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Is that my dick? (m)
Pairing: jk x reader
Summary: Jungkook notices something new while doing the deed with you.
Warnings: PWP, and I mean it, not even a 0.1% of plot, edging, rough sex, bulging kink, pussy slaps, degradation, dom!jk, sub!reader, sudden penetration? Idk, he just goes for it, fingering, dry humping.
A/N: I've been drawning in my own notes for the past couple of weeks trying to study for my exams and this is the result of my frustration. I just feel bad that I don't have that much time to write right now, but I hope this gives me motivation for the couple next weeks until I finish my exams TT
(Instant smut under the cut)
“Jungkok, what the fu—” you couldn’t even finish your sentence before your mouth was stuffed by the two digits that had been fingering not even two seconds ago.
“Patience is a virtue, baby,” he lightly scolded, pushing his fingers covered in your essence until the back of your throat, making you slightly choke and humming in approval at the feeling of your tongue tasting yourself.
When he had first started fingering you with his index and middle finger, while he brushed your sensitive clit with his thumb, you didn’t think he was going to edge you, and that seemed to have started hours ago. Your thighs already hurt from being open for so long, and you could hear your own agitated breathing. But Jungkook was the one truly enjoying this, he basked in the visual of your flushed face and your rising chest, breasts moving up and down and hard nipples. And he would be lying if he said the squelching sounds that came from your pussy weren’t causing him a big problem inside his sweatpants. Jungkook shortly considered what would happen if he came undone in his pants, you would definitely see the stain on the grey cloth but what about your reaction? Would you laugh at him? Was it even possible to come just from looking at someone? Jungkook quickly concluded that as long as it was you, there was nothing impossible, before he decided that he would take the risk of being humiliated if it meant that he could have you under his mercy for a bit longer.
You let a surprised shriek when your boyfriend’s hands harshly grabbed your waist and placed his hard-on against your bare pussy, dry humping your cores against each other.
“Jungkook, please… I can’t take it much longer,” you whimpered, trying to keep your eyes open and persuade him with your best innocent eyes into just fucking you into oblivion already.
“I thought a slut like you would be able to take more,” he spat the words while clenching his jaw, trying to hide how much his own actions were affecting him too. Desperate as you were to get more of him, you tried to move your hips at a faster pace, rubbing your clit harder against his sweatpants and making the wet patch that had formed even bigger.
“Fuck, you are such a brain-dead whore, can only think about fucking me, right?” he asked while stopping your movements, earning a whine from you.
“Yes, please, Kook, need you to fuck me right now,” you begged, trying to lower his pants and underwear.
“Shit, you don’t know what you just got yourself into, slut,” he muttered with a devilish grin and brought his hand to your pussy once again, only to deliver a couple of hard slaps that had you whining in surprise and making a couple of tears fall down your face. As if trying to smooth the pain, he let his dick on your pussy, earning a moan from you as you felt the weight of his manhood rest over your cunt. Then, started moving his hips forwards and backwards, coating his hard-on in your wetness and edging the both of you further. He let his body fall, but still put his hands on either side of your face holding his weight off you. He started kissing and nibbling at your neck, moving until he found your sweet spot just under your ear.
“My girl has such a pretty pussy. But do you know how it could look even better? Stuffed with my fat cock,” he whispered into your neck before finally putting you out of your misery and thrust his hard cock inside your awaiting hole. He set a ruthless pace from the beginning, barely leaving you any time to adjust to his girth.
“Ngh, fuck, you feel so good, Kook,” you moaned, wrapping your legs around his tiny waist and resting your heels on the small of his back. Your hands were roaming through the expanse of his broad back, leaving red trails all over his muscles with your nails.
“Yeah? You like feeling full of my cock?” He asked, before abruptly stopping his movements, making you let a loud groan again.
“I swear to god, if you don’t finish what you started—”
“Wait, is that my dick?” He wondered, completely ignoring your hollow threat and giving and experimental thrust. You followed his gaze and looked over at your tummy, seeing a bulge whenever his dick thrust in. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs for him to just make you cum already, but it was impossible to deny how much this new discovery was turning you on.
“Fuck, Yn, I knew you were hot, but this? I can’t believe I’m just realizing it now,” he practically moaned, bringing his hand to the bulge in your tummy and pressing over it as he regained his pace with renovated force, making your mind go foggy with lust.
“My slut has such a tiny cunt, only for me, right?”
“Yes, yes, yes, only for you,”
“Good, because I plan on fucking your pussy forever,” any possible answer you could have tried to give vanished from your mind when you felt pleasure spread throughout you. Jungkook was taking turns shifting his gaze from your belly to your fucked-out expression, not being able to decide which one was turning him on more.
“I know you’re close, babygirl. I want you to cum for me,” he rasped out, a small cry escaped you at his words. His own head spinning at the pleasure.
“Almost there, Kook” you managed to get out, as his dick twitched inside you at the feeling of your arousal gushing out of you, making an absolute mess between your thighs and his lower stomach.
“Such a good fucking girl for me,” a small cry escaped your pouty lips at his praise, body starting to tremble, signalling how close you really are to reach your high.
“Fuuuck,” you stuttered, when one of his fingers made contact with your clit and started drawing figure eights. If Jungkook thought the visual of edging you was already hot, there were simply no words to describe the visual of you coming undone underneath him. It was enough to make him cum too, painting your velvety walls with his warm cunt.
“That was fucking unbelievable, baby,” he said in between kisses, calming you both from your highs. “If I could barely get enough of you before I don’t know what’s going to happen now, beautiful,” he said, after rolling you over him and hugging you closer to him. You giggled at his words, not finding a problem with this new situation.
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Jungkook: Dropping Hints 🔞
Tumblr media
"Maybe you just cant see it?"
Tags/Warnings: Oh dear lord, Idol!Jungkook, smutshot = adult content, he's got his pp pierced, and his girl in his hotel room, though he only let's the world know one of those things, the piercing of course, protected sex (hormone shot, pls practice safe sex in RL thank you), established/secret relationship, mild manhandling, he smacks her butt like.. Twice, spicy romantic kook, guys this is a smut-shot written by me at this point you should know the drill
A/N: This is @min-yoonified 's fault.
Story Length: Mid
Jungkook is good at controlling what information he let's people around him know.
He's learned from the best after all; Seokjin being a master at making people feel as if they know more about him than he ever really gives away of himself. With the eldest of the group, it's mostly to keep his private life private- but Jungkook can be quite daring, and knows how to talk about things publicly he's not supposed to say.
Though he'd never put you in any danger.
You're his biggest secret to keep, and one of the only things he will probably never share with the public, well aware of the dangers this could pose to you. He's experienced his best friends receiving death threats before, getting stalked and chased by people too delusional to keep their minds connected to reality. He doesn't want to ever have you experience any of that- and to keep you safe, he has to portray the single guy in front of the world's audience- and he's glad you're so understanding of it.
He knows someone like you is rare to find.
You live your life laid low, family aware, but no one else knows of your relationship with him. It's the same on his side- and he plans to keep it that way. You're his, and he doesn't like sharing- especially something he loves as much as you.
"oh?" he leans forward to read a comment a little better, room dark and phone screen bright. "Will I ever get more piercings?" he reads the question out loud, before smirking, leaning back a little on the couch as he looks at the camera cheekily. "what makes you think I haven't already?" he challenges, raising an eyebrow. "Maybe you just can't see it?" he hints, making you shake your head in disbelief on the bed across from where he sits, a safe zone out of range of the camera. "let's read some more comments." he laughs to himself, quick to steer the conversation away before staff scolds him again for not behaving properly in front of his fans.
He ends the Livestream a little while after, making sure the camera is off, even going as far as to take the battery out of it just to be safe. "they're already talking about your invisible piercing." you comment, giggling when he crawls over your form on the bed, lips placing a kiss onto your bare upper leg like second nature before he lays down next to you.
"that's fine, let them." he shrugs. "I'll probably get an earful tomorrow from staff." he chuckles, watching you as you stretch your limbs before you cuddle up to him. His hand smacks your butt once just for the fun of it, a sigh escaping him as he closes his eyes briefly.
"you think they'll figure it out? The fans, I mean." you ask, head on his chest as he shrugs again.
"a lot of them have pretty dirty minds. There's bound to be people who'll get it right. They'll never know for sure though." he teasingly comments, and you laugh to yourself, a hand running over his lower abdomen above his shirt, before it travels beneath the fabric.
"I know it though." you say, and his hand starts to make it's way over the length of your bare arm, fingers running over the skin.
"you do." he confirms lowly, enjoying the intimacy of the moment. "you know it pretty well." he chuckles, letting his hand wander from your arm to the hem of your underwear, for now only slipping underneath the side of them, resting there.
"I think it's pretty." you comment, looking at him now. "it suits you." you say, and he smiles down at you before his free hand angles your head right for him to kiss.
Moments like these are why he wants to keep you at his side forever.
It's a give and take in your relationship; no clear hierarchy no matter the situation. You take care of him just as much as he takes care of you- right now, your hands helping him out of his shirt, his arms willingly raising upwards to make it easier for you. Positioning yourself to sit on his core, you can feel just from a few gentle movements of your hips that he's already rising in his sweats. "hm, I love you." he hums out before he dives back in to kiss you.
He loves making out with you just as much as sex- simply because it's intimate. It makes him feel weightless, like no one's thinking of him but you, like no one's expecting anything from him.
"you've got rehearsal tomorrow morning." you remind him as you break apart for a second, his lips chasing yours stubbornly, eyes of his still closed as his hands run up your sides to rest over your ribs.
"Perfect time to unwind and relax then before we go to sleep." he responds, now a bit more eager to get the sports bra off of you as he pulls it over your head, instantly running his hands over your chest.
"baby you need sleep." you try again, and he smacks your butt yet again, suddenly flipping you over, towering over you from above before he slips your panties off your legs.
"I sleep best when I'm exhausted." he argues, loosing the rest of his clothes as well now before he angles your legs right. "and I'm not not exhausted yet." he smirks, silver balls of the piercing decorating the very head of his cock reflecting the moving lights of the moodlight he'd brought along. It does suit him.
The unfamiliarity of it has long disappeared, by now a very welcomed sensation whenever he runs it over your clit, or when it's inside you. He's definitely done his research; knows how to use it, what positions are best, and what to avoid. And while he loves to have you like this, spread out on the mattress below, hair fanning out underneath your head as his hands grip your upper thighs to keep you steady as he pushes himself into you, tonight he's craving to have you closer.
Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't get to see you during the day whenever he's out for concerts- but he needs to hold you.
So he maneuvers you a little around, helps you sit over his thighs, before you reach between your bodies to lead his aching length back inside you. His arms instantly wrap around you, helping you by pushing your lower back gently into him, eyes unable to look away from you. "I'm so fucking lucky." he chuckles out randomly, before he steals your breath quite literally; feeling the way you clench around him already as he kisses you. "good?" he wonders, and you nod almost frantically- and he knows you all too well. "you're gonna cum?" he teases breathlessly, as you suddenly cling onto him, his own pace now picking up as he chases his own high alongside yours.
And even after, he still holds you close.
After a moment of catching his breath, he laughs into your neck, kissing the skin a little, body now definitely spent. "you know.. I just had to think of how many people must've had sex in this bed before us." he admits, and you cringe, slapping his shoulder dramatically.
"kook no, ew." you whine, making him laugh as he helps you both to the edge of the bed, standing up with you still in his hold as if he's got something to prove. "lemme walk." you complain, though he just continues his way into the bathroom where he finally let's you down to go and do your business, while he turns on the shower.
And later, when you've both settled to finally go to sleep, he takes a moment to just look at you for a bit, before he closes his eyes as well, legs tangled and arms wrapped around each other.
You're definitely his most previous secret to keep.
Tumblr media
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swan’s song | kth (m)
Tumblr media
a thousand thank yous to @missgeniality​​ for this absolutely stunning banner <3
Tumblr media
Summary: If Taehyung’s life is a musical, then you’re its best song. It’s truly unfortunate... how every good song must always comes to an end – but you never do. You play on and on to the beat of his heart.
⋙ pairing: Taehyung x reader ⋙ rating: 18+ ⋙ genre: established relationship; tiny bits of angst, lots of fluff, smut ⋙ warnings: dilf!tae yes, recurring theme of music and songs, slight fear of thunderstorms, so many cheesy lines it’s disgustaaang, post-partum depression (just for a tiny tiny bit), birth of a child (no explicit description, just fluffy feelings), explicit sexual content: baby-making sex, soft dom tae, impregnation kink, oral (f. & m.), fingering, body worship, she has stretch marks and he loves it, praising, dirty talk, kissing, breast play, unprotected (baby-making !!!!!!!) sex, multiple f. orgasms, they’re cracked and dumbasses i love them so much ⋙ word count: 21.6k ⋙ a/n: heeey! this is a love letter that i wrote around two months ago, to my very favourite couple. happy 1 yr anniversary to songs about you 🤍 thank you to @hobisuniverse​​ and @missgeniality​​ for loving this couple since forever and for helping me so so much with this fic 🥺 shoutout to my love bells, who wrote the proposal and candy’s toast and let me use it <3 taewan live on 🥺 hope y’all enjoy !! feedback is as always appreciated <3 ⋙ reading the first two parts adds to the backstory, but is not necessary. THIS FIC CAN BE READ AS A STAND-ALONE!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you told Taehyung to take care of the decorations, this is not what you meant.
The balloons are scattered on the ground, every possible colour building a rainbow, because he didn’t want a specific one assigned to your baby. You already know it’s a girl; you’ve even brainstormed names for her in advance – but Taehyung remains steadfast in his decision to not raise her in the traditional princess-and-unicorns way.
“Hey, if she decides she’s into racing cars instead of dolls, fine by me,” he always says, never failing to add a quiet, “dolls are scary anyway.”
But the chaos at your feet?
You wish you could scold him for it – tell him that he was supposed to glue the decorations to the wall. But he’s so excited and thrilled that you can’t muster the strength to do so, shifting your frustration elsewhere instead as you whine, “I still need to clean the kitchen. And then put snacks on the table and… wait, did you call Namjoon, ‘cause he needs to bring–”
“Swan,” Taehyung calls, wrapping an arm around your shoulder to pull you into his body, “it’s all fine. Everything’s clean and in order, and yes, Joon is bringing the cake.”
You take a breather.
He knows his nickname for you is a weakness – it has long become a common utterance between you, accompanying you since high school when you got utterly obsessed with Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. And Taehyung won’t let you forget your love for the piece to this day.
Cuddling into his embrace, you ask, “How are you so calm?”
“I just… don’t care much for perfection?” He pauses, adoration written in his eyes. “Perfect cakes, perfect presents… You’re healthy, and anything beyond that just doesn’t stress me out all that much.”
He says it so nonchalantly. Like it’s no big deal. But to you, his care and love are anything but ordinary, the biggest deal ever. In every waking moment that you struggled with your pregnancy, Taehyung was by your side, ready to abandon meetings and his work for an hour or two to guide you through your fatigue and stress.
You reckon you might’ve lost your sanity long ago if it wasn’t for him.
“It’s gonna be fine,” he assures, squeezing your shoulder once before he lets go and bends down to pick up the balloons.
It’s a pity that the winter is raging outside – if it wasn’t, you would’ve planned a little garden party, worn flower crowns, light blue dresses and provided ice cream and milkshakes. But ever since you moved into Taehyung’s apartment, you’ve estimated that several horses can line up in the ample space present here. So you guess that does the trick, too.
Maybe you can coordinate it better with your next child.
Because the truth is, no matter how much happiness your togetherness and shared DNA brings to you, you didn’t plan any of this. Taehyung was a beloved friend with benefits, and your love story was close to burning out. Failure in communication led to almost full radio silence before he captured your heart all over again.
And telling him about the pregnancy was the last main sign that proved just how much you belonged to him; and he to you.
You’ve heard harsh critique about your state; a child born out of wedlock is what they always call your baby. They view you as young and naive, incapable of handling things on your own after popping out of college as a fresh graduate.
But you don’t care too much, and neither does Taehyung.
Because for him, all that has ever mattered was your wellbeing; anything beyond loving you and caring for you was waved off with a careless smirk. And despite the fact that you’re the big CEO’s little girlfriend, you’ve learned to focus on positivity, too.
“What’s with the guitar cookies, by the way?” you question as he works on the balloons, planting your hands on the table you prepared. “I saw them on the kitchen counter earlier.”
“Just manifesting that she loves Linkin Park as much as I do,” he answers, groaning as he reaches up the wall.
“You think making her listen to Leave Out All The Rest every night isn’t enough?”
“You barely ever let me.”
“Well she’s too young for rock music.”
“No one’s ever–”
Your amused banter stops when the doorbell rings, and you flinch for a moment, a hand on your chest before you walk over and peek through the spy. Candy, your and Taehyung’s mutual best friend, as well as her boyfriend Hoseok build the first cheerful pair to enter your place – and from here onwards, guests begin flooding the space in an interval of mere minutes.
The affair passes stressfully but smoothly, and you spend most of your time on your feet except when your daughter starts kicking again. With the cake already cut and dinner served, you escape to the bedroom quietly, sitting down with a groan before you prop up your legs and swollen feet slowly.
The laughter and conversations soon fade into the background, and you allow yourself to close your eyes for just a moment before the door creaks open and someone slips in.
“Ah. Found you,” is what the voice remarks, strolling in cheerfully before she sits down next to you, “you okay?”
“Yeah. Just tired.”
Candy sighs before she places a hand where your own rests on your stomach, rubbing it gently and with a tender, soft smile before she asks, “Is it hard? To know you’re responsible for a little life like that.”
You think for a while.
There have been times when you spent your afternoons crying, missing your flute lessons and performances – even standing would leave you breathless. You’ve caught yourself drifting and counting down the days one too many times.
But when the little existence inside you kicks… or conjures the same old boxy grin onto Taehyung’s face… when she reminds you that she’s there, waiting to meet you, impatient and tiny, you realise that those might be the days you’ll miss when they’re over.
“No,” you finally answer, lifting your chin, proud and happy, “it’s not. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.”
“Tete takes good care of you, right? ‘Cause if not, I’ll–”
“He does. He does… he spends hours talking to us.”
You watch her expressions change, surprised at the combination of glee and melancholy that spreads across her features; and when her lips begin to drop, you ask, “What about you? Are you planning something with Hobi already?”
Candy snaps out of her brief trance, immediately shifting into her usual self again as she shakes her head and clarifies, “No. No, not at all. Not yet at least. But maybe one day? Seeing you like this makes me want it, too. Makes me wonder if he ever wishes for the same thing.”
“If I know one thing about you two,” you start, shrugging your shoulders, “is that you’ll screw your brains out until your house is filled with tiny yous. No doubt that he wants it, too.”
She rolls her eyes, but her laughter doesn’t stop, and she pushes your angled legs sideways before she remarks, “Says you. Tae and you would get at it whenever you got the chance. Remember when I asked–”
“When you asked if we did anything else, too? Yeah, we did.”
From the corner of your eyes, you spot the speaking silhouette entering the room, relaxed and idle steps carrying it forwards before his features sharpen.
With a smirk, you stare at the approaching man of your dreams, completing his thought as you sing-song, “He liked hearing me sing.” Taehyung comes to a halt next to Candy, his eyes falling onto where her and your hand connect on your tummy. “We also went on fancy McDonald’s dates and went vinyl-gazing.”
“Other people watch stars, you know?” Candy says as she rises, bumping Taehyung’s shoulder lightly. “Join me outside.”
You nod and sit up as Taehyung offers his hand, questioning, “How are we doing?”
“Doing well. Namjoon and Princess are still not talking, and Jungkook managed to rope me into a conversation about his games, but… otherwise, managing. Missing you.”
You get to your feet carefully, held by his hands, giggling as you tease, “You miss me all the time.”
“So?” His fingers travel to your face, holding it in their grip tightly before he begins to squeeze your cheeks, cooing at you, “What’s wrong about missing your pretty, bratty face?”
“Ye’re lucky thet–” You push his hands off your face, rubbing the spot he pulled at so mercilessly. “Ouch, you ass. You’re lucky that you’re cute or I wouldn’t wanna make any more babies with you.”
Taehyung gasps, following your steps with an open mouth as he wonders, “You want more babies with me?”
“Shut up.”
The moment you step out, you halt, taking in the chaos of every guest scattered god knows where. The first pair you notice consists of Hoseok and Candy, having abandoned all your expensive furniture to sit on the ground next to the fireplace, backs leaned against the walls and discussing something heatedly.
“Hey!” she exclaims once she detects you inching closer, fingers lifting from her discarded heels and towards Hoseok. “We were just discussing you two.”
“What were you discussing?” Taehyung asks, one eyebrow raised and arms folded.
“Oh, I don’t know. The pregnancy. The baby shower. The musically inspired decoration and how you’re disgustingly perfect for each other.”
“Nothing new then.”
“He just killed every feeling in my cheeks, though,” you remark, rolling your eyes at your boyfriend, “we’re not as cute as you might think.”
“Do you need me to attack?” Candy asks, her voice growing higher with each syllable before she comes to a stand. “I’ll attack, if you want me to.”
“You two bash me any chance you get. Help me out.”
He says the last part to Hoseok – but the older man only shakes his head cluelessly, raising his hand as if to shield himself from his woman’s wrath. It makes you laugh, the gentle domesticity. The adult life you’ve always seen in romcoms, the perfect bubble that you didn’t think existed in real life.
“No, she’s right,” you add, fuelling the fire as you hold a cheek towards his face, “apologise.”
But instead of kissing your cheek, he rolls his eyes once again, sighing in defeat before he tells his still crouching friend on the ground, “Tell your girl it’s not cool to gang up on me. Or to snatch my girl.”
You and Candy stand in the corner with your arms draped around each other’s shoulders, laughing and enjoying the scene unfolding before Hoseok shrugs – probably not quite aware what he’s muttering when he says, “What the wife wants, the wife gets.”
The comical silence that follows lets your jaw fall, awkwardness befalling the circle in which you stand – and you think that somewhere in the distance, you can hear birds chirp and a plane take off.
A soft blush dusts Hoseok’s cheeks, and you laugh when Candy digs her nails into your bicep and Taehyung jokes, “Damn. Not even we are married yet.”
When the celebratory mood calms and guests leave one by one, your eyes start drooping until you’re swaying at your spot. You don’t know whether it’s the exhaustion that socialising brings or the existence inside you draining you of energy – but once the door closes and the apartment empties, you let Taehyung know that you’re hurrying to bed.
Taehyung, yawning into the back of his hand, steps to your form. Brushing his fingers against your waist, he presses a gentle kiss onto your forehead, sighing in equal tiredness as he says, “I’ll load the dishwasher and clean up a bit. Go rest some, yeah?”
With a slow nod, you disappear into the bathroom, washing up before climbing into bed. But despite the relaxation that the soft mattress brings, your mind doesn’t slip into a peaceful sleep. Instead, you lie awake, replaying some of today’s conversations in the silence of the room.
You wonder how long it will take Namjoon and Princess to repair the damage their past brought. You wonder if you’ve ever seen Candy as happy as she is now. As their faces flash into your mind again, you question when all of you grew up like that; when your childhood faded and gave way to the new beginnings you're still trying to get used to.
When Taehyung enters the room, your place lying clean and still, he’s not surprised when he finds you still awake. Just like you always are when he comes home from work late.
You’re swimming in a sleepy state akin to a drunken haze, the air filling with comfort and relief when you feel his hands on your tummy late at night. He inhales the scent of your shampoo, fingertips drawing forms on your growing stomach; and when you hum in content, you hear him whisper, “Swan?”
A little pause.
“You should sleep instead of waiting for me, baby.”
“I couldn’t.”
“Yeah?” he voices, kissing his way from your shoulder to your cheek. “Couldn’t sleep without me?”
It’s not the first time you hum and waste your night away, exhausted beyond imagination, but never reaching the ultimate state of calmness until you’re wrapped in his arms. It’s a habit you shouldn’t grow used to – not now that the due date sneaks closer.
You need rest and energy at all times; but Taehyung can’t deny that your need for his presence lights his heart up like a Christmas tree.
“I’m…” you begin, turning to lay on your back before you look into his sparkling eyes, “really nervous.”
“Well, it’s just. I’ve never bore a child before.”
You state the painfully obvious. But Taehyung is not here to ridicule your fears. He's here to make you feel less alone.
“Hmmm.” He hums, his lips still kissing your tender skin and the fabric of your shirt. “I’m nervous, too.”
With the literal extra weight you carry, you almost forgot that Taehyung is part of this whole process, too – you reckon with the added stress at work and him doing errands all around, you didn’t quite realise that his thoughts were circling around labour, too.
He always remains calm around you. Excited, yes, but never in visible fear; or like he’s not sane enough to guide you through hardships.
Or maybe, he’s just holding himself together for you whenever you can’t.
“I’m kinda scared I might miss it,” he elaborates, biting the inside of his cheeks, “I sometimes dream of you in labour and I just, I don’t know. Don’t want you to be in this much pain.”
You smile into the darkness. His hopes are endearing; albeit unrealistic, they harbour love and empathy. You trace the veins of his hand that still rubs your clothed tummy tenderly, and with drooping eyes, you say, “There’ll be plenty of this. We can’t really avoid that.”
“Yeah, I just… wish I could take some of it.”
“You already are.”
His fingers halt on your tummy and retract, and he pushes his hands under his head as he looks at you and asks, “Back when… when I came back and you told me about this… did you think I was gonna resent you?”
Back then… not more than four months ago.
When you’d still spend nights in your room alone, the mattress growing cold on the other side; the overload of hormones toyed with your already overthinking mind. And right when you felt your nerves bursting, numbing your brain and your body, he came back to you with red-rimmed eyes and a crushing bang.
He’s told you how he felt in the time apart – how dull and grey his days had become and how his brother Namjoon had put his heart back in place again.
You regret the juvenile naivety now; hate that you didn’t communicate earlier – but with time, you’ve learnt to let the rope of your past let go eventually. It doesn’t do letting your palms bleed like that.
“We had a rough time,” you begin quietly, swallowing the slowly emerging knot of nostalgic sadness, “you had never told me before that you were in love with me, but I always knew you had a soft spot for me of some sorts. And I don’t know… part of me was sure you’d support me.”
You shift closer to his body, turning your head to look at him. The breath escaping between his divided lips warms your skin from only inches away, and you clear his forehead from the stray hair strands before you continue, “But the other part thought I’d have to deal with this alone. We’re young. And you were busy, and I…”
“I was so in fucking love with you,” he cuts in, digits wrapping around your wrist to pull it to where his heart beats. “When you told me, I was over the moon and it just… put things into perspective more.”
“Like what?”
“Like. I got this ultimate proof for wanting to stay with you. And you were crying and overwhelmed, and so scared, and… the voice in my head just screamed that no, I can’t ever leave this woman behind, no matter what the hell happens.”
You listen intently, but you don’t realise the goofy, smitten grin on your face until he shoots you a look almost apologetic. As if he’s sorry for igniting those familiar, seething sparks in your heart.
“We’re so…” you begin, scouring your thoughts for the right word, “sappy today.”
“The situation makes me weak, okay?” Taehyung defends, a jovial laugh breaking the quiet serenity lingering between you. “And thinking back. I missed you. Like crazy.”
“I know.”
His palm comes to a rest behind your ear, tugging you closer until his lips ghost right at the sharp corner of your mouth. He stops the steady knocking of your heart for a brief, silent moment, and when he speaks again, his voice sounds changed; vulnerable, unguarded and so, so frail.
“You’ll be okay, right?”
Giving him a sanguine nod, you gather all hope and optimism in your voice, and tell him, “I’ll be okay. For all of us.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung worships the ground you walk on every waking second of his life.
You turn the often miserable earthly existence into heaven; like your home isn’t your home, but a cloud that refuses to dissolve. Like you’re the compass leading him to an eternally blissful life. A symphony’s rhythm to which his beaming heart beats.
Whenever he isn’t working, he’s floating around you, reading your every wish from your lips before you can utter it; and he’s proud of it. Thinks that he’ll never do less for you than he does now.
Except, when the big, glorious day finally arrives and he gets a call right after a tiring meeting. You rushed to labour, Candy says. As the only available acquaintance, she drove you over, panicked and nervous, watching you squirm and pant on the passenger’s seat without Taehyung by your side.
“But she wasn’t supposed to deliver before next week!” Taehyung exclaims, his voice trembling, a heavy knot growing thicker in his throat.
“Well, the doctor's predictions aren’t always one hundred percent! Just… get your ass over here!”
Candy’s words are decisive but gentle; despite his absence, he’s still a working man. Trying his hardest to provide for you and the little family you’ll soon be, and no one can blame him for living through the current of life.
Which doesn’t stop Taehyung from hyperventilating anyway.
Hurrying to the hospital, a thin sheen of sweat coats his forehead, and he clutches the steering wheel, uttering curses, watching his knuckles pale.
He imagined it’d be him taking you to the hospital, giving you reassurances and hugging your fears away. But how are you now? Taehyung wishes he could tell from his carseat, the beat of his heart rapid and wild as he prays for you to be okay.
As he enters the hallway after two wrong turns, Candy’s already standing in front of the room you must be in; her hands are folded in front of her, her head tilted as she watches the door like she’s guarding you.
Taehyung doesn’t bother to throw any kind greeting at her, feet rushing to her before he places a hand on her shoulder and asks, “Am I too late?”
Candy shakes her head, her eyebrows shooting up as she takes in her friend’s nervous countenance. His forehead is wrinkled, lips turned downwards, his eyes glassy and the tears close to escaping. Has she ever seen him this emotionally weak before?
It’s funny what you’re able to ignite in him.
“You’re not too late.”
At her words, at least an ounce of the weight falls off his shoulder, and he sighs before he adds, “Is my daughter okay? Is Swan okay?!”
With a nod, Candy shakes off his hand from her shoulder, gripping his biceps instead as she tells him gently, “They’re okay. But she’s tired… cried a lot, and she’s stopped, but. The pain comes and goes in waves.”
“Really?” Taehyung questions with agony in his voice.
But Candy rubs his arms soothingly, assuring him, “It’s childbirth, Tae. It’s normal. She’s probably close to delivering, so go in and be with her, yeah?”
She doesn’t need to tell him twice.
With two big steps, he’s opened the door and taken you in. Your eyes are closed and your breathing is steady; some of your hair strands are glued to your forehead, and your hand rests on your stomach so peacefully that you look like you’re sleeping.
But when the doctors ask him questions, making sure that he’s not an intruder but the father of your child, your eyelids snap open. He’s talking to them, but his focus remains on you – furrowed eyebrows, the crease carved between them dripping with worry.
“Hey, handsome,” you greet with a tender smile, your voice drained, your sigh heavy, “didn’t think you’d make it today.”
Taehyung steps to the bed and plummets onto the chair next to you with a smile so fond and tender that you feel your muscles liquify. Even in his fear, he’s the prettiest existence you’ve ever laid eyes on.
Thick eyebrows, moles smiling at you, dark hair parted in the middle and pupils housing an ocean of galaxies. You hope your child carries the same stars in her orbs as he does.
“You’re crazy to think that,” Taehyung remarks. His voice is still a mumble, shaking with the first hints of approaching sobs. “I’m here, baby.”
He didn’t think there was any state left he needed to see you in to melt. If he loved you before, the feelings bubbling in his overwhelmed heart now are too much, truly showing him what being alive and a human being means. You’re more than his vulnerable soul can take – more than he deserves.
Grabbing the hand resting on your stomach, he brings it to his rosy lips, kissing each and every knuckle before he places your palm flat against his cheek. You watch him in silence, grimacing when the pain comes crawling back again slowly.
“How was work?” you ask casually, looking at his calming smile.
“Boring,” he answers, baffled that you can still think about anything else but your pain; about him. “Missed you.”
“Are you gonna act like it’s a surprise?”
“I’m… well, you have a lot of… meetings, right?”
In the silence of the room that only your conversation breaks, third and fourth voices mingle, and Taehyung overhears the doctors talk about how your cervix has already opened, and that the second stage should approach soon-ish.
Both of you have researched tons of things about childbirth. Like, that it takes at least four hours for the cervix to open fully; that the time varies. That a lot of messy and ugly things are involved, followed by the most beautiful, wonderful sensation that is the beginning of a new human life.
According to when Candy texted him first, in the middle of a meeting, more than two hours must have passed.
“Meetings are boring, too, baby,” Taehyung says, shrugging his shoulders lightly, “and my Swan radar was going insane today anyway.”
You laugh at his choice of words, ready to answer with something similarly endearing and teasing before the cramps come crashing back in a sudden wave.
And that’s how the afternoon ends and the evening begins.
The pain stops being bearable and gains intensity, and he sits by your side for what feels like hours. Watching you scream, cry, whisper his name, curse the world. Begging the doctors to finally get that kid out of you, affection turning to anger, anger turning back to affection.
It’s both worrying and hilarious, and Taehyung doesn’t know if he wants to keep grinning at you or burst into tears at your misery. But he’s here. Holding your hand all the time. Whispers sweet promises to you, kisses your forehead and your fingers.
“Tell them to give me something!” you cry at one point, close to the descent of your child; you think you might explode. “A pain killer or whatever, Tae, fucking please.”
The nurse addresses you by your last name, sitting between your spread legs before she pats your ankles and says, “It’s normal, love. And it’s gonna stop soon, you’re almost there.”
It takes another hour and some more curses until things finally start to happen. Candy enters the room with excitement buzzing in her body; enduring the long hours feels easier with them by your side.
You wish your or Taehyung’s parents were here, too. Who would’ve thought that this affair would happen so suddenly, in the middle of the day?
The sun sets all too soon, and you feel exhaustion flood your body. When the process reaches its peak, constant reassurances and ”Push, keep pushing!” are thrown into the room, and your yelling numbs Taehyung’s ears before… it’s over.
A high-pitched cry sounds beautifully, a new voice filling the room as you slump back into the delivery chair and attempt to steady your breathing.
Taehyung doesn’t notice he’s closed his watering eyes until he opens them, and suddenly, the sight combined with the sound of a newborn child dizzies his mind. It’s happening. It’s actually happened.
Even after nine months, the moment doesn’t feel real.
From afar, he watches the nurses clean the tiny girl carefully; words have dissipated into thin air, the ability to form sentences long vanished. He’s silent, speechless – his hand still clutches yours, your breathing still registering in his mind.
But shit.
Does every father feel enchanted in a moment like this?
Is that what he anticipated before, too? No way. This feels new. Indescribable. Like a spell.
And then, the nurse holding your child is done, cooing at the baby in her arms before she locks eyes with you. Your gaze darts between your daughter and Taehyung, and you shoot him a comforting smile as you ask him, “All good, babe?”
It should be him asking you that. But he’s still unable to utter words just yet; seems like he’s alone with the struggle, because from the other side of you, Candy chirps, “She’s talking to you, friend.”
He silences again once you take your baby onto you thankfully, your arms wrapping around her perfectly, pulling her against your chest. Immediate tears trail down your cheeks and onto the hospital gown, and you sway your baby feather-lightly as you whisper, “Look at the way her tongue is sticking out, Tae.”
Your tender voice is dipped in endless love and disbelief, quivering and drowning in your sobs before you look at him and… find him crying just as much.
It’s a fest of tears, you realise, because even on your right side, Candy is muffling her sounds with her palms. She’s sniffling, leaning forward, elbows resting on the chair next to your body. You nudge her limbs with your elbow, nodding as you say, “Hey. What’s up?”
“Just,” Candy says, wiping her tears that don’t stop anyway. “Just happy.”
“Me too.”
Taehyung gulps, shifting closer; almost like a child peeking at something curiously. His eyes are blown wide, glittering, his lips apart and eyebrows raised. And you sniffle once more, gesturing for him to come closer before you voice, “Here.”
“Do you…” he starts, licking his lips as he pulls his flesh and blood into his arms. “Do you remember what we wanted to call her?”
You nod, rubbing your eyes and tilting your head in the way he loves the most. “Of course I do.”
“Do you still want to?”
“Yeah… yeah, I’d love to.”
“Elegant and beautiful. It suits her, right?” he murmurs, exhaling deeply. “Ara.”
His mind is fog shrouded, eyes blinking and focusing on the way the big eyes are looking at him; so, so huge on the miniscule face. Her pupils stare back at him like two moons; innocent and calm, the cries having subsided as she takes in the expression and warmth of her father.
She doesn’t know he’s ready to die for her. Give up everything, hold her just like this, now and forevermore; she doesn’t know just yet, but he feels it with a burning intensity of a thousand suns.
And that’s what she is.
Because as he takes her small hand into his enormous hand, he can’t help but compare her to the star. She reminds him of radiance; pretty lights brightening the world. If he thought he could never love anyone as much as he loves you, he was mistaken.
You’re already drifting; tremendously exhausted. The hand that you placed on his thigh begins slipping slowly, enchanted by the way he looks at her. The way she looks at him. As though her lips-smacking, squinting, wiggling self senses that she’s safe, loved and protected.
But you don’t break until he speaks again, whispering, “She’s so tiny.”
Your heart shatters in the most wonderful way you can imagine; just a few years ago – or heck, even one year ago – you didn’t think you’d ever walk this path with him. You couldn’t say where your fuck buddy affair would lead; some pieces of you were sure you’d break things between him and you and return to normal life. Drift apart.
Only, life without him isn’t normal. Life without him has never been the route to take, never the future you desired.
You love him with the power of every naturesque phenomenon known to humanity. A supernova. A hurricane. A thunderstorm. Lightning, fire, gravity. He pulls you in… never pushes you away.
“She is,” you voice as the hammering of your heart gives way to a gentle beat. “She is, right?”
Then, you start dozing off. The last thing you feel is his kiss on your forehead, words whispered to you that you decipher as, “I love you so much, so, so freaking much, baby.”
And to the song of his voice, the blanket of sleep wraps around your consciousness eventually.
Tumblr media
The musical piece your life was during your pregnancy and days after birth turns into a gloomy symphony akin to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
Things should be good. They’re supposed to be good. And, somewhere, they are.
Euphoria is real; the love you feel for Taehyung and Ara is real – he plays and laughs with her when you’re too busy or exhausted. And the first few weeks pass with you basking in enthusiasm and happiness; there’s no joy greater than yours, you believe.
But then, things begin to shift.
Like you’ve walked through an invisible, paper-thin wall of sadness that has latched onto your back and refuses to let go. You don’t know where it comes from – or rather, you don’t try to make sense of it until Taehyung drives you to your doctor, a regular check up turning into a deep conversation that diagnoses you with something you didn’t even comprehend in the beginning.
Postpartum depression is what she says.
Accompanied by melancholy, exhaustion, fears and guilt. Guilt about not wanting to wake up every night to fulfil your daily duties anymore. About not wanting to hear a crying child anymore. About wishing for just one calm, peaceful day.
And your body hurts. No one told you it would hurt like this.
You don’t miss Taehyung’s worry in small gestures and words; he doesn’t ask you straightforwardly, hoping that things might settle soon. But he cooks for you; cleans for you; buys you whatever you need, takes care of you without you ever asking it from him.
He doesn’t ask – until you stop talking altogether.
On a quiet summer night, you close the door of your bathroom behind you with tired eyes, yawning into your palm before you lay down on your shared bed. Taehyung is scrolling through his phone, looking through social media when you sigh next to him.
Ara has long gone to sleep, and the peace and quiet at your place numbs your mind with an overwhelming calmness. Like your brain is winding down and abandoning one thought after another.
You’re ready to pass out for the night and give in to a possibly dreamless sleep. That might be ideal. But before you can drift off, Taehyung places his phone on his nightstand, shifting on the bed to lie down next to you and wrap his arm around your waist.
You groan when he pulls you closer, and furrow your eyebrows when he kisses your neck, saying, “Need sleep, babe.”
“I’m just cuddling.”
Your lack of response breaks his heart into tiny splinters. He misses when you joked around with him, teasing him, awaiting his return from work just to watch an animated movie and doze off on his shoulder. Nowadays, you barely look at him.
“Swan,” he calls, his hand rubbing your stomach, his hot breath falling against your cheek, “please talk to me.”
When you freeze, he pulls you closer; hides your bodies under the thin white blanket as he waits for an answer. But you merely sigh, shaking your head as you tell him, “There’s nothing to say.”
“Nothing to say to me?”
“Nothing to say at all, really.”
“Baby, I won’t be able to help you if you don’t talk to me,” Taehyung begins, slight impatience changing his conversation tone. You understand his frustration – it’s your own, too. “I know what the doctors told you… I was there. And I’m tryin’ to–”
“You don’t need to. It’s fine.”
A beat of silence.
Then, he asks, “What?”
You’re desperate; you just want to sleep. Nothing in you feels the particular urge to explain to him how hard your mind has been spiralling lately. But deep inside your core, you know that this is not what your relationship consists of – it’s about care, communication and safety. The constant secrecy and fear of revealing your thoughts to him aren’t usually part of your love.
But you’re sick of being a burden.
“If it stresses you too much, it’s fine, Tae. I can take care of myself and–”
“Do you think I’m doing this, because I feel like I have to?”
He interrupts you with irritation lacing his voice. The sudden question catches you off guard, and you press your lips into a thin line, attempting to choose your next words carefully as you argue, “I mean… it’s not like you’d want to be in this situation voluntarily.”
“No, but we are in this situation. Look at me.” His tone grows oddly authoritative, monotone but powerful. His grip around you loosens, and you grow more irate, more frustrated as you flip to your other side and meet his eyes. “We. I’m not here, ‘cause you’re forcing me, but because I want to be your anchor.”
The words he utters contrast the hardness of his voice, but with each syllable, the soft lilt returns bit by bit. Especially when he detects your damp waterline, the tears that are threatening to spill. They hold back fiercely; but then, you blink, and Taehyung follows the wet trail down your cheeks intently as you whisper, “Tae, I…”
“We’re a team, Swan,” he continues, tenderly, “don’t go silent on me.”
Whatever dam you built to keep your thoughts at bay breaks when his hand squeezes your waist, and you inhale a sharp breath as your eyes wander to his hardened jaw. He’s not suffering because of the reason you fear – but because you don’t let him be a part of those fears.
“I just… feel like I’m trapping you. You don’t deserve to feel like shit right after becoming a father. Like,” you admit, shaking your head as he listens carefully, trying to make sense of your feelings and pain, “the mother of your child shouldn’t behave like this, right?”
“Like what? Like she just went through a whole ass pregnancy? Like she pushed a baby out of her armed with nothing but pure perseverance? Hoping to get some rest? That’s just… life, baby.”
“It’s fucked up.”
The last word dies in your throat, introducing a series of uncontrolled sobs that fill the room with sudden, gut-wrenching grief. They turn Taehyung’s body to glass and shatter it with a hammer; but his focus remains on you, rushing to glue you together as his hands move upward, cradling your face as his thumbs begin wiping at your tears.
“Shhh, hey,” he coos, pulling your lips closer to his, pecking them just softly as he continues, “hey, it’s okay. I’m here and we’re okay, yeah? God, baby.”
He presses you flush against his chest, pulling the thin blanket over your bodies before his arms wrap around your trembling torso tightly. His embrace is a place of comfort, a feeling of home – despite the sadness, goosebumps arise on your skin; a sign of affection. A sign of promises that the world won’t suck forever.
“You and Ara are everything to me,” he whispers, ignoring the wet patch that spreads on his tee, “there’s nothing in this damn world that will tear you apart from me. I’m here for you, okay?”
“I’m sorry…”
“No. Tell me, okay or not?”
Your fingers dig into the hem of his shirt, fisting the material until it nearly rips. Nodding against his body, you draw a deep, shaky exhale, sniffling as you confirm, “Okay… okay.”
Taehyung’s hand soothes your back, drawing circles along your spine. With his chin resting on your head, he stares into a dark spot in the darkness before he lets his eyes shut, pressing a barely there kiss against your scalp as he realises – this won’t do.
Tumblr media
When Taehyung asks Namjoon and Princess to babysit Ara for just a day, for just a few hours, please, he doesn’t expect them to give in this fast.
He’s well aware how much the pair adores their niece, but he anticipated a firm no right away, reckoning that they’d be busy spending their Saturday evening somewhere else, doing literally anything else. But the enthusiasm that spreads across their features lights up Taehyung’s heart, endlessly grateful for the readiness with which his brother and his girl crowd Ara’s space.
You’re half worried they might doze off while babysitting your baby – it took a good amount of arguing for Taehyung to finally pull you out of your bedroom and convince you to leave Ara in someone else’s care. Even if just for a day.
“Get the hell outta my house now,” Namjoon jokes, waving his hand into the couple’s direction as he shields Ara in his buff arms.
He hides her from your sight, but you fight his stubbornness until you’re able to steal one last kiss from your daughter. A gentle nickname and goodbye from Taehyung later, you separate from your shared flesh and blood, soon finding yourself at a place exquisite enough to post on social media, but not expensive enough to wear high heels to.
You’re happy about it – dressing up is fun, but pairing ballerina flats with a summer dress is undeniably more comfortable.
As you leaf through the menu, skimming the endless pages of semi-fancy food, you lean in amused, placing your cheeks in your palms as you say, “I miss eating unhealthy stuff at cheap stalls in between classes.”
Taehyung laughs, nearly snorting the coke he’s been drinking from. He raises an eyebrow as he wipes the remnants of the soft drink, questioning, “Greasy street food made you hella tired in classes, though.”
“It was totally worth it, you gotta admit that!”
Taehyung shrugs, clicking his tongue as he leans back. Thinking about a time when you used to accompany him to music shops and listen as he played the piano… was that just a few years ago? The same lifespan he’s living now?
Blinking softly, he regards your smile carefully. There’s no doubt that he hasn’t been reborn just yet – life might have changed, but you’re the same. The kind friend he used to confide in, fierce at times but infinitely soft nevertheless.
Not a soul who basked in your existence dared to speak ill of you – there was no one Taehyung knew who handled life so tenderly, so humbly.
“Wanna go again sometime?” he queries, delighted when an immediate sparkle shimmers in your expanding pupils.
“I’d love to,” you answer, flashing him a toothy grin, “I loved spending that time with you.”
With a roll of his eyes, Taehyung’s foot hits yours under the table gently, fingers drumming against the table as he remembers, “As if. You always asked Namjoon, Hobi or Candy to accompany us. Genuinely, I thought you didn’t like being with me alone.”
“No, I just…” you begin, staring at the still liquid in your glass, “you just intimidated me.”
“I intimidated you?” Taehyung spits, eyes blowing wide. He doesn’t remember ever being anything but gentle with you.
The affection he showered you in, the laughs and jokes and late afternoons spent under bleachers. He’d trade pokémon cards with you when you were still teenagers, mock everyone who didn’t understand your Chopin references.
You can’t count on two hands how often he draped his jacket over your shoulders on rainy nights, can’t recall the number of days he pulled you into his chest; telling you life would get better – that your failures would affect you just temporarily.
He intimidated you?
“After high school, too? We were best friends,” Taehyung argues, pouting in offence as he watches your expressions change.
You didn’t want to worry him – in fact, you were attempting to build up to a joke instead; one that you finally reveal when you avert his gaze and confess, “Yeah, but… sometimes I felt like sucking your dick and it intimidated me.”
Taehyung lets out an unexpected laugh that has a head or two turning to him, but he muffles the sound when he presses the back of his hand against his mouth, asking, “Is that so?” With the sight of you nibbling your lower lip, joy bubbles in his guts; and he knows that he’d adorn every cell of your face with a tender kiss, if the both of you weren’t here right now. “What a glorious way to admit that you’ve always been in love with me.”
“Wish I could say no. You were always too charming for your own good,” you tell him, your voice losing its strength and replacing it with timid emotions instead, “every girl used to stare at you like you were some deity at the stupid campus.”
“I mean…”
“Anyway,” you interrupt, and he chuckles, closing his mouth as he listens with a smile, “guess you didn’t feel all that different. You did fuck me right when I admitted to you that I wanted you like that.”
“Well, yeah,” Taehyung remarks casually, shrugging again, “not gonna deny that I always found you smoking hot.”
“Didn’t think you’d ever fall in love with me, though, huh?”
It’s supposed to be a joke – you’re only half expecting an answer, your eyes travelling to the golden lights on the ceiling of the restaurant. You miss the way he smiles at you, appreciating your attempt at comedy; and you fall silent, your heart stilling for a moment when he says, “I actually did.”
You’re flustered. Even after all this time together, his effect on you refuses to waver.
A large hand sneaks its way to yours, entangling with your fingers before you admit, “Never thought we’d produce someone so beautiful one day. As much as I wanted it… didn’t think it’d be you.”
You’re lucky. You’re so incredibly lucky.
“The best faux-pas ever.”
His free hands lift into the air, and you giggle when you high five his palm. You don’t think you’ve felt this free, rested and relaxed in a long time. It’s refreshing.
“Speaking of…” you begin, tapping the screen of your phone before it lights up, “I should call Princess.”
“I’m worried.”
“Why?” Taehyung asks, squeezing your hand once. “It’s okay to worry, baby, but… you need to trust people, too. I know the distance is fucking scary, but Princess and Joon adore Ara to bits… and she loves them just as much. They’d call if something was up.”
For a moment, you consider blending out his assurances and giving in to your fears and overprotective instincts. And upon reading you like the open book you’ve become to him avidly, he adds, “Does it really stress you that much?”
You want to wave him off and say that it’s okay. You’ll survive. But when you don’t find the strength to lie, you gulp, slowly nodding. And Taehyung, ever the perfect partner, fishes out his phone with a deep sigh, repeating your name thrice with feigned annoyance and a beaming smile.
Your worries might be toying with your mind, but they display your love as a mother so clearly. He can’t help but find you endearing.
With a few taps, his phone rings, and he turns it so you can see the display right before Namjoon picks up. The angle allows a peek at his chin and his jaw, but when he fixes it, he smiles at you, greeting with a cheerful, “You’re not coming back already, right?”
“I– why?”
“Because you’re not allowed to. We’re watching TV.”
You stare back and forth between Taehyung and your almost-brother-in-law, amusement lacing your voice as you ask, “Are you trying to gatekeep my daughter, mister?”
