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kimnjss · a day ago
something’s missing | pjm/ksj
Tumblr media
⤑  series: beside you
⤑ pairing: solo artist!jimin x idol!reader
⤑ genre: angst...
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 3.3K
⤑ warnings: none!
⤑ chapter song: r u ok // tate mcrae - when i'm with him // empress of.
⤑ A/N: we're finally moving toward something y'all., this is make it or break it territory. soo make sure you're interacting bc y'all are choosing the ending - let me know what you think! x
Tumblr media
JUNE 26TH, 2021 | 17:39
The blinding lights are the first thing that you're hit with the moment you're stepping out of the car. Overlapping voices shouting questions in your direction as Jin leads you down the carpet with a comforting hand on the small of your back. Just like always, he's composed in front of the press, a smile stretched onto his features as he acknowledges them with a polite nod and timed waves. He even pulls off to the side to greet a few fans that have gathered to meet him.
You're always so amazed seeing how calm he is in front of all the chaos, it doesn't even phase him. He doesn't stop to talk until you both are fully inside of the venue, that's where the more important reporters wait. “We'll just chat a bit and then we can find our seats. Remember what I said about questions you don't want to answer,” He prompts you just before you're being called for your first interview.
It feels almost as if you're sleepwalking, flashing fake smiles and exaggerating laughs for the camera. You're taking no real part in the conversations happening around you, just nodding along like the good perfect girlfriend you're supposed to be. Jin's laugh carries throughout the hall, catching the attention of the photographers nearby. It makes for a great photo-op, laughing with your bodies hunched over, though, you have no idea what's funny.
The lines that he had prompted you with before exiting the limo leave your lips swiftly, naturally, you've practiced it that way enough times so you can speak without thinking.
“Well, we all know who you're rooting for, Yn.” The reporter says with a laugh, reaching a hand to nudge your arm as if you're friends. “I love this dress, by the way! Is it...” Her over cheery voice fades into the background, halfhearted compliments falling on deaf ears. You wonder if your response sounds as robotic as you feel.
It feels like forever before Jin's deciding that it's enough chitchat and he's leading you into the room where the actual award show will be held. Much larger than where you were before, velvety carpet covering the floor. Fancy chandeliers hang from the ceiling over neat clothed tables. Dinner is being announced just as Jin ushers you to your table at the front.
You're sat with a bunch of people that you've never met before, but it's safe to assume that they're all actors with their dates. None of them pay any attention to you as you remove your place cards and settle into your seats, wrapped up in their own conversations. Jin's visibly relaxing at the lack of attention, shoulders dropping as he sinks into his seat.
“I like how you snuck in that hint of a season two, they'll definitely come back to this moment when it's announced.” The words are whispered to you, his hand reaching down to rest on your knee. It doesn't warm your skin like it used to, in fact, it has your eyes searching for a possible hidden camera to catch the moment.
All you do is nod, a tight-lipped smile and a pull of your knee that has his hand slipping right off. His brow twitches, query on the tip of his lips – but he swallows it down when the server reaches your table with the dishes for the night.
Jin's in the middle of ordering for the two of you when the cheers break through the crowd. Loud enough to steal the attention of the room, curious eyes searching the doorway to see who had just arrived. Your eyes squint as you try to peer through the crowded room, wondering which A-lister has everyone losing their minds.
They walk right past the cameras and reporters, you can tell with the hurried movements trying to keep up, only to be stopped by security at the main entrance. All of a sudden it makes sense, the obnoxious cheers and the refusal to stop for an interview. It's the only way Jimin knows how to travel.
He looks handsome. That's your first thought. Not what he's doing here and why your face is heating up despite him still being across the room. You can't help but take him in, hair much lighter than the last time that you saw him – a sandy brown instead of the black he's gotten so comfortable with.
Dark eyes search the room as Yoongi takes his time catching up to him. He looks good too, but you can't seem to focus on anyone else for more than a few seconds now that Jimin was here. What was he doing here? Dressed in a royal ruby fitted suit, hair swept back to reveal his strong brows. Yoongi says something to him, pointing in the crowd and you straighten up as if they're talking about you.
They're not. Where they're sitting is the focus, not you. On the other side of the room and Yoongi leads the way. Jimin's got his hands in his pockets, walking as if he'd rather be anywhere else, hardly looking at the people whose attention he's stolen. That is until he's passing the table you're sat at. Stopping dead in his tracks, his head whips to the side to find you.
The bored expression morphs into the teasing smirk that you're so used to, hand lifting in a flirty wave and you have to physically stop yourself from lifting your hand to wave back. Instead, you're turning your attention to Jin – tuning in to the conversation that he's having with the girl seated beside him. Pushing the flutter in your chest to the deepest pits of your stomach.
Tumblr media
JUNE 26TH, 2021 | 19:02
You don't see him again until dinner is over and the mingling has started. You've been a good girlfriend, accepting the dotting from your even better boyfriend. Laughing at his jokes, kissing in front of the camera, holding hands as you slip through the crowd. It gets exhausting really fast and you're lost on how he can keep up with the façade with no cracks.
You've caught yourself shooting him annoyed glances way too many times. So much that you're excusing yourself for a drink in the middle of him talking you up for your new interest in modeling. A bald-faced lie, by the way, you hated every second you were sat in front of the camera – yet, you're sure he has no idea.
The sole reason you had walked off was to get something to drink. You hadn't gone searching for Jimin, not in the slightest bit, so the fact that you were running right into him was merely just a coincidence. He's smiling at you as if there's no difference, a hand on your hip to keep you from crashing onto the floor – he's quickly moving it, though semi-aware of the wandering eyes around you.
“Hey.” It's breathless, the way the word leaves his lips. Eyes taking you in as if it's the first time. And it sort of feels like it is. You look so pretty in front of him. Dress fitted to highlight the lines and dips of your body, dark waves cascading down your back and he swears you're glowing. Despite the permanent frown on your lips.
You simply nod in response, sparing him a two-second glance before you're slipping past him toward the bar. Everything inside of him wants to follow you, say what he had spent the past few days practicing, no courage to call you and just spit it out. He was a little ashamed it took him this long to release how he's been acting and how he was hurting you, but now he wanted nothing more than to make it right.
And the fact that you were both here right now seemed like as good a time as any. He doesn't follow you, though. You had been sitting with your make-believe boyfriend when he first spotted you, so it's safe to assume that you're working. And the last thing he wanted was to be the reason that you were getting into more trouble... again.
So he lets you slip away, continuing on with the words heavy on his tongue.
Tumblr media
JUNE 26TH, 2021 | 20:59
Jin can tell you're getting annoyed. Replies short and smiles no longer reaching your eyes. He caught on to the way your eyes would roll each time he'd lean over to give you a pointer, the annoyed sigh that would fall from your lips when he was pointing out a camera. And the more and more he did it, the less it felt like he was spending real time with you.
He had thought you'd be able to do both, find balance within your real relationship and the one that you showed to the media. It didn't have to be all that different, but it was obvious to him that you needed some practice on her media presence so he figured he could help. Not at all did he think that it would end up annoying you.
It never dawned on him that you might take his attention to detail the wrong way. Or that it would rub you the wrong way. And seeing as much it had, he was filled with this urgent need to clear the air, set some things straight because there was obviously a misunderstanding that he did not mean. Not now, though, there were too many nosy ears around... he'd just have to wait.
In hopes of maybe softening the mood, he tries to do things he knows you like. Playing with your fingers while the names are being called off, whispering jokes to you that he knows would make you smile. There's not much of a change, just half-smiles at every last one of his advances.
He's straightening when his category is being called, pushing the issue with you to the back of his mind. He wins. There's not much suspense, not much competition in the category to begin with. Still, you're whooping loudly, jumping up from your seat, and cheering. He pulls a shocked expression following you to stand.
