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jungkookismydaddy · 3 days ago
“You’ll be fine. It’s just a bruised shoulder. It’s possible you may have torn something, so if I were you, I’d settle my ass down and start listening.” Jin noticed when his words sunk in because as soon as he finished speaking, you shook your head and lowered your eyes. Good. “I know you think you’re going to escape, but that won’t be the case. I am simply trying to help you understand. We belong together. I love you, y/n. You’re mine and no one else can have you!”
Jin’s breathing picked up, and for a moment he thought he would lose control, but when he caught a single tear rolling down your cheek he paused. Getting on one knee, he sighed and calmed his voice. “Now, as far as your shoulder, I’m going to be removing you from this chair and placing you on the bed. You have to promise me you’ll be a good girl, or I’ll have to make sure that you are.” The glimmer of a metal tip caught your eye and Jin smirked.
He held the blade out completely and the gasp you released made his dick twitch. “You don’t want to test me, do you, y/n? I can be very sweet and loving, but if you disobey me, I’ll have to put you back in your place.” The edge of the blade barely brushed over the cheek where your tear had fallen and before Jin could help himself, he leaned in and licked the salty droplet from your face. Untying you, he lifted you into his arms and then sat you on the bed in the room next door.
“There. Let’s stop all this silly crying and get you out of these clothes. You must be exhausted." He began undoing your shoes making sure you were pliant the entire time. When he went to undo your hands, he thought better of it. “I’m sorry, darling, but I’m going to have to keep these ties. You have to prove to me that you won’t be like all the other vicious bitches. You’re not like anyone else, but today you’ve tested my patience. I promise to be so good to you. Just be my good girl.”
As he spoke these words against the shell of your ear, his hand traveled to your thigh and slowly began to creep up until it settled right at your cunt. He cupped it and leaned in to steal a kiss from you. This would be your first test and he was eager to see if you’d comply.🌙
The pain of what he’d just done to your shoulder still had a dizzying effect on you. How could he be so casually cruel to you like that and then just act like everything was okay? You didn’t try to argue with him this time though, feeling as though keeping your mouth shut was what was best for your self-preservation.
It was then that you felt his hand cup you between your legs, and you shuddered involuntarily, again, not saying anything. His lithe fingers with their gentle, teasing, ministrations felt like a threat. He was in control here, and he wanted you to know it. It was a reminder that he could do whatever he wanted and you would just have to take it.
When he leaned in for a kiss, you turned your head to the side, hoping he’d be satisfied simply to kiss your cheek but he grabbed your jaw roughly, forcing you to turn your head back to face him. This time you didn’t try to pull away or try to fight him. You allowed him to plant a kiss on your lips. He kissed you more gently than you had expected him to and his lips felt as soft as they looked. It wasn't as unpleasant as you'd thought it would be. When he pulled away you saw a trace of a satisfied smirk. He thought he’d broken you.
"Seokjin, if I'm good...and I do what you want...will you let me go?"
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heartbreakmotel13 · 5 months ago
Fire Drill | Imaginary Friend Hoseok x Child Reader
Tumblr media
Plot: if unlucky had a definition, it would be your name. Growing up in a household with abusive parents, your life isn’t easy. Then one day, you meet Hoseok aka Hobi, your best friend who distracts you from your gruesome upbringing. One day the two of you plan a surprise for your parents and he just knows they’re going to love it.
Trigger warnings: Child abuse, dark theme, death, mental illness
“Hobi! Where’d you go?” Worry grew through your little body as you were not able to find your friend in a game of hide and seek.
You have checked every corner, and even peeked behind every curtain but he was nowhere to be found.
What if you’d never find him? What if today was the last time you’d ever see him? What if Hobi didn’t wanted to be your friend anymore? You fidgeted with your fingers as a familiar feeling washed over you. “Hobi?” Pressure started to build up in your chest as your eyes shifted around the room. This feeling was really uncomfortable and you’d do anything to get rid of it.
“Hobi!” You called out again as your lip trembled, your eyes starting to burn. “Are you gone?” You whispered.
“Boo!” Your body shook as Hoseok jumped in front of you. A loud giggle escaped from you as you ran over and hugged him.“I thought I lost you, Hobi!” He always told you to be honest with him so you knew it was the right thing to tell him about your honest feelings.
“But I’m right here, silly!” He laughed.
