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#bts social media au
v-hope · 5 days ago
“it's 2am. your lover is still playing video games in the living room, so you grab your pillow, settling yourself in between your lover's thighs as you watch them play, and soon enough, you're asleep again” with 🌺 jk pretty please??
Turning over to find nothing next to you in bed, where every single night your long term boyfriend would be, you whined — eyes heavily opening and adjusting to the darkness of the room as you heard a muffled sound coming from the living room.
Looking at the hour on your nightstand’s clock displaying the numbers 2:00, you sighed. Although it was no surprise for Jeongguk to be up at 2am on a Friday night, you were not happy over the fact that he was awake in the living room and not in bed with you, maybe watching a movie or trying to hold back eventual giggles as he watched funny videos on his phone as you soundly slept beside him.
Not giving it a second thought, you removed the covers from your body and grabbed your pillow, holding it tightly against your chest as you made your way over to the living room. Even though the only light in the room came from the TV, it wasn’t hard to find Jeongguk right in front of it, with a blanket covering his legs while he sat on the couch next to a fast asleep pupper — Tigger being just like you when it came to cherishing your sleep.
Standing by the entrance and staring at the PS controller in his hands, your eyes instinctively travelled to the TV, not being able to keep them from rolling in amusement. Of course he was still trying to pass the one stage he had been stuck in for a few days now.
Now, after three years of being together, you knew well enough you would not convince him to go back to bed until he was ready to let the game go. No matter how many times he nodded and hummed to let you know he was listening to you, he would always end up being too invested to actually go to sleep like you told him to.
So, not even trying anymore, you went up to him.
Jeongguk smiled as soon as he was aware of your presence — not a word coming out of his mouth, yet pausing his game and holding the blanket on his lap up for you to get in with him. Doing as he had silently motioned for you to, you sat down between his legs, resting your back on his chest, and smiling contentedly when he tucked you in with him and pressed a small kiss to the crown of your head, before his arms rested around you so he could keep playing.
“Are you winning?” you asked, eyes already closed yet still being nosy as you were.
“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” he answered with another question.
You smiled tauntingly. “Do I take that as a no?”
This time, a quite loud giggle escaped your lips, after hearing a small, whiny ‘aish’ coming from your boyfriend’s lips.
Opening your eyes and staring up to him, you reached up to plant a sweet kiss to the spot under his jaw. “I’ll have you know I only date winners, bun”.
“Yeah… Not sure about that, petal”.
Jaw hanging open at his passive aggressive comment towards your asshole of an ex, who was hardly ever brought up anymore, you gave him a light shove — one that had him both laughing lightly and calling you out on almost making him lose.
“Well, I’ll have you know I only intend to date winners from now on” you corrected your previous statement.
Jeongguk smiled at that, eyes still fixed on the video game in front. “I thought you only intended to date me from now on? Considering we’ve already made our life together?”
“Mhm…” you pressed a kiss to the crook of his neck. “Like I said, a winner”.
Your words earned a snort from him, shaking his head in amusement.
“Give me a few more hours and I’ll be just that”.
You whined, throwing your head back on his shoulder and hugging your pillow tighter to your chest. “It’s already two in the morning”.
“Exactly,” he nodded. “There’s a whole night to go”.
“But I’m tired” you pouted.
“Then close your eyes, baby”.
Huffing at his smartass answer, you ended up doing as told, letting go of your pillow and turning slightly towards him, so you could nuzzle his neck and place your arms around his waist.
“I will change the Play Station to our bedroom so you have no choice but to stay next to me while I sleep”.
Jeongguk chuckled silently at your supposedly threatening words, causing a smile to curve up the corners of your mouth over the way his chest trembled because of that.
“I tend to curse and whine a lot, though” he pointed out what you already knew — if anything, he was trying his hardest not to do any of those things right then, so you could have a good sleep. “You won’t mind?”
You shook your head no, a tired yawn coming out of your mouth as you inevitably began to drift off to sleep. “As long as I get to sleep with you…” your shoulders moved up in a faint shrug. “Plus, you won’t have me coming here being all clingy and keeping you from moving while I lie on top of you like I am now”.
He smiled wholeheartedly, pausing his game for a moment when he felt your body relax on his when you finally entered your dream, as if you had not been bickering with him only ten seconds ago.
Resting his back down lower against the couch so you could lie down more comfortably on his chest, he adjusted his arm over you so you wouldn’t slide down, later removing a strand of hair from off your closed eyes and lovingly staring at your sleeping face for a few seconds; not being able to hold himself back from pressing a lingering kiss to your forehead before he could resume his game.
“I don’t mind this at all”.
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kimnjss · 8 months ago
cherry pickers | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
banner by @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— known for your body and surrounded by rumors about your sex life... rumors that he doesn’t think to doubt. until he’s meeting you... forced to realize there’s much more to you then the thonged shorts and lacy costumes.
(or, you’re a video vixen with an assumed identity and jungkook manages to see past it.)
Tumblr media
pairing: gamer(fuckboi)!jungkook x video vixen(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: sope (?)
genre: a gross amount of fluff :( smut!! // some angst mixed in ofc.
disclaimer: jungkook’s friends are real assholes nd some of the things they say are… ehhh :/ i’m sure the actual 97gc is nothing like this - this is strictly for story telling purposes!!
updates: everyday. (please don’t ask!!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
character profiles: 97 liners
character profiles: jungkook nd his hyungs
character profiles: yn nd crew
part one: open house
part two: basic geometry
part three: kinda cute
part four: status report
part five: bro code gods
part six: worthy opponent
part seven: birthday dinner
part eight: broke boi
part nine: moving funny
part ten: just hanging out
part eleven: formal setting
part twelve: romance factor
part thirteen: fourth wheel
part fourteen: pretty boy
part fifteen: bare minimum
part sixteen: kiss me
part seventeen: devoted hoes
mini time jump: always careful
bonus: ruined me
time jump: come over
part eighteen: balls deep
part nineteen: being gross
part twenty: food demon
part twenty-one: 190718 yn
part twenty-two: fucking yoongi
part twenty-three: keep going
part twenty-four: real different
part twenty-five: random fuck
part twenty-six: traumatically destructive
part twenty-seven: shit show
part twenty-eight: just perfect
part twenty-nine: we’ll survive
part thirty: fucking terrified
part thirty-one: break up
time jump: couple rescue
part thirty-two: only you
part thirty-three: take notes
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kookiesjoonies · a year ago
risk it — jjk | masterlist.
Tumblr media
↠ fic type: social media au, exes to lovers
↠ main pairing: tattoo artist!jungkook x salon owner!reader
↠ side ships: namjin, vmin (fwb), hoseok x makeup artist!oc
↠ genre: heavy angst
↠ warnings: explicit language, mature themes, smut, light pining, jealousy, alcohol usage, light violence
↠ status: ongoing
✧ a drunken text ends with you wrapped up in the arms of your ex-boyfriend. aka the man that you dumped two years prior, after he refused to marry you. suddenly, all of the feelings that you’d seemingly had buried come rushing back up to the surface, and you’re not sure how long you can ignore them.
a/n: if you’d like to be added to the tag list, send me an ask!
Tumblr media
character profiles. 
one: quote me on that.
two: dumb as fuck.
three: plastered.
four: pretend.
five: already forgotten.
six: try it and see.
seven: easy lay.
eight: most toxic two.
nine: one more chance.
ten: get our shit together.
eleven: i hate it here.
twelve: wicked witch.
thirteen: drop dead.
bonus: getting serious.
fourteen: men ain’t shit.
fifteen: the truth.
sixteen: moving on. 
seventeen: happy n stuff.
eighteen: character growth.
nineteen: risk it.
twenty: evil twin.
twenty-one: hong kong.
twenty-two: fake love.
twenty-three: baby emoji.
twenty-four: aunt or uncle.
twenty-five: my everything.
epilogue 01: the wedding.
epilogue 02: the marriage.
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bloomsuga · a year ago
Tumblr media
╰ being knocked up by the biggest playboy in music? bad. being knocked up by the biggest playboy in music when you’re a virgin and you didn’t even sleep with him? so. much. worse.
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!jimin x coffee shop owner!reader
genre: sm au, crack humor, fluff, smut
status: completed
playlist: listen here
series: hobiverse masterlist
a/n: hey y’all!! that’s right, we back with another dumbass sm au from yours truly 🤩 this one is loosely inspired by the tv series jane the virgin!! hope you guys will enjoy this wild ride lmaoo x
Tumblr media
🥝 part one - profiles
🥝 part two - virgin with a capital ‘v’
🥝 part three - judas bitch
🥝 part four - spicy meatball
🥝 part five - kinda punk rock
🥝 part six - body hitchhiking alien
🥝 part seven - juiced beans
🥝 part eight - $5 a nip
🥝 part nine - thiccness distribution
🥝 part ten - backup dads
🥝 part eleven - the new brangelina
🥝 part twelve - respect the hustle
🥝 part thirteen - butter my biscuits
🥝 part fourteen - simps-R-us
🥝 part fifteen - björnging
🥝 part sixteen - britney spears
🥝 part seventeen - spinach puffs
🥝 part eighteen - mushy
🥝 part nineteen - eggplant daddy
🥝 part twenty - spaghetti legs
🥝 part twenty-one - watermelon sugar (m)
🥝 part twenty-two - pancakes
🥝 part twenty-three - panini head
🥝 part twenty-four - rotisserie chicken
🥝 part twenty-five - the whole circus
🥝 part twenty-six - uncle protection squad
🥝 part twenty-seven - DDILF
🥝 part twenty-eight - twilight
🥝 part twenty-nine - yeehaw yes
🥝 part thirty - epilogue
Tumblr media
:: bonus part - postlogue 6
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v-hope · 10 months ago
With You
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut, College!AU, established relationship
Word Count: 5.2k
Summary: Although trying to fight it, Jeongguk can’t help but become insecure about your relationship after your ex best friend starts filling his head with lies about you and Taehyung, his best friend who you just so happened to be out with that day. Good thing is, you’re right there with him to reassure him you want him and only him.
—Alternatively, the one in which during a heated make out session you find out your boyfriend is a virgin, and decide to help him get himself off.
Warnings: Heavy making out, light body touching (?), dry humping, confident Guk and shy/awkward Guk keep switching places, handjob, blowjob. And yup, Guk’s (still) a virgin.
A/N: Helloo, this from part 28 of my Social Media AU ‘Tiger Flower’, but I guess you can still read it if you haven’t read the full story lol. So this was supposed to be a 2k drabble like the ones I always write but I got a bit carried away 🤡 I hope you enjoy! 💕 ALSO, someone asked me to bold the beginning and ending of the smut part(s), so if you don’t wanna read the smut just look for the bolded words and skip what’s in between lol.
Tumblr media
Running his hands through his face as the elevator’s doors opened, Jeongguk started walking through the hallway to his place, head lowered as he absently looked in his pocket for the keys to the apartment.
The conversation he had with Sooyeon was still going through his mind over and over. Although he had managed to sound confident enough through the texts they had exchanged and he had put her in her place —along with blocking her ass just like he had wanted to ever since the first time she brought you up into the conversation—, he could not deny her words did hit home.
Taehyung was definition of your type. Outgoing, talkative, funny, handsome. The life of the party, in other words. Something he was not, and something he would never be, considering he did not show up to parties at all if it wasn’t because he was either forced to by his friends or because you would be there.
Taehyung could most definitely show you a good time, whereas he, on the other hand…
No, fuck that. You were dating him. He was your boyfriend. He, Jeon Jeongguk. That was all he could find comfort in.
Then again, you were not with him right then. You were somewhere else with Taehyung. As friends, but still. And then again, just like he had a high school crush on you and found himself falling all over again three years into college, so had you with Taehyung right before dating him. Would it really be that hard for you to fall for him a third time when the two of you were still so close?
He shook his head, as if trying to shake his thoughts away. Don’t let Sooyeon get to you, Y/N’s with you for a reason. Don’t let Sooyeon get t—
Before his head could keep on torturing him, your voice brought him back out of his small trance, fixing his wide doe eyes on you for two seconds before he took in his surroundings, only then realising he had already reached his apartment’s door.
Staring back at you, his eyes lit up.
“Hey,” he said softly. “What… What are you doing here?”
You shifted nervously in your place. “You sounded kinda off through texts, so I just wanted to check up on you”.
He nodded quietly, fighting the huge smile that was threatening with forming on his lips.
Because you were there. With him.
“You didn’t, um…” his eyes travelled to the door for a second before they were back on you. “Joon-ie hyung didn’t open the door for you?”
A small laugh escaped your lips at the way his eyebrows had furrowed, ready to fight his roommate for leaving you waiting out there for God knows how long. “I didn’t call on the door” you explained, causing his eyebrows to knit further together in utter confusion. “I didn’t know if you wanted me here at all, so I thought I’d just wait outside in case you wanted to be alone and asked me to g—”
Your words were cut off by a sweet kiss being pressed to your lips. Although taken aback the first second, you smiled when he cupped your face to press his mouth deeper against yours.
