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#bts smut
v-hope · 2 days ago
for the tf!drabbles, how about someone commenting on how 🌺jk is missing out since he’s only ever had sex with y/n or something like that and he’s not having it? or whatever reaction you would like him to have of course. i love this couple so much!
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, smut (not really but still), sex talk, established relationship, slice of life, non-idol au
word count: 2.3k
a/n: i think it’s been a while since i got this ask but i couldn’t get this scenario out of my head now. idk if this is what you had in mind but the softness of this kind of atmosphere got me and i just went with it lol. i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
With the credits of the movie you had decided to watch that lazy afternoon rolling and one last roll of your hips, making your boyfriend come undone just like you had done a minute ago, you let your forehead rest against his — heavy breathings mixing together and filling the rather hot bedroom as you felt his warm release fill you up.
Still catching his breath, Jeongguk pressed one last lingering kiss to your swollen mouth, enjoying the way you smiled against his pink lips and not finding it in him to stop himself from peppering wet kisses all the way down to your neck.
It was fair to say, lazy, needy, sloppy sex was at the top five of his favourite kind of sex to have with you. Especially when you were wearing nothing but a t-shirt of his over your underwear and rode him just the way he loved it.
“So that was a good movie, wasn’t it?” you breathily chuckled, feeling goosebumps on your skin when he pulled the collar of his t-shirt down enough for your shoulder to be exposed.
He laughed under his breath, pressing a couple of slow kisses to your naked skin. “Loved the second half of it the most”.
You found yourself giggling. Of course his favourite part had been the one you had been too busy making out to pay attention to.
You could only agree with him, though.
Placing two fingers under his chin and making him go back to your eye level, you pressed your mouth to his — tongues softly playing together as your fingers entangled in his by then messy hair and his hands dug once again under the thin fabric covering your body, soothingly caressing your hips while you got lost in each other’s touch.
“Let’s stay like this forever?” Jeongguk mumbled against your lips.
“I would love to,” you pouted, allowing him to kiss it away right after. “But this lazy Sunday in bed will have to do”.
Jeongguk sighed, watching you slump down on bed next to him and fix your underwear. He was quick to follow your actions, later placing the pillow against the headboard so he could rest his head on it and pull you to his chest.
“I miss being in college and skipping class to stay in bed together” he pouted this time, grabbing the remote next to him and looking for a new movie to watch.
“Those were the days” you remembered with a smile. “At least we get to live together now”.
He smiled wholeheartedly at that, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead.
Living together. Hands down the highlight of being a responsible adult.
“And we don’t need to constantly hear Namjoon hyung’s complaints anym—oh, let’s watch Iron Man!”
Rolling your eyes in amusement at his weak ass attention span, you made yourself more comfortable on his chest — eyes fixed on the TV as the movie you had watched a million times by now started playing.
Nevertheless, right then, with Robert Downey Jr.’s voice being heard throughout the room and Guk’s fingers soothingly running up and down your arm, you couldn’t seem to focus on the film.
There was something a certain coworker of yours had said the other night while drinking together, and even though she knew nothing about you and your relationship with Jeongguk, you could not help but want to know if maybe, just maybe, she was right.
You had told yourself you wouldn’t ask him, that it was silly, but having him bring up your last two college years in which you would constantly disturb his roommate, made you want to know his answer all over again. Plus, asking him after having had sex seemed like the right timing. Or at least you hoped so.
“Bunny?” your unsure voice came out of your mouth before you could overthink the whole thing any further.
“Hm?” his eyes remained fixed on the TV in front.
“Can we talk?”
His chocolate eyes were suddenly fixed on yours, taking in your troubled expression. “You’re not breaking up with me right after having sex, are you?” his words earned a snort from you. “That would be humiliating”.
You couldn’t help but laugh at his words, burying your head in the crook of his neck as you did so.
“Or is it because I finally got you tired of Iron Man?”
Amusedly shaking your head no, you leaned up to steal a small kiss from his lips. “You know I would never leave you”.
“I know,” he smiled, pressing his lips on yours one more time. “Otherwise I would already be crying”.
Rolling your eyes as a chuckle escaped your mouth, you pushed a messy strand of hair out of his face. “It’s more of a question, actually”.
“What is it?” he tilted his head.
“Do you ever…” you took a deep breath, trying to find the right words. “Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on… experimenting?”
He raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Experimenting?”
“Yeah, you know…” you mindlessly played with the fabric of his collar. “Like… sexually”.
“Sexually…” he monotonously repeated, in an attempt to understand where the hell you were trying to go with this.
“Yah, you know what I mean”.
“I don’t, petal…”
You bit down on your bottom lip. “I just, I mean…” a breathy sigh stopped you for a moment. “I was your first, and we’ve been together for nearly four years now and for the looks of it we’ll be together for the rest of our lives, so…”
“You’re making it sound like being in a stable relationship is something bad…”
“It’s not!” you rushed to say, tightly grabbing his hand. “I love you and our relationship so much, you know that. I’m just saying that you’ve only ever been with me, so maybe, I don’t know…” your voice trembled. “Don’t you ever wonder what sex would feel like with someone other than me?”
To say Jeongguk looked petrified was an understatement. Not only that, but the look on his eyes told you he was also completely mad.
There was no way you had come up with that yourself.
The way your eyes had avoided his and your voice broke as you mentioned the idea of him being involved with someone else, were enough to tell him just how much that mere thought hurt you. And he hated that you would ever for just a second wonder if he would like to be with someone else, when he had made it clear for years —even before the two of you got together— that you were the only one for him.
“Where is this all coming from?”
You shrugged, still not daring to meet his eyes.
“Petal?” he pushed it.
“Sanghee is my best friend at work, right?” you began to explain, and he nodded. “And best friends talk about stuff. Boy stuff. In my case, Guk stuff” your cheeks were burning at your own words. “So she knows I was your first and all that, and she drunkenly slipped up the other night at dinner with our coworkers while we were talking to the new intern, and she said that she felt sorry for you because you would only ever be with me, like, one person, and never get to experience with more than one partner and—”
“And why did she think it was okay to comment on our sexual life?” his voice had suddenly turned stern.
He was mad, mad.
“We were all kinda tipsy…”
“I don’t care,” he shook his head. “She doesn’t know me or our relationship, and the fact that her words actually made you feel insecure just proves that she should’ve kept her mouth shut”.
Fuck, the nerve of that woman. She obviously didn’t know him, otherwise she would know by now how head over heels he was for you. How bad he wanted you and only you.
You knew that very well, too. Or at least you used to. The way you remained quiet right then, gently playing with his fingers, however, made him second guess that.
“Do I take that as you don’t feel like you’re missing out?”
“Missing out on what?” Jeongguk scoffed. “Seriously, Y/N, why would I want to have meaningless, boring one night stands with strangers, when I can have sex every single night with the woman I love and try out every ridiculous kink and position I want with her?”
“Yah…” you shyly called him out, pulling away from his chest and hiding your face in your pillow instead.
He laughed lightly, all madness from seconds ago fading away at the sight of you, and leaning down to plant a soft kiss to the back of your shoulder. “Am I wrong, though?”
“You make it sound like I’m some kind of sex freak” your voice came out muffled against the fabric.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he giggled, causing you to laugh along when his forehead rested on the spot he had just kissed. “But you let me try everything I was and still am curious about”.
A light laugh escaped your throat, fixing your face on the pillow so you could look at him. “I guess I am a pretty cool girlfriend, huh?”
He laughed under his breath, resting his face next to yours and softly pecking your mouth. “Only the best”.
“To be fair, you’ve been very open about letting me try new things out, too” you sheepishly pointed out.
“That’s what couples are for, isn’t it?” he ran a hand through your hair. “We’re supposed to grow and discover ourselves together”.
“How did I ever get so lucky?” you hummed, scooting closer to him.
“I think the lucky one was me,” he smiled. “Honestly, petal, I don’t even think about sex as a concept anymore. I often find myself wondering whether this is normal or I just am a bit obsessed with you, but whenever I’m horny I just think ‘fuck, I want to do this to Y/N’ or ‘fuck, I want Y/N to do this to me’ and so on”.
You chuckled, not being able to keep your heart from fluttering. “Was the addition of the word ‘fuck’ in those sentences necessary?”
“Absolutely,” Jeongguk nodded, earning an amused roll of eyes from you before his eyes turned soft and his thumb caressed your cheek. “I love sex as long as it is with the person I’m in love with, and that’s you. Otherwise I just don’t mind it, there’s a reason I was a virgin up until our third year of college when I got together with you” his voice turned into a breathy laugh. “So all that ‘experimenting’ bullshit… I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. If anything, I already found what most people spend their whole lives looking for. I’ve had all the experiences I wanted so far already, with you”.
“You have?” you whispered.
“Of course,” he nodded, pulling you towards him so you would lie on his chest. “How else would I know I’m not into the whole ‘daddy’ kink? Or role playing as a whole?”
“Or degradation” you added with a teasing smile — the way he would say sorry over and over after having called you a needy slut a good while ago, still burned in the back of your mind.
Jeongguk threw you a glare. “We don’t talk about that”.
Tilting your head back, you couldn’t help the loud laugh that had just escaped your throat before your eyes were back on him and your hand cupped his face. “I love you so much, you know that?” you pressed your lips to the tip of his nose. “But you have to admit it was a bit funny”.
“It was not” he whined, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “But I’m happy that it was you I got to try all those things out with. And fail miserably while at it”.
“I’m glad you think so, because I love our sexual life just the way it is”.
“You don’t feel like you’re missing out either?” it was his turn to ask.
“Why would I?” your eyebrows furrowed. “My man knows my body and needs like the back of his hand, I wouldn’t change that to go have lame one night stands with guys whose names I wouldn’t even bother remembering”.
“That’s harsh,” he teased, not even trying to hide the smug smile your words had just earned from him.
“Is it?” you played dumb, faintly tracing his bottom lip with your thumb. “The only name worth remembering is yours”.
“Good,” Jeongguk nuzzled your neck. “Because it’s the only name you’re allowed to moan”.
Letting out a chuckle, you made him tilt his head back enough for your mouth to be able to brush on his. “There is no other name I would rather say”.
Jeongguk smiled blissfully, wasting no time in closing the space between your mouths and trapping your bottom lip in between his soft ones.
“I love you,” he rasped in between slow kisses. “Want you and only you. So you tell that new coworker of yours that we are happy as hell and I do not need to experience anything outside of what I get to do with you”.
You chuckled. “Okay…”
“No, you know what?” his sudden outburst had you cocking an eyebrow. “Don’t tell her shit, I’m making sure you know it”.
Before you could even process his words, he had turned the two of you around so your back was lying on the mattress — his knee coming in between your legs to spread them open and lie down in between them.
Just like that, his mouth was back on yours and his hand was roaming around your naked body underneath his t-shirt.
“So we’re not watching Iron Man either?” you teased him, comfortably wrapping your arms around his neck.
He hushed you with a kiss. “I’ve got something way more important to do right now, petal”.
Or, well, someone more important to do. But it worked both ways.
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suga-kookiemonster · a day ago
Happy Ho-lidays!
Tumblr media
Ho ho ho, could this be true? @floralseokjin @suga-kookiemonster @sugaurora @underthejoon @winetae @btssavedmylifeblr and @kpopfanfictrash with presents for you! Take some time to unwind, and sneak a peek at what's stuffing your stocking 😉
Tumblr media
Winter Solace by @floralseokjin
Pairing⇢ Kim Seokjin x Reader
Summary⇢ After a difficult few months (and years), a fresh start in a new city is both equal parts thrilling and terrifying, but you’re determined to make it work. It’s just you and your dog-sized cat Nox, ready to take on the world. Of course along the way there are ups, and there are downs. The main down being you’re short on cash after the big move, unable to spend Christmas with your family. The main up is your kind and thoughtful neighbour who offers to celebrate the holiday with you, despite not being a fan of it himself…
Tumblr media
This Christmas by @suga-kookiemonster
Pairing⇢ Min Yoongi x Reader
Summary⇢ it's been a while since you've been home for the holidays, but this year, you finally plan on rectifying that. things are going well for you—great job, great friends, and a new boyfriend who you have a pretty great feeling about—and it seems everything in your life is finally slotting into place. but, of course, the past is a relentless specter and the universe always has a way of humbling you. in a ridiculous twist of fate, you soon find yourself stuck in a car with the very reason you have avoided coming back in the first place.
Tumblr media
A Porn Star's Guide to the Holidays by @sugaurora
Pairing⇢ Jung Hoseok x Reader
Summary⇢ Jung Hoseok was your first love, a relationship that ended only because your post-high school dreams led you down two very different paths. Yours brought you to Jeon Jungkook, talent agent for some of the most well-loved adult entertainment actors of the era. And that’s how you became an industry darling, doing just about everything from outdoor gangbangs to golden showers and a long list of kinks in between.
Six years later and you’re ready to find a new path, celebrating your exit from the business with a massive holiday party at your home. Only your new neighbor gets an accidental invite and when he arrives you find yourself standing face-to-face with your high school sweetheart. Suddenly, you’re forced to confront where the years have taken you and feelings that may have never quite gone away.
What’s a former porn star to do?
Tumblr media
All Wrapped Up by @underthejoon
Pairing⇢ Kim Namjoon x Reader
Summary⇢ All is currently Merry and Bright in your very secret, very sexy little bubble with Namjoon. But with the holidays on the horizon and the annual friends trip to his family’s cabin fast approaching, the pressure to DTR is at an all time high. Will you meet Namjoon under the mistletoe and finally out your fling to your friends? Or will your case of cold feet ruin the good thing you’ve got going?
Tumblr media
ANTIFREEZE by @winetae
Pairing⇢ Park Jimin x Reader
Summary⇢ ‘Don’t sleep with your dance partners.’
For three years, Jimin has followed the above rule religiously. Who knew it would take a vengeful ex, a Christmas fundraiser, and a pair of torn tights for his resolve to crumble?
alternatively, Jimin participates in the school’s adaption of The Nutcracker for extra credit but doesn’t expect his new dance partner to a) be this bad at dancing and b) be this fucking cute
Tumblr media
A Christmas Carol in Itaewon by @btssavedmylifeblr
Pairing⇢ Kim Taehyung x Reader
Summary⇢ Finding yourself alone and far from home on Christmas Eve, you are haunted by three spirits. But the real ghost from your past is your childhood sweetheart turned famous actor, Kim Taehyung.
(Ft. Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon as the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future)
Tumblr media
A Holiday Snowdown by @kpopfanfictrash
Pairing⇢ Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Summary⇢ The Inn on the Hill is in trouble. Or that's what your boss, Namjoon, says during the last-minute All Staff holiday meeting he calls. You need money, and you need money fast, or his parents are planning to sell the resort. When no one can think of an easy solution, Namjoon proposes his parents' idea: a weeklong social media blitz with a celebrity guest. The celebrity? None other than Jeon Jungkook himself: two-time Olympic gold medalist, world-class snowboarder and the nation's sweetheart. What's the problem? You happen to have met Jeon Jungkook before, and sincerely hoped you'd never see him again.
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mercurygguk · 2 days ago
tummy buldge w jk
thirst night #2
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
“mhm, you’re so fucking tight-“
a strained moan escapes your lips in response to jungkook’s words, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of you too much for you. your thoughts are a jumbled mess, the sounds you make so desperate and whiny that jungkook has to hold himself back from pounding into you at an inhuman pace.
“fuck, your s-so big,” you cry out, feeling filled to the brim by him as he grinds his hips to meet yours.
jungkook groans at the way you unintentionally clench around him. sounds of skin slapping against skin fills the bedroom, mixed with moans and grunts of pleasure, heavy breathing and the faint sound of the bed creaking.
god, it’s too much for your body and sanity.
jungkook pulls himself up on his knees as he keeps fucking into you now at a much slower, torturing pace. his eyes are raking over you – from the way you’re biting into your bottom lip to keep yourself from moaning out loud to the way you’re tightly gripping the pillow beneath your head, the way your eyes are closed and eyebrows knitted together as the pleasure overwhelms you. jungkook’s eyes move further down on your body, his dark brown eyes focusing on the way your breasts bounce up every time his hips meets yours.
as his eyes move further down he spots something that makes him groan in pure frustration, his cock twitching inside of you. there’s a bulge in your lower stomach, jungkook’s eyes widen as he watches it disappear as he pulls out. it reappears as soon as he slides back in between your wet folds.
“shit, baby,” jungkook moans, hand coming down to press against your stomach, “i can fucking see my cock inside of you-“
confused and very close to the edge of an orgasm, you lift your head and follow jungkook’s line of vision. a gasp escapes from you as you spot the bulge he’s looking at, his hand sliding over it as he continues to push his hips against yours, in and out in a tempo so fucking torturing you might pull your own hair out.
“i already told you you’re fucking huge,” you whine, head dropping back onto the pillow as you feel jungkook’s thrusts become harder. he chuckles at your words, a small smirk on his lips as he picks up the pace of his hips. a loud moan tumbles from your lips as he snaps his hips into you, hitting a certain spot that causes you to see stars scattered across the ceiling.
“can’t believe your pussy is so tiny that i can see myself fucking you,” jungkook grunts, a low guttural moan coming from him as he hovers back over you – one hand gripping your thigh and hoisting your leg up to wrap around his waist, the other hand cups one of your breasts, giving it a good squeeze.
“o-oh, kook, i’m gonna cum,” you whimper in a high-pitched voice, arching your back off the bed as jungkook fucks you to the edge. his lips brush over the skin of your torso and chest as you tremble underneath him, goosebumps covering your skin and your jaw dropped in pleasure as your orgasm rushes through you all at once.
jungkook follows right after, stilling in you as he shoots his load against your walls, painting them with white cum and filling you to the brim with it. your pussy clenches around him, milking him for every single drop. you’re both on cloud nine as you come down from your highs, heavy breathing filling the bedroom as you try to calm yourselves.
jungkook is sure he has a new kink he didn’t know about until tonight.
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97ft · 2 days ago
Redirecting to... (18+)
(⚠︎ WARNING: dilfs, stepdads, infedelity, and age gaps)
Tumblr media
Why bed an inexperienced college classmate when you could bed a real man who knows how to fuck?! Sign up now to start chatting with real men who know their stuff. You must be eighteen or older to sign up, and please be aware that you might be a mistress. Make sure to check their availability date, they could be on a business trip for all you know (how else would they help pay for your tuition?) !? Happy chatting!
Who knows—you might meet the man of your dreams here !!
Tumblr media
# 01 FOCUS
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Mr. Jeon is your resident best friend's dad. Watch as Mr. Jeon Jungkook himself looses his composure at the sight of a girl half his age.
# 02 YOU RiGHT
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Mr. Kim can't stop and look the other way, because he knows what could be between the both of you. Anyone who had eyes could notice—especially his wife.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆Believe him when he says he's been with a few girls, but make sure to believe him when he tells you you're his favourite.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yoongi┆To the oh-so seemingly hot tempered, almost aloof Mr. Min Yoongi, you looked like you came straight off the cover of a magazine.
# 05 CRY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆So basically—Seokjin can't stand living like this.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Namjoon┆Mr. Kim Namjoon has placed his infatuation on you. Only, he finds out just a tad too late that it's not an infatuation.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jimin┆You just simply wanted more.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆If there was anything you'd learn from Jeon Jungkook himself it was to take anything he gave you, no matter what.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Taehyung┆Throughout his life, Taehyung often questioned if he had commitment issues. Long story short, no he didn't—he just hadn't met you yet.
# 10 KiTTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Jimin┆So what's it like being Park Jimin's Kitty?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Sugar Daddy Yoongi┆Having Min Yoongi as a sugar daddy might've been the best thing in the world. At this point though, you wanted—needed something other than his money.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆Seokjin's single. Almost painfully. In an attempt to, well...not be single he dates someone only to find an interest in her daughter instead.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Namjoon┆ The friendly professor who lived down the road from you was nothing short of a nice man. Unless you count what he says in the bedroom.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Seokjin┆Seokjin does love his coffee, he also has taken a love for you. Just maybe not his wife.
# 15 TOXiC
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆It's not that Mr. Jung is a bad person, it's just that maybe he's cheating on his wife and refuses to admit it to her.
# 16 iT'S MY PARTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Taehyung doesn't know why he has such a knack for making you cry. Every time tears fall down your pretty face he absolutely adores it.
# 17 BUN BUN
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Mr. Jeon and Mr. Park always have so much in common. What's it like being Jeon Jungkook's "Bun Bun"?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆If Mr. Kim Seokjin could consider this a talent, he would totally be okay with it. He had such a gift for getting in your head easily.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Namjoon┆Who wouldn't want to wake up next to one of the most eligible bachelors out there? Oh yeah, how could it possibly slip your mind?—He's your husband.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jimin┆Infidelity has suddenly popped up in Park Jimin's vocabulary. Luckily for him though, he's smart.
# 21 i'M A SLAVE 4 U
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yoongi┆For Min Yoongi? You'd do anything.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆Long story short, you're Huang Hoseok dream. Like seriously.
# 23 HENTAi
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Are we really just gonna ignore the porn on his phone or what? Oh wait—that's a picture of you!
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Seokjin┆Mr. Kim is suddenly smitten with you, all thoughts of your mother (and his wife) have flown out the window.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung & Jungkook┆Mr. Kim and Mr. Jeon are long time business partners and friends. Secrets don't make friends, but friends do make secrets.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up ???┆??? Honestly deserves the best head.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" is the second series of the year written by Earth-To-That-Asian, and the first written here, to take on the role of Smutmas. Works will be posted from December 1st to December 25th with an additional post scheduled for January 1st, 2022. "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" includes au's varying from the signature dilf style to the daring topic of step au's and touching upon the never so romantic business field. If the warnings listed for the works are not for you, do not read it. This series and all works under it remains for the mature audience. Those under the age of eighteen—do not interact with this and any other work. The NCT (original) version is posted to @earth-to-that-asian—works are exactly the same, except the names are switched out accordingly.
Tumblr media
© earth-to-that-asian / 97ft, 2021 ┆ "HOT DILFS IN YOUR AREA"
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gukkmoans · 2 days ago
🔖 Sept - Oct - Nov BTS Fics I Adore
September - October - November reads are here. I haven’t been able to read as much as I used to in the past few months. I intend to do well in the following month.  If you wish to read more stories, please go to my masterlist. 
All the fics mentioned in this list is strictly 18+ 🚨
Tumblr media
Note: If a link fails, go to the author’s masterlist by clicking on their name. 📍
Tumblr media
➵ Seokjin 
Guided @lavienjin  ⇢  it turns out that the barista you’ve had a crush on has a second job behind the lens of a camera
➵ Yoongi
Tied Up   @joyfulhopelox  ⇢  Work has been piling up and the stress caught up with you. You were never at home for more than a few hours every night. Even your workaholic boyfriend starts getting worried about you and your health. So one late night he decides to visit you at work, but you can’t entertain him. Because you’re a bit too….tied up.
➵ Namjoon
Black Swan  @helenazbmrskai  ⇢  [You and Namjoon have been dancing around each other for as long as your friends knew you both. It doesn’t matter how many times they tried to get you two to confess you’re just too stubborn. Sooner or later one of you gives in to the peer pressure though.] 
Caramel Nougats @dilfsugaaa  ⇢  a sweet looking guy with them beautiful dimples showing whenever he smiles, passes by your small coffee shop one fine day with his little daughter. and since that day, you’re whipped. despite him being married. you want him, that’s all you know. that’s all your heart knows.
Touch  @jjungkookislife  ⇢  Namjoon is happy to be trying for a baby.
Mirror, Mirror... @sugasbabiie  ⇢  Mr. Kim knows all the right angles and the perfect positions for  mirror selfies.
➵ Hoseok
Fangs @koos-euphoria ⇢  after a year of dating, hoseok finally reveals he’s a vampire.
➵ Jimin
Fiery Mornings @sparklingchim  ⇢  waking up with jimin, but add a little spice to it 🌶
Let Me Take Care Of You @borathae  ⇢  “When Jimin and you meet in the kitchen in the middle of the night by coincidence, both of you heavy-eyed and naked, you decide to have a little fun with each other (without waking the others of course).”
➵ Taehyung
Stay With Me @sparklingchim  ⇢  maybe the love between your ex-husband and you was gone, but the sexual desire never died.
Heartbreak Anniversary @playmetheclassics  ⇢  in which where taehyung is too in love with y/n to overlook the heartbreak
⭐️ Black Ravens @kimtaehyunq​  ⇢  Working for an underground blood den ran by vampires, your nighty duties get interrupted by your favorite client.
➵ Jungkook
Mine @playmetheclassics  ⇢  Jungkook really shouldn’t have ventured into the house that no one else did, and he really should have seen the warning signs, but something about you drew him in, and now, he was in and never getting out.
A (small) Step Forward @lavienjin  ⇢  in which jungkook just wants a baby. 
Crema @inkedtae ⇢  after sending your brother’s best friend a compromising video, the last thing you expected him to do is enthusiastically watch it.
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never lose ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
f1 driver!jeon jungkook x journalist!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook being a sore loser + bit of f1 talk + teasing + unprotected sex + quite literally no foreplay because let's be honest. wc: 6.7k
➔ although the season hadn't been good to jungkook, he had finally a chance to shine, and he wasn't going to waste it.
a/n: hello everyone! although the username is new, i used to be moononthejoon! consider me back! in the time i was gone, i developed other interests, and in those, i became obsessed with formula one. so yeah, this is my poor excuse of a comeback lol. hope y'all enjoy this. this is just me gushing about f1, so yeah lol
If you hadn’t been as stubborn as you were when debating your father about studying journalism, you definitely wouldn’t be standing where you were today. Press side at one of the biggest sporting events, and one of your favourite sports, Formula One. You didn’t even know what Formula One was until your father was called up by one of his old classmates. You knew your father worked in environmentalism, so you had no clue as to why a mechanic was calling him on a weekend.
You had moved with your father to Austria when you were in your teen years, and it was there that a couple of years later you were headed to Spielberg on a Thursday morning. You hadn’t even known what it was for, but all you knew was that it was doing something on a very boring week in July. So, when your father had asked if you wanted to tag along, you said yes.
The Red Bull Ring was already buzzing with people in preparation for the event, which you still weren’t so sure was. You were given a pass thanks to your dad’s involvement. It was only then that you saw the cars that it dawned on you that it was racing. You even recalled that your father said that his Masters dissertation had been on engines for F1 cars. You had no idea what an F1 car was, for all you cared, it was like Nascar - and all you knew about Nascar was because of the Disney film Cars, or Herbie.
You were lost in the garage, not knowing what to do or where to stand. Your dad was greeting who you’d guessed was his friend, who was speaking in a British accent. It all checked out so far. Your dad had studied in Manchester. You had never taken your dad’s word for anything, but it seemed that it held some truth.
‘Y/N, dear! Come say hi to an old friend of mine.’ Your dad called out, so you awkwardly made your way to him. ‘Christian, this is Y/N, my eldest.’
‘Very nice to meet you, Y/N. Don’t be afraid to look around, most things are safe.’
You offered him a smile and nodded your head lightly, acknowledging what he said.
It was like that that your father got a job with Red Bull Racing. It felt like you didn’t see your father much, but you didn’t resent it too much. At first, you would only tune in for the races to see if you could catch a glimpse of your father in the background, but you slowly started being one of your favourite sports.
As your dad was part of the team, you also got to sport some of the merch. You also got to go to some of the Grand Prix, if you weren’t in school, that is. Watching the races from the paddock was even more nerve wracking than watching them from your living room.
It only seemed obvious that your favourite driver was from the Red Bull Team. It had initially been Sebastian Vettel, who was a favourite in the garage as well. Then, the lovable Daniel Ricciardo joined the team, and when Seb had left, he was your absolute favourite. It seemed as if he could put a smile on your face no matter what. Max Verstappen then joined, and as he was around your age, the two of you got along even better.
Then, another young driver joined. When the heartbreak of Daniel leaving had dissipated just a bit, you took notice of him. He was born just a month before Max, which unfortunately didn’t make him the youngest person signed for a team, but he did have the fact that he was the first South Korean driver for Formula One.
Jeon Jungkook was a force to be reckoned with. He had been in the likes of George Russell, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc - who were considered to have one of the best F2 careers. Every rookie season had seen Jungkook make the track completely his. People argued that the car made most of the driver, but Jungkook had skill. A little too much skill, more than some other people would like to admit.
Anyone could have guessed where Jungkook would be signed in Formula One. Most people thought that he would have joined Mercedes, a team that had won World Championship after World Championship. Mercedes had signed Russell instead, so people thought that Jungkook would end up in Williams, never thinking that Red Bull would step up.
But there he was. Jeon Jungkook was now Max Verstappen’s teammate, making them the youngest team, and probably the one team that could now step up to Mercedes. It was also quite a good looking team too. You had thought that Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo were probably the best looking team at McLaren, but there you were, corrected.
Convincing your father to let you study journalism took some time. How could the daughter of a F1 engineer want to be a journalist out of all professions? Maybe he’d hoped that one day you were going to be working next to him in the paddock, but that was never going to happen.
During your years in university, you couldn’t join as many Grand Prix as you could in high school. For one, you were drowning in work, and you couldn’t seem to make some time in the weekend to take planes or trains. So, you had to watch the races on your iPad; you also used the races as a wind down.
Of course, after every race, you would write a piece for your blog - which you had started when you were in your last year of high school. It wasn’t well received at first, as girls being into F1 was a sensitive topic for some fans; some would even make fun of you on Twitter. You didn’t quite care, all you wanted was the chance to be part of the press in those Grand Prix. It was the combination of two of the things that you loved the most: writing and Formula One.
Although you had the chance to talk to the press already inside the Grand Prix, you decided to go the usual way. From the summer before university that started, you had been applying for internships with different reporting companies like Sky Sports and Ziggo. You’d been lucky enough to be in some of the races as part of the press.
It was Jungkook and Lando who found your blog at first. Max was the one who kept commenting on posts with cringy stuff that a seventh grader could come up with, like “Max Verstappen is better than Jeon Jungkook. MV33 <3”. It made you laugh, but it was also kind of embarrassing that the drivers themselves would see your writing and opinions about them.
‘Saw your piece from the Belgian GP.’ Jungkook said when he saw you in the paddock.
It was the Dutch GP, and you were now officially part of Sky Sports. It had been overwhelming to be hired and reading the email was a rollercoaster of emotions. Your first assignment was going to be in Italy however, so you were there as your father’s daughter. Your blog was due to stay up, but you’d be conducting interviews as the drivers came off the track after the race.
‘Did you like it?’ Jungkook scoffed.
‘Please, you’re so far up Max’s ass, you should be paying rent.’
‘I’m sorry?!’ You laughed. ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous, Kook.’
‘Please. I’m just saying that as press, you shouldn’t be biased.’
Max walked up to his teammate then. ‘It’s okay that she has a favourite, Jeon.’
‘As long as it’s you, right?’ You teased Max. Jungkook turned to see you with his eyes narrowed. ‘Now, what?’
‘You won’t even deny that you like Max the best.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I don’t like Max the best. My favourite is, in fact, Danny.’
Jungkook groaned, leaving you and Max alone. You laughed at his behaviour. Jungkook liked winning, and he was third in the championship, just behind Lewis Hamilton. Max had been dominating, and there was no way to say the contrary. Jungkook was in his own battle for third with Lewis’s own teammate, Bottas, and Lando.
His rookie year had been amazing, ending second in the World Championship, beating Max. He’d held up so far, but this year had not been too good to him, and it was obviously stomping on his self esteem.
‘He one thousand percent has a crush on you, you know that, right?’ Max said. You were still staring at Jungkook, who was now getting ready to get in his car.
‘No, he doesn’t. You and Lando need to cut that out. I’m going to start believing it, otherwise.’