You smiled at him as you let go. “I want to play something else now.” You hummed as you tried to think of another game to play.
“How about tag?” You leaned in and touched him. “Tag, you’re it!” You made a run for it and giggled as you turned your head to look at Hoseok chasing you.
You crashed into something and next you heard your mother’s scream. The new potted plant that she bought earlier at the market was now laying on the floor in pieces. You didn’t mean to, it was an accident! You turned to look at her but she was already making her way towards you. “Mommy! I’m sorry!” She raised her hand, slapping you across the face. The impact burnt into your skin and you soon burst into tears.
Mommy’s food wasn’t the best but you always forced it down in fear of getting a beating. The potatoes were too mushy, the greens too crunchy and the meat was too salty, but you didn’t say a word about today’s dinner.
Before you met Hoseok, you rejected eating the meal mother has prepared. It was once and never again. She grabbed your face, pried your mouth open, and repeatedly slammed the metal spoon into your mouth, causing your gum to bleed due to the constant hitting against it. The peas rolled into your throat and in turn you choked, vomiting. It didn’t end there. You were forced to eat your vomit.
The thought alone made you lose your appetite.
You looked up and saw Hobi pull funny faces at you which made you laugh. “Hobi! Hobi! Look!” You pulled your cheeks and rolled your eyes, you couldn’t stop laughing.
“What in the flying fuck is the matter with you?” Father’s stern voice brought you back to reality and you froze.
“Can’t you teach this piece of shit some manners or do I have to do everything in this damn house?” He slammed the table, causing your cup to tip over.
“Excuse me? You have no idea how hard it is for me!” Mother gritted her teeth as she shot a glare at father. “I am stuck at home with this bastard child all day, while you’re lazing around at work!”
“Lazing around at work? With which money did you think you bought that expensive bag yesterday?! You ungrateful bitch!”
You slid off the chair, pushing it back before you slowly backed off from your parents as their argument got louder. You covered your ears as you turned and left the living room, retreating to your bedroom. It was the only place in the house where you’re left alone. It was a safe haven.
“Why are mommy and daddy so mean, Hobi?” You asked your best friend as you held onto your plushie tight. “I was a good girl today.”
“You’re the bravest, smartest, cutest little girl I’ve ever seen, it’s not your fault that they can’t see that!” Hobi grinned as he did a silly dance to distract you. You giggled as you dropped your plushie and joined along. Hoseok was your bestest friend in the whole wide world.
“Can’t you act normal for once?!” Mother stood at the doorway. “You’re the reason this family is falling apart! I don’t want to hear a word from you tonight, you hear me? Leave this room and I’ll beat the shit out of you!”
You nodded and looked down. “Mommy, what about brushing my teeth-“
“What did you not understand about ‘not hearing a word from you tonight?’ You really are stupid.” Right, how could you not understand such a simple thing? You really were a dumb kid.
You watched as your mom closed the door. You and Hoseok played a few more games before you and him read a book together. You fell asleep, hoping that mommy will let you go to school tomorrow, so you could see the sweet teacher and your fun friends.
“Hey, wake up! Wake up!” You opened your eyes and saw Hoseok bouncing up and down in excitement. “Hobi?” Your rubbed your eyes and turned to your side. “I’m sleepy.” You yawned before closing your eyes. “Let’s surprise your parents. I got a great idea, if you give them this gift, they will be nice to you!” He promised. At that you opened your eyes. “Really?” Thats all you wanted, for your parents to love you. “Yes, really.” He promised.
You got out of your bed. “First, we need to go to the garage.” He explained. You tiptoed out of your room. You didn’t forget about your mother’s words so you sneaked out. Then you slowly and carefully walked to the garage. “We need that.” Hoseok pointed. You picked up the item, it was heavy and the liquid inside swayed as you took big steps. “What do we need this for? Doesn’t daddy use this for the car?” You asked, confused. “We are going to make fireworks for mommy and daddy.” He smiled. Fireworks? You squealed. “Whoa! That’s so cool!” You then quickly quitened down so you didn’t wake up your parents.
You put the jerry can on the floor in the living room. “Gee, that’s really heavy!” You sighed. “Phew!” You took a deep breath as you rested.