“And if I am?”
He doesn’t say much more before the camera shifts to your baby; her gaze is focused, her little fingers curled into fists. Her lips are parted in concentration, and her big eyes don’t break from the TV until she hears you call her name.
Taehyung leans in, occupying most of the screen and hiding you in the background, and when Ara detects him, she gasps in surprise. Her eyes trail past the screen to where you reckon Namjoon stands, and Princess’s hand holds Ara’s tummy, so she doesn’t topple off the couch.
Because she’s excited. Laughing at her father, hands reaching for the phone.
“Hi, sweetheart,” he chimes, his ears turning red as they always do when he interacts with her, “are we having a good time, hmm?”
And then, she grabs the phone and presses it against her ear, mumbling a faint word that she picked up fairly early for being just close to one year old.
“Hello! What’s up, little one?” Taehyung laughs, and she lets the phone fall in surprise, clearly not expecting the volume with which his voice intrudes her ear.
You’re incredibly thankful that she doesn’t resist other people’s company – you know a dozen babies who won’t even look your way and cling to their parents. Not Ara.
You watch for a moment as she retracts into Princess’s lap in laughter, mimicking your joy before you see Namjoon’s face again and he orders, “Just enjoy yourself. We’re all good here. Watching Sesame Street and drawing some.”
With a few lovely words of goodbyes, the line falls dead, and you take a breather as Taehyung asks, “Feeling better?”
“Yeah. Thank you.”
“Anything for you.” He tilts his head, kneading your hand one more time before you indulge in dinner and return to calm conversations. And when the meal is over and your plates empty, he suggests, “Okay. No time to waste – let’s go somewhere, yes?”
You try with a question – and he dodges it at the speed of light. The mystery in his dark eyes and the mischievous smirk reveal within a fleeting moment that wherever he’s taking you is nowhere you might expect.
Tumblr media
When Taehyung pulls into the parking lot of the orchestra slash opera hall you work at, you’re confused.
Does he want you to relive stressful moments and return to the place you’re trying to take a break from? It’s not that you don’t enjoy your job – it’s everything and more you ever expected, the dream that kept you pulled into sleep as your graduation approached.
But no one wants to spend a weekend at their workplace. So he better have a good reason.
“Just trust me and wait, okay?” Taehyung tells you, patting your back before he slithers his hand into yours and pulls you towards the entrance.
You laugh with a crease between your eyebrows, your dress fluttering in the soft evening breeze; and when you enter the hall, you shiver. It’s colder inside than out, the sheer volume of the hall even more overwhelming when it’s empty.
You’ve always admired the structure and architecture of the place; it’s sovereign and elegant, reminiscent of a time period when corsets trended and operas peaked. You could never grow tired of the sight.
But it looks different today.
Every golden light shimmers, drenching the room in dainty sepia hues. The rows of red seats stretch endlessly, and the ceiling shines onto you like the sun; decorated with ornaments too small and detailed to make out from where you stand.
The silence and magnitude of the hall don’t fill you with nervousness today. You don’t imagine the audience staring up at you, awaiting your part or your solo or your contribution to whatever piece your team might perform.
Tonight, you watch the beauty and glory with parted lips before you shift your attention to Taehyung’s gleam. He looks happy; you’re not even sure what you’re doing here, but he seems proud and satisfied with your reaction already.
Puppy eyes stare back at him – as though you’re here for the very first time.
“Are you serious…?” you ask, stepping closer to his body, seeking solace and closeness.
“Do I look like I’m kidding, baby?”
He smiles before he brings your hand to his lips, planting a tender kiss against your skin before he speaks on, “It didn’t take much to convince them to empty the hall for tonight. Care for some music?”
He leads you to the tremendous stage, taking slow steps up the few stairs; but you’re enamoured by the surprise, still baffled as to where you’ve suddenly landed. Letting your hand go, he sprints behind the stage, and within half a minute, the lights are dimmed, soft music escaping the speakers above before he emerges from behind the curtains again.
And when you finally find the strength to speak again, you question, “Wait… you really. Really?”
“I really did.”
“Is that…”
“Waltz of the flowers. Tchaikovsky for my beautiful, little swan.”
You think you might tear up. You don’t know what you expected, but an outing this sweet and thoughtful, with him, would’ve never appeared in your wildest dreams.
The stage belongs to you, and you’re the Clara to his Nutcracker, ready to unveil every secret and every tiny thought floating in his mind. Dedicated to you, to your heart, to your whole being and what you mean to him.
This much. You mean this much to him.
Teary eyed, you look at his lax figure approaching yours, hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans as he stands a few feet from you. His hair shines in the light of the room, and he appears like a picturesque angel in the spotlight. You might be a musician, but you feel like an actress playing the main character in the most beautiful of romances.
“Are you gonna play Swan Lake?” you ask, sniffling with a laugh.
Taehyung hesitates, pressing his lips together before he flashes a boxy grin and says, “...No.”
And it’s exactly then that the music suddenly changes – you don’t know which rendition of Tchaikovsky’s piece he chose, but it’s over before you can blink. Instead, a lovely melody follows that you can’t categorise. You don’t think you’ve heard it before; a piano piece that you love anyway, because Taehyung understands your taste in music like no one else.
“No, but seriously,” he mutters, inching closer, “Swan Lake is too gloomy.”
You titter, and your joy only increases when he suddenly bows, stretching his hand towards you before his deep baritone offers, “May I have this dance, Ma’am?”
The happiness engulfing your chest threatens to burst in the form of never-ending tears, but you gulp down the physical effect of euphoria as you place your hand in his palm. He pulls you in and holds you close; his breath mingles with yours as your eyes fixate on the mole on his lips.
“It’s been some time,” you tell him, reminding him of the days when you were pregnant and freshly in love, dancing away the nights until dawn broke in. 
“It has been, hasn’t it?”
He twirls you around before you land in his firm grip again, and his fingers travel to the small of your back as he indulges in the laughter that echoes through the hall. You nearly fall and stumble, rounding the entire stage before you land in the middle of it again. There’s no one to watch or to judge – just you, lost and drowning in love.
And when the highlight of the song passes and the tunes of the piano grow even softer, the keys of it tapped lightly, your movements slow, too. You stare back into the ocean of affection that’s swimming in his eyes; and as he snaps out of his own stupor, he tells you, “You look beautiful tonight, by the way.”
You look at the white shirt that hugs his body, its sleeves rolled up; take in the dark jeans, the dark hair parted at the side and locks of it falling into his eyes. He’s dressed in such a mundane way, but looks so heavenly.
“So do you.” Your lips curl upwards when he presses his mouth against your forehead for a small moment, and when he looks at you again, you say, “I needed this… I really… thank you, Tae.”
“Swan,” he begins, tilting his head as his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips and back. “I’ll take you to the biggest stage and to every hall on Broadway if I need to. I just… just need you to be happy.”
When he finishes his sentence this time, you don’t hold back your tears anymore. Let them flow, let the music and his words touch your innermost parts. Love is a sensation so phenomenal, so crazy that you think it might be a miraculous dream.
Taehyung has always shown you how beautiful life can be, even when the rollercoaster ride descends from time to time.
He lifts your chin, gazing into the depths of your eyes. Your heart beats in a different rhythm than the song chiming from the speakers. The hall resembles the whole wide world, but you’re in here alone.
Spinning around each other.
You orbit him. He gravitates towards you.
And he makes sure to let you know; shifts closer, the tips of your noses touching. He gulps, full lips brushing yours, eyes closing – and then, whispers, “I’m so in love with you.”
“And I love you,” you respond in kind; and before you’ve let out the last syllable, he’s pressed his mouth against yours, moving it slowly.
Three words, and he could keep hearing them all his life – your voice is a silky, smooth melody, a symphony so balanced and soothing that he wonders–
Is every song about you or are you the song yourself?
Tumblr media
You realise that struggles are indeed just a temporary phenomenon when you get to spend a life with Taehyung.
No matter the issues, you fight through them and pass the tests life throws at you with flying colours. Despite occasional judgemental gazes and random questions about your relationship, you manage to dodge any and all kinds of guilt that tries to sneak its way into your being.
Because you feel comfortable in your relationship – no matter whether a ring adorns your finger or not. You live together anyway – share a life, share a heart, focused on each other and your growing daughter; the memories you make with him don’t require a certain title or status.
Which… doesn’t mean that you don’t bawl your eyes out once Taehyung does propose.
As Taehyung’s nerves go haywire, fingers fiddling with the buttons of his suit, hair slicked back as he waits in a room for the event to start, Jungkook places a comforting hand on his shoulder. The men don’t know where Hoseok and Namjoon have disappeared; apparently dealing with something band and cake related.
They want the wedding to be perfect. But with the knowledge in mind that Taehyung might break a piece of furniture or two, they sent Jungkook to calm the groom.
“As far as I remember, you were ridiculously nervous the day you proposed, too. I believe you can do it, bro.”
But in the end… it’s not Jungkook talking Taehyung out of his stress, but the memory of the mentioned day that relieves his tension just a bit.
Tumblr media
Back then, Taehyung had nearly passed out at the thought of getting on one knee and finally taking your relationship a step further. As preparations advanced, he thought back to the day when he cleared his mistakes and walked to your place in the gentle drizzle.
He still remembered the tears you both had cried; still recalls when you’d told him that you were pregnant with his child; the happiness and excitement, your skin on his, the first admissions of love.
When you’d woken up tracing the colours of the rainbow on his face, and finally said yes to his semi-proposal of marrying him; the only man you loved, the only one you’d ever love.
But an actual proposal… slowly approaching. Taehyung was losing his mind.
“Tae, you guys have been engaged for over two years. The fancy ring is the only thing missing, really.”
“She calls you her fiancé when she talks about you, dude.”
“But–” He stopped mid-speech, his hand slowly coming up to his head. “Ouch.”
Candy grinned, dusting her hands off as she planted them on her hips. “You deserved that, you know?”
“So I’m aware,” Taehyung grumbled, rubbing the spot where his best friend had smacked him upside the head. “You’ve taken every single opportunity over the past two months to tell me that.”
Clearly amused but hiding her joy, Candy waved her hand in a nonchalant gesture, her lips forming a half smirk when she remarked, “Not my fault you took so long with your task. I got everything on my end done in half a day, bear.”
Taehyung glowered at the woman sitting opposite him, lower lip jutted out in a pout. “It’s not that easy to write a song for the love of your life, okay? I’d like to see you try.”
“Moving on!” Candy announced brightly, ignoring Taehyung’s light-hearted jab. “Everything’s ready for tonight, so you just bring your cute little tushy and make sure to be there early. We can do a soundcheck and everything first to calm your nerves.”
Taehyung blew out a breath of air he’d been holding in an attempt to lower his heart rate, the constant thudding against his ribcage proving to be a greater source of anxiety than he’d thought possible. 
“Hey.” A hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing it gently. “Everything’s going to be okay. Hobi will be there too. And of course, you have me!”
Candy sighed when Taehyung barely cracked a smile at her attempt to make a self-centred joke. “Hey. Look at me. Hobi and I aren’t going to let anything go wrong, okay? Seokjin and Beauty are on standby too, if you need them.”
Beauty and Seokjin had gone out of their way to take care of Ara tonight – if Taehyung messed this up, it meant he’d wasted their free evening for nothing. Oh god, he was going to shit his pants. But still, he exhaled deeply, his eyes refocusing as he said, “Okay.”
Only, that it wasn’t all that okay.
“It’s not okay, it’s not okay, it’s not okay, it’s not okay, it’s not–”
Taehyung paused in the middle of his pacing, hands frozen in his curls as he looked blankly at Candy, dressed in a black, sparkly halter dress, who was currently snapping her fingers in front of his face to get his attention.
“So the musicians got sick and couldn’t make it. Big fucking deal, bear! You can play the guitar, can’t you? I can still sight read some piano basics. I’ll take over the piano.”
“But Candy, the drummer–,” Taehyung protested, eyes glistening with unshed tears.
“You really think I didn’t prepare for this? I got Hobi to practise the rhythm of the drums. Those are the main instruments you need, right? We still have a few hours. Let’s give it a try.”
Taehyung, doubt still lingering in his eyes, nodded uncertainly. It wasn’t like he had a better plan.
The first few rounds left much to be desired, with Hoseok getting confused over which parts of the drums to hit and with how much force, Taehyung fumbling and forgetting to sing and play at the same time, and Candy getting her octaves wrong, but two hours of practice made a noticeable difference.
“Okay Tete, I gotta check with the manager to see if the waitstaff knows what to do and when, so I don’t have time to practise any more. Go take a break, I promise everything will be okay.”
With a smile, Candy got up from the piano bench, pushing back her shoulders to stretch them, and walked off the restaurant’s stage, her heels click-clacking across the marble. Taehyung smiled at the sound, remembering the way the same pair of shoes had once stalked across the deck of Jungkook’s 23rd birthday yacht, albeit much angrier back then.
Taehyung took a deep breath, puffing up his cheeks and folding in on himself as he rocked back and forth worriedly on the stool. 
“Taehyung,” Hoseok’s voice sounded from behind him. “It’s going to be okay. Trust Candy. She’s a micromanager and she won’t let anything go wrong. She has backup plans for backup plans which also have backup plans.”
The two men let out twin giggles at Candy’s bad habit before clamping a hand over their mouths, hoping the woman in question hadn’t overheard them. Perhaps it was a poor idea to be talking near a microphone.
Moving away from the inadvertent amplifier of secrets, Hoseok jabbed his thumb at the balcony, cocking his head. Taehyung nodded, letting a relieved smile overtake his lips. It’d been getting too stuffy indoors, or maybe that was just his nerves.
Now that the main event was less than an hour away, he was even more of a nervous wreck than he’d been when the musicians had called in sick. His feet were sweating, his hands were sticky, the back of his dress shirt was probably translucent at this point, and he was perspiring in places he didn’t even know had sweat glands.
Taehyung let the crisp evening air caress every inch of bare skin not covered by his outfit, closing his eyes and letting the feeling wash over him.
“Hoseok,” he began, not bothering to open his eyes. “Do you think it’s dumb that I’m worrying so much?”
“Absolutely not,” came a firm reply. “You’re worried because you love Swan that much. I feel the same way about Candy.”
It was a simple answer, but the candour relieved Taehyung of many of his burdens. There was no need to read between the lines, no flowery language. It was a statement and reassurance all at the same time, and Taehyung was happy to hear it.
The two men stayed outside for a while, until a rapid knocking on the glass door behind them alerted them to the time.
“Showtime?” Hoseok asked, offering an arm.
“Showtime,” Taehyung said back, walking closer to the older man.
Hoseok wrapped an arm around Taehyung’s shoulders and patted them in a show of silent support before pushing him ahead, sending a silent prayer to whatever Gods existed that tonight would go off without a hitch. 
“For both Taehyung and Candy’s sake,” he added as an afterthought.
When you arrived, you were confused, to say the least.
Confused when Seokjin and Beauty showed up at your doorstep, offering to babysit, saying that Candy and Hoseok had had some kind of last minute emergency and couldn’t make it. Confused when you saw said couple at a restaurant, darting around like a couple of nervous lizards.
Less confused when Taehyung greeted you with a gentle kiss on the cheek. Very confused when he smelled like sweat mixed with his favourite cologne. Less confused during dinner. So confused that you couldn’t begin to explain why you were confused when Taehyung mumbled something about needing the restroom before showing up on the restaurant stage, accompanied by Candy and Hoseok.
And then… all the confusion disappeared when Taehyung’s low register began to echo throughout the restaurant, each word he sang like a neatly wrapped love letter.
“In this moment I see you. It always comes around as I believed.” You didn’t know when he’d composed the song – didn’t know how you could miss his endless nights working on it. But when he continued, you took in every single word he chimed. “When the rain stops, you shine on me. Your light’s the only thing that keeps the cold out.”
You watched as Taehyung paused. His fingers shaking in the air above the guitar strings, he smiled uneasily at you, the nerves back in full force. “I love you,” you mouthed with a teary smile of your own.
Taehyung’s eyes lit up and he began to strum again, his melodious voice echoing sweetly throughout the silent restaurant again, its patrons equally as entranced by the beautiful man on stage.
“And I’ll tell you a million little reasons. I’m falling for your eyes… I just want to be where you are.”
He sang about not understanding you at times – sang about life bringing him always back to you. He sang the melodies into your heart and accelerated its beat, and your guts caught fire at the same time as your eyes watered. The firm Earth underneath your feet shifted and the air grew beautifully suffocating.
Every element combined, and he controlled all of them.
The first few notes of a keyboard piano echoed after a brief pause. You looked to the source of the music and met Candy’s mischievous gaze complete with a wink. Just wait and see, she seemed to say with her gaze. You returned her smile, watching the way her fingers glided gracefully across the keys before turning your attention back to Taehyung.
“Do you know? There’s a side of you that only I know… like the first snow on a summer night, you are an unbelievable miracle, a surprising moment.”
A miracle. A surprise. A marvellous wonder; was he singing about you or himself?
Another longer pause.
You looked at your best friends in uncertainty, wondering if it was meant to be an abrupt end. And then they began to play again, this time with Hoseok chiming in on the drums. It was a soft sound, one that could easily sound crass and unpolished, but Hoseok made it appear elegant, a gentle smile that hid a thousand secrets playing its own melody on his lips.
You had both your hands pressed to your mouth by the time Taehyung sang the final words, tears streaming down your face as your shoulders shook with the effort of staying quiet.
Taehyung stood slowly, never taking his eyes off you, strode to the edge of the stage, walked down the few steps, and sank to one knee in front of the light guiding him through life, pulling out a large, black velvet box.
“Swan… I’m really not good with words, but I wanted to give you the proposal you deserved. You’re my best friend, and the time we spent apart back then really put things in perspective for me.”
You were blinking at him, wiping at your cheeks before you noticed the smudge of smeared make-up on your thumb. You didn’t think the tears would subside anytime soon. Happiness had never felt this celestial before.
“You’re my endgame, you’re it for me, and you’re the one I want to be tied down forever. I know we did things a bit backwards, but with you, it all feels so right.” He paused, took in your expression and the way you worried your lips. And then, he popped the question. “So… if you haven’t changed your mind…will you still marry me?”
A brief silence followed Taehyung’s rushed words, not sounding like he’d practised for hours, writing and rewriting his proposal, even though he most definitely had. Before long, however, you eliminated the tension by breaking out into a loud sob, launching yourself off your chair and into his arms, holding him as close as you could. 
“Yes, yes! A thousand times yes, of-freaking-course, I’ll marry you!”
Your and Taehyung’s lips met in a tear soaked kiss, both of you crying tears of happiness as the patrons around you and your friends on stage clapped happily for you. The beginning of your happily ever after started now.
Tumblr media
And the deal of this happily ever after would seal today.
Taehyung has prepared his vows and made sure everything goes perfectly; there’s no way in heaven or hell that this day will go down the drain. But the rapid beating of his heart doesn’t calm down – not when he slips into his suit jacket. Not when he waits at the altar, drawing deep breaths.
Especially not when you finally show up, drenched in the spring sun as you stroll between the rows of guests. You don’t recall whose idea the open wedding was, but when you look at him from afar, your knees nearly buckle – because the scene, flowery, sunny and serene, must have popped out of a fairytale.
Is this the man you’re marrying? A being of heaven, descended just to be yours for an eternity? Who up above allowed him to steal your breaths like this?
You flash him a frisky smile, resisting the urge to wave as though you’re meeting him for a date to the museum. Instead, you wink before averting your gaze, fixing it on your three-old-daughter instead who follows your steps slowly. She’s carrying a basket around her wrist and a small, chubby hand throws flowers to the ground.
She thinks she’s reaching far above, showering you and everyone around you in the soft petals; but in truth, she’s merely jumping in place and covering the grass underneath your feet in roses and pink dahlias.
“There they are,” Taehyung breathes, his eyes darting between you and Ara.
Her actions make him chuckle, and once she detects him, she grins back, a full set of teeth blinding him before she waves in your stead. Taehyung’s large palm imitates her gesture kindly, and the picture of his daughter enjoying her own parents’ wedding fills him with strange warmth. Distracts him for a small moment.
And then, you finally step in front of him, hiding the tremble of your body as you gulp and greet, “Hi, you.”
“Hey, there,” Taehyung chuckles, folding his hands tighter to not reach out and pull you into him right there and then. “You look beautiful.”
“Thanks. But you’re prettier.”
“Wanna bet?”
“Guys,” Candy’s voice sounds from behind you, scolding you through gritted teeth, “you know where you are right now, right?”
Taehyung and you both laugh through your embarrassment, and it seems that the audience in the first row has heard, too, because they join in gleefully. It takes a moment for the guests and you to fall out of laughter, and you straighten your stance as your eyes flick back to him and the ceremony begins.
His eyes remain dreamy, unblinking, and he takes in every little spot on your face carefully. To say his heart is bursting out of his chest is an understatement if he’s ever uttered one. The words spoken fade into the background, with your breathing becoming the main attraction at this place.
The way you hold his stare. The slow fall and rise of your chest. Your painted lips smiling, the shimmer in your eyes glittering more with the sun rays hitting you just right.
When it’s your turn to speak your vows, you almost whisper them – forgetting that a hundred guests and more are listening, leaning in to take in your words better. But much as on the opera stage years ago, the world vanishes and puts its spotlight on him and you.
Nothing exists, and nothing matters, except the little existence clutching your dress; interrupting the ceremony with questions here and there. Her excited, high voice sounds through the place, eliciting a few giggles from the audience; Ara looks at them carefully, nearly shyly.
She doesn’t understand what exactly is happening; just that “Mommy and Daddy are gonna knot the tie!”
You’re here to tie the knot, of course. But for your baby, you’ll knot whatever ties she wants.
Her error makes you laugh, which makes her laugh, which fills the air with laughter – and you wouldn’t want to let it die for anything in this world.
When everything is said and done, Taehyung finishes his speech in the most profoundly beautiful way you can ever imagine. And when the beat of your heart aligns with his, he, surprisingly, adding to the fire blazing in your chest, whispers into your ear, “More later.”
You don’t ask him what he means – don’t prod or gasp; knowing Taehyung, he still has a surprise up his sleeve that’ll astound you more if you decide to wait.
So you kiss him tenderly, transforming your love into an eternal bond, locking it in a chamber of your heart and throwing away the key.
You look at him – Kim Taehyung.
Your husband Kim Taehyung.
Tumblr media
“I first met Swan when we were in high school.”
Candy’s initially timid voice gains on volume the moment she finishes the first sentence. With a hand planted on her growing tummy, she smiles, continuing, “Till today, she is still one of my best friends and I am incredibly honoured that she let me make this day that much more special for her. And…”
Tears form in her eyes immediately; she didn’t think her emotions would get in her way this fast, but when they do, she laughs with wobbly lips, saying, “Oh gosh. I practised so I wouldn’t cry today. I’m sorry babe, I’m just so happy for you!”
She lets out a weak giggle, dabbing at her eyes delicately with an embroidered handkerchief.
“Well, since I’ve already gone off script, might as well scrap the whole thing and wing it, right?”
You let out a watery laugh of your own to match your best friend’s, wondering how she’s always able to make you laugh, even during the darkest times – namely, when you were apart from Taehyung.
“There’s so much Swan has done for me that we’d be here until my water breaks if I list them all, so I’m just going to thank her for being a constant in my life and for introducing me to my wonderful husband.”
She points to Hoseok in the crowd and he lifts his flute of champagne with a laugh so tender, so in love that it makes you miss the man who’s sitting right beside you, clutching your hand.
“Tete, Swan, you two are the actual cutest couple to exist, barring me and Hobi.” Candy laughs, sniffling. “Few know this, but Swan and Tete went through a rough patch a few years ago, but I never stopped believing in them. Because when you have a love that’s as strong as theirs, you don’t give that up without fighting for it tooth and nail.”
You nod along with her words, sharing a glance with Taehyung who mouths something to you, squeezing your hand and shifting closer to your form.
You remember. Still know about the mistakes you two made, failing to communicate and walking through the heartbreak until you landed back in each other’s arms. Forgetting about each other had never been an option – and sitting right here, right now, you’re happy that you did just what Candy reminisces about.
“They fought for it, against all odds. Life has thrown so much at them, but they never gave up, and because they didn’t give up, we’re gathered here today to finally celebrate their official union.”
Candy pauses to press her handkerchief against her eyes, sobbing shamelessly.
With a giggle, you stand up, vision blurred by the tears that continue to fill your eyes and make your way to where your best friend is crying on the stage, taking her shaking body into your arms and holding her tightly. Candy sobs into your shoulder, gripping onto your forearm as emotions overcome her, microphone held loosely in her free hand.
Together, the two of you sway in each other’s embrace, not caring that there are cameras pointed at you, capturing your tearful moments and dramatic friendship – because right now, you and Candy are two best friends who have braved the cruellest heartbreaks life had to offer and lived to tell the tale.
“I’m so sorry about that,” Candy begins shakily when she composes herself. “I’m not usually a mess, but I’m sure my husband and friends would love to disagree,” she chuckles. You squeeze her hand, smiling gently at her.
“What I was going to say is that Tete and Swan haven’t had it easy, and it’s only because they were able to have their happy ending after fighting for it for so long that I’m able to joke about it and say that they were absolute boneheads. Seriously, you two, it was like I was watching a drama with the amount of problems you had.”
You laugh, teary eyed, regarding Taehyung’s sitting form who smiles up at you, throwing a flying kiss into your direction, for both of you. You know Candy is pouring out her heart and love she houses for you – but with her words, you walk down memory lane with a soul floating so high above that you don’t want the moment to end.
Despite the heartbreak you experienced in the early stages of your and Taehyung’s relationship, you can’t help but feel a bittersweet sense of nostalgia at the pictures of a distant yesterday.
“But that’s the beautiful thing about it. Life has a funny way of working. You think after seeing how well Tete and Swan work together now that they should have gotten together from the start, but that’s not true. In high school, they were better off as friends. If they’d gotten together then, we wouldn’t be standing here today celebrating their marriage. They needed to grow up and have some time apart to think about what they meant to each other before they were able to finally fit together like kimchi and rice.”
Somewhere in the crowd, Jungkook cackles loudly at Candy’s comparison of your relationship with your husband to food, but you only grin – you couldn’t have put it any better.
“Anyway, I’ve probably overstayed my welcome up here, so please join me in congratulating my two best friends for finally getting married!”
Candy turns to you as she finishes her speech, eyes sparkling with more unshed tears and a smile that melts your heart before drawing you into a hug, her pregnant belly pressing against yours.
You can’t wait for her child to play with Ara – can’t wait for your toddler to lecture the younger baby on how to live life, show what experience she’s already collected to be a bigger and older sister to her.
The future holds so much, and you can’t wait to see it unfold.
But for now, you focus on the way Taehyung emerges from his seat and rubs his hands. He’s long discarded his suit jacket and draped it over his chair; he’s rolled up his sleeves the way he always does, the tie a little more loose than before as he approaches you where you stand.
With a pat on your back, Candy leaves the stage, her cue to let everyone’s attention shift to the couple of the night. And you expect Taehyung to stop in front of you – imagine him kissing your tear-stained cheek, asking you to dance with him. But instead, he lets your fingers intertwine and pulls you to the piano in the middle of the stage.
“What are you doing?” you whisper, baffled and surprised, not expecting anything more as the night approaches its end.
But he winks at you, the same sheepish grin spreading on his face that you used to smack away from you back in high school. He looks younger when he looks at you like this – reminds you of when you were friends, supposed to be friends. Living every day as it came, suppressing the feelings you hid for each other deep inside you.
“I told you more later,” is what you get as an answer.
Nervousness spikes your heart, and you let out a small but shaky laugh; you don’t know what he might still have planned. Does he want to continue the toast? Is he going to play your favourite piece, let you sing along?
Are you going to cry again?
A thousand questions ghost in the wrinkles of your brain, but you decide to wait. And apparently, the entire hall is holding its breath, because you hear birds chirp and stars explode – when you gaze across the ocean of guests, you see confused faces here, knowing smiles there.
The boys must know what he’s doing. Candy must, too, because–
Taehyung’s voice, amplified through the mic in his hand, pulls you out of your thoughts. His fingers hold the object delicately, almost pressed against his lips. You know he’s exhausted after the taxing day, but his eyes are sober, piercing your heart.
He takes a seat on the piano bench, placing the mic next to his leg before he speaks directly through the smaller one attached to the piano, “One promise isn’t enough.”
You place your hands on the smooth surface of the piano lid, still awaiting the big reveal as you step closer. There are a few sheets he’s prepared, but you haven’t peeked at them yet – anytime you try, he hides them from your vision, and you reckon it’s the surprise he prepared after all. Who are you to ruin it?
“I don’t know who invented the idea of wedding vows, because… I want to promise eternity to you every single day. I want to vow to love you until the very last day… or until you’re sick of me.”
You laugh, and the tears never stop – your chest is filled with the intensity of the moment, and you think you might just spend the entire night and week crying; the people you love need to stop planting roses and rainbows in your heart.
“I’ll never be sick of you,” you whisper, balancing your weight from one leg to the other.
Taehyung smiles at you, basking in the feeling that your words were directed to no one but him, and no one heard them but him. But he needs to declare everything you ignite in him; heck, the whole goddamn world needs to know.
“I want to tell you all the freaking time what I worship about you. What you mean to me. The little things you do that are engraved in my mind… Like.” He pauses, smiles down to his hands for a moment; and when he looks at you again, his waterline is red and the corners of his lips quivering. “The way you intertwine your fingers behind my back when you hug me.”
You know that you do. It’s a way to keep him close – to attach him to your body as if he’s a missing puzzle piece.
“And when you look at me like I’m the only light in the world,” Taehyung continues; the silence in the hall is nearly palpable. Everyone’s hanging at his lips, listening carefully. “I love it when you hold back your tears when watching Inside Out and the way you coo at me when you want me to eat something, because you’re so used to doing this with Ara.”
In the crowd, you find Ara sleeping in the arms of Taehyung’s mother. She’s not aware of the sappy confessions going on before her eyes. Doesn’t realise how integral of a part she is, how much she matters; how much she glues your little family together.
By now, you’re sure you’ve lost all remaining liquid in your body – but somehow, it keeps escaping your eyes and down your cheeks, dripping onto your dress like rain. Your fingers twitch at your sides, urging you to reach out, screaming at you to press yourself against him, in front of every single existence breathing in this room.
But instead, you listen, and he continues, “I’m sure every husband says that to his wife, but… you’re the only one who knows every single one of my fears. And the only one who’s forgiven me when I acted led by them. It’s like a river of poetry flows out of you, and I’m… genuinely not kidding, because me babbling all this stuff like a bard is just possible, because you make me think this way.”
He laughs through his sobs when you do, and his torso and voice shake, fingers wiping at his tears before they fall onto the piano keys gently.
“I’m a fool so in love with you that I still feel like I haven’t said enough, and I’m sorry. I just can’t go a day without you… and I can’t stop falling for you deeper. And I…” Another brief pause clutches your heart, because he’s sighing, smiling, sniffling before he finishes with, “I can’t stop looking at you… ever.”
And then, the back of his hand rubs against his cheeks one more time, clearing his vision before he whispers that what’s about to come is for you – before taking a deep breath and playing the very first notes.
For a moment, you freeze.
A few seconds pass, and your mind whirs – you feel like you know the melody. You’ve heard it somewhere – in a café? At a party? Is he playing the acoustic, piano version of a song you’ve danced to?
You think you know when you heard it last – sometime in the very distant past. Back when you’d received the most precious Christmas gift anyone could have crafted for you. When you were still innocent teenagers, worried about homework and exams and strict teachers and an uncertain future.
When his heart was already beating for you but hiding his feelings behind the curtain that you called friendship.
The song is soft and tender. Healing. Inhabits all comfort in the world, feels like coming home. And when you finally step closer, rounding the piano and glancing at the sheets, your heart hammers against your rib cage until it shatters.
Swan’s Song.
Your song.
The song he wrote just for you – modified and reprised, after more than a damn decade. Still yours, attaching itself to new and even better memories.
Just like in your younger years, his eyes follow the movements with a parted mouth, concentrating on the lullaby he was playing just for you. Back then, he’d told you it reminded you of what you were made of. Warmth. Richness.
He’s expanded it now – in high school, it wasn’t quite done, but now, it’s a full song rivalling all the composers you view as your role models.
And then, it’s over.
Thunderous applause follows the last note and the silence right after, and you plummet on the bench next to him, your hands grabbing his cheeks immediately. You ignore the shouts and cheers, crying and sobbing, probably making faces that are utterly ugly.
You press a kiss against his lips, shaking your head, entirely in disbelief as you ramble, “When did you– have you… was that?”
“You remember, right?”
“I remember, fuck, I remember, I–” You squish his face and laugh, pecking every spot of his skin, dry or damp. “You’re absolutely crazy for this, Tae.”
“Aren’t I?”
“Entirely. I want to hear it again. Every day, okay? You’re not allowed to fall asleep before playing it for Ara and me and–”
“Every single day?”
“For the rest of our lives.”
Taehyung falls silent. Breathes out through his nose and pulls you closer, blinking slowly in peace and serenity as he relishes your smile and your words.
And then, quietly, he confirms, “For the rest of our lives.”
Tumblr media
As days and months and years pass, the rest of your life feels exactly the way you imagined it – like a journey without a destination. Exciting and new, unexpected and delightful.
Even the moments you spend crying and in fear get tattooed into your memory and leave a lingering trail of nostalgia. When you think back to them, you realise that the wonders of life and its ups and downs are what make you so painfully human.
You wouldn’t have it any other way.
Not long after Ara’s fourth birthday, nature goes insane. Thunder pulls you out of sleep before the soothing sound of the rain pushes you towards dreamland again. But different from you, Taehyung doesn’t stay asleep.
Instead, he wakes up when a boom of particularly loud thunder reverberates throughout the apartment, his body jolting up and off his bed before he rushes to your daughter’s secluded room.
He doesn’t think she’s ever experienced a storm of this magnitude this consciously; the ones when she was still a baby have probably escaped her memory. And in his eyes, she doesn’t need to suffer through her first vivid one alone.
When he enters her room, he finds her half awake, her small fist rubbing her eyes as she calls, “Mama?”
“No, baby,” he whispers, taking a seat at the edge of her bed before he pulls the blanket off her face, “it’s me. Are you okay?”
“Wanna come with me and talk a little?”
She’s exhausted, the corners of her mouth having dropped, and even in the darkness, Taehyung sees that she must be close to crying. She’s a tough one. A little brat. Teases him back when he jokes around; loves to plant her hands on her hips to prove a point.
But she’s just a kid after all. And with his offer in mind, she nods, sitting up with dishevelled hair.
Taehyung pulls her up with a groan, and she wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso. She exhales against his shoulders in relief, and as he carries her to his own bedroom, he kisses her hair, questioning, “Why didn’t you come to me, Ara?”
He’s told her on multiple occasions to wake him when she needs anything at all – but with the way the thunder rumbles, he assumes she didn’t want to leave her bed and step into the darkness at all.
She doesn’t answer, still too delirious and tired from lack of sleep. He places her between your body and his, tucking her in before he places himself onto the mattress. Propping up his head in his hand, he looks at the hand clutching the blanket, wondering if you’ve woken up already.
But your breathing seems steady and your back turned towards him, merely your side profile visible every time the sky lights up.
“Can I hug?” Ara asks carefully, stars glowing in her pupils as she blinks at Taehyung slowly.
“Hug?” he asks, placing a palm on her back before he pulls her close to his body. “Of course. All the hugs.” His hand pats her back carefully, and she digs her nails into his white shirt with drooping eyes. “Were you scared, baby?”
“It was loud.”
“It really was. Wasn’t nice, right?”
“No. Why did it happen?”
Taehyung takes a deep breath, humming in thought. He isn’t going to explain the rain cycle and precipitation to his four-year-old daughter who’s just learned the terms for shapes and forms. She still stutters when she speaks – so he might opt for a slightly easier theory.
“So… there’s Zeus. He’s a God. Do you know what that means?” Ara nods, pointing to the sky, and Taehyung chuckles as he continues, “Yes. That. He makes it rain… the sky is so bright ‘cause of him.”
Ara stays still for a moment; Taehyung thinks she might have fallen asleep again, but then she shifts, asking quietly, insecure, “Zoos?”
He laughs again, the sound a little louder than he intended, and pulls her closer before he confirms, “Yes. Zoos.”
“Can he stop?”
“Of course.”
“Right now?”
“Try asking him super nicely,” Taehyung suggests, brushing the soft hair strands from her face, “you know what Mommy always says how to ask for more cookies?”
“Yeah. Try that.”
She takes a deep breath against his chest, pulling out an arm between their bodies before she waves towards the ceiling and window and says, “Zoos, no rain.”
And then, a quiet giggle sounds from your direction. Taehyung and Ara both refocus, staring at your slightly shaking form as you attempt to disguise the laugh as a cough that you know he won’t buy.
But he doesn’t address it just yet; converses a little more with your daughter in a way he knows will make you smile. He’s aware that you’re listening, wondering what they might come up with next.
Honestly, one of your favourite pastimes is hearing them talk – it must be the most hilarious thing you’ve ever experienced.
Just yesterday she told him that she wanted to grow up to be like him – and when he’d asked what she meant by that, she said, “Want to wear your jacket and black shnake.”
The clueless gaze exchanged between you and him left you guessing what she meant, and when she pointed to her neck, it clicked; and with amusing crinkles forming around his eyes, he clarified, “That’s a tie, baby.”
And upon learning the new word, she’d repeated it until she panted, Taehyung escaping her rambling smoothly when he excused himself to the restroom – leaving Ara in your lap to eat your ears off.
Her body turns just a little, and she wraps a small hand around your arm, sandwiched between her parents and savouring the peace after the fear. She taps your skin lightly, wordlessly; but the movement soon slows, and when you turn to your other side to look at her, she’s fast asleep.
You wait until her breaths have steadied fully. And when you look at your yawning husband, he reaches out for you, brushing the back of his fingers against your cheek as he whispers, “Go back to sleep, baby.”
Your eyelids flutter shut, lips mouthing back one last love you with the recurring thought of how in love you are. With him. With her.
But the whole wide world is in love with Ara, and you’d be crazy to blame anyone for it. And funnily enough, apparently even the Greek Gods are.
Because barely five minutes later, the thunder stops.
Tumblr media
Despite the fact that Taehyung and you have both taken off a week from work, you send Ara to kindergarten for as long as your schedule allows.
You’ve booked a flight for your very first vacation with her for next week, and with the errands you still need to run for it, you need a clear head and time. With her around, you know you’ll stop at every ice cream stall and give in to her little demands, wasting time and coming home empty handed.
But once the weekend is over and Monday rolls around, you find her pouting and quiet in the backseat of your car, refusing to talk with an annoyed expression carved to her face. Ruffling his hair, Taehyung leans into you, observing her statue-like stance in the rearview mirror as he asks, “Did something happen?”
“She won’t tell me,” you say, sighing in frustration, “she said she doesn’t like it there anymore.”
“Hmm. Think there’s someone being mean to her?”
“That’s what I’m trying to find out.”
As Taehyung pulls into a parking spot, Ara sighs in the most dramatic and exhausted way you’ve ever heard a child sigh, and with confusion lacing your features, you turn around, questioning, “Okay. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“Idunwannago,” she complains, clutching her seatbelt as though it could disable you from undoing it. 
“Why not?”
“I don’t like them.”
“Okay, it’s either kindergarten or taking away your favourite ukulele. C’mon,” Taehyung interjects, stepping out of the car and to her side before he’s carrying her out with a whine. “If you want to go home, you need to tell us why.”
She squirms and protests in his grip, but he holds her firmly, dodging her unintentional hits before he sets her onto the pathway, crouches and assures, “I’ll just talk to your teacher and then we’ll do whatever you wanna do, okay?”
Ara grunts, her lips jutted, but she gives in eventually, gripping Taehyung’s large hand. He nods at you, and when you reach the cheerfully loud place, Ara wastes not a single moment to hide behind her father’s legs.
The teacher comes strolling towards you with a blinding smile plastered to her face, registering your daughter’s presence right away as she states, “Glad you were able to bring her today.”
“Why?” you ask, confused and wondering. “She’s been grumpy all day. What happened?”
The moment her gaze wanders to the children running around behind her, a boy steps towards you, holding a shovel in his hand with his shorts covered in sand. He squints into the sun until he’s standing in Taehyung’s shadow, and you shoot your husband a suspicious look as if to say, ”Maybe you were right.”
But the smile of the boy is so honey sweet that you melt just a little, his eyes wide as he asks, “Did Ara not come today?”
And before you can utter any further word, your daughter’s fury bubbles harder, and she emerges by a tiny bit as she declares, “Leave me alone!”
The teacher shrugs her shoulders, placing her fists on her hips as she clarifies, “They’ve been doing this for days.”
“Was he mean to her?” Taehyung wants to know, regarding the boy carefully – probably ready to scold him as kindly as he can muster.
“Not at all,” is, however, what she responds with, her sigh indicating her clear frustration, “but he does take her toys and runs away with them sometimes.”
“He has my softball!” Ara snitches, pointing at him; but he laughs at her, unbothered and calm.
And when he mocks her words, repeating them as a faint echo, Ara moves forward, ready to unleash her fury before Taehyung holds her back and steps closer to the boy.
“What’s your name?” he asks, offering his hand with a smile. “I’m Taehyung, Ara’s Dad.”
“So, Sungho…” Taehyung starts, his voice gentle, sweet, and careful. “Why do you steal her toys?”
“‘Cause,” Sungho chimes; but then, he suddenly deflates, puffy cheeks becoming impossibly rounder before he adds timidly, “she won’t play with me.”
Your lips form an O, an unexpected laugh falling out of your mouth that Ara responds to with another offended pout. Blinking at the boy, you inquire, “You take her toys to make her play with you?”
“I’m sorry, Ma’am.”
God, the manners he has. Your heart rises and soars, and the way he scratches his head reminds you of pictures hidden in your own memory.
Taehyung turns to Ara, squeezing her hand as he tells her, “It’s okay to play with him, baby.”
“I want my toys back first.”
“Will you talk to him if he gives them back?”
It takes a moment and a soft dialogue between those three, Taehyung’s head darting back and forth between the children before he rises to his feet jovially. Ara’s reluctant steps carry her to her maybe-friend, and she keeps her distance from him in alert, eyes never leaving his mischievous ones as he offers her his shovel.
Short, preschooler fingers wrap around the handle of the plastic tool, and she presses it against her clean dress before she gives him the tiniest, shiest of smiles. He’s telling her about a cave he built in the sand when Ara gasps, telling him to wait before she runs back to her father.
She plants a hand and a dirty shovel on his shoulders, getting on her tiptoes before she whispers something into his ear. With each word, his smile grows wider, and when she backs away giggling, he shakes his head and says, “Is that so? Tell them I said thank you.”
And then, she runs away for good.
When Taehyung steps next to you, a proud, satisfied smile lighting up his countenance that you respond to with your own, you ask, “What did she say?”
“She said,” he begins, cocking an eyebrow with an expression hilariously boastful – it reminds you of the Taehyung you fell in love with, “her friends think I’m pretty.”
You laugh, leaning into him with a hand wrapped around his bicep. Leading him back to the car, you tuck back your hair, confirming, “They’re not wrong. You are nice to look at.”
“Thank you. Aren’t you lucky as hell?”
“Lucky as fuck. Imagine the most handsome man being your husband. I can relate.”
You walk down the pathway slowly, enjoying the sun, the light breeze and the miracles of life floating in the air. Errands long forgotten, you let his bicep go and seek his fingers, entangling them with your own before you tell him, “They were like you and me in high school.”
“Ara and Sungho? I mean, hey… I didn’t parade around you like that.”
“Oh, did you not?” you tease, and he presses into your hand painfully, chuckling when you yell out in surprise. 
“Shut up.”
Puffing your cheeks, you take in your bright surroundings – this neighbourhood feels different from the bustling city. Since Taehyung and you left your apartment and moved into a house – for you and growing Ara’s sake – you’ve discovered parts and colours of the town that you only remembered from school trips.
Around here, people smile in a way unknown to you. The scent is different – flowery and fresh, somewhat nostalgic. And the warm hues of the sunrise and sunset; they feel new and reviving, too. You can barely believe that Taehyung’s office stands merely a ten minutes car ride from here.
Despite the occasional fights and struggles life has to offer – brief hurdles making you stumble – you never really fall out of the bubble of peace you reside in. Your existence on Earth has ups and downs – but you’re thankful that you get to experience them with the right people by your side.
As you step into the car and buckle your belt, your body is fully ready for a casual trip to the mall; eager to shop for summer clothes and sun cream… perhaps even an inflatable mattress and rubber ring for Ara.
But Taehyung, staring out the car, his fingers fiddling with the keys, licks his lips, pulling you out of your thoughts when he suddenly mutters, “I want another one.”
“A baby. With you.”
You’re perplexed. Baffled and bamboozled; out of words and searching for a response.
“Really?” you ask, leaning into him, but he’s still looking at his hand and clenching his jaw.
“Listen, I…” he begins, and you place a hand on his cheek, making him look at you, “I know the last time was tough for you, and it took some time to get back on track, but…”
You wait curiously – you wonder when the idea grew in his head the first time. Wonder how long he’s hidden this demand, scared you might reject him, fearing you might wave off his wishes.
But it seems that after all those years of raising a beautiful being, he’s broken his patience after all.
“But I want another one with you… make this family bigger, because,” he shifts closer, letting the keys fall between his legs as his hands grip yours, “I don’t think I’ve experienced happiness like this before. And it’s fine if you say no, because I saw the issues that come with a pregnancy and after birth, and I really fucking love Ara, so I–”
“I… really?”
“Yeah, I’ve been… thinking about it, too.”
And it’s true.
Watching Ara grow up has made you consider more than just once that she might have started feeling lonely. In her kindergarten, most of her friends speak about younger and older siblings; conversations that she carries back home with excitement in her eyes. And it’s happened more than just once that she muffled her voice under her shirt, averting your gaze and carefully mumbling, “Want one, too.”
You think it was only a matter of time when the moment finally arrived – especially with someone like Taehyung who’d dreamed of raising multiple children even when you’d been teenagers in school.
“You have?” he questions incredulously, prodding further. “Are you sure?”
“Is it really so hard to believe?”
“No, I just figured…”
“I know how much things sucked for a while, Tae, but… they don’t compare to what you two make me feel now. And I…”
A beat of silence passes, and Taehyung blinks at you, asking, “You what?”
“I’ve heard it gets easier with each child.”
Laughing, he bites into his lower lip, brushing back his hair before he places a finger under your chin and jests, “So if I asked you for three more…”
“Easy, tiger.”
Your laughter mingles in the suffocating air of the car, and his warmth floods heat into your body harder than the summer does – even after all this time of your togetherness. And when he lodges the car key into the ignition, the fire burns brighter and hotter when his voice falls a few octaves, stating, “The day is still long. Fuck shopping for now.”
Tumblr media
You fall onto the bed with a giggle that overshadows the creaking of the mattress, hands clutching the sheets and eyes following his lax movements.
With two of his buttons already free, you gape at the clavicles and the golden hue of his skin. His eyes grow a shade darker with each millimetre he closes in, and by the time he’s crawling over your anticipating body, he looks like a predator hunting its helpless prey.
Whatever jungle he’s thrown you into, it appears like he hasn’t eaten for days, and with the hunger growling in his mind, he places a hand under your jaw; raises your face and bites into your lips just once before he asks, “Know what that means?”
You don’t know what that refers to. Neither can you muster the strength to decode his little riddle; but you still lick your lips in utter thirst, barely able to hold in your excitement as you answer, “More babies?”
“No,” he laughs, his voice laced with slight mock that morphs back into seduction all too soon, “I get to fuck you without a condom.”
His lips ghost over your cheek and back to your earlobe, planting featherlight kisses at the back of your neck before his soothing, intimidating baritone assures, “Oh, I’m gonna unleash my beast today, baby.”
“Is that a threat?”
“A promise.”
“Please do.”
And then, he smashes his lips against yours, gripping the nape of your neck as he attempts to push you closer into him, ready to devour you whole. His hips, impatient and eager, roll into you slowly, and you breathe a deep sigh into his parting mouth.
He moves to the veins of your neck, butterfly kisses and soft bites setting you alight. Exploring fingers raise the hem of your dress, squeezing your thigh as he savours your gasps and moans. And when you lift your legs a little higher, his fingertips crawl along your skin, ghosting over your panties while yours bury in his hair.
You tug at the tresses the way he loves most, and he lets his tongue slide along your neck and shoulders. It seems that he’s struggling to settle on one spot of your body as much as you do – because he’s falling into the traps of your labyrinth and getting lost in you. Getting pulled in by you. You wonder if he still remembers the time and date.
He cups your tits and nibbles at your jaw, taking his time with investigating your body as if he doesn’t know it inside and out already; and then, he whispers, “Never change your perfume.”
“You say that… every single time.”
“I mean it.” Lewd kisses make your skin tingle, accompanied by soft, quiet groans that vibrate against your flesh. “Drives me crazy.”
His hair tickles your face, and you exhale with a sharp hiss – and when you open your eyes again, a silver-grey streak flashes into your sight. Internally chuckling, you blend out the feeling of his fingers against your clothed wetness, telling him, “You’ve got some grey hair already.”
You’re not certain how your words affect him, but when he presses the pad of his digits into your cunt a little further, you begin to crumble. You squirm, but he holds you in his grip firmly, his chest lowering and pinning your body underneath.
His tone lascivious and low, he remarks, “So do you.”
“But you… you look so hot like that, you…”
“Silver fox, dadd–”
“I swear.”
He slaps your thigh in amusement, basking in your surprise before you fall into tender laughter. Despite his monstrous tendencies, your sweet husband seeps through here and there, and you don’t think you’d enjoy even the lewdest moments with him this much if they weren’t filled with airy lightness.
But once your giggles subside, the lecherous colours in his eyes return, and he states almost nonchalantly, “Gonna stuff that nasty mouth of yours.”