Max laughed. ‘Lando is saying the same thing?’ You nodded, looking at the Dutch man. ‘Oh, I didn’t know.’
‘Dan has also said some things.’
‘That’s because anyone with two working eyes can see it. You could even ask Kimi, and he’d say yes.’ You could only imagine asking Kimi, one of the less expressive people in the grid. ‘Say something nice about him every now and then. Sometimes you don’t mention him at all.’
‘I don’t?’ He shook his head. ‘That’s bad reporting from my side then, sorry.’
‘What? Are you scared you’re going to end up professing your love if you write about him?’ He joked, but it was a joke that hit too close to home. ‘Haha, there’s no way. I gotta tell the McLaren boys.’
‘Tell them what?’
‘That you and Jungkook are sitting in a tree, K - I - S!’ He started spelling out loud, way too loud so that people were looking at you. Immediately, you punched him. ‘Ha! See you after the race.’
‘I hope you lose!’
Max Verstappen never lost. Jungkook hated that. It was not that Jungkook didn’t want to see his teammate thrive, but it did hurt him a little that he was struggling to hold onto third place in the championship. He didn’t know how Max had taken over so easily. He would help him win the championship, definitely, but it was definitely a stab in the ego.
It didn’t help that your pieces seemed to glorify Max too much and there was not enough mention of him. He always liked talking to you. From the first time that he’d seen you on the paddock, he’d been drawn to you, and he held your opinions very high. So, now that he had no idea what you thought about his driving, he felt a little defeated.
He’d been able to give Red Bull a double podium, but he’d still gotten third place. After the podium celebration, both drivers headed back to the garage. Jungkook walked in a couple of minutes behind Max as Lando had stopped him to congratulate him on getting podium.
When he had walked in the room, he’d seen you congratulating Max. You were just finishing a hug and now you were holding onto his arms as you shook him excitedly. He knew that the two of you were really good friends, having known each other a year longer, but it still made him feel all weird to see the two of you close like that.
‘Jungkook! Congratulations on P3!’ You held up your hand for a high-five, which he did give you. Not that he wanted a hug, or something. ‘Great driving! Amazing how you kept Bottas off for so long. Not to mention how you have Lewis a run for his money.’
‘Ah, thank you. I’m expecting good things about me on your blog, then?’
You laughed, nodding. ‘I’ll make a whole post only about you, Kook.’
‘You flatter me, Y/N.’
You rolled your eyes and excused yourself when you saw your dad waving for you. The two boys were then off to change off their racing suits into their own clothes. Jungkook just wanted to go to the hotel and get in the shower, but every other driver wanted to do something different. Max definitely wanted to do something more upbeat, after all, he’d just won his home race.
‘Come on! We’re just going to go clubbing for a bit.’ Lando tried convincing Jungkook, who seemed not to budge. ‘It’s good to wind down after a race like that.’
‘I want to have a shower. I stink so bad.’
‘You’ve been worse.’ He heard you say; blood immediately rushing to his cheeks.
‘Are you going too?’ You nodded. Jungkook looked at Danny, who was cocking an eyebrow. Everyone knew that if anyone was going to get Jungkook to go out with them, it was you.
You nodded. ‘Aren’t you?’ He shook his head.
Everyone wanted to see what you were going to do next. It was not unusual for you to flirt with Jungkook a little bit, and when they boys had mentioned that he probably wouldn’t want to come, you seemed disappointed. Everyone in the grid knew that if you wanted something, you’d get it. It just happened that today you wanted Jungkook to tag along to the club with you.
Immediately, your demeanor changed. You pouted, tilting your head at Jungkook while you put on your puppy eyes. Max and Lando stared at each other as they watched Jungkook melt under your gaze. Danny knew that you had Jungkook eating out of your hand, so he was wondering when you were going to turn on your charm.
‘Come on… for a little bit?’ You nudged him a little. Jungkook looked past you to his friends, who were waiting for his answer as much as you were.
‘Alright, just for a while. I’m super tired.’
Going clubbing with your driver friends was always even better than clubbing with your university friends. For one, you didn’t get to do it quite often, but they were definitely even more unhinged. The press knew who you were, having seen you through your awkward teenage years into being one of their own, so there were never any rumours surrounding your appearance with the boys.
Sadly, it didn’t last long. Because Max had won the race, a lot of fans had gone out to celebrate, and when word got out that Max was out and about, it became dangerous for them. It probably would have been safer for them to go to the private after party, but they wanted to change the atmosphere for a bit.
They were escorted back to the hotel and said their goodbyes. You were staying somewhere else, but they had made sure that someone was getting you to where you needed to be.
‘So, we’ll see you in Monza?’ Dan asked, nearing the car, and you nodded. ‘So excited to see you there.’
‘I am too! I’m finally going to be doing what I’ve been waiting for.’
‘You’ll be great! We’re all so proud.’ Lando said, giving you a thumbs up.
‘Text one of us when you get to your place!’ Jungkook yelled before disappearing into the hotel.
Monza was buzzing with excitement too. You were in Sky Sports uniform as you showed up on Friday, ready for the practice rounds and start doing your job. You waved at your dad from your spot, and he even took a photo of you on your first day on the job. It was endearing to see him struggle with his own phone.
He’d also excitedly pointed at you for other people in the paddock. He was very proud of you, and it showed. Your father had also pointed you out for the boys, who cheered for you and you waved at them excitedly.
On Sunday, the day of the actual race, was exhilarating. Monza was eventful. Lewis and Max were out of the race because they had crashed with each other, so that made the race even more exciting in your opinion. Sure, it was nice seeing the battle for first place in the championship, but seeing other people on the podium was exciting too.
This is where Jungkook could shine. When he had heard on the radio that Max and Hamilton were out, he knew that winning this race could solidify his stance on third place for the championship. So, he gave it everything. After Max and Lewis were out, Daniel and Lando were standing between him and first place with Bottas a few seconds behind him, so this is where he needed to shine.
Only when you were nervous would you bite your nails, and seeing three of your friends battle for first place made you want to rip your hair off. You had interviewed Max after his DNF (did not finish); he was beyond pissed because he had now missed out on points for the championship. Of record, he told you that even if he was out, he was glad that Hamilton was too.
Now, the race was tight. You could see Jungkook’s car go closer and closer to Lando and Danny. You’d be happy no matter the outcome, but you also wanted Jungkook to get first place. There was also nagging at the back of your brain that made you want your other friends to win too. Danny hadn’t had a win in so long, and this would even be Lando’s first win in Formula One.
With twenty laps of the race remaining, Jungkook had already taken over Lando, putting him right after Danny in second place. Red Bull had always had a faster car than McLaren, and everyone knew that. Daniel was also very good at defending, which is why Jungkook seemed to be struggling a little when it came to overtaking - no one could win against Danny and his late brakes.
With five laps to go, Jungkook was less than half a second behind Danny in the main straight, which allowed him to easily overtake him. On the track, the friends you knew were rivals - you could never be able to do that; the grudge would stay with you for too long. Danny out of all people would never even think about holding anything against Jungkook.
Danny kind of understood what was going on. Jungkook was thirsty for praise and success, and now that you were on the sidelines, he wanted your eyes on him. Still sucked that he was not going to win the GP, but second place was better than not even being in the points at all. With Lando behind him, he was happy with the outcome.
Jungkook crossed the line and the crowd went wild. You, who had been expectantly waiting for the first car to cross, jumped in the spot when you saw car #97 cross the line first. The cameraman that had been assigned to you, Seokjin, looked at you weird - he would have to get used to it though.
Once he was out of the car and parked behind the big number one, he ran straight into the Red Bull people, who immediately started yelling and jumping. He got a few pats on his helmet before he had to go. As the other drivers crossed the line and put their own cars in their designated spot, they came down the press line.
Lando came your way first, lightly jogging towards you before George Russell could get to you. He, as all other drivers did, walked with his own PR person. The McLaren boys seemed to need them more than anyone.
‘P3, Lando! How are you feeling?’
‘It’s great! Always so good to get a podium, you know?’
‘Podium 5, is it?’ Lando nodded.
‘You have my podiums memorised, Y/N? Should I feel special?’
You laughed. ‘You are special, Lando. Starting this weekend, did you think you’d be able to get podium?’
‘It is certainly nice to get podium, but no, I didn’t think that we’d have a 2-3 starting this weekend. I’m so happy that Danny got P2, and congratulations to Jungkook for getting P1. I think the three of us have been working really hard, so it was only a matter of time before it paid off.’
‘Thank you, Lando! Enjoy the champagne.’ He gave you a pat in the arm before he moved on.
From the distance, you saw Jungkook coming your way with Namjoon, his own PR person, who you had grown to know over the years in the paddock. Jungkook ignored the other reporters yelling out his name. Everyone wanted to talk to this weekend’s winner, but he only wanted to talk to one person.
‘I’m expecting big praise on your blog this week.’ Jungkook said to you when he finally neared you. You scoffed.
‘Great driving! Congratulations on P1.’ You said, ignoring him. ‘You were right behind Max and Lewis when the crash happened, can you comment a little bit on that?’
Jungkook scratched the back on his neck. ‘Well, it is a shame that Max was out of the race, it would have been nice to have a double podium today. The crash certainly changed the outcome of this weekend and allowed the McLaren boys and I to fight for P1.’
‘You were P3 for most of the race, when did you realise you could actually get P1?’
‘I was a little worried about my tires, but after the second pit spot, I thought wow, i have nothing to lose, so I decided to go for it. We had a pretty good pace, and when I caught up to Daniel on the main straight, I realised that P1 was more of a reality.’
Behind Jungkook, you saw a couple of drivers waiting for a reporter to be free.
‘Jungkook, don’t take up all of Y/N’s time!’ Sebastian said from behind him. ‘Leave a piece for the rest of us.’
Thankfully, you were behind the camera because if not, you would have been caught blushing. You rolled your eyes and dismissed Jungkook. Sebastian finally took the spot in front of you and had his interview.
After the podium celebration and finishing up your tasks for the day, you went looking for your father in the Red Bull garage. You saw Max in his normal clothes, possibly already begging to go home. He didn’t take DNFs very well. Your father was nowhere to be found, so you guessed that he would be with Christian in his office.
‘Maxie, you good?’
He shrugged. ‘I’m just going to have to perform better next week.’
‘You did well. The crash was a bit eh, but it was a great race.’
‘No, yeah, of course. I’m also glad Jungkook got P1, he deserves it.’ You nodded. ‘Have you seen him?’
‘Yeah, I managed to interview him.’
‘Managed?’ Max laughed. ‘He was probably thinking Y/N, Y/N, Y/N until he got to you.’
Once again, you rolled your eyes. ‘That stopped behind funny like seven GPs ago. Let it go.’
Max laughed. ‘Anyways, I’m going to try to get to the hotel. I guess I’ll see you at the after party?’ You nodded.
When you finally found your father, the two of you headed to the hotel. Now that you were going to be traveling around with Sky Sports, you didn’t know when you were going to have the chance to go back home, so everything that you needed was with you. Thankfully, over the weekends, you had a uniform to wear.
The after party was nothing too fancy, and you knew that your father was going to be there, so you couldn’t go with your boobs or ass hanging out. However, it was the perfect opportunity to tease Jungkook just a little. You hadn’t done that in so long, and you kind of wanted to do it again.
Last time you tried to tease Jungkook was after the Monaco GP. That’s also when your other friend had figured out that Jungkook had a crush on you.
The night had started innocently. Sure, you had dressed to kill, but it was Monaco, you couldn’t not do that. The way Jungkook’s eyes would never leave your figure made it extremely obvious that he was at least attracted to you. The boys couldn’t deny that you looked good, but neither of them were as interested as Jungkook was - you were like a sister to them.
As the night went on and you drank more, you started being a little careless. You were talking to Jungkook, who was still taller than you even if you had heels on. Sometimes you underestimated how tall he was. While you were exchanging words with Jungkook, you leaned in just a little bit, which allowed him to look down your shirt.
When Jungkook realised, his eyes shot up. He met gaze with Max, who was wondering why Jungkook looked so alarmed. Realising that you had lost Jungkook’s attention, you put a hand on his arm. He looked at your hand resting against his bicep, and then up at your eyes. He had heard of the so-called fuck me eyes, but he had never seen them in person.
Not until then, anyways. He wanted to, and he would. He couldn’t though. It was taking him every bit of his being to not take you with him and then do unspeakable things to you. You easily realised that it was easy to tease him, and maybe it was the liquid courage, but you pushed his buttons even further.
The party was full, so it was easy to push your body against him. You felt him tense against you. It was widely known that F1 drivers were athletic - you couldn’t run away from the occasional thirst trap on your timeline. Sometimes you liked screenshotting them and sending them to the group chat you had with some of them, with the weary face and the three little sweat droplets. Carlos Sainz hated it, but he also loved it at the same time.
Lando had ripped you away from Jungkook though. Jungkook didn’t know if he was grateful or not. He saw Lando say a few things to you before you pouted and rolled your eyes. He always wondered what he said to you.
‘You need to stop. You’re going to kill him.’ You pouted, wanting to go back to Jungkook, but Lando had a firm grip of your arm. ‘Danny is going to take you home.’
Jungkook saw Danny escort you somewhere. He didn’t see you for the rest of the night, so he just guessed that he’d taken you home. Innocently, he hoped.
That was the beginning of the year though. There was this newly found confidence that Jungkook seemed to have, and if the opportunity presented itself, he might not back out. Neither of the boys had mentioned Monaco, but they didn’t need to.
‘Holy smokes.’ Lando said when he saw you. ‘Didn’t know you owned something like… that.’
Max and Danny were with Lando. Jungkook had left a little earlier with some of the other drivers.
‘Are you slutshaming me, Norris?’ You asked him, poking him in the chest.
He laughed. ‘No, you do you.’
‘You know who is going to die though?’ You looked at Danny, frowning. ‘JK is going to lose his shit when he sees you.’
‘Shut up.’
‘Why do you think she’s wearing this, then?’ Max asked. You narrowed your eyes, to then roll them. ‘What? I’m just saying, and I know you better than you know yourself, Y/N. It’s embarrassing.’
‘Do I at least look good?’ You asked, looking down at your clothes.
Danny put his arm around you. ‘If Jungkook wasn’t deeply in love with you, I would definitely try to flirt with you.’
‘Yeah. You never realise when people are flirting with you.’
That night it was noticeable that Jungkook was laying it down thick. From the moment he saw you walk in, he was a man on a mission. Christian had seen Jungkook’s intention, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to see one of the drivers piss off one of his best engineers, but he really wasn’t one to get in between personal matters. He did try to make it so that your dad didn’t see you and Jungkook.
‘Wow, look at you.’
You turned around to see Jungkook with a drink already in his hand.
‘What do you mean?’
‘You look good.’
You laughed. ‘If that’s you flirting, then you definitely rely on being a F1 driver to get girls.’
‘Who said I was flirting?’ Jungkook cocked an eyebrow. ‘Do you want me to flirt with you, Y/N?’
You bit your lip. ‘Oh, please do, as if I don’t have enough drivers flirting with me.’
‘There’s a difference though.’ Jungkook said, nearing you even more.
‘How come?’
‘You don’t want them to flirt with you.’ You raised your eyebrows. ‘But, you want me to flirt with you.’
‘Is that right?’
Jungkook nodded; his warm hand was now brushing against yours. You looked down to see it, and your eyebrows knitted together. It was usually you who made Jungkook nervous, but this was new and it made you shake with excitement. You had no idea what brought this, but you were glad that one of you was making a move. Finally,
Your friends looked at you two in a mix of disgust and pride. Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your wrist and made you follow him to the dancefloor. Some song in Spanish was blasting through the speakers, and all of your attention was focused on Jungkook. He’d grabbed your hand and put it on his shoulder as he grabbed your waist so you were closer to him.
It was easy to forget that the two of you were in public when you were moving like that. Sure, it was the way that it was supposed to be danced, but Jungkook thought that it would be dangerous. Your bodies moved to the music. Jungkook was now pressing his body to yours; he had his chest pressed against your back as you swayed. You turned around to lock eyes with Jungkook, and there they were. Those eyes, he thought.
Maybe it should have taken longer, or it had been long enough, but Jungkook finally leaned in for a kiss. It was long overdue, the two of you thought. Max and Lando high fived, and Danny hollered. Ki ki ay. You could barely hear them though, not only over the loud music but because you were so focused on Jungkook’s lips on yours.
There wasn’t much to say when the kiss finished. You were dizzy, maybe it was the lights or maybe it was Jungkook’s intoxicating cologne. Although you had been at the party for less than half an hour, the two of you were ready to leave. Sure, there was a tint of desperation in the air but there was no way that you were going to hook up in the bathroom. The boys made sure to make a mental note to ask you all about it when they saw Jungkook leading you out of the crowd.
Although Jungkook was a master behind the wheel, he was never much behind the wheel outside of the track. He saw his driver and waved at him to bring the car around. The parking lot was underground, thankfully, because otherwise the paparazzi would have a field day with Jungkook grabbing you by the waist and giving you another kiss.
There was still some respect left, so when you and Jungkook got inside the car, neither of you made an advance on each other. It was awkward to be kissing in such a small car, and having someone else right there with you was even worse. Jungkook did instruct the chauffeur to go to the underground parking lot just in case. Sure, there had never been rumours with you, but he didn’t want them to start either. Plus, it was what it looked like.
Not many words were exchanged. In fact, none were. The two of you were too scared to say anything; scared that the other one would snap out of it and then your relationship would be absolutely ruined.
Once the lift doors were closed, the two of you were on each other. Jungkook had pushed you against the wall, one of his hands now on your leg, putting it around his waist. You had your hands on his hair, as your lips moved in sync. The lift soon dinged, indicating that you were on your floor, so he grabbed your hand and guided you through the corridor until he got to his room.
Everything was about to change and you knew that. Now that the door was closed behind you, Jungkook kissed you like he’d never kissed you before. The kiss was passionate. Never had you been kissed with so much fervor. Nobody was watching now, so Jungkook could finally do whatever he wanted with you - as long as you were down for it, of course.
He grabbed your face, walking until you were pressed against the door. You tugged on his shirt, kissing him back. It took him less than a second to pull his shirt over his head and go back to your lips. He was addicted. He never wanted this to end. Your hands were now tangled in his hair, trying to get him closer to you, if it was even possible. His hands were under your shirt, which he then took off you quickly. Jungkook grabbed your thighs and made you jump up so he could carry you to the bed.
Once on the bed, he laid you down. His hands were on your skirt and his kisses were now trailing down to your chest. When he took off your shirt, he saw that you were not wearing anything underneath, and something sparked within him. He liked to believe that you were dressed like that for him and him only, and the thought of someone else taking you home made him boil with jealousy. He had to ground himself because you were in his bed.
Jungkook trapped one of your nipples between his teeth. That brought out the first moan he heard from you, and he wanted to hear as many as he could. His hands quickly slid off your skirt and underwear in one swift move, and then used his now-free hand to pay attention to your other nipple.
Having Jungkook do all of that to you was a dream come true, and you never wanted to wake up. He came back up with a kiss, and your hands roamed his chest before going to undo his jeans. Jungkook also did that quite quickly, not wanting to waste much time. It was not long until he was on top of you again.
The room fell in silence for a second, only your shaky breaths being heard. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.
‘You’re not drunk, are you?’ Jungkook laughed at your question.
‘Not at all. Had a sip of apple juice, for courage.’
‘You’re a clown.’ You looked at him with stars in your eyes.
‘Maybe.’ He said leaning in for another kiss.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You felt Jungkook’s hardened dick against your naked core. You whined at the contact, looking up at Jungkook, who immediately understood what you wanted. You reached between the two of you, pumping it for a second before you lined it up with your already slick entrance.
The two of you let out a light moan, stopping for a second once Jungkook was buried to the hilt inside of you. Jungkook’s finger hooked under your chin so you looked into his eyes as he started thrusting into you. You bit your lip, eyes still on his, as you cupped his cheeks. The feeling of him inside of you was something unparalleled; never had it felt this good.
It felt like the two of you were in a daze. Your bodies were moving together, his hips never relenting. Your nails dug into his arms as your back arched off the bed under you. Jungkook’s hands were on your ass, groping them as he kept fucking into you. The drag of his cock inside of you was delicious.
You’d heard your friends about amazing sexual encounters; they would even use the term dick dumb sometimes. Sure, you had your little rendezvous but they were nowhere near close to what you were feeling at that moment. You finally understood what they were talking about.
Jungkook pulled himself up; he wanted to see his dick going in and out of you. When he saw his length disappearing inside of you, he wanted to combust. It was taking everything inside of him to not just come right there and then. When he looked up to you and saw you also looking at the same thing while you bit your lip, he wanted to never stop.
The little whines coming from the back of your throat were music to his ears. His heart was pumping loudly inside of his chest. It was much more than just the sex; it was finally having you in his arms after longing you for so long. After thinking that you would never look at him that way. That Sunday had definitely been the best day of his life.
‘Been waiting so long for this.’ Jungkook admitted. He grabbed your hips as he sat back on his thighs, never separating your centres. ‘You feel like heaven.’
‘Feels good?’ He didn’t know if you were doing it on purpose, but the way you were looking at him while you bit your nail was pornographic.
‘So fucking good. I never want to stop.’
‘Never do.’
You were confused for a second when Jungkook got off the bed, but when he turned you on your stomach, you knew what he was about to do. He placed himself behind you, teasing your entrance with the head of his cock for a few seconds before he slowly entered you again. You reached out for the sheets, as he felt even deeper then.
Jungkook reached out for one of the pillows, placing it under you as he kept going at an unforgiving pace. Your moans choked on your throat, and you yelped in surprise when you felt Jungkook’s hand tangle in your hair, pulling you back for a kiss. Jungkook’s deep moans made you clench your insides, and in response, he let one of his hands spank you.
‘Fuck, I want to see your face.’
So, he turned you on your back. You brought him in for another kiss before he grabbed your legs and pressed them against his chest. You whined in pleasure as he hit deep within you, reaching places that had never been before. Your nails dug into his thighs this time. You also had a nice view of his clenching abs now. It was not every day that Jungkook would show his bare torso, but right now, drenched in sex sweat was the hottest he’d ever been.
‘Let me come inside of you, please.’ Jungkook begged you as he felt his high come closer.
You nodded, yours nearing too. That’s when you felt Jungkook’s thumb against your sensitive bud, you tried closing your legs to stop the overstimulation, but Jungkook kept them open by closing the distance between your chests. He put his free hand at the side of your face so he could stay looking into your eyes as he filled you up.
His high came as yours did, clenching around his cock and milking every single drop of his cum. You wrapped your legs around him, keeping him as deep as you could.
You expected Jungkook to roll off you to help you clean up as you felt his cum leak out of you, but he stayed there. He laid his head against your shoulder, and you ran your fingers through his sweat-soaked hair.
‘You good?’
He chuckled. ‘I think it’s all downhill from here.’
You scoffed. ‘What do you mean?’
‘I got P1 and I got to sleep with the girl of my dreams. It doesn’t get any better.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘Come on, Kook, I thought you were a little more ambitious than that. Don’t you want a championship win?’
Jungkook turned his face, still laying against you. You looked at him, still running your fingers through his hair. ‘As long as you’re with me.’
‘I’ll be on the track. I promise you that.’
‘That’s not what I meant.’ Jungkook was now hovering over you. ‘I want to be with you, as your boyfriend.’
‘You do?’
He narrowed his eyes. ‘Yes. More than I want the championship.’
He shrugged. ‘What’s an empty trophy good for when I can have you in my arms instead?’
‘You’re so cheesy.’
‘You don’t even know the half of it.’
‘Hmm, but as long as you’re only cheesy with me, though. Right? It’s only normal for you to be cheesy with your girlfriend.’
‘Damn, right.’
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bonny-kookoo · 2 days ago
𝓜𝔂 𝓑𝓸𝔂 🔞
Tumblr media
⋆ FWB ⋆ Angst ⋆ Nipple play ⋆ Boobjob ⋆ Cumplay ⋆ Emotional constipation ⋆
"God I love those tits." He chuckles under his breath as you feel him hold them almost gently while his dick slides through them. You don't answer him this time, because you've realized by now that that's all he loves. And it starts to hurt.
Tumblr media
Falling for Jeon Jungkook wasn't a good idea.
And technically, you really had no intentions to do so; he'd been a hookup once, a nice guy you knew and ended up tangled in his sheets with. He's good with compliments and knows how to play his cards right- and maybe he's done just that with you.
But apart from that, he's also a great friend; he doesn't sugarcoat things for you, tells you straight away if you look like shit or if there's a decision to be made. The only problem he has though, is tying himself to someone it seems. He's never had serious relationships, enjoys being a free spirit, doesn't date. The word love doesn't seem to have much meaning too him at all.
Bit it's become a problem for you.
"God I love those tits." He chuckles under his breath as you feel him hold onto them almost gently while his dick slides through them. You don't answer him this time, because you've realized by now that that's all he loves.
And it starts to hurt.
Because even though you're rather quiet when it came to these things like feelings yourself, that didn't mean that you took it as lightly as he did. You've really started to feel the bitterness crawl up your skin anytime he'd make a joke about friends having relationship problems. That that could never be you two, because you were so uncomplicated and free. And maybe that's how he saw things; you have begun to see this as nothing more than a waste of time.
But for now, you're putty underneath his eager hands and gaze, letting him have you one more time unbeknownst to him. You don't know how he'll react- probably not at all, as far as you knew him. He wasn't the one for you, you've noticed by now- and it's time for you to find who is. "Ah fuck-" he curses as he cums, his seed decorating your collarbone and neck as he watches your skin glisten with his release. He really loves the sight of you like this; all spread out, naked and claimed.
But somethings off this time he notices, as you simply get up once he's done, brushing your hair back before you walk towards the bathroom- not even sparing him a single glance. He feels oddly hurt by that simple gesture, though he's got no reason to- you're probably just tired, or having a bad day. He should be as upset as he is.
And yet he totally is.
"Hey-" he asks, waking into his bathroom where you're busy showering, uncaring of pulling the curtain closed as you wash his cum off of your chest before you clean the rest of your body without looking at him- only humming a reply to let him know you've heard him. "You wanna stay for some delivery pizza? They've opened again." He asks, leaning against his sink.
"Can't." You simply say, turning off the shower to step out and grab a towel. "Got some work to do at home." You tell him, and he nods, although with a pout on his lips.
"Are you mad or something?"He wonders, as he follows you back into the bedroom, pulling on at least a pair of sweats before he watches you get dressed again.
"No." You say. He doesn't buy it.
"Well there's something wrong though." He urges, sighing as he trails after you as you walk towards his front door where your shoes and coat are. "Come on-" He starts, but you look at him once you've slipped into your boots, putting on your coat and patting your pockets for your keys.
"Listen-" you start, opening the front door. "I.. this whole thing? Was great. Honestly." You start, and be feels a sour taste in his mouth once he realizes what's happening. "But I can't do 5hat anymore." You say.
"Why not?" He asks.
"Cause.. I've started to, you know, be stupid and develop feelings for you." You say, and the look on his face, the way he squirms in his spot like a kid getting scolded- it all tells you all you need to know. "And I know you don't feel the same so I'll.. do what's best and cut it off before I'll get hurt too badly." You smile, though it doesn't reach your eyes.
He nods after a moment, sighing.
"Alright." He simply tells you. "Take care."
You've got bad luck when it came to guys, it seems.
He was supposed to pick you up from hospital hours ago- knowing that you had crutches and still couldn't walk. But apparently whatever the guy you had been going on dates with was doing, seemed to be more important- leaving you to sigh as you look at your leg- not in a cast anymore, but still not dully functional. It makes you glare at it as of to set it on fire- angry at yourself for falling down those stairs in the first place and breaking it. "Oh?" Someone says, before familiar chunky sneakers come into view.
"It is you!" Jungkook says, purple hair now a bit longer since you've last seen him. "You waiting for someone? When I went in I already saw you sitting here." He wonders, and you shrug, scooting a bit over as to give him the opportunity to sit next to you.
"Not anymore I guess." You say. "Gotta hop over to the desk there and ask is they can somehow bring me home." You sigh, locking your phone as it signals an incoming call. "Fucking dick." You mumble, and Jungkook looks at you.
"Well.. I'm on my way home too so, I can give you a ride if you'd like." He says hopeful- a weird undertone in his voice.
"Jungkook-" you start, but he shakes his head, visibly serious.
"No no no, I promise. I'll just drive you home. No ulterior motive." He says, and you nod after a moment, standing up before positioning your crutches. "What happened anyway?" He asks.
"The leg or why I'm sitting here as if I've missed the last train?" You chuckle as he presses the elevator button.
"Whatever you want to tell me." He chuckles, eyes watching you with an eagerness you can't quite pin point.
You stay silent inside the elevator, because you don't want to tell him anything, really. You don't know if you can truly trust him again- after all, he's let you go months prior without any effort in stopping you. He'd made it clear that he didn't want you like that, and that was fine by you. But right now, you really just wanted to be home, eat icecream, and forget about both; Jungkook, and the guy you almost dated.
He sighs when he opens the door for you, his car surprisingly clean as you sit down, buckling your seatbelt while he does the same in the driver's seat. He doesn't know what to say- after all, he doesn't even know why he's picked you up in the first place. He doesn't know why he'd instantly felt his skin shiver at the sight of you; still just as pretty as the last time he'd seen you. You're technically just another girl he'd fucked- had the sex really been that amazing for him to yearn for you like that, even now after months of radio silence between you?
No, it wasn't that, he realizes as he drives you home.
It's the way you always cuddle him just right; arms around him, legs entangled and head against his chest. It's how you've always known how to cheer him up, it's that day you'd cooked for him when he'd burned his hands badly and couldn't do it himself. It's the late night Shrek movie marathons with you, the battery popcorn shared, the lame jokes you always made and the random stares he couldn't control.
And it scares him.
It's a first for him.
He's got you pinned to the couch, underneath him and squirming, but he just feels.. off. He can't go on, can't let this continue- not when he'd already noticed how kissing you made him even more desperate for you, simply because you don't kiss him back.
It hurts, it makes him feel bad and he can't imagine the pain you must've felt all those times before as he lets his forehead rest on your collarbone, instead of moving on. He knows he could- he knows you'd let him, and that makes it all even worse. "Jungkook?" You wonder, and he sighs.
"I'm sorry." He apologizes, for the first time and not only for the situation at hand. It's for all the times he'd hurt you, all this time he'd needed to realize what he had with you, what he could've had with you. "I'm scared." He admits, and you try and push him a little to make him look at you- but he refuses. He can't.
"Of what?" You wonder, and he's quick to answer before he could chicken out.
"You." He answers honestly. Because it's the truth- he doesn't know what he's supposed to do now. He wants you all to himself; he wants to live with you, see you every day, hug you and show you off like the idiot he is. He wants to give you compliments and help you with shit and tell you that yes-
He loves you.
"What did I do?" You chuckle, a hand going through his hair as he sighs out, moving around and handling you a bit to be able to hold you. "And also what did you do to Jungkook you imposter? You never cuddle." You tease, as be holds you a bit tighter.
"I should though." He mumbles, hating himself for never having hugged you like this before. "You're so warm." He says, muffled a bit as he buries his head into your hair. "You're.." he starts, before he almost whispers it. "..You're loveable too."
"I'm what?" You wonder, genuinely surprised over the change of energy so suddenly. "Jungkook you don't need to-"
"I'm not pretending." He argues. "I'm not lying either. I'm just.. I'm slow okay?" He whines. "I didn't realize that I liked you like that too because you scared the fuck out of me." He complains. "You make me wanna hug you, and hold your hand, and kiss your cheek, and bring you places and.. and things I never wanted before." He says. "Cause I want you around all the time."
You don't know what to think. He can't be trying to convince you to something, since he's literally the one who stopped any advances right now. So, was he truthful? Did he really mean this?