Hoseok pointed to the kitchen. “Now, we need matches.” You hurried to the kitchen. “I know where those are! Mommy always uses them for the stove!” You grabbed a chair and shoved it to the drawers, climbing on the chair and retrieving the box. You jumped off the chair and went back to the living room. “Good job, I knew you could do it!” You smiled at the praise. “Now, let’s make the fireworks. First we need the magic liquid.” You took the jerry can and twisted the cap open. “Perfect, we need to spread it all over the house!” You did as you were told, following Hoseok all over the house in glee as you coated all floors and items with the magic liquid that would create fireworks.
“Uhm, Hobi. I don’t think we should go into the bedroom. Mommy and daddy says I can’t go in.” You warned as you stopped in front of the door.
Hobi smiled and crouched down in front of you. “But we want to give them a super cool surprise, right?” He rubbed your shoulders. “We need to go inside. Imagine how happy they’ll be, maybe they’ll even take you to a theme park tomorrow!” He beamed at you. You’ve never been to a theme park before, and you were excited. “We just have to be very very quiet, can you do that for me?” You nodded, feeling proud of the responsibility he trusted you with.
You stood on your toes and tip toed into their room. They were fast asleep in their bed “They’re naked! Why aren’t they wearing pajamas too?” You whispered to Hoseok. “I don’t think you want to know, let’s not worry about that, now, let’s spread some magic all over!” You nodded, disposing the last bit of liquid all over the room.
“Now we need the matches.” You already held them in your hand when Hobi mentioned them. “Light it, and then give it to the magic liquid and we will have fireworks.” You have closely watched your mother do it every time she started the stove. It took a couple of tries but finally you were holding a lightened match. You dropped it onto the floor but something wasn’t right. This wasn’t fireworks, this was fire!
You gasped as you stepped back. “H-Hobi?” The fire rapidly spread from the floor to the mattress. “What the hell?” Your father jumped up and shouted. Oh no, you’ll get into trouble! You turned around and ran out of the room, quickly going to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you before you hid under your bed. You didn’t want father to beat you up like he did last time. “Hobi? Where are you? That wasn’t fireworks!” You winced. “Fire is bad!”
You wasn’t sure what was happening but you heard your mother’s pained shrieks echo through the house. No, this wasn’t right.
The room around you was starting to feel warm, hot even, and pitch dark smoke was crawling into your room. This was scary, really scary. “Hobi! Hobi!” You cried out in fear. You didn’t know what to do. “I need help!” The smoke was starting to fill up your room and even though this never happened to you before, you knew this was bad, really bad.
“Hobi...” You called out, your voice growing weak as you laid your head on the floor. “Help..” You coughed. The room was spinning. Your lungs weren’t working like usual, every breath you took in burnt your insides.
“How did this happen? I don’t understand..” You stirred at a familiar voice. “As far as we know they didn’t have any enemies. Who would burn down a house with an innocent family?” Then you heard an unknown voice. “I am so sorry for your loss, the child has inhaled a big amount of smoke, but we expect a full recovery. The child psychologist is on her way now. Please let us know if we can help you with anything.”
You opened your eyes and was surprised to see that you were in a hospital room.
“Oh, sweetie!” You looked over and saw grandma and grandpa. “My poor baby.” Grandma held your hand as she wiped away her tears with the other hand. “Grandma? But- what- why-“ You stammered. “There was a really bad fire at your house. Your mom and dad... they..” Grandma started crying and grandpa stood by her side. “Your mom and dad didn’t make it.” Grandma sniffled. “They didn’t make it?” You repeated. “They died. They weren’t able to escape.” You didn’t know what to say to that or how to respond.
Nonetheless, your grandparents spoiled you. Grandpa went ahead and got you McDonald’s, while grandma watched cartoons with you. You spent a few hours with them before a nice lady came to have a chat with you about the event that went down at your home.
“Hobi told me that we’d make fireworks, I, I didn’t know that daddy’s jerrycan and using mommy’s matches would create a fire, I really didn’t know, or else I would’ve told Hobi no. I’m sorry!” You murmured as you looked down, fearing you were in trouble.
“Hobi? Who is that, sweetie?” The person questioned. “My bestest friend in the whole wide world..” You smiled at the mention of his name.
“Where is he now?” The lady asked, growing worried about this unknown older friend who might be the culprit the police was looking for.
“We played in the hallway earlier. We played tag!” The doctor raked up her memory and then remembered. “But you were running down the hallway all by yourself. There was no one there-“
“No, Hobi was there with me. Didn’t you see?” You insisted. The doctor frowned.
