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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
BTS Reaction|| Gets Overwhelmed With His Emotions and Cries [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June 2022
"Hello?" You grumbled into the phone as you rolled over, it was the middle of the night and you were much rather looking forward to sleeping since you'd had a busy day at work. 
"Baby?" You heard Jin say on the other end of the line, followed by a sniffle that sounded as though he'd been crying. All thoughts of sleep left your body as you sat up in the bed,
"Jin? What's the matter? Why are you crying?" It was as if you'd snapped into overprotective partner mode, ready to fight anyone that had decided to upset your boyfriend to the point of crying.
"I miss you," He whimpered as you smiled weakly, he was off in America doing some new promotions and you missed him too but this was something you two did a lot. You'd been dating for a while now and you were used to him being gone for a few months at a time,
"I miss you too baby, is that why you're crying?" You cooed softly as you cuddled into the pillows, laying your phone down onto the pillow beside you as you listened to the sound of his voice. 
"I just love you so much," He sniffled again and you smiled, it was nice to hear him get like this but you didn't know why it was coming out all of a sudden. The two of you had told one another you loved each other months ago.
"I love you too-"
"No, I mean, I love you so much it hurts...I-I don't want to be away from you anymore. I don't ever want to be away from you...I-I have all of these overwhelming emotions." He looked at his phone as he saw your name on the screen and drunkenly smiled to himself. It didn't matter that you were on the other side of the world, he was just so happy that he got to call you "his".
"It won't be long baby I promise," You'd already been planning to fly out and see him soon, with the help of Yoongi who was tired of hearing Jin whine about you not being with him.
"You do?"
"I do. How about I fly out and see you this weekend?" You didn't care if it spoiled the surprise, you hated the fact that he was crying and you were willing to do anything to make him smile again.
"Yeah, baby,"
"YOU HEAR THAT! THEY'RE COMING TO SEE ME!" He screamed at the boys as you let out a soft laugh, shaking your head at him. It was cute to hear him like this but you doubted the boys were enjoying it.
"Are you drunk?" You laughed as he hiccuped and hummed tiredly at you,
"A little, but I love you so it's okay." He said in a matter-of-fact tone making you laugh a little harder as you snuggled into the sheets, yawning a little.
"Baby, do you know what time it is for me?" It was silent for a while before he gasped loudly and dramatically suddenly realising that he'd woken you up in the middle of the night.
"Don't hang up..." He begged as he snuggled down onto the sofa inside of his hotel room, he wanted to fall asleep to you on the phone as you used to when you started dating,
"I won't Jin, just let me sleep? We can stay on the phone."
Tumblr media
Yoongi wasn't exactly overly emotional when it came to showing his love, it was something that the boys would tease him for a lot but they didn't know what happened behind closed doors. You'd been home alone one night with Yoongi when you heard him crying a little,
"Yoongi?" You panicked looking over at him from the sofa, there were tears rolling down his face as he shook his head at you and whimpered a little. It wasn't like Yoongi to cry in front of you like this unless a sad movie was playing, 
"I love you," He whispered as you crawled onto the sofa and into his arms, he wrapped himself around you so tightly you didn't think he was ever going to let go of you.
"Hey, hey, hey, where is this coming from?" You comforted him, reaching your hand up to wipe away some of the tears from his face as he sniffled a little.
"I know I don't show it a lot but you know I love you, right?" You nodded at him as he began kissing you all over your face, and you smiled softly as you kissed him back.
"I know baby, I know you do. What's all this about?" He shook his head at you as he kept his arms wrapped around you tightly. 
"I just love you so fucking much," He whispered as he continued to hold you, resting his head on your shoulder as he relaxed against him.
"No crying, cause if you cry any more I'm going to start," You warned him as he chuckled a little, pressing more soft kisses against your shoulder as he repeated how much he loved you.
Tumblr media
You hadn't been expecting it in the slightest, one minute he was standing with a giant smile on his face giving the speech of a lifetime and the next he was sobbing on the stage.
"I wanted to say thank you to someone I love the most in the entire world, the one person that makes me feel as though I-I'm more than just the love of their life. They make me feel...S-So many things." He sniffled as he shook his head, it never seemed as though he could ever find the right words to say about you. Nothing ever seemed good enough to describe the way he felt, which was why there were so many unreleased songs about you saved on his laptop.
"Nothing I could ever write or say will ever be good enough to describe the love I have for them and the love that they make me feel." You felt tears rolling down your face as you watched Hoseok speaking to ARMY about you like this. They all knew of your releationship but this was the first time he was being so open about it.
"This is for you! I love you baby!" He yelled between the sobs as music began to flood the stage and he got ready to devote a song to you in front of everybody.
Tumblr media
"Joonie?" You mumbled rolling over in your shared bed and frowning when you found Namjoon sitting up and crying. He wiped his cheeks, trying to hide the fact that he'd just been crying over you while you slept.
"You're awake?" He questioned as he looked over at the time, it was almost 2 in the morning you should be sleeping.
"You're crying, what's wrong?" You sat up slowly, trying to get yourself to wake up as he shook his head at you. It was stupid, how was he ever going to explain it to you.
"Nothing," You shook your head at him as you laid your head on his shoulder, taking his hand in yours and giving it a small squeeze. The two of you weren't the type to hide things from each other and you wanted to be open and honest at all times.
"Don't lie to me."
"I just-" He sighed a little, how was he supposed to talk about this when it had just hit him in the middle of the night. All you'd been doing was laying there asleep beside him while he read from his latest book and he just stared at you. Smiling as he began to imagine the rest of his life with you like this and that was it. It hit him like a wave and he was left crying about how much he loved you, how deeply in love with you he was.
"I'm so in love with you," He breathed out as you felt your entire body heating up at the words, it was the first time either of you had said it to one another,
"I know we haven't said it yet but I am...I'm so in love with you and I can't...I can't imagine my life without you," He spoke without holding back, you smiled brightly up at him,
"I love you too,"
"You don't have to say it because I did," You shook your head at him kissing him deeply as you pulled him close to you, wanting to prove to him how much you loved him.
Tumblr media
"Jimin?! I bought food, I think I got too much though so you might...wanna..." You stopped when you walked into the living room and saw Jimin sitting on the floor and crying. All sense of food walked out of your body as you put the bags down and rushed to your boyfriends side wanting to know what was going on. 
"Babe? What happened? Are you on twitter again?" You panicked looking down at his lap to find a photo album you'd been working on. It was supposed to be an anniversary present and you couldn't believe he'd found it.
"I need to get a better hiding spot," You laughed softly as you smiled a little, turning to look at Jimin who was just staring at you with complete love in his eyes. He could hardly believe he'd been lucky enough to get you to himself.
"I love you," He whispered as he brought you into his lap, quickly moving the photo album to the side.
"I love you too baby," You smiled, looking at him a little confused as to why this was making him cry.
"No. I mean...I'm really in love with you, L-Like I don't want to spend another moment away from you in love with you," He admitted as you kissed him deeply, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck.
"I love you too," You whispered breathlessly as he held you against him, telling you over and over again how much he loved you as he cried.
Tumblr media
All you'd done was sit and cook with his parents, that was it. He'd walked into your shared home to find you cooking with his mum and dad and he started to break down into tears.
"Tae?" You asked, concern seeping from your words as he rushed over to you and hugged you tightly. His parents both watched in "Awe" as you comforted their crying son.
"Thank you," He whispered as you continued to hold him, slowly walking with him out of the kitchen so the two of you could talk in private, or at least away from listening ears.
"I love you," He told you as he nodded his head, tears still streaming down his cheeks while you tried to wipe them away with the sleeve of your shirt.
"I love you too baby, what's going on?" You tried not to feel worried as he looked at you and continued to sob a little,
"S-Seeing you with my family...It just-" He shook his head as he thought about it. The second he'd seen you with his parents, so calm and happy as though it was a normal occurrence he couldn't think straight. All he could do was get overwhelmed by how much he loved you and seeing you together with them,
"It just hit me how much I fucking love you," He whispered before kissing you deeply, your body heating up as you remembered his parents were only in the other room.
Tumblr media
You'd just got done spending the entire day together and Jungkook was getting ready to bed with you.
"What movie do you want to fall asleep to?" You called out as you stared at the TV, trying to find anything to watch. When you didn't get an answer you turned to look at your boyfriend to repeat the question but you were met with Jungkook's eyes on your body.
"My shirt," He whispered as if you didn't already know that you were wearing it,
"From our first date." You told him as you looked down at the shirt you were wearing. He'd been wondering where it went and now he knew,
"I always sleep in it, i-it's my favourite." You told him and that was when the tears started to run down his cheeks.
"K-Kookie?! I'll take it off, you can have it back." You panicked as he suddenly pulled you down onto his lap and shook his head at you.
"N-No. Don't! Don't ever give it back," He told you as he kissed you deeply, tears still streaming down his cheeks as he sniffled a little.
"I love you so much," He whispered as you kissed him back,
"I love you too baby," You chuckled softly as he shook his head at you, laying you down gently on the bed as he began to tell you, in-depth, how much he loved and adored you.
Tumblr media
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artistkoo · a day ago
Study Sleepovers pt. 1 (M)
Tumblr media
Summary: Sleeping should make you feel refreshed and energized, so why do you feel sore and tired after you wake up instead?
Pairings: BTS ot7 x Reader
Tags: naive Yn, college students, dub-con somnophilia, yandere ot7, manipulation, smut, drugging, vaginal drug administration, noncon touching. (tags will be updated as i post more parts)
Warning: not for the soft-hearted, if this isn't your thing pls don't read it. This will be a yandere drabble series, but it doesn't reflect the BTS members in real life. Nor do I condone the actions that are done in this fictional series. It's just a story, that is all.
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading this! 😚💜
Tumblr media
You always study and sleepover on Thursdays.
It was a routine thing you did with your boy-friends.
They're all just male friends and classmates you study with on Thursdays.
Your group study always end up being a sleepover though.
It's because you guys get so exhausted after studying (more like studying for an hour, and end up watching netflix for the rest- instead) -that you just pass out right after.
That's why, you guys decided to make it a study sleepover thing. You always study on Thursdays, to prepare for the long quizzes on Fridays.
It was a nice routine that you were used to. Until something really bothered you.
You wondered why you felt weird after waking up from your sleepovers.
You were supposed to feel good after sleeping, but you weren't.
You just don't understand why? You should've been refreshed after a good sleep- but you were just sore all over and more exhausted.
It wasn't like you were oversleeping too. It was valid that you slept after studying all day- (you guys didn't watch netflix all the time, sometimes you really needed to cram as to not fail your exams.)
Maybe you weren't just getting enough sleep you thought.
But it just seemed weird to you that it only occured - every time you had your study sleepover.
Whenever you slept at your place, you woke up feeling fine. Great even.
No soreness all over your body or that tired and spent feeling.
You blamed it on the change of environment. Maybe it was just you not being that used to sleeping over at their place.
But what if- it wasn't you?
What if they were... No you're overreacting. They would probably never - even though they are men.
You know they wouldn't, it would just be too insane. You've been study buddies for a while now, and you've known them for that long.
You purely had a platonic relationship. And you think they'd never like you that way, anyway.
It would be horrifying to think of something so heinous.
Thursday came again, and you were in the middle of studying when you suddenly felt sleepy. It's weird though, it wasn't even 9pm yet.
Maybe you were just worn out from all the uni stress.
"Yn, are you gonna sleep now? You look sleepy…" Jin told you as he patted your thighs.
Jin was quite touchy, but he was a good guy so you weren't that uncomfortable with his touches.
You were really about to pass out in a second though. So, you laid on the bed and mumbled yes sleepily at him.
When you finally fell asleep they were relieved.
It's time they had their fun.
"Hyung, don't you think she took too much? What if she D words-" Jungkook said.
"Nah, that amount might not even be enough. So, y'all better hurry. We don't have much time." Jin replied staring at your sleeping figure. He thought you were adorable and delectable at the same time.
"You know, they say if you put it in her pussy it might last longer." Namjoon suggested.
"What the fuck Joon are you for real? That's weird- but kinda hot." Hoseok commented.
"Yes. Vaginal administration is always better."
"Well, I guess it won't hurt to try." Yoongi added, as his hands caressed your thighs. Going closer to where he wants them most.
"Besides, It's not like she'll know right?"
A/n: thanks for reading! Comment/reblog if you want me to post more. 🥵😏 Vmin didn't have some action yet, but they will appear in the next part 👀
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blu-joons · a day ago
When You Get Flirty When You’re Drunk ~ BTS Reaction
Your eyes were wide as you met Jin’s eyes, bringing your hands up to press against his cheeks. He didn’t quite know what to do, feeling himself get flustered under your stare.
After a few moments, your head began to shake across at him. “You’re so cute,” you told him, only for him to smile.
“I’m not cute,” Jin quickly established, “I can’t be cute when I’m handsome Y/N, come on.”
Your eyes narrowed across at him, poking against both of his cheeks. “You’re handsome, but you’re cute too,” you tried to tell him, only to feel Jin’s head shake squished by both of your hands against him.
His eyes kept staring down at you, “now you’re just trying to be extra nice to me because you’re far too drunk to realise.”
“I’m not drunk, what makes you say that?”
“You’re wobbling,” Jin told you.
Your head shook, although you were incredibly wobbly on your feet. “I’m fine,” you argued, poking your tongue out.
“If I let go of your waist right now, you’d be on the floor,” Jin warned you, knowing exactly what would happen.
“But you would still be cute if I did Jin.”
Tumblr media
You frowned across at Yoongi as he continued to shake his head, trying his best to remain sat down on the bar stool, despite how much you tugged at his hand to try and move him.
You sighed several times as Yoongi stubbornly remained sat down. “Dance with me,” you asked him yet again sweetly.
“I’m not a dancer,” Yoongi told you once again, “why don’t you go and ask someone else to?”
Your head shook as the pout on your face carried on getting bigger and bigger. “I want to dance with you,” you told Yoongi once again, “none of the others can dance as well as you can, you’re the best dancer.”
Yoongi couldn’t help the chuckle that came from him, “you’re definitely drunk if you think that I’m the best dancer that’s here.”
“You’re always the best, it’s not a lie.”
“You must be hammered,” he laughed.
Your head kept shaking as you kept trying to pull him up too. “Why don’t you dance with me and see how good you are?”
“Nice try,” Yoongi smirked, admiring the many attempts that you made to get him up, “you’ll have to do better than that.”
“Has anyone ever told you how mean you are?”
Tumblr media
His eyes rolled as once again your hands began to run through Hobi’s hair as he stood in front of you, brushing it back from in front of his face as you tried to dance to the music with him.
You tried to be careful, but you were a little too drunk to realise what you were doing. “Your hair feels so nice Hobi.”
“Can you try and keep it that way?” He laughed, “you keep pulling strands out, you’re so strong.”
Your head shook back at him as you met his eyes that studied you closely. “Don’t look at me,” you scolded, moving your hands out of his hair so that you could poke against his chest before returning again.
Hobi’s smile quickly grew, “I just find it funny how flirty and playful you get with a few drinks inside of you, it’s like a different person.”
“I’m just me, why do you think I’m different.”
“You have no idea,” he told you.
A hum of agreement came from him, “I always play with your hair, why do you think I only do it when I’m drunk?”
“You don’t just do it when you’re drunk,” he promised you, “but at least when you’re not drunk, you’re careful with me.”
“Stop being so weak, I am being careful Hobi.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes landed on Namjoon as soon as the two of you made your way to the bar and placed your order. Your eyes were expectant on him, letting Namjoon know what you wanted.
However, when he looked to you in confusion, you knew you had to say something. “Aren’t you supposed to be a gentleman?”
“Yes,” Namjoon suspiciously replied to you, unsure what was going on. “What’s that face for?”
As the bartender began to get the two of you your drinks, your finger poked against Namjoon’s arm. “If you’re a gentleman then doesn’t that mean that you should buy the drinks, you’re supposed to treat me right?”
A chuckle came from Namjoon as finally he picked up on what you were hinting at. “You’re not supposed to tell someone to pay for you.”
“I was just hinting, making sure that I was right.”
“I’ll get my wallet,” Namjoon smiled.
The smile on your face grew too as your drink was placed down in front of you. “You really are such a gentleman Namjoon, the best.”
“You’re too drunk to even know what you’re saying,” he laughed, “you won’t remember calling me a gentleman tomorrow.”
“I will, I promise that I’ll remember it forever.”
Tumblr media
A sigh came from Jimin once again as your hands couldn’t help but grab at his cheeks, pinching against them gently as you caught his dimples once again as he smiled at you.
His hands were on your waist as you did so, trying to stop you from falling over. “Have I ever told you how adorable you are?”
“You might have mentioned it once or twice,” Jimin laughed back at you, “do I look adorable now?”
Your head immediately nodded in reply to his question, feeling your stomach knot at how sweet he looked, even with his cheeks pinched. “You always look adorable in my eyes,” you complimented, with Jimin laughing.
He didn’t quite know what to say, knowing that you were still very tipsy. “I’m going to remind you of this tomorrow by the way, just so you know.”
“Remind me of what? I’m not going to forget Jimin.”
“Are you sure?” He enquired in reply.
Your head nodded confidently back across at him, “there’s no way that I’ll ever be able to forget just how adorable you are, never ever.”
“We’ll see tomorrow morning,” he laughed, “I bet you wake up in the morning and call me ugly or something.”
“Ugly? There’s no way that I’d ever call you that.”
Tumblr media
His eyes glanced down as a hand rested against his chest, hearing a hum come from you as you trailed your hand down against Taehyung’s chest, feeling against his chest.
After a few moments of exploring, you looked up at Taehyung. “Who knew you had such a good body?” You asked him in surprise.
“Me,” Taehyung laughed as your other hand pressed against him too, “didn’t you know as well?”
Your shoulders shrugged, a little tipsy as you tried your best to keep your balance. “I knew you were good looking but where has this body been hiding? Why don’t you get it out and show it to everyone?”
Taehyung’s head shook in reply to you, “why would I want to do that when I could keep it covered and only let you be the one to see it.”
“That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that one?”
“Maybe alcohol,” Taehyung joked with you.
Your eyes narrowed back across at him, “I’m not drunk,” you quickly tried to tell him, concentrating on keeping your balance before him.
“Of course you aren’t,” Taehyung responded, knowing that it wasn’t even worth trying to argue in reply to you.
“I think you should keep this hidden until we’re home.”
Tumblr media
Your eyebrows furrowed as Yoongi approached the two of you, hearing him call out Jungkook’s name. Straight away you stood in front of him, blocking Jungkook from Yoongi.
A chuckle came from Jungkook as your eyes looked up at him. “You’re not allowed to go with him, you’re only allowed to stay with me.”
“Is that so?” Jungkook smirked, noticing the smile that was on your face, “what if I don’t want to?”
Your head immediately shook back at Jungkook, turning your back to Yoongi to block him out of the way. “He’s not as good as me,” you quickly warned Jungkook, moving your hands to hold onto his arms.
Yet another chuckle came from Jungkook as he looked at you, “what sort of things is he not as good as you at if you’re so confident?” He enquired.
“Take me home tonight and you might just be able to see.”
“You know we live together?” He asked.
Your hand hit gently against your arm as Jungkook found your loophole in your plan, “I could send you to stay at the dorm if you say no.”
“I never said that,” Jungkook assured you, “sorry Yoongi, but it appears that I might be a little bit too busy right now.”
“I can’t believe you’re picking Y/N over me.”
Tumblr media
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serenityslutt · 19 hours ago
Cool!! Can you do one where buff Namjoon is working out shirtless and y/n is getting all red and flustered looking at him like that and he notices this and teases her and mayybee they make out a little against the wall? Hehe
another short and sweet one
NOT MY GIF got it off google😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
~ tu mirada
•pairing: namjoon x reader
•genre: fluff, tease, lovers
•warning: smut implied, kissing, sweaty joon, size difference, strong joon, etc
“Se lo que piensas con solo una mirada”
You lean against the door looking at his back muscles and it’s hot really hot. You slowly smiled as you check him out, you look down at his thick legs then to his waist, the sun kissed his skin as sweat drips down his back. You rub your bottom lip as you stare at the mirror in front of him. He still hasn’t realized you’re standing right behind him.
You play with the necklace he gave you as you begin to blush just thinking about the size difference. You can hear him groan as he takes deep breaths, you can sit here and watch him workout all day. “____” he lowered his music as he smiled at you. He walked over to you as he took sips for his water “good morning” he lift your chin as he pulled you in for a kiss. He cornered you against the wall, his hand laid on your hip as you touch his warm cheek. He pecked your lips before pulling away “came to watch” he smirked as a he made you a blushing mess.
“Don’t let me distract you” you teased back while you playfully pull his shirt you’re wearing up your legs. His eyes drop down to your bare legs, you have some pretty legs he would like to bury his head in between. “I wouldn’t mind a little distraction” he bit his lip while pulling you closer by your hips. Yeah he wins you’re flustered by him, his smirk, his bare chest and back. Can’t forget about his voice, his deep sexy voice. He whispered against your ear “My sweet distraction” your fingers touch down his abs feeling his sweat on your fingers.
His warm breath tickled your neck “joon you’re sweaty” you playfully say “you’re touching me” his hand pressed against the glass trapping you with his body. You touch his chest slowly bringing your hands down his abs. A shaky breath escaped his lips as you touch the hem of his shorts. “____” you look into his eyes as you kiss him. All you want to do is kiss him, he pulled you closer to him not caring if his sweat wets your shirt. His hands went down your shirt touching the back of your thighs. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lifted you up like you weighed nothing. He pressed you against the glass quickly taking control of the kiss. You suck his lip in your mouth making his groan you’re slightly obsessed with his plump lips. His fingers lock around your hair as he guide the kiss, his tongue rubbing against yours. You pull back from the kiss to catch your breath as he kissed the tip of your nose “baby I got you dirty” a light smirk appears on his face as you feel his growing bulge against your clothed pussy. “I can help you with that” you blush as he kissed the corner of your lip.
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i-am-baechu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sweet Melody (M).
Genre: Idol! Jungkook, Idol! reader, girl group! reader, established relationship! au, infidelity! au, childhood friends to lovers! au, breakup! au, smut, and angst
Summary:  Love is the greatest feeling a person can feel but it can also destroy you as fast as you can say I love you. Y/N L/N has been in love with Jeon Jungkook since she was fifteen and they’ve been together ever since. Being in the same industry, she had a better understanding of how busy one can be and never put it against him. It wasn’t until he shockingly broke up with her and the next week he was seen with a mystery girl. Her group decides to write a new song for an award show and Y/N knows exactly what the song will be about or who to be exact.
“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.”
[ Preview ]
“As the maknae of the group, Y/N, where do you see yourself in the future?” 
Y/N was brought back to reality and she gave the interviewer a small smile. She leaned forward looking at her leader, Yujin, for some confidence. The older girl gave her a small smile and a nod making Y/N feel somewhat at ease. She was never good at interviews. She looked back at the interviewer and pushed some hair behind her ear, “I want to see Eden doing our best and being together forever because I love them so much. They raised me.” 
He gave her a smile and shook his head, “I’m talking about personal life. How about in ten years?” 
Her eyes widened and looked down at her fingers with a shy smile and then looked back up, “I would be thirty-four…I would like to be married and have at least one child. That’s the dream but honestly I can only truly see myself with Eden. Singing is my life and I think it will continue to be with me. Ten and twenty years down the road, singing will always be my future.” 
He nodded at this and turned towards another member as Y/N continued to stare at her fingers, tuning out the conversation around her. Ten years…in ten years she hoped Jungkook and her were married and living the life that they always talked about. Living in a house near the beach with a garden in front, a big backyard for Bam and a baby on her hip looking into the waves while Jungkook has his arm around her shoulders, kissing the top of her head. This was the future she always imagined and discussed with him, the perfect ending. 
L/N Y/N and Jeon Jungkook have been together for nine years. Ever since they were fifteen, Y/N knew Jungkook was the love of her life. He’s her first and last love. The two met at an audition, Y/N saw him dancing and he heard her singing with the most angelic voice he has ever heard. Even though they were shy, they still found a way to get together. It was like something was pulling them together and who was she to ignore the obvious attraction.
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tinylint · a day ago
BTS Reactions - you've gained weight
Jin - "Are you worried about your health?" Jin asks, knowing the answer because he sees you eating healthy and exercising just as much as you used to. You just don't have the metabolism you used to have and it's driving you crazy. "Well then who cares! As long as you are taking care of yourself it doesn't matter. You'll always be the most beautiful girl in the world to me anyway," he says and kisses you on the head.
Suga - Suga actually legit loves it - he has always been kind of obsessed with your fleshy thighs and this has just given him more places to love. Now he gets more love handles and stomach pooch to grab in addition to your thighs. When you talk about how you need to lose weight he protests "No no! Then what do I get to hold on to?" he says as he fondly grabs your love handles and kisses you.
JHope - If we're being honest JHope has always liked girls on the chunkier side. You wouldn't have expected it with how thin he is. When he hears you talk about wanting to lose weight he comes behind you, wraps his arms around you tightly while putting one hand over your mouth. "I'm going to have to restrain you because you're talking nonsense, you don't need to lose any weight to be perfect." He lets go of you and turns you around to face him, "You were perfect 10 pounds ago, 20 pounds ago, you're perfect now, and you'll be perfect 100 pounds from now!" he lectures you. Then he smiles and gives you a quick kiss on the nose, "if you're so worried about not getting enough exercise let's have a dance party!"
RM - "Whoa whoa whoa, what is this you're saying?" RM grabs your hip and pulls you to face him when he hears you talking about your recent weight gain negatively. He looks at your pouty face and smooths your cheeks out with his thumbs while he looks intently into your eyes. "If you want to lose weight because you are worried you are not healthy that is one thing, but if you want to lose weight because you think you are not beautiful with extra weight on you then you are going to have stop that nonsense. You are more beautiful to me every single day, so don't you dare say that a few extra pounds could ever change that," he lectures you sternly while softly and sweetly rubbing his thumb on your cheek and smoothing your hair. He waits until you have acknolwedged what he said before he drops his stare and pulls you into a hug.
Jimin - Jimin crinkles his nose when he hears you talk negatively about your body. He has had too many problems with his own body image to let any of that happen to you on his watch. He pulls you close "I love you, always, forever, in any shape," he says while you two are standing nose to nose. "I love this, this, this, this" he says as he pinches your cheeks, your arms, your stomach, your thighs and your butt, "and I love it no matter what size it is. So there will no negative talk about my favorite body in this house," he says seriously with loving sincerity in his eyes. You promise you'll be nice to yourself as long as he does the same about himself. You two pinky swear to be kinder to yourselves.
V - V always likes to remind you that his fans thought he was cute when put on a little extra weight and the same applies to you. He thinks your cuter with a little extra weight. It doesn't hurt that the extra weight has increased your cup size a bit..."Come on y/n, you can't really think you don't look gorgeous right now? Are you trying to tell me that you really think you're not the most beautiful, perfect girl in the world? You must be delusional," he teases you in an attempt to cheer you up.
Tumblr media
Jungkook - Jungkook looks truly confused when you bring up your weight gain and your desire to lose weight. "You don't need to lose weight! You look perfect!" He then gets even more confused because you bring up all the foods you think you should stop eating and what you think you need to start doing to lose weight. "Wait wait, but you love that food, and we eat it together all the time, I don't want to not be able to eat with you!" You remind him that it's much easier for guys to eat what they want and not gain weight then for girls. "Well I don't care if you gain weight, let's eat good food together. Plus I can't even tell you gained weight you look perfect," he puts his hands on your waist and pulls you close. "Although if you think you need to exercise more I could always teach you wrestle..." he says with a twinkle in his eye.
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raplinesmoon · a day ago
So The Drama (KSJ x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
❃ Festivaled Away: Hope Fest hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​
⤞ Ticket: Elegant Summer Gala
 ⤞Main Event: Bulletproof Vests & Holsters ( bad boys, cops/detectives)   
⤞ Games: edging
pairing: Seokjin x reader genres/au/rating: fluff, angst, action, humor, smut, friends to lovers, Kim Possible!AU, 18+ summary: By day, you look like any other overworked 20-something. By night, you’re an amazing superhero who fights to save the world with your best friend. Caught between the pressures of having a love life and a plot to take over the world, will this summer be a one to remember? warnings: slow burn, PINING, pov switch, physical fights, crime fighting, alcohol, tension!!!, bi!Seokjin (implied), SHEGO, supervillain plots, Seokjin is a damsel in distress, sm*t warnings: dry humping, deep-throating, degradation, n*pple play, fingering, panty ripping, edging, cmnf, protected s*x
word count: 18.3k a/n: LOL I got impatient so please enjoy this cheese fest inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood crime fighting girlboss. This is based mostly on the second KP movie. thank you to Mars @joheunsaram for suggesting the idea of Jin Stoppable in the first place, and another thank you to Kiri @rkivian​ for beta’ing the first part of this. I hope you all enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
The piercing screams resound in your ears, the crowd going wild, bathed in a sea of orange as the legions of devoted fans chant passionately, waiting for their favorite group to come on stage. Lightsticks flash everywhere, casting the arena in a dim but stunning glow. The enchantment of the scene transports you back to being a teenager again.
Seokjin rocks back and forth on his heels, bubbling with anticipation. “C’mon ____. Let's find our seats quickly so that the show can begin! Odeng is getting restless!"
At the sound of his name, Seokjin's sugar glider pops up from underneath his flannel, surveying the scene. While Seokjin's bright eyes twinkle with adoration, you furrow your brows in concern, staring up at him.
"You just had to bring him? What if we get caught?" The crowd's noise level only worsens, voice hoarsening whenever you try to have a normal conversation.
"Odengie would never cause trouble on purpose," Seokjin coos, stroking Odeng's head. "He's a good boy!"
You beam at his loving tone. Yup, your best friend was a total marshmallow, nothing but gooey softness packed into his tall, lean frame. He was definitely on the odd side, with his wire-rimmed glasses and penchant for dad jokes. Who would have thought that the strange kid you cornered in the sandbox in pre-K would be one of the closest people in your life? At this point, he was like family to you. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
The two of you take your seats, watching the lights dim. You hear a psst! and pivot to find Seokjin elbowing your shoulder. You look up at him quizzically, investigating the source of the interruption.
"___," he asks, genuine inquisitiveness in his voice. "This is kind of a cool dat–, I mean, outing. You used to be obsessed with DTS back in high school, remember? It was like, a dream of yours to go to a concert one day."
His face is so earnest, cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's, and you almost forget you're two 27-year-old dorks at a boyband concert. But you were, in fact, two 27-year-old dorks at a boyband concert.
"Jinnie," you begin, squeezing his arm gently. He lowers his head to listen, gazing down straight into your eyes.
"If we're being honest, I got over DTS years ago. Like freshman year of college. But you bought the tickets and looked so excited, and I couldn't say no, now could I? I'll have fun if you're having fun."
A strange expression crosses his face briefly like he's distressed. But it's gone in a flash, replaced with the beaming smile you've come to know.
"Oh, well, it's okay!" he reassures you. "We'll have fun, no matter what. I, uh-, I gotta go to the bathroom."
"Okay. I'll watch Odengie while you're gone."
"Thanks, ____, I can always count on you."
He walks away with a wave, and you can't help but remark that his shoulders have slumped slightly, the formerly bright light in his eyes turning hollow.
Tumblr media
A heavy sigh escapes Jin as he makes his way down to the restrooms from the arena. Another day, another failed attempt to confess his feelings for you. He'd been at it for years. There's no one else he'd make a fresh pot of jjampong for, no one else he'd use his employee discount on to stuff your face with nachos, no one else he'd torture with his dad jokes (some of them were pretty terrible, he'd admit).
The scary thing was that he couldn't pinpoint when his feelings changed from being your best friend to falling for everything about you. The two of you had grown up together but were polar opposites. You were the hard-working, smart, semi-popular one who moonlighted as an ass-kicking crime fighter, and he was your lame sidekick that wore glasses. 
He paces down the hallway, lost deep in his thoughts. It didn't happen on a specific day, or during a particular moment, but over time, your smile began to seem brighter; he noticed the way your hair shimmered in the sun. He felt warm at how you threw 100% of yourself into everything, whether saving the world or taking on a case as a corporate paralegal. Girls like you didn't fall for guys like him, who worked weekends at a shitty, inauthentic Mexican restaurant because their 9-5 didn't pay the bills. Not without a miracle.
He hoped coming here tonight could have been that miracle. The two of you spent hours as teenagers jamming to DTS' songs in your room and learning every dance. Seokjin would even embarrass himself in the school hallway as he walked up to you, belting their newest single at the top of his lungs. But now it seemed like you had moved on, and he scrunches his eyes together, recalling your soft, placating smile underneath his lids.
