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#bts x reader
mingoyeob · 2 days ago
oh my ghost (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing ⇾ ghost! jungkook x reader
genre(s) ⇾ smut, supernatural au
word count ⇾ 13k
ratings/warnings ⇾ 18+ | nsfw content, panty sniffing, mutual masturbation, double penetration, ghost dick, oral, nipple play, squirting, multiple orgasms, overstimulation
summary ⇾ fresh out of college, you’ve definitely had your fair share of horrible roommates. fortunately getting your first big girl job also means finally being able to save enough money to move into your own apartment. but you must’ve forgot to read the fine print when you signed the lease because come to find out, your new place comes with an unexpected house guest. oh and did i mention all your underwear seems to be going missing.
namkook moonrise masquerade
today’s weather was perfect for the move, not too hot to the point of sweating but just warm enough that you didn’t have to wear a jacket. From the open window across the room, a steady breeze blew through just as you finish sealing up the last box, the sound of masking tape slicing through the air before you close the flap. pulling out a sharpie you wrote the box's contents on the side. mementos you scrawl across the cardboard. The sound of footsteps coming down the hallway is what had you sighing and closing the cap on the marker, turning to look at the door knowing your ex roommate would soon appear in the doorway.
“don’t forget you still have to pay me this month's rent before you leave. you are not leaving me to pay for it all by myself.” internally you groan, why didn’t i close my door.
“I know, jennie. didn’t I say I would get it to you? so obviously you’ll have it soon.” you glare at her from your spot next to your former bed, hands scurrying to hurry and finish packing up your duffle bag, “now let me finish packing so i can finally get out of here.”
she scoffs, giving you the side eye before tossing her hair over her shoulder and heading back down the hall. “fine. didn’t like you all that much anyway.”
“couldn’t agree more.” you whisper to yourself, rolling your eyes and hooking your bag across your body, struggling to balance the box in your hands.
you hadn’t even lived in the apartment for a year before you realized it was the worst mistake ever. jimin had been the one to recommend jennie to you, saying that she would be the perfect roommate for your small two bedroom apartment. but the wrong girl must’ve showed up because jennie was not the perfect roommate, on the contrary. she was rude, messy and stole your stuff (even if she refused to admit it) and every time you confronted her about it she went and told jimin who would beg you to go a little easier on her.
Since Jimin was one of your closest friends, you couldn’t help but listen to him and try to be more lenient, which obviously backfired. She thought she was immune to anything and took advantage of your good natured personality until you got fed up and started looking for somewhere new to live entirely.
It helped that you had just scored a high paying job in your field that not only came with great benefits, but also allowed you to save up enough to be able to move out on your own, no roommate needed. and after you found the perfect place it didn’t take long to sign the lease with the added bonus of being able to move in right away since the space had been vacant already. When you asked why it was empty for so long he didn’t exactly give you a straight answer, but the place seemed clean and you considered yourself handy enough to be able to deal with anything that needed fixing. whatever it took to get you out of living with jennie a minute longer.
So once your car is packed full of all your stuff, you drive off down the block not even sparing the old run down building a second glance, thankful to be leaving. immediately it was like a weight was lifted off your shoulders, you would finally be able to come home to your own house without having to deal with any nonsense.
When you arrive at your new place, keys in hand and face full of glee, unlocking the door felt like stepping into paradise. you stick your head in looking around at the empty apartment, already imagining it full of all the new furniture and decor you intend to buy once you have the money. for now all you had was a dresser and a bed that was generously donated to you by your other close friend yoongi who had upgraded to some new type of extra firm, comfort technology mattress that you weren’t entirely sure you understood but didn’t feel like asking about. you didn’t have a frame for it but you were fine with placing it on the floor for now.
The sound of your footsteps clicking against the hardwood floors echoed throughout the space and once you reach the center you spin around, sighing in contentment. the floor wasn’t real hardwood, you knew that, (probably some type of laminate) and you could see that the fresh layer of paint that no doubt was covering some type of horrible mistake and peeling drywall, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. it was yours and that’s all that mattered.
“home sweet home.” you whisper to yourself, chest swelling with pride and contentment.
With a clap of determination you looked over at your many boxes and decided to get started. It took you a couple hours to get most of your things unpacked and by the time you finished for the day you could see the sun starting to set from the bay window that faced opposite of the small galley kitchen. you had to shield your eyes as the rays shined through the glass pane into your eyes as you mumbled to yourself, “i’ll hang up some curtains tomorrow.”
Your night ended with a relaxing hot shower (ignoring the lackluster water pressure) followed by snuggling up into some soft flannel pajamas to keep you warm. The apartment seemed to get exceptionally cold at night and you make a mental note to ask the landlord about getting a heater installed later. Once your thoughts begin to drift off and you feel your eyes starting to get heavy, you decide it’s time to push your tasks for tomorrow out of your head and let yourself succumb to the beckoning call of sleep.
your dreams were calm and undisturbed without having a roommate to make noises all through the night and you were able to peacefully float through your dreams, comforted by images of a black haired stranger with shining doe like eyes. you didn’t know who the man was and you probably wouldn’t even remember when you woke up but in the moment he seemed so familiar.
“Who are you?” you whisper to the stranger, sitting up in your bed to get a closer glimpse at his face. you don’t remember yourself waking up but you could tell it was still night time as the moonlight cascaded through your bedroom window. The boy sat at the end of your mattress close to your feet with hands tucked in his lap looking at you with a sense of curiosity. you took a moment to gaze back at him and noticed how pale his skin looked, as if it was made of porcelain. not to mention his eyes were a bit unnerving, dark and wide like the night sky but still full of childlike innocence.
“I live here.” he says, as if it was obvious. his mouth opens as if he was going to say something before he changes his mind and closes it again. The response he gives you only confuses you more and you raise an eyebrow at him to signal for him to keep going, but he just ignores it and continues fleeting his eyes over you. The amused smile that suddenly broke out onto the boy's face was breathtaking and if the small giddy laugh that followed has your heart skipping a beat, you pretended you didn't feel it.
“What's so funny?” you ask indignantly.
“nothing it’s’re so pretty. It's been a while since someone so pretty moved into my home.” you choose to ignore his compliment, too busy focusing on the last part of the sentence. his home? What did he mean by that? The stranger didn’t give you a chance to ask your questions and leaned forward closer to your end of the bed, eyes still wide and glittering like stars. “Can I try something?”
“um...sure i mean- yeah sure.” you sputter, unsure as to why you didn’t say no. Perhaps it had something to do with how captivated he looked, like a little boy who just got a new toy to play with. Either way, it was too late to change your mind, as he was already scooting his way closer to you, face becoming clearer to you the nearer he got. you were even able to see the tiny moles that dotted his face, eyes zeroing on the one that sat just below the jut of his bottom lip.
You get so caught up in the features of his face you barely even notice his hand coming up to rest on the cusp of your cheek, body jumping at the contact. The sound of surprise you let out pull another laugh from him and he just smiles at you, tiny bunny like teeth peeking out. “I’m glad you’re here with me.” he says, voice barely above a whisper as if trying to keep a secret between the two of you.
The stranger's words has heat spreading across your cheeks and you shyly return his smile while subconsciously leaning into his touch. So soft you thought, eyes briefly slipping shut as you lose yourself in the moment. The boy lets out a small hum at the sight and rubs the pad of his thumb gently back and forth on the apple of your check. The sudden urge to return the affection is what has you raising your own hand to reach out to his face, succumbing to the curiosity of how smooth his skin must be. But your feelings of wonder and curiosity were quickly replaced with ones of horror and fear, watching as, upon contact with his face, your hand continues its path straight through, never meeting any type of resistance despite the man still sitting in front of you.
“What- what is this?!” you shout, jumping back from his grasp. “What are you?!”
Your sounds of fright has him flinching, shining smile and glittering eyes dimming as he ducks his head and drops his still lingering hand. Your head was full of nothing but questions and even more began flooding in when the boy starts fading out, disappearing as if made of smoke. Your eyes flicker back and forth around the room trying to find a trace of him as you hear his voice echo around the room, still in the same whispering tone from before.
“Please don’t leave.”
The creaking sound of floor boards is what has you jolting up from your slumber, groggy eyes opening and still full of sleep. When you turn over to check the time, the numbers on the screen read three a.m. and you groan, “what the hell?”
You hated having to pull yourself out of bed at the ass crack of dawn and you were beyond annoyed at the fact that your sleep was being interrupted, but being alone in a house as a female meant you had to be extra cautious. so any sound, no matter how minor, was a concern.
Slowly you creep to the door, hand gripping the knob before cracking it open and peaking your head out around the frame. “Hello?” you call down the hallway, ears open to see if you could pick up any sound. A couple of seconds go by as you wait to see if anything else would respond before nervously stepping out of the room in the direction of the living room.
The air somehow seemed to be colder than when you went to sleep and you were a bit worried at the fact you could almost see your breath in the air. Your hands clung to your shivering body but you were glad to see when you walk around the corner that the apartment was as empty as you left it. Still, you cautiously took your time looking around and checking every nook and cranny before giving up and deciding it was time to go back to sleep since you still had work in the morning (even though you had practically begged your boss for some time off to move in).
However, the sound of something sliding open from your bedroom has you scurrying down your hall in an effort to try and catch an intruder. You wonder what it could be only to discover that it was the sound of one of your dresser drawers opening. The top one, where you kept your underwear, was left hanging open and the materials that were once neatly folded had been disturbed and half hazardly flown back into the drawer. you rushed over to look inside and tried to return it back to it’s organized state, cursing in confusion on how it got this way.
“How the hell did this happen?!” you groan, already starting to fold everything back up and annoyed with the fact that you even had to do so. You were tired from moving and absolutely dreading the idea of having to wake up with only a few hours of sleep and still having to work all day. But you just shake your head and suck it up, tucking the clothes back into the drawer and closing it, sparing the inside one last look just in case there was still a small chance an intruder was hiding inside the small space.
Just as you turn your head around, the sight of a black shadow darting from your closet has you shrieking and falling back against the wall with a thud. “Stay back!” you scream, arms coming up to shield your face. You were scared out of your mind and afraid to even open your eyes to face the person, but when nothing happened you open them only to feel foolish at your reaction. At your feet sat a small black cat, green eyes staring up at you blankly and a piece of bright pink underwear hanging out of its mouth.
You deadpan,“hey! give that back!” you screech, reaching out to snatch it away only for it to dodge your attempt and scurry over to your bed. It seemed to enjoy the janky mattress as it took it upon itself to lay down and begin clawing at the prize it had stolen.
Cautiously you go over to lay back down on your bed, the cat not even sparing your movement a glance. You still decide to keep your distance just in case the creature wants to change its mind and decide to claw at you next. In the morning you plan to try and see if anyone in the building had recognized the beast but there wasn’t much you could do in the middle of the night.
Frustrated, you stare at the cat and raise an eyebrow, looking back and forth between it and your dresser across the room. “how did you manage to get that open, huh?”
the cat just stared back at you without a thought behind its eyes and you shake your head, “now i’m talking to a cat, definitely time for bed.” you say with a sigh, throwing your head back onto the pillow and pulling the comforter up to your chin. For a while you stare up at the ceiling, finding the dream world alluding to you before finally you fall back to sleep. Unbeknownst to you, eyes watched you from the shadows, head fixed in your direction as if it was afraid to turn away. It stood looming, before suddenly it disappeared.
The next day's temperature was not as forgiving as yesterdays but, despite that, you still clutch a large size cup of steaming coffee in your hand as if it was a life saver. Your raggedy hair and the puffy bags under your eyes basically scream sleep deprivation as you walk into the office building. Most of your coworkers can sense the bad vibes radiating off your figure from a mile away.
“Geez y/n did you get mugged on your way to work?” Jimin greeted you upon your arrival to your desk, platinum blonde head swiveling around to glance over your figure. “Or maybe fall in a ditch somewhere?”
You scoff, “Good Morning to you too, asshole.” Your sarcasm had him letting out a laugh just as you place your already half finished drink down and plop heavily into the padded chair on your side of the circular desk. “I wasn’t mugged. I mean- well technically, if you can consider a cat a mugger than yes, I was totally mugged.”
Your response had Jimin raising an eyebrow at you and he leaned back in his chair, “A cat? Really?”
“Yes Jimin, a cat!” you whisper loudly, aggravated. “First it stole my underwear then it proceeded to steal my sleep. I don’t even know where it came from but it must’ve been hell because it wouldn’t leave me alone all night.” you were struggling to keep your voice down the more you started to recall last night.
You should’ve known better than to let a strange cat into your bed but it seemed innocent enough, at least until it tried clawing your eyes out for accidentally rolling over into its spot. Technically all the spots on the bed were yours since it was your bed, but apparently the cat hadn’t got the memo and practically bullied you onto the floor. The hardwood esque flooring sure did look good but, damn, was it cold. You couldn’t have been happier when you saw the little girl frantically running around the hallway as if looking for something this morning, only to let out a cry of happiness when she saw you holding her monster of which you gladly handed over.
“Well that wouldn’t have happened if you had just stayed with Jennie,” you couldn't stop the laugh of disbelief that spill from your lips and just roll your eyes at the idea. Jimin whines and scoots his chair closer to you, “C’mon y/n! It wasn’t even that bad! I swear you just suck at keeping track of stuff, I mean just look at your desk!”
He juts a finger towards your haywire mess of mixed papers and files with a couple of miscellaneous paper clips here and there. You barely even spare him a glance as you start typing away at your computer, pretending as if he hadn’t just suggested the stupidest thing in the world. “Uh-huh sure.”
“Fine, but don’t say I never tried to help you. I did everything I could to find a roommate for you and I honestly thought Jennie would've worked out.” he says with a pout. No matter how many times you two have this same conversation about the situation with Jennie, Jimin always seems to make you feel bad about not being grateful for his help.
It has you letting out a sigh, “I know Jiminie.” you say, using his nickname to try and pacify him, “How about you come over tonight and we can watch the office, hmm?”
Jimin was reluctant to cave in and continues to pout, but finally he concedes and accepts your request, “That was a dirty trick, Y/N. You know I can never say no to the office.” His complaint just makes you laugh.
Jungkook didn’t know how long you’d be gone and in that moment he was too preoccupied to care, hands stuffed down in his pants and a familiar wad of cotton shoved harshly against his nose.
The minute you had left this morning, fresh out of the shower and a cup of coffee in your hand, Jungkook had immediately found himself back in your room snooping around and messing with things he knew he shouldn't have been. But he couldn’t stop himself from just taking a peek and since you had left your room in total disarray this morning after stressing over what to wear he didn’t feel like it was totally his fault for picking it up.
When he had first seen it, sprawled across the ground, he thought it was some type of weird string or perhaps some type of headband. It wasn’t until he had seen the distinct victorias secret label printed on the back that he realized just exactly what was in his hand. At first he was just going to place it back where he had found it, embarrassed with the fact that he had even picked up something so intimate, but when he remembered just how infatuated the cat was with the item last night he began to wonder what made them so great. That train of thought somehow had turned into him stuffing his nose into the material instead. When he first placed his nose against it, he was hesitant, but instantly the aroma had his eyes slipping shut and a groan escaping past his lips.
“F-fuck!” he moans, hips canting up into his hand as he continues stroking at himself. His member had gotten hard so fast after smelling the lingering scent of you on the thong that he had wasted no time in unzipping his pants and palming at himself. At some point, he had pulled his cock out entirely and started thumbing at the weeping head, precum making the slide even easier.
Your underwear was practically glued to his face at this point and all he could smell was you as he continues sniffing at the material, whines escaping past his lips every time he caught a particularly strong scent. Jungkook jerks tirelessly at himself, head thrown back and fingers gently squeezing at the base on every downstroke in an attempt to hold off the inevitable, but he can already feel his abs tightening with a familiar coil.
He bit at his plump red lips, barely even capable of holding in his moans, “Y/N” he groans out as he continues racing towards his climax, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.
But just before he can reach his glorious orgasm he hears the familiar sound of keys jingling in the door, the entrance of the apartment unlocking. It has him scrambling from his spot where he leans against the wall and hastily pulling his pants up. Briefly he glances at the underwear in his hand, debating on what he should do with it before he slyly shoves it into his pants pocket, disappearing only a second before you burst through the bedroom door.
“Jimin, you better not open the wine without me!” You shout down the hallway, work heels dangling from your hand as you fling yourself onto the foot of the bed. The rest of your work day had been exhausting, all the countless calls and meetings you had to schedule for your boss had you basically itching for a drink. That was the only thing you had in mind when you drove back home with Jimin and you can barely get into your sweats fast enough.
Jimin’s first impression of your apartment was that it was small, alot smaller than he had assumed based on how much you had been bragging about it, but still it was quaint. “No promises!” he replies back from inside your kitchen, already scavenging through your cupboards to find something yummy to eat. Of course it’s empty, he thinks to himself after finding nothing and letting out a sigh of defeat. And, of course, you didn’t have a couch so he was just left to stand there awkwardly, staring into the reflective glass of the wine bottle as he waited for your return.
He quickly finds himself getting lost in his train of thought, mind reeling about all the things he had to do tomorrow at work as he hums unconsciously. But when he peeps the figure that showed up behind him in the reflection, it has him furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. Jimin hadn’t heard the telltale sign of your steps signalling your return so the sight had him spinning around in alarm, only to be met with the same empty space behind him. It has him shaking his head and rubbing at his eyes, chalking it up to his imagination and the stress from the job. When he sees you finally emerge around the corner from the hallway, he holds the bottle out to you. “Here, I don’t think I’m gonna drink much. Already going crazy as it is.”
His words just have you looking at him weirdly before you mutter out a confused okay and lead him back to your room. “Sorry I don’t have a tv yet, but we can still watch it on my laptop!” you express before letting him join you on your bed and pulling up netflix on your computer. You and him manage to get engrossed into the show quick enough, passing the wine bottle back and forth as you two laugh and become a tiny bit tipsy.
The sight of Jimin sitting next to you, so close and on your bed at that, has Jungkook practically fuming. Who was this guy? And why was he in your home? Our home, Jungkook corrects himself. He didn’t like the scene in front of him, jaw tensing and fists balling up next to his side. Finally, he decides that he needs to do something about it.
The incident with the wine bottle earlier had merely been an accident, he was just being nosey and trying to catch a glimpse at the intruder. But this time, as he once again let his shadowy figure show over in the far corner of your bedroom, he was doing it completely on purpose. And to his amusement the movement catches Jimin's attention from over on the bed, unbeknownst to you who is completely occupied with whatever is on the screen. Jungkook sees the man wipe at his eyes again as he did earlier, but instead of disappearing like he had done before, Jungkook merely steps closer, careful not to alert you.
Jimin shoots up from his spot next to you, “AH- I mean I...uh think I need to go to the bathroom!” you raise an eyebrow at his outburst before nodding and pointing him in the direction of the bathroom. He can’t get there fast enough, barely walking into the room before he practically slams the door behind him and leans against it, holding his hand to his chest.
His feet manage to get him over to the sink and he begins splashing water on his face as he tries to wrap his head around what he just saw in your room. Jimin knows he definitely saw something there, or did he? He can;t figure it out and in frustration begins rubbing aggressively at his eyes to try and set whatever had come loose in his mind straight. But when he lifts his head to take a glimpse in the mirror, he practically shits his pants at the face that looms behind him.
“Get out.” Jungkook growls.
Jimin screams bloody murder, “WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells, practically ripping the bathroom door off its hinges as he runs out and down the hall. You hear the commotion and rush out of your room, stopping him in the hallway and trying to get him to calm down. “Jimin, what the hell are you doing?!”
He just ducks around your figure and continues his way towards your front door, “Y/N I don’t know what type of sick prank you’re trying to play on me but I’m leaving. I’ll just see you at work tomorrow.” he says hurriedly, rushing out the door and slamming it behind him.
You couldn’t do anything but stare at the spot from where he had just left in shock, completely confused on what had happened. But you know Jimin had always been weird and you didn’t spend too much time mulling it over before shrugging and heading back to your room. You sigh, “More wine for me I guess.”
After that you proceed to drink yourself into a stupor, falling unconscious with your body hanging halfway off the bed and empty wine bottle still in hand, the sound of your computer still playing in the background. You didn’t know if it was the wine helping you out but not too soon after falling asleep you were already quickly drifting off to dreamland behind your closed eyelids.
“How could you let him in here?”  the same voice from the night before sounds around you. This time you were no longer in your bed, instead you stood in your empty kitchen, pushed up against the counter by the doe eyed stranger. His eyes no longer held the same curiosity and wonder they once had, but anger.
“W-what?” You stutter out, completely caught off guard by his accusing tone. “Let who in where?”
Your confusion only seemed to make him madder and he lets out a growl, “That idiot! How could you let him in?!” His words immediately makes it click, he was talking about Jimin. “This is supposed to be our home not his.”
The boy’s face is full of betrayal and you could tell his feelings were wounded. But the way he was talking was as if the apartment belonged to the both of you and last time you checked, only your name was on the lease. Your gaze is questioning as you continue to digest what he said, staring back at him and detecting the jealousy that was radiating from him. “Why do you care so much? I still don’t even know who you are.”
The internal battle showed on Jungkook's face, why did he care so much? He didn’t know why he was becoming so possessive over you, but the look on your face had him sighing. He raises a familiar hand up to your cheek, hesitating when your glare didn’t waver and hovering it there until you relax into him. His starry eyes gazed into yours, “I’m sorry.”
Your face softens at his words and you nod to show that you accepted his apology. The boy continues to look you over as if trying to memorize every feature of your face and when he seems to find what he’s looking for in them he begins leaning his head down closer. Your breath hitches in your throat at the action and you wait with bated breath as he slowly puts his mouth against yours. His lips are so cold to the touch it has you gasping, goosebumps rising on your skin, but you quickly adjust to the difference and with a sigh you begin returning the action.
It seemed like he was only waiting for your approval because as soon as you start moving your lips back against his, he begins deepening the kiss. The hand that once laid on your cheek begins moving down to grasp your neck gently, no real pressure there but the intention all the same. His other hand also finds its way to your hip, pulling you closer to his own so that you are pressed chest to chest with the counter still against your back. He nips at your bottom lip causing you to let out a hiss and giving him an opening to slide his tongue in between your lips and run over yours.
The kiss was beginning to have an effect on you and at that point you are practically chasing after his lips, straining on the tips of your toes to apply the same amount of pressure back against him. Jungkook notices you struggling and lifts you up onto the counter, setting you down and beginning to trail his lips down your neck. Immediately he begins leaving bruises in his wake, teeth nipping at any expanse of skin he can find. It has you hiccuping out small moans and gasps as your nails dig into his shoulders.
“Uh I need...please...” You breathe out, words hesitating.
“Jungkook.” he mumbles against your neck. “My name is Jungkook.”
The annoying sound of your work alarm has your eyes snapping open, chest heaving from the scare and you immediately sit up straight and begin looking around your room as if searching for something. When you finally realize you’re alone, you relax back into bed and stare up at the ceiling, trying to wrap your head around the small amount that you recall from your dream.
Raw bitten lips and soft hands trailing down over your figure flashed behind your eyelids and had you shuddering. You can't match a face to the mouth and hands that had roused such a reaction out of you and it frustrates you that you were grasping at straws trying to remember. The lingering feeling of lips on your neck sends a throb directly to your core and you can tell your skin was flushed. A deep sigh escapes you, “I need a cold shower.”
The dream stayed at the forefront of your mind the entire time you got ready even when you were in the shower, itching for relief to take yourself where the dream hadn’t. But since you were already late for work and rushing as usual, you didn’t have the time to do anything besides just wash yourself up and begin looking for something to wear. Upon opening the top dresser of your drawer to look for a set of underwear you’re met with the sight of gaps in your meticulous organization system. Not only was your favorite pair of comfortable work underwear missing but so was a thong you reserved specifically for going out. It has you tilting your head in confusion as you sweep your eyes around the room to see if they had been misplaced but with time ticking you couldn’t do much more and just chalk it up to them being in the laundry before finishing up and heading off to work.
As the next couple of weeks was spent busy with work and assignments you barely had much time to spend on yourself. However, an upside to the countless hours of labor your boss had you doing was ultimately getting a paycheck and as soon as you got your next one you began shopping to furnish the apartment. Of course you save some of it to go towards next month's bills and you get most of the new pieces from the swap meet but still it was something. Plus it looked like you were going to have to open up a savings account just to go towards a new collection of underwear as every week a new pair seemed to get lost despite there not even being that much space to hide.
“It's like they’re evaporating into thin air or something and I have no idea where they could be. I literally looked everywhere, Yoongi.” You tell your friend as two you sit enjoying a hot cup of coffee at a cafe down the street from his studio.
“Hmm well maybe that cat really liked how your underwear tasted.” His response was simply met with a face full of napkins.
Despite Yoongi’s snide remark it does have you thinking. Perhaps that kid's cat was still sneaking back into your apartment, I mean it did it once it could do it again for all you know. But you didn’t have time to get all worked up about it and just decide to buy some cheap off brand granny panties from the supermarket to get yourself by. Good thing the weekend was right around the corner and when it finally came you knew exactly what you were doing.
The sound of hot rushing water has your shoulders instantly relaxing, your hand swirling a cup of sweet smelling red wine as you stand watching the water rise. Nothing and you meant nothing felt better than when you finally sink down into the old porcelain tub, steam opening your pores as the water sloshes around your shoulders. “Fucking finally.” you mutter to yourself with a sigh, head laying back on the towel you had folded neatly behind you. Instantly it was like the weeks of stress from moving in and working nonstop melts off your bones and you feel ten times younger. You almost forget that you had done all of this to have a better life, not drive yourself into the ground.
You can’t help but let your mind drift back to the memories of the dreams you had been having almost every night. The kisses and touches from the faceless stranger quickly stirring up heat in your center. It seemed like every dream was only getting more and more exciting but just before you would find yourself trying to escalate it beyond just the sweet taste of his lips, you would wake up more frustrated than before. Your body was practically begging for it, but you just continued to push it off, shoving down your sexual frustrations for nex time. Problem is there was never a next time and you didn’t remember the last time you had an actual orgasm.
Slowly your hand begins tracing circles on the apex of your thighs under the water as you contemplate it, “Maybe it has been a long time.” you whisper to yourself finally caving in. Without a second thought your hand takes the leap, sinking down further to rub at your aching cunt that you had neglected for so long. A long drawn out sigh escapes as you feel yourself getting worked up, fingers quickly finding the bud that was nestled between your lips. It has your back arching from where it met the tub and legs spreading to accommodate your hand.
You spend a couple minutes toying with yourself just like that, one hand rubbing at your clit and the other flicking your nipples teasingly. But you know you wouldn’t be able to fully reach your climax sitting in there and decide to take it back to your room, cunt throbbing impatiently while you dry yourself off and drain the bathtub. Since it had been so long since you had indulged yourself like this, you decide to treat yourself and pull out your handy dandy vibrator. A not very big but still mighty sleek black rabbit with gold trim and over seven power settings. You don’t waste much time teasing and immediately you’re holding the toy against yourself, set to one of the highest vibrations.
“Shit!” You moan out, a laugh escaping as you already start to feel the signs of your orgasm approaching. You bite at your lip to try and conceal some of your noises, still stuck in the habit of trying to be quiet for the sake of a roommate. But it feels so good a couple managed to slip by as you pick up the pace of the vibrator, hips thrusting up to meet your motions.
You’re so distracted you don;t see Jungkook over in the corner of the room who watches intently from his spot. He had tried to be courteous when he caught you fondling yourself in the bathroom, you were a woman and you did have needs. But when he sees you pull that toy out of the small box you hid in your drawer and start holding the buzzing object against your clit he couldn’t look away. Jungkook had always wondered what you kept in there but didn’t particularly care enough to check, he was too preoccupied with stealing your underwear.
So as he continues to watch, eyes sweeping over your naked figure from head to toe as you quiver in pleasure, Jungkook can’t stop the hand that had found itself unconsciously pulling his cock out of his pants. From his spot he can see the way your nipples pebble in the open air and the point where the toy met your mound. His hand takes up the pace you held as you fuck yourself swiftly.
“A-ah feels s’ good…” you whine to no one in particular, mind conjuring up images of a man with dark brown hair and sultry eyes that sang of corrupted innocence. You didn’t know where the inspiration came from but it has you throwing your head back in welcome and exposing the apex of your throat as if asking for something. Secretly, Jungkook knows what it was you wanted and has to hold himself back from going over there and giving it to you.
“So good for me.” he whispers to himself, trying to keep the groan he wants to let out at the sight down to keep from alerting you. He just spits in his hand to make the glide easier as he starts thrusting into his hand, imagining the tight squeeze was your weeping cunt.
The buzz of the toy rings loud in the room along with the sound of your whines and moans as you continue rubbing it against your bud, occasionally slipping it down to tease at your entrance. The palm of your hand must've accidentally clicked the button on the end because suddenly kicking up to the last setting and your mouth opens in a silent scream. You can’t do much but just take it, hips raising off the bed and head thrown back with your eyes rolling back. Your legs are shaking with pleasure and suddenly the string that was holding your climax back snaps and you’re tipping over the edge.
“Jungkook!” you scream out, mind going blank and calling out a name you had never heard but still sounded so familiar. It has said man cursing and almost doubling over as cum bursts from the leaking tip of the swollen member in his fist. The pleasure ringing in your ears was too loud to hear the moans that he let out and you just continue letting the shockwaves roll through your figure, chest heaving from the effort.
When you finally come down from your high, you can only stare at the ceiling, limbs like jelly. The calming feeling of the orgasm warming you from the inside out has you smiling in content as you roll over and take a minute to collect yourself. Jungkook just continues to watch you silently, cock tucked back in and hand still covered in his own cum. His face holds a look of concentration as he internally weighs the pros and cons of the plan he was conjuring up in his mind because deep down, he knew he needed to have you.
A hand trailing up your side is what initially catches your attention, but what has you coming to was the feeling of teeth nipping at the nape of your neck. You don’t recall falling asleep but you recognize the touch and immediately know it’s the stranger that was visiting you every night. You crane your neck to catch a glimpse and meet his gaze, eyes simmering with lust.
“Don’t tease…” You whisper, voice breathy as you find yourself already starting to get riled just from the feeling of his fingers rubbing against your skin. He just smiles and places a gentle kiss on your lips, letting out a mischievous chuckle when he sees you try and chase after his mouth.
“I don’t plan to.” he says and flips you over onto your back, broad figure coming up to hover above you. Immediately his lips find your neck, his favorite place to start, and he begins trailing down to your chest all the while leaving hickeys in his wake.
All you can do is watch as he sets a torturous pace between lavishing at the swell of your breast and gently kissing the skin. When he finally decides to take one of your hard nipples into his mouth it has you letting out a whine, “Ah!” you cry, hands coming up to grip his shoulders. You feel his smile against your skin at your reaction. His smugness has you biting your lip, deciding to hold in your noises so as to not give him the satisfaction.
He notices your stubbornness as his eyes find yours and he mumbles against the mound he was still licking at, “Don’t try and fight it Y/N. I want to hear how  pretty you sound.” he says before gently nipping at the bud in his mouth making you hiss.
You want to shoot him a glare for his roughness but can’t stop your eyes from slipping shut when you feel his tongue flick over the nipple as if to soothe it. He just watches as you start to let yourself relax into his teasing, hand straying down your hip to cup your cunt. Your hips jump at the sudden touch but when he starts rubbing a fingertip up and down your slit, smearing your wetness around, you breath out a moan and toss your head back against the pillow. The slow build of pleasure he was giving you felt so good but was quickly making you frustrated.
“Please, I feel so empty.” you say and buck up into his hand. He pulls his hand away in retaliation and waits for you to calm down, which you do regrettably with a whine. When he sees you finally start to behave his hand goes back to its ministrations, this time rubbing at your clit. He continues this for a while along with alternating back and forth between both of your breasts. Occasionally his fingertip finds its way down to your entrance, dipping in just enough to give you a taste and make you moan at the stretch before pulling back and going back to the bundle of nerves. The pleasure feels so good and you quickly become distracted by the climbing climax you feel stirring in your core. It all felt so real it was hard for you to believe that you were dreaming.
Jungkook feels his heart swell at the sight of your hips grinding down on his hand in your sleep as you let cute little moans slip out of your mouth. After watching the show you put on earlier in the night, he couldn’t help but let himself sneak into your bed no matter how bad he felt about it. And you had made it so easy for him, falling asleep naked atop the covers like this. It was like you were begging him to touch you.
But he wants more of you “I just want a little taste.” he mumbles to himself, followed up by him scooting down your legs, face stopping right above your mound. His hands take up residence on your thighs so he can pull them apart as he stares hungrily at you.
Feeling the stimulation you were so desperately chasing after in your dream stopping so abruptly has you stirring in your sleep and when you feel the cool air touch your exposed cunt your eyes open, still heavy with sleep. When you realize that the hold on your legs you had been feeling hadn’t stopped with your lucidness your drowsiness completely vanishes.
“Wha’?” you question as your gaze flits down to where you feel the touch between your legs. Seeing the stranger you had been dreaming about for so long right here in front of you has your heart leaping up into your throat and you freeze. You open your mouth to protest but are silenced when you feel his tongue lick a fat stripe up from your entrance to your clit causing you to moan wantonly. The way he was using his fingers to spread your lips open had you whining in embarrassment from feeling so exposed. “Please!” you cry out, but whether it was a plea for him to stop or to keep going you didn’t know.
Jungkook can feel himself hardening at the sound of your cries, but right now the need to devour you was stronger than his need to cum. So when he doesn't hear any more complaints and your hips continue to chase after his mouth, he takes it as a sign to keep going, tongue licking up all the arousal that's leaking out of you.
The taste of you dripping into his mouth and down his chin has him letting out his own moans and in an effort to get more it delves into your hole and begins thrusting it in and out. He could feel your spongy walls squeezing down onto him and knew that you were probably getting close, especially since he had spent so long teasing you while you slept. So Jungkook decides to take mercy on you and brings a thumb up to rub at your clit, matching the rhythm of his tongue.
“Oh god!” you moan, hands gripping onto the dark mop of hair atop his head to ground yourself as your legs shake in his hold. The stimulation of being filled and having someone else finally touching you this way after so long was getting too much. And you were still sensitive from earlier when you had used your vibrator on yourself and his assault on your clit was bordering on painful. But that didn’t stop the pleasure from racking your form as your back arches off the bed and you start spiraling to your end.
Jungkook pulls his tongue away and replaces it quickly with two digits, continuing to push you closer to climax as he gazes at you in pure want. “I want to hear you say my name again.” he breathes out. He sees the confusion that flashes on your face before quickly being replaced when he gives a particular hard thrust with his fingers. “You know it Y/N, just say it for me one more time.”
You can barely register what he’s talking about and your head shakes back and forth as you so desperately chase after your orgasm. He can tell you’re heading over the edge quickly and gives one final thrust, this time curling his fingers inside you to hit that spot he knew would finish you. “Go ahead, princess. Cum.”
His command is what does you in, your body going stiff as you feel yourself cream on his fingers. You let out a drawn out moan, “S-shit! Jungkook!”. The grip you have on his hair is probably ripping out strands, but you don;t seem to care as your body is wracked with pleasure, orgasm ebbing through you. When Jungkook could tell you were starting to come down he slips his fingers out of you and maneuvers out of your hold, backing up towards the end of the bed.
As soon as you’re able to regain your senses it suddenly clicks in your brain what had just happened. The stranger from your dreams was real and he was in your apartment AND he had just given you probably the best head you’d had in awhile. “What the fuck is happening?!” You screech, scrambling upright in the bed and huddling close to the pillows as you hurriedly try to cover yourself and preserve what little modesty you had left. “How are you even here?! And who the fuck are you?!”
Jungkook just sighs, “I’m Jungkook...pretty sure we’ve been over this already.” he mumbles, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly. His reply has you sending a glare his way.
“Well how I was supposed to know if that was your real name or not?!”
“You’ve called it out plenty enough times for it to be real at this point.” your leg flew out to give him a kick to the thigh at his snarky response but when your foot goes right through him you let out another screech and scurry off the bed across the room.
“You- you-” Your mind can’t seem to find the right word as you point at the man, hand shaking and eyes wide with fear. “My foot just went through your leg!”
“Yeah I can do that sometimes.” Jungkook says and proceeds to turn transparent, pale skin no longer looking solid but as if you could stick your hand straight through and he would come out unscathed. “I’m a ghost Y/N.”
All you could do was stand there, mouth agape and brain going completely haywire at his words. For a minute Jungkook thinks he has completely broken you until he watches as you calmly walk over to your closet to pull out some sweats and a shirt, dressing yourself before starting to head out of the room. He was confused but still got up from his spot on the bed to follow you as you proceeded towards the front door. “Wait! Where are you going?!” he says.
You turn on the heel of your foot and just stare at him bewildered, “There is a man, claiming to be a ghost, who can turn transparent in my apartment. I am going to check myself into the psych ward because I am obviously going nuts.”
Jungkook looks at you in concern. “Y/N I’m serious! I’m a ghost, I used to live here. I don’t know how long I’ve been like this but I can assure you that I’m no longer alive.” he could see you starting to realize the seriousness in his voice, “Trust me, you’re not crazy.”
Your gaze stays trained on him as you continue to digest what exactly he was saying before you seem to finally accept his claim. It has Jungkook visibly relaxing as he lets out a sigh of relief. But now that you knew you weren’t losing your mind your sense of curiosity was sparked. “Um if you don’t mind me exactly did you get like-” you gesture wildly to his figure “-this.”
He bites at his lip anxiously, “You mean how did I die?” you seem to have realized how invasive your question had been because he saw the embarrassed look that crossed your face as you nod nervously. “I don’t..I don’t really remember. I mean I guess I do? But it’s kind of a blur and I’ve never been able to piece it together no matter how hard I’ve tried.”
The two of you stand in silence for a while, awkwardly standing in the middle of your empty living room. You didn’t really know what to say, torn between both the fear and wonder that came with having a ghost in front of you. “Do you want me to leave?”
Jungkook's question catches you off guard. “What?! No no, I couldn’t make you do that!”
“Are you sure? I mean I don’t have anywhere else to go but its not like I could die-”
“Jungkook, it's honestly fine! This was your home first!” you say trying to get him to remove any thought of him not being welcomed, “As long as you um...stop popping up in my dreams and all that.” Your words have him blushing, cheeks blooming red and eyes widening in embarrassment.
“Yeah yeah no completely valid. I’m really sorry I don’t know why I did that. I didn’t think it would escalate that far.” Jungkooks words flow out of his mouth so fast they jumble together. “I'll return your underwear too.”
That has you letting out a sound of realization as you put two and two together, “You’re the underwear thief?! I thought that stupid cat was doing it!” He just chuckles nervously and bashfully looks at the ground as he plays with his hands, hating how much of a pervert he must’ve sounded like. You giggle at his reaction, “It’s okay Jungkook. We can just put that behind us, yeah?”
His face lights up with a small smile, those bunny teeth you remember vaguely seeing peeking out from behind his lips. “Yeah that would be great.”
After the two of you talk a little more about how everything would work around here from now on, you both part ways, you going back to your bed and Jungkook going to wherever he went at night. Briefly you hope that wouldn’t be your dreams but the twinge of absence you feel at the thought has you second guessing that maybe that hope was misplaced.
Over the next couple of weeks the two of you begin to settle into a bit of a routine. He was kind enough to respect your boundaries after your talk and, much to your delight, actually returned a few of your underwear to your drawers. Jungkook even went as far as to start making your coffee for you in the morning. “I know you hate having to rush to work so I just thought this would make it easier for you!” was his excuse. You had felt your heart skip a beat when he said that, grin stretching across his face sheepishly along with a blush.
Everything was going so smooth it almost felt normal, well as normal as living with a ghost in your apartment could be. But if there was one thing you can complain about, it was the sexual tension that undoubtedly remained around the two of you no matter how hard you had tried to push it down. You could feel it when he sometimes caught you coming out of the bathroom fresh out of the shower and only covered in towel, his eyes following the droplets of water as they flowed down your skin. Or how when you got back from a run and your body was covered in so much sweat your shirt clung to every part of your chest and his gaze couldn’t help but follow your pert behind as you walked past him in those godforsaken tight exercise shorts. It was killing the both of you.
You can’t even try and calm yourself down either as you’re too paranoid that he would accidentally catch you or be spying on you from somewhere in the shadows. Him catching you in the act wouldn’t even be the problem actually, but him hearing you call his name out while you did it is what you would never be able to live down. The man was the focal point of all your fantasies at this point and there was no guarantee that you would be able to stop yourself from calling out for him in the heights of pleasure.
But as the days ticked by and you felt your muscles grow stiff from work, the itch at the back of your head telling you to just cave in and give yourself just a tiny bit of release grew more persistent. Today had been a particularly bad day, your horniness making you so antsy that even Jimin noticed judging by the weird looks he was sending you the entire time you two sat at your desks. And when Jungkook greeted you once you got home you didn’t even have it in you to meet his eyes, only squeaking out a small ‘hi’ before rushing past him. You had planned to just ignore it like you had been doing so far but that seemed to be easier said than done.
Tonight Jungkook had suggested that you guys watch something new he said was premiering tonight. And since all your new furniture had been delivered, the two of you would be able to sit and watch it on the tv at a safe distance instead of having to share your bed and huddle entirely too close over your small laptop.
The movie was actually pretty good once you start watching it and not internally screaming at being in the same room as the man who made you want to jump on his dick at any second. Your attention became completely absorbed in the screen, so much so that you forgot that Jungkook was even sitting down on the couch from you. But when the mood in the scene suddenly changes and the two feuding main characters start tearing each other's clothes off (talk about plot twist) you gulp. Suddenly you’re all too aware of how easily it would be to just scoot over and climb on top of his lap.
You try to focus your mind on anything but the moans coming from the movie but after being so pent up, just watching the shots of pleasured filled faces has your core throbbing. Images of the dreams you used to share with Jungkook run through your mind and you can’t stop yourself from rubbing your thighs together in an effort to relieve some of the ache between your legs.
Next to you, Jungkook could tell that what was happening in the movie was affecting you. He had tried to be on his best behavior these past few weeks as he was trying to make up for the bad impression he made when you first moved in. But he can see the movement of your thighs and was barely holding on to the shred of chivalry he had left. Maybe if he just offers you a little help it would be okay?
“Y/N-” he starts out, reaching a hand over to touch your leg in an effort to catch your attention. Immediately the feeling of his warm palm laying on you after so long has you letting out a small moan escape your lips, your hands slapping over your mouth the minute you realize. You shut your eyes in embarrassment and you can feel your face flushing with heat.
Jungkook opens his mouth to say something but you can’t bear to hear it. “I’m going to my room!” You say hopping up from the couch and rushing down the hallway to your bedroom, the sound of the door slamming shut behind you ringing around the apartment. You’re completely mortified by what happened out there in the living room. Were you that horny that just a simple touch had you wanting to risk it all?
Your back was pressed against the door and your mind was racing as you internally curse at yourself. But the sound of a knock on the door has you jolting up as you squeak, “Go away!”
You hear Jungkook shuffle on the other side of the door, “Y/N? Can you open the door? I just want to talk.”
“Jungkook, I’m fine! I just need a minute!” You lie and hope that he believes you. But of course, this was Jungkook, and he pays no mind to your words as he walks straight through the closed door. Fuck ghosts and their stupid nonsolid bodies. “Jungkook, I thought we talked about you not using your weird ghost powers to invade my privacy!”
“You didn’t give me much of a choice, I asked nicely.” He says while raising his hands up innocencently. You sigh exparrated and crossed your arms in irritation before turning your back towards him. “Y/N, when are you going to stop pretending?” Jungkook says from behind you.
His question makes you stiffen as you know exactly where he was heading with this. “...Pretending about what?” you say feigning cluelessness.
“Pretending that you don’t want me.” the response makes you gulp, heart pounding in your chest. You hear him step closer, “I see the way you look at me..and I know you see the way I look at you too.”  The feeling of his hand landing on your shoulder makes you gasp before suddenly you’re turned around and pulled closer to his chest, your head tilting up to look at his face. His eyes are staring deep into yours and you can see the lust swimming in them, it has you biting at your lip. Jungkooks gaze follows the movement.
“Jungkook, I…” you trail off as you get lost in his dark irises, feeling the tension in the room start to grow. “I need you.”
At that, he squeezes you tightly in response “You have me.”
Jungkook didn’t waste time before walking you backwards towards the bed, both of your hands scrambling over each other's body as your lips locked. There was so much pent up want between the both of you that you didn't even take time easing into it, teeth nipping at each other's lips and your tongues fighting for dominance. When you feel the edge of the bed knock against the back of your knees you sit down, pulling Jungkook down over you as you lay spread out across the sheets.
His broad shoulders tower over you making you feel so small compared to him, but inwardly you love the feeling of being completely overpowered by the man. Jungkook breaks the kiss to pull his shirt off, tossing it somewhere in the room before he dives back down to start mouthing at the corner of your jaw. “Hmm take this off.” he says as he tugs at your top. You don’t need much convincing and slightly raise yourself to lift it over your head, Jungkook backing up to accommodate the movement. You hadn’t been wearing a bra as you normally didn’t when lounging around the apartment so when Jungkook catches sight of your pert nipples hardening in the exposed air he lets out a groan. “Y/N, I fucking love your tits.”
His crude compliment makes you laugh but it’s interrupted when he takes a bud into his mouth, his hand coming to fondle the other one. He rolls your nipple between his teeth, alternating between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. His ministrations has your back arching into his embrace as you let out small breathy gasps. You can feel his member hard in his jeans against your leg and reach down to tug on the waistband of the pants. “Jungkook, come on. Wan’ you.” you mumble, quickly growing impatient.
He just chuckles and pulls away from your nipple, a string of saliva connecting his lips back to it. He heeds your bratty command and pops the button of his pants, standing up briefly to pull them down along with his underwear. The sight of his cock has you squeezing around nothing. In all your dreams you had never gotten so far as to him inside you, so seeing it for the first time was breathtaking. It wasn’t big per se but it certainly was longer than average and it had girth to it that would definitely have you stretching to accommodate. A couple small veins run up the side of it and your eyes follow them up to the bright red head that had already begun leaking with precum.
It has you rushing to take the rest of your clothes off as well, tossing them to the side before looking up at him lustfully, parting your legs in welcome. His gaze instantly lands on your cunt, watching your hole twitch as if begging to be filled. It has his breath catching and he crawls his way back over you, one hand placed next to your head to hold himself up while the other trails down your side and in between your legs.
You whine when you feel his finger prod at your entract instead of what you really wanted. He let out a chuckle at that, “Sorry princess I have to get you prepped first.” he says, a digit circling around your entrance to spread your arousal. When he deems it slick enough, he finally dips his finger inside you, moving it in and out slowly, occasionally curling it up to rub at that soft spot inside you.
“uh!” hiccup moans leave your lips as you lay back with closed eyes, letting him stretch you open in preparation. The feeling of a second finger has you gasping a little, but to ease the intrusion you feel him bring the pad of his thumb up to gently toy with your clit. He feels more of your arousal leak out around his fingers and uses that to slide in a third, the stretch of your walls making his cock twitch. He continues thrusting them for a while, listening to your sounds of pleasure before he starts scissoring them inside of you.
The pace his fingers take up pushes you to the edge and the combination of his thick fingers inside you hitting your g spot and the assault on your clit was what did you in. “Jungkook!” you cry as you climax, hips bucking to meet his hand as you cum.
He watches you intently as you topple over the edge, not stopping his fingers but slowing them down enough to ride you through your high without it being painful. You can feel your high coming down and open your eyes to look at him, biting your lip at how sexy he looks over you. “Jungkookie..” you sigh, hand trailing up his abdomen.”Wan’ your cock.”
Your words have him groaning as his member lets out another drop of precum on his thigh. He wants so badly to be inside you already but he knows the minute he is, he would be done for and it would be over too soon for his liking. So instead he proceeds to pull his fingers out, stuffing them between his lips and moaning at the taste. You watch him hungrily, already feeling empty without something inside you.
