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Changing One's Tune (13)
Summary: Hybrids have always been known to humanity after scientist decided to test the limits of the animal genetics on humans. Now the world uses them as adoptable companions, which is why a group of friends found their way at a Hybrid Shelter. Though one trip turns into an ugly fight involving Yoongi to walk away—But what happens when that same male finds a cat hybrid that is scared out of her mind with a dark past. Who said that dark past was over?
~Pairing: Min Yoongi (BTS) | Suga x Hybrid f! Reader
~Genre: Angst & Fluff, Hybrid au
~Word Count: 3.5K
~Tag List: @tanumiki @yummiethedragoon2 @llcalumllhoodll @darkmangoo @kurochan3 @wooya1224 @lilacdreams-00 @fangirl125reader @halesandy @aviwasabi21 @mrcleanheichou @loveyoongles @queenthorin1 @rosquilleta @a-golden-sunflower-vol-6 @sockie-the-dumbass @jipwark02 @malewife-supremacy @tinyoonsblog @becomingbts @lenafarn @ultralillylove @deathkat657 @janeelizabeth1216 @sumzysworld @beach-bitch-bitch-beach @agustdjoon @ironrosestylist @d-noona @matchat3a @zae007live @friendlywraith @bangtannie7 @bangtanswrld @marieebarbzz8 @quokkahideout @that-author @honeybxes @kim-jias-den @loner0907 @artgukk @jaiuneamesolitaiire @readers-posts @chieftoadturkeynickel @matchat3a @almosttoopizza @pb-n-juju @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @calling-dips-on-j-hope @btsiguess-kpop @kisskissshutmydoor @adeptiixiao @avadakadabra93 @r000l
Part: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / More Chapters Soon...
Tumblr media
Wild feline orbs snapped wide open, panic swirling through them while your senses refused to cooperate from the emotional roller coaster running inside. You hated that everything felt out of control, it was like a slap to the face. A reminder that the past is never really gone, despite Yoongi’s desperate attempts to shake it from your memories.
Without hesitation, you jumped into a defensive stance—practically pure instincts at this point—only to hiss when bumping your head against a hard surface. The sudden harsh movement having you wince as well, the injury on your shoulder blade acting up.
Right now… You felt like a blind man walking through a dark forest, breathing taking a sharp turn as your body trembled—You’re okay… You’re not back. It’s okay, just calm yourself.
A marathon of reassurance—comfort—chanted within, tail flickering and puffing in distress. Although you were still on edge, the words did help regain your five senses… From hearing to smell.
Unconsciously sniffing the air around, inhaling familiar scents that you’ve grown to come accustomed too as your stress decreased and faded. Knowing you were even remotely close to one of the seven puts you at ease. Vision coming back into focus, shaking your head to get it together before observing the surrounding area.
However as much as you tried to forget, focus on something else, like the vibrations taking place underneath your paws from the moving vehicle. Tears still threatened to spill—That dream… You can’t get it out of your head.
It’s been months since you’ve had a nightmare, especially one as real as this…
Yet, the darkness had swallowed and welcomed you back with a sinister grin. Almost as if those demons inside didn’t leave at all, only waiting for your return—Which, in a way, the past did wait… In the depths of your mind until they were triggered back to the open surface.
Shaking the thoughts away with a downward glare, you didn’t realize that your sharpened claws were digging into the carpet ground. The sight forcing you to flinch and crawl away, wanting to come out of hiding but nearly shrieking when tripping over something hard and… fluffy?
You didn’t even have time to catch yourself—So much for cats always landing on their feet as you stumbled before coming into direct contact with something wet and squishy.
Peeking an eye open, widening seeing familiar golden fur and a slightly large snout touching your own small nose—Hoseok.
The dog hybrid was halfway beneath the seat, as if he tried to forcefully squeeze himself through the narrow space. Carefully, you tried to ease yourself out of the way, only to freeze feeling something move and snuggle into your side. Ears perking up, finally noticing Jungkook was here too… In fact, he was probably the cause of your fall.
Huffing, all you could do was stare at the bunny who was sound asleep, squirming around for warmth as he breathed in your scent with a content sigh—Jungkook and Hoseok being there, despite pushing them away earlier, had a warm feeling spread into your heart.
What was this? You couldn’t find a word for it.
It was different, calming, new… Honestly it made you feel fuzzy and light inside.
But what exactly was it? You’ve felt it before with Yoongi. Although it was stronger around him, but you just couldn’t pinpoint what this new feeling was called. Maybe you should talk about it with Namjoon, he once told you that purring was perfectly normal so he should know about this… Right?
It’s funny… Never in your life did you imagine you’d be friends with hybrids that weren’t cut from the same cloth, no less humans for that matter.
Getting on all fours, you gently rolled Jungkook over to the golden retriever so the small hybrid could stay warm with the help of Hoseok’s fur. Cat-like eyes narrowing playfully to make sure the youngest didn’t try to inch himself toward you like the last few times.
When it was clear Jungkook was planning to stay… you turned around and only took a single step before freezing. Hesitating, you glanced behind and inhaled sharply, rushing towards the two hybrids to nuzzle their necks affectionally that caused Hoseok and Jungkook to smile blissfully in their sleep.
More than embarrassed, tail coming to cover half your face, you maneuvered out from underneath the shadows with a silent hiss. The need to know your location being greater than the pain forming on your shoulder, ignoring the sting as you squinted because of the light shining through each window.
Orange and yellow colors flowing in your vision, it seemed to be around sunset outside but still bright enough to where you wanted to crawl back into the shade.
Standing tall on your hind legs, eyes narrowing to the other sleeping hybrids—Jimin and Taehyung being in a cuddle session of their own. Although your head snapped towards the front, humming near the driver’s seat catching your attention almost instantly. You’d know that familiar tune anywhere, automatically speed-walking to get closer as if you were in a trance. Jumping into the lap of the male that changed your life… possibly forever.
Not expecting the sudden weight, Yoongi tensed for a minute before slumping in relaxation when hearing and feeling your purrs rumble throughout his body.
You weren’t sure when Yoongi decided to trade spots with Seokjin, OR when the eldest wasn’t in the car anymore for that matter. But you weren’t complaining, eyes darting out the window. Enjoying the scenery and quietness of the road… It brought a sense of peace.
And when a single hand started combing through your black fur, you didn’t tense like earlier. Instead, practically turning into Jell-O.
Yoongi didn’t bother talking … nor did he mention a word about what happened between you and that hybrid eagle. The music lover knew when to shut up, letting you come to him instead of forcing it out. Yoongi was just happy that you didn’t flinch or shiver in disgust at his touch.
A soft—rare—smile graced Yoongi’s features as you leaned further in his hand with an expression that told him you were in heaven. A much better change than the painful one.
Occasionally, Yoongi would check the rear-view mirror to make sure Seokjin and Namjoon were still following behind in the other vehicle. But for the most part, the side was comforting. The only sound being the lowered music as Yoongi hummed, rapping his favorite verse louder for your ears.
Although you didn’t exactly know where you were or heading… Right now, in this moment.
You’d travel anywhere as long it’s with him.
“Psst… Psst, Y/N! Time to wake up.”
Groaning at the noise, you curled up and turned around to face away from the new presence. Only to accidentally rollover, falling off the seat and hitting the ground. Cracking an eye open to glare at the laughing introducers that disturbed your peace.
“And here I thought cats always land on their feet…”
A snickering fox was glancing down as Taehyung towered over you two in his human form with a wide grin, playfulness shining in both their eyes. “Come on, Yoongi sent us to wake you. He wants you to meet someone, we all do!”
Confused, you sleepily got up with a yawn and stretched out your limbs, hissing when straining your shoulder once more. You were a hundred percent certain that it needed to be treated, especially when you didn’t officially know how bad it looked.
In pet circumstances, a vet could do an evaluation without problems… but you weren’t a pet. You’re a hybrid and human form usually is more suitable to check for injuries properly. Especially since you have black fur that covers any bruise or open wound.
The two hybrids glanced at one another in concern, feeling discomfort roll off you in waves. However, you didn’t bother telling them what was wrong, completely avoiding eye contact.
“Where are we?” You mumbled, the question being more directed at Jimin than anything since Taehyung could barely understand without being in his tiger form. Hybrid language was extremely different inside your animal form then it was being human. Taehyung only being able to get the gist of the conversation, but not fully.
“Home!” Jimin shouted excitedly, small yips leaving his mouth as the bright colored tail wagged on like a dog getting a treat—But thanks to your sleep introduced state, you could not focus on the fact that there were other new smells around or the sound of someone gathering the luggage in the trunks.
Home? That didn’t seem right… You all took a whole day trip, only to come back to the beginning? Is this a human and hybrid thing?
Scratching behind your ears, you didn’t bother listening to what else the two hybrids had to say. Immediately jumping onto the seat where Jimin practically purred at the close proximity, nuzzling his head into yours as Taehyung twirled your black tail around his finger playfully.
Snorting you let out a hiss, only for the warning to be left ignored as they continued. The two already used to you trying to push their affection away, all the hybrids knew that if you didn’t actually want it… You’d do more than hiss.
Alright that’s enough… After nudging the two away, you jumped out the car door that was left open.
The first thing you noticed was how cold the ground and air was, snow scrunching underneath your paws while shivering. Face scrunching up when feeling Jack Frost nip at your nose—However, the second thing that caught your attention was getting lifted off the ground…
By someone that you did not know.
“Is this her?! Yoongi, she’s adorable!! Her beautiful fur reminds me of my little bun!” A women squealed out in awe, your eyes widening at the sight of her. Especially the peanut butter colored bunny ears that flopped down her short-styled hair.
The random women had such wide doe-like eyes that held so much happiness… and it was being directed at you.
You didn’t know how to react to this… because on one hand, you wanted to scratch and bite to freedom—I mean you were a predator and she was prey, you could scare her! But then again… Her eyes held so much warmth that it made you feel safe.
Just who the hell was she?
“Dear… Maybe you should put her down. Poor girl looks like she is going to faint,” Another voice echoed out into the night sky as it started to snow, tensing at the new presence as you swiftly glanced around seeing another bunny hybrid—The guy was slightly less tall than Jungkook, but instead of this women, he had black ears that stood up straight. A large smile forming on him… He had Jungkook’s smile.
“Her name is Y/N, right?”
“Oh! Chim mentioned that on the phone the last time we talked!! What a lovely name, it fits the little black rose perfectly!”
“Yoongi, I can’t believe you adopted a hybrid!! How many times has your mom tried to convince you to get out the house or schedule blind dates? At least now she’ll stop since you have a hybrid to take care of. I’m sure Y/N will have no problems whipping you into shape.”
Yoongi scoffed, turning his head sideways as a light blush rose on his cheeks from being called out. The action causing all the adult parents to laugh at the pouty expression Yoongi was showing, Though while it embarrassed him, you grew more on edge from being surrounded.
Eyes growing wide seeing multiple couples, from an orange and white tiger… to brownish and gold fur retrievers. Then finally a pair of bright orange and red foxes… However, you didn’t see any other couple that wasn’t considered a hybrid.
Eventually it started to feel like you were being suffocated, trying to wiggle out of the female’s grasp that only made you hiss from how much movement you were doing as the smell of fresh blood reached your nose. However it probably would’ve been noticed if where you were inside a closed space and not outside a snowy environment.
Though the sudden action had everyone freezing in alarm and concern before understanding lit up—They were overwhelming you. Although it was hard to detect in the wind, the strongest sense in the air was pain and fear… along with something else that smelled familiar to them. But from what Yoongi explained about your past… It would be best not to make a first bad impression by bringing up horrid memories.
“Oh, I’m so sorry!! I—I didn’t mean to be rude,” The women stumbled upon her words, ears pinning back as an embarrassed blush painted her cheeks red. Gently, she placed you down on the cold ground where you unconsciously hissed at everyone to back off, back arching as high it could go while tail bristled in anger.
The defensive position had the parents deflating, sadness filling them as the others eye’s softened—Maybe it was a mistake not to inform you that they were coming here…
“Y/N, it’s okay… You can trust them. It’s about time you meet the big family,” Namjoon calmly explained, crouching near as the four hybrids smiled in reassurance. Giving you an encouraging nod before standing next to the ones that shared similar traits with them—Are these their parents?
“Maybe we should let Y/N get settled in first! I bet she’s dying to eat a nice hot meal and shake off the cold—Yoongi… Namjoon… Your parents should be inside finishing up dinner. While Jin, your parents are getting the rooms ready,” Mrs. Jung spoke up, brownish tail wagging as the sun radiated off her smile.
Nodding in agreement, Namjoon ruffled your head before Yoongi came to scroop you up in his arms. Unzipping his jacket so he could wrap you up in it, becoming your personal heater.
During the trail, you watched how all the boys were in a good mood… Despite them being tired from staying up too late. Laughter could be heard a mile away as they joked around with big grins, even Jungkook had tears falling when being embraced by each of his parents.
Just then a flick was felt upon your ear that caused you to glare upward, Yoongi smirking down before an annoyed hiss fell from your lips that had him chuckling in amusement. The sound catching everyone’s attention, secretly glancing over their shoulders to coo. As well sighing in relief seeing Yoongi open up to someone that wasn’t his parents or the boys.
Soon enough, after heading through the darkness and snowy fog… You could make out a building that was neatly decorated as Christmas lights shined the pathway—This is a house?! It looks like a castle!!
Your mouth couldn’t help but drop when seeing a semi-giant mansion…
“Speechless dearie? Believe me… I was too when our seven boys surprised us with it,” Mrs. Kim stated, walking slower to keep in pace with Yoongi as she saw the awe shine in your eyes. Smiling at her son and husband that were ahead them, black and white tail blending into the snowy environment while it swished around.
Yoongi rolled his eyes, a small grin forming as he stared at the big house that was coming more into view—Wait was that? You couldn’t help but snicker in amusement when feeling Yoongi puff out his chest in pride. It seems the sight of the house inflated his ego…
“…All of you deserved it from how much you put up with us. We all have successful jobs… It was about time we lend a hand,” Yoongi explained with a far-off look in his eyes at the mention of being successful. While he did work in the music industry, Yoongi didn’t just want to be claimed as another random face… He wanted to make a name for himself that the world knew and deep in his gut, something told him that was coming soon. “Ah, anyways… All we did was start the race; it was you all that finished it remember? I hear the clinic and restaurant are the talk of the town, soon it’s going to go global—Eomma even told me your starting your own fashion line… What’s that all about?”
At the comment, Taehyung’s mom ended up coughing in her hand as she grew shy… The only people who actually knew about that was the ladies and her husband. Mrs. Kim didn’t even tell her son about what she was planning to release next fall. “Yes well… You didn’t think Taetae got his fashion sense from his father, did you?”
Yoongi laughed in agreement, glancing at the two male tigers to see one sporting a designer outfit while the other was wearing something that was entirely mismatched. The music lover couldn’t help but flinch seeing the terrible combination… Even HE had some fashionable sense.
Finally arriving at the front door, the guys were the first to rush into the house to get out of the cold weather. Dragging snow with them that had the woman glaring at the mess, pulling off their coats to put away. Honestly, you were surprised when Yoongi didn’t shed off his jacket as well or even ask if you’d sit on the floor from how much heat you were adding.
Suddenly a delicious aroma filled the room, it had your stomach grumbling in anger. In fact, you don’t think you’ve eaten anything since breakfast, and it seemed the smell wasn’t only affecting you. The other hybrids practically melting on the spot as drool formed, following the smell.
It wasn’t hard to find where it was coming from, Yoongi settling you down on the counter when spotting a beautiful women facing away from everyone. She was wearing an elegant black outfit, long hair tired up as she focused on chopping. The lady looked like Yoongi when he cooks.
Speaking of him…
“Eomma…. I’m home.”
Snapping her head up, eyes growing wide as she accidentally dropped the knife on the floor that had you jumping into a defensive position. Relaxing slightly when seeing the women throw herself into Yoongi’s awaiting arms before she pulled away. Placing a single hand on his cheek that had Yoongi leaning in for comfort.
“Oh my boy… Wait, am I sure your him? My, Yoongi, was never this handsome,” Mrs. Min snorted as Yoongi rolled his eyes, gently pushing his mother’s hand away playfully.
“Okay… Well you ruined the moment,” Yoongi chuckled.
“I was just kidding dumpling… Of course your mine, only I could create such a beautiful child,” Mrs. Min chuckled as she reached for the knife on the floor, placing it in the sink before turning around to get a better view at her son. However, her eyes widen seeing Yoongi’s shirt… “Oh my!! Yoongi you’re bleeding! Are you okay?!”
“Bleeding? What, are you finally going crazy? What are you talking about, I’m not…” Yoongi scrunched up his nose in confusion, glancing down at his shirt only to freeze. There, right in the middle, was in fact a blood stain… Although it was not a lot, it was still alarming.
“This doesn’t make sense…” Yoongi mumbled, thinking back on what happened today as his mother fused over him on possibly being injured. It was then that a light bulb lit up in his head… Y/N. Maybe that fight with the hybrid eagle did more than damage your mental health.
Ignoring his mother, Yoongi slowly crept to where you sat with a clinging Jimin. The fox being putty in your arms as you pat his head with a single paw. Giving a shushing sign when the hybrids spotted him getting closer. When Yoongi was close enough, he spotted your black fur had a shining wet coat to the shoulder. Although he couldn’t tell if it was blood or not.
Narrowing his eyes, Yoongi whispered an apology before touching the wet spot that had you wincing and letting out a loud cry. A deadly hiss escaping as wild eyes stared into Yoongi’s soul, everyone gathering into the kitchen when hearing the sound.
It surprised the parents when something triggered in their four boys, startled eyes watching them transform as they stood guard in front as Yoongi stared at the tips of his fingers that had fresh blood on it. Snapping up when hearing growls ring through the air as the hybrids eyed him suspiciously, only backing down when you finally relaxed seeing it was just Yoongi.
Seokjin and Namjoon stared with worry, wondering what the hell was going on. The two coming up behind Yoongi to peer down at what he was looking at that had curiosity grow in the parents too. Suddenly a gasp left one of them, the eldest being the first to react.
“Someone get my dad, immediately!!! Y/N’s hurt!!”
Welcome to the thirteenth chapter of Changing One's Tune! Thank you lovelies for your patience. All my hard-work finally paid off, I graduated with my associates!
Likes, Comments, Reblogs, and Follows are appreciated if you enjoy the story. Its always exciting to know that you like my writing, and it gives me more motivation to update faster!
See you all soon, STAY GOLD! <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ataraxia/adəˌraksē/noun ⋆ a state of freedom from emotional disturbance & anxiety
𓂃 ࣪៙͘⸳⭑ | Hybrid!Bts x child!hybrid!reader
𓂃 ࣪៙͘⸳⭑ | Being a cub trying to survive without your mother was already hard enough. What happens when trouble knocks at your door and you gain a tiger hybrid guardian angel willing to do anything to protect you.
𓂃 ࣪៙͘⸳⭑ | cw : fem!reader, mentions of child abuse, "dead" parents, child abandonment, bad owners, manipulation, gaslighting, guilt tripping, blood, injuries, hurt comfort, violence, reader having PTSD, depressive episodes, big glob of sprinkled Mafia au, angst, fluff, timid/scared reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐧𝐞
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐰𝐨
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫 (???)
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Hellbound⇢demon!jjk [E]
Tumblr media
⇢Explicit (18+) ⇢Pairing: Demon JJK x female y/n ⇢Genre: yandere, smut, supernatural ⇢Word count: 14.5k ⇢Warnings: profanity, heavy dubcon, virgin y/n, descriptions of painful sex, crying, oral, dirty talk, biting, licking, fingering, abundance of cum, jealousy, ok jk gets kinda soft for her cuz he luvs her, kinda ends on a cockblock enjoy
A/N: An rp with apple anon, turned into a 14k beast despite not being finished. It’s the same lovely anon that wrote Unsullied with me, and I love how unrestricted our stories are. This is unfinished because I had a rough time, but I wanted to still post this and keep it documented. Enjoy, don’t read this if you’re sensitive to dubcon and rough themes. xo
Tumblr media
[22 years ago.]
"I'll do it." Your mother said to the smirking demon in front of her.
"I swear to give you my first-born daughter on her 21st birthday."
And thus, sealed your fate before you were even born.
Tumblr media
Your birthdays were never special. It had troubled you as a kid, the fact that your mother never celebrated you, or even congratulated you, like your friends parents would on their birthdays. But as you became older, the less you cared. You treated the day as any other, to try and forget about your mother's constant absence. She'd always chose her work, friends, boyfriend or something else over you, and that was that - you'd learned to live with it. The only meaning your 18th birthday had held was that you finally could move out and live on your own, in your own apartment.
You looked at your phone, the numbers 23.47 shining towards you, as you walked out of the bus, heading home. You hadn't planned to work so late, but you really needed the money.
Looking forward to the slice of pizza waiting in your fridge, you opened your front door, and headed for the kitchen. Cold pizza slice in hand, you looked at the clock again, watching the seconds pass, until finally. 00.00. You sighed. Happy 21st birthday to me.
You switched on the lights to your living room, and almost choked on the pizza as you laid eyes on the stranger standing in front of you.
He was anything but ordinary, standing tall in the middle of your room. He was dressed in all black, contrasting the silver earrings that dangled between long strands of raven hair. It was almost comical, how such a visually pleasing being suddenly appeared in a small, simple apartment. It was of no matter, however, as he had decided that you no longer will have to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford rent from now on. Because, now.. After 21 long years, you became his.
“Hello, Y/N.” He dug his ring-adorned hands into the pockets of his jacket, flashing a pearly, pleased grin your way, “Finally, we get to meet.”
Your first thought was to scream for help, a stupid thought really since no one would care. It wasn't like screams were abnormal in the area you lived.
Your second thought was that the man in front of you was a burglar, but there was two very obvious things talking against this conclusion;
First, the man had greeted you, with your name. Why would a burglar care to learn your name? And why would he stay around to greet you?
Second, well.. he didn't look like a burglar. The more you took in his features, the way he stood, the way he spoke, how he smiled at you, the clothes and accessories he wore.. this man reeked of expensiveness, so why should he need to steal?
Against all odds you managed to swallow the slice of pizza in your mouth, and with eyes bigger than the moon, and with as much courage you could uphold, you asked,
"Who are you?"
He didn’t answer right away and allowed the tension to linger in the air for just a bit longer. As he did so, silent footsteps echoed as he took a step forward, approaching you slowly. He’d been patient, waited years for this very moment where he could come to you.
“I’m Jeon Jungkook.” He said lowly, fiery gaze zeroed in on your form. Another step closer, he wished to eliminate the distance between the two of you. With a swift motion, his hand withdraws from his pocket to reach out, offering it to you. His long, slender fingers are calloused, prettily dressed in jewelry, “Your new master.”
A feeling you cannot pinpoint spreads throughout your body. It was as if a natural primitive instinct kicked in. As he came closer, with eyes so intense it felt as if they burned your skin, the instinct told you to recoil, to hide, to flee. Despite this, you stood completely still, with eyes even bigger, looking at the hand nearing you as your brain processed his words.
Jeon Jungkook, your.. master?
A crease appeared on your forehead, and out of habit you tilted your head slightly. Is this a joke?
You look up from his hand, meeting the man's red eyes, that you could have sworn were onyx just a second ago. When you open your mouth to speak you realize that you've unintentionally held your breath, so with a meek voice you say out loud, "I don't understand. What do you mean?"
“Your mother.” He said it was obvious, “she gave you to me.”
Jungkook could tell from your confused look that you still didn’t understand. His amused grin grew wider, completely in awe at the fact that your own mother didn’t say a single thing to you about her deal with a demon throughout your entire life.
“Do you know the expression ‘To make a deal with the devil?’, Y/N?” He asks, this time taking another step, now so close he could breathe in your scent. He keeps his hand in the air, so close to your cheek that you could feel the warmth radiating off of him, but he doesn’t touch you. “Your selfish mother got everything she could ever wish for, and in return, she promised me her first born.” He sighs adoringly, “and that’s you. Technically, you were never hers to begin with. ”
The fight-or-flight response is on high alert, alarm echoing inside your brain. But it's as if your body doesn't understand, for some reason you still can't move away. You can't even turn your head away from his hand. The man, Jungkook, is so close that if you'd just tip forward a bit, your nose would touch his chest. And as you unwillingly take in his perfume you realize the feeling you couldn't pinpoint earlier.
There is something about Jungkook's demeanor that feels.. predatory.
You don't know whether to cry or laugh at the words that fall out of his mouth. The logical part of your brain tells you to call a mental hospital, seen as they've clearly lost a patient. But there's also a tiny, tiny, part of you telling you to read all the signals, the way he makes you feel, and believe, how crazy it may seem, that he's telling the truth.
You ignore that part.
"Okay, mister, I don't know you. I don't know how you got here, where you're from, or how you know my name, but you have to go, yeah? I promise I'll not call the police if you just go. I've had a long night and I'd really just like to sleep."
Jungkook’s smile faded as quickly as it appeared, replaced by a look in his eye that could burn you from the inside out if he so chose to. His irises swirl in a dark red, like the fires of the underworld itself resided in him. People say one’s eyes are the mirror to your soul, and if so, the demon’s shall reflect that he is merely a piece of your own personalized hell.
“You have no say in this.” He says without a stutter, becoming less courteous of you as he takes the liberty to cup your jaw in a claw-like grasp, cold rings pressing into your skin. He tilts your face upwards to look at him, and there’s a hint of amusement in his eyes. Like a sparkle of mischief. “You need to understand this as soon as possible, angel..” He pauses to lean forward, closing the short distance between your lips in a kiss. It’s possessive, quick. Within the span of a few seconds, he withdraws to meet your eyes again.
It happens too fast for you to fully grasp it. His eyes meeting yours, feeling as if they could rip your soul from you in a heartbeat, his hands on you, holding you so hard it's difficult to breathe, and then.. His lips feel warm against yours. In the matter of seconds that your lips touch, it feels as if he molds you to fit perfectly to his own.
Shock. And then, realization. This man took your first kiss. He stole it.
The very few boyfriends you've had in your life flashing before your eyes. The boyfriends that had all mysteriously disappeared before you'd had the chance to give them even a peck on the cheek..
Some of the fear you've felt turns into anger, enough to make your body move. Finally free from the paralyzation and with adrenaline pumping in your veins you scream.
"No!" and put your hands on his chest to try and push him away from you, "Why?! You can't do that! Stay away from me!". Realizing you wouldn't be able to move him even an inch, you instead raise your hand to slap him across the face.
However, before you’re even able to attempt to hit him, your wrist is squeezed tight in his large grasp. His patience is running low, not used to the rejecting behavior. On the other hand, he would be lying if he said he didn’t find it interesting– maybe even exciting that you’re not immediately compliant with him. Part of him found thrill in the mere thought of the possibilities, and slowly corrupted you to become his perfect pet.
“Cute. I suppose it doesn’t matter what I say.” Jungkook sighs, his expression softening slightly. It contrasts the iron-hold he’s got on your wrist, and the way he uses his larger frame to step forward, forcing you to walk backwards towards the living room couch. “I came here to claim what’s mine, not to chit chat, after all.”
You gasp from the pain of his hand crushing your wrist, and the small wave of strength that had temporarily hit you disappears in a heartbeat. Left is only fear for the man, the...demon?, in front of you.
He's too strong for you and you have no one to call to for help. This can't be happening. It's a dream, this must be a dream.
But you don't wake up.
Instead you feel the armrest of your sofa against the back of your legs.
He came here to.. claim?
Full-blown panic and tears are now visible in your eyes, "Please. Please don't. I'll give you anything you want, just leave me alone, please." With your free hand you again try your hardest to push the smirking red-eyed demon away.
The demon says nothing in response to your pleading attempts for mercy– to tempt him with the promise of anything he wants to just stop. But there’s nothing that you could ever offer him that he doesn’t have. There’s nothing else that he truly desires more than what he’s got in front of him at this very moment already.
Tears glaze over your wide, panicked eyes– and he couldn’t resist the urge to stare right into them with awe. It’s an expression he’s seen countless times, but when it is you… it stirs the demon’s excitement like nothing else, an urge and curiosity for just how long it will take for you to give up your sobbing pleas.
“Are you scared of me, Y/N?” Jungkook asks with a wolfish smirk on his lips, knowing the answer too well. His grasp around your wrist remains strong, already seeing possessive marks blooming on your skin in the form of his fingers, with small indents from his rings. His free hand itches to touch you more, so he wastes no more time in indulging– starting to smooth his warm palm up your thigh, “You don’t think I’m pretty?”
You're not scared. You're fucking terrified.
"Wh-what?" you stutter. Not sure if you've heard him correctly. In this situation.. He wonders if you think he's attractive? Ignoring the question, your legs begin to tremble as his palm burns your thigh.
His eyes on you are too intense, the red in them like fire. Your tears are still falling, like big rain drops, and you lower your gaze.
"Please, Jungkook." you beg again, unaware of the fact that the sound of his name from your lips just stir up the demon even more.
“Say it again,” Jungkook’s tongue snakes past his lips to dampen them with saliva, sincerely enamored by your state. Frightened, yet he can tell you resist less– hoping your words would be enough to reason with a demon. Pure, and foolish of you.
He leans in close, face hovering above yours. With a stare so intense he’s sure you could feel it, he searches for your averting gaze. He looks down for a split second, seeing that you’re looking at where his hand slowly touches up your thigh. With a raised brow, he keeps roaming his palm up your body, underneath the hem of your shirt to directly feel the soft skin of your stomach. His nails graze against your ribs, searching for a reaction. “Keep saying my name like that… I might reconsider.” He lies. How could you possibly think a creature from hell would ever have something to even resemble a conscience.
The panic makes it difficult for you to breathe, only small sips of air pass your lips at a time, and it only gets worse as his hand wanders across your body, the trail so hot that you wonder if it'll leave a burn mark.
And it really is foolish of you to believe him, but what else can you do? And you're just a naïve human after all, so despite everything, a flicker of hope appears inside you. Maybe.. maybe he'll stop.
So trying to control the shakiness in your voice as best as you can, with pure and innocent eyes, you meet his burning eyes once again, "Jungkook. Whatever you want, just let me go. Please. Please, Jungkook." With your free hand, although everything in you screams not to, you carefully reach to lightly touch his cheek. Stupidly hoping that the gentle act will make the demon change his mind.
For the first time, you touched him. Albeit unwillingly, for the purpose of mercy, it didn’t matter to him– it stirred him just the same to feel your trembling hand against his cheek.
“Hmm…” Jungkook leans into your touch, closing his eyes as he pretends to reconsider. However, it doesn’t take long before he slowly opens his eyes again, the amber glow in his irises burning with mischief. It’s barely noticeable, but a smile twitches on his lips when he looks you dead in the eye and whispers, “No.”
Without another word said, he repositions his hands on your waist, spinning you around so that his chest presses against your back, holding you close. His warm breath fans your cheek when he leans forward, instead moving down to play with the hem of your pants.
The small glimpse of hope gets crushed down in an instant.
His breath against your cheek and the closeness of his body gives you goosebumps. The trembling of your body is uncontrollable. If you doubted his intentions before, they were clear as day to you now. You had never been near a man like this before. Never touched the way he touched you. Actually, never touched at all.
How did you even end up here?
With a weak voice and glossy eyes, you whisper, "Did you tell the truth?.. Are you a demon?" a shaky inhale, "Did.. did my mother sell me to you?"
“Mmhm.. It was an easy decision for her, too.” He confirms, and you could definitely hear the amused tone in his voice. He swiftly peels your pants down while speaking, thrilled by your trembling thighs beneath his touch.
“She didn’t blink twice before saving herself over you. And she got everything she could ever wish for. But, then again, so did I..” Jungkook looks down, using a stern palm to press against your back, forcing you to bend forward and jut your ass out for his viewing pleasures, “My own little pet. It’s hard to get deals like these, not many will sacrifice their own offspring for vanity.” He mutters, eyebrows drawn together as if he couldn’t believe it himself. Humans are greedy, yes, but never has he met a person that was as selfish as your own mother. However, he’s sure he would take better care of you than she’s ever done— he’s confident that you’ll learn where you really belonged all this time, and that it’ll make you realize that nothing will be as fulfilling as being his.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard for you to believe. You'd never felt like her daughter, other than in theory. You knew her fame was the only thing that meant anything to her. But still.. that she'd sold you off like that.. to a demon. It made your heart sink like a stone.
Though those thoughts were quickly replaced by others.
The embarrassment from the position he'd put you in, and the fact that you were almost half naked in front of a man, made your cheeks glow red. You just wanted to sink through the ground and disappear.
How could you get away from a demon? A demon that had bought you, no less.
You can't, is the answer.
As if the minutes you'd spent in the demon's company had taught you nothing (really, how could you ever be so naïve?), with head held low over the armrest and with a trembling voice, you whispered, "If I..." it was as if you had to force the next words out of your mouth, "...if I do this for you... will you then leave me alone?"
While you spoke, Jungkook had already been playing with the fabrics of your panties, tugging them down to make a point when you’ve finished your question.
You still didn’t get it. You were still in denial. However, you slowly accept small facts, such as wrapping your head around the fact that you were created to become a demon’s possession, and nothing else. So he knew, with time, you’d accept him as well.
“What do you think?” The demonic undertones of his vocal cords kick in, becoming a mixture of his own soothing, alluring voice, laced with the deep baritone that boomed in his chest. She’s trying to negotiate with a demon, he muses with a smile. You’re still so innocent and holding on to hope, even as you’re bent over the couch’s arm rest. He uses one hand to squeeze the flesh of your ass between his lithe fingers to earn a reaction.
Humiliated didn't even begin to cover how you were feeling. That combined with your still growing fear, made you feel sick and dizzy.
His deep voice made your heart beat even more erratically, and you wondered for a split second if he could hear it.
You flinched away from his hot touch, and dropped down on your knees. Your trembling form makes it impossible to stand. As quickly as you could on shaky legs, you turned around and pushed your shirt over your knees to try and cover yourself up.
Looking up at the demon's powerful frame hovering above you, with his ruby eyes watching you even more glowing than before, made you feel smaller than ever.
With panic truly sipping into your voice now, you nearly screamed, "I just don't understand. What more could you possibly want?!" eyes still begging, "If I promise to do as you say this once, won't that be enough?"
Tilting his head down to look at you, his raven curls fall forward to frame his face. His eyes glow with amusement, slightly squinted as he gives you a toothy grin.
“You will understand with time.. Which we’ve got plenty of.” Jungkook steps forward, caging your sitting form with his spread legs, your back cornered by the couch. He doesn’t rip his gaze from you for even a split second, maintaining eye contact. Slowly, his hand reaches down, softly dragging the pad of his fingers down your cheek, “It is not just your body that I claim,” he clarifies, running his fingers through your hair, “But your soul. It belongs to me,” he tightly closes his fist around a strand of your hair, but he doesn’t pull, “You’re bound to me for eternity, Y/N.”
"An eternity?" You mumble.
You were bound to this demon.. for an eternity? The vastness of the word is incomprehensible for a 21-year old that had barely started living.
You breathed more slowly as you observed him observing you. The look in his eyes shifted between how a lion looks at lamb, how a man looks at a prized possession, but mostly his eyes were dark with lust. His lust.. for you? You had never been wanted before. By anyone.
Your face burned bright red with embarrassment as you realized how close you were to his crotch. And although you tried to look anywhere but there, the tightness of his pants, how it hugged certain parts, was difficult to miss.
His grip on your hair tightened.
“Precisely.” The demon blinks slowly, his gaze following yours to where his hardened length strains the fabrics of his pants. With a smirk on his face, he breathes out a chuckle through his nostrils.