The setting around him grows unfamiliar, and Seokjin realizes he'd gotten lost in his daze, venturing far away from the bathrooms. Maybe there was one close by. He walks over to the first industrial-looking door he sees, peeking into the room to check. A loud gasp escapes his throat, his palms become sweaty, and Seokjin thinks he might faint. 
Somehow, he'd stumbled into DTS' practice room, graced with the stars' presence. He stares into the eyes of the six heartthrobs: AM, Salt, J-Nope, Chimin, W and Jaegguk. But why were they here and not on stage?
Seokjin's eyes widen when he sees the group bound with rope, constricting their arms and legs. 
"Uh, dude?" AM says, his left dimple making an appearance when he frowns. "No offense, but a little help here?!"
Seokjin freezes. His favorite idols were speaking to him? He was gonna save their lives? ____ would freak out when she heard this. He'd finally be the hero she deserved. 
"이 사람은 쓸모가 없습니다. 그는 여전히 그의 신발에 꼬리표를 달고 있다 (this guy is useless, he still has the tag on his shoes)", Salt quips, face scrunching in displeasure. 
"I can understand Korean, you know," Seokjin retorts. "And you guys don't know about the tag?! It's hip-hop culture!"
"Aish, alright, stop being a weird trend follower and help us out," Jaegguk groans.
"I'll have you know that Kim Seokjin is a trendsetter, not a trend follower," Seokjin mumbles, searching the room for something sharp to cut their bonds. 
With his back turned to the wall, he misses the shadowy visitor at the entrance. Chimin's warning cry is too late, the blindfold already over Seokjin's eyes as he flails uselessly. Well fuck, he was in a bind now.
Tumblr media
The crowd was growing restless. The concert was supposed to start half an hour ago. Where was Seokjin? He hadn't returned from the bathroom yet. 
A loud groan erupts when representatives from their record company show up on the stage, claiming unforeseen technical issues. Bullshit. They probably wanted to keep you all here so they could take your money. You hoped Seokjin hadn't blown too much of his salary on these tickets.
Your impatient sighs are interrupted by a series of short beeps coming from your purse, and you freeze. This can't be good. You slip out of the arena towards the concession stands, reaching into your bag to pull out the pager.
"Hey Won-sik, what's the sitch?" you ask, taking in his grim face. The 18-year-old super genius you'd befriended was an expert when it came to computers and gadgets. He and Seokjin loved to crack dorky jokes together, many of which flew over your head.
"It's not looking good," his voice breaks among the static. "We've got word of a new crook on the block. Deez Coups. Apparently, he's a disgruntled former k-pop trainee who didn't get into the band of his dreams, so now he's out for revenge?"
"What kind of revenge?" you scoff. You'd handled more than your fair share of butthurt boys growing up, particularly when they chose to take their negative feelings out on others. 
"He's kidnapped DTS and is holding them hostage in an obscure location in the area! My sources are tracing them to a tiny room on the rafters."
"I'm on it," you declare, slipping off your oversized concert clothes to reveal your spy suit of choice - cargo pants and a black turtleneck. 
"___?" Won-Sik's voice trembles, almost like he's been keeping a secret.
"What's wrong?"
“H-he took Seokjin too. He was trying to rescue them."
Your heart sinks, remembering how Seokjin had excused himself. And now he'd stumbled into trouble. Disgruntled or not, this loser would never lay a hand on your best friend. You tuck Odeng into your pocket and reach back into the purse. 
Pulling out your hairbrush, you press the hidden button on the bump, recoiling as it activates, transforming into a grappling hook. You make your way back inside, keeping yourself confined to the shadows on the outskirts, before finding a good fulcrum and launching yourself up to the rafters. 
"C'mon, Odengie. Time to make a scene."
Tumblr media
"FOMO FOMO FOMO YO, FOMO FOMO YO, 탕진잼 탕진잼 탕진잼," Coups screeches at the top of his lungs, ignoring the befuddled looks from the members in front of him. The key to their cage dangles from the garishly neon-colored chain on his pants.
"Even I'm a better singer than this guy," Seokjin groans, slapping his palm onto his forehead. "I had all your singles memorized back in high school."
"Really?" J-Nope asks. "Which one was your favorite?"
"Person with Like, of course! The chartreuse concept was everything."
"Nobi!" W hisses. "Can you and this clown who joined us be serious for once? How the fuck are we gonna get out of here?"
"Oh, don't worry," Seokjin stares at his nails. "I know a girl. Hopefully, she's coming to bust us out."
"설마? 실제로 그녀가 올지 모르니? (hopefully? you don't actually know if she's coming?" Salt seethes, his skepticism evident in his tone.
"걱정하지 마십시오 (don't worry), Salt-ssi. She's my best friend; I know I can rely on her."
"You better be right," Jaegguk sighs. "And to think, all I was looking forward to today was hitting the gym after the concert."
Nearly ten more torturous minutes pass, full of Deez Coups' terrible singing, before any sign of hope. The men's eyes light up when you lower yourself into the room with your grappling hook, approaching Coups from behind.
"Now, Odeng!" you scream, jumping on his back as the two of you hurtle to the ground. Struggling to pin him under you, you exert every bit of force and determination you can muster, buying enough time for Odeng to run past you and grab the keys from the chain.
"Boo-yah!" Seokjin howls in delight. "That's my ___ and my Odengie!"
The sugar glider slips through the bars easily, jumping into Seokjin's palm, allowing him to unlock the cage from the inside.
"You actually did it!" Chimin screams with joy. "That was amazing!!"
"Law enforcement and the label executives should be on their way any second," you inform Seokjin and the band, still pinning Coups' struggling figure to the ground. 
AM approaches you, looking down at his captor. 
"Listen," he says to Coups. "I don't know what you were trying to prove by kidnapping us, but you'll never get the results you want this way. All of us got to where we are through hard work and determination, and I suggest you do the same instead of being a petty crook if you want to live out your dreams."
At the end of his speech, the door is blown wide open, police and the label employees flooding the room. Once they determine that no actual harm had been done to the boys, they inform them that the concert has been canceled.
The whirring of a helicopter creates a strong gale, whipping your hair around. The boys bid you their goodbyes, thanking you and Seokjin for your heroic endeavors. 
"Please reach out to us anytime," AM beams. "We are indebted to you both."
"Wait!" Seokjin interrupts them as they turn. "Can I call in my favor now?"
His plain t-shirt now decorated with the ostentatious signatures of the band members, the two of you watch the helicopter fly away until it's nothing more than a speck in the distance. After the whirring dies down, Seokjin runs up to you, nearly toppling you over in a big hug. 
"Thanks for coming, ___."
"You think I'd actually leave you behind, Kim? You're worth too much to me to even think about that."
A glimmer of hope settles in his chest. Maybe tonight hadn't been so bad after all.
Tumblr media
"One flat white and an iced cappuccino, please," you tell the barista. From behind you, you hear a giggle erupt. And then another. Ugh. This was so not the drama.
Rolling your eyes, you turn, mouth gaping, when you see a gaggle of girls surrounding Seokjin, their hands all over his arms, legs, and shoulders. The tips of his ears are a distinctive red that tells you he's embarrassed but also milking the attention.
"You were so brave!" one of them giggles, her laugh sounding less bubbly and more nasally.
"Does this mean you have free DTS tickets for life? I've never been to a concert," another sighs.
"I can't believe Jaegguk called you a trendsetter! He's so hot!"
"Calm down, ladies," Seokjin says coolly, pushing his glasses onto the bridge of his nose. "We have all the time in the world."
Your shoulders tense suddenly, and you feel yourself grow flushed. Would any of them have bothered to pay attention if he hadn't rescued DTS? Probably not. 
You don't even notice that you've stalked your way up to Seokjin, standing next to him. He glances up at you, eyes full of questions.
"Hey, uh, there's an urgent message from Won-sik! We've gotta run home and look at it!"
"Do we have to do it right now?" Seokjin replies through clenched teeth. "Kinda in the middle of something."
"Yup!" you grab his arm, pulling him towards you. "It can't wait. Sorry girls, maybe next time."
Waving a hasty goodbye, you drag Seokjin out with you. Your strange behavior remains an enigma to you both long after you run out of the coffee shop, hand in hand. What had that been all about?
Tumblr media
A few weeks later….
The smell of processed cheese and refried beans hits your nostrils, making your mouth water. As much as you (and your stomach) detested Seokjin's other workplace, Nacho Loco, you couldn't deny that you were hungry. The idea of chowing down on some greasy food seemed perfect to you right now.
"Hey, let me just go take this off real quick. I already put in a ticket for us," Seokjin smiles from the counter.
He turns to his manager, asking if he could take a break now. The man looks incredibly sullen today, given the lack of rush in the restaurant, but nods yes.
"Ugh, this week has been shit," you groan as he sits to join you. "So much fucking work. It's like they have me on overtime without actually paying me overtime. I respect the hustling lifestyle, but it's just not for me."
Seokjin guffaws at your statements, sipping loudly on his Diet Coke.
"Pretty sure that's illegal," he grins. "And you're one to comment on hustle culture. I mean, it's not like you have a second job kicking crime's butt, do you?"
"Shhhh," you press a finger to his lips, giggling. "My boss doesn't need to know about that. Pretty sure he'll see that I can handle being sleep deprived and have me look at more documents."
In your time spent complaining, your order has made its way over to you. You're used to the restaurant food not looking super appetizing, but whatever monstrosity is on Seokjin's plate has you reeling.
"Kim Seokjin. What in the name of all that is good and holy is that?"
Seokjin scarfs down a bite of the concoction, beans, and cheese oozing out the sides.
"This, dear ___, is a Naco. My special creation and contribution to the menu. I'm trying to keep it a secret until I can take it mainstream, though."
"I'm sure it'll be a smash hit," you say sarcastically, stomach churning at the bag-like item. "You could use all the extra money from patenting it. As long as you let me co-sign."
"No way! You have your own hustle. By the way, I keep telling you this, but you should start accepting money for everything you do, ___. You work hard, and I never see you enjoy yourself."
There's a wistful look in his eyes, and the conversation goes silent. The fact of the matter was that it was already hard being two young, working professionals in a big city, living on your own. Constantly worrying about expenses and what the next paycheck would cover, but also trying to remain human and not become a machine.
"Yeah, I know," your voice cracks. "Part of me wants to make money. It'd sure make paying my rent easier. But the other part of me is worried."
Seokjin stills, looking up at you. It was rare for you to be so vulnerable in public places. He'd always been the one to take up that mantle: crying at movies, crying at weddings, crying during his mid-day breakdown. Seeing your eyes fill with tears, he wants to pull you into his arms and soothe all your worries, to tell you that it's all going to be okay. But he can't promise that.
"I've spent so much of my life undercover," you continue. "It makes me wonder if doing all this means that I've been missing out on other experiences. I mean, when's the last time I went out? My work even has this stupid gala thing at the end of the summer, and I don't have a dress or a date!"
Seokjin frowns, his lip trembling. He knew the burden you carried on your shoulders was enormous at times, which is why he worked hard to make you laugh, to make the lines on your forehead disappear. As trivial as it was, it was his stupid way of showing the love he had for you.
"Damn, you reserved me a ticket, right? You know I can't resist all that free wine and cheese."
You perk up, flashing the tiniest of smiles, before clapping him on the shoulder.
"No, duh! You can even bring a guest if you want!"
"Aw shoot, and here I thought we were gonna go together like we did to the 5th-grade dance, Jackson Wang's middle school rager, or prom…"
You're grinning now, eyes crinkling, and Seokjin thinks he's never seen anyone prettier.
"Hey, Jin? You're a great friend, you know that, right?"
And despite his desire to become more, he's happy for now. Because you've got each other's backs.
"I know."
Tumblr media
Monday rolls around, and Seokjin finds himself back in the office, his pressed white shirt becoming consistently itchier and suffocating with every day of the summer heat. At least it was almost time for lunch. You had an extended break today, so the two of you would be able to go to town on one of the halal carts by his building.
"Excuse me? Are you Seokjin?" A voice calls from behind him.
Turning around, Seokjin takes in the sight of the interrupter. A guy, around his age or a bit younger, looking painfully awkward. His bright eyes took in the office, taking everything in. A newbie.
"Hey, welcome to the club, dude. You're right; I am Seokjin. Seokjin is me."
The newcomer smiles at him, reaching out for a handshake.
"So nice to meet you! I'm Han, your new desk neighbor!"
He likes this kid already. It was rare for Seokjin to make new friends easily. When he wasn't with you, he’d spent time testing out new recipes, playing Maple Story, or cuddling with Odeng.
"Hey Han, nice to meet you too. Wanna join me for lunch?"
You approach the benches outside Seokjin's work, carrying his gyro over rice like its precious cargo. He's waiting for you like he always is. But he's not wiping sweat off his brow and scowling from the summer heat like normal. Instead, he's talking to someone you don't recognize.
"___! There you are," he exclaims. "I have someone I want you to meet."
He moves to the side, revealing his companion, and you feel your heart do a backflip. You haven't felt like this since your tenth-grade crush on Park Jinyoung, the football quarterback. He's cute. Really cute. 
"Hi, I'm Han," he reaches his hand out for you to shake. 
"I'm ___," you say with a blush, accepting his hands. Seokjin's eyes narrow when he watches you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. That was your patented crush move. No way, you were crushing on his new co-worker!
"Tell me more about yourself, ____," Han says. And from there, you spend the whole lunch break talking and sharing details about your lives, utterly oblivious to the world around you, failing to notice when Seokjin gets up and dumps his styrofoam box in the trash, leaving without a goodbye.
Tumblr media
"Mom? Dad? I'm hooomeeee," your voice echoes through the house. Strange. Usually, someone was home. Today was pizza night too.
"They're in their office, dweeb," your younger brother appears from the shadows, and you detect a faint glow from the living room. He was on one of his gaming sprees again, and you're glad Seokjin was busy tonight; otherwise, you'd be roped into another Mario Kart tournament where they left you in the dust.
"Look who's calling who a dweeb. Don't you have that robotics competition to worry about?"
His face pales.
"Fuck. Why didn't you bring Seokjin with you?! Or hit up Won-sik?"
Your mom appears at the top of the staircase, shushing him with a stern finger.
"Anwar, mind your language, or you won't get any pizza."
"___, my dear, how are you?" Your dad greets you with a bone-crushing hug. "We haven't seen you in so long!"
"I know, dad," you sigh. "Work's just been kicking my butt."
Dinner is silent for a while, the four of you munching on your pizza.
Your mother bites her lip, eyes full of concern. While both your parents were aware of your alternate career, they often fussed over the toll it took on your mental health. 
"No, not that work! I meant the company! And now we have this silly end-of-summer gala I have to worry about."
"Oh, a gala!" your mother claps her hands in delight. "How exciting? I can't wait to see my baby all dressed up and beautiful."
"I have to find a date first, mom," you groan as your dad ruffles your hair. "Plus-ones are encouraged."
"Why don't you just take Seokjin? "she suggests earnestly. "You guys always go together."
Your heart drops. True, you and Seokjin had always gone to every special event as each other's dates; but things felt different now. You wanted to be able to slow dance with someone you liked, to hold them close and maybe share a kiss at the end of the night. You were in dire need of some romance in your life.
"I don't know, mom," you sigh. “Seokjin is just… well he’s Seokjin. He's just my best friend. I kind of hoped I could bring someone more special."
"Nonsense," your father shuts you down. "Seokjin's been a wonderful date every time you have   gone somewhere. And he's grown into a handsome young man."
He finishes with a wink, and you shift uncomfortably. To you, Seokjin had always been the same, geeky guy with glasses. Maybe he'd grown into his features as he aged, but he was still a friend and nothing more. If it was supposed to happen between you two, it already would have.
Excusing yourself to your room, you flip onto your bed, staring at the canopy littered with stars that remind you of the night sky. The gala was supposed to be an all-out celebration, with music, dancing, swanky outfits, and champagne. For once, it'd be nice to have an actual date.
You unlock your phone, dialing the number of the one person that you know would understand where you were coming from.
"What's up, dawg?" Seokjin snickers over the line, pausing when he hears your heavy sigh. "Hey, you alright?"
"I don't know, Seokjin!" you scream into the line. "I don't know why I'm so stressed about this stupid gala, what I'm gonna wear, and who I'm gonna take. It's so childish, ugh! I feel like I'm back in high school when no one gave me a prom-posal."
Seokjin's heart lurches in his chest. You'd expected Jinyoung to ask you, but he'd gone for Aerin, your rival on the cheerleading squad. Seokjin had abandoned his elaborate scheme of showing up with a boombox outside your window, and instead became your shoulder to cry on. After drying your tears, the two of you still had a night to remember.
"Don't stress, ___! It's not even that big of a deal anyway, just an excuse for us to get drunk and twerk in front of the board of directors!"
"I knowww," you whine. "But lately, it doesn't feel like that anymore. I know we're still young, but everyone around us is getting married. Don't you ever feel like settling down, finding the one?"
"I, uh, I can't honestly say I've thought about that," Seokjin sputters. 
"But I do, Seokjin. I want to finally be with someone, go out on cute dates, buy gifts for each other, and cuddle."
"We already do that, though!"
"It's not the same, and you know it. Let's make a pact, here and now, that we, Kim Seokjin and ___ ___, will take the dating world by storm and show up to the gala with our future spouses in our arms! Are you with me?"
On the other end of the phone line, Seokjin chokes, his lungs burning with all the unspoken confessions of his past. The receiver was silent for a few breaths, and he almost contemplated hanging up.
"Seokjin? Are you there?"
"Yeah, I'm here," he says shakily, trying to accept your plan for the summer when in his heart, he wished that he could be that person for you. "I hope this is the summer you find everything you've ever wanted."
He can sense you beaming at him through the phone.
"You too, Jin. You too. Okay, bye, gonna sleep before work tomorrow. Anwar, mom, and dad, say hi!"
The line cuts dead, and Seokjin is left sitting in the oppressive loneliness of his apartment once more, the salt of his tears clogging his throat.
Tumblr media
Nearly a third of the way into the summer, and safe to say, your epic plans had not worked out. Instead of scoping out potential dates at the park or gym, you and Seokjin had been overloaded with work. You desperately needed a change of scenery. 
Luckily, Won-Sik's call came at the perfect time.
"Earth to ___. It's been forever! Just letting you know that I detected some suspicious activity around the Bermuda Triangle. It sounds like Darken is up to something."
"Ugh, not him again."
Dr. Darken was, by far, your most annoying and persistent arch-nemesis. No matter how often you defeated him and his villainess sidekick She-Babe, they always kept coming back for more. 
"Can I trust you and Seokjin to be on it?"
"Yup, we've got you, Won-sik."
Hanging up, you dial Seokjin's number, ready to share the good news. He'd seemed a little down lately, so maybe this would cheer him up.
"I need you to call in sick for the next two days. We're going on a little trip."
Miami was booming this time of year, the warm summer sun drawing in hordes of tourists. The perfect place to go undercover, whether you were a hero or a villain.
A loud slurp interrupts your train of thought, Seokjin chugging the last bits of his margarita.
"Ahhh, I needed this. This summer has been meh so far."
"We're looking for Darken, remember? This isn't a vacation."
"Doesn't mean we can't get ice cream," he laughs, pointing to a colorful shop on the pier.
You look at him, brows furrowed, hands on your hips.
"Please ___?"
"Okay fine."
He runs over excitedly, asking for two soft serve twists with rainbow sprinkles for you both. When he makes his way back to you, he proudly presents the cone with a smile.
"A gift."
"Just shut up and eat the ice cream."
The cold treat tastes sweet on your tongue, and you must admit Seokjin was right. Even though this wasn't an official trip, summer was finally starting to feel like summer again.
You don't know how long you've been there, but judging by the imminent sunset, it must have been a while.
"We should keep looking around," you say reluctantly, lifting yourself up. Seokjin's arm shoots out, pulling you back into his embrace. 
"Let's stay for a little while," he says softly, and you nod okay.
Leaning your head on his shoulder, you're surprised when you feel hard muscle underneath you. You'd never noticed he was so built. You sneak a sly glance up at him, marveling at the angles of his face. The wind sweeps through his hair, and suddenly he doesn't look like your dorky best friend who wears glasses anymore. 
At the same time, Seokjin notices you looking at him, his soft gaze lingering on the tiny little details about you: the fluttering of your eyelashes, the curve of your neck, the glistening of your lips. He needs to stop before he does something that he’ll regret later .
“___? You, uh, you have some ice cream on your face."
"Where?" you ask, frantically reaching to rub it off, but you don't feel anything.
"Here," Seokjin leans over, his thumb brushing against the corner of your lips. It lingers there for too long after he's rubbed the splotch off, and he feels you inhale sharply.
The tune of your pager goes off and the two of you separate, the intimate moment being interrupted. 
"Hey Won-sik, what's the sitch?"
"You might want to look behind you."
Suddenly, there's a loud bang, and the crowd erupts into a panic, screams coming from all around you. You and Seokjin jump up, ready for action. 
The malevolent eyes of She-Babe meet yours, green flames glowing from her arms.
"Looking for me, ___?" she drawls. "Why don't you come and play?"
You spring towards her, launching into a flying kick. She dodges you effortlessly, sending back a bolt that nearly misses you but completely decimates a seller's stand.
"Seokjin, I need backup," you scream to him before landing a blow to her right side. She grunts, pushing you off.
"I'm on it," he notifies you, and you watch him run off into the distance. 
You and She-Babe circle around each other, her flames singing a couple of your hairs, while your hook and laser lipstick tear through her clothes, leaving a mark on her arms. 
She growls, lunging for your neck, her arms wrapped around your throat. You sputter, flailing aimlessly, making every attempt to kick and punch, but she overpowers you.
Suddenly, her grip loosens, and you hear her yelp. Odeng looks on proudly, baring his teeth. In the brief moment of distraction, you land a kick to her stomach, knocking her down. 
As you attempt to pin her down, you hear another loud bang, smoke filling the pier, and you erroneously turn your back, looking to see the source of the distraction. Lungs burning, you tearfully look to see She-Babe has escaped. You search through the crowd aimlessly when you spot her on the roof of one of the shops, a helicopter waiting for her.
"Buckle up, babe," she smirks from above. "You have no idea what's coming."
And then she's gone. Your shoulders slump. The mission was a failure. Now Darken would have even more time to perfect his evil plans. 
You hear footsteps come up behind you, Seokjin running your side, panting heavily.
"Did the smoke machine work? Did you get her?"
The defeated look in your eyes tells him everything he needs to know, but it doesn't beat the disappointed look in your eyes. He'd fucked up. Big time.
"Let's just go home."
Tumblr media
“A flat white for you,” Seokjin slides into the seat across you. You both had a little bit before you had to head into work, and he knew he couldn’t leave his mistake hanging over your head.
You look at him but don’t say anything; he knows you’re still upset with him.
Rubbing at your temples anxiously, you finally decide to speak.
“I’m not mad at you.I’m just upset.”
“I know, and I’m so sorry. I feel like I always ruin things for you.”
His voice breaks a little bit, and you know he’s genuinely sorry, making your heart sink. Seokjin always  made things harder on himself, believing he was never worthy enough. The last thing you wanted was your frustration to make him feel worse
“Please don’t take this out on yourself, Seokjin. It was a mistake. It happens.”
Reaching for his hand, you give it a gentle squeeze. 
“We’ll move on.”
His glassy eyes meet yours, and a crushing realization hits you. You and Seokjin had spent so much of your lives together, becoming close the way most regular friends would, but also through your missions. You’d seen the best and worst parts of each other, but you’d never really been on your own. Maybe to find what you both needed, it was time to leave the safety and comfort of each other’s nest and do things on your own. 
You could find the love you’d been looking for, and maybe Seokjin could learn to love himself.
This summer was the perfect chance for you to spread your wings. 
“I gotta go,” you say gently, letting his hand go. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”
Tumblr media
Seokjin pulls into work on his scooter, still reeling from your encounter this morning. You two had your share of petty fights growing up, but he’d never felt so much disappointment from you. It made his heart ache, and he never wanted to see you like that again. Now, if only he could figure out what to do to fix it.
As he approaches his spot, he notices another person locking up their scooter, and his eyes widen when he realizes it’s the newbie, Han.
“Hey uh, great spot you have there,” Seokjin cracks a joke, hoping it’ll appease him.
“Oh, thanks! It’s under a tree too, so it has lots of shade; I hate when I come out of work and—“
“You get second-degree burns from your scooter handles?” Seokjin finishes his sentence for him.
“Yeah, how’d you know?” 
Because it’s my favourite spot, too, he grumbles in his head.
“Hey Seokjin, I actually had a question for you. It’s about your friend, ___. Is she single by any chance?”
Seokjin feels like the breath has been stolen from his lungs. You’d brought up Han’s name as a potential date before you’d gone on the mission, and it was clear he reciprocated your interest. Where did that leave Seokjin in the equation between you two?
He decides to be honest, not wanting to mess up your chance at getting a date for the gala.
“She is, but she’s a tough cookie. It takes a lot to impress ___. Most guys can’t even get her attention.”
“Well, good thing I’m not most guys. Maybe we can all hang out sometime soon? I heard the new club downtown is pretty fire.”
“Uhm, yeah, sure,” Seokjin says hastily, not wanting to listen to Han talk about you a second longer. He waved a tepid goodbye, disappearing into the building. He doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure I look fine?” you ask, tapping your foot anxiously.
Seokjin gulps, not knowing how to answer your query. Should he go with the friend version, telling you Han won’t know what hit him? Or should he go with his version, where he risks sporting an accidental boner like he did when you were in middle school, and your boobs appeared out of nowhere? If Seokjin had any pull game at all, you’d never make it to the club tonight, Han a distant memory.
All he does is instead is awkwardly give you a thumbs up, adjusting his glasses on his face.
“Wait a second,” you approach his sitting figure on the bed, leaning in so close he can smell the honeysuckle perfume you use. You’re so close, he gets a front-row seat to how good your tits look in the tiny black dress you’ve chosen to wear tonight. He’ll probably have to cover himself with his jacket in the Uber. 
Your fingers sweep through his hair, brushing his bangs off his face and to the side, showing off his forehead.
“There.” Your warm breath fans onto his face. “Now you look hot too. There’ll be a lot of hot people out tonight! Aren’t you excited?”
Seokjin feels his face flush, your nonchalant compliment flustering him, and hopes you can’t see his ears turn red. He sucks his breath, afraid to talk, fearing what might come out. Luckily, your phone buzzes, saving him just in the nick of time.
“Oh! The Uber’s here. Let’s go!”
. . . 
Seokjin follows behind you, the dense crowd making it hard to keep up while you seek out Han. He’s not drunk yet, but his head is already pounding. It was a stupid idea to agree to this. He was basically a discount third wheel.
“You guys made it!” Han shouts, welcoming you into his arms with a hug. 
“Thanks for inviting us,” you say shyly. 
“Can I get you guys anything to drink?” Han asks. You enthusiastically nod your head yes, while Seokjin sullenly nods no.
“Be nice,” you give him a warning, accepting Han’s hand as he leads you to the bar. 
“I am nice,” he mumbles under his breath, shoulders slumping when he sees you walk away.
The next hour that passes is among the most torturous in Seokjin’s life. For most of the years you’d been friends, he’d never really had to see you date someone. All the people you’d crushed on never lasted past a couple of dates. You’d always sigh and say they were missing something, and Seokjin wondered if Han would finally be the one to possess the something you’d always been looking for. 
It seemed that way, the two of you wrapped around each other on the dance floor, bodies moving in sync. Seokjin had done enough goofy dancing with you to know that the way your hips swayed right now was anything but goofy, and clearly, Han seemed to be enjoying it too. Your faces were so close, and Seokjin felt a pang of jealousy strike in his chest, calling the bartender over for another drink.
When he returns to reality, slightly less sober, you and Han are making out, his tongue pushing into your mouth as you lazily grind against him. Seokjin closes his eyes to protect himself from the garish sight. He wasn’t sure whether his dick could deal with another boner or whether his heart could mend the cracks that had begun to form within his chest. 
A drunken haze sets over him, and he resists the urge to go outside and puke. 
“Hey,” a raspy voice drawls. “Are you here with someone?”
Seokjin turns to see who’s joined him at the bar. It’s a guy, one that he’d probably consider hot if his heart wasn’t set on you. He glides through the conversation while dazed, focusing only on the sound of his voice and the flirty touches on his arm. If you moved on, maybe he could too.
That’s how he finds himself in the bathroom ten minutes later, shirt halfway undone and cock grinding furiously against the other man’s body. His moans echo in Seokjin’s ears, the low hum of pleasure doing just enough to soothe his frantic thoughts. His lips roam all over, touching, feeling, savoring the distraction they provide. Until the spells is broken.
“Kiss me,” his partner begs.
That’s when he realizes his mistake.
He steps back, staggering as his chest heaves, crushed under the weight of what he’d done. Underneath the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, Seokjin realizes two crucial things:
He was far beyond the stages of a silly, trivial crush. No, he, Kim Seokjin, was head over heels in love with you, ____ ____. The kind of all-consuming, soul-stirring love that would stay with a person for the rest of their life.
The two of you never kept secrets from one another, but this was a burden he’d have to shoulder alone. You were interested in Han, and just like every other boy before him, that meant that you’d never even consider giving Seokjin the time of day.
Seokjin was utterly and thoroughly fucked.
“Hey,” his hook-up says. “Why’d you stop?”
“This was a mistake,” is all he states before turning on his heels and running out of the bathroom, ignoring her cries of concern. He doesn’t look back.
Even as Han kissed and danced with you, there was a nagging feeling in the back of your mind, reminding you to check on Seokjin. He hadn’t seemed like himself tonight, and you panicked when you realized he’d gone AWOL.
“Hey,” you squeeze Han’s hand. “I think I’m gonna head out. Jin doesn’t look too good. I want to get him home.”
“Wow,” he smiles. “So on top of being incredibly smart and gorgeous, you’re also caring as heck? I really lucked out.”
Your cheeks heat and hit with a sudden boost of confidence. You turn to press a kiss on his cheek.
“I had fun tonight,” you whisper. “Maybe we can do this some other time. Just the two of us.”
You can feel him grinning behind you, and you float through the crowd effortlessly on cloud nine. The dream is shattered, however, when you take in Seokjin’s slumped-over figure, looking worse for wear. You’d never seen him this drunk, head lolled to the side. He hears your soft footsteps approach, opening his eyes, red-rimmed like he’s been crying.
“Hey you,” you bend down, stroking his hair. “You look like you’ve had a rough night.”
“S’okay,” he slurs. “Wh-why didn’t ya gooo home with Hal, no Hen, ughhhh, Han? You should go, keep having fun. I, I’ll be fine.”
He stumbles clumsily to his feet, and you blanch at how much alcohol you can smell on his breath.
“It’s okay, Seokjin,” you tell him, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “I can always see him another time. Right now, I wanna go home with you.”
You escort him out, letting him breathe in the fresh air at the entrance to the club while swiftly calling an Uber with two stops: one for your place and one for his. In the background, you can hear him heave and gag as he throws up, and your heart aches for being so oblivious while your best friend suffered.
The Uber ride back is silent, Seokjin resting his head on your shoulder. He doesn’t strike up a conversation and doesn’t make any jokes. Instead, he looks right past you, gazing out the window, the city lights gleaming on his face. The abyss between you is almost painful, running out of words to say now when you’d never struggled with that before. Your arms itch to wrap Seokjin into a tight hug, to let him know he’ll be fine, no matter what he’s struggling with, but you feel stagnant, as though you’ve been weighed down with lead.
The feeling follows you to his front door, where the two of you stand awkwardly, waiting for the other to say something.
It’s Seokjin that caves first.
“Hey ___,” he blurts out, his voice hoarse from disuse. “I have something I want to ask you.”
You’re about to breathe a massive sigh of relief but pause when you see his glassy eyes.
“Of course, Jinnie,” you throw your arms around him, burying yourself into his neck. “You can ask me anything.”
“I wanted to know if,” he manages to choke out, and you feel his pulse quicken under your palm, rising before it slows down again. 
“I wanted to know if we’ll always be friends, even thirty years from now when we’re middle-aged with back pain and meddling kids. Or 50 years from now when we both have cane fights with each other. I hope we are.”
He sighs the last part, and you feel wetness on the side of his jaw. Heart breaking at his confession, you pull him in closer.
