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#bts x reader
agust-bee · 58 minutes ago
one shots II - jjk
✨ other members ✨ jjk one shots I ✨
so close to perfect by @seok-jinnies angst, JK being an idiot, idol au, est. relationship summary: jeongguk has always been your constant, and even with what seems to be the whole world against the two of you, you can't bring yourself to let him go.
sweets by @worldwidemochiguy yandere but make it soft, kinda just really fluffy summary: in which jungkook steals your lip balm and perfume instead of talking to you, you leave a post-it note with your number on it for the strange thief who only seems to take the most inexplicable items and has a strange sense of responsibility for your wellbeing, and the cute boy in your photography class with the fluffy hair and the oversized sweater keeps getting more and more endearing…
wherever there is you by @jeonstudios angst, little fluff summary: 71. “you’ve been drinking tonight, haven’t you?”
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moon-2005 · an hour ago
genre : fluff
Pairing : Jungkook x gender neutral reader!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You woke up with your face being peppered with kisses. His plumpy soft lips delicately touching your skin sending shivers down your spine. You drown in his overflowing love. Flashing him the most genuine grin the moments of last night came flooding back .
Previous night
You returned from work exhausted. Every ounce of energy was drained. Your body gave up on you.
This week had been extremely stressful on you. Overnight works, extra hours and all that had been taking a toll on your health both physically and mentally.
As you walked into your shared house you were greeted by a comforting figure. Jungkook had returned from work earlier knowing how hard you've been going on yourself lately.
He stretches his hand gesturing you. You walk up to his arms as he engulfs you in a comforting hug. His body radiating a peaceful warmth. As if you were intoxicated you couldn't move. You wanted to stay in his embrace forever.
Surprisingly he knew it . He carried you to the bedroom cudddling you up in bed. Laying on his chest, sleep slowly guiding you into Netherlands.
Smiling to yourself, you remember the last thing you heard; his heart beating in a rythemic serenade lullying you to sleep.
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yutassecrettime · 2 hours ago
hii! an idea for you to write please, if you like it :3: a fluff one where namjoom meets y/n for the first time when he accidentally crashes his bike into hers 🤭 thank youuu
Tumblr media
Sorry for late update. My school gave me multiple assignments and I'm currently experiencing writer's block.
But i hoped you like it :D
'The weather should be good right?' You asked yourself as you got ready to go biking. You deserved a break, after all, you passed your finals and you deserved a break from all the all-nighters you had.
You checked your bag one last time to see if you forgot anything.
seeing that you didn't forget about anything you went out and biked to Han river.
You finally arrived at the Han River Trail. Strolling a bit before stopping by a convenience store to eat something.
You paid for a cup of ramyeon and went to prepare it. after preparing it and adding hot water, You waited for it to cool a bit to prevent your fingers from getting burnt. After it cooled off you went to grab it went to a vacant bench and started eating it.
You heard a clicking sound. It's like someone took a picture of you.
There it is again.
You looked around to see if anyone was nearby. You saw a guy holding a camera not far away from you. He was on his bike. Probably stopping to take a few pictures of the surroundings.
This time he pointed the camera in your direction.
You got up and packed your things. You grabbed your backpack and threw your empty ramen bowl at a trash bin.
You went on your bike and biked away from the guy.
You looked behind you a few times to see if he was still following you.
thankfully, You lost him.
You biked around, you admired the view. You don't get this rare free time, as you were busy with university and working at a local cafe.
You were too busy admiring the view, you managed to crash into someone.
You managed to keep your balance, well, you wished the person you crashed into was the same.
'Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!' You apologized, helping the guy up.
'No, It's fine. I was distracted so I managed to crash into you .' He said as he dusted himself off.
'I am really sorry. I should treat you at least' You said, You looked at the guy's face and was he good-looking.
'No, it's fine really.' He answered.
'No, Really, I insist'
And that's how you found yourself drinking coffee with the guy you crashed into whose name is Namjoon.
You talked for a bit. You guys had quite a lot of things in common.
You found out he was an idol from the group BTS.
You guys talked a lot, You managed to lose track of time.
'It's already 5. I gotta go. My roommate might lock me out.' You told him and got ready to leave.
'I- Hey, um... Do you mind if I can get your number?' He asked.
'Just three years ago I managed to meet you in Han River, Managed to crash into you, and now you're wearing my shirt laying beside me.'
Namjoon muttered, rubbing circles on your stomach.
'Damn. I even managed to take pictures of you.' He added, Making you turn to him.
'That was you?! The guy who took pictures of me?' You asked, clearly shocked that it was Namjoon who took pictures of you.
'Yes, Baby, That was me'
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itsrainy0utside · 3 hours ago
꒷꒦ [ So call out my name.. ]
Just some random smut i wrote in mathclass,
It can be seen as [Readers crush x reader] but in third person lol
Pls don’t steal
'Call out my name' by 'The Weeknd'
starts playing...
[ Warning: Smut, Jealously, Crying, Oral (Fem!receiving) Dancing, etc ]
I watched her body move, hips being controlled by her dance partner
The anger and jealousy started building up a wall inside of me, my face turned straight n' cold.
A eyebrow crocked up, the desire to pick her up and fuck her senseless was growing fast.
I wanted to kiss her lips.
Feel her tongue.
feel her skin.
Tie her up.
Hear her moans.
Touch her body.
Mark her up.
Pull her hair.
Leave my handprints.
Make her scream my name.
I just wanna see her mascara dripping down her face.
I wanna see her shaking, begging me to stop.
I wanna fell her nails, pressed into my skin.
I wanna see her juices, dripping down her thighs.
But instead im here.
At a award show.
Watching my secret Girlfriend dancing with another idol.
It’s hard to describe what im feeling right now.. it feels like a burning pile. Inside of me. And there’s no way it can be erased. Only Water could help... and she is my water.
Im thirsty, for her.
I just wanna see how much she can take, with only my tongue.
I wanna know, how much, i can make her shake..
I just wanna get outta here, and just fuck her until she passed out.
And finally, here i am. Backstage. Her, on the couch of the changing room, me, on my knees. Eating her out like my life depends on it.
And i want more. The fire is growing. It wants more. I want more.
I want, no. i need to remind her, who she belongs to.
"Is this what you wanted, huh? Was this your plan? Making me jealous until i lose my shit? Until i can’t take it? You know how fucking weak i am, for you. But now, i want you to scream my name. Let everybody know.. that you are mine. And ONLY mine. Now scream for me kitten."
She was seeing Stars. Everything went black.
Only her body, was pale, marked up with purple and red bruises.
And now, Everybody, knew who did this to her. How couldn’t they? She was screaming his name like no one else did.
You can call it the best or worse, but this wasn’t the first, and definitely, not the last time, she’ll get fucked like this.
"Round two in the shower, baby?"
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cutechim · 4 hours ago
pretty please|pjm
you’re stressed out because of work and it’s jimin to the rescue. 900 words that include dirty talk, smut (f. receiving oral), and two people being grossly in love. fits into the owaw universe, but can be read on its own! based on the song by dua lipa—requested by @ownthesunshine​​ xxx
Tumblr media
That’s the best way to describe how you look right now.
Eagle spread on your desk, your plaid pencil skirt is bunched up at your waist, stilettos heels digging into the edge of your desk. You’re already completely fucked-out from the make-out session you greeted him with—lips swollen and hair tousled, breaths shallow. Your panties dangle from your ankle haphazardly, but the sight is so inexplicably enticing, it’s as if they were placed there by design—to be the finishing touch on a masterpiece born of fantasy.
The best part is that you taste as good as you look.
“Ji-Jimin, please don’t tease,” you hiccup, whining from sensitivity. “Want you so bad.“
He’s barely started, just swirling his tongue over your clit, and your hips are already flitting forward, sweet little moans filling the air. He digs his fingers deeper into the flesh of your thighs, keeping his grim firm while he reacquaints himself with your pretty cunt.
It’s been too long—you’ve been busy for the past couple of days, working on this latest case non-stop, day and night. You’re forced to come home late and leave early, and while the two of you try to make time for a daily cuddle, anything beyond that is unlikely.
Which was why he was surprised, to say the least, when he received what can only be considered a booty-call from you. You may have worded the request a bit more tactfully, but he recognized the little whine in your voice when you told him you missed him, and could he please bring himself (and some take-out) to your office.
Sure, it was the middle of the night and he was already dressed for bed, but he’s never changed faster in his life. Even if you simply wanted free delivery, it’s better than the alternative of watching TV alone and brooding, just waiting for you to get back so he can fall asleep (he’s gotten used to having one of your boobs to hold for comfort).
Getting to eat you out on your desk—that’s just an added bonus.
“Just relax, sweetheart,” Jimin soothes you, pausing to pull your heels off. He appreciates the visual, but it’s easier to keep you still this way—to pull you in closer and bury himself between your thighs.
You toss your head back in pleasure when he dives back into your cunt, an eager moan escaping your lips. “Nngh, Jimin—”
Unintelligible babbling is what he loves to hear most, knowing he’s tongue-fucking you into incoherence, taking you to the point that you can only remember his name and nothing else. He eagerly laps up the slick leaking from you, licking a broad stripe along your lips to coat them with his saliva. He’s purposely messy with it, letting his spit dribble over your clit before taking it between his lips.
Your toes curl around the edge of the desk, and he can feel your grasp on his hair tighten, fingers entangled with his locks. You’re even more eager than usual, rutting your hips into him, chasing sweet gratification from his tongue. Soft cries fill the air as he sucks on your tender nub, your back arching up above the hard wood surface—which is still covered with folders and stacks of documents that you were too impatient to move upon his arrival.
You work so hard—in these tight, uncomfortable skirts, the bothersome heels—always the smartest person in the room. To the rest of the world, you’re the embodiment of put-together, professional. He wonders how many corporate dickwads have walked in here, thinking they had a chance with you, only to see the pictures of the two of you on your desk, the ring on your finger.
Jimin is the only one who gets to see your bed-hair, your nose red and puffy when you have a cold, or like this—needy and vulnerable, beauty incarnate. He’s the only person who knows your body inside and out, who can give you the sweet relief you’re craving.
He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t unreasonably turned on by the fact, his cock straining in the confines of his jeans.
“You’re so stressed, aren’t you, baby?” he coos, looking up from the view of your cunt, meeting your heavy-lidded eyes. “Just need me to fuck you, is that it? Fuck the stress away?”
“Mhm,” you whine softly, impatiently wiggling your hips. “M-missed you so much, ‘Minie. Wanna feel you—wanna kiss you.”
Jimin runs his fingers along your sides, rubbing your midsection, palming your tits over your blouse. “I missed you too, Princess,” he says, dropping a soft kiss on the inside of your thigh. “Cum on my tongue, and I’ll fuck you as many times as you want—okay?”
You nod weakly, intertwining your fingers with his before laying your head back down on the desk. Rubbing his thumb with yours “I’ll suck you off so good when this case ends,” you mumble indistinctly, “let you cum wherever you want—”
You trail off into nonsense, and Jimin chuckles into your skin, replying with an endeared I love you that escapes your hearing. He presses another kiss to your knee, then one to your thigh—slowly climbing back up to your dripping cunt, leaving a trail of his unfiltered affection.
It’s 2:03 am, and he’s with you. Whether he has you pinned beneath him, wet and moaning, or if he’s hand-feeding you french fries while you work at your computer—there’s no place he’d rather be.
Tumblr media
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bts-reveries · 4 hours ago
expect the unexpected | 16
(smau at the end)
Last night you got an emergency phone call from your dad saying that your mom was currently in the hospital. And because your sister just recently moved out of their house (to Canada to be specific), your dad called you to help out. 
Of course it was urgent, having you to hurriedly pack after the phone call and leaving the morning after.
Which is right now.
“Sohyun’s outside,” you tell Jin, holding onto your luggage. Sohyun offered to pick you up and take you to the train station since she was the one opening the bakery today. She said, and I quote: “Jin’s going to take you? Wouldn’t you have to bring all three kids with you? It’s 6 in the morning, I’ll just take you!”
A yawn escaped out of Jin’s mouth, he was sitting on the couch with Haneul on his chest. All three kids were awake to watch you off. 
“Okay,” Jin says, standing up from his seat. Minseok and Soojin get up as well, running to the front door. Minseok opens it for you.
“Mommy, when are you coming back?” Soojin asks, hugging the door frame as you walk past.
“I’ll be back in a week, don’t worry, daddy will stay and take care of you three,” you tell her, stopping right outside the door.
“Will we be going to work with daddy?” Minseok asks you. You don’t know why they’re asking you when Jin is right behind them.
“That or daddy will work at home,” you tell him. “Now give me a hug and kiss, I have to go so I don’t miss my train.” You let go of your luggage, kneeling down to hug your kids, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “Be good and listen to daddy okay? This is his first time taking care of all three of you by himself for as long as a week, don’t stress him out.” This was also the first time you’ll be away from your kids for this long and this far. 
“We’ll be good mommy,” Minseok says, smiling up at you as you stand up. 
“I know you will,” you say, booping his nose. “But make sure your little sister and brother do too.”
“I’m always good!” Soojin yells, raising her arms up. 
“Sure,” you laugh, ruffling her already messy hair. You then face Jin and Haneul, walking up to them to give them a big hug. Jin wraps an arm around you, placing his cheek on your head that you placed on his chest so you’re then facing Haneul.
“Especially you, be good okay?” You say, raising your eyebrows at him. He responds with a few blinks. Then a big yawn. Jin pulls his head away from you to place a kiss on your forehead, making you look up and he presses another one on your lips. 
“I can take care of them no worries,” He tells you. “Now go, Sohyun’s waiting.” You nod, leaning over to give Haneul a kiss on the cheek as well. 
You gave Jin one more kiss before you pulled away from them, grabbing your luggage and walking off.
“BYE MOMMY!” Soojin yells. You turn around and wave at them. Soojin is frantically waving while all three of your boys are waving sleepily. 
Let’s hope that Jin remembers to take your two oldest to school today.
*ring ring!* 
“I’ll pick you two up later okay? Make sure you finish your lunch, I love you!” Jin yells out of his car window as he dropped off Minseok and Soojin at school. 
“We love you!” They both yelled before running off to their friends.
Jin rolled the windows up before picking up his phone, it was Yeonjun.
“Good morning sir! I stopped by to grab coffee before heading to the building. I’ll bring it up to your office when I get there. I also have your schedule for the day and--”
“Oh, Yeonjun, I forgot to tell you, but something urgent happened last night with Yn’s mom and she had to leave for Gwangju this morning. I’ll be working from home today, do you mind just sending me today’s agenda?” Jin says. He puts the phone on speaker, placing it on the passenger seat and driving out of the school’s drop off. 
“Oh, I see. Yes, I’ll send it to you right now sir. Do you want me to come over and help out?” Yeonjun says. Jin tilts his head to the side, thinking. He looked at Haneul from the rearview mirror and, for once, he was calm and quiet.
“I should be okay. It’s just Haneul I’m taking care of right now. Thank you though Yeonjun, I’ll call you if anything-- oh and are you already at the building?”
“Yes sir, I just pulled up umm I have your co--”
“You should give the coffee to our receptionist,” Jin says. You're sure that Yeonjun can see the smile Jin had on his face right now, just by listening to his voice. 
“You mean Miya? She’s just a friend-- coworker even,” Yeonjun responds, nervousness lacing his voice.
“Sure, sure she is. Well then you shouldn’t even have any worries giving them to her since she’s just a “coworker” right?” Jin says. 
“Good bye sir,” Yeonjun says, hanging up the phone. 
“Haneul-ah, do you want to stop by Auntie Sohu’s?” Jin says, looking at the rearview again. Haneul’s face instantly lights up and he starts smiling and kicking his feet.
“Yes yes!” He yells. Jin smiles, taking a left and driving straight to the iconic 24/7 Heaven. He figured that if he starts off the day well with Haneul, maybe he’ll be good for the remainder of the day. At least while Jin is working.
I guess you can say he’s bribing his son with dough.. cookie dough... baked cookie dough.. cookies, okay yeah he’s bribing Haneul with cookies.
Jin opens the door to the bakery, letting little Haneul run it.
Haneul waves at the workers, they knew him at this point. Although Haneul is raising his head, looking around for a certain someone.
“Haneul!” yelled Rina as she walked out of the kitchen. “Good morning~” She says, waving at him from behind the counter. Rina then looks up as she sees a figure coming closer.
She burst out laughing right when her eyes landed on Jin.
“What?” Jin asks, quite offended that that’s how she reacted to seeing him.
“Dude,” she says, pointing at Jin. “Did you mean to come in like that?” Jin frowns, looking down at what she was pointing at. His eyes widened when he saw what he was wearing. His blue pajama set with the super hero masks all over. He scratches his head.
“I guess I got caught up with making sure the kids got dressed and ready for school, I forgot to check myself..” 
Rina waves her hand in front of her, “no worries, Jungkook once walked out of the house without pants on to walk Sian to school. It happens.”
“Say thank you to Auntie Rin,” Jin says, carrying Haneul. He had his arms hugging a small bag of cookies.
“Thank chuu~” He says, holding up a little finger heart.
“You’re welcome,” Rina says, waving at them. “I’ll see you two soon.” The two walked out together and made their way back to the car.
“Can we go to Uncle Taetae now,” Haneul says, reaching into the bag. “I want to draw.” 
Jin shakes his head. “Daddy has to go to work now, you can draw when we get home.” Haneul pouts. Taehyung recently opened up a small art school where he gives little art lessons to young kids, maybe even adults. Anyone is welcome really. But it’s aimed towards kids. Okay in all honesty, it’s for kids. But Taehyung couldn’t say no to the parents who wanted to join.
And by parents I mean the moms of the group. 
Anyways, since The Scenery opened, you often took Haneul there while his siblings were in school. It felt like a little preschool as he was able to play with other kids and he was pretty good at listening to Taehyung whenever he was teaching him. He’s definitely going to be the artist out of them three. 
It was a quiet walk to their car, but all of a sudden Jin hears sniffles coming from Haneul. He furrows his brows as he looks down at his youngest.
Silent tears were streaming down his soft cheeks.
“Oh- Why are you crying?” Jin asks. They got to his car and Haneul wasn’t answering, but continued to sniffle. Jin opens the back door and places Haneul in his car seat, buckling him up. Haneul continued to sniffle, wiping his eyes with his little fists.
“Haneul-ah,” Jin says. Haneul refused to make eye contact with his dad, keeping his eyes down instead. “Haneul,” Jin repeats. “Why are you sad?”
“I want-- I want mommy,” he says in a low voice. Jin sighs.
“Is it because we can’t go to Uncle Taehyung’s right now?” Jin says, Haneul nods. Jin stood there for a bit, thinking.
He knew that he could just take Haneul to The Scenery and drop him off there, come back when he’s done with his meetings or when he needs to pick up his oldests, but it didn’t feel right. He can just make Haneul happy, taking him to Tae’s, and be able to do his work peacefully, but it felt wrong. It would be a win win for both of them, but deep down, he knew you wouldn’t want that. As much as possible he wants to be with the kids, even if he has to work at the same time. I mean, that’s what you do.
“Okay well why don’t we compromise,” Jin says, knowing well that Haneul has no idea what that word even means. “If you come to work with me, we can go to Uncle Tae’s after, deal?” Jin offers Haneul his hand to shake and Haneul grabs it, not knowing exactly what he just agreed to.
“Mr. Kim I sent you the link to your meeting, it should be starting in approximately ten minutes,” Yeonjun says over the phone. Jin was currently sitting at his desk with his laptop open in front of him. No longer in his pajamas by the way, he’s now in his white dress shirt and tie. 
“Okay, I’m logging in right now, thanks again Yeonjun.” Jin clicks on the link that Yeonjun sent him, entering the meeting that he had with Mr. Lee. They had to discuss his new location that was opening in Busan. 
“Alright Haneul, I set up your little table over there for you to draw. My meeting shouldn’t take too long so just draw for a bit and then we can go to Uncle Taetae’s,” Jin says, putting Haneul down as he was previously sitting in his lap. 
“Good morning Mr. Lee,” Jin says as soon as he got into the meeting, immediately seeing Mr. Lee’s face on the screen. 
Haneul walks to his small table, he looks over at his dad and sees him smiling as he is conversing with his business partner. He turns to the piece of paper in front of him and starts to doodle.
An hour and a half passes by, which in baby time is FOREVER, and Haneul begins to get bored. His dad was still not done talking to Mr. Lee. 
Haneul decided that he was over drawing and that he didn’t want to go to Uncle Tae’s anymore. He just spent an hour and a half doing what he would be doing at The Scenery and he’s tired of it. 
Haneul picks out his best drawing and walks up to his dad. 
“Daddy!” Haneul yells, holding up his drawing. It was a bunch of scribbles and shapes, but, if you looked very hard, it kind of looked like a nice house next to a big green tree. “All done!” 
Jin looks down and laughs, turning back to the screen. “I’m sorry sir, I’m currently on daddy duty so I have my son with me here.”
“Oh it’s alright, can I see him?” The older man asks. Jin nods his head, turning to the side to pick up Haneul and having him sit on his lap.
“Haneul this is Mr. Lee, he’s helping us open up another building in Busan. Say hi,” Jin says. Haneul shyly waves at the screen, then he turns around and wraps his arms around Jin’s neck. 
“Oh he’s a shy one isn’t he,” Mr. Lee says, smiling widely on the screen. “He reminds me of my youngest grandson. He’s just like that.”
“He’s usually not so shy, I think he just misses his mom and isn’t used to me being home alone with him like this,” Jin explains. “Haneul-ah,” he says, turning his head to look at Haneul. “Daddy’s just going to finish up okay, you can go finish your drawings.” Haneul whines in response, turning his head to the side, away from Jin’s face. Jin laughs awkwardly towards the camera. 
“I’m sorry about this,” he tells Mr. Lee.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay.”
“Haneul can you go down please?” Jin whispers to Haneul, he mumbles a small ‘no’. Jin sighs, smiling back up at the screen. “I’m afraid we’re going to just have to continue this meeting like this sir.”
Finally, Jin’s meeting ends and he closes his laptop shut. Fortunately, there wasn’t much left for him to do the rest of the day. Majority of today’s schedule was just photoshoots where he did not have to be in attendance. Other meetings were postponed to a later date, so now he was free for any father-son bonding. Although if he was at his office in his building right now, paperwork is what he would be doing.
Jin pats Haneul’s back, “you want to go to Uncle Tae’s now?” Jin waited for a response but all he could hear was light snoring. 
Haneul had his head resting on Jin’s shoulder while one arm was wrapped around his neck and the other was holding on to his drawing. Jin grabs the drawing from Haneul’s little hands, placing it on his desk. He then gets up from his seat and makes his way to the living room.
It wasn’t often that Jin was home alone this early with the kids. Actually, it was almost noon already, he should be preparing lunch for himself and Haneul. 
“Haneul?” Jin coos, patting his son’s back in order to wake him up. Haneul doesn’t budge, instead cuddling closer into Jin’s shoulder. “Aigoo~” Jin looked at the time and there were still a few more hours until they had to go pick up Minseok and Soojin. “Alright, maybe we could nap before we pick up your siblings,” he says, walking to the couch and slowly sitting down so he doesn’t wake his baby up. “Just for an hour,” he says, as he lays his back down on the couch. “Then… then we can get your siblings..”
Right when he shut his eyes, he was gone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
expect the unexpected
♡ part sixteen: just clingy ♡ 
pairings: ceo, dad!jin x interior designer, mom!reader
a/n: little disclaimer, i have no experience in the medical field, this was just a google search. to my medical field readers, i sincerely apologize.
also i just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who messaged me after reading my a/n from my last update. i really didn’t think much of you would read that, even more reply to it. thank you to those who understood me and are willing to give feedback to help motivate me post more hehe, it really does help a lot. idk if some of you read my replies to those asks, but i get excited whenever i receive asks from you guys, even if i don’t reply to them as fast as i see them, i read every single one of them! i have a lot of fun seeing what you all have to say and i also enjoy talking to you all. some of you even help me create the next updates! it’s really a lot of fun whenever i get to talk with you guys. having no asks or comments on my previous updates felt like i was talking to a wall😅 so im thankful to know that some of you are still out there🥺 please continue to give jin all the love! the same as the other members 💗
i also want to mention/clarify that i will continue this au until the very end! some of you have been confused in my last update a/n when i said i was hesitant to do what i had planned and that will depend on how well this au does and i was referring to a surprise i had for the end of this series this au will still have its ending when the time comes! but that surprise for the ending of tmbmil series is still tbd (to be decided).
and lastly i wanted to thank @justinetingball for naming taehyung’s art school💜
taglist: @silentlyimpractical @jillianmarie @waddlebby @cecedrake2217 @ddofa @samros95 @sope-and-shine @joonjoonsmiles @codeinebelle @aianloveseven @Chamchamcham @princessjazzyjazz @notvantaes @casspirit0705 @ramyagovindraj @brinnalaine @ephyra1230 @betysotelo18 @thoughtfultaledreamer @salty-for-suga @cosmicdaylight @dreamcatcherjiah @kookoo-kachoo @justinetingball  @josierosie @jayhope88 @butterflylion @hobiismyhopeu @momma-said-that-it-was-oke @ygbubs @catspancake  @somewhereofftheglobe @strawberryforever25 @rjsmochii @prdshobi @beeeb05 @eatjeanjin @taekookcaneatme @Cheeely14 @kookietsukkie @anpanman-sonyeondan @glitteringcoffeefreak @chocobetterknot @alpaca1612 @ohmy-fandoms @liljooniecutie @Jikachoo @preciouschimine @fan-ati--c @Joondala @httpmuffin @dammit-jjk @jikooksgirl19
to be notified when i post, please turn on my notifications! thank youu~
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royallyjoon · 4 hours ago
nephilim (six)
Tumblr media
you know where the cred goes 💙
cult au, supernatural creature au
yandere! bts x f! reader
warnings: yandere themes, violence, manipulation, death/murder, mentions of torture
a month has passed since you first encountered the Kims, and “deja vu” has never felt quite so fitting a term for your situation. one day you were going through the motions, experiencing daily life, but somewhere along the way, the rhythm changed, and you found yourself dancing to the tune of a different drum. the atmosphere is tumultuous and ichabod is out for blood--no matter whether it’s yours or someone else’s. as the beat pounds faster and faster, you can’t help but wonder; will you conquer the dance, or will you find yourself lost in the movements?
a/n: (casually returns from the dead) hello, all of you beautiful peoples! i just wanted to pop in and thank you all so, so much for all of the love and enthusiasm nephilim has received! i’m so happy y’all are just as excited about the story as i am! every time i get a notification from one of you lovely folks, i am overcome with gratitude. y’all are really sweet and creative, and i absolutely adore reading your messages and reactions! i can’t thank you enough! <3<3
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It had been raining all morning.
The only source of light in the living room came from the floor to ceiling windows, the dreary weather casting a grey shadow on everything. The overcast clouds, as a result, gave the space a very dim appearance.
One which seemed to perfectly suit the current atmosphere of the household.
Taehyung sat on the long, gray couch in the downstairs living room, absentmindedly blowing hair out of his face as he watched water slide down the glass.
He and his brothers had been terribly disheartened after the past week. 
So much so, that Moonsik and Eunbyul took extra care to stay out of their way in fear of getting caught and inadvertently facing their wrath. 
In addition to visiting (Y/N) to ensure her well-being, they needed time for themselves to cope with the sight of her laying on her hospital bed, covered in bandages and hooked up to machines.
They needed time to cope with the fact that they almost lost her.
To an Augustus dog, no less.
Even after seeing her and how well she was faring in person, their mood had not changed. Each of them were stuck thinking the exact same thing:
How could I have let others harm her to that extent?
Ever since, they had been stuck in various states. 
They experienced periods of numbness, bouts of overwhelming anger, or misery so suffocating it left some of them unable to speak.
Jimin slumped down the stairs, side-eyeing Taehyung before joining him on the couch. 
The younger brother wordlessly draped himself over Jimin’s lap. The elder lifted his arms to make room for him, then rested his hands on his back. 
He held his phone in one hand, distractedly swiping through some form of social media that could hardly hold his attention, the other busy playing with Taehyung’s hair.
Jungkook came downstairs next, a handheld gaming device in his hand. He spotted the two and situated himself on the other side of Jimin, making himself comfortable on the couch.
And so it went for the next several minutes; one by one, the brothers, previously scattered in several different locations in the house, started to drift to one another.
Hoseok and Yoongi padded downstairs, dejected frowns prominent on their face. They seated themselves on one of the settees across from their younger siblings, distracting themselves with their phones.
Seokjin came downstairs next, his brows furrowed in silent annoyance. He glanced at the living room, then the kitchen, then back to the living room. 
With his shoulders hunched, he ignored his original path and joined them. He picked up a book next to the armchair, probably something discarded by one of his younger siblings, and flipped through the pages with a sigh.
Namjoon descended last, his jaw clenched in frustration, and glanced toward the living room with an icy stare. This look softened, however, when he saw his brothers.
They all looked up at him as he entered. 
Any and all animosity they may have had toward him for his actions, or lack thereof, disappeared after he had healed from Seokjin’s punishment. 
As such, when he joined the eldest on the other settee, the other felt no need to exchange words. He simply wrapped an arm around Namjoon and pulled the younger into his shoulder.
Why they were feeling so despondent, they weren’t sure. They had achieved every thing they aimed to. 
They kept you safe. 
They were days away from reprimanding the Augustuses. 
They had finally captured your attention in the way they aspired to, as well as received your genuine thanks and appreciation.
They had accomplished so much.
Yet they still did not have you or your love.
When the truth of that fact hit them, they could only seek comfort from the people who understood their longing the most.
The silence wasn’t uncomfortable. They had the whistling wind outside, the soft pitter patter of the rain against the window, and the sound of each other’s breathing.
Nevertheless, as with all good things, the peace came to an end.
“I miss her.”
It was Jungkook who broke the quiet. 
He slowly lowered his gaming console, revealing his weary, brown doe eyes. “I really, really miss her.”
“Come now, Jungkook ah.” Seokjin started, using his practiced, light-hearted tone. “It’s only been a couple of days since we last saw her.”
Namjoon looked up at the eldest through his eyelashes, knowing just how skilled he was with comforting his siblings. For despite his playful tone, Seokjin’s hand trembled a bit where it rested on his shoulder.
“A couple of days too long.” Taehyung grumbled into Jimin’s lap. He lifted his head and turned it to the side, looking at the four sitting across from them. 
“I know we’ve asked this question too often, but how long are we going to have to wait until we have her by our side?” Jungkook continued, moving a piece of hair away from his eyes. 
Not for the first time, the room silenced at this question. 
Usually, Namjoon would be able to use his knowledge and confidence in the plan, his plan, to answer Jungkook’s question. 
That same confidence, however, had been thoroughly shattered after recent events. 
He’d learned his lesson well. 
“You’re impatient. That will only set us further back.” Yoongi answered for him, stating this in a calm, irrefutable tone. 
Namjoon had spent the past couple of hours wracking his brain to try and see where he went wrong.
All he’d wanted was for (Y/N) to choose them willingly. 
Forcing her into their arms would amount to nothing but pain. He could already picture both Jimin and Jungkook’s tears as they clung to each other while she endured her own form of punishment for speaking out against them.
As cruel as he knew he was, he wouldn’t wish that on their angel.
Not unless it was absolutely necessary.
Where did his options leave him, then? Leave them?
The seven sat in their melancholic state for a long while. It was rare moment whenever they were openly vulnerable with one another; still, they couldn’t help but blame themselves for the trials (Y/N) had been through.
They may as well have pushed her off Lorne’s Ledge themselves, and that tore at a piece of each of them.
Consoling one another with their presence, they fell into a contemplative stillness, ears tuned into the drumming of the rain against the window.
A violent chill ran through each of them, however, as their tranquility was shattered by the aggravated screams of a certain teenager, her voice ringing out from several floors below the main building of the Kim family estate.
You sighed as you sat in your mother’s car, blearily looking at the trees whooshing by.
Your wrists and arms were free of their bandages, but your head and chest still needed to be covered and properly cared for. Your head would be healed in a couple more days, but your ribs needed weeks to heal, at most.
Your doctor and nurses were strangely protective of you, wanting to keep you for more time, but you insisted you felt well enough to leave--you had missed enough school and didn’t want to prolong the pure shit storm that would be your return to classes. 
Thus, the hospital discharged you.
When you handed in your papers, the people at the front desk surprised both you and your mother when they informed you that the bill was completely covered by the Kims.
After you left the hospital, she dropped Mana off at home, and the two of you entered for a short while to greet and catch up with their father.
You almost fell asleep at their house, but they gently shook you awake, claiming your mother had called for you and that it was time to leave.
Now, as you sat in the front seat, the heater was on low and blowing directly in your face, making you incredibly sleepy.
Considering how outside of having people come visit you, all you did was watch TV or sleep, your inner clock needed time to regulate itself on properly functioning in the day time once more.
Unfortunately, no one around you wanted to give you the time you needed.
“We could have come any other day, Mom.” You spoke softly, your voice a little raspy, eyes trailing a water droplet as it made its way down the windows and collected more of its friends. “They would absolutely understand if I wanted to take a day or two off to rest.”
Your mother had decided that a proper visit to the Kim mansion was in order to thank them.
Her fists were white as she clenched onto the steering wheel, and you weren’t sure whether it was due to fear or her own resolve. “And risk them calling us impertinent? Or claim that we took the small liberties and praise they gave us and ran with it? You don’t understand how these people work, (Y/N). I’m not taking any chances. I spoke with Mrs. Kim on the phone, and we’re fine to come over.”
“Ma, I’m tired,” you complained, borderline whining. “The other day, you were ready to sneak me out of town. Now you’re delivering me right to Kim Moonsik’s doorstep.”
“Sleep, then.” She deadpanned, decidedly ignoring the last part of your statement. “I’ll wake you up when we get there.”
“That’s nothing and you know it.” You muttered. “Besides, I don’t feel like making a habit of sleeping there. That’s already happened more than I wanted it to.”
She sighed. “Listen. I’ll handle talking to Mrs. Kim. After you say your thanks, I’ll ask her if you can excuse yourself to rest. She’s a kind woman, I’m sure she’ll have no problem with it. The visit will be over before you know it.”
She paused for a few seconds, then turned her head to look at you before going back to the road. “...What do you mean make a habit of sleeping there?”
You groaned, lightly hitting your head against the window. “Nothing.”
You couldn’t even bat an eye as she drove through the forest path, the ride so familiar to you now.
She approached the gate and pulled down the mirror above her head, re-checking her appearance. 
A few minutes later, Driver Bin appeared from the garage and opened the gate. 
She greeted him with a nod and smile as he did so, then drove into her usual spot.
You sighed again as she shut the car off and pressed your eyes closed before opening them again.
Hopefully, this visit would be a short one.
Just as Namjoon was prepared to share his new thoughts with his brothers, he heard the tell-tale shuffling of a pair of slippers making their way down the stairs.
There was only one other person currently in the house, and she had been strictly ordered not to disturb them. 
Clearly, she wasn’t intent on heeding their words today.
The sight of her out the corner of his eye only made him angrier.
The nude slippers Mrs. Kim wore made them all think of your slippers at the door, discarded and untouched for at least a week and a half. As a result, it only made them feel worse.
Seokjin audibly clicked his tongue and Hoseok rolled his eyes.
Their moodiness combined with the sudden appearance of Mrs. Kim would only result in a vicious lashing out, and Namjoon didn’t have the energy to deal with that today.
There must’ve been a hell of an important issue for Eunbyul to be openly defying their instructions. 
Unfortunately, he couldn’t care enough at the moment.
Without another word, Namjoon rose from the settee and beelined for the hallway. 
When he reached the entrance, he met his brothers’ eyes and tilted his head in the direction of the room.
Jungkook followed him first, then Jimin and Taehyung, with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin coming last.
They crowded into the room where you had crashed your first visit there. 
The bed hadn’t been touched since, and Jungkook vaulted onto it, pressing his face into the pillow. Your smell was long-gone, but the memory of you being here made him smile.
Jimin and Taehyung immediately pounced on him, tickling him and trying to shove him out the way to get on the bed. He squawked in surprise and retaliated, and before long, the three were a pile of limbs and laughter on the bed.
The others watched them with small smiles, their mood having lightened considerably, just by being reminded of you.
Once they calmed down, the six turned to Namjoon with inquisitive stares.
“What is it that you were trying to tell us?” Hoseok asked, leaning up against the bedpost.
“I’ve been debating our options,” he stated, palms clasped in front of him as if he were giving a huge speech, “and I’ve come to the conclusion that there may need to be some adjustments made to the plan.”
Half of his brothers’ eyes narrowed and their other half rolled. Before they could erupt into arguments, he lifted his hands placatingly. “That’s a strong hypothetical. However, it should not be discarded as an option.”
“The entire reason for making this plan was to find a way for (Y/N) to willingly choose us, yes?” Namjoon asked. They nodded curtly.