The two of you share a picture-perfect hug and an even more romantic kiss on the cheek. Practiced back and forth about you going up on stage with him until he's finally convincing you to follow. He has his arm around your waist the entire time he gives his speech, thanking you exclusively at the end with another gentle kiss.
You smile sheepishly and it's real. The fact that he has you up there and is thanking you just feels genuine. It feels real. It's hard to decipher your feelings when it comes to Jin. Everything always feels so real, but then he opens his mouth and it all turns into some big ploy to get more attention. You don't know where the line starts or ends.
And you don't even know where to start to figure it out.
“I'm just gonna run to the bathroom,” You're saying as the two of you make your way back to your seat. Jin nods, continuing on while you make a beeline for the backstage area. It's a lot less calm back here than out there, crew and staff rushing around to make sure the show goes on smoothly, influencers going over their lines for when they present. The bathrooms are on the other side of the chaos.
And Jimin is sat right in front of it. You don't even hide your groan at the sight of him. “What are you doing here?” He takes his time looking up from his phone, only realizing it's you at the last second. “I'm getting ready to perform...” He stands as he speaks, shoving his phone into his pocket.
He's got this look on his face that you've seen before. And it's so foreign on his features that you don't even know how to place it. He doesn't give you much of a chance to figure it out before he's speaking again. “I've been wanting to talk to you alone all night...” His words are hushed, even though anyone who can hear you is way out of earshot.
“Jimin. I'm here with Jin, we can't-” He's stopping you before you can finish your assumption as to why he wanted to be alone with you with a quick shake of his head. “No, it's nothing like that. This is a horrible place to do this, but I feel like I should say this sooner rather than later,”
You've never seen him look this serious before. “Alright. Tell me what it is?”
He's letting out a huff of air as if he's preparing himself for the words that are about to come from his mouth. You feel the anxiety bubbling in your chest, All the possibilities of what he could have to say clouding your brain at once.
“I need to...I need to apologize to you. For everything.” That was the last thing that you could've imagined him saying. “It's a pretty long list, honestly.” The laugh he lets out is an awkward one and he's not looking you in the eye. “And the fact that it's taken me this long to realize that you deserve one is the worst of it. But, I'm sorry, Yn. I've hurt you and ignored your feelings. Lied and all that. Honestly, I don't even know how you still have feelings for me,”
He looks at you like he's checking for any sign that his last statement was wrong and he gains a bit more confidence realizing that there's not. “I'm crazy about you, Yn, though. I mean it. And it sucks that I've never told you, but I am. I like you a lot and I want to make this right. I want a proper chance with you so I can fix all the shit I put you through. I'm sorry it took me so long,” It feels like there are cotton balls stuck in your throat.
Your head is spinning and you can't seem to find the words. What you've been wanting to hear from him for God knows how long, was finally being uttered. And for some reason, it felt... too late? “Jimin...” You start but have no idea where you're going with it.
He's rushing to speak, the fear of your rejection in the back of his mind. “You don't have to say anything right now. I'm not expecting an answer. I just... I needed to tell you that. I needed you to know,”
You're not sure you could even come up with an answer if he wanted one now. “I can't think about that right now,” You wonder if you sound just as sad as you feel, but it's true. Your focus shouldn't be on the what-ifs of Jimin and whether or not he's actually willing to get his shit together. You had a boyfriend. And although things were a bit rocky right now you were still with him – Jimin should be the last thing on your mind.
And it shouldn't hurt your heart how sad he looks when he nods, teeth chewing on his lower lip as he runs his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, I get it. Just... call me? If you change your mind,” His lips push into a tight-lipped smile and it's so awkward the way he turns away from you, eyes watching his feet as he walks.
He doesn't push or try to fight it, laugh off your statement with some cocky remark. He just goes, not even sparing a backward look in your direction. And for some reason that makes you feel even worse.
Tumblr media
JUNE 26TH, 2021 | 22:17
The rest of the night is quiet. It's harder to keep up with the act so you don't say anything. Jin's got a comforting hand on your knee through the rest of the night and he doesn't lean over to cue you not once. And you appreciate that, though you have no idea what caused his shift.
He leads you back to the limo swiftly, a hand on your back and not a second spared to chat about the events of the night. Much quieter than usual, not a single joke leaving his lips and you have a feeling that's your fault too. So you're quickly adding that to the list of things to stress over.
“Are you alright?” Jin's asking a few minutes after you've been on the road, the madness of the night far behind you. It only now dawns on you that this is the first time in a long time that you've been asked that question. Aside from the quick text from Yoongi, no one's ever bothered to ask how you were doing.
And the fact that Jin was doing it now sort of made you want to cry. You're swallowing it down, though, nodding even though you're sure it doesn't look all that convincing. He's sighing, reaching over to take hold of your hand. And the fact that there are no cameras to capture the moment makes it easier for you to take comfort in it.
His thumb runs over your knuckles soothingly, turning his head to look down at you. “You know you can talk to me, right? No matter what it is, I'll listen. You can trust me,” He sounds so genuine, it's hard not to believe him. “It's been all work lately and I'm sorry for that. Just with the show ending and awards coming up, I got in my head a little bit... And I think I might've dragged you into that,” He's smiling softly, giving you a chance to chime in.
“I don't just... just lately, it's felt like work? being with you. Like the only reason, we're together is for the media,” It's the first time you had the chance to speak up about something bothering you and it feels nice. You feel lighter almost. “Like you don't really like me, like that...”
Jin's letting out another sigh, head dropping as he shakes it from side to side. “God, I'm such an idiot,” He says through a laugh, lifting your hand to press a soft kiss to it. “I do really like you, Yn. And I like being with you. I'm sorry if I confused you,” There's not an ounce of doubt in his voice as he speaks, eyes serious when he looks at you.
He has to be telling the truth, right? No one can look like that and be lying right? You want to believe him so you do, filing the past few days as just a huge misunderstanding because something's got to be true and it just makes sense for it to be him. So you're smiling, the stress that you had been feeling before slowly melting away.
“I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner. Would've saved for a lot of headaches,” He's chuckling at that, sinking further into the leather seat as he pulls you closer to him. “I'm sorry for not noticing there was something wrong,” One arm wrapped around your shoulder, he's cocking his head to the side so he's able to press a kiss to your cheek, trailing toward your lips.
It's a gentle kiss, nothing more than a peck but it still has butterflies swarming in your chest. Not as intense as some of the ones that you've felt before, but they still have an involuntary smile spreading onto your features. “All that cheering has me drained, can we go back to your place?” Head tilted up to look at him, he's grinning.
“Anything you want,” He's leaning up to redirect the driver before he's pulling you right back into his side. The sad look on Jimin's face seems to drift to the back of your mind the further you sink into Jin's embrace. It's warm cuddled up beside him in the back of the limo, safe almost.
And it's weird how feeling safe, still feels like something's missing.
Tumblr media
— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
↭ masterlist
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @hopeworldjimin @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @taesinferno @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tatas @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia​ @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt​ @taejinminsu​ @jinhitwhore​
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A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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tteokggukk · 2 months ago
waiting game → jjk
Tumblr media
– fic type: social media au
– pairing: jungkook x reader
– genre: soulmates au, ex-friends to lovers, humor, crack, fluff, angst, slow burn
– warnings: explicit language, characters are still idiots (what’s new)
– status: ongoing
– updates: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10 PM KST/9AM ET
sm permanent taglist: @boraength @rageyoudamnednerd​ @gaeguuliii​ @justbangtanthingz​ @maknaechu
Tumblr media
in a world where everyone finds a unique connection to their soulmate once they turn of age, y/n can’t seem to figure out her clue. after desperately staying up all night to find one, y/n decides to rest and write down her list of groceries on her arm, ultimately giving up on finding a clue along with the whole idea of soulmates. that is, until jungkook wakes up to a whole list of poorly written ingredients scribbled all over his own arm.