“Did Hobi tell you to light the house on fire?” She wrote in her folder.
You gasped at the accusation. You’d never, and Hobi would never do such thing either. “N-no! I think Hobi didn’t know! It was an accident, we were going to make fireworks, please don’t be mad at him, he didn’t do anything wrong!” You denied.
The woman nodded, a sad smile on her face as she looked at you. “You and ‘Hobi’ aren’t in trouble dear.” The doctor put a hand on your shoulder. “I want to help you and Hobi, so this kind of stuff won’t happen again. Alright?” You were skeptical but hopeful. You never wanted this to happen again. “Okay.” You nodded.
After the talk with the specialist, you spent more time with your grandparents as the sun set.
“Grandma, can I go home with you tonight?” You asked as you hugged her leg. Grandma went quiet, looking at grandpa, before she looked back at you. “No, sweetie.”
Grandma sat down on the chair in the hospital room. “Listen, sweetie.” Grandpa sat down next to grandma as he rubbed my back. Their faces seemed serious and you felt as if you misbehaved, and that’s why they won’t take you.
“The doctors have to take you to a special place for special children like you. You need to go there so they can help you.” Grandpa added. “In that place they’ll help you so you won’t see Hobi anymore. You will talk with nice people who understand kids like you, and they will give you medicine so Hobi will never ever bother you again.” Your heart started to beat faster.
“Then when you’re all better, you can live with me and grandma.” You ripped yourself out of your grandfather’s grip.
“W-what? No! No! Hobi is staying with me, he promised!” You shook your head as you dropped yourself to the floor. “I’m not going! I said no!” You kicked the floor as you screamed. “Sweetheart.” She whispered out, heartbroken. Of course she was the adult in this situation but she had her limits as well. First, she lost her daughter to a horrific fire, and not only that, she had to send her only granddaughter to a mental hospital. Then, she had the full custody and had to raise this damaged girl into a functioning adult.
You had to get out of this place. If they’d bring you to this special place with special treatments, you’d lose your best friend! Hobi, the person who was always there for you. Your best friend who could always cheer you up after enduring the abuse your own parents put you through.
You got up from the floor and made a run for it. You loved your grandparents and you’d like nothing more than to live with them and be spoiled with their attention and affection but if that meant losing your best friend , you’d rather sleep on the cold street!
“Hobi! We’ve gotta go!” You called out, running as fast as your little feet would take you, dodging all the objects and people in your way.
“Catch her!” You looked back at the nurse calling out.
Then you came to an halt. The security guard grabbed you by the arm. “No! No!” You begged. “Let me go! Let me go!” You pleaded. Your desperation turning into blind rage as your movements became more aggressive - biting, kicking, and hitting whoever tried to restrain you.
“Y/N!” Hobi called out as he reached out for your hand. But it was too late. You were dragged away by the security guard and was handed over to the hospital staff’s. Your behavior only caused more concern and after your grandparents signed the papers, you were brought to a mental institution.
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daydreambts · 7 months ago
as Jungkook begins to move faster, my hold on him became tighter. looping my arms around his neck, my hands tangle in his hair and tug at the strands. with the fast pace of his hips and the upwards angle, he repeatedly began hitting my g spot, causing a multitude of moans to leave my lips.
“oh fuck.. you’re doing so good..” praising Jungkook, i clench around him to drive him closer to his end. “so close, please..” i mumble before my climax fully rushes over me, making my back arch off the door and one final moan echo through the room. sensitive after i finished, i couldn’t help the small gasps and clenches as he kept moving once i was done, “come on, fill me up baby.. show me i’m all yours..”
Egged on by your moans, Jungkook thrust harder, grunting at the feeling of your fingers in his hair. "Fuck, babe--" he cursed when he felt you climax around him, shuddering as your inner walls squeezed his cock. "Cumming so good for me, going to fill you up--" He came, grinding against you, his face buried in your neck.
He remained still in that position for a few moments, before finally feeling his legs start to weaken. Holding you securely, he walked to the couch, practically collapsing on it with you on his lap. Giving you a sloppy kiss, he smirked. "You really made me impatient for you, babe, we nearly didn't make it back here. For a while there, I thought I was going to have to take you in that public bathroom."
