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I’ve seen some people being assholes about this, so listen: bts have always donated and spoken up for different causes, they aren’t following a damn trend. RM has a whole song with Wale talking about the corrupt system. They always adress social issues in their songs. So stop fucking putting a false narrative on them. I can’t even understand how the hell someone can turn this into something negative, fuck you seriously. Black Lives Always matter and not just because it’s a trend. And if you wait for your fave to speak up first before YOU do, then you are no better than all the racists. Those who stay silent and look away are part of the problem.

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To my fellow Taejinnies – let’s spread the word! We’ve chosen the 14th of June to be Taejin day, and we need your support to get this going ♡ ✩‧₊˚


Why June 14? You can find a brief explanation on Moon Child’s YouTube channel (credit to her where I first heard about this from!) ☽ 


(credit to Moon Child on YouTube ^ !)


Spread the word Taejinnies! Stream EIIDIY, show your support through your hobbies and passions, let Taejin know how much we love them ♡ I purple you all very much, we can do this ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚♡


(Tagging my favourite Taejin blogs ♡♡♡ @purple-ktj @taeoverflowers @taejinisreal@ipurpletaejin​ @taejinchronicles​ please tag any others)

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It’s ok to be shy angel, trust me I am too. There’s no reason to be sorry it’s totally ok to be shy. Also, I’m sorry this is kind of short and not that good but I still hope you angels like it! 

Taehyung Scenario: Going on an Autumn walk


Originally posted by breadgenie

It was just another cool evening with it being fall and all. You and your boyfriend Taehyung were sitting on the balcony enjoying the cool breeze and the scenery around you two. 

“It’s such a beautiful day.” You said as you hold your boyfriend’s hand. 

He looks at you and smiles, bringing your hand up to his lips and kissing the back of it. 

“It is.. but it doesn’t compare to your beauty, jagi.” He rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb. 

“You’re so cheesy, Tae.” You said with a blush on your face as you chuckle at his cheesy comment. 

He laughs. “Only for you.” He said, winking at you. 

You playfully rolled your eyes at him and turned your gaze back to the beautiful scenery in front of you. 

“Since it’s a beautiful day today.. would you like to go for a walk, you know, to get out of the house?”

“That’s a great idea, jagi. Come on, let’s go." 

He helped you out of your seat as you two walked to the door and grabbed your coats and put your shoes on. Still holding onto your hand, Taehyung grabbed the keys and opened the door for you. 

"After you.” He held his arm out and bowed. 

“Why thank you, kind sir.” You smiled as you bowed back and walked out the door. 

You both walk side by side as you come to the park’s entrance. Everything looked so beautiful, especially during the fall. The trees were changing colors in front of your eyes and it was amazing. The bright colors of the leaves, the cool breeze, and the best thing of all having your boyfriend right beside you to enjoy it all. 

Walking down the trail being surrounded by colorful leaves with a breeze following you was a beautiful sight. A strong breeze came by and blew some leaves off the trees that started flying through the sky. You and Taehyung look up at those leaves, admiring their beautiful colors as they fly across the sky. Taehyung wrapped his arm around your waist to bring you close to him and whispered in your ear. 

“I love you so much jagi and being with you is something I want to do for a very long time.” He leaned in and kissed your forehead as he placed your head on his shoulder. 

You blushed at what he said and couldn’t help the smile that came with it. You really were lucky to have a boyfriend like him and to spend days like this with him. These memories of you two will last a lifetime and to you, Taehyung was your whole world. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with him and to grow old together. You face Taehyung and look up into his eyes. 

“I love you more than you can imagine, Taehyung.” Your smile grew bigger as you put your hand on his cheek and brought him closer to you as you leaned up and kissed his lips softly. 

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