“What was that for?” you smiled once he pulled away, eyes still closed as you felt his nose gently bumping yours.
“I’m just happy you’re here” he breathed contently.
“That’s good to hear” you sheepishly admitted, resting your hands on his chest. “I honestly thought you would ask me to leave”.
He shook his head no, pecking your lips before he pulled you into his arms. “Don’t be silly, you know I always want to be with you”.
You took in a shaky breath, feeling all the tension you had been building up until then leave your body for good, and then wrapping your arms tightly around him as well. “Yeah, but you sounde—”
“Shh,” he hushed you, pressing a brief kiss to your neck. “I want you here”.
You let out another laugh, not only because of how happy his words made you, but because of the way he later grabbed your face once again to start peppering kisses all over it.
“Yah, Jeon Jeongguk!” you called him out in between giggles. “We’re in the middle of the hallway”.
He laughed, pecking your lips one last time before he pulled away. You just didn’t know how much it meant to him having you there with him right then when he needed you the most.
Without another word, he took his keys out of his pocket, like he had intended to minutes ago, and finally opened the door.
Stopping in his tracks, he turned around to look at you with a raised brow. “You’re coming in, right?”
You shrugged nonchalantly. “I mean, since you ask so nicely…”
Rolling his eyes at your overdramatic ways, he grabbed your hand, pulling you inside his place with him, not giving you time to even take a look around as he dragged you into his room.
“I don’t even get to say hi to Joon?” you teased as you closed the door behind you and he went to lie down on his bed.
“You can go say hi if you want” he replied simply, resting his weight on his elbows so he could properly look at you.
“Nah,” you shrugged, watching his nose scrunch up as his lips parted into a big smile when you started walking towards him. “I came to see you after all”.
“That you did” he contently affirmed, that being all he needed to let go of his intrusive thoughts.
Letting his back fall on the bed once again, he stretched his arm out on the mattress for you to go over there. Without another word, you crawled in bed with him, resting your head on his arm just like he wanted you to, scooting closer to him when his hand rested on your shoulder, and then resting yours on his chest.
“So how was work?” you tried to initiate small talk, tenderly running your fingers in circular motions from his chest to his abdomen.
The sigh that had escaped his mouth let you know not so well.
Work itself had been alright . What happened afterwards when he was heading home and Sooyeon texted him? Yeah, that had been shitty as hell.
“I blocked Sooyeon” he let you know.
Your head snapped up. “Hadn’t you already done that?”
“From Instagram, yeah” he nodded. “I blocked her phone number now. It can be a little awkward tomorrow when I see her but it’s the last day of filming, so I couldn’t care less”.
Although wanting to laugh —because, let’s be honest, that new piece of information could only bring you joy—, you ended up pouting in confusion.
“Something happened?”
“The usual,” he took in a deep breath. “She was talking shit”.
You nodded understandingly. Although wanting to know the details, you understood he didn’t really want to talk about it, for otherwise he would’ve told you by then. So, you said nothing, settling for pressing a lingering kiss to his shoulder instead.
“Is that why you were upset?” you wondered.
Jeongguk stayed quiet, both in awe at how you could tell he wasn’t feeling his best just by a couple of texts, and once again upset at the conversation he had held with Sooyeon earlier that evening.
“Kinda” he tried to shrug it off.
You puckered your lips, stopping your soothing motions on his torso and resting your palm on it instead so you could support your body up as you looked for his chocolate eyes.
“Was it because I went out with Tae?”
The way his body had tensed was all the answer you needed. However, he surprised you by shaking his head no.
“It wasn’t… I mean,” he sighed, pushing his hair back with his hand. “You guys are friends, it’s okay”.
You stared at him intently. Maybe he claimed it didn’t bother him, but his eyes right then, which remained fixed on the ceiling instead of your concerned ones, told you otherwise.
Placing your hand on his arm and giving it a light squeeze, you leaned in to briefly press your lips to his cheek. “I’m sorry,” your sincere words managed to catch his attention. “I should’ve asked if you were okay with it”.
He shook his head no immediately, sitting up and resting his back on the headboard. “You don’t need to ask for my permission to meet up with people, petal”.
“I know, but,” you shrugged, sitting up as well by his side and focusing your eyes somewhere other than his. “Everything is still kind of recent, I should’ve been more considerate of your feelings. I’m just so used to hanging out with mostly guys that I forget I have a boyfriend now and you—”
You caught on the way he had —teasingly— raised up a questioning eyebrow, making you mentally go over the words you had just said and panic once you realised how wrongly you had worded them.
“Wait, no!” you tried to correct yourself immediately, as he could no longer hold his serious semblance and started laughing. “I don’t forget I have a boyfriend, I meant that I forget you might not be very fond of—yah!” you called him out when his laugh did no longer allow your words to be heard.
“I know what you meant, petal” he reassured you, grabbing your hand and gently running his thumb on the back of it. “You look so cute when you panic”.
“Aish, you’re so annoying” you crossed your arms over your chest.
Chuckling at your cute annoyance, he took advantage of your folded arms to pull you towards him by them, having you instinctively straddle his lap after his lips collided with yours.
“You’re really okay with it then?” you asked one last time, cupping his face as he opened his eyes; watching the way they smiled right before he nodded.
He trusted you. Both you and Taehyung. He really did.
He knew the two of you were just friends. After all, he had told Taehyung it was okay for him to hang out with you from time to time back when they had The Talk. And he was truly okay with it. It was just that he couldn’t help being insecure sometimes, and Sooyeon’s words had only managed to increase that feeling.
He needed some reassurance from you, that was all.
“Just…” he licked his lips as he tried to find the right words. “You want to be with me… right?”
You answered his question with a slow, lingering kiss. One that left him aching for more, lips slightly puckered when yours left their touch. “I’m with you for a reason, bun” you cooed. “I mean, I am your girlfriend after all, am I not?”
He smiled blissfully, still feeling a wave of heat run up his body whenever that word was mentioned in reference to you, as he was not quite used to it yet. “Don’t go forgetting I’m your boyfriend then”.
Just as a light laugh escaped your mouth at his mocking remark, he entangled his fingers in the hair at the back of your head to pull you back into his lips, resting one of his hands on your lower back as you wrapped your arms around his neck the way he loved it, slightly opening your mouth to give him easier access to it.
And maybe it was the loose fabric of the oversized hoodie of his you had kept and were wearing that day, that made it so easy for his hands reach for your naked body underneath, or maybe it was just the way he had been craving you for so long, what made him dig his hands inside of it without a second thought — fingertips hesitantly tracing your skin and thumbs drawing circles on your waist for a couple of seconds before they trailed all the way up to the hem of your bra, where they stopped in their tracks and travelled to your back instead, as he didn’t want to overstep any more boundaries than he already thought he had.
Earning a small protesting whine from him when your mouth let go of his, you surprised him by digging your own hands under your hoodie and grabbing his wrists, causing a shaky break to abandon his mouth when you placed his hands on your breasts, just like that, giving him the last little push he needed to do what he was dying to.
“You can touch me all you want” you managed to say a little out of breath, not having time to feel shy at your own words under his piercing stare before his mouth was once more smashing on yours.
Enjoying the spoken consent you had just given him, he wasted no time in cupping your breasts, smiling in between your kisses at the way they felt so perfect in his hands — imagining how much softer they would feel without the lacy fabric in the way.
Letting go of one of them, he placed his hand on your bare back to pull you closer against his chest, giving the one still in his hold a firm squeeze that had you moaning against his lips.
And right then, he felt something he had not quite felt before. It was the way he felt his blood boil and the way he wanted more. He wanted to hear more of that melodic sound. He wanted more of you.
Only, the next second, it was you the one making a raspy moan come out of his mouth, when you grinded against his lap, providing him the friction he didn’t know he needed so bad.
Removing one of his hands from underneath your hoodie, he cupped one of your cheeks to keep you steady as he sucked your bottom lip into his mouth, tongue tracing its outline so you would open up. Doing as he wanted, you felt his tongue pleasantly massage yours, deciding right then you also wanted to feel his bare skin against your fingertips, not letting any other second go by before your hands were already making their way inside his black sweatshirt, feeling goosebumps form on his skin as your faint touch inevitably tickled his abdomen.
Letting go of his mouth, you planted a kiss to his jaw before making your way down to his neck, getting a gasp out of his mouth when you started sucking at the sensitive skin.
With the intention of keeping you still on his lap as your hungry lips worked on his neck, he placed both of his hands on your hips — momentarily forgetting about his own strength and ending up pulling you down roughly enough for you to unintentionally rub once more against his already hardening member.
“Fuck” he rasped, feeling you smile agains his neck before you rolled your hips one more time just to get another moan out of him.
Not letting go of your hips, if anything grabbing them tighter, he turned both of you around so he could be in control now. With your head hitting the soft pillow, and still taken aback by his sudden actions, you allowed his needy lips to attack yours once more for a while before they peppered small kisses all their way down to your neck.
“Jeongguk” you moaned when he thrusted his hips against your center.
He smiled, loving the tone his name had just came out with from your pretty lips. Wanting more of it, he did it again, going back to your mouth right in time to muffle the moan that had just escaped your mouth, as you could not be anything other than grateful at the fact he had decided to wear a pair of dark joggers that particular day, allowing you to feel his stiff member with little to no restraints.
With one hand holding onto your hip and his other one making its way back inside your hoodie and up to your breasts, he cupped one of them — his thumb giving attention to your nipple by making circular motions over the thin fabric of your bra and having you bite your bottom lip to hold back a moan.
Losing yourself into his pleasant touch, you rested your hands over his back, wrapping your legs tight around his waist, pulling his hips once more into your center. A satisfied smile curved up your lips at the way he had to let go of your mouth and buried his face in the crook of your neck to muffle the quite loud moan that had just escaped his lips — thrusting into you one more time just as you rolled your hips up to meet him there.
Breathing heavily at the ongoing friction, you let your hands travel down to the waistband of his joggers so you could pull them down and feel him up.
And although for just a second, you felt his lips abandon the spot they had been teasing on your neck — an almost inaudible gasp escaping his mouth as his body tensed up.
That was all you needed to stop.
“What happened?” you worried.
“Nothing” he was quick to try and brush it off, going back to pepper wet kisses to your neck.
“No, Guk” you lightly pushed him off you, cupping his face in your hands so he had no choice but to look at you. “If you don’t want t—”
“I want to” he stated before you could even finish your sentence.
Fuck, he wanted to.
Jeongguk sighed in defeat, managing to break free from your hold and letting his forehead fall to your shoulder. “It’s embarrassing…”
Your eyebrows furrowed, not understanding where he was trying to go with this at all. “You can trust me”.
He took in a deep breath. He knew he could trust you. He knew you would never make fun of him for such a thing. However, to him, his lack of experience, especially since you did have some of it, could only be something he felt insecure about.
“Bun…” you tried to reassure him, wrapping your arms around him and planting kiss after kiss to the side of his head.
“I’ve never…” his voice came out muffled as he spoke against your shoulder, making it harder for you to hear.
“I’ve never had...” he spoke louder this time. “You know…”
He found delusional how hard it was for him to admit it. He had never really minded, to be honest. Whenever his friends teased him because of it he would just brush it off. It wasn’t that he was not interested in having sex, he was a young man with many needs after all. And it wasn’t that he didn’t feel ready either —or well, that until that evening, because it was fair to say he was freaking out now that it was you the one he was about to be with—. It was just that no one had ever caught his attention the way you had. There was never someone he felt the need to have this kind of intimacy with, until you.
That’s why, unlike with his friends, he did mind when it came to you. It was hard for him to admit it to you because, although he knew you’d understand, you could always be disappointed at his lack of experience, and it was precisely not being good enough for you what worried him the most, what had made him hesitate before.
“You’ve never… had sex?” you softly finished for him.
He nodded shamefully, and for a good couple of seconds you couldn’t believe him. Yes, he had told you once he had never been on a date, but dates are different than sex. For starters, you didn’t need to really talk during sex, which was what you knew troubled him the most about dates and just meeting people in general. Besides, with a guy as handsome as Jeongguk, you had been positive he must’ve been with someone at least once.
However, opposite to the disappointed reaction he thought you would have, he found himself relaxing under your touch when you pressed a kiss to his head.
“Gotta say I can’t believe and am kinda disappointed that no one ever tried to jump your bones before” your bold words had him laughing in a second, pinching one of your sides to call you out on them. “Seriously, bun. I mean, look at you!”
“Shut up” he mumbled, feeling his cheeks burn in embarrassment.
You chuckled, gently shoving his face with your shoulder to let him know you wanted him to look at you, making him feel at ease just by seeing the smile on your lips once he did as told. “It’s okay”.
“It is?” his voice came out uncertain.
You nodded, cupping his face. “Of course it is. I’ll wait for as long as you want me to”.
“But I want to” he pointed out embarrassingly fast, earning a light laugh from you.
“Then I’ll just wait until the moment’s right and you feel like going through with it without hesitating” you kissed his pink lips briefly — as if on cue, your heads snapping to the next room after hearing Namjoon drop something and cursing at it. “And until we’re alone and won’t risk being heard by our roommates, maybe”.