Jungkook pulls his fingers out of his mouth with a pop before trailing his mouth down your torso, nipping and sucking at the skin. He mumbled against your skin, “Just want to taste you first.” His nose bumps your clit when he finds his way between your legs causing your hips to jump at the sensitivity. He soothes it over with a lick, but that just has you pushing at his head. “I’m too sensitive!” you whine, trying to shut your legs.
He tuts and holds your legs open, tongue continuing to draw circles around the bundle of nerves. “Just one more, princess. One more and I’ll give you my cock, okay?”
You hesitate for a second, not knowing if you have it in you but nod in the end, afraid if you didn’t he’d never get inside you. Jungkook smiles at your confirmation and gives your thigh a kiss then goes back to licking at your clit. His tongue trails up and down your slit, dipping in and circling around your most sensitive areas. It has you turning into a panting mess especially when he finally decides to stop teasing you and cups you entirely with his mouth, proceeding to devour you as if he was starving. You can feel the juices leaking down between your lips and know the sheets were going to be an absolute mess in the morning but you don’t care, hips riding his face as your orgasm begins to build.
“S-shit!” you squeak, gripping on the sides to ground yourself as your thighs squeeze around his head. Jungkook moans at the suffocation, pace picking up as he licks up every last drop of you. It’s the vibrations from his sounds of enjoyment that has you creaming around his tongue. This time he stops once he knows you’ve cum, not wanting to push your sensitivity too much just yet, and kisses his way back up to your lips. You taste yourself in his mouth but you don’t care as you let him kiss your already raw bitten lips.
“You were so good for me, princess. ‘m gonna fuck you now.” you moan at his words, nodding your head almost embarrassingly fast.
Your legs part around his hips as you look down between your legs, seeing his rock hard member already poking its tip at your entrance. Jungkook braces himself before slowly sliding the tip inside you, both of you moaning at the feeling. His head throws back and his eyebrows furrow as he concentrates on trying not to bust his load just from entering you. “So tight..f-fuck y/n.”
You feel the same, already feeling like you’re gonna cum just from the way he stretched you out. You swear you can feel him in your stomach and he hadn’t even gotten all the way in. Your legs find their way around his hips, pulling him in closer before finally you feel the tip of his cock sit snugly against your cervix. Above you, Jungkook’s breathing heavily and you grow impatient, squeezing your walls down on him. He growls, “y/n if you keep doing that I’m not gonna be able to last long enough to make you cum.” he complains, voice strained.
You smirk and squeeze down around him again, relishing in the strained noise he makes. “Then you better hurry up and fuck me, ghost boy.” He just sends you a glare and starts pulling his hips back. For a second you think he’s going to pull out of you completely, afraid that your teasing angered him enough to stop. But instead he thrusts back into you hard, knocking the wind out of you and making stars light up in your eyes.
Instantly he takes up a rough pace, hips snapping against yours so hard you moan in both pleasure and pain. “so- so big..” you hiccup.
He growls at your words, cock picking up the pace “you like that, yeah?”
“I love your cock- i love it- ”  you cry, using your legs around his waist to help you fuck yourself down onto his cock.
Jungkook pounds you with such speed it has you breathless and you can’t even form coherent words, slurring out jumbled words. He just continues rolling his hips against you as you fall apart beneath him “such a dirty slut. Fucking yourself on my cock like this.” he laughs as he sees you don’t even stop at his words. “I bet you wanted me to see you fuck yourself on that vibrator, huh? The way you called out my name like that as if I was the one in your slutty pussy.”
“yes- yes fuck me harder-” you sob around the words from pleasure, nails scratching down his back. “-wanna be your slut jungkook-”
He fucks you without mercy. You don’t even register when you feel his finger prod at the entrance to your ass. “Fuck you gonna let me in here, princess? Let me make you feel even better?”
You’re gasping with every thrust he gives and can’t respond, just letting out a chorus of “ah!ah!ah!”
He takes your lack of response as a yes and uses the liquid leaking from between the two of you as lube as his finger breaches the entrance. His hips falter at how you suck him in, “fuck! Princess, you're just begging for something to fill you up in there huh?”
Jungkooks asking too many questions and you don’t even know what he’s talking about. Too caught up in the pleasure of how his cock knocks at your womb with every thrust.
His hips snap forward to meet yours, rough enough to leave bruises, and he growls down at you “answer me” he says.
You can't stop the sounds of pleasure that tumble from between your lips as you answer through the fog “yes, yes, yes-” you moan “fill me up- i want your cock-” “You already have my cock princess, remember?” his hips grind against yours as he sits snugly inside. “You want another? Hmm so greedy, but since you asked so nicely.” Your mouth opens in a silent scream, eyes rolling back into your skull so you can see the white of them. His cock is already pounding inside you, so why does it feel like he’s inside your ass now too?
Both members move in tandem inside of you. As soon as one pulls back, the other one is pushing back inside. Your mind is too far gone to understand how he’s doing this but you don’t care. I’m in heaven you think to yourself, tongue lolling out your mouth.
Above you Jungkook is grunting as he continues to pound you into the mattress, face strained from the effort. He can feel his end approaching and decides he needs to get you there first so he reaches down to stroke at your clit, matching the aggressive pace of his hips.
“Too much!” you shout “‘s too much- i can’t!”
“yes you can.” he growls, each syllable paired with a thrust as he races to the edge. “Go ahead and cum princess.”
Your body thrashes uncontrollably underneath him, curses flying from your lips. Your climax is rising and burning through you and it feels so good, his cocks feels so good pounding inside you. suddenly you’re crashing down and your mouth slacks open letting out lewd, drawn out moans as you cum,
reaching his own high, jungkook moans too, his thrusts becoming shallow and a string of curses flow from his mouth as he slumps down next to you, cock slipping out of you with a squelch. You register the feeling of his seed dripping out of you as both of your holes squeeze around nothing from being empty once again. Your legs shake and you can’t even raise an arm to wipe at the sweat that drips down your face.
He sees you struggling to make yourself comfortable and pulls you close to his chest, shushing you as you reel from the strength of the orgasm you just had. You hum at the feeling, struggling to keep yourself awake.
“Stay with me?” you say, staring up at him drowsily, completely spent.
You know your hair is a complete mess and you smell sticky with sweat but that doesn’t stop Jungkook from looking down at you, dark eyes shining like stars as he whispers, “Always.”
Jungkook held you for the rest of the night and despite the temperature difference, you slept soundly. It was weird having a roommate that you couldn’t tell your friends about or tell them that you were also sleeping with him. Even harder to not be able to tell them you were falling for him. Ultimately, Jungkook was dead and eventually you would have to part ways. But for now you were going to enjoy his ever looming presence, even if that meant your underwear was going to continue to go missing.
(Jungkook still continues to blame the cat to this day)
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soaring high | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: A twelve-hour flight passes fast when a scorching hot, single parent is there to entertain you all throughout the day – with his words… as much as with his fingers. 
pairing: dilf / single dad!Taehyung x reader
genre: s2l (?); fluff, smut, some crack?
rating: 18+
warnings: talk about a past divorce & a toxic ex, flirting, teasing, oc’s and my voice kink 😵‍💫, slight age gap, tae’s kid and jimin are the sweetest pair of dorks everrrr; explicit sexual content: (hard) dom!tae, public sex (they do it in the plane restroom), unprotected sex (don’t do it, pls & thank u), handjob, groping, fingering, oral (m. receiving), throat fucking, cum swallowing, rough sex, dirty talk, manhandling, breast play, crying (cos taeconda too good), light choking, slight degrading (he calls her his cumslut grr), mention of some spit, my mirror kink i guess, aftercare (or as much as possible in a plane); literally, tae keeps smirking cockily... that ass, like 1 sweater weather reference, pls spot <3
word count: 8.5k
a/n: i needed to write this to get the idea out of my system, i’m sorry for all the content that’s still coming this week LMAO; thank @kimtaehyunq​​​​ along with single-dad-tae-anon for encouraging me, and again, maggie, CANNOT THANK U ENOUGH FOR THIS HAWT BANNER !!! another thank u to @jimilter​​​​ for hyping me up and making this brainfart SO much better, it was a mess honestly; ily guys T_T hope u guys enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You thoroughly dislike flying alone.
The fact that you won’t be able to set foot onto firm cement for the next eleven hours irks you. If you were in someone’s pleasant company, you’d probably stare at the line in front of you less grimly. The tempo in which the staff here operates does nothing to ease your mind, either.
That’s why airports are your least favourite place in the world; yes, you get to travel the world, but at what damn cost? At the cost of going through the infinitely long boarding process, just to sit in a vehicle that might or might not serve cold food and offer horrible movies?
Science needs to take it up a notch. You want teleportation to be a thing already.
You shove the handbag lying to your feet forward by a few inches when the human snake moves in front of you, crossing your arms in front of your chest with a sigh. Maybe you would dwell a little more on how miserable the situation feels, a little more on how much you wish to fast forward by eleven hours to fall on your own bed again.
But instead, your mind shifts elsewhere. From afar, you see the small steps of a little boy holding something in his grip first. His free hand clutches the bigger one of his father, and he looks at you for only a moment before his gaze shifts to his gameboy again. They still produce these things?
You smile a little as you look at his tiny baby cheeks and his jutted lip, his red, open shirt hanging off from one shoulder with its sleeves rolled up. You stare up to the father to shoot him the classic, basic grin that one usually does – the one that lets a parent silently know that, hey, your kid is the sweetest being I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
But when you meet the man’s gaze, you feel your throat constrict in a way that diving underwater usually does. You prepared yourself to find friendly, smiling eyes looking back at you, but instead, his stare seems piercing, almost like a warning. Like he’s about to punish you for a monumental, national crime that you committed on this warm, sunny Friday morning.
When you hear the busy ruffling of handbags and quiet conversations of the passengers in front of you again, you move forward instinctively, still lost in what just shook your insides with a single gape. But when things need to go wrong the least, they most certainly do go wrong, as fast as they can too; and not expecting any less from your awkward personality, you’re not surprised when your knees buckle and you almost trip, catching yourself by pressing your hands against the bag right on time.
You’re not sure how much of your awkwardness the guy with the deadly stare has noticed when you register his presence right behind you, joining the line. Luckily, he seems to be engaged in a conversation already, addressing the man accompanying him that you didn’t even properly see when the menacing gaze of the child’s father captured you in its trap.
“The line isn’t as long as I thought it’d be,” the second man chimes, his voice soft and lovely, the exact opposite of his friend’s eyes, “we’ll be in the plane in a matter of minutes.”
You smirk; you want to turn around and scoff, let him know that his enthusiasm and optimism are great and nice, but that even he will go insane within a few minutes. The other guy seems to know, though.
“Buckle up. I think we’ll be standing here for some time.”
You’re stunned and mesmerised – not only do you want the ground to swallow you whole, now the wish to drown in his baritone voice grows steadily inside you as well. An anchor or lifebuoy won’t keep you afloat anymore, because seemingly, his vocal chords allow him to go deeper than the Mariana Trench. And you’re trapped in the darkness without being able to turn around and look at him.
You don’t even understand what they’re talking about anymore when you hear them converse – too lost in the tone of his voice, listening to it like a poet calculates poetic metres. With the new, welcomed distraction, time suddenly starts running again, the line beginning to proceed.
And when you suddenly find yourself presenting your documents and your passport at the desk, you let out a relieved sigh, trying to put some distance between him and you as you sprint to the gates and to the small bridge that leads to the inside of the plane.
With concentration carved between your eyebrows, your eyes dart from your ticket to the numbers written over the seats, trying to find your assigned spot with your mouth agape. Even inside, people seem to operate in slow-motion, trying to tame their children or stuffing a never ending amount of handbags into the luggage trunks above their heads.
“Excuse me,” you say timidly, trying to pass an older, struggling man by when you catch sight of your window seat. With a hasty, impatient motion, you place your bag in the trunk before you take a seat with an exasperated sigh, throwing your head back against the headrest with closed eyes.
Your mind begins to drift after you have fastened your seatbelt and prepared for the takeoff, voices shutting down and becoming distant, background noise – except for one. The baritone from earlier suddenly falls onto the seat next to you, your eyes shooting open in shock, entirely stupefied when he exclaims, “Sit down, Jae, we’ll figure it out later.”
You hope the universe is playing some kind of prank on you, and that within a minute, this man will realise that he was holding his ticket upside down or reading a number wrong, or something. But to your misery, he stays seated, talking to his son softly as he tries to calm down the whining boy’s annoyed demeanor.
“I wanted to shit next to Uncle Jimin,” the boy says, shifting in his seat with pouting, heart shaped lips. “Wh– why is he there?”
“Sit, little guy, say sit.”
You laugh in the same moment that he does, giggling about the pronunciation mistake his son called out loud enough for two rows behind and in front of you to hear. Most people look into his direction, shake their heads and turn around with a fond smile again, and you can’t help but find your focus fixate on his brattiness as well.
“Listen, Uncle Jimin is right behind you,” his father assures calmly, pointing his thumb at the man peeking from the side, “and you can go to him when we’re flying, okay? Stay here now.” He turns to his friend, bringing his face closer and saying something loud enough for you to hear, “If the person next to you doesn’t show up and leaves the seat empty, take him later, yeah?”
Jimin answers something that you don’t register well acoustically, instead looking at the boy who’s staring back at you, too. His angry ogling calms a little when you smile with your lips pressed together and wave a bit, his big eyes widening further in his small face before his father leans back and blocks the sight again.
Differently from when you waited for boarding, the man does address your attention this time, merely nodding at you kindly without uttering a single word. He doesn’t ask you to change your seat with Jimin’s; something you’re somewhat thankful for. You don’t think you could handle hearing his deep voice talk to you specifically without fainting.
When he averts his gaze, you look at him for a moment longer. He doesn’t look like he could speak in a voice like this at all – it strongly adds to the intimidating nature he exudes. That is, until he speaks to his son again. Because when he does just that, his lips don’t drop anymore but reach his eyes instead, crinkles around them giving him an everlasting young appearance as he boops his son’s nose caringly, sweetly.
You’re not sure if it’s him melting or you.
And when he notices your stare fixed on his interaction with his flesh and blood yet again, he clears his throat, hopefully not detecting the way you grow all flustered as he says, “He’s really excited.” He nods towards the little bundle that has now turned from complaints into joy, and then adds, “Flying just for the second time.”
You nod in understanding slowly, trying to gather courage and your voice before you answer in a steady tone, “Came here for a visit?”
“Came here for a vacation,” he answers as his sharp cheekbones turn to soft buns. A big, pretty hand with long fingers comes up all of a sudden, and you find yourself admiring it for a moment too long before you take it into your palm and he says, “My name is Taehyung.”
“What brought you here, Y/N?” he asks, leaning back and giving you a smile that looks genuine; like he actually wants to know about you.
“I spent a few months here,” you explain to him, shifting in your seat, “a semester abroad.”
His lips form an O, his head nodding along with your words before he asks, “Oh, a college student?”
You sigh, breathing out a shaky laugh that you hope he doesn’t interpret as your apparent nervousness too much. “Yeah. And a slow one, too, so there’s not much to admire about me being in college, really.”
“Is that why you’re going back?”
You hum, pressing your lips together as you think his question and your following answer through. Is it because of that? Yes, in some way it might be – but then again, the story goes back a little further; and while you’re not one to open up to a stranger this fast, something about his soft smile tells you that he’d understand. Nod and encourage you, maybe even tell you you’re doing the right thing by leaving.
“Well, that’s one reason,” you start, shrugging one shoulder, “being in a new country and taking a course in a new class that discusses philosophers can go wrong pretty fast. Especially when you’re the new one who no one knows anything about, and in a setting like this… you’re just bound to feel like an outcast.”
He clicks his tongue, shaking his head in slight annoyance before he says, “This whole concept of letting someone feel unwelcome is so… hard to grasp for me. Really shouldn’t happen, especially with someone as nice as you.”
You want to reply, but the clump in your throat takes your ability of human speech; but instead, Taehyung speaks up again, much to your pleasure and relief, “I’m so scared of when Jae starts school, too. My son, I mean. Kids are scary.”
“They are. I don’t know, I’ve always found it hard to interact with strangers for some reason.”
He tilts his head, flashing you a boxy grin like you’ve never seen on anyone in your life before, stunning and freezing you for a second too long. To add to your distress, he cocks an eyebrow, telling you casually, “We’re strangers, but you’re making conversation with me just fine.”
You let out a flustered laugh, blinking a few times as you avert your gaze and continue in your good, old, awkward Y/N-fashion, “In all honesty, I’m glad I left. The people and retail prices made me sick, and there weren’t any fun or cute guys either. The one who was dumped me because, quote, I approached him too late.”
“Approached him too late?” Taehyung inquires, pulling his eyebrows together as you nod, rolling your eyes.
“Girlfriend. He meant he had a girlfriend. The occurrence with that guy made me promise myself that I won’t ever hold back from talking to a man again who I’m intrigued by.”
He sees the meaning behind your words as soon as you’ve let them loose; out into the open and floating suggestively between you. You’re not exactly trying to hide what he evokes in your mind and stomach, and when he leans closer, wetting his full lower lip, you feel your brain short circuit, his smooth voice asking, “Do I intrigue you?”
Too much – too close. You can’t think or function like this; if you were a humanoid, you might, but to your chagrin, you’re too painfully human and prone to falling into the eyes of someone as sexy as Taehyung… it’s truly not your fault.
You’ve barely known him a few minutes, and yet he eye-fucks you in the most alluring way possible, some strange kind of desire burgeoning inside you at the sight of his beautifully, ridiculously handsome features as you tug at the hem of your shorts nervously.
He keeps staring at you; most likely testing your reaction with this shit-eating grin that he probably knows burns every woman’s heart to ashes. But then, you both flinch, his son – Jae – squirming in his seat and his short legs bouncing as he rowdily announces, “I’m going to Uncle Jimin!”
Taehyung refocuses his eyes immediately, suddenly hyper aware of his son’s presence before he turns around and places a hand on the small tummy. “Stay here,” he commands, pointing a finger at him in warning, “I’m serious.”
Jae pouts in the classic children-like way, arms folding in front of his chest and drawing Taehyung’s attention to him fully. You’re happy for the slight distraction, taking much needed, deep breaths that – as you later realise – not even the takeoff can make you draw.
Tumblr media
You’re not sure when exactly your mind drifts off and into dreamland, but you do realise that you’re waking up when you hear Taehyung and Jimin’s voices converse quietly. Astounded by the timing your disoriented body chose to shake you awake, you listen closely when you decode that they’re talking about you – undoubtedly.
“Didn’t you want to ask her to switch seats?” Jimin says, and you gulp down the knot of guilt as you remain quiet, unmoving.
“Not anymore,” is what Taehyung, however, responds, followed by a sigh that unquestionably belongs to Jimin, “shut up and lean back. Watch a movie or something.”
“You’ve known her for three hours and me for fifteen years, man.”
You want to chuckle at the whiny yet amused tone of the man sitting behind you, and you’re close to officially waking up and offering to switch yourself before Taehyung says, “She’s cute, though. What kind of a friend would you be, if you didn’t play wingman for me?”
You realised in the hours you stayed awake that you pleased Taehyung in some way or another. He seems to like the way you talk and joke, fascinated by what you have to tell and philosophise about; a tender soul ready to talk about anything and everything. You considered that your personality might be refreshing for him – after all, he told you just that, too.
But you didn’t know he’d fight for you to stay at your spot like this, and it creates a warm, pleasant feeling in your chest that you perceive as entirely new; riveting even.
“Asshole,” Jimin whispers, clicking his tongue before you hear shifting and his voice drift further away, “I’m gonna remember this, Kim.”
You pretend to wiggle in your sleep, pulling your legs closer to you and moving your head to the window before you smile a little, insides fluttering and letting your aversion for flights fade slowly, little by little.
Tumblr media
The second time you wake up, you do so to the busy sounds of passengers and a light shake of your body. Seemingly, you’ve landed, and when you hear Taehyung’s soft voice inform you of this much, you groan, stretching your tense legs once before you stand to prepare yourself for the stop.
You know that you’ll be staying at this airport for three hours, probably scavenging for food and giving your body some movement before you enter the second flight of the day.
But to your surprise, Taehyung and Jimin don’t leave your side, instead encouraging you to accompany them to the nearest Burger King where you introduce yourself to Jimin officially. You soon see the pattern that builds the base of their friendship, and while Jimin seems the exact opposite of Taehyung – loud, dramatic, bratty – they seem to fit like a key to its lock.
In the beginning, you barely say anything, instead listening to their banter until you reach the restaurant and stand in front of the display, waiting for them to place their orders before you can do the same. Taehyung’s laughing about a joke Jimin told Jae when he turns around to you, smiling brightly as he asks, “And for you?”
His finger ghosts over the screen, all orders already showing up at the bottom in an organised row as you blink dumbfoundedly. “Huh?”
“What are you going to eat?” he asks, stepping aside a little so you can take a look at the menu. “It’s on me.”
“Oh, no. Uh-uh, go ahead and pay for your meal.”
You try to pull him back, your hand gesturing to finish the process and your feet ready to carry you to another screen behind him. But with a firm grip settling around your wrist, he drags you back, cocking an eyebrow and stating with a shaking head, “Take the offer. Don’t act like it’s a big deal, c’mon.”
You are feisty and ready to fight, trying to explain to him why you don’t want to let a stranger pay for your lunch; but Taehyung couldn’t care less. With arguments here and annoyed guests waiting there, you finally give in, grumbling in the cutest way Taehyung has ever seen before you find a table at the back of the crowded restaurant.
Eating in peace isn’t an option with two energic best friends and an even more enthusiastic five-year-old. Little arguments of who should feed Jae his fries soon morph to a fit of giggles, and you can’t help but admire the sweet sound that topples off Taehyung’s tongue whenever he throws his head back and laughs about the entertaining situation escalating quickly.
“Y/N’s probably thinking we dragged her into a group of lunatics,” he says when you’ve finished your burger, wiping the remnants of the sauce from the corner of your lips. Your eyes blow wide in confusion at his words. “I assure you, we’re worse on other days. So this is still harmless.”
“I don’t think that’s very helpful,” Jimin claims, eyebrows furrowed in what looks like cute, genuine worry. Then, he turns to you, holding out a palm in reassurance as he adds, “I mean, he’s right, but please don’t desert us just yet.”
You laugh, covering your mouth as you chew the last two pieces of the remaining fries. “Honestly, I can’t imagine spending almost twelve hours with anyone else.” You look at your empty tray, the spiciness and juiciness of the burger settling as your tongue begins to crave something else.
“Come, Jae,” you say, standing and stretching your hand towards him that he takes eagerly, still so excited to meet someone new; someone who gives him any genuine kind of attention. “We’ll get something sweet. With my money this time. And I’m bringing you two a sundae, too.”
You know the men are close to protesting, but before they can speak up, you encourage Jae in hushed whispers, sprinting away with him in small steps that he appreciates with high, elevated giggles. When you reach the display again, he’s still running on the spot, tugging at your arm as he says, “What are we getting?”
“You decide,” you answer, letting his hand go to lift his body, easing him into the process of scrolling through the desserts. “Is there anything you want?”
For a moment, he keeps looking, small chubby fingers working at the touch screen messily until they halt and he points to what, frankly, you would’ve chosen as a full adult, too. “This, please?”
“Is that really what you want?” you ask, raising an eyebrow teasingly as you watch him grow uncertain just a little.
He places a finger in his mouth, looking at you with a cautious gaze as he says, “Yeah…”
“Do we buy your dad an apple as a dessert?”
“No,” he responds, head shaking and another sweet laughter erupting out of him. “Ice cream for Dad. And apple for Uncle Jimin.”
With an amused laugh, you let him onto the ground again, ordering three sundaes and one hot brownie with ice cream on top that gets delivered to you within two brief minutes. You gathered that Jae with his dangling, swaying legs and satisfied hums would enjoy the sweet dish served to him; but you didn’t expect Taehyung and Jimin to feast on their ice cream this eagerly, obviously having a sweet tooth just like you.
Time passes fast when you enjoy your company – especially when it’s at a foreign airport in an entirely foreign country. You wonder how you would’ve killed the minutes and hours if they weren't here by your side, shopping in chocolate and wine shops and entertaining you enough to let the three hours feel like thirty minutes.
When you finally find yourself stepping into the second plane, listening to Jae’s jokes that he caught from friends in kindergarten, you hear the ongoing conversation between the men just subtly. Subtly, and yet enough to register that Taehyung has grown fond of you within hours the same way you have learned to like him as well.
“Oh, hey, look,” Jimin says, pointing at his ticket and then at the seat, “they got the seats right this time. I’m right next to you. And the whole row behind us seems free.”
But Taehyung hesitates, turns around to shoot you a careful look that you don’t reciprocate, looking at Jae to busy yourself before Taehyung catches your stare yet again. And then, he faces Jimin again, stepping closer as you hear him speak, “No, Y/N’s seat is behind us. Can you…” Jimin parts his full lips, confusion written in his eyes. “Let her sit next to me? I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
Something in you almost reckons he’s doing this on purpose – talking loud enough for you to hear, in hopes you might catch his interest and act upon it. And perhaps you should; perhaps you’ve let him look at you the way he does for long enough. At least your body agrees, considering the way your heart’s tingling and stomach twisting; legs wobbling and your pu–
“Is it okay for you if you sit here again?” Taehyung asks when their conversation dies and Jae’s attention shifts elsewhere. “Jimin doesn’t like the window seat. Says it makes him nauseous.”
You flash him your prettiest smile with a tilt of your head, tucking back a few loose strands of your hair that you hope have the same effect on him as his lips and eyes have on you. At least the slight sigh that he lets out seems promising, but you don’t want to dwell on it too long, making your way past him instead and settling in the same setting as before.
The process of getting used to your seat happens easier now than before – maybe it’s because of the conversation with Taehyung that happens so smoothly now, and maybe it’s the jokes that you hear here and there coming from where Jimin fools around with Jae.
“He really does love Jimin, doesn’t he?” you ask, laughing when you see the mentioned man pout at the little guy in faux offence.
“I think he loves him more than he loves me.”
You take a sip of your served tea with a bright smile, enjoying the relationship between your three travel companions before a sudden thought strikes you. You’re not sure if you’re in the position to ask, but you try to tip-toe into the conversation anyway, querying, “Why are you… a single parent, Taehyung?”
For a moment, you think his body will stiffen and show clearly that this is a topic he doesn’t want to address. But to your surprise, he stays calm, collected, nodding a little as he explains, “She left me. Said she’s too young to be a mother and deal with the stress that comes with it.”
“So she left you alone with double the amount of it?” you ask, shocked and surprised, disgust filling you as you let his words sink in.
“Yeah. She didn’t seem to care much,” he says, his voice still neutral and his shoulders shrugging. “She wanted to live her life a bit more. Do some crazy stuff and all. We fought a lot about it all, and when she felt like I was pressuring her into being a mom too much, she bid her goodbyes and left home. She didn’t want her kid or husband to stop her.”
Empathy floods you when you hear his voice drop, something in his voice clearly regretting past decisions but hiding it behind his smile. “I’m so sorry this happened. It must’ve been hard on you both. Especially the whole divorce process...”
“More so on Jae than on me,” he declares, looking over his shoulder and at the sleeping figure of his son. You follow his gaze, endeared by the way Jimin’s arm engulfs the small body in his embrace. “I stopped loving her long ago. But it’s… hard to explain to a child why his mother left before he could even speak, you know?”
Your stomach drops a little when you imagine Jae’s big eyes glancing up at his father, listening carefully and barely questioning what’s happening around him until he grows old enough. It’s admirable that Taehyung has managed to raise him all by himself – a happy and sweet personality, joking around despite the hardships he’s undoubtedly had to endure.
“She was difficult to deal with,” he continues, shrugging his shoulders as he inches closer to you. You wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. Looking from your eyes to your lips and back, shoulders almost touching. “Always got jealous when I merely talked to my female co-workers. Scolded me for little things, too.”
He nudges your shoulder with his before he raises one eyebrow suggestively. His voice becomes quieter, his tone laced with something indescribable as he states, “And if I was still with her, I wouldn’t be talking to you now.”
Taehyung’s habit of constantly smirking at you and undressing you with his eyes has been pushing you to the edge for hours now, and you’re sure that you’ll fall into depths if he keeps his attitude up any longer. Depths that are surely deeper and bigger than the distance between the plane and the ground.
As his tongue darts out to wet his lips, you sigh, a small involuntary moan escaping you that he seems to hear clearly – the way his eyebrows twitch for only a moment indicates this much. He laughs lightly, watching your flustered, nervous state as he asks, “What’s wrong? Did I scare you?”
You want to answer yes instinctively, ask him what he does to women who fear his smile; but then, you refrain, realising that you are, in fact, not exactly scared of him in any way. You just want him – want him thoroughly.
“No,” you say, feeling heat creep into your face as you collect the words on your tongue and blurt, “I’m just… intimidated.”
“Why?” comes the instant answer, accompanied by a gloomy yet seductive chuckle.
You shrug your shoulders, your left one barely moving as you notice the way he’s crowded you against the window, your form pressed against the wall behind you. With a fast beating heart, you start, “I think I’m just not used to a stranger like you talking to me like that.”
“Like what?” he retorts, pulling up the armrest between you. “Like a funny and stunning woman like you deserves to be talked to?”
Your insides turn in anticipation, and by now you reckon that you should be allowed to be just as brave with him as he acts with you. Nothing’s holding you back – least of all his gaze and words, inhabiting a subtle whisper and tempting moan at the end of each sentence.
“You’re doing this on purpose.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he argues, acting like you can’t see that he wants to kiss you right here, right now. He might be a stranger, but you’re neither blind nor inexperienced when it comes to longing and lust written in stares.
“I’m talking about…” You pause for a second, your body flooding with sudden courage when you put your palm on his crossed leg. You wait; observe his reaction, trying to find any hint of hesitation or discomfort. But he doesn’t flinch a bit, lets you shift your palm further up his thigh.
His blanket covers his lap like yours lays on your legs, and slowly, carefully, you reach under the cloth and between his limbs. You admire the way his body stays still, not a single twitch of his fingers showing the inner tumult that you see in his dark gaze immediately. He can fool every passenger around him, but not you.
You’re not surprised in the slightest when your hand palms the heaviest and thickest cock you’ve ever touched; but that doesn’t anyhow suggest that you’re affected any less. Under your touch, you feel the bulge harden, growing fast but steadily until you feel it twitch not once but twice.
“... this,” you finally end your sentence, shooting the shiest smile at him – soft blinking, big eyes, an innocent tilting of your head; the whole package. “You’re aiming for that, aren’t you?”
“So gutsy all of a sudden?” he hisses, teeth gritting and chest heaving before he slides his own hand under your warm blanket.
You feel goosebumps erupt on your skin before he’s even touched you; but when his fingers brush your bare legs and slide up to your shorts, you consider yourself close to losing your mind in a goddamn economy class seat.
Swiftly, his hand wanders under your shorts and to your ass, the position surely not comfortable for the muscles in his arms, but he doesn’t seem to give it much of a thought. He doesn’t do much – in truth, he can’t do much anyway; and yet, the squeeze of your ass sets your chest on fire. And when he closes in, you feel your sanity slip, his outrageously sexy voice asking, “What am I gonna do with you?”
He’s rock hard when you suddenly pull your hand back from where you’re massaging his dick, still asking yourself how his ex ever had the guts to leave him… him. He catches a deep breath as his eyes grow a shade of black darker, mimicking your action when his hand leaves your ass and his fingernails draw a thin line along your inner thigh.
No doubt that giving him a clothed handjob in the middle of a crowd and then pulling back has left him irritated, and he doesn’t hesitate to show you when he inquires, “Your eyes were begging me to fuck you all day. And now they’re asking me to make you cry, too, hm?”
It should be illegal to voice a concern such as the one uttered just now in a sweet and harmless tone like this. It’s baffling to you – the way his personality keeps shifting; the way his words sometimes don’t seem to fit his voice; the way you want to fuck him so bad and hear him growl and grunt filthy orders instead of holding back because of all the guests of the airline around you.
Your breathing stagnates, and a satisfying grin graces his face, his body leaning back. You think for a moment, trying to concentrate on forming the closest possibility as a full sentence before you finally spit, “Taehyung… Are you in the Mile High Club?”
With a content smirk – that fucking smirk – he shakes his head slowly, asking, “No. Why?”
Asshole. He knows exactly why. He just wants you to say it – and you’re not giving him any kind of satisfaction until he’s buried balls deep inside you.
You let your legs drop, pushing away the blanket and yourself off the seat as you inform him, “I’m going to the bathroom.” And you deliberately make sure that you pass him very closely, bending just enough that your pretty ass practically presses into his gorgeous, handsome face.
Passing by half of the sleeping passengers in a blur with a shit-eating grin plastered on your features, you hurry to the cabinet, closing the door hastily as you inhale deeply. You look into the mirror above the small sink, whispering small “oh god”s to yourself when you realise how fucked out your eyes look.
No wonder he saw your wish written clearly in them right away.
Only seconds later, you hear a few firm knocks at the door, your heart accelerating and pussy leaking when his voice tells you, “It’s me.”
You check yourself in the mirror again, tucking your hair behind your ears before you take another deep breath and open carefully. “Did someone see you co-” you start, but soon realise that Taehyung isn’t in the mood to talk around much, but get straight to what he wants. 
The hair you just fixed flies into your face again when he locks the door and presses you against the wall with a semi-hard thump. A hand settling on your neck, he responds, “Who cares?”
He pushes your head up, forcing you to look into his eyes and let his warm breath graze your cheek as he continues in a warningly dangerous tone, “Do you like to blueball your men like that?”
Still not giving in to his stare, you let the adrenaline flow through you, playing the provoking brat as you ask, “So what? You weren’t gonna come on a plane seat.”
“You know what,” he sibilates, sandwiching you further between the thin wall and his body, “you’re fucking right. Gonna come in your mouth instead, what do you think, kitten?”
And then, he presses his wet, hot tongue and plush lips against your neck, holding you in place while his fingers rid you of your shorts impatiently. He’s in a hurry; you see and feel it clearly, but you understand it, too – it’s not exactly like you can occupy the restroom for too long.
Again, you palm his cock and open his belt, pulling down his upsetting pants and underwear to his calves before his length springs out. An angry red and leaking tip awaits you, twitching as it did outside, when he brings his long fingers to your cunt and feels the pooling wetness he’s caused.
“God fucking damn, wish we were in a hotel room,” he comments, bringing his fingers to his mouth to cover them in blobs of his spit. Without any hesitation between you, his digits find their home in and around your pussy again, wetting your sex thoroughly before he starts fingering you in earnest.
You gasp and moan when you feel his endless fingers split your tightness open, reaching knuckles-deep before he starts scissoring and twisting them inside you. With your nails digging into his shoulders, you hold onto him, staring at his parted lips with heavy breaths as he adds, “I would edge you all night. Watch this pretty and unnecessary make-up of yours run down your cheeks, fuck…”
The hand placed around your neck loosens before he brings it to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up along with your bra until your tits bounce freely; fully on display for him to admire. He shivers at the sight – literally shivers as one or two of his dark locks fall into his forehead as he cups your mound.
Your hand wraps around his thick cock, his breathing stopping for a moment – in reality, you want to drop to your knees, bruise them and feel your muscles stiffen. The urge to blow him until he whines grows incessantly, eliciting new and more intense reactions out of him. You want to hear him call you by your name, go crazy under the touch of your lips until he plows his load down your throat.
But when you try to fall, he holds you upright, very clearly following his own mischievous plans.
For the moment, you keep pumping his enticing, mind-blowing cock, collecting the precum on your palm and spreading it along his length. He lets out a quiet, deep groan that reaches the pit of your stomach deeply, and combined with the way his fingers fuck into you with lewd, squelching sounds, you deem his existence as ultimately lethal.
His head drops as his lips meet your nipples, his tongue circling them lightly before he starts sucking on your tits like he’s a man starved. Which, after hours of lusting for you, he actually might be.
“Fuck... your tits,” he breathes against your flesh, pulling at your nipple lightly and admiring the bouncing that releasing it causes, “you’re insanely hot, what the fuck…”
And then, he’s seemingly had enough, his soaked fingers leaving your cunt suddenly before his strong arms pick you up and make you straddle him with a grunt. With the way you’re pressed against the wall and his chest against yours, his hands roam free, one of them reaching down to lead his member to your heat.
Circling your clit with his tip, you feel your sanity slip, his eyes watching your reactions intently as he declares, “I’m barely doing anything. What’s wrong, huh?”
Your pussy clenches around nothing and pulsates at his touch, arousal dripping down onto his length as you suppress your mewls by biting your lip. Brushing your ego aside, you beg like he probably wants you to, salaciously moaning, “Fuck me, Taehyung. Please, I-”
“My pleasure,” he interrupts, slamming his cock into you in one sudden, smooth motion. Pleased and stunned by the way you suck him in so swiftly, he relishes in the way you let loose, your eyes rolling back in their sockets as you breathe out a long sigh.
Without easing you into the thick, big sensation that his dick is, he starts hammering into you hard; so fucking hard that you need to hold onto him tightly to keep your balance. You have a strong clasp on him, your nails digging into his shirt and skin – but he doesn’t mind at all; is ready to let you paint his body in scars and fervid memories.
You love the way his cock ruins your insides rigorously, hips rolling and thrusting into you from below like he’s a beast that crawled out from the hottest pit of hell. The oh-so-sweet guy with impeccable manners who cooed at his son is long gone, his dominant nature on full display as he digs his nails into your ass and pulls it apart, surprisingly reaching even deeper into you.
“Just look at you,” he purrs, kissing your jaw softly, “so needy and hungry for cock. You suck me in like your pussy’s just made… for me–”
And when you moan a little too loudly, he stills for a second, his drilling coming to a halt before he pulls out of you in a sudden motion. The control he has over you amplifies when he lets you down and twirls you around, making you both stand in a way that you face the sink and the mirror while he towers behind you.
His large palm pushes you down, your hands gripping the edges of the sink instinctively as you feel him slide in again, slower this time. You gulp down the knot in your throat, preparing yourself for another round of meticulous fucking when you suddenly hear a knock at the door of the restroom.
You still all sound and movement, looking over your shoulder to the demon holding your waist tightly. His stare shifts from you to the door of the congested space, clearing his throat with sweat running down his temples as he says, “I’m sorry. I-”
He pulls back before his hips slam against yours, your lips pressing together and eyebrows furrowing to stay as quiet as your sanity allows. “I ate something wrong,” he finishes, disguising his moans as stomach-ache-induced groans and starting to fuck into you again slowly.
The person outside grunts a little, but after a few seconds, you register the door of the opposite restroom falling shut and the footsteps calm. And then, all inhibitions gone and his cock aching for your pussy the way you long for him, he jackhammers into you again. Rearranges your guts. Hears the heavenly sounds escape your lips until he realises that you need to quiet down in a vehicle like this plane.
“Take it easy, baby. You should shut up if you don’t want people to hear,” he warns as he leans down to your ear, pushing himself deep into you before dragging his sex back teasingly. You know he doesn’t give a shit about the stares that might await you outside – what he doesn’t know is that you’ve long abandoned all care as well, focusing on his sinful ministrations instead.
But you’re a sucker for his power over you – and in that sense, you nod wildly, watching him flash the most evil grin in the mirror and feeling the coil in your stomach tighten.
He brings the hand whose fingers fucked into you to your mouth, covering your lips as he moans into your ears quietly. God, even his whispered and fucked out sounds echo in your mind deeply and hotly; his voice so low, so intriguing.
“Good little girl,” he praises, loving the way you drool onto his hand messily, “taking me incredibly well. Admirable.”
The force with which he’s fucking you has your face drenched in tears by now that run down your cheeks and onto his fingers. He presses them into your skin, your stifled moans causing chaos and storms inside his chest that he has no intent to calm anytime soon. Not until you come and cover his cock in your sweet juices, at least.
“You love this, kitten, don’t you?” he coos, your breathing so heavy you think you might pass out. “You’re my own little cumslut, aren’t you?”
You find yourself incapable of answering, tears spilling as he stops for a moment, dragging his cock out and fucking right back into you harder; slow but deep, sudden thrusts. And then, he whispers, reprimanding, “I asked you a question.”
Nodding like crazy, you sob into his hand before he removes it, letting you talk and hearing you admit, “Yes… your cumslut, yours… please, let me come.”
And so he does. Adhering to your plea, his free hand finds your bundle of nerves, rubbing slowly and pleasantly, exactly what every woman thrives on while being fucked the way you are. He puts his fingers on your tongue and you love the taste feverishly, sucking on the mixture that reminds you of your juices and of the scent of his skin.
More thrusts follow that leave your pussy clenching, and he lets out a shuddering breath when tell-tale moans escape your mouth, indicating your orgasm stronger than you intended to.
“Fuck… fuck, Taehyung,” you whisper, your words contorted by the fingers that still rest on your tongue. But when he notices the way your eyes close in the mirror, nibbling at your earlobe with sweet, tickling sensations, he pulls out again.
Your pussy feels the ache that his sharp and hefty thrusts caused, leaving you wobbly on your legs and buckling before he catches you in his arms. Slowly, however, he lets you fall to your knees anyway, desire written in his expressions and his dark gaze as he brings his slick-soaked cock to your lips.
There’s no doubt about what he wants, and you look up to his clean-cut jaw with big eyes. He can’t believe that someone with a kitten expression like yours was able to take him this well, no complaints or pleas to stop ever being voiced by you.
“Suck,” he orders, watching your mouth fall open obediently right away before he places his member on your stretched tongue. “Gonna come in your mouth. Okay, sweet baby?”
His fingers tangle in your hair and hold your face in place, and when you nod and take him in willingly, he lets out a content sigh as he throws his head back. You let him slide in as much as you can allow yourself to, your tongue following the veins of his cock and twirling around his smooth skin.
But if you thought he would let you do your thing this time, you were wrong – because it doesn’t take more than thirty measly seconds before he starts thrusting in and out of you again roughly. He stifles his groans and moans by capturing his lower lip between his teeth, but the increasingly uncontrolled heaving of his chest is telling enough for you.
And then, he finally lets go, burying his cock deep inside until it hits the back of your throat, and shoots his white, hot cum down for you to swallow instantly. The salty taste barely registers in your mind as you let him fuck your mouth for a few moments longer before he stills entirely.
Drenched and softening, he backs away, his grip around your hair relaxing before he pulls you up. He doesn’t ask, but you show him your empty mouth anyway, and when he whispers a soft, “what an amazing lady, huh?”, you wallow in his praise and lovely words.
He kisses you – kisses you for the first time today as you notice, even though everything is done and over with – and lets your tongue dance with his, his palm softly cradling your cheek and making you reel in disbelief that this man actually fucked your throat sore just a second ago.
When he pulls back, he grabs a few tissues from the paper dispenser, wetting them and wiping the remnants of your make-up tenderly, almost affectionately. He lets you clean up and dress yourself, combs his fingers through your tangled hair with no better option at hand at the moment.
With a sweet, small kiss, he smiles at you, telling you quietly with his hands on your face, “I would draw you a bath and massage you, if we weren’t here right now.” Your heart flutters just a bit more than it should when hearing this from someone you barely know. “You deserve it.”
But you give in anyway – if only for now.
When you look somewhat presentable and put together, you open the door carefully, walking out with slow steps as you observe the passengers’ reactions. Luckily, half of them are asleep and don’t seem to notice any kind of disturbance in the flight at all.
As you drop into your seat, you start feeling increasingly sleepy, too, pulling the blanket over you again as you check your fellow dorks behind you. Apparently, Jimin and Jae are still drifting in dreamland, safe and sound; and soon, Taehyung joins you next to you, looking behind him the same concerned way you did.
He shoots you a grin that seems so much sweeter than his filthy words whispered in the restroom, but with the exhaustion you feel, you let your body flood with endearment and fondness. Glad that he’s not trying to wreck you any further.
The conversation shifts to a mundane topic fast – your studies, life, family and hobbies. And before you know it, you’re falling asleep, too, eyes drooping and your breathing calming steadily as your head falls onto his bicep eventually. While it looks strongly like a basic, cliché romcom from the outside, Taehyung refuses to let your neck hang uncomfortably like this.
Softly, carefully, he lifts your head, placing his travel pillow between his shoulder and your face, and then lets your cheek rest against it snugly. The standard smile that the protagonist flashes, however, finds its way into his features just the same, one side of his lips twitching upward as he feels you hug his arm with your warm hand.
For the first time at a place like this plane, Taehyung wishes time to stand still.
Tumblr media
The airport at your destination is too loud and too crowded, and you are way too tired to function properly. With the timezone varying and light flooding through the glass ceiling, you squint in annoyance, everything around you too bright – but the presence next to you glowing brighter.
“So,” he starts, trying to let his voice reach you over the excited giggling and screeching of Jimin and Jae behind you.
“So,” you repeat almost shyly, holding onto your bag tightly. “So, here we part.”
“Yeah, seems so.” He hesitates; you see in the way his fingers fiddle with his coat draped over his arm that he wants to say something. And you’re sure that if he doesn’t, you will.
You wait a second longer, letting the slight awkwardness between you prolong before he finally utters, “But we don’t really have to, right? We’ll be here. At our own homes. I can– uhm–”
He fishes his phone out of his pocket, fingers tapping on his screen before he hands it to you and asks, “You can give me your number if you’d like?”
“To meet up for barbecues, dinner dates and game nights? Stuff that old parents do.” You laugh, but take his phone from him anyway, typing in your number and handing the device back to him.
“I’m not that much older than you. Still fit and capable of a lot of things,” he says, winking at you and setting your heart and mind ablaze yet again.
The prospect of him knocking at your door excites you to no end – you wonder if you’ll ever be able to take whatever has bloomed between you up a notch when you meet again, eager to see more of his exciting life and intriguing personality.
For now, it seems that you’ll have to part with a content heart, already anticipating the night when you’ll dream of his lips, eyes, voice on your empty bed – waiting for him to join hopefully sooner than you know.
At least for now, he’s graced you with his presence across countries and high above the skies when you least expected it. When you were semi-ready to enter the plane lonely and in boredom. But with him, the flight itself felt like a pleasant journey and trip itself.
With a memory like this, you probably won’t hate flying alone that much anymore.
Tumblr media
HELLO, this guy just... infiltrated my brain again, made me write this thing and... yeah now im gonna dip, bcos he hurts me </3
if u enjoyed it, then: like, reblog, send an ask, CHAT WITH MEEE :D really wanna hear what u guys think and if u liked it, and i love talking to u all !!<33
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vogguk · 2 days ago
invisible string  ಌ   jjk  ╱  prev.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ಌ       summary: a decade wasn’t enough to rid you of the pesky, silly and not so little crush you harbored for jeon jungkook during your miserable teenage years. even now, when he’s a totally different person from the geek you used to know.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
ಌ       pairing: jjk x reader (f). ಌ       genre: childhood friends to lovers |  high school reunion au  |  angst + fluff. ಌ       rating: nc-17. ಌ       word count: 785 (teaser only). ಌ       content warning(s): swearing/heavy language, angst, mentions of unrequited love, alcohol consumption (ish).
Tumblr media
ಌ       author’s note: hmmm, have i made a mistake, mayhaps? absolutely. do i regret it? absolutely not. i’ve been ruminating over this for the entire weekend and i couldn’t escape from the feelings of high school best friends to strangers.. to lovers. this is going to be a big, big rollercoaster of flashbacks and feels, but the tissues are on me this time. i promise you i’ll make it worth it (or attempt to).
ಌ       taglist (reply to this post or send me an ask to be tagged): @fangirl125reader @helenazbmrskai​ @babyrosieareroses @blue-jade​ @vantezza​ @jkiddingjeon @akshstudios​ @queenmasterxx​ @ggukkieland​ @daggersandicedcoffee​ @kookxin​  @illegurlbangtan @supernoonanyc​ @pinkbubblegumuniverse​ @bloopkook​ ​
Tumblr media
His disheveled, black hair is perhaps the only thing that hasn‘t changed. The round glasses are long gone, replaced by the remarkable gleam of an eyebrow piercing right above his lid. His clothes are far from the baggy hoodies he wore all throughout freshman to senior year and there are one too many tattoos for you to count, scattered all across his hand and arms and likely making their way to his chest - quite a muscular one, you must add.
