervous, but you have things you need to do before it’s too late. And showering is definitely one of them.
You think you should probably be more surprised when you open your door to find Yoongi and Jimin waiting outside of it, the two cat hybrids offering you sheepish smiles.
”You’ve made up your mind?” Jimin asks, his eyes flickering down to the clothes in your grip.
”Y-yeah, I’m helping them,” You stutter under the weight of Yoongi’s intense stare, the cat hybrid tilting his head as he looks you up and down.
”Be careful. Talk to them if it’s too much and remember that you can always leave, they’ll understand.” Yoongi’s smile is soft as he steps aside, his hands clutched tightly into the fabric of his sweater. You notice that Jimin takes a step back as you walk forward, his ears twisted back in displeasure.
"We shouldn’t touch you,” Yoongi suddenly says, as if he can see the concerned question resting on the tip of your tongue, "We get extra possessive during our ruts and there’s no need to trigger the bunny unnecessarily. You should take a shower and make sure to wash our scents away properly. We’ll see you in a few days.”
You hate seeing the boys anything but happy, and it’s obvious how much Yoongi dislikes even just suggesting removing their scents. It pains you that you can’t reach out and touch them, that you can’t comfort them, but you know it’s the right thing to do.
”Right, see you in a few days,” You feel your smile wobble as you hurry to the bathroom, rubbing your chest as you close the door behind you. It’s only two days, but you’re going to miss the rest of the boys. You sigh, stripping out of your clothes as you turn on the shower. Knowing them though, they’re definitely going to make up for lost time later.
“Y/n?” You turn around to find Taehyung peaking out through a gap in their door, the fox hybrid keeping his distance just like Yoongi and Jimin did. Taehyung's eyes dart up and down your body, lingering slightly on your exposed legs and the lace trim around your thighs before his attention drifts back to your face.
”Yeah?” You clutch the water bottles in your arms tighter, trying your best to balance all of them without dropping any.
”We’ll leave some food outside the door for when you get hungry. Hyung and Jeongguk need to eat a lot, and you have to make sure you’re keeping your energy up too,” He says.
”Thank you, Tae,” You grin, your heart doing a little flutter at how thoughtful they are.
You see Namjoon’s gray wolf ears pop around the corner of the door before it begins to close, Taehyung letting out a little whimper as he says, ”See you soon, I miss you already.”
”Miss you too,” You murmur.
You just manage to catch the boxy grin erupting on his face before the door shuts, Taehyung’s muffled whine barely audible through the door as he complains, ”But hyung, blue is my favourite color!”
You shake your head, endeared, as you turn back to the door in front of you. You knock your elbow against the wood, taking one last breath to ready yourself before it opens.
”You’re here,” Seokjin’s cheeks puff up as he smiles, round ears twitching with excitement as he steps back to let you enter the room. The hamster hybrid helps you place the water down on a nearby dresser, gently drawing you into his arms the moment you let go of the last bottle. Seokjin’s dark brown eyes sparkle as he slowly scans you from head to toe, fingers tracing small circles on your back. “You’re sure this is what you want?”
”I’m sure. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t,” You confirm.
You barely register the sweet kiss Seokjin presses to your lips before he’s already pulling back, your skin tingling from the brief contact as he murmurs out a quiet, ”Good.”
The sound of rustling sheets reminds you that you’re not alone, and you have to choke down a laugh as you turn to find Jeongguk glaring at you from bed, lips formed into an exaggerated pout. You assume the two hybrids took a short nap while waiting for you, because the bunny hybrid’s face looks adorably puffy from sleep, his hair ruffled and messy.
”You’re both mean,” He grumbles, flopping back on his side as he tugs the duvet over his head. Seokjin sighs fondly as he nudges you in the direction of the bed, eyes filled with mirth as he looks at the Jeongguk-sized lump under the covers. It’s only when you notice Jeongguk’s long bunny ears sticking out and twisting to face the both of you that you catch on to what he’s trying to do.
”Why am I mean?” You feign ignorance as you climb onto the bed, crawling slowly up the mattress until you can lay down behind the bunny hybrid, facing his covered body. You bite down on you lip in amusement when you only hear muffled words in response.
”Jeongguk?” You say as you wrap an arm around his waist, pulling yourself flush against his back. There’s a low whine as you begin to peel the duvet back, exposing his messy hair and bare shoulder. ”Why am I mean?” You repeat.
You can feel the shiver that travels down Jeongguk’s body as you nose against his neck, the bunny hybrid hiding his face into the pillow with a groan. You have to strain your ears to hear the soft words he begrudgingly murmurs against the fabric, but you just manage to pick up, “–'ant kisses too.”
You press a chaste kiss to Jeongguk’s shoulder, grinning as you say, ”There you go.”
“Now that is mean, Y/n,” Seokjin snorts at the shocked whine Jeongguk lets out, taking a seat on the bed behind you as the bunny hybrid scrambles to rid himself of the duvet. Jeongguk twists around, lips pressed into a frown as his gaze moves between you and Seokjin.
”Why does hyung get a kiss, but I don’t? This is hybrid discrimination!”
You hear Seokjin let out an indignant squeak behind your back, but the hamster hybrid doesn’t start bickering like he normally would. He seems to be too tired to indulge in any playful arguments with his packmate.
”I’m sorry,” You move your arm from his waist to cup his cheek, the bunny hybrid still feeling a little warm under your touch despite the bunadrox he received at the clinic. Jeongguk leans into your touch, the frown slowly slipping off his face as you close the distance between your lips. You stroke your thumb across his soft cheek, watching as Jeongguk’s eyes flutter shut. He makes a pleased sound in the back of his throat as your mouths meet, his pink lips parting to deepen the kiss. There’s a faint taste of peppermint as you swipe your tongue against Jeongguk's lower lip, and you tug lightly on the soft flesh before releasing his mouth with a soft pop.
”Please forgive me?” You whisper against his skin, pulling back as the bunny hybrid tries to capture your lips in another kiss.
You grin at the impatient huff he lets out as you hold him back. Jeongguk’s ears flop down as he realizes you’re not going to let him get close, the soft pout returning to his lips as he grumbles, ”Fine, I forgive you. You’re not mean.”
”Thank you,” You press a quick peck to his cheek, delighted at the soft blush that blooms over his skin. Seokjin reaches over your back to ruffle Jeongguk’s hair, the bunny hybrid clearly enjoying it despite his weak protests.
”Y/n,” The serious note in Seokjin’s soft voice makes you turn on your back, giving him your full attention as he says, ”There are some things we should talk about before anything goes too far. I don’t want you to be caught off-guard or feel uncomfortable because we didn’t explain it beforehand.” The concern in Seokjin’s eyes makes your heart squeeze. You don’t know how you managed to get so lucky.
”That sounds like a good idea,” You smile. You can feel Jeongguk inch closer, the bunny hybrid carefully wrapping an arm around your waist as you speak. You glance over at him to find him already watching you, his doe eyes widening as you slightly tilt your head. His ears spring up at the invitation, a happy sigh leaving his lips as he nuzzles into your neck, pressing himself as close as possible. You grab Seokjin’s hand, intertwining your fingers as you wait for the hamster hybrid to speak.
Seokjin clears his throat, the tips of his ears going a little pink. ”Regardless of how we normally are, most hybrids tend to get more dominant during their ruts. It can differ of course, but most of us don’t like to give up any control. The sole reason we have ruts is to breed, and we need to make sure we’re taking care of our mates properly. That applies to us too.”
Jeongguk’s hand tightens on your waist, embarrassed, as he hides his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
”We know ruts can be intense, so you just need to remember that you can tap out at any moment if it’s too much. We’ve spent enough ruts together to know what we like and dislike, so you have to be honest with us if we do something you’re not into, or if we overstep any boundaries,” Seokjin pauses long enough for you to give him a nod before he continues, ”Jeongguk’s rut will hit first tomorrow, and then mine will hit the day after. You don’t have to help both of us, but we would love it if you did.”
”I do, uh, want to help both of you,” You feel your cheeks heat up as the words tumble out.
Seokjin’s face brightens as he brings your intertwined fingers up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your hand. ”Do you have any questions?”
”I–” You hesitate slightly, wondering if you just should’ve looked it up on your phone earlier, but you also know that the boys will give you a more trustworthy answer. ”The pamphlet said something about a knot?” You voice grows weaker as you feel Jeongguk stiffen against your side, the bunny hybrid releasing a harsh breath against your throat.
”Ah,” Seokjin swallows thickly, ”We have knots to make sure the breeding has a higher chance of being successful. It makes the base of our penis swell up enough to lock inside our mates, and it traps everything inside. Normally they last for half an hour, but during ruts they hardly last for ten. It’s to make sure we breed our mates properly.”
”I see,” You mumble. You have heard about knots before, there’s a reason hybrids are so popular in the adult industry after all, but you didn’t really know what the purpose was before now.
”Does it hurt?”
Seokjin shakes his head, running his thumb soothingly across your knuckles. ”It shouldn’t. It might be a little uncomfortable at first since you’re not used to the stretch, but we’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt. You don’t have to make your mind up right now if you want it or not, you can let us know what you’re feeling like tomorrow.”
”Yeah, okay,” You say, absentmindedly tracing little figures into the arm curled around your waist. You try to dispel any thoughts of discomfort out of your head, knowing that Seokjin and Jeongguk are going to do everything they can to make it a good experience for you too.
”Still want to help, noona?” Jeongguk murmurs into your neck, his ear brushing along the side of your throat.
”Of course, it takes more than that to scare me off,” You smile.
”Thank you,” The bunny hybrid stifles a yawn, his voice drowsy and low as he asks, ”Can we sleep now? ‘M too tired to think.”
”Yeah, we should get as much rest as possible. It's going to be a long couple of days,” Seokjin releases your hand to help you get under the covers, and Jeongguk’s low whines makes it clear that he's not happy about being moved around as you try to make yourself comfortable. Seokjin settles on the opposite side, caging you in securely between them. His arm joins Jeongguk's around your waist, the hamster hybrid resting his hand on his packmate's hip. Jeongguk snuggles back into your neck, soft ears tickling your chin.
You take a few deep breaths, willing your heart to slow down as the room grows quiet. You honestly expected that you would be too nervous to fall asleep; but the warmth surrounding you and the gentle breaths spilling across you skin slowly begins to make your eyes heavier and heavier. In the end, it doesn’t take long at all before you drift off to the feeling of plush lips pressing against your temple.
Tumblr media
It’s the pressure around your ankle that wakes you up. You blink blearily against the soft sunlight spilling into the room, confused as you feel something squeeze around the duvet, trapping your foot in place. You still at the hushed sounds a little further down the bed, your groggy mind working overtime to get rid of the disorientation from waking up in a foreign bed.
”Hyung,” The soft moan sounds familiar, the grip around your ankle tightening. You slowly push yourself up on your elbow, squinting as the two blurry figures come into focus. Your eyes widen as you take in the scene in front of you, heat pooling in your stomach as you watch the two hybrids. Seokjin is kneeling on the floor, his broad shoulders between Jeongguk’s toned thighs as he works his throat up and down on his packmate's cock. His lips are stretched wide and pink, glistening, as his throat bobs to take in more of Jeongguk’s length.
”Hyung!” Jeongguk pants, throwing his head back as Seokjin swallows around him, his nose brushing against Jeongguk’s clenched stomach. He buries his fingers deeper into Seokjin’s hair, holding his alpha in place as he bucks his hips, cockhead brushing against the back of Seokjin’s throat. The hamster hybrid’s eyes flutter as he keeps himself pressed up against Jeongguk’s abs, his throat convulsing around the hard length in his mouth as he digs his fingers into Jeongguk’s hips. He’s relaxed enough that the bunny hybrid’s bucks doesn’t choke him, and the needy little moans falling from Jeongguk’s lips holds him down for a few more seconds before he begins to pull back, hand wrapping firmly around the base. Jeongguk groans as Seokjin’s plush lips squeeze around his length, his tongue dragging along the underside of Jeongguk's throbbing cock.
You clamp your thighs together as your eyes fly over the two hybrids, Jeongguk’s deep moans and Seokjin’s choked sounds sending fires down your spine.  You see the hand twisted into Seokjin’s hair twitch just as you feel the grip on your ankle tightening. As your gaze follows the defined muscles in Jeongguk’s arm you realize that the bunny hybrid is clinging to both of you as Seokjin gets him off. You release a shaky breath as Seokjin bobs his head up and down before he pulls back, suckling on the head of Jeongguk’s cock as his tongue dips into the leaking slit. It’s the little rush of air that alerts the hamster hybrid, his round ears suddenly twitching at the unexpected sound. Seokjin tilts his head just enough to let his eyes find yours, and the heated gaze he gives you causes your thighs to involuntarily rub together.
Seokjin suddenly pops off Jeongguk’s cock, a string of saliva connecting his lips to the red tip as he pulls away. Jeongguk tries to tug him back with an impatient whine, but the sound is cut off as Seokjin begins to stroke his length, keeping the pace slow and controlled as he says, ”Ah, Jeongguk was getting desperate. We wanted you to get some more rest, but the bun has never been good at keeping quiet.”
You can only shake your head dumbly, shivering at how raspy and fucked out Seokjin’s voice sounds. “It-It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You stammer.
Jeongguk’s head snaps up at the sound of your voice, his ears shooting into the air. ”Noona?” The bunny hybrid blinks rapidly, some clarity returning to his eyes as he momentarily ignores Seokjin’s skilled grip around his cock. You recognize the hazed gaze from your pamphlet, the small section that explained how hybrids can get a little lost to their surroundings when they’re falling deep into their ruts or heats.
”I’m here,” You push yourself up properly, suppressing another shiver as Jeongguk’s dark eyes roam over the exposed skin of your shoulder, your top having slipped down your arm in your sleep. Heat blooms in your cheeks as the bunny hybrid suddenly moans, his eyes glued to your neck as Seokjin pumps him faster, the slick sound of his fist dragging over Jeongguk’s length filling the room.
”Y/n,” Seokjin’s attention is solely on you as he calls your name, his expression serious as he says, “Are you still okay? Do you still want this?”
Your gaze flickers down to the hamster hybrid’s hand when Jeongguk hangs his head, panting hard, as Seokjin rubs his thumb along the head of his cock. ”I do,” Your voice is almost drowned out as the bunny hybrid groans, ”I’m okay, It’s just .. all very new.”
Seokjin nods. ”Having someone else join us is new for us too. We’ll try our best to make you comfortable, just remember to talk to us.”
”I will,” You give him a soft smile, curling your fingers into the duvet at Jeongguk’s low moans.
”Hyung, please–” The bunny hybrid looks close to tears as he tugs on Seokjin’s hair, his big doe eyes pleading as his hips jerk into grip around his length.
Seokjin’s gaze lingers on you for a moment before he twists back to face Jeongguk, the corner of his lips quirking as he says, ”What do you want, baby? You have to tell hyung.”
”Your mouth, hyung, shit, need you to suck me off,” Jeongguk begs.
The hand around your ankle twitches in anticipation as Seokjin smiles, his eyes locked on to Jeongguk’s as he lowers himself back down on his packmate's cock. Seokjin keeps his grip tight around the base of it, lowering himself down until his lips brush against his own hand. Seokjin sets a quick pace right away, bobbing his head in tandem with his hand as he works every inch of Jeongguk’s slick length. The bunny hybrid releases his fingers from Seokjin’s hair as he falls back on his elbows, his ears twitching back and fourth as his alpha hollows his cheeks, adding even more pressure around his cock.
”Hyung, ‘m close,” Jeongguk pants, his thighs flexing as his hips begin to jerk, chasing after Seokjin’s mouth on every upstroke. Seokjin stills his hand at that, and your lips part in surprise as you watch the base of Jeongguk’s cock begin to swell, the hamster hybrid squeezing rhythmically around it as it grows. Seokjin swallows around the throbbing length in his throat, coaxing Jeongguk closer to his release as the bunny hybrid thrashes his head, his long ears trembling.
Jeongguk’s breath quickens as his stomach tenses, his voice a desperate whine as says, ”Hyung, Seokjin hyung, I’m going to cum, I need to–” Seokjin hums around Jeongguk's leaking cock, giving his knot an almost bruising squeeze as he swallows around him again, his throat hot and wet as it constricts around the throbbing length. Jeongguk’s hips jump once more, the head pressed firmly against the back of Seokjin’s throat as he suddenly lets out a broken moan, his climax tearing through his body as he comes.
Jeongguk collapses fully against the bed, hips jerking as he rides out his orgasm. You release a soft moan of your own as you watch Seokjin massage Jeongguk’s knot, his throat working furiously to swallow all of the cum flooding his mouth. He keeps sucking until Jeongguk begins to whimper with oversensitivity, the bunny hybrid shuddering as Seokjin finally pulls away, giving the head a soft kiss that leaves his muscles twitching. You’re confused to see Jeongguk’s hard length hardly even softening, only the knot at the base slowly shrinking back to normal.
Seokjin takes a deep breath as he climbs up on the bed, his hand cupping Jeongguk’s cheek as he murmurs, ”Still with us, baby?”
Jeongguk lets out a pleased sigh, eyes closed as he says, ”Need a moment, hyung.” Seokjin dips down to press a gentle kiss to Jeongguk’s lips, whispering a soft good boy against his skin.
You swallow thickly as the hamster hybrid leans back, his eyes dark as he shifts his gaze back to you. You don’t quite know where to look as Seokjin shuffles closer on his knees. The hamster hybrid is broader than Jeongguk, his shoulder tapering off to a smaller waist, the definition on his stomach a little softer than his packmate’s. You can still clearly see the outline of his abs though, and you feel yourself growing wet as your eyes latch on the thick cock bobbing against his stomach, the tip a pretty pink just like his lips. A small smirk graces Seokjin’s lips as he notices what’s got you so distracted, the hamster hybrid brushing a lock of hair behind your ear before his fingers glide down to your mouth.
”Can I kiss you, Y/n?”
You barely manage to squeak out a eager please before Seokjin’s mouth is on yours, your head spinning from the rasp in his voice and the soft, glossy lips pressing against your own. You moan as Seokjin’s tongue dips past your lips, the hamster hybrid cupping the back of your neck to keep you in place. You can feel his calm composure crack at the breathy sound, the kiss turning hungry, bruising, as he licks into your mouth. Heat pools low in your belly as you taste Jeongguk’s cum from Seokjin’s tongue, the hamster hybrid’s other hand travelling under the duvet to firmly grasp your side. Seokjin pulls you closer to his chest, groaning against your lips as you drag your hands across the firm muscles in his arms, mapping out the smooth skin.
”Hyung, Y/n,” You break away from Seokjin’s mouth at the sound of Jeongguk’s voice, gulping down air as the hamster hybrid moves his lips to your jaw, trailing slow kisses down the side of your throat. The bunny hybrid is staring at you over Seokjin’s shoulder, his eyes blown wide as he chews absentmindedly on his lip. He plasters himself against his alpha’s back the moment he grabs your attention, using the little height he has over Seokjin’s slightly hunched form to lean over his shoulder. You swallow down Jeongguk’s needy moan as he finds your lips, the bunny hybrid trying his best to lick into your mouth despite the awkward angle. You gasp as Seokjin’s teeth scrape over your shoulder, the faint sting making you clench around nothing. Both hybrids abruptly pull away, something unspoken passing between the two packmates as you suddenly find yourself pinned underneath Jeongguk’s body, the bunny hybrid caging you in against the mattress. You let out a surprised noise as your back hits the bed, blinking up Jeongguk as he presses a quick peck to your mouth, one hand curling around the duvet.
”Noona, can we take this off? Wanna see you.”
You nod, itching to feel Jeongguk’s bare body against your own as you help them push the cover down the bed. The moment it’s off, Jeongguk crashes his lips against yours, one hand dipping underneath the fabric of your shirt as the other cups your cheek. You shudder at the warm fingers ghosting over your skin, Jeongguk’s hard length brushing against your stomach as he kisses you passionately.
You lose yourself in Jeongguk’s lips as you let your hands move on their own, fingers roaming over his sculpted back and hard chest. You feel a tremor run through his body as you move down to his stomach. You moan at the defined abs you find, the taut muscles jumping under your fingertips. Jeongguk lets out a deep groan as the back of your hand bumps against his cock, the bunny hybrid grinding his hips against yours to get more friction. You choke as his length glides over your clothed cunt, another gush of wetness soaking your core at the firmness rubbing against you.
Jeongguk delves back into your mouth, sucking gently at your tongue before he whines against your lips, ”Please let me touch you, Noona.” He tugs at your clothes, fingers slipping beneath the waistband of your shorts.
”Help me then,” You raise your hips off the bed, allowing just enough room for Jeongguk to drag it down your legs alongside your underwear. He wastes no time in pushing your shirt up, helping you slip out of the soft fabric before he tosses it aside.
The bunny hybrid moans, hard cock twitching against his stomach as his eyes roams over your naked body. Jeongguk nudges your legs apart, taking up room between them as he stares down at your dripping core.
”Shit,” He groans, running his hands from your calves all the way up to your thighs, ”–shit, you’re so gorgeous, Y/n.”
You reach for his shoulders, tugging his body back down as your face grows warm under the reverent twinkle in his eyes. ”You’re gorgeous too, bun,” You smile, bringing your hands together behind his head.
You card your fingers through the soft hair, stroking the soft fur at the base of his ears. Jeongguk whines, burying his face in your neck to inhale your sweet scent. The bunny hybrid settles his hands on your waist, warm fingers squeezing your hips tightly as he begins mouthing down the side of your throat. Your breath hitches as he nips at your collarbone, wet lips soothing the sting before he continues downward, not stopping until he settles between your breasts. You feel a harsh exhale against your skin, the bunny hybrid suddenly dropping his weight against your body to nuzzle his face into your chest. You let out a surprised snort as Jeongguk rubs his face between your boobs, clearly enjoying himself as he moans into your skin.
”Bun, where are your manners?” Seokjin tuts, delivering a soft slap to the back of Jeongguk’s thigh.
The bunny hybrid’s hips jump from the impact, making his length brush against your soaked cunt as he groans, ”’s gone, noona has bigger boobs than you do.”
You can’t help but laugh at the insulted expression that crosses Seokjin’s face, the hamster hybrid opening and closing his mouth before he splutters, ”I don’t have boobs you brat!”
”Exactly,” Jeongguk hums, giving Seokjin a weak kick on his thigh in retribution. The laughter dies in your throat as the bunny hybrid begins humping against your core, moving his lips to the side of your breast.
”H–how are you still hard?” You stutter through a moan. It can't be more than five minutes since Seokjin got him off, and you don’t think the bunny hybrid actually ever grew soft.
Jeongguk raises himself back up on his forearms, eyes dazed and a smirk curling at his lips as he says, ”Ever heard the term fucking like bunnies, noona? We have a really short refractory period.”
“Oh,” You breathe, fingers gliding from Jeongguk’s hair to his shoulders. You think you’re beginning to realize just why they wanted you to rest for as long as possible. You dig your fingers into his back as he grinds against your cunt, cock gliding against your folds as his erection is coated in your wetness.
”Fuck, you’re soaked,” Jeongguk grunts.
You throw your head back as Jeongguk lowers himself back to your chest, the bunny hybrid swirling his tongue around your nipple before he sucks it into his mouth. You moan, hips buckling as he gently bites down on the sensitive bud. Your whole body feels like it’s on fire, desperation burning through your veins as Jeongguk’s cock bumps against your clit. ”Jeongguk, I-I need more,” You pant.
”You know what to do, bun,” Seokjin runs his hand down the bunny hybrid’s spine, trying to soothe the tension in his back. Jeongguk has been keeping his rut in check well so far, but he’s starting to slip. He can’t fend off his instincts forever, and you need to be ready before that happens.
Jeongguk moves to your other breast, nipping the fragile skin as he leans back enough to slip a hand between your bodies. He quickly brings his fingers down to your dripping core, dragging one between your folds before adding the slickness to your clit, circling the aching nub. Your thighs clench, squeezing around Jeongguk’s waist at the sudden pressure.
”More, Jeongguk, please,” You moan. You both know you’re wet enough to take it, but Jeongguk is slow as he slips two fingers into your throbbing cunt, giving you time to adjust as he sinks his fingers into you.
You clench around them, loving the feeling of finally having something inside you as Jeongguk lets out a garbled whine, “Fuck, you’re so tight.”
The bunny hybrid speeds up his hand, beginning to stretch and crook his fingers the moment he feels you relax. Jeongguk adds one more, two more, and you gasp as he pushes all four fingers into you, the stretch teetering between pleasure and painful. You feel the bed shift near your head before a hand grasps your chin, turning your face to the side. Seokjin swallows down your moan as he crashes his lips against yours, and you release your hold on Jeongguk’s shoulder to wrap a hand around the hamster hybrid’s neck, pulling him closer.
Seokjin’s skilful mouth distracts you from the slight burn as Jeongguk stretches you out properly, the bunny hybrid’s nips turning more forceful as he bites and licks over your skin, his control slipping. All the attention has got the heat in your belly lighting up faster than ever before, your orgasm building quickly as squeeze tighter around the fingers pumping into you. You’re so close, you just need a little more, but then the fullness suddenly slips away, and your cunt is left clenching desperately around nothing.
You whine loudly at the loss, ready to beg for Jeongguk to bring his fingers back when you feel something bigger rub against your soaked folds. Seokjin releases your lips, moving his mouth to your cheek, ”Are your ready, Y/n?”
You suck in a deep breath, glancing up at Jeongguk’s blown eyes as he slowly fists his length, your juices glistening around his cock. ”How do you want me?” You ask.
”Like this, wanna see your face,” Jeongguk’s voice is low and raspy, cheeks flushed pink from holding himself back.
”Then yeah, fuck– fuck me,” You spread your legs out to give the bunny hybrid more room.
Jeongguk growls as he holds his cock, the length throbbing in his hand as he rubs it against your folds. You let out a choked moan as the head catches on your opening, Jeongguk’s firm cock slowly slipping inside as he leans down over your body. Seokjin has pulled back enough to give the bunny hybrid room to place arms on either side of your head. Jeongguk’s jaw is clenched as he keeps the pace slow, giving you time to adjust despite his body urging him to snap and breed you hard. You can’t help but clamp down around him as he sinks inside, his cock filling your achingly empty cunt so good. Even with all the prepping, there’s still a slight burn as your walls form around him, Jeongguk’s cock slowly stretching you open.
“Noona, ah, you feels so good,” The bunny hybrid hangs his head with a deep moan as he bottoms out, his length twitching from the intense heat wrapped snug around his cock. You can feel Jeongguk’s arms shaking from holding himself still, Seokjin whispering something in his ear as he rubs the nape of his neck. You’re filled to your limit already, panting hard as you try to relax around the bunny hybrid’s length.
”Jeongguk, you can move,” You murmur after a minute, bringing one hand up cup his cheek, rolling your hips against his. You can feel him trying to hold himself back, and that’s not what you want – and it’s not what Jeongguk needs.
”Let go, bun,” You tip his face up, heart hammering wildly in your chest as you see his eyes flash, nostrils flaring as he digs his hand into the mattress cover, hips jerking involuntarily at the motion. You rake your brain for the right words, pushing yourself up enough to reach his ear as you whisper, ”Breed me, Jeongguk.”
The bunny hybrid stiffens, his long ears twitching rapidly on top of his messy hair as you lay back down. You barely have enough time to wrap your arms around his shoulders before he snaps, Jeongguk pulling out almost entirely before slamming back inside, inching your body up the bed from the force.
”Fuck!” You cry out, wrapping your legs around his lower back as he snaps his hips forward again, setting a bruising pace from the get go as he fucks you. Jeongguk presses his face into your neck again, groans muffled by your skin as he pounds into your cunt. His hips stutter as your hand drifts up to his ear, running your hand along the soft fur.
”Noona,” The bunny hybrid whines, pushing a hand under your back to tilt you up. The change is enough to make you see stars as he drives his leaking length into you, the new angle making his cock reach even deeper than before. The orgasm you lost before is building rapidly, the heat soaring through your body making you clench down around him.
”Again,” He growls, moaning loudly into your neck as you repeat the motion, squeezing your walls around his cock.
You're utterly lost in the way Jeongguk feels as he hammers into you, his hips slapping loudly against your ass. The bunny hybrid is hitting your g-spot straight on, and you know you can’t hold yourself back for much longer. You let out a confused moan as Jeongguk begins to feel thicker, the slight stretch suddenly returning as he thrusts inside.
”What–?” You breathe, raking your fingertips down Jeongguk’s back as he keeps up the rapid pace.
”It’s his knot,” You open your eyes, not managing to remember when you closed them. Seokjin’s heated gaze is overrun with concern, his lips pressed tightly together as he studies your face.
”Bun,” Seokjin calls out, but Jeongguk is deep in his rut, senses drunk on your scent and the feel of your body pressed against him, around him.
”Jeongguk!” The harshness in Seokjin’s voice accompanied by the tight squeeze on his neck makes the bunny hybrid freeze up immediately, his body locking up in fright from the tone he’s never heard from his alpha before. You let out a choked gasp, Jeongguk having stilled his hips flush against yours, cock pressed against your most sensitive spot.
”Hyung?” Jeongguk’s voice is meek against your throat, his ears flattening against his head.
”You need to slow down, Jeongguk,” Seokjin says softly, ”You have to make sure Y/n is comfortable taking your knot.”
Jeongguk makes a wounded noise, pressing a careful kiss against your skin as he says, ”‘m sorry, noona. Did I hurt you?”
You smooth your hands up and down his back, heart full from the overflowing concern despite their instincts. ”I’m okay,” You promise, “Do what you need to do, bun.”
Your pamphlet made it very clear that a hybrid needs to knot something to fend off the worst of his rut, and you don’t want Jeongguk to suffer. Besides, it’s not like you aren’t curious as to how it will feel.
”Go on then, baby,” Seokjin massages his neck before releasing him. Jeongguk tentatively pulls out halfway before pressing in again, ears perking up at the soft moan you make. You squeeze your thighs around him in reassurance, urging him on as he slowly picks up speed.
”Fuckfuckfuck,” You gasp as the bunny hybrid resumes the pace he had before, the quick movement making your body shudder as you feel your release rapidly approaching. You whine out Jeongguk’s name as his knot begins to expand, the added friction driving you crazy as he works it inside with every thrust. The bunny hybrid plasters himself against you as he starts slowing down, his hips snapping against yours with more force.
You throw your head to the side, watching through half-lidded eyes as Seokjin slowly pumps his cock, his slender fingers wrapped around the thick length. The hamster hybrid lets out a low grunt, ”Look at you taking him so prettily, Y/n. Is Jeongguk fucking you good?”
Seokjin licks his glazed lips, humming as his eyes drifts down to where Jeongguk is working his cock into you, wetness running down your thighs with every thrust, ”I bet he is. Are you going to let him breed you, hmm?” Seokjin looks at you questioningly, clearly expecting an answer.
”Y-yes,” You stutter out between moans, flames licking up your belly at the satisfied smirk you get in return.
”Good girl.”
It’s the rasp in Seokjin’s voice and Jeongguk’s relentless pace as he bumps against your g-spot that sends you over the edge. You clamp down hard around Jeongguk’s throbbing length as your arms and legs begin to shake, your muscles clenching as your release washes over you, making you see white.
The bunny hybrid bites down on your shoulder at the tight grip around his cock, his hips slamming into you thrice before his knot swells fully, locking him inside of your tight heat. Your whole body is trembling as Jeongguk’s orgasm hits, the bunny hybrid chanting, “so tight noona, you feel so good, gonna fill you up,” as his hot cum floods your cunt. It feels like Jeongguk’s release never ends, every spurt making you twitch as it paints your walls. He keeps working his hips in little circles, making you mewl with oversensitivity. You’re panting by the time the bunny hybrid finally stills, your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath. The bunny hybrid spends his last energy rolling you both over on your sides, hoping to avoid crushing you under his weight.
He slots a leg between yours, wrapping his arms securely around your waist. You whimper as Jeongguk kisses a sore spot on your neck, no doubt the area he bit down on. You know he didn’t break through your skin, and the bunny hybrid licks over the mark, soothing the sting.
”Noona,” Jeongguk murmurs as he kisses his way up your throat, not stopping until his lips are brushing against yours, ”–Noona, thank you. I like you so much.”
He doesn’t let you answer before he kisses you, his mouth moving gently against yours as you both try to calm down. You glance over his shoulder as he pulls back, your dazed eyes widening as Jeongguk tucks his face back into the slope of your neck. You watch as Seokjin reaches behind himself, red bitten lips parting in a silent moan as he circles his rim. The sated fire in your belly roars up again as the hamster hybrid’s face twists with pleasure, one hand stroking his cock languidly as he works himself open.
”Y/n,” Jeongguk whines as your hips jerk, his still hard cock twitching at the stimulation.
”Sorry, bun,” You have to force your eyes away from Seokjin, focusing instead on the feeling of Jeongguk’s knot slowly softening inside your cunt, some of his cum beginning to drip down your legs. You fend off a shiver at the feeling, smiling as the bunny hybrid recaptures your lips, whispering out a soft, ”I like you too.”
Tumblr media
“Shit, I can’t feel my legs,” You roll of Jeongguk with a faint wince, feeling your cunt throb as you collapse down on the bed. Your thighs are screaming from riding the bunny hybrid for so long, and you sigh in relief as you reach down to massage the aching muscles. You’ve honestly lost count of how many times Jeongguk has fucked you, of how many times you’ve come, but you know there’s no way you can go another round, not with how sore everything feels. You grimace as more of the bunny hybrid’s release escapes your overworked walls, the hot cum gliding down your skin. You desperately need a shower, you all do, but the washcloths and lukewarm water the other boys left outside the door a while ago will have to do.
You push a few locks of hair away from Jeongguk’s clammy forehead, pleased to find that his temperature feels nearly back to normal. Seokjin makes a content sound as he drags one of the washcloths across his chest, wiping away the worst of the sweat and cum from his skin. You almost jerk away in surprise as Jeongguk’s hips begin to slowly rut against your body, cock dragging against your sticky thigh.
”‘m tired, noona” The bunny hybrid whimpers, eyes barely managing to stay open.
”Still got more to go?” You murmur, ignoring the dryness in your throat as you reach down to grip his length. You might be tired, but Jeongguk has been going at it twice as much as you have, and it’s clear he’s absolutely exhausted.
”Last time,” He makes a pitiful sound as you begin to pump his shaft, his cock still slick from his own orgasm.
”You’re doing so well, bun, you're almost there,” You kiss his cheek. It doesn’t take more than a minute before his knot pops, and you bring one hand down to squeeze around it, mimicking what Seokjin did many hours ago.
”Noona,” Jeongguk comes with a sleepy gasp, his eyes fluttering shut at the last spurt against your skin. You use the already damp sheets to wipe away the worst of it, pushing yourself up with a groan as the bunny hybrid’s breath begins to even out.
”You should clean up a bit, I’ll wipe Jeongguk down,” Seokjin ruffles your messy hair, giving you a soft peck as he urges you out of bed. You stumble over to the desk, legs shaking as you clean yourself to the best of your abilities. You chug down a water bottle, practically stuffing one of the sandwiches nearby down your throat. You’ve managed to eat a little here and there, but not nearly enough. If you want to help Seokjin tomorrow, you’ll need to keep your energy up.
You hear faint footsteps pad across the floor, and you lean back against Seokjin’s chest as he wraps his arms around your waist, tucking his face into the side of your neck. “How are you feeling?”
”Like I might never walk again,” You snort.
Seokjin’s laugh is soft, fingers rubbing soothingly over your stomach, ”Are you sure you want to stay? You don’t have to push yourself if you’re too tired.”
”I want to. I’m sure it’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.”
”Good,” You shiver at how pleased the hamster hybrid sounds, your brain supplying the girl at the end, his voice echoing inside your head.
”Are you cold?” Seokjin hugs you tighter, moving you both back to the bed. Considering you have Seokjin’s fever stricken and burning hot body wrapped around you, you’re not really cold, but you do want to go to bed.
”We should probably wake Jeongguk up and change the sheets,” You sigh.
Seokjin grumbles something against your throat, nose skimming against the fragile skin before he steps away, eyes a little hazy, ”Yeah, we should.”
It’s a bit of a struggle waking Jeongguk up and getting him out of bed, the bunny hybrid hardly managing to keep himself standing despite leaning his entire weight onto you. You manage to coax him to drink some water while Seokjin makes quick work of the sheets, and collapsing back into a fresh dry duvet is for sure worth the effort. You cuddle into Jeongguk’s back, the bunny hybrid curling into his alpha’s chest as Seokjin throws his arm around both of you.
“Goodnight,” You whisper into the darkness of the room, Jeongguk and Seokjin giving you sleepy sounds in return. You can’t help but smile, the butterflies in your stomach going wild at just how content and happy you feel. You press a soft kiss to Jeongguk’s nape, lips barely touching his skin. You can’t wait for tomorrow.
Tumblr media
a/n: if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖 seokjin's rut is happening next, i hope you're all ready 👀 sorry for the long break, university had to take priority for a bit :( but i'm almost done now, only a few weeks left! the boys might have slight breeding kinks (heh), but there will be no actual pregnancies/children during this fic. y/n is on the pill, it just isn't explicity stated. thank you all so much for sticking with the story for over a year, it means the world to me!!
see you all soon, stay safe! <3
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Sugary Sweet
(Polyamory au) ( Bunny Hybrid! Reader x Tiger Hybrid! Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! Namjoon)
SUMMARY: Namjoon has a perfect life once he moves out of the city to a cabin alongside his two rescue hybrids, Yoongi and Taehyung. But then one night in the middle of the rainstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop.  
WARNINGS: Anxiety attacks, Anxious! Namjoon, mentions of hybrid abandonment, hybrid mistreatment, Half of this is Domestic fluff, possessive behavior. 
W/C: 5,000 words of backstory you don't need + 5,000 words of pure fluff
Tumblr media
- Namjoon was not what you call a people person, not most days anyway. 
- Most of the time he preferred to sit at his desk in his little box of an apartment building and write away at his laptop, content only to leave if inspiration was failing him or if his need for caffeine overtook his anxiety. 
- Public places made him anxious, the clawing dread in his chest something he couldn’t shove down and live through, of course Namjoon was admittedly living in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. But the feeling didn’t go away and leave him with age like it should have when he’d aged from being a shy school child into being a full-fledged adult with an anxiety disorder. 
- Instead mid twenties Namjoon sat down at his desk for almost a whole year and wrote a book. Of course it was successful, the fantasy and philosophical tidbits combined to an adventure story that captivated audiences. 
- His publishers tried to get him to go for photo ops and for interviews no matter how much they begged Namjoon even as his novel climbed on the bestseller list. He didn’t want to look like a bumbling idiot in front of cameras, all those eyes on him, just the thought of it made him feel like he was going to be sick.
- So Namjoon’s daily routine was this, he woke up at a time most people would consider lunch or even dinner, and wrote for a few hours. Then he would go  out for coffee at around 6 pm or so when everything wasn’t so crowded in his favorite coffee shop (that his best and only friend Jin owned, they’d only became friends with because back when Namjoon’s anxiety wasn’t so bad Namjoon used to write late night in Seokjin’s 24/hour coffee shop.)
- It’s an idea for his next book that makes him adopt a hybrid, because he’d never had one and Namjoon is always thorough in his research, and if he’s going to write about a hybrid character then he needs to know what it’s like to live with one. 
- The beginning of the process is surprisingly easy, but the next step, actually choosing one is the hardest. Namjoon looks in the room of bounding puppies and foxes and bears that are all playing and biting each other’s ears and Namjoon isn't comforted just overwhelmed. 
- Not able to choose Namjoon turns and walks down the hall, thinking that maybe this was a mistake, maybe he should just make the character in his book a human, maybe it was bad of him too want to get a hybrid for selfish reasons when in reality they where so close to people. 
- “Hey watch where you’re going!” a low grumpy voice says the second before Namjoon trips over a pair of stretched out legs. Namjoonfalls flat on his face barely managing to catch himself against the linoleum. He doesn’t even know how he manages to scratch his palms so bad. They make him hiss in pain as he picks himself up.
- “What the fuck! can’t you see anything with those glasses?” the person growls, dressed in all black baggy clothes, a round face with a hood pulled up over his head and a pair of headphones. “Apparently not” Namjoon says wiping his scraped hands on his jeans. One of the attendants comes crashing through the door. “I’m sorry mister! Did he hurt you at all?” Namjoon stutters out a no before they turn to small man that Namjoon tripped over.
- Namjoon is just about to apologize to him again before the attendant hisses almost lower than Namjoon can hear, “you where supposed to be in your pen Yoongi, making sure you didn’t bother the patrons. Now apologize.” Namjoon spies the electric prod through the attendants waste, the way his hand hovers on it and the way Yoongi shrinks into the back, no not the man- the hybrid, whose hands are covered by the large sweatshirt that sticks over his hands, and the black hood that covers lumps which must be ears of some sort.
- “I’m sorry” Yoongi says, his face downward. And Namjoon feels the protective instinct in him swell up. Thoughtlessly he reaches up and pushes back Yoongi’s hood, Yoongi flinches and Namjoon becomes even more displeased as he spies the small black cat ears that are poking out of the hybrids rumpled curly hair.
- “Actually, I was just talking to Yoongi about the possibility of adopting him when I tripped, we where just on our way to the office.” Yoongi’s eyes are wide as dinner plates alongside the attendants, his lips parted, his puffy tail swishing. No matter how hard they try to convince Namjoon to adopt “a more suitable companion.” 
- Namjoon won’t budge. Yoongi is going to be his hybrid. 
- Namjoon assures the facilities manager again and again that he knows the return policy and that this hybrid is the one he wants. The middle-aged woman goes on and on about how Yoongi is the most disobedient and disrespectful hybrid in the whole facility. But her whole speech about how horrible the hybrid next to him is just makes him want to adopt the other more. 
- Yoongi keeps his eyes downcast for the entirety of the meeting, With every negative word Yoongi shrinks a little bit more, his shoulders crumpling in on himself, it’s only when the woman leaves that he talks, “are you sure you still want me?”
- “You want to leave here right?” Namjoon answers. Yoongi sends a tentative glace in the direction of the corner of the room, and Namjoon spies a camera, it’s red eye blinking, recording their conversation . “Please.” Yoongi begs, low and almost a whisper. His eyes down at the floor. Namjoon’s hand comes up to rub against his ears and Yoongi flinches again.
- A 400,000 won adoption fee later and Yoongi is heading out of the adoption facility side by side with Namjoon. His belongings in a black backpack on his back. “It’s not much,” Namjoon says, when he flicks on the light to his pre-war apartment, the brick walls pained over with white and the old fashion fridge and steal sink filled with dishes that Namjoon meant to do this morning before leaving “But I hope it’s enough.”
- He probably should have cleaned up a little bit and now he finds himself shy over how Dingee his apartment looks with cobwebs in the arched ceilings, the piles of his rough draft on the small circular table by the window where Namjoon eats, the battered curtains drawn up close against the windows and the thread bear blue velvet couch that Namjoon falls asleep on editing 9 times out of ten. 
- Yoongi doesn’t make a sound one way or another, but Namjoon busies himself with dishes when he notices Yoongi’s eyes are filling with tears and prattles to Yoongi about his collection of take-out menus and that Yoongi can choose tonight. Yoongi’s not upset about the state of the apartment though- he’s so so happy, because this place is his, he’d never had his own space before.  
- Over the first few weeks of owning Yoongi, Namjoon starts to realize, Namjoon might not be a people person because he’s hybrid person. 
- Yoongi could be biting in his comments and harsh with his undertones but at the end of the day, he never curled up on Namjoon’s pull out couch to sleep, instead preferring to curl up around Namjoon’s thighs in Namjoon’s bed.
- Even if he pretended that he didn’t want cuddles when Namjoon would enter his room around bedtime and find the small hybrid curled up in the very middle of his bed watching some TV show on the TV propped up on his dresser. Even if the hybrid hissed at Namjoon when he initially tried to pet his ears, it was always around the third of 4th pass when Yoongi finally relaxed against Namjoon, the slow purring filling his bedroom. 
- Yoongi might bitrate and badger Namjoon for more cream in the fridge or laugh openly whenever Namjoon trips, but he always always always purrs when Namjoon shows him any sort of affection. The low rumbling making Namjoon smirk, and Yoongi blush as his eyes blink closed lazily. 
- After the first few weeks, once Yoongi gets comfortable Namjoon is sure that Yoongi is the most affectionate hybrid that he’s ever met. 
- Namjoon doesn’t realize how much the companionship is doing for his mental health, his anxiety, until they go out to the store one-day together. Usually he would never think about going to the store during the day, but Yoongi literally drags him away from the first draft of his novel and makes Namjoon go. 