Jeongguk laughed at your last addition, leaning in to peck your lips three times. “I like the sound of that” he smiled, only for it to be erased when his eyes instinctively went down to the problem he had just been left with inside his pants. “I should probably, um…”
Your eyes followed his as they glanced down to his still hardened length. You had been too caught up on kissing him before to pay attention to it. But now, watching the outline of his erection poking through his sweatpants, you found yourself wanting more of him all over again.
“I can help you with that if you want” you couldn’t stop the words from coming out of your mouth, having his attentive eyes lock with yours in a second. “We don’t need to have sex for that”.
Jeongguk licked his lips, deep in thought over something he already knew the answer to. “Don’t feel like you have to...”
“I want to” you stated.
Simple as that, he found himself nodding — your determined eyes being the last push he needed to let go of the shyness he had suddenly been filled with and just give in to what he wanted, to what he needed.
With a smile curving up your lips, you gently stole a kiss from his mouth, sweetly pecking it a couple of times before you finally sucked on his bottom lip — a muffled moan coming out of his mouth when you gave it a teasing bite right as your hand palmed him over his pants.
“You have to be quiet” you reminded him with a light laugh. And for a second there you were kinda glad it wasn’t you the one on the receiving side, for you weren’t sure you’d be able to keep it down either at all.
Not being able to say anything in reply, he just nodded — a pretty eager nod that seemed more like one to move on from the topic already than one of agreement. Nevertheless, you had no intentions of stopping, (un)luckily for him.
Pressing another kiss to his swollen lips, you fidgeted with the waistband of his joggers just like you had intended to before. This time, he didn’t tense up, and you took that as your green light before you dug your hand in them.
“M—Fuck” he mewled when you took a hold of his cock, burying his face in the crook of your neck as you guided it out of his clothes.
Letting go of it for a second, you helped him on his back so you could sit up into a more comfortable position before wrapping your hand around it again, and right then you could’ve sworn you would never get tired of the pretty sounds that escaped his lips every time you touched him.
Gently, as you were just then discovering what it was he enjoyed the most, you started giving him a few pumps, trying to find the right pace for him and his needs.
“Baby, fuck” he breathed out, leaning his head deeper againt the pillow as he looked for some kind of support.
And it was the way he faintly thrusted his hips up into your hand, what let you know he was craving more. Not having to think twice, you sped up the pace of the way your hand moved up and down his length, tightening your hold on it just a little bit more.
“Mm… Just like that,” he let you know softly, as if suddenly remembering about the whole being-quiet-thing. “Just like that”.
“Feels good?” you wondered, enjoying the view of his furrowed eyebrows and closed eyes as he gave in to your touch.
“So good” he agreed.
Licking your lips, you stared down at his hard cock in your hand, giving it one last pump before your thumb slowly spread his precum over its tip.
“You alright with just my hand?” you asked and he was nodding before you could finish the question, which made you wonder if he had even heard it at all or was immersed enough in his own pleasure to agree to anything. “Or would you enjoy my mouth being wrapped around you better?”
His eyes opened as soon as the word ‘mouth’ was on the table, studying your face for a couple of seconds to make sure you were not playing with him in his vulnerable state. At the sight of your lustful eyes on him, however, he knew you were indeed very serious. And he’d be damned if he ever turned down such an offer.
“I want your mouth” although determined, his voice came out shakily.
Nevertheless, you were willing to comply with his wishes.
Jeongguk was on the edge of losing it when he saw you smile and make your hair out of the way right before you leaned down, removing your thumb from the tip of his cock so you could replace it with your tongue instead — a hiss escaping his mouth when you licked the traces of the precum you had just spreaded over it.
Giving him two small pumps, you allowed yourself to take him in your mouth; far from being able to take his entire length, yet enough for his body to tremble out of utter pleasure.
“Y/N…” he whimpered, fingers entangling in your hair as he desperately tried to control the overwhelming pleasure your wet mouth and tight lips wrapped around his cock were giving him.
Not once had he ever felt this good before, both your hand and mouth taking him places his hand alone could’ve never taken him to. And he was afraid he would come in your mouth anytime by then.
Pulling it out of your mouth, you threw him a small glance before you carried on — your tongue tracing all the way from the base to the tip, hearing him moan when you took him in your mouth a second time.
“Fuck, baby, you—ah,” he moaned when you swirled your tongue over his tip. “You feel so good”.
Enjoying way too much being the reason behind how good he was feeling, you decided to do him a favour and push him closer to his release for once and for all.
Slightly tightening your hold on him, you started once again moving your hand up and down his length, switching between the ministrations both your hand and mouth were applying on it, and knowing you were driving him over the edge when his hold on your hair tightened and his body trembled ever so slightly.
“Y/N…” he panted. “F-Fuck, I’m—”
His words were cut off by the heavy breath he had to take when you gave him one last particular pump, trying his best to hold on. Noticing that, you gave one of his thighs a squeeze to let him know it was okay for him to let go. And he was so desperate to reach his high right then, that your small gesture alone was all he needed to do so.
Closing his eyes, he found himself having to cover his mouth with his arm not to be too loud when his orgasm hit, feeling his warm release spreading into your mouth. Moving his hand up to cover his eyes as he came down from his high, letting himself get lost in the aftershocks of it, he missed the way you tasted his release in your mouth.
Cleaning the small stains of it left on the tip of his member, you adjusted it back inside his pants and went to lie down next to him, smiling adoringly at the way his chest moved up and down as he tried to catch his breath and tenderly removing his arm from his face, having his eyes find yours in a second.
“Was that okay?” you asked, softly removing a few strands of hair that had gotten stuck to his slightly sweaty forehead.
Jeongguk smiled incredulously, gently running his fingers through your hair to try and fix the mess he had made on it. “You even have to ask?”
And somehow that was all you needed to hear for the heat to reach your face, suddenly feeling shy at what you had just done.
Catching up on that, he pulled you into his arms, pressing a couple of kisses to your cheek before moving them to your mouth, where they remained for a little longer.
“You’re amazing” he said truthfully — the way he had said it, letting you know he did not just mean it when it came to sucking him off.
You smiled wholeheartedly. “Yah, don’t” your eyes focused somewhere else, feeling your face burn.
Jeongguk smiled sweetly, managing to draw your attention back to him by ever so tenderly caressing your cheek. Fuck, he loved you. And right then, with your eyes looking at him in a way he thought they had never when you were just friends, although unspoken, delusional even, he really felt like maybe you felt the same, too.
Tilting your face up just enough, he connected his lips with yours for what felt like the hundredth time that evening. “I’ll be good to you, too”.
You chuckled, loving the idea of it and kissing him briefly to let him know you did. You knew he would.
“When we’re alone, though. I won’t have Joon hear from me what he probably just heard from you”.
Jeongguk laughed, deciding to say nothing and instead pull you tightly into his chest and rest his chin on your head. And although he knew he might never hear the end of it from his friends, for once, he did not care what the rest had to either think or say.
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kimnjss · 4 months ago
kinda hot | kth sm au
Tumblr media
banner by @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda... hot?
Tumblr media
pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: jikook, (semi-established) namjin
genre: best friends to lovers. college au. smut, fluff and the tiniest dash of angst.
warnings/disclaimesr: yn is that girl best friend... and taehyung is not the best boyfriend, hobi’s lowkey a fboi... but there’s always room for growth!
*there are a ton of group chats, try and keep up!:
😈: yn. jimin. yoongi. joon.
💉🤌🏼: jimin. taehyung. jungkook. yn.
🎮: jin. hoseok. jungkook. taehyung.
⛈️: yoongi. taehyung. joon.
🦀: jungkook. hoseok. yn. joon.
🍰: everyone but taehyung.
status: completed!!
updates: everyday. (please don’t ask!!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue: slumber party
character profiles: yns mains
character profiles: taehyungs mains
part one: mortal enemy
part two: skip class
part three: girlfriend tiny
part four: wild-monkey sex
part five: bad boyfriend
part six: barely friends
bonus: new outfit
part seven: lovey dovey
part eight: half naked
part nine: zero complaints
part ten: weirdly defensive
part eleven: uncharted territory (written)
part twelve: no big deal (written)
part thirteen: fucking predictable
part fourteen: clean break
bonus: kinda nervous
part fifteen: relationship drama
part sixteen: huge difference
part seventeen: boyfriend material (written)
part eighteen: biggest crush
part nineteen: heavy petting-zoo
part twenty: crazy selfish
part twenty-one: valentines bae
part twenty-two: gets worse (written)
part twenty-three: whatever it takes
time jump: no talking
time jump: spring break
part twenty-four: missed me (written)
part twenty-five: say yes (written)
part twenty-six: the dream (wrtten)
part twenty-seven: deleting numbers
part twenty-eight: extremely sexy
bonus: “feels good, tiny?”
epilogue: first date
epilogue: hot boy
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firebettercallnct · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing; jungkook x reader
sum; the morning after a hook-up yn can't find her clothes. having no other choice she decides to steal one of jungkook's shirts, thinking she would never see him again. little does she know, jungkook had just transferred to her school for his last year.
Tumblr media
genre; crack, fluff, slight angst, fake dating!au, f2l, highschool!au (they're both 18)
warnings; slight homophobic behavior, slight mention of abuse, tiny violence, mentions of bullying* (they're really slight like in only 1 or 2 parts)
side pairings; namjin, yoonseok
Tumblr media
profile introductions
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five
part six
part seven
part eight
part nine
part ten
part eleven
part twelve
part thirteen
part fourteen
part fifteen
part sixteen
part seventeen
part eighteen
part nineteen
part twenty
part twenty one
part twenty two
part twenty three
part twenty four
part twenty five
part twenty six
part twenty seven
part twenty eight
part twenty nine
part thirty
part thirty one
Tumblr media
*bullying is never okay unless you're bullying a pigeon !
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hvllevator · a year ago
Tumblr media
Please don’t copy or repost my works anywhere. I worked hard to make these and that will be highly unfair.
Please be patient when making requests. Understand that I don’t always have time to create stories.
guide : (♡ — fluff) (✿ — angst) (☾ — smut)
(♕ — fave) (∞ — one shots) (✎ — drabbles)
overhear ♡ ✿ ♕ ∞
care to share ♡ ∞
[11:21pm] ♡ ✎
infidelity ✿ ✎
skinny love ♡ ∞
the calm before the storm ✿ ∞
[8:57pm] ♡ ✎
overwork ♡ ✿ ♕ ∞
soft ♡ ✎
petty fights ♡ ✎
home ; poly!au ♡ ∞
off limits ♡ ✿ ♕ ∞
forgotten ♡ ✿ ∞
[11:30pm] ♡ ✎
lies ✿ ♕ ∞
break ♡ ✿ ♕ ∞
[12:58am] ♡ ✎
thunder ♡ ✎
true colors ✿ ♕ ∞
home ; poly!au ♡ ♕ ∞
realizations ♡ ∞
late night ♡ ∞
here for you ♡ ✿ ∞
[1:21am] ♡ ✎
secrets ♡ ✎
[12:00am] ♡ ✎
help me ♡ ✎
eavesdrop ✿ ♕ ∞
sock thief ♡ ✎
jealousy ♡ ✿ ∞
lipstick stains ♡ ☾ ✎
[1:00am] ♡ ✎
safe ; mafia!au [one, two, three, four] ♡ ✿ ☾ ♕ PAUSED
hyung line needs your attention [one, two] ♡
jealous jimin ♡
soft boyfriend jungkook ♡
jealous of taehyung’s dog ♡
namjoon forgets yet another date [one, two, three, four, alternative ending] ✿
valentines day with jimin ♡
daily texts with yoongi ♡
hoseok cheats on you ✿
daily texts with taehyung ♡
jealous jungkook ♡
namjoon takes care of you when youre drunk ♡
jealous yoongi ♡
cherry bomb masterlist
bts reaction: they see you feel out of place with your friends ♡
bts (hyung line) reaction: comforting them ♡
bts (maknae line) reaction: comforting them ♡
bts reaction: calling them oppa ♡
bts reaction: their s/o is jealous ♡ ♕
bts reaction: cock warming ☾ ♕
bts reaction: spanking ☾
bts reaction: thigh riding ☾ ♕
bts reaction: s/o begging during sex ☾
bts reaction: they see you with another guy ♡
bts reaction: s/o is pregnant ♡
bts reaction: s/o has a child ♡
bts reaction: s/o begging to be choked ☾ ♕
bts reaction: their s/o walks in on them naked ♡
bts reaction: teaching you to use chopsticks‬ ♡
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v-hope · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—Tiger Flower
not many people knew the shy guy who used to do everything alone in high school was the one to secretly leave flowers in your seat every week. you most certainly didn’t know the introvert guy you were just befriending in third year of college was the reason flowers meant so much to you now. and jeongguk? he most definitely didn’t know he would once again be silently aching for you to please love him.