"If you.. don't like me like that anymore, it's fine by the way." He mumbles. "Guess it's deserved." He chuckles humorlessly.
"You know it doesn't work like that." You say. "You don't just fall out of love like that, that easily." You admit. "I've tried. Doesn't work."
"I know I don't deserve it-" He starts, before he moves to lean over you again- finally looking at you with a gaze full of uncertainty. "But I want to.. you know. Be a boyfriend. A good one." He says, and your arms wrap around his neck.
"One that picks me up from the ER when I break my leg?" You joke, and he chuckles, relief in his tone.
"I'm still pissed at that guy for leaving you like that." He says.
"Can't be helped." You shrug as he leans down to kiss you- your lips finally returning the gesture.
"Why did you-" He asks between you kisses. "-why did you.. let me. Again." He wonders. "Even though you thought-"
"I guess love makes you do stupid stuff." You shrug. "I didn't care. Still don't. I'll take what you give me." You say, not looking at him.
He sighs, before he leans down again, touch a lot more tender. "Then let me give you everything I can." He tells you, before his hands begun their journey, traveling below your clothes as he takes his time to explore your body this time- not rushing, no goals in mind.
It doesn't go further than making out this time, but he's happy with it either way, because he gets to hold you at the end of it all.
Jungkook does actually end up being that kind of boyfriend to take you to hospital and pick you up again.
The cast fresh off your leg, you're still a bit wobbly- but you're also happy to be free again, as you sit in jungkooks car. "You know-" you start, before you tease him as he keeps his attention on the road. "I'm surprised you've lasted this long." You say, and he raises an eyebrow.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He wonders playfully offended, however unsure what exactly you mean. Were you still doubting his feelings towards you?
"I mean, we haven't had sex ever since we got together." You chuckle. "So you've had a dry spell of weeks kook. That's probably torture for your balls." You joke, and he laughs.
"Well it's been a couple of months now, gotta admit." He says.
"Wait- MONTHS?" You gasp out, turning towards him. "So you're saying-"
"Last time I had sex was with you." He says seriously.
"Kook..." you mumble, honestly surprised by his confession. He's the kind of guy who used to complain if he didn't get any action for three days straight- practicing abstinence for months was not like him at all.
"I meant it." He simply shrugs. "Still mean it." He says, parking the car in front of your apartment before he helps you out the car.
He can't deny he's desperate anymore.
He's got you finally close again, sat on his lap while he holds you tights, lips chasing yours while your bodies are chasing their highs. He's never thought of a position like this, but he has to admit that it's nice- his hands on your chest as his fingers run over your nipples, chuckling in amusement at the way you whine whenever he pinches them playfully. He likes how responsive and sensitive you are. He likes that he's able to make you feel like this.
Especially when he pushes you onto your back, eagerly thrusting into you, uncaring of the obscene noises filling his bedroom. You're clenching around him so deliciously as your orgasm hits, before he pulls out and strips off the condom, hand eagerly bringing him to his release as well as his cum paints your stomach.
It's always a hassle to clean but he can't bring himself to care as he takes in the sight of you, breathing heavily while his seed lays on your skin. He leans over you, uncaring of his hand spreading it a little- in fact, he thinks it's kind of nice, knowing he gets to claim you in filthy ways like this. "Kook~!" You whine playfully as you feel his antics. "Thats nasty!" You laugh, and so does he- before he picks you up, ready to the a shower and go to sleep.
In a bed that's standing in your shared apartment this time.
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minyfic · 14 hours ago
hell is empty Ꭵ - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
↣ life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
Tumblr media
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, angst, smut
word count — 10K
warnings/tags — love triangle au, single parent!reader, pharmacy tech!reader, dad!JK, ex-boyfriend!JK, CEO!taehyung, strong language, one very cute kid, y/n is going through her own shit, body image insecurities, mentions of stalking, a hottae, hand kink, explicit smut — dirty talk, biting/scratching, oral (f), fingering, clit biting, spanking, multiple positions, multiple orgasms, nipple play, praise kink, cum eating, brief handjob, overstimulation, spitting, protected sex, cowgirl
a/n — ahh here’s part 01 !! this is a truncated version. please drop a comment or an ask if you liked this <3
series masterlist | next
“When was the last time you got laid?”
The straw pokes into your lip as you keep your eyes on the menu in front of you, refusing to meet her gaze, an attempt at avoiding her question. But you know your best friend better than that. Your silence serves as an answer.
“You’re fucking kidding,” she gasps, and from your periphery, you see her lean back in her chair exasperatedly before she sets her arms on the table to whisper, “you mean five years ago? Before Junho was born?!”
You bristle at her tone, “yeah. Don’t forget the nine months during my pregnancy.”
Finally, you raise your head to look up at her, pity written across her smile. You know she wouldn’t judge you, but the slight part to her lips tells you otherwise.
“I thought you knew this?!”
“We stopped discussing hook-ups a long time ago!”
You scoff, “yeah, when you decided to get married.”
“Hey,” she whisper-shouts, aware of the other customers around you, “all this time I thought you had something going on with that guy next door.”
Mid-sip, the boba almost goes down the wrong pipe when you splutter, scrambling for a tissue to clean up the mess seeping into your blouse. You glare at her as she continues to laugh while handing you another tissue.
“You can’t be serious? He’s not my type at all!”
She narrows her eyes at you, “hmm, I’d think he is. Plus, did you see the way he looks at you? Giving you all the sexy eyes. And smiley loves him!”
“Firstly, I don’t think Seojoon is capable of making sexy eyes and he refuses to make eye contact with me.”
She throws her hands up, attracting the attention of a couple sitting close by, “what that’ll tell you?”
You prop an arm up on the table, shaking your head dismissively, “what’s your point?”
“My point is,” she begins, holding a finger up threateningly, “you need to go out. Take some time off for yourself. If not a couple days, then a night out. Because I know you won’t leave Junho for too long.”
You sigh deeply, nodding to yourself, “maybe. Are you free tonight?”
She laughs, “I am not going anywhere. Who’s gonna take care of Junho while you’re out?”
Nerves begin to creep up at the idea of you going out alone after who knows how long. You know she wouldn’t budge yet you still whine and plead with her.
“Please, I can’t go out on my own!”
“Of course you can!”
It isn’t that much of an issue, but the fact that you haven’t even stepped foot in a club for five years now irks you just a bit. You’ve forgotten what it’s like, the unfamiliarity scares you. You follow her through the sliding doors, adjusting your bag on your shoulder before she spins around to wink at you menacingly.
“But you don’t have to leave by yourself,” she grins, tugging you to the parking lot while you’re regretting ever complaining to her about your qualms.
“Where would I even go? I don’t want to stand in line or any of that shit.”
She pauses near your car, wrapping her arms around your shoulders encouragingly, “you don’t have to go to there. I’ll text you the address of this chill hotel bar Yoongi and I discovered a few months ago.”
“Okay,” you nod, waving her off, “I’ll pack a bag for smiley.”
She shoots you a thumbs up before stepping into her car while you’re doing the same. As you’re idling your way through traffic, you can’t help but think about what life would be like without your friends’ help. You’re grateful that you’re surrounded by generous people like them, who have such big hearts. Yoongi and his wife always offer to take care of Junho whenever you ask. Or if they want to take him out on a Sunday afternoon. They’re good people you can trust. Even Seojoon, your neighbor, he works from home as…you’re yet to find out…and keeps Junho for those four hours until you get home from work.
Your son’s laughter filters through the door, and it never fails to have your heart fluttering. Your smiley boy.
Knocking twice, the laughter quietens down and Seojoon answers the door, his glossy curls falling over his eyes.
“Hey,” he smiles, scratching the back of his neck.
You peek around his shoulder to see Junho fitting his arms into his backpack straps.
“Hey. Thank you for keeping him.”
He shakes his head, “not a problem. Bye buddy!”
You watch your son bounce off the floors as he makes his way to the door, extending his tiny fist to meet Seojoon’s in a fist bump.
Scooping him up into your arms, you dust his cheeks with kisses while unlocking your front door. Coming home after a long, stressful day to the warmth of your son’s smile is one of the few things that keep you going.
“How was your day?”
He shrugs his bag off his shoulders, “good.”
“Good? Just good?” You tease, hanging up your coat.
“Yeah. I’m tired. We did G today.”
Noticing him struggling with the strap of his sneakers, you bend down to help him. Pulling off his socks too.
“G? G for…”
His round eyes lift to the ceiling, “goat!”
You pull his toes lightly, “very good! What else? G for?”
His lips form a pout, chubby cheeks jiggling when he shakes his head, “we only did that one at school.”
“Aw that’s okay. Do you have homework?”
He nods, chin hitting his chest with the movement. You’re still getting over the fact that kids as young as him get homework these days.
“Okay, after supper we’ll get to it, okay? Let me get the bath ready for you.”
On your way down the hall, he grabs your hand and you already know what he’s about to ask you. Because he asks the same question every single day until you reach Saturday and he’s happy with your response.
“Can I have ice-cream today?”
You pull off his shirt, “what day is it today?”
You giggle when he starts to slot his fingers together guiltily, gaze on the tiled floors of the bathroom.
“Come on, I know you know. Yesterday was Thursday.”
His scrunches his eyes shut, “Saturday…”
You tickle his sides, “no it’s not! You naughty. You just want me to give you ice-cream today!”
The crowded space of your bathroom echoes with his breathless giggles, squirming in your hold as you attack his sides.
“Friday! Friday!”
Rising to your full height, you reach up to turn off the faucet, “you know ice-cream is a special treat. Special treats are for weekends only.”
“And birthdays!”
“Yes,” you smile, checking the temperature of the water filled in the tub, “and birthdays. So no ice-cream today.”
“Okay mamma.”
Freshly showered, bellies full, you watch Junho in silence as he finishes up his homework. It’s times like these where the quiet is a little too loud. Where the emptiness returns after being distracted all day from your anxieties of the future and regrets of the past. It’s just you and your son, that’s how it’s always been. But recently, you can’t help but feel like there’s a huge chunk of your life that’s missing. And anyone can tell what that might be.
You know Junho has enough male presence in his life, with Yoongi, Seojoon and his swimming instructor who happens to be his “superhero,” but you can’t help but wonder. What would happen if you made a move and brought someone new into your son’s life? How would he react to it? Is he too accustomed to it being just you and him?
His eyelashes dust across his cheeks, face puffed up in concentration with his tongue poking out of his mouth every now and again as he tries to color in the line. And then, again, times like these, he reminds you of his father. A living reminder of the love that once was.
“All done!”
Snapped back to reality, you clap twice then place the sheet of paper into his flip file, “good boy!”
You watch him hop off the chair to fit his file into his bag clumsily, socked feet sliding across the floor. He looks so cute in his new pajamas.
“Smiley you’re gonna spend the night at hyung’s on Sunday, okay?”
He blinks, “why?”
“Mamma has…to go somewhere.”
His doe eyes are fixed on your face, “can I come?”
You smile, lifting him onto your lap, “it’s at night when it’s sleepy time.”
Ready for his endless questions, you carry him to his room, sitting with him at the edge of his bed while he processes your words with his short arms snug around your neck.
“Where will mamma sleep?”
You flatten his hair against his head, seeing his eyes grow heavy with the action, “here. I’ll fetch you in the morning before school because it’ll be late.”
He mumbles out an okay as you tuck him into the covers. This might be the first time whe—
Swallowing thickly, you reach into his nightstand and pull out his treasured polaroid. A lump forms in your throat every night. No matter how many times you hear him say the words.
“Goodnight dad,” he whispers sleepily, ensuring not to crease the edges of the glossy card, “I love you.”
He hands it back to you and you sneak a glance knowing what would happen later when you’re left with your thoughts.
Jungkook’s arm is around your shoulder, his bunny smile on full display while you’re smiling just as bright. The oblivious you. The unharmed and carefree you. You remember how excited you were for that trip. Your first holiday as a couple, celebrating three years together. Little did you know that it’d be your last.
Tears brimming your eyes, your fingers itch to rip it apart. Burn it to pieces. However, that would hurt your son. Even if he didn’t know that you did it. You could lie and say that it got lost. But you’d be the one making your son cry. Something you hate seeing. It would hurt him because it’s the only memory he has of his father. You don’t know why he doesn’t phone often. As much as he claims that he loves his son. As much as he fakes whenever he decides to check in and speak to Junho.
“Goodnight smiley,” you utter through your clogged nose, pecking his cheek lightly. He’s already fast asleep, clutching the blanket close to his body. You wish sleep came that easily for you.
As you’re making your way to the window, tugging on the curtains, you notice a black SUV parked across the road. Perhaps one of the tenants have a visitor. But no one parks across the road since trucks go in and out of the driveway nearby for late night deliveries. Strange.
Tumblr media
Extra face towels, extra pajamas, swimming trunks, toothbrush.
Mentally ticking off what Junho will need for his stay at Yoongi’s, you ensure to pack two pairs of socks and another blanket because he gets cold easily.
“I packed your swimming trunks in case you take a dip in the pool,” you shout over the noise coming from the lounge.
After receiving no answer, you place both your hands on your hips and make your way to the lounge, huffing as you go.
“Hey! I’m talking to you!”
It takes him a while to find the pause button on the remote, but he makes sure to give you his full attention once you’re standing behind the couch.
“Yes,” he replies, obviously impatient for you to finish what you’re saying so he can get back to the car show he was watching.
“I said I packed your swimming trucks just in case and some snacks in your bag.”
He kneels on the couch, lips stretching into a huge smile, “what snacks?!”
“All your favorites,” you wiggle your brows, booping his nose lightly.
He leans up to kiss your cheek, “I miss you.”
You laugh, “I’m still here.”
The sound of your phone ringing cuts into the air and you rush to the kitchen to answer, pausing when you see ‘UNKNOWN NUMBER’ flashing on the screen. In these past five years, you know better than to decline the call. With a rapid heartbeat, you click the green icon and hold the phone up to your ear.
The clear, sharp voice has a shiver running down the length of your spine when he says your name, and you can almost envision the way his lips curl around each syllable. Yet you still ask the question.
“Who’s this?”
“C’mon, you know who it is. Can I speak to my son, please?”
With a deep breath, you return to the lounge and pat Junho’s shoulder. He takes the phone eagerly, the brightest smile splitting his face.
You lean on the backrest of the couch, straining your ears to hear what Jungkook is saying. But all you hear is the muffled sound of his now high-pitched voice.
Junho glances at you, your eyebrows lift in question.
“Yes, she’s sitting here by me. I was watching the Bugatti just now,” he talks animatedly, the alacrity in his voice reserved for his father.
With furrowed brows, you grab Junho’s hand when he jumps off the couch and makes his way around you to the hallway.
“Where are you going?”
“Umm dad said I should go in my room.”
His attention returns to his father then back to you, “he said it’s a secret.”
Releasing your hold on his hand, you sit on the armrest of the couch and wait patiently. You know Junho will tell you what his dad said when he’s done. But you’re annoyed that Jungkook, years later, still has those shitty ways in him. Does he not know that kids at Junho’s age shouldn’t keep secrets? Even if it’s between parents.
Ten minutes later, Junho hands you your phone back wearing a furtive smile.
“So what did dad say?”
He fiddles with the remote, eyes downcast, “he said I shouldn’t tell you.”
You scoff, “why not? You tell me everything.”
“He said it’s a secret,” he blurts, and when he switches on the TV once again, you know not to pester him further. He’ll come around eventually.
But it’s already the next day and he hasn’t budged. Not one word. As if he forgot all about it. Although, you know that he didn’t. Because he keeps asking you to tell him the stories of when you and Jungkook were young. You satisfy his every whim, no matter how painful it is to revisit the memories you wished to forget of your first love.
And hearing his voice yesterday set you back a few paces. You really need this night off. A couple drinks and relaxation time.
“Noona!” Junho bounces out of the car and into your best friend’s arms.
“I’ve been waiting for you for hours smiley. What took you so long?”
You hand her Junho’s overnight bag while he glances between the two of you.
“Mamma was tired.”
She narrows her eyes at you, and you mirror her action. Signalling that there’s something important you need to tell her.
”Umm smiley, why don’t you take this inside,” he takes the bag from and nods, “hyung’s been waiting for you too.”
Once Junho is out of sight, she gestures for you to sit at the bench near the entrance. You plop down tiredly.
“You look nice,” she compliments, reaching for the silver bracelet you unearthed earlier today.
“Do I really? Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night.”
She clicks her tongue, “what’s going on?”
It’s like you need to prepare yourself to say his name. Which you do with a deep breath.
“Jungkook…called yesterday.”
Her russet brown eyes go wide, “and? What did he say?”
You fit your nail into the wood of the table, “he wanted to speak to his son.”
“How long has it been?”
“A couple of months, and it pisses me off that no matter how long it’s been Junho is still the same,” you grit, running your fingers through your hair, “he doesn’t know how much he misses him. He phones whenever he feels like. When he remembers.”
She mumbles your name, reaching for your hand across the table, “he’s still a kid. And that’s his father. Of course he’s going to be excited to talk to him. No matter how long it’s been.”
“I know that,” you sniffle, lifting your head to look at her, “I just wish he would show more effort. The kid loves him.”
She cocks an eyebrow, “you were the one who told him that you don’t want to see him near you or your child. Are you just mad that he didn’t ask about you?”
You roll your eyes, “I’m past that.”
“Are you?”
Knee bobbing incessantly, you pull your hand out of her hold. Anger heightening because she’s right. Although you wouldn’t say that out loud.
“Alright,” she yells, banging her fists on the table twice, rattling the vase set to the side, “time for you to go. Unwind. Have fun.”
You stand up from the bench and unlock your car, not before she grabs you by the shoulders to warn you one last time.
“No more moping around and feeling sorry for yourself.”
You nod, “okay.”
“You have the address?”
Tumblr media
The bar is a lot…fancier than you anticipated and perhaps you’re underdressed. It didn’t take you long to find your way to Stigma Inn, and you’re slightly intimidated by the fact that you haven’t been here before. Mostly because it’s a luxury hotel and you don’t think you can afford a few hours stay here. But you’ve heard about it once. The entire setup is resplendent, dripping in gold accents with heavy chandeliers lighting up the space to set the tone.
Men outnumber the women and you’re grateful for the vacant spot in a hidden corner. A waiter tails you to the seat and you order something light first. You know if your best friend was here she would be admonishing you for choosing to sit in an isolated nook instead of the front. Where sleazy men could spot you easily. The simple white dress you’re wearing has you feeling a little out of place. You feel as if it doesn’t suit the atmosphere and you’re contemplating whether or not you should leave when a man wearing a grey suit stands across your table.
“Hello,” he slurs, towering over you by placing a hand on the round table. The smell of alcohol thick on his breath, “can I buy you a drink?”
Clearly, a place like this can’t govern the type of customers that’d be filling the space. You scoot up on the velvet seat, readjusting the hem of your dress.
“No, thank you,” you affirm, holding up your drink, “I have one already.”
He examines you for a few minutes while you clear your throat and avert your gaze to your phone screen, pretending he’s not there. From the corner of your eye, you see him smooth a hand over his greying hair and turn on his heel. Your reasoning would be that he’s not your type and he looks to be in his late forties.
For the next thirty-five minutes, you can’t relish in freedom of having some time for yourself when every five minutes a guy approaches your table asking the same question. Were you not clear enough when you tucked yourself away into the cosy corner behind the moderately-sized waterfall? You want to be left alone with your drink and miserable thoughts.
But no. Here comes another guy.
“Would you like a refill?”
You laugh to yourself, at least he worded it differently.
“No,” you respond with a sneer, not lifting your head when you steam out the next bit, “I’m fine thank you.”
You hear him clear his throat, and he’s still hovering about the table.
“You know—” you know you’re just going to be letting out your anger on a stranger, however the words die on your tongue when you take in the sight of the…specimen standing in front of you.
Head cocked to the side with his hands in his pockets, bowtie, glittering cufflinks.
“I know…?”
Maybe if you weren’t grieving over a long-decomposed relationship, you would’ve noticed his deep, baritone voice. Matching his sculpted features perfectly. He pokes his tongue into his cheek, a lock of brown hair falling over his forehead.
You feel the back of your neck prickle with sweat when he continues to stare you down. He is gorgeous. So handsome. You don’t think your wildest dreams could’ve conjured up the image of him. And when he unbuttons his blazer to take the seat opposite you, your gaze is drawn to his slender fingers.
“Haven’t seen you here before,” he begins, then chuckles lightly, the action has more sweat gathering on your upper lip, which you dab not-so-elegantly with a tissue. “My bad if you have been here before and I didn’t notice you.”
He doesn’t break eye contact for a second, which you find unnerving and insanely attractive.
“N-no,” you stammer, taking a breath to pull yourself together, “this is my first time here.”
Your touch-starved thighs clench together when he throws an arm over the backrest and runs his index finger along his bottom lip.
“Knew it. I definitely would’ve noticed you.”
Is it hot in here? Or have you suddenly developed hyperhidrosis?
You jolt when he thrusts his hand in your direction over the short space of the table. He finds your reaction amusing, lips curling over his teeth in a box-like shape.
“Kim Taehyung.”
You gulp, afraid that your hormones might act on its own accord and yank him across the table for you to stick your tongue down his throat. He nods politely when you state your name, his arm returning to its place on the couch.
“How do you like this place? Since it’s your first time here?” He enquires, gaze on the chandeliers and not on your face. Still not enough for you to get your shit together with his cologne wafting over you.
“It’s…nice.” Nice? You can do better. “It’s beautiful. I came here for some…time to myself.”
His mouth forms an ‘o,’ and you panic when he rises from the seat, “I’m sorry for disturbing—”
You wave your hands dismissively, “no! No, you can…stay.”
He nods, tongue sliding across his bottom lip as he sinks into the seat, a very dormant area of yours tingles when he spreads his legs. Hips jutting up to get more comfortable.
You’re fighting with yourself to fill the silence that thickens in the air, but he continues to stare at you with those enigmatic eyes. And you do the same, only because you can’t break the electricity in your gaze. You refuse to. After years, butterflies swarm your stomach when he smirks at you. Which terrifies and excites you at the same time.
“What brought you here for some alone time?”
“A friend recommended this place, I haven’t really stayed at the hotel before though,” you chuckle, “this is a 5-star hotel.”
He hums, “you’ll get the best service here.”
“Have you…are you…do you have a room here?”
The laugh he lets out rumbles through you to sit in your abdomen, the light show of teeth has you feeling lightheaded. And you’ve summed up your sweating problem to his presence.
He leans forward and slots his pretty fingers together, “would you like a tour?”
You laugh, idiotically, “I can’t afford a night here.”
He clicks his tongue, “come on, it’ll be fun.”
You’re obliged to follow him when he keeps turning around to check if you’re following him into the foyer.
One thing you notice is the power he seems to radiate with his walk alone, how the receptionist, or anyone who passes by halts in their step to bow in his direction. His height is another thing that has your palms sweating and you’re struggling to keep up with him in your stilettos and floor-length dress.
You’re clutching onto your purse tightly as you wait for the elevator. Hyperaware of his scrutinizing gaze on you. When your eyes lock with his, you find him looking you up and down multiple times. And he doesn’t seem bothered even the slightest when you catch him do it again.
So you let your gaze sweep across his figure, his shoes you could probably see your reflection in, Rolex, perfectly tailored tuxedo, gelled back hair with the single strand of hair taunting you.
“The tour hasn’t started yet.”
“I like what I’m seeing already,” you blurt out. And a second later you realize that you were a little too loud, cheeks warming when he takes a step closer just as the elevator dings.
“After you,” he winks, a light hand on the small of your back.
The interior of the elevator is something you’re trying to focus on, and not his piercing gaze on the side of your face. It’s supposed to be cool in the metal confines but you’re still hot. So flushed. And once the doors slide to a close, you’re unprepared for his predatory walk in your direction, backing you against the mirror.
He doesn’t say anything, but his flaming gaze says enough. You imagine yours must look the same. You stand there for a while, chests heaving, his minty breath kissing your cheek lightly as he looms over you. The throb between your legs becomes almost unbearable, you’re waiting for him to make a move, but he doesn’t. Sending you in a frenzy when that one strand of hair touches your forehead as he bends down then backs away.
You’re panting, cursing to yourself when the elevator comes to a capsizing stop and the doors open.
“This is the highest floor,” he announces, tugging on the collar of his dress shirt.
“Which room is yours?”
You’re too busy admiring the intricate details on the doors to notice that he had stopped walking, you bump into his chest with a gasp.
He taps a card on the security lock and levels you with a heated stare, “all of them.”
The door flies open with him crashing his lips onto yours, hands working on unzipping your dress while you’re tugging at his bowtie.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he husks, pressing you into a wall as he kicks the door closed.
You whine when he holds your hands above your head, nosing through your hair to stop at your ear. The room is dark and cool, only the outline of his face is visible when you crack your eyes open to look up at him wantonly, silently asking him to touch you some more.
He licks at the shell of your ear, and you whimper, you haven’t been handled like this in ages. You could almost cry when he presses his full weight onto you, pinning you in place.
“So sensitive,” he whispers, breaths ragged as he tugs on your earlobe and dips his tongue into your ear, hands running up and down your sides greedily.
You moan at the action, dress hanging off your body loosely. But only when he tries to pull down the straps do you realize that your body doesn’t look like it used to. He notices you pulling away, his forehead resting against yours.
“Should I stop?”
Shaking your head meekly, you grip at his shoulders, “I just…I want you but—”
“Shush shush,” he hushes, placing a finger on your lips, “don’t worry about anything.”
He backs you further into the room and you follow him blindly, holding onto his biceps that flex under your grip.
“No buts,” he susurrates against your lips, lowering you onto the mattress that feels like a cloud in this moment, “do you want me to make you feel good?”
He peels your dress down the length of your body and you’re glad that the dull moonlight doesn’t illuminate the stretchmarks across your belly. A fire ignites in the pit of your stomach as he stands at the edge of the bed fully clothed, while you’re almost bare under his lust-filled gaze.
“Then just feel.”
A moan erupts from your chest when he licks at the skin of your ankle, holding your foot to his face before peppering kisses along your calf all the way up to your inner thigh. His eyes remain fixed on yours, swirling with desire just as his tongue licks up your panty-covered clit. You twist the sheets beneath you, wanting nothing more than to have him devour you as he pleases. Take you whichever way he pleases.
Two nimble fingers find their into the band of your panties, slowly dragging it down your legs to snap halfway along your thighs. You gasp, looking down at him with half-lidded eyes.
“So sensitive,” he repeats, finally pulling it all the way down to toss over his shoulder.
“Haven’t been touched like this in a while,” you pant, head falling into the plush pillow with embarrassment. It seems like you have no filter tonight.
He hooks your legs over his shoulders, cunt wide open for him. And even if you wanted to close them out of diffidence, you couldn’t, with his unrelenting grip on your thighs.
“Don’t worry,” he rasps, his hot breath hitting your drenched pussy has a spark running up the length of your spine, “I’ll make it good.”
With the first lick along your folds, your back arches off the bed, nails digging into the cotton sheets as his tongue massages your clit languidly. He takes his time with it, tongue going rigid to poke into your clenching hole then dragging up to your clit, flicking the swollen bud with kittenish licks. After a while, you find yourself begging for more, trying to grind onto his tongue only for him to splay his fingers across your stomach.
You thrash beneath him, crying out when he wiggles his tongue against your clit, humming into you.
“Please, more. So good.”
He lays flat on his stomach between your legs, white dress shirt sticking to his back as he speaks into your cunt.
“More? Greedy little thing.”
A whine tumbles from your lips when he spits onto your already dripping folds, middle and ring finger coming up to spread it around with your slick. You grip onto his hair, pushing his face into your pussy shamelessly. He dives in once again, this time with more precise, rapid strokes of his tongue across your heat.
“Fuck yes,” you mewl, rolling your hips against his face to hear him moan. The sound rumbles through you to have the knot in your stomach tightening. A thought crosses your mind through your haze.
“Keep going,” you slur, shivering when he purses his lips around your clit and suckles on it hard, two fingers encircling your leaking entrance, “so fucking good. Gonna cum, fuck.”
“Ye—” You yell out his name when he sinks in two fingers at once, finding your sweet spot with ease. His teeth graze your clit and you can feel yourself teetering off the edge with each swipe of his tongue.
Your head presses into the pillow as you grind against his tongue, keening as he drags his fingers in and out of your pulsing hole in a ‘come hither’ motion. Lip tucked between your teeth, you feel the knot grow tighter and tighter as his skilled fingers rub against your walls. He flattens out his tongue against your pussy, slurping up your essence to have your thighs trembling around his face, eliciting a string of curses from you until the knot breaks free and you cum on his tongue. Trembling through the euphoria as he helps you ride out your high.
He adjusts his position between your legs and sucks up every last drop, tongue sliding up and down your cunt. You spasm when it becomes to much, yanking him away from you by his hair.
“Stop, stop,” you chuckle breathlessly, bringing him up to your face to slot your lips into his. Tasting your essence on his tongue.
He pulls you even closer, teeth snagging on your lip while you unbutton his shirt and pants, reaching into it to feel his massive erection. He groans into your neck as you run your palm along his shaft. Your pussy clenches at the prospect of having him fill you up. You want to hear more of his sounds, so you split the tip with your thumb, massaging his frenulum zealously.
He growls, kneeling over you to tear off his shirt, kicking away his pants hastily. You bite down on his shoulder when he reaches behind you to unclasp your bra, pretty fingers twisting and tugging at your nipples.
Your bare heat drags across his shaft, he swallows all your moans by covering your mouth with his, rolling you onto your side to smack your ass once. Your pussy clenches while he continues to massage the skin of your ass with his large palm. You reach down to fondle his balls, tugging at the soft skin to hear him grunt. You manage to get him onto his back, legs on either side of his body. His mouth hangs open, pupils blown wide.
He reaches up and runs his thumbs over your nipples, you throw your head back, slick dripping all over his toned stomach.
“Condom?” You ask breathily, chest jutting out into his palm, tingles shooting down your body when his nails catch on the skin of your nipple. You thought your nipples lost its sensitivity after you gave birth. Guess not.
“In my pants.”
Jumping off the bed, you bend down to reach into his pocket. Yelping when he lands another harsh smack to your ass. You look at him over your shoulder with a grin.
“Sit on my cock.”
He doesn’t need to tell you twice. You position yourself over his length as he rolls down the condom, the sight of his thick, veiny cock throbbing sends another shiver from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with anticipation. He lets you grip the base, positioning your sodden pussy over the blunt tip.
You sink down inch by inch, placing your palms flush to his chest once he’s fully sheathed. His hands fly to your waist while your eyes water with the stretch.
“Feel so fucking good,” he whispers, jaw clenching, gripping the back of your neck to connect your lips, tongues clashing sloppily. You moan when he lifts his hips into yours, cock reaching deep inside you then lifting you off his lap.
With strained breaths, you sink back down, sweaty skin meeting his as you set a pace, crying out at the feeling of him stretching you out.
“Ah fuck. Your cock feels so good,” you sigh, boobs bouncing on your chest as you rock against his lap, cock brushing your sweet spot repeatedly to have you screaming out his name.
“Yeah?” He holds you in place and fucks into you, cock dragging along each ridge to have you screaming out his name, the tip hitting deep inside you. Depths your fingers could never reach. “Tell me how good this feels? Do you like it when you’re bouncing on my cock like this, hmm?”
“Yes, yes. Fuck Tae,” you squeal, the sounds of your flesh slapping against his echoes in the room, sweat dripping down your chest.
“Or like this—” the drag of his twitching cock shifting inside you when he flips you onto your back has you blabbering out incoherencies. Even more when starts to pound you into the mattress, keeping your hands in his grip while you’re scratching down his back. Attempting to drag out the pleasure, walls closing around him as his cock disappears into your dripping cunt.