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taesgrrrl · 2 months ago
in search for RP partners!!
hi!! i'm currently looking for new people to get to know and rp with! 💞 i'm looking for 1x1 bts rp partners who are 18+! i'd really love to make new friends while writing together. i do tend to write more literate and lengthy replies, so no one-liners, please! (obviously we don't need to match each others length or anything like that!). also replies will vary in time, because life has been really crazy for me at the moment, but i will always reply and will keep you updated when it is coming if it's taken longer then two days - i won't ever ghost! also i won't rush you for replies, so please don't rush me either. i (commonly) write mostly maknae line (i am open to others too! - i also have more experience writing taehyung but i do write as others as well!), and my usual ships are taekook, vmin, taegi etc. if nsfw is involved, i tend to prefer to write more dynamically as more of a switch/versatile character; however, i do tend to sway more towards sub/switch (although i am completely open to discussing something different!). i really love plotting together and do have some ideas floating around in my head, and if you have any ideas please don't be scared to share them with me! i'm also mostly open to everything, and love angst/fluff/slow burn, etc - i haven't done many supernatural themes but i'm open to trying something new! with darker themes i do have some hard limits, and i'm more than happy to discuss them with you if it's something you'd like to write! otherwise, i'm up for (generally) everything, and i can't wait to write with you! i'd really like to make new friends, advance my writing and creativity as well as making new long-term rp partners! i mainly use discord, but i do have kkt & line available as well! so if you've gotten through all that and you're interested please message me (or drop a like) here and i'll give you my id's! 💖🧚‍♂️thank you so much, i really look forward to hearing from you!!
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tataloved · a month ago
searching for krp partners!!
hi! i’m currently looking for rp partners! 💞
i’m looking for mainly fxm ships, and i am open to mxm and fxf too! i’m open to most groups as well (aka I don’t mind the group at all <3), e.g. blackpink, twice, bts, exo, red velvet & soloists etc. (i’m also open to oc’s using fc’s of course!).
please be 18+ years old! and i usually write literate and long replies as well.
if you’re interested please like this post or send me a message! i rp on discord, kkt or line, but i’m open to tumblr dm’s (no doubles sorry) and Twitter dms too.
anyway, i can’t wait to meet and rp with all of you! 💞💞💞
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heartshapedsmiles · 5 days ago
that’s that, i suppose.
taking yoongi applications!!
pls someone come complete my sope lmao
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gorehsk · 7 months ago
Please send in questions about the yandere!bts ૮₍ ≧ . ≦ ₎ა
Tumblr media
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kookiesjoonies · 3 months ago
would anyone be interested in doing a double rp with me? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 for bts obvs.
preferably on discord, but i’m open to other options! member x oc plots, i’d prefer smut to be included but ONLY if you’re 18+ pls.
send me a message or reply to this if you’re interested! rn i’m only taking one new partner btw!
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queendoom · a month ago
roleplay on discord!
1. i am looking to do double roleplays. in which i would play a member against your oc and you would do the same for mine! 
 2. for my triggers, they are pretty much the simple ones: self harm, suicide and rape. for this i am okay with them being mentioned but would rather not have details on those types of things. 
3. i am willing to rp from any kpop group, as long as you are comfy rping as a bts member in my oc rp!
4. dm me your pronouns, age and discord username and i will add you :D
 1. i prefer college!aus, slice of life 
 2. i love angst, romance, drama
3. i roleplay smut as long as you are 18+!
4.. if you give me a good plot / scenario i am usually up for just about anything.
1. when it comes to replies, i reply as often as i can!
2. my timezone is CEST
3. i do not rp member x member
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esotiric · 4 months ago
MxM | BTS RP! Searching for a Namjoon!
Like the tittle says! I write 3rd person literate, average length of replies are 140 minimum, often leaning to MxM. Orderly with replies and like to keep open communication with writing partners when I won't be available. I’m currently in search for one thing mainly and that is someone to roleplay BTS’s leader, Namjoon for my Hoseok. I know what you’re thinking; Why make an ad for such a popular group? Well that’s simple. I have yet to find a RM for my Jhope. I really want to develop this ship with a seasoned writer who’s willing to muse him? I am totally okay with an AU! This is just for fun. The platforms I often use for RP is LINE and Discord. If you’re interested, send me a message! reblogs and likes appreciated. Thank you for reading! Fingers crossed that my Jhope can find his RM!