- “I swear to god Joon if you live off of microwave meals forever you’re going to get an ulcer and die” he hisses when Namjoon tries to drag it out so that E-mart will be a little bit less crowded from people just getting off work. But Namjoon just smiles’, knowing the bickering is how Yoongi shows he cares. 
- They go to the store, and with Yoongi by his side Namjoon doesn’t get anxious at all. It’s a miracle really, and when Namjoon realizes it late one night when they’re walking through the crowded streets of Gangnam, feeling as at ease as he would in his own home. He would have gotten a hybrid much much sooner if he knew it would have had such a positive effect on his life, and as far as hybrids go…Namjoon can tell that Yoongi is special. 
- But then one day, Yoongi looses him in the crowd, there are too many faces, too many people moving at a brisk pace through the lit up streets of Myeongdong, food stalls advertise food with shouts that crowd out his mind, and then someone recognizes him from the cover on the back of his book and shouts his name and even more people turn and Namjoon can’t breath as someone takes out their phone and shoves a camera in his face the flash making white spots dance along with the black in his vision. 
- Yoongi’s hand is like a vice around his as he pulls Namjoon away towards the subway station. Namjoon curls into Yoongi’s shoulder and doesn’t look at a single person as he shakes through the end of the panic attack on the subway ride home. Listening only to Yoongi’s voice as it says low in his ear “we’re gonna be okay Namjoon- you’re okay, no ones looking at you, hell I won’t look at you if you don’t want me too.” 
- It takes a few weeks, and more than a few days with Yoongi curled up on the pull out couch and Namjoon’s bed, Namjoon’s head buried in Yoongi’s shoulder. Before Namjoon can even think about setting foot outside again. 
- And then the eventual question from Yoongi “if Seoul makes you so anxious- why don’t you just move?” 
- “Don’t you like the city?” Namjoon asks, by lew of an answer. Really Namjoon could move, he only meets with his publishers every few months and his editor, Jimin communicates with him mostly through email or Skype call. Namjoon could move to the countryside and out of Seoul. but Namjoon thought Yoongi had grown up in the city like himself, and that he would want to stay, “Not if it make you like this Joon.” Yoongi admits, his teeth gnawing on his lower lip as the hybrid looks up at him from beneath his lashes, concerned. 
- Namjoon searches for a house in the greater Seoul area and comes across a few good options, a modern loft in a residential neighborhood, but that doesn't have a yard, or a condo- which is right next to a park near a train station and this gorgeous little turn of the century cabin, with two stories and two bedrooms. His second novel peaks at number 2 on the best sellers list. “We need to get a car before we buy a house out there.” Namjoon realizes a few weeks after that- because as much as pictures are lovely he knows Yoongi needs to see the house in person. 
- They find a gently used car for sale on Facebook and Namjoon is just walking to pick It up in the theater district early one evening when he spies something.
- The red circus tent is being dismantled, half of the red and white spiral fabric hangs limp or gently flapping in the brisk wind. A lone workman operates a lift putting cages into the back of the truck.
- Namjoon walks by it slowly, eyeing the grubby body in the bottom of that crate. The sound of chains rattling as the hybrid inside pulls against the chains snags his attention.  The workman notices Namjoon looking and Namjoon shrinks, abashed to be caught staring. “Hey cut that out!” the man growls hitting a wrench against the side of the cage. The hybrid inside flinches back for a moment and stills before he starts pulling again. 
- Namjoon make eye contact with the pair of the most beautiful golden eyes that he’s ever seen; the boy is dirty, the striped tail that curls around his body protectively (for some form of comfort or warmth) is grubby brown when it should be orange. He’s probably a few years younger than Namjoon is. Namjoon spies curved orange ears sticking out the top of his head and reverses direction. 
- “Where are these hybrids going to go?“ he asks the workman, who looks down at him before he finishes loading the crate onto the truck and pulls away. Namjoon waits as he gets out of the lift and hops down.
- “The circus is shut down, this ones probably going to be euthanized, he’s the only rare-breed that couldn’t be auctioned off, while the domestic breeds will be sent to adoption agencies.”
- Namjoon peers into the container, and sees a gaggle of dog and cat hybrids that are huddled, each of their hands and feet bound, watching Namjoon with scared and hungry eyes. The tiger hybrid in the cage’s expression is desolate, he knows where he’s headed, but still his hands pull against the chains that fasten him to the bottom of the cage, unable to give up quite yet. 
- The money for the car in his pocket feels so heavy like it might bring Namjoon to the floor or tear a hole through his pocket. Namjoon makes a split second decision, fuck getting a car, “I’ll give you 5 million won right now if you give him to me.” 
- The delivery man looked at the wad of cash in Namjoon’s hands like he might not take it. “You know what you’re offering to do is extremely illegal.” Namjoon’s jaw was tense, he knows the laws about illegal adoptions, but he stares the workman down. The man sighs and takes the envelope, after a moment, glancing at the money inside, before he takes out his keys. Namjoon heaved a sigh of relief. 
- The hybrid had heard the entire conversation but still wasn’t saying anything, he skitters back against the wall when the man unlocks the front door of the cage, taking care to unlock the shackles around his ankles before stepping back.  
- Those golden eyes where stuck open blinking wildly. The boy shivering, his shoulders tense and his curved ears pinned back to his head as he curled his hands around the bars of the cage and hopped out of back of the truck. Namjoon saw a full body shiver run through him as his bare feet hit the floor. 
- The man undid the shackles around his wrists. The hybrid hissing and biting his lip when they rip away from the red skin, broken in the place around the ball of his wrist. 
- The hybrid can barely walk, let alone think about trying to escape as he goes from one captor to another. The man doesn’t look threatening but Taehyung knows you can never be sure.  His muscles are too tired to fight anymore to resist going with the man who looks well dressed, in a thick wool coat and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. 
- Namjoon shocks Taehyung by pulling off that coat and tossing it over Taehyung’s bare shoulders, making him shrink further into himself before he clutches the jacket around his chest and lets Namjoon hook an arm underneath one of his as he sways at the rush of blood to his head, narrowly keeping him from falling over. “It’s okay. I’ve got you” Namjoon says as he starts to lead Taehyung back down the street in the direction of his apartment. 
- “I don’t like him, he take up so much room.” Yoongi whines after the third day, Taehyung is stretched out on Namjoon and Yoongi’s couch on his stomach his bushy tail waving lazily as he dozes, his fun now clean and a light orange color, his golden eyes closed to the world. 
- Taehyung even has stripes, slightly darker patches his skin that tan a little darker and quicker than the rest of him, he’s spent the last few days looking out the “portal” (that Yoongi continually corrected him where called “windows”), so the small ones on his face are the most noticeable. 
- When Namjoon had taken him home and taken a look at his injured wrists, he’d also gotten a look at the back of his thighs and back, scared from countless whippings that where fresh in a few places. It would be a few more days until he could lie on his back comfortably, and Namjoon had already bought the hybrid a can of scarring cream. (He even went to the store to buy it by himself, Yoongi was insanely proud. Even if the shock of Namjoon bringing home another hybrid instead of the car he was supposed to buy prevented him from saying it just yet.) 
- “He doesn’t have anywhere else to go Yoon, and I won’t put him out on the street.” Namjoon hushes from his desk in his bedroom. Aware that Taehyung can probably hear him. 
- Despite his upbringing, the tiger hybrid is anything but cold, though it did take a few days for his sunny personality to shine through the years of trained obedience reinforced by abuse. He’d broken a plate on his 5th night, and Namjoon had blanched when Taehyung had shrunk and pleaded, “please don’t beat me” in a hushed voice. 
- Namjoon had been overcome with guilt and horror at those 4 soft words.  And the hybrid had shook through his first hug ever as Namjoon had wrapped in him in his arms and tucked his orange head against his shoulder. Yoongi too- had folded himself against the hybrids back, and Taehyung had watched astounded as Yoongi scent marked him nuzzling into his shoulder and letting out a reassuring purr that made Namjoon melt.  
- Namjoon sat him down and tried to assure the hybrid that he wasn’t going to be treated that way here. Or ever again if Namjoon had anything to say about it.  After that incident, Yoongi lets Taehyung cuddle him whenever he wants- which is most of the time. 
- After the initial shyness melted away came the unassuming wonder at everything in the world, Taehyung had only ever seen the world outside of a metal cell or a large stage, and now he found the things that Yoongi and Namjoon overlooked exceeding endearing and excited. Taehyung tripped over his words, telling Namjoon about everything and everything that he had spied about the window out his apartment. 
- “You mean we have a mailman!? The same man who delivers mail to all of Seoul stops by our apartment building! Someone should give him a present for doing so much work!” Taehyung is so excited to learn about the most mundane of things that Namjoon can’t burst his bubble, even if Yoongi tries, his nonplused and realist side making an appearance no matter how Namjoon tries to discourage him from bursting the adorable bubble that is Kim Taehyung. 
- Taehyung Splashes in the water of Namjoon’s small bathtub with his large hands making Yoongi hiss when he tries to force the other hybrid to take a bath with him. Whining cutely when Namjoon clipped his nails (Namjoon was lucky that Taehyung didn’t actually have claws- it was just that the people at the circus had made him grow his nails out too look like them) and that endlessly boxy smile that lit up the entire apartment, even making Yoongi blush.
- Taehyung was so loveable, constantly throwing himself on top of Namjoon when he works, never even thinking about sleeping on the couch instead preferring to curl around Yoongi or the foot of Namjoon’s bed at night. 
- Yoongi is his favorite thing to cuddle, no matter how the other hybrid whined and pushed him away, complaining to Namjoon when the younger nibbled and licked at Yoongi’s ears in something similar to grooming. Yoongi yowls and swats at Taehyung when he calls Yoongi “cub” ignoring him for a whole day and almost reducing the younger hybrid to tears. After that Taehyung always calls him hyung. 
- With Taehyung they definitely need more space, and Tae looks so forlorn looking out of the window every chance he gets, his tail swishing behind him every time someone walks down the street below. Namjoon wishes he had a yard or someplace to let Taehyung burn off all of his energy, It’s been a struggle to get legal papers for the hybrid and until he does, Namjoon can’t let him go outside so much. 
- Namjoon expedites the process for moving them. Getting a car finally so that they can take trips with a realtor to the outskirts of Seoul. The cottage that Namjoon finally decides on is a cozy 2 story with 2 bedrooms, the master with it’s attached study making up the entire second floor, it’s got a nice balcony there too and a combined living room and kitchen on the ground floor. the patio doors open up from the kitchen onto an old brick semi-circle. 
-  The whole building is made for a view of the rolling forested hills that start at the edge of their property. The Realator even says there are trails there. Namjoon’s never been a nature person but maybe he could be. It’s a little older, with squeaky floorboards but a lot of chareter, Taehyung says he can fix it up (a nice thought, but Yoongi and Namjoon both cringe when they think about letting Taehyung near power tools) 
- Taehyung certainly loves it- especially when he spies the open back yard and the pond at the border of their property, traipsing through it and getting covered with mud Much to Yoongi’s disgust. 
- “I am not letting you cuddle me until you’ve had at least 2 baths Tae” he growls when Taehyung tries to drown the other with hugs. Namjoon can’t bring it in himself to refuse him as Taehyung hugs him in the yard getting his black slacks dirty. 
- Namjoon’s squeal of protest makes a muted clucking resonate from the side of the house. Taehyung’s ears perk up, his tail stilling. “No no no Tae-“ Namjoon says, dashing after him when he takes off. The realtor mentioned something about chickens, and Namjoon feels dread fill his stomach as he thinks about explaining to them that yeah my hybrid attacked one of your chickens but it’s not really his fault because it’s just in his instincts too want to chase after things that are small and prey sized. 
- Coming around the side of the house with Yoongi hot on his heels. How the hell Taehyung managed to fit his shoulders and his whole body through a tiny door Namjoon doesn’t know, but he’s sitting in the chicken coup with one of the hens forcefully restrained in his lap, the ripple of purring immediately halting Namjoon and Yoongi as Taehyung rubs his scent all over the chicken.  
- “Fluffy babies.”  Taehyung says, while he pets rougher than the chicken likes. The chicken squawks and tries to get away, very uncomfortable with Taehyung’s forceful show of affection but unable to escape his hands. “my fluffy babies.” 
- “Did you like the house?” the relator asks when they come back inside. After they bribed Taehyung with ice-cream to get out of the chicken coop. “We’ll take it” Yoongi smiles, his hand on the small of Taehyung’s back, their tails entwine behind their back, something Yoongi only allows when he’s been feeling particularly affectionate.
- Moving is easy when you’ve got two young hybrids to help pack everything away and shove it into a small moving van. Namjoon says goodbye to his old apartment and the city he grew up in with both of his hybrids chatting away in the back seat of his car. 
- The hills and forest behind the cottage are misty in the morning of late fall. One of the unrealized consequences of moving out of Seoul is that now they can’t eat out for every meal (though there is a pizza place and an panda express in town that they order from often enough) but Yoongi surprisingly becomes the de facto cook.
- The countryside is much better for Namjoon’s mental health than the city was, in the mornings; he looks out from the second story balcony and feels calmness settle into his bones. Sometimes Yoongi will join him, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s waist and nuzzling his head between his shoulders. 
- “You stole my heater.” Yoongi complains when Namjoon finally turns around. Namjoon kisses the pout off of Yoongi’s face, making him gasp and grip the front of Namjoon’s shirt.
- “You still have your other one back there.” Namjoon nods at their bedroom. The king-sized bed- freshly purchased, and Taehyung starfished in the middle of it, laying on his stomach, his tail flicking in his sleep. “Yeah but that one snores worse than you do.” 
- Namjoon’s chuckle rouses Taehyung from sleep. And he blinks up at them wearily, making grabby hands in their direction and whining for them to keep cuddling him.  Neither Namjoon nor Yoongi can turn him down. 
- It’s not a surprise when Namjoon finds both of his hybrids kissing one morning, Yoongi hoisted up on the counter in the kitchen so that he’s taller than Taehyung for once. Taehyung’s hands wrapped in Yoongi’s thighs almost swallowing them. When they pull away, Yoongi is so flustered that he nearly combusts when he sees Taehyung smirking at Namjoon like the cat that got the cream. 
- One month in, a fox sneaks into Taehyung’s chicken coop and kills 2 out of the 10 chickens, including his favorite one, a caramel colored on that was the softest according to Tae. Taehyung cries about it for a week and then he goes on a hunt, scouring the forested hills behind their property for any sign of the fox, and crying more when he finds none.  
- Thunder and a rainstorm rage outside a week after Taehyung gives up the hunt.  Namjoon’s family sits cozy at their wooden table with the chipped edges, warm soup and fresh bread almost ready to be eaten, Taehyung is telling Namjoon animatedly about a website he found that would let them order chickens like can you even believe that you can get baby chicks through the mail, like what do they eat when they’re- 
- And suddenly Taehyung stops, going still in the listless predatory way he does sometimes, his ears tilt in the direction of his chicken coup. Tae’s ears pick up on some movement outside making him dash out the door in fear, forgetting his shoes. Feet splashing in the mud outside the patio door left open in his hurry. 
- Taehyung has much finer senses than Yoongi does, so its not surprising that Taehyung picked up on the disturbance before Yoongi. But the other still dashes after him, Namjoon pulls on his shoes less quick then the others grabbing a flashlight off the mantle. 
- The wind outside pushes rain in his face as Namjoon trots towards the chicken coup, “Namjoon!” Yoongi yells, his voice panicked “come quick!” Namjoon starts running, not bothering to pull up the hood to his jacket against the coming rain; Yoongi is holding Taehyung back as his low growl ripples threateningly like the thunder above them. 
- And then through the coop a small, tiny whimper. Namjoon grabs a hold of Taehyung and peers around him dropping his flashlight in shock at what he sees. 
- Yoongi manages to tear Taehyung out of the door as Namjoon crouches down. “Hey there- they’re no need to be afraid,” he says, making his voice low and honeyed. Stretching out his hand. 
- The bunny hybrid in front of his is impossibly small, pillowed among the fresh hay that Taehyung had put in there just a day ago, clad in clothes that are no where near warm enough for the weather and soaked to the bone.  
- You shake with a mixture of fear and cold, your bunny ears almost hidden with how they’re tucked close to your skull. “I didn’t mean to trespass- I’m sorry I- it’s just so cold outside and-” you cut off with a whimper hiding your face in your hands.
-  Namjoon feels movement behind him and its Tae who’d momentarily gotten out of Yoongi’s hold Tae’s looking at you like he’s more curious than worried but you whimper and shrink back into the corner. 
- And Namjoon is pushing them both away, “No! no- don’t worry about them.” Yoongi murmurs that he’ll take Tae inside, and you relax when they disappear from view. “I’m sorry about Tae he’s just a little overprotective of his ladies” as if sensing that you’re talking about them- the chickens around you coo and huff in their feathers. You peer out of your hands at the chickens. Who look at you interested- to them you must smell different from the other hybrid they’re accustomed to hanging around.  
- “This chicken coop is no place someone to spend the night” Namjoon says, straitening up slowly as to not startle you, his hand still outstretched, “especially in this weather, but my houses is far warmer.” You stair at Namjoon’s hand for a moment, and internally he coos when your nose and your ear twitches. 
- You gnaw on your lower lip, but then you reach out tentatively so that you can take his hand and he can pull you up to your full height. You don’t even have to stoop in the chicken coop, whereas Taehyung almost has to double over. 
- How can someone be so small, Namjoon wonders as he carefully leads you back inside. You almost bolt again, several times, especially when you see Tae and Yoongi peering at you from around the corner as Namjoon ushers you upstairs. You’re still shaking like a leaf when he settles you into a bath and leaves you to disrobe and warm up in peace, saying that there’s some stew waiting for you downstairs when you’re ready. Leaving some clean clothes outside your door. 
- “I don’t want either of you making her feel uncomfortable when she comes downstairs, she’s skittish, and she’s clearly been through a lot, I don't want her getting startled.” 
- “It’s probably because we’re predators” Yoongi notes, carefully picking the meat out of a portion of the stew he made leaving the vegetables, especially careful to give you most of the baked carrots. Taehyung whines at Yoongi’s words, “I swear I wouldn’t have like- attacked her or anything- I was just so surprised to find another hybrid on our property.” 
- “uhm Namjoon” a quiet voice- your voice says from the doorway, you’re only half in it, hiding from behind the edge to shield your body, even in Yoongi’s clothes the long sleeve shirts is almost falling off your shoulder, the pants tied tights around a tiny waist the little black cotton tail poking out the hole that was usually for Yoongi’s tail.
- Yoongi and Namjoon resist the urge to coo when you blush, Taehyung watches you with his golden eyes, his tail swishing back and forth quickly. “Here darling” Namjoon says, extending a hand which you take and sit at the table, sitting on your hands, your ears are still pushed back against your wet hair. Still pinned back. 
- By the time you’ve finished your stew you’re nearly asleep in the soup bowl, slumped in your chair asleep, tipping to your left into Yoongi who catches you almost barely. His hand comes up shakily, Shure you’re still partially awake when he combs his hands through your hair, feeling the silkiness of your black ears. twined through your hair, pink in the middle and black on the outside, they twitch, your nose mimicking them when your head falls against his shoulder. a little buzzing noise coming out of your throat, sounding something like contentment. 
- Yoongi resists the urge to purr. His hand stills on your forehead, his eyebrows knit together, “she feels a little warm.” He murmurs to Namjoon and Taehyung. 
- Yoongi carries you to onto the couch, which Namjoon has cast a sheet over, lying your head against the pillow where you barely stir as Taehyung throws their fluffiest blanket over you, your feet quirking to the side kicking a little as your ears perk up. 
- Namjoon rests his hand against your flushed cheeks, Yoongi is right, a fever is slowly starting to rise within you. 
- “I don’t wanna take medicine” you whine when Namjoon makes you take some the next morning, though you have to admit you don’t feel so good, the heat in your body makes you feel hazy and not all there as you let a predator, an actual predator cuddle up to your side, though Taehyung whines from the doorway, still watching you. Though admittedly he’d tried, and you’d almost jumped off of the couch before Namjoon stopped Taehyung with a raised hand. 
- You’re not exactly intimidated by the tiger hybrid still, but your first meeting wasn’t exactly glowing by any review- so you’re comfortable with him staying away for now. “Would some carrots make it better?” Yoongi plies, and you’re distracted momentarily, but you still won’t open your mouth to take Namjoon’s waiting spoon full of red liquid for your throat. 
- Yoongi’s fingers tickle your bunny tail and make you shout, giving Namjoon the perfect opportunity to shove the medicine in your mouth. You’re pouty and angry at all of them until Yoongi brings you carrots and some more munchies including strawberry ice cream that makes your ears flop and twitch happily.  
- Namjoon lets you stretch out across his lap as he pets your ears, by the end of the day you’re feeling better, not quite so hazy and you gush to him about how you didn’t know something could be so cute and yummy at the same time.
- Which of course Leeds Namjoon to buying you a light pink pullover and a white skirt as well as knee socks and a whole bunch of pastel clothing that you absolutely adore wearing. Even getting you a little bit of makeup because girls like that sort of thing don’t they? 
- Namjoon cannot resist spoiling all of you; he’s always sitting next to you and pulling you to lie against him, as well as hoisting your feet up in his lap to rub a lazy thumb across your shins. It takes you a little while to adjust to just how affectionate Namjoon and the others can be, but you begin to accept more of it. As spring warms to summer Namjoon finds himself taking the three of you out more often, into town and into the outskirts of the city. 
- Official adoption papers where easy to come by for you and Taehyung now that you where both out of the city where the laws where more harsh. Stray hybrids where often found out here and adopted as farm hands, it was easy to claim both you and Taehyung as adoptees. And Namjoon even got a tax right off. 
- He celebrates by taking the three of his hybrids out to the movies and dinner, and you all argue between which movie you should see, a mystery (Yoongi’s choice), an action thriller (Taehyung’s choice), and a romantic comedy (your choice.)
- It’s not surprising to Namjoon that they end up watching the romantic comedy. All you have to do is pout and Taehyung and Namjoon melt unable to resist you and the way your ears flop around your face, your eyes wide and almost tear-filled, your nose twitching cutely. 
- God they are so so whipped for you already it’s not even funny. 
- Yoongi is the only one who it take convincing, and he ends up pouting on the other side of Namjoon who holds your hand through all the sad parts while Taehyung practically wails on the other side of you, always a little sensitive. 
- “You’re all a bunch of crybabies.” Yoongi complains, but later you catch him holding onto your hand a little tighter, not wanting to let it go when you go to get fresh fruit parfaits afterword’s at the only all-night restaurant in town and you know the sad ending where the two love interests don’t end up together is weighing on him in a way he won’t express. 
- You’re still sleeping in the living room that night when Yoongi comes down and peels back the covers to slip underneath your little burrow of warmth to press his head against your neck and scent mark you, the usual way he greets you now. “Wanna come to the big bed tonight?” he asks, and you make a non-committal noise as he pulls you up. 
- In the main bedroom Taehyung is already asleep, but Namjoon is still writing more, his head against the headboard and his eyes tired, glasses pushed up on his face as he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, making it stick up in all sorts of directions. 
- “Joonie you should go to sleep.” Yoongi says, “the writers block will be better in the morning” forcefully pushing Namjoon’s laptop closed “just one more second, need to save,” he says, barely casting you a glance as you go over to his side of the bed and tell him too scoot over while Yoongi peals back Taehyung’s arms and settles himself under the crook up his elbow. 
- Yoongi’s tail flicks as he watches Namjoon write a few more seconds. Finally leaning up to press a kiss to his lips and take the laptop out of his lap. “Alright alright” Namjoon says when his hybrid pulls away, his lips pink and damp and cute. “Bed now- I get it-“
- Namjoon runs a hand down your back next to him where you’re propped up on a pillow under your chest too look at him. Namjoon see’s the way you’re looking at him and know, knows what you’re thinking and what you want. After all how many goodnight kisses does Taehyung whine for on the regular? It took at least a dozen to get him to go to sleep that night without Yoongi in the bed even though he was bone tired from repairing the chicken coup today. 
- “Want a goodnight kiss sweetheart?” Your tail twitches happily as you nod, Namjoon leans one hand supporting himself on the other side of your head, his lips sweet and soft that make you sigh against the seem of his lips. 
- Yoongi would never say anything, but in that moment, he looks up at Tae and finds him watching you with something like longing in his eyes. But he doesn’t mention it ever, only holding onto the other hybrids shoulder and nuzzling further into him. 
- Yoongi looks up more vegetable heavy recipes for you, looking up online the correct balance and dietary needs of prey hybrids, as canine hybrids can basically eat like humans with no bad effects but you’ll get sick if you eat even half as much meat as Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon do. 
- You feel a little guilty that sometimes Yoongi has to make you something entirely different when he cooks dinner offering to help him constantly.  You know how stressed it makes him when Taehyung asks for bulgogi and pad thai which Yoongi doesn’t even know how to make. And of course Taehyung is too adorable to turn down, but Yoongi simply can’t make all of that by himself. 
- So you help Yoongi in the kitchen sometimes, because Taehyung manages to cut himself almost consistently within the first 20 minutes of cooking every time. And after the last one needed stitches and had him licking at it for a few weeks, he has been officially banned from the kitchen. Whenever Namjoon tries Yoongi just straight up growls at him because he is not dealing with cleaning up after Namjoon. 
- And you guys have a fun doing it too, cooking is always better with a companion and though you’re not entirely hopeless Yoongi does enjoy teaching you how to cook, humming alongside you in the kitchen as he stirs some fishcake around with wooden chopsticks. 
- You express a desire to learn how to bake and not cook which Yoongi can't help with but agrees to try, and by the time you have the batter for the strawberry shortcake poured in the pan Yoongi’s black hair is almost grey with how much flower is in it. he obsessively grooms himself later that night, alongside you whose ears have turned similarly as powdery from hanging in your face like they do when you’re concentrating. 
- You giggle when Yoongi grooms them giving into his urge to care for you. These instincts regarding mates can be annoying for cat hybrids like Yoongi- who ignores his animal instincts as much as he can most of the time. 
- Yoongi thinks your ears are absolutely adorable when they hang in your face or when one of them lifts in the direction of whoever's talking when you’re concentrated like that. It’s almost like they have a life of their own
- You complain about them sometimes, pushing back your ears from your face when you get a little too focused on something and they block your vision. One morning you come down to find a pink scrunch on the table and ask Yoongi who blushes and stutters.
- “I got it for your ears because you don’t like the way rubber bands feel on your hair” Yoongi recalled that the other day when you went to the store and picked up hair ties, notifying Namjoon that rubber band just wouldn’t work. And that regular hair ties pinch your ears too much “ you know- so that they don’t get into your face when we cook or when you’re trying to do your makeup.” 
- You forget to put it on most of the time until you’re already doing something, because it does look a little goofy when you tie up your ears, your hands elbow deep in the dishes when you call Yoongi’s name and he swoops up your ears and fastens them together on top of your head with the pink scrunchie. 
- And then you start to lose it, Yoongi finds it under the couch and sighs, putting it on his own wrist where it lives when you’re not using it, always ready in case you ask for it. Namjoon smirks at him when he catches Yoongi looking at it one day and tugging at it with a little lovesick expression. “Stop looking at me like that” he growls, trying to disguise the flush on his cheeks. “It’s not my fault I’m the only one who can keep track of things in this house.” 
- Yup, Yoongi is definitely whipped for you. 
- Eventually you get good enough with makeup to try and beg Yoongi to let you put on him “hell no y/n, I’m like some fierce panther or something I am not letting you put me in bubble gum lipstick.” 
- “I could put some on!” Taehyung says, and you giggle a little and shyly put on some red on his lips, and when he leans over and kisses your cheek, making you startle and hop back, he grins when he sees the kiss mark he’s left. Which of course Leeds Taehyung to kissing you all over your face to leave little red marks, and then begging for you to apply more so that he can give Yoongi and Namjoon the same treatments.
- Taehyung wakes one morning early, gets out of bed because he knows its going to be a nice day and the chickens will probably need to be let out to mill about the back yard. And he descends the rickety stairs and find you already in the kitchen, drinking some tea and clacking away on the phone that Namjoon bought you last week.
- Taehyung gives you a small smile, staring at you with longing as he tells you good morning, your ears flick in his direction as you lift your head in his direction as you give him a small smile that makes his heart race. And Taehyung can’t bear it any longer, doesn’t want to stay away anymore, he’s been trying to give you enough space to get comfortable with him like Joonie said. 
- “Do y-you wanna come out and get the eggs with me today?” you take a sip of your earl grey tea, looking like you’re going to refuse and Taehyung wonders why he even bothered when he knew you weren’t ready when your ears perk up in interest, and you stand to put your teacup in the sink. 
- Taehyung stutters as he tells you their names, his too-big boots sloshing a little as you spread some seed around in the grass, making excited little noises every time they cluck, even mimicking the little noises Taehyung makes and giggling with him as he does this little call and response thing with his chickens.  
- “And now the best part” he grins, opening up the back of the coup to have access to the nests, “they’re still warm!” you cry in delight as Tae deposits two brown eggs into your hands and takes the rest that are there in his hands 3 in one hand and 2 in the other. 
- The big fluffy white chicken that’s too shy to let Taehyung get within a foot of her comes up next to you, pecking around your feet as you watch her in wonder. “She’s super shy I wouldn’t try to pet her” Taehyung warns, he himself had gotten pecked more than once.  You stoop down, the chicken gives you soft clucks as Taehyung pouts, and your smile soft and eyes wide in wonder as you she lets you pet her before fluffing her feathers and moving away. 
- “She never lets me do that!” he cries later when they’re inside, Yoongi clacking away on his computer and Namjoon upstairs writing. Yoongi’s ears flick in annoyance as he spies the way you’re no longer skirting around Taehyung like he has the plague or some very nasty infectious disease, “I can’t believe you got marshmallow to trust you! I feel betrayed!” 
- “Marshmallow did what now?” Namjoon says as he descends the stairs, still in his pajamas even though its nearly 2 in the afternoon his hair sticking up the way it does when his writers block is particularly bad. Of course all of them know the names of Taehyung’s chickens by now, given how much he talked about them.
- Taehyung launches into the story as you fold yourself against Yoongi on the couch, your body a line up against him, he purrs and nudges into your shoulder, tempting a lick against your cheek, which make you squeak. 
- “Stop that” you whine as Yoongi pulls you against his chest, lying his laptop on your lap instead of his but hooking his chin over the side of your shoulder so that he can still see it “Don’t lie and say you hate it,” which makes you pout but you accept his affection, your small cotton tail twitching against his thigh. 
- Seokjin comes to visit Namjoon’s new house and you’re entirely smitten with the gorgeous human, your ears shyly pinned to your head the entire time he’s here, smoothing out the giant sweater of Namjoon’s every few seconds and almost melting when Seokjin says “you have the best luck finding the most well behaved and beautiful hybrids.”
- Seokjin even reaches out and closes his hand around the base of your ear, drawing his hand away to feel the silky texture, “I have half a mind to take one for myself.” You squeak and blush and hide your face in Namjoon’s shoulder as both of them men chuckle.
- But Namjoon smiles as you perpetually hide behind him, “he’s just teasing you sweetheart,” Namjoon says as you shyly peer at Seokjin out of your protected place behind Namjoon’s chair. It feels kind of nice when you hide behind him, trusting your human to be your protector.
- It was easy for Namjoon to rely on Taehyung and Yoongi for most things, especially when it came to his anxiety, but to feel depended on in the way you depend on Namjoon makes his heart swell with this different kind of pride. You make Namjoon feel strong and protective. He pulls you to sit across his lap and lock his arms around you. You still hide your face in Namjoon’s neck, peering out at the other human every few seconds. 
- Yoongi and Taehyung boil though at Seokjin’s words, because no one is going to mess with your little unit even if they’re just joking, and Tae can’t believe that Namjoon’s human friend got to touch you like that, though a look from Yoongi stops Tae from growling at Seokjin. 
- Petty as always, Taehyung and Yoongi don’t let Seokjin pet them like usual before he leaves, instead he snuggles up to you screaming “Aish! You brats- you don’t know how to properly love your hyung!” Tae even steps forward like he’s going to do something when Seokjin presses a kiss too your cheek in goodbye, making you squeak and blush.
- That night Taehyung and Yoongi are a little bit possessive of you crowding you in-between the both of them on the couch while you watch movies, not letting you get up to make popcorn or for drinks. Taehyung even squeezes your shoulders in a relaxing back massage, smirking when you relax into his hands, tipping your head back, your ears relaxed at your size even when he nibbles a little at your ears. 
- Namjoon thinks it’s absolutely adorable how possessive his two hybrids are over you. 
- You and Namjoon go on walks in the mist in the early mornings sometimes when Taehyung and Yoongi take forever to wake up, with him by your side the woods don’t seem as scary as they did back when you lived in them.  
- Most of the time Namjoon will link his arm with yours and tell you in his low timbre about the fantasy worlds he imagines just behind the hills that you walk through. And it’s amazing how for Namjoon, it always seems like adventure is around the corner of the wooded path. 
- Living in the wilderness has been amazing for his productivity, writing, and imagination. He’s content to bounce his ideas off of you in your morning walks and not actually live through the adventures he dreams up. Namjoon finds you a surprisingly good beta reader as well and you absolutely swoon when he writes romance into his fantasy stories. 
- One day you read his draft and stomp up to his office and pout, your ears twitching agitated and your foot even stomping, “you can not leave a romance story this good at such a cliffhanger Namjoon! Your readers are going to hunt you down and slap you before I do!” Namjoon just grins and says with a wry smile, “I can tell you how the next book ends if it will make you feel better?” 
- Some mornings you don’t join Namjoon for his early walk, and on those you’ll wake up to soft bluebells or pink cosmos from the feilds lying on his pillow next to your head, or on one of the shelves in your closet, or in one of the brush containers by your makeup stash in the bathroom. 
- Sometime Taehyung will wake up early as well and join you- though in those times the conversation will often turn into a horror story retelling which will make you press closer too the two of them with every strange noise that greets you on your walk- which of course was Taehyung’s plan all along. 
- One day Taehyung goes into the shared master bedroom to find it in chaos every single blanket and pillow in the house alongside some of their clothes piled into a big puddle. He finds you sleeping in one of Taehyung’s red sweatshirt in the center of the nest. Your cream silk shorts poking out from underneath the hem, one of your socks pulled up your thigh and the other down around your ankle. 
- Taehyung huffs and crawls into the middle of the nest and wraps his arms around you. Nesting or burrowing is a regular enough behavior of rabbit hybrids that it doesn’t alarm Taehyung though you’ve never made one out of the bedroom before. 
- You wake up a little making sleepy noises and letting out the cutest little yawn, your black bunny ears twitching aggressively for a moment and then going totally still the next as he snuggles in next to you. You let Taehyung manhandle you across his chest and you’re vaguely aware of him purring and rubbing his chin around the top of your head.
- “You’re mine- my fluffy bunny.” He murmurs his voice a low growl as he scent marks you again and again until you’re bathed in the tiger’s rich spicy scent.
- You’re in and out of a haze sleeping in your little nest/fort thing that you’ve made but somewhere along the afternoon Yoongi joins in on the other side of you, rubbing at your shoulder too, crowded in between both of them and unbelievably warm. 
- Yoongi’s tail, always more dexterous than Tae’s thicker one curls around one of your legs, and there is one hand running endlessly over your ears, especially around the base of them, and another rubbing a hand down your back under your shirt, scratching a little lightly around the base of your tail. 
- And then the next time you come too in the haze of your nap you’re on your back, and you have one face resting on your stomach, Yoongi’s judging by the black hair that pushes against where the sweatshirt has ridden up, Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your waist. 
- But that’s not why you’ve woken up, your back arches and a sigh leaves your mouth as Tae nips along the edge of your jaw sometimes stopping to suck at the skin, his oral fixation that all hybrids tend to have acting up maybe, or maybe not, especially when you start to squirm he lets out a low growl. “Would you let me mark you, let me make you ours?” he grounds out his voice low and breathy. 
- Namjoon can only smile in amusement as he finally reaches his writers block for a day and comes in to find his bedroom torn apart and his three hybrids lounging in each others warmth, both your and Yoongi’s necks are a masterpiece of red and purple marks and Taehyung humming happily as he tries to snuggle closer to both of you.  Taehyung even has a few marks on his collarbones.  Your head pokes up at the noise, your ears at attention as Yoongi whines when you remove your neck from the reach of his mouth, 
- You smile sleepily up at him eyes closing slowly before you reach up, Namjoon entwines his fingers with yours slowly, his large hands dwarfing your small ones, until you tug him down with a little yelp on his part. 
- You get so many kisses on a daily basis. You get your good morning ones from Namjoon, usually tasting like coffee, and Kisses that are smiley and almost taste like a laugh when you pout from Namjoon, and slow relaxed kisses that happen in the hazy gray light of the living room when it’s gotten late enough to turn the lights on but no ones bothered yet.
- You get ones from Yoongi when you do something cute or just because he wants too (usually when you’re drinking your tea or smiling softly at something and he gets this burst of emotion that prompts him to stop whatever he’s doing and kiss your pink lips).
- And endless kisses from Tae- though both Namjoon and Yoongi are as much a victim of his kisses as well, whenever he bounds in from the outdoors, whenever someone does something particularly cute, like drop a mug or crash into the door without his glasses (Namjoon,) like pout and say something biting and grumpy (Yoongi) or when you do that little thing where you crunch your jaw happily around your food or excitedly run around one of the three of them in circles.
- That particular behavior has Namjoon smiling something soft and suspicious and even Yoongi starts to grin after a point. And it feels like the two of them have some secret inside joke that Taehyung’s not apart of when he sees it. 
- “What are you hiding from me- why did you look at Yoongi like that when Y/n started to do the circle thing.” Taehyung pouts one morning after it happens in the kitchen. 
- “We’re just happy Tae” Namjoon soothes, Taehyung’s head is lying across his lap in the office and the hybrid pouting lips tickling against his bare thigh. 
- “I looked up hybrid behavior on the internet a few weeks ago- you know because you and Yoongi are a little easier to read but Y/n has a few indecipherable behaviors- its actually really interesting from a genetic point of view why prey type hybrids tend to have more typically animal behaviors-“ 
- Taehyung lets Namjoon ramble on about some paper he read when he was doing research for his last book, straightening up to press a kiss to his lips that makes Namjoon stop and blush because an excited Namjoon is an absolutely adorable Namjoon and Taehyung always always always wants to kiss his boyfriends.
- “Oh just spit it out,” he says when Taehyung sees that adorable shy smile that Namjoon’s says, running his fingers through his kiss mused hair. 
- “The circling thing- it means she’s selecting us as her mates.”
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minniepetals · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
© minniepetals. all rights reserved i do not allow my works to be used or adapted in any way without my permission
note: these works are all pairing with bts x reader, meaning these are all poly ot7 contents
Tumblr media
♡ - fluff ☾ - angst ✓ - series complete ✎ - series ongoing
Tumblr media
| request rules |
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M O R E  W O R K S
drabbles masterpost
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latest: wine | wbmg
Tumblr media
O N E  S H O T S
you belong to us ➳ ♡ ☾ harassed by guys at a party, your boyfriends comes to the rescue to make sure they know you belong to them read here
cuddles & cries ➳ ♡  you hate scary movies but the boys decided to put it on anyways read here
beautiful night ➳ ♡ in which the guys finally come out and tell you how they feel read here
feelings of doubt ➳ ♡ ☾ fights and makeups read here
what am i to you ➳ ♡ a fight over you has you questioning what exactly you were to the seven vampires read here
sanctuary  ➳ ☾ sometimes home isn’t a specific destination, sometimes home is when you’re crying and they reach out to hold you in their arms despite the rules. sometimes home is what you call their arms, your sanctuary read here / drabble
flowers & tattoos ➳ ♡ you own a flower shop right next to the tattoo parlor your boyfriends own read here
pretty little flower ➳ ♡ ☾ you were their flower amidst the dark read here
mikrokosmos ➳ ♡ ☾ cursed from a witch that turned them into actual sized humans and claiming that had been their true forms all along, maybe living with them in that way was better for you — if they weren’t that good looking and had your heart drumming every moment at just the sight read here
yours alone ➳ ♡ they were always captivated by your beauty, but sadly they aren’t the only ones read here
strawberries & cigarettes ➳ ♡ ☾ you were forbidden to love any man outside the partner your father had chosen for you, but you knew you could never give them up despite how bad they were for you read here
when the rain gets rough ➳ ♡ ☾ when you try to voice out your feelings and they get too busy when a deal goes wrong, the rain gets rough as a fight escalates read here
until the last star falls ➳ ♡ ☾ ✓ it was a love you knew would never make it out alive without sacrificing a part of your happiness to receive a greater happiness. but for them, you’d go to any extreme to have them again, and for you, they will always remind you each day that you are theirs and that nothing can tear you apart, not even until the last star falls read here / epilogue
caramel macchiato ➳ ♡ once known as the dark and ruthless gang members, fell for the one that was as sweet as a caramel macchiato read here
honeylove ➳ ♡ ☾ sometimes it may feel as if you are punished for loving each other but no matter what happens, they will always make it better read here
nightlight ➳ ♡ ☾ things have never been easy for you but you never expected it’d be them that would make things easier read here
heartbeat ➳ ♡ ☾ running away from your master is never easy so you deem yourself this will be the last time if you are fatefully brought back to his hold again. so what happens when you stumble upon seven men who says they won’t bring you back? what happens when they promise you their love and care instead? read here
love poem ➳ ♡ ☾ for years you’ve suffered for the longest time and for years they’ve hurt without understanding the true meaning behind it all. soulmates connected through the hearts, soulmates connected through the slightest touches, and when they finally meet their last soulmate, the seven gods vowed to themselves that they will love and protect you for the rest of their immortal lives read here
a gentle memory ➳ ☾ sometimes things are just not meant to be. and sometimes they are. the boys recall all their memories spent with you on the day of your wedding read here
as long as you’re here ➳ ♡ whether you know it or not, you always make things right again read here
because i’m yours ➳ ♡ you should have known they’d never let you go after gathering the courage to ask for a kiss read here
a cup of love ➳ ♡ ☾ some days they can forget to appreciate you but even then, you’ll never stop to show them that you care read here
when the morning comes ➳ ♡ it’s not always the easiest when it comes to waking up and having to leave you but even then, you make every moment worth it all read here
wine  ➳ ♡ you’re filled of surprises when drunk read here
Tumblr media
drabble: when a demon loves ➳ ♡ a demon’s love was more powerful than any human could ever give you read here
drabble: guardians ➳ ♡ ☾ no matter what fight may try to tear you apart, they will always be there to protect you read here
drabble: when october ends | implied poly ➳ ☾ you had to savor every moment before october ends read here
drabble: little jellyfish ➳ ♡ they were the only ones immune to your sting, and you were their little jellyfish read here | seek
drabble: milk & honey ➳ ♡ you’re small and sweet like milk and honey, but sometimes they are even more sweeter read here
drabble: comforting arms ➳ ♡ ☾ they come home to find you silently crying to yourself read here
Tumblr media
string of fate ➳ ♡ ☾ ✎ they set fire to the world around them but would never let a flame touch her masterpost
the butterseries ➳ ♡ ☾ ✓ their names alone had every men and women turning their heads and falling at their feet. successful, prestigious, handsome, rich and untouchable to anyone that looked their way. and you? you were just an employee who worked for them. who would have known you meant so much more to them than you could ever imagine? masterpost
rose & thorns ➳ ♡ ☾ ✎ a lone rose, a little broken, until Jungkook came along and the two of you saved each other. and in doing so, Jungkook showed you a world where he shared with his six other mates masterpost
soft ➳ ♡ ☾ ✎ they loved you so hard they softened. and for that, they had to pay for their mistakes — if it was even a mistake. but it isn't. loving you is never a mistake soft / sweet / lovely
unlove me, i dare you  ➳ ♡ ☾ ✓ it wasn't meant to be. you're only a burden part 1 | part 2
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hxseok-honee · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
key fluff = ❀  humor = ☼  mature [implied smut] = ★  angst = ♞ ongoing =  ✘  completed = ✓
>> all [x reader] work should be assumed to be f!reader -- thank you for understanding! <<
a MASSIVE thank you to @bloomsuga for allowing me to use banners that she previously created!!! all the credit goes to shae <333
Tumblr media
➺ love is (longdistance ! namjoon au) ❀ ☼ masterlist  ✓
>> they say that love is supposed to transcend time and space and that it knows no limits. but putting an ocean and thousands of miles between two people won’t make things any easier, will it? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ 24/7 ( fwb ! kim seokjin au) ❀ ☼ ★♞ masterlist  ✓
>> she’s tired of being told she needs to have more fun. all he wants is to get away from his crazy lifestyle. they aren’t looking for anything in particular, but what they get when they find each other is so much more than anyone could have expected from a one night stand <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ distant love (friends to lovers ! yoongi au) ❀ ☼ ★ masterlist  ✓
>> yoongi and his best friend have been inseparable since they were 7 years old. they’ve built a lifelong friendship and picked up some of the greatest people along the way. it seems clear that they’ll be best friends until the end of time- so what’s in store for them when she finally receives the big photography scholarship she’s been hoping for and leaves to travel the world for a year? will their friendship make it? or will they realize what everyone’s been able to see for years: something more? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ just watch (yoongi x reader x hoseok ! fuckboi au) ❀ ★ ♞ masterlist ✓
>> she's in love with the boy he used to be. he's turned into a toxic fuckboi who thinks she'll always be by his side. what will she do when the one person he hates comes into her life, offering her much more than friendship? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ fool for your love (college ! hoseok au) ❀ ☼ masterlist  ✓
>> she's got the biggest crush on the cute boy in her psych class. he doesn't remember the last time he even paid attention in psych because of the cute girl a few rows away. one party, one dare, one phone number on the bathroom wall. when will they realize that their new anonymous 'penpal' is a lot closer than expected? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ just watch (yoongi x reader x hoseok ! fuckboi au) ❀ ★ ♞ masterlist  ✓
>> she's in love with the boy he used to be. he's turned into a toxic fuckboi who think she'll always be by his side. what will she do when the one person he hates comes into her life, offering her much more than friendship? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ i hate u, i love u (best friend ! jimin crack au) ❀ ☼ ★ ♞
masterlist  ✓
>> he seeks emotional validation in the arms of a different stranger every night. she's the best friend he comes home to at the end of the night, hating himself. he never wants her to see that side of him, and she never wants him to know she's in love <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ brighter than heaven, darker than hell (angels and demons ! taehyung au) ♞
masterlist  ✓
>> he's finally reached his happy place: he’s finally starting to make a name for himself, he’s got an amazing manager and friend, and he just turned 21- life really couldn’t get any better. so why is it that when a cute new neighbor moves in, no one around him seems to trust her? and what the hell does that have to do with him? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ tongue tied (1980s taehyung ! ftl au) ❀ ☼♞
masterlist  ✓
>> one neighborhood -- a cluster of homes, filled with families that are just doing their best to make it to tomorrow. 8 friends who know nothing but a life carved by memories of each other. 8 friends with their own problems and their own fears, manageable only because they have each other. 8 friends against the world when everything starts to feel like it's changing, in that summer of 1987 <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
[coming soon]
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
Tumblr media
➺ hogwarts series (member x reader connected au series) ❀ ☼ ★♞
masterlist ✘
>> a sequence of aus centered around life as a hogwarts student -- because, really, the only way to bring a group of wildly different friends together and find love without fail across 7 different universes is if there's a little ~magic~ involved. but is that all there is to it? <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ right thru me (poly ! rapline crack au) ❀ ☼ ★
masterlist  ✓
>> frat boys, raging parties, terrible exes, and a friend group that somehow makes every day feel like a lifetime of adventure. as if that's not enough, throw in the confusion of falling in love with 3 boys at the same time <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ messy love (poly ! ot7 crack au) ❀ ☼ ★
masterlist ✓
>> in which a group of friends learns what it means to love and be loved by the people who matter most <<
»»———————- ✼ ———————-««
➺ tag, you’re it (bts demon ! au) [NO PAIRING] :: horror au - trigger warning : murder, suicide, major character death, violence and aggression/verbal abuse, generally very dark mental states ♞ masterlist ✓ questions of the week! : taekook , taekook results , namjin, namjin results, unknown/jimin, unknown/jimin results clues list [spoiler : Unknown’s identity!]