“Do it, you dilf,” you answer, attempting your best to keep your speech stutter-less, “I’ll suck you dry.”
“Bet you will, babe.”
You open the rest of the buttons of his shirt in an agonising pace, letting two remain that hold the shirt together with all their strength. You brush your palm along his toned, naked chest, graze his rapidly beating heart while he begins to work on your dress.
He pushes down your dress and discards it along with his shirt within a moment, his hair falling into his eyes as he looks at you with a gaping mouth. Keen hands take off his jeans and throw them to the back of the bed, and once you detect the strain in his underwear, drool collects on your tongue immediately.
Kneeling over you, he touches the length resting sideways slowly, tainting his underwear with his precum as his free hand kneads your tits. It trails down to your belly button and follows the lines of your stretch marks, puffing out a breath before he claims, “Fuck… how do you just… breathe and get hotter?”
He pinches your nipples between his fingers before his palm wanders on, pulling down the straps of your bra as you shift. Smoothly, you unclasp it behind your back, smirking slightly as you answer, “It’s the mom glow.”
“Can’t deny.”
And that’s the last statement you get before he’s discarding his underwear, too, the dick slapping against his stomach, so scrumptious and smooth that you let out an involuntary whine. You clasp a hand over your mouth, and he laughs with his lips between his teeth; shifting closer until you're propping up your body on your elbows.
“Aren’t we ready?” he whispers, stroking his cock as you watch his balls harden.
He’s going to be the death of you.
“Open up then, sweetheart.”
Yeah, you’re sure he’ll be the death of you.
You stretch out your tongue, staring into his hooded, dark eyes as you plant your hands into the mattress tightly. Taehyung doesn’t waste a moment before he’s tapping your tongue with the heaviness of his cock, running the tip along your taste buds to spread the tiny ropes of cum thoroughly.
You twirl your tongue around his head, kissing the warm muscle, and before he knows it, you’re wrapping your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks. You try to muster the strength to work on the base of his length, but you’re positively trapped, prone to falling once you lift your arm.
So instead, you bop your head back and forth slowly, taking him in as much as your throat possibly allows; and with the way he starts to move his hips, he guides you efficiently anyway. Your tongue swirls circles along his thickness, swallowing around him as he grips your hair and pushes you towards him further.
Throwing his hair back, he murmurs, “Look at me, baby.”
“Mmmh,” you hum, staring up with a light line of tears. He adores it when you look at him like that – knowing this keeps your eyes locked on him as you gag and whimper, your body begging for more until he caves.
“Can’t wait to fuck you like this,” he tells you, chuckling above you with mischief glinting in his gaze, “gonna fuck you so good, okay? Yeah?”
You nod, and when the movement causes his cock to slip out and slap back with a lewd, wet sound, you’re panting; breathless but still in need of more. But when you attempt to reach out again, he pushes your hand away gently, moving down the bed again as he explains, “Not gonna come in your mouth today. Next time, yes? No wasting…”
He rids you of your panties and spreads your legs with a squeeze of your knees, kissing his way down along your stomach and your pelvis until he plants a tender peck onto your heat. 
“You’re so fucking wet, it drives me insane, fuck.” Sliding a finger between your folds, he looks up at you, adding in a whisperl, “Gonna make another little us today.”
This should be illegal. He should be illegal.
Tantalisingly, he draws shapes and forms against the dampness of your pussy, low groans vibrating and burning up your deepest core. His digits ghost over your clit, the touch light and barely there; he knows teasing you gets you ready for him more than any frantic rubbing could, but right now, you need more.
“Are you gonna wait all day?” you breathe, placing your legs on his shoulders as you draw him closer.
“You really wanna be a brat, baby?”
“What if I said yes?”
“You’re testing me. I swear.”
But no matter how much Taehyung rolls his eyes, he gives in each time. And now, he doesn’t hesitate to nosedive into you, too, the sounds of his kisses crude and sinful; utmost torture of the devilish kind.
His nose buries in your pelvis and tickles your clit, and he takes in your scent as he wraps one warm around your squirming leg. Pushing it off his shoulder, he pins it against the mattress, spreading you further until your arousal glistens for him on full display.
And then, he starts in earnest. Attaches his lips to your nether ones like a starved man, moving his tongue up and down in stripes until you’re yelling his name, digging your nails into his arms, letting him drink you up like he was born to do it.
The sounds filling the air are wicked, but his touch is divine; and when he keeps French kissing you like he’s tasting a cherry flavoured dessert, his thumb circling your clit, you yell out, “I’m coming… don’t stop, just like that, please.”
And as promised, your orgasm washes over you in waves, as though a storm is disturbing an ocean’s peace. Crushing, crashing, crass.
Taehyung’s tongue fucks you through your high until the sea calms, and when your muscles relax, your eyes open to him staring down at you. Rubbing the skin of your thighs. Fingers slowly coming down to plunge into your cunt for a moment longer, scissoring motions pushing you into oversensitivity.
“You good?” he asks, shaking the hair off his face before he leans in and kisses your cheek.
“I’m good. Pump a child into me, tiger.”
The laughter that erupts is brief but loud, and for a moment, you forget that you’re naked and under his control – with the rectangle grin in sight, he’s your personal sun. Comfort personified. The man of your dreams, walking outside of your dreams.
“You’re so…” he starts, shaking his head as he towers over you, leaning down just a little. “You’re the love of my life.”
He holds your gaze, watches your smile fall and give way to a dreamy, lost expression instead. You’re barely blinking, but you react when he rubs his leaking head against your dripping core. You gasp and sigh, your chest rising and falling hard; your hands grip his flexing bicep and hide his elephant moles, pulling him in to meet his lips.
But he doesn’t kiss you just yet; observes the movements of your body instead, pushing in his length a few inches. God. He never fails to render you speechless. Over five years of your relationship and two years of marriage have slipped by, but your heart still hyperventilates.
Kim Taehyung will never be less than a radiant star to you. No matter how many heavenly bodies exploded in your past, he lit them up anew and stored the galaxy in your eyes. The happiness doesn’t fade and the misery never lingers.
“Can I?” he queries, raising your legs up his torso.
He nods, shivering and drawing a breath. Your walls welcome him swiftly, but he slides in carefully nevertheless, his eyes darting between your face and where his cock disappears. Rosy, full lips parted, he buries his mouth in your neck, breathing against it heavily before he kisses you once and asks, “How does it feel?”
“So good… More, Tae…”
“Always the same.”
He lets his floating body fall onto yours lightly, lifting his face to stare into your expanding pupils. His hand brushes the hair from your sweaty forehead, and settles at your temple, and he looks at you so intently that you fear he might have forgotten his own name.
His hips come into motion cautiously, dragging back his cock before pushing it in up to its hilt again. Your walls engulf him as perfectly as your hug does his body, and you both become each other’s second skin, moulding to one single statue.
As Taehyung’s tongue trails down to your nipples, his body slams against yours a little louder, a little harder. Your palms wander along his sides and his shoulder blades, hugging him close as he fucks you into the sheets; lovingly but with punctuated, calculated thrusts.
“So fucking good,” you praise when your voice allows, your moans gaining on volume; your words losing their comprehensive quality. “Tae–”
“Your tits look… fuck,” he curses, gripping one of your moulds between your bodies again, “just look at you.”
Your body jolts upwards when he drills you further; his movements are sharp and hypnotising, his kisses electrifying and prickling. He fucks into you deep – doesn’t leave a spot of his cock and your pussy untouched.
He kisses your skin, bruises your thighs with his relentless grip – Taehyung has always lost himself in you too much. Always leaves marks of his nails in your flesh that you feel hours after. He knows it drives you into madness, even if he never does it on purpose.
Taehyung moves his body in circles and licks the corners of his lips temptingly, and with your eyes fixed on his plush lips, you whisper, “Can you kiss me?”
“Don’t ever wanna stop,” he admits, tilting his head, brushing his mouth against yours, “my pretty girl.”
And then his tongue is dancing with yours. The kiss keeps breaking as his body moves up and down above yours – but you keep meeting afresh, seeking each other, never getting enough.
Gentle love-making has never been this sweet yet powerful; whenever you get used to his lips on one patch of your skin, he moves along to another spot, drowning into you the way he feels you deserve.
He kisses your neck. Travels up to your face. Your lips, your cheeks, your eyelids. He keeps telling you how sexy you are, how gorgeous you are; repeats over and over again that, “You’re a goddess, shit.”
Taehyung worships every part of you, and he never hesitates to show you just how much. Every intimate moment feels like he’s seeing you for the very first time; like you’re unreal and fantastical and will slip out of his grasp if he stops kissing you.
He sighs and groans, damp hair grazing your forehead as your sweaty bodies collide again, telling you, “You looked so fucking hot when you were pregnant with Ara.” Grunting, his arms snake underneath your body, wrapping around your torso to pull you closer. “God, can’t wait to see it again.”
“Tae, baby…”
“Gonna do anything for you, okay? Anything at all.”
“Can’t… think.”
He puffs out an amused breath, and both your eyes reveal how close you are to tumbling off the edge. Deliberately, he lowers his voice some more, mumbling right above your ear, “You want to say something?”
“No. No, can’t–”
“Baby, I can’t wait to…”
The thought of you carrying his children is inexplicably attractive to him. The fact that it’s him who gets to build a family with you. Who gets to hold you like this. You’re the softest feather in the goddamn world, and he gets to write his own little story with you.
“Gonna take better care of you this time,” Taehyung mumbles; but his words clutch your heart and let it bleed. Does he think he didn’t do well enough last time? When he gave his all, sacrificed sleep, energy and work he still needed to finish?
“You always do, Tae.”
“My princess,” he calls, his voice shaky and delicate; emotions levitate in his eyes and between you, and you feel your guts turn, “so beautiful.”
“I love you, Tae, I really… real–”
“I love you, Swan,” he declares, clenching his teeth as though his love for you is overflowing and overwhelming him, “fuck, I love you so goddamn much.”
When his fingers roam your body, digging into your ass once more before settling on your clit, your walls contract and spasm, ready to let go any minute now. And he aids you in your quest the way he always does, thrusts penetrating your pussy as he works his digit around your bundle of nerves.
You scream out his name, tears of pleasure blurring your vision, your thoughts staggering. Spellbound and drowning, you feel your sanity slip, and before you can blink twice, you’re creaming his cock and throwing your head back.
“Oh my god, you’re,” Taehyung begins, holding you tight and solidly, “so beautiful, Swan.”
His gaze reveals exhaustion, but he remains steadfast in his motions, and only falters when he hammers into you two, three, four more times and…
Limbs shaking and almost buckling, he paints your pussy creamy white, emptying himself inside you before he sighs and huffs. He lets out a cough as his breath attempts to steady, nearly collapsing onto you before he shakes his head clear and pulls out immediately.
Impatient and eager, he pushes two fingers into your cunt before he presses your nether lips together as if he’s closing a sealable bag. You laugh when he proceeds to close your legs, planting them on one of his shoulders, and ask, “What are you doing?”
“Gotta keep it inside and maximise our chances.”
Your giggle continues, and you take a deep breath, letting your arms fall to your side as you joke, “Babe, the last time I got pregnant despite being on the pill. Don’t think what you’re doing is necessary.”
“Just making sure. You never know, okay? Candy and Hobi have been trying for a few months.” He shrugs his shoulders, smiling at you as he brushes his dark locks back. “It’s okay. If this fails, I’ll fuck you till you’re up the pole.”
You scoff and roll your eyes, wholly delighted and endeared, as you say, “And they say romance is dead.”
Taehyung grins at you sheepishly, patting your stomach, still sweaty and bare in front of you when his firm voice states proudly, “My baby.”
Seems like a husband can distract you from errands more than a daughter ever could.
Tumblr media
“No fucking way!”
Candy’s voice chimes across the room, her eyes filled with pride, love, surprise and betrayal.
“You kept it from me for what… four months?!”
You throw a guilty smile into her face, staring between her and Taehyung as she leans forward. Her near-scream overshadows the busy yelling of Ara and Candy’s twins, and for a moment, the kids halt to look your way, big eyes blinking in question before you tell them, “Go on.”
“But seriously,” Candy scolds, folding her arms in front of her chest, “I’m hurt.”
“A boy, you said?” she asks, shooting a look to where Taehyung and Hoseok sit, occupying the couch and discussing something in a heated conversation that you can’t make out from here. “Finally a little guy for Taehyung, too?”
“Ah, Tae doesn’t really…” You shrug, drumming your fingers against the table softly. “He doesn’t care about standardised clichés. He just wanted another little version of us, no matter the gender.”
“How does Ara feel about it?”
“Oh, she’s over the moon. She pats my tummy and tells him stories. Kisses it, too,” you answer, sighing and leaning back on the chair. Your stomach hasn’t grown too much yet, but you feel the fatigue every day. “She was alone for years. She’s not used to all this, so she’s more excited than Tae and me.”
Candy nods, stopping for a moment to warn her children not to break anything in your home, and then asks, “And you? How do you feel?”
As hard as your first pregnancy had been, this one feels light and easy; so far, you’ve been enjoying looking into the mirror and taking in the glow. Your skin has cleared, happiness written all over your visage, and worries dissipate as soon as the four of you come together as a family on weekends and after work.
“Happier than ever,” you tell her, pressing your lips in a tight smile.
“Good,” she smiles, getting on her feet as her eyes flick to the kids in the corner of the living room. She places a hand on your shoulder, and then ruffles your hair, adding fondly, “You deserve that, babe.”
And then, she’s jogging to her twins and Ara, shaking her head at them, standing around the spilled water like some toddler cult.
You stare at your sparkling wedding ring for a moment, turning it around your finger; and when you lift your face and shift your focus to the couch, you realise that he’s already looking at you. His elbow on the sofa arm, his palm cupping his face.
Hoseok has turned around and is taking in the scene between Candy and the children, but you and Taehyung keep your eyes fixated on each other. Take in each other’s sparkle. You smile from across the room; and he winks at you, sighing before his mouth forms a kiss and sends it your way.
Now that you think back, it has always been like this.
Even in high school, you’d come together in a group of friends that consisted of way too many people. But you’d always drift into his direction; his knees touching yours. His arm around your shoulder, your giggles filling the far corner of a room.
You’d be the first he’d ask for homework and the last he’d wish a good night. Nights spent video calling, walking along empty streets, laughing your way through summer rain. Your eyes lingered on each other, no matter who was around.
Even now, despite the committed, serious and earnest expression he wears in meetings and at work, he melts in your presence – because for a successful businessman, Taehyung is so, so damn weak for you.
Your song plays in his mind in a loop – sometimes the beat of a gentle symphony, other times the pulse of a spirited rhapsody – both of which, the rhythm of his heart is well adjusted to.
It has always been like that.
And it will always be like that.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading if you did 🥺 this couple has been my everything for a year now and they deserved all the cheesiness. gosh, i *gets emotional* love them so much :(
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pshychives · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s been weeks since you and your boyfriend Jimin have last had sex. He’s been away on tour and you’ve been home growing increasingly pent up while you wait for his return. So when he surprises you by coming home early, you waste no time relieving the sexual frustrations that have been taking over you both for the last few weeks.
Tumblr media
❦ Pairing: Rockstar!Jimin x college student!reader
❦ Genre: Smut | fluff | established relationship | porn with very minimal plot lol
❦ Word count: 3.9k
❦ Rating: 18+ pls interact responsibly!
❦ Warnings: secret relationship, unprotected sex, dirty talk, hair pulling, slight manhandling, cum shots, cum eating, petnames, praise kinks (for both y/n & jimin), slighttt daddy kink, hints of switch jimin, but mainly dom!jimin & sub!reader, jimin has a big dick, he has a name for his dick (sorry i think i’m funny), messy sex, size kink, teasing, edging, slight humiliation, begging, breeding kink, (practice. safe. sex.), hickeys, a bit of degrading but y/n gets praised right after. pussy eating, pussy devouring, jimin is STARVING. multiple orgasms, overstimulation… i think that’s it. super fluffy at the end, cuddling. kissing, etc. but nothing too cringe. i don’t think.
❦ a/n: This is basically just a teaser for my writing style before i post a project that’s coming soon (and i think people will be excited for). This is my first work on tumblr but i’ve been writing on and off for my whole life lol anyway i hope you enjoy it, I needed my first post to be about jimin bc he’s jimin and i love him so if this seems very self indulgent that’s bc it is 😭. ALSO i had two banners that i made for this fic and when i tell you it was so hard to choose i’m probably gonna put the second one at the end.
Tumblr media
The stress of the day weighed heavily on your shoulders as you finally had the chance to sit down, too tired to bother taking off your blazer but quickly taking off the heels that have had your feet cramping for the last two hours. between going to classes and attending interview after interview, you were burnt out — and what surely didn’t help was the absence of your boyfriend. Thanks to both of you having busy schedules and sometimes being in different time zones, it was hard for you both to call and text each other consistently. You loved your life, and you loved Jimin’s life, but sometimes you wished you could come home to cuddle with the love of your life, unloading all the mishaps and successes of the day whenever you felt the need.
You had to remind yourself this was a part of the process. The harder you worked the closer you would be to completing the dream you and jimin had conjured. You needed to get your business degree and some job experience so that when the time came you could become Jimin's manager. The both of you were confident enough to feel as though working together would only strengthen your relationship as well as be a way for the both of you to spend more time together.
You both knew how big of a step this would be, mixing work with your personal life, but you were confident you two would be spending the rest of your lives together, and so was Jimin.
It was your decision to keep your relationship secret. Knowing Jimin he would be more than happy to show you off any chance he could, but you knew that revealing his relationship status to the public would only cause problems. Between jealous fangirls and fanboys, groupies, publicists, and the like, it would only work to make your life harder. Jimin and his band of friends were starting to make it big and you didn’t want to be the reason his success came to a halt.
You sighed loosening the scrunchie in your hair so your face could relax.
It wasn’t like you were this thing Jimin was ashamed of, and you knew that very well. You both still met up in public and your hangouts weren’t restricted to late hours. It was just a relationship that was as private as could be. Seeing Jimin in disguise more often than not didn't upset you but was rather humorous. You didn’t mind having to keep things under wraps. It was the smarter thing to do.
But recently you’ve been having a change of heart. Seeing your friends flaunt their relationships in real life and on social media was something you had always envied. You were aware that keeping what you and Jimin have secret was your idea, but after four years things were starting to change.
After all, you and Jimin’s bond was stronger than when you first started out. You knew that the hate would get to you had you been so open about it in the first place, but now you couldn’t care less. You loved Jimin. you would do anything for him. Some strangers on the internet could never take his love away from you.
Seeing celebrity relationships thrive was inspiration for you. You knew how different the circumstances were. You weren’t a celebrity. Fans would surely think you weren’t good enough for him. A boring business student and a rockstar? not a very likely match. But after all these years your insecurities were tarnished.
You slipped your phone out of your pocket to see whether Jimin had messaged you at all. Being busy all day made it so that you weren’t able to check your phone. If you recall correctly, Jimin was in Arizona and was only a few hours ahead of you in New York.
You smiled when you saw a message he sent three hours ago. Something sweet, simply asking if you were alright and hoping your day went well. And he never forgot to tell you how much he loved you.
You messaged him back informing him that you just got home, telling him how much you missed him, and how you couldn’t wait for him to come back.
Your message didn’t deliver right away, so you assumed he had his phone turned off.
A loud grunt left you as you stood up off the couch, your feet digging into the burnt orange carpet. You were so happy when Jimin bought it for you and had put it in the middle of the living room where everyone would see it.
It was soft to the touch, and made your home feel even more cozy. you smiled dopily to yourself just thinking of Jimin and the little things he’s done for you. You shiver once you step off the carpet and your bare feet feel the bitter cool of hardwood. You made your way daintily to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you even though no one else was there. You turned on your speaker and prayed that the battery would last long enough for the long shower you planned on taking.
Tumblr media
Come to see me by Jun Hyo Seong played loudly on your speakers as you started to shimmy out of your tan pencil skirt. Recently you were starting to delve a little deeper in Korean R&B and had become a big fan of a few soloists, Hyo Seong being one of them.
You loved music a lot, and that had been what you and Jimin had initially bonded over. You both had met at the concert of your favorite band. There was a chill after party you had both made your way to, and the entire night was spent talking and laughing with each other. Jimin would tell you he had immediately known you were the one when he had seen how beautiful your smile was.
His career had taken off two months after that, and had of course made you nervous when you realized you had feelings for him. It was nerve wracking enough to confess your feelings for anyone, but when it’s someone in the public eye things become even harder — at least for you.
When Jimin confessed it was like a partial weight was lifted off your shoulders. Saying yes to him was the best decision you could’ve made.
You put your hand under the water to test the temperature, and once you were satisfied you stepped right in, humming quietly to yourself. Hopefully Jimin would be able to facetime tonight, you were missing his face more than ever. Maybe it would help if he posted on social media once in a while. You rolled your eyes just thinking about how hopeless he was with instagram and twitter, and his overall reluctance to even attempt trying to learn.
It was kinda cute that whenever he needed help he would come to you with his questions. Adorable, really.
You were starting to get light headed so you decided to cut your shower short, turning your speaker off and plugging it in for its next use. you wrapped a towel around yourself and scampered to your room in an attempt to not get the floor wet. Once in your room you slipped on your favorite panty set - it was silk and kept you from chafing against the lining like with some of your other underwear. It was dark blue with a bow at the top that matched the bra piece. you wrapped your hair up before climbing into some cool, clean, sheets.
You vaguely remembered that you hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but frankly you were dying to masturbate. After such a long day, after similarly long weeks, you’ve been trying to release some stress, trying to get off without having Jimin to help you, but more often than not you would fall asleep before you had the chance.
You dug into your bedside drawer and took a sleek black vibrator with gold trim. It was one of your strongest and would always have you seeing stars even before you orgasmed.
It was quiet inside your room. All that was audible was the low buzz of your vibrator and the sigh you let out as it made contact with your clit. You slipped it inside your underwear for better intensity, and the first thought that came to mind was Jimin. His hair wet after a shower, his abs and muscular arms holding on tightly to your thighs.
He would restrict your movements, make it so that it was impossible to writhe around, make it so that you would just have to take whatever he gave you, and take it you did.
You pretend it was him moving the vibrator up and down harshly between your folds. You were so wet, your legs shook harshly even though you had just started pleasuring yourself. It had been too long.
You slipped your free hand into your underwear and slowly started to finger yourself open. You imagined it was Jimin’s fingers thrusting into you. You cried out as your fingers started to move even faster and you turned your vibrator up to its highest setting.
You could barely hear yourself panting and moaning as you were so lost into your oncoming orgasm. Your eyes were shut tightly and your hips lifted up off the bed. You could barely control your movements— you were shaking harshly moaning Jimin’s name, wishing he would just come home and fuck you like you deserved.
In retrospect, it should’ve concerned you how oblivious you were to your surroundings. You didn’t hear the keys outside fitting into the lock, the door creeping open, nor the padded footsteps of your boyfriend as he stepped into your home.
Lost in blissful pleasure, you hadn’t noticed your bedroom door being opened and the man that stood watching as you rode through the aftershocks of your intense orgasm. Only minutes later when you opened your eyes did you see Park Jimin in the flesh, sporting a boner in his tight ripped black jeans. His eyes were dark and his bag had dropped to the floor.
Tumblr media
In his life Jimin had seen his fair share of eroticism. He’s had sex with many people, and he’s watched porn like they were superhero movies. He’s experienced. So why is it that he feels like creaming his pants when he sees you writhing around in your bed, vibrator visible under the damp silk of your panties. He can see the dark spot grow larger as you cum, and he’s sure even the slightest touch on his dick would have him cumming.
He can’t make a sound. He won’t. He wants to see you and he wants to see the look on your face when you realize he’s been watching you.
Jimin had endured one of the most time consuming flights of his life. Lines wrapped around the various corners of the airport for boarding, checking his luggage, getting food— no matter where he went it was mayhem. The only thing that kept him in high spirits was being able to come surprise you. The group had finished their schedules early and were granted a two week break before their next show.
He was expecting to come home and relax. Not come home itching to put his dick in you.
He watched as your chest heaved, your legs jerking once every few seconds.
“What the fuck.” Jimin spoke, his voice hoarse. “Baby you….” Jimin didn’t know what to say. When his eyes met yours he wasted no time climbing on the bed and slotting his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
You reached up to tangle your hand in his hair, eagerly returning his enthusiasm. Jimin reaches behind you to pull your head back. He kisses your nose before nuzzling against it. “I missed you so much.” He sighs before wrapping his free hand around your waist and pulling you on top of him. He’s kneeling and your legs wrap around his waist.
From under you Jimin can feel how wet your panties are and he curses under his breath.
“Poor baby,” he tsks, shaking his head softly as he looks you up and down. “Forced to pleasure yourself with only your fingers and a flimsy vibrator.”
You nod your head so harshly you feel dizzy. “Yes, yes.” you sob, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull yourself closer.
“You were so desperate, acting like a little bitch in heat.” He grips your hair harsher, forcing you to look at him before he meshes your lips together again.
“My pretty little baby, I'm gonna make you feel so good.” He promises. As you’re distracted by his lips sucking your tongue into his mouth, Jimin is hooking a finger into your panties and pulling them down. You can feel the way your cum drips out of your hole and you tremble in anticipation.
Jimin pushes you back onto the bed and lifts his shirt over his head and unbuttons his pants, sliding them off as much as he can without switching positions.
He looms over you and bites his lip before pushing two fingers inside of you slowly. He knows you just got done fingering yourself, but he knows how big he is and he doesn’t want you to hurt yourself on his fat cock.
He watches as your lips part into a silent moan, your eyes staring up at him but clearly unfocused.
“Still so tight for me.”
He pushes inside of you up to his knuckle before adding a third finger and slowly starting to slide in and out of your sloppy cunt. You’re so tight he’s practically drooling at how you’ll feel around his throbbing member.
You’ve missed him so much you want to skip the prep and the dirty talk and have him inside of you already but you know your boyfriend and you know how he likes to drag things out. Usually you don’t complain but right now you want him more than ever.
Unbeknownst to you, Jimin is facing the same problem. He wants to press his body against yours and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow, but there’s an order to these things and it’s an order in which he’s keen to follow through. He quickens his pace, feeling how your pussy gushes when his fingers slide in, and leaks from his tip at the slutty noises you make every time he thrusts his fingers inside of you.
He pulls his fingers out and forces them into your open mouth. “Tell me how you taste baby.”
You whine as your thighs continue to tremble— “good, i taste so good” you moan and Jimin sighs into your mouth kissing the taste of your cum.
You slide your hands down Jimin's thighs and push his pants down to his ankles where he kicks them off. Now, Jimin is only in his boxers while you lay in your bra.
When Jimin sits up you run your fingers down his toned abs and your throat catches at the sight of his thick cock. It looks so big even when constricted in his underwear.
Jimin grins when he notices where your attention has turned to before grabbing onto your thighs and pulling you down so that you’re no longer leaning against the pillows and have your legs hooked over his shoulders.
Jimin is eye level with your wet folds, eyeing your cunt like a man starved. He’s practically drooling at the sight of you. He slides a finger up and down your pussy and watches as cum sticks to his digit. “Fuck, baby.”
He licked his lips — the sight of your swollen pussy fluttering and clenching around nothing while your cum dripped down your thighs and onto the bed made him swallow hard.
“My pretty girl,” he smiled, watching as your breasts spilled out of the cups of your bra. “You know how much I love you, right?”
You opened your mouth but no words came out. “Right, baby?” Jimin asked, his hand coming to squeeze your thigh so tightly that you winced.
“Y-yes. I know.”
“Be a good girl for me, okay?”
“O-ok.” you moaned, vaguely registering Jimin’s tongue meeting your clit. Jimin shuffles against the mattress, face still pressed against your pussy as he dips his tongue into your hole. His nose bumps your clit every time he attempts to move deeper and it makes your hips jump.
You slide your hand into Jimin’s hair. It’s black, and wavy, and long, and it’s so sexy on him. You push his head further into your greedy pussy and he hums, moving his head side to side while sucking on your clit. He lets his mouth drag over the wet, and red, and swollen parts, his tongue reaching every inch of you.
Your breath shakes when your knees knock together and Jimin forces them down again. You feel a pleasant burn in your thighs and your eyes roll back as you cum onto his tongue.
Jimin pulls back but forcefully pushes his fingers into you, roughly thrusting into your pussy as you shake from overstimulation, crying on his fingers and moaning incoherently.
“P-please fuck me,” You sob, “please, please, plea-”
You cry out suddenly when Jimin grabs you by the arm and flips you both so that you’re straddling him and he’s laying down.
“So fucking greedy.” He mutters. He reaches behind you and snaps your bra so that it falls right off and your tits bounce right in his face.
You tighten your legs around him, reaching down to suck a hickey across his collarbone.
“I can tell your little pussy wants to wrap around daddy’s cock doesn’t it, huh baby? You’re so fucking wet, fuck.”
You know. You can feel how slippery Jimin’s thighs have become from you sitting on them. You want to tell him how you can’t get enough of him, but all that comes out is a whimper.
“Let daddy help you, okay baby?” Jimin slides off his boxers and rubs his flushed cock along your pussy. His tip is leaking so much, and you can feel his dick twitching from under you.
You start moving against it, humping his cock and feeling your juices blend together. You can feel the salty taste of your tears as you move quicker. You want it, you want him to fuck you for every day you two have been apart.
Jimin’s hands hold onto your hips and he helps you move along his cock making the stimulation even harsher. You can hear him moaning from under you, his pitched whines just turning you on even more.
“Please put your cock in me Jimin, fuck! L-let everyone know who I belong to.”
Jimin growls, stopping your movements and posturing his dick so that you slam down onto it. He wastes no time before he starts pounding into you, bouncing you on his cock.
Your boobs bounce violently from his aggressive thrusts and you hold onto them, playing with your nipples the way you know Jimin likes.
“Who do you belong to, baby.”
“Who’s pussy is this?”
“Yours, it’s all yours!”
“I wanna mark you up. Fill you up with my cum and watch as your belly bloats with my seed. I wanna see you cry on my cock. Would you want that baby? Your breasts to be swollen with milk and your tummy to grow round?”
“Y-yes oh my god”
He knows he’s close. It would be so easy to fill you up the way he wants to, watch as his cum drips out of you because you can’t hold it all in your sloppy cunt. Jimin is still pushing up into you, his fat cock stretching you open with every thrust.
“I-i’m gonna cum” You scream as you clench around him.
He grits his teeth, his balls tightening before he cums inside of you.
You feel so good, his cum filling you so well. It’s exactly what you needed. Exactly what you wanted. You both shake from the aftershocks of your orgasms, Jimin continuing to thrust into you while your entire body spasms.
“E-enough.” You cry, pushing down onto his chest. Jimin finally relaxes, slipping his dick out of you while you climb off of him. You get off the bed and Jimin clambers after you, watching as you kneel at the foot of the mattress.
“I wanna suck you off. Please, babe.” You whisper, sitting back onto your heels with your hands folded onto your lap. As if you were trained for this.
Jimin sits at the edge with his legs spread wide, his cock slowly peeking back up. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to how big he is. Larger than average. Jimin likes to say you two were made for each other, because no one can take him as well as you can.
He’s amazed at how such a tight pussy can fit around such a big cock.
You lean forward, taking him into your hand. He’s heavy, full of cum, as if he hadn’t let a load into you less than 10 minutes ago.
You leave a kitten lick on the underside of his shaft, feeling the veins and the way Jimin throbs. He’s a pleasant weight on your tongue and you swirl it around the tip before sucking him into your mouth.
Jimin sighs from above you, his hand gripping your hair and forcing you down onto him. He fucks your mouth like all you are is a toy for him to use. Everytime he inches you down onto him you can feel his pubic hairs tickle your nose and hear the spit fucking back in your throat.
You feel the tears falling and your eyes lose focus as Jimin continues to rut into you, abusing your throat like it was nothing.
Your hands squeeze his thighs and they shake from under you, his body spasming as he nears his orgasm. You pull off of him, your lips swollen and red, slicked with spit and pre cum.
“On my face,” you rasp, your throat scratchy and hoarse. “On my face Jimin, please. I’ve been good.”
Jimin whines and pulls you up into a tender kiss as he pumps his cock. “Whatever you want, baby.” He agrees, grabbing you by your throat and pumping his load onto your face with a long, drawn-out, groan.
Tumblr media
You’re not too sure what happens after that, but you wake up with the sun peeking through your curtain and Jimin’s arms wrapped around you. The sheets are clean and you have a fresh pair of underwear on, but no bra.
Jackass, you think to yourself, knowing Jimin is borderline obsessed with your breasts.
“Are you up?” Jimin asked as he smoothed his hands down your sides. You hummed, turning around so that you could snuggle into his chest. Jimin was always so warm, and more often than not that led you to using him as your own personal furnace.
“How are you feeling?”
“Good,” you smiled. “I’m so happy to have you back.”
“Mhm, two weeks of my undivided attention before I have to go back to work.”
You pouted immediately. “Don’t say the w word!”
Jimin laughed, his hands coming to wrap around your shoulders. “I’m sorry babe.”
You squinted at him before rolling your eyes and pulling the cover up to your chin. Jimin left a sweet kiss on your lips, morning breath be damned.
Tumblr media
❦ a/n: I genuinely wonder when that residual embarrassment will finally wear off whenever i share my work anywhere 😭 I hope this was good enough, it’s not really edited nor was it very planned out, and it’s also my first full blown smut work so yeah I hope you didn’t have any big expectations lol this isn’t really a good first impression, but I hope someone out there enjoyed it. I definitely need to practice with pwps.
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helenazbmrskai · 2 days ago
can u write CEO!JK giving ridiculous tasks to assistant!y/n and she has enough and punishes him for it?
Pairing - CEO! Jungkook x Assistant! Reader
Genre - CEO AU, Pinning, Smut, Secret Crush AU
Summary - Mr Jeon to make it up to you for giving you ridiculous tasks he lets you sit in his chair and eats you out on his knees. yes. that's the plot babies
Warnings - y/n yells at kook but they obvi make up later, smut, dom!reader, sub!jungkook, dirty talk, teasing, licking over panties, oral (f), vaginal fingering, mention of masturbation (m), you cum around kookie's face, he also uses his nose to rub your clit, very slight degradation (one sentence only, you call him dumb but that's all), jk likes the taste of your pussy very much
Word Count - (2,1k)
Author note. Hope you like it!
You like to think that you're a very patient person. It's a trait that you got from your mother. It takes a lot for the people around you to rile you up so you're wondering how Jeon Jungkook could do that within five seconds. It must be a new record.  
He's your boss so try to refrain from glaring or rolling your eyes at him even when he tells you the most ridiculous task to carry out. You should give him a tight lipped smile and be on your merry way to do what the youngest CEO of the company wishes. But! Enough is enough. It was a shitty day, to begin with. First, you woke up late last night your washing machine broke down so you had no clothes to wear to the office your only option was your old pencil skirt that's way too short for you now to wear and some ugly yellow blouse. Like you said, not your day. 
Jungkook checked out your ass when you bent to pick up his pen. The pen which you're sure was not just accidentally dropped.
Getting him his fourth coffee of the day was however the last straw, one more thing and you're bound to blow up. 
"Can you get me the-"
"No, get it yourself!" You almost growl at him when he dares to bark another order for you. Yes, you're his assistant but you're not his personal maid that he can just order around. He's way past the bounds of professionalism so why should you care? Especially when you're so ready to put this bratty CEO in his place. 
"I'm not your coffee girl or your maid. Only call me if it's of some important matter otherwise I'll be doing my paperwork that I couldn't finish because of your ridiculous orders! I'm not paid to babysit a full grown manchild." 
Ok, maybe that was a little too harsh you swear you saw tears gathering behind his eyes. Slamming the door behind you was unintentional too. He did take my words seriously though since you haven't seen even a single hair of his after your outburst. 
You hope that you didn't make him cry. If he did you would feel too guilty for yelling at him. He's also the CEO if he cries after his assistant yelled at him this company is in big trouble.
You've been dreading this hour all day after that little outburst in his office but you have to clock out and maybe even wish him good night since you're feeling pretty guilty. 
You hear his soft 'come in' after you knock. His eyes go back to his paperwork when he sees it's you. He's looking pretty meek for a CEO. You're both tiptoeing around each other. You ask him if he needs you to look over something else and he tells you in a soft voice that he can take care of the rest. 
It's so awkward you want to crawl your eyes out. Fuck. You really owe him an apology.
"I'm sorry Mr Jeon I didn't mean to yell at you. I just..I was having a bad day but it's not an excuse. What I want to say is that I'm sorry and I understand if you want to fire me I'm-"
"What? Fire you? No! That's not what I want at all!" Jungkook looks at you like a deer caught in headlights. You have to admit that he's kinda cute. His tie is loosened around his neck and his hair is messy like he has carded his fingers through it to calm himself down. 
"I'm the one who is sorry Miss L/N. I know that you're not my maid and I'm sorry for being so unprofessional. I would like to keep working with you if you...if you would allow me."
You smile at his genuine apology he's usually a sweetheart a little childlike sometimes but he takes his job very seriously and he always asks about your day, your weekend he really pays attention to you and listens when you speak. 
"Apology accepted Mr Jeon." Jungkook's grin widens matching your own as the air clears around you. There's still something in your mind that you can't get over the thought of. 
"Why did you make me do all that bullshit for you? You're normally not like that. You do your job very diligently it's not like you to ask me to do coffee rounds." His ears visibly turn a hundred shades of pink. The way he avoids making eye contact with you means that he's shy for some reason. 
"I-" He stops as soon as he starts but you wait for him patiently to get his thoughts together. "I didn't know how else to get your attention. I'm so sorry I know it's childish of me. Why would you ever want to date a manchild? I'm there are more suitable men out there that-"
"Stop." You raise your hands up to stop him from rumbling further. He said what you think he said?
"Did you try to ask me out on a date all day? Wait a minute. If I get this correctly did you annoy the shit out of me so you could have the opportunity to see me? Correct?"
You groan when he nods his head so innocently. Manchild for sure. You take the time to really look at him though. He's tall handsome and powerful. That's what his business partners see or the people when he's on the top pages of the Forbes. 
What people rarely know about him is that he's a very emotional person. He takes a lot of things to heart and tries to keep everyone happy at the company and meet the needs of the people. Wears his heart on his sleeves.
"Well. Will you ask me?" He looks confused for a moment and your eyebrow raises. His eyes grow two sizes bigger when he realises what you're implying.
"W-Will you go on a date w-with me?" Seeing the CEO of the company being a stuttering mess is kinda empowering. You have him in the palm of your hands and you didn't even know about it till this point. 
"Sure let's go on a date and see if we could work well together. I go on one condition though." Jungkook tenses but eagerly waits for you to tell him your conditions.
"No more stupid tasks." Now he can tell that you're just pulling his leg. A big smile stretches across his face as he nods like a cute little puppy. Cute.
"Everyone already left though." Your smile grows as the distance between you gets smaller. You only stop when you're directly in front of him. Grabbing the armrests on both sides you turn him to face you fully and your knee brushes up against the space between his thighs nearly missing his cock.
"I think you earned your punishment Mr Jeon." Jungkook gulps it's hot how you call him Mr Jeon but it's clearly you who has the power. He wouldn't mind you taking the lead and that's exactly what you do.
Your gazes are locked on each other, it's quiet at the office so you don't have to be afraid someone will interrupt your fun time. Your hand curls around his tie first before you lean down to claim your boss' lips for the first time. 
"Y-Y/N w-we're at the office." Jungkook is the first one to pull away. His lips tell you something else as he longingly licks them as if he could taste your lips on him still.
"Did I give you permission to call my name? CEOs should be smart so why are you being so dumb, baby? Everyone left except for us." Jungkook normally doesn't like to be called dumb but the way you say it doesn't sound like an insult at all. If anything his cock twitches as you speak to him. 
N-No, I'm sorry M-Miss L/N." You push his fringe back and plant a small kiss on the middle of his forehead.
"Good boy."
Jungkook preens when you call him a good boy. You fucking knew he would like that. 
"Only good boys get to be touched in the CEOs chair. Get on your knees." You raise your brow when he doesn't move but seeing your expression it finally clicks that you're serious. You will really punish him. He didn't know what to think about that but his cock certainly liked the idea of you dominating him when he's normally in such a high position. You're his assistant he should be the one giving you orders. 
You push your skirt up as you take a seat where he was with your legs spread wide on his leather seat. 
You motion for him with your fingers to get closer and he does without question. The first thing you do is rake your hands through his hair gripping the roots at the back of his head pulling him closer to your core. Your white panties are in his line of vision and he swears he can see a small damp spot on it in the middle. 
"Go on. Show me how sorry you are." You give his hair a tentative tug his lower lip is between his teeth to keep his noises to a minimum. Jungkooks look up at you from his kneeling position with half lidded eyes before he licks his lips and gives your panties a playful lap. Your whole body shudders when you feel his tongue roll around your clothed core dampening your white panties with his spit until it's sticking to you like a second skin. Faintly but he could taste your natural essence you're so sweet he would like to get a real taste now but he has to be patient. You'll reward him if he's good enough. 
With renewed motivation, he starts licking and sucking pretending that it's your bare cunt rather than the barrier of fabric that hides you from him. Going lower with his flat tongue his nose nudges the hood of your clit that gets a gasp out of you. Liking your reaction he rubs his nose against your swollen nub repeatedly while his tongue continues to lick where he can reach you. Your sighs are getting louder encouraging him to keep going. Seeing how eager he is to please you, you momentarily force his head to back away a little just enough so you can hook one finger at the crotch of your panties and pull it aside. 
Seeing your cunt for the first time makes a loud moan reverberate through his chest he doesn't waste much time admiring your glistening folds he's going mad for a taste and a taste he gets. The lewd sounds of him slurping up your juices makes new gushes of arousal greet his mouth and he tries to get it all drinking you up. 
His nose finds your clit again that you appreciate with a small tug of his hair his moans shooting more pleasure through your core tightening around nothing. 
"I'll cum soon. Soak your face with my cum and you'll drink it all like a good boy right?" Jungkook could only nod his head slightly, never faltering his tongue's movements licking you throughoutly until your legs start shaking around his shoulders. 
The moment his long fingers thrust into your core your walls tighten around the digits, you cum around them with a loud moan. Jungkook whines against your pussy when you release his lips puckering as he tries to catch every drop. You smell and taste amazing. He might become obsessed.
He thinks his punishment is over but it's just only started. You deny him when he asks you to fuck him. You only offer to watch how he makes himself cum with his hands around his cock your name rolling off his tongue as you lick some of the semen that you get with your pointer finger from his stomach. You're such a tease but he likes it. He likes his punishment. He might do it again.
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btssmutgalore · a day ago
fwb with bts ♡ jin
Tumblr media
♡ how jin becomes your friend with benefits
Tumblr media
⤑ word count: 1k ⤑ pairing: jin x fem!reader ⤑ genre: non-idol!au, friends to lovers, smut ⤑ warnings: smut (cunnilingus, fingering, unprotected sex); use protection! ⤑ rating: 18+ ⤑ masterlist ‖ series masterlist ‖ updates ‖ read on AO3
Tumblr media
you can find the masterlist here and share your feedback with me here, if you want to. if you enjoy reading my stories, please consider supporting me using buymeacoffee. thank you! :)
Jin is kind of embarrassed by the way he's starting to act around you. He's a grown man, but he's acting like he's back in school having his first crush. He catches you looking and has to grin before looking away, even when you're not smirking or provoking in any way.
Jin’s just not used to this—having a friend he so wants to fuck. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when he started looking at you differently, but it definitely happened.
When he invites other friends over for a meal, Jin doesn't get lost staring at their lips and imagining them wrapped around his cock. When another friend moans or groans while stretching, Jin doesn't store the sound in his spank bank so he can think about it when he gets off.
Tonight, he crosses the line—Jin stares so much you catch him in the act and wait for him to notice you looking, which happens a while later. “Something on my face?” you ask, raising your eyebrow slightly as if you're challenging him.
“I, uhm, uh, no, I just—” Jin sounds pathetic, so he clears his throat and starts over. Honesty is the best policy, right? “You just have nice lips.”
You smirk at him from across his kitchen island, the tip of your tongue wetting your lips. Usually, you get all sheepish when someone compliments you, but not tonight. “Hm... Thanks, Jin. Is that why you were staring at them for two minutes straight?”
You're challenging him, he's sure of it now, so he doesn't let fear show on his face when he responds just as cockily, “No, I was wondering if they feel as good as they look.”
For a couple of seconds, time stands still. Your eyes meet, and neither one of you wants to be the one to look away first. Jin’s face is expressionless while yours gives off amusement. “Want to try for yourself?”
It's the question that causes it all to unravel—his lips on yours, hands around your waist, slipping down to the curve of your ass to grab it, crotch pressing into your stomach. “They feel perfect,” Jin hums into the kiss right before your hand sneaks down to grab his hardening cock over his jeans. You, groping him? He might just faint.
“I have something else that feels perfect.” The little chuckle you let out tells Jin you are going there, and he'd be a fool not to respond. Clearly, the consequences of fucking a friend are the last thing on your mind, and Jin starts feeling the same way when your fingers pull down his zipper, playing with the button of his jeans.
“Your mouth?” he dares suggest, even if it could end badly for him. The next second, you're pulling his jeans and boxers down his thighs, exposing his erect cock.
“Close enough,” you respond with a giggle and get down on your knees. Before Jin knows it, you show him just how perfect your mouth is. The way you take his dick in your mouth makes him groan embarrassingly fast, hips pushing into you so his cock can fill your throat. This is not a position he thought the two of you would be in, but you are, and he loves it.
When you hum around his length, Jin pulls you away by grabbing your hair, hoping he's not being too rough. Through a hiss, he warns you, “I'll blow if you keep going.”
“You're acting as if we don't have all night,” you deadpan, getting up on your feet and getting the dress off your body so calmly, as if it’s a thing that’s happened a million times before tonight. “If we're crossing the line, we might as well go all in.”
Minutes later, Jin finds out you weren't lying at all—your cunt feels perfect too, wet and warm against his tongue. He has to get you ready to ensure you can take his cock in one go because there's no way he's taking it slow with you or making love to you.
Jin is crazy about you, sure, but the way you're acting tonight—so unlike the prim and proper friend he's used to—just makes him want to bend you over the first surface he sees and give you what you so clearly want. So, he decides to stretch you out with fingers first so you’re ready to take all of him.
“Please, Jin,” you plead, fingers tugging at his hair as he fingers you, mouth attached to your clit, eyes inspecting your face. Jin’s not sure he's ever getting to experience this with you again, so he wants to make the best out of it. After all, you're not the type to fuck your friends, so he's uncertain if you'll make him an exception again—one time seems more than generous to someone who's been getting off to the thought of you for months now.
“You'll get it, don't worry.” Jin allows himself to be cocky because he knows it won't last—he'll be done for as soon as he slips inside of you. “I'm right here.”
Seeing as this might be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, he makes you come twice before even fucking you, basking in how wet he got you using just his mouth and fingers. After you come down from your second high, you whine loudly. “Fuck, Jin, just put it in already, I can't take this anymore!”
When the condom is on and nothing is stopping you two, Jin pushes his cock inside of you, holding it by its base and then pushing all the way in, enjoying how you wrap around him fully—your wet walls pull him in just as much as your limbs that wrap around his hips and shoulders. “This feels perfect too,” he whispers against your neck.
Your friendship is the last thing on his mind when you give him permission to take the condom off and come all over your stomach and tits. Stupidly, Jin collapses on top of you right after, pressing kiss after kiss on your lips and cheeks, tongue slipping inside of your mouth—he just can't get enough.
Tumblr media
you can find the masterlist here and share your feedback with me here, if you want to. if you enjoy reading my stories, please consider supporting me using buymeacoffee. thank you! :)
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dreamypjm · a day ago
"Inspire me, baby" — Min Yoongi | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing — Yoongi x F! Reader
Genre — Idol AU, Producer/Rapper Yoongi, Smut, Fluff, Pwp (with a little plot but not really), sub reader & dom Yoongi, a little humour, adoring, intense loving, some aftercare
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 5.1k
Summary: Casually (or not so casually..) checking on your producer boyfriend, who's been working all day, escalates a little after he told you about his current lack of inspiration.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (kinda imposed but with indirect consents as it's been badly craved for a while), domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, controlling the climax, teasing, making fun of you but in a humoured loving way, kinda blackmailing but with loving intensions
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're standing infront Yoongi's studio with your phone in one of your hands and stare at the locked door. He once told you the code but also said you shouldn't disturb him producing new tapes and only use it in case of "emergencies".
Well, this is an emergency you think to yourself and tap the code into the door lock. You hear a quick clack, slowly open the door to the studio and peek through the door gap before stepping inside. It's silent and you wonder what Yoongi would be doing right now. Finally, you slide the door wide enough open to step inside the room.
Y/N: "Babe, you haven't left the studio in hours"
You softly close the door behind yourself and walk across the room towards Yoongi's desk before you realize he's not here. You sit down on his super comfortable chair and put your phone on the desk. You start to lean back and forth in his chair a few times, impatiently waiting for him to get back here.
Y/N: "He must be in the bathroom" you mumble to yourself and rotate the chair in circles a few times until you stop and stare at the computer screen. You don't know a lot about those things but to you it seems like Yoongi barely got anything done today.
You take a closer look at the screen trying to figure out what he's been working on.
YG: "What are you doing there?"
You turn around to see Yoongi right infront of you, freshly out of the shower with his lower body wrapped in a towel.
"Oh", you say in a suprised tone as your eyes wander up his body, over his lightly defined abs towards his face. His hair is dripping a little on his shoulder.
 "I didn't know you had a shower down here", you say amused.
YG: "Babe"
He walks towards you and when he reached you, slides his hands over your cheek. He grabs your chin, tilts your head a little up and leans down to place a tender kiss on your lips.
YG: "Get off that chair", he laughs and you obey. He lets himself fall into it with a sigh.
Standing beside him, you softly run your fingers through his wet hair.