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader, kim taehyung x reader
genre: fluff, humor, drama, college!au, social media au, slow burn
status: completed
schedule: saturdays and wednesdays at 5-6pm est, ideally. i might post only one of those days sometimes or i might even post some other day (i’d let you guys know beforehand!). uni’s a roller coaster but i’ll try my best to stick to it~
🖋: drabble after the texts
a/n: yes the whole jeongguk x tiger flower really had an impact on me, don’t judge. also i didn’t know if i should put angst or drama on the genre but i think drama fits it better? idk don’t mind me, you’ll get it. i don’t really have much to say other than i hope you enjoy it 💕 i’ll post the introductions soon!
Tumblr media
🌺 part one - introductions
🌺 part two - partnerless
🌺 part three - over her
🌺 part four - let’s be together
🌺 part five - don’t choke
🌺 part six - confused and shy
🌺 part seven 🖋 - denial
🌺 part eight - friends
🌺 part nine 🖋 - designated partner
🌺 part ten - do it for her
🌺 part eleven - coke to pepsi
🌺 part twelve - friendzoned
🌺 part thirteen - yoongied
🌺 part fourteen - cute
🌺 part fifteen - bodyguard
↳ bonus 🖋 - walking home
🌺 part sixteen - feelings
🌺 part seventeen - the whole circus
↳ bonus 🖋 - coffee shop
🌺 part eighteen - off the flowers list
🌺 part nineteen - bunny for a bunny
🌺 part twenty - b a l a n c e
🌺 part twenty one - how close?
↳ bonus 🖋 - comfort
↳ bonus - got it hard
🌺 part twenty two - her beaver
🌺 part twenty three - not yours
↳ bonus - last cupcake in the world
🌺 part twenty four - handsome mf
↳ bonus 🖋 - together
🌺 part twenty five - i’m baby
🌺 part twenty six - bit of a b*tch
↳ bonus 🖋 - stay the night
🌺 part twenty seven - repeat itself
🌺 part twenty eight - blocked
↳ bonus 🖋 - with you (m)
↳ bonus - the good succ
🌺 part twenty nine - no emojis
🌺 part thirty - flowers
🌺 part thirty one - protection squad
↳ bonus - three years
🌺 part thirty two - flower thief
🌺 part thirty three 🖋 - tiger lily (m)
🌺 part thirty four - call out
🌺 part thirty five - homewrecker
↳ bonus 🖋 - new camera
🌺 part thirty six - first date
🌺 part thirty seven - moral of the story
🌺 part thirty eight - taking the lead
🌺 part thirty nine - power move
🌺 epilogue - 2 years
Tumblr media
more bonus parts bc yes:
🌺 bonus one 🖋 - bun in a bun
🌺 bonus two - q&a
🌺 bonus three 🖋 - new shampoo
🌺 bonus four - v card loss
🌺 bonus five 🖋 - jealousy
🌺 bonus six 🖋 - short hair
🌺 bonus seven 🖋 - good lovers
🌺 bonus eight 🖋 - video games
Tumblr media
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kimnjss · 2 months ago
cyberslut | myg sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he has no idea who you are... up front, you’re sweet and innocent - but in reality you’re the exact opposite. running your own nsfw account, where your favorite topic is his hands.
[ cyberslut: a person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained. ]
Tumblr media
pairing: jock(fuckboi)!yoongi x nerdy(virgin)!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (platonic...) vmin.
genre: smut!! college au, secret identity, tutoring au, slight themes of infidelity...
warnings: yoongi and his friends are dicks :/ - yn is way too horny all of the time... there’s a lot of sexting... no full nudity.
*BYR: yn knows yoongi is the guy she’s posting abt... yoongi does not know abt yns acct (until he finds out). yoongi nd yn have never talked before the start of this fic.
status: completed!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
bonus drabbles...
prologue: homeroom hottie
character profiles: yn, her alter ego, nd besties
character profiles: yoongi nd the boyz
part one: invasion of privacy
part two: private sessions
part three: pretty prints
part four: went viral
part five: malleable substances
part six: fellow fish nerd
part seven: long night
bonus: fuck me
part eight: fucking prude
part nine: under the bleachers
part ten: buzzer beater
part eleven: mentally fucking
part twelve: deductive reasoning
bonus: turn the page
part thirteen: teachers pet
part fourteen: surprise me
part fifteen: emotion sex
part sixteen: sexy mermaid
part seventeen: not finished
time jump: untapped ass
part eighteen: give a fuck
part nineteen: not dating
part twenty: away game
part twenty-one: at your pace
bonus: nervous and excited
part twenty-two: petal
part twenty-three: too messy
part twenty-four: drunk yoongi
part twenty-five: being stupid
part twenty-six: superior couple
part twenty-seven: iconic parties
part twenty-eight: twenty minutes
part twenty-nine: risk it
part thirty: reformed fuckboy
part thirty-one: nice change
part thirty-two: public event
part thirty-three: bars and clubs 
epilogue: on purpose
epilogue: fucking nerd
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bloomsuga · a year ago
Tumblr media
╰ the one where you have dreams about your past lives and you can’t seem to figure out why the guy you just met seems to be in all of them
Tumblr media
pairing: time traveler!hoseok x writer!reader
genre: smau, crack, fluff, smut, slight angst
series: hobiverse masterlist (reading the other stories is important to understanding this one!! recommend reading at least roses and breathe)
status: completed
playlist: listen here
a/n: ahh it’s finally here y’all!! the last story in the hobiverse series!! i’ve been waiting so long to write this story and i hope you guys will enjoy what i have planned!! buckle up, y’all 🤠🤙💓
Tumblr media
👁 part one - profiles
👁 part two - human petting zoo
👁 part three - peppa pig’s sister
👁 part four - emotional support demon
👁 part five - the beef king
👁 part six - kidney tickling
👁 part seven - charles e. cheese
👁 part eight - rare chicken
👁 part nine - lobster harem
👁 part ten - RAWR XD
👁 part eleven - planty mcplantface
👁 part twelve - crafting
👁 part thirteen - [redacted]
👁 part fourteen - brown cows
👁 part fifteen - lady stuff
👁 part sixteen - born-again virgins
👁 part seventeen - cyrano de bergerac
👁 part eighteen - little a salami
👁 part nineteen - humpback whales
👁 part twenty - second chances
👁 part twenty-one - dates
👁 part twenty-two - couples
👁 part twenty-three - written in the stars (m)
👁 part twenty-four - relations
👁 part twenty five - epilogue
Tumblr media
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firebettercallnct · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing; jungkook x reader
sum; winning a bet is fun. especially when you get to keep your best friend's phone for a week. jungkook thought it'd be fun too. that was until he stumbled upon texts he wasn't supposed to see.
Tumblr media
genre; crack, maybe slight angst, best friends!au, f2l
tags; mini smau, their friendship is weird, virginity talk, jealousy
side pairings; namseok, yoonjin
warnings; foul language, mentions of virginity loss, suggestive content ?
Tumblr media
part one: bet
part two: no rules
part three: prepare
part four: first target
part five: more target one texts
part six: target two is boring
part seven: third target broke him
part eight: giving it back
part nine: no secrets
part ten: avoiding
part eleven: ignoring problems
part twelve: plan
part thirteen: giant baby
part fourteen: no one
part fifteen: can i watch
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v-hope · 9 months ago
Tiger Lily
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, slight angst, smut, established relationship, College!AU
Word Count: 11.3k
Summary: After finding out your boyfriend was the one to secretly leave flowers in your seat every week back in high school, you have many questions he’s willing to answer. And after finding out the reason the two of you had not gotten together back then was because of your ex best friend, the two of you decided that, first, you were never letting anyone else get in between you, and, second, you were making the most out of your time together from now on.
—Alternarively, the one in which you and your boyfriend finally get your place all to your own and he decides he’s not letting his nonexistent sexual experience stop him from having his way with you anymore.
Warnings: Virgin!JK (a.k.a. male virginity loss), fingering, cunnilingus, handjob (kinda), penetrative sex, protected sex, very slight (male) overstimulation, shy and confident guk keep switching places (when do they not), just very lovey dovey, very intimate.
A/N: Helloo, this is part 33 of my Social Media AU Tiger Flower, but you can still read it if you don’t follow the story. I’m actually shocked by how long this turned out to be but wbk I’m soft as hell for this couple 🥺 so please give it lots of love because I put a lot of effort in this ksñaks. I hope you guys enjoy! Oh, and also, I’m bolding the first and last sentence of the smut part, so if you don’t wanna read it just skip what’s in between the bolded words lol.
Tumblr media
“I’ll get it” Yoongi announced when someone called on the door, leaving you and Jimin alone on the sofa as he rushed up to get it.
As soon as he opened it and Jeongguk stepped inside your shared place, bowing politely to your friends before his stare fell on you, you felt your heart race. Saying nothing, you gave him a closed mouth smile, having him do the same at the sight of yours. Although it hadn’t been longer than a week, it had been the longest you had gone without seeing each other ever since you became friends, and, even though you weren’t really showing it right then —as for some reason you were nervous as hell to see each other again—, it was unbelievable how happy you were at the mere sight of one another.
“We were just leaving” Yoongi informed, catching up on what was going on. After all, you had told both him and Jimin that your boyfriend would be coming over to talk things out.
“We were?” Jimin asked with furrowed eyebrows. “I just got home”.
“Let’s give them some privacy” he tilted his head towards the opened door so Jimin would tag along.
“I can go to my room for that”.
“Yah! We all know your nosy ass will eavesdrop everything that way” Yoongi called him out, and you didn’t miss the way Jeongguk had to lower his head not to show his amused smile, being already used to your roommates’ endless bickering antics by now. “Come on, let’s go see Jin hyung at his pub”.
Simple as that, Jimin left your side in a heartbeat to go to the door. “Well, I won’t say no to drinking” he admitted, stopping right in front of Jeongguk and pointing an accusing finger at him. “Take care of my baby”.
“My baby” Guk corrected him, mumbling his words low enough for you not to hear.
Although, unlike you, Jimin did hear —for that had been your boyfriend’s intention—, he said nothing, instead glaring at him the way he always did whenever that discussion over you took place at least twice a week, and walking out of the apartment for once and for all. Yoongi, on the other hand, gave the two of you a small thumbs up before following behind his friend.
And just like that, with the sound of the door closing, silence was quick to take over the room.
This was probably the first time ever since you met that neither of you knew what to say. Fuck, this was probably the first time in your life you didn’t know how to start a conversation. And it wasn’t like you could go over there and kiss him like you were dying to, could you? You had not completely made up yet. That’s what he was here for after all. To talk, not to make out. Although you weren’t really against that idea, and he most definitely was not either — the way his eyes fixed on your lips even all the way over from the door was enough to tell you so.
It had been a good couple of days since you had last seen each other after all.
“You, uh…” your voice came out quite unsteady as you stood up, fixing the plain t-shirt and cotton pyjama pants you were wearing. “Are you hungry?” you asked, walking towards the kitchen and having him quietly follow right behind as you entered it. “Wanna eat something? Drink something?”
He shook his head no when you turned around to look at him, resting your hands on the counter as you leaned against it. “Just wanna clear up your questions”.
You nodded, for that was what he was here for after all, to clear everything up so the two of you could go back to normal. So you could go back to being the happy couple you both loved so much.
“So what are they?” he pushed it when you stood there with no signs of wanting to speak any time soon.
“I just…” you shrugged, making yourself comfortable by sitting at the edge of the counter. “Why didn’t you tell me before that you were the one sending me flowers back then?”
He pouted in confusion as he came closer to you. “When?”
“When we were friends…”
“It would’ve been out of place back then, petal” he explained. “We were just friends and you were into someone else. It would’ve been awkward for us and I really didn’t wanna lose you as my friend” his voice couldn’t help but come out rather bitterly at that, remembering all the thoughts that had invaded his mind when he first saw his chance to let you know it had been him all along, all the thoughts that kept him back from telling you.
“And when we started dating?” you tilted your head. “You had so many chances to tell me, Guk…”
“When we started dating I just didn’t think it mattered anymore” he confessed, unconsciously resting his hands on your knees. “I had you, I really didn’t care about it anymore”.
“You could’ve still told me…”
“And how was I supposed to bring it up? It’s not something I can just say out of nowhere” he pointed out, having you nodding understandingly. “And what was I supposed to say anyway? Hey there, I’m your flower boy?”
A light laugh escaped his mouth when you playfully shoved him away at his words, mocking what you had once told him was the confession you had been expecting from your secret admirer. Holding your hands, he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter, and hence, closer to him. Taking advantage of that, you intertwined your fingers, enjoying the familiar warmth of his hands as you admired the way he softly swayed them together.
“This is so surreal” you sighed.
“In a good or a bad way?”
You shook your head, not being able to give him a proper answer. “I just… I always wanted it to be you so bad, and for a good while I was sure it was you, but it made sense that you were into Sooyeon instead”.
Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows, the mere thought of ever feeling something for her making him want to gawk. “How could that have ever made sense?”
“She was more like you” you pointed out, rushing to make your point before he could snap at you for comparing the two of them. “Like, yes, she was popular and had lots of friends, but she was the most quiet out of all of us. Believe it or not, she was really shy back then, an—”
“And why would I have wanted more of the same?”