And in a way, you still recognize him under that geeky, bunny smile. The way his nose wrinkles adorably when he’s genuinely amused or how shy he gets around women whom he considers to be way out of his league.
Which never happened to be you - and you’ve had ten years to make peace with that.
But if he had managed to capture your heart with the simplicity of his video game addictions and his competitive, mean streak whenever you beat him at UNO, then now he manages to encapsulate your entire soul in just a single glance. 
And god, you’ll be damned for the entire afternoon if you dare steal another glance his way.
So if the horrible dinner punch hasn’t been spiked, you’d spike your own drink yourself if it meant excusing your way out of this high school reunion. The big balloons spewing out “class of 2010” right above you seem to do you no good either, as each and every corner of the wall has been decorated with polaroids and pictures of your last high school year. One you’d rather forget.
Part of you wonders why you’ve ever agreed to meeting any of your old classmates again, but curiosity got the best of you. That, and the sheer spite to shove your Harvard diploma down everyone else’s throats. The little devil on your shoulder had a thirst for vengeance, because the one thing you’d never forgive nor forget were the cracks in your heart when the school’s Queen Bee herself purposefully snatched Jeon Jungkook away from you in the same moment you were hoping to confess your undying crush for your best friend.
She danced with him all night, while he remained starstruck by her beauty and her charm. From that night on, you had to hear all about your best friend’s first kiss for the next years to come, when he’d relentlessly pursue her - oblivious to the fact she was toying with two hearts: his, and yours.
You wish you didn’t care for it anymore, but the heartbreak seemed everlasting. Even when the years had managed to water it down, the truth is scattered all across your features when the likes of Jungkook stride your way.
He smiles a billion dollar smile with his hair slightly slicked back, which puts you at an unfair position as soon as his arms open wide for a hug. Not just any hug, but his hugs, the ones you missed for an entire year when you left town to live in a college campus on the other side of the country.
You barely manage to hug what’s now his buff, hulky figure, almost causing you to lose your balance. His embrace is both heavy and warm, still the friendly it has always been. His loud greetings  are barely registered by you when he’s pulling away, leaving you to nod in agreement in a subtle state of shock.
“It’s so great to see you again. It’s been so fucking long, dude,” he laughs, and the way his last word echoes in your mind reminds you of the wounds of an unrequited love that would simply remain unspoken. “I missed you, dumbass,” he punches your shoulder lightly.
Your laugh is nervous, interrupted by a quick sip of your drink to calm your nerves. There’s no alcohol in it nonetheless, but you’re counting on a placebo effect to take over your shyness. You want so desperately to pass out or feign an emergency, but you look at Jungkook with ogling eyes almost, and you hope he doesn’t notice it. From the way he oozes so much confidence and yet is still oblivious to the effect he has on you, to his newfound tattoos and the flannel shirt paired with a leather jacket that makes him look like some kind of 90’s rockstar.
Any words fail you. Even when you open your mouth in an attempt to make small talk, he quickly interrupts you with a renewed gleam in his eyes, with words that spill right out of his mouth to make for what seems to be the last straw of your night.
“Fuck, Y/N. I have so much to tell you. You need to meet my fiancé tonight. You’re gonna love her.”
Tumblr media
vogguk  ©   2021. all rights reserved.
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kookiesbuckethat · 2 days ago
careful what you wish for
Summary: After a tiring week of work, the last thing Jungkook wants to hear is you lecturing him about taking care of himself. But what if he could never hear your voice ever again?
Tumblr media
Jungkook x f!reader
Genre: fluff + angst
WC: 4.5k
tag list: @awinkies @wedarkacademia​ @yiyi4657
Tumblr media
Walking through the building of HBYE, your hurried footsteps are all that could be heard echoing throughout the empty hallways. As you speed walk towards your destination, you recall the conversation you just had with the other members as you passed by them on their way out. 
“Hey y/n!” they all greet you brightly despite the late hour. You approach them with a smile, but your smile slowly turns into a frown when you notice one person missing. “Where’s Jungkook?” you ask, although you already know the answer. Namjoon points over his shoulder with a heavy sigh, “He’s still practicing. We tried to get him to rest but he doesn’t listen.” Shaking your head in disapproval, you bid them goodnight before heading to their practice room to fetch said boy.
You had called him several times when he was late for the dinner you two planned, and when he didn’t answer any of your calls, you drove all the way to HYBE to give him a piece of your mind. You loved everything about Jungkook, including his hardworking and dedicated nature, but sometimes he didn’t know where to draw the line between working hard and overexertion. That’s when you and the other members would have to step in, stopping him before he could burn himself out.
You burst into BTS’ practice room, slightly panting from all the flights of stairs you had to climb because you were too impatient to wait for the elevator. “What are you doing here?” he asks as he stares blankly at you. “Nice to see you too,” you say sarcastically, crossing your arms over your chest as you give him an unimpressed look. “It’s already 1 am, shouldn’t you be at home?” he ignores your snarky comment as he states the obvious. 
“I could be saying the same about you,” you shoot back. He rolls his eyes at you, moving towards the monitor to start the music again. “Jungkook,” you call out. “That’s enough,” you say sternly. When he doesn’t seem to hear you, or at least he doesn’t acknowledge that he heard you, you start to get ticked off. 
“Did you hear me?” you ask, raising your voice as you try to be heard over the music. But he continues to dance as if you weren’t there at all. Stomping over to the monitor, you turn the music off, waiting for him to acknowledge that you’re there. “What is wrong with you Jungkook?” you ask frustratedly. Even though he could be stubborn, he was never this immature, going as far as ignoring your entire presence.
But just like you, he seemed to be reaching his patience’s end and your comment caused something in him to snap. “You’re what’s wrong with me!” he blurts out without thinking. “You’re always bothering me and telling me to rest and take care of myself. Don’t you understand how important work is? I can’t just take a break whenever I want to y/n!” he says glares at you coldly.
Ignoring the sharp pain in your chest caused by his harsh words and the tears forming in your eyes, you continue to fight back, “Everyone’s already left except for you!” You knew just how important his work to him was and he had your full support. But you also knew that he wasn’t required to stay hours later than everyone else and work himself to the point of exhaustion.
“You’re so annoying,” he mumbles under his breath. “Why? Because I’m right?” you spit out. “Because you never shut up!” he shouts at you, his breathing ragged as he stares at you. Any retorts you had get stuck in your throat as it constricts and it suddenly feels hard to breathe. You blink rapidly to keep your tears from falling, refusing to show how much his words affected you.
Jungkook doesn’t miss the hurt that flashes across your face, and it causes a tight feeling in his chest as his heart constricts. It almost makes him want to reach out to you and apologize. Almost. “You should leave, y/n,” he says staring down at the floor, regretful but too stubborn to say sorry. You open your mouth to protest against him, refusing to go home without him, but only a broken noise escapes you.
You could usually stand up to Jungkook because you knew at the end of the day, you two loved each other very much. But now, you’re heart was filled with so much insecurity. You’re always bothering me. You’re so annoying. You never shut up. You had no idea he felt this way about you, so how could you be so sure he even loved you anymore? With a silent nod, you keep your eyes cast to the floor as you cross the room, swallowing the lump in your throat when you reach the door. Jungkook hasn’t moved since he told you to leave, and you cast him a sad look over your shoulder as you reach for the doorknob.
“I love you,” you choke out. But he stays silent as his eyes remain on the floor. Your vision starts to blur as you stare at his back, desperately hoping for him to say it back. But he doesn’t. And when the first tear falls from your eyes, you’re rushing out the door feeling rejected and humiliated, something you’ve never felt around Jungkook before.
Still standing in the middle of the practice room, Jungkook is absolutely torn. This is what he wanted, isn’t it? For everyone to leave him alone so he could practice? He should be happy, but he can’t ignore the ache in his chest and the guilt weighing on his shoulders knowing he hurt you. Not wanting to think about it anymore, he jumps straight back into practice to distract himself.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook finally decides he’s practiced enough for the day, he goes home to BTS’ shared apartment. “Jungkook?” Hoseok calls out in confusion, causing all the member’s heads to turn to Jungkook as he walks in through the front door. They remember passing by you earlier in the halls when you were on your way to bring Jungkook home, so what was he doing back here? They figured that you must’ve failed in getting him to stop practicing, but that still didn’t explain why he didn’t return home to you.
“What happened?” Jin questions him, immediately knowing something was up,  but Jungkook denies it. “Nothing happened,” he grumbles as he tries to walk past them, but Namjoon grabs his arm to stop him. Dropping his bag on the floor, Jungkook falls back onto the couch with a sigh knowing that nothing gets past them.
“We got in a fight,” he mumbles, remembering the hurt expression on your face or the tears that fell from your eyes when he said hurtful things to you. Before he knows it, Jungkook is breaking down in front of all his Hyungs, telling them everything that was said between you two. He knew he would get scolded, but he couldn’t bear the guilty weighing on his chest any longer.
“Jungkook,” Jimin sighs disapprovingly as shakes his head in disappointment, but he knows a scolding is not what the maknae needs right now. They could all see the guilt swimming around in his eyes and they knew he was sorry. “You know what to do,” Namjoon tells him as he stands from the couch. “Just don’t wait too long or you might regret it,” he says, patting Jungkook on the shoulder before they all walk away, giving him some time and space to think. If only Jungkook had listened.
Tumblr media
It’s been four days since you and Jungkook fought and he still hasn’t returned home, let alone call you or text you. The house felt so cold and empty without him, and to make matters worse, you were starting to fall sick with a terrible cough. You didn’t want to be alone but you were hesitant to call Jungkook because you knew he was probably busy, and you weren’t sure if he would pick up your calls anyway.
But even though you two were upset at each other, you were still worried about his health and if he was taking proper care of himself. Despite his busy schedule as an idol, you’ve never been apart for more than a couple of days, seeing him for at least a few minutes before bed or before he leaves for work. Wanting to check up on him and make sure he’s okay, you decide to drop off some food for all the boys since they’ve been working so hard. 
As you drive to the company building with the food you picked up in the back of your car, your mind wanders to Jungkook as you think about facing him again. Is he still mad at you? Would he ignore you or would he apologize? You hoped it would be the latter, but your hopes were crushed as soon as you walked into the practice room. While all the boys welcomed you warmly as per usual, Jungkook acted as if you weren’t there at all. 
Because you never shut up! His words echo in your mind as you recall what happened the last time you were standing in this practice room. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you try to talk as little as possible, not wanting to annoy him or anger him anymore. You hated feeling like you were walking on thin ice with him but you didn’t know what else to do, hoping that he would eventually cool down and come to you.
You only stay for a few more minutes before you’re waving goodbye to them and stepping out of the practice room. “Wait y/n!” Jimin calls, causing you to stop and turn back around, “You’re not eating with us?” You simply shake your head and smile before you’re out the door. You would’ve loved to stay and eat with them but Jungkook clearly didn’t want you there and you didn’t want to invade on his lunch. You were content with just dropping off the food and leaving as long as you knew he would be eating well.
All the boys frown at your sudden exit. It was obvious Jungkook hasn’t talked to you yet and the fight must have been much more serious than they thought as they’ve never seen you two act so distant before. “You still haven’t talked to her?” Yoongi asks with a raised eyebrow. “I just haven’t had the time,” Jungkook lies as he shakes his head. He had many opportunities to go home and talk to you but he busied himself with work in order to avoid you.
He felt terrible for how he treated you, but it was easy to forget about it if he didn’t see you, as you were only a reminder of all the terrible things he said. But after seeing you stay silent for the whole duration of your visit, afraid to speak up because of something he said, he couldn’t ignore it anymore. He knew he had to apologize as soon as possible.
Tumblr media
But even after his realization, it’s not until a few days later does he get a chance to go back to your shared apartment because of their packed work schedule. The apartment is dark and empty when Jungkook gets home, and he’s met with nothing but silence as he steps inside. “Y/n?” he calls out, waiting for some kind of response. He deflates slightly when you don’t answer him, but he knows he deserves it for avoiding you for almost a week.
While kicking off his shoes, he suddenly hears harsh coughing coming from the bedroom, causing his feet to move before his brain can even comprehend what’s happening. “Y/n?!” he asks, slightly panicked as he bursts into the bedroom and finds you sitting on the bed, your whole body being wracked forward with every cough that forces its way out of your throat. He rushes to your side, rubbing your back to help you through your coughing fit. As soon as you start to calm down, he hurriedly stands from the bed.
“I’ll be right back okay?” he says as he rushes out the bedroom and into the kitchen. He comes back seconds later, handing you a cup of water and telling you to drink it. He patiently watches as you sip on the water, hands clasped in his lap as he waits for you to say something, anything. But even after you bring the cup down from your lips, you remain silent, staring at the glass of water in your hands with a faraway look in your eyes.
When it was clear you weren’t going to speak up anytime soon, Jungkook breaks the silence. “Y/n?” he says quietly, causing you to look up at him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” he asks with a frown. He understood why you say anything to him about being sick, but even if you two were fighting, he didn’t want you to suffer alone and he would’ve dropped everything to come home and take care of you.
Every second that passes by, the heavier his heart becomes knowing that he was the reason for your silence. “Please say something,” he stares at you pleadingly. The guilt was becoming unbearable and he just needed to hear you say something, he just needed to know that you were okay. But when you open your mouth to say something, nothing comes out. Your eyes widen in panic as you bring a hand up to your throat. “What’s wrong?” he asks, alarmed by your reaction, “You can’t speak?” You shake your head as you ball the sheets tightly in your fists, trying your best to hold back your tears.
Internally, Jungkook was beginning to panic at your inability to speak, but he knew he had to remain calm for you. Gently urging you out of bed, he grabs a sweatshirt of his and hands it to you. “Let’s go to the hospital, okay? You’ll be okay,” he tries to reassure you, but it’s more for himself. Nodding at him, you pull the sweatshirt over your head before following him out the door.
Tumblr media
Arriving at the hospital, you take a seat as Jungkook talks to one of the nurses at the front desk, and it’s not long before you two are brought into a room. After being asked a series of questions to which you could only nod or shake your head and having a few tests taken, the doctor steps out to retrieve your results. Jungkook can’t help but regard you guiltily as you sit in the hospital bed anxiously waiting for your results.
You had been suffering at home, alone all this time. What if he didn’t come home today? Would you have just gotten worse without anyone knowing? Shaking those thoughts from his head, he didn’t want to think of what could’ve happened had he not come home. He should have returned sooner, but now that he was here, he wasn’t going to abandon you again.
When the doctor reappears, both of your heads snap to the door as he looks at you with a solemn expression on his face. “It appears Ms. l/n’s case is worse than we imagined,” the doctor announces with a sigh. “We thought it was just a bad cough but your conditioned has worsened because you didn’t get it checked out right away which could mean,” the doctor pauses as he braces himself to tell you the bad news, “You may lose your voice permanently.”
Your whole world seems to come to a stop as those words leave the doctor’s mouth, and everything becomes hazy as he explains your treatment. No matter how hard you try to focus on his voice, his words don’t seem to reach your ears as you helplessly try to read his lips. Even then, the image of his face slowly starts to blur as the tears build up in your eyes.
“We’ll give you medication to take, and you’re not to use your voice at all for three days. After those three days, your voice should return if the medicine works properly. But if it does not,” he pauses with a dark look on his face, “Then I’m afraid there’s nothing more we can do.” You nod in understanding, trying to muster a small smile of appreciation as he walks out to give you two some privacy.
Before the door can even close behind the doctor, tears are already falling from Jungkook’s eyes as he stares at you with the most heartbroken expression on his face. He should have been there for you. That’s all he can think as you offer him a small smile telling him that it’s okay and you don’t blame him at all. But it only makes him cry harder, feeling responsible for all of this and wishing he did something sooner.
“I’m sorry, I take it back. I didn’t mean anything I said,” he cries as he takes your hands in his. “I love you,” he chokes out through his sobs as he desperately stares at you through his tears. “Please,” he begs as you try your best to hold back your tears for him. “Please say it back,” he cries as his head falls into your lap, clutching you tightly as he cries into your stomach.
A single tear escapes and drips down your cheek as he buries his face in your torso but you’re quick to wipe it away before he can see. You know he feels responsible for all this but you don’t blame him at all, and you don’t want him to blame himself either. All you can do is smile and pat his head, gently running your fingers through his hair to comfort him to the best of your ability.
Your last “I love you” echoes through Jungkook’s head as he remembers the last thing you ever said to him that night in the practice room. It absolutely crushes him to know that he didn’t say it back when he was able to because now, you can’t say it at all. Karma really was a bitch.
Tumblr media
Jungkook is practically glued to your side during the days you spend recovering, fussing over you at every given moment. He’s taken some time off work not only to take care of you but to become better for you. The reason you got into an argument in the first place was because he was spending too much time at work and although changing now wouldn’t bring your voice back, he was determined to make it up to you in whatever ways he could.
“Are you hungry?” he asks to which you shake your head. “Thirsty then? Are you bored? Do you want to watch a movie?” he continues to fret about you. But even as you start to form a headache from shaking your head so much, you can’t help but smile fondly at him. You missed spending time at home together just enjoying each other’s company. As selfish as it sounds, it felt nice to feel like the focus of his attention for once. There wasn’t work or dance or music on his mind, just you. You knew what you were getting into when you started dating an idol, but for once, it felt like he loved you just as much as you loved him. Maybe even more.
As the days pass by, Jungkook seems to grow even more restless. Running around the house, looking for random things to do to keep him busy. But when the third day finally arrives, Jungkook does a complete one-eighty. Too afraid to find out if you truly lost your voice or not, he convinces you to wait an extra day, claiming that it’s better to give your voice an extra day to heal. You watch in amusement as Jungkook seems to be at war with himself. While he’s convinced you and himself to wait, he’s constantly asking how your throat feels and if you think it’s healed. 
When you finally get him to settle in for the night, you turn off the lamp as he slides into bed next to you. “Goodnight y/n,” he whispers as he places a kiss on your forehead, “I love you.” Ever since that day in the practice room, Jungkook has regretted not saying it back to you. So he’s made an effort to tell you he loves you as often as possible, making sure you knew how he really felt about you.
You agreed to wait to appease Jungkook and because a part of you was also afraid of the possibility of you truly losing your voice. But another part of you couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. You didn’t want to see the look on Jungkook’s face if you haven’t healed but there was no point in trying to avoid the inevitable. Closing your eyes to mentally prepare yourself, you take a deep breath before you open your mouth.
“I love you too,” you say softly. Your voice was still a little scratchy, but it was better than before. The fact that you could talk at all proved that your voice was not lost and slowly but surely, it would recover. The moment those words leave your mouth, Jungkook’s whole body freezes, his muscles going stiff as your voice registers in his mind.
Whipping his head around, he stares at you with wide eyes. “D-did-,” he stutters. “Did you just?” he can’t even form a proper sentence as he feels overwhelmed with emotions when you nod. In a flash, he throws his arms around your shoulders, causing you to fall back on the pillows as he buries his face in the crook of your neck.
Your wrap your arms around his waist as he hugs you tightly, pulling you close until there’s no space between you two as he sheds tears of relief. “I-” he hiccups, “I’m so glad you’re okay.” You feel his tears soak into your shirt as you gently rub his back. “I’m so sorry,” he cries harder.
“It’s okay,” you whisper into his hair and press a kiss on the top of his head. There was so much more you wanted to say to him, but even though your voice wasn’t lost, you still had to take it easy. Cradling his head to your shoulder, you gently run your fingers through his hair to soothe him.
Pulling away from him slightly, Jungkook looks up at you with watery eyes. The tip of his nose is red and he sniffles cutely as you gently use your thumbs to wipe away the tears on his cheeks. He pulls the blankets over the both of you before wrapping his arms around your waist, tucking your head under his chin as you place your hands against his chest. It felt like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders as he fell asleep with you in his arms knowing that when you two woke up, everything would be okay.
Tumblr media
The morning that Jungkook returns to work for the first time since your visit to the hospital, you have to practically kick him out of the house. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Jungkook asks for the tenth time that morning as you walk him to the door. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be perfectly fine!” you insist as you give him a push towards the door, “Now hurry up or else you’ll be late.” But he easily resists your shove, pulling you in for a quick hug and a peck on the lips.
Ever since you had gotten sick, Jungkook was paranoid about leaving you alone, afraid he wouldn’t be there for you if you needed him. It was especially hard for him because he had taken a lot of time off to be with you during your recovery, so it was hard for him to go back. Peeling him off of you, you laugh at his clinginess before pushing him out the door and sending him to work.
Throughout the day, you receive many text messages and calls from him, checking up on you and asking how you are. He gives you updates on all the boys, even turning on his camera and allowing them to say hi. About an hour before the time Jungkook finishes work, you start to cook dinner so it’ll be hot when he comes home.
Blasting BTS’ songs throughout the house, you sing along while you stir the pot. Not hearing the front door unlocking or the approaching footsteps, you jump when a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You let out a gasp before you hear Jungkook chuckle behind you, nuzzling his nose into the side of your neck. “Jungkook,” you breathe out in relief. “You scared me!” you lightly scold him as you smack him on the shoulder. But it only causes his laughter to grow as he backs off to go change.
Grabbing your phone, you pause the music now that he’s home, continuing to prepare the food. Walking back into the kitchen in a pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt, Jungkook raises an eyebrow at you. “Where’d the music go?” he asks. “I just paused it,” you answer him simply as you gesture to your phone sitting on the counter. It wasn’t that Jungkook didn’t like you playing their songs at home, but you weren’t the best singer on the planet, choosing to be considerate and spare his ears now that he was home.
“I didn’t tell you to stop,” he says, reaching for your phone on the counter and pressing play. “Keep singing please?” he asks with his big, puppy dog eyes that he knows you can’t resist. You were no professional singer but he didn’t care, he just wanted to hear your voice. “As you wish,” you give in with a sigh before proceeding to sing along loudly, not always on key and probably bothering your neighbours but you didn’t care.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” you ask sitting across the dining table from Jungkook. You had run out of things to talk about long ago but Jungkook insisted you keep talking, leading to you telling him about your day until you noticed how he was gazing at you. “Like what?” he asks. “Like... that,” you gesture to the way he’s resting his cheek on his palm as he continues to stare at you like you’re his whole world.
He shrugs nonchalantly as his eyes remain on you. “I like listening to you talk,” he admits unabashedly, causing your cheeks to heat up. Smiling at him, you continue to tell him about how you spent the whole day doing chores around the house. And even though Jungkook’s day was probably one hundred times more interesting than yours, he still listened as if you were talking about the most fascinating thing in the world because his favourite to listen to was you.
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may i request slow sex Taehyung audio with female partner? thank u in advance x
Taehyung x you audio smut / slow sex
Idk, this audio is sort of rough but at the same time it feels slow + it has kisses.
do not repost
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blue-jade · a day ago
duty before love (ii) | jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
➛ pairing(s): king!jungkook x servant!reader, king!jungkook x queen!oc
➛ genre(s): angst, smut, fluff, historical au, royalty au
➛ summary: many people believed you were lucky to be given the task of baring the king’s heir, but they didn’t know the troubles and heartache that came along with it.
➛ warning(s): swearing, unhealthy relationships, infidelity (kinda), mentions of bad parenting, smut, fingering, unprotected sex, pregnancy sex, impregnation kink, slightly rough/slightly soft sex, both reader and jungkook are so in love with each other, (please let me know if i forgot anything)
➛ word count: 6,475 words
Tumblr media
As months passed, many people in the palace, guards, servants, and other officials could see the change in the young king’s behavior. He seemed happier lately, always seen around the palace with a smile on his face. Also, wherever he was, you weren’t far away—more like the other way around. Ever since the announcement of the pregnancy, people in the palace would always find the king near you, either you two having your routine walk through the gardens, or sharing a meal with each other.
But the people of the palace weren’t the only ones that have noticed the change that has been happening around the palace—more specifically between you and Jungkook. The Queen herself have noticed it as well. Things were changing out of her control and she was not happy about it.
She would no longer wake up with him still sleeping beside her, or receive requests from him to have breakfast with him before they both go on about their day. He doesn’t even bother her for attention anymore.
Seohyun doesn’t just feel Jungkook slipping away from her grasp, but her throne as well as each day passed and falling straight onto your lap—and she was not going to let that happen without a fight.
“Honey,” she says just below a whisper, glancing to her husband sleeping soundly beside her. Jungkook only hums back in reply, eyes closed and back facing her. “Can you accompany me to breakfast tomorrow?”
That made Jungkook’s eyes instantly shoot open, turning to face her and stare at her confusingly. This was the first time she has ever requested for something like this instead of him. He’s always been the one to ask her to spend time with him—not the other way around. “Forgive me, Seohyun, but I already have plans with ____. We’re going down the mountain to her village tomorrow to see her mother.”
Seohyun instantly felt her chest tighten and jaw clench. “Why can’t her servants go with her instead of you? That’s why I assigned them to her in the first place, so that she won’t have to bother you anymore.”
“Because I already offered to go with her,” Jungkook answers with hints of annoyance in his voice, “plus I also want to meet her. She is the grandmother of our child—”
“No she isn’t.” Seohyun was quick to interrupt, eyes hardening and voice sharp. “She is just a woman, a nobody. That baby means nothing to her because it has no relations towards her.”
Jungkook rolled his eyes at her words, sighing. “Her daughter is carrying our child—and I already told you that ____ is going to be part of the baby’s life whether you like it or not. I’m not going to force someone who has genuine feelings towards them away.”
Seohyun’s eyes widened and brow raised. “What’s that suppose to mean?”
“I know you, Seohyun,” was all Jungkook said. “You’ve only viewed this baby as an a heir, a piece of property almost while ____ actually sees it as a person, a human being.” Seohyun opened her mouth to argue but Jungkook quickly cut her off, continuing. “I understand that having an heir is crucial to the kingdom but having a mother also is and I’m not going have our child grow up without one.”
Seohyun couldn’t deny that his words hurt her. “So you don’t see as a mother, that’s it?”
Jungkook signed, eyes closed as he released a deep breath. “That’s not what I meant, Seohyun.”
“So what did you mean?” She only got silence in reply, making her eyes roll and scoff. “Whatever.”
Jungkook watched as she then blew out the candle on her bedside before pulling the covers over her body and having her back face towards him. To be honest, Jungkook didn’t even know what he meant by that but he also didn’t regret saying it as well. He just didn’t want his child to go through what he had to go through as a child—being alone most of his life, not seeing his parents unless they requested for his presence first. And most of the time they only wanted him because they wanted to teach him something new or lecture him about something else. They never really shared meals with each other or even with him. He just never felt he had a family to begin with and he’d be damned if he’ll let his child suffer through the same fate he had.
Over the pass few months Jungkook began to notice how differently you and Seohyun pictured raising the unborn child.
Seohyun thought training should begin as soon as possible, mentioning how the moment the child starts to walk and talk that they should start with their schooling—preparing them both for the court and how to handle the people.
You on the other hand, thought that they should enjoy their childhood as long as they can because you both knew how cruel the royal court can be and a child shouldn’t have to suffer through that at such an early age.
Seohyun thought about what education they should have and how their royal attire should be designed, while you thought about what their name should be and how their nursery should look like.
You both weren’t completely wrong, but you both also weren’t completely right. You had the kind, soft mother instincts while Seohyun had the more strict one. The child needs both equally. They need to be loved and cared for, but disciplined appropriately also and not harshly—unlike what his parents did to him.
Jungkook reached over and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to where her back was pressed up against his bare chest. Nuzzling his face into her neck and brushing his lips against her earlobe, he whispered into her ear before leaning and pressing a kiss on her exposed shoulder, “you both can be their mother.”
That was the last thing he said before falling asleep. With his face resting in the curve of her neck, Jungkook wasn’t able to see the way Seohyun’s fingers gripped the sheets tightly or the way her eyes twitched and jaw clenched from his words.
She is going to be the only mother to that child—whether he likes it or not.
Tumblr media
“Oh honey, you’re here!”
A smile grew on your face the moment you heard your mother’s soothing voice. You stepped out of the carriage with the help of Jungkook by your side, hand laced together with yours. “Mother,” you attempted to run to her but was stopped by Jungkook when you slightly stumbled, one of his hands moving wrap around your waist. He gave you a look which made you smile apologetically at him. “Thank you.”
The moment your mother saw who was beside you, her eyes widen and she instantly bent down onto her knees to bow. But before she could, Jungkook was quick by her side and helping her back up. “There’s no need to be so formal with me, ma’am—we’re practically family at this point.”
That brought a smile on your mother’s face, and her smile only grew wider when her eyes then landed on your stomach. “Oh my goodness, look how big you are! How far along are you, dear?”
“Six months,” you answered with a grin, Jungkook sharing the same expression as you. You both were eager for the baby to arrive, excited to be able to hold the bundle of joy in your arms and see their adorable, precious face.
“Well, come in, come come,” your mother urged you both into her home, stepping aside to let you two inside before sliding the door closed behind. “I’m made your favorite—beef and potato stew.”
Your mouth instantly watered. You turned towards Jungkook and said with the widest grin, “you’re going to love it! My mother’s beef and potato stew is the best in the world, I promise!”
“I believe you.” Jungkook says back with a smile, heartwarming at your happy expression. He has never seen you this cheerful before and the sight of it made him feel content.
When stepping inside your mother’s home, Jungkook was left shocked on how small it was. There wasn’t any walls separating the tiny kitchen or the living space, and her bedroom which just consisted a bed was on clear display. Despite the home being small in general, Jungkook felt more welcome here than he has ever felt back at home. He couldn’t help but feel his heart flutter when seeing you happy, talking with your mother, both deep in a conversation with one another. Jungkook also couldn’t deny the feeling of dread in his heart though as he watched you with your mother, paranoia filling him as the thought of you leaving the place and returning home after delivering the baby consumed his mind.
Jungkook didn’t why he felt that way, you leaving would no doubt be the best for everyone. He and Seohyun will most likely no longer fight about you anymore, you would be able to have a normal life again. But just the small idea of not being able to see you again or talk to you again made Jungkook feel his heart ache.
If given the chance, would you really leave him and your guys’ child and return home? You would have a better life, not have to worry about the troubles of the court or Seohyun—but on the other hand, Jungkook wouldn’t even be able to see you again.
His thoughts didn’t last long though because next thing he knew he was seated at the table with you and your mother, enjoying the fine meal she has prepared for you two—and everything you’ve said about it was true. He definitely has to ask your mother for the recipe so that his chefs can make it for him and you.
The night was filled with heartwarming laughter and smiles as Jungkook listened to the many stories your mother shared of you on how your life was in the village, how you sometimes helped the village butcher or orphanage most of the time, and even some times spend it at the local farm and help take care of the animals.
Even though life was not easy and you and your mother struggled, you two still managed to find the strength that helped the both of you through it all—and Jungkook admired that. He knew that his officials and other royals would never last if they lived in rags rather than riches.
That’s what differentiated Jungkook from his parents. His parents always viewed the people of the Jeon Kingdom as peasants, nobodies and nothing more while Jungkook saw everyone as an equal. When he came to power, the first thing he did was have food banks built in every village across the entire kingdom, along with schools and shelters for the homeless. He was happy to see what he has done for his people have made everything better.
When Jungkook came to the village with you, seeing that there was nobody scrounging for food or people sleeping on the streets anymore, and kids were attending the schools brought a smile on his face.
His parents put themselves first before the people, Jungkook put them first before himself.
Tumblr media
When night came and you and Jungkook were about to leave, your mother was worried about the journey back to the palace since it was so late but he was quick to reassure her that you two are staying at the local inn for the night and leave for the palace in the morning.
The local inn you two were staying at was in the center of the village, a comfy two story place with a beautiful view of town square. The room the two of you were given had an average sized bed, table, and a gorgeous balcony decorated with many flowers. There was no doubt you two were given the most luxury room in the inn since the king himself was with you.
Even after taking separate baths and getting ready for bed, Jungkook had those thoughts from before return to his mind—the thought of you leaving him, alone, in palace made his heart ache. He watched you get ready for bed, dressed in nothing but a thin silk nightgown that was slightly transparent, enough to where he could see your smooth skin and six month along baby bump—himself being in only his trousers. Sleeping together wasn’t anything new, ever since your pregnancy was known Jungkook has spent many nights with you, and sleeping with barely any clothes on wasn’t new to either of you as well.
Jungkook was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear you calling his name until he felt your hand on his shoulder and glanced up to see you standing beside the bed right next to him, staring down at him with a concerned expression. “Sorry, what did you say?”
“I said,” you climbed over him, one hand on the bed and the other resting on your bump and sat down beside himself. “Are you alright? You have been awfully silent ever since we had dinner with my mother.”
“I’m fine, it’s just—” Jungkook pauses hesitantly, nibbling on his bottom lip as he reaches over and takes your hand in his, fingers lacing together. “Have you thought about what you want to do after you give birth? I know we talked about you staying at the palace and helping me take care of the baby,” his voice trails off, eyes darting down at your hands, “but you seemed so happy today and I don’t know if you’d be happier coming back home or staying with…me.”
Your heart warmed at his words. With your hand gripping his tightly, you used your other to cup his chin and raise his head up so that his eyes could meet yours. “What do you want, Jungkook?”
I want you to stay with me, was on his mind and that was exactly what Jungkook said to you, eyes filled with love and adoration as he caressed the back of your hand.
You smiled, sliding your hand up that was on his chin to his cheek, cupping his face and caressing his soft skin with your thumb. “Then I’ll stay.” That was all you had to say to make Jungkook’s heart nearly burst in his chest from excitement.
Jungkook couldn’t contain himself, he rushed forward and crashed his lips roughly onto yours, causing you to lean back slightly from the impact but kissed him nonetheless, your hand unlacing from his and wrapping your arms around his neck while his hands rested on your hips. The kiss was rough and passionate at the same time, filled with the love and yearning you shared with each other. The way his lips moved against yours, the feeling of his tongue pushing past and entering your mouth made your body tremble in his grasp.
You were the first to pull away, breathless and tilting your head back as Jungkook moved onto sliding his lips down your neck and shoulders, leaving marks on your smooth, perfect skin while his hands grazed the sash tied around your nightgown. “May I,” his voice was heavy and you could feel his breath against your skin. And when you nodded he didn’t waste anytime to undo your nightgown’s sash, letting the fabric fall from your body and reveal your bare chest.
Jungkook gawked at the sight of your large bump and breasts, which have grown tremendously due to your pregnancy. “So beautiful,” he mumbles underneath his breath before taking one of your breasts into his mouth, wrapping his lips around your nipple and swirling his tongue around the hardened nub while his other caressed the other.
You couldn’t contain the moans spewing out of your mouth, your hands finding their way onto his hair, gripping as he quickened the pace of his fingers sliding through your folds and his thumb rubbing your clit. With the pregnancy and your intense hormones, you didn’t realize how sensitive you were until you felt yourself suddenly cumming around his fingers without any warning, surprising Jungkook as he felt your juices coat his thick digits.
“S-Sorry…” you mumbled breathlessly, sweat sticking to your forehead as your grip on his hair and shoulders loosened.
“It’s okay, baby.” Jungkook quickly reassured you, using his other hand to run through your hair gently and leaning up to peck your lips softly. And with great care and gentleness, Jungkook then shifted himself and flipped you both to where you were now on your back and his hands were on your knees, spreading your legs and exposing your glistening cunt for him to admire.
Jungkook slowly guided his index finger through your folds, coating his finger with your release as he kept his gaze trained on your facial expression, making sure he wasn’t hurting you as he slipped it inside you, watching your eyes clench shut and fingers gripped onto the bedsheets. “Does it hurt?”
You quickly shook your head, a small whimper leaving your lips as you arched your back. “No, keep going—please.”
That was all Jungkook had to hear before slowly thrusting his finger in and out of you, groaning at tight feeling of your walls clenching around his digit. After feeling yourself relaxing against him, he added another finger, then added another, soon he was thrusting three fingers in and out of you, using his thumb to rub your clit as he felt you reach your second orgasm, juices flowing out of your trembling pussy and leaking onto the bed.
“Please,” you begged softly, chest heaving and sweat already glistening off your skin. You slowly reached over and palmed Jungkook through his trousers, earning another groan out of him.
“Don’t worry, baby.” Jungkook pulled your hand away, lowering his trousers himself and revealing his fully erect cock, the tip already red and leaking precum. You attempted to sit up, eager to return the pleasure he gave you but he was quick to stop you, taking your hand and pecking the back of it. You were about to say something but he beat you to it. “Tonight is all about you, you don’t have to worry about me.”
You only pouted, making Jungkook chuckle. “Just lean back, baby, and let me do all the work.”
You obeyed him, laying yourself back against the bed as you felt him drag his cock along your folds, coating his length with your juices. Once he was slick enough, Jungkook slowly and gently pushed himself into you, his head breaching your tight walls and forcing himself in until he was fully bottomed out inside you.
“Oh fuck,” Jungkook groans, instantly nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck as your hands immediately found themselves gripping his broad shoulders. “Tell me when you’re okay,” he says as he leaned up to stare at you, kissing away the tears that escaped from your eyes and slid down your face.
You didn’t say anything, only squeezed his shoulders, which was enough to tell him to go on. Jungkook pulled out only to where his tip was left in before thrusting himself entirely back into you, forcing another moan out of you two. “Awh fuck, you’re squeezing me so tight!”
A whiny cry came out of you as you felt him give you another slow, deep thrust, making you wrap your legs around his waist and pulling him flushed against your body, his chest pressing against yours. Jungkook still held himself up above you, his hands on either side of you, careful not to put too much weight on your stomach.
“So beautiful,” you could hear him mumble in your ear, his breathing becoming uneasy as he started increasing his thrusts, the pace of them becoming faster, more harsher. The combined sound of your moans and his groans, along with skin slapping echoed in the room, your hands clawing at his back and legs tightening around him as the bed started to shake with each thrust. “So perfect.”
“So big,” you whimpered out, more tears glistening in your eyes and some escaping and sliding down your cheeks. “So full…”. It’s been a while since you two have been intimate with each other—a month at least and it feels like your first with one another again from how tight you were.
Noticing the way your eyes were clenched shut, Jungkook pauses his thrusts and asks. “Are you alright, baby?”
You quickly nodded your head, opening your eyes. “Yes,” you reassured him, grasping the back of his neck and bringing him down so that his lips could meet yours in a passionate kiss. “Keep going…”
Jungkook listened, continuing his thrusts, this time going much faster and harder, each thrust making the bed creak and your body shake in his grasp. He admired the sight, watching your breasts bounce in front of his eyes every time he slammed into you. He didn’t hesitate leaning down and taking one of your nipples into your mouth again, forcing another whimper out of you and your legs tightening around him, keeping his hips flushed against yours.
“You’re so amazing,” Jungkook pulled his mouth from your nipple with a pop sound, lifting himself up and admiring the sight of your body glistening with sweat, hair sprawled out across the sheets and baby bump on full display, carrying your child—his child. “Absolutely perfect, baby. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”
“I-I should be asking that,” you moaned, body trembling as Jungkook continued pounding into you, one of his hands sliding down between your bodies and reaching down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts.
Jungkook moved his other hand to your stomach, admiring and caressing your large, evident bump. “You look stunning carrying my child,” he says while decreasing the pace of his thrusts, angling himself to where he now hits a deeper part inside you that makes your toes curl and body tremble underneath. “Maybe I should knock you up again after we have this baby. Would you like that, hon? Carrying more of my children for me?”
“Yes yes!” You nodded your head eagerly, “please just give me it!”
Jungkook was smirking, soothing you as he ran his hands along your body. The idea of you carrying another child made him turned on even more, making his thrusts more rough and hard, causing you to whimper and moan, clawing at his back and pulling him even closer to you with your legs.
There was no doubt that the other occupants of the inn could hear you two but did either of you care? No, you didn’t. Because moments like this, being able to be alone with one another without any wandering eyes, being able to hold each other and kiss each other, feel each other is hard to find nowadays with how busy Jungkook has been.
Right here at this moment, to you and to him—this was heaven.
“I love you.”
When those three words suddenly came out of your mouth, everything stopped around you two. Jungkook paused his thrusts, his body hovering over yours and your eyes sharing the same shocked expression. “What did you just say?”
“I-I—forgive me, your Majesty I over stepped—” you were silenced when Jungkook gripped your chin, forcing your avoiding eyes to meet his gaze, his expression how stern.
“No,” he snapped, “say what you just said, again.”
Swallowing the lump that was in your throat, you repeated your exact words while staring right into his eyes. “I love you.”
Jungkook’s heart was racing as he stared at you. “Are you serious?”
Hesitantly, you slowly nodded your head at him. “Yes, I am.”
The silence you were receiving from him made your heart stop in your chest. You couldn’t deny that you have grown feelings for the young king over the months you have spent with each other. There was a part of you that thought Jungkook felt the same way, but judging from the reaction you were getting made you think otherwise now. “Forgive me, I-I know you don’t feel the same way and you’re married, your Majesty. It was wrong of me to confess to you.”
Despite the many months you spent together, sleeping beside each other, sharing meals with one another, you two never really discussed what type of relationship you had. There was a part of you that knew you were just a surrogate to him, but there was also part that believed that you were something more to him—perhaps you were wrong.
Jungkook still hasn’t said anything, only staring down at you, completely frozen. “Your Majesty, are you alright—”
“I love you too.” The words flew out of his mouth faster than his mind could even comprehend it but that doesn’t mean he didn’t mean it as well.
Your eyes widened at his words, “you do?”
Jungkook didn’t say anything. He leaned down and pressed his lips softly against yours. This kiss was much different than the previous ones you two have shared in the past. Though the kisses you’ve had were also passionate, this was slow, deep, as if he was pouring everything he has felt towards you into it. “I love you,” he says against your lips, one of his hands cupping your face while the other was on the side of your head supporting his weight above you. “I love you.”
As you kissed back and felt and heard him say those three words repeatedly against your lips, you could feel your eyes glisten with tears. The man that has held your heart for months feels the same way as you.
Same goes for Jungkook, for the first time in his entire life he actually has someone who loves him literally, for who he is not who he is suppose to be. Someone who wants to be around him willingly, who wants to spend time with him, get to know him—the real him, who wants to have a future with him.
“I love you,” Jungkook repeats into the kiss, slowly moving his hips back and forth, continuing his thrusts. “I love you so much…”
You couldn’t contain the couple tears from spilling when hearing those words repeatedly, you swore you even felt some tears land on your face.
Moans starting coming out of the two of you as Jungkook started to continue his thrusts, leaving the two of shaking and leaning into one another, foreheads pressed against each other. Jungkook held onto you so close to where you could feel his chest beating against yours as he thrusted slowly in and out of you.
You two were so lost in one another, lips molded together, both breathing heavy and skin slapping against each other. Neither of you could stop the moans and groans that were spewing out of your mouths, both of you eager to reach your release.
Jungkook’s hands were tight on your waist, keeping your body held down on the bed as he drove his cock in and out of you in a rough pace, each thrust taking your breath away and making you arch against the bed. Your own hands were just about everywhere, clawing at his back, fisting the sheets as you could feel your climax coming, and Jungkook wasn’t far along. His thrusts were becoming rough and unsteady, each one hitting a deeper spot and dragging a whimper out of you and groan from him.
“I’m close,” you moaned into his ear, one of your hands clawing his back while the other was in his hair, running through and gripping onto his dark, smooth locks.
“I know, I know,” Jungkook whispered back, his face nuzzled into your neck as he pounded in and out of you. “Me too,” he gasps when feeling you clench around him, his cock throbbing in result to that.
You were the first one to reach your release, cumming around him with a loud cry, your juices coating his cock as he continued to hammer into you, groans falling from his lips. Jungkook wasn’t far behind, hips slamming against yours, and with one final thrust he found himself cumming deep inside you, painting your walls white with his load. Jungkook gave you a few more thrusts, making sure he has fully emptied himself in you before pulling out, forcing a whimper out of you from the sudden absence, emptiness.
“Fuck,” Jungkook groaned, leaning down and pecking your lips.
You only smiled up at him, returning the kiss with the same amount of passion he was giving you.
Jungkook helped clean you up and slip your nightgown back on before putting his trousers back on. After you two were clean, he laid down beside you and took you into his arms, one of his hands resting on your baby bump while the other was wrapped around you, keeping you close.
As you two laid with each other, sharing kisses. The last thing you heard was “I love you” before you found yourself falling asleep peacefully in his arms.
Jungkook couldn’t stop smiling as he watched you sleep in his arms. He finally found someone who he loves that actually loves him back. This right here, having you in his arms was heaven—and he didn’t want this to end.
Tumblr media
Heaven was gone the moment the carriage passed through the palace gates and Jungkook’s eyes fell upon the one person who is stopping you two from your guys’ happy ending—Seohyun.
When Jungkook saw his wife standing at the palace entrance, his chest tightened and his grip on your hand got tighter as he helped you out of the carriage, his eyes never leaving hers. “Welcome home, my love.” He could hear the mocking tone in the her voice, almost as if she was trying to get a reaction out of the two of you. “How was your trip? Exciting, I hope.”
“It was,” Jungkook answered, running his thumb over the back of your hand when he felt you tense up when approaching Seohyun.
Seohyun must’ve noticed it because Jungkook saw how her eyes suddenly shifted towards you, watching as you bowed your head at her. “You should show more respect in front of your Queen. A mediocre bow like that,” she chuckles darkly. “You should be on your knees with your head to the ground when greeting me.”
Jungkook’s jaw clenched and he felt you loosen your grip on his hand. He watched as you began to lower to the ground but before you actually hit the ground he stopped you, grasping your arm and helping you back up onto your feet.
“That is enough, Seohyun.” Jungkook warned her, glaring at her slightly in which she returned the same expression. “Now, the journey was long and we’re tired, so we’re going to get cleaned up and get some rest.”
Jungkook didn’t wait for her to say anything, pushing past her with you in his arms as he led you two to your guys’ chambers. Jungkook knew sooner or later he would have to confront Seohyun—he chose later, wanting you to be comfortable first back home before doing so.
Tumblr media
After helping you with your bath and staying with you until you were fully asleep, Jungkook decided that it was finally time to speak to Seohyun and end what they have.
When he came to their—her chambers, he was left stunned at the sight in front of him when he stepped inside. In front of him was Seohyun in nothing but nightgown, the material transparent enough to where he could see her pale, smooth skin and her breasts, nipples hard and nearly poking through her sleepwear. “W-What are you doing, Seohyun—” Jungkook stuttered, eyes wide and throat bobbing.
“Can’t I surprise my husband?” Jungkook was frozen as she climbed out of bed and approached him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her chest against his. “You have been spending so much time with ____ and barely any with me.”
Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s good that she is an amazing queen and ruler, because she was not a good actress. “You can stop,” he unwrapped her arms around his neck and gently pushed her away, putting some distance between them. “I just came here to inform you that I won’t be sleeping here anymore. I’ll be with ____.”
“What?” Seohyun instantly exclaimed, her seductive expression now shocked and confused. “But I am your wife. You should sleeping with me, not with her—”
“When have we ever been husband and wife?” Jungkook interrupted her, eyes flaring with anger. “Aren’t you the one that told me that we didn’t marry each other out of love, but for duty instead—that we’re King and Queen first before husband and wife! You don’t have to act like you love me now anymore.”
“What is that suppose to mean? I have always loved you, Jungkook—”
“Cut the bullshit, Seohyun!” Jungkook shouted, slamming the dresser shut and startling Seohyun. “Before ____ came into our lives you have never given me a time of day, I had to get on my knees for you to even glance at me. But now, once I started spending more time with her you started to feel threatened by her, thinking that she would take the throne from you. Am I wrong?”
Jungkook chuckled when he didn’t get any reply from her, only seeing how she avoided his gaze. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about ____, she doesn’t want the throne.” That got Seohyun’s attention, making her eyes wide. “The only thing she wants is to be there for our child and that is exactly what I’m giving her.”