“But now is not a time for discussion, little angel,” Jungkook tugs at your hair, using his free hand to tap at the metal buckle of his belt, “If you’re going to look, do it properly,” He speaks with a commanding tone, “Undo my belt.”
You were weak and helpless under his muscular body. Your try to negotiate and beg hadn't worked, and there was no way for you to escape him.
Despite this, there was something in you that refused to just surrender. Although fear still made your body tremble, you looked the demon in the eyes, and with a raised brow asked, "And what if I won't?". Clearly never heard the expression: don't poke the bear.
“Hm…” Jungkook seems displeased with your answer, and it’s clearly displayed in the way his jaw clenched tightly, brows tightly knit together. His stare is intense, and if he could devour you with a single look, you’d be dead meat already.
“I’d like to think I’ve been quite patient with you,” He no longer smiles, instead his words come out as stern as his jaw is tense. Bringing your face close, he keeps you in a tight hold by your hair, while using his other hand to undo the belt on his own. Rustling is heard, the teeth of his zipper almost deafening in the quiet apartment when he slowly pulls it down. He slips the belt through every loop, taking it off completely to throw it on the couch, the metal part hitting the floor as it hangs loosely off the edge, “I’ll admit, I admire your resilience.”
The demon looks at you when he wiggles his hips slowly, pulling down his pants to his upper thighs, just enough to display more of himself. His length strains against his underwear, leaving much less to the imagination through the thin fabrics. He palms it, giving you a nice display of the outline as he lets a sigh push past his lips when he gives it a squeeze, “But in the end, the only choice you’ve got is whether you want this to be a punishment or a reward.”
A small scream escapes your lips as the demon tugs on your hair harshly. You instinctively raise your hands to hold the chunk of hair, to ease the pain on your scalp. As a consequence, your shirt, earlier held down by your hands, slides over your knees, making your thighs visible to the demon again.
Your defiance crumbles a bit at the sternness of his words. Your, usually, submissive nature crying out for you to just obey, to not make it worse for yourself. But still you don't just want to give up. You have hopes and dreams, things you want to do and see. Should you just give that up because a demon shows up and demands that you're bound to be with him for eternity?
Albeit foolishly, you think that if you just do as he wants for now, there might be a chance for you to escape him later.
If looks could kill huh? Well two can play that game. You meet his stare (also to try and ignore observing the actions of the hand that's not holding your hair and what that little sigh of his unwillingly does to your body) equally intense, and through gritted teeth hiss, "Fine... master."
“Better.” The demon praises. Although you’re still giving him an attitude, he’s more so pleased with the fact that you’re complying– whether it’s fake or not.
“Since you like using that bratty mouth of yours so much, how about we make it useful.” He says, tongue swiping across his upper lip at the mere anticipation. He slips his hand beneath the hem of his underwear, tugging the fabrics down to expose himself to you. He wraps his lithe fingers around his rigid length, feeling it twitch in his hold.
“Look how hard you made me, and you haven’t even touched it yet..” He sighs, searching for your averting eyes. When he notices that you don’t immediately look, he brings your face closer, giving you no other option than to look or to shut your eyes, “I said look at me.”
And you do. You do watch him, unwillingly or willingly, you're not even sure anymore. He's dragged you so close that you're bended forward in between his legs, literally face-to-face with his crotch. With cheeks still tinted, you observe his long and slim fingers, how the veins in his arm bulge as he moves his hand. And you feel his pleased smirk on you from above, as your eyes finally focus on his length. You have nothing to compare to, but you're sure that he has to be big. So painfully hard. And you.. made him like that?
You don't understand the effect the demon has on you. You shouldn't feel like this, don't want to.
Even though you still fear the demon, you know that it's not only that that's making your heart race now, making you feel so incredibly warm. Without intending to do so you let out a soft whimper. The sound having an immediate reaction on the demon.
The hand intertwined with your hair trembles the second you make such a sound. That’s when he knew that his patience was all worth it. Years and years of waiting for this moment, and it’s all about to pay off.
“Such pretty sounds.” The demon praises you again. He finally lets go of your hair, trailing the pads of his fingers down your face until he reaches your lips. He grabs your jaw, digging his nails into your cheeks to force your mouth open, “Bet you’d sound even prettier with me inside.”
Jungkook smooths the dripping head of his cock against your lips, not putting it any deeper yet, “Stick your tongue out for me.”
You'd never admit it, but hearing just that small amount of praise is enough to make you crumble. It spurs you on. You want to be praised. You want him to praise you.
As if your body isn't yours anymore, like your mind has finally surrendered to him and left him in complete control, you instantly do as he commands. The smell of him is musky, the weight of him heavy on your tongue. The precum continues to smear your upper lip.
Although you'd forgotten it for a moment, this is all completely new to you, and so you have no idea of what it is you should do.
You raise your head to meet Jungkook's eyes again. The intensity almost makes you want to take cover. If they burned before, they are deep molten lava now.
Jungkook’s pupils expand when he sees your growing submission, the black almost covering the entirety of his eyes, the thin irises of red burning with intrigue.
“See? Isn’t it much more pleasant when you comply..” He playfully coats your upper lip with his precum, then proceeds to rub it against your tongue. He exhales a soft sigh. He’d longed for this.
“Relax now.” He lets your jaw go, stroking the back of his hand down your cheek softly. It’s affectionate, a contrast to what he’s about to do. Without much of a warning, he snakes his large palm behind your head, pushing you forward to take his cock into your mouth. He doesn’t stop when your throat constricts, instead, he just chuckles breathily, and pushes you deeper until he can feel the back of your throat press against his tip.
You're not prepared. Suddenly all you see, hear and feel is him. He is inside you. You can feel every bulge, every vein. And it hurts.
To relax does not feel possible. Without much thought you grab his thighs to try and push your head away, to escape the pain, but the demon's hand is firm, keeping you in place.
You gag and try to swallow, but he's so big, taking up every bit of space in your mouth, that even that feels impossible.
Tears and spit are streaming down your face, muffled cries leave your lips. But he doesn't bulge.
You can't breathe. Your nails sink deeper into his thighs. Your eyes begging him to stop.
“Tsk,” The demon shakes his head, and holds your head firmly in place for a solid few more seconds– but what felt like much longer for you, until he finally withdrew to let you breathe. Thick strings of saliva still connected your lips to his cock. The cool air on his wet skin had him immediately missing the warmth of your throat, “Crying already? Are you overwhelmed?”
Jungkook waits for an answer this time, wanting to hear the strain in your voice as you speak. But in the meantime, he takes a step back to get a good look at you. His eyes rake down your body like he can see through your flesh and straight to your soul. A smirk appears on his face, crooking a brow.
“Well? You promised to do this for me. Shall we move on?” He motions with his hand for you to stand up.
You drink down air as soon as his cock leaves your mouth. The taste of him is still very much evident. It feels as if you have bruises down your throat.
You can sense his pleased eyes on you and with a hoarse voice you hiss "Overwhelmed? It hurts! You're enjoying this? You enjoy hurting me?", the effort of talking makes you cough.
Despite your harsh words, his satisfaction in you clearly has a big impact on your body, arousal growing, dripping down your legs. But why do you feel like this? Could the immediate control he has over your mind and body be.. because you're bound to him? That you quite literally, were born to be his?
You shake your head at his command, but as if on your own accord, you feel your legs stand anyway.
“Good girl.” The demon watches you get up on unsteady legs, unsubtle in the way his gaze immediately searches for the glistening trail dripping down your exposed thigh, “You’re right, I do enjoy this… And it looks like you do as well.”
Jungkook slowly circles around you as he seems to observe you yet again, the sound of the heel of his shoe loud with every step that oozes with power. He owns this room, his mere presence dominating the surface he walks on– the air the two of you shared.
“Look at you,” He finds your eyes again, stepping closer until his breath is all you could taste. His hand snakes down your hip, to the front of your stomach, brushing his thumb over your gut, “I can taste your arousal on my tongue, and I’ve only used your mouth so far…” His smooth tongue pokes out, dragging it slowly up your cheek in a possessive manner until he reaches your ear, whispering into the shell of it, “Do you want me to taste it? I’ll allow you to choose this once.”
You make a sharp intake and almost fall on your knees again as his wet muscle meets your cheek, goosebumps covering your arms. The primal way of marking you stirs you up even more.
You can see in his eyes how much he wants you, craves you. It's not something you're used to, rather the opposite, but oh, you do enjoy to feel wanted.
His hand on your stomach is teasing you.  You need more, further down. You rub your plump thighs against each other as you feel your core pulsating. Desperately needing some sort of release. But you can't do it on your own. You need him.
With a quickening breath, tasting him in every intake, you mewl, "Please.", not even entirely sure of what you're begging for, but unable to form any other words.
Seeing you in such a subservient state, so quickly, made the handsome demon smile approvingly. He expected more resistance, but he was happy that you seemed to accept him gradually. May it be the heat of the moment, but he’s convinced that after he’s claimed you fully, you won’t be able to fathom being separated from each other.
“You know.. I couldn’t possibly deny you when begging so sweetly.” Jungkook says as he guides your body to take a seat on the couch, then drops to his knees on the floor with a thud, “Show me..” he coaxes you to spread your legs, practically already doing it for you by grabbing your knees and parting them, “Look at you, how badly you must desire relief already..”
Since your underwear is long gone the demon has a free view of your glistening pussy.
The reddish hue on your cheeks intensifies when you feel his eyes focus on your intimate parts. You want to hide, embarrassed of the way your wetness stains the sofa, of how he is the one that makes you feel this way. But at the same time you get impatient.
The image of the demon on his knees in front of you just makes you even more desperate. The emotions overtaking you are completely new to you. All you know is that you need him to do something.
"Yes. Please." You answer him with a groan, squirming under his strong hold. "It's so sticky. So hot. I can't.. I need... please, master."
The corner of Jungkook’s lip twitches into a faint grin. Your choice of words stirred his gut pleasantly, fanning the fire of his own arousal.
“You’re becoming unbelievably sweet.” He inches closer until his lips barely graze your clit. He inhales deeply, humming happily while his eyes look up through raven lashes, doe and almost innocent– playful, as if he wasn’t between your legs, “Think you taste just as sweet as your words.”
Without wasting more time, his long, flattened tongue snakes out past his parted lips. He drags it upwards, from your hole to your clit. Instead of waiting for your reactions– or to ask if you liked it, he continued to repeat the action, allowing himself to indulge without holding back.
You adapt to the feeling of Jungkook's tongue against your cunt quickly, losing yourself to the pleasure provided by the skillful demon.
Your hands find his raven locks, tugging them harshly, to push him away or get him closer you don't even know.
Your long and sharp nails dig into his scalp, but it looks like the demon barely notices it. Rather, it seems to spur him on further. His tongue assaulting your clit harsher, the sounds of him sucking and slurping ringing in your ears. The coil in your stomach intensifies, and you squish him in between your thighs, a loud scream leaving your lips at the desperation for relief, no thoughts in your head but that, to cum. And you are so, so close.
"Please please please." You repeatedly whimper.
And your prayers get answered (or maybe not since it is a demon you have in between your legs). You watch him, the powerful, beautiful, demon on his knees before you, worshipping your cunt, and ecstasy fills you. Making you cum hard on the demon's sinful tongue.
“Mmf…” The demon hums, lapping up your sticky arousal, not giving you the chance to come down from your orgasm until he stops. He enjoyed the way your body began to twitch and squirm from oversensitivity, holding on to your thighs to not let you move away from him until he gave his say so.
“If I was mortal I would’ve been suffocated with the way you squeezed me between your legs,” Jungkook smirks as he places one last kiss on your swollen clit, just to earn another whine. He looks up at you through dark lashes, eyes filled with nothing but a black void that wants to swallow you whole, “My, where are your manners?”
The way the demon says it is mocking, with a smile on his lips– lips that are glossed over with a layer of your orgasm, drooling down his chin. His dexterous tongue snakes out to swipe it away and savor the taste, then wipes off his excess saliva with the back of his hand.
“We shall continue, angel.” His toothy grin grows as he reaches for your waist, dragging your body down into his embrace. He swiftly turns to rest his back against the front of the couch, your legs spread apart to straddle his thighs. He looks up at you again, lips pressing together in a coy pout, “Do you know what I want you to do now?” His question works simultaneously with the way his gaze lowers to where his cock lays, lazily tucked into his underwear and opened pants. There’s a dark, sticky stain where the outline of his tip is, impatient and dripping with his own need. He looks back up at you, and it’s as if his normally razor sharp gaze seemed doe in comparison, pleading with you to take it out. However, the way his fingers dug into your waist in a claw-like manner reminds you that there are no other options than the ones he provides.
Your face is flushed, heart beating erratically, still very much affected by the orgasm provided by the demon. Where are your manners? You, still only a naïve human, play the teasing demon right into his hands, mewling “I’m sorry.”, as the realization that you’d just used a demon to get off hits you.
But yes, you know precisely what he wants from you, and you also know that you have no choice but to comply. Meeting his gaze with doe eyes of your own, you whisper shyly “I… I have never, uhm, done this, before…” Unaware that the demon already knows, having personally taken care of the occasional suitors that have looked your way…
Still, you move your hand to timidly touch the wet patch on his underwear, then lifting your fingers to your lips, tasting his need on your tongue. The action immediately earns you a groan from the demon, making you feel more confident. You trace the outline of his cock gently from the base to the tip before you carefully drag down his underwear and release him. The demon’s painfully hard cock standing tall against his stomach.
"…Will you be gentle?" you ask quietly. Although you most certainly already know the answer to that.
“Gentle…” The demon snickers at your question, shaking his head. He grasps your chin, drawing you in to kiss you deep and quick. His long tongue swirls around yours, then withdraws as a messy string of saliva follows his lips.
“I have been awfully gentle with you already, you know?” He continues to speak while using the saliva he’d stolen from your mouth with his tongue, spitting it into his hand, then brings the slickness of his palm down to coat the dripping head of his length, mixing it with his precum.
“You must know how meaningful that is,” Jungkook grasps his length tight in his fist, stroking it a few times while looking at you— through you, motioning with his free hand for you to scoot closer, “Sit on me, then. Show me your pace, use my cock.”
The demon's actions were lewd, but to your own surprise you found yourself liking it. How he moved with such certainty, such power. How he held, and kissed you -like he owned you.
Buttons of the shirt Jungkook was wearing had gradually opened up more and more. His muscular and broad chest was visible to you. You saw black ink cover his body. The art, and himself, is beautiful. His whole self was really the embodiment of sin, and you found yourself lusting for him more and more. Your core is stirring once again.
"Will you give up your power to me then?" You say, timidly innocent -albeit teasingly, head slightly tilted. Putting your hands on his thighs to help move you forward a bit, but not enough. Maybe forgetting the fear you felt for the demon earlier a tad bit too fast. So affected by the lustful haze the demon has put you in.
Or maybe, you realize slowly, you've just never wanted it gentle. You so desperately want to be desired, craved, loved. Maybe as a demon's pet you will be.
The demon grins, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. The closer the two of you become, the stronger the bond grows. He can tell that your desires grow stronger than your logic– giving in to allow him to claim you.
“You’re asking too many questions,” He says as he grabs your hip, displaying only an ounce of his strength by the way he easily lifts you closer in his lap. He doesn’t let his stare waver from your face while he guides the bulbous head of his cock where it belongs, “You had your chance to do it your way, but you chose to be a brat. Perhaps.. you like it better this way?”
Jungkook isn’t blind. He can feel the heat inside of you just from letting his tip tastefully graze your slick entrance.
“Once we’re truly one, you’ll never be the same.” His voice is raspy with desire. He has little patience left, and so his hand on your hip begins to drag you down, slowly having you take his rigid length inch by inch. He gasps quietly, feeling just how tight and warm it is makes him smile through his heavy breaths. You’re pure-- now to be claimed and corrupted by a filthy demon’s cock, parting your flesh to make space for him and him only.
A weak whimper escapes your lips. You move your hand to his, trying to halt his actions, but to no avail. Jungkook continues, filling you up, nudging your cervix. Never have you felt full like this. Even though you're so aroused that you're dripping on the demon's thighs, you're also untouched. Your walls are stretching for the very first time, and it hurts. Tears threatening to fall once again.
You take short intakes of air, your chest moving up and down rapidly, as you try to adjust to the feeling of him inside you. Of how he molds your insides to fit only him.
His dark orbs meet yours and you can see your own lust-overtaken eyes reflect in them. And you realize that the pain can bring pleasure too.
"M-more." You plead with a strained groan.
The demon's words are true. You are changing. He is changing you.
“More.” Jungkook repeats with a grin, as if teasing you for your contradictions. Your expression distorted into pain, your body trembled in discomfort– and yet, you pleaded for more of him. A demon.
“Do you feel it?” He asks, hot breath gently fanning your face as he speaks. He lifts your hips again, dragging his teeth against his bottom lip from the friction of your snug insides being taken from him, only to plunge you back down on his cock. He doesn’t wait for much of a response from you before picking up a rhythm, repeating the action of bouncing your, to him, weightless body, “How hard I am because of you?”
Fucking a demon must be the highest of sin, but right at this moment, you don't even care. You cannot think straight. Only feel his burning body against yours. And the strangest thing of all is how much you like it. How you feel such belonging in his arms, like it's where you should be.
The pain is still there, but you embrace it, welcome it. You put your hands around his neck and cross your legs behind him. Your thighs are squishing his sides, grabbing on tightly, as he continues to hold up your body and thrust into you faster. Surely leaving marks from how hard his grip on you is.
You groan again at his words. "Yes. Feel it. Hurts, ugh, so good." Incoherent words and whimpers continue to leave your lips.
The demon currently has you wrapped around his finger, but maybe you have a hold of him as well. Like he says, he's clearly also very much affected by you. And you can't help but wonder if it's something more than just a deal made with your mother.
It's a struggle, but between heavy breaths you manage to voice your thoughts, "Why, ahh.. why me?"
“Why? It’s always been you, Y/N..” Jungkook answers mindlessly, too caught up in the heat that embraces his cock every time he lets your body descend on top of him. His eyes flutter shut, a deep sigh slipping past his parted lips. It’s as if he’s in heaven— or at least, as close as he could get to what he thinks resembles it.
“We’re made for each other– you were made to be mine.” He opens his eyes to look up at you, with his wide, amber gaze. They seem to soften at the sight, finally, as he realizes that you’ve accepted him fully… almost.
It's always been you? You don’t quite grasp the deeper meaning behind the words, as the lust clouds your thoughts. You only feel a pleasant stir in your stomach at his possessive claims. “Mmh, yes, Jungkook, made just for you.” You moan, agreeing without a second thought. Your confirmation has immediate effect. Jungkook shifts his angle, making him press your spot harder. Eyes looking down, you watch fascinatingly at how the demon's cock disappears inside of you, at how you both become one. You're soaking his length, dripping down on both his and your legs. The sounds emanating every time he moves inside you are obscene and filthy. You feel as though the very thin line between pain and pleasure is completely dissolving. Leaving instead a oh so addicting mixture of them both, making you crave more, and more. Your walls clamp down on him even harder. A loud moan sounding from you at the intoxicating pleasure he provides, as you near your second orgasm of the night. "I need it. Need you. Fill me up, master, please." You whimper as your eyes travel upwards again, observing the way his muscles flex, of how he's holding you so tight. You meet his gaze, his eyes solely and utterly focused on you, as if no one else exists.
For the first time, Jungkook is the one who follows a command. One that slipped past your lips so sweetly he’s unable to reject the power you hold over him as well. “T-then make me cum…” he huffs between labored breaths and low moans. He snaps his hips upwards, harder, fucking his thick cock into you without restriction. It’s impossibly hard, swollen and ready to burst at any given moment. “Give me some more noise,” The demon pleads and commands at once, his strong hands squeezing the flesh of your ass between his fingers, easily moving your body like a rag doll to fuck down on his length. The wet sounds drive him mad— a clear proof that you’re enjoying it just as much as he does, if not more. “I’ll c-cum, fill you up so well… claim you fully, finally— uff..”
Every thrust of his gets you closer. Eyes rolling back at the sheer power the demon presents as he handles your body as he pleases. You listen to his demands, letting your sobs of pure bliss echo even louder. “A-aah, so so close, please, ugh, give me everything. M-master, please cum” The utter desperation in your voice would’ve made you embarrassed, if you weren’t so gone in painful pleasure. Truly losing yourself on a demon’s cock. One more hard push against your spot is all it takes for you to crash down around him. Head thrown back, toes curling, walls convulsing, trying to milk him dry, as white euphoria spreads throughout your body.
One last punishing thrust is all it takes before he stills your body on top of his own, cock buried as deep as physically possible. The moment he felt his length he tightly squeezed by the soft warmth of your insides, he loses his composure.
 “Fuckin’ hell…” he spits curses as he comes, wrapping his arms around your waist to hold you tight. He buries his face in your soft chest, muffling his deep moans, body trembling with every constricting pulse of your cunt. The demon doesn’t move the entire time, stuck in his frozen state of letting it all out— thick, hot gushes of cum filling you up with every throb that stirs inside of you. It isn’t until now that he truly feels that you belong to him once again, this time it is absolute. He sighs, pleased with what he’s accomplished. He places gentle kisses on your chest as a reward, still holding you in his arms to offer leverage when he feels your body relax more and more as you come back down from your orgasm.
“Y/N..” He looks up at you, craning his neck to hover closer to your lips with his own, “kiss me.” A kiss with a demon to seal your promise. It’s merely a courtesy, an old tradition— not to mention, he’s claimed you fully with his own seed. But Jungkook is old fashioned at heart, and craves to feel the dedication through such a simple act that could feel more intimate than anything he’s done to her tonight.
The way Jungkook holds you, with an unexpected preciousness, and the tenderness of his kisses, leaves you feeling content and warm. You can’t quite understand it, but it’s as if something has finally fallen into place. The odd sense of belonging and familiarity you've felt during the night growing. Though you’re currently too tired to dwell on it further. Even in the claws of a demon, and despite how you succumbed to pleasure and thereby truly gave up your mind and body to him, there is still a softness, holiness, inside you, buried in your soul. So, you release your strong grip around his neck and slowly, carefully, raise your hands to trace the features of his face. You travel from his nose, to his cheeks and chin, before finally letting your fingers follow the form of his red lips. You wish so deeply for him to praise you, so with lips nearly touching his, you mumble, “Did.. did I do good?”, before you finally move forward. Gently letting your lips meet the demon’s.
“Mmm.” He hums into the kiss, letting his lips linger on yours for a moment before pulling back. He moves a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Beyond my expectations.” He lets his fingers comb through your hair slowly, then looks sighs pleasantly. “Are you in any pain?” He asks, suddenly a bit worried about your well being, “it was your first time.”
You look at where you both are still connected. His length acting like a plug, keeping his semen deep inside you, your lower belly slightly swollen at the amount. The feeling is unfamiliar, but not unpleasant. You'd most certainly feel the effects of your rough first time tomorrow, but right now you're just in a dazed bliss. Fulfilled, at Jungkook's approval of you. So you shake your head slightly. Burying your face in his neck, you mumble "No.. but.." A yawn. "Sleepy..". Eyes closing as the fatigue takes over.
The demon freezes for a moment, feeling your body relax against his. It’s different than subduing you to simply fuck— he wasn’t prepared for the… incredibly gentle and timid way you seemed to trust him. He’d lie if he said he didn’t feel something stir in his chest. The urge to protect grew even more, you seemed so small and fragile.
“I’ll…” he looks around your apartment. It seemed too tedious to move you to his home, and dragging you down to hell is in no rush as of yet.. believe it or not, he might be a demon, but he’s not about to strip you from, what he’s heard, is the best years of a young humans life. Besides, he doesn’t mind the human world. He’s been around for your entire life, so what’s some more. “I’ll put you in bed..” he mutters as he stands up slowly, easily carrying you in his arms. His cock slips out, a quiet sigh once again leaving his lips. He feels his cum seep out of you and against his legs, and he grimaced slightly at the feeling. It’s scorching hot. “Maybe a wash first.”
You nuzzle further into his arms as he carries you to your bathroom. His strong and large frame taking up almost all the room in the cramped space. You knew it was strange, how you gave up yourself to him so easily, and how you now so desperately craved his touch and attention. But you can’t help it. You’ve been lonely for so long. He slowly releases you to stand, still a tight grip on your arms to keep you from falling on your wobbly legs. You fear he’s going to leave you there, and instantly you look up a bit more awake, “Don’t.. don’t go.” You quietly whimper.
Jungkook’s amber eyes widen as he looks back down at you. His heart— or whatever is in there replicating it, seems to malfunction and skip a beat for a short second. Then it tightens in his chest—painfully.
“I won’t go. Never again.” He says back, just as quiet. He hugs you close, using a free hand to turn on the shower head to wash you down. Now he’s got you, he will definitely never let you slip away again.
You nod a bit absentmindedly, feeling comforted by his words, but still too tired to question exactly what he means - Never again. With struggle, you try your best to stay awake as he cleans you. His hands now so gently touching your body. Eyes looking at you with something close to devotion. The thought would have seemed impossible only hours ago, but.. you feel… safe. When he turns off the water, deeming you clean enough, you lift your hands to lay around his neck again, wanting to stay as close as possible. You timidly place a small kiss on his chest, before you softly murmur “Mm’ so tired.. Is it okay if I, hmm, sleep now?”
“Yes, angel… sleep.” Jungkook wraps you in a towel before he carries you again, guiding himself to find your bedroom. It’s not much, compared to his own house— but it’s sweet. He gently puts you down on the bed, taking the towel off again before he places the blanket over your body to keep you from catching a cold. The demon takes a seat at the edge of the bed, looking at you. He says nothing, but he somehow ends up admiring the soft features of your tired form. When he thinks you’re asleep, he carefully stands up to curiously roam your bedroom, looking at simple things such as the little books on your shelf.
Bright sunlight is coaxing you awake. You slowly open your eyes, lifting your hands to try and rub the sleep from them before you can focus on the sight in front of you. On the edge of your bed there is a man. The man. The demon. Jungkook. Your breath hitches as memories return to you. Blood rising to your cheeks as you remember exactly what happened last night. How you pleaded for pleasure, how he touched you and how you touched him. How you begged him not to go. For a second you're overcome with the urge to hide underneath your blanket, though you realize that won't help much. But you still pull it closer, trying to cover your naked body as much as possible, although he's already seen it. He's seen more of you than anyone. That the memories are indeed real is obvious in the soreness throughout your body. You feel tender bruises cover your body, your limbs weak, but most apparent, is the pain in your lower abdomen. It really happened. Now that your mind isn't clouded by lust, you feel shy and uncertain again. You don't know what to say or do. And his intense eyes on you doesn't make it easier. With a meek voice you say the first thing that comes to mind, "Uhm, good morning.."
"Good morning, angel." The demon sat idly next to you, as if he hadn't moved for hours. And he hadn't, since he doesn't need to sleep, he merely observed you for the entirety of the night. "Don't be shy with me," he smiles, reaching out to brush away stray hairs that covered your face, "I've seen it all. Besides, you're mine now. He blinks slowly when he hears your stomach grumble, tilting his head slightly as his eyes glance at the clock on your wall. "It's still early... Let me get you something to eat."
The casual possessiveness stir your emotions once again. His actions felt so certain, so confident. You feel yourself lean into his touch, a pleasant shiver down your spine at the warmness of his skin. This feeling. Yesterday you’d ignored it, but you knew you couldn’t any longer. There is more to it than that deal with your mother, you’re sure of it. Because how could a person you’ve never met before, feel so familiar? So... right? You needed to know. But as your stomach growls again you nod at his suggestion. And despite what he said, you can’t help but reach for your nightgown, thrown on a stool beside the bed, and put it on quickly. You let your feet touch the floor to stand, but you’re too swift, too weak still, which makes you quickly lose your balance.
Jungkook quickly gets up on his feet to catch you in his arms, and tsk's quietly. "Suppose I did not put enough consideration into your fragile body last night. Not as sturdy as my own." he sounds amused though, yet he doesn't let you go as he ensures your balance with the strength of his own body. "Are there any nearby food places? Or do you have anything I could cook up." He might be a demon, but he's not clueless. Having endless amounts of time on his hands, learning about simple pleasures such as human food was one of his odd interests. Only this time, it would be his first time offering it to somebody.
You blink a few times in surprise. Was this really the same man as yesterday? The sin incarnate? So soft now, in his actions and words. You don't flinch away from his touch but let him hold you up. Fearing your legs might not hold you on your own. "You.. want to cook? ...for me?" You can't help the small giggle that escapes you at the thought of the mighty demon cooking by your cheap, slightly broken, stove. "Hm.. well I guess I have some eggs? And there should be some bread and maybe fruit too somewhere." You continue as you look up at him again.
Jungkook scrunches his nose in response, but he’s unable to hide a small close-lipped smile. “What’s so funny about that?” He holds you tight by the waist and guides you towards the kitchen to keep him company, setting you down by the kitchen table. He then looks at you for a moment, then shakes his head. “Humans are so weak.” He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, and looks inside the fridge for what he’s got to work with. Without much else to say, he grabs everything he finds fit and begins to cook, swiftly and confidently that it will be of taste for her. After all, he has a bunch of what flavors would suit her best.
"What's not funny about the big bad demon cooking for a "weak" human?" A chuckle. "Don't you have a reputation to uphold?" You ask teasingly. Although he was completely out of place in your run-down kitchen, the demon moved around with ease and confidence. The image weirdly domestic. You couldn’t even remember the last time somebody had cooked for you. You lift your legs, sitting criss crossed on the chair, as you continue to watch him work on your breakfast. He'd left his shirt off, leaving you free to roam your gaze over his muscular back and arms. Yesterday he'd asked you if you found him pretty. You bite your lip. Just “pretty” wasn’t enough. The man, demon - you remind yourself-, was simply.. “..perfect.” You sigh. A stark blush spreads across your cheeks as you realise that you unintentionally said it aloud.
“Mm? You think so?” Jungkook smirks as he looks over his shoulder at you. He definitely heard you, and it made him crook a coy brow, cocky and knowing that he is attractive— especially for you. “Here’s your ‘human fuel’, angel.” He scoffs with a smile as he brings you a large plate, stacked with various goods like omelet, some sliced fruits, and triangle cut grilled cheese sandwiches. He might’ve gone a bit overboard—- but he wouldn’t settle to give you any less. “Taste it.” He commands as he takes the seat in front of you, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He watches with curiosity.
With cheeks still tinted red, even more so by his continuous use of that pet name, you move your gaze from Jungkook to the plate in front of you. “Wow!” You gasp joyfully, your eyes wide looking at the chef-like food he’d prepared for you. “It looks amazing!”. You say as you grab a fork to taste the omelet, more than happy to oblige his wishes. A pleasant moan leaves you as you savor the dish. It was safe to say, the best eggs you’d ever had. “A demon chef.” You note, chuckling, as you continue on to taste the fruits -deciding on trying a piece of pineapple. The sweet juiciness makes you hum gleefully. Spilling a bit down your chin. You consider his words, “‘Human fuel’, does that mean you don’t eat?” You had no idea of how demon anatomy worked and you didn’t want to impolitely eat without sharing.
“I can…” Jungkook reaches out and grabs a piece of the pineapple and pops it into his mouth to prove his point. “But I don’t need to. It does nothing for me.” He does watch you with intrigue though. Although he has no need for food, just like he has no need for sleep— he can still enjoy the flavors on his tongue. “I can still taste perfectly fine, though. I like this..” he steals another piece of the fruit with a smirk, letting it rest on his tongue before chewing it. “Sweet. Like you.”
The demon was determined to never let the blush leave your face, it seemed. You smile shyly nonetheless. But the subtle reminder of last night makes you remember all the questions you have for him once again. Your eyes flicker between him and your plate, trying to find the courage to ask him.
“Uhm.. Jungkook?” You start timidly, chewing your lip. “Last night you said that my mother sold me to you but.. there’s something more right? Something you’re not telling me..? I mean, yesterday, it somehow felt like… I knew you… and now, after all that happened, I should be scared of you, shouldn’t I? But I’m not.. at least I don’t think I am.. I just don’t understand…” You sigh. “And then.. what did you mean when you said you’ll never leave me again?”
Jungkook’s eyes seem to study you for a moment, silently swiping his tongue over his lower lip to get rid of the sweet pineapple juices.
“That’s a lot of questions at once, angel..” he says, leaning back into his seat again and crossing his arms. He sighs, but he seems to give in when he notices your curiosity— subtly laced with pain of the unknown feelings between the two of you, “I made sure she made the deal with me because I wanted you specifically for a reason.” He pauses to ensure that you’re keeping up, then continues. “You and I used to be angels.” It’s a big bomb to drop at once, and he’s not sure how you’d take it. Either way, he leans forward and places his elbows on the table, leaving his hands open for you as an offer, “Father… god didn’t like that at all…” a displeased expression forms on his face from the memory, “and banished us… separated us.. and I was sent to hell. Hence why I am now a demon.. and you..”
Jungkook takes a breath as if he’s the one who has to keep his composure. “You were sent back to be reborn as a human, thinking I would never find you again.” He looks down at the table, and a small smirk tugs on his lips. “Foolish of him to underestimate me. I would go through every inch of this earth to find you. And I did. And here we are.” He looks back up at you and smiles. “I’d never leave you by my own free will. I was forced to. But now we can be together again.”
You blink a few times, trying to find your voice, to find words to say. “An.. angel?” You mumble. Well, it made sense in a way. If there are demons -and you were sure of that, you had no doubt that Jungkook was in fact a demon- there should also be angels. But that you had been one? That you had been banished, that Jungkook had been too… There was so much, too much, to take in, to grasp, but it was one detail that stuck with you. That made everything else fade in comparison. “You… waited for me? Looked for me?” You whisper. You lift your hands carefully, only hesitating for a second before you put them in his waiting ones. Your smaller hands fit so perfectly with his. As if they belonged there.
“Yes,” Jungkook nods, smiling softly when he realizes that you seem to begin to understand. He squeezes your hands gently in his, “everything I’ve done and will do is for you.” He means it. There isn’t a single stutter or sign of hesitation in his voice as he speaks directly to you, even seemingly relieved that you now know his truth, and took it awfully well in comparison to what could’ve been. No screaming, no running… things seemed to go his way. “I’ve gone through heaven and hell to reunite us.” He gets up on his feet, circling the table until he kneels on the floor next to you, still holding your hands. He looks up at you through fluttering, raven lashes, and kisses your knuckles, “I took fathers punishment for you. There is no one that would do this for you— except myself. Do you know, just how deep my desire for you goes..”
And you crave that affection and desire so deeply. It’s everything you've wanted, and never had anyone given it to you. Always alone. But maybe.. maybe not anymore. Maybe you’d just waited for him, just as he had been waiting for you. His soft warm lips against you gives you pleasant goose bumps. You release one of his hands to gently caress his cheek before moving down to trace his reddish lips, wanting to feel them against yours again. To taste him. But you need to hear him say it first. The words you’ve so desperately searched for. Even though his actions may have proven it already, you want to hear the words leave his lips. With your thumb still stroking his bottom lip, you meet his eyes. "You.. you love me then?" Perhaps your own desire for love runs just as deep as his desire for you.
“Love…” Jungkook repeats the word softly, the slight movement of his lips almost like a kiss against your thumb. His doe eyes look up at you, and for once, they weren’t that of a powerful, intimidating demon. Now, he could easily be mistaken for a regular man, with nothing but sweet affection in the way he looked at you. “I love you more than I loved god.” He says it quietly, because he’s never said it before. Not like this. He defied his own father for love. He went against god's will to have you— and that is just how deeply he knew that you were his very reason for existence. “I’ve always loved you, since your soul was created. In every form you’ve had— I loved you.” He doesn’t hesitate, but he seems to be getting carried away with what must be his feelings. He hadn’t felt this strongly— until he really started talking about it out loud to your face. His eyes widen, staring up at you with a look that becomes more and more possessive. “I have you now. So I will love you forever.”