“Perhaps that was the mistake.” He said, his jaw clenching once more.
He went on to continue to explain his thought process and watched as realization dawned in each of his brothers’ eyes.
They continued their discussion for a while, but were interrupted when a soft knock sounded on the door.
The room silenced immediately and Namjoon’s frown deepened.
What did she not comprehend about leaving them to their own devices? Surely, this woman was not trying to end her life today? 
Yet, surprisingly, the knock sounded again.
Taehyung sneered at the door and Yoongi scowled in annoyance.
With a few quick steps, Namjoon swung the door open, prepared to end Eunbyul’s life right then and there, deal or no deal.
Imagine his surprise when he saw you, covered in bandages, standing behind the door.
The moment Mrs. Kim opened the door, she cried out in shock.
Although she was very happy to see the both of you, she ushered you inside, barely giving you enough time to remove your shoes and toe on your nude pair of slides.
Finally, you and your mother were situated in the living room, and the both of you bowed to express your sincere thanks.
“The doctors at the hospital told us that you and Mr. Kim took care of (Y/N)’s hospital bill. I genuinely can’t thank you enough.” You and your mother lifted your heads.
As always, Mrs. Kim waved off her thanks with a soft grin of her own. “Absolutely no worries, (M/N). We should do all that we can in order to help each other.” She extended a hand out to you and you accepted it, carefully moving from the couch to join her on the settee.
She cradled your cheek in one hand, gazing down at you with a soft smile. “I’m just so grateful Taehyung found (Y/N) and brought her to you in time.”
You smiled slightly as you nodded in thanks.
There you sat, fiddling with your fingers on the couch as the older women spoke. You tuned in and out of their conversation, listening as your mom went over the list of your injuries and everything the doctors had to say. Mrs. Kim covered her mouth in shock, nodding along to every word. Now and then, she pressed you in her side and gently squeezed you in a sympathetic hug.
While you appreciated her and her concern, you felt just about ready to drop. For a moment, you feared that your mother wasn’t going to make good on her promise.
In that case, you would have no choice but to fall asleep on the couch, next to Mrs. Kim, right then and there, out of sheer spite.
Fortunately, your mother noticed the way you were rocking back and forth in your spot and asked if there was another place where you could get some rest.
Mrs. Kim smiled with a nod, pointing you in the direction of a familiar hallway. “We have a guest room available on the first floor. Please, feel free to recuperate there.”
“Do you want me to go with you, (Y/N)?” Your mother asked worriedly, putting her bag to the side. You shook your hands.
“It’s okay, I know the way. I’ll go. Thank you, I hope you both have a lovely chat.” You bowed slightly, then turned, waiting to succumb into the sweet, sweet arms of sleep.
When you arrived at the door, however, it was closed.
Well then.
You couldn’t go around the Kim mansion opening doors as though you lived there. 
So you knocked.
You waited for a bit and knocked again, eagerly hoping that the room was empty.
Then, just as you went to turn the knob, the door swung open, and you were met with the irate gaze of Kim Namjoon.
He was not the only one, either. For whatever reason, all seven brothers were stationed at different points in the room.
And they all looked furious.
You jerked your hand back away from the door and stepped back, cursing yourself in your head for being so stupid.
Clearly, you nearly walked in on an important, highly personal meeting.
“I’m sorry-”
You should’ve just fallen asleep in the living room.
The moment Namjoon laid eyes on you, however, his gaze softened. “(Y/N)?”
“(Y/N)?” Several rounds of your name sounded out from behind the door and Namjoon stepped back, giving you room to enter.
You peeked inside.
Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook waved at you excitedly from the bed, trapped in an awkward pile of limbs.
Jin and Yoongi grinned from their armchairs, and Hoseok winked at you from his position leaning against the bedpost.
...Where had all of their hostility gone?
“We didn’t know you were coming over, (Y/N)!” Jungkook cheered. “You should have told us in advance, we could have prepared a bunch of fun stuff for you!”
Jimin, on the other hand, de-tangled himself from his siblings. “What are you doing out of bed?” He asked incredulously. “You’re still covered in bandages--come in, come in!”
He took you by the fingers rather than your injured wrist and gently tugged you inside the room. The moment you were across the threshold, Namjoon closed the door once more.
You smiled at all of them, relieved by the fact that they didn’t seem to be mad at you.
Namjoon, Taehyung, and Jungkook swore they felt something inside of them melt at that moment, relieved by the fact that you were still showing them a genuine smile.
Jin, Yoongi, and Hoseok couldn’t seem to take their eyes off you--specifically, off the jewelry that you still wore.
“Yeah, I just got discharged from the hospital,” you said, following Jimin’s lead to perch on the bed. Taehyung and Jungkook scrambled back to comfortably leave you enough room. “After my mom dropped Mana off at home, we headed here to thank you. For finding and saving me, and for footing the bill.”
“I told you, you don’t need to thank us for little things like that, (Y/N).” Taehyung said. “We’d do it again in a heartbeat.”
His words were followed by a chorus of agreements and you ducked your head in a nod. 
Little things? 
You laughed a bit. “Still, I really appreciate it. I really appreciate all of you for everything you’ve done.”
Rather than the angry, intimidating bunch they had appeared as before, the seven beamed in pride.
They were almost childlike. Your lip twitched at the thought.
The room stayed in a comfortable silence after the statement and you wanted to make yourself more comfortable on the bed. You tried to pull yourself up to the headboard in order to lean up against the pillows, but winced when your wrists throbbed in protest.
Jungkook saw your attempt and shook his head. “You shouldn’t be moving your wrists like that, you’ll hurt them further. Excuse me for a second-”
You yelped as he slid a hand under your back, lifting you and dropping you into your desired position.
“Thanks...” you laughed nervously, looking anywhere but at him.
Jin chuckled. “I think you should go back to the hospital and get some more rest, (Y/N). Your eyes have more bags than Yoongi’s.”
The second oldest made no comment as his brothers snickered. He simply crossed his arms, as if not owning up the statement but not outright denying it either.
You gave a chuckle of your own. “I mother wanted to properly thank Mrs. Kim, though. I came in here to take a nap, but I didn’t know you’d all be here, too.”
“Don’t mind us!” Jimin cheered. “Please, sleep if you need to!”
“It’s not like you haven’t before, right?” Jungkook quipped.
Your mouth gaped open as five of them chuckled. Jin raised his eyebrows, looking at his brothers expectantly. 
“Her first time visiting the house, (Y/N) fell asleep in the car.” Namjoon explained before you could stop him.
The eldest two guffawed.
“It wasn’t that funny. I was really tired,” You spoke in your defense, pouting slightly at Jungkook. You teased him with your tone. “I can’t believe you would use that against me! I thought we were friends.”
His eyes widened and he turned to you, fearful that he did something wrong. “Of course we’re friends, (Y/N)! I didn’t mean it, I was just joking.”
You giggled slightly. “I was just joking too, Jungkook, no worries. Though…”
He tilted his head, waiting for the rest of your sentence.
“…If you want to make it up to me, how about we play some of those video games you suggested last time?” You smiled softly.
No sooner than the last part of the sentence left your mouth, Jungkook was up and racing out the room. You blinked, smiling at how excited he was.
Once Jungkook returned, the eight of you enjoyed the rest of your time together, playing video games well into the afternoon. 
You couldn’t get enough of how competitive they were, and you had all of them worried when you bent over in laughter, clutching your midsection from when Yoongi accidentally tipped the TV over, causing it to shut off in the middle of Jin’s game, and his resulting cry.
You hadn’t even realized it, but at some point in the late afternoon, your body gave out and you succumbed, falling asleep right on the bed. 
The boys tucked you under the blanket, endearing looks etched onto their faces.
Jimin’s heart nearly broke when it was time to wake you for dinner; you just didn’t want to get up. 
When you finally did, however, your confused, sleepy face and actions stole a piece of each of their hearts.
Eunbyul urged your mother into the kitchen and walked into the living room, cleaning up the seats a bit. She didn’t question anything when she saw the eight of you walk out from the hallway into the salon. 
For the first time in a week, none of the boys were threatening her with a glare or physical threat. She would relish in the moment as long as possible, even if it was at your expense.
And you were fine. How could you not be, when you had their protection?
You and your mother enjoyed a lovely homemade dinner at the Kim residence that night, one where the atmosphere was even better because Mayor Kim stayed overtime at work and wasn’t going to be able to make it.
By the time you climbed back into the passenger’s seat of your mother’s car, it was considerably late into the night. You tilted your head against the window, a small smile on your face.
Your mother examined your expression and put the car into drive, turning past the gate.
“So? Was it as bad as you thought?” She hummed.
You looked out the window, watching as the trees and their shadows whisked by.
“No, Mom. I actually don’t think it was.”
Never had you started a Monday quite like this one.
The day you had been dreading finally arrived.
After nine days of bedrest, you were heading back into the battlefield, but not as a normal, respected citizen. 
This time, you were coming back as a living example. The latest Chance Pierre, if you will, but with more drastic circumstances.
Inside, you felt horrible. Your head injury had healed over the weekend, but you still had hordes of bandages wrapped around your midsection, hidden by your uniform shirt and a practical school-issued crewneck.
As if your injuries weren’t enough to make you feel sick, today made one month since the last town meeting. This had no doubt felt like the longest month of your life, and the thought of seeing Mayor Kim and those bright, purple flames tonight, again, made you ill.
Nonetheless, that was a problem for later. Right now, you focused all your efforts on mentally preparing yourself for school.
People would look at you and wince, whispering about how lucky you were to have survived crossing paths with Aemilia Augustus herself.
You didn’t want their pity. You didn’t want their understanding. You just wanted to live life as you always had: by being invisible.
The smaller, more cynical part of yourself sneered inside you, chiming in that that would no longer be possible. 
You were determined to make it work all the same.
You waved goodbye to your mother, sighing as she pulled away from the curb. You had convinced her to drive in later than usual so as to avoid the rushing morning crowd. This left you standing all by yourself outside the tall, gray walls of the academy in the early morning.
You turned and looked at the squares of light the fluorescents inside cast onto the ashen concrete. With a heavy sigh, you shouldered your bag, lifted your head, and walked toward the entrance.
Right before you went to pull the door open, another hand grabbed yours and you jumped. You shifted to meet their gaze, only to find Jungkook, with a hesitant bunny smile on his face.
“Oh, Jungkook. You scared me,” You sighed in relief, giving him a small smile in return. “Good morning.”
“Morning, (Y/N).” He said, smile slipping as he took in your appearance. “...Are you alright?”
You nodded, taking your hand back. “I’m okay! I’m all cleared. Got approval from my doctors and everything. Still wearing some bandages, but I’ll be fine.”
“That’s great-”
Jungkook was interrupted by his older brother, running up to the two of you with a boxy grin on his face.
Taehyung looked as though he was going to tackle you in a hug, but then thought better of it and settled for ruffling your hair. “It’s good to see you around school again!”
You smiled. “Thanks.”
“Good morning, (Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice say as he approached you from behind. You turned and greeted Jimin as well.
“Looks like the whole gang’s here,” you noted, craning your neck and spying Namjoon and Hoseok not too far behind him. “You’re all usually in the building by now—why are you walking in so late? Did something happen?”
“We had to take care of a couple things last minute.” Taehyung said coolly, throwing an arm over Jungkook’s shoulder. “Driver Bin just dropped us off.”
Six heads whipped around at the voice and, in the small space between Hoseok and Namjoon in front of you, you saw Mana skipping up to you all.
They squirmed their way between the barrier the boys had managed to form and gently looped their right arm through your left. “Hey! Thank Wylynne you’re back, this week was so boring without you.”
Praise the moon goddess for your schedule-challenged best friend.
You smiled at them, nuzzling your nose into theirs. “You just didn’t have anyone to copy homework off of anymore, you don’t have to lie.”
They gasped at the accusation. “How could you say such a thing! It’s not my fault my seat mate isn’t as smart as you are.” You burst into laughter.
As they jokingly tore into you, they sent you a knowing look, subtly gesturing to the Kims.
You shared a quick glance with them, assuring Mana that you were fine.
You weren’t, but you would be. It was probably just the nerves.
Yes, you wanted to be a more open person around the Kims in thanks for all they’d done. That did not, however, mean that you or your feelings were suddenly going to change overnight.
It would be a struggle, no doubt, to suddenly open up to those who everyone  actively avoids away from, but you were determined to at least try.
You values are conflicting, the cynical part of you taunted once more. You can’t want to lay low and resume your normal life but simultaneously treat the Kims as friends. Look at where that got you before.
You shuddered, resisting the urge to smack your brain in order to get yourself to shut up.
Interestingly enough, the brothers were too busy sharing glances with one another to focus on the two of you. Their eyes glistened with something volatile, but one sharp look from the eldest and they got themselves under control.
Once your conversation ended, Namjoon opened the door and walked in, Hoseok following behind him. You intended to wait behind them with Mana, but Jimin took the door and held it open with a smile.
“By all means, best friends first.”
What was that faint exploding sound in the back of your head?
Ah, right. 
It was the familiar, devastating sound of the end of your well-earned reputation and Ichabod Academy’s rumor mill detonating, all at once.
Here goes nothing.
“...Thanks.” You smiled at him and steeled your nerves, then entered the building.
Considering how close you were cutting it to class time, the hallways should have been empty. You should have been able to separate from Mana and the boys, make it to your locker, collect your books, and head to class without a problem.
That’s what should have happened.
Instead, a chilling sight greeted you once you stepped into the main corridor.
A crowd of students stood in front of the school bulletin board, looking at yet another missing poster.
What disturbed you, however, was the fact that it had your name and picture on it.
You took this in with a sharp breath.
Someone even went so far as to cross red x’s over your eyes.
You heard Mana mumbling curses under their breath, but you could hardly focus on them when, all of a sudden, hundreds of the student body’s eyes were on you.
You kept your eyes facing forward, even as you heard the start of those cursed whispers. If Mana heard anything especially unpleasant, they made sure to send the person a nasty scowl.
“She came back from the dead-!”
“They’re probably putting her on special watch for the ceremony.”
“How much do you want to bet that there won’t be much left of her after tonight?”
One look from the Kims, however, and the students silenced in a heartbeat.
Jimin stepped up on your right side, shielding you from their line of sight. He leaned toward you and quickly whispered into your ear:
“Don’t let them distract you, (Y/N). Compared to you, they are nothing.”
He gave you what you assumed was meant to be an assuring look.
Having your suspicions of Jimin and his brothers’ opinions of your peers being confirmed, however, did not work to calm you as he’d hoped. 
In fact, it only made you panic more, and rethink all of the decisions you’d made this weekend.
Nonetheless, you kept your expression blank and kept on walking.
Namjoon and Hoseok took the lead and, without missing a beat, you smoothly stepped forward with Jimin and Mana on either side, Jungkook and Taehyung taking up the rear.
All of a sudden, you were brought back to the feeling of walking to lunch with Jimin that day. The underlying power you felt as students rushed out of your way, communing with one another about you with their hands over their mouths. At the time, it’d been uncomfortable. Volatile. 
Now, however, you couldn’t feel anything. You shut down your senses, not wanting to pick up any of the social stressors the current situation was giving you, or anything any outsider would say about you, only for it to hang over your head for the rest of the day.
That small, cynical part of you returned, making you feel as though you’ve seen a formation like this before.
It wasn’t until you accidentally made eye contact with someone near the crowd of students, that you realized.
Brooklyn Hayes stood a little ways apart from the rest of the student body, Constance Pierre by her side. The blonde still looked slightly skittish, but much better now than she had in the weeks prior. Brooklyn raised an eyebrow at you, and you swore you saw the corner of her lip twitch at the irony of it all.
It wasn’t until you turned your head to the side and caught the gaze of Jimin, who smirked at you, that you felt it.
The hierarchy of Ichabod Academy was shifting.
You hated it. 
Everywhere you went, people muttered about the shocking outcome of your grand “battle” with the Augustus princess. The stories being spun about the entire thing could’ve won creative writing contests.
Some of the students figured you took the week off in an attempt to cover up for your convenient disappearance from Ichabod. 
Others said you escaped from the brink of death and fought Aemilia, only returning to school once you were victorious. 
There were even some who said that you managed to summon Wylynne herself and convinced her to give Aemilia her due divine retribution.
By homeroom, students who were “supporting” you in those two weeks prior to your...incident...were exchanging bets with those who were backing Aemilia. 
You were not used to being the center of attention, and definitely not in the way that you were receiving it now.
Someone even stopped you between classes, trying to interview you for an article in the school paper. 
“Small time, little known family girl abolishes small town royalty.”
It was not as though anyone really liked Aemilia, or even felt bad for her. It was simply the way things were. She was one of the people at the top and everyone else, wasn’t.
According to even more rumors, no one had seen her since Friday. 
Brooklyn and Constance hardly knew anything, either, given their huge argument. If they heard any rumors out of Aemilia’s favor, they didn’t defend her, but they didn’t say anything about the rumors that supported you, either. 
The environment was turbulent. 
The queen bee goes missing over the weekend, and you coincidentally return, entering the school with the Kims after receiving an unofficial omen of death. 
It didn’t take long for people to put the puzzle pieces together.
Despite the fact that, to you, they were collecting pieces for a puzzle that didn’t exist.
The lunch bell rang and you couldn’t find the energy in you to move from where you sat, head slumped over onto your folded arms, resting on your desk. 
There was little point in focusing on a Geometry lesson when everyone, yourself included, was busy pondering your chances for survival tonight.
Next to you, Jimin tried to peer into your eyes from under your arms, tilting his head until it was below his desk to meet your gaze. “(Y/N)?”
You met his gaze and looked away but didn’t budge, letting out a heavy sigh.
Mana clapped loudly in front of you. “Alright. Enough of this mopey attitude. You did nothing wrong, (Y/N). It’s not your fault that no one in the school can hang onto their common sense.”
Their snippy tone softened by a multitude and they continued. “I know you skipped breakfast this morning like the nervous wreck you are. Let’s go to lunch so you can get something to eat. Then we can come back here and you do whatever you want. How does that sound?”
You pondered their request.
“They’re right, (Y/N).” Jimin joined in, his voice low and comforting. “I’m familiar with what you’re going through. The rumors will die down eventually but you don’t have to worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way.”
As much as you didn’t want to move, you could hardly refuse such a logical argument. Besides, having them with you would make the entire experience that much easier to deal with.
You slowly sat up, now relieved by how quickly your classmates had left the room, and nodded. 
Before you could reach for your bag, Jimin grinned and took it for you, then walked off toward the door. He waited for Mana to drag you up and out the room and you smiled slightly at him in thanks.
When the three of you reached the cafeteria doors, you found Jungkook leaning casually up against a wall, paying no mind to Taehyung, who paced restlessly in front of him. Jungkook waved at you all with a smile, causing his brother to turn around.
Taehyung grinned. “You guys kept us waiting! I’m starved--let’s go!” 
Before you could say anything, he shimmied himself between you and Jimin, locked arms with you, and pulled you into the cafeteria. 
If the staring was bad the last time the five of you had lunch together, this time was astronomically worse. 
The room fell dead silent and stayed that way, even as you walked to your regular table and took your seats.
You shifted uncomfortably under the weight of everyone’s gazes, wanting to eat without being scrutinized, and hoped that chatter would pick back up again soon.
It did. 
But only because Brooklyn and Constance were heading in your table’s direction.
Mana sucked their teeth as the two approached. 
You noted that the brunette switched places with the blonde, making sure Constance was on the other side of her, closer to you and Mana, than to the boys.
That didn’t seem to make them feel any better about the interaction. You sent a quick glance in the males’ direction and shivered from how cold their gazes were, eyes locked onto Constance and Brooklyn.
You slid your eyes back toward the two and lifted a hand, waving halfheartedly at them. “Hey. Did you have another soda to ‘accidentally’ drop down my back or...?”
Mana snorted as Constance flinched. “No, no. We...we wanted to say we’re sorry about that, and all the other dumb things we did.” She spoke in a clipped tone, as if every other word was caught in her throat, but at least she apologized. 
Your friend scoffed. “You think your apology will suddenly make up for everything? You and you best friend bullied her for weeks. And if you couldn’t do it yourself, you found someone else to do it. But all of a sudden it’s okay?” They rolled their eyes. “If anything, I bet you two were the ones who put that missing poster up in the first place.”
Jimin and Taehyung narrowed their eyes at the accusation.
Constance’s eyes comically popped open and she shook her head and hands. “No, that wasn’t us! I promise!”
“She’s right,” The brunette confidently chimed in, “It was Aemilia. I saw her stay after school last last Friday.”
You stiffened.
“She looked as though she was coming from the roof, and she was walking toward the bulletin board with some papers in her hand. I didn’t try to follow her to see what was going on, though.”
“You could have taken it down.” Mana argued.
“We couldn’t have. You know the policy about removing missing posters from the board.” Brooklyn stated.
Mana was right, though. Knowing how often Brooklyn and Constance got away with anything and everything, they could have taken the poster down and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the school faculty. 
They glowered at the girls. 
Brooklyn pursed her lips. “We just wanted to clear the air and tell you that we’re no longer Aemilia’s...friends.” Her expression darkened. “That’s mostly what I wanted to talk to you about, anyway.”
You blinked. “...Really?”
“Yes.” Brooklyn tapped her nail against the back of her phone case, shifting around uncomfortably. “As unexpected as it was, you helped us bring the truth about Aemilia’s feelings and actions about us to light.” You noticed as the brunette curled her lip as she spoke the other girl’s name. 
The strawberry blonde’s regard for them must have been just as bad, if not worse, than you thought. 
“Thanks for telling it to us straight, I guess. If you hadn’t, it would’ve taken way longer for us to have realized. We...” She cast a quick glance to the three glowering brothers at your table and quickly focused back on you.
We might’ve been stuck wherever Aemilia is now, suffering with her. All for nothing.
“...It’s...something else...when someone you’ve treated poorly has your interests in mind more than someone you thought you were close with. And you didn’t have to do that at all. So yeah. Thanks.”
It wasn’t that Brooklyn was being ingenuine. She truly just wasn’t used to apologizing or owning up to her actions. 
Yet another thing she had grown comfortable with in Aemilia’s presence.
You shook your head. “It’s fine. What happened, happened. I wasn’t holding any grudges anyway.” You sent her a small smile.
“I’m glad that you two at least have each other as friends,” You said as you looked out at Mana, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. “They can make a world of a difference around here.”
The brothers preened at your praise, the irony of just how much of a difference they made on your life not lost on them. 
“...Yeah. They can.” Brooklyn held your gaze for a long while and nodded, before a small smile appeared on her face. “You know, you aren’t so bad, (L/N). Soda soaked or otherwise.”
She then took Constance’s hand and, without sparing a glance to anyone else in the cafeteria, they walked out.
You had been so caught up in this conversation that you hadn’t realized the impact it had on the rest of the student body. The moment the two left, even more puzzle pieces clicked into place in people’s minds.
Aemilia had lost the support of her posse because of some discovered truth. You were the one to help Brooklyn and Constance realize that. 
The Hayes and Pierre children treated you with something akin, something that was, respect.
Indeed, the hierarchy of Ichabod Academy was shifting.
And somehow, (Y/N) (L/N) just found herself placed near the top.
When Jimin came home that afternoon, he felt like he was floating on air.
Ever since lunch, he’d had a huge smile on his face. It hadn’t been washed away by the droll of afternoon classes or by anything his brothers said or did, much to their annoyance.
Any outsider would have assumed that something glorious would have happened in order to induce that cherubic smile. 
In fact, something glorious had happened.
He practically skipped into the living room, causing Seokjin and Yoongi to look up at him in curiosity as he threw his school bag down onto a settee. 
The second oldest scoffed with a small smirk on his face. “What’s got you so excited?”
Jimin sat down with a satisfied plop and informed them of what happened at lunch today, relishing in the memory.
He couldn’t stop replaying it in his mind. 
Aemilia’s lackeys came up to you, unprovoked, and apologized. 
Namjoon and Hoseok shook their heads as Taehyung and Jungkook jumped in with their own details, telling how they struggled to hold in their laughter at the sight of Constance shaking in her boots behind Brooklyn.
Yoongi’s smirk widened into a gummy grin and Seokjin’s eyes lit up with a proud, mischievous light.
Finally, you were starting to receive a glimpse of the respect and treatment that you were well deserving of. 
It was everything they’d wanted. 
Delightful chills went down Jimin’s back as he recalled the uninvolved expression on your face, the way you barely glanced at your peers, and kept your head high as you walked between them.
Rather than having the stench of Aemilia’s putrid perfume drifting around them, or the irritating sound of Brooklyn and Constance’s tittering follow behind them all day, they much preferred being surrounded by your quiet intensity.
Even though all the brats around them couldn’t stop talking today, not one of them dared to cross your path or violate your space like they had in the past weeks.
Couldn’t you see? 
What did it matter that you wanted to remain in hiding?
Things were better this way.
It seemed as though Namjoon’s plan was successful after all.
The boys felt much better in this moment than they had in the entire past week, their anxiety and helplessness curling away like the smoke of a dying flame.
To make matters even better, Moonsik and Eunbyul weren’t there to annoy them with their presence, considering how the two had been away from the house all day to prepare for the ceremony.
What could possibly make their day better?
The seven stilled as the piercing sound of chains rang out, rattling below them, loud and tempting.
Jimin’s eyes practically shone as he grinned.
He stood corrected. 
Your knees couldn’t stop shaking.
You sat at the kitchen table as your mother stood over the stove, fresh out of work. The two of you were still in your respective uniforms and your mother was making dinner, trying to come up with a meal that would be able to sustain you both long enough for around midday tomorrow.
It was necessary to take your fill tonight, as hardly anyone was able to comfortably eat after witnessing the horrors that awaited you in the early morning.
But now, you were caught in quite a dilemma.
Your feet rested on the leg of your chair and it provided enough leverage for you to bounce your metatarsals up and down in worry.
You huffed quietly and dropped your phone on the table, offended by the fact that the device couldn’t properly do its job of distracting you, and leaned your head back against the top of the wooden chair.
The ceiling fan went around and around and around and around. You kept your eye on one particular panel as it circled, the rest of them passing like a blur outside of your vision. 
You tilted your head to the right, watching your mother’s back.
“Hey, Mom?” 
“Yes?” She responded, focusing her efforts on perfecting the meal.
“I love you.”
Your mother didn’t turn around but you could hear the frown in her voice. “Don’t say it like that. That’s so cryptic.”
You snorted at her response, a smile appearing on your face despite your worry. “What do you mean? I can say it how I’d like.”
She hummed disinterestedly and threw her head over her shoulder to reply, but caught the expression on your face. “What’s wrong?”
You met her gaze and shook your head, and she didn’t look like she was buying it. Thankfully, though, she didn’t question you any further.
You wouldn’t have known how to vocalize your concern. 
The fear that currently rested in the pit of your stomach was different than any usual fear you experienced the evening before a ceremony. 
Uncertainty crawled its way from your stomach up your throat and wrapped itself around your vocal chords, making you feel as though you’d choke if you tried to say anything else for the rest of the night.
“I love you too,” She stated after a while. It was quiet, but it was strong, and you smiled as those few words put you more at ease.
Looking back on this month, it was undoubtedly the strangest interval you had ever experienced.
You had suddenly started talking to and associating with people you normally don’t, and it felt like the usual order was thrown out of wack.
And something was going to have to happen to put things back in the proper order--whatever that was going to be, it was what you feared the most.
You’d had a terrible feeling at the pit of your stomach since this morning, and the day’s events only made you feel worse.
Sure, it was all well and good that Brooklyn and Constance apologized and wouldn’t be tormenting you anytime soon. But they didn’t apologize because they felt bad. They only did so because they were grateful to you for getting them away from Aemilia’s antics before they took the fall with her.
Yet who were you to have jurisdiction over their fate like that?
The sound of your mother clanking dishes onto the table broke you out of your thoughts, and even though you didn’t have much of an appetite, you forced yourself to eat.
After dinner, you allowed yourself a slight reprieve from your earlier thoughts. You took a shower, completed some of your missing assignments from the past week, read some books, scrolled through social media, and succeeded in trying to distract yourself from the inevitable.
Then, far too soon, you heard a knock at your door. 
Your mother opened it, already dressed in her ivory gown, and gave you the look.
Without another word, you stood from your bed and removed your pajamas, changing into the white dress that had been hanging on your closet door since earlier this afternoon.
You left your phone charging on your pillow and met up with your mother by the front door. She had already retrieved your cloaks from her closet.
She looked you in the eye as she took your hand in hers, giving it a tight squeeze. You locked eyes with her and nodded.
The door unlocked and swung open.
Then, the two of you were off.
The forest was alive at night.
Wind whistled around tree trunks, causing the branches and leaves to sway to their own rhythm. Every shift made shadows dart in and out of your vision and you hiked your dress up higher. 
Shadows always made you feel like the forest was hunting you.
Your mother’s grip on your hand tightened, bringing you back to reality. She held you tightly as if she could tell you were ready to sprint out the forest at any moment.
For your sake and hers, she would never let you.
The earth squelched beneath your feet, the ground still wet from the bouts of rain over the weekend. 
The monotonous dripping from the leaves and your slow footsteps caused your mind to drift away once more, and you couldn’t help but remember the last time you were here.
The cold press of the gun into your back.
The numbness in your wrists from the ropes.
The ache in your ribs and head from the several hits you’d received.
You winced, pressing your free hand to your forehead. Your mother cast you a worried glance but you ignored her, letting your hand drop back down to your side.
The trees began to separate as their branches sneaked toward the sky, indicating that the two of you were nearing your destination.
Without realizing, your breathing had quickened. You tried gathering as much air into your lungs as possible, and found none there.
Your hands shook.
Your mother pulled you aside and threw her cloak onto the ground before pulling you down to sit on it. You did just that, resting your back against a random tree trunk.
She cradled your cheeks in her hands and carefully kneeled in front of you, making sure you were looking at her. 
She softly spoke.
“(Y/N). You haven’t been feeling well since this afternoon.” She moved her hands, resting them on your shoulder, her grip strong but caring. “But you have nothing to worry about. This is a night just like any other. You are going to come out of this perfectly fine.”
She waited with you until she couldn’t any longer. 
Thankfully, air flowed back into your lungs and your breathing soon returned to normal. You tightly squeezed her hand in silent thanks.
You made your way down the path, pausing as you reached the edge of the clearing.
The moon was bright tonight as well.
Your mother shook both the cloaks, throwing yours over your head and pulled the hood down as far as it would go. Even when you were too overwhelmed to speak, she seemed to know exactly what you needed.
Her cloak was a little muddy from where she’d thrown it, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Besides, the entire town would stand in a circle at the meeting, so no one would be able to catch the stain on her back anyway.
Your mother cast one more look in your direction.
You nodded. 
There was no more time to waste.
The both of you stepped into the clearing, joining the rush of townsfolk making their way to their positions.
From where you stood, you could see Mr. and Mrs. Kim at the forefront of the wooden stage. Their sons stood behind them, their respective masks over their faces.
They stood still as statues as the last of the latecomers joined the circle.
It was only when everyone stopped moving, when the silence in the forest itself was deafening, that he stepped forward.
Kim Moonsik lowered his hood and smiled, then twisted his wrist in a full circle and pointed his hand at the sky, slowly lowering his pinky and middle fingers. “Greetings to the moon from her earthly servants.”
You repeated the gesture and salutation along with everyone else, quietly uttering the phrase. 
You hadn’t seen him since the night where you’d been introduced to Seokjin and Yoongi. You remembered how he casually mentioned Chance Pierre and his “divine” punishment, how his oily voice lamented about the poor, foolish sinners in his midst.
The moonlight made his eyes turn black as night, as empty and soulless as the eyes on his sons’ masks.
“I am overjoyed to be standing here, in Wylynne’s divine presence, with you, my fellow citizens.” He beamed. “We find ourselves at the end of yet another month, graced by the moon’s eminence, as Ichabod stands tall and proud in all her glory.”
You shifted in place as he carried on with usual fervor. He spent the next twenty minutes praising the moon’s appearance on this fine, early morning and waxed poetic about how blessed you all were to be able to bask in her presence.
Just as you reached the point in his speech where you decided to stop listening, his tone darkened.
“Regardless,” he said, the smile slipping off his face, “A word of caution to those who wish to tempt fate.” 
His eyes hadn’t even moved in their direction, but you felt the atmosphere shift as, across the circle, the Pierre family stiffened.
“It will not end in your favor.”
It wasn’t hard to note them, considering the fact that poor Chance was still in a wheelchair. Two figures stood on either side of him, presumably his parents, his sister making the last of the line.
Those standing next to them inched a couple of steps away.
You internally sighed.
Kim Moonsik was always like this.
When you had all had a “good” month, the meeting was considerably short. He would rave on and on, praising Wylynne’s divinity, give out due punishment, then send everyone home.
On the contrary, when you had all had a bad month or, more specifically, “a month of sin,” his speech would warn against vanity and pride, or whatever it was that caused the individual’s downfall. Then he would give out due punishment and send everyone home.
You found it funny how the mayor would claim that Wylynne was treating you all so kindly, but every month someone got punished, regardless of whether they had received capital punishment or not.
“It is Wylynne who grants us favor, who pours prosperity and wealth into this town.” He continued. “It is by her endless grace that we flourish in the society that we are. Only by turning to her can we ease our troubles. Everything you wish for, everything you desire, is reached through her.”
Even freedom? You thought to yourself, even though you highly doubted it.
“For your own sake, refrain from attempting to go out and seek your own glory.” He finished, his voice calm despite the obvious threat his words carried. 
You glanced back toward the Pierres. They looked properly scolded; you couldn’t tell whether the slight movement of their robes was from them trembling from fear or from the cold.
Mr. Kim was silent once more, remnants of his speech echoing over and over again in your head. 
The nervous feeling from earlier returned full force and you shivered, gripping your mother’s hand even tighter. All this time, you clung to her, afraid that you would vanish into nothing the moment you let go.
“On that dreary note,” He finally spoke, clasping his hands together, “I come before you all with a heavy but joyful heart.”
“It is time to relinquish our sinners’ souls into the welcoming arms of the moon goddess.”
The pyre behind the stage was lit, orange flames dancing wildly in the wind. 
You could barely look in the mayor’s direction, frightened that once you met Kim Moonsik’s eyes, the purple flame within them would set you alight.
You wished the silence would swallow you whole so that you wouldn’t have to bear witness to the atrocities.
But without fail, unmistakeable screams pierced the clearing, coming from the side of the circle that was closest to the stage.
You saw two middle-aged people, a man and a woman, fall to the floor, doubled over in pain. Their hoods slipped off but they could hardly care, too busy gripping their heads.
Your mouth parted in shock.
Aloysius and Domitia Augustus were curled up on the ground, their low cries painfully loud in the clearing. 
Aemilia was nowhere to be found.
Soliders, the very same soliders who no less than a week ago took their orders from the Augustuses, dragged the two to the stage, kneeling them before the mayor.
Now that they were labeled as sinners, the middle man had been completely cut out, and the officers immediately responded to the Kims’ direct orders.
Kim Moonsik gazed down at their writhing bodies with little sympathy, raising his voice to be heard over the sounds of their cries. “The sinners of the Augustus family should have been punished years ago with their forefathers, but Wylynne granted them mercy. Our goddess blessed them with another chance, and what did they do? They squandered it.”
“Please!” Domitia Augustus cried out, fighting through the urge to wail out in pain. She yanked her arms out of the officers’ grip and grabbed at Mr. Kim’s robes. “Please spare my daughter-”
“Still, Wylynne is benevolent, and in order to keep their souls pure, she is allowing them into her heavenly army.” He carried on without batting an eye.
“The fault is ours, completely ours! She’s innocent, I beg of you!”
The mayor looked down at her. He gently pried her hands off of his robes and clutched them in his, placing one of his hands beneath hers and the other on top. He smiled at her, the moon causing his eyes to glisten.
“May your failures be a lesson, victories a reward, and may your soul live on with the moon forever.”
Nowhere in those dark, brown eyes could one find any sort of pity or remorse.
“May your soul live on with the moon forever,” you whispered the prayer of goodwill with the rest of the citizens.
A tear fell down Mrs. Augustus’ eye and she turned to her husband, only to see him alight with bright purple flames. A sob escaped her and she bent over in defeat.
It wasn’t long before that bright flame consumed her as well, and soon, there was nothing left of them.
The clearing fell eerily silent. 
You waited in anticipation for Mr. Kim to say his usual farewells and bid all of you goodnight, prepared to hightail it out of the forest as fast as possible.
It was moments like these that made you want to run away and stay away from the Kims.
The thought of having to see Jimin’s father again while you two were working on your project made you physically ill, especially after that sight.
But as the silence stretched on, deep, deep down in your gut, you knew.
Something was about to go wrong.
Horribly wrong.
Even so, it was already too late.
You heard yet another pair of guttural screams and you turned, barely catching the look of horror on Brooklyn’s face. Her hands shot to her head, fingers unceremoniously pulling on her hair as tears streaked out the corner of her eyes.