Y/N: "What's wrong?"
YG: "I don't know"
He looks at you and his expression quickly changes from exhausted to a slight smirk.
YG: "Didn't I tell you to only come down my studio in case of emergencies?"
Y/N: "Well yeah.."
You blush a little and avoid his gaze.
Y/N: "I though it kind of is an emergency..", you scratch your neck.
Y/N: "And also, I've been feeling a little lonely up there since you haven't left your studio in hours"
YG: "Mhm.."
He squinches his eyes and watches you carefully.
"I might need a little inspiration..", he says in a deep, low voice while still looking at you as if you were a criminal.
YG: "Look at this"
He points at the screen of his computer. You step infront of him and take another look at the screen.
Y/N: "So? I can't see anything"
YG: "Exactly"
He suddenly grabs your hips and pulls you backwards onto his lap. He warps his left arm around your waiste and gently places his chin on your shoulder.
YG: "I kinda have a block today. I took a quick shower to clear my mind but it didn't really help"
He sighs while his right hand on the computer mouse clicks through some apps.
Y/N: "Can I help you somehow?"
You place your hand on top if his, slide your fingers between his and then take it off the mouse. At the same time you lean your head back onto his shoulder. Yoongi turns his head a little and you feel his warm breath on your neck.
"Yeah..", he whispers and kisses your neck. His soft lips on your skin cause goosebumps over your whole body.  Right from the beginning, he didn't seem to be mad about you entering his studio without an emergency. On the contrary, he seems to be glad you're here.
"Turn around..", he whispers.
You obey, get off his lap just to turn around and sit back down on the towel on his lap. He then grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hand over the naked skin of his upper body. After a little while of making out, you break the kiss, lick your lips and look at him a little insecure.
Y/N: "Does anyone else know the code to your studio?"
Yoongi smirks.
YG: "Are you scared of getting caught and being accused distracting me from work?"
Y/N: "Mhm.. I just wanna make sure the two of us won't get disturbed while you're finding new inspiration.."
YG: "Don't worry"
He pulls you back in and kisses you again. His kisses now slowly wander sideways down your face to your neck. He presses his lips against your skin.
"You're the only one", he mumbles and continues kissing your neck.
A relieved smile forms on your lips while you kiss him back. Yoongi wraps his arms around your body and slides his hand under the shirt on your back to open your bra a second later. You quickly slip your arms out of the straps and let the bra fall out of your shirt, down to to the floor. Yoongi looks down. "Interesting.." he says in a flirty tone as he sees your red lace bra lying on the dark floor tiles.
YG: "You planned this, didn't you?"
You smirk and slowly slide your hand down his body, over the naked skin.
Y/N: "The text you've send me earlier gave me a strong feeling you needed this today"
Yoongi quickly looks away and laughs.
"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.
You raise your eyebrows, grab his chin with your free hand and turn his head towards you. A little while ago before you got down here, Yoongi had sent you a text message saying that work.. or something else.. is extra hard today.
"IT.. is extra hard today.." you imitate Yoongi's text in a sarcastic tone.
"I've been talking about work", he tries to suppress a mischievous smile.
"Sure", you say and get off his lap.
"Babe?", he looks at you confused with raised eyebrows as you stand infront of him.
YG: "Wait, I didn't mean -"
He abruptly stops as you open your jeans and slip out of them without a warning.
Y/N: "Alright"
You look at Yoongi who's staring at you suprised with his mouth slightly open. Just a few seconds later, his facial expression radically changes to a playful smile and his gaze wanders down your shirt to your red panties that are matching your bra that's laying on the floor.
YG: "Damn, babe"
He leans forward, grabs your butt with his veiny hands and pulls you back onto his lap. His hands slide into your shirt and wander up your stomach to your chest. He strokes over both your nipples before he softly grabs your boobs and starts kneading them. A slight moan escapes your mouth as you enjoy his touch. He suddenly grabs the hem of your shirt and you immediately lift your hands so that he can pull it over your head and arms. He aggressively throws it into the room and burries his face into your breasts.
"I love them so much..", he whispers against your chest. One of your hands grabs his neck while the other one leans on the chair armrest and you slowly start grinding your hips on his lap. Yoongi lets a low moan out, breathing against your skin.
YG: "Keep going"
He takes his face off your body and looks deep into your eyes as you start grinding a little harder on his body. Feeling his thing getting hard and pressing against your panties through the towel, you start placing kisses on all over Yoongi's neck.
"You know exactly what I like", he exhales contently.
YG: "And I know what you like"
His hands let go off your boobs and slide into your panties, one in the back and the other one in the front. He grabs your butt while the fingers of his other hand glide into your cleft and he starts rubbing your clit with his index- and middle finger. They intensively go in circles, again and again until you start breathing faster, let go of his neck and lean your hand against the chair's back. You softly bite Yoongi's shoulder as his fingers starts moving faster and you let out a few louder moans.
YG: "Yeah, moan for me.."
His hard thing under the towel starts twitching a little. Yoongi pulls his hands out of your slip, grabs your waiste and lifts your body up.
YG: "Take those panties off"
You do like he says, strip them down and quickly slip out. Before he lets you down on his lap again, you pull the towel off his body and look down at his errection that literally leaps out at you as soon as it had the chance to. Yoongi searches for your gaze and as soon as you look back at him, he smirks and gently lets you down on his hard thing. You moan out loudly as he penetrates deep inside you and seems to feel extra pleasuring today. For a little moment, you hold in and take a deep breath as a thought crosses your mind.
Y/N: "Babe.. the condom -"
YG: "It's alright, isn't it a safe day today?"
Yoongi seems to know exactly about your cycle. Of course he does, he's always keeping track of that incase of something going wrong, such as a torn condom and stuff. It's not like he strictly doesn't wanna start a family with you someday but it's just not yet the right timing since his work doesn't allow it yet.
Y/N: "You're right but.."
To be honest, you and Yoongi never had unprotected sex before even tho the both of you have been craving it for a long time. But Yoongi always insisted wearing a condom since you're not on birth control pills. In fact, you totally understand that. And besides the fact that he would never make you take any hormone changing pills, you would never force him going all unprotected. The more suprised you are now, that he suddenly goes for it without any warning. But well, you wouldn't complain.
"It's okay, let me feel you.." he whispers. You slightly nod and let yourself sink more down on his lap, letting out a savoring moan as it pushes him deeper inside of you.
YG: "Oh fuck"
He sharply breaths in and throws his head back against the chair.
YG: "It feels so much better like this.."
Your body gently starts moving on him as you grind your hips back and forth. Yoongi looks up at you, smiles in errection and straightens his position up. He then pulls you closer to his body and looks deep into your eyes while you keep riding him softly.
"It feels even better than I thought", he groans before he starts thrusting his hard thing into you. Both your breaths start getting faster and the both of you moan out in passion. You lean in an start kissing him roughly while he increases the pace of his hips. Pounding even deeper and faster into you with every minute that passes, you lean yourself back into his arms and your boobs bounce up and down right at his face.
"Just like that..", he says under strained breathing. The chair under your bodies starts squeaking through the extreme pressure of bouncing up and down.
YG: "The studio luckily is super soundproof"
The both of you laugh a little in heavy breathing. You lean forward to Yoongi and starts sucking the skin on his neck.
"Mark me like I'm yours.." he moans and so do you. You leave a few dark hickeys on his skin what turns him even more on. The longer you keep riding him like that, the louder the squeak of the chair gets. Yoongi suddenly slows the pace down, grabs your waist and lifts you off his lap onto the desk behind you. He strokes his hard cock up and down your labia to tease you while you bite your lip and wait for him to slide it back into you. He keeps doing that until you get impatient.
"Stop teasing me", you sigh.
Yoongi smirks but you grab his buttcheeks and pull him closer.
Y/N: "Give me all your hard work until I spill the inspiration.."
Yoongi widens his eyes astonished before he suddenly pushes his fingers into you. You moan out suprised since you didn't notice his hand down there until now.
"I can feel how bad you want me", he says as he moves his fingers in your wet pussy. He pulls them out and quickly pushes them right back into you, again and again, faster and faster, until you almsot can't hold it anymore.
"Yoongi- ", you moan his name and burry your head against his chest.
Y/N: "Slow down, slow down - "
Out of breath, you lean back onto the desk as he finally pulls his fingers out of you.
Without either one of you noticing, your elbow accidentally got on the keypad of his computer on pushes some of it's keys.
YG: "We're not done, baby"
He spreads your legs and steps between them. Then he reaches for a button under his desk and pushes it what makes the desk start to slowly go down.
YG: "It's really nice to have an automatically adjustable desk.. You can get up while working, move the desk up and continue doing ,whatever, while standing for a bit. That's good for your back."
The desk keeps going down while you look a bit surprised at Yoongi who's fully focused on that. Astonished about Yoongi who's even while making love still the technique nerd he always was, when it's about studio equipment, you giggle a little.
You love that about him.
YG: "In our case.. however, let's continue to lower it..."
While you patiently wait for him to find the right position, you adore his body that's slowly being revealed infront of your eyes by the desk, the more it goes down. It's like a presentation of a product and you're waiting for his "product" to be finally shown.
He lets it down a little lower until you're in the perfect position right infront of him to simply slide his lenght, that's now reaching over the edge, into you. He moves closer to you, presses his body against yours and starts kissing you passionately.
You softly grab his hard thing that's pressing against your lower belly and stroke it up and down a few times before you gently push it down and rub it against your clit. Yoongi moans while you're still kissing. His breath heavily blows out of his nose as you keep rubbing it down there and pleasure yourself with it. He takes his lips off yours, quickly slides the keyboard behind you aside and pushes you down on his desk. You grab the edge of the table with both hands and hold on tight, ready to have Yoongi thrust his cock deep into you. He leans onto the desk with his left arm while the other hand goes down on you, grabs his cock and a moment later pushes it into you while letting out a highly agitated moan.
"Oh my gosh, baby", he leans down to you and whispers into your ear.
YG: "You're so wet and I love to feel it"
Before you're able to say anything, he starts moving and thrusts deeper into you what makes you moan out in passion. His hip is getting faster with every breath, roughly moving back and forth. You start moaning louder and so does he, until you press your lips together and hold yourself a little back.
YG: "Don't"
Yoongi groans into your ear.
"Don't hold it back, baby.. moan as loud as you can. This studio is safe", he whispers in a shaky voice of excitement. His hands slide down your naked skin to your thighs and pull them up. You give into to it and wrap your legs around his body.
As he keeps roughly pounding into you, a strand of his dark brown hair falls into his face and tickles your nose. It's still wet and starts dripping on your face. You take one hand off the table and stroke his hair back when suddenly your body slides to the back, due to Yoongi's power.
YG: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"
He laughs, grabs your hips and pulls you back forward right on the edge of the table, which makes it possible for him to go deeper on you again. He straightens himself up, puts his hands on your waiste and holds tightly onto it as he starts taking out even further with his hip to thrust into you even harder. Everytime he pushes into you, he also pulls you towards his body with his grip on your waiste so that he hits just the perfect spot inside of you. Your body arches itself up in errection and you moan out really loud. Yoongi starts sweating like hell while he keeps going like that. The sweat runs down his face and body before he suddenly slows down and pulls you up to sit. He lays his arms on your shoulders and breaths heavily as he smiles at you.
YG: "Damn, I'm getting so close already"
He laughs and let's his head down on your shoulder aswell. He holds in like that, not moving for like a minute, just breathing deeply to calm his body a little down.
"Me too", you giggle and breath as if you've been running a marathon. He places a soft kiss on your shoulder and lifts his head.
YG: "I'll be able to create a masterpiece after we're done"
You both laugh and he gently starts moving his hips again. He keeps the pace down for now and kisses you in such a passionate way, that you feel like levitating until his tongue starts getting involved the kisses. You let out a low sigh in memory of what his tongue was able to do to you whenever he went down on you. Well, dating a rapper had it's benefits.
YG: "What are you thinking about?"
He stopped moving as he notices your thoughts drifting away since you unconsciously stopped kissing him back. You feel caught, turn away to avoid his glance and blush slightly. Yoongi squinches his eyes and smirks as he saw you blushing over his questions.
YG: "Babe"
He grabs your chin and turns your face back to him. You look at him sheepishly.
YG: "I think I know what it is"
He provokingly licks his lips while you're eyes carefully follow his tongue.
"You're tongue..", you mumble a little embarrassed.
YG: "Oh you mean.."
He smirks and disappears out of your sight as he starts licking your neck. He runs his tongue over your skin, downwards your body. You take a deep, sharp breath when his tongue reached your belly. Out of sudden, he stops, pulls you close to his body and lifts you up. Out of reflex, you immediately wrap your legs around his waiste.
"What're you doing?" you ask a little confused. He doesn't respond but suddenly walks across the room with you in his arms. He steps towards the black leather sofa that's standing on the other side of the studio and gently lays you down on it.
His hands clenched into fists, he props himself up on the leather as he leans over you.
"Giving you what you crave so badly", Yoongi whispers and disappears above you. The next thing you feel is his tongue on your belly slowly sliding down until it gets between your legs.
Y/N: "Yoongi.. "
You put your hand on his head, run your fingers through his still a little wet hair and let out a sigh of enjoyment as he starts licking you down there. He starts off gently and slow, sucks a little here and there and licks gently over your clit. You let a few deep breaths out of your nose, trying not to freak out yet while he didn't even start to put much effort into it. You try your best to hold back but you just can't resist it since he's so good with his tongue. You start moaning but a little self-conscious.
He chuckles amused, seeing you try so hard not to give in and continues going soft and slow to tease you a bit longer.
"You're so mean..", you groan, look down on him and pull his hair to make him look up to you. When he returns your gaze, he laughs and nods slightly before he continues what he started. He grabs your thighs, spreads them a little more and starts going faster.
Yoongi could move his tongue faster than anyone else you've ever known. And if he wanted to, he could take you to heaven just by using his tongue technology.
He finally understood the assignment and kept going faster and faster while your body arches itself up and down. He tightly holds on to your thighs as you're body is starting to get out of control.
"Wait-", you moan heavily but Yoongi keeps going.
Y/N: "BABE - "
Right before you were about to literally explode, he emerges his face out of your legs, quickly slides his body onto yours and pushes his still hard thing into you again. It seems like hearing and seeing you like this turned him on even more.
A loud, lustful moan escapes him as he shoves it deeper into you. He let's his whole body sink onto yours and gets so close to your face, that his lips softly touch yours. He then slides his arms under your arms along your back, places his hands directly under head and grabs it, so that he's completely holding you now.
His body tightly pressed on yours, he starts grinding his hips onto you, back and forth, thrusting faster but softer into you than he did before. You wrap your arms all around his body and grab his head aswell. Holding on to eachother so close with your lips and noses touching, you look intense into his brown cateye shaped orbs that are deeply craving and adoring you.
As he keeps thrusting into you with such a passion, you close your eyes for a moment and groan.
"Please don't stop looking at me", Yoongi whispers in heavy moaning. You immediately obey and open your eyes just to see him smile relieved and still look into your eyes with such a deep glance.
YG: "..even if you feel like floating away.. keep looking at me, please. Don't take your gaze of me. I wanna see it in your eyes when I take you there"
He pulls one of his arms out under your body and the next thing you feel is that he intensively starts rubbing your clit while bouncing his lenght into your cunt faster and faster. His fingers down there match their pace perfectly to his hips. Your moans start getting louder and more ragged with ever thrust until you can't hold it anymore and your body starts shaking underneath him. You do your best not to let your eyes fall back but to keep looking him in the eye as the tension in your body increases. The sound of him slipping in and out of you gets more slippery the wetter and closer you get.
"Inspire me, baby", Yoongi moans in a highly agitated tone as he increases his pace until he can't go faster.
When you finally give into it, your eyeballs slightly roll back and you loudly moan his name as you cum on his thickness. He keeps thrusting deep into you and his lenght starts wildy twitching inside of you.
"Fuck", he groans and watches you closely arching your back up the couch, moaning in such huge pleasure that the combination of you moaning so contentedly and cumming all over his cock, almost leads himself to a climax. Yoongi tries to hold everything inside while his breath becomes extremly ragged. He doesn't slow down at all what makes you immediatly build up tension again right after you just had one of the best orgasm you've ever felt. You start to purposely squeez your cunt to tease Yoongi and get him close to cumming inside of you.
"Fuck, baby", he moans so loud it almost sounds like a beg to stop.
"I want you to cum so hard like you never did before", you whisper into his ear with a low moan.
"I want you to cum right inside of me and fill me up", you go on in a ragged moaning voice.
"Oh damn, baby" he moans in a tone like he couldn't believe your words.
YG: "Are you sure?"
You nod and continue teasing him by squeezing your pussy more and less around his cock. "You feel so fucking good" he moans at you out of breath.
Yoongi keeps slipping his thing in and out so intense, that you feel like your next climax had to be right there any moment.
"Fuck babe, I'm so close again" you say as you scrape your fingers down his back and grip his butt while Yoongi heavily moans his soul out in a deep agitated tone.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yoongi", you yell as he keeps hitting just the perfect spot inside of you. He seems to be way too close aswell to respond. Both of your moans get escalating loud and ragged as you still look at each other. Yoongi never took his glance off your eyes at any time since he's been laying on top of you. He desperately sighs your name as he couldn't hold it back anymore and finally cums right inside of you, in the highest pleasure he's ever felt. You pop off aswell as you feel him filling you up and the two of you cum together full of passion. Going through another intense orgasm under Yoongi's gaze, your legs shake so hard that he grips your thighs and holds on to them to calm them down. Trying to calm your pulse after two so fucking good highs, you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Wow", Yoongi sighs extremly satisfied and burries his face into your shoulder.
You turn your head aside and stare into the studio while you're trying to process everything that just happened. But Yoongi still hasn't fully stopped moving inside of you what suddenly causes a few aftershocks intensly rolling through you.
"Oh damn", you jerky moan into the room as your body arches off the couch in torture and pleasure at the same time.
Yoongi laughs mischievously and pushes his cock a few more times deep into your soaked pussy before he lifts his hip and gently pulls it out.
He lets himself sink back onto your body and places his head next to yours on your shoulder. Still totally out of breath, you wrap your arms tight around Yoongi's body, who's nestled all up on you. You suddenly start to giggle as you remember you kind of distracted him from work.
Y/N: "Shouldn't you use the inspiration I just gave you to produce something?"
YG: "Hold me just a little longer, please" he mumbles and closes his eyes.
You chuckle. The next few minutes go by without either one of you saying a word until you raise your voice again.
"Did you really just fuck me like that?" you laugh in disbelief as you realize this had to be the best sex you've ever had.
Leaning his arms on the leather, he pushes himself up and looks down on you.
"I did", he smirks and jumps off the sofa.
He grabs a pack of tissues and your clothes and softly throws it at you with a satisfied chuckle before walks out of your sight into the bathroom to also slip back into his clothes.
You grab a tissue, carefully wipe off his cum that's dripping out of you down there and put your clothes on. You then lay back down on the couch, totally exhausted. Yoongi steps back into the room, fully clothed and lets out an amused laughter when he sees you laying there as if you've been going through the hardest sport exercises someone could ever make up. He then takes a pillow and a light blanket out of a closet and walks back to you.
He gently lifts your head, puts the pillow under it and then spreads the blanket over you to cover you up. Before he turns around, he places a soft kiss on your forehead.
"Is it okay if I stay here a little longer?", you yawn.
YG: "Stay as long as you want, babe. Take a rest" he smiles and takes a seat at his desk. He puts on some of his super stylish headphones and gets back to work. You peacefully close your eyes and snuggle up into the blanket.
A little while into listening to the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, you're about to fall asleep when Yoongi suddenly bursts out in laughter.
YG: "What the hell?"
You squint your eyes in confusion and also a little annoyed since you almost fell asleep.
"BABE", he yells in a weird laughter. You refuse to open your eyes but respond with a low "mhm?"
YG: "I guess I have my next hit here..".
He can't stop laughing, plugs his headphones off the computer and starts playing an audio through the studio speakers. A few seconds later, you suddenly tear your eyes open and hardly believe your ears as you recognise the sound of it.
"OH MY GOSH, DELETE THAT" you scream embarrassed as you blush until your face looks like a ripe tomato.
"You could've told me that you wanted to record such kind of tape", he smirks.
It seems like you accidentally pushed the recording button on the keypad while Yoongi and you we're wildly humping on his desk.
"I would've changed something in the setup first", he continues teasing you, "but it still has a very clear sound, no chance I'll just throw this away", he turns around and mischievously grins at you.
You pull the blanket all over your head in embarrassment as the sound of both your loud moans keep blowing through the speakers.
YG: "I'll keep this masterpiece until we created an even better one, hah.."
The next thing you hear is his dirty lustful laugh and a few mouse clicks.
Tumblr media
Author's note:
Hope you liked it! If you did, please leave a like, follow & reblog to help me reach more potential readers! ♡
Feel free to also leave any thoughts on it in the comments! I'd love to receive some feedback since this was only the second time I ever wrote smut but I kinda start to like writing those things and will probably do more soon!
Thank you for reading!!
- Ami Xx
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sugakookitty · 2 days ago
perfect moments || jjk ft. myg
Tumblr media
⇢ title: perfect moments ⇢ pairing: boyfriend!jungkook x female reader x yoongi ⇢ genre: smut ⇢ summary: Your birthday isn’t over yet; why end the party so soon? ⇢ rating: 18+ ⇢ word count: 1.7k ⇢ warnings: threesomes | unprotected sex | deep throating | face fucking | impact play | double penetration | potty mouth Yoongi back at it again | dom!yoongi | dom!jungkook | switch!reader | facial cum shot | dirty talk | degradation | name calling | breath play | gagging | choking | riding | mutual masturbation | naughty pictures(ooh wow) | hair pulling | nipple/breast play | slight edging | begging | oral sex(male receiving) | clit stimulation | cum play/eating | aftercare | i think that’s it. ⇢ a/n: this story was written for the lovely @yoon2k​​ ‘s birthday. it’s a repost from my old blog so some of you are already familiar. i’ve changed nothing lol. big shout out to @kithtaehyung​​ and Sophie who helped me with plotting and stuff. Sequel to @kookskingdom​​ ‘s Perfect Men but can be read alone...highly recommend you read part one first though.
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, is your girlfriend always this horny?”
The other men have departed and gone into their rooms, leaving you, Yoongi, and your boyfriend Jungkook alone in the living room. It didn’t take long for all hell to break loose; neither of you could wait to fuck each other’s brains out.
“Shut the fuck up–ahh!” Your backtalk is interrupted by a slap to your left tit, a reminder that you may be on top, but Yoongi is the driver of this ride.
Waking up this morning, it never crossed your mind that you’ll be on your boyfriend’s couch bouncing wildly on his best friend’s dick. You didn’t expect anything of this to happen, honestly.
However, here you are, being filled with another man’s cock while your boyfriend orchestrates the entire thing.
“What can I say?” Jungkook shrugs casually, “I do love a greedy whore.”
Your boyfriend grabs your hair and turns your head in his direction. If you had known you would be met with a big fat cock you would have prepared yourself mentally. His dick is already aligned with your mouth, while he sports an expecting look on his face.
You should be embarrassed how quickly your mouth opens to take him in, but due to the irresistible urge to have him invading your taste buds, you’ll have to say goodbye to your morals.
“Slow down, slut. Let me fix your lipstick.” He rubs the tip over your lips, smearing his precum everywhere he touches. Jungkook’s sticky arousal ends up all over your face due to the constant moving as you ride his best friend’s dick.
Suddenly, Yoongi leans forward and takes one of your nipples between his lips. Your mouth falls open when he suckles and nibbles the bud gently, teasing but not giving you exactly what you want.
Jungkook steals the opportunity and slides into your mouth in one long stroke; luckily, you’ve done this countless times, and you quickly relax your throat to accommodate his size. Yoongi makes you moan when he starts to suck your sensitive nipple harshly while rolling the other between his fingers.
The vibrations travel right up your boyfriend’s cock, and he curses loudly, earning a chuckle from the mischievous man beneath you.
“Dude, what the fuck was that?! I almost came down her throat.” Jungkook has no other choice but to move or risk blowing his load in the warmth of your mouth.
“Rookie,” Yoongi mumbles against your areola.
Your movements stutter when Jungkook thrusts into you suddenly. Yoongi has to grip your hips to keep the rhythm.
“I’ll show you who’s a fucking rookie.” Jungkook grabs the back of your head and begins fucking your mouth like he’s running a marathon.
Your jaw loosens so he can slide in and out smoothly, and the sound of you gagging fills the room every time he hits the back of your throat. Yoongi has taken over and is now fucking you from below, his balls slapping your ass repeatedly, creating even more lewd noises in the dark living room.
“Fuck! Oh, she does like getting her throat fucked raw. She’s gotten so damn tight!” Yoongi grunts as he continues to plow into you.
You feel like you’re on the highest cloud in the sky right now. You’ve had two hot men fuck you senselessly already, and just when you thought the night was over, your boyfriend and his roommate take you for another ride.
While Yoongi continues to attack your breast, Jungkook is burying his dick in you, cutting off your air until you’re patting his thigh to let him know you need to breathe. You’ve played this game before, and he knows it’s your favorite—which is why you came up with the ‘three taps’ rule.
You’re so drunk on cock that you don’t even realize how roughly you’ve started grinding on Yoongi, making him cease his movements so he can lie back and watch in awe.
“She’s so sexy, man.”
Yoongi’s comment makes you side-eye him briefly before turning your attention back to your boyfriend, who’s patiently waiting for you to look him in the eyes. You can’t help but feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have a boyfriend like him who’ll do anything to see you happy. You’re glad that he’s enjoying himself too.
“Tell me about it,” he whispers, watching you suck him in.
Your left hand grabs Yoongi’s shoulder to balance yourself so you can fuck and suck like a pro. All three of you begin moaning, and pride fills your chest, knowing you’re milking two cocks at once.
“Careful, baby. I’m not trying to come before you do.” Jungkook’s voice oozes with lust.
“Yeah, same here, but the slut is pushing it,” Yoongi adds.
The derogatory term seems to change the mood quickly, something inside of you snaps, and your body starts to move on its own. Yoongi curses loudly when you start bouncing on his cock again, surely waking any unfortunate soul that rests their heads near these walls.
Your boyfriend has to lean and hold onto the couch because his strong legs began to wobble. He’s weak from the warm and wet feeling of your mouth squeezing his cock.
“Damn, baby. Do you have to look at me like that?” Jungkook wants to look away, but you know he can never tear his focus from the innocence in your eyes while you’re doing such an obscene act.
“Mmhm,” You moan around his dick, and he quickly grabs your hair and withdraws. Your mouth forms a pout, causing Jungkook to laugh breathlessly.
“I know what you’re doing, but I have other plans, birthday girl. Get her on the floor, Yoongi.”
Your boyfriend’s roommate hastily scoops you up with his dick still inside of you. He lies you on your back and starts fucking you again without missing a beat.
“Fuck, shit!”
The new position has you crying out in pleasure as Yoongi’s cock travels deeper into your heat. Jungkook stands over you, pumping his dick and watching his best friend wreck you like it’s his favorite show.
“You’ve got a filthy fucking mouth. You know that, slut?” Yoongi wraps his hand around your throat, making you look at him instead.
“You haven’t seen the half,” you tell him.
“Show me, then.”
You hear Jungkook’s soft grunts above you, and you know he’s about to reach his release. By the look on Yoongi’s face, he, too, is near his orgasm.
“Come on my face. Both of you.”
The two men share a look, and Jungkook gives Yoongi the okay with a simple nod. Your boyfriend knows how dirty you can get, so he isn’t surprised. Yoongi pulls out and settles on the opposite side of Jungkook, then begins jerking his dick at a rapid speed.
Your fingers find your clit as you watch both men get themselves off at the sight of your naked body. It fuels your ego, makes you feel like a goddess that they’re worshiping even though the act is beyond degrading.
The coil begins to tighten, and you beg them to come with you because you can no longer hold off the intense pleasure.
“Come for me. Please.” Your orgasm hits as the last word leaves your lips.
Your vision whitens, and your back arches off the floor. All sounds have been drowned out by the ringing in your ears, and the only thing that snaps you back into reality is the warm sticky splats of cum hitting your face.
Your eyes remain closed until the last drop is squirted out, but you can still hear both Yoongi and Jungkook’s moans as they ride out their highs.
You can make out the sound of them shuffling, and once you open your eyes you find both laying on either side of you. Jungkook smiles when you turn to him, like he always does after you’re done fucking each other’s brains out.
Yoongi clears his throat, and you’re then reminded of his presence.
“I’m still waiting for you to show me how filthy your mouth is, darling.”
You look him right in the eyes as you take your finger and gather both men’s sticky seed then pop them in your mouth. Your eyes close while you hum around your digits, letting them know how good they taste.
When you open your eyes, Yoongi is looking at Jungkook with his mouth open and his eyes wide. You can’t help but giggle at this reaction, knowing Jungkook has seen this a thousand times.
“I guess we know who the real rookie is. Don’t we, babe?” You look at your boyfriend, who’s searching for something under the small living room table.
“Yeah, Yoongi. I told you my girl can get dirty,” he tells his friend. “Are you ready to capture some memories?”
Jungkook’s camera comes into view, and a smile spreads on your face. This is another piece that binds you to each other; your love for erotic and post orgasmic photos. You have hundreds of these. Some of just the two of you and some when you invite a nice girl home, but none like this.
“Only if Yoongi wants to.” You bat your lashes at your boyfriend’s roommate, and he smirks in response.
“Fuck it. Let’s do it before I change my mind.”
All three of you snuggle close so Jungkook can get everyone in the frame. He snaps a few photos then you all review them and select which ones you like the most.
While Jungkook is busy cleaning the cum off your face before it dries, Yoongi goes to the kitchen to grab you some water.
“You know it was bold of you to call me a rookie,” he mentions, entering the room again. He hands you your water, and starts heading towards his room. “I’d have you both trembling like virgins if I had my way.”
Jungkook looks at you with a raised eyebrow, and before he can open his mouth, you chime in.
“And what is that supposed to mean?”
You lie on Jungkook’s lap, sipping your water as you watch Yoongi’s naked perky ass retreat down the hall. He opens his door, and looks back at you both before he enters.
“I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Maybe you should come in here and find out.”
You and your boyfriend share a look as soon as Yoongi’s door shuts and neither of you expect the other to say what comes out of your mouths.
“Can we?”
Tumblr media
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kookiecrumb · a day ago
Jungkook and Boobs: a kookiecrumb
warnings: smutty (18+), virgin!jungkook x fem!reader, a whole lotta boob-touchin', mention of a boner, slight fluff
The conversation started like this:
"Wait so, you're telling me that they hurt when you squish em?"
"Yes, when you do it too hard, yeah." 
"But then why do they look squishy?" 
"Because they are squishy, Jungkook…" 
"Really?! Like…how?" 
You take his hands in yours and squeeze them to get his attention. "Do you wanna touch mine?"  
Jungkook turns red in the face. "Only if you want to, I'm just curious. Nothing more than that…" 
"Hm," you place his hands on either one of your covered breasts. Jungkook closes his hands around them instantly, holding them with care. 
"...they're like water balloons kinda?" He comments, comfortably settling one hand on each side. "They're so warm…"
"You can squeeze them, I'll tell you if you do it too hard…" you propose.
"Uhm," Jungkook squishes one in his hand lightly and then both, simultaneously. The third knead is a little rough. 
"Ah–" you jolt. "Not that hard." 
Jungkook nods furiously. "Okay, not that hard." 
He pulls his hands away and prays that you don't see the very obvious hard-on that has since formed between his legs.
a/n: happy Saturday!
permatags gang gang: @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @carolynanderson , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren , @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @armys-dna , and @nglmrk
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jigglyjeon · 20 hours ago
cake -> jjk
Tumblr media
summary: in which you bake your best friend a birthday cake that goes to good use along with a spontaneous surprise.
pairing(s): jungkook x female reader
genre: pure smut, bf2l ^.^
rating: 18+
warning tags: mentions of male masturbation, making out, brief food play, motorboating, unprotected sex (don’t even think about trying it irl i’m watching you), cum eating
word count: 2k +
a/n: unedited, apologies for mistakes ^.^ also if i ever miss warning tags feel free to let me know if necessary ~
The two of had just finished cleaning up in comfortable silence after the small gathering Jungkook just had for his birthday, he’s now in the shower as your baking him his favourite cake. You get done icing it up and clean up the kitchen before you go to check if Jungkook is done so you can hopefully clean up too and share the cake together over a movie. 
You raise a brow when you can hear the water running still, along with the sound of faint whimpers. You’re unsure if you’re hearing things so you move closer and press your ear up to the door. The sound is a lot louder now, and you can hear his staggering breaths. You can’t justify why you quietly open the door just a crack, your curiosity getting the better of you. “Fuck, Y/N”
That was not what you expected at all. You’d always had feelings for Jungkook, but as your best friend and roommate you never stood a chance. That’s what you thought anyway. “Shit, shit.” And he sounds so sexy when he moans.
Never did you think that he thought of you that way, especially not after he brought home different girlfriends and one night stands over the years living together.
You can practically feel yourself drooling, but you find the will to pull yourself away, going to your room to change out of your day clothes and into your pyjamas. You’ll take a shower later. 
You’re sitting at the counter on your phone when he remerges in nothing but basketball shorts, rubbing a small towel against his wet hair. You look up at him with a bored expression when he announces his presence, inhaling deeply through his nose. “Smells amazing, that for us?” He rubs his hands together.  
“Mhm, for you.” You mumble, locking your phone. He moves up behind you, peering around to press a friendly kiss to your cheek. His warmth from the hot shower he just had radiates off of him, and the feeling of his lips of your cold cheek makes you shiver. “You’re a saint. Really, thank you.” He smiles warmly at you, and you blush. “Of course, happy birthday Kook.”
“I have another surprise for you.” You’re being impulsive, risky with this sudden idea. “Do you want to eat cake and watch a movie, or do you want it now?” You swivel in your chair toward him, he’s sipping on a glass of water and pushing back his wet hair out of his face with his free hand. 
His eyes light up, putting down the glass near the sink. “You’re really spoiling me today, Y/N.” He chuckles, looking down at the cake then back at you. “I think I’m too curious to see the surprise? Let’s do that first.” 
 You clear your throat, heart pounding through your ears – it’s now or never. You take him by the wrists and lead him to the couch and sit him down. “Wait here, close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you, kay?” He nods, humming in agreement as he squeezes his eyes shut dramatically. You giggle and rush off to your bedroom. 
You search for your silk robe and remove the belt. This’ll work perfectly, the traditional red bow on a present. You dig through your lingerie but you’re not feeling any of them. Maybe…maybe this would be better? 
You undress in a hurry, leaving you in your own birthday suit. Ironic, given the circumstance. You wrap the bow around tour breasts, and it surprisingly pushes them up ever so slightly. You fix your hair a little and decide that you look good enough. Even though you like Jungkook more than a friend, he’s still Jungkook, your best friend. 
You suck in a sharp breath and exhale heavily. Nerves are taking over you and your heart stammers in your chest as you pull on your white knee-high socks before making your way back out. 
“Are you finally back? Can I open my eyes yet?” He’s grinning wide, visibly excited. You know it’s not gonna be what he expects, but you hope it doesn’t completely disappoint him. You nibble on your lip, as you go to the kitchen to grab the small cake, composing yourself as you place it behind you on the coffee table in front of him. You turn around, your heart pounding in your chest at the sight of your best friend of many years.
“Okay,” you sigh. “Open” You flinch when his eyes finally open, pupils dilating and you flinch at the silent reaction. He opens his mouth, closes it again before he finally speaks. “Fuck…” He sings, he’s in awe and the reaction is flattering, you can’t lie. 
“D-do you like it?” You’re playing with your fingers, feet pointed inwards feeling a little shy. 
“Love it,” he hums. “C’mere.” He calls you over with his hands held out, you take small steps toward him until you’re standing securely between his legs. “I don’t know where to start.” He says quietly to himself, seeming to be in deep thought before looking up into your eyes. “Do I get to play? Touch you?” You almost moan at the question, but you behave for now.  
He presses his lips against your tummy, inhaling your scent. “I have the most beautiful girl standing right in front of me right now.” It’s like he’s not really even talking to you, just himself as he observes your body, his hands roaming everywhere as if deprived from women for too long. “What did I do to deserve this?” He looks up at you, wonder in his twinkling eyes.
You’re growing tired of standing so you slowly lower yourself into his lap, pushing his back against the couch. “Aren’t you gonna open your present, Koo?” You whisper, not trusting your voice not to crack from the dryness in your throat. You still don’t know what exactly inspired you to be so daring, but the feeling of his warm hands against your lower back now tells you it was a good call. 
The silky ribbon still covers your chest in a tight bow, and he’s eye-level with your breasts that you push further into his face as you grow impatient with him. He simply stares, hands lowering to your ass where he gently kneads your cheeks. 
Jungkook’s fingers play with the ends of the bow, teasing you as he gently pulls on it only to release the tie ever so slightly. You whine, arching your back. You catch yourself off guard as your bare pussy rubs against the fabric of his sweats, and he nibbles on his lip ring at the sight. “So needy Y/N,” he laughs lowly, “what’s the hurry Princess?”  You pout at him, you shuffle over slightly to straddle one of his thighs, and take it upon yourself to find friction, moving your wetness against his toned muscle. He’s so stunned by you in all your desperate beauty, his fingers unintentionally tug on the bow, finally releasing your breasts. You sigh with content, grabbing the back of the couch with your hands to steady yourself as you chase a quick high. 
“Hey- oh that’s enough out of you little miss.” He scolds playful, gripping your hips tightly to stop your movements. “W-want Koo…” you beg again. He smirks with an airy chuckle, grabbing the back of your head to pull down to him. You think he’s gonna kiss you, but he stops you when your foreheads touch, “Wanted you for so long baby,” he kisses you softly, “can’t believe it’s finally happening.” Each kiss is short but meaningful, like he’s giving you one for each time he’d missed a chance to in the past. He never thought you felt this way about him, but it was such a classic blindness in both of you that kept you apart for so long. 
You’re not sure how long you’re kissing him for, tongues dancing firmly against each other as you lose yourself in him. The way he smells, the way he holds you in his arms – it’s everything and so much more than what you’ve always dreamed about.
He pulls his lips away eventually much to your dismay, head falling onto his shoulder to hide the redness in your cheeks. You don’t expect his fingers to tap on your clit. The feeling makes you flinch as he rubs slowly. “Ah…” you gasp against his skin, and that’s when he notes the cake from earlier sitting on the table behind you. He pauses for a moment, deep in thought which catches your attention. “Koo?” You follow his eyes behind you to where he’s looking straight at it. “Cake?”
“Looks good…” he says, his brows furrowed as he looks up at you. “M’hungry.” He’s acting strange, but you leave his lap and bring the cake to him, which is what seems like he wants. He takes a chunk of the cake in his fist then presses it against your chest. You squeal, about to protest when he pounces on you. Your hands fall behind you to stop you from falling back, and he’s pushing his face between your tits, squishing them against his face. “Jungkook!” Your voice is so high and if you weren’t red before, you were most definitely a tomato now. 
He replies, but it’s muffled by your breasts, and he’s suffocating himself between them. You almost start to worry when he remains there for a while, so you grab his hair and pull his face out. “You perv!” You shout at him, but he shoots you a silly smile. He looks drunk, drunk off you and he gives your skin one more lick. “Your face is covered in cake you idiot.” You snort, unable to hold back your giggles.
“S’my birthday, isn’t it?” He shrugs, and you wipe his face with your fingers. “That’s right, it is your birthday.” You nod, you can’t stop smiling at how stupid he was sometimes. Such a boy. “So, what does the birthday boy want to do to me?”
He crawls over you, making you lie on your back against the couch. “I wanna make you cum.” His voice is quiet, soft as he leaves kisses across your jaw and collarbone. You shake your head “It’s your birthday, not mine!” You protest. He hums in thought, reaching a hand down to pull his both the waistband of his shorts and underwear down. He leans back to give you a view of his hard cock, that springs up against his shirt that he also discards from his body. He throws his head back with a chest laugh as he catches the way your eyes widen at his length. He’s big. Bigger than you expected. Your hands come up to hide your face, but he pulls them away, leaning back down to kiss you. “S’only me, don’t be shy.” You swallow harshly when you feel his length against your pussy, sliding against you a few times before he guides himself to your entrance. 
“Okay?” He’s asking your permission, but you nod frantically as if it weren’t obviously, you were craving his dick. “Fuck yes,” you curse under your breath, and he wastes to time to push himself in. It takes a bit of trying due to his size, but it’s not long before you’re moaning his name, hands roaming his back as he finds a steady pace. 
“You like that? You liked getting fucked by my cock, huh?” You huff, wrapping your legs around him, ankles locking together allowing him to go even deeper. He doesn’t like that you don’t answer him. He pounds into you. Hard.
“Ah! Fuck-yes, Jungkook! I love it!” You cry out, and he’s satisfied with that, but he doesn’t stop his newfound rhythm. Especially since it has you a noisy, moaning mess. “You like it rough baby? Like it hard?” You mewl, begging him please as you’re nearing your peak. “Fuck, if you don’t stop clenching your tight little pussy around me, I’m gonna cum.”
“No-not inside, please.” You manage to speak. He brings his hand between your bodies to rub your clit in fast circles and it brings you over the edge, and he has to pull out so fast because that last clench around him has him going feral. He pumps himself over you a few times before he cums over your already sticky-from-cake tits. You watch as he throws his head back with a moan of your name, vision a little hazy from how hard your own orgasm had hit you. 
He falls back on the opposite side of the couch, looking proud of the complete mess he just made of you. You roll your eyes, “You better clean this up, you little shit I swear to go-“
He swipes up some of his cum mixed with the cake from earlier and stuffs it between your lips, and you’re shutting up and sucking on his fingers without any protests. There’s a dark look in his eye and it has you wound up all over again. 
“That’s what I thought.” He scoffs, and it was safe to say he was nowhere near done with you.
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joonberriess · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
·˚ ༘ 💌 IMAGINE┊jungkook as a boxer and your boyfriend. he’s your ride or die and you’re his too. a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.
TAGS — toxic!jk, possessive sex, angry sex, angst, glamourized toxic relationship, headcanons + some plot!
WORD COUNT — 3.5 k
Tumblr media
+     Jeon Jungkook is an infamous underground boxer, he doesn't play by the rules and he doesn't like a clean fight. You can guess what type of person he's like out of the ring. He's your typical asshole: snarky, perverted, and only intelligent in what seems like the streets. He's got issues. Loads of them and he isn't one to shy away things often being blunt since he could care less what people think of him.
+     Jungkook has a horrible habit of being in and out of relationships, none making it past a day or two cause his attention is being caught by a new girl. He can sweet talk like he's your prince charming but fucks you like a common whore. He's cocky too, knows the ladies want him and it strokes his ego to know they're all dying for him.
+     He meets you at a family wedding he goes to, you're sitting so pretty in the center with your arm tucked into your daddy's. So you're a good girl, he muses, it's all the more reason to approach you. He's infatuated, he has to have you now as there's no way he can skip out on the opportunity of a lifetime as he considers it. You end up rejecting him many many times cause you know of his reputation.
+ In your relationship he's possessive and jealous. Jungkook fully trusts you, he doesn't trust anyone else and sees himself like your protector to which he is (to a certain extent) but he needs to understand not everyone is threat. Jungkook loves you more than life itself, he's downright obsessed with the idea of being with you until the end of time but overall he tries to be a good boyfriend to you. Even if your father doesn't approve of him, *cue the "daddy pass the salt" fiasco.
━ (음악)
; his playlist
1. todas mueren por mi - cartel de santa
2. first class - jack harlow
3. love n hennesy - a.chal
4. bonnie & clyde - dean
5. malibu - ph-1
Tumblr media
"Y es que es asi, todas muren por mi, y es que es asi, todas muren por ti," - Cartel De Santa
"If I were you I wouldn't," some girl pipes up from beside you, "woman to woman, he's not good for you." You're not stupid, you know who she's referring to and you can feel a small amount of annoyance hit you.
"Well," you softly smile, it's in your nature to be polite even if she is meddling in what doesn't concern her, "good thing you aren't me."
She scoffs, mumbling something about it being your loss but you see it as a win. You're so used to all these girls pitying you and trying to "warn" you about Jungkook. You know perfectly the type of guy he was and is right now. It wasn't like you jumped in blindly you made sure to be very clear with him, one screw up and you were leaving.
Jungkook's infamous playboy behavior exceeds him, no one can believe the once eligible bachelor is now in a relationship. His little groupie is so disappointed their favorite fuck buddy was off the market. They wonder how you do it given his little reputation and stuff. Do you ever get tired of random girls telling you he used to text them? Or how about the ones who "tried" warning you of his fuckboy tendencies?
Though Jungkook isn't the only one who's questioned often times. You're his polar opposite, you're not made for the lifestyle he leads on. As far as the public knows you're the daughter of a rich businessman who's family friends with the Jeons. You study in a prestigious university majoring in literature and working a internship in a journal company. They perceive you as a socialite and total snob due to your rich girl status, how wrong they were..
You finish applying a small layer of strawberry gloss on your pouty lips and head back out into the arena. You sit front row next to Yoongi who's watching Namjoon motivate Jungkook before the next round begins. They're both his mentors and you've come to see both men as friends and older brothers. "He's doing great so far, if he keeps this up he'll win right..?" You softly say to Yoongi.
"Yes, Kook's doing great with his speed and catching the poor bastard off guard but he needs to slow down or else he'll slip up and the other will get a upper hand on him. We don't need Kook to come back with fractured ribs again." Yoongi replies with a sigh, offering some peanuts to you.
"No thank you," you hum, "you know how he is, always eager and overzealous."
Yoongi grunts as he slouches in his seat, "Well he needs to cut that shit out before he gets his ass knocked out one of these days. If it ain't his opponent, it's gonna be me." He smirks lazily.
The match goes back into motion as the referee is yelling something to the crowd. Your heart is beating quickly, you pray to the gods above they send you your man back in one piece with no broken bones (his case fractured ribs). You've never liked this because the blood and the violent punches scare you. Especially because this is Jungkook you're talking about.
You watch with close eyes, Jungkook looks angry and it's both hot and scary at the same time. He's got sweat building up on his forehead, hair sticking to his skin, and jaw clenched as he throws punches left and right. So far Jungkook has been in the lead all night as he chooses to surprise his opponents. You're feeling a little bit of adrenaline running through your veins as you watch the match.
"C'mon, you got this..." You whisper softly and clench your fists.
The poor dude doesn't stand a chance anymore, he's losing his momento and his technique is getting sloppy. Jungkook must have tired him out already.. You find yourself smiling and yelling with joy as Jungkook manages to corner him. He's so, so close and your breath hitches in anticipation as the final punch is thrown and the dude goes falling to the ground. Everyone cheers for Jungkook, chanting his name as Namjoon crowds Jungkook after he's announced winner.
You eagerly make your way up to the stage, watching as Jungkook walks towards you simultaneously with dark eyes. He licks his lips chest heaving from the aftermath of the match, he seems like he's running on pure adrenaline now. Before you can even reach the ropes he hauls you up effortlessly, grabbing the back of your hair with one hand and roughly squeezing your ass through your dress with his other.
He kisses you with his all groaning softly while his hand kneads your ass massaging it in a more comforting manner rather than sexual. You bring your small hands to cup his face as you kiss back. Everyone's still celebrating and some close friends that came are catcalling you two. Jungkook tightens his hold as he pulls back, forehead against yours as he pants hotly against your mouth.
"I fuckin' did it baby," he mutters to you, "did it just for you."
You smile softly, "I'm proud of you," you mumble back and kiss his lips very gently, contrast to earlier, "I knew you could."
Jungkook chuckles breathily, "Let's get the fuck outta here yea? I wanna fuck the shit out of you in the locker rooms." He grins slapping your ass.
You want to chastise him but he does end up fucking you in the showers. Your little fur coat is messily thrown on a bench and a trail of clothes leading to the shower cubicles lay strewn around. It's a little steamy in there and Jungkook's got his strong arms pinning you up against the tiles as he works his thick cock in and out of you.
Your moans are soft and whiny, your toes clench and your thighs shake every so often from his cock stroking your g-spot from this angle. His wet body presses up against yours, his chest is firmly pressed to yours and your nipples rub against his wet skin every time he bounces you up and down his cock. "Mmm.. yeah," you softly moan, "right there, 's so good," you whine quietly.
Jungkook grunts quietly as he adjusts his grip on your bubbly ass, fat spilling from between his fingers as he hoists you upward and begins to drive his cock into you faster. "Right there baby? Want me to fuck you harder with my fat cock? C'mon baby, tell me you love it, love how full it makes you feel and hard it makes you cum.." He whispers in your ear.
You moan loudly at the dirty talk, back arching a little, "I-I love it..! Fills me up so good Kook, only you can make me cum like this!" You whimper towards the end, arms sliding down from his shoulders to simply being wrapped around his back.
"Damn right I am," he growls, "you're fucking mine, this pussy belongs to me and I don't wanna see anyone near it. Only I'm allowed to fuck you like this," he says as he pistons his hips faster, "say it. Say you belong to me, let them hear it baby,"
You squeal at the change of pace, arms coming up behind you to grip the top of the half-wall as he rocks you back and forth on his cock. It's too much and you can feel your pussy clamping down on him, "I'm yours! My pussy belongs to you," you cry, ".. Jungkook..! Jungkook!" You call out over and over as he fucks you like a man on death row.
Jungkook smirks softly, "Damn right," he kisses you while he plows away at your sensitive pussy. He thoroughly marks you as his and makes sure the whole damn hallway could hear you that night. He walks you down the hall later that night feeling refreshed as ever with his arm around your waist holding your ass as you stay cuddled up to him with a sweet adorable smile.
"Dame un poco love with some Hennessy, you know I like it when you're mad at me," - A.Chal
You're bubbling with annoyance as you storm around your shared apartment trying to find something to do, something that doesn't involve seeing his face. Jungkook was following occasionally, muttering curses and shaking his head at your "childish behavior". He's getting riled up too even though he has nothing to be angry about, he also has no right either since he started this whole mess.