“Of course, we will. You’re not just a friend or a sidekick to me, Jinnie. You’re my partner in crime, or should I say crime-fighting? I need you like Batman needs Robin, or like Tony needs Pepper. As long as this is my life, you’ll always have a place in it.”
The tension in his shoulders melts away, and you hear him choke back a sob.
“Thank you.”
Tumblr media
With the memories of that night at the club behind you, you launch yourself into a multitude of things: preparing for the gala, reading files at work, spending time with Han, and even managing to text and keep up with Seokjin. Life, as you know it, has always been busy and hectic, which is why it’s such a relief when Won-sik pages you.
“Another mission? I’m down.” 
Things with Seokjin had been weird lately, and the last thing you wanted to do was add to his stress by recruiting him for another mission. He deserved the rest, but the crime-fighting never stopped for you. 
Luckily, he’d agreed to accompany you, acting like everything was fine after his drunken meltdown, and you felt yourself sleep a little easier that night knowing he didn’t hate you.
Turning on the morning news, the headlines immediately allude to what Won-sik had told you. World-famous scientist Shin Ryujin has been captured by an unknown assailant, who claimed they wanted to hold her hostage and use her knowledge for their own evil plans.
While the rest of the world remained oblivious to the identity of her captor, you knew these antics could only be the mark of one man: Darken. It had him and She-Babe written all over. You could only hope they hadn’t put Ryujin into too much trouble before you found her.
Despite being a supervillain, Darken was also, quite frankly, an idiot. While most people who did terrible things tried to conceal their acts, Darken left huge clues. Very incriminating clues.
Although tucked away in a snowy and barren forest, his lair stuck out like a sore thumb. Who else would be stupid enough to build a multilevel, industrial-style building with a “Secret Lair” sign in the middle of nowhere? Lucky for you, that made it easy to break-in. 
“God, it’s freezing out here,” Seokjin chatters through his teeth. “We should have worn coats.”
“Concentrate!” you hush him with a finger to his lips.
The saw watch does its work, cutting quickly through the layers of wood and metal that make up the facade. Bless Won-sik and his super wrinkly brain. His gadgets never failed you.
Tip-toeing down the halls, your suspicion is aroused. Everything in here looks… normal. Typically Darken was fond of the most outrageous, impractical booby traps. A chill runs down your spine. Whatever he had planned this time couldn’t have been good.
You and Seokjin move silently through the shadows until you reach the end of the long corridor. Huh. There were no doors in sight. Maybe you missed somethi–
The floor caves in around you, a black hole opening up underneath your feet, and you’ve hurtled down a chute, slipping and sliding until you land with a thud onto the ground below. That fucker had a trap door now!
“___ ___.” A sinister voice drawls. “We meet again.”
His eyebrows narrow with malevolent glee, clapping his hands together. Darken has you now.
“And you brought along that friend of yours, huh? What was his name again uhhhh… Seokmin? Minseok?”
“SEOKJIN!!” your best friend screams, face turning red. “My name is Kim fucking Seokjin! It’s honestly not that hard!!”
“Sorry,” you threaten him. “I don’t have time to play games because I’m gonna be too busy kicking your ass!”
“Uh uh uh,” Darken waggles a finger in your face. “One wrong move and our little scientist here goes for a nice swim.
You track his finger to the other side of the room, where a woman in a lab coat hangs over a pool, a gag over her mouth. Tension seizes your body when you see a bunch of grey-coloured fins swimming underneath. Sharks.
Darken presses a button, and a series of platforms come up through the floor, housing various robots. Synth drones, all targeted for your destruction. Now things were getting good.
“Seokjin! You go and free Ryujin; I’ll handle these hunks of metal.”
You dodge their laser blasts one by one, moving from side to side with all the agility you’d learned from your martial arts classes. Combine the dodging with a series of sneak attacks, and the drones would never know what hit him. 
You finish off the last one, watching as it disintegrates into a pile of goo.
“___!” Seokjin calls out to you. “A little help.”
He’s dangling from the same rope as Ryujin, sharks nipping at his heels. Eyes closed, his screams echo through the lair.
“I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die!”
“Hold on,” you say. “I’ve got you!” 
“Odengie, chewwww!” Seokjin yells, and you smile, knowing he understood your command.
Odeng gnaws through the rope, and they all free-fall, down straight towards the treacherous pool. Moments before they make contact, you release your grappling hook, grabbing them out of harm’s way.
“NOOOOO!” Darken screams. “You may have foiled my plan, but I have another one brewing in my secret lair on the other side of the forest. This won’t be the last you hear of me!”
He presses a button, releasing another trap door to his escape.
“Whew,” Seokjin pants.”That was close. For a moment there, I thought we were canned tuna.”
“Shin Ryujin? I’m ___, and this is Seokjin. We just have a couple of questions for you.”
While Ryujin is thankful to you both for rescuing her, kneeling on the ground in a full bow, she sighs heavily, explaining that she can’t remember anything. 
“Her memory’s wiped,” Seokjin concludes. “You know what that means.”
“Whatever Darken’s planning, it’s big,” your voice wavers. “So big that he must not want anyone finding out about it. We have to be prepared.
Tumblr media
The mall was always your favorite place in the world. It was the epicenter of your hangouts with Seokjin growing up, intimate enough that you could talk about all your worries but discreet enough to hide any conversation about your… other pursuits.
You take a step back from the mirror, taking in the green satin dress you picked for the gala. It was daring, a large thigh-high slit creeping up the front and very different from anything else you’d ever worn. Maybe you couldn’t pull it off.
“I don’t know!” you scream out in frustration. “I think it looks good, but what if I just look like a loser playing dress-up.”
“None of that!” Seokjin shuts you down. “I’m the loser playing dress-up, but I’m also the loser who wants to see it!”
The lock to the changing room clicks open, and you step out, suddenly feeling shy in Seokjin’s presence.
His face has gone entirely slack, mouth hanging open at the sight of you in the dress.
“It’s horrible, isn’t it?”
It’s far from it. There are a million things he wants to say, but none of them come out except:
“Holy shit. You’re beautiful ___.”
Freezing, you feel your heart thump loudly in your rib cage. Seokjin always reminded you that you were cute in high school, but he’d never actually called you beautiful before. And never in such a profound way. Butterflies dance in your stomach, and you close your eyes briefly, wishing the gala would be as magical as this moment.
A look of horror crosses your face when you realize you’d completely forgotten to look at Seokjin’s tux. Peering at him through the mirror next to you, you’re rendered speechless.
His glasses are off, and you finally notice how perfect his face is. All sharp angles, framed by a mop of soft honey-coloured hair and the most perfect plush lips. He doesn’t just look good. He looks handsome beyond description, like a modern-day Adonis. 
“Is there a fly in your mouth?” Seokjin chuckles at your blank expression.
“Jin, you look hot. Like really hot.”
Seokjin freezes, shoulders tensing at your compliment, almost like he can’t believe you mean it. But you did mean it. Whoever he brought to the gala would be so lucky, and a small part of your heart aches at the fact that it wouldn’t be you that he’d be twirling around the dance floor, a Prince Charming to your Cinderella.
“Sure you don’t want to reconsider your options?” he whispers in your ear, fingers settling into the curve of your back. His low voice sends a delicious chill up your spine.
Before you can answer, you’re interrupted, the two of you breaking apart guiltily.
“___! Seokjin-hyung! Funny running into you here,”
Han’s smiley face comes into view, and you stumble off the podium, putting some distance between you and Seokjin.
“Hey babe,” Han greets you with a peck. “Wow, you look terrific.”
Good. Not beautiful.
“Babe?” Seokjin grunts through his teeth, trying to come off light-hearted. “Is there something I’m missing here?”
You don’t know why you can’t find the words to tell Seokjin the truth. Maybe it’s because of the way you can’t stop staring at him, even in Han’s presence. Perhaps it’s because this date pact you were so sure about before doesn’t seem so sure anymore.
“We’re dating hyung! Thanks for setting us up!” Han spills the hard truth out before you can, and you watch Seokjin’s face pale, the rosy color from his cheeks bleeding out to the hue of parchment.
“Oh wow,” Seokjin exclaims. “Oh wow! That’s great news. I’m so happy for you guys.”
“Awww, thank you,” Han beams, taking your hand in his. “You don’t mind if I steal her after this?”
“No,” Seokjin’s words are full of steel. “I have an errand to run for my eomma anyway.”
You remain frozen as Han chatters away, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to stop Seokjin from rushing out of the store with his new suit in tow. This was supposed to be the best summer of your life, so why did you feel so empty?
Tumblr media
The city’s skyscrapers look over Seokjin, casting a grim shadow over the walk he decided to take to clear his head. Limbs heavy, he still reels from the conversation with you and Han. The betrayal sinks in. Why hadn’t you told him yourself? You guys always told each other everything.
Instead, it felt like a knife to his gut hearing it from Han’s mouth and to watch you stand there and say nothing. The least he deserved was an explanation before you’d run off together. But it seemed like you didn’t care enough to tell him what was happening with you anymore. Ever since the summer had started, he felt you pulling away from him more and more, the bridge that had once connected you two growing into a vast chasm, where he fell through the cracks.
Walking through his rage, he finds himself on an unfamiliar street, but a glimmer of recognition appears when he sees the street sign. That scientist girl, Ryujin, lived here. She was too shaken up to answer your questions during the rescue, but maybe she was feeling better now. After everything had been settled, she gave both of them her address, telling them they could come and talk to her whenever.
An eternity seems to pass as Seokjin contemplates whether he should reach out before finally deciding to shoot Ryujin a text. Maybe it was time to take matters into his own hands. A team consisted of multiple people, after all. His shoulders slump, an ache beginning to build in his temple, traveling up to his head. He was tired of always being in the shadows, being the sidekick that never got the credit and never got the girl. If he could get something helpful out of Ryujin, maybe all that would change.
A ping from his phone confirms that Ryujin accepted his proposition, inviting him upstairs to her apartment. The posh building isn’t hard to find, the doorman greeting him on his way in as he buzzes Ryujin.
“Send him up, Alfred,” her voice blares through the intercom.
Fifteen or so floors later, he’s in front of her door. Making a fist to knock, Seokjin jumps slightly when the door opens before he can do so, Ryujin’s smiling face on the other side.
“Kim Seokjin, right? Nice to see you again.”
Walking into the space, he’s surprised by how well-put-together everything is. Every piece is impeccable, from the raw leather sofa to the fluffy white rug to the dining table made of unfinished wood. If Ryujin ever wanted to quit the science industry, she’d have a budding career as an interior designer.
“Can I get you anything to drink? Water? Tea? I have a bottle of Chardonnay I haven’t opened yet.”
Seokjin’s throat feels dry, but not because he’s dehydrated. He can’t remember the last time he’s been alone with a woman that wasn’t you. He plops onto the couch, looking around awkwardly at anything he can find – the rug, the trinkets that decorate her side tables, the view of the building across the street.
“Just water is fine.”
Nodding, she walks over to her kitchen, filling up a glass and handing it to him. He’s thankful for the drink; all the questions he had for her still stuck in the back of his throat.
Ryujin breaks the silence, sitting on the couch next to him. “I know you’re here to ask me what I know. Even though I’m better, the memories haven’t fully returned to me. I’m so sorry to disappoint you.”
“You’re not disappointing me,” Seokjin dispels her worry. “Anything you have to say would be valuable information, so we can lock Darken up for good.”
Ryujin hesitates, fidgeting with her fingers. It’s like she wants to say something but can’t. Seokjin places a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and the tension seeps out of her pores.
“I’d been working on this new tech device, I-, I can’t remember what it was, but I was gonna contract it out to a lot of companies across the city. Most of their names are coming up blank, but the one I do remember is Lockhart and Lee.”
Seokjin’s blood turns to ice. That was your firm. Was Darken specifically putting a target on your back? What else could he want to do with your workplace?
Ryujin’s body is shaking, tears filling up her eyes. She rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet, looking like a lost child.
“I-, I’m so sorry! I made a stupid mistake and let him access my mind, and now I can’t even help you defeat him! I should have been stronger.”
If there’s one thing Seokjin can’t stand, it’s people being hard on themselves. He knows the pitfalls of constantly putting yourself down too well. His hand closes over Ryujin’s, gently rubbing his thumb against her knuckles.
“Hey, no big deal. Thanks for telling me; it was still valuable information. You’re doing just fine.”
“R-really?” she blurts out.
“Seokjin,” she breathes, and he notices her expression has changed. The panic and anxiety have melted, making way for an emotion he was familiar with - longing. “I still have that bottle of Chardonnay.”
Seokjin’s head spins. So much had happened today, from shopping with you to finding out you were dating Han. He just wanted to forget the mess he found himself in, let loose, and have fun. 
“I guess one drink wouldn’t hurt.”
One drink turns into many, and before Seokjin knows it, Ryujin is straddling his lap, grinding her core into his hips. The difference now is that Seokjin reciprocates, nipping at her collarbone, where the strap of her tank top slides off her shoulder. The rest of his evening passes in a blur, the alcohol sinking into his veins, rendering him weightless. In no time at all, he’s lulled into a deep sleep.
The following morning, the light filters into the apartment, and Seokjin awakes in a cold sweat. What happened? All he remembered was getting plastered and making out with Ryujin, and his heart sinks with guilt. Using her as a rebound wasn’t fair.
A soft ahem interrupts him, and Seokjin rubs at his eyes, vision finally clearing to see Ryujin sitting on the chair across from the couch, sipping a cup of coffee. An identical steaming mug is placed on the table, and she gestures toward it.
His hesitation in reaching for the cup prompts her to speak up.
“We didn’t sleep together if that’s what you’re thinking.” And Seokjin lets out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. She looks… upset.
“It almost got there, but you were drunk, I think. Kept moaning out weird things. Like ‘___, ____’. I figured a handsome guy like you would already have someone.”
Her confession leaves Seokjin reeling like he’s been kicked in the gut one too many times. Had he really moaned out your name in the middle of hooking up with her? Ryujin looks at him curiously, waiting for his explanation or any type of response.
But Seokjin has no explanation. His only answer is that he’s a heartbroken fool, hung up on his best friend, who’ll never want him the same way he wants her. At that moment, all of it feels stupid. The tiny crush that he’d blown out of proportion. The desire to hold you in his arms, feel your lips on his, and your body underneath his. The dates he’d imagined in his head, the future wedding, the kids. What hurts him most is that he even dared to believe it in the first place. The bright glimmer of hope had carried him through so many years with you, but now the flame was flickering. So Seokjin stamps it out. He needed to get over you.
He rises, with a start, frantically reaching for his wallet and his jacket. He knows he should stay and offer more of an explanation, but he couldn’t right now. Not without bursting into tears.
“I’m sorry.”
. . .
Ryujin watches Seokjin hurry out of the building from her window, his tiny figure rushing through the crowd on the street, bumping into the strangers on their daily commute.
Something is itching on her back. Groaning, she scratches furiously, pulling down the zipper and slipping out of the suit. Goddamn. Did it have to be this scratchy?
Looking into the mirror, she combs through her hair, pursing her lips and checking her face for any blemishes.
The phone rings.
“Hey, boss. It’s me. I lured Kim into the apartment. I didn’t manage to get much out of him, but it seems that something’s going on with him and ___. I believe there’s a tiny rift there we can exploit.”
On the other end, Darken listens in, cackling maniacally. She-Babe smiles. Things were going just as planned.
Tumblr media
The static makes your ears ring, your client yelling at you over the phone. Rubbing the skin in between your eyes, you resist the urge not to fall asleep. Work had become even more overbearing lately. Suddenly, your company wanted to try out these new headsets, claiming that they wanted the office to become more “technology-integrated.” You thought it was weird for the admins and staff to be walking around like they were at a silent disco but kept your mouth shut.
Getting off work today was your most exciting prospect. Between dates with Han and the mountain-load of cases you had to review, you were glad things have been relatively quiet on the supervillain front. Unfortunately, that also meant you hadn’t seen Seokjin for a while since that day at the mall. Every time you asked him to hang out, he always made some sort of excuse, telling you he was busy or tired. He still responded to your messages, but his answers were brief and curt. You wondered if something was going on.
Which is why your grand plan was to show up at his apartment today, surprising him after work. You make all the necessary stops to prepare, picking up groceries and a bouquet of flowers for the vase he kept on his counter. Things were never weird between you two, but you had made it weird by not telling him about Han. All you wanted was to let Seokjin know his presence was still valued. You needed your best friend.
Seokjin’s face pales when he sees you standing outside his door that evening, groaning from carrying all the heavy shopping bags up the stairs.
You invite yourself in, setting the groceries down on his counter.
“Is this a bad time?” you ask. “I wanted to make jjajangmyeon together; we haven’t done that in a while.”
His stiff face immediately softens, and you feel the warmth settle back in between the two of you. The way to Seokjin’s heart was always through his stomach.
He taps his chin playfully, pretending to contemplate your proposal. “Hmm, I could be convinced.”
. . .
The normalcy returns in mere moments, you and Seokjin working side by side comfortably in the kitchen. While he was more of the chef between you two, you worked seamlessly as a team. He prepared the sauce and noodles while you chopped the meat and vegetables. 
Seokjin turns on Spotify while you cook, bopping around to a random playlist of pop, hip-hop, and RnB. His crystal clear voice carries through the apartment, singing along enthusiastically. A huge grin lights up your face at seeing him so in his element, and you can’t help but sing and clap along. Soon, he offers you a hand, and you accept it without hesitation, the two of you stumbling throughout the kitchen, limbs tangling in an awkward dance. Your shared laughter punctuates the different beats and rhythms in his apartment, working together with your simple steps to create an unconventional symphony of joy.
The dance finishes with a flourish, Seokjin letting you go in a spin, and you end up right on the couch, two steaming bowls of jjajangmyeon waiting for you.
You take the first bite, the savory sauce hitting your tastebuds. “Mmmh, this tastes better than sex.”
“Don’t let Han hear you say that,” Seokjin snickers, and immediately the awkwardness settles back in.
“Thanks for hanging out with me, Seokjin. I’m sorry things have been so weird lately. I miss you a lot.”
“I’m right here, ___. Life is busy, but if you ever need me, you know where to look.”
Staring up at him, you take him in - his hair is ruffled and slightly fluffy. He must have washed it right before you arrived. His broad shoulders are enormous in the black hoodie he wears, and he looks like a giant teddy bear, just waiting for you to hug.
And that’s what you do. Fork clattering against the plate, you set it to the side, arms wrapping awkwardly around Seokjin’s frame from the side. You rest your head on his shoulder, and he stills, his unfinished plate of noodles long forgotten.
“Do you remember that summer I went away to camp?” His voice wobbles, head still turned to the side. “It was the worst summer of my life.”
You chuckle softly, hands running up and down his back. “We all know why -- no cell service, lots of bugs, you got chased by that bear.”
“That’s not why,” he breathes, and you sit up straight, tilting his head to meet yours.
“It was the worst summer ever,” he continues. “Because I had to spend it being away from you.”
The pained look in his eyes makes your heart drop with guilt – you never wanted to see anything like it on his face again.
“Is everything okay, Jinnie? Tell me what’s wrong.”
His entire demeanor changed in a split second, moving away to put distance in between you on the couch, refusing to look at you again.
The gesture fills you with anger – you were doing your best to hear him out, to be there for him as a friend, and this was how he acted?
“Okay, literally, what the fuck is up with you. You’ve been acting weird all summer. Whenever I try to talk to you, you refuse to let me in! I don’t even recognize you anymore.”
He flushes, face reddening. 
���I’m being fucking weird, huh? That’s me, Kim Seokjin, the weirdo!”
“You’re being childish! Stop it!”
“If you don’t want someone full of weird shit, why don’t you go hang out with your boyfriend?”
The statement feels like a slap to your face. You taste the tang of salt, not realizing tears had begun to stream down your face. Heaving, you wrack your mind for something, anything you could say to remedy the situation. Everything had crashed and burned in a matter of moments, just when you thought it would be alright. But you say something you never meant to, born from the inferno of your anger.
“Grow the fuck up, Seokjin! I’m not your mom – if you can’t handle things changing, then maybe you should do some thinking. I’m done.”
“Leave then.” And it feels like he threw a bucket of cold ice over your head.
His command for you to go isn’t what hurts the most. No, what hurts the most is when you stalk towards his door, rubbing your smudged mascara, and he doesn’t even look at you.
Tumblr media
“Earth to ___? You’re zoning out again,” Han smiles at you behind the 4 tier slice of cake you’d decided to share.
You muster a weak smile back, not wanting him to worry. He’d been so sweet to you over the past few weeks, spending lots of time with you. Even though your boyfriend’s kind gestures helped give you a slight semblance of some peace of mind, you’re still left reeling and picking up the pieces from your fight with Seokjin.
Han was wonderful. He was everything you thought you’d ever wanted in someone - cute, kind, considerate. He held open the door for you all the time, and always made sure to compliment you constantly. But he didn’t crack dad jokes, or plan goofy pranks, or have a sugar glider that he was more enamored with than any person he’d dated before. 
You realized he wasn’t Seokjin, nor could he completely fill the void that Seokjin had left in your life. The bond between the two of you had been forged over so many years, but severed in a matter of moments.
Maybe that’s just how life went. You spent so much of your time with someone, and then something happens one day that ends it. The nasty words you’d exchanged in the fight come back to haunt, and you wish you could take them back. But you were afraid. Afraid that he hated you. Maybe this was the sign you needed that things were changing, and that you needed time apart from each other.
In the back of your head, you hear Han’s voice, calling out to you. Blinking, you tune back into the present moment, Han repeating your name with concern.
“Sorry,” you collect yourself, banishing all thoughts of Seokjin from your head. “What did you say again?”
“Do you want to go to the gala? I mean, you have to go, sorry. I meant - do you want to go with me?”
His eyes are bright, shining with hope, and perhaps that’s what you need during this dark summer. A little bit of hope.
“I’d love that.”
Tumblr media
“Calling up an 18 year old nerd for girl advice? That’s a new low, even for a dork like you, Seokjin.”
“Shut up Won-sik, or you can kiss our next Mario Kart tournament goodbye,” Seokjin scowls.
Everything had seemed so clear in the moment: Seokjin wanted you to go, so you left. But the gaping hole your departure had left couldn’t be fixed, taking the sun with you. Storm clouds lingered in his mind, and Seokjin could no longer put a Band-aid on his feelings. So he asked for help from the only person he knew would be able to think rationally and logically.
Or so he thought.
“What do you mean just tell her about my feelings?”
Seokjin’s heart is thumping, his hand shaking as he moves to put the receiver down.
“It’s really not that hard man. Just be honest, and whatever happens happens. At least you can put it all out on the line.”
This was not what he wanted to hear. Before he can stop himself, Seokjin blurts out something that was another mistake in the list of growing fuck-ups he’d had recently.
“You don’t know anything Won-sik, you’re just a kid.”
Won-sik’s cry of protest is cut off, the line going dead when Seokjin hangs up. His heavy breathing echoes throughout his room. Then, he calls the only other person he could talk to right now.
“Seokjin!” Ryujin exclaims gleefully. “So nice to hear from you.”
“Listen, are you free the night of the 29th?”
“Depends,” Ryujin giggles. “What is it for?”
“I want to date–, I mean, I want you to be my date, for a gala,” Seokjin sputters. He knows the invitation is uncouth, and not romantic at all, but he can’t bring himself to care anymore. He didn’t want romance. He just wanted this feeling to leave.
“Oooh sounds fun. I’ll be there.”
. . .
“Did you hear that boss? It’s happening on the 29th,” She-Babe smiles through the receiver.
“Perfect,’ Darken rubs his palms together. “I’ve nearly extracted the information I need.”
Looking behind him, the limp figure of the real Shin Ryujin sits, hooked up to his elaborate brain-tap machine. 
“Prepare everything, She-Babe. We’ll be ready to strike soon.”
Tumblr media
The day you’d finally been waiting for was here. After waiting for the gala all summer, you were all finally gathered at the fancy venue, decked out in your finest. You had to commend the planning committee - they’d gone all out. Fairy lights decorated the entire ballroom, bringing the outdoors inside with twisting vines and fresh flowers as decorations. It felt like summer had brought its ight inside with it, and it was invigorating. Or maybe that was all the free champagne.
You purse your lips, smiling at your own little contribution to the night’s festivities. Behind all the tables, an extravagant stage was the focal point of the room, and on top of it – the world’s hottest boyband. DTS. AM had been more than eager to help out with the entertainment after you’d called in your favor.
“Call me Namjoon,” he’d grinned over the phone.
The boys crooned a slow, but sultry tone, and you felt yourself heat. A hand wraps around your waist, and you smile up at Han. He’d been ever the gentleman, picking you up and helping you out of the car. The two of you floated around the gala, talking up random coworkers and their guests. He charmed eveyone he’d met, and you were thankful for his bubbly presence for quelling the anxiety you’d had.
Seokjin wasn’t here yet. Maybe he’d decided not to come at all. And despite the night benign everything you’d ever hoped for - the fairytale date of your dreams, it all felt hollow without him here to celebrate with you. You’d been hoping to catch him in a dance, and apologize for your behaviour. You wanted to make things right between you again. You needed to.
But he was nowhere to be found, and you resigned yourself to the emptiness that lingered in your heart. You’d driven him away.
The doors open all of a sudden, welcoming another set of guests into the gala, and you gasp, excusing yourself when you see Seokjin among them. He looks just as handsome as that day in the mall, if not more, the tuxedo highlighting his broad shoulders. But he’s not alone. Your heart drops to your stomach when you realize he’d invited Ryujin as his guest, in an ethereal, floating dress of her own. They look like a celebrity couple.
You can’t stop staring at them, even minutes later, despite Han’s offer to get more drinks for you. Finally giving in, you request a glass of champagne, hoping the fizzy bubbles would soothe the bitter acid that had begun to rise up in your throat. You needed something to take the edge off. 
But the pain doesn’t go away, not even when you see Seokjin approach, Ryujin hanging off his arm.
“Hey,” he says, slightly out of breath when he sees you’d worn the same green dress he’d complimented.
“Hi,” you say meekly, unable to muster the strength to look in his eyes. Instead, you stare absently at his bowtie. “Are you having a good time?”
Ryujin answers for him, clapping a well-manicured hand on his shoulder. “Yes! Everything is stunning. Your firm did the most wonderful job.”
“That’s great,” you stutter, backing away. “You guys have fun, okay? I have to go, Han is waiting for me.”
You accept Han’s hand, letting him lead you into a dance out onto the floor. You’re grateful for the upbeat song, J-Nope’s melodious voice in the background. Then you can shift your focus away from Seokjin, losing yourself in the dance. But you’re as stiff as a board, moving robotically, and you catch a glimpse of Seokjin dancing with Ryujin across the room from you. He pulls her in close, arms wrapping around her waist, and their foreheads touch. 
You trip over Han’s toes when Seokjin presses his lips to Ryujin’s. Suddenly the room feels too hot, like there’s not enough air circulating in your lungs. You’re bent over, heaving, determinedly willing yourself to catch your breath, and stop the fresh tears in your eyes from coming forward.
“You okay?” Han asks, bending over to check on you.
You manage a shaky breath. “Fine. I just need to go to the bathroom.”
Gratefully, he doesn’t question you, instead choosing to let you go. Your feet move on their own, running out of the ballroom, until you’re in the corridor next to the bathrooms, finally able to breathe again. With the breath though, comes the stark reminder of what you’d just seen, and you feel like you’re going to be sick. The bathroom door is flung wide open, your heels clacking on the tile as you run into an empty stall.
Securing the lock, you slump onto the ground, finally giving into the sobs that now wrack your body. Why did it bother you so much? Seeing him with her, dancing and laughing. Seokjin was your best friend, and you wanted that for him, right? Just like you’d wanted a perfect date to the gala in Han.
Except the more and more you thought about it, you realized you didn’t want that for him. No, you were selfish. You wanted your best friend back. You wanted to be the one he smiled at, the one he joked with, the one he danced with. The one he kissed. Lashes fluttering, you close your eyes, lamenting at how you’d never have those things. Han could never make you feel a fraction of the way that Seokjin, and a harsh realization strikes you, one that brings more tears to your eyes.
You were in love with your best friend. You’d probably been in love with him for a long time, and were too stupid to realize it. And now everything was ruined, and he’d found someone else, someone who’d reciprocated his kindness. The ache in your chest grows deeper, and you realize you’d broken your own heart, by missing what had been in front of you this entire time.
Ryujin leads Seokjin out into the hallway, their faces flushed from the alcohol and dancing. Seokjin looks around, hoping to catch you out here, but you’d mysteriously disappeared during the dance, leaving Han stranded.
“Sorry, I was getting so warm,” Ryujin giggles, pinning him against the wall. Her lips press against the corner of his mouth. While he was grateful she’d agreed to be his date, he wasn’t sure about the depth of his feelings for her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Seokjin grunts. “Can we hold on a second?”
“Too late,” she says, reaching behind her back. In seconds, a dagger is at his throat.
“What the fuck?”
“Oh I really had you fooled, didn’t I baby?” She coos menacingly, poking his cheek. “Poor little Seokjinnie, all heartbroken and feeling sorry for himself. Good thing I’m here to take care of you. For good.”
Ryujin reaches behind her dress, and he hears the zzzt of a zipper being undone. Suddenly, Ryujin is gone. And standing in her place is someone far worse.
“Miss me, love?” She-Babe drawls.
. . . 
One moment, the party was swinging, the band dancing on stage and everyone chattering. The next, a high pitched sound pierces the ears of the attendees. A sound wave, powerful enough to knock anyone out. Soon, only one person is left standing.
Dr. Darken looks over the incapacitated crowd. The plan was in motion. For months, he’d been using Ryujin’s computer technology to infiltrate your office with headsets, collecting data on the ins and outs of the office. And now, with the entire staff incapacitated from the soundwave, he would finally have access to all the files at Lockhart and Lee, gaining information on your corporate clients. Incriminating information that would make him a millionaire.
The day you’d finally been waiting for was here. After waiting for the gala all summer, you were all finally gathered at the fancy venue, decked out in your finest. You had to commend the planning committee - they’d gone all out. Fairy lights decorated the entire ballroom, bringing the outdoors inside with twisting vines and fresh flowers as decorations. It felt like summer had brought its ight inside with it, and it was invigorating. Or maybe that was all the free champagne.
You purse your lips, smiling at your own little contribution to the night’s festivities. Behind all the tables, an extravagant stage was the focal point of the room, and on top of it – the world’s hottest boyband. DTS. AM had been more than eager to help out with the entertainment after you’d called in your favor.
“Call me Namjoon,” he’d grinned over the phone.
The boys crooned a slow, but sultry tone, and you felt yourself heat. A hand wraps around your waist, and you smile up at Han. He’d been ever the gentleman, picking you up and helping you out of the car. The two of you floated around the gala, talking up random coworkers and their guests. He charmed eveyone he’d met, and you were thankful for his bubbly presence for quelling the anxiety you’d had.
Seokjin wasn’t here yet. Maybe he’d decided not to come at all. And despite the night benign everything you’d ever hoped for - the fairytale date of your dreams, it all felt hollow without him here to celebrate with you. You’d been hoping to catch him in a dance, and apologize for your behaviour. You wanted to make things right between you again. You needed to.
But he was nowhere to be found, and you resigned yourself to the emptiness that lingered in your heart. You’d driven him away.
The doors open all of a sudden, welcoming another set of guests into the gala, and you gasp, excusing yourself when you see Seokjin among them. He looks just as handsome as that day in the mall, if not more, the tuxedo highlighting his broad shoulders. But he’s not alone. Your heart drops to your stomach when you realize he’d invited Ryujin as his guest, in an ethereal, floating dress of her own. They look like a celebrity couple.
You can’t stop staring at them, even minutes later, despite Han’s offer to get more drinks for you. Finally giving in, you request a glass of champagne, hoping the fizzy bubbles would soothe the bitter acid that had begun to rise up in your throat. You needed something to take the edge off. 
But the pain doesn’t go away, not even when you see Seokjin approach, Ryujin hanging off his arm.
“Hey,” he says, slightly out of breath when he sees you’d worn the same green dress he’d complimented.
“Hi,” you say meekly, unable to muster the strength to look in his eyes. Instead, you stare absently at his bowtie. “Are you having a good time?”
Ryujin answers for him, clapping a well-manicured hand on his shoulder. “Yes! Everything is stunning. Your firm did the most wonderful job.”
“That’s great,” you stutter, backing away. “You guys have fun, okay? I have to go, Han is waiting for me.”