Tumblr media
written fics
➺ baby girl (hoseok crime ! au) [hiatus] ❀♞
    masterlist ✘
➺ slytherin royalty (hogwarts!yoongi drabble) ❀
    yoongi headcanons
➺ the front door (college roommate!hoseok) ❀
➺ she’s so sweet (hoseok fluff series) ❀
      part 1 , part 2 , part 3, part 4(final)
single texts
➺ daily tweets with brother!jungkook and ot7
➺ daily best friend texts (hoseok, yoongi, namjoon, jungkook, taehyung, jin, jimin )
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justcallmenikki7 · 2 years ago
BTS Masterlist
Tumblr media
Reactions Soulmate Au Masterlist BTS Reaction To: You Asking Them To Murder Someone Masterlist SplitPersonality! Masterlist
Updated: 07/21/2020
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A big thanks to @jungkookiebus​ for creating my banners for my masterlist and for my writings! She is such a sweetheart and an amazing person. 
Tumblr media
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Have Mercy
Timer (Soulmate!Au)
“I will, I Promise.” (Mafia!Au)
Nerves (Split!Au)
The Wonders of Love
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The Devil Who Fell In Love
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How to save a life (trigger warning!!!)
Reassurance  (Split!Au)
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Afternoon Surprises
Retaliation (Mafia!Au)
Where you’re scared of thunderstorms
“Can you shut up?!”
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His Obsession (Yandere!Au)
      Chapter One
Your Hope
Split (Split!Au)
Good Girl  (Split!Au)
The Power of Orders (Split!Au & Mafia!Au)
My Sun (Soulmate!Au)
to come
Tumblr media
His Everything 2/? (Mafia!Au)
      Prologue  Chapter One Chapter Two
Daddy (Smut)
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Your Wish is my Command (Mafia!Au)
Bruises (Mafia!Au & Soulmate!Au)
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Hangover Apologies
to come
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Obstacles (Hybrid!Au)
Saving Grace (Hybrid!Au)(Male Reader)
Solace (Split & Mafia!Au)
Obsession (Yandere!Au
I really need you
Tumblr media
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Ass Back Home
To Infinity and Beyond
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False Alarms (Split!Au)
Vengeance (Split!Au & Mafia!Au)
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I really need you
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The art of Cheating (Soulmate!Au)
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The Art of Imperfection (Split!Au & Mafia!Au)
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           Boyfriend Moments: Aftermath of First Fight - Early Morning Shopping - Knows how to make you smile even when you’re “mad” at him
Drabble on where you have had enough
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Sunday Mornings  Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (Hybrid!Au)
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Worth Fighting For BTS x Reader
Night Time Conversations Rapline x Reader
Protective BTS x Reader
Regretful Choices BTS x Reader 
Tumblr media
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minniepetals · a year ago
Tumblr media
— summary: running away from your master is never easy so you deem yourself this will be the last time if you are fatefully brought back to his hold again. so what happens when you stumble upon seven men who says they won’t bring you back? what happens when they promise you their love and care instead?
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, fluff, hybrid!reader, rich!bts
— word count: 9.7k
— warnings: mentions of abuse, running away from an abusive household, hybrid cruelty, hurt and comfort
— rec music: bts - heartbeat
Soaked and damped, your hair wet with a sweet smell of cherry blossom fragrance as the pretty tiny bubbles surround you. In the room the lights are bright and you feel a little shy as you sit inside the pretty porcelain bathtub while his fingers run through your hair in a gentle manner.
You have never felt this kind of touch before. It's so sweet and gentle and just...kind.
Oh so kind. 
You purr when he scratch along your kitten ears and Jimin chuckles lightly as he goes on, cleaning the area around it.
"It's a little torn," he frowns at the sight, fingers careful not to brush around it so that he doesn't inflict more pain. He's sure you've been through enough. He knows you've been through enough. "Does your neck hurt when you move around?" He asks gently, noting at the gash that circles it. You have cuts and bruises almost everywhere and something about that makes his stomach drop while his heart yearns for you.
"It does," you say in a small voice so sweet and careful. He doesn't know why anyone would ever want to hurt such a poor little thing.
"Where else does it hurt?"
Your old bandages were thrown in the trash, left discarded for you to never see and be reminded of the sad memories again. They weren't fixed up in the greatest way but what else could you do? You had no experience with those things, he can tell.
"It's okay, everything else are just scratches," you tell him and Jimin pats you gently on the head.
"You don't have to worry about asking too much, dear one, we're all here to help." You turn yourself slightly to meet his gentle eyes with your own that are painful and yearning for love and care. His heart hurts a bit at the sight so he reaches for your hand through the wet bubbles. "If it hurts, tell us. You won't be bothering anyone."
Your lips form into a small pout, eyes a little confused at his kind gesture. " last master always told me I should never ask for help."
Jimin frowns. "No baby, it won't be like that anymore I promise you."
"It...won't?" You tilt your head just a little because it'll hurt the gash around your neck so he goes to hold your head and allow it to return to its original position. "You won't..bring me back?"
"Oh dear, of course not."
"R-really?" You're almost afraid, too afraid that if you let yourself trust in his kindness, it will backfire on you. What if he's lying? What if he becomes tired of you? What if he comes to find you annoying and brings you back? What will be the consequences then?
You're too afraid to think of the punishments that will happen. You're sure it's something way beyond your own imagination. What if this time when you return, you really won't ever see the light ever again? What if he starves you for weeks? Months? What if he hurts you even more? Or worse, what if he leaves you die?
"This..." you hesitate and he sees the tears already swimming in your eyes. Your fingers hold onto the edge of the bathtub, gripping against it tightly, while your eyes cast away from him and towards the tiles of the bathroom floor. "This isn't the first time."
"No?" You shake your head and had forgotten about the pain on your neck so it hurts you and Jimin lets out a little gasp. "Careful sweetie, you're still in pain."
"I..I-I'm scared." Maybe you shouldn't have told a human this but what difference would it make? He knows anyway just by your tears alone. "I'm so scared."
"We won't bring you back, love," Jimin promises you as he lightly runs his forefinger along your jawline until it reaches your chin. "We won't bring you to the shelter or anywhere you wouldn't want." He carefully allows himself to tilt your head up. Carefully. Because he doesn't want to put you through any more pain. Your skin is soft and wet from the bath, the bubbles covering your shoulders and down so that he cannot see anything else below it but your collarbone peeks out just slightly. It's soft and pink.
Just like those pretty lips of yours. It's glossy. Pink and glossy and looks oh so sweet.
"We'll even keep you safe in here if you want to stay."
You blink for a second. "You'll let me stay?"
"Of course," he hums.
"Even if it means..." your cheeks blush as you bite your lower lip, small figure shrinking for a moment. "Even if it means..forever?"
Jimin smiles and you think it's just a kind gesture he's showing you to show appreciation for the fact that you wish to stay but that his answer would be no. They're always no's. A soft smile before whispering the reluctant reply and you're left to fear for where you will go.
A shelter, a pound.
Either way, you find yourself back in your owner's home and he rewards you with severe punishments. It is never fun but perhaps this is your destiny. If Jimin says no then you will give up. This will be your last run. You won't run away anymore even if it means you will never receive hope and kindness because it lasts for just a little while.
These kind gestures are sweet but the more you have it, the more you understand that it can never last forever. They never do. Because the next thing you know, you're waking up and returning to that dreaded mansion.
"Yes baby."
You stop breathing. You stop breathing.
"Even if it means forever."
You don't know why but those words itself hurts you even more than when the humans that have told you no.
"I'm not..I-I'm not always a good girl," you tell him.
"None of us are," he replies.
"I'm a mess."
He hums. "Me too."
"I'll always be seeking for attention. Loud noises frighten me. I-I get scared very easily. I can be a brat. There are so many things I wish to do and wish to wear. I-I'm not a good person. I'm very selfish."
"Oh baby," he pouts, "are you trying to convince me otherwise? Because it isn't working, you know."
Your brows knit slightly. "It isn't?" Why not? It always worked, so why doesn't it work on him?
"Not one bit," he shakes his head.
"Even so," you look away again, "what about your..friends?"
"Them?" Jimin chuckles. "I'm sure they'd love it if you stayed with us. Taehyungie and Jungkookie really loves little kittens. We've always wanted to get ourselves a hybrid but never got around to it so this must be fate."
"..fate," you whisper.
You think you like this word.
"Mhm. So don't worry about it, okay?"
"But..." you squeeze the bathtub again, hands trembling. "He...he'll come looking for me," you say. "He always does."
Jimin frowns and takes your hands into his. "Baby look at me." You do as he asks and he gives you a determined gaze. "No matter what happens, I promise you we will keep you safe."
"Even if he offers you a ton of money?"
"He's not the only rich resident living on Earth." Ah. You can tell Jimin is rich. After all, this bathroom is anything beyond what you can ever afford. You're sure that even his shirt alone is more expensive than an average human's apartment. "And even if any of us weren't so well off, we still wouldn't fall for such a sick joke. Your life is worth so much more than anything money can offer, baby, value yourself more."
Jimin is so kind you almost forget that this is your first meeting and he doesn't know you so much yet. But he's so willing to keep you safe that it makes you want to cry.
"It's illegal to keep me without owning me," you say.
"Seokjin's a powerful lawyer, baby, he can defend your honor, and Namjoon's a prosecutor who'll go up against your owner if he has to," he tells you otherwise. "We'll fix this, baby, by law or not. He won't ever touch you ever again."
"A-are you sure?" You ask him timidly. "What if you have to face consequences because of me?"
"It doesn't matter."
"You're willing to do this..." you press your lips together, thinking, and then meet his eyes again, "for me..?"
Jimin smiles. "For you." He runs his fingers through your hair again. It's dried a little from the air and by now he's sure you'll end up cold. "Now," he pets your head, "can you tell me your name, kitten?"
No one has really ever asked for your name. Your owner always called you by rude names sometimes you'd even forget you had a name. But you told yourself that if there is anything he can take away from you, it is that he will never be allowed to take your own name.
"..Y/N," you say. "My name is Y/N."
He kisses you gently on your forehead. A sweet, soft kiss.
"I'm Jimin."
Jimin helps to dry you up while Yoongi helps to clean around your cuts and gash and bandage you up.
You sit on the white tiles of the bathroom floor in just a simple piece of Jimin's grey button up shirt. It lays down to your thighs, covering you up well as you face Yoongi with your back in front of Jimin. Your fluffy tail sticks out from the shirt and it's a little too intimate, really, just sitting there in nothing but Jimin's shirt as the two men help clean you up.
But the blowdryer against your soft hair feels so soft it makes your head spin with bubbles and clouds and cherry blossoms you just want to fall asleep right then and there.
Jimin's fingers against your hair feels nice while Yoongi wraps a long bandage from your left wrist to your fingertips. He's already fixed up your neck and tummy, wrapping it with white bandage wraps. He just needs to do your right arm and your legs.
"Did you...fall of a tree?" the older man asks with a small frown.
"I.." you hesitate. "Mhm," you hum to confirm his fears.
Yoongi lays your left hand on your lap gently before moving on to your right side. "That must've hurt."
" did," you admit. "It was scary. I-I fell asleep on the tree because I was scared someone would see me if I slept on the ground and woke up when I began to slip but it was too late to hold on then."
"You can't use your hands for a few days, okay?" Yoongi tells you. "And your legs aren't in the greatest condition either. We'll be taking care of you from now on so you don't have to worry about not being able to do things for yourself for a while." His voice is calm and steady. It's gentle yet demanding. A soft demand, something your master had never used. He's always been harsh and rude but the way Yoongi commands you makes you want to do it all. You don't dread his commands, you welcome it.
"You' taking care of me..?" You ask him timidly.
Jimin presses a small kiss to your head at your question. "Of course, baby." Even though you've told him your name, he still opts to call you baby. You don't mind it, in fact, you like it. It's a pretty nickname and it makes you happy.
But you're still frightened to be happy because you know that happiness doesn't last for long when it comes to you, it never does no matter how much you wish for it.
As if sensing your fear, Yoongi looks you in the eyes and keeps it there as he place a small kiss against your knuckles.
"It's going to be okay, Y/N," he tells you. "Everything will be okay."
You aren't entirely sure yet. "How are you so sure?"
"Because we're here and you're here," he simply says. "Doesn't that already make things a little better?"
Not a little better, a lot better.
When you walk out of the bathroom, the maknae almost melts in sight.
You were pretty when they found you, broken pretty but pretty, and now here you are standing in their home with your body leaned slightly against Jimin for support. His shirt lays prettily against your frame, falling down to your thighs, with a fluffy tail swaying gently from side to side, and ears twitching a little at the sound of their feet padding your way. Jungkook wants to hold you and cuddle you but he knows that will be for another time when you're more comfortable.
There are bandages that hides your skin. One wrapped around your right ear, another around your neck. Two on both your wrists, hands, and fingers. Down your legs. He's sure you also have them hidden beneath Jimin's shirt and that itself makes him tear just slightly.
"How do you feel?" The maknae asks as he walks over carefully. When you don't flinch away and you allow him to run his hand gently against your head, Jungkook grins. "Are you hungry?" At the question, your stomach growls and he gifts you a sad smile. "We made food plenty for you to eat."
"" You bite your lip, eyes wavering with hesitation.
He reads your mind. "It's okay, you don't have to be afraid," he says and holds a hand out as a offer for you to take.
It's different from your last master. He doesn't hold his hand out, he just grabs you by the collar or hair and drags you about. You never have a choice on whether to go with him or not, he's always dragging you around.
So seeing this is different and it makes your heart confused because you really do want this, whatever it is, to last forever, but you're afraid of it being gone.
While a teardrop falls against your precious cheek, you allow yourself to live in this fantasy and place your hand over his palm.
Jungkook smiles at you. A sweet, sweet smile, and leads you into the kitchen.
"In this house, there are no rules," Seokjin tells you when he puts a bowl of porridge in front of you. Your mouth waters at the sight and smell. "Eat as much as you want, no one will punish you for anything."
You look down at your hands wrapped in bandages and is about to pick up a spoon when someone else takes it instead.
"It's okay to ask for help," Hoseok says with a sweet grin as he scoops up a spoonful of porridge and gently blows on it. "Tomorrow, there'll be more food."
As he hovers the spoon in front of you, you think that this is too good to be true.
"Want to go shopping?"
You blink your eyes at Namjoon's question. It's hard tilting with the gash around your neck so you settle with this instead. "For..what?"
He smiles and dimples appear before his cheeks and your heart almost swoons. It's charming. "For your clothes, of course."
You gasp. "N-no, you shouldn't..- you don't have to."
"But of course we should, Y/N."
You shake your head before wincing at the pain that shoots against your neck and it's their turn to gasp.
"Careful, Y/N, please be careful."
"I'm sorry, I'm okay," you promise Yoongi before turning to Namjoon again. "Y-you don't have to buy me anything," you tell him. "You shouldn't waste your money on someone like me. It's not worth it."
"Oh darling, is this what he's gotten you to think? That you aren't worth anything?" When you don't answer Seokjin's question and your eyes cast to the floor, they know that it must be true.
So Namjoon kneels before you and takes your hands in a gentle manner. He meets your eyes from the floor and sends you a sad smile. "All the things that he's told you are wrong, my love. You are precious as a gemstone, as the most beautiful flower in the universe, as the greatest person to have ever been born. You are worth more than anything in this world."
The sun shines bright from the morning day. It falls past the open curtains, through the glass windows, and touches you in a way you hadn't felt for a long, long time.
It's warm.
Just like Namjoon's hold.
Namjoon's hold is so much more precious. As if you are special, as if you are someone delicate and he doesn't dare to ever break.
"So let us do this for you, hm?" Taehyung says and you look up as he places a few pats on your head.
You feel nice. You feel like you're a good girl and you're being rewarded even though you've done nothing to deserve all this. "O..okay..." You say and they smile. "But I...I-I don't want to go out." You swallow a lump in your throat. Still afraid, still timid. "I don't want to..I don't want to risk anything. I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry, sweetheart." Taehyung smiles. "We'll go in your stead, me and Namjoon, and we'll get you all the pretty clothes that you deserve."
Namjoon nods as he stands again and when they're about to walk away, you hold the hem of his shirt just slightly but it's enough to make him understand that you still have something to say. "Please don't get too much."
Namjoon chuckles and ruffles your hair. "Don't count on it, baby."
You sneak out of your bedroom wearing a white cotton sweater that Namjoon and Taehyung got you a few days ago. It lays just against your upper thigh feeling oh so soft against your skin.
Tonight you can't sleep again but this is the first time you don't feel like staying in bed and doing nothing to rid of the nightmares. So you walk out, tiptoeing lightly though you don't know why because you're sure no one else is awake. But then again, you don't want to wake anyone up because you're being too loud.
They've already provided enough for you, you can't be ungrateful.
Still, you aren't sure why you're leaving your bedroom. Maybe for a drink of water, to clear your mind. Maybe hoping someone is awake? If they are, what will you do?
You don't know but your ears catch on something.
The light rapid tapping clicks of a keyboard just downstairs where the large living room is. You walk down with slow steps, legs better than it was when you had first met them. The bandages around them, your tummy, your ears, and your hands are all gone. Yoongi has checked on them everyday and was strict on when he'd take them off.
All that's left is the gash around your neck that still needs a little more time to heal.
It feels like a collar at this point but you don't find any ill will towards it. Yoongi wraps it around you after all.
The living room shows a bright light coming from the screen of a laptop and you find Hoseok sitting on the sofa, his brows creased with focus as his eyes run over the tiny letters written on the screen. For a moment he just sits there reading, a hand rubbing his chin, barely blinking just to keep himself from missing anything.
It's a similar scene to your last master but also so different.
Because Hoseok is kind and although his gaze is serious and firm as he's in his work mood, you know that he is gentle and that he will never hurt you in any way. The past few weeks with them have proved it.
You're mesmerized by the way he sits alone that you almost forget it's wrong to yearn for someone like him.
But seeing that he's awake, you definitely don't want to head back to your room now. You don't know what you'll do but you can't head back to that lonely place and you can't disturb Hoseok.
Yet when you take a step forward, something creeks underneath and you hold your breath as Hoseok looks up and over his shoulder to see who it was.
You think he'll grow angry that you've disturbed him but he doesn't. He isn't the same as your previous master. That isn't Hoseok or any of them because instead of shouting at you to return to your room, his face contours into a soft expression and the crease between his brows disappears for a moment.
"What is it, kitten?" His voice is strained from working over hours but it welcomes you in. "Can't sleep?" He asks.
You want to nod your head but your neck hinders it so you're forced to speak up. "Mm-hmm."
He extend a hand out at your soft hum, offering you to come along. You allow yourself to go at his request, feet padding softly against the floor.
He lets you sit next to him on the sofa, snaking his arm around your waist and pulling you in close yet deeming you not close enough so he settles you on his lap instead. You blush a deep rose color and hope that the darkness hides your face but the screen in front of the two of you only illuminates it. He chuckles gently, carefully placing you between his legs as he holds you close and breathes in your sweet scent. Hoseok leans in as if he can't get enough of you, places a kiss on your head, on your cheek, and against the bandages of your neck.
"Keep me company, hm?"
You've never felt so loved before. Not before leaving your master's mansion and accidentally meeting them.
But Jimin said it was fate. Jimin said this isn't accidental.
A serendipity.
You like that word. You like serendipity.
So you allow yourself to lay your head against Hoseok's chest, curling up against him. It's a little difficult with your neck but you do well eventually getting into a comfortable position. He smells nice, they always smell nice, and when he places a hand against your thigh, your tail curls around it subconsciously.
You can sleep now.
It soft and warm and you know you can trust him.
Some nights are better than others.
Some nights you'll wake up or you can't fall asleep at all and you'll stay cooped up in your bedroom, hugging the blanket, hugging the pillow, hiding yourself from the world, and cry silently to yourself. Those nights they can usually tell what has happened the morning after because you'll have bags under your eyes.
"Baby don't be afraid to wake us up if you have to," Jungkook tells you.
"Would you like to sleep with us?" Taehyung offers. "Will that make you feel better? Because it always makes me feel better sleeping with others. I can hug them and they'll hold me so that I won't be afraid of the dark."
They are too kind and you're too afraid of using that kindness to your advantage, still afraid of being happy and then growing disappointed all over again. So you sway your body a little from side to side because you can't hurt your neck and although they look like they want to say something further, they nod and let you make your own decision.
You will come around when you feel a little more comfortable.
Some nights are a little more unbearable and usually you can take it, usually the nightmares aren't that bad. But this time when you tried to sleep, any time you'd close your eyes, the images of your old master will appear to torment you over and over again.
The night is scary, you dread the night. Because unlike night, the morning offers you light. The morning offers you Seokjin's sweet pancakes. It gives you their warmth, their arms that wraps around you, their sweet good morning kisses.
So you try to stay awake through the night, hoping for it to just pass by like any other nights.
But tonight is harder than other nights and you're scared and you don't know if you can wait that long until the morning sun appears.
So you take the covers off your body and walk out, legs trembling as they lead you to the first door that is the closest to you. You knock on it softly. Three soft knocks.
It's dark and it's quiet and you think that perhaps the person behind the door can't hear the knocks because it's too soft but Seokjin is a light sleeper so of course he hears it.
Your ears pick up on his footsteps coming your way and you hold your breath, afraid, as he walks over and opens the door.
"I-I'm so sorry," you quickly apologize before he can say anything. "I just..I couldn't sleep and I know it's rude to wake you up in the middle of the night but I was so scared and the nightmares got a little too overwhelming but if you don't wish to see me then I'll gladly leave—"
"Nonsense," someone else speaks up. Their voice is deep and groggy and when you look up, you find Namjoon stepping up from behind Seokjin.
They've mentioned that they usually sleep together, often times switching it up between members because everyone would like a chance to sleep with one another. Split up in groups of two, two, and three. There's even a grand room with a bed bigger than you can ever imagine, that holds about seven or more people. They've told you that if you ever wanted to join along, you didn't have to be shy but you've always opted with sleeping by yourself.
Tonight you have Seokjin and Namjoon.
"Come here, pretty one," Seokjin says as he puts a hand behind your back and ushers you in. Namjoon closes the door behind you and you're led to their bed and laid right in between the two of them.
They hold you gently, careful not to be too strong and accidentally squish you but right now you'd really like to be squished, to know that they're here and they won't ever let go. But it's a little difficult with your sore neck, where the two of them place soft kisses against, and you think maybe you can ask for the tight holds when your neck heals.
For now, you let Seokjin sing you a soft lullaby to sleep even if it means repeating it a few times. He doesn't stop until he's absolutely sure you're asleep between their hold, where your soft purrs ring through the air and Namjoon goes on the brush away a small tear that escapes the corner of your eyes.
"She doesn't deserve any of this," Seokjin whispers into the night as he strokes your cheek.
"One day she'll be strong enough to tell us who he is," Namjoon is sure, "and when that day comes, we'll get him and finally make her ours."
"Legally or...?"
When the younger man smiles, Seokjin can see it through the moonlight glowing past their windows. He doesn't have to say a thing for Seokjin to understand what he means.
Yeah, that'd be something all of them would like.
For you to finally be theirs.
"W-wait..-" You stop Yoongi before he can collect the first aid kit and he looks up a little confused but urges you to go on. "Why...aren't you bandaging my neck up again?" You ask him, eyes filled with conflicting thoughts.
Yet Yoongi only smiles. "You have no need for it anymore," he states simply. "It's all healed now with just the scar left."
"N-no, I.." Your voice trembles and his brows knit together as he wonders what's going on. Surely you'd like the bandages gone, right? Doesn't it feel uncomfortable? It's been a month since you've had it on. You take the first aid kit and place it back on the table and take his hand into yours. "Please wrap it again," you ask of him. "It..scares me. I don't want to look at the scars imprinted on it because it'll remind me of what he did."
"Oh, baby." If Yoongi can, he'd leave the house right now to beat up the man that had ever dared to call himself a man, treating you in ways too cruel for a human, hurting you, leaving you to starve and thirst. It's all his damn fault, he's made you this way. So afraid of the world, too afraid to trust that easily. Yoongi can only wish for you to smile. He wishes to see it but he doesn't think he's ever seen such a precious thing plastered on your face.
So he sighs as he take the roll of bandage to wrap it over your neck like the routine the both of you has gotten used to. He'll tell the boys about this later but for now, Yoongi places a soft kiss against your neck when he finishes.
"You are loved, Y/N, please never forget that."
"How do you feel? Excited?"
"Mmm.." you trail of at Jimin's question, feet hesitant as you stare at the garage filled of vehicles. "Scared," you whisper and he takes your hand to squeeze it gently.
"It's gonna be alright," the oldest of the group assures with a soft smile.
"It's been a while."
"It has, hasn't it?" Taehyung nods as he thinks about it. You were just a small little kitten that had fallen upon their paths and they decided to take you in without hesitation. "But you're going to do great, I know you will."
Jungkook takes the driver seat of the black minivan while Jimin sits in the passenger seat and Taehyung stays in the back with you.
You haven't been out since they've taken you in and quite honestly, you're a nervous wreck. But you also know that if you want to heal, you'll have to take measures into your own hands. They've taken care of you so well so you have to step up the courage for yourself. You'll be alright, you know you will, with Taehyung next to you to hold your hand steady and the other two who checks on you through the rear mirror every once in a while.
It's just a simple task of grocery shopping. You wear a light pink long sleeved plaid mini a-line shirtdress that falls to your thighs. Taehyung likes seeing you in dresses so most of your clothes are just him spoiling you with pretty dresses.
You don't mind it. Well at first you did but he was always so insistent and told you he wanted to spoil you so you couldn't go up against him, not when he's always so willing to give you everything.
It's different from your last master.
Everything is different.
Even the steps you take as you walk around the supermarket and Taehyung and Jimin holds your hand while Jungkook pushes the cart. Your master never allowed you out to do anything and even if he did, his eyes were always on you to make sure you didn't run away. You can never scream aloud for help, he's threatened you so many times to not do that. And because of his status and money, you were always way too afraid to go against him in person.
But here, walking along the maknae line of your caretakers, Jungkook smiles as he sees the swaying of your tail which indicates that you're alright and he has nothing to worry about.
"Hello, do you know where they sell coffee beans?" The boys have their backs turned away as you stare wondrously at the various meat to your side when someone approaches you. It's a hybrid, a she-wolf, and it shouldn't scare you but it does and suddenly your heart is quickening and you can't get any words out.
Jungkook must have noticed because when he turns around and sees you, he's quick to act. "It should be down there, aisle eight," he points and the wolf smiles as she thanks him.
When she leaves, the three of them turns to you. "You okay?" Taehyung asks with concern as he places a hand on your shoulder.
They make it all better so you let out a soft sigh. "I'm sorry."
He shakes his head. "Don't be, my dear. We're so proud of you." He rewards you with a little kiss against your neck and at this point, the neck kisses has come to symbolize their love and care for you. A sign telling you that they're right here, that they won't go anywhere.
"I think we got everything on the list," Jungkook says a few moments later after wondering around the store. He looks over the paper Seokjin had given him again before shoving the thing behind his jean pocket. "Want to buy anything?" He grins your way. "You can get any snacks you'd like."
They look at you as you think for a moment before saying, "Mochi."
Jimin raises a brow, amused. "Mochi?"
"Does it taste good?" You ask and he chuckles.
"I want some," you say cutely and they proceed on to the frozen section not long after.
"What flavor would you like?" They all look good but as you look around at the variety, Jimin sees that you're more drawn to the pink ones. "Strawberry it is."
When you walk back out to the parking lot, something drips against your skin.
Then another, and another.
Before the four of you realize it's raining and Jimin has his bag of groceries all in one hand while the other rushes to hold his jacket over your head as you all run towards the minivan.
He's quick to open the door and rush you inside while they head towards the trunk to place the groceries in before safely returning to the safety of the van.
You run your hand against Taehyung's hair to flick away the tiny drops of water that drips from the tip of his hair and he goes on to pat along your dress. "You alright?" The man asks and you nod. "Your bandage got a bit damped," he says, pressing his lips together.
"It's okay," you say and Taehyung smiles as he tucks your hair behind your ears.
"Let's get you home."
When you return, the first thing Hoseok does is pull the four of you aside to dry yourselves with towels and change out of your wet clothes while the hyungs take care of putting away the groceries.
"Did you have fun?" The man asks as you sit on a chair while he wraps a new bandage around your neck. You nod at his question and he smiles.
"Next time we'll go to some place more fun," Jungkook promises with a gentle ruffle of your hair.
"Will it be crowded?" You worry.
"It doesn't have to be," he tells you. "Until you're comfortable, we'll only do the things that doesn't involve too many people, alright?"
When Hoseok is finished with your neck, the five of you return to the kitchen where Jimin helps you open your snack.
"It's cold," you shiver at the feel of the soft yet freezing sensation.
The man chuckles as he picks up a piece for you and offers it to your mouth. You take a bite which make things a little more cold but you're too caught up by how sweet and delicious it is to care. "Wow!"
"Delicious, isn't it?"
"Mhm!" You nod enthusiastically and Jimin smiles fondly as he goes to wipe away the white powder that has made itself around your lips with his clean hand.
"I'm so proud of you, baby."
You frown cutely in confusion at your second bite. "But I haven't done anything."
"But you have, my sweet kitten," he tells you otherwise. "You've gotten more comfortable asking us for things and have decided to go out all on your own. We're all so proud of you."
The soft kiss he rewards you with on your forehead makes your heart flutter.
"I have a present for you."
It's a late night. The stars and moon are present in the sky, the curtains closed to keep any creepy things of the night from scaring you, and the lights are on as the eight of you sit around in the comfort of the living room.
You look at Yoongi with confusion as he pulls out a white box with a pretty pink bow wrapped on top. "We all decided to pitch in," he says. "There's two of each from each of us in here all for you."
"For me?" He nods as you look at the box, curiosity peeking in as you wonder how there's two of each gift from the seven men that sits and awaits for you to open the present. You take the box, sniffing instinctively yet smelling nothing that can ruin the surprise.
They watch you steadily, holding their breaths as you untie the pink bow and let it fall away. When you open the box, something unexpected greets you. There are rolls of soft silk that lays in the box, all in different colors, fourteen altogether. It sits prettily inside in rows, soft in colors, not too bright, not too dull.
You take one in hand, an ivory color, and the silk unrolls upon your fingers. Your eyes widen at what it has to offer, untangling into a long piece of silk that looks so similar to something you have gotten used to wearing.
"Th..this..." You look up at Yoongi who holds a steady gaze. It's calm and soft, just the way that makes your heart ache and flutter at the same time. There are tears swimming at the brim of your waterline before he even explains it.
"They're for your neck," he says gently. "We figured it'd feel much better to wear something that doesn't seem like you still have to heal, because you're already doing so well, something that doesn't look like a burden, something that will make you feel better about yourself instead of looking in the mirror and staring at the bandage wrapped around your neck. We wanted to make you feel pretty because you deserve so much more than what this world has to offer, Y/N. You deserve all good things that doesn't always have to remind you of your previous life because you are beyond whatever he had always told you. You are loved and cherished and there is nothing in this world would we like more than for you to know that you will never be alone. We'll always be here for you, Y/N, so you don't have to be afraid anymore."
It's a scary world.
A world that frightens you more than the sleepless nights you'd still sometimes get.
You aren't used to kindness, you aren't used to others seeing you as an equal. Heck, you were even afraid when that hybrid approached you for directions.
But to be here with the ones that have found you laying helplessly on the dirty ground, the ones that have taken you into their sweet home, cleaned you up, fixed up your wounds, fed you, allowed you to have your own room and bed, the ones that have never stopped showing you that they care. They'll always press a kiss somewhere on your body, remind you that you deserve all nice things, shower you with love and affection, and have never gotten angry at you even when you make a slight mistake.
It's as if the universe has finally allowed you to live well, as if this is destiny and that you're meant to be here with them, loved and cared for.
Sometimes you do wish there was something a little more but you know that you cannot be that selfish. You have them as this and for now, that is all you'll ever care to want.
So you push the box aside and you wrap your arms around Yoongi's neck and he allows you to climb into his lap, nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck and allow yourself to tear up. "Thank you," you whisper.
"Oh, pretty kitten, you deserve the world."
You shake your head lightly. "I don't care about having the world, I just want you."
He meets the eyes of the others with a soft gaze. "You have us, baby."
"Do you ever want to be ours legally?"
You look between Seokjin and Namjoon who sits across from you from the coffee table and stop eating the half eaten apple slice in your hand.
It's a question you love and hate at the same time. Yes you want to be theirs legally, but that would also mean another thing. You aren't dumb, you know Seokjin and Namjoon can take care of these things because they work for the law, fighting for more rights for hybrids but you know that it won't be easy.
It will never be easy for your case.
"Won't that mean..." you trail off, eyes falling to your lap as you plop the last piece of apple in your mouth and return your hands to your lap. You chew onto the fruit slowly, swallowing thickly before looking back up at them, a little more conflicted. "It will mean having to deal with him," you say in a small voice. "It means..I have to see him...won't I?"
"No, baby," Seokjin shakes his head gently. "I will not allow him to see you if you definitely do not wish for that. He won't be able to hurt you ever again."
You curl up into a little ball, arms wrapped around your knees, head hidden halfway against it. "But he's scary," you say, voice timid with a soft whimper. "He'll think of ways to get me back once he knows I'm still alive and..and..-"
"Hey, hey, hey." Namjoon rushes to your side in a calm voice with arms circling around you. "It's okay, baby, we've got you. I promise you everything's going to be okay."
Seokjin comes to your other side. "Any hybrid mistreated by their owners are protected under the law. He will not be able to get past us, I promise you."
"How're you so sure?" You sniff as you lean in closer to their touches. "He's a powerful man."
"There's one of him and seven of us," Namjoon reminds.
"And two of us who knows the laws more than anyone," Seokjin adds.
"Have a little more faith in your freedom, baby, we've got connections too."
"I'm scared," you confess though in all honesty, you don't really have to because they can already tell. Why wouldn't you feel scared? Petrified? This is dealing with your last owner after all.
A man not worthy of being titled a human and Seokjin and Namjoon just wants the nightmares all gone at the snap of their fingers.
But they know that it will be much more than that, something more difficult.
And seeing you in this distressed state, lips whispering sweet comforts into your ears, they meet each other's eyes and there's a silent vow that they give one another.
A vow that they will fix all of this.
You're worth all of it after all and they will never give up on you.
The nights are long but the days grow longer. Insomniac. Trying to hold onto the last pieces of hope you have left in this life.
It's scary, not knowing what the outcome will be especially when the boys refuse to tell you how the case is going because all they wish is to protect you. You've told them plenty of times that you can take it, that you're strong and brave enough. But even then, they'll only pat your head and say, "I know, babygirl, but let us take care of everything, alright?"
Maybe they're right, maybe you'll go crawling back to your little hole and deem everything and everyone is scary and mean all over again, but it's even more scary not knowing anything.
Seokjin and Namjoon comes home so late and then locking themselves up in their offices. The rest of the boys hold you through it all, keeping you safe in their arms, whispering sweet comforting words to make you feel a little better.
It helps. You know you'd be in a worse condition if it weren't for them, so you allow their warmths to welcome you in.
It's just scary so you refuse to sleep, knowing the nightmares will tear you down all over again. So you stay in the arms of your sweet boys who cradles you and press kisses to your head, petting you, scratching you lightly on your kitten ears just to evoke soft purring out of you.
"Do you think we'll win?" You ask Jungkook timidly as he runs his hands through your hair with a sweet rose scented shampoo. Your fingers play along with the pink bath bubbles hoping to distract yourself but it doesn't really help. "Do you think I'll ever become yours?"
"Oh, baby," he sighs with a gentle smile curling along his lips, fingers stopping midway to press along your human ears and raise your head up. You're pouting just slightly with big round eyes that he can stare at for days if he could. Jungkook leans in, the tip of his nose touching yours, giving you a sweet eskimo kiss. "You're already ours even without the legality."
"I am?"
"If you want to, that is."
"Of course I do!" You wrap your arms around his neck, only to remember you're still in the bath soaking wet a little too late, and a cute gasp leaves your lips when you wet him. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean-"
"I know baby," he chuckles, "it's alright."
You place your hands back into the water sheepishly with your cheeks rose pink. "I'm just.." you sigh, "I'm just scared, Kookie, and I'm worried about Namjoon and Jin."
"Namjoon will make sure to throw him into prison, sweetie, and Jin will make sure you are legally ours and that he won't get to you. No matter what tricks he has up his sleeves, he won't get away with this, I promise you. They'll take care of him. The laws have been readjusted to protect the hybrids and their rights. We'll win this, I know it, and it may take a while for everything to heal but Y/N," there is a soft gaze resting on his face as he goes to lightly graze along the skin on your neck.
It doesn't hurt anymore but you still like covering it up and the only times it's out there for them to see is in moments like these. A scar to remind you of what has happened but that you're healing day by day, all because of them.
"No matter how long it will take, my sweet kitten, we will never give up on you, you got that? You've got us for the rest of your life."
You smile at his words. "Is that..a threat?"
Jungkook laughs. "No, baby," he shakes his head then leans in to place a soft kiss upon the scar, "it's a promise."
"Jin!" You jump out of Hoseok's hold and run over to the man that finally emerges from his office. Him and Namjoon are always either at the law firm or stuck in their offices trying to win this case and now here he is, hopefully to take a breather. The man welcomes you in his arms and holds you up, chuckling with you greet him with kisses because you miss him. "You alright?" You ask as he sits the two of you down on the sofa beside Taehyung.
He readjusts your position to something more comfortable and you look up from where he holds you, a thumb reaching up and slotting itself right in between his creased brows.
His tired expression softens and Jin sighs with content, knowing all of this will be worth it in the end. "I'm okay, baby," he assures you.
"But we need your help with something," Namjoon says as he comes in to join the group. His arm crosses against his chest, brows furrowed, a look of discomfort as he closes his eyes for a moment of hesitation as if asking anything from you is too much.
"What is it?"
He lets out a sigh before fluttering his eyes open again and meets your gaze. "Sweetheart...can you tell us what happened?"
You knew at some point you'd have to come clean about your past and tell them everything. Of how you were brought into his home, what happened, the details of what happened and not just the gist of everything because they know the gist. You're a hybrid who was unlucky to be bought by some cruel man like many other hybrids out there, therefore starved for days, hurt and beaten.
But that's all they know. And they can only guess what happened.
They don't know how you were hurt, how your neck was in such a condition, what horrible things he's made you do, what hurtful words he's told you, they don't know any of the details.
So are you ready?
Seokjin can feel you trembling so he holds you a little tighter, a little closer, pressing your ears against his chest for you to listen to his heartbeat because he knows it calms you down listening to the beat of their hearts. "Oh baby, it's okay. We're right here. You don't have to say a thing if you don't wish to. You don't have to revisit the past, baby. It's okay." He press kisses on top of your head, rubbing his palm upon your arm and back.
And he's right.
They're right here no matter what happens. Always here to comfort, always here for hugs and kisses or to just be the pillar you need when you want to be held, always here to listen.
They aren't like the master you had before. They listen, they care, speaking in soft gentle tones for you, spoiling you with gifts, allowing you to eat whatever and as much as you want, never scolding you for anything except for when you aren't taking care of yourself, but even then they'd promise they'll be the ones to take of you in your stead, until you learn to care for your own self.
The world is scary. Humans are scary, some more than others, some that just seems scary but aren't, most of them you may never come to trust.
But still, they're here. Right here, holding you, not forcing you to do or say anything against your will.
So you shake your head and lean back just a little, wiping away your tears, holding a hand against your heart and take in a deep shaky breath to steady yourself. "No, it's okay," you say, taking Seokjin's hand and squeezing it gently. You look up at the rest who has on the same worried expressions and can feel your heart fluttering with warmth, wanting to cry again but for a different reason. "It's okay, I trust you all."
The story is long and horrible and has you crawling in fear all over again as you relive your nightmare but they're right here for you. Even as you cry and have a breakdown, them telling you you don't have to go on, but you still go on.
For them, and for yourself.
Not everything is alright but they always make it better.
Weeks later, your ears pick up on the entrance door creaking open and Namjoon and Seokjin walks in, suit jackets draping over their arms with their briefcases just hanging on the tip of their fingers, hair ruffled and messy, tired eyes, looking oh so exhausted. They see you emerging from the kitchen floor and you greet them with a small smile just ready to comfort them into making sure they rest in between all of this mess.
Yet something feels a little different than the past days, and when you see their faces brightening at the sight of you, arms held open, you think you understand what that means.
The tears form along your waterline before you can even think of the thoughts, feet rushing at such a fast speed before you can tame yourself, running straight into their arms with sobs escaping you. And so they hold you there, laughing, hugging you back just as tightly, with sighs that indicates that it's over. It's truly over.