Your heart clenches. It feels as if you're drowning and can breathe clearly for the first time, all at once. You don’t care that he's a demon. You don’t care that his words are just as much a declaration of obsession as it is of love. You ignore every bright shining red sign. He loves you. He did everything to get to you. And for you, that's everything that matters. You can't find the right words to say, don't know how to express what you're feeling. So you show it instead. With eyes glittering like stars you bend forward to let your lips meet his. Softly, as you share a breath between each other, you whisper "I'm yours."
Jungkook smiles into the kiss, cupping your small face in his hands to keep you lingering. He withdraws after a moment, looking up at you with his dark, infinitely deep eyes. “I have a question…” he says then, standing up straight. His hands settle on his hips, tilting his head like a curious puppy, “do you like it here? On earth, I mean. This life.”
You blink in surprise at the sudden question, and the sudden cuteness (in which you can’t help but inwardly coo at). “Well.. I-.. I haven’t really thought about it.. But, yes and no, I guess?” You say, a small frown appearing as you try to gather your thoughts. “My mom and I, as you might understand, didn’t have the best relationship. She.. she was never there as my classmates' parents were. Never cared about me at all. And I couldn’t figure out why. What I had done to make her feel that way. And so I spent most of my childhood sad. Sad over.. not belonging anywhere.” You sigh. “And then in my teens, I was mostly angry. Angry that she’d treated me this way. Angry that I wasn’t pretty or interesting enough for anyone to notice me. That.. nobody wanted me.”
“But-” You continue as you look up at him, a small smile on your lips. “ - during all that, I also felt hope. Hope for a better life. I waited, longed, to grow up, to move out and finally create the life I wanted. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it? That one can decide one’s own purpose? I haven’t really gotten where I want to be yet though. I’ve been working all my adult life to save up money to--…” A thought suddenly crosses your mind, and you turn your eyes from Jungkook to the clock on the wall. Your eyes widen and you quickly stand up, slightly panicked. “Oh no!” You scream. “Work! Jungkook, I’m late!”
Jungkook glances over at the clock as well, and his eyebrows raise when he looks back at you and smiles. "Want me to take you there?" he asks as he grabs your hand to help you out of the chair, "I want to go too."
A few months later.
“Oh, Jungkook, you’re too funny!” Your new, pretty, co-worker Hana laughs as she playfully puts her hand on his shoulder. You can’t hear Jungkook’s answer, other than that it makes Hana giggle even more. With a huff of annoyance you drop the dirty dishes in the sink with a crash. For the last couple of months Jungkook had stayed with you, following you everywhere you went, including the bar you worked at. Not a surprise, the deadly handsome demon always made quite the commotion. Females and males, customers and colleagues, often fought over his attention, though got disappointed every time at his lack of interest. His attention was solely on you. And you’d gotten used to it, the feel of his eyes on you at every time -especially when you talked with male customers-. Every time someone got rejected, it gave you a small wave of satisfaction, although you would never admit it aloud. But now. Now, Jungkook wasn’t only talking to Hana, who was so obviously flirting with him, he let her touch him, practically encouraging her to continue, and he’d turned away from you. He hadn’t looked at you the whole evening. You bite your lip, staring at them both as you tap your foot angrily.
“Hey, Y/N, everything alright?” Seokjin, the bartender asks. You look up at the male standing beside you. Eyes suddenly sparkling as you get an idea.
Jungkook's toothy smile quickly vanishes the second he actually glances back at you, noting just how close you're standing to your coworker, Seokjin. He's surely handsome, without a doubt. He doesn't immediately say or do anything, but continues to idly listen to Hana ramble. It turns into a blur the longer he feels your presence mix with another man's. He nods mindlessly at Hana's words, finally unable to look away from you, crooking an eyebrow in your direction.
You feel Jungkook’s eyes turn to you. Finally, you have his attention. But you don't stop there. Seokjin had, for as long as you'd known each other, shown an interest in you but you'd been too shy and insecure from the previous few, short-lived, relationships you'd had to dare indulge him. Now, though, maybe you could use that.
"Yeah, everything's fine Jinnie!" You say cheerfully, giving him a big smile. Seokjin shows a look of surprise at the sudden nickname and interest, but he gathers himself quickly. "You look great today Jinnie, did you do something to your hair?"
You'd never really flirted before so your skills were pretty much non-existent but Seokjin didn't seem to mind. Smiling confidently at your comment, he smugly answers, "I tried a new gel actually, fun that you noticed."
"Mm, yeah, it looks great on you Jinnie! There's just a hair strand there sticking out of place, here let me." You say, trying to sound enticing, as you lift your hand to smooth down a lock of his hair. Coming real close to him in the meantime. "There! Now you look perfect." Seokjin almost drools, his eyes as saucers at your closeness. You feel Jungkook shooting daggers at you and you know that you've probably gone too far already, still you perform the last part of your plan. Using every bit of acting skill you've got, you reach for a glass on the shelf next to Seokjin, but you "lose balance", and with a small whelp you stumble right into him. He grabs a hold of your waist and pulls you closer into his embrace to stop you from falling. You only stay in his arms for a moment though.
Jungkook can tell what you’re trying to do— and even more so, he can sense the way Seokjin reeks with desire for you. It made his lip twitch, and he hid it with an annoyed sneer.
“Jungkook? Are you listening?” Hana lays a deliberate hand on his strong bicep to get a feel, but she gasps when his rejection comes in the form of suddenly stalking towards you instead.
“I’m parched …” Jungkook took a stance by the bar counter, his voice cutting through the tension between you and Seokjin, snapping him back to reality. His eyes flicker between the two of you, and his gritting smile tenses, “How about serving me a drink instead of playing lovebirds?”
Seokjin turns his eyes to Jungkook, flicking nervously at the demon’s intimidating gaze but, surprisingly, doesn't move away from you. Feeling confident at the sultry smile you give him, before you turn your attention to Jungkook. With a voice laced with venom you say, “Oh, I bet your throat is dry after all that talking. Why don’t you ask Hana for a drink? I’m sure she’d be happy to serve you.”
Jungkook’s cheek protrudes as his tongue rolls against the inside of the flesh, a telltale sign that he is not amused by your attitude. A small smirk plays on his lips, though.
“Y/N.” He says your name sternly, laying his palms flat on the counter surface. His tattooed, vascular hands move delicately as his fingers tap against the material, and he stares right at you. “Come with me. Now.” He doesn’t look back when he turns around to head towards the back door of the bar building, knowing there’s not many people around at this hour. He knows you’ll follow. Or at least, if you knew what is best, you would, or he would ensure this is the last time you’d play with his possessive nature.
You consider ignoring him for a moment, but decide against it. You hadn’t really wanted to make him angry.. you just.. wanted his attention.
“Y/N?” Seokjin mumbles hesitantly as you move to follow Jungkook.
You feel slightly guilty for using him and try to give him an apologizing smile, “It’s alright Jinnie, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Jungkook waits for you in the back alley shadows. His own dark form almost blending into the background. Although it’d probably be better to just apologize for deliberately pushing his buttons, seeing him instantly makes you think of Hana again. Of her hand on him, him smiling at her. He had started it, you’d just given him a taste of what it felt like. “What do you want?” you snarl, eyes harsh. “Shouldn’t you go back inside? I’m sure Hana is looking for you.”
Jungkook steps out of the shadows, illuminated by the faint light attached to the building. His arms are crossed over his chest, jaw clenched tight in a frown. "Hana?" he repeats the name, staring you down harsher with each word you spit. He steps closer, the crimson swirling in his irises glowing in the dark to remind you of what he is. It might've been easy to forget as of late, as he'd spent months living with you, more.. human. But tonight, it seemed like jealousy had gotten the better of them both. "Oh, the girl..." He hums, tapping his fingers over his bicep, "Is that why you began to cling onto another man? So easily?" Another step closer, and his frown forms into a sneer, "Jealousy."
Jealousy? You hadn’t put a name to the emotions you felt, but he was correct you realized. You were jealous. He stands so close to you now, the smell of his cologne distinct. Your instincts tell you to back away, recognizing the danger the demon exudes, but you don’t. Instead you mimic his hold, crossing your own arms over your chest.
“Didn’t feel so good did it?” You counter, looking up at him. “Seeing me in Seokjin’s arms? His comfortable strong hold around me... Mm, you know what? I actually think he's rather fond of me, don’t you?” Grinning smugly as you taunt him. You’ve taken it too far, you know it. But you can’t stop. You’ve never felt like this before -entirely, and utterly, consumed by jealousy.
“Don’t say that..” Jungkook didn’t like it one bit. He knew— of course he knew. He could sense how badly Seokjin wanted you, just as he could sense the caution the man had around the demon, without surely knowing why. “Don’t taunt me, angel. You might think this is funny, don’t you…” he stands right in front of you now, reaching out to caress your cheek, moving your hair away from your face. He’s gentle, and yet there is a tension in his fingers. He held back urges to tug at your hair— to grab you by your neck. Jungkook looks down at you and growls quietly. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill him right now.”
“You wouldn’t!” you growl back. “Don’t you dare touch him, Jungkook.” You roughly turn away from his touch, unknowingly pushing him even further into finally snapping. Maybe that is what you wanted all along. For him to show that you’re his. And to show that he’s yours.
"Why? Do you care about him?!" Jungkook cages your body with his, slamming his fists into the wall of the building behind you, back still facing him. His heavy, heated breaths fan against the back of your head, and it's impossible to not notice that he's angered. "I could kill him for simply touching you-- you have no say in it. I've done it before for less, I..." He grits his teeth, his nails clawing the walls until they crumble in his fingers, pebbles rolling by your feet. Within a split second, one hand moves up to brush away your hair from your neck, leaning in close to press his lips against it, "You're driving me crazy when you act like this.."
Your heartbeat quickens and your eyes widen. He’d done it before? It should terrify you, the sheer strength and power he presents, the lengths he’d go for you... but it doesn't. Instead you feel the insecurity and jealousy you’ve felt dampen. He had done it for you. Not Hana, or anyone else. It was proof- was it not? Of his devotion and love. Only for you. You face him again. Only a few centimeters apart. His eyes are fire, his breathing heavy in anger. The tension between you is palpable-- burning. You lift your heels to reach his height, a hand on his chest to keep your balance. You look into those deep red eyes and move closer, your lips grazing his as you speak, “Show me then. Show me how crazy I make you.” Moving your lips to whisper in his ear, “Hm? Master~~.” Before giving his cheek a possessive lick, as he’d done to you all those months ago.
Whatever you were doing to trigger a reaction from the demon, it seemed to work. In fact, it might've worked too well, as he didn't hesitate to shove your back against the building with a thud. If he weren't aware that you're merely a human, he would've used much more of his strength. And even then, he used more than he should've. But it was what you asked for-- for him to be rough and careless. You just brought it out of him too easily.
"That's more like it," Jungkook approved, though he knows you're playing with him. Part of him enjoyed it, the way only you could stir his emotions and put his desires in a hormonal twist, "Maybe I've been too soft with you lately, huh? Do you miss this?" The demon's strong hands tug at your clothes, ripping the seams to expose your chest for him. He didn't care-- he could buy you a new one. Hungry eyes glance down at the plump of your breasts, hidden beneath a bra that he's quick to rip apart with a swift snip of his strong fingers between the cups. He smiles happily, shamelessly indulging in the way your chest subtly jiggles as they're freed. "You just needed to be reminded of how much I love this," he grabs one breast in his large palm, licking his lips at how the supple flesh warms his skin. It is claiming, as if it belongs to him to take, "This body, isn't that it?"
You barely acknowledge the pain in your back from his roughness. Welcoming the bruises and marks made by him. The proof of his desire for you. It's true, you have missed this side of him. When he’s so blinded by lust for you, acting by raw unfiltered hunger. Providing you with equal parts pleasure and pain. It’s when you feel the most wanted. And you crave that. More than anything, you so perilously crave feeling truly claimed by the demon. Your nipples perk quickly in the chilly night air. The thought of someone seeing you in such a wrecked manner, only in a thrashed top and short skirt, combined with the demon’s, as always, skilled hands on you makes your arousal grow quickly. But as always, you want more.
“Yes, mm please master, show that I’m yours” You moan, gasping as his grips on your breast hardens, “Show who owns me.” Your hand finds his raven hair, nails grazing his scalp, urgently tugging his roots as you try to pull him to your chest. Wanting his mouth on you-- needing it. “Please.” You beg, eyes desperate.
A low, demonic growl rumbles in his chest-- a clear approval of the way you plead and whine for him. He obliges, letting his tongue taste the skin of your chest before sucking it into his mouth. He hums quietly, his other hand lifting your skirt. A swift knee digs between your thighs, rubbing against your panties as his teeth graze your nipple in a playful bite. "Yeah? Right here? So that the entire block can hear you-- So that damn coworker of yours can hear just what kind of a demon-slut you are." Jungkook switches and gives your other breast the same treatment, sucking and biting at the skin until it's blemished with his possessive markings.
A/N: Yeah we didn’t get further than that sorry for cockblocking you. I could’ve removed the entire scene and just ended it earlier, but I didn’t want to. Thank you for reading it, and imagine the rest of the smut on your own. xoxo
© ꜱᴏᴍʙʀᴇʙᴏʏ 2021. Do not repost, edit or translate.
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strawbkoo · a month ago
just wanna feel you | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
You haven’t seen Jeongguk for a while due to your conflicting schedules. You finally have free time and when he comes to pick you up, you find yourselves releasing all that pent-up tension. 
pairing: jeongguk x fem!reader
rating/genre: m | established relationship au, pwp pre much, vvv indulgent smut
word count: 2.8k
warnings: fingering, bit of distracted driving (he was careful tho!!!), jjk likes calling oc ‘slut’, humiliation, degrading, car sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up y’all), lot of begging from oc, spitting, bit of dom!jjk ig, n subby!oc <33
a/n: i decided rather than focusing on the fic i’m currently writing, i’ll detour n write some self-indulgent smut!!! it barely has any plot tbh jus like the teeny tiny amount hehe,,, enjoy!! n lmk what you think <33 
Tumblr media
“Hey, baby,” Jeongguk whispers as he leans over the console to kiss you, tilting your chin up. 
You smile into the kiss. Missing Jeongguk came easy with the nights he spent away because of his work. While he was cooped up in his office, you had been studying for your university finals. This meant that whenever Jeongguk had any spare time, you had your nose buried in study materials. 
Pulling him closer by his nape, you felt yourself melt into the kiss. It had been so long since you last kissed each other like this. You had been craving him more than ever during the stress of your exams. Knowing Jeongguk is feeling the same, you savour the kiss as much as you can before he has to pull away to start his car. 
Jeongguk drives out of the parking lot of the campus dorms, turning right towards his condo. He lived almost 40 minutes out. Although you both discussed maybe staying over during your exams, you had decided against it as the library was closer to your place. It took a lot of restraint to not just agree and face the early morning traffic, but Jeongguk wouldn't have any of it. He has always wanted you to prioritise your education first as someone much older with his master's, an amazing job in financial planning to back up his hard work. 
You met when you wandered into the city after your last class of the day. He had found you on his company steps, crying over a failed test and a broken heart (which sucked, your ex broke up with you after finding out you failed your exam - asshole). Jeongguk had comforted you, lending you a shoulder to cry on and a slice of banana bread as a nice gesture. 
Eventually, you had come back, leaving a coffee and a muffin with his secretary as a thank you. A few days later, you bumped into him again at the coffee house you worked at and had lunch. After a few months of pinning, you gave in to his asks to go on a date. And now? You're rarely without one another. Spending your time together either locked away in his condo or with your friends. 
It had been odd at first, Jeongguk being 32 and you only being 21. Sure your friends winced a little, but once they got to know Jeongguk and how lovely he was, everyone fell for him. Jeongguk has a young soul when he is with your friends. Always excited to go out for a few drinks or even try new restaurants that opened up near campus. 
His friends welcomed you too. Having been the only girlfriend he had introduced to them, they realised you were special. They would invite you out to the bars they go to, the higher-end restaurants and trips (all paid for because you are just a university student with more debt than savings, let's be real). Their favourite thing to do with you is inviting you to their condos and having you cook for them. They were always so busy, and even though most of them knew how to cook, they rarely did as it took up too much time. It made your heart swell whenever they would thank you for the meal with mouths full. 
Turning to your side, you take Jeongguk in. His hair was still styled from his evening at the office, button-up with the first few buttons undone and sleeves rolled up, black slacks hugging his toned legs. He was still in his work attire, making him look more delectable than you realised. 
Something you also missed, besides his company, was the feeling of him inside you. Filling you up with his cum after he pounded into you, whispering how much he loved how wet your pussy would get for him. The mantra of mine into your neck as he nips and sucks the sensitive skin. The rush of pleasure while he got you leaning against the wall and eating you out like his last meal on Earth. God, you missed the feeling.
Squirming in your seat, you try to level your thoughts. But the heat pooling between your legs is a constant reminder of what you crave, of what you need. Your breath hitches when he grabs your thigh, giving it a light squeeze and sending you a small smile. 
Watching his hands knead your thigh, you can’t help but think of when he has your legs pinned over his shoulders, hands gripping your thighs as he fucks into you deep. When he got you bent over in bed, thighs apart, spreading your pussy for him to lap at. 
Shuddering at the thought, you lick your now dry lips. You got to get ahold of yourself. There are still 30 minutes of driving until your reach home. You can’t get this riled up so early on. 
Jeongguk notices how you have been squirming, taking glances at you in concern. He gives your thigh a hard squeeze, your head tips back in a silent moan, and suddenly he knows what's happening. Smirking, he watches through his peripheral as he grips your thigh harder, sliding his hand up and down your leg. 
He missed you immensely. Jerking off to the photos you sent weeks before didn’t feel the same. Jeongguk would cum only to feel himself getting hard a few minutes later. There was a deep ache within him, one that wanted to bury his cock so deep into you, brewing once again. His mind churned at the thought of sliding in and out of your dripping pussy, watching you moan as he pinned you down.
Fuck, he thought, what do you do to me, Yn?
It was late at night while Jeongguk was driving, barely any cars on the road. So, he began kneading your thigh, slowly going up. He watched as you bit your lip, eyes closing at the feeling. 
You looked over at Jeongguk, noticing his eyes zeroing in on how your face contorts as he gets closer and closer to your pussy. 
“Please,” you moan. “Please, please, please.”
Jeongguk smirks, the tips of his fingers brushing against your underwear. He could feel the wet spot on the thin material making his cock twitch in his pants. He looks at the road, ensuring there are no cars before focusing back on his baby. He has never been so thankful to Seokjin for convincing him to buy the new Tesla model. 
“Use your words, angel,” he coaxes, his fingers pressing gently into the sensitive skin on your inner thighs. 
You grab onto his wrist, bringing his hand between your legs. You shuffle down slightly only to grind against his palm. He cups your pussy as you grind up into him. The friction is not what you want, but enough to have your head thrown back, moaning into the quiet space of his car. 
“Please touch me, Jeongguk. Want you to make me cum.”
That is all he needed to hear before he’s trailing his fingers across your underwear, feeling how you already soaked through them. Jeongguk groans as he watches you part your legs, pulling up the hem of your skirt, giving him full reign to touch you. 
Jeongguk’s eyes are back on the road as he notices another car approaching. But his fingers slide your panties to the side, immediately finding your slit. He barely pushes the tips of his fingers in, pulling out and smearing your cum on your clit. 
His thumb pressed against your clit, circling the nub and making your back arch off your seat. Jeongguk cannot help but glance over at you, watching your reactions to his touch making the tent in his pants tighter. 
“Fuck, Jeongguk,” you pant. “Feels so good!”
“Yeah? I’m barely touching you, baby. You're so desperate.”
Mewling at his words, you nod, looking into his eyes. You were too hopeless to care whether or not you were cumming on his cock or his fingers. You just wanted to cum so badly it was starting to hurt.
Not long before Jeongguk pushes his middle finger in you, making you whine. His fingers are thick and stretch you nicely - but not enough. He can tell by the way you grind against his palm, so he adds another and another. Three fingers moving in and out of you as his thumb circles your clit. You should be thinking of how uncomfortable the position must be on his wrist. But you can't focus on anything, except how good his fingers feel, and how you haven’t felt them in so long. 
“So close to cumming, aren’t you, Yn? Couldn’t even wait until we got home, just had to have me now, huh? What a fucking pathetic slut.”
The shame washes over you, and you can feel how wetter you get from it. Something about how well Jeongguk can use his mouth, whether on you or whispering dirty nothings. But right now, all you can focus on is how you can feel your orgasm building up.
"Want your cock, baby! Please, wanna have you fill me up with your cum!"
His fingers move faster in you, squelching with how wet you are. Whining, you cannot help but look down. Jeongguk’s fingers stretch your pussy out, thrusting deeper when you arch your back.
“I can see how close you are, baby. You’re gonna cum now, aren’t you? Guess you are a slut. Such a messy baby whining for my cock yet you can barely last with my fingers.” Jeongguk slides out of you, pulling your thighs further apart, leaving you whining before he slaps your pussy. 
“Shit!” Your back arches as Jeongguk slaps your pussy again. His hand pulls your thighs apart each time. 
Jeongguk feels smug watching you, grabbing you by your chin and forcing you to look at him through the haze, “Look at me when you cum, slut. Wanna see how you look as you fall apart on my fingers, yeah?”
Jeongguk’s fingers enter you, thumb circling your clit. He thrusts his fingers deep in you, squelching sounds picking up as he picks up his pace. You watch him glance over at you, hand still on the wheel. Biting his lip as he strains to push you closer over the edge.
“Cum for me, baby. Show me how good of a slut you are.”
His words have you moaning out his name, your orgasm rending you numb. You could feel how hard your legs were shaking as Jeongguk tortured your clit. He pulls out only to slap your pussy, making you hiss at the feeling. Your head rolled back, panting against the seat. 
Jeongguk continues to palm at your crotch, his eyes now focused back onto the road. He can barely think straight with how hard he is. And he is sure as hell not waiting to get home. 
You barely register that he parked on the side of the road before Jeongguk gets out of the car. He opens your door, grabbing you by your arm and pulling you out before slamming you against the side. 
His lips slide against you, hungry and desperate for you. His hands wander up to your shirt, pulling it down, your tits spilling over the top. Jeongguk’s mouth immediately descended on the softness of your breasts, biting and sucking at the plush skin. His hands knead your tits, sucking on your nipples desperately. 
Your mind is reeling with pleasure, so overwhelmed you barely know what to do. Grabbing Jeongguk’s hair, you push his closer to your chest, arching into his mouth. 
Grabbing the door handle, Jeongguk’s opening the door and pushing you in before he gives in and fucks you out in the open. 
“Fuck, you drive me fucking crazy. Couldn’t wait until we got home, huh? Got me this hard.” He grabs your hand, placing it on the tent in his pants. “What are you gonna do about it, baby?”
You can barely utter a word before he’s on top of you, pinning you down to the leather seats. Closing the door behind him, Jeongguk’s hands roam across your body, pulling your shirt off and unclipping your bra. Still, in a daze from your orgasm, you can barely comprehend what’s happening.
Jeongguk squeezes your tits, tongue flicking over your nipple. The way you jolt closer into his mouth has him smirking. He knew what to do to elicit a reaction out of you. He unbuttons and untucks his dress shirt, rolling his sleeves further up his arms. He unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, watching it slap against him.
You prop yourself on your elbows, not having much room to move, you watch Jeongguk jerk himself off a little before sliding your underwear to the side and placing the tip at your entrance. You practically hold your breath as he pushes in slowly, arm stretched out against the window. 
You both moan at the feeling, it’s been too long. Whining from the stretch, you fumble to grab onto Jeongguk’s waist, nails scratching against his skin. He fills me up so well, you think to yourself.
“God, you’re so tight. I fucked my fingers into you, and you’re still this tight?” Jeongguk curses. “What a pretty little slut you are, taking my cock so well. Like you were made for it, baby.”
He bottoms out, and you grab at the seat, holding on as Jeongguk grinds into you. You can feel every inch of him, every touch of his skin, the way his fingers tuck the hair falling on your face behind your ear. Everything. Everything is heightened, and you can’t help but moan aloud from the feeling.
“Jeongguk, please,” you beg, your voice going hoarse. “Please fuck me.”
Jeongguk groans, his head tipping back, pulling out until just his tip nestles in you. He grabs your hips and lifts them, your legs winding around his waist. And without warning, he slams his cock into you. The pace is slow, but he’s going so deep you can barely breathe. His hand settles on your lower stomach, pushing down gently and making you whine. 
“Can feel how deep my cock is in you, baby. Like being fucked full, don’t you?”
You nod, fingers trying to grab at the leather behind you. Your skirt pulled up, and you watch it flap against your tummy as Jeongguk thrusts pick up their pace. 
“Yes! Yes, Jeongguk! Just like that, baby, please!”
He pulls his cock out before slipping back into you and fucking deep into you, his pace brutal. His hips slam into you, and you try to grab at one of his arms, something to hold you steady. 
You’re being flipped over before you realise it, skirt pulled up and Jeongguk’s cock buried deep in you once again. Your face is pressed flush against the leather seats, your hips craning upwards to meet his thrusts. You can feel the tears prick at your eyes, the drool pooling beneath you. All of this means nothing compared to the feeling of being full to the brim with Jeongguk’s cock. 
Reaching between your legs, you circle at your clit matching the pace set by your lover. 
“Tsk, did I say you could touch yourself? What? So desperate you need to cum again? Slut. You take what I give you!”
Before you could protest, a hand comes down and smacks your ass. You jolt, arching your back. Jeongguk grabs at your hair, pulling your face upwards. He hunches further over your body, tapping your chin for you to open your mouth. You watch as his spit drops from his mouth and slides to the back of your throat. He then pushes your face down against the seats, thrusting into you deeper and faster. His inhumane speed has you keening, and before you know it, you can feel your second orgasm approaching. 
“Baby, please, I’m gonna cum.”
“Already? Fine. Come on then, slut, want you to cum on my cock.” 
Jeongguk’s fingers are playing with your clit, sending you over the edge,  toppling over with the full force of your second orgasm. He fucks into you rougher, working you through your orgasm before you feel yourself filling up with cum. Jeongguk’s fucking his cum into you, head tossed back, hands still tangled in your head and holding your hips. 
“Fuck, baby.”
Your legs give way, and you feel Jeongguk pulling out. You can feel the cum dribble out of you, sliding down your legs and onto the car seats. Gross. 
Wiping you with wet wipes he’s got in his car, Jeongguk gently flips you onto your back - practically having to unstick you from the seats. You feel the breeze when he opens up the windows.
“You really couldn’t wait until we got home?”
“Seems like someone else couldn’t either?” you snicker, watching as Jeongguk smiles and rolls his eyes at you. He’s tucking his cock back into his pants, zipping them up, before helping you put your shirt back on.
“You’re just too hot to resist, baby, what can a man do?”
Tumblr media
a/n: lmk your thoughts by sending me an ask i would love it vvv much :DD
© strawbkoo 2022 do not copy/repost/translate
Tumblr media
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stained glass.
Tumblr media
♡ pairing : Architect!Min Yoongi x Architect!Reader
♡ 18+ / Genre : Architect AU . Friends to Enemies to Lovers AU . Fluff, Smut, Angst
♡ Word count : 18.2 K
♡ Summary : Paired up to work on what’s soon to become the world’s most sought after museum, how are you and your arch nemesis going to learn to cope. Years of rivalry doesn’t just fade overnight, maybe rivalry turns into something else? And are feelings the only thing keeping things together? Or will they be the main factor in prying you two apart?
♡ Warnings: lots of back and forth, masturbation (female), like reader is super horny, fighting (not physical), mention of readers ass, so much cuddling, so much fluff, lots of awkwardness, a fish, keeping up with the Kardashians, multiple mentions of several forms of cheese, ducky pajamas, oral (fem receiving), making out, neck kisses, marking, hickeys, riding, whiney yoongi, Big dick! yoongi, like humongous, jealous yoongi, marriage kink??? sexual intercourse, vaginal intercourse, too much use of the word baby, emotional hurt, pain, but it’s all good, Taehyung preaches for the christians, mentions of financial instability, fake dating (marriage). Jungkook loves food a little too much.
♡ Taglist: @taestrwbrry @loveyoongles @raplinesmoon-main @chimchoom @my-calico-cat @reiaclub @lovelytaes-blog @trishadgrn-blog @ithtefani @sugaaddiction @rumpucis @jiyoongss @takochelle @as-hs-things @kooliv @gojosrighthand @301295rkive @skitsoulmaty @ggukkieland @jiminisnotavirginrecs @wacdon @my-calico-cat @coffeemightkillme @takochelle @sugapleasemarryme @swinterr @xpeachesncream @angelicbox
“Boss! Y/N- hey wait up! I have a project up for you,”
“Don’t wanna hear it Jungkookie, you know I’m swamped with the Tannerson gig. Definitely don’t need another one right now.”
He started walking briskly to catch up with your hurried pace, the clicks and clacks of your shoes against the mosaic pavement floor, falling in sync with each other.
“You’re gonna want to hand the Tannerson one over to someone else after you hear this.”
You stopped, and turned to face him.
Scanning his gaze for a second, before simply,
You loved your assistant. You really did.
With all the late night crying sessions, spontaneous bursts of adventurousness and sense of companionship that he brought to your life, you would be dumb not to love him. He had these big round, doe eyes, which easily helped him secure the nickname of ‘Baby Bambi’ around the office, as if Bambi wasn’t an infant already. But his intellect was no way infantile, graduating top of his class at one of the best Universities in Architectural Studies and Interior Design, he was insanely talented.
Jungkook was the youngest candidate that applied for the job, straight out of Uni. Prior to the interview, you had expected absolutely nothing from him, he seemed to be one of those type on paper - ‘super confident under qualified white dude’ - but when he showed up you had understood that not only was he Asian (Kind of his fault on his resume he wrote ‘J.K Jeon’ and went with it), but was also definitely qualified for the position. He showed you personal projects that he had been scouted for, and those which he had picked up on his own. It was safe to say that somehow he had adequate work experience, he just wasn’t all that good at writing cv’s.
You had honestly gotten very lucky with that one, he was definitely one in a million.
But sometimes you wished that he would just cut to the point.
“-and the tenders weren’t even like, cooked properly! They were like, soggy, it was disgusting. A disgrace honestly, the worst 4.99 I've ever spent. Let's not even get started on the sau-”
He looked at you wide eyed,
“How is this remotely relevant to the new project? You dragged me here for it, get to the point.” You urged him to hurry up.
You had just gotten out of one of the most useless structural meetings of the whole year, it lasted 4, long, seemingly endless hours, and the whole time you tried not to fall asleep. The marketing team had a ‘new and innovative’ proposal that would apparently boost revenue from 16% to 17%. Which just happened to be the same presentation that they had put forward last year, and the year before that. You were two seconds from losing your shit before the Director had put an end to it.
The whole time Jungkookie kept stealing glances at you, and bouncing his legs up and down, doing the ‘pee-pee’ dance, which meant he had something to tell you.
It had been exactly 37 minutes since then, and you still didn’t know what he had to say.
“I got a call.”
He looked at you expectantly, waiting for any sort of reaction.
“So? You get calls all the time Jungkook, I mean you’re always on the phone with that one girl from the food court downtown, and you’re too scared to ask her ou-”
He scrambled to stop you, “No No! That’s not what this is about. And just for the record I am not scared, I’m just waiting for the righ-”
“Oh, you’re so scared! Whenever we get off for lunch there you’re always like ‘Oh Hi u-uh, I didn’t see y-you there, huh?’, If that's not you being scared then what is tha-”
That shut you up.
He took a deep breath,
“I got a call from the Mayor. For you.”
Blink. Blink.
“He wants you for the new Museum.”
You felt your cheeks heat up in excitement, and you got ready to jump up off the office couch and fist bump the air.
“But wait, there’s a catch,”
You were almost too excited to care, this was a project you had been dreaming about. But he, the Mayor, wanted you to design it. All on your own! You felt like you were in heaven!
Nothing was going to stop you from that now.
He continued, “You have to work with Min Yoongi.”
Okay, maybe one thing was going to stop you.
“Come on Boss, please!”
“Jungkookie’s right Y/N. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,”
“Oh Please Namjoon, You don’t know him like I do, that man is the devil wrapped up in a Balenciaga blanket made of fire!”
“Who? Jungkook or Yoongi?”
You shot the tall man a look, “Yoongi!” You looked at your assistant, “Although Jungkook’s not too far off right now.”
“Boss, you know better than to attack the messenger,” Oh, how badly you wanted to chuck the ‘messenger’ head first into the cheesecake in front of you.
You and Min Yoongi had a very interesting past, having met years before, prior to your first semester of University, ( you met Namjoon near the end of your final year, although that turned out leaps and bounds different, compared to the hairless chicken that was Min Yoongi). Even thinking about him made your stomach churn with hatred and hurt made your head ache as though someone was grating your scalp off on a cheese grater.
Namjoon and Jungkook thought it was a wonderful idea to have your weekly lunch in a hustling bustling restaurant today, but you felt nauseous, and you knew they only chose it so you wouldn’t secretly murder them in a secluded area. Hidden in plain sight.
“Besides,” your assistant continues while sipping on his cola, “It’s not like you can say no to the mayor.”
“Yeah, not to the mayor,” Joon chirps,
You fold your arms over your chest, “That’s a great point Diane, Thank you so much for bringing that up.”
“Boss, you know full well that sassing us with Tiktok references isn’t going to distract us from the matter at hand. You have to do the job! You’d be stupid not to,”
Jungkook wasn’t moving off it, he just didn’t understand what could be so bad about this Woongi guy that would make you avoid one of your biggest dreams.
Sighs left your exhausted body, “Listen guys, it's just a lot of work, I have to get it authorized by the big boss and besides the budget’s definitely going to be tight if its a government gig, I’ll just be stressed out and busy all the damn time, I haven’t even been home for my birthday in three years and I won’t be able to do that If I take it up-”
“I never thought of you as lazy.”
The younger one chokes on his drink,
“Excuse me?”
“All I’m saying is the Y/N I know, the one I’ve known since her final year in college where she supported herself and worked three part time jobs a week. The one that still graduated top of her class and showed up to graduation in mismatched heels, and almost fell on stage, but gave the most heart wrenching speech ever. That Y/N, wouldn’t let anything get in the way of her achieving her dreams, not a budget, not a birthday and certainly not a boy. Besides, the big boss already approved it, Jungkook sent the email to him even before he talked to you.”
Your eyes snapped from Namjoon to the doe eyed boy who was stuffing himself with handfuls of fries
“Just the messenger! I’m just the messenger,”
Welp, now you had to do it.
Yoongi’s assistant was one of a kind.
Maybe it was because he was practically his younger brother. Only God knows what he was thinking when he gave the job to Taehyung. But it was only partially his fault, because Taehyung was competent enough, had all the right credentials and the right attitude, but that was two years ago and at that time the younger boy was studying medicine out of Yoongi’s basement.
Since then, Taehyung had ultimately quit medicine, claiming that there were infinitely better things for him to do rather than have someone's stomach turn inside out on top of him, besides he never had a thing for needles anyways, but he was still living with his hyung, although he had upgraded from the basement to the second master bedroom.
Yoongi knew better than to question why he started medicine in the first place.
That wasn’t to say that the boy wasn’t a good assistant! He got the job done that's for sure, and quickly too. It was just that he emitted too much sass.