You accept Han’s hand, letting him lead you into a dance out onto the floor. You’re grateful for the upbeat song, J-Nope’s melodious voice in the background. Then you can shift your focus away from Seokjin, losing yourself in the dance. But you’re as stiff as a board, moving robotically, and you catch a glimpse of Seokjin dancing with Ryujin across the room from you. He pulls her in close, arms wrapping around her waist, and their foreheads touch. 
You trip over Han’s toes when Seokjin presses his lips to Ryujin’s. Suddenly the room feels too hot, like there’s not enough air circulating in your lungs. You’re bent over, heaving, determinedly willing yourself to catch your breath, and stop the fresh tears in your eyes from coming forward.
“You okay?” Han asks, bending over to check on you.
You manage a shaky breath. “Fine. I just need to go to the bathroom.”
Gratefully, he doesn’t question you, instead choosing to let you go. Your feet move on their own, running out of the ballroom, until you’re in the corridor next to the bathrooms, finally able to breathe again. With the breath though, comes the stark reminder of what you’d just seen, and you feel like you’re going to be sick. The bathroom door is flung wide open, your heels clacking on the tile as you run into an empty stall.
Securing the lock, you slump onto the ground, finally giving into the sobs that now wrack your body. Why did it bother you so much? Seeing him with her, dancing and laughing. Seokjin was your best friend, and you wanted that for him, right? Just like you’d wanted a perfect date to the gala in Han.
Except the more and more you thought about it, you realized you didn’t want that for him. No, you were selfish. You wanted your best friend back. You wanted to be the one he smiled at, the one he joked with, the one he danced with. The one he kissed. Lashes fluttering, you close your eyes, lamenting at how you’d never have those things. Han could never make you feel a fraction of the way that Seokjin, and a harsh realization strikes you, one that brings more tears to your eyes.
You were in love with your best friend. You’d probably been in love with him for a long time, and were too stupid to realize it. And now everything was ruined, and he’d found someone else, someone who’d reciprocated his kindness. The ache in your chest grows deeper, and you realize you’d broken your own heart, by missing what had been in front of you this entire time.
Ryujin leads Seokjin out into the hallway, their faces flushed from the alcohol and dancing. Seokjin looks around, hoping to catch you out here, but you’d mysteriously disappeared during the dance, leaving Han stranded.
“Sorry, I was getting so warm,” Ryujin giggles, pinning him against the wall. Her lips press against the corner of his mouth. While he was grateful she’d agreed to be his date, he wasn’t sure about the depth of his feelings for her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Seokjin grunts. “Can we hold on a second?”
“Too late,” she says, reaching behind her back. In seconds, a dagger is at his throat.
“What the fuck?”
“Oh I really had you fooled, didn’t I baby?” She coos menacingly, poking his cheek. “Poor little Seokjinnie, all heartbroken and feeling sorry for himself. Good thing I’m here to take care of you. For good.”
Ryujin reaches behind her dress, and he hears the zzzt of a zipper being undone. Suddenly, Ryujin is gone. And standing in her place is someone far worse.
“Miss me, love?” She-Babe drawls.
. . . 
One moment, the party was swinging, the band dancing on stage and everyone chattering. The next, a high pitched sound pierces the ears of the attendees. A sound wave, powerful enough to knock anyone out. Soon, only one person is left standing.
Dr. Darken looks over the incapacitated crowd. The plan was in motion. For months, he’d been using Ryujin’s computer technology to infiltrate your office with headsets, collecting data on the ins and outs of the office. And now, with the entire staff incapacitated from the soundwave, he would finally have access to all the files at Lockhart and Lee, gaining information on your corporate clients. Incriminating information that would make him a millionaire.
Tumblr media
Dagger to his throat and staring down a supervillainess, Seokjin does the only logical thing he can do. But not before sending a silent apology to his mother. His knee darts up, slamming in between She-Babe’s legs, and she howls, loosening her grip enough for him to escape her clutches. And then he runs.
A sequence of apologies would be in order, it seemed. Seokjin picks up the expensive vases on the tables lining the hallway, hurtling them behind him. He hoped the crashing of the splintering glass would create enough of a diversion for She-Babe, putting her out of commission once her feet began to swell. He runs with only one thing in mind: finding you. You’d know what to do.
Until he reaches the exit. A growl sounds around the corner, and he knows She-Babe is approaching. But he also knows what he has to do. 
Fortunately, the gala was being held on the same street as your office, Seokjin spotting the building quickly. The event had led to a momentary lapse in security in the building itself, and Seokjin was quickly able to sneak past the singular night guard, who’d fallen asleep. He makes it to the elevators just in time to see a bolt of green fire blast through the revolving doors in the lobby.
Sifting through his brain, Seokjin remembers a conversation with you on your very first day of work, the two of you sitting outside as you’d pointed out the floor your boss’ office was on. Pulling out his pager, he dials for help.
“Won-sik? I need you to tell me how to prevent someone from accessing a server. Oh, and also maybe how to disable an ultrasonic sound wave?”
Won-sik’s calm voice serves as his guiding presence, and Seokjin’s fingers tap across the keys. The dim computer is the only light source in the room, and he hopes She-Babe tears the whole office apart before she comes looking for him.
“Almost there,” he taps his foot, watching the bar move, little by little. He smells the smoke before seeing it, green flames exploding through the door. The force of it knocks him back, She-Babe’s face the last thing he sees before everything fades to black.
. . . 
Stumbling out of the bathroom, you frown. There’s no one out in the hallway. Weird. Usually, the older crowd would be getting ready to turn in for the night. 
The tune from your pager rings in your ears, and you realize that in the bathroom, you’d missed ten calls from Won-sik.
“What’s the sitc–” you begin, but his frantic voice cuts you off.
“They took him, ___. They took Jin.”
“Who took him?” The call cuts off before you get an answer, and you scream in frustration. This had to be the work of Drakken.
Your ears prick up, hearing someone in the hallway approach you.
“Well, well, we meet again, dear,” She-Babe drawls, a gruesome smirk on her face. “I don’t see your little boy toy here, though. Oh yeah, maybe that’s because he’s out cold on your boss’ floor!”
She cackles, throwing her head back. Her joy is interrupted when you run to her, swinging your leg out to kick her in the stomach.
“Don’t. Hurt. Him.”
Your teeth are clenched, and you land a punch to her face.
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that,” she seethes, a bolt of fire knocking you down.
“Fight me, ____. You’ll never win this time.”
And fight her, you do. The two of you go at it for what seems like forever until you’re broken and bruised and panting with sweat. This was a colossal waste of time. Somewhere out there, Seokjin was hurt. And you needed to get to him, by any means possible.
“Alright, you win.” Slumping to your knees, you kneel in front of her, and her brows raise in surprise.
Pleading, you press your palms together. “You can have whatever you want; just take me to him, please.”
Tumblr media
Pressing your cheeks against the cold bars of the cell, you wonder how you’d ever be able to get out. Darken and She-Babe were long gone. She’d taken all your gadgets and locked you up before rushing back to the office building to complete the cyber-attack.
Seokjin sleeps across from you, cuts and bruises littering his handsome face. He looks worse for wear, blood oozing from his split lip. Pushing closer to him, your hands come up, cupping his face, and you gently run your fingers up and down, hoping it’ll soothe him while he sleeps. It was your fault he was in this condition in the first place. You’d dragged him into crime-fighting back in high school. Now the regret of your choice hangs above your head like a weight, waiting to drop. Why couldn’t you just have been his normal best friend? One who didn’t get mixed up into trouble at every trouble.
Maybe then you could’ve been normal teenagers that grew up doing normal things. Maybe then you could’ve had a chance together.
Sadness seeps into your veins, and you hang your head in shame. 
“Maybe I’m not so extraordinary after all,” you confess softly, holding his hand in yours. “I couldn’t save the day this time.”
Seokjin’s eyes flutter as you speak, his breathing returning to normal.
“Not true,” he rasps, pulling you to him. Your foreheads touch, and you suck in a breath. “You’re ___ ___. You are my hero, and you’re far from ordinary.”
Eyes misting, you clutch his hand tightly to your chest. “Seokji–.”
“Shh, let me finish,” he whispers. “A lot of people call me a dork or a dweeb. But they don’t know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I’m lucky to have fallen in love with the most extraordinary girl and that I get to see her do all these amazing kickass things. That I get to be by her side.”
He chokes on the last words, and you sob harder. He’d been in love with you this whole time? God, you were a pair of fools, tearfully holding each other in a cell.
“It’s you, Seokjin,” your eyes glimmer with realization, melting into his soft touch. “I love you too. I’ve always loved you.”
His lips surge towards yours, and you meet him halfway. There are no shy brushes, no chaste pecks. You’re kissing your best friend. Like really kissing him, and sparks erupt underneath your skin. The air around you crackles with electricity, but there’s a warmth in your chest. One that feels like you’ve finally come home. 
Seokjin’s fingers dig into your waist, pulling you closer to him. Your airy sigh is the cue he needs to deepen the kiss, tilting his head and slipping his tongue inside, and you let out a small whimper, digging your fingers into the hair at the back of his neck.
A loud clatter breaks you apart with a jolt, and you look to see something has fallen out of Seokjin’s pocket. 
“Where did you get this?”
Seokjin pulls away with a huge grin, his lips red from kissing for so long. “You love me.”
“I do,” you giggle, smoothing his ruffled hair. 
“I’ve had that sitting in my pocket since I got the suit. I went to see Ryujin that day. Turns out it wasn’t Ryujin, but She-Babe in disguise.”
You gape at him. “Are you for real?”
Diving back in, you press a series of tiny pecks to his face, watching the tips of his ears turn red.
“You. Are. A. Genius.”
The cell bars are no match for the lipstick laser, the metal melting away. You and Seokjin step out of the holding, and he looks at you quizzically, silently asking what’s next.
Taking your hand in his, you explain: “We have a gala to save.”
Tumblr media
Darken swings around in the office chair, staring gleefully at your boss’ computer. The download was nearly complete, and soon he’d be among the wealthiest men in the world.
“I winnnn,” he says in a sing-song voice. “I win!!!!”
In the corner, She-Babe rolls her eyes. She’d done over half the work.
The door opens with a loud bang, and Darken turns around, looking for the intruder. His face pales in shock when he sees you, Seokjin, and Odeng waiting for him, stern looks on your face,
“Not so fast, Darken.”
“She-Babe, attack!” Darken screams. She sighs heavily before jumping into action.
“You two can’t get enough of me, can you? Say, maybe we should set this all aside, spend time together in some other way….”
“Over my dead body,” you punch her square in the face.
“Have it your way,” she growls.
The office lights up with green flames and bolts from the lipstick laser, the weapons creating a terrifying backdrop to the macabre dance that ensues between you and She-Babe. You wrestle on the ground, taking turns pinning each other down and Darken watches with glee.
Seokjin, on the other hand, is confident he doesn’t have anything to worry about. 
“Boo-yah! That’s my girlfriend,” he cheers you on, jumping up and down. You pause the fight momentarily, looking up at him, your eyes widening in disbelief. He smiles shyly, giving you a thumbs up, but the moment is interrupted by She-Babe clipping the side of your head.
“Love makes me sick,” she groans.
“Funny, you make me sicker.” And with that final declaration, you knock her out, a sucker punch to the throat. But it’s too late. The download is nearly complete, with only fifteen seconds remaining. Not nearly enough time to crack the code.
“Nice try,” Darken taunts, eyes gleaming when he watches the countdown go down.
All of a sudden, the computer screen shuts off, turning black.
“NOOOOOOOO,” Darken yells, falling to his knees. “What happened?”
“You forgot the third member of our team.” Seokjin gives Darken a smug smile, pointing underneath the table. Odeng stands there next to a chewed-up wire.
“You’re finished, Darken.”
“I’ll be back,” he screams, wagging a finger at you. From behind, a helicopter approaches. He drags She-Babe on board.
“This isn’t the last you’ve heard of meeee!”
Eventually, the helicopter disappears, becoming nothing more than a speck in the distance. Seokjin chuckles at the mess surrounding you.
“I sure hope your boss has good insurance ___.”
You beam at him, the giddiness you’d felt earlier during the kiss returning tenfold. He loved you. And you loved him. The hazy air blows around you, the city lights twinkling out the window. The moment is magical, the perfect end to your summer. Until you hear a squeak from behind you.
“Odengie!” You coo. “Good job, baby! You did so well.”
“He’s honestly saved our asses more than I can count,” Seokjin grins.
Odeng continues to squeak, backing away until he runs out the door.
“ODENG!” Seokjin yells, running to catch him. 
“Wait for me!” You rush after the two of them, your laughter echoing into the night air.
Tumblr media
After chasing Odeng, the two of you find yourself back at the gala building, breathless and slightly exhausted from tonight’s events.
Your pager goes off, and you look down to see a thumbs-up message from Won-sik. The faint strings of a guitar can be heard, and you smile. The music’s back on, which means that Won-sik succeeded in undoing Darken’s sound waves. Everyone would be alright.
Stepping towards the threshold, you pause. In the midst of everything that had happened, you’d forgotten about one thing. Han. He’d been so kind to you tonight, offering to be your company. You didn’t want to lead him on any longer now that you and Seokjin stood on the same page.
Something interrupts your field of vision, and you turn to see Seokjin offering you his arm. Despite his rough appearance, he looks like a complete gentleman, and you curse yourself for taking so long to realize that he was the one for you, and he’d been right by your side the entire time.
“Won-sik said no one remembers being knocked out,” he whispers. “Which means that if you want, we can restart the night over. The way it should have been in the first place.”
Linking your arm through his, you press a kiss to his cheek. “I’d love that.”
The two of you make your way back into the ballroom, the guests continuing to chatter away and drink their champagne. DTS is still up on the stage, with W taking the mic. He hums the first few notes before launching a slower, more romantic song.
Seokjin gives you a look of anticipation, silently asking if you want to dance, but there’s something else you have to do first. You give him a wave, telling him you’ll be back, and approach the one person you need to talk to, standing alone by the bar.
“Hey,” you say, and Han turns towards you. “How are you?”
“Doing fine,” Han smiles, and it doesn’t reach all the way up to his eyes. That’s when you remember he probably watched you walk in, arm in arm with Seokjin. 
“Han, you’ve been wonderful. Amazing really. I couldn’t have asked for a better date to come to the gala. And I’m saying this because I don’t want to lead you on and because you deserve someone who’ll love you back as much as you love them.”
“Someone like Seokjin-hyung?” he asks, and your face pales. He places a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “I kind of always knew there was something in between you two… I guess I thought I could just change your mind. But I can’t, can I?
Your eyes become cloudy, and you hate yourself for breaking his heart. “I’m so sorry, Han.”
“It’s alright, ___.” Han’s smile is full of nothing but warmth and acceptance. “You should go. He’s waiting for you.”
You follow his finger behind you, a few feet away, where Seokjin stands against a pillar, a worried look on his face.
Wiping your tears, you wish him well and watch as he approaches another girl by the bar, striking up a conversation with her.
Seokjin doesn’t even wait a second before rushing to your side, wrapping his arms around your waist, asking if you’re okay.
“I’ll be fine,” you sigh, nuzzling into the space between his neck and shoulder. “We’ll all be fine.”
Behind you, W slows down, finishing and launching into another slow song, carried by the live band’s instrumentals.
Seokjin knows he doesn’t even have to ask, but he’s been waiting for this moment all summer. “Dance with me?”
Your face lights up again, and he swears he wants to see you smile at him like that for the rest of his life. But right here, and right now, this was enough.
The two of you sway with each other for a while, eyes closed and enjoying the music. You relish the feel of Seokjin’s strong body against yours, holding you tightly. He’d always been a safe place for you. First as your best friend, then as your partner, and now as your boyfriend. The future no longer seemed like it would be full of unfulfilled dreams and regrets but happy memories and smiles, all born from the love between you two.
W croons the last note, bowing and thanking everyone for their time, and your eyes finally open. Seokjin looks down at you fondly, and you realize you weren’t dreaming. This was real, and he was finally yours.
“Let’s get out of here,” he grins.
Tumblr media
The Uber ride back to his apartment is full of anticipation, the two of you holding your breath as you watch the lights pass you. The driver says nothing about the way you lean your head against his shoulder or how Seokjin’s arm curves around your waist possessively, instead bidding you good night with a mischievous smile.
“What was that all about?” you mumble against him in the elevator.
“___.” Your name sounds different coming from Seokjin’s lips. His voice is lower, a rasp present, and you shiver, even though it’s warm outside. “You didn’t think the night would be over so soon, did you? I have more planned.”
“Oh yeah,” you challenge him, now wide awake. “Tell me about it.”
“I’d rather show you,” he smirks.
Ignoring your squeak of protest, Seokjin leans in, smashing his lips against yours. The kiss is frenzied, picking back up right where you left off last time, except there’ll be no interruptions this time. The floors go up, up, up, but you fail to notice, focused only on how his tongue slips into your mouth.
Groaning, Seokjin feels for the slit in your dress, pushing your thigh around his waist. The change in position means you feel every solid muscle of his against your body, and your hips move of their own accord, grinding down wherever you can. 
“Fuck,” he groans. “You look so hot in this dress. I could have come in my pants the first time I saw you in it.”
His filthy words tease a whine from your throat, pulling him back towards you. The two of you make out for what seems like hours, even though the elevator up to his floor is only a few short minutes. You separate, and Seokjin looks sin incarnate: hair tousled, flushed skin, and swollen lips. You’re unable to take your eyes off him as he leads you down the hallway, fumbling with the code on his door. 
His flustered antics make you smile but also cause a strange heat to unfurl in your belly; you had some idea of what would happen tonight, but you hadn’t really thought before about what Seokjin was like in bed. The lock finally opens, and Seokjin stumbles in, dragging you behind him.
He reaches into his pocket, and your face pales. “Shit. We forgot about Odengie.”
The two of you burst into quiet laughter, careful not to wake the sleeping sugar glider as Seokjin puts him to bed. He’s so gentle and cautious with Odeng, and you feel love bloom in your chest just looking at the two of them, wondering how you’d gotten so lucky.
“Okay, where were we?”
. . . 
Seokjin thinks he must be dreaming. No, he’s pretty sure tonight is all just one perfect dream that’ll be gone as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Because the Seokjin at the beginning of the summer could never have imagined a situation like this.
Sinking to your knees, you look up at him through heavy-lidded lashes, reaching out to fish out his cock from his briefs. Your eyes widen when it springs forward.
“How the fuck,” you breathe heavily. “Is that supposed to fit inside me?”
You think he’s going to crack another dad joke, expecting to hear his windshield wiper laugh any moment now. But Seokjin’s eyes are dark, dilated with lust. The way he towers over you makes you shrink under his intense gaze, and you feel your core throb with need.
He bends down slightly, roughly turning your face up towards him. His thumb rubs against your swollen lips, smearing your dark lipstick all over your face.
“You’ll take what I give you, baby.” He says stormily. “Every inch of it. Now suck.”
The dominance in his tone has you clenching around nothing, clit pulsing with desire at this newfound side of him. Your lips wrap tentatively around his head, giving small kitten licks as you make your way upwards. 
“Ughhh, that’s it, keep going, baby.” His groans spur you to become bolder, opening to engulf his entire girth in your mouth. You can feel wetness soak your panties underneath your dress, running messily down your thighs. You decide to continue like this for a while, taking more and more of his length each time, until your nose presses against the fine hairs of his happy trail. You moan around his cock, and the vibrations make him curse.
“Holy fuck, ___, you take me so well, babe. If your mouth feels this good, I can’t wait to know what your pussy feels like.”
You pull off his cock with a pop!, wide eyes looking up at him. The desire within you could no longer be contained, and you finally decide to give in, letting go of all your inhibitions. 
“Fuck me, please, Seokjin, want to choke on your cock so bad.”
No sooner than the plea comes out of your mouth, Seokjin shoves his cock back inside, pushing until he feels the muscles of your throat contract around him.
“Fuuuck, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this.” His hand comes down to pull at your hair, leaving you limp and at his mercy completely. His hips piston, pushing his cock in and out of your mouth, going deeper every single time until you feel tears prick at the corner of your lids.
“Look at you, my pretty little cockslut. If I had known you loved sucking dick this much, I would have made sure your mouth was full of it every day.”
His taunts make you quiver, your wanton moans edging him to keep going. The need in your core has become overwhelming, and you slip your fingers under your dress, pushing your panties to the side. 
Seokjin notices you falter on his cock, looking down to see you rubbing at your swollen bud, grinding back and forth against your fingers. Cute, he thinks. But it wasn’t gonna fly. The only way he wanted you coming was around his cock.
You can feel yourself coming close, close, close, until Seokjin’s arms wrap around you, pulling you off his cock sharply.
“Noooo,” you beg. “Please, I was so close.”
“Tough luck, babe. Now let me see what’s under that dress.”
The green satin cascades to the floor, revealing you clad in only a pair of black lace panties. 
“On the bed,’ Seokjin commands, hovering over your prone figure.
Leaning back, you melt into his soft pillows, your entire body relaxed and on display for him. His lips ghost over your own, teasing you, before moving to press hungry kisses down your neck and the tops of your breasts. Your nipples ache, begging for his touch, and he reads you immediately, swirling his fingers over the buds before giving the left one a sharp tug. A broken moan leaves your lips.
“More, please. I need more.”
He wastes no time; one hand pulls at your nipple while the other ghosts between your legs, pulling at your panties until you hear a rip!
“Hey!” you protest but are promptly silenced by one of his fingers on your lips and two others shoved into your wet cunt.
“Mmph!” you whine, arousal gushing from you as he thrusts his fingers in and out, curling them inside you to hook against your walls. “I’m gonna come!”
Your back arches when he presses against a specific spot, rubbing circles against your clit at the same time and the familiar burn of your orgasm begins to rise, building in your stomach.
Only to be violently ripped away again. Your eyes are wet, tears streaming down your face from the ruined orgasms, and Seokjin pushes the sweaty strands of hair from your face.
“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he says, and his tone is no longer the same menacing dominant one. It’s petered out to a more gentle one, one that signifies that he’ll take care of you.
You can hear your heart racing, watching him slip away to roll on a condom. When he returns, he pauses, eyes boring into yours, asking for permission to keep going.
You stroke his cheeks, nodding your consent. “I love you.”
“I love you too ___. Always have and always will.”
He pushes into you slowly, groaning when he feels your walls widening to accommodate him. The two of you stay there for a few moments, catching your breath before you tell him it’s okay to move. His hips snap lazily against yours, fucking you slowly and deeply, the wet sounds of your arousal the only thing you can hear.
This time, you don’t feel the same burning need you had the two times before. Instead, your orgasm washes over you gently, like a wave lapping at the shore. You float breathlessly on a high, Seokjin following you not long after.
You remain entangled together, Seokjin’s shallow breaths fanning against your neck until you decide to break the silence.
“Where did that come from? I never knew you were so hot.”
“___, you’re kidding, right? You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
“Shut up, Kim.”
“Make me.”
. . .
You wake to cold sheets, Seokjin’s warm presence no longer next to you. Rubbing your eyes, you call out for him but hear nothing. 
Making your way out of bed, you stretch your sore muscles, flushing as you remember last night with Seokjin. When you walk into the living room, he’s nowhere to be found, the TV blaring. Frantic, you look all over for your phone, sighing in relief when you see a text from him.
“Went out to go get breakfast.”
Relieved that he hasn’t abandoned you, you take a seat on his couch, turning on the TV. A news Channel immediately pops up, and much to your surprise, they’re reporting on the events of last night. Nothing is mentioned of Darken or you and Seokjin; instead, it focuses mainly on the break-in and cyber-attack at the office. What does relieve you is the mention of the real Ryujin, who was rescued and returned safe and sound.
The door clicks faintly, Seokjin walking in to see you focused on the screen. 
“You know,” he drawls out. “Maybe it was a relief She-Babe tricked me in the first place, or else Ryujin would be sitting here right now.”
You smirk to yourself, the food’s scent permeating your nostrils and making you hungry.
“Please, there’s no one else who’d spend the weekend with you eating Nacho Loco. Let’s be real.”
Seokjin walks up to you, pressing a kiss into your messy hair.
“Maybe you’re right. So, what else are we going to do on this fine weekend morning besides inhaling greasy breakfast burritos?”
Rolling your eyes, you slap his arm.
“I’m still sore from last night, don’t get any ideas.”
The look on his face is smug, but he pulls you into a hug.
“We can do anything now; we have all the time in the world.”
His declaration is immediately followed by the tune of your pager beeping. The two of you look at each other in mock horror before you open up the pager.
“Hey Won-sik, what’s the sitch?” Seokjin is the one to answer with your signature line.
“Seokjin??? But this is ___’s pager; what’s going on? Ohhhhhh…. Oh! Holy shit! You guys did it; you actually got together!”
His excited screams echo through the receiver, the two of you listening on, knowing another mission awaits.
“There go our plans,” you sigh.
“Wrong! There’s no one else I’d rather save the world with. You ready, ___?”
“Let the first joint team Kim-___ mission begin.”
Tumblr media
A/N pt 2: As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜
taglist: @yoontaethings​
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luvshannie · 2 days ago
Jungkook Fluff A-Z
Tumblr media
UGHH he’s so rude😩
A= Attractive (what do they find attractive about the other?)
if I’m being fully honest, Kookie loves your butt. Not just in a sexual way. Like, when you two are out in public, he might often put his hand there just so everyone who walks past knows your his.
B= Babies (do they want a family? why or why not?)
Jungkook would like 1 or 2 kids, maybe 3. He doesn’t want to have so many kids that it’s hard to maintain a nice household. He wants you to be able to stay alone with them if he’s on tour (or the other way around if you work night shifts).
C= Cuddles (how do they cuddle?)
He’s a cuddle bunny. He likes being the big spoon when you guys are watching a movie, but if you guys are going to sleep or having a conversation, he’d like to face each other of have you on his side while he’s on his back.
D= Dates (what are dates with him like?)
Jungkook likes night dates. Like, running to the convenience store to get your favorite snacks to watch a movie or going on late night walks in the park (or if you live near a beach, long night walks on the beach.) These dates happen often just so you two can spend time together when he maybe can’t see you during the day because of his schedule :(
E= Everything; you are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world.. etc.)
You are my center.
F= Feelings (when did he know he was in love?)
He knew he was in love when you beat him in video games on your 5th date. He was actually trying to win but he saw your little smile and got distracted by your beauty. and then boom. You won and he wasn’t mad because all he could think about was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you :)
G= Gentle (are they gentle? if so, how?)
Definitely NOT gentle. Your tough enough. He definitely doesn’t treat you like glass. He might not be as rough as he is with Jimin, but he won’t treat you like glass.
H= Hold hands (how does he hold hands/ how much? does he like it?)
Like i said previously, he much prefers to have his hands on your butt, but in front of your family? he settles for hand holding because he doesn’t want to put that impression on your dad (especially if he has a plan on marrying you anytime soon).
I= Impression (his/your first impression/s)
He thought you had the features of a princess and he thought you would never notice him, but you did. (Like, who doesn’t know who he is?)
J= Joker (is he into pulling pranks?)
Just because you’re his gf, doesn’t mean that he won’t prank you. you get pranked at least once a day, but the night dates with him always makeup for any previous pranks. (He’s still a sweetie at heart)
K= Kisses (how does he kiss?)
Sweet little pecks throughout the day as he sees you.
L= Little things (what little things does he love/notice?)
He loves when you nuzzle into his chest when you cuddle. He first noticed it one day after you beat him in video games and after he realized he fell in love, this made him fall more in love.
M= Memory (his favorite memory with you)
His favorite memory was when he saw how you act with little kids. he loved how good you were with them, and he could play hide and seek with you and whoever’s kids you were playing with. He smiles every time he thinks of that moment.
N= Nickel (does he spoil you?)
He spoils you with love. I don’t think he buys you much because what matters to him is quality time and with the very little quality time he gets, it means more to be with him than a gift could ever mean.
O= Orange (what color reminds him of you?)
Red reminds him of you because the color often represents passion, and he always notices how much passion you put into everything you do. which again, makes him fall in love. (Can we just appreciate how in love he is with you?)
P= Pet names (what pet names does he use for you?)
Baby (mutual); Kookie (you to him); Yeobo (meaning darling; him to you); and finally, gongjunim (meaning princess; him to you).
Q= Questions (what questions is he always asking you?)
He’s always asking you if you’re eating and sleeping enough. Baby worries too much.
R= Remember (his favorite memory of you?)
If I’m being honest, he has no favorite memory of you. He loves them all.
S= Sad (how does he cheer you up?)
Cuddling, Netflix, and you’re favorite snacks. He might also let you have some of his banana milk (maybe)
T= Talking (what do you guys talk about)
Everything and anything. Sometimes conversations can get weird (and the guys make fun of you two for it) but the conversations are meaningful and you both cherish those weird moments forever.
U= Universe; use a metaphor, what are they to each other? (e.g. he was the universe, ever-changing and mysterious)
This relationship is my compass, it shows me where to go.
V= Very ____; their thoughts about each other (e.g. she’s very smart, he’s very stubborn, they’re very annoying etc.)
He's very charming
She's very mean (in a joking way)
W= Why (reasons why he loves you)
There is no specific reason. He loves everything about you.
X= Xylophone (what’s your song?)
Purpose by Justin Bieber.
Y= You are the ____ to my ____ (e.g. you are the cookies to my milk, the macaroni to my cheese)
You are the banana to my milk.
Z= Zebra (what pet would you two adopt together?)
He's already got a dog so you guys would just take care of his dog and be like a small family. Yk, Bom being your child and you and jk the parents.
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1K Followers Celebration!!
Hi cuties!
Thank you all sooo much for 1k followers!!! To celebrate I wanted to bring back everyones fav:
Astrology Compatibility Shipping
(with a few upgrades)
Love Compatibility ships: I will ship you with the most compatible member from any kpop group of your choosing. This can be romantic or friendship - just specify if you’d prefer a friendship compatibility plzz.
Enemy Ships: I will ship you with the LEAST compatible member from any kpop group of your choosing. Find out who is your arch nemesis and why.
Idol Scenarios and Blurbs: I will answer any scenario/blurb requests for a group or a specific member (for example. How they cuddle, their kinks...etc)
Please send your birth chart if you would like a love compatibility/enemy ship: you can either send the whole chart, just your placements (in text), or your birthday, birth time & birth place. Or you can message me privately and I can post anonymously. Birth time and birth place are not necessary but they do give more accurate reading.
Please reblog/like this post and be following. I will only choose asks from those who do so.
I will do my best to do as many as possible but I will not be able to get to all!
I will do requests for different groups, not just one. (So I won’t just focus on bts requests 😜)
Please remember this all for fun!
Check out older Astrology Compatibility posts for reference!
Have fun,
P.S. since I get asked this a lot, here are the groups I write for: Bts, got7, nct, seventeen, ateez, enhypen, txt, stray kids, Exo, ikon, blackpink, and twice (I can write for any group but these are the ones I know pretty well)
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theiris-storyvault · 2 days ago
"This movie is really scary, but you're into it so I'm trying not to cover my face right now, but what is THAT!?"
Hoseok X Reader
Warning: None!
Genre: Fluff, Funny
It had been almost 2 years since the last time your boyfriend took you to see a movie away from home. With his schedule and ongoing worldwide pandemic, time was never really in your favor. So when he finally had the moment to be with you, he wasted no time running over to your house with a box of your favorite food and a bouquet of flowers, asking you out on a date. (You said yes of course!).
Lining up in the queue, you take a quick look at the movies trying to figure out what was available. "Oh look, babe, they're re-showing Hereditary!" You exclaim as you take a look to see at everything left. "Cool! Let's go see it" He says, quickly walking over to the counter to purchase tickets even before you could stop him. Hoseok was notorious for being a person who flinches easily, so being in a dark cinema, with a very disturbing horror movie is honestly not such a good idea.
As he walks back, you nervously clutch onto your bag of candies, unsure if you should push through knowing it could go south easily "Baby, are you sure?" You ask, holding his arm back to keep him in place. "What do you mean? It's just a movie, love" He says making you snicker. "Hoseok, it's a horror movie. Do you not remember watching Insidious with me? You slept over my house for a month, with all the lights on!" He looks away, trying to cover up the embarrassing blush he had "I'll be okay, babe. I promise I'll try my best not to be terrified" He convinces you, making you sigh in defeat "Fine," You say before disappearing into the cinema.
The cold air soon greets you upon reaching the seats. You both sat just a few rows away from the screen, the perfect distance if you will. It doesn't take too long for the movie to start, and as soon as the intro to it plays, you feel Hoseok stiffen. Internally, you wanted to pull him out of the room, shield him, and go watch something like Buzz or the new Minions movie instead, but you knew he'd never forgive himself for not trying hard enough to be brave for you. So instead, you sleekly slip your hand in his, rubbing it softly to reassure him.