You're theirs now.
"You alright, little one?"
It's in the middle of the night, you're in your room head filled with thoughts as you sit on the floor at the foot of your bed, fluffy white rug underneath you, with a pretty familiar box that falls open in front of you. The rain falls hard outside, dropping against your windows, thunder crashing at one point or another, but you aren't afraid as you were before.
You welcome it, tail swaying gently from side to side. Perhaps it just goes to show how angry your last master is but even then he cannot win at this game called your life. You're sheltered in a home that will never let anything bad fall upon you. Sheltered in their arms.
When you look up, Yoongi walks in as the others follow, their eyes casting to the pretty white box you have out on display, scarfs untangled from their rolls, clashing upon one another.
You are more than alright.
"You've taken your scarf off," he takes note of your naked neck as he settles beside you. "You doing alright?"
He rakes his hand into your hair, scratching upon your scalp lightly. "How can I not?" You purr, consciously leaning in closer to him. "I don't think I'm scared of it anymore," you say, placing a hand against your neck. "But the scarfs hides the ugliness so I'm gonna keep wearing it."
"Sweet kitten," Yoongi sighs as he takes you into his lap. "Nothing about you is ugly, you got that?" He says, chiding gently.
"People will say otherwise," you pout.
They don't say anything but Jimin comes forth, putting the box of scarfs to the side, his hand holding your face. Before you can question what he's doing, he peppers kisses all over your face that has you bursting out with giggles because the sweet sensation feels ticklish.
"S-stop," you squeak but he doesn't relent and Yoongi only holds you still in his arms, refusing you to turn away and escape both their grasps.
"Not unless you say you're pretty," the younger man muse.
"Okay, okay! I..-" He lets you hold him still in front of you, faces just about an inch away. "I.." you stutter, "I'm pretty."
Your cheeks are bright pink under the light of your room from the embarrassment of saying such a thing and Jimin chuckles. "Mmh," he hums, voice dangerously low, "you sure are."
The next thing you know, Jimin's lips falls upon yours and your eyes widen, heart drumming loud and hard against your chest almost to the point of you thinking it'll probably take flight.
Your first kiss.
It isn't a peck, a small one that leaves too quickly for your liking, but even as he feels your surprise and hesitation, he doesn't stop there, not when your own eyes eventually flutters shut, and goes in to actually taste your sweet lips against his pillowy ones.
The world feels like it's stop just to allow this to happen, your head spinning in circles still not believing this is actually happening and not understanding why. But you don't pull away because his lips are so addicting, sweet and soft just as you've imagined them to be.
When he leans away a moment later, your face is flushed and Yoongi can feel the heat radiating off you.
"Ah hyung," Jungkook whines from behind the man that has just kissed you, "I wanted to go first."
Jimin chuckles when you avoid his eyes and go to hide your face in the crook of Yoongi's neck, curling into a ball against him. "Hmm...I'm guessing babygirl likes it?"
You never knew Jimin could be such a tease.
"Come on," Namjoon sighs, "we're supposed to take things slow, clarify things first, not just go straight for her lips."
"Wait, what?" You lean away from Yoongi's hidden shelter, eyes wide and filled with curiosity as you look towards Namjoon for answers. "What does...what did that kiss mean?"
"Shouldn't you, you know," Taehyung chuckles, "ask the one who kissed you?"
"I..-" You don't know how your body can grow hotter by the second but it does and butterflies are flying everywhere in your tummy, heart drumming frustratingly loud.
"You don't know what it means?" Jimin feigns a pout. He holds the side of your face, kisses you on the head and the temple. "You don't know, my sweet innocent kitten?" He tilts your head just a bit to press a kiss against your neck.
You think you do but no one's ever told you such words before.
"Can you..say it?" You ask meekly as you look up at him, eyes gazing through your lashes. "Can you say the words?"
His face softens at your insecurities and the tears that begins to form without your knowledge. "Oh baby," he breaths, "I love you so much."
"We all do," Hoseok says. He takes your hand as Yoongi holds you a little tighter.
"We love you," Seokjin declares.
A tear falls against your precious cheeks and their heart aches at how much you've had to suffer to finally find happiness, to finally find a home. Jimin catches it before it can drip down from your chin and wipes the trail.
Were you lucky to stumble into their paths?
Months ago you'd probably say so sitting in that bubble bath as Jimin washed you. But now you don't think it was ever a happy accident.
Perhaps Jimin was right when he said this is what one would call a serendipity. Hearts written in the constellations before the universe was even created.
And for that, you know you've found your home.
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jjungkookislife · 2 years ago
Let Me Hold Them Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
An OT7 series that includes mxm, threesomes, open relationships, polyamory, and angst.  Please read at your own discretion & the warnings on each chapter.
Tumblr media
Let Me Hold Them (M): Namjoon Ft. Jungkook
Summary: Jungkook is interested in seeing your nudes.
The Kim Line (M): Namjoon Ft. Seokjin & Taehyung
Summary: Before Namjoon allowed Jungkook to see his girlfriend’s nudes, the Kims were part of her birthday surprise, being the first to see Y/n fully naked
In The Studio (M): Yoongi Ft. Namjoon
Summary: After your birthday surprise, Yoongi gets a visit from you at his studio.
Between Us (M): Jungkook Ft. Jimin
Summary:  Jungkook gets caught being naughty at practice, which leads to Jimin joining in on the fun.
The Truth
Summary: Namjoon announces your relationship with Jungkook to the boys.
A Little Bit Dangerous (M): Jimin Ft. Hoseok
Summary: After being caught in a compromising position with Jimin, Hoseok finds out what’s been going on between you and the boys.
Let Me Hold Them...Again (M): OT7 
Summary: True feelings are revealed after several encounters.
Caress (M): Namjoon
Summary: Namjoon buys you a new toy and shows you how to use it.
Curiosity (M): Namkook 
Summary: Jungkook is curious about your new toy, so you show him how it works.
“Hi Daddy” Texts (M): OT7
“If I Were A Worm...” Texts (M): OT7
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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minniepetals · a year ago
caramel macchiato
Tumblr media
— summary: once known as the dark and ruthless gang members, fell for the one that was as sweet as a caramel macchiato.
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: fluff / poly!au / mafia!au
— word count: 5.3k
— warnings: gangs, robbery, attempted harassment 
Tumblr media
Yoongi always loved his coffee black. Until he met you.
The sweet aroma of coffee meeting his nose the second he walked into the café always made him want to vomit. But then he saw you, a new worker he hadn't seen before and was greeted by a sweeter smile much sweeter than the smell of sugary coffee the locals were beginning to grow fond of.
"Good afternoon, may I take your orders?"
Your smile looked so precious, the way you swept your hair back from getting in the way of your face, your soft fingertips, soft lips, eyes he knew he'd fall into a daydream if he wasn't too cautious of looking at it for too long. 
"What's popular around here?" He asked and beside him, Hoseok blinked, wondering what in the world got his boyfriend to go against drinking his usual black coffee.
"I would recommend the caramel macchiato. It's sweet and very delicious."
A smirk curled at the corner of Hoseok's lips, understanding with content. "We'll take seven caramel macchiatos please," the man said, blinding you with a sweet smile of his own.
Yoongi turned to the man, his face dumbfounded as he stared at his boyfriend. But Hoseok just shrugged as he took out his credit card to pay.
"He's whipped," Hoseok laughed as he and Yoongi took their seats in the van.
"Whipped?" Jungkook scoffed, taking his coffee as it passed around. "What are you talking about, hyung?"
"There's a new barista in town, little one, and she's got Yoongi already wrapped around her little fingers."
"For real?" Taehyung laughed, amused at the sight of a caramel macchiato in Yoongi's hand.
"Shut up Hoseok," the said man blushed. "You shouldn't be talking. You ordered seven coffee and you don't even like coffee."
"Why are they all caramel macchiatos?" Jimin groaned because like Yoongi, he preferred his coffees bitter.
"Oh trust me, if you saw her yourself, you'd just want to get anything she recommends." Hoseok shook his head lightly thinking back on that short little encounter with you. He wasn't sure why but you just looked like someone he wanted to protect from everything. "I've heard of love at first sight but never actually believed it until now."
"You hopeless romantic," Seokjin sighed, rolling his eyes.
"I'm serious!"
"Even if you are, Hoseok. We've already got plenty of people in this relationship," Namjoon said, sending pointed eyes to the smiling man. "Eight's a crowd."
"You won't be saying that if you actually saw her."
"Even so, darling, the gang life isn't meant for everyone. Keep her out of this."
The maknae line saw you next.
Just a little stroll around town because things had calmed down with their deals and such so they decided to just walk around. There wasn't really much to see, just the typical same buildings because the town was pretty small so they've been through every part of the area already.
So when they stumbled upon that same café, they decided why not check out the new girl that had both their two hyungs whipped.
Walking into the shop, the first thing they witnessed was a girl with her back facing them and some man that was complaining to her. Jungkook rolled his eyes at the sight but decided to help out. He had nothing better to do anyway.
Just before the man could take his cup of coffee and splash it all over the girl, Jungkook held the hand back while Taehyung took her hand to pull her back and Jimin stood in front of her in case the coffee split around the area, which did in fact happened.
"I suggest leaving before you cause anymore problems," the maknae threatened. The man would have protested if it wasn't for the death glare Jungkook gave him. A spat of curses left his lips before he stomped out.
"Thank you so much," the soft voice behind them said and they all turned around to find you, the new barista, who bowed in thanks before lifting your head up and their eyes widened.
Your eyes glowed of a thousand starlights, yet glossy and on the verge of tears with what had happened and suddenly they all wanted to run out and give the man a good punching. But they decided against violence that day and instead stayed there with you. They'd rather stare at you all day than to deal with someone else not worth their times.
"Jungkook," the maknae said, holding out a hand for you.
You blinked, a little taken back because they were all handsome and suddenly one of them was giving you their name. He gave you a small smile of politeness and you returned it, giving them your name.
"She's so beautiful hyung, you were right," Taehyung sighed dreamily after getting back. He plopped himself down on the couch, daydreaming all over again with thoughts of you.
"No wonder you were whipped," Jimin agreed, not being able to contain himself as he pulled Hoseok into an abrupt kiss. "I wanna kiss her lips," he added, a little whined coming out from him.
"Y/N?" Yoongi asked, wondering why the youngest was saying a name that certainly didn't belonged to any of them. Yet for some reason, he liked how it sounded.
"Her name," Jungkook said almost breathlessly just thinking about it all over again.
Curious about the whole hype, Seokjin laughed aloud. "Should I check her out too? I wanna see what's got you all so whipped."
Behind him, Namjoon sighed as he shook his head. "I'm serious about what I said. Whoever she is, don't bring her into our mess."
But fate didn't like going according to one's plans, it liked to go by its own wishes.
Even if that meant putting your own life in danger.
Closing up the shop had started to become a routine for you since you often stayed up later than the rest and your boss trusted you enough to close up.
But one night made everything go downhill as you were approached by some drunk stranger.
"Hey pretty angel," the man sparked you a smile of his own and shivers were quick to run down your spine. The streets were dark and you tried to look for anyone close by but there wasn't anyone and that was what frightened you even more.
"S-sorry but I—"
He grabbed your wrist before you could continue on your path and you gasp, tears quick to well up your eyes because you didn't like it, the way he's held you tightly.
"Come on, don't be afraid."
But it was far too late for that.
"Please let me go."
"Come with me, it'll be fun I promise you. You'll—"
"The lady said let her go." Another voice came into the scene, a deeper, graver voice, as he grabbed the hand that held yours and held it tightly, causing the drunk man to wail in pain as he's forced to let you go.
Someone else stepped in front of you, another man, shielding your body from the drunk man.
Normally Namjoon didn't like to meddle in other's businesses but he knew from the moment he and Seokjin heard the little whimpers that left your lips, they couldn't just let you be.
"Let go! Let go!" The man begged as he cried in pain but Namjoon's grip only tightened.
"Next time I'll cut your hand off," he threatened. "Don't mess around with vulnerable women like this." The second he pushed the guy off, he was quick to run off, terrified of Namjoon.
"Are you alright?" Seokjin asked you as he looked back, a bit of concern filling his eyes.
You nodded at his question but they could tell you were still shaken up.
"Don't walk around the streets alone at night, it's dangerous," Namjoon warned you with a voice much calmer, a little more gentle than he had been with the drunken guy. "Walk where there are people, alright?"
"T-thank you," you choked out, giving them bows of gratitude.
The tears in your eyes had hurt their hearts for a second, the way it trailed down your cheeks. Sure, maybe you were beautiful despite the tears but perhaps they preferred it if you were smiling instead.
Later that night, unknowingly to them that you were the same person the rest of the Bangtan was swooning over, Namjoon and Seokjin went to bed thinking of how it'd be nice to see you again. To see a smile rested upon your face instead of the tears.
What they didn't expect were their wishful thinkings to actually come true exactly the next day when the two of them walked in with Jimin, at the coffee shop you worked at because Jimin felt eager to show them who the girl they had practically fallen in love with.
Yet Jimin never got the chance to tell them exactly who you were because once you locked gazes with Namjoon and Seokjin, your eyes widened instantly, the memories of the night before still clear in your minds.
"Oh!" You gasped a little and they couldn't help but admire the way your eyes lit up, cute lips gaped into a small circle as you recognized Namjoon and Seokjin.
"We meet again," Seokjin gave a small smirk while Jimin stood there, confused by the interaction.
"Thank you again for last night," you said, bowing again but rather than the tears that were there the night before, you gifted the two of them your smiles instead. "And hello again, Jimin-ssi."
Jimin wanted to swoon at the way you called his name but he knew he had other questions first.
"What the hell was that?" He asked the second the three of them gathered in the van.
"What happened?" Taehyung asked.
"Seems like these two met Y/N before I could even introduce her to them."
"Oh?" Yoongi raised a brow.
"She was walking alone last night when we stumbled upon a drunk man all over her," Namjoon spoke bluntly but it was quick to have the rest of them riled up.
"He didn't hurt her, right?" Hoseok wanted to confirm as his grip on the wheel tightened just thinking about it. First, it was a rude man going at you and now a drunk man.
"No, she's alright," Seokjin assured but it didn't lessen their anger.
"Why can't we claim her already?" Jungkook grunted with a subtle whine. "Y/N's too beautiful to resist, we can't have every man taking what's ours."
"She's not ours," Namjoon emphasized as he took a sip from his caramel macchiato before adding, "Not yet at least."
"You're cute."
The straightforward confession that fell out of Jungkook's lips left your cheeks to turn a blush rose almost immediately as the coffee cup you held in hand almost spilled because you were so flustered.
"Careful," Taehyung grinned as he went on to steady your hand but that did nothing to help.
"U-Uh..." It was so cute, how flustered you were as you tried to hand them each their drinks while trying to respond to Jungkook's flirting. "T-thank you...?"
"Cute as in I like you."
The last cup, Yoongi's cup, landed a little harder than you intended, causing a few substances to spill on your hand.
"I'm so sorry." You cringed at your awkwardness but Yoongi was quicker to grab a napkin, holding your hand in his as he wiped the spilled substance off your hand.
"Cute as in we like you."
You had no idea what to say. Suddenly the handsome seven men whom you've met through the days of your work were suddenly confessing their little crushes on you and you didn't know what to do.
Luckily you were saved with someone called your name and you were quick to respond, apologizing to them as you ran off, thankful for that opportunity to slip away.
It wasn't as if you weren't pleased, in fact, you felt really happy. Happy with butterflies flying all about your tummy you had no idea what to do at all.
Because it was them you were talking about. The seven heartthrobs that you had been warned about from your friend of a coworker who wouldn't shut up about them.
And now? To find out that they liked you?
You found it almost impossible.
"Hey, Sori?"
While in the process of making a cup of coffee for a costumer, she replied, "Yeah?"
"Those seven guys you've always been swooning about?" Her smile appeared almost instantly at the mention and your heart almost dropped for a moment, wondering how it'd be if it were she they were fond of instead. "You mentioned they were dating, right?"
A squeak of a fangirl squeal escaped her lips. "Isn't that amazing? Imagine if they fell for a girl and she joined the relationship. Oof, I can never."
Fell for a girl.
"I mean think about it, they're bad boys, like bad bad boys. No one would ever dare to look her way if they knew what they were going for."
Your brows furrowed a little yet you were still afraid to look their ways. "What do you mean?"
"Y/N-ah," she chuckled, "they're in a gang."
You know it wasn't right, that you should not have gotten closer to them but despite all the warnings, for some reason, they felt anything but dangerous.
Not with the ways they would all stare down at any men trying to have their ways with you, whether rudely or flirtatiously, and blocked your body against them if they ever tried to grab ahold of you. Because more than anything, you felt safe with them around.
The coffee shop had gotten a bit popular and although at first the busy shifts gave you more pay due to the more hours you put yourself in, and you were thankful, it started to get a bit overwhelming especially with the men trying to make their ways into your heart — or your pants for that matter.
And even though the seven of them had been quick and blunt about their confessions, you felt more at ease with them around.
Gangsters or not.
Because at a moment when they had to use violence for the first time, it was the moment you felt the safest.
It was another late night shift where you were the last to close up when a robbery suddenly occurred and you were quick to call Namjoon's phone.
You couldn't say a word though, not before the robber found you and held a gunpoint at your head.
"Give me all the money," he demanded and that was all Namjoon had to hear before he shut down the deals with another gang and the seven of them were flying straight over to the familiar coffee shop they've seen for months.
By the time they got there, the robbers was just about to leave the store but was never able to with Seokjin, Namjoon and Yoongi quick to deal with them as the rest ran into the shop, finding you up against a corner hugging yourself as cries escaped your lips.
You looked so small, too precious and pure and it broke their hearts seeing you completely scared out of your mind.
You flinched at the contact of Taehyung's hand and he was afraid for a moment that you wouldn't want to do anything with them because, well, they're gangsters and things like guns and violence were an everyday thing to them. He was afraid you'd back away from him, afraid of him.
But contrary to his fears, the second you recognized the voice, your arms were wrapped around his torso almost immediately.
"T-Taehyung..-" You choked out, climbing into his lap and clinging onto him like a small little koala. He could feel your trembling body, the tears soaking his shirt but he couldn't care any less.
"It's okay baby, we've got you. You're alright now."
The soft assuring whispers that left them all added with Taehyung's warmth was what calmed you down.
Ever since then, Namjoon made sure you never left the coffee shop alone.
There was always a member or two to stay up with you, walking you home, keeping you safe from anyone that dared to try and approach you.
Because even though you still weren't their baby girl just yet, they still had to make sure you were alright and that no one would hurt and scare you like that ever again.
"Are you ever going to give us a reply?" Jungkook, ever the brave one, spoke up just as you were about to walk up the building of your apartment.
You looked back as both he and Jimin gave you expecting eyes. "What do you mean?"
"Our confession," Jimin frowned. "We never got an answer."
"O-Oh." There you were again, blushing like a cute little doll. "I-I'm sorry, I just..." you trailed off a little, eyes avoiding there's to stare at the ground and for that, their hearts sank. "I'll give you an answer, I promise. Just..just not right now."
What was the problem, they wanted to ask. Surely all the time they've spent with you had given you a clear answer for your feelings, right? Yet why were you still hesitant to give them a reply?
But Jimin and Jungkook knew not to pressure you upon giving them a reply. You'd let them know when you were ready.
Though they said that, you knew they were also getting a little impatient and you bit your lower lip, not knowing what to say except to bid them goodbye as you closed the door to walk up to your room.
Their subtle disappointed faces didn't leave your mind that whole night, however.
But you didn't know how else to answer them.
You were scared. Not because of them being in the gang, you knew more than anyone that they'd protect you under any circumstances.
It was the fact that you weren't sure whether you were ready or not. You've never done relationships before and to suddenly join an already established relationship? What if fights broke out and something went wrong? Like them falling out of love with you and they'd drop you in mere seconds, deciding you weren't worth their time anymore.
You had always been afraid of getting into a relationship simply because you've been there, watching as your close friends came to you, crying in your arms because of what the other party had done to them.
Your heart broke each time they came to you, left even more broken than you could ever imagine.
You were scared because you weren't sure whether it'd work out or not.
You were afraid of being left alone, left to deal with the heartbreak later on in the future by yourself.
Sure it sounded promising at the moment but that was how everything went until months later and things ended up falling apart.
You were afraid of loving.
Yet as the nights continued passing as you laid there in your bed, thoughts running all over the place as you continuously allowed them to wait and wait and wait, you began to fear the fact that perhaps what if they'd get tired of waiting?
You wouldn't know what to do because the relationship is an almost.
They've declared their loves for you and you knew you've begun to fall for them as well. All that was left was you telling them the truth before everything was too late and the waiting was no more.
So it was your fear that left you reaching out for your phone in the middle of the night, dialing the first number that you caught sight of while scrolling down your contact log.
"Y/N? Something wrong?"
The concern in Hoseok's voice was what made your heartbeat raise even more. Even though he had no idea why you were calling, his first instinct was to ask whether you were alright or not. They've always been like that and you figured, perhaps they were going to be worth all the heartbreaks.
"No, I just..." He could hear the hesitation in your voice but remained patient to hear you out. "Are you busy right now?"
"Uh..well..." Your heart sank a little while on the other line, Hoseok looked up, meeting the eyes of Namjoon who was in the middle of negotiations and Seokjin who was asking silently what was going on. "What is it? Do you need us?" He asked instead of replying.
"I-I..." You trailed off again. "I'm sorry."
He blinked, head tilting a little to the side not understanding you while the maknaes continued giving him curious stares. "Why are you sorry, baby?" Yoongi's brows furrowed a bit, wanting to hear the conversation Hoseok was holding with you.
"Can I be selfish for a second, Hoseok?"
He wanted to smile for a moment upon hearing your request but refrained from it, knowing fully well that anyone else besides the guys and you could never see him in such a light. "Go on," he hummed. You've never been selfish with any of them before and he wanted to know what you were about to ask of him.
"I miss you," you said and his world froze for a split second.
The hesitation in Hoseok caught the attention of the other six as Namjoon tried to speed things up, knowing a phone call with you in the middle of the night had to be important. You rarely called in the middle of the night.
"I miss you, Hoseok, I miss all of you and I..-" The words seemed to spill out of you. "I want to see you so badly I don't know why I've been holding back for so long, I—"
"No, hold that thought." He stood up abruptly, alerting the other gang but Hoseok couldn't care less about it. Not when you were right there on the other line, about the say the words he and his other six boyfriends have been wanting to hear. He met their eyes with a subtle smirk. "I want to hear that in person. Face to face."
"Ten minutes." He grabbed his jacket as the others filed along, not even bothering to explain their sudden leave because they had better things to do. "Just wait ten minutes, sweetheart."
Your heart was drumming like a maniac by the time Hoseok hung up and without much thought, you got up to quickly check yourself in the mirror before throwing a warm jacket over you, rushing out the door because you didn't want to wait in your room.
What should have been a ten minute drive went down to five and before you knew it, they were right there, out the van, waiting for you to speak.
The tears came out before your words do. "I'm sorry," you apologized first as you went on to wipe the tears that never seemed to stop but they were there surrounding you before you could get the next words out. "I was just scared, I didn't know what I should have been feeling but I don't care right now because I..-" You looked up from the tears that blurred your eyes, lips smiling a bit, "I like you—so much. So much that I—"
Before you could say anything else, a sweet searing kiss had covered your chaste lips. You couldn't process who it was — the maknae — before someone else grabbed your body and slammed their own lips upon yours.
By the time the third one had claimed your lips and you were passed onto someone else's arms, you found yourself instinctively pulling away before they could kiss you. "Mmn, I..-"
Yoongi smiled knowingly, understanding that seven first kisses were a little overwhelming for someone who's being kissed for the first time — especially since you've already been kissed by the eager and impatient maknae line — and instead settle for a tender kiss on your temple.
"Sorry." Your lips pressed together in a slight pout but they shook their heads assuringly.
"Don't be," Namjoon said, "we have all the time in the world."
The soft promise he gave you made your heart flutter a little more. "Even so, I don't want to be alone tonight," you told them. "I have the day off tomorrow. Can I stay with you tonight and tomorrow? Please?"
You didn't even have to beg and they would have allowed you in but it was cute when you did.
"I love you," Seokjin professed as he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead. It might've been a little straightforward, a little too quick, but he knew, they all knew for certain that they loved you.
You smile softly at his words. "I think I love you too."
When you woke up due to the sunlight hitting your face, Namjoon had quickly pretended he was still asleep and not staring at you the whole time from the moment he woke up.
You were caught into between the man and Hoseok with Hoseok's arms wrapped around you as you laid sideways, facing Namjoon. It felt like a peaceful morning. The others were already awake, off elsewhere in the house doing their business while Hoseok had yet to wake.
It was a silent morning and Namjoon wondered what you were thinking until he felt you shift a little before soft plush lips kissed him right on his lips.
It was the sweetest yet shortest kiss he had ever received and hoped for more but he kept himself still, surpassing the urge to smile.
One hand was stroking Hoseok's hand while the other went on to trace Namjoon's face. He wondered what was going on in that little head of yours, wanting to greet your morning with a sweeter and longer kiss but when you simply nuzzled against his chest, Namjoon smiled contently, happy for just being able to feel your love.
"I love you," you breathed before turning around to face Hoseok and delivering the same words to him.
Namjoon let out a little sigh of content as he pulled your body flushed against his. "I love you too."
You giggled and he placed a soft kiss on your head.
"Breakfast's ready. You guys up?" Seokjin came to poke his head in the room just as you began to stretch your limbs, an adorable yawn leaving your lips.
"Hobi's still asleep," you said lethargically and Namjoon chuckled.
"Wake him, baby."
"He likes to wake up with kisses," Seokjin added and your cheeks flushed for a moment.
You had to be bold again to initiate a kiss but with the two of them watching this time. Just minutes before you had done it bravely for Namjoon but no one was there to see it at that time so it was easier. But now? Waking Hoseok up with kisses? You looked back at Namjoon with some bit of worry in your eyes but he only beckoned you to go on, encouraging you.
Bravely, you stared at the man that laid in front of you, sweet lips tempting you to kiss him even in sleep. He had no idea what he was doing to you but you were glad for that. You shifted forward, placing your hands on his face as you called his name. "Hoseok?" You said. "It's time to wake up."
It wasn't enough so you leaned in, pressing a light kiss on his lips. "Wake up," you urged but he only shifted, groaning in sleep. You pouted and went on to press another kiss, on his nose. Then his eyes, his cheeks, his forehead, down between his brows, and back upon his lips. "Ho—"
The moment your lips left him, you were pinned onto your back with Hoseok hovering over you before you could register what was happening. The other two just stared with fondness, liking where your kisses had led to. "You're playing a dangerous game, baby," Hoseok growled softly, his voice groggy from having just woken up.
"I-I'm sorry," you squeaked and all dark thoughts dissolved away at the sight of your flushed face from the tip of your nose to your two little ears. Hoseok couldn't take things too fast just yet, you had just become theirs, their sweet precious girl too pure for the world.
So he just chuckled after meeting Namjoon's fond gaze. "For what? Hm?" He prompted, leaving little trails of butterfly kisses on your face. "For kissing me?" He asked. "For loving me?" He asked. "For being mine? Ours?"
You shrunk away at the overwhelming gestures but Namjoon was there to catch you, wrapping his arms around you. "I-It's too early in the morning," you whine a little but they only laughed.
"Never too early to love you, little one," Namjoon proclaimed.
"Come on, don't overwhelm our baby too much," the older one softly chided as he walked over to stop the 94 liner's ministrations and held out his hand for you. You gladly took it, thankful for the rescue though you knew the other two meant well. Once you were up and out of bed, he ruffled your bedhead before delivering you a kiss of his own. "Good morning."
You giggled. "Morning."
Who knew finally confessing your love would lead to a series of heart pounding moments with them? Well, you knew that if you were to ever date them, things like that would be a norm but to actually experience it was a whole new world that made you swoon every time, falling more and more in love.
You squeezed Seokjin's hand as the two of you left the room, hoping to silently tell him your happiness and he smiled sweetly, understanding completely, while the other two trailed behind slowly.
"Y/N!" Jungkook couldn't contain his excitement the moment he caught sight of your figure emerging into the kitchen, quick to run to you and pick you up as he spun you around, causing little laughter of squeals to leave you. "How are you still so beautiful even though you've just woken up?" He pouted a little and you were just about to ruffle his head when Taehyung stole you away.
"I made pancakes—!"
"Me too!"
You laughed aloud at the 95 liners eagerly showing you their works of art while Yoongi sat in his seat, clearly still tired.
"I had to help them," he grumbled sleepily so you went to place a soft kiss on his head.
"Can't wake up until you've had your coffee, hm?"
Yoongi chuckled as he held you against him, your body in between his thighs while he rested his head against your tummy. "I need coffee."
"I'll make it."
"For me too!" The rest of them filed in one after the other, wanting your coffee as well.
"You know," you giggled, "you guys don't have to drink caramel macchiatos if you aren't particularly fond of it. It was just my suggestion."
"I once preferred my drinks dark and bitter," Jimin said as he propped his head against your shoulder.
"And I didn't even liked coffee."
"Neither did I," Hoseok added in after Taehyung.
"But sometimes trying something new can open our eyes to better things," Jungkook grinned.
"Like you."
You blinked, titling your head to the side at Seokjin's words. "Like me?"
"Like you," Namjoon affirmed.
Yoongi looked up to meet your eyes. "The black coffee? It's dark and bitter like our cruel world. It's dangerous and frightening, like how we are with everyone else. But the second we got a taste of the sweet" He gifted you a sweet smile of his own. "We will never get tired of it, my dear."
"Never?" Your voice was soft, small, a whisper. But they heard it and you were once again surrounded with overwhelming love.
"Never," they vowed.
You still couldn't believe it, seven ruthless gangsters so cruel to anyone else that would dare cross their paths, yet acting like lovesick teenagers in your presence. A love so sweet that they vowed to last until the end of time, and they deemed to prove it to you from now on.
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yeontanismypresident · 2 years ago
Our One and Only | 01
Tumblr media
Words: 1.9K
Genre: Fluff and I guess a little bit of angst
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Summary: The members didn’t think they could be any more content than they were at the moment. They were getting to become known worldwide and have inspired a significant amount of other hybrids to follow their aspirations. However, when Y/n strolled into the room, they realized they could turn out to be quite a lot more satisfied.
If you’d like to be tagged, let me know in the comments!
Prologue, 01, 02, 03, 04, 
Chapter One
You sighed as you put your school bag down by your desk, slowly stretching your aching muscles. Your mom has been bugging you about when you were planning on visiting, saying it’s been months since they’ve last seen you, which you’ll admit is very true. College has been stressful lately and you hardly had a free day, and if you did they were spent studying. So staying with them for a weekend seemed like the best option. You didn’t have any classes on the weekend and you honestly had nothing better to do. Plus, you really weren’t in the mood to cook dinner or waste money on buying takeout so why not drop by your childhood home?
Laying down on your bed, you just stared at your ceiling wondering what exactly was for dinner. Were you having your favorite? Or were they going to make your least favorite food? A horrified expression appeared when you thought that. Would they do that to you just because you haven’t been visiting? God, you sure hoped they wouldn’t.
Your mother could be heard calling for you from the living room, "Y/n! Would you be able to come here for a second?" You groaned not really looking forward for the walk down the stairs. Why couldn’t they have an elevator in the house? Or better yet, why couldn’t you have teleportation powers. You were far too lazy for this type of exercise.
Getting up from your bed with a pout, you made sure to grab your phone before making your way downstairs. Once you got down there you saw your mother, your brother Jae-Yoon, and his daughter, Yuna. Your niece squealed and ran into your open arms.
“How’s my favorite seven year old doing?” you asked her as you tickled her, making her laugh. She was always a ticklish child.
She squirmed around in your grasp, trying to get a sentence out, “I’m amazing! I’ve missed you Aunt Y/n.” She stared up at you with wide eyes and a huge smile as you finally quit your tickle attack.
“I missed you too cutie,” gently putting her down, you turned towards your brother, “So, why exactly did you decide to visit? Shouldn’t you be in Busan for work?” Jae-Yoon worked as a manager at some big company and couldn’t afford to miss a day.
He hugged you as he answered your question, “Well, you see, uh,” he rubbed the back of his neck before he blurted out the rest of his sentence, “I got Yuna two tickets to the kpop group BTS.”
“Uhh okay? So you guys are staying here for the concert?” you didn’t really comprehend where he was going with this. You didn’t quite understand why he was nervous to say that as you knew how much Yuna loved that group. You were even happy for her being able to meet the seven boys who stole her tiny heart.
Jae sighed and looked at you apologetically, “I know you don’t really care for their music, but I got called in for an emergency in Gimhae, said it would take a week,” he saw you were about to interrupt him so he quickly spoke again, “Come on she’s your niece, if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for her.”
You gave him a slight glare before turning to your niece. She was staring at you with puppy dog eyes and her lips in a pout, “Please Aunt Y/n? I really really want to meet them. Daddy said I couldn’t go if you didn’t take me. This is my only chance to see them.” Her pout deepened when she thought you were going to reject the offer. She didn’t know what she would do if she couldn’t meet them.
“Fine, but only because you’re too cute to resist,” you sighed after a few seconds of silence. Your response made Yuna squeal and attach herself to your leg.  Smiling down at her, you lovingly pat her head.
Pulling out an envelope from his back pocket, Jae handed it to you, “Here I knew you were probably hanging out with Hyuk the night of the concert. I got an extra ticket so he could go with you. Hopefully that way you can at least enjoy yourself a little.”
You grinned and gave him a big hug, “Oh thank you thank you! I don’t mind going now.” You knew he planned all of this, but since you could still spend time with your boyfriend you were willing to take her and not complain. You might even become a fan like Yuna. You couldn’t help but to laugh at that thought, making Jae give you a questioning look. You shook your head and told him, “Don’t worry about it.”
“Great! Are you guys going to stay here or are you going to take her back to your apartment?” Jae had brought in the small suitcase that was filled with some of Yuna’s clothes.
Taking a few minutes you mulled over which one would be the best option, “Probably go back to my apartment. It would be closer to the arena, and plus we could just catch the ride with Hyuk instead of meeting him there.” It would have cost you more money to pay a taxi than just catching a ride with your boyfriend. Yuna was also a heavy sleeper, which meant Hyuk could stay the night with you.
“Mhm that would be a smart idea. Well, I’ve got to leave now if I want to make it to the airport in time,” he said as he pulled Yuna into a loving and tight embrace, “Goodbye sweetie, be good for your aunt, okay?” He let her go, still kneeling down to be her height.
Yuna smiled at her dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Of course daddy! I’m always good for her!” You snorted as you thought of all the times she made your shared time interesting and stressful. She grinned at you and made a ‘shh’ motion, trying not to let her dad see. Though he did and only gave a short laugh before glancing at his watch.
You laughed as you saw your brother’s once happy stare become one of disbelief, “Wait, so you’re only good for her?” He pouted at her jokingly, making her become a giggling mess.
“I am her favorite after all,” you teased him, causing him to scowl at you and Yuna to giggle even more.
Jae just continued to scowl at you before he turned towards your mother, who has been quiet the whole time. You looked at her too, only to see her with an amused smile and joy in her eyes. She had missed hearing the banter of her two children. He looked to his watch and quickly hugged his mom and you, then rushed back to his car shouting a, “Goodbye and have fun!” over his shoulder.
Turning towards Yuna, you gave her an amused grin, “So, how about tomorrow we head back to my apartment and watch some Disney movies?” Yuna smiled from ear to ear and nodded her head fast.
“Could you teach me some more English too?” she always loved when you would talk in your native tongue. She found it fascinating and calming, especially when you would read or sing her to bed.
You chuckled and grabbed her bag and hand, “Of course I can cutie. How about we watch some movies and then you can choose a bedtime story?” You lead her up to your room and set her stuff down next to yours.
“Yes please!” she jumped up and down before sitting down on your bed, watching as you blew up the small air mattress you had for when one of your friends would stay the night back in high school.
As the first movie, Frozen, started playing you let your thoughts get carried away. You really were dreading having to take her to see some boy band, but the more you thought about it the more you liked the idea. You were even becoming quite excited. Sure, you didn’t really care for their music, or them for that matter, but it did mean you got to spend more time with your niece. Living so far away from her and your brother meant you rarely got to see them, and when you did you always cherished the memories. Besides meeting and seeing the first ever hybrid band perform? How could you pass that up.
Tumblr media
The night of the concert finally arrived, quicker than you would have liked. Well you were telling yourself that, but you couldn’t ignore the excitement you started to feel the closer the time to leave came even if you tried. And even though you were starting to be excited, you still would have preferred to just stay in with Hyuk.
Yuna brought you back to reality, “Aunt Y/n can I wear my BTS shirt?” You laughed lightly and told her ‘yes’, matching it with a skirt and some vans. You, on the other hand, just wore a plain black shirt and some skinny jeans. You didn’t need to impress anybody and wanted to be comfortable for the long hours to come. You made sure Yuna was ready and that you had your keys, some extra cash, and your phone. Just as you got done double checking everything, Hyuk texted you saying he arrived. Grabbing Yuna’s hand, you locked the door behind you and made your way to Hyuk’s care.
Halfway to the arena you glanced back and saw Yuna with a pout and tears glistening her eyes, “Hey, what’s wrong sweetie?” You made sure your voice was soft and gentle, not wanting her to get even more upset. This was supposed to be a happy day for her.
“I left my cd in daddy’s car. Now how am I supposed to get them to sign it,” her lips started to shake and you cooed at her that everything would turn out fine. She slowly calmed down once you plugged your phone into the aux and played one of their songs.
Looking towards Hyuk, you both communicated with your eyes and knew you needed to get something for them to sign for her. Hyuk made a small detour and parked in the parking lot of a small music shop. You walked in and asked the lady working where you could find the BTS cds, with her then showing you the selection they had. You grabbed 2 Cool 4 Skool and Skool Luv Affair, proceeding to the checkout area. Two cds should be enough for her right? Once you got back in the vehicle, you guys set off to the arena once more.
After you parked the car in the arena parking lot, you got out and Yuna hugged the both of you, “Thank you, Thank you! She clutched the brand new BTS cds to her chest and looked around excitedly. You both smiled softly at her, her mood lifting both yours and Hyuk’s moods. She was just too precious.
Tumblr media
Right when the members of BTS came out to the table, a scent of roses and vanilla invaded their noses. They all looked at each other with eagerness and anticipation on their expression. All of them knew what it meant, their soulmate was close by. Focusing back on the task of meeting fans was harder than they had originally thought. Everyone thought they were becoming more excited because they were meeting their fans, but only the seven members knew the truth. Sure they were excited to meet their loyal and loving fans, but they were more excited at the prospect of finally meeting you.
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Butterfly (Ot7 x Reader)
Summary: You’d always imagined that your relationship would be over if your seven boyfriends found out you self-harmed. But after a slip up involving Namjoon, everyone finds out about your bad habit. to your surprise they make it clear that they’re not going anywhere.  
Pairing: reader x ot7, all of the members love each other in this one,
Warnings: Panic attacks, Graphic depictions of self-harm, Self-esteem issues, General angst, negative Self-talk, mentions of self-hate, and brief sexual scenes. Brief mentions of self-conscious! Taehyung, Anxious! Jin, Anxious! Yoongi, and recovering anorexic! Jimin
W/c: 7.0k
Song rec: joji - test drive 
A/N: Major trigger warning with this one- I really don’t want anyone to get into a bad place with this one but I need things like this from time to time (I haven’t self-harmed in like 2 years, but Tbh things like this have always helped me stay on track with recovery) 
Tumblr media
When your 7 boyfriends had first found out that you self-harmed, there’s had been a lot of screaming, a lot of crying, and surprisingly; a lot of anger. It had been simple really- everything over in a second, your secret laid out for all to see- well really just Namjoon, but he alone had been enough to make everything fall apart. 
You were always incredibly careful, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts that covered every mark on your body. You only cut when they weren’t at your apartment and there wasn’t a hope of them catching you in the act. You hated it; how you’d lie and do basically anything to keep it from them, do anything to keep your secret just that. After so many years you were too good at hiding it, it was your only release, the only coping mechanism that worked and always had. 
You stopped cutting your wrists in favor of your undercarriage shortly before your relationship had started, all because you wanted to hide it better. You triple checked every lock, checked your phone again and again, just to make sure they hadn’t sent a single text before you started, always.
And It was easy to hide it, given how busy they were. 
Dating one idol was hard enough, and you were dating seven at one time. Sure your relationship might have started casually with all of them, but all it took was a few months to realize that they were all closer than just friends. They were romantically involved with one another, called each other “boyfriend” behind closed doors and a slew of other pet names. 
By the time you got close enough to put two and two together, you’d already gotten too close to all of them, too much a part of their life for them to let you go. And you’d fallen to love with all them to judge. They’d extended an invitation to you to join their relationship soon after. 
But you’d agreed to be theirs against your better judgment. You’d always had your addiction and it had ended more than one relationship. But this time you knew that, knew what would happen if they found out, so you were extra careful and kept it a secret from the get-go. 
You knew that they didn’t need someone difficult- their lives where already hard enough, and your addiction would certainly just add to their stress. You just wanted to be the light in their lives, the only thing steady that they could hold onto but how in the world could you be that for them if they knew how you viewed yourself? How much you hated yourself? The illusion that they where in love with you would fall apart in a second, and you were selfish enough to want things to never change. 
So you promised yourself, if they ever found out, you’d end your relationship,  For their own good. 
but until that moment, you knew that you needed them. They made you a better person, they helped you grow, took away your stress too. There were few better ways you’d rather spend time than cuddled up with Namjoon in his studio, making goofy auto-tuned tracks.
Or playing around with Jungkook and Taehyung on their computers, staying up way too late no matter what kind of schedule they had. Making all of you over again in Sims and spending hours trying to seduce the grim reaper.
 Going on late night walks with Jimin. And talking until the silence settled over the two of you like a blanket,  all bundled up in your warmest clothes warming your hands with his. 
Or Playing basketball with Yoongi, one on one, and getting way too into it with him, eventually collapsing when you got too tired. You’d sit outside if it was warm or moving to a convenience store for ramen if it was too cold. Sometimes the maknae’s would join but more often than not Yoongi liked having that time just with you. 
Or the mornings you got to get up and have coffee with Seokjin. The sleepy and slow lull of domesticity that both of you craved sometimes. The two of you were the only early risers in your bunch, enjoying each other’s quiet peaceful companionship in the early morning light. Your legs often strung over his, while you worked from your computer, occasionally showing him what you were working on while he watched a drama on his phone or read the news. 
or Spending hours goofing off with Hoseok, exploring the city, taking subway rides with no idea of where you’re getting off. Only getting off when one of you says, “here seems nice?” and then wandering your way back until you got frustrated and took a cab. 
Your relationship was fun and light-hearted and good for all of you. So healthy, everyone always made sure to communicate with each other when they felt like they were being distant or when they felt they needed some one on one time with their girlfriend; and the others were careful to reciprocate the request for space. 
Though more often than not, it wasn’t a request for more space, but less. Every day you get so many texts of:
“Good morning sweetheart <3” 
“Good afternoon my sunshine!” 
“Did you eat today Jagi?” 
“Wanna grab a coffee if you’ve got time?” 
“Oh my god this new choreography is killing me, will you be over later for dinner?” 
“Thinking about last night is making me crazy, I need you so bad right now.”
“Can you come over for a little bit? I'm feeling really stressed out and I know it takes you 45 minutes to get here from work but I just, I really need you here right now… ” 
You’d do anything for them, you love them so much, and they make you feel so loved. You could never risk this peace you had with them by telling them how much you were struggling with your mental health. Even when it got really bad especially when they went on tour for extended periods of time and there was nothing to distract you. You loved them too much to be a burden. You needed them too much to let something as silly as your self-esteem (or lack thereof) ruin it. 
It was too easy at first- to hide it from them. Being intimate wasn’t a problem as you weren’t the only one who liked to keep a shirt on during sex. Taehyung didn’t like it when the others touched his stomach or pectorals on account of how ticklish he was. And because he was self-conscious about his body, he kept his shirt on whenever in the presence of someone else. No one ever judged the either of you for it, or pressured, they were too respectful for that. 
And during group sex, which wasn’t common at all and reserved only for long vacations or if someone requested it for a birthday. Taehyung would grab onto your hands to reassure you when you both disrobed to your shirts and no further. (it was more usual for one or two of your lovers to drag you into bed with them on account of their busy schedule)  
Not that your collective boyfriends, would ever judge you or push you to do more than you were comfortable with. If there was one thing they were all too good at it was respecting boundaries. 
