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kpopfanfictrash · 2 days ago
Love to Hate (Ch. 2)
Tumblr media
Author: kpopfanfictrash
Genre: Fuck Buddies / Enemies to Lovers
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Synopsis: Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.
Rating: 18+
Warnings: oral (female receiving), nipple play, dirty talk (discussion of voyeurism, kegel balls, restraints), fingering, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, rough sex, jungkook calls the reader princess, spanking, slight possessiveness, jungkook’s tattoo’s extend down his side (does this need a warning? methinks yes)
Word Count: 13,923
Author’s Note: links to be updated at a later date! 
Tumblr media
“Shit, shit, shit,” you mutter, searching your desk for the back of one earring.
Your desk is your favorite thing about your office, since the view out the lone window faces an old clothing factory, and your chair is what polite company would call decrepit, gifted by a dentist downstairs who switched locations.
Located in a second-floor walk-up on the south side of the city, the location of Clean Ocean’s headquarters is it’s only positive feature. Centrally located in the city, your front door is a mere minute’s walk from the subway. Rent is expensive though, office space is cramped, and your eating space is shared with those horrible realtors next door.
Your desk though, is arranged exactly how you like it. Papers are neatly stacked and color-coded, brightly colored paper clips are arranged in ceramic mugs. In the corner sits a flip calendar of your dog, Dante, Hoseok bought for your birthday. It makes you smile whenever you see it, although your current expression is rather dire, given how late you are.
Beside your laptop, your phone beeps, alerting you to the fact that your Uber driver is nearly here. One of the small ironies of life – whenever you’re in a hurry, the wait time skyrockets and whenever you could use the extra minute, a car pulls up right away.
In your humble opinion, irony is overrated.
“Yes, I know,” you mutter, turning to give yourself a once-over in the window’s reflection. Returning to your desk, you locate the earring by your lamp. “A-ha!”
In the doorway of your office, Hoseok pauses. Glancing around and seeing no one, he arches a brow and enters.
“Talking to yourself?” he asks, setting down a stack of papers.
Giving him a terse smile, you save the last of your documents and slam your laptop shut. Standing up quickly, you pause at the rush of blood to your head.
“Whoa.” Blinking, you pause, then reach for your phone. “Okay, all clear. How do I look, Hobi?” you ask, checking your reflection again.
“Uh.” He looks you over. “Good.”
“Just good?” Wounded, you frown. “Hoseok, I can’t just look good on a date. I have to look mind-numbingly, achingly gorgeous. Like men spontaneously sprout nosebleeds when they pass me on the street.”
Hoseok adopts a pained expression. “Right, sure. It’s just kind of weird to say that to you in a work environment, you know? Especially since you’re my boss.”
“After all this time,” you say, slinging your purse over your shoulder. “I’m still ‘just a boss’ to you.”
When Hoseok rolls his eyes, you stifle a grin. 
Although Clean Ocean is a relatively small non-profit, employing just over fifty people, Hoseok has been at your side since day one. The first person you met at college orientation, he’s become your closest friend since. The title of assistant is one you and Hoseok constantly bicker over because he’s really more of your right-hand man, or even Ops Director, but he insists on the title out of sheer principle.
Also because apparently, Hoseok gets the best gossip this way. Regardless, he’s the one person on the planet who believes in Clean Ocean as much as you do. At work though, he insists upon setting boundaries. 
Boundaries you enjoy pushing from time to time.
“Alright,” you say, smoothing your dress again. “I’m off.”
The dress you chose is burgundy in color, a wrap-around fastened by four buttons at the front and a belt. Cut low, a deep v showcases your generously enhanced cleavage. It took time to change into after work, which is part of the reason you’re late. The other part is because you’re almost permanently late to every function.
“Late,” Hoseok observes, as though reading your mind. “Again.”
“I’m never late,” you say, striding for the door. “Everyone else is simply early.”
Your dramatics are lessened when you trip on the carpet, nearly face-planting into the hall. Righting yourself, you glance over your shoulder and find Hoseok trying hard not to laugh.
“Right.” He pushes tortoiseshell glasses up his nose. “I’ll just be going, then. To my house,” he adds. “Not to a restaurant where I’ll make awkward conversation with a stranger I’ll never see again.”
“You don’t know that,” you say, although there’s little conviction in the statement. “Tonight’s date could be... the One.”
“If by the one, you mean one of the many mediocre guys who try to get in your pants – then yes, I stand corrected. He could be the one.”
“That is not what I meant,” you say, shooing him into the hall. Turning off the light, you shut the door to your office and lock it. “Alright.” Taking a deep breath, you push down your nerves. “Now, seriously, Hoseok. How do I look?”
Pursing his lips, Hoseok looks you up and down.
Your date tonight is with Eric Main, a guy you met on Hinge who sounds perfect on paper. Ivy League education, currently working for TED Talks (yes, those TED Talks) and is, quote, unquote, looking for someone to love his golden retriever, Leslie, as much as he does.
Although you normally hate it when people give their pets human names, you’ve chosen to overlook it because Leslie is adorable. The photo Eric chose for his profile shows the two of them hiking, which is something you definitely don’t do with your dog, Dante, but you could if you wanted to. Probably.
You chose the name Dante for your dog because, frankly, he’s small and weird looking – like the spirit dog, Dante, in the movie, Coco. Unlike movie-Dante though, your Dante despises all exercise above a stroll through the park, so you’ve yet to try something as daring as hiking.
Feeling a pang of dog-missing-sickness, you open your phone to stare at your wallpaper. It’s a picture your neighbor, Jimin, took of you in the park. Dante nearly bowled you over when you called his name, and the photo captures the moment your feet left the ground. For such a small dog, he’s surprisingly strong.
“Do you think it’s cruel to leave Dante alone?” you blurt before Hoseok can answer your first question. “Maybe I should call Jimin, see if they need anything or –”
Placing his hand over yours, Hoseok halts your dialing. “Y/N,” he says, looking you in the eyes. “You look fucking amazing, and your weird dog will be fine for one night alone. Okay?”
“Okay,” you mumble, putting your phone away. “And Dante is not weird. He’s just... quirky.”
“He only lets you burn frosting-scented candles.”
“He’s developed a preference!”
“That’s arguably the worst scent, Y/N.”
You level a finger at Hoseok. “Stop insulting my dog. It’s no wonder Dante gives you side-eye. Oh, shit,” you blurt, realizing your Uber has arrived. “I have to run. Thanks, Hobi!” you call as you dash down the hallway. “See you Sunday for brunch?”
“Yeah,” he calls out. “Seokjin and I will meet you at eleven.”
You nod, waving as you descend the stairs and Hoseok disappears.
Kim Seokjin, aka your one and only friend from your former lifestyle. Hoseok, you met during college when he had no idea who you were, but Seokjin you’ve known since you two were in diapers. He’s seen you on middle school picture days, when your boyfriend broke your heart at junior prom, and when you in turn, egged his car the next Halloween.
Currently, Seokjin writes for Conde Nast, a high-end travel magazine. It means he travels a lot although recently, he’s been gunning for an editor role, which means he’s been more local. You’re not complaining, since you’ve missed your other best friend around.
Pushing open the lobby door, you spot your Uber idling by the curb. The driver looks annoyed, checking his phone and – wincing – you hasten to enter his car.
“Sorry,” you apologize, sliding into the backseat. “Greg?”
Greg huffs, but gives a nod. “Y/N?”
“Present! First and Kensington,” you say, confirming the address.
Greg grunts, pulling into traffic as you buckle your seatbelt. Top 40 pop music blares from the stereo, which seems at odds with your driver’s demeanor, so it’s probably for your benefit. If so, he’s spot on and, sitting back, you hum along to the new Ariana Grande song on the radio.
It's only a ten-minute drive to the restaurant and the time passes quickly, busy texting Jimin about Dante’s eating habits. Jimin also has a dog, although his dog, Peaches, is older and much calmer than Dante. You two have a pact where you dog-sit for the other when available, no questions asked. It’s worked out well so far, since Jimin has a steady girlfriend, and you’ve been trying to go out on more dates.
As though called into being from the ninth circle of hell, Jungkook’s face flashes, unbidden, through your mind.
Wincing, you shove the image aside and try to concentrate on the present. This car is nothing like Jungkook’s. His town car was all leather seats, muted music, and the faint smell of expensive cologne. Greg’s Uber has scratchy, cloth-covered seats and kind of smells like patchouli. 
And yet – somehow, your mind wanders to the events of that night. 
His voice in your ear, wondering what you wore beneath your dress. His hands on your waist, pulling you closer – along with the many other ways he touched you, safely ensconced in the privacy of his apartment.
Jungkook would like what you chose to wear tonight, you think. Specifically, the lingerie you have on underneath the dress.
Shutting your eyes, you take a deep, measured breath. When you finally exhale, some of the heat from your skin has faded. It’s been nearly a month since your hook-up with Jungkook and somehow, you’ve managed not to use his number since.
Not that it hasn’t been tempting. The day after, you opened your phone and hovered over the delete button before finally sighing and placing your phone aside. For some reason, you can’t bring yourself to cut the last tie between you. 
Probably because every date between him and now has been utterly awful.
Trying to cleanse Jungkook from your system, you’ve gone on four dates since then and each one has been awful. Well, one of them you liked enough to sleep with, and the sex between you was terrible. Eric marks date number five, and you seriously don’t know what you’ll do if it sucks.
Leaning your head to the seatrest, you inhale, only to choke on patchouli-scented air. The rest of the way you suffer in silence, taking shallow breaths and hoping the perfume you put on continues to hold. At the restaurant, you exit, thank Greg, and stand on the sidewalk for a moment to prepare.
Eric chose a nice, if somewhat busy restaurant on the southwest side. Not far from your work – and not far from the TED Talk building, too, you note as you walk. Entering the front door, you hover a moment before a man stands and waves from a table in the back.
Hurrying towards him, you feel hopeful butterflies take flight in your stomach. Eric is cute enough, you think as you draw closer. There was certainly no exaggeration of height from his photo, which was what you found out with date number two. Standing, Eric clasps your hand to brush a kiss to your cheek, which you find a bit strange but nice, accepting the gesture as he pulls out your chair.
After that, the date goes fully downhill.
Don’t get you wrong – Eric is nice. Incredibly nice, well-read, conscious of boundaries and in turn, you kind of want to scream into a pillow. He’s that kind of nice which weighs down every second, slowing time to a crawl, or maybe a trickle. When you arrived, the time was 8:00 PM and now, after what feels like an eternity, the time has only turned 8:45 PM.
If you thought Jungkook was a dating Filofax, Eric is the whole damn Encyclopedia – and fuck. Now you’re thinking of Jungkook again. 
Jungkook wasn’t nice, that much is certain. Well, okay. He wasn’t mean, but he was blunt and only said exactly what he was thinking. Which more often than not, happened to be truths you’d rather not face.
Fiddling with your napkin, you glance at your phone and wonder, not for the first time, what would happen if you called. Jungkook would be an asshole, no doubt, but maybe it’d be worth it for another night of mind-blowing sex.
It would certainly beat talking about your university’s football team and whether or not they were going to ‘go all the way’ this year.
“I’m sorry,” you say, interrupting Eric mid-sentence. “I actually don’t pay much attention to football.”
He blinks, sitting back as though surprised by the interruption. You can’t really blame him. So far, you’ve been mostly tuned out, nodding in the right places, and laughing occasionally whenever Eric attempts to make a joke.
From the outside looking in, you’d probably think you were interested. But – as you learned from your dinner with Jungkook – there’s little to be gained by pretending to be someone else. Better to be honest and genuinely search for something between you than listen to another second of ingenuine football talk.
“Oh, okay.” Nodding, Eric lifts a glass of – much cheaper – sparkling wine. “That’s cool, we don’t have to talk about sports.”
“Cool.” You give a relieved smile. “What do you do in your free time then?” 
Maybe Eric has an interesting hobby, or is a secret adrenaline junky. Anything to keep the conversation moving forward. A nagging voice in the back of your mind wonders if you’re the one with a problem. You’ve gone out on several dates with perfectly nice men and have been utterly bored by all of them.
All – except one, the same voice whispers and you block it out.
“Free time?” Eric looks perplexed by the concept. “I mean, I work a lot.”
“But outside of work,” you press, searching for something – anything – to make you stay through the entrée.
Ever since you turned twenty-five, you’ve made it a firm rule not to waste your time on dates. Usually, you get drinks and an appetizer first before ordering the main course. If you’re not feeling it by the end of the drink, you make an excuse to leave without wasting more time.
So far, it says a lot about tonight that the ceviche has been more exciting than Eric’s company.
Eric’s brows knit. “Well, I watch a lot of the TED talks my co-workers put together when I’m not working on mine. There was this fascinating one the other day about the different types of snails throughout Europe, and what this might say about farmers post-Christ.”
Draining the rest of your glass, you place this on the table and force a smile. And – that’s game. One drink and appetizer down, and you have no more inclination to undress Eric than the snails he just mentioned.
Honestly, the snail video sounds kind of interesting but relayed in Eric’s dry, nasal tone, anything would sound dull. Thinking about him in your bed, sweet-talking you with that voice makes you shudder so hard, you’re surprised he doesn’t notice.
That’s a no on sex, then. 
The realization makes your stomach sink, since you’re in desperate need of a good fuck. A fact which makes you resent Jungkook, honestly. Before him, you could go months, maybe a year with no sex and barely even notice. Now though, your skin feels too tight, an ever-present itch in your mind to feel that way again.
You already made the mistake of sleeping with one date even though the chemistry wasn’t there. Brian barely gave any foreplay before entering, and it took several thrusts before you self-lubricated enough to continue. There was obviously no orgasm, and the sensation barely felt pleasant, let alone something you’d want to repeat.
When your phone buzzes on the table, your stomach swoops, but it’s only Jimin. Still, your heart leaps when you unlock the screen to find a picture of Dante.
“Oh, look!” you blurt, flipping around your phone to show Eric. “My dog-sitter just sent this photo of my dog. Isn’t he precious?”
Dante lies on his back, paws in the air and ignoring whatever Jimin is trying to get him to do – probably put on his harness to go for a walk. Eric scans the phone once, then nods, unimpressed.
“He’s cute,” he comments.
Sensing something is off, your eyes narrow. “He’s cute, but…?”
Blinking, Eric seems surprised you’re pressing the issue. Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he glances around the restaurant.
“But, uh, I don’t really like small dogs. Sorry.”
Instantly, your hand tightens. Returning the phone to your chest, you lower it to the table and continue staring at Eric. Dante isn’t small, exactly, but he’s no Great Dane.
“Gotcha,” you say, fighting to keep your voice even.
“It’s just” – Eric shrugs, not seeming to notice your expression – “in my experience, small dogs tend to be kind of mean. Super shrill.”
“Dante isn’t shrill,” you say, automatic.
Eric blinks again, somewhat concerned.
“Anyways,” you say, forcing a smile. “How’s your drink?”
“Oh, good.” Eric looks down. “I’m actually not a huge fan of champagne, though. More of a pilsner guy, myself.”
At this, you physically stop your teeth from grinding together. Multiple responses flit through your mind – this isn’t champagne, pilsners taste like wet wheat, large dogs are stupid – but you manage to suppress them.
“Will you excuse me?” you say instead, daintily setting aside your napkin. “Women’s room.”
Eric nods when you leave, seemingly unconcerned, and you hurry in the direction of the bathroom stalls. Once you’re inside, you slam the door shut and sit on the toilet, burying your face in your hands.
You can’t keep doing this. 
Going on date after date, hoping for something which never seems to happen. When you were little, your mom told you frankly to lower your expectations. You were barely twelve when she explained how she married your father for money. That’s the most practical reason a woman can marry, she told you, zero doubt in her voice.
Always stubborn, you’d refused to believe her, but now you think your mother might have had a point. Not about marrying for money, but about marriage being a practical matter. Your entire life you’ve waited for a spark, a soulmate, your other half – and nothing. Nearly thirty years, and no one has even come close. Maybe it’s time for you to give up on the dream.
Lifting your head, you stand from the toilet, flush, and exit to wash your hands at the closest sink. Staring at yourself in the mirror, a practical chill slowly fills your chest.
If you can’t have a soulmate, at least you can have the spark. Just because you haven’t found the One doesn’t mean your sex life needs to suffer.
Exiting the bathroom, you stand in the hall for a moment before taking a deep breath and marching straight for your table. Eric looks up when you hover, frowning a little when you don’t take a seat.
“I’m going to go,” you say bluntly. “This has been nice, but I don’t think there’s anything more than friendship between us.”
He stares, perplexed. “I – huh?”
For someone who works at TED Talks, he’s kind of slow on the uptake. Tapping your toe on the floor, you cross both your arms.
“I think we should end the date now, but thank you for the drink. Here’s two twenties for my share, plus tip.”
His mouth opens and closes, like a fish. “I – uh, okay. I guess.”
Nodding, you turn on your heel and march out the restaurant doors. On the sidewalk you pause and then, making an abrupt decision, fish around in your purse for your phone.
Gritting your teeth, you jab Jungkook’s number before you have the chance to talk yourself out of it. His phone rings once in your ear, then twice and –
Hearing his voice, your body goes still. For the past month, you’ve wondered if you built things up between you. He couldn’t possibly be as sexy as you remember, but hearing him takes you back to that night, listening to him grunt your name as he –
“Y/N?” Jungkook must have glanced at his phone, because he switches smoothly from confused to bemused. “Is that you?”
Regaining your senses, you walk away from the restaurant doors.
“Yes, it’s me,” you say, glancing over your shoulder. “What’re you doing?”
Jungkook pauses, and you can hear dishes clinking in the background. Brow furrowed, you wonder where he is and what he’s doing. Somehow, you find it hard to imagine Jungkook cooking in that big, empty apartment.
“I’m on a date, actually,” he says casually. “What’re you up to?”
Startled, you come to a stop.
“A date?” you ask. “Why did you answer my call? Oh. I see.” Sweetly, you drop your voice. “Were you missing me that badly, Jeon?”
“Nope. Charity is just in the bathroom.”
“I – Charity?”
“My date for the evening.”
Biting your tongue, you stifle the urge to make a joke at her expense. Charity is probably a lovely girl who’s done nothing wrong. Probably.
“Y/N.” Jungkook’s voice lowers. “Why are you calling?”
Right. Setting your jaw, you pull your shoulders back. 
“Because,” you announce. “I’m currently on the most boring date in all existence. Needless to say, I will not be getting dicked down in my date’s bed tonight like I originally planned.”
Silence greets this and eventually, you hear a soft swear on the other end. Lips turning upwards, you listen as Jungkook attempts to pull himself together.
“That’s a shame,” he says at last, sounding too composed. “And how, exactly, do I fit into this equation?”
“You said to call if I ever wanted to fuck again.”
“That’s true, I did.”
“I’m not going to beg, Jungkook,” you say, examining your nails. “This is a limited time offer. I’m equally fine returning to my vibrator.”
Quietly, Jungkook growls. It’s a blatant lie, of course. Although your vibrator is tried-and-true, you would much rather have Jungkook giving you an orgasm than plastic.
“Mm,” he says carefully. “I’m on a date right now, though.”
“Oh, please,” you say with an eye roll. “If you were seriously interested in whoever you’re with –”
“If you were seriously interested in your date, you never would’ve picked up the phone when I called. Even if your date is in the bathroom.”
“Let’s say you’re right,” Jungkook says, switching tones. “What’s in it for me?”
“Was that not obvious?” you say sweetly. “Me, ass up in your bed, wearing the skimpy lingerie I planned on another guy tearing off with his teeth.”
“Fuck,” Jungkook mutters. “Yes. Okay. I’ll meet you at my apartment in twenty minutes. Text you the address.”
“Hang on, wait – my date is coming back from the bathroom.”
Baffled, you glance around. “Why would that –”
“Grandma?” Jungkook’s tone switches to alarm. “What happened? Are you okay?”
Stifling a laugh, you clasp a hand over your mouth.
It’s obnoxious, but you can’t say you haven’t done it before. Hoseok has called you many a time with a fake emergency when your date isn’t going well, and the guy you’re with doesn’t seem like he’ll accept the word no.
“Alright, stay there and don’t move,” Jungkook says sternly.
“I have to say, I don’t love that you’ve made me your grandmother in this scenario,” you comment.
“Need me to bring you anything?” he asks, fully committed to the bit.
“Do you mean like, snacks or condoms?”
Jungkook clucks his tongue. “Be careful,” he says, voice dropping. “If you keep going like that, you’ll be sore tomorrow.”
He says this in an entirely inappropriate tone for his grandmother, but it causes instant heat to spread through your body.
Before you can reply, he hangs up and you’re left listening to an empty call. Glancing around, you realize Eric must have left. You don’t see him through the restaurant’s windows, so you head towards the curb to wait for a cab.
It doesn’t take long for one to come and, hailing the driver, you feel your phone vibrate again. It’s Jungkook with his address, which you rattle off to the driver as you slide inside.
Leaning back, you glance out the window and watch the city pass by. Skyscrapers and office buildings flash into view, muted grey fronts broken by passing pedestrians. It doesn’t take long to reach Jungkook’s place and, exiting the cab, you crane your neck backwards to look at his penthouse. Hard to tell, but you don’t think you see any lights on.
Entering the lobby, you’re certain you’ll have to wait for Jungkook – only to stop short when you see him on the sofa.
Low, white chaises are situated before a sleek, gas fireplace opposite the entrance. Jungkook sits on the sofa nearest, facing you with one leg crossed over the other. Both his arms are relaxed over the seat back, watching you with a casual grin on his face.
Halting your steps, you look him up and down. “Hi, Jungkook.”
His grin widens. “Beat you.”
“Ugh.” Pulling your purse from your shoulder, your rifle around for your Chapstick. “Don’t make me regret calling you.”
In your peripheral, you see him stand, stretching both arms overhead as he walks your way. His cologne makes you feel slightly light-headed, but not in a bad way. Most cologne makes you want to cough, but his smells light and airy – cotton and lemon, maybe. Something citrus for sure.
Coming to a stop, Jungkook places both hands in his pockets to look down. Applying Chapstick, you glance up and watch his gaze focus on your mouth.
This gives you time to examine him, an act you deem both necessary and worthwhile. Jungkook is dressed more casually than on your date, which makes you oddly pleased. A mustard-colored blazer layered over a blue and white striped shirt, paired with tan slacks, and dark brown boots. His hair’s been styled to perfection, a slightly gelled piece flopping over his forehead.
When you’re done looking, you realize Jungkook has noticed.
Brow arched, he says, “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you don’t regret this.”
And just like that, all your bones turn to jelly. He sounds so certain, so wholly confident in the fact that you’ll have a good time – you can’t help but believe him.
“Fine,” you sigh, turning to walk towards the elevators. “Let’s go upstairs.”
Jungkook laughs, easily catching up. He walks casually beside you, hands still in his pockets.
“Aren’t I allowed to be a little smug?” he teases. “I thought you said you’d never call me again.”
Despite his tone, there’s curiosity to his gaze. His words hang between you, the end of his sentence obvious. And yet, here you are. Coming to his apartment after giving in to calling him.
“I know,” you exhale, pressing the elevator button. “Turns out, good sex is surprisingly hard to come by.”
“I haven’t found that to be true.”
“For women,” you clarify, turning to face him. “Good sex is surprisingly hard to come by for women.”
Jungkook considers, then nods as the doors slide open. “Fair enough,” he says, stepping inside. “Well, I’m happy to be of service. Speaking of.” His gaze trails your body, darkening slightly. “Who was the idiot who missed out on seeing you naked tonight?”
“Nuh-uh.” You shake your head. “No personal details. I think it’s best if we keep our lives as separate as possible.”
Somewhat amused, Jungkook presses the P button and swipes his black card as a key. Leaning against the mirror, he examines your expression once more.
“Oh?” he muses. “And what else have you decided?”
Straightening, you take a deep breath as you prepare your words. This is something you thought about on the way over. If you’re going to do this with him, you should probably control as many variables as possible. 
As someone from your former world, Jungkook will understand what might happen if word of this were to get out.
“Okay,” you say, using your sternest voice. “If we’re going to do this, I think there should be rules.”
Jungkook lifts a brow. “If we’re going to do what, though?”
“Don’t make me say it, Jeon.”
A smile breaks free. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.”
“Fine.” You roll your eyes. “If we’re going to be fuck buddies, we should set some ground rules. Number one, let’s not discuss our personal lives.”
“Hang on.” Holding up a hand, Jungkook’s eyes gleam. “Back up a step – are you saying you actually want to do this again? After tonight, I mean.”
You hesitate, hearing the note of challenge – or maybe it’s finality – in his voice. As unpolished as his execution is, Jungkook is forcing you to articulate exactly what you want, which you can appreciate.
Because he’s right, this arrangement has danger written all over it. Frankly, you’ve never considered a sexual relationship with someone from your former world, but that was before you had sex with Jungkook. Before you realized exactly what it meant to be sexually compatible with someone in the bedroom.
If only it weren’t with him, of all people.
“I don’t know,” you say finally. “Let’s just… set the rules and see what happens.”
Jungkook considers, and you wonder if he’ll call you out, but he doesn’t. “Alright,” he agrees, relaxing a little. “Agreed to rule number one.”
“Right, so –”
“I think it’ll be hard, though.”
You pause, brow furrowed. “What?”
“Not saying anything about our personal lives.” Delicately, his brows lift. “I mean, you already know I was on a date tonight. I already know you own a vibrator. That seems pretty personal.”
“You know what I mean,” you retort, your eyes narrowed. “As much as possible, we keep this about sex. Rule number two,” you say, barreling on. “Protection is a must. I’m on the pill, but we use condoms, too.”
“Makes sense.”
Uncertain, you blink, since that was remarkably easy. In your experience, men have never been more creative than while searching for an excuse not to wear a condom.
“Uh,” you say, regaining yourself. “Okay. We should also get tested. I went to my gyno two weeks ago, and I’m clean, but I’ll send you the results. When was your last check-up?”
“I get tested monthly.” 
Again, you find yourself surprised. “Oh. Okay. I mean, I should probably be appalled that that’s necessary but honestly, I’m just glad you’re a responsible fuckboy.”
Lifting one shoulder, Jungkook lets it fall. “It’s what anyone decent would do. I’ll email you my results once we get upstairs.”
“Alright, cool. Rule number three. This” – you gesture between you – “isn’t exclusive. We can still see other people.”
Jungkook’s gaze flickers. “Agreed.”
“Four. Either of us is free to break this off any time.”
“Mm.” He pauses. “And why would I want to end things?”
“I mean, pick a reason.” You wave a hand. “You get bored. I get bored. I find someone I want to date exclusively. You get an STD.”
His eyes narrow at the last one. “What if I find someone I want to date seriously?”
“You?” It’s a struggle not to laugh. “Jungkook, have you ever had a girlfriend?”
“Well, no. But I’ve always been of the belief it’s never too late to try.”
Deciding to ignore this, you continue on with the rules. There are only a few floors left before Jungkook’s apartment, and you want to make sure the details have been ironed out.
“And five,” you say, regaining control. “Under no circumstances are my parents to find out about this. If they do, I’m immediately invoking rule number four.”
Jungkook tilts his head. “You dislike me that much?”
He doesn’t sound hurt, exactly, but there’s an undercurrent to his words you can’t quite place. It makes you pause long enough to relent and exhale.
“No,” you admit. “It’s just… I’ve worked hard to keep my parents out of my love life. Aside from the occasional blind date, they’ve mostly given up on me dating someone from their circle. If they were to find out about you, though…”
Trailing off, you allow Jungkook to imagine. 
You’re sure it’s not a scenario Jungkook wants, either. Your parents are powerful, same as his father, and if they decided the two of you dating was good for their public image, well – it could prove difficult for either of you to say no.
Frowning a little, Jungkook finally nods. “Agreed.”
His elevator dings, sliding open to reveal his apartment. The décor is spotless, looking exactly as it did the last time you were here. Wandering in, you remove your shoes and glance around.
“Do you actually live here?” you wonder out loud.
Jungkook laughs, crossing the room to the kitchen. 
“Uh, yeah. Why do you ask?” he says, grabbing a bottle of wine from a bar cart. Rummaging around for a wine opener, he opens a drawer and looks up. “Do you want a glass?”
“Sure,” you say, crossing the room. Seating yourself on a bar stool, you swivel around. “Your place is just so… pristine,” you say, answering his first question. “It looks like a photograph from Good Housekeeping, or something.”
Wrenching upwards, Jungkook pulls the cork from the bottle to set aside. Turning around, he procures two glasses – the right shape for the wine he’s selected, you note – and begins to pour.
“Honestly, I’m not here that often,” Jungkook confesses, watching the wine level rise. “Usually, I’m at the office or with my friends. Or ‘fulfilling my society obligations,’” he adds, using one-handed air quotes. “This is really just the place where I sleep.”
Accepting the wine glass he gives, you take a thoughtful sip.
Although your apartment is smaller and boasts an impressive view of a solid brick wall, you pay the rent by yourself and have it furnished to your liking. It has character, as they say. Your sofa is ancient, bought from an estate sale up north; Hoseok helped you lug it up five flights of stairs, and the stain in the right corner is wine spilled by Seokjin.
Your place isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s real and it suits you. Glancing around, you can’t get any feel for the man who lives here. Or sleeps here, as Jungkook has said.
Keeping his gaze level, Jungkook drinks from his wine glass. Raising yours to your lips, you take a small sip and feel your eyes widen.
“This is really nice,” you say, glancing down in surprise.
Reaching for the bottle, you turn its label to face you. A Barbaresco wine from the Piedmont region of Italy – fancy, especially for a self-proclaimed bachelor.
“Yeah, well.” Jungkook’s cheeks redden as he drinks. “I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to wine.”
“Oh?” You glance at him with interest. “A budding sommelier?”
“An actual sommelier,” Jungkook corrects. “Took the courses after college but, well… you know.” Subtly, his expression shifts. “Haven’t had time for hobbies recently.”
Fingers playing with the stem of your glass, you wonder if you should offer Jungkook something in turn. A piece of information about yourself, since he just confessed to something he didn’t have to. 
Then, realizing this would be dangerously close to personal conversation, you straighten. Seeming to notice, Jungkook’s gaze turns heavy-lidded.
“So.” He pauses. “What did you want to do tonight, Y/N?”
Swiftly, his gaze sweeps your frame, heat lingering in each place he passes. Shakily, you take a final sip of your wine and place this on the counter.
“If I say, ‘have sex,’ would that be too on the nose?” 
Jungkook’s lips twitch. “There are a lot of different ways to have sex, though.”
“You mean like, positions?”
“That, too.” Jungkook pauses. “I was more thinking about things which turned you on last time. The idea of being tied up. You liked watching yourself in the window... we could do more things like that.”
The inside of your mouth has gone dry. “More things like…”
“Restraints. Voyeurism. Or maybe,” he adds with an appraising glance. “Something entirely different. Role play. Shower sex. Toys.”
Surprised, you glance around his apartment. “You have toys… here?”
Jungkook fights back a smile. “I mean, yeah. Why should women get to have all the fun?”
Heat licks the base of your spine, fingers digging into the counter before you. Truthfully, everything Jungkook just said made your insides tighten. You’re beginning to wonder if he could do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, and you would still be interested.
For tonight, though, there’s something that’s lingered in the back of your mind. Something Jungkook mentioned the first night and you haven’t been able to completely forget.
“There is… one thing,” you say, then pause. “What about... oral?”
Jungkook stills. “I thought you weren’t interested in that.”
“I wasn’t.” Uncertain, your voice drops. “But… well, there were a lot of things you did last time which…” You clear your throat. “I want to try this with you. Just once.”
Jungkook considers, fingers tapping the counter. You can’t help glancing at them, remembering what it felt like to have them inside you, which proves distracting enough that you nearly forget what you said.
“Alright.” Jungkook ceases his movement. “But we’ll go slow. If at any point you’re uncomfortable, you tell me, and we stop. Okay?”
Quickly, you nod and relief courses through you, followed by eager anticipation.
Receiving oral has always been a hang-up for you. It started with your high school boyfriend, Kevin Fink, who went down on you one summer in the back of his father’s Rolls Royce. Legs spread, you stared at the ceiling with your panties pushed to your ankles and skirt rolled around your waist.
Kevin prodded around for awhile before awkwardly licking someplace definitely not your clit. He kept going like that, making things wet and uncomfortable before lifting himself to declare the act a success. You stared at him in disbelief, then broke up a week later.
Your ex got revenge by telling everyone on the guy’s soccer team you smelled terrible down there. It wasn’t true – your gynecologist confirmed this when you went to her, panicked – but by then, it was too late. The damage to your reputation was done.
The next time you tried oral was with your boyfriend five years ago, a couple of months into your relationship. He begged you to let him try and one night, drunk off champagne, you gave in and agreed. It felt nice at first, but nothing more than that and eventually, he gave up, declaring something wrong with your body.
Ever since, you’ve left the topic alone. Apparently, it’s hard to make you come – this is something you’ve heard since you began having sex. Jungkook is the only person who’s ever made it seem easy. 
It’s why you find yourself wondering if with him, other things would be easy, too.
“Are you done with your wine?” Jungkook interrupts your thoughts.
“Oh. Yeah,” you say, pushing the glass aside. Hopping down from the bar stool, you glance around. “Where to now?”
Coming around the corner, Jungkook grabs your hand so smoothly, it must be practiced. You barely have time to react before he’s pulling you down the hall.
“Bedroom,” he says, speaking over his shoulder. “More room to be comfortable for your first time.”
“It’s not my first time with oral,” you say, bristling slightly. “Guys have eaten me out before, Jungkook.”
“Right.” He nods, pushing open the door. “But I haven’t.”
You should groan, but something about his delivery – a look, paired with a wink – leaves you smiling instead. His arrogance should be off-putting and it kind of is, but it also feels freeing, watching him display utter confidence in his own skin.
Entering his room, you feel transported to the last time. Floor to ceiling windows take up two walls, a gigantic King bed situated opposite the muted light. Feeling suddenly nervous, you come to a stop in the middle and release Jungkook’s hand.
Without meaning to, your gaze drifts to the bed, remembering the last time he fucked you. Muscles tense with anticipation, your eyes flutter shut when he steps behind you.
Ghost-like, the pads of his fingers brush down your bare arms.
“Just a reminder,” he murmurs, dropping a kiss to your neck. “That you’re free to leave any time.”
“Obviously.” Eyes still shut, you lean into his kisses. “That’s rule number four of the agreement.”
“Ah, yes.” Jungkook’s laugh brushes your throat. “Our agreement to be fuck buddies.” He pauses. “Is that what we are, princess?” Turning you around to face him, he waits for your eyes to open. “I thought you didn’t even like me, Y/N – and now we’re friends?”
“Well, saying fuck enemies just sounds stupid.”
A surprised laugh escapes him. “We’re enemies, then?”
“I… don’t know,” you admit, for some reason deciding to tell him the truth. “It’s definitely not… hate I feel when you touch me.”
His gaze darkens. Reaching out, Jungkook slips a hand around your waist to pull your chest against his. His other hand slips down your spine, cupping your ass to give a casual squeeze.
“No,” he murmurs, the word barely audible. “Definitely not hate.”
Pressed to his body, you can feel the throbbing bulge of his growing erection. Emboldened, you slip a hand between you to cup over his front. Jungkook lets you, his gaze lazy as you slowly explore. Hand trapped between you, it feels hot and elicit to palm him through his pants.
This continues for a while, until Jungkook lowers his head, growling, “Enough,” in your ear. He tugs the lobe with his teeth, pressing heat-laden kisses down the skin of your throat as you tip your head back.
Sucking in a breath, your arms rise to his biceps as Jungkook travels downwards. Stopping at the neckline of your dress, he looks up.
“I believe you said something about skimpy lingerie you planned for someone to tear off with his teeth?” he murmurs.
Without looking away, you lift your hands slowly to undo your belt. This drops to the floor and, once the four buttons are undone, Jungkook pushes your dress from your shoulders. 
When it falls, you’re left in only your underwear. Panties, sheer and glistening, and a delicate bustier made entirely of lace. Your nipples are visible through the fabric, making Jungkook exhale and shove a hand through his hair.
“Fuck,” he mutters, not looking away. “Yeah. This was a good decision.”
“What was?”
“Answering the phone,” he says simply. Catching you by the waist, Jungkook crushes you closer. “I want to make you come from playing with these,” he says bluntly, cupping a breast with one hand. “One day.”
Thumb brushing a turgid peak, he hardens one nipple and lowers his head to the other. Jungkook’s mouth closes over your bra, sucking and tearing a gasp from your throat. He keeps teasing you this way, yanking the other cup down to stroke your nipple with his thumb.
Each ministration leaves your core throbbing, hips canting against nothing as he plays with your breasts. You can feel your thighs growing slippery when finally, Jungkook lifts his head.
“Remove your lingerie with teeth, yes?” he asks, gaze glinting.
Nodding, you turn around as Jungkook steps behind you. Watching him in the window, you watch him lower his lips to your neck. Gently, his mouth trails your spine until reaching your bra. When he breaks the clasp, your back arches, and you stifle a gasp as your breasts are revealed.
Pulling you backwards, Jungkook touches his front to your spine. “Feel that?” he murmurs, hand slipping down your stomach. From behind, his erection presses into your ass. “Feel how hard you make me? How badly I want you?”
Somewhat dazed, you watch his hand cup your sex. Gently, his middle finger moves up and down over the silk of your panties.
“I like having you naked like this,” he admits on an exhale. “While I’m still fully clothed. Makes me so hard. What if I just pulled out my cock and entered this pretty pussy – you wouldn’t mind, would you, Y/N?”
“No,” you breathe, unable to look away.
His finger continues its rhythmic exploration, your chest rising and falling within the cage of his arms. His cock is rock-hard, pressed to your ass in a way that makes you squirm.
“I knew it.” There’s triumph in his voice when he cups your pussy and you can’t help it – you mewl, melting backwards against him. “We’ll have to do that,” Jungkook muses, sucking on your neck. “Sex in public. Do you like the opera, princess?”
“I – it’s fine,” you breathe, fighting to stay upright.
“I mean, who does?” he relents, pulling your panties aside to slip over your clit. “My family has a private box, though. It’d be easy to go. To have you wear a dress with no panties. No one would notice if you moved from your seat to mine. If you gripped my chair to lower yourself on my cock, fucking yourself to a couple of orgasms.”
You moan, head lolling against his shoulder as he touches you. As though sensing your peril, Jungkook pulls his finger back and readjusts your panties in place. Outraged, your gaze opens to stare at him in the window.
Jungkook chuckles. “I think you’re ready for me, princess.”
Somewhat dazed, you remember where this is headed. Jungkook giving you oral and, the moment you think this, your entire body tenses.
“Right,” you exhale.
Removing his blazer, Jungkook drapes this over a chair and begins to undo his shirt. Once this is undone, you take a step closer to examine.
“What do your tattoos mean?” you ask, curious.
Jungkook looks up. “Do they have to mean something?”
“No.” You shrug. “It’s just if they did, I’m interested in knowing.”
He pauses, looking at you for a moment with an unknown expression. When you say nothing else, Jungkook exhales and looks down.
“Some have meaning,” he admits, hands reaching for his belt. “Initials of my mom on my knuckles. Friends up my arm. My birth flower on my wrist, and a few other things.”
“That’s cool,” you say and surprisingly, you mean it.
This sets off warning bells in your mind, sensing the conversation is getting too personal.
“So, where do you want me?” you ask, changing the subject. “On the bed?”
Beside you, Jungkook’s belt hits the floor.
“Yep,” he says, undoing his zipper. “Sit on my bed, then scoot back.”
Forcibly ignoring the throb in your panties, you settle onto his bed and move back. Keeping your legs shut, you’re suddenly aware of how naked you are. Only your underwear remains between him and you.
Jungkook keeps his boxer-briefs on, looking like a fucking greek god in his Balenciagas. Standing above you, he surveys your naked body and in response, your nipples tighten. Unfair, that he can do that with barely any effort.
“Lay back on your elbows,” Jungkook suggests, lowering a knee to the mattress.
His black boxer-briefs cling obscenely to his hips, hugging his ass like they’re about to fall off. You watch taut muscles work when he kneels, only remembering what’s at hand when he looks down expectantly.
“Spread your legs,” Jungkook says, sounding hoarse. “I won’t touch you yet. Just want to see your pretty pussy, Y/N.”
Heat drenches your core as, slowly, you open your legs. Jungkook’s gaze darkens, near-black with hunger at the sight of your glistening cunt. Feeling somewhat emboldened, you reach down and pull your panties aside.
Jungkook moans, looking up. “You’re killing me,” he breathes. “Please – can I touch?”
You realize he’s hard when you glance below his waist. Jungkook wants you, you realize. He wants to do this with you, he wants to eat you out and make you come. Realizing this sends a rush of arousal through you.
“Yeah,” you whisper. “Touch me, Jungkook. Lick me.”
Muttering a swear, he drops to his forearms between your spread legs. Reaching out, he delicately takes your panties to cover your dripping arousal. You wonder why until he lowers his head – and deeply inhales.
Fascinated, you stare as Jungkook glances up.
“Fuck, you smell sweet,” he says, gaze brimming with hunger.
One hand on your knee, he kisses up your thigh. Turning his head, Jungkook’s lips ghost the outside of your panties. His breath teases the point where your body throbs, heat and desire mingling in a single location.
“Jungkook,” you whisper, thighs falling open. “Please.”
Lowering his head, Jungkook inhales again. His nose traces a line down your panties before he pushes the fabric aside to give a tentative lick. Stiffening slightly, you wait for a negative reaction, but Jungkook just growls and licks you again.
Tongue tracing your folds, he moves back and forth with slow, languid motions. It feels good – better than good, when he laps your arousal. Rising briefly, Jungkook closes his lips over your clit to give a slow, tender suck. In response, your body nearly arches clear off the bed.
“Oh – fuck,” you choke, your hands twisting in sheets.
“Did you like that?” he murmurs.
Slipping his finger lower, Jungkook traces over your opening. Swirling his tongue, he moves once, then twice over your swollen clit.
“Yes,” you moan, chasing the press of his mouth. “Right there.”
He does this again, sucking with unbridled enthusiasm while you writhe underneath him. Each time your thighs start to shake, he switches the rhythm and denies you an orgasm. Fresh arousal gushes from your cunt, soaking the bedsheets and his hand underneath you. He’s going to make you come, you realize – you can feel it, deep in your gut as he plays with your pussy in ways no one has before.
Now he’s just toying with you, showing you how fun this can be, how good it can feel and how he’s the only one who can give it to you. The fact isn’t lost on you as you thread your hands through his hair, thighs spread on the bed, undulating against his mouth.
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you moan, hips rising against him. “You’re – oh my god – yes.”
Pausing, he looks up with a wet-lipped smirk. “That’s it,” he breathes, slipping a finger inside you. Gasping at the intrusion, you clench when he curls the lone digit forward. “You’re doing so well, princess. So close to coming, aren’t you?”
“Y-yes,” you gasp as he fucks you with his finger.
“Good.” Bending, Jungkook sucks on your clit in slow, steady motions until your body is trembling. Breaking away at the last moment, he lifts his head. “Then, come.”
Your eyes widen and, enjoying your stunned silence, Jungkook returns to between your legs. Moving with newfound purpose, he adds a second finger and curls them both forward.
Keeping one hand on your hip, he continues eating you out until your whole body is taut. Panting his name, you grip his hair harder against the torturous onslaught of his mouth. Rolling your hips, a cry tears from your lips as the tension inside you snaps. Shuddering apart, your orgasm sweeps through you in bright, cresting waves.
Breathing hard, you come down from the high. Feeling molten, you wait a moment, then open your eyes.
Jungkook lingers between your thighs, skimming your folds with his fingers before he pulls back. Shifting his weight to one forearm, he keeps his gaze on you as he slips each finger – one by one – into his mouth to lick clean.
Your whole body clenches. “Shit,” you mutter.
The sight is so hot, your vision clouds for a moment, leaving you feeling as though your last orgasm never happened. Needing more – needing him – you abruptly sit up.
“Strip,” you say, slipping your panties off. “I want to see you naked.”
Jungkook obeys, eagerly reaching for the waistband of his boxers. Roughly, he shoves these down until a faint smattering of dark hair appears on his torso. You stare in fascination, not having had much time to look before.
While Jungkook’s arm is entirely covered, the ink on his right side is patchy. Swirls of dark ink and skin stretch from shoulder to pelvis, leaving a fair amount of canvas still to be covered. Without thinking, you reach out and trace a petal at his hip.
Jungkook stills, glancing at the sight of your hand on his waist. 
“Sorry,” you murmur, looking up. “Your tattoos are nice.”
His brow flicks upwards. “Nice?”
Slightly embarrassed, you draw back and Jungkook catches your hand. Slowly, he replaces his hand with yours on his boxers and waits. Holding your breath, you realize how close you two are as you pull his boxers down.
Gaze lowering, your lips inadvertently part when you see his cock. Secretly, you’d wondered if you overexaggerated it in your mind. Maybe you’d been so dazed by your orgasms, you hallucinated the size and width of Jungkook’s cock.
Faced with him again, you’re forced to admit Jungkook’s as pretty as you remember. His cock stands, thick and hard below his waist. A fat bead of cum lingers on the tip, inviting your mouth to wrap around him and suck.
“Damn,” you mutter.
Chuckling lowly, Jungkook takes your hand again to wrap around his cock. Hissing through your teeth, you leisurely stroke, then release his length.
“Boxers,” you demand. “Take them off all the way.”
He obeys again, pushing them down until they lie on the floor. Entirely naked, he waits, and you push him gently backwards. Surprised, Jungkook takes a seat before you on the bed.
“Where are your condoms?” you say, glancing around.
“Bedside table.” Jungkook’s brows draw together. “I can get one for you if –”
“No need.” Locating the table, you open the top drawer and pause. “Oh my god,” you breathe, eyes wide. “You have a sex drawer.”
Lowering himself to his elbows, Jungkook gives a lazy smile. “What of it, princess? Something catch your eye?”
Scanning the drawer’s contents, you’re not sure how to answer because truthfully, a lot of it seems interesting. Frowning slightly, you pluck two rounded balls on a string from the front.
“What are these?” you ask, weighing them in your palm.
Jungkook’s smile flashes in darkness.
“Kegel balls,” he answers.
Curious, you examine them closer. “What do they do?”
“Well.” Jungkook shifts his weight. “You put them inside you, holding them in place using only your… muscles.” His gaze flicks lower. “I’ve heard it’s fun for women to wear them in public.”
A shiver goes through you, imagining these inside you while out for the night. It would be fun to use them with Jungkook, but not right now. Replacing them carefully in the drawer, you grab a condom from the stack and turn away.
“Another time,” you say, enjoying the hunger which crosses his features.
Opening the condom, you throw the wrapper in the trash and look down. Jungkook remains seated, legs extended, his cock maddeningly hard. Swinging your leg across his thighs, you position yourself above him.
“Y/N.” Catching you by the waist, one of his hands slides gently upwards. “What are you doing?” he murmurs, cupping the back of your neck.
“I want to ride you.”
Unthinking, he wets his lips. “That’s… you don’t have to do that, Y/N.”
“Who said anything about have to?” Ignoring him, you reach down to roll the condom on. Stroking him gently, you slip the rubber down. “I want to.”
“You just came, though,” he counters. “Let me get you wet again.”
Startled, you let out a laugh. Jungkook frowns in confusion until you grab his hand to place it between your legs. Slipping both your fingers and his through the slick of your folds, you watch his expression change.
“Check for yourself,” you murmur, wondering when you became so bold.
With past boyfriends, you’ve been enthusiastic, but never this forward. Then again, past boyfriends never encouraged this type of behavior in you. With your last partner, the kinkiest things got was the time you hopped in on his morning shower. Not that you haven’t had good sex, because you have, but something about your time with Jungkook feels different.
Maybe it’s because of the way you started, but you feel completely comfortable telling him what turns you on. This is just about sex, so you might as well get what you want. Besides, you highly doubt there’s anything you could say he hasn’t heard before.
Hand curling around your waist, Jungkook pulls you closer to slip his finger backwards. Feeling how wet you are, his eyes darken, and he traces a slow circle around your throbbing cunt. Gently, he pushes inside you, then back out.
“Alright,” he agrees, never looking away. “You’re ready.”
“Keep going,” you whimper.
Jaw tense, Jungkook’s grip on you tightens as he moves his finger inside you; rougher, this time. Groaning his name, your eyes flutter shut, and you arch your chest forward. Accepting the invitation, Jungkook closes his lips over a nipple as his finger pumps in and out.
When you can’t take any more, you tug once on his hair “Alright,” you breathe, trying to steady yourself. “Okay.”
Lifting his head, Jungkook nods and leans back. Steadying yourself with his shoulder, you reach down to position his cock at your entrance. Sliding over him a few times, you get the tip of him wet – until Jungkook reaches down, pausing your hand.
“Hang on,” he says, reaching to open his drawer.
You frown, unsure what he wants until he pulls out a bottle of lube. Squirting this in one palm, Jungkook coats the outside of the condom and motions you forward.
“There,” he breathes, cock grazing your pussy.
Holding your breath, you sink down just enough to take the tip inside. The lube makes it so easy, his cock stretching your entrance as though it were nothing. Jungkook inhales, his grip tightening on your waist.
“What’s wrong?” you murmur, immediately stopping. A tortured look passes over his face and in response to this, you smile. “Miss my pussy that much, Jeon?”
Glancing upwards, he pauses and then his gaze heats. “You know I did,” Jungkook breathes. Grasping the back of your neck, he tilts your head back to lick, slowly up the curve of your throat. “Told you I’d fuck my hand in the shower and think about you.”
“I – I thought you were kidding,” you pant, trying to regain control.
Unwittingly, you sink down another inch. Jungkook groans, shifting his hips to slide in a little more. Teeth gritted, you pull off him entirely and Jungkook’s eyes widen.
“W-what’s wrong?” he pants in concern. “Why did you –”
When you drop, sheathing his whole cock inside you, his words flicker and die. 
A garbled noise escapes him as his cock goes from nothing to being surrounded by your hot, wet pussy. You can’t help but groan because, although you knew what to expect, the stretch is almost too much.
His cock practically splits you in two; a deep, throbbing ache which accompanies his presence. The pleasure borders on pain, rippling through your body and driving you closer. Jungkook’s hand slips down your back, cupping your ass to pull your hips forward.
You whimper when he gets even deeper, your legs eagerly spread over the expanse of his thighs. Despite your eagerness, you find you weren’t prepared. Going from nothing to something is one thing; going from nothing to Jungkook, who fills you in a way that makes you feel empty because you know he’ll eventually have to pull out again, is quite another.
Shifting again, his cock presses to your g-spot and you let out a whimper.
“Shhh.” Cupping the back of your neck with one hand, Jungkook slowly cants his hips upwards. His cock thrusts in deeper to hit a tender spot. “That’s it, Y/N. Just relax and feel me.”
He does this again, working himself deeper as you sink against his chest. You inhale, legs spread as he fucks you from below. It feels so, so good, but that’s not what you’re here for.
“My turn,” you whisper, changing the motion by rolling your hips.
Jungkook stills when you lift yourself upright and place your hands behind you. Holding onto his knees, you lift your body slowly to sink down on his cock. Rolling your hips again, you relish his intake of breath and repeat the action – once more, setting a steady motion as you fuck yourself with his cock.
Not looking away, you circle your hips to get his cock even deeper. Jungkook stares, his gaze roaming your bare chest and spread pussy before him. Reaching out, he thumbs over your swollen clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through you.
“Oh,” you moan, head tipped backwards. “Yes – yes, right there, Jungkook.”
Your orgasm is building, begging you blindly to come again on his cock. Increasing your tempo, you fuck yourself harder, rougher against him. Chest bouncing, you slam your hips down to his. Still, it’s not enough and you make a noise of frustration.
“Jungkook,” you whine, eyes opening. “I need more.”
“More?” Suddenly, he sits upright. “I can do more, princess.”
Grasping your hips, Jungkook lifts you off his cock. You moan, protesting the loss of him but Jungkook merely chuckles, turning you around to face the windows.
“Knees together,” he instructs, holding you upright. One of his hands presses gently on your lower back. “Now, bend forward on the mattress.”
Breathing fast, you adopt the kneeling position he desires. Jungkook’s palm hovers at your neck, slipping slowly down your spine to end at your pussy. Briefly, he teases in a circle before pushing a finger inside your cunt.
“Oh,” you exhale, feeling how tight the fit is.
With your legs pressed together and bent forward, your folds touch in a way that feels wonderfully obscene. Arousal leaks from your entrance, smearing your thighs with evidence of your state. When he pulls your hips upwards to hover in mid-air, you’re certain Jungkook can see how wet he’s made you.
“God, you’re amazing,” he groans.
His fingers start to play with your weeping cunt, slipping inside you, then back out in leisurely strokes. Breasts aching against your thighs, you can feel your arousal settle deep in your gut. Two of Jungkook’s fingers slide in, curling upwards – and then he replaces them both with the tip of his cock.
Teasing you a bit more, Jungkook slips up and down before slowly pushing in. Eagerly, your pussy accepts the welcome intrusion.
“Oh my god,” you groan, cheek pressed to the mattress.
Lazily, he pulls his cock out, then pushes back in. Jungkook does this again and again, until you think you might come from orgasm denial alone. Everything feels oversensitive, forcing your clit to throb each time he ignores it.
“Jungkook, please,” you moan.
“What was that?” A sharp smack on your ass follows. “Begging? What for, baby?”
Too needy to care about how desperate you seem, you try and push your hips back. Jungkook soothes the aching point, then smacks your ass again.
“Fuck,” you whimper. Although you buck your hips backwards, Jungkook holds you in place. “Please, Jungkook.”
“Please what, baby? Use your words.”
There’s smug triumph to his voice, but you find you don’t care.
“Fuck me,” you gasp, barely sounding like yourself. “Fuck me so hard, Jungkook, I can’t walk tomorrow.”
“That so?” he muses.
Pulling out to the tip – he roughly slams his cock in. You cry out, thrust forward as satisfaction rolls through you. Jungkook begins hammering your insides, each hard, fast plunge of his cock stroking something deeper.
“Yes. Yes! Yes!” you gasp, thrusting your hips backwards to meet his pace.
“This hard enough for you, princess?”
Panting slightly, Jungkook’s hand finds your throat. Just enough for you to know who he is and what he’s capable of doing. When you glance upwards and see your reflection in the window opposite, you nearly cum on the spot.
Chest lifted, your breasts bounce with each thrust of his cock. Jaw clenched, Jungkook is completely in control while fucking you from behind. Although your lower half mostly covers his – damn, what a view. You aren’t normally the type who enjoys seeing themselves naked, but you can’t deny there’s something hot about this.
Knelt with both knees tucked beneath you, ass in the air, Jungkook hammers into you with barely restrained need. 
Still, you wonder if he can go harder. Get deeper.
“Is that it?” you moan, your insides rippling with pleasure. Another few strokes and you’ll come. “You can go harder if you want,” you pant. “I can take it. I want you to use me, Jungkook. Make a mess of my pussy.”
He hisses a noise through his teeth which sounds like your name. Somehow, Jungkook goes even harder, and you’re left kneeling, merciless against the sudden onslaught of pleasure. Jungkook fucks you without restraint, balls slapping your clit with each stroke. The tightening sensation inside you gets stronger – and on a particularly deep stroke, you shudder apart.
“Fuck!” you cry out, back arching when you come.
Shuddering waves wreck your body, your walls squeezing around Jungkook – who keeps fucking you through it. Not changing his rhythm, his hips slam, hard and fast, into the meat of your ass. Barely have you finished your second orgasm when a third one is dawning. This one feels more powerful, more dangerous and Jungkook angles suddenly upwards to hit your elusive g-spot.
Gasping, your fists clench in the sheets as he pounds this spot inside you. He might end you, you think, nearly broken with pleasure. You’ve never felt so full in your life, the heavy weight of his cock relentlessly filling you.
Lifting your hips higher, Jungkook gets even deeper, grinding his hips against yours. “This one,” he says, rough in your ear. “After this orgasm, Y/N, this pussy is mine,” he growls. “Understand?”
“Yes!” you cry out, gripping the sheets even harder as he fucks you senseless.
“Tell me,” he demands.
Body trembling, you gasp, “Yours, Jungkook! It’s all yours!”
When you come, dissolving into dark, senseless waves, Jungkook is right behind you. He shudders into the condom, rope after rope of hot cum spurting out. You feel him completely fill you and briefly, you wish there weren’t a condom in place. It would be so hot to have him play with his mess right after fucking you.
The fantasy lingers for a moment before, inhaling slowly, you open your eyes. Gently, Jungkook pulls out, removing his condom and tossing this in the garbage. After another long breath, you managed to lift yourself into a seated position.
“Fuck,” you say with a half-sigh, half-laugh. “That was really good.”
Hiding a smile, Jungkook ruffles his hair. “You were great, too, Y/N. Tightest pussy ever. So wet, I almost came so fast,” he says in a robotic tone that makes your smile disappear.
It’s nearly word for word what you instructed him to say last time and – grabbing a pillow – you lob this in his direction. Laughing at your expression, Jungkook ducks this easily.
“You ass,” you snort, throwing a second pillow he dodges as well. “Maybe next time you’ll think up some compliments on your own.”
“Maybe,” he agrees, smile widening as he stands.
Walking to the window, the muscles in his back flex and dip as he goes. You try not to stare at his ass, but it’s hard with those powerful quad muscles rippling beneath him. Coming to a stop at the window, Jungkook surveys the skyline.
“You should really shut those,” you say, swinging your legs over the side of the bed.
“Shut what?”
“The curtains.”
Jungkook remains standing, displaying his body in the full-frontal nude. “Why?”
Glancing down, you find your underwear lying on the floor. Picking it up, you grimace. “Because. Why do you want your neighbors knowing your business?”
Looking over his shoulder, Jungkook shrugs. “Who’s going to see?” When he gestures at the empty skyline, you’re forced to admit he has a point. “Also, I pay a ridiculous amount of money for this view. I’m going to look at it.”
“You pay?”
“In a manner of speaking,” Jungkook mutters, returning to the horizon.
You pause, wondering what he means by this remark, but decide against prying further. You two have your deal, after all – no personal talk. Grabbing your dress from the floor, you pause at his bathroom to look over your shoulder.
“Jungkook…” You hesitates.
He turns around. “Yeah?”
“Could I…” Again, you pause, unsure if you’re overstepping. “Could I borrow a shirt and some sweats?”
Jungkook goes still, his expression unreadable.
“Just to go home in,” you clarify before he can answer. “It’s just, uh… uncomfortable to put all this back on.”
Glancing at your dress, understanding dawns on his face and he nods. “Yeah, of course,” Jungkook says, immediately crossing the room. Rummaging around in his dresser, he pulls out some clothes. “Here you go.”
Reaching out, you accept the grey sweats and white t-shirt he hands you. “Thanks,” you say quickly, disappearing into the bathroom.
Once inside, you shut the door fast to lean against it. Last time you were here, you were so focused on leaving, you didn’t stop to appreciate the luxury around you. Jungkook’s bathroom is larger than your entire bedroom at home.
Taking a careful step forward, you notice one of those rain showers which spray water from every direction. Beyond this, a sunken tub lowers before another row of floor-to-ceiling windows. This high up, Jungkook has no neighbors, but you still don’t think you’d enjoy bathing there.
Entering the toilet, you set your clothes on the floor and do your business. Once dressed, you exit and glance at yourself in the mirror. Somewhat surprisingly, you find you look better; more relaxed than before. Apparently, this is what great sex can do for a person.
After washing your hands, you open the door and find a mostly clothed Jungkook. Stifling your disappointment at the sight of him in a t-shirt, you exit the bathroom with your clothes balled up in your fist.
Grabbing your purse, you turn to find Jungkook holding out a pair of slides. 
“They’re Velcro,” he says, undoing the strap to show. “They’ll fit your feet better. I figured you wouldn’t want to go home in sweats and heels.”
Glancing down at his clothes on your body, you realize he’s right and look up. It’s surprising the thought occurred to him first.
“Thanks,” you say, accepting the sandals. “I’ll wash all your stuff and return it, don’t worry.”
“I wasn’t worried.” A brow lifts. “But now I kind of am.”
Rolling your eyes, you walk past him. The hall from his bedroom to the kitchen feels almost familiar, smelling of cleaning product, and beneath that, the faintest hint of cologne. In the kitchen, you pause to look at his windows again – it’s a shame Jungkook isn’t around to see this view more often – and your stomach releases an embarrassing gurgle.
“Was that your stomach?”
Nearly groaning out loud, you realize Jungkook has followed you here.
“Uh, yeah.” You turn slowly to face him. “I didn’t really eat dinner at the restaurant. I’ll just grab something on my way home.”
Shrugging, Jungkook walks past you and into the kitchen. “You can just have something here, if you want.”
“Here?” You glance at him, surprised.
“Sure, why not?”
He comes to a stop at his fridge, pulling open the handles of a giant, silver appliance. Once the doors are open, you peer inside and feel your lips twitch.
“Oh, wow.” Scanning the mostly barren shelves, you lift a brow. “So… you’re offering me a protein shake or banana milk?”
“No. I’m offering a protein shake and banana milk.”
Stifling a laugh, you watch him shut the door.
Somewhat sheepish, Jungkook turns to face you. “Okay, so apparently I’m not a great cook,” he admits.
“Cook?” you say, hiding a grin. “Jeon, you don’t even have bread. Or mac and cheese. Things any drunk college student would know how to make.”
At this, his face brightens. “Wait – I think I have pop-tarts!” Turning around, he opens the nearest cabinet and slowly deflates. “Never mind. Ate them all. Uh, we could order a pizza?”
When he looks your way, you hesitate and know you should probably say no. That would be the most prudent course of action since it would solidify your rule of keeping personal lives separate. Except – you’re really fucking hungry.
“Alright, fine,” you say, seating yourself on his bar stool. “Pizza sounds good.”
It’s not like either of you are in danger of wanting something more, you tell yourself. Jungkook doesn’t date, you don’t want to date him – none of that has changed, so there’s no harm in hanging out.
Opening his phone, Jungkook’s brows knit together. He leans one hip to the counter, sweats hanging from his frame with a casual grace. It’s kind of annoying how good he looks, even while performing mundane tasks like ordering pizza.
“There’s this place I went to with Taehyung,” Jungkook mutters, stopping the screen with his thumb. “It was pretty good, and I think they deliver. What do you want?”
“Ugh,” you say, tucking your feet underneath you. “I hate that question. I’ll eat pretty much anything.”
“Anything?” Jungkook glances up. “Even… anchovy and cream cheese?”
Lips parting, you stare at him, appalled. “Are you kidding? Is that really an option?”
Flipping his phone around, Jungkook lets you read the screen with barely repressed glee.
“I thought you said this place was good, Jeon.” Grimacing, you sit back. “Or is this one of those weird, rich people things? The Taehyung you mentioned is Kim Taehyung, right?”
Jungkook nods and dimly, you recall the two of them being friends. Ironically, there are several wealthy Kim families within your circle.
There’s Seokjin, whose family has their hands in just about every banking institution of national value. Taehyung’s family is what you would call new money. If this were the Great Gatsby, he’d be in West Egg and Seokjin would be in East. A bio-tech heir from the west coast, Taehyung may not be as scandalous as Jungkook, but he still makes enough headlines for you to take notice.
“Yeah, that’s the right Taehyung,” Jungkook confirms. “And I only offered that pizza because you said anything. Don’t worry, they have normal pizza, too. Me, I’m a solid cheese type of guy… maybe pepperoni, if you’re feeling wild.”
“Oo, pepperoni.” Your stomach gurgles again. “Let’s do that.”
“Sold.” Jungkook clicks a few more times, then looks up. “Okay, we’re good.”
“Awesome.” Relaxing on his barstool, you swivel to face his apartment. “So. What do you normally do for fun?”
“For fun?”
When you glance sideways, you find Jungkook’s brow furrowed. For a moment, your stomach sinks and you wonder if you’ll get a similar response to Eric. Nothing except work, party, sleep, and repeat. The thought is oddly disappointing, for reasons you can’t begin to fathom.
Jungkook makes a humming noise in his throat. “I like lots of things, I guess. Gaming with my friends… travel… movies…” Trailing off, he shrugs.
“What was the last movie you watched?”
“Ever After.” His lips quirk, unapologetic. “It’s romantic.”
An emotion flutters to life that takes a moment to squash. He’s a player, you remind yourself. Jungkook probably watches romcoms to take notes on what to say to get women into bed. 
Something about this statement rings untrue in your mind, but you push on regardless.
“And travel?” you add, arching a brow. “What’s your favorite place you’ve been to so far?”
“Hm. I don’t know, I’ve been to a lot of places that I–”
“Not the yacht in the Mediterranean?”
At this, Jungkook pauses and glances at you with surprise – surprise, which slowly shifts into something different. “Y/N.” Voice lowering, he leans forward. “Have you been reading up on me?”
Panic coursing through your veins, you feel your face heat. 
You aren’t sure why you said what you did, but something about the moment made you want to create distance. It’s easier to stay separate when you know who he is. When he’s only Jungkook, seducer of hotel heiresses on fancy yachts in exotic places.
Having casual sex with someone from your parents’ world is one thing – you have zero desire to date another rich, spoiled heir. Having casual sex with a closeted sommelier who watches Ever After for fun, though… well, that might be different.
“I mean, your life is hardly a secret, Jeon,” you manage to say.
“Maybe not, but yours is.” He lifts a brow. “Can I just say that rule number one doesn’t seem fair when you can easily search my whole life on the internet.”
“And you can’t mine?” 
“I mean, I can look up your family, sure,” Jungkook says with a frown. “But when it comes to you being half-naked on a yacht – nothing.”
“That’s because I’ve never been half-naked on a yacht, Jungkook.”
“Really?” He pauses, considering. “We should fix that.”
“Okay, now we’re getting off topic.” Shaking your head, you attempt to reroute to the point. “I’m just saying, it’s a small wonder you enjoy traveling when you’re sunning yourself on a speedboat.”
Jungkook pauses. “Would it be better for my image if I said I backpacked an entire year after college? Carried around nothing but my phone, some spare clothes, and a duct tape wallet. Nearly got robbed a few times, but it was worth it.”
You stare at him for a moment, trying to ascertain whether or not he’s serious.
“No way,” you say, stifling a laugh. “There’s no way your parents would’ve let you go on a backpacking trip. You’re the ‘Jeon family heir!’” you say, adding quotes.
His expression sobers. “It was my mom who suggested it, actually,” Jungkook admits. “She thought… well, she thought I could do with a bit of reality.”
He falls silent for a moment, and you have no response. 
It occurs to you then that you could look it up. You could easily verify his post-college exploits against the Jeon Wikipedia entry but for whatever reason, you don’t. Call it misguided, but somehow, you trust him – and even if you didn’t, the look on Jungkook’s face now is enough to make you believe what he says.
“That’s nice,” you say softly, and he looks at you in surprise.
“What’s… nice?”
Aimless, you shrug and look down. “Nice that you had someone who cared enough about you to suggest it.”
Jungkook doesn’t speak and after a while, you feel compelled to look up. He’s staring at you, expression startlingly open, and you get the oddest sensation this is his first time fully seeing you. For that matter, it might be your first time seeing him.
Before either of you can respond, his phone rings on the counter. Blinking, Jungkook reaches out to press answer.
“Hello?” he asks, placing this to his ear.
Releasing a soft breath, you swivel around to glance at his living room. Facing away, your head spins a little and you aren’t entirely sure why. In the background, Jungkook continues to speak on the phone.
“Yeah, I ordered that,” he confirms to the caller. “You can send them on up.”
Hanging up the phone, he glances carefully at you, and you wonder if Jungkook is feeling the same sense of vertigo.
“That was the pizza?” you ask, hopping down from the stool.
Jungkook confirms with a nod.
“Cool,” you say, inching around his sofa. “Where do you normally eat? Dining room or kitchen?”
“Well…” Jungkook hesitates, looking sheepish.
“What is it?”
“I… was kind of planning on watching the new Ted Lasso episode.” Awkward, he rubs the back of his neck. “We don’t have to, but if you want…?”