The movie progresses smoothly. Hoseok was relatively quiet, compared to the previous encounter where he screamed at almost every scene, and it was scaring you that he hadn't been reacting the way you expected him to. So every now and then, you take a look at him to make sure he was breathing right.
The most disturbing scene with the head comes on display and you feel his grip on your hand tighten, notifying you he was not okay anymore. "Baby, you okay?" You whisper, rubbing your thumb against his hand. He gulps thickly, trying to talk with his now dried mouth, "This movie is really scary, but you're into it so I'm trying not to cover my face right now, but what is THAT!?" He exclaims before finally burying his face on your shoulder. You giggle, I knew it. Without a word, you stand up, pulling Hoseok who trails quickly with his head down.
Once you've made your exit, you quickly take Hoseok in your arms,, engulfing him in a big tight hug. "I promise I tried my best" He whispers, shivering. You sigh into him, feeling every part of you tingle as you realized how much love he had for you again. "I know, but don't ever force yourself to watch something you're not comfortable with okay! I'll be okay to watch anything, for as long as I'm with you." He nods, unable to speak. He releases from your hold, turning to you to hold your hand instead.
"How about, you sleep over at my place, for as long as you like, and we can watch cartoons instead?" You propose. You watch as his face lights up, pulling you hurriedly to the car, "Deal!"
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dreamescapeswriting · a day ago
BTS Reaction || They’re Into PDA [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June 2022
Jin had tried not to go all out when the two of you first went public but after months and months went by he began to get more and more into PDA. Constantly hugging you from behind as you walked, almost tripping you over a few times and kissing you whenever you were least expecting it. It didn't matter if you were in the middle of a conversation he would just lay a kiss on you. He was a devil for doing it more in front of the other members too, 
"You need to stop it," You laughed as you put your fingers on top of Jin's lips, 
"Why? No one cares," You slowly turned his head to face Jungkook who was blushing and looking a little embarrassed that he had been caught staring at the two of you. 
"Shh, you're my love. I'm allowed to express my love." He laughed before kissing you once again.
Tumblr media
Yoongi wasn't exactly the PDA kind of guy, it wasn't that he didn't want to show his affection for you, it was just that he didn't feel comfortable getting that way in public. Don't get it wrong, whenever you were out together he would occasionally hold your hand or tell you he loved you but he never took it any further than that. At home though, he was a completely different person, he was all over you, constantly cuddling up close to you. Hugging you from behind and telling you how much he loved to spend time with you. 
“You know I love you, right?” He asked one night as he laid his head on your shoulder, squeezing you a little as you let out a small laugh. 
“Yes Yoongi, I love you too.” You whispered back before kissing his cheek softly.
Tumblr media
Hoseok absolutely adored being able to have PDA with you, it didn't matter if it was a simple hand-holding or he got to make out with you in public he adored it all. Since they'd never been allowed to date or even go public with them all of it was new and exciting for him and he wanted to show everyone his love for you.
"You can let go now," You laughed looking down at your hand that was still tightly locked together with Hoseok's, he simply lifted it to his lips and kissed it softly. 
"I'll never ever let go," He warned you as you stared at him, 
"Hobi, my love, I'm about to go and pee...Let me go," You laughed as he finally let you go and waited outside of the bathroom for you.
Tumblr media
To Namjoon it was all new to him, very new but he enjoyed it. He enjoyed being able to go out on his long nature walks with you by his side, holding your hand and kissing your cheek. He wouldn't go over the top with his affection as he didn't want to make anybody around you feel uncomfortable, 
"Was it everything you thought it would be?" You quizzed, running your hand over Namjoon's lower back as you sat together on a small bench on top of the mountain you'd just hiked up. 
"Better," He whispered bringing you down onto his lap with a giant smile, it was a little uncharacteristic for him but you enjoyed the way he pressed you against him and relaxed looking at the wonderful view together.
Tumblr media
Jimin couldn't get enough of it, it didn't matter if you were going for a short walk to the store or if you were enjoying a day out together he always wanted to have some kind of PDA with you. 
"I only needed to buy one thing," You laughed when you felt Jimin walking beside you, his hand locking with yours as he shrugged his shoulders.
"I'll come with you, in case you need help carrying it," He stated as you shook your head at him, 
"I don't need help carrying milk but thank you, baby, it's very sweet." You smiled kissing his cheek softly, you knew exactly what he was doing all of this for. You liked the PDA too, it was nice getting to show people that you had a partner and you rather enjoyed the random kisses Jimin would attack you with.
Tumblr media
Taehyung wasn't too into the giant spectacles of PDA but he did enjoy getting to hold your hand while you were out together. He wasn't sure what it was but making out in the street or grabbing you and holding you in the street wasn't his kind of style. Instead, he opted for taking your hand and giving it small squeezes every now and again, as well as getting to stare at you with longing looks. 
"You're staring again," Jin announced as Taehyung continued to eye you up from across the store floor. You'd gone to order drinks at the coffee shop and Taehyung hadn't taken his eyes off you. 
"They'll be back in a few moments, you can stop staring." Jin laughed but Taehyung continued to watch you, both of you flirting with your eyes back and forth with one another.
Tumblr media
Jungkook goes all out whenever the two of you are out in public together, he would hold you, carry you and even put his hand in the back pocket of your jeans. He always wants people to see how much he loves you but it's also so that whenever other people look at you he can show off that you're his. It goes both ways though, you also liked to show off the fact that Jungkook was yours too.
"You're jealous," Jungkook smirked as he placed his lips just below your ear, a chill ran up and down your spine as you whined at him.
"Am not," You lied looking back at him and hoping the girls that had been staring at him were finally going to take the hint. When they continued to stare you did the next best thing that you could do. You placed your hands on your boyfriend's cheeks and brought him into a very deep and loving kiss for everyone to see. A smirk played on Jungkook's slips when you pulled away. 
"Totally not jealous," He whispered in your ear as you rolled your eyes at him.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx @mitzwinchester @rjsmochii @taestannie @sw33tnight @sweeneyblue1 @agustdjoon @jin-from-the-block @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa @justbangtanthingz @stillwithlix @kookiekuu @lolalee24 @hopeworldd-2 @totallynoanalien @yubinism @ethereallino @heyjiminnie @aerastus @tinyoonsblog @cherrybubblesandvodka @kimahnjung98 @halesandy @snigdha-14​
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blu-joons · 3 hours ago
When They See Your Baby Photos ~ BTS Reaction
A gasp came from Jin as soon as he took the photo album from your mum, looking across at you straight away. “Don’t say a word,” you warned him, knowing that something was right on the tip of his tongue.
“How can you expect me to stay quiet?” Jin asked you, turning the album around so that you could see too. “I mean look at how cute you are Y/N, how come you never told me that you were such a cute baby?”
Your head shook as Jin prodded against your arm. “I’m not entertaining this and letting you tease me. I’ll kill my mum for giving you that to see.”
“Why?” Jin innocently smiled back across at you, “I’m quite glad that she gave me this to look at, if she didn’t then I might never have known how cute of a baby you were.”
Your eyes rolled as a groan escaped you too with Jin once again pointing out how cute you looked. “You’ve seen the photo, now put it down,” you tried to tell Jin, but he didn’t listen.
“This is an album Y/N, that’s more than one photo,” he smirked at you.
“This is definitely going to end badly.”
Tumblr media
You didn’t quite know where to look at Yoongi looked between you and your childhood photo that was in his hands several times. “What are you looking at me like that for?” You asked Yoongi in confusion.
“Your eyes haven’t changed at all,” Yoongi noted, stunned by how similar your eyes were between the two photos. “I mean obviously you look much more grown up now, but your eyes just seem the same.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “everyone used to tell me how bright my eyes were even from such a young age, like in this one.”
“You have another one?” Yoongi asked in surprise as you showed him another photo that showed off your eyes. “Wow,” he chuckled as he took it from you carefully.
Your smile was wide as Yoongi looked at you and then the photo once again, “now do you see why my parents used to always tell me that you had to be careful with my eyes?”
“It’s scary how powerful they are,” Yoongi noted with a smirk on his face.
“I always got my own way with these.”
Tumblr media
Your heart sunk as you looked at the photo that Hobi had found whilst walking around your parents’ home. “Put that back,” you tried to tell him, but Hobi lifted the frame up and out of your grip to stop you taking it.
“What are you wearing?” He chuckled, unable to believe the outfit that you wore, shaking his head in disbelief. “Just out of interest, was this ever fashionable?” He then asked you with a wide smile on his face.
You jumped up several times, trying your best to take the frame from him. “I’ll have you know back then what I wore was the height of fashion.”
“Really?” Hobi joked, placing the photo frame back down where it was on the unit. “Remind me to take a picture of that photo before we go back home tonight Y/N.”
Your head immediately shook back at Hobi, knowing you were never going to let him see that photo again. “That’s not happening,” you quickly established, shooting a glare across at him.
“You’re not embarrassed, are you?” Hobi joked, noticing your expression.
“I’ve never been so embarrassed Hobi.”
Tumblr media
The corners of Namjoon’s smile turned up as soon as he looked at the first of your childhood photos, stunned by how indifferent you looked. “What does that smile mean?” You asked as you watched Namjoon closely.
“Looking at this photo of you, I’ve never been so confident that the two of us will have the cutest kids Y/N,” Namjoon explained to you, taking you by surprise as you found yourself stuttering for words.
Your heart raced as Namjoon spoke, trying to keep your composure. “You’ve only seen one photo of me, there’s plenty worse lying around here.”
“I bet they all make you look incredibly cute,” Namjoon assured you, “imagine how adorable our kids will be. I mean look at that smile, how could someone not fall for that?”
Your eyes looked away from Namjoon as he continued to say all the right things that you wanted to hear. “How can you be so sure when we’ve not seen any of your baby photos?”
“Look at me Y/N, of course I was a cute kid,” he teased in reply to you.
“Of course, I’m so sorry for doubting that.”
Tumblr media
His eyes lit up as he turned the page, tapping against the next photo in your baby album straight away. “You recognise it, right?” You asked Jimin, hoping that he knew exactly where the photo had been taken.
“That’s the park that you took me to the other day,” he noted, recognising the spot straight away, despite the decades that were between the photos. “It hardly looks any different to how it looks now.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “remember when I told you that tree was special? This photo is the reason why it means a lot to me.”
“Now it all makes sense,” Jimin chuckled, letting go of a soft groan. “I was wondering why you decided to call a tree special, you had me worried for a little moment.”
Your head shook with a loud chuckle, “that place is special because I had a photo taken every year there. Why don’t you turn the page and take a look at what the next photo in the album is?”
“Is it you one year older?” Jimin asked, holding onto the page corner.
“You’ll have to turn it and find out.”
Tumblr media
The laugh that came from Taehyung had you sinking down in your seat as he looked at yet another of your baby photos. “Stop giggling,” you scolded as Taehyung studied one particular photo very closely.
“Now that is a smile that screams of mischief,” Taehyung noted, admiring the cheeky grin that was on your face in the photo. “I bet you caused all sorts of trouble, but that smile got you out of all of it too.”
Your head shook, hitting gently against his arm., “I never caused mischief, can’t you see in these photos how well behaved I was back then?”
“You definitely look like trouble,” Taehyung replied, hearing you groan beside him. “It seems that you never quite grew out of this phase of mischief either, did you?”
Your eyes widened as Taehyung asked the question. “When have you ever known me to cause mischief?” You challenged, sitting and staring at Taehyung as you waited for him to answer.
“How long do you have for me to answer?” He teased in response to you.
“I’m not even that bad, you’re so unfair.”
Tumblr media
He couldn’t help but chuckle as Jungkook quickly turned the next page and saw another of your baby photos. “Not this one,” you frowned, feeling a shiver run down your spine at the old photo that had been saved.
“Look at that innocent smile,” Jungkook immediately teased, placing his finger over the top of it. “I bet you had your parents wrapped around your little finger when you were younger with a smile as sweet as that.”
Your head shook as you tried to hurry and turn the page, “you can look at any other photo but not this one, my smile makes me look strange.”
“Clearly you were having a good time eating that ice cream,” Jungkook continued to mock anyway, “have you always had your sweet tooth? Ever since you were a baby?”
You dejectedly nodded in reply to him as another quiet chuckle came from him. “I can’t wait until we go to your parents, and I get the chance to tease you about all of your baby photos too.”
“I’ve not got a photo as sweet as this,” Jungkook smugly assured you.
“I bet I’ll be able to find just one.”
Tumblr media
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serenityslutt · a day ago
ahh i missed your writings!! 🥺
i have a request for namjoon. where the reader is shy and she surprises him with lingerie for the first time.
love all your fics 💜💜
awww you’re sweet thank you🤍
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
~ una vuelta
• pairing: namjoon x shy!reader
• genre: smut, lovers, fluff
• warning: unprotected sex, riding, praising, spitting, soft dom!joon, tummy bulging, etc
“Enredarte en mis piernas es lo que quieres”
“Joon” you smiled at him nervously as his eyes didn’t leave your body. He stared desperately at you, his eyes slowly went up your legs taking in all your features wanting to capture this moment. He slowly licked his lips as a wave of emotions take over his thoughts. Your pretty innocent smiled filled his dirty thoughts, the look in his eyes make you skip a breath “do you not like it” you reach for your robe but he was quicker “baby I love it a lot” he’s still stunned. “Come here” he pulled you closer, you stand in between his legs with your chest so close to his face. “You’re beautiful” his fingers slowly touch up your leg. His lips pressed kisses on your breast as his hand touched down your back slowly digging his nails on your ass. “I can’t get enough of you” your finger tips touch down his shoulders sending shivers down his back.
“Joon” he smiled listening to your sweet voice call his name, he hums in response “c-can I kiss you” he smiled against yours chest “kiss me all you want” he pulled back to look up at you. You stare at his pretty eyes, your heart warms up with a single kiss. You pecked his lips before pulling him into a deeper kiss and he’s enjoying every moment. It’s rarely when you control and when you do it turn him on. You bit on his lip before pulling away, you touch down his chest feeling on his abs. Namjoon grabbed your hand pressing a kiss on your knuckles “spin for me baby” his voice oh god his voice.
“You can hold my hand” you nod, you squeezed his hand before you spin slowly for him “just like that baby” his eyes observed the lingerie hug and compliment your pretty body. You grab on his shoulders as you straddle him, he pulled you closer as he kissed down your jaw pushing your hips need to have some friction on his bulge. You touch his short hair slightly pull on it as you throw your head back needing his kisses down your neck. His tongue rubbed on his bite marks pleased with knowing his marks will rest on your neck down to your pretty breast. “Joon” he kissed your collarbone as he listened to the sound of your voice “I want to ride you” he smirked as he pulled back to look at you “baby you don’t have to ask” you pull his shirt over his head throwing it to the side as you touch down his chest he’s the sexiest man alive.
He didnt waste anytime to take the rest of clothes off. His cock touched his stomach as his hands went to your thighs. You touch down his length listening to his gasp and light groans, his hand grabbed yours guiding you how he wants you to touch him. You thumb rubbed his wet tip spreading his pre cum around the head of his tip. “Spit on it” you let your saliva slip past your lips down his length. You wrap your fingers around his length pleasuring him. “t~thats it go faster” you lightly squeezed around his cock as you pick up your pace “_____” he moans your name as he thrust into your hand “mmm” his mouth falls open in pleasure letting his moans out.
Seeing him drown in pleasure is driving you crazy, you can cum just looking at him. His hands went up your arms pulling down the straps of your bra he so badly wants to rip off your body. His eyes stayed glued on the necklace he gifted you sitting right above your breast, “baby you’re beautiful” he kissed your chest as his other hand reached for the back of your bra needing it off.
You let go of his cock to pull the bra down your arms, he lift your chin up “are you nervous” he leaned closer to your face slowly looking at your lips to your eyes “namjoon” he smiled at how flustered you look. Just as you were about to take your panties off he stopped you “keep them on” he kissed your lips before burying his head down your chest, he pressed kisses down your breast as his hands cup your breast slightly squeezed them. You touch the back of his head pushing where you want him to kiss. His warm tongue licked your nipple drawing small shapes around your bud, he sucked your bud in his mouth mixing pain with pleasure as he bit on your nipple “f~fuck joon” you pull his head back as he smiled “sorry” now he’s the one smiling so innocently as he kissed your breast.
“I can’t wait anymore” you scratch his shoulder as he nibbled on your skin. He leaned back against the soft cushions “use me” his hands ran across your legs as he admired your half naked body sitting pretty on him. You push your panties to the side slowly teasing him. You rubbed his tip against your wet pussy, “___” without a warning you push his cock in you. Your hand wrapped around the back of his neck as you sink down his length moaning as he filled you up. He watched with a pleasant smile on his face how you’re taking him so well without his help. You began to bounce on him with ease, his hand touched your stomach watching how with every bounce his cock fills you up. “namjoon” you moan his name, he brought his focus back on you. You lean down to capture his lips, moans muffled against the kiss as you pick up the pace. He grabbed your hips as he began to thrust into you pushing his cock completely in you. You pull back from the kiss as he moaned at how good he’s feeling “fuck” you tug on his hair as he meets you half way with every thrust.
“a~ah joon” you legs shake as he played with your clit “moan my name” he sucked your tit in his mouth as you wrapped your arm around his head. “namjoon don’t stop” your walls clinched and released around him, his hand leaves your clit grabbing your hips. “baby you’re doing so good” he kissed your neck as he controlled your hips “but now it’s my turn” he lifted you up laying you flat on the sofa.
He pulled out quickly taking your panties off, you spread your legs for him. He smiled as he hovered over you “my pretty girl” you smiled as you cupped his face kissing his pretty lips. He thrust back into you making you moan “all mine” he caged you close to him. You wrapped your legs around him as he thrusted roughly into you “t~to fast” he kissed your nose as his fingers grab onto your hair “you can handle it right” you bit your lips as your nod “my good girl” he smiled “moan for me baby” you give him exactly what he wants “joon I’m so close” you throw your head back as you tug on his hair.
“fuck namjoon you make me crazy” he smirked as you lose yourself under him, you push his hips deeper in you using the back of your feet. “yess yess r~right there” your nails stretch his back as his cock rubbed on your g-spot. Your pussy pulsates around his length making his moan against your lips. He kissed your cheek “make me cum” he whispered against your ear. His voice made your legs shake, you moan his name loudly as you came all over him. “___” he moaned your name as he filled you up with his cum. He laid his sweaty body on you, you kiss his head “sooo did you like the surprise” he smiled “I loved it” he kissed your chest “my sexy girl”.
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bulletproofbirdy · 17 hours ago
I think I can speak for everyone when I say:
Tumblr media
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wnyoungie · a day ago
famous k-drama plots : ♡˙˖꒦꒷ bts headcanon
Tumblr media
GENRE. fluff ! WARNING(S). none ! PAIRING. gn!reader x bts ! WC. 905 ! PROMPTS. bts relationships as k-drama plots/tropes !
AN. don't know why i decided to write this but hopefully you guys enjoy it; and if you have a different opinion don't be afraid to comment it or let me know your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated !
Tumblr media
kim namjoon | 김남준
‧₊˚ʚ :: bones in the closet
⋆ namjoon seems like the guy to have a lot of secrets; someone who has a dark past ⋆ i can see him fitting into the role of the male lead with a dark past and a love interest who is willing to relive those moments ⋆ a love interest who wants to know him deeper than just the surface and see the type of man he really is ⋆ i can see him falling in love with someone who is adamant on knowing his whole life story but loves him regardless of what bones are hiding in his closet.
kim seokjin | 김석진
‧₊˚ʚ :: studying abroad / friends to lovers
⋆ seokjin radiates international student energy ⋆ i can see him being the male lead who goes to another country to study and meets someone who was sweet to him ⋆ from there they became best friends and fall in love? ⋆ i can see him also being the kind of guy who suddenly moves back to their home country (in this case korea) and then he comes back looking for you ⋆ love interest who he lost connection with but then finds them again?
min yoongi | 민윤기
‧₊˚ʚ :: mistaken identity
⋆ yoongi seems like the type of guy who would accidentally think you were one of his friends ⋆ he would approach you in public assuming he knew who you were just to be shocked when you turn around and you aren't who he thought you were ⋆ he would immediately apologize but i can see him just being captivated by your aura and looks ⋆ he doesn't make a move right then and there but he sees you again and then asks for your number apologizing for the mistake he made awhile ago
jung hoseok | 정호석
‧₊˚ʚ :: sweet second male lead / destined to date you / love triangle
⋆ i feel like he would play the second male lead that everyone loves and hopes the main character would end up with ⋆ everyone assumes you're going to end up being with the first male lead but you're actually destined to be with the second male lead who in this case is hobi ⋆ he's the second love interest who would always be sweet you and be your shoulder to cry on ⋆ so i guess it's also giving love triangle? but you end up picking hobi ⋆ plus he seems like the type to be stuck in a love triangle situation too ⋆ but obviously he gets chosen at the end of the story
park jimin | 박지민
‧₊˚ʚ :: the popular boy
⋆ without a doubt jimin plays the lead role of the boy who is not only rich but is the most popular boy in the school ⋆ he's probably notorious for also being super smart and passing all his classes with flying colors ⋆ he's used to people drooling over him, but the moment he saw you he knew he needed to have you ⋆ it's honestly giving boys over flowers ⋆ he's constantly teasing you or trying to get your attention but you don't really give in all the time because you don't want his fan club to target you because those girls and boys go feral for the park jimin ⋆ obviously since its a k-drama trope you're going to have to give into his attractiveness and amazing personality no one but you really knows about
kim taehyung | 김태형
‧₊˚ʚ :: best friends to lovers
⋆ it's quite that simple ⋆ he's the boy you grew up with and you've always been friends ⋆ you guys were used to having no feelings for eachother but that was until you two hit high school and suddenly he's got a crush on you ⋆ and vice versa ⋆ taehyung, the love interest who dates everyone but you and you the main character who has to watch him date everyone but you just because you think he's not in love with you ⋆ eventually this man got you pinned against the wall and he's confessing his undying love and attraction for you??? ⋆ truly reminds me of that one scene in meteor garden where he's got the girl against the wall on the rooftop except you're not crying about it LMFAO ⋆ parents definitely approve of this and tell you guys they've been waiting for this moment
jeon jungkook | 전정국
‧₊˚ʚ :: first love
⋆ jungkook is definitely giving first love trope ⋆ he's been in love with you since the moment he met you and doesn't want to give you up ⋆ definitely too nervous and afraid to confess his love to you ⋆ you're the one who he's been feening for since day one, and everyone knows but you ⋆ talk about being oblivious ?!?!?! ⋆ you guys dated back in high school then broke up because of college and him being an idol ⋆ ever since then he never dated anyone else but then he suddenly finds you again and he's taken aback but how much you've matured yet stayed so attractive ⋆ definitely falls in love all over again ⋆ rebuilds the friendship and suddenly has the guts to tell you he loves you and that he always has ⋆ and same goes for you; definitely always loved him and never stopped
Tumblr media
2022 © wnyoungies // do not steal, copy, or repost my work
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cas-ateez · 20 hours ago
Saw your post...i have suggestion! Jimin smut jimin x reader where Jm is a more experienced sexual partner and reader is virgin. 1st time smut and fluff ❤️ have a nice day 🌞
I am SO sorry if this is messy😵‍💫 thank you for the suggestion! I hope you enjoy <33 have a great day too!!
Tags: smut and fluff, use of safe word, use of the word daddy, protected sex, thats all i can think of...
Note: this is my first actual smut so it's kinda basic, I apologize in advance. But i hope its not too boring🥲 thanks for reading, please enjoy! Suggestions are open!
"Jimin baby, do you think we can try what we were talking about last week" you ask. "Do what baby? Use your words. I don't know what to give you if you can't tell me" jimin blurts out as he looks at you with a small blush tinting his puffy cheeks. You sigh while getting up to sit on his lap, "i want you baby, i need you" you say while tugging at his shirt softly. "We need to pick a safe word, any ideas love?" He asks looking at you, eyes full of love. "Flag means stop, yellow means slow" you reply to him, feeling more and more needy as the seconds pass. You've never felt this needy for him, you've never really had any sexual experience before other than giving a few lazy hand jobs in the bathrooms of lame college parties. But things felt different with Jimin, he made you feel loved and safe. You knew you could trust him and that he wouldn't judge you for your lack of sexual knowledge. He was willing to help you and give you the best experience, he made sure to remind you. "Baby, you know i love everything about you, forever and always. I'll take care of you...i promise" he tells you. "I trust you baby, please, I'm all yours" you reply back, making direct eye contact with him. You knew you were in trouble, but you're not complaining.
Everything started off basic, you helped each other take off your clothes. He also moved you to the bedroom. You were at his house so you knew you could be as loud as you needed. It all started out with a slow make out session that got more and more steamy every few minutes. Eventually he asked you if you were ready. "Yes baby, please Jimin, use me all you want" you whine to him. He takes out a condom and begins prepping you. You starts by fingering you, slowly moving one digit in and out, listening and feeling how you reacted to him. He soon added another finger, this is when he began stretching your walls out. You knew his cock was big in both length and width (thanks to the many dick pics he's sent you). Eventually you got tired, you needed him in you or you'd lose your mind. "J-Jimin baby, i love how your fingers make me feel, but I'm ready. Please baby, please just fuck me" at this point you can only whine for him, and that's what makes him happy.
He began slowly thrusting into you, feeling your walls tighten around him. "Fuck y/n, so tight for me huh? My pretty girl clenching so tightly around me. Can't believe I'm the first one to fuck you" you moan in response. His pace picks up, you feel something in your stomach. "Jimin, am i supposed to f-feel this?" You moan out. He slows down to kiss your lips "yes baby, that means your close". You were familiar with sex terms. "Im gonna pick up the pace okay baby? Daddy's gonna make his baby feel real good yeah? Is that okay?" He asks. You can only nod in response. His pace quickens, the only sounds you can hear is the mess your making on his cock and the quiet groans coming from Jimin. You were both close at this point. There's that feeling again, the knot in your stomach is forming and Jimin knows it. "Come on baby, let yourself go, clench around me baby" he says with heavy breaths in between each word. You did exactly what he said, your orgasm ripped through you. Clenching tight around Jimin, you helped him finish inside the condom.
"You did amazing baby, i love how you feel around me" he says to you after you finished your aftercare. "Im glad you were my first" you reply back, too shy to say anything else. You both end the night watching a random tv show that played while cuddling with each other. Eventually you both fell asleep.
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luvshannie · 13 hours ago
Taehyung Fluff A-Z
Tumblr media
A= Attractive (what do they find attractive about the other?)
Tae finds the amount of passion you have for your job and the things you love the most attractive on you.
B= Babies (do they want a family? why or why not?)
We all know Tae wants a family. I think the settled number of kids between the 2 of you would be 3 or 4. He just wants to show you how much he loves and cares for you and your family, he wants so many kids because he has so much love to give.
C= Cuddles (how do they cuddle?)
Tae isn’t too much of a cuddler. When he’s having a bad day, he would love to come home and crawl into your arms. Let’s be honest here, Tae just likes to be anywhere in your presence.
D= Dates (what are dates with him like?)
Tae would take you on dates for your anniversary’s. like, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. At each anniversary, the gifts he brings you would slowly get more and more expensive until one day he gets you a ring and asks you to be his wife.
E= Everything; you are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world.. etc.)
You are my everything.
F= Feelings (when did he know he was in love?)
Tae knew he was in love with you when he took you to an aquarium for a date and you stared at the sea creatures with amazement. (He thought you looked adorable, and he couldn’t wait to have more dates like this!)
G= Gentle (are they gentle? if so, how?)
I think Tae is the gentlest member tbh. None of them would obviously treat you like glass, but Tae wouldn’t rough around with you very much, he just doesn’t like seeing you in pain (especially if it’s because of him).
H= Hold hands (how does he hold hands/ how much? does he like it?)
Ill just say this, he hasn’t put your hand down since the second you said yes to being his girlfriend.
I= Impression (his/your first impression/s)
Obviously, he thought you were beautiful, but he also thought you looked really smart and generous. The second he saw you he knew he would regret it if he didn’t ask you out (who would say no tho?).
J= Joker (is he into pulling pranks?)
He pulls pranks on the members a lot with you around, but he never purposely pulls pranks on you. One time, he and Jungkook were in the middle of a prank battle and when you came home, you got covered in shaving cream.
“OMGGG babieee!!! im soooo sorryyyyyyy that was meant for Jungkook!!!”
Of course, you accepted his apology, but he stopped pulling pranks after that day bc he didn’t want to accidentally prank you again.
K= Kisses (how does he kiss?)
Tell me you have a kissing addiction without telling me you have a kissing addiction. Man has an addiction to your lips. He NEVER, I repeat, NEVER leaves your lips alone. The boys even tell him to tone it down when they’re around.
L= Little things (what little things does he love/notice?)
He notices how you treat Yeontan like your child. You don’t ignore Yeontan (who would) and sometimes Tae feels second place to his own dog bc you love that dog sm.
M= Memory (his favorite memory with you)
Definitely the aquarium date. Nothing will beat that, not even your wedding day.
N= Nickel (does he spoil you?)
He spoils you with love and affection so why would you need his money? He does however, like spending money on you so a lot of your dates can also be just going to shopping centers and buying the whole stores.
O= Orange (what color reminds him of you?)
Orange reminds him of you because the color often gives a feeling of warmth and energy. You're such a warm and easy going person and Tae loves it.
P= Pet names (what pet names does he use for you?)
Baby (mutual); Taetae (you to him); Nae sarang (him to you)
Q= Questions (what questions is he always asking you?)
"Are you happy?" He just worries that he's not enough for you and he wants you to be happy.
R= Remember (his favorite memory of you?)
It's a tie between the aquarium date and whenever you play with kids. Both times, you were adorable.
S= Sad (how does he cheer you up?)
He cuddles and tries to make you giggle. Sometimes if he can't make you giggle, he gives you a shoulder to cry on so you can just cry it out, sometimes he's a listener and just listens to your problems while comforting you.
T= Talking (what do you guys talk about)
Your future. You guys often talk about the future you guys have. He likes to be on the same page.
U= Universe; use a metaphor, what are they to each other? (e.g. he was the universe, ever-changing and mysterious)
"This relationship is my compass, it shows me where I belong".
V= Very ____; their thoughts about each other (e.g. she’s very smart, he’s very stubborn, they’re very annoying etc.)
He's very weird.
She's very adorable.
W= Why (reasons why he loves you)
He love you because you are you. You don't change for anyone and he loves it.
X= Xylophone (what’s your song?)
Yummy by Justin Bieber.
Y= You are the ____ to my ____ (e.g. you are the cookies to my milk, the macaroni to my cheese)
You are the light to my dark tunnel.
Z= Zebra (what pet would you two adopt together?)
Why adopt a pet when he has Yeontan?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❛ i mean, i want to eat your pussy? you know, give you... oral sex? ❜
━ PAIRING: jungkook x fem!reader.
━ RATING: +18
━ GENRE: smut, fluff, tiniest bit of angst.
━ AU: established relationship, pwp.
━ CONTENT: oral sex (f. receiving), dirty talk, praise, fingering, teeny tiniest bit of overstimulation, very inexperienced and painfully shy!oc, pussy eating enthusiast!jk.
━ WORD COUNT: 3,1k.
━ NOTE: this was my first request :’) i don’t remember much, but it was specified that oc had to be very inexperienced and awkward, so if you don’t like that, KEEP IT TO YOUR DAMN SELF. i kinda like her, i wanna protecc. OKAY KOONIGHT ANGELS~♡
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
It’s your typical Sunday night-in with Jungkook; you lie in bed covered by blankets and resting on too many pillows watching whatever movie, tv-show or anime one of you chose. To be quite frank, you never pay too much attention to the anime Jungkook picks, not because he has bad taste or anything, but because everything happens so fast you can’t even begin to process what’s going on. Still, when it comes to anime, you always let Jungkook choose, no matter how many times he says you can read the descriptions and pick one yourself. You don’t care if you don’t understand the animes he likes, not when he can’t spend more than thirty seconds without chiming in an excited commentary about it; you act as if it annoys you, of course, but sometimes you think that it is the best part of spending your Sunday nights with him.
Surprisingly, Jungkook is pretty silent tonight, but you don’t question him or think too much of it because finally, finally, you’re watching an anime that you can sort of understand. This time, you’re the one who is so immersed in the story that you don’t even realize you’re the only one paying attention, too focused on watching in horror how the lanky, awkward main character turns into a cynical psychopath splashing blood everywhere as he takes his revenge on every single person that ever crossed him. With your heartbeat ringing in your ears, you cover your eyes and peek through the space you left between them while you wait for the scene to be over; you were never a big fan of gore.