Yoongi connected the office phone to Taehyung's work station outside,
“Taehyung, please report to my office,”
The button beeped and then,
“I’m literally in the middle of my spicy chicken salad, Hyung.”
Yoongi sighed, and picked the phone up again,
“You can’t eat spicy food, and besides this isn’t even your lunch break.”
One more beep, and Taehyung's voice came through the intercom,
“Eating is a human right. If you don’t let me eat, I’m going to report you to the CPS.”
Good lord, this boy. Yoongi got up and walked to Taehyung's desk, just to find him with his mouth stuffed full of lettuce and watching a drama on his phone. The boy had at least had the decency to show up in formal attire today, a dark blue blazer hanging off the back of his seat, mirroring how loosely his tie was around his neck. This was more than he could say for the rest of the days of the week, usually with him showing up in some form of sweatsuit, usually with salsa stains on them.
“Taehyung-ah, please don’t make me fire you,” Yoongi was pleading at this point.
The assistant didn’t even look up from his phone, stuffing another bite into his mouth,
“You physically can’t Hyung. I know too much about you, plus I’m so funny.”
Yoongi let his mouth hang open in defeat, sure it was true that Tae could be a slight comedian when he wanted to, and a few laughs were necessary once in a while, but come on, he could at least pretend to be a little threatened.
The older one shook his head in disbelief, “Whatever. Did Eunji drop off the files from last week's meeting that I mentioned?”
“I guess, you could look there,” he pointed vaguely to the huge pile behind him, “It must be somewhere in there.”
Yoongi’s eyes glared at Taehyung’s figure, “Shouldn’t you do that?”
“Uh no, you don’t pay me to be your maid- oh wait. I also got a call or something for you like an hour ago, maybe two hours,” he scratched his skin trying to remember, “I can’t remember.”
Yoongi perked up while he was elbows deep in the assistant's mountain of various files and binders, “Oh really? From who?”
Still not quite paying attention, “Wait who was it? Ah, the mayor or something like that.”
Eyes wide Yoongi stares animatedly at his Personal Assistant who’s still busy watching the climax scene of the episode on his phone.
“Or something, I guess.” Taehyung waves him off.
“Well,” he urged the younger who was finally done with his episode, “What did he say?”
“You’re in charge of the new museum.”
Excitement flooded Yoongi’s senses, he could feel his toes tingling. A wide smile started spreading on his face.
“No way! No! Way!”
His younger friend was also smiling just as wide, brandishing his pearly whites to the world, with his boxy grin. He knew just how much his boss wanted that project.
“Yes way! You’re partnered up with Y/N L/N, that lady who worked on the latin style chapel two towns over. Kim’s fourth wedding happened there! Remember? Even Kanye was there, he did like the worm over the bar counter. It was hilarious!”
And the gummy smile was gone.
Were you physically ready? Sure. You looked so bomb, ready to blow everyones heads off. Jungkook had texted you ten minutes before to make sure that you were wearing your Louboutins so you could ‘assert your dominance over capitalist investor pricks’, there were so many inaccuracies with that sentence but you decided to let it slide, completely amused by his enthusiasm.
But were you mentally ready? Probably not. It wasn't looking so airy airy up in your head. The scene was more like someone threw a dumpster into your brain, poured gasoline and acid all over it and set it on fire. And then named the burning dumpster ‘Min Yoongi’. You did not want to see his face at all. Especially since the last time you saw him, you had been crying your eyes out, mascara running down your face, resembling a panda somewhat. And not the cute kind.
You could not believe that he was ruining your dream project like this. And it fueled your anger even more. As soon as you slipped on your heels, you were ready. You were determined. And you could deal with him, you were sure of it.
With a knock of your fist on the great mahogany conference room door, you entered,
But it was safe to say with one look at Min Yoongi, all your determination flew out the window. There he stood both hands in his pockets, leaning on the mayor's wooden desk. Head to toe donned in a black suit, high contrast to his piercing white button down shirt. His gaze strewn on the floor, glaring intensely at the design on the persian carpet, his hair fell partially over his eyes, hiding intent, emotion and any other vulnerabilities that you might’ve been out to target.
With a wavering voice, half contemplating to fling yourself off the balcony, you stretched your hand out towards the mayor, “Hello, Mr. Mayor,”
He smiled warmly at you,
You shifted your gaze towards him,
“Mr. Min,”
“Ms. L/N,”
Your eyes finally made eye contact, as yours searched for something in his own. Something, anything. But alas, there was nothing.
“It’s been a while hasn’t it?”
He nodded stiffly, “It certainly has.”
Mayor Yeom looked between the two of you, and clasped his hands brightly, “Oh so you both do know each other!”
It was your turn to nod stiffly, “Ofcourse.”
“That’s great! That makes things a million times better. Shall we get started then?” He looked expectantly at the both of you,
You sat next to Yoongi on the brown king hickory three seater, and even though there was about a foot and a half distance between you, it all seemed so cramped.
“Let’s cut straight to the chase. I’m giving you $800 million to do whatever you want.”
Both your mouths fell open.
You scrambled trying to find a way to respond, “Mr. Mayor, that's almost four times what The Louvre makes per year!”
He nods firmly, “And that’s precisely why I’m giving it to both of you. You’re the most qualified, the most talented. At equal level, which makes you twice as competent as everyone else, because you’re infinitely working together until this is done.”
You didn’t know whether to bask in the praise or cringe at the thought of working with Yoongi again.
He continues, “But, I want you guys to put it on the map. It should be bigger than the Louvre, don’t worry about the main content, I have that all lined up, but I want it big, as big as possible, and I don’t necessarily mean in size, I mean lavish, elegant, royal. It should be known as the place to be.”
He looks the two of you and says sternly, his eyes transferring responsibility to you,
“Don’t let me down.”
You and Yoongi turned to look at eachother and visibly gulped.
Oh this was the beginning.
“It’s nice to see you again..”,
You rolled your eyes at his antics,
“Min Yoongi, and empty flattery? How typical, hmm?”
Snorts erupted out of his usually stoic expression, “Please, I have no idea what you’re talking about, Miss Nacho Cheese, It’s a pleasure actually”
Oh you were so ready to shove your whole mug of hot coffee right on to his stupidly smug face.
But you wouldn’t, you had to stay calm.
“Don’t bring up things that we’re both not ready to dish out. We’re working together on this project. This is my dream, don’t fucking ruin it.” You spat out the last sentence at him and his face soured up,
He took a deep breath and his expression stilled.
“Fine. You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours.”
“Fine. “
One of the best ideas you've ever had.
“This is one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had!”
“Excuse you! Your contract states that I practically own you. Be careful about what you say!”
Jungkook just scoffed at you, rolling his eyes. Swirling his chocolate milk animatedly through the air, like a glass of wine.
“Own me? Boss, I never pegged you as kinky like that.”
You knew Jungkook was attractive. You’d be blind not to notice. Tats lining his whole right arm, veiny hands, well built muscles, delicious abs, a great ass. And if you were just an ordinary stranger, there would be no inch of your body that wouldn’t want him to choke you into submission. But you know him, and in your eyes it's very simple - he's a baby. Sure he’s only like two years younger than you, you also went to college exceptionally early, but it's always different with the both of you. It could never be that way. What you felt towards him was too motherly to be considered normal in a relationship. And besides, he was still very immature.
“Please, your life is in my hands,”
“Still kinky.” he winked at you, his mouth full of a jumbo cheese burrito, “But honest to god. That’s a horrible idea, boss. That’s never gonna work, have you never read ‘The Hating Game’? You’re gonna end up falling in love with him instead.”
You spat out your diet coke.
“Fal- Fall- Oh god it's burning! It’s up my nose!” You were drawing the attention of many people sitting in the diner, but you couldn’t do anything, you had somehow ended up with fizzy diet coke in your nose, “Love?! loVE?! Are you serious!”
Jungkook didn’t even bat an eyelash at your out of body reaction to his words, sassily checking out his own neatly kept cuticle beds,
“Your whole existence is suspicious, right now.” His eyes narrowed down at your trembling figure, still recovering from the burning fire in your nostrils,”Are you sure there are no repressed sexual feelings there? No tingles? Any Fanny Flutters?”
“Fanny Flutters? Where did you even learn that phrase?” You inquire, cocking up an eyebrow,
All he gives is a simple, “Love Island Season 5.”
The audacity that this manchild had made you simmer in your seat like an uncooked soup dumpling in a pan of hot chili oil. I mean, did he really have to call you out like that? Not that you liked him! No no never something like that. There was no way you could be attracted to Min Yoongi, not to that inside out sphynx cat. Besides, he smelt like a plant nursery, and honestly, places like those gave you hella headaches.
Not that you were paying attention to what he smelt like! No! Gosh! You should stop thinking.
Why Jungkook even had an image like that was truly baffling. When had you ever expressed anything for min yoongi other than extreme discontent? His whole presence was equally as unsettling to you as a container of greek yogurt, but with the extra, watery liquid at the top. He was the flavored yogurt discharge. Disgusting. Unsettling. Just plain ew.
“So you do like him,”
Your eyes snapped to the individual sitting in front of you, who was starting to resemble an inconveniencing rodent rather than a bunny, more and more.
Just who did this boy think he was? You literally paid for the large Hawaiian pizza he just devoured, the least he could do is be grateful you filled that inappropriately large appetite of his, rather than wrongly accuse you of heinous acts against humanity.
“What?! Literally how?” Your voice sounded a tad awkward on the key you were screeching in, you needed to bring it down a few notches.
“You were zoned out for exactly 17 seconds with your mouth hanging slightly open. Boss, I’m sure there’s a little drool on your chin right now,” You instinctively brought your hand up to your chin, “You have to remember there’s a very thin line between love and hate.”
“‘Thin’ is just a capitalist concept created so that clothing manufacturing companies could sell the same outfit for more and use less material.” You muttered under your breath,
“Then why don’t you just suck it up and work together?! This project was handed to the both of you as partners so complete it as partners.’’
Jungkook was getting exasperated now. You were the best architect he’d ever met, and if you were partnered up with Moongi - or whatever his name was - then it was probably for a reason. The mayor was a smart man, smart enough to compliment Jungkook on his complacency and promptness on picking up his phone call which lasted exactly 57 seconds, and if the mayor was able to do that, then he was smart enough to partner you up with someone worth your time.
Whereas, if you actually didn’t have a crush on him, you would at least give it a chance, at least try and work with the guy.
But that wasn’t the case, you were stubborn as an angry bull (maybe that was the wrong simile, bulls are actually very peaceful creatures, humans are just stupid, #-stop-capitalist-bullfights-this-is-animal-abuse-2021) and just would not listen to him.
But then again, what did Jungkook know? He was just a world dominating singer in his last life.
“Because I’m allowed to Jungkook, no ones fucking gonna stop me. And I don’t want to deal with him, so I won’t.”
The boy let out a deflated sigh,
“Whatever, we’ll see how long that lasts.”
Whatever good things we build, end up building us.
Your life was a journey of build ups and let downs. Being an above average child in studies growing up, but never enough to have a pure passion in something such as medicine or business, you picked architecture.
You’d come across the building of one of the four pillars of the grand palace, remodeling, in the north of france. And as you were there merely to visit a friend that lived in the town, you ended up staying for a few weeks and walking past that palace almost every day. You had never seen a building so pretty, yet serve the plain function of being a house.
And so it was decided, you would consider architecture as a career option. You had the grades for it, and the basic knowledge to build on, all you needed to do was get a move on. After applying to a few different schools, you waited anxiously for your results.
“You’re here for the results as well?” A voice from next to you in the reception, broke the sharp silence that loomed over your head,
You glanced beside you to see a boy with pale skin looking questioningly at you. His voice had come out a bit shaky, unsure, maybe a little scared.
You smiled warmly at him, “Yeah I am. SNU has been my dream uni for forever.” you gestured towards him, “What did you apply for?”
“Architecture, but I mentioned Interior design as well so I’m not sure what they’ll give me. Uh, If they give me, that is.” He was twiddling anxiously with his fingers but a small grin dabbled across his face.
He was excited. It was cute.
“Oh, That’s cool. It was more of an impulse decision for me, but yeah I applied for architecture as well! Maybe we’ll get in together?”
His gaze snapped to yours, tentatively he gave you a short nod. Not a huge gesture, but an amicable one.
He was skinny, and small. Frail almost, but he had a strong aura to him. Determination bounced off him in ways that it seemed unlikely.
You stretched your hand out towards him, “I’m Y/N.”
He shook it with a chuckle, “Min Yoongi.”
Where did it go wrong? You thought to yourself as you brought up your sketchpad from underneath the desk.
What you felt for him now was utter anger. Whereas if you asked yourself that question when you were in college, the answer would be very different.
In midst of the continuous rage pointed towards all things Min Yoongi, there was a part of you that just wished things hadn’t played out the way that they did. That maybe you could be friends, still, in a different life. Where people were different people, and flowers were different flowers, colors were different colors. Where you and him could co-exist in harmony, tragic stories of betrayal and loss of trust that didn’t exist in those lives.
Maybe friends. Maybe more.
Not whatever this was.
Jungkook put ideas of ‘what could've been’ into your mind. And maybe things could’ve been that way. But they're not, so.
Why do stories of growth always have to have some type of loss? Why does something have to be lost for something else to be gained? Why can’t there be some things that don’t obey the laws of science? Why couldn’t relations be that way? No equations to follow, nothing to balance.
Just existing. And enjoying. Living.
Guess self growth comes with a price just as everything else does.
And It just so happened that life had decided, It was Yoongi that you had to lose, on your journey to success.
Without him, your equation was perfectly balanced. But his return threw things off the scale completely.
Melancholy is too happy a word to describe the things you felt.
Starting the plan was easy enough. It was the execution of the plan that was difficult. Something in your sketch just wasn’t looking right.
The overall museum looked like different segments of a puzzle piece that didn’t fit together right. There was an off putting feeling.
“It won’t work that way, Miss Cheesy.”
There he was, Min Yoongi. In your office for whatever reason, again.
“Why are you here? To torment me or?”
He laughed in response, his coat covered shoulders moving up and down as his body convulsed lightly in waves of chuckles.
“I’m here to tell you that baroque isn’t the way to go with this.”
“Excuse me? Who are you to tell me that?”
He faked a sigh,
“Darling, believe me when I say, I’ve gone down that route, and I don’t believe it’s gonna work out. Listen to the expert won’t you?”
You were seething.
“Stop belittling me, you insolent oaf. Aren’t we supposed to be amicable?”
“Not when you’ve been nothing but a bitch to me this entire time, Y/N.” You could tell he was half joking.
You looked deeply into his stone cold eyes, long dark lashes masking any emotion threatening to slip out.
“You know exactly why I can’t stand you.”
He turned around, away from you, in disbelief. “That’s the thing, I can't seem to figure out why. We’ve both done things we regret, but stop being childish and move on from college. You have a life now, think like an adult.”
Tears were threatening to slip from your eyes. “I’ve learnt to hate you Min Yoongi. Don’t make me pity you for being ever so heartless as well.”
He stormed towards the door. You were the only person who could rile him up this much. And he should’ve learned how to not let you have an effect on him. But what can we do? Life plays out the way it's supposed to.
“Whatever, I don’t care. Fail, go ahead. Can’t believe I even thought of helping you.”
“Yeah, leave. Just like you always do!”
His head whipped around in response to your exclamation, His eyes wide and red.
Some scars just don’t heal no matter how long time has taken off for. The deeper ones don’t heal at least.
He clenched his jaw, his cheeks red in anger, and deep malice for the way the situation turned out. A simple joke that twisted upside down on its head. He knew he could never joke around with you, not anymore, no one knows why he tried to attempt one tonight.
This wasn’t something he could deal with. It was too much. There was too much going on.
“I’m not going to fight with you Y/N. I’m tired too, and you’re being a bitch.”
And with a slam of the door shut, he was gone.
Oh, how much people had changed.
Oh, how far you had all fallen.
It had been about a week since your big fight and you were exhausted. Totally and utterly exhausted. All you wanted was one simple day where you didn’t have to deal with any whining, or whinging, or complaining. And you couldn’t accomplish that, so now you had to deal with your frustrated self.
And you knew exactly how to do that.
It was simple really,
A good ol’ jack off sesh!
You also had the excuse of rewarding yourself for coming so far with the development of the museum plans. Unlike what the devil had said, Baroque was looking fantastic as a theme, and complemented each individual aspect of the buildings really well. You were working hard to prove Yoongi wrong. You deserved this.
It’d been a while since the last time you’d taken care of yourself, and that was weird, especially so when there used to be a phase of you rubbing a good one almost three times a day.
But you’d barely have the time to even remember to get horny nowadays, forget paying any attention to yourself.
Maybe the thoughts of your upcoming events had you squirming on your feet in the elevator, next to Mrs. Lee, your tiny old neighbor, and maybe that was slightly inappropriate, but god, just the simple thought of you bringing your fingers to your own warmth had you wet and dripping on the spot. It’d truly been too long.
As soon as the elevator opened you bid a hasty farewell to your sweet neighbor and walked briskly towards your apartment door, fumbling with your keys, your own imagination ready to take you above and over the edge of pleasure.
You dropped your bag at the door swiftly, hurriedly took your work boots off, slightly wincing as you heard the clatter of the solid heel against the shining marble, but you couldn’t really care as the heat between your thighs grew stronger and stronger. Filthy thoughts invading your mind. You practically ran to your bedroom and flung yourself onto the bed, too excited in your attempt to shed off your clothes.
Left in just your black lace bra (no pantieeesssss) you brought your cold hands up to your chest, fingers trailing over your own collarbones, as if you were trying to re-learn yourself. You knew what you liked, and you knew what you didn’t like, nobody knew how to make your body feel good the way that you, yourself, did.
You weren’t the kind of person who would have random one night stands, or small flings regularly, still you praised all the women who had the ability to do that, because sometimes you wished you could feel the pleasure you wanted without being emotionally attached to the person.
So when you did have the one off overnight companion who would be nowhere to be found in the morning, you always fell short in reaching your high. They just didn’t know how to touch you, or please you. You didn’t fit together.
But when you were alone, trailing the pads of your fingers up and down your bare body, tweaking your sensitive nipples casually, you knew that, for now, there was no one who would please you like you please yourself.
Your warm hands gripped at your own thighs, manually spreading them apart, a gust of cold air barrelling its way onto your pussy, making you suck in a breath through your teeth. You were so desperate now that heat was emanating from between your legs.
You decided quickly that you couldn’t be patient enough to use a toy, so just your fingers would have to do it. There was no need to feel full that day. What you truly wanted was stimulation, strong stimulation.
You moved the hand on your waist to in between your thighs. Your legs spread so wide open, almost inviting your fingers to do their way with you.
The tips of your fingers made their way to the hood of your most sensitive nub, you threw your head back in ecstasy.
First. One tap.
Then, two taps,
Then you began to rub-
“Honestly what the hell,”
WIth one glance at the caller ID, you wanted to claw your own eyes out.
Your screen blared at you, a bold ‘MIN MUNGBEAN’ in all caps, staring back at you. As if it were judging you for not picking up. You held the phone to your ear,
“What?” You snapped. Obviously peeved that he ruined your amazing me-time. The one time you were actually getting somewhere, and his buttface had to go and destroy it. You weren’t looking to reconcile with him just yet. Or was reconciliation even going to happen? Maybe you were going to ignore the whole situation all together.
“Woah, what’s gotten you all hot and bothered?”
If only he knew. If only he knew,
“Nothing, just what do you want?” You said, this time a little more calm.
“So there’s a slight problem with the plans and we’re gonna have to meet up.”
“Yoongi it’s literally 10:30 right now, and I don’t want to see you. Now or ever.” The frown on your face was getting deeper and deeper.
“Listen, we don’t really have a choice, with this new addition. Whatever plans that you were working on have to change, I know mine do. So forget about all the ‘stay out of my way’ shit, we don't have another option anymore. We have to deal with each other now, if we want to get this done. Now meet me at Privo’s in ten.”
And he hung up.
You know what, fine. You could do with a smoked turkey croissant anyways.
Your phone dinged.
MIN MUNGBEAN: bring the sketches and plans. Maybe a blanket, it’s gonna be a long night.
Oh good heavens, more things to carry.
Privo’s was known to be the place that people went when the library was shut and they needed somewhere to be all night. The only truly 24/7 cafe in town, and you were very glad that their menu was also quite worthy of the hype, you could’ve used a few coffee’s that night.
After grumbling the entire drive to the quaint cafe, you parked right in front of the door and made your way inside. The warm fairy lights being the main source of light in the place, you noticed that there was barely anyone there anyways. So at least that's something. It's nice that you could have a little more privacy if you wanted to kill the cucumber that was Min Yoongi.
Your eyes flitted over to the cucumber in question, who was anxiously biting his nails in the corner of the room. You took a deep breath and made your way over to him.
His eyes widened slightly when he finally acknowledged that you had arrived. It seemed that he was contemplating whether or not to stand up and greet you, his chair moving back and forth a couple times, but eventually he decided to just gesture for you to sit on the seat in front of him.
“Hey.” He breathed out. This was one of the very rare occasions where Min Yoongi actually looked tired. His fatigue, the wrinkles around his eyes, the creases in his forehead, the oil build up in his hair.
Not in an aesthetician way. But you noticed it.
And it seemed genuine, real, he was baring it all to you in a final fit of true helplessness.
You didn’t understand how to approach the situation, didn’t know whether to be sharp with your walls up, or understanding and left defenseless.
That's when you realized, whatever the problem was, it was serious.
“Uh, Hi. Did I keep you waiting?” You tried to sound sincere, and the lack of hostility aimed towards him made his head snap at you.
It almost seemed awkward that you guys weren’t screaming at each other.
But it was obvious, there was no energy to scream tonight.
Only so you didn’t make a scene and draw attention to yourselves at 11PM on a Friday night.
“No, no. Not at all.”
You made your way to sit down, and made yourself comfortable. Only to find him staring at you,
He started talking again, with a light shake of his head, “By the way, uh, you didn’t need to dress up.” He gestured to your outfit.
You looked down at yourself in response, you were in jeans and a tank top, that barely passed as fancy, but then you looked up at his outfit, and the cogs fit together perfectly.
He was literally in ducky pajamas, and was wearing crocs with insulation fleece on the inside. He looked adorable, if that was appropriate to say. But also it was obvious whatever the matter was, it was urgent.
“Listen Yoongi, if you wanted to do this another time-”
“No! No, uh I mean no. I’m sorry I’m just genuinely exhausted today, and I don’t have the energy to barely even be mean to you like usually,” That made you snort, “But we need to get this done.”
He moved to open up his plans. The rolled up sheets had tiny little details on them, the main layout and briefing looking extra sleek, but tiny touches of him that screamed ‘yoongi’ brightened up the page.
A scribble here, underlining there, the key on the side. Everything was just so typically him.
You told yourself, you were only tolerating him not to make a scene. Nothing else.
Not because of the way soft puffs of air were leaving his mouth in tiny frustrated huffs.
Not because of the way he was twiddling with his fingers, visibly fighting the urge to bring them up to his mouth, trying not to bite his nails.
Not because of the way his lips were in a tired pout.
Definitely not because of the pout.
You told yourself over and over again.
“So with what was decided at the pre-plan meeting with the mayor, my sketch contains the basic three buildings, with the two twin ones and then the main entry one. All named right wing, left wing, and centre respectively,” You nodded along to his explanation, he was saying nothing that was unfamiliar to you, everything reflecting your own work to a T, “The original plan was to have the edwardian segment as the main attraction, rather than the post-modern stuff, which is also why I advised you against baroque-”
You interrupted him, “But why? Don’t you specialize in post-modern work?”
Yoongi had talent. And handfuls and bunches of it, his work was nothing to ignore, it was a sight to see. But it made no sense, why overlook his own abilities in one set genre and base the whole theme off of something completely different? Especially when it came to a scale and project as massive as this.
Not the first time he would do something like this though, you thought bitterly,
I guess old habits die hard, don’t they?
“Yeah, but now we have to scrap all of that.” His eyes were trained onto the coffee in front of him.
“What! What do you mean?! We put so much hard work into this,”
“Yeah, but the mayors decided that the main theme has to be ‘modern botanical architecture’.” Yoongi practically spat the sentence out.
‘Botanical architecture’ definitely didn’t sound the same as ‘do whatever you want with $800 million’.
Your hands shot up to your hair in shock, “oh my god,” your mouth hung open, “I’m gonna have to start all over again.”
He started chuckling darkly, “Wait, wait that’s not even the best part. Have you watched the latest James Bond movie?”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as to why this was relevant, “Yeah why?”
“You remember the circular garden Rami Malek was growing illegal poison in?”
Your mouth dropped to the floor,
“You’re kidding.”
“Wish I was kidding Y/N.”
“There’s no way he wants us to replicate that.”
“No no you’ve got it all wrong,” He corrected you, shifting in his seat into a more comfortable position for criticism, “Not replication. He wants us to make a bigger one.”
While the actual concept behind the circular garden was quite simple, and was also quite easy to execute, the upkeep, location, and essence was all very hard to keep track of.
The original building structure plan was made so that there were multiple levels and floors to each of the three buildings, meaning that if the circular garden were to be installed, then it would either have to be on the topmost floor, or on the ground floor but with direct access to sunlight from above.
It wasn’t possible to make a sort of greenhouse building with the sole purpose of housing this garden, because the property adjacent to the museum's allocated plot of land, was privately owned by some big hotshot, and you guys had no jurisdiction over how to acquire that land.
“If you’re thinking about installing it onto the top floor of the center building, then I’m afraid that’s not possible.” He broke you out of your thoughts, “I already spoke to our contractors, and they said that if it's not literal replication, but instead an expanded version, which is what the mayor is asking for, then the sheer amount of water weight in the center most circle would be too much for the water pipes to hold as it travels down. It's like the most bass boosted version of an artificial pond ever.”
Your biggest fear had just come true.
“We’re going to have to start from scratch,”
“Call him.”
“Yoongi, It’s seven in the morning. I doubt the mayor is gonna be awake at this time.”
“Nacho, when the hell else is he going to be doing at this time other than run the country?”
“He’s the mayor not the President. Did you sleep through the mandatory poli-sci class in second year?” You sneered at the nickname,
It had been two days since the Night of Chaos™, And all in all you guys were not coping well. Emotionally that is.
Work wise, you were doing just fine, right on track with where you should have been in terms of planning for a project that was already a month into the making. Completely looking past the fact that you’ve remolded two different individual plans that were already nowhere near each other on the scale of similarity, into a third, off the scale, plan. In less than 50 hours.
Physically you looked like hot messes. Hair pointing in every odd direction, teeth an interesting shade of yellow, and you were wearing crumpled clothes. There was no doubt that all the random people on the street that you had passed sure thought that you had gotten a good lay before showing up.
If only they knew how inaccurate that was.
“Don’t sass me, Y/N. Just do it.”
You rolled your eyes dramatically. He wasn’t your father, you didn’t have to listen to him.
And yet your hand moved to dial the number on the office phone,
Yoongi nodded in agreement, “Good girl.”
One shock sent all the way down your spine.
What the actual fu-
Were you really that desperate to get laid that you found that arousing?!
You looked up in surprise at him from your seat in the office chair as he stood next to you, leaning on the desk.
Your mouth opened to say something, anythi-
“Hello, this is Mayor Yeom’s office. How may I help you today?” A deep but youthful voice broke through the speaker of the phone,
You cleared your throat, “ Hi, This is Y/N L/N, I’m looking to spe-”
A loud crash came from the other side of the line, You looked up at Yoongi who was still leaning over the back of your chair,
“Ah! Beomgyu-ah what the fu- Ma’am I’m so sorry, just two seconds.” The voice calls out again, and some weird strangling sounds come out of the speaker once more, before, “Hi! Yes, Sorry Ms. Ma’am, I’m transferring your call right now, please hold-”
You can hear Yoongi chuckle lightly at the assistant calling you ‘Ms. Ma’am’.
His deep chuckle sent another wave of muted shocks down the length of your spine.
Okay thATS IT.
What the hell was the matter with you?
Before you could even make a second of eye contact with him, finally,the voice of the man of the hour breaks through the speaker,
“Ms. L/N! So nice to hear from you, How are you and Mr. Min doing?”
“Oh! We’re quite okay actually, how are yo- what?” Out of the corner of your eye you can see your partner in so called crime gesture something extremely vague to you,
“Hurry it up, Y/N.”
“It’s common courtesy, I’m just asking how his day was-”
“Well yeah, but the tim-”
“Uh hello?” The Mayor's voice broke you and Yoongi both out of your little bubble,
“Yes- uh- sorry, yes Sir, Mr Mayor- sir.” There was only laughter in response to your word vomit from the other side, “Mayor Yeom, is it possible that the case may be that you’ve just watched the latest James Bond movie?”
Chuckles spilled out of the mayor's throat, “Ah, so I see, Mr. Min has already informed you. Well, the answer is yes. My wife and I watched it on Friday night, and I thought it was absolutely fantastic! We want it to be grand right? Well what’s grander than this?”
Your eyes were wide in disbelief, “But Mr Mayor-”
“But nothing! Also, I was going to call you anyways, There’s an architectural convention in Sydney that’s happening in a week. You and Min are going, no excuses. We have the country’s best two architects in our town and you think I’m not gonna show them off? No way.”
You were red with shock now, and frankly Yoongi was starting to get a little worried. The phone wasn’t on speaker and he could only hear a few syllables at a time, but by the looks of it your nostrils were flaring and your eyes were about to pop out of there sockets and he didn’t know if it was in anger or if you were having an allergic reaction.
“Mr Mayor! I’m sorry but we can’t just drop everyth-” You tried once more,
“Like I said! But nothing, I’ll have Soobin email you all the details,” Nonchalantly as ever, Mayor Yeom completely waves you off.
“And for heaven's sake Y/N, try to have fun. And from the gossip I’ve heard from Lorenzo, my chauffeur, it seems that you and Yoongi are messing around with each other anyways, think of it as a pre-wedding honeymoon. You're young! Live a little would you? Toodles!”
And with that he cut the call.
You were on the verge of passing out.
What the heck had just happened.
Yoongi looked down at you as you sat there open mouthed gazing into space, “What?”
“Min. Are we messing around?”
“I’m sorry wHAT?!” Yoongi jumped back in shock, almost out of breath, leaning on the glass wall behind him.
“The Mayor’s sending us to fucking Australia. Next week.”
Yoongi was seriously about to choke, what on earth were you blabbering about?
“Why the hell is he doing that?! Miss Cheesy, I’m really not following this time,”
You looked up at him, eyes still not completely focused, “For our honeymoon.”
The old Yoongi can’t come to the phone right now.
Oh, why?
Cause he’s fucking dead.
“The walk of shame Hyung. The walk of shame.” Taehyung called out from the couch as he heard Yoongi walk through the door at 9 in the morning.
“What are you even saying?”
Yoongi was tired, he just spent the last 10 hours at a coffee shop with you again, trying not to bash his head into an espresso machine. That's not to say that you guys hadn’t made ample progress, even taking 30 minute shifts to sleep, while the other person worked.
You’d been doing that for a few days now. After properly explaining the whole Australia situation to him, the most efficient response would be to just come to terms with it. But that didn’t mean that you guys weren’t at Privo’s again every other night to finish this first draft.
“You were gone all night. And you’re in the same clothes as last night, and you’ve been doing that quite often this week. So are you going to willingly tell me you’re sleeping with her, or am I gonna have to force it out of you?” Oh. so Taehyung thought you and Yoongi- oh.
“Taehyung! I am not sleeping with her.” Yoongi seethed out.
Seriously sometimes this boy was so ridiculous, why would he sleep with you on a wednesday night? He has to clock in early on Thursdays- Wait no. Why would he sleep with you at all?
Taehyung sat up straighter on the couch to get a good look at his Hyungs face.
“Well then, why do you look like you’ve been up all night? You have huge bags under your eyes, your pores look freaking inappropriately stretched out, your hairs telling me you’ve gone for a roll in the hay, and your skin is producing this cloudy liquid that makes you look more than sweaty and more than oily. So if you didn’t sleep with her, then what the hell did you do to make yourself look worse than the old hag from Snow White?”
Yoongi was two ticks of the clock away from shoving a fountain pen up Taehyung's nose. He picked up the nearest tissue box and flung it at the couch.
“Hyung! Ow! That hurts! The corner scratched my forehead,” The younger dramatically rubbed the palm of his hand vigorously over his injured forehead.
“You deserve it. I was up all night working, you abominable fuck trolley, Just like I’ve been doing for the entirety of this week and last, Goddamnit. Your foreheads about the size of North America and Europe combined, stop complaining about a scratch that was probably already there. I bet one of your parents dropped you on hard concrete and let you roll down a hill when you were a baby. Jesus christ,”
“DON’T TAKE CHRISTS NAME IN VAIN!” Taehyung screeched across the room.
“Tae! You’re not even Christian!!”
“For the last time, I disrespected you. Not Christian people, I like them just fine. It’s you I have a problem with.”
“Well, I don’t like you that much either. You’re spending too much time with the other death trap builder. You don’t even pay attention to me anymore.” Taehyung huffed, crossing his arms as he turned away from Yoongi.
Yoongi sighed loudly, just as he does everyday of his life with Taehyung, “Why do you sound like an attention deprived trophy wife? I hung out with her for a work thing. Why are you acting like I divorced you? We’re not even married.”
He paused for a breath, “Also what the hell is a death trap builder? Half the shit that comes out of your mouth makes no sense,”
Taehyung rolled his eyes sassily, “A death trap builder is an architect obviously,”
“This is why nepotism always comes back to bite you in the ass. And I’m not even related to him. I had it coming.” The older man mumbled to himself as he walked away, up the stairs, retiring to his room to enjoy the rest of his weekend.
“I HOPE THE CHRISTIANS HATE YOU!” A voice shouted from in the distance.
“All I want is one peaceful evening in this house. Just one.”
“Min Yoongi I am going to murder you!”
And just as he had thought, as soon as he picked up the phone, your chilly voice cascaded down his ear canal straight into the squishy crevices of his brain. A Brain freeze, Y/N style.
“Well, well. What’s new Miss Nacho Cheese?” He leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs out a bit. A coy little smirk played on his lips, he was almost glad that you guys were back to the normal bickering, it made him feel safe from the dangerous territory he was venturing into.
“Why the hell did your assistant call up Jungkook fifteen minutes ago to ask why you and I have been sleeping together?” Your voice was seething through your clenched teeth.
Yoongi jumped forward in his seat, startled, almost, at the piece of information you had just relayed to him.
“What?! I didn’t say that! I specifically told him that I wasn’t sleeping with you.”
“Why was sleeping with me even a topic of discussion on a Thursday morning?”
“Listen, this conversation is becoming highly inappropriate, I suggest we stop before this becomes even more unbearable.”
He heard you sigh from the other end, “Whatever. All I’m saying is the Mayor is sending us on a honeymoon because apparently we’re dating, there’s no reason for other people to think so too. Just let me know when we have to meet up again. I’m clear of meetings this weekend, unless you decide to manifest something horrible to happen to me, I have to pack for Monday.”
He replied before his mind could register what he was saying “Why don’t we meet up tonight at my place this time?”
“U-uh I mean, If that’s … okay with you?”
“Uhm sure let’s do that.” It was set.
“Just for the record Y/N, We’re definitely not dating. You’re still a bitch.”
“Oh absolutely not. That’s too much of a headache for me I’m afraid.”
Yoongi held back a giggle, “More specifically we’re not sleeping together.”
“Yeah, Not that either.”, You paused slightly, “Also I bet your assistant smells like a wet dog.”
Yoongi fell off his chair.
“You’re going where?” Jungkook had half the club sandwich stuffed up his mouth and still managed to blabber words out.