Constance was faring no better, the blonde’s screams hiccuped by heaving gasps and sobs. She kept on trying to push herself away from her parents, but her mother couldn’t seem to let go of her. 
Her son was taken not that long ago, and now her daughter? Her firstborn? The woman held on with the strength of a viper.
Why them?
“Why her?!” Mrs. Pierre bawled aloud, as if she had heard your thoughts.
“Wylynne has declared them sinners,” Mr. Kim said as if that served as a proper explanation for everything, “sinners on their way to salvation.”
Brooklyn’s parents pulled her into a hug and her eyes watered, voice raspy from the never ending shrieks.
You felt your own eyes begin to water, disbelief etched into every part of your face.
Some would say it was inevitable. 
Others would call it justice. 
You dubbed it cruelty.
Those same soldiers pried the teenagers away from their families, despite all of their efforts to fight. 
It was only when one solider started dragging Mrs. Pierre up to the podium with her daughter that Mr. Pierre dragged his wife back into the circle.
Her screaming matched the volume of her daughter’s.
Kim Moonsik sent a comforting look to the girls, laying his hand onto their head, and repeated his prayer of goodwill.
You covered your mouth with your hand, too shocked to even repeat the phrase along with everyone else.
Behind Mr. Kim, the entire time, none of his sons had moved. If they spoke or shifted their gaze, you could not see it due to their masks.
Brooklyn weakly reached her hand out to her best friend, shrieking even louder when, instead of her hand meeting skin, she was burned by the flame.
In nothing more than a few seconds, Brooklyn Hayes and Constance Pierre were reduced to ashes. Constance’s mother was still screaming, though the sound was slightly muffled by her husband’s hand. 
She seemed to have lost the strength to stand.
Mr. Kim smiled wistfully, and he watched the place where the two teenagers once kneeled. “To her heavenly grace, the moon, may they travel. To my fellow citizens of Ichabod, I bid goodnight.”
The Kims’ men doused the pyre and you stood frozen, watching the smoke curl upwards into the sky. Your mother had to wrap her arm around you and shove your head down from behind as everyone bowed in farewell to the Kims.
The youngest brother’s cloak disappeared as the family walked off into the trail of the woods specific to their home, and you were free to raise your head.
You lifted your skirts with one hand, grabbed your mother’s hand with the other, and bounded out of the clearing, back down the forest path.
Your mother wasn’t able to keep up with you and she slipped her hand out of yours, allowing you to fully pick up your dress and take off into the night.
You kept running, even when you made it out of the forest.
And you didn’t stop until you were in sight of your own front door.
Little did you know, you were not the only soul running in fear, in uncertainty, for your life that night.
The sound of beating wings and rushing wind behind her only pushed Aemilia to go faster, despite the way her body ached.
The last thing Aemilia had seen was Namjoon’s glare, his hardened eyes resting above a mirthless smile.
The next time she woke, she found herself in some combination of an underground bunker and prison, chained to a bed.
Food would appear once a day, and no matter how much she screamed or rattled the chain, no one would appear.
That was, until today.
When Kim Jimin and his brothers appeared out of nowhere, she’d thought that they’d be able to help her.
Jimin had laid his hand on her chained leg, a sweet smile on his face.
She’d smiled back.
And then, before she could even ask him to unchain her, his grip on her leg tightened until she felt a tight, uncomfortable pinching.
She heard a sharp snap.
And then came the excruciating pain.
It hadn’t stopped there. 
In the past twenty four hours, Aemilia had experienced every form of torture her family’s officers had been trained in, and then some. 
Every time she was brought to the brink, she cried in relief, thinking it was finally over, only for them to yank her back from the edge of oblivion.
She had always known there was something special about the Kims, ever since she was a little girl, watching her parents quake in fear before Kim Moonsik and Kim Eunbyul.
It wasn’t until today that she could understand why.
Aemilia was so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t seen the tree branch jutting out from the path. Her foot hit it and her body crashed into a muddy puddle.
She wanted to lie there and just wait for the end, but she had an incentive. One that she would never give up.
So she pushed herself up from the ground and kept on running.
“That’s all I have to do? Make it out of the forest?”
She narrowed her eyes at Namjoon, hope dimly glowing in her eyes. The boy smiled.
“Yes. If you’re able to avoid being caught and can make it out of the forest, we’ll set you free.”
“You might even get what it was you were searching for.”
After hearing those words leave his mouth, Aemilia had been filled with a determination unlike anything she had felt before.
This feeling was stronger than her urge to leave her parents, even stronger than her urge to destroy you.
This was her last chance.
She ducked with a scream as black, feathery wings sliced past her, unsettlingly close to her head.
She heard someone cackle at the sheer panic in her voice and the boy disappeared as fast as he’d arrived.
Aemilia wanted to pay more attention to where he was and what he was doing, but she got distracted when she saw moonlight peeking through the branches.
She was near the edge of the forest. She could feel it in her bones.
The trees were sparse and had no leaves, indicative of how far into the autumn season they’d already gotten. The ground slowly began to morph from wet, softened dirt to a hard, slippery concrete, telling her that she was nearing gravel or some type of road.
Several minutes later, just as she felt her chest was about to burst, she broke past the tree line and was greeted with the familiar sight of a cul-de-sac, houses and cars lining the street.
Aemilia’s heart leapt in excitement. 
She’d done it.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is right at your fingertips; just take one step closer.
She ran out into the middle of the road, desperate to reach the other side.
Just wait for the look on that bitch’s face, on everyone’s face, when you claim your rightful spot on your throne.
She was already picturing how she would turn back to the brothers with a victorious smirk, prepared to begin her reign.
Aemilia finally reached the sidewalk and, in her joy, fell backward onto the grass, ready to collapse from exhaustion.
But there was no feel of prickly, damp grass.
The ground disappeared from beneath her.
She shrieked as her heart sunk rapidly in her stomach, the wind stealing her voice and plugging her ears.
She was falling.
But how? Why?
And then, the picture-perfect image of suburban Ichabod steadily melted away.
There were no parked cars or houses. 
There were only foreboding, gray clouds.
A crumbling, decrepit cliff.
And still, icy waters.
Strawberry blonde locks glowed beneath the moonlight, the strands whipping around the Augustus princess’ face like some sort of demonic halo.
“Your parents are dead and gone, little sinner.” A voice close to her spoke and she whipped around, trying to catch them.
Kim Taehyung flew leisurely beside her, making no move to stop her descent. “And soon, you will be as well.”
“Though, there’s no need for you to worry,” Another voice sounded out, and this time she was met with the sickening, saccharine smile of Kim Jimin. His wings beat behind his back and when she tried to grab onto him, he darted out of reach. “I’m sure you’ll still get everything you wanted.”
“Wylynne will grant you all the freedom and royal positions you desire,” he sneered.
The brothers had never intended to spare her.
They’d tricked her.
Up until the very end, she was meant to lose.
Instead of the gratifying taste of victory, she found her mouth bitter with the taste of her own defeat.
After all, she was nothing like you.
With this final thought, Aemilia crashed into the waters. 
“Thus, the grand prestige and heritage of Ichabod’s Augustus family came to an end.”
Kim Jungkook giggled as his feet made contact with the ground, the gravel beneath them shifting slightly. He walked to the edge of Lorne’s Ledge, peering over the cliff at the girl as she fell to her own demise.
He looked up toward Jimin and Taehyung who hovered in the air, watching Aemilia as she fell into the depths. 
Her scream cut off with a large splash the moment she hit the water. They waited for any sign that the rat was still alive and kicking, but she didn’t seem to put up a fight. Long after the last of her air bubbles rose to the surface and the ripples in the water stilled, there was still no sign of her.
Her death was nothing more than a suicide, and even if it was investigated, which it wouldn’t be, her entire family were declared sinners and burnt to a crisp. 
No one in Ichabod would welcome her with open arms, much less feel any remorse for her loss.
Taehyung grinned at the sight, swooping around. “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” He cheered in excitement.
Jungkook laughed and leapt into the air, repeating the phrase with him.
Jimin hushed them, but even he couldn’t suppress the smile on his face.
“Come on,” he called out. “Let’s go tell our hyungs the good news.”
With three great flaps, the brothers quickly flew off, made it through and over the forest, and descended into town. 
The elder Kim brothers were perched on the roof of a (house/apartment building) that was remotely close to yours.
Seokjin and Yoongi flew overhead, far away enough to have a private conversation but close enough that they could still hear any conversations being held below. Hoseok sat near the edge of the roof, one leg pulled into his chest and the other leg dangling over the side, while Namjoon stood behind him, jaw clenched in deep thought.
They had perched here after separating with the other three, waiting to see you enter your house safe and sound.
What they saw instead surprised and amused them as much as it concerned them.
From where they were, they saw your form, hoisting up your white dress in your arms and tearing down the avenue as if your life was in danger.
For a moment, they thought something had gone horribly wrong. That Aemilia had somehow escaped, and actually found you.
But it was nothing of the sort.
You simply ran from the woods, and you didn’t stop running until you reached your front steps.
Minutes later, your mother arrived and you dropped yourself into her arms in a hug. She kept her arm wrapped around you, supporting you until you were properly changed and back in bed, dead to the world for the night.
From their perch, they were able to peer inside of your room, and spent the rest of the time watching you as you slept.
Regrettably, you didn’t seem as though you were having a restful sleep. 
Every so often you twisted and turned, and your face would scrunch up in confusion.
They were distracted from your visage by the sound of wings flapping, and the youngest brothers joined the rest of their siblings.
Jimin landed first, wrapping his arms around Hoseok and hugging him from the back. 
“I trust that business was taken care of?” Hoseok asked as he turned to face Jimin, a relaxed, heart shaped grin on his face.
“Perfectly, hyung.” Jimin beamed back. “Taehyungie’s illusion worked wonders.”
The second youngest beamed with pride at having played a significant role in Aemilia’s downfall.
“In the end, you were right, hyung.” Jungkook said as he landed next to Namjoon. “She believed anything, just for the sake of her own pride and selfish desires.”
Overhead, Yoongi scoffed. “Are any of us surprised at that?”
“No,” Namjoon huffed out a laugh through his nose. “That’s exactly what we were counting on.”
“It’s funny, how pride works.” Seokjin stated, casting a pointed glance toward Namjoon.
The younger was silent, knowing better than to speak out at this moment.
“You know what they say,” Taehyung said as he lay down on his back, bringing his arms to rest underneath his head. “The meek shall inherit.”
For a moment, they breathed in the calm and quiet of the early morning, basking in their victory, enjoying the fact that they were one step closer to claiming their angel.
Unfortunately, the stillness of the early morning was rudely interrupted by yet another scream.
Rather than irritating them, however, this scream caused their blood to run cold.
For that harsh, awful wail, was yours.
Every time you dream, you think that the vague, cursed images you lay subject to at night could not possibly get any worse.
And every time you dream, you prove yourself wrong.
There were several words you could have used to describe the being before you. Ephemeral. Hauntingly beautiful. Monstrously ethereal.
Yet when faced with said being, not one word came out of your mouth.
The figure’s skin was dark as night, a deep contrast to the blindingly white robe they wore, as well as the circle of rings that hovered above their head. 
As if the rings were not off putting enough, each ring had several eyes on it with flames streaking out the corners, and the figure had three pairs of wings extended from either side of them.
You peered up at them in frightened fascination.
Even without the circle of rings or the three pairs of wings, you could tell that the being before you was otherworldly.
They tilted their head at you, almost curious at your lack of recognition. 
You followed their gaze and peered down at yourself, where you sat on a large, throne-like wooden chair, downed in a white, ceremonial gown not unlike the one you wore in your last dream.
Though this time, it was free of any suspicious, red substances.
The figure righted their head, still and silent as ever. They extended a large hand to you, holding it out, flat, right before your seat.
You looked at the hand then back up at them as if asking permission.
They simply blinked.
You did as they wanted, carefully hopping down from your wooden seat into the palm of their hand.
You stumbled as you landed and sat in their palm, pulling your legs into your side.
Then, to your amazement, they lifted their free hand and waved it, and the air wrinkled as your surroundings proceeded to change.
The room around you shifted from that of the attic of a solitary, wooden cabin to a grand, golden hall.
Despite the dilapidated interior, the room shone. Columns lined with streaking arcs of gold and ivory decorated the halls, and the walls were made of sandstone. There were seats in the room, and it appeared as though they were carved out of stone as well.
It was shaped similarly to a courtroom, the panel of seats occupied by multiple figures.
Each figure varied in terms of skin color and height, but they all had two or more pairs of wings.
A figure sat upon an wooden chair erected in the middle of the grand hall, relatively small compared to those around them, with two pairs of white wings softly beating behind their back.
The tallest figure stood at the front of the room, a reflection of the one currently holding you.
If this was a courtroom, that must have been the defendant, and your figure was the judge.
No, this was not a courtroom.
It was a council.
You looked up at them, but they remained facing forward, eyes glued to the scene.
This must have been some sort of memory of theirs, you thought to yourself.
The figure on the chair was calm and relaxed, despite the fact that, as the conversation went on, the beings surrounding them seemed furious.
Their facial expressions morphed into those of anger and they would roughly beat their wings in varying levels of agreement or disapproval depending on what the council leader would say.
Still, the figure remained calm, a serene smile on their face, the feathers on their white wings rustled by the wind caused by those around them.
“You’re very powerful you know, and you possess a great wisdom beyond your years,” You jumped as a voice sounded out from above you.
When you looked up, the figure carrying you was looking back down at you again, but this time their mouth was pressed into a hard line.
You noted their words, feeling as though you’d heard them before.
Before you could reply, they continued, lifting their head to observe the scene before them once more. “It is because you possess that great wisdom, that one would think you’d know better than to let history repeat itself.”
You followed their gaze. 
The angry, beating, and rustling wings had lessened by a multitude. 
It appeared as though the council had come to a decision.
The council leader moved from their place at the front of the room, approaching the figure on the chair.
They smiled up at the figure, the way an innocent child would smile up at a stranger.
But for some reason, you felt as though the two were anything but. 
The council leader reached a large hand out to the smaller figure, wrapping it around their back. They smiled back at them.
Their hand gripped the base of their wings and tugged.
And this is the part of the dream where you were convinced you were experiencing a nightmare.
For the moment the figure starting tugging on the smaller person’s wings, the breath was knocked out of you and a searing pain burned through your shoulders, all the way down to your lower back.
They tugged harder, but the wings would not move.
And your pain would not go away.
It was only when you heard the sound of tearing flesh that you felt it.
Your skin was being ripped apart.
And you howled in agony.
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brattybunforbts · 7 hours ago
Yoongi X Reader
Tumblr media
You were numb. Everything and anything went wrong today. First, your mom called telling you how much of a disappointment you were to your family and how you should be like your older more successful sister. Second, someone spilled your coffee on you staining your shirt. And third you caught your asshole boyfriend cheating on you with his assistant. At this point you stopped caring, everything felt numb but you didn't cry. You honestly wanted to end it all. All the pain and suffering you're going through. You silently walked up to them and left the necklace your ex gave you at their table without saying a word to either of them. You didn't have to say anything, your eyes said it all. How tired and broken you were, how all your insecurities surfaced. You then left and walked back to your apartment lost in thought. Yoongi was closing up for the night when he saw you. He furrowed his brows confused. What were you doing out this late? And why do you look so broken? Yoongi was your neighbor at your apartment complex. And he knew you didn't like to be out past 11:00pm. So he was very concerned. "Y/n!" Yoongi called and you looked at him pulling out your thoughts. You walked over to him and gave him a tiny smile. "Hey Yoongi," You said softly, afraid that if you spoke louder he could hear how broken you sounded. "What are you doing out this late?" he asked you. You looked away. "Today was not my day. I feel numb Yoongi." You said tiredly. Yoongi sighed and walked you to the apartment complex. Yoongi could tell you hit rock bottom and he hoped you wouldn't do anything stupid once alone. As you entered your apartment, you sighed. You looked at Yoongi one last time before shutting your door. "Everything would be better if I disappeared. My family hates me, what do I have to lose?" You mumbled to yourself. Would anyone care if you were to die? To end it all? No. No one would care, not even your sister. That's when the tears fall. Your parents only acknowledge your sister and never you. Always cast aside! Always overshadowed! Always the second choice and always the one ending up getting hurt. Were you such a burden that your own parents only cared about your sister? It's like you never existed. Always tossed aside like yesterday's trash. You cried harder sliding down the wall and wrapping your arms around your legs as you cried. Your parents barely noticed you existed, and if they did notice you it was only to belittle you. You want it to stop! Make it stop! You screamed in your head as your thoughts got darker and darker. That's when Yoongi slammed your door open, worry written on his face as he sank down to pull you into his chest and rub your back soothingly. You sobbed into his chest letting out all your emotions. Yoongi cooed at you and started to wipe your tears away. You looked at him with red puffy eyes and sniffled. You hugged him tight and told him everything that happened today. Yoongi listened to your rant and frowned. How could parents favor one child over another? Yoongi gave you a soft kiss on your forehead and told you everything will be okay. You wanted to laugh at that if anyone else told you that. But it came from your only friend and neighbor, who has been in your shoes. So you believed him. And for the first time that day you actually smiled.
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kookings · 8 hours ago
red hot ice [preview]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING -> cryokinesis!jungkook x fem!reader/pyrokinesis!reader
GENRE(S) -> magic au, rivals au, fluff, action, fantasy, suggestive, crack
SUMMARY -> There’s a very good chance you may not graduate; one, because your Elementals essay due first period is currently frozen solid, and two, because you are and always have been ass at Elementals — a fact that Jungkook only realizes once you storm into his room at dawn and reign hellfire upon him.
However, using this knowledge to his advantage, he strikes you an irresistible deal: beat him in a sparring match and he’ll help you pass Elementals.
Lose, and you’ve just bought yourself a one way ticket to the Formal. With Jungkook as your date.
WARNINGS -> profanity, semi-suggestive content, sword fighting, magic fighting (?), graphic depictions of blood and injuries, minor enemies-to-lovers, jungkook is a hot mf even though his powers are ice manipulation, oc is also hot but like literally, because of her fire manipulation oc blushes a lot, oc’s nickname is Firestorm because i cannot for the life of me write y/n, lots of banter, lots of repressed feelings, lots of stupidity, and most importantly, lots of fluff!! more to be added!
WORD COUNT -> TBD but like 15-20k??
TAG LIST -> @soobmint because you said you wanted to see what i had written so far so i guess i l*ve you. let me know if you’d like to be tagged as well!!
AUTHOR’S NOTE -> hello!! thank you for checking out my first tumblr fic (: this is going to be one of many summer writing projects, so manifesting that i don’t lose motivation to write this monster </33
Tumblr media
You are going to kill Jeon Jungkook.
Your crimson cloak billows behind you like waves of blood as you sweep through the halls of the sleeping fortress. Early morning sunlight spills through the cathedral windows, thawing your skin and flaring the simmering rage in your gut. You've always loved the sun; loved how it fuelled your fire, filling you with such boundless warmth and power that you feel as if you're truly at one with your gifts. And now, at the ass crack of dawn, still sporting your tattered pyjamas and thoroughly fed up with Jungkook's antics, the sun acts as kindling, twisting your anger into a weapon you can't wait to use to rock his shit.
You'll kill him, you think, fully aware that your eyebrows are now on fire. You'll kill him and bring him back to life and kill him again.
You know every inch of the ancient school like the scars on your hands, effortlessly mapping the quickest way to Jungkook's dorms and setting off on a blazing warpath. The guards stationed at their posts don't even blink as you pass. Realization hits that they no doubt saw the ravenette make the very same trek to your room hours before, knowing the nature of his visit and yet doing nothing to stop him. It's probably why they don't ream your ass for being out of bed so early. They pity you — if the sheepish glances at the snowflakes spiraling up your arms are any indication — and you hate it.
A vicious heat shoots through your veins, washing outwards and scalding the last lingering traces of ice to steam.
Now, if only it were that easy to rid parchment of his ice. Or the entirety of your dormitory, for that matter.
Your hair is sparking and coiling like snakes of fire by the time you reach his room. Placing your hand on the doorknob, you watch as the metal glows and sags beneath your touch, the inner workings of the lock melting to hell. With a pleased hum, you haul your shoulder into the door and barge into the space.
A freezing gust of air smacks you in the face, causing you to recoil slightly, your flames flickering. It takes a moment for your eyes to readjust to the darkness. Jungkook's room is painstakingly familiar, it being the gathering space for your group of friends. Soon enough, you can trace the outline of the squashy couch, the unused fireplace, the cluttered desk and the four poster bed that stirs with the presence of the boy you seek.
You watch, unimpressed, as the lump of blankets shifts, stringing together a barely coherent stream of curses. When you refuse to shut the door and provide him with relief, a muscled arm slips out from the covers, grabs a pillow and chucks it aimlessly in your general vicinity with a grunt of, "piss off, Yoongi."
You blink, and the pillow erupts in flames before it can make it's mark.
"Guess again, motherfucker," You snarl.
And then the room roars to life.
The curtains are blasted back with a hiss!, sunlight cutting through the frosted panes of glass and bathing the space in gold and honey. The fireplace burgeons in a fit of orange, red and blue, flames licking hungrily at the cobwebbed logs and ebbing away at the frigid air. With a lazy flick of your finger you light the torches and candles too, purely because Jungkook's building groans are like music to your ears and you'll do anything to keep up his mantra.
"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," You sing-song, a humourless smirk curving on your lips. "It's ass-kicking o'clock."
A strangled grunt. Curses. Silence.
And then the covers are flung back and the boy grudgingly sits up; his hair a mess, his lips parted and his eyes cold as if he wishes to freeze you solid with his glare. You, however, are much more concerned by the fact that said boy is shirtless. The smooth planes of his chest and the dips of his abdomen inflate with a barely restrained sigh. You glance away, hating the way your cheeks burn.
"You've always had a flare for the dramatics, Firestorm," he mumbles through a yawn, "but even this is extreme."
You bristle at the nickname, the very one he'd dubbed you all those years ago when you'd lost control and set fire to the Great Forest, all because he'd insinuated that he was more powerful than you. The icing on top of the cake was that he was the one to put your fire out, earning him praise and admiration from your fellow peers and teachers alike. You, on the other hand, were sentenced to a month's detention on bathroom duty. The bleach still burns your nose to this day.
You fix him with a scowl. "Says the boy who froze my entire room last night. Including me. I thought we were over our childish prank war."
He simply smirks, giving you a lazy once over. "Nice pjs, by the way. Hot date?"
Something inside you snaps, and you pitch the frozen block of ice you'd been carrying in his direction. Rather than hitting him in the face, as you'd intended, it merely bounces across his mattress and lands an arm’s reach away from him.
"A gift?" He cocks his head, dark fringe kissing his brow. "You shouldn't have."
"And I didn't. Wouldn't want your ego to inflate to the size of your head now would we?"
Ignoring your jab, he squints down at the block of ice, even going so far as to slant it in the sunlight for a better look. Eventually he comes to the same conclusion you had when you'd found it on your frozen desk, albeit his reaction is more humoured than angered.
"We have an essay in Elementals due?"
"You think this is funny?" You hiss, eyebrows sparking. Panic crawls up your throat. "Jungkook, that draft is due first period today and I need to finish it, like, yesterday. Do you know what caused the Elemental War? Do you? Because I do, and Professor Bang would too if he could read my essay through a brick of ice!"
You take a steading breath, spooling in your magic that threatens to thrash outwards and burn everything in its path. You despise the way your emotions tend to govern your fire whenever you're with Jungkook, and it takes more willpower than you'd like to admit to keep your powers under wraps. Not only for your sake, but for his too.
Losing control was never an option when you were around him.
And you’d both learned this the hard way.
Tumblr media
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taesinferno · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary: Kim Taehyung knew every single peron that knew him was in the palm of his hand. He had his pick of the world, and all he had to do was crook a finger. Unabashedly handsome, with the enigmatic personality to match. And he gave you a taste. How lucky!
rate: 18+
pairing: kth x reader (ft slight hoseok)
warnings: age gap (40/24), mentions of eiffel towering (cheesy as hell bye), exhibitionist tendencies, fucking in a hot tub, unprotected penetrative sex, hickies, fingering, face shot, crying (*sigh* in a good way), taehyung has a huge ego (rightfully so...), lowkey predatory shit (but like.. thats the whole series)
wc: 2.5k
a/n: actually tried to stick to my self-proclaimed word limit this time 😶 let me know if you liked it! + if you want to be tagged click here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had skipped dinner that evening, thinking a full night's rest is what you needed after the way Namjoon kept you until his next meeting to beat your pussy red yesterday, the way he'd fucked you until you cried, cumming all over ass during his phone call, just to flip you over and shove his dick back into your mouth until you sucked him dry. Bitch, you needed a lozenge and an advil.
You were fast asleep by the time Hoseok came back. But the next morning, though your legs were still sore as fuck, you didn't hesitate to send him off to work with a blowjob, smile lighting up your face as he tapped your cheek with his cock.
"Open up, baby," he commanded, guiding his dick into your mouth as you kneeled in front of the vanity. You sucked him off as he chose out his jewelry for the day, lazily rutting into your mouth while trying on different watches and rings.
"Good girl," he praised after you'd swallowed his seed, tapping your cheek affectionately before leaving the room for what you assumed to be a business meeting. Otherwise known as him, Yoongi, and Seokjin traipsing around the island.
You'd bumped into Jimin and the mysterious maknae of the group, Jungkook, in the lounge, seemingly hungover from the night they'd had, but still looking like models straight out of a magazine.
"Hey baby, how have you been?" Jimin greeted as you curled into his side, shying away from the smile Jungkook sent you. His eyebrow piercing gleamed in the sunlight, contrasting with his starkly-dyed purple hair. And yet, it all looked just right, like he was doing everything right, and people who couldn't pull it off were just wrong.
"You remember Jungkook right? Say hi," Jimin instructed, one hand around you as he spoke softly. You eyed Jungkook's intimidating figure, dressed in all black, hair tied back, tattoos on display as he pressed his tongue into his cheek, waiting for you. You squeaked out a "hi" at Jimin's command, which awarded you a wink and a cheeky grin in your direction from the heart-melting tattooed man in front you.
You didn't chime in much as they continued their conversation, playing with the hem of your dress and half-heartedly listening. You didn't notice the clandestine looks they threw your way, silently communicating with each other, before Jimin wrapped his arm back around your waist, making you snap your head up.
"Have you ever been to Paris, yn?" Jungkook asked innocently. At least you thought, missing the smirk Jimin threw his way.
You shook your head no. "Do you wanna go? Jimin and I can take you. I think you'd love it," he smiled, showing his canines. The way he leaned back in his chair casually, making your spine tingle without even touching you. Something tipped you off to the double meaning of his words, not exactly sure what you were nodding to when you shook your head hesitantly. But the way Jungkook's eyes crinkled when he chuckled and looked at Jimin at your response, and Jimin's hand rubbing your back comfortingly as he laughed with him made you think that it was the right answer.
Jungkook lowered his voice, leaning in close like he was telling you a secret. The smell of his cologne engulfed you, made your mind hazy, as your heart threatened to beat right out of your chest. He was an inch away from your face, so close you could see the shadow of his piercing on his brow. "You wanna go now?" he proposed, like he was asking you to run away with him. Like he was asking you to leave everything and everyone you knew behind, and follow him to the ends of the earth.
And you were ready to pack them bags. "N-now?" Did he really mean right this second, though? I mean, Paris was only a short plane ride from Malta, but nonetheless. Is that really how rich these guys were?
"Leave the poor girl alone, Kook," Jimin's laughter broke the tension between you, playfully shoving his younger counterpart. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding when Jungkook settled back into his chair, a comfortable distance away.
Tumblr media
You followed Taehyung down to the pool, tiny hand in his large one as he raved about the hot tub. Despite the fact that, when you'd bumped into him earlier and he excitedly decided to finish your tour, you were indeed not in the bathing suit you had packed, and in your regular clothes.
"Don't worry. We can skinny dip."
Not really sure about how appropriate that was, considering you were being pulled to the ship's hot tub, and not the one in his room. Didn't seem like it mattered much to Taehyung, though, completely ignoring your concerns about someone else walking in.
"It'll be fine."
He helped you strip down into your undergarments, leaving those up to you as he pulled his clothes over his head.
"I mean, regular clothes clinging to me in water is extremely uncomfortable," he explained, pulling off his boxers. Setting the precedent.
You didn't have time to marvel at his beautiful cock; just noticed that it was long, like he'd be deep in your guts without much effort. Not as girthy as Namjoon’s, but the quick glimpse was enough to prove to you that Kim Taehyung talked big shit for a reason.
"Aren't you getting in?" He asks, settling into the tub, throwing his head back with a sigh. Closing his eyes as he lets the jets massage him.
You drop your hands from where they were shielding your body from his stare, taking the quick moment that his eyes were closed to shed off the rest of your clothing and waddle in to the other side of the hot tub.
Taehyung opens his eyes at the sound of you splashing in, chuckling at the distance you've created. "You really love running to the corners in small places, huh?" He laughed, referring to the elevator you were both stuck in before.
Your cheeks burned, and not just from the hot water you were situated in. You didn't think Taehyung remembered much about your time in the elevator, seeing as he didn't acknowledge it at all the entire time he was leading you down here, chatting about different aspects of the boat, explaining the east and west elevators, and talking about different places in Malta you had to check out. Not a word out of his mouth indicated anything else happened in that tiny space you were crammed in.
Which made sense. I mean, he was Kim Taehyung. You probably weren't his only kiss of the day. And besides, he wouldn't remember something like that. With you. He was just being friendly to you, that's all. Which was very much appreciated on your end, sure. But it didn't stop the throb in between your legs every time he so much as looked at you.
"Why don't you move over here? The jets on your end aren't as powerful as these."
You didn't see it as an excuse as you waded over to him, settling next to him with your back against the massaging bubbles.
"You been enjoying Malta so far?" He asked, soft voice like a lullaby in your ear with the gentle gurgle of the hot tub. It was so warm, so peaceful. His breathy voice fit right in.
"I haven't really had a chance to explore it yet, but I'm having a good vacation."
He hummed in response as his hand found your thigh, tracing circles casually. You froze in your spot, but tried to act natural. It wasn't lost on you the way his fingers were trailing up your thigh, inching closer and closer to your most vulnerable spot. Where there wasn't a single cloth barrier between him and you.
You tried not to think about it as you fell into a comfortable silence, but it was becoming really difficult with the way he inched closer to you. You could feel the thick tension hanging in the air, holding you down, not moving a single muscle.
"You're almost drowning. Why don't you come sit here?" Taehyung offered with a smile, gesturing at his lap.
Another excuse, but he had a good point. The seat inside the hot tub was a bit low for you to be sitting comfortably in the water without having to somewhat keep yourself up. You were sliding a bit too, struggling to keep your head above water properly.
So you hesitantly moved into his lap, trying to avoid a glance at his member. Though you could feel it just looking at you, daring you to give it any bit of attention. You perched yourself in his lap, hands tucked away neatly in yours, as you glanced up at him.
His eyes were piercing, holding your gaze and keeping you from looking away as he ran his hand up and down your sides lazily. The silence hung in the air, just the quiet bubbling of the pool and the relaxed haze you were both engulfed in.
Your eyes broke out of his gaze, tracing his face instead. Following the slope of his nose to his perfect cheekbones. The way his long eyelashes fluttered to the way his lips were formed into a pout. Fuck, this guy didn't have a single flaw!
You knew he remembered the events of the elevator, now. The way he watched you hungrily, like a beast eying his next meal. The way his eyes lingered on the trail of fading marks up your neck, a hint of a cocky grin on his face. There was no way.
So when he was bending down to connect your lips again, you let him. With no hesitation, instantly falling back into the groove you had going on in the elevator.
He swallowed your moans with his mouth as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. His hands were on your waist, but slowly migrated to your breasts, squeezing and flicking your nipples to stimulate them.
"The hickies are already disappearing. Should I give you more?"
Didn't give you a chance to answer before he was latching onto your neck again. His hand slowly slid down your body, for the first time acknowledging the lack of barrier between him and your cunt. You felt a shiver down your spine, slightly jumping, at the feeling of his long fingers finding your core. He could cup your entire heat in his big ass hand, which was a fact that made you automatically grind into his fingers, mewls falling from your lips. Like a virgin trying to get herself off for the first time.
Taehyung chuckles at your neediness, your tiny figure grinding into his big hand. It was a sight that had his dick standing up ostentatiously below you. He let you play for a few moments longer before grabbing you harshly, making you cry out, and rubbing fast, rough circles into your clit. You weren't prepared for the way he pushed one slender finger into your hole, falling forward onto his shoulder with a whimper as he fucked his fingers into you. Showing you how it was done.
You were tight like it was your first time, even though he knew it wasnt. Had to stretch you a bit before you were ready to take his cock. Otherwise you'd be crying the second he bottomed out. Learned from the past.
"How badly do you want this, angel?" His low, raspy voice sounded in your ear, his mouth trailing kisses down from where he just tugged at your earlobe with his teeth.
Kim Taehyung barely had to say a thing to have you falling apart on him, his aura did enough. But when he did, you were on cloud 9, wrapping yourself in his husky voice and stuttering out the ego-stroking response he wanted from you. Over and over, he had you affirm you were wrapped around his finger, that you were putty in his hands. All while pulling the sweetest moans of his name from your lips as he used four fingers he was able to fit in (tightly, and it brought you to the brink of tears, but you took it). Not because he was any kind of insecure, or he needed the praise. He just knew what kind of power he had. And so he used it.
When he deemed you stretched enough, tears running down your face as he pulled almost his whole hand from you, he didn't hesitate to line his cock up with your entrance, pushing you down to sink all the way until he was bottomed out. He let you wail and bite his shoulder as you adjusted, holding you close before feeling the tight clench of your pussy.
"Cmon, angel. Open up." He spoke softly while rubbing your clit, lulling you into a false sense of security. Your body relaxed at his touch, releasing the death grip you had on him so he was free to move.
And move he did.
As soon as he felt you let go, he gripped your hips and moved you on his dick unrelentingly. The water splashed with your movements, splashing over the edge to where you were supposed to walk. But Taehyung paid no attention, busy growling filthy things in your ear as you whined out for him.
"Dirty girl, can't even take my dick without help." He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close as he gets sick of the pace you were going at, deciding to ruthlessly thrust into you instead. "You're so lucky you're cute. My little angel, can't even get herself off on my cock by herself if she tried. Even when I give it to you so generously."
Your powers of speech aren't past babbling right now, stuttered moans as he bounced you both in the water. You felt him move around in the water, but you didn't realize what was happening until he placed you on the stairs, next to the railing, of the hot tub.
"Hold on," he suggested with a wink. His pace found no bounds, jostling your body with the way he was mercilessly pounding into you. All you could do was sob into his shoulder as he fucked you viciously. So good...
His phone rang the second after he came on your face, perfect timing just as he grunted with the last few spurts he emptied onto you.
He left you in the hot tub to retrieve his discarded pants, finding his phone and picking up on the last ring.
"hello?... hey baby, I was just about to call you... of course,... everything's fine here, how are you..."
You had just finished wiping your face clean with a towel when he was off the phone. Though you knew you had no jurisdiction over him, and it really wasn't your place to ask, you couldn't help yourself. "Who was that?
"No one," came Taehyung's immediate response. Not defensively, not angrily. Just stating a fact, as if he was well-versed in receiving that question.
You pushed it to the back of your mind, letting him walk you back up to the deck before disappearing again. Gone just as quick as he'd appeared.
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pen pals (with benefits) | jjk | (iii.)
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary: You're frustrated as the day gets closer for you to part ways with Jungkook, the contract ending in a matter of weeks. Sensing your ire, he whisks you away on a grand adventure because he thinks you're stressed out with the project.
Chapter Sentence: There's a rush when the agony of waiting dissipates, Jungkook's lips finding yours, devouring you whole. Your name is a prayer to the heavens, Jungkook whispering it into the night once - twice - and your body finally reacts, reaching over to tangle yourself with his limbs, mouth clashing hungrily against each other.
Tumblr media
♠ Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Fem!Reader ♠ Word Count: 12,161 ♠ Rating: 18+. This work and it's subsequent chapters are not suitable for younger audiences. ♠ Genre/AU: college au, fwb to lovers au, e2l au | smut, fluff, wee little angst ♠ Warnings: unprotected sex • fingering • masturbation (f) • creampie • dirty talk • swearing • name calling (slut) • pussy spanking (once) • multiple orgasms • slight degradation (only if you squint) ♠ Author's Note: was it all planned for this to get posted before sowoozoo? maybe. special thanks to @monvante and @missgeniality for reading through this fic! i appreciate u, my lovely beta readers! this turned from a 8k fic to a 12k fic. what did i do?
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Tumblr media
“I’m genuinely so happy to see you happy," Jeehyun mentions off-hand while the two of you enjoy Aunt Ji's famous chicken noodles. "You've been smiling a lot more in these past few days, and I can only assume it's 'cause of Jungkook."
