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What if... the CEOs were Hybrids? part two | BTS OT7 au
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Trigger warnings: swearing, possessive/obsessive behaviour, mentions of violence, alcohol, usual hybrid trope things
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Playlist : Dandelions - Ruth B, Can’t Help Falling in Love - Kina Grannis
Hybrids: KNJ - Wolf, KSJ - Bear, MYG - Panther, JHS - Lion, PJM - Arctic fox, KTH - Tiger, JJK - Bunny.
“They’re behind here I’m telling you,” Yoongi growls, staring a hole in the door to supply closet b, the only room that was locked.
They had been running around like fools in search of you, almost becoming feral with desperation.
Hoseok knocks on the door lightly, the taps not matching the fire in his eyes or the way his nostrils flared. It was faint, but your smell was here.
They hear the lock click, the door opening to reveal a smug sleepy Jungkook at the door, but that’s not what their gaze focuses on. There you are on the floor in Taehyung’s lap, sleeping in his arms. Jimin was asleep in hybrid form on your thigh, his little foxy face smushed against you. The tiger hybrid asleep with his back against the wall, holding on to you.
It’s a soft sight, it even melted their anger a smidge, having to force their jaws to remain clenched.
“Bunny was really tired,” Jungkook yawns. “She couldn’t sleep last night.”
“You three are dead,” Yoongi’s throat rumbles, his voice low not to reach your ears, but it reaches Jimin and Taehyung, their ears twitching to the sound, the threat rousing them from their slumber. 
Jungkook’s instincts want him to fight or flight, but he stands his ground.
“We kept her away from the other employees, and we kept her safe,” Jungkook bites back, doe eyes turning stern as he lectures his hyung, a predator hybrid. “We didn’t take advantage of her, what’s the problem?”
Hoseok scoffs in disbelief, his tail agitated behind him, he doesn’t miss the accusation in the bunny’s tone. They weren’t going to be disrespected for making what they thought was the best decision, even if what Jungkook was hinting at held any weight. 
“Ya locking her in a store room with three hormonal hybrids isn’t taking advantage of her?” Jin half whispers, half yells, eyes wide with exasperation, the sight would be hilarious under different circumstances. 
“It's better than locking her in an office with four feral predators,” Jungkook seethes, eyes narrowing. The hypocrisy was unreal, he could smell the lingering scent of their horniness, even though it was masked by the desperation and fear their mate had disappeared.  
“Ya Namjoon why aren't you saying any-” Jin’s voice gets caught in his throat as they all turn to the lead CEO. The wolf had his eyes dead set on the scene, his eyes blank of emotion, the sight has them all tensing, having seen this look before. 
“Namjoon,” Yoongi calls for him delicately, trying to reach into the hole of thoughts he knew the wolf was burying himself in and pull him out. 
Something snaps in him, his cheeks sucked in as a breath of angry air exhales from his nostrils. The tension can be felt heavily in the air, masked previously by their own emotions. Taehyung and Jimin, now fully awake by the sixth sense of an approaching storm, watch their alpha with fear creeping into their veins. The tiger holds you closer, ready to protect you from the oncoming danger, although in his sound mind he knows he’s going to be on the receiving end.
“Wake her up,” Namjoon’s voice is heavy, the command low and guttural, and each of their backs straighten to attention. “Seokjin hyung take her home, you three, in my office. Now.”
Any correction of ‘their’ office died in their throats as the wolf hybrid stormed away. They all release a breath they didn’t know they were holding, trying to downplay the goosebumps that made them shudder at the energy he left in his wake. 
“Like I said,” Yoongi gulped, recovering from the menacing aura, trying to return to his stern demeanour, “you three are dead.”
The three of them stood with their heads low in submission in front of Namjoon’s desk, his eyes boring into them with so much heat they could feel themselves start to sweat. Hoseok and Yoongi were listening from outside, not willing to admit they were too afraid to go in. 
“Did you tell her?” The deathly tone of his voice made them want to run, but they were frozen by the red eyes of their alpha.
“N-no we didn’t,” Jimin stuttered, knowing he needed to answer out of respect.
“She wondered why we were all scenting her, but she didn’t figure it out,” Jungkook explains, his little tail quivering behind him.
“Jungkook covered it,” Taehyung says, trying to placate the angry alpha.
“What did you tell her?” He stares down the bunny hybrid like the barrel of a gun ready to fire.
“I told her she was part of the pack,” Jungkook gulped. “Our hybrids recognised her as a packmate even though she’s human. That’s all.”
Namjoon nods, pacing behind his desk in thought. They were going to choke from the pheromones in the room. The wolf hybrid was emitting heavy miasmatic rage and the maknaes' knees were seconds away from giving out from the weight. 
“She fell asleep in our arms Hyung,” Jungkook admits quietly against his better judgement, knowing that the lead CEO was in no state of mind to listen to reason but he still had to try, “that means she trusts us, she feels something for us.”
“She's human!” He seethes back, making Taehyung jump, “it means she was tired.”
They can’t find their voices to argue, letting the room fall back to that poisonous state of silence as they awaited the Alpha’s punishment of choice.
“The three of you are suspended for a week.”
The shock hit them like a slap, they were expecting a bigger workload, something that meant they couldn’t see you as much, not this. Not being able to see you at all, for a whole week?
“Argue with me and I’ll make it two.”
His foot was down and not budging an inch, they could see it in the way his jaw was set. As much as they wanted to complain they swallowed it down, a week without you was torment enough, they wouldn’t be able to handle two.
The air in the car is stifling… Jin was oblivious to it, or so you thought but it was obvious with the way your entire body was running like you had a fever from the embarrassment of waking up to six of your bosses staring at you! While you were in the arms of one of them! You couldn’t control the impulse, you buried your head in your hands and groaned. There were ice caps in the arctic melting because of the heat from your cheeks alone! 
Jin tries not to, but he chuckles at your actions, trying to look nonchalant as he drives but you hear his little breaths of laughter, whining into your palms. 
“If I call in sick tomorrow will you cover for me?” You ask the bear hybrid, your hands coming away from your face as you stare at him seriously. He was already having such trouble stifling his laughter, but the look on your face as you tried to conspire with him made him burst. 
“Jin it's not funny,” you grumble, pouting over your predicament. 
“Honey you don’t have to be embarrassed,” he says fondly, smiling as he steers onto your road. 
Your stupid heart flutters at the term of endearment he introduced today, you couldn’t help thinking it sounded like you were a couple. As quickly as your heart swelled, it sank. You were just an employee, how many times did you have to tell yourself that?
You cough weakly into your hand, his eyes snap to you as if you’d grown a third head.
“Oh no,” you say dramatically, obviously faking, the back of your hand placed delicately to your forehead for good measure. “I must be coming down with something *cough* maybe I won’t be able to make it into work tomorrow.”
Jin sighs, for a second he believed you, the worry in his chest had his senses set to panic. You frown when he doesn’t smile at your joke, not a hint of it left from earlier, instead he's releasing a breath as if he had been holding onto it.
“Beautiful girl,” he sighs, his tone slightly berating you. “Don’t ever joke about things like that.”
After a day like today, with their mate smelling the way she did, the need to take you home, look after you, shower you with love, protect you from everything in their nest was overwhelming. Fear ran riot inside of them when you were ‘missing’, it was the worst prank those maknaes could play on them, and now a joke from your own lips about your health made his hybrid feel a sadness he couldn’t quite explain. It was mixed with the essence of failure, like if you got unwell, it would be his fault. 
“Jin?” You call him out of his thoughts, his eyes swim with so much emotion as he looks at you, really looks at you. Your frown melts into surprise, not expecting to be attacked with that expression on his face. “Umm… Thanks for the ride.”
You try to smile but it's a nervous sight, you know he can hear your heart pounding, and you needed to save yourself from some embarrassment today at least. 
“You really didn’t have to…” You open the car door, ready to make your escape. You wished you fought back harder, but he was adamant about dropping you home, the hell was he going to risk any hybrid on the streets smelling you. 
“See you tomorrow Y/n,” he says when you step out of the car. The corner of his lips turn upward in an attempt to return your smile, but it doesn’t reach the sorrow in his eyes. You normally hate when they refer to you by name, they only did so when others were around, or when you were in trouble, but this didn’t feel like that. He said your name with so much weight you couldn’t understand it, only staring at him again in shock. 
You recover a moment later, brows furrowing in thought as you close the door. He watches you enter your apartment building, leaning onto the passenger side of the car to watch the light come on in your complex. You were home, you were safe, he felt himself breathe a little in relief. 
You weren’t theirs. The thought had been repeating itself in his head since you called his name minutes ago. As much as they loved you, wanted you, the facts were irrefutable. You weren’t theirs. He sighs deeply before pulling away, a silent drive back to their mansion to dwell on his thoughts. 
There was a weight pulling you down in the office this morning. Your thoughts evidently elsewhere, that was clear to see on your face. Every few seconds you would catch yourself drifting before trying to shake yourself out of it, trying to focus on your work but you couldn’t. The guilt was eating you alive. 
“Kim depyunim looks as pissed today as he did yesterday,” you can hear one of your co-workers gossiping. 
“Wonder what's got him so stressed out?”
You could haphazard a guess. You fight down the groan that makes its way up your throat. Maybe he thinks you’re trying to seduce them, after yesterday's scene, you’re so sure you’ve disappointed him. He wasn’t there when you woke up, he must’ve walked off fuming at the sight of you cuddling up to his packmates. But then… Jungkook said they saw you as one of the pack so why… unless, you hadn’t been accepted by their alpha yet, and now you’re sure you won’t. You fucked up, you fucked up so bad by taking their friendship for granted, they were your employers, why did you forget that fact so easily?
“Earth to Y/n,” Yeri waves her hand in front of you face, the turtle hybrid had been talking to you for the last minute only to realise you had been spaced out.
“Huh- Oh sorry, what were you saying?” 
She frowns at you, handing you the file for today's meeting while wondering what was going on with you. The second the file is in your hands your heart sinks, you hadn’t forgotten about it, oh no, quite the opposite. The entire evening you were thinking about it, the fact you would have to face your bosses at this meeting after yesterday's events. 
It plagued you so bad it gave you nightmares, every hour you woke up after scenes of Namjoon yelling at you, or Yoongi refusing to speak to you. Hobi didn’t even look at you even though you begged him to with tears in your eyes. You know they were only dreams, they weren’t real, and yet they felt so believable that even now when you were awake you held some sorrow over them, as if they really did happen. 
“Are you okay running the meeting, you don’t look great…” she comments, braced for you to faint or something. 
Here it was, an opportunity for someone to take over, for you to run home and hide. But as much as you were terrified of their reaction to you, you worked so hard preparing for this meeting, your team was relying on you, and so were the CEOs. You had to deliver it, you had to show them you were worth working here. And plus, you fixed the problem anyway…
Yeri watches your face fall into a despondent state, were you okay? It was almost as if you were in mourning or something, and she felt too awkward to ask any further questions. What was wrong with you?
You only nod in reply, walking away from her in thought as you make your way to the meeting room. As always you were thirty minutes early, the room was empty as it normally was. You weren’t as efficient as you normally would be, your pace slow as you organised your material, set the room up to your liking. You didn’t even acknowledge when your colleagues made their way in and sat in their designated seats, but you felt it when they did. You back went up, a sixth sense you couldn’t explain when Namjoon stepped through the door, followed by 3 other CEOs. You didn’t make eye contact, you didn’t turn their way or greet them when your coworkers stood and bowed, you pretended as if you didn’t know they were here. But you knew they could hear your heart running like it needed to escape, your heavier breathing as you tried to calm down. 
Yoongi can smell the anxiety, your back was to them as you sorted out the computer and projector, but he could see how tense you were. He glances at their company founder, who almost glared at you before swallowing down whatever thoughts he was having, pretending you didn’t exist. Sometimes the other CEOs wanted to get a chisel and hammer, and crack open that skull and see what the hell was going on in that head of his. 
The lights dim before the presentation begins. You’re grateful for the darkness, thinking it would hide their faces from you, but when you turn around you realise it only enhances their intimidating demeanour. You felt like prey in the middle of a hunt, their eyes glistened in the low lights, and you knew they could see you better than you could them. The thought has a flood of vulnerability rush through your spine and chest, only increasing your growing anxiety like a tsunami. You take a deep breath before you begin. 
Hobi’s gaze doesn’t miss the way your hands were shaking as you grip onto your notes for the meeting, the way you cleared your throat before you spoke. Under normal circumstances your presentations were captivating, you held the room, but today you didn’t even smile. All he wanted to do was wrap you protectively in his arms, rewind to yesterday when you were enjoying each other's company.
He sighs, Jin and Yoongi glancing at him briefly inquisitively, but of course they knew the thoughts that plagued Hoseok’s mind. They knew the maknaes weren’t being malicious in their revenge plot, they would never have ill intentions towards your wellbeing. The hyungs knew the youngest three were making a valid point in their demonstration yesterday, but the problem was they never thought it through, they never thought of or understood the consequences, the fallout, the way the older CEOs did. They could already feel your distance as you questioned yesterday’s events, your little brain working on overdrive, analysing everything.
Part of the lion hybrid wished Namjoon didn’t ban the cubs from the building during their suspension, they were so much better at keeping you close. He’s so deep in his thoughts, so busy absentmindedly watching your every move that he misses most of the meeting agenda, looking blank when the lights turn on and everyone’s eyes turn to the CEOs in the room. Thankfully Namjoon takes over.
“Good presentation Miss L/n,” he doesn’t look your way when he speaks, and it cuts you, you hated empty praise, you hated it when he used your last name, even in front of everyone. “I want team B to follow up on revenue, team A can hand over the files.”
“Well done for laying down the foundation for this contract team A,” Yoongi agrees, his eyes on you only, the praise directed at you even he said it to your whole group. 
“Y/n you’ve got the best deal again,” Jin says fondly, smiling at you, hoping you’d return it. You bow politely at them instead as people gather their papers, ready to leave. The CEOs try to hang back, knowing you would clear your notes and linger behind to do so without distraction. Hoseok reads the material of what he missed, Yoongi pretends to small talk with Jin while they keep glancing your way. Namjoon answered questions from the floor managers, actually wanting to escape quickly but he was stuck listening to this imbecile. 
“Should we stay late tonight to go over the material for the handover?” Alex asks you with a grin. Four pairs of ears instinctively lock onto the conversation, even the wolf’s. 
“I can’t, sorry, I have a date,” you say bluntly, loud enough for them to hear, a tight lipped smile on your face. The hybrids reel back with shock, like you were intentionally trying to hurt them, but how could you? You didn’t know how they felt. 
The whole meeting you could feel their gazes on you, more than just listening to the meeting. Their eyes had been interrogating, or it felt like it at least, so you said it to quell any ill intentions they might think you have, that you were another one of those employees who were desperate to seduce them. The second the words were out you regretted everything; saying yes to that stupid blind date, coming to work at all, and everything that happened yesterday. 
“Excuse me,” you can’t even force a smile as you exit, your heart pounding in your chest when you feel their eyes pierce you, unable to handle it. 
“A date? A fucking date!” Yoongi uncharacteristically yells at the other three in the office, Hoseok and Jin leaning on the walls behind their respective desks, both appearing despondent staring at the floor, Namjoon pretending to read the files in front of him, ignoring them. “How can she go on a date when yesterday we-”
He sighs exasperated as his fingers comb through his hair in frustration, one hand on his hip as he shakes his head. Yoongi never raises his voice like this. He got angry yes, but his rage was always cool and calm, unless of course it regarded you. How could you flaunt this in front of them when yesterday you were bonding, scenting, SLEEPING with them? Why were humans so dense? He was so sure deep inside of himself you returned their feelings, but now, he was losing hope you did at all. 
“Namjoon stop pretending to read we can smell the burning pot you’re trying to put a lid on,” Seokjin reprimands him, trying to contain his own fury at the CEO, partly blaming him for your sudden interest in dating. In all the years they’ve known you, not once have you been with someone else, they would have smelt it on you if you had, so why now? Why were you pushing them away after yesterday? As much as they wanted to pry open Namjoon’s skull, he wanted to read your mind more.
“It's her choice to-”
“She doesn’t know we’re an option because you wouldn’t let us court her,” Yoongi spits, tail agitated behind him as his pupils almost turn into slits. 
The wolf hybrid has to force his jaw shut to not bear his teeth at his packmate's aggression, his eyes glinting red as they stare the panther hybrid down.
Hoseok scoffs at their behaviour, at the situation.
“Good thing the maknaes aren’t here,” he thinks out loud. They would have lost it, plotted some game or plan to stop you, but maybe that was what they needed. As diabolical as it sounded, every bone in his body wanted to stop you. “Should we tell them?”
“It’s none of their business,” Namjoon snaps, his nose flaring. “It’s none of our business, she’s our employee, she’s allowed to date whoever she wants. Her private life is just that, we don’t get involved.”
He stares each of them down, the pot reaching boiling point. Each of them deflate into submission, even Yoongi, his shoulders sinking, his gaze falling to the floor. Their alpha’s pheromones were strong in presenting his wrath, but it couldn’t hide the scent of misery and ache.  
Yoongi walks up to his desk, his head still bowed but the adrenaline in Namjoon’s system still had his back up as he watched the panther wearily. His best friend can barely look him in the eye, not out of respect for their pack leader, but because for the first time in his life, their alpha let them down. Namjoon swallows down his own sorrow, his own regret that’s caused this rift between them. 
“Our mate is going to let another man court her,” Yoongi explains solemnly so every word is heard and understood. “Another person is going to put their hands on her, we’re going to smell him on her. Why are you pretending that's okay?
You love her just as much as I do.”
He doesn’t wait for a response, storming out of the office before his rage built again and he ended up punching the wolf for his stubborn stupidity.
You could cancel, would that quell the growing anxiety inside of you? But the whole point of this date was to move on from this unrequited infatuation with them that was boarding on pathetic. You’re sure Namjoon’s caught on, why else would he look at you like that during the meeting? He must be so disgusted and disappointed in you. 
Jimin, Tae and Kookie would tell you what was going on inside their alpha’s head, they didn’t hide things from you, you could actually call them your friends. What if this whole situation took them away from you? What if Namjoon told them you were just like everyone else, trying to get close to them for an agenda. Is that why you hadn’t seen them yet?
As much as you told yourself you needed to create a professional distance and set boundaries before any misunderstandings could form, you couldn’t lie to yourself that you didn’t want anything to change, you didn’t want to lose them or what you had with them. Was that so selfish? You didn’t want to lose them, you didn’t want them to hate you, and you didn’t want to feel like this anymore. Like your love for them was wrong. 
The office was bustling around you and yet you were still, a mountain of work sat on your desk and you couldn’t even glance in its direction. You should’ve called in sick.
“Y/n!” Jackson calls for your attention, standing beside you, frowning at your despondency, almost the same look he saw on one of his bosses moments ago. The Golden retriever hybrid was the perfect secretary, unflinchingly loyal, and able to read every emotion cue before they even presented. Something was going on, and his instincts told him to stay out of it. 
“Hey,” you greet him, his presence jolting you into starting to go through the pile of work, even if it was just to look busy. 
“Min Depyunim needs you in his office ASAP,” he instructs. 
His frown deepens at the way your heart rate skyrocketed, the growing anxiety perspiring from your skin. 
“Did he say why?” you ask with a gulp, your eyes wide like a prey hybrid. 
“No, just that it was urgent.”
You only nod in reply, not trusting your voice as you leave your desk. Each step to that office would normally bring you a sense of comfort, anticipation in the best kind of way, but today your shoes were filled with lead. You hold an empty folder against your chest as if that would offer you any defence. 
The door opens before you knock, your fist in the air as you come face to face with Yoongi. The panther hybrid detests eye contact, it was more a sign of aggression in the hybrid world, but now his eyes were boring into yours, pleading you without words. Both your faces mirror a sense of sadness, your voices caught in your throats. His hand wraps around your wrist that was still caught midair, pulling you in when you made no move to. 