Startled, you blink. Ted Lasso is one of your favorite shows, but you hadn’t pegged Jungkook as a watcher. You suppose his love of Ever After should have clued you in on the potential.
“It’s okay,” Jungkook says quickly when you don’t respond. “I can watch it later. Let’s –”
“No,” you interrupt, clearing your throat. “No, let’s do it. My Apple TV just expired, so this is perfect. I can only stay for one episode, though,” you say, seating yourself on his couch. “My friend is watching my dog, but I need to be home by midnight to take Dante out.”
“Dante.” Jungkook pauses. “Like, the writer?”
“No, like the weird dog from Coco.”
Unexpectedly, his face splits in a grin. “I love that movie.”
“Right?” you gush, not having expected to find kinship in something so strange. “One of the best movies Disney has made, bar none.”
“Agreed,” Jungkook says as he walks towards the door.
The elevator dings, opening to reveal the pizza delivery guy, and you wait while Jungkook exchanges greetings for food.
Placing his Velcro slides on the floor – you’ve been holding them since his bedroom – you carefully tuck both legs under yourself. Glancing across the room, you watch Jungkook make a joke as the pizza guy laughs.
You don’t know why you’re here. 
Well, you know why you’re here. You were the one who called him and took him up on his offer of sex a second time. What you don’t know is why you’re still here.
The pizza guy exits, Jungkook turns around and re-enters the kitchen. Returning to the TV, you pick up the remote and flick through Apple TV to locate Ted Lasso. It feels too intimate to watch Jungkook get plates, preparing slices of pizza for you to put in your mouth. If you don’t see it, if you pretend everything between you is casual, then it will be – right?
Ignoring this question, you sink deeper into the sofa as Jungkook returns. When you accept your plate, you can’t help but laugh because Jungkook’s dishes are what can only be described as wedding china.
“These are your plates?” you ask, speaking around a mouthful of warm, gooey cheese from the slice you inhale.
“I told you I’m not here often,” he insists, collapsing beside you. Close enough to feel his body heat, but not close enough to touch. “Honestly, this is one of my first times using them.”
“What do you do for breakfast, then?”
He shrugs, avoiding your gaze. “I mean, you saw the protein shakes.”
For some reason, this image strikes you as sad. The thought of Jungkook rising, grabbing a protein shake and leaving, only to return late at night and collapse on his bed. Eat, sleep, repeat. You pause, unsure how to respond and in your silence, Jungkook picks up the remote.
“Hope they have Roy as a commentator again this episode,” he says, pointing the controller at the screen and you immediately exhale.
Sinking into the sofa, you watch as the opening credits to Ted Lasso play. After several moments, you sneak a sideways glance and find Jungkook facing forward.
Several unnamed emotions dart through your chest, one after the other. Silently, you crush each one and, when you return to the screen, you repeat your rules in your head.
Eventually though, the episode drowns them all out.
Tumblr media
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btsqualityy · 14 hours ago
Fools Rush In: Chapter 5
Jungkook x Reader
Genre/Rate:18+, Strangers-to-lovers, age gap!AU (reader is 30, Jungkook is 23), Angst, smut, fluff
Summary: You compete in the Korea Open and make a big decision about your foreseeable future.
Warnings: None to note.
WC: 2.2k
Tumblr media
“Back up please! Back up!” Yoongi shouted as he led you through the large crowd of media that had been waiting at the entrance of the Seoul Olympic Tennis Park. Today was the day of the Korea Open and you had never felt more nervous going into a tournament than you were today.
Typically, you were never nervous. You were more than confident in your ability and your body’s muscle memory when it came to tennis because you had been playing and training for years now. However, you had never played in a tournament while pregnant and even though Dr. Na assured you that you had nothing to worry about, you still couldn’t help but to think that maybe the pregnancy had already changed your body and you wouldn’t realize it until you were out on the tennis court. 
“Y/N! Y/N! Are you excited to play today?!” Multiple voices shouted at you and you nodded your head, adjusting the headphones that were on your head so that one of your ears were exposed.
“Extremely excited,” you smiled, maintaining the poker face that you had cultivated over the years. You couldn’t let them see that you were nervous because the press would take it and spin it into some story about how you were “losing your edge” and how retirement couldn’t be too far off. Fucking jerks. 
“Do you think you’ll be going home tonight with another cup?!” They wondered, another trick question to try and get you to seem “cocky”. You’d heard that word enough over the last 10 years that it wouldn’t be too soon if you never heard it again. 
“You never know what’ll happen but I do know that I’ll be giving 110% out there so we’ll see,” you replied, placing your headphones back over your ear to signify that you were done speaking. You and Yoongi walked a little bit more before you reached the locker room and you walked inside, the loud chatter of the media being silenced as soon as the door shut behind Yoongi. 
“There you are!” Hobi grinned, getting up from the chair that he was sitting in and walking over to you, taking your bag that held your tennis rackets and balls out of your hand. “You have about 45 minutes until your first match so get changed and then we’ll stretch out, ok?”
“Gotcha,” you nodded, stepping into the closed off bathroom and making quick work of changing your clothes. For today’s tournament, you had settled on a black and sky blue set, with the top being a thicker tank top of sorts and the matching skirt had shorts underneath it. 
Once you were done changing, you went back into the locker room and it didn’t take long for Hobi to have you on the ground, helping you stretch out your hamstrings so that you didn’t catch any cramps. 
“Press harder,” you instructed him as you laid on your back, one of your legs extended straight into the air and Hobi nodded before pressing your leg closer to your head. 
“Y/N-ah?” Yoongi called out and you turned your head to look over at him. “Jungkook’s here.”
“Let him in,” you told him and he nodded before stepping over to the door, pushing it open and gesturing with his hand. Sure enough, Jungkook appeared and he walked into the locker room. 
“You look comfortable,” he hummed in amusement at your position and you just rolled your eyes as you motioned for Hobi to let your leg go. Once he did and stepped over to Yoongi, you sat up and took Jungkook in. He was dressed in a smart collared shirt, some dark jeans, and his hair was pushed back out of his face. 
“You look hot,” you blurted, and he chuckled before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips. 
“Nice to know you think so,” he smirked. 
“You’re working?” You asked, noticing the camera that hung around his neck by a strap.
“Yeah, covering for a friend that got sick,” he explained. “So I have to get back out there but I just came to tell you good luck and to be careful.”
“I appreciate it,” you smiled, reaching up and running your thumb across his cheek a few times. “And I will be, promise.”
“Kick ass out there.”
“I don’t know how to do anything else,” you laughed, leaning forward and pressing one last quick kiss to his lips. 
“See you after,” he whispered and you nodded, watching as he stood up straight and nodded to both Hobi and Yoongi before walking out of the locker room. Hobi then came back over to you, offering you his hands and helping you stand up off of the ground. 
“You ready?” He asked and you just shrugged as you allowed him to pull your arms across your body in a stretch. 
“I’m nervous as all hell,” you confessed. “Which is slightly freaking me out because I’ve never been this nervous, ever.”
“Ah, you’ll be fine,” he stated firmly. “I know that you’re worried about the baby but you’re not the greatest tennis player of our time for no reason. You need to just trust in your instincts and you’ll be fine.”
“You think?” You wondered and he nodded.
“Besides, if that doesn’t work, just remember that you don’t come to compete. You come to win,” he asserted. “And the Y/N I know takes that as a personal challenge so you’ll be fine.”
“Thanks Hobi,” you murmured.
“No problem,” he shrugged. “Now, let’s finish stretching you out so that you can get out there.”
As it turns out, Hobi was right. You breezed through the tournament, easily defeating several of your opponents until you made it all the way to the final round. 
For the finals, you were competing against a German woman named Tatianna Mazel, who was one of the most dynamic tennis players that you had ever seen. This was your first time ever competing against her and the entire match had been a fight, with you winning the first set and her winning the second set. As the two of you were tied, the third set was going to be the defining set in determining who won the entire Open. 
It was point match and as you prepared to serve the ball, you couldn’t help but to notice how tired your body was. You had been playing since 10am and it was now 12:30am, with this specific match having already lasted an hour and a half. You realized that it was probably the pregnancy that was having this effect on you, as you had played tournaments of the same length and even longer without even a hint of exhaustion. 
Taking a deep breath, you did your best to relax and take in the moment. You had already decided that this was going to be your last tournament before taking the rest of your pregnancy off and you knew that you would miss this. The feeling of the wind on your skin as you played, the chanting of the crowd, and the satisfaction of succeeding at what you knew you had been put on Earth to do. 
With those thoughts, you threw the tennis ball up into the air, waiting until the right time to hit it with all of the force that you could muster. Tatianna managed to keep up with you, hitting the ball back to you just as forcefully. The two of you went back and forth for quite a while, and the crowd was as quiet as a mouse as they watched. 
Deciding to take a chance in order to put an end to this, when Tatianna lobbed the ball back over the net to you, you rotated your wrist and used your backhand to apply some spin to the ball, sending it sailing back over the net and right past Tatianna. 
“That’s it!!!” The announcers screamed into their microphones as the crowd erupted into loud cheers. “Y/N L/N has won the Korea Open and added yet another Cup to her already impressive collection!!”
As soon as you registered that Tatianna had missed the ball, you immediately sunk down onto your knees, tears falling from your eyes as you took in the moment. You couldn’t believe that you had actually fucking done it and the realization mixed with the adrenaline had you sobbing on the court. 
Once you finally managed to get back up, you walked over to Tatianna in order to shake her hand and she was smiling brightly at you. 
“You played a hell of a game Y/N,” she told you.
“You did too,” you replied. “You’re amazing.”
“Thank you, that means so much coming from a great player like you,” she grinned, touching your shoulder gently with her free hand and you nodded at her. Once she let go of you, you turned towards the crowd and held your arms up in the air, waving wildly to everyone. The spectators roared loudly and you shut your eyes, allowing yourself to bask in the ambiance. 
“So Y/N,” a sports reporter began and you looked over at him as you sat at the large table during the press conference after your win. “You became extremely emotional after your win and we haven’t seen that level of emotion from you since you were a rookie. Anything special that brought this on?”
“Well, this is a very significant tournament for me personally and as I made that final serve, that was the thought that was in my mind,” you explained. “Once I realized that I had won, I think all of that just came crashing down on me which caused me to get emotional.”
“Why was this tournament in particular so significant for you?” Another reporter asked. 
“I recently made the decision that I’ll be taking the next year or so off,” you revealed, grimacing a little at the flurry of camera flashes and chatter that suddenly erupted in the room. 
“But why?” A female photographer questioned. “I mean, you’ve just won two major tournaments within four months of each other after an extended break because of injury and you’re a favorite to win even more this year. Is this leading to retirement?”
“You know, I’m really tired of hearing the “R” word,” you joked, making everyone in the room laugh. “But no, my decision has nothing to do with retirement. I’m only 30 and by the time I come back, I’ll be 31 and probably closer to 32. I still feel like I have a lot left in me and I won’t even consider retiring until I’m sure that I’ve given this sport everything that I have.”
“Then why this sudden break?” A man called out and you took a few seconds to think before answering. 
“Because I want to take care of myself,” you explained. “I’ve been playing tennis professionally for over 10 years now, and I have given and sacrificed a lot for it. Now, do I regret any of that? Absolutely not but sometimes, things pop up that have to take precedent. I love tennis with every ounce of my being but sometimes, other things are more important and I have to let tennis take a backseat for a little while.”
“Well, we all know how dedicated you are to the sport so we bet that this wasn’t an easy decision,” a male reporter said and you shook your head, feeling tears well up in your eyes again. 
“It wasn’t but it’s what I need to do,” you shrugged. “Besides, I’m still the fucking greatest at what I do and no break of any length can change that.”
“Hey, look,” Jungkook said as he reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his camera. After the press conference, you decided to head back home to your condo with Jungkook instead of going to the after party and after having some celebratory post-game sex, the two of you had been lounging in your bed. 
“What’s that?” You wondered as Jungkook leaned over so that you could see the screen on his camera. A picture of you after you won the match was displayed, you on your knees and your tennis racket clutched in your hands. “Wow, you caught that?”
“Me and 55 other cameras,” he joked. “This will be a great photo to use if you ever decide to make a documentary of your life one day.”
“I’d say that’s a long way away,” you giggled, watching as he returned his camera to the nightstand before he turned back to you, opening his arms. You didn’t hesitate to move into them, making yourself comfortable against him and setting your chin on your hand that was resting on his chest. 
“You stirred up a lot of rumors at that press conference though,” he murmured as he used his free hand that was wrapped around you to draw shapes on the skin of your shoulder. “Why didn’t you announce your pregnancy?”
“Didn’t feel right,” you replied. “Plus, everything in my life has been so public ever since I went pro and I want something to myself for once. I’ll announce it eventually, I’ll have no choice, but I just want to keep it under wraps for now.”
“That’s understandable,” he nodded. “What are you gonna do for the next year though?”
“Get ready for the baby, I guess,” you shrugged. “I want to make sure that they have my undivided attention. Plus, I won’t be able to do much else as I get bigger anyways.”
“And after the baby’s born?” He wondered.
“I’m not sure,” you admitted. “I’ll have to retrain and that takes time plus I’ll have to recover from pushing an entire human out of my vagina before I can even begin to do that.”
“I’m sorry that you have to give up so much,” Jungkook apologized.
“Hey, you don’t have to apologize,” you said. “I knew what came along with keeping the baby and I’ve accepted it.”
“Still, I know it’s not easy,” he murmured. 
“Hey, speaking of easy,” you began. “I was thinking of maybe staying here in Korea. You know, so that you can be involved in the pregnancy and so that we can try this whole relationship thing out.”
“You serious?” He smiled and you nodded your head. 
“I’d love that Y/N,” he grinned, leaning forward and kissing you firmly. 
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Somewhere I can breathe 16
Chap 16
Sum: Being a stray hybrid in the city is suffocating. In search of a clearer mind, body, and soul you head to the country. In a way it’s much what you expected. Two things are different. There’s a group of seven boys you never expected to meet, and despite the change in location something still seems to be keeping you from breathing freely.
Somewhere I can breathe Masterlist
Running around in the dark of Taehyung’s house
Knocking sounding on the door
You yell at him not to open the door but your voice doesn’t come out
The door creaks open and huge men burst in
They grab hold of Taehyung and drag him out to the police cars
Namjoon is already in the back of one of the cars
Rough hands are grabbing at you
You flail and try to get away, panic spreading through your chest
Someone grips your hair and throws you to the floor
You thud on the floor, eyes shooting open and breathing clipped and gasping. You’re lying on the floor by your bed, covered in cold sweat.
Thank goodness it was all a dream.
A voice in your head is whispering that your dream is possible. You try your best to ignore it and go back to bed. But your limbs are shivering and weak. You can’t get your heart to stop pounding.
With a whimper you grab your blanket (the same one Jimin gave you). You drag it and yourself across the hall. There is no moon tonight, and out here in the middle of the country it is truly pitch black. But you’ve been here for long enough now that you’re able to walk without bumping into anything. The silence which you generally like feels like it’s pressing on your ears, and you can hear your pulse pounding in them. You quietly push open Taehyung’s door and shuffle over to his bed. You feel like it would be awkward as a human girl climbing into his bed without permission, so you morph first before hopping onto the bed and enveloping yourself in your blanket. You curl yourself so the top of your head is up against Taehyung’s arm, taking comfort in his warmth and smell.
You feel Taehyung shift and he rolls over, placing one hand on your head. Somehow the action just makes you sad, and your eyes water and your nose sniffles.
“Hey” Taehyung’s hoarse voice murmurs. “I can feel you shaking, what's up?” His hand continues to gently rub the top of your head. “Please talk to me” At that you stretched out, morphing back into human form. You lifted the edge of our banket to peek up at him. You watched his face turn even more concerned as he heard the sound of your sniffles in the darkness. “Come’ere” he groaned. He reached down, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and drawing you up to his chest. Your hands curled in between your chests and you buried your face in his shoulder. Your legs slightly bumped into his. Taehyung kept one arm wrapped around your waist, gently running his hands through your hair with the other.
“I had a nightmare” you whisper quietly. Taehyung just waits for you to share. “The police came, you and Joon were arrested… I was caught by hybrid control”
“You’ve had a run in with hybrid control?” Taehyung asked. You really were thankful for how he just let you stay, even when he knew next to nothing about you.
“I lived in the city. They… they took someone who meant a lot to me. I’m just terrified they’re going to find me at some point.”
“You know none of us would ever tell them without asking you first.” Taehyung interrupted, trying to reassure you.”
“I know, but technically they’re searching for me”
“You did something and got in trouble?” that question made you scoff a little
“Do something? Yes I did something, I ran away” for some reason that in particular got Tae’s attention
“You had an owner?” he asked, you could tell there was some emotion running through him.
“Yes, not for very long I ran away after a few years of living with him”
“Why did you run away?”
“...I’m not sure honestly. He just felt off. He wasn’t cruel or abuzive as far as I knew. It was just his eyes. There was something sick in them. I was really just a kid, but I got out when I had the chance.”
“And you were a stray in the city?”
“...were you alone?” Taehyng asked and you found yourself looking up at him. His expression was worried, and you noticed his grip on you getting slightly tighter.
“No, I’ve had 2 good friends almost the whole time. Lil’s another stray hybrid, a cat. She’s a few years older than I am and very smart. She kept me out of more messes than I can count. And we found a puppy, his names Charcoal. The three of us were actually quite the power trio. Lil had the brains, I had speed and Charcoal was the brawns.”
“Good” Taehyung sighed “I’m relieved to know you weren’t alone. But what about this kid that got taken by hybrid control. Doesn’t sound like it was Lil or Charcoal, since she's older than you and Charcoal is an actual dog.”
“You’re right.” You took a deep breath. You’d never talked to anyone about this except Lil. “We found a kid. Dog hybrid kid. He was… in rough shape. We took care of him. He was too traumatized by whatever happened to him to talk. Somehow I still got really close with him though. I think I felt something like an older sister or something.  I don’t know how to explain how I got to care for him so much when he never talked, but I did.”
“Nah, it’s ok. I get it. I got to care for you when I still thought you were just a dog, just from watching you be yourself.”
Your heart lightened slightly in the dark. “Thank you... Anyhow hybrid control got him. The first time I heard his voice as when he was calling out for me to save him and...and...I couldn’t. He- he was asking- asking me not to leave him- and I just let him go. I couldn’t do anything” Your voice was getting shakier as you told your story and by the end you felt like a choking mess.
“Shh it’s alright. I’ve got you. I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you safe. It wasn’t your fault, what happened with the kid.” Taehyung’s large hand was rubbing your back soothingly, and the hand in your hair moved to rub your dog ears on your head. It instantly began to calm you. “Why did you come here?”
“Oh… running away I guess. I never like the city, and I have that memory at least that I was trying to run away from. I like being here, but I’m still not supposed to be here and guess I can’t run from the memories. ”
“What if I helped you get rid of your ghosts?”  Taehyung’s question sort of caught you off guard.
“What if there was a way to fix it so that maybe you belonged here… or better yet you were your own person. Legally, I mean. So you never have to worry about getting arrested or any of us ever getting in trouble. I can’t really help you with your memories except maybe help you tie up any loose ends you might have left in the city” You thought it over.
“I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’d love that actually, to be finally free of so many things, but I’m not sure it’s even possible.”
“Well, I have an idea where to start- wait maybe I should ask first. Do you mind me telling the guys stuff? I’m hoping you trust them enough.” You stared at him, he seemed slightly excited.
“Yeah I guess?”
“Ok then, lets get started”
“Wait what, Taehyung it’s 3 in the morning!”
“No time to waste!” Taehyung argued. He rolled away from you swiftly and you internally whined at the loss of his warmth. The next thing you knew he’d turned on the bedside lamp and grabbed his phone. You had no idea what he was doing until you heard the tone of him calling someone. You narrowed your eyes at him, but he only scrunched his nose back at you in response. Whoever it was actually picked up the phone. You heard a rather irritated voice on the other end.
“Taehyung what the heck”
“Good morning Namjoonie-hyung!” Taehyung chirped.
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Note: that chapter was a little short, but I plan on writing the next one soon. Though that depends on how large the pile of English homework I have is.
small(ish?) but growing tag list @mayla548 @mrcleanheichou @purelyecstacy@dearnevlander @beach-bitch-bitch-beach @alngelia @d-noona @hannahdinse8 @3amthoughtsvented@yoursoontobestepmom @tinyoonsblog @lazydennisworld @sweet-weapon-077 @yuuji1core @childfmoonn @psychogia
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ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ʟᴇᴀᴠᴇ | ғ ɪ ᴠ ᴇ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bts/reader | smut,fluff,angst | 18+ | sm/werewolf!au
Tumblr media
wordcount: 6.3k
warnings: dom!jk, sub fem!reader, hard dom!joon unprotected sex, fingering, lots of teasing, dirty talk, Namjoon watches y/n and Jk fuck😳, praising, degradation, spanking.
— summary: Your bestfriend Jungkook has to move away for a year. You don’t hear from him and when he comes back he doesn’t come alone. There’s something different about them, what’s wrong with them?
notes: It’s been almost 6 months since I posted last chapter yikes.. anyway this definitely needs a second proof read for spelling so just a warning - I worked really hard on this one, I hope you enjoy it🥺
Tumblr media
ᴘʀᴇᴠ | ᴘᴅʟ ᴍ.ʟɪsᴛ | ɴᴇxᴛ
Tumblr media
© koos-euphoria 2021. Do not repost, modify or translate.
Tumblr media
You can hear your heart beating in your ears, the organ thumping hard as it works to pump your blood through your veins in a rush. Your stomach becomes filled with fluttering butterflies from nervousness. Jungkook could feel - hear the sudden change in you from where you walk behind him, your emotions flowing from you like a powerful current, stopping in his step just outside the door of the room that the rest of the six men are in. Jungkook turns around to face you, eyebrows furrowed in worry, as his eyes look over you. “You okay, princess?” He asks, voice soft as he reaches out to tuck fallen stray strands of soft locks behind your ear affectionately, letting the tips of his fingers tickle your lobe before he drops his arm to encase your small hand in his own tattoo’d one. You give him a small smile and nod your head slightly, “just a bit nervous is all.” You dismiss simply, and Jungkook gives you one more once over before letting go of your hand hesitantly and turning back to the door in front of you both.
“Just tell me if it’s too much, I’ll bring you back up to my room.” He tells you as he grasps the metal handle, pushing it down as he opens the door, the dark oak moaning in protest the more it widens. The boys were all staring at the door, hearing every word even when it was said in soft hushed voices. The first thing they see is Jungkook’s dark eyes piercing each and every single one of them. They all could read the warning in them; behave. Then they see your delicate fingers with your chipped polished nails wrapping gently around Jungkook’s bicep, before they see your head pop out from behind his broad; muscular shoulders. A soft, nervous smile on your lips, eyes wide with an almost innocent sparkle in them, as you look over each one of them, taking in all six of their appearances. Beautiful; the first word that came to mind. How are they all that attractive? You ask yourself in your head.
“Hello.” You squeak out, voice showing how small you feel under their dark stares as it quivers slightly. Your grip on Jungkook’s arm tightens as a shiver runs down your spine. You see one of the males stand up from the corner of your eyes, walking towards you with a bounce in his step. “Hello!” He beams, his heart shaped lips pulling up to bless you with a dazzling smile. It relaxes you slightly as you feel the comforting aura just ooze from him. You subconsciously find your own nervous smile turn into a relaxed one as he thrusts his jewellery clad hand out for you to shake. Wow, he’s almost like the sun itself, you think. warm, bright and colourful and definitely very handsome. With a second delay you shake your head forcing yourself out of your thoughts, you reach out to slide your smaller hand into his warm ones, the coolness of his rings making you shiver once again. “I’m Hoseok! But you can call me what ever you like!” He winks while he moves both of your hands gently up and down in greeting.
You couldn’t help but blush at his very obvious attempt to flirt, a small giggle leaving your lips before you had time to stop it. “I’m y/n. It’s nice to meet you Hoseok.” You smile gently before pulling your hand away from his, worried that your palms will start sweating embarrassingly. You find yourself longing to feel the warmth of his skin against your own again.
Appearing next to Hoseok is a slightly taller male who comes into your view. His dark eyes roaming over your frame as he very obviously checks you out. You feel yourself shift from foot to foot as you feel suddenly small under his gaze. His eyes meet yours and you have to force yourself to hold in the gasp that is desperate to fall from your mouth. As his dark eyes pierce into your own, you feel like you’re almost drowning within them from how intense he's looking at you. Like a flip of a switch he suddenly changes his face pulling into a handsome boxy smile as his long curly hair falls into his eyes. “I’m Taehyung, but you can call me Tae!” He says with sudden enthusiasm, the once intimidating feeing that was within you dissipating as you take in this softer side. “You’re even prettier than Jungkook described you as.” He says almost dismissively, as he pushes Jungkook’s shoulder teasingly. “Hey!” You hear Jungkook protest from next to you his hand flying up to cover where Taehyung touched with a small pout on his face. The scene forces a loud laugh come from you, the sound making Taehyung break out into a cheeky grin, paired with a playful wink. Cute, you think. Very cute.
As he goes to say something else, spark within his eye; ready for some more teasing, a smaller male - one who you already recognise pushes him aside, you almost choke as he smiles widely as you. He must be an Angel. His hand reaches up to push the blonde stands of hair away from his face, exposing his somehow attractive forehead. You gulp once he drops his hand from his hair to hold it out towards you, the hair he tried to tame flopping back in place. “We’ve already met, I’m Jimin.” He introduces. You all but flush under his gaze remembering him very well when he once caught you staring. “Yes, H-hello.” You stutter, as you slide your hand into his shaking it. His grip tightens briefly smirking at the way your breath hitches before he lifts it up to his plump lips, laying a delicate kiss on you knuckles. Oh. “Jimin.” You hear Jungkook, his voice low in warning as his chest rumbles against your back, indicating he took a step closer to you. Jimin all but smiles, flashing his teeth before letting your hand fall limply back at your side. You hear a cough from next to him, successfully gaining your attention.
Your eyes land on a slightly taller man, and you remember seeing him that day in the garden before he ran off. “I’m Jin, the oldest. It’s lovely to officially meet you y/n.” He smiles, bowing slightly in greeting. Your heart practically swoons at his gentlemanly manners. You bow back politely with a soft smile of your own, though your cheeks are more than rosy by now. “It’s nice to meet you too, Jin.” You reply, causing Jin’s smile to widen as he nods his head at you, before he he sits down on his spot on the sofa.
Your eyes flicker to the person man spreading next to him, you hear rather then feel the way your heart pace picks up in both slight fear and curiosity. He’s been quiet this whole time not saying a word, neither to you or whispered amongst the chattering boys. Jungkook’s hand slides around your torso pulling you into him, his thumb stroking the sliver of skin that peeps out from the hem of your top. “C’mon hyung, are we gonna have to say your name for you?” Jimin prods at the males side who just rolls his eyes, obviously not interested in introductions. Placing his hand under his chin as he huffs out an uninterested sigh. “Yoongi.” He says nonchalantly, voice low and gravely which sends an involuntary shiver down your spine, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook.
You all but nod your head worried if you even make a peep, the man will cut you down with just his eyes alone. Your silence seems to satisfy him enough and everyone else as they all suddenly go quiet as they turn to the last male in the room.
As you turn to look at him, you feel yourself still. The man oozes authority, his legs crossed over once other as he leans on the arm of the chair. He waits in the silence purposely to create more tension, until a soft smile is dancing across his plump lips. He leans forward, elbows on knees as he clasps his hands together. Only to stand up and walk towards you. You feel your neck tilt more and more the closer he gets until your practically a whole head smaller then him, which makes you gulp. His hand stretches out, fingers long as they are decorated with a few silver rings. “I’m Namjoon, I’m the one in charge of these boys.” He smiles gently, his voice also soft, it’s deep and effortlessly seductive, and you find your gaze lost in his as you blindly reach out your own smaller hand, missing his which makes him chuckle. He does the work by moving his hand into yours with a one solid; strong shake. It makes your legs week.
A quirk of an eyebrow is what It takes for you to snap out of your silent daydreaming. “Oh! S-sorry, it’s nice to meet you Namjoon.” You squeak out, hearing the four men all coo at you, muttering amongst one another at how cute and adorable you are. “Please, you can call me Joon.” He calls, with a handsome toothy smile that forces you to giggle bashfully before he’s letting go of your hand and taking a step backwards, “You’re gonna stay for dinner?” He questions although, it’s not exactly in a questioning tone; as if he is telling you’re staying. Nodding your head, you tilt it back to look at Jungkook only to find him already looking down at you with dark eyes; something lingering within them that you can’t quite figure out, maybe; jealousy; possessiveness?
“Yes. She’s staying.” Jungkook replies for you, arm wrapping around your waist further, his fingers slightly digging into your skin of your hip before he drops his arm from you. “Well lucky for all of you we’ve just finished cooking, it’s set up and ready on the table.” Seokjin smiles.
Upon entering the dining room after the men, you find yourself standing there helplessly watching everyone sit in their respective seats, that is until you feel warm hands slide onto your hips before a chest is flush with your back. “Sit next to me?” Jungkook asks as you turn back to look at his doe eyes, you smile back at him and nod silently. Letting him guide you with a hand on your back, to the seat he wanted. You end up siting in between Jungkook and Jimin. You find yourself getting more comfortable around all the men; well all except two. Yoongi - a quiet men you’ve quickly found that he prefers to listen to everyone with disinterest written all over his face. Although there’s a slight possibility that he’s silently enjoying the men’s jokes. Though that doesn’t stop you from finding him intimidating, his words harsh or laced with sarcasm whenever he does join in. Namjoon however oozes authority and power, which is in itself slightly scary. He seems to genuinely love the men however whenever you open your mouth or so much move his eyes pin you into some sort of quiet submission, like he’s in some form of control over you.
You hear rather than feel your stomach rumble as empty plates are placed onto the table - the sight of a variety of different dishes and aromas suddenly filling your nostrils as you take in all the different dishes is enough to have your mouth water in want.
“Wow this looks great!” You compliment with a toothed smile. The tips of Seokjin’s ears become a light shade of red as he blushes, looking down at his lap as he sits down. “Look at hyung getting all shy!!” Hoseok laughs loudly as he points at the said male, making Seokjin shout in a short silly Yelp. Jimin leans in closer towards you, his hair tickling your cheek slightly as you both continue to watch Hoseok and Seokjin shoot shots at one another. “Seokjin and Yoongi are the chefs in this house. But Jin gets shy when people compliment him on it… he takes pride in his work.” Jimin whispers as if he’s telling you a big secret patting your hand that sits on the table gently.
“Can we just eat now?” Yoongi grumbles lowly as he picks up his pair of chopsticks ready to dig in. “Of course.” Was all Namjoon was before all six boys started plating up and filling their mouths with the things they wanted.
“What would you like?” Jungkook asks you as he reaches out for some rice. Spooning some onto your plate before his own. “Oh, I can do it myself Kookie.” You protest, your hand wrapping around his forearm but with a shake of his head he shuts you up. “You have no choice, babe.” Was all he said before he just started giving you whatever he was having.
It didn’t really take long for Jungkook to finally be done plating up both yours and his dinner, and you literally start eating just as he places it down in front of you. When the first bite reaches your taste buds your eyes shut in euphoria as you let out an involuntary moan of delight. When you open your eyes after your… foodgasm, you see all seven of the boys’ eyes on you. The attention has you choking on your food as you rush to grab the glass of water that Jimin was quick to pass to you. As you gulp it Jungkook’s eyes are on you worryingly as he starts gently patting your back. The rest of the boys quickly look at one another silently communicating amongst themselves before their attention is brought back to you.
Placing the glass down gently, you chuckle shyly, “sorry, the food is really, really good.” You compliment looking at yoongi before they flick to Seokjin who smiles at you brightly. You miss the way Yoongi smiles for a second before it disappears.
“Anyway!” You start with a small cough, desperate to change the subject. “What happened the other night? Where is that.. man?” You ask, eyebrows furrowing in wonder when Jungkook silently snarls next to you at the memory of the man who put his hands of you. You place down your chopsticks, when you receive no answer, moving your hands to clasp them together under your chin. “The man has been taken cared of Y/n.” Namjoon waves, “you don’t need to worry about it anymore.” He tells you, taking up his leader role. The rest of the boys either stay silent or are nodding their heads to agree with him. “You’re safe now, doll.” Taehyung says seriously before he flashes you his pretty body smile, the new nickname has you shifting in your seat shyly. You don’t question anything further however knowing that you’ll get no where with how vague Namjoon’s answer was.
You pick your chopsticks back up for using it to pick at your food, “what about your eyes.. I’m sure I saw them turn red.. and they were glowing?” You pointedly looked at Jungkook before finally pick up a piece of food and eat it. Letting your question sink in for the seven men around you as you chew slowly.
“Red? Do my eyes look red to you y/n?” Jungkook chuckles, as his hand moves to take your chin sweetly in his palm, turning your head towards him to make you look at his eyes. You had to admit that the question was odd especially when you look into Jungkook’s usual dark doe eyes. “You we’re going through a lot baby, was very disoriented when I saw you. But you can see my eyes are normal, yeah?” Jungkook asks and you nod, sighing softly as you give up with the questions.
Tumblr media
You expected it to be awkward being alone with him, since you hadn’t actually seen your best friend for so long, but it was like you both were never separated. Everything about him was the same - though he is more maturer; muscular; taller, his personality was still.. Jungkook, your sweet Jungkook. “How about we watch a movie?” Jungkook suggests as he stands from his place at his computer chair, making his way towards you on the bed. “Sure, can i choose?” You ask eyes wide in a silent beg knowing he could never say no to those puppy dog eyes.
“Fine.” Jungkook gives in with a sigh as he flips down next to you, the impact of his weight makes you bounce slightly with a small giggle leaving your lips. With a smile on his own Jungkook grabs the tv remote switching it on before passing it to you. Once you finally decide, you quickly click it on hearing a small grumble coming from the man next to you as you’ve both watched the movie one too many times. As it starts you feel Jungkook’s gaze on you, and it makes your whole body tingle with slight nervousness. suddenly Jungkook’s arms fly open scaring you as his hands grabs at thin air, “come cuddle.” He says with a pout, and you couldn’t help but shake your head at his cuteness, but alas you do as he asks, practically burying yourself Into his chest as you inhale his scent, with a little satisfied smile.
Before you could even try to save yourself, Jungkook fists your roots slightly rougher at tugging it, forcing you to tilt your head up to look at him. You half gasp half moan in surprise, hand rushing to grip at the material of his shirt on his abdomen as your eyes widen. As you make eye contact, you see his dark pupils dilate making his dark eyes even darker, finding yourself slowly drowning in them. “Did you just moan?” He asks lowly in a light growl, his breath fans along your cheeks, his words making you flush further. You couldn’t lie, not when it was painfully obvious that you did. “Yes?” You reply questioning your own words.
Jungkook however doesn’t reply, but he smirks and it’s paired with a deep chuckle that makes your thighs involuntarily clench. You see his eyes shift down catching the subtle movement, “cute.” Was all Jungkook said before he presses his lips on to yours, taking your breath away.
Deepening the kiss Jungkook pushes his fingers tug the roots of your hair once again, while the other effectively brushes any stray strands away from your face. Tongues exploring one another’s mouths as they fight for dominance; Jungkook winning effortlessly. Pulling away he nips at your bottom lip drawing out a small moan from you. Both of you panting out of breath as you look at one another in a slight daze. Jungkook’s eyes twinkle in the sunshine as the light comes in through the glass window. You’re sure you’re own eyes are no different.
As you open your mouth to say something Jungkook presses his lips back on yours effectively cutting you off, passionately he takes over your mouth an arm wrapping around your back to pull you flush against him. Your chests press against one another, your palm quick to move, to lay flat on his toned chest, the feeling of his heart beating erratically is felt under your fingertips.
Jungkook’s hand moves from your back to your ass, using his palm to grip and mould the flesh as if it were dough. The feeling of him grabbing at you has a moan flowing fro you lips to his mouth making Jungkook smirk at how pliant you are. His hand lifts back before coming down again, spanking your ass, he all but laughs when you stutter out a small gasp. “You’re cute.” Jungkook compliments, “ I wonder if you’d still look cute with my fingers fucking you.” He hums devilishly. As he says this Jungkook’s fingers slip under the band of you trousers and your underwear. Until his fingers find your wet slit. His lips start to kiss and suck at the skin your neck, hissing through his teeth. “You’re so wet and I’ve not even touched you yet. Naughty girl.” He teases, grazing his teeth along your pulse point, making you whimper out.
The tips of his fingers move over your clit, running around the sensitive bud in small, slow circles. He continues to kiss and bite at you neck, marking it with pretty purple bruises that makes his cock twitch inside his jeans in possessiveness. “God, I missed you.” He groans into your skin before his fingers move from your clit to tease your fluttering hole. Your hips flex up on it’s own as you try to get his fingers to push into you. But Jungkook’s fast to pull away with a small playful tsk. “Ah ah, you have to ask for it first baby.” Jungkook says lips ghosting over yours before he pulls away from you with a smirk. You pout softly, “please Jungkook, want your fingers.” You ask quietly, eyes looking down at his chest. “You can do better than that.” Jungkook grins as his hand that isn’t on your cunt forces you to look at him as he cups your cheek.
He raises his eyebrows as his taps on your clit evilly. “Please Jungkook, fuck me with your fingers. Need it so bad!” You beg as your hand reaches out to grip onto the hair at the back of his neck. “Good girl.” He chest tumbled as he praises you, before he slides a finger into your dripping pussy, fucking you with it nice and slow for you to get used to the feeling before he quickly picks up the pace, his thumb joining in as it rubs at your clit at the same time. “More.” You say breathily. Jungkook tsk’s not liking how you didn’t ask but still he pushes in a second finger, fucking you with two as he curls them upwards in a come hither motion. Your mouth falls open as you moan out in delight, until it breaks in the middle, because he pushes in a unexpected third finger into you. “You said more right?” He smirks, and you’re forced speechless at he fucks you dirtily with his three long fingers, his thumb still working on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
You find your orgasm approaching fast with all the stimulation going on, your pussy clenching and squeezing around his fingers in a way that has Jungkook choking on a groan, “fuck, you’re gushing everywhere, so messy.” He moans out as he looks down to where his hand disappears in your clothes. His cock swelling at the sight. Just as you feel yourself teetering at the edge, Jungkook pulls his hand out and away from you moving it to his mouth.
You whine in disappointment your orgasm dissipating, but watch him with the same amount of lust as his sucks your juices off himself seductively. “So sweet.” He moans the praise as his eyes flutter shut as if savouring you. As he’s distracted you find yourself sitting up as your hand leaves his hair and moving it with the other to his belt, noisily unbuckling it and popping the button of his jeans open. Far too impatient to have his cock in your aching pussy to do it on his time.
He chuckles as his eyes open to look at your eagerness, “did I say you could do this?” He playfully scolds as his large palms wrap around your wrist pulling it away from him only for his to let go and do it himself, in a much smoother manner than yourself.
“Impatience gets you no where. Clothes off baby.” He smiles toothily before he pulls his own shirt off with one hand as the other strokes he newly free cock. You lick your lips at the brief sight of his pre cum covered tip before your practically ripping off every item of clothing you have on. Once you’re naked you find yourself whining when your forced back onto your back, no longer able to see his member. Jungkook is quick to hover over you, long hair hair dangling over his face as his hand wraps around his length, still stoking it. His eyes hungrily rake over your naked form. “You’re beautiful.” He whispers causing butterflies to swarm in your stomach, his eyes locking intensely with yours as they sparkle.
The sweet moment is quickly gone as you finally feel his tip press against your clit, running up and down it, and your hip start to move on their own as your rub you pussy all over his cock, slicking it up with your juices. “Fuck I’ve been waiting far too long for this.” He whispers as he places a peck onto your nose. “What do you want?” Jungkook grunts out as he pushes his cock further down until the tip presses against your leaking hole.
“Fuck me, please?” You ask as you bat your eyelashes at him, he chuckles cutely at your antics his head shaking slightly in endearment. “How could I ever say no to you when you ask like that?”
Jungkook pushes his cock into you slowly, the feeling of his cock stretching your walls almost makes you drool as your mouth falls open in a long drawn out moan. Jungkook let’s out a deep groan as he watches your face that has ecstasy all over it. When his cock is fully sheathed inside you, you’re both panting heavily. Jungkook brushes your hair from your face as he struggles to keep still to let you adjust to his size.
You whimper out when you feel his cock twitch deep in you, your back arching as you push your breasts up into Jungkook’s chest. “Fuck, you’re so sensitive, I haven’t even started fucking you yet.” Jungkook laughs lowly, the lust evident in his voice. “M-move. P-please Jungkook.” You ask breathily as you wriggle your hips forcing a groan from the male above. “What was that baby, I couldn’t hear you.” Jungkook teases once again as he very slowly begins to pull out making you whine in protest. “N-no, Jungkook, fuck me, p-please fuck me.” You practically cry out as tears spring to the the corner of your eyes.
“All you had to do was ask.” He says cheekily before he pushes his cock all the way back in, in one swift motion, setting his pace fast. “J-Jungkook fuck!” You moan, and Jungkook grunts in reply as his hands grips onto you, making his cock reach deeper in your cunt.
“You’re so. Fucking. tight.” He grits out as he emphasises his words with a hard trust each, his eyes look at the way your breasts bounce at the impact and he finds himself licking his lips before attaching his mouth to one of your hard nipples, sucking and licking it messily before nipping it with his teeth.
“Mmm, you’re so good for me, aren’t you?” Jungkook asks as he pulls away with a pop before he’s reaching up to grasps your chin gently, “my good girl.” He praises, and you whine out with a nod, your cunt clenching around his length at the praise. “You like that? Like being praised?” Jungkook smirks before he attaches his lips to yours in a wet, messy kiss.
When you pull away panting deeply, Jungkook’s eyes shut as his eyebrows furrow. “Tell me you’re mine.” He grunts possessively. And you comply easily, “yours, I’m yours kookie.” Letting go of your face he leans down on his elbow that is now placed next to your head, “good, you’re all mine. Fuck, you feel so much better than my imagination.” He says before he burrows his head into the crook of your neck littering your skin with more marks.
You let out a small gasp in surprise as you see Namjoon, standing at the open doorframe, thick muscular arms bulging as they fold over his chest. His eyes are dark as he looks over your naked body being continuously fucked by Jungkook’s cock. You couldn’t help but flush a little realising he’ll have the prefect view of the way your cunt gushes messily down his length. You let out a loud moan, suddenly now finding the fact that you’re being watch by him so. Fucking hot.
You feel Jungkook’s tip press against your sweet spot, making your cunt clench like a vice around his length. “fuck, found it.” He laughs breathily before he continuously presses against it with every hard thrust. Your legs start shaking as your orgasm gets closer and closer. “Fuck, J-Jungkook, can I cum?” You ask in a small whimper, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you moan silently. “Yes, cum on my cock baby. Let me feel you cum.” He leans down to whisper into your ear.
As you peel your eyes open, only for them to lock with the watching Namjoon over Jungkook’s shoulder. He smirks knowingly when you do, your eyes lower to his lips when you see him mouth “cum.”
It’s then when you finally topple over your much anticipated orgasm, whole body shaking as your nails dig and scratch along Jungkook’s back, “fuck.” Jungkook grunt as he pulls away from you to sit on his knees blocking your view of Namjoon, for him only just to fuck into you harder, making sure he milks everything that you’ve got.
Once you’ve stopped shaking and start whimpering in overstimulation, Jungkook pulls out and leans over you as he strokes his length fast and hard until he’s cumming over your stomach. Exhausted Jungkook puts his whole weight on top of you not caring about the wet cum, as he wraps his arms around your torso into a cuddle as he buries his nose into your neck while taking a deep breath letting your scent fills his senses. You wrap your own arm around Jungkook as much as you can as the other starts playing with his dark locks. However you find your eyes looking towards the door.
There is no Namjoon in sight.
Tumblr media
It was dark out, the moonlight peaking through the slit of the curtains illuminating the bedroom with a soft glow. You slowly sit up wary of the sleeping male next to you as you look down at him. Jungkook looks peaceful, his lips parted as slow puffs of air escape past them. You can’t help but smile softly at him as you trail a finger along the side of his face lovingly. Although you know Jungkook is almost impossible to wake you still get startled at how he sighs shuffling around until he’s in a comfortable position.
Sighing, you look around the room for something to cover you. A black shirt catches your eye, the one that Jungkook hastily took off earlier. Slipping out from the sheets you pick up the shirt, sliding it over your naked frame. The shirt practically drowns you, you let out a small pleaser hum grateful at how Jungkook always buys the comfier; larger sizes. Smoothing it down with your hands and figure you’re covered enough as you head for the door, peaking back at Jungkook quickly before heading out the room.
Walking back down the plain white halls a hand trailing along them feeling the small bumps from previous paintings, you reach the kitchen, throat dry as it practically begs for you to drown yourself in a glass of water. However once you step inside you find Namjoon sitting at the breakfast counter, the bright light of the laptop screen illuminating his pretty face. You couldn’t help but think how beautiful he is, despite wanting to run every time you make eye contact with him. The male still screams power even when he’s in his pyjamas with messy bed hair.
You feel yourself freezing in place at the kitchen door when his eyes flick up to you, raking over your body before they go back to to the screen in front of him. The sound of his long slender fingers tapping against the keyboard filling the quiet room. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to get what you came in here for, y/n?” Namjoon asks nonchalantly, his voice monotonous and deep, the sound is almost like music to your ears as you gulp. “Y-yes, sorry.” You apologise before you feel your feet take over, walking towards the cupboard that holds all the glass cups inside.
Your hand doesn’t fault you as it grabs the first one you see, your mind and body ready to just run out the room and back to Jungkook. “Have fun?” Your hear Namjoon call out into the eerie silence. You freeze once again before you look at him, finding him already looking at you with a dark smirk on his face. Your face pales as you realise you weren’t in fact imagining him earlier, he saw you. You see his eyebrow quirk up, running out of patience as he pushes himself up from his seat, walking over to you practically trapping you between himself and the counter. His large arms cage you and your knees almost buckle, unable to hold eye contact as you look down at the floor for some reason you feel ashamed.
“I asked a question y/n.” He says lowly his breath hitting your neck as he leans over you, lips next to your ear. You gulp as a shiver runs down your spine. “Y-yes.” You stutter, voice as quiet as a whisper. You feel rather then see Namjoon’s fingers run up the side of your bare thigh, tickling the skin with his soft touch as he chuckles lowly. “Did you like that I watched too? Hm?” He asks, his finger moving higher and higher until he reaches the hem of Jungkook’s shirt. He can’t help but laugh at how you squirm at his question finding that he already has the answer despite you not giving one. “Liked how I watched you get fucked, don’t think I didn’t notice how you came as soon as I told you to, little one.” He prods further. “Did you think of what my cock would feel like instead?” He asks another question, his fingers slipping under the hem, now slowly moving until he reaches your bare hip. Letting out a deep groan, his head falls back as he clenches his jaw. “You didn’t even bother to put underwear on? Dirty girl.” He degrades. His fingers moving to the top of your pelvic mound, your cunt practically drips despite you knowing this is wrong, and that Jungkook was sleeping just up the stairs.
“Answer my question.” Namjoon whispers, his fingers torturously moving even slower, you couldn’t hold back the small whimper and the slight desperate roll of your hips. “Yes.” You whisper, eyes shutting in disappointment in yourself. Namjoon coos almost mockingly the hand that’s not touching you reaching for your jaw holding it and forcing you to look up at him for the first time. “I know.” Was all he said as his fingers finally touch your throbbing clit circling over it once, twice, three times before he moves to your quivering hole, pushing two fingers inside not wasting time as he curls them to hit that one spot that makes you choke out a moan.
“So. Fucking. Wet.” He grits out punctuating his words with a thrust of his fingers. “Little slut, your best friend, who just fucked you, is upstairs sleeping and here you are with my fingers buried inside your tight little cunt. Bad girl.” He degrades, your face flushes in humiliation. Fingers hurriedly clutching at the soft material of Namjoon’s shirt, forgetting about the glass you were holding until it smashed noisily to the ground, snapping you out of what is happening.
“Oh” You gasp out as you grab into Namjoon’s arm - the one buried in your heat. Namjoon just chuckles, continuing his motions as he adds his thumb into the mix, the pad of it circling your clit as he forces you to cum on them in a wordless command. He only pulls away when he hears the kitchen door open, his eyes never leaving your gasping form.
“Everything okay?!” You hear Seokjin ask as he approaches the both of you, checking to see if anyone’s hurt. You miss the way his eyes trail up your soft thighs, however you jump when you feel his large palm shake your shoulder gently. “Y/n are you okay?” Jin asks worriedly, you nod you head, rushing about as you leave the kitchen. Your body trembling as you blindly search for the door handle, pulling the door open, almost falling over your feet as you run out in the lobby and down towards the front door. Not looking back as you run back home like a puppy with its tail tucked between its legs as it’s caught doing something bad.
What were you gonna say to Jungkook?
Tumblr media
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Sly like a... ? Part 27
Tumblr media
[Full Masterlist] Beta: n/a (at the moment) Rating: All (Marked Chapters 18+) Pairing: Hybrid!BTS x FailedHybrid!Reader Genre: Hybrid au, fluff, action, adventure, angst, drama, slice of life. Some marked chapters will contain mature/smut scenes, BUT they will not have plot in those scenes and are 100% skippable without losing your place in the story.
Summary: Human’s strive to be better, faster and stronger looking to animal DNA. Thus Hybrids are born. As the rise for designer and Pedigree Hybrids increase, so do the failed attempts. There is one species scientists are unsuccessful in creating, but, folklore says they have been here all along, hiding and blending in with the humans for many millennia. How clever they are.
[First] [Prev] [Next]
Tumblr media
It had been a while since you stepped into Jimin’s work, that didn’t stop you from entering the place with a flash of your government card. Time may have passed but the odd plant or new coat of paint wouldn’t slow you down, it was like muscle memory. Your feet always knew where to go, navigating you like a GPS, your location, Jimin. 
There was a certain level of sureness you held when it came to Jimin. Like magnets, you knew you could always find him. He was your longest friend. Silently hoping that he still continued to be your longest friend. Being without Jimin was like living without a limb. He was just there all the time. You didn’t know how to cope if for some reason he just disappeared.
Knocking on the door to his office you heard a tired affirmation of entry and you pushed open the door. The room gave him away. He had slept in his office last night, allowing the air to fill with his comforting scent. “You didn’t come home?” You whispered sitting across from him. 
Jimin’s office was on the third floor and had a small view of a park. The sunlight would warm the office in the afternoon and you had caught Jimin sleeping on multiple occasions at his desk. He however looked cold, the clouds preventing the office from feeling its usual warmth. “We have had fights but you always came back or called. This time you didn’t?”
“I thought I shouldn’t chase something that isn’t there,” Jimin tossed the small chicken salad into the waste paper basket under the desk. His eyes kissed red and swollen. He had been crying all night. Dejected was his form, and somehow it felt worse than if he was angry.
“Jimin, I care about you a lot,” You whispered, watching him scoff as he sorted his papers. Your hands clutching the bottom of your dress hoping to control your fear. Fighting over one secret wasn’t how you wanted any of this to go and you would fight through your anxiety to clear the air. “I am figuring out that I haven’t been very professional and I am working on that. I also think I can’t live without you. I dream of my future and you are there, all the boys are there and I am scared alright, there is so much insecurity and uncertainty. I want to be a family, all of us. I don’t want to lose you.”
“I don’t think I can stay. If I am honest it is because I love you, I am in love with you and have been madly in love with you. I can’t remember the moment I fell, but I fell. It’s hard to see you with the other hybrids, to smell their scent on you sometimes drives me mad and I want to remove it.” Jimin ran a frustrated hand through his hair and looked at his hands playing with his rings. 
“I don’t know how to be around you without wanting to be with you. I saw a future with you and it was only recently that I realised you saw your future differently.” He walked around the desk taking your hand, squeezing it tightly. “I won’t leave you because I can’t live without you either, but I can’t stay. I need to pull away.” 
You hadn’t felt the tears until Jimin brushed them away with his thumbs, “Don’t cry.”
“So, you are giving up before you even try?” Asking the calico hybrid, the bite in your tone was anger at your stupidity, “I am dumb. I have been focused on starting this hybrid program since I can remember and have never thought about a real relationship and before you even ask, before you even confess and try to court me. You are just going to give up?” 
“What do you want me to do?” He asked sadly, “If you ask me to, I will stay. but please if it isn’t going to happen don’t. I can’t take this heartbreak again. Don’t play with my feelings.”
“I want you to decide, I can’t tell you if we will be together or not, but we can try,” You expressed your utter confusion. None of your feelings made sense. You wanted him but was it because you wanted him, or you wanted love. Was it because you wanted it or because you knew he wanted it. Was it because you loved him, or because you were in love with him?
“I think it’s best if you think about it and give me some time.” He walked back behind his desk.
“How much time, you leave and maybe I might fall in love with one of the boys, or all of them,” You threatened, “You want a chance I can give you one but running away Jimin isn’t going to have opportunities falling in your lap, you are giving away opportunities to others.”
Jimin growled, throwing his chair and gripping his desk. “You are going to be the death of me. Yes. I want a chance,” He walked huffed shoulders tense and eyes locked on yours. “I want as many chances as you will give me, I want to prove how much I love you, I want to show you.”
Similar to Yoongi’s love languages, Jimin also enjoyed physical touch but where the tiger was satisfied with simply being in your company, the calico preferred words of affirmation. He didn’t understand or accept anything unless it could be confirmed. Scared to get hurt until you could definitely confirm he would have a chance.
This was his chance, you stood up walking to the edge of his desk. “Jimin, I want you to kiss me,” he turned, sweeping his lean muscular arms around your waist pressing you against the cabinet. Lips crashing against yours with unbridled passion, aggressive yet not overbearing. Jimin knew you, he knew exactly what you wanted at that moment and he didn’t hold back. His hands clutched your waist bunching up the fabric of your dress, as yours gripped his hair. Some small portion of your heart knew about these feelings shared between you but they were always overlooked and the opportunities had been missed.
Tumblr media
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when the sun and moon collide
Tumblr media
→ summary: all he wants is to stay in your sky like a star
→ genre:  fluff if u squint, angst if u squint / friends-to-lovers
→ pairing: dancer!jk x painter!oc
→ words: 4K
→ warnings: swearing, mentions of body shaming, oc is in a relationship
→ pg-15
→ a/n: this was just something i wanted to write! mostly inspired by their black swan performance in MAMA 2020. this is part 1 ^^
Sunlight seeped into the dark space of your art room. Sitting up from your makeshift mattress, you looked next to you to see your best friend deep asleep. You both had stayed up late last night as he watched you start a mural last night.
The only part you finished last night was a moon that lit up the night sky brightly. Getting up and fixing your hair, you got a little biscuit from your bag and watched as Jungkook snored. It was funny, in your opinion - how Jungkook complained about your snoring when he snores too.
Deciding to wake the man up, you jumped on the mattress, accidentally nudging his gut. “Morning, Koo!” You yelled into his ear, causing him to groan. He threw you a glare before getting up. “Annoying little shit.” Jungkook mumbled sleepily as he stretched. You gave him a sweet smile.
“I moved our clothes to the yellow box cause it’s bigger. I use the black one for my painting supplies now.” You told him, yawning after that.
It was normal for you and Jungkook to sleep at your little studio. It was a place that your parents gifted you when you were 16. It became such a habit that you both brought clothes just in case.
He put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt before tying up his hair. Handing you a skirt and a collared shirt, he mixed up some coffee for you both. The whole time, you looked at your unfinished mural. Though you did start it completely inspired, you didn’t know what to put next.
“Is that jerk going to pick you up or are you walking today?” Jungkook asked, pulling you out of your thoughts. You shrugged at that.
“He hasn’t texted me… so I guess we’re walking together.” You told him, not failing to see the smile on his face.
You raised a brow, “And Kang Minho is not a jerk. He’s a good guy that just needs to be more thoughtful… besides, you never wanna hang out with him.” Pointing a finger at him, who only let out a scoff.
“That guy is on the soccer team. The soccer team is a bunch of jerks.” Jungkook reasoned, “You only go out with athletic jerks.”
You squint your eyes at him, “Aren’t you an athletic jerk too?” You teased, motioning to his muscular build.
He gave you a smile, “I’m an artistic jerk - Immediately I’m better.” Jungkook stuck his tongue out at you, which you only returned with a middle finger.
Walking into the courtyard, you fumbled with your fingers as Jungkook brightly greeted his many friends. That was where you belonged, in your opinion. Staying in Jungkook’s shadow, not wanting too many people to notice you.
Plugging in your earphones, you waved goodbye to Jungkook as you headed separate directions for your first class. While you both enrolled in the same course, you were an artist while Jungkook was a musician - who also attends dance classes on the side.
Checking your phone, you smiled as you saw his text.
[9:46] JK: ...we’re doing swan lake this year fuck.
[9:46] You: your suffering is my happiness :DD
Tucking the device back into your pocket, you sat down on a chair at the side of the class - closest to the window. Each minute passed and more students filled the room. The teacher soon arrived and discussion started.
“Today, we’re gonna be going back to the basics; the techniques of handling a paintbrush. When watercoloring, I like to make my strokes rather graceful. Like a ballerina doing a pirouette across the stage.” She swayed as she demonstrated, humming a beautiful tune.
The professor turned around immediately once she noticed the laughs of people in the class. You paid them no mind as you practiced the technique, seeming it was fit as you took ballet classes when you were younger (only because it was a requirement from your parents.)
You were mesmerized by the fact two very different things could work together so well. Art has always been your passion, especially with the various classes your parents signed you up for.
“I don’t think I ever mentioned that before being an artist, I was a ballerina.” The old woman (probably in her late 50s) said, hand on her hip. “I won many awards and was dedicated to the art of it… however it all changed when I met my husband around your age - yes. He showed me this technique, painted me a mural, and I fell in love with art.” She explained.
Some people rolled their eyes, others only continued to laugh. You couldn’t help but speak out once you noticed. “I think that’s beautiful.” You mused, though the whole room seemed to have heard it.
The teacher smiled, “Thank you, Y/N… I take it you appreciate the performing arts as well?” You nodded shyly, not used to the amount of eyes watching you. “Ah. You’re friends with that Jungkook boy, right? Yes, he’s a very nice boy.” She murmured the last part as she turned back to the board.
“Now back to the lesson.”
A few hours have passed and both you and Jungkook finally have your break. Smiling and waving at each other as the other got closer. Sitting down on a bench, you both sighed in relief as your shoulders started to relax.
“How were your classes?” You asked him, closing your eyes.
Jungkook only shrugged, “Same old… they finally let me use the recording studio though.”
“Miss Choi used to be a ballerina, then she met her husband who painted her a mural and she immediately fell in love with art. It’s cute, isn’t it?” You breathed out, leaning your head on his shoulder.
He smiled, “So, what? Ya’ gonna become an athlete because of Kang?” Jungkook snickered, causing you to hit his arm, “What? You’re a sucker for romance.”
“Minho isn’t a romantic, but that’s fine. I love him anyways.” You mumbled with content, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes.
“I think I heard my name?” A raspy voice said from behind you, gently grabbing a hold of your shoulders. You smiled as you turned around, stood up, and hugged him.
Sighing into his chest, you look up at him, “You haven’t texted or called… What happened?” You asked him, now ignoring your glaring best friend.
You only managed to hear him mumble something about getting sick before he walked away. Minho smiled as he returned the hug, “Practiced all day yesterday and fell asleep as soon as I got home… I overslept too.” He explained, causing you to nod.
“Let’s get some coffee! I know we’re both on break for a bit.” You proposed, eyes slightly beaming at the mention of caffeine. Minho nodded at that as he chuckled, leading you into a nearby coffee shop.
Taking a seat by the window, you savored the taste of black coffee as it entered your system.
Your boyfriend took the seat in front of you, then let out a small sigh, “I don’t think Jungkook likes me.” You looked down at that.
“He’s just very protective of me… I’m sure he’ll warm up to you one day.” You said, biting back your tongue. Though you loved Minho, he hurt Jungkook too - yet you’re not sure Minho even remembers insulting him the moment he joined the ballet group.
It was you and Jungkook’s first week of Uni, so you were roaming around in the courtyard looking for clubs to join. While you chose another art club, Jungkook went for some dance clubs - another passion of his. As you watched Jungkook sign a form, you also noticed a tall man with broad shoulders appearing.
That was the first time you saw Minho. Following his movements as he sneered at Jungkook. “Don’t think I’d want to see a dude as big as you on stage doing little turns, mate. Would rather see you kick a ball on a big field with face paint on.” Minho had commented, nudging his shoulders.
Jungkook scoffed, “I bet I can kick your ass if I get on a field and take your place as captain - even if I’m a first year. To spare you the pain, I think I’ll be fine watching you lose from the bleachers.” He let out a petty smile before pulling you away from the booth.
He was always good at making witty comebacks. You weren’t sure if it was Jungkook’s natural sass that fueled it, or his observant eyes and quick brain that did… maybe it was both. As far as you know, Jungkook was good at everything. From sports to gardening, he seemed to be a prodigy at them all (except table tennis, which you happily cheered for.)
You got to meet Minho again the next week, though you were cold and ignored him the whole time (you couldn’t just forget what he did to your dear Jungkook), he persisted through it all and finally melted your ice wall.
Here you are now. Jungkook still hates his guts while Minho - you’re not sure if it’s intentional - acts like he’s forgotten everything that happened 2 years ago. Letting out a small sigh, you finished what was left inside your cup.
“I have practice now. I’ll see you later, pumpkin.” Minho cooed before pulling you in for a short kiss. You waved as he walked away.
Hearing a familiar laugh behind you, you turned around with a raised brow, “What is it, Jeon?” “Pumpkin?! He calls you pumpkin?” Jungkook howled with joy, slapping his knee as he chuckled.
Hitting his shoulder, you glared at him before walking ahead of him. He caught up quickly though. When he did, he put an arm around your shoulder. “Wanna see the ballet studio?” Jungkook asked, making you nod.
“Cool. We’re gonna be assigning parts for Swan Lake later.” Jungkook said, looking up at the clouds, “I hope I get the prince for once.” You smiled at that, “I think you’ll be amazing at it.”
Both of you simply ignored the people you walked past in the department, focused on each other and your conversation. You didn’t even notice the “Wicked Witch” pass by you.
“How has the Wicked Witch been, anyways?” You asked him, suddenly remembering she was a ballerina.
Jungkook shrugged, “She’s confident that she’ll get Odette… I’m not sure if it’s possible though, Mina seems a better fit for the role.” You agreed, knowing how beautifully Mina dances ballet (it brought you both to tears once.)
“Sera seriously needs to learn that being popular doesn’t mean you’re good.” You mumbled, causing Jungkook to chuckle.
He looked around before leaning down to whisper in your ear, “I heard her dad filed for bankruptcy. She’s been complaining about her entourage getting smaller.” Jungkook held back a smile as he saw your reaction.
“Lee Sera’s group of minions is getting smaller? If I were a nicer person, I would’ve felt bad.” You muttered as Jungkook took off his shoes. He nodded at that.
Preparing a seat for you inside that studio, you and Jungkook continued chatting about whatever came to mind. Their instructor soon came in, so you naturally hid in the darkest corner of the room. Jungkook gave you a small smile before paying attention to the announcements.
“To be clear, we are not doing the actual Swan Lake performance. Instead, an interpretation. Our dear Odette and Siegfried will be reunited beside the lake, where they first met. A pas de deux will be executed gracefully, other white swans will join them - celebrating the moment. White swans dance urgently before they turn into black swans.” She announced, looking each student in the eye.
You gasped slightly when you heard it. A pas de deux was a difficult move to execute. You’ve only seen it once in real life, when you and Jungkook were 10 and watching a performance. It only happened once, but you two were so in awe that you tried recreating it (resulting in Jungkook’s broken arm and your broken leg.)
“More details will be explained later on. Earlier today, we held a short audition for the position of Odette and Siegfried. I have chosen the two lucky people.” The instructor said, holding out a piece of paper, “Odette will be played by our own Black Swan, Mina.”
The whole room cheered as Mina stood up and bowed. You clapped silently, eyes brightening as you imagined the performance. Now, all you hoped for was that Jungkook would get the part of Siegfried.
“There is a tie for Siegfried’s role, however. Between Jiwon and Jungkook, I cannot decide. Please take a partner that you have lots of experience with, and show us a little demo.” The instructor proposed, causing a little chaos in the room.
Sera automatically tried to be Jungkook’s partner for the demo, but he was already making a beeline to his teacher. The instructor’s eyebrows raised at whatever Jungkook had suggested to her.
“Where is Kim Y/N?” She almost yelled, looking around the room. People looked around too, but weren’t shocked as they knew you and Jungkook were great friends. You glared at Jungkook, who only shrugged.
You stood up and raised your hand, “I’m here, madam.” You said as a lump formed in your throat.
She looked you up and down before looking at Mina, “Get her into one of our extra leggings.” Mina nodded at that, before giving you a smile and gesturing for you to follow her.
“We have a lot of sizes over here, so I’ll leave you to it.” Mina said, “I didn’t know you do ballet.” She awed looking at you with curious eyes.
You shook your head, “I used to take classes with Jungkook for about 5 years, but I stopped once I realized I liked painting better. He was the one that fell in love with dance, really.” Mina let out a small ‘ooh’ before letting you change.
“I can’t believe you picked me.” You mumbled furiously as you stood in front of Jungkook. He put his hands on your waist before chuckling into your shoulder, “Madam said to pick someone I have lots of experience with.”
You rolled your eyes before nudging his gut, “You couldn’t have picked the wicked witch?” “I didn’t wanna be anywhere near her today.” Jungkook reasoned.
The music started and only then did your anxiety peak. You haven’t performed together in years. In fact, you haven’t performed in years - not even practice ballet. The only thing that came to your mind was what your old instructor reminded you every second of the day. “Point your toes.”
The flow was going well when you realized that you still memorized a piece. Jungkook lifted you up before attempting a pas de deux - it wasn’t perfect, but it felt close. You closed your eyes as you arched your left leg and stretched your right, holding out your hands to the side and making your fingers firm.
Your feet made its way back to the ground right before the music ended, giving Jungkook enough time to hold your waist and pulling you next to him. His breathing was loud in your ears as your heart thumped rapidly. Ignoring the slight pain in your legs due to your lack of flexibility, you both gave everyone a little bow before taking a seat.
The instructor nodded her head in approval, then watched the next demo. Jungkook sat next to you in the back of the class, handing you a bottle of water. “You did well.” He mumbled with a small smile, “Thanks for helping me out.” You returned the smile, “You owe me.” Jungkook chuckled at that, however both your expressions turned serious as the instructor walked towards you both.
“You do ballet, Miss Kim?” She asked, eyes staring at you like a hawk. You gulped down the lump in your throat, “I used to, madam.”
‘Madam’ nodded before writing something down on her notepad. “Jungkook will be our Siegfried!” She announced suddenly, causing you all to jump in your seats.
“I think madam took a liking to you.” Jungkook mentioned a few days later, taking a bite out of an ice cream sandwich you bought.
You tilted your head, “Why do you say that?” You asked him, raising a brow.
He thought for a bit, “She keeps comparing Mina and I’s chemistry to ours. Says Mina and I should get to know each other more or something. She doesn’t go a day without asking me about why you stopped doing ballet.” Jungkook recalled, looking up at the sky.
“I guess I’m just that good, huh?” You joked, rolling your eyes at the thought. It was a bit absurd, after all.
Jungkook nodded, “Yeah, you probably are.” No hesitation or uncertainty in his voice. You turned to look at him.
“You’re kidding right?” You asked him, watching his blank stare turn into one that meant he was in thought.
Shaking his head, he took another bite out of his ice cream, “You were really good the other day - considering you’ve been out of practice for almost 6 years.” Jungkook said, “Give yourself some credit, too.”
It was hard to take in, because you weren’t used to compliments on your dancing. Your old instructors always told you that your movement was sloppy and you were unfit both physically and mentally for ballet (Jungkook would always tell you otherwise.)