You’d lied and told them that you were self-conscious about your body too. Which wasn’t exactly the truth but it wasn’t a lie either. Your lack of figure and your looks was just icing on the cake for your self-esteem, of course, you had to be both messed up and ugly. 
No matter how much they tried to assure you that your chest was amazing you never let them see under your shirt. Sure you let them cop feels, Jungkook especially liked to call your boobs his favorite pillow, but that was as far as it ever went The other boys had teased him mercilessly about it when they’d found out. Hands pressed and pinched always over your shirt but never under it. 
You’d only let them see your boobs once. You’d let Hobi pull down your black tank top to your just below your breasts. And let his thumbs stroke up and down the sensitive skin, even popping a nipple into his mouth. It was such a strange yet pleasant sensation that you’d cried out.
And he’d given you a devilish smirk as he taunted you by saying “My my my- didn’t know my princess was so sensitive here” against your better judgment you’d let him continue. 
You’d overheard him talking about it a few days later to Jungkook saying, “She loved it so much- she’s never been vocal like that before.”
“If she likes it so much I wonder why she never lets us see them.” Jungkook pouted.  It wasn’t a complaint- you knew enough that they respected your preferences too much to criticize you. It was more than he was just curious as too why. 
“Maybe you could ask her so that you could feel them too- they were so soft.” You’d already herd enough- and disappeared back to your apartment. 
That night you’d thrown out each and every one of your tank tops and cleavage-baring shirts- worried that the more brazen of the bunch would try one day- or would ask you and he’d be too close, mere inches away from your darkest secret, and no matter how much you wanted to indulge them- there where some lines that you just didn’t cross and this was one of them.
It had been Namjoon who had been the last straw- the one that had exposed your secret. You often spent nights with just one of them when your busy schedule didn’t align with each others. You were just about to turn in when Namjoon called you- and told you with his breathy voice that he needed you tonight. Who were you to deny him? Even though it was late you made the trip across town to the dorm. 
Namjoon’s mouth was hot and heavy against yours the second you walked in. “Everyone’s been asleep for hours but I couldn’t-” he said, cutting himself off as he hungrily kissed you “-will you be able to stay the night?” he asked in between kisses, pressing you up against the wall of the entryway not even letting you kick off your shoes. You giggled when he pulled back.
“I can if you want me too,” you said with a smile. 
“Always want you too,” he murmured against your mouth, already half drunk with you, gripping your hips harshly in his hands. He lead you towards his bedroom, grabbing handfuls of your ass playfully every few feet, truly unable to keep his hands off you. Only the corner lamp was on. Casting the room in a hazy rosy light, the windows covered against the twinkling Seoul night.  
He yanked your pants down with a giggle, shucking the tight denim with a smile. This one of your lovers was always playful- very rarely rough and only when he was so tightly wound it felt like he was going to snap. He preferred to be loving and passionate especially so late at night when all he really wanted was to feel your warmth around him. 
In the moments of ecstasy, his groans and promises of love uttered against your damp skin as he thrust deep into you. You were so on cloud nine, so far tipped over the edge again and again and lost to the feeling of how perfectly he fit inside of you, that you weren’t watching, or taking care to make sure his hands stayed fisted above your head. They inched underneath your long sleeve grey shirt (stolen from Hobi), curling around your ribcage fingers brushing over the raised marks- old and new, deep and shallow. 
They felt so jagged, so raised to the tips of Namjoon’s sensitive fingers. He knew what they were instantly. 
He froze mid thrust, his eyes snapping open, “Jagiya?” but you were already pushing him away, backing up against the headboard your eyes wide, panicked and afraid. 
Namjoon wasn’t aggressive, but he pinned you to the bed and pulled up the edge of your shirt to confirm his suspicions, and visually confirm what he’d felt. It took his breath away. The red marks- new, barely healed like you’d made them today. They crisscrossed along the skin under your breasts, stretching to the bottom of your ribs where older scars under marks that were probably weeks old. Some deeper ones that looked like they’s been healing for years.   faded white lines that were no longer raised.  
He only gets a peek at them before you’re rolling out of his hold and off the bed, moving frantically to grab your jeans. He catches your wrist in his hands stopping you momentarily “Why didn’t you- darling please-” you rip your arm out of his hold. 
“Don’t say it Namjoon, don’t you dare say it,” you say through gritted teeth, failing to find your socks on the floor. tears threatening to fall, as the intimate moment is pried apart by your secret. 
“Y/n- just wait for a second, talk to me please.” it felt like his heart was breaking, your eyes were diverted to the floor, you couldn’t look at him as you stumble and try to yank your jeans over your hips with your shaing hands. You Couldn’t stand to see the shame in his eyes directed at you. You start to gather your jacket- your wallet strewn on the floor. 
“I’ll have one of my friends come by and pick up anything I’ve left here in the morning,” you risk looking at him, and find him staring at you open-mouthed, he tugs up his boxers. 
“No- no, why are you leaving? Can’t we at least talk about this?” you pause at the door of his room, your hand tightening around the doorframe. 
Some part of you, the part of you that wants something other than keep being like this, wants to stay. But you know you can’t. Your head is spinning with and you need to get away from his look that is slowly prying apart your defenses. you need to get out of here, your fight or flight response engages, telling you to run away when you feel vulnerable.
“Why would you take your things? What did you mean by that- are you.” he stuttered out. Not letting he finish the sentence before his throat closed. Filling with emotion, as you flinched away from his words. 
“I know what you’ll say Joon, you’ll either tell me that you can’t be with me now that you know- or you’ll give me an ultimatum- stop or we’re through- so let me do the better thing for all of us and just go- save us both the trouble. You don’t need this in your life right now with all-“ 
Namjoon feels anger spark in him even though he wills his temper to say down. it leaks into his tone even though he dosen’t want it too, even though he can feel it makeing things worse “Don’t dare you tell me what I need Y/n. I need you- I’ve always-” 
“What’s going on?” a voice says, from the open door, at the worst possible moment Yoongi appears in the doorway, his headphones slung around his neck, looking adorable in his rumpled black tee-shirt that he’d probably been sleeping in. He doesn’t look angry that he’s been woken up- just concerned, behind him Jimin pokes his head out, his hair mussed from sleep, rubbing at his eyes sleepily. You didn’t realize how loud you were being.
Fuck- everyone was probably awake, and now you’ll have to do this in front of all of them. You can’t- you can’t break up with all of them face to face. You didn’t want to- but you knew you had to. Like you’d said, you wouldn’t add to their stress. But you didn’t want to say goodbye. You’ve never wanted to do anything less. 
“I have to go.” You say again, You swallow down your emotions, pushing past Namjoon and Yoongi, the words send a shock down Jimin’s spine- truly rousing him from sleep- there was something about the way that you said ‘go’ that sounded different but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Go like go for good. 
“Will you be back tomorrow?” He asks. you meet his eyes, but don’t respond, tugging on your shoes as quickly as you can- like you need to leave- you’re running away from him- from Namjoon, from everyone.
In the entirety of your relationship you’d never been so eager to leave them behind, you’d always been one to linger, to push the time till the last train. But Now you’re running out the door. “What the hell happened?” Yoongi asks again, snagging your wrist. 
“Don’t make this harder than this needs to be,” you say, fixing him with a cold stare, trying to keep the emotion off your face. Oh, Jimin realizes, so that’s what this is- a breakup. Jimin freezes, his heart beginning to shatter. 
He can only watch as his two boyfriends try to get you to stop. Yoongi can hear Jungkook and Seokjin talking in the bedroom, poking their heads through the door along with Hoseok. Taehyung appears from the kitchen, Yeontan barking around his heels, at the commotion. 
Everyone’s here now- to listen to you, the words you say, have them all in a state of disbelief, are they really listening to you say the words. Did they really just hear what you said and are they seeing this right? Are you really trying to leave as quickly as you can? Or is this just a bad dream? A nightmare?
Your hand is on the door nob. Namjoon’s shout breaks the spell. 
“Don’t treat us like this! Don’t walk away from us, when- Fuck! I just want to help you and you're just not letting me!” Namjoon shouts, anger making his hands shake, “None of us can walk away from you- and we care, don’t fucking push me away when I just want to fucking help!” 
Something about the way that Namjoon says the words makes you stop. You want to pass through the door. Leave, you scream, its what they deserve, what they need. But you can’t make yourself move. You’d promised yourself, reminded yourself after every time you cut, that you won’t stay and be a negative force in their lives, that if they found out you’d leave them for their own good. 
You’d promised. 
But for some reason hearing his words is breaking you apart- at that moment you’ve never needed to cut more, never wanted to go so deep. 
Your breath swells in your chest, tightening the skin to the point where it clogs your airway as you freeze. Your mind in a jumble. Filled with Namjoon’s resolute expression, the sound of Jimin crying, Yoongi’s barely there labored breath. 
Everything goes blurry for a moment and then Seokjin is in front of you, broad shoulders blocking you from exiting the doorway before you can make the choice. You stumble. And his hands find your arms, 
“Y/n you need to breathe,” he says, but you barely hear his voice- like it’s echoing through a canyon from a long distance away, your brain is on fire, and your lungs are burning, Seokjin’s hands come up to your shoulders. “Breathe,” he begs, panicked, a command that you physically can not follow. 
The first breath you heave in shatters Namjoon shatters all of them. In the nearly 2 years of dating them, they’d never once heard you cry. Sure you’d let out a tear or two after a movie, and cried into Jimin’s chest that one time he’d collapsed on stage. But not this, this labored breathing and the fat tears rolling down your cheeks as you trembled under the weight of all their stares. The kind of sobbing that comes from things that have been held in for far too long.
You’re breaking open in front of them. 
Your vision is so blurry you can’t see- but you’re dimly aware of Yoongi’s voice behind you as you hyperventilate. The words panic attack and alone make it through your brain- the haze of adrenaline and despair that’s picked up your senses and scrambled them like pieces of paper in a tornado. You can’t see, you can’t breathe, you can’t move. Gentle hands, thick and Vigny- Yoongi’s, guide you, you hear his gentle voice, the gentle close of a door. 
Then there is a second pair of hands, equally as long but softer, Hoseok, takes off your shoes, your pants, hands hover on your hips, grabbing at the underside of your shirt. 
“No! No!” you cry, going lucid for a moment, your hands gripping his harshly- stopping him from taking off your shirt. You see Hoseok, his eyes tear-filled as he holds up his hands to show you that he’s not a threat. Tears cloud your vision again just before Yoongi shuts the light. Your senses dull in the darkness and ironically things get clearer for a moment. Hoseok’s hands pull sweatpants up your legs and Yoongi pulls a sweatshirt over your head. Arms encircle your waist; a hand folds your head against a shoulder as they lie down, their arms crushing you folding you in between chests, holding you as tightly as possible. 
You’re dimly aware- this is the same position you and Hoseok, or you and Jimin and the others do for Yoongi and Seokjin- who both have panic attacks too, but for different reasons. 
It’s suspicious to Yoongi now, the first time he’d had a panic attack and you’d been present. You’d done the same thing for him and it had helped so much more than his old habit of sitting underneath the shower in someone’s arms until the aftershocks of anxiety had dissipated enough for him to fall into a fitful sleep. 
But you’d taken one look at Yoongi, shaky with his chest heaving, pulled him into the nearest bed and crushed him into your arms, shut off the lights and just talked to him. And it had been so much better than feeling cold and shaky for days like he used too. 
The next day he’d spent wrapped up in you, and you in him and eventually he’d gotten the question out. How did you know how to take care of a panic attack so well? You’d lied he realized now, you’d said that you had an ex-boyfriend who had also had panic attacks and you’d learned that way. But now he realized that you probably knew because you had them too. 
“Let it out honey- you’ve been keeping it in for so long, just let it out. Just-” soft cajoling words eventually fade to “we’ll keep your pieces together.” “We’re not going to leave you, not ever.” “I love you, we all love you so much.” whispered against your hair over and over again like a mantra keeping you tethered. 
In the darkness of the room its all Hoseok can say, again and again, until his voice goes hoarse.  
Yoongi clicks the door closed behind him, next to him, Hoseok looks as exhausted as Yoongi feels emotional. Stumbling, Yoongi catches him, “I’m okay,” the redhead says, his hands tightening on yoongis slender arms.  “Yoongi what was that? What just happened?” Yoongi just hums and folds the taller man into his side as they walk like a many-legged creature back towards the living room. 
But in truth, Yoongi can’t even start to put it together, his brain has gone into full panic mode, nothing gets through besides actions. It’s always this way when any of his family gets hurt. Like the time that Jimin collapsed on stage, or Jungkook had, He didn’t think- didn’t really feel anything until it was over. Until Jimin was smiling back up at him with a heartbroken smile- it was only then that he’d broken, that he’d let his emotions, the panic and the fear- wash over him like a wave. 
And in the moment that he had seen your panicked face in Namjoon’s room he hadn’t been feeling not really.  Hoseok is still crying a little bit, face red and eyes wet. Yoongi offers only a hand down his arm before they’re in the living room. He could call his boyfriends a still life with how no ones moving, but Jungkook is pacing- agitated. 
Namjoon is sitting on the edge of the couch; next to him sits Jimin, Seokjin leans up against the doorframe while Tae is trying to get Jungkook to stop. Hoseok goes to sit next to Jimin while Yoongi crosses his arms. The room is silent achingly so Jungkook’s grate of his feet against the carpet is the only noise. 
“So.” Yoongi says, feeling his anger just barely spark beneath his placid surface, “you want to tell me what just made our girlfriend break down like that? What the fuck you did Namjoon? What you did to make her almost fucking leave us?” the words are biting, directed at the silver-haired man who sits with his head in his hands. The words come slowly, but Yoongi’s patient, anger burning through him like a slow wildfire. 
“I didn’t- I was only- she- she’s been-” Namjoon stutters, it’s so rare to see the younger man at a loss for words, he looks like he’s about to sink to the floor or vomit or start yelling or all three.  
“Just spit it out already.” Jungkook snaps the second Tae snags his wrist. 
“She’s been self-harming,” Namjoon says without meeting any of their eyes, “We were- and I felt them- and then she was just leaving- and I could tell she wasn’t okay- and I just wanted her to stay and talk-“  
“You only felt them? Are you sure that’s what you felt? That’s a big accus-“ Seokjin starts to say but Namjoon interprets him, his voice cracking. 
“I saw th-em,” he utters tears finally spilling over. “I lifted her shirt and- they were just, they looked so-“ 
“Joon,” Yoongi asks closing his eyes for a moment, willing his tears to stay down, because he needs to know, he needs to know if he should go wake you up and take you to the hospital. 
“Deep- and there where scars too- like she’d been doing it for a long time.” Next, to him, Jungkook explodes, his fist flying into the shelf- it cracks apart, tossing books onto the floor. 
Taehyung isn’t far behind, but he’s not quick enough “fuck! Fuck!” he yells, kicking the lamp- it shatters against the wall, it’s light fizzling, casting the room back into the harsh glow of only the overhead lights. Taehyung restrains Jungkook by tossing his arms around his own and dragging him back, shouting his name through sobs, the two sink to the floor as Jungkook loses his fight just as quick as he gained the burst of energy.  
Against the door frame, Seokjin sags, his head spinning. Yoongi sways on his feet as Hoseok starts sobbing in Ernest, Jimin looks like the words haven’t sunken in, his chocolate eyes wide, lips parted, he lets in one shaky breath before he gets up and then sits back down. “How did we not realize it,” he says, Hoseok is rubbing at his eyes, trying to stop the tears that just won’t stop falling.  
“We’re never around- we go on tour for half the year and even when we’re in the same city we can barely give her more time than a booty call- what do you fucking expect?” Taehyung directs at Jimin, and though the words are biting- they’re equally as self-directed as they are directed at his boyfriend's. They’re all to blame here. 
Seokjin feels like he’s going to actually vomit. He’d always thought of himself as a very attuned lover and a naturally perceptive caregiver. He always notices, he notices when Jimin ‘forgets’ to eat. When Joon and Yoongi say that everything’s going “fine” with management. When Hoseok says the new moves are “easy.” so how did he miss you saying you were “alright”? He’s always trying to help in any way that he can. 
How had he missed the fact that one of the 7 lights in his life was diming? That you were slowly winking out?  How the fuck was he such a bad boyfriend? How did you miss something like that? That someone you loved was hurting- and in such a keen way that the only way they could deal with it was to increase that pain and make it real. Seokjin felt like he was going to be sick with shame. 
“After- she-she said she’d leave- she said that we didn’t think we’d want her anymore.”  
“No.” Hoseok, Seokjin, and Jimin say at the same time. Taehyung actually tries to go down the hall to Yoongi’s room where you’re sleeping off your panic attack. But Seokjin catches him in his arms pulling the younger into his chest. on the floor, Jungkook runs his fingers through his hair and says nothing. 
“No- We need to talk through what we need to do- how we fix this,” Seokjin says.
“How the fuck could she think that?” Jimin asks vehemently. “She’s- she’s our person.” And he is right, you’re the person that makes life bearable for all of them. 
“I don’t think there’s any fixing it,” Namjoon says under his breath, he doesn’t want it to be true. He tells them in a rush about your words. About ultimatums and everything, you’d hinted at. Yoongi too- the sun is almost rising by the time Yoongi goes back into his room. Taehyung and Jimin in toe. 
The two boys trap you in a cage of arms and Yoongi’s heart hurts when you sleepily nuzzle into the space between Jimin’s collarbones (which had finally started to look less sharp after the events of last year) and his neck. A small but tired smile tugging at your features though you're still entirely asleep. 
Jimin starts shaking and clutches you like you might try to slip away in the night, but Yoongi just sits in his comfortable chair in the corner. Watching his lovers curled up in his bed. Wondering how many more nights he’ll be able to see it. His mind races, all thoughts of sleep forgotten. 
He’ll stay up all night if he has too. He’s not letting you go. 
None of them will. 
When you wake in the next morning, the light is streaming through the blinds at a high angle. The bed around you is empty, but it must be nearing midday. You always sleep so well after panic attacks and usually for longer. The memories with that flood back, Namjoon, his hands on your cuts. All of them watching as your careful mask falls apart apart apart. 
In the haze of anxiety, everything feels too bright and real. You can hear the sound of the boys in the kitchen, their voices, turning over and over, something falls, someone laughs, lightly, and you hear the deep rumble of Yoongi’s voice mixed with the loose timbre of Jungkook’s. 
You don’t want to ruin a good morning with your presence, but you swallow and stand, cracking open the door. The 7 voices in the kitchen of their dorm pause for a moment. And then Taehyung’s standing at the end of the hallway a cup of coffee clutched in his hands. You must look apprehensive because Taehyung holds out his hand for you to take wordlessly. You shakily step forward and let him pull you into the kitchen. 
They do their best to look nonchalant, try not to stare at you with expressions of concern and hurt. Jin is the first to speak, trying to maintain an air of calm. “I made some eggs if you want to- you should sit.” 
Namjoon pulls out a chair for you so roughly that it catches on the edge of Jimin’s and almost knocks him out of it, where he’s looking up at you with wide eyes, hands tightening on the edge of the table, you sit without meeting anyone’s eyes. They let out a collective sigh of relief when you sit down shakily.  
“I’ll get you a cup of coffee,” Hoseok says, standing abruptly and almost falls into Jin who’s turning over your favorite omelet, with cheese and ham and lots of tomatoes just like you like it. 
He shakily pours you a cup, spilling some on the counter before he turns, knocking right into Yoongi, the coffee mug slipping out of his hands, it shatters against the hard floor, the hot coffee splashing against Jungkook’s feet and your own/ you instantly stand from your chair and go to help him, kneeling down to where he’s trying to scoop up the bits. 
“No I’ve got it you-you could hur-“ Hoseok’s throat closes around the words, because he was going to say “hurt yourself” and he realized a little too late that those where the wrong words to use. And it's then that he raises his face to yours, his eyes are filling with tears and concern, worry and desolation fill his eyes making you flinch back. 
“Hobi” you start to say. 
“No it’s fine I’ll clean it up- it’s my fault.” Are you the only one who senses the double meaning behind his words? 
“Darling,” Jimin says gently behind you, his hand on your shoulder “your breakfast is ready,” you stand back up, going back to the chair. 
“Won’t you guys eat too?” 
“We ate a few hours ago.” Jungkook’s says, he’s been silent the whole time you’ve been here, and his arms are crossed, his broken brown eyes piercing as you catch his gaze, looking away again, but he keeps staring at you, his jaw tight. You can’t stand to meet any of their eyes, really. 
You eat your omelet in silence, getting through about half of it. Before you can’t stomach the quiet in the room anymore. It’s Yoongi who starts talking first, he’s not sitting with the rest of you, he’s been standing next to the coffee maker, watching you and tracking your movements since you entered the room. Yoongi does this when he gets stressed, refusing to sit. you can tell by the way his eyes look that he hasn’t slept a wink all night. He clutches at the mug of coffee in his hands to stop them from shaking. 
“We can’t make you open up if you don’t want to Jagiya” he says, “We can’t make you confide in us, and tell us when you’re in trouble emotionally, or when you need us if you don’t at least try; and I want you to try- we want you too.” 
Yoongi continues before you can interrupt. “But if you think that you can’t talk to us about this- about absolutely everything and anything that’s happening with you, then this obviously hasn’t been as equal a relationship as we’ve always thought- I tell you when I’m having a bad day,” Yoongi says quietly, the last sentence half an accusation, Yoongi gnaws on his lower lip. 
“I tell you when I’m feeling self-conscious about my tummy.” Taehyung pipes up.
“When I’m feeling lost in my head, you ground me” Namjoon confesses. 
“When I’m too tired to do anything you’re there to hum me to sleep and dissolve my worries,” Hoseok whispers. Covering his face with a hand. 
“You can tell when I get anxious, which I can’t even tell them half the time, you always know what i need” Seokjin says, tripping over his words. 
“I can tell you when I don’t feel like I can eat, and you never make me do that? you just talk to me and before I know it I’m better-  Why do you think that we would pressure you?” Jimin chokes out. 
He grabs your hand in his off the table before his other runs a line down your back. he hides his face in your shoulder gently, almost like he’s afraid of putting his full weight on you. like youre going to push him away. at the same moment the youngest, the only one who hasn’t said anything utters a single sentence. quiet and barely there “I need to know why.” 
You stay silent for a moment, and honestly, they don’t think you’re going to respond. They think you’re about to get up, thank them, and leave. But you steal yourself, You make your hand go limp in Jimin’s, trying to pull it out of his grasp. You bite your lip and run your hands over your face in a gesture that looks so vulnerable before you start to speak, your voice only slightly above a whisper. 
“It’s a way to deal when I can’t- when I can’t process things and when I get overwhelmed I guess. But it’s also Like for that moment all the ways that everything’s fucked up, that I’m fucked up are okay? Cuz I’m paying for it” Your eyes are on your half-finished omelet, you can tell they’re looking at you, but you won't meet their eyes.
“Honey you’re not fucked up, you're the strongest person I know,” Seokjin chokes out, he’s crying too now, half of them are. As he moves and cups your cheeks in his hands, Your expression turns dark, and the little eye contact you’ve managed to make with them goes away as your eyes find the darkness of your coffee cup again. shaking your head out of his hands. Your next words shock all of them. 
“Please don’t lie to me.” I know that I am. If there was any doubt about your condition- it has been blown away but the utter certainty in your voice. A self-directed anger and hate that they can’t even fathom to understand. Not yet anyway. But fuck it they’re not going to try their hardest starting today to understand this part of you. 
“Have you ever tried to stop or thought about stopping?” Jungkook asks, and Yoongi can’t help but take in the way that you flinch. The moment imprints itself on his memory. And he dosent now but later it will keep him awake, Jungkook’s words, uttered without sympath, and the way they hit you like a blow. 
“It’s not so simple.”
“Why not? Stop and you’ll be better, we could make you better-” 
“Jungkook-” Hoseok sobs, sounding more betrayed then you could imagine. 
“I know it sounds fucked up- but I’m- I’m addicted to it, I know it’s crazy that it makes me feel almost high. It makes me feel… I need it- I can’t explain it better than that.” 
“It grounds you,” Namjoon says, tipping his head to the side, his hand on his face as he leans into the table. You know he understands the need for grounding. He’s pursing his lips, his eyes- ancient and aching as he meets yours, but yours flit away againg.
“Exactly.” You say, “I don’t think I could stop if I tried.”
“But you haven’t, you were ready to let this tear us apart and you wouldn't even try-” Jungkook’s tongue prods at the inside of his cheek as he shakes his head, his chocolate eyes angry when you look at him for the first time. “That’s bullshit Y/n.” 
You flinch; Seokjin grips the back of Jungkook’s neck hard, his fingertips biting, “Kooky.” He says, a warning. But Jungkook doesn’t want to hear it as he slaps Seokjin’s hand away, pushing back from the table roughly.  
The seven of you watch as he gets up and walks away without another word, without another glance at you.  You try to swallow when you hear the sound of his bedroom door slamming shut violently enough to rattle the walls. Blinking back the stinging in your eyes you put your head in your hands and your heart breaks. You feel like you’re drowning like you’re choking on water that isn’t there. You try to speak through the emotion in your voice, but it barely comes out. 
“Like I told Namjoon last night- I’m not good with ultimatums. There’s no ‘we’ll leave you if you cut again’ with me- because I will. I know I will.  Before you-” You have to pause for a second because the memory is still too raw. You’d internalized the words your last significant other had screamed at you when you’d confided in them.  “How do you ever expect someone to love you- to stay- if you keep doing shit like that to yourself?”
“I’ve had other people leave me over this. I understand if you guys don’t want to be with me anymore, now that you know that I’m- I’m fucked up. I’m sorry I lied to you, but I didn’t think I had any other choice.” Your eyes are on the ground as you stand up; a hand finds your wrist gripping yours. Jimin. 
“I’ll leave right now if you want me too- you don’t have to deal with me, with this, this is my problem, most of why I didn’t tell you is because I didn’t want to be just another thing added to your plates, I still don’t want to be…” 
“Please don’t leave us, please don’t leave me.” Jimin chokes out, his lower lip quivering. his hands wrap around your waist pressing his face into your abdomen. 
“If we can’t help you- what do we do? How do we watch you do this to yourself without stepping in.” Seokjin steps forward, taking your hand in his, as always his very presence is a comforting balm, his hand in yours a steady anchor point.
“I want to help you-you know- you know me.” Seokjin plays with your hands, now he’s holding them and realized, the same hands that love him so so well, are the ones that hurt you. “You know how sometimes I hover, and just like you can’t promise that it won't happen, I can’t promise that I won't try.” 
“Don’t ask us not to try to help you,” Taehyung whispers, rubbing his tears away with shaking fingers. You stay silent, you can’t agree with them just like they can't agree with you. you’re at an impasse. 
“How about” Namjoon starts after a moment of silence, swallowing back a lump in his throat “how about we take it day by day?” Is all he says, the audible gulp from all the boys is audible in the room. As you look at him, he can see the trepidation in every inch of your frame. 
“I can’t promise you much,” you say, “but I’ll-” your throat closes, not letting you speak. you don't want to make promises that you can’t keep. 
One by one they come to stand by you and join Jimin in hugging your frame the first to envelop you in their warm and strong arms is Seokjin, then Tae who presses his head into your shoulder. one by one the others wrap you up in their arms holding you, everyone a little teary, everyone holds on for dear life. 
And at that moment you know in your heart that they might wake up one day and decided that they really can't handle the broken and shattered parts of you- but you hope that they don't so badly. You hope you can stay like this forever. maybe one day, things will be different. 
“Do you think Jungkook-” a sob chokes off your words and someone's hands wipe the tears from your face.
It’s Yoongi who responds, his voice thick with emotion “He’ll come around” you hope he’s right. 
*Find Part 2 in my masterlist*
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minniepetals · a year ago
Tumblr media
— summary: things have never been easy for you but you never expected it’d be them that would make things easier
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, fluff, mafia!au, gangsters!bts, rich!reader
— word count: 7.7k
— warnings: (triggering topics!) reader is sold to bangtan, dysfunctional family, allusions to an abusive father/husband, harassment, reader has a tough life growing up, guns, violence, jungkook calls her a whore (but apologizes), mentions of death, minor character death, insomniac!reader, nightmares, hurt and comfort
— rec music: finding hope - nightlight
Starlight star bright.
Fallen stars shooting in your dreams.
A wish, a hope. A prayer to escape from the world. From responsibilities and from the sacrifices that keeps you trapped in these chains of yours. 
You keep yourself from feigning a smile, knowing it means nothing, knowing there is no reason to fake anything when the rest of the world is already doing the job.
Your father doesn't love you.
If he does, he wouldn't have thrown you out of his life when things got too hard, too difficult because he messed with the wrong man.
The same man whom you kneel in front of. The same man who takes your face in his hands, gentler than your father can ever, and gives you a blank look when you meet his gaze.
Call it sickening but his eyes look quite lovely.
Beautiful even.
Maybe that is why you don't flinch away when he holds a sinister smirk. Or perhaps you had already gotten used to your father's actions and now he's the only one that can ever make you feel afraid.
That's why you can't be afraid of the mafia boss.
Because even though he kills, he doesn't hurt you.
Maybe not yet, maybe you're still expecting it, but his hands never hangs in the air, hoping to swipe it right across your face.
"Why do you always stay awake?"
You turn around from the window, catching the gaze of one of his most trusted men.
Park Jimin leans against the door to your supposed room, the moonlight illuminating his pretty face. He has an arched brow, pillow lips pressed together, arms crossed against his chest.
"Is the room not to your pleasing?" He asks you. A soft yet hard tone. "Do you need a bigger room, princess?"
He mocks you. The daughter of a businessman who should have known the consequences to his actions and now his business is at stake, with his daughter in the hands of one of the darkest gangs.
He played with the wrong card and these men will never let you forget it.
Yet you remain calm as you shake your head lightly. Sincerely. "I am thankful for this room," you tell him.
"Then sleep."
As if it is easy.
As if it had always been easy.
"I...will try," you promise him, not brave to go up against him or make excuses. He is scary but not as scary as your father.
You wonder what your father is doing right now. Is he sleeping? Living a better life now that you are gone?
You wonder if your mother is alright.
But then again, she's escaped him so perhaps she is indeed living a life far better than when she lived with the two of you.
"Trying is not hard enough," Jimin says and your gaze falls to the floor.
"I'm sorry."
Jimin scoffs. "Sorry?" He repeats. "For what? Not sleeping?"
"Yes," you hum softly, "and for being here."
"Not really your choice now is it?" He steps away from the door, arms uncrossing. "You've got to be braver than this, princess." The name is lighter. "There's no need to apologize for something you had no control over."
"Still, I.." you watch your hands hold each other, gripping against one another tightly, "I'm sorry for what he's done."
"That should be his words, baby, not yours."
You hear the door click closed and his footsteps echoing away.
"You know how to treat wounds?"
Hoseok stares at the concentrated look on your face, lips pursed, eyes barely blinking one bit as your fingers work their ways stitching him up.
"I've often had to do this," you tell him and it's a bit of surprise. "My father..gets in trouble many times."
He raises a brow. "He's messed with other gangs?"
"I have no clue on the backgrounds. He doesn't tell me and I am in no position to ask."
"You're his daughter."
You don't reply, just keeping quiet.
But he sees you blink, sees the slight hesitation in your hands, how your eyes just stares blankly for a brief moment before returning to focus.
You try to hide it but he knows there's something going on that isn't right.
He shouldn't be surprised. Your father is the one who offered Namjoon to take you in the first place and they allowed it only because they believed you were someone worthy to your father.
But it looks like that isn't the likely story.
He's tricked them, so maybe this should be the moment when he lets the rest know to kick you out.
You're not a pawn anymore at this point.
But he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel like making a move.
The halls of the mansion is dark and empty even when it is daylight so you can never really come to understand how much time has passed until you return to your room, tired and drowsy and check the windows.
It is usually dark by the time you come back from your duties of cleaning and cleaning but even then you can't fall asleep.
Some days are harder than the rest but it's better.
Better than playing your father's puppet in the media as the world's perfect daughter.
"Why don't you ever complain?"
You look up from scrubbing the floors, holding your forearm against your forehead to wipe the sweat.
Yoongi stands in front of you, dirty shoes on so you know you'll have to redo the floors all over again. Yet surprisingly to him, you show no sign of distress.
"You seemed to be living the perfect life as a rich man's daughter," he scoffs, "not that he's rich anymore. So why aren't you saying anything?"
You remain quiet for a moment and usually he'll hurt the ones who hesitates to answer him right away but to your surprise, he does nothing but wait for you.
"It's fake," you whisper.
His brows crease.
"The perfect life," you answer the unspoken question. "It's not perfect, as you can see."
"Oh?" A brow arches and he sounds a little amused. "I thought he was just desperate."
"He is," you say, "desperate to throw me away."
"Well," Yoongi begins to turn away, his steps walking off, "this just got a little more interesting."
You return to your duties, choosing to ignore what he means because you're sure he will not speak his mind if you ask.
You're afraid to ask. .
The library is more difficult to clean because it is so big but you enjoy yourself there more than most rooms.
Mostly because you get to take a moment to read a few things. No one comes in anyways, which brings out the question as to why waste a whole room filled with books when everything is dusty, as if no one has ever touched a thing.
Your breath hitches at the sound and you're quick to get back on your feet, book slammed closed and placed right back into its slot.
The boss raises his brow. "Mythology?"
"F-forgive me, sir." You lay your head low, too afraid to meet his disapproving eyes.
"You like mythology?" He asks an unexpected question and you know you have to answer.
"It...interests me."
"Does it?" You nod. "Which one?"
"...Hades and Persephone, sir."
Namjoon chuckles. It isn't anything like the dark chuckles he gives to the ones that have offended him and you wonder why.
"What about that story interests you?"
"Well," you say. It's a little easier to speak. "I just..find it quite lovely. Persephone would have been a forgotten goddess if Hades had not given her purpose. Their love created the seasons. The darkness fell in love with the flower."
"More like he fell for her and stole her away to his kingdom."
"But she eventually found love within the Underworld God as well," you point out. "He showed her kindness, showed her that he's capable of love as well, and that he isn't as heartless and cruel as everyone deems him to be."
He takes a moment to be silent, his eyes meeting yours, the same ones that refused to be afraid of him from the moment he had first taken a good look at you.
You were pure, still pure, and too innocent to fall into the hands of a father who couldn't show his own daughter some bit of love.
Namjoon finds it disgusting honestly, and figured that was the case when you were first offered to him. So after finding out it was indeed true from Yoongi, the fact only makes him more bitter.
"I'm sure the God only felt a change in him because of her."
Yet you shake your head gently at his words. "No one can change you, you do that yourself," you say. "The people around you are the ones that inspires you to change."
Namjoon doesn't understand how anyone can ever dare to think of hurting someone like you.
A few days later, you don't know how you got here but here you are, standing in a room filled with people in an ivory dress that falls to the floor.
You've been to parties before, you've been to plenty of parties, and it surprises you that you're let out after just two months of staying with the mafia gang.
Are they not afraid of you escaping?
Then again, perhaps it's because they are prepared for your escape in case you do try to leave.
They'll hunt your father down.
He may not love you as you still dreadfully love him, but you won't risk him at the chance of death.
You stand alone, not understanding what your position is because this is their mission. They're here to hunt someone down.
Distraction, Namjoon states, but you don't understand what that means.
Someone walks up to you, a gentleman, who offers you a drink that you decide to let him down on.
Another walks up to you and another.
You feel uncomfortable in the crowd that surrounds you, making lame jokes, trying too woo you.
"How about we ditch this party?"
Oh no, you certainly cannot do that.
"You know, you look quite familiar."
You don't want to be known and expose your identity, you can't do that when you're in the middle of a mission you're supposed to be a part of.
But with these men around, you can't do your job even though you don't know what exactly you're supposed to be doing.
Someone touches you and you flinch. "Please don't do that."
But he only laughs.
They laugh, shrugging it off as if it is not inappropriate.
But it is and you hate it.
Someone slides a hand along your waist and you flinch again before relaxing when you see who the man is.
"She already came with someone," Seokjin glares at them, ready to hurt the guy who dared to touch you.
You don't know why he makes you relaxed but amongst the crowd that eventually dies down around you, Seokjin feels the safest despite knowing what he does.
Maybe it's because you know him.
A little.
When he turns to you, you lay your head in shame. "I-I'm sorry."
He scoffs. "For what?"
You look up at him, confused. "Hm?"
It's a cute hum. "You did your job distracting them, good job." That was what they meant? You really didn't like it and you think he can understand that by the look on your face. "It's okay, you can leave now. Now go there, we've located our guy."
You look over at where he beckons.
A hallway.
"You're...not coming?" You ask. You know it isn't good to question them and it almost scares you but Seokjin doesn't grow angry.
"I'm shutting this party down," he smirks and you can understand what that means.
When he lets you go, you hesitate for a moment, watching him, and when you come to comprehend the fact that he will do nothing until you leave, you bid him goodbye and rush away.
The gunshot comes a minute later as you're running down the hall and you hear the distant screams.
It's hard but you keep running.
Heels hurt but it doesn't matter.
You have to run.
Find someone, one of them. Leave with them.
Yet you can't get far enough because someone grabs you by the arm, pulls you into a room, and forces themself to hold you against their chest, arm choking you and a gun pointed to your head.
Jungkook stands before you with a gun pointed directly at you. Or maybe not at you, maybe at the man. With a blank stare, showing no sign of weakness.
"Let me go or I'll kill her," the man behind you threatens.
You don't know why he thinks you're important to the man and you're sure even Jungkook thinks that.
Because the youngest only shrugs.
"Kill her," he says nonchalantly. "As if I care."
"Then why'd she come with you?"
"She's just a maid."
The man laughs darkly. "A little whore, huh? I hear you don't usually keep girls around for long. Is she that good?"
"You're sick for an old man."
He laughs again, louder, and it brings shivers down your spine. "I can be sicker." Something wet swipes along your cheek and you realize it's his tongue.
His dirty, disgusting tongue.
It breaks you.
Memories flooding back. Your mother, her tears. You, a little girl, and your father not caring one bit.
Jungkook meets your eyes when it tears up, trembling, but he keeps on the nonchalant facade. As if he doesn't care what the man will do to you, so your tears only falls because you are so, so afraid.
You can't do this.
You're still pure.
You can' can't.
"Quite sweet," the man hums and you whimper. "What a sweeter voice."
Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Quit your games and just face me already."
He chuckles. "Alright, fine." He releases you, pushes you down the floor where you yelp at the harsh sensation. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll clean you up later-"
But he doesn't get a chance to say anything further.
Once he's distracted, a bullet has already hit his shoulder with no hesitation.
His head snaps back to Jungkook who shoots again. And then again, and again.
You hold your hands over your ears, tears falling at the continuous gunshots that doesn't seem to ever stop and Jungkook's angry voice rings above it.
"After I'm done with you, I'll deal with your family just like you've done to mine. I'll kill them, each and every one of them. Not even your damn dog will be spared."
He can't hear him, you know he can't. There's no chance of survival left with the continuous gunshots that comes and comes, angry waves of hot tears escaping the maknae's eyes when you look up, and your heart shatters.
A broken little boy of a childhood that forced him into this life.
Seeking for revenge for what someone, that someone on the floor, has done to his very own family.
When the ammo is no longer, Jungkook throws the gun harshly at the wall where it hits and breaks, and runs to hold up the man by his collar, fist coming in contact with his face.
He's already dead but even then Jungkook is not satisfied.
How can he ever be satisfied?
His family is gone, never to return to his side.
A lost man. A lost child.
You get up from where you were thrown and take his arm to pull him away. "Jungkook-"
"Get away from me, you whore!"
You ignore his spiteful words and continue pulling at him. "Stop! He's dead!"
Yet Jungkook doesn't care.
"Jungkook!" A few more punches until you finally got him and push him away. "Jungkook," you call his name a little gentler, "it's okay."
He scoffs and pushes you away. "What does a whore understand?"
He goes to stand again but you force him back down, hands reaching out to lay against his shoulders. "It's okay, Jungkook. It's going to be okay," you repeat again. "You don't have to be afraid anymore."
"I'm not-"
"You're going to be alright." You hold him down, staring straight into his eyes. "I know you're scared," you say, "I know you're confused. But it's going to be alright. You're just a little boy who's gone through so much. You must have been hurting for so long, Jungkook, but you're okay now and I am so, so proud of you."
You hold his face, a soft gentle sensation against him, thumbs brushing away the hot tears that had fallen from his eyes.
You wipe away the blood on his face. Watching him gently, holding him gently.
And Jungkook doesn't understand but he tears up a little more. His chest tightens and he feels himself trembling.
What a lovely pair of hands.
So he surprises you by wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling you in close, face resting against the crook of your neck.
"I'm sorry," he whispers.
You freeze for a second before relaxing and holding him still, hairs running along his fluffy hair, stroking it sweetly. "You're alright now. It's okay."
The rest of them comes rushing into the room only to find a dead body, blood spilled all around, with you and Jungkook holding onto each other as Jungkook cries.
Jungkook's crying.
Holding you.
He doesn't do that unless he absolutely cannot take it anymore.
He doesn't ever do that in front of anyone but them.
And now you.
You look up at their faces, some bits of blood managing to wipe across your face, with eyes of innocence, and Namjoon wonders why you aren't running away despite the blood in the room.
Despite having just witnessed Jungkook killing someone.
Taehyung lays in the pool when you walk in to clean a day later, body floating under the moonlight, eyes laying closed.
So when he hears a soft gasp and a bucket falling against the tiles, his lids open and meets your eyes from where you stand.
Heat rushes to your face and you're quick to turn around. "I-I am so sorry, sir! I didn't know you'd be here. I-I thought that, that I could clean up early since no one would be here."
What a cute little thing.
"Cleaning up at one in the morning?" He swims over slowly to you, arms laying on the edge of the pool, chin resting against his wet skin with an amused grin. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"
"I..I couldn't sleep, sir."
He smirks, a hum leaving his lips. "Can't sleep, hm?" Jimin's told him he checks up on you from time to time and always find you awake at night. "Then come join me."
You turn around abruptly. "W-what? No, I can't do that."
"Why not?" Taehyung shrugs casually. "A good swim is a nice way to clear your head. And don't worry, I won't drown you or anything."
You aren't worried about that.
For some reason.
But you still don't think swimming in the middle of the night is a good idea whether he's your superior or not.
But Taehyung isn't a man who takes no as an answer.
He kicks himself out the pool and the next thing you know, he's wrapping his wet body around yours and dropping the both of you straight into the deep pool.
He watches you struggle from down there, a nonchalant expression resting on his face while your eyes are squeezed shut as you try and fail at getting air again.
So Taehyung swims on over and takes you in his arms where he swims back up and lets you breathe again.
You gasp for air while he holds you and lets you sit against his strong arms.
It takes a moment but you manage to come back to him eventually.
You don't rush to yell at him like he expects you to. You don't even make a scowl.
You just rest your hands against his shoulders, holding on tightly and panting and coughing because you don't know how to swim and the deep water scares you.
He's got to admit though, you look quite pretty all wet like this, resting against his hold, clothes completely drenched.
He adjusts his hold and your face comes closer to him than the two of you expects.
Your face flushes some more, nose slightly touching, and your eyes gaze into one another under the bright moonlight from above.
"...hi," you squeak.
Taehyung laughs. "Hi."
"It's um...cold."
"Is it?" You hum. "I like swimming in the cold."
"Do you often swim at night?"
He nods. "It's nice after a day know what. It's relaxing."
"Won't you get a cold?"
"I have thick skin, little one." You sneeze right then and he chuckles. "But it looks like you don't."
"I'm sorry," you say as he swims on over to the edge of the pool, "for this and for interrupting your time here."
The man shakes his head assuringly as he settles you on the tiles of the pool. "It's nice to get a visitor every once in a while. Can you stay a little longer?"
You blink. "You want me to?"
"I do," he hums. "Besides, you don't have extra clothes and the boss wouldn't want his floors wet."
You bite your lower lip. "Right."
"There's some towels over there and you can wear my clothes."
You look on over where there's a racket of the white towels and his clothes hanging. But is it right? "I..shouldn't."
"Why not?" He asks, stroking back calmly. "Take it or you'll catch a cold staying here all drenched."
It takes a few more moments of hesitation but you eventually give in and does as he's asked.
The night is a little less lonely as you sit beside the pool, watching as Taehyung floats around on his back, eyelids closed, with a soft tune humming from his throat.
"Hey, you okay?"
You look up at the sound of Jungkook's voice who walks into the main living room, a face of concern resting on his face in this late afternoon. He's gotten gentle towards you ever since that night.