You choke slightly on your noodles at her statement, sputtering coughs as you try to gain control of your breathing. Your roommate rolls her eyes teasingly while passing you some tea. After taking some calming gulps of the now cold tea, you glare at Jeehyun, though you couldn't deny the truth of her accusation. She looks triumphant in the way she looks at you, the quirk of her eyebrows begging for you to tell her she's wrong.
She isn't.
"Yeah, I guess so," you shrug in agreement, the corners of your lips twitching into a smile.
Jeehyun giggles, clapping her hands in delight. "Okay, spill. I've been dying to know at this point. Do you like him?"
You can't answer her question immediately because your cheeks are set aflame by her straightforward question, mouth opening and closing a few times. Your eyes shift towards your noodles, shoveling more food into your mouth with your chopsticks instead. Jeehyun backs away slightly from the table, folding her arms in front of her chest, patiently waiting for your answer. The two of you are engaged in a mental battle, seeing who'll crack first. After another beat of silence where you focus only on your noodles, you finally sigh, throwing your chopsticks on the bowl in defeat.
"I do, Jee," you mumble after swallowing your food, scrunching your nose playfully when Jeehyun's face shines with excitement. "No, don't give me that. That's the problem. The contract ends when one of us falls in love. I can't risk telling him and losing the best dick I've ever had in my life," you scowl, bringing the tea to your lips again, unaware of the mischief glinting in your roommate's eyes.
"Tae and I would be down for a threesome if you really want dick that much," she says flippantly causing you to choke on the tea at her careless comment. Jeehyun roars with laughter when you sputter out liquid from your nose, trying to even out your wheezing breath.
"You are evil!" you cough, kicking Jeehyun underneath the table while you wipe your tears away with the sleeve of your sweater. "I guess I walked right into that one, huh?"
"Oh, like how I walked in on you and Jungkook on the co-"
You yelp, cutting her off entirely while putting a hand in front of her face. "You’re so fucking loud! Don't say another word or I swear our friendship is over!" you groan, slapping her hand playfully.
Jeehyun laughs, the sound of windchimes filling the air, causing a few patrons to stare. "Okay, I'm sorry, don't hate me," she stammers, trying to control her laughing hiccups.
"Only if I get to ask you a question about Taehyung!" you smirk, quirking up an eyebrow while drumming your fingers on the table as you lean in, picking up the habit of a certain someone. You stop instantly when you realise who it was you’ve been mimicking, choosing to fold your arms as you lean on the mahogany table instead.
Jeehyun shrugs, a big smile dancing on her lips upon hearing his name, unobservant to your change in stance. Your grin matches her devilish one before you speak, low enough for her to hear.
"Are you guys dating yet?"
Your best friend laughs quieter this time, head tipping back slightly and a hand covering her mouth as she shakes her head. "Not yet, but hopefully soon! I can't stop thinking about him and I know he can't stop thinking about me either, especially after the party at Hoseok's," she winks at you confidently, reminding you of one very fateful night involving too much alcohol.
Jeehyun starts to talk to you about her most recent date with Taehyung, glossing over some of the nitty gritty romantic details to give you a barebones explanation of her evening. "He got me flowers, babe, flowers. The whole gigantic-bouquet-red-roses type deal! Tae's such a gentleman. We sat on the park bench after dinner and talked for a long time about the future before he confessed. It was so perfect, but it's such a shame that the timing isn't right. I mentioned it to him and he's more than willing to wait until I'm ready… which led to a very confusing conversation. I mean, I am ready, it's just… I don't want it to be messy. At the end of the day, we're incredibly different people, you know? Navigating that will require a lot of communication from both our parts. Fucking is one thing, but throwing feelings into the mix could be a recipe for disaster."
Jeehyun takes a few deep breaths in, drinking more tea to calm herself down. Leaning closer to you, she props her head on her hand, a soft smile on her face as she continues. "I genuinely like him though, but I did ask him to wait until the end of the semester for my answer. Taehyung's happy to agree and he looks like such a child when he realised it wasn't the end of our physical relationship." Jeehyun takes another sip of her drink as she giggles, eyes straying to look around the restaurant, a wistful look appearing on her face. You know she’s thinking about the first time they met. Back then, you were about to get thrown out of Aunt Ji's for almost assaulting Jungkook. Who knew that your drunk ass would be the reason your best friend finds love?
Silence falls between the two of you as you finish your noodles, knowing that Jeehyun has more to say. As if right on cue, Jeehyun's eyes return to yours, a large smile appearing on her face. "Remember that cheesy rom-com movie we rented out last week? There's a line in there that basically talks about how her boyfriend "completes" her, but, like, I don't feel that way with Taehyung at all. I'm a whole-ass human being that doesn't need anyone else to "complete" me. If anything, I just feel like a cup overflowing with happiness because there's no way of containing it, which I think is a good thing?" Jeehyun giggles, shaking her head. "Does that even make sense?"
You nod in agreement as you smile at Jeehyun, feeling a sense of growth coming from the person in front of you. You're not sure what changed over the semester, but you can only assume that you have Taehyung to thank for her willingness to experience love.
Love, the word echoes again in your head. Your heart quickens as a flash of dark purple hair comes into view, whispering soft things about you as russet eyes stare into yours. His lips form the words you long to hear and the restaurant is now a thousand degrees warmer than before. Heat rises to your cheeks at the fantasy and you quickly snap your attention to Jeehyun, who's talking about Taehyung again and their newfound relationship.
As the night draws to a close, the two of you walk back in the shivering cold, laughing while swapping stories about your antics during the semester. You don't miss the way Jeehyun checks her phone every so often, eyes shining brightly when a text comes through and though you can’t see, you have a solid grasp on the identity of the sender. You wonder if that's what you look like too.
"Do you mind if Taehyung comes over?" Jeehyun asks as you put away your shoes, shivering as you hang your coats.
You poke at your roommate's arm, teasing her with a waggle of eyebrows. "No, but don't be too loud, okay? I have something going on tomorrow."
"With Jungkook?" Jeehyun teases back, nudging your arm.
"Shut up… and yes."
Jeehyun giggles and the two of you sit on the couch, teasing one another until the doorbell rings, signifying the arrival of one Kim Taehyung. Tall, dark, and handsome. The man waves shyly at you, grinning as he slides an arm around Jeehyun's waist, kissing her temples. You make a fake gagging noise as you turn around to go to bed.
"Don't be too loud!" you snicker, watching their faces instantly reddening at your warning. Jeehyun sticks her tongue out at you as she pushes Taehyung into her room, closing the door behind her rather loudly.
Closing the door after wishing Jeehyun 'good night,' you bristle at the cold emptiness of your mattress, wishing you could call Jungkook the way Jeehyun's able to call Taehyung. Shivering as you wait for the sheets to warm up, you lie underneath your blankets and imagine Jungkook holding you in his arms, the sound of his breathing lulling you to sleep. Your dreams that night are pleasant and though you don't recall it the next morning, the feeling of euphoria stays with you for the remainder of the day.
As of today, it's officially been close to two months since you've established the contract with one Jeon Jungkook; 7 weeks and 5 days exactly. Your plans that day consist of hammering out the presentation that the two of you are going to present in two weeks time to a class of all seniors - you and Jungkook being the only sophomores. Since you're the first to go, there's an uneasiness in your stomach when you think about the eyes that's going to be evaluating your project, pencil scribbling away on a feedback form while they analyze your findings. The research project and paper makes up a third of your grade, but more importantly, it's one of the few core classes that will help you graduate with your degree, so fucking up is out of the question.
Jungkook, sensing your ire, doesn't try to engage in conversation aside from the project, choosing to focus on his half of the presentation to give you some space. The usual cafe chatter seems to be winding down too, students starting to study for their mock finals that's just right around the corner. There's a nervous energy you can't stand floating around the shop and with every hushed whisper of exams, the pounding in your head grows, amplified even greater as you read research paper after research paper. The words start to swim after your sixth research paper, names of psychologists lifting off the page. With a loud groan, you put your forehead against the table, pulling your hoodie over your head to gain some semblance of solitude, trying to ignore the chatter from the cafe and shielding your eyes from the fluorescent lights. After some time, you hear the absence of typing and Jungkook knocks on the table quietly by your head.
"Do you wanna get out of here? We've been trying for four hours and it seems like we're getting nowhere."
You lift your hood away from your face at that moment, brows furrowing at the brown irises staring at you. Sighing, you rub the back of your neck before groaning at the stiff joints. "No, Koo, just give me a few minutes and I'll be okay again. Also, no, I don't want to have sex right now," you grumble, putting your head back down on the cold table.
"That's not - oh my god, you're so weird," he chuckles, a snort escaping his lips as he tries to settle his breathing. Jungkook nudges your hand with the back of his pen as he smiles at your growing frown. "Come on, you're clearly exhausted. Can I whisk you away even just for a little bit?"
You shrug, what's the harm in saying 'yes'? Jungkook's right, you're feeling stuck and frustrated, staring at the same slide and rewriting the same sentence has driven you mad. You fix your eyes on his dark brown ones before nodding, sighing heavily as you pack your belongings into your backpack. As the two of you leave, Namjoon's voice calls your name and you whirl around to find him beckoning you to the counter. Jungkook waves at Namjoon, to which the latter responds with a jerk of his chin and a bright smile.
"Two of my favourite customers!" he exclaims when you two get closer. "Try this for me?" Namjoon grins as he sets two identical glasses in front of you.
You and Jungkook share a quick glance before your eyes fall on the pink liquid. You've already tasted Namjoon's floral coffee, so without hesitating, you take a big sip, indulging yourself to the strange yet comforting taste. An instant sense of peace returns to your tired bones and you feel conflicted, thinking about Jimin's own drink he's been experimenting on - a dark purple thing that seems to shine as you mix the liquid together. Your two greatest friends are competing against each other in the coffee shop tournament in November, the winner will have their drink permanently added to the menu. And although you love Jimin with all your heart, you secretly hope Namjoon's creation gets chosen so you'll be able to drink it every single day. It feels like betrayal, but you like the calming taste of hibiscus better than the sharp tang of lemon.
Jungkook gauges your reaction before taking a hesitant sip of the coffee. In an instant, his face changes from confusion to delight, a lightbulb appearing comically on top of his head. "Oh, hyung, it tastes good!" Jungkook grins before downing the rest of the drink, licking his lips in pleasure.
You nod in agreement, scrunching your nose in delight when you hear Jungkook referring to Namjoon with respect. "Have you decided on a name?" you turn towards the pink-haired man, cocking your head to the side.
"Yeah, I'm toying with "Saudade" or "Mamihlapinatapai". The latter might be too long though," Namjoon grins sheepishly, running his fingers through his pink hair.
You try to catch Jungkook's eye one more time, but he's looking at Namjoon, nodding his head in agreement, tattooed hand coming to rub his chin in thought. "Okay, what do those words mean?" you finally ask while the two men start to talk.
"Mamihlapinatapai." It's Jungkook that answers and his hand seems to inch closer to where you're currently standing, not quite touching yours, but you feel the heat radiating from the back of his palm. "It's a word in Yaghan, right? Joon-hyung correct me if I'm wrong, but it means somewhere along the lines of 'a shared look between two people' and 'wishing the other one would initiate something', right?"
Weird. This isn't the "know-it-all" Jungkook voice you've come to know. You can't put your finger on it, trying to put into words why the lilting in his voice caught you off-guard.
Namjoon nods, a flicker of emotion dancing behind his eyes when he looks at Jungkook. "That's pretty much spot on. “'Saudade' is Portuguese. Jungkook, do you know what it is?"
"Longing," Jungkook whispers, voice thick with an emotion you can't name.
There it is again. That weird lilt in his voice, like somethings caught in his throat and he’s trying to push it down.
You don't dare turn your eyes towards him, afraid of the raw emotion that he's currently displaying. The question lies on the tip of your tongue, wondering if you should ask Jungkook what he's thinking about, but it seems too personal to ask; too intimate of a subject to discuss with you, especially in the middle of a coffee shop. Pressing your nails against your palms, you don't say a word, saving it for your adventure perhaps.
"Well, yeah, but it's more, like, a longing for something you may never experience again," Namjoon interjects, his voice cutting into your thoughts. "There's also "Intenso," which means "intense." It completely contradicts the drink itself, but it's mysterious, right? If I add food colouring to make it darker then maybe that'll boost the sales!"
Namjoon's exclamation is met with cold silence and though you don't know what Jungkook's doing, you offer the barista a weak smile and a thumbs up. However, you don't miss the way Namjoon's gaze keeps darting back and forth between the two of you, eyes lingering on your figure for a second longer as he quirks up an eyebrow in a silent question. You shrug, looking away. Namjoon sighs, shaking his head as he brings a hand to rub the back of his neck.
"Okay, I know when it's my cue to leave, so I'm going to pretend I have something to do at the back. I'll see the two of you later!" Namjoon whistles before making a break for it, disappearing behind the door labelled Staff Only.
The two of you stand planted in front of the counter before you hear the jingling of the front door, signaling the arrival of some new customers. You poke Jungkook's arm, trying to break him free of his thoughts. "Ready to go?" Your voice sounds strained, too high pitched for the simple question. Staring straight at the two empty glasses on the counter, you don't turn towards Jungkook as you lead the way out the door.
The two of you walk out of the coffee shop with your own thoughts and you let him walk ahead of you some ways on the sidewalk, watching his slumped figure trudge towards the parking lot. You try to make sense of what you said inside that has caused the shift in mood, but your mind is plagued by Jungkook's voice.
Jungkook drives silently for a while, the radio crackling with songs, but with such low signal, you can barely make out the lyrics. After the seventh song plays that sounds like someone’s died, you've finally had enough, your fingers reaching for the know to turn the volume down. The sudden silence that exists in the car is curbed by the sound of distant traffic and the engine, but it's still palpable. Chewing on your bottom lip, you wonder if shutting off the music was a wise choice. The question still weighs heavy on your tongue, so you sigh, eyeing the brooding man next to you. Jungkook's sharp jaw is set, grimacing as he gnaws through his bottom lip, fingers drumming irritably at the steering wheel. You decide it would be best to not ask.
"Okay," you say softly, shuffling in the passenger seat until you’re unable to hold the silence any longer. "Koo, I know there's a lot in your mind right now, and you don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to, but can I at least know where we're going?"
This seems to bring him back to reality and he spares a glance towards you before returning his gaze on the road. Jungkook rolls his neck, cracking the joints and you wince as you hear the crack and pop. His lips quirk up into a smile at your discomfort, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.
"It's a surprise and it's going to be a long drive, so if you're tired, go rest. I know we barely got any sleep last night," his insinuation brings forth laughter from both parties as the tension eases to a complete halt.
"That's your fault!" you counter, slapping his arm gently. "You just had to be horny at 3am and god forbid you take care of it yourself."
"Okay, but you happen to be awake! I even texted you out of courtesy, just in case you were already asleep," Jungkook slaps the steering wheel while laughing. "Why would I take care of myself when I have you to help me? Also, might I remind you that you agreed?"
You punch his arm gently, shaking your head in embarrassment as you giggle. Jungkook fake gasps, eyes widening at the minor hurt you've caused, ever the drama queen. Whatever has been plaguing his mind seems to retreat itself to the depths of his brain and he starts laughing quietly at the conversation, seeming lighter than when you left the coffee shop. You turn the radio back on, appointing yourself as a DJ and switching channels when it starts to crackle. You take turns singing poorly and loudly in the small space, laughing at each other's cracking voices.
Never losing focus even as tears start to prick his eyes from the boisterous laughter, Jungkook seems to know where he's going, twisting through roads and intersections while the two of you joke around. He makes a turn into the highway, zooming up on the bridge on top of the river by your campus. You squeal as he speeds up, hands grabbing at the dashboard while your stomach flips a few times, closing your eyes tightly at the sudden roller coaster. Finally, he slows down, calling your name to get you to look out the window. Opening your eyes gingerly, colours burst through your eyes as you catch the glimpse of the fading sun kissing the horizon. The sky is tinged with orange and pink, gold rays painting the inside of Jungkook’s car, turning the space into a kaleidoscope of rainbows.
"Whoa," you gasp in wonder, face smushed on the window as you stare at the dancing colours.
"If you think this is pretty, you haven't seen anything yet!" Jungkook hollers, rolling the windows down to feel the rapid kisses of wind raking through your hair. His spare hand blasts the music to a deafening volume as he laughs with glee.
Your own laughter mingles with his, resuming the poor singing competition the two of you had moments before. And maybe it's the music or the sun gracing you with the most beautiful sight, but there's a bubbling dizziness of being drunk only in the atmosphere that causes you to be a bit braver. Grinning your way towards the mess of purple locks, your heart melts as you see Jungkook smiling just as wide, dimples on full display, hands slapping the steering wheel as he sings.
"HEY!" you poke Jungkook on his shoulder as you try to call him over the chaotic sound of wind, music, and traffic, unsure if he can hear you.
"What?" he calls back, glancing at you for a second before he turns down the radio.
"I like - I -" you struggle with your words, trying to figure out if this was the right timing Jeehyun mentioned. It's now or never. The sun seems to be blessing your decision, but there's a tug in your heart as you remember the contract, his words from months ago still fresh on the forefront of your brain.
"The contract is null as soon as someone falls in love with the other"
Heart hammering against your chest, you manage to hold yourself in check, taking care not to say exactly what you had in mind. "I like hanging out with you!" you finish instead, smiling brightly despite your almost confession.
Jungkook looks shocked, mouth hanging open as he ingests your words. His smile returns and he laughs loudly, whooping and cheering, turning the volume of the radio high up again. His foot slams on the gas pedal as you shriek in surprise, the small car lurching forward as it gains an incredible amount of speed. He shouts your name with gusto, turning in your direction for a second with the biggest grin on his face. "I like hanging out with you too!"
A giggle bursts from your chest as you gaze at Jungkook, the setting sun turning his skin into a beautiful golden bronze. His dark brown eyes hold sparks in them, a burning glee that sets your soul on fire. When the sun disappears, its rays waving you along your journey, he rolls the windows back up and eases on the gas pedal, twin smiles and wild hair forming on both your faces. Aside from the residual giggle, the quiet returns to the car, though it's less choking and more comfortable this time. You make your way to mess with the radio again, assuming your position as the car DJ.
"How do you feel about seventies music?" you ask, sticking your tongue on the inside of your cheek as you adjust the many dials.
Jungkook hums distractedly, a small shrug on his shoulders. "Turn on the 'Oldies' channel if you can find it. It's one of my favourites."
Just as you've found a perfect volume to strike up another conversation, Jungkook's trembling hand comes to envelope yours suddenly, pulling it away from the knobs to rest your connected palms on the center console. He doesn't glance at you, eyes staring hard on the road. There's a slight pink tinge on his cheeks and you chalk it up to the sun; it's surely sunburn on his cheeks and nothing else.
So, to avoid any uncertainties and to ease the pounding of your heart, you try to untangle your palm from his, only for Jungkook to intertwine his digits in the space between your fingers firmly, squeezing once to indicate his unwillingness to let go. "Koo?" you whisper, relishing at the pleasant throb in your brain as the blood rushes in your ears, head swimming with thoughts of Jungkook and the warmth of his hands in yours. What could it all mean?
Jungkook's voice cracks when he says your name, so he clears his throat and tries again. "If it's okay with you, can we stay like this for a while? Please?" He squeezes your hand lightly when he finishes his sentence, the pressure sending your mind reeling.
"Y-Yeah, of course! It's all good - I'm not uncomfortable or anything," you ramble, trying to get your point across. You are only too acutely aware that you can feel the racing of his own heartbeat through your connected palms. Should you say something? Is your hand sweaty? Fuck. What's going on?
Your mind quiets down for a second when a familiar melody fleets through the car. The soft music playing from the radio is a slowed remix of an old sixties song and you listen intently before recognising Paul Allen's tenor voice pitched lower to accompany the beat.
…maybe you and I will fall in love.
Jungkook calls your name softly and starts to say something after the song ends. But he hesitates and despite your best efforts to cajole him, he remains tightlipped until he finally changes the subject. The two of you talk about nonsense: friendships and school prior to meeting each other again. Selfishly, you don't want this moment to end, wanting to drive forever to the ends of the earth just to have his fingers intertwined permanently in yours.
The end date for your arranged proposition is nearing; the project drawing to a close within two weeks. The lump in your throat catches you off guard as you feel the quiet streaks of tears on your cheek. Turning away from the driver, you look out the window to rest your head on the glass, feeling the waves of sadness and euphoria all rolled into one. It’ll take mere seconds to stop holding on to his hand, but how long will it take for you to let go of the memories?
The quiet music and Jungkook’s humming starts to weigh on your eyelids, feeling the pull of rest. "How much longer?" you yawn as you settle into the passenger seat, the drive lulling you to sleep. You had just texted Jeehyun that you won't be home tonight and your roommate gave you a thumbs up in response, reminding you to be safe.
"About an hour or so. Go rest, I'm here," Jungkook murmurs softly, squeezing your hand once.
Your sarcastic comment dies on your lips before your eyes close, the feeling of complete safety and a sense of home washing over you as you dream of a fantasy that won't come true.
"Mamihlapinatapai," you hear Jungkook's voice whispering from all around you. " means somewhere along the lines of 'a shared look between two people' and 'wishing the other one would initiate something', right?"
You wake with a start, feeling the cold brush against your empty palm, only to find darkness all around you. There's heavy fabric keeping you somewhat warm and you realise, based on the scent of pine and amber, that it's Jungkook's favourite jacket. Whirling around to find the driver’s seat empty, you feel a deep sense of panic clutching at your heart, the night feeling like it's closing you in. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and you find yourself in some type of forest, trees growing so tall they seem to touch the sky. Slowly stilling your pounding heart, you finally find Jungkook lying down on the hood of his car, unaware of your current state of consciousness. He's only wearing his cream coloured sweater, fingers dancing on his phone as he scrolls through social media feeds and occasionally taking pictures of his surroundings, though you aren’t sure what he’d be capturing with the non-existent light. The clock on the dashboard shows that it's well past dinner time and though your stomach grumbles over the lack of nutrients, the thought of food is unappetizing at the moment.
You wrap the jacket around your freezing frame, zipping it all the way up to your chin before you exit the car, teeth chattering as you carefully make your way towards him. You already feel small when you wear his shirt in the numerous times you've slept over, but his jacket is a whole other beast. Your arms don't even reach the ends of the sleeves and you feel like a baby penguin, waddling around to try to make sense of its surroundings.
Jungkook sits up from his position to laugh at your drowned figure in his large jacket, hands clapping in front of him like a seal as he watches you dawdle closer. You puff your cheeks in irritation, sticking out your tongue, only for Jungkook to wheeze louder. "Sorry, you just look so cute," he grins, holding up both his hands while flashing those dimples at you.
"Ha. Ha. Very funny," you sulk, though your cheeks warm at the compliment. "Anyway, where are we?"
"Lime's Way Forest," he said matter-of-factly, removing himself from the hood of his car. "Actually, we're not even there yet. Are you good to walk for a little bit?"
You shrug before realising the action has no effect over the heavy material bunching on your shoulders. You choose to nod instead. "Lead the way!"
"Hold my hand, the ground is a little unsteady," Jungkook stretches his palm towards you and he falters, realising the obstruction of sleeves. Chuckling quietly, he helps you roll the sleeves of his jacket so your hands can peek through before threading his fingers in yours like he did in the car. You try to calm your thundering heartbeat, breath coming out in wisps of smoke as you walk silently by his side, all too aware at the trembling of your own fingers. It's Jungkook that breaks through the silence, nudging you to the side. "And before you ask, no. I'm not here to kidnap you and sell your organs on the black market."
"How'd you know I was about to ask you that?" you widen your eyes with a grin, winking at him when your eyes meet.
"Oh, come on. We've been fucking for a month," he laughs, rolling his eyes. "That's a lot of time to spend with someone. I know a bit too much about you now."
Jungkook teases you while you walk and you're not afraid to tease him back, dishing out what he gives you. It seems unfair to laugh loudly in the tranquil forest, so you keep stifling your giggles, putting your spare hand in front of your mouth. There's just enough light from the moon to see two steps in front of you, but you skid against the uneven ground anyway, screeching as you try to find purchase on something steady. Jungkook yelps before his arm shoots out to wrap itself around your waist, steadying you before you fall.
You're breathing heavy, the combination of the adrenaline rush and your heart beating fast causing your vision to swim. Jungkook helps you down on the forest floor gently, squatting next to you and smoothing your hair to help calm your nerves.
You take a few deep breaths before shakily standing up again, a small embarrassed smile on your lips. "I'm okay, thanks for helping me."
"Yeah! No worries," Jungkook smiles shyly, slinging his arm around your waist to press you tightly against his side. You pray that he doesn't hear the clamoring of your heart. "Sorry, this must be uncomfortable, but it'll be easier for me to help you in case you slip next time."
You nod, casting your eyes down at your feet, glaring at every stick and stone that obstructs your path. Jungkook fills your ears with conversation, trying to distract you from focusing too much on the slippery ground beneath. After some time, your legs no longer shake as you walk. Regaining your sense of balance, you feel comfortable enough to laugh along with him and talking about your classes in freshman year.
"Speaking of - what's your major, Koo? I don't think you've mentioned it."
"I'm undecided. I just want to take as many classes as I can before choosing one. I mean, I've always had an interest in people and how they work, so when this class opened up, I begged Professor Na to let me take it since it looks like a challenge. Who knew I ended up being partnered with the only girl in the world that hates my guts for the final project?" he laughs dryly, nudging your arm teasingly.
You stop walking, tugging his arm backwards to make him face you. There's that pull again; the sense of urgency to tell him how much he means to you; how the past weeks have been the happiest moments of your life; how every waking moment you spend with him is an adventure you're dying to embark upon and... how much you've fallen so deeply in love with him. You swallow the tears at bay when the realisation hits you. That night with Jeehyun when you told her you liked him wasn’t the whole truth after all.
It’s too late for you now. You’re hopelessly in love.
You start to say something, trying to piece together your fractured mind. But when Jungkook whispers your name in worry, the words catch at your throat again, your mind booing you at your cowardice.
"I don't hate you," you mumble instead, gazing deep into his eyes, trying desperately to convey the affection you feel towards the tattooed man.
Jungkook gulps, dark brown eyes searching your face for a moment, a soft 'Oh' escaping from his lips before he tugs you closer, resuming your walk deeper into the forest. Maybe it's the cold, but his hands tremble slightly as you squeeze him reassuringly.
The quiet of the situation isn't one of awkwardness, but a calm ocean of two people feeling so comfortable with each other that there isn't a need for words, allowing one another to be lost in their own thoughts. Jungkook squeezes your waist once, humming the one Paul Allen song that’s been stuck in his head. You want to say something more – to explain what you meant, but the words die on your throat when he stops walking all of a sudden to spin you around. You yelp at the sudden movement, causing Jungkook to snicker. At least this time you didn’t slip on the mushy ground. There's a flicker of softness in his features as he regards you, Jungkook's hands resting on your shoulders as he dips his face low so he's eye level. "Do me a favour and close your eyes for me? I promise I won't lead you astray."
You scowl, pushing him gently. "This is slowly turning into 'kidnap' territory, weirdo."
Jungkook laughs, tipping his head back. "Okay, I get it, but trust me on this?"
Sighing, you grab at his arm tightly when you close your eyes, letting him guide you deeper into the forest.
"No peeking!" he sings playfully.
You’re not sure how much time passes as the two of you walk for a little while longer, Jungkook humming next to you to keep the scariness at bay. There’s a woosh of air and the sound of water lapping against the shore, but before you can ask where you are, he leaves your grasp.
“Jungkook!” you screech in panic, hands swatting at the empty air, trying to find the built muscles of his arms.
"I’m right here, don’t worry. Sorry, I should’ve told you that I was moving,” Jungkook whispers apologetically behind you, cold hands on your eyes as he kisses the shell of your ear. “It's not much, but I do hope you like it, you can open your eyes now."
Jungkook removes his hands from your face and you blink a few times, letting your eyes adjust to the night. A gasp leaves your lips as you take in your surroundings, hands flying in front of your mouth at the gorgeous scenery. High above your heads, the moon winks at you playfully as the stars laugh, dancing merrily in the night sky. The still lake in front of you is a dark mirror reflecting the galactic scene above and the soft rustling of trees around you brings a soft thrum of wanderlust in your veins. You close your eyes, listening to the wind as it whispers secrets, welcoming you to the wondrous space.
"Jungkook, this is beautiful. How…?" You're at a loss for words, spinning around the clearing to take in the serene surroundings, giggling wildly as you spread your arms wide, drinking it all in.
"It's all by accident," he shrugs, taking large lungful of the crisp air. "I had a fight with my freshman roommate and needed to get away. I found this place on Google and started driving. I had actually gotten lost and I know you couldn’t see since it’s so dark, but I actually marked the trees so I can come back to this little clearing whenever I need to," he explains with a proud grin as he watches your figure carefully in case you slip on the uneven ground, ready to catch you at a moment's notice.
Jungkook takes a step towards you, catching your arm to stop your spinning form. He rests his hand on your cheek, stroking it delicately with his thumb, swaying your bodies slightly as he dips his face lower. "I've never brought anyone else here. It's been my secret for the longest time.” There’s a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he takes a shuddering breath, a sliver of white fog leaving his lips from the cold.
When he murmurs your name, his gaze burns into yours like a thousand splendid suns. "Do you like it?" he whispers after a heartbeat, eyes darting between your features to watch every millisecond of your reaction.
Your hands come to envelope his cold fingers on your face, closing your eyes momentarily to lean into his touch. You hum in approval, breathing in the familiar scent of him and the surroundings. "I do, I love it."
Jungkook clears his throat before he speaks again, his spare hand looping around your waist. “Can you do me-?”
“Yes, Jungkook, it will be my pleasure to do you,” you snicker, poking at his stomach teasingly. His muscles involuntarily harden at the touch causing your finger to bounce off his abs, and you sigh in delight as you splay your hands fully, running it up and down the hard muscles. Imagining a half-naked Jungkook feels wrong in the quiet of the forest, but you can’t help it, you’ve got needs.
"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm sleeping with you," he groans playfully as he rolls his eyes, removing his hand from your cheek to fluff his hair.
"Okay, okay, what is it, Koo?" you giggle as you drop your hand to the side, keeping the sinful thoughts at bay… for now.
"As I was saying, can you do me one last favour? Close your eyes for me."
"Okaaaaay?" you quip, but you listen to him anyway, screwing your eyes shut and sniffling slightly at the cold.
Jungkook takes a shaky breath and your heart speeds up, hands bunching at the hem of his jacket to keep them from shaking with anticipation. His cold hands soothe the burning of your cheeks, causing you to flinch backwards at the sudden contact. Jungkook whispers apologies, taking in large mouthfuls of air. His hands tremble slightly when they return to your cheeks and you feel his breath tickling your nose as he leans forward. The world halts and the sound of the wind dies down, the universe allowing you to feel every inch of sensation from your fingertips to your curling toes. There's a rush when the agony of waiting dissipates, Jungkook's lips finding yours, devouring you whole. Your name is a prayer to the heavens, Jungkook whispering it into the night once - twice - and your body finally reacts, reaching over to tangle yourself with his limbs, mouth clashing hungrily against each other.
When the hunger slows, Jungkook rests his forehead against yours again, closing his eyes to take in the moment, placing the occasional pecks on your lips as you both sway. Both his hands travel south to hold your, pulling your body flush against him. He extracts himself away from you, holding his arms out so you can twirl. When you return to his embrace, your hand resting on his chest while the other is captured in his, you hear that he's singing quietly, the words from the song in the radio you heard on the way over, tumbling from his lips.
"...just a kiss goodnight, maybe, you and I will fall in love," he croons, his velvet voice caressing your ears, causing your heart to pound loudly against your chest. Jungkook places his forehead against yours again, staring deep into your soul, dark eyes shining with emotions you know too well.
You've seen that look before because it's the same one you wear when you look at him. Could it be? Does Jungkook have feelings for you after all?
Keeping your fantasies at bay, you drink it all in. The steady pounding of your heart and the twinkle of stars in his eyes. The tranquil scene of dancing underneath the moonlight with a secret shared just between the two of you.
Jungkook stops singing, but he continues to hum other songs you don't recognise, twirling you around and swaying to the music crafted from his lips. Your eyes don't leave his features once, never straying from the face of a man that has caused you so much anguish in the past, but now someone you know you can't live without. The nagging in your brain is louder now - incessant - trying to force the words out that exist on the very tip of your tongue. There's a rational part of you that holds up the contract you've established with Jungkook and you know you'd rather have him this way than none at all, so you bite your cheek until it hurts, forcing yourself to smile brightly and to pretend that you're not dying inside as the feelings threaten to escape.
"Okay, that's all the surprise I have planned for you tonight," Jungkook laughs quietly after he finishes singing a song, removing his forehead from yours though his arm remains intact on your waist, tugging you towards the direction of his car. "Your nose is turning super red, Rudolph. Should we head home?"
"Jungkook, I -" you start to speak though the words catch in your throat. What's the proper thing to say at a moment such as this? Should you let the chance slip you by, rendering you speechless and flustered every time you see him afterwards, waiting - wishing - for another instance that's just as special as this one?
"Mamihlapinatapai," Jungkook's voice reminds you.
Frustration claws at your heart, tears pricking the corner of your eyes as you wrestle with your thoughts for the nth time that night. You’re confused and afraid, unsure of the proper course you’re meant to take when it comes to your relationship with him. Jungkook, sensing your distress, drops the smile that he’s wearing to search your features and you see the way he goes through his memories to try and pinpoint the moment he's upset you. Your heart wrenches at the sight, wanting to convince Jungkook that it isn’t his fault, but that will require you to spill the contents of your heart – and you aren’t sure if you’re ready for him to hold the entire thing in his hands. Even though you know he’s had it this entire time.
He whispers your name, the last syllable caught in a lilting, almost panicky voice. "Hey, what's wrong?"
Jungkook's eyes dart from your face to your body, moving your arms up and down to see if you're hurt physically. That familiar pang in your chest leaves you breathless and you step back from his vicinity. There’s a wild look in his eyes, brows furiously knotted together to try and decipher your actions.
"No, it's nothing! I'm just getting super tired and I'm worried that we'll be stranded here if you're getting sleepy," you ramble running your hands over your face to wipe the stray tears away, plastering a smile on your face in hopes he doesn't ask the real reason for your anguish.
He doesn't, though you see the tensing of his jaw as his tongue pokes at the side of his cheek, mulling over the pros and cons of pressing you. You whisper an apology to the heavens, and you wait patiently, turning your back towards the beautiful lake. Jungkook finally nods and takes your hand again, refusing to let go as you make your trek back to his car. You try to ignore the scent of his cologne wafting through the jacket you're still wearing, but when you exit the clearing, Jungkook leaving you for a bit to warm the engine of his car, you bury your face inside the fabric and take the longest breath in, trying to remember his scent before it eventually disappears.
"Okay, good night, I'll be on the couch if you need me," Jungkook yawns, closing the bedroom door behind him.
Darkness envelops your figure as you fidget underneath his blanket, his scent sending you into overdrive. The sleepovers have been a weekly occurrence now, sometimes Jungkook's too tired to move to the couch, so he turns his back to you to get as close to the wall as possible, but for the most part he tucks you under mountains of blankets before moving to the living room, obeying “no cuddling” clause in your contract. You can usually hear his snores and soft breathing if you press your ears against the plywood, but you don't do that tonight, mind churning out thoughts and possibilities about how the night would end if you just told him.
Your body feels feverish from the chill in the air and you have yet to feel the warmth returning to the tips of your fingers from your adventure outside. Diving deeper into the covers, you think about the kiss you shared with Jungkook in the clearing, replaying the scene in your mind like a movie. The needy part of your brain congratulates you sarcastically at your cowardice, unable to admit your own damn feelings towards the man sleeping in the other room. Frustrated, you throw the blankets away from you with a huff, abandoning sleep to pad quietly towards his bedroom window, seeking guidance from the moon. The luminescent orb in the sky sends no reply. Unhelpful piece of rock, you scowl.
You strain your ears against the bedroom door for a tell-tale sign Jungkook's still awake and when you hear absolute silence, you sneak into his wardrobe to steal his shirt, pulling the one you're wearing off your body. Does it count as stealing when you return it the next day? You digress, moving back towards the bed to breathe in his scent.
As you sit on his bed, back leaning against the wall, you try to remember the warmth of Jungkook's body on yours and your mind flits through the many instances of your adventures with him. There's the dressing room, the classroom, and the drunken night at Hoseok's party, all urges and desires that cloud your mind with pleasure. Tonight has been different and you're unsure if the changes are just from the romantic atmosphere… or if there's something else. You know your own feelings for the dark-haired man, but can you say for certain that he shares them with you? Truth be told, you’re scared. Scared of this beautiful relationship ending, even if the only tie between the two of you exist in physical intimacy. The frustration you feel brings an uncomfortable stab in your heart and since you're nowhere close to falling asleep, you figure you can distract yourself to round out the beautiful night.