His office still had hints of yesterday, he locked it after you left, not wanting the cleaning crew to erase your scent or the evidence of your bonding session. The windows were closed, but the air in the room wasn’t stifling. Even though you were human, the room was calming your tense composure. That is, until your boss opens his mouth.
“I need you to stay late and help me with a new merger,” he announces, his stoic stare almost daring you to defy him, but behind that demeanour he was nervous. 
You stare back in shock, he knew you had a date. He heard you at that meeting, you're sure of it, so why? 
“Kitten?” he searches your face for a hint of something, anything. “It's an important deal, I need my best girl on it.”
You take a deep breath at the compliment, your heart fluttering against your wishes. Your skin flushes with heat, and you hope his hybrid senses can’t pick up the warmth you're suddenly emitting. Here it was… a way out, a way to just go back to how things were. You could say yes.
“I can’t,” you shake your head, looking away from his penetrating gaze before it coerced you into giving in. “I have plans, I’m sorry I can’t.”
“Cancel.” The word comes out like a command before he can correct himself. “Reschedule, this is important.”
The folder in your arms is squeezed closer against your chest, your eyes close, you almost look like you’re fighting with yourself. 
Give in Kitten, come on, did you really like this guy? Did you really not want him and the others? They were so sure, with the way you reciprocated their affection, that you felt the same. The idea that you didn't, sent a stabbing pain straight through his chest.
“I can’t, I’m really sorry,” you wish he knew how sorry you were, fighting to keep your eyes from watering. You didn’t want to go tonight, but you were forcing yourself to. 
“Why?” he fights the growl from his voice, his eyes piercing you. 
“I just can’t,” you hold back the sorrow in your tone, but he can still hear it, realising he was possibly putting you between a rock and a hard place. He tries not to scoff, tries not to take it further, but he can’t help himself, he was so pissed at this situation, the idea that someone else was getting to be with you in every way he wanted to be. 
“Miss L/n this deal is important-”
“You’ve said that,” you cut him off, arguing back. You hated when he called you that. Every time he was annoyed with you, every time you made a grievous mistake back when you both didn’t get along, he used your surname in that tone, and this time it irritated you. “But I’ve read my contract, I don’t have to say yes.”
He takes a deep breath, both your spiking distress starting to destroy the previous ambience of his office, and he didn’t want to lose it. He walks away from you, trying to cool down, only turning back when he reaches his desk, hoping the distance would give him a chance to breathe.
“Will there be repercussions Min Depyunim?” you ask, your eyes staring daggers into his softening features. He shakes his head, looking down at the ground between you, disgusted with himself. He was so desperate for you not to go, was he really going to force you to stay? 
You sigh, Min Yoongi doesn’t back down, not with you. He gave in to you when you needed him to, but he never backed down when you playfully bickered, and definitely not when you argued. 
“Yoongi are you okay?” Your glare dulls, the concern for him easing your temper. 
“The cubs explained that we all see you as part of the pack right?” His head is still angled to the floor but his hooded eyes look up at you.
You nod slowly, his words sinking into you slowly since they came from nowhere.
“You don’t smell like us today, it’s put us on edge,” he lies. “Can I scent you kitten?”
He could hear your heart pound against your ribcage, trying so desperately to run to where it belonged, in his arms, in his hold. You were their mate, your body knew it, why didn’t you?
You hesitate. Every single repercussion and consequence ran through your mind telling you to say no, but you didn’t care, not until a certain wolf hybrid’s glare entered your head. Yoongi can see your eyes glisten with wherever your thoughts were going, the way they were imploring him to pull you out of whatever melancholic place they were taking you. 
“Come here,” he orders, sitting on his desk with his legs open for you to stand in between. He doesn’t miss the shift in your eyes as they dilate at the preposition, the way your breathing gets heavier. 
Seriously, does he want to kill you? He wants you to stand there, he didn’t do it like that yesterday. His stare compels you to walk forward, your grip still digging into the folder in your arms, but when did you ever need a shield against Min Yoongi? As soon as you’re close enough he grabs your hand, pulling you closer to him. He smirks as you try to avoid eye contact, shuffling where you stood. He takes that damned file away from you, throwing it somewhere on his desk.
You feel vulnerable without it, yet there was something exhilarating about the position you’re in. Your scent changes, a ghost of yesterday’s intensity, but the subtle smell was enough to get his panther preening. His arms wrap around you, his face buried into the juncture of your neck. He rubs his nose against your skin, his ears perking at the way your breath hitches.
You jump when there’s a knock on the door before it opens, the panther possessively not letting you budge as you panic. He scowls at the door, ready to tear into Namjoon if he was interrupting again, not giving a shit as to what their alpha thought anymore. 
“Hyung- Oh,” Hoseok’s mouth forms a perfect circle in shock, his eyebrows rising at the sight and audacity of the older CEO. He locks the door when he walks through, his features composing as he smirks at Yoongi. There was no need for anyone else, or their pack leader to walk in on this. 
Your little fight against Yoongi’s hold ceases when you realise your efforts are futile, your head dropping to his shoulder in defeat, and with the way your skin was burning, embarrassment. 
“Kitten, are you hiding from Hobi?” He sniggers, unable to resist teasing you. It was odd, having this moment with you all while knowing you were going to be with someone else tonight. Bittersweet didn’t seem like the right word, it was crueler than that. His tail wraps around your thigh at the thought of having to let you go, he didn’t want to. 
You didn’t realise how touchstarved you were until you felt his soft fur on your skin, melting into his hold a little more. Maybe you really did need this date if the only place you were getting an inkling of physical attention was your seven bosses, perhaps that was what caused this dilemma in the first place, maybe you were just confused about your feelings because you hadn’t had any romantic interests since you started working here. Maybe it was just a stupid crush and you were overthinking everything. As much as you tried to convince yourself, you knew you were lying. 
Hoseok’s arms wrapping around you from behind underneath Yoongi’s pulls you out of your sinking thoughts. He nuzzles his cheek against the top of your head, scenting you to soothe that sour flavour seeping from you. When your aroma settles back to its natural sweetness he’s satisfied with his work, resting his chin on the other side of your head on your shoulder. 
“Sunshine, why are you being shy?” he whispers into your ear like he’s sharing a secret, chuckling when you bury yourself further into the panther hybrid. There’s an amused breath of laughter from the CEO you were trying to cocoon yourself in, but his heart swells at the fact you were seeking comfort in him. 
“Hmmmm,” he pretends to pout, pressing his lips against the sliver of skin showing on the juncture of your shoulder and neck. “Should I leave sunshine?”
You shake your head against Yoongi, one of the hands that was gripping onto his shirt, coming away to hold onto the sleeve of the lion hybrid behind you before he had the chance to pull away. He smiles fondly at the action even if you weren’t coming out to play. He kisses the back of your head quickly, using your current state to his advantage. He feels you stiffen slightly before you relax again, your heart is hammering so hard he can feel it through your back. His eyes glance at Yoongi, a silent communication shared between them both, the same thought echoing through their minds. It might have been wrong, it might cross every boundary Namjoon told them to avoid, but they would scent you so intensely that if you were with a hybrid tonight they would suffocate on the stench. They would cover every available inch of you in their smell that every hybrid would know you were accounted for. They didn’t even want to think about what they would do if the stupid person you were seeing was human. 
Hobi rests his forehead against the back of your head, wishing he could just read your thoughts. Why were you doing this to them? His embrace tightens, his sunny disposition clouding. He didn’t think he could handle it, if you came into work smelling of someone else. Something sharp grips his chest, like a thousand thorns piercing into the flesh, trying to claw its way into his heart. He wants to beg you not to do this, but the words get caught in his throat. 
He closes his eyes, sniffing your hair subtly before it would become tainted by someone else, trying to lock it into his memory as if this was the last time he’d see you. He was usually so content in your presence, always eased and comforted by just your smile or laugh. But now he was fighting back tears, feeling like you had slipped out of reach even though you were here in his arms. He feels another hand on his other arm, recognising Yoongi’s touch. The lion hybrid was pouring out a damp essence with his sorrow, unbeknownst to you, but the older CEO could sense it. Maybe a part of you could too, your thumb starting to stroke his arm soothingly making him ache.
Why didn’t you want them the way they wanted you?  
Day one of not being able to see you and they were already a mess. Three Hybrids laid in Jungkook’s room, staring at the ceiling wondering where it all went wrong. The bunny hybrid took the bed, Taehyung was on the floor, the oldest maknae on the bean bag. They were in here all day, feeling lost without work, well not work, without you. They didn’t realise how much they looked forward to their day because of you until Namjoon took it away from them. 
“This week is going to be torture if all we do is contemplate our life choices,” Jungkook states blankly, his stare still on the ceiling. 
“It’s already torture,” Taehyung huffs, clutching onto the pillow he stole from the bed earlier. “Did you hear him last night tell Hyung he had plans for us when we got back.”
He shudders, his chin digging into the soft material in his hands for comfort. He may have been a tiger but their alpha could instil fear in anyone, regardless of rank or breed. 
“What plans?” Jimin asks, his head rising to look at his best friend on the floor. 
“He’s going to make us work on another floor,” Taehyung replies sadly, his whole face falling from despondency to complete heart break.
Jimin groans, pushing his hair back in frustration as his head hits the beanbag again.
“He can’t do that,” Jungkook says quietly, terrified at the prospect that the one thing that keeps him sane at that dreaded building was going to be kept away from him.
“He can,” Jimin spits before whining, “this is so unfair, he’s overreacting and he knows it.”
“I’ve never seen him so mad at us before,” Taehyung sniffs. 
Jimin sighs, not wanting to add to the melancholy infecting the tiger hybrid.
“Maybe he’ll come to his senses before we’re back at work,” he tries to sound hopeful, but it fools no one. 
“Even if he does, we still have a week of suspension,” Jungkook scoffs. “He won’t back down on that just to prove a point.”
They sit in silence, stuck in this purgatory without you. 
“Right!” Jimin sits up with a clap, looking at the other maknaes with an expression that could only be described as displeased. “We can sit here all week, or we can distract ourselves.”
“How?” Taehyung asks with a pout.
“Treat it like a holiday,” Jimin suggests. “Let’s go out before the hyungs come home.” 
Jungkook sighs, it wasn’t a bad idea, but it would have been better if you were part of the equation. 
“Where do we go?” he tries to give into the proposition but he wasn’t feeling it.
“I don’t want to get hit on,” Taehyung announces, the insinuation in his voice clear, that meant nothing too public, or anything too high end.
“We’ll clear out the VIP lounge at our club,” Jimin shrugs.
“Which one?” 
Their company owned a few but they were more personal entrepreneurial revenues, Hobi, Yoongi and Namjoon owned Cypher, a more underground clubbing scene. Hoseok owned another with Jin and Jungkook called Jamais Vu, while Jimin shared Dionysus with the panther and their alpha. 
“What difference is sitting in a club going to make when we can sit here?” Jungkook grumbles. “What's the point?”
“We have a week of hell Jungkookie,” Jimin stands, walking over to the bunny hybrid pushing him to get up. “Let's try to survive it.”
“I don’t want to go clubbing, I don’t feel like dancing,” Taehyung mopes.
“Aish you both are killing me,” Jimin complains, still trying to budge the maknae into moving. “What about your bar Tae?”
He contemplates it, eyes looking up as he thinks it through. Scenery was normally quiet, only bringing in the older generation since it was a jazz bar as unique as the tiger hybrid himself. The others didn’t think it would do as well as it had but some people wanted the gentle calm compared to the rioting lights and loud music. It was huge so even if it were a busy night it never felt like it. 
“Yeah Jungkook let’s go,” he agrees after deeming the suggestion acceptable.
The youngest groans, his arms covering his eyes in protest, pretending to sleep.
“Jungkook, do you really want to stay here and hear the hyung’s gloat about their day with Y/n?” Jimin sounds solemn, making the bunny peer at him. 
No, he didn’t want that at all. 
“Explain to me how this is different to staying home?” His nose twitches cutely, watching Taehyung’s regular patrons enjoying their evening, not missing the way most of them were couples. Jimin can’t help laughing at the pout and grumpy eyes the bunny was adorning, 
“This place has alcohol,” Jimin giggles, already on his third drink. 
“We have alcohol at home,” Jungkook mumbles back, leaning back in their booth near the back of the establishment while Jimin signalled to the bartender for a top up.
“So much for not dancing,” Jimin chuckles at the sight of the tiger hybrid dancing on his own, perfectly content surrounded by the couples, not a care in the world. He catches them watching, giving them both a shy smirk, teeth biting into his bottom lip as he grinned. 
“We should invite Flower here,” Taehyung says a little breathlessly as he slides into the booth next to Jimin, seemingly having had enough of the dancing. 
“You know hyung banished us from the office,” Jimin thought out loud, “he didn’t say anything about contacting Angel out of hours.”
Jungkook snorts at the logic.
“I think it was insinuated,” he rolls his eyes, the pair of them instigating an argument about the topic while Taehyung watches chuckling. 
“What hyung doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Jimin shrugs.
“How many times have you said that-”
But the tiger hybrid doesn’t hear the next words, his face turns blank as his senses tune into the sound of the door opening, the little bell ringing. He doesn’t understand why he can suddenly feel his heartbeat harder in anticipation, his sixth sense taking over control of his body. There’s a gust of wind, a gentle breeze he can feel through the open door, and with it a familiar scent.
“How many times do you drag us into trouble?” Jungkook was still squabbling with the arctic fox, the pair of them unaware of their friend’s wavering attention. 
“Taehyung tell this kit-”
They both turn to the tiger hybrid, taken back by his look of shock until they follow his line of sight. Their hearts stopped, taking all the life out of them in a single gasp. Was that really you or was it a mirage from their abstinence? Jimin and Jungkook are about to smile until they notice what Taehyung already had. You were sitting at the bar in front of them, seemingly alone until they saw the man you were with bring back two glasses. The smile you give him has them sobering.
Taehyung growls so deep that anyone would think he was in his tiger form, his eyes glow with a tint, penetrating that spot the bastard had his hand on your back. Jimin and Jungkook fare no better, a solemn fury burning through their sudden glares, and you must’ve felt the heat because you turn like they called your name, your gaze meeting theirs.
You turn away quickly, feeling like you got caught cheating which was absolutely ridiculous. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty, so why was it eating you alive? You tried to smile at your date as he leaned in to ask if you were okay.
Jimin scoffs at the sight, a humourless breath of laughter escaping as he shakes his head, who the hell did this idiot think he was? Why were you with him?
“Are they friends…?” Jungkook tries to keep the venom out of his voice, tries to dispute the idea you were out romantically with this asshole.
“If it was friendship they’d be out in a group,” Jimin comments. “Look at their body language, his especially, my little vixen is out on a date.”
The possessive lilt in his tone is intense, his glare burning your back. There’s a rumble from Taehyung’s chest at his words, the tiger’s tail whipping so hard you could hear it slice the air.
What the actual hell? Of all the places to see the CEOs, of all the nights, why this one? Why here? Your heart was thundering in nerves, you tried so hard to swallow but your throat had run dry, and your hands were shaking so bad you didn’t think you could pick up your glass.
“Hey, are you sure you’re okay?” Eric asks you for the second time, your date so far had been fine, but even though it had only really just started you were so ready for it to end. He seemed like a lovely guy, not too eager, a little bit goofy and funny in a way that wasn’t his whole personality. But the second you met him, you saw all the ways he wasn’t them, and you realised that wasn’t fair on him. 
You were trying, really truly trying to give this a chance, but those three intense stares you could feel on the back of your head reminded you of all the reasons why you didn’t want to. 
You didn’t need this. The whole point of tonight was to build boundaries and distances, how were you supposed to do that when they were here.
“This place is something else,” he says trying to make conversation, looking around at the decor and beige tones. You couldn’t tell if he liked it or not. “So why did you want to come here?”
“Umm, I don’t know,” you admit. “There’s just something about this place that seems familiar and comforting, you know?”
Oh the irony of your words. You needed familiarity and comfort around you when you were stepping out of your comfort zone, but the three hybrids behind you had destroyed that plan. 
Eric smiles at you in a way that lets you know he didn’t get it, it makes you laugh at the foolishness of your words. At least he laughed with you, the atmosphere only lightening a smidge. 
“For a place that you like, you haven’t touched your drink,” he notes, looking at both your pints, yours was full, his halfway through. Fuck it, you needed something to take the edge off. His jaw drops in surprise as you down the whole thing, the glass coming down empty onto the bartop. “It wasn’t a challenge.”
You catch the amusement in his eyes, rolling yours jokingly with a smile. You could do this, you could totally handle being out on a date with the three of seven of the loves of your life watching you. You hiccup, did you really just think that? You were meant to think ‘three of seven of your bosses watching you’, you didn’t mean what you thought before. Shit, maybe you drank that a bit too quickly. 
“Top up?” he asks, picking up your glass as he finishes his own, walking away to the busy barkeep when you nod. You didn’t want another drink, but you needed to breathe. For a second you forget something glaringly obvious, until three bodies join you where you’re sitting. You blink repeatedly at the stern expression of the arctic fox hybrid next to you, wondering if he were really there. The scene resembles something familiar to you, a mirror of how they would join you at your desk at work, but his eyes spell trouble in a way you don’t think you’re used to. 
“Did you miss us, my little vixen?” Jimin asks, his voice low, the smirk on his face dangerous.
“Huh?” You only gawp at the question, your mind drawing blanks and failing to comprehend his words at all with his body so close to yours. 
You hear a scoff on your otherside, turning to relieve yourself of the oldest maknae, only to meet the possessive anger in Jungkook’s gaze, Taehyung next to him, leaning on the bar, ignoring you. 
“She didn’t even notice we were gone,” Jungkook comments, his tongue pushing hard against his cheek in frustration, believing his own words. “One day with the hyungs and she forgets all about us.”
He sniffs the air, not missing the way your skin was drenched in Yoongi’s and Hobi’s scent. Well your date was definitely not a hybrid, any right minded one would sense the obvious courting markers and run a mile, especially when it was a couple of predators that had done the scenting.
“The hyungs obviously haven’t done a good job keeping you company angel,” Jimin says, glaring at the advancing human walking their way. He puts on his best fake smile, ready to lull his new prey into a false sense of security before he takes you away.
“Y/n?” Eric looks at the men that joined you, frowning in question.
“E-Eric, umm these are my bosses from work,” you try to keep your features calm, but nothing would hide the alarm in your eyes. There's a low growl next to you at your statement, Jimin’s disapproving stare berating you more than his words could.
“Oh,” he says nodding, trying to understand the situation because something didn’t feel right. “What a small world…”
Jungkook scoffs again, what an idiot? Why were you here with an idiot?
“I hope we aren’t interrupting,” Jimin continues, that faux innocence in his voice not matching the devilish smirk on his face. “But the more company the better right?”
Eric now realises what was wrong with the scene in front of him, you were here on a date with him, but with the way the hybrids were surrounding you, he was nowhere near you. He was on the outside looking in, like the three men were purposefully keeping him at a distance, away from you. He awkwardly places the pint as close to you as he could… or as close as they would allow. 
“Taehyung actually owns this bar,” Jimin gestures to the silent tiger before taking a sip of his drink. “What are the chances we’d run into you here?”
You can’t think of anything to say, your mouth kept opening and closing intermittently, you couldn’t meet anyone’s gaze, especially not your date’s. All the times you wished the ground would just swallow you up to escape, this was the hardest you prayed for it. Your hands fidget on the bar, fingers playing with each other, the uncomfortable air stifling. A large palm covers your own to quell the growing anxiety he could smell, your eyes pulled towards the culprit. Taehyung hadn’t said a word since they saw you, but his hand engulfed both of yours, unable to stand his mate in distress even if there was a volcano in the pit of his stomach ready to blow. He still doesn’t look at you, stoically staring ahead at nothing even with your eyes on him.