The "mess" you're referring to occurred moments before arriving at home together. You were both hungry so you both said "hey, fuck it why not try that new barbecue place down the street?" and then you both went to the damned restaurant.
Everything's chill you're both enjoying the scenery around you, the waitress is very friendly and helpful and you both get your order and drinks quickly because the place isn't busy. Everything's going so well. You're happy, Jungkook's happy, everyone is so where did it all go to shit?
Jungkook is to blame (partly because he didn't look for the fight) but it was those preppy assholes from your university. They're sons of your parent's friends and you have met them before. Yet it did not give them the right to comment about your boyfriend or relationship.
They came over saying shit like "does your dad know who you're with?" or "why don't you ditch this lowlife and come get some drinks with us?" You're beyond angry and open your mouth to give them a piece of your mind but Jungkook beats you to it.
"Her dad perfectly fucking knows who she's with and where she's staying at, I don't recall ever asking for your fucking opinion on my girlfriend." Jungkook lowly mutters as he glares, "If I were you I'd fucking leave before I get my ass beat for acting a fool."
The one who started it laughs, "I dare you to put your hands on me, if you do—" he's cut off by Jungkook punching him right across the face.
"Say that again? I couldn't quite hear you?" Jungkook smirks as he yanks his head back, "C'mon, what were you gonna do?"
You scramble to get up, "Jungkook please," you softly beg, "let's just go okay? Ignore them they're not important."
Jungkook doesn't let up, only delivering another sucker punch to the gut. "Say it," he growls.
"L-Let go of me! My father will hear about this and when he does you're in so much shit! y/n get your—" he's cut off once again by Jungkook who's fucking livid.
You can see the crowd forming and the waitress from earlier on the phone speaking frantically. You feel angry, and worried because Jungkook was going to be in huge trouble if things weren't stopped now. You shakily breathed and looked around unsure of what to do.
It's about to turn into a full on fight because Jungkook pushes the asshole to his limits and now he's going to fight back. But you'd be damned if anyone put their hands on your man like that. You lift a bottle of soju and smash it against the dude's head as he's disoriented, "We are going home." You seethe to Jeongguk and toss the broken bottle top to the floor.
You're angry as hell right now and the press can kiss your ass, hell you work for the damn press you'll write the damn story yourself. You mutter to yourself and get into the car, arms crossed and face fixed to a cold stare.
“Baby,” Jungkook breathes out, entering the vehicle and sitting there looking at you in disbelief, “baby..?”
“Home.” You glare, and the rest of the ride is driven in silence and the occasional comment that dies out on Jungkook’s tongue halfway as he lets you mope around.
That’s how you’re in this predicament, pacing around at home angrily and huffing because the day is ruined. Not by Jungkook (maybe), but by those preppy assholes who think you’re friends or something. You didn’t even like them, you tolerated them. There was a difference between being cordial and rude.
“y/n.” Jungkook calls out, you ignore him and he calls out to you a total of two more times until he himself grows impatient and bothered. “Fucking hell y/n what do you want me to do?! Apologize? Say sorry for fucking defending myself against those daddy’s boys?!” He erupts in your face, hands holding your arms so tight you know you’ll bruise.
“You attacked him in a restaurant Jungkook! That wasn’t the fucking ring in there and you know it! Don’t you ever just leave boxing back in the ring? You always do this when things don’t go your way or the slightest inconvenience hits you and I’m sick of it! One of these days Jungkook they’ll arrest you and so help me I won’t be there to help you.” You glare, shaking him off as you pound your little fists on his chest.
Jungkook scoffs, “Oh that’s what we’re doing now? Taking their side? You fucking slut,” he shoves you hard making your back hit the wall as you stumble a little, “given the opportunity you’d jump at any chance to get on their cocks wouldn’t you? You’re a good for nothing—”
You cut him off with a slap, “Who the hell do you think you are? Accusing me of this stupid crap get over yourself Jungkook! You’re so far up your own ass you don’t even know what you’re saying to me.” You snap as you storm past him, heading right to your bedroom to pack a overnight bag.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I’m not done talking to you!” Jungkook yells as he follows you, “Oh classic y/n move, pack your shit and run from the problems yeah real classy move.” He sneers.
“Leave me alone,” you say as you shove random clothes into a bag, “I’m done talking with you, I’m not going to sit here and let you disrespect me or our relationship.”
Jungkook grabs the bag from your hands, “You aren’t going anywhere, you’re gonna unpack all this shit and we’re going to talk because isn’t that what you always want?! To talk?!”
You stare into Jungkook’s eyes as he crowds you, “Fuck. You.” You seethe angrily, you’re not one to cuss but when you do it’s because you’re absolutely losing it.
“What was that?” Jungkook suddenly growls, “Go on, repeat that shit to me.”
“I said: fuck you Jungkook. You’re a goddamn asshole and it’s a miracle I’ve stayed this fucking long with you!” You yell in his face as the both of you have a screaming match.
Things are thrown, picture frames shattered, and the room is in such disarray you’re not sure anyone can sleep in there. You take your anger out on him, letting all the pent up anger from before bubble up. This feels exhilarating but tiring at the same time, yelling took so much energy..
At one point he grabs you roughly, pressing you on the wall as he smothers you in a harsh kiss. The sexual tension had built and was at its’ boiling point. You found yourself kissing him back just as fierce and hungry. Your hands tangled in his hair and you harshly tugged on the soft strands.
“Fuck,” he moans against your mouth as he reaches down to unbuckle your jeans and push his hand inside your panties.
You arch into his touch, hands coming down to grip his forearm as you move your leg to wrap around his waist and pull him closer. A soft shaky sigh leaves your lips as his hand cups your soft pussy, his finger dipping between your folds to rub at your clit.
He presses on the bud and rubs back and forth as his head drops down to your neck. He leaves a series of hickeys on your skin as his free hand grips your hip tightly and holds you firmly against him. “You like that?” He murmurs hotly in your ear.
You pant and wiggle around in your place as your lower half is engulfed in pleasure. Your sensitive clit makes your hips jump in surprise every so often whenever he rubs in a particular way. The feeling is a little overwhelming but in a good way.
“Love it,” you whisper back and tangle a free hand in his hair as you grip it tightly, “but I want something else.”
“Tell me baby, what do you want?” Jungkook pulls back to stare down into your eyes as he slips his fingers past your tight slicked up hole as he fills you.
Your mouth falls open, eyes fluttering shut as you tighten your grip, “Mmm–you, want your cock in me,” you moan out, “want it to fill me up, make me cum over and over again..” You whisper seductively as you lick your lip.
Jungkook groans softly as he picks up the speed in your panties. He moves his fingers quicker, creating this squelching noise as your wetness dribbles down to his palm. His hand is cramping but the pain is worth it as he watches your face contort into pleasure. “Yeah..? What else baby? C’mon be a good girl and tell me.”
“Ohh..! Mm–want you to hold me down on the bed and make me take it. Don’t want it to stop until I’m crying and shaking, want you filling me up with your cum till it’s dripping–Jungkook,” you whine as you arch your back, “Call me your little slut, choke me, slap me, god just ruin me,” you whimper.
Jungkook moans at your words, he curls his fingers to hit your g-spot. The anger and sexual tension from before left you excited, you knew you wouldn’t be able to last long due to your overzealousness. You moan and cry out for him as your pussy is rapidly approaching its’ release. You clench on his fingers and shake as he sends you barreling into hot pleasure.
It’s utter bliss as you slump into his arms and sigh happily as you ride out your orgasm. He slows down and manages to hold you against him as he pants softly, “I’m sorry baby,” he breathes out.
You swallow thickly, staring up at him with a soft pout, “I’m sorry too..” You murmur and cradle his face, “You know I’d never mean those words right?” Not even you were sure if you meant those words..
Jungkook nods slowly as he presses his forehead to yours tenderly, “I didn’t meant shit either, you know how I get.. I promise I’ll try harder next time to not lose my temper in public.”
It’s a lie, he’ll be on his best behavior for a week max and then it’s back to normal. You’re used to this and you find yourself not caring as you hum in agreement, “Good.”
You love Jungkook. You’d do just about anything and he’d do the same. You’re a match made in heaven.
Tumblr media
[ ☁️ ] : ps that lil collage, pics edited so don’t worry ;)
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seokjinish · a day ago
yoongi, it’s y/n
Tumblr media
f1 driver!min yoongi x mechanic!reader romance + fluff + a little angst + smut warnings: a bunch of formula one talk and technical terms, some of which might not be too accurate + yoongi is jealous at one point + unprotected sex + dirty talk, a little + oral f receiving wc: 13.9k
➔ many of the drivers had good relationships with their engineers, and although it was known that your relationship with Yoongi wasn't the tightest, there was also something special about a mechanic/driver relationship.
— thank you to the lovely @chateautae​ for beta reading this <333
a/n: i have tunnel vision and tbh all i talk about these days is formula one, so it’s only a matter of time before i write a fic for every bts member lol. i even came up with who would be in which team,, i need help. also god bless the bts x formula e collab. also absolutely no slander meant towards lewis or mercedes, they had to take the hit this fic. if you recognise which iconic radio message inspired the name of the fic, you need to be my friend. period.
Being second to everything seemed to be what Yoongi had to get used to when he was signed to Mercedes.  It was any driver's dream to be in one of the dominating teams in Formula 1. He'd been dreaming about this moment since he started karting when he was a kid. Racing next to none other than Sir Lewis freaking Hamilton was an honour, having looked up to him since the beginning of time, but of course, Yoongi's reputation fell short next to the seven-time world champion.
It was a new era, Yoongi reminded himself as the new season started. It was his fifth year as Hamilton's teammate and possibly his last one. His contract was due to finish at the end of the season, and there were rumours that he was not going to be renewed; his seat was going to George Russell instead.
The trivial rumours didn't faze him. Nothing really did. Yoongi had always kept a very neutral aura in the paddock, and everyone liked him. He sometimes felt like he always just fell short to make a mark, but it was impossible to do anything for himself when the team strategies obviously favoured the more experienced driver. Yoongi felt like he'd done enough to show his team that he was as worthy of a championship win as Hamilton, as he was always consistent in qualifying and maintaining the car. He was a threat to many other drivers, most failed to overtake him since he always had a very good defence—he supposed that’s why Lewis had been able to focus more on his pace; because he knew that Yoongi would always defend him.
It was incalculable how many times he'd heard his own engineer coming on the radio to tell him to let Lewis through. He didn't blame Lewis though. He blamed Toto, his team principal. He blamed the strategists, and he also blamed you.
You had been his engineer for the last two years, and you never failed to deliver a brilliant car that had given him wins when Lewis was out of the race—you had also given him a car that scored podiums more often than not. You knew you had the better car; you loved the car you gave Yoongi, knowing how to push it just enough for him to do the undoable, but you always failed to stand up for him, and more importantly for your car.
A new year also meant a new car due to new regulations. Over the winter break, you had worked nonstop with the rest of the team to deliver a car that could win championships. It was no surprise for engineers to hope for their car to win the championship. Last year had been a struggle for everyone at Mercedes, even if they had won the constructor's championship. Lewis losing the championship in the last race and Yoongi not being able to catch up to Max Verstappen had dented the relationship, and Yoongi bet that if anything had started the sentiment to not renew his contract, that goddamn race had been it.
New Year, New Me. Yoongi had repeated to himself over and over as he landed in Bahrain ready for the testing of the new cars. He was excited for what was to come, as he had decided that if this was going to be his last year at Mercedes, he was going to make them regret not signing him again.
Testing brought issues to light that meant you and your team had to work hard to fix. You could also see the other cars and evaluate who would be the biggest competition. It was obvious that Red Bull and Ferrari had brought out their best, but you knew that your car would give them a run for their money.
‘Car feels good.’ You heard Yoongi say through the radio. You kept your eyes glued to the screen full of information.
‘Good to hear. Keep the delta.’
You knew that you and Yoongi had a strained relationship, but you didn't need to be friends to work well together. You always delivered your end of the bargain, so you could only hope that he would hold up his end too.
'You are currently the fastest man in today's session.' You informed him. ‘Keep your eye out for debris in turn seven.'
'Some things never change, huh?'
As the first race weekend came, Yoongi started getting excited. He was not particularly looking forward to the press interviews nor the driver's parade, but he couldn't wait to go out on the track. Yoongi had heard that Russell had indeed been offered his seat for next year, so Yoongi needed to put on a show to make sure he was staying in Formula 1 for the following year. He wouldn't give up so easily. He hated that he hadn't been told, and he was finding out he was jobless from gossip around the paddock, but that just fuelled him.
Free practice had gone well enough. He was still learning the new kinks with the car, and he was more than optimistic to do great during qualifying and the actual race.
As qualifying came around, Yoongi decided to start playing mind games. Not only with the public and other teams, but also you. He knew he had three rounds to come out on top, and he wasn’t going to give it to you on the first try. He was going to make you sweat for it. Make Toto sweat for it. You knew the extent to which Yoongi would push the car, so when you saw his performance in Q1, it surprised you. He'd obviously gone through, at a shocking P12. Everyone at the garage left speechless. With Yoongi back at the pits, you quickly went over the data, but Yoongi seemed to be somewhere else.
'Are you even listening to me?' You crossed your arms in front of Yoongi, who finally put his attention on you.
'Sure am.'
'You know you can push this car more, Min.' You sounded exactly how Yoongi wanted you to sound, as if the world was falling from under your feet. 'If you don't keep up, you're going to get knocked out in Q2. That hasn't happened in years, and I'm not going to let a freaking Haas beat you.'
'Magnussen and Mick are doing amazing. It's good on them if they beat an almighty Mercedes.'
Your stare would have killed Yoongi if it could. You never understood what was going on in his head, but you knew this once that he was slacking. Mercedes was known to do a lot of sandbagging before the season started and even during the first testing sessions, but it never carried over to actual racing; which is why you were now fuming. Toto had given you the task to ask what was happening with Yoongi's performance, but everyone knew that man kept to himself, and it was impossible to get through to him. It was a mission that was destined to fail.
As Q2 started, your hopes for pole position had already died, but you truly hoped that he stayed in the top ten. He'd done that for over a hundred races, he could surely do that again. So, you held your breath as Yoongi left the pit for the first time. As he did his flying lap, you watched him come 13th. Your head fell to your hands as you heard your boss swearing. Before pressing the button allowing you to radio Yoongi, you tried to keep your cool.
'That's P13, come back to the pits.'
Yoongi cruised into the pitlane again, where you were waiting for him with your arms crossed in front of your chest. He stayed in the car as two screens were put in front of him.
'Sector two is where you're going slowest. We think if you can hit the apex, then we can gain a few positions. You're definitely not going full throttle in the straights, so yeah. Get to that.'
He remained quiet, only nodding to make sure that you knew he was listening to you. You went back to your seat at the pit wall, as he went to do one last flying lap before the timer ran out.
Everyone held their breath as Yoongi drove through the track. He was doing his personal best on all sectors, and you calculated that he was going to go through to Q3. Your palms were sweaty as he crossed the line, finally being able to breathe properly when you saw he had climbed to P8.
'Brilliant. That's P8, you're through to Q3.'
Top ten was not what you wanted for either Yoongi or your car. You knew that both of them could easily score pole. So, with a huff, you marched over to where Yoongi sat in his car as he waited for Q3 to start. You signalled him to come out of the car, and he looked around trying to find someone to tell him it was a joke, but to no avail, he had to go to you.
'What? I still have Q3 to go.'
'Barely.' You barked. Yoongi was surprised to hear you be so aggressive with him. Sure, sometimes you were strict, but you had never raised your voice at him. 'What is wrong with you?! Your performance in testing was spectacular, but today is nothing short of laughable. Is it the car? Are you doing fine mentally? Are you burning out?' You tried to reason. He only stood there, taking it. 'You've done nothing but make yourself a joke out on track, and you're dragging me and the rest of mechanics with you. So, either pull your shit together or don't even bother showing up for the race because I know my car is better than that. I know you are better than that!'
Whoever had heard you knew you were right. Cameras had been on you as you gave Yoongi a piece of your mind, and it had gone viral in the community. Not only had it been because of your behaviour, but because of Yoongi's performance in Q3.
Yoongi was surprised to finally see that you had the guts to stand up for yourself and your team. He even started to feel a little sorry for having put you through so many negative emotions, but if he hadn't done it, then you would have stayed in your shell. So, he chose to drop the act, just a little. He knew the car would give him pole position, plus the car was perfect for the track. In his first lap, he had gone third fastest. Lewis had fallen to P9. Max had provisional pole as he finished his last flying lap, but that's when Yoongi was ready to give it his all.
The commentators couldn't believe what was happening. Yoongi's car flew through the track, going purple on all sectors. He set the fastest lap, guaranteeing him pole position at the first race of the season. You cheered, getting all your frustration out before you spoke to Yoongi again. You knew that he had the potential, you knew that the car had the potential to be fighting for the championship, and there you were.
'That's pole! That's what I'm talking about!'
'Let's go!' Yoongi yelled back in the radio.
Nobody knew what went on—how Yoongi had managed to pick up his pace so monumentally. People sided with you as the soundless clip of you yelling at him had made its way through the community. All he needed was for someone to knock some sense into him, and of course it had to be you. Many of the drivers had good relationships with their engineers, and although it was known that your relationship with Yoongi wasn't the tightest, there was also something special about a mechanic/driver relationship.
That pole position only had to carry through to a win. After qualifying, Yoongi left for the hotel. He waved at the fans waiting for the drivers to leave, and then he sank down on the car seat. Yoongi knew that he had put on a show at qualifying, and there were people who were going to see through his bullshit. He felt like you were starting to catch up with him.
Daniel had intercepted Yoongi in the hotel lobby. Yoongi loved Daniel, as everyone else did, but he was not in the mood that could match the honey badger's energy. He knew that Danny was going to ask him about his performance and that was the last thing he wanted to talk about. Mainly because he knew that you had worked with Daniel before and remained good friends, so he was going to do some spying for you.
‘Not now, Dan, I’ve not had the best day.’
The Australian beamed at him. ‘I know. Tell me about it too! Our car is not doing too well either. We’re hoping to learn more at the race, but I don’t see much hope. We lack pace overall.’ He shrugged. ‘Sometimes I miss Y/N, but what can I do? I don’t suppose you want to give her back to me.’
‘Back? That would insinuate I took her away, and she willingly left. But if you want her so bad, then I don’t see why you can’t have her.’
‘She gave you a hard time today, didn’t she?’ Yoongi nodded. ‘I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s a big softy. She probably feels terrible about having yelled at you.’ Yoongi doubted it, if anything, you enjoyed it.
‘She ever yell at you?’
Daniel stopped to think about it, and Yoongi thought that he wasn’t going to get an answer. ‘Actually, once. She snapped me out of it. She was always so quiet, so I never knew that she had that in her. I felt bad because it felt like I was disappointing her.’ He shrugged. Yoongi had started to understand that feeling. ‘She felt terrible after though. She apologised to me, said that she only snapped because she was expecting better from me, because she cared.’
‘Yeah, I doubt she’s going to apologise to me.’ Daniel frowned. ‘We never became friends, so I don’t know. I definitely deserved her yelling at me today. She didn’t say anything wrong. Don’t tell her I said that though.’
A loud laugh escaped him. ‘Oh, believe me. I would never tell Y/N she’s right. I’d never hear the end of it.’
With that, Yoongi bid goodbye to Daniel. He did want an early night before the race tomorrow. It was a night race, but he couldn’t afford being slightly more tired. Not when he was trying to defend his and his mechanic’s reputations. He wanted to think that he didn’t feel bad in the slightest, but he was indeed dragging his team down with him. He didn’t care about Mercedes in general, about Toto and Lewis, but you and the rest of the mechanics that had worked tirelessly to give him a race-winning car.
You never were going to apologise to Yoongi. Over your dead body, you thought. You had no obligation to be nice to him, and it seemed like the only way Yoongi could have heard you was if you yelled at him. You were playing by the rules he was setting, even if he didn’t like them.
When you had started with Mercedes, you were over the moon. It was a dream come true. There has always been a lack of women in the Formula 1 world. You grew up seeing Susie Wolff doing what some girls could only dream of doing, and now you were working next to her. You remembered walking into the paddock and feeling like you had the world in your hands.
Now, you have to deal with Min Yoongi. You admired all the drivers in the grid. Their jobs were so dangerous, and you couldn’t imagine what it took to drive a car at those speeds. Working with Daniel before was a dream. He was always nice as can be, and if the race didn’t go well and the team kept blaming themselves, then he would make sure that everyone felt the love in the garage.
Yoongi was a different deal.
He was quiet and would listen to your assessments on the car, taking everything in and then adjusting his driving to suit the car best. You were never amicable, and you weren’t planning on being friends. You had to deliver him a good car and you did; the least he could do was try to do his best in it. That’s why you were so angry when you saw him willingly slack off.
You knew why he had a sudden change of behaviour. As soon as the rumours of Russell being signed into the team instead of renewing Yoongi’s contract, you noticed a change in his demeanour. He had to give up so much for the team, and he never got anything back. The amount of times you had to go through the radio to tell Yoongi that he needed to let Lewis pass and defend him were incalculable. Same speech that the strategists had given you. Yoongi, it’s Y/N. Max’s pace is coming up, so you need to let Lewis pass and defend. You have the quicker pace so slow down slightly. You couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just let him win.
Lewis was a beast on the track, no doubt one of the best drivers there ever was. However, you knew that if Yoongi had been given the same opportunities Lewis had been given, then he would have been the world champion a while back. So, you understood his frustration, but you couldn’t stand him doing something so stupid like edging everyone, when he could have always been the fastest in qualifying, instead of waiting until the last flying lap of Q3.
You scrolled through Twitter, seeing that the screen capture of you yelling at Yoongi had become a meme template in the community in only a couple of hours. The cameras had thankfully not picked up what you were saying because it would have been bad for both of you. Most people found it funny, how Yoongi had even kept his helmet on when you were giving him an earful. You truly just hoped that he wasn’t going to play any games in the actual race.
Race mornings were always fun to watch. The drivers did their funny little parade, waving at people around the track while the rest of the team worked to have the cars ready for racing. As the cars were moved out on the track, you gave Yoongi a quick rundown of how all the cars were looking, who and what to look out for. He looked more focused, so you were not as worried anymore.
You sat on the pit wall, a couple of seats away from Toto and next to the team strategist. Your palms started sweating as they did the formation lap. Your eyes were darting around to make sure everything was in order as Yoongi parked in the P1 position of the grid. You took a break in, lights out and away we go.
The thunder created by the cars revving up filled the environment. Fans cheering from the stands for their favourite drivers. Flags waving around and horns being blown. There was nothing that could compare to the feeling of watching a race first hand. If you were a fan, of course. It did come with some stress, but there was no other feeling that could compare to you in that moment.
He had the better start, keeping the competition long behind him as he turned into the third corner. You could see his car slipping away from the two Red Bulls that were following him. Max had found some pace in the straights that threatened the position every few laps, but Yoongi always managed to defend himself very well. Yoongi was alone at the front, while Lewis fought for eight place with the Haas.
Yoongi had managed to create a long gap between him and the second place, which allowed him to manage his tires better and even create the perfect window for a pitstop. It was as if God was laughing down at you when a yellow flag had been called out when Yoongi was leaving the pits.
‘Yoongi, yellow flag. Slow down. Albon is in the wall, turn sixteen.’
‘Oh shit, is he okay?’
‘Yup, all good. Just lost the rears.’
‘We doing good there?’
‘All perfect in our rears.’
He had come out just behind Max, putting him in second place halfway through the race. Although that wasn’t ideal, you knew that once the yellow flag turned green, then he would definitely overtake Max and reclaim his first position. So, it was just a matter of waiting for the marshals to take Alex out of the wall and clear the track from any debris.
Yoongi hated yellow flags, as the other drivers did. The safety car was always too slow, and he needed to keep the tires warm if he wanted to do some proper racing. Plus, it allowed the cars behind him to catch up when he knew that he had a stronger pace than most of them. Most drivers would go on the radio to complain about the safety car going too slow, but they only had to wait a couple more laps until the restart.
As the safety car left the track, racing was on again. Yoongi and Max went neck to neck in the first corner. Cheers roared through the track, as people were finally getting the proper racing that they came to watch. Yoongi and Max had respect for each other as drivers, so it was really a sight to see them going against each other in such a clean manner. Of course, this had not been the first time that they had faced each other, as Yoongi had been the one to keep him away from Lewis more often than not.
It was definitely not Lewis’s race today, having struggled in the midfield—something he hadn’t done in a while. At least, being stuck there. Everyone was confused to see him so far back when Yoongi was doing so well in the front. Lewis knew that it wasn’t going to be good for him in the long run if his car stayed like that, but his set up had fucked him over. The pressure to score major points was now falling on Yoongi’s shoulders, but it was not going to be too hard.
Yoongi had successfully gotten within DRS range of the Red Bull in front of him, and he was going to have no mercy. As soon as the DRS zone came, he was able to overtake him easily, riding into the corner just before Max and stayed first through the second turn, officially putting him as leader of the race. You silently cheered, keeping a close eye on the car stats. Now that the race was ending, you just needed to make sure that he could finish the race.
It was obvious that you were having an easy job today. You could hear Bono, Lewis’s mechanic, struggling to understand what the problem was with his car. As the last three laps of the race came around, your heart started beating loudly. Everyone in Yoongi’s side of the garage was cheering, jumping in glee, as it was obvious who the winner of the race was going to be.
When Yoongi turned the last corner of the last lap, the engineers in the garage ran out to wave at Yoongi as he crossed the finish line. The chequered flag waved Yoongi as he flew past the screaming Mercedes mechanics. You celebrated with your second in command, wishing to have been able to be at the wall too. The upside of having to be at the pit wall,  you got to give Yoongi the news he’d won the opening Grand Prix.
‘Congratulations, Yoongi. That is P1. Fastest lap too.’
Yoongi yelled through the radio. ‘Car was great too, thank you to all the team. Amazing job. Where is Lewis?’
‘It is P7 for Lewis, managed to pass KMag couple of laps ago.’
‘Oh, that’s great for him.’
The celebrations after the race win were over the top as always. The season had started with a twist, many fans being speechless about the race results. Everyone knew Yoongi was an amazing driver, but it was also obvious that many people underestimated him. He knew that the fans gave him credit for where he was, but he was never named as a force to be reckoned with, even if his stats were higher than some other drivers. He was aware that his team underestimated him, that was no puzzle. He hoped that everyone’s minds had been changed that day.
Although Yoongi was not one to party much, he decided to indulge today. Max had invited him to go with him and some of the other drivers to have a drink. He called his physiotherapist, who was also a friend to come with him. Hoseok was always down for a drink, so it didn’t take much convincing once Yoongi had asked.
Thankfully, they had a few days to charge up again after celebrating the way that they had. Some of the Mercedes engineers had seen Yoongi out in the bar and demanded to have a few drinks with him. He had always prided himself in being able to withstand more alcohol than everyone, but even he woke up with a blinding headache the morning after.
Every commentator had been talking about the way Yoongi had dominated in the field, leaving the Red Bulls far behind him and even outperforming his teammate. After Lewis had lost the championship, everyone was starting to question if he still had it. Everyone thought that he was going to come for blood in the new season, but they didn’t expect for the car to be as underperforming as it was.
Lewis was not very happy with what he had been given, but he didn’t blame Yoongi for his success. He wanted the best for his teammate, having grown from past rivalries that had soured relationships that he once enjoyed. He knew Yoongi was a reserved person, but he truly hoped that there were no hard feelings when the team put him first. Lewis knew that he was closer to being the second driver after his performance that day, but it didn’t bother him as much as he had expected. With seven world championships under his belt, he was satisfied. He knew that he could go for another one, but if Yoongi was doing better than him, then the team should definitely be focused on him.
Toto had said that everyone in the paddock had a target on their back. Last year’s championship had been defined in the last race, as well as being surrounded by controversy. He had seen a lot of people make fun of Mercedes, but that was not going to happen this year again. He wanted to give Lewis his eight championship, and he was very excited to see George Russell come into the team—he knew the younger Britton had a lot of talent that he wanted to see in Mercedes as well. At first, he thought that Yoongi’s loss would not affect the team, but he hadn’t anticipated what he’d seen at the race. He had no strategies planned for when Yoongi did better than Lewis, but he was expecting for that to change in the next few races, they only needed to play with different car setups.
However, that time seemed to come later rather than sooner. Yoongi had dominated the field, and it had left most teams embarrassed. People supposed that Mercedes themselves were embarrassed because one of their drivers was a world champion title contender and the other one was a midfielder, and they never expected who was going to be who.
Yoongi had even gotten a grand slam, meaning that he got all possible highest awards during the race. Fastest in all practices, pole, all laps led, driver of the day, fastest lap, and winning the race, of course. It was something that absolutely no one could have predicted. Not Yoongi, and definitely not even you.
It was a dream team, everyone in the paddock said. You’d given him a car that was too good, and Yoongi knew just how to drive it. The two of them were in sync, and it was still obvious to you that he could be even better. It could sometimes occur that the car was too much for the driver, or the driver was too much for the car, but not for Yoongi with your car.
He was good at driving, and he was good at the theatrics that Formula One could not live without. Fans loved a good race, where they were kept at the edge of their seats. He loved to give them that, which is why he couldn’t push the car to the limit because he knew that no other car could even compare. He battled the Red Bulls and the Ferraris, always coming out on top, and he enjoyed it. He enjoyed playing with them, he enjoyed playing with the public.
‘No more playing.’ You would say on the radio. Yoongi would chuckle at your unamused tone, but he obliged. ‘Remember to maintain the tires. We’re going ill.’ The amount of pit stops you were going to do were always remembered in Sino-Korean numbers, people found it funny how you changed the play on words every race.
‘Oh no, Y/N, you didn’t eat the soup I got you?’ Yoongi joked back on the radio. It was one of his favourite things to pass the time lately.
‘Sadly, no. Haven’t got the time.’
‘Damn, want me to pop by the pharmacy?’
‘Want you to finish the race.’
He laughed. ‘Tell me, fastest lap or no fastest lap.’
‘Surprise me, honey boy.’
People were amused by it. How it suddenly seemed like you and Yoongi were on better terms after your burst out that got him pole. He’d been asked what you’d said to him in the post qualifying interviews, but he’d just laugh it off—feeling Namjoon, the PR person who accompanied him to all the interviews, staring at him to not say anything wrong. So to not say anything wrong, he’d just kept quiet.
Some Formula One fan accounts would post a compilation of the radio messages you would have with Yoongi when he was so far away in the lead. Some people found it cocky, immediately switching on Yoongi when he started being more successful over Lewis, but most people found it hilarious how he bothered you over the littlest things.
The cruellest thing he’d done, however, was that in the last lap of the Australian Grand Prix, he’d faked losing power. To sell his point, he’d even slowed down. He was almost fifteen seconds in the lead, so it definitely wasn’t going to hurt him, but he lived for your exasperated voice when you couldn’t find what was wrong.
‘Yoongi, we have no clue what’s going on. Do you think you can make it across the line?’ You and your mechanics were looking into the data coming from the car. Nothing seemed to be wrong, and it was starting to stress you out. Your heart was almost coming up your throat. ‘Please talk to me, Min.’
‘I hate it when you use my last name.’ Yoongi said, pouting, even if you couldn’t see his face. ‘Was just messing with you. Don’t sweat it, boys!’
The guys at the garage burst out in protest, but when they saw that Yoongi was still more than a few seconds in the lead, they rushed to wave at him when he won yet another Grand Prix. His teammate had come in just short of missing out on points, leaving everyone wondering if the prime days of Lewis Hamilton had come to an end.
What was certain, however, was that Yoongi’s days at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team had come to an end. He’d woken up the first day of practice of the Spanish GP when he saw that the news of George Russell being signed into the team instead of Yoongi renewing his contract was out.
Fans were split. Some of them were excited to see George in a Mercedes after years in a Williams, but they also wanted to see Yoongi in a championship winning team, mainly when he was doing so well lately. Yoongi didn’t indulge in what they were saying on social media though. He was too focused on the GP to care about what people were saying about him.
One of the real reasons why Yoongi didn’t want to check his phone was not due to the endless notifications from Twitter and Instagram, but it had been because he didn’t want to see the lack of offers to keep him in the grid. Every driver knew that not having a team meant no racing, and Yoongi would have rather not find out now and wallow in his own thoughts for the rest of the day.
Many teams were interested in having Yoongi with them after the skills he’d shown. So, of course the team principals were going to start trying to reach out to him. Try to shake his hand when they see him in the paddock—many to reassure him and tell him to check his phone later in the evening.
It hurt, you thought. Seeing Yoongi have his foot on the way out from the team. You stared at Toto in the paddock, not knowing what was going on behind those eyes. Of course they had to make a move on George, otherwise he might have gone to another team, and Toto didn’t want to sacrifice the talent he had in the Williams team. You were in no position to say who was the better driver because you were entirely too biassed.
‘Penny for your thoughts?’ Yoongi said, leaning into your personal space, only to slowly make his way to his car. You sighed as you neared him. ‘Sad I’m not going to be winning in this car next year?’
You shrugged. ‘Sad you’re not going to be winning at all without me.’
‘You could only wish, Y/N, you could only wish.’
You were sad, you thought. You were going to miss him. You’d see him shake hands with Christian Horner, who’d eyed Yoongi as if he was a shiny new toy. The very last thing Yoongi needed right now was to be signed into another team just to be second to yet another driver. Everyone knew that Horner loved Max, and there was no other way to see the team than Max and the poor other driver picking up his leftovers.
Going back to his room after spending the entire day without his phone was nerve wracking. He unlocked it to see too many texts for him to read in one sitting. He sees the important names, Christian Horner and Mattia Binnotto. Red Bull and Ferrari. Yoongi had to be lying if he said he never saw himself in a red suit racing for none other than them. Many legends had been in Ferrari, but he didn’t know if he wanted to go there to be second to the upcoming Leclerc. Same thing was with Red Bull. They had Max, who had just won his first championship, so Yoongi didn’t want to go to another team to suffer the same fate.
He needed to clear his head, so he called his trainer to set up a light workout. He met with Jungkook at the hotel gym to have a cardio-based workout. He just wanted to have his head anywhere other than his future. So, he did what he did best and pushed himself to the limit, trying to keep all the echoes of failure out of his head.
The elevator dinged when it reached his room’s floor. Yoongi dried his hair with a towel—the workout had taken more out of him than he’d expected, so he just wanted to get to his room and watch some TV. That’s when he saw you walking in the hall, presumably going to your room too. The two of you held eye contact for a few seconds before you stopped to greet each other.
Yoongi looked sad. He looked out of his own head, and it made you feel for him. You couldn’t even begin to understand what he was going through. The only reason you’d left your last position was because someone offered something better, not because you were sacked. Because that’s how it felt like—that’s what most fans thought. That Yoongi was being sacked from Mercedes and it wasn’t fair. Of course it wasn’t fair. Yoongi still had a long career in front of him.
‘Coming back from the gym?’ You asked him to try and make some small talk.
He shrugged. ‘Yeah. Nothing too exhausting.’
‘Good, we need a good quali tomorrow.’
‘Won’t disappoint.’
‘You never do.’ You said sincerely. Yoongi rested his eyes on you, not knowing how to answer. You didn’t know why you had said that, even if it was true. You cleared your throat to fill the silence. ‘Do you want to come in for a drink or something? Minibar is still full.’
‘Oh, I mean, if you’re not having an early night, the company would actually be nice.’
You guided him to your room, which was not too far from his own. Yoongi never liked to spend much on nice hotel rooms because he didn’t spend much time in them, but the team had always emphasised that it was for good rest, so he didn’t complain much. He stood by the door for a few seconds, not really understanding why he’d said yes so easily. Maybe he was starting to trust you, feel comfortable around you.
It was over for him when you turned around with a smile on your face. He felt something move inside of him, maybe the lack of food was starting to upset his stomach. You shook two bottles of beer you’d found in the fridge and handed him one before sitting down on one of the little sofas that were in the room.
‘How are you feeling? Really. No PR trained bullshit.’
Yoongi took a seat on the opposite sofa from you. ‘Like shit.’
‘Can I be honest with you?’ You asked, avoiding eye contact. Yoongi hummed, dreading your answer. ‘I think Toto is stupid. I mean,’ you backtracked quickly, sitting up and looking at an amused Yoongi. ‘The decision to not resign you is stupid. You are beating everyone out on track, even if you don’t have a great practice session. He’s losing a very skilled driver for a future investment.’
He chuckled. ‘Can I be honest too?’ You nodded. ‘I fucked up in the first qualifying on purpose.’ You rolled your eyes; you’d figured as much. ‘I was just so angry, for so many reasons. People were whispering about George, and I was pissed. So fucking pissed. I figured that I would make everyone sweat for it.’
‘Were you mad at me?’
‘Yeah, at the beginning.’ He admitted, and then he saw the heavy look in your eyes. ‘I thought that you didn’t care for me, care for me as a driver, I mean. For your car. I always thought that it was disrespectful to both you and me that they always made us second to Lewis, even if we have the better car. They literally can’t keep up with us.’
‘Lewis has been doing better lately.’
‘Nowhere near us though. They have no choice but to let us win. I always thought Toto hated me, so I’m kind of glad I’m winning so much.’
You took a sip from your drink. ‘Have you gotten any offers?’
He nodded, showing you how many notifications he had on his phone. ‘Christian and Mattia are on my ass, but I don’t know if I want to go there.’
‘Oh really? You’re going to pass up on a Ferrari?’
‘I’m passing up on being Charles’s second. As well as Max’s. I love them both, but I can’t, not when my self-worth is on the line.’
‘I know it’s going to be so hard for you to make a decision, and I truly wish you didn’t. For one, I don’t want to be George’s mechanic. Two, I feel like we’re sort of a dream team. I know you’re going to make the right call though.’ You joked. There was the weird feeling again, Yoongi thought.. ‘I can promise you something. I will do my absolute best to stand up for the both of us. My gift for you. My goodbye gift, I guess.’
‘That’s possibly the best gift you can ever give me.’
It seemed that for a second, neither of you were ready to say goodbye. You shook your head to remove that thought. You didn’t have to say goodbye to Yoongi yet, you were barely halfway through the season so you were still going to enjoy the ten-plus races you had with him. You didn’t have to start worrying about him leaving for more than a couple of months.
Yoongi stayed a little longer in your room—initially talking about the season and then it developed into personal territory. He’d told you about leaving South Korea for the first time to start karting in Europe and how his dad had supported him all along the way until his debut in F1. You had told him how you’d gotten into engineering in high school due to a robotics exhibition. Then, you told him how during the summer just before college, you started watching Formula One because your friends had dragged you to a sports bar.
The two of you had laughed and talked until your eyes started to feel heavy. Yoongi didn’t want to leave. He wanted to talk more with you. He hated that it had taken so long for the two of you to become close. That it took him leaving the team to finally become your friend. He regretted that, and it was going to be what he regretted the most when he left the team. He’d done everything at Mercedes. Everything but making friends.
As the season progressed, more plot twists unfolded. Lewis had made his way up the leaderboard and was now a contender for the title yet again. Yoongi was still first, but he’d missed out on points a few times due to crashes with other drivers. Dealing with Yoongi after he had a DNF (did not finish) that wasn’t his fault was a nightmare. He’d neared you at the pit wall once he was back at the paddock and complained about it incessantly.
Mercedes was beating everyone in the constructor’s championship. Toto was worried about scoring enough points to make a comfortable distance from Red Bull and Ferrari, who had been keeping very close together. So, when it came to strategies, they tried to do what would be better for the team in general. That’s what you liked to tell yourself at least.
Monza was one of the best circuits. Everyone loved it—the drivers, the fans, the engineers. It was so full of history, so winning at Monza was one of the best feelings ever. As well as winning in Monaco. You had not heard the end of it when Yoongi won Monaco. It was an amazing achievement, and you were proud of him, and it just showed everyone that Yoongi was a powerhouse to be reckoned with.
He had not decided who he was going to go with once his season with Mercedes was over. He worried about that too much, and he’d talked to you over the phone for hours when he couldn’t discuss it when you were in person. The two of you had become erringly close. Yoongi’s personal team had questioned the sudden friendship, but they were definitely not complaining.
That racing weekend had started perfectly. Everything went smoothly, Yoongi even scored pole. People online were bored of seeing continuous Yoongi dominating the field, but they were also glad that it was someone else. The fight for the front variated in who was there, but the one constant had always been Yoongi—more often than not, he’d come out victorious, thankfully. It always puts a smile on your face to see Yoongi up on the podium. He was also looking for your smile in the crowd when he raised his trophy.
‘You know every trophy I get is just as much yours as it is mine.’ Yoongi pointed out once while you were having taken out after a day of practising.
‘What do you mean?’
‘The car is incredible. You gave me my perfect car. You and the boys. Every trophy I get, it’s a trophy under your belt too. I find mechanics are the unsung heroes of F1. We wouldn’t have races if we didn’t have you.’
‘You’re so sappy, what’s gotten into you?’
‘The reality of leaving Mercedes is starting to settle in.’
‘Oh, well, let’s not think about that right now.’
You didn’t want to think about it ever. Every paddock you stepped into, it meant that your time with Yoongi was coming to an end. Once, George had come to talk to you to get to know you just a little before his move from Williams. You had indulged him for a few minutes before you excused yourself back to your station.
Yoongi had seen the exchange, and he couldn’t mistake the emotion that was brewing in his stomach. Pure jealousy. He tried to hide how his jaw tensed when he thought about you even breathing near George, but he was going to be working with you sooner rather than later. Once Yoongi left, you were going to be George’s mechanic. You were going to have to rebuild the car, erase any trace of Yoongi to replace it with George. He hated the thought of that.
Thankfully, you were still his mechanic. He still got to hear your voice every now and then during the race. His mind wandered off, thinking about what the future would look like, and that’s when he would decide to talk to you through the radio. Your voice calmed him. It was funny to think that he once loathed the sound of your voice coming from his earphones—now it was all he could think about.
Even if you were his mechanic, there were some calls you could not make. You were there to make sure the car was running fine, and whenever it came to strategies, you could only give them a technical input, but most of it didn’t concern you. There were some orders that were just given to you to relay to Yoongi. So, it wasn’t unusual when you got a note from the lead strategist.
‘What the fuck?’ You asked yourself when you read what he’d given you.
Yoongi had been leading for most of the race, while second, third and fourth place were a war zone. Max, Lewis, and Charles were fighting hard. Lewis had stuck to second for a few laps, but Charles was right behind him, and Max was right behind Charles. You knew that Charles’s car was nowhere near the pace Lewis had, so if he managed to get away from him, then it would just be him and Max fighting for third. That’s why you didn’t understand why you had to tell Yoongi to slow down so Lewis could overtake.
‘I don’t get it.’ You turned around to James, lead strategist. ‘Why would Yoongi slow down?’
‘We think the best bet for most points is to have Lewis in front and then have Yoongi defend, it’s a 1-2, so it’d be good for the points.’
‘Woah, but that makes absolutely no sense.’
‘Leclerc might catch up with Lewis in the next couple of laps, so we need Yoongi’s power to defend better.’
‘Leclerc doesn’t have the pace or the tires to fight Lewis for much longer. They can’t pit either right now, so I think it’s better if we just have 1-2 but for Yoongi.’
‘Please, just relay the message.’
‘But Yoongi is almost fifteen seconds apart from Lewis, it’s not going to be good for either of them.’
‘Please, Y/N, just do what I told you.’
‘I won’t do it. It’s a stupid call, and it’s going to cost us the race if we do that. Yoongi slowing down so much is going to be dangerous. I don’t agree, so don’t count on me to relay the message.’
You were doing exactly what you promised to Yoongi. You were finally standing up, even if James just kept looking at you like you were out of your mind. You believed that Yoongi could easily win this race, and a P3 for Lewis wouldn’t be the end of the world after having such a bad season start. But you knew that Toto could tell James to talk to Yoongi directly, but at least you were not going to have to deal with him.
‘Yoongi, it’s James.' He was puzzled as to why he was not hearing your voice; you were the one who talked to him during the races. ‘Let Lewis catch up and then let him through.’
He was honestly confused, not knowing if he was hearing things right. He couldn’t even see Lewis in his mirrors, so why would he need to slow down and let him pass?
‘What the fuck? Where is Y/N.’
‘Yoongi, please follow the orders.’
Commentators were as puzzled as Yoongi was. He would understand to let Lewis pass if he were having more trouble with power and defending when he was low on power, but Lewis was so far away from him that it made no sense for him to go back. It would be riskier for the points that could be made up in the upcoming races, mainly when Ferrari and Red Bull had their other drivers so far down in the grid.
So, Yoongi didn’t listen. He was not going to let Lewis through if Lewis couldn’t catch up. It was risky, and everyone knew it. Lewis needed to learn how to control his car better, and Yoongi was not going to let him piggyback off his hard work. Some people would argue that it was not teammate behaviour, but Yoongi was fed up with that. In the previous years he had to give so much in the name of good sportsmanship, and he was tired.
‘Keep doing what you’re doing.’ He heard you say on the radio after a few minutes.
You were proud of him. You knew that he had the guts to brush off what James, and even Toto said. The public was going crazy as Yoongi crossed into the last lap. On track, the distance between the two Mercedes was jaw dropping, it was not until Yoongi was well out of sight that Lewis would come into view.
The crowd roared when Yoongi crossed the finish line. The weekend had left Mercedes with a 1-2, so when you turned to James, you could just give him a smile. Everyone knew that Yoongi being told to let Lewis through was not for a better 1-2 strategy, it was to bring Lewis back to the seven-time world champion glory, but that was going to happen over Yoongi’s dead body.
‘That was amazing, Yoongi, that’s another P1.’
‘I have one thing to say, and you know who you are… fuck you.’
You laughed, and that had immediately become an iconic line within the community. Yoongi was not there to play around, and the fans knew it, the team principals knew it too. He had never had the reputation to be someone hard to work with, so when people saw the extremes he’d be pushed into, they understood why he was not going down without a fight.
When he stood on the podium, he held his head up high. Lewis had given him a half hug after he’d emptied half his champagne bottle on Yoongi and the other half on Leclerc. Toto had called Yoongi, and he knew how it was going to go. His team principal was going to tell him to never disobey orders again if he had any respect for his future—but honestly, Yoongi didn’t care. It was his last year with Mercedes, and he was never gonna have to deal with them again.
After Toto was done yelling at him, Yoongi left the office to finally get changed out of his racing suit. Yoongi had tuned out most of what Toto had told him, something about being a good teammate, but he was over whatever he had to say anymore. He saw you conversing with the other mechanics, stalling a little to see if he could catch your attention. When he saw that you were looking his way, he turned away to make it seem like he was definitely not waiting for you.
‘Yoongi, I was hoping to catch you before you left.’ You breathed out. ‘I am so sorry about what happened with James. I told him it was not a good idea, but he went over me to talk to you. I…’
‘Hey, hey, don’t worry. I know.’ He reassured you with a soft smile on his face.
‘I kept my promise.’
Yoongi reached for your arm to give it a squeeze. ‘I never expected any less from you. Thank you, really. I know that it’s hard to speak up when you’re not being heard.’
‘Anything for you, Yoongi.’
He stood there, knowing that you meant it. Yoongi hated himself for putting himself in the last situation he needed to be in. He didn’t want to start liking you just as he was going to be racing against your car. Against George out-of-all-people Russell, in the car that should have been Yoongi’s but instead would be readjusted to fit the younger Britton better. He hated feeling jealousy eat him inside out when he thought about you never talking to him again because you were now devoted to giving George the best car there was.
‘I know people want a big celebration, but I’m honestly so tired.’ Yoongi complained, and you looked at him sadly. The sport took a lot out of them. ‘What do you say we get a drink instead?’
‘Only you and me?’
‘Just like always.’
Those words meant more to you than Yoongi would ever know. After everything was left in order, people left to be in whatever party they were meant to be. A lot of the Mercedes engineers had left to celebrate their very well deserved 1-2 podium. Other teams had gone to celebrate for other reasons, like finishing yet another race in the season. This year had the most races in the year, and it could get a bit sad to not be home as much as you wanted to.
You didn’t feel like you had a home. Of course, you had to be in the UK during the winter break to work on the car, but you didn’t have anyone to come home to. A lot of the engineers had wives and children at home, some of whom would bore you with cute stories about their children. Newer dads spent so long showing you pictures of their babies, and you were happy for them, but it was a harsh reminder that there was no one who would look forward to seeing you.
Sure, your parents would visit you. Maybe you’d spend Christmas with them and your siblings, but they all lived separate lives. It was not like how it was when you were a teenager and depended on your parents, seeing your siblings on a daily basis. Now, you barely saw them during the holidays if at all.
Seeing Yoongi at the paddock again was what you thought was coming home to a loving family—and you thought it was sad. His smile when he saw you made you feel so much more than you were used to. Race weekends were always exciting, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you watched your car out on track, but there was nothing that could compare to the feeling of seeing Yoongi’s smile when he saw you for the first time after a week of not seeing you.
It was dumb, you thought. Catching feelings for someone who was never going to be able to date you. It would be just too complicated, and it would be a conflict of interest for a Mercedes engineer to be dating a driver for one of the other teams, mainly if it were a driver for one of the biggest competitions to Mercedes. So, it was destined to be just a crush, and it drove you out of bed each morning. There was no harm in a crush. Plus, Yoongi probably didn’t reciprocate your feelings.
At least that’s what you had told yourself.
You knocked on Yoongi’s door after you had cleaned up and were out of your uniform. He opened the door in his sportswear, and you were glad that you hadn’t overdressed for this. It was just two friends celebrating that they were going to win the championship. Yoongi was going to win his very first world championship in a car that you had designed, and it was euphoric.
‘Brought some wine.’ You showed him the two red wine bottles you’d managed to snatch from downstairs, and he wiggled his eyebrows to celebrate.