Tumblr media
→ parts
note: links may not be working on mobile so refer to the masterlist for upcoming/previous parts!
character profiles
prologue (teaser)
one | don’t forget the eggs
two | here lies this conversation
three | when he???
four | spin the wheel
five | no backing out
six | still have a soft spot
seven | so u wanna go places
eight | in a friendly platonic way
nine | sweetie pls stop lying
ten | sucks on u for unfollowing
eleven | the power of jungkook’s mouth
twelve | you outshine shrek
thirteen | swedish or shiatsu
fourteen | caught in 4K
fifteen | make your own destiny
sixteen | do you wanna eat ramen with me
seventeen | defective flynn and mean rapunzel
eighteen | ✏️ back to square one
nineteen | something stupid
twenty | always going to be you
twenty-one | give him a chance
twenty-two | a long wait
twenty-three | return from the war
twenty-four | missing: jeon jungkook
twenty-five | flamin’ hot girlfriend
twenty-six | ditching soulmates
twenty-seven | sept. 3, 2021
Tumblr media
↣ all rights reserved © 2021 tteokggukk. please do not repost. translations/modifications are not allowed.
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burningupp · a month ago
Tumblr media
main masterlist
pairing: y/n x taehyung
summary: kim taehyung is your childhood crush. of course you have kept up to date with his success, but you never thought to reach out to him. suddenly, when he's visiting his home town on vacation, he comes to the kindergarten where you work to pick up his cousins. needless to say, you're shocked.
status: completed
Tumblr media
one - bangtan does vacation
two - my chance
three - childhood crush
four - taehyung is back
five - when in doubt, art museums
six - compliments
seven - poet
eight - no allies, bitch
nine - feel bad
ten - kinda rude
eleven - that's COLD
twelve - don't fall for it
thirteen - coffee
fourteen - "huge honor"
fifteen - horny police
sixteen - keep in touch
seventeen - marry his midi-keyboard
eighteen - stupid
nineteen - I? Will?? Fight???
twenty - muffin
twenty-one - I'm sorry
twenty-two - visit
twenty-three - kookie's future girlfriend
twenty-four - how are we feeling?
twenty-five - I liked her first
twenty-six - a real doozy
twenty-seven - literal angel
twenty-eight - apologise
twenty-nine - missing y/nie hours
thirty - arcade
thirty-one - miss muffin
thirty-two - horrible person
thirty-three - small breakdown
thirty-four - nostalgia, but for a person
thirty-five - dumb for real
thirty-six - heated
thirty-seven - lamp
thirty-eight - advice
thirty-nine - hoes mad
forty - they're in love
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ppersonna · 7 months ago
you’ve got mail! - knj | masterlist
Tumblr media
 sm au collab between @ppersonna and @untaemedqueen
➳ summary - Working for a big company is stressful. Working directly under the CEO as his personal secretary is even more so. Instead of entering your daily thoughts into a diary, you've taken to sending emails to a blank email address to record your thoughts. You don't count on them ever being read and you certainly don't count on the one man who you consistently type about to be... the owner of that email.
➳ rating - explicit / 18+ / nsfw
➳ pairing - kim namjoon x reader
➳ warnings - cursing, eventual smut, updated as we go!
➳ about - as this is a collab, the posts will be posted by both @untaemedqueen​ and myself. the masterlist will be the order of contents but they will be either posted by myself or donna!  just in case you’re confused why you’re switching blogs lol.
➳ ppersonna a/n - you know we had to do it to em! donna and i came up with this brilliant idea and wanted to try it out for you guys. we’re so excited and have a few chapters already prepared to drop for you all! please send an ask if you’re interested in being on the taglist for this!
➳ untaemedqueen a/n - Squad, this is an exciting new adventure we're going on and I'm so excited to see where it takes us. CEO Joon is definitely coming in hot
➳ table of contents 
💌 profiles 
💌 the powder keg ig
💌 bitches only ig
💌 rich bad bitches stay together
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jjeongukkie · 3 months ago
regret | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
why we broke up. | jjk sm au. — jungkook and y/n have been together for three years and it was perfect, until it wasn’t. when jungkook tells her that he thinks they should take a break, y/n waits for him only to find out that jungkook has started dating their mutual friend. word count: 1.3k soundtrack: this chapter is brought to you by olivia rodrigo’s sour (not sponsored) 
← chapter seventeen | regret | masterlist →
Tumblr media
There’s a chill that whistles through the air when you wake up. It’s still dark out, which your sleep-addled brain only realises upon sitting up and noticing that the curtains had been left open.
You also realise, rather belatedly, that this isn’t your bedroom.
Your eyes scan the room as an increasing panic crawls up your spine. Anxious, you quickly scan the room for anything you could recognise; until your eyes land on a familiar jacket, strewn across the back of a gaming chair.
You’re in Jungkook’s bed.
Although the initial panic recedes, you don’t feel any better. Your mind quickly retraces your steps from the night before — a relatively easy task given that your mind had not been clouded by alcohol (despite the open bar Doyeon had insisted on nagging her parents to acquire). You recall the fight with Jimin, and the sharp disappointment you had felt when his ambitions had shaken your perception of him. You remember ditching the party, and how your very first instinct was to seek comfort in Jungkook’s company. You remembered rushing to him.
You remember feeling lighter, laughing harder. You recall a nighttime stroll and sharing a pack of shrimp chips at the convenience store near his new apartment building. Blood rushes to your cheeks when you remember how the night had progressed afterwards, and how you had been the one to make the first move. His widened gaze and his frozen stance, melting in milliseconds in a rush to return your kiss. You remember a blur of swollen lips and tangled limbs, of tongues and touches, breathy moans, and wandering hands. 
You don’t regret anything, and that’s what scares you the most.
Looking over at the sleeping man beside you, you ignore the urge to reach over and run your fingers over his skin. You’ve always adored how sleep looks on Jungkook, the way the stresses of every day disappearing while he’s in slumber.
You’ve always admired his work ethic; but admittedly, his diligent nature would sometimes work to his detriment. He’s always been reluctant to admit to his limitations, never been good at caring for himself. But sleeps transforms him. Gone is the ever-present crease of his forehead and the stress that mars his handsome features. It’s a sight that you’ve missed, though it isn’t enough for you to give in to the temptation to sink back into his sheets and go back to sleep as well; just to allow yourself to pretend that the last few months had been nothing more than a nightmare. But you couldn’t do that.
While you don’t regret sleeping with Jungkook, you know that running to your ex-boyfriend hadn’t been your smartest idea to date. You aren’t ready to bear the consequences of your actions, as immature as that sounded. Should you stay and wait for Jungkook to wake up? Should you go?
Jungkook stirs at that moment, and you stiffen. You turn away, back facing him, and you’re frozen in wait. You wait as Jungkook teeters between waking and slumber, careful not to make a move even when a small yawn slips from his mouth. You hear the sheets rustle. Another minute goes by. You’re about to give in, to turn around and address the elephant in the room, when you feel his hand on you, palm on your naked waist. Your eyes widen. He starts to sit up, moving closer so he can rest his chin on your shoulder. 
“Mm,” Jungkook hums groggily, his hand gliding from your waist to your stomach, hugging your body close. He moves his head back, only to place a kiss on your shoulder. Your breath hitches. “Morning.”
You hesitate, before you eventually reply, a meek “Good morning” slipping past your mouth. If Jungkook notices your reluctance, he doesn’t comment on it. He kisses your shoulder again before he begins to get up. You keep your head averted as he scrambles to find a pair of sweatpants that had been discarded the night before. The corner of your eye almost catches his form, but you don't want to be caught looking.