Eric’s frown turns comical at how intently he stares at your connected hands, adding numbers together but not yet reaching a conclusion despite how obvious the answer was. He tries to side step closer to you but the way the rabbit hybrid was standing behind you, curving his body to your right side, there was no way he could close the distance. 
“Y/n do you want to dance?” he asks instead, if he couldn’t come in, he would pull you out instead. Did your bosses not realise you were on a date? Should he make it obvious you were to avoid any awkwardness?
Their backs stiffen, the palm covering your hands tighten their hold almost in warning if not desperation to stop you. Jungkook grunts in anger, the sound falling deaf on the human’s ears but not yours.
Cat got your tongue Kitten, dammit why could you hear Yoongi’s smug voice in your head now of all times. Y/n say something, you beg yourself. You don’t miss the sound of two tails sweeping through the air in agitation, trying to work out why they were behaving like this, until it clicked. 
If they thought you were part of the pack, then it was only reasonable to assume they’d be protective over anyone approaching you. You’d seen it before amongst themselves, the way they’d act if someone tried to hit on one of them. That must be it. 
“You go ahead,” you finally say with a tightlipped smile. “I’ll be there in a second.”
Although confused, your date decides to do as he’s told. You could feel the tension in their shoulders relieve with each step he took away from you.
“Are you guys okay?” you ask, they weren’t at work today and now you’re sure their moods were bitter bordering on bursting, something must have happened. They look at you in disbelief, Jimin laughs humorlessly shaking his head at how oblivious you could really really be sometimes. What excuse did your human brain come up with now? He had to know. How did you see all the signs they were giving you and translate them into something so ridiculous?
“Are you on a date?” Jungkook asks venomously, eyes holding yours so piercingly you have to remind yourself he wasn’t a snake hybrid. 
“I-I am,” you try to sound confident. “Look, thank you for watching out for me, but Eric is fine.”
You try to smile, you really did, but you don’t know who you were trying to convince. 
How could you not hear their hearts shattering? Of course they knew, but until it was out of your mouth it wasn’t solidified, it couldn’t be true. There’s a small whimper expressed from the maknae that he couldn’t control. 
“And I should probably be getting back to it,” you sigh, standing up from the barstool, trying to ignore the way they were all holding onto you in some way. Jungkook’s hands ghosted over your arms, wanting to pull you back in your seat but he’s resisting the urge as much as it killed him. Taehyung’s hand lingers on yours for as long as he could before they’re gone. Even the back of Jimin’s forefinger was tracing your arm lightly as you stood, the anguish on all of their faces apparent. How could you be here with someone else when yesterday…
Yesterday you were in their arms, all afternoon. They scented you, they courted you, they looked after you. And you returned it all. How did that mean nothing to you? Were humans really that callous or so indifferent? Not you, they couldn’t believe you were that way, but the evidence staring at them as you started to walk away.
Taehyung can’t stand it, his teeth grinding hard as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you next to him, startling you with the sudden way your body jerked to his command. 
The low ferocious rumble from his chest silences you. His eyes avoided you the whole time he came to stand beside you and now they burned into yours, an unforgiving fire making them glow. Taehyung sits on the barstool next to yours, spreading his legs as he places you between them. The position is familiar, you were in a similar one earlier with the panther hybrid, but the glint in his eyes has it feeling so different. Your breathing turns so heavy you’re almost panting, his face so close to yours, all your senses are engulfed in him. Your pulse was so fast you could convince them you were a little hummingbird hybrid about to get caught in the tiger’s teeth. 
“Taehyung,” you breathe, unable to look away from him, his grip was still like iron around your wrist, his tail wrapping around your middle. It was suddenly so hot, you felt like you were on fire, and all you wanted to do was smother his lips with yours.
You’re grateful for a second that he looks away, giving you a chance to catch your breath, and resist the pull of his stare. The feeling doesn’t last long as you realise his gaze has travelled down to your attire, the disapproving hum vibrating from his throat. You chose to wear this enchanting dress for someone that wasn’t them, you consciously went through your wardrobe and chose something so flattering for a man that you barely knew. His eyes snap back to yours, the flames reigniting in them with more lethal intensity. You gulp, just to soothe your drying throat. 
Neither of you flinch at the sound of your concerned date, unable to comprehend the sight in front of him.
“Are you okay?” he says more urgently. “Hey I don’t think she wants you to hold-”
He makes the grievous mistake of trying to pry Taehyung’s grip away, the tiger turning his carnal fury on the stupid human. But before he can unleash his roar, you pull him back, fingers on his chin turning his face back to you. 
“Eric I’m really really sorry,” you apologise and meaning it. “I’m part of their pack, you’re a stranger so they’re not familiar with your scent.”
You turn to the human as you explain, as much as Taehyung would let you.
“It agitates them, because they don’t know your intentions,” you sound logical, convincing, of course you do, you believe the nonsense you’re spouting. 
Jimin said he wanted to hear the excuse you were making in that brain of yours, and here it was. If anything it aggravates them more, not just at your imperception but the fact all of this could have been avoided if Namjoon just let them confess.
“Does that make sense?” You ask, cringing at the awkwardness.  
“Yeah that does,” he sighs, glancing at the hybrids that look ready to pounce and tear him to shreds. “Don’t worry about it, we can reschedule for another time.”
You smile gratefully at him, thankful he wasn’t screaming insults at you and making you feel like shit. 
“Over my dead body,” Jungkook huffs under his breath, loud enough for you to hear.
“Thanks Eric,” you ignore the bunny’s outburst, “I’ll see you soon.”
At those words Taehyung’s tail wraps tighter around your waist, the movement not missed by the human.
With a wave he’s gone, and they finally feel like they can breathe. 
“You guys are seriously too much,” you sigh, skin still tingling from the sensation of the tiger hybrid’s touch. “He wasn’t going to kill me.”
Jimin can’t stop the higher pitched growl leaving his lips.
“You don’t know that,” he scoffs.
Their clouded heads were clearing, slowly realising the events of what just happened even though they just lived them. This was bad, their judgement was so dictated by their jealousy and possessiveness it was bordering on dangerous. 
“I think I need to go home,” you announce in a quiet voice, your own train of thoughts already taking you away from them.
“We’ll take you,” Jungkook offers, ready to rectify his mistakes.
“No I think you guys have done enough,” you frown at the floor, your harsh words hitting them with shame and heartache. 
Jungkook blinks back sudden tears, unable to handle your rejection, even if he deserved it. 
“I really don’t want to hear it tonight, please,” your eyes close, fighting back your own watering eyes, swallowing down the hurt. 
How could they do this to you? How could they not realise how you felt and not let you take this way out of it? They didn’t want you, they didn’t love you back, they weren’t allowed to behave like this and confuse you. You pull Taehyung’s clutch away from your wrist with your other hand, his tail falling limply at the grief sinking his whole soul. 
You don’t say a word as you walk away, leaving three hybrids too stunned to speak. 
Did you understand the nightmares that haunted Namjoon at night? The images of you accusing them of heinous hideous things that in the moment he believes with his whole heart. That look of hatred on your face that burns into his brain. Every time he woke up the hurt lingered into the day.
It’s a stupid defence mechanism he knows, the way he’s been behaving recently. His wolf side is angry and pissed with his human parts and the hybrid is taking it out on everyone around him, even you, even if you both hadn’t spoken since the day before yesterday.
The worst part of it was, he was holding you at a distance, his usual cure for his downcast thoughts. You were the one to pull him out when he buried himself in his overthinking and his insecurities. You always dug him out, and this time you didn’t, and he wouldn’t let you close enough to. This time you left him under the weight of his own misery and walked away with another man. His jaw clenches unconsciously, his bite so tense his teeth would break under the force.
This just proved everything he had been saying was right. You didn’t want them. They were helplessly and hopelessly in love with you to the point where they recognised you as their mate, and you didn’t return the feeling. As much as Yoongi argued that you were human so therefore you were dense to their affection, Namjoon couldn’t agree. How could you not see it when they behaved the way they did with you, only you. When else had he found his employee in the arms of his packmate asleep? When else would he allow someone outside of his pack to get as close to him as you did?
And to top it all off, every member of his pack started courting you for real the day you smelled the way you did. They were oblivious to it, or denying it themselves, but something inside of them clicked that day, and Namjoon could see the consequences in their behaviour even if they couldn’t. Why didn’t they understand it was futile, they were going to get their hearts torn out because of a human girl. Before their affection and gestures were always poised as a question, an indirect way of asking if you were interested in them. But now the boundaries were gone, they recognised you as their mate completely whether you were or not, this was everything he was trying to prevent. It was one thing to think it, now their more animalistic sides would accept nothing less but your hand in theirs. 
His tormenting thoughts come to an abrupt stop as do his steps. He was walking past the empty meeting room, on his way back to the office when he heard it. He should walk away, but he can’t bring himself to. There was no way he should know that was you, but he did. His fingers close around the handle, his thoughts in overdrive, fighting with himself about what to do. 
His instincts take over when he hears the sob, opening the door in a flash to the sound, staring incredulously at the sight of your tear stained face. You struggle to stop crying, choking on your tears as you try to control them, turning away from him. Your hand covers your mouth as you whimper, unable to hold back now the floodgates opened. You hear the door slam shut thinking he had left until you hear the lock. 
“Namjoon I-I’m fine,” you hold your tears back long enough to say it as firmly as you could, your face scrunching as the downpour continues. 
He can see your shoulders trembling, he can hear the pain in your voice. It killed him.
Someone hurt his mate, as much as he tried to stop the thought it echoed in his head loudly. His mate was hurt, his mate was crying. He was caught between wanting to tear someone’s throat apart for putting you in this state and the urge to comfort you in his arms. It physically pains him not to step towards you, to not give in to all the cells in his body that screamed at him to go to you.
He couldn’t be a hypocrite, he has repeated to the others so many times, you weren’t theirs. How many times did he preach not to cross the line? How many times did he break his own rules?
“Y/n, as your employer, as your friend,” he says as calmly as he can, “tell me what’s wrong.”
If there was ever a wrong button to press, Namjoon could find it. You let out an unbearable whine, drowning out your loud cries in both your hands. 
He takes a deep pained breath, his eyes closing as he fights so hard with himself, the wrinkles between his brows deep as caverns. He couldn’t, not after everything he said to the others, he couldn’t…
Fuck it.
His long strides close the distance quickly, his arms turning you to face him as he buries you into the safety of his chest. His arm traps you in his hold when you try to push him away, one hand in your hair trying to soothe you.
“Shhh babygirl it's fine,” his chin sits on the top of your head, his palm alternating between patting your head affectionately and stroking the strands. He’s never seen you like this, or heard just an anguished cry in his life. “I’m so sorry…”
He felt compelled to say it, hating himself for everything. 
He lets you bawl your eyes out against him, holding you firmly through every violent tremble that shakes your body. His tail wraps behind you like a second arm would in a hug, his ears twitching to every sound you make. You clutch onto his shirt like a lifeline, unable to tell him he and the others were the reason for your tears. 
It came out of nowhere, but repressed emotions have a way of finding an out. You barely made it to the empty meeting room before the tears started dropping, and you couldn’t stop. Everything that was happening between you and them overwhelmed you, you couldn’t take it anymore. You wanted to bang your fist against his chest and demand they understood what they were doing to you. You wanted to confess everything, let the dice fall wherever they had to, but you could barely breathe, how could you find your voice?
This needed to end before it destroyed you.
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might as well | kth
Tumblr media
Taehyung makes sure the two of you two live up to your tardy reputation.
pairing: taehyung x reader
rating: 18+ (minors dni)
genre/warnings: established relationship, fluff if you squint, smut (pwp), just a lil quickie, protected sex, big dicc!tae, dirty talk
word count: 1.4k
note: this has been sitting in my drafts for over a month now. i said i’d post it like 4 weeks ago and i just.. didn’t lol. again, not very edited sooo if you see any mistakes, you absolutely did not!
— as always, i’d appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have, and please drop a like and/or reblog if you enjoy reading ♡
Tumblr media
You’re adding the final touches to your makeup and finishing it off with a setting spray when two strong arms wrap around you from behind in a warm embrace.
“Hi,” you greet your boyfriend, turning your head to the side to press a kiss to his cheek.
“Hi, baby,” he says as he examines the material of your dress between his fingers. 
When he pulls you closer and holds your body flushed against his, you feel his intention before he voices it.
“Taehyung, no,” you chastise him like a puppy. “We promised we’d be on time for once!”
“Come on, baby,” he pouts adorably, however what his hips are doing is anything but innocent. He’s rutting his erection against your ass, breath hitching with every shallow thrust like he’s a horny teenager again though you’re not sure if he ever really grew out of that phase.
He doesn’t wait for you to respond before he’s slipping a hand under your dress to cup you through your lace panties. “Tae!” you gasp and instinctively grind down on his hand. This is how you know it’s a losing battle. He does this every time and it always works on you.
When he feels your panties start to dampen, he smirks as he rubs your clothed clit. “I’m hard and you’re wet,” he states, kissing your neck to further persuade you. “We might as well just fuck, y’know?”
“Tae…” you sigh, your resolve hanging by a thread with every stroke of his fingers. The more you grind against his hand, the more your ass unintentionally brushes his dick. “He’s gonna be mad,” you whine in vain.
“Let him,” he shrugs indifferently. He turns your body around to face him and presses a peck to your lips with a sweet smile. “I’ll be quick, I promise. Fifteen minutes, hmm?”
You narrow your eyes at him suspiciously. It’s never fifteen minutes; he’ll just want to fuck you longer once he’s inside and you’ll be too lost in pleasure to protest.
“Fine. But seriously, be quick.”
Taehyung practically drags you to the bed and pushes you down before he fumbles with his belt for a minute. As you wait for him to step out of his slacks and pull his cock out of his boxers, you quickly slide your panties down your legs and lie back, ready for him whenever he is.
When his fingers slide under the dress again and come into contact with your bare and slickening pussy, he lets out a stupidly attractive groan that sends a rush of arousal straight through your body.
You stop him when his fingers start to circle your entrance, ready to stretch you out. “It’s okay. Just fuck me.”
“You sure?” he asks.
You give him a hum of confirmation and bunch the skirt around your waist, revealing your cunt to him and grinding against his bare cock. The feeling of your wet folds makes Taehyung groan in anticipation while he fumbles with his wallet in search of a condom. When he finally pulls one out, he throws the wallet to the ground carelessly, all of his focus directed at tearing into the tinfoil and wrapping the rubber around his member.
Fuck, you’re a sight to see—laid underneath him all flushed and needy, legs spread widely to give him the best view of your glistening pussy. How he wishes he could just ditch this dinner and have his way with you till you can’t walk anymore, but Seokjin will most likely have his head if he doesn’t show up to the one event that the older man has been planning for weeks.
“I’m gonna take my time with you later, sweetheart,” Taehyung grunts as he gives himself a few experimental pumps. “Right now, I just need to feel you cream on my cock.”
His tip teases your entrance before he pushes in, making both of your breaths hitch as you finally connect. He doesn’t stop until he’s fully sheathed inside your velvet walls, but he doesn’t move just yet to let you adjust to his size. “Ah, Tae…” you whimper as his cock stretches your pussy a little uncomfortably.
“I know, baby,” he kisses your neck and squeezes your hips apologetically, though it’s not really his fault that he was blessed with such a generous package. You gasp when he rubs your clit to help you relax and open up more. Soon, your natural slick starts to ooze from your widening hole, coating his condom-clad member and his fingers that are still stimulating your bundle of nerves. 
“Ah…” you mewl, beginning to grow needy, “fuck me, Tae.”
Immediately pulling his hips back, you both moan when he pushes forward again, gliding his hard cock along your wet walls. Taehyung repeats the movements over, and over, and over again, until your mouth is hanging open with incoherent cries as you feel your climax approaching.
When he leans down for a kiss, you put a hand on his chest to stop him. “No,” you breathe, “you’ll ruin my makeup.”
He rolls his eyes half-heartedly before ducking down to press soft kisses to the skin of your neck. He doesn’t dare suck hickeys into your delicate canvas, knowing you’ll scold him later if you have to scramble to cover up the marks. 
“You feel so good, sweetheart,” he coos, shifting his hips slightly to fuck you harder. “This pretty pussy is made for my cock, yeah?”
“Only for you,” you moan brokenly, body shifting up the bed slightly whenever he thrusts into you. The sounds of his balls slapping against your ass echo around the room and make you even wetter than you already are. “Ah fuck, Tae!” a particularly sharp thrust has you crying out and clutching his shoulders. “Faster, please… I wanna cum on your cock so bad… You always fuck me so good, baby.”
“Fuck,” he grunts, a hand landing on your chest to paw at one of your tits through your clothes. Your sweet moans in his ears, your supple breast in his palm, your tight cunt sucking him in whenever he pulls back. “Are you almost there?” his voice is strained as he tries to keep his orgasm at bay.
Ironically, his phone suddenly buzzes to life somewhere across the room, maybe on your vanity table, with a call from whom he’s sure must be Seokjin. The sounds of the device vibrating harshly against the wood startle you, your pussy clamping down unexpectedly hard on his cock and it almost makes him cum in the process. 
“Almost,” you mumble weakly, trying to focus on your impending release and ignoring the annoying buzzing, which thankfully ceases after a moment. “So close…”
Taehyung picks up the pace to help you get there, fucking you faster and rougher than before, the base of his cock rubs against your clit with every thrust. “Come on, come on,” he chants quietly, “wanna feel you cum for me.”
Your body obliges, your walls contracting around him as you come apart from the pleasure. “T–Taehyung…” when his name keeps falling from your lips while he fucks you through your high, he can’t help but let his body succumb too.
“Ah, fuck!” His warm seed fills the condom and you wish that he was shooting his cum into you instead. Your pussy squeezes his cock to help him prolong his orgasm and milk him of everything. “Fuck, sweetheart, I love you…”
“Love you too,” you whisper and pull him down for a peck, still careful to not ruin your makeup. He stays inside of you for a few more moments, grinning lazily above you and only pulling out when his dick starts to soften and his cum starts to spill from the condom.
As Taehyung gets up to throw the used rubber in the trash, you just lay there, legs still spread and pussy still glistening with your release, too tired to move. 
“Why do you always get horny whenever we have to go out?” you ask accusingly.
“It’s not my fault!” he raises his hands in mock defense, returning to your side and wiping at your messy pussy with a wet towel. “You only wear dresses when we attend something and y’know, it gets me going.”
(When you show up at Seokjin’s apartment forty five minutes after the agreed upon time, he only gives you two a look and shakes his head. “I’m disappointed, but I can’t say I’m surprised.”)
Tumblr media
— all rights reserved © jeonqkooks. reposting, translating and/or modifying is not permitted by any means.
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blu-joons · 8 hours ago
When He Calls You Mine ~ BTS Reaction
His eyes widened as Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, keeping you right by his side. “Y/N’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving you around the room with him away from Jin.
“Y/N is mine,” Jin frowned, trying to reach out to grab a hold of you, but Jungkook swerved you away once again.
You couldn’t help but chuckle as the boys fought over you, “why are you guys doing this to me?” You smirked, not knowing what was going on between them.
“I’m stealing Y/N because you stole my snacks last night in the cupboard,” Jungkook explained to Jin, pushing you behind him to shield you from Jin.
“You said they were to share,” Jin protested with a huff.
Jungkook’s head shook, folding his arms across his chest, “I said that you could share with all of us, not finish the packet for yourself.”
“Y/N is worth a lot more than a bag of snacks anyway,” Jin told him, “I’ll buy you some more if you just give me what’s mind back again.”
“You promise?” Jungkook quizzed, “you should buy me two bags I think.”
“I promise, just leave Y/N alone.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as you shook the hands of the new members of staff that Yoongi introduced you to. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” several of them told you, smiling at Yoongi.
“How can I not tell you guys about Y/N when I’m lucky to have someone so incredible as mine?” Yoongi asked them.