Once you were already inside and put those two bottles in the safety of the table, you felt Yoongi’s arms engulf you. You squeaked in surprise, not really knowing what was happening, but when you realised, you wrapped your arms around him as well.
The two of you stayed quiet in each other’s arms. His aroma was intoxicating for you, and you could get drunk on it, much more than you could ever on alcohol. Yoongi was surprised to realise that you fit so perfectly in his arms. He didn’t know why he was so surprised though, it seemed like the two of you were made for each other.
‘I wanted to do that after the podium ceremony, but…’ Yoongi whispered against your ear. ‘At least I get to do it now.’
You turned your head to leave the both of you looking into each other’s eyes. Yoongi felt like he was going to explode. He’d never been so close to you because he knew that all inhibition was going to be thrown out the window. All he could do at that moment was to look down to your lips, and he confirmed that they looked as kissable as he thought they were going to look like. He couldn’t move on if he didn’t have just a taste of your lips. So, that’s exactly what he did.
He pressed his lips against yours so softly you didn’t register what had happened. It all felt so quick, in a split second, Yoongi was backing away from you. Your eyebrows knitted together as you looked at him in awe. He was about to say something, but your hand sneaking from his back to his neck shut him up just in time for you to bring him back for a proper kiss.
It felt as if fireworks were going off inside the room with you. Yoongi’s hands held you tighter than they had ever held anything. He felt like you were going to slip away from him, and he was going to do everything in his power for you to be with him. You were never going to let him go either. That was the last thing you wanted to do.
Forgetting about your surroundings, the back of your hips hitting the table snapped you back into reality for a split second, only for Yoongi to make you hop on and stand between your legs. He wanted to be as close to you as he could. Your hands had made their way to his hair and his hands had made their way up your shirt. His touch was hot against your skin, and you had suddenly become addicted.
Both of your chests heaved as you pulled away just enough for your foreheads to be touching. His hands squeezed you slightly, as if to make sure you were real.
‘You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to kiss you.’ Yoongi admitted. It all seemed a little cliché, but those words melt you.
‘Please don’t wait too long for the next time you do it.’
‘I don’t plan to.’ He whispered against your lips once again.
All that could go through your mind was Yoongi. But then, sense came barrelling towards you like an avalanche. You couldn’t be doing this. Even if Yoongi’s hands felt so good against your skin, so intoxicating and addicting. You needed to think about your job, and how you were putting everything at risk for a moment of lust. Even if it wasn’t just lust, with Yoongi everything felt just right—although your relationship had been rocky at the beginning, it had blossomed to be something you couldn’t live without.
Yoongi knew that he was putting you in an impossible position; asking you to choose him over your passion, something you'd worked very hard for. He couldn’t do that to you, but he loved feeling you against his hands; loved the little sounds you let out when he did something you liked.
You pushed him off you. He looked at you confused, tilting his head slightly while his eyes searched yours. You felt like you could melt right then and there.
‘We can’t.’ You whispered. He nodded.
‘I know.’
The two of you shared a look. It meant everything to you. He pulled you back in for a kiss, knowing that the line that was crossed would forever change your relationship.
Yoongi needed to be closer to you, needed to have a taste. The more he had of you, the more he wanted. He was sure that he would drown in you, but he didn’t mind one bit. His hand snuck towards the back of your neck, pulling your hair slightly so he could have better access to your mouth. Your hands grabbed his shirt, eliminating all space between you two, if there was any even left.
His other hand slowly made its way to your thigh. Your breath trembled under his touch, bucking your hips forwards looking for some friction. Yoongi’s kisses moved from your lips down to your neck, his hand pulling your hair to bring your head back. Goosebumps shot through your body at the feeling of his breath against your skin. A shaky moan left your lips, making Yoongi’s blood rush from his head to his dick.
‘You have no idea what you do to me.’ Yoongi whispered against your lips. You looked him in the eyes, and you felt like melting. You have never been so wet before. ‘I’m going to take my time with you, and if I manage to make you feel half as good as you make me feel, that’s a job well done.’
Your head was cloudy with desire, and you were under his will. Whatever he wanted to do to you, you would welcome it. He laid you down on the table; his kisses making a trail to your stomach. His fingers hooked onto your shorts and underwear, pushing it down swiftly—never breaking eye contact with you. You quickly removed any remaining clothes you had on.
He spread your legs—you had always felt so insecure when having anyone so close to you, but the way Yoongi was eyeing you in the moment, made you feel more desired than ever before. Yoongi’s hot breath against your heat sent shivers through your body, the difference in temperature made you arch your back slightly. Anticipation could only build a pit in your stomach.
Yoongi gave a testing lick to your clit. He immediately felt you tense up under his touch, trying to close your legs around his head. Using his hands, he kept your legs open as his tongue worked on your sensitive bud, inching you closer to an orgasm with each flick of his tongue. Your hands flew to his hair, trying to guide his pace as it turned overwhelming.
You had never been eaten out with such intensity before. Every other man that you had been with was now mediocre, not coming up to half of what Yoongi was making you feel. You hoped that you would be able to make him feel good. Now, Yoongi was making you see stars on a hotel room ceiling. You never knew that something could be so good, consume you in just the right way.
Hearing you whimper under his touch drove Yoongi wild. He wanted to feel you around him, your legs trembling as he fucked you. He felt you squirm under him, and he knew that you were close to your high. Even if his pace had been overwhelming, it was now unforgiving. You called out his name when you finally came undone thanks to his tongue.
When Yoongi came up for another kiss, you noticed that his mouth was glistening with your juices. He kissed you like you’d never been kissed before, and how you would never be kissed again. So, you clung onto him for as long as you could.
You pulled his pesky shirt off him, and he quickly pulled down his shorts—dick already standing red and proud. He was definitely bigger than what you had expected, and your mouth watered. You had never been one for giving blowjobs, but all you could think in that moment was giving him the time of his life with your mouth.
Yoongi was never one to pass up on a good blow, but all he could think about in that moment was fucking you. So, with you still laying down on the table, he pumped his dick a couple of times before teasing your entrance. Whines left your lips as he pressed on your stomach while he finally slid into you.
The groan that left Yoongi’s throat carried all the pent-up emotion he’d been feeling. He couldn’t believe how good you felt; how warm you were around him. He’d buried himself deep inside of you, and he stayed there for more than a few seconds—he’d tried to convince himself that it was just so you grew used to his size, but in reality, it was because he might have burst right then and there.
All you could think about was him. How he seemed to perfectly fit inside of you, how perfect his body moulded against yours. You never wanted that night to end. The table under you rocked with each thrust Yoongi pushed into you, each making you roll your eyes to the back of your head.
He knew that the table might give out at any minute, so he manoeuvred you to the edge of the bed, folding you easily and sliding right back in. The sounds coming out of him made you tremble even more. You’d never been with a man so vocal, and you’d never guessed how hot it would be.
You cried out his name as he rocked against you before pulling out. At the feeling of emptiness, you were getting ready to complain when you felt him flip you over. You were now on the edge of the bed, ass up, on your knees with your chest against the bed.
That’s how he even reached places nobody had reached before. You gripped the sheets as he plunged into you, pace unforgiving and exhilarating. Your moans hitched inside your throat  as they became higher pitched, near the climax of your orgasm. Never had you come so hard, much less twice.
‘Yoongi, please, never stop.’ You whimpered.
‘Not planning on it.’
Another orgasm came crashing on you like a wave. Everything felt like it was on fire, so overwhelmingly good.
‘Use me.’ He heard you say. ‘Use me to make yourself cum.’ You begged.
He didn’t need to hear you say that twice. Yoongi pulled out of you and laid on the bed, waiting for you to ride him. Which you did without hesitation. His hands rested on your hips as he pulled you in. Your hips started rocking on their own as you leaned in for a kiss.
His arms locked around your waist as he thrust his hips upwards. All you had to do was try to keep yourself in place as Yoongi was doing most of the work from below. A smile spread across your lips when you felt Yoongi’s hips get sloppy.
‘Can I come inside of you?’
Yoongi shot his warm cum inside of you, dick pumping every single drop into you. He moaned against your neck, giving it small kisses as he let both of you catch your breath.
That’s how you fell asleep, in his arms and with a smile on your face. Your careers not having any space in your minds, especially the consequences.
Both of you tried to not worry about it though. That night went unmentioned, same as your feelings. It was an unspoken agreement to try and keep your personal lives out of the paddock. Yoongi’s hands lingered on yours when you gave him the analysis sheets, and you stared at him a little longer than usual. Of course, none of these things were something worthy to be noted. Nobody ever had the slightest suspicion about your star-crossed destiny. All it was, was the driver-mechanic relationship, and how it seemed to get better when Yoongi was leaving the team. Oh, the irony.
There was still no public news on where Yoongi was going to be going when the season ended. Of course there were talks—he was always talking about what was going to happen to him when the season ended. He knew he didn’t want to go to Ferrari or Red Bull, they both had a set first driver, and Yoongi was not trying to have the same situation he had in Mercedes.
He wanted to go to a team where there was still a first driver, one that had a balanced playing ground within the team. Yoongi very well knew that there was no way that he could be a podium chaser if he wasn’t in the top teams, but he wasn’t dying to go to one of the top teams. He knew he could do well in what they called midfielders. Of course, some that relied on the car he was given.
God, he wanted you to go with him, but he couldn’t possibly ask you that. Right? It would be terrible if he asked you to leave a top tier team for him. A team where you were making your name and headed one of the cars. That was your dream job, and he knew that very well, which is why he wasn’t going to even imply that you left with him. Plus, he also ran the risk of you rejecting his offer, and that was just going to break his heart a thousand times over—worse than when he found that he was being sacked.
Max had always been the person who was right behind Yoongi in the standings, with Lewis trailing behind by only a few points. It was the last race, and the other two drivers were still a threat to Yoongi’s hopes of a championship win. Of course, Yoongi had to finish less than in third place to not be champion, but you knew that with Yoongi the possibility of him not winning was less than him winning. It still didn’t take your nerves away though.
The last race weekend rolled around sooner than you had wanted it to be. By now, Yoongi should have announced whether or not he was going to be moving to another team or just retiring from Formula One for the time being. You knew that the idea of Yoongi retiring so soon was very far-fetched, but there weren’t even rumours as to where Yoongi was going to go.
He had decided already, only a few people knew about the move though. He’d said that he would take the offer if they met only one condition. He was going to ask you to be with him in his new team. He guessed that it didn’t hurt to ask you, it wouldn’t completely wreck your relationship. All he needed to do was to ask you, and only then he could definitely announce his move.
Yoongi needed to win the championship first.
Tension was very thick in the paddock. Yoongi knew that he had to keep his well-performing streak, and there was absolutely no way that he would lose this race. But you never knew what could happen during the race.
He was always very nervous during the practice sessions, but he never let it take much of his head because practice didn’t determine how the race would go. As it was the last race, every feeling that went through him was heightened. Seeing that he was only sixth fastest, he didn’t want it to get in his head as it could mess with him for qualifying.
Once he was back in the garage, he came up to you. You were standing there with a quick analysis of what the team had learned when Yoongi was out on the track. He stood there while you ran through the initial data but told him that he would need to stay for a little longer because the team was still coming up with different strategies. Toto had said that he was going to let Yoongi and Lewis battle it out on the track, fighting with Verstappen as well.
‘I need to talk to you.’ Yoongi told you before he left for the day. You frowned. ‘Later.’
‘If it’s about the car, everything is going to be set up—’
‘No, not about the car.’
You opened your mouth, but you couldn’t say anything.
His pleading eyes could get anything. ‘Of course.’
You left the circuit much later than Yoongi had, but you headed straight to the hotel afterwards. Yoongi had texted you his room number, so you could just head there once you got to the hotel, which is exactly what you did. You had no clue as to what Yoongi would want to talk about in private because you knew that he couldn’t be talking about your relationship at the moment, right? He did say that it was nothing technical about the car, but it seemed too urgent to be about your personal relationship.
Sure, it felt like your heart was going to jump out of your chest. You knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds, which felt like minutes. Inside, Yoongi was pacing around the room just waiting for you to arrive. He knew that he could have been more reassuring, but he couldn’t pass this off as something that wasn’t too relevant. It was. He was talking about his future, and he hoped that you would accompany him.
He opened the door with a soft smile on his face, which gave you some ease. He let you in the room, and flashbacks of the last time you’d been in his room was like. Your mouth suddenly went dry, so you needed to shake your head to come back to reality. You stood in the middle of the room, not really knowing what to do.
‘Uhm, you can sit down if you want.’ Yoongi pointed at the sitting area near the big window.
‘You’re scaring me, you know?’ You lightly joked. ‘Should I be worried?’
‘I don’t think you need to be worried.’ He sat right in front of you. He wanted to keep good eye contact with you. ‘I do need to ask you something though.’
‘Go ahead.’ You said hesitantly,
‘So, I’ve already decided which team I’m going to be moving to.’ You widened your eyes in surprise. ‘But before I make my move final, I wanted to ask you something quite important, and I know that it might be too much to ask from you, and I don’t need an answer right now, but I would appreciate it if you even thought about it.’
‘Spit it out, Yoongi.’
‘Come with me to Red Bull.’
It was surprising to hear that Yoongi was moving to the team Mercedes was having such a good fight with this year. It only registered a few seconds later what he’d asked of you. You widened your eyes in surprise, as well as your jaw dropping to the floor. Out of all things, you had never expected him to ask you to move to his new team.
‘Yoongi, what?’
‘I actually love working with you, and your car. I know that if I win this championship, it will be because of your car. It’s for selfish reasons only.’ He smiled at you softly, and you would have said yes right then and there, but you couldn’t give it to him so easily.
‘I’ll think about it.’ You laughed. ‘You need to win that championship first.’
‘I will, don’t even doubt it.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘I thought you didn’t want a team with a set first driver.’
‘Christian told me that next season’s first driver is up for grabs. He wants me and Max to fight for it, and I think I am down for that.’ Yoongi shrugged. ‘Would be gratifying if I stole Max’s championship and first seat.’
‘You’re an ass.’
‘You love it.’
Yoongi went on to qualify third, which was far from desirable, but a yellow flag had made it impossible for him to be able to set a better lap. He hoped that during the race, he would be able to get further up the grid. With Max and Perez in front of him, he was in for a long race. Lewis had qualified seventh, which was not ideal, but it was not bad for Yoongi.
The atmosphere at the paddock was palpable as the formation lap finished. You took in a deep breath and were only able to let it out after those four red lights were out. Yoongi had thankfully had a better start than Perez and was now in second position right in the first lap. You didn’t want Yoongi to be stuck behind him because he was too good at defending, and you didn’t want to spend the entirety of the race trying to pass him.
Due to a couple of safety cars, Yoongi had been stuck behind Max until the last ten laps. Even after the pit stop strategies, Yoongi had been behind Max, fighting for first place throughout the whole race. There was no dull moment, your heart almost hammering out of your chest. Finally, Yoongi was within range to pass Max, and he did. You jumped out of your seat, keeping an eye on the time difference.
‘Yoongi, Max is still within DRS range.’ You warned through the radio.
‘Got it, got it. Leave me to it.’
It was normal that drivers would ask to be left alone in the last couple of laps of the race, so you didn’t take it to heart. As Yoongi passed the line, it was officially the last lap of the race, and the one that would determine who would be the champion, and it was going to be Yoongi, quite definitely. It would take a tragedy for him to not get it.
So, as Yoongi took the last corner, the Yoongi pit crew at the Mercedes garage ran to the wall, ready to wave their world champion past the chequered flag. You cheered, jumping to the other engineer next to you, both of you hugged in glee. Toto was even seen with a smile on his face.
‘Fuck, yeah, Yoongi!’ You yelled into the radio. ‘You are the world champion! The fucking world champion!’
Yoongi’s scream came through your headphones. ‘We did it! We did it, boys! We did it, Y/N!’
‘World champion! First of many, Yoongi, first of many.’
Light sobs were heard through the radio. ‘Thank you to everyone, at the garage, at the factory. Thank you so much for the amazing years you’ve given me. I couldn’t have asked for anything more for my last season with this team.’
‘You earned it, Yoongi. Amazing job.’
Once Yoongi parked his car in the designated place for the winner. Yoongi climbed his car, raising his hands in victory, taking in all the cheers. When he came down, Max and Perez were waiting for him to congratulate them. Yoongi hugged Max, who would be his future teammate. He hugged Perez as well, whose place he’d be taking as he retired.
The podium celebration was loud, fireworks going off in the background, and the cheers of the fans were as loud as before. The whole team crowded in front of the podium, roaring as Yoongi took his first place. As you were Yoongi’s head mechanic, Toto had told you to take the prize for the Mercedes constructors win. So, there you were, seeing Yoongi take his win just a couple of feet away.
With the champagne out, the guys started spraying each other. You laughed and congratulated the Red Bull boys before moving on to hugging Yoongi. The two of you shared a long hug, not really taking into account the amount of cameras that were pointing to you.
‘So, what do you say?’
‘Let’s win a lot more championships, shall we?’ That put a huge smile on Yoongi’s face.
Checo came in, taking off his Red Bull cap and putting it on Yoongi. He kept an arm around you as he turned to the cameras and waved, standing proudly with his Red Bull cap on. Then, he took it off and put it on your head for a second, and you quickly shrugged him off. An apologetic smile to Toto painted your face. Toxic fans loved how Yoongi had declared that he was moving to Red Bull. It was not the first time that a former Mercedes driver was leaving Mercedes with a sour taste in their mouth.
Toto wasn’t surprised when you turned in your two weeks’ notice. He knew that you were going to follow Yoongi. Everyone was now whispering about the nature of your relationship with Yoongi, but nothing was ever confirmed. The fans were also surprised to hear that you were going to Red Bull with Yoongi, but it made sense at the same time.
So, it was a new year, new team, in a new car. Same you and Yoongi. Over the winter break, which you didn’t really take off as it was a new team, you and Yoongi had established your relationship. Of course, the two of you were together now, and you had promised Christian that your relationship would never come into being a problem for racing. If anything, Yoongi needed you to race the way he did.
‘Let’s get them, Y/N.’ Yoongi said through the radio just before the start of the first race of the new year.
‘Let’s get them, Yoongi.’ You said, just like it always was going to be.
Tumblr media
a/n: and then yoongi went on to win a bunch more championships with y/n as his mechanic and wife, eventually
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yoongsisbae · a day ago
The Woman with the Black Cat on Her Shoulder | MYG
Tumblr media
Fearful, they buried them, stomped them into the dirt. Underneath their boot, scared men were unaware the seeds of hope had planted by their own volition. From the dirt and grime, grew flowers, blooms so tall, eclipsing their hatred. You were strong and unwilling to be cut down any more. 
Dystopian Fantasy AU. Shapeshiftercat!yoongi x reader
Warning: 18+ adult themes, dystopian futuristic society (IS IT THO?), graphic violence against women, animal cruelty, attempted SA, mention of suicide, police brutality, angst, sex so soft and sweet and full of consent
Word Count: 8.1k
“It’s her,” they said. Whispers in the crowd, repeating the phrase to one another, like a wave of hope rippling over their bodies, energizing their fight.
It was true. She was there, and the crowd could feel her power, her anger, forged from pain. Because it was their anger too. It was familiar, it was a friend reaching over their shoulder and telling them, ‘It will be okay. I’m here now. You don’t have to fight alone. You won’t lose this time, because you have me now.’ 
The rumors spread far, even the law-forcers knew of her. They knew of her as a myth, a story the people would tell to ease the pain of their subjugation. An empty promise shouted at the law-forcers, that one day they’ll be sorry, that one day victory won’t be theirs to take. She was the woman with the black cat on her shoulder. One look into those feline eyes and judgment is swift. 
Some believed the cat is a creature from the underworld. The beast heard the people’s cries and clawed its way up into this world, collecting souls of abusers and assaulters, dragging them back down to its dark home. Some people believe the cat is part of her, she wields and controls the beast like a limb, that she isn’t human, but an angel, the savior of the people.
But she is neither and the cat is neither. She is like them. Born without wealth, without love, abandoned and alone, she grew up too quickly. A sad story told a million different ways by a million different girls. She lived her life as they all did, she worked and worked and worked and worked, and lived. She didn’t want anything more but to live...
You didn’t want anything more but to live, and perhaps it was by some divine intervention, you don’t know, that you crossed paths with a lonely black cat, so small and broken, so desperate to survive like you. You freed him and in ways you could not imagine, he freed you.
From the crowd of bodies, the woman with the black cat on her shoulder stepped to the front. Her clothes were black, pants torn and patched, sewn back stronger. A tight shirt so they made no mistake, it was a woman under that mask. Black cloth covering her face and hair, the amount of her hair hidden under her hood. But they could still see her eyes, accentuated by black eyeliner and hatred. And on her shoulder, a large black cat, long wild hair to match its wild eyes. 
The law-forcers stood in a line, guns and shields ready. The angry crowd had nothing but hope now. 
The law-forcers didn’t really believe it was her, looking down at her still. Any woman could find a black cat and pretend. They saw her as a martyr, a faker, their trigger fingers itching to make an example of her.
The cat hissed, mouth stretched wide open and long fangs displayed. The hiss was loud and piercing and the law-forcers flinched, embarrassingly reacting. The crowd jeered and laughed and the law-forcers pointed their guns at the black cat, growing in anger for being made fools. 
You whisper to your companion to wait. Let them attack first. Show the world the true aggressor before them. 
You waited because you knew the beast on your shoulder was a magical being. And the thing about living magic in a world filled with human creation, is that magic and technology reacted like oil and water, coexisting but unable to intermix, and magic was by far the stronger force. 
Red lasers land on you and your companion, but you stubbornly stand tall and the crowd mirrors your actions. The cat growls low and menacing and hisses again. It only took one scared threatened man, one trigger happy finger, and then it was all over...for them.
A gun shot rang out, and smoke appears where the black cat on the woman’s shoulder stood, weaving and twisting in the air like black rivers, dispersing and covering the empty zone between the crowd and the law-forcers. Bullets entered the smoke and the magical force created a barrier, stopping them in midair. That is when they all knew, they knew she was not just a myth.
As quickly as the magic appeared, electricity disappeared. The energy sent a shockwave across devices. Cameras and lights, the law-forcers military grade machinery, and all that expensive technology the law-forcers depended on broke and malfunctioned. Precious moments without their weapons that give a perfect window of attack. 
The crowd stands transfixed and the woman screams, loud and deep within her gut…
A roar. 
The black cat appears and reappears, so quickly it’s impossible to follow the cat’s path. Fangs piercing through skin and muscle of the men paid to silence the people’s cries, now crying for help, crying in pain as sharp claws rip through kevlar and tear the flesh from their bones. She runs towards them without fear. That's what the crowd sees, they don't witness her fear of losing what she loves most that carries her feet forward. And then the crowd begins to run forward too, headed straight towards men with bullets ready to fire. 
It’s chaos. 
“Dinner’s ready.”
His voice was soft and calming but you startle awake. You don’t mean to, you’re just always on alert and so anxious these days. 
His hand moves from your back to your shoulder, fingers pushing into your tight muscles. His way of telling you to relax. You place your hand over his, pulling him into bed. You’re so tired, he must be too. You wish he wouldn’t worry over you, you could have heated some left overs up instead.
The news plays loud on your home's display screen, events of afternoon recorded right before the blackout replay from many different angles. You listen to the cheers of your arrival, inwardly groaning.
Tonight it’s going to get worse, you’ve bruised the egos of the elite, and men like that always lash out in anger, unable to take a loss so great.
“We should go out tonight, just in case,” you sigh. Your companion doesn’t speak, he’s tired. He fought so hard. And he might have to do it again. But this is the life you both chose. Somehow, it has become this, nights upon nights of this. You wonder, if others had this kind of power, would they be able to sleep at night knowing they could have done something more, or would they be like you?
It wasn’t always like this. Before you were a fighter of the system, you were a victim of the system.
Like the night your companion, Yoongi, showed you what he truly was.
“Sweet kitty.” He purrs loudly while he eats, broken purrs between grumbles as he devours his dinner. The sight makes you laugh as he eats the meat leftover from your lunch. He waits for you, always in the same spot. The black cat you saved has taken to following you from work to your home at night. Every night you try to coax him into your house, but he never does decide to join you. He’s a cat of the streets.
You click your tongue softly as his fluffy tail wraps around your calf. Using two fingers, you run them along the cat’s back as he eats. “I have to get going, kitty, sorry for making you wait,” you muse, scratching behind the cat’s ears as he finishes. It’s later than you usually leave. Hours at the warehouse seemed to stretch longer and longer these days. 
You move quickly and quietly, kept your purse tight to your side. You walked behind restaurants, away from drunken men and street girls that took over busy streets at night. Walking these dark alleys alone was daunting, but better than dealing with confrontation and a quicker route. And you had kitty. The animal gracefully walks next to you, happily bouncing along with his tail held upright. You somehow felt safer walking with the tiny street cat.
Age thirteen was the first time you encountered the wandering eyes of strangers, walking the district’s marketplace with your friends from the learning center. Three teenage girls enduring the catcalls of grown men, following you for blocks. You knew the feeling of someone watching you all too well, it was the same feeling you felt tonight.
You stop and bend down, petting kitty, cooing at how cute he looks when he stretches his neck towards you and in the corner of your eye, you noticed them, two men in the shadows following close behind you. There is no safety at night for a woman in this world. You learned that not this night, but you felt the fear of your reality in waves, stronger than any night before.
Standing up again, you ignored them and kept your pace. You were too scared to run. Running escalated things. You learned not to do such things. Once you ran they would chase, they could catch you, they would hurt you. And you knew you couldn’t fight two and win, you weren’t confident in one. You fiddle with your e-bracelet. You could signal an emergency, but the law-forcers took hours to come to this part of town, even as attacks continue to escalate, you knew they wouldn’t save you.
Kitty meows next to you. He meows, he meows, did kitty notice them too? “I know,” you whisper.
You think if you keep this pace, you can make it past the corner, and run then, hide yourself in the crowd. But like you, it was not the first time for these men either. Experienced predators, they noticed your hunched shoulders, the concentrated steps slowly escalating. They attacked.
Dirty hands grab at your body, your hair, yanking you backwards into pavement. It was too quick, too forceful. 
You fought, you fought hard, with everything you had. You kicked and you screamed, and when fingers covered your screams you cried, when stronger arms and legs kicked back and shoved you back down, you pulled your limbs tightly together, protecting what they wanted from you.
You tasted your own blood, felt the sting of cuts and bruises on your body just formed and yet you still fought, unwilling to let them have any of you.
Acting on instinct to protect yourself until your legs were ripped open and your arms were held down and you retreated into your mind, thinking of what you could have done to stop this outcome, was there anything, one small difference, that could have changed everything? You were asking yourself these questions when the heaviness lessened, and your voice was no longer the only screams in the night. 
You lifted your head at a terrifying sight. Limbs reacting quickly to move away from the bloodshed. You reminded yourself to breathe.
Breathe out. You looked down at the scene, the two assaulters were dead, their bodies covered in scratches. 
Breathe in. And another man, black hair wild and covering his eyes. Hands red, covered in blood that wasn’t his. 
Breathe out. He walks closer to you, bends down, covers your bruised cheek with his bloody hand. Street lights flicker and static electricity stings you at his touch, but you don’t flinch away, feeling a familiarity that didn’t frighten you. 
Breathe in. Somehow you knew the most improbable situation was what this was, you knew what he was.
Breathe out. “Kitty?”
Even with all your breathing, you still passed out at the revelation.
You sit straight up, yelping, breathing eratic.
‘What's this?’ You stare at napkins and plastic bags, the trash falling away from your body. You're outside on your porch. Your purse had been underneath your head.
“Ow.” Your ribs hurt, your legs hurt, your arms hurt, your temples hurt. You run your tongue over your dry lips, over a cut and wince. Your bracelet beeps. You’re late for work.
You didn’t have time to think about last night until lunch time. Unable to make food, you stood in line to pay for lunch. Waiting for your turn in line, you listened to today’s gossip. The women of the warehouse discussed in hushed voices last night's murder. “An animal attack, they think.” “What kind of animal could do such a thing?” “Not too far from here at all, two men.” “Men?!” “From the Financial District at that.” “No CCTV either. It made the trending headlines this time.” “Maybe now they’ll do something about the attacks.” “Y/n, what happened to your face?”
“Went drinking last night, went home with the wrong one.” you mutter, running your fingers over the cut on your eyebrow.
The women look over at you with sympathetic eyes, “Please, y/n, my nephew is a good one, I wish you would give him a chance,” your coworker says, a lovely old woman who treats you like a daughter. 
“You didn't met him in VR first?! They have apps now to vet men like that,” another says in an accusing tone, “I would never.”
“Men can still pay to scrub that info from the V life,” the older woman says, rolling her eyes.
You wrap your leftovers in a napkin, pocketing the food. “I don’t have time to take care of a man, sorry Auntie!” Hugging her goodbye, you try not to wince when your ribs touch.
You head back to work, lost in your thoughts, piecing together what your mind allowed you to remember from trauma of last night.
After work you wait at your usual spot, clicking your tongue, but the black cat doesn’t come.
So you wait stubbornly, until it becomes even later than the night before. You check behind trash cans and old boxes, huffing. You were so certain you saw him in the morning, scampering away from you as you woke. Where is he now? You're certain you remembered the events of last night correctly, you're sure of it...aren't you?
Your usual route has been taped off, now a crime scene, so you’re forced to walk through the crowds, weaving through drunken bodies.
Drunken men won’t leave you alone, especially one, even when you tell him off, even when you push him away, he jeers and makes fun of your bruises.
“Looks like someone already taught you a lesson on manners. Didn’t you learn anything?” he slurs, following after you.
You turn down a deserted alleyway and feel small pads hit your shoulder, the warmth of a large cat pressing down onto your back, fur ticking your cheek. You reach up to steady the cat's body, pulling him into a protective embrace close to your chest. The black cat purrs as you stand stunned, looking down at the black cat. “When did you get so big?”
The man takes a swaying step forward and the cat hisses and swats a large paw in his direction, making the man flinch back, chuckling in his drunkenness.
“Leave me alone.” 
He’s too drunk, eyes glazed over, unwilling to stop now that it’s started. He lunges forward and the cat jumps out of your hands, claws aimed at the drunken man’s face. He screams as you attack as well, pushing him away as hard as you can, anger overtaking you. You don’t feel remorse as he hits the ground with a thud, blood pooling around his head, just stunned that it actually worked.
The crowd hears the commotion, men begin to head towards your location. Your heartrate spikes, preparing yourself to run, but instead someone pulls you into a hug, concealing you in the shadows, lifting you into his arms easily instead.
You’re both gone before anyone can reach you, left only to look at the drunken man, now dead.
A piercing scream echoes, but you’re already so far away. He holds you in his arms, moving across roofs with agility like you’ve never seen before. You kept your head buried in his shoulder until he landed in front of your doorstep. Placing you down, your legs buckle once they touch the ground, unable to stop yourself from falling into his arms.
You apologize, searching for your keys as he holds you upright. When you finally unlock your door he turns to leave. Just like that. No!
You find his hand, “Please don’t go, please.”
Smoke appears like a gust of wind, black and thick, and the hand you held evaporated in your palm as you coughed. When the smoke clears, a small figure stood, a cat with wild hair, his back towards you. The black cat looked over its shoulder, green eyes piercing yours.
You held in your gasp, and bent down, bruised knees hitting hard ground.
Reaching a shaky arm towards the cat, he stills. You hold your breath petting soft fur, hands delicately lifting his body into your arms. You couldn’t help the tears escaping, the wetness falling onto his soft hairs.
“I’ll stay out here then.” You whisper into fur, body shaking.
A meow erupts from the cat in protest.
For the second time you fell asleep on your front porch, for the second night you watched a man die and felt no remorse.
The next day at work the second murder was all your coworkers could talk about. Trending reports of another slashed bloody, a dead man found blocks away from your own warehouse. The news had trended statewide too, the headline was too juicy, too scandalous; a tourist visiting the labor district, brutally murdered on the night strip, presumably by a prostitute, a dirty woman! He was a father, a leader in the community, a good man!
Fuck him. You kept your head down and worked and didn’t entertain their gossiping. You were on edge all day until you stepped out of work and a familiar feline stared up at you, tail swishing back and forth.
You bent down and wrapped your arms underneath his fluffy belly, pulling him close to you, head nuzzling his furry body. He wiggled in your embrace but did not try to leave, paws instead reaching for your shirt and eventually jumping onto your shoulder. 
That’s how your walks went from then on. You talked to him like always, but now with the understanding that he really knew the words you spoke. He never changed back into the man who helped you, and he always jumped off your shoulder before you could walk inside.
“Please come in, please.” you always said.
But he didn’t, he wouldn’t. ‘Stubborn kitty,’ you thought, and your heart hurt.
One night, instead of going home after work, you went dancing. 
“Is it just me, or is that stray following us?”
“Just you,” you joke, giving your date a small unconvincing smile.
You finally agreed to go out on a date with your coworker’s nephew, Hoseok. “Maybe it’s hungry.” He wonders, laying his arm over your shoulder, confused by its strange behavior.
You looked down at the black cat, walking back and forth gracefully, and looking very much annoyed. “Maybe.”
“My house or yours?” He asks, voice gruff, eyes downcast. Even the good ones still act all the same.
You smile. “Yours.”
A loud deep meow erupts from the black cat. 
The next time you left the warehouse, there was no black cat. He’s mad at you. Did you deserve it? He doesn’t expect you to feed him every single night, does he? If he just accepted your offer to stay inside your home, he wouldn’t have to worry about such things, you thought, offended and weary to walk home alone, cautiously making your way down the usual path.
You heard soft footsteps behind you. ‘Not again,’ you thought. Fearing the worst you spun around, coming face to face with your ‘black cat.’ You met deep brown eyes with flecks of green that almost seemed to glow when he stepped cautiously out of the shadows.
He crossed his arms over his chest and walked towards and then past you, looking over his shoulder, an annoyed look on his face. You took the hint and stepped in line. “Um, are you hungry?”
He didn’t speak.
You dug into your purse. You held out the leftovers wrapped in foil to him. He took it and ate as he walked, big urgent bites that made you frown, noticing his hunger. 
You pass a man walking in the opposite direction and your companion presses his shoulder to yours. The gesture warms your heart. Usually, when a man passed by you, you were met with questions or a comment about your body. This time nothing. The stranger keeping his head down, walking away without a word, and you almost wanted to scoff at how invisible you became now that you were in the company of a man, annoyed that’s what it took for strangers to leave you alone.
You stopped once you saw your home in the distance. He looked at you in question, turning to you for the first time. “Thank you…for walking me home tonight. And all those nights. Thank you, kitty.” 
You hugged him, his body stiffened against yours and you didn’t let go until he relaxed, arms slowly reaching around you too.
“Yoongi, my name is Yoongi.” His voice was gruff and raspy like he hasn’t used it in awhile. It was the first time, in a long time he felt he had a reason to speak.
“Thank you, Yoongi,” you whispered. And then you let him go, smiling, turning back to your home. 
The thing about injustice, is that those who wield it, do not have to live with the pain they cause. But for those who are hit, every day the pain builds upon itself, robbing energy and time to tend to wounds caused by injustice, leaving scars that make it impossible to forget. 
You’ve felt it growing inside you, the anger. The past continued to assault you, making you feel disgusted. You tried to ignore it, but the memories were scars inside you that keep opening, making you angrier, repulsed.
And worse, attacks in the district grew exponentially, outcries from the people were met with platitudes by officials.
And worst of all, the latest trending case involved an elite from the e-tech district. It took four women, the last one reported to have died from the trauma. Of course he faced no punishment. He was a powerful man from the e-tech district, and they were powerless labor women. Injustice upon injustice. The wounds kept on opening, your trauma you kept on remembering, again and again in the faces of these women, anger simmering and growing.
So when you walked your usual path with Yoongi high on your shoulder and heard a concealed whimper in the shadows, you didn’t just mind your own business, like you would have done out of fear no less than a year ago, you were too angry to be afraid.
“Get off of her!”
You hit his back, you hit his head, you hit any part of him you can reach. “Go! Run! Hurry!” you tell the woman, who chokes on her cries and looks at you with tearful scared eyes, nodding.
He is startled, but he is stronger, pushing you away, slapping you across the face. “Crazy bitch! You want to die, yeah?”
He hits you again and you don’t care. You kick him and hit him, knuckles hurting the most with how hard you swing.
He is surprised, but he is stronger, and it only take one solid hit to make you double over, wind knocked out of you and curling into yourself.
Legs trap your body to the ground and you feel disgusted all over again, gritting your teeth, angry tears escaping, your nails dig into his face, drawing blood that surprises you both.
He’s angry, and he’s stronger, fingers wrapping around your neck, a murderous look in his eyes that you match. You belt weakened hits down across his forearm. Part of you, furious, makes a promise that if you survive this, you’ll find a way to kill him and every man who hurts another woman with your bare hands. But another part of you, the part of you that’s tired, that expects this pain to never end, would rather just die. 
A single clawed digit runs across the man’s neck, ending the fight and silencing your thoughts. Yoongi pulls the man off with you ease, throwing his dying body to the ground.
Yoongi crouches down, looking over your battered body. “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me!”
“We have to leave.”
“No, leave me alone!”
“Get up,” he says, insistent.
“NO!” Your breath out rapidly, unable to calm your nerves or your anger.
So Yoongi waits, sitting down next to you. “Then I’ll stay here with you.”
Finally, you calm down, tension growing as minutes tick by. “Let’s go,” you swallow, pulling off your blood soaked work shirt, revealing a black tank top underneath, standing up to leave.
“This is not the way home.”
“I know.”
Black smoke zips around you, Yoongi appearing in front of you annoyed. “Where are you going?”
You chew on the inside of your cheek, you were going to find another drunk man, you were going to see if he deserved to die too. “Why did you save me?!”
He looks at you, “Because I wanted to.” His answer short, hiding his real answer.
“When you found me, why did you save me?” He asks, temper rising.
You stumble over your words. “Because it was the right thing to do, how couldn’t I?”
You think back to the day you found Yoongi, thin as a rail, patches of fur missing, tape wrapped tightly around his body, barely clinging to life, you thought he was surely going to die.
It was too cruel, what happened to him, you hadn’t expected him to live through the night, but you wanted him to know kindness too, to know there were good people out there too who wouldn’t hurt him. You nursed him all night and all morning, for days, until he found the strength to walk again, and then one night when you came home from work he was gone, the following night began your walks.
“That’s why. Because it’s right,” he replies.
You swallow down angry tears. “This is not going to stop, it’s not going to stop unless someone stop it.”
Spring came and it became unbearably hot in your small home. You left the windows open at night to let the heat out. On your day off, you took to spring cleaning. As you cleaned you looked to the side and saw familiar black fur, Yoongi was outside your window. You put out a bowl of water on the window sill, adding an ice cube which he gratefully licked, slurping the water cutely. He looked bigger. Hair longer, he did not look like the straggly stray you first encountered. He kind of looked intimidating, you mused.
You lean your head against your window frame, running your hand through his thick fur. “You can come inside anytime you want,” you let him know, smiling.
With the spring heat, you traded pants for shorts, thinner fabric, your hair up and off your shoulders. Now that nights were no longer cold, that meant even more people outside. More attacks too, some trending cases coming in from the upper districts.
Once the brutality reached the elite, rallies begin to form, marches through the Neostate's capital. You watched on your home display, conflicted in emotions. It looked nice, but did it change anything? Maybe in those districts, but definitely not here.
It didn’t matter to you, because you promised yourself that night, you would die before you let another man take advantage of you.
So when a man put his arm over yours, pulled you out of the dance hall, and he thought of all the way he was going to have you that night, you thought of all the ways you were going to kill him.
Alone with him, you spoke low and direct, only once telling him to let you go before he regrets it. He laughs in your face, leans into you, whisky smell coming out of his slimy lips as he attacks the corner of your mouth. 
Ever since that night you let your nails grow. It made it a bit more difficult to complete your duties at the warehouse, but the trade off was worth it, watching men crumple to the floor, screaming in pain when you ripped gashes across their face. Oh, it was worth so it.
“You crazy fucking whore!” The man screeches expletive after expletive, anger growing. You don’t care.
Before you can attack again, before he can attack you, Yoongi attacks.
From behind you, moving quicker than either of you, Yoongi transforms in a man. He lands a series of punches, large hand definitively gripping his face, slamming his skull hard into the unforgiving pavement.
He looks back at you and you look at him and you don’t need to speak to one another before both running down the alley away from the dead drunk who could have saved his life if he hadn’t tried to impose himself on you.
You walk next to one another in silence. And then you decide to turn back into the crowd. Yoongi holds you back, asking, “What are you doing?”
“I’m thirsty. It’s hot. I want a popsicle.”
He stops you again. “Cmon on, I’ll buy you one too. A milk one.”
You sit on your porch, smiling at Yoongi who holds two popsicles, once in each hand, licking the frozen milk.
“You’re trending on the local page. Well I guess we’re both trending.”
Yoongi nods, focused on licking.
“Can I ask you a question?”
Yoongi nods.
“Why won’t you come stay inside?”
“My kind are territorial. If I choose a home, it’s um, important to choose the right one.”
You pout, “I know my house isn't big or fancy, but it’s sturdy. It’s not that bad.”
“That’s not what I meant! I just... I had a home once. I thought I would always be welcome. I...” He can’t finish, voice shaking.
You exhale, understanding. “I grew up in foster homes. Some were okay, but it never felt like a family. Some were...horrible...” You wince at memories. “Anyways, what’s the saying, ‘Home is where the heart is’?” You nudge his shoulder. “This feels like home right here. Here with you.” you smile. “Yoongi? Are you…purring?” You look over at him with wide eyes, hearing the familiar vibrations come from deep within his chest.
“No!” He looks away.
Neostate's capital never seemed to care about the attacks on women, but the attacks on men? More law-forcers tasked to your district. On every corner. Men protecting men. More arrests of street girls. A curfew for women (unless a man was with you). You could almost feel the fear and tension within the night crowds now.
The people didn’t like the constant watchful eye. Rallys were every day now. Violence was met with more violence. The women who were caught in the crosshairs weren’t taken to Neostate run prisons, no, they were taken immediately to special e-commerce owned prisons, forced to work in the gencrop fields with migrants and farmbots, forced to work with cancer causing chemicals that unions outlawed amongst its citizen workers.
And by some accounts, women were given a second, more heinous, option. Better than slowly dying from cancer causing chemicals, they could use their prison time to serve as live incubators, as human birth was always the more desired option to incubator births. That was Neostate’s answer to the violence, a more sinister, pathological brutality.
Where was the justice for the battered women? Where was the justice?
That kind of injustice, that kind of shared pain, it didn’t lessen or become better over time. It stayed, stretched and thinned, like a blanket, almost comforting at times, suffocating most of all. The hypocrisy was sparking an age old fire amongst the people who had let it simmer for too long. And now, that cloth caught fire, and there was no stopping it.
More rallies and more marches, in every district a curfew now.
The fire was flaming.
And inside danced one flame known as her. Rumors of a powerful woman, with a pet, no a beast, no a cat! People have seen her at night, seen her cat move, jumping over buildings. She walks the streets at night to deal out justice the law-forcers won’t, women she has saved talk of her all the time; the woman with the black cat on her shoulder.
One night, the men who deserved punishment, to your surprise, were in uniform.
You stood stunned, unable to process. “L-Let her go...”
“Grab her.”
Of course, unfortunately for him, Yoongi would never allow him to touch you. Larger than you have ever seen him, appearance more like a panther than a black cat, Yoongi attacked the law-forcer with ease. 
This was before you learned Yoongi’s abilities were unmatched by bullets. You jumped in the firing path of the law-forcers. Your vision blurred from the blood loss and the immense black smoke that suddenly appeared. It was everywhere, and Yoongi was unstoppable. 
Everything was destroyed. The destruction didn’t look human, didn’t even look monstrous, it looked like a killer force of nature.
You only heard rumors of it like everyone else, the unexplained phenomena that took the lives of two heroes, because you fell unconscious before you could witness Yoongi's true power.
You woke up in your bed, bandaged, Yoongi and an unfamiliar man at your bedside. 
Your throat itches, dry from days of sleep. Your muscles stiff, tight bandages around your stomach.
“Hello,” the stranger besides Yoongi speaks calmly. “I’m Namjoon, a friend of Yoongi’s. You’re okay now, we were able to stop the bleeding, no major organs or arteries were hit, you’re lucky.”
Lucky, he says. You groan. “You’re doctor?”
“Not quite,” he laughs uneasily. “A veterinarian.” He smiles sheepishly.
You fell asleep after the small exchange, and woke up with a small black cat purring across your chest, feet and tail tucked in, head resting under your chin.
You find enough energy to pet him softly. “Don’t leave, please,” you croaked out, half asleep. “You’re my home.”
Yoongi never left.
These days, when you walked with Yoongi, he walked in human form beside you. Yoongi stayed more and more in human form. Stray cats were being round up and euthanized. Animal hospital records were being sequestered and families who owned black cats were being investigated by the State. All over a rumor. Well, the rumors of the woman with the black cat on her shoulder had become more than just gossip between warehouse workers. Whispers of you were heard in every home, in neighboring disticts, in Neostate's capital! You and Yoongi have become a symbol of strength, of hope, a battle cry, a reason to keep fighting.
“What should we get? Hweh?” Yoongi scrunches his nose, shaking his head no.
“Hmm,” you browse through the food screen at the grocery kiosk, “Well I can’t afford steak,” you pout.
“What do you want?” he asks
“Noodles!” Yoongi visibly grimaces at the thought, making you laugh.
“How about we settle for chicken?” You smile. Yoongi smiles wide. You somehow always ended up buying the chicken.
“Y/n? Hey! How have you been?”
“Hobi, hey!” You turn around to see Hoseok’s cheerful face smiling down at you. “I’m great, all things considered.”
“Yeah, tell me about it. You know, I pick up my Aunt and some of the other girls from the warehouse after their shift ends. Has she told you? I can take you home too. It’s not safe to walk alone at night.”
“It’s never been safe,” you sigh. You knew, most women now walked in pairs or with a trusted male escort. “I’m fine,” you reassure Hoseok, “Yoongi walks with me.” you look over to your companion, smiling. If Hoseok only knew how many walks it has been now.
“Oh, nice to meet you! Are you…together?”
“He’s my fr-” You feel Yoongi’s hand reach for yours, intertwining his fingers as he stares down a confused Hoseok. “-iend.” You look down in surprise at his hand tightly holding onto yours.
“A-Ah, okay.” Hoseok looks away flustered by the way your companion stares daggers into him.
The screen beeps and the kiosk's door opens, your food bagged and ready to be picked up. “We g-gotta go.” You turn, pulling Yoongi along.
You walk home and Yoongi never lets go of your hand.
You don’t question him, afraid he might take it the wrong way, instead enjoying the moment, because as affectionate as Yoongi was in cat form, he never touched you unless absolutely necessary in human form.
Yoongi, however, silently stews over the brief encounter, feeling more and more threatened by the man who took you on a date so long ago. Once you enter your home you finally ask him, “Are y-you okay?”
“Yes.” He says, still holding your hand. Lips pressed into a tight line, full of jealous and quiet rage.
You raise your eyebrow, “Are you sure?”
“You see me as a friend?” he snaps.
“You, um, don’t see me as a friend?” you ask confused.
“I see you as more.” He says it softly, eyes staring you down. He looked angry but he looked sincere, confusing you.
“What do you– What do you mean, Yoongi?” You heartbeat escalates in anticipation.
He didn’t have a proper word for it, the closest human word didn’t sound right at all. He saw you as more, yes, he felt a connection so deep to you, words couldn’t describe it.
He lifts your intertwined hands over his heart, struggling to say what he felt. “You’re– with me– You’re home.”
He raises your hand to his mouth, pressing the skin to his lips softly, before licking.
You smile, giggling at his cute affection before moving closer to him, burying your head into his chest, listening to his erratic heartbeat. 
“You’re…more than a friend.” You whisper. You look up at him, catching his eyes, irises such a deep brown shade with tiny flecks of green, his eyes so mesmerizing. “I love you.”
The words were barely spoken. He bends his head down, forehead meeting yours, long messy hair still as soft as a cat’s, ticking your skin. He's closer than he’s ever been to you. You took the chance to move one last inch, closing the distance, pressing your lips against his.
His soft lips brush against yours, making you feel so good you have to force yourself to pull away from him. “Was that okay?”
He answers you by kissing you again, this time with intention, his lips moving against yours, soft and hard and soft and hard and so so warm.
Your heart overflows, it makes you feel dizzy, a happiness you weren’t used to, only touching the surface of the love you felt for him but never diving in, and now it felt so strong and all consuming it left you breathless.
You hug him close again, anchoring yourself to him. “Did I do it wrong?” he hesitates.
“No, everything is right, everything.” 
You answered Hoseok's chat right away.
“How did this happen?!” You move beside Hoseok, staring at the hospital bed where his Aunt lies, bandaged and connected to tubing.
“She got caught up in the rally. The law-forcers thought she was a protestor. What shit, they hit her thirteen times! She was still in her warehouse uniform!” You put your hand over her bruised knuckles. Hoseok’s shoulders rack with sobs, Mrs. Jung was Hoseok’s Aunt, but she raised him like her own. “The march was so large I couldn't get my car through the crowd, I couldn't get to her!” He cries, feeling guilty and distraught. You turn to Yoongi, exchanging silent words.
You never attended the marches, deciding to pick your battles. But this time, you decided you enemy was not only a misogynistic bottom feeder from the labor district, not just a sadistic elite taking advantage of his status to hurt women, or a sexist law-forcer abusing his power, your enemy had become bigger, a system working against women like you at every turn. You were going to defend yourself and the women you loved, and even the women you didn’t, you decided.
And that is why you and Yoongi revealed yourself to the world. You had enough. The people had enough. And this time, because of you, the people had won. It showed the world, power is not just given to men.