Jungkook went to leave, having nothing else to say but was stopped when he felt her hand on his bicep. “What’s changed?” Seohyun couldn’t help but ask because the man that stood right in front of her wasn’t the man she used to know—the one who would always beg for her attention, always listen to her every command and seek for her acceptance. “You have been in love with me ever since we were children—”
“I thought I loved you,” Jungkook started, voice softening. “But ____ taught me what love really is, what it really feels like. You never loved me, you only loved the power that it came with being with me. She loves me for me, she got to know the real me and she actually wants to spend time with me.”
Silence overcame the two of them, the confrontation, the truth, his words, everything felt like a stab to Seohyun. “What does that mean, Jungkook? What happens to me once you go to her, go to that—that servant?!”
Jungkook sighed, wanting to keep his cool. “You’re going to stay as the Queen—like I said, ____ wants nothing to do with throne, she only wants to be here for our child. I may be the King, and you may be my Queen, but that is it because my heart now belongs to ____. She is going to be my wife, and she is going to be the mother of my children. I hope you can understand that.”
Seohyun didn’t say anything back, only bowed her head in return.
Jungkook took one last glance at her and said, “goodbye, Seohyun” before leaving her chambers and her behind—ending what they had finally.
He was free.
Tumblr media
Jungkook kept his word in the end.
Seohyun remained on the throne by his side, leading the people as their Queen—as his Queen and nothing more. And you were his wife, the love of his life, the one person he sleeps besides every night and wakes up to every morning.
After Jungkook confronted Seohyun that night, there was peace throughout the palace. He was right the entire time, she only did care about her crown. The moment he secured her place as the Queen, Seohyun no longer troubled either of you or tried to force you out of the palace.
Everyone was content.
Seohyun kept her place as Queen.
Jungkook and you can live happily together.
Of course there has been obstacles along the way, mostly from other royals gossiping and the officials trying to persuade Jungkook into remarrying Seohyun—wanting to keep the royal bloodline fresh even though you were the one to give him his heir. But Jungkook was quick to shut them down and remind them who is in charge.
Now, nobody dared to speak up against Jungkook—because if they did they would have to deal with him, and nobody wanted to deal with an angry king.
Tumblr media
Jungkook couldn’t help but admire the sight in front of him, his heart beating roughly in his chest as he watched you sway your guys’ son in your arms while humming a lullaby.
He slowly approached you two and placed his hands on your hips, swaying with you and placing a small kiss on your neck. “He’s so perfect.” You hummed in agreement, relaxing against his touch as you both watched your son in your arms, who was sound asleep in your arms.
Once you were for sure he was in a deep sleep, you slowly lowered him into his crib and when he was tucked in peacefully you turned around to face Jungkook and melted into his grasp, heart skipping as his arms tightened around your body, your head resting against his chest and his chin sitting on top of your head.
“Thank you for giving me this,” you heard Jungkook whisper quietly, careful not to wake up your guys’ son. “For giving me a child, a family.”
You chuckled into his chest, closing your eyes briefly and enjoying his touch and his warmth. “You seem to forget that you helped make this happen—literally.”
That made Jungkook laugh too, leaning down and pecking your head. “Have you ever thought about having more children?”
“Yes,” you answered without hesitation but quickly added, “not right now though.”
You gave birth to your son two months ago, and even though having a child is a wonderful thing in the world, you just wanted to enjoy having your body back and raise your guys’ kid without having to deal with another pregnancy at the time.
“That’s alright,” Jungkook leaned into you, pecking your head and tightening his grip on you. “I can wait. This time though, I want a girl.”
“Okay,” you chuckled, Jungkook following after. “I’m sure that can be arranged, and if does not happen the next time, then I guess we are going to have to try again and again and again…”
“That’s my girl,” was the only thing Jungkook said before leaning down and pressing his lips softly onto yours.
Taking one last glance at your guys’ sleeping son, you two made your way out of his room and into your chambers.
Once you two were in bed, you were the first to fall asleep—Jungkook always made sure you were the first to sleep, saying how you deserve the rest but you knew it was really so that he could watch you sleep. “Is it wrong for me wanting to admire my beautiful wife,” being his exact words to you. And that’s exactly what he was doing right now.
Jungkook couldn’t help but watch as you slept peacefully in his arms, your beauty never failing to take his breath away. He pressed a couple kisses on the top of your head, feeling you nuzzling more into chest afterwards. To this day he still couldn’t believe how lucky he got to have you in his life.
After all the years of craving requited love—Jungkook finally has it, and not only that, he now has a family, a real family.
Jungkook was finally happy.
Tumblr media
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“Don’t ever write a cypher about me, I’ll cry.”
yoongi x reader (oc) genre: angst; fluff word count: 3.6K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here’s part 2 to “I’m not walking out on you” in which Yoongi and reader/Kid get into a pretty major fight. This takes place that same night and the next day. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
Sleep doesn’t come too easy for those with the weight of two aching hearts inside their chest. The throbbing of your own heart, you could handle. But knowing you were the cause of your lover’s pain sat heavy in your mind. The look of regret, hurt, defeat that was etched across Yoongi’s features was impossible to shake, hovering over you like a sleep paralysis demon of your own creation.
Your tears had stopped since you shut yourself away in your bedroom, but the regret was all the more deep and unsettling. At the sound of the washing machine beeping on the other side of the door, you rolled onto your side, facing the wooden barrier that kept you from Yoongi. You were so sick of walls, but it was all that you knew.
Lifting yourself from the mattress, you began tiptoeing across the room to move the bedding to the dryer. You couldn’t sleep anyway. However, when you carefully pulled the door open, not wanting to alert your boyfriend of your activity, you were stopped in your tracks, the air leaving your lungs as you remained completely still. Peeking through the slightly ajar door, you watched as Yoongi transferred the sheets from the washing machine to the dryer.
He didn’t hear the door open, appearing oblivious to your presence. And perhaps that was why he wasn’t more careful in concealing the sniffle that sounded in the hallway, the small fragile sound stabbing your heart. When he raised his arm to his face, using the sleeve of his hoodie to wipe across his cheek, there was no mistaking the emotional state of the man. Yoongi was crying, and it was your fault.
Feeling as though you were going to be sick, you quickly but quietly shut the door, hiding away behind the barrier once again. You should have stepped into the hallway and faced the man you loved, but your cowardice always seemed to win. Instead, you stood frozen, your back pressed against the wood, your jaw clenched, and your eyes filling with tears once again.
If only you had known that the click of the latch registered in Yoongi’s ears, the man turning to see the door closed. However, he knew you were just on the other side, he could feel your presence. Yoongi had stepped toward the door, raising his arm and nearly knocking before deciding against it. Maybe you wanted space, maybe you didn’t want to see him. Sighing, he started the dryer before returning to the couch, all while you leaned against the door wishing you had the courage to step outside.
As you remained restless in bed, you couldn’t help but think about how you had ambushed Yoongi. You could tell that as far as he knew, you and him didn’t have any issues. Replaying the fight in your head, the interaction with him earlier in his studio, the past couple weeks, you realized he was completely oblivious to how you had been feeling. How could the fight ever be fair if he had no indication of any problems? And to bring up his mistake from nearly a year ago that you knew he regretted, whether it still hurt you or not, was cruel.
You left him defenseless; the man who always lowered his defenses when it came to you.
Curiosity and your undeniable pull to Yoongi getting the best of you, you found yourself in the hallway, headed toward the living room where he was sleeping for the night. With how still everything in the apartment was, you worried for just a moment that maybe he had actually left, despite his promise not to walk out on you. You wouldn’t even blame him if he did. However, you caught a glimpse of the messy hair that sat atop his head where he rested against the arm of the sofa, once again reminding you of how foolish your misguided accusations were. Of course he didn’t leave.
Stepping closer to him, you carefully peeked over the top of the sofa to see him lying on his back, his mouth slightly ajar as he slept, his arms folded across his body as though he was trying to secure as much warmth as he could. More than ever you were regretting the fight, wishing you could wrap your arms around him and let him use up all the body warmth you had to offer.
You were surprised to find him sleeping so soundly, as he usually couldn’t find slumber when his mind was busy processing stress or conflict. His exhausted state made you feel even more guilty as you realized how little you took his current workload into consideration when targeting your attacks at him. And that’s when you realized that even more than you expected him to be late for your date that night, you wanted him to be. Because then it would validate your anger without you having to discuss how you had been feeling. It was a fix all, a get out of jail free card; finally release the anger that had been building up over the past two weeks and then move on. What you didn’t consider was the casualty you turned your boyfriend into. Nor did you expect the insecurity you still felt from the start of your relationship to surface. There was a time, one single time, when you didn’t find Yoongi asleep on your couch after a fight.
But he was there now. And you needed to find a way to let go of the past, forgive, and move forward together.
Lost in your thoughts and revelations, you were suddenly pulled back into the present moment when the dryer beeped to signal it had completed its cycle. Jumping in start, your eyes widened as you stared at Yoongi, hoping he wouldn’t wake up and catch you watching him. Frozen for just a few seconds, you waited for any sign of consciousness before quickly backing away and heading for the dryer.
Reaching into the machine, your arms were shrouded with the warmth of freshly dried blankets. Glancing over your shoulder at the sofa, you pouted, remembering how cold Yoongi looked. Without a second thought, you found yourself approaching Yoongi once more, comforter in hand. Stopping in front of the couch, you peered down at him and prepared to drape the warm blanket over him.
However, you spotted one of his yellow notepads stuck between his arm and abdomen, full of words that he must have scribbled down before falling asleep. It was lyrics, no doubt, and normally you would have read over the words with great curiosity and appreciation for Yoongi’s lyrical talent. But with the previous events of your evening with Yoongi, you felt as though that would be an invasion of privacy. Or maybe you were worried you would find harsh words about yourself, though realistically you doubted it. Whatever the reason, you gently tugged on the notepad, freeing it of his grasp before setting it aside on the coffee table, along with the pen that rolled onto his stomach.
As carefully as you could, you set the blanket over his frame, tucking it in just slightly around him, not wanting to wake the man. Satisfied with your work, you stepped back and glanced at his features, ensuring his eyes were still shut, his mouth still open signaling a deep sleep.
His cheeks were so soft and plush, his facial structure so delicate. You could stare at him for ages but you worried the unspoken love and regret that was screaming within your heart and mind would wake him. But for just a moment longer, you inspected his features, appreciating the soft gentleness that was always so present within them. If only you could be more like him. You were certain the world would be so much kinder, considerate, and serene if more people could embody the stunning nature that was your boyfriend. Yoongi had never once lashed out against you in the way that came so naturally to you. You wondered if he knew how much you appreciated that about him. Even when angry, he was always so gentle.
Sighing, you forced yourself to leave him to sleep, returning to your room where you would continue to ruminate on the mistakes that you wish you could take back.
Tumblr media
You didn’t know at what point you had finally succumbed to sleep but you did know that Yoongi was the only thing on your mind when you slipped into a state of slumber. Consciousness came slow at first, your mind hazy as you took your time piecing together the elements of the new morning. And then it came fast, anxiety crashing through you as you recalled the events of the previous night and realized you’d have to face Yoongi.
The sound of rummaging from outside the room alerted you that your boyfriend was awake and moving around. A part of you wanted to stay locked away, safe within the walls of your bedroom. But a larger part knew you had to emerge and try to fix the damage you had caused. Instinct and habit were battling it out with growth and trust, and you knew which you had to choose.
Emerging from your self-made cell, you sheepishly made your way toward the kitchen where the sounds of action were coming from. The smell of food cooking suddenly flooded your nostrils and when you turned into the kitchen, you found Yoongi standing at the stove as he prepared breakfast, two awaiting plates set to the side. Why was he cooking for you?
As you entered his peripheral, he turned to you, his eyes wide, his features as gentle as ever. The tension was palpable, but the slight upturn of Yoongi’s mouth helped to cut it just slightly.
“Thanks for the blanket,” he spoke to you, your heart racing at the minor interaction. Nodding at him, he returned his gaze back down to the contents within the frying pan. “Did you sleep ok?”
Scrutinizing him slightly, you stared at him as he tossed around the egg mixture, his eyes not lifting as he patiently waited for your response. “Not really,” you admitted quietly, Yoongi’s sweet orbs meeting yours once again. How could he look at you with so much understanding after last night? He should be angry and bitter, lecturing you on your behavior.
The man silently turned to the coffee pot, filling one of your mugs before adding some milk and sugar, fixing it just how you liked it. The simple gesture had tears pricking your eyes because after everything, he was still caring for you. Because he wanted to.
Walking toward you, he held the steaming ceramic cup out to you, forcing a small smile of gratitude from you. “Thanks,” you whispered as you took the coffee from him, holding back tears that Yoongi immediately noticed.
“Kid,” he whispered with a frown just as you directed your misty eyes to the contents of the mug, suddenly finding the tan coloring of the liquid fascinating. “Hey,” he called for your attention.
“I’m sorry,” you mumbled childishly. “I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know how to-” you cut yourself off as a tear fell to your thumb, your hand wrapped around the warm mug. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
“What do you mean?” Yoongi asked, stepping toward you and placing a hand to the back of your head. He dipped his face into your eye line, forcing you to meet his gaze. “I love you.”
The three words served as a reminder and an explanation, as if his love for you meant he wouldn’t want to treat you with anything but kindness. And that was new. Foreign. And overwhelming.
When he leaned forward to press his lips to your forehead, it all felt even more confusing but you were grateful. Grateful for the respect and compassion he dedicated to you, even when you didn’t feel deserving.
“You don’t know how to do what?” He asked softly, his lips ghosting over your skin.
Pulling away from you, he looked into your eyes. Yoongi was someone who was always a bit awkward with eye contact, struggling to maintain it for too long even with you, and that’s when you realized how hard he was trying to break through your walls. The man was pushing himself outside of his comfort zone in hopes of pulling you out of yours, so you could fall into him like a safety net. He wanted to be that for you.
“You’re supposed to be mad at me or giving me the silent treatment or something and I just-” you shrugged as Yoongi’s eyebrows pulled together as though he was studying you. “It feels like you’ve already forgiven me and I don’t know how to do this without the anger or feeling like I have to grovel for your love.”
The man shook his head instantly, a pout forming on his pretty lips. “You never have to grovel for my love, who taught you that, Kid?” He asked sadly, his empathy washing over you and your past. “I just love you,” he told you for the second time that morning. And as your heart pounded against your chest, Yoongi’s hand found your lower back. “We do this by talking about it. With understanding and accountability. So will you sit at the island and talk to me while I finish cooking us breakfast?”
You had never had a safe place to land, making you believe you were meant to fly, never staying in one place for too long. But Yoongi was giving you that place to land, to rest, to find shelter. Nodding at him, he gave you a small close mouthed smile, one of those ones that pushed his soft cheeks up in just the way you loved. His hand slowly dragged around to your side before sliding off your hip as he headed back to the stove. And you followed, taking a place on one of the stools, setting your mug on the island as you watched Yoongi appreciatively.
“I’m sorry for leaving in the past,” he started, your eyes popping wide open, not expecting for him to initiate the conversation there. “I’m sorry for not fighting for you, and I’m sorry that still looms over you. I had hoped that you were able to move past it but I understand the impact it made and the precedent it set.”
“I wasn’t holding it over you,” you interjected, not wanting him to think that you were hanging onto his mistakes to use against him. “I didn’t even know it still hur-” you cut yourself off, feeling guilty for bringing the word hurt into the discussion.
“It hurts you, Kid,” he looked up from the pan as he spoke. “You can say that.”
“It’s just when that happened it reaffirmed at the time everything I knew to be true about love, you know? Like, it’s fleeting and within an instant it can be removed,” you explained.
“I understand,” he nodded. “And you shouldn’t feel guilty for being affected by my actions.”
“The same can be said for you,” you pointed out, a small smile curving on Yoongi’s lips.
“Touché ,” he lightheartedly commented, making you smile in return. “But you were feeling rejected, Kid. That is on me.”
“No, because I never vocalized anything,” you disagreed.
“I should have known,” he mumbled, expressing disappointment in himself.
“Are you a mind reader?” You asked him, making him stop his inward spiral as he stared at you. “I should have told you so much sooner how I was feeling. I didn’t. That was immature of me.”
Taking a moment to think, the man shook his head at himself. “I still should have never made you feel rejected,” he said, defeat evident in his tone.
“Yoongi,” you sighed. “Baby, sometimes I worry that you make so few mistakes in our relationship that you get this standard of perfection thrown on you, and that’s not realistic. You’re going to fuck up, I’m going to fuck up, I don’t want it to be the end of the world when that happens.”
Stunned by your words, he stared at you with widened eyes, his jaw slightly opened, appearing almost frozen in place. Closing his mouth, he cleared his throat before wetting his lips just slightly, his tongue lingering in the corner of his mouth as he sorted through his thoughts.
“I just don’t want to hurt you,” he admitted softly, your lips forming into a pout as tears formed in your eyes.
“I know that,” you assured him. “Yoon, we had one of our biggest fights last night where I gave you my worst and since then I’ve caught you finishing my laundry and cooking me fucking breakfast, and you’ve been nothing but sweet to me, and- do you know how incredible that is? How much that means to me?”
Yoongi blinked quickly, an attempt to conceal the tears that had bubbled in his own eyes. You were certain that a conflict as big as the one you and Yoongi had found yourselves in should be harder to fix. There should be more conversation, more pleading, more tears, more fighting. But he presented you with a safety net, and you found yourself breaking through your own walls and falling into it.
“I love you,” you told him, wanting to assure him the way he did you.
Sighing, he stared at you, gratitude shimmering in his orbs. “Can you forgive me for the past?”
“I already did,” you told him sincerely. And you had. “It’s just a process, you know, unlearning what I thought love was and relearning it as, this,” you gestured between yourself and Yoongi. “I have to accept that this is how you love me and that you’re not going anywhere.” Shrugging at him, you huffed. “Insecurities work their way in but I trust you, Yoongi.”
“I’m still sorry. For the past, and for making you feel rejected,” he told you, making you glare at the man.
“I accept your apology, and it’s ok. But I don’t want you living in a constant state of apology, I won’t allow it,” you told him sternly.
The comment drew a breathy chuckle out of the man, Yoongi’s small gummy smile pushing out the remaining tension, and effectively filling your lungs with air.
“I’m sorry for being immature and blowing up,” you told him. “And for bringing up past shit and being mean and not vocalizing my concerns and-”
“Hey,” he smiled sweetly. “It’s all ok. Really, Kid, we’re ok.”
Nodding at him, you sighed in relief. You were still left with some remaining guilt over the fight, which you’d be making up for whether he wanted you to or not. But you felt a sense of closure to last night, the past two weeks, and the fight that nearly ended your relationship before it could truly start almost a year ago.
As Yoongi broke away from the conversation to place the finished food onto the plates, you glanced to the side of the island, noticing the yellow notepad that sat with the first page folded over the top binding. More words were scribbled than last night, indicating that Yoongi had woken up and finished jotting down lyrics before you emerged from your room.
“Did you read them?” Yoongi’s voice cut through your thoughts as he appeared beside you, setting a plate in front of you. Looking up from the notepad to meet his gaze, you shook your head.
“I didn’t feel like I had the right,” you told him, Yoongi pulling his eyebrows together in scrutiny. “Plus it was dark in there, my eyes aren’t that good,” you joked.
“Yeah you’re blind,” he humorously deadpanned.
“I am,” you easily agreed.  
“You could have read them,” he returned to the original topic as he gently dug his fingers through your slept-on hair, massaging the roots sweetly. “It’s about you.”
“A new cypher verse?” You teased, eliciting a chuckle from the man as his shoulders shook adorably.
“You’ll have to do a lot more to earn yourself a cypher verse, Kid.”
Shooting him a glare with your eyebrow raised, you smirked. “Is that a challenge?”
“No,” he shook his head, leaning down toward you. “It’s not,” he whispered just before his lips met yours, kissing you softly. Your hand found his waist, wanting to hold some piece of him as you kissed him back, pouring forgiveness and love into the act.
When he pulled away, a stupidly cute gummy grin directed to you, you couldn’t help but return the smile, a small giggle slipping from your lips. “Don’t ever write a cypher about me, I’ll cry,” you told him jokingly. “Even when I’m mean,” you added with a forced pout, Yoongi smiling just before placing a peck to your mouth once more.
“You call that mean?” He asked as he pulled away and sat down in the stool next to you. “You’re gonna have to do much better than that, I’m Min Yoongi.”
“He says Min Yoongi as if that’s not synonymous with a honey boy,” you teased as you took a bite of your food, immediately moaning at the taste. Yoongi pulled a disgusted expression at your dramatized reaction to the food, making you giggle.
“I’m your honey boy. That hasn’t changed,” he pointed out just as he took a bite himself.
And as you stared at him with a dumb smile, your eyes holding all of the love in the world, you felt excitement and gratitude that you’d get to shower him in all that love and affection for as long as he’d let you. And if that morning was any indication, he’d be letting you for your entire lives.
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Tumblr media
PAIRING : Yandere!Hoseok x Reader
SUMMARY : The Mating Season is a wondrous time for all the wolves. Well, as wondrous as Alphas fighting against Alphas for their desires Omegas can be. You wish for it to pass quickly. Receive zero offers or worse, get mated to an Alpha that had been the part of the group of wolves that had bullied you throughout your childhood. However, bad luck comes knocking at your door in the form of the Alpha’s son, also the reason you were ostracized and tormented as a child.
GENRE : Yandere AU, Werewolf AU, Omegaverse AU
WARNINGS: Bullying, Mature Language, Omegaverse, Yandere Behavior, Misogynistic Behavior, Child Abuse, Mentions of Blood, Mentions of Dead Animals, Violence etc.
I do not own BTS. This in, no way, reflects their real personalities. The only reason they have been mentioned is to indicate the physical appearance of a FICTIONAL character.
My intention is not to glorify toxic behavior nor do I believe BTS member would ever act like this. It’s just a figment of my imagination. Know the difference. Please.
Part I    Part II
Tumblr media
He was staring at you. Again.
Wait, that's not right. Glaring was the right word. Dark, hooded eyes burnt holes into the back of your neck as you adamantly stared ahead. You curl in on yourself, the force of his intense gaze on you feeling like a physical hand upon your nape, bending it, forcing it into submission.
You didn't need to look back to know who it was. It was always him.
And despite having grown up with his murderous, intent gaze on you, it never stopped your spine from being wracked by shivers each time the two of you were in close vicinity.
The murmurs around you, the plethora of smells attacking your newly sensitive nose and the feel of your best friend's arm brushing against yours as he stood by your side, all bled into the background under the sheer power of his sight.
Your head, that had been up until now timidly turned down looked up as a powerful voice boomed,
"Wolves of Lucine, welcome. Today marks the commencement of the Mating Season, under the ever watchful eye of our Mother Moon. Step forward and announce your intent!"
The Head Alpha's words got varying reactions from the crowd of the young wolves. The large clearing contained the unmated alphas, most of which growled and released heavy pheromones at his words, as well as the omegas who flinched and began to fidget, a reaction their biology imposed upon them, whether they liked it or not.
You could feel Kylo shiver beside you. He links his fingers with yours, the two of you being each other's strength. You don't look at him, neither he you but you rub your thumb on the back of his hand, hoping to calm him down.
Every omega around you is similarly affected, some even smelling of involuntary slick. Your forehead furrows. You knew very well that some of your fellow omegas did not wish to be mated, having barely crossed nineteen summers, yourself included. But no matter how much you or they wished to retreat back into the safety of their caves, they wouldn't be welcomed. Spoken or unspoken, the sentiment in every pack member, especially the Alphas would remain the same,
' All Omegas of worth are mated by the age of nineteen.'
To remain unmated later than that, an Omega was considered unworthy, something that must be lacking, faulty, defected.
You licked your lips as the silence elongated the moment. The Alphas were expected to declare intent first.
The ground shook or maybe it was all in your mind as he stepped forward. Walking with agile steps, similar to that of a panther roaming the jungle, he strode forward till he reached the side of the Head Alpha. You dared not look up, lest you meet his eyes. Your stomach felt tight with nerves as it is.
Your heavy breathing was all that you could hear before his baritone fell upon your ears. You stared hard at the ground, wishing for this moment to pass quickly.
"Jung Hoseok, Alpha. Intent to Mate." His voice ended in a growl.
Your breath hitched. A similar reaction was inspired in the crowd, Alphas and Omegas alike.
Alpha Hoseok had never declared intent to Mate. Ever since he had turned nineteen, he'd always attended the Intent Ceremony but always declined during the declaration. You'd never known why. Kylo's Omega sister ,who was now Mated, had told the two of you in hushed whispers about it, when she'd recall her experience of the Intent Ceremony to the two of you.
You'd always been curious about it, despite not wanting to Mate. You'd wondered if atleast some of the Omegas were happy, excited. Today was your first time attending and you'd quenched your curiosity thoroughly.
The Intent Ceremony was a grim, solemn affair, atleast for the Omegas. Their downturned heads, if raised would expose their glassy eyes, dreading the future. A future that depended solely on the mercy of their Alpha Mates. And sadly for them, the merciful ones were far and few in between.
The best representation of the kind of Alpha that each Omega standing here dreaded was standing at the very head of the clearing, digging holes into your trembling form.
Alpha Hoseok stood with a confident stance, legs spread apart, hands clasped behind his ramrod back. Traveling up his form, your gaze fell upon his legs, muscles making clear indentations even through the brown breeches. His torso clad in a loose white tunic faced your direction, strong lean arms, bulging even in the relaxed posture. He was truly the pinnacle of an Alpha that all the Omegas dreaded yet exactly what their Nature forced them to want, to pine for, to submit to.
And you had never despised Nature more than now, as you looked at his eyes, dark as ever. His face that had been stoic, pulled up into the lightest of smirks as your eyes met his.
Your core responded to the gaze of the virile Alpha and you wanted to cry. Your ears burnt with shame as your body shivered.
Omegas were truly impaired by their biology.
The sight of that smirk widening brought back a barrage of memories, none of them pleasant.
Tumblr media
The walk to Lucine had been so long. Your small, chubby legs ached and the soles of your feet throbbed. You squeezed Mother’s hand, looking up at her tired form and making what you hoped was a pitiful face. She squeezes it back, an apologetic look overtaking her beautiful face for a fleeting moment before she schools it back into a neutral one.
You sighed. Father had said that this would only be a two hour walk. But it had been so long! Your teacher in the previous pack had yet to introduce the pups of your age group to reading a sundial, so you couldn’t say for sure how long you had kept walking in the thick forest.
But even if it had been longer, what could you do really? You look at Father’s imposing backside, plodding ahead, and wonder how badly you’d get beaten if you threw what he called a ‘tantrum’. You didn’t know what that word meant but it would anger Father whenever you said anything that wasn’t in agreement to his words. The last time you’d done so, he’d slapped your back so hard that you couldn’t lean it across the bark of the tree during the class for an entire week.
As you were walking, the sight of a beautiful sparrow made you look up. It sat upon the thinnest branch of the tree ahead, free as ever, going wherever it wanted. In your childish brain, it felt like her eyes were on you too as she stared back so you decided to wave and smile at it, hoping that it understood that you wanted to be friends.
Before it could respond, your foot got caught in a shallow hole filled with viscous mud. You went tumbling down. At the very last moment, Mother’s grip on your hand tightened and prevented you from having a mouth full of mud.
You squeaked as you looked down on your favorite yellow dress, now stained with dirty brown as it dripped down the hem. Eyes filled with tears, you looked down, noting your now dirty legs.
The commotion alerted Father to the scene behind him and you didn’t have to look up to know that the familiar look of fury was upon his face again. Heavy steps filled your vision as he came towards you. You could feel the grip Mother had on your hand tighten even more but she didn’t say a word.
She never did.
You feel your vision shake as he grasps your upper arm in a vice grip and pulls you forward. Lip trembling, you expect his hand raised in fury to meet your cheek any time but it stops mid-air.
You peek up at his face, jaw clenched and eyes burning with anger.
"You stupid chi-! Let's not do this here. We're about to arrive and you better not make a fool out of me in front of the new pack. And you!" He spits out, looking at Mother.
"Better be on your best behavior. Only speak when spoken to. If you go off running that dumb mouth, only Mother Moon what knows what would happen to my position in the Council." His words end with a look that smarts, even though it is directed at Mother.
She looks down, biting her lip and nodding meekly.
The three of you plod ahead, eager to reach pack grounds before sunset. The no man's land is not one to be relaxed in.
You move forward, even though your legs scream with fatigue and each step feels shaky.
This time you don't get distracted by any birds.
After walking for what felt like hours, your Father's back disappeared into a thick covering of shrubs, vines and overgrown plants.
Mother tugged upon your hand to pull you into it as well. Your child brain wondered if you would even be able to come out of it on the other side. What if thorns prickled you?
Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself and moved forward, putting one step ahead of the other.
Surprisingly, you came out on the other side fairly quickly. But in walking through the cover, a few leaves and loose twigs attached themselves to wetter mud stains upon your beloved dress.
Mother picked off some of them discreetly as Father looked around, taking in the large area.
Surrounded by large, thick tress and wilderness on all sides, multiple caves lay ahead of you. A large fire pit acted as the centre of the clearing, the caves all equally distant from it. There was a hut on the far right, which you assumed was the Pack Kitchen since huts like these were used for such purposes in your previous pack.
But this pack was nothing like your previous pack. At least, on the basis of its location. For one, it was much larger in area. It had many mores caves than you had ever seen. The surrounding greenery was also much thicker. You didn't know what that meant but that's what Father had said to the elder's in the previous pack when he declared his decision to leave. Something about getting a better position, he had said.
And it seemed like he had got it since there was a group of people coming towards the three of you, with smiles on their faces. There was a little boy with them too, similar in stature to you. You were happy to see this, you wanted to make many friends here!
As they came closer, they bowed to each other, Mother putting subtle pressure on your back to remind you. You bow and look up at the boy, giving him a wide smile. He waves back, a meek smile upon his face.
The conversation between the adults is lost on you, your eyes distracted by the large pack area, not knowing where to look. Wolves of all ages were going about their daily lives, sometimes looking over at your group before resuming their activities.
"This is my pup, Y/N." Father's call of your name brings back your attention, the adults now looking at you. You bow again, hoping Father will be happy now that you're keeping quiet and bowing well. The three adults nod at you. The youngest of the three pushed the young boy forward.
"This is my brother's pup, Kylo. Kylo, welcome your new pack mate nicely." The tall main said, giving you a quick smile.
Kylo walked forward in your direction. Giving you a small smile, he looked up at your father, asking him in a meek voice,
"Can I take Y/N to meet my friends?"
Father took a deep breath, trying to figure out the pup's subgender. Satisfied that Kylo smelled like an unpresented Omega, he nodded, once again becoming engrossed in talking to the adults as Mother gave you an encouraging smile.
You slipped his hand into yours and let yourself be pulled along.
You come across many adults on your way, almost everyone giving Kylo a smile and a pat on the head. He smiles back at everyone and you decide then that you're going to be a good friend to him. Smiling people are so pretty!
"Do you like to play tag?" He asks in his melodious voice. It might even be softer than yours.
"Yes! Do you have many friends that we can play with? Tag is so much fun with many friends." You speak, a large grin stretching your lips. You wanted to make lots of friends here just like you had in your previous pack.
He nods, pulling you in the direction of a large area where pups of all ages were playing. A small group that looked to be close to your age looked like they were playing tag. You were going to join them!
Kylo hopped to the group, smiling. You stumbled behind him, eager to make friends.
"Guys! This is Y/N. Uncle said she's going to be our friend now."
You bowed and waved, giving everyone a large smile. As you were looking at everyone, you noticed a boy holding a bird plushie. It was yellow and looked so soft.
Kylo began speaking again, wanting to introduce you to everyone.
"Y/N, this is Hoseok. He decides which games we play each day because he's the eldest." Kylo smiled at the boy standing at one corner of the pups that were forming a semi-circle around you.
The boy waved as you gave him a large smile. He looked taller than everyone.
"Do you like to climb trees?" You asked, hoping he could teach you. You always wanted to learn but Mother insisted that she wanted you to be taller first. Since he looked tall, he must know, right?
He looked confused and furrowed his brow.
"Why do you wanna climb trees? Mom says it makes our clothes dirty." His face belied his disgust.
What was wrong with dirty clothes if you got to enjoy yourself? He was so weird.
You looked away from him at the next boy. You didn't want to talk to Hoseok anymore.
"Hi, what's your name?" You smiled at the boy holding the plushie.
He waved,
"I'm Jungkook. Do you wanna play with Beetle?" He extended his plushie, a timid look on his face.
You beamed at him.
"Plushies are so stupid, Jungkook. Stop acting like an Omega." Hoseok scoffed, standing in front of Jungkook, blocking him from your view.
Plushies were not stupid! Especially not bird ones.
You move forward, eager to play with the plushie and Jungkook.
Taking the plushie from Jungkook's hands, you look at Hoseok. Looking up, you stared in his eyes and exclaimed in anger,
"Plushies are not stupid! You are stupid. And don't talk to Jungkook like that. Come Jungkook, we'll play with Beetle." You take Jungkook's hand into yours and move towards Kylo, who had been watching the entire scene with his mouth hanging open.
Hoseok stood there for a moment, looking chastised. Suddenly, his face twisted. As you were moving away, he turned around and pushed you hard, causing you to fall on the floor.
You let out a sound of pain, eyes filling up with tears. It hurt so much, hitting your hip on the hard ground.
Hoseok stood over you, his mouth twisted and eyes hard. Suddenly, he looked so much older than you and any other child standing there, watching the scene in front of them, silently.
“Who let you into our pack? Or are you a rogue? You look like one. Am I right guys?” He questions looking at all the kids around him, a cruel sneer upon his young face.
Everyone apart from Jungkook and Kylo sneak glances at each other before nodding, almost hesitantly.
Basking in their agreement, he smiles and tilts his head while looking down at you. You notice Jungkook’s doe eyes glistening, probably feeling bad about your pathetic position.
Suddenly, your tormentor kneels down and tugs at the hem of your stained dress.
“Did they throw you out of your pack, you ragamuffin? Hm? Everyone, look at this dress, does it look new to you? Can your Father not hunt well? Is that why you have to wear such dirty clothes?” He speaks loudly, pouting his lips in malicious concern. The kids around you laugh, either for supporting their assumed leader or out of genuine amusement. Kids can be cruel like that.
Tears are spilling down your cheeks, humiliation coloring your face red. You weren’t thrown out! 
Before you could open your mouth to retort angrily, a pup your age picks at your hair harshly, pulling out a small leaf that had been left behind. She shows it to everyone as they laugh and holler.
Hoseok stands now and joins in the laughter, his eyes still trained upon your red face.
Kylo and Jungkook take each of your arm and tug you up, pulling you away. The three of you walk far away from the group of hollering pups, your heads down.
Things did not get any better after that damned day. The three of you were ostracized by all the other children. The next day you had gone out to play, hoping you could be friends, despite feeling thoroughly humiliated. Hoseok hadn’t been there but the pups followed his commands nonetheless, refusing to let you play. When their leader arrived, he took it a bit further by insulting not just you but Kylo and Jungkook as well, saying that ‘wimps should only play with wimps.’
You were pissed. Insulting you was one thing, but your friends too? At first, you felt guilty. It was because of you that they couldn’t see their other friends. 
When you were old enough to learn under the care of the pack teacher, your feelings of guilt worsened. As the three of you would walk into the small shack, all the kids would hoot and shout nasty words. The teacher, an old, hunching man with eyes that could barely distinguish between colors, would simply ignore the commotion or mutter a weak, ‘silence!’
Your writing board would either get stolen or damaged when you went out to have lunch. Either that or some kid would accuse you of stealing something from them and when the teacher checked, it would magically end up in your sack. You would get pushed, mocked and humiliated, all as that monster laughed, always looking on from the sidelines.
In the beginning, when Mother found a purple bruise upon your shoulder, she urged you to tell her how you’d gotten hurt as she applied the medicinal herb. Under her gentle hands, hands that wished to soothe and not hurt, you broke. Telling her everything, you bawled in her arms and begged her to leave this pack. No one likes you here, they make fun of you and every school day is torture. As she tightened her loving arms around you, you assumed that she would do something about this.
Instead, in her smooth voice, she advised you to not say a word in front of Father, for your own good. You cried that day, unable to understand why Mother wanted you to accept this. As you grew up, you realized that it truly was for your own good. If Father got the wind of this, he would be a thousand times worse than those pups. You see, Father firmly believed that a wolf that breaks under pressure will not survive long. Ever since you could hear and comprehend, his favorite phrase had been “survival of the fittest.” Showing emotions, worse even, crying was a cardinal sin. If he got to know how you were being treated, instead of standing up for you, he would instigate those hateful children, encourage them to “teach you to weather every situation in life.”
Each day was miserable. However, Kylo and Jungkook stayed in your life like a ray of sunshine, your hope that there were still good wolves left on this Moon-forsaken place. Your small group would play together in one side of the garden while everyone else clustered around Hoseok, asking him what they would play during recess. The three of you would be playing with Beetle or having a competition to see who could stack stones atop another the quickest. And each day, the other pups would play tag and purposefully come near your little corner to break your stone tower or kick Beetle. 
As an apology to Jungkook, the three of you would go to the lake every weekend to wash Beetle clean. Seeing his beloved plush toy shining and clean, his doe eyes would shine bright and a toothy grin would spread upon his face. Jungkook had always been a sweet soul. Once during lunch, you had remarked to him, 
“Your smile is so pretty, Kook. You look like a bunny when you smile.” You had said as his smile widened, nose scrunching up. Kylo pushed his shoulder and tried to imitate his smile.
The moment was broken, as always by the bane of your existence. A carrot came flying and hit your friend’s head. Your head whipped around, as Hoseok came towards your little group, smirking.
“Why, little bunny. Did that hurt? Of course it did.” His mocking smile morphed into a sneer, “An imposter. A bunny among wolves. That’s what you are, runt. Go away and join a pack of bunnies instead of staying in our pack and pretending to be a wolf!” His words were as cruel as ever. 
Seeing the rivulets of tears tracking down your friend’s chubby cheeks inflamed your anger. How dare he?! 
High on the euphoria of everyone around him laughing and cheering on his malicious words, your bully failed to notice you standing up and swinging a punch his way.
It hit his jaw with a crack, the sound silencing everyone. His head whipped to the side with the force of the hit, staying there for a good minute before he looked back at you. The look in his eyes almost made your resolve crumble but you stood your ground. Face now wiped of any amusement, his eyes threw daggers at you, his hands clenched and nose flaring with fury. You wondered if he was going to hit back and prepared yourself for it.
Instead he smiled and walked back, turning his back to you. His expression had changed in a split second, relaxing his face into it’s normal look of nonchalance.
Before school the next day, you steeled yourself for the bullying becoming way worse. Maybe you’d get a few punches and your bottle would be stolen again. Nothing you hadn’t experienced earlier, right?
Oh, how wrong you were.
Kylo had taken a while to come out of the school hut. Worrying that he’d miss lunch, you walked in, telling Jungkook to stay put.
It was quiet, as expected. All the pups were supposed to be out, playing and eating. 
“Kylo, come out! Lunch is about to be over.” You called out, still making your way in.
A hand clamped itself against your mouth as your hands flailed. Your attacker bound them against your back. Almost immobile, you were dragged to the washroom.
You tried to scream and cry, all in vain. The ambusher was strong and determined. Your blood pumped with such hurry, you thought you were going to faint.
The washroom exposed to your eyes the sight of Kylo being similarly restrained as you as he cried silently, begging you with this eyes. And of course, the scene was complete with Hoseok standing above him, scissors in his hands. He snipped them in thing air, making you acutely aware of the sharp blades. Your mouth became dry.
He smiled at the expression of terror upon your face and threw the scissors to the girl beside him who began walking in your direction. Now struggling even more fiercely, you kicked and tried to scream, all to no avail. Everything was done in absolute silence. 
The girl with the scissors walked behind you and began snipping, the sound of the scissors the only one you could hear above the blood thumping in your head. For a second, you wondered why you couldn’t feel any pain. 
The realization brought horror.
Clumps of hair fell all around you, snipped in an uneven fashion. Tears blurred your vision as your rising sob was muffled in the hand around your mouth. A wolf’s hair was their pride. To have them taken away in such a crude, degrading manner was the death of one’s pride, even your young mind could understand that. 
In your devastation, you looked at the boy standing in front of you, wishing you could kill him with your eyes. He looked at you, unblinking, face as neutral as ever.
You never thought your young heart could hold such hatred for someone.
Tumblr media
The walk back to your cave was filled with the dreaded silence. Despite walking close together, Kylo and you were far away in your minds. After the Intent Ceremony had ended, all wolves had left for their caves.
You were scared and apprehensive. Just the thought of being mated soon brought shivers down your spine. You’d have to leave your cave for a strange one. Being an unmated Omega, you had to live with your family until you moved to the one where your mate lived. This was the only space that you had called a home, after your cave in your last pack. On top of all that, living with a stranger. You grimaced.
You could sense that Kylo wanted to say something. He looked up at you and then looked back down, a conflicted look upon his soft, cherubic fact. Giving your best friend a tight lipped smile, you nod at him to reveal what was in his mind.
“Do you...” He purses his lips for a moment. “ You think Jungkook might ask for your hand?” His look of meek hopefulness lifts your mood for an instant before it plummets back down.
Looking up at the darkening sky, you wonder if Mother has brought the washed clothes inside. It looks like it might rain. 
“Don’t know. He might have his eye on someone.” You don’t look at Kylo as you speak, wishing to maintain a calm, nonchalant facade. feel like the two of you are as good as strangers. Ever since you and him presented and grew into your respective sub-genders, you weren’t allowed to interact outside of any pack celebrations. Even then, Omegas were expected to keep to themselves and not interact with any unmated, unrelated Alpha too much. 
Ever since, the two of you went your separate ways- him with the hunting practice and you with learning the tasks required of Omegas such as sewing, cooking, cleaning and the likes- you were unable to see much of your former best friend, if any.
Well, you still considered him your best friend but you weren’t sure just how much that feeling was reciprocated. Ever since he had returned from the woods- it was mandatory for every Alpha wolf that comes of age to spend an year in the woods alone- he had grown from a boy into a man. Apart from his brawny physique, he had also changed in demeanor, becoming more stoic than you had known him to be earlier. 
Kylo sighed and moved his head in a nod. Despite his wishful thinking, your words made sense. It wouldn’t be right to assume that he’d choose you as a Mate out of some sympathy for your position. There were a ton of beautiful, unmated Omegas in the pack and with his capable nature, he’d be able to fight for Omegas who were far from being an ostracized wolf like you.
You gave Kylo a half-hearted smile as you reached near his cave and waved him goodbye, staying in your spot before he disappeared into the mouth of a medium sized, light grey cave.
Thunder cackled behind you and your steps quickened to reach home. Kylo’s words ran in a loop in your head. Despite the nonchalance you portrayed in front of him, you couldn’t help but hope that Jungkook would declare intentions for you. You didn’t particularly have any romantic feelings for him but it might be nice to be mated to an Alpha who hadn’t bullied you as a pup, which unfortunately was not true for majority of the Alphas of the Lucine pack.
A light shower from the heavens above jolted you from your hopeful thoughts, literally raining upon your parade. You snorted.
With your cave in sight, you saw Mother rushing outside, hurriedly grabbing the clothes drying on the large rock beside it. You run towards her, forgetting all thoughts of Alphas and dreadful Matings in favour of saving the half-dry clothes.
Tumblr media
The sound of the cave's entrance rock being moved aside jolted you from your fitful sleep. You sat up on the hard floor, rubbing your eyes of the lingering whispers of rest. Mind still feeling as if it had been stuffed with wool, your eyes chose the nearest wall to focus upon, replaying vestiges of the dream you had been having.
It had been dark, very dark. An open field, trees flying by as your feet thumped against the grass, running. You couldn't recall whether you were running towards something or from something. All you recalled was adrenaline firing up your veins.
Father's voice accompanied by the heavy sound of something being dragged against the rocks made you stand on your wobbly feet. You were pretty sure it was still very early in the morning; Mother always woke you up before Father did - as a good Omega should be up before the Alphas of the cave woke. So what could be disrupting the early morning peace in your cave of three?
Covering up your chest with a thin shawl, you peeked out from the protrusion in the cave rock that divided your small sleeping area from the rest of the cave.
Father stood in the middle, talking animatedly with a figure that stood upright, shoulders back and hands clasped behind his back. Lean muscles bulged through his thin coverings, face alight with a heart shape smile.
On his feet lay the dead body of a large boar, enough to feed an entire pack twice. It looked as if it was brutally killed, mauled and gouged as it were.
Instantly grasping the situation, you froze. Hoseok had come to present your guardian with an Intent Offering, asking for your hand in Mating.
For a minute, you thought it must be a cruel joke. He liked pulling such pranks. Maybe he intended to present Father with this offering and retract it as soon as Father's eyes shone with glee, ecstatic to have such a personal relationship with the current Alpha's only son.
Your feet feeling glued to the floor, you hoped beyond hope that this was indeed what he intended. Your prayers, however, went unanswered as Father patted him on the back, a smile you had never seen before glued to his lips. The center of attention, the young Alpha nodded and laughed, face the very picture of innocence. Bile rose up in your throat; how could he pretend that he hadn't tormented you your entire life?!
Heart racing, your body reacted by emitting the pungent scent of an Omega's distress. Perhaps this alerted him or he was already aware of your presence because dark brown eyes clashed with yours as he looked at you, face losing all traces of the previous amusement. Rumbling, he stepped towards you, holding out his hands.
Your heart slowed despite your mind still screaming in stress. Realising he had begun to release calming pheromones, your mouth twisted into a snarl. How many times would your biology betray you?
Hoseok's presence was so overwhelming, almost suffocating in the small space that you failed to notice Father beginning to walk towards you until he wrapped his callused palm around your bicep, pulling you into the still Alpha's direction.
You looked at his face and came upon the realisation that something about it had changed ever since he had come back from the woods. Apart from the sharpened features and higher cheekbones, something else had changed too, something much more significant than his outer appearance. Earlier his face used to hold a mocking smile as it looked at you. But now his face would go almost slack, relaxing whenever he would look at you. However, the eyes stayed the same, dark voids that stared at you with such intensity that you felt it like a physical touch that almost edged on painful, unbearable.
The same look lingered in his eyes as he looked at you being dragged, pearl-like tears dropping down your face as you silently begged with Mother who stood watching the entire scene from against a wall, passively.
Hoseok reached into a large leather pouch that hung from a twined rope that lay around his slim hips. This time you couldn't hold back a shriek as he grasped your hand and placed upon it a dead bird, it's yellow feathers soaked in crimson blood, lifeless eyes looking back at you. You wished to loosen your hand, let it fall from your grasp; it reminded you too much of Beetle, sinuses clogging from unshed tears from the memory. However, the towering male in front of you closed his larger, rougher hand around yours, cupping it and forcing it into a fist, forcing you to accept.
"You like birds, right? See, I got one for you. Cook it tonight and tell me if it tasted nice when we meet on the day of the Choosing." His eyes chased yours as you tried to look away, palm burning yours as blood from the bird dripped down.
As tears rolled down your cheeks, he quirked an eyebrow,
"Not gonna say anything?"
Father's grip upon your bicep tightened, scared of loosing the Alpha's favor. You wanted to laugh. You wanted to tell him just how much Hoseok hated you. How all this was a big, fat joke. He was three years older than you and still hadn't taken a Mate. How could Father be so easily convinced that he'll suddenly change his mind for a social outcast. He was probably waiting for the day of the Choosing where Father would give his consent for the Mating and then call it off. Call you all sorts of things he'd already had in your childhood, in front of the whole pack.
But Father didn't know all this and so he put a hand to the back of your neck and forced your head down in a bow, an unverbal acceptance of his gift.
His tinkling laughter richochetted off the rocks as he spoke, eyes burning a hole on your bowed head,
"It's no matter. We'll have plenty of time to talk after the Mating."