"Um..why do you ask that?" You reply with your own question while spraying the coffee table and wiping it down.
"You look tired," he states. "Jimin says he doesn't see you sleeping a lot..or ever."
"I'm fine," you insist.
But he goes on anyways. "Is it the atmosphere? Or maybe you're one of those people who needs something in order to sleep? Taehyung can't sleep without hugging something or someone."
What a cute revelation.
"Do you need to hold something? But then again, you've got pillows." You don't know why he's acting so concerned. "Or maybe you need a physical someone to hold you?"
And if you do, what will he do?
"Or do you need a nightlight?"
"It's okay," you tell him. "I don't need anything."
"But you can't sleep."
"I'm used to it."
Jungkook frowns. "That's not good, Y/N. You need to sleep." He pauses for a brief moment. "Why can't you sleep?" You don't answer him right away so he calls your name sternly. "Y/N."
You may have gotten a little closer but you still work for him, and you and your father's life is indebted to him.
"I get scared."
It's an honest truth, something that scares you for even speaking off it.
He settles down before you, taking your hand from mindlessly wiping at the same spot for the past few minutes.
"Of what?" He asks, silently hoping for you to meet his gaze.
But you don't.
It only falls to your lap.
"The nightmares," you say.
He hums as if he understands and he probably does. A young boy walking into the mafia life. His nightmares may be a little different from yours but nightmares are all the same.
Leaving you afraid, scared, trembling, and weak.
Too weak and terrified to close your eyes again. Afraid for the darkness to consume you all over again.
Even the drowsiness is not strong enough to pull you back asleep.
"What are they of?" He carefully asks.
"It...varies." You stare at the hand that holds yours. "Sometimes it's of me, trapped and vulnerable. Sometimes it's of me dying. Sometimes it's of my father, or my mother."
You've never spoken of your mother except now.
He doesn't think he's ever heard anything about your mother before. Not from your father, not from Namjoon who holds records of your father.
Even the news that had once made your family relevant to the world has never said anything about your mother.
"She left us, thankfully, and I think that she's happier now so I don't really care that she ran away. But sometimes I dream back to the days when things were rougher. Rougher for her and I couldn't do anything to help. When she ran, I was about twelve then. She wanted me to go with her but back then I cared for my father's mentality and what he'd do if the both of us were gone. He wouldn't do well, he grew sick then. So I escaped last minute when we got on the train and made up excuses to my father not to hunt her down."
He squeezes your hand and holds his other one up to your face, brushing away the tears you hadn't realized had escaped.
"Jungkook," you hold the hand that touches your face, "I don't think my father is going to pay back what he owes."
"Yeah," he sighs, "we had a haunch since it's been months."
"Are you...angry?" You ask worriedly. "Is Namjoon angry?"
"There's a good and a bad," he tells you. "The bad thing is that there was a lot of money he borrowed from us. The good thing is," his gaze falls soft your way, his hand grazing your cheek in a gentle manner, "I don't care because he won't be taking you back any time soon."
"What if...what if I don't want him to take me back...ever?"
"Are you afraid of him?" You nod, lips quivering and honestly he knows that was a foolish question to ask. "Oh baby, come here." He takes your body, letting you settle against his lap, letting your head rest against his chest, and holds you there as you cry softly. "It's okay, you have us now, you have me." He strokes your cheek, the same one that filthy old baster had licked upon and though Jungkook feels angry for him and your father, he keeps himself calm for your sake.
"There's no need to be afraid anymore, baby." A gentle promise that makes your heart smile and ache all at the same time. "Even if he does ever pay us back, I won't let him near you, you got that? You don't have to worry anymore. I'm right here."
You go missing a few days later and it creates sets of panicking emotions.
"The security cameras didn't catch her anywhere outside," Seokjin claims. "She has to be somewhere in this house. Y/N can't just disappear like that."
"Look around," Namjoon orders and they all begin to split up.
He walks into the library minutes after searching a few other places with Jimin, running around, calling your name. The library is one of the largest rooms and Namjoon curses under his breath because he knows he should have checked here first.
The aisle that holds that mythology book you like so much.
And he does find you, sitting in the dark room, head against the book shelves.
He almost shouts aloud, afraid you had fainted or something, but then he hears a soft snore and he realizes that you've just fallen asleep.
"Hyung, have you-" Jimin pauses when he finds you as well and the two of them both lets out sighs of relief.
"Inform the others," he orders as he walks over to you, kneeling on the floor in front of you.
You're in a deep slumber but he's sure you're neck will be tense if you don't move in to a more comfortable position so he maneuvers you carefully from the support of the shelves to his own chest.
You stir a little and he hushes you softly.
"It's the first time I've seen her sleep," Jimin says in a low whisper as the two of them watch you.
You look so vulnerable.
Peaceful and lovely laying in Namjoon's arms.
But then your face distorts, brows creasing, lips pressed against one another. Your hands come to rest against Namjoon's shirt, clenching onto it tightly, soft whimpers falling from your lips.
There are two stray tears that falls, your head reaching to nuzzle into the comfort of the boss's neck.
"What happened?" Yoongi asks when he and the rest shows up not long after.
"Nightmare," Jimin guesses by what Jungkook has told him.
Namjoon strokes your cheeks gently, brushing away your tears, shushing you lightly. "Wake up, baby," he repeats a few times until you finally open your eyes, the nightmares too hard to bear. More whimpers leave your lips as you sob a little more.
So he holds you a little tighter. "It's okay, baby, I'm right here. I've got you. You're okay now, baby."
"Your father has gone off my radar."
You don't know what it means for you, what any of it would mean. But standing here in front of Namjoon's desk, it scares you a bit.
"I assume the man is trying to escape from the consequences of his actions, not that it's going to help him. If anything, this only makes things worse." He watches you steadily from where he sits, leaned back against his chair, one leg over the other. "Can you tell me where he might be?" He asks slowly. "A safe house? Headquarters? A vacation home he may escape to?"
"There's...a place," you say hesitantly. You aren't sure if your father will be happy about this but then again, is he ever happy when it comes to you? "He has a safe house on Jeju Island."
You tell him the address and he jots it down in a notepad.
"He's not going to give up that easily but neither will I. What's his weakness, Y/N? You must know that, right?"
He hopes and he doesn't hope that it will be you.
For one, if you are then it means he cares more about you than what he shows. But it'll mean he won't be able to get through to the man because he knows he will not use you as a pawn in this game. And two, if you aren't then he'll understand just how bad of a human this guy really is.
Worse than him, a mafia leader.
Because at least Namjoon has a heart.
"He cares a lot about his business," you tell him. "It'll hurt him if his business falls and he goes bankrupt."
Business over his own daughter.
What a piece of crap.
"What..." you hesitate again, afraid to look up since the very beginning when you've entered his office. "What do..?"
"Will it hurt you to see him fall?" He asks you, observing you carefully.
There's a moment of silence as you think it over.
"If he falls...will I fall along with him?"
"No," he's quick to say. "Your father doesn't own you, Y/N, this is your life whether he likes it or not. When I'm done with him, you can choose whether to stay or leave. Either choice you make, I'll make sure you will never fall to the position I hope to break him at."
A choice at your own life.
How different has life finally changed for you.
You take another moment to think again. "Do you believe I should still care about him?"
"He doesn't deserve any of your love and care," he tells you honestly. "He deserves to rot away in hell."
Yet he is still your father.
A father who hurts, a father who doesn't care.
"It's your call, baby."
Your call.
No one has ever given you a choice at anything. First your father, and then the society he had place you in.
Serving as the perfect daughter. Smart, pretty, dependable, and listens well. You don't speak up for your own self even when others criticize you. You don't make friends because your father forbade it. You've never fallen in love, never felt love of any sorts.
And now Namjoon, mafia boss, leader to a ruthless, dark gang, one many fears, is asking for your call.
But you don't know what to do.
"I-I'm sorry, I...I don't know," you admit.
Yet Namjoon remains patient.
"Do you wish to live an independent life, Y/N?" He leans away from his seat, legs uncrossing, elbows resting upon his desk. "Without having to worry about your father or anyone else but yourself? Live your own life, care for your own self and just yourself."
It may sound better than living with your father but it sounds lonely.
So lonely.
So you shake your head. "I want to stay," you tell him and he raises a brow, a bit surprised.
"You don't hate it here?"
You shake your head again. "I like talking," you say, "I like having someone else to talk to. I don't wanna be alone anymore, it scares me."
"This world I live in should scare you more."
"But you're more human than my father can ever be and you care more than what my father can ever give. I-I'm sorry if I'm being selfish, I just-"
"You deserve to be selfish once in a while."
He stands from his chair, rolling it back to take slow steps your way. You look up, meeting his gaze, those intense, piercing gaze, and the world seems to fall silent.
All but the intense beating of your heart.
All but his slow footsteps making his way towards you.
It stops when he's just a few inches away, his height hovering over you and you feel oh so small.
"Human," he says lowly, "no one's ever called me that in a while. It sounds refreshing, like I actually have a heart."
"But you do," you say and point right at his chest. "It's right here."
Namjoon chuckles. "Yes," he hums, taking your small hand into his own, "it is." Your heart skips a beat. "I believe the members won't mind another one added to the family."
A smirk dances on his lips. "Isn't it obvious? Of course I want you to stay." You let out the breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding onto and he finds it amusing yet sad. "I'll take care of your father," he tells you, a hand reaching out to stroke your soft cheek, "just stay with the maknaes until we get back, alright?"
You nod at his words and he smiles, patting your head.
"Good girl."
Three days later at around 3 am, the door to your room creaks open and you turn from the window to find Hoseok standing in your doorway.
"He's dealt with," the man informs you.
Black suit on, a messy hairstyle yet he still manages to look good.
More than good.
You don't know what to say, how to deal with this. On one side, this is your fault, you've exposed his weakness and location. Your own father.
But on the other side, he's never treated you as human, never treated you as the daughter you deserved to feel like.
So maybe this is the right thing? Staying in a large mansion bigger than yours once was, living a life far better than your father who...who knows what's happened to him exactly.
"He isn't dead," Hoseok tells you, "but he probably feels that way at this point."
"Did he...mention me?"
A part of you still has hope that he has some humanity left in him, wondering whether he's asked about you, whether he's worried what will happen to you.
And Hoseok sees that without you voicing your thoughts so he keeps the story to himself.
You don't need to know how your father only belittled you some more, or blamed you, calling you plain useless, and not caring about what they'd do to you from now on.
Yoongi punched him a good few times for that.
You didn't deserve such words and the old man doesn't deserve you.
So Hoseok just remains silent as he walks through the door, watching you steadily from where you stand.
He stops where you are, brows furrowing at the sight he sees. "You're tired," he says softly with a hand going on to stroke your cheek.
You take that hand, hold it between yours. "You're cold, Hoseok."
Small hands caressing his, rubbing it to give it your own warmth.
"Sleep, sweetheart."
He presses a kiss against your forehead. A soft kiss.
So maybe it's what makes you a little braver to rest yourself against his chest, against his hold.
He's cold but you welcome it.
"Thank you, Hoseok."
"You didn't come back last night," Taehyung smirks at his hyung's way when he walks into the kitchen, hair ruffled and messy from just waking up.
Hoseok doesn't hide it. "How could I?" He says, shrugging. "I wanted to make sure the little one fell asleep."
Fresh morning light filters into the room after years of living in just the darkness. Coffee beans and scrambled eggs filling the room.
Yoongi takes a sip of his hot drink with eyes checking the clock that reads somewhere around nine. "She finally slept."
"So what'd you do to the old man?" Jungkook asks.
"Left him to rot away like the life he deserves," Seokjin says bitterly.
"And Y/N? The media isn't going to try and get into her life are they?"
"I've dealt with them last night," Namjoon tells him. "She can live a peaceful life now."
"Not entirely," Jimin points out with a light scoff. "Since when have our lives been peaceful?"
"Well," Yoongi shrugs, "at least there's some light now."
Footsteps are heard, coming from afar, nearing and nearing, and they almost consciously reach for their guns but the steps are two soft for anyone threatening.
Too soft.
And quick.
You run in, stopping at the sight of them with a soft gasp and Jimin stands from where he sits to instantly rush to your side.
Tears fall from your eyes. You're scared, the nightmares making you feel terrified.
"Hey, it's okay, baby," he holds your face, brushing the tears away, gives you kisses on both your eyelids as the rest joins to surround you with worry. "It's okay. We're right here, baby. You're alright now. You're okay."
He hums, asking you to go on when you walk into his office hesitantly, eyes never straying from the computers that surrounds his office, fingers typing away with codes of black and green letters rushing through the screen.
Something you can never come to ever decipher.
"'re good with...tracking people down...right?"
He hums again and you fall a little more hesitantly this time.
When he doesn't hear your voice again after a few long seconds, Seokjin stops typing and turns his chair around to face you. "What is it, little one?" He asks. "Do you need me to track someone down?"
His brows are a little furrowed, hoping you don't mean your father. The same one who unfortunately doesn't care much about you.
He doesn't understand why you had the heart to stay and not run away, but then again, perhaps there was no escape.
After all, where would you have gone? He just wishes you hadn't loved him as much.
But the words that comes out of your mouth is something entirely different from what he expects.
"I want you to mother." He stares at you for a moment, a little taken back, and you swallow a lump in your throat. "I just need to know if she's alright," you tell him. "At least then," you pause, "hopefully...another nightmare may go away."
The nightmares, right.
"I just need to know."
He lets himself take a breather, arms opening up for you. "Come here, sweetie." He snakes his arms around your waist, allowing you to fall against his lap. A hand comes up to your hair, fingers playing along a few strands. "If I find her, what will you do? Will you go to find out?"
You're adorable with the slight pout of confusion on your face. He just wishes you smiled more often.
"...may I?"
He gifts you a soft smile, planting a kiss on your temple. "I'll come with you, alright?"
You nod, knowing it'll be better that way. "Thank you, Seokjin."
The street looks like a nice neighborhood. Suburban home miles away from Seoul.
Peaceful and friendly looking.
"There it is," you say softly under your breath as you stop walking, staring at the number of the house a few feet away.
It's a pretty home with a spacious yard, and suddenly you're feeling quite nervous. Small and timid.
How will she react? Will she even want to see you? You had deserted her on that train after all, left her crying and calling out for you from the window. Her shouts echoes in your dreams from time to time, moments you shall never forget.
You told her you'd head to the bathroom, only to escape, hoping she wouldn't catch you. So the instant her eyes met yours outside the train, all thoughts of watching her quietly leave were thrown out and you ran.
Ran and ran without giving her a chance to chase after you because the train had already began to depart.
You left her a letter in your backpack. She had asked you to pack, fully expecting a few clothes and snacks.
But the only thing in it was a photo of you and her with departing words in sloppy handwriting on the back, signed your name.
Would she forgive you for leaving without a proper goodbye?
Would she forgive you at all?
Seokjin takes your hand without a word, squeezing it for comfort as if he understands your thoughts and insecurities.
You look up at him, smiling, and his heart almost melts.
It's a little sad but you haven't smiled so much so he knows that this is good enough.
You hear voices, a cheery child laughing as she jumps and gasp as you grip onto Seokjin's hand tightly and rush to hide the both of you behind a fence.
There's a child with her parents, holding onto their hands as she skips happily.
Her father makes a joke and they laugh. Her and...
Your heart skips a beat, breath held back, tears forming at the brim of your eyes, throat clogged up, mouth feeling dry all of a sudden.
"Careful, sweetie," she tells the child just around seven years old. "You might fall if you aren't too careful."
"But you and Daddy will be there to catch me, mummy."
"Even so," she grins, picking her up in her arms, "I don't want you getting hurt, okay?"
"Ah, mom, you're always so worried about the slightest thing!"
Her father chuckles as he places a sweet kiss on his wife's temple. They share an understanding gaze, something the daughter will not come to comprehend just yet, and walk into the very home you had been seeking for.
Your mother is always worried about the slightest thing because of you, a young child who's often clumsy, a young child who should have never been exposed to the dysfunctional life of what was supposed to be a lovely household.
But she's escaped that.
Got a new husband, a loving husband, and another daughter.
Your half sister, your step father.
"Y/N?" He calls your name, one of the seven reasons why your life has gotten better, why you're saved.
So you turn to him, smiling sweetly even with tears falling away, and take his hand.
"Let's go home."
The sun has already set when the two of you return, lights by the entrance doorway flicking on when you and Seokjin walk up the doorsteps.
The doors open, revealing Yoongi who has on a grumpy frown.
"Where have you been? It's late and you never answered. Do you have any idea how-"
You wrap your arms around him, falling against his chest, and he freezes up, eyes blinking in confusion, looking at his hyung for an explanation.
Seokjin just smiles and though he remains perplexed, he allows your warmth to welcome him and pulls you in closer.
"You okay, baby?"
You nod against him. "Hungry."
He chuckles lightly.
2 am.
There's a knock at their door and Taehyung comes to open it.
You stand there, looking up at him looking oh so small and adorable. There's hesitation in your eyes, small body rocking slightly from side to side, unsure if this is the right place to come to.
"Nightmare, sweet one?" He asks you.
You shake your head, rubbing at your sleepy eyes. "Can't sleep, want my nightlight."
He tilts his head slightly to the side. "Nightlight?"
How cute.
It has him smiling no matter how hard he tries to hide it because he likes it. He likes the sound of that.
"Come in, then."
They're already settled in, just a lamp turned on by the bedside and you crawl in to the middle of the large bed.
"Sorry," you mumble quietly as you settle in between Jungkook and Namjoon who holds onto you securely.
Jungkook has his arms around you from the back, spooning you and pressing a soft kiss on your shoulder. "It's okay, baby, don't apologize."
"Sweet dreams." Another kiss pressed against your head, Namjoon pulling the covers up to your neck as your eyes slowly closes.
Your hear the light flickering off and you know you'll have a pleasant dream you haven't had in a long, long time.
"Thank you," you whisper into the quiet night, a confession just on the tip of your tongue but you know you don't have to say it aloud for them to understand.
And they don't have to say a word for you to know either.
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Dance To This Masterlist (Blind! Au) (Service hybrid Au)
(dog-Hybrid! Seokjin x wolf-Hybrid! Namjoon x Blind! Reader)(ft. Cat! Yoongi)
Tumblr media
Summary: Seokjin didn’t expect his new potential owner to be blind, but with the threat of being sent to a breeding clinic looming over his head, he’ll do anything. 
Tags: Eventual polyamory, Blindness, Service hybrid au, non-explicit sex, non-physical intimacy, Domestic love, social media au, cuddling, hurt/comfort, mentions of anxiety and depression, allusions to past self-harm, referenced hybrid mistreatment, hybrid abandonment,  
PART 1: “I got you,”
PART 2: “I won’t tell him about your crush, don’t worry.”
PART 3: “You can always come back,”
Sequel: Call Me Yours (BTS x Reader) 
Tumblr media
Summary: You were happy with your life, with your loving relationship with your hybrids- Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi. But you never would have imagined that more love was hidden right next door, just over your garden fence. Not that human Hoseok will ever get the courage to confess his feeling for you anyway. His hybrids, however- starry-eyed bunny Jungkook, Bratty calico cat Jimin, and shy tiger Taehyung- don’t have any problem at all.
Pairings: (Human! Hoseok) x (Human! reader) x (Wolf hybrid! Namjoon) x (Dog hybrid! Seokjin) x (Cat hybrid! Yoongi) x (Tiger hybrid! Taehyung) x (Bunny hybrid! Jungkook) x (Cat hybrid! Jimin)
Tags: Established relationship, Polyamory, gratuitous fluff, slow-ish burn
Part 1: BIRDS
Part 3: AUDIO
Part 5: THE DATE
Part 6:  BURN
Part 8: DIVIDED 
epilogue: TIMELESS
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minniepetals · a year ago
Tumblr media
— summary: you were always adorable in their eyes, sometimes a little too adorable.
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: fluff, poly!au, ceo!au
— word count: 3.2k
— warnings: none
— a/n: a little something to thank you for everything
╰ part 1: buttercream / part 2: buttercup / part 3: buttermilk / part 4: butterscotch / part 5: butterfly
You felt so, so sleepy.
If you were in a better position with a better headspace, you would have excused yourself to head on home but no. It was you and your stubborn self and your dumb little crushes on your seven bosses that held you back from wanting to leave.
It was just a casual company dinner where they rented out a private space for all the employees.
So far people had gone drunk and sleepy, most left because they were too tired as the night went by and you, you sat alone refusing to take even a sip of your drink because you knew you weren't good with taking your drinks.
You should have left way earlier but it was the fact that you had seen many ladies flirting with your seven guys that made you stay — they weren't exactly yours, you just liked calling them that — so you sat on the sideline watching everyone else talk and flirt with them.
And as time went on, the sleepier you got, the harder it was to keep your eyes open.
"Hey, Y/N?"
A sweet angel's voice called upon your name.
But you were too sleepy to try and answer back. Your face rested against your hand with your elbow propped up against the table, one cheek squished and making you look too adorable in their eyes.
"Y/N?" Taehyung called again, his forefinger bopping your nose lightly but you swatted it away. In normal conditions, you would have never gotten the courage to do such a thing nor ignore any of your boss's calls. But it wasn't normal, you were drunk on the lack of sleep you had received.
"Is she drunk?" Namjoon asked as a small smile curled along his lips at the sight of you.
"I haven't seen her picked up her drink once this evening," the youngest said.
Taehyung leaned in close to your face, taking in your sweet scent of rose-scented perfume, causing him to smile once he leaned back. "No alcohol, just sweet roses."
Everyone had gone by the time the clock had struck midnight, everyone except them and you. They found themselves a little surprised you were still there, knowing you weren't much of a party girl through observations, but that didn't mean they weren't happy.
Your breathing slowed, your head feeling more relaxed and ready to fall but just as Taehyung was about to catch it from hitting against the table, he had been a second too late and they cringed at the harsh thud.
Soon enough, you were awake again with a whine leaving your lips.
"Stupid Y/N, stop getting off task."
Off task?
They blinked at your words, at the way you seemed to not have noticed your surroundings as you began speaking to yourself about needing to finish your work before the morning sun arrived.
But then your eyes looked up and you found Yoongi sitting just across from you.
A short moment of silence passed as the two of you stared at one another until you burst out in fits of giggles.
"Yoon, why do you look so adorable?"
The man blinked and Jimin almost choked on his drink. "Y-Yoon?" Yoongi stuttered, completely caught off guard. "Did she just called me adorable?"
"I mean, you kind of are," Hoseok shrugged admittedly in a playful manner.
"Is she sleep talking? Or is she just too tired to function?" Seokjin asked from your other side, the place he had walked over to take a few minutes prior to when everyone else had left.
"And you, Jinnie!" You pointed at the man and his brow raised, surprised you had such bravery to do such a thing. Yet when he saw the cute little pout on your face, he knew he couldn't ever get mad at you. "You're always being unfair," you mumbled through your pout.
Seokjin's eyes grew in panic at the sight of tears glistening along your waterline. "Hey, baby, why are you crying?"
"See? That again!" You accused him before letting your hand down as a few tears fell. Their hearts fell for a moment and Seokjin reached out in worry but you were quick to swat his hand away. "Don't call me baby unless you mean it," you scolded with a huff, still sounding cute and adorable like a little child. "Don't give me endearing nicknames if I'm not the only girl you're gonna be flirting with, it isn't fair."
"And you're even worse than him!"
"Me?" Jimin scoffed in disbelief as he placed his glass down. "How am I worse?"
"Because you openly flirt with everyone you see and it hurts Y/N's heart."
Talking from a third perspective.
They stole glances at the leader but Namjoon could only shrug. It was a habit of his but he hadn't ever known you were one to do such a thing either.
"It hurts your heart, hm?" A smirk danced at the corner of Jimin's lips as he watched you. "And why is that, may I ask?"
"Because!" Your pouting deepened, ready to cry some more and Jungkook who sat next to his hyung was quick to smack the man on the arm. "One moment you flirt with me and then the next, I see you flirting with other girls and it hurts because I thought...I thought you said Y/N-ie was special."
"Y/N-ie is special!" Jimin quickly emphasized, suddenly feeling bad for all his mischievous acts that had only meant to try and make you jealous. But now he realized how wrong that had been as his heart fell at the sight of your tears.
Taehyung went on to wipe your tears away and you allowed him, for a short moment before you looked away, facing away from him.
"You're all at fault here," you said.
"Does Y/N-ie need us to make her feel special? Is that what it is?" You looked up at Hoseok's voice and with a little bit of hesitation, nodded shyly and they cooed at the sight. "Come here, pumpkin."
You crawled over from Seokjin's lap and they watched you sit on Hoseok's lap with your arms wrapped around the man as you nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck. Oh how the others wished they were in Hoseok's position.
"Oh come on, Hoseok hyung gets the special treatment?" Jungkook frowned as the older one just chuckled.
"Hobi's a gentleman. But sometimes I wish, I just wish that he would.." A small cub's yawn escaped you and their hearts melted, "treat me like a lady rather than a friend."
"Is that what you want?" Namjoon asked with hope. "Is this your confession?"
But you had already fallen asleep into the actual world of dreams.
"How the heck did I get home last night?"
You groaned at the uncomfortable feeling of having gone to sleep with your clothes from the night before as you got up. A big yawn escaped out of you just as you noticed a little note left on your nightstand.
We brought you home because you had fallen asleep. Forgive me but I had to look through your bag to find your key. Rest assured, nothing was stolen. Sweet dreams, moonwalker. See you at work — knj
Sweet dreams...moonwalker?
And then you gasped before a scream quickly escaped your lips as the events of the night before flashed through your mind.
"Frick, frick, frick!" You shouted, legs bouncing as you walked around in circles as your heart began drumming loudly and fast. "I'm going to get fired, what is wrong with me?! I got drunk off the lack of sleep! I'm so stupid!"
You stared at the note again and the last words stood out, leaving you to want to burst out crying. "See you at work, he says. He's going to fire me!"
If you could turn back time, you would.
But sadly you didn't have powers such as that so you could only head on to work later that day in hopes of not ever seeing your bosses again — which was dumb because they were your boss so it was inevitable to see them — but at least you'd slow down the rate of getting fired quicker, right?
You were called in by Yoongi's secretary that said they wanted to see you.
On the way to Yoongi's office, you could only blame yourself even more as your heartbeat quickened, knowing fully well of the punishment you were to receive. Heck, you called the dude adorable! And called Seokjin and Jimin out on their flirting but what had that to do with you? You didn't own them, why the heck did you say such a thing? And huddled up against Hoseok?
Oh crap. Hoseok.
You were definitely going to be fired.
"Please forgive me for my rudeness, I was just talking nonsense that had nothing to do with any of you!" Perhaps it was a lie, and perhaps blurting out the first thing that came to your mind wasn't the best thing to do the second you walked into that office but what else could you do to save your career? Your life's worth depended on them and you had screwed up.
"Nothing to do with us?"
Just that simple question and the deep tone of Jimin's voice had your knees almost falling.
"Yes, sir."
"You hesitated," Hoseok pointed out.
"It isn't good to lie, Y/N," Jungkook scolded.
You could only gulp as you stood there completely frozen with fear with your head lowered, refusing to meet any of their gazes due to your embarrassment.
Everyone knew the seven bosses had close relationships with one another, they never hid such a thing. So for you to bravely act up in front of them at your vulnerable moment, you knew you had totally messed up. You couldn't even blame them if they wanted to fire you. After all, you deserved it for the way you had acted.
"Now tell us the truth," Namjoon ordered and you could feel their intense gaze on you. "The things you said last night...were they true?"
They were. Of course they were.
You were jealous of the other ladies that were always brave enough to walk up to them and spoke without stumbling upon their words, without making a fool of themselves. You hated getting your hopes up only for it to be broken down once you'd come upon one of them flirting with another lady. With a pretty lady. Every lady they spoke to were pretty and you'd begin to second guess yourself, wondering whether the outfit you were wearing was good enough, whether you had gone over the top. You'd look at yourself in the bathroom and wondered whether you were pretty enough, whether you were good enough.
And then you'd head back to doing your work with a head down and one of them would come strolling by and make you smile.
Then the routine would repeat just like every other day.
"I..." your voice shook a little and they held their breaths. "What'll you do if I say yes?" You asked, fingers crawled against each other. "What'll you do if I say no? I'll be fired either way, right? Is there a good reason to me giving you an answer?"
Yoongi's brows furrowed. "Why do you think we're firing you?"
"Because I was impulsive and rude."
"You're the most hardworking employee we have here," he said, "What'll we do if we lose a good person like you? It'll be our loss."
"But I...but I-"
"We asked you that question because..." You could hear the footsteps of Seokjin as he walked on over towards you and you held your breath. If they weren't going to fire you then they'd definitely punish you in some ways. But that would be okay, you could take extra paperwork, extra hours, overtime. As long as you weren't being fired, right?
Still, it was scary thinking about it. You were tired enough from all the things that were weighing down on you. But if that were their wishes, you knew you'd have to oblige. After all, you did something unacceptable.
Seokjin stopped just in front of you and took his forefinger and thumb to tilt your head up to look at him.
His eyes softened at your glossy eyes before leaning down to place a kiss on top of your forehead.
You blinked at the sudden action, totally caught off guard and a blush was quick to reach your cheeks.
"What...w-what does that mean?" You stuttered.
Jimin came up to your side, leaning in to place a kiss on your cheek while Taehyung placed another kiss on the other side of your face. Your face was heating up, reaching your ears but you could only stand there frozen.
"What do you think, baby?"
Namjoon wasn't one to call someone an endearing nickname that easily.
"You mean..." You trailed off, face a blushing mess but they only gave you sweet smiles.
"No firing, no punishments, none of that for our baby."
Hoseok smiled. "That's right."
"You meant the things you said last night, right?" Jungkook asked, his eyes piercing into yours with cute bunny eyes.
"I..yes, I-I did."
"Good," the maknae smiled, satisfied. "Because we've liked you since forever."
You shook your head. "No way."
"Yes way," Taehyung quickly said. "You're too cute and adorable and you're always so helpful towards others."
"And we've only been flirting with the others because we wanted a reaction out of you."
"That..." You pouted, hitting Jimin lightly on his chest. "That's mean."
"I know, baby, I didn't mean it," he said, pulling you into a warm embrace as he rocked you back and forth. "I'm sorry."
"But hey, at least that got you to speak up about your feelings, right?"
You blushed a little more at Seokjin's reminder and they burst out laughing. "I'm such an embarrassment."
"No, baby," Yoongi grinned, "you were adorable."
"Too adorable for this world," Hoseok agreed.
"And you're ours now."
"Finally our sweet baby girl."
Life had never been more perfect since then. Everything felt just right, from the secret glances you'd share, the moments they'd sneak you away just to steal a kiss out of you, or when they'd send you winks whenever their eyes met you somewhere in public and they couldn't give you their time.
It was a relationship you had never known you'd ever be a part of but thanked your lucky star for giving you such an opportunity.
Other times when some of them got too overwhelmed with everything, they'd call for you to see them in their office, only for them to rest their heads and use you as a pillow. But you never minded, you were always more than happy to help them out in any way possible.
Other times, like Saturday nights where most of them were less busy and some of them didn't have to head into work the next day, you'd come by their place and relax.
Jungkook had fallen asleep at some point when you were rambling about random things. But you couldn't blame him because you were sure he must've been really tired from all the works he had to do.
At least, that was what you thought but Jungkook was only resting his eyes, content with everything in his life now that they've got you.
"Kooks?" You called his name in a soft manner. Jungkook would have replied back but then he wondered what you'd do when you thought that he was asleep so he remained quiet, surpassing the urge in wanting to smile.
He felt your tiny finger bop his nose before moving on to lightly trace along his lashes and wondered what you were thinking about. "You know, I still can't believe this is real." Your voice had always been soft and sweet but the way you said that came out into a breathless whisper and just for that, Jungkook had almost pried his eyes open. "It feels like a sweet dream and I feel like the luckiest girl to be alive, being able to love and be loved by seven most kindhearted and handsome men and I just..."
He could feel you inching closer and closer and before he knew it, your lips pressed softly against his lips but they had backed away too quick for his liking.
"Crap," you whispered and he could already see you blushing. "What if he was awake? What if he felt that? Y/N, you little idiot, why would you do that?"
Cue his time to open his eyes.
"What if I was awake all along?"
Your breath hitched and Jungkook grabbed your wrist before you could try and escape. "Kook, why would you pretend to sleep? I-"
He grabbed your face and slammed his lips against your lips. "Did that feel real?"
You blinked. "Hm?"
Again, his lips fell on top of yours but that time it lasted longer, sweeter, softer. "Did that feel like a dream?" Your man asked the moment he backed away only enough so that he was hovering just an inch away from you.
"N-no..." You mumbled through a pout, a sight he couldn't help but to place another kiss on your lips. "S-stop."
Jungkook raised a challenging brow. "You want me to stop?"
", but-"
"If this is the only way I can remind you that none of this is a dream, then I'll continue doing it even until you've finally figured it out in that little head of yours that this is all real."
"I love you," he confessed and if you weren't surprised by his actions then, you were totally awestruck at that moment.
"Dropping the bomb without us, huh?"
The two of you looked over towards the bedroom door to find Hoseok walking in while the others followed just behind.
"It was the right time," the maknae shrugged as he got up from hovering above you while you remained frozen, still a little unsure whether you had heard right.
Yoongi went on to take a seat on the bedside, arms gesturing towards you. "Come here, baby girl." You obliged, letting him help you sit up so that he was able to hold you close. "What Jungkook said is true, we all love you, we just couldn't find the right moment to spill it." You looked up at the rest. Some looked shy, the others hiding that shyness behind a sweet smile. "Now you don't have to say anything if you aren't ready, we don't want to force anything out of-"
"I love you!" You blurted out without much thought and your cheeks flushed with a beautiful rose blush. "I love you so much," you said again. "Why does this feel like a sweet dream?"
"It isn't," Jungkook promised as he came up from behind, snaking his arms along your waist and chills were quick to fall down your body.
"And we'll remind you every day that it isn't," Namjoon avowed and you could feel the sweet lingering kisses that fell on top of your body.
Kisses of silent vows of love.
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jjungkookislife · 2 years ago
Kim Taehyung (V) Masterlist
Tumblr media
A Matter of Shyness (M)  Ch. 2  Ch. 3 Ch. 4  Epilogue ✓
Summary:  Taehyung is your regular college student, who happens to do sex work on the side to pay his bills, who just happens to have a crush on Y/n from Sociology class. She has no idea she’s been thirsting over Taehyung (Kim95) and he has no idea she’s been following him on all his NSFW platforms.
Just Another New Year   
Summary: Y/n and Taehyung spend New Year’s Eve at home.
Addicted to Your Touch (M) Ft. Jimin  
Summary: Y/n asks for a special Valentine’s Day, her boyfriends, Jimin and Taehyung make sure to deliver.
The Roommate (M) Ft. Jungkook Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch.7 Ch. 7.5  Ch.8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Epilogue  ✓
Summary: Y/n is desperate to find a place to live in her city when her best friend, Jimin, suggests she moves in with his friend Jungkook.
↳ Deleted Scenes: Ch. 9 Ch. 10
The Kim Line (M) Ft. Namjoon & Seokjin
Summary:  Before Namjoon allowed Jungkook to see his girlfriend’s nudes, the Kims were part of her birthday surprise, being the first to see Y/n fully naked
Four Months (M)
Summary: Taehyung comes home to a wonderful surprise.
 ↳ Nine Months (M) Ft. Jimin & Jungkook
Summary: Nearing the end of your pregnancy, Jungkook finds it nearly impossible to keep his eyes off you. When Taehyung notices, he invites him into your bed... along with Jimin.
↳ Eight Weeks Ft. Jimin & Jungkook
Summary: Jimin and Jungkook take care of baby Eun-Ae while you and Tae struggle to leave her home to go out to lunch for the first time since she was born.
He’s Just Kidding
Summary: Your boyfriend proposes at a BTS concert.
The Only One (M)
Summary: Taehyung is just another fuckboy, except he’s in love with you.
Summary: a spin-off of LIAB: Taehyung finds himself enamored with his new dog groomer but is incapable of conversing with her.  Instead, he ends up embarrassing himself time and time again.  Will he be able to ask her out on a date?  Or will he fall flat on his face?
The Key to My Drawer (M)  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch. 7  Ch. 8  Ch.9  Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Epilogue
Summary: A key, a drawer, and a secret Taehyung planned to take to the grave.
Hold Me (M)
Summary: Your husband wants to please you.
Bouquet and Garter
Summary: when you catch the wedding bouquet and Taehyung catches the garter, you’re fated to be together.
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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Reasons Wretched and Divine
(Hybrid! Namjoon x Reader) (Eventual Polyamory) 
Summary: You live on an isolated but sprawling farm with your abusive husband, but things start to change for the better when your husband adopts a retired police dog hybrid named Namjoon. 
Warnings: Domestic abuse, emotional abuse, mentions of police brutality, yearning, implied coercive sex (ie- rape, but nothing is explicitly written), Premeditated murder, Namjoon is mad protective, mentions of scars.  W/c: 4.0k Song rec: Cherry wine by Hozier  A/N: The pre-part of this story is super dark, but keep in mind, it does get a lot better really quick after this chapter, eventually and definitely more soft! don’t know how many parts/how long it will be either so it might end suddenly! Also: this series does not depict the police or the military in a positive light.
Tumblr media
- Hybrids have been replacing K-9 units in the police force for the better part of the last 50 years. Generally, they have the same capabilities as old-fashioned police dogs but hybrids can communicate better than animals and are therefore more useful. Namjoon is apart of the general unit, used for patrolling most of the time, and for his specialtys- bomb-sniffing and human remain identification- when it’s needed. 
- Most police hybrids are retired after 10 or 20 years but are given the option to leave every 5. Though few police hybrids ever go back into the general population of hybrids or adopted by familys. Instead, most are sent to rehabilitation facilities or long term care facilities.
- Namjoon has only been working for 7 years when he is forcibly retired, or fired for lack of a better word. The official paperwork states that it was because of a ‘failure to follow orders in a potentially life threating situation’ but that’s just unture. It was over so quick, his commanding officer ordering him to beat up a drug dealer that Namjoon had positively id’d, the man who was already in handcuffs. The dealer had refused to tell them who the higher-ups wherein a drug-dealing ring and had mouthed off.
- But he hadn’t done anything wrong- anything illegal, wasn’t struggling or trying to get free- and Namjoon had refused with clenched fists, confused as to why his commanding officer was ordering him to ‘make him talk’. 
- The next thing Namjoon knew he was the one being put into handcuffs. But what was more moral, Namjoon’s refusal? Or to beat a cuffed man for backtalk? or did the law, what Namjoon’s life was build around, have nothing to do with morality? 
- Namjoon was lucky really, after so many years in the force, to be deemed still adoptable and not a danger to society, Other hybrids weren’t as lucky. He knows his special treatment has something to do with his old partner who had been promoted to police chief a few years ago, who had a soft spot for Namjoon and didn’t want to see Namjoon go to one of the long term care facilities Upstate or even put down like the few hybrids that go feral sometimes are. 
- The man was never really Namjoon’s father, or a parent by any standard of the word. Like other police hybrids, he’d been trained to be in the force from the time he was too young to really remember any parental figures. But there had been some good moments, some pleasant memories made with his old partner. 
- When 16-year-old Namjoon had graduated from the hybrid training academy and had suddenly been thrown into the real world. A box of donuts shared in the front seat of a police car, the older man reaching down to tighten the straps on Namjoon’s too large bulletproof vest. A single pet, rough hands combing through his brown hair when he’d done a good job- like that time he’d ID a bomber from just the residue on his hands.  
- They haven’t seen each other in years at this point, but he does meet with Namjoon right before his auction, ask him how he’s doing- if there’s anything he needs. And a goodbye where he tells Namjoon- that if there’s every anything he needs in his new life he can call. 
- His old partner is the closest thing to a parental figure that Namjoon’s ever had and Maybe at another time, he would feel bad or sorry for himself for being denied something that most others have. But Namjoon knew he was lucky to have this chance, even if he felt more like a piece of cattle than a person as he was auctioned off with old police cars and ambulances at one of the quarterly auctions the city holds for all municipal property that is no longer up to government standards.    
- And apparently, having a strong sense of justice regardless of orders and thinking for himself makes Namjoon below those standards too. 
- Namjoon is a Doberman pinscher mix hybrid, is all nasty and scarred across his face and a particularly nasty one on his lower lip from a car bomb explosion a few years ago. He’s surprised he’s bid on at all with how shabby and aggressive he looks, but he goes to the man in the back of the room who hides his face with a baseball cap and pays a full 7,000 dollars for Namjoon and he counts himself lucky. 
- On the drive to his new home, the man outlines why he’s purchased Namjoon. The man is a rich ex-colonel with a new wife, even newer property that needs attending too, the farm too large for him to look after on his own. He’s quick to assert that Namjoon will not be a house pet- which is fine. 
- And after so many years being on the front lines of the worst of the police force, He’s really touchy. He will growl if anyone he doesn’t trust comes too near.  Namjoon knows he wouldn’t be a good one anyway but at least he won’t be so idle in his new life.
- You live in a nice and orderly farmhouse, the surrounding land barren mostly, accepts for the grass the endless stretches of pristine lawn. It’s a 2 hour drive  outside of the city that Namjoon grew up in, and an hour away from the coast. 
- The house is ancient, almost too large to be called a farmhouse with a wrap-around porch and more than a few creaky floorboards but the updated and impeccably maintained insides fortel money like Namjoon’s only seen during drug busts. The land sprawling but somehow fallow seeming with refurbished barns turned garages and workshops rimming the edge of the property. The cedar shingles of the barns ocher fading grey and sticking out against the green.
- The property is Rimmed by a few dozen acres of untamed and uncleared forest. The tall oak tree and The small garden next to your house the only thing at all colorful. But the garden almost seems stifled Not a leaf out of place, or a plant that seems anything less than perfect and contained separate from the others. 
- The first thing that stings his nose when he walks in and puts his bag down in the entryway is the stinging stench of bleach and something else that he can’t identify. It was like that with most hybrids, after a little while when they got accustomed to the scent of their owners- they would be able to sense their emotions if they were sick. In a few weeks, he’ll probably be able to identify the peculiar scent better, but for now, it’s source remains a misery to him.  
- The house seems idyllic to Namjoon, almost too perfect and quiet, pretty area rugs and dark hardwood floors, white walls with photos in black picture frames. His owner gives him a second to set his stuff down before he joins the two of you for dinner. His bedroom is down the hall from the master bedroom on the second floor and it might not be anything special, but the light beige walls are calming. The window has a nice view of of the same hill they drove up. 
-  His new room is so different from his small bunk at the police station where he used to live, not an inch of grey concrete insight. The rot iron bed frame and linen curtains achingly homey. Namjoon is so happy he scents to linen curtains before he goes downstairs. He dosesn’t even really know why he does it, just that his instincts are making him want the whole room to smell like him.
• On the ground floor, there is not a hair or corner out of place in the kitchen. It’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect from a military man, and neither are you, beautiful and soft and quiet more demure than anything else.  You’ve made a full course meal to welcome Namjoon to your home, the evidence of your hard work in the few baby hairs that have come untucked from your smooth bun, your hair tightly pinned behind your head. 
- You turn from where you work over a casserole to the sound of Namjoon’s footsteps, your husband nursing a beer in the corner observing you and Namjoon with a keen eye. “I hope you’ll be comfortable here,” you say to Namjoon, not offering your hand in introduction yet or meeting his eyes. Your hands covered in flower that you dust against your plane canvas apron with yellow flowers along the hem.  
- You match the house- you’re perfectly delicate and domestic too, your leggings and tunic top pristine and white. Your makeup minimal but done well. He barely remembers his politeness, “Thank you for welcoming me into your home Miss Y/n.” your soft and shy nod in response, almost makes his tail wag. and he begins to hope that maybe, this new life won’t be so bad. At least compared to the last when his life was in danger nearly every day.
- “Would you mind taking these dishes to the dining room?” Namjoon nods, takes the salad, while he’s gone he misses that you turn to look to your husband for approval, and Namjoon misses his nod and the tick of his hands against the beer glass that makes you flinch. 
- Maybe if Namjoon had been on the track for the detective branch he would have realized what was wrong, but at first, Namjoon doesn’t notice anything strange about his new owners. Maybe it was a little weird how your husband seemed to order him around, but to be fair Namjoon had known a bunch of ex-military men- and he wasn’t expecting anything less than a stalwart will. 
- Namjoon is used to taking orders- he’s surprised at how little his life really changes when it comes to what he used to deal with at the police station and here. 