“The Women’s Protection Act,” your coworker scoffs, moving the hospital food around her plate, “Sounds like Enslavement.” She frowns. “My husband is dead, how am I supposed to get to work if I can’t even leave my own house by myself?”
“I could take you.” Hoseok says.
“Oh sweetheart, it’s a nice thought, but doesn’t fix the problem.” 
“It won’t pass, right?” Yoongi asks.
“They’re scared of us, it will pass,” you say solemnly. 
“Then we fight.” Yoongi says. You all turn to stare at him. “Err right?”
“Fighting here does nothing, the elite districts have to join in, for real.”
“Those girls never worked a day in their life,” she groans, “you think they will dirty their hands for us?”
“If they had someone to rally them, I bet they would… The woman with the cat on her shoulder.” Hoseok says wistfully. “They would follow her, look what happened.” You catch Yoongi’s eyes and quickly look away.
“Yeah, can you believe it? Those fuckers’ weapons all jammed. Can you imagine that cat of hers in the e-tech district?” Hoseok’s Aunt cackles, “Oooh, the entire place would combust!” 
You swallow hard while Hoseok joins in on the laughter. “Ahh that would be great. But the capital has technology that hasn’t even reached us yet, I don’t think she could even survive a fight like that.”
“We should still try.” Yoongi murmurs.
“Yeah? Got a way to chat her? I’d love to meet her,” Hoseok laughs.
Yoongi leans back in his seat, crossing his arms, huffing.
You ignored Yoongi’s questions all night, until finally you snap.
“What if you die?!” 
Yoongi looks at you stunned, chuckling. “You’re not worried about yourself?”
You scoff. “I should have died a long time ago.”
“Me too, but a woman saved my life when she didn’t have to, gave me…a home.”
“W-We could expand our watch over to the agriculture district instead. That’s something we can fight and win. Maybe we should just focus on that?” Yoongi stays quiet. “Why help the Elites when half of them agree with the act?!” You ask angrily.
“If you want to stay…I’ll stay with you.” 
Every part of your being is screaming at you not to back down now. “I don’t want to lose you.” Yoongi kisses your forehead, hugging you close. 
To the capital.
You didn’t want to disappear and worry Hoseok and his Aunt, so you went to the antique store and bought paper, wrote a note using real ink for the first time in your life. You gave it Hoseok after leaving the hospital for the last time. Now three people knew your secret. Well, three people and a cat.
“Packed?” He asks.
You nod, on the verge of tears. You hated this place, why did it hurt so much to leave it?
Yoongi sensed your sadness, pulling you into a hug. “I’m sorry, I’m being silly,” you sniffle.
“You’re not, it’s okay to feel sad.”
You finally broke down in Yoongi’s arms. You were terrified and you were sad. You felt like you were being pulled away at sea, the currents of the revolution were too strong for you to swim through, you weren’t strong enough for this. You had no real power, it was all Yoongi, you were a fraud, and you were going to drown and take Yoongi down with you.
A soft purr pulled you away from your thoughts, Yoongi trying to console you the only way he knew how. A smile tugged at the corner of your lips, damn if it didn’t work. He’s too cute, too loyal, too perfect for someone like you. You didn’t deserve him, but you were too in love to let him go now.
You lay against him, sharing your bed one last time. “I’m sorry for dragging you into my fight.”
“I might not understand everything, but I know what you’re fighting for is what I want to fight for too.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too. No matter where we go, my home is you.”
He kissed you softly, wanting to make the moment last. Soft kisses became stronger, deeper. Hands wrapped loosely around your waist and became tangled in your hair, cupping your cheek, firm, pulling you into him.
You moved on instinct, nestling your body close to his, pressing tight to his strong frame. Your heart began to beat so quickly it matched his own, your breath escalating against his lips. You didn’t want it to end, you wanted to be closer, always closer. You wanted all of Yoongi.
“Is this okay?” you ask between heated kisses, Yoongi nods quickly, groaning, head falling forward into the bend of your shoulder as your fingers wrap around his shaft, feeling him harden as you pump. His tongue runs along your shoulder, softly scratching your skin, making you shudder and moan.
His mouth envelops your own, this time with more urgency, tongue licking over your lips until you part them for him. He takes his time tasting and licking into your mouth, holding you tightly as you work to pleasure him.
“I want you, y/n.” Yoongi grunts, moving his body over yours, watching you intently, memorizing your heated expressions to memory. “Please?” he asks, licking his lips.
“Yes,” you nod, widening your legs for him. His fingers pull at your panties, growing a claw just to tear the fabric away. You pull your nightshirt quickly over your head before he can tear it off too.
He stills and admires your body before lips kiss the newly exposed skin as he presses his body down onto yours, slowly connecting himself to you, inside and out. You gasp, stretched by his length, try to steady harsh breathing. Having sex with Yoongi was nothing like you ever felt before, it was so gentle even when he rutted hard into you. It wasn’t just sex, it was making love. The pleasure, the love, it was overwhelming, his fingers exploring your body, pulling at your curves, pinching the most sensitive parts of you.
So much love, so much pleasure, your walls began tightening around his length until he couldn’t hold back any longer, mouth finding the sensitive part of your neck and biting down, releasing inside you. He relaxed into you, licking the mark, softly apologizing. It didn’t even hurt, you reassured him, the pain eclipsed by the pleasure and happiness you felt. It felt so good and right.
He kissed along your neck, down your shoulder, across your chest, moving lower and lower, determined to give you just as much pleasure as you gave him. Rough tongue licking across your sensitive skin until he fell in between your legs, admiring your beauty. You shiver as his fingers run along your sex, push the liquid overflowing out of you back inside, his come, possessively wanting to mark you still. He keeps his fingers deep inside you as he licks your core, tongue pressing over your nub sending shockwave of ecstasy  through you, building the pleasure inside you once more until you reach euphoria’s edge again, this time toppling over. He moans into your core satisfied, your walls clenching around Yoongi’s fingers. 
“Come here,” you finally rasp out, as Yoongi is all too happy to continue to lick you clean.
Hugging him close, tangling your limbs together, you fall asleep one last time in the largest district in the Neostate, the labor district.
“How the heck are we supposed to get a pass to visit the e-tech district?” you realize, asking Yoongi when you both step out of your home at sunrise.
He smirks.
“Hey Joon.”
“Ahh look at you! You look great.”
“Yeah...Well, Yoongi is not happy.” You frown.
“It will wash off, they do this to all the pets in the higher districts.” Yoongi growled and panted in his cage, his fur a bright shade of purple.
“Let’s go, ‘wife.’” Joon held out his elbow to you.
Loud hisses emit from the cage. You laugh awkwardly, wearing clothes that cost more than your entire wardrobe.
“So your family is from the financial district, eh?” You ask trying to break the tense silence. Joon, Yoongi, and you took a bus to the distribution district, and then once you arrived you transferred into a private driverless car sent by his family.
Namjoon smiles, “Yeah, want to know why I stayed down there, I assume?”
“The thought crossed my mind, yes.”
“Love is funny that way,” he sighs. “They really try to box us into different sectors, make it so hard for each of us to find happiness somewhere else, but when you find the one, nothing else matters.”
You clutch the altered ID card of Namjoon’s late wife.
“You stayed, even after, when you could have gone back...”
“I never had a reason to until now.” He taps on the cage, “Plus, I had a very stubborn patient who wouldn’t leave either,” he raises his voice, teasing Yoongi.
You make it to the financial district in Namjoon’s smart car. You walk with Namjoon to your hotel with Yoongi in tow and you've never seen so many...things. Useless things. What is that thing? Pouring out water you can't even drink. Where does the water go? Why are they wasting so much water?! Water is a scarce commodity, it doesn’t make any sense!
‘Neostate’s Safe Sector continues to riot as our Capital’s Citizen’s Defense Force begins deployment to our nation’s largest sector.’
“Did they just call our district…the Safe Sector.” You blink. “Namjoon places a finger over his mouth, signaling your silence.
He turns the hotel’s display screen’s volume up louder, closing the blinds. He clicks the release on your e-bracelet, placing both his and yours in his suitcase. “Surveillance here is much worse,” he whispers.
You mouth the words ‘safe sector,’ aghast.
Namjoon laughs quietly. “I mean, I don’t think they meant safe as in safety, but I see what you mean,” he whispers.
“Can I let him out now?” 
Namjoon nods and Yoongi stretches his tiny cat body outside his cage, bounding towards the hotel room’s bathroom. 
“Wait!” Namjoon whispers urgently, running after him. “Don’t transfo-”
“THE FU-” Namjoon covers Yoongi’s mouth. Finishing the proclamation, “ONLY ONE SINK?!”
“Huh?!” you rush towards the bathroom but it promptly shuts in your face.
“What’s wrong? I want to see!”
You hear snickering on the other end of the bathroom door and the soft whipping of a towel smacking marble, Yoongi taking out his anger on the poor bathroom’s sink. You can only imagine what he looks like now, you sigh, vowing to make Namjoon tell you in detail what happened.
“Do you know what a blueberry is?”
“No.” you say excitedly, you wait to hear Namjoon’s explanation.
In your lap, Yoongi bristles, purple tail puffing out in all directions.
“Even with your e-braclet completely offline, I’m still worried. An alert might still send off if they notice someone from the labor district in the capital. I sent it back to Hoseok, Yoongi said that it was okay.” Namjoon whispers.
You nod, a little disappointed your v-life was now truly non-existent. ‘Yoongi is home,’ you repeated in your mind, petting a purring Yoongi. “I got you a new one,” he hands you the shiny new tech. “It’s rudimentary, uses old satellite tech instead of the web. I programed my number and a few trusted others from other sectors. Now, remember your lines for the border-forcers?”
“Yeah, I’m visiting for the day to buy a dress because my husband is being honored with an award.” You say, gripping the leash connected to Yoongi as if your life depended on it, “...with my cat.”
Underneath your expensive clothes you wore all black. You walk in hand with Namjoon, pass a large metal installation sticking out of the sidewalk. It’s marked ‘emergency,’ a button with an icon of a woman engraved in the metal. You wonder what exactly would happen if you pushed it.
How many times has that button been pushed, you wonder, would this district even need a use for such a thing? You took in each passerby. There were so many…men. You’ve only passed by one other female and no children. The men here had manners, which only meant they kept their heated stares upon you for only moments before hurriedly going about their day. But as you pass another installation you think there must be a reason.
“I’m in surgery with a patient, that’s why I can’t come with you. But…” he waits for you to remember your lines.
“There’s a family friend waiting to escort me on the other side,” you repeat the lie.
“Great, you got this! Now, try to keep your chin up, act like you belong.”
You look across the city lights, so many buildings, so many people. Everything looked so new and clean and so different. The wind was even different here; crisper, fresher.
Under these circumstances, you could see why it was easier for most of them to ignore the abuse. You had to believe they wanted to stop it too. You had to believe the oppression broadcasted from other districts had echoed loud enough with an uncanny cry, familiar to them too.
Well, for now you’re here with just one other by your side and the hopes of your people on your shoulders.
“What do you think, Yoongi?”
Yoongi turns his head and smiles, stealing a kiss. “I’d say I have seven more lives, at least,” he muses.
“What’s the supposed to mean,” you huff, weary. You hold up the plastic map, it generates the landscape, Yoongi studies nine Xs across the terrain. “You know there are only two women on the council? And one of them is in favor of the act! Well,” you sigh, “I guess a 50/50 vote is the best odds we could hope for.” You think out loud.
Yoongi crouches down, as you wrap your arms around his shoulders, settling on his back. “Ready?” he asks.
“No,” you mumble, “What did you mean by seven lives?”
“Just that...my last life, I want to spend just being happy with you.”
You hug him tighter, nodding. Smokes appears around you and wherever you and Yoongi go. The power goes out and the city shuts down. It’s not the women who are afraid, it’s the men.
The line “forged from pain,” what I meant was, written from pain. This is pain and anger and sadness of a woman in a society that wages war against women. Sorry, no lightheartedness from me for awhile. If you didn’t like this story or its ending, I’m not sorry. I will finish my WIPs soon, but I’m going to keep writing stories like this for now.
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what fate decides [taehyung x reader] [part 2]
Tumblr media
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summary: You're a beta in love with your best friend, alpha Kim Taehyung. Except you know that you can never fulfill his dominating urges, so you draw a line between the two of you. Cherish his small kisses and embraces until an omega has to come along.
Until one day, you're not a beta anymore. Now, it's nearly impossible to resist the protective, endearing alpha in front of you.
pairing: taehyung x reader
chapter tags/warnings: angst, self-depricating thoughts, fluff, alpha/omega, a/b/o dynamics, best friends to lovers, slow burn ish, smut, mature, swearing, car accidents
tags: @theblueslytherin @tatyhend @tinyoonsblog @vsmith0099 @midnightsora @cupcakesxdomjoon @likeshatteredrainbowglass @scuzmunkie @kookiwu @xjiminsthighsx @dreadity @lovelytaes-blog @noooodlllleeee @ggukkieland @namjoonshug
Tumblr media
You remember how he used to creep through your window and curled up next to you. Your bed creaked as you let him settle, but every sound—as he took off his shoes, chucked off his jacket, ran a hand through his hair, all this illuminated in the moonlight—shattered your heart. It’s as fragile as glass whenever he’s around, and wonder how many more times you’d have to mend it together until it’s just not possible. 
“What’s it like?” You had to ask. “Being an Alpha?”
You’re sure that your memory is different from his. All you remember is coming home one day, ready to throw the kid out the window because he annoyed you all day, placing pranks for you around the school and sticking his tongue out. It’s not fair that the sunbae’s loved him too, and that he got away with everything if he smiled wide enough. The boxy smile and crinkling in his eyes were enough to melt any girl’s heart, including yours. Though you expected to confront him about that and skipping classes, his mother confronted you—telling you he was an alpha. 
He was sixteen then. You seventeen. But by then, you were well-aware of the impacts of designation. Enough so that you left without asking questions. 
His arms went around your waist. Mouth near the back of your neck, him burying his face in your shoulder. Legs tangling up with yours. As a beta, senses weren’t as heightened, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t smell someone else on him. Mijun. And it made you want to throw up. Because it’s all too clear what he spent the night doing—calming his urges down.
Well, not urges, but… yeah. It was mutual for the two of them, and you liked Mijun as an acquaintance. She was one of the few people who treated you nicely and hung around Taehyung at the same time. 
“What’s it like?” He asked in return. “Being a Beta?”
“Dull,” you responded. Hopeless. Beta’s and Alpha’s don’t go together. They just don’t. Biology demands for an Omega to be with an Alpha. Same with the other way around. You, you were like the leftovers the world created. The followers—the secretary in the movie that cleaned up after everybody’s mess, but was never given credit for it. 
At least, that’s how it felt as a teenager. 
“Uncontrollable,” he told you. Added, “The only time I feel like I’m in my right mind is with you.”
Yeah, because you’re logical. There’s nothing more to this exchange except that you two will be friends. And it only made the bitter taste in your tongue get worse. 
That part didn’t change. 
Tumblr media
There are certain telltale signs—other than the additional signs of aggressiveness, stronger scents that even you can pick up, and constant growls—that accompany Taehyung when he’s about to go into rut. For one, the idol becomes impossible overbearing, becoming attached to your hip and hovering over you like you’re either pregnant or weak. 
This is one of the many reasons I didn’t come to Korea, you think, as the alpha comes in with several grocery bags. Like come on, you are a Beta. Capable of carrying both an Alpha and Omega on your backs, which is why usually you had positions where you were the mediator. It’s a talent, multitasking—doing jobs and calming down both so called levels simultaneously. 
“Did you want to eat something?” 
“No,” Taehyung mutters, scowling at the string of hoodies on the ground. In your defense, you were entranced in a scene, and refused to be sucked out of it. Cleaning up after yourself would cause you to lose all the ideas you came up with plot wise. “I’m cooking tonight.” 
“You learned how to cook?” You laugh. 
He scowls. “Of course I learned how to cook. Who’s going to take care of you? All you do is order to-go food.”
It’s not just the food that’s annoying him—you can tell. It’s the fact that the two of you fought over where you would stay. Taehyung kept arguing that his apartment was available, but you didn’t want to take advantage. And yeah, you understand that it’s stupid not accepting a free space where you don’t have to pay rent, but then when you think about how the media would portray it, it all sounds wrong. So you reside in a small apartment a bit larger than your studio, and let him come over. 
“Hey!” The protest rings loud and clear. “I can cook a great ramen, where the noodles aren’t overcooked and there’s just the right amount of broth. Doesn’t that count for something?”
“No, because ramen isn’t healthy.” 
“If you’re going to be like this, find an omega to spoil, Taehyung ah,” you joke. Your heart clenches, but you force the smile to remain on your face. It’s better this way, to create distance. Now that you can’t do that by land or ocean, you have to do it through words. 
Yes, it’s painful, pushing Taehyung away. But you’ve lived with the fantasy of a beta and alpha being compatible for years, only for it to be crushed whenever he slept with another girl, or snapped at you through his ruts. Just like the alpha could be gentle, he could be vicious, too. And it wasn’t—isn’t—your job to calm him down in that area. 
It’s his omega’s.
98% of marriages between an alpha and beta end in divorce, you tell yourself when the idol clenches his jaw. Taehyung and you won’t be any different, not that he’s even interested in you in the first place. 
“So, what are you going to cook?”
“Curry,” he mumbles, running a hand through his hair. The other hand is placed on the small of your back as he kisses your shoulder, then your forehead. “Go rest, love. You look like you’re about to topple over.”
Yeah, because the mattress that you bought—one of the cheaper ones—isn’t as great as the one in America. And as you’re getting older, your back is only annoying you more. So you lay on the sofa as Taehyung cuts the green onions and starts chopping the carrots in silence. When he started cooking, you can’t even recall. All of a sudden, he just starting to grow taller than you did, and take care of you like you used to take care of him. 
It’s unsettling, really. 
Tumblr media
You want to scream.
In joy, of course.
Heading home from a cafe, you’re beaming, nearly tripping over the sidewalk as you run home. You managed to finish plotting your novel, and are finally—finally—satisfied at how it would turn out when you start writing it. And today is the day—it has to be. You’re running home when the idol himself calls. 
“You have a meeting today with the PD?” You ask. “Or do you not have anything better to do than annoy me?”
“Ha,” Taehyung mutters. “Funny. I was wondering—” That’s when you spot him. Wearing a coat and dress pants, along with a pair of sneakers by the streetlamp. The wind’s blowing, sending the December snow scattering into your eyes, but you squint through it to get a better glance at him. Your nose is cold, and your teeth are chattering, and you should be home. But here you are, picking Taehyung up. There’s a scarf around his neck, but you know it’s not from him. It’s not his. Shivering, your hands are too numb to press the end call button. 
Taehyung’s eyebrows knit together, but then he glances up. His eyes are smiling already when he steps forward. And you don’t think. You run.
Stupid, stupid mistake. The light might be green, but the snow’s heavy. And your timing has always been terrible. Your legs ache, but then you slam into something. Lights—yellow? white?—flash in front of your eyes, and you don’t know what happens. You’re just on the ground. Your bones feel like they’re shattered, and you whimper. It’s more than numbness you’re feeling now.
Fire. Fire is spreading all throughout your body, and it’s like something has knocked out your voice, making it impossible for you to do anything. 
Then fear. It sets in like the ice pricking your skin. You want to thrash, but you can’t. 
“Love? Love. Love,” he repeats. First with the nickname he gave you, then your actual one. Hovers above you, calling your name, voice hoarse and throaty, panic laced in the edges. Just like always, you’re drawn into Taehyung, your senses tunneling in to focus on nothing but him. Even the sirens drift into the background, along with the other hands that are grabbing you, checking your pulse, making sure you’re alive. 
“Stay with me!”
Tumblr media
BONUS (cause I was bored and wanted to stay in this drabble for a little longer):
Providing for you pleases Taehyung. You don’t know it, of course, but the way you unconsciously react to him—eyes brightening, lips curving upwards, and head tilting back—it tells his alpha that you’re submitting to him, eager for his return. Sometimes, before he can think better of not ruining the friendship the two of you established, he’ll lean in and wrap his arms around you, burying his nose in the crook of your neck.
Fighting the urge to mark and bite it. Leave hickeys around in the area so everyone—including you—can know you’re his. For now, he has to provide indirectly. Making sure that you have a nice apartment, one that isn’t blocked by other buildings and has the right amount of sunlight. You also like the garden balconies, so he gets you one. 
Anything you want, anything you need, it’s yours. 
“We could sleep. It’s just the same bed,” he protests. “We’ve done it since we were kids. Fuck, we take naps together even now with you and top of me.”
“That’s on the sofa.” 
“And what’s the difference of it being on a bed?” 
“There is no difference,” you hesitate. “But you are in rut, Taehyung.”
“Noona,” he sighs. “I’m not a teenager anymore. I’m in tune with my alpha, and I know when my rut will hit me hardest. I promise I’ll be out by then, but I just want to cuddle with someone who’s not my members at all. So come upstairs, okay? I’ll be waiting.” 
He’s not wrong—he is comfortable. Legs tangled together, you let him play with the strands of your hair, arms wrapping around his waist. You can hear his heartbeat, head laid directly over it. That, along with the soft coos his alpha makes, causes your eyes to grow drowsy. So when Taehyung pulls away for a second, you mumble incoherent words, something about your heating pad disappearing. 
And then the alpha hears it—the soft whines that settle when he molds himself to you again. It subsides in an instant, and his eyes widen when he takes in your closed eyes and parted lips. If anything, your beta is calling out to him, and though the two pairs—alpha and beta—aren’t usually mated, this itself shows that you’re attached to him. 
More than attached. Attracted. 
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helenazbmrskai · 2 days ago
can i request a paraplegia!jjk x reader fic? if so can it include smut x established relationship x slice of life with ass play please
Pairing - Paraplegia! jeongguk x reader
Genre - Established Relationship AU, Smut, hurt and comfort, angsty, Slice of Life
Summary - Getting home from your friend's bday party you can sense something is wrong when Jeongguk is facing the wall. You're not one to go to bed with unresolved feelings. (And as a bonus you fuck any insecurities out of him too.)
Warnings - blowjob, body worship, praise kink, teasing, very sweet lovemaking, butt stuff, grinding, kisses, marking/love bites, unprotected sex, emotional sex, using the nickname bunny and baby a lot, subish!jk and soft dom!reader, jk is a pillow prince
Word Count - (3,2k)
Author note. Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you will enjoy this!
Arriving home pleasantly tipsy you can't wait to cuddle with your boyfriend and sleep. It's been a long day for you but even though how tired you felt you had to show up to your best friend's birthday party. It was good but it would have been better if Jeongguk would decide to come too. Something has been clearly bothering him all day and even when you texted him a couple of times during the party he just gave you small sentences and ushered you to have fun. 
You didn't drink much so after you're done showering you feel like even the slight buzz now disappeared. 
Turning the knob you make sure to be careful with your steps. Jeongguk's back is facing you so you can't tell if he's asleep or not, his wheelchair is tossed next to the dresser at a weird angle. It's not like him to just toss it away he's a very tidy man. 
Your frown deepens when he doesn't react to the kiss you plant on his cheek by now you're sure he's awake. He lightly snores when he's deeply asleep. He's avoiding you for some reason and you're going to get him to tell you why before the sun rises. 
"I know you're awake bunny." You can see his back muscles tense at your voice but still not dropping the act. Your sigh shows your disappointment you remain silent for a few more minutes thinking. 
"I can't read your mind baby if something bothers you you should tell me. I love you and I'm here for you." 
After not getting a reply you decide to stop getting him to talk for now you know how stubborn he can get. He was fine this morning so you really can't say what's wrong. You don't think he's mad at you either it almost looks like he's in his head coming up with hurtful scenarios. If you had to guess it's about the party invitation he declined. Maybe he wanted you to stay with him? He should have said that if that's the case you wouldn't have minded just laying in bed with him instead of partying. 
"Goodnight Gukie." You kiss the top of his hair and lay down again getting somewhat comfortable to get some shut eye. You miss your cuddle bunny. You swear you try to sleep but can't without having your boyfriend close to you. 
After another half an hour of just looking at the ceiling, you finally get up to get some water. It's less than ten minutes that you spend sitting at the kitchen counter gulping down your glass of water when you see Jeongguk's figure appear at the door. His eyes are puffy from sleep or you hope so it's just sleep and he didn't cry when you weren't there to comfort him. He wheels himself closer to you still avoiding your eyes so you take initiative and change your seat. You plop down on his lap - your favourite seat in the entire world - and curl your hands around his neck to breathe in his natural scent mixed with his favourite laundry detergent. 
"Can't sleep?" You relax a bit further when he holds you close to his body by your waist. It's the first thing he said to you in a while and his voice sounded so unsure you don't like this version of him. You like him confident and sweet. 
"Yeah. I can't fall asleep if you're not holding me." Your eyes are getting droopy as his body heat surrounds you lulling you to sleep. You were wide awake just minutes ago and now you have to bite your lip to stop your jawn. This is how much power he has over you. 
"I'm sorry." You kiss the skin under his jaw and hum as an answer to his apology. 
"I hate when you don't talk to me. I don't like it that you keep your thoughts to yourself when you're clearly upset by something." Your nose rubs against his pulse point comforting yourself while your tone conveys how sad that makes you. 
"I know. I'm sorry for ignoring you." You nod apology accepted within a heartbeat. The way Jeongguk cards his fingers through your hair to soothe you makes goosebumps appear on your skin and your eyes close on their own. You almost purr like a cat into his shoulder now entirely relaxed in his hold. Jeongguk kisses the top of your head and you can feel him smile into your hair when your hands tighten around his neck to pull him closer. 
It's ok if he doesn't tell you why he has been upset you just want him to know that you're here if he needs you. You'll always be here for him. You love him so much. 
You're half asleep on his lap when he decides to speak again. You didn't realise that you spoke loudly when you thought you were just rumbling in your head. 
"I-" Your boyfriend lets out a huff of air a frown etched on his face as he can't really grasp the words he wants to say. "I thought you might have more fun if I'm not around."
Your head's sudden jerk in his direction startles him. He looks away immediately when he sees your angry expression.
"I'm having the most fun when you're around. I don't understand why you would think otherwise." Your intense gaze on him makes him feel guiltier, first, he ignored you and now he's making you upset with his assumptions.
He got so far so he continues you deserve to know what has plagued his mind this whole time.
"I can't dance with you. I can't even stand up. Sitting with me the whole time must be boring and I-" 
You didn't let him finish as you grip his face his cheeks pushed together and his lips form an adorable pout as you keep him level with your gaze. You were never the dancer type even before you started dating him you were that kind of girl who liked sitting around and chatting in bars rather than dancing the night away. 
"Have I ever given you the impression that I'm bored with you?" Your question catches him off guard. He doesn't want you to think he thinks that. Jeongguk shakes his head vehemently trying to desperately convey that's not what he meant. His big doe eyes pleading with you to stop thinking that.
 "Then you shouldn't think about that at all. I'm not dating you because you can dance or because I'm sorry for you, you know that. I'm with you because you're the sweetest person I've ever met and I fell in love with you the moment our gazes met. You make me happy Jeongguk." Jeongguk bites his lip to stop his lower lip from trembling from your heartfelt confession. 
"I love you too." He nuzzles his face into your neck you know he's about to cry. He's been so consumed by his toxic thoughts that hearing you say that means the world to him. 
"Are you good now? I hate seeing you sad." Your hand caresses his head fingers massaging his scalp to make him relax and he melts at your touch a slow hum rumbling from his chest. 
"Hm-mn" You smile at his droopy expression he looks as tired as you. It's late you should both sleep. Jeongguk catches your hand when you get up from his lap stopping you from getting too far away, a clear whine is heard in the otherwise quiet night. It makes him blush profoundly when you giggle. 
"Let's go to sleep bunny." Nodding he pulls you down again the veins in his forearms bulging as he wheels you both to your bedroom with your weight resting on top of him. You were always impressed by how strong he is. 
"You're doing this on purpose." You groan when he lifts you up and places you on the bed. Jeongguk lets out a boyish giggle acting all innocent when he knows so well that you have a thing for him showing off his strength. It's not just a coincidence that he has a six pack and broad muscular shoulders. He likes his gym time and you ogle at his hot body every time he gets back from a session all sweaty and hot as hell. More times than not it ends up in some post workout activities. He maybe can't fuck you into the next Sunday but he surely can finger you like his life is depending on it. Every time he touches you it feels like you're about to descend to heaven. He makes you cum so hard that you're afraid someday your eyes will be stuck at the back of your head. Not to brag but you're kinda fit yourself. You can ride him like there's no tomorrow you could forever listen to his moans and watch him writhe underneath you, your sweet bunny. 
As if sensing your dirty thoughts Jeongguk smirks and places his hand on your thighs as an excuse to haul himself up to the bed. You help him get settled and put his wheelchair to the side but still easy to access it when needed. 
You straddle his lap when you're done and Jeongguk beams at you from under his hands on both sides of your waist. 
"I thought you said we were sleeping." Rolling your eyes at this clear teasing you place both hands on his chest and drag yourself across his lap earning a sharp gasp from him. 
"Your dick doesn't seem to agree with you bunny boy." The blush creeps up his neck colouring his full cheeks as you rub yourself over his evident boner. His sweats do not make him justice as you can feel him strain against the fabric. 
"You're being mean." You feel the urge to kiss his pout away you get closer hovering over his lips before you pull away when he tries to lean in. His whine is your reward.
"Oh, I can be meaner baby." Jeongguk huffs and puffs under you frowning when you pull away from a kiss again. 
"Kiss me." His demanding face is cute. Big doe eyes looking at you with unrestrained lust cute bunny nose scrunched up as you annoyingly avoid his lips with your kisses. 
"I'll if you're good." He can feel you smile into his neck. He's a little frustrated that you deny him but automatically tilts his head to give you more access to his neck to continue licking and sucking on his unmarked skin. 
Desperately trying to ground himself he grabs your ass over your flimsy night shorts. Your moan at the sudden squeeze sends vibrations up his throat. It's easy for him to push your tiny shorts all the way up until he finds skin his big hands groping your flesh kneading your ass cheeks to his heart's content. 
Your bites litter his skin as you push yourself up by placing both hands on his rapidly moving chest. Grabbing the edge of his t-shirt you give him a coy look that you perfected against him even though you don't need to try too hard he would do anything you want him to without a second thought. If you want to take his shirt off he'll raise his hands happily so you could slip it over his head. 
He eagerly watches you remove his garments one by one starting from his shirt to end up with your finger hooked in the waistband of his jeans and underwear. 
You can never get enough of the sight of his thick veiny cock slap against his abs the moment you free him from his pants. He's so perfect laying down for you, his hair spread out on the pillows half lidded eyes watching you run a teasing finger up and down the prominent vein on his cock. Giving him a mischievous smile you surprise him by turning around, pushing your backside against his straining cock. His eyes burn a hole in you where he sees his dick squeezed by your buttcheeks his precum smeared around your ass as you grind against his member. Jeongguk is an ass guy he likes kneading your supple flesh and watching his cock slide between your mounds. You don't really mind it, you make sure to put up a good show for him before you get to sink down on his length. Encouraged by his choked moans you rub yourself on him faster you feel him twitch too soon for your liking so you will yourself to stop. Even though it would be a hot sight to have him spurt his cum all over your back and ass you want his cum inside much more. 
"Ready baby?" Your question prompts a big nod from your lover excited to feel your walls part for him. You roll your pants and soaked underwear down your legs, getting naked in a teasing manner that makes your boyfriend groan impatiently. 
"Someone's needy." You chuckle moving further up his body until your pussy is pressed against his stomach. Jeongguk's eyes roll to the back of his head when he feels your juices wet the skin of his stomach you grind against his abs spreading your slick everywhere. Can't contain himself Jeongguk grabs your waist and helps you move along him pushing and pulling your body with ease like a ragdoll. He can feel your clit pulse every time it catches onto the ribs of his defined abs.
"You're my good bunny. The love of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me." Your smile is too innocent paired up with your lewd acts. Your hips move against his abdomen while one hand snakes around you without detection to give his cock a surprise stroke. Jeongguk both mewls at the praises you whisper into his skin and at the feeling of your fingers closing around his rock hard length. The pleasure gets overwhelming as his heart swells at your sweet words. He wants to tell you that he loves you too. He wants a family with you one day. Marry you and have children with you. He has so many things to say but all he can do is moan and squirm under your skilled hand. His cock is aching and his balls are heavy with cum. He only gets to dip his cockhead in your cunt before his cock twitches having your tightness surround him. You both moan out when his wide tip pops into your opening the rest of him stretching your walls deliciously as you sit down fully on his cock with slow humping movements. Can't help yourself as you roll your hips dragging his cock around inside you to further stretch around him and have him touch every spongy spot in you. 
Jeongguk's grip on you tightens to keep you still he mewls and shakes his head asking you in his sweet voice to wait a minute. 
"T-Too much. Ah. I'll cum- hmnp" You kiss him for the first time that night successfully shutting him up. He's so cute when he's overwhelmed you like to see some tears collecting in the corner of his eyes - knowing that your pussy can make him lose his mind is mindblowing it gives you as much power over him as he has over you with his perfect cock. Veiny and perfectly curled, filling you up nicely, reaching just enough that it's not overbearing. The perfect size and grit. 
Your tongues dirty dance together in your mouth saliva pooling around the corners of his lips as you barely let him breathe between your bruising kisses. It certainly was worth the wait to get such a passionate lip locking session from you. The messiness of it makes Jeongguk hot and bothered as your tongue follows the spit that shined on his cheeks. You comply with his wishes and don't start fucking yourself on his cock yet you enjoy him filling you up anyway as you kiss him some more. 
Jeongguk can hardly concentrate on kissing you back properly - so it gets sloppy and uncoordinated but you don't mind that one bit - as your walls pulse around him swallowing him in and coating his entire length in your arousal. Jeongguk wants to be good for you. He knew if you started bouncing on his cock right away he would have cum embarrassingly quickly.
A few minutes pass with you just kissing him tasting his skin and gifting him with more love bites across his chest and neck. Patiently waiting for your boyfriend to give you a sign that you can move. 
You don't have to wait for too long after sucking your tongue into his mouth he pulls away. He's panting hard but his eyes are full of lust he grabs your ass and squeezes making your hips jump from the stimulation. 
Your elevated hips make half of his cock to slip out the squelching sound that your juices create doesn't go unnoticed by either of you. Jeongguk's eyes get fixated on his length disappearing in you, your arousal clinging to his cock making it easy for him to slide home in your cunt. You don't feel any pain at all as you start a languid pace rolling your hips every now and then to get your clit some stimulus as well. 
It's slow and sweet just like how you both like it. You're not riding him to get your release as soon as possible, no. You ride him like you want to feel every ridge and vein rub against your walls as you move up and down. Jeongguk likes it when you take care of him like that. He gets to enjoy your tight core squeezing him. He has half the mind to pay some attention to your boobs as well. Enveloping one in his mouth rolling the tip of his tongue around your hardened bud until you arch your back for him. Pushing your chest against his face. 
Even when your movements become erratic as pleasure surges through your veins his eyes are still watching you with stars in his eyes. You're the woman he's madly in love with and you fuck him so good. You know everything he likes you probably know his body better than him at this point. 
It's so easy for you to make him lose control. He's not afraid to moan your name loudly or show you how much he likes it when your cunt tightens around him or the way you litter his body with your marks. You make everything feel so easy with you. He's not thinking about his disability or how he has no other choice but to lay on the bed and take what you give him because you always give him everything. 
Seeing the telltale signs of your lover's orgasm you make sure to speed up your thrusts burying him in your cunt as deep as possible when he finally cums. You help him ride out both of your highs until your legs are shaking.
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monodreamin · 23 hours ago
Broken window
Tumblr media
Pairing: Taehyung! Husband x wife!  reader, Jungkook! lover x reader 
Rated: M (18+)
Genre: smut, fluff, angst, one shot
Synopsis: Your husband Taehyung has a voyeurism kink, so you being his wife and wanting to please your husband but also curious about being with another man for the first time. The both of you  agree to invite Jungkook his coworker and best friend into the bedroom 
Warnings: impreg kink,cunnilingus, manipulation, sloppy seconds, fingering, yandere, jealousy, unplanned pregnancy, cheating, character death, dirty talk,voyeurism, unprotected sex, vaginal sex and cum play (I’m tired please let me know if I have missed anything else here please)
Words: 7,616
Author’s note: I loosely got inspo from the stray kids ordinary main trailer and the Netflix show fishbowl wives. My first attempt at yandere so be easy on me. 
Jungkook, your lover placed his hand over your protruding stomach after telling him you were pregnant and unsure of who the father of your unborn child was Taehyung, your husband entered shortly catching the two of you in action “so you told him?” Taehyung interrupted the sweet moment. “I thought we agreed not to tell him.” Taehyung felt he was losing you slowly. He should have never brought the younger man into your bedroom. Taehyung was angry at himself why the fuck did he have to have a voyerusim kink? and why the fuck did he tell his co worker out of all people he had to see this man at the office everyday.
Jungkook was the youngest and only single male working at the office. Taehyung and Jungkook got along very well. They were best friends and he thought having his best friend and someone he trusted Jungkook sleeping with his wife was doing them both a favor. Taehyung will indulge in his kink and Jungkook will get laid. It was a win-win for both and what Taehyung wasn't expecting was an accidental pregnancy from that said encounter. 
 It took a total of 6 months to build up to the point where you and Jungkook actually had sex.  First there was a dinner over at Taehyung and his wife Y/N’s  place where Taehyung introduced Y/N to Jungkook and the three of them talked over a meal cooked by Y/N herself. She was an incredible cook, the three of them making small talk at first. Taehyung has mentioned plenty of times how he wanted Jungkook to sleep with his wife. Jungkook didn't know if he was serious at first and laughed it off but as the days passed by and he assured him everything was fine with him and his wife they wanted this.
At first Taehyung would tell Jungkook how to touch his wife and just watch them but the touching and kissing turned him on so much that he would send Jungkook home then have sex with his wife but then the making out sessions turned to dry humping sessions then right on the 6th month mark of the arrangement was when it happened you had sex with Jungkook in front of your husband he watched as another man stuck his dick inside of his wife the pleasure he got seeing another man fuck his wife was like nothing he experienced before it was much better than he could have ever thought. 
After Jungkook fucked you, your husband made sure to fuck you right after asking who's touch was better, who she loved and who she belonged to. Of course her response was him, Taehyung, her husband. You love him but in the back of your mind you just couldn't shake off Jungkook and what you have done hours before. 
Now here Taehyung was back at your shared apartment catching you and Jungkook red handed. One of your rules that you both agreed on was you never being alone with Jungkook and here you were with him with his hand on your stomach once you told him you had to talk to him about something important. You were pregnant but with whose child? You didn't know because you slept with both men that night and even went alone to see Jungkook a few days after and slept with him again. 
You couldn't get Jungkook out of your head that night you first had sex with him and you wanted to see him again but this time without Taehhung watching and instructing you both on what to do to feed his fetish. You were only ever with Taehyung and it was suffocating. You wanted excitement and Jungkook was it. You were doing this for you because you wanted to and you were now in full control. 
Taehyung was filled with rage at you his wife with another man’s hand on your stomach. Was the baby you carrying his? He felt like he was losing you. You both had agreed to not share the pregnancy with Jungkook. Taehyung told you it didn’t matter whose baby it was he would support you and he didn't want to know you both agreed it was his child regardless. Now here you were going back on your word it had to be because this baby was his and you knew it. “What the fuck are you two doing here alone?” Before Jungkook could answer, Taehyung pushed Jungkook.
“Taehyung, chill.” Jungkook said trying to calm his best friend down. 
“You don’t fucking tell me what to do.” Taehyung pushed him once more.
You got up from your seat quickly getting between both men.
“Taehyung, relax I called Jungkook over we were…” Taehyung cut you off.
“I don’t care Y/N i told you not to….” he couldn’t contain his anger he felt betrayed by his best friend and most importantly you his wife. Without noticing how angry he got trying to get to Jungkook he pushed you to the floor.
“Y/N” Jungkook panicked trying to rush to you but was stopped when Taehyung gave him one last push. But this time both men were by a huge window, a window that was being repaired in your apartment so it wasn’t stable. You looked up from the floor as you watched Jungkook fall out through that window. It was like a scene out of the movie, the glass shattering around him as he fell out the window. You could see the glass hit his face and cause small scratches over his face as he fell in slow motion every horrible second of this terrible  moment would be forever etched in your brain. 
“NOOOO” you screamed in horror. You got off the floor as quickly as you could running to the window. Your reflex without a thought was to jump after him to check on him to save him but Taehyung grabbed you pulling your body close to his. You would have for sure fell to your death if it weren’t for Taehyung. You were in a state of grief and you weren’t thinking straight at the moment. 
“Y/n he is dead.” Taehyung cried “I killed him, I didn't mean to.” you stood frozen in place, your mouth hanging open before you let out a deafening scream. “Y/n please i’m so sorry it was an accident. You have to call the police and we will say he fell ok? I didn't push him.” you sobbed uncontrollably you lost Jungkook you couldn't lose Taehyung too. You knew Taehyung would never do this. It was a huge mistake and everything happened so fast. “Baby don’t cry please” he held you as you wept in his arms “we can’t have you losing the baby…. It might be the last piece we have of Jungkook.”He was right, you knew most likely the baby you carried was his. 
You called the police in hysterics and they were over within minutes. The parking lot where Jungkook had fallen to his death was blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. The police took down the report Jungkook was a mutual friend of the both of you as the three of you talked Jungkook tripped over furniture and then through the window. You and Taehyung kept repeating the same story over and over again. 
The police followed up a few more times and it was the same story. The police closed the case. It was an accidental fall from a 3 story building. You and Taehyung even attended the funeral you both had to or you would look guilty. Your pregnancy was like going through hell. You were constantly sick and crying a lot of the time. Taehyung was convinced you would lose the baby if you kept on this way you barely ate. 
Taehyung knew if you lost the baby he would lose you too and he couldn’t have that happen. He needed you to carry this baby full term. He wanted you to be vulnerable and lean on him for support. Who else would love you as much as him? 
“Y/N baby please I hate to see you like this.” Taehyung rested his hand on your stomach.
“I can’t believe Jungkook is dead.” you started to cry for the fourth time today.
“You have to eat and take care of yourself if you don’t you can lose the baby you don't want that” 
Taehyung was right, you had to get yourself out of this dark place before it consumed you. A sharp pain went through your stomach.
“Ow the baby….” your hand clutched your stomach. 
“What's wrong?” 
“We have to go to the hospital now. I think something is wrong with the baby.”  As soon as you said those words Taehyung scrabbled to get you up and out of the apartment and to the hospital.
Tumblr media
The doctor ran lots of tests on you to check if you and the baby were ok and you were. The doctor sent you home and told you to not stress and to make sure you ate, rested and took care of yourself. You were carrying another life inside of you and you had to make sure you would carry this baby full term. 
Back at your apartment with your husband catering to your every want and need. You were laying in bed with tons of pillows on your head watching the television. Taehyung entered the bedroom with a small table and ramen placed on it. It was the most he could cook and you smiled as he set the table with the ramen and water in front of you. 
“Thank you so much Taehyung.” 
“It's nothing Y/N just make sure you eat it all.” 
“I Will I’m sorry I made you worry.” 
“Just please don't make me worry like that again.” Taehyung fed you some ramen and you ate it. Once you were done eating and drinking Taehyung took everything back to the kitchen. You stayed on the bed rubbing your growing stomach and you started to think about the first time you met Jungkook. 
Tumblr media
You were cooking your best dishes and Taehyung was setting up the table. Jungkok was fifteen minutes away from your place so you double checked the apartment to make sure it was tidy. There was a knock at the door and Taehyung answered it. It was Jungkook. He looked even more handsome than the photos Taehyung had shown you. Taehyung introduced the both of you properly, you watched as his eyes turned bright at the introduction . He was beautiful with big round eyes, a full nose and very pretty lips. Your eyes couldn't help but stare at his lips as he talked and as he ate, he complimented every dish as he tried them all. 
You talked about life, your jobs and how you and Taehyung met and then how Jungkook and your husband met. The liquor was flowing making the three of you more loose and before you knew it the conversation took a turn to something sexual. Taehyung was pulling out things Jungkook would have never said or done if he were sober. 
“ So now that you have seen my wife in person are you sexually attracted to her?”  Jungkook took another sip of his wine before answering it like it was his courage juice.
“I am… your wife, she is very beautiful.” your cheeks began to heat up at his words.  You were pretty sure you were blushing now. 
“What about you Y/N? Are you sexually attracted to Jungkook?” Your husband's eyes stared at you intensely. He was hoping you would say you were too. It was the only way this arrangement with the three of you would work. You took a deep breath before answering.
“Yes, I find Jungkook very attractive.” It was now your turn to take a long sip of your wine glass.
“ Jungkook, why don't we become more comfortable and you walk over to Y/N and hug her?”  Taehyung looked at you then his friend to get a better read of the situation.
“Only if that's ok with her… Y/N is it ok if i go over to you and hug you?” Jungkook's eyes never left yours. 
“Of course it's ok.” Taehyung answered for you.
“I asked Y/N '' Jungkook's eyes remained on yours as if he were trying to read your mind if you wanted no parts of this he would quickly back off. Consent meant everything to him and if you didn't want to continue with it he would leave right away.
“Yes you can hug me it’s ok.”
“Are you sure?” he asked once more. This time you got up from your seat and  walked toward Jungkook. You figured if you didn’t take some kind of control nothing was going to happen tonight. “Look, if anything makes you feel uncomfortable you let me know and I'll stop.” You pulled Jungkook in for a hug. He made you feel safe and comfortable plus it didn’t hurt he was very good looking. You only ever dated Taehyung. He was the only man you have ever been with in your life and you married him. the scent of fabric softener and a woody citrus scent filled your nose. Not only was he super attractive but he smelled good too and you could feel his strong muscular body as your bodies pressed against each other. 
“See that wasn't so bad” you looked up at him and smiled. Jungkook’s cheeks scrunched up and he gave you a  cute toothy smile. It was very bunny-like and adorable. 
“It wasn't bad at all.” he finally said. Taehyung stayed in his seat observing the both of you, his legs spread wide. 
“ I told you it was ok, Junngkook.”  Taehyung smiled cockily “I know my wife so well. Now You should kiss her on the lips.” Taehyung was trying to get this show on the roll. 
“May I?” Jungkook asked once more.
“Yes, kiss me.” you closed your eyes  and waited for his lips to meet yours. His lips pressed up against yours for a few seconds and he swiftly pulled away. The kiss was too short for your liking. You wanted more from him. 
“I have to go now, can we get into more of this some other time?” Jungkook rushed to get his things then he looked at you then at your husband.
“Of course we’ll set something up again soon.” The three of you briefly said your goodbyes and Taehyung walked Jungkook out the door. 
“Baby you did alright but I want more from you next time.” You just nodded without saying a word. “Are you changing your mind now?” He questioned your silence. 
“No it’s not that… it’s just this is the first time I’m meeting him. I was a bit nervous but I think next time I’ll be ok.” Taehyung pulled you on his lap “you heard what Jungkook said and you know I agree with him. Consent is very important here if you ever want to stop, just say the words and it will stop.” He began to place small soft kisses over your neck.
“I want to baby. It’s something different and I’m curious about. I want to make you happy, I know how long you asked for this and I was a bit hesitant at first but after some time and meeting him I feel much better about it now. ” 
“You are such a sweet girl for me.” His hand made its way between your legs and inside of your panties. 
“ Baby you’ll make me wet like that .” You let out a deep breath. 
He spread your legs apart wider and started to play with your pussy, slowly and gently. He watched your facial expressions and the way your body reacted to his touch. “Such a pretty pussy and look how easy it is to get you all soak and wet baby girl.” 
You whimpered as his beautiful hands touched your most sensitive part. He was making you feel so good. Taehyung’s big hands with long fingers and he knew exactly how to use them on your body to have you fucked out and a moaning mess. 
“Fuck I love you Taehyung…” 
“I love you too Y/N now cum for me.” 
His fingers rubbing faster and paying special attention to your clit. You could feel the pleasure building from his skillful hand working his magic on you. 
“Fucking cum on my hand baby please give it to me.” He nibbled and sucked on your ear as he sped his hand up and down your dripping pussy. “Oh fuck I’m going to…. Ffffuucckkk.” You dragged the words out and came all over his hand. 
“Look at that you did so well, baby.” You leaned back on your husband and tried to catch your breath. Taehyung showered your face and neck with kisses. 
Tumblr media
You were 20 weeks pregnant and going to have an ultrasound scan to find out the sex of the baby. You and Taehyung were so excited. Once you found out the sex of the baby you could look at names and start decorating the empty room and turn it into a nursery. 
“If the baby is a boy I want to name him Jungkook. I have been thinking about it a lot.” You didn’t know how Taehyung would take the news. You were a bit nervous actually. 
“But we don’t know if Jungkook is the father and if he’s mine I would like for him to have my name.”
“ He is yours but what if we don’t even have a boy. We agreed many times before that we are not doing a DNA test.” 
“We aren't, the baby is mine regardless.”  Taehyung placed a kiss on your stomach. 
“So what does it matter if I want to name him Jungkook? The baby is ours.” 
“Like you said, maybe you won’t even have a boy .”
You went to your doctor's appointment and got the ultrasound scan. You were indeed having a boy and honestly you weren’t surprised at all it was a feeling you already had. The both of you got photos of your ultrasound and headed out to grab some food to eat at home.
“So it is a boy.” Taehyung took the food out of the bag and placed it on the table. “I felt it was a boy that’s why I brought up the name.” You took some Korean fried chicken and stuffed it in your mouth. You were pregnant and always hungry that’s for sure. “Well we can start working on the nursery already.” 
“That we can.” you agreed. You already had ideas on how you wanted the nursery to look now that it was confirmed you would be having a son. “We can start tomorrow, maybe you go to my mom’s house while I paint because I’m sure that’s not good for the baby.” 
“You’re right it’s not good for the baby so we’ll pick out the paint tomorrow and then you can drop me off at your moms” 
“Sounds good and what are you thinking about the nursery? Do you have a theme in mind?” 