The comments on your body did take a toll on you, but after a while you just decided to leave the toxic environment. Taking a deep breath, you just nodded at what Jungkook said.
“Thanks, Kook.” You mumbled before resting your head on his shoulder.
“How’s your mural?” He asked you suddenly, catching you off guard for a moment. You shook your head, telling him that you’ve been uninspired, “You’ll get there eventually. Just take a look around you and maybe you can find something to help you out.” He told you.
Though the week had been a bit free, you were spending your free time with Minho - who whined whenever you wanted to go so you could spend some time in your art studio. You did take him there once, however he seemed uninterested the whole time.
Minho and Jungkook were two people you always compared. They were very alike and very different. The other was a good listener while the other always talked about himself. You didn’t mind in the end, though. You still love Minho with all your heart.
Jungkook took a look at you, and he knew immediately what was on your mind. He’s known you for the whole 20 years of your existence, and it slowly broke his heart. You deserve someone who appreciates what you did and what you love. He always hoped you’d find someone else that you could talk to about painting and why you don’t like a certain color.
“Kook, I’m tired. Can we go to my art studio, please?” You said, snapping him out of thought. Jungkook nodded at that, how could he ever say no to you?
He fished his phone out of his pocket, “I’ll call an uber so you can get some rest during the commute.” You hummed in response, closing your eyes slightly.
“How did your date go?” Jungkook asked as you walked back into your studio. He had brought his Nintendo to entertain himself while waiting for you to return from your date. It had been a week since the ice cream sandwich incident.
You shrugged before plopping yourself on the mattress, “He had to cancel for a gym session.” “Aw, I’m sorry, Y/N.” Jungkook frowned at that.
“Just when we were about to go to an art museum too.” You whined, burying your face into the flimsy pillow.
“I could take you next weekend.” He offered with a warm smile. You shook your head.
Sighing as you sat up, you gave him a tight smile, “You can’t keep filling in for him. At this point it would be safe to say that you’re my boyfriend and not Minho. I’ll just suck it up.”
Jungkook’s frown deepened and turned his whole body towards you, “He’s done this a fuck ton of times, Y/N. Maybe you’re seeing the red flags now? He obviously doesn’t care.” He said.
“Oh shut up. I’m going back to my apartment, stop being like that.” You muttered with annoyance, clutching your purse.
“I don’t need you to act like my boyfriend anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that.” You spat before slamming the door shut. Jungkook stared at the red door for a few moments before combing his hair in frustration.
His phone buzzed in his pocket, however it wasn’t you that had texted him.
[8:09] Jiwon: yo jk! we kinda need you back at the studio....
Jungkook sighed in annoyance, he shut off the lights and grabbed his things. He hoped he could still catch up to you, as you walked slowly when you were down.
To his shock, you were right outside the door. You looked at him with an apologetic smile, “Sorry for lashing out on you… I understand why you do what you do. Just a little embarrassed that this keeps happening to me. I hope you’re not mad.” You told him.
He patted your back, “I can never be upset with you, idiot.” Jungkook whispered as he pulled you into a tight hug. The memory of the text suddenly popped up into his mind and he jumped away.
“There’s something happening in the studio.” He muttered, “I need to go.” You nodded, “I can go with you. You guys might need help.”
As you entered the studio, all eyes turned to you. However your attention was on Mina’s ankle. You nudged Jungkook’s gut and pointed at it, making his eyes go wide. “What happened to your ankle?”
She looked down and bit her lip, “I was practicing the dance some more, then I moved my ankle the wrong way and fell on the floor.” Mina explained with a little shame.
“It will heal in a few weeks, I’m sure it will be no problem.” You told her, not knowing what you were trying to reassure her.
At that, you heard a cough from behind you. Madam walked into your line of view and put her hands on her hips. “We can’t afford delays. I’ll have to replace you, sorry Mina.”
The ballerina nodded slowly at that, you pat her back with a little pity.
“I’ll have to assign the next best person for it.” Madam said, making Sera’s eyes brighten, “Y/N, I hope you’re okay with playing Odette.” She told you with a smile.
You stood up at that, “I don’t think I can-”
“You work best with our dear Jungkook, and you managed to make an obviously amature a pas de deux look good - even when out of practice.” Madam pointed out, “You’re graceful, but it's a bit obvious you’re not as flexible anymore.”
Sera scoffed, “Madam, I don’t think that’s a good idea. She’s a nobody ‘ballerina’. You said it yourself, she’s out of practice.” She reasoned with the woman.
Madam raised a brow, “Do you have a better suggestion, Miss Lee?”
“Me.” Sera smiled, pointing at herself. Madam let out a laugh at that before turning her attention back to you.
“What do you say, Y/N?” Madam asked you, a little hope in her eyes. You looked at Mina, looking for approval. She agreed enthusiastically, eyes wide.
You took a deep breath, “I’ll do it.” The group cheered and Jungkook gave you a hug. You didn’t get the big deal, but maybe that was because you weren’t as passionate about it.
“You saved the show, Y/N.” Jungkook whispered in your ear a while later, “Thank you.” You gave him a small smile, “I’m gonna have to make a stretching routine again.” You groaned, making Jungkook laugh.
“I know you can do it,” He said as he pulled you into his embrace once more.
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btsydtrash · 2 days ago
Euphoric Endeavours
Tumblr media
Through a series of curious happenstances, the Boys of Bangtan - your campus’ most popular and most handsome group of individuals - set their sights on you, a regular student with a stubborn streak and a wayward mouth.
Strangely enough, the mere sight of them sets your instincts off, red-lights flashing in your brain - danger, danger, danger, danger.
It’s too bad that they can’t seem to leave you alone, though. They like you too much.
(AN: Hi, all! This story is actually already posted on AO3. But! I want to try and grow a little community on Tumblr, too. So, I decided to post it on here. I have almost 50 chapters of this story up over there, so I’ll slowly be adding them onto here too. I hope that you like it!)
(angst / smut / fluff / gore)
word count: 4959
TW: alcohol, implication of sex (barely)
Tumblr media
Chapter 8 - Proximity
Scowling up at the bright lights overhead, you ask, “Why are we in a market at ten thirty?”
Taehyung shoves the trolley in your direction, a touch too hard because Namjoon has to stop it before it hits you, a disapproving glare being sent his way, before he lets you take the reins. “Hush, young Padawan. Our fridge is nearly empty.”
Pushing the trolley ahead, you ask, staring at the bubbly blue-haired artist, “And, what does that have to do with me, exactly?”
“Did you want to eat tonight?” Yoongi asks, with a dry look. “If so, be quiet and push.”
You sniff at his attitude, and say, “Can I sit inside the trolley instead?”
The blond looks you up and down, before he asks, derisively, “Can you fit?”
You hit him in the chest with a low curse, to which he snorts at. “Aish! I haven’t put that much weight on, have I?”
Yoongi hums, but says nothing else, suddenly intrigued by his phone.
Intuitively, Namjoon puts his hands on your waist and hoists you into the front of the trolley, letting you get comfortable. You let out a squeak of surprise at how easy it seems for him to manage your weight. He was big, sure, but... You didn’t realise how strong he was. He takes off his scarf and wraps it around your neck. He ducks down a little, eyes glittering under the lights, and he asks, kindly, “Better?”
“Much,” you reply, sound muffled by the soft cashmere of his scarf. It smells like him, masculine and something woodsy. You duck your head, suddenly shy, avoiding the sight of his sparkly dark orbs. “Thank you.”
He winks at you, easily, before rising up to his full height, and you feel your heart pound at the size difference between the two of you. He’s just so... big.
“What’s on the list?” Namjoon asks, turning to look at Yoongi, who has taken to pushing the trolley, while Taehyung bounces across the aisles, scanning the products for the things they need. “What are we missing?”
Yoongi pulls out his phone, pushing one-handedly (and you’ll be damned if you ever say that he makes for a hot image) while he scrolls through his phone, and says, “Beer.”
“Of course,” you laugh, tilting your head back to survey the blond. “A bunch of boys, the first thing you need is beer.”
“Well, the first thing on the list is condoms, but I thought I’d ease us into that,” Yoongi remarks, with a sarcastic roll of his eyes.
You balk at the nonchalant tone of his voice and he grins, small but showing a bit of his gums, and you feel your chest seize up at the sight of it.
Namjoon tuts. “Hyung, that’s not funny. Don’t tease YN like that.”
“I’m not lying, look!” He holds up his phone and just as he said, the first thing on the list in Jin’s fancy handwriting is ‘condoms’. Without your permission, you eyes track the size next to it but you banish the thought from your memory, averting your eyes to the scarf around your neck. Yoongi continues, “Jin’s first addition, condoms. Second, French hand cream that I can't pronounce. He’s weird.”
The four of you spend the next hour and some change speeding through the aisles, peals of laughter echoing through the supermarket as you all collect the products on their list. You even get to grab some snacks for yourself, on the boy’s dime, of course. They don't even bat an eyelid.
Yoongi lets you hold his phone, the weight of the device different to yours own, and you trace your finger down the ridges of his phone case, thoughtlessly pushing at the back of the case when it pops out of place. “Careful. There’s something important in there.”
You look up at him, curiously. He swipes the phone from you and pushes the back out further, completely dislodging it, to reveal a polaroid hidden in the back of his phone. He holds it out so the both of you could see it.
it was a picture of the seven of them, taken some time ago, by their more youthful expressions and natural dark hair color. They looked like they might have been in middle school. You feel your heart skip a beat at the sight of the picture, a sensation that only intensifies at the warm look in his eyes as he surveys the picture over your shoulder.
He puts the case back together and hands it back to you. He says, meanigfully, “You’re holding my heart in your hands, so be careful, YN.”
You take his words to heart and nod, earnestly, before turning to the rest of the boys and you ask, trying to lighten the feeling in your chest, “What are we having for dinner tonight?”
“I wanted spicy lamb skewers,” Yoongi proposes, with a cute smile. Spending time with you seems to have slowly melted the ice around the aloof composer (he had mentioned briefly that he studied music alongside being a DJ and a rapper in the underground hip-hop scene and something about that image made you want to see him in action, on stage, enchanting the crowd) and now, he seems comfortable jjeering and giggling alongside the rest of you. “And you, YN?”
“I’m good with anything meaty. Spicy sounds good too,” you answer. You get out of the trolley once the four of you had gotten three-quarters through the list, needing the extra space, much to your dismay. You liked being babied by them. “Taehyung!”
The blue-haired artist perks up at the sound of his name. “You called, Cutie?”
You ask, staring up at him, “What are you craving?”
His throat bobs as he swallows, glancing behind you briefly, before his usual gleaming smile overtakes his face and the strangely tense moment passes. “Anything YN wants, I’ll eat happily.”
The four of you decide on what to get, and upon reaching the meat aisle, Namjoon and Taehyung decide to race.
“First one who gets everything needed for dinner wins,” Yoongi explains the rules, handing the two other men empty baskets. “The loser… Pays for everything.”
Taehyung gasps, “How steep!”
Namjoon snorts, blinking down at the blond, “Woah, you know I’m only getting paid minimum wage, right, hyung?”
“You guys live in a luxury apartment,” you state, bewildered. “Why do you even work? Don’t you have rich parents or something?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Taehyung says, cheekily. “Alright, alright. Let’s start.”
Taehyung and Namjoon drop low, as if they were racers gearing up for a world-class competition, and on Yoongi’s command, they shoot off, grabbing the first clumps of healthy red meat they can land their hands on.
They needed to get seasonings and the side dish ingredients, so you weren’t expecting them back for a few minutes.
Quietly, you ask, “Yoongi?”
He’s relaxes against the trolley, the picture of nonchalance, as he replies, softly, “Yes, YN.”
You pick at your sleeves and ask, bashfully, “Why do you guys want to spend time with me?”
He lets out a muted chuckle and asks, tossing you a sideways glance, “Hasn’t Taehyung given you the ‘friends’ speech yet?”
“He has, but…” You trail off, cheeks flushing in embarrassment.
He fills in the gap, knowingly. “But ‘it doesn’t make sense’?”
You nod, diffidently.
He plays with his fingers, turning around and resting his elbows on the edge of the cart’s handle, looking away and out at the rest of the grocery store. You cast a side-long glance at the composer and you latch onto every word falling from his pale pink lips. He says, “You’re fun to be around. As strange as that sounds coming from me. You make Tae happy, and Jin likes your personality. Hoseok thinks you’re interesting. I appreciate your smarts. Even Jungkook thinks you’re adorable. There’s no reason not to hang out with you.”
Fighting the urge to flush at the barrage of compliments, simply not expecting them to come from the blond, you clear your throat before you remark, offhandedly, “The seven of you are some of the most popular faces on campus. You have a surplus of people to hang out with, if that’s what you wanted to do.”
He says, dark eyes catching your own in a penetrating gaze. “And people treat us like celebrities, like we’re untouchable and that just isn’t who we are.”
“You treat us like we’re human,” he answers, spotting Taehyung’s bright hair, flopping as he barrels down the aisle, grin boxy and eyes crinkled. “You make us feel human.”
Taehyung and Namjoon drew, deciding to go dutch on the cost of the shopping, and the four of you lug the dozen bags into the trunk and back seats of Taehyung’s car. Once you arrive at the complex, the concierge helps you get all the shopping bags up into their apartment, leaving after Yoongi hands him a healthy tip.
The three of them perk up, as if hearing someone in the distance and Namjoon calls, excitedly, “Jin-hyung!”
The sound of pattering feet echoes through the apartment as the eldest makes his way down from the second floor, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt (the casual clothes clashing with his natural magnetism sends you reeling), and he claps, enthusiastically, upon seeing you.
“YN! Nice seeing you again! I’m glad Taehyung has finally stopped keeping you to himself and decided to share,” he says, happily. He puts his hands on your shoulders and guides you into the living room. “Go entertain Jimin while we pack away everything.”
The one of the seven you had yet to meet yet. A mop of pink hair greets you from the floor of the living room, as the boy, no, man, sits cross-legged, playing a game on the console, staring up at the impressive wide-screen TV, seemingly ignorant to everything around him.
“Hyung, please I’m almost beating the level. I’ll go wash up in a second,” he mumbles, slamming his finger down on the game pad in his hands. He’s wearing a grey fleece and some sweats, with bare feet poking out of the end of them.
He looks like the definition of cosy.
Rubbing at your elbow, awkwardly, you ask, curiously, “I- Uh… What game are you playing?”
At the sound of your voice, Jimin snaps his neck to look at you, spotting your decidedly not-male form and he shoots up, only to slip on the foot of his sweats and collapse onto his ass.
“F-Fuck,” he curses, rubbing at his bruised ass. “Ouch…”
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you,” you say, moving to try and help him stand up.
He jerks away, as if he had been burned, and he says, “No- No, it’s fine. I, uh, I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll- Let me… I need to wash my face.”
He disappears into what you assume is a downstairs bathroom before you can even respond, and you hear the water running distantly.
“Hyung, hyung, hyung,” Jungkook sings as he hops down the stairs, dressed all in grey, with black sock on his feet. “Did you get me the snacks I- Oh… Noona? What are you doing here? It’s kind of late.”
You rub the back of your neck, surprisingly awkward at the sight of Jungkook in his home clothes, and explain, “Taehyung- he, uh, picked me up and kind of, well, kidnapped me?”
His eyes widen in surprise before he asks, “Really?”
“No, I’m kidding,” you say, laughing at the concerned mar of his handsome face. “We were supposed to be studying, but instead we ended up going to the supermarket.”
“Aish, hyung shouldn’t have done that, you saw all our embarrassing things,” he says, cheeks pinking.
“Shaving cream and razors is hardly embarrassing,” you tell him, face twisting in enjoyment at seeing his obvious embarrassment. Contrary to his bulky appearance, he’s surprisingly easy to rile up. You feel a little sadistic doing it, but you can’t help but tease him. “But… Seven boys do seem to go through a surprising number of contraceptives.”
“Aish!” He covers his rapidly reddening ears. “They’re not for me!”
“Safety first, Jungkook. You should use them,” you suggest, playfully, enjoying how squirmy he got when you teased him.
It’s then that Jimin joins you both, the collar of his shirt damp with water, smelling of mint and he does seem more fresh-faced, his upper lip and cheeks are slightly reddened with aggravation.
Jungkook looks closer before letting out a snort. “Did you just shave, hyung?”
“Quiet, brat!” Jimin curses, kicking him in the butt, then he drops to the floor to join Jungkook. “Move over, I want to carry on with my game.”
“Can I join?”
“Sure, noona,” Jungkook replies, making space for you on the couch. “Don’t sit on the floor, it can be a little uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it.”
“Kiss ass,” Jimin teases under his breath, nudging Jungkook’s shoulder with his own, before turning to you with a curious expression. “I haven’t gotten to meet you yet, but I’ve heard a lot.”
You hold out your hand and after staring down at it, strangely, Jimin clasps his own around it, to shake it lightly. His palms are surprisingly cool against yours and you give it a cursory squeeze.
“Good things I hope,” you reply, smiling slightly. “YN.”
“Jimin,” he replies, eyes crinkling. His face is wonderful, just like Young-mi said, when he isn’t zoned out and seemingly angry at nothing. His cheeks puff up, his eyes practically disappear into half-moons, and he tilts his head slightly, shrinking in on himself. Your heart pounds at the sight of him, brain snapshotting his visage without your permission
“Alright, alright, enough of that,” Taehyung says as he walks in, swatting at your hands so you’re forced to let him go. “Cutie, come help me make dinner.”
“But we were just about to start playing,” Jungkook whines, making puppy eyes in your direction.
“Enough, maknae,” Taehyung commands with a dismissive wave, before he returns his eyes to you, staring intently. “Don’t you wanna come and help me out?”
You ask, eyeing him distrustfully, “Can you even cook?”
“You wound me,” he says, putting a hand over his heart and he sends you a dramatically pained expression.
Jimin snorts. “Taehyung, I wouldn’t eat your food if you paid me.”
“Ha ha ha,” Taehyung laughs, pointedly, before jabbing Jimin in his back with his elbow. “So funny. Come YN,” he says, reaching for your hand and hoisting you off the couch.
“If YN’s cooking, then I want to help too,” Jungkook grumbles, obstinately, moving to stand.
Jimin huffs and does the same. “Might as well join in, then, shouldn’t I?”
Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon are already dotted around their kitchen, doing different jobs regarding the food. Jin’s eyes practically bug out in his head. The handsome man grouses, “There’s barely enough space for us four and now you’ve brought the other three munchkins? How are we going to do this?”
Yoongi snorts. “If you’re complaining about height, then why don’t the trees of the group kindly exit?”
Jin contemplates that for a moment before he asks, lips quirking, “Then how would you survive without my amazing cooking skills?”
“I’m sure we’d manage, hyung,” Jimin snarks, with a brazen grin. He ducks into the cabinet and says, absently, “YN, why don’t you pass me some veggies from the refrigerator?”
You twist on your heels to approach the silver fridge, missing the look of panic that overtakes Taehyung’s face.
“No!” Namjoon shouts, startling you nearly out of your skin. He clears his throat, before putting his hands on your shoulders, leading you away from the fridge. “How about you use those dexterous fingers and keep chopping up the carrots? I’ll take my hand off otherwise. I’ll give Jiminie the veggies.”
“Suuuure,” you reply, eyes narrowing but you occupy Namjoon’s space and carry on with his job.
You don’t see the sharp smack that the five men deliver to Jimin’s head in chastisement. The absentminded pinkette flushes around his collar, ducking his head in shame.
It strikes you, then, that someone is missing from the bunch, and you ask, “Where’s Hoseok?”
“He should be on his way home from work,” Jin tells you. “He teaches dance at a rec centre in the city. Usually kids, but he’s recently taken on choreography work for a dance group.”
“That’s… impressive,” you reply, surprised. “I didn’t know he had a job.”
“We all do,” Jungkook informs you, face twisting in bewilderment. “Why’s that so surprising?”
“Just that, well, you live in such a nice apartment,” you explain, feeling strangely shy. “I didn’t think you needed to work.”
Namjoon rubs the back of his head, awkwardly. “The building belongs to Jin’s Dad, so we get to live here rent free.”
The eldest shrugs at your look of shock. “But we don’t rely on our parents for anything else. We wanted to live as independently as we can, while we’re able to.”
You don’t understand what he means by that, but the seriousness in his eyes brings you to a halt.
The seven of you work around each other, laughing and giggling as you go, and within half an hour, with team-work, you are getting the food transplanted into the living room area. Jungkook materialises a table and sets it up with enough space to allow the seven of you to sit around comfortably.
Hoseok walks into the apartment just before the boys started eating, and you hear him kick off his shoes loudly, making gleeful noises in the back of his throat.
“Is YN in here?” He asks, as he enters the living room. He perks up at the sight of you, and he grins “I thought I could smell you.”
“Smell me?”
“He’s kidding,” Namjoon says, tossing the dancer a hard look. “Obviously, not a very good joke.”
“I saw your shoes,” he explains, with a playful wink. He gives the boys all fist-bumps and high-fives, before he presses a quick kiss to your cheek, surprising you at the skin-ship. The other boys seem just a shocked, but he doesn’t give an explanation, simply stepping away with flushed cheeks, you guess from the change in temperature and rush upstairs.
Jungkook asks, “Did you have a good day, hyung?”
He nods, taking off the cap and running a hand through his sweat-slick hair. “I’m gonna catch a shower. Don’t wait for me, eat up.”
“I don’t like eating without you, hyung,” Taehyung grumbles, pouting. The dancer laughs, mussing up his hair and passing him by, rushing upstairs to clean up.
When he returns, pink in the cheeks and fresh from the shower, the seven of you are well into the meal, tissues piled from where you have all wiped your fingers and chins of the sweet-spicy noodles and sauce, empty skewers piled on a plate in the corner of the table.
“Nobody saved me any skewers?” He asks, appalled. “I feel betrayed.”
Namjoon pulls a whole pile from behind his body. “Eat these quickly. I had to practically kick Yoongi to keep him from them.”
“This is why you’re my favourite, Joonie,” Hoseok sing-songs, taking the plate and nudging in between you and Jungkook. “Move over Kookie.”
“Careful of YN’s drink,” the youngest chastises, lifting your beer in the air and handing it to you over Hoseok’s damp head. “Drink up, noona.”
You thank him with a smile and go back to sipping your drink, washing down the mouthful of well-seasoned, tasty meat. “I don’t think I ever asked. What are each of your majors? I know Jimin and Hoseok dance, and that Taehyung is an art major. Yoongi majors in music. But the rest of you – I’m not sure.”
Jin grins, but the gesture lacks his usual fervour. “Business admin and finance.” You shudder, and he nods, grimly. “Painfully boring, but I had to do it.”
“My Dad is CEO of Kim Construction Conglomerate,” he explains, with a shrug. “Eventually he wants me to join the company to aid my older brother.”
You lean forward to catch his hooded gaze. “Is that what you want?”
He shrugs into his drink, taking back the beer and wincing, as if the taste was bitter on his tongue. You know from your own sips that the alcohol is on the sweeter side, so you think that the truth is making him grimace. You drop the subject, not wanting to overstep, but you reach over to give his hand a light squeeze in comradery. He seems surprised by the gesture but he gives you a soft smile of acknowledgement.
“Applied linguistics and English literature,” Namjoon explains, lips pulling up in a shy smile.
“A book nerd,” Jimin tacks on, unhelpfully.
“A book connoisseur,” Namjoon corrects, flicking the pinkette in the forehead. “I’m glad to be graduating next year, because all these assignments are suffocating me.”
You nod in understanding before you ask, “Do you have a big collection of books?”
Hoseok scoffs around a mouthful of meat and grouches, “If you saw our room, you would recoil. There’s barely any room to walk around, let alone dance. It sucks.”
Namjoon’s cheeks pink, from the alcohol and from the chastisement. “Sorry, hyung.”
“I’d like to see it,” you say, suddenly. “The collection, not your room. I- I really do love reading.”
“She’s an anthropology major,” Taehyung says, by way of explanation. “She’s probably more of a babbling nerd than you are, hyung.”
Both you and Namjoon toss the blue-haired artist dark looks, but he simply grins, stretching out on the couch languidly, like a cat.
Jungkook glances at you, and says, mutely, “Cinematics and photography. I want to be a director one day.”
“Film-making? That’s so interesting,” you gush, happily. The alcohol is making your head swim and you are loosening up, giggling more freely, letting your eyes linger, wander, observe with a glassy gaze that only comes from intoxication. “What kinds of movies?”
“I just want to make something meaningful,” he mumbles, softly. The tip of his nose has blushed red, the apples of his cheeks are painted the same colour. “If I can make only one person feel something, I’d be able to die happy.”
“Our Jungkook doesn’t take to alcohol well,” Yoongi explains, teasingly ruffling the maknae’s cherry red hair. “He tends to get morbid quickly. Or, intensely self-reflective.”
“Neither do I, apparently,” you mumble, resting your head on Jungkook’s shoulder. “I usually drink a glass of wine once every other week. Before bed, or when we watch a movie. Stuff like that. I’ve never been a fan of beer but this,” you hold up your third can in victory, “tastes spectacular.”
The boys chuckle at your behaviour, and Jin lets out a gentle coo of “Cute.”
“Weren’t we supposed to be doing something tonight?” You ask, pushing your glasses into your hair and rubbing your eyes, brain swimming. “I feel like there was something to do.”
“We wanted to see you,” Yoongi tells you, eyes lingering on the cute way you are blinking, sluggishly. “Isn’t that something worth doing?”
Jungkook rests his head on the seat of the couch, eyes closed, content in letting you use him as a pillow, fingers tapping out a rhythm on his knee that you catch in your periphery.
You point in the dancer’s direction, accusingly. “You saw me yesterday!”
“All of us wanted to see you,” Namjoon corrects, grinning brightly.
“I don’t even know him,” you mumble, gesturing to Jimin, who pouts heavily.
“And you wouldn’t have ever known of me if you didn’t come over,” he complains. “Everyone else has fun stories about you, YN, but me. It’s not fair.”
His cheeks are pink all over, splotches of joy exploding across the expanses of honeyed skin.
You can’t help but lean forward, entranced by his aura, and you whisper, “Why are you all so inhumanly attractive?”
Jimin giggles, putting both hands under his chin and bats his eyelids, playfully. “Why? Falling for me already?”
You shake your head, exaggeratedly, from side to side, and reply, “Nope! Not my type!”
That was a partial lie – you don’t have a type. You liked pretty things, handsome things, unique things. They were all those things combined, so your vagina, at least, was very interested.
He looks scandalised, brow puckering and his mouth twists in irritation. He doesn’t know why hearing that from you twists at his chest so much, but it does. He grumbles, “If I’m not, then who is?”
“I dunno.”
Hoseok leans forward, intrigued. “C’mon, sunshine. Who, out of all of us, would you date, if you had the chance?”
“If I had the chance?” You scoff, draining the can of beer in your hand and Yoongi hands you another without thinking about it, cracking it open and watching it foam with glassy eyes. “You mean if I deigned it worth my time to date you?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” he says, dismissively, a strangely determined gleam in his eye. “Tell us. Which one of us you’d date.”
You close your eyes, and your mouth moves before your brain can properly engage with it. “Yoongi.”
The table explodes in noise.
“What the hell!”
“No way! Hyung? Why?”
“Me? Seriously? Should I be flattered?”
“I’m not your type but he is? That doesn’t even make sense!”
“Are you kidding me? When you have someone that looks this good right in front of you?”
“Wow, YN. Your taste is low. I’m surprised.”
“His personality is closest to my ex-girlfriend,” you tell them with a shrug. “Nonchalant and moody on the surface. Awfully sweet on the inside.”
Namjoon asks, a strange twist to his lips, “You like girls?”
“I like the person,” you explain with a sigh. “Their genitals don’t really matter to me until we get to bumping uglies.”
Taehyung and Hoseok nod as they chorus, “Same.”
Yoongi dips his head. “Me too.”
Jimin makes his head into a flower once more, fluttering his fingers under his chin. “Me three. Or, four, I guess.”
“My exes have been… interesting to say the least,” you say with a humorous laugh. “For example, my last girlfriend, Yoonji. She dumped me, because I wasn’t ‘emotionally available’. What even does that mean?”
“You didn’t pay enough attention to her,” Jungkook grumbles, seemingly rising from the grave, eyes blinking open to stare down at you. “Did you take her for granted?”
You gape at him, throat clenching over nothing. “No… I was always there for her when she needed me. If she wanted me to turn up outside her dorm at three in the morning because she went out and got drunk, regardless of if I had a nine am class the same day, I did. She always would say that I wasn’t doing enough and I- ugh, you know what? Forget about it.”
You toss your drink on the table, pushing it away from you in frustration, the memories welling up in your mind and making your eyes sting. You hadn’t cried since you broke up all those months ago, promising Young-mi that you’d only spend the weekend licking your wounds, crying into your tubs of ice-cream (dairy, you recall the pain you were in for the rest of the week because of it), and when you went to class the following Monday, you were fine.
That’s what you had been telling yourself for the nine months.
That you were fine.
“Noona, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset,” Jungkook mumbles from your side. You can feel the awkward tension of the other boys staring at you, the weight of their eyes on you makes you want to curl up.
Unthinkingly, you glare at him, icily, but upon seeing his chastised puppy dog look, you sigh.
He flinches away as if you’d moved to strike him when you reach up and the gesture makes you feel guilty. Softly, you soothe, “It’s okay, Kookie. I know you didn’t mean it.”
You pat his curly hair repeatedly, until the tense line of his shoulders melts away, and he relaxes into you. In a bold move, he wraps his arms around your middle, cuddling you close. Contrary to your anti-skinship rule, feeling his cool arms around you makes you feel overwhelmingly safe, not uncomfortable.
“Wow, Jungkook is being awfully brazen tonight,” Yoongi remarks. “Mere moments ago, YN said she would be my girlfriend and now he’s moving in on her so shamelessly. I ought to beat him.”
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say hyung sounds jealous,” Jimin remarks, playfully.
Yoongi sniffs, draining his beer, glaring at the pinkette over the neck of the bottle. “Jealous? What do I look like being jealous over our youngest bunny?”
Namjoon laughs, the sound loud enough to surprise you, and when you stare at him in surprise, his cheeks pink. “Yoongi-hyung usually isn’t so vocal about his feelings.”
The composer’s cheeks flush even darker at his assertion, and he curls into Namjoon’s shoulder, hiding his face from your line of sight. “Stop teasing Joonie, otherwise I’m going to hide all your Ryan toys.”
“You have Ryan plushies?”
Namjoon’s reddened cheeks are answer enough and you demand to see at least one.
The laugh that paints your voice is bright, like a splash of vibrant paint, perfect and unique – just like you – and you miss the way the boys’ eyes linger on the curve of your lips, a heap more intrigued than they logically know they should be.
- end -
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Fifty Shades Darker | Pt. 16
Masterlist / Yoongi Masterpost
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Tumblr media
Jeno's eyes flash the darkest blue, and he sneers as he casts a leering look down your body.
Fear chokes you. What is this? What does he want? From somewhere deep inside and despite your dry mouth, you find the resolve and courage to squeeze out some words, your self-defense class keep-them-talking mantra circling your brain like an ethereal sentinel.
"Jeno, now might not be a good time for this. Your cab is due in ten minutes, and I need to give you all your documents." your voice is quiet but hoarse, betraying you.
He smiles, and it's a despotic f**k-you smile that finally touches his eyes. They glint in the harsh fluorescent glow of the strip light above us in the drab windowless room. He takes a step toward you, glaring at you, his eyes never leaving yours. His pupils are dilating as you watch - the black eclipsing the blue. Oh no. Your fear escalates.
"You know I had to fight with Elizabeth to give you this job..." His voice trails off as he takes another step toward you, and you step back against the dingy wall cupboards. Keep-him-talking, keep-him-talking, keep-him-talking.
"Jeno, what exactly is your problem? If you want to air your grievances, then perhaps we should ask HR to get involved. We could do this with Elizabeth in a more formal setting." Where is security? Are they in the building yet?
"We don't need HR to overmanage this situation Y/N" he sneers. "When I hired you, I thought you would be a hard worker. I thought you had potential. But now, I don't know. You've become distracted and sloppy. And I wondered... is it your boyfriend who's leading you astray?" He says boyfriend with chilling contempt.
"I decided to check through your e-mail account to see if I could find any clues. And you know what I found, Y/N? What was out of place? The only personal e-mails in your account were to your hot-shot boyfriend." He pauses, assessing your reaction. "And I got to thinking... where are the e-mails from him? There are none. Nada. Nothing. So what's going on, Y/N? How come his e-mails to you aren't on our system? Are you some company spy, planted in here by Min's organization? Is that what this is?"
Holy shit, the e-mails. Oh no. What have you said?
"Jeno, what are you talking about?" you try for bewildered, and you are pretty convincing.
This conversation is not going as you expected, but you don't trust him in the slightest. Some subliminal pheromone that Jeno is exuding has you on high alert. This man is angry, volatile, and totally unpredictable. You try to reason with him.
"You just said that you had to persuade Elizabeth to hire me. So how could I be planted as a spy? Make up your mind, Jeno"
"But Min f**ked the New York trip, didn't he?"
Oh shit.
"How did he manage that, Y/N? What did your rich, Ivy League boyfriend do?"
What little blood remains in your face drains away, and you think you are going to faint. "I don't know what you're talking about, Jeno," you whisper. "Your cab will be here shortly. Shall I fetch your things?" Oh please. Stop this.
Jeno continues, enjoying your discomfort. "And he thinks I'd make a pass at you?" He smirks and his eyes heat. "Well, I want you to think about something while I'm in New York. I gave you this job, and I expect you to show me some gratitude. In fact, I'm entitled to it. I had to fight to get you. Elizabeth wanted someone better qualified, but I - I saw something in you. So, we need to work out a deal. A deal where you keep me happy. D'you understand what I'm saying, Y/N?"
"Look at it as refining your job description, if you like. And if you keep me happy, I won't dig any further into how your boyfriend is pulling strings, milking his contacts, or cashing in some favor from one of his Ivy League frat-boy sycophants."
Your mouth drops open. He's blackmailing you. For sex! And what can you say? News of Yoongi's takeover is embargoed for another three weeks. You can barely believe this. Sex - with you!
Jeno moves closer until he's standing right in front of you, staring down into your eyes.
His cloying sweet cologne invades your nostrils - it's nauseating - and if you are not mistaken, the bitter stench of alcohol is on his breath. Fuck, he's been drinking... when?
"You are such a tight-assed, cock-blocking, prick tease, you know, Y/N" he whispers through clenched teeth.
What? Prick tease... You?
"Jeno, I have no idea what you're talking about," you whisper, as you feel the adrenaline surge through your body. He's closer now. You waiting to make your move. Park will be proud. Park taught you what to do. Park knows his self-defense. If Jeno touches you - if he even breathes too close to you - you will take him down. Your breath is shallow. You must not faint, you must not faint.
"Look at you." He gives you a leering look. "You're so turned on, I can tell. You've really led me on. Deep down you want it. I know."
Holy f**k. The man is completely delusional. Your fear rises to defcon one, threatening to overwhelm you. "No, Jeno. I have never led you on."
"You have, you prick-teasing bitch. I can read the signs." Reaching up, he gently strokes your face with the back of his knuckles, down to your chin. His index finger strokes your throat, and your heart leaps into your mouth as you fight your gag reflex. He reaches the dip at the base of your neck, where the top button of your black shirt is open, and presses his hand against your chest.
"You want me. Admit it, Y/N."
Keeping your eyes firmly fixed on his and concentrating on what you have to do - rather than your mushrooming revulsion and dread - you place your hand gently over his in a caress.
He smiles in triumph. I grab his little finger, and twist it back, pulling it sharply down backward to his hip.
"Arrgh!" he cries out in pain and surprise, and as he leans off balance, you bring your knee, swift and hard, up into his groin, and make perfect contact with your goal. You dodge deftly to your left as his knees buckle, and he collapses with a groan onto the kitchen floor, grasping himself between his legs.
"Don't you ever touch me again," you snarl at him. "Your itinerary and the brochures are packaged on my desk. I am going home now. Have a nice trip. And in the future, get your own damn coffee."
"You f**king bitch!" he half screams, half groans at you, but you are already out the door.
You run full pelt to your desk, grab your jacket and your purse, and dash to front reception, ignoring the moans and curses emanating from the bastard still prostrate on the kitchen floor.
You burst out of the building and stop for a moment as the cool air hits your face, take a deep breath, and compose yourself. But you haven't eaten all day, and as the very unwelcome surge of adrenaline recedes, your legs give out beneath you and you sink to the ground.
You watch with mild detachment the slow motion movie that plays out in front of you: Yoongi and Dowhan in dark suits and white shirts, leaping out of the waiting car and running toward you. Yoongi sinks to his knees at your side, and on some unconscious level, all you can think is: He's here. Your love is here.
"Y/N, Y/N! What's wrong?" He scoops you into his lap, running his hands up and down your arms, checking for any signs of injury. Grabbing your head between his hands, he stares with wide, terrified, gray eyes into yours. You sag against him, suddenly overwhelmed with relief and fatigue. Oh, Yoongi's arms. There is no place you'd rather be.
"Y/N" He shakes you gently. "What's wrong? Are you sick?"
You shake your head as you realize you need to start communicating.
"Jeno" you whisper, and you sense rather than see Yoongi's swift glance at Dowhan, who abruptly disappears into the building.
"Fuck!" Yoongi enfolds you in his arms. "What did that sleazeball do to you?"
And from somewhere just the right side of crazy, a giggle bubbles in your throat. You recall Jeno's utter shock as you grabbed his finger.
"It's what I did to him." you start giggling and you can't stop.
"Y/N!" Yoongi shakes you again, and your giggling fit ceases. "Did he touch you?"
"Only once."
You feel Yoongi's muscles bunch and tense as rage sweeps through him, and he stands up swiftly, powerfully - rock steady - with you in his arms. He's furious. No!
"Where is that f**ker?"
From inside the building we hear muffled shouting. Yoongi sets you on your feet.
"Can you stand?"
You nod.
"Don't go in. Don't, Yoongi." Suddenly your fear is back, fear of what Yoongi will do to Jeno.
"Get in the car," he barks at you.
"Christian, no." you grab his arm.
"Get in the goddamned car, Y/N." He shakes you off.
"No! Please!" you plead with him. "Stay. Don't leave me on my own." you deploy yuor ultimate weapon.
Seething, Yoongi runs his hand through his hair and glares down at you, clearly wracked with indecision. The shouting inside the building escalates, and then stops suddenly.
Oh, no. What has Dowhan done?
Yoongi fishes out his Blackberry.
"Yoongi, he has my e-mails."
"My e-mails to you. He wanted to know where your e-mails to me were. He was trying to blackmail me."
Yoongi's look is murderous. Oh shit. "Fuck!" he splutters and narrows his eyes at you. He punches a number into his Blackberry.
Oh no. You are in trouble. Who's he calling?
"Barney. Min. I need you to access the SIP main server and wipe all Kim Y/N's e-mails to me. Then access the personal data files of Song Jeno and check they aren't stored there. If they are, wipe them... Yes, all of them. Now. Let me know when it's done."
He stabs the off button then dials another number.
"Roach. Min. Song - I want him out. Now. This minute. Call security. Get him to clear his desk immediately, or I will liquidate this company first thing in the morning. You already have all the justification you need to give him his pink slip. Do you understand?"
He listens for a moment and hangs up seemingly satisfied.
"Blackberry," he hisses at you through clenched teeth.
"Please don't be mad at me." you blink up at him.
"I am so mad at you right now," he snarls and once more sweeps his hand through his hair. "Get in the car."
"Yoongi, please - "
"Get in the f**king car, Y/N, or so help me I'll put you in there myself," he threatens, his eyes blazing with fury.
Oh shit. "Don't do anything stupid, please," you beg.
"STUPID! " he explodes. "I told you to use your f**king Blackberry. Don't talk to me about stupid. Get in the motherfucking car, Y/N - NOW! " he snarls and a frisson of fear runs through you. This is Very Angry Yoongi. I've not seen him this mad before. He's barely holding on to his self-control.
"Okay," you mutter, placating him. "But please, be careful."
Pressing his lips together in a hard line, he points angrily to the car, glaring at you. Jeez, okay, you get the message.
"Please be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you. It would kill me," you murmur.
He blinks rapidly and stills, lowering his arm while he takes a deep breath.
"I'll be careful," he says, his eyes softening. Oh, thank the Lord. His eyes burn into you as you head to the car, open the front passenger door, and climb in. Once you are safely in the comfort of the Audi, he disappears into the building, and your heart leaps again into your throat. What's he planning to do?
You sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Five eternal minutes. Jeno's cab pulls up in front of the Audi. Ten minutes. Fifteen. Jeez, what are they doing in there, and how is Dowhan? The wait is agonizing.
Twenty-five minutes later, Jeno emerges from the building, clutching a cardboard stor-age box. Behind him is the security guard. Where was he earlier? And after them, Yoongi and Dowhan. Jeno looks sick. He heads straight for the cab, and yo are grateful for the Audi's heavily tinted windows so he cannot see you. The cab drives off - presumably not to Sea-Tac - as Yoongi and Dowhan reach the car.
Opening the driver's door, Yoongi slides smoothly into the seat, presumably because you are in the front, and Dowhan gets in behind you. Neither of them says a word as Yoongi starts the car and pulls out into the traffic. You risk a quick glance at Fifty. His mouth is set in a firm line, but he seems distracted. The in-car phone rings.
"Min" Yoongi snaps.
"Mr. Min, Barney here."
"Barney, I'm on speaker phone, and there are others in the car," Yoongi warns.
"Sir, it's all done. But I need to talk to you about what else I found on Mr. Song's computer."
"I'll call you when I reach my destination. And thanks, Barney."
"No problem, Mr. Min"
Barney hangs up. He sounds much younger than you expected.
What else is on Jeno's computer?
"Are you talking to me?" you ask quietly.
Yoongi glances at you, before fixing his eyes back on the road ahead, and you can tell he's still mad.
"No," he mutters sullenly.
Oh, there we go... how childish. You wrap your arms around yourself and stare unseeing out the window. Perhaps you should just ask him to drop you off at your apartment, then he can "not talk" to you from the safety of Escala and save us both the inevitable quarrel. But even as you think it, you know you don't want to leave him to brood, not after yesterday.
Eventually, you pull up in front of his apartment building, and Yoongi climbs out of the car. Moving with easy grace around to yourside, he opens your door.
"Come," he orders as Dowhan clambers into the driver's seat. You take his proffered hand and follow him through the grand foyer to the elevator. He doesn't let go of you.
"Yoongi, why are you so mad at me?" you whisper as we wait.
"You know why," he mutters as we step into the elevator, and he punches in the code to his floor. "God, if something had happened to you, he'd be dead by now." Yoongi's tone chills you to the bone. The doors close.
"As it is, I'm going to ruin his career so he can't take advantage of young women anymore, miserable excuse for a man that he is." He shakes his head. "Jesus, Y/N!" He grabs you suddenly, imprisoning you in the corner of the elevator.
His hands fist in your hair as he pulls your face up to his, and his mouth is on yours, a passionate desperation in his kiss. You don't know why this takes you by surprise, but it does.
You taste his relief, his longing, and his residual anger while his tongue possesses your mouth.
He stops, gazing down at you, resting his weight against you so you can't move. He leaves you breathless, clinging to him for support, staring up into that beautiful face etched with determination and without any trace of humor.
"If anything had happened to you... If he'd harmed you..." you feel the shudder that runs through him. "Blackberry," he commands quietly. "From now on. Understand?"
You nod, swallowing, unable to break eye contact from his grim, mesmerizing look.
He straightens, releasing you as the elevator comes to a stop. "He said you kicked him in the balls." Yoongin's tone is lighter with a trace of admiration, and you think you are forgiven.
"Yes," you whisper, still reeling from the intensity of his kiss and his impassioned command.
"Park is ex-army. He taught me well."
"I'm very glad he did," he breathes and adds, arching a brow, "I'll need to remember that." Taking your hand, he leads you out of the elevator and you follow, relieved. You think that's as bad as his mood is going to get.
"I need to call Barney. I won't be long." He disappears into his study, leaving you stranded in the vast living room. Mrs. Jones is adding the finishing touches to our meal. You realize you are famished, but you need something to do.
"Can I help?" you ask.
She laughs. "No, Y/N. Can I fix you a drink or something? You look beat."
"I'd love a glass of wine."
"Yes, please."
You perch on one of the bar stools, and she hands you a glass of chilled wine. You don't know what it is, but it's delicious and slides down easily, soothing your shattered nerves. What were you thinking about earlier today? How alive you have felt since you met Yoongi. How exciting your life has become. Jeez, could you just have a few boring days?
What if you'd never met Yoongi? You'd be holed up in your apartment, talking it through with Rowoon, completely freaked by your encounter with Jeno, knowing you would have to face the sleazeball again on Friday. As it is, there's every chance you'll never set eyes on him again.
But who will you work for now? You frown. You hadn't thought of that. Shit, do you even have a job?
"Evening, Gail," Yoongi says as he comes back into the great room, dragging you from your thoughts. Heading straight to the fridge, he pours himself a glass of wine.
"Good evening, Mr. Min. Dinner in ten, sir?"
"Sounds good."
Yoongi raises his glass.
"To ex-military men who train their daughters well," he says and his eyes soften.
"Cheers," you mutter, raising your glass.
"What's wrong?" Yoongi asks.
"I don't know if I still have a job."
He cocks his head to the side. "Do you still want one?"
"Of course."
"Then you still have one."
Simple. See? He is master of your universe. You roll your eyes at him and he smiles.
Mrs. Jones makes a mean chicken potpie. She has left us to enjoy the fruits of her labors, and you feel much better now you've had something to eat. We are sitting at the breakfast bar, and despite your best cajoling, Yoongi won't tell you what Barney has found on Jeno's computer. You drop the subject, and decide to tackle instead the thorny issue of Siwon's impend-ing visit.
"Siwoon called," you say nonchalantly.
"Oh?" Yoongi turns to face you.
"He wants to deliver your photos on Friday."
"A personal delivery. How accommodating of him," Yoongi mutters.
"He wants to go out. For a drink. With me."
"I see."
"And Soo and Jin should be back," you add quickly.
Yoongi puts his fork down, frowning at you.
"What exactly are you asking?"
You bristle. "I'm not asking anything. I'm informing you of my plans for Friday. Look, I want to see Siwoon, and he wants to stay over. Either he stays here or he can stay at my place, but if he does I should be there, too."
Yoongi's eyes widen. He looks dumbfounded.
"He made a pass at you."
"Yoongi, that was weeks ago. He was drunk, I was drunk, you saved the day - it won't happen again. He's no Jeno, for heaven's sake."
"Rowoon's there. He can keep him company."
"He wants to see me, not Rowoon."
Yoongi scowls at you.
"He's just a friend." your voice is emphatic.
"I don't like it."
So what? Jeez, he's irritating sometimes. You take a deep breath. "He's my friend, Yoongi. I haven't seen him since his show. And that was too brief. I know you don't have any friends, apart from that god-awful woman, but I don't moan about you seeing her," you snap.
Yoongi blinks, shocked. "I want to see him. I've been a poor friend to him." your subconscious is alarmed. Are you stamping your little foot? Steady now!
Brown eyes blaze at you. "Is that what you think?" he breathes.
"Think about what?"
"Elena. You'd rather I didn't see her?"
Holy cow. "Exactly. I'd rather you didn't see her."
"Why didn't you say?"
"Because it's not my place to say. You think she's your only friend." you shrug in exasperation. He really doesn't get it. How did this turn into a conversation about her? You don't even want to think about her. You try to steer us back to Siwoon. "Just as it's not your place to say if I can or can't see Siwoon. Don't you see that?"
Yoogni gazes at you, perplexed, you think. Oh, what is he thinking?
"He can stay here, I suppose," he mutters. "I can keep an eye on him." He sounds petulant.
"Thank you! You know, if I am going to live here, too..." you trail off. Yoongi nods.
He knows what you are trying to say. "It's not like you haven't got the space." you smirk.
His lips quirk up slowly. "Are you smirking at me, Miss Kim?"
"Most definitely, Mr. Min." you get up just in case his palms start twitching, clear our plates, and then load them into the dishwasher.
"Gail will do that."
"I've done it now." you stand up and gaze at him. He's watching you intently.
"I have to work for a while," he says apologetically.
"Cool. I'll find something to do."
"Come here," he orders, but his voice is soft and seductive, his eyes heated. You don't hesitate to walk into his arms, clasping him around his neck as he perches on his bar stool.
He wraps his arms around you, crushes you to him, and just holds you.
"Are you okay?" he whispers into your hair.
"After what happened with that f**ker? After what happened yesterday?" he adds, his voice quiet and earnest.
You gaze into dark, serious, brown eyes. Areyou okay? "Yes," you whisper.
His arms tighten around you, and you feel safe, cherished, and loved all at once. It's blissful. Closing your eyes, you enjoy the feel of being in his arms. You love this man. You love his intoxicating scent, his strength, his mercurial ways - your Fifty.
"Let's not fight," he murmurs. He kisses your hair and inhales deeply. "You smell heavenly as usual, Y/N."
"So do you," you whisper and kiss his neck.
All too soon he releases you. "I should only be a couple of hours."
You wander listlessly through the apartment. Yoongi is still working. You have showered and dressed in some sweats and a T-shirt of your own, and you are bored. You don't want to read. If you sit still, you'll recall Jeno and his fingers on you.
You check out your old bedroom, the subs' room. Siwoon can sleep here - he'll like the view.
It's about eight fifteen, and the sun is beginning to sink into the west. The lights of the city twinkle below you. It's glorious. Yes, Siwoon will like it here. You wonder idly where Yoongi will hang Siwoon's pictures of you. You'd rather he didn't. You are not keen on looking at yourself.
Back down the hallway you find yourself outside the playroom, and without thinking, you try the door handle. Yoongi normally keeps it locked, but to your surprise, the door opens.
How strange. Feeling like a child playing hooky and straying into the forbidden forest, you walk in. It's dark. You flick the switch and the lights under the cornice light up with a soft glow. It's as you remember it. A womb-like room.
Memories of the last time you were in here flash through your mind. The belt... You wince at the recollection. Now it hangs innocently, lined up with others, on the rack beside the door. Tentatively you run your fingers over the belts, the floggers, the paddles, and the whips.
Sheesh. This is what you need to square with Dr. Flynn. Can someone in this lifestyle just stop? It seems so improbable. Wandering over to the bed, you sit on soft red satin sheets, gazing around at all the apparatus.
Beside you is the bench, above that the assortment of canes. So many! Surely one is enough? Well, the less said about that the better. And the large table. We never tried that, whatever he does on it. Your eyes fall on the chesterfield, and you move over to sit on it. It's just a couch, nothing extraordinary about it - nothing to fasten anything to, not that you can see. Glancing behind you, you spy the museum chest. Your curiosity is piqued. What does he keep in there?
As you pull open the top drawer you realize your blood is pounding through your veins. Why are you so nervous? This feels so illicit, as if you are trespassing, which of course you are. But if he wants to marry you, well...
Holy f**k, what's all this? An array of instruments and bizarre implements - you don't have a clue what they are, or what they're for - are carefully laid out in the display drawer.
You pick one up. It's bullet-shaped with a sort of handle. Hmm... what the hell do you do with that? your mind boggles, though you think you have an idea. Jeez, there are four different sizes!
Your scalp prickles and you glance up.
Yoongi is standing in the doorway, staring at you, his face unreadable. How long has he been there? You feel like you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
"Hi." you smile nervously at him, and you know your eyes are wide and that you are deathly pale.
"What are you doing?" he says softly, but there's an undercurrent in his tone .
Oh shit. Is he mad? You flush. "Er... I was bored and curious," you mutter, embarrassed to be found out. He said he'd be two hours.
"That's a very dangerous combination." He runs his long index finger across his lower lip in quiet contemplation, not taking his eyes off you. You swallow and your mouth is dry.
Slowly, he enters the room and closes the door quietly behind him, his eyes liquid brown fire. Oh my. He leans casually over the chest of drawers, but you think his stance is deceptive.
Your inner goddess doesn't know whether it's fight or flight time.
"So, what exactly are you curious about, Miss Kim? Perhaps I could enlighten you."
"The door was open... I - " you gaze at Yoongi as you hold your breath and blink, uncertain as ever of his reaction or what you should say. His eyes are dark. You think he's amused, but it's difficult to tell. He places his elbows on the museum chest and rests his chin on his clasped hands.
"I was in here earlier today wondering what to do with it all. I must have forgotten to lock it." He scowls momentarily as if leaving the door unlocked is a terrible lapse in judgment. You frown - it's not like him to be forgetful.
"But now here you are, curious as ever." His voice is soft, puzzled.
"You're not mad?" you whisper, using your remaining breath.
He cocks his head to one side, and his lips twitch in amusement.
"Why would I be mad?"
"I feel like I'm trespassing... and you're always mad at me." your voice is quiet, though you are relieved. Yoongi's brow creases once more.
"Yes, you're trespassing, but I'm not mad. I hope that one day you'll live with me here, and all this" - he gestures vaguely round the room with one hand - "will be yours, too."
Your playroom... eh? you gape at him - that's a lot to take in.
"That's why I was in here today. Trying to decide what to do." He taps his lips with his index finger. "Am I angry with you all the time? I wasn't this morning."
Oh, that's true. You smile at the memory of Yoongi when you woke, and it distracts you from the thought of what will become of the playroom. He was such fun Fifty this morning.
"You were playful. I like playful Yoongi."
"Do you now?" He arches an eyebrow, and his beautiful mouth curves up in a smile, a shy smile. Wow!
"What's this?" you hold up the silver bullet thing.
"Always hungry for information, Miss Kim. That's a butt plug," he says gently.
"Bought for you."
What? "For me?"
He nods slowly, his face now serious and wary.
You frown. "You buy new, er... toys... for each submissive?"
"Some things. Yes."
"Butt plugs?"
Okay... you swallow. Butt plug. It's solid metal - surely that's uncomfortable? You remember your discussion about sex toys and hard limits after you graduated. You think at the time you said you would try. Now, actually seeing one, you don't know if it's something you want to do. You examine it once more and place it back in the drawer.
"And this?" you take out a long, black rubbery object, made of gradually diminishing spherical bubbles joined together, the first one large and the last much smaller. Eight bubbles in total.
"Anal beads," says Yoongi, watching you carefully.
Oh! You examine them with fascinated horror. All of these, inside you... there! You had no idea.
"They have quite an effect if you pull them out mid-orgasm," he adds matter-of-factly.
"This is for me?" you whisper.
"For you." He nods slowly.
"This is the butt drawer?"
He smirks. "If you like."
You close it quickly, flushing like a stoplight.
"Don't you like the butt drawer?" he asks innocently, amused. You gaze at him and shrug, trying to brazen out your shock.
"It's not top of my Christmas card list," you mutter nonchalantly. Tentatively, you open the second drawer. He grins.
"Next drawer down holds a selection of vibrators."
You shut the drawer quickly.
"And the next?" you whisper, ashen once more, but this time with embarrassment.
"That's more interesting."
Oh! Hesitantly you pull the drawer open, not taking your eyes off his beautiful but rather smug face. Inside there are an assortment of metal items and some clothespins. Clothespins! you pick up a large metal clip-like device.
"Genital clamp," Yoongi says. He stands up and moves casually around so that he's beside you. You put it back immediately and choose something more delicate - two small clips on a chain.
"Some of these are for pain, but most are for pleasure," he murmurs.
"What's this?"
"Nipple clamps - that's for both."
"Both? Nipples?"
Yoongi smirks at you. "Well, there are two clamps, baby. Yes, both ni**les, but that's not what I meant. These are for both pleasure and pain."
Oh. He takes it from you.
"Hold out your little finger."
You do as he asks, and he clamps one clip to the tip of your finger. It's not too harsh.
"The sensation is very intense, but it's when taking them off that they are at their most painful and pleasurable." you remove the clip. Hmm, that might be nice. You squirm at the thought.
"I like the look of these," you murmur and Yoongi smiles.
"Do you now, Miss Kim? I think I can tell."
You nod shyly, biting your lip. He reaches up and tugs on your chin so you release your bottom lip. "You know what that does to me," he murmurs.
You put the clips back in the drawer, and Yoongi leans forward and pulls out two more.
"These are adjustable." He holds them up for me to inspect.
"You can wear them very tight... or not. Depending on your mood."
How does he make that sound so erotic? you swallow, and to divert his attention, pull out a device that looks like a spiky pastry cutter.
"This?" you frown. No baking in the playroom, surely.
"That's a Wartenberg pinwheel."
He reaches over and takes it from me. "Give me your hand. Palm up."
You offer him your left hand and he takes it gently, skating his thumb over your knuckles. A shiver runs through you. His skin against yours, it never fails to thrill you. He runs the wheel over your palm.
"Ah!" The prongs bite into your skin - there's more than just pain. In fact, it tickles slightly.
"Imagine that over your br**sts," Yoongi murmurs lasciviously.
Oh! You flush and snatch your hand back. Your breathing and heart rate increase. Holy cow.
"There's a fine line between pleasure and pain, Y/N," he says softly as he leans down and puts the device back in the drawer.
"Clothespins?" you whisper.
"You can do a great deal with a clothespins." His gray eyes burn.
You lean against the drawer so it closes.
"Is that all?" Yoongi looks amused.
"No..." you pull open the fourth drawer to be confounded by a mass of leather and straps. You tug at one of the straps... it appears to be attached to a ball.
"Ball gag. To keep you quiet," says Yoongi, amused once more.
"Soft limit," you mutter.
"I remember," he says. "But you can still breathe. Your teeth clamp over the ball." Taking it from you, he replicates a mouth clamping down on the ball with his fingers.
"Have you worn one of these?" you ask.
He stills and gazes down at you. "Yes."
"To mask your screams?"
He closes his eyes, and you think it's in exasperation. "No, that's not what they're about."
"It's about control, Y/N. How helpless would you be if you were tied up and couldn't speak? How trusting would you have to be, knowing I had that much power over you? That I had to read your body and your reaction, rather than hear your words? It makes you more dependent, puts me in ultimate control."
You swallow.
"You sound like you miss it."
"It's what I know," he murmurs, gazing down at you. His gray eyes are wide and serious, and the atmosphere between you has changed as if he's in the confessional.
"You have power over me. You know you do," you whisper.
"Do I? You make me feel... helpless."
"No!" Oh Fifty... "Why?"
"Because you're the only person I know who could really hurt me." He reaches up and tucks your hair behind your ear.
"Oh, Yoongi... that works both ways. If you didn't want me - " you shudder, glancing down at your twisting fingers. Therein lays your other dark reservation about us. If he wasn't so... broken, would he want you? You shake your head. You must try not to think like that.
"The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I love you," you murmur, reaching up to run your fingers through his sideburn and gently stroke his cheek. He leans his face into your touch, drops the gag back in the drawer, and reaches for you, his hands around your waist. He pulls you against him.
"Have we finished show and tell?" he asks, his voice soft and seductive. His hand moves up your back to the nape of your neck.
"Why? What did you want to do?"
He bends and kisses you gently, and you melt against him, grasping his arms.
"Y/N, you were nearly attacked today." His voice is soft but ice-cold and wary.
"So?" you ask, enjoying the feel of his hand at your back and his proximity. He pulls his head back and scowls down at you.
"What do you mean, 'so?' " he rebukes.
You gaze up into his lovely, grumpy face, and you are dazzled.
"Yoongi, I'm fine."
He wraps you in his arms, holding you close. "When I think what might have happened," he breathes, burying his face in your hair.
"When will you learn that I'm stronger than I look?" you whisper reassuringly into his neck, inhaling his delicious scent. There is nothing better on the planet than being in Yoongi's arms.
"I know you're strong," Yoongi muses quietly. He kisses your hair, then to your great disappointment, releases you. Oh?
Bending down you fish another item out of the open drawer. Several cuffs attached to a bar. You hold it up.
"That," says Yoongi, his eyes darkening, "is a spreader bar with ankle and wrist restraints."
"How does it work?" you ask, genuinely intrigued. Your inner goddess pops her head out of her bunker.
"You want me to show you?" he breathes in surprise, closing his eyes briefly.
You blink at him. When he opens his eyes, they are blazing.
Oh my. "Yes, I want a demonstration. I like being tied up," you whisper as your inner goddess pole vaults from the bunker onto her chaise longue.
"Oh, Y/N" he murmurs. He looks pained all of a sudden.
"Not here."
"What do you mean?"
"I want you in my bed, not in here. Come." He grabs the bar and myour hand, then leads you promptly out of the room.
Why are you leaving? You glance behind you as you exit. "Why not in there?"
Yoongi stops on the stairs and gazes up at you, his expression grave.
"Y/N, you may be ready to go back in there, but I'm not. Last time we were in there, you left me. I keep telling you - when will you understand?" He frowns, releasing you so that he can gesticulate with his free hand.
"My whole attitude has changed as a result. My whole outlook on life has radically shifted. I've told you this. What I haven't told you is - " He stops and runs his hand through his hair, searching for the correct words. "I'm like a recovering alcoholic, okay? That's the only comparison I can draw. The compulsion has gone, but I don't want to put temptation in my way. I don't want to hurt you."
He looks so remorseful, and in that moment, a sharp nagging pain lances through you.
What have you done to this man? Have you improved his life? He was happy before he met you, wasn't he?
"I can't bear to hurt you because I love you," he adds, gazing up at you, his expression one of absolute sincerity like a small boy telling a very simple truth.
He's completely guileless, and he takes your breath away. You adore him more than anything or anyone. You do love this man unconditionally.
You launch yourself at him so hard that he has to drop what he's carrying to catch you as you push him up against the wall. Grabbing his face between your hands, you pull his lips to yours. You can taste his surprise as you push your tongue into his mouth. You are standing on the step above him - you're at the same level, and you feel euphorically empowered. Kissing him passionately, your fingers twisting into his hair, you want to touch him, everywhere, but restrain yourself, knowing his fear. Regardless, your desire unfurls, hot and heavy, blossoming deep inside you. He groans and grabs your shoulders, pushing you away.
"Do you want me to f**k you on the stairs?" he mutters, his breathing ragged. "Because right now, I will."
"Yes," you murmur and you are sure your dark gaze matches his.
He glares at you, his eyes hooded and heavy. "No. I want you in my bed." He scoops you up suddenly over his shoulder, making you squeal, loudly, and smacks you hard on your behind, so that you squeal again. As he heads down the stairs, he stoops to pick up the fallen spreader bar.
Mrs. Jones is coming out of the utility room when we pass through the hall. She smiles at us, and you give her an apologetic upside-down wave. YOu don't think Yoongi notices her.
In the bedroom, he sets you down on your feet and drops the spreader on to the bed.
"I don't think you'll hurt me," you breathe.
"I don't think I'll hurt you, either," he says. He takes your head in his hands and kisses you, long and hard, igniting your already heated blood.
"I want you so much," he whispers against your mouth, panting. "Are you sure about this - after today?'
"Yes. I want you, too. I want to undress you." you can't wait to get your hands on him - your fingers are itching to touch him.
His eyes widen and for a moment, he hesitates, perhaps to consider your request.
"Okay," he says cautiously.
YOu reach for the second button on his shirt and hear him catch his breath.
"I won't touch you if you don't want me to," you whisper.
"No," he responds quickly. "Do. It's fine. I'm good," he mutters.
You gently undo the button and your fingers glide down his shirt to the next. His eyes are large and luminous, his lips parted as his breathing shallows. He is so beautiful, even in his fear... because of his fear. You undo the third button and notice his soft hair poking through the large V of the shirt.
"I want to kiss you there," you murmur.
He inhales sharply. "Kiss me?"
"Yes," you murmur.
His gasps as you undo the next button and very slowly lean forward, making your intention clear. He's holding his breath, but stands stock-still as you plant a gentle kiss among the soft, exposed curls. You undo the final button and lift your face to him. He's gazing at you, and there's a look of satisfaction, calm, and... wonder on his face.
"It's getting easier, isn't it?" you whisper.
He nods as you slowly push his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
"What have you done to me, Y/N?" he murmurs. "Whatever it is, don't stop." And he gathers you in his arms, fisting both his hands in your hair and pulling your head right back so that he can have easy access to your throat.
He runs his lips up to your jaw, nipping softly. You groan. Oh, you want this man. YOur fingers fumble at his waistband, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper.
"Oh, baby," he breathes as he kisses you behind your ear. You feel his erection, firm and hard, straining against you. You want him - in your mouth. You step back abruptly and drop to your knees.
"Whoa?" he gasps.
You tug his pants and boxers sharply, and he springs free. Before he can stop you, you take him into your mouth, sucking hard, enjoying his shocked astonishment as his mouth drops open. He gazes down at you, watching your every move, eyes so dark and filled with carnal bliss. Oh my. You sheath your teeth and suck harder. He closes his eyes and surrenders to this blissful carnal pleasure is so arousing. You know what you do to him, and it's hedonistic, liberating, and sexy as hell. The feeling is heady, you are not just powerful - you are omniscient.
"Fuck," he hisses and gently cradles your head, flexing his hips so he moves deeper inside your mouth. Oh yes, you want this and you swirl your tongue around him, pulling hard...  over and over.
"Ana." He tries to step back.
Oh no you don't, Min. You want him. You grab his hips firmly, doubling your efforts, and you can tell he's close.
"Please," he pants. "I'm gonna come, Y/N" he groans.
Good. Your inner goddess's head is thrown back in ecstasy, and he comes, loudly and wetly, into your mouth.
He opens his bright gray eyes, gazing down at you, and you smile up at him, licking your lips. He grins back at you, a wicked, salacious grin.
"Oh, so this is the game we're playing, Miss Kim?" He bends, hooks his hands under your arms, and pulls you to your feet. Suddenly his mouth is on yours. He groans.
"I can taste myself. You taste better," he murmurs against your lips. He tugs your T-shirt off and throws it carelessly onto the floor, then picks you up and tosses you onto the bed.
Grabbing the end of your sweats, he tugs abruptly so that they come off in one swift move.
You are naked underneath, sprawled across his bed. Waiting. Wanting. His eyes drink you in, and slowly he removes his remaining clothes, not taking his eyes off you.
"You are one beautiful woman, Y/N" he murmurs appreciatively.
Hmm... you tilt your head coquettishly to one side and beam at him.
"You are one beautiful man, Yoongi, and you taste mighty fine."
He gives you a wicked grin and reaches for the spreader bar. Grabbing your left ankle, he quickly cuffs it, strapping the buckle tightly, but not too tight. He tests how much room you have by sliding his little finger between the cuff and your ankle. He doesn't take his eyes off yours; he doesn't need to see what he's doing. Hmm... he's done this before.
"We'll have to see how you taste. If I recall, you're a rare, exquisite delicacy, Miss Kim."
Grasping your other ankle, he quickly and efficiently cuffs that one as well, so that your feet are about two feet apart.
"The good thing about this spreader is, it expands," he murmurs. He clicks something on the bar, then pushes, so your legs spread further. Whoa, three feet apart. Your mouth drops open, and you take a deep breath. Fuck, this is hot. You are on fire, restless and needy.
Yoongi licks his lower lip.
"Oh, we're going to have some fun with this, Y/N." Reaching down he grasps the bar and twists it so you flip on to your front. It takes you by surprise.
"See what I can do to you?" he says darkly and twists it again abruptly, so you are once more on your back, gaping up at him, breathless.
"These other cuffs are for your wrists. I'll think about that. Depends if you behave or not." "When do I not behave?"
"I can think of a few infractions," he says softly, running his fingers up the soles of your feet. It tickles, but the bar holds you in place, though you try to writhe away from his fingers.
"Your Blackberry, for one."
You gasp. "What are you going to do?"
"Oh, I never disclose my plans." He smirks, his eyes alight with pure devilment.
Holy cow. He's so mind-bogglingly sexy, it takes your breath away.
He crawls up the bed so that he's kneeling between your legs, gloriously naked, and you are helpless.