With fingers bunching on the hem of the soft fabric you're wearing, a quiet sinful moan escapes your lips as you pretend it's Jungkook's large, warm hands tugging at your nipples underneath his shirt, imagining hot, open-mouthed kisses leaving marks on your neck, your shoulders, your body. You breathe his name into the air, trying to control your gasps so no sound can be heard from the room next door. Trailing your fingers lower, you aren't surprised to find your panties ruined, immediately discarding them away from your dripping cunt. Some of your whines are getting louder and you bite the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from raising your voice. You're getting close, so close to the precipice as you rub your clit harshly, trying to emulate Jungkook's touches that drive you wild. Your fingers aren’t as thick as his and they’re starting to cramp, but you persist, inserting three fingers to curl into your g-spot. Fuck, right there! Jungkook - your brain fuels your imagination, an image of dark purple locks drinking your arousal and tattooed fingers curling in your cunt, as you shudder, pushing your body harder until you feel the licking waves of pleasure coiling around your stomach.
"Well, isn’t this quite the sight?" the darkness speaks to you just as you’re about to succumb to your pleasure. Panting hard and heart pounding against your ribcage, you yelp at the sudden presence in the room, fingers leaving your dripping core to drag a blanket over your naked lower half. Your head snaps towards the bedroom door to find a half-naked Jungkook smirking at your helpless state. "If you wanted to fuck, you could've just woken me up. I mean, I'm right outside. Plus, I can definitely get you to cum much harder than your fingers."
You groan inwardly to beg the moon to crash into earth and bring forth destruction, so you don't have to face Jungkook in your precarious situation. The piece of rock floating in space did not respond and you threw a glare at the window, mentally flipping it off.
The blanket is ripped away from your body as Jungkook chuckles, throwing it over his shoulders. He comes up to the bed, climbing to kneel in between your spread legs, hands on either side of your head to trap you against the wall. With nowhere to go, you can see the glint in his eyes, a mischievous spark igniting behind those brown irises. "Now, what exactly are you doing in my bed with my shirt, hmm?" Jungkook asks rhetorically, face tilting to the side as he's inches away from your own.
You try to push his shirt lower to cover up the evidence, but his hands are faster, grabbing your wrist while making disapproving tsking sounds, placing the offending hand on the wall next to your face. A gasp leaves your lips, though it doesn't hurt, just a warning for what's to come if you continue to disobey. "Answer the question," he commands, the fire in his eyes turning from mischief to desire.
Jungkook leans closer, barely brushing his lips against yours. When you try to chase the fleeting touch, he chuckles and moves away, his spare hand cups your heat, fingers teasing at the entrance before a sharp smack rips a whine from you. He rubs his fingers rub your clit to ease the ache. "Keep this up and you won't get anything tonight. Use that pretty voice of yours, yeah?"
Bottom lip tucked between your teeth, you suck in a deep breath, half-lidded eyes roaming Jungkook's chest. "I was thinking of you," you whisper into the quiet as you try to escape his grasp even though you know it's futile. "I thought you were asleep and I didn't want to bother you since you drove for so long tonight. Also, unlike you, I can take care of myself just fine, thank you."
There's a heartbeat of a silence accompanying your laboured breathing and pounding heart. Even in the dim light, you can see the corners of his lips twitching upwards at your taunt. His grip on your chin tightens, causing your eyes to snap to his brown ones. There's a lazy lopsided smirk on his face, only one half of his dimple forming on his cheeks.
"I suppose if you can take care of yourself, I'll leave you alone." Jungkook's weight disappears from the bed. You can see his silhouette walking languidly towards the door as his hands are stuffed in his pockets. You make a frustrated, strangled noise, calling his name through gritted teeth.
"Jungkook, wait. Don't go."
"That's more like it." You hear the smirk behind his words, and you feel a shiver run down your spine. "Tell me exactly what you want, and I'll make it come true."
Jungkook's voice is barely a whisper, a sultry teasing causing your cunt to flutter around nothing. He holds your stare, waiting patiently for you to speak. In the darkness, his face remains impassive as the shadows cover most of it, but those eyes – the brown orbs seem to come alive right in front of you.
"Kiss me," you gasp breathlessly.
He’s impassive, on the edge of the bed with his arms folded in front of his chest. There’s a knowing quirk on his eyebrows, head tilting slightly as though he’s waiting for something. You gulp, feeling incredibly small against his broad frame. You know exactly what he’s waiting for and against better judgement, you crawl slowly towards him, leaving your dignity behind.
“... please.”
Satisfied, his weight returning to the bed as he uses both his hands to cup your face, tongue darting to lick your lips. His kisses always start out slow, a buildup of tension for what's to come. You moan when he parts your lips, guiding your tongue to dance with his. Your own hands claw at his chest, wanting to remedy the distance that's formed between your bodies, but he makes no move to close the gap, letting your sharp nails leave red traces on his skin, growling into the kiss at the dull pain.
"Come closer," you whine, grabbing him by the shoulders to crash your mouth into his lips again.
Chuckling, he finally envelopes you in an embrace, kissing your neck and jaw before moving back to your lips, shivering when he hears you gasp underneath him. When he parts, Jungkook's breathing hard, pink mouth glistening with the combination of your spit, eyes alight with lust eyeing your fucked out face. "Anything else? Or did you just want a good night kiss?"
"God, you just love the sound of your own voice. Get serious and fuck me already," you groan, hitting him playfully on his chest.
"Gladly," he snickers before fishing out a condom from the nightstand and shedding his pajama pants in one fluid motion.
Just as he's about to rip the condom, your hands palm his erection, marveling at the veins running on the side. Jungkook shudders, dropping the foil on the bed and you take the opportunity to wrap your lips around the weeping head, tongue licking the salty precum.
"Fuck, wait- are you sure?" comes Jungkook's raspy response, his fingers already tangling in your hair, breathing ragged as he tries to keep himself from filling your throat in one go.
You moan in answer, taking him deeper. Jungkook mutters more expletives under his breath, shifting slightly to kneel on the bed. The view from below is marvelous; Jungkook's eyes fluttering shut as he moans your name. His hands dig painfully in your scalp and you take it as a sign to continue, inch by satisfying inch sliding past the roof of your mouth as you struggle to take him all the way to the base. When he reaches the back of your throat, you breathe through your nose and swallow, earning a loud cry of your name from Jungkook.
“Shit – how is your mouth this tight? Fuck – you just love worshiping my cock, don’t you? Can you take it in deeper? Of course, you can, you’re so good to me – so fucking good.”
You moan around his length at the crude words, the vibration causing Jungkook to snap his hips inside you. Willing your throat to relax, you start to move, bobbing your head to a slow rhythm. Jungkook hisses as his pleasure builds, small spasms wrecking through his body as he tries to keep still for you. Tears are starting to prick in the corners of your eyes as you gag around his cock, feeling so fucking full, but you don’t stop, trying to push him in deeper – to please him the way he’s pleased you so often in the past.
Fingers squeezing on his thick thighs, you bob your head faster, relaxing your throat muscles to accommodate his length. "Fuck, no I'm going to cum - ah, shit -" Jungkook moans, thrusting into your mouth. He pulls out at the last second, groaning loudly as you leave his cock with a satisfying pop, gasping in mouthfuls of air. Jungkook crashes his lips against yours, bringing your body closer as his hands search the bed for the condom.
"God, you're marvelous," he exhales, bringing the foil to his lips.
"Koo," you say hesitantly, halting his movements to look at you. "Um, we're - I mean, you're not seeing anyone else, right?" Your eyes shift between his brown irises towards the foiled packet, swallowing your thunderous heartbeat, trying to hold on to your last shred of courage.
Jungkook drops the foil on the bed again, moving to cup your face gently in his hands. "Of course not. I'm not seeing anyone else. Are you?"
"No! I'm not seeing anyone else either. Sorry, I'm just insecure, is all," you smile weakly, wiping your sweaty palms on the sheets.
"Never thought I'd hear an apology from your lips," he chuckles teasingly. "There's no need to apologise, though. It’s perfectly normal to feel insecure."
He fishes for the condom amongst his sheets for the third time that night and you know that it's now or never. Your knuckles are white from bunching his shirt tightly and with scraps of bravery, you take the condom from Jungkook to throw it across the bedroom, the foil landing soundlessly on the carpet. He groans in protest, puzzled by your actions.
“What the fuck was tha-” he starts to say, but you quickly cut him off, a finger on his lips to stop him from talking.
"Canwefuckrawtonight-?" The words spill from your lips with your heart pounding dangerously loud against your ears.
"Wait- what?" Jungkook balks, blinking rapidly to try to make sense of your jumble of words. "Say it slowly."
"You said you'll make my wishes come true tonight," you speak slower, unable to disguise the desire trembling your vocal chords. "I want to, you know, try it out without the condom. I'm on the pill and recently got tested, I'm all clean. And I know I probably made things very awkward by talking about this literally moments before you fuck me silly, but… I don't know, it's both our calls, so, yeah… umm."
Very convincing and mature, you chastise yourself sarcastically, kicking your brain into the trash.
"Are you sure?" he breathes, hands pulling your face close to his. "I don't want you to regret this and this is a big ask. I've never, umm, done it raw before. But, I’m also clean, I swear."
"First time for everything," you grin sheepishly, throwing his words from months ago back at him. "Again, we can stop at any time if it makes you uncomfortable. Just because you said you'll make my wishes come true, doesn't mean you should."
Jungkook groans your name suddenly, causing you to flinch, before he shifts on the bed to rest his back on the headboard. "You'll be the death of me, I swear."
He pulls you on his lap, discarding the shirt you're wearing on the floor, baring your naked body before him. Jungkook cards his hands in your hair, whispering your name as his lips mark your jaw, your neck, your body. You’re not coming out of this room clean, already feeling him lick at the small hickeys he’s left, scattered on your skin like stars. The grip around your waist tightens, the kisses growing messier as he nips at your lips, growling when your tongues meet again.
"Fuck," he moans, grinding his cock against your cunt, causing a moan of his name to drop from your lips. "So wet for me. Are you sure this is okay?"
You nod fervently before you find your voice. "Yes, it's okay. I'm okay."
Your eyes close involuntarily as he lines himself against your entrance, moaning at the shivers running down your spine.
"Look at me as I fill you up… please," Jungkook pants, tipping your chin to meet his eyes.
Whining, you do as you're told, focusing your gaze on his brown irises, trying to keep them steady as he sheaths himself fully inside you, a unified moan escaping from both your lips. Jungkook's shivering against your touch and you can't say you're faring any better.
"Fuck, Koo, did your dick get bigger somehow?" you tremble, forcing a weak smile as you shift your hips to adjust to the monster nestled between your legs.
Jungkook moans wantonly when you start rocking slowly back and forth, hands gripping tightly on your hips. "You feel so fucking good and warm and - fuck - I don't think I can last long."
"That's okay, I can always help you get back up," you chuckle with a roll of your hips, relishing the sounds Jungkook's making underneath you.
He grins playfully, the moon outside causing a faint glow around his features as he matches your thrusts, eyes never straying from your face. His hand snakes to the front, rubbing your clit with his thumb as he fucks you faster, pushing you slightly to feel his entire length inside you. His name comes out in broken whimpers as you let him fuck you, filling you to the brim as the high continues to rise, the familiar knot returning to your stomach quickly since you weren't able to cum because he rudely interrupted your alone time.
“Fuck - your pussy is so tight,” he hisses with gritted teeth. “What do you think of when you touch yourself, hmm? What am I doing in your fantasies?”
You slam your hips to match his thrust, head and pussy both so full of Jungkook that it takes you a while to register the question. “I - shit, ah, Koo! I think of your f-fingers, fucking me with your hands and – ah, fuck – thinking about your lips making me cum,” you pant, barely making out coherent words. “Fuck, you feel so good!"
“You are such a fucking slut. That mouth of yours is only good at sucking dick, huh? Your entire body’s made for me to fuck it. Shit, you can’t even go a day without thinking about my cock fucking you into oblivion,” he rasps out, nipping at your earlobe as you howl in pleasure. “This fucking cunt – so tight and so wet for me all the time.”
"I'm close," you groan at his words, feeling utterly humiliated and yet loving every sinful word that drips from his lips.
“Say my name,” he growls, “cum on my cock and scream my name. Let everyone know who’s making you feel good tonight.”
When he thrusts faster, pushing you back on the bed to drive his cock even deeper inside of you, the coil tightens, heat flushing your body as you feel the onslaught of pleasure. "Fuck, Jungkook, I'm - fuck, fuck, fuck!" Your warning dies in your lips as your thighs tremble around his waist, a loud moan ripping from your throat when the orgasm shoots electricity down your spine, causing your body to thrash among his sheets. There’s wetness pooling underneath you, but you have no time to react because Jungkook’s plunging his dick deeper inside you, moaning wantonly at the feeling of your walls constricting around him as he chases his own high, eyes closing, focusing only on the sensation from your pussy.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum too."
"Inside - ah! Cum inside me, please. Fuck - fill me up, Koo," you beg, groaning as you angle your hips, letting him have as much access to your cunt as possible. You're hurtling towards your second orgasm of the night and you whimper as you bring your fingers on your clit to aid you along.
"Gonna cum one more time for me? Yeah? Needy slut isn't satisfied until I fuck you full of my cum? Shit, you feel so fucking good. You're so good to me. So beautiful – fuck," he growls, whispering more sweet things into your ears.
Your body turns rigid when you're on the brink of pleasure, waves upon waves of fire licking as your stomach coils and you make a mess of his sheets again, a broken cry of his name the only warning you can muster. It's with your second orgasm that Jungkook moans your name and you feel the warm ropes of cum filling you to the brim. "Fuuuck," he curses as he rides out his orgasm, thrusting a few times before exiting your ruined cunt, his cum spilling out.
His body trembles as he collapses beside you, struggling to catch his breath. Jungkook opens his eyes to find you staring at him, gnawing worryingly on your lips. "Hey, are you okay?" he gasps, propping himself upwards to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. "Shit, I couldn't control myself. Did I hurt you?" Jungkook scoops you closer in his arms, smoothing out your hair and peppering kisses on your face.
You giggle as you meet his kisses, shaking your head as you pull away to meet his eyes, unable to control the euphoria you're feeling. "No, you didn't hurt me. I feel... happy, but also so fucking sore. Did it feel good for you too?"
"Yes, holy fuck, you're amazing," he breathes, kissing you languidly on the lips and massaging your back. "God, I can’t believe we did that. I’d go for round two but it's getting late. Let's hop in the shower and go to bed?"
"Sure!" you smile, snuggling your head between his shoulders, leaving a quick kiss on his jaw before untangling your sweaty self from his embrace to shower.
The water feels nice on your heated skin and you sigh at the feeling, your heart finally steadying its pace. You hear the door open and shut and within moments, Jungkook stands behind you, a soft hum escaping his lips as he feels the water trickling down his face. His arms circle around your waist, body folding itself around you as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
"Mind if I join you?" he whispers as he kisses the shell of your ear.
"I mean, you're already here and I'm not so heartless as to kick a man out of his own shower," you laugh, carding your fingers through his soaked hair. "Also, you've been humming the same song since we got home. Is it stuck in your head?"
Jungkook grins, hands on your hips to sway to the rhythm. "...people say that love's a game, a game you just can't win…" he sings, spinning you around to face him, grabbing your hand to waltz around the cramped tile.
And though you're naked, in the shower with Jungkook, dancing to an old song falling from his lips, you've never felt this sense of peace before. There's an undeniable source of love emitting from his figure as he twirls you around, sinking his head to capture your lips occasionally. The song's looped a few times, but you don't dare tell him to stop, Jungkook's gorgeous voice bouncing off nicely against the tile walls and filling straight into your heart.
Wrapped up in a towel and giggling after the night, the two of you exit the room with the first peaks of the sun kissing the sky. You glance at Jungkook, both sets of eyes widening to find the new dawn approaching. You quickly get dressed, checking your phone a few times to see if you miss any messages, only to find that your early morning class has been cancelled due to an ill professor. You don't hide the squeal of excitement as you imagine spending another day with Jungkook, quickly texting Jeehyun that you're safe so she wouldn’t worry.
"Okay, I'm beat, I'm actually going to go to bed, so no funny business," he pokes at your forehead, smoothing out the new sheets and throwing the old ones in the laundry. "Good night, we both don't have classes today, so let's just relax and work on the project slowly."
Jungkook kisses your forehead quickly, the action warming up your body. You blink furiously at the intimate contact and he chuckles at your reaction, muttering "Cute," under his breath, shuffling your wet hair and retreating backwards to open the door.
You grab at his arm, unwilling to part just yet. Taking a deep breath in, you thread your fingers through his, pulling him close to you and away from the door handle. "I know there's been a few... addendums in our contract and there's a lot of new things that happened tonight," you start, gnawing at your bottom lip. "And maybe I'm blurring the lines here, but in the spirit of 'first time for everything'... can we cuddle?"
He's taken aback by your question, blinking rapidly in surprise. A shaky hand reaches towards you, his naked chest heaving with effort as he gulps. Jungkook kisses you once - twice - moving your tired bodies to the bed.
"Technically it’s the second time we’ll cuddle... but that’s beside the point. Are you sure?" he breathes when the two of you settle under the sheets, his thumb caressing your cheek gently. "I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. I’ll want to cuddle you every night if you stay over.” You can see the way he’s holding his breath, waiting for you to reject him and your chest warms at the puppy-eyed look he’s throwing at you.
"That’s okay, I want to cuddle with you every night too. It feels weird and empty after we fuck, you know? Sorry, looks like we’ll be changing the contract again," you say with a tired smile, nuzzling your head under his chin.
You're not sure where Jungkook's body starts and where you end, but you feel the synchronizing of your heartbeats melding into one.
Safe. You're finally safe.
And though at first you were too nervous to sleep, feeling the trembling of his arms as he pulls you in closer, his chin resting on top of your head, sleep claims you anyway, the sound of his slow beating heartbeat and his scent that fills your head.
The world fades to black as you no longer have the energy to fight off your consciousness. Jungkook's breath tickles your face as he leans in for one last kiss, planting one on your forehead after your lips. And maybe it's a trick of the hazy imagination you’ve formed in your thoughts, your memory casting to the far reaches of your mind of a dream that won't come true, but you think you hear him whisper, a desperate tone clinging to every syllable, voice thick with emotion.
"I love you and… I'm sorry."
Tumblr media
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hansolmates · 9 hours ago
shiver | 13 (m)
Tumblr media
banner done by the faaaabulous @dee-ehn​ / @dnrequests
summary; your childhood crush jeon jungkook has changed since he moved out of his small town church community and attended college. when he returns for a christmas mass, you suddenly crave a taste of his fun and carefree life. in exchange, jungkook craves a taste of you pairing; bad boy!jungkook x church girl!reader genre/warnings; childhood friends to lovers, brief childhood friends to enemies, fwb!au, coercion, manipulation, catholic guilt, jungkook is a meanie who eventually turns into a soft tsundere, bicuriosity, sexual exploration, virgin!oc, eventual smut—in this installment, mutual masturbation, slight dom mc, tit sucking, it’s almost to the point she’s ooc but really she’s just excited she’s getting some on the reg  w/c; 1.2k a/n; just. blushes. sdklfjsd;kl tbh i don’t know if i like this. takes place a month or so after the last installment. enjoy! [shiver masterpost]
Tumblr media
“Can I touch you?” you ask breathlessly, squirming under Jungkook’s roaming fingers.
“I don’t know, can you?” 
His sarcasm cracks your lust-ridden haze, and you sharpen your eyes towards where Jungkook’s focused on, getting your panties off so he can get you off. Yet, you can never do the same. 
You thought it was because Jungkook wanted to go slow with you. Wanted to ease you in and make sure you’re comfortable. You’ve stated multiple times this week that you’ve been more than comfortable, and you’d like to go further. Yet, Jungkook’s never taken off his clothes. Sure, he’ll finger you into oblivion and eat you out for hours, but the actions are never reciprocated. 
“What are you holding out on?” 
“Nothing, it’s nothing.” 
Jungkook’s eyes look towards your dress, the pleated crinkles ringing around the edge of the couch. Prior to your question he seemed eager to play with you, however his eyes dim a bit at your prodding. Jungkook rolls off of you, absentmindedly tugging at your skirts to pull the fabric down to your knees. 
Knotting your brows together, you press your back against the arm of your couch, “You’re so hard,” you declare, gesturing to the apparent bulge in his jeans. It’s straining, begging to be let free. “I want to suck your dick, Jungkook.” 
He coughs, choking on his saliva. “I’ve made a monster,” he mouths to himself.  
“Do you not want me to?” you snap, crossing your arms and hugging yourself. “What, do you not want me to? Are you that repulsed by me?” 
“No, of course not!” 
“Then why?” you insist, “I know you haven’t had sex in weeks since we’ve started this. I told you I wanted this yet you’re only focusing your attention on me. What’s holding you back?” 
Jungkook forces a smile and says, “How can you touch me when you haven’t come yet? C’mere.” 
Yet you back away. “Jungkook,” you repeat. 
“I want to, Bunny,” Jungkook says slowly, levelly, “I can’t explain this now, I really want to, but I’m not ready yet.” Not ready? You fish through your mind trying to piece everything together. “It isn’t you, I promise,” Jungkook says when you don’t reply to him. Daresay, he looks nervous telling you this. “You’re super hot. In fact, you never fail to turn me on.” 
You snort at his bluntness. That gets an idea flowing to your brain. “Then if you won’t let me touch you, will you let me watch you?” 
It’s clear that Jungkook doesn’t expect that. “Do you know what you’re saying—” Jungkook tugs at his hair, but doesn’t push his urgings for you to come to him. 
“I’m not going to touch you,” you hold your hands up, feigning innocence. 
“But still,” he tries. 
“Is your dick ugly or something?” 
“Excuse me—” 
“I bet I could come just watching you.” 
The young man’s brows fly up to his fringe, eyes widening at your darkening gaze. 
“C’mon, I know you like a challenge,” you twist your mouth into a grin and spread your legs, slipping a finger between your lips. You suck lightly, enjoying the way Jungkook’s brain short-circuits at your posture.  
“Kook, don’t you want to see who’ll come first?” 
You fight the urge to smile in success when his jaw ticks, his teeth gnawing at the edge of his lips. Sweat dots his hairline, the roots just barely peeking through and melting into his golden fringe. 
“I really have created a monster, haven’t I?” Jungkook mutters to himself, reaching for your hand, “let’s get to the bed.” 
Tumblr media
“Mm, you’re so good, Jungkook,” you whisper into his hair, “you got your dick all wet because of me, huh?” 
Daresay, you’re under a spell. You can’t drift your gaze away from Jungkook, the glistening planes of his body as he works himself into a sweat. Beads of precum roll across the head of his cock, and every few seconds his thumb is smearing over the top, adding to the slickness of his pumps. 
A taste of control and you’re a goner. You’ll be cumming any second, so you slow yourself down by stroking your bud slowly, watching with rapt attention and Jungkook rolls his cock to completion. His sweatpants and shirt are kicked to the side, and his cock is sitting proudly over his boxer briefs, red and heady. 
Your clothes are all off, feeling riled up already from your previous acts on the couch. It’s like the two of you are separate, like you’re viewing a five-star show while Jungkook’s eyes are closed and enraptured in pleasure. 
“Jungkookie,” you press yourself closer, arching your naked body so your head rests on the backboard, “open your eyes, look at me.” 
His eyes flutter open, mouth parted at the sight. The day Jungkook went blond was the day you got your first tattoo. You did it in secret, wanting for it to heal to show him. A blooming flower, shown in three phases. The bud sits under your breasts, growing to a full rose at the top of your breasts. It’s cliche, but you like to think of it as your own budding into maturity. 
“That’s what you did,” he murmurs, face inching closer to view the intricate shading, “it’s sexy, Bunny, fuck—” 
The noises coming from Jungkook spur you back, and your eyes return to how disgustingly attractive he looks getting himself off. The slick sounds he makes from his rubbing, he looks like he’s about to burst.
“Jungkook,” you breathe into his blond strands, golden colored whisps against his lips, “put your mouth on my breasts.” 
“Mmuh? Wait what—” 
“Kook,” you sigh in frustration, “please!” 
Finally, Jungkook comes to his senses. He arches his back and latches his lips onto a breast, suckling on the dusky nipple. You moan, rubbing your throbbing cunt faster. He’s sloppy and wet and you love it so much. 
Normally he’d be more calm, collected. He’d watch with straight eyes as he laps up your moans and pleasure, finding joy in the control he has over your body. It seems now that the lines are blurred, and he can barely focus with both. It’s stimulating. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jungkook’s brown eyes clinging to the rose inked onto your body, suckling and swirling at your breast. 
“Ah—fuck, Jungkook that feels so good,” you cry, practically drooling on his forehead as you let yourself succumb to the stimulation, “does it feel good, Kook? Do you like it when you touch yourself in front of me? Can you please cum? I wanna see it, I want to see both of us get so messy—” 
“Bun—ungh,” your hands quicken to match his pace, reaching your high and gaining traction as Jungkook’s teeth scratch against the sensitive skin of your pebbled nipple, “Mm, gonna cum, yeah? You’re cumming too?” 
The game was to see who would cum first, you think absently. All is forgotten as the two of you are trapped in a haze, both anchored by each other’s releases. All of a sudden Jungkook is cumming, thick hot strands of white painting his belly as he rides out his high. Your thighs are also ruddied with your own slick, and you’re breathing heavily as you watch with a watered mouth at the sight in front of you. 
Don’t touch, your little voice reminds you. Yet you ignore it, a shaking finger reaching out to barely swipe at the cum that sits on Jungkook’s abs, and you put it in your mouth. Jungkook doesn’t have the energy to berate you. 
“So,” Jungkook exhales, stuffing his face full of your breasts, “is my dick ugly?” 
You laugh, resting your cheek on the soft strands of his hair, “It’s pretty, just like the rest of you.”
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eternally-writing · 9 hours ago
lovesick | knj.
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
rating: G (no swearing or sexual content)
pairing: Namjoon x reader
prompt: A gets sick and B insists on taking care of them. B is really clumsy and messes everything up but A doesn’t care because they are just glad B is there
word count: 602
warnings: none 
banner by me! Part of the Drabble challenge for BTS Ghostie Writers 
“You shouldn’t be here”
You looked like a wreck. You were wearing the same sweater and shorts that you’ve had on ever since your throat started to feel a little scratchy, your hair could easily have something living in it and nobody would be able to find it, and there was a streak of something on your face (best case rice pudding, worst case vomit), that was really just the icing on the cake. 
On the contrary, Kim Namjoon stood in front of you looking like the epitome of beauty and grace in your front door, shopping bag in hand. 
“I brought all your favorites! Let me in Y/N, please”
Unable to muster the strength to resist, you simply stepped to the side, a silent welcoming of your boyfriend into your apartment. 
It was no secret that Namjoon was a klutz. On your first date, he ended up breaking his wine glass and his dinner plate, and you both ended up eating take-out in a park after paying the restaurant a generous tip. He had broken many things over the years - everything from vases, curling irons, and AirPods. If something could break, there was a chance that Namjoon had broken it. There was a reason that you always cooked on date nights and that Namjoon had never touched the stove in your apartment - that would change tonight.
Breaking you out of your trance, Namjoon’s voice called out to you from the kitchen. 
“I’m making chicken noodle soup!”
If your chest wasn’t already tight enough, the idea of Namjoon alone in your kitchen responsible for using the stove and cutting up lots of vegetables definitely did the trick. But as Namjoon helped you to the couch, you couldn’t help the sleep that overcame you as he laid you down on your couch and started running his fingers through your hair. Your sleep was so peaceful (aside from the occasional clanking sounds of what you presumed to be a knife hitting your counter).
The cold feeling of a damp towel on your forehead woke you up, your boyfriend’s smiling face in front of you. In contrast, he was holding a steaming bowl of soup in front of you, and by some miracle, it actually looked not only edible but also delicious. If you had more energy, you would’ve taken a photo of it and sent it to the boys, who constantly laugh at him for his clumsy kitchen skills.
Right as Namjoon was about to feed you your first mouthful of soup, you heard a very unnerving noise from your kitchen. Namjoon immediately said he would handle it, but after he had been gone for all too long you had to get out of bed to see what the ruckus was. 
You were met with the sight of Namjoon in your kitchen, and your stove covered in his chicken soup. It didn’t take a detective to figure out what happened - Namjoon had probably left the stove on when he came to give you soup, which had subsequently exploded all over your kitchen. 
To put it frankly, your kitchen was a mess. 
But you couldn’t care. All the effort Namjoon had put it made you so happy and at the end of the day, you were just happy he was there. You didn’t need chicken noodle soup or a clean house as long as you had Namjoon. 
“Turn the stove off and come back to bed, babe. I’m dying to try this soup.”
Maybe it’s not chicken soup that makes you feel better when you’re sick. It the love of the person making it.
Thank you for reading! If you like what you read please make sure to interact/follow - Emily  ♡
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mingoyeob · 10 hours ago
for the glory (m)
Tumblr media
summary ⇾ seokjin makes a bet and loses it. his punishment? sticking his dick through a hole in a bathroom stall.
pairing ⇾ seokjin x reader
genre ⇾ smut, crack if you squint
warnings ⇾ cursing, fingering, oral, big dick seokjin, glory holes, facials
word count ⇾ 3.4k
authors note ⇾ sorry i have a glory hole kink
frankly, seokjin didn’t know why he was here. after all, he doesn’t usually this which was very evident in his sweaty palms and the repeated sound of his foot tapping against the tiled floor. in his head he couldn’t help but curse his so called friends - jungkook, taehyung and hoseok. the mischievous bastards they were. all of this, him being here in this place, was their fault.
he should’ve known better of course. there’s no way anyone in their right mind would dare to take jungkook on in a drinking game. the frat boy was practically a living, breathing beer keg. but the rest of them had baited him into doing it and he wasn’t one to have his pride questioned. it’s obvious how that bet turned out. for if he had won, he wouldn’t be here standing in a dirty bathroom stall, staring down at a hole in the wall between his stall and the one next to him.
yes you heard him correctly - a hole. a glory hole to be more precise. this was the fate the three imbeciles had chosen for him and he intended to see it through. otherwise he would surely be the laughing stock of the group until someone else screwed up.
“hello, are you there?” the low sound of a voice purring from the other side of the stall had his breath catching. “i’m ready for you daddy.”
he could tell that was your poor attempt at getting him aroused, but it didn’t seem to be working. he just gulped and continued to stare dumbly at the wall.
hmm the quiet type huh?
you were used to men like this. some liked to call you names, ask you questions they imagined you would respond to if you didn’t have their dicks in your mouth. but every now and then you would get the one guy who remained quiet the entire time, hushed moans and grunts sounding from the other side of the wall. this guy seemed to be the latter. that’s fine, you knew how to handle them.
“we don’t have to talk but, to do my job you’re gonna have to give me something to suck on.”
that seemed to snap seokjin out of it and he clumsily began to fumble with the button of his jeans, only stopping to push his glasses up his nose. but when he reached his hands inside his underwear he was met with a little bit of a problem - actually a big problem.
“hellooooo....” the impatience was evident in your voice, but he didn’t know what to say. he was embarrassed enough as it is.
“umm just give me a minute...”
“look mister, i don’t have time to play around-“
“i said just give me a minute.” you could hear he was getting aggravated, but you didn’t really care. he was taking up time that could be used to service another customer - one that would actually get to paying you.
“well what’s the hold up.”
“...its not working.”
did you hear him correctly? what did he mean by ‘it’s’ not working?
“uh, what exactly are you talking about?”
“my dick. i’m talking about my dick.” you registered his words with a quiet oh as you realized that’s what he meant.
you tried not to laugh, honestly you did. after all erectile distinction was normal. but he sounded like he was pretty young and usually the young ones had no issue getting it up the minute they walked into the stall. however it didn’t seem like you were doing a good job at hiding your amusement towards the situation. you don’t know if it was the giggles that managed to escape from behind your hand or the sound of the stall shaking as you held onto it for dear life to keep you from keeling over. either way he could tell. you were laughing at him. at him! mr. worldwide handsome! he couldn’t bear the shame.
“that’s it, i’m leaving-“
“no wait!” your voice made him halt, hands stopping in the middle of closing his pants back up.
“i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to laugh....” a scuff came from the other side of the wall at your words. “if you stay, i can try and help you.”
“help me?”
“help you finish i mean.”
the mere idea of seokjin needing help to get his dick up should’ve made him even more privy to leaving and never looking back. but there was something about the way you talked to him. you sounded nice - sounded like you actually cared about whether or not he got off.
“what can you possibly do from the other side of this wall.” it was a good question, the hole wasn’t even big enough for a hand to fit through so it’s not like you could touch him.
“i could talk to you...? some people like it when i talk dirty to them.”
it didn’t sound like such a bad idea. maybe he could try it out.
“okay but if it doesn’t work i’m leaving.” seokjin stuck his chin up in indignation as if you could see how adamant he was about not staying here longer than necessary. he could hear you take a deep breath before continuing. this better be good.
“what are you wearing...?”
now it was his turn to laugh. loud and squeaky like, the distinct sound of a wind shield wiper ringing throughout the bathroom.
“really are you serious?! what am i wearing? you’ve got to be kidding me!”
hearing him mock you made your face heat up. after all you were sorta, kinda, maybe (?) a professional. you had made countless men cum before, why would he be any different?
“well...what do you want me to do?!” you hoped the whine in your voice wasn’t as noticeable as it seemed. “maybe you should do something yourself!”
his lackluster response shocked you. half of you thought he would just take your words of defeat as a cue to leave.
“well - fine - okay then! go ahead, i’ll wait.”
there was a beat of silence. a clearing of his throat.
“...touch yourself.”
“you heard me....t-touch yourself.” his words flustered you and seokjin could tell - for a second he lost whatever confidence spurred him to make the demand. this was new to him and he hoped he hadn’t offended you.
“but you can’t even see me.” he didn’t actually expect you to do this, did he?
“it’s okay. i have a good enough imagination.” and who were you to question his request. after all whatever got him to finish and pay you for giving him a good nut was okay with you. its not like it was too crazy.
you didn’t really know where to begin, but starting at your breast seemed like a good idea. so you brought your hands up to your chest, trailing them down over your neck before gently kneading at the mounds over your shirt. you didn’t usually wear a bra so you could feel the minute your nipples began to pebble at your touch. it didn’t feel too bad and not soon after your breath started to pick up as you began to feel the pleasure bloom in your core.
“i want- i want you to tell me what you’re doing.”
hearing him ask you to vocalize what you were doing to yourself on the other side of the stall had heat filling your face. but you did it anyway, fingers continuing their mission of rubbing over your nipples.
“i’m touching my breasts.” you hoped he couldn’t hear how breathy you sounded. “my nipples are getting hard.”
you heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down. seemed like this was off to a good start.
“are you still wearing you shirt?”
“take it off.”
you didn’t need to be told twice, hands fumbling to pull the material over your head and tossing it to the side, fingers immediately going back to your chest. you couldn’t help but start to flick at your nipples, the pleasure making you want more.
seokjin could hear that you were starting to enjoy it and much to his delight shy moans began to leave your lips. before long he could feel the tell tale signs of his cock hardening in his pants. so as he reached down to unzip them the rest of the way, pulling his member from its confines, he started thumbing at the head. meanwhile your hand was beginning to wander, finally getting tired of the slow pace. just like seokjin your hand was reaching down, lifting up the bubblegum pink skirt you opted to wear in an effort to start rubbing at your slit over your underwear, the feeling making you let out a pleasure filled gasp. he must’ve noticed you were getting louder.
“wh-what are you doing now?” he gulped, thumb still rubbing at the head of his cock. precum was already starting to spread across his fingertip.
“i’m rubbing myself over my underwear.” you could fell a wet spot starting to form under your hand. “i want to...i want to take them off. please mister can i take them off?”
hearing you ask for permission had him leaking more. jin couldn’t help but groan, spitting in his hand to begin stroking at himself.
“yes. yes please, take them off”
after getting the go ahead, you began to maneuver yourself on the floor of the small stall to remove your underwear and then getting right back on your knees in front of the hole. your hands once again found your cunt and you whined at the feeling. you should’ve been embarrassed. the small amount of foreplay already had you soaking your fingers. you couldn’t help but trail your fingers up to the bud of your clit, lurching forward at the feeling. you had to use your other hand to steady yourself on the wall.
“tell me what you’re doing. you gotta-“his hips jerked forward as pleasure shot up his spine from the hand on his cock. “you gotta tell me, so i can cum.”
once again you let out a whine at his words - fingers picking up the pace between your legs.
“i’m rubbing my clit. it feel so good mister-“
“jin. call me jin.”
“ah..jin. it feels so good.” the sound of his name coming out of your mouth had him groaning in response.”wanna put my fingers in.”