“I like this, so messy for me,” he rasps, sinking his teeth into the flesh above your boobs, “you take my cock so well. Fuck. I could fuck this pussy all day.”
That seems to do it for you, as well as his fingers rubbing your clit swiftly. Your walls quiver around him, and he buries his face in your neck, mouthing down the column of your throat, thrusts becoming shallow. With a drawn-out groan, he spills into the condom, hips flexing into yours. You move onto your side when he flops down next to you. You both catch your breath with silence falling over you.
Feeling sticky and gross, you pad across the tile with trembling legs to clean yourself up. Fatigue overpowers any other feeling, and you find yourself snuggling in next to him. Only because he asked with a groggy smile.
Tumblr media
The sound of your ringtone cuts through your dreamless sleep. You try to reach for your phone but the tight grip around your waist makes it difficult. Reality hits you when you see seven missed calls from Yoongi and a naked man next to you. A very handsome, very real, naked man.
Oh my God. You weren’t drunk. Every bit of last night replays vividly in your mind. But it’s 9AM and you need to go. Right now. Pushing his hand off your body, you scramble for each article of clothing, sitting on the edge of the bed as you adjust your heels.
The feel of soft lips on your shoulder is when you’re suddenly wide awake, turning around to be met with a tired smile and messy brown hair.
“Good morning.”
“Morning,” you rush out, cursing to yourself when your phone rings again.
He peeks over your shoulder, and you lock your phone reflexively. Suddenly afraid that he might see your wallpaper.  A photo of your son.
“What’s going on?”
You tie your hair back, sprinting to the door, “I have to go to work.”
He scratches his head and leans up on the headboard. The smooth expanse of his chest much more beautiful in the morning light.
“Okay,” he mumbles, eyes appearing closed from afar, “will I see you again?”
That’s not how hook-ups work.
“Can you give me your number?”
“Why not?”
Yoongi’s name flashes on your screen and you groan, “because…I won’t see you again. I’ll never see you again! Goodbye.”
Halfway through the ride home, you don’t know why you went off on him like that. But maybe you do know. You’re sad. Sad that the high was short-lived for you and now you’re back to your monotonous routine. Sad that the night is over. In normal circumstances, would someone like Kim Taehyung approach you? No. You’re sure he’s some rich playboy who does this every weekend.
It takes you fifteen minutes to get dressed for work and prepare yourself a small lunchbox. You know that Yoongi probably took Junho to school, so you aren’t too worried about that.
Through your rush, you notice the SUV, which is a black Land Rover without a license plate, parked across the street. Funny, you didn’t notice it following you all the way but as soon as you drive onto the road, trying your best not to break any laws on the way to work, you see the SUV a few cars behind. Maybe you’re just overthinking things. But you vaguely remember it being there at the hotel last night. Then this morning.
After ten minutes of you cursing yourself for being so irresponsible, you make it to the dreary building where most of your time is spent. The elevator takes too long, so you zoom through the reception to the stairwell. A satisfied huff leaving your lips when you push through the glass doors.
Smile being wiped away immediately when you see Yoongi manually counting pills, a permanent crease between his brows.
“Well well well,” he chides, not lifting his head as you make your way to the counter, “you’re only three hours late.”
“Fuck, I’m so sorry Yoongi. I overslept and—”
He raises a brow, feline eyes narrowed in your direction, “overslept? Sounds like someone had too much fun last night.”
You nudge him out of the way and take over, restarting the whole process, “I didn’t even drink that much.”
He laughs emptily, “you’re lucky I know you.”
Finally catching your breath, legs aching slightly, you tighten your ponytail, “how’s smiley? Did he get to school alright?”
“He was a little cranky this morning,” Yoongi informs, slotting his hands into his coat pockets, “I think you told him that you were gonna take him to school, so he kind of woke up expecting you to be there.”
“It’s my fault, now he’s gonna be in a bad mood all day.”
“He came around. I got us donuts for breakfast.”
Your head snaps up, “donuts? Yoongi…no treats on weekdays. Especially breakfast!”
He rolls his eyes, busy scribbling something down on his desk calendar, “relax. It was an emergency.”
You glare at him, then sigh. You can’t be angry. You messed up and you know how Junho gets when things don’t go according to plan. As young as he is.
“Oh, by the way,” Yoongi calls over his shoulder, “his teacher said that she needs to talk to you.”
Following him into the stock room, you click your tongue, “she’s probably gonna complain about him not coloring ‘within the line’. He’s only five! He’s still learning.”
“No,” he emphasizes, hand on the metal handle, “she said it was serious. She almost looked…scared.”
You slap his back and shove him into the room with an eyeroll, “she’s dramatic and so are you.”
iPad in hand, you’re inspecting each shelf in silence with Yoongi’s close observation. In the past three months, after you’ve started handling the ordering and purchases department, you’ve noticed that the inventory turnover rate had increased while maintaining steady inventory days.
“Before I forget, remember what I told you about the lease agreement?”
“Yeah well, the new guys are coming in today. To check out the place.”
You glance at him, “why would they come in here? You’re just renting out the place.”
He leans on a shelf behind you, “yeah but, this space forms part of the building they’re interested in. I’m hoping that they don’t kick us out.”
You laugh, “they can’t kick you out.”
He shrugs, “I don’t know what they have planned.”
Humming, you refocus on the bottles in front of you before he pats your back on his way out.
“Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. You’re doing great.”
“But you arrived three hours late, so you know what that means.”
You screw your eyes shut, gritting out the words, “leave three hours late.”
He jerks his index finger in your direction, “aha.”
One thing you hate more than anything, is leaving work late. Mostly because of your dislike for driving at night. Horrible memories. And you hate going home to find Junho fast asleep on Seojoon’s couch. It’s also an inconvenience for him. As much as he says he doesn’t mind having him around, you shouldn’t take advantage of that.
You give him a quick call to inform him that you would be working late today, and he responds in his usual merry voice.
Throughout the day, you’re trying to block out a large fraction of your mind that’s occupied by the tall, handsome and really sweet guy from last night. His touches, his words, his sleepy face when he asked where you were going. You don’t think a guy like him would want to be involved with someone like you. Someone like you as in a single parent, barely making it through each day. You’re certain that if it wasn’t for the goodwill from the people around you, you would’ve been screwed.
He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would want to date a woman with a kid. Basically. These are all your assumptions based on your interaction with him last night. Yet you can’t help but let your mind wander. What would it be like if you were to start dating a man like him? How would you introduce him to Junho? Would they get along?
You blink at yourself in the restroom mirror. Smacking the goofy smile off your face. There you go again living in a fantasy world. Far-fetched situations. He was just a one-night stand. You said it yourself. You’re never going to see him again. Ever. And you’re pretty sure he already forgot about last night.
As you’re making your way back to the pharmacy, adjusting your scrubs, you see Yoongi talking to two guys in suits. Must be those bigshots he was talking about.
Yoongi’s face lights up when he sees you, your name echoing in the brightly lit area, “this is my pharmacy tech.”
Wearing a perfunctory smile, you feel your stomach twist in on itself when the man from your thoughts materializes and stands a few feet away from you. Yoongi’s eyes widen in warning when he sees your horrified expression.
The brown-haired man’s voice is just as high-pitched when he shouts your name in question.
“What are you doing here?”
Yoongi cuts him off and charges to your side, mumbling under his breath, “we have to be nice to them.”
You scrunch up your face, whisper-shouting, “I know him.”
His lips part in shock, “how?”
The man next to Taehyung clears his throat and you’re well-aware that they can probably hear you. You take a step forward to accept his handshake.
“Kim Seokjin, this is my younger brother Taehyung,” he looks between you and Taehyung, “I take it you two know each other.”
You and Taehyung speak over each other’s voices.
He chuckles while you fold your arms, shooting him a quizzical look, “I mean…we don’t know each other. We only met last night.”
Taehyung smirks, “yeah we only met last night. But I think we know each other very well.”
You feel your cheeks heat, especially when Seokjin throws a knowing glance in his brother’s direction. Thankful that Yoongi is there to change the subject, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when he finally releases you from his hold.
Standing to the side awkwardly, you watch as Yoongi shows them around the place, freezing every now and again when Taehyung throws a smug grin your way. He’s dressed in a dark beige suit, and it complements his tan skin so well. Everything about him screams hunk. It appears that handsome genes run in the family.
Yoongi gives them some privacy while they have a discussion just outside the entrance, but he obviously wants them to leave so he can corner you about earlier.
“Someone’s been busy.”
You grimace, “don’t ask.”
“What’s going on between you two?”
Immediately regretting looking through the glass, you find Taehyung already staring at you, the same smug grin on his face.
“Nothing, nothing at all.”
“Doesn’t seem like nothing,” Yoongi quips, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
You smack his shoulder then apologize when he glares at you threateningly.
“We hooked up last night. That’s all.”
“Yeah, why? Is it that hard to believe that I can do that?”
He looks up to the ceiling, pretending to think, “yes.”
You groan, “just shut up.”
“I think he likes you.”
“Seriously, Yoongi? A guy like him?” You laugh mirthlessly, “doubt it.”
“If I was you…”
You dip your head to look at him, “if you were me what?”
“He’s super rich. Like filthy rich. Like I can buy you and your son a Lamborghini rich.”
You cover your mouth with your hand as you laugh, tears prickling your eyes at his serious expression, “you’re just saying that because smiley likes Lamborghinis.”
He nods, closing his eyes briefly, “that’s exactly why I’m saying that.”
Yoongi opens his mouth to speak, but you shove his shoulder.
“He’s coming.”
You see his brother waiting near the elevators. Busying yourself with double-triple checking a few prescriptions.
“We’ll keep in touch, Mr. Min,” he smiles, voice all professional and sexy. “Do you mind if I—”
Yoongi backs away from the counter-- “yeah sure sure” – then winks in your direction while you’re covering your face with a sheet of paper.
“Thought you said you’ll never see me again.”
You don’t respond, instead re-reading the patients’ names on the computer. He cranes his neck to get a look at you and you cave. Especially when his boyish laugh blocks out any other thought.
“Guess it was fate.”
You force a smile onto your face, masking your true feelings, “guess so.”
“I’m seeing you again,” he insinuates, placing his arms on the counter.
“Am I?”
He wets his lips with his tongue, and you’re reminded of all its capabilities.
“I have work to do.”
He peers at the computer, as if he’d understand whatever is on the screen.
“Ah, I see,” he remarks, soft eyes flitting to your face, “I’ll leave.”
“If—” he holds up a finger dangerously close to your face “—you agree to go on a date with me.”
You gulp, looking anywhere but his face, “I—”
Goosebumps rise on your skin when he fits his long finger under your chin and tips your head up, forcing you to look at him.
“Go on a date with me, please.”
You chew on your lip, fingers curling around his wrist, “I don’t think I should.”
He tilts his head to the side, “why not?”
“Because I—” I’m a fucked-up mess. I don’t want to become too invested because my heart is weak. But your pleading eyes are making it very difficult for me.
You almost miss the warmth of his touch when he pulls away, adjusting his suit jacket.
“Just this one date, and if you don’t want to see me again. Then I’ll respect that.”
“Just this one?”
He smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t, “yeah.”
“Can I have your number now?”
You snort, reaching for your phone across the counter, “here.”
“Should’ve just given it to me earlier when I asked,” he teases, handing his phone to you.
With a thunderous heartbeat, you wave him off as he makes his way out the doors, giving you one last wink over his shoulder. A small smile creeps onto your face when you see what he saved his contact under.
Tumblr media
Curse Kim Taehyung for being so warm and cuddly that you missed your alarm, that you ended up working till late and now you’re forced to drive in the dark. You miss Junho. This is the longest you’ve been away from him, and you feel guilty. You can only imagine how he must be feeling. He loves his mamma way too much.
You’re trying not to think about your date planned for Friday night. But your insides turn to cotton whenever you think of that handsome smile and pretty eyes. A part of you wants this so bad, to have him. To be with him. Normalcy. But another part of you, a major part, is deathly afraid of what his reaction might be if things go far, and you tell him about your son and your past.
But at the end of the day, Junho comes first. Always.
Too caught up in your thoughts, you miss the SUV following close behind. It’s not until you’re at a red light do you notice the now familiar car. A shiver runs down your spine when you can’t get a look in through the blacked-out windows. You’re frantic, stepping on the gas to get home to safety. Who the fuck is this person? Are they stalking you? Why do you see them everywhere?
It can’t be a coincidence. They’re definitely following you. And when you peek out of Junho’s window that night. It’s there. Black SUV, without a licence plate parked across the street.
You decide to keep Junho in your bed tonight.
Tumblr media
a/n — Junho’s character is based on my 5 & a half y/o brother. if you liked this, please like/reblog/drop a comment or an ask if you’re shy.
DISCLAIMER: this is a work of fiction.
Tumblr media
© minyfic 2021 do not copy/repost/translate
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aajjks · 23 hours ago
Hello, Neighbour | Teaser.
Tumblr media
Synopsis. Careful! he’s watching you, your ex, or now. new neighbour has his eyes set on you.
pairing: yan!ex!neighbour!jungkook x fem!reader.
note. muhahaha i’m having big brain days ‼️🧠… and this is a teaser of my new jungkook fic, tell me if u like it. Wanna be tagged? REPLY UNDER THIS POST ONLY! And… be careful with this one… you all wanted me to go darker and try horror. So… 👀😌😇.
(The header was made by a friend a long time ago… but then I lost inspo, that’s why my old url (gucieguciekook) is on the header.)
warning: mention of drugs, obsessive ex, mentions of abuse, hitting, abusive and unhealthy relationship!!!
literally if you are in an abusive relationship please please seek help and leave please help yourself!!!
Tumblr media
He couldn’t let you forget him.
Because he couldn’t forget you, his only love. You were jeongguks everything. His first love, first kiss, first time, first everything. You were his beginning. His reason for existing. He loved you so much that it drove him insane, You were his only one.
He didn’t mean to hurt you. Oh no. He couldn’t even dream of hitting you, his precious Y/N, but his jealousy got the best of him. And that resulted in you leaving him.
Or, rather escaping him. It was your own fault, you were the most beautiful, ethereal, charismatic person in his life. Jeongguk was the exact opposite of you. You were the most brightest star in the starry sky and he was the darkness that took over the sky, but you still managed to brighten it up with your sparkly existence.
He was lonely, you were always surrounded with your small circle of friends. You were beloved. He was feared. Jeongguk had thick walls surrounded around him.
But you broke them.
And you changed him. Slowly, but fast. You were like the drug that he never got a taste of before. You were different but fucking addictive, there was not a drug that he hadn’t inhaled.
But you were his favourite one. You made him feel so high, higher than any bird in the blue sky.
And he made you feel like a caged little bird. You made him feel free and alive, he made you feel broken and dead.
So you escaped.
But now, he’s finally found you again, you can run but cannot hide. Not even in the deepest pits of hell. He will always find you.
Because you guys are written in the stars. Destiny can’t be escaped or ignored, you’ll just have to learn the hard way.
But he’s willing, because after all, it’s the least he could do as your new lovely neighbour, the boy next door.
Right, after all, neighbours always come in handy, don’t they?
Tumblr media
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ressjeon · 2 days ago
boo..yah! | pjm (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
summary : you’ve been hoping that Taehyung will get the message when you keep on ignoring him for months now but what if his very inviting best friend offers something that will for sure relay your answer?
rating : 18+
genre : college!au, friends to lovers? (not really), pwp-ish?, smut, halloween party!au
word count : 7k
warnings : crude language, explicit sexual content, alcohol consumption, voyeurism, exhibitionism (on the balcony yolo), fingering, spanking, hair pulling, pussy and breasts fondling, protected sex (cuz it’s a must), consensual drunk sex (they’re only buzzed), Jimin is a demon so don’t be fooled, also some It spoilers ig 🤷🏻‍♀️
a/n: we’re finally back after 3 months so pls excuse my writing lmao 😭. it’s very late but this is for the Jimin's Sunset Spooktober event hosted by my lovelies @opaljm​, @chateautae​ & @jamaisjoons​. thank you @knjsnoona​ & @balenciaguks​ for this sexy banner 🤤 and to @taegularities​​ for letting me write this ilysm <3
Tumblr media
― prequel to “Hot Boy Summer"
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes as you enter the frat house after hearing that participating in the frat's Halloween games is a requirement for free booze. If you didn't want to be pissed drunk tonight you would've left this party at once.
But one of the frat's higher-ups, Kim Seokjin insisted on it since he organized the events for the night. Each person who enters the house must pick an activity to do, whether it's playing with ouija boards, actually going to a haunted house near the cemetery for hide and seek, watching a scary movie, etc.
And since you're a fucking pussy you pick the movie marathon since it’s the safest one. It's cold outside and you don't wanna trudge with your white pumps in the woods even if you’re wearing black thigh socks, plus you’ll get the first choice on which booze you wanna start drinking while watching.
Sitting down on one of the side couches in front of the flat screen tv, you wonder how much money this frat has to have expensive belongings. Well, they do a lot of charity events but you know it's because its members are mostly rich boys so you're not surprised at all.
A newly initiated frat boy who's in charge of this activity started the movie for the night, It. Though you usually don't like horror movies, you've been hearing great things about this one from everyone around you so you actually want to give it a try and you’re not alone while watching it so why not. 
There's only a few of you who stayed inside the frat house to watch so you don’t expect to see who situated himself on the opposite couch in front of you,
Kim Taehyung.
The frat's resident fuckboy that you've been avoiding for months. You look away when your eyes meet, turning to the TV to focus on the movie instead. You can feel him staring at you from your peripheral view but you get distracted when you get a whiff of someone with a faint floral scent, the look of surprise etches on your face to see the person who plops beside you,
Park Jimin, the fuckboy's best friend or soulmate as Taehyung calls him playfully.
He looks damn good with his white shirt and oversized blue mohair cardigan, paired with tight black jeans that accentuate his thick thighs. Jimin runs his hand through his ash blonde hair as he smiles at you.
"why aren't you dressed?"
"i am?"
"i mean a costume"
"i don't need one angel"
He’s right since he looks like one tonight in comparison to his demonic best friend but you've heard the rumours, of course, he's a fuckboy too like the rest of his friends. 
Some girl in a sexy nurse costume catches your eye when she sits beside Taehyung, breaking his focus on you. This shouldn't bother you at all but it somehow did cause he could've sat beside you earlier but he didn't. You have no idea why he's even here since exploring the haunted house is more of his go-to activity.
"why with a skirt y/n? you could've been like those bunny girls"
Jimin teases while gesturing at a group of girls with bunny suits posing for pictures at the corner and you snicker, dismissing his attempt to divert your attention. You ignore him so he wordlessly reclines on the side behind you after, gradually laying his whole body on the couch, a silent message to everyone else that the couch is now fully occupied by the both of you.
The movie's almost halfway done and you're perplexed that you didn't notice since you are genuinely interested in it. Maybe because you can't focus because Taehyung is in front of you with a girl and his gorgeous best friend is behind you, so maybe.
“your hair’s tickling my nose”
You scoff at Jimin's whining though it's quite cute for him to complain about your hair. Every time Pennywise comes out, your body moves back in instinct so you bring the rest of your hair in front of you, realizing only then that you just gave Jimin the chance to seduce you now that you can feel his breath against your skin.
He blows a breath and chuckles when he sees your back squirming as you try to straighten your back, moving your body forward until you lean back again when another jump scare scene comes on. You can feel the pendant of his necklace grazing the exposed skin of your upper back when he sits up, his left hand holds your waist to stop your whole body from hitting his face.
An embarrassed giggle comes out from you as you try to sit back forwards but Jimin’s hold on you just tightens, your attention now fully on him than the movie. He’s closer with how you can feel more of his breath, and something inside you wants to lean back further to test it out.
He doesn’t do anything after you lean back a bit and you can sense that he is about to remove his hand from your waist so you spread your legs a little, your right thigh now touching Jimin’s right hand. If that isn’t your signal for him to do something then―
Your eyes widen when his hand that’s holding your waist drops down to grip your exposed thigh just above your thigh socks, shuddering a bit when he starts running his knuckles against your skin, letting you feel the three rings that are adorning his fingers.
Jimin chuckles again behind you after noticing you taking deep breaths as he continues in his ministrations, your eyes closing while your legs are unconsciously spreading wider. Then his hand moves closer and closer to your inner thighs only to retract it and shift his body to grab a bottle of Green Apple Smirnoff from the table.
You snap your eyes open, directly meeting Taehyung’s eyes in front of you before his eyes look down on your legs while running his tongue on his bottom lip. He’s always been an observant one so this made you grab the large cushion and place it between your legs, obscuring his view. He immediately looks up to meet your eyes, no shame in them as you expected.
“That scared of the movie y/n?”
Taehyung teases you with a cocky smile after he recovers, making you scoff and look away when his lips quirk even more before turning his attention to the girl beside him although you can clearly tell that he's not paying attention to her. 
Jimin returns to his position behind you but he doesn't lie back down and instead he puts his now cold hand back on your thigh, thanks to the iced cup of vodka that he was just holding. You squirm immediately at the cold touch, trying to close your legs but his grip tightens instead, the cold metal of his rings digging into your skin.
You don’t want to be obvious to everyone else how Jimin’s affecting you so you sit up and grab a cup of booze, hoping to calm down. But Jimin suddenly blows out a breath on your nape before leaving a peck on it, wrapping his other arm on your waist to pull you closer to him, his arms under your breasts pushing them up.
“Jimin! I almost spilled my drink, stop distracting me” you hiss to cover your embarrassment and pinches his arm that’s holding your waist in retaliation but the motherfucker just chuckles and places his chin on your right shoulder.
"am i angel? sorry" he coyly responds before nuzzling the side of your neck below your bow tie collar, his left hand finally creeping into your inner thighs, cold tips of his fingers nudging the lining of the crotch area of your bunny suit but not pushing it aside.
You wait for a bit to see if he will eventually but he still doesn’t. Your body jerks when two of his fingers start tracing along your slit through the thin fabric of your costume. Jimin continues stroking your folds, starting from the base until he goes up to press the pads of his fingers on your clit. He starts rubbing on it in circles, while his right hand caresses your arms.
“fuck you Jimin” you curse at him quietly, though your voice came out shaky as you try to calm your breathing.
“that’s what you want right?” he whispers beside your ear, his breath fanning on your skin and you can't help but tilt your head sideways at the sensation, your eyes glancing on the TV, bringing back your senses a bit that you’re currently on a frat’s Halloween movie marathon.
Jimin presses his fingers more and you only hum as an answer, doing your best to not moan out loud when he dips one finger through the fabric slightly, causing you to jerk and almost drop the cushion that you're holding.
“want my fingers?” he continues and starts kissing your shoulder, emphasizing his question now by flicking your swollen bud.
You don't wanna beg but you also know he won't do anything unless you do. He's the biggest tease you've ever met just like his best friend. fuck this.
“fine, please” you plead breathlessly, your eyes refusing the pull to look back at someone's stare in front of you. You feel Jimin's smile against your skin at your begging and for a second you forget that there are people around you because of his non-stop ministrations.
You know Taehyung’s been observing you and Jimin this whole time so you’ve been trying to maintain a neutral face as much as you can. Though it’s becoming very hard when Jimin finally pushes the lining of your bunny suit to the side, your embarrassingly wet folds welcoming the cold touch of his fingers.
“so..wet..damn you’re not even wearing anything under”
He comments in surprise and goes back to tracing your bare pussy lips, his touches even more intense now that you can feel his fingers directly. You wonder if he wants you to beg again for him to do what you want. Then your eyes turn to Taehyung just as Jimin plunges two of his fingers inside your pussy, earning a gasp from you, your mouth opening slightly at the intrusion. 
You can’t help but shut your eyes, dropping your head on top of the cushion when Jimin starts moving his fingers slowly, the edge of the thick ring on his index finger stopping the other from going deeper. He chuckles a little after sensing your frustration, not surprised when you grip his wrist to urge him to go faster.
But the demon just removes his fingers totally, making you whimper in annoyance and you slap his arm before letting out an exasperated sigh.
“It’s definitely Bill’s fault that Georgie died” you lift your head instantly to turn at another frat member who’s sitting on the back couch facing the tv, scoffing at his ridiculous comment about the character that you like.
“No, it’s the fucking clown’s fault” you hiss, still annoyed at Jimin who’s been caressing your thigh even though you keep shrugging his hand off of your leg. If he doesn’t wanna fuck you he never should’ve started touching you in the first place.
“Yeah, it’s not Bill’s fault that the clown was hungry” Jimin responds in a woozy way and nuzzles you while trying to nudge him off. 
Others would think that both of you are just bantering each other with no malice. Him being this close to you looks normal since he’s known to be very affectionate and you both are not exactly strangers so this is basically Jimin being Jimin with his so-called other friends.
“Still is, cuz he didn’t follow his little brother to make sure he’s safe” the deep voice who added a reply surprises you, you don’t expect Taehyung to join the argument. But then he could just be teasing you just like his fucking best friend who still tries to pacify your irritation.
“He didn’t know that there would be a clown in the sewers so NO” you fire back, glaring at Taehyung and he just smirks at you with those knowing eyes as he leans back on the couch, putting his arm on that pretty girl beside him. You resist the urge to roll your eyes at the scene in front of you because no, you’re not jealous.
Jimin tries to get your attention back by tugging the edge of your thigh socks but you elbow him so his hand goes straight into your bare pussy, not touching you directly but pressing the square gem of his ring on your clit and rubbing it in circles immediately. He doesn't give you a chance to process what just happened before he pushes one finger in, followed by the second one though he's focusing more on pressing the gem ring harder on your clit.
You bit your lip to stop a squeal coming out of your mouth from the sudden pleasure, the cold feeling of his ring against your swollen bud making your legs tremble, his fingers stroking your insides shallowly. He’s back to puffing breaths on your nape, his other hand occasionally coming up to tug your bow tie collar before playing with your hair that adds to the forming knot on your lower abdomen.
He just laughs a little hearing you curse, enjoying how his touches are affecting you. You're damn struggling to keep quiet, clutching the cushion closer to your chest to cover both your flustered face and Jimin’s hands under your skirt but he’s barely doing anything not to be obvious on what the both of you have been doing.
Thank goodness that the lights are off so the only light on the entire living room is from the TV...
You’re so so close and you don’t even realize that you’ve been moving your hips to meet his fingers until Jimin holds your waist to stop you right when you’re about to cum. 
A surprised gasp comes out from you when he’s pulling out his fingers, your approaching climax receding at what he just did. You dig your nails unto Jimin’s forearm as a plea to put his finger back in your pussy, a whine almost leaving your mouth but you pause when you feel his face beside your ear.
"balcony" he whispers teasingly, biting your earlobe before he gets up from behind you, saying an excuse to get some air and everyone just nods except for Taehyung, who has been looking at you more intently than before. You know that he’s aware of what just happened, it’s his best friend of course and they both have the same hobbies.
Jimin brings his fingers to lick your arousal off in his mouth and you swear that it’s one of the hottest things that you’ve ever seen, add the way he’s looking at you while he’s at it before finishing his cup, his wink and teasing smile making it harder for you to concentrate on regulating your breathing. 
He leaves after and you follow his figure as he leaves the living room until he disappears from your sight when he turns a corner, probably towards the balcony. This is it you should leave now and forget this ever happened even if Taehyung knows. You can just lie and leave Jimin hanging in there. Is he really gonna wait for you though? Won’t he just fuck some random girl instead if you don't show up?
Hurriedly finishing your own cup to fix yourself, your eyes go back to Taehyung who’s getting up with that girl who latches onto his arm. The movie just ended so everyone is now getting up to go do other activities but you didn’t even care about it because you’re torn with Jimin’s proposition and with what you’re seeing right now. 
Taehyung’s lips quirk at your eyes on them but you scoff at his attempt to make you jealous.
You truly wanna know if the rumours are true. If Jimin’s really more of a fuckboy than Taehyung so that's why you find your legs walking towards the direction of the balcony, sliding the door open to see Jimin already leaning on the railing, a smug smile on his angelic face.
It must be the alcohol that you just consumed because he’s looking extra hot tonight, even with the dim light from the outdoor balcony lamp, the lack of full light doesn’t change his whole inviting look and you really want to kiss him until you remember how he delayed your orgasm earlier.
"bold of you to assume i'll let you fuck me after what you just pulled"
"You won't be here if you really don't want to, would you?" 
He's got a point but the frown on your face is still apparent.
"I don't even know why i came here"
While waiting earlier, Jimin contemplates if you’re going to follow him with what he did but you’ve been dying for a release so his smile widened after seeing your silhouette approaching the balcony door. There’s an urge in him that suddenly wants to tease you even more but he stops himself as soon as he sees a frown on your pretty face, replacing the hungry look that you had just seconds ago.
"’m sorry~" 
He teases with a whine while standing up wobbly from the railings and for a second you thought that he’s drunker than you.
And then you see the stupid smirk on his face as he takes off his blue cardigan while approaching you, tossing it on one of the outdoor chairs, followed by his white shirt that reveals his defined abs and the NEVERMIND tattoo on his rib.
You lick your lower lip, suddenly having the urge to touch his tattoo which didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin.
"shut up, you annoyed me" you glare at him but he knows that you don't really mean it like his apology.
"wow do you want me to say sorry?" he whispers when he comes near, eyes fixed  on your lips down to your breasts, shameless as always like his best friend.
"by letting me ride you" 
"demanding much" 
He playfully pouts with that fake hurt in his voice that you almost tell him off until he suddenly cages you in his arms, his beautiful lips now grinning at you.
"why are you–"
"have fun sometimes y/n"
You figure out what he's trying to do but you're hoping to ride him since you're annoyed at what he did but then he denied your orgasm already so you don’t protest when he drags you towards the railings.
"you're crazy"
"it's more fun to fuck you this way"
If you were totally sober, you would never agree to something as scandalous as this but the alcohol in your veins is making you feel adventurous for once. A hot guy offering to fuck you in public? Especially the Park Jimin so why not?
And so you start pushing down your creamy white skirt, revealing the rest of your one-piece tube bunny suit to Jimin's hungry eyes.
He drops his head to your neck at once and starts kissing every inch of your skin that he can reach, feeling him smirk when you let out a small whimper after he finds that sensitive spot on your neck.
Jimin's hands go busy while he continues to suck on that spot, roaming around your body until he reaches the top of your tube and pulls it down. You whine at the sudden cold on your sensitive nipples due to the cold breeze but his eager hands are immediately on them, kneading them roughly.
"Jimin..wait" you breathlessly call his name before you get more distracted with his touches.
"hmm? fuck you have amazing tits" he groans, too distracted from gawking at your breasts and nipping your neck to hear you. He tweaks a nipple, earning another whine from you that you actually push his chest a bit to focus on what you were going to say.
"Back pocket.." he moans against your neck and you gasp when he doesn't stop fondling your breasts while he slowly grinds himself against your still-clothed body.
You quickly reach into the back pocket of his black jeans to fish out the foiled package, bringing it to your mouth but Jimin grabs your neck as he kisses the side of your jaw, his mouth moving closer to your lips.
Jimin releases you after you push his shoulder lightly, the questioning looks apparent in his blown out pupils staring at you.
"do you want this?" you ask and you don’t miss the surprised expression on his handsome face. You both may have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol but you still want to make sure that you both want this to happen.
He nods before kissing you on your lips for the first time, his pillow-like lips making you dizzy with want and you kiss him back with more hunger. Your hands came up to grab a handful of his hair, a moan coming out from his mouth through your kisses that made you smile.
So he likes that.
You release his lips before he can deepen the kiss more, grabbing the hem of his black pants and Jimin gets the signal instantly. He starts fumbling his belt, pulling down his tight black jeans along with his boxers off his legs while you step out from your white pumps and lift one of your legs to start pulling down your thigh socks.