"Hmm. You are so exposed, Miss KIM." He runs the fingers of both his hands up the inside of each of your legs, slowly, surely, making small circular patterns. Never breaking eye contact with you.
"It's all about anticipation, Y/N. What will I do to you?" His softly spoken words pen-etrate right to the deepest, darkest, part of you. You wriggle on the bed and moan. His fingers continue their slow assault up your legs, past the backs of your knees. Instinctively, you want to close your legs but you can't.
"Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me to stop," he murmurs. Bending over, he kisses your belly, soft, sucky kisses while his hands continue their slow tortuous journey north up your inner thighs, touching and teasing.
"Oh please, Yoongi" you plead.
"Oh, Miss Kim. I've discovered you can be merciless in your amorous assaults upon me. I think I should return the favor."
Your fingers clutch the duvet as you surrender yourself to him, his mouth gently heading south, his fingers north, to the vulnerable and exposed apex of your thighs. You groan as he eases his fingers inside you and buck your pelvis up to meet them. Yoongi moans in response.
"You never cease to amaze me, Y/N. You're so wet," he murmurs against the line where your pubic hair joins your belly. Your body bows as his mouth finds you.
Oh my.
He begins a slow and sensual assault, his tongue swirling around and around while his fingers move inside you. Because you can't close your legs, or move, it's intense, really intense.
Your back arches as you try to absorb the sensations.
"Oh, Yoongi" you cry.
"I know, baby," he whispers, and to ease up on you, he blows softly on the most sensitive part of yourbody.
"Arrgh! Please!" you beg.
"Say my name," he commands.
"Yoongi," you call, hardly recognizing yourown voice - it's so high-pitched and needy.
"Again," he breathes.
"Yoongi, Yoongi, Min Yoongi," you call out loudly.
"You are mine." His voice is soft and deadly and with one last flick of his tongue, You fall - spectacularly - embracing your orgasm, and because your legs are so far apart, it goes on and on and you are lost.
Vaguely, you are aware that Yoongihas flipped you on to your front.
"We're going to try this, baby. If you don't like it, or it's too uncomfortable, tell me, and we'll stop."
What? Are you too lost in the afterglow to form any sentient or coherent thoughts. You are sitting on Yoongi's lap. How did that happen?
"Lean down, baby," he murmurs at your ear. "Head and chest on the bed."
In a daze you do as you are told. He pulls both your hands backward and cuffs them to the bar, next to yourankles. Oh... Your knees are drawn up, your ass in the air, utterly vulnerable, completely his.
"Y/N, you look so beautiful." His voice is full of wonder, and you hear the rip of foil. He runs his fingers from the base of  your spine down toward your sex and pauses a beat over your ass. "When you're ready, I want this, too." His finger is hovering over you. You gasp loudly as you feel yourself tense under his gentle probing. "Not today, sweet Y/N, but one day... I want you every way. I want to possess every inch of you. You're mine."
You think about the butt plug, and everything tightens deep inside you. His words make you groan, and his fingers move down and around to more familiar territory.
Moments later, he's slamming into me. "Aagh! Gently," you cry, and he stills.
"You okay?"
"Gently... let me get used to this."
He eases slowly out of you then eases gently back, filling you, stretching you, twice, thrice, and you are helpless.
"Yes, good, I've got it now," you murmur, relishing the feeling.
He groans, and picks up his rhythm. Moving, moving... relentless... onward, inward, filling you... and it's exquisite. There's joy in your helplessness, joy in your surrender to him, and to know that he can lose himself in you the way he wants to. You can do this. He takes you to these dark places, places you didn't know existed, and together you fill them with blinding light. Oh yes... blazing, blinding light.
And you let go, glorying in what he does to you, finding your sweet, sweet release, as you come again, loudly, screaming his name. And he stills, pouring his heart and soul into you.
"Y/N, baby," he cries and collapses beside you.
His fingers deftly undo the straps, and he rubs your ankles then your wrists. When he's finished and you are finally free, he pulls you into his arms and you drift, exhausted.
When you surface again, you are curled beside him and he's gazing at you. You have no idea what the time is.
"I could watch you sleep forever, Y/N," he murmurs and he kisses your forehead.
You smile and shift languorously beside him.
"I never want to let you go," he says softly and wraps his arms around you.
Hmm. "I never want to go. Never let me go," you mutter sleepily, your eyelids refusing to open. "I need you," he whispers, but his voice is a distant, ethereal part of your dreams. He needs you... needs you... and as you finally slip into the darkness, your last thoughts are of a small boy with brown eyes and dirty, messy, copper-colored hair smiling shyly at you.
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noteguk · a month ago
bad karma | jjk | m
[ ! ] this is part of the bad influence collection, and you cannot read this as a stand-alone.
— summary; in which you two can’t run from your problems any longer. 
— contents and warnings; smut, fluff, a disgusting amount of angst, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, (not so) secret relationship, arguments, smoking, they take a break, everyone is sad, jisoo feels betrayed, more cinematic parallels to the previous parts, FINALLY the L word, two smut scenes!, dirty talk, breast play, so much kissing, soft sex, oral (m receiving), deepthroating, fingering, pet names, praise kink, 1 single spank, unprotected sex (don’t.), creampie, sentimental cockwarming lol, one (1) mention of “daddy” but more mockingly than as the actual kink, anyways this goes downhill really fast but it has a happy ending so hang on!! 
— words; 23,7k
— author’s note; what can I say except: I’m sorry? We’ve finally reached The Angst. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. (Ps: the “tribulation” drabble is very important for this part!! Also the “feels like summer” one. So please read those if you haven’t already!) 
Tumblr media
Thinking back now, it was impressive that you and Jungkook managed to go as far as you did without any major problems arising and threatening your relationship. Also thinking back now, it was quite obvious that those issues would catch up to you sooner or later. 
Yongsun was somewhat interested in the mystical, spiritual parts of life — which was the reason why she almost joined a cult and sold her soul, and also why you started to pay attention to equal numbers in the first place. By the end of the summer, even if you didn’t believe it one bit, those so-called angel numbers were starting to get obnoxious given how often you saw them on your phone screen and, every single time, the meaning would be the same: big changes coming, life is moving towards a different cycle. A tower moment, if you will. 
You thought that was the biggest cop-out in history: life is always changing, always moving and, if you believed something like that, even an alteration so small as a change in your class schedule would be enough confirmation that those repeated numbers were correct. Nevertheless, even if you weren’t buying all that esoteric mumble jumble your roommate drilled into your brain, it was obvious that something was about to shift. 
Before all that, summer had been perfect, a huge slice of paradise that you were sure you would only experience once in a lifetime. The days you spent with Jungkook were healing, comforting, and you walked out of that month (and a half!) by his side much more secure in your relationship. Even if your last night together wasn’t exactly textbook romance, it still had depth in its own, gut-wrenching way. 
And that was where the main issue started. 
You had made a promise to Jungkook that night: that you wouldn’t leave him like he meant nothing to you; that you would be there for him if ever he needed you. And, for those last few months, you had been truthful to your word. Still, considering your shared inability to fully discuss your feelings for one another, your much-awaited return to campus wasn’t as tranquil as you had hoped it would be. 
A couple months after Jungkook asked himself if he would ever wake up next to you again, he was smiling like an idiot as you waltzed into your bedroom, two cups in hand and a concentrated expression on your face. He couldn’t help it, he thought you were always the cutest when you woke up — and bonus points if you also wore his shirt, like you were doing that day. “There you are,” he greeted as if he hadn’t seen you the night before. You handed him his cup, frowning when he said, “Missed you to death, princess.” 
“You were asleep,” you reasoned, balancing the hot liquid in your cup as you sat down beside him, back against the headboard. 
“My point stands,” Jungkook said, smooching your cheek. “Thanks for the coffee, baby.” 
You smiled. “You should thank Yongsun, not me. She made it earlier,” you told him. 
Jungkook took a sip, pausing for a second. “That explains why it tastes so much better than usual.”
“Wow,” you deadpanned. “I’ll never bring you coffee again.” 
He laughed, reaching for his phone on your nightstand. Jungkook was all over your room now — his charger was on your floor, his hoodie was on your chair, his car keys were thrown somewhere on your desk, covering a gruesome picture in your dermatology book. It was hard to find a part of your world that he didn’t touch. “You know I’m joking, baby,” he said, “I wouldn’t have endured you for so long if you didn’t make good coffee.”
“Now you just sent feminism back, like, a hundred years,” you complained, taking a sip yourself — it was hard to argue when Yongsun’s coffee was far superior, so you decided to change the subject. “So, what were you going on about? Last night.” 
His eyebrows came down in confusion as he unlocked his phone, mind blank. “What?”
Another sip later, your answer came. “You know, before you fell asleep and drooled all over my shirt,” you said. Technically, it was his. But that wasn’t the point. “You were talking about your family?” 
Jungkook’s thumb hovered over the screen for a second, his eyes glazed over as he thought back to the night before. In that short instant, you knew he was debating whether to bring that subject back up. “Ah. Yeah,” he finally broke the silence, giving up on whatever he was searching for. Jungkook locked his phone and placed it back on the nightstand before turning back to you. “They wanna meet you.”
It was your turn to take a moment to digest his words. You leaned the side of your head against the headboard, staring at him. “You told them about me?”
“Kind of. They asked.” He shrugged, once again breaking eye contact so he could put his cup aside as well. Jungkook usually did that when he was nervous, finding small, unspoken excuses to switch his attention elsewhere. “Said that it’s kinda complicated, though.”
You blinked. “Is it?” 
He looked at you. “What?”
Way more than it should be by now, he thought, but decided not to go down that route. He was in the process of shutting down his insecure, baseless thoughts when it came to you, and he would like to believe that he had made quite good progress. Still, swallowing down his emotions and allowing it to consume him from the inside out also wasn’t the best approach to any of it. 
“I don’t know. It feels like it sometimes,” Jungkook explained, reaching for your hand. Your fingers were still warm from holding onto the steaming cup, and they slotted themselves between his own. “But it feels simple too.” 
You nodded, leaning closer to him so you could also put your cup on the nightstand. Suddenly, you felt a bit sick, appetite lost. “Yeah, I see what you mean,” you admitted. 
Summer had been great — really great — but to claim that it was all roses would’ve been a boldfaced lie. Going back home when the two of you were supposed to be at the height of your time together was extremely painful, and dealing with the overwhelming distance after such a vulnerable last night together was a constant sting in your heart. 
You felt like you were fooling yourself, unsure of what was going on inside your head. After so many times you had shut down Jungkook’s offers to go see you, you had to sit yourself down and ask why the hell that was. First, came the shallow, calculated response: because you didn’t want to bother him, a five-hour drive was a huge commitment. Okay, your rational side spoke up, but if Jungkook still wanted to see you, even knowing the duration of the trip, why didn’t you let him? 
So, the actual reason presented itself: your parents. 
To put it quite simply, your parents were the cornerstone of who you used to be when you first met Jungkook, and you knew for a fact that they wouldn’t really appreciate your choice of a boyfriend — at least not at first. Perhaps they would grow to like him as time went on, but you seriously weren't in the right mindset to go through hell on earth just to prove his worth to them. 
It was kind of embarrassing, but you started to make these ridiculous predictions for when it would be suitable for Jungkook to fully enter your personal life: after he graduated, perhaps, or maybe after he got a job. Maybe earlier, if he managed to improve his grades and, like, start an internship in the international space station or something. Basically, you were trying to find a moment in which, miraculously, Jungkook wouldn’t be… Jungkook. And you knew that wasn’t going to happen.
All that drama only led you to another layer of anguish: you thought you had gone through all that already — the purging of social norms, the brave claim that you would openly love him despite what others thought. And, for most things, you did. But, when it came to such a vital chunk of your life, you still thought your value was directly correlated to your accomplishments — and that included your romantic life as well. 
As if that wasn’t enough, your parents seemed to be dead set on talking about your future, about discussing the next steps you should take, and all the programs you could apply to in the future. You wanted to relax, wanted some time away from it all so you could actually breathe, put your thoughts together and make your own decision for once. Worst part was you couldn’t help but think that, barely one year ago, you were just the same — overworking, neurotic, extremely aware of how the world percieved you. You hadn’t noticed how much being with Jungkook had changed things until you had to face the version of you that you had left behind. 
Familiarity is a dangerous thing, and it can handcuff you to your vices, to your bad habits. All that time spent with your parents only served to increase your anxiety and, with it, bring back some academic issues you were facing. Right before summer break, you had received the lowest grade of your life — a bold 52%, which luckily didn’t stop you from passing that particular class — and it all happened because Jungkook had convinced you to skip a couple days of revision to be with him. 
Scratch that: you had chosen to do it, disregarding your previous plans like they were nothing. 
That worried you, that clear image of your priorities being switched around, and the damaging ramifications those decisions brought along. You cared about Jungkook deeply, but you also worried that you were starting to let yourself go when it came to him. It only solidified your decision that, yeah, it certainly wasn’t the right time for him to waltz into your family home looking like the reason your GPA had dropped; maybe it was time to take a step back and measure your relationship through a different lense. 
Hence, those issues and so many others stuck to the back of your mind as summer reached its end and you saw yourself coming back to campus. Angel numbers or not, there had been countless warning signs that things between you and Jungkook weren’t as smooth sailing as before — because, of course, the signs had been there — and you had ignored all of them — of course, you did. A good relationship could not stand strong when its foundation was weak, neglected, filled with shame, hesitation, worries, and unspoken issues. And if there was something you two were good at, it was brushing things aside and hoping that they wouldn’t escalate. 
Still, some part of you hoped — begged — that everything would still magically fall into place and no issues would arise. Because if it had worked out so far, there was no reason for that to change, right? 
Jungkook cleared his throat, dragging you out of your thoughts. “So… Would you… I don’t know,” he struggled to speak. “Wanna… like... meet them? Sometime?” 
What he was really asking, of course, was if you two were really together for the long run, if it was serious enough to show you to his family. “Yes, of course,” you agreed, even if you weren’t fully sure about it. “Why wouldn’t I?”
He chuckled, humorless. “They’re… a lot.”
“You’re saying that because you haven’t met my parents.” You smiled. Jungkook wasn’t one to bring up his family often, so you were still tiptoeing around the subject, afraid to say the wrong thing and close that door once again. “Didn’t think you’d be the kind to worry about something like this, though. I thought you’d be more of the fuck what you think, I do what I want type.” 
“Yeah, about most things,” he remarked, thumb caressing the back of your hand. “It’s different with you. I want them to like you.”
You rolled your eyes, trying to break the ice. “Duh, look at me. What is there not to like?” 
He caught onto your bait instantly. “A lot of things, actually.” 
“Really?” You raised one eyebrow, staring him down. You were relieved that you managed to switch the subject before you cornered yourself into a topic you couldn’t escape — more specifically, when would he meet your parents? “Dangerous territory, Jungkook. Think about your words wisely.” 
He smiled. “I don’t have to think about it, I mean it.”
“Tell me one thing,” you pressed on. 
Jungkook didn’t even blink. “You snore too much.” 
You gasped, offended. “I do not, shut up!” You exclaimed. 
“Not always, but when you do, it’s hell,” he said, a smirk already curling up on his lips. “You moan a lot in your sleep, though.”
You gasped once more, faking shock, but your cheeks heated up regardless. The idea of being vocal in your sleep made you want to tear your hair out. “I do not!” 
“How do you know? You’re asleep,” he teased. 
“So are you,” you reasoned, poking his forehead. “And you are the heaviest sleeper I know, so don’t even start with me. You slept through two fire alarms, there’s no way you’re listening to me doing whatever.” 
Jungkook took one hand to your face, pushing down on your cheeks and making you pout. “Fine, I’m just fucking with you.” He leaned in, placing a kiss on your lips. You whined in protest, which only made him chuckle. “You’re cute when you’re mad.” 
“This is toxic behavior,” you told him. 
“Hmmm yeah?” Jungkook nuzzled his face on the crook of your neck, pulling you closer by the waist. Your hands landed on the back of his head, digging into his hair. “Break up with me, then.”
You rolled your eyes. “You break up with me.” 
He chuckled, pulling you onto his lap. You sat down instantly, legs on either side of his body. “Why? You’re the one calling me toxic.” 
You couldn’t help but laugh along when he started placing kisses on your skin, feather-light and slow. “The road to redemption starts by freeing me from your toxic grasp,” you said playfully, “by breaking up with me.”
Jungkook leaned back so he could meet your eyes, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. You couldn’t get over how soft he looked after waking up, even if you had witnessed that sight so many times during the summer. “You almost convinced me there,” he joked, pecking your lips. Then, much more focused, much lower, he added, “Is Yongsun home?”
His tone was laced with second intentions and you gasped those instantly. You raised one eyebrow. “No. But do you even care?” 
Jungkook laughed, confirming your suspicions. “No, but you do,” he remarked. “Especially after you told her a lot more than you should. I’m starting to think you have a thing for exhibitionism, princess.” 
“Look who’s talking.” Your fingers pulled on his hair, making Jungkook bite his lip at the sensation. He was close, his chest flush against yours and his arms circling your waist. For a second, he was butter melting in your hands. “You love to fuck me in public.” 
However, your attempt at taking control of the subject didn’t work as well as you had anticipated. “You didn’t deny it,” Jungkook threw back. One of his hands landed on your ass, pressing you forward so your mound rubbed against his center. His cock was already at half mast, impatiently poking against your pelvis as he slowly grinded up against your panties. “I do love it, big deal. And you love getting fucked in public.” 
“Guilty as charged,” you admitted, taking one hand to your heart. “Arrest me, officer.” 
Jungkook didn’t express as much emotion as you anticipated — which, in Jungkook language, meant that he was probably considering it. Still, he reached out for the hand that was over your chest, bringing it to his lips so he could kiss your knuckles. “I would, but I left my handcuffs at home,” he answered. You were ready to keep that banter going, but he interrupted you before you had the chance. “Fuck, princess. Did I ever tell you how sexy you look with my clothes on?”
Only like fifty times since you put his shirt on. Give or take. “You might have mentioned it before, yeah,” you said. “Why? Are you going to fuck me in it or not?”
Jungkook smirked, fingers playing with the collar of your/his shirt. It was a simple piece of clothing, but the dark, oversized fabric was sinful on you. “You liked it last time,” he teased, eyes trailing down to the curve of your breasts, the way the hem of his shirt had hiked up your thighs, presenting him with the outline of your panties. He licked his lips, two fingers pressing down against your clothed clit. “Bet you’re soaked already.” 
“And if I am?” You asked, pressing your body forward so you rubbed yourself against his bulge. Jungkook clenched his jaw, pushing your panties to the side and teasing your clit directly. You gasped, which quickly turned into a whine. “Kook,” you called. “Stop teasing and fuck me already.” 
“Do you ever stop and realize how much you rush me?” He sighed, meeting your gaze with faux disappointment in his eyes. “You’re so impatient, princess. Ever since I met you.” 
“You make me impatient,” you told him, unable to hold back a moan when he rubbed you just right. “Besides, I have places to go, people—” You gasped. “People to see.”
In fact, you were pretty sure you had something important to do that day. You just couldn’t remember what. 
“Is that so?” Jungkook questioned, removing his hand from your heat. You protested, but those same fingers were soon on your face, holding you by the jaw and pulling your head closer to him. “Before all that, you have me,” he said. You felt your own wetness covering your cheeks as he pressed down on them, silently asking for you to open your mouth. You did as he requested, parting your lips and pushing your tongue out. “Good girl.” 
Jungkook closed the distance between you two, his own tongue coming out to lick yours before he was pressing his lips against your own, trapping you in a messy kiss. You moaned when he leaned his head to the side and deepened it, a sound that he gladly swallowed, sucking on your tongue for good measure. It was just so uncoordinated, so sloppy, that Jungkook couldn’t help but groan at the feeling, one hand crashing down against your ass, greedily grabbing the flesh as you grinded down against his throbbing cock. 
His previous thought of fucking you with his shirt on went out of the window the second your breasts pressed against his chest and he knew he needed to touch them, to see them bounce as he fucked you. Jungkook’s hands were quick to dip beneath the fabric, rubbing their way up your hips, to your waist, and all the way up to your plump breasts. “Take it off,” he demanded.
You giggled at his eagerness, but did as he requested, pushing the shirt off and throwing it on the bed. Jungkook didn’t waste one second to pull you closer, strong hands holding to your waist as his mouth attacked your breasts, sucking and licking the flesh as you squirmed in his hold. “So good,” you moaned, back arching as his teeth grazed your nipple. “Fuck, feels so good.” 
But it really wasn’t enough. When he pulled back, Jungkook had to fight against every nerve in his body not to shove his cock inside you right away and fuck you like he meant it. You seemed so overwhelmed already, parted eyes and swollen lips, gaze stuck to his mouth as if you were silently begging for more. It was absurd how every time he saw you, it still felt like the first; like every touch of your lips on his still made him dizzy. 
He had never loved anyone as hard as he loved you. 
You smiled at him. “What are you staring at?” 
“You’re so fucking pretty,” he breathed out, one large hand on your cheek; his mouth brushing against yours. You smelled of coffee and that sweet shampoo that he adored, and Jungkook felt like he was floating. “Can’t believe you’re mine.” One more kiss against your lips and you were melting, sighing as he pulled away. “Be a good girl for me?” 
“I always am,” you said, obedient. 
“That’s true,” Jungkook acknowledged, kissing you once more. “Want your pretty mouth wrapped around my cock, baby. Do that for me?”
You agreed, because how could you say no to that? 
“Good girl, always so perfect,” Jungkook praised, making all those stupid butterflies flutter in your stomach. You never knew if he was aware of how much his reassuring words and compliments made you lose your mind. And maybe that was for the best. “Stop when I tell you to.” 
You hummed, pressing your hands on the mattress, on either side of his body, as you started kissing down his neck, his chest. “Yes, daddy,” you said playfully. 
Jungkook’s reaction was almost comical, his body locking up for a second when the special term reached his ears. You pretended nothing had happened, lips ghosting over his abs, tongue licking the spaces between his muscles. “Don’t. Not now,” he warned, one hand finding the back of your head. He tugged on your hair, earning a whimper from you. “Behave, baby.” 
Finally, you reached the hem of his boxers. You pressed lazy kisses onto his covered length as your fingers slowly hooked over the elastic, pulling the fabric down. “Sorry, I couldn't help it.” You pouted. Jungkook decided to ignore your faux innocence so he could focus on his cock being freed from his underwear, watching as it bounced back on his abdomen, hard and leaking. “I’ll be good — pinky promise.” 
Jungkook opened his mouth to respond, but you acted faster than his words were able to leave him. Your lips wrapped around his head and you sucked, tongue teasing his frenulum as you moaned around him. He could only moan at the sudden feeling, hips bucking into your mouth as you started going up and down on his length. 
“God, fuck, that’s it,” he breathed out, spreading his legs a bit. You used the extra space to move closer, changing the angle of your actions. “Take it all in for me? Yeah?” 
You tried your best to fulfill his request, sinking down as far as you could, using your hand to pump the places you couldn’t reach. From the way his breathing hitched, turning into a long moan, you guessed you were doing a good job. 
Jungkook grabbed a handful of your hair, cursing through his teeth as you sunk your head further, hollowing your cheeks. “Fuck, baby,” he hissed, throwing his head back. Jungkook was breathing heavily, struggling to keep his eyes open as you sucked his cock like you were born for it. “Yeah, yeah, just like that. Such a good fucking girl.” 
You moaned around him at the praise, pressing your legs together. There was a wet spot growing in your panties, your pussy clenching around nothing as you continued to suck him. 
Jungkook raised his hips the second you were sinking down, which made his cock hit the back of your throat. You gagged at the unforeseen contact, tears accumulating in your eyes as you tried to fight through the feeling. “Holy shit— That feels so good, princess. Do that again for me?” He groaned, and you gave him a pathetic excuse for a nod before you repeated the movement, this time controlling your gag reflex considerably better. “Fuck, you’re so good. You’re so pretty — shit — so pretty with my cock in your mouth.” 
It wasn’t news that Jungkook always got a little too carried away when you were giving him head, but it was impossible to get used to it. You had a theory that it was likely the closest you’d ever get to seeing him being truly submissive (without being physically restrained) and you frankly didn’t know how to act. He would get so shifty, his thighs flexing and relaxing again and again and his chest heaving as you took him deep inside your mouth; abs clenching and shivers running through his body when you moved back to lick his tip. Even his grip on your hair was somewhat loose, his fingers slightly shaky at how much he was holding back from just fucking your throat. 
After a few past mistakes, you had learned not to disturb that very delicate balance: to not tease him about it, to not even mention anything that would imply you were taking the lead. Once you did that, Jungkook was always fast to turn the game around, and that beautiful spectacle would be ruined forever. Now, the alternative wasn’t bad by any means, but you liked that glimpse into his more relaxed, passive side as well. 
Did you use that against him? Yes. But that wasn’t the point. Because, at least that morning, you were just trying to behave, to give him what he wanted for a change. Jungkook always took such good care of you, it was only fair you did the same. 
And you almost successfully reciprocated when he decided to ruin your moment. 
“Baby, baby, baby— shit, wait,” he breathed out, hand pulling your head back, making you release his member with a loud pop. “Stop, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” 
You pouted, disappointed. Way to start the day. “I want you to cum though. Why did you—” 
“Just come up here.” Jungkook tapped on his thigh. Actually, it was a great way to start the day. “Sit down for me.”
After absolutely no hesitation from your part, you found yourself sitting down on his lap, his cock hard and heavy against your inner thigh, precum and saliva wetting your skin. 
With one hand landing on your waist, Jungkook kept you steady over him as his other hand moved between your legs. He growled at the feeling of how wet you were, just dripping down his fingers at the smallest form of contact, the fabric of your panties now utterly ruined. “Fuck, princess, you got this soaked just by sucking my cock?” To which you nodded, somewhat embarrassed, then moaned once two of his digits entered your pussy simultaneously. “Does it make you horny? Making me feel good?”
“Y-Yes,” you stuttered, crazy about the feeling of his fingers pumping in and out of you. “I love it.” 
God, you were being really good that morning, a heavenly sight that he didn’t want to forget. Jungkook liked when you turned shy around him, and he knew just the right buttons to push to make you yield under his ministrations. “You always make me feel so good, princess, you’re such a good girl,” Jungkook said, brushing the hair away from your face — a tender movement when compared to the way he was fingering you open. “You’re always so perfect for me, you know that, right?” 
You nodded, but you didn’t even know what you were agreeing to. He could’ve asked you to sell your soul and you would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. “K-Kook,” you called, leaning forward so you could find support on his shoulders. The ink on his skin was prettier under those golden, diaphanous morning lights. “Please, I’m close.” 
He chuckled, removing his fingers from your pussy. “You’re too cute,” he commented. “Sink down on my cock, baby. Lemme see you ride it.” 
You got moving before you could have any second thoughts about it, hoping that the half-assed sips of coffee you had earlier had been enough to energize you. Jungkook gasped softly when his tip brushed against your folds, your hand so tiny around it, pressing his hardness against your needy hole once, twice, before you actually sat down on him. 
The movement itself was more lethargic than he expected, but it was also a lot better. You whimpered as his cock gradually split you open, shifting your weight from one leg to the other as you tried to push him deeper inside your pussy. Jungkook realized you were probably a little closer to your high than he had predicted, because your walls were squeezing him so tight that it was making him dizzy. 
“God, you feel amazing, baby,” he breathed out. You rolled your hips in a circular motion, letting his cock settle inside you, and Jungkook hissed at the sensation. “Come on, ride it. Be good for me.” 
The moan you let out when you started moving up and down on his length was probably the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. No matter how many times he watched you hovering over him, using his cock to get yourself off, Jungkook still felt like he couldn’t get used to it — to how fucking pretty you were, your lips parted and a hot expression of neediness and concentration covering your face. To have all that and also feel your plush walls clenching around him was too much to handle. 
“Fuck, I’m not gonna last,” he moaned, throwing his head back. The pace was a lot slower than usual (it was still early, for fuck’s sake, and you were human), but it was exactly what Jungkook needed at that moment. He needed to feel every single inch of you as you tightened around his thick cock, so warm and wet for him. “You feel so fucking good, princess, shit. Best fucking pussy I’ve ever had.” 
Jungkook was consuming your mind, his breathless praises were everything you could focus on, overlapping the buzzing of your phone on your nightstand. Not that you cared, it wasn’t exactly the best time to pick up some telemarketer’s call. “It’s okay, y-you can cum,” you told him. “I’m close too.” 
He knew that — in fact, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Jungkook had spent far too long without you during the final weeks of summer, and now the only thing he could do was seek for your high like it was the one thing keeping him alive. Jungkook was a giver: he liked making you feel good. Liked seeing you cum and cry out his name as if he was the only one good enough to fill that needy brain of yours. And so he would do just that. 
With one arm wrapping around your waist, Jungkook shifted the position without warning. You yelped as your body crashed against the mattress, head against the pillows and his large figure looming over you. 
“Fuck, sorry,” Jungkook said, moving his body upwards, pushing your legs against your chest. His cock was deep inside you, plunging in and out at a faster pace now that he was in control. “I just can’t hold back.” 
The effect of the change in position was instantaneous, delectable whimpers leaving your lips as he pounded into you. “Shit, Jungkook— Jungkook,” you sobbed, nails digging to the skin of his shoulder. He only groaned at the feeling, not relenting for one second. “I’m gonna cum. I’m so close. Please don’t stop.”
“Can’t stop,” he responded, breathless. “Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock. Be my good girl and make a mess for me, uh?” 
You nodded, unsure if he had even noticed you had done so. It didn’t matter though, because, in the next second, your orgasm was hitting you like a truck, making your walls spasm around his length as you desperately tried to milk his cock. Jungkook cursed at the sudden tightness, his teeth grazing the skin over your collarbones. 
“Holy shit. You’re so fucking hot,” he moaned, and you felt his cock twitch inside you, signaling that he was about to lose it as well. There was nothing in the world he wanted more than to stuff you full of his cum, watch it drip out just so he could do it again. “Gonna fill your pussy up, baby. Want that?”
“Please,” you asked weakly. “Please, Jungkook I want your cum, I—“ 
Jungkook came before you could finish your sentence, grunting as his release painted your walls white, painting you full of him. He called your name in a breathless prayer as he came down, giving a last few shallow pumps before he collapsed on top of you.
“Kook,” you whimpered, trying to push him aside, but it was to no avail. Jungkook was a huge pile of muscles above you and you were left at his mercy, feeling as his cum dripped out of you and onto the (clean! Recently changed!) bed sheets. Luckily, his cock was still holding back most of it. “You’re squeezing me.”
“Deal with it, I’m not moving,” he grunted. 
You groaned, throwing your head back against the pillow. “You’re the worst,” you complained. “I need to take a shower now, come on.”
Just for the sake of annoying you, Jungkook caged you in with his arms, turning his head around so he could look at your face. “Your shower can wait five minutes. Leave me alone.” He smirked. “Also…”
But you were taking none of his bullshit. “No shower sex. Too dangerous.”
He sighed, laying his head back down. “Damn it.”
For two close friends, Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t agree on a lot of things, but they agreed on one — Jungkook’s parents lived like their marriage was a business transaction. 
It was noticeable ever since the two of them were kids. The overly-meticulous planning, the task division, the table conversations that always revolved around business decisions, about maximizing profit. Their relationships with their neighbors were always cordial, calculated; trying to project the best possible image so they could grow fruitful connections with them — networking, if you will — while never fully showing their true selves. Taehyung was one of the very few friendships that they not only accepted but also encouraged, considering the respectable status of his family, and how that could reflect their own. 
Jungkook’s high school counselor had his eureka moment when he realized that was probably why the boy rebelled so much — even if it wasn’t that big of a mystery in the first place. But the man never really did anything about it. Flaws of the education system aside, there wasn’t really a magic spell that could resolve that problem. Jungkook didn’t even know if his parents really loved one another, or if they just endured the marriage in the name of mutual growth. Probably the weirdest symbiotic relation of all time, but anyways. 
Freudian bullshit aside, Jungkook saw a few glimpses of his parents actions in you, which worried him. You always micromanaged such a huge chunk of your life, and part of him questioned if your relationship wasn’t just another check in a long list of tasks — or expectations — that you would throw out the second you got bored of it, or if you saw a better opportunity. He had poured those worries out during the last night of summer break you two shared and, yet, your reassurance felt, at most, skin-deep. 
To make matters even trickier, if there was something that Jungkook had doubts about, it was the consistency of your decisions. It sounded a little paradoxical, a little off beat, but it was true. For someone so determined and focused as you, there were clear moments where Jungkook could see your facade breaking and the insecurity you held inside finally deciding to rear its ugly head. It usually happened in less important, rather minuscule instances where your guard was down and you didn’t notice he was paying attention — the comments you’d make about the social interactions you had; the back and forth you dragged him through just so you could make a simple decision about hanging out with a friend randomly; the precise words to respond an email with. It was a textbook case of social and performance anxiety wrapped in a pretty, distracting bow of perfectionism. 
Which takes him to another neglected pillar of your relationship. Not only did he not understand it very well (Jungkook thought you were as perfect as they come, even if he often confessed that with a layer of sarcasm so thick that he himself couldn’t even tell that he was being serious), he didn’t dare to bring it up. He managed to convince himself that it was too delicate of a topic to mention so early on in your relationship — and, in a way, it was his own approach to ignore the issue before it got out of hand. Because, if he stopped to notice that pattern, his mind would start to drift towards more risky corners. 
His thought process went like this: if your insecurity and social hyper-awareness were just as rampant as they had been when you two first met, there was nothing that could guarantee that you wouldn’t backtrack on all those pretty promises you had made him. Yeah, Jungkook loved you with all he had. Yeah, he trusted you and, yeah, he wanted to be with you. But he didn’t know how far you’d be willing to go to maintain the same goal when, up to that point, your interactions (as a couple) with the external world had been minimal, calculated. Just like his parents’. 
You had met Hoseok, but Hoseok didn’t know you. There were no expectations for you to break or fulfill there. You had met Taehyung (both before and after he found out about you and Jungkook), but the pressure was almost nonexistent considering he was already familiar with both of you — and, quite frankly, he was far too deep in his own world to give a single fuck about the entire situation. Aside from his self-indulgent detective game. More recently (and admittedly, the biggest step), you had accepted the idea of Jungkook meeting Yongsun, but that was after the cat was already out of the bag, and the coast was clear. You had nothing to lose knowing that she had already pretty much accepted the situation. 
Point was he didn’t know how you’d react when push comes to shove and you two actually faced some sort of animosity — or even the slightest glimpse of disapproval from people you liked. Jungkook would much rather believe that every word you’ve given him was the truth, and that you would choose him every time you needed to, that you wouldn’t just turn your back and leave him behind. But he simply couldn’t be certain of that, as bad as that sounded. 
“You got everything?” You asked, trailing closely behind him. The door to your building gave out a faint buzzing sound as it locked behind you, and you had exactly two seconds to prepare for the bright sunlight that exploded around you. “Last time you made such a mess when you forgot your headphones, I’m traumatized.” 
“I was traumatized too, princess, don’t worry,” he joked, pausing his steps so you could catch up to him. Jungkook intertwined his fingers between yours and placed a kiss on your forehead before you two continued walking towards the sidewalk, where his car waited patiently. “I got everything.” 
You raised your eyebrows. “Charger?” 
“Never left my pocket,” he said.
You thought for a moment. “I’m pretty sure your hoodie is still on my chair.”
Jungkook shrugged. “Fuck it. Looks better when you wear it, anyways.” 
“If I didn’t know you, I would’ve thought that was an innocent comment,” you remarked, playfully squeezing his hand. 
He only laughed, taking his hand to his back pocket so he could get his keys. “I have no clue what you’re talking about, baby,” Jungkook teased. “I have only the purest of intentions.” 
You snorted. “Yeah, right. And I was born yesterday.” 
“Seems like it.” The doors were unlocked and Jungkook let go of your hand so he could take the backpack off his shoulders and throw it into the backseat of his car. “Based on how much you whine about everything I do.” 
You crossed your arms, leaning the side of your body against the vehicle. Thankfully the day wasn’t especially hot, otherwise that would’ve burned you. “Everything you do deserves to be whined at.” 
Jungkook smirked, closing the door. “Yeah?” 
“Yeah,” you agreed.  
He hummed, hands landing on your waist, slowly turning you around so your back was pressed against the car door. “Like what?”
“The list is endless,” you told him, uncrossing your arms. Your fingers met the skin of his forearms, tenderly tracing the ink there. “I don’t think we have all day.” 
“I’m good with one exemple,” he egged you on. 
You tilted your head up, meeting his gaze. The sun shone brightly above you two, casting gorgeous shadows on his face. Jungkook was so handsome that it made you sick to your stomach sometimes. And that’s something you would never admit. “Like the fact that you’re actually not dumb, but you’re so lazy that you don’t even try,” you told him. 
He snorted. “You flatter me.” 
“I mean it,” you doubled down, poking his forehead. “The wasted potential here drives me insane.” 
Jungkook smirked, looking down at your lips. There was a diabolical glint in his eyes that made you lose your breath for an instant, his hand traveling up your shoulder, landing on the side of your neck. “You totally want to ask about it right now,” he teased. 
You sighed, defeated, finally letting your true intentions show. “I do.” You pouted. 
Ever since you had magically convinced Jungkook to take one specific project of his seriously, you were waiting for a response from his professor like your life depended on it. Jungkook had avoided discussing it with you (claiming that your tendency to correct everything would only stress him out — which, like, was fair enough) so you were mostly in the dark about how it was progressing. 
“I applaud how long it took you to ask, princess,” Jungkook said, hand on your nape. Frankly, you were proud of yourself as well — even if the question had almost slipped out one too many times. “I haven’t gotten a reply yet. You know you’ll be the first person I’ll tell when I do.”
“You better. I’d be totally pissed,” you said, only half jokingly. Jungkook chuckled at your demeanor, leaning closer. 
“Hmm, you’re making me change my mind here, baby,” he murmured, lips brushing against yours, a silent threat. Jungkook managed to feel even hotter than the dying summer around you, his firm body caging you against his car, making you focus only on him. “You’re hot when you’re mad.”
“You’re disgusting all the time,” you threw back, more out of habit than anything else. 
Jungkook knew you didn’t mean it, so he only chuckled at your reaction. His fingers were playing with the skin of your neck, sending goosebumps down your body. “How long ‘til you admit you like it?” He asked. 
You rolled your eyes. “I’d never do that. Because I don’t like it.” 
“Aw, baby, you’re breaking my heart.” Jungkook sighed, pressing himself impossibly closer to you. One of his knees moved between your legs, the hand that was on your waist squeezing the flesh, making his gaze flutter back to your lips. You knew he was going to kiss you, you just didn’t know why he was taking so long. “You’re so evil.” 
Jungkook was never sure about the flavor of the lipstick you used, it always tasted like a mixture of cherry and strawberry, but sometimes he was almost sure it was supposed to be watermelon. Regardless of what it was, he loved the sweetness of it, the soft caress of your lips against his in the summer heat, your small hands climbing up his shoulders, silently begging for him to move closer, to kiss you harder. 
He did, of course, because he would do anything you asked him to. His past self would probably beat him over the head with a baseball bat if he knew his future would look like that: falling desperately in love for the type of person he always pushed away, utterly and wholeheartedly mesmerized by you. 
Life was pretty funny, Jungkook thought as he kissed you, one hand sliding down to squeeze your ass. Everything is horrible one second, then it all changes, his days thrown into a direction he never expected. Similarly, the best of moments can be ruined just as quickly. 
All that it takes is a few short, fateful seconds to turn it all around; blow his castle to the ground like it was nothing but a house of cards. Jungkook thought that, by preparing for the worst, it wouldn’t hurt as bad when you inevitably let him down. 
Of course, he was wrong. 
“___? What’s this?” 
You broke the kiss, an expression of horror in your face as you turned your head to the source of the sound, to that voice you had instantly recognized. 
You had forgotten. Totally forgotten. You and Jisoo were supposed to go over a few things later today, and you had forgotten about it because Jungkook had decided to spend the previous night at your place. You had agreed to meet her in her apartment over an hour ago, and she probably got worried and decided to check in on you and — oh my god, it was totally her calling earlier. 
“Jisoo,” you said her name as if it would make reality less palpable, as if it would wake you up from that nightmare. You three had been mercilessly thrown headfirst into the worst possible scenario, and her bewildered face said as much. The worst part was that you had convinced yourself you were going to tell her about you and Jungkook eventually — in particular, on that same day. Now, the universe was playing a prank on you, telling you that no, things would not go the way you want. It’s the way they should be. “I’m not— hey, it’s not—” 
Jisoo appeared as if she had hurriedly thrown the first combination of comfortable clothes she could find, her hair in a bun and her phone in her hands. “I’ll talk to you later,” she said dryly, eyes oscillating between you and Jungkook. “You’re clearly busy right now.” 
She turned around without another word and you sighed, hands on Jungkook’s chest, silently asking for him to move back. “Jisoo, come on,” you called, an edge of anxiety to your voice that Jungkook knew perfectly well. He had seen that coming, and that just sucked. “Can we talk? It’s not what it looks like.” 
As much as Jungkook liked to pretend as if nothing really affected him that much, deep down, he always knew it wasn’t true — and he had always been completely, heart-wrenchingly sure about it when it came to you. His love for you was strong, probably a lot more than he could handle sometimes, but so was his fear of getting hurt. And, ever since that last night at your place, he had been a little on edge, hoping that the moment would come when he would finally snap out of that fake fairy tale. 
The second that you turned around and left him behind without even looking at him, he knew he had been right about expecting the worst. 
“___,” he called your name with a certain harshness you weren’t used to, which made you turn around instantly. The expression on his face was one of confusion, of hurt, of anger — everything at once, just silently begging you to please don’t do what I think you’re about to do. 
But you would. “I have to talk to her, Kook,” you reasoned, already talking another step backwards, away from him. “I just—” 
“Yeah.” He chuckled, humorless. Jungkook was glaring at you like you had just shoved your hand inside his chest and tore his heart in half. “I knew you’d choose to do that.” 
“What?” You breathed out. This time, when you stepped forward, he was the one to move away. “It’s not like that.” 
“No, ___, it’s exactly like that,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m really fucking tired of your back and forth. You just showed me who you cared about more. So, go ahead.” He pointed behind you. “Go after your friend. Make some excuse as to why you couldn’t possibly be with someone like me. I’m fucking done with this.” 
The wind had just been knocked out of your lungs (twice in a row, some sort of new personal record) and your panicked brain was taking over you, scrambling to push your poor reasoning out of your throat. “Jungkook, it’s seriously not like that at all. Can we just talk later?” But he didn’t grace you with a response, only getting inside his car and closing the door with a resounding slam. “God!” You exclaimed, feeling like you could break down at any given second. 
But no, not now. You’d deal with Jungkook later, you thought, turning on your heels — going after your friend, thinking of excuses, just like he had said. In the back of your mind, you heard the sound of his car driving away, heart breaking as the roaring of the motor became more distant. You knew he wasn’t planning to come back anytime soon. 
“Jisoo, wait, please,” you tried once again. Miraculously, it seemed that it did the trick, for she finally stopped walking. Whether you had changed her mind or she was just on her last thread of patience, it didn’t matter. “Don’t get mad, I was going to tell you.” 
Very poor choice for your first words, but you weren't really thinking properly. 
Jisoo crossed her arms and scoffed. “Sure you were,” she said flatly. 
“I mean it!” You stressed. Some part of your brain thought that the panic in your voice was pitiful to experience in the saddest, most pathetic way possible. 
“Well, it doesn’t matter now, does it? I already know.” She turned around, her shoulders slightly raised and an expression of hurt covering her face. Jisoo was mad, you could tell, but you didn’t expect that she would look so heartbroken as well. “I don’t even know what to tell you. I can’t even believe it, I— I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t just see it with my own two eyes.” 
In another strike of poor reasoning skills, you said, “It’s not what you’re thinking.” You took a step towards her. 
It seemed that the more nervous you got, the sharper her tone became. “No? So you’re not together?” She raised her eyebrows, waiting for your response. When it didn’t come, Jisoo only chuckled dryly. “There you go. Something else we should clear up?” 
You took a deep breath. “Listen, I know you don’t like him, but—”
Jisoo scoffed, throwing her hands up. “Oh my god, you’re just priceless,” she exclaimed. You weren’t really following her reactions. It was close to what you had expected, but there was something strange about it. Something you couldn’t put a finger on. “Yeah, I don’t like him. Boo-hoo. But stop pretending that’s the biggest issue here, ___.”
That caught you off guard. If Jungkook wasn’t the main issue, you had no idea what she was so mad about. “What do you mean?”
She squinted, looking at you from head to toe. “Are you playing dumb or are you really that cruel?” Jisoo questioned and, at your dumbfounded expression, she almost burst out laughing. That was absurd, she couldn’t fathom the fact that she had to spell it out. “You lied to me, ___. For god knows how long. You’re my best friend, I trusted you with my whole heart and you lied to me. Again and again.” Oh. Oh, you totally fucked up. “I knew there was something up, but I thought it was so serious that you didn’t want to share it with me. But it was over a boy? You lied to me, ignored me, and pushed me aside because of a guy?” 
That very moment, you felt like the most selfish person to ever walk the planet. Did you seriously spend all that time so laser-focused on your own side of the story that you didn’t think how it could’ve affected the ones you cared about? What happened to you? 
“I… I can explain,” you tried, but, frankly, even you didn’t believe in your own words. At a different time, perhaps, you could. But not then. Not when everything was crashing all at once. 
Jisoo didn’t even give you a chance to try though. “I don’t wanna hear it, okay? I don’t.” She raised one hand, silently asking you to stop. “I’m sorry. I don’t wanna talk to you right now. And I don’t want you coming crawling back to me when all of that goes up in flames.”
“He’s not like that,” you responded. Since when did you start sounding like a whiny teen? It’s not a phase, mom. “If you could just… I don’t know…” 
“Not like that? How do you know?” Jisoo argued, taking a step back. She was done with that poor attempt at a conversation, she just wanted to leave. If you were in her shoes, you would feel the same. “Do you think you’re the first person to say that about him? Because, at the end of the day, he’s gonna drop you the second that he’s bored, and you know that. You’re smarter than that.” Venom dripped from her tongue with no remorse. That was something you two had in common; when you were faced with something you couldn’t change, you lashed out. But now, you were just paralyzed. “Really, I just— Are you serious right now? Do you hate yourself that much?” 
“This is why I didn’t tell you, because I knew you would—”
“Tell you the truth? Yeah, that sucks, I’m sure you’re not used to that.” She closed her eyes, fingers pressing her temple. Jisoo looked like she was debating whether she wanted to cry or tear your head off your shoulders. “God, I didn’t know you were such a two-faced bitch, ___. Thanks for the heads up.” 
“Jisoo, it’s really not like that,” you said. “If you just let me—”
“I don’t wanna talk to you. I’ve said it ten times already,” she remarked, taking a couple steps back. “Just… shut up. For once in your life. Just shut up and stop lying to yourself.” 
This time, when she walked away, you didn’t try going after her, didn’t try calling her name. Even through your anxiety, you could tell that you had lost that battle and, maybe, just maybe, if you didn’t force another stupid argument, you could still try and mend that failing friendship after such a royal fuck up. 
You were hoping that, any second now, someone would jump from behind a bush and tell you that it was all a prank; you would laugh and they would laugh and everything would be okay again. Because, how else would you explain your ability to ruin both your friendship and your relationship in record time? Yet, past the bitterness and the melancholy clouding your vision, you had to admit that Jisoo’s final comment had been exactly what you needed to hear. Maybe it was time you stopped lying to yourself — and to everyone around you — once and for all. Or you might risk losing everything you had built. 
Easier said than done. If there was one thing your emotional development didn’t improve since childhood, as ridiculous as it was, it was the fact that you couldn’t handle it when things didn’t go your way. 
Call it whatever you want — over-controlling tendencies, creating expectations, projection of your own desires onto others. It did not matter the excuse you used to cover it up, because the result was always the same: you lost your temper when that was the last thing you should be doing. 
You had shown that side of yours to Jungkook only once — months ago when you were both sitting in his car, when you felt cornered by the way your casual meet-ups were progressing into something more serious. For some time you believed that it wouldn’t happen again, especially now that everything was sailing so smoothly, just the way you wanted it to. Regardless, you hadn’t predicted the way he had acted earlier, nor the fact that he wouldn’t be so welcoming to your half-assed excuses once you two talked again. 
In your defense, when you called him later that night, you were calm. You didn’t want to make a scene, you wanted to fix things. You wanted to apologize and make everything okay again. And you tried. But Jungkook just wouldn’t listen. 
That’s when the main problem started — a small spark of frustration in the bottom of your stomach that grew and grew, until it was volcanically erupting out of you, making the conversation grow harsher, more complicated. You knew Jungkook was hurt, and you were too. Neither of you were in the right headspace to talk it out, but neither of you would listen to reason either. 
That was where things got complicated. 
“Well, at least I’m trying to make this work!” You exclaimed, your voice a lot more unsteady than you anticipated. 
Jungkook scoffed. “Are you?”
“Yeah, I’m not the one who jumped out at the first chance they got,” you responded, clenching your phone a little tighter. You were sad, angry, hurt, everything at once. But above it all, you were consumed by guilt, because there was some truth to what he was saying, and you had ignored all the warning signs of such a cracked, unstable foundation. Things had gone out of your control, and some of it was on you. But you weren’t in the mood to be self-aware. “Sometimes I feel like you don't even want to be with me, Jungkook. Like you are always pushing me away, and you leave the second we run into an issue.” 
“That’s not true,” he responded seriously. 
“But that’s how it feels. You can’t commit to shit,” you doubled down, pacing around your small room. You could hear Yongsun moving around in the living room, but it was all white noise now, deafened by your frustration. “This is not a pick me or her kind of situation, Jungkook, don’t you understand? Stop trying to use this as a way to blame it all on me when you’re the one being dramatic for no reason.” 
Silence fell on the other side of the line, as massive and overbearing as the weight on your shoulders. Jungkook took a deep breath. “You know what? I’m starting to think you were right by trying to stop this before it even began.”
You blinked, pausing your movements. “What?” 
“You told me months ago, remember? In my car, after I picked you up,” he clarified, speaking much slower now. You felt your heart dip inside your chest, every cell of your body begging for the line to be cut before he could finish his point. But, when it came to times like these, there were no miracles, only the consequences of your actions. “You said it was better to stop it before it got out of hand, and I think you were right. But I guess you’re used to people telling you that.” Jungkook scoffed. “I’m not surprised.”
The weakness in your muscles was more prominent now, and you had to sit down on your bed before you found your voice again. “You want to… break up?”
Something clicked on the other side of the line, the sound of objects being switched around being the only thing you heard for a moment. Jungkook sighed. “Want? No, I don’t want that,” he said. “But I think we both need some time to think.” 
You blinked once, twice, struggling to keep your tone steady. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying… let’s take a break,” Jungkook requested. The world seemed much quieter now, like time itself had come to a sudden halt. “Come talk to me after you figure out what you want.” 
Then, he hung up. 
Slowly, you moved your phone away from your ear, looking at the bright screen to check that the call had really occurred, that you hadn't just hallucinated one of the worst moments of your life. 
It had happened, of course, because things were never that simple. You let your device fall on the mattress next to you, bouncing and threatening to dip towards the floor before you pushed it back into place. Everything felt muted, dimmed down; slightly out of place and bothersome. You could feel yourself getting sadder by the second, a huge wave of emotion building up inside your chest and moving up and up, paralyzing your lungs and pressing around your throat. You were about to do something that you absolutely despised. You were about to cry. 
You tried to fight it, but the tears started streaming down before you could hold them back. You were exactly one breath away from finally crashing down when your roommate decided to intervene. 
Yongsun knocked on your door, opening it as slowly as if she was entering a lion’s den. Her head popped up behind the white wood, curious eyes meeting your slumped form instantly. “Couldn’t help but overhear your very intense call with your domesticated demon,” she said. “Do you wanna talk about it?”
The tears were considerably harder to resist now, one falling from the outer corner of your eye, trailing down your check. “Is there anything to discuss? I fucked up.” You aggressively wiped it away, but you knew Yongsun already noticed it. “With him, with Jisoo… god, I’m such a fucking idiot.” You sniffed. “Did you talk to Jisoo? She hates me.” 
Your roommate closed the door behind her, leaning back against it. “She called me earlier, yeah,” she told you. “She’s really upset.” 
You laughed bitterly. “Just say that she hates me.” 
She sighed, pushing herself away from the wall. Yongsun walked slowly in your direction, giving you time to scare her away if that was what you wanted — you didn’t move. “She is worried, and she is hurt. And she hates that you lied to her,” she explained. One second of silence expanded in the muffled environment before she sat down beside you, an expression of worry all over her face. “Girl, I understand why you chose to keep it a secret, and I know you were planning on telling her. But you need to see where she’s coming from as well. You’re her best friend and you broke her trust. It’s not even about who you were doing it with at this point.” 
“Yeah, I know.” You nodded, brushing the back of your hand against your eyes, still fighting against the tears that dared to come out. You felt like you were pushing back against a barricade, your feelings booming against the other side, begging to flood out. But you couldn’t let go just yet, not when your friend was looking at you like you were about to shatter. “She hates Jungkook though. Maybe it would’ve been better if it was someone else.” 
Yongsun placed one hand on your shoulder. “Jisoo has her issues, but I think she will eventually realize that she can’t own your life, or your decisions,” she argued. “She’ll get over it, especially if she sees how happy he makes you. That’s not the main issue, and you know that. You’re just trying to find excuses.” 
“I hate your psych degree,” you complained, fighting against the knot in your throat. 
She snorted. “Yeah, I get that a lot,” Yongsun remarked. “Want me to say what I think? And you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been meaning to give you some tough love for months now, and I think this is the best possible time— or worst, I don’t know.” 
Another stubborn tear threatened to spill, but you were quicker, blinking it back and rubbing the corner of your eye. You sniffled again. “Sure, yeah. Go ahead.” 
She took a deep breath before starting. “___, you are an amazing person. You’re sweet, kind, intelligent, and hard-working. And I’m so grateful I have you as a friend and as a roommate,” Yongsun said — always the petals before the thorns, so she could soften the blow. “But, girl, give it a break. What are you running away from? Why are you blaming everyone else? You’ve been telling me for months that you’re worried about what people would think, but no one cares. Not even Jisoo, as much as you want to blame it all on her.” 
You gave her the most pitiful smile she had ever witnessed, looking down at your feet. When she put it like that, you really sounded like the dumbest person ever. “I don’t know, I just… I don’t know.” You leaned your head back, now staring up at the ceiling. The slow movement of your fan was mocking your quick pulse, begging you to ground yourself. “This is so confusing. Can’t you talk to her for me?”
Yongsun crossed her arms. “You’re doing it again — passing your problems onto other people,” she shot your hopes down instantly. But she was right, and you knew that. “You need to fix this yourself, girl. It’s not that impossible. Both Jisoo and Jungkook care a lot about you, you just gotta be honest with yourself and with the two of them. No matter how hard that is.”  
You scoffed. “Yeah, I don’t think I can fix this. Jungkook hates me now.” 
“I doubt he does. Honestly, that boy is head over heels for you,” Yongsun argued. You didn’t know if you should believe her or the guilt pressing down on your shoulders. “He’s hurt, of course. You’ve been keeping him a dirty little secret for months and, when you promise him you’re going to make it public, you backtrack and get ashamed of being seen with him. You can’t expect him to be okay with that every single time, especially not after you already gave him so many expectations by accepting to be his girlfriend.” 
That was a lot to take in, so you hyperfocused on one single point. “I’m not ashamed of that, I’m—”
“You can’t stand not being in control of the situation, that’s what,” she completed. You nodded. “I get it, but we can’t control everything, especially not what other people want or think. So just let it go and think about what you want to do. Not what I think, not what Jisoo or Jungkook wants. Just you.” 
You nodded once again, giving yourself a second to digest everything your roommate had just said. In a way, nothing Yongsun shared was that groundbreaking, but hearing it out loud managed to place a few loose pieces of the puzzle in place inside your head. You had been so swept away by your own inner turmoil that you didn’t notice the other people in your life dealing with the result of your own emotional hesitation — and the lies you spilled because of it, as horrible as that was. 
 But something else was certain.
“I already know what I want,” you said firmly, a wave of decisiveness overtaking your mind. “I just didn’t admit it before, but I do.” 
She raised her eyebrows, intrigued. That was at least two motivational speeches quicker than she expected, her professors would be proud. “Which is…?” 
“I wanna be with him, I— I love him,” you finally let those words out after what seemed like months. Of course, you told them to the wrong person, but that was not the point. One step at a time — and that had been a huge (albeit overdue) one. “That’s really scary to say, you know?” You chuckled, nervous. “I don’t know where to go from here.” 
“I know, girl.” Yongsun patted your head, apparently not surprised at all by your heartfelt confession. Okay, perhaps it was time to admit that it was obvious to everyone else by that point. “You can start by telling him that. And give him his time too.” 
You agreed. “And Jisoo?”
Yongsun shrugged. “Same thing, girl. Give her some time to cool down, and then talk to her later. And be honest,” she stressed. “Say everything you want to say, explain to her why you did what you did. Again, she’s your best friend. She’ll at least listen, even if she doesn’t forgive you.” She shrugged. “And if she doesn’t, that’s within her rights. But you have to let it go, stop being so overworked about so little, we don’t live in the cafeteria scene from High School Musical.” 
With a sigh, you wrapped one arm around her, pulling her closer to your side. “You make everything seem so simple.”
“It’s my job,” Yongsun said, hugging you right back. It was good to know that there was still someone there to help you. Maybe she was correct, and you could still make things better. Or at least try. “In my defense, you overthink too much, so I don’t have to work a lot on that.” 
You chuckled. She had a point. “I don’t deserve you, Yongsun.” 
“I know, I’m in very high demand. This consultation is going to cost you three hundred bucks,” she joked, which managed to tear a smile out of you. Your friend smiled back, poking your cheek. “There you go. Smiling is a nice start.”
“Thank you.” You sniffed. “I needed to have this talk, I’ve been so stupid.” 
“No need to thank me.” She rubbed your back one last time before standing up. “Give yourself some time too, girl. Stop trying not to cry, that seems painful.”
Maybe your pathetic attempts at hiding your sadness were more obvious than you thought. “I can’t do it with you here,” you whined, playfully pushing her away. 
She pointed at you, a serious expression on her face. “That’s a topic for next week’s session,” Yongsun claimed, walking backwards towards your bedroom door. “I’ll be right outside if you need me. Make sure to cry it out.” 
You agreed. And you definitely did. 
If there was one thing Jungkook didn’t expect from your relationship was that, for once in his life, someone succeeded in making him care about something school-related. 
Okay, maybe caring was too strong of a term, but he did something — slightly improved his attendance (because you made sure to annoy him if he didn’t do so); decided to put in some effort and started reviewing more than two and a half lines for an exam. Against all odds, his grades actually improved. It wasn’t anything insane, but it was enough to get the attention of a few of his classmates who were certain he was probably a master in cheating. Which he was. But that wasn’t the point. 
Now, Jungkook wouldn’t admit it to you even if you held a gun to his head, but he kind of… got it. It was pretty rewarding to apply himself to something for a change and see the fruits of his labor, so that explained to him the dopamine hits you’d get when you showed him your grades. 
And, of course, he applied himself to you. Though, that didn’t have the outcome he expected. Or, rather, it did. But not the one he had hoped for. 
Having his worst fears about you come true wasn’t really a pleasant situation, and there was a lot that he needed to go through. Jungkook had created excuses for you and for himself for far too long and, now, the storm had hit and he could not ignore those issues any longer. He needed to figure out if it would be worth it to keep trying, or if it was time to let go — it was the reason he had asked for a break after all. 
Taehyung asked him what his goal was with that time away from you, and what he was trying to get out of it. He questioned why Jungkook couldn’t just go after you and try to work it out. To his friend, it was clear that you two cared for one another, and it would be a shame to let one mutual misunderstanding bring it all down. To Jungkook, however, it really wasn’t that simple. You did care for one another, but what was that worth if you couldn’t even be together without you having a fit over it? What was the point of trying to be a version of himself that he could never be, if he thought it would never be sufficient for you? 
Then again, some part of him claimed that he was being a coward — that those rationalizations were the real excuses, his attempts at running away from his problems, at pushing you away and claiming it never mattered. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time it happened. 
“You look like roadkill, my dude,” Taehyung said one day, one hand on his shoulder and a blunt between his lips. “It’s been what? Three days? You should call her and work it out, man. Kills me seeing you like this.” 
“I’m not calling,” Jungkook said, decisive. “She needs to figure out what she wants. I’m not crawling back like an idiot. Again.” 
Taehyung hummed, the thick smoke leaving his nose. “Do you know what you want?”
Jungkook didn’t answer, but he did know. Even if he didn’t admit it to himself, he always knew it. 
A day later, his unspoken response solidified into a very real, very palpable reaction on his end. Across the room from where he laid on his bed, the sound of his phone chirping made him jump to his feet, almost knocking his chair over as he reached for the device. Jungkook was positive that whatever it was that you were going to tell him, it would be enough. And, if you decided that you wanted him back, he wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. 
Sadly, it wasn’t a notification from you. Even worse, it still managed to remind him of you. It was an email from his professor asking to meet up with him and another guy from his class — his partner — about that stupid side project you had convinced him to join (read: pestered him until he agreed out of exhaustion). The message was cryptic, promising “terrific news!” and “groundbreaking possibilities!”, but it still managed to make his stomach sink in sadness. 
Jungkook answered the email — any time would be good, he wasn’t really that active anyways — and turned off his phone. Suddenly, he didn’t care that much if you called. 
You only fully noticed how ingrained Jungkook had been in your life when he left it. It was difficult to find a part of your routine in which the thought of him didn’t randomly pop up, staining your current mood with a familiar, overwhelming shade of guilt. 
Moments like those made you realize that time really was cyclical, because you were faced with almost the same situation you had been months ago — because you had never fully learned your lesson and how you were doomed to repeat it until you finally got it right. This time though, you doubted that one drunk call and a half-assed confession would be enough to get Jungkook back. This time, you had hurt him a lot deeper, made him trust you, made him think that you had moved on from your pitiful excuse of a status quo, only to back away at the last second and twist the knife you had shoved in his back. 
Jungkook had shown up on your doorway bloody, beaten, and heartbroken and you had promised him you wouldn’t leave. Apparently, your promises had an expiration date. 
“The more you wait, the worse it’ll get,” Yongsun warned randomly one day while she was channel surfing. You had been too lost in your daydreams to understand what she had said at first. “It’s exactly this dumb hesitation that got you in this position, girl.” 
Pushing your legs up against your chest, you chose to focus on the channels flickering on the television — a very unexpected gift from Yongsun’s rich aunt, because only rich people would casually give others smart TVs. “I thought you said it was better to wait until everyone had cooled down?” You asked, knowing very well you were hoping she would enable you. 
But Yongsun had a PhD in detecting bullshit, and she wasn’t letting that slide. “Yeah. A day. Not almost a week,” she argued, deciding to stop on a wildlife documentary. You related to the small baby zebra on the screen. It was expressing so much fear and confusion, as if the world was too big and too scary to understand. Yongsun turned to you. “You’re running from it at this point and you already know, from personal experience, that avoiding things doesn't make them better.” 
“I know,” you whined as you sank in your seat, willing the sofa to swallow you whole as you closed your eyes. “You’re right.” 
She smiled brightly. “More often than not, I am. I have great intuition,” she agreed and turned back around, reaching for the controller and restarting her mission to find a bearable program for you two to watch. “So... when are you doing it?” 
In theory, you would’ve done it the day after the fight — no, scratch that, the hour after. You knew that, being mature, you should’ve gone over to Jungkook’s place and had a face to face conversation with him as soon as possible (with some time to cool off in the middle, of course) to try and resolve the situation before it snowballed into that lamentable phone call you two shared. You seriously thought that situation was nothing more than one huge misunderstanding — or, rather, a twisting of the occurrences based on each other’s own insecurities. Yongsun helped you reach that conclusion and it made sense. Even if she almost hit your head with a waffle maker when she said it. 
Back to the main point — Jungkook had perceived your reaction as a way to prove his own theories that you didn’t really care for him that much; meanwhile, you had twisted everything to make it seem as if his (rightful) indignation at your panic about being seen with him was just an excuse to push you away. Both of you were kind of right, and kind of wrong. But completely fucking stupid. 
Now that everything was pretty much explained and psychoanalyzed, you should’ve been able to take a step towards fixing it, right? Well, not really. There wasn’t anything you wanted more than to pour your heart out and let the words do the healing, but old habits were tough to break and old coping mechanisms even more so.
Your coping mechanism when faced with a situation like this — in which you couldn’t control how people saw you — made you curl into a ball and hope it would all magically solve itself. Something about performance anxiety and a crippling fear of failure, according to Yongsun. But you had pretty much zoned out at that point. 
“I don’t know, I’m panicking,” you finally admitted. The TV was now playing a very dramatic, very loud scene of what you guessed was a mother and a daughter arguing. There were so many sound effects and scene transitions that you could barely follow the dialogue. “I’m afraid of making everything worse.” 
She only sighed. “The damage is done, girl. When you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up,” Yongsun said. “Or you can lay down and die of dehydration like that baby zebra.”
You had totally missed that part. “What?” You asked, horrified. “The baby zebra died?” 
The worst part is that you had seen yourself in the poor thing. Now you were about to give up and pass away too. But you weren’t in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t actual lions hiding — worst case scenario, things would stay exactly the same as they were then. With your depressed ass sitting on the couch, with one less close friend and an ex boyfriend that made you cry every night. Yongsun was right, the only way to go was up. 
“Stop waiting around for the right moment and do something.” She lowered the volume on the television when people started throwing vases around. “This is the worst telenovela I’ve ever witnessed and my aunt is addicted to those awful—” 
“You’re right,” you randomly exclaimed, almost losing your balance when you jumped to your feet. The movement sounded a lot more heroic in your head, but your tortoise pyjamas and yellowed socks probably ruined the effect to an external observer. “I’ll do it right now.”
She whipped her head in your direction, watching as you ran towards your room. “What? Now?”
“Now or never,” you spoke back, raising your voice so she could hear you from the living room. You just needed to change your clothes and you were out the door. Seriously. Another fucking second of thinking things through and you would freeze all over again — one of the many lessons that Jeon Jungkook managed to teach you was that calculating your every move isn’t always the best approach. Sometimes you just had to improvise. “Literally. I don’t think I’ll have this courage ever again. I think I’m having a meltdown.”
“Woohoo! Use this breaking point in your favor, girl!” She cheered back. “Do it!” 
Surprisingly enough, that pump of adrenaline and decisiveness lasted for a lot longer than you expected. 
At first, you thought it would die out the second you stepped out of your apartment. It didn’t. Your next bet was that public transportation would for sure break your spirit. It only invigorated you more (yeah, you were a little jealous of the cute couple sitting and cuddling in front of you, big deal). Then, at last, you thought it would vanish the second you found yourself staring at the door of Jungkook’s apartment, your knuckles hitting the wood repeatedly and your shoes tapping against the floor. 
It really only started to wash away once the door opened and you started to have second thoughts. 
“Oh, hi—” 
“Taehyung,” you interrupted, breathless from the way you had just bolted one too many flights of stairs. You couldn’t disguise the disappointment in your tone, nor the minor confusion at the toothbrush poking out of his mouth. Why he hadn’t left that in the bathroom, you had no clue. “Can I talk to Jungkook?”
He pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth, killing you with a second of silence. “He’s not home,” he explained slowly, measuring your response — which was quite dramatic, with shoulders slumped and your gaze drifting away. In your defense, you were way too emotionally exhausted to care about manners and social cues right then. “He had some important stuff to do at campus today. It has been rare enough seeing him go anywhere lately, so I was surprised he even decided to leave.” 
“Well, yeah.” You laughed, bitter. That was just great news. “It’s probably all my fault.”
Taehyung shrugged, appearing terribly unbothered for such an intense moment (to you at least). “He doesn’t think that if that makes you feel any better,” he said, tapping his toothbrush against his cheek, leaving small dots of white behind. “He’s more of a self-blaming kind of guy. Likes you way too much to be that pissed at you.”