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jungkookismydaddy · 11 days ago
Not two minutes passed before the door to the room you were in opened. Jin walked in, finding you on the floor facing the wall. He should’ve known his spirited little captive wouldn’t take this lying down. He snickered at his own joke. “My darling, why can’t you just cooperate? Hm?”
He heard you huff and then hiss. “What’s the matter, darling? Did you hurt yourself?” Jin attempted to reach for you, but you writhed and bucked against the restraints and tugged your arms further into the awkward position you were already holding.
“Stop it! I’m helping you.” But you didn’t comply, thrashing about surely making matters worse for your injury. Realizing his words weren’t getting through, he grabbed the back of the chair and yanked it up roughly, pulling you along with it. His ties were done well, so your body gets easily lifted and settled back into an upright position. He attempts to approach you, but once again you start behaving like a wild cat in a bag. Patience running thin, he simply grabs you by the throat and squeezes waiting for you to calm.
He admires your tenacity because at this point you should’ve passed out, but as he watches the flame slowly die down in your eyes, he revels in the fact that he was the one in control, not you . “Good girl. I like you just like this, compliant. Now tell me where you’re hurt so I can help you.” He lets go waiting for you to show him, but you don’t move. Your head is tilted to the side and you won’t even look at him. It was just like you to be a selfish bitch after everything he’s done for you. Why couldn’t you accept that he was the only person that should matter…that he was the only one that had been there for you countless times. All Jin wanted was a little respect and appreciation. 🌙
The shoulder that had taken the brunt of the damage from your awkward fall ached terribly and you began to choke back pained sobs as Seokjin loomed over you, studying you with a gaze that was seemingly full of concern. As much as you didn’t want any sort of help from him, the pain that was blooming was making you more docile than you normally would’ve been. You’d never been good with pain.
“My shoulder. The right one,” you sniffled, blinking back tears. “I think maybe it’s dislocated.” Seokjin made a move to touch it, but you flinched, pulling away as much as you could. 
“Noooo, please don’t. It really hurts bad...I think you need to drive me to the emergency room or something. Please?” You looked up at him with watery eyes, hoping to evoke some sympathy from the psycho who was formerly your friend.
A look of annoyance crossed his face and he grabbed at the shoulder of your sweater roughly, pulling it down so that your bare shoulder was exposed to him. He then squeezed your shoulder with what to you felt like as much force as he could muster. It was pure agony. You began screaming from the pain, and just as you felt like you couldn’t take it anymore, he let go.
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hxneyhope · 5 months ago
Opening this again!
I’m looking for new long-term roleplay partners since some of my others ended. If everything below seems fine to you then feel free to pm me.
-As of now I only do bxb (that might change later) whether it’s member x member, or member x male oc.
- I prefer a paragraph or more since it’s quite difficult to respond when you’re only given one line to go off of. Of course this could be discussed since they’re meant for fun and you shouldn’t have to stress about responses!
- Any ideas are welcome whether you have a plot that you want to try or just an idea that we could build off of. We can both share ideas that we have and decide where to go from there.
- I do ask that you tell me any triggers you have that way I know what I should and shouldn’t bring up.
- I’m okay with fluff, smut and angst all I ask is the angst to have some type of happy twist? Of course that doesn’t mean like a random happy ending, but I know sometimes plots with too much tend to get repetitive.
- I prefer to switch, just to change it up at times. While I would prefer a partner that switches as well I’m okay if you strictly sub/dom, really depends on what makes you comfortable.
- Lastly, I ask that you don’t ghost me, feel free to tell me if you’re no longer and we can find some way to change things or simply end it there! I get sometimes things pop up so you don’t always have to provide a warning.
This is all I can think of for now, but if it looks good to you feel free to message me!