Tumblr media
Your eyes stung. The need to blink your eyes to rid them of the moisture or simply look away was all too consuming. You gave the knife in your hands a temporary rest as you sniffed and turned your head away from the green onions.
“You’ve spent more than 8 years in front of the cooking pots and yet sniffle at the sights of an onion?” Mother spoke. A stranger might take her words as a sign of beratement but only you could recognise the amusement underneath. Despite the onions and the smoke stinging your eyes, you like it. Cooking with Mother. It is the only time you spend with her, away from Father, where Mother barely speaks due to fear.
 Peering at her face, you notice the lines around her eyes deepening, her frail back beginning to hunch all under the weight of old age that now dawned upon her. You were hit with the realisation that she was growing old. The thought that someday she might not be here shook you down to your core. Your ultimate protector, even though she could do naught to save you from Father’s wrath and cruel words of the pups that still rung in your head, atleast she was there to soothe you afterwards. Who would protect you later?
The very idea of needing protection brought the image of a certain tall, strong wolf with an acerbic tongue to the forefront of your mind. At present, he was the one you needed protection from. Being his Mate? Even his name accidentally falling upon your ears as you walked past giggling Betas on the way to the weekly market caused you to flinch, the horrors he had inflicted still too fresh in your heart.
Perhaps it was the thoughts raging in your head or the sound of a wolf’s paws thumping against your cave entrance that the knife in your hand came down onto the onion with too much force. Well the onion and your index finger.
Crimson colored the cave floor, seeping into the garish grey, staining everything it touched. Blood flowed steadily and it was not surprising that Mother was quick to notice, attuned as she was to her pup. Gasping, she knelt near you and put your finger into her mouth, willing the blood to stop. You stood there, eyes looking into nothingness.
Mother looked at you, concern shadowing her face but before her opened mouth could voice her concern, the all too familiar baritone of Father rang out, telling you to come out.
In front of the entrance stood a wolf that easily looked into your eyes while being on it’s four paws, tall as it was. It’s midnight fur was thick and glossy except in places where it was missing, torn out by an opponent in a fight, probably in a desperate attempt to get away from the clutches of the nightmarish creature that stood before you to tell that tale.
You avoided his eyes, instead staring off into the distance. The weekly market was bound to be set up tomorrow. You had to buy a few new bowls, the older ones were already being filled with the side dishes. 
Hoseok’s wolf nudged at your hand that lay at your side, trying to direct it’s attention to the dead bird that lay at it’s feet. It was always a bird. He had been getting you these ever since he had come to your cave, asking for your hand. And everyday, you would look on passively, cementing your face into a look that did not betray anything.
This time, however, the wolf smelled something different. Your blood. A snapping growl was what brought your attention back, the wolf sniffing your finger where blood lingered. It whipped it’s large maw towards the direction where Father stood, a crazed look in it’s eye.
Before anyone could tell what had happened, the wolf changed into the man and Alpha Hoseok stood before you, the hand of your injured finger clutched into a death grip. His muscles shook and the look on his face made you shiver and curl into yourself. He stopped his growling only to demand,
“What is this?” 
Your mouth opened and voiced out, 
“The knife. Kitchen. I..” Words involuntarily spilled out, years of being intimidated by him catching up to you.
The world blurred for a second, and the next thing you saw was golden skin stretched taut over straining muscles as he pulled you close by your wrist. Looking up from his chest, you look at his face. Teeth elongated, eyes blazing and a scent that threatened to bring out a whimper, you felt yourself hyperventilate. He looked angry. Was he going to hit you?
“What if you got injured? Huh? Why are you using a knife? It’s too dangerous.” He spoke, eyes roving over your face desperately.
You failed to process his words, the instinct in you telling you to flee. 
Not gaining a response from you, he looks at Father.
“She’s not to be let near the fire again.”
Father looks bewildered by the whole scene.
“Did you understand?” He cuts the older man off, a look that could lead grown wolves into pissing themselves, looming over his features.
You are brought out from your shock by your injured finger being swept into a hot cavern. His tongue laves over the pad of your digit insistently, cleaning it with saliva. You cry out, mind flinching from disgust as your body shivers, warmth flooding your veins. Tears drip down, you want to separate yourself from this traitorous physicality.
Before you can control it, your nails dig into his face, causing him to open his mouth so you can snatch your finger back and run into the cave. You find your nest, huddling in the threadbare wool, wanting to throw up.
Mother never let you cook with her again.
Tumblr media
“So what happened after that?”
Putting the bowl with pink flowers painted on it back down on the red cloth clad vendor’s table, you looked up at Kylo, shrugging. Before you could continue telling him about Jungkook’s visit to your cave with an Intent Offering, you were jostled by the crowd. Considering this was the time that it began to flood with wolves looking to buy wares, clothes, pots and the like, you continued without looking back, perusing through multiple plates and bowls lying on the small table.
“I mean, Father had to accept it. It isn’t like you can turn away an Alpha asking for an unmated Omega’s hand. But I could tell that he wasn’t pleased.” You spoke, mouth falling into a straight line at the mental image of Jungkook’s Offering, a gorgeous painting of a flock of birds flying freely in the sky, lying sadly in one corner where Father had put it.
“Yeah, I know what he can be like. If it was up to him, he would’ve sent you away with that bastard the day he had come scratching at your cave.” Kylo said, huffing.
The mention of ‘that bastard’ made your stomach turn. Uptil now, you were deluding your mind into believing that if it just didn’t think about the looming Mating Ceremony, you would somehow be able to escape it.
Kylo noticed your crestfallen face immediately.
“But don’t worry. Jungkook won’t let it happen. See, I told you he would offer for you.” His words brought a new wave of anxiety over you. Looking at your dearest friend, you exposed your fear.
“But what if he’s doing all this in the name of our friendship, Ky? I won’t be able to live with myself feeling like I’d made him miss out on having a real mating, one where romantic feelings are involved.”
Kylo’s face broke into a smirk. By now, the two of you had shifted over to a jewelry vendor’s table. Picking up a string of pearls, she held it up to your neck.
“And what makes you think he doesn’t have feelings for you?”
Your mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. The thought of your childhood bestfriend having feelings for was too much! But the image of his smiling face, the glimpses of his golden skin that you had caught after he’d returned from the woods, all of it brought a blush upon your face.
“Nice, huh?” In a daze, you could only reply with a small ‘yeah’ to Kylo’s question.
“I am talking about the necklace, dummy.”
Before you could retort, muscled arms slid around you, catching the necklace in warm hands and putting it around your neck. Kylo’s mouth popped open. Without needing to look back, you knew who was standing close behind you. That scent of dry logs burning in a fire and a spice that that you couldn’t identify assaulted your nostrils. 
Ripping yourself away from him, you fled into Kylo’s arms, shivering from his proximity. Hoseok stood before you, digging into his brown pouch and flinging a few coins at the vendor, who sat watching this interaction with an open mouth.
You pulled at Kylo’s arm, desperate to get away from him and every single wolf in the eerily still market who was now staring at you.
“What? Won’t thank your Alpha?” A lopsided smile played at his mouth, eyes shining with mischief.
Your lip pulled back into a sneer. Ripping the pearl necklace away, you threw it at his feet and spat,
“Wear it yourself. And you’re not my Alpha.”
A giggle spilled out of his heart shaped mouth, eyes shining under the moonlight.
“It’s only a matter of time, my little wolf.” He stretched his hand to graze your chin, a fond look upon his face.
Kylo, wrapping his arm around you pulled you away before his skin could touch yours. Hoseok’s eyes snapped to your friend, as if noticing his presence only now. Eyebrows lowered, he stared at him, trying to intimidate him. However, Kylo stood his ground, even though his Omegan nature made him waver and look away from his opponent’s eyes every now and then.
“Jungkook will be fighting for her too, you know?” Kylo challenged him.
Hoseok’s expression became all the more menacing, if that were even possible. His aura suffocated you, left you little room to breathe. Hands cleched so hard that they turned white, he shifted his stare to you.
“Better convince your little friend to not come between us, little wolf. I’m sure his mother would like to be able to recognize his face in his funeral.”
Tumblr media
Your walk to your cave was more similar to running if anything. Now that the adrenaline of talking back to an Alpha had fizzled out, your body shook with dread. What if his pride was hurt and he challenged the Alpha of your kin, your father to a duel? Father would push you off the nearest cliff himself.
Kylo struggled to catch up to you, his breath creating small clouds in the fall evening air.
“Wait, Y/N!” Holding yourself, wishing not to fall apart in the path, you ignored Kylo’s shouting of your name.
Your mind was buzzing with fear. The very sight of him brought your fight-or-flight instincts to the forefront of your being, forget talking and being under his dark stare, having his attention fixed upon you.
Not looking where you were going, you stumbled into the warm body of what smelled like another Omega. In a rush to get home, you mumble a small apology and made to move past her.
“Wait, Y/N.” A surprisingly familiar voice whispered near your ear.
The breathy voice belonged to a face you distinctly remembered. The soft features brought back the memories of that dreaded day when you had arrived here. Brenda.
One of the many faces in the crowd that had tormented you alongside Hoseok. Pulled your hair, laughed when he had called you names or, if she were in a merciful mood, ignored your existence.
You step back, bumping into Kylo. He holds you by the shoulders as you look at him, confused.
“I’ll make it quick. I owe you an apology for being a bitch all those years ago.” You frowned at her words. 
Before you could tell her that her apology won’t heal years worth of trauma, Kylo spoke up.
“Just listen to her, Y/N. I asked her to talk to you.”
Brenda looks at Kylo before resuming her staring at you. She looks stoic as ever, her small stature nonchalant as can be. You can only find a slightly apologetic look if you peer closely.
“I know Hoseok’s Offering for you and I think you deserve to know this.” She speaks, words almost slurring with the speed at which she speaks.
“Why wo-” She cuts you off, a sort of panic in her voice.
“Just listen to me quietly. I don’t have long and I can smell him on you.” Begrudgingly, you nod and she resumes speaking.
“As you might know, my father is the healer and I heard it from him. So if you don’t want my entire family to hang from the trees, please keep quiet about what I’m going to tell you.” Her words scare you but you continue to listen to her.
“When the group of Alphas had gone to the woods, Hoseok had been one of them. A month before they had left, he had fought with his Father about the Head Alpha position. So to prove himself, he had separated from the group to prove that he could survive the woods by himself. And he did. Except.....when he had come back, something about him had changed.” A look of horror settled upon Brenda’s face.
You look at Kylo, squeezing his hand into yours. To live separately in the woods, it was unimaginable. Hunting alone was extremely difficult, even seasoned hunters struggled with it. Not to mention, living alone as a wolf. Wolves were social creatures, isolation could literally kill one.
“When he was brought back to the pack.....he had gone feral. Biting, snapping at everyone. He couldn’t even recognise his own mother. It was horrible. It was kept a secret, as you can imagine. One day, he escaped from the healer’s hut. We thought we had lost him to his animal forever when he returned, saner. He was no longer delirious but ever since then......his animal is more in control of him than ever. For the first month, he had struggled to even speak properly, growling his words.” She looked like she wanted to say more but she held back, worried that the wind might take her words far.
“Just.... take care.” She turned around, getting ready to leave. But she turned to look at you one last time.
Moonlight illuminated her profile as she opened her mouth, words tumbling out,
“Oh and remember, you can get a Mating annulled if one wolf claims for freedom, under certain conditions.” With this, she was gone, leaving you staring off into the thin air.
Horrified by what awaited you in your future.
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Updated: 18th September, 2021
Tumblr media
Hello, this is the masterlist for my BTS fanfiction. All the works here are a work of fiction and do not necessarily depict my personal thoughts or beliefs. This post will be updated after I publish any work. Enjoy and please share your thoughts. Asks open!
Warning: Minors do not interact. Mature content ahead!
Tumblr media
Save a horse ride a cowboy
your sweet boyfriend plans a relaxing night for the both of you but things don`t go as he plans, the turn of events isn`t any less delicious. you thinks. (4k)
He wanted to thank the Gods who damned him for all these years beacause he found you again, in another life. His Beloved. (6.3k)
Jeon Husband
Marriage is supposed to be based on truth and love but yours was nothing of that sort, just a compromise, just a contract, what happens when you tell your husband you no longer want any part of this? (8.7k)
Perfect Strangers
what happens when you hide in the back of a stranger`s pick up truck? is it your worst mistake or the best mistake of your life? (13.4k)
what happens when you meet your childhood best friend and former fling of six months after years? Although it was nothing serious but now a boyfriend in the mix, perfect recipe for awkward new beginnings. (10.7k)
New Beginnings
When your son starts his pre- school, both you and Jungkook don`t know what to do with yourselves, well other than being all over each other, you two definitely need help. (9.4k)
2. New Cravings
You and Jungkook are adjusting to your son being at school now by coming up with your own activities. (9.8k)
The big cats
The big cats, that`s what the whole country calls you two, the biggest Mafia king and Queen in the country, mortal enemies and the last male and female Amur Leopard hybrids alive, what happens when you are summoned by the National Wildlife Preservation Facility to save your kind? (10.5k)
Espresso shots and boob talks
your sweet boyfriend doesn't care about your boob size and he's ready to prove it to you that your lame whining will not stop him from fucking you dumb. (6.9k)
Tumblr media
you and your colleague don`t see eye to eye, the room for improvement completely goes out of the window when something happens at work that ruins a major career step of your life (16.4k)
Copyright © 2021, breakiebunny on tumblr, NO REPOSTS ALLOWED.
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Virtue, Vice, and Everything Nice
Tumblr media
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
He too was a tempter. He too was a link to the second. The evil world with which I no longer want to have anything to do.
Expressions of kindness, depiction of hatred, statements of love and assertions of hate, lyrics have the power to deliver to shoot the emotion straight into your gut. On its fifth anniversary, we seven revisit Wings, an album filled with verses of intrigue, tones of mystery and lustre of the art, taking the poetry they presented us from their view, and melding it with themes to make stories of their own strength. Whatever be the prompt, you can stay assured every single piece here will be teeming with virtue, vice and everything oh-so-nice.
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
Thank you to @jaeism for making these beautiful banners. ღ
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @taegularities
⟿ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Fantasy ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: "Being a human isn’t that bad when he gets to be one with you by his side.”
Before everything shatters like a mirage of an impossible dream, you teach Jungkook how to live a fulfilling life far from Heaven. His numb heart starts to gradually light up again; you make him begin believing in love and hope when not even starting afresh could. But then... everything shatters.
⟿ Teaser: 24th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 9th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @kithtaehyung
⟿ Pairing: Jimin x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers with Benefits ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: It‘s only an arrangement. A business deal. The words you say during these sessions mean nothing, and the emotions unearthed are merely fleeting. But lately… It’s starting to feel a bit too real for you. As real as you’ve selfishly been wanting it to feel for months.
You need to leave before you’re caught in a lie.
⟿ Teaser: 25th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 13th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @bangtanhome
⟿ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader ⟿ Trope: Friends with Benefits to Lovers ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: When you and Yoongi, are tasked with the most important launch in your careers, he offers his 'services' to relieve your stress as a joke after one too many drinks. Since the two of you are single, you take up his offer, even going so far as to seek out his touch during work hours - in the privacy of your offices or conference rooms. The only catch to your arrangement? You vowed not to fall in love. After a particularly fun evening in his apartment, you happen to encounter a notebook filled with what you assume are song lyrics.
You giggle to yourself as you read the entries, but your blood runs cold when you find your name written as a title to house a single line: "Without you, I'm nothing."
⟿ Teaser: 26th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 16th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @missgeniality
⟿ Pairing: Taehyung x Reader ⟿ Trope: Mystery, Strangers/Enemies to Lovers ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: A criminal who helps you solve his crime, subtly, quietly - the complications of this case worsen and your moral code is turned upside down when your heartbeat changes after a feverish night. What do you do? You want to call him a sinner... but why do your lips want to call him your lover?
⟿ Teaser: 27th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 20th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @joheunsaram
⟿ Pairing: Hoseok x Reader ⟿ Trope: Horror ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: Hoseok was finally happy - successful, married to the love of his life, his first child on the way. His dreams were coming true, but every now and then, the voice he had feared his whole life whispered in his ear. "I'll always be by your side," it reminded him, sending him reeling back into the past. Will he ever be able to escape?
⟿ Teaser: 28th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 23rd October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @hobiandsprite
⟿ Pairing: Seokjin x Reader ⟿ Trope: Supernatural Fantasy ⟿ Genre: Angst, Light Fluff, Smut ⟿ Summary: You met Kim Seokjin the day you died. You gave him everything you had to offer and he gave you his truth in return: "I'm a fallen angel. I can't touch the sky, no matter how desperately I want to go back. It wasn't my fault. I was framed." With his admission, you make your last mission on earth to help him clear his name. But there was one thing neither of you anticipated -- how deeply you would fall for each other, knowing that the day he returned to Heaven would be the day your love story ended.
⟿ Teaser: 29th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 27th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @ddaechwita
⟿ Pairing: Namjoon x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers to Lovers, Tattoo Artist ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Smut ⟿ Summary: "Every life's a movie" — a phrase commonly used by your late grandpa turned into your personal mantra to keep you going, through your breakup with your long-term boyfriend due to him cheating on you with one of your friends as well as failing not one but two university classes. Asking your best friend to make you an appointment at his go-to tattoo studio should've been an easy thing, but when the artist is not only insanely handsome and flirty, but also happens to ask about the story behind the design you chose, then what?
⟿ Teaser: 30th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 30th October
Tumblr media
Please don't forget to reblog and follow the authors to support their amazing stories! ღ
Tumblr media
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bangtanhome · 22 hours ago
bothered (teaser) | knj
Tumblr media
PUBLISHING: September 27th
Tumblr media
synopsis: namjoon has tried so hard to bury his attraction for you, especially upon discovering that his youngest brother feels the same way. but you just had to make it difficult by showing up in a dress much too short and tight for your figure as you innocently beg for him to lend his body for practice.
Tumblr media
pairing: architect!namjoon x reader
wc: 472 (for the teaser)
genre/au/rating: 18+ | brother's best friend, love triangle | smut, angst
warnings: none (for the teaser)
author's note: huge thanks to @knjsnoona for the lovely banner. please give amelia some love <33 reply to this post/send an ask if you'd like to be tagged, unless you're already part of my permanent taglist! got some thoughts? i'd love to hear them!
Tumblr media
“I’m going to ask her out.”
Namjoon spits his coffee back into the mug, hissing at his scalded tongue. Pulling a handkerchief from his suit jacket, he dabs the corners of his lips as he glares at the youngest Kim. “What are you talking about?”
At the mention of your name, Namjoon blinks, hands frozen in place while his brother’s words stab like arrows into his speeding heart.
“Next week, for her birthday, I planned this romantic dinner for the both of us in her favourite restaurant. I rented the entire place out and even hired a string quartet to serenade us while we eat.” Taehyung tugs at the ends of his bangs as he grins sheepishly.
“Wow! Taehyung! That’s, um, great! I’m sure she’ll love it.” There’s a disquiet in Namjoon’s stomach and his cheeks hurt from maintaining the plastic smile; his face frozen in place after hearing the revelation. He wants nothing more than to run, especially since the oxygen around him seems too thin, definitely the reason for his hitched breathing, yet his feet remain firmly glued to the carpet flooring of his office. Clearing his throat in hopes that his voice doesn’t break, Namjoon continues, “Uh… I didn’t know you liked her. I could’ve sworn I had to pull you away from her so she wouldn’t bite your pinky off.”
“Oh my god, that was when we were babies.” With a hearty chuckle, Taehyung rolls his eyes before he looks wistfully at the portrait of the three of you hanging on the wall. “Honestly, I also couldn’t believe that we used to hate each other. It took us moving to a different city for college and not knowing each anyone else for us to become friends… And now, I don’t think I can live without her.”
Neither could I. But Namjoon swallows the words alongside a long sip of coffee.
He’s unable to look at Taehyung’s smiling face – at the hope and excitement that resides in the obsidian irises that’s identical to his own.
A small beeping noise breaks the boys from their thoughts and Taehyung glances at his phone with a smile Namjoon knows all too well.
Because it’s the same smile he wears when he receives a text from you.
“Speak of the angel,” he chuckles as he types quickly into his phone. “I gotta go. Looks like my presence is needed elsewhere.”
Taehyung finishes the last of his coffee and places it on the saucer with a loud clink. As he stands and heads to the oak doors leading out of Namjoon’s office, he turns back and waves. “Wish me luck, won’t you?”
And though Namjoon replies with a strained, but cheerful “yeah” just before Taehyung disappears, what he hopes is for his youngest sibling’s plans to crash and burn into a million tiny flames.
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pixicunt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
There will be 8 chapters all up, read this chapter and then read the chapter of the member you choose or you can read all chapters for alternative endings!
These are the aftermath characters if you want some back story
wordcount: 11K
college au ?
Warnings: dubcon/noncon touching, violence, alchol and drugs used and mentioned, degrading names (slut), blood, mention of paid sex, drug dealing, implied mxm (vmin and slight yoonmin), internal monolog of wanting to fuck reader while shes asleep (somnophillia), heartbreak and hurt, comming out, reader cant catch a break (members chapters will have individual tags)
Summery:Its strange isn't it, how every decision you make leads you here in the very end. pressed up against him as he is pushing inside of you. has every touch and graze of deep brown eyes led you to this very moment, you cant help but wonder about the what ifs, what if you had never met, had never gone to the stupid party, had never taken that final leap off the deep end, would anything have changed or was it destined to happen at one point in your life. you don't know, all you know is that you have to deal with the aftermath of it all 
you go to a party, you have no way home and you must make a choice on who is going to take you home, if they end up taking you home... what happens after is up to them.
( I got the idea for this when i saw the butter cream version concept pictures)
You study your outfit in the floor length mirror, the soft glow in your room doing nothing to ease your nerves. Fingers patting down your jeans to fix any noticeable flaws. Jimin’s burning gaze making you shiver internally when you catch his eyes through the mirror. A  patronizing scoff that makes doubt and red hot anger swell inside. He really got on your nerves, that look of distaste as he eyed your body from behind, his eyes were strangely compelling and you feel like you could fall into a state of madness just looking at them, until he spoke.
"please don't tell me you are wearing that"
You let out a short cold chuckle, why was he even in your room in the first place. You try to act like you don't care about his opinion but you cant help but do another once over of your own outfit, nothing special or eye catching, a pair of pants and a sweater... still cute nonetheless. your eyes sway to the teasing quip of his lip though the mirror. Black heeled boots, way too tight jeans and lidded eyes that sparkle from the gems he stuck under his water line.
You turn to face him now, smokey eyes staring right back. annoyance already building on your tongue "well what am I supposed to wear? your not exactly helping me out".  You hated the smug smirk that filled his cheeks. you hated him even more when his eyes linger on the outfit he had laid out for you on your bed
Seemingly used to the way you yell at him he doesn't mention it instead fiddles with the outfit. "if you were listening and not being so bratty then you would wear this, the cold air wont matter once you get a little tipsy so why don't you be a good girl and put it on" to drive his point to you his lifted up the half empty bottle of liquor, the clear bubbly liquid sloshing around as he takes a sip, his body relaxing further onto the bed as he falls onto his back with pleasured grunt,  you eye the pieces of clothing, a matching set of shear underwear and bra, matching his own black attire along with a mini skirt and shirt
it was very reminiscent of your step brothers own fashion, when you moved into his house he did end up buying half the clothes you now currently own. you try not to think to much of it, his father insisted he take you shopping anyway.
You reluctantly grab the outfit from your bed. "im not wearing that" you fling the revealing bra and underwear that hides nothing , so sheer you might as well not be wearing anything. Jimin just rolls his eyes as he gets up collects the bra from the floor. tongue poking out to wet the corners of his lips from were he smudged the clear gloss he had applied not long ago, giving you no time to gather yourself.
"no one is going to want to fuck you if you look like that" the crude words have you shriveling up inside, hating how he always got under your skin so easily.  it really wasn't any of his business, you just wanted to spend time with your friends.
 "fuck off Jimin, bet your tiny cock cant satisfy anyone, all you have is your looks and shitty music" you know its a lie but you keep eye contact with him, boldly staring into his own eyes that darken by the second, small smile curling at the ends of his lips, you look away. it was definitely a lie. If the whorish moans or broken whimpers that come from his bedroom door was anything to go by , you know from the pool party he hosted last summer at your house, swimming trunks clinging to him revealing just how much he had to offer, that and how he loved those grey sweatpants and tight jeans.
"oh you should watch that mouth of yours before it causes some problems that you wont know how to deal with" you watch him rise swiftly in the mirror, thighs bulging at  the tight strain of fabric as he inches closer behind you. A warm hand skirts up the length of your upper back before he makes way to tuck your hair to the side, finger tips ghosting down your neck.
You swallow thickly, holding your breath, honeyed voice braced against your ear . "you wouldn't want to say something you cant take back hmm" the drawn out sticky sweet voice begging you to say it again, one more time and hell prove you wrong. you could basically feel his heat, his breath leaves goosbumps along your neck.
“Do I make you nervous?”
He brings something to your neck, a pretty sheer choker to fit the outfit. he lets it slip around your neck, eyes never once breaking as he tightens it in his hands, your throat constricts with the pressure and you suck in a sharp breath as he pulls it tight . practiced hands working to clasp it into place.
Then that's it, he walks away from you like nothing had happened and nothing did happen but you cant explain that to your increased heartrate that felt so loud in his silence. He moves to the bed to collect his things that he hastily had thrown there beforehand, your eyes stay on him the entire time through the mirror.
"well my ride is here" his phone rings breaking the fragile bubble of tension he created in your quiet room, you hear the car pull up outside from your bedroom window, Jimin gives you one last smirk before exiting your room.
 You let out a breath you had been holding the entire time as your fingers grip the outfit. You look out the window to in curiosity, watching as Jimin walks towards the car, Taehyung meeting him halfway
Even the mention of the name had your throat dry. Having had the displeasure to have met him a couple times, him being your brothers best friend and all. He didn't sit well with you, call it a gut feeling but maybe the permanent vexing smirk that pulled at his lips when he was around, the intimidating aura, whatever it was you made sure to keep yourself far away from him as possible. whenever he was over you took extra precaution to keep yourself locked away in your room but you could almost always feel his eyes through the wall.
  Accept for that one time he had caught you off guard.
The cold water hitting your skin as Jimin pushed you into the pool, brazen laugh so loud you could hear it under the water, he jumps in right after. with so many people around you couldn't fathom why we was being so touchy, hands on your waist as he pushed you against the pool wall. "what the fuck do you think your doing" 
You punch his shoulder as you try to swim away from him but Jimin always had the last laugh, pulling at the string of your bikini top. that fucker. you were quick to get out of the pool. clutching the now loose material to your chest as you rush to the bathroom to fix it, not noticing Taehyungs eyes on you as you enter the empty house, a quick glips at his friend to see he was now preocupied with someone else, a quick exchange of the tiny package, counting the money with satisfaction as he gets out of the water
Taehyung looks away when Jimin catches his eyes with a wink, wet hair pushed back and dripping with water as he works on another client.
Stepping into the house, following the wet footprints to the bathroom door and with a final look around him to make sure no one else was around he opened the door, your shocked face met his in the mirror. coming up with some bullshit excuse that he needed to use the bathroom, your body freezing as you tried to apologies with an anxious strain of your voice, trying to  leave the bathroom but he didn't budge from the doorway, blocking your exit.
instead pushing himself in, your feet taking steps back subconsciously, his eyes darting down your body.
"let me help with that" his fingers cold on your bare back as he gripped the strings, moving you further into the bathroom and turning you to face the mirror. the thought of bending you over the sink and having his way with you. wanting nothing more then to rip the bikini from your body instead of securing back in place
His fingers causing goosebumps across your skin as he pushes his body into yours from behind causing you to gasp. "your such a tease you know that right" his words dripped off into a chuckle, speaking low into your ear. his lips brushing the skin just under your ear as you shake under his fingertips. Slowly inching his fingers  under the side straps of your bikini bottoms, one pull and they would pool at your feet
"s-stop" you try to move but he had you trapped against the counter. the porcelain biting at your skin, his hands moving up your sides and over your covered breasts. fear mounting with the shake in your voice with every press of fingers, watching your body gives you away when you lean into his touch.
"you want me to stop your not very convincing moaning like that" his lips back on your neck, the smell of chlorine and something sweet as he kisses under your ear, his fingers going to slip under the material of your bikini but the tension was broken with Jimin calling your name from downstairs and you scrambling out of his hold. your frantic footsteps down the carpeted steps.
Seeing him again had you heart racing, an unsatisfied ache you don't like to acknowledge, an ache only his fingers would mend but also a strange fear that sat right on your chest. stay away.
The memory shatters and you jump when the driver impatiently beeps the horn to get a move on. Taehyungs driver not impressed with having to wait. 
The two break their hug and you watch as Jimin pushes Taehyung up against the door of the sleek black car, a flirty gaze in his eyes as he captures Taehyung in a heated kiss, Jimin's tongue slipping inside his mouth playfully, Taehyung fully resipicating with hands on Jimins waist. Taehyungs eyes open to lock with yours through the window.
 You quickly dip your head away, not really believing what you saw and not getting back up until you heard the screech of tires driving down the road. the room now being so silent you jolt, hand over your heart to calm yourself as your phone rings, your friends would be there in 5 minutes.
  You waste no time getting dressed. Eyeing the sheer underwear Jimin had placed back on your bed before hesitantly slipping them on. No one would know and you didn't have time to find anything else. You slip on a pair of fishnets as if that was going to do anything to keep your legs a little warm before slipping on the leather skirt.
  The  bra was nowhere to be found, you had looked everywhere. your head scrambles in irritation as you couldn't find any of your bras, items of your draw keep going missing and you conclude you must have just put them out to be washed but you could have sworn you had put it right next your bed.
You didn't have time for this right now, you slip on the shirt and make sure it wasn't noticeable that you were going braless. after a few touch ups you make your way outside, checking twice to make sure the door was locked, looking up at the huge house already regretting not being in your bed. making your way to sit on the curb of your street as you wait for your ride
The air was far to cold for your outfit as you wrap your arms around yourself, nipples hardening under the thin material of your shirt, you knew this was a bad idea. you stand to your feet, already making up your mind that you needed to change. fuck Jimin and his influen- “y/n”
your thoughts are cut off by the sound of a familiar deep voice.
you wip your head around to meet eyes with the kind one of your neighbors. "oh Namjoon- ah msorry- i mean sir, you scared me" his cheeks heat under your smile.
“i told you that you can call me Namjoon y/n”  his smile had you temporary forgetting the biting spring wind. Namjoon couldn't help but eye your figure up close, you looked so different like this and he didn't hide the way his eyes traveled down your body, stopping on your breasts, your perky nipples standing against the biting air just begging to be gropped. He would fuck you right here on the pavement if it wasn't so cold. No he wouldn't do that, you deserve to fucked in the comfort of his home and he was a very patient man. 
His eyes lock back on yours, noticing you had been talking to him, arms wrapped around your body unconsciously pushing up your breast even more and swaying from left to right, a habit he noticed you do often when you were nervous, did he make you nervous?. fuck, he couldn't help the strain against his pants.
Were you doing this on purpose? did you want him to fuck you right here. your words were nothing but white noise, annoying, he didn't hear a word you said but managed to catch a few key words here and there. something along the line of a party and waiting for a ride. Namjoon was so considerate and kind of course he should offer you a ride and you will except because he wont give you much of an option to decline.
He shrugs his jack from his shoulders, moving it over your body with warm hands, having been in his pocket to keep from the harsh air. your words jumble with surprise at the romantic gesture.
  "its cold outside you should know better, please wear this" our cheeks heat feeling like you are being scolded, his hands stay on your waist a little longer then whats acceptable but its Namjoon, your kind neighbor who takes care of plants and reads the newspaper. Namjoon who commutes to work every morning on his bike, shiny car sitting untouched with collected dust in the expensive look driveway.
"i can give you a ride if you would like ? " watching your face with a bit of hope but he saw your brows dip in hesitation. he cursed in his head as headlights cast their lights over your body, the car beeping annoying in the otherwise quiet night. he could see the cold air from your open mouth, hesitating and looking at him with an apology.
your friends scream, a rowdy mess of intoxicated singing as they call out to you, whistling as you blush next to Namjoon. his hands move up to the back on his head, scratching the hair there and watching as you move towards your friends car. "just call me if you need ok ?, and let me know your safe and so i wont have to report a missing person" he joked with a dimpled smile and your friends basically melt. Namjoon was only half joking about you being a missing person but you didn't know that slapping his arm in a flirty manner.
 "thanks Joon" you hop in the backseat of the car and Namjoon shuts it safely behind you. 
“don't drink to much, you to girls please be responsible”, you wave goodbye with a shy nod not before your friends could drunkenly slur how hot he is, Namjoon blushing at all the attention which only seemed to make them melt further.
“Not a girl” 
Yoongi knew he was prettier then most, doll like features and soft lips but come on, Namjoons eyes narrow “oh my bad” Yoongi tucked himself away against the window with closed eyes.
 Namjoon hated the idea of you leaving to a party where other guys could stare at you and he hopes for his sake you keep the jacket on so he can take it off you later. You even left the curtains of your bedroom open and you really should be more careful, anyone could be watching you but he was grateful for the show you gave him, body stripped bare with a hand on his cock watching you change although slightly mad another male had been in your presence. your step brother was a little to handy for his liking and he would have to do something about that. hed known Jimin for a long time, hes grown up a lot over the years enough to know exactly what trouble he was.
Did you want to fuck Jimin?, your own step brother?. his cock strained at the thought of something so filthy, were you that desperate, he could give you everything you could even want and more, much more then some pretty boy. but if it was what you really wanted then Namjoon didn't mind some foreplay, wouldn't be hard to swipe the boy right under his feet and make you all one big happy family, he’s always wanted two kids.
He was ready to be a dad, the sting still hollow from his ex wife with the miscarriage, leaving him shortly after to be alone to wallow in his own self pity and wealth. It was truly lonely but he didn't feel alone when he was with you.
The car drives away , waving goodbye until you couldn't see him anymore, just a dot in the background as you settle in the back seat. Arin shooting you a flirtatious smile as she giggles into your side. "so, have you banged your hot neighbor yet, he’s so cute!" you cant help but roll your eyes at her, typical Arin.
Yoongi sat leaning his head back with his eyes closed lets out a scoff but you don't pay him much mind "no, hes life double my age and.. you know Im not ready for something like that" and just like that the sour taste of past memories burn your throat threating to rise up. Suzy turning around in the passenger seat with a long grone
"when are you going to move on from Hoseok, seriously y/n you need to be dicked down if not from your hot neighbor then someone tonight, its the perfect night for it"
 you fight internally not to let your tongue slip. Yes of course, pills, being blackout drunk with vomit soaked clothes and sucking any dick (mostly her boyfriends, Taehyungs) is the perfect setting. It had been a while since you broke up with Hoseok but you new you were still damaged.
 Yoongi knew this too as he spoke for the first time since you got in the car. "I think you just need to focus on yourself and not other peoples dicks" the passive aggressive monotonous buzz in Yoongis voice was felt as the tension thickened. Memories of suzy and Hoseok together in your own house invading your memories.
You had forgiven Suzy, it wasn't her fault after all, she wasn't the one in a relationship after all, all the commitment fell on Hoseok at the end of the day and he was weak enough to lust over her body, giving him things you could never.
 Yoongi broke the silence that had swallowed your mind. 
"don't think about him anymore ok, he’s an piece of shit and i really should kill him" 
You knew he hated Hoseok for breaking your heart. Yoongi was your best friend after all, always has been and always will be which is why is was easy for him to quit the basketball team, not being able to play with Hoseok without punching him in the face. its sad really you feel immense guilt at the fact that they used to be good friends and his fond love for the sport.
But Yoongi had loved you far longer then he had been friends with Hoseok and it was an easy sacrifice on his part, you needed him and he was there for you. Making dirty money in underground rap, feet swaying under the red L.E.D lights high out of his mind really didn't leave much time for basketball anyway. too busy trying to scrape money together for a cup of ramen noodels before his gig.
"its not that easy you know, what we had was special" you could hear the smug chuckle in Suzys voice, knowing she wanted to say more but deciding against it, Yoongi squirming, the discomfort in his heart a bit too much for him as he stared at the wizzing street lights.
 Arin digged  her hand into her bra, having no pockets to hide the stash of pills, her silky pink skirt rubbing up against your own thigh. "here, just try some, it will get Hoseok of your mind, he’s really not worth it" 
She moves her finger around the pouch, pulling  a pink pill from its content with her pink bottom lip pulled between her teeth. rubbing her side into you, puppy eyes as she holds the pill between perfects manicured fingers 
 Although tempting, forgetting about hoseok and jumping a random guys dick, but you turn away from her sparkly eyes, "I don't do those things Rin, you know that" she pulls back like shes been slapped. Yoongi too as all he could think about was his next fix, clawing at his insides on his brain like a parasite but Arin didn't have what he needed, he needed to talk to Taehyung about something a little stronger.
You failed to notice the look of adoration in her eyes that drain with hurt. "fine be boring" she slips the pill between her lips and swallows with the bottle of some cherry flavored vodka. nails clinking against the glass and flowing down her throat. 
Suzy snickers from the front seat. "prude" you ignore her words and look to Jane who hasn't said a word the whole drive, driving with her eyes on the road. "how long until we get there?" she meets your eyes in the rear view mirror. "I think we are here actually"
 The house was huge, even bigger then Jimins and you had been awe struck when you moved into the fancy house but this was huge...and crowded, a girl you recognize from your class already throwing up in the grass in the front yard as her friends hold her hair up for her, smudged makeup as she crys over 'that asshole fuckbag’. Arin pulls you out of the car, locking your arm with her own as she pulls you up to the door.
Yoongi at your other side, his hand on your lower back as he guides you into the house and you thank him mentally, the creep and his cracked out friends being blocked by Yoongis frame
The stench of alcohol was rich, burning your nose as you enter. If you thought the front yard was packed then the inside was 100 times worse. Loud music and and red cups or various bottles in everyone hand, mouths attached to necks and wondering hands. 
Arin is quick to hand you a cup and you look at her hesitantly. you don't indulge in alcohol normally, havnt in a long time ever since you had seen the destructive path it could bring  but you take the cup in your hand anyway, letting the cool plastic rest in your palm as you allow her to pull you through the house.
 You feel uneasy, feel the burning of prying eyes on your body, gripping your jacket to bring it close. Drink untouched as your eyes gaze around the room, not sure what your looking for but it isn't long before eyes meet the familiar ones of your brother, his eyes on you as soon as you entered the room.
 A pretty girl attached to his side as she slides her hand across his chest. he cocks an eyebrow at you at your obvious staring, his eyes dropping down your body with a pleasant smile, you had wore the outfit he picked for you. he doesn't break the contact, taking a sip from the red cup, mouth moving to replay to the taller tattooed male to his left. he looked familiar.
Your vison on Jimin is cut however when a body blocks your view , eyes peering up at none other then Taehyungs. his eyes cold as he looks down at you, not used to being so close to the male you cower away from his gaze, shrinking into Arins body next to you.
  He always made you feel a suffocating feeling in your stomach, an uneasy aura. He grabs onto Suzys waist, pushing her into his side as he whispers something into her ear that has her squeeling, slapping him playfully across the chest.
Arin gags at the sight of the two of them. "ok love birds we get it, some of us are single here" she pulls you to her side, even closer if that was possible and Jane just looks around the room in search for something or someone.
 "whos house even is this" you question
Arin gasps as if you just told her you hate puppies. her touchy hands closing around your upper arm in a tight grip. "don't you know Kim Seokjin, like theeee best looking guy in our school, hot body, our schools prestigious basketball player, really hot" your skin pales at the name.
Panic surges inside of you. that was Hoseok’s bestfriend, of course you knew him, you knew his dick too but if Seokjin was here that had to mean.... you turn  Arin to you, half in conversation about how dreamy the star was. "i- i have to go, i cant-" its like fate had other plans as just in that moment you spot the warm smile of your ex and he was heading right for you.
 You freeze, not ready for all these feeling that come to the surface, his face filled with nostalgic memories of how happy and painful your relationship was. you down the drink in your hand as he reaches you, gripping into your elbow to pull the drink away from your lips.
 "woah slow down there pretty"
The nickname stings more then the contents of the cup as it burns your throat. you yank your arm out of his hold "I need another drink" you walk off leaving your group of friends and heading towards the kitchen in hopes that he wouldn't follow behind. he did
You yank a random bottle from the bench, pouring its contents into the plastic cup, trying to keep your breathing stable as you feel his presence behind you. you don't wait for him to talk as you down another cup .
 "jesus fuck y/n what's got into you, you don't even like to drink" he tries to pull your attention to him, spinning your body around to face him, caging your body against the cool edge of the counter as he snatches the cup from your hand.
  "since when do you care Hoseok, since when did you ever give a shit about me" your voice wavered in a desperate attempt to keep from letting the tears spill from your eyes, keeping your head high.
 His eyes were solemn as he he gripped onto your arms through the jacket. "i do care y/n, you broke up with ME and then stopped talking to ME when all I wanted was to fix things with you". yea its your fault, always your fault when it came to him
"suzy came onto me, she’s the one you should get rid of, not me, I never did anything to hurt you"
the sharp laugh you let out had him flinching. A classic, blaming other people for his wrongs. never did anything wrong ? you were blind to see the way he always manipulated you, molded you in to what he wanted you to be and you ate it right up for some simple love and affection.
"you know I care about you" he reached his hand out to cup your cheek. you grab the half empty cup from his hand before throwing it in his face. "fuck you Hoseok, fuck you" you leave him in the kitchen, soaked in the sticky beverage and a look of rage in his eyes. cursing at you as he rubs the substance from his eyes, he was quick on your tail although it was hard to see, his vision blurry as the sting in his eyes worsen.
 "you fucking bitch" your name leaving his lips as you maneuvered through the sea of bodies, eyes scanning the room for any of your friends who had now disappeared
Arin grabs your arm, seeing how lost you were in the room full of people, leading you out to the back doors for a breathe of much needed air. "hey are you ok? you look a little red babe" her smalls hands enclose over your cheeks that were red from anger.
"y-yea Rin, im ok just need a drink" her smile reaches her eyes as she wiggles the same cherry vodka in front of your face. "uh you got to love me for always having your back" 
she takes a sip of the bottle, a faint lipstick stain coating the head of the bottle.  her voice turns soft, rolled out syllables of words already starting to slur. 
"i know you didn't expect Hoseok to be here but maybe this will do you some good, closure and all" her hand moves to cover yours, her sweet smile you know any man could fall for, her smile as dazzling as her earrings that flow like water down her neck.
 You don't expect what happens next, her moving in closer, eyes scanning your lips as she learns in, mouth closing on yours as a perfectly manicured hand caresses' your cheek. feeling her silky red stained lips pull in desperation at your own, You pull away slowly, pulling her wrist away from your face, refusing to look her in the eye. 
"im sorry Arin, im just not-... your drunk and i don't li-"you didn't even know what to say, lips still tingling not have seen this coming. the taste of sour cherry on your lips as you keep your yes glued to the floor. she was awfully quiet but you were to scarred to turn and see her broken eyes, her eyes watering as she pulls her lip between her teeth. 
"no, im sorry, im such an idiot" she hits her head with her palms as panic and rejection swell in her face, she dusts the invisible particles from her silky skirt as she stands, her body warmth leaving your side.
 "Arin wait" you grip her skirt in your hands to keep her from walking away "i really need a friend right now, there are plenty guys that will love you, its just not me" you heard the scoff in her voice, the gentle break from unshed tears ripping you apart. 
"i don't like boys" 
You were shocked at her confession. "and you know what, you don't ever let anything good happen to you, you are your own downfall, it wouldn't be so hard to let people love you if you weren't so in love with your own suffering"
Feeling attacked you cant help but attack back. "I never asked you to fall in love with me". you watch her eyes widen, tears falling from her face. "fuck you y/n, all you do is hurt everyone you get close to”
You watch her walk back into the crowd of people slaming the glass door on her way leaving you there to sit in your own missery, just like she had suggested.
You couldn't help but let the tears fall, overwhelming emotions filling you to the brim. you didn't mean to lash out, she was right. you didn't know how to take a good thing if it was handed to you right on a silver platter.
fuck you really just needed a drink. wiping your tears from your eyes, not even realizing how cold it was outside. moving back inside, the party in full swing, people basically fucking with clothes on , grinding on willing bodies or whatever surface they could, their blood laced with a mix of some form of LSD and whatever intoxicating beverages were in the kitchen.
Taehyungs eyes were on you as you move through the crowd. moving suzy off his lap with a whine of protest from her, he had spent the last 20 minutes hearing her bitch behind your back, he knew you two were on bad terms, knew you could spill his little secret that you saw earlier and could ruin everything he had which is why he was quick on his feet.
Your thighs peeking out from your short skirt laced with the stockings that just begged to be ripped from you with no remorse. For the longest time he wanted nothing more then to bend you over, weekend nights at Jimins writing music amongst other things and all he could think about was sneaking into your room and sinking into your sleeping body, maybe even having Jimin join him on his fantasies, keeping your mouth full if you do happen to wake up. but all thoughts like that dissipate when Jimins mouth was sinking down his length.
He was so close, hand reaching out to grab you and push you into the nearest bathroom, he needed to make sure your mouth stayed shut but he was quickly pulled away from you. He grit his teeth ready to punch the lights out of whoever had put their hands on him and away from his goal tonight.
The frown melted from Taehyungs face as he came to face Yoongi, a desperate look in his eyes and Taehyung knew what he needed, pulling him into the bathroom that he had planned to push you into.
  Sitting his friend down on the closed toilet seat. watching as his fingers twitch and shake, leg bouncing as the anxiety rose and filled his lungs. "I need it Tae, I need it" Yoongi was unhinged and Taehyung had promised that last time was the last time, he needed real help not a temporary fix, a temporary high to fix whatever was taking over his mind.
You didn't know about Yoongi’s little habit and he wanted to keep it that way, you still thought he was busy with his degree, had no idea he dropped out. he wanted to be the person you need when you call on him not some weak pathetic human who cant keep his anger inside, nothing but a broken mess without the drugs in his system.
Needs the drugs so he doesn't feel, feel the wandering hands of people he gets paid to fuck. like his mother use to say if your good at something then never do it for free and Yoongi happened to be skilled with his mouth. 
He hated the judmental eyes of hs friend, its not like this is the life he aspired for
The only thing that takes his pain away is the thought of you, holding you in his arms even it was platonically. Taehyung cant give him what he wants this time, a hand oh his friends shoulder to let him down easy.
 "you know I cant Yoongi" and he flinches like he was touched by fire. a dry laugh falling from his lips. Yoongi could only think about how selfish people were. "fine, fuck you" he pushed up from the toilet seat, his hands still twitching as he pushes past him. Taehyung tried to catch up with his friend but yoongi was faster.
His eyes catch Jimin's as he makes his way over, the boys flirty smile as he dances against a random body. "yoongi hyung dance with me" he pulled him by the collar but Yoongi was in no mood. he already knew Jimin wouldn't give him what he needed but asked anyway
"maybe if you get down on your knees and use that pretty mouth I might give it to you” of course he wouldn't give him what he wanted and he had to grit his teeth, typical park Jimin.
 "where is y/n" He needed to get out, the people around him starting  to overwhelm him. the drink in Jimins hand looking inviting, calling his name to numb his feelings out but he had promised you long ago he wouldn't.
 "went up stairs with Seokjin i think" 
Jimins eyes sparkle and his tongue flicks to the side of his cheek, shrugging his shoulders and  trying to twirl him in a dance. the sting isn't unfelt for Yoongi, grabbing the cup that Jimin was already lifting to his mouth and gulping the foul yet familiar liquid for warms him like a hug from an old friend. fuck it.
Jimind holds up clear package. “so what do you say”
----- Seokjin notices you straight away, your breathing rapid as you push through the crowd, Jungkook talking his ear off about how easy it was to join the force, his younger brother really was something else taking over their fathers career in the law.  Seokjin was going into the law career too but as a lawyer. late nights and little sleep on his part but he allowed himself this night to sped time with his friends and his brother, and you of course.