You scoffed, leaning against the doorframe. The courage now was surely washing away — and the makeshift aerobics you did going up the stairs were catching up to you. “That makes me feel so much worse, but thanks,” you commented, staring down at your phone. A new thought shot through your brain and you met Taehyung’s curious gaze once more. “Wait, what time was this thing he had to do?”
He thought for a second. “Hmmm… at like… three, three thirty? I’m pretty sure he’s almost done now,” he told you. You were half aware that Taehyung was about to say something else, but your momentum got the best of you once more. Before you could think too much about it, you turned around and started power walking down the hall. “Yo, hold up!” Taehyung called. 
You turned around, exasperated. “What?!”
He raised his toothbrush in a silent cheer. “He’s in block B.” 
You breathed out. “Thank you.” 
When Jungkook got the news that he and his partner’s project was chosen to represent the chemistry department of the university in a national competition, you were the first person he thought about telling. After all, he had promised you he would do so. 
But that statement had a few issues. The first and most obvious one was that you weren’t amongst the people that he wanted to talk to — or, better yet, the people who probably didn’t want to see him ever again. The second was that, as much as he had concluded that project (mostly) by himself, he felt like it was something he couldn’t take the full merit for, especially when it was you who basically pushed him to do it (and to keep doing it) until it was finished. 
The third issue (and one that he most likely wouldn’t admit out loud) was that he had done it all because of you and for you. Jungkook wanted to prove to you and to himself that he could do something if he set his mind to it and, now, he felt like he did neither. He wanted to impress you and now he didn’t even have you. How ironic.
Much to his annoyance, the sun was shining obnoxiously bright when he walked out of the science building, one hand tapping on his pocket for his lighter and a cigarette. Jungkook managed to light it after three attempts — he didn’t know why his hands were so shaky — and inhaled deeply, focusing on that sensation from the nicotine instead of the hollowness inside his chest. 
Jungkook’s car was parked on the back of the building and so he started his short journey to the other side of the structure, brain going a billion miles per hour. 
He thought of you, of course, because that was the only thing his mind went to these last several months. Now, though, instead of the usual warmth that the thought of you usually emanated, he felt ice daggers piercing his heart. 
When the brain went through a breakup, the withdrawal was equivalent to several types of drugs, and he was really feeling it. Jungkook wasn’t the best when it came to dealing with addictions and he was absolutely positive that he would take you back the second that you looked at him if it meant that he could hold you once again. But he couldn’t do that — not this time, not until you actually showed that you were willing to take things seriously, to not care about what others thought about the two of you. If you could ever do something like that, he had no idea. 
Jungkook was so immersed in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice you leaning against the hood of his car until he was too close to back away. For a moment, he didn’t even know if you were real — maybe he really reached his breaking point and now he was having full-blown hallucinations — but, the second you smiled at him, he knew you were. 
You were real. And you were there. And Jungkook couldn’t run away from that any longer. 
The sequence of emotional reactions that took place inside his heart was as quick as it was random, making his thoughts halt for a second. First came bitterness, his entire body begging him to turn around and avoid you at all costs — followed by fear, apprehension, and, finally, hurt. However, beneath it all, there was a deep, warm layer of affection, just as present and unmoving. Those two conflicting states were water and oil — not mixing, barely touching, and yet equally substantial. 
Jungkook walked towards his car, small rocks and twigs cracking beneath his feet — or, rather, he convinced himself that he was walking towards that, and not towards you. He didn’t know if he wanted to talk to you or not, if it would solve anything or if it would actually make it worse; unfixable, even. 
At the same time, he hated himself for thinking that you looked beautiful that day, it only made things harder. But you did. You always did, and it made his heart ache because it wasn’t just outside. Jungkook found himself back where he started months ago, wishing that you were actually just another shitty person he could push aside and move on from, that you were just a pretty face and a good time every once in a while. Obviously, it wasn’t like that. Obviously, things got messy. 
He tried to buy some time by throwing his cigarette on the ground and stepping on it, but of course it didn’t work. He had the vague impression that you knew what he was doing and the fact that you didn’t comment on it probably meant you also needed an extra second to compose yourself. 
At last, Jungkook paused a few steps away from you, the asperous ground cracking underneath the weight of his boots as he examined your features. His black hair was pushed back with just a few stubborn strands falling near his eyes and, when you  glimpsed his eyebrow piercing, you were reminded of the night a few weeks ago where he had first shown it to you during a video call. It was a fun night, certainly didn’t reflect the tension that hung between you two now. 
“Hey,” you greeted, voice small. 
“Hi.” He buried his hands in his pockets, more interested in the scratch on the corner of his windshield. Jungkook’s voice was cold, detached. “How’s Jisoo?” 
“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to her in some time.” You cleared your throat, uneasy. You felt like your whole body was overheating, palms sweaty and knees weak, and you wished you could blame the sun for it. “Sorry it took me so long, there was a lot I needed to think about and I needed to be sure about everything,” you said. Jungkook didn’t respond. “Can you just… hear me out? You don’t need to talk if you don’t want to. I just wanna get it off of my chest.” 
He raised his eyebrows, taking a quick glance around to check if people nearby were just fruits of his imagination. “Right now?” he asked. 
But what he really meant was in public? Around people? 
And you understood. “Yeah. It has to be right now.” 
This time, when he turned around, he was able to meet your gaze. “Fine.” Jungkook sighed. “Go ahead.” 
You cleared your throat, bracing yourself for the worst conversation of your life. “Okay... I’m an idiot.”
He scoffed. “Strong start.” 
“Just… listen.” You raised your hands in a silent plea for his cooperation. “Okay?”
Jungkook glanced at you, feeling his heart crack a little at the distressed expression that covered your face. He had lost that battle before it even began. “Okay,” he agreed. 
You shifted your weight from one leg to the other, unsure of what to do with your body. You were wearing a baby blue skirt which stopped midway down your thighs and the most absurd part of it all was that Jungkook still remembered that it was the same one you had worn the first day you both met. “I have a very big ego when it comes to knowing things, if you couldn’t tell,” you started over, dragging him back to the present. “And the idea that I was so wrong about something wasn’t super easy to digest. So I denied most of it like, you know, an idiot.” 
Jungkook didn’t say anything — he didn’t even react. His face was so impassive that you almost wondered if he knew who you were. 
The world was closing in around you, nervousness growing by the second. You inhaled deeply, finding the courage within you to go on. “I was wrong about so many things, and I’m really sorry about that,” you told him. “I shouldn’t have cared so much about what other people thought, I shouldn’t have treated you the way that I did. It’s just—” You met his stare. “It’s just so fucking dumb that I was so worried about people finding out. At first, I was embarrassed because I didn’t know who you were and I didn’t think it would go anywhere. Then I was scared, because I started liking you. A lot. Way too much. And I was so trapped in that mindset that I didn’t even realize that it never mattered what the world would think. Never.” 
It was now or never. 
“You always mattered, though. And I’m sorry that I was stupid and I couldn’t put you first,” you told him sincerely. “You asked me who I’d pick, but I don’t think that’s a fair question. I’ve chosen you every single day... for months. I’ve always chosen you, Jungkook, and that scared me.” It was hard, but you swallowed the lump in your throat, now unable to break eye contact — searching, pleading for any sort of reaction from his part. “I know that being scared is not an excuse and I’m not using it as one. I was wrong for not taking your side into consideration and I’m sorry. I really am.” 
He frowned. “What were you so scared about?” 
With a nervous chuckle, you looked down at your hands. They weren’t so sweaty now. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m pretty awful with emotions.” You laughed. “Last time, I had to be drunk to put them out.” 
Jungkook crossed his arms, expectant. “Give it a shot.” 
“Okay, yeah, you’re right. I have to be honest.” You nodded, taking in a deep breath. Just rip off the band-aid, you can do this. “Back at my place, the last night we spent together in summer, you told me that you loved me.” 
He blinked, finally expressing a slight glimpse of sentiment through a slow, measured agreement. “I did.” 
You knew that Jungkook didn’t like to talk about it — in fact, he shot down every attempt you ever made at bringing it up. It wasn’t hard to realize that he was afraid you wouldn’t say it back, or that you would make things awkward between you two. In an equally cowardly manner, you had enabled his avoidant tendencies by not putting up a fight. But now you had to say it. 
“You told me that and I... I was scared,” you said. “Not because you loved me, but because I loved — love — you too. I love you so much it hurts to breathe sometimes, and I—” You hesitated. You had no idea what was going on behind his dark eyes, but you felt it. The same rush of emotion was taking place inside your chest. “I wanna be with you. And I don’t care who finds out. Because I love you, Jungkook, and that’s what matters. I’m sorry if I didn’t show it before, but I promise I’ll do it from now on.” 
Silence followed your speech, settling inside your chest like a ball of tangled thorns. From the corner of your eyes, you could see people coming and going, some sending inquisitive stares in your direction. Jungkook remained still, watching your face for any sign of reluctance. 
At last, he sighed and looked down at his shoes. “You know,” he started. “I never had a girlfriend before you.” 
You blinked. “Never?” 
“Never,” he repeated, kicking around a small rock. Jungkook had also only ever deflected your attempts at learning more about his romantic past (or lack thereof), so the sudden comment caught you off guard. “I never loved anyone before you either. I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I get it. Shit’s hard. I fucked up too.” 
“Not as much as me,” you remarked. 
“That’s debatable,” he said, uneasy. His mouth felt dry, like he was trying to swallow a ball of cotton. “You know when I realized I was in love with you?” 
You shook your head. “No, when?”
“That night you drunk-called me, right after our fight,” he explained. “I was driving to see you, trying to figure out why the fuck I was going to some girl’s place at two in the morning after she just told me some fucked up shit.” Pausing, he shifted his gaze over your shoulder at the diaphanous white clouds that painted the sky. Staring at you felt like it would be blinding now, like you could peer directly into his soul. “Then I got to you and you hugged me, and I forgave everything like… the second you looked at me. Ever since then, I realized I was in some deep shit.”
“It’s been that long?” you choked out. 
He chuckled. “Yeah, I guess it has,” Jungkook agreed. “I told you… that night. But you didn’t hear me. I picked you up and told you that I thought that I was falling in love with you.” 
Somehow, that was the most jarring thing you had to accept at that time. You blinked, trying to make your brain remember that night, maybe construct that sentence from the broken fragments of your memory. You just couldn’t do it, it all went blank the second he opened his mouth. “You… did?” You asked. 
“Yeah, but I panicked after that and never brought it up again. I kinda convinced myself otherwise too. Guess we’re both shitty with feelings.” He laughed, humorless. “So I don’t blame you. For real.”
You shook your head, taking a step towards him. “I blame me,” you said. “You’re so amazing, Jungkook, really. You are a fantastic boyfriend, and a fantastic person. You’re seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me.” Those words came pouring out unintentionally, jumping out at the first chance to see the sunlight. You had held them inside for too long. “I took you for granted and I shouldn’t have done that.” 
Jungkook stared at you for a moment, then the corners of his lips turned upward slowly, gifting you with a pure, boyish smile that you had very rarely seen. “You always make things way harder than they should be, princess.” 
You laughed, reaching out for his hand. It felt so warm against your own, fits just as perfectly as it did before. “I do,” you admitted, fighting through the tears that slowly returned to pester you — tears of relief, but tears regardless. You blinked them back, refusing to cry, because you still had to work on that public vulnerability part of you. “I’m sorry, Kook.” 
“You can stop apologizing now.” Jungkook took his other hand to the back of your neck, holding you in place as he leaned forward. He kissed your nose, smiling at your overwhelmed state. “And stop crying too, that’s kind of breaking my heart.” 
You frowned. “I’m not c—” 
“Yeah, whatever. Shut up.” 
Since day one, you always thought Jungkook was a good kisser — in fact, he was unfairly good at a lot of things, but that was a subject for another day. That afternoon, however, you felt like you were kissing him in a wholly different way — a more free, shameless way to say I love you, instead of I want you, for a change. It was so good, in fact, that you forgot where you were and you simply dove right into it, sighing happily against his mouth as his arms pulled you closer against his chest. You always felt like your bodies fit well with one another, but, then, you couldn’t really tell where yours ended and his began. 
Maybe there wasn’t some huge secret to making things between you work, maybe you just loved him and Jungkook loved you. And that was enough. 
He pulled away with one last peck on your lips, forehead against yours and his labored breaths hitting your mouth. You two stayed like that for a little longer before Jungkook broke the silence with a shy, “I feel really shitty too, you know.”
You frowned. “About what?” 
He leaned back so he could get a better look at you. “You were right before, it wasn’t a pick me situation,” he said. “I bolted the second you hurt me because I couldn’t fucking deal with it, because I thought that you didn’t care. I get why you got so pissed off, I would get angry too.” 
“It’s okay,” you guaranteed. 
“It’s not,” he argued. It seemed like Jungkook had been thinking about that for some time now, because he had that worried expression on his face that meant his words had already been rehearsed. “It’s not fair for me to make you choose between me and your friends. That’s so fucking stupid, I can’t believe that I—” 
You interrupted his speech with a quick kiss against his lips, a smile already overtaking your features. “Apology accepted.” 
Jungkook sighed, relieved, placing his forehead against yours. It was done, you two were okay. There was still a lot to work on, but, for now, he could relax. “Let me take you home, princess?” He asked. “Like the old days?” 
You giggled — the old days. God. The drama of it all. You didn’t know how you two had gotten so far, but you were glad you did. “Please do,” you answered. “I would like that very much.” 
Jungkook took a step back, signaling with his head towards his car. You felt like there were some people staring, but you didn’t care that much. “Get in, baby.” He unlocked the doors. “I have some great news, by the way. I think you’ll like it.” 
Exactly one week after you had miraculously saved the unsalvageable, you went to see your best friend to try and do the same. Meeting Jisoo felt much more like a boss battle than an actual “discussion in regards to previous concerns and issues” (Yongsun’s words, not yours) about what had happened between you two. After much needed assistance from your roommate — who eventually caved and talked to Jisoo to explain the situation better, justifying herself by saying that she couldn’t deal with your moping around anymore — you finally felt somewhat confident to have that talk. 
Against all odds, the final encouragement speech came from none other than Jungkook himself. 
“One time Taehyung and I had this massive fight in high school and I swore we would never talk again,” he told you, eyes locked on the road. Jungkook made sure to drop you by her place, because he, quote, didn’t trust you by yourself when you were such a ball of anxiety. Which was a fair concern. “It was over some serious shit too. He used my car without me knowing and crashed it. Destroyed some public stuff or whatever. The legal process behind it was messy and my family almost had to pay for the repairs with money we didn’t have.” 
“God, how did you two fix that?” You asked. 
Jungkook shrugged. “His family paid for the public damage and gave us the cash to repair the car, so that helped. That wasn’t the big issue though, I was pissed because he went behind my back.” 
You sighed, leaning your head back against the seat. “How fitting.” 
“Yeah. So I just asked him, why the fuck did you do that?” Jungkook continued to narrate. He smiled. “It was actually over something so fucking stupid, I swear. Some friend of his wanted to smoke weed for the first time and Taehyung didn’t wanna hotbox in his parent’s car, because they would obviously smell it and, like, cut his trust fund or whatever.” 
“Why didn’t he tell you though?” You asked. 
“Because I hated the other dude and I would’ve never said yes. Actually, he was the one I got in a fight with that night. In the summer.” Jungkook admitted. “Sehun. That’s his name.”
“Fuck Sehun,” you spat. “I’ll beat him up myself next time.” 
He laughed. “Well, yeah, I don’t think he’ll bother me anymore.” Jungkook’s car took a turn, and suddenly you were entering a known part of town. You felt your stomach perform a somersault. “Point was, I forgave him because I got it. I did some stupid shit with his stuff as well, and I was a pretty bad friend at some points in time. Yeah, I was pretty suspicious for a while, but Taehyung never did it again. Now, we’re still friends. The end.” 
You scoffed. “I’m surprised you found such a relevant story,” you commented, sarcastic. “Your context interpretation skills are better than I assumed. Congratulations.” 
He smirked. “You’re underestimating me, baby.” Jungkook said, taking a quick glimpse at you. “And you’re underestimating how much your friend cares for you. I don’t know Jisoo well and you know I really don’t enjoy the little I do know. But I trust you when you say that she’s a good person.” He smiled, pointing at himself. “Because clearly you have flawless taste.” 
You sighed, crossing your arms as the car slowed down. You decided to ignore that last comment for the sake of not inflating his ego. “Yeah,” you said, “let’s hope you’re right.” 
Jungkook landed one hand on your thigh. “Come on, baby, it’s you. What’s there not to like?” 
“It’s you,” Jisoo said flatly. The door to her place was open just enough so half of her disappointed face could peek through. “I should really get a peephole.” 
You leaned your head against the doorframe, crossing your arms. “Jisoo, come on. Stop avoiding me, I need to talk to you.” 
She groaned. “I already know what you’re going to say.” 
“Well, then, let me say it,” you pressed on. “If you never want to speak to me again after that, that’s fair. But let us at least get some closure. I don’t want our last talk to be a fight.” 
She stopped for a second, going over your words. After what seemed like forever, she sighed, opening the door fully. “Fine,” she agreed, signaling with her head towards the sofa. “Sit down.” 
Jisoo shared her apartment with three other girls, but they were out so often that it was as if she lived by herself. You barely knew their names and Jisoo only mentioned them in passing — most times in an annoyed comment about how disorganized and cluttered their rooms were — and you knew they hadn’t come back to campus yet since the start of the semester. Which meant that the mess around the living room could only be Jisoo’s doing. 
If anything, that only deepeed your worries. Jisoo was the most organized person you knew (sometimes a little too much, really) so for her to say fuck it and throw clothes around the place meant that she wasn’t doing all that well. The last time she was a hot mess was when you saw her studying for her admission exams. If you had to guess, she was probably pissed out of her mind. 
She sat down across from you, in a small chair with a blanket thrown over it. Through it all, Jisoo still seemed put together, and she stared at you up and down before saying, “So… go ahead.”
The atmosphere seemed so thick, so unwelcoming that you felt like you were losing faith by the minute. Losing your best friend was already awful — but losing her over something so childish was frankly disheartening. All you could hope for was that this conversation wouldn’t make everything even worse. 
You took a deep breath before starting, looking deep inside her eyes. “Jisoo, I am so sorry I lied to you. You’re my best friend, you trusted me, and I broke that trust. I completely understand if you hate my guts right now.” You swallowed down hard. “I was selfish, I didn’t even realize that my actions would affect you like that. I was scared and I got everything mixed up, and I was stupid to think that hiding everything would be the better choice.” 
She raised one eyebrow. “Why would you think that?”
You shrugged, almost embarrassed at the words about to leave your mouth. “I don’t know, because I thought that you’d treat me poorly because of it, so I chose to avoid that conflict. I didn’t want someone that I love to judge me for something I was already judging myself for.” You sighed, shifting your attention to the floor beneath your feet. Yongsun was right about vulnerability — it was a bitch, but it was necessary. You looked up at her. “I was planning to tell you, seriously. That same day you saw us together. I even told Yongsun about it.” 
“She mentioned.” Jisoo stared down at her nails. “You told her and not me.”
“Technically, I didn’t. She saw us one night when he drove me home,” you explained. She didn’t respond. “But I mean it when I say that I was going to tell you guys. Do you really think I’d prefer to sneak around forever?”
Jisoo scoffed. “That seemed to be working, didn’t it?” She asked. It was your turn to stay silent. “For how long has this been going on?” 
There was no way to sugarcoat that. “Almost a year now,” you answered. 
“Wow. So you’ve been lying to my face for a lot longer than I expected.” Her voice was dull, monotone, and you knew she was really fighting against the emotions inside her chest. “Congratulations on the acting, by the way. Maybe you two are more fit for each other than I expected.” 
You sighed. “You’re really not going to put your guard down, are you?” 
She crossed her arms. “Why would I?” 
“God, Jisoo, please, step down from that high horse of yours, I’m trying to have a conversation here,” you said, exasperated. Your friendship meant so much to you, and it was frustrating how it seemed that only one side was actively trying to fix it. At the same time, you knew you had betrayed her trust, so to ask for such quick forgiveness would be just selfish — a way for you to alleviate your own blame. “You’re acting like I’m dating a serial killer.”
“Oh. So you guys are dating?” She raised her eyebrows, seeming actually surprised. You couldn’t tell the thoughts that appeared in her mind, her voice was just as detached as before. “That’s news.” 
Trying to control your minor burst of frustration, you nodded, leaning back against the sofa. “Yeah we… we made it official a little before summer break,” you told her. “We spent most of that time together, when I stayed behind to work on my research paper.” 
Apparently that made her reconsider a few things, because there was a longer moment of silence before Jisoo spoke out again. “Hm. That’s interesting.” 
“Jisoo, I really don’t want to stay here arguing about a guy with you,” you continued. “I know that isn’t why you’re so upset, but I think that the fact that it’s Jungkook also doesn’t make it better.” 
She clicked her tongue. “I don’t think it’s as relevant as you think.”
“Yeah? Would you have been this mad if it had been Jimin instead?” You asked. She didn’t answer, trapped by your argument. “I thought so. Listen, I know you think Jungkook’s a piece of shit that will amount to nothing, you’ve said it a billion times. I can’t blame you for that, I thought the same thing for the longest time.” 
“What changed?” For the first time, her question actually sounded genuine, no longer coated by a thick layer of sarcasm. 
You used that opening to your advantage. “I just got to know him better, instead of obsessing over the person I thought he was. The first few times we got together, I told myself it would be the last, and I really wanted to be,” you said. “It started getting hard to avoid him though, because we saw each other so much and we ended up getting closer. Jungkook helped me through a lot, especially when it comes to, I don’t know, just relaxing.” You chuckled, humorless. “I was in desperate need of that, I guess.”
Jisoo didn’t speak up after that and you let her have a moment to digest everything you had just said before you broke the silence once more. 
“Just one final comment,” you told her, taking a deep breath. “Caring so much about what other people thought only made everything worse, and I’m speaking from the bottom of my heart when I say that I’m sorry I hurt you, Jisoo. I really am. It was selfish of me to lie to you so much, and I accept that, and I won’t do it again if you still want to be my friend. But that doesn’t mean you also get to walk all over me just because you don’t like who I’m with.” 
She sighed. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with Jungkook. That’s all.” 
“I’m already involved though. And I’m okay — in fact, he makes me the happiest I’ve ever been,” you confessed. “In the end, if you’re right, I’ll get my heart broken. Wonderful. You win. Don’t worry, I won’t come crawling back to you, I’ll deal with it myself. You might not believe it, Jisoo, but the world extends much beyond your vision of it and maybe, just maybe, I’m right about something too.” Your words were a lot firmer than you anticipated, which was hard to achieve when you were being so vulnerable. “Maybe Jungkook isn’t as bad as you think he is, and maybe you can extend to me the same empathy I showed you and try to understand my side as well instead of kicking someone that is already down.” 
You could see Jisoo thinking about the words you said, her eyes flickering to her hands, down to the dainty material of her flowery dress. On your side, you definitely understand having your worldview turned on its head, so you gave her time to go through her inner turmoil, to debate her thoughts. Finally, she exhaled, looking back at you. “I’m worried about you,” she confessed, voice more serene this time. Jisoo was someone that didn’t change quickly, probably one of the people with the most immobile resolve in the world. Even then, that minor switch in demeanor was enough for you to put your guard down as well. “I’m angry too.” 
Your shoulders slumped. You finally felt like you were getting somewhere and the clouds were moving away from the sun. Perhaps Jungkook was right about the whole situation, maybe you had really underestimated how much Jisoo cared for you as a friend and how much she wanted that to work. “I know you are, and I get it,” you spoke frankly. “There’s nothing to worry about, I promise. I’m doing great, and Jungkook really makes me happy — and I think I make him happy too.” 
Jisoo snorted, running one hand through her hair. “It’s hard to see it,” she breathed out. “He doesn’t seem like that kind of guy.” 
“Well… I get it, but you haven’t really seen it yet,” you argued. The conversation felt like it was flowing now that she had vocalized her own feelings. “Jungkook’s not your biggest fan either, but he’s open to, at least, peaceful communication if you are.” 
She crinkled her nose. “I don’t know about that just yet, I might need a long time to get used to it,” Jisoo said. You understood, honestly. Baby steps. “But I… I really do hope he makes you happy. I might have overreacted.” 
“Thank you,” you said, honestly. “Yongsun talked to you?”
“Yes,” Jisoo admitted, even if you already knew the answer. You could see it in her eyes that she was too heartbroken about the entire situation to stay mad at you for too long, and you felt the same way. “She softened me a little.” 
Maybe it was time to buy Yongsun a big gift for all the free therapy she was giving you. You chuckled. “I figured. It’s her psych degree.” 
Jisoo managed to crack a small smile. You counted that as a big victory. “Yeah, I… she told me some things I couldn't really ignore — like the fact that you were right too. I would freak out about it because, like, I kinda did.” She lowered her gaze, appearing shameful of her actions. “So I guess I can understand why you avoided it for so long and… well, if you didn’t think it would get serious, it makes sense that you didn’t tell me at first. I just— I’m acting extremely self-centered, am I not?” 
“Kind of, but so did I. So I get it.” You raised one hand. “Truce?” 
Jisoo nodded and raised hers as well. “Please. Truce,” she said. Before she spoke up again, she leaned back against the couch, crossing her arms. “I can’t promise I’ll be okay with it, but I’ll try.” She looked up at you. “But Yongsun and I will murder him if he steps out of the line. She’s a black belt.” 
You smiled. “And you?”
She didn’t miss a beat. “I have nothing to lose.” 
“Sounds good,” you beamed. “I can work with that.” 
Jisoo sighed dramatically, leaning forward and rubbing her temples. “I feel like I’m living in the matrix, ___,” she complained, closing her eyes for a second. “Are you two seriously dating?” That word sounded like it hurt to be expelled from her tongue. “I didn’t even know he was capable of that. How didn’t this break, like, all the fundamental laws of the universe?” 
You snorted — it was like you were watching your past self now, going through a speedrun of the crises you experienced. “Yep. Groundbreaking, I know,” you admitted. Sometimes you were still surprised about it as well. “I’m telling you, there’s a side of him that you don’t know.” 
“So I’ve heard,” she commented. “Yongsun told me some…  nauseating stories.” 
That could not be good. “What kind?”
Jisoo pursed her lips. “The family friendly ones, but she told me to ask you about the rest. From your face alone though, I don’t think I want to know.” 
You cringed a little. “Yeah, you probably don’t. Some things are better kept private.” 
She scoffed. “We can agree on that.” 
“You’re fucking with me,” Taehyung said.
“Swear to god, I’m not,” Jungkook answered, shoving another piece of bread into his mouth. His following words came out muffled, but his friend understood them perfectly. “I’m waiting on the feedback now.” 
“Don’t speak with your mouth full. What are you, a caveman?” You asked, stopping by his side and folding your forearms on the kitchen counter. When you looked at Taehyung who was standing on the other side of it, you had your best commercial smile ready. “It’s true, I saw the email,” you said, leaning your head against Jungkook’s shoulder. Taehyung was tired of trying to keep up with your swift changes in demeanor, so he learned to accept them. “I’m so proud.” 
Taehyung nodded, eyes shifting between you two. “We really are living in a dark timeline, man. How did that happen?” 
“A lot of nagging.” Jungkook signaled with his head towards you. “And the guy I partnered up with really needed the extra credit.” 
You frowned. “Don’t make fun of him, he needed it for his scholarship.” 
“I’m not making fun of him.” Jungkook smirked. 
You narrowed your eyes. “Yes, you are.” 
Taehyung decided to intervene before he got pulled into yet another dumb argument. “___, you’re more than welcome to spend my finals week here if a little bit of nagging from you is what it takes for me to get a good grade,” he said, only half joking. “Jungkook, you have to let me borrow your girlfriend, I want a special project too.” 
“Don’t even think about it.” He narrowed his eyes. 
You laughed at Jungkook’s knee jerk reflection of ignoring sarcasm in the name of marking his territory, and decided to switch the subject. “How’s the delivery situation going, by the way? Wasn’t the pizza supposed to be here, like, twenty minutes ago?” 
Taehyung raised his eyebrows, surprised that his precious dinner had been forgotten. One hand tapping against his pants, he searched for his phone and dragged it out of his pocket. “Lemme check— Oh, there’s a message,” he exclaimed, eyebrows coming down as he read the text on the screen. “The delivery guy is stuck in traffic and he didn’t even come back from his last route. They’re asking if we’d rather pick up.” 
“I think it’s better,” you agreed. 
“Yeah, I can go,” Jungkook said, reaching for his car keys. 
Taehyung’s head whipped in his direction. “Like the last time you went out to buy some groceries and came back three hours later with no food? Not on my watch.” He pointed two fingers at you and Jungkook, gaze oscillating between you. “I don’t trust you two. I’ll get it myself.” 
“Fiiine,” Jungkook groaned, throwing his keys at the other boy. Taehyung caught them with one hand, already walking towards the front door. “Don’t crash my car again, fuckface.”
“Keep pestering me and I’ll do it on purpose this time,” Taehyung warned, opening the door. “Don’t fuck on the couch.” 
“Keep pestering me and I’ll do it on purpose this time,” Jungkook echoed. 
He squinted, measuring his friend. “Don’t you dare,” Taehyung said, then switched his target to you. “Don’t let him do that.” 
You placed one hand over your heart. “Promise.”
Jungkook rolled his eyes. “You two are so fucking boring.” 
Taehyung stopped in the hallway, uttering a last, “Careful, Jeon,” before mysteriously closing the door. 
“He’s so fucking dramatic,” Jungkook complained, moving around so he was standing behind you now, wrapping his arms around your waist. 
“Taehyung’s funny,” you commented, a smile lingering on your lips. “Reminds me of Yongsun sometimes.” 
Jungkook hummed, his broad chest coming in contact with your back. He leaned in, placing his nose against your neck. “Should I be jealous?” He teased. “He already asked me to borrow you, I’m sensing a pattern.” 
You giggled, reaching back to put your hand on the nape of his neck. Jungkook tightened his grip around your body, pulling you back against his heat. “I’m much more interested in his roommate actually,” you remarked. 
His lips clung onto your neck. “Yeah? Nice guy?”
You sighed, pretending to be thinking about it. “Sometimes. Really hot though,” you made sure to add, biting down on your lip to suppress a moan when he sucked on your skin. “Don’t tell him I said that.” 
Jungkook only hummed, hugging you tighter. You could feel the ridge of his cock between your ass cheeks, already hardening. “Your secret is safe with me, princess,” he responded, voice velvety against your flesh, vibrating in your bones. “You know…” Jungkook trailed off, pushing your hair away from your face so he could kiss your cheek. “Taehyung will probably be out for at least thirty minutes.”
He pressed you back against his erection to make his point. “Plenty of time… you know what for.” 
You giggled. “Didn’t he just say not to fuck on the couch?” 
With a roll of his eyes, Jungkook groaned, turning you around so he could fully meet your stare. “Like I give a shit,” he said, but he could tell from the silent judgement in your eyes that you weren’t buying that plan of his. He sighed, defeated. “Fine. Not the couch. Way to ruin the fun, baby.” 
You smiled, hands roaming up his chest before stopping on his shoulders. “You should be more respectful of your roommate’s wishes.” 
He snorted. “Yeah, I’ll make sure we’ll talk about our feelings once a week from now on,” Jungkook said sarcastically. He didn’t even give you time to respond before he was finding a very obvious solution to his dilemma. “Wanna go to my room?”
“Congratulations on the basic level of logical thinking,” you said, booping his nose. “And yes, please.” 
Jungkook leaned in so he could place a tender kiss against your lips, large hands roaming down your sides, pressing underneath your glutes as he pushed your body upwards. “Hang on then,” he warned, literally sweeping off your feet. 
“Jungkook!” You yelped, holding tightly onto his shoulders. He only laughed at your unnecessary reaction, strong arms pushing you against his body as he walked towards his bedroom. You didn’t expect to be carried bridal style again, but, well, you didn’t expect most things that came from him. “This is so unnecessary,” you complained. 
“You were a lot cuter about this last time,” he commented, kissing your forehead. 
You frowned, breaking eye contact. He needed your help to open his door, which you gladly did by turning the knob, and then he gave it a small kick to let you both through. “Yeah, I was drunk,” you responded. 
“You’re full of excuses,” he teased, maneuvering your body around so he could gently place you on his bed. “You even said I was a prince.” 
“I don’t know about any of that and you cannot prove it.” You crawled upwards, throwing your head against the pillow, legs open so he could settle himself in the middle of them. “That night was such a blur, it was so embarrassing.” 
Jungkook snorted, kissing your cheek. You leaned into his touch, a fond smile growing on your lips as your eyes met. “Yeah, you even ignored my heartfelt confession. That was so mean, princess.” He held you by the jaw, kissing your mouth now. “I’m gonna say it again and, this time, you’ll listen.”
“Oh my god, wait, I need an excuse not to hear it,” you joked, covering your ears with your hands. 
“Shut up, no excuses here.” He was quicker, pinning both of your wrists down against the mattress. Pliant in his hold, you could only lay there as Jungkook kissed you once again, sighing against your lips before he pulled back and said, “I’m in love with you, baby.” 
Jungkook looked at you like he was seeing you for the first time in his life — and, in a way, he was. He was seeing you without the fogginess that covered his vision, without locking away his feelings in his chest. It was different — new — to love you so openly, so shamelessly. 
And to be loved back, of course.
“I’m in love with you too,” you responded, a ditzy smile already growing on your lips. “Who would’ve guessed that your lack of understanding about defense cells would take us here?” 
Jungkook grunted in irritation as he leaned back, hands working on popping your button and sliding down the zipper of your jeans. “Who cares about defense cells anyways?” He asked, grumpy. 
“I do,” you said. 
“Nerd,” he responded, quickly sliding your pants down your legs. Jungkook threw them aside with too much determination. “Also, why the hell did you wear fucking pants today? Do you hate me?”
“Excuse me? It was chilly,” you defended yourself. Was he seriously that moody over a choice of clothing? Some things never changed. “You’ll survive if I don’t wear a skirt or a dress for one day, Jeon Jungkook.”
“I have my doubts,” he said, moving on to your panties. Soon enough, they were being discarded as well. “Do you realize how long it took me to take that off you? I could’ve been fingering you by now if you had worn a skirt instead. You’re not optimizing my time here, baby.” 
You rolled your eyes. “You’re so gross.” 
He laughed, moving on to his own zipper. Jungkook was probably acting slightly more eager than usual because you two were in a tighter time frame, and god knows there were some things Taehyung didn’t need to know about you two. “Yet, you still love me, princess, how does that make you feel?” He asked, playful. 
“Like I am in constant need of therapy,” you responded. Jungkook pushed his pants and underwear down in one go, letting his cock jump out, already growing to full length. You bit your lip when he wrapped one hand around his length, pumping himself a few times before leaning closer to you, one thumb landing on your clit. “Kook.”
“Yeah, baby?” He answered, distracted. 
“You can put it in, you don’t need to prep me,” you told him. This was partially because you wanted to make good use of your time, partially because you couldn’t hold back another second without feeling him inside you. 
His gaze snapped up at yours, uncertain. “You sure?” Jungkook asked. “You don’t want me to…”
“No, it’s okay,” you guaranteed, one hand reaching out to pull his arm closer to you. “Please. I need you inside me now.”
Jungkook took a second to think about it, his eyes roaming your face for any sign of doubt from your side. With a sigh, his shoulders dropped and he finally nodded, accepting your request. “Whatever you want, baby,” he husked. He gasped when his thumb brushed over his sensitive slit, his hand pumping himself a few more times as he moved closer to you. “Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.” 
“Okay,” you agreed, feeling like your body was on edge. 
It wasn’t the first time that you and Jungkook went at it with little to no preparation, but it always gave you a sick kick of nervousness when he aligned himself at your entrance, trying to see if it would fit. Jungkook’s cock was big, that wasn’t anything new, and the idea of feeling him really stretch you out with no prior prep made you just as horny. 
“Soaked,” he murmured in amazement, talking to himself. His tip rubbed between your folds, gathering your arousal before, at last, it trailed downwards. Jungkook let out a shaky breath, anticipating it just as much as you did. You finally felt his crown pressing itself into you, teasing the ring of muscle. “Relax, princess. I’ll go slow.” 
But it was stinging already. You felt yourself squeezed desperately around his tip, both wanting to push him out and pull him deeper, before he buried himself to the hilt inside you. “F-Fuck,” you cursed, closing your eyes to fight the tears. Jungkook stopped, an expression of worry on his face and his hands loosening on your hips. “It’s okay, I’m okay, keep going,” you breathed out. 
Jungkook could only agree with a movement of his head, clenching his jaw as he slowly pushed himself deeper inside your walls. It was taking everything inside him not to start pounding into your tight, wet pussy like he desperately wanted to. “You’re way too tight, shit,” he hissed, cock twitching inside you. Strangely enough, he also felt a little more sensitive than usual. “I can barely move. Relax for me, baby.” 
Trying to ground yourself, you took your hands to his biceps, feeling the muscle flex beneath your palms as Jungkook shifted his weight forward, trying to accommodate his size inside you. “I’m s-sorry,” you stuttered. “I’m really trying.” 
The way you appeared to be so overwhelmed when he was barely halfway inside you was driving him insane. Jungkook thought it would be better for him to tear his focus away from your face before he blew his load way too early, instead shifting closer to you, leaning his head to the side so he could smooch your cheek. “Shhh, don’t apologize, you’re doing so well,” he reassured, letting his cock slide deeper inside you until he couldn’t go any further. Jungkook cursed, his nose poking out against your jaw as your legs wrapped around his waist. “Fuck, that’s it.” 
“You can move,” you told him, a whiny strain to your voice that made his cock throb. “Please.” 
Jungkook was a lot of things, but he wasn’t a fool. The second you gave him the green light, he was leaning back so he could support himself better on the mattress, hips starting to set a slow pace as you got used to his size. He felt much bigger with no preparation, which was a blessing and a curse for both of you — especially considering Jungkook felt like he was having sex for the first time, feeling your cunt desperately squeezing his length and your pretty moans reaching his ears. 
Thankfully, it was all manageable, self-limiting. Not much later, both the discomfort of the initial stretch and Jungkook’s (almost) early nut were washing away, giving space to a fast, steady rhythm of thrusts. 
The sounds of skin hitting skin were filling the air, mingling with the breathy moans coming from you. Jungkook dove into those sounds like they were his second home, mind focused on the way you were wrapped around his cock, greedily sucking him in, asking for more. “That’s it, baby, just like that. Such a good girl for me, milking my cock so fucking well,” he praised. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to fill you up with his cum, to see it drip down your hole, making a mess all over yourself. “Feels good, princess?” His gaze snapped up at you. “Like having my cock deep inside your pussy like this, uh?” 
The drunk nod you gave him was enough to get your point across. It was almost criminal how good it felt, how full you were, how well he fucked you. Jungkook really knew your body like the back of his hand and had no issue breaking you down when needed. “Fuck, you’re so good, so good,” you praised, somewhat delirious, as he pounded harder inside you. You whimpered, you needed something else. “Kiss me, please,” you begged, fighting to meet his gaze through the cloudiness of your own. “Kook, kiss m—”
Jungkook silenced your pleas with the kiss you desired so much, his lips dancing against yours as you moaned against his tongue. You could tell that he was hungry for more, biting your lower lip, pulling it back just slightly before letting it fall into place; hand on your jaw opening your mouth so he could shove his tongue deeper. It was messy, uncoordinated, full of devotion — just the way you needed it to be. 
“Right there, oh my god.” You threw your head back against the pillows, eyes shutting tightly at the euphoric sensation that cursed your veins. Jungkook was fucking you so deep that you didn’t know how your head wasn’t banging against the headboard, but you were far too gone to care. “There, there— Jungkook, please.”  
Jungkook moaned back, and you didn’t know if it was at the way you were clenching around him or at the sounds you were making. “I got you, baby.” His breathing was ragged, voice airy. “I’ll give you whatever you want.” He kept the same angle of his hips, not daring to do something differently and lose that sweet spot of yours. He rammed into it over and over, seeing the way it made your mouth fall open, your thighs shaking on either side of his body. “That’s my girl, that’s my fucking girl. All mine.” 
You were his — unapologetically, wholeheartedly, unconditionally his. And he was yours. Time and time again, for as long as it lasted. You were his and Jungkook was yours, against all odds, in spite of all the plans you had built for your life. The thought was so visceral that it felt like a direct punch to your stomach, a hiccup breaking upon your lips as you blindly reached for him. 
“K-Kook,” you called, hands cupping his cheeks and forcing him to meet your teary gaze. Jungkook almost thought he had done something wrong when you said the most beautiful, breathless “I love you” that he had ever heard in his life. 
Jungkook exhaled, eyes roaming your face as if he wanted to imprint that moment to his memories forever. He dove in to place a kiss against your lips, gasping against your mouth before he pulled back. “Love you too, baby,” he breathed out, closing his eyes. His forehead was against yours, nose bumping yours and his hot, shaky breath hitting your skin. You were everything he could think of, every emotion that filled his chest was because of you. “Shit, you’re so fucking perfect. Love you so much.”
“Love you,” you almost sobbed, throwing your head back once more, diving into your growing pleasure. Now you had said it once, it seemed impossible to hold back — months and months of emotions piled up now crashing down in mere seconds. “Faster, p-please,” you begged. “I’m almost there.”
He nodded and sat back, holding your hips tighter so he could fuck you faster, deeper. You whined at the force of his thrusts, pussy clenching around him as you silently pleaded for your release to finally meet you halfway. “Shit, how can you feel so fucking good every single time?” Jungkook cursed, looking down at where you took him whole, cock splitting you open time and time again. He felt like he could cum anytime now, but he needed you to do it first. “Cum for me? Wanna see it so bad, baby. Wanna see you make a mess all over my cock.” 
You nodded as your high finally washed over you, thighs shaking like crazy on either side of his body. “Jungkook,” you cried out, gasping for air every time his cock brushed against that sensitive spot inside you. It made you whine, moan and sob. It was dragging out your orgasm now, keeping it on its peak for a bit longer until you couldn’t even think about anything other than him. “K-Kook, I’m—” 
“I’m close, I’m close,” he urged, leaning forward until his cheek was pressed against yours, his messy breathing mingling with his moans, sounding desperate right next to your ear. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Jungkook warned, voice strangled, before spilling himself inside you. 
You gasped at the warm feeling, biting back your whines as he gave you a few last thrusts, trying to prolong his pleasure as your pussy milked his cock dry, still clenching around him. When sensitivity started to win the fight, Jungkook sighed and stopped, turning his face so he could place a kiss against your jaw. “God,” he said, “I fucking love you, baby.” 
Tenderly, your hands found the back of his head, playing with his hair the way you knew he adored. The fondness in his gaze was the purest thing you had ever seen. “Love you too.” You smiled, letting Jungkook peck your lips a couple times before speaking up again. “Hate to break the mood, but could you grab me a towel?” 
Even if he seemed to be kind of out of it, Jungkook nodded, sitting back against his feet. “Yeah,” he agreed, still breathless. He ran one hand through his jet black hair, pushing it back before his eyes fell to where your bodies met. Jungkook licked his lips, slowly pulling himself out of your pussy. “By the way,” he started, clearly distracted by the way his cum came oozing out of you, dripping down between your asscheeks. His fingers were quick to push it back in, earning a faint gasp from you. “You’re gonna be really pissed at me, princess.” 
You frowned. That couldn’t be good. “Why would I?” 
Stubborn, he focused on pushing his release back inside you once more before he spoke up. “I kinda lied to you before,” Jungkook said, a smile blossoming on his lips as his eyes flicked back to yours. “The pizza place is like five minutes away.” 
Whoever invented the concept of walk of shame didn’t know what it was to look Taehyung in the eyes after unknowingly fucking one thin wall away from his poor, bleeding ears. You wanted to crack a joke about it being a good chance at trauma bonding with Yongsun, but you didn’t want to open that pandora box just now. 
Not with the glare he gave you. 
“You two should be thrown in jail.” Taehyung munched on his food, eyes glued to the phone in his hands — more as a defense mechanism than nonchalance, you rationalized. Furthermore, you would very much like to believe that the headphones near him were enough indication that he had at least tried not to hear most of it. “Eat up before it gets cold, you perverts.” 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
an ongoing series of drabbles surrounding dilf! jungkook
# grocery store
# stairs sex
# smile
# recital
# jealous
# spoiled
# parent-teacher conference
# conception
# vacation
more coming soon...
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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minniepetals · 20 days ago
Rose & Thorns: 10
Tumblr media
— summary: a lone rose, a little broken, until Jungkook came along and the two of you saved each other. and in doing so, Jungkook showed you a world where he shared with his six other mates.
— pairing: dragon!bts x reader
— genre: angst / slight fluff / poly!au / fantasy!au / dragon!au
— word count: 8.0k
— warnings: none
╰ part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10
Tumblr media
You stood in the hall of the castle on the left of Namjoon while Hoseok stood on his right, faces grim and serious as you could feel all eyes on you with the intriguing fact that a Keeper was in their clan, a Keeper the clans haven’t had since hundreds of years ago. None of them were alive to live through the years when the first Keeper had been chosen so to know that another Keeper was made was quite fascinating to them, you were sure.
But you could also tell that some dragons still doubted your loyalty, knowing fully well how many of them did not have good histories with your kind. But you weren’t going to let them faze you. Namjoon often reminded you to look confident no matter how much they may scare you. After all, looking small and vulnerable in front of the dragons would only give them more doubt and you knew you had to gain their trust and show them that you were capable of being a Keeper more than anything.
As the steps of the leader of the Southern Clan began to echo into the room and the whispering voices died down, Namjoon took his respective bow with you and Hoseok automatically following along, heads lowered in respect as you stared at the floor below you.
It was nerve wracking being in a room full of dragons you had never seen before but you knew you had to remain strong.
“Prince Namjoon.” Surprisingly the voice was light and friendly as the prince spoke your leader’s name. He rose upon the call of his name with you and Hoseok following and could see the kind smile prince Daesung was giving him. “Welcome to our Clan.”
“Thank you,” Namjoon gave him a short nod before his gaze fell to Hoseok.
“Prince Hoseok.”
“Your highness.”
“And,” he turned his head your way and the moment his eyes met yours, you could see the way his eyes widened a little, falling silent at the sight of you with a delicate hand coming up to cover his mouth. “Oh my,” he whispered in a small gasp, blinking one moment before breaking into a bright smile that practically lit up the entire room and the next thing you knew he had rushed in front of you with his hands grabbing ahold of yours, squeezing it tight. “You didn’t tell me she was so adorable!” The prince squealed with delight, surprising you with a sudden embrace that caught you off guard and your eyes were quick to dart to your dragons with a flustered expression plastered onto your face.
The way their eyes darkened slightly almost brought shivers down your spine.
“Human girls are the cutest thing ever! I can’t believe I’m finally meeting one in real life!! Tell me!” He backed away just enough to face you again as you could feel yourself blushing at how close he was. “Keeper of the Dragons, what is your name, dear one?”
“U-uh,” you stuttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable by the close proximity but knowing not to be rude in his presence, “Y..Y/N.”
You thought his eyes had lit up even more. “What a pretty name! You’re so—”
“Okay, that’s enough,” Hoseok quickly stepped in to grab you by the shoulder and pulled you back to his arms with a displeased look on his face. “Prince Daesung. Whether she is a human or not, you must remember that our Keeper is still a lady.”
“Oh my.” Totally ignoring Hoseok’s warnings, prince Daesung could only wiggle more with excitement as his eyes returned to you again. “I know jealousy when I see it and I must say, to woo the seven princes of the East Clan is quite a bold move of yours, precious Y/N.”
“Huh?” You began to panic as your hands came up to wave with denial. “No, I-I didn’t—”
“Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing. I would do the same if I had the pretty looks you do. How’d they find such an adorable face such as yourself? Or did you find them first? I’m sure these possessive dragons stole you away to make you fall in love with them, didn’t they?”
“W-wait! They didn’t—”
“Prince Daesung, stop teasing the little one already.” Namjoon let out a tired sigh.
“I can’t help it!” The prince chortled with a sly grin. “She’s even more pretty when she blushes so easily like that.”
You could see his followers looking away or hanging their heads in shame at their prince’s words and you realized that you were totally baited by the South Clan’s leader, making you even more embarrassed than before.
As if reading your thoughts, Hoseok gave you a squeeze. “Don’t worry. Prince Daesung likes to spew nonsense so don’t take him too seriously.”
Offended, prince Daesung gave out a dramatic gasp. “Rude!”
“Forgive me for the impolite behavior of my dear brother.” You turned at the sound of the voice that was laced with poised to find a young lady a few feet taller than you. She had her head bowed with a hand rested against her heart, showing both grace and a dignified manner and you could tell almost immediately who she was after learning a few things about the South Clan. “Are you alright, milady?” Princess Soyeon asked with a slight concern as she addressed you.
“Yes, your highness,” you told her with a small smile, a bit taken back by how different the two siblings were.
She returned the smile with her own before turning to her brother with a displeased glare. “Not only is Y/N a lady but she is also the sole Keeper of the Dragons. You cannot disrespect the lady like that.”
Her scolding made prince Daesung look away with a pout. “You cannot expect me to ignore the cute.”
“Would you like to feel the wrath of our neighboring princes as well?”
Though the prince did not respond to that as he refused to meet his sister’s glare, you cocked your head slightly to the side with confusion upon her words. “Wrath?”
Princess Soyeon looked back at you with softer eyes and a faint smile as she eyed your two princes. “Us dragons are very possessive creatures. If anyone tries to touch our treasures, it may turn into conflicts. They may not look like it but I am sure prince Namjoon and prince Hoseok weren’t exactly fond of my brother touching you.”
You looked over your shoulder at the two of them who stood tall behind you and found Namjoon meeting your eyes with a slight raise to his brow almost as if confirming the assumption of the princess, making your cheeks warm up again.
“Again, please forgive my brother. I will make sure he does not do anything to offend you again.”
“Ah, it…” you shook your head with a smile, “it’s alright.”
“Now then,” with a sudden clap echoing into the large room, prince Daesung began to dismiss the members of his clan. “You’ve gotten a good look at our dear Keeper and see that she is a beautiful lady and anyone beautiful is worth trusting so—”
“Our relationship with the Eastern Clan is clear enough to show that we have no reason to mistrust them,” princess Soyeon stated in a loud, clear voice as she totally ignored the voice of her brother who responded with a glare of his own. But even though she had interrupted him, he let her go on to address the crowd. “We all know that the only way a human can become a Keeper is through the will of our own ancestors and we know never to question their decisions. If they have chosen Y/N as the new Keeper of the Dragons then that is the decision that we must accept. If anyone has any problem with that, know that you will be going against our own ancestors.”
Her voice, so poised and filled with charisma, was enough to let her warriors know that she wasn’t going to tolerate anyone that would go against having you as their Keeper and for that, you felt so thankful to the princess.
Once the room finally cleared away and all that was left were the five of you along with a few trusted warriors of the Southern Clan, you knew it was all business now.
“Your highnesses,” Namjoon began and it was enough to let the princess understand what he wanted to discuss.
She turned to follow her brother as she spoke and the rest of you followed along to their steps. “I am sure you must be wanting to discuss the agreement between the three clans upon accepting the Keeper.”
“That’s correct,” he gave a firm nod.
You walked beside Hoseok, silently listening in as your nerves began to reappear once again. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy even if the South Clan seemed friendly but you hoped things would work out well in the end.
“The other clans may not be as lenient but we do not plan on using Y/N for all of the wars that will be fought in the future,” she was quick to assure. “Whether she is a Keeper or not, we will not lay so low as to use someone outside of our clan as a tool in order to fight our wars.”
“Besides,” chiming in, you met the eyes of the prince as he looked over his shoulder for a brief moment and sent you a smirk, “who would want to send a beautiful lady into the battlegrounds?” He turned back again, sounding a little more exasperated this time. “However, we all know prince Hyungwoo and prince Seojoon aren’t going to be as kind as us.”
As the door to a room opened up, you all walked into their meeting hall and immediately took your seats in order to continue discussing.
“The princes of the North and West know not to reject a Keeper but you must be prepared for what challenges they will have you facing.”
You tilted your head slightly to the side at princess Soyeon. “Challenges?”
“To see how powerful you can be.”
“They won’t do anything unethical now will they?” Hoseok frowned.
“If they realize the little one has joined your little circle of lovers then perhaps they will take not offending you more into account,” prince Daesung opined with a light shrug. “But the two of them are quite unpredictable, especially prince Hyungwoo of the North, so it’s best to keep your guard up. Prince Seojoon is rational but it’s hard to please that man.” He propped his elbow upon the grand table, resting his chin onto his hand as he looked at you with sympathetic eyes. “Be careful, dear Y/N, dragons can be quite prideful and if someone comes in to threaten their position in this little game of ours, it can get a little nasty.”
You could feel a shiver running down your spine but it fell away too soon as you felt Hoseok’s hand suddenly holding yours. When you turned your head towards him, he graced you with a kind smile. “There’s no need to be afraid, we’ll be right there with you,” he whispered softly, allowing your heart to relax again.
“Major wars do not occur very often,” princess Soyeon added truthfully, “and if they do, we often deal with it on our own with our own dragons. But if there is ever an emergency that forces us to seek help, I hope that you will allow us to call for you.”
“Of course,” you gave her a firm nod with a determined gaze. “I will be prepared for the day I am asked to help fight the wars.”
She returned the nod just as firmly before letting herself relax just for a moment to spare you a small smile. “Thank you, Keeper, and thank you princes of the East for finding her.”
It was their unquestioned trust in you that made you believe in yourself more.
“What are you thinking about?”
The prince had allowed your stay in the South as the sun was already beginning to set by the time the meeting was over and as you sat on the grand bed prepared for you and your princes, Namjoon took a seat beside you after changing into proper sleepwear, wondering why you looked so distant all on your own.
You didn’t want to bother them with your concerns so you shook your head lightly with a faint smile thrown his way to try and ease the tension that hadn’t faded from the moment the three of you left the Eastern mountains.
“Right now it feels just right to take up prince Daesung’s offer to stay here a while longer and postpone our travel plans for the West and North, doesn’t it? I know you’re anxious,” Hoseok said with a wry smile as he went on to sit beside you on your other side.
“But,” Namjoon took ahold of your hand and placed it on top of his palm where it rested upon his lap, and began to rub small circles on the back of your hand as a way of comfort, “I know you miss the others and cannot wait to go home.”
How was it that they knew you so well? You could still recall those moments when they couldn’t trust a word you said and had treated you poorly but looking at them at this moment, you could find nothing but love in their eyes and that alone warmed your cold, anxious heart.
“It hasn’t even been a day,” you lamented as your eyes cast down to the gentle hands that were still caressing yours. “I miss them so much.”
“You’re right,” Hoseok said in a soft manner as he thought back to that morning the three of you took your leave and placed an arm over your shoulders with a small squeeze. “It isn’t often we go our separate ways outside of our lands.”
“Mhm,” Namjoon said, nodding. “There are some of us who haven't even seen the world outside our own lands despite being princes.”
Your eyes widened a bit at the revelation. “No way. Who?”
“Jimin and Taehyung.”
“Why is that?”
“Jimin looks after our prisoners, as you know, so it really doesn’t matter much to him because he’s sadly almost always in the dungeons. As for Taehyung, the younger one has to look after the little ones so he doesn’t get out much either,” explained Hoseok. It made sense, you should have known of those facts before they even told you but it still made it sad to be able to hear of the two of them being stuck in the clan everyday.
“So what are the occasions when traveling outside our lands?” You asked them.
Namjoon gave you a small grin. “Well for one, meetings like these. But I have meetings with the clan leaders every full moon. Usually Yoongi will accompany me on those nights. That’s why some days we go missing and are nowhere to be found inside the clan. Seokjin travels if he needs to find special herbs or wishes to learn more about plants and remedies that don't exist on our lands.”
“Those are what he calls his errands,” Hoseok said almost in a whisper as he sent you a wink, causing your mouth to form into a little circle at the epiphany.
“That’s why he takes so long and sometimes comes back so late? I would have loved to accompany him on those journeys.”
They both shared a chuckle.
“You’ve had some bad encounters when leaving the clan, I’m sure hyung only left you out for your sake,” Hoseok explained gently as he stroked your hair before proceeding on. “Jungkook and I sometimes have to do secret patrols that take place outside our lands. Only a very few of us know of that though. They’re sort of like secret investigations to get information on whether a smaller clan will be wanting to rise against us or not in order to prepare for or avoid any future wars.”
“But as you can see, we’ve managed to avoid war for a long time now.”
“Though it doesn’t guarantee the fact that we won’t be going to war again at all.”
As you stared down at your lap, the distressed look on your face made the mood drop as your two princes shared a look of understanding, knowing exactly what you are worried about.
Namjoon lightly squeezed the hand that he held onto as he began to speak again. “I know I cannot promise you that there will be no wars in the future and that even if there is a war that does not concern our clan, you may be called in to be involved as Keeper, but I can promise you that you will never be alone.”
You looked up at him with sad eyes just thinking about the wars that you all would have to face in order to protect your own people.
But Namjoon did not back away from your fear and held onto a gentle smile. “Perhaps it may not be enough to just tell you that you will not be alone but I speak for all of the dragons in our clan when I say this, Y/N. Whether it is a war fought for our own lands or a war you will be called into as Keeper for the other clans, our dragons will be right behind you guarding you at all sides. As a follower, as a friend, as a lover, and as dragons of the Eastern Clan. We are here for you.”
Upon those words that were given unto you, you knew that you could trust them with your life just as you trusted the two of them. It had been a long journey from the moment you and Jungkook escaped your old village and flew into their clan. Many things happened but as time changed, so did their hearts. You were a trusted keeper now, a human your clan believed in without a doubt so it was your turn to put your faith in them.
The journey beyond was still long but you knew you’d be alright as long as they were by your side.
“I love you,” you confessed and their eyes softened.
You were held in between the two of them, huddled so close, making you feel safe and sound and that alone allowed you to believe that everything would be alright.
“Greetings to the prince of the Western Clan.”
The air felt thicker, more tense than it was during that moment where you stood tall in front of the Southern Clan. The Western Clan was not as friendly looking as the Southern Clan but you knew that they valued law and order so although a part of you was filled with anxiety standing before the prince, you also understood that prince Seojoon wasn’t going to be someone who would judge someone that easily just because of their descendants.
“Greetings to the princes of the Eastern Clan,” he returned the formal bow, face as expressionless and as stoic as you’d been warned about. When he turned to look your way, you couldn’t tell what was on his mind. All you knew was that what he saw before him was a simple human girl claiming to be the Keeper of the Dragons.
What did he think of you? Perhaps in his eyes you looked like a frail, weak, human girl who should have never associated herself with the dragons.
It was hard being tested back in the Eastern Clan itself when you first arrived. Many of the dragons hated you at the time but you never let it get to you and tried your best to do what your heart had told you to do. Whether the dragons would accept you or not, you just had to continue doing the job you were meant to do with a golden heart.
If you show weakness, if you let their words and judgement hurt you, you would only look like someone who was not worthy of the Keeper title and that was something you knew you absolutely could not do. You couldn’t taint the reputation of the Eastern Clan, you couldn’t let the other clans shame them. If Namjoon gave you that title because he believed in you and the dragon ancestors accepted you then you had to live up to all of their expectations no matter how unclear the journey before you may lie.
When you greeted the eyes of prince Seojoon whose face revealed no sign of anything, a part of you was still afraid. But you kept your head held up high and perhaps because of that strong facade, his expression did not harden when he met your eyes.
“Keeper.” His voice was rather normal. No tone of disgust, no amount of hatred bleeding through the tip of his tongue. He greeted you as if you were an equal with a short bow and a small nod of acknowledgement.
Perhaps it wouldn’t be seen as something special but you knew and many of the dragons knew that that itself meant that prince Seojoon wasn’t going to reject you as the Keeper.
“Seojoon.” At the call of his name falling out of Namjoon’s lips, the Western prince returned his focus back on the leader of the Eastern Clan.
For a moment all was quiet and tense as the two of them stared at one another as if sending telepathic messages to each other with looks alone. You stood there beside Hoseok, waiting for one of them to break the long silence but it seemed as if none of the two were willing to do so.
You didn’t know much about the history between the two princes nor understood much of what their relationship was but what you did know was that between the two leaders of the Eastern and Western Clan, though they may have once fought from time to time long before Jungkook was captured by your former village, the two of them had this silent mutual respect for one another.
And perhaps that was one of the reasons why prince Seojoon was willing to be the one to break first.
“I was surprised when I received your letter, Namjoon,” he began without so much of a blink in his eyes. “Out of all the crown princes who have taken their positions on the thrones, I never thought you out of the four of us would choose to trust a human and grant them the title of a Keeper. In fact, I always believed you to be the last one to ever be willing.”
Standing tall and proud with no sign of remorse, Namjoon spoke with the same resolve. “It is true that my actions were indeed unexpected but my decisions were not made solely on feelings alone.”
“You are not one to easily trust a human,” the Western prince acknowledged, “so I will trust in the decision you have made. The ancestors have, as it seems, deemed her worthy of the position. However, that does not mean I will blindly put my faith in someone I do not know. Until the Keeper can prove her worth, I will be on the neutral side on neither accepting nor refusing the new Eastern Clan member.”
Prove your worth.
He wanted you to prove your worth as a Keeper in order to accept you as someone needed in the dragan clans. You weren’t sure how to do that, you weren’t even sure how you were going to be someone of good help to the four major clans. Namjoon believed in you and so did the other six, but at the moment their support did not mean much until you could find the strength within yourself to accept the role.
Prince Seojoon was right, you had to prove your worth. But not just for the clans but for your own self as well.
The past years have always treated you horribly, a human woman who had no place anywhere with no purpose in life. Now that you were given such a high honor and set at the center of the dragons, the new profound responsibilities could only make you feel as if you were just another outcast again.
Your princes believed in you and they’d go through any lengths to make sure you were safe and protected. They gave you a place in their clan, cared for you, and made sure everything was alright. It was time to stop hiding in their shadows and prove that you were indeed worthy of such an honorable title and be the one to protect instead.
You were a Keeper now. There was no time to dwindle and convince yourself otherwise.
Seeing the resolve in your eyes rather than shrinking in fear and hiding behind the princes of the Eastern Clan, prince Seojoon was a bit taken back by your strong gaze. wasn’t a look that he did not exactly hate.
Not bad, he thought, and hid the small look of approval behind his cold exterior.
“Your highness.”
Prince Seojoon stopped walking and turned slowly to find the Keeper who had not spoken even once during his audience with the Eastern Clan’s arrival. You bowed before him in a formal and elegant way, a voice too gentle and soft for a supposed warrior who would eventually have to be used in upcoming battles with the dragons, but he allowed himself not to judge someone based on the exteriors alone.
“What is it, Keeper?”
At least he was calling you by your title, you thought, and let out a hidden sigh before facing the prince with a dignified stance.
“I understand that the relationship between humans and dragons is not a strong one, but I also do not conceive of you as one who would wrongfully judge others based on the fact that I am human alone.”
“You do not, huh?” He replied with the same seriousness as you have written on your face.
“Forgive me if I am overstepping my boundaries but prince Namjoon himself has told me that you are one who sees the person before him as what they are as you see before your eyes. Neither past, race, gender, nor what they were born as will sway your mind into thinking otherwise.”
“And what are you to do with that information?”
You held your head high and met his eyes without falter, keeping in mind the words Namjoon had warned you about with how prince Seojoon did not like it when one spoke about proving oneself while cowering before his eyes. “If me proving my worth to the dragons is all that you want from me, then I will do all that I can to become a warrior that is worthy to everyone. I hope that someday you can faithfully put your trust in me as Keeper of the Dragons.”
Prince Seojoon took a moment to reply, the silence between the two of you lingering while you refused to back down upon his hard gaze otherwise he would never take your words seriously.
After a short while, he finally gave you a firm nod. “I trust that you will keep your words.”
“Yes, your highness.”
With that, the prince watched you walk away while he stood there, beginning to understand just a little bit of why the princes of the East have decided to keep you by their sides.
A brave soul, kind and gentle, but unaware of the power you held as a Keeper. One day you’d find your strength and courage walking into future wars that would call for you.
Like a rose who had yet to make use of her thorns.
“What are you worried about, hm? I’m pretty sure you just passed his test.”
“Test?” Your head was quick to perk up upon Namjoon’s words though those eyes of yours were still filled with an unspoken anxiety that kept weighing down your shoulders. “What are you talking about, Namjoon?”
“Seojoon isn’t as cruel as he portrays, he’s just a bit strict and serious when it comes to the future of the dragons.”
“You would know, you’re just like him,” Hoseok commented as a side remark, causing the leader to roll his eyes while you let out a small chuckle.
Hearing that, Namjoon’s brows furrowed as he sent you a pout. “You agree?”
There he was, a prince who was always seen as a strict leader to all, showing you a cute pout. “Well you were quite hard on me when I first walked into the clan,” you reminded the prince, causing him to let out a dry laugh.
“Right,” he cringed, not entirely liking the images of those memories walking into his head. Those days weren’t the greatest and they regretted it more than you could ever imagine but telling you those thoughts would only bring more weight on your shoulders and that was something they absolutely couldn’t do. So rather than dwelling on the negative thoughts, he approached the subject with a light tone. “If someone like me can be swayed into trusting a human once again, then Seojoon would have no problem following my footsteps.”
“Mhm,” agreed Hoseok, “Prince Seojoon is rational when it comes to judging people.”
“All you have to do is be yourself. He likes authenticity more than anything so you have no problem there.”
“I’m just,” you let out a soft sigh as you went on to hug yourself, head falling to the floor, eyes dropping with worry, “how do I prove my worth when I can’t even master my abilities as a Keeper yet?”
You felt arms wrapping themselves around you in a gentle manner, holding you close to his chest, and a soft kiss pressed to the crown of your head. “Wielding ones’ power takes time and patience but I know this, and Hoseok and the other five back at home know this.” He looked down into your eyes with a strong gaze of confidence and encouragement, meeting those anxious ones headstrong. “You can do it, Y/N. If you can turn your back on the village that was supposed to be your past, present, and future but failed you, if you can turn a blind eye on myths and legends about hideous monsters like us, if you can lend your strength towards the one that was meant to be your prisoner, rescue him, and still stay in a clan full of dragons that openly showed their distaste in you. If you can be framed for someone else’s wrongdoing, get locked up in the dungeons for months, then survive a fall off a high cliff with someone who didn’t even appreciate you and injuries all over your body...My love, you can do absolutely anything.”
“I mean look at yourself, pretty girl.” Taking your hand to pull you away from Namjoon, Hoseok held your hand in the air to twirl you around right there in the middle of the guest room. “Beautiful hands,” he pressed a kiss to back of your hand, “beautiful hair,” taking a few strands of your hair, he pressed a kiss to them, “beautiful forehead,” kisses to your forehead, “beautiful brows,” to your brows, “beautiful eyes,” two upon each eye, “beautiful nose,” to the tip of your nose, “beautiful lips,” he grinned at the sight of your cheeks blushing red and delivered a chaste kiss to them. “And a beautiful heart.”
He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in close and pressed a kiss to the right of your chest before simply resting his chin atop your shoulder.
“On top of that you’re so strong,” Namjoon stated and held you from behind, his chin resting on your opposite shoulder with you wrapped in between their arms. “If there is anyone I can trust with the title of a Keeper, it’s you. Because that is your worth. You’re beautiful and kind and so, so strong.”
“We believe in you more than anything, little one. If you can do all those things and still keep your head up and face everything with a strong mind, you are worth more than anyone as the Keeper of the Dragons.”
“You’re going to be alright. You’re going to fail from time to time but you’ll keep at it without giving up hope because that’s what you’re best at doing. When everyone else has given up hope, you’re right there to smile through the rocky road and continue on without complaint.”
“And through it all, you won’t be alone.” With a kiss on your right cheek and a kiss to your left cheek, they whispered a promise that they’d never break. “We’ll be right here next to you.”