“Breakfast?” There’s a lilt to his voice that almost feels unnatural, an exuberance that doesn’t seem to belong with the natural cadence of his tone. “I’ll make us something.” 
Anxiety crawls through your veins as you consider the implications of staying. You need time to gather your thoughts and you weren’t ready to talk to him about what this means for the two of you — or if it even means anything at all. So lost in your thoughts, you miss the way Jungkook’s face falls at the weight of your silence.
“I went grocery shopping yesterday so the fridge is full — ” nerves lace his words, punctuated by the erratic way he moves around his bedroom. He slips a shirt on before smiling at you, hesitant but hopeful. “What do you feel like? I’ll make it.”
“Actually,” you reply. “I think I should go.”
He tries to school his features to not let his disappointment show, but you notice him wince anyway. 
“Are you sure?” He presses on. “You shouldn’t be skipping out on breakfast.”
You shake your head. “I’ve got some errands to run today.” You lie, force a smile on your face; a pretence which, thankfully, Jungkook doesn’t call you out on.
“But I think we should talk first. I won’t keep you for long.” He objects, features aligning in a frown when you get up to gather your clothes, his sheets wrapped around you. You don’t miss the sadness that coats his words, but you do your best to ignore him as you slip your clothes back on. You’re uncomfortably aware that this is of your own doing, that you’re in this situation through your actions. You’re the one who acted irrationally, you’re the one who ran to Jungkook, the one who made the first move. But you’re not ready to face the situation, not at all. You need a moment, some time to gather your thoughts. It’s too scary to think about the consequences, and you feel like a coward. 
Jungkook waits for you to say something, but it never comes. You hear him heave a weary sigh. He comes a step closer while your back is still turned, a hesitant hand reaching for the curve of your shoulder. You think he’ll ask about breakfast again but instead, your heart thuds when you hear his next words. 
“Last night was the first time I’ve felt okay in months.” He admits, and your heart stills.
Despite his absence and your attempts to move on with your life, your thoughts would often stray to Jungkook during your separation. You had lamented how he could be with someone else so quickly, or if he felt the same blinding hurt that she did when he had forced her out of his life. You know better now that you have the gift of context, but that did nothing to erase the scar he had left behind. You know how he feels now, how he had felt while you two were apart. But to hear him voice his thoughts leaves a stirring in the pit of your stomach, a mix of emotions that you’re too exhausted to address. 
“I’ve missed you. I still miss you,” Jungkook continues. “I miss you right now. You’re — you’re so ready to leave. And I know I left you first. I know I don’t deserve another chance, but I’ll do anything. Anything, Y/N.” He begs. “I can be better.”
“Jungkook, please.” You sigh, defeated. You take a step away from him, towards your purse. You try not to look at him, knowing that you’ll cave as soon as your eyes meet his. “I can’t talk about this right now.”
He ignores you. “Do you regret last night?” He asks. Do you regret me?
“I can’t talk about this right now.” You repeat. “I have to go.”  
Tumblr media
a/n: haha so........ i’m back 😅i am so, so sorry for my disappearing act. real life had dealt me a bad hand, with a few personal tragedies amongst it all. but i’m doing better now and i’m back. how has everyone been? feel free to send me a message! anyway, i know it’s been months but i really adore this story and i feel that i owe it to myself and to the people who still check this series out, to finish it. this chapter feels a bit like filler imo but we’ll be back at the drama soon enough, lol. as always, please leave me feedback as that sort of thing keeps me motivated to continue 💖
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fucked up. | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
⇆series: #fake
⇆main ship: gamer!jungkook x student!reader
⇆genre: angst, angst, and angst and then some fluff
⇆word count: 4.5K (unedited)
⇆warnings: theres cussing, unprotected sex, (wrap it up smh.) riding, dirty talk, tension between yn and jungkook, slut shaming, taehyung x lou ;), taejoon friendship confirmed, jimin and yoongi fight, jungkook and yn fight, everyone is messy tbh
⇆ a/n: if you'd like to be added to the taglist, send me an ask + time stamps are in this part for a reason
Tumblr media
Yn ; October 31th | 11:21 pm
The minute you and Lou are entering the house, everything is in full swing. People scattered all around, some at the bar table filling their cups with whatever type of booze they could, others dancing, playing beer pong, and much more that you knew Jin would throw a fit about later.
Lou is parting ways with you, automatically walking her way to the booze table and pushing some guy you’ve never seen over as you make yourself home to a space on the couch. Lou looked pretty, just like your dark angel costume, she’d placed herself in a white version, the curve of her body showing nicely. She was indeed a pretty angel.
Taehyung is the second person who you see tonight, walking up to you with the same smile you’ve known since fifth grade. “Care if I join you?” He’s noticeably a vampire, the corners of his mouth leaked with fake blood as his red contacts contrast with the costume.
“Sure, Lou went and ditched me… as usual.”
He’s laughing, the only sound that made you feel comfortable in this crowded house full of people you’ve seen but never made the time to get to know. The two of you had finally been able to talk after a long time and it was nice. You and Taehyung were good friends and you hoped it stayed that way.
“I like your costume.” He says, taking a quick glance over at your outfit, but deciding that if he looked any further it would make you uncomfortable.
You’re smiling at him this time, settling into the party as your side tucks into his. “You want something to drink?” Nodding slowly, Taehyung is standing up and walking towards the bar table.
It had been a few minutes of you sitting there when you decided to walk around the place. Loud music with people’s chatter to overlap with it. You easily are swinging past bodies, trying to find Taehyung’s figure who wasn’t at the bar table any more. It wasn’t until you feel a hand on your shoulder when you are close by the backyard sliding doors that you stop. “Hey.”
You turn and there Jungkook is, red solo cup in hand, and a smile placed on his face as your heart pounds. He looks hot, black hood over his head with clown makeup decorating his face, his jeans ripped like always. His costume was simple, but even so, still made your heart race.
He had been waiting to see you all night, got here early due to Namjoon’s request to get out the house and help, and so seeing you here made his heart happy, made him happy.
He’s taking a long glance down your body, swallowing hard when he notices that you aren't wearing alot to cover your figure, parts of your body like your cleavage and thighs on full display to him. “Like what you see?” You tease as he frowns down at you, which has you laughing, unintentionally placing your hand on his chest.
His gaze softens the minute your touch is all he feels. “Why don’t we go somewhere quieter?” He asks, watching as you move closer to him every time someone pushes past you. “Sure, follow me.” You say as you slip your hand into his and start leading him past others, not noticing the blush that rises on your cheeks.
Tumblr media
Namjoon ; October 31th | 11:37 pm
Namjoon was a tall.. a little too tall handsome guy, to which he had found out by the longing glances he would get from girls and even so guys. This was not his usual thing, never had himself at a party so he was determined to find someone he knew and hang with them for the majority of the night.
Slipping past a few people, he’s coming into sight of Taehyung, choppy brown hair displaying in messy waves as a red solo cup had been accompanying him for the night. Namjoon is walking up to him, dimples on full display, which has Taehyung splitting his gaze from something to him in an instant. “Yo dude, like your costume.”
Namjoon did not plan to go all out for this simple halloween party, and seeing as Jin told him that it was a costume party, he opted to dress up as his future career. He wore a bright orange nasa jumpsuit, one that his mom bought him per his request. He wanted to be an astronaut and sure hell this kid could do it.
“Thanks.” Namjoon takes a seat beside Taehyung, finally realizing that his attention wasn’t on the 5’11 tall ass guy seated next to him, but rather on a shorter girl who’s doe eyes were scanning around the kitchen.
Namjoon recognized her almost instantly, didn't even have to question it by the way Taehyung is sighing hard. “When has she looked that pretty, and why am I just realizing this.” He blurts, Namjoon not knowing if he’s talking to him or to the air that this party didn’t have enough of.