“Huh?” you were taken aback by his question.
“You’re saying she was like me, then I don’t understand why would I have wanted to be with her” he said as if it was obvious.  “If I barely ever speak and so did she… I mean, how would that have even worked out?”
You shrugged, not being able to help the small smile that had started curving up your lips. “Is that why you fall for loud asses like me? So someone else will make up for your lack of talking?”
He chuckled at the teasing tone in your voice, allowing his hands to travel up to your thighs and tenderly drawing circles on them with his thumbs. “Not really” your eyebrows knitted together at his words. “There were a lot of loud girls who would not shut up to save their lives in our class and I didn’t really like them. If anything, they annoyed the hell out of me”.
“Why’d you even want to be with me then?” you wondered, being genuinely curious as to what about your loud, chatty antics, made you different to the rest of your loud classmates.
“You really don’t know why I’ve always liked you?”
You shook your head no. “Why is it?”
Taking in a deep breath, he took a step back so he could collect his thoughts before answering your question. “I don’t think you even remember when I just transferred to our high school in the second year, let alone my first day there. Mrs. Kang made me sit on the empty table next to yours and then proceeded to pass around a surprise test, and me being me, of course I forgot my pencil case at home that day,” he huffed, causing you to chuckle under your breath. “So I just sat there internally freaking out because I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone for a pen, like I couldn’t move and my voice literally wouldn’t come out no matter how hard I tried” a breathy laugh abandoned his lips. “And I was accepting the idea of turning in a blank paper when suddenly a pen was placed on my table. So my eyes followed your hand back to your table and there you were with your eyes stuck to the test, solving the math problems like you had not just saved me from failing on my very first day as the new kid,” you laughed at his dramatism, however, you managed to remember about that moment. “And then as soon as the class ended you were surrounded by people and you were all talking nonstop and I didn’t know how to give you your pen back, so I tried to slide it into your table but you caught me and told me I could keep it, that it was a ‘welcome present’, and then you smiled at me and honestly that was it for me, Y/N”.
“It was?” you wondered in awe, eyes shining when he nodded.
“I didn’t like loud and popular people up until then, which is kinda weird considering Tae’s my best friend” a throaty laugh escaped your lips at his remark. “But although you were those things, you always got me. You just… understood, in a way. Like, you didn’t pressure me to talk or made me feel bad for not doing so, like the rest of the popular kids did. If anything, you would try to make me feel like I wasn’t all on my own whilst leaving me alone like I wanted” he tilted his head, wondering if what he just said had made any sense, knowing you understood his point when you smiled ever so sweetly. “Like when you added me to your group project one time and let me send my part instead of having to go hang out with you and your friends for an entire afternoon, or when you would invite me to your birthdays along with the rest of the class and then proceeded to tell me not to feel pressured to go if I didn’t feel like it. And even now, ever since the beginning you made me feel good about not really being into partying and barely ever talking”.
“You’ve been more talkative with me lately, though” you pointed out as you mindlessly played with the hair at the back of his head. “Although this is the most I’ve ever heard you talk”.
He chuckled, playfully pinching your thighs. “Don’t get used to it”.
“I won’t, I won’t” you chuckled, planting a chaste kiss to his chest. “Anyway, you said I get you but I didn’t let you do your part of the project on your own this year, though” you reminded him with a feigned pout that he couldn’t help but find the cutest. “And I force you to spend time with me pretty much everyday now. Will you forgive me?”
Jeongguk let out a throaty laugh, leaning in just enough for his lips to press to your cheek. “I got to date you now thanks to that, so you’re forgiven” he planted another kiss to the curved up corner of your smiling mouth. “And funny how you think you’re forcing me when half the time it’s me asking to hang out”.
You giggled. “We love a 50/50 relationship”.
Tilting your head ever so slightly to take a better look at him after hearing him chuckle, you were greatly surprised by his lips pressing down on yours.
Although you had jokingly said that last sentence, it was not far from the truth at all. It wasn’t just you chasing after him and wanting to be with him all the time, but him wanting the exact same all the same. So you could tell by the way he was kissing you right then. It was slow, painfully slow, yet the way his hands were firmly cupping your face to keep you from moving away as he deepened the kiss, could not fail to tell you just how much he had missed you, needed you, those past few days you were apart.
Pressing one small peck to his mouth, you tugged at the fabric of his sweatshirt to pull him closer to your body, later wrapping your arms tightly around his waist and resting your face on his chest — a content sigh escaping your mouth when his arms did the same with you and his lips kissed the crown of your head.
“It really never would’ve crossed my mind that you liked me way before the whole flowers thing...”
“Not even when that one summer we would keep running into each other at the park and you would catch me staring from time to time?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
The heat didn’t wait to reach your cheeks at that. You remembered that very well, for it was the summer you caught feelings for him as well, the one right before you entered your last year of high school. You would go out for walks on your own just for the sake of doing something other than staying in texting your friends all day long, and would run into him most of the time while he walked his dog, the one you now knew was named Gold.
Although you had talked in class more than once —or well, you had talked to him more than once—, you were not friends, and hence, neither of you got the guts to come close to one another to try and start small talk. However, that didn’t stop either of you from staring at each other when you were not looking. Sometimes you would catch each other staring, though, and you couldn’t stop an amused smile from curving up your lips when you remembered one particular time he had choked on air when you smiled at him after catching his eyes being fixed on you, just like he had choked earlier this year when you had asked him if you could sit next to him in class. It seemed to be a habit of his by now, at least when it came to you.
“I thought you were just judging me over the way I was always sniffing the flowers and taking pictures of them…” you admitted, for although a part of you did want to believe he was into you back then, you couldn’t really bring yourself to fully believe it.
He pulled you back by your shoulders so he could give you a questioning look. “Judging you with heart eyes?”
“Yah!” you called him out, feeling your cheeks burn.
Jeongguk laughed, shaking his head in amusement. “I really just couldn’t take my eyes away from you, you looked so hypnotized by them and it was the cutest to me”.
“Is that why you thought about secretly giving me flowers?” you couldn’t help but ask.
He nodded, lowering his head. “I know it would’ve been easier to just talk to you, but I really couldn’t bring myself to do it. Fuck, I even was a nervous wreck this year when you first talked to me,” a breathy laugh escaped his mouth. “So I just… thought I could do that for a while until I got the guts to confess. Although I guess a part of me really wanted you to find out, because whilst looking for different kinds flowers I came across tiger lilies and, apart from finding out they were my birth flower, their meaning just fit so well with what I wanted to do and I just—”
“What do they mean?” you asked.
“It’s cheesy” he let you know with pleading eyes, silently asking you not to make him say it out loud. “Like, really cheesy”.
“Come on,” you begged with pouty lips, getting a hold of his hands. “I’ll look it up on the internet either way if you don’t tell me”.
He shook his head in both amusement and embarrassment altogether, knowing well enough you would do just that if he did not comply right then. So, biting down on his bottom lip, he said: “Please, love me”.
Your eyebrows furrowed in clear confusion. “Huh?”
“They mean ‘please, love me’” he clarified at the sight of your puzzled face, and your heart skipped a beat as you froze in your place. “I told you it was cheesy”.
“No, no, it’s not that. I just… is that what…” you pressed your lips together as you tried to compose yourself. “Did you… do you mean that?” it was now his turn to look confused, tilting his head to the side because of it. “You want me to love you?”
And although to you it seemed like a complicated question to answer, to him, on the other hand, it wasn’t. So, nodding his head immediately, he let you know that was exactly what he wanted.
“Back then, even when we were teenagers and barely ever talked, and I knew nothing about love, I was convinced I was in love with you… even if I knew it was one sided. And now that I got to be your friend and then your boyfriend, I…” he took in a deep breath, staring down to your hands in his before his eyes went back to yours. “I know more than ever that I love you. I love you so much, Y/N. And I know loving someone takes time, and I don’t want to push you or rush you at all, but if you could just try and find it in you to love me back someday, I—”
The small chuckle that abandoned your lips caused his mouth to shut close in an instant, not understanding what was so funny about his words and for a split second there feeling uneasy. However, all his worries went away when you cupped his face in your hands, staring at his lips for a brief second before your eyes went up to fix on his.
“I already love you, you dummy”.
Not giving him time to process your truthful words, if anything, knowing it would take him a while to do so, you leaned in to steal a small kiss from his lips, pecking them ever so tenderly a couple of times until he smiled, finally understanding the meaning of your words and placing his hands on the back of your neck to keep you from pulling away as he sucked on your bottom lip.
“Say it again?” he pleaded in between kisses, not being able to erase the huge smile on his face.
You chuckled teasingly. “Nope”.
“Yah,” he let go fully of your mouth. “You’re always speaking nonstop and now that I for once ask you to say something, you won’t?”
“Exactly” you smiled brightly, giggling when he squinted his eyes at you and leaning in to peck his mouth a couple more times. “I love you, bun” you cooed, being done with your teasing way earlier than you had planned to.
And it was the way you loved him back, along with the way you had gone back to call him that pet name he was the softest about, what had him giving you one of those bunny smiles of his that made you come up with that name to begin with.
“You won’t say it back?” you wondered, batting your lashes for him to take a hint.
Nevertheless, he shook his head no. “I already said it twice, we’re even”.
“Yah!” you lightly shoved him off, only to have him standing right back in between your legs like he had been during your entire conversation. “Jeongguk-ah~”
“Yes, baby?” he played innocent.
“Tell me you love me” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.
Letting out a light laugh, he cupped your face and gave your mouth a chaste kiss. “I love you, petal”.
You smiled sweetly, allowing him to plant a few more kisses on your mouth before you pressed your lips to the spot under his jawline, resting your face on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you once more.
“You should’ve confessed back then” you lamented, looking up to his face yet only being met by the sight of his chin. “Why didn’t you?”
He sighed, resting his chin on the top of your head and tightening the hold of his arms around your waist.
There it was, the most important question out of them all. The one he had came here to talk about, yet he had completely forgotten about as he had gotten caught up on making up with you instead. And now that things were finally good between you two, he couldn’t help but fear bringing up said person and what she had done would make things worse all over again.
“I was going to” he let you know. “That was the plan all along”.
Your eyebrows knitted together, sitting up so you could fix your questioning eyes on his troubled expression. “Then why didn’t you?” you repeated your previous question.
He sighed heavily, causing your body to tense up, as you knew right then you wouldn’t like what he was about to tell you. “Sooyeon…”
“What?” you pushed it when he stopped right after mentioning her name. “What did she do?!”
He bit the inside of his cheek. Although he had found out about everything a few days ago and had gotten some time to come to terms with it, it still hurt just as much. All the lost time and what it could have been, all the possibilities that could’ve come with having been with you as a couple ever since your last year of high school, still made his blood boil.
“She found out I was your flower boy one morning and she told me I was wasting my time…”
“What?!” your loud tone was a mix of both worry and anger. “Jeongguk, what did she tell you?”
He shrugged, a weak smile curving up his lips. “Does it matter anymore?”
“Of course it does” you argued. “It does to me”.
Letting out another sigh, knowing well enough he could not avoid this anymore, as you deserved to know the whole story just like he did, he grabbed your hands and gently held them in his — partially wanting to let you know it was alright, partially wanting to feel like it was alright. “She said you had told her you hoped it wasn’t me because you would have to give me a chance out of pity,” the look in your eyes right then made his heart hurt. “Because I was not popular, and I barely ever talked, so you would always be bored around me yet would have to pretend like you were not…”
“Bun, I never said that. I neve—”
“I know” he cut you off before you could freak out completely. “Petal, I know that now”.
“No, but she lied!” you raised your voice for him to hear you out. “I’m never bored around you, you know that, right? And the few times we got to talk back then I was never bored either, I…”
“Baby, I know…” he soothed you, cupping your face and pressing his forehead on yours. “I know. It’s okay”.
“Guk, I had feelings for you back then” you confessed, feeling your voice break.
He took in a shaky breath. Somehow, hearing that coming from you had hurt more than finding out from someone else like he had a few days ago. “It’s okay”.
And it was. It really was. You were together now. Somehow, you had managed to find your way back to each other years later and didn’t have to know what your lives were like without each other. However, the fact that it was alright, it didn’t mean it did not hurt. Because it did hurt. Thinking you could’ve been together ever since three years ago. How you wouldn’t have dated that asshole who broke your heart, and how he wouldn’t have gone three years of his life believing he was not enough. All of that, was not something the two of you could easily let go of.
“So all this time... you really believed I had said that about you? Even when we were friends, when we became a couple…” your voice sounded more broken by the second. “You let me back into your life even when I had supposedly said all those things back then?”
“Call me delusional, but I still really wanted to be close to you” he sheepishly admitted. That’s how he knew he would always have a soft spot for you, no matter what. “And anyway, baby, in my mind that was the high school you. You didn’t seem like the person who said those things back then at all when I got to actually meet you” he reassured you, then bitterly adding: “Now I can see why”.
You breathed uneasily. “You’re too good to me…”
“Yah, Y/N” he called you out immediately. “I told you, we’re not doing this”.