“yes, fuck, put your fingers in. wanna hear you fuck your pretty pussy.” and of course he didn’t knew what your pussy looked like, but he just knew it had to be beautiful. so much so he wished he could see it up close.
once he told you what to do you gladly moved your fingers down to your slit, sticking the tip of a cold slick covered finger into yourself. seokjin heard a shaky oh escape your lips and he knew you had listened to his request, his hand starting to pick up its pace.
you could hear the wet sounds of him touching himself too as you slide two fingers into your self, digits finding their home inside your spongy walls, knowing where to touch. you were already starting to match jins pace on the other side of the wall. the rocking of your body was causing the stall begin to shake and jin could tell how good you were fucking yourself. the precum on his hand made the glide easier, he could already feel his end starting to approach.
“shit- i’m about to cum.”
“no!” you didn’t want this to be over just yet, not until you got the orgasm you so desperately needed.”please, i want to see your cock. wan’ taste it.”
that only served to push him closer to edge, but begrudgingly he pulled his hand away, hips jerking forward to chase the pleasure. but ultimately he agreed - glory holes were for blow jobs - not for him to stand here and make himself cum. so he did what you asked, shoving his cock through the hole. his eyes caught the sight of the words stick it here with an arrow accompanying the makeshift cut in the wall and he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.
though his amusement was cut off short as he felt the subtle touch of a hand on his cock come from the other side. and fuck was his dick really that wet, or was that your own slick covering your fingers. the thought had his member twitching.
your eyes picked up on the movement, the hand stuck inside your cunt coming to a halt. if you weren’t already turned on you were sure the sight in front of you would’ve had you leaking a puddle on the floor.
his cock was huge to the say the least. you were surprised it even fit through the hole. it wasn’t long per say but it definitely had girth to it. the shaft was so wide you didn’t even think you could fit two hands around it, let alone in your mouth. he wasn’t lying when he said he was close to cumming, the head shiny with precum and so red it looked like it could burst any minute. the sides were textured with veins and followed the slight curve upwards of his cock. you knew that if he had put that thing inside of you it would’ve found your gspot instantly. you’d probably cum in minutes. it had you speechless. however jin took your silence as bad news, already beginning to pull his hips back and retreat in embarrassment.
“sorry. i thought you meant-“
“no, i didn’t- i mean i did. i didn’t mean to offend you. it’s just it’s so-“ he waited for you to finish your sentence nervously. “it’s so big.”
and that was the complete opposite of what he was expecting you to say. he knew that he was a bit more endowed than most men, but he thought big was a bit of an exaggeration. you had to have seen bigger in your line of work. was this even your line of work? or was it just a side thing you did on the weekends.
of course he would get distracted by his stupid thoughts. only seokjin would get caught up in rambling at a time like this.
“i don’t think i can fit it all in my mouth...”
“but i can try.”
the feeling of your lips finally touching the head of his cock had his hips jerking forward till his hips were flush against the wall. he could feel the delayed orgasm from before returning with a ferocity.
without wasting time you leaned forward and kissed his tip, not being able to stop yourself from finally getting a taste. you moaned at the saltiness that immediately hit your tongue - eyes closing in satisfaction. when even more began to leak out, you took it as a sign to continue and slowly began to take the rest of the bulbous head into your mouth - jaw already beginning to strain from the stretch. the slight hum you let out at the feeling had his cock twitching in response.
“fuck, please.” seokjins adam apple bobbed in his throat. “please i need to cum.”
obliging his request, you slowly began to take more of him into your mouth, tonguing at the bulging veins. you only stopped when it reached the back of your throat, gagging slightly as it bumped against your uvula. he must’ve liked the feeling and his hips thrusted forward causing tears to form at the corners of your eyes.
“shit i’m so sorry. i can’t help myself” you let out a confused hummed and raised your eyebrow as if he could see the question in your eyes. “sorry if this hurts.”
the feeling of his hips starting to pull back from your mouth had you thinking you did something wrong, but his cock shoving back into your throat hard had your eyes flying open.
seokjin immediately set a fast pace - hips knocking against the wall and shaking the stall. the feel of the ridges at the top of your mouth continuously grazing his cock had his brain shooting sparks. not to mention your throat squeezing around him as you gagged from his continuous thrusting had him ready to cum. he knew he was pushing you past your limits, but he knew you could take it. you were a good girl he could tell.
and yes he was pushing you past your limits. if he could see you on the other side of the wall he would see the tears leaking down your face and the streaks of mascara running down your cheeks, drool leaking from around your lips. you probably looked a mess - but you didn’t care. you couldn’t help but move your hand back down to your aching cunt, remembering how close you were to cumming before he started fucking your mouth. the feeling of your hand bumping against your clit had your eyes rolling back in your head and when you slipped three fingers straight in yourself, even the mouthful of cock couldn’t stop the dirty moan that came from your throat. you didn’t waste time, already shoving your fingers in and out at the same pace that seokjin was fucking your mouth.
from the squelching sounds coming from the other stall and the feel of you moaning around him, he could tell what you were doing and it only made him shove his cock harder through the hole, fingers scratching at the wall for leverage as he grunted.
“yeah that’s right god fuck yourself on your fingers like a good girl.” you merely whined in response. “cum like you would on my cock.”
your hips were humping at your hand like a wild animal, chasing your own high as your mouth fell open and let him completely ruin your throat. your eyes were blank, not a thought in your head besides cumming. you only wished it was his cock fucking you silly instead of your own fingers.
“i’m close baby girl. are you gonna let me cum in that tight mouth of yours?” he felt you nodding your head rapidly. your mouth straining to form the words yes and please as if he could hear with a cock all the way down your throat. if he wasn’t so lost in pleasure he would’ve laughed. who would’ve guessed you were such a cum hungry slut. briefly he thought back to when you laughed at him earlier for not being able to get it up. he bet you weren’t laughing now.
you were so fucking close. you could feel your walls clenching and fluttering around your fingers. but you wanted to wait - wanted to taste his cum on your tongue. fortunately you didn’t have to wait very long as you felt his cock twitch and explode in your mouth, seokjins cum flooding your mouth and leaking out of the corner of your lips.
there was so much of it you were chocking on it. the taste had you gushing as you pulled off his cock to let out quiet screams and moans. but you pulled off too soon and seokjin was still cumming. streaks of white continued to burst out the head, some of it splattering over your chest and some on your cheeks. you barely managed to avoid it getting in your eyes and moved your head so it would land on your forehead instead. the feel of it leaking all over you had you reaching a second high, body shivering and shaking as waves of pleasures raked through you. with a groan you collapsed back against the wall behind you, fingers slipping out of your abused slit with a squelch. all you could do was lay there with your legs wide open and skirt still flipped up. the cum all over you was cooling, but your arms lay too tired next you to wipe it off. you were completely spent.
being so out of it you didn’t even register seokjin slipping his cock out of the hole or hear him zipping him self back up as he tucked his cock back into his pants. for a second the quiet had you forgetting he was even in the bathroom with you, but when the door to your stall began to rattle you quickly sprung back up in attention - gazing at the door with fright. realizing it was just seokjin opening the door you quickly relaxed, suddenly bashful about your appearance.
“i hope you’re not too tired.” the smile on his face had your body tensing back up.
“cause’ i’m not done with you yet.”
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caribbeanempressblog · 10 hours ago
StarStruck 💫
Ot7 x Reader
Work count : 1.3k
Hi lovelies it's been forever since I wrote anything wanted to bless you guys with a lil something while I find my groove again. Hope you enjoy 💞
“Hyung there's something wrong with the Tv!” Jungkook's face turned up in a scold as he stood in front of the 32 inch plasma screen.
He didn't appreciate the screen going blank in the most crucial moments of his game of overwatch just when he was about to clear level 75. How rude. They were currently on a three day break from their jam pack schedule of being the biggest band on the planet and he was passing his time catching up on his favorite game.
He pressed the power button again on the remote control waiting for it to power back on…….. Nothing.
Another pressed furiously this time thumb clicking the springy object rapidly as he pushed the control closer to the TV.
Jungkook, annoyed with whatever had caused the TV to stop working, fling the remote on one of the six seater sofas watching as it bounced on the soft maroon colored covering then make its final resting place face up between the creases.
“Did you break it jungkook-ah?” Seokjin called from somewhere he couldn't be seen as jungkook just about knelt in front the massive glass space saver intent on checking the wiring and switches hoping to find the source of his problem.
“That's Namjoon hyung specialty” Jungkook called back as he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth as he came up empty handed with the switches.
The sudden sound of static through the surround sound speakers in which he played his game at maxed volume filled the otherwise silent room almost making him fall over.
“Fuck” Jungkook swore as he shot to his feet frantically grabbing the remote of the chair and pressing on the the lower volume key only it wasn't working.
Panic filled his blood as he pressed the nob furiously as the black and white bubbled across the screen, the sound projecting through the speakers making his ears hurt from the high pitch.
“What the fuck are you doing? “ Yoongi asked a dangerous tone to his voice as he entered the living room satin eye mask settled on his forehead he must have been asleep when the noise sound off he entered the room rubbing the remnants of sleep from his eyes as he walked over to where Jungkook stood in front of the television.
“It's not working” Jungkook whined as he pressed again.
“Give me that,” Yoongi said as he grabbed the remote from Jungkook.” Did you break it? “ he asked brows drawn together in a frown as he pressed a combination of buttons which did nothing to stop the noise that was irritating his nerves.
Jungkook scratched the back of his neck”of course not it just trip of and came back on of its own accord”
Now that he thinks about it, that's exactly what happened. It was off and then it came back on of its own accord now it wouldn't come off.
“What's this horrendous noise about?” Hoseok appeared hands covering his ears to block out the sound.
“Jesus kook why do you play that shit so loud for anyways? “ Yoongi was still fighting with the remote just as Hoseok made his way to stand beside Yoongi to see what all the ratchet was about.
Jungkook's hand came up in defense. “ I swear it wasn't that loud when I was playing”. Eyes going big in defense. Another thing he didn't do but had happened anyways was an uneasy feeling settling in his stomach as Hoseok took his turn at the remote. Maybe he had some hidden power they didn't possess.
“So what, we live with ghosts now” was Yoongi's sarcastic remark as the screen continued to flash and the sounds filled the room.
“Did any of you idiots try unplugging it?” Seokjin emerged from the kitchen hands on his hips as he scolded the three others in the room.
“Uhhh” Jungkook in the middle of the chaos forgot about the most obvious thing to do, they all glanced at each other in embarrassment. Hoseok, the enthusiastic one walked over to the switch pulling the plug from the wall and just as he did silence once again filled the living room.
“Well this is embarrassing” Yoongi said as he plopped down on the sofa drawing his foot up then spreading his body out in a relaxing position giving a little sound of satisfaction when he found the right spot.
“Jungkook-ah I told you about playing games this loud” Seokjin scolded him, fingers pointing in a warning gesture. Jungkook's face turned red in embarrassment. “I swear I didn't! It just went up by itself”
Seokjin opened his mouth to say something but before he could get the words out his attention was pulled to the plasma screen of the television which was blaring static once more.
“What the fuck!? “ Yoongi shot up off the couch in alarm eyes blazing ready to fight jungkook for being a brat only to find everyone frozen in place and looking at the television.
“I told you something weird was going on” Jungkook said nervously as the unexplained unplugged TV continued to be static.
“You guys, what the hell do you think it's a ghost?” Hoseok asked in alarm, inching closer to Jungkook.
“Don't be ridiculous it's probably some power surge” Seokjin scolded but even he didn't look convinced.
“Guys there is some weird shit going on upstairs I swear I saw something materialise in the middle of my bedroom” Namjoon said as he made his way into the living room brows furrowed.
“My phone is acting weird. I can't even get a signal” Taehyung said as he entered the room from an adjacent door holding the cursed object up for the room to see.
Jungkook looked at the phone and saw the same static across the screen like the television. He pulled out his own phone out of his pocket pressing the power button only it wouldn't come on.
“What do you mean something materializes?” Yoongi asked.
“ I don't know. It happened quickly. The light started to blink. I looked up and I swear I saw -” Namjoon pause uncertain how to explain the unexplainable.
“Saw what? “ Seokjin coaxed.
“A portal”
Yoongi glared at Namjoon. “ A portal? Are you drunk?”
“I know what I saw!” Namjoon exclaimed, hand slapping the air knowing how ridiculous the whole thing sounded when he said it out loud but it was what he saw.
Jungkook was only half listening as they bickered back and forth, his attention drawn to the middle of the room as an electric under current filled the room.
“Guys are you feeling this?”Jungkook asked just as the overhead light began to flicker.
Jungkook couldn't explain what was happening. It was like all the air had been sucked out of the room,goosebumps broke out on his skin, all the fine hair standing at attention as the sight unfolded before him.
Jungkook could only stare as what can only describe as a magical portal begin to open up in the middle of the living room. Specks of light filled the room along with a buzzing sound erupted all along them.
"Jungkook get away from there!" Seokjin's panicked voice called from behind him only then did he realize that he had taken several steps towards the light and away from the boys who had all piled behind the sofa several different looks of fear and wonder on their faces.
Jungkook had no time to react as Yoongi screamed his name, at that precise moment a burst of energy blast right through him sending him flying across the room and landing with a heavy thud.
Jungkook groaned in pain as he came too, his head pounding and his body aching as he hands grip the sofa to pull himself into a sitting position only to realize the couch had saved him hitting ground but it had suffered tremendously as the four legs holding it upright had broken down.
"Jungkook are you ok? '' a voice whispered as a hand gripped his shoulders helping him to stand. Jungkook nodded as his feet wobbled beneath him, whatever had hit him did a number on him.
"Everybody ok?"
"What was that?"
Jungkook couldn't answer as his eyes were drawn to the vision laid out before him. Jungkook stepped forward blinking to make sure the blow wasn't affecting his vision.
"Hyungs please tell me you're seeing this".
Jungkook inched closer to the body curled into a ball on the floor as the light over head began to flicker.
"Is that a girl?".
Sorry my PC isn't working I'm posting from my phone so I can't add the read more tag.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cнапgё ѳf Hёаят // 『48. just vacuum the couch』 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠
✔️ pairing: idol! namjoon x uber driver! reader ✔️ type: social media au, rare written parts ✔️ genre: strangers to lovers, road trip romance, baby between friends, long distance relationship, side character ships
⚠️warnings: fluffy stuff! 
(ignore the times)
❔ summary:
after realizing he’s been left behind, a mentally exhausted namjoon has to figure out how to get halfway across America. when he hires you to drive him, your quirky personality allows him to let his guard down and see things a little differently.
when some life-changing news comes up, you have to make a choice. will namjoon do the same?
📇 tag list: < send me an ask or leave a reply here! >
@sadhwstudent / @chewymoustachio / @baekstans / @polimollykari / @aquaalanah / @sweetbuttercup93 / @deeepvibes / @hadesnewpersephone / @mikrokosmicjoon / @halesandy / @myselfxbangtan / @thesweetest-peas / @supervengerslock​ / @burningupp
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minbbyy · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Broke Me First | social media au
{jimin x y/n x jungkook au; fakedating!au}
you feel safe
<< prev - next >>
taglist: @jikooksgirl19 @sherizaraiyah @notvantaes @atomickokorox @beeeb05 @bbyjoonies @kim-ji-hyeons-world @hajiraa06 @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rjsmochii @thequeen-kat @xxxanimangxxx @preciouschimine @lidda @tae165 @missmadwoman @jiminho-s @lizzzaaaaaaaaaaa @etherealyoonghwa @mooniyooni @thesweetest-peas @rlynotme @anpanman-sonyeondan @halesandy @weasleyswizarding-wheezes @lyndseygoregasmxo @semphie @parkjiminstan16 @secretlycrazyhummingbird @angietdcc @lachimolala-2l @ggukkieland @seokjinnie-writes @monstathedisco @immafuckyoutilyouaint1 @binniebutter @neverthefirstchoice @fiantomartell @whitepinkish @seoul-sunsets @kim-jias-den @oknymz @taecupreads @seolaquotes @nyamnomnamujoon @ellesalazar @wearenot7withu @embrace-themagic @goldenroses @itsyaapollochild
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bangtangalicious · 10 hours ago
death valley (m) | part 7
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: yoongi x reader, seokjin x reader, hoseok x reader
genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au fightclub!au
wordcount: 9.3k 
warnings: reader discretion advised. multiple & explicit smut scenes, rough sex (smacking, manhandling, etc), very obsessive & possessive themes, manipulation, use of restraints (mouth), bondage (collar, leash), slight sadism kink, physical roughness, guns, heavy drug use/reference, breast play, mentions of addiction/addiction prone behaviors, unrealistic sex endurance levels (readers really out here banging), dubcon/coersive sex, reader uses humor as a coping mechanism, degradation, toxic relationships, yelling, crying, character death (or is it), oral sex, shower sex, technically cheating depending on how you look at it, daddy kink, praise, implied stalking, yoongi loves spoiling his baby girl, impreg kink if you squint, dom!yoongi (duh), dom!hoseok, dom!seokjin 
part 0 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | series navi | masterlist
a/n: i spent way too long on this HAHAHA 
F L A S H B A C K--
The crowd roared as the fight came to a close. Jin stepped out of the ring reluctantly, someone handed him water while another man wrapped a towel around his shoulders. A soft ringing noise resonated through his ears, blood teasing the edges of his vision. He pushed everyone away to find his prep room. Sighing deeply, he looked down at his trembling hands. His body was on overdrive, he was getting desperate. 
He placed his hands against the wall, unable to think straight with the way his heart was pounding out of his chest. He could hear the footsteps of someone stop in his doorway, not having to look to know exactly who it was.
“Do you have any coke on you?” Jin wiped the sweat off of his forehead with a towel, panting heavily, “Seriously Jimin. I’m gonna fucking lose my mind” 
Jin had always been extremely unstable. It was in his personality to get aggressively addicted to things. Whenever Jin went too long without it, it was like he surrendered himself to a beast. Jimin liked to call it his maniac side.
“Can you stop thinking about getting high for one fucking second? We have a problem here” Jin hears a soft thud causing him to finally turn and look. Jimin had just dropped your unconscious body onto the hard floor.
“Well well. Who is this?” Jin crouched down and slid his fingers over your parted lips, digging his nail into the soft flesh until it began to bleed slightly. As you eyes slowly began to flutter open, a carnal desire coiled in Jin’s chest. He had never seen anyone quite like you before.
"Hi there cutie” Jin grinned, “What’s your name?” Your eyes were quivering with fear, something about your vulnerable state was so delicious to him. You glanced towards Jimin, only beginning to tremble even more.
“P..park Jimin” You gasped, “Oh my goodness! I...I love you. Wait no. I...sorry...I’m a huge fan” You rubbed your eyes. Jin’s heart trembled at your dazed expression. “Where am I? What’s going on?” He wanted to eat you alive. 
Jimin joined Jin on the floor besides you “Well thank you pretty girl. It’s nice to meet you...?”
“Y/n” You introduced yourself, shaking his hand before turning to Jin, looking at him with your tempting, lustful eyes. Y/n. Jin’s head was pounding as the withdrawal began taking over him. He had never seen someone so beautiful in his life. 
Jin had never found anyone else even close to catching his eye before. He would sit mindlessly on his phone while girls would be on their knees, gagging on his cock, waiting for the mind-numbing minutes until he could finally cum and leave. The prospect of a relationship, of love, it seemed otherworldly. Perhaps it wasn’t for him. He had drugs and that kept him happy. But you. You were a high he had yet to fully taste. Looking at you alone had him feeling a glow unlike any other.
“Hey” You said to him. Jin felt dizzy as you spoke, getting lost in your gaze, “You’re the fighter guy right? Jin?”
Hearing you say his name had him bucking forward, trying to hide his growing erection from the famous star who was by his side. “Yeah. Hi. Great to meet you”
Jimin got up, brushing the dust off of his pants, “I’m getting out of here” He grabbed his jacket from your arms, “Jin, please search her address and get Y/n home.” Jimin reached into his back pocket “These should make her forget” He slid a pill into your mouth and you swallowed obediently. 
Jin began to break a sweat, watching the way your lips sucked in the small capsule and gulped it down it so nicely. Jimin left without another beat, leaving you in Jin’s arms, your eyes getting heavy with each passing second.
You blinked, eyes wide with uncertainty as Jin held you close. “You can take me home?”
Jin nodded, “I need to do something really quick first” He slid his hand down his pants to begin palming his erection. His vision was turning blue as his headache began to spread. “God you’re so pretty” He grabbed your jaw, ensuring that you couldn’t look anywhere but his face. 
Jin felt like his mind was running miles a minute. You looked so cute and helpless. He wanted to tear you to pieces, he wanted to see you bruised and battered, splayed out for him to ravish you as he pleased. 
Was it wrong? Was it wrong that he wanted to shove his cock in your mouth while you slowly lost consciousness? In the moment, nothing made more sense to him. 
Your pretty lips, your sweet eyes, how could he not? Your lips trembled, eyes half lidded, rolling back slightly as you fought to stay awake.
“Oh fuck oh fuck. Don’tttt...don’t fucking look at me like that Y/n. If you look at me like that I’m gonna--gonna--ohhhh baby, fuck what are you doing to me” Jin gasped loudly as cum spilled all over his palm. 
P R E S E N T   D A Y--
Amongst the sweet bliss of your dreams, a current washed over you and reality had your eyes opening. Your heart felt heavy as your vision focused in on the dry walls that continued to encage you. Your body pulsed with soreness, reminding you of the previous nights events.
To say you were upset would be an understatement, but you were shocked more than anything. You had never seen Jin act so unhinged before. It was almost as though he quite literally couldn’t control himself, the thought alone bringing a bitter taste to your mouth.
Before you could decide on whether to give him a piece of your mind and reprimand his behavior, you hear him wincing with pain across the room. He lay leaned against the wall, sweat trickling down his muscles from the heat. His head tilted back in a soft groan, dark hair now extremely tangled and messy.
“Are you okay?” You got up with a start. Jin exhaled before shaking his head in defeat. 
“No, my leg still really fucking hurts. I feel like absolute shit right now” He punched the side of his fist into the ground in frustration. “I feel like I’m going insane” 
You couldn’t even begin to imagine his pain. At least you got to leave the cell for some time, he had been here all along. Alone. Wounded. It was just awful. Yoongi should have had the courtesy to take him to the hospital, but then again did Yoongi even have a courteous bone in his body? You were no longer sure. 
“It just sucks too because I’m trapped here, helpless, and all I can fucking do is feel this pain” Jin's jaw clenched. "And I’m sorry for last night I were just there, so close. I just couldn’t help it. I could finally forget the pain even if it was just for a moment”
“It’s okay, I understand” You knew that feeling far too well. Jin reached his arms out to you, pulling you to sit next to him. His hands trailed down your thighs as he looked at you intently. “You know, I don’t mind...if it helps distract you from the pain. We can” You cleared your throat nervously, heat rising to your cheeks, “I mean, just tell me what you need”
Jin’s eyes widened with surprise. “Really?” He asks, gulping, “You don’t have to”
“I want to Jin. Let me help. I’m half the reason you’re in this mess” You would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about it. Jin was extremely handsome, you had noticed that from the moment you saw him in the arena. With a body like that, your heart skipped a beat at what all he might have in store for you.
His fingers slid between your legs, making you gasp softly. He tickled your clothed cunt softly. He flattened his fingers, teasing your entrance before moving to your clit. Licking his lips, he sucked lightly on your ear. Your hips bucked up as a ticklish sensation shot through your body. You felt wet. 
And you knew he could feel it too, as he drew his fingers away. “Can I?” He mumbled into your neck. You nodded, flustered and warm all over as he pushed your panties aside and began drawing light circles on your clit. You twitch at the sensations hitting your nerves. His other hand cupped your jaw tightly, turning your face towards him.
“Oh fuckk, Jin that feels so good” You didn’t know why you felt so horny, whether it was the morning or the temporary relief from reality. Jin carefully slid one finger into your cunt, just barely, his delicate movements sending shocks of pleasure through your tired body.
Your pussy clenched down on his finger, and he growled. Pulling out, he popped the finger into his mouth before sighing, “Can I tell you what I want?” You could hear a slight tremble in his voice, “Will you do anything for me?”
You choked on your own breath, nodding dumbly as Jin’s gaze flashed with desire. “Get on all fours over me. Wanna spank that pretty ass”
Jin was taken aback at your willingness. You obeyed so well, his hands kneaded your tender flesh, enjoying the view of your ass sticking out for him. You winced as you felt his palm smack against you hard, making your knees tremble with pain and pleasure. 
That’s for sleeping with Jungkook. He smacked again, with full force. He knew it stung. He could hear the pain in your pathetic whimpers and he loved it. And Hobi. Smack. And Jimin. Smack. You cried out as the impact caused you to fall forward onto your chest. And Yoongi. 
Your ass was flushed, as he tenderly rubbed over the bruises he had so generously given you. He leaned forward, letting his tongue glide over the soreness before playfully biting down.
“Jin...that hurts” He ignored you, proceeded to slide down his pants, his turgid length already incredibly hard. He tugged at his cock quickly, the sounds of his slippery pre-cum barely noticeable under your soft moans. 
“Sit on my cock. Nice and easy, lean back on me” His cock twitched as you turned your head to look back at him briefly, your eyes glossy from the pain, but full of curiosity nevertheless. You crawled back over him to line his cock with your soaking cunt. Jin grabbed your hips, helping ease you down onto his length. 
“Ah...ah...” His size stretched you out, pussy swallowing him in. You cursed, eyes rolling back. He wanted to see your face, see how fucked out you would look as he gave it to you so good. 
“Quiet, he might hear us.” He carefully tugged off his shirt from your body with your help, then used it to cover your mouth. He pulled the knot tight,  the fabric tugging at the sides of your mouth uncomfortably. 
His hands stroked over your bare chest quietly, humming in approval, “That’s a good girl...gonna be all quiet for me now right?” His cock twitched inside of you as he heard your muffled voice. His fingers weaved through your hair before he clenched his fist, making you wince. He pulled your head back as he thrusted up into your soaking cunt “Hear that? You’re loving this aren’t you, you fucking whore”
He grabbed your neck, holding it in a tight grip as he pounded up into you. He no longer cared if he was being too loud, he moaned at the top of his lungs. You felt so good. Your pussy welcomed his cock like it was meant to be there, so slippery and warm for him to just fuck over and over and over again.
He couldn’t hear you softly plead for him to let you breathe over the sounds of his own cursing. He didn’t care. If you passed out, you deserved to. Your body was his for the taking, it had to learn. You said yourself you would do what he wanted. He needed this. It was the least you could do for all the trouble he’d been through for you.
He let your neck go, and as you gasped for a saving breath, he felt your walls leak all over him. Your muffled cries sounding like music to his ears. Your whole body was shaking from pleasure. 
His gaze fell onto your back, sinking his teeth onto your scars. You winced loudly as he marked you, his knife wound from the previous night still stinging and tender with pain.
Grabbing your head again, he pushed your face down onto the ground. You thrusted your hips helplessly, feeling your orgasm approaching as the cold floor pressed painfully against your nose. 
“Wait..wait...I’m so close” Your words were intangible through the cloth. You were humping down on him so desperately he couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him. There, in front of him with your ass bouncing from how feverishly you wanted to cum all over his cock, he was in heaven. 
Jin felt your heat melt as you came, screaming in ecstasy against the restraint. You limply relaxed onto the floor as Jin continued to thrust up into you, holding your hips down tightly to dig deeper and deeper into your messy, dripping cunt.
Jin felt like his whole body would explode in pleasure. This was the peak. His life couldn’t get any better than this moment where he had you just like he dreamed. He wondered if it would always feel this good. Of course it would. It was you after all. 
Your core clenched as the stimulation became too much. He looked into your eyes and could see the streams of tears staining your cute cheeks. It was that look. That pleading look that was begging him to stop. Jin came with a loud cry, tilting his head back as he smacked your locker back one final time. 
Breathing heavily, he lifted you off of him, watching his seed leak out of you. You laid down onto your side, absolutely spent. He slid down to lay behind you, hugging you to him as he undid the mouth wrap with his teeth. He stroked your body tenderly, hands finding your breasts. 
“Holy shit” You coughed, finally able to breathe air directly. “Officer Kim Seokjin, that”
Jin didn’t respond, he simply smiled, pinching your nipples causing you to squirm. That was nothing baby. 
Taehyung hated being wrong. He hated not knowing and not having control of any situation. So when Yoongi was shaking his head, denying that he had caused all the recent chaos that had been keeping Taehyung up at night, he felt like he was going to tear the entire bar apart, floorboard by floorboard. 
“Y/n had mentioned she was kidnapped. I didn’t hear about it from you so I figured it must have been Jimin, and that you made sure she didn’t really get hurt. It ended up with her opening up to me, so I wasn’t really too mad about it” Yoongi said calmly, sipping his drink.
“From the footage it looked like Namjoon and Y/n took the pills and blacked out. Hobi was drunk too, but when he sobered up he had gotten a call to take them to the warehouse. I figured you had told him to do that.” 
Yoongi raised his eyebrows, “Why the fuck would I want to kidnap and beat up Namjoon? I need him healthy to fight. Don’t be such an idiot Kim"
“It wasn’t just that though. Jimin’s accident happened right after I sent you the video. I figured you were jealous”
Setting his glass down, Yoongi swiveled in his stool to light a cigar before leaning back casually “The video of Y/n and Jimin fucking? Please, I don’t give a shit”
“Well, then I told you that Jungkook showed her the lab and gave her literal heroin so I imagine you weren’t happy about that”
The smoke dissipated slowly from his lips. Taehyung frowned at the scent. “I wasn’t. But still, I didn’t stab him. I was with Y/n, taking care of her because I love her.”
Taehyung clenched his fists. He did not want to hear Yoongi go on and on about how much he loved you, he did not care. He wanted to know who was messing with his plans. Taehyung had things to do. He had operations in play. He couldn’t afford any mistakes.  
“Is that all? Jimin’s album is coming out tomorrow so I need to get some rest” Yoongi scoffed suddenly, “Especially now that Jimin’s gone ahead and brought Y/n into the media’s eye. What a fucking idiot”
“How are you planning on dealing with him? Are you gonna kill him?”
Yoongi laughed. “Taehyung. Seriously. What is up with you these days? If I wanted Jimin dead he would be dead dumbass.” Yoongi clicked his tongue, “Like I said before, I’m not worried about her and Jimin. She hates him. I know she does.”
Taehyung was not expecting that at all. Not from Yoongi. He had seen Yoongi wrench out people’s teeth if they didn’t pay him. He had seen Yoongi shoot innocent people, not even noticing when Taehyung had to turn around and puke his guts out because of it. But looking at the powerful man besides him now, he could barely recognize him.
“Just find out who was giving Hobi those orders and kill them. I don’t care who it is, just kill them. I don’t even want to know. I don’t have time for this”
Taehyung pursed his lips, “Yoongi, you know that Jimin does really like Y/n too, right? Like, he might be falling in love with her.” Yoongi gave him a look indicating that he was not taking him seriously, “I’m serious! I’ve never seen him like this and I’m surprised you aren’t more worried”
“Taehyung. Do you think I’m dumb?” Yoongi’s expression shifted to one of annoyance, “I knew what I was doing when I offered her an internship. I knew what I was doing when I signed Jimin on, knowing full well how much of a fan she is. Of course I knew she would pursue him. I needed her to see for herself, what a bratty piece of shit that man is. I knew she would hate him Taehyung, killing him would mean she might still care. She might still have feelings for him. That’s not what I need. She can only love me. I have to show her I’m better than him”
Yoongi took another puff of his cigar before continuing, “Now, I’ll admit things got fucked up when fucking Namjoon kept on bringing her to Death Valley. Idiot doesn’t take a fucking hint.”
Taehyung gulped down the rest of his drink before slamming the glass on the bar top. “Another please” He waved to the bartender. “I can take Jin off your hands now. He’s seen your face, but he might know stuff so it could be good to keep him alive” Yoongi simply shrugged, setting his cigar aside.
“I don’t care what you do with him. I want her alone tomorrow. I’m coming clean”
The next morning, Yoongi brought Taehyung back to the apartment. Taehyung lifted Jin out of the cell and claimed to be taking him to a clinic. After they left, it was just you and Yoongi.
Yoongi crouched down and extended a hand to you, not wanting to come too close. He knew you were upset with him. He could feel it. 
“Morning my love” His voice was songlike, eyes pleading as he looked at you, an absolute mess on the floor, like you were his whole world. “Come on, let me run you a bath. I’m sorry”
You knew if you looked at him for too long you wouldn’t be able to resist. But after everything you had just heard, you wanted to just be alone.
“I’ll explain everything. I promise, I don’t want any lies between us” Reluctantly, you took his hand and he pulled you up into a hug. You teared up at his embrace. You could feel the simple adoration through his touch. You could have just melted into his arms.
Leading you out of the cell, he sat you down in the kitchen while he went to draw a hot bath for you. “Will you be joining me?” You asked him dryly, attempting to put up some attitude in whatever way you could. 
To your surprise he shook his head, “No. I’ll wait till you’re done. Enjoy yourself” You frowned slightly, knowing a part of you didn’t want to hear the answer. “If you need anything just call for me okay?” He took your hands in his, kissing them gently. “After, I want to give you something. I’ve put some clothes for you on the dresser inside”
“Wait” You gasped, taking in his presence fully. “I’m sorry a...about Jimin and the media”
Yoongi shook his head, “It’s not your fault. It’s like you said, he’s just a typical rockstar” The two of your shared a small laugh. You realized then how rarely you had ever seen Yoongi smile. It was a beautiful smile, and you hoped to see it again.
You stepped into Yoongi’s bathroom. It wasn’t very large, but it was very high tech. A modern tub lay with soft white suds dancing over it. You grinned inwardly as you saw how he had laid out a blunt and a lighter for you. The water smelt of lavender, and was just the right temperature as you stripped down and slid in. You closed your eyes, inhaling deeply while appreciating the moment of peace. The eye of the storm. Inside you knew that this might be the only break you would get. Jimin’s album was coming out tomorrow. You had no idea what to expect. 
“Yoongi” You called out, tilting your head back and sinking into the tub deeper. 
He appeared rapidly, not really reacting to your undressed state as he knelt down by the tub, “Everything okay?”
“Stay here” You moved your arm out of the water, soap dripping onto the tiled floor as you tilted Yoongi’s cheek towards you and kissed him deeply. “Join me” You gasped into his mouth, “Please”
Yoongi kept his lips on yours, pushing his tongue into your mouth. He missed kissing you so much. Not having you the past night had been incredibly hard for him. “No love. I need you to relax. I’m about to tell you some things today might be scared.”
You whined against him, pulling him closer to you while he did little to resist, “But I want you” You pouted.
Yoongi rolled his eyes with a soft smirk, “I want you too love. Don’t stay in there too long okay. Then get dressed and I’ll be in the kitchen” With one final kiss on your lips, he backed away from you, and you slid back into the warm water.
Yoongi had set out a cute little sundress for you, one that was scandalously sheer, but nevertheless cute. The dress felt blissfully light on your body, a slight breeze fluttering up your skirt as you spun around in front of a large mirror. 
You felt sexy, but most of all you felt free. You sighed heavily as you made your way to the kitchen, twirling around playfully before falling back into Yoongi’s embrace. 
“Hey” You got on your tippy toes to allow Yoongi to plant a kiss on your lips from behind you, smiling into one another. There was that smile again. It made your heart melt like butter. 
He wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling into your neck, “Fuck love you smell so good. You look so good.” You giggled as you felt his erection press up on your ass “How can I control myself...” His words were breathless as his hands trailed down to the hem of your dress, lifting it lightly to reveal the frilly lingerie he had bought for you. He cursed under his breath, pulling your ass back against him.
“Ah ah! You said you were gonna give me something” You teased, getting your payback for earlier. Yoongi nodded, reaching into the drawer to bring out a box. He slid it onto the kitchen counter “Is this for me?” He nods as you excitedly open the box. In it is a pistol, with gold accents and your initials engraved onto the side with what looked like diamonds. Beneath the device was a magazine of matching color. You looked at Yoongi with shock.
“I had it made just for you. Do you like it?” His hands covered yours as he guided you to take the gun into your hands and load the magazine into it. “I hope you never have to use it. But I needed you to have something to protect yourself” He turned and pulled your wrists to aim the barrel against his heart. “You could even kill me if you wanted to”
You were at a loss for words, but Yoongi continued, keeping the gun in your hand aimed at himself “I’m not a good guy Y/n. I’m dangerous. That’s why I had Taehyung take you out of Death Valley that night and had to throw you into that cell.” He gave you so space backing away. You felt bad, knowing that he must be feeling anxious to reveal himself to you, despite you knowing exactly what he was going to say.
You tried to give him a comforting look, unable to move your hands from his steady grip, “I’m a gangster.”
He waited for you to react. You weren’t sure what to do, so you just parted your lips in feigned shock. Wow! No way! Really! You felt like laughing, but his gaze was so serious you stopped yourself.