“Why don’t you talk to her?” Taehyung cocks his head in Namjoons direction, an unrecognizable look on his face. He had been watching her the minute he assumed you found Jungkook, his gaze not being able to falter at all from her direction.
“I don’t know man, I don’t want to fuck up our friendship.” Taehyung admits, he didn’t know whatever the feeling that he felt right now was. But he did know if he were to explore it, he could possibly fuck it all up.
“Well, you never know. That’s why they are called “leaps of faith,” namjoon shifts in his spot on the couch, watching as the girl they had been looking at is startly approached by another figure. “You never know. If you don’t go, others will.”
Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice, getting up from his seat the minute the girl’s face crinkles in uncomfortableness at the other unknown guy. Taehyung didn’t know what would come out of him and Lou, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t ignore how he felt at that moment.
Tumblr media
Jimin ; November 1st | 12:03 pm
If there was one thing Jimin knew, it was that costumes at Halloween parties are not mandatory. He very much disliked dressing up in some tacky costume, like a couple who had just walked past him as a firefighter and a dalmation. Fucking lame.
Instead, Jimin dressed hot, dressed in clothes that he wore all the time, but for Yoongi, it made his heart pound and Jimin knew that. Could tell all just by the way Yoongi would take long glances the whole ride to Jin’s and would constantly suck in air the minute Jimin is softly brushing against him.
Jimin had been seated on one of the bar stools in the den of Jin’s house, carefully watching as Jin and Yoongi go at it in a round of beer pong. Yoongi was losing terribly, his attention too intertwined with the blonde that was sitting comfortably behind him.
Jin’s turn was next, only had three more cups to go before Yoongi was completely plastered, which meant that Jimin would have to drive them home. Yoongi was already starting to become drunk, the smell of booze making Jimin’s nose crinkle in a cringe. Drinking was overrated.
Jin takes one of the balls in his hands, angling his hand as he squints before chucking the ball, the sound of a plastic ball hitting liquid making Yoongi groan. “F-fuck man.” Yoongi grunts, slipping the ball out of the cup before tipping the cup up to his lips and chugging the rest of its contents.
Jimin watched with distaste, Jin smirking widely before waiting for Yoongi to try his shot with the remaining eight cups left on Jin’s side. “Man, I think it’s far to see I've won.” Jin says taunting but Yoongi glares hard at the older male. “You, you shut your big lip ass up. I can do it just fine you f-fucker.”
Yoongi reaches his hand down into the small basket full of ping pong balls, grabbing the plastic orb and trying to copy Jin’s movements, but failed with a drunken stance, the ping pong ball bouncing off the table and onto the floor.
“S-shit.” He groans, Jin smirking as Jimin rolls his eyes. There was no way that Yoongi was going to win and it was starting to annoy Jimin because he was sitting here watching him just drink and drink.
Soon enough Yoongi was sipping down his last drink, proving ultimately that Jin won fair and square. “Damn dude, usually you beat me. Must be my lucky day.” Jin laughs out and Jimin slips off from the bar stool. “I’m going to go get me some water.”
Yoongi being completely plastered was a bad thing. Not only was he extremely clumsy but he was ill-tempered and acted rash and right on the spot. So the minute he’s coming to the conclusion Jimin’s leaving him behind, he’s turning fast and accidentally spilling the remainder of booze on Jimin’s clothes.
“Fuck! Baby I didn’t mean to.” Yoongi says, not paying attention to the looks people are starting to give the minute they realize what just left his mouth.
Jimin didn’t care about his clothes, but what he did care about was Yoongi just outting them out. Outting him out. Yoongi had been trying to wipe away the stain with his hand, not even understanding that wasn’t how it worked.
Jimin slapped his hand away, Yoongi’s face forming into a frown as he realized Jimin was pissed. “Don’t fucking touch me.” Yoongi finally realized around him that people were watching, looking back at Jimin.
And here came the ill-temper that Yoongi had when drunk.
“Are you fucking embarrassed of us? What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
Tumblr media
Yn ; October 31th | 11:42 pm
You had found no one occupying Jin’s guest room, slowly leading Jungkook inside and locking it so no one could come busting inside and interrupting the two of you. Which was usually drunks and or people looking for places to fuck.
Jungkook sat on the end of the bed, his usual man spreading pose coming into your line of sight. It makes you blush, having to stop yourself from being anymore of a fool that you could possibly be.
“Hey, you can come sit too.” Patting with persistence you’re sitting down with a slight giggle that has Jungkook smiling back at you. He had noticed the blush that placed your cheeks, his starting to burn.
“You’re blushing.” You blurt out, that has Jungkook flinching as a slightly irritated look was on his face. “You’re the one who’s blushing.” He says, eyebrows furrowed as you look away from, trying to cool down your face.
“It’s because of you,” he speaks out, his straightforwardness never faulting in his personality. You turn your head to face him, face bright red with doe eyes piercing his gaze. “It’s because of you that is making me blush.”
At this moment your heart is beating fast, his body shifting closer to yours as you swallow hard. Jungkook has always been clear cut, always knew what he wanted, but when you came along, his dynamic changed. He wanted you, and he wanted to prove it.
“Tell me if you don’t want to.” That’s all he says as he waits for your response. Your heart almost about to burst out of your chest. You wanted this, for him to kiss you again and to be wrapped up in just him. “Go ahead..”
That is all you had to say before his lips are in the space of yours, hearts beating at the same pace together. His hand slowly creeped up and intermingled with yours. Your stomach filled with butterflies, his warmth and smell surrounding your senses.
The next thing you knew, you were spread out on the sheets of Jin’s guest room, Jungkook’s flushed face and deep breaths as he doesn’t know what he wants to do first. “I don’t have a condom.” He says, because obviously he didn’t think he would be over your naked body like this, about to fuck you like this.
Your response is filled with shyness, the fact you’ve never let someone look at you like this, and because he didn't know he looked so adorable at this moment. Hair standing up every which way, eyes hooded, and cheeks pink. “You can continue..”
“Is this your first time?" He asks as though that should be the response to what was about to happen. You can't help the giggle that tumbles from your lips, gesturing along to his slightly shocked face. "Yeah, it is." 
He's coming over to you, looking you in the eyes as you slightly bite a hold on your lip. "Ah, uhm okay. I’ll be gentle, just tell me if anything is hurting." He talks distractedly as he investigates your body and you can't tell if he’s nervous or just doesn't know what he’s doing.
Whenever he's settled on his decision, he's moving to lay over you once more, your legs spread out towards him. Going to press another kiss to your mouth, however you're halting him before your lips are contacting. "You can chill too, you know? I don’t expect this to be perfect." 
He’s nodding his head, before sitting up and pulling his shirt off his head, which was the last article of clothing that made the two not fully naked.
"How about you ride me," An idea that plainly flew into his head, however he's finishing, moving back and onto his back. You couldn’t help the blush that crept up on your face the minute his hands came in contact with your waist, placing you above his torso.
He’s moving to align himself perfectly with your entrance, a slight moan escaping from your lips the minute you're slowly slipping to be seated on him. He groans, his hands coming to make a place on your hips. You didn’t know what to do at first, this had been your first time, and it wasn’t like you were taking notes on how to be fucked.
It was the way he would moan differently that had you figuring out a better pace for the both of you. His head had been placed back into his pillow, at an angle to where he could watch how your tits would bounce and exactly how your wetness would pool down onto his dick. “God fuck baby, you feel so fucking good.”
His words rolled off his tongue with such ease, you hadn’t been uncomfortable at all by his dirty talk. And he knew that just by the way your walls would clench and a longed out whine would slip past your lips. If you did that again he probably would have cum right then and there.