His question took you by surprise, a rare moment for you to see some softness in him. “I hope you don’t bore these guys by talking about me too much.”
“He has plenty of stories to share,” one of the managers told you before Yoongi could speak up, “he doesn’t shut up some days, you should see him Y/N.”
“Is that true?” You teased back across to Yoongi.
His head slowly nodded back to you, “I might talk about you every now and then, but that’s only because I love to tell people how great you are.”
“I never realised you felt that way,” you smiled, feeling your heart race, “how many more people do you talk to me about when I don’t know?”
“Everyone,” Yoongi laughed, “but I really can’t help that I do.”
“Don’t worry, I find it adorable of you.”
Tumblr media
His eyes followed the point of the fans to where you were stood, instinctively smiling as soon as he looked at you, scrolling through your phone. “Who’s she?” The couple of fans asked him.
“She’s mine,” Hobi proudly smiled in reply to them, turning his eyes back across to look at their expressions of surprise.
Their eyes were still on you, watching you closely. “Is that your girlfriend? The one that’s a secret?” The fan on the left side of the group asked Hobi excitedly.
“She’s still a secret,” Hobi laughed in reply to them, “please don’t let on to anyone that you’ve seen Y/N, I don’t want for her to get too much attention just yet.”
“She looks really nice,” one of them complimented.
Hobi nodded in agreement with them, “she’s very nice, which is why I want to keep her safe for a little while, until she’s comfortable.”
“We won’t tell anyone that we’ve seen the two of you,” they promised him, “but when people do find out, we’ll tell them how nice Y/N Is.”
“Thank you,” Hobi grinned, “I would love for you guys to do that for us.”
“Of course, we’ll support you like fans do.”
Tumblr media
The smile on Namjoon’s face grew as soon as the interviewer showed a picture of the two of you. “How would you describe your relationship with Y/N?” She asked Namjoon’s smile.
“She’s mine,” Namjoon began, feeling the smiles on the faces of those around him grow too, “I feel very lucky to call her that.”
The interviewer’s head nodded as she looked around at the rest of the boys too. “How would you guys all describe Y/N and Namjoon’s relationship as well?”
“She’s his,” Jungkook chuckled in reply to her, “that’s the one thing that makes sure to remind us every day so that we stay away.”
“Is that true?” She asked Namjoon with a chuckle.
His head nodded proudly, “I like them to know that there are boundaries with Y/N, plenty of them like to tease me from time to time.”
“We definitely know where we stand,” Jin assured everyone, “Y/N is his, but we’re definitely close friends, so it’s a good balance.”
“They adore Y/N,” Namjoon added, “but just to be sure, not as much as I do.”
“No one could adore her more than you.”
Tumblr media
Your smile was wide as Jimin grabbed your hands and pinned you down on the bed. “I’ve got to go,” you laughed, but Jimin’s head shook back across at you, “my friends are waiting for me.”
“You’re mine, I don’t want you to go out with your friends,” Jimin sighed, wanting to keep you to himself all night long.
Your head shook as his continued to shake too. “You know what Y/F/N is like, if she knows that you’re holding me up, she’ll make sure that you pay.”
“Y/F/N doesn’t scare me,” Jimin chuckled, “you’re not hers anyway, you’re mine,” he repeated, trying to convince you to cancel on your friends.
“I have to go, we’ve had this planned for weeks,” you sighed.
Jimin pouted down as he hovered over you still, “if you go, how long will you be gone for? You won’t be gone for too long, right?”
“Maybe a couple of hours,” you told him, only for Jimin to groan. “Surely you can occupy yourself for a couple of hours, you won’t even miss me.”
“I will,” Jimin clarified, “I miss you whenever I’m not with you Y/N.”
“I won’t be long, I promise you.”
Tumblr media
Your head glanced across as a figure appeared beside you, noticing the look of frustration in Taehyung’s eyes. “Hello?” Your colleague smiled, meeting Taehyung for the first time.
“Yeah…hi,” Taehyung trailed off, suspiciously looking across at him, “do I know you? Are you a friend of Y/N’s or something?”
Your heart sunk as you heard the bitterness in Taehyung’s voice. “This is H/F/N,” you told Taehyung, “he’s one of the newbies in the office that’s started.”
“I see,” Taehyung murmured, still unconvinced, “I hope you’re treating Y/N well in the office, she’s mine, so I like to make sure that she’s taken care of.”
“Y/N talks about you all the time,” H/F/N replied.
Taehyung nodded, tightening his grip around your waist, “so you know that she’s mine then? And that she’s taken too, right?”
“Taehyung,” you whispered, pressing your foot on top of his, “do you have to do this now?” You whispered, feeling the tension begin to grow.
“It’s fine,” H/F/N told you, “there’s nothing wrong with a protective partner.”
“I’m her partner, don’t you forget it.”
Tumblr media
You were a nervous wreck as you walked slightly behind Jungkook, meeting several new faces at his family party. “Who’s this?” His aunt asked as soon as the two of you approached her.
“She’s mine,” Jungkook laughed, moving a protective arm around your frame, “I’m just kidding, this is Y/N.”
Her eyes lit up as soon as Jungkook introduced you. “The Y/N? Oh, it is so good to finally meet you, I have heard so many stories about you Y/N from everyone.”
“I hope they were all good ones,” you joked, trying to ease your nerves as she laughed back at you and nodded her head, poking Jungkook’s side.”
“Most of the stories come from this one,” she teased.
Jungkook smiled sheepishly back across to you, “I don’t lie to any of my family members, I just tell them how amazing they are.”
“He does,” his aunt agreed, “I think he’s very lucky to be able to call you his judging by all of the things that I’ve heard about you,” she noted.
“It’s lovely to meet you,” you told her, “even though you’ve heard a lot.”
“It’s lovelier to meet you, trust me.”
Tumblr media
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serenityslutt · a day ago
If you’re taking requests can you do one where the reader gets a piercing for the first time and it hurts so she’s fussy about it but Jungkook teases her in light fun for being fussy but also helps her feel better with his expertise? Thankyouu💜
YESSS here you go!!!
Tumblr media
~El otro
Pairing: jungkook x reader
Genre: lovers, fluff, teasing
No warnings
“Animo amiga tu puedes”
Jungkook laughs watching the video over again you side eye him “kook stop” you cover your face in embarrassment. You asked him if he wanted to tag along with you and of course he does but you didn’t think he’d record you and laugh at you. “Im sorry it’s just the faces you did” he touched his stomach as he continued to laugh.
You slap his arm “you should be trying to make me feel better not laugh at me” he turns his phone off starting the car “okay okay” he stopped laughing just burst out laughing again “I-I’m sorry I’m done for real” you smiled knowing how to get him back. “My other man wouldn’t treat me like this” you mumbled under your breath loud enough for him to hear he stopped laughing quickly. You connect your phone to the Bluetooth “what did you say” you smiled “you heard me” jungkook bites his lip smiling as he nods.
“Keep playing with me ____” you laugh “what’s wrong you were just laughing not so long ago what changed” you smiled as you put more volume. He side eyes you before quickly poking your nipple you hiss, quickly placing your hand on your nipple “you little s- why would you do that” the piercings you got was nipple piercings and some more ear piercings. He giggled “I told you to stop playing with me” he pulled into the drive thru. You glare as him which makes him laugh more “don’t make them faces at me before i poke the other”.
“That’s messed up” you push his hand away from yours “aww what happened you were just laughing not so long ago” he mocks you as you ignore him “awww she’s mad” he pokes your arm “when you get mad your cheeks get fatter” he smiled as he squeezed your cheek “and your bottom lip pops out more too” his finger pulled on your lip putting it back in place you couldn’t help but laugh. “Stop doing that” he smiled as he grabbed your hand “I’ll get you something to sooth the swelling okay” you nod as he kissed your hand.
He ordered some food for the both of you also getting a small cup of ice for you. As you waited he grabbed you chin pulling you closer to him “does it hurt still” you nod “a little it feels a bit uncomfortable” he pressed his lips on yours sending butterflies to your stomach “for now you’ll feel more comfortable as it heals” he rubbed your cheek. His nose rubbed on yours “let me see them” he laughed as he smiled innocently “right here” he nods.
“I didn’t get to see them” you shake your head “n-not here” he pouts “why not” he squeezed your hand “someone will see” he sighs “finee”
Once we got to the second window he grabbed our stuff. “Okay now that you have something to drink the advil I put in your bag” you thought it would be two Advils in a zip lock and you find a tiny advil bottle he smiled as your mouth opens surprised “I know how you miniature sized stuff so when I seen the little advil I had to get it for you” so caring “aw it’s cute thank you” you kissed his hand “I’ll do it again just to see your beautiful smile” you blushed as you take the pills. “And rub the ice cube on your nipples it helps sooth the pain and swelling” you listen to him.
Lowkey the ice is really cold but it feels good “thank you” he looked at you “no problem baby” he quick kissed you before the light changed color. His hand squeezed you thigh as his fingers draw little circles on your thigh for comfort.
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btsqualityy · a day ago
Jungkook’s social media
Ignore dates and times.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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smhtaehyung · a day ago
shy on the sly (jjk)
chapter 5: falling into right hands
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: smut, comedy, summer camp au
warnings: eventual smut, oral sex, awkward kissing and oral sex, horny jk, masturbation, voyerism, inexperienced!kook, awkward conversations. (slowburn?) dirty talk, perverted fantasies, shy jk, maknae line ft. Hobi, summer camp alternative universe, swearing, underage drinking, thigh kink, scent kink, kinks all round, masturbation in shower, public.
taglist: @mwitsmejk
summary: You and Jungkook finally sit down to have an honest conversation after a big fall out. Things get heated.
wordcount: 3,5k
If you don’t want to miss new chapters you can always ask me to put you in a tag list :)
Jungkook always hated mornings. Especially that morning after he had to listen to one of his best friends plough Y/N. Loud and hard.
He woke up to a sound of Jimin exiting the room, Hae had still slept in the bed and Jungkook had wondered if he slept that heavily so he didn't hear them hook up or they just didn't do anything. But Jungkook thought that was hard to believe.
Either way, he felt as if he had won the sad lottery of watching his friends get laid while he couldn't step up and be direct with Y/N. It looked wrong. He knew.
Jungkook sat on the edge of his bed, observing the silence. His ears were resting from hearing her moans. And how a gross embarrassing feeling grew inside his chest.
He stood up, leaving his room silently. It hadn't even been 7 am. He felt the stares from Jimin and Hoseok who got up already but he ignored it.
"Hey, you good?" Hoseok tried to get Jungkook to say anything.
He nodded.
Jimin sighed. All of them simultaneously sighed, actually.
Jungkook hated that Taehyung was still asleep. He couldn't wait to give him a silent treatment until he apologizes. Jungkook had lost the competition inside his head again. And he hated that he was angry. He hated that someone made him feel that way as soon as he was ready to relax with a girl and get close with her. So, in that moment, he hated how poorly he chose.
Jungkook sat at the table, trying to eat his cereal in peace, but he was annoyed with his friends trying to get him to speak again a couple of times.
"Tell Hae to go back to her cabin. Morning inspection is starting soon." Jungkook's tone was cold as he looked at Jimin, breaking off the uncomfortable silence with an uncomfortable sentence.
"I know. I'm just avoiding it." Jimin chugged on his water.
"Why?" Jungkook was really curious, enough to pause the silent treatment.
"Because I think she likes me. And I don't want to mess around with that. I just wanted to fuck." Jimin spoke but his tone wasn't that believable. Jungkook wondered if he had liked Hae. He knew Jimin always rushed into relationships all the time except summer holidays. He loved being single during the summer so he set one rule to himself - never fall in love in summer. Jungkook always liked that rule.
"Okay. Just get her out of the room. I want to go back to sleep." Jungkook took another bite, hating the bland taste.
And Jimin did what he had to do. He woke up Hae with a kiss on her temple and let her out of the window with a hug. She smiled at him a lot before leaving and Jimin really liked that smile. Shame he had to stick to his rule.
But Hae left something important back at that cabin. She left Y/N.
Y/N woke up half an hour after she left, the sun already up and heating up the air. Her sweaty body woke her up. Another hot day. And another mistake.
Y/N looked to her left and face palmed hard, flinching when she hit her forehead loudly. Taehyung shifted for a bit, his bare torso creating a few drops of sweat which only meant one thing - he was probably going to wake up soon due to a heatwave she felt before waking up too.
She wanted to avoid that. Especially after what mess she made with Taehyung. His clothes and pillows were all over the floor. She realized Hoseok didn't even sleep in the room because his bed didn't give any sign of someone being there the entire night.
She hated to admit it, but Taehyung was good. Like really good. Even tipsy, he hit all the right spots and made her come several times. To Y/N, it was probably the best sex she ever had. Taehyung knew how to fuck. The way his tongue worked her up made her engrave it to her memory as well. His hands squeezed her sides so hard that it left red marks. Y/N sighed to herself once seeing it.
There was one thing she hated more. She hated she had to do this because Jungkook used her. As revengeful as she was, she was still mad at Jungkook. But felt sad all this had to happen. And she was kind of crushing on Jungkook, but it was way too soon to fully realize it.
She dressed up completely, opening the door of his room to sneak out. She thought everyone was asleep but she realized how bad it looks especially when all three pair of eyes looked at her.
"Hey." Jimin tried to break the awkward silence.
"Is Hae-?" Y/N scratched her head.
"She left." Jimin answered briefly.
She hated how it happened on accident. The eye contact with Jungkook. She wanted to control her look and try to make an impact on him. It failed. Jungkook blanky stared through her, hating how fucked and used up she looked now. She disgusted him. She really was only trouble in his mind.
"Taehyung's window is looking on the path. Can I go through the one in your guys' room?" Y/N kept scratching her head, shyly looking down.
"Sure." Both Jimin and Hoseok were of good help.
"Oh, you're being all shy now?" Jungkook's voice stung her. It felt as if she was stabbed. The passive aggressive tension rose with Jungkook's cold tone, quite rude and direct. He kept his eyes fixated on the cereal, taking a few bites as if it was all casual.
Jungkook hated how shy she was acting given her loud moans the previous night. He hated that she was trying to play off her shyness but always fell way too easy for physical touch.
However, as much as it hurt her, she decided to ignore it.
"See you guys." Y/N spoke softly, walking past Jungkook's bed. She hated how this was her first time in his room. Sneaking out at 7 AM on a Saturday morning after fucking his best friend in the room next to his. She really felt bad. And she hated that he was mad.
"See you." Jimin and Hoseok whispered loudly as she jumped in the bushes, sneaking out on a side path to her cabin. Thank god she had the key with her. She tip toed to the cabin door, slowly unlocking the door. She sneaked inside, careful not to wake anyone up. She was so into her own thoughts the previous night that she hadn't even notice Hae being there.
"Hey." Hae's voice made Y/N jump.
"Jesus fuck! What are you doing?" Y/N leaned against the wall in relief.
"I totally forgot you slept over too! God, I hate us." Hae whispered smiling to herself. Her smile flattened very soon. She looked quite down.
"You good, Hae?" Y/N stroked her arm.
"We'll see." She forced a smile out, walking away to her room.
Catching a few more hours of sleep was Y/N's wish too, so to stop overthinking she laid down on her bed and just rested.
And she slept quite heavily.
In fact, Taehyung was woken up by Hoseok shaking his leg.
"Yah, inspection is coming. Put on some pants, idiot." His tone was harsh. Taehyung hated getting up before 12 PM on a Saturday morning, it irritated him.
He stood up, putting on his loose t-shirt and shorts. He stood by the bed, the counselor already checking his room. Jungkook was looking into his room from afar, hating that he'd probably be able to smell her scent inside Taehyung's room.
As soon as the counselor left, the four boys were poisoned by tension in the air. Jungkook was judging Taehyung who was picking on his fingernail, feeling both apologetic and disappointed in himself. The silence went on for a whole minute before Jungkook spoke through his teeth - "You're an asshole."
"I'm sorry! I was tipsy she came onto me I thought you were casual! Yeah you two look suspicious but she really worked me up on purpose! Why is this a big deal? You keep saying you don't like her!" Taehyung raised his voice immediately, his nerves rising.
"I don't know! I would never do that to you, hyung. It just feels shitty. I wish I didn't need to fucking listen to it! I feel like a pathetic creep. And now she fucking hates me and I can't hate her!"
This was probably the most upset Jungkook looked to his friends. They were quite worried for him but decided to let him storm off to his room to calm down. They knew he needed to clear his head since Jungkook always knew how to push away the sensitive side of him. The irrational thinking got him feeling too sad though. Jungkook plopped onto his bed, just wanting to sleep for a couple of more hours. He couldn't wait for Monday to finally start his activities. He hated how self conscious he was becoming about stuff that never caused him to feel that way before.
Jungkook stayed inside his room for the entire afternoon, missing the hiking trip. His friends had to lie to the counselors, saying he felt ill and he needed rest. It threw them off guard once Hae said the same thing about Y/N. The two of them alone at the camp resort was a recipe for disaster. The awkward bumping into each other both of them left their cabins made both Hae and Taehyung's friends worried. The situation was quite nerve-racking.
Y/N stayed at the cabin, still a little bit hungover and tired from last night. She felt so ashamed she didn't want to leave her room, but after feeling that breezy wind come from the open window, she wanted to clear her thoughts. It would be a shame to stay inside on such an enjoyable sunny day.
So, she decided to walk to the dock. She didn't know Jungkook decided to jog around the camp, something he always did when he felt stressed out.
The awkward situation was approaching. Y/N sat at the dock, observing the sparkling lake, her eyes squinting from the strong reflection in the water.
Jungkook's steps were getting louder each second, causing her to turn around.
"What are you doing here?" She raised her voice, making Jungkook almost trip and fall. He didn't notice her, given the sun was narrowing his vision.
He stopped, sighing a bit.
"Well, what are YOU doing here?" He tossed the question right back to her.
Y/N sat in silence for a few seconds until standing up, clearly ashamed and angry at him. She hated how easily she was controlled by him, and thought she fell for his grand master plan. A classic misunderstanding between them.
"Can we talk?" Jungkook softly asked, coming closer to her so she wouldn't walk away. However, she continued walking.
"Why? I don't need your apologies."
"I'm not here to apologize. I'm here to explain." Jungkook's tone was quite direct, kind of off putting to her.
Y/N widened her eyes at his rude tone.
"No, listen to me." He put his hand on her forearm, lightly squeezing it from the desperation he felt.
"You didn't let me explain last night. The truth is, I was terrified. I just, I'm.." As Jungkook tried to find words, Y/N tried her hardest to listen.
"Can we talk somewhere more private?" Jungkook begged.
Y/N wanted to reassure him they were probably entirely alone at the camp, but she decided to let him have it.
"Fine." She sighed and started walking towards her cabin, given it was closer to the dock than his.
Jungkook followed her, his timid steps keeping a distance from her.
The awkward walk towards the cabin was making them both feel so uncomfortable. Both of them were impulsive, and both of them were wrong. Pride is sometimes the downfall of every person, but it was the small voice inside Y/N's head that wasn't budging. She was quite sure that Jungkook really used her for his own good.
Y/N closed the door of her room. Jungkook felt as if he needed to throw up but figured, forcing himself to say it out loud would be the only solution in that moment. He barely managed to do it, but he said it.
"I'm a virgin." Jungkook finally uttered the words out loud, hating that familiar feeling of his chest tightening.
Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, sitting down in slight shock.
"That can't be true."
"It is." He continued.
"So, you avoided it last night because you were scared?" She asked him curiously.
"Hey, let's not exaggerate. I wasn't scared." Jungkook was a terrible liar, his tone not convincing her. He sat down next to her, keeping some distance.
"Why? How-? How come?" Y/N really picked her words wisely.
"I never felt the need to advance from foreplay with anyone. I never wanted to lose my virginity at the party. And usually everyone here hooks up at the party." Jungkook spoke more openly, Y/N staying silent as he continued.