"I have a drug syndicate. At Death Valley. The money I make from that I use to gamble. That’s why we have the fights. I have boys trained and bet money on them. We make millions through that but really it’s just power plays” He looks away from you momentarily, “Anyways, no one knows that I, Min Yoongi, am the one running things there, but still I have a lot of enemies. A lot of people would love to see me dead. To see me lose.”
“Since you’re my partner, you are a liability. I need you to be safe. Normally I’ll have someone from the gang accompany you wherever you go. You won’t know who it is so don’t worry about it, it’s just in case anything happens” 
Partner? Since when? You frowned slightly at the label. Then again, this guy did carve his name into your skin. Maybe that was how big scary gangsters asked girls out these days, who were you to judge. 
“I don’t want you to be scared of me okay” Yoongi finally took the gun from you and set it aside, “Me giving you this means I trust you. With my secret and my life.”
You began to feel flustered. You hadn’t even thought about what it would mean to actually date or be associated with a gang member, let alone a kingpin. Now the media thought you were dating Jimin, who was also conveniently high up in all this. 
“I know it’s a lot” Yoongi said. “You can always ask me if you have questions. Now let’s get to work okay. Big day coming, I need my your expert opinion by my side”
The low growl of the engine was the only sound to be heard as Taehyung drove Jin to his own home. The world came still as he parked the car. Sighing heavily, he checked his radar before exiting the car, lifting Jin.
“You think you can stand buddy?” Jin nodded, and Taehyung slowly helped him find steady ground. He held Jin up, assisting him as they walked in through the back entrance to his basement. 
A single lightbulb illuminated just enough for Taehyung and Jin to see each other’’s faces. Nothing more, nothing less. Wiping sweat from his forehead, he placed Jin into a chair. 
“So it’s this Yoongi guy huh” Jin remarked. “And surprise’re his little bitch too. Do your lips hurt from all the ass you have to kiss?”
“Oh please, Yoongi can go to hell for all I care.” Taehyung chuckled, surveying an array of knives that were displayed on the wall before his eyes settled on a small blade, curved ever so slightly. “I do need you to keep your mouth shut about me to Jimin though. If it weren’t for me, Yoongi would have let you rot in there”
Jin tilted his head, a small smile growing on his face as he understood the implications of Taehyung’s words, “I see. You’re plotting against both of them huh?”
“What’s I’m plotting is none of your goddamn business, Officer. So tell me, what’s it gonna take to keep you quiet hm? Money? More coke?”
“You know, I might be able to help you. You’re playing a dangerous game Taehyung. I know what you’re doing and I know how you plan on doing it. You’re using Y/n as bait. You’re using her to pin Jimin against Yoongi so you can sweep in and take over.”
Taehyung froze. First he smiled, then burst out into giggles before full on laughing. “It’s that obvious huh? Fine, hypothetically let’s say we work together. What’s in it for you?”
Jin licked his lips, “All I ask, is that when the dust settles, Y/n is mine. I know things Taehyung. I’m a cop after all”
Taehyung rolled his eyes and sighed, “Is that it?”
“And I get to kill them. My way”
Taehyung took a moment to think. “Okay Officer. You might just have yourself a deal.”
The clicking of the keyboard resonated through Yoongi’s office that was all but quiet as the chaos of an upcoming release had taken the whole building by storm. 
He had you sitting on his thigh, hands around his neck as he would run final details by you. But with the way he would occasionally tap his foot, causing his leg to vibrate underneath you, you couldn’t help craving him more and more with each passing minute.
He wouldn’t react as you nibbled his ear, placed kisses on his neck. You sighed loudly, sexual frustration building up within you. Finally you slid down a strap of your dress, letting it, along with your bra, glide down your breast. You tried to pull his chin towards you but he was too caught up in reading the emails he had gotten.
You really did respect the guy. For whatever he is, he took his work...of all kinds...very seriously. That itself turned you on. “Yoongi” You cooed at him, causing him to hum slightly.
“Yes love?” He muttered, a hint of annoyance in his voice. 
“Look” He finally surrendered to you, allowing you to turn his chin to see your perky breast in his line of vision. He was surprised, looking at you briefly before placing his mouth over you and suckling you roughly. 
You bit your lip, his tongue felt hot as he rolled it around your nipples. He took his time, lapping away at you, digging his teeth and gliding his wet lips over the perked bud. 
You buried your face into his soft black hair, his musky scent overwhelming you. Stuttering his name from your lips as he continued to suck your tit harshly, his hands trailed up your bare legs under the skirt of your dress to tug at the waistline of your panties. He let his fingers glide beneath the soft lace, teasing you.
Yoongi gave your breast a final sloppy kiss, before he let go with a pop, looking up at your fucked out face. He chuckled, bringing one hand to slide down your other strap and then tenderly squeezing your other breast. He rolled the tip between his fingers before placing his mouth of it.
Heat was coiling in your chest, soft whines leaving your parted lips. You moved from his thigh to straddle his waist, rolling your hips against his growing bulge. The friction shot pleasure through your core, making you leak with desire. 
You were sure Yoongi could feel how wet you were. Nevertheless his focus remained on ravishing your breast. He left chaste kisses on your eager nub, nipping away as his mouth tenderly sucked, making sure to give it as much attention as the other. 
His kisses then trailed between your breasts, traveling up to your neck where they became rougher. His movements tickled you, making you squirm as he kissed beneath your jaw, tilting your face back. 
“Mmm that’s enough love, we can’t here” He mumbled. You groaned in complaint, panting with frustration as Yoongi’s lips left your skin and his hands pulled your straps back onto your shoulders. “I booked us a room somewhere special for a few days because our bedroom is still fucked up from the other night. We can have each other there, I promise, okay love?”
Yoongi was a man of taste. Being in the rock industry, he was used to things being grunge and edgy, but personally he always had a soft spot for excellence. That’s why, while maintaining the all black getup, he would dress in silk shirts, pure silver jewelry and diamond studded jackets. 
He had picked a hotel not too far from the label, but one of the finest places in miles around. It was the same venue that would be the site of Jimin’s album release event the following night. Yoongi had booked out the largest suite in the building, wanting to show you the best night of your life. 
And you had a feeling it would be, as you walked in to the large room, lit with purple LED undertones that complemented the fading sunset that was gleaming in through the expansive glass wall. On the bed was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice.
“Holy shit” You mumbled, wandering around as Yoongi directed the bellboys to bring in the luggage. Yoongi insisted he would take care of all your needs when packing. He claimed to have someone go back to your apartment and grab some of your essential items, but also insisted in buying you new things. You had to admit, gangster or not, Yoongi really knew how to spoil a girl.
You leaned against the glass, peering out at the skyline, a bright coral pink even still. Yoongi came up besides you, tilting your face towards him to kiss you fondly. 
“Can I pour you a drink love?” He sighed into your mouth. You nodded, watching as Yoongi pulled the champagne out of the bucket, popping the cork and pouring two glasses with ease. He hands you one, clinking his own against yours. You took a few sips, savoring the slightly sour bubbly liquid before setting your glass aside. Yoongi pulled you towards him by the waist. 
“This is all amazing Yoongi” You wrapped your arms around his neck. He caressed your hips, swaying you against him almost as though you were slow dancing. After a quick peck to the lips he spoke again,
“I’ve been thinking about the future. How would you like to work for me full time? As a junior producer?”
Your eyes widened in surprise, “, I would love that, that would be the dream” Yoongi smiled, gliding his lips over your cheek, behind your ear where he began to leave small wet kisses. His hands trailed up your sides and he hooked his fingers under the strap of your dress, tugging it so the garment slid seamlessly off your body and onto a pile on the floor.
“Shit” Yoongi bit his lip, eying you up and down in your angelic lingerie. “Just missing one thing” You pouted as he stepped away from you, walking over to a cabinet to pull a studded black collar and leash from the drawer. 
He wrapped the collar around your neck carefully, adjusting the strap so that it was nice and tight. He admired the way it looked against your skin, tracing and tugging on it with his fingers.
“Beautiful.” Taking the leash in his hand, he gently pushed you down onto your knees, stroking your cheek as you looked up at him eagerly. “You know what to do” He blew a kiss at you teasingly.
You began to unbutton his pants, sliding them down along with his boxers. Licking you lips, you took his length into your hands, stroking him slowly, looking up for his validation. 
He groaned at your touch “Look at you hm?” His fingers harshly ran along your jaw, pulling playfully at your bottom lip “So fucking pretty”
He tugged your lip forward, prompting you to get your mouth on his cock, his other hand holding himself steady against the wall. You wrapped your lips around the tip, letting you tongue circle around.
Your breath hitched as Yoongi suddenly tugged at your leash, forcing his cock down your throat. You gagged immediately, but he kept your face pulled forward.
You flattened your tongue, allowing Yoongi to thrust himself against the slippery sensation. His cock filled your throat, making it impossible for you to breathe. You could taste the sour pre-cum against the rigid veins all over his girthy length. 
He loved the way you took him, so messy. You slobbered all over his cock, the sounds of you choking and coughing like music to his ears. Your lips were swollen and fucked out, eyes bulging as you desperately tried to maintain yourself. Tears built at the corned of your eyes making him buck his hips. You were his. Like he had always wanted. He finally owned you.
You felt his cum shoot straight down your throat, causing you to gasp in desperation, cheeks hollowing enough to allow him to push even further down your throat. Once you surrendered to swallow, Yoongi pulled out, a mixture of cum and saliva dripping all over your face. 
“Bend over, hands on the wall” He ordered through gritted teeth. He lined himself up behind you, sneaking a finger deep into your heat, relishing in the wet pool of your arousal and how you leaked out all over his palm. He pushed another finger in, pumping you furiously before his eyes narrowed in on your back.
You felt his fingers fall out, causing you to whine. A sudden tug of the leash pulled you back into his chest. 
“What is this?” He growled, a finger gliding over the knife scar through his name on your back. You stuttered, the collar knocking the breath out of you. “Who did this?”  He dug his nails into you making you wince. 
“W..what are you talking about?” Yoongi turned you around and slapped you hard.
“You know what I’m talking about. Who marked you? Who fucking dared?” He was yelling loudly despite being so close to your face. You tried to turn away but he wouldn’t let you.
“I...” You gulp. If you told Yoongi it was Jin, he would definitely go kill him. You needed Jin to be alive, in fact you were hardly even sure if he was anymore. A part of you knew Taehyung wouldn’t actually kill him. He didn’t deserve to die, not for something like this. “I don’t know”
Yoongi glared at you, the fire in his eyes evident. He dragged you relentlessly to the bed, taking the leash and using it to tie your arms to your chest. 
“You wanna play fucking games huh?” Yoongi screamed. You trembled, his demeanor beginning to scare you, “I’ll show you. I’ll fucking show you what happens when you hide something from me. You’re staying like this, locked in here until you decide to tell me the truth you got that?”
Tears were already streaking down your face as you nodded. Yoongi scowled at you before climbing in the other side of the bed and turning off the lights. 
Hobi arrived at the banquet hall. Preparations were already being made. The hustle of his coworkers preparing for the album release press conference and the subsequent celebration. 
A few people greeted him, but looking around he noticed an absence of a certain energy. Jimin was sitting on the stage, reading over his answer sheets while his make-up artists poked at his face.
Hobi didn’t feel an ounce of guilt about what he had done to Jimin. He never liked the guy, despite having to put up a cordial face around him. It was tough for him to help Jimin put songs together when he just wanted to wrench his guts out and put a bullet through his head. 
He tried avoiding the star when he could, but Jimin sought him out “Hey Hobi c’mere” Jimin snapped his fingers, pushing away the people surrounding him. Hobi took a deep breath before approaching him.
“Have you seen Y/n?”
Hobi raised his eyebrows. He at first had not been sure if you would have actually been killed or not after Jin’s little stunt the other night. It was a relief to him when he saw you appear in the news at Jimin’s side, but he was confused. 
“I figured she was here already. Maybe she’s with Yoongi” Jimin rolled his eyes, “That motherfucker, honestly. Did you know those two were hanging out because I fucking didn’t” Jimin hissed. “He branded her. Apparently they got really high, she said it was an accident but I dunno that’s a bit much even for Yoongi. You should have seen how pissed off he was”
“Hanging out?” Hobi asked curiously, “Y/n and Yoongi?” He felt his stomach flip uncomfortably. “Yoongi never hangs out with employees, let alone interns”
Jimin shrugged, “Can’t blame him honestly. She’s a temptress. I’ve slept with her a bunch of times and it just keeps getting better and better”
Hobi did everything in his power not to slug Jimin in his face, out of respect to the make up artists who had spent so long trying to make this bastard look presentable. “I know” 
“You do?” Jimin grinned, “ who almost dated for half a second there. Then Yoongi and his fucking rules came and blew it all up” Jimin playfully pushed Hobi’s shoulder, “Man. You gotta just claim what’s yours and say fuck em. Next time. She’s mine now though, sorry”
Hobi rolled his eyes, knowing full well that you loathed Jimin. Nevertheless, the spoilt brat had a point. When the fuck did Yoongi hang out with Y/n? It didn’t make sense. 
Turning to one of the overseeing secretaries, Hobi questioned which room Yoongi was staying, intending to pay him a quick visit. The secretary gave him the room number, warning him that Yoongi had mentioned he might be unavailable in the morning as he had a few errands to run. 
Hobi wandered through the hotel, heading to the elevator to arrive at the top floor with all the suites. When he arrived at the door, he noticed the sign on the handle with raised eyebrows. Nevertheless he knocked “Yoongi! It’s me? Can we chat for a bit?”
“Hobi! Oh my God Hobi help me! Get me out of here!” Goosebumps appeared all over him as your shrill voice leaked through the door, “I can’t move please”
His hands were trembling. What the hell was going on? He budged at the door but it was locked. Cursing under his breath, he pulled out his gun, taking the handle and using it to knock of the handle. He pushed through the door, swallowing thickly as he saw you, leash hooked up to the bed frame, hands tied, in such a sexy little lingerie set his heart felt like exploding then and there.
“What the fuck?” Hobi rushed over to you, untying you from your restraints and clicking off the collar. Your hands went to your neck, soothing the red marks that had appeared due to the tight hold. “Yoongi did this?”
You nodded “He was punishing me. He was gonna keep me locked in here” You wanted to cry but you couldn’t even find it within yourself. Hobi noticed how defeated you looked. He hated seeing you like this.
You looked into his eyes, sighing at the true ignorance. Hobi knew so little about everything you had been through, you didn’t have the heart to place the burden onto him.
“Can we just get out of here? Please? I need a fucking drink” He nodded, rubbing the pads of his fingers softly over the imprints of the tight bands on your arms. “Let me get changed. That motherfucker was gonna make me miss my first album release party,” You scoffed, laughing bitterly as you stood up, “I’ll fucking show him. I’m gonna look hot as fuck and I’m gonna be all over Jimin tonight”
Hobi blinked at you in amusement but said nothing as you marched off into the bathroom.
“Come on” You called back to him, curling your finger to motion him towards you teasingly “Are you really gonna pass up the chance to fuck me in the shower?”
“Damn, you’re really something” Hobi mumbled, unable to hide the blush that grew on his cheeks. 
You didn’t bother taking off your underwear, you could see how turned on Hobi was from seeing you just by the gleam in his eye. You playfully bounced into the shower, turning the water cold.  The white lace on your body dampened, making the coverage practically negligible. 
Hobi almost choked seeing you. You tilted your head back and let the water fall directly on your breasts. You could hear the click of his buckled as he undressed himself quickly to join you.
“Shit this is cold” Hobi touched the water before sliding into the glass cube behind you. You turned around to face him, smiling mischievously. “Can daddy clean me up?” You pouted at him, winking. Hobi rolled his eyes.
“Jesus Y/n” Hobi pulled your hips forward before lifting you into his arms, “You’re such a slut for me aren’t you? All you fucking want is daddy’s big cock is that it?”
You nodded rapidly. “Yeah. Want your cock” You slid your hand down his chest, biting your lip.
“Of course you do baby” He pressed your back against the glass, the ice cold water hitting his back as he rolled his hips into you. His hand snaked around beneath you to push aside your soaked panties and touch your throbbing clit. “Look at me baby. Does that feel good?” He began to rub small circles, watching the way your body responded to him.
“Y...yes” You groaned, burying your face into his wet hair, nails digging into his back as you held on tight. Hobi grunted, gliding his finger back to trace along your folds.
“So fucking needy baby. No one fucks you as good as I do huh?” Hobi’s hot breath tickled your ear. “You missed me didn’t you, you slut. Only I know how you really like it” He pushed one finger in “Isn’t that right?”
You nodded, a sobbing mess of moans muffling into his neck as he rapidly pumped his finger into you, “Yes” You exhaled, “Want Daddy. Only want Daddy”
“I know. Oh, you poor little thing” He shoved another finger in, making you mewl as he stretched you out, “Do you think about me huh? When Jimin’s ramming his cock into do you think about me?” Your pussy clenched down at his words, “Did you fuck Yoongi too? Our boss, god you are such a little whore aren’t you?”
He slid in a third finger and you began to scream out in pleasure, “Oh fuck Hobi yes, right there right there” You panted heavily, “More...please” The mention of Yoongi’s name had you leaking all over. 
The thought that he could just come back in at any moment had you falling apart. He would look so fucking angry. He would probably kill Hobi on the spot. 
Why did that turn you on so much?
Heat pulsed through your body. Hobi slid his fingers out, spanking your pussy before sliding you down onto your feet.
“I missed you” Hobi said weakly. Your eyes softened. You knew you were taking advantage of him. You knew your heart was really elsewhere, as much as you wished it wasn’t. 
“Kiss me” You didn’t want to think, you cupped his face bringing it to yours and pressing your lips against his. You poured yourself into the kiss, the roll of your hips matching the way your lips wrestled one another. 
Hobi deepened the kiss, pining your wrists above your head. He gasped as he pulled away, staring darkly into your eyes, “Do you want Daddy’s big cock?” You nodded, his lips barely inched from yours “Yeah? Want Daddy to fuck you good? Fill you up with his cum? Fuck his babies into you huh? You want that?”
He turned you around, hand gripping under your thigh to prop your leg up onto the sliding shower door handle. You winced at the stretch but Hobi didn’t react. You feel him slap his hot cockhead against your ass. Holding your hips steady, he slid his cock into you easily. Your slick inviting him in deep into your throbbing heat. You whimpered as his dick pushed through your walls, filling you to the brim. 
“Good girl” He growled, “Such a good warm little pussy for daddy, such a good fucking girl oh goddd” He slowly pulled out before thrusting back in. His pace was excruciatingly slow, but the burn of him pumping you in and out felt so good. 
“Fuck I’m close Daddy” You were practically drooling, lips parted in pure bliss as Hobi fucked you deeper and deeper, your head slamming against the glass. “Want you to fill me up daddy. Want your cum” You whined.
“You feel so fucking good baby. Go ahead and cum,” Hobi kissed you again “Cum for Daddy, come on” He quickened his pace as he felt your tight walls begin to twitch around his cock. He could hear your wetness as he pistons into you under your breathless screams. 
“I’m gonna cum Daddy..I..I..” Your eyes were clenched close as you let out a high pitched scream, your hot arousal dripping all over Hobi’s cock as your walls squeezed him tight. He bucked his hips as you came, groaning as he tried to fuck you through it. 
“Shit.” Hobi cursed under his breath as he felt himself come undone immediately after, his sticky cum shooting deep inside of you. “God that was so good” He sighed, landing a lazy kiss on your lips.
You sighed, savoring the small aftershocks of arousal that had you trembling in his embrace. Enjoying the final momentary pleasure before the wild night ahead of you.
Jimin stood outside the banquet hall and tightened his tie. There were only a few more minutes until his album officially came out. Fixing loose strands of his hair, he sighed. He wanted you by his side but you were no where to be seen. 
“Jiminnnn” The pitch of your voice gave you away easily. Jimin glowed in anticipation of you. His heart stopped as you arose from the hallway. You looked absolutely stunning in a classy sleeveless pantsuit. 
“Baby” You giggled. Jimin frowned slightly, noticing how you stumbled into his arms before giving you a peck on the lips. “Are you excitedddd?” You slurred your words. “Everyone’s gonna loveeeee your music”
He inhaled your scent, scrunching his nose as he recognized the stench of whiskey on your breath. “Baby. You’re drunk”
“Come onnnnn, everyone is waiting for you at the party” You tugged at his tie. Jimin sighed, he couldn’t help but surrender to your cuteness despite his gut telling him not to bring you there. 
“Jimin...this is my dream.” You giggled, almost losing your balance before Jimin caught you into his arms. “I’m Park Jimin’s girlfriendddd” Jimin dragged you outside slowly, sheepishly bowing to the other people who began giving the pair of you dirty looks. “Hey!” You yelled suddenly, “I’m Park Jimin’s girlfriend! I love him!”
Jimin’s heart skipped a beat. “You...what?” He began trembling, an overwhelming flush of emotions seizing him. “Really?”
You nodded, a big teethy smile on your face. Jimin blushed. “I...” She’s just drunk. He sighed. “Come on baby” He wrapped his arm around your waist, leading you down to the banquet hall. 
The venue was gorgeous. It had a red and black theme that matched Jimin’s album cover. Champagne was being served at every nook and corner. The room broke out into applause as Jimin walked in, you glued to his side.
Jimin’s eyes scanned the room looking for Yoongi. He was no where to be seen.
Jimin waved to his guests, thanking them for the cheer before he turned to you. He stroked your face, gazing into your glittering eyes with nothing but adoration. He felt his eyes tear up as the thought occured to him that maybe it really was you.
He had written so many baseless love songs, songs about yearning, song about searching for someone to make his life worth it again. Maybe it was you. Were you his happy ending?
His mind wandered to what could be. What might be if he marries you, you go on tour together, making love in every city over the world. You would be his biggest fan, his lifeline, and he would love you endlessly. He wanted that. So bad. Did you?
He twirled you around before dipping you down princess style and kissing you passionately. The room burst into cheers as you smiled into one another.
“Sir” One of the staff members tapped on Jimin’s shoulder urgently, “Sorry to interrupt, there’s something you should know” The staff member leaned in to whisper something into Jimin’s ear. You watched as his eyes went wide with shock. 
“I...I need to go. Excuse me” Jimin pardoned himself from the crowd, rushing out of the banquet hall. You followed him.
“Jimin! What is it? What happened?” You held onto his arm.
“He’s dead” Jimin muttered, “Fuck. SHIT. He’s dead” 
Your heart dropped. “Who...?”
“Taehyung. Taehyung is dead”
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a/n: i hope this makes up for how shitty part 6 was ahahaha. gosh i must have rewritten this like 4 times. but yeah drop those theories in my asks bbs <3 who killed tae? where’s yoongi? what’s jin up to? joon and kook will be back in action in part 8, next week dw ;) 
also that detail abt jin not listing you fucking taehyung when he’s spanking you is intentional
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solarwonux · 11 hours ago
In The Stars || knj
Tumblr media
cybrog!namjoon x f!reader | future!au
W.C. 11.5k
genre: fluff and smut, elements of a dystopian and futuristic society (it’s not at the forefront but its there)
warnings: established relationship, teasing, lots of kissing, alcohol consumption, smut, oral sex (female receiving), squirting, slight cum eating, masterbation (male), squirting.
summary: Namjoon get’s his driver’s license and suddenly is full of surprises.
note: I tired something new and I think it worked??? Lol, please this is my longest fic yet but something happened after I finished watching Falcon and The Winter Soldier and followed it up with In The Soop. (In the soop Namjoon does something to me and so does Bucky Barnes) My brain was working overtime that night. Anyway, I hope you guys like, ngl I’m a little bit in love with it. PLEASE PLEASE, let me know your thoughts. I have a few ideas of backstory for these two so if you’re interested I will put my brain to work overtime again. 
Thank you and PLEASE, let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.xx
Tumblr media
Everything was perfect. 
Namjoon’s hand was on the steering, the other filling in the pockets between your fingers, lying lazily on his lap. The mixtape he created for you a few days ago sounded through the speakers of his old car - the one he spent months saving up for; for moments like these. Driving carelessly (with caution) through the highway, windows down the cool breeze hitting your cheeks in a gentle kiss. 
He had just gotten his driver’s license, before you, breaking the pact the two of you made two years ago. It was childish but it made you feel like you were falling behind when he came to your door after the DMV. A smug smile stretching wide across his face as he held the stupid plastic rectangle in front of him. It stirred something inside of you, made you feel like you were stepping into footsteps he left behind, rather than you making your own. 
His reasoning was simple, though it took him thirty minutes to explain his entire thought process. Going off in tangents before restructuring himself back to the point. He wanted to take you out on trips, just the two of you without the help of any of your friends. He wanted to know what the whole rave was about, a curious thought he had been having since he was young. But most importantly, the reason that you ended up glued to his side the entire night, was that he wanted to pick you up from work every day. 
The crime in the city had increased, especially with the recent technological advances and the new law that passed granting cyborgs freedom. His freedom. 
He was finally allowed to do the things everyone else could do. You suspected that’s one of the reasons why he went to get his driver's license. He will never voice that minor detail out loud, especially after you clung onto him the entire night. Begging him to stay in your room with a slight pout and wide eyed gaze. He couldn’t resist you. 
You thanked him in quiet whimpers and soft touches. Reveled in the fact that instead of worrying about himself and his own safety. He was worried about yours. The thought of having that other minor detail in place, only made the guilt stirring inside of you less prominent.
“Head in the clouds, anything good up there?” He says, squeezing your hand gently. 
A shiver flows down your body like a crashing wave, skin prickling at the sudden coolness, a tiny squeal escapes your lips. Namjoon looks over at you, taking his eyes off the road, two dimples showing off while he shakes his head, mumbling a tiny cute underneath his breath before he re-focuses his attention on the road again. 
“Nope, just a lot of precipitation.” You answer. 
He laughs at your joke, palm spread out against the steering wheel, guiding the car into another turn. You take your eyes off him propping your head against the window. Namjoon squeezes your hand three times, the silent signal between the two of you. I love you. You smile, closing your eyes and answering him, drinking in the way the wind hits your face, sending a relaxing ripple through your body. 
I love you too. 
Tumblr media
“We’re here.” Your eyes shoot open upon Namjoon’s declaration. He was leaning over the middle console, fingers walking down your arm as he gently paraded you awake. His brows furrowed, his right eye glowing orange. He was worried. “I’m sorry I didn’t know how else to wake you.” 
You sit up waving him off with one hand, the other rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. “My fault I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” 
His dimpled smile returns, the orange in his eye disappearing into the chocolate brown that matched his other eye. His real one. He presses a soft kiss against your cheek causing the butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach. 
He doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t tell you it’s not a big deal. Or jokes about how you were mid-sentence telling him about the frightening fight below your window that kept you up all night when suddenly you were fast asleep. Instead, he nods his head, signaling to the window behind him and everything that was beyond it. Everything that was waiting for the two of you. 
You smile, unfastening your seatbelt and getting out of the car, earning a sigh of disapproval from the Kim Namjoon himself. A warm giggle escapes you as you stick your tongue out at him. 
It had only taken you two days after Namjoon had gotten his car for you to realize that he loved to open the door for you and hated whenever you did it. If he was waiting for you in front of your work building, he would lean against the car, a cigarette either placed between his lips or between his fingers, blocking the handle, giving you no access. If he was walking beside or behind you, he would take longer strides in order to get to the door first. 
It was endearing, made your heart swell at this sudden discovery of one of his many love languages. Which is why sometimes you went out of your way to tease him about. Nothing malicious, everything in good innocent fun. Plus the pout on his lips afterwards was just another excuse for you to kiss it away. 
“I’ll get the bags you can go in first, I think our rooms’ on the second floor.” Namjoon says, shutting the door behind him and stuffing the car keys into one of the pockets of his dark blue sweats “What do you want for dinner?” He follows up, circling his arms around your body, a soft kiss finds the crown of your head. 
Namjoon was usually calm and collected, you assumed it had to do with the fact that he was part cyborg. But there were moments, moments like now where you would throw him off his bender, where his usual laid-back demeanor disappeared. Especially when it comes to you. He couldn’t control the way his body would grow hot. The way his pupil turned pink. His words would disappear leaving in their wake broken syllables and incoherent blables. He would lose control of the technical part of his brain while the other half, the creative part, the part that wasn’t programmed took over. Inappropriate images of you would flash before his eyes, in positions he had only seen in videos Jin showed him one night years ago. 
He couldn’t blush, at least not in the way normal people did, for god sake one of his eyes was glowing pink. Yet, he would take the heat of his body coloring his cheeks red over that any time because it wasn’t a very visible sign and one you wouldn’t abuse it as much. In other words you were evil and he loved it. 
“Very funny.” He swallows, removing his arms from your body, eyes falling onto the gravel covered ground hiding his flustered state. You smile and walk past him, giving his ass a light tap. He coughs into his hand, sending you a glare watching you walk up the driveway laughing. 
It was impossible, there was not a moment in his life with you where he wasn’t a flustered mess. You had broken him, at least that’s what his friends claimed it to be. But to him the reasoning was much simpler. He was in love. Deeply head over heels, feet first plunged into the ocean, in love. 
He felt everything, people at the facility told him he could never feel. He felt the way his heart would beat against his ribcage, threatening to fall out into blissful freedom. He felt the way his stomach would twist whenever he kissed you. He felt the exhilarating waves of pleasure whenever you touched him. He felt the fear of not knowing if he would ever be enough for you but the chest pumping, neanderthal confidence whenever he realized that he was. 
He did it. He proved everyone that told him it was not possible, that talked down on him, wrong; and you were all the one to blame. 
“Joon, come inside unless you want to be mosquito dinner.” You peeked your head out from the living room window. The sheer white curtains blowing against the wind behind you, smiling dazzlingly at him. You looked ethereal, like one of those angels that belonged to the stories his mother would tell him before bed every night. 
“I’m going, do you want spaghetti for dinner.?” He felt all those emotions he had been thinking about at once. He would never grow tired of it, even if it sometimes ruined his cool-guy reputation. 
You nod, lip in between your lips. “But desserts on me!” You send him a wink before disappearing behind the curtains, leaving the window wide open. So much for avoiding the mosquitoes, he thought. 
He closed the trunk of his car shut, grabbing the handles of both of your suitcases before starting his journey up the gravel driveway. “Oh baby.” He stopped dead in his tracks. You appeared through the window again, a scowl invading your beautiful face. “We forgot to go grocery shopping.” 
Namjoon laughs and starts walking again. “You did, but I didn’t. I ordered groceries at the rest stop before arriving while you were sleeping. They’re scheduled to get here in-” he pauses and looks down at his watch, “-in ten minutes.” 
“Kim Namjoon, have I ever told you what a genius you are?” Your praise doesn’t fall short upon his ears. Instead it makes his chest swell with pride and his footsteps gain confidence. 
He smirks. “Once or twice but I don’t mind hearing you saying it again.” 
Tumblr media
Despite being part robot, there were a lot of things Namjoon couldn’t do. For starters he lived in his head a lot. Distracted, trapped in other worlds instead of focusing on the things in front of him, prompting his fiddle mind and balance. He lost a lot of things, was shit at directions, fell a lot and for some reason he wasn’t aware of his own strength, resulting in a lot of things breaking. But the one thing he absolutely sucked at, which made you fear for his life and yours, was that he couldn’t cook. 
You had banned him from ever using the kitchen after a few to many accidental fires, at the lab. How he managed to convince you to let him cook tonight was beyond you. You blamed his smile and charming tongue. He had a way with words and knew how to use them against you to get his way.
It took Namjoon a few video tutorials in order to get the Pasta Al Pomodoro just to his liking. Surprisingly, nothing had caught on fire and the kitchen wasn’t in upheaval. A few paper towels were situated strategically here and there, but everything was in order. 
“See babe I told you I’m getting better.” He gloated while placing his final presentation in front of you. 
It looked good, promising even. Namjoon would never go out of his way to poison you, at least not purposely, accidently, maybe but never purposely. You knew the food would at least be edible. Not totally confident on having it taste good, but you had watched him throughout the entire night - he insisted on you just watching while setting the table instead of helping - and the smile on his face while showing off his mediocre knife skills was enough to convince you to eat his version of Pasta Al Pomodoro.
It was like watching a food critic in those cooking shows the two of you found guilty pleasure in watching. He sat in anticipation, his hands on his lap, gripping the cute little apron you helped him put on earlier as you moved slowly. His nerves were on fire he could feel them move throughout his body until they reached the top of his head. He knew what color he had shifted into, that dark navy blue he always seemed to sport right before a huge exam or a date with you. 
You were also nervous. There was a part of you that really wanted everything to work out. More so because you saw how hard he worked. How cautiously he moved around the kitchen, mumbling to himself, reciting the recipe he had read over more than a hundred times. You took a deep breath and brought the fork up to your lips, avoiding his eyes, and focused on the plate in front of you. 
There was one thing you couldn’t do to Namjoon and that was lie to him. Even the few times that they did stumble out past your closed lips, small insignificant white lies, your eyes always gave you away. And you weren’t the one with the ability to have them change color depending on their emotions. Namjoon was just damn good at reading you. 
Finally you took the bite, jumped the gun and let a decent amount of food into your mouth, letting it coat your taste buds for a few seconds before deciding on your final thoughts. 
“Namjoon.” You started, his full name coming out of your lips felt foreign to him, unless you were scolding him for breaking something. His cooking skill sets were already in the negatives. Not because of his failed experiences in the kitchen but because that was his worst score out of all his evaluations back at school.
He closed his eyes, dropping his head ready to be met with the final blow. The one that would hurt him more because it came from you. But it never came, quickly he raised his head at lighting speed, if he could he would’ve been suffering from whiplash from how fast he had thrown his head up. He blinked at you in surprise, his own wide eyes matching yours. 
“It’s delicious!” You repeated, going in for another forkful and he felt the sigh of relief stumble past his lips embarrassingly loud. 
“Really?” He grabbed a hold of his own fork, twisting it excitedly in his own plate of noodles, as you devoured the plate of food in front of you, while nodding. “You’re not lying to me, I can take it. I’ve heard harsher things said to me.” 
“I almost wish it wasn’t as good as it is.” Your head was thrown back in an orgasmic state while you savor each and every bite. His eyebrow quirks in curiosity, silently asking you why? “I’m going to want to eat this everyday now and I’m trying to cut down on eating carbs.” 
Namjoon laughs, letting go of his fork. metal hitting the ceramic plating in a dramatic and loud manner. “Yoongi has been teaching me how to cook, I don’t just know how to make Pasta Al Pomodoro.” He shrugs, picking up his fork again and shoveling some pasta in his mouth. He hums in satisfaction. He doesn’t want to brag, but damn he really out did himself. 
“Like what?” You place your fork down and pick up the wine you had poured the two of you earlier. This was new and you weren’t sure how long this hobby of his would last. Another thing that Namjoon sucked at was sticking to one hobby. At least once a month he would come to you, explaining a new hobby of his that peaked his interest. 
Last month, it was painting. He painted, diligently, stayed up at night, until he exhausted himself, and eventually he got sick of it. After finishing his final painting, he threw his paintbrush down and vowed to never paint again. As a result you had about twenty unhung paintings sitting prettily in the storage closet of Taehyung’s lab. The other ones he had gifted you were already occupying the empty spaces of your walls. 
He knew about your thoughts regarding his many hobbies, at the start of your relationship it was the cause of many of your fights. Until one day you stopped, accepting that Namjoon didn’t have much of a childhood while growing up, he was always hidden away due to something that was completely out of his control. The time he could’ve spent exploring thousands of hobbies was replaced with lessons on how to be human, or fear instilled by his foster parents.
His hobbies were a part of him. Each one contributing to a piece of him that had been left unexplored. You loved every single one of them. Loved the way he got so immersed in something that sometimes you had to pry him away from it for a little while. So, you supported him, rooted for him. Listened to him as he explained the mechanics of quantum physics - that was his hobby three months ago - with a smile on your face even though your brain wasn’t operating at the same capacity as his, therefore not understanding anything. But you never once complained about it, knowing this was just another trait of his that made him, him. 
“Unfortunately for you, we’re starting with the pasta dishes first. He figured it’s the easiest for me to learn.” He started, taking a sip from his wine, cringing at the taste making you smile. He was never much for alcohol, but after years of underground partying he had built a tolerance. “Last week I learned both lasagna and spaghetti bolognese. I haven’t mastered those yet. I can’t get the layers on the lasagna to cook right yet, but when I do I’ll make sure to cook it for you.” He points his glass in your direction before setting it down. 
“Joon I’m cutting my carb intake so my jeans fit better when I sit down and here you are ruining that for me.” You smile, pushing your empty plate away, bringing your wine glass close to you, placing both of your palms at the base. “I’d love to try it though, if it’s as good as what I just had I might never let you leave the kitchen.” 
“Why wear jeans when you can just be naked?” He winks and stands up, plate in hand.
You hand him your plate, “I can’t be naked in public.” 