His hands held a tighter grasp on your hips the minute you were placing your hands to rest on his chest, your hips rolling at a quicker pace, his dick rubbing up and down on your walls. “Fuck..” His tip slips back as you bring down your hips back onto him. 
“Yeah baby, just like that." He praises, voice stressed as he feels his cock jerk somewhere inside you. He's not even sure where you learned this, because plot twist you didn’t learn it anywhere. Your pussy fixes around him at the finish of his words and it pushes him to the edge, making him throw his head back again.
It’s when he’s feeling his high coming that he’s moving your back, your chest pressed to his as he’s moving his legs and thrusting into your pussy. You moan loudly, his nails digging into your hips as your hands are tangled in his hair. Lips finding each other as you could feel your climax reaching too.
He doesn’t stop his fast thrusts until your moaning non stop, the feel of your nails digging hard into his hair, legs shaking uncontrollably as the two of you are hitting your climax. The sound of his moans mixing with yours as the only person you thought about was him.
His arms stay around your body until the roll of your hips transforms into little jerks, gasped breaths hitting his neck which has him smiling softly. His neck cranes so he can get a decent glance at your face, a fucked out smile on your face. “Damn, dick that good?” He teases as he feels a huff pressed to his skin.
You're fast to turn in his arms, scrunching your nose as you gaze toward him. "You suck, you really looked hot in that costume," He laughs loudly at that, as he rests his nose in the crook of your neck. You're immediately loaded up with warmth as his arms wrap themselves around your waist. He wanted nothing but to stay in this moment with you.
An all around recognizable feeling starts to pool in your stomach. It was beginning to get harder to contain your complete infatuation with Jungkook, to hold yourself back from falling excessively fast. The way he had been holding onto you gently, drawing circles with his fingertips, and even humming softly, you knew you were fucked.
Tumblr media
Yn ; November 1st | 12:37 pm
Soon enough Jungkook is slipping away from your grasp, checking the constant notifications dinging from his phone which made him shoot up from the bed and hurry up to put on his clothes.
“Woah- Is everything okay?” You ask, pulling the sheets with you to cover yourself. Jungkook could see the worried expression on your face, “Yeah baby, don’t worry Hoseok needs me down stairs, Jimin and Yoongi are fighting.”
The minute you are hearing his words, you have to digest. First, he called you baby and boy did you like it, and second Jimin and Yoongi were fighting? You were shocked, hurrying to get out of bed but Jungkook is stopping you.
“No. You stay here okay? I’ll come back after it’s all done, it’s just so you don’t get hurt.” That’s all he says before he’s rushing out of the room leaving you with a shocked and worried feeling.
It had been about twenty minutes and Jungkook still hadn’t come back, so you decided that you would go see what was going on by yourself.
Walking down the stairs in one of Jin’s hoodies and shorts, you heard a lot of yelling, but most importantly crying. Slipping through a few people your heart almost broke at the sight.
Jungkook had been holding back Yoongi as Hoseok and Jin did the same with Jimin, Yoonig’s face streaming with tears, eyes red and nose bloodshot. “Why the fuck are you so scared huh?? Am I nothing to you?!?” He screams, trying to claw out of Jungkook’s hold as Jimin’s eyes are just as hurt as Yoongi’s are. “I never said shit about that Yoongi! I just wished you would have given me time!”
Yoongi can’t control what he’s feeling at that point, tears still streaming as he’s still trying to fight his way out of Jungkook's hold. “You’re my fucking boyfriend Jimin?! Why is that so hard to accept??” Everyone is shocked as Jimin breaks down. You had never seen Yoongi so hurt before, never seen him cry and sure as hell never seen him interested in someone. Jimin doesn’t even look Yoongi in the eyes before he’s leaving, slipping past people who were recording, tears streaming through both of their eyes. Yoongi screams after him, begging him to stop walking and come back but Jimin doesn't and you could tell it broke Yoongi more.
Soon enough Jin announces the party will continue and for no one to panic as him and Jungkook lead Yoongi up towards his room, trying to calm down the crying guy with every walk.
You needed something to drink after that, today was a lot to process and a drink from whatever was in the bottle that was in your hand would suffice. “Now bitch, boy do I have some tea to spill for you.” Lou’s voice rang from beside you, a bright smile on her face.
She instantly notices you’re in Jin’s clothes, but decides that she’ll ask you about it later, but first she needs to tell you about what she just experienced. “Girlfriend guess who just kis-” She doesn’t even get to finish her sentence before someone is walking up.
Lou steps beside you the second her personal space is being invaded, the look on the guys face nasty and uncomfortable. “I’m glad I finally found you again, I never got to ask your name before that one guy came.”
From the way Lou shudders and the way he talks you can tell she’s met him and doesn’t want to again. “Listen dude, she’s not interested.” You speak up, but the guy doesn’t take his hint, a sour look on his face the minute you’re interjecting.
“Listen bitch, why don’t you go get fucked somewhere else alright?”
He’s motioning towards Jin’s clothes, a ping in your chest the minute you realise he just slut shamed you, an instant feeling of discomfort coming through your skin. Lou is seconds from saying something before Taehyung is stepping behind the guy and coughing loudly.
The guy falters, looking over his shoulder and swallowing down. “You know what? I think my friend just called me.” No one gets to say anything before he’s walking fastly away, a worried expression on Taehyung’s face. “Yn? You alright?”
You couldn’t move, the minute you are hearing the concerned voices of Lou and Taehyung has you unintentionally crying. Taehyung doesn’t know what to do when he sees this, softly reaching out and grabbing a hold on your arm and pulling you into a hug.
Tumblr media
Jungkook ; November 1st | 1:13 pm
Jungkook helps Jins put Yoongi on his bed before he’s walking across the room into the guest room and being hit with emptiness. He rushed downstairs and looked across the house only to see people going back to what they were doing.
It’s when he looks toward the kitchen that he sees you, but what he sees makes his thoughts run loose. He couldn’t deny that since the day he had proposed to “fake date” that maybe you still thought of it like that and even so, liked Taehyung.
He was pissed, pissed because now he was convincing himself that you played him, pissed at himself for slowly falling for you when he shouldn’t have. He’s walking over towards the kitchen area and clawing you out of Taehyung’s grasp. “Man what the fuck.” Taehyung frowns hard at the younger guy, but Jungkook isn’t looking at him.
“I think it’s time to end the deal.” Jungkook seethes through his teeth, his jaw clenched as you looked confused. Lou and Taehyung were confused behind him. “Jungkook why are you ups-” He doesn’t let you finish, the grip on your hand tight. “I was stupid to think you liked me, but you know what that’s what I get huh? I mean I was the one who suggested for you to fake date me to get over Taehyung for Lou. But even still it looks like Taehyung likes you over her.”
“You did WHAT??” And that’s when shit hits the fan. Jungkook’s eyes widen the minute he realizes what he’s said, Lou scrunching her fists around the cup she had in her hands, liquid spewing out.
“What a load of bullshit.” She doesn’t even look at Jungkook, her cold gaze directed towards you. You had seen this look before, always toward her mom or her brother when they severely pissed her off, but now it was directed toward you for the first time.
“I knew it was all fucking weird. But you two seriously took me for a fucking fool huh? I can’t believe this is what you do behind my back.” You were scrambling, trying your best to not break down. “Lou it’s not what you think-” She doesn’t let you finish either, grabbing a bottle of alcohol and throwing it on the floor, breaking it. “So this is the kind of friend you take me for!!” She looks you dead in the eyes, before turning around and realizing that Taehyung had heard Jungkook’s words. She couldn’t do this, turning around fully and running away, out the house or somewhere in the house, just anywhere away from there.
You push your way out of Jungkook’s grasp, making him realize that he fucked up the minute that he’s watching your back, your figure running away and out the house. You had just lost your best friend and the guy you were falling for all in one night.