"I mean that's how all the guys lost their virginities and stuff. I always just kept with forth base, I guess."
After he finished, he observed what she was going to say with so much focus.
"I get it. Trust me, totally. I just don't understand. Why are you saying this to me? Shouldn't you avoid me like all those girls you never really had sex with in the end?" Y/N raised her eyebrow.
"Because I want to fuck you." He was blunt, his tone sounding quite hot and attractive to her.
"I never really wanted that with any other girl at camp." He admitted, slightly smiling from how ridiculous he felt by saying it.
Y/N sighed.
"I can't do this to you. I had no idea you were a virgin. I can't be your first. I don't want to be." She couldn't stop the stressful word vomit.
She got up but Jungkook pulled her to sit down on the bed.
"Please." Jungkook held her hand, stroking her arm to sit down. She immediately surrendered, sitting down.
"I'm sorry for acting that way. Sorry for saying the wrong thing most of the time. But I like spending time with you. And I like getting physical with you. Can we just have fun like normal people do?" Jungkook softly spoke, his words convincing her. He was happy with the final outcome of the things he wanted to say. It was even better because it was truly sincere.
"I'm sorry I fu-I'm sorry I got with Tae." She looked down.
"Yeah, you're an asshole too for that." He was direct again, sliding next to her so that their thighs were touching.
Y/N rested her forehead against his.
"Do you want to...do this?" He asked.
"Not now right?" She asked in a worried tone. He immediately shook his head.
"But-" She disrupted his happiness for a moment.
"If we keep this friendship strictly sexual, we have to communicate, right?" She smirked, having a plan in mind. Jungkook smirked st her smugness.
"I agree. Do you have anything to get off your chest?" He moved his face closer to hers.
"I want to suck your cock." Y/N kissed the side of his ear and whispered. Jungkook, without a thought, put his hand on her cheek and brought her in for a kiss. His skin was slightly sweaty due to stress and the hotness of the day. The cabins heated up the same way they did. Soon, Y/N was stroking Jungkook's chest. The sun strays that entered the room really made her excited that she could see him in full light, not being able to hide anymore in darkness. His skin was glowing under the direct light. Those details always riled her up.
The sloppy sounds of kissing filled the entire room. Jungkook's soft lips were attached to hers, kissing her quite carefully and slowly. Y/N heated it up by interacting her tongue with his for a little while.
He started grinding his hips into hers, his hardening crotch rubbing against hers.
"You're good." She whispered into his mouth. Jungkook's lips formed into a shy smile.
"You're too." His deep whisper made her shiver. For the first time, they kissed without critiques and unnecessary comments. It was all quite real now. The fact Jungkook got to kiss her again after explaining everything made him exhale with ease.
They continued kissing, the act heavily progressing. Y/N straddled Jungkook's lap, grinding on his lap as they sat on the edge of the bed.
Jungkook skin was incredibly soft under her lips, and he always had a scent of cleanliness, as if he had just got out of the shower. Y/N enjoyed kissing down his neck and collarbones. Before Jungkook could even realize what was happening, Y/N was already kneeling in front of him, pulling down his shorts and underwear. His rock hard length sprung free, eager for her mouth and much more. Y/N's lips wrapped around him, sliding up and down, lacking control he took over.
He slid her mouth and head off his dick only to repeat the same motion moments after.
Jungkook let out a breathy moan, loving the way her mouth was so freely coating his entire cock. He pushed himself into her mouth faster, his grip on her hair tightening every second. His soft breathy groans turned into high pitched moans, totally immersed in pleasure.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He continued repeating over and over again, biting his lip to control his moans. He began having more firmer thrusts into her mouth. As he was thrusting himself inside, Jungkook had thought about how he’d fuck her. He tried to replicate it to her mouth, the thought of it driving the both of them insane. If only the sensation was more vivid and closer to it. He tried to close his eyes and listen to her muffles, imagining the mouth was her tight entrance, but the sensation of the mouth was a bit too different from how her womanhood would feel like clenching around him. But he could only imagine it.
Y/N on the other hand was soaking wet, her pussy yearning for him.
"I’d fuck you like this.” He moaned, pushing himself harder down her throat. He had realized how desperate she was for him to feel her up.
Y/N moaned at the thought, his hips starting to slam into her mouth as she took all of him in, gagging after every few thrusts. 
Tears prickled on the corners of her eyes, the sight of her mouth getting fucked like that was pushing Jungkook close to his edge.
“You're so amazing.“ He stroked her hair for a brief second, fucking himself into her mouth harder. Y/N felt his member twitch inside of her mouth as he took his final look at her cleavage before coming apart.
With a few more sloppier thrusts, his belly clenched and his grip on her hair was becoming slightly too rough. He shot his seed inside her mouth, letting out broken moans of her name out. Jungkook could have sworn he never came that hard in his entire life. He let go of her hair, his dick sliding out of her mouth. Y/N gulped his salty seed and wiped her mouth as he observed her carefully. Still kneeling in front of him, Y/N looked up and giggled, both of them left without words after a heated short lived session.
Jungkook leaned in and kissed her, bringing her up to sit on top of him. He kneaded her thighs, kissing her softly.
"Sorry if I was maybe too rough." Jungkook shyly spoke, nuzzling his nose into her neck.
"No,no. You were great." She smiled, kissing him in reassurance.
"I want to make you feel good." Jungkook spoke, his hand rubbing small circles on her sensitive clitoris over her shorts.
Before they could continue, both of them flinched at the sound of the cabin door opening. The girls were back. Everyone was back from their afternoon trip.
"Fuck, you need to go." She started giggling, rushing him towards the window. Jungkook got up, both of them not exactly knowing why he should run away but the feeling of slight shame and judgement was eating them inside.
Jungkook took one step out the window, kissing her before jumping into the bushes, he almost fell, which made Y/N panic.
"You okay?"
"I think so. See you later." He giggled, sending a smile her way. The knock on her door made her shift her attention from Jungkook who was already sneaking away to his cabin, trying to avoid the group.
"Is everything okay?" Hae was still knocking on her door.
Y/N opened the door.
During that same time outside, Jungkook realized he's been caught.
"Jungkook, what are you doing around here?"
Fuck - Jungkook thought. He knew that voice all too well.
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Taehyung *talking about a Charlie Puth song*: I hate this song.
Jungkook: Oh come on, you have to admit it’s catchy.
Taehyung: The bubonic plague was catchy, doesn’t mean it was good.
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platonically invincible (ksj)
Tumblr media
checkout the platonic collection masterlist
summary- after your breakup you confide in Seokjin
word count- 1.1k
pairing- fwb!Seokjin x Reader
rating- PG-15
genre- fwb2lovers, idiots in love, fluff, hurt comfort
warnings- none
a.n.- A result of me watching seokjin comfort edits. This is a look into their friendship before they were friends with benefits! I hope you enjoy 💕
A special shout-out to my forever Dr Kim enthusiast @raplinesmoon and to @dionysusrage to beta reading this so quickly!!
As always reblogs, asks, and feedback appreciated 💌
You could feel the crowd pulsing around you, the music pounding through your ears turning the haze into a kaleidoscope of hues. The alcohol in your veins exacerbated the feeling, turning into the wave of your hips as you swayed next to your friends. You didn’t realize how much you needed this night – a time where you could forget the heartbreak, forget wanting to be more mature. Who needs to be mature? Mature didn’t lead to fun, it led to boring pantsuits in a class full of colorful ensembles, it led to ghosting your friends to add another point to your overall score, it led to nights home alone doing laundry.
You liked this better. You liked this meaningless grinding against Jimin as he winked at a girl next to you. You liked taking too many shots with Jungkook as he droned about his new obsession. You liked being babied by Yoongi and his girlfriend as they led you back to the booth and ordered fries. This was fun. This was supposed to be fun.
But with your cheeks rudding from the soju bombs and the world spinning, listening to your friends loudly laugh at jokes you didn’t catch and watching them flirt with people they had found for the night didn’t seem so fun anymore. Suddenly everything wasn’t bright and wonderful, it seemed dark and depressing. It reminded you that when you usually had someone to whisper and cuddle with, there was now no one who noticed that you were quietly staring at your cup. In a blink of an eye, everything was exhausting.
“Hey, you okay?”
Your best friend’s voice broke through the crowd, his hand on the back of your neck grounding you as you blinked up at him. You hadn’t noticed that he had abandoned the girl he was dancing with on the dance floor, hadn’t noticed that he was sitting next to you. And somehow with his kind smile puffing up his cheeks, it didn’t seem so dark anymore.
The lights of the club reflected on his face, turning it from blue to pink to green, turning his white shirt into a vibrant neon. He looked a little ridiculous, his dark hair disheveled with sweat matting it to his forehead, and a giggle escaped you.
“Hi Jinnie,” you smiled and Seokjin couldn’t help returning it, hand slowly running up and down your back.
“Hi giggly,” he retorted, endeared, before ruffling your hair. Usually you hated when he did that but the warmth from him noticing you when no one else did made you forget. Instead you hugged him, clinging on as his arms wrapped around you. If there was anyone in the world who knew you the best, it was Seokjin. You couldn’t help but be giddy that he was in your life. Out of all the people in the world that rejected you for your quirks, Seokjin shared them with you, and in that moment you had trouble describing just how happy you felt to soak in the cologne he had been using since middle school. It smelt like home.
“Wanna call it a night?” he asked against your hair and it felt like he could read your mind, somehow instinctively knowing that you wanted to just go to bed. You nodded with a grin, still clinging on as he guided you into a rideshare and took you home. Like usual you sat on your counter as you shared a bowl of ramen, the salt sobering you up just enough to let him into a secret you had been carrying around for months.
“Am I mature or am I fun?” you asked Seokjin as he inhaled the last of the noodles, his loud slurps spraying the broth in tiny specks over his pristine shirt. He paused for a while, chewing as he thought out his answer, brow furrowed with a frown.
“You’re both?” he replied, tone lifting at the end hesitantly.
“Am I wife material?” you questioned, needing a more concrete answer to stow away your insecurities, his confusion making them flair up again dangerously. But Seokjin was quick to quash them with his confidence.
“I’ve tasted your carbonara. I’d marry you on the spot. Call the officiant!” he joked with a flair, somehow making you laugh despite being on the edge of tears. “Thousand percent wifey material!” he declared.
“Damn right!” you echoed, suddenly overwhelmed as your tears finally broke through your defenses, turning into rivulets down your cheeks. You tried to mask it with a laugh but hiding from Seokjin was impossible and soon you were sobbing in his arms recalling the last words your ex had spoken to you, how he had belittled your four year relationship to casual sex and reminded you that marrying you would be unfathomable.
“Hongbin’s a fucking idiot, you know that right?” Seokjin interjected between your sniffles, cupping your face tightly, conviction turning his eyes ablaze. “You are remarkable. You are fucking invincible. If he couldn’t see that in the first second he met you, he is the biggest idiot on the planet.”
Seokjin didn’t often speak in hyperboles, always boasting himself as a man of science and facts, so it helped fill in your cracks a little hearing his high praise. Seokjin wouldn’t lie to you, and if he thought you were invincible, you would believe him. Hongbin couldn’t break you. No one could. Because you were invincible.
“Thank you,” you whispered, wiping your face and sitting up straighter, the counter you were sitting on helping you face Seokjin instead of looking up at him as usual. It helped you see the soft smile bloom on his face. It helped him reach out and easily help you wipe your tears with the paper towels behind you.
“Now don’t cry over him,” he said, wrapping his arms around your head to pull you into another hug. “He doesn’t deserve my best friend’s tears, that piece of shit.”
The anger wrapping around his syllables made you laugh, your own arms wrapping around him. Seokjin was right. Hongbin could burn in hell for all you cared. You told Seokjin as much and he rewarded your comment with your favorite laugh, the one that started low in his chest and turned into little squeaks as he lost himself. He hugged you tighter.
“Damn right! My best friend’s too good for mediocre assholes.”
It was strange. Seokjin didn’t stay too long after, but even as you replied to his text informing you he reached home, you couldn’t stop smiling, feeling lighter than you had for weeks. You wouldn’t cry anymore. Not over anyone. Because you were invincible.
Seokjin said so himself.
taglist: @kithtaehyung , @missgeniality, @aroseforyoongi , @awhnamjoon , @codeinebelle , @sugakookitty , @ressjeon , @lavienjin @abyssaeri @raplinesmoon @jcsmae​ @aislinnstanaka @firesighgirl @pb-n-juju @yoon2k
check out the platonic collection masterlist
I hope you enjoyed this! For more fics of mine check out my masterlist
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, baby!
Reader x Yoongi | Part 32//??
Summary ➪ Min Yoongi, is a simple man. He likes his coffee black and iced, he enjoys his job, and he loves his baby girl. But what happens when the new neighbor, quite literally, drops into his life?
Warnings ➪ any typos are mine
A/n: Surprise double update! The posts are meant to be different days. Honestly I tried to change the date but with how I am with updating I would forget what date is what so.. sorry lol. As always feedback is appreciated and if you want to be added to the tag list please let me know 💕
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Tag List: @unicornbabylover @halesandy @supernoonanyc @aianloveseven @hannahdinse8 @lyndseygoregasmxo @aunoiire @brbkpop @nochuwastaken @tinyoonsblog @borahae-reads @jinscharms @phenomenalgirl9 @yoongiigolden @girlwithluv0613 @yaboiithewreck @mint--yoongs @ysljoon @hyunjingin
Fic Masterlist
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BTS reaction to you saying "I love you" for the first time
Anon said: BTS reaction to you saying i love you for the first time
Jungkook: *gif*
Tumblr media
Jimin: *gif*
Tumblr media
Taehyung: *gif*
Tumblr media
Rap Monster: *gif*
Tumblr media
J-Hope: "I love you too babyy"
Tumblr media
Suga: *gif*
Tumblr media
Jin: "I love me too.... *laughs* JK I love YOU too!" *makes the best jokes + gif*
Tumblr media
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strawbearytae · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
19. crackhead on the subway📎
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a/n: thanks for reading! please remember to hit that rblg button as a pat on the head for me for a good job (•ᴗ•◍)!
synopsis: flirting with your crush of 3 years wasn’t something you thought of when first getting twitter, a nasty breakup wasn’t what you expected either… but why is it that after 3 years and loads of droning on self-improvement and trying to become “that” girl, your gym buddy reminds you of the one person you wanted to forget?
@epiph4ny @90s-belladonna @bubblytaetae @somelazysundays @flowerprincejin @silscintilla @hangsang-jh @vivisimpact @l7bangtan @bluxjun @[email protected] @xx-sikki-nixx-xx @haitani-22 @wrmnssoul @rjsmochii @halesandy @vicki1031 @[email protected]@[email protected] @teti-menchon0604 @jay-fireheart @bjoriis @fancycollectormoon @yoonabeo
message me to be added on the taglist!
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BTS's reaction to their S/O putting ice down their shirt to wake them up
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
"Jin, talk to me." You followed him around the house, trying to hold back your giggles. He was sulking because you played a tiny little insignificant prank on him. In your opinion, putting ice down his shirt whilst he was asleep really want that big of a deal, but your boyfriend seemed to think otherwise.
"Are you going to apologise?" His bare shoulders tensed as he placed his ice-cold, soaking wet sleep shirt on the radiator to dry. You couldn't lie, he was very distracting when he was topless and angry. So distracting, in fact, that you completely forgot the fact that he asked you a question. "Of course your not..."
"Jin," You cried after him, rushing to catch him up before placing your arms around his waist. His back was cold against your cheek, something that you supposed you should take the blame for. "If I say sorry, do I get a kiss."
"We'll see."
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
"You wouldn't wake up!" Yoongi just scowled at you from his place at his desk. You felt bad for waking him up the way you did, so you went to see him but instead of it all being hugs, kisses and forgiveness, an argument broke out between the two of you. Well, it was more you arguing with him and he silently glared at you.
"Yoongi, you were going to be late if I didn't do something," He cocked an eyebrow at you, still not saying a word. You hated getting into arguments with him since they were all the same; frustrating to the point of tears. "Listen, I didn't mean to be annoying or anything like that. You're just a very difficult person to wake up."
He sighed, not liking the look on your face at all. You looked guilty, but you also looked like you could cry at any minute. He knew you only wanted to wake him up, even if you did have bizarre way of doing it.
"C'mere baby," He shifted in his seat, leaving you space on his lap, "I know you're sorry, now come here."
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
He sat at the table, trying to hold back his smile as he watched you giggle to yourself. God, you were cute. He wanted so badly to be mad at you after that morning's 'incident' but he couldn't. Not when you had that stupid little grin on your face that matched so perfectly with the mischievous glint in your eye.
"What are you giggling about, huh?" He winked at you to punctuate his question. It brought a blush to your face as you shied away under his gaze. "Is it perhaps about how you ruined my sleep this morning?"
"I did nothing wrong." You spoke through your laughter, barely able to get a word out. "If anything you deserved it for not showing me enough attention." He laughed at that, sticking out his bottom lip on a mocking pout.
"Oh, sweet baby." He cooed, a smile on his face. "Come here then. I'll give you some attention now."
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
He wasn't mad at you. If anything, he found your little prank cute. The way he awoke to your tinkling laughter made him fall in love just that bit more, even if the freezing cold sensation against his back was bordering on painful.
"what are you doing there, my sweet little angel." His morning voice rang through the air as he sat up, quickly whipping his cold, wet shirt over his head and tossing it to the side.
"Oh nothing," You grinned at him, feeling particularly proud of yourself and your actions. You'd been wanting to mess with him for a while now, and you'd finally got him. "Just waking you up."
"Well, now you've done that," He tugged at your arm, pulling you into his solid chest. "Shall we go back to sleep?"
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
"Stop, moping," He called after you as you walked from one room to another. He'd accidentally yelled at you after your little prank and he couldn't help but feel horrible about it. Seeing your face fall at his volume before you stormed out of the room was enough to make Jimin regret his actions. "Listen, I'm sorry."
"You've never been that mad at me before," Your voice had no emotion to it, and that was something Jimin hated. You were always so expressive. "I'm sorry about the prank, I really am, but you never talk to me like that, ever."
"I know, angel." He walked over to you, taking you into his arms and squeezing you tightly. He hated making you upset. "I'm sorry I shouted at you."
"I'm sorry for making you shout at me."
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
"I'm not talking to you." He strolled past you making you gasp in faux shock. You knew he wasn't really angry with you; he never was. He just liked to mess with you sometimes in return for all the times you mess with him.
"Tae," You called after him, not missing the little chuckle that came from his as he heard you shout his name. He loved you so much, stupid little pranks and all. "You can't stop talking to me!"
"Why not?" He spun around on his heels to look at you, the grin on his face proving what you knew all along. Now the two of you were just playing along with each other, something that filled you with joy.
"Because then I'll stop talking to you too." He made a face of shock, horrified by your suggestion.
"I guess I'll have to talk to you then, won't I."
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
"Jungkook." He only hummed in response, letting you know that he'd heard you. That's not what you wanted though, you wanted a response. He's the one that started this stupid little back and forth that the two of you had going on, but now he was suddenly offended by a little ice down his back? No way.
"I can't believe you're being like this right now," You sat down on the couch next to him, crossing your arms in anger. You loved him very dearly, but you didn't love the childishness he was currently displaying. "You started it."
"I'm cold," Was his only response. He would be sat there in nothing but a pair of jogging bottoms, you thought to yourself. "I'd be much warmer if I had someone to cuddle." Was that what he was so grumpy about? Well that could be easily fixed.
"You're an idiot, Jungkook."