“So rely on us too, okay?” Namjoon said as he pressed another kiss to your temple. “We’re right here for you.”
“Welcome, princes of the Eastern Clan, and,” you could feel the Northern Prince’s eyes on you though you didn’t dare to look up unless he had given you permission to do so. With a light tone that hid a certain secret you couldn’t quite put a finger on, the prince greeted you. “Keeper of the Dragons, it is an honor to finally meet you.”
“The honor is mine, your highness,” you returned the formal words with a head still lowered before him.
“Now, now, we don’t have to act too formal with one another,” prince Hyungwoo spoke in an easygoing tone as he gave a small clap. “We are comrades who are inevitably meant to fight alongside each other, aren’t we?” He held a hand before you and when you looked up to meet the gaze of the Northern Prince, you could see the lopsided grin he had greeted you with, a feeling not going too well with you but how could you show rudeness to a prince of the four?
From your peripheral vision, you could see Namjoon and Hoseok who watched with the same caution and wariness but even they couldn’t do much being as you were in the territory of the Northern Clan. A cold, hard place in the snowy mountains.
Possessive or not, it was common courtesy.
So you let your hand fall into the prince’s palm. “Yes, your highness,” you said and with a satisfied twinkle in his eyes, he gave you a kiss atop the back of your hand.
“Your beauty is one that can defeat the enemies itself, Keeper. Tell me, what is your name?”
“My name is Y/N, your highness.”
“Y/N,” he repeated the name slowly along his tongue, waiting for a moment before letting your hand go and looking up to you with a small smirk curled along the corner of his lips, “can you wield a blade?”
Your brows furrowed. “What?”
“The dragons of the Eastern Clan are one of the best warriors who control both the skies and the land, notorious for being an undefeated clan who refuses to lose to even the smallest wars. Now that they’ve gained a Keeper in their possession, they only grow stronger.” The prince gave one small look towards Namjoon and Hoseok before resting his gaze on you again. “But the Keeper does not only belong to the Eastern Clan, now does she? So tell me, dear Y/N, in a world where dragons are fighting for power just as any human kingdom would, what skills do you have to offer us protection and victory in a battlefield that may cost the lives of many?”
You knew what he was trying to say, that the position you were given and the wars that were to come was not a child’s play. It was all serious business where each one of you would walk into the battlegrounds not knowing who would live and who would survive. Being a Keeper did not guarantee safety nor victory of the wars. It meant protecting the dragons and bringing them back home alive.
“Prince Hyungwoo, the Keeper was only made recently,” Hoseok tried to save you but the Northern prince wasn’t having it.
“All the more reasons to get her ready for such dangerous events. You can’t tell me you aren’t worried just because you have a Keeper by your side now, can you?” He asked, raising a brow at the two Eastern princes. “No. It is because she is the Keeper that makes you worried more than anything. Am I wrong?” Upon the silent response that he received, the prince went on. “I won’t go against the words of our ancestors, they have accepted our dear Y/N after all, but she wouldn’t be useful if we don’t put her to good use.”
A tool.
You could tell that was all the prince of the Northern Clan thought of you as. And not just him but many other dragons who did not know of you as Y/N but as the Keeper of the dragons. You were going to be made a pawn in their wars.
“Since it seems as if the Keeper does not have any particular skills just yet, why don’t we test a theory out?” He snapped his finger, looking right back at you and bringing shivers down your spine as you knew something good wasn’t going to come out of his mouth. “They say the Keeper is at their strongest when placed in a very emotional state of mind.”
“What are you trying to say?” The anger rising in Namjoon flashed in his eyes as he watched prince Hyungwoo but the prince chose to simply ignore his concerns, eyes holding yours with a sly grin.
“What causes your ire, dear Y/N?” He asked you so casually as if speaking about the weather. “What makes you so livid and upset that you can’t seem to control your own emotions? Think of something very unpleasant.” He inched forward your way, dangerous eyes staring straight into your soul. “Is it when a man you barely know of touches you and makes you uncomfortable?” He grabbed ahold of your wrist, a touch different from when he held your hand for a greeting.
You winced slightly, biting back your tongue in order to hide how uncomfortable you were as the images of Jinyoung flashed before you.
“Prince Hyungwoo,” Hoseok growled a low warning as both of your princes stepped up behind you.
But he didn’t let go. “Hmm, you don’t look like someone who would get angry for the sake of yourself. You look like you would explode if something were to happen to the ones you cared most about.”
You couldn’t hear a single thing he was saying with the tight grip on your wrist. The only thing you could see was Jinyoung, the man who only looked at you when you were finally made useful because you managed to tame a dragon. The love he claimed he had for you wasn’t love. He just wanted to use you, having no other reason behind his infatuation for you.
Just like your former village.
You were just a tool for them as you would become one for the dragons.
“Let her go,” Namjoon demanded in a low snarl as he placed a tight grip on Prince Hyunwoo’s shoulder. Only then did the prince realize the state you were in and released his hold on you.
You couldn’t meet his gaze any longer but you held your head up, lips pressed into a thin line as the expression on your face refused to give into the fear your mind wanted you to walk into.
Hoseok wrapped a hand around your shoulder and took a step back so that he could create more distance between you and the prince.
Even then you didn’t feel good.
In a Clan where strangers stared at you as if you didn’t belong, in a Clan that only hoped to use you as a tool, you were reminded once again of your place in the world.
Jinyoung, your former village, and the dragons.
The whole world was really against you, weren’t they? Because when you think you’ve finally found happiness, it tries to take that away from you.
Hoseok stood there beside the open door that led into the guest room where the three of you would reside while Namjoon held a meeting with prince Hyungwoo, and watched with a silent gaze as you sat on a chair, eyes staring at your hands with thoughts running all over your mind.
Despite how brave you were in front of prince Hyungwoo, behind that font he knew how anxious and afraid you were. He could see it from where he stood now, watching you sit there all alone, finally letting your guard down but with a mind filled with anxious thoughts.
You were a brave soul, the sweetest kind he had ever met, and seeing such an expression on your face made him want to make it all alright again.
So he stepped into the room, closing the door slowly behind him to not make any abrupt noises which would startle you and walked towards your way.
Sliding a hand upon your shoulder, he felt you jumping slightly at the sudden touch.
“Sorry, I scared you, didn’t I?” Hoseok first apologized with a rueful smile. The last thing he wanted was to make you even more anxious.
But the way your expression softened at just the sight of him and how you breathed out the slightest relief of “Hoseok” made him at ease again. He made his way around to kneel before you and took your hands to caress them both with a gentle smile to help ease your own worries that kept circling your thoughts. Your eyes followed him silently, comforted at just his presence alone.
“Roses are really beautiful, you know that?”
The hairs of your brows creased in between as you met his gaze. “Hoseok?”
Yet he continued. “They bloom in the most magnificent ways, fluttering their petals open, blushing in the most prettiest shades of red. However, although they are known to be one of the most beautiful flowers, a rose doesn’t just offer itself as a pretty flower. It has its thorns to protect it from harm. Some thorns may be harmless, while some are really sharp and more dangerous than others. It’s like a pretty little thing such as yourself building bushes out of bushes made of thorns to keep yourself from harming others and others harming you. The rose likes to stand there, far from others, and smiling prettily as if everything is alright, while inside it’s slowly wilting away and just wants a hand that would willingly give it sunlight and water without fearing her thorns.”
Now I’m not saying that the thorns are always a bad thing. They can be good when facing harmful creatures that wish to simply pluck it and steal it for themselves, eventually hurting the little rose because they wouldn’t know how to care for it. But there are times when the wall of thorns can fall out of control. There are times when those thorns can harm the little rose. But do you know what’s so fascinating about these thorns? They only exist because the rose allows them to. Some thorns can get out of control, but once it’s tamed and nurtured and the rose can face it each day until it no longer fears those thorns, they can become one of the most powerful allies the rose can use.”
What I’m saying is,” Hoseok held your hands tighter against his own, giving it a gentle squeeze while never taking his eyes off you, “these little thoughts of yours can become your greatest ally or your worst enemy. It is all up to how you wish to face them. The world can be really scary, and I know that because I was one of those scary things that you had to face to get to where you are now. But just as your world can shift with just one sincere heart, you can do that all over again. Sincerity was what got us to see your blooming petals and soon all dragons that exist will see that too. Though,” he narrowed his eyes, “you have to be careful otherwise they’ll try to steal you away.”
“As if that would ever happen,” you told him with a shake of your head and a bitter smile.
“What do you mean?” He asked as he gave you a light squeeze. “You’re beautiful, Y/N, anyone would be lucky to have you.”
“I know what you mean, Hoseok, but I…” You looked away, eyes shaking as you could feel the tears coming. “I don’t want to be seen as just...that. I don’t want to be seen as just Y/N, Keeper of the Dragons, as a human, as a human girl who managed to become an important figure to the dragons and is now...and is now someone who can be used to win battles.” You took your hand from Hoseok to hold your face, hiding the tears that fell from your eyes the more your voice shook. “I know it’s selfish of me but I don’t want to be used as a tool. I don’t want to be seen as someone who’s far greater or far lesser than everyone else. I want to be seen as an equal, as an ally. I don’t want to be a weapon. I’m so scared, Hoseok.”
The sight of your tears, the soft cries and soft whimpers that left your lips made Hoseok’s heart ache when you finally decided to break down and tell him the things that had been going on inside your head.
Back then when you were in front of prince Hyungwoo, the way he held your wrist probably reminded you of how cruel and forceful Jinyoung had been towards you. Though he himself hadn’t ever witnessed the cruelty from both Jinyoung and the village you grew up in, he was sure the memories only served you as a horrible reminder of what you were to those people.
Hoseok wrapped his arms around you and in just a split second, your cries grew louder as you leaned against him, eventually getting too weak to hold yourself up on your own so you fell into his arms and the two of you sat there on the carpet floor.
“It isn’t selfish to want something for yourself, Y/N,” he said in such a soft tone as he held you close and tight. “Just because you are the Keeper does not mean you have to belong to everyone. You belong to your own self. Not me, not the Eastern Clan, not the dragons. You belong to you and no one should feel as if they can use you for their own benefits.”
“You have a duty to hold as a Keeper, yes,” Hoseok nods, cutting you off gently, “but just because the Keeper’s job is to protect everyone, it does not mean that you are to be used as a tool. My love, I know the world hasn’t been fair to you but you have us now. You're not alone. Whatever you wish to do, we’re with you. Me, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. If it seems as if the world is not on your side, know that we are. I believe in you, Y/N. It’s okay to be afraid and it’s okay to lean on others when things aren’t going the way you hope for it to go. No matter what, you are you, and no one can take that away from you.”
“Hoseok..” You called his name.
“What is it?” Hoseok gently asked.
“I want to go home.”
The raw broken tone in your voice made his heart ache and although there were still a few days to go and the sun had yet to set, how could Hoseok ever say no when you’ve finally voiced out a selfish wish for the first time?
“Okay.” So he said, giving you a nod and a soft kiss to the crown of your head. “We’ll go home.”
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kpopfanfictrash · 18 days ago
Love to Hate (Ch. 1)
Tumblr media
Author: kpopfanfictrash
Creative Contributor:@baebae-goodnight​ I mean, look at this moodboard. LOOK AT IT.
Genre: Fuck Buddies / Enemies to Lovers
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Synopsis: Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.
Rating: 18+
Warnings: semi-public nudity, slight voyeurism, dirty talk (mention of a threesome, mention of restraints), nipple play, fingering, spanking, oral (male), face-fucking, multiple orgasms, slight possessiveness, jungkook calls y/n sweetheart and princess; seokjin is not in the fic (yet), I’m sorry about that
Word Count: 13,103
Tumblr media
You were six years old when you learned your world wasn’t the same as it was for other people.
It’s possible this fact occurred to you before then, but you didn’t put things into context until your sixth birthday. That was the night – one of the many – your parents had a function to attend, leaving you alone to be baby-sat by your mother’s sister, Ailene.
Ailene could, at best, be described as a socialite. At worst, she could be described as a mild alcoholic with zero tolerance for anyone but herself. She shouldn’t have been left alone with a cactus, let alone a human child, but your parents’ baby-sitter had cancelled at the last minute and they were, quote, unquote, desperate.
Later in life, you’d think this word had been thrown around loosely, and you’d be right.
‘Desperate’ to your parents meant not attending the social function of the week and missing out on urgent gossip, like Mr. Blanchard’s affair with a nineteen-year-old dog walker. ‘Desperate’ was not – although maybe it should’ve been – the prospect of a six-year-old daughter being left alone on her birthday with an alcoholic flake to take care of her.
Honestly, you weren’t sure your parents even remembered the day. You only knew yourself because your nanny, who had dropped you off mid-day at Ailene’s, made a comment to the doorman about you being a year older.
So, there you were, knees curled into your chest as you sat on Ailene’s leather sofa and listened to her gripe via phone to her friends. There was a ‘rager’ being thrown at a club uptown, different from the venue of your parents’ classy fundraiser. An old episode of Boy Meets World played on TV in the background, one of your favorite shows to watch on your own.
You liked watching it because Cory’s world was just so different than yours. You found them utterly fascinating. Their house seemed small, about the same size as your mother’s suite in the vacation house at Lake Tahoe. Cory didn’t seem to notice though, which you found profoundly strange. In your life, everyone seemed to notice square footage. His parents rarely raised their voices, never threw any dishes, and Cory’s mom even cooked – by herself, on the stove.
Cory’s family had a neighbor, Mr. Feeny, who was the principal at their school. None of your parents’ friends could be called teacher or professor. They all had titles like CEO, president, or director of global something-or-other.
While you watched, you heard Ailene’s voice raise another decibel. Ears perked, you glanced up and saw her pacing.
“Are you serious?” Ailene wailed, glancing out the window. “Angel is where? With Sara? Oh my god – no. I need to get down there. ASAP. My sister will just have to understand.”
You remember the sinking feeling in your gut, staring at your aunt in her towering Louboutin heels and a tiny, Chanel dress. Not bothering to lower herself to your level, she smacked gum as she chewed, leveling her finger at you on the couch.
“I’m going to be gone for like, an hour,” she said. “You be a good girl and don’t move until I come home, okay? Okay.”
Without waiting for an answer, she disappeared out the door in a cloud of perfume. You stared after her for a very long time, unsure what to do. Dimly, you recalled your nanny saying to call the police if something bad ever happened, but that was supposed to be if strangers talked to you, or you got in taken in some way. Not if you were stuck in your aunt’s house alone.
Lower lip trembling, you returned your attention to the TV, which had started a new episode – and that’s when it hit you. Cory’s family wasn’t the same as yours – they were better. His parents never forgot he existed. They helped with his homework and got mad when he didn’t tell them things, like where he was or when he’d be home. Growing up, your mother frequently rubbed her temples whenever you asked for advice, citing some vague excuse about an oncoming migraine.
Left alone, forbidden from moving, you started to cry. And eventually, you peed on Ailene’s couch, not having gone to the bathroom since your nanny dropped you off.
Unsurprisingly, Ailene didn’t return that night and when your parents arrived at some point after midnight, there was much shouting in your general vicinity. (“You peed on that couch? Ailene is never going to baby-sit for us again!”) Then, your parents hurried you into their waiting town car, where you promptly fell asleep on the fine, leather seats.
Although the day was overall, terrible, you did take away several key lessons:
Your family was different. Most parents didn’t have ‘functions’ to attend, nor did they own million-dollar penthouses, hire chefs to make dinner, or have hired drivers,
Your parents couldn’t be relied upon. Your interests would always come second to theirs and thus, they couldn’t be trusted. And–
Trying to gain your parents’ approval by playing by their rules would never work in your favor.
Up until that day, you’d tried hard to be the perfect daughter. Going to Ailene’s house even though it smelled funny – a sharp tang you’d later come to know as spilled alcohol. Sitting quietly on her sofa, watching TV even when you had to use the bathroom. Waiting for your parents to remember you existed, rather than making your moments your own.
From that night on though, you stopped trying to please them. Your teenage years, and into your early adulthood, were what your parents called ‘trying.’ You saw them as liberating, resulting in you leaving their world and everything in it behind.
Fast-forward to today, where you’re frustrated with yourself for having forgotten your second commandment when it comes to your parents: they can’t be trusted.
Seated across the table from a mind-numbingly boring date, you drum your fingers on the cloth as you look away. It was your mother’s begging in the end which got you to agree, paired with a healthy dash of sneak-attack timing.
Raising your glass of Moët to your lips, you take another sip. Keeping your parents in your life has been more a practical matter, than anything else. As soon as you turned twenty-two and gained control of your trust fund, you began the long journey to turning your dreams into reality – namely, creating Clean Ocean, a private operating foundation dedicated to fighting climate change and pollution.
Obviously, your parents don’t approve of this venture. As heads of the largest shipping corporation in the world, they’re one of the main contributing factors to the pollution you battle. Still, their contacts in government have proven invaluable, so you’ve become somewhat dependent on keeping in touch.
A fact you severely regret whenever your mom decides to call in favors, like she has with you tonight – going on a blind date with the nephew of her socialite ‘sister,’ a Mrs. Jeanette Mason. Early yesterday, your mother called you in hysterics. You’d been in the middle of a crisis at work, which meant you only half-listened as your mother poured out her worries.
Hysterical phone calls from your mother came once a week, usually about whatever scandal your younger brother, Jason, had gotten himself into, but this one happened to be about you. This time, your mom was upset because next year, you’re turning thirty and apparently, this means your eggs are about to expire. (“Do you know how long it took your father and I to have Jason after you? Do you, Y/N?”)
Your assistant interrupted at exactly the wrong moment, which meant you accidentally said ‘yes’ to your mother instead of to Hoseok. A yes which resulted in your attendance on a date with notorious billionaire playboy, Jeon-fucking-Jungkook.
Taking another sip of champagne, you glance around the main dining room of Chez Moi, Chez Toi and wonder at what point it’s considered acceptable to leave. If you smile and nod long enough, possibly you can get away with disappearing before dessert.
“What about you?” Jungkook’s voice cuts into your thoughts. “Any upcoming vacation plans?”
Stifling a grimace, you set down your glass. Arranging your napkin in your lap – black, like your dress – you reluctantly meet his gaze.
Annoyingly, Jeon Jungkook is handsome – if you like coiffed, overly polished men who’ve never done a day’s worth of work in their life. Which you don’t, but even you have to admit the guy is good-looking. Typically, your type is quasi-starving artist, of which Jeon Jungkook is definitively not. His father, Jeon Jaesung, owns one of the wealthiest oil corporations in the world – Jeon Energy Corporation.
With a jaw that could cut glass though, dark hair, and an intense, piercing gaze, it’s a small wonder women line up to be seen on his arm. Unfortunately, Jungkook’s storied dating life hasn’t translated to scintillating dinner conversation.
Honestly, you’re not surprised. If you’ve learned one thing from growing up amongst the rich and famous, it’s that when you have enough money, you can pay people to think for you. 
There’s no need to have an interesting personality when you own a black card with no spending limit.
“No,” you respond, fingers sliding over the stem of your glass. “No vacations planned.”
Jungkook’s gaze flickers as he nods, glancing down at his menu. Doing the same, you wonder again at what point you can leave. The food here does look good, if somewhat overpriced and containing far too much foie gras on the menu.
Beneath the table, you hear your stomach growl and wince. Hopefully Jungkook didn’t hear and if he did, hopefully he’s polite enough not to mention it. Work was busy again today, and you forgot to eat lunch. Judging by the fanciness of this restaurant, its portions are sure to be tiny. Mentally, you decide to stop by Popeye’s on your way home tonight.
Clearing his throat, Jungkook brings your gaze to him. Whatever he was about to say is interrupted by your waiter’s arrival.
“Have you both had a chance to peruse the menu?” he asks, both hands folded before him.
Glancing at Jungkook, you nod. “Yes, I’m ready.”
“Same here,” he says, settling back in his seat. “I’ll have the steak au poivre. And you, Y/N?”
Handing your menu over, you say, “Coq au Vin for me. Thank you.”
“And another two glasses of Moët.” Meeting your gaze, Jungkook lifts a brow and you’re somewhat unnerved by the challenge within. “Is that alright, Y/N?”
You nod, a bit thrown. Once the waiter is gone, you continue to fiddle with the stem of your glass. A single orchid and candle rest on white linen between you, partitioning the table between your side and his.
God, you hope you don’t have to stay for dessert.
“So. Y/N.” Jungkook tilts his head. “What line of work are you in?”
Exhaling once, you lift the glass to your lips. Honestly, it’s as though Jungkook swallowed a Filofax on casual dating. If he asks you how many siblings you have, you suppose you win first date bingo.
“Oh, you know,” you say, smiling blandly. “My parents are in the shipping industry. Lots of international work, travel –”
“So, you work for your parents?”
Surprised by the interruption, you find your words trailing off. Jungkook seems amused by your reaction, a smirk on his lips where there previously was none.
In response, your gaze narrows.
“No,” you admit.
His smile broadens. “Why would you tell me what your parents do, and not you?”
Annoyed by his arrogance, your frustration only grows. His words strike a nerve, and you can’t tell whether Jungkook did it on purpose. You didn’t want to be on this date in the first place, and you really don’t want to debate politics with yet another rich boy.
“Honestly?” Dropping all pretense, you set your Moët on the table. “Because I’m on this date as a favor to my parents and have absolutely no desire to see you after tonight. The less you know about me, the better.”
Briefly, his gaze widens, generating a doe-eyed effect.
“Oh, don’t act all hurt.” Stifling an eye roll, you sit back in your seat. The night is already ruined, so you might as well go all in. “I know exactly who you are, Jeon Jungkook. Playing dumb is beneath you.”
For a moment, Jungkook looks surprised – and then grins, tilting his head.
“I’m not hurt.” His expression shifts, turning curious. “Although I am interested. What, exactly, have you heard about me, Y/N?”
He adds a caress to your name, almost by accident, and a small thread of heat curls in your gut.
What you’ve heard about Jungkook is that he's a massive flirt. He runs in an exclusive circle of the uber-elite; always partying, always a different girl every night and – up until recently – he’s never held a real job.
Most of the headlines involving Jungkook are either about his father’s oil company – yet another spill off the coast of Madagascar! – or Jungkook’s playboy image. He remained separate from the family business until recently when his mother died. Rumor has it, after her death, Jungkook was pressured into joining the company.
Although he might now work for a living, Jungkook is still just another spoiled heir. His photograph graces the society pages nearly as often as your parents, although his face is typically accompanied by one scandal or another:
Jeon Jungkook Rumored to Date Esteemed Hollywood Director’s Ex-Wife
Two Days After Breaking Up with Fiancé, Hotel Heiress Spotted on Yacht in the Mediterranean with Jeon Jungkook
Courtside Drama! Lakers Point Guard and Jeon Jungkook Spotted Arguing Over Rumored Affair with His Girlfriend
Nothing you heard ever piqued your interest to know more, but the same can’t be said about others. Jungkook is rich, handsome, and poised to inherit a multi-billion-dollar empire. This spells e l i g i b l e to a certain class of social climbers. Not even the most lurid rumors have stopped them from lining up to ride his dick.
Delicate, you clear your throat. “I’ve… heard you date around. And,” you add, resolve growing, “I’m not interested in dating you.”
Jungkook’s lips tug upwards, revealing a tiny mole beneath his bottom lip.
You find it excessively annoying he has a beauty mark in such a kissable place. Beneath the table, you uncross and cross your legs and hope he doesn’t notice.
Briefly, Jungkook’s gaze lowers to the deep cut of your dress and inwardly, you curse past you for this decision. You wondered before leaving if the dress sent the wrong message but decided a potential lecture from your mother re: proper date attire would be far worse than potentially leading Jungkook on.
The fabric is velvet, with a deep neckline barely clinging to your shoulders. A singular diamond hangs from a chain around your neck, accentuating your cleavage in a way you’ve been told is mouth-watering. Add to the ensemble sky-high YSL sandals, and you’re practically guaranteed sex on the first date.
Truthfully, the amount of designer apparel on your body is misleading. You maintain a small section within your closet for ‘outfits my parents wouldn’t complain if I were photographed in’ and the rest contains sensible outfits purchased on a sensible salary.
With what seems like great difficulty, Jungkook drags his attention up to your face. Your frown deepens.
“You’re not interested in dating me?” Unconcerned, Jungkook takes a sip of his drink. “Then, why did you agree to come out tonight?”
“Like I said,” you repeat, withholding an eye roll. “I’m here as a favor to my mother. Why are you here, anyways?” you ask, changing the subject. It’s been bothering you since you heard the name Jeon. “I don’t exactly fit your typical profile of dates.”
Jungkook tilts his head. “How so?”
“Well, for one, I’m nearly thirty.”
He looks at you blankly. “And?”
“And… the women you usually date are closer to twenty.”
“Untrue. I’m incredibly open-minded, Y/N.”
“I’m two years older than you are, Jeon.”
He fights back a smile. “In my experience, women who’ve had more time to… live is never a bad thing.”
Feeling your cheeks heat, you look quickly away. “And then there’s that,” you state. Lifting your drink, you take another gulp. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but your dates usually end in sex.”
When you look back, you see something languid has entered his gaze.
“And?” he asks softly.
“And” – somewhat flustered, you attempt to pull yourself together – “I just told you I’m not interested in having sex.”
“Actually.” Jungkook holds up a finger. “That’s not what you said.”
Uncertain, you frown. “I – what?”
Leaning forward, Jungkook’s right hand brushes yours. You glance down in surprise, fully unprepared for how your body responds. Breath catching, a flurry of sparks ignite in your stomach.
In the corner of one eye, you see a flash go off and, remembering who you are and who you’re with, you quickly pull back.
Jungkook doesn’t move. “What you said,” he murmurs. “Was you’re not interested in dating me. And that you had no interest in seeing me after tonight. Nothing,” he pauses, gaze lingering, “about not wanting to have sex.”
At this, your mouth dries, and you can only stare.
He’s right. Somehow, you neglected to state you weren’t interested in sleeping with him, an egregious oversight – except. Tilting your head, you consider the concept. Jungkook is hot, there’s no denying that. 
Possibly, you would be attracted to him if it weren’t for who he is.
Jungkook doesn’t blink. “Are you saying you’re not interested in having sex with me?”
Before you can answer, you’re thankfully interrupted by the waiter’s arrival. A fresh glass of Moët replaces the one in your hand, and you take a careful sip to gather your thoughts.
Leaning back in his chair, Jungkook looks at you, satisfied, and you feel the irrational urge to wipe the smirk from his face. He’s just so smug, sipping his champagne, certain you want him. 
Lifting your chin, you lean forward and watch Jungkook’s gaze again drop to the neckline of your dress.
“Objectively, yes,” you say sweetly. “I’m attracted to you. I’m sure the sex would be great – or at least, it would be adequate. In my experience, male self-confidence is rarely correlated with an orgasm. But” – Here, you hold up a finger – “I’d sooner drink battery acid than date anyone my mother set me up with.”
Jungkook nearly snorts his champagne.
“Okay, wow,” he chokes, setting down the flute. “First off, there’s that word date again. Second – only adequate?” Somehow, he manages to look offended. “On behalf of hot men everywhere, I take that personally.”
Now, you do roll your eyes. “Are you serious?”
“Occasionally.” Jungkook pauses. “Usually on accident.”
“You didn’t answer my question, though,” you say, continuing as though he hasn’t spoken. “Why did you agree to come here tonight?”
Without looking away, Jungkook drums his fingertips on the table. You feel oddly on display but don’t seem to mind. His gaze on yours is heavy-lidded, making you imagine what he’d look like in other positions.
No, no, no – you are not going to imagine what Jungkook looks like naked. Stubbornly, you shake the scorching image from mind.
“Do you seriously think I don’t know who you are, Y/N?” Shaking his head, Jungkook seems disappointed. “Your parents own the largest shipping corporation in the world. You’ve been estranged from them for years, and have a younger brother named Jason. Currently, you run a philanthropic organization. Thing is, though,” he says, lifting a brow. “Where’d you get the money to start it?”
Again, your eyes narrow because again, he’s not wrong.
It was your trust fund, given to you by your parents, which kick-started your philanthropic efforts. Since then, sweat and hard work have built your organization into what it is today, but you are aware of the hypocrisy at play. Although you hate your parents’ world – and Jungkook’s world by default – it was their money which funded your initial actions.
Annoyed by this observation, you stare at him from across the table. Jungkook might think he knows everything about you, but all he understands are a few facts on paper.
“My organization came from my trust fund,” you say bluntly. “Having built it from scratch, I know exactly how it began. What have you ever done that didn't include your family name, Jeon?”
A muscle in his jaw ticks. “I know what my reputation is, Y/N,” Jungkook says lowly. “And I know you think you know what my reputation is. But did you ever stop to think maybe not everyone is as forthcoming as you are?”
Blinking, you can only stare. “What?”
“Nothing.” His face wipes itself clean. “So. Back to sex.”
“Hang on,” you say, shaking your head from the whiplash. “You still haven’t answered my question.”
“Which was?”
You look at him flatly. “Don’t make me ask again.”
Jungkook’s gaze darkens, and in response, something heavy settles deep in your gut. Pressing your thighs together, you inhale on reflex. Noticing your reaction, Jungkook smiles.
Before you can respond though, he swirls his glass. “If I tell you the truth,” he muses. “Will you answer a question of mine in return?”
His tone should be a warning, but you find yourself interested despite this. Or maybe because of this. It’s hard to tell when it comes to Jungkook; things which annoy you are equal parts intriguing. 
Maybe that’s why you say what you do next.
“Fine,” you declare, lifting your glass. “I’ll answer a question.”
“I agreed to come on this date because my aunt asked me to,” Jungkook says. “After my mom died, she’s the only person in my family I’m close to. I planned on waiting the obligatory ninety minutes, then leaving before dessert.” He pauses, gaze dropping again. “Until you walked in, that is. That’s a damn good dress if you didn’t already know.”
Startled, you blink. That wasn’t what you were expecting him to say.
“Ninety minutes,” you mutter. “I knew there was a rule.”
The corner of Jungkook’s mouth lifts. “Now, your turn.”
You’re starting to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. You didn’t think you’d have a good time on this date and mostly, you aren’t, but you can’t deny a small part of yourself is enjoying this. Enjoying him, despite your best efforts.
“What do you want to know?” you find yourself saying.
Jungkook considers. “My question is – are you really not interested in me?”
He seems genuinely invested in your answer, which gives you pause. The somewhat snarky response you had to say dries in your throat and instead, you exhale.
Jungkook blinks. “What?”
“Any question.” You try to hide your smile. “You could’ve asked me for my credit card number, but instead you’re asking me about sex.”
“Just answer the question,” Jungkook says without looking away.
Your stomach knots, the slightest of thrills accompanying his level gaze. Fine; you’ll admit it to yourself, if no one else. Jungkook is hot. Like – devastatingly, mind-blowingly, the surface of the sun kind of hot. It’s no wonder women line up for his dick.
Which they do, you remind yourself. If you slept with Jungkook, you’d be just another notch in his bedpost. Shaking yourself slightly, you sit up a bit straighter. You’re not quite sure when you went from never wanting to see him again to wondering if you had sex.
If you did sleep with him though, there’d be zero strings attached. It’s been such a long time since you had really good sex. With work being so crazy lately, you’ve barely had the opportunity to date, let alone find a new fuck buddy.
Tilting your head, you consider Jungkook once more.
“Truthfully?” you hear yourself saying.
Slowly, he nods.
Carefully reaching out, you graze the sleeve of his suit with one finger. Jungkook’s gaze follows the motion, darkening at the sight of your hand on his arm.
“I’m not interested in dating you,” you murmur. After a pause, your gaze flicks to his. “I left this world as soon as I could, and I have no intention of returning.”
His dark eyes gleam. “But?”
“But.” Again, you hesitate. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in… other things.”
“Like what.” Jungkook’s words are barely audible.
Slowly, you shake your head. “That wasn’t part of your question.”
“Indulge me.”
Heat swirls in the pit of your stomach, and you wonder what the hell is happening. You have no idea why you’re so turned on by this man, but the fact remains that you are. Something about all this is working – a fact you don’t want to examine too closely.
Jungkook’s bluntness is refreshing, as is the matter-of-fact view he has of you both. Assuming he’s been telling the truth, that is.
Considering this, you tilt your head. “Show me a photo of you and your aunt.”
Jungkook blinks. “This is a weird kind of foreplay, Y/N.”
“Just do it.”
Obligingly, he pulls out his phone to swipe through his albums. Locating a photo, he turns this back around. An image of Jungkook fills the screen, arm in arm with an older woman at a rich-people function. Jungkook actually looks happy, beaming at the tiny woman beside him.
Something twinges in your chest, although you choose to ignore it.
“Alright,” you say and sit back.
Arching a brow, Jungkook stows his phone away. “Going to tell me what that was about?”
“I haven’t decided.”
The waiter chooses this moment to appear again, setting your meals before you. The food looks amazing and, gurgling out loud, your stomach seems to agree. Jungkook looks your way sharply, and you pray he didn’t hear – a prayer which falls on deaf ears once the waiter disappears.
“When did you last eat?” Jungkook asks, his gaze critical.
Suppressing a scoff, you pick up your fork. “Please. Let’s not do that, Jeon.”
“Do what?”
Cutting into his steak, Jungkook siphons off a piece to place in his mouth. You become the tiniest bit distracted by the way his jaw chews and swallows.
“This weird, overprotective boyfriend thing,” you say, snapping free of the trance. “That thing where you monitor my meals and scold me for not eating enough. I know my own body, thanks.”
Admittedly, you should have eaten lunch, but Jungkook doesn’t need to know that. Rather than be embarrassed by your comment though, Jungkook nearly chokes at your words.
“Wow.” He pounds himself on the chest. “I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being too boyfriend before. This must be a first.”
“Oh, please.” You stifle your eye roll. “You might not have been a boyfriend before, but you have the whole ‘boyfriend thing’ down.”
“What do you mean ‘boyfriend thing?’”
“It’s” – Loosely, you gesture at his body – “all of this. The suit, the tie, the perfectly mussed hair. It’s the way you order nice champagne and wait ninety minutes before ditching your date. You like to give the appearance of a boyfriend without actually having to be one.”
Across the table, Jungkook has gone still.
“Because your whole world is about appearances,” you continue, unsure where this is coming from but unable to stop. “It doesn’t matter if you actually date someone, so long as people think that you are. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as no one complains. I don’t actually think you’re capable of giving a single person your undivided attention.”
“You have my undivided attention right now,” he says lowly.
“For now,” you concede, picking up your fork. “Anyways, back to your original question – what I’m interested in from you.”
“I’m listening.”
Glancing over your shoulder, you ensure no one is close enough to overhear. In your world, you can never tell which passerby is waiting to sell a quote to the lifestyle section.
“I believe we’re in a unique situation,” you say, turning back around.
“We are?”
You nod. “You’re only interested in sex from your dates, and I’m not interested in anything but sex from you.”
He pauses. “Why do you assume I only want sex from my dates?”
“Am I wrong?”
“Well, no.” Jungkook fights a smile. “It’s just you don’t seem to have a very high opinion of me.”
“Now who’s the one twisting words?” Your brows lift. “I said you don’t want to date people, not that I think you’re a bad person. I just think… we’re very different people who want very different things.”
“You keep saying that.” Jungkook leans forward, his meal forgotten. “And I just don’t believe you, Y/N. We were both born into the same lifestyle, we’re both currently wearing designer clothes. The only difference is that I’m honest about what I am and you’re not.”
Although your mouth opens and closes, no words seem to come out. Finally, you recover enough to say, “Honest? The only honest thing you’ve said to me tonight is you have an aunt that you love.”
“Don’t forget the part about me being good in bed,” he offers. “That was also true.”
“So, what I’m saying is I have no interest in being your girlfriend,” you reiterate, sensing this is getting off track. “And you have no interest in being my boyfriend. Judging by the way you keep staring at my tits, though, I’d say you’re attracted to me. Is that true?”
Jungkook’s gaze heats. “Yes.”
Ignoring the way your pulse pounds, you barrel onward. “Good.” Sitting back, you reach for your champagne. “Which is why I think we should have sex.”
Rather than sputter, or spit out his champagne, Jungkook is merely silent, then looks down at his plate. Cutting another piece of his steak, Jungkook thinks, and you continue to wait. Finally, he stops and sets down his fork.
“You’d have sex with someone you don’t even like?” he asks – bluntly, not maliciously.
You shrug. “Why not?”
Honestly – before tonight, you would’ve said no. You would’ve said such a concept was unthinkable, but you can’t deny that right now, your attraction to Jungkook has nothing to do with the future. Maybe that’s part of the reason why you’re intrigued.
In the back of your mind, your mother’s hysterics about your eggs getting fertilized and settling down are ever-present. Nothing would be quite the middle finger to that conversation than having no-strings-attached sex with the Jeon family playboy.
“Look,” you sigh, sensing his reticence. Who knew Jeon Jungkook had such a moral streak? “It’s been a long time for me, okay? Work has been hell, so I’ve had no time to date. My last relationship ended over a year ago and that asshole couldn’t tell a clit from a urethra. You have a reputation of being good in bed and – at the very least – you’re not bad to look at.”
Jungkook’s brows lift higher. “So, you just want an orgasm?”
“Amongst other things,” you say.
Without seeming to realize, Jungkook runs his tongue over the back of his teeth. Your response to this is instant, and heated. Eyelids growing slightly heavy, Jungkook spreads his thighs on top of his chair.
“What other things?” he asks, voice dropping.
Heart beating quickly, you glance at his mouth. “I… most guys are too gentle,” you murmur. “If we’re only going to do this once, I want it to be good.”
His smile turns brutal. “You want it rough, princess? I can do that. Anything else?”
“No oral,” you say quickly.
“For you or for me?” He frowns. “No judgement either way, I just want to know.”
“For me. I don’t… like it.”
Thoughtful, Jungkook tilts his head. “You don’t like being eaten out?”
The way he says it makes you wonder if by him, you would. But most of the guys who’ve tried were only a disappointment and some were downright painful. A lot of huffs and awkward prodding and the demand for head in return.
“It always… sounds nice,” you allow. “But then, I just kind of lie there while the guys move around.”
Jungkook’s expression darkens. “Sounds as though those men were the problem, not you. But alright, no oral – for now,” he amends.
“There’s only going to be a now, Jungkook.”
“Right.” His smile widens. “Better make tonight count, then.”
Something about his tone and his cockiness have you reaching for your glass of Moët, finishing it off. Lowering the flute to the table, you catch his eye just as your tongue darts out to catch the last drop.
His expression intensifies. “You’re not what I expected, Y/N.”
Caught off guard, your gaze widens. “How so?”
“Tonight has got to be a first for me.”
“… being propositioned for sex at the dinner table?”
“No.” Jungkook grins. “That happens surprisingly often. No – I’ve never been propositioned by someone who didn’t like me. Someone I’m not even sure I like back. Just one night, no strings attached. It’s… interesting.”
“You’re making this sound completely ridiculous.”
“Oh, it is.” Jungkook lifts a brow – a signature move, you’re beginning to realize. “But I’m into it. Okay, should we go?” he asks, draining his glass.
Your eyes widen when he stands, glancing at your half-eaten chicken. Jungkook holds out a hand, waiting for you to take it.
Not accepting the gesture, you look up. “I haven’t finished my meal.”
“Okay.” Jungkook sits down again. “I thought I wasn’t supposed to care about what you ate, though? You’ve got to make up your mind,” he says, shaking his head. “Should I care about your well-being, or should I act like a dick?”
Eyes narrowed, you push your chair back to stand.
“Let’s go,” you announce, picking up your purse.
Striding towards the exit, you let your hips sway, knowing he’s watching. When you hear a soft groan, you smile. Jungkook catches up to you quickly, placing a hand on your lower back to lean in.
“Teasing?” he murmurs, lips brushing your ear.
A shiver travels the length of your spine.
“That’s the general idea, Jeon.”
He makes a soft noise of assent, and you become acutely aware of heads turning in your direction. It seems you leaving with the Jeon family playboy is a source of immediate gossip.
“Is there another way out,” you ask beneath your breath.
Glancing around, Jungkook seems to understand your concern. Nodding once, he guides you away from the restaurant’s main entrance. The doors swing shut as you enter the kitchen and Jungkook pulls you from the path of a passing server.
“Hey, Yoongi,” he calls to a man in a tall hat.
The guy – dark-haired and good looking – merely grunts and nods his hello. His eyes flick with interest to you, although he looks away quickly to resume stirring his soup.
“You know the head chef?” you ask as you reach the exit.
Jungkook nods, pushing open the door. “Yeah. That’s Yoongi, we went to college together. Here we go,” he says, entering an alley where a black town car is idling. “For an easy, low-profile exit.”
Stifling an eye roll, you slide into the backseat and cross your legs. It takes Jungkook a moment to enter, sitting opposite you in the back and buckling his seatbelt.
“Home,” he says to the driver, who nods and rolls up the partition.
The car rumbles to life, the only sounds in the backseat those of the muffled city nightlife. Staring out the window, you watch the car merge onto the main avenue.
This is so unlike you.
You’ve never done anything like this before. Well, you’ve gone home with strangers before. When you were in college, you had plenty of one-night stands, but you’re not in college right now and it’s been a long time since you had casual sex. Not to mention the fact that currently, you’re completely sober. There’s nothing to distract you from overthinking.
Focused on the road, you nearly jump from your skin when Jungkook touches your arm. Glancing sideways, you meet Jungkook’s gaze.
“You know,” he says softly. “Nothing needs to happen between us tonight. You can go home any time you want. My driver can take you – we could even go now. No hard feelings at all.”
Oddly enough, his words cause some of the tension to melt from your limbs. Heat of a different kind replaces its presence as you turn on the backseat.
“I know,” you murmur, staring at him again. Jungkook is ridiculously pretty. “You have a cute mole – here,” you say, reaching to brush a finger beneath his lower lip. “Did you know that?”
Jungkook just stares, his lips slightly parted.
Before you can pull away, he turns his head, and you feel the hot fleck of tongue against the pad of your finger. Heat pounds through your veins, turning your limbs to mush. Gaze lifting, Jungkook closes his lips around your finger to suck.
“Oh,” you whisper, staring in fascination.
The turgid heat of his mouth has your entire body tightening. Normally the guys you date are more cerebral than this. They woo you with flowers and poetry, not sex and heated glances. Seated beside Jungkook in the leather backseat of his car, you feel entirely out of your element – and you find that you like it.
Reaching out, Jungkook grabs your waist to pull you closer. You end up pressed to his side, able to feel the lean muscle beneath his suit.
“Mm.” His gaze drops to your chest. “You keep inferring that I’m sex-crazed, but you’re the one who showed up to our date wearing that.”
“Do you like it?” you ask, a bit breathless.
Jungkook’s gaze lifts to yours. “Let’s play a different game,” he says suddenly.
“What kind of a game?”
Slowly, his hand skims your lower back until he lands on your waist. Tugging you closer, Jungkook brushes your ear with his lips.
“A game where I guess what you have on underneath that dress,” he murmurs. “And if I’m right, you show me. If I’m wrong, you take something off me, instead.”
Unable to help it, your eyes widen.
“Holy fuck.”
Catching your earlobe with his teeth, Jungkook lightly bites down. “Is that a yes?”
“Yes,” you breathe, unable to think.
Sitting back, Jungkook keeps one hand on your waist. His thumb brushes higher, over your hip and he starts to descend.
“Nuh-uh.” Easily, you catch his hand with yours. “No cheating.”
His eyes glint, and he smiles. “Alright, fine. I’ll start. I don’t think you’re wearing a bra, sweetheart. Tell me I’m wrong.”
Your heart starts to pound because he’s correct. It’s impossible to wear a bra with this dress. Currently, your breasts are being held up by flimsy, sewn-in cups, and sheer force of will.
Sensing victory, Jungkook’s smile widens. “I win,” he murmurs, touching your chin with his thumb.
Lifting your face to his, Jungkook’s mouth slants over yours. The kiss ends before you can react, but it leaves your lips tingling. Dazed and slightly winded, you meet his eyes.
Without another word, you lift your arms to cross over your chest. Grasping the sleeves on both sides, you slowly tug down. Gradually, the shape of your breasts are revealed – more and more, until your nipples pop out.
Exhaling roughly, Jungkook shifts beside you on the seat. Glancing down, you realize his pants are uncomfortably tight and it’s all because of you.
“Can I?” he asks, gaze flicking upwards.
You nod, and he moves with barely restrained control. Cupping your breast with one hand, his thumb strokes its nipple to a tender peak. Lowering his head to the other, Jungkook flicks with his tongue against the waiting nub.
Pulling backwards, he sucks, dragging your nipple with teeth until releasing with a pop.
“Fuck,” you whimper, and he cups your chest with both hands.
Roughly, he traces circles around your nipples with his thumbs. When you start shifting your hips, desperate for friction, he flicks your nipple with his finger and makes you gasp. Reluctantly, Jungkook pulls back at the sound.
“Don’t want the game to end too fast,” he explains.
Based on his appearance though, it seems Jungkook is far from unaffected. His hair, previously styled, has fallen over his forehead. Cheeks red, lips parted, he can’t seem to stop staring at your chest.
“Well, then?” you say. “What else are you guessing?”
Slowly, his gaze moves from your breasts to your legs. “I’m torn.” Jungkook’s grip on your waist tightens. “Between hoping you have a wet scrap of lace covering your pretty pussy, and the fucking wet dream of you being totally bare.”
Without meaning to, your lips part. His words have you soaked. You don’t even need him to check to confirm, although you want to. God, do you want him to.
“Guess,” you whisper.
Jungkook’s gaze darkens, seeing how turned on you are. “I wonder if you’re just dirty enough to leave the house without any panties.”
“I am,” you murmur, slipping a hand between your legs. “But not tonight,” you admit, freezing your fingers in place. “I have on a thong.”
When your hand retreats from your center, Jungkook whines and he truly sounds hurt.
“Your turn.” Quickly, you scan his frame. “I want you to remove… your shirt.”
For a moment, Jungkook stares, then he chuckles.
“Should’ve known you’d find a loophole,” he mutters, twisting around to pull his arms through his sleeves. His jacket falls to the ground as he turns back around to unbutton his shirt.
You can only stare as – inch by glorious inch – bare skin is revealed. Mouth-watering muscles and smooth, golden skin with dusky brown nipples you feel the need to lick. As he strips, you notice Jungkook’s entire right arm is covered in ink, which you find unexpected. Frowning, you attempt to see more, but Jungkook is already pulling back on his jacket.
He keeps this and the loosened tie in place, offering only glimpses of his taut abs and pecs. Leaning back on the seat, he stares at your breasts again.
“God, your tits,” he murmurs appreciatively. “Can I just…?”
When you nod, he immediately bends to take one in his mouth. Moaning out loud, you thread your hands through his hair without thinking. Jungkook nods and, reaching up, encourages you to pull the strands harder. His mouth teases languid rolls from your hips, grinding against nothing in the backseat of his car.
Reaching lower, Jungkook’s hand flattens on your thigh to keep you in place. Flicking your nipple with his tongue, he looks up and the sight is so sinful, so decadent, you feel your entire body quiver. Sensing the change, Jungkook pulls back, and you fight to catch your breath.
“Already, sweetheart?” he murmurs with pride. “Bet I could make you come just from sucking on your pretty nipples, huh? Has that happened before?”
Unable to look away, you shake your head.
He smiles. “So, it’d be just for me, then?”
Before you can appropriately answer this question, the car comes to a stop. Jungkook exhales, forcing his eyes to shut and when he opens them again, he seems more in control.
“Do you still want to come in?” he asks quietly.
For a moment, you can only stare in disbelief. “I – uh, yeah. Yes.”
Helping you pull your dress up, Jungkook’s thumbs linger on the curves of your breasts. Once you’ve been concealed, he pushes open the door and steps out, sans shirt.
You fight back a laugh as he pulls you with. “Jungkook,” you say as he shuts the door. “What about your clothes?”
Jungkook merely shrugs, leading you down another row of cars. His driver seems to have disappeared, and you wonder if the events of tonight are merely par for the course.
“Nothing my staff hasn’t seen before.” Stepping into an elevator, Jungkook pulls you with and presses P. “You, though,” he says as he turns. “I’d rather they didn’t see your pretty little cunt.”
Your entire body clenches as words fail you, leaving you riding the rest of the way up in silence. When the doors ding and slide open, you find yourself facing the penthouse. Of freaking course – Jungkook would have the entire floor to himself.
Stepping into the foyer, you take in the view. Exposed brick faces you, a black staircase winding upwards to connect the second floor. Overhead hangs a crystal chandelier, and the entire room has been decorated in rich shade of blacks and rust.
“Wow,” you exhale.
Coming to a stop, Jungkook follows your gaze as though this is the first time.
“Oh, come on,” you say, crossing your arms. “You know this place is impressive, Jungkook. I bet women take one look at that chandelier and immediately drop their panties.”
“Not true.” Turning to face you, amusement is clear on his features. “Usually, I guess right in the car.”
Smiling fading, you realize of course, this is only another one of his games. Dutifully, you remind yourself this is only sex, which is something Jungkook has a lot of. It’s part of the reason you wanted to come here in the first place. Setting your purse down on the counter, you glance around the room.
“Speaking of.” Taking a step closer, Jungkook’s hands find your waist as he pulls you against him. “Where were we?”
“You were incorrectly guessing what I have on under my clothes,” you remind him. “And surprise – you’ve guessed them all.”
He considers. “How about a new game, then?”
“Mhm.” He meets your gaze. “You tell me where you want me to fuck you – and it can’t be the bed.”
“Why not?” you ask, breathless.
Lifting a finger, Jungkook traces a smooth line down your throat. “Because,” he says lowly. “We’re going to end up in my bedroom, so I want you to pick where we start.”
Each word from his lips has heat coiling in your core. By this point, your panties are little more than a scrap of debauched fabric; something he’ll find out soon enough if he keeps this up.
“The coffee table,” you say, glancing sideways. “It’d be nice to get fucked watching the skyline.”
Chuckling lightly, Jungkook takes hold of your wrist. “Alright,” he says, turning around. “We’ll see if you can think about the skyline when my fingers are inside you.”
Hurrying to keep up with his stride, you watch his impressive torso move with every step. You wish he’d take off the jacket so you can see the tattoos again. He has some on his right hand, you notice, unsure how you missed this at dinner.
As though reading your mind, Jungkook comes to a stop in the center of the room to remove his jacket. The necktie soon follows, thrown over the arm of his sofa. Ink ripples across skin, moving in time with his right hand and bicep.
“Stay standing,” he demands, then drops to his knees.
Your entire body tenses when he grips the hem of your dress. Jungkook slowly pushes upwards, pressing a kiss to each bit of skin he exposes. When he reaches your core, he looks up.
“Spread your legs further,” he states, and you comply. Reaching up, Jungkook replaces your hands on the hem of your dress. “Lift,” he says sternly and again, you obey.
Although you can’t see what he sees, you can imagine. The soaked folds of your pussy, lace twisted from the way you were squirming in his backseat. Arousal slowly trickling down the backs of your thighs, revealing how ready you are for his touch.
“Fuck,” Jungkook breathes, sounding hoarse. “You’re unreal, sweetheart.”
Grasping your thighs, he bends closer, and you tense. Noticing this reaction, he relaxes his grip immediately. True to his word, Jungkook doesn’t try to lick you. Instead, his thumb brushes your folds to push them apart. He trails his index finger backwards, lightly tracing over your center before he pulls back.
“This has to go,” Jungkook says, gripping the sides of your thong to pull to the ground.
You gasp, swaying a little when you lift first one foot, then the other. Standing up, Jungkook helps you balance as you focus on him. Without looking away, he slips a hand between your thighs and – slowly, oh so slowly – sinks a single finger into your waiting pussy.
Unbidden, your lips part and a moan escapes. You’re certain you look like a wreck, especially when Jungkook begins moving, his finger fucking you slowly.
“Oh,” you breathe, clutching his bare biceps. “Jungkook.”
Smirking a little, he angles deeper. “Like this, princess?”
Each thrust of his finger brushes his thumb against your swollen clit, making your eyes flutter shut. Abruptly, Jungkook pulls out.
“Dress. Off – now,” he demands, yanking down the zipper.
You’re so focused on the way your pussy clenches, missing his finger, you barely even notice the fact that you’re naked. Or that Jungkook turns you around, planting your palms square on the coffee table. You do notice once your ass is in the air, casually being caressed by Jungkook’s large palm.
He left your heels on, you notice. The necklace stays on as well, dangling from your bare throat and between your breasts. Facing the window, you can see your reflection mirrored back. Smirking a little, Jungkook slips a tattooed hand around your throat.
He doesn’t apply pressure, simply rests his digits against delicate skin. “You like that?” he murmurs, brushing a kiss to your shoulder.
Instead of responding, you shiver.
“You like watching yourself get fucked? So do I, pretty girl,” he confesses. “No one can see us up here, but it’s a pity – isn’t it? You probably want people to know that you fucked me.”
A growl leaves your lips, and he quietly laughs. Watching you in the mirror, Jungkook’s hand slowly travels the curve of your spine.
“I’ll admit,” he says quietly. “I like knowing every noise you make is because you’re genuinely turned on. That every moan from your lips has been earned. I know you wouldn’t fake it for me – would you, princess?”
Shaking your head, you watch your ass quiver in tandem. Jungkook’s hand comes down with a smack, and you hang your head, breath quickening.
“Ah.” Spreading your pussy, his fingers play with your opening. “That got you wet, huh? You like being spanked, sweetheart?”
“Yes, what?” he asks, goading.
Head snapping up, you glare at his reflection. “If you think I’m going to call you sir,” you bite out. “You have another think coming.”
His smirk broadens. “We’ll see about that.”
Without any warning, two of his fingers plunge inside. Back arching, you cry out, barely able to handle the pleasurable assault. One hand on your hip, Jungkook holds you in place while his fingers pound your pussy. He keeps them straight, thick and warm as they ease open your walls.
“You’re so fucking tight,” Jungkook pants, his grip on your waist tightening. “God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”
“Then do it,” you gasp, spreading your legs. “Fuck me now, Jungkook.”
“I can’t,” he groans, sounding tortured. Again, his hand comes down to slap your ass. “I can’t and I want to so bad, baby. But you’re too tight. It’s been too damn long since someone fucked this pussy like they should, so I gotta stretch you out before you take my cock.”
“I can take it,” you whimper. “I can take whatever you give me, Jungkook.”
When he adds a third finger, a garbled noise leaves your lips.
“See?” Jungkook pants, leaning over your body. Twisting his fingers in and out, he drags pleasure from you in waves. “You can barely take three of my fingers. There’s no way you’d be able to take my whole cock.”
“Give it to me, and I’ll show you.”
“Later,” he promises.
Releasing your waist, he slips his arm around your front. Pulling you upright, Jungkook holds you in place and starts rubbing your clit. Meanwhile, his fingers continue pounding you from below. Lifting your leg wider, he holds you open before the window so you can see the view. Your entire body shudders faced with your open pussy, his fingers moving inside you, his body against yours and his lips on your neck.
Overcome with sensation, you shudder apart in a senseless wave of pleasure. Ripple after ripple drags through you, until there’s nothing but your breath and his body, holding you up.
Easing his hand from your cunt, Jungkook keeps you on your feet as he turns you to face him. Feeling limp in the best kind of way, you dazedly meet his gaze.
Searching your expression, Jungkook looks amused. “I think… that might be enough for tonight.”
“Nuh-uh.” Inhaling briefly, you shake your head. “Not until you come, too.”
“You can barely stand, princess.”
“I don’t need to stand,” you say sweetly.
Jungkook’s gaze darkens at the meaning. Glancing over his shoulder, you search for a bedroom.
“God, how big is this place?” you wonder out loud.
“Unlike some,” Jungkook says, lips quirked. “I have no qualms admitting what my parents’ money bought.”
Ignoring this, you take a step backwards to slip off your heels. Without them, you’re several inches shorter than you previously thought. Tilting your head back, you manage to meet Jungkook’s gaze.
“Where’s your bedroom?” you ask again, stubborn. “I want to suck your dick.”
An amused light enters his gaze. “As tempting as that sounds, I –”
Turning around on your heel, you begin to walk away. The spiral black staircase seems as good a place as any to start. Halfway there though, Jungkook catches up to you and grabs your wrist.
“Fine,” he exhales, pulling you to him. Immediately, you cease moving and lean against his chest. “My bedroom is down that hall to the right.” He nods in this direction. “Guest rooms are upstairs.”
“Rooms, as in plural?”
Sliding a hand under your chin, he turns you to face him. “I thought you didn’t want to talk about my money?”
A slight twinge of regret enters your stomach. So far, Jungkook has been more than charitable with his actions. Nothing but consent and appreciation, which is more than you can say for most men in your circle.
Then again, consent has to be the absolute lowest bar for men to pass.
“Alright, fine.” Tugging out of his grasp, you turn away.
You stride in the direction he mentioned, making it all of three steps before Jungkook catches up to sweep you off your feet. You squeal when your back hits his chest, Jungkook’s strong arms firmly wrapping around you.
“Jungkook,” you gasp, hitting his shoulder. “Put me down.”
“Nope,” he returns, hiding a smile as pushes open a door.
Lights are turned on by the motion, twin lamps by the bed casting golden pools on the floor. When you see the size of his bed, your jaw sags a little. The frame is absolutely enormous – you wonder if there’s a size bigger than King. You, he, and another person could sleep on it comfortably. Squirming slightly at the thought, you wonder if that’s something Jungkook has done before.
His arms tighten around you. “What’re you thinking?” Jungkook asks in your ear.
Caught off guard by the question, you find yourself answering honestly.
“Wondering if you’ve had a threesome there,” you say.
Jungkook pauses, then chuckles. “You… are definitely not what I expected,” he admits, walking towards the bed. Coming to a stop at one side, he looks down.
“Is that a bad thing?” you ask, then change your mind. “Wait – have you?”
His dark gaze meets yours. “A few.”
“Oh,” you exhale. “Lucky.”
Jungkook’s brows shoot straight upwards. “I don’t know,” he says, lowering your feet to the floor. “I’m feeling pretty darn lucky right now.”
You can’t help but groan. “Corny, Jeon.”
“Guilty,” he says with a winning smile.
Reaching out, he grasps your hands in his to place on his belt. Without looking away, he helps you undo the buckle. Once the belt is tugged free, Jungkook leisurely drops this off to the side. Somewhat disappointed, you glance at it on the floor.
Jungkook gently chuckles. “What’s this?” Using his thumb, he brings your gaze to his. “You want me to use it on you? Tie you up with restraints? Spank you like that?”
Instant heat floods your veins, and you nod.
His ever-present grin becomes sensual. “Maybe another time, princess.”
“Stop calling me that,” you huff. “And there’s not going to be another time.”
Maddeningly, he lifts a brow. “We’ll see.”
“We won’t,” you counter, dropping to the floor. Reaching up, you tug on his zipper. “Now, take out your dick so I can suck you dry.”
“I love it when you romance me,” Jungkook says drily, but his hands obey.
“You say that like this has happened before, and – oh my god,” you blurt, staring at him in dismay.
With his pants and boxers pushed down, Jungkook’s cock is freed from its confines. Springing upwards, the length gently bobs as his hand wraps around it. Thick and vascular, you stare at the viscous bead of cum which glistens at the tip. Slowly, not looking away, Jungkook strokes himself once.
You’re going to die, you think, staring at his dick in his hand. You’re going to choke, or die impaled on his cock, but however you go, it’s going to be glorious. Did you already have an orgasm? Your body can’t seem to remember, overcome with the sudden need to have him inside you. To feel him filling you, taking you, with carnal pleasure.
“Fuck,” you mutter, shifting closer on the floor. Wrapping both hands around his thighs, you lift yourself from the ground. “You’re so… fucking pretty.”
When you glance up, Jungkook seems flustered and it’s such an unexpected look on him, you nearly laugh. Said laughter dies quickly when you glance again at his cock and find he’s hardened even further.
“So, you like praise?” you murmur, not giving him a chance to answer. Grasping his base with one hand, you slowly lick up the shaft.
Jungkook moans, low and soft.
Wrapping your lips around the head, you slowly slide down. His frenulum gets teased by your tongue, easing back up him and off with a pop. Jungkook watches this through lidded eyes, as you tilt back your head.
“How do you like it?” you ask him. “Slow and teasing? Or fast and messy?”
His lips part on the latter and you stifle a smile. How utterly predictable. Trying not to roll your eyes, you lean in and grip his quads again.
“Tap me when you’re about to come, alright?” you say, then deep-throat him.
Swearing violently, Jungkook’s hips jolt when you take him in. Pulling away, you breathe through your nose as you flick your tongue. Holding onto both thighs, you move yourself forward to start a clean rhythm. Keeping your mouth as wet as possible, you ignore the spit dribbling down your chin to land on your chest.
Legs spread beneath you, you roll your hips and nudge your clit against his fancy carpet. Eyes watering, you glance up to meet his gaze. Reaching downward, Jungkook almost tenderly grasps the back of your neck.
Knowing what he wants, you nod and sit back. Releasing his cock, you pause long enough to say, “Jungkook, fuck my mouth,” and open wide.
His pupils are so dilated, his gaze has become nearly black. Roughly, he guides the tip of his cock to rest on your tongue. Pushing past your lips, he thrusts forward – and gives in entirely. Before long, his hips are pumping eagerly into your mouth. Eyes watering even more, you’re sure your mascara is smearing – and then Jungkook pulls out.
“Not like this,” he near-growls, grasping you by the waist to lift you on your feet.
Stepping out of his pants, you catch a briefest glimpse of Jungkook naked before you collapse on the bed. Landing on your ass, the momentum makes your tits bounce. Jungkook quickly follows, one of his knees nudging your legs further apart.
“Spread,” he commands.
Reaching between your thighs, he slips in one finger, then two to feel how ready you are.
“Oh, fuck,” you groan, lying flat on the bed. Arching your back, you chase his hand’s rhythm. “Jungkook – more.”
“Yeah?” Withdrawing abruptly, he briefly disappears. You hear a drawer open and close, followed by the sound of a condom packet tearing. Jungkook reappears with this in one hand, rolling it onto his cock. “What do you want from me, princess?”
Staring at his hand wrapped around his cock, you reach up to cover his with your own. You’re barely able to get your fingers around and in response to this, Jungkook groans.
“I want you,” you say, guiding him to your dripping entrance. “Inside. Want you to fuck me hard, Jungkook. Give me the best damn orgasm of my life – if you can,” you add, watching challenge ignite in his gaze.
His nostrils flare. “If I can,” Jungkook repeats. Replacing your hand with his, he slides his cock up and down. “Why don’t you just lie there and take it, like a good girl?”
Slowly, he pushes the tip inside and your breath catches, feeling how much he can stretch you. Jungkook pauses, considering before he reaches down.
“W-what are you doing?” you pant when his hand grasps your ankle.
Gently, he lifts first one leg, then the other to rest on his shoulders. Pushing his cock in a bit further, you finally feel his full girth.
“Oh my god,” you breathe, staring hard at the place where your bodies meet.
Maddeningly, he reaches to tease over your swollen clit. Rubbing in slow, wet circles, he pushes in a bit more. Inch by inch, Jungkook fills you, until your thoughts are consumed by his cock inside you. Somewhat dazed, you finally understand why women throw themselves at his feet. You’ve never felt this full in your lifetime and you highly doubt you ever will again.
“There,” Jungkook grunts, thrusting the final inch.
“Oh,” you whimper, thighs quivering against his chest.
Gaze sparking, he glances down. “Already?” he murmurs, removing his hand from your clit. Trailing his fingers lower, he collects some of your slick. “About to come from just my dick inside you?”
“Shut up and fuck me,” you grind out.
“Whatever you want.”
Slowly, he pulls out until just his tip is left. When Jungkook slams back in, thrusting hard, your eyes roll back a little. He doesn’t stop, setting a tempo that has you seeing stars. Not letting up, he forces you to take his cock as Jungkook hammers your g-spot. How he manages to do this so fast and so hard, you have no idea.
“Oh my god,” you choke, hands fisting in sheets.
You whimper and, grasping your ankles, Jungkook lifts these from his shoulders. You moan when your hips are raised, dragging your ass to his front for him to really pound into you.
“Fuck,” you gasp. “Jungkook.”
“That’s it, baby,” he grunts, locking eyes. “Just let go – I’ve got you.”
Your thoughts move in frantic patterns – no way, wait, maybe, yes, yes, yes! With both thighs pressed together, draped over his shoulder, you hold on for dear life as he relentlessly fills you in the way you crave.
Nearly sobbing with relief, your orgasm hits you hard and fast. Wave after wave of punishing pleasure drags you under and Jungkook keeps going, continuing to fuck you throughout. When you’re finally spent, he pulls out, flips you over and pulls your ass up in the air.
“Jungkook, what’re you – urgh,” you hiss, as he sheaths himself inside you.
Pussy still spasming from your last orgasm, you shudder when Jungkook somehow gets even deeper. Each stroke of his cock leaves you at his mercy, pounding a spot deep inside you which refuses to be sated. Barely have you finished your second orgasm when a third one is dawning.
“Oh my god,” you gasp, your hands fisting in the sheets. “Jungkook – yes – yes – yes!”
Smacking you on the ass, Jungkook sends white-holt pleasure jolting through you. He does this again and again, pressing you down into the mattress and making you take it.
“Is this what you like, princess?” he pants, sounding barely in control. “Want it hard and rough?”
“Yes,” you moan, nearly broken with pleasure. “Oh my god, yes.”
“Mm – not good enough,” he declares. Reaching down, he slips an arm beneath your chest and pulls you upright. Keeping you on your knees, he continues to fuck you from behind. “Want you to remember this,” he pants in your ear. “Remember who fucked you so good, you couldn’t remember your own name.”
Each word from his lips brings you closer to the edge, Jungkook’s arm like a vice keeping you trapped to his chest. His other hand slips between your legs, seeking your slippery clit. You feel exposed, open, and thoroughly his as he plays with your body.
“Say it,” he grunts, somehow fucking you harder. “Say my name.”
“Jungkook,” you gasp, beyond the point of caring. Your entire body tightens, letting him know you’re about to come. “Jungkook – Jungkook!”
Your orgasm hits you so hard, you see black for a second. Trembling in his arms, you barely hang on as wave after wave of pleasure consumes you. Through the haze, you hear Jungkook gasp your name when he comes, filling the condom inside you. Breathing heavily, you gradually come to your senses with his arms wrapped around you.
For a moment, there’s only silence and the sound of your breathing. Slowly, Jungkook pulls out and you hear him tie the condom before tossing it in the garbage. Utterly exhausted, you collapse on the mattress and look up.
Well, fuck.
Jungkook stands next to the bed looking equally gorgeous post-sex as during. It’s truly mind-boggling for one person to be so good looking and have such a terrible personality.
Glancing up, Jungkook catches you staring and drops a wink.
“See something you like?” he asks.
“Ugh.” Shaking yourself free, you roll your eyes as you stand. “You know I enjoyed it, you ass. Don’t make me say it out loud.”
“But I want to hear it,” he goads, smile widening.
“Fine.” One hand on the doorknob, you pause at his bathroom. “You’re a fantastic fuck, Jeon. Honestly, I get it. No wonder women are lining up for your bed.”
Jungkook pauses, then frowns, and you disappear into the bathroom. When you emerge minutes later, he’s waiting outside wearing only his boxers.
“What did you mean by ‘you get it now?’” he asks, using air quotes.
Blinking, you glance at the floor and remember your clothes are still out in the hall. Stifling a groan, you begin retracing your steps.
Following close behind, Jungkook doesn’t let up. “What do you get?” he continues, sounding truly curious.
Surprised by his interest, you glance over your shoulder. You hadn’t thought Jungkook would be interested in your opinion. Surely by now, he knows he’s good in bed.
“Uh…” Bending at the waist, you grab your panties to slide them on – ugh, damp. “You’re really good at sex, Jungkook. I’d say that was obvious from the multiple orgasms I had.”
Something uncertain crosses his features before Jungkook smooths it out. Running a hand through his hair, he leaves the strands looking adorably ruffled. Again, his tattoos catch your attention, and you fight the sudden urge to ask him what they mean. Learning more about Jungkook would be something a date does, and you aren’t dating him – this has been pre-established.