“But I really don’t deserve y—”
Your words were cut off by his lips softly pressing down on yours. Just like you would always call him out whenever he thought less of himself, hating it when he did that, he, too, hated hearing you say stuff like that about yourself.
“It doesn’t matter anymore” he whispered against your lips.
“Yes, it does…” you pouted. “She lied to both of us and we believed her. We could’ve been together ever since...”
“I know…”
“Three years, Guk. We lost three fucking years” you reminded him. “What if I hadn’t asked you to be my partner in the project this year, I mean, I wouldn’t even have you in my life and all because of her”.
“I know” he couldn’t hide the bitterness in his words this time. Because he knew very well what you were feeling, for he had felt the exact same a few days ago. “But can we just… forget about it?”  
“No, I want to beat the shit out of her” your determined, poisonous tone, could do no other than earn a loud giggle from him.
“Do that later?” he pressed his lips to the crook of your neck. “She already took enough time away from us, let’s not let her get in between us anymore. We’re making up now, it’s just us two...”
It was now your turn to giggle, relaxing under his loving touch and nodding your head in agreement before you leaned in to briefly press your mouth to his jaw. “We’ll just have to catch up on all those lost years then”.
He laughed under his breath, cupping your face once more as he leaned in just enough for his lips to faintly brush yours. “I guess we’ll just have to do that”.
Enjoying the sound of that, you puckered your lips up right as his soft ones came in contact with them, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck so you could deepen the kiss. Humming contentedly when his tongue made its way inside your mouth, you felt his hands let go of your face and wander down your back, holding onto your hips to bring you even closer to the edge of the kitchen counter, at which you reacted by wrapping your legs around his hips to help him create the friction between your bodies he was asking for.
You found yourself letting go of his neck to dig your hands inside his sweatshirt instead, smiling coyly at the way you felt goosebumps form on his skin. You had discovered not long ago he was quite ticklish on his sides, and you absolutely loved faintly running your hands along them just to get that reaction out of him.
He breathed heavily when your fingertips made their way up his abs, letting his hands go down lower from their current spot on your back and placing them on your ass instead, giving it a light squeeze as he took advantage on said action to grind his hips against your center.
“Mm…” you let out quietly, finding out just then how much you had missed feeling him close like that.
“You think they’ll be home soon?” he asked, referring to your two chaotic friends, as he peppered a trail of kisses down to your neck.
“They must be just getting started on drinking” you let him know, a smile curving up your lips at the sensation of his wet ones sucking on your skin. “Why? You got something in mind?”
The chuckle that left his mouth tickled your skin, feeling one last kiss being placed on it before his lips were briefly back on yours. “Only if you’re up for it”.
Your lips parted in a bright smile, without another word, shoving him lightly out of the way so you could place your feet on the ground — gently taking his hand in yours and having his adoring eyes stuck to you as you guided him over to your room.
Once inside, and as you let go of his hold so you could turn around to lock the door just in case your friends decided to come home earlier than expected, his eyes fell on the multiple tiger lilies he had left on your seat over the last two days, along with the bouquet of flowers he had sent over to your place earlier that day, all of them carefully lying on your desk by one side of the bed. Smiling at the fact that you had kept them all —as he had been worried you would’ve thrown them away when he first sent them—, he turned around towards you right as you were done with the door, cupping your face immediately and bringing his lips to meet yours in a quite needy kiss.
Walking you backwards towards the bed as he refused to break the hot contact between your mouths, he helped you lie down on it as he crawled over your figure, parting your legs open with his knee so he could lie in between them — a light laugh of his resonating against your mouth when your hands were back into his sweatshirt and the trace of your fingertips tickled his sides.
Wanting more of you as well, he found himself digging his hands inside your t-shirt just like he had grown fond of ever since that one time in his room, letting them make their way up to your breasts so he could tease them a little bit. Only, this time, he was met not by the thin fabric of your bra, but with your soft skin instead — feeling your nipples instantly harden at his sudden touch as a small hum abandoned your lips.
Not being able to hide his —very pleasant— surprise, he withdrew his lips from yours; wide eyes staring at you before they travelled down to your still covered breasts.
At his quite cute reaction, you couldn’t help but let out a giggle. “I’m wearing pyjamas, is it really that surprising?”
It shouldn’t be. He knew that very well, considering you had not once worn a bra whenever you slept over at each other’s. However, being so caught up in the moment, he had seemed to forget about that altogether.
Deciding to say nothing, he leaned down instead to trap your bottom lip in between his again, sucking lightly on it as his hands squeezed your breasts in such a way that left you wanting more in a heartbeat.
“Mm… fuck” you moaned ever so quietly when one of his thumbs teased your nipple.
Smiling at your reaction, he moved his kisses all the way down from your mouth to your collarbone, feeling your chest heavily move up and down when his mouth came close to it. Firmly placing his hands on the curve under your breasts, he lifted your body up with ease to adjust you up enough on the mattress so that your still covered breasts were now right under his face.
Not giving you a second to process what had just happened, he lowered his face to your chest, pressing open mouth kisses on the fabric that was still covering it, and getting another moan out of you when his hand went back to teasing one of your breasts under your t-shirt, while his hot mouth sucked on your other one over it.
“Guk, fuck” you gasped, feeling goosebumps form on your skin when his lips travelled down to your bellybutton and his hands abandoned your chest to tug at the end of your top instead.
Biting down on his lip, he glanced up to you before doing anything else. “Is it okay if I?”
Although his question had been left incomplete, you answered him with an eager nod of your head, wanting nothing but to feel his wet mouth on your sensitive buds already.
Tongue wetting his lips in anticipation, he lifted your t-shirt over your chest — leaving it still on yet completely exposing you to his eyes. And it was the way his eyes fixed on your naked chest like the world had just stopped, what managed to make you nervous enough to bring your arms up to cover them.
“I would’ve worn something hotter for you to look at if I had known this was going to happen” you couldn’t help but joke your way out of it.
Jeongguk laughed lightly, leaning down to peck your neck a couple of times, trying to ease your sudden nervousness. “I don’t think anything could ever top this”.
Because although he was sure getting to see you in lingerie would be one hell of a sight, he loved this view the most. He loved looking at you, with absolutely nothing on the way of your body and his eyes.
And just like that, his teasing yet genuine words were the last push you needed to relax under both his touch and stare, allowing him to gently grab your wrists and remove your arms from off your chest. Receiving a small nod from you when his questioning eyes fixed on yours for a second, he planted two short kisses to your mouth before they were back on your chest.
Your back curved up with the first lap of his tongue on one of your nipples, feeling your breathing become heavier when his lips wrapped around it without any kind of warning.
“Jeongguk…” you moaned in what sounded like a plea.
Wanting to hear more of his name coming out as one of your pretty moans, he swirled his tongue harder around your bud, right as his thumb teased the one he had left unattended until then - not many seconds going by before he moved his mouth over to it so he could tease it as well.
“Fuck,” you gasped when his mouth sucked on your skin. “Jeongguk”.
Catching on the way you had pushed your hips slightly up to try and get some friction out of his already hardened length, he found himself giving you one slow thrust that had you both moaning whilst wanting more. Instead of grinding on you again, however, he let go of your breast and let his hand wander down to your pants instead, palming your already wet core through them before he fidgeted with their waistband.
“Please,” you begged.
“Hm?” he hummed against your jaw, as he placed a sweet kiss to it before going to your lips.
“Your fingers” you managed to blurt out, feeling like you were losing your mind over the way his long fingers were now teasingly digging inside your pants. “Jeongguk, please”.
Although he found out right then that he  loved hearing you beg, he wanted the most to make you feel good, which is why he was quick to comply with your wishes. Palming you now over your damp panties, he felt your body shake at the contact — a gasp escaping your mouth when his fingers made the fabric aside and they started rubbing circle motions on your folds.
You felt warmer and way more wet than he had expected, and he felt the sudden urge to run his tongue along your folds to get a taste of your arousal. However, right then, he knew what you wanted, what you needed, were his fingers inside of you. So, he did just that.
“Ah, fuck” you threw your head harder against the mattress when one of his fingers made its way into you.
“You’re so tight...” he breathed out in amazement, feeling himself get harder at the thought of what it would be like to feel your walls tightening around his cock instead.
Slowly shifting his finger inside your responsive walls, he focused on taking in your facial expressions to try and figure out what pace you liked the most — sticking with a faster one after one particular moan had escaped your lips right after he speeded up his pistoning motions.
“Like that?” he asked nevertheless, planting a lingering kiss to your chest.
“Yes” you managed to blurt out, grinding your hips against his finger, being desperate for more.
Catching up on that, he added another digit, hissing at the way your walls had seemed to tighten even more around them. Opening and closing his fingers in scissoring motions as he tried to stretch you out so he could move around with ease, he felt your breathing become heavier by the second, letting out a choked moan when he experimented by curling his digits against your walls.
“Oh, fuck” you whimpered when he curled them once more, managing to hit with them that one spot that could make you come undone in a matter of minutes.
“Feels good?” he asked, admiring your factions as you were too immersed in your own pleasure to remember how to speak.
“Mhm…” you answered with a simple sound instead, mewling when his motions sped up their pace. “So good”.
“Fuck,” he blurted when he felt your juices running down your slit. “Baby, you’re dripping”.
“Jeongguk, don’t stop” you begged when you felt his fingers no longer moving inside of you, desperately grabbing his wrist when you felt them start to pull out. “Don’t stop”.
He reassured you with an intoxicating kiss that made you dizzy. “I wanna eat you out”.
Your breath hitched at his low words, feeling your walls tighten when you opened your eyes to meet his hungry ones. And you didn’t have to even think before you were nodding your head. You needed him, that was all you knew. No matter if it were his fingers, his mouth or his cock, you were desperate for him right then, and would let him have you however he wanted.
Kissing your lips one more time, he felt you whimper against his mouth when his fingers pulled out of you, causing you to close your legs as you tried to replace the way they felt with the friction your thighs could provide you with. It didn’t last long, though, for Jeongguk was quick to pull them open once more so he could remove your pyjama pants along with your panties, licking his lips in anticipation at the perfect sight he got of your dripping folds.
“Fuck, you’re so hot” he rasped, causing your cheeks to burn and another whimper escape your mouth when his thumb brushed faintly over your clit.
“Jeongguk, please” begging seemed to be your only way of communication that night, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying the hell out of it.
Pulling you closer to him, he placed your thighs over his shoulders before he finally brought his face up to your heat. Worrying for a split second there, as he was not entirely sure as to what was the right way to do this, he decided to go with his instinct —just like he had done seconds ago when his fingers were inside of you— and begin by slowly sliding his tongue through your folds. The way your body had trembled and a moan of yours had reached his ears as soon as he did, let him know he was doing well.
Delving his tongue in your slit, you instinctively reacted by pulling your hips slightly away from him at the pleasure his ministrations were giving you, and Jeongguk didn’t hesitate before grabbing your thighs and pulling you closer to his mouth once more, sucking on your wet heat before he pushed his tongue inside.
“Oh, God” you whimpered when he started fucking you with his tongue. “J-Jeongguk, yes”.
Moaning loudly when he pushed a finger back into you, you grabbed onto one of your breasts with one hand, as your other one travelled down to entangle your fingers in his already messy hair, earning a muffled moan from him when you pulled lightly at it.
Curling his finger inside you the way he had found out drove you crazy, his mouth let go of your heat, planting a small kiss on it before he licked his way up your folds and stopped by your clit. Although he was not experienced in all this at all, he did know stimulating that small button of yours could work wonders, and he was willing to give it a try. The second he swirled his tongue around it and you cried out in pleasure, he knew it wouldn’t take much longer before you reached your climax if he kept applying pressure on that particular spot.
Tightening his hold on one of your thighs to keep you from moving away as your body writhed beneath him, he added a second finger inside you, sucking on your clit before his tongue came in contact with it again.
“Mm—ah, Jeongguk. Fuck” you cried incoherently, curling your toes as you felt your climax getting closer. “Fuck, d-don’t stop”.
Feeling your walls tighten around his fingers, he could tell as well that you were close. Pushing his digits deeper into you, he managed to hit once more that one spot you needed him the most.
“Right there” you let him know, curving your back when he followed your words and his fingers brushed over it once more. “Oh, righ—fuck!” you whimpered.
“Let go, baby” he rasped, replacing his mouth on your clit with his thumb and pressing down on it in circle motions. “Cum for me”.
The mere sound of that, along with the way his mouth had came in contact with your folds as his fingers kept fucking into you, were all you needed to finally come undone under his touch, crying out his name one last time as his fingers helped you ride out your orgasm.
Closing your eyes and letting the aftershocks take over your body, you moaned lightly at the feel of your boyfriend’s tongue running along your slit, tasting the juices that were dripping down on it and licking you clean before he made his way back next to you, hovering over your figure and kissing you hungrily yet somehow gently. One of his thumbs caressed your hip as his other one came in contact with your chin, drawing circular motions on your skin as you kissed him back — eyes still closed as you felt your body finally steadying.