Tumblr media
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— "first loves have always been confusing, but when you're bestfriend confesses she likes someone, your willing to do anything, even fake date and even so, find your first love."
⇆a/n: if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask - (if you aren’t being tagged. turn notifications on)
TAGLIST: @pjmriri @yoongiofmine @shatzkrinslinzki @sereni-soo @avke @betysotelo18 @she-is-dreaming @jkslachimolala @rageyoudamnednerd @teti-menchon0604 @peachy-skz0325 @shreyuuu @pvt-only @lovelytaes-blog @awseokjin @girlwiththeglittereyeliner @tanumiki
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risk it — jjk | masterlist.
Tumblr media
↠ fic type: social media au, exes to lovers
↠ main pairing: tattoo artist!jungkook x salon owner!reader
↠ side ships: namjin, vmin (fwb), hoseok x makeup artist!oc
↠ genre: heavy angst
↠ warnings: explicit language, mature themes, smut, light pining, jealousy, alcohol usage, light violence
↠ status: ongoing
✧ a drunken text ends with you wrapped up in the arms of your ex-boyfriend. aka the man that you dumped two years prior, after he refused to marry you. suddenly, all of the feelings that you’d seemingly had buried come rushing back up to the surface, and you’re not sure how long you can ignore them.
a/n: if you’d like to be added to the tag list, send me an ask!
Tumblr media
character profiles. 
one: quote me on that.
two: dumb as fuck.
three: plastered.
four: pretend.
five: already forgotten.
six: try it and see.
seven: easy lay.
eight: most toxic two.
nine: one more chance.
ten: get our shit together.
eleven: i hate it here.
twelve: wicked witch.
thirteen: drop dead.
bonus: getting serious.
fourteen: men ain’t shit.
fifteen: the truth.
sixteen: moving on. 
seventeen: happy n stuff.
eighteen: character growth.
nineteen: risk it.
twenty: evil twin.
twenty-one: hong kong.
twenty-two: fake love.
twenty-three: baby emoji.
twenty-four: aunt or uncle.
twenty-five: my everything.
epilogue 01: the wedding.
epilogue 02: the marriage.
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sweetheartyoongi · 12 days ago
ummmmmm does anyone know what happened to bloomsuga? did shae leave for good or just rename her blog because when I search her it says nothing exists and I am full on Panicked™️ 😰
update: thank you to all those who passed along the confirmation that bloomsuga has deactivated. it’s really sad for us as readers, but I think the best way we can thank shae for sharing her stories with us is to respect her decision and hope she continues taking care of herself, while remembering how much joy her works brought us 🧡
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writerforkpop · a month ago
Not His Type 💜
// jjk x reader au
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💜 “Not His Type” Part 7 / 10
On your first day of university you were warned of campus’ biggest player, Jeon Jungkook. He was known for romancing girl after girl, only to drop them less than two weeks later. Over the past year, you’ve noticed Jungkook’s obvious type, which is the complete opposite of yourself. One day you share this observation with a friend and in response they propose an interesting bet. An all expense paid vacation if you get the infamous player Jungkook to fall for you by spring break. Not wanting to spend your time off at home, you agree to the bet. Getting Jungkook interested in you seems easy enough considering he’ll chase after anything in a skirt. Except the one problem; you’re not his type.
Not His Type Masterlist
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dejayoonw · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more, myg
part twenty nine | epilogue 3, favorite uncle
a/n: & that’s it folks😭 i loved writing this soft lil fic so much, i’m such a hoe for dad!yoongi. as always your feedback has meant so much so thanks for reading & enjoying this fic with me 🤍
taglist: @midkpjm @soulstaes @kirbykook @loveyoongles @tae165 @min-yus @quag19 @thevirus35 @jinhitwhore @rjsmochii @marianeamine @miriamxsworld @aliceluckycharm @ego-allie-bap @preciouschimine @munkey888 @halesandy @purpletaecup @betysotelo18 @cribabieee @paaauxb @uhmdaddychill @wholockian1 @wrmnssoul @teti-menchon0604 @afiaaaa19 @serendipitysev @localmoonchild @yoonminseokenthusist @sapphire-malfoy
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kimnjss · 3 months ago
cyberslut | myg sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (platonic...) vmin.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity...
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity.
*BYR: yn knows yoongi is the guy she’s posting abt... yoongi does not know abt yns acct (until he finds out). yoongi nd yn have never talked before the start of this fic.
status: completed!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
bonus drabbles...
prologue: homeroom hottie
character profiles: yn, her alter ego, nd besties
character profiles: yoongi nd the boyz
part one: invasion of privacy
part two: private sessions
part three: pretty prints
part four: went viral
part five: malleable substances
part six: fellow fish nerd
part seven: long night
bonus: fuck me
part eight: fucking prude
part nine: under the bleachers
part ten: buzzer beater
part eleven: mentally fucking
part twelve: deductive reasoning
bonus: turn the page
part thirteen: teachers pet
part fourteen: surprise me
part fifteen: emotion sex
part sixteen: sexy mermaid
part seventeen: not finished
time jump: untapped ass
part eighteen: give a fuck
part nineteen: not dating
part twenty: away game
part twenty-one: at your pace
bonus: nervous and excited
part twenty-two: petal
part twenty-three: too messy
part twenty-four: drunk yoongi
part twenty-five: being stupid
part twenty-six: superior couple
part twenty-seven: iconic parties
part twenty-eight: twenty minutes
part twenty-nine: risk it
part thirty: reformed fuckboy
part thirty-one: nice change
part thirty-two: public event
part thirty-three: bars and clubs 
epilogue: on purpose
epilogue: fucking nerd
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tteokggukk · 25 days ago
waiting game → jjk | twenty-six: ditching soulmates
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist | prev | next
– fic type: social media au, soulmates au
– pairing: jungkook x reader
– genre: ex-friends to lovers, humor, crack, fluff, angst, slow burn
– warnings: explicit language
SYNOPSIS: in a world where everyone finds a unique connection to their soulmate once they turn of age, y/n can’t seem to figure out her clue. after desperately staying up all night to find one, y/n decides to rest and write down her list of groceries on her arm, ultimately giving up on finding a clue along with the whole idea of soulmates. that is, until jungkook wakes up to a whole list of poorly written ingredients scribbled all over his own arm.