“Yes I do. Now that we know for sure that we are having a boy.” 
Tumblr media
You were at Taehyung’s mother’s house. Your mother in law you got along with her well. She was spoiling you and her grandchild. She was excited to be having a grandson and she already offered to babysit whenever you needed it. You stay out on the balcony enjoying some fresh air sitting on a chair when your mind drifts to the very first time you and Jungkook slept together. Of course Taehyung was there watching and directing you and Jungkook’s every move. 
It has been six months. Six months of you Taehyung and Jungkook meeting up at least every other weekend. The three of you would watch television, eat and have great conversations. Soon after the three of you got very acquainted the three of you moved to the bedroom where you and Jungkook would fool around.  Taehyung watching the both of you he would touch himself to the two of you then when Taehyung was hard and horny enough he would have him leave the room and fuck you.
He would ask you who you belonged to and that he was the only man to make you feel good. He wanted to hear you say you were his only and that he was better than Jungkook. That was his jealousy and possessiveness over you but he loved to watch another man fool around with his wife. It turned him on and what was better is him having his way with you after stroking his ego. you moaned louder for him, you came over his cock more and you told him everything he wanted to hear. Today was the day the three of you decided that Jungkook and you would finally have sex. The rules were set in place he would use a condom, he wouldn't leave marks on you and of course the both of you were to never be alone together. That's what you all agreed on. If you felt uncomfortable at any time they would stop. 
Today things got hotter than usual when the both of you were making out. Jungkook’s hands roamed your body as the two of you kissed. Jungkook pushed you on the bed gently as he got on top of you continuing to make out with you, his body pressed down on you as you looked him in the eyes. “I need more of you.” you simply said. 
Clothes were removed and Jungkook was basically doing everything but actual sex. At this point he was dry humping you and it felt great but it wasn’t enough you needed more. You removed Jungkook’s boxers and he grabbed his pants off the floor and went in his pocket pulling out a condom. He opened it and you helped him put it on. 
“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” 
“Jungkook, I’m sure now can you please fuck me already.” Jungkook looked back at Taehyung who nodded in approval. Jungkook held your hips as he slowly penetrated you. He watched your face for any discomfort and of course there wasn't any. “You can go faster.” Jungkook was fucking you so slow and gently like you were made out of glass and could break at any minute. “Are you….” you cut him short “Jungkook if you ask me one more time if i'm sure.” you were getting annoyed by him constantly asking you the question when you were clearly ok with it if you weren't you knew you could put it to a stop at any moment.
That was just Jungkook so soft and caring at every moment. You liked that about him. Sometimes you felt Taehyung cared more about you feeding into his kinks and would get carried away and make you feel a bit uncomfortable but with Jungkook you were always safe. 
Your constant reassurance made something in him snap. Jungkook picked up the pace fucking into you harder and faster. “Yes Jungkook just like that shit” you dig your nails on his back. “You like that?” he moved his hips, thrusting into you at a relentless pace. “Yes oh my God please.” 
Jungkook watched your breast bounce which turned him on more. He admired your body and the sounds coming out of your mouth. Taehyung sat quietly with his hands down his pants. “She loves getting fucked like a whore and she likes to be called one too” Taehyung’s eyes turned dark. 
“Does she now?” Jungkook looked at your eyes for confirmation yet again. 
“Yes, now fuck me like a whore.” you pulled Jungkook closer whispering in his ear “let’s give him a show.” So you and Jungkook did and went at it for hours. Missionary, doggystyle you name the position it was being done. This time you wanted to be on top and ride him so you did. A few minutes into it Jungkook slid you off of him in a panic. “What happened? What's wrong?” you questioned him. You thought you had done something wrong and Taehyung was quickly by the  both of you.
“The condom broke.” Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
“It’s ok, I'll take a plan B. don't worry too much about it.” 
“I think I should get going.” 
“Are you sure?” this time it was you asking the question. You didn’t want him to leave so soon it was your turn to please him but it was cut so short. 
“Yes don’t worry, you'll see me again.” Jungkook quickly got dressed heading out without taking a shower you could tell he desperately wanted out, but did not question it. You’ll save that for another time. 
“We have to make sure you get the plan B. You aren't even on the pill.” 
“I know. I didn't  tell him because I didn't want to worry him more than he did.”
“ Ok, well that’s fine now get ready because it's my turn.” Taehyung bent you over on the bed pushing your head down on the pillow sticking his dick entirely in you without warning. Thankfully you were still wet from earlier with Jungkook and his cum he left inside you.  You were in for a long night. Taehyung gave your ass a smack. “I’m sorry baby girl, I can't help it, I just love how your pussy squeezes me when I smack your ass.” you gasped as he plunged deep in you with his huge dick. “I’m going to fuck his cum out of you and fill it with mine and remind you who you belong to.” Your eyes hut as he nudged into you. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung picked you up from his mom’s house and You Were excited to see how the nursery looked. “Close your eyes, no peeking.” You followed his instructions as he led you to the nursery “open them” and you did. The nursery was beautifully painted a light brown color, the ceiling and borders were white. The nursery was teddy bear themed. The bedding had teddy bears on it and there was a huge teddy bear  seated in the corner of the room. “Baby you did amazing” you pulled him in for a hug and started kissing him all over his face. “I’m glad you love it.” he rubbed your stomach “and most importantly that our son will too.” he smiled that boxy smile of his that always melted your heart and took your breath away. 
“I am sure our son will love it. If not as much as me I know even more.” You bursted into tears. You were overcome with emotion as your thoughts went straight to Jungkook again. Jungkook would never meet his son and your emotions came crashing in like a wave. This happens from time to time. You were hormonal so your feelings were all over the place but you couldn’t tell Taehyung about it because you didn't want to make him feel bad.
“I didn’t do that great baby.” he teased and  hugged you from behind, placing both hands over your stomach. “I’m sorry I’m extra emotional lately.” 
“I know, and it’s ok.” He rubbed your stomach gently using both of his hands. 
“I have to pee.” You abruptly walked away and went to the bathroom. You closed the door and leaned your  back up against the door as you slowly slid down until you were sitting on the floor and you sobbed. You hope you couldn’t be heard from the other side of the door because your emotions just got the best of you today. There was no controlling them. You just wanted to talk to Jungkook again, smell him, hug him, hell just even talk to him but you would never again. Your body shook uncontrollably and you covered your mouth suppressing the sobs escaping you. You heard a knock on the door but couldn’t respond. “Is everything ok? You've been in there for a long time.” 
You scrambled up and turned the faucet on hoping it masked the pain in your voice. “Yes, I was just washing my hands.”
“Alright so I'll see you in a bit then?” 
“Yes you will, I'll be right out.” You said trying to sound as normal as possible. 
“ OK, I'll be in the bedroom.”  You splashed water in your face hoping it would make you look decent enough. You headed to the bedroom where you found Taehyung laying in bed watching TV.  “there goes my beautiful wife i missed you.” you laid next to him on the bed pulling the sheets over you. “You know morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning.” You gave a good enough lie. 
“You are almost there. I can't wait to meet our baby. I wonder who he would look like.” 
“I think he will look like me.” You could only hope and pray  your son did because you were sure Taehyung wasn’t his father. 
“Really? Because imagine he looks exactly like me.” Taehyung pulled you close to his body and put his hand over your waist. He loved to sleep cuddled up with you while he rubbed your stomach. He couldn't wait to meet your shared little one. His warmth and careering of your stomach so lovingly always put you sound asleep. 
Tumblr media
You knocked on Jungkook’s apartment door. You knew he didn’t go to work today because Taehyung had mentioned it to you. You needed to talk to him. Ever since you and Jungkook had sex things felt weird like he was being distant with you and you didnt want that. 
“What are you doing here?” 
“I heard you were sick so I wanted to check up on you and I made you some soup.” 
“Thanks you really didn't have to” 
“Is something wrong? I feel like you are ignoring me. You didn’t even say hi to me.” 
“Hello, I’m sorry I'm not sick and you're right I have been distant. Come in so we can talk more.” You couldn't believe how much of a soft-hearted person Jungkook is. He always made sure you were ok and if anything bothered you he wanted to talk it out. He was just a great communicator. The both of you sat on the couch in the living room.
“I feel bad about what happened last week.” 
“It’s not any of our faults that the condom broke, you know we were following the rules.” 
“I know but after Taehyung told me you were off the pill and the both of you are trying for a baby…” 
“He told you that? I mean we talked about having a baby and I didnt take the pill that day but I’m sure we are good. After you left Taehyung and I had sex.”
“I know he told me that too.” 
“Oh really? He tells you everything.”
“I mean we are really close and we work together.” 
“Seems like you are best friends now.”
“Seems like it.”
“Jungkook, how do you feel about me?” You said shifting the conversation from Taehyung. 
“What do you mean?” 
“Ever since that day Jungkook I couldn’t get you out of my head.”
“Y/N you are here in my apartment alone with me which is against the rules.” you bit your lip watching him in nervousness. “I also couldn’t get you out of my head. I lied and called out of work today saying I was sick because it would be too hard for me to see Taehyung and not think of you. Then here you come bringing me soup and telling me you feel the same way. I’m trying so hard not to break the rules ” he watched you intently. 
“ I didn’t know that… I just thought I might have done something wrong, Kookie.”
“No you haven't, not at all. I just considered myself a virtuous person but when it comes to you I find it so damn difficult.”
“It doesn't have to be Jungkook. If we both feel the same way we should just…”  you moved closer kissing his lips you knew if you didn’t make the first move like you did the first time you met him you and him would be over. Jungkook’s tattooed hand  brushed over your cheek as he kissed you back. 
Jungkook lifted you up from the couch you were  facing him with your legs wrapped tightly around his waist.  “I never been with another man…when I did It was with you and Taehyung was there.”
“Let’s not talk about him please.” 
Jungkook laid you across his bed and you reached for his pants undoing them quickly. 
“Someone is eager. ” he smirked. 
“Jungkook, I want you right now.” You wanted him buried deep inside you again it couldn’t happen quickly enough. This time it would be different just you and him. Jungkook undressed you and you were both now naked. 
“If we do this there is no going back are you…”
“Fuck Jungkook yes I’m sure.” You pulled him in for a long desperate kiss, your teeth clashing against each other as your need for him grew frantically. 
“Shit Y/N” your hand cupped his balls and you began to rub on them slowly. You could feel how heavy his balls were full of his cum and you ached for him to flood your walls with it. 
“Jungkook I need you to fuck me right now.” you opened your legs wide so he could see the wetness dripping out of your core. 
“Fuck look how wet you got all for me?” 
“Mhm now stick your dick in me and see how good it feels.” 
Jungkook went to look for a condom in the drawer and you stopped him. 
“I want to feel it all. I want you to cum inside please just this once. I won’t tell if you won’t and it’ll be ok I’m on the pill now. I’m clean are you?” 
“I’m clean and do you really want me…” 
“Jungkook if you don’t shut the fuck up and ram your dick inside of me already.” 
Jungkook pressed his lips against yours as he entered you smoothly with such ease. It was like your pussy was made for his dick and you were accommodating him so well. Your pussy gripping his cock for dear life you wanted him to fill you up. 
Jungkook held on to your breasts massaging them as his hard veiny cock impaled deeper into you, he loved to watch how your tight pussy took his dick so deep in your warm wet walls. You could imagine it felt like heaven  because he did to you as well.  
“ I want to cum all over your cock Jungkook.”
“ cum all over it then Y/N please do it for me.” You moaned at his words. Jungkook, talking this way did things to you and you wanted to follow his every command especially when he asked so nicely. 
“I want you to cum too, Jungkook cum with me.” Your hands rubbed against his abs. Jungkook has such  a nice body, a tiny waist with a flat stomach and hard rock washboard abs. 
“Fuck I will if that pussy gets anymore tighter.”  He picked up the pace and the bed creaked underneath you. Your eyes were rolling back and you felt your orgasm approaching.
“I’m going to cum fuck shit fuck oh my God Jungkook Jungkook” you felt like your brain short circuit and all you could do was repeat the same words over and over again. 
“Fuck be good and make sure you take all this cum for me yeah? Keep it deep in that tight little pussy of yours I don’t want any of it to go to waste.”  
“Yeah Jungkook, I'll do anything you want me to do . Just cum in my pussy already.”  With those words Jungkook emptied deep inside you and he pulled his dick out and some drops of cum stained the bed. It was too much cum for your pussy to take, you closed your legs together tightly not wanting anymore of it to spill out of you. 
“You did such a great job my pretty angel. ” He placed some kisses on your face moving slowly down to your neck.  You blushed at his praise and the newfound pet name he gave to you.
“That was beyond good” you stated as you watched as Jungkook lay his head on your chest. 
“Open your legs I want to see how much cum your pussy took in”  Jungkook felt way more comfortable with you when it was just you two alone. This was a side you haven’t seen of him and would love to see more of. So many rules and restrictions the both of you had to follow but right now at this moment there were none. 
“Don’t get all shy on me now” Jungkook teased using  his right hand to spread your legs apart. “Look at that angel, you kept most of it inside of your greedy little needy cunt.” he used his finger to scoop the little bit of cum that dripped onto your inner thigh back into your pussy “Uh uh be nice and don't you waste it you said you wanted all of it.” 
Jungkook began to finger you like he was putting his cum back inside of you. “ oh fuck I don’t think I can take anymore” your pussy was getting sensitive to his touch. “You can sweet angel and you will for me.” His other hand rubbed  over your clit as he continued to finger you and hit your G-spot. 
“Koo baby it hurts” you whined but yet there you were bucking your hips for more of him. “You don’t want me to stop don’t you?” Jungkook smirk as he finger fucked you. 
“Nooo fuck I’m almost there again koo.” You felt the familiar feeling of yet another orgasm ripping through your body. A warm wave of peace took over you and you felt Jungkook stick his finger in your mouth. 
“Suck” he simply said and you obeyed. 
“I’m not done playing with this pussy.”  He rubbed his wet fingers over your pussy lips spreading them apart,  he lowered his head between your legs his tongue swirled up and down your clit and then you felt his curled tongue penetrating you. You knew tonight would be a long night and you needed a good excuse to tell Taehyung but for now you would throw your head back and enjoy Jungkook eating your pussy out with such care and precision. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung rushed you to the hospital after your contractions got closer and you were due to give birth any minute now. You were in labor for 8 hours. Your son wasn’t making it easy on you. Finally 12 hours into labor you were fully dilated and ready to push. You held onto Taehyung and about 23 pushes later. Yes you even counted them until your baby boy was born. 
Taehyung cut the cord and the baby was cleaned up and placed on your chest. You held him in your arms as you studied the features on his face. He looked exactly like your lover Jungkook. There was no doubt this baby was his, it was in your son’s eyes, nose and lips he even had his ears. 
“I have to go, something came up.” Taehyung rushed quickly out of the room before you could even call his name out. He must have seen the same thing you saw and he must have been overwhelmed by it, his wife having her first child and it wasn’t with him her husband.  The father was Jungkook, his co-worker and best friend, a man he basically pushed you to. 
You were in the hospital for hours alone with your son taking care of him. You figured Taehyung wouldn’t be back not now or ever, especially when he finds out how your heart was set on naming your son after his father Jungkook. You filled out the papers and were just now waiting for Taehyung to return. Depending on his reaction you weren’t sure if this baby would be a Kim like your original plan with your husband or Taehyung would leave you and you would just go back to your maiden name and your baby would have your last name too. 
Your thoughts were shortly interrupted when Taehyung  entered the room, his hands full of bags of  “where were you?” You blurted out keeping your eyes on your baby Jungkook as he slept peacefully. “I wanted to get you some food and a few other things for the baby.”
“Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” 
“I must not have heard it ring…sorry”
You quickly wiped your eyes before the tears could spill.you thought for sure Taehyung had run off with plans of never returning. You didn’t regret having this baby especially when it was the last piece you had left with Jungkook. The both of you created this precious  tiny human that you would love more than life itself. 
“Hey hey hey baby…” Taehyung sat the bags on the  nearby chair and rushed to your side. “What is it baby? are you ok?” He sat close to you at the edge of the bed. 
“I thought you left… if you want to leave you can… just tell me now because I can’t…” he shushed you gently with a rub on your thigh. 
“I love you, I'm not going anywhere I promise.”
“You might after you know what the baby’s name is.”
“Our baby he is ours and I know you want to name him Jungkook. It's fine… he looks exactly like him.” 
You carefully handed Taehyung the birth certificate papers for him to complete his part. 
Tumblr media
You, Jungkook and Taehyung were finally home. Taehyung was very helpful with you and Taehyung the father role really looked good on him. He was a natural. 
Little did you know this was all an act on his part,  he had switched your birth control with placebos and was counting down the days once you were in the clear to have sex, he would get you pregnant as soon as he could,  that and he missed you and the warm softness of your body but he needed you to heal first. 
He let Y/N sleep and prepared her meals. His wife was so tired he let her get as much sleep as she could, so he attended to the baby mostly. Taehyung had to make his wife see him as a sweet, attentive father and that once she had his baby he would do the same for their child. 
Negative thoughts flooded Taehyung’s mind, his wife having another man’s baby before him. It always drove him crazy the reason why he did the things he did, like pushing Jungkook to his death. He would never ask you to abort the thing you would hate him and this baby was still part you and he loved you so he would learn to accept the baby, if not for him for you, it was a hard thing for him to do but not impossible he would learn,  but you just had to make it more difficult for him not only did you have another man’s child but he was a splitting image of his father and she named him after him so he would have to see this thing everyday and call it  by his name Jungkook. Even in death the bastard was still strongly present. 
Good thing Jungkook was dead or he would have to deal with him coming in and out your home visiting his son and surely fucking his wife whenever he wasn’t around. Taehyung couldn’t have that, bad enough all of this was his fault  his kinks lead him here in this very uncomfortable situation. He had to take much of the blame. He played a huge part in bringing Jungkook into both of your lives. Taehyung was sure had he never entertained his voyeurism kink none of this would have happened. You were his perfect wife, he was your first kiss, first love and the one that took your virginity. You were pure only belonging to him and it’s what led him to make these desperate decisions. 
A secret Taehyung would take to the grave was that he purposefully pushed Jungkook out of that window that fateful day he had to get rid of the problem. Jungkook was the problem, he couldn't stomach losing you to him, he had to be removed so he did. Death was the best option for getting rid of him completely; his mind was set and he even planned it out; he knew the broken window would be his perfect alibi. 
Taehyung played the mourning best friend so well you would never suspect it was anything but a terrible accident. 
Taehyung held Jungkook, feeding him his bottle “don’t worry little one soon enough you’ll have a sibling.” Taehyung wiped the corners of the baby’s mouth with his bib. The baby closed his eyes but Taehyung quickly woke him up placing him on his shoulder burping him “ you can’t sleep yet you haven’t burped yet and you’ll have bad gas” he patted Jungkook’s back gently until he heard the baby burp a few times. Of course He wasn’t a monster, he took care of him like he was his own son. 
Taehyung couldn’t wait for the moment to fill your pussy up with his cum until you were pregnant with his child. He smiled at the thought of it. It couldn’t happen soon enough for him. 
Tumblr media
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serenityslutt · a day ago
If you’re taking requests can you do one where the reader gets a piercing for the first time and it hurts so she’s fussy about it but Jungkook teases her in light fun for being fussy but also helps her feel better with his expertise? Thankyouu💜
YESSS here you go!!!
Tumblr media
~El otro
Pairing: jungkook x reader
Genre: lovers, fluff, teasing
No warnings
“Animo amiga tu puedes”
Jungkook laughs watching the video over again you side eye him “kook stop” you cover your face in embarrassment. You asked him if he wanted to tag along with you and of course he does but you didn’t think he’d record you and laugh at you. “Im sorry it’s just the faces you did” he touched his stomach as he continued to laugh.
You slap his arm “you should be trying to make me feel better not laugh at me” he turns his phone off starting the car “okay okay” he stopped laughing just burst out laughing again “I-I’m sorry I’m done for real” you smiled knowing how to get him back. “My other man wouldn’t treat me like this” you mumbled under your breath loud enough for him to hear he stopped laughing quickly. You connect your phone to the Bluetooth “what did you say” you smiled “you heard me” jungkook bites his lip smiling as he nods.
“Keep playing with me ____” you laugh “what’s wrong you were just laughing not so long ago what changed” you smiled as you put more volume. He side eyes you before quickly poking your nipple you hiss, quickly placing your hand on your nipple “you little s- why would you do that” the piercings you got was nipple piercings and some more ear piercings. He giggled “I told you to stop playing with me” he pulled into the drive thru. You glare as him which makes him laugh more “don’t make them faces at me before i poke the other”.
“That’s messed up” you push his hand away from yours “aww what happened you were just laughing not so long ago” he mocks you as you ignore him “awww she’s mad” he pokes your arm “when you get mad your cheeks get fatter” he smiled as he squeezed your cheek “and your bottom lip pops out more too” his finger pulled on your lip putting it back in place you couldn’t help but laugh. “Stop doing that” he smiled as he grabbed your hand “I’ll get you something to sooth the swelling okay” you nod as he kissed your hand.
He ordered some food for the both of you also getting a small cup of ice for you. As you waited he grabbed you chin pulling you closer to him “does it hurt still” you nod “a little it feels a bit uncomfortable” he pressed his lips on yours sending butterflies to your stomach “for now you’ll feel more comfortable as it heals” he rubbed your cheek. His nose rubbed on yours “let me see them” he laughed as he smiled innocently “right here” he nods.
“I didn’t get to see them” you shake your head “n-not here” he pouts “why not” he squeezed your hand “someone will see” he sighs “finee”
Once we got to the second window he grabbed our stuff. “Okay now that you have something to drink the advil I put in your bag” you thought it would be two Advils in a zip lock and you find a tiny advil bottle he smiled as your mouth opens surprised “I know how you miniature sized stuff so when I seen the little advil I had to get it for you” so caring “aw it’s cute thank you” you kissed his hand “I’ll do it again just to see your beautiful smile” you blushed as you take the pills. “And rub the ice cube on your nipples it helps sooth the pain and swelling” you listen to him.
Lowkey the ice is really cold but it feels good “thank you” he looked at you “no problem baby” he quick kissed you before the light changed color. His hand squeezed you thigh as his fingers draw little circles on your thigh for comfort.
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here2bbtstrash · a day ago
HI! I wanted to say I love your idol joonie one shot I enjoyed reading it it was amazing. If only the OC can be invited on tour and ride him backstage before he starts the show.
five minutes (explicit)
genre: smutty lil drabble!! and me popping my request cherry >:)
pairing: namjoon x reader
summary: your fuckbuddy has a graduation gift for you, but he might have overestimated your self-control.
this is a companion fic to my oneshot park and ride! read that one first if you want to get all the references, or don't, i'm not your mom
word count: 2.6k
contains: explicit sexual content~*~ idol verse, fuckbuddies, semi-public sex (aka a quickie in the green room), fingering, unprotected sex, dick-riding, dirty talk, squirting, a 3 second blowjob, joon's dick is still Very Big, ft. tiny cameos from JK and yoongi
A/N: remember when i said i would write this later, i LIED, i'm a LIAR, i wrote it NOW because i really liked the idea (and i was super bored while traveling). ask and you shall receive anon, i hope this is what you were looking for!!!! 💜
You’re enjoying a quiet Friday night in, basking in the glow of not having to stress about homework for the first time in two years, when a familiar number pops up on your phone.
“So, how does it feel to be done with grad school?” You’re surprised to hear him ask. Maybe the bar is in hell, but his own schedule is busy enough, you didn’t think he’d have the brain space to remember yours, too. “I know you worked hard for it. I’m proud of you.”
“Yep, I finally got my stupid piece of paper.” You say dryly. “Maybe now I can actually get paid enough to get a new car.”
You swear you can hear him smile on the other end of the phone. “Pretty soon you won’t even need me anymore.”
“I thought we discussed last time that I keep you around for one specific reason.” You can’t help yourself. “A very big reason.”
Namjoon laughs softly. “Well, maybe this will help my case. I got you a graduation present.”
Now he’s surprised you twice in under a minute. “I– what?”
“Did you know we have a stop on this tour that’s right by you?”
You do know. The tickets had sold out in approximately four seconds, if your Twitter feed was any indication. You didn’t even try for one; you’re so broke you’d only be able to afford nosebleeds at best anyway, and the thought of being that close but that far from him makes your heart sink in a way you can’t quite understand.
“So I’ve heard. Am I gonna be your Uber driver again?”
“I probably won’t be able to get away, unfortunately.” He says, and you nod, leaning back against the cushions of your couch. Hearing that phrase never sucks any less, but you’re used to it. He’s a busy guy. Sex is nowhere near the top of the priorities list.
“But,” he continues, “I did get you a ticket, if you want it.”
The revelation shocks you, and your stomach turns a little. Better seats would be great, especially for free, but you have other reasons for not being an avid concert-goer.
Namjoon is an incredible performer, they all are, but the thought of standing in a massive crowd where people next to you are loudly obsessing over his thighs and his chest has never sounded particularly appealing. It’s not jealousy; you understand as well as anyone that he’s an attractive man, it’s just… it’s weird.
“Joon,” you start, with no idea how you’re supposed to phrase this. Who turns down a free ticket to a BTS concert?
“It’d be backstage in VIP, okay? I promise, the screaming isn’t so bad there.” Backstage? Your head swims. He pauses for a second, but can clearly tell you’re not convinced, and his tone softens. “I hated the thought of being so close to you and not doing anything about it. I really just want to see you, even if we can’t…” he clears his throat with a half-laugh. “You know, go for a drive.”
You absolutely do not feel like a VIP, but your heart jumps at the thought of seeing him before you can tell it not to.
“Okay,” you say. “I’ll be there.”
He can only chat for a few more minutes before he’s pulled away for the next thing on his schedule. After you hang up, you slide entirely off your couch and onto the floor in a daze, wondering what the hell you just agreed to.
It turns out attending a concert as a VIP guest is not that far off from your well-worn hotel ritual. You go through the familiar motions, flashing various people your ID and the badge around your neck, and you receive a security escort through the network of hallways that lead into the heart of the stadium.
At security’s direction, you hang a left, past a room where you see racks upon racks of clothes ready and waiting for quick changes, and you’re so distracted that you nearly collide into Jungkook. His eyes widen. “Oh, hi!”
You’ve met most of the members in passing– it’s sort of hard not to– but you’ve always had a particular soft spot for JK. It might have something to do with the time he voluntarily sexiled himself to Taehyung and Jimin’s room for a night so that Namjoon could invite you over. A true friend.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you say with a nervous smile.
“It’s good to see you! Namjoon said you were coming. He’s in the green room if you’re looking for him.” He gestures to a door at the end of the hallway, and you thank him as your pulse starts to race.
You gently push the door open and peek in. Namjoon is sitting alone at a chair in front of the vanity mirror, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his legs. He has headphones on, and his fingers are steepled, pressed to his lips. He’s clearly deep in thought, and a feeling washes over you like you shouldn’t be here, like maybe you should just turn around.
But then he glances over and sees you standing there, and his whole face lights up, those killer dimples on full display.
He slips his headphones off as you step inside; you can’t close the distance between the two of you fast enough. You loop your arms around his neck and he wraps his around your waist, and then you squeak as your feet leave the ground when he fully picks you up.
“Hi,” he says against your ear with a laugh, and when your feet make contact with the floor again, you push up on your tiptoes to kiss him.
Butterflies flutter in your stomach at the feeling of his lips on yours, his hands at the small of your back. Kissing Namjoon standing up doesn’t happen often, and it’s enough to give you a head rush.
His lips linger on yours as his hands travel gently downwards, and then he makes a noise of surprise against your mouth and pulls away.
“Oh my god,” he groans softly, pinching the fabric of your new favorite skirt between his fingers. “You did this on purpose.”
You can’t hide your wicked smile. “It’s possible. You did say you liked it, if I recall correctly.”
You lose your composure as his hands slip under your skirt to grab your ass. You inhale sharply, thankful that you’re alone. Namjoon’s mouth drops to your neck. “God, I wish we had more time,” he groans against your skin.
You should behave. The fact that you can see him and touch him should be more than enough, and you should just be grateful. But he really does make you insatiable. “I can be quick if you can,” you murmur against his ear.
His life-ruiningly big dick hardens against your thigh; you can feel every inch of it straining against the fabric of his pants, and you shift to grind your core against him.
“Fuck,” he hisses. Arousal floods through you at the notion of how close he is, the fact that only a few layers of clothes separate him from where you need him most. You’re already soaked, ready for all of him.
You hear a grunt and a shifting sound from behind you and nearly jump out of your skin, quickly leaping back to put some space between you and Namjoon. When you turn towards the source, you realize that you completely missed Yoongi, asleep on the green room couch.
Namjoon winces when you whip your head back to glare accusingly at him. “Sorry. I totally forgot he was there.”
You fix him in your gaze for a second, but you’re honestly too horny to stay mad. “To be fair, you were distracted.”
“Still am,” he grunts, running a hand over the front of his pants. You can only imagine the internet-wide panic that would ensue if he went out onstage this hard. The dick print blogs would have a field day. You’re frozen in place, ridiculously turned on but also starting to feel guilty for putting him in this predicament.
Namjoon crosses to the sofa, one hand slipping into his pants to tuck his erection into his waistband.
“Hyung,” he whispers, giving the couch a light kick.
Yoongi grunts again, but doesn’t move, eyes still closed.
“Hyung, I need the room for a minute.”
At this, he finally cracks an eye open. “Hmm?”
“Can you nap somewhere backstage?”
Yoongi squints at both of you as he slowly sits up. He looks pissed– although he kind of always looks like that, so maybe that’s just his face– but seems to realize he can get back to sleep faster if he doesn’t waste time on an argument.
He yawns as he shuffles out of the room, turning over his shoulder in the open doorway. “Just so you know, you’ve got like, five minutes.” Then he slams the door behind him.
Namjoon doesn’t waste even a second, instantly pulling you to him and finding your lips with his, tongue sweeping into your mouth. You let him guide you backwards until you’re pressed up against the green room door, and you hear the lock click.
His lips move to your neck again, his hands sliding up your thighs. “Can you do five minutes, baby?”
“Y-yes,” your answer turns into a whine as his hand brushes over your panties, and you spread your legs to give him more room. He pulls the fabric of your underwear to the side, and when he slips two fingers into your cunt, you both groan: you at the pleasure, and him at how little resistance there is when he pushes in.
“Fuck, you really want me, huh?” Namjoon practically growls into your ear, and you whimper open-mouthed as he curls his fingers inside you. He shifts and you can feel him pressed hard against your thigh, and your knees nearly buckle. “You want to take all of this?”
“God, yes.” You think you’ll die if you don’t.
He hesitates for just a second, clearly weighing some option in his head. Then he groans in your ear again. “Will you ride me, baby?”
You can’t even speak, but when he sees you nod, it’s enough. Pressing you up against the door, he lifts your legs to wrap around his waist, and then his hands move to cup your ass and pull you to him. He lifts you up and carries you like that across the room, his still-clothed erection grinding into your core. Your desire is almost painful now, you want him so bad.
He settles on the couch with you in his lap, and you lean forward on your knees so that he can fumble to undo his belt and pull his pants and boxers down.
There’s no time for the teasing you’re both so fond of, but you don’t feel like you could last a single second longer without him inside you. When you pull your panties to the side again so you can sink down on him, it’s fucking perfect, and you can’t hold back a moan of relief.
“Shit, baby,” Namjoon groans. His head drops against the couch and his hand is already on your clit in steady circles. The urgency just makes everything hotter.
You rock up and down along his length, and you’re so fucking wet that he easily bottoms out inside you, hitting the spot that makes you squeeze your eyes shut and gasp. Your arousal coils tight inside you, the pressure already building.
Namjoon’s fingers work you expertly, and he knows your mind just as well as your body. He knows the fastest way to get you to come is with his words, and he doesn’t hold back, his hips starting to rock up into you.
“You take my cock so well, baby, fuck. This tight little pussy was made just for me, huh?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you whine with every thrust.
“Mine to have whenever I want, wherever I want. Always so fucking wet and ready for me, so desperate to take it all like a good girl.”
You whimper loudly in agreement. His cock, his hands, his voice, it’s all too much. He can feel your walls start to flutter and that only makes him thrust and circle his fingers faster, and your moans are nearly sobs now.
“That’s it, baby. Soak yourself for me. I want to feel you come all over my cock.”
“Oh, fuck!” You cry out as the pressure inside you swells and bursts, and you can feel the rush of fluid as it splashes over him and the couch beneath you.
Namjoon groans beneath you at the feeling, and you thank god he has the awareness and the strength to lift you up off of him, because it fully escaped you that he never put a condom on.
He strokes himself fast and hard, clearly just shy of his own end, and even now, you still can’t get enough. You drop to your knees on the floor and practically shove his legs apart so you can take him in your mouth, your cunt still quivering from the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“Holy shit,” he gasps as you bob up and down, sloppy and fast. When you swallow him down, gagging slightly, his hips buck against your mouth, and you take it all with a whimper as he comes down your throat.
You make sure to work every drop out of him before you pull off, sitting back on your heels and wiping at your mouth. You watch Namjoon as he collapses against the couch, breathing heavy and smiling wide. He runs a hand through his hair and looks down at you, clearly still trying to recover.
“You,” he says with a gasp, “are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
You beam at the compliment, and you stand up on shaking legs, reaching down to awkwardly adjust your underwear back in place. At his request, you circle around him to assess the damage as he pulls his pants up. 
It occurs to you only in hindsight that attempting a mess-free quickie with a girl who squirts is quite the lofty goal, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it on his clothes. The couch cushion, however, was not so lucky. You both giggle at the wet spot as he wraps his arms around you and presses a kiss to the top of your head.
“I think we’re at five,” you murmur, but he tilts your jaw up anyway, his lips finding yours for one more kiss.
He reluctantly walks you towards the door. “I gotta go get my mic, but if you head backstage to the left, there’s a spot where you can watch the show.” He presses his lips to your forehead one more time. “I’ll make it a good one for you.”
You laugh as he opens the door. “I’ll be watching, so you better not fuck up the choreo!”
For the second time tonight, you nearly run face-first into Jungkook. “Ah, sorry! Is my phone in here?” He shoves past you both and lets out a sigh of relief as he retrieves it from the vanity counter.
You give Namjoon a final smile and then head towards backstage, but you’re still in earshot to hear Jungkook ask, “What happened to the couch? Hyung, did you spill something?”
You press your hand to your mouth to hold the laughter in.
The show is even better than you thought it would be, and though you might just be imagining it, you swear Namjoon’s hip thrusts are a little more enthusiastic than usual.
A/N: i wrote this in like 30 minutes (so it is quite literally a quickie on a quickie) so if this is slightly lower quality than my usual, don't roast me!!! but i had so much fun revisiting these two!! hope you enjoyed, would love a comment or review if you did 💜 and i'm always tentatively open to requests, tho i have very little control over what will spark the muse lol. ALSO I SWEAR TO GOD THE ACTUAL NEXT THING I POST WILL BE LDOMLT 🙈 thanks for reading!!!!!
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jigglyjeon · 21 hours ago
mating call -> jjk
Tumblr media
summary: you’re the only survivor on a failed mission on a planet full of ruthless, blood thirsty creatures. you almost give into your fate but when you come across a being who seems to be kind, you give into him instead. 
 pairing: jungkook x female reader
 rating: NSFW 18+
 genre: smut, alien au
 warning tags: alien shmex, cunnilingus, nipple play, tentacles, mind control in the form of communication, breeding kink, mentions of death, lone survivor
word count: 1.7k +
a/n: unedited, sorry for any mistakes D:
You’re laying against a large rock by some water, staring hopelessly at your reflection as your sway your fingers around within the crystal-clear liquid. No animals reside there, so untampered with that you can also see the bottom where the dirt lay. Your clothes are torn, old and you’re so very tired. 
A melancholy sigh leaves your lips as your eyelids grow heavy, breathing pattern slowing down as you feel your hope and soul completely detach from your body. You miss home, your family, and friends and even your late co-workers who hadn’t survived through the week since arriving. They went one by one, unexpectedly each time too. Whether it was in the dark at night while you slept or silently and randomly when looking for food or water. That was another thing too; you were so hungry, running out of fruit to eat.
Only a few hours ago from now you had decided to just let fate decide whether you survive. So, you’re laying against this rock uncaring of whether you are ripped to shreds or eaten alive. 
You’re almost asleep when you notice a pair of glowing eyes staring eight at you from between some big leaves. Whatever it is it’s big, and you’re more than certain that it was going to be the reason for your death. You let it come, a rattling sound emerges from its mouth when it grows nearer, and you feel yourself shutting your eyes as you feel its face right next to yours. 
You’re trembling, he notices. You’re scared of him. Scared of being here. He suspected you were stranded, not from here because he could smell the scent you from a mile away. When you keep your eyes tight shut, too afraid of what you might see if you open them, he shields you with his body caging you in as he sniffs at your hair and skin with curiosity. He looks like a puppy that is discovering new things for the first time. 
He hums by your ear, the noise sounding eerily human-like. After a while you realise the creature above you isn’t moving so you take a chance and slowly open your eyes. You were in for a treat. 
Light lilac eyes that glowed, minty-coloured hair and sun-kissed skin. He tilts his head to the side as he observes you, leaning in slightly near your near to sniff at you. You gasp, wanting to push yourself backwards out of instinct but you’re already trapped between him and the rock you’re rested on. He leans in even closer, your foreheads bumping as he sighs, rubbing his cheek against yours as if desperate. wanting; it reminds you of a cat who shows their affections. Your heart thumps as he gets closer to you, his body pressing slowly lowering to press up against yours.
The same clicking, rattling sound comes again, and you realise that it comes from his mouth. You notice that his tongue also pokes out alongside the sound and see why he can’t speak the same way you do. A long, sliced muscle that resembles the snake. You wonder if he’s the equivalent on the animal on this planet since everything else seems to be so backwards and upside down here.
You can’t deny that even though he’s yet to pose any sort of real threat to you that you’re scared. He looks so similarly human-esque in a lot of ways, especially his outer body appearance and it makes you feel somewhat safe too; but everything else you have encounter on this planet has loved to kill. What could make him any different?
You’re snapped out of your thoughts when you feel him push himself against your barely clothed pussy, releasing a moan that sounded very human to you. You blink at the sky, well if this was going to be your last day alive, why the hell not mess around with a sexy alien-man? Right? …
He rips at your already heavily torn top, ruining the material completely along with your shorts. You gasp, internally groaning because that was all you had for warmth and cover. Not that this guy seemed to give a care. He leans back on his knees and sits on his calves, taking in your nude body. His forked tongue poking out to wet his lips. 
Did you hear that right? It sounded awfully like a male’s voice, but it was not him because his lips did not move. You don’t dwell on it too long because he’s removing his own gear now, and you’re in awe with him now. Your eyes glow at the sight of his toned body, and the length of his cock; it’s not overly thick, but it’s very long and very hard. For you.
“What?” You furrow your brows, you’re sure you can’t be hallucinating this time but again you’re cut short when he moves down your body and wastes no time attaching his lips to your clit, sucking gently. “Hah!” You squeak, the unexpected pleasure hitting you like a tidal wave. When he begins to lick you with his interesting tongue you lose it, biting gentle on your own arm to cover up your moans. 
He looks up and revels in the way your chest rises and falls with each quick breath, your breasts just begging to be played with. So, he follows his heart and detaches himself from your heat, moving up onto his knees to wrap his lips around your nipple instead, one of his hands wrap around his own length and pumps slowly, the other using his pointer finger to circle your nipple as he sucked the other gently. 
You almost pass out at the sight before you, it’s so hot – you feel so hot. “What are you?” You ask breathily, your fingers raking through his short locks. You can call me Jungkook, you hear it in your head, but he is continuing his work on you, and you don’t even feel any vibrations so you’re sure it doesn’t come from his mouth. “Jung-ah!” You feel something warm and slippery touch your clit, and you’re confused for a moment because all his working hands were busy on your tits, but your eyes widened in fear when you spot an extra appendage; long and fading into a deep purple at the ends from his skins colour, and it’s rubbing against you. 
“Jungkook…?” You manage to get it out. He lets go of your nipple with a wet pop to look up at you, a small smirk adorning his lips. “Mm” He nods, keeping eye contact as he licks your nipple. Your eyes dart from his breath-taking facial features to the strange and slimy length that emerged from his back. Confusion and arousal were a strange mix. He retracts it when he notices your glare, watching as it completely disappears into his back. You feel a little guilty, you weren’t judging him. He looks a bit embarrassed now, removing himself from you completely and you find yourself feeling disappointed. 
“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I-“ He  places his arms beneath you to move you off the rock, back against on the grassy ground. He straddles you and shuts you up with a kiss, your first kiss. Your eyes flutter closed, and you melt into him. He’s so warm, and his lips feel so soft against yours. Jungkook rocks his hard length against your wetness, and you moan into his mouth, your own hips moving against him. 
Mine. He forces himself into you, tight from the lack of action you’ve had in the past two years but wet enough to make it a smooth process. He removes his lips from yours and dips his head in the crook of your neck, pressing small kisses there. 
You’ve been a busy girl preparing for this mission, sex was the last thing on your mind. You had a boyfriend, but the lustful spark had dissipated with your busy schedules. You wonder how he’d feel if he knew you were alive and being fucked good by a hot alien. 
You laugh a little at the thought, but it quickly turns into a desperate moan as he hits your most sensitive spot, thrusting harshly into it now at your reaction. 
When he moans, you bite your lip as your hands find his cheeks, moving him to face you again. He’s incredibly handsome, so dreamy you wonder if he’s just a figment of your imagination. You’d be so bummed if he was, but you wanted to enjoy it while it lasted at least. What?  He smiles down at you with a raised brow, his eyes zeroing into yours. He was so different, bizarre, never been seen by you. The science dork inside you wondered what he was. An alien, that was certain, but you’d never studied any human-animal-like aliens. Not like him. Nothing you’d ever seen was like him. In hindsight, it was a remarkable discovery, and probably your final one.
Realising that he was most in fact communicating with you through your mind, you answer “Wanna see your face, you’re pretty.” You’re a little groggy from the pleasure, and he notices that which makes him feel proud, but he also can’t hide the blush your compliment washes over his clear skin. Fuck, it makes him-
Jungkook hisses, his thrusts sloppy and untimely as he lets his load out inside of you. You whimper, reaching your own high as he fucks his orgasm out. That’s it, take my babies. He collapses onto you, sweaty bodies sticking together. Have my babies, stay with me forever. His voice is desperate in your head, and in reality, he’s breathing loud, trying to catch his own breath. The idea makes you gulp, wondering if his intentions were to breed with you, but it also made you wildly horny and you find yourself not minding the idea of staying with him. There was next to no hope of you getting back home, and Jungkook seemed nice enough. Kind, protective even. He could protect you. You realise he’s still inside you, but you’re too tired and fucked out to care. 
The night begins to settle in, and you don’t care whether he leaves you here or takes him with you. There’s nothing to lose, the last thing you hear is that rattling sound, and the final thing you feel is being carried in his arms as you doze off to sleep. You’ve given into him. 
Given into being his forever.
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thedevilofparadise · 23 hours ago
Touch my buttons
pairing: Jungkook x fem reader
genre: smut
warning: of course 18+
summary: when you try to make Jungkooks day better ✨
Tumblr media
Meanwhile he was working, you were in shopping mall looking for some new clothes. You needed to have some time with your friends and just to go out. While looking for some clothes you saw this baby pink cute shirt which had keyboard on in and written "Push my buttons." You knew this was perfect shirt for you. You found tight fitting size so you could show your boobs and let me tell you, this shirt was made for you. It gave your tits nice curves.
Before Jungkook should come home you have changed into your new shirt. Waiting for him to come home you hoped he would like it. He will be tired from practicing but you hoped this would boost his energy and mood.
As soon as he comes home you wrap your arms around him. Jesus, he missed you thought-out the whole day. Inhaling and exhaling your scent he couldn't stop thinking about the cuddles. You gave him few welcoming kisses. Pushing your body further away from him and smiling on him, he saw your new shirt. It made his eyes almost pop out of his eye sockets. He was hard immediately. Maybe it was the hard day full of frustration or just his hormones but he couldn’t think of something else than making you feel good. His dick was hard just from looking at you. Jungkook took eyes from your tits and looked into your eyes.
"Can I push your buttons Y/N? Please baby. I need to practice my fingers for the next game between me and hyungs." He was referring to the gaming nights with members they sometimes have.
You laugh at how much he was desperate. "Of course Jungkook, I would be a bad girlfriend if I wouldn't let you practice."
In that moment, not wasting a second, he was dragging you towards the bedroom. He needed you, he needed to release some tension from today, to feel your warm walls taking him.
As soon as you came to the bedroom, he started kissing you hard. After your make out session he started ordering you around. His dominant side always makes you feel weak for him.
He licked your side of the throat. Taking his time tasting you. Licking from bottom and slowly moving to your ear. He bit your earlobe and whispered in your ear: "Strip for me baby, slowly but keep the shirt on, I want to fuck you in it. Then get on all fours. Do you understand baby? I'm not going easy on you today."
You did as he told you. Slowly taking everything while giving him a show. He was palming himself though his clothed dick on the gaming chair. You wanted to help him, feel him in your mouth. Even thought this wasn't what he has ordered you, you wanted to try your luck. You get on your knees on the floor. You have crawled your way towards him and put your palms on both of his thighs, dangerously close to his dick. Massaging his thighs with your thumbs.
"Kitten this is not what I told you to do." He almost moaned out the last part and you have put your palm on his clothed dick.
"Just a little bit Kookie. Just a few kitten licks." You look into his eyes pleasingly and bat your eyelashes on him. Who is he to tell you no if you look so cute.
You took his cock out. Licking it from bottom to the reddish tip. This felt perfect to him after palming and teasing himself. You then put his cock into your mouth and started bobbing your head for a while but he has stopped you. This was torture for him too, but you promised something.
"Baby you have said kitten licks so do as you promised. Be a good girl and stick to your word."
You did as he said. After while it was too much for him to handle and he was a mess underneath your touch. You started sucking him off and this sends him into his high. Long time forgotten what you promised. Releasing into your mouth you look into his eyes. Mouth still full. You opened your mouth. Seed spilling from side of your tongue. His cum dropping on your shirt but it was intentional. Showing him his creation and then swallowing the rest of it.
"Kitten, on the bed, now." He says with calm voice. This is not good for you. You are ready for him when you feel bed pushing down. Ready for some teasing but instead of his finders in your pussy you can hear him turning on vibrator he took from his desk where he keeps them. You gulp loudly.
"You were naughty kitten and were not listening. I wanted to put my whole load into your pussy but you decided to suck me off. Now there will be less in this pretty hole. And to add to all of this you have destroyed my new favorite shirt of yours but at least you can now only wear it with me. I need to punish you. "
He then put the vibrator on your clit. This was too much for you. You were horny but he was teasing you. You wanted him inside you but he was only using the vibrator.
"Kookie please ~ I want you inside me. Please, I want you to do things to me, take my walking privileges. Bend me as you please." You didn't even know why you said that but you were close to release. Already stupid for him.
Before you came he has put two fingers inside you and pumped few times. Curling his fingers as you like it.  This have sent you over the edge. Toes curling while your body was shaking from orgasm. Jungkook took the fingers out of you and taste you. You just heard him moan in pleasure.
Even though you came he didn't remove the vibrator. Just put it on slower setting. Still holding it in the same place. After while you felt your next orgasm approaching. Jungkook knew that. He felt yourself clamp on his fingers again.
“Koo.. Kookie.. Jungkookie.. I can't... I'm cum~ cumming… Jungkook~~"
After while you felt your clit throbbing in pain and pleasure. You have calm your heart a bit when you could feel Jungkook’s dick sliding across your pussy. Collecting your juice as a lube.
"Ready darling? I told you I'm not going easy on you."
You might nod with your head but your were not expecting him that he slowly slides inside you. This was painfully slow. But you didn't had a time to adjust to him as he started trusting immediately. Hitting every sweet spot, feeling full just by him. Jungkook knew how to make you a mess. He has speed up his pace. Biting and licking your neck and shoulders as he goes hard and fast. Moaning your name and how you are a good girl into your ear. This was so much to take. You felt your another orgasm approaching.
"Kitten I'm almost there. Please cum with me, hold it and cum with me."
You did as he said. You came with him, moaning his name. Arching your back, hands grabbing your pillow as you needed to hold anything because of how good it felt. This orgasm has ripped through your whole body and made you babbling mess. You couldn't for a sentence in the moment in your head. He took his dick out of your pussy and admired his art.
"Look at my load dripping from your cunt. I could have put more into you but you were a bad girl earlier." Maybe I should fuck you again in classic missionary position.
In the matter of second he flipped you over. "It's time to play with your buttons." Holding your breasts while sliding inside you again. Your insides where still sensitive and you felt every single vain on his dick. He was still holding your breast for a support. He started moving inside you. This time it was slow and deep at the beginning but speeding up was for him better. He had enjoyed the slow and deep but right now he needed you so badly. One more time. He wanted to release one more time. One hand has slipped to your clit. Your poor abused clit.
"Cumming, cum.. omg Jungkook, Kookie.. CUMMING~". Releasing onto his dick while he was still moving. Overstimulation got the best of you. You could only babble. He had fucked your brains out and he knew that. Looking at you dumb self he was proud. Proud that he has put you in this state. It didn't took a while for him to cum inside you again. Squishing your boobs as releasing again into you.
Now you both were panting mess. Catching your breaths. Both happy and satisfied. Jungkook forgot about the whole day. Only think he was thinking about was you. Nothing else just you. He had slipped out from your pussy and that's when you felt how empty it feels being without him. He got up and went to grab a warm towel. First cleaning you and then cleaning himself. You asked for a cup of water. You needed that after a night with him. Jungkook kissed your forehead and went to get it.
Both of you were cuddling together. You were playing with his hair as he was lightly caressing your back.
"Maybe I should play with your buttons more often."
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