Jungkook followed the line of sight, watching you take a drink from some poor soul and tip it back down your throat, bumping into a girl as her drink spilt all over herself, sitting up with a squeal.
Your eyes wide, mouth ready in apology as she screams about the soiled dress. Seokjin and Jungkook move at the same time, dread as the girl picks up a stray cup of red liquid, throwing it at your unsuspecting frame.
  "you stupid bitch" the girl storms away, purse clutched to her side as the click of her lepordprint highheels click across the marble floor towards the fireplace that was lit and warming the room. you laugh at the irony, it all comes full circle. you could already see Hoseoks satisfied smile.
Jin reaches you first, warm hand on your shoulder to bring your attention to him. your teary eyes breaking his heart as you stare down at your jacket, fingers trying to dry the fabric in a haste. "s-seokjin" you were freezing, your skin cold , your watery eyes looking into his deep brown ones. you couldn't count the amount of times you had been in this situation with him. your teary eyes soaking his shirt many times.
 You would have been his if not for Hoseok, reminiscing the way he would take you out on cute dates after taking an interest in you at his basketball games. your beautiful smile spreading so much light wherever you go and cant help the deep hate he had for his bestfriend for killing your light. Hoseok had broken you when all he ever wanted to do was lift you up.
The days he would hopelessly pin after you and have you reciprocate for your own selfish desires, leading him on with cute dinner dates and secret smiles only for him. loved the cute way you would dress in your oversized sweaters, taking his sweaters whenever you would come over to his house.
You were never together so he doesn't know why it hurt so bad when you referred to him as a good friend, rejected him, telling him you had someone else that you liked and that you never meant to lead him on.
 Its was all bullshit though when you came crying to him in the middle of the night, not being able to go to Yoongi as you didn't want to be lectured. you were so cruel, stealing kissing from him in the middle of the night, taking your pleasure and leaving him empty and alone in the morning, already rekindling with Hoseok and leaving him with wounds you rip open and let him bleed. he could never be mad at you though because it was you and he would do anything to make you happy.
  He eyes Jungkook to follow him upstairs, gripping your shaky hand and leading you upstairs that he had blocked off from the common party goers. unlocking his bedroom door and ushering you inside, your faint sniffles and stray tears leaking onto his jacket as he moves you into his private bathroom, Jungkook close behind you.
 While Seokjin looks in the draws for things to clean the jacket Jungkook turns you to him with a comforting hand. "hey you, its been a while" ....a while since you broke his hyungs heart is what he really wants to say. you had stopped talking to Jungkook when you stopped talking to Jin, the two came as a pair and so couldn't catch up with Jungkook without running into his brother.
"yea, I'm sorry you have to see me like this" you wipe at your eyes and laugh at the situation. having not seen Jungkook in so long he was almost unrecognizable, the tattooed sleeve and piercings taking you by surprise. "oh congrats for completing law school offi-" your cut of by Seokjin cursing and shutting the cupboards
 "can you go get the wipes from the kitchen kook? " 
Jungkook left without a word, exiting the bathroom with a tilt of his head and flick of his wrist in goodbye to you before the click of the bathroom door. A suffocating silence in the echoing tile walls. nothing was said as he moves your body closer to his, hands on your waist and gasping when he hoists you onto the cool counter top, the cold surface almost painful on your thighs and you cant help the shiver that spreads through your body.
With the boost in height you are now level with Seokjins eyes and you wanted to look anywhere else, not wanting to face the person of the heart you had taken advantage of. In hindsight you would have accepted his love confession but you cant go back in time, that's not how the words works.
Despite that, you felt safe in his arms. his fingers peeling the jacket from your body, leaving you to shudder, nipples hardening. if he did notice he doesn't say anything as he takes the jacket and runs the hem under the warm water. nothing said between you as he works quietly in trying to get the stain out.
  "im sorry Jinnie" your voice strains barely auddaible over the running faucet, he leaves the sleeve to soak under the warm water as he turns his attention back to you noticing the goosebumps on your arms he turns on the heat light. 
You don't know what really warms the blood in your cheeks, the alcohol, the florescent lights or Seokjins hands on your knees, fingers mindlessly moving under the string of your fishnets. drawing patterns on your skin as he speaks to you.
He simply watches you with melencholic eyes. "are you y/n?, you don't sound very sorry" you don't really know how to answer his question, words laying heavy on your tongue and sprinkling over you like a heavy wet blanket. 
His eyes fall as he gathers what he wants to say. "all i ever wanted was for you to be happy you know?" you know. he was always so caring and sometimes you wish he wasn't then you wouldn't feel so guity, avoided his eyes, he always knew what to say and never complained but it was hard to face him now.
  "so are you happy?"
His hands were still on your leg, warm fingers pressing into you skin. his hands traveled higher up your thigh over the flexable material on your legs. He couldn't escape you , couldn't resist you and the way you whimper just from the feel of his fingers.
He couldn't help himself as he leaned in closer to you, eyes on your lips as he let his fingers dance along your thigh, lips connecting to your own. loving to way you gasp as he deepens the kiss, your back hitting the cold mirror, his hand coming up to the side of your face to lick into your mouth.
You felt safe trapped between him, the familiar tongue slipping into your mouth as his hands move, fingers moving over your underwear , thumb pressing down on your clit and Jin biting your lip hard.
 You let out a pained yelp from deep inside you chest, trying to push at his chest to break the kiss. your hand coming up to your lip as it starts to bleed.metalic filling your mouth "what the fuck!" , you push him hard making him scowl, thumb pressing harder into your clit. you hiss in the pain and pleasure that follows, allowing your head to hit the mirror as the continuous stimulation of pleasure reaches all your nerves, arm grabing for his wrist to pull him away.
 "why do you always do this to me" your eyes shake, not used to seeing anything but a kind smile on his face.
The door of the bathroom opens, Jungkook stopping in his tracks, eyes honeing in on the hand underneath your skirt before trailing up to your bloody lip and his Hyung's look of anger. he clears his throat as Seokjin removes his hand from underneath you, grabbing for the wipes in his hand and shooting him a look to leave. Taking the hint and leaving the room, hopes that seokjin would teach you a lesson for your whoring around but also knew Seokjin loved yo to much, you didn't deserve him. moving downstairs to find something to busy himself with, this was his party afterall. -----------------------------------------------
Jin turns back to you. rubbing at his eyes like even being in your presence exhausted him. taking the wipes and rubbing out the stains left in your jacket. "what did you mean why do i do this to you, you kissed me Seokjin"
  He discards the jacket on the counter leaving it to dry. moving back between your legs, hands on your knees pulling them wide to make room between them. "you always do this to me, jumping from one man to another. what from Hoseok to Taehyung and back to me just so you can use me and leave again?" you blink speechless not knowing how he knew about Taehyung. remembering the way he had you pined against the bathroom sink.
  "how did you know about that" 
All he could do was scoff, of course that's all you worried about, not the fact that you continue to break his heart. his thumb reaching to dig into the slit of your lip, bursting pain leaving you to whimper "whatever y/n" with that he took off, leaving you alone in the quiet bathroom. -------------------- You make your way down the stairs with wobbly legs, securing your still damp jacket over your frame. you heard it before you could see it. the sound of Suzys voice in a fit of rage over the loud music. A small group of people surrounding the couple as she slaps Taehyung across the face, shoving her phone into his face....a picture taken at the pool party , Taehyung having you trapped as he kisses at your neck.
You get he a notification to your phone sent by Arin. The picture burning your eyes in a panic. the small text underneath the photo,
I told you that you'd be sorry. 
Was this supposed to some sort of payback. thinking back to the day Taehyung had forced you up against the hard surface while Jimin had been out in the pool with all your friends, well all except Arin it seems.
 You squeal as you feel a pair of hands on your from behind but a hand is quicker to capture your scream into his palm.
"shhh follow me"
It was Jimin and he was pulling you away from the scene just as you see Hoseok push through the crowd and up to Taehyung with nothing but rage. Jimin leads you to a secluded room, cursing as he stumbles a little before creaking the door open, surprised to find no one fucking on the bed and he ushers you inside and shuts the door and locks it from any intruders.
You sit yourself on the end of the bed in deep though as Jimin groans about the pain in his calfs from standing so much tonight, flopping himself on the bed with giggle that didn't really fit how you felt right now but that was his specialty, not being able to read the room.  
Thoughts about how this picture would be spun out of context, he had put his hands on you without your ok and he would have dont alot more if not for Jimin’s drunken voice booming for your very need aperience. The memory sill haunting you, hands caging you to the wall and the never ending smirk on his face. Thoughts about Arin, the betrayal and deep level of hurt at your friend for doing this to you, suzy calling you a slut as she shouts at taehung so loud even you wanted to believe it the way her voice cracked.
 "thought you might not want to be apart of whatever that was, what a shit show" you could only hum in response, not really knowing what to say , you had caused all this.
 "there is enough room for two you know?, why don't you join me my lady" It was hard not to laugh at Jimin's humor even if it was annoying at times and usually made you want to push him of a cliff.
 He pats the space next to him and and you eye the spot carefully, his eyes were not so careful, so inviting, a sparkle that only he had.  sensing your hesitation he reached into his side pocket, not being able to find what he wanted he planted his feet on the bed and lifted himself to reach into his very back pockets. thinking he was taking his pants off your eyes go wide as you look away.
"Jimin what the fuck", the snicker in his voice made your cheeks red. "my pants are on, I'm not that easy y/n" his cheeky tone always dripped with something more. looking back just in time to see him pull out an array of things from his pocket and you have to wonder ho he fits it all in there.
 "iv got a bag of skittles and some makeup to fix up all this" he vaguely refers to your smudged makeup and tear stained cheeks.
  "if you will let me" his voice a whisper as he pats the spot next to him again, propped up on his elbow. this would be ok if not for the way he said it, eyes already dark like an unspoken promise that once you lay down beside him then you are done for.
 You do as he say with a reluctant sigh. Taking the spot next to him and you lay on a bed you diddnt know belonged to. The satisfaction on Jimins face as he passed you the bag of skittles. "good girl"
 You try to control the way your stomach leaps, opting to hit him against his chest instead. Jimin gasping in mock hurt at the non existent pain you caused.
 "just keep your hands to yourself" your tone serious as you give him a pointed stare.
You should have known, when you say walk Jimin says runs, it was always the dynamic you had and that's why you Shouldnt be surprised when hecompletelyy ignores your request, grabing your jaw with his hand to bring yourattentionn to him.
 "well as a makeup artist I will have to touch your face so no promises" there was no hiding the blush now, distracting yourself but opening the half eaten packet of skittles and shoving a red one in your mouth.
 "what else do you have in your pocket, why not just buy a bag" you eye the other things that he had discarded on the bed a little pouch of power, car keys, wallet, condoms, lipgloss and ? what was that. you go to pick up the small object but Jimin pushes you back down. "ah ah ah don't be so nosy" he had gotten incredibly close to your face , swalowing thickly.
 "now stay still"
You wish the sweetness of the candy would distract you, staring up at the ceiling instead of Jimins face as he prepares the makeup essentials. bringing his thumb to his mouth before reaching under your eye to rub the stray mascara off making you flinch. He shoots you an annoyed glance
 "be still for ill have to start over". It was a torturous time, feeling his body heat so close warming your body , his hands working over you face, resting against your temple as he worked on the eyeliner.
“how did you get into makup?” 
His eyes flick to your your own before continuing the wing of thick black liner.”you know im a preformer, the hired makeup artist never could quite get it so I taught myself, you should come one night”
you had never seen him so focused and you humm in completion.  
You knew he could see how humiliated you felt under his constant evaluation, how vulnerable you felt when he came at your face with the wand of the mascara. His hand on your chin as he lifts your head to get a better angle of his work.
The silence was a nice change of mood but it was also suffocating you, Jimin so focused in his craft that he didn't even notice you haven't spoken, his own smokey eyes staring so intently at your own.
He dabbed his brush into the glittery eyeshadow, blowing at the ends of it before bringing it to you eye, apparently the hard part was done as he started to talk again "so you really fucking Tae now?, you seem to causing so many problems tonight baby" 
Baby ?there he goes again. the arogent smirk that made you so mad, this is not what you needed right now, a shoulder to cry on maybe but not a asshole that is your brother.
 "No I'm not fucking your friend, are you?" you know the jab may have been uncalled for but you don't find any satisfaction when he gives you nothing but a firm pinch. "don't scrunch your face, you'll ruin my work" The silence runs thick, the bass of music through the door as he now works on your lips. "and what problem have i caused you ? all i did was show up in the outfit you picked... I haven't even spoken to you tonight" eyes moving from the work he was doing on your lips to lock eyes with you, a look you didn't really know how to digest.
 "oh you have caused me many problems, and your making it very hard for me to not solve them". Eyeing your outfit that he was so proud of putting together. The skirt running a little shorter then he expected "you wore the outfit, but" he sucks in a breath through his teeth as he if he was contemplating something
 "what is this"
He moved closer to your body, hovering over you as he pulls the jacket from your chest, letting it lay open. you hated your body for reacting. You hated him for his constant teasing. He pushes the jacket that was thrown over your shoulders, leaving you only in your thin shirt. you felt a rush of insecurity to your exposure 
"no bra ?"
 His eyebrows lift in your direction as if asking for an explanation but nothing could come out from your mouth other then covering up with crossed arms he moved closer to you, a hand on your thigh as he leaned into your ear. his breath was warm on your neck. "what a little slut" .
Your hands were pushing at his chest, sitting up on the end of the bed, wiping around to face him. Your stomach dipping and whirling as the words settle, leaving him there on the bed "i said keep your hands to yourself" 
You stand to your feet and straighten your skirt, his eyes still on your body. you heard the sheets of the bed move as he got to his feet, cleaning his voice. "well you know were not related y/n,"
 You could hear the sound of his heels making its way closer to you, his eyes inviting you in "yet you hold yourself so much higher then everyone else with  a stupid set of morals and rules but your no better then me, princess"
 His hands were at your waist, pushing you up against the door, the exit of the room you had been heading to. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as he leaned in, your breath hitching as you prepar yourself to feel his lips, closing your eyes.
 You felt the breath of his chuckle in your ear, eyes snapping open when he moves your jaw to the side. your eyes coming into contact with your own reflection. A mirror hanging on the wall of the bedroom showing showing just how close he was. burning up with embarrassment at the thought of you anticipating a kiss and anger for how he had played you.
 Fingers running from the base of your ear down your neck to the hem of your shirt "not so nice to be teased hmm" airy chuckel as he pushed off your body, shooting you one last look before pushing you to the side to leave the suffocating room.
 You felt heat surge throughout your body, anger that Jimin always having the last words, the last laugh. You collect yourself, admiring yourself and Jimin work in the mirror, still feeling the tingel of his fingers on your neck, your jaw clenching at the memory.
 A buzz in your jacket pocket from your phone had your attention, you exit the room checking the message on your phone, surprised at how much time had passed, the party still going strong as sweaty bodies grind up against eachother as you read the message. 
It was Namjoon asking if you were ok. you cant help the smile, pushing Jimin from your mind as you scramble to unlock your phone. texting out a reply, pausing to think about the cute dimpled man that was so quick to give you his jacket and checking on you. you wish everyone could be a bit more like Namjoon. Thoughts turning not so innocent when you think about his body, the times you had seen him working out in his living room through your window. Maybe it was an age thing but Namjoon sounded so much better then whatever this party was.
Thoughts shattering when your phone is knocked out of your hand, falling to the ground with a crack. "oh shit my bad" a voice slurs in your direction. You crouch down to pick up your now cracked phone, looking up still in shock and anger at the culprit. Ready to cuss out whoever had been so careless, anger fading when you end up looking into the blood shot eyes of Min Yoongi.
 "yoongi?" your eyes travel to the glass of alchol in his hand and with wide eyes now full of anger you try to snatch it from him but he pulls it away from your reach at the last second. He smiles as you with hazed out eyes, "Y/n baby i-fuck" He pulls you into his embrace as he stumbles on his feet, keeping the drink out of your reach, you ignore the warmth in your cheeks from the pet name, choosing to chalk it up to drunk talk as he settles his face into your neck 
"Min Yoongi what do you think your doing" you try to reach for his red cup again he flinches as if he had been burnt.
 "Jesus y/n, get of your fucking high horse, its one drink" you frown, not used to this side of your friend, always had nothing but love and patience for you. "you know your not supposed to drink, you promised "
"yea an an-d I thought you were done with Hoseok but apparently you still fuck him, you really are just a slut" your mouth gapes open as Yoongi downs the rest of his cup, the pain of tears behind his eyes wanting to gush down like a faucet but instead he gives you a lazy smile as he wipes his mouth with his sleeve , shoving the empty cup into your hands. 
"i know you didn't mean that, your drunk" 
He tips his head back as he laughs, his cheeks red with the amount of poison coursing through his veins, he really needed a cigarette, or another drink if he had to deal with you or rather his feelings for you. He might just take what he wants if hes not carefull.
"you just don't get it, you never get it" he stepped closer to you, his face coming closer to your own, you could feel the edge of his breath on your face.   "your selfish y/n, so fucking selfish" he backs you up against the wall, the backs of your shoes hitting the edge as you shrink into yourself, much to shocked to say anything. His mouth acends against your ear, body caging you in. 
"and im the fucking idiot because you don't even know it" He leaned back to look you in the eye, his eyes unreadable as he stared down at you, his eyes fliciking down to your lips before he stood back to his full height. you breathe, not knowing you had held your breath all this time but it doesn't last long as your breath hitches when Hoseok comes out of nowhere, his hands balled into fists as he grabs Yoongis shirt with two hands and pins his against the wall you had been leaning on
Yoongi lands against the wall with a hard thump, his eyes lazily staring back into the rage that colours Hoseoks eyes. "oh Hoseok, we were just talking about you" Yoongi gives him a small smirk, his tougue licking at the corner of his mouth teasingly as he slurred the words, Hoseok pushes him further up the wall making yoongi bang his head with a hiss, the intensity in his eyes maximizes as he slams him again.
  "HOSEOK, what the fuck are you doing" you rush over in a state of panic to grip his arm from where he had your bestfriend by the throat, Yoongi smiling at the fuming man. "yea Hobi lighten up" Yoongi licked his lips to wet them before laughing.
You pull at Hoseoks arm and try to squeeze yourself between them only to get pushed back by Hoseok, no one else paying you three much mind. Hoseok seethed, his vein pulsing in neck as he dug is arm harshly into Yoongis throat "shut the fuck up" Yoongi laughs again but this time it comes out choked and manic. Yoongi grabs his shirt and brings him close to whisper something into his ear, Yoongis eyes flicking over to you as he speaks into his ear. almost like he had been electrocuted Hoseok shoves him hard against the wall, his fist coming up before colliding with Yoongis cheek.
 You scream, running up to pull Hoseok away to winch you were met with the back of his hand as you fall to the dirty stained carpeted floor, the wind being knocked out of your lung as you clutch your face in the throbbing pain.
Hoseok was wide eyed as he stared at you. "y/n it was an accident" Yoongi chuckles, wiping the blood from his mouth as he gets up from where he had stumbled. wiping down his pants from the spilt drink. "you seem to be good at hitting people, no wonder y/n left you" Hoseok snapped his head back to Yoongi, jaw clenched as he lunges again. his fist comming against the dry wall as Yoongi dodges the fist, stumbling into some random girl as they both fall. The girl screamed as Yoongi tumbles down, ripping the girls skirt in the action to try and hold onto something , Hoseok not sparing him any time as he gets on top of him, his fist coming up to lunge at Yoongis face.
"HOSEOK FUCKING STOP IT" you get up off the floor to rip at his jacket but Jungkook was faster. rushing to pull the angered male off your bestfriend ."fucking chill " Jungkook pulled Hoseok to his feet and pushed him away from the crowd.
 Taehyung comes to help Yoongi from the floor as you rush over to him. Blood gushing from his lip and over his shirt. you couldn't help but let tears well in your eyes " what the fuck just happened" He didn't answer, Seokjin came down to see all the commotion and pulled you away outside, you protest the whole way insisting that you need to make sure Yoongi was ok.
 You pulled at his arm and dug your feet in the dirt, eventully he had enough of your tantrum and lifts you over his shoulder like you were nothing. "stop being such a brat"
You give up begging him and let him carry you walking over to the campfire that he had by the back of the house, plopping you gently on the tree log before letting out a sigh.
 "Are you ok? did you get hurt"
He sits down beside you as you stare at the orange flames crackling under the night sky. "you seem to keep saving me tonight huh?" 
He smiles at you as you two share the comfortable silence, tension still lingering in the air but Seokjin was a weak man. you let the warmth from the fire settle the exhaustion in your body
"I'm going to go check on Yoongi, go home y/n" and with that he left you there, any warmth from the fire vanishing as something ugly settles in your gut. you let the tears overwhelm you, you hated to admit it but you were terrified, you didn't want to be alone but you watch as his sillouete walks back into the house The night air reeking of alcohol and smoke. This whole night was a mistake, feeling every emotion you could feel all in the spam of a couple hours knowing it couldn't be healthy for you body, your muscles already aching with the ups and downs.
 You had no way home, the fear daunting on you the more you sit in the silence, only having the cackle and the warmth of the fire to keep you company. Arin had already left and even if she was still here you knew she was much to hurt to talk to you and after what she did you don't even think you are friends anymore. Suzy hated your guts and you haven't seen Jane since you first arrived. who are you going to ask to take you home ?
i really hope this is decent and that you like it.
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joyfulhopelox · a day ago
Rings That Bind Us Together | MYG
Tumblr media
╰►Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (arranged marriage!au)
Genre: fluff, angst, smut, romance
Rating: 18+
╰►Warnings: language, dom!Yoongi, unprotected sex, masturbation (f and m), clit slapping, biting, Yoongi...just Yoongi….think that is it
╰►Wordcount: 12k
Summary: An arranged marriage is never good news, you're going with it because you don't know what else you could do. But he makes it so easy to love him that you cannot resist it, no matter how much you try.
A/N: this was a (drabble mind you) request i got ages ago, and i am soo sorry for not posting it earlier, it's been written since mid August. I've been faffing about, and i am so sorry for this :( I do hope that the story itself is enough to make up for it! I am really sorry! Thank you @sunshinekims and @hobipaint for being amazing betas! You're literally savers! and to @notyouroppar for being the perfect shadow beta
The prompt given: can be found here.
Copyrights for the story and banner @joyfulhopelox
That being said please enjoy! I would love to hear from you so please leave me a message! 💌
Pʟᴀʏʟɪsᴛ: 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒎𝒆 - 𝐬𝐚𝐦 𝐤𝐢𝐦 | 𝒕𝒓𝒚 𝒂𝒈𝒂𝒊𝒏- 𝐣𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧, 𝐝.𝐞𝐚𝐫
‘I would choose you every damn time.’
‘I hate you, I hate you for how hopelessly in love you make me feel, I hate you for how lonely I am when you are not around, I hate you for forgiving me this easily.’
‘It’s time to give yourself permission to love.’
Tumblr media
“I love you.”
Those three words were uttered with so much emotion, you felt it vibrate through you. The man stood in front of you, your future husband, the man gazing at you with endless affection. He broke his promise. By vocalising those three words, seemingly simple words, he violated the pact you two made in the beginning. But you were a person of your word. You did what you promised you’d do back then. You walked away.
Tumblr media
“I want to introduce you to your fiancée.” Your father’s stern voice while entering his study shook you to your core. You had been waiting to meet him for a while; after his secretary had called you in so urgently. Thinking it was something serious, you rushed out of your meeting and straight into his office - only to discover he was not there. Deciding to wait, you sat at his desk with your legs crossed, playing with the penholder. When his booming voice woke you up from your daydream, you jumped up, stumbling into his desk. With a pained look in your eyes from jabbing your ankle into the desk, you muttered a greeting. “Y/N, sit up straight, I don’t want another child as an embarrassment.” Your father berated you. “Your fiancée should be here at any moment,” he announced simply as he replaced you at his desk. Your mind was still in a haze from the pain, but before you could register the words a knock at the door interrupted you.
“Sir, there’s someone here for you.” His PA’s voice was muffled by the door only to become clearer as the door opened. Expecting to see the older woman your dad hired, you were taken aback to discover that behind the door stood a man. A man you could recognise anywhere, a man whose face was everywhere. You opened your mouth, your intentions to tell him to leave, yet no words would come out.
“Ah, Yoongi, please come in!” Your dad’s cheerful greeting had you just as surprised. You remembered sitting at the dinner table, a few months back, your father’s rant about the audacity of New Money as he liked to call them, being the only conversation allowed. You remembered hearing the name Min Yoongi uttered along with curses more than once. To see your father not only bring said New Money in, but also greet them so cordially was beyond your comprehension.
You weren’t being superfluous when you said you saw him everywhere. As the newly appointed heir to his father’s law firm, his face was plastered on every magazine, every TV screen, every newspaper and even in adverts; all for the world to gawk at. If you were to be honest with yourself, you had stared at him on TV more than once, his soft looks combined with his cold personality were characteristics you found extremely attractive.
Then you met him at a few galas you both happened to be invited to. Looking for a chance to stave off the boredom, you accepted the first invitation to a dance that you received. Thus you found yourself face to face with the heartthrob of the decade, Min Yoongi. You barely shared any words during the first dance. But the first turned into second, turned into third, and before you knew it you’d both started to converse. Topics were kept to respectful ones, ones deemed for a gala as neither of you forgot what your positions in society were. That night you parted ways with a small smile towards each other, and a cordial goodbye. You decided that you wouldn’t mind seeing him again, until you reached home, and your father who had been watching you like a hawk reminded you who Min Yoongi was and how much your household despised New Money.
“Daughter, this is Min Yoongi, as you know.” Your father’s warning underlied the amiable tone of his voice. He was telling you to not make a scene, to do what you’ve always been taught to do in situations like these, smile and nod. Without skipping a beat you did exactly that.
“I am aware.” You turned to Yoongi and nodded in his direction. “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You stuck your hand out in greeting expecting him to take it instantly and shower you with compliments, as most of the other suitors your father presented you to would do. However, Yoongi’s detachment as he gripped your hand and shook it, surprised you.
“Likewise.” Yoongi’s voice matched the coldness of yours. Instead of pleasantries, it seemed like you were sealing an investment deal. In a way, you may just as well have viewed it as such.
You felt the weight of your father’s eyes, watching you every move and subconsciously you stiffened up, your back as straight as a pin. If Yoongi noticed the shift in your handshake, he didn’t mention it. Instead he let go of your hand and bowed his head to your father. You watched the exchange between the two. the manner in which they greeted each other raised alarm bells in your head.
“Yoongi my boy, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to your father.” Your dad’s amiable tone made you raise an eyebrow. A complete contrast to how he acted when he spoke about said man something didn’t sit quite right with you. “Thank you for accepting to come here today.” Your dad offered Yoongi a seat, to which he politely refused.
“You don’t have to thank me, Sir. I have done what I should have a while ago.” Yoongi’s voice didn’t mirror your father’s in the slightest. His calm and collected voice betrayed nothing of his feelings. You took your time to observe him, your ears tuning out the conversation between the two men in the room. His dark hair accentuated the paleness of his skin and his royal blue silk shirt and black dress pants fitted him like a glove. His features were soft, softer than you remembered, and you amused yourself at the thought of him being a ruthless lawyer.
“Apologies for not being able to come greet you sooner, I have been away on a business trip.” Hearing the word business you jolted out of your thoughts, your gaze catching Yoongi’s. You not only realised you were caught staring but you knew by the burning feeling of your cheeks that your blush was entirely visible to him. Hurriedly thinking of a way to escape the situation you remembered you had meetings you postponed.
“Father, I have a board meeting in a little bit. If that is all, I will take my leave.” You waited with bated breath for your father’s response. His cold eyes made you nervous as if he would be able to see right through your lies. When he stiffly nodded at you, his eyes spoke of his displeasure but you didn’t wait any longer than necessary before you made your way out of his office, your eyes trailing towards your newly announced fiance.
“Min Yoongi, it was my pleasure, hopefully we’ll get a chance to discuss soon.” You added politely as you made your way to the door.
“Y/N, the pleasure was all mine.” The mischievous glint you could read in them made your blush deepen as you closed the door behind you. He knew you were lying.
When your phone rang and the screen flashed the name of your sister you didn’t hesitate to answer. She may have been estranged by your father for making the wrong choices, but she will always be your youngest sister, and you will always look out for her.
“Y/N!” Her elated voice immediately put you on guard. She rarely called- as much as you wanted to say your relationship was a loving one despite your family’s aversion, that wasn’t the case. Whenever she called, it was either to get information or to complain. To hear her so happy immediately made you suspicious of her intentions. You decided not to answer her greeting, your brain going through every possible scenario of how this conversation was going to go.
Not like she listened to you, without missing a beat or questioning your silence she continued. “I heard the good news,” she crooned, the way she emphasised it made you furrow your brows. It was clear it wasn’t a call to exchange sentiments.
“What good news?” You kept your voice as neutral as possible, waiting until the opportune moment to try and shut her down. If she suspected at any point- you’ve already become accustomed to her mood swings- she would kick up a fuss. You could hear rustling in the background and you knew immediately she was probably still in bed with her new flavour of the month next to her. Your youngest sibling has always played on the promiscuous side, showing no intentions to ever stop.
“Your lovely marriage, well —“ She paused and you could readily imagine her smug countenance. “Shall I say, engagement.”
You didn't know how she got news of your engagement so quickly, and you didn’t think you wanted to know. Your sister always had ways of getting information from thin air, especially when it dealt with family affairs. “Thank you Hana.” Keeping your responses short in hopes that she would get straight to the point, you settled yourself at your desk waiting for her next move.
Her chuckle and muffled words indicated she covered the receiver, probably to talk to her boytoy. You rolled your eyes, her audacity had stopped amazing you years ago when she announced loud and proud she was about to leave the country with her then boyfriend. Sighing, you called out her name, “Hana, if you could please get to the point, I have other things I need to do.” The rustling and giggling in the background didn’t stop for a few moments and you heavily contemplated ending the call.
“Like what? Go pretend your marriage is real?” Her sudden snarl in the receiver took you aback. Before you could retaliate she carried on, “There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for this shit of a family, isn’t there, Y/N?”
You could feel the anger rising, the will to give into it too strong. But you knew that as soon as you did that it would be game over for you. Hana would’ve won and you would’ve lost. As much as you loved your sister, you heavily disliked what she had become.
“I know you, Y/N. You never do anything for yourself.” She said, and you could almost visualise the self satisfied smirk on her face. Seething with anger you wanted to tell her she wasn’t right, to prove her wrong. But she was on point, she was always right.
“What do you want?” You said impatiently, the quicker you ended the conversation the better it was for the both of you. You wouldn’t end up saying something you’d regret. The pregnant pause that followed made you uneasy. It only meant trouble.
“That my dear Y/N, is a very good question. I want you to divorce.” Her preposterous proposal made you snort out loud. Hearing her protests at your reaction you decided to put an end to the conversation.
“Hana,” You couldn’t help but stare at the draft that was open in front of you. The title, ‘Marriage agreement’ glared at you and you took a deep breath before continuing. “First of all, there is no divorce, I am yet to be married. Second of all, what makes you think I would listen to you?” The cursor hovered over the x mark and without a second thought you pressed it. Hana went quiet, no doubt thinking of a way to rope you into her absurd plans. Taking this opportunity to start gathering your belongings, the shadows cast throughout the room signalling late hours in the afternoon. Pressing the speaker button on your phone you placed it on your desk still awaiting Hana’s response. When it finally came you had to take a moment to redress yourself, not having expected to hear the information that she offered.
“Do you really want to get married to my ex?” Her voice was neutral, giving nothing away. To say you were shocked at the revelation would be an understatement. But then again, you didn’t know Min Yoongi at all –or your sister for that matter.
You felt the telltale signs of anxiety creeping up your spine once more and you bit your lip to prevent yourself from giving anything away. Your sister was like a shark; as soon as she smelt blood she’d attack. “So he’s your ex, interesting.” You sounded so impassive you could’ve given yourself a medal. “Was it his money?” Your hands involuntarily reached for the mouse once more, and without hesitation you reopened the only file visible on your desktop.
“Of course it wasn’t. His father’s company has been walking the plank for a long time now, I am surprised dad has agreed to this preposterous arrangement to begin with.” Hana scoffed and you could envision her signature roll of the eye; something she did so often it was a surprise how she hadn't strained them. “It was -”
“I don’t really care to know.” You interrupted her harshly before she could go down a memory lane you didn’t want to come along with. “Just get to the point of this call,” Your patience was running thin and you had very little for your sister to begin with. Staring at the document once more, the words already ingrained in your mind you pointedly added, “I have other things to do than pretend to catch up with my estranged sister.”
Her incredulous laugh made you bristle but before you could end the call you caught the tail end of a sniffle. You paused, you’ve never seen Hana cry, but if the sounds on the other end were of any indication, she was close to hysterics.
“Y/N, I loved him.” The sound of her broken whisper would’ve touched your heart, but you quickly remembered this was you conniving sister. She could be faking it, but she could be not. “And he only used me for my money.” You bit your lip, the news not entirely foreign to you. More than once there have been occasions when you’d have to break up with your partners because of that same reason. Even if you may have been sympathetic towards her own feelings you didn’t let it show. Instead you chose to protect yourself.
“Well, he clearly didn’t need your love. Or mine for that matter.” Hitting print on the document you watched as it materialised on paper as it came out of the printer. “Don’t worry, I want this marriage as little as you do.” Without letting her add another word in you ended the conversation. You had other phone calls to make.
Biting your lip you scrolled through your contacts before you realised you didn’t have Yoongi’s number. Thinking of a solution you bit your lip. The name of your wedding planner flashed at you and without a second thought you pressed the call button.
“This is not going to happen.” You nodded determinedly, certain that your plan was faultless. You could see a hint of surprise behind Yoongi’s eyes, before his expression fell back into a calculated one. Hands interlocked under his chin he leaned in, his elbows touching yours.
“And pray tell, why is this,” he motioned to the piece of paper on the table. “Going to work?” To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He never thought you’d come up to him with a contract. Of all things he thought you capable of, drafting up a contract that forbade any feelings between the two of you was not something that’s ever crossed his mind.
You faltered. His voice sounded dark and ominous: ruthless. Your brain scrambled to find an answer, reminding yourself that this wasn’t any different than the deals you presented to your investors. With that in mind, your body instantly bristled and you took an offensive stance. “Because, it is the best option the both of us have. Neither of us wants to be in this marriage.” You avoided his eyes, knowing full well that you might find something there you didn’t want. “Plus, it’s the safest way to protect ourselves.” You cleared your throat, not liking one bit how his presence intimidated you. Not used to such a strong response as no one’s ever dared to question what you said- except your sister, that is, you felt yourself backing down into your shell.
Yoongi silently observed you for a few seconds, his eyes taking in the way your shoulders slumped slightly. He could tell you were on the retreat, he could see it in the way your eyes avoided his, he could tell by the way the corner of your mouth was slightly upturned. He knew you were uncomfortable with his direct questions but he refused to back down. Knowing very well your conviction was not self-inflicted, he wanted to get to the bottom of this situation. Finally after a few moments of awkward silence he decided to respond to you.
“Protect ourselves from what Y/N?” He tried to suppress a smirk at the way you stared at him, mouth agape. You weren’t expecting to be interrogated on this decision. Having hoped that Yoongi would be against this marriage as much as you have been, you thought he would readily agree to your conditions. To have him play this game with you was unnerving and it threw you off.
“Why are we playing 20 questions now?” You narrowed your eyes at him. You gathered that if you were to even come close to winning in this situation you needed to change your tactic. Even if inside you were more than baffled, you would not let it show. You needed to stay on the offence and not let your guards down. “I thought you wanted this as little as I did.” At his small nod you huffed. “Then why are you refusing to sign this?” Slamming your hand down on the papers you resisted the urge to wince. You hadn’t intended on using so much force, both with your action and your words. Something in the way he looked at you brought out all the internal struggles you’ve been trying to hide.
Taking a deep breath in you decided to let the shoe drop. “How about we start with the fact that your dad’s company is on the verge of going bankrupt?” You stared pointedly at him waiting to see what his reaction would be. A raised eyebrow was the only indication of surprise at your words, a gesture which spurred you on. “Great, moving on from that, how about the fact that I don’t trust you?” You once again paused to allow him to retaliate, when he remained impassive you sighed in aggravation. Biting your lip you leaned back calculating your next move.
Yoongi stared at you, waiting for your last jab. The reasoning you’ve given him until then was valid, but easily refutable. The rhythmic thrumming of your fingers on top of the documents amused him. “Lastly, how about the fact that you dated my sister?” There it was — the other shoe. Yoongi couldn’t hold back his smile any longer.
“What are you trying to say Y/N?” His voice was cool and collected, a complete contrast from your defensive one. It irked you that you didn’t know anything that could make the man in front of you tick. You’ve always liked to have the upper hand no matter what the circumstances, however, in this game, it looked like you’d have to work harder to get there.
You silently regarded him, deciding whether or not you should carry on prodding. You wondered if his relationship with your sister meant anything, if he actually cared about her. Before you could let that thought bloom, you snapped out of your daze knowing that it was a dangerous path you were heading towards. “What I mean is,” you leant back crossing your arms as you crossed the politeness line you’d both held onto. “You dated one, and are set to marry another. Your father’s company is not in a good place. Can you connect the dots? Surely you’re not that incompetent.” You fought the urge to smirk at the way his jaw clenched. Barely noticeable, but you noticed it before he schooled his expression once more into the collected one he wore before. Gotcha.
“Dating your sister,” Yoongi had to take a deep breath in to stop himself from sharing too much information. He knew the game, he played it once with Hana. And he lost miserably. “Has nothing to do with this.” He pointed in between the two of you, leaning further onto the table, his scorching eyes pinning you to the spot. You couldn’t move even if you wanted to, the heat of his stare burnt holes in your skin. Biting your lip in nervousness, you didn’t miss the way his eyes followed the movement, the tip of his tongue peeking out as he licked his bottom lip. It was something he did often, a habit that had you staring at his plump lips more than once.
You quickly averted your eyes before you could get caught in a compromising situation. “Then what is this?” You mimicked his actions, pointing in between the two of you. “I can’t see what else it can be.” Your refusal to back down only fueled Yoongi’s amusement. Lazily he reached out a hand towards yours and your breath hitched, only to sigh quietly when he didn’t touch you. Instead, he took a hold of the papers pulling them from underneath your hand. His eyes skimmed over them and the silence that enveloped you put you on the edge. You may have been prepared, but you didn’t know what you’d do if he refused to sign it. You couldn’t break the marriage regardless of what your sister thought, she may have been happy to cross your father but you were not.
Yoongi’s call for the waiter brought you back to your senses. Snapping out of your daze you looked at him in confusion, thinking he was asking for the bill. When he only asked for a pen your frown deepened. “Don’t worry, Y/N.” His voice held hints of laughter in it, “I am not planning to run away.” He looked at you pointedly and you fought the urge to squirm in your seat; he made you nervous. “I’m not good at running, but –” He put the papers on the table and bent over, the tip of the pen producing an elegant signature as he lazily scribbled. As he finished he glanced at you from under his eyelashes, the amusement still gleaming in his eyes. “Perhaps you could teach me.”
You rolled your eyes, he had the wrong person if he thought you were the type to flee. Biting back a remark you silently reached for the papers, thoroughly checking his signature was in the right places before you placed them in your bag. Calling the waiter once more, you ordered another coffee before you turned back to him. “Now that is out of the way –“ Before you could continue something caught your attention and you swore under your breath. Looking around, Yoongi spotted the woman in a pencil skirt with a big folder stacked under her arm and smiled.
“Indeed, now that our marriage annulment is out of the way, it is time to actually plan said marriage.” His gaze caught yours, his statement making you realise the irony of it all and before you could stop yourselves, you both started laughing.
The array of flowers you both had to go through could only be topped by the amount of tulle you rejected on each of the dresses your planner presented you with. Each time her suggestion would be more preposterous than the other. You shook your head so many times, the disgusted look never leaving your face that you were afraid you got whiplash from it. “For the last time, no. I would look like a walking bouquet if I wore such a dress!” You were getting more and more aggravated, your head was starting to pound and your feet ached.
The wedding planner stared at you not even bothering to hide her irritation. You must’ve tried on at least a dozen dresses, and each of them were promptly rejected by you. “Yes, Y/N! A flower! The most beautiful one out there!” Resisting the urge to curse at her you huffed and prepared to walk back into the dressing room to try on the other hundreds of dresses, when something caught your eye.
There, at the back of the rack stood the most inconspicuous of dresses, one that instantly called out to you. Not heeding the seamstress or your planner, you rushed to pick it up. “I am going to try this one, and after this, we are done.” You stared at your wedding planner daring her to disagree with you. After going through it personally, you now knew what made someone a bridezilla. It wasn’t that the person magically became like that, but the amount of planning and the nagging of the organisers was enough to drive someone up the wall.
The dress was the best one out of all of them yet, you didn’t fall in love with it, no. It wasn’t like you have seen in the movies, you didn’t cry. It was a dress that suited you and you felt good in, and without a second thought you walked out of the dressing room to voice your opinion.
“Wow, never thought I would see the day when you’d be dressed in something else but office wear.” Your sister’s voice made you stop dead in your tracks. Sat on the sofa in front of the dressing room, her hand lazily holding a glass of champagne she whistled. “You look good sister.” After taking a sip of the bubbling liquid she stuck the glass out towards you. You were speechless, her appearance an unexpected situation. You shook your head refusing her offering before you picked up your skirts, ready to head back into the dressing room to change.
“So rude, I thought you’d want to show some affection towards your sister.” She muttered under her breath and you couldn’t help but let out a hollow laugh.
“A sister that barely shows her face unless there is something that she needs.” You pinned her with your gaze. “So what is it that you need now? Money?” You could see the nervous twitch of her lip and you smiled triumphantly. You got her. “Because if it is money that you need, you won’t get it from me. You may just as well ask father.” Your tone was neutral, but your smile said otherwise. You both knew your father would not indulge her. Not waiting to hear her response you walked towards her and grabbed the glass of champagne out of her hand. “Now if you are done with wasting my day please see yourself out. I will send you money next month as promised.”
You could see her tantrum before it started. The way her lip pouted and the look in her eyes were signs you’ve seen more than once. “Please don’t cause a scene here. You’ve embarrassed yourself multiple times in public, you don’t need to add to that. My PR team is working full time for you already.” Your voice held a hint of finality as you drank the last of the champagne. Hana’s eyes narrowed at you, the hatred in them almost making you shiver.
“Whose fault is that, Miss Perfect.” She said mockingly. Pointing an accusatory finger at you she continued. “I’ve always had to compete with you, so I gave up trying!” Her anger only served to fuel yours. Putting down the champagne glass you approached her.
“You had nothing but yourself to blame for that thought! No one ever asked you to compete with anyone! We are sisters!” Your shoulders slumped, a wave of tiredness washing over you. “We shouldn’t compete with each other! It’s not a race!” The realisation that your family was broken in more ways than one made you feel helpless, stuck. Knowing that marrying Yoongi was your descent into another broken family you felt your heart break. “I love you Hana, you are my family!” You looked at her desperately trying to get a positive response only for your hopes to be crushed when she sneered at you.
“I don’t. I wish you never existed.” Her words pierced through you. Feeling more tired than ever, you wondered where everyone else had gone. For someone who insisted on being glued to you, your wedding planner was quick to disappear.
“Y/N?” As if summoned by your thoughts, Yoongi’s muffled voice followed by an outraged woman saying something about seeing the bride in the dress before the marriage penetrated through the open door. You turned your attention towards the source of the sound and there he stood. Your breath hitched, the memory of your sister being present in the room with you completely erased. He looked dashing in his black fitting suit. The white dress shirt paired with a silk tie made you quiver. You felt his gaze on you before locking gazes with him. The unspoken words that transpired between the two of you left you breathless. His eyes darkened and you could clearly see the need in them. “You look beautiful.”
Before you could reply your sister hastily interrupted. “Isn’t she just? Her fiance is a lucky person.” Her mocking tone grated your nerves, and you saw the shift in Yoongi’s eyes. Animosity filled them and you looked at your sister, confusion painted all over your face. Was she mocking him or did she not recognise him?
“Yes, indeed. He is.” Yoongi stated as he spared her another glance before he turned his attention towards you. “Your father is here.” He simply said, his voice no longer holding the same warmth as it did before. Feeling doused in cold water you forced yourself to nod, hoping that your stiff gait didn’t give anything away. With another glance in your direction Yoongi turned around on his heels and left the room.
“And that is my cue to go.” Hana hastily grabbed her belongings ready to flee the room, but you held her wrist tight in your grasp - watching the woman writhe in your hold. This time you were not going to let her go this easily.
“Stay or leave. If you stay, I want you to go back to school and get a job.” Seeing her ready to protest you quickly added. “If you leave, Please keep yourself out of trouble. And don’t contact me again unless you are in grave danger. If you do, I will cut you off completely.” You whispered, tired of constantly having to battle with her, you figured it best to cut ties with her as much as possible. Chancing a glance at her, the glazed look in her eyes almost made you take back your words. Almost. But your memories of all the other times you have tried to reason with her trumped any sympathy you may have had for her. Not waiting for her to respond you hurried in the dressing room to change out of your dress.
When you finally came out, Hana was gone without a trace.
Yoongi waited for you in the lobby, his head swirling with thoughts. Seeing Hana after so long only filled him with bitterness. Hearing what she said to you, filled him with hatred. Sighing to himself he rubbed his eyes in frustration. Despite what you thought, their relationship was not what it seemed, but he had yet to reveal any of it to you- as you’ve never given him the opportunity, till now.
“Where is father?” Your voice interrupted his trail of thought and he glanced up at you. Even in your normal clothes, you still looked stunning to him. Not daring to entertain those thoughts more than usual, he got up to greet you.
“Not here.” He simply said, placing a hand on the small of your back leading you out of the gown shop. You glanced up at him in bewilderment. “I paid already.” He threw the statement carelessly as he opened the door for you to enter the car.
Before you got in, a thought struck you, was your father an excuse to get Hana to leave? You hastily turned around only to bump into his chest. His close proximity and the musky scent of his cologne made your head spin. You could feel the heat emanating from his body as you glanced up at him. Your breath was staggered, your mind in a daze, all you could focus on was the gentle look he was giving you. A look that spoke of feelings you swore to never explore, in his eyes you were the only woman he wanted. Your eyes trailed down from his to his plump lips, there it was, that habit of his to lick his lips and without restraint you subconsciously mimicked it. Before you could catch yourself you wondered what it was like to feel his lips on yours, to feel him caress your body with them. The thought made you flush with desire but it also scared you, and before you could give yourself away you turned around and settled yourself in the car, slamming the door after yourself.
Staring at your profile through the window for a second longer Yoongi smiled sadly to himself. He would give you the world if you’d only just ask for it.
The next month all you saw was your office and the wedding planner’s office. Back and forth, from signing contracts with different investors to drafting up plans for a wedding you weren’t even invested in. You saw very little of Yoongi during that time, his decision to stay out of the bulk of the planning working in your favour. You didn’t need to see him more than you already were. With his company becoming consultants for your father’s company, you bumped into him more than once on your way to get a coffee or to get a contract delivered to the CEO. The little acknowledgment between the two of you suited your plans well.
What put a stop to your carefully crafted plan was the media reports on your marriage. You weren’t a fan of being in the public eye, never had been, so when you found yourself facing paparazzi every single day, no matter where you went, you went stir crazy. The anxiety of having to face them and remind yourself to keep a poised expression every single time got to you. Each morning as you travelled to and from your home, the amount of photographers waiting to prey on every little mistake that you made, increased. What aggravated you the most was the lack of respect for personal space, on more than one occasion they’d been too close to you to be comfortable. On the rare occasion you would exchange any words with Yoongi, he always mentioned getting you a bodyguard. The idea sounded too silly for you, so you ended up dismissing any mention of it. Until one day you wished you hadn’t.