- During the first few days, your husband has him working to help upkeep the farm, one of the barns rust red and lifting heavy things, and in general, helping with the many chores that need to be done around the farm. It’s more of a passion project really since your husband is retired from the military and only occasionally goes into town to help with the VA.
-  Namjoon’s thankful that he hadn’t really been adopted to be a house pet since affections been foreign to him for so long. Namjoon’s not sure he’d know how to be a regular hybrid if he tried. 
- And of course, Namjoon is a little on edge constantly. The first time you try to reach out and pet him is a few days after he gets there, your husband isn’t home and you’d asked for Namjoon’s help getting the heavy crockpot down from the upper shelf. He senses the heat from your hand near his arm and he snaps, growling low and menacing. 
- You back away slowly, keeping your hands where he can see them, apologizing and looking like you’re near tears. dropping your shoulders and holding your hands out in front of your face like you think Namjoon is going to hit you. 
- But you also look so so sad, Namjoon realizes with a shock, and you smell terrified. You don’t try again to befriend him again, to give him any sort of affection, Keeping your distance after the growl. Something aching in your expression that puzzles him, something desolate, lonely and wanting whenever you look at him. 
- But what could a woman like you, who didn’t work and lived in what was basically a small mansion have to be sad about? What could someone who had everything want?  
- As Namjoon comes to know, you have quite a bit to be sad about.
- What’s more is that later, Namjoon is worried- worried you’re going to tell your husband what Namjoon did- growling at his owner’s wife would surely warrant being sent to the pound or being abandoned. But you say nothing, eating in silence only pausing with your meal to ask your husband what kind of work needs to be done at the VA this week. 
- “Trying to get me out of the house y/n?” he asks, gaze darkening. the smile you send his way is strained, bottom lip trembling, making Namjoon’s ears flick at how dissonant it all feels. “not at all dear, just wanted to know if I should make lunch for you tomorrow or if you’ll be getting something from the diner in town” 
- You’d think after so many years dealing with criminals he would have noticed sooner. He’s ashamed of it, but at first, he doesn’t catch how your husband grips your wrist hard enough to bruise when the peas have gotten cold while you tended to the salmon one night at dinner. He’s too busy scarfing down the rich food, so much tastier than the simple meals he’d grown up accustomed too. 
- He draws his first conclusions when he sees the bruises. Your husband chiding when Namjoon asks about some nasty ones on your palms (your husband had pushed you when you where in the driveway earlier after you’d almost opened the door into one of his other expensive cars) “She’s always just so clumsy.” your husband justifies. 
- When Namjoon makes a comment on a particularly bad one your arm, (you’d moved away from him in your bedroom and your husband had dragged you close) And then another appears in the shape of fingerprints on both of your wrists (another bedroom casualty). And then on a day when your husband leaves early for the VA and Namjoon wakes up and comes to see why you haven’t come downstairs yet he sees your black eye before you can dab makeup around it or turn your face down to hide it. 
- You and Namjoon aren’t friends, you don’t even talk to each other much really after the growl beyond you asking him occasionally to lift something you can’t or reach something from a tall shelf- but he can’t ignore what he sees, can’t deny that he knows and wants to help. When he sees your black eye, he growls and asks you his first real question, “that’s from him, isn’t it?” 
-  Namjoon had been trained for years in the law, and he knows domestic abuse when he sees it. Knows what comes from it from years of studying law books. how the victims often feel trapped, often grow depended and can’t escape. The acrid smell he noticed when he came to say making sense- it’s just fear. painting the walls and the floorboards of your house, every inch of it.  
- When you see him staring in the mirror, you nodd and continue to blend the makeup around your eye, without saying a word to Namjoon. 
- The day that Namjoon hears you scream, his heart drops into his stomach and he runs to you.  He finds your husband holding you up by your hair screaming about how he’d found an app downloaded on your phone that shouldn’t have been. 
- “You fucking unfaithful slut! What are you trying going to do find another man to take in your worthless ass on Instagram? I put up with so much from you! Your fucking sloppiness- mucking up my house with all your shit- I don’t even know why I try to help you anymore when it’s obvious don’t fucking know how to be fucking faithfull- you never had someone to teach you how to love and now i’m the one who has to teach you this bullshit” your husband sees namjoon at the door, “Why don’t you ask him Y/n. Namjoon tell me, can you teach an old bitch new tricks?” 
- Namjoon is quick to put himself in between the two of you, catching your husband’s wrist before he hits you again (one of your cheeks is already red) but it’s the wrong move. Namjoon is taller than your husband, but he does probably have a little more muscle on him than Namjoon does. 
- Your husband is even nastier and brutal than he usually is. And Namjoon knows he can’t hit back. When Namjoon falls to his floor, keeping his body in between yours and your husbands shielding you his head is spinning and his lip is aching and split, your husband growls back that if he does fight back again- Namjoon will have earned himself a one-way ticket to hell. 
- After all who wouldn’t believe that a retired police hybrid would break one day and snap back to his most basic instincts? The way your husband spun the story, Namjoon believes that he really would. 
- Late at night sometimes he takes out one of his guns and polishes it in front of Namjoon looking at him with a glint of mad anger in his eyes. Namjoon knows if he tries to stop him, and tries to tell someone about what your husband does, he will get hurt and you will too. 
- And then he’d be leaving you to the mercy of your husband, and that just won’t do. You where just someone who needed help like the countless people he’s saved over the years, and you’d be alone to be in pain just like you had in the beginning. 
- Such shame fills him for not noticing sooner, even as you dab at some blood on Namjoon’s cheek with a wet cloth after the first time he intervenes. until that point, you haven’t said much to him or tried to touch him beyond that first day when he growled at you.  He catches your wrist gently another bruise already forming there, and you hiss lowly at him and rip it from his grasp. 
- Casting an anxious look in the direction of where your husband disappeared, you can still hear the thrum of the shower though and know your words will be disguised by the hum of the water. “You can’t Namjoon- you can’t touch me, that will only make him angrier- please, please don’t get yourself hurt for me.”
- But Namjoon is terrible at following orders. He feels rage well up inside of him because you’re just trying to help him, even though you’re in need of help yourself. You’re an innocent like the ones he used to protect and there is no one here to do that for you. 
-  Your husband is a criminal and Namjoon has always had a strong sense of justice. So Namjoon will do his best to protect you- and divert your husband’s attention whenever possible, and help you as he can. 
- So Namjoon can do nothing but watch, try to mitigate and try to help. there are days when Namjoon says that he was the one who knocked a picture frame off the wall when Namjoon makes a mistake to distract from one that you make, creating distractions. 
- After that, things change, Namjoon is just another person that your husband can exert his need for control over. Smacks Namjoons hand with the end of a dowl when he drops a box of nails, purposefully slamming the door shut on Namjoon’s tail. Namjoon can take it, he’s no stranger to pain or brutal overworking. But still- Namjoon tries to keep him out of the house as much as possible, keeps him away from you when he can. 
- It’s hard, there are many more nights where he fails rather than succeeds. But on the nights where he manages to keep you safe until your husband falls asleep, make a sour kind of accomplishment take root in his chest. He stares up at the ceiling in his room, lying on top of the covers in his bed, turning over the day’s events,  when he hears a noise, your quiet footsteps in the hallway. 
- Namjoon moves slowly so as to not cause a creek, but he opens the door to find you there waiting outside, in the gray light of the moon streaming through the window at the end of the hallway. 
- You are drowned in shades of black and white, like some old photograph as you look up at Namjoon, reaching forward again to touch him. It’s been so long since you’ve felt any tender touch unmarred by pain or fear. The words of your husband weigh on your heart like a shackle. “You don’t know how to love.” when you look at Namjoon you think that maybe- maybe if things where different- you could learn. You’ve never known much about hybrids other than they where made to be loved. 
- As you reach your hand forward slowly Namjoon doesn’t growl like the first time. The first time your hand touches his cheek, it feels like something good falls into place. He lets your hand rest there and leans into the touch, just as hungry for something good and soft as you are. It’s the first time he’s been touched with so much softness, and already it feels so good that it makes emotions he’s never had well up in his throat and choke off any noise he might make. 
- He makes the choice to pull you closer to him. You are so so small that he can barely lean his elbows on your shoulders even as you wrap your arms around his waist and bury your head in his chest. Namjoon’s tail starts to wag and hits up against the doorframe, you both freeze, and he catches it before it makes any more noise. Both of you listen with bated breath. Down the hall, your husband gives a particularly loud snore but stays asleep. 
- It’s only that, only a hug before You part from him holding his gaze before you slink back to your room careful to avoid the floorboards that creak. Knowing he’ll wake up if your warmth in his bed is gone for long or if there are any particularly harsh noises. 
- It starts to become an everyday sort of thing, every night after your husband has gone to bed you meet Namjoon in the hallway. Sometimes you stay longer in his arms, sometimes you need too, and sometimes you shake and quiver like a leaf in a storm and Namjoon can do nothing but hold you and try to keep you steady. 
- Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes you come into the hallway moving slower and shadowed, your hips stiff and his smell all over you. And Namjoon will nuzzle into the hickeys on your neck left by him and growl lowly at them. And you’ll be still in his arms quieting him by running your fingers over the back of his neck and through his hair if you’re brave enough. 
- Namjoon wonders how something so sweet got trapped in a place so bad, how you ended up with a man like him. On one of the rare days your husband has work down in the VA, he asks you. You’ve started to talk more, but only when your husband is out of the house. Sometimes you stand close by the counter and enjoy a simple thing like a cup of coffee togeater. 
- You have rare good days, where there isn’t much to do besides sit on the couch or play a game of cards in the kitchen. Or other times, more tender things, though It feels so vulnerable and intimate to hug you in your kitchen, in broad daylight no less and not be enswathed in the safe cocoon of darkness. Namjoon is careful to watch the window over your shoulder waiting for the moment when your husband comes home and you have to separate. 
- But he hugs you in your kitchen, light streaming through. Running his hands over your shoulders and feeling them deflate more every moment. He asks you why you loved him at one point enough to marry him. “He wasn’t bad at first- the opposite, he made me feel special and like I belonged somewhere, but then after we got married he started to change and-“ your voice breaks off. Namjoon brushes away your tears with his thumbs. 
- The day your husband adds to the scars on Namjoon’s face is the first day your lips touch his skin. 
- You have some Vaseline and some skin-safe glue to patch up the gash in his cheekbone just under his lower eye (the mark of a thrown glass after Namjoon had knocked over a lamp in the living room) it could probably use stitches, but it’s the best that he can do. You have a cut on your finger too from picking up that glass, and Namjoon kisses it first, lips pressed to them gently before you wrap them with bandaids. 
- Tomorrow, you’ll patch it up a little better, but for now, you meet in the hallway and your lips brush over the base of it, not close enough to irritate it. and namjoon makes a noise in the back of his throat in suprise. Even though the action is tender. He can see your hurt by him, you shake with silent sobs by this, by everything that’s happened, and it doesn’t feel like he can bear it anymore. 
- He’d never thought of himself as a killer, but now he thinks he understands why someone would. To keep you safe, Namjoon would kill your husband. Namjoon will he realizes- to free you of this pain. Namjoon has never hated another living thing more than he hates your husband. And namjoon has come to the conclusion that the world would be a better place if he where dead- call it a crisis of faith in the law but sometimes- the law just can’t get things done. so namjoon will take it into his own hands. 
- That night, Namjoon dreams that you falling asleep on his chest, small and happy, smiling in your sleep, he dreams of waking up with you in his arms just once. And in that dream world Namjoon gets to run his fingers through your hair and watch over you to make sure you’re safe. And when he wakes, he finds you with a fresh black eye and knows that one day, one day soon he’s going to get you out of here, even if it means Namjoon doesn’t.  
• Namjoon keeps his anger and his evil intentions a secret; even from himself at times. He thinks about the small river by your house, drowning your husband and holding him under the water. Or the lift in the fancy barn that was used for your husband’s expensive car collection, the button that releases the hydraulics so close and itching to be pressed anytime he goes under them. 
- Namjoon wonders how he’s going to do it, with Namjoon’s hands around his throat or a well-placed shovel to the back of his head or even, or if he can find the passcode- one of the guns in the gun safe. Quick and easy, buried in the backyard or dissolved in acid.
-  Namjoon has been in on enough homicide cases, he knows how hard it is to get away with murder, but he loves you enough to try- even if he knows it’s futile. It will take a fair bit of planning, and Namjoon starts the painstaking process.
- But then one morning, when your husband leaves early without any explanation, Namjoon walks into your bathroom to find you hurling your guts out into the toilet, and a pregnancy test sitting on the counter and feels horror spark in his stomach. 
- You’re pregnant, and that changes everything. 
Tumblr media
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minniepetals · a year ago
yours alone
Tumblr media
— summary: they were always captivated by your beauty, but sadly they aren’t the only ones.
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: fluff / poly!au / mafia!au
— word count: 2.6k
— warnings: none
Tumblr media
"You're stealing the spotlight, sweetheart." 
You jumped at the sudden voice whispered into your ear as two hands snaked around your waist from behind, and a blush crept up your cheeks as you finally realized the stares you were receiving from almost every corner.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stand out," you quickly apologized and turned yourself around to face the smirking man in front of you. You wanted to give him attention but also to hide your face away from the crowd. "This dress isn't even a bold color like most other girls out here," you said, pouting a little as you stared down at your light golden ball gown before looking back up at Taehyung whose face was hidden behind a black mask. "Why are they staring?"
A small chuckle left his lips and someone else wrapped their arms around you from the back, propping their chin upon your shoulder. "Baby, no matter what you wear, you'll always outshine everyone else," Jimin said. 
"You could wear a trash bag and we'd still be in awe with you." 
You looked away from Jungkook's piercing gaze, his royal blue mask hiding almost every part of that handsome face. "I-I'm not that..."
The youngest of the seven held your chin against his thumb and forefinger, a smirk crept on the corner of his lips as you tried to avoid his eyes but couldn't with how close he had gotten to you. "You're blushing."
"I'm not blushing." You were terrible at lying and they all knew. "Also, stop hovering over me, I thought you guys didn't like pda."
"Don't mistake us for Namjoon and Yoongi hyung," Taehyung said with a pointed look, "we love claiming what's ours." His lips brushed against your earlobe and you flinched away, only to have Jimin right behind you to trap you inside the circle the maknae line have made. 
"There's probably more stares now," you worried, blush never going away as you tried to escape from them. Sharp piercing gazes, delicate touches, and honey-like voices. They were dangerous. Too dangerous. 
"Embarrassed of us?" Jimin feigned a pout.
"I didn't mean that," you frowned, "you know I didn't mean that." 
"What can we do, my love," Jungkook grabbed your attention to him once again, this time his fingers tracing along the patterns of your golden mask. "How are we supposed to focus on our mission when you're out here looking like this?"
"And stealing everyone's attention?" Taehyung chimed in. 
Jimin nodded, his mask brushing lightly upon your skin as he placed a slow kiss on your shoulder. "Makes us very possessive."
"If you were going to be like this, why have me come along to your mission?" You scolded. Though you loved their attention, you'd rather it be in a private background, not where everyone could be staring. You hated being in the center of attention and they certainly weren't helping. 
"Stop hoarding our Y/N, baby boys." 
All of you turned around at the familiar voice and you found yourself breathing out a sigh of relief at the sudden distraction. 
Hoseok smirked at the sight of the four of you, meeting your eyes as he held a hand out. "Come here, baby girl," he commanded. Who would be a fool to refuse Jung Hoseok's hands? Once you walked past the three maknaes and placed your hand upon Hoseoks’, he greeted you with a kiss on the back of your hand before pulling you in close. "We're here to blend in," he said then looked up to give the boys a pointed look, "we're not here to be at the center of attention." 
Jungkook shrugged as he placed his hands in his pockets. "Baby girl's too pretty, hyung."
"You're right," the oldest sighed, giving a light squeeze on your shoulder, "it was a bad idea bringing you here. You're too beautiful even under this mask." Hoseok let his fingers tap lightly on your mask before returning his gaze on the three boys again. "Yoongi's waiting. Go do your job."
"Yes, sir." With a playful salute, Jimin walked away after sending you a wink and the other two followed just behind his steps. 
"May I have this dance?" 
You turned your attention back at the man beside you and smiled, giving your hand to him and he led you towards the dance floor. The ballroom glistened with a beautiful golden glow but under the sparkling chandelier lights, the center of attention was clearly Jung Hoseok himself. Despite wanting to blend in on the scene, if Hoseok was ever on a dance floor, he'd shine no matter what. Luckily no one knew who they were under the masks, luckily the two of you could dance freely with less caution.
"Missed me?" Your dancing partner asked, a playful smirk displayed on his lips. "Namjoon told me you've been whining about me not coming home these days." 
"Of course I missed you," you pouted, "It's been three nights without you, Hoseok, so when the opportunity arrived and Namjoon said I could come on this mission with you guys, I couldn't say no knowing I'd finally see you again. Three nights is long." 
"Imagine my nights, darling, at least you had the other boys with you."
"You're right," you sighed, thankful for the rest, "but one gone makes things feel so empty. You're alright, right? Not hurt anywhere from that mission?"
"Who do you think I am?" Hoseok boasted with pride. "No enemy can hurt someone like me, and you'd know what'll happen if someone ever came close."
"Either you'd break them yourself or the others would haunt them down." You nodded, pressing your lips into a thin line. "I never thought I'd see you again in this environment though," you admitted, "I thought more of me running into your arms the second you arrive home." 
He leaned in, squeezing your waist. "And you'd greet me with a searing kiss, right?" Your cheeks flushed and his smirk faltered a little while later, replaced with a small pout as he looked around at the mask that hid part of your face. "Want to kiss you now, want to see your face clearly." He was closer, breath tickling your skin and for a moment, a part of you felt as if he'd lean right in and claim your lips but to your disappointment, Hoseok backed away at a fair space. "But it's too risky here."
He caught your disappointed face and held your head up for you to meet his gaze again. "Don't look too sad, pretty girl, you'll have me when this is all over," he promised. "But for now," the hand that held your hand raised into the air, ready to spin you, "I've gotta go, darling."
Though confused, Hoseok didn't allow you to question him as he spun you around, hand slipping away and you were met with another pair of arms that replaced Hoseok's warmth. 
"Hi peaches," Jin greeted, naturally falling into steps without mistake.
"They need him," the man explained and though disappointed once again, you nodded. "What? You don't want me being here?" 
You sent him a playful glare. "That's not what I meant and you know it."
He laughed aloud. "I know, baby. You miss him too."
"Mhm," you nodded with a slow sigh. "How's it going so far with...whatever you're doing?" 
"Good, good," Jin mused, giving you a few pats with the hand that held your waist, "At least I hope so."
Your brows furrowed in confusion. "Weren't you just with them?" 
"I had to deal with some other business," he told you, "but I've got to say, it's kinda hard to stay focused when you're here." 
A little pout of worry fell at your lips. "Sorry, I'm a distraction aren't I? I worry you guys too much. But the enemies don't know how I look like so aren't I fine?"
"Yes, we worry about your safety but that wasn't what I meant." 
You blinked and tilted your head to the side. "Then...?"
He spun you around before grabbing you back to him again and this time, his face was much closer. "You're beautiful, pretty girl," Jin breathed and the blush crept up upon your face once again. "Even under this mask, you're like the princess that belongs in the center of attention and I think this," his nose tapped your mask, "intrigues them even more."
"But I'm yours," you reminded him, a beaming smile curling at your lips as he rested his forehead against yours, "So their attention doesn't matter as long as I am yours. I'm fine with just this."
Jin mirrored your smile, satisfied with your reply. "That's my girl."
Without a moment too soon as the two of you continued bathing in each other's comfort, Jin's attention was shifted towards somewhere else as he spotted someone storming his way. He let you go and you looked up in confusion before your hand was snatched by someone else, the man forcing you to follow him. 
"Joon, hey-"
"We're leaving," the man spat out and you looked from over your shoulder to find the rest of the guys just behind, Jungkook explaining to Jin what had happened and his eyes were quick to darken. 
"What's wrong?" You asked, turning back to Namjoon. "What happened?" 
His strides quickened and because he had longer legs, you started struggling behind him, especially with the heels you were wearing. Not only that but the grip he held you with was also beginning to hurt and not long after, you almost stumbled upon your feet. 
"Joon, slow down," you pled. The chilly night breeze greeted you the second you were out of the building and as Namjoon led you down the stairs, your heels pinned down against your long dress, causing you to almost fall if it weren't for the man to quickly catch you before you could hurt yourself. 
He let out a frustrated grunt. "I'm sorry," he cringed and the second he caught sight of the slight bruise on your wrist from not realizing he had held onto you too strongly, Namjoon spat out a curse. "I'm so sorry, baby." 
Yoongi took off his blazer to put it around you, seeing that you had gotten the chills while you gave the boss a concerned gaze. "It's okay, Joon," you promised him, taking his hand and squeezing it to conceal that promise. 
A sigh left his lips and he grabbed your wrist again but this time with a much more gentle hold. "Let's go," he ordered and allowed you to climb into the limbo in which the chauffeur had opened the door to.
The ride was silent as you sat in between Namjoon and Hoseok. Yet despite how silent it was, their intimidating gaze lingered on you, masks stripped off their faces while you still had yours on, and the two 94 liners had their hands possessively on you. 
Which meant one thing; jealousy had struck. 
But everything was fine just minutes ago. What happened as you and Jin were enjoying your dance? 
You ignored their gazes and moved around, only for Hoseok to tug you back. "I just want to take off my heels," you told him and Namjoon responded, quickly taking the heels off for you but without trying to hurt your foot any further, before returning to rest his head against your shoulder. 
You let out a heavy sigh. "What's wrong?" 
"He wants you, baby girl, frick," Jimin was first to say, annoyance clear in his tone. 
"He?" You worried for a moment, sinking into Hoseok and Namjoon's holds.
 Another gang boss?
"The second he laid eyes on you, he cut off our conversation to tell his men to get you until we told him that you were already ours," Taehyung said. 
"That bastard thought it'd be alright to have you as an object of negotiation."
"No way in hell are we giving you up that easily," Yoongi bellowed after Jungkook. 
Luckily you were all in a vehicle otherwise you knew something would have already gotten thrown onto the floor. But you understood where their anger was coming from; another mafia boss was wanting what was already theirs.
"You're not leaving us, Y/N," Hoseok said in a more calm voice. He took your chin to tilt your head to meet his gaze, running his hands behind your head to untangle the mask that hid part of your face and his eyes melted for a moment when he finally got to see you clearly again since leaving for three nights. A few golden glitter lingered on your skin from the mask, making you glow even more under the moonlight glaring through the window. "Good thing he hadn't seen what was under this mask," Hoseok commented, a lopsided smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, "otherwise we would have actually hurt him."
"You're too beautiful," Namjoon sighed from behind, back hugging you and pressing little pecks on your exposed neck. 
"But you're ours and ours alone," Jin claimed. 
Right as Hoseok's forehead met yours, the limbo came to a stop and he let out a huff. "Let's go," he said impatiently, grabbing your hand and led you out.
The second you stepped foot onto the ground, you hissed at the cold sensation, suddenly remembering that Namjoon had taken your heels off for you. "Cold," you shivered and Hoseok was quick to pick you up without another word, leading you into the house, up the stairs and into the bedroom. 
"You're not leaving our sight today," Yoongi demanded as he climbed onto the bed the second you were placed upon it. 
"But I-"
"Everyone else was able to get a good look at you tonight, it's our turn now." 
A light giggle fell out of you and they frowned at the sound. "Why are you laughing?" Jungkook huffed, "We're serious." 
"It's just," you giggled again, "fun to see you all possessive and jealous."
"Fun?" Jimin scoffed, arms crossing against his chest. "Are you provoking us?"
"No, no, I'm just saying.."
You looked at them all, those eyes that were staring right back at you. You let your legs dangle from the bed, kicking it for a moment. "You know that I hate being in the center of attention, right?" You asked them. 
"Yeah..?" Taehyung blinked, not understanding where you were going with that. 
"Well, I think that," they could see your cheeks turning into a rosy pink and smirks tugged at their lips, "I don't think I mind being in the center of your attention."
Hoseok stepped up to raise his knee against the mattress, beside you, his opposite arm raising to trace along your jawline with delicate touches. "You don't, hm?" He asked smugly, voice dropping.
Flustered once more, you looked away from those tempting eyes. "You have to know something." 
"What is it, baby girl?"
"I'm yours." 
They didn't expect that. They knew it was true but you weren't really one to state such a thing so lightly. You've said it before but they weren't common words that came out from your mouth.
"No matter who wants to take me away," you continued, grabbing Hoseok's hand to interwoven your fingers together before you looked back at the rest of them, "As long as you'll have me, I am yours. You don't have to give me anything, I don't need gold nor silver, they're all useless compare to your love. Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you."
"Oh, my love...-"
"But," you placed your finger against Hoseok's lips just as he was about to lean in and a frown formed upon his face, "You have to promise me that you won't leave me for someone else either."
A hand snaked around your waist from behind and suddenly your were surrounded by all of them. 
"We would never dare." Hoseok took your hand away, eyes slowly closing as his lips inched closer and closer until you were met with a slow kiss so sweet and filled with love. 
"We are yours, Y/N. Yours alone."
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angelicyoongie · 4 months ago
Abundance (XIV)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, eventual smut
— warning: none
— word count: 10.5k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find the rest of the chapters here!
Tumblr media
You groan as you roll out of bed, the shrill sound of your alarm still echoing inside your head as you drag your feet across the room. You can’t remember the last time you felt this tired, but you suppose a business trip and seven hybrids practically mauling your neck for hours on end adds up. You wince as you roll your shoulders, the motion pulling at your tender skin. It was probably a bad idea to let all of them scent you last night, but you were just too weak to resist the desperate whines that had filled the room whenever you pulled back to catch your breath. There’s nothing you would love more than to go back to bed considering it’s the damn weekend, but your boss requested the whole office to work through it and you know you can’t ignore that. The documents you picked up finally allows you to progress the case and track down more people that might be willing to testify alongside your client. It’s a huge step in the right direction, one you’ve been waiting for, and yet – you can’t help but mourn your social life. You have a feeling you’ll only see less and less of the boys the more testimonies and witnesses you manage to get hold of.
You rub your eyes in a futile attempt to wake yourself up, stifling a yawn as you swing open your door. You nearly walk right into the person waiting outside of it, your sight too bleary to make out much aside from their silhouette. ”Good mornin–” You sputter as you suddenly find yourself pressed against a warm chest, firm arms wrapping around your shoulders. You melt into the soft woodsy scent; a smile tugging at your lips as low purrs begins to rumble against your chest.
”Morning,” Yoongi drawls. The cat hybrid’s tail curves around your leg as he nuzzles his face into your hair. He can still pick up your sweet undertones underneath the heavy layers of their scent, the saccharine fragrance too strong to be completely covered up. You flinch as Yoongi’s nose bumps against your throat, an embarrassed whimper leaving your lips as you pull away from the cat hybrid’s touch. ”It’s sensitive,” You mumble, watching as Yoongi’s ears perk with interest. The cat hybrid’s eyes turn dark as they roam over your neck, and you feel yourself begin to flush under the intensity in his gaze.
”Is it bad?” You wince. Yoongi only hums in response, a lazy smirk adorning his lips as he shamelessly drinks in the pretty colours they’ve created on your skin. Yoongi just seems so pleased you can’t help but feel a little curious. You take a few steps back into your room, turning to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror by your door. You gasp as you take in your bruised neck, your skin littered with blooming red and purple marks. You touch your throat tentatively, careful to keep the pressure light as you map out the marks that trail all the way from your collarbones to your jaw.
”This is–” You swallow thickly as you look up to find the cat hybrid standing behind you, Yoongi’s dark eyes meeting yours through the mirror. ”–It’s very visible,” You grimace. There’s no way you can go to work like this, they’ll probably think you actually got attacked.
You shiver as Yoongi’s breath washes over your shoulder, the cat hybrid licking his lips as he says, ”It suits you.”God, you’re not awake enough to deal with the excitement that sparks in your body as you register Yoongi’s words, your face growing warmer and warmer under the undivided attention. You let out a strained chuckle, trying your best to play off the cat hybrid’s comment. Surely Yoongi doesn’t it mean it like that, right? … Right?
”I–I should cover this up,” You stammer, "I can’t go into the office like this.” Now would be a good time to dig out those turtlenecks you had forgotten about. Before you can move to grab one, Yoongi leans in to press a soft kiss to your shoulder, the cat hybrid’s eyes trained on yours as he says, ”No.”
”No?” You squeak, your heart tumbling in your chest.
”You can’t cover up all of our hard work Y/n, we spent hours making sure we scented you properly,” Yoongi pouts. Your eyebrows furrow as you process what Yoongi said – something about it not quite adding up. Their scent should still be there on your skin, so other hybrids should be able to pick it up with their heightened senses even if you wear something that covers you up more than usual. They’ve never been fussy about this before so you’re sure it must mean something, but–
”Here! This looks pretty,” You curse yourself internally for your own laziness as Yoongi hands you one of your freshly washed blouses, the shirts stacked up on your dresser. The cat hybrid isn’t wrong, it is a pretty blouse, but it won’t cover much of the bruising on your neck.
Yoongi looks at you expectantly as he nudges you in the direction of your door. ”Fine,” You sigh, ”I’ll go wash up.”
The cat hybrid's satisfied grin makes your stomach flutter, and you clutch the fabric to your chest as you hurry to the bathroom. ”Shit,” You curse as you take in the bruises under the harsh lights. There's no way you can show up looking like this. You can always go back to your room and grab something else to wear, but you have a feeling that you’ll only be met with more pouts downstairs if you do. Frankly, they’re a little too good at tugging at your heartstrings and you’re just a little too soft for them. Still, you’ll have to draw a line here. Even you know enough about hybrids to understand that it doesn’t matter whether the  .. hickeys on your throat are visible or not. It’s not like seeing the marks will make you smell more, that’s not how it works. Scents can’t be covered up by clothing, and you don’t think even a shower would fully erase their scenting with how thoroughly they did their job yesterday. No, other hybrids will know immediately, but there are those that don’t have a heightened sense of smell, those that might need a more visual example. Those that are like you. Human.
”Don’t be silly,” You snort, but your expression begins to falter the longer you think about it. That’s the only explanation, isn’t it? It the only way they can show both hybrids and humans that you’re taken. You know you probably shouldn’t entertain the thought that the boys want you like that - like you want them - but the more you think about it, the harder it is to ignore. Because you’re ours. The memory of Namjoon’s confident voice and the earnest looks you saw reflected on the other boys’ faces makes your knees go weak. You hadn’t thought much of how he rushed to correct it to roommates at the time, but looking back, you’re almost certain that’s not what he really meant. You suck in a breath, clutching the edge of the sink as you stare at the bruises in disbelief. Has it always been like that? Did you just not .. realize? You nearly jump out of your own skin as you suddenly hear Jimin’s voice through the door, the cat hybrid knocking rapidly at the wood as he whines, ”Y/n, I need to use the bathroom.”
”J-just a minute!” You race through your routine, nearly dropping your face cream to the floor twice as your mind unhelpfully decides to point out every minuscule thing the boys have ever said or done that might hint at something else than just friendship. Even though Jimin sounds ready to bust down the door as you exit, the cat hybrid still pauses just long enough for his eyes to linger on your neck before he runs past you. Your heart is pounding as you make your way back to your room, and you let out a shaky breath as the door closes behind you. You’re not going to jump to conclusions, but it seems like you might have to be a little more attentive around the boys from now on. You just need some more proof that this isn’t all in your head before you do something about it. You throw another glimpse at the mirror as you pack up your bag, an idea sparking in your head as you make sure the documents are still securely tucked away. You let the boys admire their marks as you leave for work, the hybrids visibly delighted at the fact that you haven’t covered them up. You tuck away their reaction in your mind, adding it to the list of 'this isn’t all in your head!’ as you bid them goodbye.
Okay, so maybe you feel a little bad as you pull out the silk scarf from your bag once you arrive at your firm, but you have to at least appear somewhat professional at work. You don’t think you’ll be able to live it down if you walk in looking like .. well, like you’ve been with seven people. You try not to overthink it as you walk to your office, but you can see Soo-hyun practically vibrating with curiosity from her desk as she eyes your scarf. You’ll be fine, nobody knows! It’s totally normal to wear a scarf indoors when the office is already too warm! You internal pep talk dies the moment you see the sly grin spread on Soo-hyun’s face. On second thought, maybe it’s a good idea to skip your lunch break today.
Tumblr media
“Hey Namjoon, do you think Hoseok would be okay with this one instead?” You twist the tub of yogurt around in your hand, scanning for the ingredients. You know the dog hybrid has a particular kind that he loves, but you can’t find a trace of it in the store today. They’re probably just sold out, but you don’t want to go back home empty handed when it was the only thing he asked for.
”Namjoon?” You turn to look over your shoulder when you don’t get a response, the container almost slipping from your hands as you realize why. The wolf hybrid is posturing behind you, his back straight and chest puffed out as he lowly growls at anyone that dares to step too close. His gaze is locked on the nearest hybrid; the poor mouse looking scared out of his wits as Namjoon bares his teeth. Nope! You have no idea what he’s doing but that’s notokay. “Stop it!” You smack his arm, sending the mouse hybrid an apologetic smile as you tug Namjoon closer. The frightened look on his face reminds you painfully of Jeongguk and Seokjin, and the prey hybrid scampers away the moment Namjoon's eyes snaps to meet yours.
”What are you doing?” You hiss. The growl in Namjoon’s throat stutters to a stop as he takes in the angry set of your mouth, your lips pressed into a tight line as you glare up at him.
”I’m sorry, it’s my instincts,” The wolf hybrid whines, his gray ears twisting back, “The need to protect you is stronger when we’re outside, and it makes it difficult to suppress it.” Even as Namjoon speaks, his eyes flicker over your shoulder to track the other human that’s walking down the same aisle.
You sigh; regret swirling in your chest as you notice the tension in the wolf hybrid’s body. They did say that their instincts would be heightened during the next few days, so you suppose you can’t really fault Namjoon for the added hostility. You probably shouldn’t have let the wolf hybrid come with you in the first place, but the temptation of having an extra pair of arms to help you carry all the groceries was just too good to resist. Normally you would buy food on the way home since it’s already on your way, but Soo-hyun’s interrogation during lunch had left you feeling flustered and scatter-brained enough that it had totally slipped your mind.
”I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have yelled at you,” You duck your head in embarrassment. You watch Namjoon’s shoes as they move a step closer, the wolf hybrid’s fingers curling around yours as he gently takes the tub of yogurt out of your hands. ”Don’t worry about it Y/n,” You can hear the smile in his voice as he quickly reads the label, ”And yeah, I think Hobi will like this one just as much.”
Namjoon reaches around you to place the yogurt in the cart, the side of his body pressed up against yours as he puts the tub down with the other food. Your eyes fly up surprise as you feel the wolf hybrid press a chaste peck to your temple as he leans back. Namjoon looks down at you with a wide grin as he gestures to the list clutched in your hand, his tail wagging behind his back as he says, ”Let’s go, we still have a lot of stuff to find.”  
You do have a lot of groceries to find, and shopping for eight people with varying dietary needs isn’t exactly easy. You let out a frustrated huff as you eye the two different types of steaks, trying your best to remember if any of the boys have a preference. You can feel Namjoon shift impatiently beside you, glaring at anyone who tries to come close to the meat display. While it’s not exactly ideal, it’s still better than having him growl at anyone who dares to pass by you. You startle as you suddenly feel Namjoon’s fingers dip below the collar of your coat, tugging gently at the fabric to expose more of your neck. It’s still cold enough in the evenings that bundling up in a coat isn’t seen as odd, but the wolf hybrid clearly isn’t too happy about the hidden hickeys (–which yes, that was admittedly your intention.) You let Namjoon pop the first button of your coat, the wolf hybrid pushing the fabric aside with a pleased noise as your bruised throat becomes more visible. You’ve never really been the type of show off the marks left behind on your skin, but you figure you can deal with the awkwardness of pointed looks for the duration of your shopping if it makes Namjoon happy. You throw another glance at the steaks, figuring you might as well just go with both. It isn’t until you’ve started walking away that you realize the wolf hybrid hasn’t followed you, Namjoon seemingly frozen in place as he stares at an approaching hybrid.
You mumble out a curse as you notice the familiar ears and tail, because of course you had to run into another wolf hybrid. You’ve gathered enough to understand that hybrids often feel more threatened by those who share the same species as them – that they learn from a young age that they have to be the best if they want to get adopted. Apparently that instinct sticks around even after the hybrids find their home, and with how your cycle has already made Namjoon overprotective, you don’t think an encounter between the two wolf hybrids will end well. You can already tell that Namjoon is starting to look agitated, and you have no intention of just standing by and letting him try to assert dominance over the other wolf hybrid in the middle of a grocery store. You backtrack as quickly as possible, your filled cart squeaking against the polished tiles as you notice how Namjoon squares his shoulders, his gaze hardening as he scans the other hybrid top to bottom. Luckily for you, the other wolf hybrid seems lost in her own world, tapping away on the phone in her hand and completely oblivious to Namjoon’s death stare.
”Namjoon!” His gray ears twitch as you call out for him, but his attention is zeroed in on the rapidly approaching hybrid. You reach him just as his chest begins to rumble, grabbing his hand and yanking on it as hard as you can. The wolf hybrid is definitely bigger than you, but the suddenness of your pull seems to be just enough to catch Namjoon off guard. He stumbles from the sudden shift in his balance, warm eyes blinking rapidly as you drag him over to your cart. The instinctual haze seems to lift as he refocuses on your face, and his tail tucks between his legs as he realizes he slipped up again. You can practically see Namjoon yelling at himself inside his own head, his lips set in deep frown as he stares at the various items in your cart. You know he already feels bad, so there’s no need for you to make him feel worse about something that’s normal for him. You give his hand a squeeze before you bring it up to the handle of the cart, curling his fingers around it. You cover Namjoon’s hand with your own, slotting your fingers between his as you grab the handle.
”Just to make sure you stay with me and behave,” You smile, playfully bumping your hip into Namjoon’s side. The confusion on the wolf hybrid’s face transforms into relief, the tail behind his back wagging slowly as he helps you push the cart. Grocery shopping goes much quicker with Namjoon glued to your side, and you find that the moment his attention begins to stray to someone else in the store, a quick squeeze of his hand snaps it right back to you. And yeah, maybe you find it just a little bit hot when Namjoon subtly tries to cage you in against shelves and displays to block you from view when you go to grab something. (Just a little though.)
You find yourself back the house in no time, and despite the multiple bags Namjoon is carrying, you can see how his posture relaxes the moment he steps into the house. ”Thank you for your help,” You flash Namjoon as sweet smile as he closes the fridge, the mountain of groceries finally put away where it needs to go. ”And for spending some time with me. I know it might be difficult after what happened with Taehyung, but I really appreciate it.”
”I don’t mind helping, and I don’t mind spending time with you,” Namjoon says, the wolf hybrid inhaling deeply as he leans against the counter, “I’ve said things out of ignorance before too, things that I didn’t really mean. It doesn’t excuse what was said, but it would be hypocritical of me to not give you another chance when I’ve been in your place before. We all deserve a chance to learn and better ourselves.”
You swallow thickly, blinking away the sudden moisture in your eyes. God, you’re not sure what you did you deserve these boys. ”Are you sure?” You murmur.
”I’m sure,” Namjoon holds your gaze, his brown eyes flashing golden in the low light.
“Taehyung often forgives a little too easily, but this time .. I think he’s right. It’ll take some time for things to go back to how they were, but I’m willing to try. We’re–” Namjoon cuts himself off, a gentle smile spreading on his lips as he opens his arms, ”–We’re good.”
You only hesitate for a second, just long enough to register the sincerity on Namjoon’s face before you cross the room, walking straight into the wolf hybrid's embrace. ”Thank you,” You whisper. Namjoon only hums in response, hugging you tighter.
If it wasn’t for Namjoon’s arms around your waist though, you swear you would’ve collapsed to the floor with the way Taehyung suddenly bursts into the kitchen. The fox hybrid’s tail is swishing behind his back with excitement, and the smile on Taehyung’s lips only grows wider as he takes in you and Namjoon. ”Y/n! Hyung! Hobi hyung is getting the deck out, do you want to play a few rounds with us?” A glint passes through Taehyung’s eyes at your agreement, and you can’t help but think that maybe the fox hybrid has something up his sleeve.
Tumblr media
“I give up,” You pout, tossing your cards down on the bed. Just like the first time you played with the boys, Taehyung wins every round. No matter what kind of card game it is, the fox hybrid somehow manages to get the upper hand every time. You swear you saw Taehyung slip in an extra card during one of the rounds, but it happened so fast you couldn’t be sure. Honestly, seeing the fox hybrid’s boxy smile when he wins is almost worth all the consecutive losses, but even you have a limit of just how much defeat you can handle in one night. You’re not a sore loser by any means, but the game loses some of its charm when you already know the outcome before you’ve even begun.
“Me too,” Hoseok sighs, flopping down on the bed next to you. Namjoon stares down at his hands with concentration, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips as he shuffles through his cards. The wolf hybrid doesn’t look ready to give up, but judging by the smug smile on Taehyung’s face, you doubt it’ll be long before he admits defeat.
You glance down at Hoseok as he begins to wiggle over, the dog hybrid using the opportunity of his packmates being distracted to have all of your attention on him. Hoseok doesn’t stop moving until he has his head in your lap, his tail thumping against the mattress. ”Hey,” He grins.
”Hey,” You echo back with a laugh. You run your fingers through Hoseok’s blond locks, enjoying the silky strands between your fingers as you pet his head. All of the boys just have such soft hair, and you would be lying if you said you weren’t a little bit envious. It’s probably a mix of their genes and using the right products, but maybe Hoseok would be willing to spare you some of his conditioner to try out? You make a mental note to ask the dog hybrid later.
You lightly scratch behind his ears, making sure to not actually touch them. You should probably ask the rest of the boys if their ears are as sensitive as Jeongguk’s – but judging by the very descriptive titles of the uhm, adult hybrid films you’ve come across while trying to research, you have a feeling the answer will be yes. You suck in a surprised breath as Hoseok turns on his side, his arm curling around your waist as he nuzzles his face into your stomach. You flush at the contented sound he makes, turning your attention back to Taehyung and Namjoon in an attempt to ignore how your chest is fluttering from how close the dog hybrid is. You look up just in time to see Namjoon groan, the wolf hybrid throwing his cards down in defeat.
”Maybe next time hyung,” Taehyung grins, amusement shining in his eyes as he watches his alpha collect the deck. Namjoon grumbles in response, his gray ears pulling back. It looks like he really thought he would be able to win this time. The fox hybrid looks beyond pleased with himself as he scoops up some cards, but it only takes a few seconds before he registers Namjoon’s disappointment and his expression softens.
”You can’t be good at everything,” Taehyung still has that smug smile on his face, but his voice is far too gentle to be teasing. You might not be a sore loser, but it appears that Namjoon is. Taehyung drapes himself over the wolf hybrid’s shoulders, rubbing his face comfortingly against Namjoon’s neck as the alpha licks his wounds. There’s something longing in the way Taehyung looks at Namjoon as he pulls back, like he wants to do something to comfort his alpha, but he can’t. You’ve seen it reflected in both Hoseok and Namjoon’s eyes before too, and you think it’s easier to name it now that you’re sure you must be looking at them in the same way. It’s pining, yearning, for something more. The pack is obviously close, but not in the same way that Yoongi and Jimin, and Jeongguk and Seokjin are. You’ve seen the two prey hybrids peppering each other with soft kisses in the morning, and Jimin and Yoongi seem to enjoy regularly flaunting what they’ve gotten up to, but you’ve never seen anything aside from hugs and cuddles being shared between the canines. It’s clear that they all want the same thing, but it seems like there’s something holding them back from taking that last step. But with how the longing glances between them seem to have been increasing lately, and with how you’re fairly sure they want something more than just friendship from you, you have a feeling they’ll have to face what has been holding them back sooner rather than later.
Tumblr media
You fall into somewhat of a routine over the next couple of days; your time being split between work and lingering touches. (–”Today is ours,” Jimin had purred into your neck before you left for work, the cat hybrid making sure that you still smelled enough of them as he rubbed his cheek along your shoulder. Yoongi and Jimin had been miffed that so much of the day before had been spent with the canines, and so the two cat hybrids had taken it upon themselves to decide that Sunday was theirs. In all honestly, you really didn’t want to go into the firm, but the mountain of cases stacked up on your desk didn’t leave you with much choice. At least you’re not alone about it, considering you’re pretty sure everyone – even including your boss – shared the same faith as you. You could always refuse to come in, but the hefty compensation you were promised was too good to pass up. You do have eight mouths to feed after all, and a little extra money certainly doesn’t hurt. Thankfully though, working on the weekend means your hours are cut a little shorter.