"You pervert" you glare and he just winks in return.
Your eyes roam his fully naked body in front of your eyes, biting your lip when you see how hard his dick is already, beads of precum coating on its red tip as he starts stroking his dick while slowly approaching you.
Jimin watches you rip the edge of the foil packet and he thinks how fucking hot you look while doing it, he always loves it when his partner does this, it’s like a treat to him since it’s way better than putting it himself. 
"may I?"
Your lips quirk at his request as you put on the condom on his hard dick, running your hand down to give it a full squeeze while your other hand pinches the top to secure it in place.
"fuck..i can't wait anymore" he groans and suddenly turns you around, bending you against the railing immediately.
He didn’t wait for you to undress fully, pinning you on the railings with his body this close to you and you don’t think that you can wear a bunny costume again anytime soon or even look at one without remembering him or this night.
You gasp when the tips of your nipples brush the cold edge of the railing, sending shivers down your spine. You can feel Jimin's hands roaming around your body, kneading up both of your ass cheeks, the familiar cold feeling from the rings of his fingers.
He moves the part of the bunny suit that's covering your pussy to the side and you whine once again at the cold feeling of the air hitting your wet core. His hands leave yours so you turn around, ready to chastise him but you see him removing his thick rings so you turn back in front, only realizing the number of people that can see the both of you in this angle from the balcony.
"shit.." you moan needily when you finally feel his full fingers in your pussy, the cold feeling of his fingers making you clench around them, even more so when he adds a third finger, sighing in relief when they reach deeper now because he's trying to prep you.
It's not long before the tip of his dick replaces his fingers on your core as he lines up, both his hands sliding back to your hips and you needily push back which makes him chuckle a little.
"ready to show Taehyung how you say no?" he asks with that playful tone again and you grit your teeth, missing the rest of what he just said because your only focus is the feeling of his cock slowly entering you.
Though Jimin hasn’t seen his best friend yet, he knows that Taehyung will be lingering around based on the way he was looking at you and him inside the living room earlier. He grins after hearing you moan loudly when he fully rams in, not letting you adjust to his size as he starts pounding into you roughly.
You've been sensitive already because of his teasing earlier and the way he's roughly fucking you right now makes you forget that you’re at the balcony of his frat house and that makes you clench more than usual, eliciting louder moans from him each time you do it.
"fuck you're tight.." he moans and grips your hips more, his fingers digging into your skin when he grasps you and you're loving the feeling of it, especially from his hand where his rings are still on.
Even with the alcohol that he just drank, Jimin's pace hasn't wavered to the point that your bunny ears fall from your head to the ground below the frat house. You don't really bother anyway since you're focusing on tightly holding the railings for dear life, your mind only thinking of how good Jimin is fucking your right now because you’re more than impressed.
You open your eyes when he finds that spot but the moan that was going to come out of your mouth falters when you meet Taehyung’s eyes looking at you from below. He’s holding your bunny ears in his hand, his mouth going agape while watching you getting railed by his best friend when he’s about to go back to the frat house. You clench hard while looking at his surprised eyes though you can’t quite tell if there’s something else swimming in them.
And Jimin noticed of course.
"You love to be fucked like a bunny right?" he chuckles and you just squeeze him harder without answering.
A surprised squeal comes out from you when you feel the palm of his ring-clad hand on your ass, moaning at the sting of it and you want more.
"Right?" he swats his other hand to your other cheek, earning a louder moan from you which makes him laugh like a maniac, enjoying how your reddening ass jiggles against his hands.
"that's why you dressed as one, taunting me and to make him jealous" 
"n-no, i didn't–fuckkk" 
You try to deny his assumptions but you just can’t help moaning even loudly when he angles himself to keep hitting that spot inside you, prompting you to place your mouth against your forearm to muffle your moans.
“Liar, you saw Taehyung didn’t you?” Jimin teases you again and slower’s his pace, preventing you from reaching your high and you’re very tempted now to just fuck back against his cock.
A frustrated whine comes out from you when he further slows his pace and Jimin loves hearing it. He initially wants you to cum after teasing you earlier but after seeing Taehyung emerge and walk back towards the front of the house, he quickly changed his initial plan.
There are many reasons why he and Taehyung are best friends, and that includes how freaky they are when it comes to this.
“Jimin..” you moan needily, your voice shaky and that gets his attention back to you.
He can’t believe he’s fucking you now, you have a special disdain for fratboys like him mainly because of his best friend who always finds ways to get you to notice him. Jimin sees Taehyung sitting by the log with that sexy nurse girl beside him from earlier but he notices his eyes are solely only on you and him, a smirk appears on his face.
“Jimin..please..i can’t-” you try again and you sound like you’re on the verge of crying.
Your mouth leaves from biting your forearm and look up to part the hair that’s covering your face, one of your hands leaving the railing to reach for your clit but Jimin quickly swifts your hand away and stops his hips, making you stomp on your feet in annoyance at another denial.
“people are watching~”
He coos and you're so close to begging him again, why is he stopping now when you’re both this close already? You know that people will eventually notice the two of you but you don't find it in you to mind. You don't even care if he never shuts up after this, you just want your release.
“i don’t care, make me cum please”
You whine and reach back to grab the side of his hips, your shaky hands slipping down to pull on one of his juicy ass cheeks to continue fucking you. Jimin chuckles at your desperate move before letting out a gasp at the touch of your cuffs on his delicate skin, its sensation urging him to move so he starts again, fast like before, gripping your hips tightly as he speeds up his thrusts.
Jimin spanks you again and you toss your head back, seeing the girl beside Taehyung trying to bring back his attention to her and you grin when you watch as he struggles to be discreet on watching you and Jimin, his eyes alternating in looking down at anything and looking up at you so the girl won’t notice.
"show him y/n, come on. this is your answer to him right?"
Your heart stops at what Jimin just said, your mind goes hazy with his question and like you’re hypnotized with his voice, you start rolling your hips back on his dick while staring at Taehyung. 
“it’s not..fuck!” you shriek when you feel the pads of his fingers on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud rapidly.
Jimin sees Taehyung walk closer to watch both of you and he’s been wanting to test a theory. He’s been bugging Taehyung for months now if he really likes you but he won’t give him an answer. 
“no point in lying y/n, you keep gripping my cock hard when you do”
“i-i’m not..ahh shit”
“look into his eyes while i fuck you, if you close your eyes i’ll stop hmm?”
You’re not even sure how he’ll find out if you close your eyes but something inside you wants to obey, too afraid that he’s going to deny your orgasm again. Your eyes pierce through Taehyung’s while Jimin continues to fuck you but the pleasure is becoming too good when your high's nearing so you close your eyes. 
Jimin notices this and pulls your hair up to make sure you're looking at Taehyung. When he knows that you’re back on following what he said, he releases your hair so you can bend your head a little, eyes still on Taehyung of course. He sees the girl beside his best friend noticing what he's been looking at and she makes a commotion of seeing people fucking at the balcony and when their eyes meet, he just winks at her which made her even more surprised. 
You start hearing some whistles and cheers from people below and for a second you're worried about the current situation until you notice that no one can tell that it's you because of your dishevelled hair and because you've been covering your face with your arms this entire time.
"don't worry, no one has their phone out though i don't mind if they do"
You're not surprised by what Jimin just said, you feel him twitch inside you when the whistles keep on increasing. He clearly loves the attention he's getting from being this wild to fuck someone in front of other people's eyes.
The balcony has no proper lighting as well, just dim lighting from the street lights and the moon so people won't realize which bunny girl Jimin is currently fucking, some of them gradually giving up on watching you both. Not that it's any of their business but the way none of them are even shocked that he would do something like this makes you somehow giddy. You may be buzzed but this is certainly better than the sober fucks that you had in a while.
“I’m close..fuck..Jimin-” you cry when one of his hands leaves your hips to grab your hair, pulling your head back up to see Taehyung watching you both, his hands clutching your bunny ears tightly in his hands. This added to the pressure on your lower stomach, your breathing getting more laboured because of the bow-tie collar on your neck.
“fuckfuckfuck..” you cry as you reach your high, whining when Jimin keeps thrusting so hard because of the oversensitivity you’re starting to feel. He releases your hair and returns them on your hips, one of his hands reaching higher to squeeze your left tit, making you gasp loudly when his rings brush your perked nipples.
"tight., holyshit" he moans loudly when he reaches his, spilling his cum into the condom while he continues to thrust his dick sloppily against your swollen walls as he rides his high. Jimin bends his body to leave wet kisses along your shoulders and upper back, his right hand grasping the railings beside yours while his other hand continues to fondle your breasts.
It's only when you whimper again and slightly push his lower abdomen off of you that he releases you, pulling his softening cock out from your soaked pussy. He hisses at that and you smile with content, turning around to hit him for making you do that in front of Taehyung.
“what the fuck Jimin”
“what? you like it anyways”
He winks and runs one hand through his sweaty hair, a habit of his that you find really hot when he does it. He’s not wrong though so you give one last punch to his chest playfully before you take a glance in front, certainly not looking for someone.
“still looking for him?”
“no, he probably left to fuck someone”
He laughs as he shakes his head while discarding the condom to the nearby trash bin, pulling up his boxers and black jeans to tuck himself back and walks to one of the stacking chairs to pick up his white shirt and cardigan.
Now that your highs are wearing off, the cold from the Fall breeze is creeping up your almost naked figure, your skimpy suit not helping. You’re shivering as you pick up your crumpled skirt from the ground while struggling to clasp back the strap of your ankle pump heels but then you see Jimin’s hand with his blue cardigan in front of you.
"but you're gonna be cold!"
"someone warmed me up already" he winks before walking to open the balcony door, waiting for you to follow him inside.
You put on his fluffy cardigan, thankful for the temporary warmth it gives as you walk back into the frat house. He redirects you to another bathroom that’s exclusive to the fratboys living at the house so you can clean up in peace without people disturbing you, you’re sure the others are occupied already.
Not wasting more time, you immediately clean yourself, taking off your entire bunny suit to rinse its crotch area since it soaked from your arousal. You hear some people arguing and only when you lean against the door to listen closely do you recognize that it’s Taehyung and Jimin.
"you looked annoyed Tae"
Jimin grins with mischief when he sees his loving best friend fuming while walking up closer to him.
"shut the fuck up Jimin, where is she?" Taehyung demands, eyebrows furrowing while staring down at him and Jimin is very sure now of his theory about what his best friend feels for you. Taehyung didn’t use his nickname on him so Jimin knows that he’s being serious, his smile widens.
"admit you like her first before i tell you, you've been antsy"
"i just didn't have any pussy yet that's why”
"or because i fucked y/n in front of you"
Jimin teases again and walks closer to the door where you’re currently in, intentionally staying outside the bathroom door so you can hear their conversation. He sees the conflict crossing Taehyung’s face, mixed with annoyance that he can confirm as jealousy.
"oh fuck off, fine i like her!" 
The confession causes a flutter in your heart and more confusion in your mind because there’s no way a fuckboy like Taehyung would have a genuine interest in you. He must be bluffing with some petty jealousy that you slept with Jimin and not with him tonight.
"shit, sorry Tae"
As much as Jimin’s a little shit for messing around, he actually feels bad for doing so now that Taehyung admitted his true feelings towards you even if he’s nothing at fault. But he sighs in relief after a mischievous smile cracks on his best friend’s face, looking at him with satisfaction.
"nah man it's fine, it was so fucking hot"
“i knew it”
You clench unconsciously at the thought of Taehyung finding the view of you getting fucked so hot. You’re not gonna deny that your heart actually stopped a little earlier at the thought of possibly causing a rift between him and Jimin but then you backtracked since it couldn’t be that serious with how they are, surely those two have fucked the same people before.
"she's in there btw"
You immediately scramble towards the sink to turn on the faucet after Jimin reveals where you are, conscious that they’re directly outside the door now. You did some final retouch before opening the door, finding them both waiting for you. Jimin still has that smirk on his face while Taehyung looks at you with want.
"here, thank you Jimin" you hand him his fluffy cardigan and you eye him slyly with a knowing smile, obvious on the intention of the gratitude more than just the cardigan,
For the good fucking, and of course, he gets it.
"no, thank you angel" he bites his lower lip, winking at you and you hear Taehyung scoff beside him, crossing his arms over his chest, his scowl still apparent.
"i'll leave you two to talk, see you around y/n"
Jimin struts away from you and Taehyung after, probably looking for another fuck or drink because he certainly doesn’t look like he’s buzzed enough. Your eyes follow his figure until he’s out of sight to further delay your attention to the person who stayed with you.
Fuck Jimin for planning this sneakily, you should’ve known better.
"thanks for the show"
You turn to the owner of that fucking husky voice who’s also been looking at you with unclear eyes since the beginning of the night and you’re still not sure if it's because he’s masking his jealousy with cockiness or what.
"and you enjoyed it, didn't you?" you challenge, raising your chin to level your eye against his.
"i did" he whispers as he comes closer, not straying his eyes from yours and you almost miss that he’s planning to cage you against the door so you put both of your hands on his broad chest to stop him from doing so.
"not so fast, Kim Taehyung" his jaw clenches as he breaks his stare from you before stepping back further so you can make your exit but his words make you stop in your tracks and turn to him.
"one day y/n," he says with full determination, his eyes looking back at you this time like they want to say something more but Taehyung opens his bedroom door before you can reply to him.
You want nothing else but to kiss him earlier but you know you can't until you'll know for sure if he truly likes you. Taehyung never left your mind that whole night when you’re trying to sleep, even the next day when you’re a bit drowsy still from drinking the night before.
What happened that Halloween becomes the talk of the campus for the whole week and while you’re still occupied whether to believe Taehyung’s confession or not, he confuses you even more now when you see a new girl in his arms while walking across the same path as you are, so much for liking you.
He doesn’t notice you even though you’re almost crossing paths but you’re looking at him the entire time, watching his face frowning while listening to the girl who’s been explaining something animatedly under his shoulders. 
A small giggle leaves your lips after finding out why, hearing their conversation lifts up your mood at least since she’s talking about how Park Jimin fucked one of those bunny girls like a madman on the balcony with everyone around on Halloween Night.
And it amuses you, even more, to hear how everyone's so curious about who is it, smirking to yourself because no one knows that it's you except Taehyung.
Tumblr media
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floralseokjin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Seokjin is still very much a fool for your butt
⇢ crystallised timeline
[saga index] [drabble index]
kim seokjin x reader // smut // 3,555 words
(!) oc pulls out a ruler to measure her man’s 🍆, teasing, mentions of rimming and anal sex, oral (male & female receiving), lube, doggy style, light spanking, hair pulling, hard/fast paced sex, cum, foot long dick talk… the usual with these two 😅
Tumblr media
“Come back here.” 
You ignored Seokjin’s request and continued searching around underneath his bed. He tried again, but with your name this time and you popped your head up, blowing some hair out of your face. You were breaking out into a sweat. “Where did you say it was?” 
Seokjin, lying on his back in nothing but his boxers, sighed a little. “I don’t know, under there somewhere.” 
You disappeared from view again, practically crawling underneath the bed now, on a mission, squinting in the darkness as if that would help you see any better. 
“It might not even be there anymore,” he continued, sounding more impatient by the second. The mattress above your head bounced as his hands slapped down on it. “Come back and put my dick in your mouth!” 
“One minute,” you called back distractedly, sounding muffled. You flipped open a binder in the furthest right corner. “A-ha!”
You shimmied out backwards, bare knees rubbing against the carpet, but you managed to evade whacking your head on the bed frame. 
“Found it!” you cried, kneeling up and proudly holding up the metal ruler. 
Seokjin groaned a little, exasperated, but you didn’t miss the way his eyes widened a little as you got up and straddled his waist. “I swear it’s the same length. You’re imagining things. Now can we please rewind to five minutes ago when you were about to give me head.” 
“I’m not imagining things,” you insisted, growing annoyed. “It’s bigger.” 
You’d spent the past few days getting “reacquainted” with your boyfriend’s dick, which annoyingly wasn’t going as well as you’d imagined. Two days ago Seokjin had to take a trip to the convenience store for some lube. He came back with a bag full of snacks and a bottle of 2 in 1 massage play lube, (“It was all they had.”) flushed red in the face. 
“The kid told me have a great night,” he had pouted. “Probably thought I was eating snacks and watching porn all night.” 
“Well, you’re not,” you’d replied. “You’re fucking actual real-life pussy, which I can guarantee that kid has never done before.” He’d perked up at that, and you’d grabbed for the bag. “Now where is it?” 
Things got better after that, but you were still adamant his dick was bigger than the last time you’d had sex. He was adamant you just weren’t used to it anymore. And on cue – 
“You’re just out of practice,” Seokjin said, so smugly it pissed you off. You hit his shoulder. “Ow!” 
“It’s bigger.” 
Not wanting to waste any more time you dropped the ruler to the side of him and ripped off the t-shirt of his you were wearing, your tits bouncing up and down with the movement. He got up on his elbows instantly, excitement visible on his face, and he watched you move to hover your face over his crotch. “Please,” he muttered, full lips open in a hopeful circle. You liked that. 
His erection wasn’t as hard as it had been, but you didn’t blame him really. You had left him high and dry to go in search of a ruler he hadn’t seen in months. Anyway, that all changed once you got your hands on him, tugging his underwear off and then tugging something else… 
“Oh yeah,” he said under his breath, glued to your face as you lowered, ready to take him into your mouth. He laid his head back once he felt your tongue, groaning softly, happy, until he noticed something was different. He lifted his head, looking down at you with three chins. “Baby, what are you doing?” 
You immediately stopped the slow kitten-licking. “Teasing you. Gotta make it as hard as it can go.” 
“It is as hard as it can go,” he replied, getting up on his elbows again. “It always is because of you.” 
You went back to work, now dragging the point of your tongue up and down the tip. He said your name, shivered a little. “Stop. It tickles.” 
You didn’t listen at first, but then he started nudging his hips, bumping you with the head of his cock, wetting your lips, nose, cheeks. You gave in, taking him halfway into your mouth before bobbing your head. 
“Yes,” he breathed, one hand reaching for your head, following your movements. “Suck it just like that, I’ll get super hard.” 
You pulled off with a disgruntled noise. “I thought you were as hard as you could get.” 
Seokjin stayed silent, unsure what to say to get him out of trouble. Fortunately for him, you were only teasing him. You started softly kissing one thigh, knowing how sensitive they were. Maybe if you riled him up with kisses enough he’d be so hard he might explode. The kind of hard that made him ridgy and purple, the kind of hard that almost seemed painful. That’s what you were after. This measurement needed to be accurate. 
He shifted impatiently under your touch, so you moved to his stomach, peppering the skin with your kisses. The muscles started to flutter. “Come on,” you whispered, looking up at him, “think of all the things you want to do to me.” 
You kissed up to his sternum as he replied: “Mmm. I’d do anything you want me to.” 
You chuckled. “No, what you want to do to me.” You kissed across his chest, then moved to a collarbone. His arms instinctively wrapped around you. “There’s got to be something.”
And then you were kissing his mouth. He was breathing heavy by now, intense as he parted your mouth and traced his tongue against yours. “Imagine it,” you told him. 
“Imagining,” he rushed, moaning slightly when you moved to suck his earlobe. 
“Is it getting you harder?” you whispered seductively. 
He grunted, grabbing one of your hands to move it between your bodies. “Feel.” 
You gripped him, pleased with what you found, and he attempted to push his hips up and down, desperate for some friction. You loved that. 
“What is it?” you asked, lips at his jaw. “What are you imagining?”
Without any warning his hands slapped down on your ass, kissing you once before answering. “Mhmm. Wanna taste it.” To emphasise he gave your cheeks a squeeze. 
You were absolutely mortified for some reason, his response catching you off guard. “What? You asked,” he replied, unbothered. 
“I thought you’d go for… the other thing…” 
He grinned, lifting his head to kiss you. “Stages, baby.” You burrowed into his chest. “Why are you hiding,” he laughed. “Does rimming make you embarrassed?” 
“Ew. Don’t call it that.” 
“That’s what it’s called! Anilingus,” he added with a giggle. 
“Stop,” you whined, finally lifting your head up. Seeing his grinning face, you couldn’t help but reciprocate. “You do know you have more chance of sticking it up my ass, right?” 
“Now?” he joked. 
You pushed at his shoulder and rolled to his side. “Impressive.” 
He leaned over you slightly, hand on your stomach. “What is?” 
“We’ve been fucking not even a week and you’ve already brought my ass up again.” 
Smirking, his fingers grazed the underside of your boob. “What can I say? Got a one-track mind.” 
You giggled as he lowered his head and kissed each of your nipples, your hands running through his hair. 
“But excuse you,” he said abruptly. “Fucking? It’s called making love now!” You squealed as he pounced on you, muffled by his lips soon after. 
Distracted by the kissing, getting more turned on by the second, you almost forgot about the mission in hand until Seokjin reminded you. “Where’s your ruler?” he asked, panting, lips swollen and wet. 
Dazed for a split second, you managed to come to, sitting up to go search for your very important measuring apparatus. Grabbing it, you were back focused, pleased that Seokjin had taken initiative, on his back, one hand wrapped around the base of his dick, holding it as tall as it could possibly go.
“Quickly!” he urged. “Before I cut off circulation and it drops off!” 
You rolled your eyes at his dramatics but crouched over him, holding the ruler against the flesh. He hissed because it was cold but stayed as still as possible when you leaned in closer and squinted your eyes, desperate to get an accurate measurement. You had no time to think about how hilarious this was. 
You yelled so hard at the result you made your boyfriend practically jump out of his skin. “I was right!!!! 8.3 inches!” 
“That’s hardly anything,” he grumbled, leaning up on his elbows to look down. A few strands of hair had fallen in his eyes, cheeks flushed. “It was probably that all along.” 
“No, it was eight,” you reminded him. You would never forget the time he’d measured his dick using the iPhone app. “Now it’s 8.3.” 
He watched you straddle his thighs, naked and waiting, yet this discussion was more important right now. “So, you’re telling me you can’t take an extra .3 inches?” 
He chuckled fondly, a rare dimple showing. “You’re ridiculous. Just admit you’re out of practice. It’s okay.”
Folding your arms, you stuck your nose in the air. “I won’t admit anything.” 
From the get-go you’d been able to handle his dick. That was your thing, and for some reason the fact you now needed help pissed you off. 
Seokjin sat up and stroked your arm. “Baby, don’t be sad. You’ll get used to it again.” He kissed the pout from your mouth. “I promise. Before long you’ll make this dick your bitch.” 
“It already is my bitch,” you reminded him. “A glance and it gets hard for me.” 
He chuckled again. “You’re not wrong.” Then, hopefully: “Will you give it more than just a glance right now?” He kissed you again and murmured your name. “I want you so bad...” 
“Okay,” you grumbled, but you weren’t really annoyed. 
“Yeah?” You nodded in response, and he took the ruler still in your hand. “Great. Let’s forget about this.” He threw it across the room, grabbed you and flipped you over. Playfully rubbing his face into your neck, growling and tickling you, you squealed and kicked your legs out. Sanduel was thankfully out tonight, so you could be as loud as you liked – within reason. 
“Do you want to go on your knees?” Seokjin asked against your ear. 
Your belly flipped. You hadn’t done it like this yet, which was odd seeing as you’d been fucking making love any chance you’d gotten this week. There had been romantic sex, slow sex, fast sex – very fast sex. Jin had gotten so excited one time in particular it was a three thrusts and done type of thing. You’d both fallen about laughing, unable to stop, which in turn had reminded you both of the time he’d done something very similar last year. 
“It’s because practically every time I had sex I never got to see the girl fully naked. My brain short circuited when you started bouncing up and down on me,” he’d explained. 
“What’s your excuse now?” 
“I missed you,” he’d shrugged, matter-of-fact. 
He still wasn’t done missing you, even now. 
On your hands and knees, your underwear gone, Seokjin was having a meltdown, his palms roaming your ass, grabbing it, just feeling you up like he was about to die. “Oh god, I missed you so much.” 
“Ouch,” you yelped as he practically split your cheeks apart. “Be nice.” 
“Sorry,” he apologised, voice low. The bed creaked as he bent lower, his breath hot. “Can I kiss it better?”
“Just the cheeks,” you warned. 
“I know,” he chuckled, beginning to kiss across your skin. You pushed into him, unable to stop yourself. He moaned throatily in response, a hand moving in front of you to start rubbing your clit. His other hand angled your hip and then pushed down on the small of your back. His lips sounded wet when he pulled back. “Up a bit so I eat you out.” 
You held the position even though your knees started to shake once you felt his tongue. Getting eaten out like this was always such a turn on, something crude about it, which in turn made it very, very hot. Seokjin loved it too, burying his face so hard against you, you worried for a second he could pass out. 
You were just closing your eyes, gearing up for your sure orgasm, when he stopped all together. “What are you doing?” Your voice came out all high pitched and shaky. 
He kneeled higher, hands on your hips. “I want to cum together.” 
You couldn’t complain. “Do you think I’m wet enough?” 
Seokjin moved to crawl up the bed. “Maybe just to be on the safe side…” As he spoke he reached into his bedside drawer, acquiring the nifty bottle of lube. You looked over at him, watching in amusement as he wiped his face slightly with the back of his hand. Somehow your arousal was on his eyelids… 
Kneeling behind you again, he inhaled sharply, kneading your ass with one hand. “Fuck. I can’t get enough. I missed this.” 
You wouldn’t lie, Seokjin’s minute (major) obsession with your ass had always been a turn on. You’d missed it yourself. 
“I missed you so much,” he continued, for a second making you feel very warm in a fuzzy way. Then: “Can I… Can I hit you?”
You snorted. “That sounds sadistic, Seokjin.” 
“You know what I mean. I worded it wrong.” 
You wigged your butt and replied: “Go for it,” squealing when he spanked you immediately. He did it a couple more times, laughing lowly as you continued fooling around. 
“Fuck, we should bring that ruler back,” he said, now pressing himself against you. He was incredibly hard. 
“Feels painful,” you teased. 
“It’s not,” he murmured, leaning over you to kiss up your spine. He readjusted, moving closer so his head was to the side of yours. “Kiss me.” 
He didn’t have to ask, your tongues meeting for a few seconds before he moved away, kissing down your spine this time and then kneeling upright. You heard him pump some lube on his fingers, massaging it onto his dick and then your opening, the cool tingle making you pulse and fidget. Ever so carefully, he slid two fingers inside of your warmth. “Ready?” 
“For all 8.3 inches, yes.” 
He breathed a laugh and pulled out, lining up the head of his cock soon after. “Yeah, you are.” 
He got about halfway inside you before you started tensing up. At this point you were sure it was all in your head. It didn’t feel painful, more so you just felt really full. Holding your hips carefully, Seokjin started to move, making sure to only thrust with as much as you could handle. His breathing got a little heavier, and as you got into it more, you let out little moans, encouraging him further. Stretching you out, and getting you wetter, he was able to inch inside more, bit by bit. After a couple of minutes he was fully inside you. 
“Give me a moment,” you panted out, reaching for one of his forearms. You held it tightly, mostly just wanting something to squeeze. 
“O-okay,” he breathed, trying his best to hold deathly still. A couple of seconds later, he strained out: “You’re squeezing so tight.” 
“Hngh.” His words made you garble out sounds and hearing him so turned on made you start to move involuntarily. Slowly at first, getting a feel of him, still clutching his forearm until he took your hand, holding it tightly and letting you move at your own pace while he waited patiently. 
As you started to speed up, you felt him begin to push back, just ever so slightly, but the added pressure felt better, and before long you both started up a rhythm. You let go of his hand to press into the bed, letting him grip your hip again and continue fucking you. You started moaning then, getting louder as you moved together. It encouraged him to go faster, chasing the feeling, but eventually you both ran out of steam. You slowed, his dick lazily grazing you as he leaned forward, attempting to kiss you. He moaned when he felt your lips, stilling his hips so you could just taste one another for a while. 
When he pulled away, he moved more precisely, watching his cock dipping and sliding into you all the way. It felt really good, and the full feeling was no longer daunting. In fact, you wanted more. Way more. As much as he could give you. 
“Shit,” he was muttering to himself, “was this always so hot? How did I handle it before? I feel lightheaded.” 
But you weren’t really listening. “Fuck me really hard, Jin.” 
He stilled, obviously surprised by your request. “You sure?” 
“I’ll tell you if I want to stop.” 
There was a pause before his fingers gripped the flesh of your hips. He started thrusting again, fast but with not a lot of pressure until he was sure you were okay with it, then he went a little harder. The force of one thrust had you yelping, head jutting forward, and he panicked. “T-too much?”
“No—,” you gasped, pushing your ass into him. He did the same again and you loved it. “Fuck. No, please keep g-going.” 
That got to him, the word please. His pace turned feral, snapping his hips into you over and over again until you were crying out. It had been so long since you’d been fucked like this. Before long your knees gave way, Seokjin now fucking you into the bed, his dick so deep if felt like he was in your stomach. Panting for breath he eased off, still moving, just slower now, making you feel every inch of him. “See, you can still take my dick,” he murmured proudly. 
You moaned in agreement. “I love it.” 
Those three little words seemed to break him. He was gone from inside you almost immediately, chuckling embarrassingly. “I love it too. Too much.” Helping you onto your knees, he kissed across your back, whispering against your shimmering skin. “I love being inside you. So, so much.” 
Then, you were on your front again, Jin’s knees spreading your thighs before he used a hand to push himself inside of you. The fill felt better this time, if that was possible, thrusts powerful and precise. 
“What about this?” he asked, carefully taking your hair in his fist. 
Your belly flipped at the thought. You were about to reply go for it but decided on “please”. He’d like that better. He kept a constant grip on your hair as you continued having sex, the slight pressure making you feel more sensitive somehow, chin against the pillow. That, and every so often your clit would brush against the sheets, adding to your stimulation. Your orgasm was building up, eyes pricking tears. 
“Mhmmm. I’m–I…” 
Seokjin’s grip on your hair tightened, desperate to keep the same rhythm of his hips as he felt your release approaching. He moaned with you, each thrust pinning you to the bed that had started to groan in surrender. 
“Shit, I’m gonna—oh my god. Jin—!” 
You weren’t able to finish your sentence, orgasm practically exploding through your body, but Seokjin kept his movements, even with you squeezing around him like no tomorrow. He was close too, you could sense it. Hear it too as he panted and grunted. 
As soon as he felt your body relax, he spoke all out of breath, letting go of your hair. “C-can I cum outside?” 
“Yeah,” you managed to get out, face feeling boiling hot. No sooner, he was pulling out of you, jerking himself off quickly, before you heard his tell-tale groan. You felt the hot drops of cum land just above your ass. 
“Shit, I missed coming on you,” he said after a long, much needed pause. 
It made you snort-laugh, despite still catching your breath. “And I missed having your cum on me.” 
Laughing too, he flopped down next to you. Grinning your way, your heart did a little jump. “I love you,” you told him. It had by far become your new favourite thing to say. 
He instantly looked put out. “Hey, I was about to say that!”  
“What?” you asked, moving away from Seokjin’s chest – stopping cuddle time actually – to look at him. 
You were sleepy now, cleaned up, pjs on, and ready to call it a night. In fact, you thought Seokjin had already fallen asleep because it had been a while since he last spoke. Instead it seemed, he’d been deep in thought. 
“Nothing,” he shrugged. “I’m just doing the math.” 
Puzzled, you asked: “What math?” 
Ever so casually, you got your reply. “Well, it’s just, if my dick continues to grow 0.3 inches a year, in just under fifteen, I’ll have an actual footlong.” 
It took a moment for it to process, and then you scoffed. Unbelievable. “Please.” 
“No, but really,” he said so seriously, sitting up a little. “Would you be able to handle that?” 