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daydreambts · a month ago
Seokjin groaned as he felt you sink around him again, his hands moving to find purchase on yours hips, superficially guiding your movements. You looked like a vision, your hair falling in front of your eyes slightly and your stomach stretched slightly so he could see the outline of his cock plain and clear, nestled deep in your pussy. It blew his ego to a certain extent when he saw you have to bring your hand to your mouth in attempt to not give everyone an intimate encounter with your both’s sex life. As you sinked deeper on his cock, he threw his head back, biting his lips harshly, controlling his own moans, “Yes Princess making me feel so good…shit your wet pussy feels so good around me…so..good…and my princess looks so pretty bouncing on my cock…look so pretty like this baby” he grunted his own words sometimes minced or interrupted by the moans that threatened to spill out. Tightening his grip on your hips, he raised his hips to met you halfway, nearing closer to his release. “Princess I’m close….gonna stain you again baby, stain your little pussy…with what did you call it, hmm yes stain you so pretty with my love juices.” Hooking one hand to your clit he roughly rubbed figure 8s, his other hand going to rest near your mouth, “Gonna have to keep quiet baby…what did you think everyone would think huh, hearing the angelic little heiress make these sinful sound, be a good girl and keep quiet for me” his hand near you mouth moved to again rest on your hips as he pounded up in your pussy, roughly.
I couldn't help but mewl happily at Seokjin's agreement, his pleasured grunts and his grip on my hips heightening my excitement. I bounced with even more enthusiasm, spreading my thighs slightly wider just to take that little bit more of him inside me. Seeing him having to bite back his own sounds, my confidence increased, and I couldn't help but feel proud, being able to bring this built, beautiful man to such pleasure under me. Choked gasps fell from my lips as I felt his fingers on my clit, the rough movements bringing intense sensations. "Please... paint my womb, I deserve it, I've been a good girl for you--!" My eyes widened at his naughty words, the thought of having to keep quiet, of riding the Kim family heir until he pumped me full with his seed, while the family was a floor away, or a few rooms away, could possibly walk outside the door while my moans spilled out--that made me clench around him desperately. "Jinnie--!" A cry ripped out of me as he thrust up to meet my movements, my mind going blank with white-hot pleasure making me momentarily forget the need for silence, gasping when I remembered just where we were, clapping both hands over my mouth this time. I bounced erratically until I came, shuddering then collapsing against his shoulder, biting it to muffle my moans from the aftershocks and the feeling of his hot cum spraying my inner walls.
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btsrps · 2 months ago
anyone interested in starting up a double roleplay? putting this out to see if i can get new roleplays started but i will warn everyone who is interested that i will be only taking so many rps AND things irl have been a bit crazy for me so i am up for discussing but will not be as active as i used to be. send me a pm if you’re interested or you can comment down below! looking for long term & semi-literate partners..nothing completely smut based please and thank you :’)
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mochiminiepabo · 22 days ago
Hii! So I am looking for a partner to role-play. I only do Jikook as a ship. I don’t mind who I get to be, I can go both ways. I have a few surely no’s:
● Rape
● Incest
● Age-play/Underage
● Self-Harming
● Abusing/Bullying
Other than things mentioned, I’m fine with most of the things. I’d prefer long replies and a good grammer. I use third person’s pov. We can do any plot you want, just feel free to message me! 💓 I only rp on discord!!
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doublebtsrps · 26 days ago
✨ My Blog ✨
about me -
• i’m 19 years old, and my pronouns are she/her. you can call me reverie.
• i like to write as a hobby, whether it be a short story or a poem, even songs from time to time.
• i love music. i listen to a variety of genres.
rp style -
• i do double rps. i’ll play as a member with the plot of your choice and vice versa for me.
• i’ve only rped as members of bts, (that’s the only kpop band i listen to aside from solo artists), so i feel most comfortable playing as them since they’re the only band i know of.
members i’ve played: hoseok, jungkook, jimin and taehyung.
(i feel i play maknae line the best, but i’m willing to play as any member. just don’t be mad if i don’t do him justice 🥺)
• i write in 3rd person, past and present. i’m semi-lit to literate.
• for me, i will play as my oc. so, my pairings would be memberxoc(female), though i’m also okay with bxb for those with male ocs (or male idol).
• this is just who i am personally, but i tend to match the energy of my rp partner. meaning, if they show a lack of interest, i begin to show a lack of interest and thus end the rp. so, please be mindful.
rules -
• you need to be +18. i feel more comfortable rping those of and around my age. smut or not.
• i don’t do one liners. at least write 3+ lines.
• if smut is included i, for one, don’t want it to take up the whole plot, and two, we need to be able to discuss our likes and dislikes beforehand.
• most of the time, i am busy until evening (cst time zone), but there are times where i need to recharge, so please don’t spam me if i don’t respond right away. i promise i’ll reply at least two times a week, if not more.