taglist: @boraength @rageyoudamnednerd @gaeguuliii @justbangtanthingz @maknaechu @lochness-butmakeitsexy @thealmightyzah @cholychi @curedblues @zxlummxxd @buzzyybee @miriamxsworld @bringitseijoh @j00nifi3d @cuteipat @lilacdreams-00 @missmadwoman @ggukkieland @c0ld-as-russia @notvantaes @yoontaethings @madaboutjeon @littletinyhobi @duchesskaren @vantxx95 @rosesandluna @rainy-cobbled-streets @taegijns @jaiuneamesolitaiire @dopedreamfireparty @music-makes-me-shine @imluckybitches @betysotelo18 @viscoolreal @cha-raena @starlitemotions @jaerisdiction @michellejonesbitch @ellesalazar @babyrosieareroses @staaardustt @secretlycrazyhummingbird @rikilvr @calumsfringe @ghiblijoons @pvt-only @todoroki-slut @definitelynotcesia @magicsweetener @moonibub @lovelytaes-blog @thequeen-kat @youreverydayzebra @wrmnssoul @tanumiki @itsalyssa15 @halesandy @rdiamondbts2727 @luvrsofbts @shreyuuu @windex-princess-ami @excelseor @stfu-xeena @writieryn @girlwiththeglittereyeliner @tazzi-baby @657mg @liquidnovocaine @lyra0cassiopeia @di0rgguk @thelilbutifulthings @renhold-nightspear @detective-daikon @taeshuworld @hobizi @tatajoonierecs @wildflower-tae @theestrangeddreamer @wearenot7withu @sunshine-skz @90s-belladonna @happycupcakeenthusiast @kinkyduuh @goofyhoffy @neptuniees
happy birthday jungkook!!!!! also hello if you’re reading this i still can’t function properly after his live that was TWO FULL HOURS and he sang a lot of the songs I’ve been begging to hear live wtf wtf wtf man im just really happy 😭
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burningupp · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thirty-three: small breakdown
<<< masterlist >>>
Taglist (open):
@missmadwoman @jovialdelusionbouquet @sopebubbles @sugarcayls @a-noona-mous @emmmui @chimchiekookie @renhold-nightspear @halesandy @gracefulevijlsoul @ephyra1230 @leahknox @somelazysundays @r4yih @jikooksgirl19 @orxphicz3phyrs @secretlycrazyhummingbird @taeshuworld @hannahdinse8 @mybabywearschanel @lovelytaes-blog @salty-for-suga @lyra0cassiopeia @theestrangeddreamer @xianav @gingerspicetalks @unicornbabylover @sumzysworld @softforqiankun @niafics @anythingbutintense @joyfullyobsessed @90s-belladonna @unadulteratedlyunique @dreamamubarak @erodemyedges @wholockian1
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ppersonna · 6 months ago
agent of love - jjk | 05
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➸  as the FBI agent assigned to your phone, Jungkook keeps a diligent watch.  he takes a special interest when you try your hand in online dating AND online sexting. desperate to keep you from bombing yet another potential date, Jungkook breaks his vow of silence to assist you in your plight to get laid.
05 - sexless losers
a/n- so sorry for the delay in getting these out! im working really hard to make sure i can update a little more regularly!!! i hope you enjoy!!!
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jjeongukkie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why we broke up. | jjk sm au.
— jungkook and y/n have been together for three years and it was perfect, until it wasn’t. when jungkook tells her that he thinks they should take a break, y/n waits for him only to find out that jungkook has started dating their mutual friend.
← chapter twenty-one | don’t look | masterlist →
Tumblr media
a/n: i apologise for the short break! the issues i was having with my account dampened by motivation but things should be all good now. anyway, i’m trying to finish this series before august so we can start boy problems but omg we will say. wwbu ama is still open so send the characters your questions and comments!! . as always, please consider reblogging to get more eyes on this series and leave me feedback as that sort of thing keeps me motivated to continue 💖
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knpjpr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
twenty six - my boyfriend
Tumblr media
↫ masterlist ↬
— "first loves have always been confusing, but when you're bestfriend confesses she likes someone, your willing to do anything, even fake date and even so, find your first love."
⇆a/n: if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask - (if you aren’t being tagged. turn notifications on)
TAGLIST: @pjmriri @yoongiofmine @shatzkrinslinzki @sereni-soo @avke @betysotelo18 @she-is-dreaming @jkslachimolala @rageyoudamnednerd @teti-menchon0604 @peachy-skz0325 @shreyuuu @pvt-only @lovelytaes-blog @awseokjin @girlwiththeglittereyeliner @tanumiki @rjsmochii
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ppersonnakookies · a year ago
irregular heartbeat — myg | masterlist.
Tumblr media
fic type: social media au
main pairing: surgeon!yoongi x surgical intern!reader
side ships: taekook, minjoon
genre: smut, angst
series warnings: fluff, crack, explicit language, sexual themes, pining, loss of virginity, more to be added
status: ongoing
— hot girl meets hot guy at a bar, lets him buy her a drink, then hooks up with him in the bathroom without even asking for his name. your typical friday night cliché. except for the fact that you’re a virgin, and the guy you drunkenly lose your v-card to is your superior at your new job.
if you’d like to be added to the tag list, send us an ask! 
Tumblr media
00: character profiles.
01: pussy wagon.
02: AMF.
03: decently clean bathroom.
04: ice cream.
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burberryplaid · 2 months ago
randomly texting pick up lines to them ― bts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: this was a random idea that came to me since i realized i haven't posted anything in a while XD i hope you liked it :)
do not repost, edit, or claim as your own.
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taegiconic · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Famous photographer and youtuber, Jeon Jungkook, couldn't imagine that one day he would find his muse doing what he loved, neither did she, but there will come problems in their company.
Tumblr media
pairing📸 photographer and youtuber! jungkook x model and influencer! y/n
genre📸 famous!au, angst, fluff, problems, crack humor
updates📸 once a week
Tumblr media
Profiles📸 y/n and friends
                     jungkook and friends
1📷. A thread
2📷. Zoom meetings
3📷. Muse
4📷. Company's Dinner
5📷. A couple of besties
6📷. Confess
7📷. Thigh tattoo
8📷. Act Surprised
9📷. Rooftop
10📷. Spoil
11📷. Lies
12📷. Men rights
13📷. Assumptions
14📷. Healing
15📷. POV
16📷. Wine
17📷. Together
18📷. What it is
19📷. Always
20📷. Free
21📷. Euphoria
22📷. Heartbroken
23📷. Prince
24📷. B7
Epilogue📷: One
Two — Final
if you want to be tagged tell me here or replying to this
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writerforkpop · 2 months ago
Not His Type 💜
// jjk x reader au
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the first time in months you show up to class wearing something besides sweats and a hoodie. Before leaving your dorm room, you picked out one of your favorite dresses that hadn’t seen the light of day in a while, and a white pair of sneakers. On the way you notice an increased amount of stares from men and women alike. The newfound attention made you feel a bit more confident about your current quest for Jeon Jungkook’s heart. You’d always thought you were pretty but worried if a guy as handsome as him would be attracted to you. However, given today’s recent events, your worries were eased.
When you finally arrive to class, you notice Jungkook sitting alone on his phone. You quickly walk to your seat and take out your pen and notebook.
“Hey, can I borrow a pen?” says a voice behind you. You turn around to be met with the doe eyes of none other than Jungkook himself.
Stunned, you silently retrieve a spare pen from your bag and hand it to him. You receive a quick thanks before his eyes return back to his phone. Though you weren’t expecting the man to be slack-jawed, you still hoped for some sort of reaction to your new appearance. Annoyed, you directed your attention to your chem professor who had just begun lecturing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Class is almost over but your professor continues to drone on and on, with no sign of stopping. Currently he’s talking about a midterm project worth 30% of your grade.
“For this project, I will be assigning each student one person to work with. The duo will conduct research on a topic relating to our Chemistry course, write a 10 page paper on it, then give a presentation on the topic to the class.” The weight of your professor’s words hit you hard. Though you had an “A” in this class, you couldn’t risk a low project score jeopardizing your grade. When your focus returned to your professor, he was announcing the last duo.
“Last but not least, the last pair is Y/n Y/l/n and Jeon Jungkook.” For a few moments you sat in your seat shocked at the names that were read out. Apparently even fate wanted you with Jungkook.
Regaining your composure, you turn around to look at your new partner and suddenly meeting his gaze. Several seconds pass as you stare at each other, your wide eyes and open jaw contrasting his dark eyes and smirk. He then extends his hand saying, “Nice to meet you Y/n. I’m Jeon Jungkook, your new partner.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💜 “Not His Type” Part 2 / 10
On your first day of university you were warned of campus’ biggest player, Jeon Jungkook. He was known for romancing girl after girl, only to drop them less than two weeks later. Over the past year, you’ve noticed Jungkook’s obvious type, which is the complete opposite of yourself. One day you share this observation with a friend and in response they propose an interesting bet. An all expense paid vacation if you get the infamous player Jungkook to fall for you by spring break. Not wanting to spend your time off at home, you agree to the bet. Getting Jungkook interested in you seems easy enough considering he’ll chase after anything in a skirt. Except the one problem; you’re not his type.
Not His Type Masterlist
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