Once you get home, you barely make it inside the house before Jimin grabs your hand, making you follow him upstairs. ”Come to our room once you’ve changed,” The cat hybrid nudges you inside your room with a soft tut, closing the door behind you before you can ask what’s going on. You’re eager to get out of your work clothes, so you don’t waste any time changing into a far more comfortable hoodie and pair of sweatpants.
Your knuckles hardly even manage to brush against their door before it’s opened, Yoongi’s soft features greeting you. ”Bed,” He rasps, his fingers intertwining with yours as he leads you over to where Jimin is sprawled out on their mattress. You let yourself be maneuvered down between the two cat hybrids, Yoongi pulling you to his chest while Jimin wraps himself around your back.
”What are we doing?” You hesitantly let your arm drape across Yoongi’s stomach as he pulls you closer, Jimin nudging your leg on top of his alpha's thigh to make room for his own.
”Sleeping. You’ve had a long week," Yoongi murmurs against your hair. You can’t agree more. You can practically feel the heaviness in your bones, your eyelids already starting to flutter shut from the steady thrum against your ear. Jimin’s leg slots between yours as he curls his arm around your waist. You can’t help the involuntary hitch in your breath as you feel his nose skim across your neck, his tail moving languidly across your thigh.
“Why?” Jimin teasingly nips your neck, his voice sultry and low as he says, ”Did you have something else in mind?”
”N–no, sleeping is good – great!” You stammer, pressing your face into the soft fabric of Yoongi's shirt to hide the flush creeping up your face. The oldest cat hybrid lets out a light chuckle, his chest moving underneath your cheek.
”Mhm, it is great,” Jimin smugly hums against your skin, pressing a soft kiss to your nape before he settles down. It doesn’t take long before you begin to feel light rumbles vibrating against your body, the boys’ purrs ebbing and flowing into the silent room like a gentle lullaby. You spend the rest of your Sunday curled up between Jimin and Yoongi, and you can’t remember the last time you slept so well.)
Tumblr media
(–”Noona!” Jeongguk waves you over to the couch with a bright smile the following day. Seokjin moves to the side to make room between himself and his packmate, but you don’t get far enough to claim it. You squeak as the bunny hybrid suddenly pulls you into his lap, Jeongguk’s strong arms wrapping around your middle as he tucks his face into your neck.
”Missed you,” You just manage to make out Jeongguk’s shy voice over the sound of the TV, your heart fluttering at the unexpected confession. The bunny hybrid has never been this bold with his affection before, but you suppose it matches up with how the boys said that your little situation would make them more clingy than usual. You catch Seokjin trying to suppress a smile as he fake yawns, the hamster hybrid’s eyes shining with fondness as he looks at you and Jeongguk.
”I missed you too,” You murmur, giving the arms around your waist a squeeze. The bunny hybrid relaxes at the sound of your voice, sinking into the couch as he holds you close. You feel hyperaware of Jeongguk’s chest pressed against your back, but whenever you try to shift your weight forward, the bunny hybrid pulls right you back. You allow him a few minutes to scent your neck, choking down any noises that try to escape when Jeongguk’s nose brushes against the tender marks on your throat. The bunny hybrid makes a disgruntled sound as you gently remove his arms, his big eyes looking up at in you confusion as you slide down into the spot between him and Seokjin.
”You’re still hurt Jeongguk, you shouldn’t be putting too much strain on your ribs,” You explain. Jeongguk’s ears droop, his doe eyes looking even bigger as he tries to protest, ”But–”
”Y/n is right, bun. You can cuddle more later,” Seokjin interrupts. The tone of his voice doesn’t leave any room for arguments, and it makes Jeongguk’s foot thump harshly against the floor in response. The bunny hybrid just looks so adorable you can’t help but giggle at the childish reaction. Jeongguk gives you an affronted look, a pout pulling at his soft lips as he decides to ignore the both you in favour of the TV. “Hey no–I’m sorry Jeongguk, I didn’t mean to laugh. You just looked so cute,” You apologize, choking down the urge to coo as you see one of Jeongguk’s ears straighten at your words. ”Really?” He murmurs.
”Really,” You grin.
”That’s okay then,” Seokjin snorts at how easily Jeongguk gives up on being annoyed, the bunny hybrid grabbing your hand as he cuddles up to your side. The hamster hybrid moves closer too, throwing one arm behind your back as he lets both you and Jeongguk lean into his touch. You rest your head on Seokjin’s broad shoulder as he starts carding his fingers through his packmate’s hair, the bunny hybrid practically melting from having both his hair and fingers played with. You absentmindedly run your thumb over Jeongguk’s knuckles as you turn your attention back to the TV, losing yourself in the plot and the sporadic kisses Seokjin presses against your hair. It doesn’t take long before you can feel Jeongguk begin to nod off, his head slipping down your shoulder before he wakes up enough reposition it. You and Seokjin whisper back and fourth about the show when something exciting happens, but the soft rise and fall of the hamster hybrid’s chest and the warmth of Jeongguk’s body pressed against yours is beginning to make you feel sleepy too.
In fact, you’re sure you must be dreaming as the end credits stop rolling, and the screen cuts to a serious looking news anchor. A grainy picture pops up on the screen, and you have to squint as you try to focus. There are three people in the image, and from their hunkered and tense postures it’s obvious they’re up to something they shouldn’t be doing. You let your gaze sweep over their slightly blurry faces as the anchor talks about a hybrid trafficking syndicate, and how it’s been almost impossible to track down.
You blink.
Your heart plummets to your stomach as it dawns on you that you’ve seen two of those men before. It was the same two men that stared back at you in the file Hansol handed over. They’re connected to your case, and apparently Lim Enterprises isn’t just smuggling a few hybrids here and there – they’re running one of the biggest trafficking syndicates in the country.
”What’s wrong?” Jeongguk’s head suddenly springs up from your shoulder, his long ears standing straight up in alert as Seokjin turns you around, his plush lips pressed into a firm line as he stares you down. The two hybrids are still reeling from the abrupt switch in your scent, the sugary sweetness on the air suddenly bitter and suffocating.
”Y/n, what’s wrong?” Seokjin repeats. You can’t tell them. You already knew that a case against a big enterprise wouldn’t be easy, but this is dangerous. This is more than your firm can handle – than you can handle. You’ll have to convince your boss as soon as he gets back from his business trip that whatever he’s being offered for taking the case isn’t worth it. This is too much of a risk.
”N-nothing!” You stutter, feeling yourself grow pale as your gaze flickers back to the TV. ”I-I just thought I saw a mouse!”
”A mouse?!” Jeongguk pulls his legs up from the floor, his wide eyes frantically sweeping over the floor, ”Should I get Yoongi or Jimin hyung?”
Seokjin waves of the bunny hybrid’s comment, his eyes never leaving your face for second. ”Y/n, is that all it is? Are you sure?” God, you want to break and tell them so bad, but you can’t risk it. You can’t.
”I-I’m sure,” Your smile is little more than a grimace as you take a deep breath, Seokjin’s grip still firm on your shoulders as you try again with a little more conviction, ”I’m fine.” But you’re not. You’re so, so fucked.)
Tumblr media
You had a routine, but that doesn’t last for long. Not when you open your front door on Tuesday to find Jihyo standing there with an excited dog hybrid peeking over her shoulder. ”Jihyo? Why are you here?” Your eyebrows furrow as you try your best to think back to the last thing you and your friend talked about. You definitely would have remembered inviting her over.
”Can’t a girl visit her best friend? I haven’t heard from you in ages!” Jihyo huffs. You roll your eyes, not bothering to fight the smile that tugs at your lips as you say, ”We texted last night.”
”Sure we’ve texted, but I haven’t seen you for weeks,” Jihyo shoots back with a pout. Your stomach twists as the dog hybrid standing behind Jihyo rubs her head soothingly against her shoulder, trying her best to calm her down. You didn’t realize that Jihyo was actually upset about it.
”I’m sorry, it’s just been a lot lately,” You sigh.
“I figured. I could tell something was up with you last night,” Jihyo says. You slump against the doorframe, guilt spreading through your body as you look back at your friend. You can’t help but wonder if you’ve paid enough attention to the texts you’ve shared with Jihyo over the last three weeks. Was there something you should’ve picked up on like she did? Have you been neglecting your friend that bad?
”Don’t be sad!” A light whine pulls you out of your thoughts, and you move your gaze to the drooping white ears on top of the dog hybrid’s head. ”Can I hug you? Please, please? I don’t want you be sad,” She looks at you pleadingly, her fluffy tail tucked between her legs. You’ve briefly talked to Sana over the phone, but you haven’t actually seen the dog hybrid since that day at the shelter. She’s pretty. Really pretty. It’s not hard to see why Jihyo is so smitten with her. You can’t resist the distraught expression on her face though, and all it takes is a small nod before Sana tackles you into a hug. You have to take a step back from the force, your arms automatically wrapping around her small waist to keep the both of you upright.
”Sana, we've talked about this!” Jihyo sounds exasperated despite the fond smile on her face, ”You can’t just jump people like that, you have to–”
You freeze as you suddenly hear a deep growl behind you, the threatening sound sending a violent shiver down your spine. Sana’s arms stiffen around your body, a low rumble building in her chest as she tugs you a step back towards the door. You throw a look over you shoulder, eyes widening with shock as you realize that the growl came from Hoseok. The golden retriever hybrid has his eyes locked on Sana, his lips curling into a nasty snarl as he takes in how she’s slowly trying to inch you away from him. You jump as the door to the canine’s room is thrown open, the bang echoing through the house as Namjoon and Taehyung scramble out into the hallway. Namjoon’s eyes turn to steel as he stalks closer, his jaw clenched tightly as his chest begins to rumble.
”Y/n,” The deep baritone of Taehyung’s voice makes your breath hitch. The fox hybrid’s ears pull back and the cold expression that settles on his face makes a flash of fear shoot through your body. But it’s not for you you’re worried about – it’s Sana. You’ve never seen the fox hybrid look so angry before. It’s no wonder he managed to scare off three hybrids on his own if this was the way he looked at them. You swallow thickly as you hear Jihyo’s weak voice call out your name; your eyes locked on the heated glares the boys are giving Sana.
”I’m not sad anymore, it’s okay. You should go back to Jihyo,” You reach up to give Sana’s head a comforting pat, not daring to move your gaze away from Hoseok. The dog hybrid tracks your hand as you rest it shortly in Sana’s hair, the phantom touches of your fingers carding through his locks making something uncomfortable unfurl in his stomach. You’re only supposed to touch them like that, not her. Sana lets out a choked sound, something between a whine and a growl as she drops her hold and steps away from you. You can tell she feels unsure whether it’s the right thing to do, but Jihyo reaches out to grab her hand, pulling her back until she’s once again hidden away behind her.
”I wanted to ask you to come out with us, but I guess now’s not a good time?” Jihyo winces as Namjoon’s hard gaze flickers to her, her fingers tightening the hold around Sana’s hand.
”No, it’s–” You bite down on your lip, unsure what to say. You know the boys have a stronger instinct to protect you right now, and that going off with another hybrid probably isn’t the best thing to do. But you’ve also been neglecting Jihyo for weeks in favour for the boys and work, and you miss her. You miss your friend.
”How about the three of you hang out here instead?” Seokjin’s composed voice washes over the tense air in the hallway, and you glance back from Jihyo in shock to find that the rest of the boys have somehow filed into the cramped space as well. ”I think it would be better for everyone if Y/n stays somewhere we know is safe. Our instincts are a little .. on edge these days,” He says. The polite smile on his face doesn't quite reach his eyes.
”Are you sure?” Jihyo doesn’t quite seem to know who she should really ask, her gaze moving between you, Seokjin and Namjoon.
”That’s a great idea, thank you Seokjin,” You speak up before any of the boys can protest, grabbing Jihyo’s hand to usher the two of them into the living room. You hear a few low growls and hisses as the boys are forced to step back to make way, but the sounds soften as you send them a pleading look. You let Jihyo and Sana enter the room first, the dog hybrid’s tail tucked between her legs from the glowering stares. She knows she’s no match for seven hybrids, and especially not seven hybrids who seem like they all want to lay a claim on you.
”Just a couple of hours, okay? I know it’s really bad timing with everything that’s going on, but–” Yoongi cuts you off with a light push, the cat hybrid looking like he’s trying his best not to scowl as he nudges you into the living room, “We’ll be fine Y/n. Go have fun with your friends.” The hostile expressions on their faces makes your stomach flip even though you know it’s not directed at you. Jimin and Jeongguk are sulking behind the others; clearly not happy about the situation or their alphas judging by the heated looks they’re sending to the backs of their heads. Namjoon’s face is carefully blank as he says, ”Go on, it’s okay.”  
It takes a while for Jihyo and Sana to loosen up after the rather intense greeting they got, but you find yourself beginning to relax and enjoying their company soon enough. The dog hybrid had whimpered out an apology as soon as the boys had scattered back to their rooms, her ears pressed flush against her head as she pouted out a, ”I’m sorry that I hugged you! I just wanted to make you feel better.” Jihyo has kept Sana tucked against her side ever since, probably to both keep the dog hybrid still, but to also offer her some comfort in a house that’s been scented to hell and back by the hybrids living there. You notice how Sana keeps bringing her sleeve up to her nose whenever she doesn’t speak, breathing in her own smell in an attempt to block out the boys’.
You keep your voices a little lower than normal as you catch up. It’s not that there’s anything the boys shouldn’t hear and you don’t think they would really try to listen in, but you’re just suddenly very aware of the fact that all seven of them have exceptional hearing. ”So .. work?” Jihyo quirks an eyebrow. You slump back against the couch with a grimace, yesterday’s discovery still fresh in your mind. You still have a few days before your boss will be back, so until then you can’t do much aside from stew in your own misery. ”There has been some recent complications ..” You trail off, nervously picking at your nails.
“I see,” Jihyo pauses, her brown eyes locked yours as she mouths ‘Is it dangerous?’. You have no idea how Jihyo always manages to read you so well, but being friends for over a decade certainly helps. Jihyo’s mouth twists with worry as you nod.
”Are you still going to do it?” She murmurs.
”I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide,” You might actually kill your boss if he refuses to back down, but that’s a problem for future you. Right now you still have to at least have hope that Mr. Gwan will have enough brains to realize how risky this case really is. Jihyo doesn’t bring it up any further, and you’re honestly a little relieved that you can forget about it for a while.
It doesn’t take long before you realize that the boys aren’t doing too good.
You’re in the middle of stifling your laughter when you see Taehyung’s head poke around the wall, the fox hybrid’s eyes widening as he realizes you’re looking right at him. Taehyung immediately jerks out of sight, leaving you staring dumbly at the empty air for a second before you turn your attention back to Jihyo. Only a few minutes pass before you notice a flash of deep orange out of the corner of your eye again, but this time, Taehyung isn’t alone. You let out an amused huff under your breath as you notice Jeongguk’s long ears sticking out over the fox hybrid’s head, the brown bunny ears twitching along to the story Jihyo is telling you. You figure you might as well let them be if keeping a closer eye (–spying) on you and Sana will help soothe their instincts. You forget about Taehyung and Jeongguk after a while, getting carried away by Sana’s descriptions of the trip they took to Jihyo’s mountain cabin.
The thing is, the hovering doesn’t stop with just Jeongguk and Taehyung; it’s how Seokjin suddenly comes into the room with drinks, the polite yet pained smile on his face never faltering as he quickly scans you up and down. it’s how Yoongi and Jimin enters the room and tells you to ”don’t mind us” as they spend five minutes looking for a charger you know is in the kitchen. it’s how Namjoon and Hoseok decide to start gardening outside the large window in the living room despite it being way too early in the year for anything to grow yet, the two hybrids definitely paying more attention to you than the cold dirt in their hands. It’s only been a couple of hours, but you can tell they’re beginning to grow impatient. And you’re not the only one that notices.
”We should probably stop torturing them,” Jihyo snorts. She throws a little wave to Namjoon and Hoseok, grinning as they quickly duck out of sight.
”I’m sorry for all of this,” You grimace.
“I should be the one to apologize,” Jihyo shakes her head, “I knew that turning up with Sana probably wasn’t the best idea, but I just really wanted to make sure you were alright.”
”I appreciate it, you know I do,” You smile. “I promise we’ll hang out soon. Maybe we can do lunch at that new restaurant that opened downtown?”
”Of course! Just let me know when you’re free,” Jihyo keeps a tight grip on Sana as you all stand up, keeping the dog hybrid close to her side as you lead them out. You have a feeling it’s to make sure that Sana doesn’t get too excited and tackles you into another hug based on the longing gaze she sends your way. You wave them off with a soft grin, and you can feel the tight pressure you’ve had in your chest ever since yesterday loosening just a little. Even if you can’t tell Jihyo what’s really going on, it’s still nice to somewhat be able to share your troubles with someone.
You close the door with a soft click, turning around to find yourself face to face with Hoseok. The dog hybrid looks troubled, his ears pressed flat against his golden hair. ”I think we need to talk,” You say. Hoseok nods as he rocks on his feet, his tone a bit resigned as he says, ”Yeah, we do.” The dog hybrid’s nose scrunches as he sniffs the air, a scowl passing over his features at Sana’s lingering scent.
”Would it be better if I took a shower first?” You should have realized that Sana probably scented you earlier while she was trying to cheer you up, but there had just been too much going on. You know now though, and it’s hard to miss the way Hoseok’s shoulders sag with relief at your offer. ”Please,” He says.
”How about you bring the rest of the boys upstairs in fifteen minutes? We can talk in my room?” The dog hybrid’s tail does a half-hearted wag as he murmurs out an agreement. You peek into the living room as you pass by to see the boys rubbing off their scent on the couch Jihyo and Sana used, matching frowns on their faces as they try to cover up the new smell. Safe to say, you make sure to scrub your neck extra well in the shower.
Tumblr media
“So..” You clear your throat, resisting the urge to squirm under the seven pairs of eyes that are looking at you, ”I’m really sorry Jihyo and Sana came over unannounced like that, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. I, uhm, shouldn’t have let Sana hug me either – not with how things are right now.” Taehyung huffs in response, his fingers carding through the hairs of the deep orange tail curled around his waist. The boys are taking up space where they can on your bed, forming a half-circle around you from where you’re leaning against the headrest. They had all given you a brief hug as they entered the room, making sure to cover up any trace of Sana’s scent before they sat down. Your bed is just big enough for Yoongi and Jimin to sit on your left, their bodies pressed together. Seokjin and Jeongguk are in the middle, the bunny hybrid kneeling behind his alpha as he uses Seokjin’s broad shoulders to rest his arms. The canines are to your right, Taehyung tucked between Hoseok’s legs as Namjoon sits next to them, their knees brushing.
”We’re sorry too,” Namjoon says, his gray ears twisting back as he shares a look with Yoongi and Seokjin, “We haven’t been .. completely honest with you Y/n.” A spark of panic bolts through your body at the soft whines the rest of the boys let out as they lower their eyes.
”When we said our instincts made us more affectionate and clingy it wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the full truth either. It doesn’t happen with just any female we’re close with, it’s a little more complicated than that.” You sit up a little straighter. You’re not sure what you were expecting, but this is doesn’t sound too bad. You give Namjoon an encouraging nod, but the wolf hybrid’s cheeks are turning a faint pink, seemingly at a loss of how to continue based on the strangled growl that rumbles low in his chest.
”Our instincts are only triggered like this if we’re around a female we consider to be our mate,” Yoongi drawls, helping the other alpha out. The cat hybrid’s tail is flicking anxiously behind his back, his fingers clasped tight around Jimin’s hand. They weren’t planning on telling you this yet, but there’s only so many lies they can spin to explain away their behaviour. Not to mention, the way they’ve been acting isn’t acceptable when you aren’t even theirs.
Mate? You suck in a surprised breath, your gaze bouncing from hybrid to hybrid as they offer you sheepish smiles. Your heart is thundering away in your chest, the pace almost bruising against your ribs. You’re just so happy and relieved that the boys feel the same way that you could cry, but there’s something holding you back from fully embracing it. Something you need to know the answer to. ”Do all of you want to be with me .. like that?” You ask. The chorus of agreement that rings out inside the four walls of your bedroom splits you in half, one part of you elated where the other is nervous beyond belief.
”How? I mean, you’re all in different packs. I don’t understand how that’s going to work,” You murmur.
”We’ve talked about it already. We–” Yoongi awkwardly clears his throat, his dark eyes hesitantly meeting yours as he says, ”We’ve agreed to share you.” He cringes at how it sounds, quickly following it up with, ”I know it sounds bad, but if you want to be with all of us, and will allow us to court you, we’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ll be split between our three packs. It’s not ideal, but we would much rather share you than lose you completely.” You catch Taehyung's hopefully eyes, the fox hybrid giving you an enthused nod.
”And you’re sure you’re all fine with this – with sharing me?” You blush, ignoring the inappropriate thoughts that are vying for your attention inside your head.
”We’re sure,” Seokjin confirms. The hamster hybrid offers you a reassuring smile as he notices the overwhelmed tremor in your hands, the sight tugging at his heartstrings.
”And courting? What does that entail?” You might as well ask all your questions now instead of trying to rely on the very few resources you have online.
”It’s like dating. We already spend a lot of time together, so the only difference is just that we’ll be more .. intimate. Our animals all have different ways of courting potential mates, but for the most part it’s just the need to be closer together,” Seokjin explains, the tops of his ears flushing pink. Jeongguk leans down to whisper something into his alpha’s ear, the murmurs too low for you to pick up. Seokjin looks unsure, but he seems to decide to relay what the bunny hybrid told him. ”Once both parties decide that the courting is over, we officially mate. It’s similar to how humans get married, except we exchange mating bites instead of rings. There’s no limit to how many mates you can have, it just gets more difficult with each one. I’m not sure how it affects humans, but hybrids feel more closer and more in-tune with our mates after mating. For us it doesn’t matter whether a mate is human or hybrid, the bite works the same way.”
You release a shaky breath; focusing on twisting your fingers together as you try to process all the information the boys just gave you. It’s just dating, you remind yourself. You don’t have to think about mating just yet. You like them, and they like you. You just need to focus on that for now. ”We know it’s a lot Y/n,” Jimin speaks up before you can answer, ”But there’s no pressure. Take all the time you need to think it over, and if you don’t want it, we’ll get over it.” You see the spark of panic in Hoseok and Taehyung’s eyes at Jimin’s words, Jeongguk letting out a tiny whimper at the idea of getting rejected.
”I technically own you though, are you sure you don’t want someone else? Someone you aren’t forced to live with?” You blurt out the last thought that has been bothering you, anxiety clawing up your throat at the surprised looks the boys give each other. Oh no, did they just realize they could do better? What if–
”You didn’t just choose us, we chose you too,” Namjoon says, a flash of gold passing through his warm eyes, “We would have never accepted the adoption if we didn’t like you. We all felt that maybe it could blossom into something more, but it was never an expectation. Just a hope.” You swallow thickly, allowing Namjoon’s words to soothe your nerves.
”Think about it for a bit, yeah?” Yoongi pushes himself off the bed with a soft smile, dragging Jimin along with him.
”Yeah,” You murmur, watching as the rest of the boys follow after the two cat hybrids.
Do you need more time to think though? You like them, and they like you. Haven’t you thought about this enough? Wondered about this enough? You’ve already known your answer deep down for a long time, so it is really necessary to wait any longer? ”I like you all too.”
The boys stiffen as you voice carries across the room, their ears perking up so fast it almost would’ve been comical if it wasn’t for the butterflies trashing your insides. ”I want all of you to court me.” You squeak as Taehyung dives back into your bed, the fox hybrid scrambling up the mattress until he’s kneeling in front of you.
”Really? Are you sure?” The bed moves as the rest of the boys hurriedly move to take a seat, sitting much closer now than they did before. You steel your voice, making sure there isn’t a once of doubt to be found as you smile and say, ”I’m sure. There’s nothing I want more.” You swear you hear a whispered good girl under the pleased whines and purrs that erupt behind Taehyung, your heart skipping a beat at the happy grins that are sent your way.
”Y/n,” Your attention snaps back to the fox hybrid at the sound of your name, Taehyung’s eyes big and pleading as he says, ”Wanna kiss you so bad. Can I kiss you? Please?” Your mouth suddenly dries, and you can feel your skin heating up all the way from your hairline to your toes as Taehyung inches closer, his fluffy tail swishing behind his back.
”Not so fast brat,” Yoongi hisses as he tugs Taehyung back.
”You know it’s alphas first pup,” Namjoon runs his fingers through the fox hybrid’s hair, quirking an eyebrow at the sullen expression on Taehyung’s face.
”I know,” Taehyung sighs. Yoongi tenses when it looks like Taehyung is about to argue, but instead, the fox hybrid just flops back into Hoseok’s arms with a pout. The dog hybrid rolls his eyes as Namjoon huffs, the two of them clearly used to Taehyung pushing his boundaries. Your mind is still reeling from what the fox hybrid asked you when you say, ”Alphas first?”
”The choice is yours of course, but when it comes to courting someone outside of the pack, it’s normal that it’s the alpha that does things first,” Hoseok explains. You nod. You can’t believe you almost forgot about the whole hierarchy thing. ”Who’s first then?” The question tumbles out before you can stop it, the boys growing visibly more excited at your eagerness.
”Me,” Seven heads turn in the direction of the calm voice that speaks up, and your breath hitches as your gaze lands on Seokjin.
”Why you? You’re–” Yoongi's hiss is interrupted as the hamster hybrid moves up the bed, Seokjin barely sparing him a glance as he says, ”–the oldest.” He settles down in front of your crossed legs, ignoring Yoongi’s grumbles and Namjoon’s glare as he gives you a sweet smile. Seokjin grabs your hands, pulling your upper body a little closer as he murmurs, ”Is this okay?”
You let your eyes roam over the hamster hybrid’s features, your gaze getting caught on the pink shade of his plush lips as you whisper out a soft, ”Yes.” Your blood is rushing in your ears as Seokjin reaches up to cup your cheek, tilting your head slightly to the side as he leans in. You let your eyes flutter shut as his nose gently bumps into yours, your lips parting as you feel his breath spill across your mouth. The short second Seokjin holds back almost makes you whine for him to hurry up, but then the hamster hybrid presses his lips to yours, and your mind goes blank. Seokjin kisses you soft and slow, taking his time to map out the feel of your lips against his. You melt into his touch, and the thumb running across your cheek calms down nerves you didn’t even realize you had until they’re gone. You make a discontent sound as Seokjin lips leave yours, the hamster hybrid holding you still as you try to chase after his lips.
”You still got six more to go,” Seokjin reminds you. You open your eyes just in time to catch the hungry glint in Seokjin’s gaze as he looks down at your lips, the hamster hybrid pressing a peck to your nose before he reluctantly pulls away.
You don’t even have time to mourn the loss of Seokjin’s lips before Yoongi takes his place, the cat hybrid’s dark tail curling around your waist as he kneels in front of you. ”Okay?” He searches your face for any hesitance as he leans down.
”Okay,” You confirm. Yoongi doesn’t waste any time before ducking down to connect his lips with yours, one of his hands supporting the back of your head as his fingers curl into your hair. Your mouth parts with a small gasp as you feel Yoongi's tongue dart out to brush against your lips, and Yoongi uses the chance to lick into your mouth, deepening the kiss even further. You bring your hands up to his shoulders, clutching on to him for dear life as the cat hybrid nips against your lower lip, sucking slightly on the flesh before he releases it with a soft pop. Yoongi’s eyes are completely blown out as he hurriedly presses one, two, three more kisses to your glistening lips before he pulls back. You force your lungs to suck down air as your hands slide down from Yoongi’s shoulders, the cat hybrid offering you a smirk before he lets Namjoon take his spot.
The wolf hybrid gently takes your hands in his, bringing them up behind his neck. A happy sound rumbles from Namjoon’s chest as you take his cue to bury your fingers into the long hair at his nape, his gray tail wagging behind his back. The wolf hybrid holds you gaze, his silent ”Still okay?” answered with a quick nod as you pull him closer. You met him halfway, lips already parted as you kiss him heatedly. You can still taste Seokjin and Yoongi on your mouth, and that combined with Namjoon’s large palms settling on your waist, makes your head spin. You tug slightly on Namjoon’s hair as his lips moves hungrily against yours, and the sudden groan that drops from his mouth to yours makes a shiver bolt down your spine.
You pull back once your chest begins to tighten, your dazed eyes finding Namjoon’s as you rest your forehead against his. You find yourself growing a little proud of the rapid rise and fall of the wolf hybrid’s chest as his pants brush over your lips. You like that just something as simple as a kiss can rile him up so much.
You jerk back from Namjoon as someone clears their throat, your cheeks burning as you remember the audience you have. You peek over Namjoon’s shoulder, your fingers twitching in anticipation as you’re met with the dark and hungry gazes of six other hybrids. A few of them in particular are beginning look a little desperate from where they’re squirming on the bed, their hands digging into the sheets below them to keep them seated. You untangle your fingers from Namjoon’s locks, smoothing down the hairs as he lets out a disappointed whine.
Right, you think, four more to go.
Tumblr media
a/n: happy birthday yoongi!! i can’t believe that abundance has now officially passed 100k words, that’s just insane to me! i know i ended the chapter on a teasing note, but we’re getting closer and closer to the smut my dudes. we’re almost there! (also if there’s any mistakes, pretend you do not see them. i had to rush the editing so i’ll go over more thoroughly later!)
See you all soon, stay safe! <3 And in case you enjoy my stories and want to buy me a coffee, you can do so here! 💖
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softykooky · a year ago
Tumblr media
♡ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff
♡ pairing: ot7 x reader 
♡ summary: some people are lucky enough to be born into a family that loves them. others meet their family in a coffee shop while on the run from the korean ambassador, while they’re holding a man at gunpoint and beating him to a pulp for treason against their syndicate. 
♡ ongoing
Tumblr media
♡ one 
seoul’s drug ring is dominated by a group of 7 men. you’re not looking for trouble, just a cup of coffee and a park bench to sleep on for the night. 
posted: 05/29/20
♡  two 
sometimes there is more to life than pain. sometimes you stumble upon people who are beacons of light in a dark tunnel. sometimes suffering is only temporary. and other times, people don’t believe you and leave you in the tunnel to find your way out.
posted: 05/31/20
♡  three 
there is no longer a light at the end of the tunnel, you think. only people who haven’t been hurt can afford such a luxury as wishful thinking. but have you turned away before seeing that there is a glimmer? A teeny tiny, minuscule speck of light?
posted: 06/04/20
♡  four 
your favorite color is yellow. taehyung’s favorite color is red. your favorite flowers are peonies. you still haven’t asked taehyung what his are yet. 
posted: 06/10/20
♡ five 
you say goodbye. 
posted: 06/21/20
♡ six   
leaving your father was easy. leaving them? well...that’s a different kind of strength
posted: 08/12/20
♡ seven
the absence of you is a void that they never thought they’d have to experience again. they were fine before they met you. but the sky would fall before the boys would be fine after you’ve gone.
posted: 01/16/21
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Bts Hybrid Masterlist
Angst Ⓐ 
Fluff  ☁ Smut  ❤
Tumblr media
Scenario: BTS AS HYBRIDS ☁
Tumblr media
↳  (Mafia au) (Hybrid Au)
↳ (Completed ✔✔✔)
↳ Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother Namjoon (the leader of Seoul’s largest gang) gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting scene.
Tumblr media
↳ (Hybrid Au) (Writer au) 
↳  Pairing: Bunny Hybrid! Reader x Tiger Hybrid! Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! Namjoon
↳  Summary: Namjoon has a perfect life once he moves out of the city to a cabin with his two rescue hybrids, Yoongi and Taehyung. But one night in the middle of the thunderstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop.
Tumblr media
↳  (Blind! Reader) (Service Hybrid au) (eventual BTS x Reader)  Pairing: Dog hybrid! Seokjin x Wolf hybrid! Namjoon x Blind! Reader 
↳  DANCE TO THIS ---> Summary: Seokjin didn’t expect his new potential owner to be blind, but with the threat of being sent to a breeding clinic looming over his head, he’ll do anything. 
↳  CALL ME YOURS ---> Summary *SPOILERS*: You never would have imagined that more love was hidden right next door, just over your garden fence. Not that Hoseok will ever get the courage to confess his feelings. His hybrids however: starry-eyed bunny Jungkook, Bratty calico cat Jimin, and shy tiger Taehyung- don’t have any problem at all.
Tumblr media
 HYBRID HOUSE (SERIES MASTERLIST)  ❤ Ⓐ ☁ (completed ✔✔✔)
↳  (Hybrid Au) (Reader x OT7) HYBRID AU, READER X OT7
↳  Summary: to Seokjin, Home consists of his human partners Namjoon and Hoseok. and their Hybrids; the pups- Taehyung and Jimin, their black cat Yoongi, and their foxboy Jungkook. Together they have the happiest family possible. So what happens when Namjoon finds you? a cat hybrid, beaten close to death left alone in an alleyway on the coldest night of the year? He takes you home, shows you his family, and together they teach you what love can be like.
Tumblr media
↳ (Hybrid! Kim Namjoon x Reader x ????? x ?????)
↳ TW: Domestic abuse, emotional abuse, mentions of police brutality, possible sensitive content, mentions of hybrid mistreatment, murder, implicated spousal rape, unplanned pregnancy
↳ Summary: You live on an isolated but sprawling farm with your abusive husband, but things start to change for the better when your husband adopts a retired police dog hybrid named Namjoon
Tumblr media
OF FIRE AND LOVE (Series Masterlist) ❤Ⓐ☁ 
↳ (DRAGON! Yoongi x Reader) (ft. Baby Jungkook, Baby dragon! Hoseok) + (fairy! Jimin x Dragon! Namjoon, Sorcerer! Seokjin x Human Taehyung) 
↳ Summary: When Dragon Yoongi finds baby Jungkook in the wreckage of a house he burned down, he can’t bring himself to kill the child. Months after someone drops a baby at your door, you start to notice something- or someone, lurking at the edge of your farm. Why does the man you catch glimpses of have horns?
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minniepetals · a year ago
flowers & tattoos
Tumblr media
— summary: you own a flower shop right next to the tattoo parlor your boyfriends own.
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: fluff, poly!au
— word count: 2.3k
— warnings: none
Tumblr media
"Wake up, sunshine. I can't wake up until the sun's awake."
Hoseok grunted at the call of your voice but he held onto a smile waiting to reveal that softness he had behind that bad boy demeanor.
"Baby, sunshine, my sweet hope and angel," you cooed, poking at his face at the place where his dimples were located. Finally, he cracked a smile at your sweet nicknames and you giggled at the sight, quick to call him out on it. "I know you're awake," you said, getting up to move yourself on top of him.
"Five more minutes baby," he groaned at the weight but made no effort to get you off, instead rearranged his body so that you were lying in a more comfortable way. 
As much as you loved staying in that spot with him and any of the boys, you knew that couldn't happen. Wiggling yourself, you moved yourself a bit forward so that your face came directly face to face with him, peppering little kisses on them. "Wake up, wake up, wake up."
"I won't stop until you wake up," you said through the kisses.
Hoseok grinned. "I won't complain."
"Hobi!" Your whines reminded him of how Jimin would get when things didn’t go his way and he laughed aloud. "Come on baby, the others are waiting."
"They can wait a little longer," he shrugged nonetheless, not caring one bit as his hands touched your back, pulling your body down so that you were resting on his chest once again.
"Maybe they can for you but I've gotta open up the flower shop. I work alone, remember?"
"Why does it matter if we close up business for the day?"
"Nuh-uh, that's not happening." Both your heads turned to the source of the voice, smiling at Jungkook who walked through the door. "Hyung come on, let's get going," the maknae urged.
You grunted at Hoseok's strength on holding you back from trying to get up. "He's not letting me go," you huffed to Jungkook.
He rolled his eyes at your words before walking towards you both and landed his lips right onto Hoseok.
"Morning hyung," he greeted and Hoseok laughed.
"Alright, alright, I'm awake."
"Hey, I want my morning kisses!" You pouted, making grabbing hands at both the men. They let out knowing chuckles before each giving you a kiss.
"Morning baby girl." You giggled at Jungkook's nickname for you. "Now go brush your teeth and get dressed. We can't open up late," he ordered, leaving the two of you to stumble into the bathroom to get ready for the day.
It was always fascinating to see these "bad boys" whom the locals have came to see as, being so soft around each other and you. Sometimes you'd forget that they could be dark and dangerous because of how they were behind other's eyes, but seeing the tattoos painted almost all over their skin, you were always reminded of how they looked in your eyes before you fell in love.
You didn't know how long time passed as you and Hoseok brushed your teeth while he plopped you onto the marble countertop of the sink and the two of you played along, laughing at the lame jokes he'd throw at you. But you guessed it was probably a bad idea to lose track of time early in the morning because you found yourselves rushing away to get dressed a moment later, leaving quickly while missing breakfast.
"What were you two doing?" Yoongi asked grimly and you silently gave Hoseok a knowing glance, subtly — not so subtly — hiding your desires to laugh. The male rolled his eyes but draped his arm around you as the van began departing. "You're gonna be the death of me."
"Love you too, Yoon."
Owning shops that were right next to each other was a great convenience. You got to open up the shops together and leave at the same hours, and whenever one of them was less busy and without a client, they got to visit you just next door.
You owned the flower shop and they owned the tattoo parlor. Sometimes you'd find yourself envying the local girls that would always go into the shop just because of them and not about getting a tattoo. And sometimes they'd envy the guys walking into your flower shop just to see you and not for buying some flowers. Unlike you, however, they had no problem showing the world about who you belonged to.
Like that same morning when Seokjin came to visit you and found a guy talking to you.
He snuck up behind your back to wrap his arms around your waist, causing you to jump, and proceeded to kiss you on your cheek.
"J-Jin!" You gasped, suddenly a blushing mess because he was acting that way in front of your customer.
But Seokjin paid no mind. "You skipped breakfast so I brought you some. Let's have it now, hm?" You couldn't see it but he was giving the man in front of you the silent death glare, inwardly tell him to screw off and that you were his.
"Jin, there's a customer here-"
"Actually, I'm okay now," the man said, suddenly afraid of Seokjin.
"Are you sure? I can-"
"Come on babe, let's go," Seokjin whined, leaving your back to drag you away before you had time to say any more to your customer. As he dragged you away, he looked back at the man still standing at his spot and smirked. Mine, he silently told him before turning back to you.
"You really gotta control that, Jin," you sighed, rolling your eyes as the two of you walked into the back. "Yesterday Taehyung almost started a fight because some dude looked at me a little too long and now there's you, displaying pda in front of my customer."
He grabbed your arm before you could walk any further, forcing you to face him as he held you close. "They should know by now that you're ours and only ours. We're just looking out for you, love," he smirked then met your lips in a searing kiss that left you almost breathless when he finally pulled away.
"Sorry for being late by the way," he said, paying no mind to your short breaths as he took his spot on the stool. "Hoseok had his breakfast but none of us could find the time to bring you yours."
"That's alright," you assured, smiling while taking your own seat. "Thanks for this." Seokjin watched you open the bento he made and picked up your chopsticks to feed you. You rolled your eyes. "I can feed myself."
"Just let me take care of you," he said. You hesitated for a moment before obliging, knowing the stubborn man wouldn't take no as an answer. A look on the clock was fast to have him cringe. "Damn, it's almost your lunchtime."
"That's fine," you shrugged. "I was planning on skipping lunch anyways so this can be both my breakfast and lunch."
His hand paused in midair, scowling at you. "What do you mean skip? Are you trying to die?"
You laughed aloud, the sound he always loved. "I won't die if I skip just one meal, you're dramatic."
"I'm looking out for you," he corrected right before his phone went off and an annoyed huff left his lips. "Work's calling, gotta get back."
Part of you didn't wanted him to leave just yet but you nodded anyways, knowing he couldn't leave a client hanging. "See you later."
"Eat all of this, okay?" Seokjin ordered as he handed you the chopsticks. "I'll see you later." With one last kiss, you watched his back as he left to his side of the shop.
You lost track of time.
Even with your last customer leaving, you found yourself working away with the flower arrangements into the night, not even hearing the chime of the door opening as your seven boyfriends walked in, wondering what was keeping you up.
They found you sat behind your counter, softly humming a song while your hands stayed busy picking out flowers for each bouquet. You looked so beautiful amongst the flowers but the way your eyes dropped a bit told them you must have been tired.
A flower fell from your hand, dropping onto the floor and they heard you grunt. "Clumsy idiot, gotta work faster, not slower. Are you trying to get behind work? You've only made like one or two bouquets, you can't slow down already," you mumbled, speaking to yourself as you groaned, getting off your stool to pick up the flower but finding someone else picking it up for you instead.
"Actually, I think you can take a break now," Jungkook said, putting the daffodil on the counter.
"There's like fifty bouquets already, love, pay attention to your hard work," Namjoon said.
"Holy heck," you marveled, mouth opened a bit at the sight of your hard work before looking up at them with sleepy eyes. "Home?"
Jungkook chuckled. "Time to go home, love," he said as you let out a yawn, letting you wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. "We'll close up for you, you've worked so hard today."
"Sleepy," you mumbled, nuzzling against the crook of his neck.
"I bet you are."
You woke up sick the next day.
It was at 5:30 when your alarm went off since it took a long time for all of you to get up and ready by the time it was time to open the shops up by seven.
Namjoon got up to hit the snooze button and you were second to follow, though it was due to the pain that had you waking up. You stood up, shrugging off the signs because it wouldn't be right to be sick. You were the owner of a flower shop after all, you couldn't not open up business for even a day.
You were usually the one to wake the rest of them up but you didn't feel too good so you got up to head to the bathroom, only going so far before things got too overwhelming with a severe headache that had you collapsing onto the floor.
Hearing the thud, they were all quick to get up and run to your side.
"Now that's one way to wake them all up," Namjoon commented before giving you those worried eyes as he held you up while the rest of them crowded around, some still half asleep. "What's wrong baby?"
"I'm fine," you tried to convince, waving off their worries to get up yet failing to do so.
"You're not fine," Taehyung stated while Seokjin held his palm against your forehead to check your temperature.
You pushed his hand away stubbornly, a little pout forming at your lips. "No, I have to be fine. I have to open up the shop."
"Not in this state you won't."
"I have to!" You argued, getting a little annoyed even though you know you shouldn't be. But you loved your job and you couldn't afford taking a day off no matter how sick you were.
They sighed at your stubbornness, brows furrowed because as much as they loved how hardworking and sincere you were, it hurt them to see you pushing yourself each day and risking your health.
"We're not going to say this again, Y/N." They hated using that tone on you especially when your eyes began to brim with tears. It must've been the sickness making you weaker than you usually were, but Namjoon knew he couldn't help it. "You're not going to that shop today or even tomorrow if you're still not too well."
"No, I-"
"Give it up, love," Yoongi sighed, "you're not even strong enough to walk right."
"We'll stay too," Seokjin said and you quickly shook your head.
"You can't do that. Business has to open up, working is more important than me."
"Oh, love," Jimin called as they all gave you that same face of a gentle painful expression. "You are more important to us than anything in this world."
"And if we want to take care of you then we'll take care of you," Hoseok said.
Jungkook nodded. "You're our precious girl, Y/N. Ours to love and to take care of."
"Plus what's the harm in closing up shop for a day?" Taehyung shrugged. "Our customers can wait and so can yours. Your health is more important."
Namjoon picked you up before you could protest, walking you back to the bed while Seokjin announced that he'd make you soup and Jungkook followed the man to help him.
"I don't like being sick," you pouted as Namjoon placed you under the covers.
"We know, love. We don't like seeing you like this either." Jimin went to lay beside you, wiping away the two tears that fell from your eyes. "You'll be alright. We'll take care of you."
You hated the sickness that overtook your body but perhaps it wasn't all that bad to see seven usually calm and collected males fussing over you. Especially when you were the only one who got to see that side to them. The local girls were probably wondering why both your shops were closed that day, possibly envying you even more.
You smiled widely knowing it was you the guys chose to love.
"Yes baby girl? Anything you need or want?" Yoongi asked, waiting to go fetch whatever you asked of him.
"Which one?" He smirked.
You grinned. "All of you."
A hand slid along your waist, another caressed your head, while two pairs of lips peppered kisses on your face and neck. You tried to push them away but someone else held your hand back. "Stop, I'm still sick."
"You wanted us, baby girl, and you'll get us."
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