• if you’re no longer interested in our rp, just let me know! either we can figure something out or end the rp all together.
info -
• i can rp on tumblr and discord. i prefer discord, but if you don’t have one, we can do it here.
• wherever we rp, shoot me a dm or ask me stating you’d like to rp and where! we can discuss details afterward ✨
extra -
• if you’re ever going through something and need to leave for a bit, just let me know! you don’t have to tell me why, but at least let me know you’ll be mia for a bit.
• with that being said, if there is ever a time where you feel you can’t talk to anyone (obviously, i’m not a therapist, but) i’m always here. i’m always up for making new friends!
i hope i’ll be able to find rp partners and make friends! ttyl💜
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heartshapedsmiles · 5 months ago
BTS Discord Roleplay Call!!
Hello, friends!
We are a group of three friends who are looking for two talented writers who would like to join our BTS roleplaying Discord! We are coming from a previous group here on Tumblr and seek partners who are excited about writing and love the boys.
- MUST be 18+ (all of us are, and we would like to keep the whole group of age.)
- Must be willing to be active as much as possible, but being around constantly isn’t expected. We all have busy lives, but we would like for the group to be successful too!
- We’re looking to have fun with this! We recognize that everyone has their off days, but we are looking for someone with a generally positive attitude who wants to have a good time. This includes being kind to other people, both in and out of character.
- Roleplaying etiquette applies: No god-modding, no reply-pressuring, no Mary Sues/Gary Stews (as perfect as we think the boys are, these are CHARACTERS and everyone is flawed).
- Replies should be a paragraph at minimum. Writing should be clear and concise with proper grammar, although we recognize that not everyone speaks English as a first language and we understand imperfect writing. We also request that swearing be kept at a decent level- it can be included, but it shouldn’t be every other word!
Other Important Notes:
- As previously mentioned, we are writing characters and they are not meant to directly reflect any actual member of BTS. Think of it along the same lines as the BTS Universe- nothing we do in the server is a representation of any real-life person and any shipping involved is purely fictional. The mods recognize that shipping real people CAN be toxic, but we respect the boys and their privacy and make no claims about their relationships/various sexualities.
- We have been writing together for several months and have established relationships between characters. That being said, of course, we will work with you to make your character a seamless addition to our group!
- Outside of the ships we already have established, we are all more than willing to write AU (meaning, outside of the general storyline of the server) in order to have the opportunity to explore any and all ships you might be interested in!
- That being said, we are only comfortable writing member x member and do not write with OCs.
- We want to be friends! We love OOC chatting and would absolutely love to get to know you!
- We met via the tickling community, but anybody who joins us is NOT required to participate in any tickling activity and if you aren’t comfortable with it, we can create private channels. If that still won’t make you comfortable, we suggest you don’t apply.
- We strongly encourage you to check out Discord’s Terms of Service and Guidelines, since we’ll be using the app.
Seeking Characters:
- Kim Seokjin: BTS’ oldest member at 28.
Tumblr media
- Min Yoongi: BTS’ second oldest member at 27.
Tumblr media
Taken Characters:
- Jung Hoseok/Kim Namjoon penned by Mod Jade
- Park Jimin/ Kim Taehyung penned by Mod Kim
- Jeon Jungkook penned by Mod Kira
Name: (Blog Name, Discord Name, and What We Should Call You!)
Age: (Range; you don't need to give your real age if you don't want to!)
RP Sample:
Please submit applications to any of the three mods via Tumblr DMs at any time! Contact us at:
- @heartshapedsmiles (Mod Jade)
- @minijiminbb (Mod Kim)
- @jeonggukkoo (Mod Kira)
Thank you for your time, and we look forward to getting to know you!
Please note: This is not first come, first serve basis. We will carefully evaluate everyone who applies, that way everyone gets a fair chance!
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honeykrp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jungkook is wanted at honey 🐝
hey, honey! we’re a queer-based, app-themed, korean industry-centric hub for all things sweet!~ we offer you a safe space to shed free your public persona and connect with other idols who are just like you! life in the spotlight offers various perks and awards, but the most rewarding is to find those to be your most authentic self with, and here with your peers that include an elite group of faces more familiar than you might expect, you are sure to find something to entice you.
literate; semi-au; mewe; 18+; korean industry
rules  ✫ masterlist ✫ apply
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