“To Australia Jungkook,” You repeated as you watched Namjoon eyeing Jungkook's barbaric ingestion techniques from afar.
“No, I got that. Wait, did I miss the part where you got married, or was I just not invited?”
“I cut you out of the guest list.” Jungkook shot a look at you, “No you brat, he said it was a pre-wedding honeymoon,” Jungkook was still confused so you elaborated further, “He thinks we’re dating.”
“Well can I come?”
Namjoon interrupted his wishful thinking, “No Jungkook, you can not.”
“Well why not? I’m her assistant aren’t I?” The club sandwich had been swallowed and finished in three bites.
It’s not like you didn’t eat. No, You love to stuff yourself with junk on a regular basis, it’s just that you don’t think you’ll ever find a person as passionate about eating food as Jeon Jungkook.
“Key word- Honeymoon. Jungkook, It’s a convention, but actually it's so that the Mayor can gossip about how these two are dating.” Joon tried his best to explain without making too much eye contact with jungkook’s overstuffed mouth,
So very casually, Jungkook drops a “So are you gonna pack lingerie?”
Causing you to choke on your drink. Why can’t lunch with these two ever go non dramatically?
As you cleaned up the residue of spit and fanta off the table and your face Namjoon still tries to make sense of the situation, “Jungkook! They’re not actually dating, the Mayor just thinks they are,”
“So that’s a no to the lingerie?”
“Yes, you elf, that’s a no. And why on earth are you so obsessed with my sex life-”
“Correction! ‘Lack of sex life’. The last time you did the deed with someone was like two centuries ago,” Your assistant really knew exactly how to get on your nerves didn’t he?
“Jungkook I swear to any god that’s up there that if you don’t shut the hELL UP I’M GOING TO SMACK-”
“Alright! That’s enough guys,” Namjoon, finally the voice of reason, interrupted the potential murder that was going to occur in the diner booth, “But also Y/Nie, not to be blunt or anything, but please do have fun.”
Namjoon knows you like the back of his hand, years of friendship does that to people. He knew how you had the habit of taking little mishaps and overthinking them until you would pass out from pure stress and exhaustion. Your brain was your biggest asset, but also your biggest enemy.
He truly wanted you to enjoy your trip this time, no matter who you were going with.
And since the person you were traveling with happened to be Yoongi, maybe you could sort some things out as well. Let out old grudges and forget them.
Maybe this could be a trip of healing for you.
“I’ll try Joon, You know I will,” You smiled softly at your friend.
“But boss, also if you do have, by any chance, a new set of lacy panti-”
Was it okay for Yoongi to be nervous?
Was it cool for him to be stress cleaning last minute?
You said you were on your way with a quick text exactly three minutes ago, and thus had set the man into a gradual cycle of panic.
You were coming over.
You were actually coming over.
It's not like it was the first time that you were coming over to his house, already having done so many times while you guys were in university. But Yoongi had moved since then, It had been years since then, people had changed since then.
Speaking of change, did he remember to change the cushion covers from last week?
2. Panic:
Tae had spilled barbeque sauce from his burger onto them last week, and the weird stain had not come out since.
WAIT- did he already vacuum today? OH MY GOD - he foRGOT
3. Denial:
What? Nervous? No way. Min yoongi wasn’t nervous, if anything he didn’t want to give you a chance to catch him vulnerable.
And the effects of Taehyung’s whole existence left a big red stamp of ‘Hey! Over here! I’m #Vulnerable’ on his forehead.
There’s no way Yoongi was actually stressed because you were coming! He’s like this with everyone
4. Realization:
Last week one of his Hyung's friends had come over and he hadn’t even batted an eyelash. So it was yOU!
If you find even one stain on his anyTHING?!?!? You’re never going to let it GO. HE’S NERVOUS BECAUSE OF Y-
The door.
Oh no. Oh no.
Oh no no no no no no no no nononononononono.
You’re here. Okay he’s walking to the door.
ANd It’s gonna be okay Yoongi it’s all gonna be okay, you weren’t gonna notice the ominous green coloured blob on the front wall.
“Hi! No- Nice to meet you! God, Yoongi you idiot, You’ve already met her!-”
Knock Knock!
“Uh- Yes! One second, Jus- The door- Hi,”
You looked up at him meeting his gaze, “Hey,”
“Uh I hope you found the place okay!...??” The words were leaving his mouth before his brain could even register them.
“Yeah, no, It was easy to find. A lot easier than your place in uni, which by the way I drove past last week, did you know the hotdog cart-” You stopped your rambling to find Yoongi’s eyes fixed on you, almost in longing. “Uh sorry my bad. Can I um, maybe-” You gestured to the room behind him.
His eyes widen in realization, and he lets you step inside, “Oh Yeah, Of course please come in, You can take your shoes off, there are some slippers by the fish tank on your left,”
Whenever his mind went forward and wandered on his own, the feeling of nostalgia always hit him hard, just the way it was hitting him now. He didn’t know what to do with himself in moments like those, feeling absolutely hopeless, just like the past.
“Oh- Hi Oscar! Long time no see, huh bud?”
Yoongi gravitated towards you behind him, so you had reunited with your old pal? Well, that brought a smile to his face.
“Yoongi, you never told me you still had this guy! It's been years since I last saw him,” Your voice quietened by the end of your sentence,
“Yeah no, I-I should’ve.”
So, just to clarify, Oscar was Yoongi’s pet fish.
Yeah, uh so.
He was kind of attached to you, would eat up his fish flakes extra quickly whenever it was you feeding him, and you read somewhere that fish recognize people sometimes, and you were sure he recognized you. Oscar fish are supposed to be the most intelligent anyways.
You wondered when the last time you saw him was. So long ago, you can’t even begin to remember. Four five years at the least.
Straightening your back a bit, you turned to Yoongi who was deep in thought still, “Shall we get started?”
Yoongi snapped back from his daze, “Wait, Yeah! Also there’s this awesome new software that my assistant downloaded for me. It's the one nice thing he’s done for me this month, you are going to love it!”
He led you to the cream couch in the room and went on to talk about how amazing this new program was, and slowly you saw the remnants of what used to be his old gummy smile popping back up on his face, eyes widening when he’d get extra excited, eyebrows shooting up when he’d ask you to scoot closer and take a look.
He was right though, the software actually was quite amazing. It basically took care of the whole Design Development Phase on its own, which meant that your workload was cut back by a significant amount. You could almost feel the weight of the stress falling off your shoulders.
Finally, some sort of miracle.
The both of you, similarly to nights at the cafe, settled into a comfortable working pattern. Both your laptops and resources open, you meticulously taking notes, and Yoongi quietly scribbling on his papers. You worked so well together that the time passed quicker than you thought, and you had done double the amount of work you aimed for, in half the time.
At some point you had stretched your legs out up onto the couch, with your back resting against the arm of the couch. Almost out of pure habit, Yoongi had reached over and taken your feet into his lap, resting a pillow and his laptop on top. It was kind of as though, it was so natural for you that neither of you noticed.
About two hours, and a couple bowls of doritos later, you guys were nearing the end of your work for the night, casual conversation flowing between the both of you,
“By the way, are you done packing for Monday? I think I’m going to be just fine with one suitcase,”
You groaned at the mention of packing,
“I know I said I would, but honestly I haven’t even started. Knowing you, you’re probably already done, aren’t you?”
A light chuckle escaped his lips, “Yeah I finished right after work today,”
If there was one thing that Yoongi could do well, It was packing for a trip. He’d have everything organized, with lists and the whole lot, he even had a first aid kit! Honestly, it would do you some good to learn from him, but you were too lazy. Besides you excelled in other areas, such as watching KUWTK while you were actually supposed to be packing. Now that was your speciality.
Everyone was attracted by the drama of that show and that was a fact.
“Well, Y/N, you know I could always just help you with that. It’ll literally take me two minutes.“
He looked up from his laptop to see you gaping at him like a fish, “Uh- I mean, If you want me to! No pressure, I was- I- Just mentioning-”
“Yes! Please! Would you?” Your eyes were brimming with excitement, and Yoongi was so amused. Nostalgia was gonna hit him like a truck as soon as you left.
“I mean I wouldn’t mind, but like how?-”
“Oh, well, what’s the time?- Like 10:15? So we’ll just drive over to my place, and we’ll be done by 11:30 MAX! Okay let’s go, let’s go.”
You didn’t even have the power to act shameful, because the excitement overpowered all of that.
You! Get! To! Skip! Packing!
What a steal, honestly.
Yoongi full on laughed at your demeanor, as he got up and followed you to the door.
Putting on your jackets and quickly scurrying behind you to your car, finding it a little hard to keep up with your short but hyped up strides.
“But all else aside,’’ you spoke while tugging on your seatbelt and turning on the heater, “Can you believe the old guy’s just sending us? Like he’s literally just shipping us off there!”
“At Least we get a holiday out of it. Even if it is with you.” You both smiled at each other knowingly.
“Hey! Don’t speak to your future wife like that, this is supposed to be our pre-wedding honeymoon,”
Yoongi burst out laughing, and the smile wouldn’t leave his face the whole way to your apartment.
He’s glad he invited you over.
First time he’s been glad about something like that in a while.
In hindsight, You guess it was a little weird for you to be so excited about yoongi helping you pack. But you weren’t complaining, in fact it was currently 10:37PM and you stood in your kitchen.
A grilled cheese sandwich in your hand, and another one in the sandwich maker. Your hand was starting to hurt from the heat the bread was emitting, so it might have been smart to use a plate.
“Y/N, So do you want the blue shirt or not?” a voice called from your bedroom.
You contemplated for a second before shouting back, “Ugh no, just leave it out! I have enough shirts,”
The light finally turned green on the sandwich maker and with careful hands you simultaneously grabbed a plate from the cupboard and snatched the sandwich out of the hot kitchen appliance.
“Yoongi, it would be so nice if you could help me not shatter two ceramic plates here!”
You heard some scuffling in the background, “One sec, one sec, one sec,”
His head popped into your view. Donning some gray sweats and a black t-shirt, he looked so at home that it took a lot of effort for you to stop yourself from smiling.
“Give me that,” He removed the plates from your hands and ushered you out of the kitchen, “Go, please add your underwear and delicates quickly before we close the suitcase. Hurry please, I’d really like to finish watching at least two episodes of Good Witch tonight,”
You laughed quickly, it was so amusing to watch how quickly the both of you had fallen into your old habits. It was bittersweet, and tragic, but you didn’t want to bring up things that would ruin the mood. For now you had resorted to living completely in the moment.
Jungkook’s ridiculous words popped up in your mind as you packed the last of your underwear.
Your thoughts even shocked yourself- You couldn’t possibly be thinking of packing lingerie could you?
What was the need? But then again you might decide to go out one night and meet an interesting stranger, and end your long running dry streak.
Namjoon did ask you to have fun, after all.
Whatever, you were gonna plop it in just in case. What’s the worst that could happen?
“Yoongi, I’m gonna go ahead and close the carrier now!” You called out.
A few seconds passed, “Uh huh, Go ahead. Just hurry up, Cassie’s meddling again!”
The TV was clearly playing in the background, and he was very clearly interested in the show. Good Witch had always been one of his favorite shows, and yours also for that matter. But it’d been a while since you actually sat down and watched an episode of it.
You threw yourself down next to him on the sofa, he really did look so comfortable and domesticated.
You actually quite liked it.
Not because you liked him or anything! Absolutely not!
You just liked to see people in a state of comfor…t!...?
“Cheeses, these sandwiches aren’t half bad actually. Really filling,” He was 90% done with his sandwich, and 100% sure he wanted another one.
“Will you ever let the nacho cheese thing go? It’s been years already!” He cackled at your exasperation,
“Oh absolutely not! You’re always going to be the girl who brought a whole jar of nacho cheese to her 8AM lecture because she overheard her crush saying he liked nacho cheese as a dip.” He commented smugly.
You groaned out loud, “Come onnnn, it’s not like I held on to the ducky pajamas! I let go of that so quickly. The levels of immaturity are through the roof right now, really feeling the toddler energy,”
Yoongi laughed even harder at your grumbling, “That’s because you thought they were cute! You even got your own set. You know we used to match sometimes, don’t choose to leave that detail out.”
You pouted in defeat, “Then it’s also invalid, because it's not like you don’t consume nacho chee-”
“Not in the vast quantities that you do! I’m sure Eunwoo thought your industrial size container was cute!” His laughing only got harder and louder after his own comment.
Oh my god. So hilarious. You’re rolling on the floor.
The night flew by with Yoongi’s constant laughter and your grumbling, and before you knew, it was 2AM and the both of you were asleep on your living room sofa, with the TV still playing in the background.
Yoongi’s arm wrapped around your waist and your face tucked into the crook of his neck, Legs tangled with each other.
Even though he didn’t mean to stay, and you didn’t mean to fall asleep. You both didn’t mean to hold each other as dreams played and replayed in your minds.
But what can we do?
Sometimes life plays out in ways we don’t mean for it to.
Something was wrong. And you couldn’t put your hand on it. You felt dizzy and sweaty and constantly nervous.
The trip wasn’t supposed to be this nerve wracking. Well then why the hell did you feel like your stomach was going to implode.
You were sure this was pre-motion sickness. Either that, or you were pregnant, which was practically impossible. (unless???)
Did you eat something bad? You usually don’t get this sick that often, maybe around the time of your period but that’s about it. But you’d just finished your period two days ago, so that wasn’t it either.
Maybe the nerves were just about the convention. It was never easy being so young, in such a high position, being so sought after. There was just bound to be some type of backlash. It didn’t help that you were a woman either. You worked insanely hard to get where you were right now, but people didn’t see that. The moment they looked at you they had made up their mind. You were some type of dick sucking whore that got with the old bosses and paid them with your body to get your position.
But one word out of your mouth and that possibility goes down the drain.
Ugh human’s were the worst.
“Boss! Hurry the fuck up, let’s go, You’re so freaking late!”
You audibly groaned when you heard Bambi’s voice and his hand banging against the bathroom door. He was dropping you off to the airport. He insisted, even though you had told him that it was alright, and that you could just go with Yoongi. To which he replied,
“Ditching your loving assistant for some type of vegetable you have a crush on? So 90’s Rom Com of you, no?”
So instead of adding fuel to the annoyingly smelly fire, you decided to accept his proposal and have him drive you like he wanted. You were paying him for a reason weren’t you? But you should’ve known better than to think he wouldn’t break his way into your apartment and demand you be ready 3 hours early.
Jungkook had this… habit. It was quite inconvenient, ironically. While he, himself was allowed to be tardy for many things, he required that everyone else be ready unnecessarily earlier than needed. It drove you up the wall.
One time you decided to be nice, and buy him a coffee on the way to work (which was his job actually), you thought he deserved a reward for working so hard, because of which you were exactly four minutes late. Jungkook had thrown a fit about how time is the only thing that we can’t renew in this life, and how precious it is, and how you were wasting it. It’s safe to say you didn’t ever bring him a coffee ever again.
“Jungkook, I’m not late! Why are you panicking?!” You stepped out of the bathroom.
He was frantically putting on his shoes, grabbing your luggage and practically hauling you out the door.
“Let’s go, Let’s go!”
You were ready anyways, so you decided to let yourself be manhandled into the car. The guy had some strength that’s for sure. You got comfortable in the passenger seat, while he strapped his seatbelt on and revved up the engine.
“So, don’t forget, as soon as you get there, you need to check in first-”
“I already did that online this morning,” You deadpanned at him.
“Okay, then make sure that your luggage is under the weight limi-”
“I’ve weighed it already.”
He blinked at you before starting again, “Alright, Make sure you have your boarding pass with your passport-”
“Jungkook, I’ve traveled alone before, what is the matter with you?” he was nervously chewing on his bottom lip, his eyes fixed on the road, full of concern.
He took a deep breath, “Well… well yeah. But I just really want this to go well for you. You deserve so much, I just want you to be happy,”
He sounded like he was almost in tears, the poor thing. So this is why he was insisting to join you and Yoongi on your trip.
“Oh, Bambi. It’s gonna be okay, honey. You really don’t need to worry. And if it makes you feel better, I’ll Facetime you everyday that I’m away.”
You saw him visibly relax, “Yes, that would be nice thank you.”
It was all going to be okay.
“This is not okay! This is not okay!” you threw your head back in frustration.
See, it had been going okay. You met up with Yoongi right before boarding. He, like a normal person, hadn’t been there as early as you, and so he didn’t wait a million years outside the gate.
In his hEAD, he showed up looking really Wiz Khalifa, real smooth you know? and then saw your pouting face, a turkey croissant stuffed in your mouth, crumbs all over your clothes - and all his cool flew straight out the window.
He had to physically stop himself from digging into his pockets, frantically searching for a tissue to wipe your face of the crumbs.
w-wait wait.
not… not that he was itching to do that for self motives, he just was really passionate about cleanliness.
cleanliness!! yeah, sanity!
god, he was going half insane.
Your eyes had lit up at the sight of him, begging for some sort of human interaction since Jungkook tearfully left you at the immigration line two hours early. Causing you to basically latch on to yoongi right when they announced boarding.
The first class seats reminded you of the good sides of the trip. Perks that came with being a pawn of the profit motivated capitalist government.
“mhm, one apple juice for you, ma’am. And for your husband?” The flight attendant was clearly gesturing towards Yoongi. You basically choked in surprise, and struggled to formulate any kind of word or sentence that made any valuable sense.
“I’ll have just water, thank you.”
“That's fantastic. Hope you enjoy your flight.” And in a flash she was gone, leaving you and your husband??? alone, once more.
As if second nature of sorts, you once again struggled to formulate a sentence that could pierce through the awkward sense of confusion lingering in the space.
but before you could spit out hairballs of word vomit, Yoongi cut you off anyways,
“Don’t overthink it. Now come on, can we sync these screens together i wanna watch KUTWK.”
*cue the internal demonic screeching*
Basically, the flight was fine. you watched a good few episodes of the dramatic Kardashians, and their dramatic ways.
You tried to suppress your hacking laughter at the point where she lost her diamond earring in the ocean, and then some time in between you caught yoongi passed out in his seat, and so you called it quits too.
You don’t remember what happened after you woke up, it was all a very blurry distorted scene.
The plane landed, you barely managed to wake up, even though you had just spent the last ten hours sleeping, barely got through immigration, barely got your luggage, barely found your designated chauffeur (cute guy named Taehyun), barely made it to the hotel.
Yoongi had practically dragged you, he himself in his half asleep state. He was half aware that you were holding hands for parts of your journey from plane to baggage claim, and from baggage claim to the hotel, but can you blame him? he might just have sleep paralysis.
The lady at the lobby just explained to you that there was a slight change in the booking details.
A slight mishap.
A slight inconvenience.
the exact thing you were afraid of,
“Mr Mayor specifically booked the honeymoon suite.”
you groaned out in frustration at the lady’s monotone voice.
“Yes, Jemima, I understand, but We specifically booked two separate suites.” you squinted at the name tag on her burgundy blazer.
Yoongi was going to burst. You both had NOT yet discussed the cuddling incident that happened the other night. You guys just kind of woke up in each others arms, and the man was so fucking embarrassed cuz he had his whole ass face smushed into your boobs and was subconsciously having the time of his life while your unknowing fingers threaded through his hair. He was sure he even let out some sort of moan when you scratched at that point on his scalp.
BUT, you hadn’t addressed it yet. And as usual Taehyung gave him shit for coming late again.
A fucking honeymoon suite was too much. And so on brand, but that’s irrelevant.
“Yes, Ma’am I understand that, but Mr Mayor has given explicit instructions to override any previous bookings and so we have already refunded your payments to your respective accounts. There is absolutely nothing we can do, as we are fully booked, and if you would rather sleep in the broom cupboard then that’s all that we can offer you.” You admired her shade, lowkey, “For the time being, here are your key cards, your room is in the left wing on the 9th floor. Suite 093, Have a great day!”
“I have never felt like such a spoilt person in my life.” you grumbled to yourself as you walked away from the front desk, Yoongi in tow.
The ride up to your suite was quiet enough, not awkward, just mutually understanding that you were both too exhausted to say anything. Finding your room wasn’t too hard either, and within no time you two were tumbling into the hotel suite, aching to sit down and drop your things onto the floor. Your room was very worthy of the label ‘honeymoon suite’, Huge bed, a jacuzzi, and most importantly gorgeous, glittering stained glass windows that made up one whole wall of the suite.
“There’s no way I’m unpacking right now.” Yoongi’s voice came out muffled from where he was lying face first on the couch.
“Me neither, I’m just gonna take out my extra pj’s from the hand carry and take a nap.” You moved to get your warm clothes from the carrier and went to change in the bathroom.
“I think I should take a quick nap too. Somehow I’m still tired, and the comforter looks so inviting.”
You shouted from the hotel washroom, “Yeah sure go ahead. You can take the bed, I’ll take the couch.”
You walked out in a fresh pair of pajamas, to see him also changed.
Hm. He must’ve changed while you were in the bathroom.
“No Y/Nie I’ll take the couch, it’s all cool.”
Your eyes flitted over to the cream couch, completely ignoring the little nickname he had called you. That thing was way too small for him to fit on without folding himself in half and causing his arms to go numb. You knew he wouldn’t let you sleep on it.
“You stubborn boy. It’s okay, stop pouting, we can just share the bed.”
His pout shifted to a confused expression at your words. He pondered silently before looking at you with wide, sparkling eyes and smiling shyly.
You had to admit, he was absolutely adorable.
You both got comfortable under the covers, taking your respective sides of the King size bed.
A mattress so large and yet the space between the two of you had never felt more small. Your hands itched to find his, his head begging once more to lay on your chest. It wasn't awkward, but it could’ve been a little more comfortable.
The blinds were drawn, but tiny tendrils of glittering light that managed to seep through the edges of grand windows made of stained glass, illuminated Yoongi’s face in such a way that melancholy washed over your senses.
Suddenly, the whole place was suffocating. The soft sunlight highlighting his love filled features, burned your eyes. The glass stained darker, too overwhelming.
Suddenly, the memories all came crashing back. As you laid beside him, facing each other, one of you was hoping for the future, while the other dwelled on the past.
His eyes were closed, dark eyelashes curling against his skin, but you could clearly remember the same eyes boring into you, years ago, telling you he was leaving.
For a job he didn’t want.
Many many cities away.
When he told you he wouldn’t.
“Cheez-its, you’re supposed to be sleeping. I can hear your mind scream from a mile away.” Your eyes shifted over to find him staring right at you.
“Ha, Cheez-its. That’s a new one.” Your voice came out diminished compared to before, and Yoongi frowned at your weak attempt at a laugh.
He shifted closer to you, very slowly. Almost hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around you, engulfing you in his heat, instantly calming you. He smelled of something sweet, something fitting for a person like him.
You know he had his reasons for leaving.
You no longer held anger towards him, only regret? If you could call it that.
You wrapped your arms around him too, holding him tight, hiding your face in his chest.
Your body wracked with soft sobs, tears dampening the cloth of Yoongi’s shirt.
And in the essence of that moment was when you truly understood just how much you had missed him.
“I missed you, Yoongi.” You whispered to him.
This was for him, all for him.
No one other than him.
“I missed you too, doll. I am so sorry.” Holding you just a tad tighter, “ You told me… You told me you loved me, and three days later I was at your door telling you I was leaving.”
You shook even more violently.
“I told you I didn’t want the job. I didn’t lie. I really didn’t want to leave you.” His voice was breaking slightly.
“Then why did you?”
“I needed the money, You know that Y/N. I didn’t have enough money to get a bus ride from home to uni, I was practically failing-”
You pulled back to look him in the eyes, “I told you. I told you I’d help you. Why wouldn’t you let me. You were my best friend Yoongi. You meant everything to me.”
“It would be too much, I couldn’t have relied on you my whole life-”
“I would’ve let you! I would’ve given you everything I had, because I loved you! You didn’t have to love me back, but it was hell watching you leave knowing that there was no one to help you there but yourself. Knowing that you hated what you were going on to do. Dropping out of college for something I could’ve helped you with. If you would’ve just let me Yoongi, I wouldn’t have to spend so many years resenting you, resenting myself. I missed you more than I can express, I would’ve helped you,” You were hysterical now, “I would’ve, I swear!”
There were tears spilling from his eyes the same, “I know baby. I know, I’m so sorry.”
You brought your forehead to his, noses touching, “I’m sorry Yoongi. I’m sorry, I just missed you. These past few weeks have been so hard. It’s been hell without you.”
He moved his head to brush his nose against yours, “I'm not leaving you again. You’re my best friend.”
Finally, you felt peace, as you both fell asleep holding each other tight.
Hours later, You both were lazing on the bed, with you watching some mindless makeup tutorial video on youtube, on your stomach with one leg hiked up.
Yoongi shot up suddenly from beside you with a shout.
You frantically looked for something wrong, “What! What!?” You also sat up onto your knees, maybe there was a spider, a rat, anything to elicit such a reaction from the man.
He nonchalantly walked off the bed and went to get his slippers, before making his way towards you.
You looked up at him from your spot on the comforter, your youtube video playing in the background, “What is it?”
“Let’s go get coffee.”
You blinked at him, “Why did you scream though?”
He shrugged, “I wanted to hurry you up.”
The audacity. You gaped at him like a fish.
“Your mouth is hanging open like Oscar’s.” He grabbed your hand, “Okay let’s go.”
He dragged you off the bed, causing you to stumble on your feet.
“Yoongi! I’m in my pajamas!.” You pointed out what you looked like.
“So am I.” He deadpanned at you, “Okay done complaining? Right, let's go.”
You barely put on your shoes before He threw you out the door.
What the hell had just happened in the last 5 minutes?
He was still holding your hand as the both of you walked towards the elevator, where you came face to face with two other people.
Both men, seeming to be around your age, both extremely handsome. The taller one was showing the other something on his … pink flip phone?
Yoongi and you stepped inside the elevator, and he cleared his throat to ask, “uhm, sorry to bother the both of you, but would you happen to know where the cafe is?”
You saw the shorter one give the both of you, honest to god, the brightest smile you have ever seen, “Yes! It’s actually right next to the lobby, opposite the pool. I’m Hoseok by the way, this is my husband Seokjin,” he gestured to the taller man who smiled at you two.
Seokjin started, “Are the both of you on your honeymoon as well?”
Once again you braced yourself for the word vomit that was about to burst out of your mouth, “U-uh actua-”
“Yeah, yeah we are. We just got married last weekend, and got here this morning. It’s so wonderful here, isn’t it baby?” He stepped closer to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pressing a small kiss to your neck. You forced yourself to nod in response
Shivers exploded throughout your body, and now you definitely knew what Ed Sheeran meant when he said - ‘And we'll say, ooh, I love it when you do it like that’ - and now the song was stuck in your head. Damn you, Ed sheeran.
“I’m guessing you guys are also on your honeymoon?” You asked the men, your voice wavering a little from the lasting effect of Yoongi’s lips on your neck.
Hoseok brought his hands up to play with the hair of seokjin’s bangs, “Yeah! We got married a few months ago but didn’t have the time for a honeymoon, but we’re here now.”
The elevator dinged! Signaling the arrival at the ground floor.
Seokjin turned to you guys, “It was so nice meeting you!”
You smiled back, as you and Yoongi got out of the elevator, waving your goodbyes to the cute couple.
“They were cute.” Yoongi said.
“You’re cute,”
“Whaaaaat? I’m cute?! You think I’m cute?” Immediately you regretted saying anything.
You groaned in response, “Shut up,”
“Do you think I’m pwetttyyyy babyyyy?” He made an obnoxious flower cup pose, causing you to laugh hysterically at his expression, “Whatever. Which coffee do you want, Cheeses?”
“Mm, probably just a caramel macchiato. Knowing you, you’re gonna get some disgusting contraption of high sugar and multiple shots of espresso,” you gagged at the thought.
He always used to show up with the weirdest coffee that tasted terribly wrong. You always used to ask for a sip before spitting it out, every single time. Yoongi used to watch in amusement as you tasted the bittersweet drink on your tongue before your face contorted into a disgusted expression. It was always so funny to watch you.
The both of you ordered your coffee, and you were quite ready to drink it in the quaint cafe, reminding you a lot of Privo’s back home, but Yoongi was insistent that you head back to the hotel room.
When you bugged him as to why he was rushing back, he grumbled something about ‘cuddling is necessary to keep the human heart warm, and I’m feeling quite cold right now,’.
You gaped at him like a fish once more, but you were promptly pushed into the room anyways.
Your relationship with Yoongi was heading to a place you weren’t sure you knew how to deal with. You used to cuddle and stuff in college too, but something felt different this time around.
Back in bed, both your empty coffee cups in the trash, his head on your chest, the stained glass was looking wonderfully beautiful, pinks and reds washing over your eyes, hearts standing out a little bolder.
Gosh, this was difficult.
Two more days went by, and you and Yoongi had fallen into a sort of routine. You both would wake up, cuddled up together, first Yoongi would go get washed up, while you got an extra ten minutes in bed.
Then, you would trudge yourself to the bathroom, and brush your teeth, half asleep next to a fully awake yoongi. You would then take a shower and wear some sort of clothing appropriate for the weather outside.
The both of you then go down to breakfast, where Yoongi calls Taehyung, and you give a quick call to Bambi, who talks your ear off about whether or not you’ve used his gift yet.
AND JUST FOR THE RECORD - no you have not. He somehow managed to slip some lingerie from Victoria's Secret (how did he even have the time to go and buy lingerie? How did he even know your size?) into your suitcase, that definitely wasn’t there when Yoongi had packed it. All you had added was the impulsive one off lacy panties, and that was it. No more lingerie.
For the most part of the trip you had just ignored it, I mean what were you even going to do with it? Go out and find someone to spend your night with? Sleep with Yoongi?
The latter option made your face heat up, causing Yoongi to ask you if you were having some sort of allergic reaction.
The man in question would end up grumbling about something Tae had said. It was obvious that Yoongi loved the younger one to absolute bits, but it was also very evident that Taehyung was something of a unique character himself.
(“It’s the sass you know, he can’t control the sass. That’s the problem.”
“He gets that from you Yoon.”
“We’re not even related!” )
After your stomach’s were full with elements from the breakfast buffet, you would find yourself walking around town for about an hour, two hours, visiting all the cliche tourist-y places that Sydney had to offer. Including the very necessary picture with the sydney opera house.
The second two hours had passed, Yoongi would drag you to get some sort of snack before dragging you some more, back to the hotel, where you would get room service, and watch the Kardashian family thrive in their elemental drama. You would usually spend the rest of the day lazing around, or like the second day there, you would take a trip to the pool (He had tried so hard not to look at your beautiful bum, but alas he had failed, no one can resist the jiggle of that booty).
But today was different, because today was the god damn architectural convention, which the both of you were already twelve minutes late for.
“Yoongi, let’s go!”
You were standing by the door of your suite impatiently, as you watched him meticulously tie his shoelaces. He was taking an awfully long time though, wasn’t he?
“Two seconds Baby. Literally two seconds.”
You held your breath,
“...aaand done! Okay cheese n crackers let’s go.” He got up and made his way to you standing by the door.
“What is with you and the nicknames nowadays?” You couldn’t just pretend that him calling you all these sweet names didn’t affect you. That’s because you literally couldn’t. You’re a horrible actress.
He looked questioningly, “What? ‘Cheese and crackers’? I thought it wa-”
“No, no. Like ‘baby’ … and stuff,”
He stared at you blankly for a second, before bursting out laughing, “Oh! Good lord, The first time it was because we were you know, re-establishing the fact that i’m the most important person in your life, and then - well I guess I just thought it was cute. I don’t know, I can stop if you wan-”
“No! No, I mean no it’s okay, You don’t have to stop. I, uh- I like it. So don’t stop. Uh, I mean don’t worry.”
He smiled sweetly at you.
…Before grabbing you, and dragging you out into the hallway. You know what? Now that you think about it, he’s been doing that a lot nowadays.
“Right, baby. We are now sixteen minutes late, so let’s get a move on, shall we?” He wasn’t really asking you, because you were currently being dragged against your will.
The audacity that some men have.
“You’re Y/N L/N, right? And Oh my gosh, oh my gosh YOU’RE MIN YOONGI!! Whew, okay calm down Jimin calm the heck down.”
You grinned to yourself at the boy's reaction to the both of you. He was so adorable, and had greeted you at the door of the convention center, when you had arrived. But it hadn’t seemed to click in terms of who exactly you guys were.
Not that you consider yourself high profile, but more in the sense that Park Jimin was probably your biggest fan on the planet. He got into architecture because of you, attended the same University a few years after you, based his first commission on some of your works, constantly checked up on news about the two of you, and was continuously inspired by you.
And yet this was the first time that either one of you or Yoongi had met him.
What a cutie, in your opinion.
You stretched your hand out towards him, “Hi I’m Y/N. This is Yoongi, my partner.”
“Uhm I’m Jimin. And just for the record, like if you didn’t know, I mean of course you didn’t know - god how would you know, okay now I'm rambling. I'm such a fan. “
Yoongi snorted at the younger boy, “it’s really nice to meet you Jimin.”
and the boy went straight back into awe at his idol.
“Oh! Y/N! There you are.”
A large male voice caused you to turn around, and you came eye to eye with an unfamiliar face.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
the tall man smirked at you, “Not yet you don’t, but I’m sure you’ll know me just fine. I’m hongjun. Lee Hongjun.”
“Nice to meet you.”
Hongjun turned to Yoongi, who was already glaring lasers into the tall guy's forehead.
“And who are you? If I may ask.”
Yoongi was positively seething.
“Yoongi. Min Yoongi.” He gritted out.
Hongjun did a once over of the shorter man, and muttered a ‘cool’ in response. and then proceeded to drag you away to go talk about the diminishing effects of the Victorian era on hyper modernist architecture.
Dragging you places was his thing.
Yoongi was ready to throw some hands, he hoped Hongjun was ready to catch some fists.
Or not.
To sum up the night, You hadn’t come back to Yoongi the whole day, and he was terribly lonely surrounded by a bunch of people who he didn’t know, but seemed to know everything about him.
Jimin stuck to him. but he didn’t exactly mind that part, Jimin was cute. Like a tiny chick.
But he was missing you terribly.
There was a Y/N sized imprint on the side of his body, where you had left him.
His hand was feeling lonely, and his tongue was itching to say the word ‘baby’.
But he couldn’t exactly call Karl Erwinhauser ‘baby’, now could he? That would end up somewhere neither you nor Yoongi wanted.
And so he was left there, half pretending to listen to Karl, while blatantly staring at you and Honkdick from across the room.
he whispered some weird shit into your ear, probably a joke about aztec construction techniques, and watched as you threw your head back in laughter.
Yoongi could make you laugh too.
He was funny too.
wasn’t he?
His hand was placed on the small of your back all afternoon, and Yoongi was so ready to smack it off.
Didn’t the manchild know not to touch women without their consent?
The presentation was pretty boring, no specific speciality in the info. pretty self explanatory, nothing new.
This convention was quite, dare he say, pointless.
Except for Jiminie, there was no good thing that had happened all day, and he was itching to go back to the hotel and just cuddle.
But no.
He wasn’t that easy.
He wasn’t just gonna be ignored and then taken back like the buttered bread from two days ago.
“Why aren’t you speaking to me?”
You called out to Yoongi, who was striding multiple paces ahead of you on your way back to the hotel.
No response.
“Yoon, please. What did I do wrong?”
He shoved the key card into the hole and opened the door.
Still nothing.
“Baby please.”
His head whipped around, and he came to face you.
“Who are you calling ‘baby’?” his voice came out stern.
You sucked in a breath, “You, baby.”