Gazing wistfully once at his abs, you imprint the visual to memory and turn away. Lifting your dress from the floor, you pull this overhead. Once finished, you glance up to find Jungkook before you, holding a glass of water.
“Oh.” Startled, you blink. “Thanks, I guess,” you say before tentatively accepting.
“Drink,” Jungkook commands.
Eyes narrowed, you take a large gulp – and immediately, your ire disappears. Jungkook was right, you were feeling dehydrated. Silence falls while you drink, and Jungkook crosses the kitchen.
Eventually, you finish the glass and set this on the counter. “How about – ‘you’re great, too, Y/N,’” you joke, lifting a brow. “’Tightest pussy ever. So wet, I almost came so fast.’ Oh my gosh – wow.” One hand on your chest, you mock-bat your eyelashes. “That’s so sweet of you to say. Thanks, Jungkook.”
Once again, his cheeks flame, and you fight the urge to laugh.
Jungkook is cute when he’s flustered, but you refuse to let yourself think this for too long. It’s no use humanizing someone like him. Jungkook is just going to forget you by the time you reach the lobby.
Looking around for your heels, you find them kicked aside – your necklace, you realize, never came off at all.
“I thought that was obvious.” Somewhat strangled, Jungkook continues to follow you around his apartment. “You’re… that was… fucking hell, Y/N.”
Using the couch for balance, you slide on a heel. “That almost sounded genuine,” you observe with a grin. “Good job, Jungkook.”
His gaze narrows. A lone muscle ticks in his jaw, his expression distractingly hot in a way you kind of enjoy.
Slowly, Jungkook tilts his head. “What do you want me to say?” he murmurs. “Want me to tell you your pussy’s ruined me for all others? That I’ll think about you tomorrow when I fuck my hand in the shower? That work will be hard because every time I think about you, ass-up on my bed, my dick will get hard?” Leaning closer, he searches your expression. “Is that what you want to hear, princess?”
Staring at him, you exhale, certain the dampness in your panties is no longer solely from earlier. Somewhat dazed, you watch Jungkook take another slow sip from his glass.
The arrogance in this gesture breaks whatever spell his words held.
“Wouldn’t believe you even if you did,” you say, scooping up your purse from the counter. “Alright, I think that’s all. I have to go get tested.”
Immediately, Jungkook’s smile disappears. “You seriously think I’d have sex with you if I had an STD, Y/N? I get tested monthly.”
Shaking your head, you turn towards the door. “Forgive me for not taking your word on that,” you laugh. “So, can I call a cab from the front desk, or…?”
“No need.” Picking his phone up from the counter, Jungkook quickly types. “My driver can meet you in the lobby. But – hang on.” Hesitant, Jungkook seems to process this and looks up. “You don’t… want to stay the night?”
When he says this, you nearly laugh out loud, so absurd is the thought. The idea of you having a romantic sleepover with Jeon Jungkook is beyond ludicrous.
Then you realize Jungkook is being serious, and all traces of laughter die in your throat.
“Uh – no.” Staring at him, you blink. “Do you want me to stay? Sorry, but I just assumed you were the type to make excuses about having an early morning meeting. Or who lets girls stay over to be nice and spends the entire night clinging to a pillow on his side of the bed, so as to not invite cuddling.”
Briefly, his eyes widen. “I don’t – that’s not… I don’t do that.”
Unable to help it, you smile. “Yeah, okay, Jeon. Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me. I’m just going to head home and sleep in my own bed. Really well, though,” you add. “Because you dicked me down so good.”
Jungkook hesitates, almost uncertain and you nearly have pity. He doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who breaks routine. But seriously, all you want right now is to shower and fall asleep under your own covers.
Oddly serious, Jungkook considers you again. “So… you really just wanted one night of sex with me,” he says at last.
“Um, yeah.” You give him a look. “Or did you think women weren’t into that kind of thing?”
Sexist, really. Men always assume women are less sexual than themselves because they don’t want to have sex with them that often. Whenever you hear a guy say this out loud, it’s hard not to laugh because they’re basically admitting women have poor sex drive around them. 
Embarrassing, truly.
You hadn’t thought Jungkook would think this, though. Given his skills earlier in the bedroom, you imagine girls are routinely begging for more.
The ghost of a smile crosses his lips. “Yeah, that’s not it. It’s just that usually… I don’t know. Usually, women want more than sex with me.”
A pang of sympathy goes through you – because you do understand, truly.
On some level, rich people problems are just that – rich people problems. The problems don’t begin to compare with things like not having enough to eat, healthcare or access to education. On the other hand, wealth tends to bring its own set of issues. Dysfunctional families abound, it seems once money crosses a certain income threshold.
And you can never be quite sure if people like you for you, or for what you can do for them.
Before you can respond to this though, Jungkook seems to shake the thought off. Taking a step forward, he drains the rest of his water to place on the counter. Stopping before you, he holds out a hand.
You glance at this, then back up. “Do you want a low-five, or something?”
“Your phone,” Jungkook says, patient.
Slowly, you fish the device from your bag to hand over. “What are you doing?” you ask, curious.
Ignoring you, Jungkook doesn’t look up as he types something in.
“Giving you my number,” he says.
At this, your brows shoot straight upwards. “Wait – what? Whose number did I have before?”
Because you texted someone earlier to set up tonight. Someone who confirmed both the time and the place of your date at the restaurant.
Slightly sheepish, Jungkook hands back your phone. “That was my assistant. Just a precaution. There have been… incidents,” he says carefully. “Some women have gotten the wrong idea about what we were and wouldn’t leave me alone.”
A chill goes down your spine at the words. Having been on the receiving end of such attention – although that was years ago – you can’t say you envy him. Although, you allow, given Jungkook’s reputation, you doubt he’s entirely innocent in such matters.
“Thanks,” you say as you accept your phone. “And why are you giving me your real number, Jungkook?”
“To call me,” he states. “The next time you need someone to fuck you.”
It’s a testament to how good he was that hearing him say this makes your pussy clench. Shit – you need to ignore this exchange. Leaving an open door between you is a recipe for disaster. Tonight was supposed to be a one-time thing, and you can’t let yourself forget this.
Slipping your phone in your bag, you straighten. “Thanks. I probably won’t call, but you never know.”
Jungkook just smirks. “We’ll see.”
Shaking your head, you turn around to call the elevator. While you wait for its arrival, you glance over your shoulder. Jungkook still hasn’t put back on a shirt, and he’s watching you with an expression you’d catalogue as unreadable.
He has a lot of these expressions, you realize. It makes you wonder, since once upon a time, you were like him. Before you left this world and struck out on your own, you were constantly masking who you were and what you wanted.
This thought reminds you of something Jungkook said at the dinner table about not everyone being as open as you are.
Before you can travel further down this road though, you stop yourself. Likely, you’re reading into something that isn’t there. Jungkook said so himself – he’s open about who and what he is. If there was more to his actions, he’d tell you and he hasn’t.
“Just sex, right?” you ask again to confirm.
Jungkook pauses, but before he can respond, the elevator opens. His easy smile returns, slipping into place as Jungkook reaches past.
“Of course,” he says as you enter. “What else?”
You pause as you turn, and Jungkook steps out. The doors begin to slide shut, and you scramble to think of something else to say.
“Thanks for letting me use your driver,” you call, and the doors close between you.
Hanging your head, you slowly shut your eyes. Thanks for letting me use your driver. You can almost hear Jungkook’s laughter all the way to the lobby.
When you reach the floor labeled L, the doors ping open. Jungkook’s building is as fancy as you feared, with white, marble floors and overflowing flower vases. Your heels click as you walk, approaching the front desk and spotting Jungkook’s driver seated on a chaise.
“Hi.” Feeling awkward, you wave a hand. “Jungkook texted you about driving me home?”
“Ah, yes.” The man jumps up and smiles. “Right this way, Miss.”
You follow him out, entering the car and settling into the backseat. Before you pull from the drive, you can’t help but glance at the building above. Obviously, you can’t see Jungkook’s penthouse from here, but you wonder if he’s watching you.
Getting a grip on yourself, you banish such thoughts. Leaning your head to the seat rest, the car rumbles to life and you slowly exhale.
You’re a liar, you realize on the way home. Before leaving, you told Jungkook you’d sleep well and now, you’re wondering if you’ll even sleep at all.
His number is burning a hole in your pocket, taunting you with its presence and already, you’re wondering when you’ll give in and call.
Not tonight, at least, you think as you close your eyes.
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Somewhere I can breathe 17
Chap 17
Sum: Being a stray hybrid in the city is suffocating. In search of a clearer mind, body, and soul you head to the country. In a way it’s much what you expected. Two things are different. There’s a group of seven boys you never expected to meet, and despite the change in location something still seems to be keeping you from breathing freely.
Somewhere I can breathe Masterlist
Namjoon had contacted a friend of his from vet school. The friend was now an employee at a hybrid rights organization. The organization helped out and rescued hybrids in all sorts of bad conditions.
Though hybrids were not yet technically free, the organization could buy the hybrids from their previous owners and give the hybrids as close to a free life as possible. They technically owned the hybrid, but required nothing from them. They helped rescued hybrids find a job and a safe place to live, then recede from their lives. They kept in contact, allowing the hybrids to come to them if they needed help or if the organization needed information to help another hybrid they would sometimes ask the already rescued if they knew anything about the case.
He had made an appointment in the city with the friend. It was a couple weeks after you’d had your nightmare. Everything was wet. The snow had melted, and though things still remained rather grey you could practically feel the world around you waiting to burst into spring. You were a little mad that your trip might make you miss the beginning of spring in the country. So here you were, in the grey morning light. The sun wasn’t yet above the horizon. Everything had a sort of silvery glimmer. You were helping pile a couple of bags in Yoongi’s car. For some reason Yoongi had decided to come along. Initially it was just supposed to be you, Tae and Namjoon. Yoongi had simply told you that he was going to be driving the car. Jin had packed lunch for the four of you. Jimin Jungkook and Hobi were also standing around holding their morning beverages. Jungkook of course had his banana milk. As Taehyung and Namjoon were going over last minute checks, Jimin came up beside you and placed his hand on your shoulder.
“Hey y/n”
“I thought I’d remind you about something. So… you’re going back to the city, and you know it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.” You sighed. “Yeah I know”
“You’ve been doing good lately, at sharing I mean. Tae’s doing this for your feelings, we all want you to feel comfortable. You have to make sure you share what you’re thinking with him though. He can’t help you if you don’t”
You smiled slightly. “It’s ok, Chim. I’ll be alright.” You leaned forward and gave him a quick hug. Inside you were terrified but you were determined to do what you had to do in order to finally leave your past in the past. A few minutes later you climbed into the backseat with Taehyung. You waved at Tannie in Hoseok arms. He would be dog sitting while you were away.
A thought occurred to you as you drove out of Taehyung’s lane. You would not necessarily be coming back.
Oh well, you would enjoy the country as long as you could. You rolled down the window. The air was thankfully warm enough that you could do so without freezing. You spent several hours rolling down the same gravel road that you’d first walked on months and months ago. You passed the same bit of stream that you remembered from then. Now though, it was swollen with melted snow, threatening to spill over the banks and rush off with bits of debris. You watched in dismay as the trees slowly became scrubby and then disappeared.
You took a bathroom break at the same desolated gas station you’d stolen chocolate bars from. When Taehyung asked you why you stared at it the way you did you truthfully told him that you’d slept behind the recycling bins at the side of the building. Taehyung scrunched his face in distaste. You’d come a long way since then. You’d experienced so much comfort. You knew that if you ever had to return to that lifestyle it would be harder than ever.
You ate lunch in the car, Namjoon fork-feeding Yoongi as he drove. The buildings of the city loomed in the distance and soon you were driving across the bridge. You were so familiar with the world around you as you passed through a nasty area of the city. You knew all these crumbled, boarded up, graffiti covered buildings like the back of your hand.
“Y/n?” Taehyung asked hesitantly. You realized you had been staring out the window with your eyes glazed. You smiled apologetically before your mood fell sour again.
“Welcome to my childhood home guys” you said sarcastically.
“Here?” Namjoon asked.
“Anywhere and everywhere like this. I could never stay in one place for long.” The car fell silent. “Oh there's the park fountain where Lil and I took baths.” you mentioned as you passed the leaking, corroded fountain, covered in plastic for the winter.
Around three in the afternoon, you pulled into a space in a crowded parking garage. You stepped out onto the familiar feeling concrete, breathing in the old stale smell. You could feel all your memories clouding the air. Nervous, you pulled the hood of your new coat over your ears and you tucked your tail down your pant leg. No one could tell you were a hybrid now, except for other hybrids who could smell you.
Namjoon followed the directions to his friend's office on his phone. The other three of you trailed after him. You kept your head bowed, avoiding eye contact with passers by. Some of your old habits also came back. You walked quietly and lightly, bent slightly to make you smaller. Under your hood, your ears flicked back and forth anxiously, listening for any sign of danger. An old tight feeling settled yourself in your gut, and you realized it was just your intense survival instincts that you had not really used in ages. You’d never even realized you had relaxed until you were all tensed again.
Wordlessly, you felt Taehyung wrap his hand around yours. When you looked up, he wasn’t looking at you but had his head held high confidently and was looking around. He was observing the world that was second nature to you. You gently squeezed his hand in thanks. The walk felt long, though in reality it was only a couple of blocks.
You walked through pristine doors and relaxed at the scent of hundreds of hybrids that permeated the air. You fit in so perfectly no one would question your presence here. You looked up to see many people swarming around in the large hobby. There were hybrids, a few friendly looking hybrid owners and staff. There were many vets as well. You spotted several people in suits or skirts. You found yourself slightly pleased when you spotted a woman in a suit carefully cradling a hybrid baby as the baby’s mother talked to someone at the help counter. It struck you how trusting everyone seemed of each other here, especially between hybrids and humans.
Namjoon walked up to the receptionist’s desk, and the rest of you followed.
“I’m Kim Namjoon. I have an appointment with Max?”
“Yes sir, I see it. Well head on back to room 77, he should be waiting for you there.”
“Thank you” you all murmured before heading down the hallway she pointed you toward. You followed the signs up a staircase to the second floor where all the offices were. The first floor was for more public services. Namjoon knocked on the door with Max’s name on it.
“Come in.” you heard and Namjoon pushed the door open.
“Hello Max, long time no see.” Namjoon called.
“Joon! My gosh hi! How's the country vet business going?” Max asked, hopping up from his desk to vigorously shake Namjoon’s hand.
“Good, and you?”
“Well I’m here, and not to brag, but I think I’ve done pretty well, I’m the assistant manager of the department.” Max said, puffing out his chest. You decided you liked Max. He was about Namjoon’s age, fit, and dressed in dress pants and a buttoned white shirt. He just seemed friendly, though not over the top. His hair was quite short, but neat and he was clean shaven. “Anyhow, we can go to the bar together later if we want to catch up. You contacted me about your friend uhm… Kim Taehyung and his hybrid friend y/n?” Max looked down at a file in his hand to read your names before looking up at the three of you still crammed in the doorway.
“I’m Taehyung” Taehyung responded. He stepped forward to shake Max’s hand, his other hand gently pulling yours. “Nice to meet you”
“Likewise, and I take it you are miss y/n?” Max asked, letting go of Taehyung’s hand and offering it to you to shake.
“Yes, I’m she.” You answered. You pushed down your hood, revealing your ears before shaking Max’s hand.
“And you are…?”
“Min Yoongi, I’m just another friend being the driver.” Max also shook Yoongi’s hand.
“Well then, nice to meet you all. Ah~ Taehyung and y/n please sit in front of my desk and you two can do what you please.” You took the seat directly in front of Max’s desk and Taehyung settled beside you. This was your life, you were going to take part in it front and center “Alright. Full name?”
“I only know y/n. I don’t have a last name as far as I know”
“Legal owner’s?” You gave him the name “Age?”
“I don’t know”
“Ok, I have your file here. Y/n, female, age unknown, mixed keeshond hybrid. Owned by ---- last seen by the owner roughly 12 years ago. Several reported stray sightings since them, but no confirmed sightings or captures. Reported to have been seen with a dog and a cat hybrid. The cat hybrid we guess from the description is another stray named Lil, who is also a runaway. Would you like to confirm that this cat is Lil or would you like to keep her uninvolved?”
“I won’t drag Lil into my problems”
“Ok” Max nodded. He could certainly tell that it was in fact Lil from your expression, and he knew you were protecting her. “So according to what Namjoon said, when he first met you, not knowing you were a hybrid you were severely underfed, and he suspects you have some emotional trauma that came from being a stray” you nodded “and your goal in this meeting is to somehow transfer ownership to someone other than your owner” You nodded again “Ok y/n, can you tell me why you ran away.”
“No reason in particular. I just had a gut feeling that he was bad” Max sighed.
“Well I’m glad nothing happened. This guys actually got a bit of a track record with us. He’s bad news. You’re lucky you left. He’s had several hybrids since you. We were only able to save a few because he’s quite wealthy and has a lot of power.”
“What happened to the one you couldn’t save?” Taehyung asked
“Wait” you cut Max off. “Can I step out. It’s enough for me to know he’s bad news. I kind of don’t want to know what might have happened to me if I’d stayed.”
“Of course.” You stood up and walked out of Max’s office, sinking down onto the bench outside. Thankfully the doors were near soundproof to give people privacy, especially when keen-eared hybrids wandered about all over the place. You leaned your head against the wall and rested your brain. A door someway down the hall opened. A grandmother gently pushed a toddler outside. She caught sight of you and called out.
“Oh hello there, I’m so sorry, but would you mind watching my girl for a few minutes?”
“Sure” you smiled. You held your hands out to the little girl. “Hi there, you want to come sit with me on the bench or a bit?” You cooed when the kid waddled over. She awkwardly climbed onto the bench beside you before plopping down. She was really cute. She had pink chubby cheeks, beautiful round eyes and small pudgy hands. The grandmother then turned around, shutting the door. You looked at the kid curiously. You’d noticed that she smelled like a hybrid. On closer inspection you found small lop eared bunny ears hidden in her soft hair. The two of you just sat there relaxedly, waiting for your people to come back. The grandmother opened the door again a few minutes later and called the girl back in. Eventually Max’s door opened and everyone stepped out.
“Ok guys, it was great to meet you. I’ll try to figure something out. In the meantime Joon told me you guys have booked a hotel, so I hope you enjoy your stay. Y/n tell me if you think of anything that might be important.” Max rattled off, and you shook your head to tell him, no you did not have anything to tell him at the moment. “See you soon. Also since you guys are technically not legal, try to keep a low profile. Don’t draw attention to yourselves. Especially y/n.”
You all agreed with a chorus of “ok”s. Then you made your way toward the exit. The boys were all oddly tense. You guessed it was from hearing about your owner. Taehyung looked extremely worried and sad. Namjoon looked disgusted, maybe slightly sick and Yoongi looked flat out infuriated.
“Um… guys?”
Namjoon and Taehyung remained silent but Yoongi sighed. “Y/n if you ever so much as catch sight of that maniac, point him out to me. I’ll find some wet concrete and make a sculptural image of his face in it. Impressionist style”
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need to know - MYG | M
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
long-term couple
Tumblr media
↣ a series that explores the budding relationship between you and your ‘sugar daddy’, Min Yoongi.
Tumblr media
pairing: sugar daddy!yoongi x reader
genre: fluff, smut, angst
warnings/tags: strong language, CEO!Yoongi, explicit smut scenes, softdom!Yoongi, possessive!Yoongi, age gap
this is mostly just a fun, light-hearted series
Tumblr media
playlist 🎵
Tumblr media
Yoongi’s Visuals > 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍
Tumblr media
talk to my characters
→ #ttmc:ntk
Tumblr media
part 01 - 3.5K
↳ You find out that your sugar daddy wants you as much as you want him.
part 02 - 2.5K
↳ Yoongi makes it up to you.
part 03 - 2.2K
↳ It’s your birthday and Yoongi has more than one gift to spoil you with.
part 04 - 5K
↳ You’re officially a couple, but good things don’t seem to last for you.
part 05 - 3.7k
↳ jealousy, jealousy
part 06 - 4.2K
↳ Someone from your past makes an appearance.
part 07
part 08
part 09
part 10
Tumblr media
⤺Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
© minyfic 2021
Tumblr media
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Everything Between Us (Series Masterlist)
Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Romance, Fluff
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Doctor!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: They left you without a goodbye, they broke your heart. You didn’t get your happily ever after. But now they’re back and they’re searching for you to make things right. Could you take them back into your life and let them back into your heart?
Warning: This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. It may contain depictions of violence, blood shed/ gore and mentions of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
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love ain't a business: prologue
Tumblr media
synopsis: You've resigned yourself in all manners of love after a messy breakup with your most recent ex. Amidst your sadness, your best friend offers you a loveless marriage contract solely in exchange for your presence in the many galas he has to attend as second-in-line to the Jeon Corp. It's a win-win situation for you both; Jaehyun no longer has to fight off random mothers that try to set him up with their very eligible daughters and you can live in peace with his fortune at your disposal.
Everything was perfect and you even managed to fool his closest relatives into believing that you're disgustingly in love with one another... all except for one.
Jeon Jungkook, the eldest of the two and direct heir to the family company, has returned from overseeing the newest branch in Japan to ruin your arrangement. His one resort? Blackmail. Now, not only do you have to convince him that your relationship is real, you have to stop him from spilling the shameful secret that will ruin your plan: that you and Jungkook had a previous arrangement that not even Jaehyun is aware of.
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre/rating/au: 18+ | best friend's brother, enemies to lovers, (past) friends with benefits, fake dating au | angst
word count: 3.6k
warnings: swearing • alcohol consumption • infidelity mention
author's note: huge thanks to @missgeniality for looking through the outline and talking with me through some loop holes!! also i had no idea that jaehyun is a real person so some of the descriptions won't fit the idol because he wasn't meant to be based on the idol LMAO I'M SORRY!! tell me your predictions, send me some constructive criticism, or what you think about the prologue as a whole!!
crosspost: ao3 | wattpad | inkitt
chapter index | general m.list
↠ prologue | [01] | [02] | [03] | [04] | [05] | [06] | [07] | [08] | epilogue
Tumblr media
The glass is cold as you stare down the neck of the bottle, gauging how much liquid is left inside. You watch the liquor slosh around the dark-green, translucent walls before taking a noisy gulp straight from the opening, ignoring the intended use of the stout shot-glass placed in front of you. Slamming the bottle down with a grunt, you rest your head on wooden bar, pretending that your heart isn’t hurting and you’re not drinking your sorrows away.
Today is tinged with a hazy blur – memories of you and your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, trading blows like clashes of steel in the hallway of your apartment. He had blamed his affair on you; for being too busy to make time for him. You grit your teeth at the fresh bloom of pain. Sitting up abruptly, the grip around the bottle tightens as you drink, head tipped back and barely catching a breath as you focus on the burn of alcohol instead of the one in your heart.
“Shitty night?” the bartender inquired, wiping down the glass in her hands.
You don’t answer her immediately, eyes still fixated on the drink. Taking a smaller sip this time, you wipe the dribbling liquid from the corner of your lip with the back of your hand, smiling ruefully at the stranger before replying, “You have no idea.”
She slides the cup she cleaned into its designated spot, an eyebrow cocking upwards as she takes in your disheveled appearance. You had gone straight to the bar after forcibly removing Daeseong from your life, ripping out polaroids and chucking his things into a trash bag that you placed outside of your apartment for him to pick up.
“Want to tell me about it or should I call someone for you?”
“I’m good, I texted a friend to come get me. Thank you, though.” The lopsided smile you throw her is genuine, gratefulness warming your chest at the empathy displayed by a complete stranger. The bartender says nothing more after a quick nod of acknowledgement before she moves on to attend the other patrons.
It only takes a few more minutes for said friend to show up, siddling next to you with a warm hand on your shoulder. “You okay, sailor? I haven’t seen you this drunk since…”
…’my brother left’, you finish for him in your mind.
You shake your head a few times in an effort to silence him, refusing to hear yet another name from the past. Thankfully, he understands and keeps his pink mouth shut, though his lips form into a grim line. Even with your bleary vision, you can see the mixture of pity and sympathy in his familiar obsidian eyes. He must’ve come straight here from his office upon receiving your text because he’s wearing a light coat over his navy blue suit, a deep contrast to your tee shirt and shorts. Ignoring the way the room begins to sway, you take another gulp. The bottle is halfway empty.
“Jaehyun,” you greet him with a sideways hug when he finally sits on the stool next to you. Pushing the bottle of soju you’re holding into his hand, you slur, “Wanna drink?”
He smiles when his hands wrap around the bottle, but he doesn’t take a sip. Instead, he slides it down the bar; away from your reach.“No, someone has to drive you back home safely.”
Scowling, your flailing arms try to grab at the elusive liquor, but Jaehyun has you firmly rooted in your spot, his large hand pushing your shoulders down as he gestures for the bartender for the check. The same girl takes his card and tells him his total; to which he merely nods, barely balking at the amount of zeroes on the till, a quick ‘thanks’ leaving his lips when he slides it back in his wallet.
“Wanna tell me why you’re here?” Despite the curt tone, his eyes are soft, worry etched in every line of his face.
“You know why I’m here. I texted you about it.” You jab a finger into his side, making him snicker. Smiling for a moment, you join him in laughter before hot tears slide down your cheeks. “Why can’t I find a decent guy in this fucking city?” you wail, planting your face into your crossed arms on the bar. “Daeseong, that fucking bastard. I can’t believe I dated him.”
Jaehyun listens quietly as you complain about your most recent ex – about the suspicious text messages in his phone that he won’t let you read, the dodgy answers about his whereabouts over the past few weeks, and finally, at the fading imprint of a hickey on his neck when he came to visit you today. You called it quits before he finished unlacing his shoes. As the shouting increased in volume, your saintly neighbour decided to poke his head out the door to make sure you’re okay, sandwiching himself between you and Daeseon before warning him to leave you the fuck alone. You relished the fury in Daeseong’s face – nose flaring and cheeks red as he stared at the large man in front of him. You were hoping he’d throw the first punch, but alas, your ex was thinking with the head between his shoulders for once and chose to walk away, kicking the garbage can in frustration before disappearing down the stairs.
Mind thoroughly fogged with alcohol, your slurred retelling of the events are incoherent even to your own ears and you find yourself leaning into your best friend; your head resting on his shoulder when you eventually run out of breath in your rant.
Sometime while you were describing Daeseong’s choice of words when you broke up with him, the bartender placed a large, cold glass of water in front of you, the sympathetic smile on her face letting you know that she understands what you’re going through. You teared up as you thanked her, wishing nothing but the best for that saint of a woman.
“I can’t believe I gave that guy a chance.” Your voice drops to a whisper as you fiddle with the straw in your glass. The water is a blessing to your stinging throat that you finish the entire thing in one go, causing your head to throb feebly at the incoming brain freeze. Wincing slightly, you push the empty glass away, only for the bartender to replace it with a full one wordlessly.
“I may have a solution for your problem, unless you just want comfort tonight,” Jaehyun responds haltingly.
You study your friend sitting next to you while you take another sip of water. He’s rubbing his palms over his slacks, eyes flitting between your face and the bar. When you motion for him to speak, he inhales sharply through his nose. “Okay, so you know how my parents have been on my ass about getting married despite my aversion to everything romantic?” he begins, tapping his forefinger on the oak rhythmically. You nod, recalling the countless invitations requesting his presence to brunches or dinners that would interrupt your hang out sessions with him. He continues. “Well, it’s only gotten worse.”
“Worse how?”
“As if I’m not already exhausted after a day working in the office and attending these ridiculous galas… They’ve now set me up with one-on-one blind dates without telling me,” Jaehyun groans, his fingers brushing back the locks that fall in front of his face. “It might not be the right time, given your current situation, but I was wondering if you’d like to do me a huge favour?”
Your heart goes out for your friend. He’s confided in you about being aromantic and asexual during college; perfectly happy of his status and accomplishments without having the desire to share it with anyone. Though you can’t say you understand, you’ve always been proud every time he marched around campus subtly wearing his pride colours – a hint of purple or green in the form of a tie or a pocket square paired with every black or grey suit – and have supported him to the best of your abilities while he laments about his parents’ lack of compassion.
His parents – the Jeons – were… traditional, for lack of a better term. They place a lot of value in their child-centric ideals and had been heartbroken when Jaehyun revealed that he would be taking no such part in continuing the family bloodline, placing the responsibility on the eldest Jeon instead. Rather than listening to their child, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon has since come up with schemes, each more elaborate than the next, the largest one being a party every other weekend where they invite eligible bachelorettes in their circle, hoping Jaehyun would change his mind after ‘clicking’ with the right girl. Each attempt has failed and with every new face Jaehyun meets, the rift between him and his parents only grew. It wasn’t long until the stress snapped his patience in half, which led to a screaming match and ended with him moving out of his parents home and into his current apartment in the city. From what he’s shared, the relationship hasn’t gotten better, but it hasn’t deteriorated for the worse either – until now.
“If it’s within my power, of course I’ll help you, Jae,” you whisper, squeezing his shoulder in support.
Jaehyun offers you a dimpled, lopsided smile, placing his hand over yours to squeeze back. “Thank you. I’m glad we met. You’ve been incredibly supportive when no one else was.” He swallows thickly and you spy the unshed tears, though you pretend not to notice, retracting your hand and placing it around the cool glass of water instead.
After taking a shuddering breath, he starts to explain his thoughts. “Of course, you’re more than welcome to deny my request. This is going to sound insane, but, will you marry me—for the purpose of fooling my parents and nothing more,” he stammers quickly when you begin to protest, blinking at him in surprise. “We’ll pretend to get engaged. Tonight. We’ll come up with a backstory about how we started dating and all that shit tomorrow, but I think this will get them off my back once and for all.”
You snort at his audacity, staring at him with narrowed eyes and furrowed brows. Mumbling under your breath, you curse at him for taking away your soju. “You’re right. This is insane with a capital ‘I’, Jae. I know I said I’ll help you, but this is huge.”
“I know, I know, but we can just pretend to be a happy couple, go get married, and then get a divorce afterwards. Please? I’m drowning here.”
At the sound of his cracked voice, you force yourself to observe him, staring at the desperation in his eyes, the dark circles underneath, and the slightly disheveled hair. Guilt tugs at your heart strings. In your own misery, you had overlooked the dismal state of your best friend behind the fancy clothes, thinking life must’ve been pleasant for him since he’s born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Sighing, you bring the straw to your lips, drinking some more water. “What’s in it for me?”
His shoulders sag and he closes his eyes for a moment as he exhales quietly. “Anything,” Jaehyun promises, a hint of desperation clinging to his voice. “Oh! I know, you can quit your job at the café, so you can focus on your masters. I’ll even pay for the tuition. You can live with me too, since it’ll be closer to your campus.”
You weigh the options in your mind, though your alcohol-addled brain refused to do any of the legwork. “So, let me get this straight. You want us to get married in exchange for money, essentially, because you’re convinced that this is the only way for your parents to back off?”
Jaehyun nods slowly and then more enthusiastically when you finish reiterating his plan, eyes bright with a light that makes you look away. He’s too hopeful; too trusting, even if you are his friend. He grasps your hands in his, squeezing it tight. “At least tell me you’ll think about it? Pretend to be my lawfully wedded wife for a year?” he implores, dark, large eyes staring straight at you.
You’re not equipped to handle this… proposal – not with heartbreak and alcohol nipping at your heels. But it’s hard to deny him of this request, especially when he’s been your support through major life changes. In your haze, you exhale slowly, closing your eyes as you ruminate your choices. You allow your mind to drift; to think of Daeseong and all the other men you’ve had the displeasure to date in the past. You think about love; a feeling you sought out for so long only to have it slip away constantly – be it in the hands of the wrong person or just wrong timing in general.
Finally, you think of him. The eldest Jeon. A name you have stopped uttering after countless of sleepless nights with your phone in your hand as you pace around your apartment, wondering if you should call to see how he’s doing. Your hesitancy stems from the fact that he hasn’t tried to contact you either since he left for Japan all those years ago. With every passing season where your phone doesn’t come alive, you’d given up hope in ever seeing him again, eventually tucking your relationship in a box and putting it away, next to all the others that have ended in a bittersweet manner. Accepting this proposal meant encountering him, knowing how much he fiercely loves his brother. Chewing on the inside of your cheek, you can’t help but wonder. How would he feel upon receiving this news? Would he care? And a more bitter thought crosses your mind. Why should you?
But your mind refuses to stop, much to your body’s displeasure as you continue to think in the dimly lit bar until your vision blurs white with pain. Choosing to focus on the problem at hand and not at imaginary scenarios, you lay out the facts: your best friend needs you and it’s something within your power. You’re even benefitting from all this, using his seemingly endless funds to fuel your dreams of finishing your masters and maybe opening that shop you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. The thought of your achievements being handed to you on a silver platter feels hollow – empty, but without financial support coming from anywhere else, it’s an offer too tempting for you to decline. Plus, every relationship has an expiry date anyway – a disonance that creeps up on you; one where you no longer feel butterflies in your stomach and the sound of their voice makes you grit your teeth – this one just happens to have it clearly outlined.
“Fuck it, I’m done with finding love. What’s the worst that could happen?” you grumble bitterly.
Jaehyun’s head snaps to you at the sound of your voice. “What was that?”
When you speak, you stare straight into the glass, unable to stand the hope in his eyes. “Half a year,” you bargain. “We’ll plan a wedding, we’ll get married, and we’ll divorce after half a year.”
The chair clatters to the ground as he stands abruptly and you find Jaehyun enveloping you in a crushing hug, nearly toppling you off your chair as he cheers. “Deal!” he exclaims, whispering words of thanks into your hair. “Seriously, thank you so much. I’m gonna call my mum!”
You extract yourself from his embrace as he lifts his phone to his ear, jabbering instantly to his mother about his newfound (fake) relationship with you. There’s a disquiet in your stomach that’s not caused by alcohol as you watch him; eyes alight with child-like wonder as he prattles off a half-baked story about how you started dating. Upon seeing the joy that Jaehyun exudes, you almost stumble as you hop off the stool because in that moment, in the dimly lit bar, he’s a spitting image of his brother; all dimples and soft eyes.
And you had to bury the resurfaced feeling of longing back to where it belonged.
══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════
“There’s a line for you, sir.”
Jungkook looks up from his keyboard, puzzled as he takes the sleek, black cellphone from his assistant’s extended hand. He hadn’t heard him come in, too focused on his work. Upon seeing the caller ID, his features soften, no longer annoyed at being interrupted.
“Thank you, Taehyung,” he grins, dismissing the man with a wave of his hand.
Lifting the device to his ears, Jungkook stands from his chair, going over to his bookshelf where he keeps his collection of family portraits in front of all his accounting books. He picks one up and smiles softly at it, wiping away the thin dust accumulated on the glass with his thumb. “Hi, mum,” he answers.
His grin broadens as she launches into a tizzy about his well-being, rapidly asking questions about his health. “I’m okay, mum, I swea—Yes, I’m taking my multivitamins every day. Exercising as well,” Jungkook chuckles. “Did you like the tea I sent you?” Before the words fully leave his mouth, Mrs. Jeon is already thanking him and letting him know that she’s drinking it right now. His mother always interrupts him, a habit he used to hate, but now has grown fond of after years of living apart. He places the portrait back to its original spot before walking deliberately across the expanse of his bookshelf, gazing at each picture.
The portraits on his shelf range from younger images of Jungkook and his younger brother Jaehyun, smiling with missing teeth to the camera, all the way to a more formal setting, one taken with a professional photographer for the company website. Jungkook observes them all, a pang of homesickness washing over him while he continues to affirm his mother’s rants with occasional hums.
“Anyway, I’m here to call about your brother! Did Jaehyun tell you yet, hon?” his mother asks excitedly. “He’s finally getting married!”
Jungkook stops his pacing, almost colliding with the leather armchair his guests normally sit on while they have meetings in his office. In all the years he’s lived under the same roof with Jaehyun, the younger Jeon has never brought a girl home, let alone date. And now he’s getting married? Jungkook admits – he’s impressed by whichever girl managed to tame his younger brother’s heart.
He shares his enthusiasm with his mother, joking about beating Jaehyun up for not mentioning the news. It’s Jungkook’s turn to interrupt her as she launches into a drivel over the bridal bouquet. “So, who’s the lucky girl?”
“Oh, you know her, Jungkook!” she laughs and Jungkook hears her sip quickly before adding, “She’s the one that comes over pretty often during college. The nice one!”
And it’s the mention of your name that catches him completely off guard. Time stands still and Jungkook feels like he’s no longer breathing, the air suffocating and leaving his lungs. Instead of his mother’s voice, it’s his own thundering pulse roaring in his ears. He doesn’t hear the goodbyes and reminders to come home soon, robotically agreeing to everything she says. Even when the call ends, he stands frozen in place, cellphone still pressed to his ear.
A knock on his glass door breaks him from his thoughts. Jungkook hears Taehyung’s call, but his limbs refuse to move. Taehyung steps closer hesitantly, his own face mirroring Jungkook’s confusion.
“Sir?” he calls again, extracting the phone from Jungkook’s grasp. “Did you hear me? You have a one o’clock. Would you like some refreshments prior to the meeting?”
Jungkook only turns his head and stares at his assistant. He blinks.
“Jungkook? Hey, man, you okay? You’re really creeping me out,” Taehyung chuckles nervously, dropping the visage of being his assistant to transition into the role of his best friend. “What happened with the phone call?”
Taehyung reaches out and places a hand on his shoulder, squeezing experimentally. “Jung—"
“Cancel all my appointments effective immediately – or better yet, find a way to make them all online.” Jungkook finally finds his voice, the cogworks in his brain registering his mother’s words as he speeds towards his desk. “I’m going to step away from the office for a few weeks. Get Jimin to bring me a laptop so I can work remotely,” he orders, leaning over the computer and typing furiously to get all his data in the cloud.
Taehyung remains rooted on the spot, stuttering as he demands for an explanation, but Jungkook holds a tattooed hand up to silence him, repeating his commands in a more forceful tone. When he still doesn’t budge, Jungkook slams his hand on his desk, the loud thud making the brunette flinch. “Now, Taehyung,” he barks, dark eyes narrowed into slits. Mouth turned into a grim line, his assistant snaps to attention and nods before turning on his heel.
“One more thing.” Jungkook stops him just as Taehyung’s hand grazes the door handle of his office. He rummages and fishes his leather wallet from his slacks, tossing it carelessly into the air. Taehyung catches it with practiced ease, tilting his head in confusion. “I don’t care how much it costs. Book me a flight back home immediately.”
Tumblr media
all works are © bangtanhome
↠ prologue | [01] | [02] | [03] | [04] | [05] | [06] | [07] | [08] | epilogue
she's finally here! what do you think?
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chateaureads · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
hi everyone, it’s sammy ! ✼
welcome to my new library, where you’ll find my fic recs, personal faves and reviews all shelved together ! also to spread love and appreciate all the wonderful authors on this list 🥺 assorted by member and archived by genre, i hope you’ll always find what you’re looking for in sammy’s library ♔
Tumblr media
nearly ALL content is nsfw, must be 18 years or older to read.
key : ➵ - read, f - fluff, s - smut, a - angst
Tumblr media
reviews. ✎
➵ infidelity by @jungk0oksthighs ‣ s, a, ex-husband!au
➵ kairos by @luffles424 ‣ f, s, werewolf!au
➵ salt + shadow by @floralseokjin ‣ s, supernatural!au ft. taehyung
➵ let go by @ot7always ‣ s, established relationship!au
➵ in the mood by @kinktae ‣ s, married couple!au
➵ the courtship chronicles by @gukyi ‣ f, f2l/fake dating!au
➵ currents by @yeoldontknow ‣ s, f, a, arranged marriage!au
➵ mine for today by @httpjeon ‣ s, f, a, dating service/fake dating!au
➵ the champagne room by @taetaesbaebaepsae ‣ stripper/businessman!au
➵ fire & desire by @joonbird ‣ s, fuckboy!au
➵ off limits by @floralseokjin ‣ s, f, a, brother’s bestfriend!au
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reviews. ✎
➵ benefits by @cutechim ‣ s, fwb!au 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reviews. ✎
➵ faded love by @jamaisjoons ‣ f, s, a, married couple!au
➵ forever by @neonlights92 ‣ f, a, breakup!au ft. jungkook
➵ love, secret santa by @jamaisjoons ‣ f, s, a, best friends to lovers!au ft. taehyung
➵ picking petals by @cutechim ‣ s, married couple!au
➵ sucker by @personasintro ‣ s, a, vampire!au
➵ dairy kink by @mygsii ‣ s, college/fast food worker!au
➵ bluff by @chaangbin ‣ s, co workers to lovers!au
➵ make me hot by @httpjeon ‣ s, office/ceo!au
➵ under the spell of a demon’s touch by @jeonggukingdom ‣ s, a, established relationship/incubus!au
➵ catharsis by @junghelioseok ‣ s, college/fwb!au ft. jungkook
➵ blowing dandelions by @httpjeon ‣ s, f, a, e2l/childhood friends!au
➵ satiate by @writingsofmyimagination ‣ s, vampire!au
➵ oh, what a world by @cutechim ‣ s, f, a, arranged marriage/fallen idol!au
➵ no strings by @kpopfanfictrash ‣ s, a, fwb!au
➵ colors by @fortunexkookie ‣ s, roommate!au ft. taehyung
Tumblr media
reviews. ✎
➵ pour up by @jungkxook ‣ s, fuckboy!au ft. jungkook
➵ read your mind by @honeyj00ns ‣ implied s, vampire!au
➵ just for practice by @h0neypjm ‣ s, best friend!au
➵ you, it’s always you by @lurejoon ‣ f, established relationship!au
➵ love, secret santa by @jamaisjoons ‣ f, s, a, best friends to lovers!au ft. jimin
➵ dichotomy by @kpopfanfictrash ‣ s, a, arranged marriage!au, 
➵ waterloo by @kinktae ‣ f, a, art student/prodigy!au
➵ how many more sleepless nights? by @aestara ‣ a, established relationship!au
➵ backseat serenade by @jungkxook ‣ s, a, brother’s bestfriend/band!au
➵ get you to the moon by @bymoonchild ‣ f, s, a, e2l/college!au
➵ of lace and lust by @hobidreams ‣ f, s, roommate/childhood bestfriends to lovers!au
➵ let it snow by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, f, a, snowed-in/fwb!au
➵ say my name by @jamaisjoons ‣ s, roommate!au
➵ clair de lune by @gukslut ‣ f, s, established relationship!au
➵ the point of no return by @illneverrecover ‣ s, f, s2l!au
➵ ruin you by @jimidol ‣ s, established relationship/idol!au
➵ too long; didn’t read by @fortunexkookie ‣ f, s, e2l/college!au
➵ broken rings & queens and kings by @gukyi ‣ f, s, a, royal/e2l/arranged marriage!au
➵ heartbeat on a high line by @monvante ‣ f, s, fwb2l!au
➵ more than us by @jeongi ‣ f, s, college/roommate!au
➵ “i’m yours” by @cutechim ‣ s, fwb!au
➵ just a taste by @cutechim ‣ f, s, new couple!au
➵ “are you sure?” by @cutechim ‣ f, s, brother’s bestfriend!au
➵ tear you apart by @bratkook ‣ s, incubus!au
➵ after midnight by @illneverrecover ‣ s, f, werewolf!au
➵ muse by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, f, established relationship!au
➵ satisfy by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, escort/ceo!au
➵ ego: hoe chronicles by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, college/fuckboy!au
➵ eyes on me by @taetaesbaebaepsae ‣ s, f
➵ good girl by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, office/coworker!au
➵ hush by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ s, ft. jungkook
➵ just a taste by @xjoonchildx ‣ s, established relationship!au
➵ the price of love by @untaemedqueen ‣ s, a, exes!au
➵ stay the night by @jamaisjoons ‣ s, a, infidelity!au
➵ groovy by @kinktae ‣ f, s, a, f2l!au
➵ the cockpile: work of art by @httpjeon ‣ s, pornstar!au
➵ ravenous by @junqkook ‣ s, werewolf!au
➵ sehebon by @httpjeon ‣ s, f, a, alien!au
➵ carnal cupidity by @kittae ‣ s, werewolf!au
➵ gimme shelter by @taetaesbaebaepsae ‣ s, f, guardian angel!au
➵ picking flowers by @jamaisjoons ‣ s, f, a, ex-childhood friends to lovers/hanahaki!au
➵ the text by @taetaesbaebaepsae ‣ s, a, strangers with benefits!au
➵ let’s marvin gaye by @minstrivia ‣ s, f, a, infidelity/bestfriend!au
➵ buzzed by @junqkook ‣ s, a, bestfriends to lovers!au
➵ warm by @httpjeon ‣ s, f, roommate!au
➵ paper cranes by @aquaminwrites ‣ s, f, a, college/bestfriends to lovers!au
➵ boundaries by @ethertae ‣ s, f, co workers with benefits/office au!
➵ fun & games by @gukslut ‣ s, f, established relationship!au
➵ lubricious by @jamaisjoons ‣ s, f, established relationship!au
➵ long black by @jamaisjoons ‣ s, established relationship!au
➵ pushin’ limits by @zienth ‣ s, f, fwb/fuckboy/roommate!au
➵ fate of the fast & furious by @prolixitae ‣ s, f, biker!tae, f2l!au
➵ enough games by @inkedtae ‣ s, pwp, boyfriend!tae
➵ slow motion by @hantaev​ ‣ f, slight angst, boyfriend!tae
➵ a human touch by @snackhobi ‣ f, s, sci-fi!au
➵ queen cobra by @fantasybangtan ‣ s, f, a, mafia/arranged marriage!au
➵ manspreading by @wildernessuntothemselves ‣ s, f, bestfriends to lovers!au
➵ insomnia by @hobiwonder ‣ s, f2l!au
➵ colors by @fortunexkookie ‣ s, roommate!au ft. jimin
➵ tempting by @kinktae ‣ s, f, a, fantasy/angel/demon!au
➵ give and take by @hayjeon ‣ s, fwb!au
➵ apartment 512 by @moononthejoon ‣ s, f, neighbour/e2l/college!au
Tumblr media
reviews. ✎
➵ oh my god, they were quarantined roommates by @ot7always ‣ f, s, roommate!au
➵ forever by @neonlights92 ‣ f, a, breakup!au ft. jimin
➵ pour up by @jungkxook ‣ s, fuckboy!au ft. taehyung
➵ young god by @njssi ‣ s, brother’s bestfriend!au
➵ stay by @jungkxook ‣ s, f, a, fwb!au
➵ lonely hearts club by @dovechim ‣ s, a, e2l/non-idol!au
➵ quiet, baby by @bratkook ‣ s, established relationship!au
➵ five dates by @kpopfanfictrash ‣ f, s, arranged marriage!au
➵ stranded by @gguksgalaxy ‣ s, a, e2l/college!au
➵ xx(x)ii by @softyoongiionly ‣ s, established relationship!au
➵ overdrive by @junqkook ‣ s, vampire/soulmate!au
➵ sinful knight by @httpjeon ‣ s, royal/knight!au
➵ knot today by @kinktae ‣ s, f2l/werewolf!au
➵ everything in you by @jjungkookislife ‣ s, f, f2l/roommate!au
➵ banana milk by @kimnjss ‣ s, s2l!au
➵ piss off your parents by @littlemisskookie ‣ rich/badboy/fake dating!au
➵ blizzard by @curly-bangtan ‣ s, f, roommate to lovers!au 
➵ game over by @joonsgalore ‣ s, f, established relationship!au
➵ melomaniac by @jungkxook ‣ s, f2l/band!au
➵ catharsis by @junghelioseok ‣ s, college/fwb!au ft. jimin
➵ itch by @ironicarmy ‣ s, f, roommate/f2l!au
➵ caught me by @jeongi ‣ s, roommate!au
➵ feels like summer by @badbhye ‣ s, f, a, roommate!au
➵ ego by @suga-kookiemonster ‣ f, s, a, fuckboy!au
➵ too close by @cutechim ‣ s, f, a, rival gang/mafia!au
➵ bandslam by @ironicarmy ‣ s, a, band/college/e2l!au
➵ bitchin’ by @kinktae ‣ s, f, e2l!au
➵ just friends by @kinktae ‣ s, f, a, bestfriends to fwb!au
➵ employee perks by @jiminimoon ‣ s, f, a, co workers to lovers!au
Tumblr media
♔ SEOKJIN list. 
♔ YOONGI list. 
♔ HOSEOK list. 
♔ NAMJOON list. 
♔ JIMIN list. 
♔ TAEHYUNG list. 
♔ JUNGKOOK list. 
♔ OT7 list.
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jimidol · 4 months ago
my favs
Tumblr media
catie’s note: so after a lot and a lot of thinking, i’ve decided to do just one list with all the favourite fics i’ve read. the idea of creating one list per month was truly good but now, in between work, my personal life, writing, and reading, i don’t have the time to work on those lists. i’ll just keep adding all the works i fall in love with here. of course, all the works in this list have been reblogged here with a review and in my rec account @ephemeralrec​​. i also have a reading list where you can also find all the works i’m planning to read. please never forget to support writers, a reblog and sweet words can make a complete difference! ✨ 
my favs
updated: 2021.05.29
key: a - angst; f - fluff; s - smut
Tumblr media
⏤ just a number by @mintxxxy​​ | s, age gap, drama
Tumblr media
one shot
⏤ in the dark by mintxxxy | s
⏤ the d box by @breadoffoxy​​ | a, s
⏤ the landlord by @ppersonna​​ | s, landlord au
⏤ cyberslut by kimnjss | s, sm au, college au, secret identity, tutoring au
Tumblr media
one shot
⏤ the passion project by @s0seo​​ | a, s, exes to lovers 
Tumblr media
one shot
⏤ break up with your girlfriend by @lovetrivia​​ | s, a, college au
⏤ fool for you by @cutechim​ | a, s, rebound au, hospital au
Tumblr media
one shot
⏤ test drive by @bratkook​ | s, biker au
⏤ syntax error by @hueseok​​ | f, s, friends with benefits au, college au
⏤ picking petals by cutechim | s, f, married couple au
⏤ driver’s license by @gyukult​​ | a, one-sided au, brother’s bestfriend au
⏤ filter by @hopewrld2​​ | s, f, idol au
⏤ exposure by @dreamyjoons​ | s, pornstar!jimin
⏤ flirt by @chateautae​​ | s, college au 
⏤ physical by ppersonna​ | s, f, comedy, fitness instructor!jimin
⏤ half baked by ppersonna | s, f, bakery au
⏤ arrangement (ft taehyung) by mintxxxy | s, married au
Tumblr media
one shot
⏤ slow motion by @hantaev​​ | a, f
⏤ before dawn by hantaev | a, f, s 
⏤ saudade by chateautae | a, s, f, idol au, established relationship au
⏤ home by @taegularities​ | f
⏤ definition of love by taegularities | a, f, s, college au, romance, e2f2l
⏤ ruin you once more (ft jungkook) by taegularities | s, established relationship, fwb
⏤ attitude adjustment (ft jungkook) by s0seo | s, roommates 
⏤ higher by ppersonna | s, f, strangers to lovers 
⏤ v-live by @glassbangtan​​ | a
⏤ any way you want it by @noteguk​ | s, childhood best friends
⏤ backseat serenade by @jungkxook​​ | s, band au, brother’s best friend au 
⏤ sweet temptations by @honeiibeehobi​ | s, a, f, college au, slowburn 
⏤ kinda hot by @kimnjss​ | s, f, a, best friends to lovers, college au, sm au 
Tumblr media
one shot 
⏤ scattered stars by taegularities | a, f, s, soulmate au, fantasy au
⏤ rough hands by @bratkook​​ | s, f, enemies to lovers 
⏤ come over by bratkook | s, pwp
⏤ choke me by bratkook | s
⏤ all in the triangle by mintxxxy | s, crack, percussionist!jungkook 
⏤ hair dye by @mercurygguk​ | f, s, established relationship
⏤ operation: pop the cherry by @sxdmoonchxld​ | s
⏤ as you desire, my king by @tipsydipsydo​​ | s, f, historical/royality au 
⏤ come again by @jjungkookislife​​ | s, established relationship au
⏤ hot boy summer by jungkxook | s, friends with benefits, friends to lovers 
⏤ ungodly beast by @kingsuckjin​ | s, slight horror, jungkook devil au
⏤ bands by @xpeachesncream​​ | f, a, s, strip club/nightlife au, idol au
⏤ lowkey by xpeachesncream​​ | f, a,s, college au, fake dating au, friends to lovers au 
⏤ come back to me by @bonnyskies​​ | a, idol au, exes to lovers-ish au, marriage au, parents au
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noteguk · 3 months ago
bad romance | jjk | m
[ ! ] this is part of the bad influence collection. This part cannot be read as a stand-alone.
— summary; in which the two of you finally make it official. 
— contents and warnings; gross fluff, a bit of angst, smut, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, honestly emotionally constipated idiots to lovers, so much mutual pining, cinematic parallels, cute dates, a spark of jealousy/possiveness (mostly playful), the return of car sex, dirty talk, breast play, dom!jk x sub!reader, fingering, spitting, oral (female receiving), cum eating, semi-clothed sex, unprotected sex (don’t be dumb!!), a fuckton of praise kink bc jk is going through it, another glimpse into the demon that lives inside the oc lol, begging, mentions of marking (hickeys), creampie, cockwarming (you already know), jk is whipped and he’s not even hiding it anymore, it’s official ladies!!! 
— words; 18,4k
— author’s notes; here we are, champs!!! The moments of glory 😭 There are a lot of things being wrapped up in here so we can move onto the more interesting stuff, but there are also some points that will be brought up further down the line, so don’t worry! Everything will be explored in its rightful moment. Have fun at the eye of the hurricane y’all 🤠 
Tumblr media
There are some things we experience throughout life that, as simple as they may seem at first glance, stick with us forever, like bubblegum on the bottom of a shoe. As a young kid, you were first introduced to optical illusions after spending the day at your friend’s house — and, even after so many years, you still recalled your amazement and confusion; your expectant yelps and annoyed glances at his computer screen. Considering your age, it was normal to be bewildered at the notion that your senses and perceptions, which once seemed so concrete, could fool you just as easily as anything else. 
Mayhaps you were a few thousand years late in your genius discovery, taking into account that ancient philosophers had already discussed and established all that; perhaps your young brain wasn’t all that smart to construct those notions with such complexity. But the point wasn’t that: it was that the world in front of you was a matter of perspective, of finding the truth behind the curtain of your own interpretation. Sometimes you thought that two lines were the same size when they were not; that dots seemed to be moving when they were still; that two completely different shades of grey were actually the same all along. And you had to adapt to that. 
Life went on and, in a way, you always kept that in the back of your head — not about bright-colored illusions on a computer screen, of course, but about people. No matter how much you think you know someone, you never know their full truth (after all, most people barely know themselves, so perhaps it’s a bit too conceited to believe that you know another individual). It’s nothing new to claim that people can surprise you, either positively or negatively and, in your head, trying to predict that was the smallest resemblance of control you could achieve. So you learned to read them as well as you could and never ever created expectations. To you, trust issues were a tiny price to pay for staying one step ahead from a heartbreak. 
That being said, even the best of strategists still make mistakes — apparently no one ever learned not to invade Russia during the winter — and even the strongest walls can still show cracks in its foundation. Ironically, you had predicted it all, followed your life to the most minimal details, but could not avoid the large, powerful wave that hit your fortress head-first, knocking most of your preconceived notions down the moment you found someone that you couldn’t read. 
In a way, Jungkook was the most confusing optical illusion that you had ever come across. 
The thrilling and unforeseen ups and downs of your situationship with Jungkook were often hard to follow, but you still tried your best to do so. From the start he was inconsistent — hot and cold, harsh and tender; always left you seeking for more at the same time you tried to push him away. Every time you’d attempt to read him, imagine the thoughts that unfolded behind his dark eyes, you’d fall flat on your face. Every time you thought you were starting to understand him, he’d hit you with a curveball that would throw you in a loop. It was strange how you thought that you knew him so well, probably better than most people, and yet not well at all. 
In usual unpredictable fashion, Jungkook had called you earlier that day, right after you had just finished washing the dishes, with a proposal you never saw coming. It was a peaceful, chilly morning and, besides the sharp sound of your phone ringing, only the faint chirping of birds could be heard coming from the half-open window. Yongsun was sitting on the couch, her focus swimming in the ink of her newest thriller novel, and she didn’t notice the way your eyes widened when you picked up the phone and heard what he had to say. 
“Morning, princess,” Jungkook greeted, jumping straight to the point. “Are you free? Wanna go out with you.” 
“Today?” You asked, leaning your lower back against the cool counter. His choice of words was peculiar: go out. He had never used that before or, at least, not with such a casual tone. 
“Yeah,” he agreed promptly. “If you have plans we can try another day. But it’s sunny and I didn’t wanna miss my shot.” 
You cleared your throat, glimpsing out the window as if to check that it was, in fact, sunny. Your brain was out of excuses and the silence coming from the other side of the line was too loud, so you had no choice but to give in to the wills of your heart. “Hm. Yeah, sure,” you told him. “We can go out today.” 
“Great,” Jungkook beamed. “I’ll pick you up at one, baby. See you.”
And that was it. Before you could think about asking more details about his plans, the line was cut and you were left staring at your phone screen like an absolute idiot, trying to digest what just had happened. Go out. What a weird thing to say. It sounded like a date. 
Yongsun perked her head up like a meerkat, turning around on the couch so she could get a better look at you. “So…” she started, a smile already curling up on her lips. Her book was practically forgotten now, laying beside her, the page that she had been reading now flimsily marked by one of her perfectly manicured fingers. “I’m guessing you have plans.” 
“I might have,” you responded nonchalantly, locking your phone and placing it on the counter. When was the last time Jungkook asked you out? Even when he took you out for lunch or something, the request was always laced with second intentions. That sounded so odd. “Why?” 
She shrugged. Yongsun had been particularly interested in your romantic affairs ever since that night at Hoseok’s party, teasing you at every chance she got. She was curious, that much you knew, but you guessed that she was also a bit worried about all those secrets. Regardless, if that was the case, her cheerful tone did not let it show. “Oh, nothing, I just think it’s cute that you’re going out with the mystery man.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “Has he asked for your hand in marriage yet?” 
You rolled your eyes. “It’s not like that,” you guaranteed. 
“Keep lying to yourself, girl,” she sang, waving her hand in a sign of dismissal. Yongsun had a strong tendency to romanticize things, and you were the opposite: one of your biggest flaws was that you over-rationalized things, found excuses and justifications where there were none. At that moment, both things were taking place, and her voice was like a demon whispering inside your head, making you consider her perspective. “Is he coming to pick you up?” Her smile only grew as you nodded. “Fantastic.” 
Like she had found what she had been searching for, Yongsun plopped back on the couch and returned to her book. Unbeknownst to her, you knew exactly what she was inferring — your gaze already navigating towards the large window across from you, and the open view it gave to the street below your apartment complex. If she wanted to, she could figure out who it was just by looking down and catching a glimpse of him. 
Strangely enough, the idea didn’t bother you as much as it once had. 
Part of you believed that, when Yongsun went to her spiritual retreat/cult, she ended up being cursed with a hundred years of bad luck. Besides being ten times more clumsy than usual, she was having more difficulty in class and almost every single time she tried to shower, the hot water would run out halfway through. That morning, she also was unlucky enough to be knocked out on the couch (courtesy of her post-lunch sleepiness) at the exact moment that Jungkook picked you up, missing one of her two chances of catching a glimpse of him. 
About one hour and a half later, her messages arrived in a furious and merciless wave, so constant that you had to silence your phone, turning the screen around and against your thigh so her flood of complaints and curses wouldn’t distract you from the beautiful scenery that blossomed all around the car. At the annoying rush of dinging sounds, however, Jungkook glimpsed at you, eyebrows furrowed. “What’s that about?” He asked, the previous subject long forgotten. 
You shook your head, gazing out of the window. The tall trees passed in a dazzling blur, expanding as far as your eyes could see. “Nothing much,” you told him, voice mingling with the vague tune playing in his car, and the tender gushing of the fresh wind. “Yongsun is having a bad day, that’s all.” 
“Don’t you wanna see if she’s, like, about to die or something?” 
You breathed out, thinking for a moment. “Hmm… not really. She’ll be fine.” 
Jungkook laughed. “What a terrible friend you are.” 
You leaned your head on your palm, elbow supported on the car door, staring him up and down. “Why do you care?”
“I don’t,” he admitted, “I just thought it could be funny to see her losing her mind.”
“Yongsun rarely loses her mind,” you counter-argumented. That was more of a Jisoo thing, honestly. You were about to say that when a little demon landed on your shoulder, reaching forward and whispering an evil idea to you. Usually it was Jungkook that wanted to stir up some shit when things were too calm between you two, but, that day, you felt like switching the roles in the name of karma. “But if you’re so curious about my messages… you know who texted me earlier today?” 
He glanced at you, curious. “Who?”
It was getting hard not to smile. “Jimin,” you said, noticing how his hands tightened around the wheel for a millisecond. If you weren’t looking for it, you would’ve never noticed it. “He asked me out on a date.” 
Okay, half truth: it wasn’t that same day, it was two days before. But it was much more dramatic to put it that way. 
“And?” Jungkook pressed on. 
You couldn’t hold it anymore, laughing at his serious expression. “And I’m telling you that because I knew you’d be fuming, you dumbass.” You pushed his shoulder playfully. “You know I don’t like him like that.” 
“Ha.” He said, flat. “I’m not fuming.”
“Aw come on.” You smiled. You were staring at him now, following the kaleidoscopic bursts of sunlight on his face as he focused on the road before him. The sun dripped amongst the leaves, mingling with the shadows of his features and dancing in his long black hair as it swirled in the faint breeze. Jungkook had mentioned he was thinking about dyeing it, but you liked the way it looked now. You’d like it anyway. “Don’t clench your jaw, that’s bad for your teeth,” you teased, tapping on his chin. “Told him I’m not interested, though. I had said that before, but I guess he was trying again.” You breathed out. “So I said that I was already seeing someone else. That worked.”
That comment managed to relax him straight away. “You just wanted to see me jealous? What for?” 
“Payback,” you claimed, triumphant. “Though that is kind of toxic behavior so it ends here. I just needed it for karmic balance.” 
“The fuck?” he asked. “Payback for what?”
You pouted. “Oh, you’re so innocent, aren’t you?” you teased him, doing the unspeakable and reaching out to pinch his cheek. Jungkook slapped your hand away before you managed to do that, but you still counted his annoyance as a victory. “I can see the halo over your head and everything… the birds are chirping… the purest soul around.”
Jungkook groaned, pushing his body back against the driver’s seat. “Shut up, my god,” he complained. One of his hands left the wheel and landed on the inside of your thigh; the warmness of his skin shooting fireworks inside your chest. “I asked you a question.” 
With a playful hum hanging on the tip of your tongue, you turned around, one arm leaning on the center console. “Wait, you thought I wouldn’t notice you trying to make me jealous that one day in the library?” You asked, watching as the hamster inside Jungkook’s head started running on its wheel, trying to find the memory he was looking for. “The one that Jisoo asked you two to shut up.”
His eyebrows shot up at the realization. “Ah. Yeah. That was funny.” He laughed, glimpsing at you. That road seemed to be endless, with only Jungkook’s car in it. You didn’t remember when was the last time you saw someone else around, but it was a rather peaceful moment. Just the two of you against the world. “Didn’t know it had worked.”
“I never said that.”
“It wouldn’t be a payback if it hadn’t.” He smirked, cocky, squeezing your inner thigh. Touché. “She was my lab partner. That’s it. I don't even remember her name.” 
You made a tisk sound. “And you were leading her on… how cruel.”
Jungkook raised his hand from your thigh, pointing a finger at you. “It wasn’t like that, I’m naturally flirty.” 
“No, you’re naturally irritating,” you corrected, grabbing his hand and putting it back in place. He squeezed your flesh once again, humming at your words. “Shameless, also. Nasty most of the time—” 
He scoffed. “You flatter me, princess.”
“—But not flirty,” you completed.
“Come on, baby, I’m totally flirty,” he wouldn’t relent so easily, especially when his ego was dangerously close to getting bruised. “I flirted with you.” 
You crossed your arms, looking him up and down. “You called me names and fucked me in a church.” 
“Right? And you don’t call that being flirty? It clearly worked,” Jungkook threw back, not an ounce of self-awareness in his arrogant tone. “Also, don’t mention the church thing as if you didn’t beg me to do it.”
“Not the point.” 
“Exactly the point,” he pressed on, stealing a glance at your irritated expression. It wasn’t for real, of course — most times when you two argued now, it was more of a playful thing than a serious back and forth. Jungkook couldn’t pinpoint when that change had occurred, but it was nice. “You’re equally irritating, shameless, and nasty. Sometimes more than me. You just confuse people about it.” 
“I’m not!” you said, knowing very well that you were lying. 
Jungkook sneered at your words. “Yeah, sure. If that helps you feel better, I can roleplay.” He paused. “Actually, I can do that in different contexts too.” 
You poked his cheek, completely ignoring his last comment. It wasn’t the time to unpack that. “You got jealous though,” you teased. 
He frowned. “Change the subject now.” 
Considering you had already gotten your desired reaction, you decided to give him a (temporary) break. “Fine.” You sighed, sitting back. The breeze coming from outside was a gentle caress on your face, bringing the faint smell of flowers. “So… where are we going, exactly?” 
“It’s, like, the fifth time you’re asking,” Jungkook groaned. 
“And you still haven’t answered,” you said. “I’ll keep asking unless you do, you know that.” 
He breathed out, finally cracking. Jungkook looked at his watch, realizing that the two of you would reach your destination rather soon, anyways, so he could stop with the suspense for now. “I wanna take you on a proper date. I’m tired of sneaking around.” He cleared his throat, eyes glued to the road. He suddenly felt very nervous. “It’s like… four cities away from campus, near the beach. No one you know will see us, probably. Is that alright?”
Out of the possible reactions he has conjured in his head, he didn’t expect you to burst out laughing. “I love that you ask me that when we’re already two hours deep into this road trip,” you teased. “But yeah. Sounds great, actually. I can’t believe you have good ideas every once in a while.” 
Jungkook frowned. “You’re really asking for me to turn this car around, aren’t you?”
“Not at all,” you beamed. “You’re trapped with me for the rest of the day now.” 
Once upon a time, that would sound like a nightmare to you — months back, when the two of you barely talked, and you prayed that he would text you a sleazy excuse and not show up to any future tutoring sessions. Months back, when you were still in denial that there was a person underneath all that trouble, all those sly smirks and witty, bitter remarks. 
Weeks back when you still pretended you weren’t in love with him. 
Ever since you (finally) accepted the fact that you had zero control over your emotions towards Jungkook, things had become both easier and harder to deal with. It was easy being with him — just playing with his hair and listening to him talk; kissing him; driving and talking about nothing. But it was a war inside your head: now every shared laughter hurt a bit more, every touch left you a little on edge. The falling-for-the-bad-boy fiasco was embarrassing in itself, but falling for someone who didn’t feel the same would be absolutely dreadful. Especially now that you couldn’t remember how your life was before he had showed up and turned it upside down. 
As if he was reading your mind, Jungkook responded, “That doesn’t sound so bad at all, princess.” 
Jungkook parked his car near a very beautiful square, which was a sharp difference considering the places the two of you used to frequent — or, rather, hide in. In your mind, it was surreal that you were actually on a date with the boy, being shamelessly out-there about a scenario that once terrified you so deeply. Honestly, the chances that you’d run into someone you knew (several cities away from campus, with summer break just around the corner and finals piling up) were slim, but not zero. 
However, you couldn’t care about it when Jungkook opened your door and took your hand in his. “You know what’s fucking insane?” He asked abruptly, pressing you against the side of the vehicle. His palm was warm against yours, just like the world around you. You never really liked summer that much, but you were starting to change your mind. “We’ve done so much, but we never just walked around holding hands.” 