The bed dips next to you, distracting you for a hot second before you assume it’s just Jungkook trying to get into a more comfortable position, so you don’t give it much thought and focus on the show again, but your eyes betray you once again when, out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook staring at you, his face slightly illuminated by the screen of his laptop.
You jump and let out a comical squeak when Jungkook’s warm hand pushes yours away from your face. One of his slender fingers lifts your chin and tilts your head, leaving you both staring at each other face to face. You look back at him with curiosity, raising your eyebrows as if to silently question his actions, but you only get the same silence and a dreamy smile in return.
“You’re so fucking cute,” he whispers, his eyes sparkling under the artificial light.
You groan and roll your eyes at him, opting to look down at his chest in hopes he doesn’t notice how quickly four words and a faint smile from him can affect you. “I was paying attention, you ass.”
"No, no, I noticed!" he says with a mischievous edge on his voice. You huff in mock offense, pouting when he leans down and press a fleeting kiss on the corner of your mouth. "But wouldn't you rather I gave you all my attention instead?"
Oh no, that's his bedroom voice.
A tiny and stubborn whimper escapes your parted lips despite you trying to suppress it. You begin to panic. You still don't get what exactly it is that Jungkook sees in you; you never got out of the shy and awkward phase from your teenage years; you still laugh, involuntarily, like a small child whenever he flirts with you; you don't know how to flirt back, even worse, you don’t even know how to woo him with your best assets that took way longer to appear than they did to your friends.
You just don’t get it, but no matter how you see yourself, Jungkook has always looked at you like you’re the only thing he desires.
You snap out of your thoughts when you notice him staring at your lips and you mimic his actions, looking at his parted lips before you give in to the heaviness of your eyelids, closing your eyes and waiting for him to take the first step as he always eagerly does. But seconds pass and his lips never meet yours, causing you to release the breath you were holding in and leaving you embarrassed when he kisses your cheek instead.
You open your eyes and let out another groan, this time out of pure exasperation, half-heartedly hitting his chest as he laughs at your expense.
"If you want a kiss that bad, you have to come and get it," he teases. "I'm not going to kiss you unless you do it first."
You huff, knowing damn well he’d never give in to you, so you let out a shaky breath and cup his cheeks in your hands, feeling the barely-there stubble tickling your palms. Jungkook waits patiently, staring back at you with challenging yet welcoming eyes as yours take one last look at his lips before you close them and press your lips against his in a chaste kiss.
His hands rest on your lower back and press you tightly against his hard body, moving his lips against yours and swallowing your ragged breaths. His tongue licks your bottom lip and bites down on it gently, sucking it and then licking the flesh to soothe the bite, inviting you to open your mouth for him.
He pushes your hair away from your neck and rubs your soft skin before letting his hand fall to your waist, squeezing it through your shirt and using his grip to grind your body against his. You’re so lost in the kiss that you barely noticed when his hand moved from your waist, gasping into his mouth as his hand cups your breast and squeezes it gently.
“Jungkook,” you call out his name in a whimper. “What—"
"I want to make you feel good," he purrs in your ear, his hand leaving your chest and resting on your neck. You know that he is giving you time to decide whether to consent or not this time as well. "Is that okay with you? Do you want to?"
His eyes, though hooded and dark, never leave yours. Jungkook has never pressured you into doing something you don’t want to, much less coercing you to do something he wants but you don’t.
You nod your head and let out a small yes, closing your eyes and as he tilts your head to nuzzle his face on the crook of your neck. He breathes in your scent and presses his tongue against your skin, licking a fat stripe before closing his mouth and sucking a small, painless bruise on it. You feel your underwear sticking to your folds, you're so wet you should be ashamed.
Abruptly, Jungkook detaches himself from your neck and slams his laptop shut before pushing it away. He turns his attention back to you and pushes your inner thigh with the back of his hand to position himself between your legs, covering your body with his. His strong hands help you settle your head on the pillows, the hard bulge in his sweatpants unintentionally grinding against your crotch, making you moan at the sweet friction of the head of his cock nudging your clit.
You wonder if Jungkook can feel how wet you are. You find it embarrassing knowing your soaked panties are staining the crotch of his sweatpants, but Jungkook looks at you with so much lust that the shame turns into excitement in a matter of seconds.
He presses his forehead against yours, his eyes pleading with yours to keep looking at him. You smile, endeared by his sparkling doe eyes, but you flinch as a reflex seconds later when his hand cups your breast, kneading it softly over the fabric of the t-shirt you borrowed from his closet earlier.
"I don't want you to get nervous, alright?" You look at him and nod your head. "I want to eat you out.”
You frown at the foreign words, feeling stupid as yet again your naiveness puts you to shame. Still, Jungkook smiles and looks at you like you hung the moon just for him to see.
"I mean," he trails off as he tries to figure out what to say to make you understand better. "I want to eat your pussy? You know, give you… oral sex?"
Your breath gets caught in your throat at his obscene choice of words, ashamed of how much they turn you on.
You don't understand why he would want to do something like that, surely it wouldn't be pleasurable for him. "But you won’t feel good," you pout.
He gives you one of those smiles where he wrinkles his nose and his eyes sparkle. Talk about duality. "Don't worry, baby," he assures you. "You don't know how many times I've imagined how you taste," his voice gets an octave lower to leave you hanging to his every word. "How many times I jacked off thinking about how you would react when my tongue finally tastes your sweet folds and I have you at my mercy playing with your pussy however I want. I promise you, baby, it will feel just as good for me as it does for you."
If your life were an animated movie, you're sure your cheeks start comically burning in flames and your heart pounding out of your chest.
The truth is, you've only had sex with Jungkook twice, having given him your virginity after a year and a half of dating, but up until now, you’ve never heard him voice out his fantasies before, let alone talk to you in such an explicit way.
"Please," you say confidently despite the tremor in your voice. "Make me feel good."
Jungkook leans into you and kisses you slowly, trailing his palm from your chest to the hem of your shirt, lifting it to reveal the warm skin of your stomach. His tongue plays with yours as his hand sneaks under the fabric of your cotton panties, his mouth swallowing the gasp you let out. His fingers collect your juices and he uses them to massage your sensitive folds.
"My sweet girl...You're dripping," he mutters against your lips and smirks when he hears you moan. He presses your foreheads together and looks down at where you unconsciously started rubbing your cunt with his hand. "You're going to like it so much," he says as the pad of his middle finger finds your clit and plays with it. "I'm going to make you cum so hard. I'm going to swallow everything your pussy gives me."
He gives you one last, long kiss before he takes his hand off your underwear, lowering himself until his head is in between your thighs. Your fingers curl on his fluffy hair to keep your hands from shaking, but when he looks at you through his eyelashes, he smiles and you instantly relax. His lips leave kisses on your inner thighs while his finger presses down on your clothed clit, barely rubbing circles on it and making you tremble even more. His eyes never leave yours as he licks the wet patch in the center of your panties before he pushes them aside to take a look at your glistening cunt.
“You're so pretty,” he says as he drags his thumb across your slit, collecting your juices and spreading them on your folds. "So, so pretty."
The tip of his tongue licks a fat stripe on your slit, teasing your folds before closing his lips on your clit and rubbing it gently. You sigh and throw your head back against the pillows, covering your face with the inside of your arm to escape his burning gaze.
His lips leave your cunt with a popping sound and he says, "I want to see you," he murmurs against your pussy and traps your clit with his lips again, suckling on it and drawing out moans from your mouth before pulling away again. "Please show me your face."
You hesitantly move your arm away from your face but refuse to open your eyes. Still, you can feel him smiling against you and you hope he doesn't notice the gush of fluids dripping out of your pussy and wetting the sheets because you're imagining him like that.
“My baby is always so good to me,” he praises you, calming your nerves a little. There's something about the way he holds your thighs apart, something intimate and just right. "I'm going to take your panties off now, ‘that okay?"
You nod your head and let out a small yes, lifting your hips to help him slide your panties down your legs. He spreads your legs again and admires the way you shudder under his touch. "It's okay, baby," he whispers and places a kiss on your inner thigh. "It's okay, I got you."
The way he holds you, his hands steady and confident, and the sweet tone of his voice overwhelms you in both a good and bad way, but you try to relax and opt to grip the bedsheets in clenched fists. You feel stupid when hot tears escape from your closed eyes; you know you have nothing to be ashamed of, Jungkook knows that you are inexperienced because of how shy you are yet he loves you, wants you, and would never judge you.
Jungkook doesn't move at all, giving you as much time as you need to calm down. You inhale, exhale and look at him. His eyes stare back at you and don't wander anywhere else, he keeps them focused on you even when he kisses the back of your hand, taking advantage of your fists unclenching for long enough to grab your hands with his and intertwine your fingers.
“Do you want me to keep going? If you want me to stop I will,” he kisses your knuckles and looks at you tenderly. "I will not get mad. I promise."
“I want you,” your voice comes out small and you're afraid he hasn't heard you. "I want you. Please."
And just like that, Jungkook’s tongue is back on your cunt, gathering your juices and swallowing them before sucking and pulling your lips. You whine in embarrassment at the sounds that come out of his mouth when he tastes, slurps, and drinks your juices. But he doesn't give you much time to complain when his right hand leaves yours and he uses it to part your lips with his index and middle fingers, exposing your cunt to him and having him groaning at the sight of your glistening folds.
You can't hold in the sounds coming out of your mouth, moaning and crying as Jungkook gets back to devouring your soul through your pussy. You look down and whimper pathetically at how focused he looks; his eyebrows are furrowed, his eyes shut tight, and his hips thrusting against the bed as if letting him eat your pussy was the best thing that has ever happened to him. He's enjoying this almost as much as you are, alternating between sucking the juices out of your entrance, licking your velvety folds, or drawing messy figures on your clit at the perfect speed.
You feel dizzy, your body trembling as his mouth works wonders on your body, making you regret the time you pushed his head away from between your legs the second time you had sex.
Jungkook delights himself with all the juices you're gushing out, slurping and drinking it all before closing his lips around your clit and flicking his tongue from side to side as fast as he can. Your free hand grabs his hair and pulls him even closer to you, moaning loudly, and he seems to like that cause he growls and his mouth works even harder.
Tears stream down your cheeks, this time because of how good it feels. You close your eyes and you arch your back at the pleasure, squeezing his hand tightly and gasping when the tip of his middle finger prods into your hole.
He pulls away from you to say, “Breathe baby,” you do your best to relax and let out a pitiful cry. He just smiles to himself and pushes his finger in. "Feels good, hm?"
Any trace of shame leaves your body as he resumes his task on your clit, adding the stimulation of his finger curling inside you and rubbing that sweet spot only his cock has reached before. Your walls clench tightly around his finger and he lets out an airy chuckle, his breath hitting your cunt and making you whine more.
"’S so good," you whimper. “Making me feel so good, Jungkook. I'm c-cumming, oh my god."
Jungkook doesn’t stop sucking or moving his tongue on your clit for a single second, not when he can feel your pussy throbbing in his tongue and clenching around his finger. He knows you're close, he knows exactly what you look like when you start to fall apart, so he curls his finger harder and faster inside you and keeps moving his mouth on your pussy even if his jaw is begging him for a break.
You barely notice when you started to cry and try to close your legs around Jungkook’s head, but he just let go of your hand and uses his free arm to lift your legs up from behind your knees, almost bending you in half but leaving your pussy in perfect display for him to devour it until you’re crying and cumming for the first time in his mouth.
Time seems to stop for the two of you, the sound of your heavy breaths being the only thing you can hear until Jungkook gets back to sucking on your entrance and lapping at your folds, not wanting to waste a single drop of your sweet juices.
“I'm sorry,” he apologizes when you start squirming and complaining about how sensitive you are. "Your pussy tastes so good."
When he’s finally satisfied, Jungkook lowers your legs and spreads them apart to position himself in between them with no ulterior motives. He grins at you as he licks his lips and sucks the remains of your juices off his fingers. Your stomach clenches and you swear if your face could get any hotter it would, so you hide it with your hands.
"Hey, don't get all shy on me now," he teases, getting up and sitting on his knees in front of you to grab your wrists with one hand and pull your hands away from your face. "Thank you for trusting me."
“Thank you for loving me,” you reply and push him down with you.
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟐 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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friends (3tan) (m) | myg
Tumblr media
title: friends (the week, pt. 1) pairing: 3tan!yoongi x reader(f) series: masterlist | three tangerines | fireworks | house party | basketball | stay | sidewalk talk rating/genre: m (18+) ; angst , fluff , smut ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au summary: the week you get with yoongi has a few surprises. and one of them presents itself in the form of a phone call. warnings: cursing, tension, oc’s are introduced!!, oral (m rec), degradation, the amount of kiss scenes wow lol, power dynamics (cmnf), fingering, angst yeah i know, throat fucking, choking, rude yoongi :))), multiple orgasms, breast play, cum swallowing, the chains stay on😀😀😀, cunt slapping, sl*t/wh*re mentions, dirty talk, yoongi’s mouth in general, overthinking, doubt, head/hair pulling, body worship, praise, restraining via headboard a ha ha, this one is p angsty y’all😭 note: thank you to @sugakookitty​​ for being an angel beta !! i know this was super last minute i am so so sorry. i owe you some tangerines! note 2: and here we are again. i hope you all like this installment, and i wanted to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive. it truly means so much to me! if you haven’t gotten around to three tangerines yet, i highly encourage you to read the series first since this is from the same universe :D it would make more sense! word count: 15.6k drop date: april 26th, 2022, 7:17pm est
“Long weekend, huh?”
On instinct, you nudge Taehyung with your shoulder, hearing him laugh into his tea straw while the both of you amble down a dilapidated sidewalk. 
Despite its rugged form, the concrete path remains one of the cleaner ones in the city, hugging the longer side of an old shopping center filled with newer businesses. 
It’s one you remember walking down many, many times.
“I said shut up,” you emptily huff. “I’m not telling you shit.”
“You don’t have to, dude. The way you look tells me everything.” 
Afternoon traffic reaches your ears as you toss intrigue your friend’s way. “And what does that mean?” 
“You outshine the sun right now.” 
“Wow.” Taking a sip of your usual boba selection, you clear your throat to relieve yourself of the bits of embarrassment caught inside. “Shakespeare is quaking in his grave.”
Taehyung snorts. “Please. I’d run circles around that old man.” 
“Wouldn’t doubt that. You’re both lame.” 
“And you’re glowing but won’t spill. I dunno why you’re acting.” 
A fiendish smile slips between you before he replies, “I know you’re dying to talk about it.” 
Fuck Kim Taehyung for being so right all the time. 
Because screw it, you really are. So much happened between you and Yoongi that you’re almost bursting at the seams with giddiness. The only thing dampening your mood is the fact that you can’t possibly let this secret out, as much as you want to shout about it from the rooftops. 
If you release whatever you have out in the world—even if just to one person—it may have a way of traveling a lot further than you planned. And with that comes certain risks. 
Like the risk of your brother finding out.
However, the person wanting to know is Taehyung. And he already knows the juiciest part. 
“Okay, fine,” you blurt, hiding your smile with another sip. “But not out here.” 
Your annoying best friend slowly scans around the empty area with intention, his gaze landing on a patch of shrubbery next to his knees. “Right. I would hate for these bushes to know your dirty little secret.” 
“Ugh! Just not in public. Let’s go to your place.” 
“Ah… Let’s go to yours.” 
Quirking a brow, you watch his steady features before relenting. The excitement to tell anyone outweighs your curiosity—for the time being, at least. 
“Fine. But let’s get food first.” 
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, you’ve got it bad.” 
“Don’t rag on me for telling the truth!” 
You roll your eyes as you take another bite of your takeout. “You weren’t supposed to be so judgy.” 
“I’m not being judgy,” Taehyung laughs. “Just observant.” 
“Well, either way. It’s not true.”
Even though his mouth is full, you can clearly tell he calls “bullshit” through black bean noodles and meat. Watching the television in front of you, you decide not to offer any replies, simply observing the drama switch to another scene with telltale heart-filled filters. 
Admittedly, your vision seems to have that same effect. 
Because you can’t fucking stop thinking about Yoongi and the week you get him to yourself. 
You haven’t felt like this in ages, like your stomach can’t settle but your heart has it far worse—buzzing, tingling, fizzing all over. Thousands of butterflies occupy your chest, fluttering and beating so loud that they kept you up all of last night and carried you throughout your entire, otherwise shitty workday. 
Fuck, you wanna see him. 
“Like I said.”
Damn it.
“You got it bad.”
“Okay, okay,” you groan, setting your food down with a pout. “I may be into him a little bit.” 
Taehyung looks so affronted that you laugh, cheeks a little tighter than usual. 
At this, your friend regards you with scrunched brows and a grin, getting up from the floor to sit on the couch next to you. Cross legged and all. “Look at you! Okay, you’re hiding something. Spill.”
“I told you everything!”
“I swear.”
“Get real.”
You start to vacate your seat when a large hand shoots up and grabs your wrist.
“Ah ah. Tell me, miss guilty. Whatever you’re hiding from me is huge.”
Plopping back down, you think about exactly what you want to say, knowing that you’re not giving that secret up. You divulged pretty much everything else that happened over the weekend: the way Yoongi came over, the way he took you back to his place, and everything that went down while you were there. 
But there’s one thing you are not going to uncover. 
And it’s safely hidden away in a jewelry box in your room. 
“I know what it is.”
Cocking your head, you observe your friend with narrow eyes, horrified for a split second that he’ll be right yet again. “What then?”
“He asked you out.”
And Taehyung finally misses by a longshot.
“Hell no!” 
“He did, didn’t he! I knew it. He has it even worse than you do.” 
A laugh leaves your throat before you can stop it. Your friend can say whatever he wants but that is certainly not the case. There’s no way.
Besides, the dating stage is a pipe dream, so there’s no need to even entertain that. 
This week is just… a separate timeline. Broken off from the normal passing of things and sectioned off for the two of you to play pretend.
“He does not have it worse than I do,” you finally sigh, placing your chin in a palm and watching a love confession unfold in countless pixels. “And he did not ask me out. You said yourself he doesn’t do relationships.”
“Technically, no. But it’s not like he hasn’t been in one before.”
That’s true. You remember Yoongi had a couple more-than-flings, or regulars as all your brother’s friends referred to them as. But even then, it seemed he kept his options open. At least, from what you somewhat gathered by passing rumors on the sidewalk and in several cramped garages. 
But him? With you? 
Fairytales aren’t real. 
Opportunities are. 
And the both of you just happened to seize this particular one by the throat. 
“I know, Tae,” you sigh as you turn away from the screen. Love confessions aren’t exactly real, either. Not like the ones in shows that seem to be perfect and timely and precede a happily ever after. “But you know how he is.” 
“Apparently not really.”
“What do you mean?”
“He cooked with you.”
Taehyung shoots you a look that screams for you to get his point. “That’s some married life shit!”
“Stop!” you gasp, burying your head further into your hand. “It’s not a big deal!”
“When have you ever heard of him cooking with someone, let alone letting you stay after fucking?”
“I don’t keep tabs on him, Tae.”
“You should now. But ignoring that.” He flops his legs down on the ground and shifts himself forward, his turn to watch the aftermath of the confession. “I’ve never heard him do that with anyone ever since his last relationship.” 
“I dunno. I just…” Biting a nail, Taehyung keeps his eyes unblinking. “It’s interesting. Since he practically swore off them since then.”
You didn’t know that.
You also weren’t exactly privy to his last real relationship anyway, since it happened while you were still in university. 
But you do remember your brother getting irritated and slightly annoyed that he barely saw him once he was in one. 
You wonder what Yoongi’s like with someone he’s willing to commit to. And you wonder if it’s even better than what you experienced yesterday. 
Fuck. Your heart starts to hurt at the prospect of that being true. 
Because yesterday was one of the best days of your life. 
“You look happy,” Taehyung continues, snipping your thoughts in two. “I won’t deny that.”
And you turn back to face the television and admit, “I am.”
“But I’m also trying to stay realistic.” 
“So if you ever feel like the ride’s too rough, get off.”
Tumblr media
It’s nightfall when you finally decide to flip open the jewelry box in your room, taking out the top layer to reveal its hidden section underneath. 
And the key that you were given twenty-four hours ago.
Your stare is long before you finally decide to fish it out, feeling all the possibilities that come with it in your fingers. All the doors that have been opened with this one gesture alone.
The spare is heavier now than when you first took it.
Gnawing on your lip, you bring it all the way to your bed, halfway sitting on the edge and contemplating whether to even use it or not. 
Do you give in the first night? Is that being too eager? Too clingy? It’s possible that Yoongi would think so even if he never said anything. Even though you were able to get to know him a lot more than you expected, that man is still a walking enigma. You still don’t exactly know how he truly operates.
…But what if you don’t use it tonight and he takes it the wrong way? 
That’s also a probable case. Maybe he expects you to use it already and, if you prove him wrong, he’ll come home to an empty apartment. How would he feel then? Would he even care? 
Frankly, would Yoongi even care whether you used the key or not? 
A loud groan flies out of your throat and shoots through your ceiling, and you flop back onto your sheets, weighed down by the mountain of thoughts in your head.
There’s another reason why you haven’t reached a solid decision yet. 
Yoongi hasn’t texted or called since this morning. 
It was a quick conversation between the two of you, and the content wasn’t anything major. However, that was the last time you heard from him, even after you texted him to see how work was going, wondering if it was a hell of a lot better than your day.
And still, hours and hours later, nothing.
What Taehyung said earlier flashes in your mind with blinking red letters, but you shoo it away before you let it permeate further into your thoughts. Your week with Yoongi has only just started. No reason to get overworked with stress already.
In any case, maybe it’s best for you not to go over there until he texts back. Like he said before handing you his spare—though, you can only speculate because the entire night turned fuzzy after that—he didn’t know how the week was gonna go.
So it’s highly possible he’s just neck deep in work and can’t talk. And who are you to bother him?
You slowly get up to grab your phone before putting the key back in its hiding spot. Typing away, you create and delete and create and delete and finally decide on a message to send before getting ready for bed.
You [typing]: Next time!
You [typing]: You got this !!
You [10:33pm]: 😴
Tumblr media
Tuesday hands you yet another rough day at work. 
Nothing seems to move in a positive direction; the leadership decisions make no sense; people are getting snippy. Everything is puncturing your brain to find its breaking point and quite frankly it’s gonna be found soon enough. 
What’s worse: none of your texts to Yoongi have been read. Not the text from last night, nor the short ones you sent this morning. 
Essentially, everything sucks right now. 
The last few hours of your workday crawl by, and you’re practically bolting out the door when it’s finally over. Hoping that you hear back from any of the jobs you applied for over the weekend. 
Thank god Yoongi told you to—
Yoongi: Incoming Call
Staring at your phone, your heart leaps out to get to your car before you do. 
What the hell? How does he manage to catch you at the most ideal times? You feel incredibly relieved just to see his name. 
As you answer the call, you wonder if you could ever have that same effect on him. 
“Hey. Finally leaving the fucking studio.”
Oh, shit. He sounds downright pissed. 
Body alert, you open your car door and get inside. “Damn. You okay?” 
Hold on. “When you say finally…”
“We’ve been in there since yesterday. I would’ve called you but Kook snatched up all our phones.” 
Holy hell. That explains the complete radio silence, at least. Your shoulders feel much, much lighter, despite your concern for Yoongi and all the crap he’s going through himself. “Oh, shit. You let him do that?” 
“He’s just lucky you picked up.” 
You laugh while feeling a strange bubbling in your stomach. “He’s also lucky I’m a forgiving person.” 
“So am I.” 
“But damn, I’m sorry—” Words die on your tongue. You almost said baby at the end of that sentence. Oh, fuck.
Tae was right. You’ve got it stupid bad. 
Your eyes squeeze shut at the thought of actually saying that out loud, embarrassment from something that didn’t even happen coating your entire body. Recovering as best as you can, you look to humor by default. 
“I should’ve gone over and made food again,” you joke after clearing your throat. “Then you’d never win against me.” 
“Maybe I don’t want to.” 
“Giving up already?” 
“I do that a lot.” 
You blow air out of your mouth as you pull out of the parking lot, relishing the orange and purple hues of late afternoon skies. “Lazy!” 
“Less work. And more food.” 
“You know what, you can make your own damn dinner. I’m tired of you.” 
A light chuckle fills your car’s speakers before Yoongi responds, 
“Don’t lie.” 
“Mm. I was gonna come over but now I think I’ll just stay home.” 
“Is that right?” 
“Then I’m coming over.” 
Your fingers immediately grip your steering wheel. “Wait! People could see.” 
“It’s one or the other, doll. Better choose quick.” 
“Okay, okay,” you rush out through a growing grin. “I’ll come over for a bit.” 
“A bit?” 
“Yes, for a bit.” As you make your way through intersections, you shake your head at how easy it is for Yoongi to make your day. You feel like someone shouldn’t get to have this power, and yet you are nothing but grateful for him. 
On your way past a line of restaurants, an idea comes to mind. “Did you eat yet?”
“Nah. You?”
“No, I’m starving,” you sigh, starting to suggest that he meet you somewhere before realizing that you can’t quite do that. Damn. “I can get food then head over.” 
“You sure?”
“Yeah. You got it last time.”
“Suit yourself.”
Swallowing the slight sadness you feel, you tell yourself to stay in the moment. Take advantage of this time you have with him without muddying it with future worries. Your voice comes out quiet when you let him go, 
“See you soon then.” 
And his comes out just as soft. 
“See ya.” 
Tumblr media
It’s stupid. 
But you wanted to do it anyway.
Holding his spare key in your fingers, you rub its metallic surface, shaking your head at yourself for going all the way home just to get it before grabbing food. Doing so made the whole trip much longer, but at least it also gave you an excuse to change out of your work clothes and freshen up a bit before coming. 
Besides. When else will you get a chance to do this? When else are you ever going to get this opportunity again? 
Plastic bags rustling under your determined wrist, you slide the key in his lock, twisting it and hearing the mechanisms click.
Unlocking Yoongi’s door feels so significant, even though it’s such a mundane, everyday thing on its own accord. People do it all the time, and yet… Doing so gives you a feeling you can’t quite place. 
Swinging the entrance open, you expect to see it lit and have at least something happening. 
But you’re greeted with nothing. 
It’s enough to make you worry.
Were you gone for that long? Did he assume you weren’t coming anymore and already go to sleep?  
No response cuts through the dark of the living room. In fact, there isn’t even a hint of activity following your question. For a moment, you think he didn’t even make it back—until the faint light and sound slipping under his bedroom door pull you in. 
Your bags shift as you tiptoe across the front area and, with each ginger step, you’re hoping that whatever greets you behind that wooden barrier doesn’t make you flee. 
But when you finally near the blocked entryway, you freeze with your hand on the knob.
Because the muffled sound you hear is not just noise.
But a recording.
It’s him.
In all the times you wondered about Yoongi’s music equipment and from what he told you about his job, you rarely thought about him doing anything other than production. Sure, you entertained the idea of him on a mic, but nothing you imagined sounded like what you’re hearing now.
Do you even go in there? 
Honestly, it feels like you would intrude if you did. 
But, knowing Yoongi, he would probably tell you to do it anyway. Or at least try to. 
So you set your stuff down on his kitchen table before going back to the door, slowly opening it and peeking your head inside. 
Instead of seeing him tapping away in the dark on a keyboard or clicking buttons, all you see is his head buried in the crook of his sleeved elbow, his sleeping form faintly outlined blue by the light of his monitor. 
How long did you actually take?
Moving toward him, you try not to take in the looped recording too much to preserve that privacy he wanted. But damn it, the piece sounds incredible and you can’t help but feel proud of him for this one soundbite alone. 
When you approach Yoongi’s side, you swallow your selfishness and pause the music. 
And you already wanna hear him again.
Suddenly coated in silence, you lightly place a hand on his arm before whispering his name. After he doesn’t move the first time, you give him a gentle shake. “Yoongi?”
A deep inhale comes out of him before he lifts his head, and your brain practically resets when you notice he’s wearing the same glasses you saw months ago. 
He turns to regard you with sleepy eyes. “Hey, doll.”
“Hey,” you whisper, melting on the inside. “Come eat for a sec.” 
“Mmph.” Slowly, he turns his gaze to his monitor before squinting, bringing both hands up to rub his face afterwards. 
Giggling, your admiration for his groggy state comes through in your teasing, “Sleepyhead. Come on, it won’t take long. Then you can pass out.” 
Yoongi still doesn’t move, though he does offer you a nod. 
Looks like you gotta do this the hard way. 
Softly, you wrap your hand around his arm and pull upward, giving enough strength until he obliges and stands with you. 
And you don’t know why you do what you do next—the cute way he looks, the fact that it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, whatever—but you do it without much thought. 
You slip your fingers down both his sleeves to take his hands in yours, telling yourself that you’re just doing it to get him across his room. 
From past experience, you know his palms are rough. But when you have them cradled in yours, you don’t expect them to also be warm. Maybe it’s all those hoodies and long sleeves he always wears. 
And it’s almost awkward to hold his hands, but a good kind of awkward. Just… different. New. 
With all these thoughts swirling around your head, you get thrown completely off guard when Yoongi takes your fingers in his and pulls you in and oh fuck his lips are on yours now what the—
Your surprise comes out muffled as you’re slowly backed up all the way to his open door, jumping a little in shock and something else when your shoulder blades hit.
But he’s undeterred. Yoongi’s deep, slow, determined kisses keep coming, even while he closes his fingers around yours and languidly pins a hand next to your ear. Breathing through your nose, you feel his beautiful weight on your chest and stomach, matching his lazy but full licks and sucks as best as you can muster. 
Why does this feel so good? Kissing had never felt this magical before. Every motion bends time itself and melts your legs into mush; heat and sparks erupt under your skin, your veins hot but never as molten as his. Smell, taste, touch. All of these are heightened and yet drowned in seconds. 
What is this feeling? What is this burning hearth in your chest? It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced, and you know this is a moment you’ll remember for a very, very long time. 
But as all other good things do, this kiss comes to an end, surrendering to heavy breaths and a forehead pressing against yours.
“I’m so exhausted,” Yoongi murmurs. “But I can’t stop kissing you.” 
Don’t give in. 
You just know it’s something he would say to anyone in your position. You can’t think you’re special. You just can’t. Not when your emotions are at their absolute peak after that stunning, incredible… 
Screw it.
“Then don’t.”
You initiate this time, capturing Yoongi’s lips so suddenly that he jerks back before gripping you harder. 
Whatever he attempts to say comes out in a groan instead, but he recovers to lean forward and pin you right back against his door. 
And the intensity jumps tenfold. The swipes he drags against your tongue, the thrust against your hips, the growls he slips into your mouth—all of them juxtapose how tired he looks. And you are absolutely caught in an inherent magnetism that only he can possess even on the verge of exhaustion. 
It feels like an eternity can pass and you would still be fine staying exactly where you are: right here, in his embrace, lips locked as tight as your hands. 
But reality starts to win as you both come down from your high—lowering, and lowering, and lowering—and Yoongi dips right back into his sluggish demeanor. 
Feeling his head droop onto your shoulder, you offer him a smile he can’t see as you pat his arm. “Eat. Then you can sleep.” 
“Come on,” you encourage through a whisper, and you once again guide him out of his room and to his kitchen table. 
Silently apologizing, you go to flip on the stove light to illuminate the area enough to see. As warm yellow spills into the small dining area, you walk back over to see Yoongi inspecting what you brought.
“I hope what I got is okay,” you say with little confidence.
You decided on a popular local chain, but you had to guess at what Yoongi would order there. Judging from the way he nods before digging in, you made the right choices. 
That’s enough for you. Smiling to yourself, you take a seat in the middle chair before unboxing your meal. 
“This is actually what I get from here.”
“Really?” you chirp as you smell the aromas coming from both dishes. “Dope. It’s what I get, too.” 
“You got good taste then,” Yoongi responds with a lift of his mouth, and you both huff out tiny laughs. 
At least a few parts of your day are going well. The kiss was enough to last you a lifetime, but getting Yoongi’s preferences right? Which happen to also be yours? You’re floating. 
But after a few minutes of silence go by, you start to sink back down to earth. Not because of the lack of conversation—it’s quite comfortable. You just start to move your food around more than eat it, thinking about your job and how you really don’t want to go back tomorrow. 
Normally, you would rant about work woes with your friends, or Taehyung. But can you do the same with Yoongi? Would he care to really listen to boring stuff like that? 