His dark eyes watching your every move, Voice deepening, causing your face to heat up immensely “You sure it’s not Hongjun, that you’re calling ‘baby’?”
“Oh so this is what it’s about?” You resisted the urge to burst out laughing, “You jealous boy. There was nothing going on with him! I told him we were married.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, everything seemed so much more intimate. Affection seemed so natural now.
His mouth hung open.
“You said we were married.”
“You called me your husband?”
you blinked up at him, “Yeah, uh why?”
“You told him you were my wife.”
“Yes, good god Yoongles keep up here-mmphh!!”
In seconds his mouth was pressed up against yours. Sweet, sweet taste of tangerines against your lips, shocked you at first. He was kissing you.
Min Yoongi was kissing you.
Wow, what a dream come true.
You melted against him, as you finally kissed him back. Your own chocolate-y taste mixing delightfully with his tangy ones, creating a beautiful marriage of flavors in your mouth.
His hands slipped down the smooth of your sides to rest on your waist, as he drew you in. Your own fingers tangled in his hair, one hand cupping his jaw.
It felt so real, so raw.
The distant pop’s of the fireworks outside zoned out in the distance, gorgeous kaleidoscope of reverberating colors behind your eyes. He made you feel like you were in heaven, without even meaning to.
You broke apart softly gasping for air, his strong arms still wrapped around your frame.
“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now,” he rasped, forehead against your own.
Suddenly you were feeling bold.
“Well, don’t stop on my account, then.”
It took a few seconds for him to register what you had just said.
Such sweet words, with such sinful meanings behind them.
He pounced at his chance, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you in his arms to the bed, which had its one chance to be useful.
“Wait wait wait.” He stopped suddenly, “Baby, just to be clear, you’re my girlfriend now. No one else’s. “
His voice dipped lower at the end, and shivers ran down the length of your spine. (Damn you, Ed Sheeran)
“Asking me to be your girlfriend right before we have sex? how unique.” the weight of his hands on your body made the hairs on your skin stand up straight.
His mouth sucking on your neck reminded you oddly of the time in the elevator.
“Oh, baby. you won’t be complaining a few minutes from now.”
The man moved meticulously, but oh so pleasurably.
In no time you were naked, his head stuffed in between your spread legs.
“A-ah Yoongi!”
His tongue circled your clit for the tied time as he brought his hand up to tap your sensitive nub with the pads of his fingers, sending you convulsing into shocks of pleasure.
“Uh uh, that’s baby to you,”
He shoved two fingers into your dripping pussy, while his tongue lapped up the mess he was making.
The sinful sounds of squelches and squeals hardened his length trapped in the confines of his jeans.
When he hit a certain spot inside you, curling his fingers just the right way, white hot pleasure seared throughout your body.
“Good job baby. That’s it, come for me. come all over my tongue. making such a mess of my hands.”
You basked in the glory of probably the best orgasm you’ve ever had, before yanking him up to face you.
You looked him dead in the eyes, “You. pants off.”
He laughed quietly, “jeez no need to beg.”
He kicked his sweats off, and was hurried by you tugging his black boxers off his body.
You could clearly see the outline of his hard dick, and you knew he was big.
Wow, your mouth was watering.
When his underwear was actually pulled off though - that was a sight to see.
He had the most beautiful cock you had ever laid eyes on.
Eight inches of pure girth, angled in a way that you just knew it would feel good.
You pushed him back onto the mattress.
Throwing one leg over his hips, straddling him.
The way in which you were bursting with pure need was so obvious. You needed this. You needed him. You needed his cock, and you needed it now.
“God, doll. you’re so pretty. such a sin.”
You lined him up against your heat, and slammed down on to his hips.
“Aah! So big!”
it took you a second to adjust. He was big. but he felt even bigger when he was all inside you.
You shifted a little, causing him to moan.
But then when you started bouncing, he was gone. He was practically pulsing inside you, head thrown back in pleasure, giving you the perfect opportunity to latch your mouth onto his neck, causing him to squirm underneath you.
You on the other hand had never felt something reach so deep inside you, places where you didn’t even think any pleasure could stem from, but here you were, practically drooling for him.
One particularly deep thrust had you moaning low and loud. He unlatched you from his neck, and put his mouth on your right nipple, the stimulation was so raw, your moans and groans becoming louder, unable to hold them in any more.
“Yoongi, So deep!”
“Please, baby. Ah! Y/Nie, so pretty wrapped around me. So so warm.”
It felt so pure and so hot at the same time. the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room.
Your moans mixing to create a beautiful harmony. You had never felt something like this before for another person, except Yoongi. All you could feel in that moment was him, all you could sense was him.
Your brain screams ‘Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi,’ on repeat, as the both of you reach your climax together. He brought his lips to yours, kissing you deeply, conveying all his feelings to you, whispering them into your heart.
“I’m never letting you go now, ever” he whispered to you as you both came down from your highs.
“I wouldn't want you to.” You murmured against his lips.
The stained glass window let all the moonlight through, painting the room different shades of pure love.
All was at peace.
Also, the lacy panties you brought and the lingerie that Jungkook bought you, didn’t go to waste after all.
“Yes, Jungkookie! We're on our way back now. No, no, we just got a snack at Privo’s. No, I didn't get you anything. Okay, you know what, I’m hanging up.”
“What did he want?” You looked to your boyfriend, who was walking on the pavement next to you. Your fingers were intertwined as he pulled you into his side, slowing down your stride.
“A Molten Lava Chocolate Ganache Muffin. But he stole my croissant last night, I’m not doing him any favors.”
He laughed, endeared by your behavior. He really loved you with all his heart.
“Do you think Tonight went well?” He asked you,
You gasped, “Are you seriously asking me that? Everything was so great baby!”
“Even when Namjoon fell face first into the champagne flutes?”
“Even when he did that.”
“Y/Nie can you believe we did it? That we actually built that magnificent building, it’s going to be our creation. Our baby, forever.” His voice was so soft you could barely make out what he was saying, but your heart fluttered seeing him so happy.
“Yeah, our baby.” You repeated.
“But, just to be clear, it's not our real baby. I still want actual children, even if they eat nacho cheese out of a king sized container.”
You smacked him on the arm, “Will you ever let that go? It’s been so many years.”
“Never Cheesy, Never.”
And if, somehow, ten months later a certain Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok did get an invitation to a certain wedding in their mailbox, for two people that they thought were already married, then that wasn’t your problem.
All you knew was that at the center of the world's most renowned museum, there was a panel, made of stained glass.
And at the bottom, two signatures reading,
‘With love,
Cheesy and Baby’
A/N: Hi guys! if you made it this far,, congrats, because even i almost offed myself while writing this. I love this fic with all my heart and i hope you guys liked it too.
please put any drabble ideas in my inbox! i’m looking to do a little idea for this soon :)
love, your blue bee
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Sugary Sweet
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The Way Of A Criminal | Chapter 1
Genre: Mafia!AU, Criminal!AU, Angst, Romance
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Dealing with the sudden passing of your father was more than enough, you were truly alone. Until one day, 7 boys appear and tell you that you are to live with them and be protected by them.
Story warning(s): This story will contain depictions of violence, blood shed/gore, death, mentions of abuse, smoking, alcohol drinking and gambling. This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
“My condolences.”
“I’m sorry.”
You forced a small smile as the visitors bowed to you. Closing your eyes, you bowed your head back as a grateful gesture that they even made the time to come down here. Everyone could tell how exhausted you were, you spent the past 3 days crying with no sleep. 
“Thank you for coming.” You said softly and shook hands with people that you assumed to be your father’s friends. Your late father. 
“Miss, you need to sign for the caterers.” The funeral director came to you. He helped you to stand up and you went to sign the delivery form, allowing the caterers to set up the food stands. 
“I’m going to use the restroom.” You told him before walking away. 
“Woah!” You tripped over someone. Your eyes, letting out a small yelp, as you braced yourself for the impact of face planting against the marble floor. 
But it never happened. 
“Be careful.” An unfamiliar voice spoke. His rough hand grasped your forearm to keep you from falling. He pulled you back so you could catch your balance again. You blinked at him, putting your hands together in front of you politely and bowed to him gratefully. There was no expression on his face. He just gave an acknowledging nod and walked away. 
“What was that?” You watched as he disappeared into the crowd of mourners. He was young, too young to be your father’s friend. He looked to be your age more than your father’s. 
“(y/n).” Someone called your name and you turned back. 
“Hey...” You greeted your neighbours, awkwardness evident in your voice. You weren’t exactly close, you only bumped into them every now and then.
“Our condolences.” They sent you apologetic smiles before pulling you into a loose hug. 
“Thanks for coming.” 
“Of course. If you ever need anything, let us know.” They patted your shoulders. You bowed your head and gestured for them to go into the funeral hall with you. Honestly, they were kind but never really made the effort to interact with you or your father. 
“Hyung.” You heard the voice of the male that bumped into you earlier. He stood upright, with no emotion on his face, with 6 other males that looked to be around the same age. 
“Hello.” They must have caught you staring because they all faced you, bowing their heads. 
“Thank you for coming.” You tried to not stutter at their intimidating aura. 
“Our deepest condolences. Your father was a good man.” They paid their respects while you sat back down in your spot.
“He was...” You agreed softly. When the 7 of them moved and the next guest came up, you watched them move together, heading to the money box to put their condolence money in. 
“Let’s move out of the way.” They walked to the other side where the food tables were. What surprised you was the few people that recognised them, standing up and greeting them with a deep bow, as if they were gods. And even with people greeting them and looking at them with the utmost respect, all of them remained indifferent. 
“Who are they?” You whispered. 
“Is this where we pay respects?” A lady asked you. You nodded, gesturing to the front. 
You looked away but you couldn’t help thinking about these men. They didn’t look like normal business people. If they were not wearing their suits, they could probably pass off as students from your school. 
“Are you okay, (y/n)? Do you need a break?” The funeral director asked you. You shook your head. 
“I’m okay. Could you just help me make sure there is enough food?” You requested. 
“Of course.” He walked away. You were your father’s only child, your mother was out of the picture and you never knew of your father’s own family. So you were alone in doing all this. Thankfully, the funeral director was sympathetic and guided you through the entire process of the funeral. 
“Here, I got you some small bites and a drink. I know you haven’t been eating since this started.” He came back with a small paper plate of finger food. 
“(y/n), you need energy. Or you might faint before the procession is over. I’ll take over for a bit.” He insisted. You knew he was right so you accepted the plate gratefully, moving away from your post.
“Thank you.” You said as he wore the familial armband and sat in your place.
When it was time for the burial, it all happened in a blur. You were broke down in sobs, calling out to your father, not caring about how pathetic you looked or how everyone else was looking at you with absolute pity. 
“My dad would have been grateful for everyone that showed up today. It is unfortunate that I only managed to meet his friends in his last moments with us. But still, thank you for coming to see him off.” You forced the best smile you could muster as you bid everyone there farewell. You sat by your father’s freshly filled grave. 
“Now I’m truly alone.” You whispered as you stared at the dirt. 
“You never liked to tell me about your life outside of home. Until now, I don’t even know where you worked. You kept everything a secret.” You cried like a child, wiping your tears with your sleeve. 
“Why did you leave me?” So lost in your sorrows, you didn’t notice the dark clouds gather. Only when the thunder clapped, then you flinched. 
“Take your time.” A voice said behind you, covering you with an umbrella. You blinked, looking up. 
“It’s okay.” He said softly. Your eyes widened in shock. 
“S-Sorry!” You stood up, wiping the remains of your tears. But they wouldn’t stop falling. That was when he pulled out a handkerchief from his suit pocket and gave it to you to use. 
“Thank you.” Your cheeks burned as you wiped your tears. 
“The rain doesn’t look like it is going to stop soon. Can we give you a lift home?” He offered. You looked behind him to see three black Rolls Royce parked in a straight row. The windows were so tinted that you couldn’t see who was inside. 
“I...” You couldn’t reply, casting your eyes back at the unfinished grave. 
“Take as much time as you need.” For the first time since you met him that day, he cracked a small smile. 
“No, I’m okay.” You shook your head. He gestured for you to start walking, him continuing to shelter you with the umbrella as you approached the cars. One of the doors opened and another male stepped aside for you to sit. 
“Thanks.” You sat down in the seat and he closed the door behind you. The door on the other side opened and the male sat beside you. You watched the other close his umbrella and head to another car. 
“Are... W-Were you all friends with my dad?” You just had to ask. 
“You could say that. We worked together.” He shrugged. 
“I see...” You looked down in your lap, fiddling with your fingers. No other thought was forming in your already exhausted brain. This wasn’t really the best time for you to be sociable with people, your mind was just drawing blanks and rightfully so. The rest of the car ride was rather silent, only the sound of the rain hitting the windows was heard. 
“(y/n)? (y/n)?” Someone shook you. 
“Huh?” You blinked.
“We’re here.” He said. Looking up, you saw that you were already outside your house. Just how long were you spaced out? He exited the car and took an umbrella, opening the door for you. 
“Come on.” You saw the other 6 come out of their cars as well, all standing under their own umbrella. 
“Even if we didn’t know each other before my father’s passing, thank you for doing this.” You bowed deeply to all 7 of them as you stood at your doorstep. 
“Don’t need to thank us, (y/n). It’s the least we could do.” They said. 
“If you ever need help with anything, do not hesitate to contact us.” You were handed a business card. There wasn’t much information on it. Just a logo and a single phone number. You nodded your head and bid them goodbye with a bow before entering your house. 
From the window, you watched them enter their cars and drive off. You let out a soft sigh. The first thing you did was remove your damp hanbok and take a long hot shower. 
You walked past your dad’s room. Ever since the news of him passing, you closed the door and never entered the room. 
“I’m sorry.” You apologised to him, still finding yourself unable to go in. Going downstairs to the kitchen, you made yourself a cup of strong coffee before going through the condolence money. 
“I shouldn’t have started you on coffee so young.” Your dad frowned. 
“Too late.” You chuckled, scooping ice into your hot coffee to cool it down. He sighed, locking his iPad and putting it down before sipping his own coffee. 
“But the only thing is that I can’t use coffee to keep me awake now. Especially when I need something to stay awake when I’m studying at night.” You complained, sitting opposite him. Your father shot you a flat look, reaching over to flick your forehead. Your eyes widened in surprise, holding your slightly throbbing forehead.
“You shouldn’t even be studying so late! Study in the day, the night is for sleeping.” He scoffed. 
“Do you really have the right to lecture me on that? You’re the one typing away at 2 am in the morning.” You crossed your arms and raised your eyebrows. 
“Ack! Don’t hit me again!” You ducked.
You smiled bitterly, staring at the black liquid in your cup. Tears pooled in your eyes, threatening to fall again. You distracted yourself, opening the envelopes and taking the money out. 
“Woah.” The 7 envelopes with the same logo as the business card were significantly heavier and thicker. You set them aside to open later, going through the other ones first, stacking and arranging all the bills together. Since you still had to pay the funeral bills, you put them in a box. 
Finally, you moved on to the 7 envelopes. Your eyes widened from the first one you opened, this was too much money. 
‘See you soon xx’
Was written on the back of one of the envelopes. All 7 contained so much money, many times more than the rest of the condolence money combined. Just who were those 7 guys? 
“What kind of friends were you making, dad?” You said in disbelief. Those boys didn’t even know you, why would they give you so much money? 
You jumped in your seat, looking at the door. Gulping, you stood up and went to the front door. Your heart raced as you looked through the peephole, seeing a deliveryman there with a big bouquet of flowers in his arms. 
“Hello?” He knocked again.
“Sorry about that.” You opened the door. 
“Miss (y/l/n)?” He asked and you nodded in confirmation. He handed you the bouquet then held out the clipboard for you to sign. After that, he rushed off, wanting to get out of the pouring rain. You closed the door and headed back to the kitchen before looking for a card in the bouquet. You let out a sigh of relief when you realised that it was just from your school. 
‘Our deepest condolences to you and your family. 
- Seoul Academy faculty’
You were fortunate enough to be sent to a private academy to study by your father. They had their own system of grades so high school and college were combined on one campus.
However, the school had its fair share of rich inheritors, whom you know would definitely be gossiping about your father’s passing when you return tomorrow.
“Give me strength to get through tomorrow.” You sighed. Looking out the window to see that the sky was dark, you gathered all the money and headed up to your bedroom to spend the rest of the night. 
When your alarm rang the next morning, you were already awake, staring at the ceiling blankly. You pushed yourself to sit up and get ready for your school day. You changed into your uniform, slung your bag over your shoulder and stuffed a piece of bread into your mouth. 
“Where’s my board?” You dug the closet for it. Your dad never liked you skateboarding to school and would insist on driving you but now, you had to go on your own. 
“Good morning.” Your neighbours greeted you with pitiful smiles. 
“Hey.” You gave a shy wave and continued on your way to the academy. When you arrived, some students stared but it was not as bad as you thought. 
“Did you see the new student?” 
“He looks scary.”
“But he is handsome.” Luckily, a new student seemed to have most of their attention instead. You tucked your board under your arm and avoided them, going to your locker to get your books. 
“(y/n).” A somewhat familiar voice called you. You closed your locker and your eyes widened when you saw one of the boys from yesterday. 
“Y-You...” Your mind went back to the large amount of cash from the envelope that you opened. He raised his pierced eyebrow at you but you couldn’t form words to say to him. You heard the students behind you whispering, wondering what your connection was to this handsome new student. Your instinct was to flee, which you did. 
“Hey, wait up!” He brisk walked behind you. You went to class and took your seat. Fortunately, you already had a desk mate prior-
“Move.” He said in a low, threatening voice. Your desk mate quickly gathered his things and ran to find another available space. You chewed on your bottom lip nervously. 
“Please leave me alone. I don’t know you.” You said softly. 
“I’m not here to hurt you, (y/n). It’s more the opposite. Trust me.” His demeanour softened when he spoke to you. 
“But I don’t know you.” You reasoned. He opened his mouth to speak again but the teacher coming in cut him off. For some reason, the teacher didn’t even ask him to stand and introduce himself, which was usually the practice when there were new students. 
“Professor! There’s a new student.” One of the girls in front raised her hand, a bright smile on her face. The professor stopped, turning to look at the boy beside you. He stared back at the professor, who gulped. 
“R-Right... There will be chances to get to know the new student after class.” The professor said and began teaching. 
“These are the essay prompts for you.” The professor wrote on the board. 
“Hmm...” You tried to pick a suitable topic. While you were not the best student in the class, you tried to at least be above the average grade, floating around the A- category with the occasional B+.
“What are you doing?” He leaned over to whisper. 
“Taking notes? And you’re invading my personal space.” You mumbled the last part, pulling away slightly. He shot you a charming grin at your words before turning to the front. You realised that he didn’t even have anything on the desk in front of him. Not a piece of paper or a pen, completely empty. Just what was this guy doing here? 
When the bell rang for lunch, you gathered your things and walked out of class. You went to your locker to put your books and get your lunch. 
“Do they know each other?” 
“Not sure... I know her father was a single parent and he died.”
“How did he die again?” 
You bit your bottom lip, deciding against going to the cafeteria to eat today. You tried to keep a straight face, to show that you were not affected by their gossiping, and continued walking. 
“Please... stop following me!” You turned around to look at him when you finally were alone with him. Even though you came to hide out at the sports bleachers to eat, he was still trailing behind you like a lost puppy. He blinked at you as if you were speaking a foreign language. 
“Look I don’t know how you know my dad and frankly, I don’t want to know. I just want to blend in at school, mourn on my own and move on. So please, leave me alone.” 
“Why do you want to be alone?” He asked. 
“It’s just how it’s always been...” You shrugged, looking away, voice starting to get shaky. 
“You’re not alone, (y/n). But if you must know more about me... let’s talk after school. There are definitely things that we need to discuss regarding your father.” He said, somewhat seriously. 
“I don’t know anything about my father’s life outside of home. He wasn’t even honest in telling me what he did for a living.” You said. 
“I am aware of that. Look this isn’t the best place and time to talk about it, that’s why I suggest we talk more after school today. But maybe my brothers and I can answer any questions you have about your father.” He offered. You thought about it for a bit. 
“Does it even matter...? He’s gone, anyway.” You whispered. 
“It would put your heart at ease.” 
“Okay.” You agreed. You moved to take a seat on the bleachers and he still followed, sitting on the level behind you, perhaps to give you a little more space. You ate your sandwich while he laid down, closing his eyes. 
“Are you going to eat?” You asked. He let out a grunt, which wasn’t much of a reply but considering he made no movement, he wasn’t going to. 
“I don’t even know your name.” You said. 
“Jungkook. My name is Jeon Jungkook.” He turned his head, opening his eyes to meet your own.
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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (part fifteen)
Or, Namjoon falls back in love with his ex (and his boyfriends do too)
Ot7 x reader (slow burn, roommates au, fluff, snippets of vacation with the boys :P )
A/N: taglist closed! thx for reading y'all, this is a long one, so strap in!
Planning for a vacation was a whirlwind with these boys.
After solidifying the details of your island vacation, they spent the next few weeks making it perfect, cross checking locations and verifying dates and making sure everything would be perfect. You had never really planned for a vacation so large scale before, usually it was just you and your banged up suitcase-- a carryon so you never had to pay for a checked bag. However, each of the boys were bringing at least two big suitcases, and Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin all had another smaller bag for their skincare routine.
After the boys realized how lightly you packed, they bought you more clothes, bags and bags full of flowy dresses, strappy sandals, gold jewelry that you could imagine would glitter in the sun on the beach, and Jin lent you a suitcase set they had, telling you to remind him to buy you your own set at some point. They had made sure you had clothes for every occasion, a silk gown, sundresses, shirts and shirts and pants, as well as a variety of swimsuits rather than your single, worn, red tankini. Looking at the variety of your new clothes, you wondered what exactly would happen on this vacation. There were events and fun activities the boys seemed excited about, but whenever you asked for details, they wouldn't tell you a word.
"Do we need suitcases that big? It'll only be, like, a week at most, right?" You asked, standing in the door way of Jimin's room. He had asked you to come help him pack, throwing items into a large suitcase, taking up half the space on his bed. Not that he used it. You realized early on that their personal rooms were really just for them to have a place to put their clothes. They all shared a bed most nights, or if it was especially hot, they split into groups, using two beds at most, usually Namjoon's and Jin's.
"No, we'll be out for at least two weeks, maybe more if Namjoon and Yoongi can get their higher ups to let them." Jimin replied, holding up two shirts. He tossed one into the suitcase, turning to put the other back then stopped, giving you a conspiratorial look, speaking in a low tone with a sneaky smile on his face. "Y'know, it's usually impossible to get them to take more time off work. Maybe they have something big planned."
"Maybe. It is a late birthday celebration." You suggested, and he gave you a knowing look that made you think that wasn't what he was thinking but he moved on anyways, shrugging and agreeing with you.
You didn't think about it much though, continuing to watch them rush around excitedly, and eventually, it was the day of travel, and you were being gently shaken awake at an early hour, the sky outside still dark. You peeked your eyes open, squinting in the light that someone had turned on. Hoseok was leaning down by your bed side, that same warm smile that was always there when he looked at you. "Morning, angel. Come on, get ready, we have to be on the plane by five am."
"'S too early." You mumbled, turning over and pressing your face into you pillow. You heard a warm chuckle, deep and rumbling as he leaned closer.
"Come on, we gotta go," Hoseok continued, still shaking you as he tried to roll you over again. After a moment of you not complying, he huffed. "You're lucky it's me waking you up. Jungkook and Tae were gonna dump a cup of water on you."
"They're mean." You muttered, face still pressed into the pillow, and he laughed, standing back up to his full height.
"Yeah, and if you don't get up, I won't stop them." He teased, walking towards the doorway of your room.
Begrudgingly, you got ready, sleepily going through your usual morning routine, trying not to take too much time. You got your suitcase in one hand and shoes in the other and trotted down the stairs, slumping down to sit on the last step and lean against the railing to rest on the last step. Jin was already there at the bottom of the stairs, his suitcase neatly against the wall by the door and checking a list. When you settled in the stairs he moved towards you, wordlessly wrapping a coat around you and helping you put it on.
"You can sleep on the plane, darling." He murmured, putting your shoes on for you and pulling you up, moving to Yoongi who had come down shortly after you, also asleep on his feet. He buttoned up Yoongi's coat for him and the sleepy man sat by your side, leaning into your shoulder for a pillow, and wrapping around you like you were a stuffed animal.
"These people don't understand the concept of beauty sleep." He slurred, lips moving against the base of your neck, making you hold back a shiver.
In contrast, Jungkook came barreling down the stairs behind you, looking way too refreshed for someone up at three in the morning and smiled brightly at you both. "You two look so cute! Vacation photos!" He held up a camera, snapping a quick picture.
"Vacation photos? We haven't even left the house yet." Jimin came down the stairs with Taehyung, pulling their luggage behind them. It was a true testament to how big these stairs were that you and Yoongi didn't even need to move for them to get past you, you marveled.
"We should invest in a service elevator." Taehyung remarked, pushing his luggage to the side. While definitely sleepy, there was a comfy beauty to their look, Taehyung's hair messy from bed and curling around his face, and Jimin looking exceptionally well rested for someone you knew only got three hours of sleep, hair tied back into a cute ponytail, probably courtesy of Jungkook.
"We should be leaving now, what is Namjoon doing?" Jin sighed in stress, checking his watch. You beckoned him towards you, sleepily latching onto his hand to claim him and Jungkook came over with the same idea, snuggling onto his other arm.
"Calm down, Jinnie." Jungkook soothed, pecking the man on the cheek. "It's one minute past four."
"We were supposed to leave at three fifty five." Jin rebutted, and you could swear he was starting to pout.
Jungkook continued reassuring him, "It's fine. We're flying private, so it's not like the plane will leave without us. All that extra time would just be us sitting in the airport."
"Sitting in the airport on schedule." Jin argued. "We have to make it for check in at the hotel early."
"Flying private?" You murmured to Yoongi, asking him for clarification while the two continued bickering in front of you.
"Yeah, like in a private jet." He said, eyes still closed.
"Wow," you breathed out in awe, thinking about how long it'd been since you last flew like that. Your family traveled often but not usually private, you could hardly remember it, only reminiscing on being tiny and grabbing onto your mother's hand. "I haven't been on one of those in forever."
"Well, ours is going to be the coolest one you've ever seen." Jimin smiled proudly at you, smug and sure that their private jet was going to blow your mind. He loved your little reactions to the things they had, thought it was so cute how grateful you were for everything, you really were so genuine.
Namjoon finally showed up, Hoseok in tow, thudding down the stairs, each with a bag slung over their shoulder and large suitcase behind him. "Everyone ready to go? No one forgetting anything?"
"You're one to talk. Do you know where your passport is?" Yoongi snarked, moving from your shoulder as they could now get ready to leave, everyone starting to gather their things again.
"Yes, I know where it is." Namjoon rolled his eyes, then patted his pockets, feeling nothing. "Wait, shit--"
"I have it Namjoon." Jin waved the little blue book at him then opened the door, waving for everyone to exit. "Now let's go, we're behind schedule."
Getting on the plane was a rush of its own, the airport always was, getting through security, picking up overpriced snacks from the stores and going to the hangar where the boys' private jet was. The airport was filled with cool murals on the wall, displays and tidbits where you were, not that you had time to read them, Jin hustling you all through the buildings.
But Jimin was right, the jet was a beauty, grander than anything you had ever been on with your parents, with a shiny white exterior, creamy beige interior, plush chocolate brown seating, you couldn't help but run your fingers along every soft edge. Taking seats, some of the boys knocked out as soon as they sat down, Yoongi kicking his seat leg up and sleeping and Taehyung doing the same, Jimin and Jungkook giggling about something in seats close to the back while Jin and Namjoon sat and discussed something in a hushed tone. Hoseok beckoned you over to the seat near him, urging you to sleep while turning on a movie to watch himself. You settled down getting comfy and putting up your chair yourself to sleep. And you would've, if you hadn't gotten a text.
soooooobin: how's your vacay w your boyfriends going?
Scrambling to hide your phone screen from Hoseok, who was definitely close enough to have seen that if he wasn't already distracted, you fired back a text.
you: SHUT UP
you: we're just friends idk why you would even say that
taehyunnie: woah Cassie chill out
beombeom: stop talking about euphoria for five seconds taehyun
beombeom: and the way y/n responded was super sus
kai: yea now it definitely sounds like they're your bfs and you're just too nervous to admit it
soooooobin: uh oh y/n's moved on, someone needs to break it to yeonjun
june: one time
june: I said she was cute oNE TIME
june: n e way you never answered the question
june: how's vacation?
you: its literally five am, we haven't even gotten there yet
you: why are you guys even up?
beombeom: dance practice
beombeom: the grind never stops 💪😎💯
soooooobin: but anyway, about you and your boyfriends
you: they aren't my boyfriends
kai: right
kai: they're just people letting you live in their house who buy you clothes and furniture and gifts and take you on cool vacations and call you cute pet names
taehyunnie: wait wait wait
taehyunnie: you live in their house???
taehyunnie: we're still talking abt Mr. Jung's friends right?
beombeom: his boyfriends apparently
taehyunnie: they're being nice to you? those guys are all so scary
kai: i mean, from what i know the few times I've met Hoseok-ssi's boyfriends, they're not the nicest bunch.
you: well yeah, i guess Jimin can be a little mean at first
soooooobin: 🤨
soooooobin: not just jimin. jin, yoongi, taehyung, and jungkook, too. they're very... guarded
you: what??? Jin is the nicest guy on earth! he was the first to be nice to me.
taehyunnie: define nice
you: he cooks for me, he talks and jokes with me, he always asks me how my day's going, and he bought me this phone after my old one broke
beombeom: wait, wait, wait... are we talking about the same person?
beombeom: when I saw Jin he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else and wanted to kill me using just his eyes
you: but he's always to sweet to me
you: and he's really cuddly
june: cuddly?! he's like six feet tall and built like a linebacker!
kai: wait, this man has cuddled with you?
you: kind of? but it's not like its out of the ordinary. they're all cuddly people
june: with each other. because they're boyfriends
taehyun: you're saying that they treat you how they treat their other boyfriends?
taehyun: and you cant see that they like you?!
you: there's no way
you: you really think they might 🥺
you: what if they're just playing with me? or they just see me as a friend?
soooooobin: from what I know, they aren't the playing type.
soooooobin: if they don't like you, they make it known. i swear that Taehyung guy looked through my soul once, and i don't think he liked what he saw
beombeom: and that look Jungkook gave us when we saw him at the recital
beombeom: he definitely did not like us being around you
june: look i think you should just lean into it. if you're receptive to then and let them know you're interested, then maybe they'll make a move
you: i don't want to ruin anything
taehyunnie: so you do like them
you: ...maybe
you: but what if I look desperate?
beombeom: if they're treating you like this, then at this point, they look desperate
kai: yea just go with the flow, if they're aren't worried abt it, you shouldn't be either
kai: don't hold back
you: geez, since when are you guys the relationship experts
june: since you came to us with the stupidest problem ever
june: you're literally their sugar baby
You choked at that, literally choked on air, alerting Hoseok causing him to look over at you.
"Everything okay, angel?" He asked, concerned and looked about two seconds away from flagging down a stewardess for water. Nodding, you tried to wave him away and get his attention back on his movie screen, when your phone buzzed again, and he glanced down at it, seeing the name of the group chat you were in and that you had 1 new message from beombeom. "Texting someone? Is a bit early in the morning, isn't it?"
"Yeah, no, it's just the boys checking on me." You explained dismissively, but this just piqued his interest even more.
"The boys?" He questioned, raising a suspicious eyebrow.
You realized he may not know who you were talking about and rushed to explain. "The ones from your studio! Beomgyu, Soobin, Yeonjun, Kai and Taehyun."
"Oh." He replied, tone dripping with something unreadable. "You talk with them often?" He asked, tone getting a bit stilted.
You didn't register it though, happy to talk about your friendship with the boys. "Yeah! We get along really well actually, I've been taking with them since the recital night."
"Wow. So, like a month and a half huh?"
He seemed to sulk for a bit, looking back at the screen and not saying anything further. Maybe he thought it was weird you were taking to his students? They were a bit younger than you, but not by much, they were like younger brothers to you.
Or maybe, a more sinister part of yourself thought, he was jealous. But no. No, no, no, no way, no matter what the others boys thought, there was no way that the amazing men in the plane with you thought about you that way.
Deciding to catch some sleep instead of worry about your nonexistent love life, you quieted your brain, sleeping until you were awoken once more by Hoseok.
"Feel more refreshed, angel?" He asked, sliding open the window cover. You nodded, blinking the sleep out of your eyes as morning light shone through. "Take a look out the window." He said and you leaned over his lap to get a better look.
Blue ocean greeted your eyes as far as you could see, the skyline of the small island city you were landing at gleaming with the sun shining onto it. You could see beach resorts lined up in the coast, people milling about or splashing in the waves. Green palm trees and colorful flowers dotted the landscape, looking tiny from the height you were at.
"Guess which one's ours." Hoseok challenged you, and you pointed at one close by that looked nice. He shook his head, pointing to one further off in the distance, taller than any other and much more classy looking than the one you pointed out.
You can't say you were surprised, though. "Of course. You guys always go big." You chuckled fondly and he joined in, nodding.
"You don't know the half of it. Wait til you see all the stuff inside." He winked and you bounced with excitement on the chair's plush cushion.
Landing was a smooth process, but you could tell Jin was still anxious about being on time to check in, shaking his leg or tapping his foot everytime you guys weren't walking. He rushed you guys all the way up until you all were standing in front of the rental car taking you to the hotel, and even then he wasn't much more patient.
There were two rental cars, one of them waiting at the hotel and the one ready for you now, sleek and white and large, silver panels glinting in the sun. However, even with it being an SUV, there was still only seven seats.
"Um, Jin," Taehyung decided to bring up the fact gingerly, knowing Jin was already on edge. "There's only seven seats."
Jin pursed his lips, inhaling sharply through his nose, then nodded after a moment. "Yeah. We have two cars but there's only one ready for now, so just squeeze in until we get to the hotel. Sit on each other's lap, I don't know." He commanded, striding towards the trunk to start lifting suitcases inside.
"Is that legal?" Jungkook whispered, causing Yoongi to elbow him in the side, telling him to just get in the car.
"Alright, who's sitting in someone's lap and who's getting sat on?" Taehyung brought up the question bluntly as there was nothing left to do now but get in.
The boys all groaned, Jin rolling his eyes and settling in the driver's seat. Namjoon quickly called the front seat, leaving all the boys to groan again.
"I could just squeeze next to someone, I'm sure that would be more comfortable." You suggested hesitantly, deciding to help the situation a little and get rid of one of the decisions they had to make.
The boys all turned to you then back to each other, immediately entering a quick game of rock paper scissors. This time, when the game finished everyone except Yoongi groaned, the man pulling away with a smug smile. You assumed they were playing for who got their own seat but surprisingly, Yoongi turned to you.
"Looks like you're sitting with me."
"Wait, wait, I got second place, I get to sit next to you." Taehyung pleaded and you shrugged, the other boys seemingly resigning themselves to not sitting near you, which apparently is what they wanted to do.
Getting in between Taehyung and Yoongi, half in Yoongi's lap with your legs draped over Taehyung, Jin started to drive, the car rolling onto the main street and away from the airport. "Sorry, sweetheart, hang in there until get to the hotel. It's not far." Jin apologized to you, glancing over at you before twisting the wheel as he merged onto the lane.