You chuckled — putting it like that, yeah, the two of you were doing everything backwards. “Guess we never had the chance,” you said. “But there’s a first time for everything.” 
He breathed out, leaning in to place a kiss on your lips. You once thought that doing that in public would be horrendous, but now, all you could feel were the butterflies in your stomach. “Hopefully,” he said. “Now, let’s go. I wanna show you around.” 
Just like all-things-Jungkook, he still managed to surprise you after so long. Even with his tough exterior and cold stares, he ended up being a big advocate for public displays of affection. Jungkook could not let go of you even if his life depended on it, it seemed — always touching you in some way, playing with your fingers; or with his arm around your shoulders; a gentle kiss against your temple as you walked down the streets. If you stopped and thought about it, traveling through the land of memories, you could see some stark signs that his love language might be leaning more towards physical touch. You just thought it was something he did during intimate moments, and not all the time. 
Frankly, you weren’t complaining, but you were taking some time to get used to it.  During your previous relationship — a five-months-long catastrophe in your final year of high school — you realized that you weren’t super keen on being all touchy-feely, which was the spark for a few immature arguments back in the day. Years passed and you were more open when it came to Jungkook now, but there was still something that held you back a little, that didn’t let you relax all the way when he pulled you into a random hug, or stopped in the middle of his sentence so he could steal a kiss from your lips. 
Also like all-things-Jungkook, you guessed it was just a matter of time before you got used to it. 
About two hours after you two had arrived at that city, you managed to drag Jungkook towards a big, absurdly old-looking bookstore, ignoring his complaints as your eyes darted over the books in its interior. 
“It looks so cool, don’t you think?” You asked, finding his reflection on the glass. It was a funny contrast between the two of you — the pastel tones of your blouse and skirt battling against the dark shades of his pants, his boots, his tattoos. It just wasn’t worse because Jungkook had miraculously chosen a white shirt that day, otherwise you’d think that the two of you were from completely different worlds. “I bet they have some super old stuff.” 
Jungkook sighed. “You wanna go in, don’t you?” He asked, traces of annoyance at the back of his tone. 
“I might,” you said, turning your head to look at him. Lucky you (and unlucky Jungkook), you already had your puppy eyes locked and loaded. “Will you hate me?”
He sighed heavily, his bored stare flickering between your face and the dust accumulating inside the store. You didn’t even know the sacrifices he made for you. “Impossible,” Jungkook responded, “go before I change my mind.” 
You smooched his cheek. “Thank you!” 
Okay, maybe you were getting used to those public displays of affection already. 
The place smelled musty, as expected, and there was a thick layer of dust floating in the air; an allergy ready to strike. Against what it’s great exterior showed, the inside of the store was actually really small and packed with books, with you and Jungkook almost knocking a few piles over every time you turned a corner — nothing but another optical illusion to add to your list. 
Surprisingly enough, Jungkook didn’t complain as much as you had expected — instead limiting himself to a few grunts and scoffs as he looked through the endless lines of old, decaying books. Most of the time he kept it to himself, always maintaining you in his peripheral vision as you jumped from one story to the other. 
At some point, his arms wrapped around you, chest flushed against your back as he placed his head on your shoulder, looking down at the book in your hands. Jungkook smelled of coffee and cigarettes, his warmth was all that you could feel. “That looks old and boring,” he complained, nuzzling his nose against your neck. You hoped he didn’t feel the goosebumps spreading through your skin. “Want me to get it for you?” 
“No, I was just looking,” you told him, leaning back against his chest automatically. “I already have this book back at home, it’s really nice. I just never saw the first edition before. I don’t need another one.” 
Jungkook hummed, one hand reaching to turn it around so he could look at the cover — Clockwork Orange. He had heard that name before somewhere, probably another literature quiz he copied the answers for in high school. “You sure? Because it’s the third time you’re picking it up,” he said. You sighed, probably conjuring an excuse inside your mind, but he knew you better than that. He didn’t let you finish, tugging it away from your hands. “I’m getting it for you. And don’t whine about it.” 
You opened your mouth to argue, but you realized you were going to whine about it. In the end, Jungkook bought you that book, which earned him both another kiss on the cheek and a very annoyed look from you. He couldn’t understand you sometimes. 
“I think you’d like it, actually. It’ll fuel your anarchist spirit,” you told him when the two of you were already back on the sidewalks, your wandering eyes peeking at the bag in your hands. “Give it a shot one of these days.” 
Jungkook scoffed. “I don’t remember when was the last time I read for fun.” He paused. “Or ever.” 
“Doesn’t mean you can’t start doing it now. Summer is long, you’ll get bored eventually,” you counter-argumented, but he didn’t seem like he was going to crack. You pouted, pressing your shoulder against his. “Please? For me?”
Now, that was kind of a low hit. But it worked. “You’re pushing my limits here, princess,” he warned. 
But you weren’t relenting. “Please? It’s not even that long anyways.”
Jungkook didn’t know what it was, but he was especially pliant when it came to your requests that day (lie: he knew exactly why). “Fine,” he groaned. “But I’ll complain the entire time.”
You smiled. “Deal.” 
After walking around the town some more, the two of you eventually settled in a small diner near the beachside. The place was adorable, in typical 50’s style, and you two were one of the few people there — saved for three loud-speaking old men, and an overly-energetic family of five. Jungkook knew you liked to sit by the window, so he found the perfect spot in no time, which you appreciated endlessly. 
Subjects came and went, your food gradually vanished from your plates and, before you could tell, the day was showing signs of ending. Golden hour had arrived, bleeding past the widows and onto the diner’s floor; the buzzing of the town seemed to diminish considerably before rush hour. 
At some point, though, you noticed that Jungkook got distracted, his stare faltering and his mouth falling shut, lips pressed against one another. He was pushing his tongue against the inside of his cheek as he always did when he was trapped deep inside his mind. You reached out, placing your hands over his. “Jungkook,” you called, squeezing his fingers. He blinked his way back into reality, meeting your eyes straight away. With the bright sun coming from the dusty window, his irises had decayed into a clearer shade of brown. “What are you thinking about? You look constipated.” 
He scoffed. “You look constipated most of the time and I don’t comment about it.”
“You do, thought.” You stared at him. “And don’t avoid my question.” 
With a sigh, he leaned back against his seat, gaze flickering to your hands. Jungkook moved his around until your fingers were intertwined. “It’s like…” he hesitated, “Wish we could do this stuff back on campus. Go out or whatever.” He cleared his throat. “Like, out.”
There were traces of hurt in his tone that made you deflate, your heart skipping inside your chest. You had been thinking about it for some time, in different degrees of seriousness: about making it public, about not caring so much about what others thought. It was easier said than done, however, and the effects of your accumulated cowardice were corroding you like kerosene from the inside. “Yeah, I was thinking about that too,” you admitted, looking down at your hands. You knew the dark patterns on his skin by memory, your fingers so used to trailing it. You were never into tattoos before you met him. “We could tell them, you know,” 
He blinked, taken aback. “Who?”
You shrugged, still unable to meet his stare. “Everyone, anyone. I don’t know.” 
“You’re cool with that?” He asked, hesitant. 
You sighed, looking out of the window. Mental barriers can feel so physical sometimes, how strange. “It’s not that I’m… cool with it,” you told him. That would take a bit more adaptation. “I’m just tired of hiding.” 
Jungkook nodded. It was reassuring to know that you were on the same page on that, even if he had reached it a few months back. “Yeah, I get it,” he said, then found his thoughts coming to a sudden halt, hitting something else. There was a little bug of anxiety crawling in his insides for months now, biting down on his insecurities. He had never had trouble keeping secrets (in his mind, people didn’t need to know jackshit about his personal life), but, in a way, he had the hardest time keeping them from you. Especially when they could hurt you too. 
“What is it?” you asked, because he knew you would. “You’re distracted again.” 
Putting everything into perspective, his so-called secret wasn’t that bad, but, in his head, it was apocalypse-inducing. Jungkook hadn’t had the guts to tell you about his roommate's new discovery, fearing that you would lash out at him for being unable to keep it under the covers or, worse, fearing that you would blame him, accusing him of doing it on purpose to hurt you. He had created that tricky situation himself: if he had told you straight away, maybe it wouldn’t look so suspicious. But now that so long had passed, it was likely that you’d see that as an admission of his guilt. 
Once again: Jungkook was never the type to overthink, to assume the worst possible scenario when it came to such simple, mundane things. But when it came to the idea of losing you, he couldn’t help it. 
Still, he tried, deciding that your earlier comment about making it public was the closer he’d ever get to an opening. “There’s something you should probably know,” he started, fighting against the knot in his throat. “Just… don’t get pissed.” 
You frowned. “What is it?”  
And here goes nothing, he thought. “Taehyung knows.” 
You hesitated. Jungkook could practically see the cogs in your head turning, synapses working to make sense of that new, random piece of information. As previously stated, he expected you to start yelling at him, maybe accusing him of betraying your trust, but, instead, what came out of your mouth was a soft-spoken question. “You... told him? When?”
Jungkook shifted around on his seat, catching a glimpse of the happy family by your side — three overly-energetic kids fighting for the pack of sauce, and their parents trying to figure that battle out and end it with the least possible casualties. “Not exactly,” he admitted, looking back at you. “He kind of figured it out by himself. Back at the party. And I couldn’t lie about it, he knows me too well.” 
You nodded slowly, licking your lips. It was weird: how Jungkook could predict you extremely well at times and, at others, he completely missed the mark — which, thinking about it, was what had made him grow so interested in you. Maybe he wasn’t the only optical illusion around. “And… how did that turn out?” you wanted to know.
A puff of air left his nostrils as he recalled that fateful night. “He was in shock for like a week. It was pretty funny, actually, he wouldn't stop talking about it,” Jungkook told you. He had endured weeks of his roommate's meltdowns, floating between the need to talk to you, and the absolute horror of doing so. Taehyung had never been super at ease with you — he thought you were way too intense about stuff — and, after everything clicked in his head and he recalled the fact that you had tied Jungkook up, he didn’t want anything to do with you. Especially considering that he knew something he shouldn’t. “But he’s chill about it. I already made sure that he’s not gonna tell anyone. I don’t think anyone would believe him either.” 
In a way, Jungkook himself couldn’t believe it sometimes. Looking across the table now, watching as the orange sun caressed your cheeks, he was once again reminded of how different the two of you were. You were full of soft, round edges and pretty smiles; delicate fingers that seemed so unlike his own, calloused ones. He didn’t know why you were still around, didn’t know how he had gotten so lucky for so long. 
At his words, though, you frowned. “Tell me you didn’t threaten him with physical violence.”
“Okay.” Jungkook smirked. He had just pressed Taehyung against the wall, no biggie. He’d recover. “I won’t tell you.” 
You rolled your eyes. “Funny.” 
“I’m hilarious, actually. You just don’t appreciate me enough.” 
“Try giving me something to appreciate, then.” You paused, realizing your mistake the exact time that a glint of mischievousness appeared in his eyes. You raised one finger, slightly desperate. “Actually, no, shut up. Don’t say it. There are families in this diner.” 
Jungkook groaned. “Come on, baby, there is no way you can just say that and not expect a dirty joke.”
“It was my fault for creating expectations, sorry.” You decided to shut yourself up with a large gulp of your drink. The sweet taste had just entered your mouth when you recalled something else. “Hm!” You exclaimed, rushing to swallow your milkshake. “I have some good news, by the way.”
Jungkook raised his eyebrows. “Shoot.”
“I’m entering a new research project,” when you first spoke those words out loud, you were already expecting the expression of confusion and disgust that covered his face. You raised one hand, stopping him. “Spare me your comments, that’s only half of it.”
He leaned his head to the side. “And the part that interests me is...?”
You cleared your throat — suddenly, it felt a bit harder to speak. “Well... remember how you said that it would be hard to stay away for the entirety of summer break?” You recalled. Jungkook almost flinched at the memory — it was something he had confessed by mistake, provoked by the peaceful afterglow of his orgasm, and the gentle caresses of your fingers in his hair. You weren’t supposed to actually take that seriously, how embarrassing. “I’ll have to spend at least three to four extra weeks here, because I have to compile and organize a lot of data. Maybe more if I need to.” 
Actually, it was nice that you took that seriously — he changed his mind. 
“That’s… almost a month,” he mumbled, struggling to make sense of that new, fantastic piece of information. 
You nodded, taking another slip. Most of it had melted already, but it was still good. “Yeah, it’s a good amount of time, don’t you think?” 
It’s a fucking dream come true. “Sounds like it.”
You looked down at your milkshake, already almost at the bottom of the cup. The straw swirled around the cream once, twice, your distracted gaze mingling with the hum that fell from your throat. “After that I’m going home, though,” you told him, unaware that his heart had just decided to give him a free trial of arrhythmia. Talk about emotional rollercoasters. “And I’ll probably come back one week before class starts.”  
One month with you, almost two months apart — felt like both an amazing and a horrible deal, like Jungkook was about to sign a contract and sell his soul to the devil. Fame and riches during life, but eternal damnation in death. “I could visit you,” he offered, hopeful. 
You waved your hand, disregarding his words with a gentle smile on your face. “Don’t be silly, my hometown is like five hours away. And that’s during a good traffic day.” 
Jungkook would make the trip every single day if you asked him to. But he didn’t want to push. “Yeah,” he deflated. “That’s silly.” 
“Besides,” you continued, “I don’t think we’re in the meet the parents stage yet.” 
Yet? Wait, were you in any stage at all? Jungkook found himself a little dumbfounded at your comment, trying his best to fit it into reality. “I’m great with parents,” he blurted out, finding the disbelief in your semblance. He thought it would be better to change the subject before he fucked up big time. “You’re not bullshitting me about that summer thing, are you? I’ll have you all to myself for that long?” 
“Yeah, Yongsun will leave soon after the first week. She’s spending the summer at her rich aunt’s house.” And she actually asked you to go along, but you denied. Half because of the research project, half because of him. But he didn’t need to know that. “So you can come over whenever.” 
He wiggled his eyebrows. “Sleep over?”
Yes, please. “If you want.” You shrugged, nonchalant. The Oscars were missing out on your acting skills. “And you, are you planning on visiting your parents during summer?”
You wondered if it was a good idea to bring that up. Jungkook had mentioned that he didn’t have the best relationship with his family — they didn’t hate each other, but didn’t get along super well either. Like pieces of different puzzles thrown together, trying to fit. Regardless of how much you tried to get to know that part of his life, he usually changed the topic before you could do so, avoidant. You didn’t even think he’d answer that question. 
Jungkook cleared his throat. “Maybe. I’m thinking sometime around the end of summer break. I did that last time and it worked,” he said. “I’ll probably spend that middle part with Taehyung. He’s loaded and his house has a guest bedroom.” 
“Sounds like a plan.” You smiled. “I'm actually amazing with parents too.” 
Jungkook caught onto your provocation instantly — smirk already curling up on his lips — but his answer was an honest one. “Oh, no, I’m sure about it.” He scoffed. “Are you kidding me? I can see you all bonding already. They’ll make me an orphan and adopt you instead.” 
“Don’t be so dramatic,” you said. “And I hope you have fun with Taehyung. It’s nice that you two are so close — and for so long too. Not everyone has a friendship like that.” 
Frowning, he thought about what you said. Jungkook had never stopped to see it like that, Taehyung was always such a constant person in his life that he almost took him for granted. “Yeah, it’s crazy…” he drifted off. “He knows me better than I know myself sometimes. It’s weird.” 
You squeezed his hand before his mind could wander too far away from that diner. “Well, now you know how I feel when I’m with you.” You smiled. “Sometimes you tell me things that are so accurate that it scares me.” 
A puff of air escaped his nose, stare oscillating to your intertwined fingers. “I just pay attention, that’s all,” he mumbled. 
“I know you do,” you told him, tilting your head to the side. Your hand was so warm and soft in his that he never wanted to let it go. “Kook?”
He glanced up. “Yeah, baby?” 
“Just remembered something,” you started. “What was the place you wanted to take me to?”
Took him a couple seconds to shuffle around in his mind for that piece of information. Jungkook was so enthralled by your presence that he had frankly forgotten his previous plans for the day. At the realization, though, he looked out of the dusty diner window, eyes following the silhouettes of the strangers outside. “Ah, yeah, it’s almost time,” he said. “I’m glad you asked. Let’s go.” 
The food had already been paid for, so the two of you were outside in no time. The temperature had dropped a little ever since you walked into the diner, courtesy of the scorching sun going down, but there was still a nice warm atmosphere surrounding your bodies. There was a faint buzzing of cicadas in the distance and the air smelled sweet, a mixture of ten different food places at once. 
“You look cute,” he said abruptly, steps slowing down. “Wanna kiss you.” 
You giggled. “Thank you, and you can just kiss me, you know? No need to warn me.” 
Jungkook clicked his tongue, changing his direction without saying another word. Lucky for him, there was an alleyway right ahead, so all he had to do was to turn the corner to have you pressed against the wall. 
“Is this where you wanted to take me?” You teased, head leaning to the side as he caged your body with his. Your wandering hands slid up the sides of his arms, fingers tracing the black ink on his skin. “Doesn’t seem very romantic.”
He hummed, large hands landing on your hips. “Needed to make a quick stop.” He leaned in, lips brushing like feathers against yours. Your breath hitched in expectation, heartbeat thundering inside your chest. “Give me a minute.” 
Kissing Jungkook was pure muscle memory at that point. You didn’t even have to think when his lips met yours, hands flying to his shoulders as his strong arms wrapped around your waist; his large figure pressing you against the brick wall. It was almost poetic how you two had become so accustomed to each other’s mannerisms, like the fact that you knew he’d lean his head to the right side before he did, or that he would take one hand to cup your cheek, thumb grazing your skin. He sighed against the kiss, a pleased hum erupting from his chest as he placed his tongue inside your mouth. 
You pushed him away with a silly smile on your face, his nose bumping on yours. “Don’t make a scene, we’re in public.”
Jungkook smirked, taking in everything about you. He could’ve never guessed the two of you would get that far, but, at that moment, he couldn’t be more thankful for it. “Shut up, princess, that’s the good part about it,” he said before diving back in. 
The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging you have one — and you had already come to terms with the fact that your blockage when it came to what other people thought of you wasn’t only ruining the great moments you had (or could have had) with Jungkook, but it was also holding you back in general. 
If you stopped to think about it, you knew why that happened: you were projecting. It was easier to place your own insecurities and setbacks onto others, because then you could blame an external force for your own losses. It had never been about telling others, it was about admitting to yourself that maybe you had lost control over key parts in your life, maybe you were crazy about a person that you once saw as the lowest of the low. And that he was good to you, that he was one of the best things that had ever happened to you. 
The whole Taehyung fiasco was more of a pleasant outcome than a traumatic one — much to yours and Jungkook’s surprise. It was a shift in your foundation, a crack in the base of your preconceived notions that made you take a step back and analyze your situation all over again. Against what your chaotic, reptile brain had predicted, the world didn’t end when someone found out about you and Jungkook — actually, it stayed exactly the same. You didn’t know if it was just because you had not been directly exposed to it, or if it was because it was someone you didn’t have that much contact with, but it was just… fine. You were fine. 
That small spark catalyzed a flame of bravery inside your chest: maybe one day you could tell your friends, family, and to hell about what they thought about it. Because you liked (loved) Jungkook and that was enough. Because when he looked at you like he was looking like then, nothing else mattered. Because things would be fine.  
“Thank you for today,” you spoke, leaning onto the wooden fence that surrounded the pier. The sunset was a big pink and red bruise on the sky, painting the calm waves with deep shades of orange. The smell of the sea was overwhelming, cleaning you from the inside out. Jungkook had planned to take you there at sunset, and his timing had been perfect. “I loved it. Really.” 
Stil, you felt paralyzed, like you couldn’t really act out your desires. You wanted to tell everyone (which, on itself, was already a big jump from where you were a few months back), you wanted to kiss him openly and tell him that you loved him, and you wanted everything to be simple, easy, happy — fine. And maybe it would be. But the abysmal fall that you could take if everything went down the drain prevented you from taking that leap of faith. 
Being with Jungkook was easy, but falling for him clearly was not. 
“Me too,” he responded, eyes lost in the horizon. “It’s always nice being with you, especially when you don’t annoy me every five seconds.”
You scoffed. “Took the words straight out of my mouth.”  
He smiled, looking at you. “Why are you so quiet, by the way?” 
Uneasy, you shrugged. Jungkook had shot you right in the chest and was looking at you with gunpowder on his fingers, asking you what happened — why you were acting that way, so mild-mannered when you could barely keep your mouth shut before all that. Truth was, you didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know how to talk like before without completely ruining it. Without speaking too much, and ending up confessing about those annoying butterflies that were madly hitting the walls of your stomach. 
“Just enjoying the view,” you said. 
He hummed, pulling you closer. “So am I.” 
But he was still looking at you. 
You thought that Jungkook felt the same — perhaps not as strongly, not as deeply, but he did. You didn’t miss the way that he held you, the worried messages he sent you when you vanished for a few days, absorbed by your own world and its ephemeral worries. You thought that accepting your feelings would be the hardest part, but it didn’t even come close to the horror of sharing them, of speaking that truth into the universe and dealing with the consequences of it. So you didn’t. 
And yet you had to say something.
As his arm tightened around you, you melted into his embrace, your head placed snugly against his broad chest. Jungkook’s heartbeat was slow against your ear, calming you down and mingling with the crashing of the waves. “Kook?” You called, voice soft like a whisper. 
He placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Mmh?”
You angled your head up, meeting his gaze. There was a warm sensation on your cheeks that you couldn’t get rid of. “I really like you, you know,” you said. 
Those words left you with much more ease than you had expected — not broken, mumbled or hidden. Just a clear, diaphanous truth dripping from your lips and curling around the air. It hit Jungkook right in the heart, wrapping around his soul and nestling inside his chest. 
He didn’t think he needed to respond, because he thought that it was quite obvious he felt the same, but he did it regardless. “I really like you too, baby.” He placed a kiss on your lips. If he could, he would never stop kissing you, but there was something he needed to ask. “Can I take you somewhere else tonight?”
It wasn’t that. But he’d manage it eventually. 
“As long as you don’t kill me and throw my body in a ditch, sure,” you joked.  
He smiled. “Don’t worry, that’s, like, third date material.” Jungkook kissed you again, unable to hold himself back. You giggled against his lips, the sound so pretty that he almost wanted to curse at the sunset for even trying to be more divine than you. He leaned back. “But for real. Can I?” 
You nodded, nose brushing against his. “Yeah, sure.”
“We should get back, then,” he said. “We have a few hours ahead of us.” 
There are some things we experience throughout life that, as simple as they may seem at first glance, stick with us forever, like bubblegum on the bottom of a shoe. 
Back in high school, Jungkook had a special difficulty when it came to maths — not because he didn’t get it, but because he didn’t practice. He snoozed through most of his classes, cheated his way to the end of the year, and didn’t bother opening his book. His mathematics knowledge was a polychromatic blurr at the dark corners of his head, a car zooming past too fast for him to actually read the license plate. In the middle of it all, however, there was one specific question that never left him alone. 
It was a simple logic problem — so simple, in fact, that his impulsive brain underestimated it. The question was direct, one of many alternatives that he should classify as true or false: a triangle has two sides, it said. Jungkook rolled his eyes, chuckled to himself, and kept reading the test after he had marked it as false. 
Taehyung, who somehow managed to be great at maths studying just as much as his friend, explained to Jungkook later that he was thinking about it all wrong. It was true, because if a triangle has three sides, it is logically correct to say it has two. If it has three, it also has two. It made sense, but it fucked up his worldview forever. 
He swallowed dry, looking at you by his side. Your fingers were intertwined in his, his thumb caressing the back of your hand as you went on about the weird conversation you had in the last gas station you two stopped in. He wasn’t paying much attention, though. As the cool, blue-ish lights of the tunnel melted over your face, his mind was sent somewhere else, going back and forth like a ping-pong ball.
Following his previous, math-guided trail of thought, his earlier confession wasn’t false: if Jungkook was in love with you, he also liked you. If he had three sides, he also had two. But he still felt like was omitting the truth. 
He took your hand and moved it closer to his face. With his eyes stuck on the road, measuring the curving motion of the car, he placed a kiss against the back of your hand. Not that he could just drop that confession on your lap. You liked him, but it didn’t mean that you’d take such a thing lightly, especially if you did not feel the same — and the last thing Jungkook wanted was to scare you away when he finally got you so close. Just because you had two sides, didn’t mean that you had three. 
You were still talking — Jungkook knew that you were talking; he could hear your saccharine voice reverberating at the corners of his mind, but he couldn’t concentrate on any of the words that left you. He had never been so nervous before. 
He had been considering it for some time now — the idea of making it official — and it had been the whole point of asking you out in such a dramatic, impulsive fashion. But when you were right there, with your hand so warm against his and a ghost of a smile on your lips, he couldn’t find the right way to ask you that. 
Basically, he had done and said everything he wanted to, but his main plan (which was to ask you to be his girlfriend) was completely disregarded, pushed aside by the trepidation that grew inside his heart. If Taehyung were there, Jungkook was sure he’d be mocking him for the absolute ridiculousness of it all: it seemed that, after every insane thing Jungkook had done in his life, what has finally got him stuck, paralyzed by fear, was you. 
Vulnerability was a fire burning deep inside, scorching his pride and collapsing his foundations. It came in small, manageable waves; the gradual raising of temperature so he didn’t realize he was being boiled alive until it was too late. It scared him, really. How emotionally attached he had become to you; how he couldn’t imagine his routine without you somewhere in it. Jungkook wasn’t used to having something (or someone) for so long, never applied himself to anything worthwhile before you. 
But he was trying. He swore he was. 
Back at the pier, your confession had put him at ease, gave him an injection of courage to try one more time. Jungkook decided to take you to one of his favorite spots in the world — on top of a hill, right at the outskirts of the city, where he could see the world shining below. It was a private place, outside of the main road, and he didn’t remember any other car showing up anytime he had gone there in the past. In his mind, it was the perfect amount of peacefulness after such a long day. And maybe it would help him steady himself as well. 
You sighed. “This place is so gorgeous.” 
Jungkook nodded, eyes lost somewhere beyond the windshield. Raindrops were covering his vision, surrounding the town like a ghostly halo. It was a beautiful sight, but also melancholic in its own way. “Looks better when it’s not raining, though,” he told you. “I come here with Taehyung sometimes.” 
You giggled. “So many words to say that you’re hotboxing out here.”
“Shut up, that’s only sometimes,” Jungkook told you, pushing your shoulder playfully. “Coming up here helps me think even if I don’t hotbox.” 
“Yeah I can see why,” you agreed, eyes navigating around the foggy world beyond his windshield. Everything seemed so small from up there, so mundane and manageable. “The rain is nice too.”
He hummed. “I’ll bring you up here again once it’s not raining.” 
You nodded, heart jumping at the thought of a next time. “Thank you for showing me this place, Kook. It must be very special to you.”
He chose not to answer that second part, instead reaching out for your hand once more. Jungkook was never particularly keen on holding hands, but, that day, it seemed that he couldn’t get enough of it. Of you. “I’m happy you like it.” Once again, he kissed the back of your hand. “We can stay for as long as you want, baby.” 
And so you did. 
If a time traveler had told you months back that Jeon Jungkook — of all fucking people — would be the easiest person in the world to talk to, you would’ve probably done something to change your future, because that just couldn’t be a good sign. Still, the universe works in mysterious ways, and you learned to accept its strange peculiarities when it came to the things or people that it decided to shove into your life. Sometimes you have to let go of the wheel to enjoy the drive — figuratively of course. 
Somewhere during your mindless conversation, the two of you had moved to the backseat, under the excuse that the trip had been long, and you needed to stretch out your legs. Being in that position, with the two of you side by side and squeezed into that limited space, took you on a small trip into the past — a faint recollection in which, months ago, you were slightly drunk and pouring out your insecurities to him, convincing yourself that there was no meaning behind that shameful spectacle. 
You were kind of an idiot when it came to stuff like that, however, and you were just starting to figure that out. No amount of book smarts managed to fight against your denial and the emotional pit of despair you had faced when you thought about having actual intimate moments with Jungkook, and about what they could mean. Months ago, you had convinced yourself that it meant nothing — but, now, with that bird eye’s view, you could tell that it always meant something. 
It had always been nice to be with Jungkook, with his smug smirk and the tender touches of his hand on your face, playing with your hair, sliding down your back. It had always been fun, spontaneous, fiery — always something that broke the monotony of your routine and made you have some much-deserved fun. You had spent so long convincing yourself that Jungkook was a bad influence on you that you never even noticed all the good changes he brought into your life. 
He had just pulled away from a kiss when your phone vibrated somewhere on the front seat — and it didn’t stop. Against Jungkook’s whiny protests, you fought your way around until you grabbed the device, then collapsed back into your previous position — with his arm around your shoulder and your head against his chest; both of you sat against the door of his car, legs intertwined on the seat. 
“It’s just Yongsun asking if I’m alive,” you told him, thumbs jumping over the keys on your phone. Jungkook didn’t know why you were telling him that because he could already see your screen — and the flood of texts that came with it, asking if you’d be home for dinner — but he also wasn’t paying much attention. The whole texting moment reminded him of the earlier conversation you two had, a spark of possessiveness spreading like wildfire inside him. “I’ll drop my location and ask her to come dig up my body later.” 
“Funny,” he said, voice flat. He sounded just as distracted as he was, and your ears perked up at that. You were just about to ask him what was bothering him when he told you himself. “No Jimin?” 
You turned your head to look at him, locking your phone. Yongsun could wait a little bit longer. “No Jimin,” you told him. Jungkook’s face was expressionless, you had no clue what he was thinking about. “I told you that—“ 
“Hmmm, yeah, yeah,” he disregarded, shuffling closer to you and removing the phone from your hands, placing it on the floor beside him. His backseat wasn’t the smallest, but it was hard to accommodate both of you — so, it was clear what he wanted you to do. “Heard all that.” 
With a bit of maneuvering, you leaned closer to him, still on his side, and threw one leg over his. Your hands were on his chest now, and your skirt has moved up enough so you could feel the side of his thigh pressing against your mound. “So… what’s the issue?” You asked. 
He sighed deeply, much more dramatic than he needed to be, and nuzzled his face against your neck. “No issue,” Jungkook mumbled, pressing a light kiss against your skin — only the first one, however, because they started to get progressively harsher, needier, as he moved closer to your face. 
You chuckled at his demeanor, surprised at how firm your voice came out. “Don’t believe you.” Your eyes closed as his mouth continued to kiss its way up your neck, tongue playing with your skin, teeth teasing it just slightly. You gasped when he brushed past a particularly sensitive spot, warning a soft grunt from him. “I was just joking earlier, you know, there’s no need to be jealous.” 
“I’m not jealous, princess,” he denied, finally reaching your cheek. Jungkook pulled on your hair so you could lean your head away from him, exposing more of you, and his mouth continued its path closer to your lips. “Not right now.” 
“Not now?” You echoed, interested. 
He finally found your lips, pecking them only once before pulling away. “Mhm. Not now,” Jungkook agreed, letting go of your hair. Took him a few seconds to speak up again, his mind more focused on the way his other hand slipped between your breasts, squeezing your waist before moving on to your ass. “How can I? When you’re mine.” Jungkook groped your ass, earning a soft whimper from you. “All mine, baby.” 
“Says who?” You teased. 
There were goosebumps on your legs that Jungkook didn’t miss, his fingers nonchalantly tracing the back of your thighs, adventuring beneath your skirt. “You.” He smirked. His focus seemed to shift constantly, wanting to have all of you at once. Now, his gaze found the curvature of your neck, a pleased noise leaving his throat. “Wanna mark you up, baby. You look so pretty with hickeys.” 
You gulped. “Not th—“
“Not there, I know,” he finished, taking his hand to your neck. He didn’t press down, but the sensation of his large fingers wrapping around your throat made your heart skip a beat. If he felt it, he didn’t show any reaction. “I won’t do it. But I wanna.” 
There was something dangerous about the husky quality of his tone, the way Jungkook was looking at you like a predator stalking its prey.  You bought yourself some time by leaning your head against his arm, skin touching the cold glass of the window. The drumming of the rain was never-ending, the shapes of the droplets reflecting on his serious features. “Why do you want to do that?” You asked softly, measuring his actions. 
Something told you that Jungkook was enhancing his reactions a little just to fuck with you (roleplaying, if you will). Yet, something switched inside your brain when he spoke out again. “So people know you’re mine.” His warm palm slithered up your neck, cupping your cheek once again. “So they don’t even try to approach my girl.” 
Maybe it was time to admit that you loved when he said stuff like that, exaggerated or not. You wanted it to be true, wanted to be his girl. “Is that why you did it that time?” You asked, unable to fight back against your smile. “Since when are you that possessive?” 
Jungkook breathed out, eyes stuck to the shape of your lips; to the way his thumb grazed them once, twice, until you parted them just slightly. “Not my fault you never noticed,” he sounded like he was about to get sidetracked, as if his mind was already focusing on something else. You let him change the subject. “Can you get home late, princess?”
“Yeah, I don’t have a curfew.” You chuckled. “Why?”
“No reason.” He followed as you took his hand in yours, repositioning it until it was resting on your waist. His stare remained there for a little longer, observing the curves of your body, the way your skirt had hiked up almost completely. “Just thinking.” 
It was your turn to pull him closer, fingers intertwining in his dark locks. Jungkook leaned into your touch, turning his face around so he could place a kiss against your palm. Maybe your heart melted, but he didn’t have to know that. “You don’t do that very often,” you joked. 
He didn’t follow it. “Only about important things,” Jungkook said, the hand that was on your hips now slithering up to your waist. With his other arm still around your shoulder and pressed against the car door, there wasn’t much that he could do, but you could see it in his eyes that he wanted to touch you more, harder, to pull you closer. There was such intensity under his gaze that your stare faltered, instead following the raindrops on the window. “Look at me, princess.” He called and you did. Jungkook sighed, leaning in. “Be good for me, alright?” 
Expectant, you nodded. Your eyes fluttered shut just as his lips met yours; tongue sliding inside your mouth right away, wasting no time. You knew Jungkook enough to learn how to recognize a few signs — and when he kissed you like that, so sloppy and deep, it meant that he had a one-track mind when it came to making you feel good, and he wouldn’t tiptoe around it too much. 
The confirmation for that small hypothesis of yours didn’t take long to arrive. You shuffled closer to him, breasts pressed against his broad chest and one of your legs hooked over his, and Jungkook took that opening as his cue. The arm that was around your shoulder moved to wrap around your waist, pulling your body closer as his other hand slid beneath your skirt, quickly finding what he was looking for. 
A desperate little whimper fell from your lips as his fingers pushed your panties aside, gently brushing between your soaked folds, towards your clit. Jungkook swallowed your moans as he started pressing down on your sensitive spot, his tongue playing with yours as your hands held onto the fabric of his white shirt. You could feel the drumming of his heart beneath your fingers, the raggedy quality of his breath as he groaned against your mouth. “Cute,” he mumbled as he pulled away. “Wanna eat you out. Lie down for me.” 
There wasn’t one single reality in which you’d deny him. After a small instant of struggling and fumbling around, you got to the position he requested, your upper back leaning against the door and your legs spread out on the seat. Jungkook was seated between them, his palms slithering up your calves, finding support on your knees as he leaned down. 
“Have I ever told you how much I love these skirts?” He asked. 
You chuckled. “Only a million times.”
He flicked the fabric over, exposing your panties to him. They were white, a perfect color to see the wet mark you had left on them. “Make that a million and one.” 
One of your hands pushed his hair away from his face. “I almost can’t wear them anymore, because of these.” You pointed down. 
Yeah, he had seen those already. His cock throbbed inside his pants when he saw all the hickeys he had previously left on the insides of your thighs; most of which had already started to fade. You prohibited him from marking you anywhere people could see, and Jungkook kind of liked that a lot more — it was his private spectacle, his skin-deep reminder that you were his, again and again. “So pretty, angel,” he mumbled. “All mine.” 
You smiled fondly. “You haven’t called me that in a long time.” 
“Hmmm yeah?” Jungkook pushed his body closer to your heat, trying to find a good position on the backseat. “Don’t know why. You’re such an angel.” He kissed your thigh. “My pretty angel.” 
Gently, his tongue came out to lick those marks, teeth biting down on your skin just enough to have you gasping above him. “Don’t tease,” you said — what was supposed to be a warning sounded more like a bargain, considering how airy your voice had become. 
“Aw, then it’s no fun.” He pouted, fingers hooking on either side of your panties. One of  his hands let the elastic go, a smirk blossoming on his features as it smacked back against your hips. “What do you want, baby? Let me take care of you.”
“Your mouth,” you told him with no hesitation, “and your fingers too.”
Jungkook chuckled, leaning in so he could place a kiss against your mound. You were so on edge that even that managed to evoke a shiver from you. “My girl’s greedy tonight,” he teased, voice deep. “But whatever she wants.” He finally removed your panties, throwing it on the front seat. “That stays with me.” 
“Pervert,” you teased. 
“For you, maybe,” Jungkook responded, eyes locked on your glistening folds. He separated them just slightly, watching the way your wetness clung onto his fingers, your legs jumping in expectation. “Stay still now, princess.” 
You did as he said, nails digging to the leather of the seat as Jungkook aligned himself with your pussy, letting the saliva accumulate in his mouth. You watched in awe as he let it fall, spit mixing with your juices, dripping down all over your pussy. “Told you that you’re nasty,” you said. 
Jungkook smirked like a devil, two of his fingers spreading his spit around. “You love it. You’re worse than me.” 
You bit your lip. “I’m not.” 
“No?” He raised one eyebrow. “You don’t like it messy, princess?”
Before you could respond, two of his fingers sunk in your pussy, shoving a bit of his saliva inside as well. You shivered at the feeling, walls fluttering around him as he started moving them in and out. 
Jungkook’s smile only grew, victorious. “That’s what I thought.” He reached closer, breath hitting your pussy as he spoke out. “Stay still.” 
His mouth was on you in no time, ripping a loud moan out of you. It wasn’t a mystery that Jungkook had almost an obsession when it came to eating you out, but it always surprised you how eager he was every time he did it, just moaning and grunting against your pussy as if your taste was the best thing he had ever experienced. “F-Fuck,” you cried out, back arching off the leather seat. “Feels s-so good, Kook.” 
He lived for your stuttering, raggedy praises; lived for your taste flooding his mouth. His fingers held onto your thighs harder, keeping you in place as he continued to lap around your folds; sucking your clit and teasing your entrance with his fingers before sinking back in. Jungkook was overcome with the need to see you, so he pulled back for a second so he could meet your heavy eyes. “Be louder for me, baby,” he husked. “Wanna hear how good I make you feel.” 
You gave him one, feverish nod before he was diving back in; licking you clean like his life depended on it. “J-Jungkook,” you called out, slightly dizzy already. “You’re so good. F-Feels so good.” 
In fact, it felt too good. It wasn’t rare for Jungkook to rip your orgasm out of you earlier than expected (which always inflated his ego for days after that), but, that night, you didn’t want it to end so soon. You could already feel the telltale signs of your high approaching and, as tempting as that was, you had different needs in mind. 
“Wait, wait.” You pulled on his hair, trying to get his mouth away from you. Jungkook, however, only went harder. “K-Kook, stop.” 
At that, you got his attention. He was breathing out heavily when he pulled away, his chin covered with your wetness. “What is it?”
“I…” you hesitated, fighting through the veil of dizziness in your mind. Jungkook thought that it was adorable how you got tongue-tied when you were close to cumming. It was a rare sight — one reserved only for him. “I... wanna cum on your cock.” 
That was like a punch in the gut, knocking the air out of his lungs. Jungkook could feel his cock throbbing at the sight of you — so overwhelmed, so wet — sounding so innocent when you asked for such a lewd thing. “Yeah?” He moved quickly, pushing his body away from yours so he could tug off his shirt. It fell somewhere behind him as he placed his face on your neck, voice muffled against your skin. “It’s so fucking hard for you, baby.” He squeezed your hips. “Never wanted to be inside you so fucking much.”
“Please,” you asked again, sounding so sweet and needy that Jungkook had to hold himself back from not fucking you right away. “Want you so much it hurts.” 
He growled against your flesh. “God, I wanna see you riding my cock so fucking bad,” Jungkook cursed, pressing himself against you. You mewled when you felt his erection on the inside of your thigh; his big cock fueling your lust even more. “Sit on my lap for me, baby.” 
Part of you had already guessed he was in that mood. When Jungkook was horny, he wanted to fuck you until you were crying; drilling in and out of you so hard and deep so that he was the only thing you could think about, his name the only thing you could say. But when Jungkook was really horny (as he was that night), there was nothing else in the world that satifistied him more than to watch you fucking yourself on his cock, using him however you wanted until you were sobbing out his name, cumming all over him. 
And you weren’t going to complain about that idea either. 
With a bit more maneuvering — you had yet to figure out if you enjoyed car sex or not — you finally found yourself sitting on top of his muscular thighs, your palms sliding up his toned arms, towards his chest. It was unfair how Jungkook was hot all around, with his Greek god figure and the black ink dancing in his skin; his messy dark hair and lustful gaze. You were doomed, and he pulled you into a hungry kiss before you could stare any further. 
Jungkook’s hands slid up the sides of your body, exploring the smoothness of your skin and dragging your blouse upwards. He groaned against your lips once his palms found the expanse of your breasts, hands squeezing on the flesh. It was annoying that you still had your bra on, but there was something so amazing about the little whimper you let out, about the way your back arched, body moving closer to his touch. You were always so good for him, always ready to give him whatever it was that he asked for. Always so sensitive to his most minimal of touches. 
Soon enough, you were breathing hard against his lips, pulling away so you could speak. “I’m so wet, Kook,” you said, your voice a timid whisper. “Just fuck me, please.” 
He groaned, squeezing your covered breasts once more. “Fuck, don’t say that,” he cursed out. You were never one to speak like that often so, when you did, he felt as if he needed a moment to compose himself. “You don’t know what that does to me.” 
You blinked those pretty eyes of yours at him, seeming so innocent but being anything but. “Why not? it’s true,” you teased, taking one hand beneath your skirt. Jungkook followed the movement, mesmerized, and thought that he was about to pass out when your fingers returned to his field of vision. “Look.” You pouted. 
A deep hum dripped past his lips, his hooded eyes watching as your fingers shimmered under the pale moonlight, covered by your arousal. He could feel himself salivating at the sight, wondering why the hell he had stopped eating you out in the first place. 
Still, he maintained his cool. Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your wrist, gently guiding your fingers closer to your mouth. “Taste yourself for me, baby,” he requested. His heartbeat was out of control as he witnessed your pouty lips opening up so your fingers could slip inside, the same tongue that he had just been caressing now licking yourself clean. “That’s it. Tastes good, right?” You nodded, fingers still pressed against your tongue. After another second, Jungkook removed your digits from your mouth, but his were already taking their place. “Now mine, baby,” he egged you on. 
Of course, you did as he requested, licking and sucking on his fingers until he was satisfied. 
Jungkook smirked, looking particularly hypnotized that night. “Good girl,” he praised under his breath, a maniac gaze swimming inside his eyes as he looked up at yours. “Good girls deserve rewards.” Lethargically, he started moving his fingers in and out of your mouth, his cock throbbing inside his pants at the small whimper that came from your throat. He wanted to see you sucking him off, worshiping him until he came all over your face, inside your mouth, on your chest. But what he needed was to be deep inside your pussy. “Want my cock?”
Again, you nodded, moaning around his digits. 
“Use your words, angel,” he teased, fingers leaving your mouth once again. Lately, it was rare to witness that cocky, annoying side of his, but, once it showed up, it was just like before. “Let me hear you.” 
“Yes, please,” you asked. 
He clicked his tongue, lowering his hand. You gasped when his saliva-covered fingers found your clit, circling it slowly. “Ask one more time.” Jungkook was impassive, not reacting to the way you squirmed above him, already so sensitive. “You can do better than that, baby.” 
You could never tell if you adored or despised when he got like that. Maybe both. Probably both. “Please, Kook, I want it so bad,” you begged. Through it all, you still had your own cards up your sleeve, some small actions you knew that affected him deeply. So you made good use of them: leaning in and placing a hot kiss against his lips, your hands tugging on his hair. Jungkook groaned against your mouth, his fingers stilling on your clit when you rolled your center against his erection. “Please,” you repeated, voice airy. “Let me ride you.” 
How could he possibly say no to that? 
“Fuck. Wanna see you bounce on it, baby.” Jungkook leaned back, quickly opening his zipper. You moved away just enough so he could pull his pants and underwear down, his cock stiff against his lower abdomen. “And hold your skirt up for me.” 
You pouted. “You don’t want me to take it off?” 
Jungkook shook his head, holding you by the chin and pulling you into another heated kiss. He moaned against it once you sat right over his cock, your warm wetness spreading all over him. He pulled away. “You know I love it when you ride me with a skirt on, princess. Looks like a sexy schoolgirl.”
A thousand pecks later, and you found a chance at speaking. “Pervert,” you repeated, smiling against the kiss. “You always do stuff like this.”
He hummed. “Yeah? Like what?”
“Like… fuck me with my skirt on,” you started, kissing down his neck, “Cum inside me and make me keep it inside all day. Eat it out of me.” Jungkook grew stiff beneath you, a grunt leaving his chest as you rolled your pussy against his cock one more time. “Cum inside me two, three times in a row.” You giggled. “Do you like stuffing me that much, Kook? Why is that?” 
He was obsessed with the idea, actually, just you talking about that was enough to make him dizzy with desire. Maybe it could be all trailed back to his possessive gene, the evil, cocky part of him that wanted to see you full of him, dripping with his cum, his fingerprints all over your body. What started as a simple ego thing — playing with your limits, seeing how far you’d let him go — was now a way for him to get a hold of you, to make you his, even if it was an ephemeral, material thing. And, well, yeah, maybe it was also still an ego thing. Maybe it made him super hard thinking that you were walking around with his cum inside you, dripping down your panties and making a mess all over your pussy. 
Instead of saying all that, however, Jungkook simply threw the question right back at you, “Don’t you like it when I do all that?”
“I do,” you admitted straight away, kissing his lips once, twice, barely giving him what he wanted before pulling away. He knew that glint in your eyes, and he had learned to hate it. “Not as much as you, though.” 
Still, Jungkook wouldn’t fall for your schemes that night. Sometimes he didn’t mind so much, but, then, he wouldn’t let you take the wheel no matter what. “Liar. You love it,” he threw back, wrapping one hand around his cock, the other propping you up over it. You got the cue instantly, lowering yourself so his crown brushed against your entrance. “What, you think I forgot how wet you get when I cum inside you? When you keep it in?” He smirked at the overwhelmed expression that monopolized your face, the hand on your hips pushing you down on his cock. He knew how to put you back in place, when necessary. “Look at this, I just cleaned you up and you’re already soaked again. So messy, baby.” 
You gasped when his tip sunk past your entrance, slowly stretching you out. “K-Kook—“
“Shhh, you got this.” One hand was in your hair, guiding your head closer to him. Weak, you could only follow his pull; feeling as he placed a gentle kiss against your lips. “Slow. Deep inside for me, baby. You got this.” 
With a nod, you did as he requested, gradually sinking lower and lower until his big cock filled you to the brim. You moaned out at the feeling, your arms wrapping around his shoulders for support as you tried to get used to it. 
Jungkook was breathing heavily then, his large palms cupping your ass, every cell of his body focused on the amazing way you squeezed around him. It was impossible to consider a reality in which you were not made for him, the way you two fit together was too good to be true. “That’s it… Just like that, baby,” he said, trying to fight back his moans. “Move for me?” 
The thought of mocking him about his request (considering that Jungkook was a big advocate for cockwarming as a teasing mechanism) crossed your mind, but you brushed it off almost instantly. You couldn’t overlook the need that grew inside you, begging you to fulfill it, to roll your hips against his until you were cumming.
So you did. Took you a few attempts to set a rhythm, body moving up and down as you felt his cock sink inside of you, brushing all your sensitive spots on its way out, then all the way back in. Maybe you should’ve gotten used to it by now, but every time still felt like the first. 
“L-Like this?” You asked. 
“Faster,” Jungkook breathed out. Maybe your thighs would burn like hell after your rush of adrenaline went away, but you didn’t care too much about it then — you did what he requested, picking up the pace. “Yeah, yeah, just like that. Fuck, that’s my girl.” 
You nodded, body overflowing with pleasure as you continued to ride him. That harsh, messy pace was a blessing to him, the way your breasts bounced close to his face pulling his attention instantly. 
“Doing so well for me, princess. So fucking perfect for my cock,” Jungkook praised, eyes running all over your body as you squirmed under his touches. There was no one else in his world but you; you and the overwhelming need he had to have your tits on display. He tugged on the hem of your top. “Can I?” 
You nodded, raising your arms so Jungkook could slide that piece of clothing off easily. His hands were quick to unclasp your bra, placing it on the seat next to him as he dove in to play with your breasts. “Love your tits, baby, so soft,” his voice was a muffled groan against your skin, tongue poking out against your nipple. “Love your ass.” He squeezed your cheeks, making you roll your hips against his cock harder. “Fucking love when you ride me.” 
“K-Kook,” you sobbed, I’m—“
He growled. “Love when you call me that.” 
Of course, he loved way more than that. Jungkook was a weak man — point blank, no excuses about it. He was weak about the way your warm walls clenched around his cock; lost himself in the overwhelmed nature of your expression as you rolled your hips down on his length. The world was always so enhanced when he was with you, every sentiment and sensation amplified every time he looked at you. 
The first times you fucked, it was just that, and he was fine with that — at the time. But, back then, Jungkook never noticed those small things about you with such clarity: the small puffs of air that escaped between your lips, the way your nails dug to his neck or the way you whined out his name. He never noticed how ridiculously pretty you looked, his personal angel, just losing yourself over and over for him. He liked having you on top because he couldn’t run away from those details even if he tried, so he let them consume him. 
The sound of you giggling brought him back straight away, however, his heart fluttering inside his chest. “You’re staring,” you told him. 
Jungkook smirked. “Hmmm… am I?” His hand moved your hair away from your face, cupping your cheek. You leaned into the touch and his thumb started caressing your skin, feeling the heat beneath his palm. If he concentrated hard enough, maybe he could remember that forever. “Can you blame me? Look how pretty my girl is.” 
“Your girl?” You asked, slightly delirious at that point. 
Soon enough, if he had the guts to ask you. “Yeah, all mine,” Jungkook responded, diving into that fantasy for a second — into a parallel universe where all his problems were gone, and you two were everything left in the world. “Come here.” His hand moved to the nape of your neck. “Wanna kiss you.” 
And you did, of course, because you were always just so good for him. Jungkook leaned his head to the side, fingers pulling on your hair as you opened your mouth for him, allowing for his tongue to meet yours. Once again, he felt his stomach being filled with that tingling anticipation, lust and tenderness battling inside it, begging for his attention. He couldn’t handle it: you were too much, always had been. 
Just like that, some forsaken feelings hit him before he could avoid them, before he could push them away any further. It was always like that: when he couldn’t deal with it, not when you were consuming every cell of his body and he could not ignore the effect you had on him. 
Again and again, those words were just ringing inside his head — I love you, I love you, I love you — repeating themselves into a maniac crescendo that drowned out his own thoughts. You were all that he could see, all that he could hear and touch; you were every idea that permeated his mind at that instant, chest overflowing with devotion to a point in which he couldn’t even speak. Especially not that. Not those words.
Not when you were so blissfully ignorant above him, not when the realization made him so fucking terrified that he just wanted to crawl into a ball and hide forever. Jungkook couldn’t grasp his reasoning anymore, he had long lost it. He was made of sheer, unadulterated emotion — a fierce battle between his blossoming love and the horrifying vulnerability unraveling inside his soul, promising to break him apart. 
He could not say that. Not now. Not when there was so much at risk. Not when he couldn’t even bring himself to ask you to be his girlfriend in the first place. 
So he didn’t — instead, he continued making out with you in a faithless attempt at shutting himself up.
You whined softly against his lips, your hands losing their strength on his shoulders. Your breathing was ragged, shallow; thighs starting to shake on either side of his body. Jungkook knew those signs like no one else, was quick to grip your ass tighter, helping you move. 
“Close, baby?” He breathed out, voice raspy, sounding like sin itself. “Gonna cum for me?” 
You nodded, nose brushing against his. “Y-Yeah. Almost there.” 
“Fuck, princess, your pussy’s so tight,” Jungkook cursed, closing his eyes for a second. He was a total goner: nothing could ever compare to the high he got when he was plunged deep inside your heat, breathing the same air as you. When his heart felt so full and so empty at the same time. “You sure you don’t wanna come over? Wanna fuck you all night.”
“C-can’t,” you struggled to get out, “have class in the morning.” 
He scoffed. Some things would never change. “How boring.” 
You rolled your eyes. “Next time maybe don't t-take me out on a Sunday, dumbass.” You tried to sound harsh, but it was impossible to ignore the tight grip you had on his cock as you cried out, movements stilling for just a second before you found the strength inside you to pick the pace back up. “K-Kook,” you stuttered, hooded eyes meeting his own. He loved when you called him that, made his heart burst inside his chest — and if you called him that while you were riding him then… well, then he was a dead man. “I’m gonna—“
“Gonna cum for me?” he completed, raising his hips slightly to meet your movements. His cock felt so good inside you, his ragged breaths were all that you could focus on. “Cum all over my cock, baby, wanna feel it.” 
There was nothing in the world you wanted more than that. You could feel your pleasure building up more and more inside you, ready to snap, and you simply followed it as you tipped over the edge. Jungkook loved the way you looked, the way you clenched around him, the way you cried out his name like a prayer when your body finally gave out and you came around his hard cock. He could replay that moment in his mind forever and never get tired of it.
It was by a miracle and the strong support of his hands on your hips that you didn’t just collapse against his chest, instead managing to keep a semi-constant pace on his cock — much slower, however. “Fuck, that’s it,” he moaned under his breath, his dark eyes running all over your body, trying to absorb everything about you: the bouncing of your breasts, the shaking of your thighs, the pretty frown on your features. “So good for me, baby, you always take my cock so well. My good girl.”
You nodded, still slightly dazed-out after your orgasm. Jungkook lived for moments like that, to see how fucked-out and pretty you looked when he was done with you. It made his cock throb inside you, threatening to spill over. 
“W-Want you to cum,” you stuttered. “Inside.” 
Jungkook was almost there already, barely hanging by a thread. “God, you’re fucking perfect.” He threw his head back against the seat, black hair falling all over his forehead, sweaty and sticking onto his skin. Jungkook was an image of perdition then, so hot that you couldn’t even think about anything else for a second. “Fuck, princess,” he moaned out, “you’re gonna make me cum.” 
Lately, his mind became a dangerous place when he was that close to his high, losing its filter and threatening to make him spill everything that was brewing inside his skull. Jungkook had to hold himself back with all the force he had left, but you could see it in his hooded, fucked-out gaze that there was so much that he wanted to say, so many broken words that got lost amidst his groans and moans. 
For better or for worse, he came before he had the chance to do so. Jungkook shivered beneath you as he cock released inside you, hands holding tightly to your ass as you milked his orgasm, moaning out your name as he filled you up. He could feel his cum dripping out of you, making a mess on him; could feel the way your pussy clenched around him, and it all was a piece of paradise reserved just for him. 
Once Jungkook reached his limit, he pulled you flushed against his chest, kissing your forehead. “You’re amazing,” he said, lost in your gaze. “Stay like this for me.” 
You brushed his sweaty hair away from his face. “You don’t wanna see it?” 
“Later,” he responded. “Wanna stay like this for now.” Jungkook shoved his face on the crook of your neck, smooching your skin as a long, delighted hum vibrated in his chest. “Can I see you tomorrow, baby?” He asked, voice muffled against your skin. “I can kick Taehyung out if you wanna come over.” 
You chuckled, placing your fingers in his hair. He leaned against your touch, silently begging you to play with it. “Yeah, sure,” you agreed. “I have class until three, though. And you don’t have to kick the poor boy out. Especially considering that he already knows.” 
Jungkook sighed at your response, his hands pulling you closer by the waist. Your back arched, his toned chest pressing against yours as his mouth started to assault your neck, running over the kisses and bites he had left before. “And the day after that?” He pressed on. 
Even though you had no idea where he was trying to go with that, you still complied. “Yeah, we can figure it out.” You smiled, eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of his mouth moving towards your jaw, your cheek, and then placing a kiss right on the corner of your lips. “Any day you want.” 
He smiled. “I like the way that sounds.” Leaning back, Jungkook looked at you and, just like that, all the monsters recoiled back under his bed. All his negative thoughts evanesced, and there was no doubt pestering his mind. He looked at you and he just realized that things were simple — and, all along, the two of you were just making it way harder than it should be. But he could change that now. “Baby?” He called, possessed by a newfound wave of bravery. “Can I ask you something?” 
“Yes, of course.” You nuzzled closer to him, placing a small kiss against his lips. Jungkook tried to deepen it, but you pulled away before he could manage to do so. That seemed to be a pattern between the two of you. “What is it? You got so serious all of a sudden.” 
His jaw clenched as he formulated his sentence: he had practiced a few times in his head, trying to find the best moment to let it loose, but it was ten times harder now that you were waiting for it. “Do you want to make it, you know, official?” The question left his mouth rather smoothly, much better than he had predicted. “You know. Us.” 
You blinked, shoulders falling as you digested his words. There was a fluttering in your heart that you did not miss, a sinking feeling in your stomach that left your body on edge. “Are… are you kidding?” You asked. Just to be sure. Just so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself with an overly-excited yes. 
Jungkook frowned. “Why would fucking I joke about that?” He threw back. You didn’t know. It just felt too good to be true. “No, I really fucking like you,” he went on, arms tightening around your lower body. “Want you to be mine. For real.” 
Now, Jungkook had seen basically all the expressions you could give, but he had never seen them change so fast. Your face went from disbelief to worry, to happiness and back to confusion; only to explode in a fit of laughter. “I cannot believe you.” You pressed your forehead against his shoulder, body bouncing up and down as you continued to laugh. “And is this how you ask me to be your girlfriend? Cock inside and all?” You leaned back, wiping a tear away from your cheek. “Jeon Jungkook, I swear to god… You’re so stupid.”
He smirked. “So I’m guessing that’s a yes?”
The urge to smack him across the head was overwhelming, but you held it back like a pro — you had months of practice. Instead, you placed both hands on either side of his face, keeping him in place. “See? You’re stupid,” you repeated, unable to fight the happiness in your tone. “It’s a yes, obviously.”
And you kissed him, because there was nothing else in the world to be done at that moment. 
Jungkook had to admit: he didn’t know shit about maths — and the little he did know, it was long forgotten after he had left high school. He wasn’t sure anymore, but he thought that something needed at least three sides to actually be a shape… or whatever it was that mathematicians referred to as. That’s why the triangle was the first of that weird sequence he had to memorize. And, therefore, maybe he was just too dumb to see the third side of you. 
Maybe you liked him way more than you led on. 
Turns out that Yongsun’s good luck had magically returned and you didn’t even know about it. 
The drive back to your place was sadly faster than you had anticipated and, about thirty minutes after you had floated your way up to cloud nine, Jungkook was parking in front of your apartment complex, putting an end to your first official date together. He kissed you goodbye (at least three times) before you got out of his car; promising once again that you’d figure out a way to see him the following day. Jungkook (in typical chaotic fashion) decided to keep your panties as a consolation prize regardless.
The front door had started making an awful creaking sound, and it signaled your arrival when you stepped into your apartment. You hummed at the delicious aroma that filled the warm atmosphere, leaning on the wall so you could remove your shoes. They collapsed against the floor, two small perturbations in that peaceful world. “Yongsun! That smells amazing, what is it?” You called out, but received no answer. Yongsun was probably distracted, as she often was when she was cooking. “I’ll be there in a second if you want some help!” 
After you went to your room and changed your clothes, you made your way to the kitchen, where you found her leaning over one large pot — spices in one hand, wooden spoon in the other — and her hair looking like it had been tied in a hurricane. The mess in the kitchen was absurd — with poorly-chopped vegetables thrown around; a dark puddle of sauce on the floor; and remnants of mustard on the back of her clothes. You had no idea how Yongsun managed to be so clumsy, but you couldn’t complain when she cooked so well. 
You crossed your arms as you arrived by her side, taking a peek inside the pot. “Hey, it smells great. What is it?” You repeated, before looking up at her. Yongsun looked awfully serious, the most you had seen during the years she had been your roommate, and that mere observation sunk like an anchor inside your stomach. “What happened?” 
In a way, you knew what had happened before she even started talking. It took you two seconds to remind yourself of the conversation you two had before you left, and another second to take a glimpse at the living room’s window, as if to check that it was still there. Yongsun liked to take breaks during cooking, walking around the place as the food boiled, and it wouldn’t surprise you if her timing had been precise enough to see something. 
Still, her following words caught you a little off guard. “You know Kim Taehyung? Last semester, I had this project with him. He talked so much we almost handed it in late.” 
You blinked — wait, had Taehyung told her something? Had he asked her something and she had just now connected the dots? “I remember that. You just never told me it was with Taehyung.”  
She hummed. “You know him?” 
You took a deep breath, trying to keep your emotions under control. There was an urge inside you to look through the window, review the possibility of Yongsun staring down the street and seeing who you were with — Jungkook hadn’t even left his car, so maybe she was going to mention something completely different. Still, you concentrated that energy into keeping your voice casual, under control. “Yeah, he’s in my ethics class. Why?” 
She nodded, finally meeting your stare. Yongsun didn’t look sad, mad, or anything in between, which confused you a little. “One time he told me about this roommate of his,” she continued casually, measuring your expressions. Of course she knew who it was. There was no way she didn’t. “Who fixed a Chevy Camaro ‘69 when he was in high school, he did it with his dad. Taehyung didn’t stop talking about how the car was super cool, and that he wanted to have a bonding experience like that with his own dad. He showed me a picture of it and everything.” 
“People talk a lot of personal stuff to you,” you deflected. Part of you wanted to tell her, you had thought about it so many times already, and yet you felt like you could barely move now, just waiting for that excruciating mystery to come to an end. 
“Happens when you study psych.” Yongsun sighed, pointing at something behind you. “Pass me the salt?” You had just grabbed it when she gave her killer shot. “Pretty sure you know who his roommate is. I think there’s only one person around campus with a car like that, and I just saw it dropping you off.” 
You laughed, dry, because that was all that your body could do at that point. It was a laugh of nervousness, of relief, of fear, of happiness. Everything and nothing at once. “Surprise, I guess,” you said, monotone. 
She elevated one eyebrow, grabbing the salt from your hands. Most people would measure it, but Yongsun had a weird sixth sense when it came to cooking, so she just threw a random amount inside the mixture before continuing. “Not a surprise, I think,” she told you. “I had my suspicions.” 
Uneasy, you nodded. You also had your suspicions that she knew who it might be, considering the comments she had dropped throughout the months; the way she had looked and talked to Jungkook back at Hoseok’s party. Nevertheless, you guessed she still hoped it was someone else. “You’re fine with that? You look like…”
Yongsun scoffed. “Fine is a strong word, honestly.” Her stare faltered, and suddenly staring at her nails seemed to be much more interesting than keeping a stable eye contact with you. She breathed out, constructing her words inside her head before looking back up. “I’m not your mom, ___. You do what you want, you go out with whoever you want.”
That wasn’t all. “But…?”
She sighed. “But, as your friend, I’m worried,” Yongsun admitted, the wooden spoon sliding between her fingers, bumping on the bottom of the pot. Her body relaxed all at once, glad that she was putting those words out. “You probably know why, maybe the same reason why you didn’t say anything to any of us. Jungkook isn’t really the best dude around and he’s just so… so much.” She shook her head. “You know the things people say about him, right? Do you really think it’s a good idea to get involved?” 
You licked your lips, taking a moment to think about your following words. You had imagined that conversation a billion times in your head, but it seemed otherwise from the way you were reacting. “I know what people say, but most of it isn’t true,” you told her. “Of course, he’s far from perfect. So am I. And I know it sounds really dumb and cliche when I say this, but he’s a really nice guy. He treats me well.” 
With a quick movement, she turned off the stove, reaching for the pot lid. “I have no doubt about that, girl. I told you that you seemed happy and I meant it,” she said. Her shoulders fell and you couldn’t really figure out what her expression meant. “___, I just… I don’t want you to get carried away by someone that isn’t worth it. You have so much ahead of you, I would hate to see you getting heartbroken or even just distracted because of him.” 
You placed one hand on her arm. “Yongsun, believe me when I say that I get it. A hundred percent,” you stressed. “We’ve both been in this… back and forth for a long time now. Exactly because I was thinking the same thing, and I was terrified I was doing something stupid that would end badly. But Jungkook’s great, really.” You breathed out. “I know it’s hard to believe that, it took me some time too. But I’m serious. There’s nothing to be worried about.” 
Against your best expectations, your small speech actually managed to settle her worries for now. Yongsun breathed out, relieved. “Good, okay,” she said. “Why didn’t you tell me anything?” 
You swallowed dry. “I was worried about what you guys would say. It’s dumb, I know,” you admitted. “And I guess I was lying to myself too.”
She nodded, taking a glimpse at the pot of food. You still had no clue what it was, but, at that point, that was the smallest of your concerns. “You know I’m a black belt in karate, right?” She asked randomly. “I can kick his ass if you want.” 
You laughed, finally allowing yourself to relax. “I’ll keep that in mind,” you guaranteed. You felt much lighter now, and you could tell that she was going through the same. You didn’t know how much that secret had been killing you inside until you finally let it loose. “Thank you for understanding, Yongsun. I was afraid you and Jisoo would hate me for it.” 
She shook her head, a puff of air leaving her nose. “Honestly, girl, I don’t understand it. At all. But I trust you,” she stressed. That was probably the best scenario you could get out of that. “I can’t guarantee that Jisoo will have the same reaction, though. She hates the guy.” 
Oddly enough, having Yongsun speaking your worries out loud didn’t affect you as much as you had expected. Jisoo had been the central line that connected the web of anxiety inside your head and, yet, she seemed like a distant issue now. She was your best friend and you loved her to death, that hadn’t changed a bit, and still, your perspective had switched enough for you to notice that she was probably the least qualified person in the world to judge you for your impulsive actions. Not when you had to take care of her in Hoseok’s party because she couldn’t make her own decisions; because she was afraid of the social backlash of placing her own limits. And, ironically, you were doing the same thing when it came to her. 
You had already reached a conclusion about what to do about it. “I’ll tell her after summer break,” you shared your idea, “I think she’ll understand if I talk to her about it. Or at least she won’t be so mad about it.” 
“That might work.” Yongsun nodded, thinking for a second. “Well, it’s better than if she figures it out by herself. She’d be really upset.” 
Upset was an understatement, but whatever. “Yeah, that’d be the worst case scenario, but it won’t happen,” you were firm in your words. “I’m like a pro at sneaking around.”
Her expression was washed by disbelief. Yongsun scoffed, grabbing a towel nearby so she could remove the pot from the stove. “Girl, I disagree,” she said, walking towards the kitchen table. She was a small girl, but her cooking superpowers worked wonders when it came to transporting food around. “I’ve heard too much.”
You paused, unable to fight the smile that grew on your lips. “Oh… yeah, that was on purpose.” 
The pot almost tipped over (which would have undoubtedly been a catastrophe) when Yongsun dropped it on the table, surprised. “What?!” She exclaimed, horrified. 
You waved her worries away. “Long story,” you said. 
She shook her head, possessed by chaos. “No, girl, you’re not going to zoom past that like you didn’t just say it. It's dinner time and you’re not running away from my yakisoba.” Oh so that was what the food was. Yongsun pointed at one of the chairs while she walked towards the other. “Sit your ass down. You have months of gossip to tell me.” 
You raised one eyebrow. “During dinner?” You asked. “Are you sure?” 
She huffed. “I have a strong stomach. Go ahead, try me.” 
You shrugged, sitting down. To be fair, she didn’t know what she was asking for. “Fine. What do you want to know?” 
Spoiler: Yongsun did not have a strong stomach. 
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