“It’s a shame you have a banging body, a national treasure if you will, and I am the only one who gets to see it.” He sighs sadly in mock disappointment, making his way into the kitchen again. “Want to go stargazing, I made chocolate covered strawberries, which is surprisingly harder than making pasta. Baby tempering chocolate is harder than quantum physics I swear.” 
You shake your head and stand up, taking your wine glass with you and sit on the countertop behind him, watching the way his back muscles contract everytime he scrubs at a dish. He was showing off, you knew. 
Whenever he was alone with you, Namjoon turned into a deceitful, cocky, teasing mess. He knew exactly what to do, how to move, to get you all riled up to the point of jumping his bones. Tonight had been no different but unspokenly the two of you were walking on eggshells around one another, filled with ghost touches, incredulous actions and suggestive words. Waiting to see who would cross the threshold first.
It wasn’t going to be you. 
“Can’t believe you’re asking me to go stargazing after calling my body a national treasure.” You scoff, swinging your legs, your heel hitting the cabinet underneath you lightly. 
Namjoon shuts off the water, placing the last dish on the drying rack. He grabs a towel and dries his hands before throwing it over his shoulder and turns around to face you. A lustful glint sparking behind his left eye, while his right glows in a bright red. You swallow. “Well that’s not the only thing I want to do with you underneath the stars.” He closes the distance between the two of you and puts both his arms next to your thighs on top of the granite countertop. His touch was so close, yet it felt lightyears away. 
“Is that so?” You raise an eyebrow bringing the wine glass up to your lips, swallowing the last droplets of the dark red liquid before setting the glass down next to you. 
He hums, bringing his face close, nosing your chin with the tip of nose. “But you’re going to have to go outside to find out what it is.” He smiles leaving a delicate kiss against the base of your neck. A small preview of what was to come next. 
“Why go outside when the master bedroom has a skylight above the bed.” You challenge, placing your arms against his shoulders. Maybe giving in wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but your competitive spirit refused. 
Not until he gives in first. 
Namjoon pulls away, taking his body heat with him and pushes off. His eyes are back to their original color and you pout. “I worked hard at tempering that chocolate last night. It almost came in between Yoongi and I, so please get the blanket and your cute ass outside so I can feed them to you.” He whines, his soft gaze burning into yours. 
You laugh and jump off. “As you wish, my prince.” You pat his shoulder and walk past him. 
“Not a prince.” He grumbles and turns around to face the sink. Once you were out of his eye shot, he turns on the faucet, cranks it up to cold, before cupping his palms underneath the water and splashes his face a few times. 
He almost didn’t survive his slip up a few minutes ago.
Tumblr media
The pink and purple swirls of the bleeding sun faded making way for a blank midnight blue canvas and the silver light of the moon. 
You found yourself in between Namjoon’s legs, back pressed against his chest. The bottle you had brought out with you empty and forgotten somewhere next to the two of you. The stems of the chocolate covered strawberries the two of you finished feeding each other, moved gently against the light breeze around the ceramic plate in a minimal dance. The steady rhythm of his breathing, serving as a quiet noiseless lullaby as you relaxed further into his arms. 
This was everything you ever wanted.
The night was still young but Namjoon had gone above and beyond pointing out five constellations; the little dipper, aquarius, virgo, pisces, and andromeda. You in your wine stained haze could barely pick them out, watching as they danced along the light of the moon, while he explained each of their meanings carefully and slowly. 
“And next to Andromeda, there’s Perseus.” Namjoon pauses, extending his hand in front of you creating a ragged outline with his index finger. “A love written within the stars.” He whispers the last part and drops his hand. 
“Can you tell me the story again?” You hug the arm that was around you tighter, resting your chin against his propped up knee. Namjoon hums happily in response, the only slight evidence of the smile he had on his face. He loved this myth, almost as much as he loved the Daphne and Apollo one. Something about both of them both being poetic and a little bit heartbreaking - to quote his words exactly. 
The exact representation of Kim Namjoon himself. 
He was full of poetic similes, and metaphors. The hyperbole of his life was something you still had trouble wrapping your head around. He broke your heart when you first met him, at an underground house party. That’s how things were in the world, everything that wasn’t approved by the government had to be dealt with underground. Even innocent parties, where drugs and alcohol were being passed around like candy. 
He was scavenging for parts, that’s all he did when he went to these parties. Figured that there would be at least one dealer at these events where he could bargain his way on new rusting metal parts for his arm and leg. There was. Taehyung was only three slimy green drinks in, sporting you as arm candy when Namjoon approached him. Skipping out on the usual pleasantries he got down to business. With one long breath he explained everything he needed and how he planned to pay for it by working a few shifts at the junkyard Taehyung owned. 
Taehyung couldn’t say no, he always needed a few extra hands around the place, so he extended his hand out towards Namjoon. The two of them greedily sizing each other up while sharing a firm, vice gripping shake. You watched the entire scenario play out, and was floored when his right eye glowed green with determination. You had met a couple of cyborgs in your lifetime, but none that had the ability to change their eye color depending on their emotions. As far as you knew about them, which wasn’t a lot - the history of cyborgs wasn’t covered much in school and if it was it was dwindled down to something insignificant - they weren’t able to feel human emotions. 
That was until Namjoon came along and turned your entire perception around. He angered and cried easily. When he laughed, he would place an embarrassed hand in front of his lips and doubled over. When he smiled he showed off his two perfect dimples, claiming them to be the best part of his entire self. Which you disagreed with. They were maybe the third best part of him. His heart was your favorite, despite everything he went through he held it in the palm of his hands. He cared so much about others, always putting them first instead of himself. Listened to them talk about their banal problems like they mattered, and offered advice whenever it was asked of him. It was equally heartbreaking and endearing. 
You never really said anything to him the first few times you visited Taehyung’s junkyard. If you could even call it that. It was hightech and looked more like a science lab, especially because the owner himself offered free check ups for cyborgs, free living and paraded around in a long white lab coat. He figured that if he wasted four years on a medical degree he should at least put it to good use. So he did and created a science lab disguised as a junkyard to ward off any suspicion. Even after ten years, the people that belonged to the outside and not to the underground, suspected nothing. It still looked like an ordinary junkyard. 
A safe place for people like Namjoon. A safe place where you could love him freely without an outsiders opinion or nasty remarks. They never angered Namjoon, he grew up being tantalized by others, but they did anger you to the point of breaking down. In those moments you hated the world, people and the way Namjoon comforted you instead of himself. You almost felt childish for crying out in anger when Namjoon was the one that suffered his entire life because of something he couldn’t control. 
His life was on the line, and upon the request his dying mother managed to get out between labored breaths, a desperate plea for her son to survive. The doctors did everything and anything they could to respect her wishes and Namjoon spent a good few years of his life running away and resenting her for not being able to let him go. Until that night at the party, until he shook hands with Taehyung, until he found out the truth about the junkyard, until he found his new family. A couple of recluse guys who were passionate about changing the world even if it meant laying their life’s out on the line.
Until the night he spoke to you for the first time, and finally decided he was done running. Finally, thanking his mother for saving him.
“Then Perseus was flying overhead with his pegasus and saw Andromeda chained to a rock ready to be devoured by Cetus,” he pauses and wraps both of his arms around you, pulling you closer to his chest. “Are you even paying attention?” He chuckles, burying his face into your neck, blowing the few strands of hair away making you shiver against the cold.
“Sorry, heads in the clouds, probably the wine too.” You whisper, shaking your head, letting the memories of a beautiful encounter escape back into your memory files. 
You were here now with your lover as he told you the myth for the thousandth time. You never got tired of it even though it wasn’t your favorite. Namjoon was a natural born storyteller, especially when it came to greek mythology. But for this particular story he would trace each constellation as the words spilled out his mouth, with eyes wide and full of light. He loved the fact that the entire narrative was literally written in the stars, it was poetic and heartbreaking and his favorite to tell you because he claimed that one day the two of you would be written in the stars too. 
“You’ve been spaced out all night, what’s going on up there?” He smiles, and gently brings his hand up, knocking gently against the crown of your head as if to wake you up from your bewitching daydream. 
“Do you ever wonder where we would be if we hadn’t met each other?” You say abruptly and sit up, turning your body to face him. He has a gentle smile on his face, his eye glowing lilac. The color of his nostalgia. 
He shakes his head and rests his forehead against yours. “I used to, a lot actually. When we first started dating I always stayed up at night wondering where I would be if I had just left after paying my debt. But the guys kept me around, I loved that they supported each other and fought for everything they believed in. So I stayed. I almost left after the riot next to the yard, I was so scared they had finally caught on to what Tae was doing so I packed my bags. I was ready to leave until I found you in the small kitchen of the lab, typing away on your laptop, glasses sliding off your nose. You looked so determined, so passionate and I realized that the only thing I knew about you was your name, that you lived in the room next to Jungkook and Jimin’s and that every morning you left before the sun woke up.” He leaves a gentle peck against your lips and pulls back, giving you enough space again. 
You hum, snaking your arms up the side of his body, running over the ridges against the metal plates of his left arm, circling them around his neck. “I was always too scared to talk to you. Not because you were scary but because I had a huge crush on you and I was afraid to make a fool out of myself in front of you.” You give him a smile, loving the way he melts against you. “Why did you talk to me that night?” 
“I didn’t want to leave and regret anything. Before that night you were always just Tae’s friend who helped around in the yard every once in a blue moon and the girl Hoseok had a huge school boy crush on. So, I kept my distance.” He shrugs and brings his hand up, placing it against your chin. “I’m glad I sat down in front of you that night though. I’m glad that I managed to say something despite my nerves overflowing out of my pores. You were so easy to talk to and so willing to just listen. You never interrupted me while I unbashefully told you all about my struggles. Instead you hugged me, something only my mother had ever done and it meant so much to me that I stayed.” 
You nudged his hand, letting it caress your cheek before pressing your lips against his palm. “I’m happy you stayed, otherwise I wouldn’t know what true love feels like.” 
“Want to go inside?” Namjoon asks, moving his hand down your cheek and letting it rest against your hip. “I have a lot of love for you in me and I can only think of a few ways of letting it out.” 
You laugh. It’s small and doesn’t last very long but it’s enough to cover the sounds of your hammering heart. “Can you finish the story first?” You protrude your bottom lip, begging like a child for five more minutes of their parents' attention. Namjoon wants to kiss you, erase the way your teasing eyes are egging him on. But he restrains, as much as he loves the idea of making love to you, outside in the backyard of Jimin’s family summer home. The mosquitoes are brutal and he doesn’t love the idea of them enjoying the scent of your sweet skin as much as he does. In every sense of the word he was yours and you were his. So he restrains himself for the third time in the night. 
“Are you going to pay attention this time?” He manages to force out. 
You nod, turning around in his arms, resuming your previous position, intertwining both of your hands with his. “I like the ending, it’s the only part I like.” 
“You only like it cause it ends.” He chuckles and leans down kissing your temple. His lips stop above the tip of your ear, his breath sending an earth shattering shiver down your spine and pulls you tightly against him. “He makes a deal with both Cepheus and Cassiopeia.” He whispers leaving a light kiss against the tip of your ear. “If he saves Andromeda, he gets her hand in marriage.” He moves your hair away from his neck and leaves a gentle kiss against it. “They agree and though Perseus is outnumbered, he wins using Medusa's head to kill Cetus.” He says, lips skimming down your neck, leaving behind the ghost-like touch of his kisses. “Then they married, grew old together and the God’s placed them in the sky as a lesson for the ages.” He mumbles into the skin between your neck and collar bone, finishing the drawing of the constellation onto your skin. 
“A love within the stars.” 
Tumblr media
Your laugh bounced off the dark wooden walls of the vacation home. Namjoon was trailing behind you, his arms outstretched in front of him as he chased you up the steep wooden stairs. “We should’ve just gone to the fishing house.” He whines, closing the distance while you quickened your steps. 
“I don’t want to smell like fish, plus I saw a spider web in there earlier.” You shudder, trudging down the narrow hallway towards the white door leading into the master bedroom. Namjoon comes up behind you, he puts both of his arms on either side of your body, encasing you in. “The skylight is here and I want you to love me underneath the stars. I want to let them catch a glimpse of our story for them to write.” You whisper, grabbing the door handle behind you. He lets out a low groan, pressing his body against yours. The tip of his nose buried into your hair, letting your smell overpower him. It was sweet with a hint of lavender, enough to get him begging on his knees for you if you were to ever ask him too. 
“Open the door baby girl.” Namjoon mutters. The command berating from the back of his throat coated in lust. It’s low enough for only your ears to catch, but not loud enough for it to travel through the bubble surrounding the two of you. It sends a pleasing shiver down your spine, plaguing you with impatience as you fight with the door handle that seemed to not want to budge.
He crosses over the thin threshold between you and his patience. Covers your hand with his and forcefully pushes open the door. It hits the wall behind it, making you wince. But you don’t have enough time to scold him or process the inevitable damage because Namjoon’s hands are around your waist, his lips attack your neck and he’s pushing you towards the white linen-clothed bed. 
“You drive me crazy.” He tongues your sweet spot. The one located just beneath your left ear. He marvels against it, loving the sweet sighs falling out of your mouth while he sucks his mark on you. Something you rarely allowed him to do in fear of your work colleagues making it into a big deal, filling up your time with questions that didn’t concern them. But the two of you were away for three days. It was three days away from the city, surrounded by the sweet sounds of nature. Three days where he could leave his visible imprint on you without anyone else’s intruding curiosity. 
“I seriously can’t get enough of you baby girl.” He guides you down onto the bed, pushes your legs apart and settles in between them. His face hidden in your neck, breath hitting your skin in a sweet chill. His chest rises and falls against yours, his hands take the white comforter in a tight grip. 
“Don’t hold back Joon, I want you.” You leave a light kiss against his temple. 
Whenever it came to sex. Namjoon needed your verbal confirmation. He refused to move forward even though he wanted to, even though your body reacted sweetly to his touch, until he had your verbal confirmation. It was something you became aware of during the first night you spent together. 
The two of you were shaking, giggling like teenagers as each of you removed each other’s clothes. He shied away when you first took off his shirt, marveled at the scar tissue that connected his shoulder and metal arm. Your fingers had a mind of their own when they lightly ran over the metal plates between decorating his shoulder blades and hip bone. He was beautiful, still human in your eyes, with a few embellishments that kept him alive. You loved them and loved him and you were determined to show him how much you did, until he stopped you. His left eye seared in fear, while his right eye glowed red, lust hidden behind his soft piercing gaze. He needed you to say it, his strength unknown to him and the last thing he wanted was to hurt you. So, ever since that night, every night that followed he would let himself go until a certain point. He waited, breath labored until you gave him the verbal go ahead. When you did he would come into himself, shed his fear and give you all the love and passion he harbored for you. 
It was like magic. He was like magic, igniting you whenever he could. 
“Lay against the pillows angel, tonight is about you and I want to take it slow.” He taps your hip gently and you oblige by scooting yourself up the bed until the back of your head meets the pillows. 
“Are you sure you can take it slow?” You tease, sneaking your hands underneath his navy blue shirt. They matched his sweats and for some reason something about the whole ensemble made your lover irresistible. “We’ve been teasing each other all night, I’m surprised we even lasted this long.” Fingers run up the ridges of his toned abdominal muscles, pushing up his shirt. He catches the knowing glint dancing behind your eyes and brings it over his head, tossing it to the side. 
He places both of his hands underneath the waistband of your already unbuttoned jeans. He laughed when you had unbuttoned them earlier, claiming he had impregnated you with a food baby due to the amount of food he fed you. He shook his head before promising that one day, further into the future he would impregnate you with an actual baby if you wanted too. That almost made you give in, but you stood your ground, took a swing from the wine bottle and pushed his words to the back of your mind. 
“Trust me I almost didn’t, I wanted to christian this entire house the second I parked in the driveway.” He says and pulls them down with your help, leaving you in your oversized t-shirt and bright white panties he saw you buy online a few weeks ago. They had been a part of every fantasy he had of you since that day, excitement flowing through him as he touched himself in his room, knowing you were three doors down. He couldn’t wait for the day until he could see them on you, waiting for him to rip them off. 
His wishes were finally being fulfilled. 
“Can I tell you a secret?” You sat up on your elbows, tilting your head to the side. Namjoon nods, throwing your jeans off to the side. “They’re crotchless.” You say and open your legs to him, leaving nothing to the imagination, your dripping arousal shines against the light of the moon. Namjoon all but loses it. 
“Fuck I don’t think I can take it slow.” He grunts, closing his fists and lays down on his stomach. You laugh and watch as moves so he’s closer to your crotch. “Is this why you didn’t just take your pants off earlier?” He kisses the waistband of your panties and pushes your shirt up further. A low moan leaves his mouth as he takes in your matching bra. He swears he’s going to die. He feels it, feels the wave as it travels up his body and closes over his heart. For a second he thinks this is the best way to go, until his eyes find your pussy, so wet and insatiable, ready to be played with. And he decides that buried in between your legs is the best way to go. 
“I didn’t want to give away my secret so early in the night.” You bite your lip as he kisses down your pubic bone, hooks his arms underneath your thighs and pulls you closer. He doesn’t falter wants to hear you say it, even though he’s literally face to face with all the proof he needs. But this was a game the two of you had been playing all night long. 
He wasn’t going to be the first one to cave. 
“You’ve been wearing these all day?” He shifts kissing your inner thigh. “I could’ve just put my hand down your pants and there would’ve been nothing separating my fingers from your pussy?” He bites down, pulls on the flesh and lets it go with a pop. You hiss as he runs his tongue over the bite mark, kisses it gently when you tremble against him and smirks against your skin when your hands make their way into your hair, knowing he’s won. 
“Yes.” You tangle your fingers in his hair, letting every single lock of hair fill the spaces between your digits. “I wanted you too, fuck Namjoon please touch me.” Your voice feels small as you beg. The whine is music to his ears and he caves. 
“As you wish, baby girl.” He moves, goes back to kissing your pubic bone, until they’re hovering over your center. You lift your hips, whimpers running up your throat past your lips. “So pretty.” He says before connecting his lips, running his tongue up your slit. It feels like heaven, the way he laps at your drenched pussy repeatedly, like he didn’t just eat a full course meal two hours ago. 
He closes his plump lips around your clit, your hips buckling coming up to meet his mouth. He kisses it, massages it with his tongue as if it were your tongue and sucks on it. No matter how many times he eats you out, Namjoon always manages to leave you breathless. “J-Joon, mmm, can you use your fingers?” You arch your back when he bites down gently, nibbling on the swollen bud and pulls away.
“Which one’s?” He takes the band of the lace that’s supposed to cover you in between his teeth and pulls on it. He sends you a wink before letting it go. It ricochet’s against your pussy lips, sending a sweet wave of painful pleasure up your body. 
“The metal one’s.” You pant, tugging on his hair and push his face to meet your lifted hips. 
“Aren’t you happy that Tae upgraded my arm, no more metal that rusts so I can finally do this.” He’s cocky, you hear it laced in between the syllables of each word he lets slip out. But you don’t get a chance to answer with a snarky remark before he plunges two of his metal fingers inside of you. Somehow they feel bigger than his normal ones and having both of them inside of you is sending you over the edge. You silently thank Taehyung for finally using that brain of his correctly while creating Namjoon’s new sleek black monochrome arm. 
“Does it feel good, I need your words baby.” He moves them slowly, pacing himself. He sighs happily when he realizes he can still feel your delicious walls wrapped around him. 
Technology is fucking amazing. He concludes. 
“So good, keep going.” 
He hums and picks up his pace before tonguing your clit, moaning against you when he finds that mushy velvet spot inside of you. He toys with it, while his name falls out of your lips in breathy whimpers. You sound so beautiful, you feel so good around him and you taste so sweet. He really wouldn’t mind his last moments of life to be here between your legs. 
This is all the happiness he could ever need, if he were to ever lose it again. 
He tugs on your clit, releases it before running his tongue over it to minimize the pain. “Gonna cum around my metal fingers baby girl?” He picks up the speed, running his tongue over his lips, licking up the rest of your essence coating his lips. He sits back and brings his flesh hand down against your thigh making you jump. “Answer me my angel or I’ll leave you here all needy and desperate until you're begging me to cum.” 
“Mmm,” You arch your back when the index and middle fingers of his flesh hand come in contact with your clit. “F-Fuck this feels so good Joon, please I’m so close.” You arch your back running your hands over your stomach, pushing your shirt up until it's bunched up underneath your chin. 
Your nipples are hard against the innocent lace of your bra. He watches as you pull the material down and pinch them. The added stimulation makes you clench around his fingers, while you switch, rolling your palms against your nipples. You look so delectable, touching yourself while Namjoon has you at his mercy. He loses his focus and let’s go, growling as he feels your pulsing walls get tighter around him. “God, I can’t wait until I’m inside you, you feel so good right now baby girl.” He pants, wishing he had taken his pants off earlier. His cock was so painfully hard, straining against his tight boxers. 
“Baby, oh my, Joon I-” Your sentence is cut off as your body bounces off the bed. Your mouth opens in a silent scream as it hits you hard. You feel it rush through you, between your legs soaking his fingers, the bed and your panties. Namjoon works you through it slowly, eyes wide as he takes in the mess he just helped you create. He whispers sweet praises while you come down. You barely acknowledge them as the ringing in your ears gets louder, your body twitching as the overstimulation takes over. 
“Fuck,” He whispers, taking his fingers out, bringing them up to his mouth, liking up your cum, moaning at the sweet taste. He hovers over you, planting a sweet kiss against your cheek, “Baby come back to me.” He whispers, laying down next to you. His hand travels up the side of your body, drawing patterns against your skin. “I’m here with you, come back sweetheart.” Waving off the terrified timbre masked in between his vocal chords. This has never happened before, and now his mind was running around paranoid as he took in your blank gaze. 
You blink rapidly, feeling yourself finally coming down. “Wow.” You turn to look at him, meeting the concern wavering behind his irisis, “You just made me squirt Joon.” You laugh in disbelief, hiding your face into his chest. 
“Honestly, one of the top five hottest things you’ve ever done.” He says and pulls you close. “But you scared me for a second there.” He kisses the crown of your head. “We can stop here if you want, I can take a cold shower and then we can continue later when you’re less sensitive.” 
You shake your head, tightening your arms around him. “I want to keep going, give me a few minutes.” 
“Are you sure?”
“Positive Joon.”
Tumblr media
His touch was soft, almost fleeting as he carefully undressed you leaving you bare in front of him. He sat there for a second, hands resting gently against your hips, thanking the round skylight above the two of you. The light of the moon, casted upon you like a spotlight, illuminating every single inch of skin, accentuating everything he loved. His chest swelled with pride as the faint marks he carved into your body seemed to glow against the soft white light. You looked like a goddess the very one’s he spent his entire upbringing reading about. 
He was so damn lucky. 
“Stop staring.” You bring your hands up to your face, embarrassed. 
He felt something turn in his chest, his face morphing into a scowl. He leans down, hissing at the feeling of having your body against his, his cock poking your thigh, itching to just move a few inches to the left so he could be where the two of you needed him to be. “Don’t hide from me, you’re beautiful.” He takes your hands away and locks them with his placing them above your head. 
“Sometimes when you look at me like that I never know what you’re thinking and it scares me.” You confess.
Namjoon presses himself further into your thigh, “I’m thinking about how beautiful you are.” He captures your lips with his in a gentle kiss. It doesn’t last long before his lips are traveling down your chin and neck. “How sexy you are.” He whispers against your skin, nibbling gently as he makes his way down the valley of your breasts. “How incredibly lucky I am to be loved by you.” He looks up at you through hooded eyes, your breath catches itself in the back of your throat, a smug smile etched into his lips. “How much I love you.” 
A shameless moan runs past your lips as he takes one of your nipples into his mouth. He circles his tongue around it, massaging it, sucking on it. His eyes burning holes into yours. You try to keep yourself from shying away, not because you’re embarrassed or scared but because every time he looked at you like you were his entire world, his entire galaxy, it overwhelmed you. 
He lets go of your nipple with a sultry pop and runs his tongue over it one last time before giving your other nipple the same attention, letting himself moan in sweet utter bliss. 
He loved your boobs, well he loved your entire body, but he loved playing with your boobs, or simply touching them. If he wasn’t so desperate to feel you wrapped around him he would spend a few more minutes just feeling up your breasts, but he was so needy. So turned on that he can’t wait another moment, unless he wants to come untouched against your leg. He knows you wouldn’t be opposed to it, you love being covered with his cum. A kink of yours he lets himself indulge in every once in a while. But right now he doesn’t want that and by the way you hold his hands in a vice like grip, hips tantalizing him, he knows you don’t want that either. 
“We forgot to buy condoms Joon.” You whisper. It wasn’t a big deal, you were on the pill and had been taking it for a year now to regulate your period and he knew that. But you needed something to say. Something to break through the sound barrier caused by your heavy breathing, to refocus him, plant him back down into the moment to let him know that you needed him desperately. 
He chuckles against your nipple, sending the vibrations through your body. He let’s it go, licks it one last time before sitting up, letting go of your hands and dropping them down to your sides. “Good thing my pull out game has gotten better.” He winks. 
“The pregnancy scare we had two month ago says otherwise.” You joke. 
He ignores you, giving you one last chaste kiss before reaching over your body to get to the bedside table. He grabs the lube he conveniently didn’t forget to buy, and situates himself back in between your legs. 
You roll your eyes and sit up against your elbows, tapping his knee with your foot. “I don’t need that, I’m pretty sure I’m wet enough.” Words hinting at the events that happened earlier because of him.
He shrugs smugly, as he replays the way you squirted all over him earlier. After you had relaxed, felt yourself gain the strength you had lost, he pulled another one from you. This time with just his mouth and his fingers pinching your nipples. It was a talent he didn’t know you had, and he wanted to find every which way that could get you performing like that again. 
“Don’t want to hurt you.” Namjoon says, grabbing hold of his cock. He swipes his thumb over the tip collecting the bead of precum before massaging in, spreading it  around his head. You pout, silently cursing him for not letting you touch him, for not letting him use your mouth to get himself off. You wanted his lingering taste against your tongue, but he refused. Told you that you had the entire weekend to go down on him, but that tonight was only about you. 
He uncaps the bottle and squirts a generous amount on himself. Uses his hand to coat himself with the clear liquid, until it’s standing proudly, shining against the light. He lets himself go before he gets carried away. 
You shudder, caught off guard when he squirts some of the lube onto your pussy and throws the bottle away to the side. He bites his lip watching as it runs down your slit slowly, your fingers traveling up your thighs so you can spread it around. But you stop, the look in his eyes tells you not to once he realizes what you were discreetly trying to do. 
He guides his cock to you, tapping himself against your clit before using his head to spread around the lube. The sight was so immoral, it had you clenching over nothing. Once he’s satisfied, confident that his precum, mixed with your essence and the lube is coating you generously, he positions himself at your entrance. 
“Ready? Use your words if it gets too much, I know I’ve overdone it tonight but I’ll stop if it gets too much.” 
“Just put your cock in me Namjoon, you talk too much.” You're left breathless when he takes your words literally and pushes himself in. You feel everything. The way your walls stretch over him, painfully and sweetly. The way the veins of his cock seem to leave imprints against the velvet skin of your pussy. He feels so good, so big, filling you up as he keeps pushing inside slowly. 
“I think we both need a lesson in patience.” He hisses when he’s finally bottoms out. “Always so tight.” He doesn’t move, let’s you get used to him, uses his hands to shift your focus onto the way he grabs hold of your thighs and wraps them around his waist. 
A loud moan escapes you at the shifting of the angle. He’s already hitting your g-spot and he hasn’t even moved. You wrap your arms around his waist and pull him close, “Move baby, I can handle it move.” You nod, grabbing hold of his ass. 
He laughs and pulls his hips away, not enough to disconnect the two of you, but enough to leave room for some space to push in. So he does hard and slowly, pacing himself. He huffs, digging his fingers into the skin of your thighs as he keeps his movements controlled. He doesn’t want to lose himself yet. Not when the image of you splayed out underneath him, tiny moans leaving your perfect lips is burning itself deep into his memory. 
He loves you so much. Loves that you were his first. Loves that he’s so comfortable with you to explore all these kinks he never knew he had. Loves that you trust him enough to let go of all your control for him.
“You feel so good, baby girl. I can stay here forever.” He says, buries his head into the crook of your neck, picking up his pace. 
You savor the way he’s hitting all the right spots. It’s amazing how in tune he is with your body, that he’s memorized everything that makes you unravel. He’s pushing into you hard, hitting that soft fleshy part in your every time and it’s driving you insane. You feel your orgasm building up fast. Feel it start from the pit of your stomach as it slowly travels around your body. 
“Joon, I’m close.” You pant, pressing your hands into his back and pushing him closer. 
He lifts up his head, eyebrow quirked up, “Already?” 
You nod, hiding your face into his chest. “Sorry Joon.” Normally you would last longer, needing some extra help from his fingers to get you where he wanted you to be. But you blame the two powerful orgasms he managed to pull from you earlier. You could tell as desperate as he was, he wasn’t anywhere near close to cumming and you felt bad, knowing that after this you would be too sensitive to continue. 
“It’s okay just cum baby, let me feel you.” He snakes his hands underneath your body, squeezes your ass cheeks and lifts you up slightly. He fucks into you hard, yet carefully enough so he doesn’t hurt you. You feel yourself clench around him, the harder he pounds into you. His cum filled balls slapping against your skin. 
The noises the two of you are making are so loud and raunchy, the headboard pounding into the wall behind it, creating tiny unmasked dents. Everything feels and sounds so good, it makes his mouth water. He’s grateful that the two of you are alone. That the only sign of civilization is miles away, because you're free and he’s free and the two of you can be as vivacious as you like without a care in the world. 
Your mouth opens, screaming out his name in devotion. You come undone, the force pushing him out of you as you make a mess for him for the third time that night. He has no idea what he has done to get your body to react in such a way but he doesn’t question it. Instead he watches you, eyes wide in pleasure, back buckling away from the mattress, legs shaking in ecstasy, pussy clenching over nothing while your substance soaks up everything underneath. 
If he were to ever die young, he wants this to be the last thing he sees. 
He fists his hand around his cock and moves it around pleasing himself at the sight of you coming down from your high. He can feel it coming and wishes he had felt it earlier, wondering what it would feel like with you squirting around him, while he buries his cum deep inside your pussy. 
Your chest is heaving as you watch still coming down from your high, heart pounding against your chest, resting your hands on top of your stomach. “Come on me Joon.” You croak out, voice hoarse from screaming his name like it was the last thing you would ever say. 
Namjoon moans, let’s the pleasure take over him as he leans over your spent out body, the tip of his cock poking your pubic bone. He thrusts himself into his hand, attempting to make it as tight as your pussy. He looks deep into your hungry eyes.  It only takes a faint smile from you to have him coming undone. He moans your name out loudly, coating your stomach with translucent white ropes of cum. You coarse him through it gently, running your hands down the side of his body, before he collapses next to you. 
“So much for taking it slow.” He chuckles, taking a deep breath as he tries to put air in his lungs again. 
You laugh, swiping your index finger into the pool of his cum, collecting some and bringing it up to your mouth. A satisfied hum leaves you as you let him coat your taste buds. 
“Don’t do that, I’ll get hard again and you need a break.” He places his arm around your waist and kisses your cheek. “You squirted for me three times, baby, do you know what that does to me. My ego is through the roof right now.” 
“Don’t get too excited I’m pretty sure you put something in those strawberries, I honestly didn’t know I could do that let alone three times.” You say in disbelief, arms hugging the back of his neck and bringing him close. 
“Ah my god like skills at tempering chocolate got to you. Noted.” He laughs, placing his metal hand on your cheek. The fondness in your eyes, makes his heart jump.  “Why are you looking at me like that?” 
You smile and tap the corner of his right eye, “It’s white, I’ve never seen that one before.” You whisper letting your thumb go over the outline gently. “What does it mean?”
“That I’m completely infatuated by you.” 
Tumblr media
You forgot to shut the blinds last night. 
After Namjoon drew you a bath, changed the sheets and massaged your back, you felt so relaxed that you fell asleep, forgetting about the blinds. 
A groan of annoyance with a silent mumble of a curse leaves you. The aches all around your body light up like a wildfire, reminding you of the passionate love you and Namjoon shared last night. You stretch out your hand, curiosity dawns on you when you feel the emptiness of the space next to you. Namjoon nowhere to be found. 
Confused, you sit up grabbing a hold of your phone to check the time. 7:30am it read. Namjoon never wakes up this early, and when he needs to, you need to pry him awake as he whines about just needing five more minutes to rest his eyes. You push the sheets away, move slowly, feet barely hitting the wooden floor when the door of the room bursts open. Creating another dent next to the one from last night. 
Jimin was never going to let you use his family's vacation home again. 
“Don’t get up, lay down again.” Namjoon’s soft command reverberates off the walls, shocking you. You nod and pick up your feet again, scooting up the bed so your back is against the headboard. 
Namjoon smiles happily, showing off his perfect dimples and walks over to the bed, carrying a tray full of food in one hand and mug of coffee in the other. The sweats he wore the day before hanging low against his hips. He looked delectable.
“You made breakfast?” You ask, extending your arms out to grab the tray from his hands. Your mouth watering at the sight of the huge stack of blueberry pancakes, the few slices of bacon and the bowl of chocolate covered strawberries which makes you laugh lightly. You shouldn’t have said anything last night, now he wasn’t going to stop feeding you chocolate covered strawberries. 
“Mhm...woke up early to make it.” He places his knee on the bed, setting his mug on the nightstand before giving your head a light kiss. “Good morning my love.” He whispers before getting up. 
“Morning Joon.” You tilt your head as he makes his way out of the room. “You aren’t going to eat with me?” You pout, yelling after him. 
“I still have to get your freshly squeezed orange juice by yours truly and I forgot the utensils.” He answers, his hasty footsteps sounding against the floorboards. 
Always so forgetful, your boyfriend. 
You grin and take a bite out of a bacon strip, moaning as it practically melts in your mouth. Maybe Yoongi teaching Namjoon how to cook wasn’t the worst idea. Not when he clearly honed a talent neither of you knew he had. 
“You look beautiful.” Namjoon says, the second he walks into the room again, setting down your glass of orange juice and utensils on the nightstand. He sits on the bed and wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close. You mumble a thank you before, bringing a piece of bacon up to his mouth. He takes a bite, humming in approval, satisfied with his own work, before furrowing his brows. 
“What’s that on your finger?” He points to your left hand. 
You give him a strange look and slowly lift your hand up. “What do you mean, it’s my fi-” Your words leave you when you finally see it. A beautiful, simple diamond ring, decorating the finger that supposedly leads straight to your heart. “Joon I...wait wh-Kim Namjoon what is this?”
“Marry me?” He whispers the question, full of fear and hope. His right eye glowing the same white it adorned last night. You don’t know what to say, or you do know what to say but your mind has somehow gone blank, rendering you speechless. 
“You don’t have to give me an answer right now. Truthfully this wasn’t the way I wanted to propose but if you want we can forget about it an-” 
“Fuck, no.” You cut off his ramble, hands flying up to your mouth as you look at him with wide eyes and you see the slight hurt flash behind his dual chrome eyes.  “I mean don’t take it back, this is perfect.” You squeak out. “Wait I mean, yes. Yes Namjoon I’ll marry you.” 
It’s Namjoon’s turn to be speechless, so much so his body gives out and he almost knocks the tray full of food over. He composes himself quickly, grabs the tray from your lap and sets it far away from the two of you, before pulling you onto his lap. “Wait, is this really happening?” He all but whispers. His voice makes him cringe. He’s never heard it sound so small before and it shocks not only you but him too. 
“Why are you so surprised you’re the one that proposed?” You laugh, knocking your forehead against his gently. “Yes it’s really happening.” 
“I didn’t think you would say yes, so I didn’t think this far ahead.” He hugs you close, kissing your nose gently. “God I love you so much, I’m so happy right now.” 
“Is this why we came all the way out here?” You wiggle your ring finger in front of his face. It made sense. He had knocked on your door the previous morning and told you to pack clothes for three days, before disappearing down the hallway. He didn’t let you enough time to process anything before he was loading your bag and his into the trunk of his car and waving goodbye to your friends. 
It had confused you when all of them were shouting their goodlucks, but you ignored it. Assuming it had to do with Namjoon’s first time driving farther than a couple of blocks. But now everything made sense. This was planned and everyone knew. 
“Well yes, but also for the mind blowing sex.” He says cheekily, finally regaining his composure. 
“And everyone knew?” 
“Yes, they all helped me plan it.” 
“Unbelievable, all of you are unbelievable.” You shake your head, moving out of his lap and grabbing the tray of food. The weight of the ring on your finger felt odd, you weren’t used to it, especially knowing what it signified. Nevertheless you were so happy you could burst, and you bite your lip from hiding the prominent squeal of joy that was bubbling in the back of your throat. 
You look back at your boyfriend, sitting smugly against the headboard sipping on his now cold coffee. Finally, letting yourself indulge in the moment. This was everything you could ever want and need. 
It was perfect.
Everything was perfect.
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