“Of course I wouldn’t,” you responded, eyes wide. “You’d have a 12-inch dick!” 
Did he think you were magic or something?!
Tumblr media
Written 2021. Please refrain from posting my work elsewhere. No translations allowed. © floralseokjin 2021
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ts19009 · 2 days ago
(Updated 12-02-21)
Tumblr media
Dad!jungkook scenario (his daughter runs up to the stage  @sevenforeverbulletproof
the diary of a healing heart (s2f2l, college!au; angst, fluff, crack, smut) @taegularities
duty before love (king!jungkook x servant!reader, king!jungkook x queen!oc) @blue-jade
redemption (ex-husband!jungkook x reader) @blue-jade
Stay (idol husband!Jungkook x wife
reader) @sahmfanficbts
BTS Participating in Squid Game Part 1 @silv3rswirls
year 22 (childhoodfriend!jk x f!reader) @guklovr
The Maid of Honor Misadventures (one shot, one night stand!au, wedding!au) @jjkthclub
all over you (antasy!au, HP!au, exes/e2l!au, light angst, fluff, smut, a lot of smut) @taegularities
Kim Taehyung
Breathe (Artist!Kim Taehyung x Heiress!Reader) @v-hope
Obsidian (Murder mystery) @kpopfanfictrash
5 times he said i love you (slice of life au, fluff, angst out of nowhere) @n3onguts
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mercurygguk · a day ago
ridng jk for the first time as he praises you and uses lots of use of pet names
thirst night #4
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
it’s crazy how easy you give in to his teasing and flirting – all he has to do is say your name in a certain tone and you’re a goner, completely and utterly whipped and simping for him on the spot. sometimes it even feels like you’re melting into a big puddle when his voice reaches a specific level of deepness, when he shoots that soft, soft smile at you and kissing you like you’re the only two people in the room. it’s always a dream when you’re with jungkook, a hazy dream that feels like it’ll end soon but thankfully it never does.
however, in this very moment, those sweet moments of love and care are long forgotten and replaced by heavy breaths and moans, whimpers and whines of pleasure, the slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of you as you bounce on his lap.
“ohhh- fuck,” you cry out, losing yourself on top of him, the feeling too good to bear.
jungkook’s lips are brushing over the skin on your chest and breasts, your nipples receiving small kisses once in a while as he slides his hands up and down your back, down to your ass to grip a tight handful of flesh in them, guiding you on his cock.
“shit, look at you, baby,” jungkook groans as you begin to grind on his cock, hips rocking back and forth in a pace so slow that jungkook needs to hold himself back from pinning you against the mattress and fuck into you hard and fast.
the sight of you letting your head drop back, eyes closed tightly and lips parted in silent moans, one hand gripping his wrist tightly, the other gripping his shoulder, your nails digging into his skin. you look absolutely beautiful as you ride yourself towards your orgasm, using jungkook’s body for your own release.
“look at you riding me so well,” he rasps, lips brushing over your collarbones. “you look so fucking sexy right now, can’t believe you’re mine-“
the words leaving his mouth causes your stomach to tighten in excitement, your walls clenching around him as he calls you his. a low moan falls from his lips as he feels you tighten around him, your walls making it almost torturous for him to be inside of you.
“mhm- kook,” you whimper. jungkook hums in response, meeting you halfway as you pull him in by the nape of his neck, your lips searching for his desperately. “fuck, you feel so g-good.”
“so do you, princess-“ he gasps as your clench hard around him, your hips stuttering in their grinding. jungkook feels himself reaching his high faster than ever before, the feeling of you tightly wrapped around him makes him lose his mind slowly. “you’re doing so good, riding my cock like fucking a pro.”
“oh my god,” you gasp, feeling yourself falling over the edge, tensing in his embrace. the feeling of you cumming around him is enough to make him cum hard inside of you. your pussy keeps clenching, milking him for every single drop of white, sticky cum. “fuckfuckfuck-“
“yes, fucking take it, baby girl,” jungkook hisses, lifting his hips to fuck into you just a bit more until his orgasm has died down, “you gonna milk me for everything, huh?”
“mhm,” you hum, teeth digging into your bottom lip, “give it to me.”
a low guttural moan escapes from jungkook’s throat as he pulls you in for another kiss, cock still tightly nested between your wet folds, cum still leaking as he slowly guides you to grind against him again. you’ll end up ending him if you keep up with riding him like you just did, but to be totally honest, jungkook doesn’t really care – as long as it’s you who’s riding his dick, he’ll gladly accept to die.
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[ # 𝟎𝟏 𝐅𝐎𝐂𝐔𝐒 ]
⚠︎ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | Smut, Dilf! Aged Up! Jungkook, Daddy Kink, Cunnilingus (m/f), Masturbation (f), Finger sucking, Ass Biting (?) Breeding Kink
Tumblr media
"I can't wait 'till we chill". His words rang through your mind as you packed your bags to spend the weekend with the oh-so lovely Mr. Jeon.
He's a wonderful guy, promise.
You stared absentmindedly at his shoulders, his back turned to you as he was cooking. If you were actually being conscious, you thought you might've been drooling over him.
Mr. Jeon knew, he just absolutely knew there was a pair of eyes on him. When he turned around there you were, mindlessly staring right at him. A soft grin on his face appeared as he set the plate with grilled cheese in front of you. Even when he walked around the table to get to you, your eyes wouldn't leave him as he stood in front of you.
Those hazy eyes of yours bore into his soul. The moment he squished your cheeks, you blinked a few times as if you'd been under hypnosis.
"You okay?" he questioned, playfully pouting at you.
You nodded your head, "Mhm". But Mr. Jeon's eyes narrowed at you, he could see every little thought you were having in your mind. The soft grin of his turned into a menacing one.
With an assessment of your face, he figured it out.
"You look like you want me to fuck you right now."
To say you were taken aback would've been an understatement—was it that obvious? "Huh?" you said, still clearly shocked.
Taking your face in his hands again, he pouted playfully again. "You little fucking minx, thought we'd agreed to take things slowly."
He was right, when you'd admitted your feelings to him only weeks ago you wanted to take things slowly. "Just tell me when you're ready" he hummed before placing a kiss to your cheek "I'll always be ready" he yawned, walking off upstairs.
It was now nine in the evening and you decided to be ever so daring and go into Mr. Jeon's room only to see him sitting on the edge of his bed, scrolling endlessly through his phone. Sporting only a white tank top and pajamas, Mr. Jeon looked up at you. "Look who's here, you finally ready?" he snickered as you nodded, bashfully walking towards him. Chuckling, he motioned for you to sit in-between his thighs. Caressing your cheek, he smiled endearingly at you.
Bending down to your left year he let out a breath of slight amusement, "Want you to take your clothes off, n' suck me off". He smirked almost wickedly at your reaction, watching you like a hawk as you removed every inch of clothing you had on your body.
"Good girl," he praised before tugging down his pants letting his cock spring free. Taking the base of his cock in his palm, he tapped your bottom lip with the head. "Open up, baby"
Doing nothing short of what you were asked, you opened your mouth obediently, letting Mr. Jeon ram his dick in and out of your throat. His head was thrown back as he took in the pleasure whilst listening to your pretty choking sounds—making a mental note to record you choking on his dick next time.
Mr. Jeon's dick was heavy on your tongue, making arousal drip down from your aching core to your thigh. Needing something, you slid your middle and ring finger inside your hole, curling your fingers causing you to moan around Mr. Jeon's cock.
Low moans left Mr. Jeon's throat as he felt closer and closer to his high, he basically could feel it on the tip of his tongue when he felt you whimper around him when you came. But fuck—he wanted to cum inside your cunt and only your cunt. He groaned as he impulsively pulled out of your mouth.
"What a fuckin' slut I have here," he panted, pulling you up to his bed. Positioning you into all fours, he pushed the upper part of your body to the mattress so your ass would be up in the air at his disposal.
But of course, not before licking your fingers clean of your cum. It's Jeon Jungkook for Christ's sake.
Landing several spanks to your ass, lowered his gaze to fixate on your leaking hole. He licked a teasing stripe up, adding to the dampness of it all and carefully sank his teeth into the tender flesh.
You swore you screamed your lungs off.
"Mr. Jeon~" you whined, he could only snicker at your reaction as he admired the reddening mark. Everyone would know it was him, who else has such prominent canines? "Let Daddy have his fun"
Right when you were about to question the name, Mr. Jeon's dick slammed right into your cunt making you cry it out. With his hands firmly placed on your hips, he was able to fuck you faster and harder. "D-Daddy~" you mewled, the name growing on you "S-so close t-to hit...hitting my—awe!"
Your sentence had morphed into a pain, pleasure cry the moment the tip of his dick brushed against your cervix. You grabbed onto his bedsheets. He showed no signs of slowing down and you were sure you'd wake up tomorrow with ten little crescent shaped scabs on your hips. Only when you clenched around him did his hips stutter. "Fuck," he cursed under his breath "M'gonna breed this damn pussy, huh?"
Giving you a spank to your ass, he continued on. "Daddy'll fuckin' breed your pussy, baby. Stuff you full of his cum." he groaned out, amused when you let out a mantra of "yes' ". "Please Daddy, wan' that w-wan' it bad!"
"Oh yeah?" he said, kneading the flesh of your hips "I'll send you back to your parents n' have you all knocked up with my baby, hm?"
"Yes, yes, yes!" you chanted before letting out a moan "Knock me up, p-please~" The walls of your cunt were clamped down on Mr. Jeon as you were so close to your orgasm, just one, two, three—four more thrusts of his hips and you were sent to heaven. Crying out for him uncontrollably, you swore you passed out.
In which, you did pass out. The next time you opened your eyes you felt Mr. Jeon groan loudly as his warm cum shot in your walls.
His head was thrown back and the chest portion of his tank top was soiled with sweat. Chest heaving up and down, he pulled his semi-hard dick out of you and pulled his pants back up over his crotch area.
Taking one good look at your oozing cunt, he took his fingers and pushed his cum back inside. He pulled your limp body to where he sat against the headboard, letting out a breath of amusement when he realized you were passed out and gave you a kiss on the forehead.
The next time you'd open your eyes, there was a ray of light coming through Mr. Jeon's blinds. Your eyes traveled around the room, focusing on where Mr. Jeon himself stood, brushing his teeth. The instant your mind remembered last night, you got up from his bed (despite your legs protesting) to greet him a good morning. However, the man had quite different intentions.
By the time you'd made it to the doorway, he took you in his arms and tossed you back on his bed. A big grin was on his face when he crawled to you almost preditorially.
Then and only then did you understand why he couldn't possibly wait to chill.
Tumblr media
TAGLiST: @vivilover @underratedmisfit @peachytan @wndrlevi @dyaidk @seventeenis-thedream @seokjennieee @moonchild1 @kimchitae @bbangtanlove95 @scqrl3tte @debicaptain-saturn @sukunasstomachtongue @enhypp @arcticmarshmallow @lvlyk1tty @isaaaaxhx @flwrprncss24 @burnedbythesun98 @telepathytae @papieami @cherryjungkookie @nmello8862 @raehayashi
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Tumblr media
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bts-trash-blog · 2 days ago
Summary: Cold rushed mornings.
Parring: Jungkook X Reader
Warning: Slice of life, freaking fluff
Tumblr media
It's cold.
The type of cold where the air catches your breath, frost covered windows and slippery sidewalks. The cold where your nose goes red, and the tips of your ears burn. It had you wincing when your feet hit the cold floor cause you forgot to turn the heat on. The cold where a nice bowl of soup would warm you from the stomach out.
And yet, Jungkook forgot his jacket.
He had tumbled out of bed, waking you in the process first by dragging the covers half way off of you then by slamming the bathroom door and turning the bedroom light on. Yet the moment he remembered that his girlfriend, you, had yes slept over the night before, and yes was now  groaning and glaring at him had his doe eyes widen as he quickly shut the light back off. Apologizes rolling off his tongue as he fixes the covers over you and press gentle soothing kisses across your face. Making you slightly slap his shoulder with a pout as he chuckled and quickly pressed his lips against yours. While trying to apologize and help you relax so you could go back to sleep he was wasting time, the company vehicle downstairs waiting for him with a grumpy leader and his phone blowing up. He was running late. So late he forgot his jacket.
He was suffering for it.
The car ride there was fine, Namjoon having snapped slightly at him for making the whole day start ten minutes late. But his scolding stopped when Jungkook admitted it was because he woke you up, having forgotten he had you stay the night before. The look in his eyes having Namjoons anger dulle as he saw the love he had when he spoke your name. Though it didn't mean he could get away with it. Though when they arrived on set, the feeling of his arm freezing even though covered with a long sleeve shirt had him shivering. None of the boys had brought a spare, and the stylist team hadn't one either as all the clothes they had brought were costumes. So he decided to suffer.
Taehyung thought differently, knowing the sight of you not only would make the younger man's day but the jacket you'd bring would make the rest of the shoot that much easier.
He had texted you a photo of your shivering boyfriend, body locked in a hug with Jin, him tucked between the man's arms. His own arms hidden by the open jacket. It's the first thing you see when you wake up again hours later. It brought a small smile to your face, moving to get out of bed. Legs thrown over as your feet hit the black shag carpet you'd convince Jungkooke to buy when he had moved in. It was a perfect fit for his bedroom to have under his bed. Standing, you stretch your arms in the air, as you grunt as your back pops. Moving around to grab a spare pair of jeans you kept in one of his drawers and one of Jungkook long sleeves you quickly, while wince at the cold floor bentheir you feet, rush to the bathroom.
Once done changing, a pair of one of his socks and your shoes you'd worn the night before, hair in a messy pony you went and grabbed yours and his jackets. Asking Taehyung where they were filming, instantly getting a reply having you nod, decided you'd get the two of you a hot chocolate.
When finally arriving at the set, the security doesn't even ask for your ID and let you through. Taehyung must've told them you'd be showing up, when you parked and started to walk towards the cameras one of their managers rushed to you and guided you to a chair behind one of the large monitors. The seven boys in front of the camera were dancing to their newest single. Their movement mimicking one another as suddenly Jin stumbles slightly making him and the others groan, the chill of the wind picked up as you adjusted one of the cups on your thighs as the other is brought up to your lips. Jungkook bent in half breath after breath passing his lips as he lifted his head up. The wind picks up more and more, making him snap up his jaw moving in chatters as one of their make-up artists point towards you while patting his face making his eyes widen. His body suddenly pulled from the girl, his body tumbling towards you as his hand reached out for the cup completely ignoring your open arms making you huff as he smiled. The warm drink makes him slightly wince making you chuckle softly, his jacket over your lap as Taehyung rushes over his arms wrapping around your neck making you huff as he smiles.
“Hi.” His voice came out husked as Jungkook's eyes snapped over and glared at the older boy.
“Off.” Jungkook mumbled making you roll your eyes as you leaned against Taehyung, the back of your head resting against his shoulder as he showed you his boxy smile. Jungkook huffs as you lift your cup to sip on the hot chocolate, a small smile curled at the ends of your lips. His body pushing between your legs, his cup resting on the top of your thigh as he smiles at you, though it was clear he was forcing it. “Hug?” He mumbled making you sigh as you looked at Taehyung, his teasing smile still on his lips as he patted your shoulder.
“Should I give him a hug?”
“Eh give him his jacket, he didn't even thank you for bringing him hot chocolate and his jacket.”  hearing Jungkook let out a whine had you looking to see his lower lip jutted out, his doe eyes glimmering in the midday sunlight that was still cold. It had you reach down and lift the jacket to him as he huffed and nuzzled his nose against yours.
“Thank you baby.” He mumbled making you nod as you took his cup from him so he could slip the heavy and long sleeves over his bare arms. Suddenly his lips were pressing against your lips as he hand took his cup back, it had you letting out a small gasp at the sudden movements. Taehyung finally pulled away as he watched his friend poute, shaking his head he walked away making Jungkook's free hand wrap around your waist as his forehead pressed against yours. “Sorry for not hugging you first.”
“Tae-oppa and I were teasing.” You mumble your hand to cup the base of his jaw so as to not disrupt his makeup on his skin. He gave you a lopsided smile as he nudged his nose against your once again.
“Well hyung just had to remind me how to be a gentleman like they raised me to be.” he joked slightly, though a saddened truth was behind his words it had you nodding as you pulled away and gave him a toothy smile.
“So how is the filming going?”
“Good, I'm excited to see how it comes out.” He mumbled making you nod as he let out another breath, a large smile on his face as he looked back at you. “I think Army are really gonna like this one.”
“When havent they liked something you put out?” You mumbled your hand playing with his jacket sleeve as he shook his head and started to chuckle.
“War of hormones was questionable.” You make a face at the mention of their older rmusic as you slowly nod.
“I wasn't bad.” He let out a belly laugh as he moved back from between your legs, the heat of his body gone making you shiver. You watch as he places his cup on the ground then grabbing yours and doing the same. His hands grab yours making you raise your eyebrow as he laces your fingers together, pulling you off of the seat, watching him step back and almost stumble into the motier had you and some of the staff laughing when he mumbled that he was okay. “You're something else.”
“I take that as a complement.”
“I mean it wasn't but interpret it however you want.” Your words were met with him letting out a loud sigh, his breath catching in the air as you playfully smiled at him. Nose nudging against his shoulder as he pulled you into a tight hug.
“Thank you for saving me from the cold.”
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seokjinish · 18 hours ago
behind closed doors ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
church goer!jeon jungkook x p.k.!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook is a good boy + a bunch of god talk and church stuff + masturbation + use of sex toys + jungkook is big time hjorny + not for the faint hearted !! ig wc: 3.2k
➔ jungkook had his whole life planned out. he had been the model child for all of his life. now, there was a new pastor in town, and never did jungkook expect for the biggest temptation to come in a dress and all smiles.
a/n; yeah, this is so self indulgent it might hurt a little. i started writing it so long ago, back when even moononthejoon was a thing, its an ao3 original, but now that im back, im posting it here :D time to exploit being raised catholic, and going to catholic and then christian school hehe - feedback is always appreciated!
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Jungkook liked to believe he was a good guy. He was kind, the model kid―the kind of guy you wanted to have as a child or have your kid marry. His family was nothing short from a picture perfect family. Chaeyoung, his younger sister, was a couple of years younger than him. Both his parents had an exemplary relationship, and even if he and Chaeyoung didn’t agree with some things, they had a pretty decent sibling relationship.
Just like pretty much every other family in his neighbourhood, they went to church every Sunday. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he’d missed church, or the last time he’d missed youth group for that matter. It was a tightly knit community; everything so warm and welcoming. But now, there was a new pastor in town.
Their old one had decided to step down as his health was not allowing him to go forward, so they had to hire a new one. Jungkook’s mother had encouraged his father to go for the job, but he’d said that was not what he was meant to do; not what God had intended him to do. Which is why now everyone was waiting to say hello to the new pastor and his family.
It had been an early morning, with Jungkook’s mother waking everyone extremely early so they would dress up and look decent for the new pastor. Jungkook didn’t know why it was such a big deal, but he decided to humour her. Chaeyoung had received the most heat, as she had refused to wear a dress. Truth be told, it was harder for her than for Jungkook. He just had to put on his slacks and his long-sleeved dress shirt and his tie.
As soon as his eyes landed on you, he hoped that he’d taken more time to style his hair in the morning. He remembered that Jimin told him that his hair looked better slicked back, and now he was rocking the standard coconut hairstyle. He’d cleared his throat as his family walked up to your family. Chaeyoung picked up how her older brother seemed to hide behind her.
You were standing next to your father, holding your brother so he wouldn’t run off. Your mother was greeting people, hugging them and giving them a kiss on the cheek. Your father had been very excited to be starting his new job, so you’d given more thought to your look today. You’d been glad to do it because there were quite a few good-looking guys here.
‘Sam, stay still.’ You said through gritted teeth as you gripped his arm.
‘But I wanna go play!’ He whined.
‘Give it five more minutes, I’ll be over soon.’
‘But you said that ten minutes ago! I wanna go.’
‘Y/N, Sam, meet the Jeons.’ You turned to give yet another family your signature smile. Your heart wanted to jump out of your chest when you saw the man standing in front of you.
Please, give me strength.  You gripped your brother’s arm tighter, and as expected, he whined again as he tried to shrug you off. He had to be a figment of your imagination. No one could look that good on a Sunday morning in church clothes.
‘Very nice to meet you.’ Mrs Jeon greeted you. ‘You know, I think you and Jungkook might be the same age.’
Jungkook. You liked that name. ‘Our Y/N has just started university.’ Mrs Jeon tilted her head as she looked at you.
‘Yes, I am in my first year for Theology.’
‘Theology! How great. Following your father’s steps?’ You laughed politely at her joke. ‘Our Jungkookie has been studying Computer Science and Theology for a year now.’
‘I just couldn’t choose.’  Oh, his voice .
‘Mom! Can I go?’ Sam interrupted and your mom nodded along, already annoyed with him. He immediately dashed off to go and try to socialise with kids his age.
Chaeyoung then stood in front of you. ‘So, theology?’
She then started asking you all sorts of questions. You had started university just a few weeks ago so you couldn’t answer a lot of her questions. Chaeyoung was starting to work on her profile for university applications, and those questions you could actually answer. She pulled you to take a seat next to her and you complied with her before the service started.
Jungkook was sitting next to his sister as he’d walked behind you. Your mother and his mother were already making plans for dinner some time this week as you had moved in just a couple of houses down the street. His mother wanted to have a good relationship with your family now that your father was the pastor.
As your father made his way to the middle of the stage, Jungkook nudged his sister.
‘Chae, stop talking her ear off and let her go to her family. We’re about to start.’
Chaeyoung pouted. ‘You should give me your phone number or your Instagram so we can keep contact.’ You nodded, slightly chuckling as you took her phone.
You, then, stood up and before you left, you gave Jungkook a sweet smile. He watched you go, running his eyes up and down your body. The way your dress moved as your hips swayed was almost hypnotic. He felt a pair of hands on his shoulders, startling him and snapping him out of his lewd thoughts. Wow, it felt as if he was going through puberty all over again.
Jimin was standing behind him, leaning in so his parents wouldn’t hear. ‘Isn’t she cute?’
He chuckled. ‘I forget your virgin ears cannot take that.’
‘Being a virgin is not bad.’
‘I never said that. Just… you can acknowledge when someone makes your blood pressure go haywire.’ Jimin didn’t need to be face to face with Jungkook to know he was rolling his eyes.
Jungkook was not going to lie, he had no expectations when it came to your father. He was still hung up on his previous pastor and even missed him, but your father had done a really good job and Jungkook was even very engaged with what he was saying. Jungkook had just lost focus for one second and turned his head to see the people sitting at the front, where he found you already staring at him. Another smile creeped up your lips, holding eye contact for a second before you turned your eyes back to your father. Jungkook swallowed thick―he was not going to make it out alive.
After the sermons, people would stay to talk to one another, as if they didn’t see each other in the week. Jungkook usually hated this as it would mean Jimin talking all the time while Jungkook just sat there waiting for his family; he would never dare to leave without them. His mother and father were in a very deep conversation with your father, probably about how  great  his sermon had been.
Jimin was already sitting down next to Jungkook as he told him what he’d been up to in the week. His parents had allowed him to move out for university, and Jimin had gone wild―not that his parents knew about it. As you walked out of the church, Jimin put his eyes on you, halting his story. Jungkook knew that look, and he hated it.  Fresh meat .
‘Don’t.’ The younger one warned. Jimin turned to see him offended. ‘Don’t even try. She’s the pastor’s daughter.’
‘Please, I just want to be friendly.’
‘Friendly is not in your vocabulary.’
You neared them as you were in conversation with Chaeyoung. ‘Quick, what’s her name?’
‘Why do you wanna know?’
‘I said quick!’
Swiftly, Jimin stood up in front of you and Chaeyoung. Both Jeons knew every card in the Park Jimin deck, so neither of them were amused. You, on the other hand, spared him a confused glance. You knew he was the son of the Parks, but you hadn’t really talked to him. He was very handsome too, but he was a different type of handsome to Jungkook, his features seemed a lot finer.
‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ You asked in your customer service voice.
‘Just wanted to properly introduce myself and welcome you.’ You nodded, taking his hand. ‘I see Chaeyoung is already keeping you busy.’
‘Don’t mind Jimin, he’s just… well, you know.’ She raised one of her eyebrows. It seemed as if you two had already a secret language that left both of the boys confused. You seemed to understand perfectly. ‘Anyways, Jungkook, they’re coming over tomorrow for dinner!’
‘Oh? That’s fun.’
Your eyes travelled up Jungkook’s figure, and you wondered if he did sports. He had to at least work out; his shirt was barely keeping it together around his biceps.  Fun . That was going to be one way to put it. It was harmless for you to develop a crush on Jungkook, it was only natural for it to happen. You didn’t even have to act on it. Nor where you expected to. He’d probably pass out if you did if any of your interactions had been pointers.
As he got home, Jungkook undid his tie and decided to take out one of the books he’d been assigned for class. He already had an assignment due in a few days, and he hadn’t started just yet. Still, his mind couldn’t get off you. The way your dress fitted you had to be illegal. Jungkook had mentally slapped himself when he’d found his eyes staying on your boobs longer than needed―not that it was needed at all.
He thought a cold shower should do it, but he knew it wasn’t going to. He knew that masturbation was a big no, but there were some things that one needed to do every once in a while. He was a man after all. So, he pulled out his computer from his bag and laid on his bed, scrolling through a myriad of videos of every kind possible.
Maybe that wasn’t what he needed. It felt wrong to watch these people have sex, so he looked for something different. He scrolled through a couple of videos before he saw one of the things to the side.  Livestreams  with a blinking red dot next to them. He thought that watching one never hurt nobody, so he clicked on a random one.
The girl on the screen was only showing the bottom half of her face as she sat on her bed wearing an oversized t-shirt. From what he could see, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples already prominent under the fabric. Jungkook never thought it was so hot to see that. Her lips were slightly apart as she set everything up for the livestream; it was only starting.
There was a shift in the screen as the camera revealed her whole face. Jungkook’s mouth hung open. It couldn’t be. It just simply couldn’t. He knew his mind was playing him a trick, that couldn’t be you on his screen.
Jungkook knew that he needed to close the browser and forget it happened after he’d prayed for you. Still, his cock stirred inside his pants. He pulled his trousers, trying to fix himself. His cursor hovered over the x to close his browser window, but he heard your voice. His eyes fixed on your face, that was adored by the same polite smile he’d seen earlier in the day.
Your voice was soothing, saying hi to your viewers and already thanking people for the tips they were giving you. Everything inside of Jungkook was yelling to close the browser and go take shower, go read some non-fiction, pray for you―but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to. God, it felt wrong, definitely, but no one knew what was going on inside his room.
The sound of your chuckle brought him out of his thoughts. ‘Thank you, everyone, for your very generous tips, but if you have liked what you see so far, you’ll love what’s coming later.’
You were sin. Jungkook was convinced. You didn’t change much from how he’d perceived you before; you still had that same calm energy around you.
After a few more minutes of chatting as you waited for more people to join, once the number stabilised you decided to start. You were sitting on your bed, your camera in front of you, showing how you were sitting on your thighs. Jungkook thought you looked so fucking cute yet so sinful. You tilted your head as you kept reading the comments.
‘You know, if you keep rushing me, I’ll just do things slowly.’ You teased and Jungkook felt the heat come up his neck into his face.
You leaned back against the pillows behind you. Jungkook focused on the pillows a little bit too much, seeing how they dipped under your body. He watched your hands pull on your shirt, covering your centre from the camera. One of your hands travelled up on top of the shirt and groped one of your boobs.
Jungkook licked his bottom lip, wondering how your breasts would feel in his hands. There was an urge growing inside of him to bury his face between your tits. He’d never wanted to do something like that before. The soft moan coming out of your mouth made Jungkook’s cock twitch. Your hand kneaded your breasts as you grinded against the other hand.  Fuck , he wanted that shirt gone.
‘Just take it off.’ Jungkook begged at the screen. He knew you couldn’t hear him, but he was used to talking and not getting any feedback.
As if you heard him, you spread your legs showing that you weren’t wearing any underwear. He almost choked on his own saliva, coughing as he fixed the laptop on his lap. You taunted your audience as you started playing with your slit, biting your bottom lip to keep the small whimpers from being too loud.
Jungkook wondered if your parents were home. What would the pastor think of his perfect little daughter showing all of herself on the internet? He seemed so proud of you earlier in the day. Jungkook didn’t even want to remember who your father was because it just made him feel guiltier about watching you pleasure yourself. They couldn’t have been home, you probably knew their schedule perfectly, finding a window of time for you to do this.
With your moans becoming more frequent, Jungkook’s cock was rigid inside his underwear. He reached inside them, pulling his dick out.  It’s wrong . He shouldn’t have been doing this, but there he was, stroking his cock to the sweet sound of your moans and whimpers as you finally pushed your fingers inside of you.
You pulled at your shirt when you started moving your fingers inside of you. Jungkook still wanted that shirt gone. He wanted to see your tits in full display on his screen, see how they moved when your breathing was ragged. He wanted to touch you, more than anything. He knew that it was  wrong , he couldn’t because of various reasons, but the urge to slip his fingers inside of you and see if you were as warm as he thought you were.
Jungkook could see your arousal dripping into your sheets. He never liked swearing, trying to stay as far away from it as he could, but  fuck , he wanted to see it for himself. He wanted to have you in front of him, fucking yourself on your fingers. You stopped abruptly, finally taking off your shirt and letting everyone see your bare figure.
A smile spread on your lips as you brought your arms together, squishing your breasts, and then you proceeded to shimmy, making them jiggle. Jungkook suddenly felt light headed, his cock twitching in his hands. You licked your lips as you read the comments and thanked the people who were continuously giving your tips.
‘Do you guys think it’s time for a toy?’
He was positive you were going to kill him. One, he had assumed that you were a virgin, that you obeyed the scripture. It could just be something else, right? It could definitely be one of those vibrator things that girls liked.  Two,  a toy ―he was going to die right there and then and people were going to find him with his dick out as he saw you.
‘Don’t do this to me.’ He begged again, as if you could hear him.
This time, you went against his wishes, taking out a deep purple dildo, confirming all of his suspicions. Jungkook blinked repeatedly, thinking that his brain was playing games with him and you weren’t holding that up. He didn’t even have time to wonder who’d had the privilege of having sex with you before. You backed up on the bed, but you turned around, giving your back to your camera. He stayed still, watching every one of your movements carefully.
You set the dildo under you and lined it up with your entrance. You hissed when you felt the cold temperature against your heat, but still, you started to lower down on your toy. Jungkook thought he was going to pass out, he really did. You stayed still a few seconds, but then you grabbed one of the pillows in front of you for leverage as you spread your legs a little wider and started bouncing on the dildo.
Jungkook started pumping his dick at the same rhythm you were going. He pictured you on top of him, imagining that it was  his  cock the one that was making you moan like that.
You changed position, now on your back against your pillows as you pumped the dildo in and out of your pussy. The sound of your arousal was loud on Jungkook’s ears. He saw how you glistened the toy with your juices, and Jungkook wondered if he would ever get a chance so he  could be the reason for that.
One of your fingers as between your teeth as you bit it to hold back your moans. Jungkook would have never allowed you to do that. If he was the cause of your pleasure, he would want to hear every little sound that could come out of you. You whined under your own pace, but you never slowed down, keeping the same pace.
As your orgasm came closer and closer, you left the dildo inside of you as your fingers focused on your clit. Swears spilled out of your mouth as you finally reached the tipping point and came down off it with a loud moan that resonated through Jungkook. He saw the dildo jerk as your head aftershocks of pleasure. Jungkook felt his cock twitch in his hands as he finally reached his own orgasm. 