It was an important day for you, your pristine new outfit screamed meetings. Today was the day the board would appoint a new CEO, and you’ve worked your butt off to be considered for that position. Even with your father’s power, you refused to accept any promotion through any means other than your own skill. It may have taken you a long time, but it was worthwhile. Now you could finally stand in that meeting room and be proud of yourself.
So absorbed in your thoughts that you didn’t notice the group of people slowly gathering around you, their cameras pointed straight in your direction. Only when questions started being thrown at you; about the meeting today, about your father stepping down from his position - that seemed to be a favourite of theirs, and most importantly, your marriage, did you realise the situation you were in. You quickly glanced around trying to find an escape route, but that proved to be impossible. Not only were they surrounding you, but the way they were ganging up on you, their objectives getting dangerously close to your face made you realise what Yoongi meant when he offered you a bodyguard. Having been in a small position in the company, and without any scandals to follow you around, this situation was unfamiliar to you. Before you could find a way out of the crowd, you felt the clutches of anxiety. Your breathing became laboured and you felt glued on the spot, unable to move. Your whole body felt as if it had been submerged in cold water and your hearing was muffled. When you felt the force of someone pushing into you,your strength waning unable to put up much of a fight you felt yourself drop to the floor. Focusing on your breathing,you barely felt the sting from making contact with the pavement nor did you notice the way the crowd parted as someone shouted “Move!”
Yoongi saw the mob across the street before he saw you. You seemed distracted and he watched helplessly as you headed straight for the vultures ready to pounce, your head in a folder completely oblivious to the world around you. The moment he saw the photographers gather around you he jumped into action. He didn’t bother checking for traffic, his legs carried him as fast as they could across the street, his sole focus was on getting to you. He came to an abrupt stop, his breathing laboured as he quickly scanned the scene in a desperate attempt to spot you amongst the crowd.
“Y/N!” His voice sounded desperate as he pushed his way through. It didn’t take long for him to find you, your crumpled form drew his attention instantly. “Y/N,” he knelt to the ground in front of you, his hands gripping your shoulders tightly he gave you a once over. When he couldn’t see any injuries he sighed in relief. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” His voice was gentle, a complete contrast to the strong grip he pulled you up with.
“I’m ok.” Your voice sounded as weak as your body felt, and you let yourself slump against him, your nose invaded with his scent. You wouldn’t admit it to yourself but having him near calmed you down, and you allowed yourself the selfishness to bury your head into his shoulder, your hand gripping at his shirt.
The yells of the reporters seemed distant as Yoongi confidently made his way through them, the questions they were throwing your way just echoing in the distance, until one caught your attention. “Y/N, as a newly appointed CEO, what do you have to say about the firm’s impending bankruptcy?” The question made you halt for a second and you could sense Yoongi tense up. Glancing up at him, you could see his jaw tense. You would have brushed the question away as nonsense if not for this strong reaction from his part. Was this the actual truth? Were you a pity game? You could feel your blood run cold at the thought. Deciding you’ve made enough of a scene and your pride was scuffled enough, you nudged Yoongi to keep moving instead of addressing the situation out in the open.
Neither of you spoke a word when you entered the building nor did you mention anything when you got into the lift. You did make it a point to separate yourself from him though, ensuring a distance of a few meters between the two of you. Yoongi wanted to protest, knowing that you were still not stable enough on your feet, but one look at your clenched jaw and determined expression silenced him. Only when you were within the safety of your office and you had contacted your PA to delay the meeting did you decide to speak.
“Is it true?” Yoongi opened his mouth to answer, but before he could you immediately added. “And no lies, I don’t need my pride to be spared.”
Yoongi was quick with the rebuttal. “Do you think this is what it is? A ploy to spare your pride?” His words sounded angry, and you knew you’d hurt him with your words. You weren’t blind, you just chose to ignore the stolen glances and subtle touches you’ve been sharing recently. But with the new developments, you didn’t know what to believe anymore. And if all this wasn’t true, then the shame of your preposterous behaviour would put an end to all this.
“What is it then?” You couldn’t stop the words coming out of your mouth. You weren’t doing yourself any favours yet you needed to know the truth. “Because the way I see it, it looks like an act of charity. For what? I don’t know, you tell me.” You angrily made your way to your desk. Opening the drawer you pulled out a stack of papers. Papers that carried both of your signatures on them. Yoongi didn’t spare them a glance as he followed your footsteps. Grabbing the papers out of your hand he gently placed them back in the drawer before he pulled you in his arms.
“This was not the most ideal way to find out, and for that I apologise. But I need you to listen to me. Given a choice, between anything,” his hand cupped your face, his thumbs brushing over your cheek. “I would always choose you.” Your breath caught in your throat. You could almost taste the words that were to follow, and that thought scared you more than anything.
“I love you.” He sounded so sure of himself it broke you.
Those three words uttered with so much emotion you felt it vibrate through you. The man stood in front of you, your future husband, the man gazing at you with endless affection. He broke his promise. By vocalising those three words, seemingly simple words, he violated the pact you two made in the beginning. As a result, you did what you promised you’d do back then. You walked away.
You avoided talking to anyone for a whole week. You argued with your father, cried for days and decided it was time to pull yourself together. The company was indeed in shambles, but you knew you could pull it out without any financial help. You just needed a few days to get yourself straight. You needed to get Yoongi off your mind. Too often have you found yourself thinking about him. So often you were amazed that he hadn’t materialised in front of you. It would be a whole week before your doorbell rang.
Opening the door, the sight that greeted you wasn’t unexpected. Yoongi stood at your door, his eyes blazing with determination. “What are you doing here?” You inquired not moving away from the entry. If he thought you’d let him in he was sorely mistaken. Taken aback by your obvious hostility, the fire in his eyes dimmed, and he took a step back. You fought the urge to smile triumphantly at his reaction. Good, if he thought this would be easy he’s got another thing coming.
He stood in silence for a few moments before he let out a defeated sigh. “Can we talk?” He thought he had a chance at mending things easier, however what he forgot was that it was you he was dealing with. You and stubbornness went hand in hand like sisters.
The tension between the two of you could be felt in the air, the spark in your eyes causing something to shift in his. You felt goosebumps rise on top of your skin, though you weren’t sure if it was caused by the hatred running through your veins or the lust that was slowly building up on top of it. His eyes darkened, the tip of his tongue peeking out as he ran it over his bottom lip. It was a habit you’ve noticed he had whenever he was nervous, and your eyes couldn’t help but follow its movements. Inhaling sharply, your hands twitched at your sides. You wanted to touch him; the defensive stance you took lessening. “What did you say?” Your voice was laden with hatred, yet the heat pooling in your stomach signalled your growing arousal.
Yoongi closed his eyes for a second, reopening them with a staggered breath. It took all he had in him to not take those last few steps that separated the two of you and kiss you senseless. The way you regarded him, your feelings raw and visible to him, made him want to grab you and bend you over that counter. Show you what he meant by fucking you into the next day whilst you screamed his name over and over again. He allowed himself a moment before he took a step towards you. “I said, you are a coward.” He repeated himself through gritted teeth. You couldn’t help but gape at him. You never thought you would hear these words from anyone, least of all your own future husband.
“I am a coward?” You repeated the words, your brain still finding it difficult to wrap itself around the conversation. “What about you?” You spat out, pointing an accusatory finger at him. His calm composure was aggravating you, it spurred you to continue to defend yourself.
“What about me?” He hadn’t moved from his position by the kitchen counter, his eyes silently following you.
“You, Min Yoongi, broke your promise!” Pacing around the kitchen in an attempt to calm yourself, you huffed as you carried on. “This,” you gestured wildly between the two of you, “Was never meant to happen!” Your movements were frantic, the weight of everything that was happening around you finally settling. How could you have let this happen? Things were easier when you just had an agreement. You stopped pacing, afraid that you’d burn a hole through the floor. Slumping against the counter, you suddenly felt tired. The fire within you had slowly died and a wave of defeat loomed over your head. “What are you really doing here?” Your voice sounded meek and you hated yourself for it.
Yoongi’s heart called out to you, yet his impassive voice gave nothing away. He was aware that if he mentioned anything about his feelings towards you again you would not hesitate to shut him out completely. Instead, he decided to take another approach. He could see how your soul called out to be loved, to be held, to be listened to. You craved the love he was willing to give you but you wouldn’t allow yourself it. If he needed to be cruel to you to bring you out of your shell then so be it.
“I want to know what you think you are accomplishing.” He reached out a hand across the counter that separated you. The touch of his hand on your shoulder made you realise how close you were to him. Without thinking you took a few steps back away from him. You couldn’t breathe knowing that he was in such close proximity to you.
“Why is it so hard to let this be?” You tried your best not to stutter, the atmosphere in the room weighing over your shoulders. The charge suddenly felt less aggressive and the more you thought about it the more you felt the sexual tension between the two of you. “I never meant for any of this to happen.” You sounded hopeless to your own ears, a feeling you were unfamiliar with. As a last retort, in a desperate attempt to salvage what was left of your pride, you decided to hit where it hurt the most. Maybe Yoongi was right, you were a coward. A coward who wouldn’t hesitate to use any means to protect themselves.
“Did you say the same thing to my sister? Did you think you loved me when you heard the company was going bankrupt?” Your eyes met his, the flash of pain Yoongi saw in them completely masked by the fierceful glint that pinned him on the spot. The tense atmosphere between the two of you made it hard for you to breathe, your chest constricted from the painful truth you’ve revealed to yourself. The low blow you managed to deliver threw him off, you could tell by the way his eyes widened fractionally, his stance less poised than it had been before. What you did not expect was the searing pain of icicles piercing through your heart you felt at your own words. How stupid of you to assume that you could win in this fight. You felt naive, you felt betrayed and you felt hurt. The culprit being none other than yourself.
Yoongi could see the battle you were going through, it was plain as day. He could tell by the way you mauled your lips with your teeth, he could see it in the way your hands were gripping at your top and most importantly, your eyes were a mirror of the war that raged within you. He was at a loss of words, your question would’ve sounded so blase to someone who hadn’t had the chance to meet you that he couldn’t make sense of what you were thinking.
He felt confined. His pants suddenly felt too small for him, the tightness in his groin made him feel uncomfortable. The sight of your pursed lips, your eyes burning with fire breaking his resolve to stay away from you. With determined steps he backed you into the wall behind you. Looking up at him, his eyes hooded with desire, you swallowed thickly. The cold wall behind you made a shiver run down your spine. Even though he was only a few centimeters away from you his hands stayed fixed to his side, something which you were grateful for. If he touched you now, you’d give in to him, you’d not only unfurl your body to his desires but you’d also open your heart to him. He managed to waltz into your life just like that and he stripped you little by little, until your soul lay naked in front of him.
“Yoongi.” You whispered, your lips trembling. You ached to touch him, to mould your body to his, to feel his skin underneath your palms. Without thinking you reached out for him. Your fingers loosely gripping his hoodie, a subconscious attempt to get him to do something. You needed to feel him, and you needed to feel him now.
“Fuck me.” The words slipped out without restraint. Your mind has been made up a long time ago. You wanted him to have you. He managed to strip your soul naked, you wanted him to finish the job.
Hearing the command, Yoongi didn’t waste a second. The moment those two words gave him permission, he was holding you to him, his lips meeting yours in a searing kiss.
His fingers latched onto the back of your neck as he backed you into the wall. The coldness of the brick touching your back made you shiver and you moaned into his mouth. Not breaking the kiss his hands frantically grip at your top lifting it up as he slipped a hand underneath it. Feeling the ghost of his fingertips draw a path up your abdomen made you shudder, your muscles contracting from the ticklish feeling. Trailing a finger down your skin his hand immediately found the hem of your trousers. Without missing a beat he popped them open, his fingers slipping into your soaked panties. “You are so wet already.” He slipped a finger between your folds, coating it with your slickness.
“You want me to fuck you huh?” Gripping at your panties he pulled them up, the movement causing them to bunch up between your soaked lips. The pressure on our sensitive clit sent fire up your spine and you let out a breathy moan as your knees buckled. The sight of you so vulnerable, your breathy pants in his ear left Yoongi craving more. He wanted you to bare your whole soul in front of him, he wanted you naked, sprawled out in front of him, begging for him to take you. Without wasting another second he pulled as hard as he could, his fingers fighting against the seams of your underwear.
“Yoongi.” You desperately yelled, as you tried to squirm away from him. The roughness of his ministrations combined with the raw pleasure shooting up your spine were too much. Your whole body was on fire as he continued to masturbate you with your own underwear. Pulling hard then loosening he settled into a pace that made you mewl in discontent.
“Harder.” You begged, your hands grabbing at his wrist. The attempt was futile, not only did he have more strength than you, but he was dead set on making you beg to reach your high.
“You want to come that badly huh?” He mused, his hands fisting your panties making them press against your wetness. Bucking your hips at the sensation you could barely utter a word. Instead you nodded shakily. “Don’t worry, you will come,” his dark tone spurred your arousal, and you felt your pussy muscles clench. His voice promised danger but it also promised a mind blowing orgasm. “But you will come when I say so.” He continued, his hands letting go of you completely. If not for the wall behind you and Yoongi’s body supporting you, you would’ve collapsed in a heap at his feet. You felt your knees shake as the pressure relieved from your wet core and you grabbed onto him for support.
Yoongi fought back a smile at your reaction. The grip you had on him was a telltale sign of your surrender. He knew that this was his sign, he had your body under his command, and he would be damned if he didn’t worship it. He didn’t say anything else as he gently grabbed you and manoeuvred you so that he could slide a hand underneath your knees.
Too caught up with calming your heart rate down you only let out a weak yelp when he picked you up and carried you to your bedroom. Your head lazily lolling on his shoulder, you looked at him from under your eyelashes. He was beautiful, inside and out. Somehow that realisation hit you like a ton of bricks and the fire in the pit of your stomach returned with a vengeance. Breathing out a moan you buried your head into his neck. “ I am yours to do whatever you want with me.”
Yoongi’s chest rumbled, his animalistic groan made you close your eyes. The sound of his low timbre vibrating through you made you clench your legs, already imaging him pounding into you with that same raw power. “I’ll take good care of you baby girl.” Hearing it, you fisted his top in a last attempt to keep yourself grounded. You’ve rarely let someone take over the game like that, yet he managed to not only waltz into your heart but also completely take over your body. Aware that you may feel differently in the morning, you let yourself go, and coherent thought, not like you had many, put on hold. He confidently made his way towards your bedroom, the force of him opening the door making it slam against the wall. You wanted to berate him for it, but as soon as he threw you onto the bed, your body bounced onto the soft mattress, and he ordered you, “Strip.” You couldn’t help but comply, and words other than “yes” stuck in your throat.
Without a second thought you stripped yourself of your clothes, making sure to keep your eyes locked on his as you took off your underwear. Completely bare in front of him, you felt yourself flush with need when he took his time to drink in every bit of your exposed skin. He licked his lips, he could almost taste you on his tongue, the sight of you in front of him, naked and open made him hard.
“Lie down completely.” He didn’t miss a beat, his tone left no room for complaints, not like you had any. “Spread open.” You instantly followed his command, your legs falling open, exposing your wet core to his eyes. Yoongi fought back a groan, you were so wet, your lips glistening and he wanted to taste you. Crouching down he gripped your knees as he delved in, his tongue flush against your core. You rolled your hips, the feeling of his tongue on your clit and invading your entrance lit your nerves on fire. You arched your back, your hands gripping at the sheets underneath you. “Yoongi, please.” The lewd wet sounds of his tongue licking at your pussy sent you in overdrive.
“You taste so good, be a good girl and make yourself come for me.” He gave your lips one last slow lick before he stepped back. He watched as your hand shakily let go of she sheets and grabbed at your own breasts, your breath was coming out in heavy pants and he was entranced by the way your abdomen would clench as you trailed a path towards your own wetness. He was painfully hard, the sight of you so readily pleasuring yourself made his blood boil. Grabbing his cock in his hand he ran his thumb over the wet tip. As he watched your fingers splay yourself open and your other hand found your own clit he fisted himself. His rhythm matched yours both your lustful moans spurred the other on. He could feel his balls tighten and he gripped the base of his dick to stop himself from coming. Your back was arched off the mattress completely, the relentless rhythm you were attacking your nub with told him you were close to coming.
“Are you going to come?” His growl spurred you on, as the rhythm of your fingers on your clit picked up. Your hips were thrashing wildly on the bed and you could feel the familiar build in the pit of your stomach. Just a bit longer. Just as you felt your muscles contract, the delicious feeling of your orgasm ready to was over you a hand slapped yours away. You opened your mouth to let out a silent scream of pleasure as Yoongi’s hands did their best to stop you from moving, from getting back that orgasmic feeling.
“Yoongi.” Your voice sounded foreign to you, you never begged, yet here you were, naked, legs sprawled out your wetness on display, lewdly begging the force of a man above you to let you come.
Instead of saying anything, he slotted himself between your legs, forcing them further apart. His hand brushed over your wetness before fisting at his cock again. “You want to come?” He leaned over, the tip barely touching your heat and you whimpered as you nodded. “Say it.” He slapped his dick onto your clit making your hips jolt at the contact. “Yoongi.” You didn’t care how wanton you sounded, you were ready to be fucked, you needed to feel him deep inside of you.
“Say it.” He commanded once more, his shaft slapping you again. “Please.” You loudly pleaded, ready to do anything to get him inside.
“Good.” He guided his tip to your entrance and without a warning he pushed, hips slapping your roughly under the force. The feel of his tip reaching deep inside bottoming you out deliciously made you lurch, your back coming off the mattress completely as you saw stars. Not able to find your voice you panted, your fingers digging into his arms.
Yoongi couldn’t help but moan, the feeling of your muscles contracting around him gripping him tightly enough to almost make him come. Pausing for a second he slowly dragged his cock out until only the tip remained inside, before he bottomed you out again. The ruthless rhythm with which he was pounding into you made you unable to utter a sound and you let your body drop back onto the bed.
“You feel so good.” He rasped as he let himself down onto his elbows, the new position hitting a spot inside of you that made you clench around him. Rolling your hips into him, urging him to continue, your breathing ragged as you pleaded for him to continue. His lips found yours in a sloppy kiss as his hips continued pounding into you. Breathy moans of his name escaped your lips as your hands let his arms go only to latch onto his back. You wrapped your legs around his waist desperate for him as you announced your fast approaching orgasm, “I’m going to come.”
No sooner than you said that you felt the familiar fire in the pit of your stomach, your cunt contracting around his cock as you let out a scream of pleasure. The force of your orgasm made your vision go white and you barely registered the groan Yoongi let out as he pumped into you one last time before he climaxed and filled you with his cum. For a moment neither of you moved. Your brain was fuzzy, your breathing raspy as you fought to settle your heart rate. Moaning one last time as he pulled out of you, the loss of his heat making you shiver.
Yoongi got up to head towards your bathroom to get tissues to clean you and himself up. Glancing one last time at your sprawled out form onto the bed, your expression dazed, he smiled. You looked thoroughly fucked.
For the first time in forever, you felt relaxed, with your head on his chest, the thrum of his heart lulling you to sleep. “Y/N.” His soft whisper brought you back from your daze. You only hummed in response, not finding it in you to break the calm atmosphere that settled between the two of you. Yoongi shifted his position, his hand on your back now massaging the nape of your neck. Mewling in contentment you buried your face deeper into his chest. His scent along with the scent of sex lingered in the air making you feel lightheaded. “I meant what I said earlier.” Yoongi mumbled softly, the intensity of his emotions making you shiver. You couldn’t find the words to respond to him, so instead you gently pressed your lips onto the warm skin of his chest over and over again.
“Y/N, if you carry on, I won’t be responsible for what happens next.” He tried to warn you, his hips bucking into yours in emphasis. Moaning his name into his chest you but your lip, you could feel the desire pooling into your stomach again, the fire underneath your skin reignited. You threw your leg over his naked hip, the sheets that covered you, sliding down exposing your bare forms to the chilly air in the bedroom. Glancing up at him from under your lashes, you smiled softly. As aroused as you felt, the fire that burnt hotter in your veins was the love you felt for this man.
Yoongi felt the shift in you, and his heart threatened to pound out of his chest at the knowledge. One hand around your waist holding your naked form to him, the other he cupped your cheek with, his thumb brushing over your lips. No one dared to break the comfortable silence that settled over the two of you. Your fingers started drawing lazy patterns on his chest as your eyes locked with his. He didn’t need to repeat his feelings towards you, the way he regarded you as if you were the only thing he could see and the way he held you so preciously, all that told you everything that he couldn’t dare say. Behind all that there was a hint of insecurity, something Yoongi rarely experienced. He didn’t know how to approach the subject, so he didn’t, he trusted what he saw and most importantly he trusted you.
Before he could open a new chapter in his life, a chapter where he hoped had you in it, there was another chapter that needed to be closed. Sighing, he closed his eyes and he pulled you into him, your baby hairs tickling his chin. “Y/N.” His voice barely above a whisper, sounded uncertain. You didn’t respond, instead you chose to stay still, your fingers ceasing their movement on his chest. “About your sister— “
“Yoongi, we’re naked in bed after having mind blowing sex and my sister is what you want to talk about?” You pulled away from him, settling onto the pillow. The clear amusement in your voice told him you weren't upset, but he needed to make sure everything was out in the open before he could move on.
Stealing a glance at you he smiled. Your head settled on the pillow, eyes closed and a small smile on your face were a perfect picture of serenity if Yoongi ever saw one. If someone were to see you now, they wouldn’t believe that this was the same person that was begging him to bottom her out, to fuck her until she saw stars. He reached out for your hand, his fingers tracing patterns on the back of it. Finding the engagement ring he gave you not too long ago he pulled at it.
“What are you doing?” Eyes wide open, more alert than ever you tried to pull your hand away from him but his grip on you was unrelenting. Your heart clenched as soon as you felt him pull at your ring.You couldn’t help but think the worst of it. “I want to do this right.” He finally let go of your hand, his hand settling onto the mattress. He wanted to touch you, but he wouldn’t allow himself that luxury until he said what he needed to say.
Taking a deep breath in he continued, “I dated your sister, but that was 8 years ago. We were both at university. She was a freshman and we were both stupid. Well –“ he chuckled humourlessly ,“I was stupid, she knew exactly what she was doing.” You grimaced to yourself, you knew exactly what time he was talking about. It was the only year your sister took at university before she decided to drop out and rebel against your family. “I cared for her at the time, but I wasn’t in love. She disappeared and I have not heard from her again.” He paused to shift his position, his hand finding yours again. You didn’t dare interrupt him, instead you gripped his hand urging him to continue.
“Until that night at the gala when I met you. I looked into your family, and I looked into your father’s business. I fell in love,” he pulled you into him as soon as he sensed you bristle at his words. “I fell in love with you quickly after that. You are smart, witty, beautiful and you are a force to be reckoned with.” He sounded amused, “And you decided to slap some sense into me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. You were a hurricane, ready to come devastate him, but so was he.
“I love you.” The words slipped out of your mouth so effortlessly you wondered why it took you so long to admit to them. Glancing up at him, your lips sought his. The kiss you shared was unlike the first one, it was a kiss of contemptment, a kiss filled with love. Moulding yourself into him you moaned, the desire to feel him inside of you taking over you once more.
Yoongi broke the kiss, he could feel himself harden at the feel of your skin on his, but before he could have his way with you again he needed to finish what he had to say.
“I want to do this right, I want to propose to you properly if you’ll let me.” He wrapped an arm around your hip pulling you on top of him. The sight of you leaning over him and the unrestricted love he could read in your eyes filled him with joy.
“I would like that.” You whispered before you leaned in for another kiss. He walked confidently into your life like a blazing fire, stripped you of inhibitions, but instead of burning everything to the ground, he only managed to light your soul on fire. And you were more than happy to allow him to do so.
Tumblr media
Mᴀɪɴ Mᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ
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vogguk · 2 days ago
invisible string  ಌ   jjk  ╱  mlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ಌ       summary: a decade wasn’t enough to rid you of the pesky, silly and not so little crush you harbored for jeon jungkook during your miserable teenage years. even now, when he’s a totally different person from the geek you used to know.
Tumblr media
ಌ       listen to the playlist. ಌ       read the teaser.
Tumblr media
ಌ       pairing: jjk x reader (f). ಌ       genre: childhood friends to lovers |  high school reunion au  |  angst + fluff. ಌ       rating: nc-17. ಌ       word count: 785. ಌ       content warning(s): swearing/heavy language, angst, mentions of unrequited love + specific warnings in each chapter.
Tumblr media
ಌ       taglist (reply to this post or send me an ask to be tagged): @fangirl125reader @helenazbmrskai @babyrosieareroses @blue-jade @vantezza @jkiddingjeon @akshstudios @queenmasterxx @ggukkieland @daggersandicedcoffee @kookxin  @illegurlbangtan @supernoonanyc @pinkbubblegumuniverse @bloopkook @bbangtanlove95 @kirbykook  @haeilove @moonchild1 @bbtsficrecs @siadreams​ @namjeonii​ @crmyclit​ @suzysuee​ @jimilter​
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𝐈 .       first chapter coming up on september 25th.
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ಌಌಌ         drabbles & extras:
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Thighs [JJK]
Pairing(s): Jeongguk X Fem!Reader
Word count: 1.8k+
Genre: Smut, fluff if you use a microscope
Warning(s): Thigh riding, public sex (but no one notices), slightest hint of exhibition kink, nipple play, breast play, teasing??
Summary: You love Jeongguk's thighs. You can never say no to them, even when you're not exactly in the safest of places.
A/N: this thigh riding drabble had to be jk's. i mean. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS??!?! yes okay, all have sexy-ass thighs but HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS?!? anyways this is a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan masterlist though you can read this part singly if you dont follow that masterlist. the parts are unrelated. i hope you enjoy✌👀💕
Another Saturday meaning you and Jeongguk heading out to see your friends at the club owned by Seokjin's fiancée. Another Saturday to throw away the worries and stress that came during the week.
It was always so good to be with them. A whole week of stress and work paid off by getting time to spend with your core group of people, the ones who never disappointed you, the ones you always had a good time with.
It was the high of the night when everyone was way too much into drinks, though, not quite drunk yet, and making their way to the dance floor.
"Now Gukie if you'll excuse me, Imma steal your girlfriend to have her dance with me," Sooyeon, Hobi's girlfriend, and also your best friend, mocked Jeongguk who had his arms securely wrapped around your waist as your own figured leaned into him.
You guys were that couple. When you had just started seeing each other, you wanted to keep your relationship a secret. Your group of friends had always bugged the two of you about how good you'd look with each other if you were a 'goofy couple' instead of 'goofy best friends'. And call it because of the constant teasing your friends did, or because you've always had chemistry and understanding with each other, it didn't feel foreign at all when you ended up making out with him when he offered to walk your drunk ass to your apartment. But no matter how hard you tried to hide your relationship— if you were even trying to hide it in the first place, it didn't take others a lot of time to catch up on what they had been missing out, for you and Jeongguk couldn't keep your hands to yourself to save your life, constantly having massive heart eyes for each other ever since.
You weren't even two months into dating and you had already had sex, which was immediately followed by a love confession, and seven months into your relationship and you moved in together.
But the thing is, it felt right. It has always felt right with Jeongguk, even when you didn't know you guys have always been in love with each other.
You held your girlfriend's hand, placing a quick peck to your boyfriend's cheek as your other hand caressed his neck, getting up and rushing to follow Sooyeon as she practically dragged you to the dance floor.
Briefly pausing at the bar, you ordered two shots for yourselves, gulping them in one go and making your way to the dance floor, where Namjoon, Taehyung and his girlfriend were already dancing.
You weren't too far from where our friends were sitting; they could easily spot you on the dance floor and assess your dance moves as you all swayed your bodies together, bopping to whichever hot or lame beats thrummed through the club.
And as you danced and showed of all your best moves your body covered in a red slip top and black mini-skirt had, you felt someone looking at you, or well, try 'staring' at you. You weren't trying to attract anyone, of course, you have a boyfriend, but when you turned instinctively to look around, you saw your boyfriend, his piercing gaze set on your figure. Even in the dimly lit area of where he was seated, you were able to make out the way his eyes turned dark, eyeing you from head to toe as if you were the biggest feast ever and he would eat you whole.
So forget attract, you seduced him.
After you got tired with the dancing, you moved back to the place where your friends were sitting, you other friends choosing to stay at the dance floor.
You seated yourself next to Jeongguk, and in front of you was Jimin sitting next to his girlfriend Yejun, who had apparently passed out.
"She can barely handle a single shot and she took three shots tonight noona, three," he emphasized by holding his pinky, ring and middle fingers in front of you with eyes wide open, causing you too chuckle. So Jimin was only waiting for their cab now, heading home with Yejun. And it was quite late already, so it wasn't surprising that Yoongi and Namjoon were leaving too.
Soon, Hobi too, joined his girlfriend and others on the dance floor, only leaving you and Jengguk on the couch, for Seokjin's fiancée had to look into something regarding the club, and Seokjin being the supportive fiancé helped her.
"I see you had a lot of fun dancing?" Jeongguk asked you as you rested your head on his pectorals, his arm tightly holding you by the waist.
"Oh yeah... dancing with Sooyeon is always a bliss. Totally losing ourselves in music and not giving a fuck about the world? Hell yeah," you joked, straining your neck at the end of your sentence to look at him. And it was then when you realized that the question was supposed to be rhetorical.
And without a warning, his big, muscular arms held either side of your waist, making you sit on his thighs with your legs on either side of his left one.
"Had more fun than this?" he flexed his muscles and then looked up at you, your hiss evident of the effect he wanted to have on you. He dragged his thighs under your heat as much as the position allowed him to, you juices slowly making their way to your panties.
"Jeongguk, please..." Although you were pleading for him to stop teasing you, you weren't sure if you wanted him to proceed his way to the next step of teasing or just stop at all. Though taking your sweet pleas as a sign that you were desperate now that he gave you a taste, he brought your face down and kissed you, his hand moving along your thighs as he slowly traced them under your skirt, kneading the soft flesh under his hands.
"Grind on me baby doll, get yourself off on my thighs," he mumbled against your lips. You wasted no time in complying, bracing your hands on his shoulders for support as you started thrusting your hips on top of him, giving your heat some relief.
It was only that his jeans was too thick and your thong was there. As if reading your mind, his hand moved further under your skirt to dig his middle finger under the hem of your thong. "Off," he ordered, and you eagerly aided him to drag it down your smooth, long, legs, slowly having them off of you fully and crumpled in his hands as he sniffled them.
Having much less barrier now, you started your motions on top of him again, rubbing your cunt on the jeans of his thighs. You had become wetter now, and with less clothing to hinder your pleasure, you at once felt the difference, mewling at the sensation.
"Keep it low, we don't want to get caught, petal," he whispered along your shoulder as you moved your hips, almost ignoring his words. The music was too loud anyways, it wasn't like anyone could hear it unless they wanted to.
Your motions fastened with every second. Jeongguk's thighs are big; strong muscles carving delicious grooves and ridges in his skin. You've always wanted him to crush your body between his thighs— that was your desire for him— er well, his thighs. He rhythmically flexed his muscles, sending your core waves as the feeling had knots tying in your stomach.
At this point, you couldn't care less about someone catching you doing the dirty. You were on Jeongguk's thighs for fucks sake. Moreover, the area you were in was the corner of the club, only faintest amounts of lights reaching, a fair amount of distance from the rest of the crowd only adding to your confidence.
Jeongguk was on cloud nine— watching you getting off on his thighs while your face looked so peaceful and beautiful had his own dick twitching. The way your features relaxed, only your eyebrows raised a bit, bottom lip clamped between your teeth to keep yourself from moaning, the slight red of your cheeks, sweat lining a sheet of shimmer on your skin, your hairs let down swaying with your motions, and your chest almost pressed against his face— he was turned on too. But right now, it was about you.
You rode him violently as you felt his hand finding your boobs, clutching the flesh, fingers covered in tattoos tweaking your nipple.
"Fuck, Guk," you moaned as you threw your head up in the air, thankfully not loud enough to cross the distance barrier. The extra stimulation had you touching the sky, you getting closer and closer to your high.
"Fuck babe, you're dripping," he exclaimed as he felt you juices seeping in through the fabric of his jeans, drenching it completely. You smiled at his words, egging you to be more vigorous on top of him to chase your close high.
"Cum for me, doll, cum all over my thigh," Jeongguk encouraged you, his filthy words resounding in your ears, tightening the already-formed knot in your stomach.
The last bit to get off was provided when his hand under your skirt reduced its contact to a thumb, finding your clit and rubbing in in harsh circles. You wanted to scream his name so loud that it was the only melody everyone could hear, but you had to bite down on your fingers and settle with not doing so.
You leaned your forehead against Jeongguk's as you were driven to the edge. He heard your breathing hitch for a moment as your motions became shaggy, finally coming with a soft mewl, drenching his already wet lowers even more.
"Jeongguk," you whispered as he kissed your shoulder to shush you down, bringing you down from you high. He helped you off of his thighs, positioning you beside him as he wrapped you in his arms, kissing your cheeks lovingly. The lust was all gone and was now replaced by nothing but sweet love.
"Aight guys, Hobi and I are heading hom-" all of your friends came as Sooyeon announced, soon stopping as she stood in front of you. She didn't see you doing the dirty, but she wasn't stupid to not be able to make out what could've happened by seeing your partly opened eyes, your chest heaving and sweat lining your hairline.
"Oh my god, you guys, here?!" Sooyeon exclaimed, surprised tone with a hint of disgust.
"I could've expected this from Guk, not gonna lie, but Y/Nie, you? You gave into him?" Taehyung said in utter disbelief, while Hobi just did a 'tsk' in awe.
"Taehyung, you're saying this as if your didn't fuck her in the restroom when we all went for dinner together," you fought back as you pointed in his girlfriend's direction, catching him off guard, him scratching the back of his neck as he shied away, "and in my defense, my man's got sexy-ass thighs."
Your intention wasn't to flaunt your boyfriend's body parts, but only to highlight the fact that you guys didn't exactly fuck, only that you rode his thighs.
Displaying his bunny smile at your compliment, he took it is as his cue to proceed as anticipation from previous moments that night once again took over him.
"And now if you'll excuse us, we've got some other plans. Night"
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Fools Rush In: Chapter 5
Jungkook x Reader
Genre/Rate:18+, Strangers-to-lovers, age gap!AU (reader is 30, Jungkook is 23), Angst, smut, fluff
Summary: You compete in the Korea Open and make a big decision about your foreseeable future.
Warnings: None to note.
WC: 2.2k
Tumblr media
“Back up please! Back up!” Yoongi shouted as he led you through the large crowd of media that had been waiting at the entrance of the Seoul Olympic Tennis Park. Today was the day of the Korea Open and you had never felt more nervous going into a tournament than you were today.
Typically, you were never nervous. You were more than confident in your ability and your body’s muscle memory when it came to tennis because you had been playing and training for years now. However, you had never played in a tournament while pregnant and even though Dr. Na assured you that you had nothing to worry about, you still couldn’t help but to think that maybe the pregnancy had already changed your body and you wouldn’t realize it until you were out on the tennis court. 
“Y/N! Y/N! Are you excited to play today?!” Multiple voices shouted at you and you nodded your head, adjusting the headphones that were on your head so that one of your ears were exposed.
“Extremely excited,” you smiled, maintaining the poker face that you had cultivated over the years. You couldn’t let them see that you were nervous because the press would take it and spin it into some story about how you were “losing your edge” and how retirement couldn’t be too far off. Fucking jerks. 
“Do you think you’ll be going home tonight with another cup?!” They wondered, another trick question to try and get you to seem “cocky”. You’d heard that word enough over the last 10 years that it wouldn’t be too soon if you never heard it again. 
“You never know what’ll happen but I do know that I’ll be giving 110% out there so we’ll see,” you replied, placing your headphones back over your ear to signify that you were done speaking. You and Yoongi walked a little bit more before you reached the locker room and you walked inside, the loud chatter of the media being silenced as soon as the door shut behind Yoongi. 
“There you are!” Hobi grinned, getting up from the chair that he was sitting in and walking over to you, taking your bag that held your tennis rackets and balls out of your hand. “You have about 45 minutes until your first match so get changed and then we’ll stretch out, ok?”
“Gotcha,” you nodded, stepping into the closed off bathroom and making quick work of changing your clothes. For today’s tournament, you had settled on a black and sky blue set, with the top being a thicker tank top of sorts and the matching skirt had shorts underneath it. 
Once you were done changing, you went back into the locker room and it didn’t take long for Hobi to have you on the ground, helping you stretch out your hamstrings so that you didn’t catch any cramps. 
“Press harder,” you instructed him as you laid on your back, one of your legs extended straight into the air and Hobi nodded before pressing your leg closer to your head. 
“Y/N-ah?” Yoongi called out and you turned your head to look over at him. “Jungkook’s here.”
“Let him in,” you told him and he nodded before stepping over to the door, pushing it open and gesturing with his hand. Sure enough, Jungkook appeared and he walked into the locker room. 
“You look comfortable,” he hummed in amusement at your position and you just rolled your eyes as you motioned for Hobi to let your leg go. Once he did and stepped over to Yoongi, you sat up and took Jungkook in. He was dressed in a smart collared shirt, some dark jeans, and his hair was pushed back out of his face. 
“You look hot,” you blurted, and he chuckled before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips. 
“Nice to know you think so,” he smirked. 
“You’re working?” You asked, noticing the camera that hung around his neck by a strap.
“Yeah, covering for a friend that got sick,” he explained. “So I have to get back out there but I just came to tell you good luck and to be careful.”
“I appreciate it,” you smiled, reaching up and running your thumb across his cheek a few times. “And I will be, promise.”
“Kick ass out there.”
“I don’t know how to do anything else,” you laughed, leaning forward and pressing one last quick kiss to his lips. 
“See you after,” he whispered and you nodded, watching as he stood up straight and nodded to both Hobi and Yoongi before walking out of the locker room. Hobi then came back over to you, offering you his hands and helping you stand up off of the ground. 
“You ready?” He asked and you just shrugged as you allowed him to pull your arms across your body in a stretch. 
“I’m nervous as all hell,” you confessed. “Which is slightly freaking me out because I’ve never been this nervous, ever.”
“Ah, you’ll be fine,” he stated firmly. “I know that you’re worried about the baby but you’re not the greatest tennis player of our time for no reason. You need to just trust in your instincts and you’ll be fine.”
“You think?” You wondered and he nodded.
“Besides, if that doesn’t work, just remember that you don’t come to compete. You come to win,” he asserted. “And the Y/N I know takes that as a personal challenge so you’ll be fine.”
“Thanks Hobi,” you murmured.
“No problem,” he shrugged. “Now, let’s finish stretching you out so that you can get out there.”
As it turns out, Hobi was right. You breezed through the tournament, easily defeating several of your opponents until you made it all the way to the final round. 
For the finals, you were competing against a German woman named Tatianna Mazel, who was one of the most dynamic tennis players that you had ever seen. This was your first time ever competing against her and the entire match had been a fight, with you winning the first set and her winning the second set. As the two of you were tied, the third set was going to be the defining set in determining who won the entire Open. 
It was point match and as you prepared to serve the ball, you couldn’t help but to notice how tired your body was. You had been playing since 10am and it was now 12:30am, with this specific match having already lasted an hour and a half. You realized that it was probably the pregnancy that was having this effect on you, as you had played tournaments of the same length and even longer without even a hint of exhaustion. 
Taking a deep breath, you did your best to relax and take in the moment. You had already decided that this was going to be your last tournament before taking the rest of your pregnancy off and you knew that you would miss this. The feeling of the wind on your skin as you played, the chanting of the crowd, and the satisfaction of succeeding at what you knew you had been put on Earth to do. 
With those thoughts, you threw the tennis ball up into the air, waiting until the right time to hit it with all of the force that you could muster. Tatianna managed to keep up with you, hitting the ball back to you just as forcefully. The two of you went back and forth for quite a while, and the crowd was as quiet as a mouse as they watched. 
Deciding to take a chance in order to put an end to this, when Tatianna lobbed the ball back over the net to you, you rotated your wrist and used your backhand to apply some spin to the ball, sending it sailing back over the net and right past Tatianna. 
“That’s it!!!” The announcers screamed into their microphones as the crowd erupted into loud cheers. “Y/N L/N has won the Korea Open and added yet another Cup to her already impressive collection!!”
As soon as you registered that Tatianna had missed the ball, you immediately sunk down onto your knees, tears falling from your eyes as you took in the moment. You couldn’t believe that you had actually fucking done it and the realization mixed with the adrenaline had you sobbing on the court. 
Once you finally managed to get back up, you walked over to Tatianna in order to shake her hand and she was smiling brightly at you. 
“You played a hell of a game Y/N,” she told you.
“You did too,” you replied. “You’re amazing.”
“Thank you, that means so much coming from a great player like you,” she grinned, touching your shoulder gently with her free hand and you nodded at her. Once she let go of you, you turned towards the crowd and held your arms up in the air, waving wildly to everyone. The spectators roared loudly and you shut your eyes, allowing yourself to bask in the ambiance. 
“So Y/N,” a sports reporter began and you looked over at him as you sat at the large table during the press conference after your win. “You became extremely emotional after your win and we haven’t seen that level of emotion from you since you were a rookie. Anything special that brought this on?”
“Well, this is a very significant tournament for me personally and as I made that final serve, that was the thought that was in my mind,” you explained. “Once I realized that I had won, I think all of that just came crashing down on me which caused me to get emotional.”
“Why was this tournament in particular so significant for you?” Another reporter asked. 
“I recently made the decision that I’ll be taking the next year or so off,” you revealed, grimacing a little at the flurry of camera flashes and chatter that suddenly erupted in the room. 
“But why?” A female photographer questioned. “I mean, you’ve just won two major tournaments within four months of each other after an extended break because of injury and you’re a favorite to win even more this year. Is this leading to retirement?”
“You know, I’m really tired of hearing the “R” word,” you joked, making everyone in the room laugh. “But no, my decision has nothing to do with retirement. I’m only 30 and by the time I come back, I’ll be 31 and probably closer to 32. I still feel like I have a lot left in me and I won’t even consider retiring until I’m sure that I’ve given this sport everything that I have.”
“Then why this sudden break?” A man called out and you took a few seconds to think before answering. 
“Because I want to take care of myself,” you explained. “I’ve been playing tennis professionally for over 10 years now, and I have given and sacrificed a lot for it. Now, do I regret any of that? Absolutely not but sometimes, things pop up that have to take precedent. I love tennis with every ounce of my being but sometimes, other things are more important and I have to let tennis take a backseat for a little while.”
“Well, we all know how dedicated you are to the sport so we bet that this wasn’t an easy decision,” a male reporter said and you shook your head, feeling tears well up in your eyes again. 
“It wasn’t but it’s what I need to do,” you shrugged. “Besides, I’m still the fucking greatest at what I do and no break of any length can change that.”
“Hey, look,” Jungkook said as he reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his camera. After the press conference, you decided to head back home to your condo with Jungkook instead of going to the after party and after having some celebratory post-game sex, the two of you had been lounging in your bed. 
“What’s that?” You wondered as Jungkook leaned over so that you could see the screen on his camera. A picture of you after you won the match was displayed, you on your knees and your tennis racket clutched in your hands. “Wow, you caught that?”
“Me and 55 other cameras,” he joked. “This will be a great photo to use if you ever decide to make a documentary of your life one day.”
“I’d say that’s a long way away,” you giggled, watching as he returned his camera to the nightstand before he turned back to you, opening his arms. You didn’t hesitate to move into them, making yourself comfortable against him and setting your chin on your hand that was resting on his chest. 
“You stirred up a lot of rumors at that press conference though,” he murmured as he used his free hand that was wrapped around you to draw shapes on the skin of your shoulder. “Why didn’t you announce your pregnancy?”
“Didn’t feel right,” you replied. “Plus, everything in my life has been so public ever since I went pro and I want something to myself for once. I’ll announce it eventually, I’ll have no choice, but I just want to keep it under wraps for now.”
“That’s understandable,” he nodded. “What are you gonna do for the next year though?”
“Get ready for the baby, I guess,” you shrugged. “I want to make sure that they have my undivided attention. Plus, I won’t be able to do much else as I get bigger anyways.”
“And after the baby’s born?” He wondered.
“I’m not sure,” you admitted. “I’ll have to retrain and that takes time plus I’ll have to recover from pushing an entire human out of my vagina before I can even begin to do that.”
“I’m sorry that you have to give up so much,” Jungkook apologized.
“Hey, you don’t have to apologize,” you said. “I knew what came along with keeping the baby and I’ve accepted it.”
“Still, I know it’s not easy,” he murmured. 
“Hey, speaking of easy,” you began. “I was thinking of maybe staying here in Korea. You know, so that you can be involved in the pregnancy and so that we can try this whole relationship thing out.”
“You serious?” He smiled and you nodded your head. 
“I’d love that Y/N,” he grinned, leaning forward and kissing you firmly. 
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Yo-Ho-Hoe and a Bottle of Rum | Part 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x (f) Reader
AU: Enemies to lovers, Pirate AU, pirate JK x pirate reader
Genre: fantasy, e2l, angst, smut and a bit of fluff later on
WC: 4.1k
Synopsis:  He has a bigger ship than you, a larger crew than you, has made it his life’s mission to one-up you every chance he gets - you hate him. But what happens when you are forced to work together, as teammates, and find treasure no human thought existed?
General warnings: drinking, cursing, explicit smut, pirate Bangtan, bi reader
Warnings for this chapter: cursing, mentions of sex, poor attempt at pirate language, pirate Bangtan, JK is an ass & Y/N is angry still
Beta: dear @joyfulhopelox​ - it was so nice to have help with this one - you have no idea how much i appreciate it. thank you 💜
Series Masterlist
Taglist is at the very end (if you want to join it or leave it at any point, send me an ask or comment) 💙
Tumblr media
This has to be the longest day of your entire life - it has to be, it has to. You have never wanted to yeet yourself into the sea more than you wanted to today. 
 Divide the loot was taken very, very literally - each coin counted. For a little while, it was actually going rather smoothly, with you successfully ignoring Jeon and his obvious jabs at you, focusing on finishing the tedious task in front of you as quickly as you could and wanting to get away from him and his idiotism as fast as humanly possible. Your crew shared the sentiment, and honestly, so did Jeon’s. The only one out of all of you who seemed to want to prolong the torture was Jeon himself, which you can’t say came as a surprise to you. 
 The problems started when you got down to the loot that couldn’t be divided equally - even though you did use a scale to measure the gold you’ve found. One thing led to another rather quickly and you had to literally pull away Seokjin from attacking one of Jeon’s crew members - Jimin is his name, you believe. They refused to calm down until both yourself and Jeon had to interfere in other ways than physical - and even then, despite the two of them being punished, both sides were already heavily aggravated and the jabs had started among the rest of the crew members, too. 
 You couldn’t blame your crew, not when there was a part of you that wanted to shamelessly join in. While you don’t know much about his crew, you unfortunately do know a whole lot more about Jeon that you’d like to - the very idea of spending the day doing nothing but insulting him sounded like a dream come true. The only better option was to get away from him fast, so you decided to keep your focus on that alone. 
 Now, you can finally breathe - it’s over. You smile smugly, finally feeling relaxed and fulfilled as you watch the small boat row towards Aurora, carrying your crew members and your part of the loot. You have volunteered to spend the night on the abandoned ship alone, leaving Yoongi to serve as the Captain of Aurora for the night - which really says a lot about how much trust you have in him and your entire crew. It makes you wonder if Jeon would be willing to let his crew go off alone with the loot without wondering if he’ll have to deal with a mutiny and a stolen ship the next morning. You have no doubts about your men and that’s enough to make your smile widen. 
 Even though you didn’t ask the question out loud, you got your answer anyway - Jeon strolls up to you casually, leaning on the railing several feet away from you. Confused, you turn towards the direction of The Siren - sure enough, you can see his crew loading the loot onto the ship. “Why are you still here?” you ask him, unaware of the change in plans - you all have agreed that you will stay and examine the ship for spare parts, deciding what can and will be used and dividing it with him and his crew tomorrow. He wasn’t supposed to stay. 