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holdinbacksecrets · 6 hours ago
𓏸𓂃boyfriend things╰𓏸 grocery shopping is a love language
◞✧𓏯 ⸝⸝⸝ in that yearning state 💌 for my fellow nct, bts, svt enthusiasts ⊹◞✿
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡is so confident in his ability to pick a good watermelon. “do you see this yellow spot? the way it’s slightly flatter on this side? beautiful”
♡immediately heads to the opposite end of the store to cut the trip in half
♡pushes the cart, checks items off the list, and makes fun of your messy handwriting
♡straying from the list is his favorite pastime. “i’m fine with three boxes of cereal, but we do not need grape seed oil”
♡eats all the samples
♡hates how cold the freezer isle is
♡shares random endearing, childhood stories about going grocery shopping with his family
♡greets the cashier like he’s known them his entire life
♡gets embarrassed when he’s recognized
♡kisses you in empty isles
♡only wants to go to the store an hour before its closing time
♡treats grocery shopping like a date. i think we should dress up… wouldn’t that be fun?
♡always going to the grocery store after the saturday morning market and making a lovely brunch for your friends
♡stops by the store after work and calls you in case there’s something you need
♡hates the grocery store, but you make it tolerable
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serenityslutt · 2 days ago
Hi there, I saw that your requests are opened. Could you please write about the reader being a famous American singer and Tae revealing to Jimin that he’s dating them after Jimin starts getting suspicious? I hope that makes sense. Thank you :)
ofcs ofcs
Tumblr media
~ Secreto
Pairing: taehyung x reader
Genre: secret lovers, fluff, romance, long distance
No warnings
“Quiero ser tuyo enterito”
“So _____ any new love interest?” You smiled “not at the moment im really focusing on my music and my tour” he nods “your fans are really excited to see you and four sold out shows how does that make you feel” you played with your ring smiling “I’m really ex-“ jimin looked over tae shoulder “what are you watching” tae turned his phone off looking up at him “I was watching a interview of the ____ she’s really famous in American” jimin nods.
“Her music is really good” tae nods “I know” jimin snaps his finger “did namjoon tell you” tae frowns “about what”
“We’re going to the AMAS”
“_____” you hum trying not to fall asleep “we’re going to see each other again” now your fully awake. “r-really” he nods “I’ll get to hold your beautiful face once again” he smiled very excited to get to hold you again
Tae and I met in a Korean award show, you collaborated with a Korean soloist. The song was a big hit in Korean and America it made you gain more fans from around the world.
“Are you comfortable” the sweet guy you collaborated with asked, you quickly nod “I’m fine” you’re totally not fine. All you can do is focus to what’s in front of you watching everyone perform. With every break some get up to interact with each other making you even more alone.
Many people walked up to you and that made you happy because some you’ve been dying to meet. You’re currently talking to one she’s such an amazing artist and person you couldn’t help but go up and talk to her. Once she left seven men made there way over to you you “hello ___” they bow you do the same. You hugged them one by one they are such lovely people to talk too they make you feel comfortable.
“I like your music” you smiled at taehyung “I like yours too a lot” he smiled. You two talked and got along pretty well. No joke he’s more beautiful in person. “Can I take a picture with you” you nod “of course” he pulled his phone out taking a quick picture with you. “You look beautiful” you smiled “thank you” a photographer came up to the two of you. “One picture” tae looks at you, you nod. He takes the opportunity to hugging you, you were a bit caught off guard but you hug him back.
“It was nice meeting you” he nods “have a good night ____” you bow before leaving back to your seat.
After collecting your award you go back to the hotel not wanting to go to the after party. As you got ready for bed you got a notification.
“Are you free tomorrow?” You smiled knowing who it is based on the username.
“____” over here, you smiled showing your dress off. Tonight you’re here to perform and maybe get a couple awards. So many people compliment you, so many familiar faces and you only want to see one.
“____” you look over your shoulder to see the boys. “We meet again” they smiled as one by one hugged you. Your heart raced when you reached tae his beautiful smile spreads on his face he hugged you whispering against your ear “you look beautiful” you smiled even harder “thank you”. He pulled away from the hug as his hand caressed yours.
You turn to jimin he smiled as he looked at the both of you “hello pretty boy” he smiled quickly hugging you “_____ I missed you” you laugh “you seen me yesterday” you two quickly had a conversation before you both had to keep moving along.
You couldn’t help but let your eyes wonder off to tae. You wished you could go up to him and kiss him and tell him how much you missed him but you can’t. Tae felt the same way his eyes always found his way to you his beautiful girlfriend.
Jimin has been noticing some stuff and everything is making sense now. The videos he constantly watched of you, the late night calls, you constantly getting brought up. To tie it all up the way he looks at you. “Taehyung” he quickly looked at him “is there something you want to talk about” he rubbed his arm “n-no I don’t think so” jimin nods.
During whole show he couldn’t help but think jimin knows he fucked up. Once they got to leave he quickly grabbed jimin taking him into a solo room. Jimin crossed his arms over his chest “so you know” tae questioned “it’s pretty obvious”.
“When did this all happen” of course he told him everything. “Are you happy” tae smiled nodding “I am really happy, I love her” jimin smiled “whatever makes you happy I’m happy” jimin pats his shoulder “are you going to tell the others” tae laughed “well now I do knowing you, you’ll tell the others” jimin laughed “you right”
“____” you quickly got up from where you were sitting to run toward tae you jumped as be caught you “I missed you” you smiled wrapping your arms around his neck kissing all over his face. He smiled hugging your waist tighter “I missed you more beautiful” he kissed your lips so passionately.
“They know” you frown “who” he laid you on the bed crawling over you as he kissed down your neck “the members” you giggled at his kisses he smiled knowing your ticklish “w-what did they say” you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“They’re happy” he kissed up your jaw pressing his lips against yours “good”. You looked at his beautiful face caressing his cheeks “I love you ____, my beautiful princess” you smiled blushing “I love you”
Requests are open<3
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btsqualityy · a day ago
Mama Jeon’s social media
Ignore dates and times.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sabbiii · a day ago
~ badboy!jungkook x smartass nerd!reader ~
genre/what to expect: e2l ft. sexual tension, college au
warnings: swearing, bad grades lmao
wordcount: around 1k
a/n: alr so although this idea might be incredibly overused, i will be using it anyway cuz this fic is v self indulgent lmao. also, this has been sitting in my drafts for like,,, almost a year now, so i just decided fuck it. if ppl like it, maybe ill turn it into a whole fic? idk lemme know what y’all think. but for now, i am not planning on prioritizing updates for this.
also random disclaimer: i don’t know a fuck ton about how korean college works so i’m basing this on the experience in my country. if i screwed somethin up please that’s totally different in korea correct me so i can fix it </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
college had really been a bore lately.
you had been berated by your high school teachers, claiming that "college is harder, professors don't care about you, you have to study," and whatever other bullshit they liked to spew. but unsurprisingly, college was never particularly difficult. and now, halfway through your junior year, you still don't even really bother studying. as long as you don't flunk out, why does it matter? just suck up to the profs a bit, and you're set. who gives a shit if you're a teachers pet when you're on track to graduating top of your class? you never really cared what others thought anyways.
there was only one catch: when you got bored, you tended to slack off. and now, you—top of your class poli sci major—currently has a c- in your behavioral econ course.
and that is certainly not acceptable.
"you know, you're one of the best students in my class. i'm very disappointed in your recent grades".
you force yourself to keep a serious look, and refrain from rolling your eyes while forcing a nod.
you plaster on an expression of false understanding and tell the professor, "i'm very sorry. i really do want to excel in this class," while bowing your head slightly.
he hums to himself, clearly contemplating something.
"just because i know how much effort you put into this class, i'll offer you an opportunity to earn extra credit," he says after what feels like an eternity. "i have a student in econ 101 that needs extra help. if you were to tutor him twice a week, and his scores were to improve significantly, then i'll raise your grade to an a".
you have to prevent yourself from smirking. it really does pay to be a suck-up.
"i'd love to!" you lie between your teeth, giving the poor professor your best faux smile. "i'm so thankful for this opportunity, and i'll work my hardest. thank you!"
Tumblr media
well, you certainly dodged a bullet there. or you hoped. as long as the kid you're stuck tutoring isn't a little bitch, then you should have no problem securing your a.
the professor had emailed you the students contact information, and told you to set up meetings with them. all you knew was that his name is justin seagull or something, and he's completely flunking econ.
which, how do you even manage to do? that's like, the easiest class.
not that you're complaining; it works out all the better for you. and hey, maybe you can make a new friend!
earlier in the week, you had coordinated with the dude you're tutoring via email to meet on thursday at 3pm for an hour and a half, which so happens to be today. at around 2:45, during your long break in between classes, you head over to the agreed upon location for your first tutoring sesh: the undergrad library. at precisely 2:55, you take a seat at one of the benches near the entrance of the library, deciding to wait so you don't miss him.
even if you really didn't want to be stuck tutoring, you were still going to put in an effort; you really did want to help whoever needed it. just because you'd rather not spend your thursday afternoons teaching econ doesn't mean you wanted to screw the dude over and waste his time.
you pull out your phone and begin to mindlessly
scroll on instagram out of boredom.
at 3:04, you begin to wonder where he is, and if he's okay.
at 3:11, you start to get a little annoyed, but you try to remind yourself that maybe he got held up somewhere, or somethings wrong.
at 3:32, you shoot him a text.
at 3:57, still no response.
at 4:13, you say fuck it and decide to head home.
at 6 fucking pm, he has the audacity to send you a text.
jk: sorry. i was busy.
what could he have possibly been so busy with that he couldn't of even texted you beforehand, only god knows. all you know is that you're pissed. you had prepared a whole plan for this first session, made a list of important topics to cover, and even did research on the best ways to teach. all for you to be ignored, cast aside like you were unimportant.
you quickly shoot him a text back.
you: whatever it’s fine, let’s just schedule for another day
you: when works?
your phone dings.
jk: idk i have to check with my schedule
god, what a fucking asshole.
you swallow your pride as best as you can and type out a response.
you: well, lmk when you’re free ^-^
your phone dings after a moment.
jk: do we really have to do this?
jk: i mean idk abt you but i don’t really want to spend my time getting tutored
you roll your eyes and grit your teeth.
you: mm that kinda sucks for you but yea we do have to
you: so like i said, when works?
and you know what he fucking does??
he fucking leaves you on read.
that asshole.
you take a deep breath and attempt to calm down before all hell is let loose.
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Jimin *thinking about Yoongi*: I want to put his dick in my mouth.
Jungkook: Whatcha thinking about hyung?
Jimin: Oh you know. Flowers and stuff.
Jungkook: Heh. Classic Jimin.
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hobipost · a month ago
need to know
Tumblr media
— explicit drabble; jungkook x f. reader; someone call the horny patrol 🚔 i randomly remembered this jungkook existed and almost A YEAR LATER he still has me in a chokehold...
Tumblr media
You won't lie, you always wondered what Jungkook would be like if he was rougher in bed. He's much more into vanilla sex, and you have absolutely no complaints about it. Zero. Sex with him is always good, and you love the slow, steamy kinda thing.
You don't know what came over to him, you're sure you never let it out of your mouth. Jungkook simply came home after a concert, and with no further explanation dragged you to his room and proceeded to make almost every single little dirty desire you've been having the past weeks come true.
It started with his fingers. The tattooed ones. Two plugged into you with so much ease it felt like he used a whole bottle of lube. Well, he actually used it later to eat you out. It tastes like grapes and is one of his greatest purchases. Jungkook is used to fingering and eating you out, but this time... The way he didn't take his fingers away even if you were scooping up in bed, or how he spitted on your pussy like it wasn't wet enough — it's simply not a Jungkook thing. Then, after you cummed so hard you felt your throat starting to get sore from the screeches of pleasure, he took you from behind, edging you to the point of tears, marking your skin, tattooing it as his. Your hair was a mess in his large, rough hands, and every time he increased the pressure, your pussy spasmed around him.
Truly, he stopped sometimes to ask if it was okay. "I can take it. Fuck that pussy open," was your response. And so he did.
Burning like fire and tingling everywhere — if you have to describe what you're feeling for hours now, this would be the perfect description. Your poor knees and thighs are already sore from riding this man for god knows how long, but you can't stop. Every time you go up leaving only his tip inside, you can't resist coming back down until you feel him in your gut. Fuck. Is this why people are obsessed with rough sex? You can understand why.
"Kook," you whine, voice so thin and small you sound like a helpless woman. "I c-can't..."
Jungkook only forces his digits on your jaw. "You can and you will. Don't you dare stop now that you're almost there."
You take his words and use the back of the couch as leverage, knuckles white from the pressure of your fingers, but you don't stop. Slower, on a sensual and rough grinding, but you keep going. He's right anyway. Your trembling legs are trying desperately to close around his thick thighs to no avail. Jungkook, however, looks peaceful like he's just lounging on a random episode of In The Soop. That fucker. Meanwhile, you're fighting for your life against his dick. How can he last so long?! You lost count of the times you came and you're so sore you can imagine all the struggle to walk for the next days, and he just cummed once.
"Baby. Oh my god." Almost yanking the couch's back cushions, your whole body trembles in the arrival of your nth orgasm. The first reaction you have is trying to raise from his dick and press your clit to intensify the sensation. To breath some air for god's sake. But Jungkook has different ideas, simply holding your hip and forcing you back down on his cock, unmoving, making you soundly choke like it's on your mouth. With your clit now pressing against his hip, you have nowhere to put your hands, and they glide against his body with ease in search of some consolation because this is wrecking you. Your poor body is curling like a ball in his arms, brain shutting down like an overloaded windows 97.
Sweat is everywhere, you look like you both just came out of a boiling shower. Jungkook is gorgeous, a living sculpture crafted by gods — but now, fuck... His eyebrows, big nose, jawline, neck, chest, hips, thighs... No part of him isn't stimulating you in some kind of way right now.
"Stay still."
"Jungkook..." A pleading for mercy.
"Stay. Still. I wanna feel you clench around me. Fuck. How can you get so tight?"
You don't know how long it takes for your high sensation to subside, but when it does, you're hyper-aware of his thick cock still buried inside of you. Breathing like you've been underwater all this time, you whine weakly when he moves to trace his nose through the length of your sweaty neck, dick moving slightly.
Jungkook suddenly manhandles you to lay on the couch, and your legs try desperately to close because you know what that means. You're still sensitive and puffy. You can hear your poor pussy screaming at you Woman Give Me A Break For God's Sake. But Jungkook buries himself even deeper, making you choke a moan again.
"B-baby! What happened to you?! Oh my god!"
"Don't you like it?"
You take in his figure above you, glistening, hard, smelling like sex, and like Jungkook (you can't explain it but it's your favorite smell). His tattoos look like contemporary paintings, and you want to kiss them. Want him to take you from behind while choking you with that tattooed hand. Want to suck that goddamn silver ring on his lip.
"I fucking do."
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jeonqkooks · 2 months ago
this is how you fall in love | jjk
Tumblr media
After years of drinking and clubbing most days of the week and leaving every gig with a different girl on his arm, Jungkook feels what it’s like to want someone with his entire being.
pairing: jungkook x f!reader
genre: rockstar au, established relationship, fluff, smut, light angst
playlist: listen here <3 | moodboard
warnings: not-so-linear storytelling, my attempt at writing soft giggly sex 🤭, slight sub!jungkook, big dicc!jungkook, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it folks), riding, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, brief cockwarming, hint of exhibitionism kink if you quint 👀, mentions of insecurities and anxiety. i think that’s it! lmk if i missed anything
word count: approximately 9.3k (i thought it was gonna be 11-12k at one point lol)
note: here she is, my first proper oneshot !!! the title is from jeremy zucker and chelsea cutler’s song ‘this is how you fall in love’ lol how creative, but you should listen to it while reading this bc i feel like it sorta adds to the experience. also my first time writing smut lmao bear w me 😫 anyhoo this jk in particular is so special to me i enjoyed writing this so much !! btw it’s not as edited as i would like but oh well lol
— as always, i’d appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have, and please drop a like and/or reblog if you enjoy reading ♡
Tumblr media
Jungkook commands the attention of every room he walks into; and just like right now, he’s basking in all the attention, all the screams of his name from dozens of girls and boys alike in this packed bar. You knew he was a charmer since you first met him, and you had known from the start that no matter how hard you try to resist, you would succumb to him eventually.
Sometimes, you feel as though he doesn’t belong to you—he can’t possibly, right? Not when people are shouting along to every word falling from his lips and you are… well, you’re just you. He’s destined for the world, for bigger things than just your two-bedroom apartment. Loving him is a privilege, and the thing about privileges is they can be taken away.
It’s moments like these that make insecurity bubbles inside you. It has nothing to do with him and everything to do with you. But then Jungkook looks at you and his gaze alone makes your apprehension vanish into thin air. Standing amongst a sea of sweaty bodies, his dark eyes boring into yours makes you feel like everyone else has disappeared.
It hasn’t always been like this—these bouts of anxiety that is. You’ve always known that people want him because they’ve never been shy to make it obvious, but it was a lot more manageable when he was only playing gigs at smaller bars before Taehyung, his bandmate, somehow weaseled a friend into sweet talking another friend who was an influencer to come to a show and give them a shoutout. Since then, the band’s name started circulating around bigger circles; one thing led to another, and now the boys are getting offers left and right from much more prominent venues.
While it’s been doing wonders for them, there’s something that you and Jungkook didn’t exactly anticipate. Bigger crowds apparently mean that people would be vying for his attention much more boldly and shamelessly. “Too much competition,” Taehyung had said.
You’ve seen girls come up to him mid-conversation with you like you were invisible, as if his arm wrapped securely around your waist meant nothing at all. Girls who blatantly eyefuck him on and offstage, who brazenly trail their hands all over his arms and chest whenever you leave to go to the bathroom that even he, the former playboy, has to outwardly cringe and physically rip himself from their grip. Once upon a time, he would’ve relished this feeling.
The attention is a drug for Jungkook’s ego; he’s never shy to admit this. He loves the adrenaline that rushes through his veins when the spotlight is on him and the entire room is mesmerized by his every move. It’s powerful, and power is addicting.
Yes, everyone’s attention is what he thrives on, but yours—oh only yours—is what he needs, something he can’t imagine he’ll be able to live without. While everybody in the room is captivated by every step he takes, swooned by every quirk of his lips and the way his fingers incessantly strum on the strings of his guitar, Jungkook is only ever enchanted by you.
You whom he met two summers ago outside a club he used to frequent and spun his world off its axis.
Tumblr media
It was definitely not his day. First, his car broke down on his way to the gym, not to work out but to use the shower there because the one in his apartment had decided to stop working for the fourth time that month. Then, some new employee at the bar they were playing at fucked up the sound system and they ended up having to work with shitty acoustics. (If there was one thing Jungkook absolutely hated, it was people looking down on his music and tonight, he could see it on their faces that the gig was a complete bust.) To top it off, he almost got decked in the face when a girl came onto him—literally plopping onto his lap and smelling like she poured Vodka all over herself—then had the nerve to lie and say Jungkook was bothering her when her boyfriend suddenly showed up.
The music in this hazy club was getting too obnoxiously loud for his liking. Not to mention there was a person glued to his side since they left the bar and devastating his personal space when he really wasn’t in the mood. Jungkook was suffocating.
He brushed off the girl clinging to his arm—Yoona? Jina? He couldn’t even recall her name, only the fact that she had lingered after the show earlier to try and talk to them and Jimin had invited her to tag along with a couple of her friends—and threw a Be right back at his bandmates before weaving through the swarm of drunken bodies.
The cool summer wind did little to calm his irritation but at least it was better than sharing air with a hundred drunks. Leaning against the concrete wall a few feet from the club’s entrance, Jungkook watched people filter in and out. Some were only at the start of their night even though it was 1:30AM, some were drunkenly heading out obviously to a motel nearby with their companion for the next few hours. He hadn’t had that much to drink, but he saw himself in these unfamiliar faces passing by because in a way, they were all living the same lives; drinking his evenings away and fucking someone just for the sake of keeping his body warm even if it was just momentarily, only to get up the next day and repeat it all over again. Jungkook didn’t want to live like that.