You reached for the t-shirt you had been wearing at the beginning of the livestream and put it on. You scooted over, reading the comments that were still flowing in. Jungkook’s chest rose and fell with his breathing and he saw your lips part as you concentrated on the comments.
‘Thank you for joining, all. I’ll see you soon!’
As you waved goodbye with your signature smile already on your lips, Jungkook knew he was fucked.
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eternally-writing · 2 days ago
bite me | pjm
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jimin x  reader
⟶ rating: R (minors DNI, 18+ ONLY)
⟶ word count: 7.5K
⟶ genre/tropes: strangers to lovers, college au,halloween party au,  fluff, smut
⟶ warnings: so much smut, grinding, dirty talk, unprotected sex (practice safe sex!!), oral sex ( m and f receiving), mirror sex, jimin makes some cheesy jokes, mentions of bondage but no actual bondage, spanking, use of pet names (baby, babe, princess, babygirl, angel)
⟶ summary: Halloween is just another regular day of the year for you. That is, until you meet Park Jimin at a frat party. A poorly dressed vampire, red wine, and a mirror - what’s the worst that could happen?
Banner credit: A very special thank you to Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this incredible banner for this fic! 
I wrote this fic as part of a collab project for Jimin’s sunset spooktober alongisde some other incredible authors! Make sure to check out the other works in the project as well since they are incredible! A special thank you to the organizers as well for making this happen  ♡
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Friday, October 29, 2021
There are three things you hate most in the world: Halloween. Tequila. And Kappa Alpha Betas. Lucky for you, today included all three of those things.
The bass was pounding through your body as you clutched the colorful drink in your hand. Halloween was just another day of the year to you, maybe just a day where you could get more free alcohol than a regular weekend. However, your best friend Lia seemed to share a very different view on the holiday, as she begged and pleaded with you to let her create a costume for you.  Silver fringe stuck to your legs as you moved your way around the all too crowded frat house. You think you’re a space cowgirl, or something like that, since your roommate mumbled something along those lines to you in passing as she threw the clothes into your bedroom a mere hour before you left for the party, but for now she was nowhere to be found. It seemed futile to try and look for the girl wearing the matching pink glittery cowboy hat to yours, since she had probably already sauntered off to find her boyfriend Namjoon. 
It was a classic Halloween tradition at your college, a Halloweekend bender put on by your college’s frats. Friday belonged to Kappa Alpha Betas, Saturdays to Sigma Thetas, and Sunday to Delta Epsilons.  Normally you wouldn’t even be caught dead at these events - it’s not that you weren’t a partier, you just would much rather be getting wasted with just your close friends and your favourite EDM playlist. But after the frat flu gave you a good excuse to not join in the festivities last year, there was no way your roommate was letting you out of going through everything there is to Halloween with her. 
“Well, fuck it -  if I’m stuck here I might as well have some fun.” you thought to yourself.
So after a quick trip to the kitchen to fill a cup full of tequila and small talk with some friends, you naturally found yourself  gravitating you to the edge of the dance floor, slowly blending yourself into the crowd of people vibing with one another. Naturally, your hips started swaying to the music and you raised your drink in the air. It was calm, and comfortable, just sacrificing yourself to the DJ’s whims as he played what seemed like a halloween playlist that hadn’t been updated since 2010. 
And then you heard him. 
“Can I join you?”
Just the deep baritones of his voice made goosebumps appear on your skin. You couldn’t will yourself to turn around and see him, knowing that you would probably be at his mercy the moment you locked eyes with him. His hands on you made your chest tighten and let the heat pool in your stomach. You didn’t even have to see his face to know who was behind you.
Park Jimin. 
If you were honest, you didn’t know much about him. He was a frat member that seemed to fly under the radar. Quiet, good looking, but kept to himself. Always mysteriously by the bar or kitchen with a red solo cup in hand. Since you were both involved in Greek life he most definitely knew your name and obviously the same went for you, but your paths had never seemed to cross. At least not until now. 
By the looks of his appearance, it seemed like he decided to dress up as a vampire today, a red cape complementing the fitted dress shirt that hugged his chest. It was only after you realized that your eyes had spent too long lingering on his chest that you looked up to meet his piercing gaze. As if his prominent collarbones weren’t enough of a distraction, Jimin had red contacts that seemed to materialize the fire behind his eyes. The passion, the lust, the hunger. 
And so you danced, and what started out as some innocent flirting quickly brought you and Jimin face to face, chest to chest as the music slowed to an R&B beat. 
“Turn back around for me?” Jimin asked as a question, gazing deep into your eyes as he cocked his head to the side. 
Jimin’s hands found their way to your hips and he ran gentle circles over your hip bones, the ghost of his touching bringing goosebumps to your skin. What a tease, you thought to yourself. 
You knew that two could play at that game, and so you slowly leaned your head back onto Jimin, your neck now clearly exposed to the frat boy who let out a deep exhale at the sight. You kept your hips swaying to the music, but only let yourself lightly brush up against Jimin’s cock. You could feel the way his body tensed at the contact every time it happened, trying to savour the feeling. It only took a couple minutes until he couldn’t take it anymore - his senses were on fire with your presence and he knew he had to do something about it. 
Jimin guided your hips to press up right against his hard cock, which fit perfectly against your plush ass. 
“This is what you do to me, baby.”  whispered Jimin as his lips ghosted against your earlobe, the pet name falling freely from his lips. 
You couldn’t help the small moan that fell from your lips as the words came out of Jimin’s mouth. His lips then fell against your neck and you knew you were a goner. You were Park Jimin’s for the night. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
“I need to know that you want this.” whispered Jimin, his body hovering mere inches away from yours, his mere body heat making your brain short circuit. You nodded, barely able to look him in the eye for more than a second. 
Jimin quickly tsk’ed and cocked his head to the side. “Not good enough, babygirl - I need to hear you say it.” 
“i  - . I want you Park Jimin” you said in quiet tones, barely getting the words out. 
Your words brought a smile to Jimin’s lips, and he lifted his head up with a gentle smirk painting his face before pushing his body flush against yours. 
From that moment on, your tongues were instantly fighting in for dominance. Your senses were overwhelmed by Jimin’s close presence to you, begging for you to be closer to him. You wrapped your leg around him, and you struggled to not let out a moan as you felt his hard length pressing against your upper thigh. You bucked your hips instinctively into Jimin, only for him to hold them in place against him while he whispered in your ear. 
“Patience, baby.”  
From there he kissed his way down your neck, leaving a trail of marks from his fake vampire teeth in your skin. The pain blended with the pleasure as he nestled his way down to your chest. 
“How attached are you to this shirt” mumbled Jimin while his head was still buried in your cleavage. 
He lifted his head this time, showing you his swollen lips and darkened eyes. “How. attached. are. you. to . this. shirt.” said Jimin as he tweaked your nipples through the fabric. 
You could barely think straight as each one of Jimin’s touches sent shocks of electricity through your body. As soon as you told him that you couldn’t give two shits about the shirt you were wearing, Jimin ripped in in half, his hands instantly cupping each of your breasts. It was Lia’s shirt and you were sure you were going to pay the price for your actions later, but for now all you could think about is how you wanted Jimin’s hands all over you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin swore in your chest as he wrapped his mouth around your nipple. 
You couldn’t hold back your needy moans as waves of pleasure ripped through your body. Fuck, with the way Jimin was going you knew you could probably cum just from the way he sucked on your tits, already between rolling your nipple around his tongue. As if that wasn’t enough, he made sure to look up at you with those sinful eyes as he continued with his ministrations.
Without missing a beat, Jimin hiked up your skirt and instantly slid his hand underneath to cup your cunt.  You couldn’t help but let out an unrestrained cry at the feeling of Jimin’s hand on your pussy. You knew that your thong was soaked and Jimin could probably tell too.
“So needy, aren’t you?” Jimin rasped as he gently moved his palm back and forth on your sex. You rocked your hips instinctively as you tried to gain some friction. 
“Need, fuck - need you Jimin” 
“Anything, everything, please Jimin” you begged as you raked your nails across his back”
Jimin pressed a sweet kiss against your lips before heading further down on your body. “Your wish is my command, princess.”
He quickly unzipped his pants, leaving him completely naked for you to see. The sight had you drooling, and your eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the sight of his thick cock in front of you. 
After a few moments of his fingers in you, Jimin quickly replaced them with his cock. 
He slid into you slowly, looking you deep in the eye as he saw your expression change as each inch of his cock slid further into you.
“So tight Y/N, holy shit” Jimin groaned as he finally bottomed out in you, his pubic bone pressing against your clit. 
He gave you a moment to adjust to the intrusion, pressing soft kisses to your temples and muttering how good a girl you were being for him. At your cue he began to build up his pace, going from slow thrust to more punctuated snaps of his hips against yours. 
“No touching yourself until I tell you you can baby” declared Jimin as he gently moved your hand away from your clit. He wanted to roll his hips into you with no interruptions, letting a natural rhythm fall between you two. You let out a pleased hum as Jimin continued with his actions, but your hand naturally fell back to your clit after a few moments, wanting the extra pleasure and forgetting Jimin’s instructions.
“If you don’t listen I’m gonna have to tie you up with my belt next time Y/N” scolded Jimin as he brushed your hand away, this time choosing to replace it with his own on your clit. You let out a loud moan at his words, and if that wasn’t enough to show Jimin your emotions, he could feel your pussy tighten at his commands. 
Jimin couldn’t help but let out a languid curse at your reaction. “You are going to be the death of me Y/N, you really are.” muttered Jimin as he shook his head in disbelief at you. He didn’t know what he did in a past life to deserve being here with you, but he felt really fucking lucky.  
Overwhelmed with the feeling of your pussy pulsing against his cock, Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer when he needed to cum. His thrusts faltered as he moaned out your name, burying himself deep inside of you. You felt yourself cum almost instantly at the feeling of Jimin painting your insides white, him helping bring you to your orgasm by wrapping his mouth around your nipple as well.
The post-sex moment were hazy, almost magical as Jimin’s touch guided you. He held you tightly as he kissed your forehead, taking the time to clean you up and wrap you under the covers as well. 
And somehow, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Saturday, October 30, 2021
You were dressed as an angel tonight, an adorable white halo adorning your head. But to Park Jimin you were the devil, the one who could get him to lose inhibitions. When he was in front of you he knew he was at the mercy of your gaze. 
Park Jimin was no stranger to a one night stand, but now that he had a taste of you he couldn’t stop himself from wanting more.  As much as he tried to convince himself that he was spending time in the Sigma Theta kitchen because he wanted easy access to the alcohol, a part of him knew that the only reason he was there was because the room would give him a perfect view of the door that you would walk through to enter the party. 
It was as if everyone else seemed to fade away as you entered the room - Jimin only had sights for you as you walked into the room with that all so charming smile on your face. 
“A vampire again, really Jimin?” were the first words that came out of your mouth as you spotted Jimin in his classic position, a red solo cup of what you could only assume to be red wine in his hand as he leaned against the counter. 
Jimin smiled. He instinctively reached to pour vodka into a solo cup for you, a habit that you didn’t even know he had picked up on last night, before walking over to you. 
“What can I say, the costume helps me pull hot chicks,” joked Jimin as he winked at you knowingly. It was only as he got close enough to you to whisper into your ear that he spoke again. “You look beautiful, angel.” 
Yesterday, you saw sultry vampire Jimin, the one with hips on the dance floor that you’d never forget. Today, you got to see a different side of him that still made your heart do backflips. Jimin, while still an extremely hot piece of ass, was much more than just that. For starters, he was a beer pong champion, but he still never got frustrated when you lost 3 matches in a row with your bad aim. You learned that Jimin was best friends with Lia’s boyfriend Namjoon, and if you didn’t already have enough proof that Jimin was a good person, if he was friends with Joonie, there was no way the man could have bad intentions. 
Intentionally or not, you found yourself by Jimin the whole night - you didn’t know where Lia or the rest of your friends were, and frankly, you didn’t care. Jimin made you laugh until your stomach hurt, he made butterflies flutter in your stomach everytime he lightly touched you or hung his arm around you. Both of you didn’t even notice that you had found yourself alone on a couch, talking about all the random things in life you could come up with. 
You don’t remember how you ended up going up to Park Jimin’s room - it was something along the lines of “Lia’s going to go home with Namjoon so I don’t want you to walk alone” and “ the DJ sucks so I can’t stand to be here any longer”, but the truth was that neither of you needed much convincing to spend more time together, especially if there was the possibility of a reenactment of last night. 
Park Jimin was a simple man, and his bedroom definitely reflected that. 
While Jimin shrugged off his coat, you took a moment to inspect your surroundings. You chuckled as you realized Jimin was a “blue bedsheets with one pillow” type of man. He didn’t seem to have too many personal belongings decorating the space, just a guitar by the bed and an extremely cute photo of baby Jimin in a cow sweater that you were begging to ask him about. However, that would have to wait as you were met with the sight of Jimin taking off the cape that adorned his vampire costume. 
“Keep the cape!” you yelled to him from across the room. 
Jimin froze in his tracks. 
“You’re fucking with me right?” Jimin said, trying to stop the giggles he had from bubbling over. “ Y/N L/N has a fucking cape kink?” he alleged with an curious tone. As he maintained eye contact with you he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few chuckles at the situation. 
“Don’t laugh! I’ll leave right now, Park” you huffed with your arms crossed, using his surname to signal your displeasure at his teasing.
“Awe baby” he muttered as he got closer to you, enveloping you in a backhug and pressing kisses into your hair. “ I’ll do anything for you, including keeping this cape on. But you, my pretty angel, need to take this off” swooned Jimin as he gestured to your dress, holding the zipper between his fingers. 
You let him take his time with unzipping your dress, both of you focused on the feeling of the zipper going down inch by inch. Jimin couldn’t suppress the pleased noise that came out when he realized that you had no bra on today. But the real surprise was when he got to the last notches of the zipper and noticed that you weren’t wearing any panties.
“You dirty fucking girl - you did this for me, angel? All night, you’ve been waiting for me like this?” chided Jimin as he looked at the sight of your exposed cunt. 
“All this is for you, Jimin” you whispered sensually, taking two fingers to spread your already dripping cunt and show Jimin your arousal. 
“I can’t let my babygirl be so messy, can I?” tsk-ed Jimin as he led you to the bed, letting you spread yourself out for him. 
He took his time, kissing his way up your thighs, before finally reaching your cunt. Catching you off guard after teasing you, Jimin buried his nose in your cunt, delving his tongue in to lap up your juices. Your body responded instantly to his actions, a depraved scream erupting from your chest at the pleasure Jimin was giving you. 
“So fucking sweet, Y/N” Jimin swooned as he looked up at you covered from nose to chin in your arousal. 
When he dove back in he made sure to play extra attention to your clit, flicking the nub between your tongue in just the right ways to elicit some sinful gasps from you. 
“I need your cock, Jimin” you whined between wanton moans that escaped you. 
“As you wish, princess” said Jimin as repeated his words from just a couple days ago. “On all fours for me babygirl.”
As soon as you got in position, Jimin plunged his cock into you, eliciting a scream of pleasure from you and a low groan from him. Three days of fucking meant that your pussy was more than ready to envelope his cock, and Jimin immediately sprung to slamming his hips into your pussy, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. 
“I want you to see yourself for me baby, see fucked out on my cock” muttered Jimin as he pounded into you. 
It was only as Jimin tilted your head up that you saw that you were aligned with a mirror directly in front of you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin murmured as he punctuated each word with a thrust. 
Lifting you out of doggy style, Jimin kept you wrapped around his cock as he pulled your upper body up to meet his, the feeling of the heat radiating off both of you just adding to the pleasure. 
The sight in the mirror looked like it was out of the Louvre, or a porno, or both for that matter. Jimin had beads of sweat rolling down his body, his face displaying the pleasure and desire that he was feeling as he rolled his hips as far into you as he could. You couldn’t help but mirror his expressions, your mouth stuck in what felt like a permanent O shape and Jimin’s cock stretched you out. 
Jimin’s fingers found his way to your clit as he rubbed your swollen bud. You writhed against him in pleasure as your body gripped at Jimin’s in any way that you could.
Testing out the waters, Jimin placed a light tap on your clit, coming down on it just hard enough to elicit an electric jolt through your body.
“Oh my fucking god” you yelled out at the feeling, your chest raising up in satisfaction at the feeling.  
“Oh? I think you liked that baby, look at the way you’re clenching around my cock. Did you like it, hmm?” growled Jimin as he landed yet another slap, this time directly on your clit. 
The moans kept pouring from your mouth as Jimin was relentless in his ministrations to your clit while he continued pounding into you. And you knew you wouldn’t last long with the sight of the two of you in the mirror showing you the way Jimin’s face was scrunched up in pleasure. 
“Jimin, I - “ you panted, trying to get the words out between bated breaths. 
“Gonna cum for me, angel?’ rasped Jimin in your ear, still not breaking his space. 
You could only nod as more moans spilled out from your mouth. 
“Look for me baby, look at yourself while you cum.” 
The sight of you and Jimin together pushed you over the edge as the waves of your orgasm washed over you. Your brain could only string out a series of “Fuck” and “Jimin” pouring from your mouth as you felt your release. 
As you felt Jimin start to lose his rhythm, it seemed that the pulsing feeling of your orgasm washing through you was enough to bring him to the edge, the tight knot forming in his stomach telling him to pull out. 
As Jimin jerked his cock to the sight of your naked body in front of him, he was moaning your name within seconds as white ropes of cum landed all over your ass, a couple drops sneaking down to your dripping cunt as well. 
And after many forehead kisses and a warm bath, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms for the second time that week. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Today Jimin couldn’t even bear to wait in the kitchen for you to walk by -  instead, he wandered the halls of the Delta Epsilon house looking for you. Making it through the halloweekend bender was a challenge, and by the decreased number of bodies floating around the house, it seemed like some people had definitely succumbed to the two day hangover they had. Jimin, however, found himself instead addicted to you instead of the bottle of Jack Daniels that he thought would definitely finish by the end of the weekend. From the moment you left his bed he was counting down the minutes until he would get to see you again. 
But soon the night started to go on for far too long without you around and he could help but think that something was wrong. No, he knew that something was wrong. 
And so, Jimin swallowed his pride. He didn’t know how much you had told Lia, but he had enjoyed keeping you as his own little secret over the past few days. Not because he was embarrassed of you, in fact it was almost the opposite of that - Jimin didn’t want to share you with anyone. All your smiles, your moans, your laughs , he wanted to keep them as a precious memory for only himself to enjoy. But he knew that if he wanted to see you (or at least know if you were ok) he would have to face Namjoon and Lia. He was sure that Namjoon would have many words on the matter once he told him (something along the lines of “damn Park you bagged a babe” was bound to come out of his mouth), so it took Jimin a moment or two to work up the courage to interrupt Jimin and Lia’s all too intimate make out session, Jimin let out a polite cough as he stepped towards them. He was eternally thankful that they turned to greet him immediately, stopping him from having to awkwardly third wheel them for that much longer. 
“Um, hey guys uh, did Y/N come with you today Lia?” Jimin asked, his gaze anywhere except into your best friend’s eyes, fearing her reaction. 
“And what would you need Y/N for, Park?” Lia said with an all knowing smirk on her face. 
“I - , just wanted to hang with her, that’s all” Jimin mentioned, trying to keep things as vague as possible to stop the conversation from going further than he wanted, the blush already painting his cheeks giving him away. 
“She stayed home today - some about not feeling well or something? Maybe it’s the frat flu, did I ever tell you about how she got the frat flu last year and - “ 
Jimin couldn’t help but cut Lia off, muttering a quick thanks and have a good night before setting off for this destination. And before Jimin could think too hard about how he was walking in the pouring rain to the Delta Gamma house, he already rushed out the door without even grabbing a coat.
“He’s so whipped for her…” muttered Namjoon to Lia as he shook his head in pure disbelief.
— ♡ ♡--
If one thing was for sure it was that you weren’t expecting to be at your door, it was Park Jimin. If you had even an inkling of a feeling that he would be here, you definitely would not be wearing powerpuff girl shorts and a ruined shirt you wore to a paint night years ago. But you didn’t. And honestly, you barely had the brainpower to think about what you were wearing while you took in the fact that Jimin was in front of you. That he was here for you. 
Jimin’s brain short circuited. He had decided to come here in a heartbeat, but he hadn’t thought of a single word of what he was going to say to you. 
“You’re sick. I mean - are you sick? Are you ok?” asked Jimin as he visibly scanned your body looking for signs of you being ill. 
“I’m not sick, I’m perfectly fine. Just a little tired i guess, couldn’t handle that much tequila three days in a row and Lia let me off the hook.” 
“Lia told me - “
“ Lia was drunk before Joon even picked her up today, I don’t think she remembers a single thing that happened after 5pm” you said factually, softening your tone to make sure you didn’t sound angry with Jimin’s arrival, especially since you were more than excited to see him. 
“Oh. ” 
Jimin let out a shaky breath and he wasn’t sure whether it was in relief because you were fine or because the fact that he just ran all the way to your sorority house the minute he thought you were sick finally dawned on him and he couldn’t find the words to express why he did that to you. 
“You’re wet. You’re a vampire again for the third day in a row, and you’re wet.” you muttered, an ironic reflection of Jimin’s words mere moments ago.
“Hm?” Questioned Jimin, until he looked down and realized that he was in fact, soaked to the bone with the rain coming down. He felt a crossroads in his chest as he didn’t know what to do - what if you didn’t want to see him today? Does he have to make the walk of shame back to the party and have everyone ask him why he’s a soaking wet vampire?
Sensing Jimin’s aloofness, you pulled him by the elbow to bring him inside without saying another word . Within minutes you were rubbing a towel on his hair as he stared at you in wonder. 
I hope you don’t catch a cold.” You muttered as you diligently stayed focused on your task of drying off Jimin’s hair. 
“What did you say?” He wondered through the muffled sounds of the towel covering his face. 
You apologized for almost suffocating him as you lifted the towel off his face to give him some breathing room, unintentionally also running your fingers through his hair to get the water out of his eyes. As you repeated yourself you could barely find the confidence to look at Jimin, but you’re glad you did because you could see the blush creep up on his chest. 
You smiled as you felt that all too familiar warm feeling creep up in your chest. 
It was a no brainer that Jimin was going to stay with you for the rest of the night. In no particular order, Jimin’s logic was that:
His clothes needed to dry before he could leave 
What was he going to do at a frat party without you with wet clothes (see point 1 for reference)
Halloween movies were his favorite thing in the world and there was no way he was going to miss out on watching your reaction to Monster House
WIthin just the last couple of days, you and Jimin had fallen into a comfortable nighttime routine. You would tell each other random things about yourselves, like how you make the best broccoli and cheese soup and Jimin can do a backflip once he drinks enough beer, make cheesy jokes, flirt and tease one another until the other got a little frustrated, but always end up in enjoying the physical presence of one another. The teasing and playful banter was what made you giggle until your stomach hurt (or until Jimin decided that he wanted a tickle fight and he was not about to lose). It was all so simple, but it felt like everything to you. 
So that’s how you and Jimin found yourself in your deceptively small bedroom. It was intimidating to let him into your room - it felt like the final piece of bearing yourself to him, almost more than being intimate with him. When he first walked around your room and looked intently at the photos of you from your childhood and with your friends back home, you missed as he muttered “cute” under his breath every single time he saw a cute photo of you, but you were relieved to see how non-judgemental he was about it all.  
Until he spotted one thing. 
“What’s this, Y/N?’ A black piece of lace hangs from Jimin’s finger. 
“Another one of Lia’s halloween costumes that she planned for me tonight. There’s more pieces for it scattered around here somewhere. I think it’s a dark angel? Or a witch? Or something like that” you said with your gaze still focused on tidying up some of the mess in your room. Your tone of voice was something that you’d use to describe a boring history assignment or doing laundry, definitely not what Jimin was feeling as he looked at the cloth in his hands. 
“It’s fucking sexy, that’s what it is.” 
“Have a costume kink or something Park?” you joked, eyes still focused on the pile of sweatshirts you had taken to folding during the conversation. 
“I don’t have a Halloween kink” he scoffed. “ I have a “you’re really hot and I think my dick is throbbing just thinking about you wearing this” kink.” Jimin  walked over to you, kneading the garment between his fingers. You could practically see Jimin’s imagination come to life as he looked at the fabric. 
“Well ask and you shall receive, baby boy” you winked as you grabbed the fabric from him and sauntered off to the bathroom to change. Before you could get very far, Jimin caught your wrist and therefore your attention. 
“Wait ,Y/N, I don’t want you to think that I came here for sex. I genuinely just wanted to see you and you look just as beautiful and sexy as you are right now and I don’t want you to feel like i’m forcing you into - .” 
You couldn’t hesitate from pulling Jimin in for a quick kiss to cut him off. Jimin’s rambling was cute, charming even, but you couldn’t let him get too far in his head with those thoughts of his. 
“I know, Jimin, that’s why I’m doing it - because I want to.” 
------ ♡ ♡------
In what was objectively a couple minutes but felt like hours to Jimin, you returned to the room. And his jaw dropped.
Jimin let out an unholy groan as his gaze stayed fixed on you. 
“You like it or something?” you tease as you do a twirl to show off the way the lace barely covers your ass. 
You truly were a sight to be seen - it was like the fabric was made for you as the sheer bodysuit clung to your skin. Had you actually worn this to the party you would’ve put a bra on underneath and a skirt on top, but you felt like bearing it all to Jimin as your nipples poked through the fabric, seemingly teasing Jimin from behind the black lace. 
“Like? Oh baby I fucking love it.” said Jimin as he stayed frozen in his position, taking in your figure in front of him. 
Even though there was no music playing, you found yourself sauntering sultrily over to Jimin with a natural rhythm to your steps. As Jimin stayed seemingly star struck, you sunk down to your knees in front of him. 
“Oh no, no, no, baby” muttered Jimin as he tried to pull you up from the ground. “You’re too pretty to be down there like that. Gotta treasure you” muttered Jimin while his lips ghosted over your skin, pressing kisses into your neck and shoulder. 
“Please, Jimin?” you begged, puppy dog fuck me eyes coming out in full force as you gazed up at him. “Want your cock so bad… want it in my mouth…” You nestled your nose and mouth right against his cock to express your desire, darting your tongue out even through the fabric to try and reach his member that you could feel throbbing underneath.  
Park Jimin was a simple man - how was he going to say no to that?
Your licked your lips as you unzipped his jeans, the way his cock popped out to freedom from its constraints making both of you groan.
You started by lightly licking the tip of his cock, teasing him slightly as you swiped your tongue along his frenulum. 
“Baby…” moaned Jimin through a raspy breath, obviously already affected by your actions. 
His reaction inspired you to go further, and you started bobbing your head up and down on his cock, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful man staring down at you. It was so good, so fucking good to Jimin, which he made sure to let you know almost constantly as it fell out of his mouth as a chant as you swiped your tongue all along his cock, making sure to take the time to play with his balls as well. 
You took one good look at Jimin before burying your face as far down his cock as you could go, nose brushing against his pubic bone as you had tears in your eyes from the feeling of fullness that you had in your throat. Jimin accidentally bucked his hips at the feeling, instantly apologizing and running his hands through your hair to make sure you were okay. 
“Fuck my mouth, Jimin” you said with a raspy tone, your lips covered in his precum. 
Jimin tilted his head back in disbelief at what you said. “You’re gonna be the death of me Y/N,” he muttered again as he leant down to press a quick kiss to your lips.
“Tap me twice if you ever  need to stop, okay?” Jimin said seriously as broke free from his sex-driven persona for a second.  You nodded in agreement while sending him a small smile. 
And with that, Jimin gathered your hair in his hands into a makeshift ponytail and guided your mouth back onto his cock. If your pussy was the best thing Jimin had ever felt, your mouth was definitely a close second. He began by slowly letting your lips surround his dick, taking in the image of your lips dark and wet with saliva. 
“You’re fucking amazing, baby - Oh fuck”  Jimin moaned as he kept his eyes focused on you down below. 
Soon he began picking up the pace, building up a steady rhythm of his cock down your throat. You hollowed your cheeks accordingly, the vibrations of your moans around his cock only increasing his pleasure.
Jimin was ready to cum from the moment you had stepped in the room wearing that all too sexy piece of black lace, and he knew he wasn’t gonna last very long. 
“Baby I - I’m gonna cum. Fuck, can I cum on your face princess?” Jimin begged as he looked down at you. 
You took him out of your mouth with an overdramatic “pop” as you switched to wrapping your hands around his length, one on his dick and the other cupping his balls. And Jimin could barely warn you before thick ropes of cum started shooting out of his length onto your face. 
“You’re fucking incredible, Y/N” Jimin moaned out as he rided out the shockwaves of his orgasm 
Jimin pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming as he looked at the vision of you in front of him on your knees, black lacy lingerie on, face covered in his cum. He knew that from this moment on, every time he closed his eyes he would see this image burned behind his eyelids. 
You laughed as you easily plopped down beside Jimin in the bed after wiping the extra cum off your face, him obviously still being in a post-orgasm haze. Within seconds the mood had shifted from sex powerhouse Y/N and Jimin to your usual playful state as you tickled underneath his chin. 
“Mmm, I’m not done with you yet” Jimin said as mustered all his energy trying to sit up. Before he could even get onto his elbows, his stamina had already sent him collapsing back into the bed, a moan of tiredness coming out of him in defeat. 
“Jimin, babe, you look completely fucked out.” 
Jimin raised his eyebrow as if to signal “you think?”, before chuckling at you and shaking his head. 
“Only for you, Y/N, only for you.” He paused and you could see his eyebrows furrow as he took all his energy to sit up. “But I’m a gentleman, I can’t give and not receive” 
It was now your turn to laugh. “You just throat fucked me to oblivion, babe, I think we’re past chivalry.” 
“but - “ 
“Tomorrow my pussy is all yours, Jimin, but you need to get some energy back babe” you proclaimed as you grabbed a bottle of water off of your nightstand to hand to him. 
“Pinky promise” you nod as you intertwine his finger with yours, kissing the tips of them with your lips.
{In true Jimin fashion, as soon as the clock hit 12:01 he was buried between your legs.}
Naturally you tangled your limbs with Jimin’s as you watched the movie playing in front of you, the lines where your body begins and his ends slowly starting to fade away. You don’t know who initiates it, but somehow your lips find their way together and Jimin pulls you into his lap to straddle him, bringing you even closer together. 
It’s different than usual. You’re not kissing each other with the same hunger and desire as before - it’s caring and calm, like you’re in no rush, just enjoying each other’s presence. 
“This is all a little cliche, isn’t it?” Whispered Jimin as he pulled his lips away from yours for a breath. 
And the truth was, it was really cliche. Halloweentown playing in the background, wrappers from candy that you should’ve given to trick or treaters but ate instead lying around - to an outsider you must’ve looked like the perfect couple. 
And then the word dawned on you -  couple. 
Jimin and you had never talked about being a couple. Fuck, you hadn’t really talked about much at all about relationships. But you knew how you felt - how you always want to be close to him, how your chest fills with this unexplainable feeling when he’s around, how. Park Jimin was definitely more than a halloweekend hookup to you, and your skin went cold as you worried that he may not think the same. The moment that brought you so much warmth now seemed to turn ice cold as you feared that this may be the last time you ever get to see Jimin like this - his eyes glimmering under the moonlight streaming in from your window.
“Thinking too much is bad for your brain, Y/N,” scolded Jimin playfully as he picked up on your uneasiness in a heartbeat, throwing one of your favorite candies at you at the same time in an effort to lighten your mood. It was going to take more than a piece of chocolate for your brain to switch gears, and you knew that there was no way you were going to get through the rest of the night without having the talk. 
“What are we doing, Jimin?” 