“Was that alright?” he asked, planting a lingering kiss to your mouth.
Opening your eyes, you looked at him with disbelief written all over them. “It was amazing” you reassured him with a smile nevertheless, allowing his mouth to come in contact with yours once more.
Pulling him closer by wrapping one arm around his neck, you felt something hard poke one of your sides, causing you to undo the kiss and stare down to the outline of his hardened member against the loose fabric of his pants.
“Want me to help you with that again?” you teasingly raised one of your eyebrows, earning a small lip bite from him at the memories of how good you had made him feel not too long ago.
Although it took him a second, he nodded his head. A smile curved up the corners of your lips at that, only for it to be replaced with a frown when his hand stopped you from reaching for his cock.
“Not like that” he shook his head.
You pouted in confusion. “Then how…”
Wetting his lips with his tongue, he leaned down to brush his mouth with yours. “I want to fuck you”.
You felt a wave of heat hit your body at his words, for although he had just seen and touched pretty much all of you, and you had just offered to suck him off, you had thought that would be as far as you’d get, just like that one time in his room when it had led to nothing else.
“W-What?” your voice betrayed you by stuttering a bit.
“I want to fuck you” he repeated, sounding just as determined as he had before. “You don’t want to?”
“No, I want to!” you were quick to clarify. Fuck, you wanted to. “It’s just… You sure you want this? With me?”
“I’ve wanted to have you like this for so long, Y/N. I could not be any more sure” his words sent shivers up your spine. “Besides, sorry to remind you, petal, but you are my girlfriend, so…”
“That I am, huh?” you played along, pulling him down by the neck of his sweatshirt so your lips could meet his. “Then I guess I’ll be good to you tonight and let you have your way with me”.
Smiling contentedly at your words, he wasted no time in crashing his mouth on yours, burying one of his hands under your t-shirt to give one of your breasts a tight squeeze before he tugged at the end of the fabric — eyebrows furrowing slightly and puzzled eyes opening when you held your top down by pressing your arms to your sides, not allowing him to pull it up so he could take it off.
“It’s unfair you’re about to leave me naked while you’re still fully dressed, don’t you think?” you pointed out with pouty lips.
Rolling his eyes in amusement, he sat up on the mattress so he could take his sweatshirt off, being followed by you right after, as you helped him get rid of it with a smile on your face. Now, you had seen him shirtless once, when you were having food in his room one evening and he stained his t-shirt with soda, proceeding to change into another one right in front of you, but you had seen little to nothing of his torso, as he had turned almost fully around as he did so. And hence now, you could not hide the hungry look on your face as you stared at his toned chest.
“My eyes are up here” he teased you with an amused smile, causing you to send a playful glare his way.
“You didn’t exactly look into my eyes either when you pulled my t-shirt up, so…”
He chuckled at your snarky remark, leaning in to connect his mouth with yours and then tugging once more at the end of your top, just like he had done a minute before. This time, however, you pulled your arms up, letting go of his mouth so he could get rid of that one last piece of clothing of yours that was bothering him so much.
Not wasting any more time, you helped him out of the rest of his clothes as well, giggling against his lips when they needingly crashed on yours once more, with one swift movement lying you down on the mattress as your curious, wandering hands became familiar with each other’s bodies.
A raspy moan escaped Jeongguk’s throat when your hand stroked his member, being followed by a choked one when you tightly wrapped your hand around it, gently moving it up and down his length.
“Fuck, Y/N” he breathed heavily, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he unconsciously thrusted into your hand. “I need you”.
You smiled at the sound of his begging words, leaving a small kiss on his naked shoulder before you released his member from your hold and pushed him on his back, letting him adjust into a more comfortable position as he rested his back against the headboard, before you sunk your knees down on the mattress on each side of his lap — his hands immediately resting on the curve of your waist and a shaky breath coming out of his mouth at the feel of your wet core rubbing ever so faintly against his cock.
“You sure you want this?” you asked.
He eagerly nodded his head, pulling you back to meet his swollen lips. “I want you so bad”.
Feeling a wave of heat rushing through your body at that, you nodded your head, pecking his lips one more time before you reached for your nightstand, opening its small drawer and taking a condom out of it. Going back to your boyfriend, you were met with his rather taken aback expression.
“You knew this was going to happen or…” he questioned with a raised brow and a teasing smile.
You shook your head as a shy smile curved up your lips. “The two idiots I live with filled my drawer with them when we started staying over at each other’s regularly” you explained with a roll of eyes. “They also left a box full of them in my closet”.
Jeongguk laughed wholeheartedly at that. “Well, that’s good to hear. They will come in handy”.
Laughing along with him at his joyful remark, you opened the small envelope in your hands, pulling slightly back so you were no longer hovering over his member and could slide the condom on it with ease — feeling Jeongguk’s breath hitch at both the unfamiliar feel of the thin latex around his length, and the familiar one of your hands on it. Staring back at him once you were done, you stole a sweet kiss from his lips, hearing him moan against your mouth when your hand was once more wrapped around his cock, pumping it a couple more times as you aligned it with your entrance.
And then, locking eyes with him for a second, you kissed him slowly. As slowly as you had started to sink down on him.
Letting go of the kiss as he involuntarily tilted his head back, Jeongguk let out a loud moan, immediately getting lost into what was without a doubt the most pleasure he had ever felt. And he knew right away that your warm, wet walls wrapping tightly around his member, was something he could easily become addicted to.
Staring lovingly at the way his eyes remained closed and his mouth slightly open, you couldn’t help but moan as well as you pushed down lower on him, feeling your walls stretching as you tried to take his entire length.
“Fuck” he rasped when he was completely inside of you.
Tightening his hold on your hips, he pulled you slightly closer to him on his lap, not being able to hold back a blissful chuckle at the way the friction he had just created made him feel.
“What is it?” you wondered with a smile of your own when he leaned in to rest his forehead on your shoulder.
“It feels so good” he let you know with another chuckle.
Joining him on his sudden outburst of joy, you let out a light laugh just as he pressed an open mouth kiss to your shoulder, loving to be the one who got to share this moment with him — to be the one he wanted to share this moment with. Pressing a small kiss to the top of his head, you placed two fingers under his chin to push it up and have him look at you. Once he did, you leaned in to steal a lingering kiss.
“I love you” you said for the third time that night.
He smiled brightly, bringing his lips up to yours and locking them in a slow kiss. “I love you more”.
Opening your mouth to fight him on that, what came out of it instead was a choked moan after he pulled your hips down on his cock.
“Jeongguk, fuck” you let your forehead fall to his shoulder when he pushed his hips up to yours.
Slowly rolling your hips, you met him right as he thrusted up on you once more, causing a small moan to make its way out of his mouth. “Mm… baby…”
With his hands firmly grabbing your hips, you let him guide the pace as you rode him, loosely wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your forehead on his as the two of you grew used to the rhythm he was leading. Closing your eyes, you let your heavy breathings mix as they were now, along with a few moans here and there, the only sound filling your silent bedroom.
“O-Oh, fuck” you gasped when he pulled you down harder on him, somehow managing to push deeper inside of you.
You leaned slightly back when he repeated said action, tilting your head back as well and then humming quietly when you felt his warm lips wrap around one of your breasts, slowly sucking on your nipple, as you had just given him the perfect opportunity to do just that, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and pulling you closer to him as you kept rolling your hips at the same pace he had created for you before.
“Mh—ah! Fuck” he moaned when you pushed your legs up, enough for only half of his cock to be inside of you, to later take it all in again. “Y/N…”
Doing it again, you couldn’t stop the whimper that had just abandoned your mouth as his length had managed to reach that soft spot of yours. Needing more of him, you sped up the pace of your grinding against his hips, feeling him finally let go of your sensitive bud to let his sweaty forehead rest in the crook of your neck as his moans became louder by the second.
“Wait, wait” he demanded breathily, placing his hands on your hips and firmly holding them down so you would stop moving. “Stop”.
“What’s wrong?” you worried, doing as told in a heartbeat.
He shook his head no, quietly letting you know nothing was really wrong, as he buried his face deeper in the crook of your neck and closed his eyes while he tried his best to catch his breath. “Feels too good” he admitted in a raspy voice. “Don’t wanna cum yet”.
You giggled under your breath, finding silent joy on the fact that he hadn’t asked you to stop because he wasn’t enjoying what you were doing, but because he was liking it too much.
Lowering your head to his shoulder, you planted a small kiss on it. “You can cum if you want” you let him know, pressing another soothing kiss to the crook of his neck. “I understand”.
He shook his head no, letting out a heavy sigh as his thumbs drew tender circles on your skin. Maybe it was his ego, or just the fact that he really wanted to make you feel good too, maybe both, what made him refuse to let himself go right then, no matter how bad he wanted to. No matter how hard it was not to.
Smiling sweetly at him, you brought one of your hands up to his damp hair while your other one caressed his back, entangling your fingers in his dark locks as you waited for him to come down from the high he had been about to reach. Letting out a sigh when he felt like he could finally breathe again, he placed his hands on your back to pull you closer — lips looking for yours when your naked chest pressed on his.
Kissing him hard, you opened your mouth for his tongue to meet yours after it had traced your bottom lip, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck and trying your best not to roll your hips like you were dying to. Although you didn’t have to hold back for much longer, for with one last kiss and with his warm hands still holding you down on his cock, he pushed it deeper inside of you.
“Fuck” you gasped at the sudden stimulation, taking it as your cue to start moving as well.
“F—Y/N” he moaned when your hips met his in the middle, as they pushed into you once more.
Helping you lead the pace once again, he held you by the waist, digging his fingers into your hot skin and deciding right there, as you moaned his name and your walls tightened around his cock, that he wanted to take over from then on. So, with a swift movement, you were now under him as he laid your back on the mattress — a light moan escaping your lips when he pulled out of you to make you more comfortable on the bed, immediately becoming whiny as you missed his whole length inside of you.
“No, don’t stop fucking me” you pouted, breath hitching when he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer to where he was sitting down on the mattress. “Jeongguk, please”.
He smiled at both the sound and sight of you right then, really enjoying them one hell of a lot. It was your messy hair, swollen lips and naked chest that moved up and down as you breathed heavily, along with the neediness in your voice as you were begging for him once more, what made it easy for him to decide he liked being in control.
Catching your bottom lip in his mouth as he adjusted himself in between your legs, he heard you beg one more time against his lips. However, just as you did, he felt one of your hands desperately go down to your center so you could feel something inside of you. Only you didn’t get to, for his hand grabbed your wrist right before your fingers could find their way inside, managing to grab your other one as well and pin them over your head as he pushed his hips down enough for the head of his cock to align with your wet center.
“I’m the one fucking you tonight, petal”.
You moaned at the sound of his words being murmured against your neck — the way such sweet pet name had been said with such a lustful tone right then, making you somehow even more needy for him.
“Please,” you breathed out, overwhelmed by the way his mouth teased the sensitive skin of your neck and he rubbed his cock against your core, not quite pushing into you yet. “Jeongguk, please. I need you”.
“What was that?” he wondered teasingly.
“I need you” you repeated. “Jeongguk, please. Please fuck m—ah!” your head was thrown back in pleasure when he slammed his entire length into you, just the way you were so badly begging for.
Hungrily kissing your mouth, he muffled the moans that came out of it with each thrust of his hips — letting go of your lips as a low groan made its way out of his throat when your walls wrapped tighter than he had felt them do that evening, as you were getting closer to reach your high.
Letting his forehead fall to your shoulder, he muffled a cry against your skin as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your walls tightened once more against his cock, knowing right then he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.
“Harder” you pleaded breathily, arching your back as he wasted no time in complying. “F-Fuck, Jeongguk. Ah!”
“Y/N” he rasped your name, feeling his inevitable release about to hit. “Fuck, I’m g-gonna cum”.
Not being able to form any kind of coherent sentence right then, you settled for an eager nod of your head to let him know it was okay. Digging your nails on the wet skin of his back, you scratched your way down on it when he once again managed to find that one soft spot of yours that had you crying out in a second.
“Right there,” you desperately let him know, feeling your legs start to give up when he kept hitting it with each of his thrusts. “Fuck, right there”.
“A-Ah, Y/N, I’m—” he stumbled upon his own words, not being able to hold on anymore given how much tighter you were getting now around him. “Mm… I’m gon—ah!”
Groaning one last time, he let himself go like he had fought so hard not to — your pulsating walls around his cock finally driving him over the edge.
Although overwhelmed by the intense wave of pleasure running through his body, beginning to feel dizzy even, he did not slump down on you to catch his breath like he so badly needed to. Instead, he kept riding his own orgasm — his thrusts becoming sloppier yet rougher as he greedily tried to drive you over the edge, too.
And it was only a matter of seconds before you did.
“J-Jeongguk, I’m—ahh!” you cried out one last time, feeling your shaky legs give up as you came undone beneath him.
Helping you ride out your orgasm as well, Jeongguk whimpered at the overstimulation, finally letting his body slump down on yours and burying his face on your neck, as he felt his body tremble with each spasm of your walls around him. Feeling his hot, heavy breath hit your sweaty neck as the two of you desperately tried to catch your breath, you entangled once more your fingers on the hair at the back of his head — fingertips ever so tenderly moving in circular motions in a soothing way.