Suddenly, everything blurred together until he couldn’t understand why he was here—not at the club but just here, at this point in life. It felt… aimless.
Days were passing by in a haze, and he had trouble remembering the last time he did something he truly loved. Was it when he dropped out of college to pursue music? Had it been that long? Had he really let years go by without caring about anything? 
Heels clicking on the pavement pulled Jungkook from his reverie and he followed the sound to see you, standing awkwardly near him as you glanced at the line of people waiting to get in. You didn’t look like you wanted to be there anymore than he did.
You didn’t notice him, or maybe you did but didn’t care enough to pay him any mind. “Not enjoying yourself?” He spoke up, making you turn around.
You pointed a finger at your face, silently asking if he was talking to you. “Just needed some air. It’s stuffy in there,” you answered when he nodded.
Nobody wakes up one day and just snaps their fingers and switches up their entire life like that. When Jungkook pushed those thoughts into the back of his mind for his usual flirty self to come out despite his little epiphany, he told himself it was a force of habit. And habits don’t break overnight.
“I’m Jungkook,” he said, gracing you with a smile so bright it could rival the sun itself. “Does the pretty girl have a pretty name to match?”
He was cute, you’d give him that. More than cute, actually. He looked exactly like the type of guys you’d always gravitated toward—big doe eyes to lure you in and a captivating smile to seal your fate.
The alcohol in your system was definitely making you braver. Your eyes traveled from his face down the length of his body, thoroughly taking in his appearance before you gave an unimpressed shrug. “Nope, she does not.”
“C’mon,” he pushed himself off the wall and took a step closer to you. “I already told you my name.”
“I never asked for it though, did I?”
Although Jungkook had a face that God must have personally taken a day to carve out, you knew exactly what he was like. He was the kind of guy that girls wrote cautionary tales about—tall and handsome wrapped in leather and denim—the kind that breaks hearts like it’s their day job. 
“Ouch,” his hand came up to clutch his chest in mock offense, a smirk plastered on his face. “That’s mean.”
“What are you doing out here all by your lonesome then, Jungkook?”
“Eh, not really feeling it tonight. The music’s unusually shitty,” then he decided to drop a crucial detail, playing it off nonchalantly. “My music’s probably better.”
“You’re a singer?” 
“I’m in a band,” he said, half expecting you to gush over the information like girls often did. Instead, you nodded in acknowledgement and spared him an Oh, cool, as if he had played right into your assumptions. Jungkook quirked an eyebrow before continuing, “Tell you what, we have a gig next Saturday at this place called RKive. Drop by if you can. I’ll show what real music sounds like.”
With that, he thrusted a card into your hands—technically a business card, but really it was just the band name and their socials printed on stock—and threw you a wink for good measure. Ducking back into the crowded club, Jungkook could feel a small smile playing on his lips, his mood improved by a fraction though his ego was a little bruised.
Tumblr media
Truth be told, Jungkook sort of forgot about you after that night; the dozen shots of tequila he later threw back certainly didn’t help his memory. So when he saw you lingering after his gig the following week, it was a welcomed surprise even if the conversation only lasted a few minutes.
“Oh?” Jungkook squinted at the figure by the bar, finishing a bottle of beer next to a girl he didn’t recognize. “Who…”
As he struggled to recall your name—which wouldn’t be the first or even the tenth time that he had forgotten a girl’s name because he couldn’t be bothered—he quickly realized that you never gave him one.
“You, with the beer!” He called out loudly, waving his hand enthusiastically when you looked at him. “Club girl!”
You gave him an awkward wave back and stiffened when you saw him making his way over. “Did you just call me club girl?” You winced at the name.
“Yeah?” He smiled unabashedly. “If you’d given me your name, I wouldn’t have to call you that. But hey, you came!”
“Slow night for me,” you smiled back, “Might as well check it out, y’know?”
“Sure,” he only said before flagging down the bartender. “Can I get you a drink?”
You shook your head and pointed to the door where your friend was—she had slipped out to let you talk to Jungkook—waiting for you to head home. “Oh, I’m leaving. Big day tomorrow.”
He looked unsure for a second. Did you really just come to his gig just to check out his music, without intending to say hello or anything? Jungkook didn’t dwell on it before his signature smirk came out to play. “Well, am I getting your name this time? And a number to match?”
You hummed, as if in thought for a moment, “You are not.”
His eyes narrowed slightly at you in disappointment and curiosity but his lopsided smile grew into an amused grin as he contemplated his next move. Before he could say anything, you continued, “When’s your next show?”
“Next Friday at the Drunken Swallow. Will you be there?”
You only shrugged, “Guess we’ll have to wait and see.” Then you were fixing the strap of your bag and waving at him shyly, “Bye, Jungkook.”
After you left, he found himself with another girl again at the end of the night. His hands were gripping her hips from behind as he pounded into her against the locked bathroom door, but his mind kept drifting to you—the girl who had rejected his advances two times in a row (the audacity!), who had come to see him perform only to tell him he couldn’t have her name—as a small smile played on his lips. He knew he would see you again the following week.
Tumblr media
If it wasn’t already so blatantly obvious, Jungkook didn’t really have any female friends. People would laugh if they heard this, but Jungkook didn’t know how to talk to girls. He could charm anyone’s pants off (figuratively and quite literally), but he didn’t know how to actually talk to girls, about things that mattered. Though to be fair, he wasn’t ever really keen on asking a girl about anything other than the distance between her apartment and the bar he’d performed at, and where she wanted him to blow his load.
Over the next few weeks, you began to reserve your Fridays and Saturdays to see Jungkook’s band play at dingy bars. He would come see you after every show and guide you toward a private corner where you could just… talk—about everything or about nothing at all. (He wasn’t interested in making conversation but this was better somehow, tucked away in the back where people couldn’t bother you and just… be.) He didn’t know how the whole thing started, because well, Jungkook had always only had to butter up a girl with a few honey-dipped sentences before he was leading her away for a quick fuck.
Now, he was spending a couple of hours post-show talking to you every week. Just talking, and always with a respectable distance between the two of you that you put there. Jungkook would flirt with you—obviously, that was his nature—and you would shut down his efforts; he never minded the rejection, because you kept coming back.
You didn’t try to touch his arm or throw him constant but meaningless praises while whooping out your best bedroom eyes. Instead, you asked him questions like Do you get nervous before going on stage? and Where do you get inspiration for your songs? and Have you always wanted to make music? Simple questions that most of the time had him start his answers with a dumbfounded Uh… 
It felt strange, and out of place. For the first time, the conversation was about him, but not in the way he was used to. No, the others would usually regurgitate the same lines every time and fawn over how good he was on stage, how sexy he looked, how much they liked his music even though he knew that if he were to ask what song they liked best, they wouldn’t be able to recall a single one. 
No one asked him things like this. Not even his own mother—his family had always been disapproving of his choices—and certainly not the girls who were trying to sleep with him. No, you got him to ruminate over things he had long since forgotten, parts of his being that were tucked in the back of his mind and remained untouched. Jungkook started to remember why he chose this life in the first place. It wasn’t for recognition and fame or the attention he got from girls; it was simply because he loved music. The fact that he was a natural performer was an added bonus.
You made him feel like it was about him, and he still didn’t get to know your name. (He resorted to calling you club girl to which you always cringed but didn’t correct him.)
It felt strange, but easy—just talking, something he hadn’t been very familiar with. While he answered your questions, you listened. You didn’t check your phone out of boredom, didn’t try to cut him off when he thought he’d been droning on but had actually encouraged him to keep going—you listened. 
It felt strange, this feeling in his chest. It was warm and comforting, and he didn’t even get annoyed when Taehyung and Jimin teased him after you left. It felt like being wrapped in a thick blanket with a mug of hot chocolate while watching the first snowfall. He wanted more of it and he wanted it from you.
Tumblr media
By the sixth time you met Jungkook and the fifth you’d seen him perform, you finally—albeit shyly—asked for his phone and punched your digits into his contacts along with your name. 
“If you still want it,” you said when you thrusted the phone back into his hand, slightly blushing from the way your skin oh so briefly grazed his.
The grin he sported when he saw what you had done was so bright, so blinding in the dimly lit room that you had to look away in fear of being burnt by his sun, an entire galaxy residing in a smile.
Honey dripped from his voice when your name rolled off his tongue as he tested it and quickly realized he liked saying every vowel and consonant of it, liked how it sounded coming from his mouth. “Never had to work so hard for a number before. Or a name for that matter.”
“I had to make sure you’re not a psychotic stalker,” you said teasingly. “Hope it was worth it?”
The tiny lilt at the end of your sentence indicated a question, though you weren’t even sure what you were asking. Ball’s in your court now, Jungkook imagined you meant, as if by merely giving him your name and number, the power dynamic between the two of you had shifted somehow, like you were reaching for his palm and giving him the upper hand now that you didn’t know what to do with it anymore. Like you were giving him the reins and letting him lead, letting him decide if he wanted to keep chasing you or not.
And he did. He still does—want to chase you that is. Wants to never stop chasing you, to pour every ounce of his love and adoration into you for as long as you’ll let him. Because the truth is, he’s never had any power in this relationship, not really. In fact, he finds the notion quite silly. Why do people always need to exert a hold over the other in a relationship? Why do they need to have the upper hand? Everything was so superficial; maybe that’s why Jungkook only resorted to meaningless hookups with strangers he would never see again.
With you, the ball has never been in his court and frankly, he doesn’t really care where the ball is, if there’s even a ball at all. His heart has been in the palm of your hand since the beginning, since the moment you stepped foot into that shabby bar, which admittedly was a miracle how love could have bloomed at such a place. The point is, he’s at your mercy, always at your mercy. If you decide to squeeze his heart and break it in those dainty little fingers of yours, he wouldn’t mind. But he would still like to keep devoting himself to you, for always and forever if you allow him, because the love he has inside of him is insurmountable and he only wants to give it to you.
You’ve had him wrapped around your finger since day one. And he knows you don’t even mean to, but that doesn’t stop him from being completely enamored with every single aspect of you though this hold you have on him is something you’ve never been able to comprehend and often even shy away from. (“How in the world does that make sense?” You would probably say.)
Tumblr media
Jungkook soon found out that you’re definitely not the quiet and reserved girl that he first laid his eyes upon. No, you’re quite the opposite of calm and silent with people you’re comfortable with. By the time your third date rolled around, you’d already been talking his ear off about this TV show you started watching and how you’d been staying up late the past few nights to read fan theories. He really had zero interest in Sensate or whatever the hell its name was, but your animated gestures as you recalled every plot point and twist made him nod and gasp at all the right times like it was the most fascinating thing he’d ever heard of, just to keep you talking.
What would he have even said though? Hey, these words you’re saying mean nothing to me but I like the sound of your voice and how cute you look all nerdy and excited about this thing that I really don’t give a shit about. It was endearing to see you slowly welcome him in, to grant him the privilege of knowing you like this. 
The night of your third date was also when he kissed you for the first time (not that he didn’t want to woo you breathless the first two times you hung out alone). Your hand was intertwined with his as you were strolling through a small park on the way back to your apartment. A bag of cotton candy was passed between the two of you as you walked, the confectionary barely sweeter than the contentment that filled your chest. Just as you were about to launch into another theory about the show, Jungkook snatched the bag from your hand and turned to face you. A tattooed hand cupped your cheek.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked, his eyes already locking in on what they wanted. Jungkook watched your lips part in surprise, then closed when you gulped, only to open again to let an Okay slip out.
When he pressed his lips against yours, you tasted like sugar. And when his tongue slipped into your mouth, you were even sweeter. It wasn’t needy and rushed like he was used to. He felt you thread your fingers through his hair as your lips moved in tandem with his. This is nice, Jungkook thought.
The cotton candy dropped to the ground as his other hand came up to wrap around your waist, pulling you into him. He was tonguing you in the middle of an empty park but it felt more intimate than dirty. 
You weren’t just some girl he met at a club anymore. In the time that he’d known you, you had become a friend, even if he did have to wait weeks just to get your name. You weren’t someone whose bed he was trying to charm his way into, though that was his intention not too long ago. He even winced when Taehyung teased him the next day about “not getting any pussy”; something didn’t sit right with him to hear these kinds of words spoken about you.
He didn’t want you to become just one of the notches on his belt, to use and discard once he got what he wanted. You deserved more than that, and—though hesitantly and tentatively—he thought he might be willing to give all of it to you. For the first time—or really, the third time—Jungkook just wanted you. To be in your comforting presence, to hear you talk about nerdy shit you were into, to feel your lips on his. For a split second, he wondered what it would be like to call you his and found that he rather liked the idea of that.
There was barely anyone who knew of Jungkook that didn’t know his M.O. Always leaving with a different girl after a show, each encounter never lasting more than two or three hours before he dashed out of their apartment like he just remembered to have left the stove on. Most times, he didn’t even bother to learn their names which was, okay, technically fair since he would never see them again anyway.
For the first time in years, Jungkook kissed a girl just because he wanted to, desperately needed to; no ulterior motive. It was out of character, this kind of behavior for him, but it felt glorious. He kissed you once more under the streetlamp outside your building and didn’t ask to come up.
When he later confessed on your six-month anniversary that he couldn’t care less about the show at the time, you let out a faux but scandalized gasp and dramatically accused him of only kissing you to shut you up. 
“Obviously,” he rolled his eyes playfully, “And just to clarify, we’re only dating ‘cause I’ve gone too far pretending to care about Sensei or whatever to back out of it.”
Tumblr media
“Are you seeing anyone else?”
You were in the middle of your weekly movie date—47 Meters Down: Uncaged this time and really, it should be called your weekly shark movie date at this point—when the question came quietly from your right side.
For a moment, you thought this was his way of telling you that he was seeing someone else. Anxiety pooled in the pit of your stomach. If he was, you supposed it wouldn’t be off brand for Jeon Jungkook the rockstar that everybody idolized. You just thought and hoped the Jungkook that you knew was different.
“No,” you said as you turned to look at him, “Are you?”
“No,” he shook his head, but you didn’t feel relieved. 
And that was it for the next fifteen minutes. You weren’t paying attention to the movie anymore, not because you’d already seen it but because of the growing awkwardness in the air that you were sure he must have felt too if the sudden rigidness of his arms around you was any indication.
Screams from the characters on your TV echoed around your apartment the moment Jungkook’s words came out in a haste and muffled against your shoulder.
“What?” You said as a smile began to creep its way onto your face. You had to purse your lips to suppress the wide grin threatening to break through because Jungkook kept looking away and hiding his face and gosh, underneath his layers of ink and jet black hair and looks that could kill, he was turning into a puddle around you and for you. Your cinnamon roll of a man.
He was getting redder and redder, “Nevermind, just forget I said anythin–”
“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend, Jeon?”
Jungkook pulled you closer to his chest and leaned down to bury his face into your neck before groaning. He only answered your question with a nod against your skin. Your heart was growing ten times its usual size and even now, this remains one of your favorite memories. The stark contrast between the Jungkook sitting here on your couch, shy and all puppy-like, and the suave persona he showcased on stage, made you adore him even more. Only you had the privilege of seeing this side of him. 
It wasn’t love, not yet. But you knew how serious he must have felt about your relationship to solidify it like that. You were almost positive that asking such a question was the equivalent of a marriage proposal for men like Jungkook—the (former) fuckboy type, the anti monogamy kind. 
“Yes, Jungkook. I want us to be exclusive.” You cradled his face and titled it upward to look at you, and you kissed him then, slow and sweet. 
He breathed out a sigh of relief when you broke away, as if he was Atlas and you had taken the weight of the world off his shoulders. 
“To be honest, I kinda already thought we were exclusive. You have been squatting here for four months now, Jeon.”
“Hey, don’t shame me,” he put his hands up in mock defense, “I’ve never done this before!”
“Oh my God, did I pop Jeon Jungkook’s relationship cherry?”
“If I knew you’d be like this, I never would’ve said anything. You know what, I take it back.”
“God, you’re such a baby,” you were rolling your eyes but you kept smiling. The feeling in your chest was warm and wonderful and you knew you were tumbling headfirst into uncharted territory but there was no fear or reservation; Jungkook would be there to catch you.
It was hard to remember that he was the same person that everyone wanted whenever he walked out the street, much less whenever he was a personified aphrodisiac on stage.
“Yeah,” he stopped for a moment, squishing his cheek against your hair and tightening his arms around you. “But I’m your baby now.”
In that moment, it wasn’t love, but it might as well be.
Tumblr media
Jungkook knows you get these thoughts whenever you’re watching him perform—not always even with the size of the crowd, only when they get too intense and your anxiety decides to come rushing to the surface because you’re surrounded by all these people wanting him and not afraid to make it known with every shout of his name—and he knows these feelings are beyond your control. If he’s standing in the middle of a room filled with men trying to throw themselves at you, he’d probably lose his damn mind. Not that he doesn’t every time he has to glare daggers at some guy trying to creep his way to you through the crowd.
In fact, he thinks he may have lost his sanity the first time he encountered the green devil. The sensation in his chest was unwelcomed, unfamiliar, something he’d never felt before and certainly didn’t want to ever feel again.
Jungkook emerged from backstage one night and scanned for your familiar face in the sea of bodies. His eyes found you at your regular spot by the bar, however much to his dismay, you were standing with another man.
He couldn’t decipher what the guy was saying to you, but there was a sleazy grin on his face and Jungkook could tell you were uncomfortable by your tight-lipped smile and the way you kept awkwardly stepping away from the man to preserve your personal space.
“I’m just waiting for my boyfriend,” he could hear you say when he got closer.
The mention of a boyfriend didn’t deter the man; Jungkook should’ve known with guys like these. “Come on sweetheart, one drink? I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”
Jungkook saw you flinch when your unwanted companion gripped your arm, and he had to practically shove past the few remaining people blocking his way to you. He could handle (well, more or less) someone shamelessly flirting with you because he knew it’s all futile—you would never reciprocate—but the second that they touched you? As Jimin would put it, “I pray for whatever poor soul that dares lay a finger on Jungkook’s girl.”
He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you flush into his side—earning a surprised Oof! from you—before he nearly growled at the douche who obviously couldn’t take a hint. “Hands off my girlfriend.”
His voice was louder than necessary, and it drew the attention of a few patrons nearby, even a couple of girls who’d been following him around trying to make a move were sent scuttling away when they saw his arm around your body and his emphasis on the G word.
The man immediately backed off at the sight of Jungkook’s towering figure and darkened glare. If a fight broke out, it wouldn’t take a psychic to predict who would win, but despite his simmering anger, Jungkook knew it wasn’t wise to get punches involved because a) he needed to be on the owner’s good side if he still wanted to get gigs here and b) you definitely wouldn’t like it.
With that said, you were somehow not thinking about the prospect of a fight. Instead, your mind was hanging onto the way Jungkook held you possessively and declared your relationship so openly, even if it was to get a guy off you. Still, the girlfriend drop in such a public setting made you giddy like you were 17 again.
“Getting territorial now, are we?” You smiled, nuzzling into his chest. “That was kinda hot.”
His eyes were narrowed, still watching the guy walk away after mumbling a Sorry, I don’t want any trouble to the both of you. His fists loosened as he felt you relax against his body and when he turned to look at you, his gaze immediately softened. “Yeah?” 
“Yeah.” Before you know it, Jungkook was caging you against the wall next to the bar, lips pressed roughly into yours in a way that sent a gush of wetness straight to your core. The two of you hadn’t been the biggest fans of PDA, usually preferring to be in more discreet spots before engaging in any kind of activities that involved more than a simple kiss.
But now, you were letting him lick his way into your mouth, hands slipping over the back pockets of your jeans to squeeze your ass. Anyone could see you making out and nearly dry humping like a couple of rabid teenagers, and surprisingly it was turning you on.
Jungkook didn’t take it any further in case you got uncomfortable, so when he felt you start to grind your clothed cunt against his thigh, he had to groan.