It wasn't far, but it was a bumpy ride, each bump scooting you further up into Yoongi's lap. The man behind you had gone totally silent, even as the other boys started talking about how excited the were for vacation. After a particularly hard bump that almost made you hit your head on the ceiling, you landed back down hard in his lap, Yoongi hissing, and his hands found your hips, squeezing tightly, holding you in place you assumed. The hiss was probably because I hurt his leg, you assumed, you'll have to apologize later. After a few minutes, the road evened out, the tall building coming into view and Jin parking near the entrance, flagging down the valet. The boys climbed out, all of them tossing looks over your head that you couldn't catch, not understand what ask the smug faces and knowing looks were about, but they were definitely looking at Yoongi. You turned to look at him, but his face was turned away from you, the man quickly slipping out the car from under you, going to help get suitcases from the trunk.
You hopped out, a pout on your face. "What's wrong, princess?" Jimin asked, rolling his suitcase up next to you as he waited for everyone else to grab their things.
"I think I hurt Yoongi." You said genuinely, worry all over your face as you turned to Jimin.
Jimin snorted, then tried to contain himself, holding back laughter. "Oh, I don't think he's hurt princess." Not knowing what to make of that, you just went to grab your bag from Jungkook, who refused to give it to you, saying he wanted to hold it for you. Instead, Taehyung grabbed your hand, walking with you to the front desk so Jin and Namjoon could check you all in. The clerk at the desk handed them two keys, bringing you all free lemon waters as a bell hop came to take your bags.
Jin came away from the counter, handing the maknaes a key, and beginning to explain the room details. "Okay, we're on the top floor with a view that looks over the resort and the beach, and there's two floors in each room, both with a swim up pool and jacuzzi."
"Wow." You said amazed. This was all so exciting, you started to bounce again, rocking on your toes eagerly.
"Alright, bunny, don't get too excited." Hoseok joked, and Jungkook burst out laughing.
"Oh my god, bunny totally suits you!" He laughed, placing a hand on your shoulder. "I'm calling you that forever now, that's perfect."
"Get your own nickname!" Hoseok playfully smacked his back, but Jungkook was unfazed.
"Too bad! Make a new one." He teased, and stuck his tongue out at him.
Jin rolled his eyes playfully and continued, "Our rooms are conjoined, so there's a different space for both beds, but we share the same balcony."
"Wait, both?" You asked, wanting clarification, but your voice was covered by the clerk announcing your rooms were ready. Both as in two? As in only two beds? Your mind raced as you followed them down the opulent halls, interestingly shaped topiary especially lining every few meters, and decorative sconces holding warm toned light bulbs on the walls of the hallway.
Going into your rooms, it was just as grand as Jin described, two rooms that shared the same wall, with a balcony that spanned both rooms, and two sets of stairs that led up to a roof top pool on the edge and a jacuzzi closer to the door. The boys-- minus Jin who was carefully unpacking his stuff and Namjoon who was again talking with him quietly-- all ran back and forth between rooms, putting their stuff down and fawning over the decor, Jungkook snapping a few more vacation pictures. You squealed excitedly looking at all the cool things, the bathroom was sparkling clean, the balcony wide with seating overlooking the resort and the roof top overlooked the beach on the other side. But you saw something that made you pause. There were two beds, and eight people.
"Umm," you said to no one in particular, standing in the doorway between the two rooms as everyone moved around. "There's only two beds."
"Yeah," Jin stated simply, turning to you and not seeing an issue. Then realization flashed on his face, "Oh! Did you want your own room? I get it, privacy, right? I can go ask-"
"No, y/nie, you should room with us!" Jungkook insisted, pulling you to bring your stuff to the room the maknaes had claimed. "It'll be fun! We can share a bed and cuddle."
Taehyung joined in, trying to convince you as well and clinging to your arm, also dragging you towards their room. "Yeah, you owe us for not inviting us to your cuddle session."
"That was so long ago," Yoongi rolled his eyes, already lounging on the bed in the hyungs room. "Y/n can sleep wherever she wants."
You shrugged as best you could with two men holding onto your arms. "I'm fine sleeping here, I just didn't know if you wanted to share with me--"
"Of course, we do! Come here, let's find something good to watch." Jimin patted the mattress, setting up on the bed himself and then holding his arms out for you to lay with him.
"There's nothing to do today?" You asked, crawling onto the high bed towards Jimin who enveloped you in his arms.
"No." Jin deadpanned, finally setting everything down and slumping onto the bed. "I am going to bed, don't wake me up until its tomorrow."
"You heard the man, close the door so we can have some privacy." Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows at you and Jungkook laughed, moving to close the door that joined the two rooms.
You could hear Hoseok's voice ask, "Are we sure that leaving them alone with her is a good idea?" And then Jungkook shut the door once and for all, jumping into the cushy bed and laying across the end of the mattress. Taehyung laid down on Jimin's other side, wrapping his arms over both of you and pulling you closer.
Jungkook tuned into one of the movie channels, old action movies playing back to back lulling you to sleep, and you all spent the rest of the day in a dreamy haze, sleeping and resting in one big cuddly heap. Namjoon popped his head in around lunch and dinnertime to bring you guys some of the take out they had ordered and that was all for your first day of vacation.
The next day, Jungkook and Taehyung wanted to hit the beach first thing, waking up and putting on board shirts and tank tops. You were going to join, putting on a floral bikini that was in the bag and ripping the tag off, using one of Jungkook's shirts as a cover up when he had offered it to you.
"Are you guys ready?" Jimin asked, peeking into the hyungs room, only to find Jin still laying in bed, Namjoon murmuring quietly to him.
"Jin didn't feel too good. He's staying in." Hoseok explained, only half buttoning up his shirt as he grabbed a towel.
"I can stay with him."
"No, go enjoy the beach." Jin waved you off. "It's just a stress headache."
"Still, no reason for you to stay on your own." You insisted. "It's fine, we'll be here a while, I'll have plenty of chances to go to the beach."
Namjoon gave you a grateful look, coming over to you. "Thanks, Jin always over stresses on vacation, he'll be fine in no time as long you make sure he rests."
"Of course, I'll make sure he doesn't lift a finger." You said, echoing one of Jin's favorite sentiments when taking care of you all.
The boys all cleared out and he went over to Jin, pressing his face into a pillow. "How can I help you, oppa? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you want some pain pills? I brought some." You offered, wanting to ease his pain. He was always someone taking care of others, bright, happy, active, seeing him laying down looking miserable was painful for you too.
"'M fine." He insisted, then lifting his face from the pillow slightly, "Can I have some water and pills?"
"Of course, oppa!" You replied, getting some for him. You set them down on the night stand and then ordered room service for him to have breakfast, fiddling with the in-room coffee maker to try and make his coffee how he liked it. When room service came, you took the plate, sitting yourself in a chair next to his bedside.
Jin watched you bustle around the room, keeping him company and waiting patiently for him to be ready to eat. The colors of your bikini were visible through the white shirt Jungkook lent you and Jin thought again about how you were giving up your free time to help him, even if it was just keeping him company.
"Thank you," he said genuinely, laying still with his head back on the pillow, just content to watch you move around. "You really are too sweet to me, cupcake."
"Not at all. If you need help, then I'll help you." You responded warmly, then paused. "But if you don't mind me asking, why were you rushing so much yesterday?"
Jin blushed a little, embarrassed at his prior snappiness, and starting to explain, shyly, "Well, I just... this is your first vacation with us. I wanted to make sure nothing would ruin it. I can't tell you how much trips we've taken where we forgot something, or left too late-- especially with Namjoon, god," he chuckled, seemingly reminiscing. "I love him, really I do with all my heart, but that man is prone to disaster."
He looked back at you, soft and happy nestled into the sheets and scooted over, patting the bed next to him. "Come closer."
You giggled, but obliged, tucking the sheets in a little tighter around him and sitting up next to him, plate of food in your lap. You gathered food onto the spoon, leading to Jin's mouth and he laughed. "Yah, I have a headache I'm not a baby. I can feed myself."
"Aw, come on, Jinnie oppa," your sweet voice chirped, sweetly smiling down at him as you moved the spoon closer to his face. "You always take care of me. Let me help you, I want you to feel better."
The light coming through the window illuminated the side of your face and the curls in your messy bun that were laying on your face and shoulder. You looked like you were glowing, your caring smile and the warmth in your eyes made Jin want to cradle you close and he almost reached up to cup your cheek the way he does when he's about to pull one of the boys into a kiss.
How could he be so clueless? Of course, it only made sense, this whole time he'd thought about it as a possibility but he hadn't even noticed it happening. When had he started treating you the way he does his other loves? When had his heart accepted you as his own? Probably the moment he saw you.
He sat up, deciding to let you take care of him, because you wanted to, because you care about him, and ate the food you were feeding him.
"You're so kind, darling." he said again instead, the feelings welling up in his chest and spilling out.
You shook your head with that determined smile on your face, bringing another spoon to his lips. "Just giving back what you gave me."
You have no idea how much you've given him already.
The next day, Jungkook had made sure that you were coming out with them. The beach had gotten a warning for super high waves, so rather than wade through rocky waters, the guys had decided to just go to the pool, or stay in today. Taehyung and Jimin were in the room having a movie marathon, Hoseok and Yoongi cuddling in bed, and Jin and Namjoon were with you, laying on lounge chairs by the pool. You could already tell they were attracting a lot of attention, Namjoon's golden chest on display and Jin was already getting recognized by the people around him even with the giant sunglasses on his face. They were only looking at each other though, staring into each other's eyes with love that comes from years and years of experience with each other, hands clasped loosely but meaningful between their chairs. You knew there were certain untouchable bonds in the relationship they all had, Jimin and Taehyung being a prime example. But if there was then Jimin and Taehyung, then there was also Jin and Namjoon. The two relied on each like they did no one else, balancing each other's personalities out extraordinarily well.
A splash soaked you from head to toe, your comfy spot on the steps of the pool shaken up by Jungkook's messing swimming over. "Jungkook!" You shrieked, splashing him back, him just shaking it off like a wet dog, hair hanging down in front of his face in wet curls, a wide smile on his face.
"What? I was just swimming." He said, pretending to be innocent as if he wasn't the reason you got drenched in water a second ago. "You should join me, bunny, the water feels nice."
"I know, I can feel it from here." You cried your legs, getting comfy again. There was no one else in this pool, there were multiple throughout the resort, but where you were right now was pretty much deserted.
"What? You don't want to swim?" He put his hands on his hips, raising a judging eyebrow. He studied you for a moment, watching the way you avoided eye contact. "Or you don't know how?" He concluded knowingly.
"I know how to swim."
He made a gesture to the water s if to say, 'show me, then' and you scoffed, deciding to step into the water and show him how its done. You began doggy paddling.
He bust out laughing, covering his face. "That's not swimming!" He protested.
"Yes it is!" You insisted as you swam, barely moving forward two feet.
"What are you going to do if you're in the middle of ocean? That's not gonna work in deep water." He countered, watching you swim around slowly with much amusement on his face.
"I think it will." You replied stubbornly, still swimming.
"Oh yeah?" He smirked in a way that made you think you wouldn't like his next move, and you didn't. Jungkook scooped you up, wading into the deeper end of the pool with you in his arms and you squealed, squeezing him tighter the further in he goes. You could tell where this was going.
"Wait, wait, no, don't drop me! Oppa, please?" You pouted up at him, fluttering your lashes and trying to pull every trick in the book to make him have mercy on your soul. Jungkook paused, narrowing his eyes, and then let you down gently into the water as you cheered.
"We've been spoiling you too much, bunny." He sighed. He was too weak to do anything mean to you when you looked at him like that. And the happy, proud look on your face now as you still held onto him was too endearing.
"I don't think so," you responded, holding onto his shoulders to hold you up, water too deep for you to touch the bottom. Your hair was curling and wet around your face, smile wide with your victory of getting away with not being dropped into the pool. Jungkook decided to take pity on you and hefted you back into his arms so you didn't tire your legs out paddling.
He was just going to carry you back to the steps, he swears he was, but when he lifted you into his arms, your legs wrapped around his waist almost automatically, your warm weight on him and he had to be conscious of where he out his hands, grabbing under your plush thighs as your head moved closer to his, still smiling so damn cutely. You panted lightly, catching your breath from pushing in place and he could feel it on his face, and he paused in place. What if he just leaned forward and kissed you right now?
That's usually a thought he had when the hyungs were being cute, him stopping them in the middle of whatever they were doing with a kiss on their lips and watching the adorable way their brain would stutter once they registered it. Why did he want to kiss you like he did his hyungs?
Don't be stupid, dummy, a deeper part of his brain scolded, it's not like this is anything new.
And it wasn't, technically. Jungkook's thought you were cute this whole time. Was he going to do anything about it? No, but this was the first time he's wanted to. Like, really wanted. The realization almost made him drop you in the pool for real, instead hurriedly bringing you back to the steps. He glanced over at Jin and Namjoon who were still talking, but Jin looked over at him with a look that made him think he understood what was going on more then he let on, going back to his conversation.
You voice brought him back down to earth, you settled on your step again. "See, I totally can swim." You crossed your arms smugly, your point proven and Jungkook chuckled, a bit in disbelief.
He was in deep water, and he wasn't talking about this pool.
"Y/n," Taehyung approached you, during dinner, after you and Jungkook had come back from the pool. You were still in your bikini, sitting on a towel to dry off while waiting for Jungkook to finish with the shower, eating a burger the guys ordered for dinner. You looked up at him, barbecue sauce smeared on your cheek. "Do you wanna go break in the roof top pool with me?"
You tilted your head slightly confused. "I thought we were all gonna go tomorrow, play cards and stuff."
"Yeah, but I wanted to take pictures of my own," he held up his phone. "And I need my muse." He added, smiling softly at you, tapping your nose.
"Your muse?" You giggled, scrunching up your nose the cute way you always did when he tapped it
"Yup. All my pictures look better when you're in them."
You agreed to go with him, following him up the stairs to the roof. You skimmed your fingers across the water. A bit cold, but manageable, you figured. You heard a snap, straightening up to see Taehyung already taking pictures.
"Sorry," he apologized. "You just looked perfect with the sunset behind you." He swung his legs over the edge, sitting on the built-in bench in the water, luxuriating in the cool water against his skin. You slipped in next to him, swimming close to the edge and watching the excess water push over the edge, getting caught in the basin underneath. You laid your head on your arm as you changed your view to the whole resort. It really was a beautiful view. The resort was large and sleek, modern decor. From here, you could see the spa building, the two start lounge with a glass wall spanning both floors, the fairy lights hung through the palm trees. The pools dotted throughout the resort glowing blue from their pool lights and the room lights of the people across yours. It was so weird and so serene, being in a place with others and still having privacy. It was only a couple days and no one had tried to approach the boys yet, despite them being famous enough to warrant that. You wondered if that would stay the same the while time you were here.
You heard another snap and you turned your head back toward Taehyung. "You were serious about me being your muse?"
"Mhm," he hummed, taking another picture of you looking over your arm at him. "You're a good subject to photograph."
"Cheesy." You teased, moving through the water towards him. He snapped multiple pictures of you wading up to him, and you started laughing at the sheer number of times you heard him press the button with a short span. "Aren't pictures Jungkook's thing, anyways?" You joked.
"We have common interests." He shrugged, taking one last picture of you making funny faces at the camera.
You settled, sitting next to him and leaning your head on his shoulder as the sunset turned to night and stars. Taehyung's fingers tightened around the phone he was holding, itching to hold you instead. He was really trying to keep his hands to himself, holding you while you were in a bikini was a bad idea, and while he had his suspicions that his loves were battling with the same feeling, he didn't want to make a move until he was sure they were all on the same page.
You clinging to him was something he didn't account for, sitting next to him while babbling about something he wasn't really paying attention to and grabbing his arm, holding it to your chest as you looked out towards the beach at the edge of the resort. He loved how comfortable you were with them now, reaching out and touching and holding them, but now with you in a bikini, wet skin and happy and relaxed like he's never seen you, it was a lot at once. Why did he ask you come up here with him again? Oh, right, because he's a fool.
"Right, Tae?" You finished your ramble, looking up at him expectantly. He blinked cluelessly and you pushed his arm away, splashing at him. "You weren't even listening!"
"I'm sorry... I was thinking," he said, an absent minded excuse while his brain caught up with his mouth.
"Thinking about what?" You questioned, unbelieving.
What it'd be like to hold you like you were theirs.
"Just... how fun this vacation is going to be. " He said instead, placing his phone aside on a towel so it wouldn't get any more wet.
You slumped further into the water, sulking, "I wouldn't know, you guys are hiding all your plans from me."
Taehyung took pity on you, trying to explain to ease your worries. "We don't have much planned, I swear. There's just one or two things."
"Like?" You asked, putting for more information, bumping into his side playfully, your thigh brushing his in the water.
Still he resisted, blocking out the sensation of you against him. "Like things I can't tell you."
"Meanie." You pouted, and he smiled.
"You'll find out soon enough, my muse." He murmured lowly, pushing a strand of your wet hair out of your face.
He sighed to himself, watching you rave about how much you liked the resort and thinking to himself, I hope the rest of the guys get it together soon.
Hoseok had invited you down to the lounge to sit and drink with him. Drinking wasn't your thing but when was the next time you'd get to have complimentary drinks and such lovely company? So you went, dressed in a flowy sundress and met him in the lobby. You spotted him easily, the man looking elegant and dapper in a crisp button down shirt, his profile to you as he studied a painting hung on the wall near him.
"Hey," you announced your presence, and he turned to you, immediately bursting into a smile.
"Hey angel," he said. "Come sit." He patted the space next to him and you settled on the soft cushion near him as he wrapped an arm around you. "How have you been?" He asked, taking a sip of his drink.
"I've been good, its so relaxing being here, I've never somewhere so beautiful." You sighed in contentment, staring up the pretty painting as well.
"I'm glad. It's good to see you happy." He said, warm eyes giving you his full attention. "Did you want a drink?"
"Umm, sure, something sweet please. I don't like bitter drinks." You requested, and he nodded, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. You blinked, shock running through you. Did he really just kiss you? No, no, no way, maybe he just brushed against you in a way that felt like a kiss. And besides, it was probably just a friendly kiss, there was no way Hoseok was interested in you like that. You shook your head, deciding to just stop thinking about it and turned to see him standing at the bar, caught in conversation with a girl leaning into his space and obviously flirting with him, the polite smile on his face around to take on a strained edge.
You would just have to help him out.
You and enough way over, placing a hand in his back and trailing your hands across his chest to the fruity looking drink in his hand. "Thank you for getting my drink Hobi oppa," you smiled up at him, not addressing the woman sitting there, looking at you weirdly. "Shall we go sit?"
He caught on, smile losing its tension. "Of course, I'm sorry for making you wait." He apologized, taking your hand in his and pressing his mouth to your hand. That was definitely a kiss, and in no way friendly, the heated energy in his eyes as he made eye contact with you as he pecked the back of your hand making your heart stutter. "If you'll excuse me." He said to the other woman without looking back at her making to walk away.
"Of course, but perhaps we'll meet again later?" The woman tried hopefully, but you turned, cutting her off.
"Sorry, he's taken. Pleasure talking with you." You waved cheerfully, speeding way with Hoseok in tow, the man chuckling next to you.
"Is someone getting a little jealous?" He teased.
"Just figured if the boys were here it's what they would do."
"Oh, they'd have a few choice words." He agreed, though that was an understatement, settling down onto the couch again. When you went to sit next to him, he pulled you closer so you settled against his chest, a leg of his on either side of you. "We're all very territorial. We like to keep each other close." He explained, voice rumbling into your ear.
"I figured." You nodded, then pressed on, liquor easing your tongue a little. "But, I guess they wouldn't be worried about you talking with a girl as much."
"Mm," he hummed, fingers staring to trail up and down your arms mindlessly. "Actually, I've been thinking about that lately."
"Oh, really?"
"Yup. I figured, if someone's personality was particularly alluring, I wouldn't be too worried about whether they were a girl or guy."
"Oh." You muttered, not sure what else to say. He chuckled again, you feeling it rumble through your back this time as you took a sip to keep from having to speak.
"You're so genuine, Y/n." He sighed don't contentment, melting into you. "It's refreshing. Usually, they boys are the only ones I can be myself around, but with you I'm just me. Jung Hoseok."
You smiled, heart fluttering. You weren't sure what to say, but it made you unbelievably happy that Hoseok trusted you like that. Luckily, you didn't have to say anything, his phone ringing with one of the boys calling you two back.
As you went back to the hotel room, hands clasped together still, your heart raced and only one thought was running through your head.
I'm in trouble.
Eventually, you did get to go to the beach, all of you soaking in sun and playing in the sand, burying each other and making sand castles.
The vacation lifestyle suited you, Yoongi decided, seeing your hair wet from the shower and curled from the sea salt, skin glowing and smooth from the natural exfoliant of the sand, and the carefree smile on your lips as you surveyed their room. It wasn't any different from the one you shared with the maknaes, mirrored maybe, but you looked around as if you thought it was cool anyways. You were wearing a pajama set, one that must've been specifically designed for torture, or maybe it was just too small on you because the tank top exposed your midriff and lower back everytime you lifted your arms and the shorts were on you like a second skin. He directed his attention towards the smooth white ceiling instead, laying an arm over his eyes.
"Ooh, there's fancy hotel tea cups." Your voice cooed, the ornately designed cups clinking against their tray as you picked them up.
Yoongi snorted, a soft puff of air coming out of his nose. "You're a dork." He say up, looking at you dig through the tea flavors and pull out two.
"Yoonie oppa, let's have tea," You pleaded, fluttering your eyes at him.
"Don't act cute." He scoffed, closing his eyes again.
You didn't answer, just tossing a smile over your shoulder and set about making tea with the hotel coffee machine, using the pot to boil the water and then pouring it into two cups.
"I know it's not quite night yet, but we can still drink tea and talk, right?" You gave him a cup with the tea bag inside starting to steep, turning the water a golden brown. He took it, propping himself up with pillows and turning to face you.
"Alright," he began. "How have you been?"
You shook your head, slipping in bed next to him, your softness of the skin of your thigh brushing against him. "I feel like your always checking on me. How are you?"
How was he? He was on vacation with the loves of his life and you, whatever you were becoming to him. Could he, in good conscience, say he had feelings for you when he wasn't sure if his loves were on the same page? He wasn't sure.
He shrugged, "Fine as always, can't complain. I'm on vacation and dreading the time when I have to go back to working."
"Really? I've never heard you complain about work." You asked, raising a critical brow as you took a sip of tea.
"I know, I usually don't. I love work, I really do, but recently, I've been preferring spending more time at home." He said, glancing up at you. "So, that's me. How about you? Enjoying vacation?"
"Yeah!" You exclaimed, thinking about how much fun you've had. "There's so much wildlife here! I saw some manta rays in the water earlier."
You continued talking about your day, Yoongi content to listen to you talk about the things that made you happy. He focused on the feeling of your next to him, basking in your presence until the other boys came home with the dinner they went out to get, you eating and going back to the room you shared with the maknaes.
Watching you leave the room, Yoongi sighed. He should've asked you to stay with them instead of letting you stay with the maknaes.
One restless night, you sighed, rolling out from the cuddle pile of the maknaes and walking towards the balcony. You were up, mind spinning with wondering about the situation with the boys. You didn't expect Namjoon to be there already, staring up at the moon like it was talking to him.
He turned to you, surprised. "Hey, what are you doing up?"
"I just... couldn't sleep."
He cracked a sarcastic smile. "Yeah. Me neither."
The two of you stood there side by side for a while in silence until Namjoon chuckled. "You remember when we used to go to the beach when everything was stressing us out?"
"Which ended up being all the time, yeah." You smiled up at the stars, wondering how many times you had done this very thing together.
Namjoon nodded, reminiscing. "This is my first time on a beach at night in a while. We haven't done a beach vacation in a while. It's probably been... what two, three years?"
You looked at him incredulously. "No way. Even I went all the time. The beach is one of the only places you can get in free." You laughed. "We have to go down to the beach, I can't believe it's been that long since you've been there at night."
"Right now?"
You dragged him down to the beach, not that he put up much resistance, watching you skip happily down to the walkway that led to the sand. It had been so long, he thought, squeezing your hand a little tighter, way too long.
"Here we are," you said, taking off your sandals to dig your feet into the sand. Namjoon did the same and the two of you settling into an easy stroll.
"I used to take my stuff and spend the night at the beach, laying in my car and looking up at the stars through the roof opening." You said after a moment. "It... reminded me of you..." You quietly admitted, looking away from him at the waves.
He smiled down at you, "Well, now you need no reminder. We're together again and can walk down beach anytime you want."
"Anytime?" You asked, turning to him dubiously. "Even if you're at work and busy with a big project?"
"Say the word and I'll make an excuse to leave."
"You wouldn't." You laughed it off looking away again and he tugged gently at your hand, pulling your attention back to him.
"If you really needed me, I absolutely would."
You stared into his eyes for a moment, determined and sure and focused solely on you and then something caught your attention out the corner of his eye.
"Crabs!" You yelled happily, pointing at the group of crabs waddling across the beach. "Joonie, we have to go play with them!" You pulled at his hand again and he followed happily.
The two of you watched the crabs, staying a safe distance away and watching how they would pick things up with their cute little pincers, even seeing some baby sea turtles crawl through the sand into the ocean, until a chill swept over the beach, making you wrap your arms around yourself in a shiver.
"We should head back." Namjoon said after seeing you shake.
"Yeah." Then a mischievous smile crossed your face. "I bet the hot tub could warm us up."
And so you went back upstairs, changing into bathing suits and sneaking up the stairs to the jacuzzi, splashing and playing around in the tub, carefree and fun with just the two of you. Namjoon missed this. The two of you around each other, no walls between you, just easiness in talking to each other.
"A bug!" You squealed in panic at zone point, squishing yourself to his side, crawling half into his lap to move out of the bug's way. He laughed at you, steadying you by your hips so you could get away from the bug without falling into the pool.
"All these years and you're still scared of bugs. It's just a bee." He said, you pouting at his teasing as you settled in his lap, bee forgotten.
"It was buzzing really loud, it scared me." You explained and he laughed, looking up at you. It took you a moment to realize you were sitting in his lap and extracted yourself, apologizing. He just shook his head still smiling at you.
"I'm glad we're friends again, Joonie." You said, mood dimming slightly, as you broached a more serious topic.
His regret flared up in him again, trying to remind himself that he was fixing his mistakes. But fixing old wounds came with rekindling old feelings. He cleared his throat, saying. "I am, too. You don't know how much I missed you. I would've reached out, but..."
"We're here now." You stopped him and he nodded.
The door to the roof slid open. "I told you they'd be up here!" A sleepy looking Jin stood at the door, Jungkook pointing an accusatory finger at you both. "Stop doing fun stuff without us!" He whined, making you and Namjoon laugh.
"Princess," Jimin said knocking the room door as he entered. "What are you doing? Get dressed."
"Dressed?" You mumbled, half asleep. You had fallen asleep after another long day of swimming, eating dinner and retiring to your room to rest.
"Yes, dressed in that red gown I bought you. The hotel is hosting an ballroom event." He spoke in a low tone, almost a whisper.
"A ballroom?"
"Yes." He rolled his eyes fondly. "You were wondering what we planned, this is it. There's a ball."
"You planned a ball?"
"No, we asked the hotel to plan a ball. Now get dressed!" He shut the door again.
And after rushing through a routine, you were dressed, makeup, heels, and perfume on as you strutted into the lobby to meet the rest of them. Yoongi and Taehyung were missing, Jin and Jimin explaining to you that they were distracting Jungkook and Namjoon while the ball got set up. You entered the room, waiting for Jungkook and Namjoon to enter and the surprise in their face was worth it.
Surprise ball. That's a whole different level then a surprise party. You mused, sitting at a table and watching the festivities around you, the other hotel residents around also enjoying the party. Did they even know they were among celebrities? You saw Jimin and Taehyung getting some recognition, shocked faces after spotting them funny to watch.
Jimin looked over the ballroom, happy everything and gone off without a a hitch. This party was for Jungkook and Namjoon but part of them also wanted you to be impressed. He couldn't put his finger on why your approval was so important to him, but as his eyes landed on you sitting alone, it became all too clear.
Jimin had been in this kind of love before, the kind of love that sneaks up on you. He had felt it happen with Taehyung, but it was easier then. When it was Hoseok and Yoongi it was harder, they were so different from him he hadn't expected to fall for them. He hadn't expected to fall in love with them quiet and cold as they seemed before, and then one day he just was. Simple as breathing the same as blinking. He wasn't in control of it, not really. Its just something he needed to do. He need to have his heart beat, air in his lungs, and he needed to love them. And now you, sitting here in your velvety red gown, clinging to your body like silk, looking all too oblivious to the way you had captured everyone's attention just by being here, had snuck up on his heart the same way.
Damn, why did he have to buy you that dress? When had it happened? Jimin likes to think he is vigilant, but maybe you snuck up on him because he let his guard down. He had become so completely comfortable around you that you must've made your way into his mind without he noticing. Or maybe without him caring. He couldn't be upset about you having all his attention now, not when you were so worth it, so kind, so funny, so tempting. He couldn't get himself to look away from your lips, your dark red lipstick matching your dress looked so pristine and yet he could only think of it smudged, smeared along your jaw, your neck--
"Jimin?" Your lips formed his name. It took him a moment to raise you were calling for his attention. He hadn't even realized that he crossed the room to you. "Yes, princess?"
"Are you okay? You look distracted?"
You have no idea... "These events just bore me." He said instead. He leaned in close to you, staring down onlookers. Back off, he hissed in his mind.
"Yeah, this isn't the most fun." Your red lips formed a mischievous smile. "But I think that's just cause we're sitting. Dance with me?" You held out a hand and he took it, lifting you from your seat
"Of course, darling."
He was reeling a bit. He'd never taken interest in a girl before, they had always been too different, he couldn't relate and he couldn't understand how they worked, it wasn't an easy thing like how it was with his boyfriends. They were boring.
But you filled him with life. You were anything but boring, dependable and encouraged him to step outside his box every once in a while. "Waltzing is easier when you're not in the rain." You smiled,
"But not as fun," Jimin countered, breaking out of his thoughts. The two of you zipped around the floor, elegant and fluid like water in a fountain. He felt complete. Really, truly complete, knowing that you were the piece they needed. Nothing brought them together like you.
When you had gone away from the table, after you finished dancing and they had decided to sit down and eat, Jimin just couldn't hold it in anymore.
"Guys," he began, hands shaking slightly. "I think I like Y/n. Like, like like Y/n." He looked down at his plate, nervous to meet anyone's faces, only to look up after he heard Taehyung burst out laughing.
"Thank fuck." He laughed in relief. "I thought I was going crazy."
"I think we are a little crazy." Yoongi added.
Jungkook shook his head, contemplatively. "No. Crazy would be not liking her."
"That's cheesy." Hoseok rolled his eyes. "But yeah." He agreed, casually, as if he hadn't had a whole breakdown himself.
"What do you mean, yeah? You just accepted it?"
"She's special. Anyone would fall in love with her."
"Love?" Jungkook asked.
"I'm going to be completely honest. Yes, love. I feel the same about her as I do about you guys. And I love you guys." Hoseok shrugged.
"I agree with Hoseok honestly. She's become such a big part of our lives now. I mean, can you say we're wrong?"
"Oh my god, at least we've finally admitted it." Jin sighed. Then directed his attention to Namjoon who hadn't said anything. "Joon?"
"Sorry," he sniffled, wiping at his eyes. "I just need a minute."
"Aw, Namjoon." Jungkook chuckled pulling him into a hug.
"I'm just happy. I didn't expect... I'm glad you guys all like her, I was so worried."
"Well, you have excellent taste." Taehyung commented. "So, are we doing this?"
They all shared a look, coming to agreement. "Yeah. Let's make her ours."
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kookieswan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Biker!Jungkook x Receptionist!Reader (f)
Word Count: 2.6k
Genre: Biker!AU and Gang!AU based on Action Taker JK, E2L, Smut, Fluffy end lol
Warnings: NSFW content! (BigDick!JK, Dirty talk, pussy eating, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, creampie, biting, light choking/breathplay, riding, marking/hickeys, degradation by JK, use of the words slut/whore and daddy)
Summary: Of course Jungkook would show up at the shop at closing time for his bike. It seems that’s not all he showed up for though…
Notes: Requested by @jungkooksbroski and oh my god was it fun to write lolol ❤️✨ I hope you like it lovely.
Series Masterlist found here!
Tags: @parkdatjimin @yzkyzkuniverse
“Back again so soon Jeon?” Back for the millionth time it seems, and of course he’s come at closing time. It’s like you’re seeing more and more of him every week, like the tattooed man comes here for fun or some shit. He must be such a fucking klutz, constantly breaking this or that on his bike to have to be here all the time. You’re surprised he isn’t embarrassed about it, instead he seems almost proud.
“You bet Princess. Can’t get enough of that pretty face.” Jungkook swaggers up to the front of your desk, decked out in all black, a tight leather jacket and dark wash jeans sticking to his body. His piercings glint in the light as he towers over you, the metal drawing attention to both his eyes and lips. Unsurprisingly, he has a few cuts on his face, probably from a brawl with a different gang or something. You scoff slightly, trying to busy yourself with some of the papers around you. It’s been a long day, and honestly you’d love nothing more than to relax.
“Mhm, we’ll I’ve certainly seen enough of yours. Try not to wreck your bike every other week and we can fix that issue.” You turn away as he bristled in his spot, the sound of him shifting echoing through the quiet room before he retorts.
“Aww, the cute little receptionist doesn’t like me? Sounds like some bullshit baby.” Pausing, you turn to him from your seat, eyebrow raised as high as it’ll go. Bullshit? As if, you can barely stand the man... Okay, that’s a lie. But just because he’s hot doesn’t mean you like his cocky attitude. He’d almost be endearing if he wasn’t such a smartass.
“Oh yeah, what makes you think that biker boy?” Moving forward a bit, you lean your arms against the front of your desk as he does the same, once again looming over your form completely. He looks smug, a smirk pulling up at the corners of his thin lips.
“I see you looking when you think I’m not paying any attention. I caught you staring at my ass last time even. I don’t blame you, I’m pretty fucking hot.” Your immediate reaction is to roll your eyes, a disbelieved chuckle leaving your mouth. You’re not completely surprised though, with looks like that you be calling yourself hot too. He leans in a bit to get even closer, bringing his hand up to poke your cheek quickly.
“Don’t be that way, it’s not like I don’t look at you Princess. How could I not when it’s like your asking me to rip those tights off when you lean over the desk.” Glancing down, you take in the sight of your denim skirt, thin black tights underneath to proved some cover as you wander the shop. Flashing somone on accident isn’t on your list of plans.
“Oh yeah, I totally wear them for you Jungkook. I want nothing more than for you to rip them off with your big strong manly hands.” Sarcasm drips from your tone, but some of the words ring true. He does have nice hands, and he is good looking… and you have the tiniest of crushes on him… Nope. Nope. No. You stand up, going around the counter and past him to grab his keys from one of the lockers.
“You can joke all you want, but you would like that, would you? Huh princess?” Glancing back at him, his eyes are on you, gaze fixed in your face with such an intensity that you can’t keep contact. You glance away quickly, only to hear a small huff of air leave him, something akin to a satisfied chuckle.
“I could fuck you right here. Would you like that baby? I bet you’d fucking love it.” He’s behind you now, looking over your form with a deliciously dangerous aura. You turn slowly, eyes meeting his again as he looks at you expectedly. He’s made his move, and now he’s waiting for you to.
There’s a lot of pros and cons to fucking right here right now, but it is closing time… The likeness of someone actually catching you is slim. All of the mechanics have already left for the day, right…? He’s hot and you have nothing to lose, so why the fuck not.