“You good?”
Snapping your head up, you see a concerned stare resting behind thin specs, fiery hair a bit dulled in the low lighting. 
“I’m good now,” you admit. “Work was just stupid.” 
“I feel that.” 
Nodding, you sigh before adjusting yourself in your chair, ultimately deciding to spare him all the dumb details about your day. 
Besides, he’s clearly tired. You don’t wanna give him more things to deal with. So you settle on something he already knows about and let it end there. “I just hope I hear from one of those listings soon.”
“You will,” Yoongi assures. “Give’em time.”
Not expecting any response from him at all, you trudge on before holding back. “Okay. I just don’t wanna be stuck, you know?” 
A small snort leaps from his seat. “Out of everybody I know? You wouldn’t let that happen.”
You can only stare at him before looking away. 
How is Yoongi able to quell your worries so fast all the time? Is he like this with everyone? If he is, no wonder he’s gotten so many people in the palm of his hand. No wonder every person on the planet wants to steal a bit of his heart. 
It’s one thing to be attractive physically. But Yoongi’s mental? It makes you have to stop yourself from launching across the table to attack him again.
Guarding your heart from getting ahead of itself, you put your chin in one of your hands. “Everyone should pay you for making them feel better all the time.” 
“You always know what to say to people.” 
Without missing a beat, Yoongi responds. 
“I hate people.” 
“Liar!” you laugh out, inwardly sighing at the shit grin he beams you with. “You can’t be this nice and not like anyone.”
He simply shakes his head. When he starts to explain, his voice seems to drag across the ocean floor, 
“I don’t think you get it, doll.” 
“I’m not like this with just anyone.” 
Roaming your eyes over his sure features, shyness quickly takes over and you become quite interested in the scratch marks in his table. 
“But I mean it,” Yoongi says. “Someone will be gunning for you any day now. Don’t worry about it too much.” 
A rueful smile slowly carves itself into your face. For someone that tends to overthink and wonder about every little thing, hearing things like this mean the world. 
Before, the only person that could really talk sense into you was Taehyung. But it didn’t even take a handful of times for Yoongi to fill that same kind of role, whether it’s been hours or months between the times you’ve seen him.
Frankly, it’s scary how quickly you’re able to feel this connected despite your different walks of life, and the overall feeling lodged in your chest is hard to describe. 
It’s like seeing a long lost friend that you were meant to find again.
Overcome with a swell of emotion, you stare at your finished food. Because there’s no way you can look anywhere else. The only thing you can get out of your slightly clogged throat is a tiny, 
“Thank you.” 
“It’s true,” Yoongi responds through a sudden yawn. Covering his mouth before rubbing the bottom half of his face, he exhales. “Honestly, I’m shocked you came back.” 
You regard him again. “Like this town?”
He nods, eyes already shutting.
And you hum in return, all the decisions you made in the past washing up in the forefront of your mind. 
You don’t think he’d want to hear any of that, either. So you simply sum it up with a much more succinct, 
“Me, too.”  
Closing your box, you put all the trash in one of the plastic bags, mind filled with your day and all the feelings you can’t come to terms with. So much is clouding your thoughts that you don’t realize that he’s dozing off in his seat until seconds later. 
Pausing in your movements, you whisper, “Yoongi?” 
Technically, it’s not late, but you know he still has to wake up pretty early. And it doesn’t help that he probably didn’t get much rest while camped in the studio. 
Concern laces your voice as you ask, “You sure you can wake up on time tomorrow?” 
He inhales before sighing. “I dunno. But I gotta.” 
Whatever they’re working on must be incredibly important if he’s this determined. The late nights, the lockdowns, the taken phones. All of it must be weighing on his shoulders and yet he is the one making you feel better?
Maybe you can help him out. You can be his strength just as he can be yours. 
“I can stay. I just need to go home and get my stuff.” 
Yoongi shakes his head, hair slightly parting in the motion. “You don’t have to, doll.” 
“I have to get up early for work anyway. I’ll just leave from here.” 
Silent, you plead him to let you help. You’ve done it before to make sure your secret wasn’t blown, but this time is purely out of selflessness. 
And Yoongi grants you your wish when he sighs out a faint, 
Tumblr media
The plan was to simply go home, get your stuff, then head back.
You did not plan to get a call from one of your friends on the way there.
Cursing at the caller ID, you compose yourself before accepting, eyes back on the road when not one, but three of them answer your greeting.
“Hey, babe!”
“Where are you? Come out!”
“We haven’t seen you in forever, bitch!”
Oh, shit. 
You tense, hoping they aren’t in a car and can see you driving back to your place. “I can’t tonight,” you finally remember to respond, mind whirling with possible escape routes because—
“Why not!”
“Where have you been!”
“You don’t have shit to do!”
Damn it, damn it, damn it. Gripping your wheel, you dart your eyes along the streets before swallowing your truths. 
If it were any other night, you would keep your secret under wraps and let Yoongi know the change of plans. You’d go out with them and make it up to him later. 
But not tonight.
Damn, why did they have to call now! 
Purposefully lowering your voice, you groan, “I’ve been sick. Stomachache… I’m sorry.”
“Awhhh, babe.”
“Wait, you sound like you’re in a car, though…”
“Yeah, just getting stuff from the store. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
The line has a bunch of hums and groans, and you know that some of your friends don’t buy it. But thankfully, they don’t pry tonight. 
“Alright, well let us know next time so we can get you soup or something.”
“Yeah, you know we got you!”
“Feel better soon, kay?”
You love them.
You hate lying to them.
“I’ll make it up to y’all, okay? Promise.”
“Oh, you’re good!”
“Feel better!”
“I’ll hold you to that, shit, forget about them.”
The laughs on the line welcome yours as you join them, and you thank everything out there that they let you go this time. 
But as you say goodbye and the line cuts out, your heart drops with a thud. 
This is what it would be like if the two of you keep seeing each other on the regular. 
You somehow avoided it for a couple days, but now reality is coming back to play. And next time, your friends may start to suspect something’s up. 
Which is why you need to make the most of this week while you can. 
Tumblr media
Being in Yoongi’s bathroom a few times now, it’s a lot different when you’re in there to get ready for bed. 
After your friends gave you mini heart attacks, you were so frazzled that all you did when you went home was gather clothes and all your toiletries before hauling ass back out. 
Which lead you to having to get ready at the same counter that Yoongi uses everyday—minus the times he’s forced to stay in studios. 
But you go through your nightly routine, head filled with several thoughts and worries and feelings, the most recent being the way your chest constricted when you unlocked Yoongi’s door to find him sleeping in his bedroom. 
What would it be like to have that as your normal? 
How are you in this position at all?
Looking back at the very first time you trembled for minutes on his rude welcome mat, you cannot fathom how it went from that moment to this one. 
He gave you a key to the door that you were terrified to knock on. 
You still can’t believe it. 
Brimming with butterflies, you finish up and vacate Yoongi’s bathroom, rounding his bed to gently nestle into your side—moreso the least amount of space that you can muster. Setting your alarms, you rest your phone down before slipping your eyes shut.
You almost think about settling in closer, but you don’t want to cross any other boundaries that he could have. Accidentally hearing his recording was egregious enough.
But Yoongi’s croaky voice startles your bones.
“You didn’t have to do this.” 
“I didn’t. But this is much better than calling you.” 
He huffs out a low laugh. “True.” 
And you think that’s the end of your conversation.
Until he speaks again. 
“You gonna hang off the edge like that all night?”
“Come here.” 
You turn under the covers to see faint moonlight reflecting in his drooping eyes, and you wonder how someone like him should even be allowed to exist.
Shifting forward, your chest rattles when Yoongi lifts an arm to bring you close, and he plants the softest kiss on your forehead before whispering gratitude again.
“No problem,” you sigh into the warmth of his covered chest, inhaling the scent around you that is purely him. 
Quickly after, Yoongi is lost to slumber.
So you couldn’t tell him how you just lied to your friends.
Tumblr media
Goddamn, your alarm is annoying.
But it works like a charm.
Sleepily tapping it off your screen, you twist in place. “Hey,” you whisper with eyes half-closed, “You awake?”
The power of your obnoxious alarm. You’re actually embarrassed to wake another person up with it, but you chose to do this in the first place. 
Both of your voices are heavy with sleep as Yoongi rubs his eyes. “What time is it?”
“What time you gotta leave?”
“By six,” you yawn, unwittingly snuggling into his chest and hearing him softly laugh through his nose.
You feel a hand on your thigh before Yoongi lazily slings your leg over his, and your brain lights up at his admittance,
“I like you like this.”
“Mm,” is all you manage before your post-sleep brain rebels and says something else. “What else do you like…” 
“You’re always asking me…” You breathe through your nose. “What do you like?” 
You only get silence, and it goes on for so long that you figure everything just happened in your own head. As you start to doze off again, Yoongi’s raspy vocals rumble under your cheek,
“Kiss me.” 
Lifting your head, you blink slowly before pushing up far enough to press your lips down onto his, breathing in deep through your nose. 
The same hand resting on your leg slips down to the curve of your ass, and you quietly hum before Yoongi pulls away slightly. 
“Kiss my neck.” 
Staring down at his lidded eyes, you nod before lowering your lips, feeling his heartbeat beneath your chest. As you latch lips onto his column, you shut your eyes and preen at the deep groan Yoongi releases. Its vibrations scatter across your covered skin, forcing your hand to come up and lightly clutch the front of his shirt. 
He cocks his head to the side to give you more room, humming low, “Mm. Just like that.”
His praise makes you bold, and you sleepily swirl your tongue over a vein before pressing deeper into his smooth skin. When he tenses, you keep swiping over that same spot, becoming more and more awake with each hiss he lets out. 
Suddenly, your hand is clasped before he lowers your fingers, and you flinch when you feel his hard-on confined by sweats. Your breath whooshes onto the expanse of his neck, and before you can grab at him, Yoongi guides your hand somewhere else. 
Somewhere much higher, and a lot more surprising. 
Pulling away entirely, you watch him with intent from above. At your curiosity, he simply explains,
“Choke me.” 
Did you hear him right? Or are you still sleeping and all of this isn’t real?
With your fingers resting on the silky base of his neck, you blink. “You like that?” 
“Uh huh.” 
Well. You didn’t expect him to admit anything close to that, and his matter of factness is frankly attractive. 
Instead of obliging right away, you slide your hand down to rake your nails over his nipple first, offering a tiny, miniscule, sleepy smirk of your own as Yoongi does the same. 
Biting a corner of his lip, he warns, “Careful, baby girl.”
You chuckle as you bring your fingers to the base of his throat. “Or else what…”
“Or else—Fuck,” Yoongi groans with a sharp tilt of his head, feeling the sudden press of your fingers around his neck. 
You don’t choke him completely, having never done this before. But the pressure you give seems to be more than enough for him, and your eyes blow wide at the way his eyebrows knit in pleasure. 
Goddamn, he looks absolutely incredible like this.
Shrouded in sleep and lust, you swoop your head down to lap at his column again, letting instinct take over. 
Curses and hisses fly out of Yoongi’s lips, and you drink them in until you feel legitimately drunk on his reactions alone.
You didn’t expect to enjoy giving him pleasure this much. If you are truthful with yourself, you don’t want to stop. You almost want to keep him here and never let him go. 
“Fuck, hold on,” he hisses, suddenly gripping your wrist in frustration. And you relent. Though you aren’t happy about it. “I gotta go soon, doll.” 
As much as you want him all to yourself, to explore this new territory he allowed you to have, there’s no way you can keep him from what he needs to do. 
So you pull away, reveling in the angry, flushed appearance of his upper chest. You sincerely wish you tore off his shirt before everything started. 
If you get the chance to continue…
Smirking again and wondering if he’s rubbing off on you, you airily joke, “That’s too bad.. Looks like you’ll have to wait for the rest.” 
“What a tease.” 
“Learned from the worst.” 
You smile and he curves his mouth up in return. A squeak leaves you when he turns the tables with a flick of his hand, grabbing the back of your head to kiss your entire soul out.
Your eyes are still swirling when he pulls away, and you rise into a sitting position as he gets up with a laugh. 
Grabbing a necklace from his nightstand, Yoongi looks at you taking up the middle of his mattress. But he doesn’t say anything before heading to his bathroom. 
As soon as he’s inside, you expel all the air that you had been holding. All the pent up adrenaline that built while you were caught up in whatever just happened. 
You want more of that. So, so much more of that. 
And you also wanna stay in his bed, but you know that would be a little too much. Too domestic. So you scoot to the edge of his sheets and start to get ready for your own day. 
As you reach for your phone, you gnaw on your bottom lip out of pure giddiness, thinking about when and how to continue what you both just started.
Until you see the onslaught of notifications on your lock screen.
jackson trash [12:30am]: open the door !!!
dpr doormat [12:30am]: biiiish r u home? u better b alive
bibi’s whore [12:34am]: we brought u stuff<33 
Taeee😪[12:57am]: You at home?
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (3) 
Taeee😪[1:30am]: Pick up!
Taeee😪[1:32am]: Where are you??? 
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (3) 
Taeee😪[1:51am]: Bro pick up ur phone
Taeee😪: Missed Calls (2) 
Taeee😪[2:50am]: You owe me :|
Stare burning into your screen, your jaw hits the floor as your shoulders push upward in fear. Immediately, you lock all the way up, your reaction whooshing out in a low, sharp,
“Oh, shit.” 
“You good?” 
Snapping your head up, you see Yoongi standing just outside his bathroom, scratching one of his elbows. 
And you almost say that it’s nothing, that there isn’t anything wrong.
But then you remember the countless times he’s told you that you can tell him anything. And in your panicked state, you decide to take the plunge and finally give into his wishes. 
“Well, uhh. No, actually. It’s my friends.” You look back down at your phone, gnawing your lip. “I’m a little worried.”  
Yoongi crosses the room, rounding his bed while swiping a hoodie from his desk chair. “About?”  
When he walks right up to you, all you can do is stare. Just for a bit. Because even minutes after waking up, he looks so handsome. 
And looking at him is enough to calm you down.
But suddenly, he tosses his jacket onto the bed before bringing both hands forward, holding your hips and bringing you closer. “About what, doll?” 
Fuck. Get yourself together, get your thoughts back in order. Clearing your throat, you let out the rest of your problems, hyper aware of the way his fingers rest on your sides, “They might think I’m dodging them. I said I couldn’t go out last night.” 
Instead of pulling away, Yoongi simply leans in, latching velvety lips onto your neck and kissing your tension away. Small breaths leave your mouth before he mutters, “What did you say?”
“That I felt sick.” 
Huffs of small laughter tickle your column. “Guess they didn’t buy that.”
You sigh as he keeps lapping at your throat, tilting your head to prolong not feeling so shitty. If it wasn’t for the hands gripping your sides—or the arms you clasp around his neck—you definitely would have collapsed to the ground by now. “Guess not... I wonder… if they tried the house.”
The moan you release spurns Yoongi to press your body back, and you feel the cool spackle of his wall instead of his door this time. As your back makes harder contact with the rough surface, you grunt into the kiss he plants on your lips. 
You don’t know exactly why he’s all over you like this. Is it to distract you from worrying like you assumed? Is it because you’re finally doing what he’s been asking this whole time? Or is it because he wants to continue where you just left off because you sure as hell want that same exact thing. Anything else be damned right now.
If only it were that easy.
Yoongi’s voice still has a hint of sleep as he continues to question you, and you appreciate his willingness to help in any way. Especially since his way involves wrapping his arms further around you and resting them on your lower back. “You park inside, right?” 
“How would they know you weren’t home then?” 
“Maybe they knocked? I dunno...” 
Yoongi pulls away. When his eyes roam your face, you wish you had some semblance of normalcy in your features instead of the sleepiness and stress you feel creasing your forehead. “You okay?” 
“I… No. But. We can talk about it later. You gotta go.” 
“Fuck, I do. But hey.” He gives you another kiss, as if he has all the time in the world. “Just tell me what you want. Okay?” 
Your vision remains cloudy from the pillowy soft touch of his lips, and your words float off your tongue, 
“What do you mean?” 
You can tell that Yoongi doesn’t respond how he wants to, but he’s already backing up and heading out. 
“I meant what I said.” 
“Okay,” you call out to his back, and you watch him make his way through his apartment, looking at you one more time before clicking the entryway shut.
Tumblr media
The rest of your day is slathered in anxiety and worry. 
You manage to make it home without falling apart, though choosing to leave your stuff at Yoongi’s for just a bit longer.
To combat the impending calls you have to make, you breathe. Focus on quelling the storm in your stomach. Latch onto anything that grounds you. 
The first thing you think about is being a kid again. How things were so simple, the only drama you encountered being playground fights. Then you think about other things, like memories and accomplishments and book quotes you’ve stored for safekeeping.
But slowly, the only thing that appears in your mind is a tidy apartment, with a kitchen filled with laughs and cold water all over the floors.
You can’t deny how at ease you feel when you’re in his place. Even when you were there alone, it was peaceful. It felt… 
Clearly, you don’t want to let go of whatever feelings you have harbored in your chest. You want to make the most of them.
Before things have to reset.
Of course, the dark side of this week presented itself like a bright red spot on a blank canvas. Taehyung’s texts and calls could mean a thousand things, and the only thing that kept you from outright panic was him saying that you owed him. 
Whatever happened was resolved. For now.
But nothing can stop you from feeling the guilt. The icky jitters in your stomach. The slight bit of shame from needing to tuck secrets away and wondering how to go about things. 
What’s worse: knowing that it can’t ever be real with Yoongi unless something drastic changes. Which is why you can’t let yourself feel this way for much longer.
But the fact of the matter is that the two of you have barely started whatever this is. It’s not like you have a hold on him at all, even if he confirmed that he wasn’t seeing anyone else. 
Maybe he operates differently now than he used to? You don’t know. 
Whatever. Right now, you have to figure out how to get your friends off your back because things can get sticky real quick if they decide to snoop.
But first: call Taehyung.
It has to happen eventually. Even if you text him, you’d get an incoming call before your message even gets through. 
So on the way to work, you brace yourself and do it, which turns out to be a loud mistake.
“You owe me big!”
“I know, Tae, I’m so sorry—”
“You know how hard I had to cover for you?”
“No… What happened?”
You hear him sigh before he questions, 
“You told them you were sick, right?”
“And you were just gonna stay home?”
“But you weren’t actually there, were you?”
You wince as you roll up to a red light. 
“Mm. Guess who had to lie and say you were at their place.”
Shutting your eyes in shame, you exhale. “I’m sorry.”
“Lemme finish. Guess who also had to weasel their way out of a videocall since people didn’t believe them.”
“Shit.” You feel so bad. He didn’t have to do all of that for you. “How the hell did you do that?”
“I’m not giving up my secrets to a sneak!”
“Like I said: you owe me.”
Your building comes into view as you agree, “I do. I’m really sorry.”
“Just let me know next time so I’m more prepared, yeah?”
“And you’re buying me lunch and dinner.” 
“I will. Promise.”
There’s a big sigh on the line, and you bite your lip in anticipation. You know he’s not done with you yet. 
But all Taehyung says is a soft handful of words, and your heart caves inward just a tad.
“We can handle your friends.” 
“I know.”
“But it won’t be the same with him.”
You are fully aware of who he’s referring to. Because you already thought about the same exact thing. 
As you park, you stare at your steering wheel but don’t quite look at it. 
“I know.” 
Tumblr media
The only good thing about the mountain of worries you have to deal with? 
They’re enough to dull your senses at work, and that’s saying something. 
Somehow, you also request to take tomorrow off. And somehow, your request is accepted. Whether it’s the fact that you almost never ask off, or the wound-up way you look, you’ll take it. 
After you make it back home, you carry your tired bones to your bed, flopping down and forcing yourself to clear your head as best as you can. 
Fuck, you hate feeling this way. 
You gotta fess up to your friends. 
Of course, not everything. But you have got to tell them some of the truth so that their concern doesn’t dissolve into suspicion. 
So you’ll confess a thing or two. You’ll just leave Yoongi’s name out of it.
After you take a nice, needed, absurdly long nap. 
Tumblr media
Taeee😪: Outgoing Call
“Come to grovel at my feet again? Or are you paying up?”
“Oh. Bye then.”
“Wait!” You shift under your blankets, sitting up and hunching over. “I’m gonna tell them.”
“I’m gonna tell them.”
“About him?”
“No, no. Not everything. Just… that I’m seeing someone.”
There’s a quick pause before Taehyung slowly questions,
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I feel queasy.”
“Ah. And that’s what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy, miss stomachache.”
“Shut up,” you groan. “But I just wanted to tell you first, since you worked so hard to cover for me.” 
“Be my guest, babe. I just look like a ride or die. And you already agreed to get me food.”
“Good luck.”
You hang up before looking at the threads you hastily apologized in earlier, wondering which one of them to call. Anyone would be a good choice. But anyone could also be a terrible one. 
Your fingers flex and curl, and you start to play with your nails while lost in thought.
But you finally decide and click on the top message to fake fairness, turning to bury your head in your pillow and hide from possible horrible outcomes. 
bibi’s whore: Outgoing Call 
Your name immediately crunches through your receiver. 
“Oh my god, are you okay? We were so worried!”
Lifting your head, you groan, “I know. I’m so sorry.” 
“As long as you’re all good.” 
“I am.” 
“Okay, good. Tae told us—”
“He lied.”
A swallow lodges in your throat. This is harder than you expected, but you keep pushing through. “He covered for me.” 
“...The hell does that mean?”
Well. It’s now or never. Hopefully she will understand. Or yell at you. Ugh. 
Sitting up, you confess to your phone screen, “I… I may or may not be seeing someone.”
A screech on the other line makes you jump, and you fight a wide grin of surprise. 
“Bitch! I believed you and everything!” 
Why were you so worried? Of course they would be elated. Your friends have been encouraging you to get around more anyway, so this reaction is one you should’ve expected. 
The taboo of it being Yoongi just kept you from thinking anything positive would come out of this. If you weren’t so giddy you would be gritting your teeth in pure frustration.
Pleasant shock pumping through your veins, you cover your forehead. “I know, I’m sorry. I just froze!” 
“I get it, I get it. Did you tell the others yet?”
“No, but don’t tell just anyone. Only you three can know. I’m just too tired to do this two more times.”
“Who is it? Do we know them? Is it J—”
“It is not him, but. This is all you get for now,” you lie while doused in a strange cocktail of relief and embarrassment, sticking with your earlier decision. You feel a lot better about this fib, since they’ll know part of the truth. “Just in case it falls through.”
“Mmm, that means the sex is fucking fire.”
“What! I can hear it in your voice, babe. Shit, you might be in love.”
You scoff at your window, noticing that it’s way past sunset already. “As if.” 
“But I get it. Sorry if we pressured you into spilling.”
“Are you kidding? I felt guilty the entire day. I love y’all too much.”
“Awhh… Don’t even worry about that. We’ve all been there. Yuri’s still sneaking around with that one guy even though she won’t admit it.”
“Yeah. And you know Dom and I are leaving our options open. Everyone’s got their own shit to deal with. So you do you.” 
Sighing, you play with your comforter, noticing how it’ll never be as soft and comforting as Reia. You can’t believe you worried all damn day for virtually nothing.
This whole overthinking thing is starting to get terribly old.
Huffing, you don’t know how else to express your gratitude other than a sincere, “Thank you.” 
“Of course! Are you seeing them again tonight?”
A giggle punctures your phone. 
“Just say yes, you sneaky bitch.”
“Yes.” You pause with a smile. “And yeah, it’s fucking fire.” 
“I knew it! Is it the same guy from last year? Fuck you!” 
“I’m not saying anything!”
“Gotta be. You didn’t say who that was, either.”
It’s true. While you told them about your mind-blowing encounter with Yoongi, you never disclosed a name. All they know is that you practically got your back blown out, and you won’t forget their shouts and praise and scoffs at your implied decision to keep it a one night stand. 
If only they knew that decision wasn’t exactly yours.
“About time you got another proper dick down. Wait, it is a guy, right?” 
“Ha! That narrows it down.”
“Damn it.”
“I’ll find out eventually love you bye!”
“Bye,” you say through a grin, feeling multitudes lighter than you had in awhile. 
Thank god. Or whoever or whatever’s out there. You owe them a drink. 
Exhausted, you flop back onto your pillow with a whoosh.
Tumblr media
Two calls is more than enough to drain your social battery, but you wanna make one more. 
After all, you feel a hell of a lot better about seeing Yoongi again. The urge is so strong that you feel like calling him just because.
But when his phone rings a few times without an answer, you hang up and watch your ceiling, awake and cocooned in your blanket. 
You can wait however long. Your mind is so much clearer now.
To your immediate surprise, Yoongi calls you back within minutes, voice wary after you greet him.
“You okay?” 
You smile. Of course that’s his first concern. If you hadn’t confessed just a few moments ago, your answer would have been completely different. “Much better. But you’re busy so I can wait.” 
“You sure?” 
“Ah, yeah. I’ll just be in bed.” 
“Yours or mine?” 
…What did he just ask?
“Oh,” you stutter out. “I’m at home.” 
But are you really? Where is home lately, if he isn’t there? 
And why did you just ask yourself that? 
“You threw away that key, huh.” 
“I have your key! I just.. I dunno. Using it when you’re not there is weird. Still feels like I’m intruding.” 
A laugh. 
“Then give it up.” 
“Gimme the key back. I’ll come get it tonight.” 
You can practically feel his stupid grin on the other line. There’s no way he’s serious, and yet you’re affected all the same.
“…Damn you, Yoongi.” 
Another laugh puffs out of him before he keeps teasing,
“You’re so… Ugh! Fine. I’ll keep it.” 
“It’s all up to you.” 
“Yeah? Then I’m going over there just to lock you out.” 
More hissed laughter crackles through, and you nestle into your comforter with a curve of your mouth.
“God, I love it when you’re—” 
“Yoong! Hurry up, man!” 
Oh, shit. That was Jungkook. He sounds… 
“Yoongi! Come back!” 
You freeze. 
Those voices were definitely higher in pitch. Truthfully, they were more like whines than anything.
There’s a muffled “Yeah, one sec!” before the receiver gets uncovered again.
“Hey, I gotta go. But I’ll be back tonight.”
“Am I gonna see you?” 
Well. That’s even more interesting. Your question is timid before tiptoeing out. “…Do you want to?” 
“Course I do.” 
You already knew what your answer would be. After all, you had left all your stuff at his place, so of course you were gonna go back at some point. But after hearing what you just heard, you needed to be sure of Yoongi’s answer. You needed to be sure if you were staying.
Appearing as unbothered as you possibly could, you respond, “Okay. I’ll be there.” 
“Thank fuck.” 
Damn it. You can’t help but puff at the relief in his voice. “Such a guy.” Deciding to cake on more encouragement, you fight the dark emotion in your belly while continuing, “But don’t leave until you’re done!” 
He’s there to work. Right? Yes. He wouldn’t be trying shit. 
Mind in another frenzy, you whisper, “I believe in you. You’ll finish.” 
“I dunno about that, but.. Thanks, doll.” 
Tumblr media
It’s later, when you rest in a bed that’s not yours, that you busy yourself with anything to distract you from rogue thoughts. Checking for emails from the job postings, flipping on Yoongi’s television, responding to the second text your brother sent asking if you were good. All of these are temporary buffers. 
But they aren’t enough. 
You think about calling your other friends, wondering how Yuri or Dom reacted to the news when Rea inevitably told them minutes after getting off the phone. But you don’t wanna deal with more of that, lest you have to make up another lie. 
So you decide on the ultimate distraction, a way to time travel without lifting a finger: sleeping.
Because Yoongi doesn’t show for hours. 
And hours. 
Tumblr media
You don’t remember when you fell asleep, but you know that something is pulling you out of your slumber. Something warm, and soft, and feeling like you’re coming home.
With a sharp inhale, you fling your eyes open to see that Yoongi’s kissing you awake, one of his hands cradling the back of your neck and his body warmth seeping into your side. 
Is this a dream? 
Your quick break is cut by another kiss, and you taste alcohol and citrus on his tongue before he pulls away. 
“You gotta be my good luck charm or something.” 
Eyes still adjusting to the dark of the room, you question, “Hmm?”
“We fucking finished.”
“Oh my god. Everything?” 
Yoongi nods, his hoodie sweeping the top of your head as he leans in close. 
One foot still in dreamland, you offer a smile of pride. 
Holy crap, they did it. Whatever hard work they poured into that project paid off. You can already see it. “I knew you would,” you sigh, loving the way it feels surrounded by his strong embrace. 
If only he didn’t smell like scents you know you can’t afford. 
Remembering the voices you heard earlier, you crash back down to earth and end up six feet deep in worry. 
Right. You wanted to distract yourself for a reason. You wanted to sleep away the anxiety for a reason. Because even though you and him don’t even have a solid label, you wanna know his stance. And Taehyung would tell you to figure that shit out right away, whether you’re keeping tabs on him or not.
“I dunno how,” Yoongi responds while you muster up enough courage to talk, “But you were right.” 
“Naturally,” you whisper. 
Say something.
Keep being brave enough to tell him what’s bothering you.
No overthinking this one.
As he leans in again for another kiss, you press a hand into his chest and take the first step. “Wait.”
Yoongi stops on a dime.
Unblinking and hoping his answer is one you can take, you sigh, “Can… Can I ask you something?” 
As you speak, you watch his eyes dart across your face in concern. “This is so stupid. But. I heard… people, on the phone. And I smell… perfume. I know we aren’t a thing, but. I don’t think I can do this if—” 
You’re lucky that Yoongi cuts in before you can finish. 
“Hey. Listen.” He sits up before telling you to follow suit. When you do, he looks toward his window, expression indiscernible as he watches moonlight seep through his blinds. 
Breathing in, he lowers his head before looking at the hands resting in your lap. “I don’t do that shit anymore. If I’m seeing someone, that’s it.” 
You let those words coat shoulders that drop with relief, wondering if he meant that in a general way or if—
“And even if I did…” Yoongi gazes into your eyes then, and you stare at his determined pupils hiding behind dark orange bangs. “I wouldn’t do that to you. K?” 
Oh. There’s a hummingbird in your ribcage, its fluttering wings stealing all the words from your mouth. 
You can only nod.  
“And,” he says, straightening to prop up your chin. “It’s not stupid.”
Ah. The hummingbird now has friends. Many, many friends. 
“If it helps,” Yoongi continues while fighting a guilty smile, “I kinda pissed’em off.”
“Huh?” Something like a half-laugh, half-scoff shoots out of your mouth. “What did you do?”
He aims a smug look your way before reminding you why people love to hate him.
“You ever been called your friend’s name before?”
Your jaw drops before you playfully nudge his shoulder with a gasp, and Yoongi grins with his nose scrunched. “Asshole!” His breathy laughs are unbothered by your affronted, droning, “Wow.”
“I know. But it works.” He winks before moving on to another, more favorable subject. “What time are you leaving in the morning?” 
“Whenever you need me to. I took tomorrow off.” 
“Then stay. I’m off, too.” 
Excitement bubbles up to join the adrenaline in your veins. You were hoping that was the case ever since he said they were finished, but you weren’t positive. “You sure?” 
“Yeah. Why?” 
Blinking, you wonder why you even asked in the first place. 
But then you remember: as much as you want a whole day with him, you think back to seeing him at his desk. How he used even a sliver of his alone time to work on his own music. If he wants to do that instead, you don’t want to stop him. 
However, you also don’t wanna catch him off-guard again by mentioning his private business. Maybe he even forgot that you could have heard his track. So instead, you joke, 
“I dunno. Thought you’d be tired of me by now.”
Yoongi regards you with a smile of disbelief, like he knows that’s what you weren’t originally going to say. But he plays along. 
“Not yet,” he teases. “Lemme shower.” 
Tumblr media
With running water serving as the background to your thoughts, you psych yourself up for everything that you want to do.
Whether this is something you can pull off or not, you aren’t exactly sure. But there’s no way to know unless you try. And you want to try very, very hard.
Because Yoongi damn well deserves it. 
He’s been nothing but accommodating ever since the weekend started. From making you get work done, to reassuring your spastic mind at every pass, he’s made an impression unlike no one has before. 
And honestly, he’s been this way with you long before then. 
So you want to be the one to please him this time. In a way that you never have for anyone else. It’s just daunting when you know you’re about to step out of your comfort zone. 
But to hell with it. You wanna do this. 
Getting up, you swipe one of the shirts Yoongi left on his chair, changing into it before taking everything else off. The soft but thick material drapes over your body, and you wonder if every single thing in this apartment is just made to be as comforting as its owner.
Maybe you should spend more time wearing his baggy clothes. 