“Let’s go,” he could barely rasp out before you were nodding enthusiastically.
Tumblr media
It sure is a lot more difficult when screaming girls are passive-aggressively bumping into you just because Jungkook’s eyes keep darting to you. He definitely doesn’t look like a man who would even consider the concept of exclusivity; all clad in rolled-up long sleeves, leather jackets and jeans so tight one would think he must have certain issues in the bedroom. You know they’re probably thinking you’re his target for the night.
When you first started seeing him, you were intimidated by Jungkook and the lifestyle accompanying heartthrobs in leather jackets. Drinking and clubbing till the wee hours of the morning for most days of the week, not to mention the countless band groupies and patrons who would blatantly throw themselves at the boys—it’s just not your style. Sure, you indulge in a night out from time to time, maybe even go a couple drinks over your limit if that’s where the night takes you. But doing it four days a week? You don’t think your mental capacity for socializing—or your liver for that matter—could handle it. 
Early into your relationship, it turns out that Jungkook prefers cozy nights with you rather than bar hopping with drunken strangers till the sun goes up. He seeks the peace and quiet that your apartment always provides him, realizing fairly quickly that after every gig, every night of entertaining people whose faces he can’t even properly see under the flickering lights of whatever club or bar he’s headlining at, he only wants to go home to you, to find shelter in your arms and all the shark movies you make him watch.
Taehyung called him whipped after Jungkook finally accompanied the band to their usual club after weeks of absence. 
“Whatever you say, man,” Jungkook simply shrugged.
It was Jimin’s turn to chime in, “Tae, stop teasing him. You can’t blame a man for being in love.”
Though his two older bandmates were only joking around, the L word made Jungkook freeze in his tracks.
He’d never thought about it before—not with you or with anyone—but if he did, you might be the longest relationship he’d ever had, not that he’d been in that many to begin with anyway. 
He was whipped, what was wrong with that?
Tumblr media
“Pretty,” you said distractedly as you examined the intricately drawn lines on Jungkook’s hand and arm. You’ve always been in awe of his tattoos, not only because they make him look insanely hot, but because each design on his body had a carefully crafted meaning behind it. He didn’t choose them for vanity’s sake or to pretend to be more like a rockstar—like his parents kept accusing him of in the beginning—but behind every permanent marking on his skin was hours or even days of deliberation, meaning imbued in every stroke of black.
Jungkook wore his tattoos like an open book that not many took the time and effort to understand. It was his heart on his sleeve.
He tsked lightly, ““Pretty” wasn’t exactly what I was going for when I got these done, y’know.”
“They are pretty,” you only repeated yourself and pecked his lips. “You’re pretty too.”
He was rolling his eyes but you could see the hint of blush coloring his cheeks.
“Do you wanna get a tattoo someday?”
“I have one,” you stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“I already have a tattoo,” you said, lifting your right leg and pulling up your sweats to show him the spot right above your Achilles tendon. His hand reaches out to trace the ink etched onto your body, studying the simple outline of a rose the length of two knuckles.
“Woah, how come I haven’t seen this before?”
“Do you pay attention to anything below my knees?” You quirked an eyebrow at him.
“Eh, you’re right. I only like you for your ass and–” This earned him a shove against his chest, but he only brushed it off with a laugh before continuing. “Why a rose?”
“I got it for my 17th birthday,” you explained, looking at where his fingers were dragging along your skin. “I guess I just thought it was pretty. I mean, sometimes I think I probably should’ve waited until I was older and got something more meaningful. But I like it, feels like it reminds me of a simpler time, y’know?”
He only hummed as he pressed his lips against your temple lazily, “I like it too. Suits you, baby.” His fingers were still tracing your delicate ink; your skin was so bare compared to his, so innocent that Jungkook felt like he was truly worth something if someone like you could love him. “Do you think you’ll get more?”
“I definitely want to, at least a couple more,” you nodded. “I don’t know how you do it but I can never decide what to get, and where on my body I want it. How do you know if you want something forever?”
Now, as he sat here on your couch with a half eaten pizza on the coffee table, LANY playing in the background and your warm body pressed against his under your thin blanket, the nerves he felt right before getting his first tattoo seemed like a distant memory. He recalled Taehyung and Jimin’s teasing jabs in the club as much as he mulled over your words just then. There was no other way around it; everything just clicked. Jungkook knew, that he wanted more time like this with you—a lot of more time, forever if he could ask for that long; that he couldn’t imagine himself being with anyone else other than you; that deciding what to get inked on his body permanently would never feel as important as placing his whole heart in your palms and asking you to please, keep it, keep it as long as you’d like.
Jungkook knew he was in love with you.
Tumblr media
“Hi there, stranger,” a familiar voice finds you in your usual spot. 
Jungkook leans down to press a quick peck to your lips before turning to nod towards the bartender, signaling his usual drink. 
“You were so good up there, Koo,” you smile at him sweetly. “My rockstar.”
As soon as the words leave your mouth, you hear some girls nearby scoff rather loudly, undoubtedly bitter from the way he bypassed them completely to get to you. You’re used to it, but that doesn’t mean you’re numb to the discomfort.
Though your gaze is filled with fondness for him, there’s something else hidden behind your eyes that doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. 
Nevertheless, he shoots you a wide grin and presses you into his side. “Your rockstar,” he echoes.
You’re never really sure how you always end up here. Jungkook never fails to take it upon himself to shower you with extra affection when your mood turns sour no matter how many times you assure him that you’re okay. That’s how you find yourself perched on his lap two hours later, clothes scattered all over the floor. 
“Fuck,” you cry out when the tip of his cock nudges your cervix. Jungkook is sitting with his back against the headboard, his hands squeezing your ass as his mouth sucks bruises into the skin of your neck and collarbone, all the while you’re on top of him, riding him like your life depends on it. 
It’s not a position you usually indulge in; you don’t often exert any kind of dominance over him in the bedroom. But once in a while, Jungkook lets you take the reins—encourages you even—and he doesn’t need to spell it out for you to know what he’s trying to do. Especially on nights like this when your anxiety comes out to play. Jungkook isn’t good with words and all that sappy romance stuff, so he shows you instead. Willingly and unconditionally, he submits all of himself to you.
(If he were as crude as Taehyung, he would probably call this fucking the insecurities out of you.)
“Hey,” you manage to say despite the feeling of his cock going so deep it nearly makes you forget your own name. “Your ass looked really good on stage tonight.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mhmm, yeah, everyone was checking you out.”
“Were they?” Jungkook asks with faux innocence, as if he doesn’t already know how ridiculously handsome he is, and how the sight of tight denim stretching over his thighs makes your mouth water every time. “My pretty baby doesn’t like when people look at my ass?”
Your hips stutter on top of him as you giggle at his words. Hooded eyes gaze longingly into yours and even though he’s literally inside of you, heat still rises to your cheeks under his stare. Jungkook’s lips curl into a lopsided smirk as he grips your hips to help you move.
“No, I don’t,” you can’t help but moan when he rolls his hips every time you come down on his body. The base of his cock grinding against your clit feels absolutely delicious, and it makes your pussy clench around him in a desperate need to cum. “Only I can see your ass.”
“Yeah, that’s right. My ass is all yours, baby.” Noticing the telltale sign of your impending release, his hips suddenly start thrusting into you from underneath, hitting places deep in you that have you squeezing your eyes shut in pure bliss, your hands gripping his shoulders for support. “C’mon, princess, you’re doing so well,” he coos, “Cum for me. Make a mess around me.”
“Ah fuck, Jungkook, don’t stop. You feel so good, I’m so–” Words vanish from your tongue as you drop your head forward to rest on his shoulder. Jungkook turns his head to press a couple soft pecks against your neck, before continuing to suck hickeys into your skin.
Your nails dig into his skin, hips moving erratically on top of him that it makes Jungkook moan—a beautiful sound that you would’ve relished in if you weren’t so focused on chasing your high—at the feeling of you, desperate and needy for him.
He’s never been the type to relinquish control, and most definitely not in the bedroom. But he likes it when you brace yourself on top of him and rock your body against his like he’s the only star in your orbit. He swears he can love you forever, his sweet, sweet girl.
Deft fingers sneak between your legs and rub your aching clit to help bring you to your release. His thick cock pounding into you, his thumb on your bundle of nerves and his lips on your neck—it’s too much and yet not enough. You don’t think you will want another person as much as you want him, ever. Gushing around him as you cum, stars explode behind your eyelids from the overwhelming pleasure. Jungkook fucks you through your orgasm, hips never relenting in their quest to make you feel good.
With the way he was fucking into you so hard, you didn’t have to process his words in your fucked out state. When they do register in your brain now that you’ve calmed down, you stop moving completely and slump forward against his chest as you burst into a fit of laughter. “Your ass is mine?”
“Yeah,” he says with a crooked grin, hugging your bare body closer to his chest. “All of me is yours.”
The sentiment makes your heart want to leap from your rib cage because Jungkook always makes you overflow with adoration for him. Just when you think you can’t possibly love him more than you already do, he proves you wrong.
“I’m yours too,” you whisper as you pull his face to yours, connecting your lips, “I love you.”
You feel his smile against your mouth, and when his tongue slips inside to tangle with yours, you feel your hips start to move again.
“Wanna lay down?” He asks gently, as if his cock isn’t throbbing inside you, screaming for release.
Though your legs are getting tired, you shake your head. Lifting yourself from his body, you whimper from overstimulation when your pussy slides down his dick again. “I wanna make you feel good,” you murmur.
He smiles at you then, boyish and dreamily, and presses a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth, and your cheeks, your jawline, and eventually your lips again. “I love you,” he whispers, “So in love with you.”
You stay like this for a while, just kissing him sweetly like you’re in a romance drama, as if your dripping core isn’t gliding over his dick like you’re filming a soft porno. And that’s the thing about being with Jungkook—he always makes you feel so safe and warm. Even when you're engaged in the most obscene activities, he has a way of reminding you over and over again how much he adores you.
Before you know it, discomfort blurs into familiar pleasure. “Koo, you’re so good…” You moan, and the sound has him bucking his hips up to match your thrusts. 
“You got one more for me, baby?”
Even though you’ve cummed twice from his fingers and once from his cock tonight, you still squeak out a yes when he nudges your g-spot again. His hips are still driving into you, but not at the unforgiving pace they were before; he knows you’re still sensitive.
You pull him in for a sloppy kiss, tongues moving in a slow and lazy tango. 
Salacious sounds bounce off the walls from the messy way he kisses you and the distinctly wet sounds of his hard cock sliding in and out of your soaked pussy, yet you feel anything but lewd and dirty.
“Shit! You feel amazing, baby, ah…” He cries out when your walls squeeze his cock unexpectedly tightly. “Do it again.”
And so you do, along with an I love you against his mouth for good measure. With you bouncing up and down his length and clenching around him every once in a while, it doesn’t take long before you feel hot spurts of cum paint your inner walls white. The force of his orgasm triggers your own, but it’s more mellow this time, much less intense than before. He swallows your cries as another rush of your juices soaks his shaft.
“Oh, baby. Fuck, so good…” Jungkook moans against your lips when your core continues to suck him in and milk his cock through both of your highs.
Even when you’ve calmed down, neither of you make a move to get you off of him. He’s still kissing you softly, even as he starts to soften inside of you and you can feel your combined releases slowly trail down your thighs.
“You all good?” He asks, rough hands tenderly stroking your cheeks.
In his presence, you always are. “All good, baby.”
He gives you a lazy grin, but you still think it’s the brightest thing in the universe. He pecks your lips one more time before finally slipping out of you. “I’ll get you cleaned up. Be right back.”
Tumblr media
Somehow, you’re back at RKive. “For old times’ sake,” the boys had said.
“So,” Jungkook begins, taking a seat on a stool right in the middle of the stage as he adjusts the mic stand and the guitar strap around his neck. Taehyung and Jimin take their place on either side of him. “This is the first time we’re playing this song live. It’s not our usual style so bear with me a little here, everyone.”
You tilt your head in confusion. When you mouth a what at Jimin—the only person on stage looking at you, amusement evident in his stare—he only grins and throws you a wink.
“I wrote this for someone very special.” Jungkook’s eyes skim the crowd in search of yours, and when his chocolate orbs lock onto your own, your heart stutters. “It’s not much, but hopefully she can tell how much she means to me.” His lips curl up into a shy smile, one that the crowd rarely has the privilege of seeing because he’s usually so suave. This kind of smile is only reserved for you.
With deft fingers readying themselves on his guitar, Jungkook speaks to the crowd but you know his words are directed at you, “I hope you like it.”
Sun in my eyes, navy-blue skies
You are the reason I can survive
We’ll turn off the phones to just be alone
We’ll draw the curtains and never leave home
The song starts but your world slows until it stops completely.
When did he even find the time? You’re certain you’ve heard every song he’s written, even ones that don’t make the cut and are left to collect dust somewhere. 
The crowd sways gently to the music, but you remain unmoving. Rooted to the ground and standing still like a statue, strangers’ shoulders bump into yours a few times but you don’t care. You don’t give a damn about the hushed whispers from some girls standing near you—chatter caused by the way Jungkook’s attention is on you and stays on only you throughout the entire song. You don’t even want to blink if it means missing a fraction of a second of watching him.
This is how you fall in love
Let go and I’ll hold you up
So pull me tight and close your eyes
Oh, my love, side to side
With your heart in your throat as his euphonious voice reverberates around the room, you can’t help the tears that dampen your waterline. They spill over when he beams at you. It’s mystifying how he still manages to pull love from you after all this time; you thought you’ve already given him everything.
Falling for Jungkook isn’t like diving headfirst into unknown waters like you expected. It was gradual and steady, never a misstep in the way because he was always there to walk this path with you. Out of all the people you thought you’d ever love, a leather and denim clad rockstar was never on your list, but as it turns out, spending your evening all those months ago drinking cheap beer in this shoddy bar was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Life is funny like that sometimes.
“What’s easy is right”, my mother’s advice
You are the reason I never think twice
Wherever we go, what glitters is gold
You’ll be my best friend until we grow old
Under his steady gaze, the soft melody of the song and the words he’s uttering that you know were written from the depths of his soul—it calms your beating heart and warms you from the inside. The feeling is so wonderful that you think it must be a dream.
You’re here, back in the same dingy bar where you first saw Jungkook perform. It’s astonishing to see how much has changed since then (and at the same time, like nothing has changed at all), though the place is pretty much identical—still sticky bar tops, mediocre drinks and dirty bathrooms.
Suddenly, everything that’s been disturbing your peace seems silly. His unabating words of reassurance echo in your mind, “No one matters but you and me,” and you believe him now, wholeheartedly.
Because you’re here, and you’re falling in love with him all over again.
This is how you fall in love
Let go and I’ll hold you up
So pull me tight and close your eyes
Oh, my love, side to side
When you see Jungkook making his way toward you after the set, the waterworks start once more.
“You fucking menace,” you sob lightly as you immediately throw your arms around his waist, burrowing your face into the crook of his neck and snuggling into the fresh cotton of the new black t-shirt he has changed into. “Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t wear waterproof mascara tonight!”
“Tell you what?” He jests, tilting his head in faux confusion, “Oh, the song? You’re cocky. Who even said it’s about you?”
When you give him a look, he only laughs, a hearty sound that you want to listen to night and day. Jungkook engulfs you in a tight embrace, “It wouldn’t have been a surprise if I told you, now would it?”
I love you’s and I can’t believe you did that for me’s spill from your mouth, muffled against his neck until they blur into incoherent mumbles of affection.
“So, is it safe to assume you liked it?” He asks, suddenly shy. Before the show, he was a pile of nerves in overdrive; he was pacing around and bouncing his legs so much that for nearly 20 minutes, Taehyung and Jimin had to talk him down with reassurances that you would be over the moon.
“Of course I loved it, Koo. I love everything you do,” you say between sniffles, “I love you. You’re gonna regret this ‘cause I’m making you sing it to me for the rest of your life.”
He likes the sound of that. (Not the part where you make him serenade you—no, he couldn’t care less about that; he’ll do whatever you want him to, absolutely anything.) No, the part with the rest of his life.
It’s such a cliche, but after Jungkook met you, he realized that oh, so this is why people write sonnets. This is why love songs exist and why he could never resonate with those sappy sentiments until you. Forever doesn’t seem so bad if it’s you that he gets to spend it with.
“You haven’t kissed me yet,” he pouts. “Don’t I deserve a kiss for being the greatest boyfriend ever?”
When you pull him down, it’s graceless and clumsy, but it’s perfect. You keep breaking away because you can’t stop sniffling and he keeps chuckling against your lips.
“This is not the cinematic moment I thought it’d be. I write one song for you and you’re all tears and snot.”
“Shouldn’t this be the part where you tell me I’m beautiful no matter what?”
“Nah,” he says, wiping at your cheeks to rid them of mascara stains but they barely budge under his fingers. It doesn’t really matter; Jungkook does think you’re still beautiful like this, with glassy eyes and faint lines of black running down your face, bottom lip jutted out in an adorable pout that he kisses away.  “I think this is the part where I tell you that you might be the love of my life.”
Tumblr media
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holdontokpop · a day ago
BTS reaction to them making the first move
Anon said: Hey! I was wondering if you can make a reaction to bts members kissing your first? Like making the first move on you
A/N: This may or may not be a longeeer post, since there will be some short imagines 🤔 ENJOY ❤️
Jungkook: He would be very careful and thinking about the situation and how to make it best as possible. As the two of you would be hanging out in the studio, sitting down on the sofa comfortably. Jungkook would play the guitar and proceed to maintain the eye contact, his hands would stop playing and he'll nove the guitar away slowly while getting closer to you. He'll make sure to look up and down at your lips and eyes, as if he's asking for the permission for it.
After few kisses he would smile and sit back and keep time to time looking at you while doing work *gif*
Tumblr media
Jimin: The two of you would be walking back home from a date. Arriving in front of your building, bith of you would face each other and just smile and have a little more of the conversation. He would be nervous, but super calm not showing it, but his heart would actually jump out of his chest as he maintains the eye contact. One of his hands would suddenly react out from his pocket to your cheek, holding it and making you come closer to him. He'll kiss you and smile nervously after. *gif*
Tumblr media
Taehyung: Both of you are at a friends party when the two of you can't take eyes off each other. Sitting down next to you, he'll realize you're nervous anf don't know what to do. He'll make sure to tell you some jokes and to relax you a bit. His index finger would trace your chin, making you look up at him. Slowly coming in closer, he'll smirk a bit, licking his lips whilst watching yours. *gif*
Tumblr media
Rap Monster: On a picnic date, the two of you would lay down on the blanket, watching the sky, talking about beautiful things. He would lean on his arm watching you passionately talking about something while smiling. His fingers would move a piece of your hair away from your face
"God you are so beautiful" he speaks as his eyes trace the whole face of yours, before slowly leaning in for a kiss
Tumblr media
J-Hope: Ya'll be dancing on the dance floor, grinding up, making moves. His hands would slide down, tracing your back, waist, hips. He wouldn't even think about it too much, he just knows he wants you. A little grip on your hips as he pulls you closer towards his body would make you want to scream in pleasure.
"Can I kiss you?" he would be polite and smile and as soon as you'll nod your head, his lips would be on yours.
Tumblr media
Suga: He'll drive you to the best view of the city. Both of you would walk out the car and you'll lean against the car. His body would be between your legs. He'll smile nervously, but is confident and wouldn't let something like that in his way. He would look up at you, maintain the eye contact and lean in for a kiss, whilst his hands would pull you by the waist even closer to him.
Tumblr media
Jin: He would make a dinner for the two of you as you'll be at his place watching the movies. As you will head home, before you leave, the two of you would hug. Pulling away from the hug, he'll look at you with a small smile on his face.
"I really had a great time today, you know..." his hand would be on your cheek, his thumb caressing your skin slowly. He'll kiss you slowly, gently. Giving you pecks on the lips afterwards, not being able to stop.
Tumblr media
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