 “You think I’d leave you alone with the ship?” he laughs at you in disbelief. “And wake up to find you sailing away with Aurora on your side? I’d be a complete fool to leave and give you a chance to trick me.” 
 “You know Jeon, as much as I despise you and your very existence, I never would have done that,” you tell him honestly. Some pirates follow rules, others break them. And while you understand his reluctance, tricking him is not something that you had plans on doing. Maybe you should have, though. Would serve him right. But it also isn’t you. “I respect the deals I make, even if I make them with bastards like yourself.” 
 “And I break the deals I make,” he turns to you, offering you a cocky smirk. “I have trained myself to expect the worst from everyone - including you. It saves me the unpleasant surprise of being fooled.” 
 “You are a piece of work,” you sigh, once again witnessing irrefutable proof that Jeon is, simply put, an ass. “Since you decided to stick around on the ship with me, at least do me a favor and stay away from me - the ship is plenty big for the both of us.” 
 “I shall do my best, Siren.”
 You roll your eyes at the ridiculous nickname he keeps using on you - one he has used for many years, never offering an explanation as to why - not that you’ve bothered asking. The tone of his voice lets you know that he likely has plans of following you around and pestering you for the reminder of the night - turns out that the feeling of relief that you’ve felt just moments ago didn’t last long after all. 
Tumblr media
What you wanted to find more than any spare ship part were the logs - you wanted to understand what happened to the crew and Captain of the ship. For one, it had no name - it’s not often that you come across a ship with no name - it’s considered bad luck and sailors are a superstitious bunch. Jolly Roger didn’t grace its sails and the state of the ship itself isn’t half bad - it’s not in the best possible condition, obviously, but it’s not falling apart either - it’s not in a condition that makes you think the crew had left it for their own safety. A part of you still wonders if this is some kind of trap and you’re falling for it head-first, but no signs pointed to that, either. It’s simply not that common to find a ship full of gold and no one on it, just anchored in the middle of the sea. And that only made your interest peak. 
 You found the logs easy enough - they are always in the Captain’s cabins, after all. Lighting a few candles, you make yourself comfortable in the chair behind a large desk - both would be ideal to take but something tells you you’ll have to battle Jeon for it. Warm and comfortable, you slowly began skimming through the leather notebooks or any lone piece of parchment that you could find. 
 Strangely, not even the logs had the ship name in it - neither did they have the Captain’s name or signature. He wrote them daily, yes, and most entries seem common - daily tasks and issues, reports on the weather and their progress. Whoever wrote these logs and signed them simply as ‘Captain’ was an educated man - you could tell from the words he used and the way his writing was easily readable. But that doesn’t say as much as it should - after all, you know how to write well and you’re a pirate - the only rules you bother following are the informal pirate code - you looted and fought and even killed. So knowing that the Captain was well spoken doesn’t tell you anything, really. 
 Neither did the names of the crew - one John, one Sammy, one Davey. Sometimes, you can vaguely remember names of other pirates’ mates - like you recognizing Jimin being the one on Seokjin’s line of fire earlier today - but none of these names meant anything to you. 
 And the latest entry that you could find is dated many moons ago. Of course, it’s possible that you simply haven’t gotten your hands on the latest log and that the ship hasn’t been abandoned for so long - the state of it definitely doesn’t make it seem like it has been lacking its crew for months - but no matter how much you were willing to dig around, you found nothing. 
 No mention of mutiny, no mention of pirate attacks, and no newer logs. It seemed like everything was going according to plan - not that you could discover what the plan was. Were they transporting something? That doesn’t seem likely, as the ship isn’t built to carry a large cargo - and besides, you found nothing except supplies that should serve a medium-sized crew. 
 If you didn’t know any better, you would think that the crew had just vanished - but you’ve been around long enough, both at sea and on solid ground, to know things like that don’t just happen - they are a thing of legends, of tales parents tell their children to scare them off from pursuing the life people like you are leading - it’s safe to say, your parents’ plan didn’t work. 
 “Here you are!” Jeon’s booming voice makes you jump out of your skin and nearly drop the notebook in your hands - the idiot hadn’t bothered knocking and you didn’t hear the door open - which amused him greatly, judging by the expression on his face. “I thought you had jumped overboard and risked drowning to get away from me,” he teases you, leaning cockily on the doorframe. 
 “However tempting that sounds, I’m not leaving you alone on this ship - for the same reason you haven’t left the ship in my hands. Haven’t we agreed that you won’t follow me around?” you ask, not bothering to hide your displeasure - you thought that even someone as stupid as he is would understand the message you’ve given - ‘stay the hell away from me’. 
 “And where’s the fun in that?” he asks. If he actually wanted an answer, you might have bothered answering. Except you know that he doesn’t care and that whatever words leave your mouth go into the one ear and out of the other, without him pausing to even register what you’ve said. He doesn’t care - never has, not about anyone but himself. 
 “At least don’t stand there like a fool - come here and help me.” 
 “Oh, you want my help?” he laughs, his expression unwavering not even when it meets your glare. 
 “No, not particularly,” you answer with a sigh, dropping one of the notebooks onto the desk. “But if you’re going to annoy the shit out of me with your very presence, you can at least pretend to be useful and help me figure out what the hell happened to this crew. You can’t tell me that it hasn’t piqued your interest?” you ask, unsurprised when your question wipes away his smirk. An idiot he might be but he’s a darn good pirate - of course his interest is piqued and of course he wants to find out. It might just be that he’s waiting for you to do all the finding and simply tell him what the deal is. 
 “Is there a stone that you haven’t turned already?” he rolls his eyes at you, looking around the cabin. “This place wasn’t nearly as messy as it is now when we first arrived.” 
 “Yeah, because I was looking for the logs, Jeon,” you explain. “And yes, there are plenty of stones that are yet to be turned - you can start with that cabinet,” you tell him, nodding your head in the direction of one of the only places you have yet to dig through - the large cabinet near the entrance. “And please, don’t talk. I’d rather not hear your voice.” 
 “Your loss,” he laughs at you as he casually strolls towards the cabinet you’ve assigned to him. “I’ve been told I have a heavenly voice… when I talk, sing… moan.” 
 “I’m sure you have,” you mumble disinterestedly, focusing on the parchment you’ve fished out of the bottom drawer - the date written on it means it was written after the last log that you’ve found thus far. It’s more than unusual - no captain that you know of, pirate or not, would want to keep his records this unorganized. Lack of any issues mentioned confuse you even more, as it truly appears as if nothing even remotely unusual had occurred on this ship. In every way possible, it seems as if they have disappeared into thin air or all collectively dropped overboard - but even that would give some clues, bodies if nothing else. 
 “Do you have any idea what has happened to this crew?” Jeon asks you after a few moments of precious silence. As much as you wish he had stuck to it, at least he’s asking a logical question and not going on one of his ‘I’m fucking amazing’ tangents. 
 “Not even a guess,” you admit, the hopelessness of trying to find clues and coming up with nothing overpowering your desire to ignore Jeon. “How do you keep your logs, Jeon? Do you write them daily, in one place or when you remember, on whatever piece of parchment you can find?” you ask, hoping for an opinion of someone who does things differently than you do. In plenty of ways, Jeon is your exact opposite and for all you know, he could be just that when it comes to how he runs his ship’ business. Maybe you are the fool, not the mystery captain - at the end of the day, who even reads those logs except you? 
 “Of course I write them daily,” he scoffs at you. “Writing the logs is pretty much the only thing we’re actually required to do, and it’s for our own benefit. Why do you ask?” he wonders. 
 “Because I have never encountered someone who writes them differently, pirate or not,” you explain, throwing one of the log notebooks down onto the desk. “Whoever the Captain of this ship was, he didn’t keep them organized and fuck if I know why.” 
 “That is unusual,” he mumbles, leaning onto the cabinet he was going through moments ago. His reaction makes you feel validated in a strange way - you know now that it’s not just you that finds this weird, that is irked by the way this ship seems to have been run. “Maybe someone else had been here before us? And messed up the order, perhaps even took some notebooks with them?” he suggests. 
 “Why would they do that, though?” you frown at the papers in front of you, baffled. “Why in the world would someone steal logs and not any of the valuables from the ship? You saw the amount of loot we got, even when divided, we have plenty.” 
 “I don’t know Siren, but I do know that I’ve seen stranger things before,” he shrugs. And there goes your validation, right out the window - he is as confused as you are but he doesn’t particularly care, nor does he want to bend over backwards to find out the reason why. “When was the last time you went back home, Siren?” 
 The question makes your heart stop for a second - it’s not a question you are used to, as your crew knows better than to ask it. Hearing it from Jeon, of all people, makes you raise your guard immediately, realizing how foolish it was of you to even relax for a minute around him - he is not your friend, he is not on your side, nor will he ever be. Chatting mindlessly with him is a luxury you can’t afford and you nearly fell into that trap headfirst. 
 “That’s none of your business, Jeon,” you reply, knowing that any other answer would have opened the door to a conversation - and that is the last thing you want. “Didn’t we agree that you’ll check that cabinet? What are you waiting for? Am I speaking a foreign language or what?” you snap, annoyed at the way he is half-assing such a simple task. 
 “I assume that I’ve touched on a sensitive topic,” he comments, a blank expression on his face as he observes your reaction - you do your best to mirror his expression and you do so, successfully. 
 “Oh, fuck off,” your voice is flat as you curse out at him. You both leave it at that, him finally realizing that you are no longer feeling particularly chatty, and you, annoyed with him, which is starting to become a permanent occurrence. 
 In complete silence, you continue with your mission and he finally is of help - at least you hope so. From the corner of your eye, you can see how carelessly he’s flicking through the pages, an action that makes you wonder if you’ll have to go through them yourself, knowing how easily he could have missed something important. You say nothing, though - not wanting to break the silence and waste time bickering. If you must go through it all again, you shall - it’s not as if you’re not used to being thorough and double checking every little thing that is being done. In some situations, though you are lucky to not experience them often, you cannot trust anyone but yourself, and no matter how tiring it might be, you will do something that already should have been done - if for nothing else, than for your own peace of mind. 
 The night had long fallen and you even had to stop what you were doing to change the candles, using that as an excuse to stretch your legs and occupy your thoughts with something other than the catastrophic state of the ship’s papers. You are only giving it tonight and not a day more of your time - if it’s a mystery, it’ll remain a mystery. You got your loot, will look around for spare parts and items you can take to Aurora and get away from Jeon and his crew as fast as you can - with any luck, it’ll be in the opposite direction. 
 “Siren, can you come here for a second?” Jeon asks, earning an eye roll from you. 
 “I have a name. Also answer to Captain. You know that very well,” you point out. 
 “No, I’m serious!” he urges you with a wave of his hand. “You need to take a look at this.” 
 Realizing that he is actually serious, you walk towards him, noticing that he’s unearthed a large scroll of paper - a map, from what you can see. The closer you get to him, the more you realize his confusion - the area of land, the surprisingly large area of land that is drawn on it is completely unfamiliar to you - all you can tell is that it’s an island - nothing more, nothing less. A big island which lines do not strike you as familiar
 “What the hell is that?” you wonder, reaching for a candle to bring it closer to the paper, nudging him to move so that you can see it better. “Do you know of that island?” 
 “I don’t think I ever sailed there,” he comments, his eyes looking over the paper quickly. “It doesn’t say anything - no name, no nothing. I don’t even think I’ve seen it on other maps.” 
 “I don’t think I have either,” you mumble under your breath, following the drawn shoreline - the map might be incredibly old and the lands have changed - for all you know, you are looking at the paper older than both of you combined. “I think Namjoon should have a look at it first thing in the morning - at the very least, he will be able to tell how old the map is. If nothing else, that should tell us if we might know of the place and it had simply changed since the map was drawn.” 
 “Alright,” he agrees, nodding his head. “I do think it’s an old map, though. Look at the creases here,” he points at the top right corner and the moment you realize what he’s pointing out, your eyes widen. 
 “That’s not a normal crease, Jeon,” you rush your words out as you move more to the side to have better access to the back of the map. “Hold that map in place.”
 “Are you mad?! You will burn it!” he moves the map away from your reach the very second you try to bring the candle closer to it. 
 “I’m not going to burn it, you fool,” you roll your eyes, both baffled and annoyed at the realization that he has no idea what you’re trying to do. “I’m going to heat it. Have you not used invisible ink? Or heard of it?” 
 “Oh, please!” he sighs dramatically, but finally stops moving the map out of your reach. Very carefully, you bring the candle closer to it, letting the flame heat the parchment but not get a chance to touch it - if this is what you think it is, and it most likely is invisible ink, the last thing you want is to damage the map in any way. “Why would anyone have a need for that?” 
 “It’s invisible ink - what do you think?!” 
 “If you can’t trust your own crew and keep your shit safe from prying eyes, then you have a problem that cannot be solved with invisible ink,” he complains, looking incredibly annoyed with you. That’s a fun change, one that you might want to get used to - it’s usually you the one who is annoyed and he is the one provoking. 
 “And what happens when your ship is abandoned and two pirates are on it, trying to find information you don’t want two pirates to have?” you ask, pointing out the irony of his comment in relation to the situation you are in. “Just hold the map and don’t move it unless you see that the flame is causing some damage,” you order him, moving around to direct the flame to all the creases that you can see - lucky for you, they are not just located in the corner. Kneeling down and bending under the map, you try to keep an eye on the flame while also trying to decipher letters that are slowly but surely becoming readable. 
 “You know Siren, this is not what I imagined we would be doing when you get on your knees in front of me.” 
 Of course - what a fool you were to think that this can pass with no more flirtatious and crude comments from him. 
 “Ha, I have better things to do than suck your cock, Jeon.” 
 “Oh, is that what you want to do?” he laughs. “I was not being very specific just now, but you were incredibly vulgar, Siren. Is that how you speak to all the men you fancy?” 
 “Indeed I do,” you casually reply. “Except I do suck their cocks if I like them. Lucky for both of us, I can’t stand the sight of you. You can wank it out of yourself later.” 
 “Maybe I will.” 
 Another foolish mistake - you thought that you were giving him a sharp comeback, but he just sexualized the conversation more - no matter the situation, no matter the setting, he will always find a way to guide the conversation to his cock. Perhaps he does need to wank it out and get off your case, he’d be doing both of you a favor. 
 “Can you read what it says?” you ask, observing the faint outline of letters on the back of the map - it has to be readable now but he’s too focused on mini Jeon to realize it. He ignores you completely. “Jeon, I know you enjoy the sight but I don’t plan on kneeling here all night - can you read it or can you not?” 
 “Y/N, you need to see this.” 
 His tone is serious and not teasing in any way, but it’s not what makes you move the candle away and stand up - it’s the usage of your first name. Whatever he was able to read shocked him enough to make him forget about teasing you with that atrocious nickname. 
 “What is it?” you stand up, grabbing onto his arm for support as you do, quickly looking at the map. You were right - the letters are clearly visible, a soft shade of brown, towards the upper right corner of the map. The one word written makes your mouth drop open and your eyes widen - looking over at him, you realize his eyes are wide, making him look more like a child than an annoying man he actually is. 
 “Y/N, I think this might be a treasure map,” he manages to utter. 
 An island neither one of you is familiar with, a map that uses secret ink in more places than one and one name written in the corner - a name that is more myth than reality, a name that makes you wonder if Jeon is actually right and this is what it seems to be - a treasure map. 
 You might be in the possession of Bluebeard’s map.
Tumblr media
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moon-write · 10 hours ago
dating each other as idols.
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x reader genre: fluff rating: g word count: 3.4k tags/warnings: none
a/n: for anon, thank you for requesting this! I’ve never written anything that is bts x idol!reader so this was a lot of fun to delve into. I hope you enjoy it~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re most definitely the couple to be at each other’s hometown concerts, beginning and returning
On stage, in front of other idols and alike, you two would be more professional and much more private, not openly affectionate but everyone would know (they would wonder sometimes though, you’d keep people guessing haha)
Jin would know all of your dances, because he’s most definitely at the studio with you when he’s not busy, watching you practice (both of you agreed work stays at work, never to be brought home unless it calls for emotional support chats)
When you’re performing, a camera would be filming him as he dances along in his seat (he’ll be singing too) more than likely Jungkook is following along too because he is your pseudo brother
He’ll be so proud when you win an award, and soft (my gosh so soft), more so when your fans cheer because he wants everyone to support you and hearing them call your name makes his heart flutter (his ears definitely turn bright red when you mention something obscure to the crowd that only he would understand in your speech)
If you’re presenting an award, from his seat, Jin will find your eyes so you can see him wink at you, trying to make you break out in that cute smile he loves so much, he just loves to fluster you so you can break your stage face
Most of your relationship is likely spent at home but on occasion when you do go in public together, Jin would be very aware of your surroundings when you are out together
He’ll make sure you have your hat on and a mask because he wants to go as unnoticed as possible
Always has a hand on the middle of your back or loosely holding onto yours while you’re shopping, keeps you step ahead of him but you can feel him close by
Having dinner out, you two would have your own private dining room because it puts him more at ease (I have a feeling Jin would be the more anxious one when in public, esp with his s/o around)
Idk if this is just indulgent thinking but I feel like shopping with him would be a cute experience, he’d always make it fun even if he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the actual act of shopping haha
Like you take him along to this showroom boutique for your fitting and he ends up skimming the racks, coming out with a different piece of clothing; “honey, what do you think about this?”
Gaining your opinions on some pieces before deciding he wants them for a date night or future event
Maybe not the couple to hold hands in public
Back to the part about keeping work at work; home is your safe place, away from the scrutiny of being idols, you and Jin can just be yourselves
A very domestic life, how the public may perceive idols to live is a stark contrast to how you and Jin actually live
It might be much more quiet but it’s everything you both want and need, it’s still alive with his laughter and dad jokes, effectively I can see his s/o making him giggle a lot too
Cooking and eating dinner together even if you both get home late, it’s a must
Chatting about plans for your next day off
‘shall we go out or stay in?’
Movies, a lot of movies (I still think about how he said he cried watching an animated film) and cuddling on the sofa, his head in your lap while you play with his hair which eventually puts him to sleep
Matching pajamas? Yes
Social media would be more your thing: he’d let you post that mirror selfie of the two of you in matching pj’s and face masks (the members will definitely make fun of him the next day)
You both may be idols but to Jin, you’re just a regular couple
Tumblr media
The chill idol couple
Everyone wants a picture of you two together, almost like you’re illusive because you two keep to yourselves so much
He would produce one of your songs (maybe two) but insist you credit anonymous because he wants the attention to be on you and your song
And when you win an award for that, this man will cheese so hard but contain his composure when the camera glances over him and the members
He will be the first one to stand when they announce your name for that award too
Jimin would be the one to tease him whenever you perform just to get him to break, Yoongi will be all small smiles though, probably break at one point and hide that smile under his hand
He’d mouth the lyrics to your song while you’re performing, smiling to himself in short bouts, and get that dazed off look in the eye
Most definitely will stay up late to help you with a song or to hear your worries about work-related things
Not the publicly affectionate kind, when you are in public, maybe hand-holding but even that could be scarce (you really enjoy your privacy as a couple which drives outside ppl crazy)
So when in public where there’s cameras and a crowd, Yoongi is always looking for you to make sure you’re close, reaching out for your hand if the crowd moves in a little too closely
This is so specific, but if someone were to yell your name, Yoongi would look in that direction just to see who it was that did it, kind of like a protective instinct
At home, he’s the most domestic partner
Every accomplishment, big or small, he will find a way to celebrate that
Whether it’s your favorite meal, a small trinket he picked up, your favorite drink from your favorite place
Supportive idol boyfriend who understands the intricacies of the lifestyle as well!
He loves to welcome you home, even if it’s really late, he’ll stay up
If you’re still working in the evening, Yoongi will text you to be sure you’re safe coming home
Check your surroundings kind of texts
Warm, snuggly welcome home hugs whether it’s just after a day apart or 10 months apart (I swear I just see him being that kind of boyfriend)
Chats over dinner about how your days went before snuggling into bed together
Talking about cute things either of you found on the Internet made by fans
If he has the free time, he will be at your rehearsal and 100% snap candid photos of you (you find them later and whine about it but he’s not deleting them)
If asked about you in an interview, he keeps his cool but he has his tell-tale signs that the members have likely picked up on (he will be teased later)
But he wont’ go without praising you in some way, nervously rubbing his thigh or scratching his neck
‘She is dedicated to her work and I admire her deeply.’
Yoongi is so in tune with emotions, especially when it comes to depression etc…so being the demand of both of your careers, he would want to make sure you two are always finding that balance
Regular communication to keep grounded
Tumblr media
He is constantly hyping you
Definitely at the dance studio with you, vice versa, when schedules allow
Unless you ask for his input, he’ll sit to the side and just watch, clapping and cheering your name
“You’re doing great, baby!”
A lot of studio time dancing together
But when you’re performing, he starts off watching you very intensely but as time goes on, he can’t hide his excitement which bleeds into the rest of audience (infectious smiles)
He’d be so proud of you all the time
Likely the type to tear up when you win an award, smiling through it but when the camera lands on him you can see the glistening in his eyes
You will openly thank him when you win (and everyone clutches their chests because you are that couple)
During an ad break, he will walk over to wherever you are sitting and give you a quick cheek kiss and whisper in your ear that you look stunning
Idols wait for your expressions when BTS wins an award, because you always (cutely) mouth Hoseok’s name followed with little claps
He likes to have you in his studio during a late night session where he can show you what he’s been working on
Would probably want your vocals or have you add your own ad-libs to the background of one of his songs
Will write an obscure song about how in love with you he is
Out in public, cameras fight for that picture of the two of you in matching sets, Hoseok lives for it (and you do it from time to time to appease him and you find his thrill over it cute)
Hand holding, he’ll sneak a quick kiss against your knuckles when he can
By default, headlines of you two would be about fashion, the stylish ‘it’ idol couple
Probably do a photo shoot for a magazine spread together too
He’s much more quiet when you’re home together, but he’s clingy for sure
You two sing or hum together while doing menial tasks around the house
Much more open on social media about each other (just you two being goofy and cute, kisses stay at home and just between the two of you)
#HopeFilm and it’s candid videos of you being silly before you discover he’d been recording the whole time the video cuts off after you’ve yelled his name
Tumblr media
Everyone knows you are a couple but you don’t necessarily put it out there?
Very discreet
He’s your backbone supporter and you’re his safe space
The comfort couple that idols look to kind of thing
At shows, he’ll always find you amid the sea of other idols, whether he’s leaning over and looking across the walkway-sweet Joon smile
Watching you perform with literal hearts in his eyes, cannot stop smiling
Texts you afterward with a ‘good job baby.’
Winning awards? Both of you couldn’t be more proud of each other and it naturally but completely shows on your faces
You pass by him and toss him a cute, ‘yay baby!’ and send him a flying kiss and wink
You are at each other’s celebrity appearances if time allows, having rehearsed speeches with each other
You know his word for word and watch him intently as he speaks
The same for you, he was your mirror while you repeated your written speech back to him
Work is work, being a leader I can see Namjoon being more verbally quiet about his work stressors
He will seek you out in other ways though and being in a similar position as him, you will reach out when he becomes a little too quiet
But that means he’d be more intuitive to your stresses and does what he can to alleviate your stress, even if it has to be done while the two of you are apart
Will help you refine your lyrics and want to understand what you want to convey in your music
He’d love to watch your work process and see how you do in that leading position
You both speak lovingly about fans, almost like they are your kids? Just so much love laced in those conversations that probably happen at home or while apart from each other
On tour, he’s backstage, as close to the stage as possible but out of sight, he’s all about you and watching with a beaming smile
Stealing a kiss when you rush back for an outfit change
In public, you aren’t very worried about hiding from cameras, probably out of courtesy you two smile at them
His hand is on the small of your back when walking to places, it’s also his way of keeping you safe and close to him if the crowd is big
He will talk about you but only if prompted in an interview, even then, details are discreet
‘I love her, it’s a blessing and a curse that we can share the same career.’
At home, you both take on each other’s hobbies so you definitely know more about plants than you ever thought you could
You’ve bought him his own bike that he uses in rotation with the one Jin bought him
The two of you like to escape to Han River together, riding around at sunset, watching it together and talking about life in general
This where the two of you have quiet conversations about work, talking about the heavy parts and sharing silent words of, ‘I know it’s hard but we can do this together.’
Just that couple who has millions of eyes on them but you both know home is with each other and that will always be your normal
Tumblr media
The most public about your relationship
Jimin would be the most shy though in terms of when the camera catches him watching you on stage
He’ll be so raptured by you that he won’t notice at first until laughter breaks through the other idols (Jungkook and or Jin will be laughing the loudest when his face appears on the big screen)
You’d probably catch it mid-performance and break a cute smile, trying not to be overcome with those flustered feelings
When you pass by his seat he’s most definitely reaching his hand out for you to take as you pass by, a shared look of love (or he’ll straight up give you those coy eyes while smirking at you)
He’ll search for you when they’re on stage accepting an award, when he finds you his eyes light up and send a very discreet wave your way
The kind of couple that tear up if the other tears up during a speech or performance
On the other hand if he sees you actively looking for him he’ll avoid it because it’s too easy for him to get caught up
There will be a couple of selfies of the two of you pre-show, all dressed up and looking fly
You’ve banned him from your practices/rehearsals/studio sessions because he’s too distracting
Wanting to be cute with you, flirting with you, trying to convince you to take another 5 minute break
At the same time, he loves to watch you while you’re in the booth, making passing comments to the producer and watching you with stars in his eyes
He’d be shy if you insist on watching him in the booth, at the same time, he will show off because it’s you and he always wants to impress you
The type of idol couple that writes songs about each other
The moment the two of you have time off, Jimin is whisking you away to another country for vacation
He will flood Twitter with pictures of you, the two of you together, telling army how blissfully happy he is
Also tweets when you release a new song asking army to show their support to you too
All this said, you two though public about your relationship keep the important parts very private and there are some things you enjoy keeping to yourselves
I can see him being more upset if an article blasphemes you, reacting irrational with things that he’d say to that reporter (before you reason and talk him down)
He’ll be so protective over you when it comes to those verbal assaults
Time at home is something the two of you would really cherish, it’s the haven you two seek after long days whether they were bad or not
Nobody is allowed in this space that you both created, work doesn’t exist here
When you can, sleeping in is a must, morning cuddles, afternoon cuddles, bath time together
All of the things to nurture and reassure each other that despite having such demanding careers, you’ll always be there to take care of each other
Tumblr media
The type to look around for others reactions while you’re performing
You know how and when to praise him, after a performance or winning an award
He’d love it if you seek him out mid-show to congratulate him, leave him with a quick kiss-the smirk on that man’s face if you actually do it too
Idols love his reactions while you perform, he doesn’t hold back
Anticipates your thoughts on how well he performed, the only time he cares for the camera to focus on you so he can see your genuine reaction to him on stage
Also my gosh if you present an award to them? He’ll milk the moment, distracting himself with you to the point Namjoon has to physically grab him so he can give his part of the speech
You’ll do a lot of those raw studio sessions together, singing lyrics off the top of your head and making a song together
He’d want to make a song with you and put it out as a single or have it on his album
Would be front row at your concert, watching you with those intense eyes
In between their sets, he’ll make it a point to find you if you’re there (and love the homemade sign you made)
Even though you share the spotlight, he would want you out of the face of cameras as much as possible (as much as he could reasonably help that)
The type of idol couple who are mad for each other, the media is crazy about you two which is why your privacy drives them crazy
You make it a point to stay out of headlines
You both make an effort to keep as much normalcy in your relationship ad you can, often going out of your way away from the city to enjoy a coffee date or quiet time at an art exhibit
A lot of car dates actually (if not at home) and weekends away
Will defend you in the comments section if someone makes a rude comment, will effectively stress the company out because of that
Everyone waits for that annual couple’s selfie one of you posts on social media
The two of you like to interact with each other’s fans, teasing them and playing around which has thus earned you the title as mom and dad within both fandoms
Tumblr media
The most secretive relationship, only members and companies know about your relationship
Also the couple that is all about your work, work comes before anything else (close friends may question why you’re dating given this fact)
He would practice your routines with you and offer suggestions while you’d help him improve his vocals since he’s always looking to better himself
He has the strongest poker face when you perform but inside he’s likely bursting and feeling very proud while watching you execute moves that were difficult at one point
Small claps when you win something, exchanging knowing glances with the members who are probably cheesing hard on his behalf
Avoids eye contact with you when he’s on stage but I can also see him breaking into a smile if your eyes happen to meet
You two likely talk the most about your careers even if you’re home and away from it, whether it’s good or bad
Constantly reminding each other that you can get through the hard stuff and come out as better idols (and people) because of it
But at home is where you two can be yourselves completely, whether it’s to be playful, serious, loving, or quiet
Talking a lot about music he wants to write for army, running it by you for feedback
Would urge you to write your own music (maybe you’ve kept it locked away too afraid to show that side of yourself)
Cheerleader boyfriend, he knows how capable you are
Sings lyrics to your own songs to you when vegging out at home
Home-cooked meals and private celebrations at home
Unreleased GCF footage that has you in it
Neither of you have social media for protective reasons
You two would intermingle your circles, you with the members, and Jungkook with your crew
Any affection would only be shared between you two, even though you aren’t publicly known, PDA would be non-existent
But there would be little things like how he touches your wrist, or guides you with his hand against your back if you are in public
Being idols, you two are married to your jobs so your relationship would be about fun, not very serious until the time is right
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heartbreakmotel13 · a day ago
20th Sept. drabble | Taehyung x Brat Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: He has been working a suspicious amount of overtime nowadays, not being able to give you as much as attention as you’d like. Fed up, you decide to visit him at work, but when you see him and this other woman in his office, you suddenly get why he has been working overtime and you lose it.
Admin note: Just a quick writing to distract myself ❤️
Warnings: Nothing too bad, just time out i guess and getting scolded? Reader is bratty and throws explosive tantrums, is it called l!ttlesp@ce? If not please let me know I’m new to this
Enough was enough.
Wasn’t Taehyung the one who decided that every weekend the two of you would spend time together?
Then why were you here, alone, watching some rerun of some telenovela? Granted, it was kind of entertaining despite you not knowing what the hell was going on - but! This wasn’t how you envisioned spending your Friday night, all alone.
It wasn’t fair! Taehyung was so agitated when your best friend and you went out on a weekend trip together, and now here he is, spending most of his weekend at his stupid job instead of with you.
“I can’t help it, love.”
“It’s really important. I have to go.”
“I can’t cancel this meeting, I’ll make it up to you.”
More and more excuses by the day, you weren’t able to keep up with them anymore.
But you weren’t going to sit here and sob, you were going to get up, go to his work and tell him the truth - that he was neglecting you and this arrangement that you set up.
However your confident pace slowed down as you neared his office door. Taehyung must’ve only taken you here two times times at most but you knew that the amber colored door belonged to his office.
You placed your hand on the handle, taking a deep breath to calm your nerves, and you opened the door. “Hey, I-“
Your eyes scanned over the two figures in the room. One belonged to Taehyung while the other belonged to... a woman? She and Taehyung were sitting together, very close, on the velvet sofa, and from what you could see they were looking at something on a tablet.
“Who the fuck is this?” You slammed the door shut behind you.
“Uhm, Tae? What’s going on?” The girl frowned as she looked at him. “I’m his-“
Tae... she even called him Tae.
You snatched the tablet out of her hands and your heart dropped at the sight.
‘Press confirm to book this wedding venue.’
“A wedding? You’re... You’re...” You knew it. You knew that he wasn’t simply working overtime. But you never thought that Taehyung was getting married to some whore.
“Y/N.” Taehyung got up from the sofa and stepped towards you.
You gripped onto the tablet as you stepped back, holding in angry tears.
“Take a deep breath and let me explain. She’s my-“
Anger overtook you and you swung the iPad, barely missing the woman that was right beside him.
The woman gasped and Taehyung’s eyes darkened as he glanced at you with disappointment dripping off his face. “You should leave, we can talk later.” He turned to look at the woman who nodded and took her purse before she left.
“I’m leaving too!” You announced but before you reached the door, Taehyung grabbed you by the arm.
“No, you’re not. You are going to listen to me and calm down this instant. You are making a fool out of yourself.”
You gritted your teeth. Your heart skipping faster at the two options present: you obeyed or you disobeyed, and you went for the latter.
“Let me go!” You shouted before dropping yourself to the floor as you let out a scream, slipping some profanities out while you were at it.
“Have it your way, dear. You need a moment to calm down.” With that, he stepped away and sat back at his desk.
You couldn’t believe that Taehyung was so casual, so calm about all of this - as if you were the problem and not his cheating ass. All sorts of feelings rushed through your chest before you dropped to your back and started kicking and screaming as loud as you could.
Taehyung completely ignored you, typing away at his keyboard and printing out something here and there. He didn’t even glance at you or showed any sort of expression. He remained focused at his work.
There was something - a spark inside of your head that kept encouraging you to scream and kick around even more, to let out all of your frustration, and so you did.
You only stopped when your throat felt hoarse, and you laid there on the floor and panted out of exhaustion.
“Done?” Taehyung peeked from behind his monitor.
“Shut the fuck up!” You screamed with balled fists.
“I suppose not. Let me know when you’re finished, love.”
“You’re an asshole! A jerk! A liar!” You raised your voice at him but when you didn’t get any response, you grew angry again and you looked around the room.
There, you spotted a statue, a small one, of the Eifel tower, when the two of you went on a business trip to Paris, you picked it out for his office.
You dashed to the cabinet and grabbed the statue.
“Oh, you won’t dare.” You heard Taehyung’s voice from behind you.
You spun around, clutching the small object in your hand.
“If you do what I think you’re going to do with it, I’m going to discipline you. Understood?” Taehyung looked away from the screen to give you a warning glare.
Despite the miniature size of the tower, it made quite some noise as it bounced on the floor and came to a full stop after it made contact with Taehyung’s desk.
“I warned you and you still chose to misbehave.” He got up from his desk and you tried to flee to the door but it was locked tight, and Taehyung grabbed you once again by the arm as he dragged you across the room.
“No! No! Stop!” You screeched, then coughed at the sandpaper feel in your throat. “Stop!” You whined as Taehyung pushed you into the corner.
“Arms up.”
Instantly, you lifted up your arms, keeping your hands up high above your head.
“Dare to lower them and I’ll add extra time. Stand here and don’t move an inch until I come get you. Five minutes.”
Sure, five minutes might not sound like too much, but after a minute and a half, you could feel some muscles in your arms already tightening and you let out a soft groan, lowering your arms slightly to relieve some of the tension.
The slam of Taehyung’s fist against the desk caused you to jump up and raise your hands as high as you could.
“It burns...” You complained, wiggling your fingers in the hopes of releasing some of the tension but it didn’t help.
“Should’ve thought of that before misbehaving.”
Geez, he was so cold.
You tilted your head back as you inhaled deeply and exhaled sharply, trying to distract your thoughts as you felt the intensity of the burning sensation in your arms increasing.
“It really hurts...” You winced as you felt your arms shaking, struggling to not drop to your sides again. “Please...”
“Three more minutes. Now stop complaining before I add more time.”
Your lips pressed against each other as you looked up to your arms, they were shaking as if you were holding something very heavy.
Finally, you gave up and dropped them to your sides.
“No, you are not finished yet.” Taehyung got up from his desk and walked towards you.
“No, no,” You complained as he grabbed your wrists with his one hand and held them pinned above your head.
“Three more minutes.” Taehyung pulled his hand out of his pocket to look at the Rolex on his wrist, tapping his foot as he glanced at the floor, slipping his other hand back in his pocket. It was hard to know what he was thinking at moments like this.
The next three minutes were excruciating, and when your punishment was over, Taehyung let go of your wrists, causing your arms to fall to your side, they almost felt like noodles, there was no feeling in them and they felt wobbly- it was an uncomfortable feeling.
You dropped yourself to the floor again, this time with tears rolling down your face. “I hate you, I hate you so much! I should’ve known that you weren’t really working overtime!” You shouted. “I’m not that fun to be with, is that it? I don’t blame you, she’s gorgeous, I hope the two of you will be happy!” You sobbed.
“But you didn’t have to do this! You should’ve just told me to get out of your life and I would’ve been completely fine with that, but to do this behind my back?” You sobbed as you rubbed your eyes, your chest heaving as you grew more saddened at what had just happened.
“Y/N, listen to me.”
Your sobs got louder as you shook your head. “I deserve it. I know how I can get, I’m dumb, I’m loud, I’m ugly, you’re too good for me, but she? She’s gorgeous. I would cheat on me too.” Your head was starting to hurt from all the emotions you were going through in such a short time. “I, I will pack my stuff and you’ll never see me again!” You wailed, slowly hyperventilating at how upset you were getting.
“She’s my sister.”
“Your... sister?” You looked up to him. “You’re saying that, that woman-“
“The wedding venue’s owner is a good client I’ve worked with in the past. She came over so I could negotiate a good deal for her. She came back after a year of working abroad.”
The more Taehyung spoke, the more ashamed you felt of your own behavior. So that means you almost threw the tablet at his sister’s head, plus you acted this way for absolutely nothing. How humiliating.
“I thought...” You couldn’t even speak any more as you started to wail again, the thought of the two of you separating worried you sick.
“Come here,” Taehyung kneeled down in front of you and pulled you closer. You laid your head on his shoulder and felt him picking you up from the marble floor. You didn’t speak as you just sobbed, glancing around the room as he hummed and rubbed your back.
After you calmed down, almost falling asleep in his hold, he placed you down on the desk. You sat up straight as you looked at him confused.
“Look,” He showed you the tablet, the one you threw earlier. “Look at what you did to it.”
The screen was cracked, and you were able to see some of the wires underneath.
“I broke it.” You said in a soft whisper as you looked down at your lap.
“You broke it.” Taehyung repeated. “Is it okay to throw tablets yes or no?”
“No.” You replied. “It’s not okay to throw tablets.” You spoke fully.
“Is that good or bad behavior?” He questioned further.
“Bad... very bad.” You started to suck on your fingers as your other hand spun a lock of your hair around, growing nervous the more Taehyung was scolding you.
“And this,” He showed the Eifel tower. “You threw this, didn’t you?”
“I did.” You confessed in a soft whine.
“Say that properly.” Taehyung corrected you.
“Yes, I did throw it.” You popped out your fingers.
“When we get home, you are going to sell one of the many things I bought you, and with that money, you will pay for the repairs, do you understand?”
“Yes.” You nodded, not looking forward to having to sell one of your many gifts, but it’s not like you had a few hundred dollars laying around to fix this expensive device.
“Now, what do you say?” Taehyung asked as he placed the tablet next to you on the desk and the statue back into the cupboard.
“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”
“I know you can give me a better apology than that.” Taehyung hummed as he patted your wet fingers with a tissue.
“I’m sorry for throwing things and for breaking the tablet, and for misbehaving.”
“I forgive you.” Taehyung leaned in and planted a quick kiss on your lips before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.
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studiojeon · 17 hours ago
troubled outsiders | intro - jjk
| summary | -  how you two end up pining for each other.
warnings: none :) 
content: idol!jungkook x student!oc, friends to lovers (because it’s THE superior trope okurrrt), jungkook is quiet and shy but a social butterfly when needed (and when it comes to oc but you’re not supposed to know that yet), oc is both a badass and a socially akward queen, she has TWO friends and only because one is dating the other (like... same), the Lee Charyeong is her bestie, oc works at bighit and feels like everyone either fears her or hates her, author nim is a crackhead and has no plot planned for this series whatsoever (doesn’t know if she’ll keep this up, we’ll see).
words: 1.93 k
His presence was overwhelming, to say the least. Even if he were surrounded by six hundred other equally handsome men, somehow, to you (and the majority of the female population, at that point) he was as captivating and magnetic as they come. Jeon Jungkook didn't pay no mind to no one, but sure as hell everyone became hyper aware of his existence and essence in time. And that didn’t exclude you.
Yet, as nonchalant and indifferent as the man could be perceived, in reality he was more considerate and friendly than the aura he exuded. You knew this because working in the same company had to teach a thing or two about the people who literally carried said company and the whole industry at some point, still you barely knew four or three people, including your assistant and Jungkook, whom you had met once.
 The opportunity of working at the company had come to you out of the blue, quite literally, you were attempting to send one of your assignments in when an email appeared in your notifications during your sailor moon study break. 
HYBE Entertainment
We’re glad to inform you that you’re being recruited for the position of Logistics Manager in one of our sub companies, BIGHIT Entertainment. We’ve thoroughly looked through the CV you’ve submitted and are very interested in your capabilities and what you can contribute to our organization. One of our other managers will gladly meet you on a day you can both agree on. Make sure to answer this email to get more details about your interview.
“Nani!? THE FUCK?” sure as hell that your eyes and cognitive functions were deceiving you (ADHD) you went over the text a little over three times in a row before the message settled in your mind. This was sus. 
Before even considering a reply you made a quick call. “Fucking Lee Chaeryeong” you spat on your end of the line. “You did this, didn’t you?”.
Her silence was more than enough to have you cursing her under your breath. “I don’t know what exactly you’re talking about but it most likely was me. Does it have to do with a sex toy in particular?”
“No” you denied almost monotonously, guessing the pile of boxes in the corner of your room with her names on them was what she referred to. “Does anything come to mind if i mention BIGHIT FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT?”
It was her. All those conversations during the summer about how badly you wanted to work in the entertainment business as marketing staff of some sort had their effect on your friend, who, despite all your excuses and denials, knew you better than you and your mom combined did, and because of this, was sure as hell you were not making a move towards that goal whatsoever. So, being the boss bitch she was, she took matters into her own hands, was what she explained.
You concluded that was the reason you had reached a point in your life where you had more experience than most recently graduated kids in your field, because Chaeryeong had you moving every summer break. You had been the manager of a coffee franchise and convenience store during you junior and senior years, and also figured a way to improve the marketing management strategy of a fucking restaurant while at it. Not to toot your own horn, but you were kind of cool.
Or not. “I hope this job satisfies your workaholic ass for once, I’m running out of ideas”. Chaeryeong spat before hanging up.
Sure as hell it would. 
On friday afternoon, you made your way to the HYBE INSIGHT building and introduced yourself to your recruiters who promised to give you a call at some point. “It went fine” you told Chaeryeong once you were in your car. And it was the truth, however you weren’t so sure if they would actually hire you at some point since well, you were a girl in a male dominated industry and, in your opinion, there were always better people than you. “Wanna go grab coffee?”
“I want to. But, I have practice today. I’m actually on my way there. Please avoid driving through Hongdae today, this shit’s packed.” You sighed and thanked her for the heads up. You missed your friend, badly. You hadn’t seen each other in three weeks, and you didn’t even live so far away from each other (you did, but it had been worse before). You two had very agitated lives to say the least. Chaeryeong was a kpop group member, and well, you were jumping from job to job and getting your phD in Business Management at the same time. It was hard to find moments to spare together during some periods of the year, but you guess the anticipation made your encounters better.
“Talk about anticipation” you slammed your forehead against your desk, taking a breather after such an anxiety packed situation. Short story: you got the job (for some fucking reason). And you had gone through a whole week of expectancy and anguish. Not getting that job would have broken your heart, and ego at the same time. 
You guessed the law of attraction tactics Chaeryeong had taught you had sorted their effect and were what led you to your current position in life.
“Miss _____, your presentation’s ready” your work assistant gave you a comforting pat in the back as she took a seat somewhere next to you. You were nervous, shitless. It was your fifth week at the job, and being the proactive woman you were, you had collected lots of data in order to come up with a resources management plan.
It was a Thursday afternoon, and more than a hundred people sat in front of you, waiting for your speech. Including him, who you’d once bumped into accidentally during one of your data recollections runs inside the building. 
You hated having the need to impress others yet, hence your anxious behaviour. But this was a decisive moment in regards to your validation in your new job and how you’d continue to be perceived during your work stance (no reason to panic at all)… you needed to get it together.
“I think I just pissed off a bunch of old men right now,” you told your assistant right after you got off stage. “I need a bathroom break”. Linh gave you a reassuring smile, one she always had plastered on her face.
“Take as long as you need to. I’ll give you a call once the rest are done”.
The commute to the bathroom was unnecessarily complicated in your opinion. You had spent a little over a month rushing through the hallways of the building and you swore every single day your spatial orientation got a bit more fucked up. There was no way there wasn’t a single bathroom on the floor you were in, that would just be atrocious. “It’s not completed yet” someone said beside you as you stared at the half empty map the company had projected on a wall next to the elevators. “Where do you need to go?” 
Kim Taehyung of all people in the world was talking to your ugly and unworthy ass. Your breath caught in your throat and after staring for at least five seconds your body finally reacted to your orders. “Oh, um… the bathroom. I’ve been looking for it for a good ten minutes” you explained with a nervous laugh.
“Trust me, I get it. I still get lost over here” he smiled gently. “It’s in the hallway in the middle of the next hallway” 
You laughed at his very ambiguous explanation. “Thank you” you bowed your head and made your way to said destination.
It was in the hallway to your left, not your right, and it took you a while to figure out that new piece of information. Once you were staring at yourself in the mirror, you realized that you looked considerably tired and exhausted from all the social interaction you had undergone throughout the day. You were used to the side stares and whispering you’d get whenever you entered a room at that point, but some days you just wished you could get a break from them. After all, it wasn’t your fault you didn’t look Korean at all, and that you also didn’t fit the stereotype of a foreigner.
You got that from your mom, both the non Korean features and social fatigue. But that wasn’t even the problem most of the time, it was your friendly and smart nature which she had also passed onto you. Some would consider it a blessing, but to you it was a burden, like a clear glass that shielded you from introducing yourself into other people’s realities. You had few friends and people to trust, but in your everyday life you had to deal with the pressure of standing out too much and that came with a lot of negative energy from others. You sigh as you spray your favorite fragrance on yourself. You could be feeling like shit, but no one will ever catch you slipping.
But that excluded him apparently. You hadn’t noticed that on the other side of the hallway was the men’s bathroom and the realization hit you as you were calmly getting some tea from the vending machine. “Good afternoon” the man greeted you as he made his way out the hallway, but stopped in his tracks right after he noticed you. “_____! Hi” he smiled at you and you wanted to die, suddenly forgetting what you were ordering in the first place.
“H-hi Jungkook” You smiled back, poorly attempting to put your wallet back into your backpack. 
“Need help there?” he noticed your agitated state and held your bag for you. He smelled just as heavenly as you had expected, somewhat between big dick energy and flowers. Oh, and he also remained as kind and polite as you remembered him.
Seeming as if he wasn’t planning on continuing his path to wherever he was heading to in the first place, he stood quietly by your side, waiting for you to be done with your deal. “How have you been?” you break the ice for him.
Quickly, you grab your tea and start walking back to the auditorium together, unaware of your surroundings or the suspicions that could arise. “Busy, but very good. How have you been? I saw your presentation earlier… I wish I understood half of what you said but you still sounded amazing”.
And you would never admit it out loud, but you were positive you were blushing (and falling in love too - platonically, of course). “Oh god, you think so? I basically told them they’ve been doing things wrong all along so maybe you’re the only one who’s appreciative of my work” you handed him the second can of iced tea you bought without him noticing. You swear his eyes lit up like stars in the night sky. “Payback for the other day” you smile at him.
The first time you two had crossed paths you didn’t look nearly as glamorous as you did now. In fact, you looked incredibly disturbed and in pain, carrying a huge pile of paperwork in your hands. But as soon as sweet Jungkook noticed your state, he offered you a hand and somehow ended up helping through your multiple data collecting trips that afternoon. It was a nice day.
“Anytime” he took the can in his hands with a shy look on his face. “Unless I’m practicing, you know…” you look down at his feet, with huge black boots engulfing them, and you smile due to their contrast with his personality. “Here, i’ll give you my number so you can call me whenever you need to put all those papers back. Hopefully I’ll be around” he added as he pulled his phone from his back pocket.
Way to get a girl’s number, my god.
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