Closing your eyes for a couple of seconds, you felt his thumb caress one of your sides, later having you opening your eyes when he pressed two brief kisses to the crook of your neck and a breathy laugh of his was soon to follow right after.
“What’s so amusing?” you wondered, feeling the corners of your mouth curve up when another chuckle of his reached your ears.
“That was amazing” he confessed, causing your face to burn as your smile grew wider. Pressing one of his arms down on the mattress, he held his body up so he could lock his eyes with yours. “Was it okay for you?”
You bit your bottom lip, shyly looking away for a split second before your eyes focused back on his. “Jeon Jeongguk,” you called his name in a serious tone.
“You made me cum twice” you reminded him, loving the sight of his already flushed cheeks turning even more pink than they already were. “I think that speaks for itself”.
He let out a shy laugh, tilting your chin up as he brought his lips down to yours and kissing you sweetly for a good couple of seconds, later moving his lips over to press an open mouth kiss to your cheek before he finally pulled out of you. Removing the condom from his member, he crawled to the edge of the bed and reached for the small bin you kept under your desk next to your bed, bringing it closer to him and throwing the used latex into it before he went back to lie on his stomach next to you — blissfully letting you kiss his lips once more like you had just reached up to.
“I’ll get better at it” he promised, earning a quiet giggle from you.
“Well, we do have three years to make up for, so I guess we’ll both get a lot of practice” you pointed out coyly.
“And we don’t have to worry about running out of condoms anytime soon” he reminded you, amusement clear in his voice.
Throwing your head back on the mattress, you allowed a throaty laugh to escape your mouth, later looking back at him and bringing your hand up to cup one of his cheeks. Gently caressing it a couple of times, you puckered your lips up for him to come closer and cut the space between your mouth — smiling softly when he complied in a heartbeat, slowly sucking on your bottom lip.
“I love you” he mumbled on your lips, loving the way he was finally able to say it freely, knowing you felt the same, like he had been aching you to all along.
“I love you more” you repeated his previous answer with a smile.
Kissing your lips chastely, he shook his head no, tilting his head towards the flowers that were taking over your desk. “Those are proof that I love you more”.
You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Those are proof that you’ve loved me for longer, it’s got nothing to do with the amount of it”.
“Mhm…” he nodded his head, letting you know with both the tone of his voice and the look on his eyes that you were not convincing him. “Whatever works for you, petal” his lips turned into a smile as he let his back slump down on the bed.
“Yah,” you gently shoved him off, feeling your heart skip a beat when you heard him laugh.
Pulling you to his chest by wrapping an arm around you, he planted a kiss to your forehead. Although you had sighed contentedly after resting your face on his chest, he didn’t miss the way your mind was quite absent right then.
“What’s wrong?” his eyebrows knitted together, growing somewhat more confused after following with his eyes to where yours were staring at and having them fall on the flowers.
“Nothing” you smiled, unconsciously running your fingers along his chest. “I just wish these particular ones would last forever”.
Smiling as he adoringly stared at you, he hugged you closer to his body. “I can get you all the flowers you want”.
At that, your head snapped up so you could lock eyes with him. The mischievous smile that had just formed on your mouth as you cockily raised one of your eyebrows, letting him know right away he was about to regret what he had just said. “You’ll be like my flower daddy then?”
Yup, there it was, the regret.
“Anddd, you ruined it” he lamented.
Letting his head fall back down on the mattress, he closed his eyes as he tried his best to fight the smile that was threatening with taking over his face, knowing he would fail miserably at it when he heard you chuckle next to him — finally giving in to it and laughing as well as you peppered open mouth kisses around his face.
Although popular, loud, chaotic, bubbly, impulsive as hell, and just the complete opposite to what he was, he could not be any happier it was you the one his heart had chosen to fall irretrievably in love with.
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ppersonna · a year ago
who’s your daddy? | jhs - masterlist
Tumblr media
➸ in order to get over your hopeless crush, you sign up for DADDI, a daddy-dom dating site.  you can’t tell your friends, especially your best friend hoseok.  but as weeks go on, you’re desperate to meet the man behind the screen.
a social media au
zero- profiles
one- booked solid
two- half sad, half horny
three- this is a nightmare
four- kinky shit
five- give her that madeira cake
six- big brain
seven- realizashon
eight- curiousity
nine- coffee date
ten- sexy little bird
eleven- so many men
twelve- fucking dumbass
thirteen- all yours
fourteen- simp
epilogue part one
epilogue part two
bonuses- requests, q&a’s
to be added to the taglist, send me an ask! 
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firebettercallnct · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if i killed someone for you
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: crack, angst if you're weak
summary: after being broken up for three months jungkook decides to text his ex the lyrics of alec benjamin's song "if i killed someone for you".
warnings: mentions of violence, smoking, mentions of not having a dad(?)
part one | he probably...beans.
part two | wall what
part three | kill as in murder?
part four | he's so evil
part five | it's a joke not a dick
part six | rodent
part seven | keep bullying
part eight | project
part nine | u were good to me
part ten | shrek
part eleven | masterminds
part twelve | jimin
part thirteen | p word
part fourteen | playful
part fifteen | hardin scott
part sixteen | bro
part seventeen | the claw
part eighteen | shut up seokjin
part nineteen | number
part twenty | time out
part twenty one | walking and glaring
part twenty two | CPR
part twenty three | science
part twenty four | lol moment
part twenty five | CEOs of ignoring problems
part twenty six | heart been....
part twenty seven | smakl brain
part twenty eight | sober thots
part twenty nine | nvm im going back to sleep
part thirty | blind
part thirty one | wait a minute...
part thirty two | date document
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v-hope · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one year to prove you can fend for yourself. one year to keep your parents from making the most important life decision for you. one year to still carry the perfect life for the media whilst carrying a simpler one for yourself...
and way less than one year for you to realise you belong in the latter, with that cynical new roommate of yours.
Tumblr media
pairing: artist!kim taehyung x heiress!reader
genre: fluff, angst, humor, social media au, enemies to lovers, roommates au, arranged marriage au, non-idol au
status: ongoing
schedule: whenever i have time to because uni is taking up most of it lol. i will announce an update is coming beforehand though!
🖋: written part/drabble
a/n: she’s here! i really hope you guys enjoy this au because i already am attached to it lol. and yes, i am A Sucker for artist taehyung, don’t even @ me. introductions coming soon! let me know your thoughts!
if you want to be added to the tag list, please send me an ask.
Tumblr media
🥀 part one — introductions
🥀 part two — designer undies
🥀 part three — ariel
🥀 part four — gold digger
↳ bonus 🖋 — coffee shop
🥀 part five — missed you
🥀 part six — homesick
🥀 part seven — popcorn
↳ bonus 🖋 — puzzle pieces
🥀 part eight — not that bad
🥀 part nine — fix it
🥀 part ten — picasso
🥀 part eleven — ice prince
🥀 part twelve — pretentious
🥀 part thirteen — burgers
🥀 part fourteen — 20/10
🥀 part fifteen — eavesdropping
↳ bonus 🖋 — brat
🥀 part sixteen — thought so
🥀 part seventeen — (no) feelings
🥀 part eighteen — pinky promise
🥀 part nineteen 🖋 — secrets
🥀 part twenty — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
🥀 part twenty one — tea
🥀 part twenty two — double-booked
🥀 part twenty three — master plan
🥀 part twenty four 🖋 — sweet night
🥀 part twenty five — liar
🥀 part twenty six — worlds collide
🥀 part twenty seven — pizza night
🥀 part twenty eight — pillow
🥀 part twenty nine — dirty work
↳ bonus 🖋 — no fun
🥀 part thirty — apartment hunting
🥀 part thirty one — number three
🥀 part thirty two 🖋 — scenery (m)
↳ bonus — love you the most
🥀 part thirty three — home
🥀 part thirty four — the kim’s
🥀 part thirty five — heartshaped cake
Tumblr media
more bonus parts bc we love those:
🥀 bonus one — q&a
🥀 bonus two 🖋 — sleep in
Tumblr media
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
plot twist | knj sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn​
🖇 synopsis:
— daughter of the ceo of the biggest record label, it’s obvious she’d get whatever and whoever she wants. but what happens when she’s meeting the one person that refuses to play into her spoiled brat act?
(or, you’re a rich spoiled brat who wants namjoon’s attention, but he is not impressed... or the least bit interested.)
Tumblr media
pairing: rapper!namjoon x rich girl!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: taegi, yoonmin, jikook... yn has some boyfriends.
genre: idol au, enemies to lovers | smut!! nd of course some angst.
status: completed.
updates: everyday. (please do not ask!)
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
character profiles: yn nd her entourage
character profiles: namjoon nd company
part one: paris ✈️ bahamas ✨
part two: tHiRtY-TWo mINuTeS 🤡
part three: fucking adorable 😴
part four: never wrong
part five: not surprised 🤧
part six: automatic dick
part seven: buzz kill
part eight: plus one 🥺
part nine: real work
bonus: five hours 😈
bonus: fucking shaking 😭
part ten: signature sparkle
part eleven: seems different
part twelve: shamelessly flirting
part thirteen: heart 😳 flutter!?
part fourteen: getting impatient 😤
part fifteen: free parking
part sixteen: bad person
part seventeen: far from casual 🤦🏻
part eighteen: hang out 😅
part nineteen: tricky part
part twenty: not together
part twenty-one: kinda bummed
part twenty-two: self centered
part twenty-three: my boyfriend 😳
part twenty-four: feels familiar 👀
part twenty-five: no right answer
part twenty-six: perfect family
part twenty-seven: two years
part twenty-eight: plot twist
(time jump) part twenty-nine: love songs
epilogue: stay tuned 👽
epilogue: exculsive boyfriend
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bloomsuga · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part one - profiles
[idol!jimin x coffee shop owner!reader]
“being knocked up by the biggest playboy in music? bad. being knocked up by the biggest playboy in music when you’re a virgin and you didn’t even sleep with him? so. much. worse.”
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jjeongukkie · 11 months ago
why we broke up. | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
— synopsis:
jungkook and y/n have been together for three years and it was perfect, until it wasn’t. when jungkook tells her that he thinks they should take a break, y/n waits for him only to find out that jungkook has started dating their mutual friend.
Tumblr media
— pairings: jungkook x reader, jungkook x oc, jimin x reader, 2seok
— type: social media au w/ written chapters 
— genre: angst, coming of age
— other tags: big brother!seokjin, chaebol!reader, rich girl x poor boy, anxiety, misunderstandings, broken friendships, feelings of inadequacy
— status: ongoing, updates every other day
Tumblr media
— parts | arc one:
prologue | six months ago
profiles | y/n & co
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chapter one | busy
chapter two | break
chapter three | sweet
chapter four | beyoncé
chapter five | family
chapter six | jimin
chapter seven | why
chapter eight | flowers
interlude i | jungkook
chapter nine | hollow
chapter ten | breathe 
— parts | arc two:
chapter eleven | apologies
chapter twelve | rebound
chapter thirteen | clear the air
chapter fourteen | date
chapter fifteen | no holding back
chapter sixteen | suitable
chapter seventeen | regret
chapter eighteen | back and forth
interlude ii | kari
chapter nineteen | child
chapter twenty | still
— parts | arc three:
chapter twenty-one | don’t look
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character q&a | arc two (taking questions!)
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l.i.b. masterlist 🚞
Tumblr media
→ social media au where y/n posts a fake boyfriend application on twitter as a dare but ends up seeking something real in the long run (aka how to fall in love the zillennial way)
pairing: ??? x reader genre: humor/crack, fluff, slight angst parts: 38/38 updates: complete
a/n: dedicated to @x-useobwa-x​ who won second place in my anniversary raffle (that i held... a year ago...) i’m so sorry that this has taken so long for me to start, but hopefully you’ll still like it!! enjoy!!
part 1 // jeon jungkook has an idea part 2 // shoujo love affair part 3 // where’s my netflix special part 4 // slidin’ into dms and shit part 5 // sir simpalot part 6 // who tf is that? part 7 // cousin troubles part 8 // my love part 9 // i **** you part 10 // calm before the storm part 11 // the breaking point part 12 // locked out of heaven? part 13 // hoseok? on god? part 14 // stomach ache part 15 // waiting and waiting part 16 // he’s single laydees part 17 // kim namjoon has an idea part 18 // growing a garden part 19 // go out with me? part 20 // rip jungkook you played yourself part 21 // CLOWN TOWN PRESENTS... part 22 // hobi noises :D part 23 // trust me? part 24 // ilsan time! part 25 // all aboard the “getting over him” express part 26 // can y/n have a good day? taejin say no part 27 // just one day part 28 // be happy part 29 // growing pains part 30 // selfish part 31 // a heart that loves you part 32 // moving on part 33 // did you? part 34 // to go or not to go? part 35 // last chance part 36 // no matter what they say part 37 // three questions part 38 // autumn leaves
Tumblr media
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