The silence that seemed to plague for what felt like hours made you instantly regret your decision. You were too caught up in your own head that you couldn’t see the gears turning in Jimin’s head too. 
“What are we - what do you mean what are we doi- oh. That what are we doing?” Rambled Jimin as he put the pieces together. 
And then you were back to silence… 
“Do you really wanna talk about it right now?” his voice seeming much more timid as he couldn’t even look you in the eye.  His fear seemed to also creep into your soul as you couldn’t look at him as you nodded.
“Um, ok - I guess I’ll go first” said Jimin as he cleared his throat with a small cough. You could feel the tension radiating off of him as he squirmed around in your bed while trying to find a comfortable position. Eventually with his head propped up in his hand he began to speak. 
“I don’t do this, I mean I don’t - . I don’t know, I -. Fuck, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never done this.” Jimin expressed  as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. 
You instinctively reached out to hold his free hand, rubbing circles gently on it with your thumb. You nodded slightly, letting him know that you think he can do this. 
“I guess, I’ve done this before, but I’ve never felt this before, yknow? This is just - this is scary but it’s all so amazing at the same time” His hands gesturing to god knows what at this point as it fluttered through the air
You chuckled and pulled Jimin’s hand closer to you, effectively bringing the two of you to be mere inches from each other. 
“You lost me a little there Jimin, I’m gonna need to know what this is” you said cheekily with a slight smirk on your face. You couldn’t help but be a little playful with his shyness. 
Jimin shook his head with a slight grin as he gazed at you, before taking your hand and putting it on his heart. You could feel his heart racing, pounding out of his chest essentially. At the same time, you looked at him and you could feel what he was saying to you even though no words were being exchanged. 
“You do this to me. In fact, I think you’re the only person that’s ever done this to me. And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough of you, Y/N. And I don’t want to ever be without you - yeah, I just don’t want you to forget about me after this weekend, I guess. But I don’t know how you feel and if I made you really uncomfortable I’m sorry but I just wanted you to know in case there was a chance but I don’t know even know if there is a chance or if you even - “ 
You stopped Jimin’s rambling in his tracks by calling out his name. 
Wordlessly, you took his hand and placed it over your heart, letting him hear its rapid rhythm. 
“My heart beats for you too, Park Jimin.”
The smile that spread on Jimin’s face is one that you’ll never forget. He instantly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to be on top of him, peppering kisses all over your face in pure elation. 
As you got lost in your thoughts, you let out a hearty laugh while still laying on Jimin’s chest. 
“Think I can convince you to dress up as something other than a vampire next year?” 
“Oh bite me, Y/N” Jimin laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss, muttering something about how his vampire costume definitely made you fall for him. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Thank you for reading! - Emily  ♡
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bts-hyperfixation · 2 days ago
Grocery Buzz
Kinktober Day 30 - Jungkook/Public
Warning: Sex acts in public, toys, car dry humping. This fic fits in with my OT7 universe  (Along with the last 6 kinktobers)
The boys thought they were so funny.
Absolutely hilarious.
They were still laughing when you and JK went out
It was a stupid bet
You two had lost and this was your punishment
The pair of you were to go grocery shopping
With phone-controlled vibrators attached.
The others could control them from home as you walked around collecting this week’s shopping.
You started subtly buzzing before you’d even gotten out of the car.
Jungkook didn’t seem to be fairing much better.
He kept shifting from foot to foot and rearranging his pants.
He spent a lot of the trip walking behind you to hide the tent he was sporting.
A position which to the outside world probably looked like an overly affection couple.
But to you, it was just distracting and not helping your own situation any.
Each time you felt how turned he was and the subtle vibration of him against you, your tummy flipped
If he didn’t back up you were going to have to jump him.
You were just settling into the rhythm when the other idols turned up the intensity.
Jungkook folded in on you for support as you gripped onto the trolley to stop from falling over.
“We need to get out of here, Right Now!” Jungkook grunted through gritted teeth.
“The punishment will be a lot worse if we don’t return with all the shopping on the list…” You reason, not in the mood to be denied your orgasm after this trip.
“How many things are on the list?” He peers at your phone screen and grimaces when he reads all forty items.
There were only six in your cart so far.
“Okay new plan… I’m gonna run to the bathroom and I’ll see you in like 20 minutes?”
You jab him in the ribs and loop a finger into his belt loop forcing him to stay.
The vibrations subside again for a moment, and you breathe out in relief.
“Let's just get as much done as we can when they give us reprieves and take a break for each new wave.”
He pouts but follows you along anyway.
He scoops things into the trolley without checking the dates.
Normally you’d roll your eyes and scold him.
Not today.
Today you do exactly the same.
You make it through about half the list before the vibrator in your pants roars to life once again.
You yelp, attracting the attention of an elderly lady nearby
She frowns at you and Jungkook and you playfully slap his arm to play off the sound you made and the pain on his face.
You hear her audibly tut before moving away from the two of you
Completely alone in the aisle, Jungkook has the bright idea to crowd you against the toilet paper display.
He slides his leg between your thigh allowing you to apply pressure where you need it most.
At the same time, he grinds against your hip for his own relief.
It feels so good.
But so indecent.
Someone could round the corner at any moment.
When that happens he reaches for the 4 pack above your head
Definitely nowhere near enough for a house of 8.
He backs away as if he was never touching you and the toys turn off yet again.
The intruder strolls away and Jungkook replaces the much too small pack.
5 items to go.
So close to the end.
Just the freezer section to go…
And the toys are ramped up to full speed.
If the store's elevator music stopped everyone in the aisle would be able to hear them.
You have to crouch to provide relief, feigning an untied shoe.
Jungkook grabs peas from the freezer, pressing them against himself while pretending to check them at your eye level.
What you wouldn’t give to suck him off right there.
But the others would know you’d removed the toys and you’d be out of luck in cumming tonight.
You whine as you stand again.
Jungkook practically hisses as you take the peas out of his grasp.
The two of you lean into one another.
Perfectly innocent.
Just having a hushed conversation about tonight’s dinner.
Not at all using it as an excuse to press yourself against him while waiting the latest surge out.
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to…
The vibrations calm down but never fully subside.
They must’ve worked out that you’d nearly be at the checkout by now…
Those bastards.
You and Jungkook waddle to the tills.
Checkout is awkward as he groans in pain.
The cashier raises an eyebrow and you just shrug, struggling to keep the noises in yourself…
Luckily she is quick and you’re paying in no time.
You’re barely out of the door before Jungkook is pulling you across the car park to the car.
He chucks the bags in the boot and pulls you into the back seat…
“Kookie… we can’t…” You pant not exactly stopping him from pulling you into his lap.
“We can’t take off the toys… No one said shit about getting off with our clothes on.” He smirks like he has unlocked the secret to the universe.
“Grind on me baby. Put your leg in between mine and grind like this was the last orgasm you are ever gonna have, because if I’m wrong it might be.”
He laughs at his own thoughts, but you do as your told.
It’s almost like the boys were watching you two.
The toys made it up to full speed again just as Jungkook came sending him into an almost paralyzing overstimulation.
You held him up as you ground down into his thigh a few more times for good measure.
You kissed his face all over until his consciousness returned and the whimpers died down.
Then you left him in the backseat and drove the pair of you home to whatever torture or love awaited you there…
Kinktober Masterlist 2021
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sopebubbles · a day ago
Twenty-two: love me harder >>
21st century girl
Warnings: smut, Dom/sub dynamics, oral sex, unprotected sex, bondage, over stimulation, choking, spanking, I might be forgetting something
Recommend listening: love me harder by Ariana Grande
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's late. Too late to be out working on things that could wait until tomorrow, but Yn doesn't want to stop being productive for a moment. It's easier not to worry about the things she can't control if she stays focused on the things she can. They stay there at the back of her mind though, pushing her to find more work to do, less quiet time to think, to sleep. She wants to text Namjoon. Not for any particular reason, she just wants to. He hasn't stayed far from her mind this last week either, even though she's been pushing to focus on more important things. But now it's as if she's summoned him. How else could he have found her in the student activities office?
"I was told I'd find you here." Namjoon's voice breaks the silence that has surrounded her for the last half hour that she's been here completely alone. It startles her out of the reverie she had fallen into when her hands went idle. 
"Who told you that?" she asks, acting as if she hadn't jumped a little when he walked in. 
"It's better if I protect my informants," Namjoon smiles casually. Yn merely nods, looking down to the drafting table she's leaning over and the finished stack of flyers that were the last thing she could think to do tonight. "What's on your mind?" he asks cautiously toward her, noting the worried and distant look etched into her features. The little crinkle between her eyebrows and the firm set of her jaw are tell tale signs.
She shakes her head. "Nothing."
Namjoon lets out a small laugh of disbelief, little more than a puff of air out his nostrils really. "Yn, I don't think there's ever 'nothing' on your mind. I think you think more than anyone I've ever met."
Well at least he understands the problem then, she laughs ironically to herself. "You're probably right about that," she admits.
"So talk to me. What's troubling you?" Namjoon walks around the table to stand beside her. 
She finds herself overwhelmed by his sudden presence. Most of the times she's been near him she's expected it or had time to adjust or the environment had made her more open toward people in general. Now the room is still and quiet. She had expected to be alone, and here he is, filling the room, her space, the silence, with his existence. She shrinks in on herself.
"You keep saying everything is fine, that this gossip isn't bothering you, but that's clearly not true," Namjoon says, breaking the silence once again after more time has passed without an answer than she realizes. 
"I am! There are more important things than all these stupid ass rumors!" She finally explodes at him after holding in for too long.
Namjoon nods his head calmly. "So tell me about those things," he encourages.
Yn lets out a heavy sigh. "Like, grad school applications."
His head nods again. "Yeah, those are important. When are your deadlines?"
"Next month," she mumbles.
Namjoon can't help smiling as he lifts his hand to gently stroke up and down her shoulder blade. "And you're the queen of getting shit done. So there's no need to stress about that tonight." But she doesn't relax at all, just shakes her head. "What else is there?"
Another sigh. Yn lifts her hand and brings it down heavily on the table. "Did you know the police have already given up on that student's case? They say they have no leads, but haven't asked anyone any questions. I can't get the image out of my mind of her rape kit sitting in a storage closet with dozens of others like it collecting dust until the statute of limitations runs out and she never gets any justice for what's been done to her. And I just-" Yn's fists clench on the table. "It just makes me so mad."
Namjoon hums thoughtfully. "In clinical psychology they say anger is a secondary emotion. You feel angry because you feel something else, sad or disappointed…"
"Of course I'm sad and disappointed!" she yells. "I'm sad that this is a thing people, especially women, have to worry about! I'm disappointed the system doesn't do more to find and punish people who hurt other people. I'm disappointed-" she cuts herself off abruptly as tears fill her eyes. 
Namjoon touches her arm softly. "It's okay. You can tell me."
Yn shakes her head, forcing a tear to slip over the brim and down onto the stack of flyers for Take Back the Night. "I'm disappointed in myself for not being able to protect anyone. I feel like nothing I can do matters. And I feel powerless." Her voice trembles as she speaks and sad, angry tears drip in streams down her cheeks. She sniffs and wipes her cheeks with her sleeve. "I'm sorry," she whispers, despising her own vulnerability. 
"Don't apologize. Your feelings are perfectly natural, and I asked. But why do you feel like it's your responsibility to protect them?" Namjoon asks softly. 
Yn shrugs. "I guess I just wish that I could. I wish I could do anything to make women not only feel safer but actually be safer. It's not right for us to have to live in fear. I don't want to live in fear." When she finally turns her face to him for the first time, the sight of her tear streaked face makes his heart clench, and he tries to fathom how heavy it must feel for her to want to protect so many when he just wants to protect her. Without a moment of thought he pulls her against his chest and holds her tight. She doesn't fight it or the warmth and comfort his broad chest and protective arms bring.
"Let me take you home, okay? You probably need to eat and sleep, yeah?"
"I don't need you to walk me home," she mumbles into his chest and he just laughs. 
"Yeah I know. But I want to protect you, too. And if we're both walking that way we can walk together."
She shrugs, resigned. "Fine."
"Do the rumors never bother you?" Yn wonders as they walk toward her apartment, hands shoved in their pockets against the chill of the November night. 
Namjoon sucks the cold air through his teeth. "You know, if there are rumors about me I never really hear them," he admits with a shake of his head. 
"See, that's the thing I can't stand! You've been sleeping with random girls for years and if anyone says shit about it, you don't even know. Yet I sleep with you a handful of times and I get called a slut by my latte and everyone on campus just loud enough for me to hear." 
"I'm sorry," he sighs. "I'm sure it's not what you thought you were getting into with me."
"That's the thing, Namjoon. I didn't think I was getting into anything with you. And I don't really care that much about my reputation. I don't care personally that people think I'm a slut. I care that people think people are sluts for exercising and enjoying bodily autonomy. And the double standard only makes things worse!" Her voice increases in pitch, volume and tempo as she rants.
"Again, I'm sorry if it's the girls from my past that are giving you problems," he interjects. 
"Isn't that crazy though? People are mad at me because suddenly you're not sleeping around anymore? They have insane conspiracy theories about how I got you to be loyal to only me, when I didn't even ask for that! I've never once mentioned or even thought about if you slept with other people at the same time as me!"
Namjoon stops in his tracks just before the cross the street. "I haven't though," he informs her. "I did try, I won't lie about that, but I haven't and I don't plan to."
Yn turns to look at him straight on. "I'm really not asking, Namjoon. We're not a couple. I'm not trying to get you to do anything you don't want. I don't know why you think I'm different, but I'm not trying to be."
Namjoon smiles wryly and steps closer to her. "You're always saying that, and I know you believe it. But I feel different when I'm with you, and that's enough."
"Different how?" she wonders. 
He pauses and looks down into her eyes before he explains. "Before you even asked the question, being with you made me realize how unhappy I was before. Without even trying, when I'm with you, even when we're just talking, I don't feel like I'm going through the motions. I feel like I'm actually living my life. That's what you did. I just don't want to go through the motions anymore."
"And here everyone thinks it's witchcraft and kinky sex," Yn replies dryly. 
"Really? That's what they say?" He laughs, disbelieving.
Yn begins to walk forward again. "Oh yeah," she calls back over her shoulder. "Didn't you know I've got lots of tricks?"
The last few minutes of their walk pass in silence and the gloominess returns to her features when her two known tools to avoid her feelings-- work and humor-- are out of use. She feels drained by the little time she indulged in them, and he can see it clearly when she stops outside her building and turns to him. 
"Do you want to come inside?" she asks quietly. "I'm sure I have some brownies you could take home to the guys."
"Sure. They devoured them last time. Hobi said you should put weed in them," he agrees and follows her inside. He stays so close behind her that he's in her bedroom before he realizes it. He's already been in here once, having followed through on that post-dinner quickie the other night, but he didn't really take in the room very much that time. Now he observes the overflowing laundry hamper and the stacks of random papers covering her desk. Her bed is made though. 
"Sorry, I've been really busy this week," she mumbles, knowing that's not the real reason for her mess. She picks up a few items of clothing off the floor while Namjoon looks at her bookshelf. She suddenly wonders what he's doing in here. Does he want to fuck? Is that what he expects to happen? Is that what she wants? She takes a moment to consider the last question as she watches his back. It wouldn't be the worst thing, but she doesn't think a quick fuck is going to be the thing to fix her mood this time. She needs something more, something she isn't sure she can ask for. It's been sitting there at the back of her mind since they started sleeping together. 
"Can I borrow this?" Namjoon asks suddenly, pulling her from her thoughts once again to hold up her well-worn copy of Feminism is for Everybody. 
"Yeah, of course. Two week loan and I'll need some collateral." She smirks. 
"Collateral?" He laughs. 
"I guess it's fine. I know where you live." She shrugs. Namjoon smiles softly at her and slips his backpack off his shoulder to place the book carefully inside. 
"Are you going to be okay, Yn?" he asks with the bag on his shoulder once again. She doesn't realize it but her frown is etched even deeper and her eyes look far away. She's just realized he doesn't plan to stay, and she doesn't like that. 
She shrugs again and looks down at her hands. "Yeah, I guess." She sits on her bed, her expression utterly sullen. 
Namjoon doesn't wait for an invitation to sit beside her or to take her hand. "Yn, please tell me if there's anything I can do to help. Anything. I know that you probably have every reason not to, but you can trust me and I do care about you."
Yn turns her head to look into his eyes. Eyes that always look at her with such sincerity. "I really want to trust you," she admits. "I think I do trust you, even if others tell me not to."
"You can. I swear!" His grip on her hands tightens, desperate for her to believe him. 
"There's one thing…" she hesitates. There's no going back if she reveals this about herself. Even if he accepts it. Even if they try it once and never again. It would still be something he always knows about her. 
"Anything," he repeats anxiously. 
"You need to promise it will stay between us."
"Of course. I won't tell anyone. Not even Tae," he assures her. Yn stands and goes to the bottom drawer of her dresser. 
"It's a little ironic because the rumor was made up but maybe not untrue." Before she turns back to him he hears the clink of metal. And when she faces him a pair of handcuffs hangs from her hand. She gazes at him nervously. 
"You want to cuff me?" Namjoon asks, not entirely shocked. 
Yn shakes her head firmly. "No. I want you to cuff me." She takes a couple of steps forward until she stands right in front of him, the cuffs gathered and held so tightly in her fingers that her knuckles turn white. "I want you to let me feel powerless and safe. I...I think you can do that." Namjoon stares back at her, utterly surprised, but he understands quickly. She needs this, a sense of controlled vulnerability. "But if you can't or you don't want to, I totally understand. We can pretend I didn't bring it up." Her voice quivers and her muscles flinch to take a step back when the silence stretches for half a second too long. Namjoon places a hand over hers to keep her there. He swallows thickly.
"I'll do it." He nods, never taking his eyes off hers. "I mean, I'm not sure if I can, or I'll be good at it, but I'll do it. I'll try."
Yn releases a breath she didn't know she was holding in her chest. "Are you sure? It's okay-"
"I'm sure," he says firmly. He lifts a hand to touch her cheek. "If it's what you need I'll try it. I'll keep you safe. And I promise no one else will know."
Yn's eyes are drawn down for a moment and she whispers, "thank you."
Namjoon stands and kisses her forehead. "Just give me a minute. You get undressed and wait for me here. Nothing else, okay?" Yn nods and watches him leave the room, closing the door behind him. 
Namjoon walks down the hallway to her bathroom, noting the silence of the apartment and how there doesn't seem to be anyone here. He uses the restroom and washes his hands, splashing some water on his face too. He tells himself he can do this. He enjoys being in control, and she's never fully given him the reins before. This could be fun. Yet he still feels a slight lack of confidence, given that he's never really done anything like this before, and she clearly has. He doesn't want to disappoint her. He needs to show confidence. 
Yn takes off her clothes, puts them in the hamper and fishes out the keys to the cuffs, leaving them on the nightstand, then waits on the bed with the cuffs sitting beside her. Nothing else, he had said. She listens closely for the sound of the front door, fifty percent sure he's gonna get the fuck out as soon as possible. She's a little surprised when he doesn't and walks back in through her bedroom door. He can't help a nervous smile when he sees her sitting naked just like he'd told her, her beautiful body waiting for him. He walks closer to stand in front of her and clears his throat. Her eyes peer up at him nervously.
"Is there anything I should know?" he asks softly. "You have a safe word?"
"It's orange," she replies quickly. "You can do pretty much anything you want to me. You can be as rough with me as you want. I'll do anything you ask," she promises.
He grins down at her, pleased by the idea. "You'll do anything I say?"
"Yes, sir," she assures him.
Namjoon grabs her by the jaw and turns her face up to look him in the eyes. "Yes, daddy."
A shiver runs down her spine. "Yes, daddy," she repeats.
"Good girl," he smiles, feeling more confident already. "Now get on your knees."
Namjoon grips her arms to pull her off the bed, but it's unnecessary. She's more than happy to follow his orders as she falls to her knees in front of him and waits for more instructions. He pulls his shirt over his head and enjoys the way her eyes linger over his toned abdomen. 
"You know you've done wrong, babygirl," Namjoon says as he undoes his pants while she watches. His face comes close to hers as he pushes them to the floor with his boxers. "You've never sucked my cock before. But you will now, won't you?"
Yn nods and licks her lips. "Yes, daddy," she agrees, looking at his half erect penis in front of her.
"Show me, baby," he encourages. 
Yn takes his cock in her hand, looking up at him as he gazes back at her. She feels him grow larger and harder in her hand as she strokes him, smiling when he reaches his full size. She sticks her tongue out to lick his tip and watches as his muscles tense at the new sensation. Her tongue swirls around his head and his eyes close for a moment until he feels her mouth close around him while her tongue continues to play and her hand slowly pumps his shaft. 
"Fuck, your mouth feels good," he shudders, and Yn hums as she takes more of him past her lips. It's difficult because he's so thick, but she takes as much as she can, barely able to manage getting half his length into her mouth before he hits her throat. "That's it, baby," he coos as he enjoys watching himself disappear between her lips over and over again. Namjoon gathers her hair between his fingers at the back of her head and pushes into her until she gags, then he lets go of her to let her breathe. She smiles as she gasps for air and spits on his cock, spreading the lubricant with her hand before she takes him in again. Her teeth graze just barely over his skin and he breathes in sharply at the surprising sensation but not in pain, sighing as she hollows her cheeks and begins to suck on him. 
"Fuck. Just like that. Please don't stop," he whines. His hand weaves into her hair again, making sure she takes as much as she possibly can and pushing her to the limit, chasing his high. It isn't that hard to reach when he looks down on her and sees how happily she sucks his cock. "Mmh, you're so fucking good at that. You're gonna make me cum, baby. You're gonna swallow all of daddy's cum," he tells her as his hips thrust and fuck into her mouth. He cums soon with a grunt, spilling warm, salty semen into her throat. Yn simply smiles and swallows, licking his head and her lips to make sure she's gotten every drop. 
Namjoon pulls her to her feet and leans down to kiss her lips. "You like daddy's cock, don't you, baby?"
"I love it. Want more," she chokes out in a hoarse, breathy voice. 
"I know you do, you little slut." Namjoon turns her around and scoops the cuffs off the comforter. He tightens them around each wrist, restraining her hands behind her back. He pushes her forward, bending her over the bed. She falls on the mattress with a bounce and lets out a quiet groan. Namjoon spreads her legs wide and rubs a hand over her ass. "I didn't know you were so filthy," he comments just before he lands a harsh smack on her left cheek. Her skin blossoms red, but she doesn't even whimper. 
Namjoon kneels behind her. "If you want my big cock in your little pussy I'll have to stretch you out," he tells her before he licks a wide stripe from her clit to her asshole. Yn moans loudly as he shoves his tongue deep into her pussy and rubs his thumb over her sensitive clit, giving her an intense sensation. His hands grip the back of her thighs to hold her still when she can't help squirming. 
"It's too much!" She cries when he sucks hard on her clit, rolling his tongue over the bundle of nerves at the same time. "Namjoon, please," she whines.
Namjoon pulls away and clears his throat. "What did you call me?"
Shit. "I'm sorry, daddy."
"I asked you a question." He rises to his feet and turns his body perpendicular to hers. "What did you call me?" He repeats, and slaps his hand to her ass with more force than ever before.
"Namjoon," she whimpers, followed by a smack. 
"Is that what you're supposed to call me?" Smack.
"No." Smack. 
"What's my name, baby?" 
"Daddy. I'm sorry, daddy!" Smack.
"Don't forget again," he warns her as he watches his hand print recede in the redness of her skin. He rubs his hand, skin stinging from the repeated impacts, over her warmed flesh and down between her quivering legs to her dripping pussy. He collects her essence from her entrance with his finger and spreads it down over her clit. "I was gonna be so nice and stretch out this tight little pussy so I didn't hurt you. But you just had to misbehave." 
"I'm sorry," Yn whispers again as he rubs hard and fast over her clit, knowing well that the stimulation is intense for her. "Please. Want you inside of me," she begs. 
"Not yet, babygirl. Not until you make this pussy cum for me." He rubs faster, making her moans sound almost like sobs. "Wanna make this pussy cum for me so many times."
Yn's body is on fire, her skin still stings from her punishment and his fingers over her clit are sending furious signals all over her body. It gathers almost painfully at her core before the dam finally breaks and her orgasm washes over her. Namjoon feels her pulse against his hand as her hips twitch.
"There she is," he praises, and drops to his knees again. 
He laps up the arousal that drips down her lips and then presses soft kisses all around her swollen flesh. He runs his tongue from her clit up her folds and thrills at the little tremors that run through her when he does so. His tongue flicks temptingly at her bud, making her squeak quietly. He latches onto her with his lips once again. He's beginning to get hard again himself and strokes his length as he listens to her little moans. With her face pressed against her bed and tears in her eyes, Yn knows it won't be long before she comes again. She doesn't fight it and lets go so the second wave of orgasm rushes over her body, making her heart beat loudly and her skin sweat. Namjoon smiles and gives her one more wide lick up her pussy, making her convulse before he rises to his feet. 
With one hand on her hip, he gives himself a few more pumps before he centers himself behind her and coats the head of his cock in her thick arousal. Without warning he pushes into her swollen lips. Her slick makes entering her easy even though her tight walls squeeze him. He's still not gotten used to how good she feels raw, the delicious sensation of her soaked walls.
"Fuck, your pussy feels amazing," he groans as he buries himself to the hilt, pushing her deeper into the bed. He pulls back and then slams into her harder than before but just as deep, making her gasp. He leans forward to grip the hair at the back of her head. "Tell me who your pussy belongs to, baby."
"Fuck, daddy, it's yours." She moans as he moves again. 
Namjoon releases her hair to grab onto her hips and begins to thrust into her at a regular pace, not too fast or too slow, just a steady speed he can enjoy for a while. Yn drowns in the feeling of him, stuffing her as much as she thinks she can take. If there were any more of him it would be too much, but he's perfect. Namjoon grips the bit of chain holding her wrist together and she wraps her hands around his wrist in response, a small bit of extra contact as his thrusts become quicker and harsher. 
When he feels himself coming too close to climax he pulls out of her abruptly and pulls her up by her wrists. He swipes the keys off the top of her dresser where she left them and unlocks one of the cuffs. Then he turns her around quickly and pulls her against him into a kiss. He kisses her deeply and she raises her arms to wrap around his neck, the cuffs falling coldly against his back. He lifts her and places her on the bed and then removes her hands from him. When he pulls away she looks at him with wide curious eyes. He pecks one more quick kiss to her bitten lips.
"I want to see your gorgeous face," he tells her with an admiring smile as he brings her wrists together again, this time around the metal bars of her headboard. The cuffs click closed.
Namjoon drags his hands back down her arms, making them tingle as he kisses her. He lowers his mouth to her soft breasts as he squeezes them in his hands. Her back arches away from the mattress as he harshly sucks one nipple into his mouth. Yn wraps her fingers around the bars of her headboard as his fingertips glide agonizingly slowly over the smooth skin of her stomach, raising goosebumps. Just when she thinks he's going to reach her core, he grabs tightly onto her thigh and pushes her leg back until her knee touches her chest, folding her up before he finds her an entrance again and pushes into her. 
"Fuck," she cries loudly as he slams right into the sweet spot inside of her.
"Mm, is that the spot, baby?" Namjoon smirks as he pulls back and hits the same spot again. He fucks her steady and even, leaving her thoughtless, head totally clear of anything but what he is making her feel, exactly like she was hoping. But he wants to hear her. He leans forward and places his hand just under her jaw, drawing her attention to his face. "Tell me," he orders.
Yn looks at him through hazy eyes. His expression is stern but she can still see a softness in him, a part of him that just wants to know she's feeling good. And she is feeling so good. 
"It's perfect," she moans, and he unconsciously speeds up just a little, turned on even more by the satisfaction in her strained voice. He's about to pull his hand away and she wishes desperately that her hands were free for just a moment so she could show him what she wants. But she can't, so she'll have to use her words. "Choke me, daddy," she begs, her voice full of a neediness he's never heard before. "Please."
Namjoon hesitates for a moment. She sees the unmistakable fear and uncertainty flash in his eyes. He tries to remember what he read the one time he looked into the act online. 
"It's okay," she whispers, a horribly ambiguous phrase that she could mean to reassure him or to tell him he doesn't have to. 
Namjoon adjusts the position of his hands and applies slight pressure to the sides of her neck. Yn clenches around his cock just the same, luxuriating in the way his large hands grip around her throat. Her moans grow more intense even as they're cut off and her mouth simply hangs open. Her mind grows even more blank as she loses air and focuses solely on her body. Her orgasm comes with her pulsing around him and he moves his hand around to the back of her head to hold her as he kisses the side of her neck where his thumb was pressed in. She gasps as he speeds up, fucking her through her orgasm until he reaches his own. He pulls out just in time to cum all over her belly, which is still heaving in an attempt to catch air. 
Namjoon sits back on his heels with his hands on his expansive thighs and releases a deep, exhausted sigh. Yn can only stare at the ceiling as she tries to cope with all the intense sensations coursing through her body.  Finally he moves to hover over her and kiss her softly, bringing her back to earth with a kiss on her forehead.
"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere," he chuckles as he steps into his boxers and then leaves her cuffed to the bed frame.
In the hallway, he nearly runs straight into Jimin. It's clear he's just walked into the apartment, so at least he didn't hear anything that just happened, but these are still pretty incriminating circumstances. Namjoon attempts to cover his stomach and his chest with his arms. But Jimin can't help looking him up and down with the most confusing mixture of awe and suspicion written across his face. Jimin opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes to mind and he rushes off to his bedroom instead. 
A minute later, Namjoon returns to Yn, who's waiting patiently, seemingly unbothered by the fact that she's still chained to her bed. She smiles at him gently and it lifts a weight off his chest. All along he had been doing his best to suppress the voice in the back of his head questioning every decision and wondering if she would hate him for it. The look she gives him now is proof that she doesn't. From her perspective, it was perfect. He could've done anything he wanted with her. He could've been harsher and she wouldn't have minded, but she could sense how much he cared, how he did everything for her, even though he didn't have to.
Namjoon proceeds to clean her gently with a warm, wet washcloth, smiling as he continues to admire her body. He throws the cloth on her hamper before grabbing the keys once again and finally setting her free. But he holds onto her wrists and gives each a gentle kiss where they've gotten red and aggravated by the metal. He grabs her water bottle sitting on the night stand and opens it for her to drink, which she does eagerly.
"Do you need anything?" Namjoon brushes her hair back at her temple.
Yn shakes her head. "Just the covers." He helps her get underneath them and she moves inside to make space for him, so he can roll down onto his back beside her and pull her into his side. She rests her head on his shoulder and lays there silently for a moment. 
"You can go, if you want to," she tells him as she feels she's about to slip under into a deep sleep.
"What if I don't want to?" he questions, not wanting to move any part of his being away from her. 
Yn nestles further into his side. "Then stay," she murmurs and hears the click of her bedside lamp. 
The sun is shining when Yn wakes, filling the room with white light. She's alone in bed but Namjoon's spot is still warm. Namjoon. Her eyes snap open at the rustling of clothes. 
"Sorry. I didn't want to wake you." He speaks softly when he sees she's looking at him. "I have a class."
"Of course," she croaks, noticing her throat is sore for the first time.
"Are you okay?" An endearing look of concern crosses his features. 
"I'm fine. Don't worry," she assures him. She's dealt with worse than a sore throat before. 
Namjoon slips his hat on his head to conceal his still tragic hair and the fact that he won't have time to go home and shower. He slept too well and didn't want to leave. 
"I'll text you later," he promises, leaning over the bed to kiss her cheek. 
Yn whispers goodbye and holds her hand to her cheek. She must have been out of her mind when she told him to stay last night, but her chest fills with warmth at his kiss even as she hates to see him leave. What on earth had Namjoon done to her? 
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