Never mind all that. Focus!
Inhaling, you start to visualize your plans. Plans that were put on hold ever since this morning. With all of your day’s worries and fears resolved, the fog in your brain dissipates, allowing you to finally picture what you really want.
Hopefully it’s what Yoongi really wants, too.  
Light juts in front of your feet as the bathroom door swings open, and you stand in place as he notices, “Digging through my shit now, huh?”
“No,” you assure him, bones already vibrating with anticipation at the sight of his wet hair. 
And fuck, is he still wearing jewelry? 
Stop! Self-control. Patience. 
“This was on your chair.”
“I don’t—”
Self-control and patience be damned. 
Rushing forward, you catch Yoongi off guard with quick hands to his covered chest.
Backing him up one two three steps, you shove him onto his bed, blood pulsing at the sight of his wide eyes. 
Don’t stop, keep going. You can do this.
Heart skipping beats, you tug off his shirt before you can chicken out, and Yoongi groans when you reveal that it’s the only thing you had on.
And you almost catch the way his expression switches from desire to shock, but you mount him and dive right onto his neck before you can do so.
Something stronger than adrenaline comes over you then. Something dark, and primal, and absolutely divine. Breathing in the woody scent of his body wash, you lap at his column while your hands travel everywhere. You’re so focused on attacking him that you barely register the hands gripping your ass.
“Oh, fuck, doll,” Yoongi moans as you scratch down his chest, jerking his head back with a hard hiss when you pinch his nipple. 
Enveloped by lust, you let instinct guide your actions, pushing up to nip his ear while clutching his throat. A suck here, a tug of his hair there. Pinching, whispering his name, squeezing your thighs—every single movement seems to break him down while lifting you up.
And you finally get the chance to tell him what’s about to happen. 
“Lemme get a cond—”
“Uh uh.” 
When he stills underneath you, your bare chest slides down his front as you explain, 
“My turn.”
It’s simple. It’s concise. 
But Yoongi is smart enough to get what you mean, and a rough hum rips from his core as he watches you slowly sink between his knees. 
When you hit the floor, you realize. 
It’s almost been a year since you’ve been in this position. 
You want to show Yoongi what he had been missing.
But as your eyes shift up to see him already watching you, you’d like to think he already knows. 
Propped up on his elbows, Yoongi leers down at your determination, wet locks still dripping water onto his smooth cheekbones. Underneath his shirt, you can see all the little tics of his pecs, his abs—tiny jolts in the aftermath of your storm.
As much as you want to keep playing with the upper half of him, you continue in your quest, mouth salivating when you slip his sweatpants down bit by agonizing bit.  
God, how you want to be able to watch his reactions while you have him shoved down your throat. But you’ll make do with one pleasure at a time.
Starting with the cock that springs in front of your face. 
Impatient, you don’t waste time in taking his velvety girth in your palm, missing how it felt in your fingers and wanting it buried deep inside you for hours. 
Fucking hell. Out of all the dicks you’ve held in your lifetime, his is undoubtedly your favorite. In fact, you vaguely remember being upset at its perfection, hating how every part of the one man out of reach has the power to destroy you.
You want that power, too: bringing Min Yoongi to his proverbial knees.
Well. You’re sure as hell gonna fucking try. 
With one full, wet swipe along his length, you already see him thump back onto his mattress, hips flinching and fists gathering bunches of his sheet. 
Pleased, you take his tip in your awaiting mouth, lifting your head mid-suck to tug on him more. Intentionally, you release him with a sound you’ve perfected by watching videos you will never disclose. 
And it seems to resonate with Yoongi, for a dark laugh rumbles between sealed lips as a large hand palms the top of your head. 
“You nasty girl.”
Licking around his tip while squeezing the base, you give him a teasing suck before releasing with another perfect pop. Sliding your fingers to gather your saliva, you coat the rest of him before lapping at his balls.
His control. 
It’s slipping. 
You can tell from the breathy laughs he puffs to the ceiling. A slew of incoherent words tumbles after, and you decide that you quite like him like this. Like he finally doesn’t know what to say. 
Mirroring something you remember Yoongi torturing you with, you admit, 
“You taste so fucking good.” 
A deep hum is your only response, and you take that as a cue to keep going, tilting your head to swirl around his cock. Your own essence coats your cheeks as you feast, alternating between slurps and licks that travel along his veins.
From experience, you’ve learned how to judge reactions, how to tell what guys prefer or not. But all of those other times? You were never invested enough to truly care. If they never cared to pay attention to what you liked, then why bother?
But Yoongi cares. Sometimes, you wonder if he cares more than you do. 
So you pay extra attention to how he reacts, and you make sure to understand enough to heighten his pleasure to its zenith. 
Immediately, you pick up on the fact that he likes when you squeeze his sack. But also, it seems that he’s aroused by all the sounds you’re making in general.
You almost laugh. While you aren’t normally loud unless Yoongi wants you to be, this is where you won’t quiet down unless he stops you. 
But you aren’t the only one filling the room with vulgar noises. 
Beautiful hisses spring over your head, only to be joined by moans as you swallow more of his cock with each pass. He palms your scalp with a hand, trying his damned best to let you decide how much of him to take in. 
So you give him permission, knowing he’d catch on to the taps you make on his thigh.
When your eyes travel up his body, you can see him lifting his head to watch, and he looks to you for one more nod of consent. 
You pause your sucks to give him one, slathering your tongue around his shaft before taking him in again.
Yoongi’s groans are deep when he pushes your head down, and you feel your mouth stretch wide around his cock. When the tip knocks the back of your throat, you gag on instinct, expecting the moan that comes right after.
“Fuck, baby…”
You can go lower, so you let him push you down a little further, unfazed by the way your throat aches to accommodate his girth. Tears start to collect in your eyes, but you don’t mind those either, having done this many times before. 
For Yoongi, you’ll deal. To hear the way he slurs your name, you’ll deal.
Your breath cuts at a certain point, but you sacrifice it to prove you can take him all in. And when your nose brushes his pelvis, Yoongi’s outright moan is already worth the gamble on your lungs. 
Mercifully, you’re tugged all the way off his cock in a single motion, gasping for air as strings of saliva connect your mouth to his sex.
“You’re so fucking good at this. What the fuck.” 
Mouth coated in spit, you nod with little shame, cunt pulsing at the satisfied groan that it gets in return.
Yoongi’s voice is filled with lust and gravel when he grits out, “God, I wanna fuck that throat.”
“Do it,” you rasp with lidded eyes, smirking at the way he looks at you with disbelief. Replicating what he had said to you before, you croak, “This is about you.”
“You sure, doll?”
Heart beating a bit quicker at his concern, you hum in confidence. Your fingers tap his thigh when you respond, “I’ve done it before.”
A strange look comes over Yoongi’s face then, and you don’t know why he sits all the way up to kiss you. But you and your throat welcome the short reprieve, and he breathes through his nostrils before pulling away.
Just like that, the look vanishes, replaced by shadows and desire and impatience.  
“Then gimme that dirty mouth.”
Lost in his blown out eyes, you obey. But before he can even take over, you start a relentless pace, bobbing your head and hollowing your cheeks until they throb. 
It’s enough to make him stutter in his movements, and a hand pulls you up before he chuckles, “Breathe first, babe.”
Blinking, you realize, “Oh, shit. Yeah.”
Seeing Yoongi’s full grin while in the midst of pleasure? 
That has to be one of your favorite things. 
“Okay,” you nod, only slightly embarrassed. “Ready.” 
He only hisses out laughter while tilting his head back. “What are you doing to me…”
You don’t respond. Because you don’t know. But you wanna keep satisfying this man until he melts in your mouth, so you take his tip in to change the topic. 
This time, you give Yoongi complete control of your head, noticing that he starts with slow but full strokes. As he groans, you mewl when his other hand skirts over one of your breasts, causing him to quicken his pace. 
Concentrate. Loosen your throat. Breathe through your nose. All of these thoughts invade your mind as Yoongi thrusts in deeper and quicker, and your column bears the onslaught as tears roll down your cheeks in rivers. 
The sounds you make are far from innocent, and they serve as the moving line over Yoongi’s constant reactions.
You don’t remember him being this vocal.
But you’re starting to understand why he likes pleasuring you so much.
It aches like hell, but you want nothing but to keep going. You’re okay. With a hand gripping his thigh, you slacken your aching jaw and revel in the waves of curses washing over your naked back. You almost traverse into another plane entirely, eyes slitted and strings of drool slipping from your lips. 
Suddenly, you’re tugged up again, a long gasp escaping your numb mouth and eyes practically rolled back. Wheezing, you gulp in breaths like water, feeling air on the spit that accumulated on your chest.
Holy fuck, how drenched are you? You’re too dizzy to comprehend, let alone hear anything he’s saying. 
A hand makes its way to your cheek, the veiny back caressing your sweaty skin all the way down to your sore jaw. When he cradles your lolling chin in his sweaty fingers, you slowly open your eyes to be pinned by a look so dark you would think he was possessed.
And you have never seen him look so hungry.  
But you can’t mull over it for too long. Not because you feel thoroughly fucked out—though that contributes a good chunk of it—but because his wish shoots through you like lightning,
“Gonna come all over that pretty face.”
Even though you want that, too, it wasn’t the plan you had in mind.
Shaking your head, you move his hand away and give him a lopsided smile. “Not this time.”
Yoongi’s new expression is adorable, but you waste no time in clarifying—not without a slight hint of shyness,
“I want it somewhere else…”
Yoongi furrows his brows impossibly deep, his chest rising and falling with labored breaths. “Where, baby girl.”
Lowering yourself back down, you answer,
“My mouth.”
“The fuck,” he groans, eyes shutting as you seize command again.
Your hands and mouth cover him completely—sucking, pumping, twisting. You feel him twitching with an impending explosion, and you rake your nails down one of his thighs before moving them right to his balls. 
More curses shoot from his mouth as he arches his back higher than before, and you know he’s close before he even tells you. 
With one last thought, you clutch his sack with one hand while reaching up to twist one of his nipples, wanting every bit of his pleasure to come from you and you alone. 
And you moan around him when it works like a charm. 
Nothing but your name rips from his throat as he spills into your mouth, hot and milky and distinguishable on your tongue. Spurt after spurt paints your cavern, and you love the way his cock twitches with each angry release.
It’s yours. All yours yours yours and you claim it with a possessiveness you will deny in the morning. Globs slide down your gullet, and you twirl your tongue to gather everything you missed. 
Above you, Yoongi’s body locks, fists solid and creating taut mountain peaks out of his sheets. When you suck through his orgasm, a long, guttural moan is blocked by his closed lips, and he flexes his arms forward, feline and feral. 
You already know you can never have Yoongi, no matter what.
But this Yoongi—flustered, out of control, and fucked out of his mind—is the Yoongi you want all to your fucking self.
Breathing hard and watching him come, you’re positive that he is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen in your life.
Finally, with one last exhale, his high passes. And a realization floods your mind. 
Holy fuck.
You just swallowed Yoongi’s cum. 
Nothing but shaky breaths fill the room, and you take time to steady your pulse and relax your aching throat. Fuck, it’s gonna be sore. Damn, you’re lucky that you have tomorrow off because—
Something causes you to snap your gaze upward.
And any breaths you were going to take cease.
Because there have been many significant snapshots in your life, some of them only involving yourself, your friends, and more recently the very man in front of you. 
But this moment? With you stripped bare and on your knees while he worships you from above? 
Something in you clicks.
And clicks hard.
Yoongi’s voice has never been hoarser as he commands, “Open that goddamn mouth.”
You oblige, tongue out and all.
“Fuck.” He snags your chin with force, and the fervor with how he growls sends sparks along your skin, 
“Come here. Get the fuck up.” 
Bubbling with mirth, you rush to mount him as he hoists you by the arms, and you kiss him square on the lips with punished knees digging into his forgiving mattress. Fuck, the bends in your legs are sore. But you’ll live. 
Yoongi seizes the back of your head and looks at you, clenching his fingers with words on the tip of his tongue. But he says nothing in the end, simply shaking his head and kissing you one more time. 
Everything you wanted to happen happened. 
And you’d like to think he enjoyed it just as much as you did, so you can now sleep peacef—
“Get up.”
“Sit up.”
Confused, you wince at the sting in your legs as you’re situated in his bare lap. As your entrance rests right against his cock, both of you groan while most likely thinking the same thing. 
“What are you doing,” you whisper, watching his complete look of satisfaction at how ragged your voice sounds. The pout you make only widens his smile. 
Instead of responding verbally, Yoongi reaches behind his neck to unclasp one of his chains. And you don’t know where things are going until your heartbeat jumps ten paces. 
Because he slips the silver necklace around your neck before taking off the heavier one, admiring the view when both of them rest against your slippery chest. 
What is he doing?
This feels borderline intimate. 
It’s enough to render you speechless, and you can only breathe as he runs his fingers along the links, the back of his hand brushing the side of your breast. 
“They look much better on you.”
You still don’t know what the hell to say, feeling a lovely weight on your neck and an enchanting burden in your chest. 
“Hey,” Yoongi whispers, lifting your chin. “You okay?”
“Oh. More than okay,” you admit. “I just…” 
When you see him tilt his head and wait for your answer, you finally notice that you’re unbothered. Truly unbothered. About today, about your friends, about what you heard on the phone. 
But more importantly, you’re unbothered about being naked in front of him. You aren’t thinking about how you look, or how he thinks you look. All you’ve been focused on this entire time has been him, and you haven’t had this much fun in the bedroom. Ever. 
“I’m really happy right now,” you finally beam, and you want to bottle the feeling you have in your heart and shelve it for every rainy day you’ll ever live through. 
Right next to the bottle that keeps the look in Yoongi’s eyes.
You yelp as he suddenly tugs on his chains to pull you forward, and your lips are captured in a way that has your toes curling. 
Before you know it, you’re being lowered onto rumpled sheets, and a pair of fingers between your legs jolts you upwards. “Yoongi?”
“Who said we were done?” 
“But this was about you,” you gasp as you feel his fingers slide up your dripping folds with more pressure. 
“I know. This is still for me.” 
What the hell? You were already set on not receiving anything tonight. If anything, you could take care of yourself after he passed out. So what’s he doing? Why is he saying this is for him? “How?”
“I love seeing you like this.”
You can only blink. “...Really?”
“Yeah. And I love seeing you come.” 
“You do?“ 
Yoongi’s gaze lands on the jewelry resting on your chest. “So fucking much.” 
“Oh,” is all you can muster, lust coming back with a vengeance and twisting your core.  
And you wait until his eyes travel upwards, slowly but surely, until they connect with yours. “Let’s see how many times you got, dirty girl.” 
Oh, fuck.
He shifts to sit up, ordering you to change positions as he slips his sweatpants back on. “Slide up here for me.” 
Obeying, you wince at the discomfort in your knees as you make your way to the head of his mattress. 
Yoongi joins you immediately, his warmth pressing deliciously into your side. With a flick of his chin, he continues, “Hands under the headboard. Uh huh.” 
Well. You didn’t expect this. And you’re ten times more excited for what’s in store for you, especially since Yoongi decided to keep all of his clothes on. The pretty tension has you thrumming with heat and nerves.
Instead of going between your legs, he starts with fingers to your mouth. “Open up one more time, doll.”
You gladly take two of his digits in like you were built for it, slathering your tongue all over them and humming at the quick curse at your ear.
“So filthy,” he chuckles through a smile. As he slides his fingers out, he rubs them over your lips before clutching your chin. “I fucking love it.” 
You bite your lip before you can help it, knowing you won’t be prepared for anything he’s going to do to you. 
And you quickly learn how right you are. 
Yoongi seizes complete command of your body, fingering you at the perfect pace while latching lips onto your neck. Both movements cause you to tense up, your palms pressing into the bottom of his headboard and your back arching. 
Shit, it already feels so good and it’s only been seconds! 
Your legs are forced more open before Yoongi dips his digits in again, sliding up your drenched walls and laughing derisively at your throat.
“Sucking me off got you this wet, huh?”
Whimpering, you can only nod, shifting your hips to feel more of the friction he’s giving. You don’t know how aroused he looks as he watches your bouncing chest, but you do hear what he whispers. Because it emblazons itself on your neck. 
“What a whore.” 
“Fuck, Yoongi,” you whine, thoroughly turned on and shuddering at the way his laughs slide down your column. Shameful, you admit to yourself that you can listen to him talk like that for hours. 
When he suddenly slaps your cunt, you lose it, feeling the strain in your body as a moan tries to escape your clenched teeth. 
Holy fuck, how are you already this close? Did you really attain this amount of arousal just by giving him head? You knew you were outright delighted but damn, his fingers see no resistance at all. 
The silver around your neck slides a little towards your collarbone. As you wonder why he decided to don you with his chains, Yoongi takes advantage and leans down, latching lips onto one of your nipples and pulling a moan from your throat. 
“Oh, my god.” 
You want to throw your hands around his neck. Dig your fingers in his angry locks. But the way your hands grip the headboard, you’re too afraid to let go. They feel permanently welded, and you can only tighten them as you thrash underneath him. 
He fucking knows it, too, taking his time to lick around your breast before nicking again. And with so many sparks filling your body to the brim, you already see the edge. It’s so close close close and you’re trying to get the right words out to tell him. 
He has the audacity to laugh, staccato puffs in your ear. “I feel you sucking me in. You can’t hide, baby girl.” 
“Fuck,” you gasp, knowing he’s completely right. But you can’t help it. Your body wants every inch of his and the friction is feeding the thrums in your core.
Yoongi suddenly grabs the back of your neck, holding you in place and causing your jaw to slacken. 
“Whose pussy is this?” 
What the fuck! You didn’t expect that. And you know how you want to answer, but your words come out ridiculously slurred from lust. 
“What was that?” 
“Yours! Oh, fuck…” 
“Mmhmm.” With one final stroke, he agrees, “All mine.”
Pure light wipes your vision as you come, groaning through your lips as your body snaps into place. Your arms are taut, straining as you squeeze his headboard like a lifeline. Over and over and over, your cunt clenches around Yoongi’s fingers, and he hums above you, long and rough. 
It doesn’t matter that you end up a panting mess, nor does it matter that your legs are yelling to be closed. Because he’s already keeping an agonizing pace on your throbbing walls without reprieve.
“You wanna be a cumslut so bad? Prove it.” 
“Taking my dick and my fingers so well.” He slaps your cunt again, and the squelch it makes will embarrass you even days later. “Still such a whore for me.” 
You don’t know why the hell that turns you on, but it does. Goddamn, it does, and he knows how much it affects you by the way you milk his fingers despite already coming. 
He laughs even deeper this time, and it sends shivers down your chest all the way to your toes. Watching the way you writhe beneath him, he goads, “That’s it, doll. Fuck, I love seeing you in my shit.”
“Almost wanna show you off.”
Damn, you want that, too. Holy shit, you want the same thing, and just imagining that being a possibility gets you frighteningly close to another edge. 
And you need the plunge. No one will take that away from you. Even him. If he edges you even once, you’ll finish your goddamn self.
“Yoongi, I’m close.”
“Then come for me, love.”
Your coil snaps again, harder than the last and making you a shuddering mess. Later, you’ll think about what he said, but your mind is completely void for now. Tears start leaking out of your ducts from the onslaught of pleasure wracking your bones, and you let out a quick sob from feeling so overwhelmed.
Yoongi’s saying things in your ear again, but you really can’t discern them. Praises, insults, anything in between—you don’t know. All you know is that your brain is exploding with lust and satisfaction and you don’t know when the high will ever subside. 
But, after an eternity and a half, you start to float back onto soft, damp sheets. Your muscles relax bit by bit, and the fingers above your head unlatch from the dark wood of his headboard. 
Fuck. Your hands hurt. But you slowly close them to combat the strain. 
With your eyes slipped shut, you’re surprised to feel Yoongi’s lips on yours, inhaling shock through your nose at the second stolen kiss of the night. Instead of your palms, you reach to place your wrists on his shoulders, twisting your body to press fully into his front. 
His heartbeat…
It might be quicker than yours. 
Softly, one of your hands is cradled in his fingers before your palm is rubbed with care. One circle, then another, and another. Voice so deep that it’s more of a rumble than a sentence, Yoongi asks, “Do they hurt?”
“A little,” you admit. “But you’re helping.” 
You don’t know what time it is, but you don’t exactly care. It could be any hour of any day and you would still banish the rest of the world from your mind. Because it only exists in this moment. With him massaging your hand while carrying tiny moons in his eyes. 
He’s ethereal.
“You don’t have to stay tomorrow.” 
Blinking hard, you struggle to comprehend what Yoongi just said. 
What? What did he mean by that? 
Your heart rushes up your bruised throat before you squeak out, “Why not?” 
Yoongi kisses your forehead. “Your friends on your case. Spend time with them. Don’t worry just cus of me.” 
Oh. He doesn’t know that you took care of that.
Why does he have to be so considerate? This doesn’t make things easy.
“It’s okay,” you murmur, reaching with your free hand to cradle his cheek. “I was gonna see them… But after this week, since…” 
He just watches you. 
“Things’ll go back to normal.” 
Yoongi darts his eyes across your face, silent. When he only nods, a piece of you breaks, but you try your hardest not to let him see it. 
There won’t be time for walks, or water fights, or waking up to his arm around your waist. Because this week reserved a pocket universe in time—a space just for the two of you to have. And it’s one you truly don’t ever want to leave. 
From the way that Yoongi claims your lips, you want to think he feels the same. It’s at least nice to keep pretending.
But you know he’s doing it to make you feel better, though it devastates you all the same. 
Because a week is quickly not becoming enough. You want more time. You need it. 
Yoongi stops with a breath, and runs a hand along the side of your head.
“Get some rest, doll.”
“You, too.”
“I will,” he whispers. “And listen. About tomorrow.” 
He stares at you just a bit longer, caressing your cheek and keeping his mouth shut. 
It’s strange. You’ve only been able to read him a few times before. But now, you’re sure that you see a thousand thoughts run across his eyes, and they remind you of meteor showers you used to watch outside when you were young. When life wasn’t complicated. When the furthest thing from your mind was a broken heart. 
But at his next words, your heart swells. 
And you don’t need to worry about it breaking just yet.
“I’m all yours.”
…Maybe Reia was right.
tbc. :) 
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
BTS Reaction|| Meeting Big Family [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June 2022
Ever since you dropped the bomb that you would be taking Jin to see your family he had been non-stop cooking for you. Making everything he knew how to so he could take it with you as a "peace treaty" for making you spend so much time with him instead of you.
"I told you, you didn't need to bring so much food..." You whispered to Jin as you both stood in the yard of your aunties home. There was a huge table completely covered with food that everyone had bought along with them. 
"I wanted to make a good impression," He told you as he watched people going toward the table, everyone taking different bits of food that were laid out.
"You already did, when you met my mum a few months ago." You reminded him of the time he'd accidentally met your mother while you were both out shopping together. She'd taken you both to get a hot drink whilst wanting to get to know Jin and she loved him. It was the reason he'd been invited to such a big family event, she never would have extended an invite if she didn't like him.
"This is different...this is your family and your extended family, I need to make sure they like me," He was stuttering a little as he watched people taking some of his food. His cheeks suddenly flamed red as he began to overthink everything he had done about the food. Even if it was meals he made all of the time it still made him worry that he'd cooked it wrong or not added the right amount of ingredients. 
"What if they don't like it?" He panicked suddenly and you grabbed his hand, squeezing it softly to let him know he wasn't alone.
"They'll love it, but they love you more." You promised him. You already knew how much your uncles were loving him since they'd been exchanging corny jokes with one another since he got here.
"Besides, if you wow them with your cooking, you'll never get a peaceful weekend again. They'll be wanting to spend more time with us," You teased as he seemed to relax at the mention of it.
Tumblr media
"What was your mother's favourite flower again? O-Or her favourite meal?" You heard Yoongi's question as he looked at you, the two of you standing at the front door of your parent's house. In the six months that you had been dating, you'd never seen Yoongi so nervous about something. All week long he had been asking you different questions about your family, even writing them down and coming up with topic discussions he could use. On the drive over the questions had been getting more and more frantic as he tried to remember everything he wanted to talk about with your parents. All he wanted to do was make a good first impression to your family since he knew there was a large group he would be meeting.
"Will you just relax? It's going to be fine Yoongi," You smiled at him, brushing off his jacket before kissing him deeply, 
"Wel...I didn't need to see that," Your dad joked as he opened the door,
"S-Sir! I'm so sorry!" Yoongi instantly pulled away from you, making you giggle a little as he began apologising to your father again and again. 
"Relax Yoongi, it's totally fine." He wrapped his arm around Yoongi's shoulder and began to take him on a tour of the house. Playfully teasing him sometimes while Yoongi looked to you to make sure he was allowed to laugh.
"Here, I'll leave you with her brothers." You instantly rushed over to Yoongi, whispering that everything was going to be fine.
"Welcome to the lion's den!" Your eldest brother called out, stealing Yoongi away and going to question him on everything that the two of you were doing. How long you'd been seeing one another, what his intentions with you were. Everything Yoongi had avoided with your father coming out through your brothers.
"Can we not scare my boyfriend please?" You asked, squeezing yourself into the spot beside Yoongi so he didn't have to go through all of this alone.
Tumblr media
You'd lost Hoseok the second you walked through the door, first your aunties had taken him and then your cousins but now you couldn't find him anywhere in sight. You worried that he was panicking somewhere. He hadn't told you he was nervous but you could tell that he was by the way he'd changed his outfit four times and questioned you about everyone that was going to be at the party.
"Hobi?" You called out to the basement, your brothers were usually hiding out down there during big family events and you worried he'd been taken hostage by them. Ever since your cousins had finished with Hoseok your brothers took him and began to lecture him about never hurt you.
"I'm coming down," You called out again before slowly walking down the steps and into the small room that was there.
"Hobi..." You trailed off slowly to see him nodding at whatever your brothers were saying to him, 
"One last thing," Your eldest brother said as he sat across from Hoseok, your youngest brother standing beside him,
"If you ever hurt her, we will turn your insides into outsides," The youngest warned as you rolled your eyes at them. They'd been watching too many movies lately so you put your hands on Hoseok's shoulders startling him a little. 
"Relax, they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag with a hole in it. You're safe." You smirked kissing Hoseok on the lips as he blushed a deep shade of crimson, 
"I would never hurt you anyway, so they have nothing to worry about." He told you with so much confidence you couldn't help but smile brightly at him,
"Gross, I'm out if you're going to do love and cute stuff," Your youngest grumbled as he began to run up the stairs toward the rest of the party. 
"Anyone else leaving? Cause I plan on kissing my boyfriend ALLL NIGHT LOONGGGG!" You yelled making them all scatter out of the room making Hoseok smirk a little.
"My hero," He chuckled before kissing you deeply, praying that no one else would come and bother you for a while.
Tumblr media
The whole time Namjoon had been worrying about getting your brothers and dad's approval he had been worrying about the wrong thing. He knew that the moment he walked through the door and your mother and her sisters all took him away from you. You laughed at the idea of him being trapped with them all, drinking tea while they gossiped about things.
"When you propose you have to let us know, that way we can make sure her nails are done and she looks her best," Your auntie explained as she poured him a cup of tea and smiled at him, Namjoon felt himself blushing as he thought about proposing. The two of you hadn't been dating long but he knew what they were saying was coming from a good place.
"Sure, of course." Namjoon nodded his head, 
"Don't say things like that to him, they've only been dating for a few months!" Your mother scolded making Namjoon blush as he sipped on the tea he was being given, while your mother shook her head at her sisters.
"You don't have to worry about them, they're all bark and no bite." She laughed before leaning closer to him, 
"But if you hurt my daughter you'll have to worry about me," He nodded at her, there was nothing on this planet that would ever make Namjoon want to hurt you. To him, you were one of the best things that had ever happened in his life.
"I never want to hurt Yn, I love her...A lot," She smiled warmly at him and chuckled a little,
"Then it's settled, no hurting and everything will be okay." You crept around the corner and smirked seeing Namjoon a little uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting. 
"Dad said food is ready," It was a lie but you'd do anything to rescue Namjoon right now.
Tumblr media
Jimin had been overly nervous about everything all week but the second you'd arrived at the house all of his worries melted away. Your family seemed to take him in as though he was their own, inviting him to come and cook and eat with them. Everyone seemed to adore him and the ground that he walked on. But right now you were searching the entire house looking for him, the last you saw him he was with your mother setting up the picnic table but that was 30 minutes ago and the table was ready.
"Auntie, have you seen Jimin? He was with mum but mum said he left to go to the bathroom," You walked closer to your auntie who was giggling at something out of the window, she pointed over at the garden and you felt your body heating up. All of your cousins were gathered around Jimin leaning in closely and listening to whatever he was saying to them. Even though you were far away you could see the hint of a blush spreading across Jimin's cheeks as he spoke.
"Jimin?" You laughed as you headed over to them all, wanting to see what the big deal was and why everyone seemed to be watching him so intently. Some of your cousins smiled a little too friendly at him while they played with their hair. 
"What's going on?"
"I was just telling them about the date we had in the meadow," He blushes as you walked closer and sat down beside him, annoying one of your cousins who'd been sitting a little too closely to Jimin for your liking. 
"Oh yeah? Did you tell them about the part where we made flower crowns for each other?" You smiled looking at your boyfriend. It was one of the first dates the two of you had been on and it was still your absolute favourite.
"You mean you made them, I just watched while my beautiful partner did all of their amazing work," You smiled brightly at him, kissing him softly on the lips earning a groan from some of the girls watching you. 
"I love you," You whispered to him before he smiled and tugged you to sit on his lap with a brighter smile. Even though he'd been so nervous about this all week he was happy he'd done this with you.
"I love you too," He kissed you deeply as your cousins all began to lose interest and walk away from you both.
Tumblr media
Taehyung seemed to get along well with your extended family, more so than you did. Ever since you arrived a few hours ago he'd done nothing but play with your nieces and nephews, entertained your uncles whilst doing karaoke and helped your mother clean up after the huge party. Now you were wandering around looking for him since the two of you had an early flight the next morning.
"Where's Tae?" You asked as you walked into the kitchen, your mother and auntie were doing the dishes together. 
"Putting the kids to sleep, he's good like that." Your auntie smirked, you didn't miss the smug look she gave you. You rolled your eyes at her, 
"I grew out of reading them to sleep," You smirked back at her. It was only a playful thing between the two of you. Ever since you'd started dating Taehyung you stopped spending so much time with your whole family, trying to focus on your relationship. Which she understood and joked with you about from time to time.
You headed up the stairs toward one of the bedrooms. All of them were taken for the night since the kids always stayed over after a large party. It gave the adults more time to relax and have a few drinks together,
"What happened next?!" Someone yelled as you walked into the guest bedroom to see Taehyung surrounded by all of the kids. Their eyes tracked onto him and they didn't look as though they were going to be sleeping. Not for a while at least.
"The dragon flew down and stole the Princess away from the knight," He yelled out making the boys and girls gasp before you sat down behind Taehyung. You smiled laying your head down on his shoulder and deciding that now would be the best time to end the story or he'd be here all night long.
"Then the dragon transformed into a beautiful prince and they lived happily ever after the end." You smirked at the kids who began whining that the story was over.
"Why did you end it?" Taehyung laughed as you shook your head at him.
"Because they'll sit and ask questions now until they sleep, trust me. If you kept going you'd be here all night." Just as you finished your sentence all of the kids began to question him on information about the princess, the dragon and the knight wanting to go into depth about everything.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was used to big family events since everyone at HYBE does a yearly get-together with family and friends. When you first told him you'd be having a game night with your family he'd been more than excited about it.
"Go to jail," You read out the card you had for Jungkook and he gasped dramatically, dragging you onto his lap as he shook his head. 
"I have a get out of jail card, so you can bite me," He joked with you, quickly kissing you as you whined and pushed him away. 
"So rude, imagine hiding that card away from your own girlfriend," You mumbled, rolling your dice and moving onto his space.
"Oh babe, I never said I would play nice. Hand over the cash," Your uncles chuckled as they watched the two of you being so normal together, they'd been worried he would put up a front in front of them. 
"It's nice to see you so calm together," Your uncle told Jungkook as you both looked over at him, waiting for everyone to play their moves.
"We were worried you'd be one of those fake ones that pretend to be something their not," Your auntie added making you smile. You were over the moon that Jungkook seemed to be relaxed in front of your family.
"I wanted to make a good impression and I thought I could do that by being myself," He blushed a little and you smiled, kissing his cheek softly. 
"You have, welcome to the family." Your dad said as he placed a drink down for Jungkook.
Tumblr media
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