Grabbing his hand, you guide him over to one of the few couches in the lobby. He raises his brows, surprised by your boldness, but doesn’t question it. If anything, it only spurs him on more. Jungkook runs his hands up and down your body slowly, taking his time to feel at your curves. He cups your ass first, and in turn you push yourself flush against his crotch. Deciding to be a bit of a tease, you unbutton a few of the top buttons of your blouse, giving the man a proper view of your cleavage. He hums in appreciation, tongue poking out to run across his lip ring.
“Such a dirty girl, wanting to me to fuck you in the lobby knowing anyone could walk in and see you taking my cock. Heh, you’re already acting like such a filthy slut for me and I’ve barely even touched you.” He pushes you down on the couch and slides down between your legs, hiking your skirt up all the way as he does so. Without so much as a warning, he grips at your tights and pulls hard, effectively ripping them open to expose your lace covered cunt.
“Ahh, Kook, fuck…” Choosing to wear one of the tiniest things you own this morning was the right choice. He moves the thin fabric to the side, thumb running up and down your wet slit as his other hand rests on your thigh with a tight grip.
“Open you legs wider, that’s a good girl…” Deciding to listen instead of being coy, you spread your legs out wide, bringing your feet up onto the couch, heels dangling before being pushed off. He appraises your pussy for a bit before leaning in and leaving a long lick from your cunt to your clit, tongue dipping in slightly to run against it. You hum, cocking your head to the side to question him.
“How do I taste daddy?” Jungkook’s eyes cut up to you sharply, most of his face still buried inside of your sopping folds. He slaps one of your thighs lightly, his head turning so he can bite the other one quickly. You whine as he leaves a long lick over the mark before trailing his tongue back to your center.
“Like a fucking dream princess, shit...” One of his hands come to join in, a slim finger prodding at your opening before slipping in easily. You can feel his rings, the cold metal meeting the hot flesh of your folds making you cry out. With how wet you already are, he could probably fit at least three fingers if he wanted to. He doesn’t though, he’s taking his time instead, slender finger slowly thrusting in and out as his tongue lashes against your swollen clit.
Testing your luck, you grab at his long strands, pulling at them slightly as he confirms to eat you out. He doesn’t stop, but something akin to a growl leaves his throat. You tug a few more times before pulling him up harshly, his eyes narrowed at you.
“What if I want to take control? Bet I could have you crumbling under my fingers Kookie.” You’re lying through your teeth, but nothing makes you hotter than the idea of him taking control. Jungkook raises a perfect brow as he pulls his fingers out of you. He stands up, your wetness still clinging to the corner of his lips, and promptly places his fingers to your lips. Like an unspoken command, you open up, sucking his slender digits in to clean them up. You make sure to lap at the rings, running your tongue along them teasingly. He has such nice hands, fuck…
“Don’t anger daddy princess. I’m in control right now, maybe you can have a turn some other time, hm?” He pulls his fingers out of your mouth and finally starts to remove his clothing, losing the jacket first, and then the tight shirt underneath. You try not to drool at the sight of all his tattoos, the intricate lines running up his arms and across his defined chest. He chuckles as this, content to have you thirsting after him so hard after playing hard to get for so long.
“Look at you, absolutely fucking drenched for me. Ask my nicely and I might help you out, make you cum so hard you’re seeing stars.” Kook continues to pull his clothing off, unbuckling his pants and unzipping them. He pulls them down just enough to let his cock spring out, and you try not to gasp and how strangely pretty it is. You’ve seen some fuck in your lifetime, but not one that’s drawn your attention like this.
It’s thick and long, probably the biggest dick you’ve ever seen in person, with prominent veins running up the length of it. The idea of having it inside of you makes you shutter, and you know he wants it to be how red it is, precum already dripping from his tip. You’ll have to suck him off at some point, there’s no way you’d miss that chance. Maybe you can’t have complete control, but you want some…
“Please let me ride your cock daddy, want it so fucking bad…” You stand from your spot, running your hands up and down his abs and chest, leaving a kiss against his peck. Jungkook leans in then, slipping his tongue into your mouth easily, languidly licking into it for a minute or two before pulling away, commenting that your lips taste just as sweet as your cunt. A bridge of drool connects the two of you momentarily before falling away as he pulls back.
“Come on then, ride my cock like the good little slut I know you are.” Jungkook switches your positions and settles back on the couch, legs spread out slightly for you. You climb over him and straddle his thighs, grabbing his thick length to guide into yourself slowly. He grips at your hips tightly before thrusting up, cock burying itself deep inside your cunt. A high pitched squeak leaves you lips as he groans out lowly.
“Fuuuuck, so damn tight around my cock. You have such a slutty little pussy for daddy. My laps going to be fucking soaked but the time we’re done.” He sets a brutal pace from the get go, holding you in place as he drives his hips upwards to meet yours. You can’t any do much else but hold on to his shoulders, desperately trying to keep yourself upright as he fucks into you wildly. He’s leering up at you, a satisfied smirk on his face as he peers up between his long hair.
“You’re a needy whore, aren’t ya baby? Whining for my cock so damn loud, someone’s gonna hear you.” Someone would probably hear what’s going on anyway, the sound of skin slapping echoing off the walls of the office. You dig your nails into his shoulder harshly, and he starts to slow his pace slightly.
“Come on, ride me properly and I might let you cum slut.” Jungkook rolls his hips, but drops his hands from your waist, and instead raises one up to wrap loosely around your neck. He waits until you nod, squeaking out a small ‘yes’ as he tightens his hold around the base. It’s not enough to cut off your air completely, but it’s definitely enough to make you hot and bothered.
You raise your hips up and down, trying to keep a steady pace as he holds into you. His other hand comes to rest at your hip, building you up and down as you impale yourself on his thick length. Loud moans are leaving you now, slightly breathy from the hand wrapped around your throat.
“Ah, I can feel you throbbing inside of me daddy. Do I feel good?” With every strok you swear you can feel him brushing against your g-spot, it would be impossible for him not to with how well he’s stretching you. Jungkook’s starting to look a bit unhinged, sweat rolling down the side of his face, hair sticking to his forehead as wild eyes bore into yours.
“So fucking good princess. Such a good whore for me. You like taking my cock where anyone can see huh? You gonna get off like this?” You maintain eye contact with him as his hand finally slips away from your throat, instead coming around to slap your ass in quick succession. You clench around him as you rise and fall, trying your best to milk his cock.
“You gonna cum for me daddy?” Giving him the most innocent eyes you can muster, you lean down and kiss his nose, continuing to roll your hips agains his harshly. A disbelieved laugh leaves hips reddened lips, his tongue coming out to run across them.
“You’re such a fucking brat. How bout this, I’ll cum if you cum with me on the count of three. Think you can do that for me princess?” You nod excitedly, gripping his shoulder again with one hand as you bring the other to your slit.
“One…” Jungkook quickens his pace one again, hips bucking up off the couch to meet yours as you hold yourself up to him. You finger at your folds desperately, trying to rub at your clit as your jostled around.
“Two…” A particularly harsh thrush makes you lose balance, and you lean heavily on his body as he wraps his arms around you fully. You’re flush to him now, his warmth radiating off of his body and onto yours. You try and meet his thrusts, you fingers rubbing quickly at your clit.
“Three..!” Jungkook burrows his face in your neck as he holds you down, cock snuggly fit inside of you before he starts to cum. He sucks at your neck harshly, surly to leave a dark mark on top of the few hes already left. A few more strokes of your clit and your cumming with him, loud whines meeting his breathy moans. You lightly move your hips back and forth, trying to draw out the orgasm the best you can.
Silence overtakes the lobby of the shop not long after, the occasional sound of your deep breathing breaking it. Jungkook runs a hand up and down your back a few times before patting your ass, and you draw back to look at him. He looks absolutely wrecked, hair a mess and still sweaty, but also very satisfied.
“So… would this be a good time to ask you on a date, or…? To be honest, I have a pretty big fucking crush on you if you couldn’t tell. I come in all the time to see you..” You gape at him, blinking owlishly at the confession. Him coming in so often makes a bit more sense now…
“What a coincidence. I might also have a tiny crush on you. Guess that works out for us, huh?” You lean in and give him a few pecks, his lips chasing after yours every time you pull away. Leaving a final kiss agains your jaw, he pats your ass again, a tiny smirk on his face.
“Well, come on princess, let’s get cleaned up so I can take you out on a nice date.”
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mono-moonchilds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ღ smutty little scenarios based around smutty songs
ღ member x blackfem!reader series
Tumblr media
▶ FREAK {JHS x reader}
Freak like me. You want a good girl that does bad things to you. You never been with no one as nasty as me. Spice up your life, come get a freak. Freak like me.
Read Here🎧
▶ WILD SIDE {KSJ x reader}
We can't just keep talkin' about it. We think too often about it. We can't just be cautious about it. I wanna get wild. Take me for a ride, boy. Show me your wild side, boy. Know it's been a while, boy. I wanna get wild
Read Here🎧
▶LOVE ME {JJK x reader}
Girl, I fuck who I want and fuck who I don't. Got that A1 credit and that fillet mignon. She said, "I never wanna make you mad I just wanna make you proud." I said, "Baby just make me cum, Then don't make a sound."
Read Here🎧
▶ A.D.I.D.A.S {KNJ x reader}
All day I dream about (Shhh) with you. All day I dream about (Shhh) with you. They say that it's overrated, but they ain't doin' it right. All day I dream about (Shhh) with you.
Read Here🎧
▶ THE HILLS {PJM x reader}
I only call you when it's half past five. The only time that I'll be by your side. I only love it when you touch me, not feel me. When I'm fucked up, that's the real me. When I'm fucked up, that's the real me, yeah
Read Here🎧
▶ NEED TO KNOW {KTH x reader}
You're exciting, boy, come find me. Your eyes told me, "Girl, come ride me". Fuck that feeling both us fighting. Could he try me? (Yeah) mmm, most likely
Read Here🎧
▶ WILDFLOWER {MYG x reader}
You're the only one who makes me. Every time we. I'll tell you what I like. My wildflower. You're the only one who makes me. Every time we. I'll tell you what I like. My wildflower. You know you are my favorite fantasy. A fatal love song. Waterfall is overflowin'.
Read Here🎧
Tumblr media
A/N → drop by and tell me which story you're excited for!!
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sammybby · a month ago
Request : Taehyung and Y/N are best friends that love each other and don’t want to make it official but hook up (smut requested - eating out)
Pairing : Taehyung x f.reader
Genre : friends with benefits au, pwp
Warnings : best friend!Taheyung, light flirting, finger sucking, making out, grinding, ass squeezing, oral (y/n receives), cum in mouth
WC : 3k
A/N : I’m sorry to the anon who was waiting for this. Bare with me as I tried my hardest to make this request work as best as it could but ENJOY <3
Feel free to imagine Taehyung like this
Or however…
Tumblr media
It was his fault really. Taehyung and you both knew how a simple come over from him would end up.
And here you were.
Initially, you were just planning to watch any movie you could find on Netflix that was interesting enough for you both not to snooze off.
Although, it was already difficult when he opened his apartment door to you with that devilish smirk on his face and flirty eyes, you brushed it off, handing him the pack of strawberries he asked for and walked right past him to make yourself comfortable on his sofa.
He made his way to the kitchen and was on his way to start washing them while you wrapped a blanket around yourself and took a glance at him to meet his sexy back.
You weren’t even looking at his face but his wide shoulders made you gulp alone. Scolding yourself, you shook your head from how horny you were becoming, just being in the presence of Taehyung.
The sexual tension in the air was crazy as he plopped himself next to you, placing the bowl of strawberries on the table in front of you. It had been exactly one week since any encounters had occurred as you were unfortunately busy to meet each other and you were on your period.
Of course you spoke to one another during the night, it just never got to the point of being alone in flesh, so today was the perfect chance.
“Give me some.” He tugged on the blanket slightly and you sighed while letting him take some, closing your legs immediately when you felt him budge even closer to you.
Taehyung smirked when he caught a glimpse of you biting your lips and decided to lay an arm behind you.
“Oh no, the strawberries are too far.” He whined to himself and you rolled your eyes, hands held tight on the remote; thumb moving continuously so you could finally find something to watch.
“Can you get it for me Y/N ?” You paused and looked to the side of you to meet a small pout on his lips.
“Sure.” Leaning forward you had to leave your seat to grab the bowl, forcing Taehyung’s eyes to wonder down to the wonderful view of your backside. He felt something twitch in his pants when he suddenly thought of a dirty image of you without the current leggings you wearing.
Luckily, he managed to snap the filthy thoughts out of his mind when you planted the strawberries in his lap. “Don’t you want some ?”
“I guess so.” You replied, picking one between your fingers and taking a bite. Damn. They tasted good, however just as you were about to pick another, you noticed Taehyung watching you, his mouth agape.
Licking the residue of the juice left on your lips, you asked him, “What’s wrong ?”
“Aren’t you gong to feed me ?”
The baffled face of Taehyung’s made you scoff as you raised your eyebrows at him. “You have hands. Use them.” You deadpanned. And as soon as you were going to bite into the strawberry, he moved right next to you and embraced your hand with his, shoving the fruit in his mouth.
This wasn’t actually surprising, the dissatisfied tone making him grin. “Child. You’re an actual child.” Muffled laughs from Taehyung met your ears and it wasn’t too long before your chuckles began to echo his.
“Here, have one.” The innocent smile he made was all for show when you expected him to feed you, mouth starting to open, but instantly shutting when he sneakily led his hand toward you and then retreated, scoffing down the strawberry before you could even complain.
“Taehyung !” The sour look on your face eventually made him soften, resting the bowl from his lap back on the table, a fruit in his hand. “Ok, I won’t joke about now. Here.” Sensing the hesitation, he immediately tapped on your knee under the blanket, hinting for you to take it from him.
Fine. If Taehyung thought he could play with you, you could do it twice as much.
Taking hold of his hand, you observed how his eyes were stuck on your lips. The strawberry barely skimmed past them, entering your open mouth, to which you sucked on it, gazing into Taehyung’s eyes; ones filled with lust and curiosity. Biting into it finally, he nearly let out a groan, seeing the pleasure on your face with your closed eyes and how easily a moan managed to slip past his ears. Gulping down the sound that was close to leave his mouth, you finished the strawberry.
The then pair of closed orbs, flew open to carry on gaping at Taehyung while grasping onto the index and middle fingers that held onto the previously eaten fruit. Eagerly, he couldn’t help himself from ogling at you, awaiting your next movements.
Your tongue latched itself around his long and slender fingers, his eyebrows instantaneously furrowing from the action. His eyes lingered at your mouth, unsure where to look when he caught sight of the hot, focused look you had on your face. He was in awe at how incredibly breathtaking you appeared for him at this moment. The warmness of your tongue on his skin was gone though in an almost split second, causing a pit of emptiness to meet Taehyung’s stomach.
Pulling his fingers from out of your mouth, you held on to him, anticipating any reaction. There wasn’t any as he was too stunned from what you just did: so in it went again for the second time.
This time though you sucked harder and longer. Beginning with his index and then moving on to his middle, after sometime, licking on them both in your mouth; a moan escaped you, the vibration felt on his fingers.
“Fuck.” The intense stare-down between you and him ended when he hurriedly removed his fingers from your mouth, an irritated whine heard from you. You had no time to protest though, his lips crashing onto yours.
Funnily enough, Taehyung was still able to knock the breath out of you when planting - or more so forcefully joining - his lips onto yours. The first time he had kissed you was definitely one to remember, it had some kind of desperation and almost passion; somewhat similar to this one.
Missing the intimacy between you both, your hands found their way to his chest, pinching the fabric of his t-shirt that was covering his pretty body with your palms.
He’d had enough of you messing with him and just wanted to show you how much he had craved for this affection that he had been deprived of.
Pretty much nothing else being heard other than the sweet kisses and lewd noises of your tongues begging to connect, the frustration of finding something to watch with Taehyung flew out your mind and the forgotten, remaining strawberries stayed in their place as you could taste the flavour on him.
Wrapping your hair round his fingers, he pulled back slightly to see your fucked out face and touched noses, closing his eyes. “I’ve been waiting for this, baby.” Taehyung’s deep voice so close to your ears, sent shivers down your neck as you leaned in again to attach your lips to his for a short moment before withdrawing.
Chuckling, he was done with the games and muttered a come here, startling you when he hauled you on top of him.
You giggled, but was cut off when he repeatedly kissed you a number of times, your neck in between his hands as you threw the blanket off the both of you, not caring where it landed.
Sex with Taehyung was way easier than with any other guy; you’d both be pretty obvious when you wanted it. How it came to having it with your best friend, was even now a mystery to you.
Nevertheless, you weren’t one to pick up a fuss. You were just content with the fact you were fucking with a guy you knew you could trust and also satisfy you at the same time.
“Mmmh, Taehyung.” The neediness was hard to hide when his palm roamed down your back and came to a stop when he made contact with your ass. He chose not to finish there, clutching on the skin tightly, but let go to caress and squeeze on your thighs and waist.
Knowing just how to get you turned on, the readiness of you being able to touch him after such a long time, amused Taehyung, as you ran your fingers through his hair, hips jolting when he held on to you even firmly.
You were more than happy with this unplanned make out session - Taehyung too - however it seemed like your body also longed for his touch as in the spur of the moment, you began fidgeting in your spot. Having no control over what came next, it was as if your clothed heat was begging for some type of attention, pelvis rubbing against him, creating a rhythmic pace.
He groaned in your mouth, gripping on to your asscheeks to guide you. The sounds of your moans alone was making him hard, yet while he kneaded the skin that was in his hands, your grinding on him was only getting more intense. As much as he didn’t mind you getting pleasure from this action alone, he wanted your desires to be filled with something that was much more entertaining for him as well.
“Y/N.” Taehyung breathed, putting a pause to both the heavy making out between you and him and your motion of moving back and forth on his crotch.
Your foreheads bashed against each other, smiling as together you lightly panted, trying to get your breathing back to normal. Palms laid flat against his chest instead of grasping the fabric that was covering it tightly, he caressed your cheeks with his thin fingers, amazed at how things escalated so quickly.
“I think,” he muttered, grazing your ear with his teeth, “I deserve a treat after being away from you so long.” Too occupied with his teasing, you didn’t answer him, as he nibbled on the bottom of your ear, finding just the perfect spot behind it and leaving a small kiss.
Taehyung absolutely loved driving you crazy. The beautiful face you were making as he continued to peck on your neck only encouraged him further, adding small skims of his teeth, observing any different kind of response. You only held onto his shoulder blades harder, throwing your head back and sighing when he focused on one particular area that felt utterly divine. His tongue did wonders and became more concentrated when you bit back his name, your teeth firm against your lips - his glorious actions with his mouth on your sweet spot only travelling nearer to your chest.
Peeking up at you, you were so into it, he was finding it difficult not to chuckle. Since you were both friends even, Taehyung always found you gorgeous. It wasn’t in a crush or lover type of way, more of him appreciating your beauty. On the other hand, your friendship only strengthened and when time between you was spent more frequently, soon you were the closest with him, and not addressing how he was feeling was burdensome. He just never envisioned that you would reciprocate his thoughts.
In a swift but smooth manoeuvre, he had you under him in seconds. You gasped when your head hit the cushion below it, your body flat against the couch. Ok. You guessed things were moving fast now.
He leaned down taking a quick peck from you, getting you all breathless and then taking all the excitement away when retreating, but left you dumbfounded - removing his baggy white shirt to leave you with the dazzling sight of his caramel skin. The bareness of his skin had you wide-eyed. Taking your hands in his, he let your palm run down his abs as he studied how your eyes wouldn’t leave his body.
Even being his best friend, you gave him butterflies and the greatest reactions he could ask for. Not only did he love that, he had a soft spot for how tempting you were when you treated him as if he was god’s gift.
Still stuck on tracing lines with your fingers, Taehyung held your jaw in place, keeping your attention on him. “I needed this Y/N.” Poking a tongue at his cheek, his free hand glided over your thighs, briefly brushing past your sensitive heat, till he met the waistband of your leggings.
“Can I ?” your nod was meant to be a sign of your willingness for him to rip the clothing of you, nonetheless, he raised an eyebrow, pretty much giving the impression that he was disappointed.
This time around, he got on his knees, face extremely close to your womanhood, gazing at you intensely from the position he was in. Taehyung’s now sinful stare, created an indescribable pit of emotion in your stomach before asking again can I ?
“Yes, please.” The last word which wasn’t planned to leave your mouth, delighted him, showing him how fragile you were turning as he pulled the fabric of you, a shocked gasp all to be heard. Quite frankly, he was fond of relishing in every second with you, though upon seeing the wetness of your panties, it only encouraged him to quicken the speed of you achieving your orgasm that he knew he would grant you.
The bottoms of your thighs rested on his shoulders, his hands patting on them lightly, fingers securing a grip to keep you in place. Your keenness was crystal clear by you stroking the back of his head, Taehyung getting ready to indulge in his source of pleasure, beginning with a faint kiss to your panties, your fingers abruptly clasping the fluffy strands of hair that was in hands reach.
He was adamant on you reaching the full lengths of gratification only after going through some extent of suffering, but it was worth it. It was Taehyung after all. “You know,” you lightly chuckled as he still peppered kisses all over the sensitive but right spaces,“a guy asked me out.”
In the middle of being pleased, you could only focus on tightening the grip on his hair as without notice, he ripped the fabric that he was fondling a second ago. “Really ?” The mutter said under his breath made out that he had no care in the world, proceeding to lick a stripe on your folds.
You thought that it was undoubtedly evident that you had no intention of answering him when he had took you over the edge, licking harsher and pecking, eventually entering your vulnerable hole with his tongue. He was practically face deep in your pussy, hands spreading your legs far apart - to prevent you from squirming, making his job somewhat strenuous. Regardless, he was up for the job.
The action wasn’t coming to an end, his nose now tickling your clit, he however was wondering who this guy was. It would be bothersome to pause just to ask you a question, therefore the only thing left to do was carry on nuzzling deeper into your inviting cunt, that tasted just right to him. His dick had begun to ache, a sign of the yearning he deeply felt to be back in this rewarding situation.
His wonderful mouth was seriously taking you to heaven, the whimpers and whines, music to Taehyung’s ears. This is what you were longing for. And it was impossible for anybody other than Taehyung, make you feel this amazing. “There’s no way-” you halted, legs wrapping themselves around his head, “I’d go out with another guy.” The loud groan that had left your mouth short after, signified the unforeseen orgasm coming undone.
Just from seeing you reach your high, he moaned, the shaking of your legs around his head, distracting him till he decided to put an end to the uneasiness you must have been feeling from the final sucks and kisses he was giving.
Gaping up at your eyes that were screwed shut, he gradually began to unravel your weak legs, heaving himself behind you and pecking on your exposed neck, cautious not to discomfort you upon hearing you mutter a small fuck.
Arms hung around your waist, he realised the cold air was probably hitting your bare skin and spotted your fallen underwear. It was inconvenient, making you move your sore legs unnecessarily, at the same time you would be feeling uneasy if he just left you naked.
Slowly, he lifted your legs and ensured you were covered, picking you up at your hips slightly to wear the panties. At hearing the sound of you wincing, he cringed, “Fuck Taehyung, what are you doing ?”
Puzzled to see you stop him by holding onto his wrist, he stayed put, and gulped when you crawled on top of him. The sudden change in energy was exciting and unpredictable, your then tired eyes turning into mischievous.
This was what Taehyung cherished. Having a best friend who was thoughtful enough to give back even if he was fine with just seeing your desires being fulfilled. He’s never been treated this well and it was what he loved about you.
Boldly, you kissed him when feeling him massage your hips, the glint in his eyes virtually inquiring if you were ok. Kissing you back just how you liked it, it struck you, most others would find this circumstance bizarre; something that was natural to you both.
Closing the proximity, he pet your back and chuckled, crossing his arms behind his back when you trailed pecks down his neck, chest and torso, nearing his waistline. Running a palm up and down his abdomen, Taehyung bit his lip on seeing you rest your hand on his length, steadily palming him. Your playful face saying it all.
“I’ve been waiting for this too. Let me make you feel good, huh ?”
Tumblr media
Let me know what you thought and request if you’d like !
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sweetieguk · a month ago
golden hour (m) | knj
Tumblr media
⇴ pairing: namjoon x (f) reader ⇴ genre: established relationship; fluff, smut, pwp ⇴ rating: 18+ ⇴ word count: 2.3k
⇴ summary: your boyfriend, namjoon, thinks you look like an angel, one that’s sat on a cloud with the way the sunlight hits you like so; making your skin glow and eyes twinkle. though, perhaps the glint in your eye is caused by something else entirely.
⇴ content: slice of life, boyfriend au, brat!oc, softdom!joon, but like not really bc he’s so soft for you too...idk. cursing, pet names, kind of silly tbh. nsfw smut: teasing, some praise + humiliation, lazy handjobs + blowjobs, pre + post coital bliss and kissing!
author’s note: it’s been so long since i’ve written anything and i’m a bit nervous to post this. it’s just a little drabble for me to get back into the swing of things, so excuse the horrendous writing. i hope you enjoy it regardless ♡︎♥︎♡︎
Tumblr media
“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” 
A small smile finds its way onto your lips, your cheeks widening into the warmth of your boyfriend as his fingers run through your tresses. His large hands manoeuvring the hair out of his way to see your pretty face better. He smiles back, dimpled cheeks and all.
There’s no need to think further on the words he’d just spoken; and yet, you pause the motions of your hand and look up at him from where you lay. Your eyes meet his for a moment and perhaps it’s for a beat too long because he starts to squirm. You hum to fill the silence before answering, “You're only saying that because you made me cum.”
“What?” you question, feigning innocence while your fingers return to lazily glide over his happy trail. Feeling the way his abdomen tenses and relaxes as you mindlessly play with the hairs there. Namjoon takes a sharp inhale.
“That’s not true.”
“Isn’t it?” 
 “No, it’s not.”
 Namjoon tuts at you when the quirk in your brow doesn’t disappear.
Lifting your head from his thighs, the bed squeaks a little as you pull away from his gentle embrace. Sitting in front of him now, the soft linen falls off from your shoulders, sliding down your torso and settling on your waist. It pillows around your hips and Namjoon thinks you look like an angel, one that’s sat on a cloud. Everything about you is soft. From the way you look at him, the soles of your feet tucked underneath yourself to the way your breasts sit on your chest; nipples aren’t quite hard anymore, but puffy and supple. You’re warm too, he thinks, as you run your palms up and down the meaty part of his thighs.
Yea, definitely.
Warm like the sun that filters through your sheer curtains. Illuminating the room in a yellow, no scratch that—golden—hue because when it hits your skin, you sparkle. The rays shimmer against you, enhancing the dewy glow that still lingers from your orgasm from no more than twenty minutes ago. Your face is radiant too, he notes, observing how you watch him and your eyes twinkle. Or perhaps the glint is caused by something else entirely.
Looking down at Namjoon’s more than excited length, you trail your tiny fingers from where they rest on his leg to the place where they meet his pelvis. Along the way you feel how goosebumps begin to rise on his skin and he warns you with a call of your name this time.
“What are you doing?”
Glancing at your boyfriend for a brief moment, you return to the task at hand. “What does it—” cupping his balls now “—look like I’m doing, Joonie?” 
He curses under his breath. You’re in that kind of mood it seems. The one where you push push push and won’t stop until he puts you back into your place. His finger twitches but so does his cock, and the hand that’s been settled by his side finds its way to run through his strawberry blonde hair. He internally groans with a drop of his head, and returns to look at you with narrowed eyes.
Was it not enough when he railed you into the sheets earlier? Driving his hips into you like his life depended on it? It had to have been, you were so drunk on his cock that you mewled and drooled on the comforter. And what about when he played with your cute little clit? Huh? Pinching and tugging on it just the way you liked, that you squirted so much he had to change the bedding twice? God, you were so messy, his cute messy little baby. He’s sure it was enough—his jaw tenses—it had to have been.
When you feel the heat of Namjoon’s glare on your face you return the look with the same intensity. Leaning forward with your arms out in front of you in a way that frames your tits just for him. Your unoccupied hand finds its way to your chest and you knead your breast right in front of his face. Taunting him. You hold his stare. He searches your eyes. It’s a waiting game now. The both of you are impelling the other to break. You don’t waver though, no, determined as ever to get what you want and you cup him harder. A closed-mouth scoff leaves your boyfriend to conceal his amusement.
What happened to his precious angel, hmm? His lovely little sunshine? It seems as though she’s long gone now and has been replaced by a brat.
Luckily for you, though, Namjoon is feeling…generous and is more than willing to play along. He spreads his legs some and gestures with a nod, “Go ahead, baby.” 
Suppressing a squeal, your tiny fingers eagerly continue to fondle his balls. They’re smooth as Namjoon grooms them hairless, hot and heavy in your palms. Your lashes flutter and lips part at the thought of having them in your mouth, tongue laving them like so just to capture each one to suck on them earnestly. A stifled sigh leaves you as your skin prickles from the heat that rushes over and you have to push down the urge to tend to the sudden tingling at the apex of your legs. Patience, you reprimand yourself. If being with your boyfriend so intimately like this has taught you one thing, it’s that the reward at the end is always worth it. Especially when—glancing at him now—it means you get to see your handsome man fall apart, withering, beneath you.
“Do you think I’m pretty, Joonie?” Using a single finger to trace along the thick vein of his shaft, “When I touch you like this?”
Watching him closely, you don’t get the response you were looking for as he remains stoic and silent. Although, it’s almost comical, the way Namjoon’s cock jumps up and away from your touch. The saturated saccharine voice, the feather-like grazes, the assault, far too much to handle. For him, that is. While you, you’re just getting started.
Your attention returns to the actions of your hands. You continue to tread lightly over the silky skin of his spent member, roaming every inch of it to make sure no area was left without your teasing touch. A gleam of light catches your eye at his tip and you stop at his slit where a single drop of arousal pools. Dipping your finger into the essence, a question comes to your mind, “Do you think you can cum again?”
Namjoon answers with a grunt. The sound draws you to meet his face and you’re met with a tongue at his cheek. You don’t mean for it to come out in that sickeningly sweet voice of yours again, genuine concern in the words you’ve spoken and yet, Namjoon can’t hide the way you affect him.
The tell tale signs of him getting worked up as he glistens with a sheen of sweat. His golden skin sparkles from where he sits against the headboard, with his head resting at the top of it. You follow the way he twitches, the itch he has to reach out to you is so painstakingly obvious, despite his attempts at hiding it.
Humming in delight you form a circle with your index and thumb to wrap it tightly around him. Spreading the wetness down the rest of his length provides a much easier glide to play with. You idly work your digits on him, subtly tightening on the downstroke and loosening on the upstroke. Namjoon’s breath hitches.
“Muffin, baby. Yea, right there.” 
“You like that?” Surprise is evident in your tone. Namjoon isn’t usually one for soft and teasing touches, neither are you the type to delve in overstimulation but you enjoy it, and—catching the way your boyfriend’s throat bobs and lips part—he does too. Although…he just might like this better.
Namjoon feels your plush lips against him. They’re ghosting over him and it’s not nearly enough pressure to really do anything. It shouldn’t be, anyways; and yet, he lets out a moan. It’s light and airy but it reaches your core all the same.
“How ’bout now?” You whisper, ignoring the heat that stirs in your stomach and focusing on the boy in front of you. Your stubborn lips brush against his member, it's neither hard or soft, still plump from your continuous fondling from earlier.
Your boyfriend’s resolve falters, he can’t lie even if he wants to, because you always look pretty with your lips wrapped around his cock. But that's besides the point, why can’t you just accept his damn complimen—
“A-ahh!“ The sound is ripped out from Namjoon’s throat. His brows furrow, and he looks down in between his legs to see you suckling at his tip. Tongue poking out every once and a while to lap at his frenulum. He blinks, once, twice more, taking in the sight and his eyelids droop. “I love that,”  he finally says with a sigh, melting the wrinkle on his forehead as well as what’s left of his composure.
You know he does. You giggle and tell him as such. “Joonie, you’re so sensitive,” the words slip out as you marvel, thumbing at his favourite spot. Watching how he steadily oozes precum and makes a mess all over your digits. He’s almost fully hard now. His length, a pretty shade of pink bordering purple and you have to press a hand to your centre for some relief.
With a palm snug in between your legs, you press wet open-mouthed kisses onto his length, making out with the head of his cock while your tongue traces the vein that decorates his shaft. The pulses in your mouth compel you to swallow him whole and you keen at the feeling of him reaching full mast.
Your eyes flick up to watch your boyfriend and the scene is obscene. His face is absolutely lewd with the way it's contorted as if in pain, drenched in euphoria. He moans freely now, his sounds reverberating out into the small depth of your room and straight into your greedy ears and soiled cunt. The torture’s become almost too much for him with the way you slobber all over his length that he can feel you drip all the way down to his aching balls and—
Fuck! His hands have a mind of their own as they roam across his chest, electricity shooting to the tips of his fingers and toes. He feels light, slightly dizzy. Hazy. Like the steady beam that fills the space. Drowsy on the feeling of you and how you make him feel so fucking good. Trembling, Namjoon’s hands desperately reach out for something, anything, to anchor the last bit of his sanity to earth. And when he finds it, he lets go.
Namjoon cums with a shutter, his hand gripping tight into your hair—a bit rougher than he intended. Though, the pleasure that racks over his body is different this time, intense but simultaneously not enough. Wave after wave, ecstasy branches from his spine to his most nether regions. His member jerks every which way into your mouth and you relish the warmth that soothes your tongue with a hum.
A steady stream fills your throat and you deftly swallow before removing yourself with a pop. You bring the back of your hand to wipe away the excess, and glance at your recovering boyfriend. He’s gorgeous like this, chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. Looking at you all blurry eyed with a dreamy smile on his lips, and you mirror one of your own. Lowering once more, you place a gentle kiss onto his slit. Unintentionally catching the last couple beads of his arousal and mouthing a small ‘thank you.’ Both of which seemingly bring him out of his daze.
Namjoon blinks, once, twice more, getting drawn out of his reverie as you rise once again. “What was all that for? Hmm?”  He asks, it’s with a hand that he beckons you over, and you gladly find your place by his side.
With Namjoon on his back, you drape a leg over his torso and nuzzle into his neck. Taking a moment, you place a hand onto his chest, for no other reason than to just feel him and indulge in his warmth.
Prodding once more, Namjoon soothingly runs a large hand along the length of your thigh, “Muffin?”
You make a sound of acknowledgement and your boyfriend turns towards you to be met with your tired eyes and pouty lips. They’re irresistible as always and he draws you in close for a kiss. It’s languid and lazy, tongues meeting in a slow dance as you exchange the taste of your earlier tryst. It lulls you both into a state of serenity as the sun sets into a peaceful night.
Once you part, you blink up at your boyfriend and repeat once more, “Thank you.”
 A cheeky grin spreads across Namjoon’s lips and he draws out, “For..?”
“For making me cum earlier.”
“—for calling me beautiful,”  you interrupt, adopting your boyfriend’s smile. “Sometimes I forget, but with you I always feel beautiful and…” Your cheeks widen, “I think you’re beautiful too, Joonie.” It’s said with a twinkle in your eye and a hand resting on his cheek.
Namjoon scoffs but not without placing his hand over the top of yours on his face. He plays with the digits for a few moments while whispering sweet nothings into your ear; admiring his favourite facial features of yours before pulling the covers over the two of you once again.
Yea, definitely an angel.
a/n: idk what happened. this was supposed to be all cute and fluffy and than i had to add a touch of brattiness— oops? not joon cumming as soon as oc deep throats him! but fr tho i loved writing this pair sm! i’m thinking of writing a pt. 2 where joonie really puts oc back into her place, yk? but we’ll see! anyways, if you enjoyed reading please do let me know! my inbox is always open, i’d love to hear what you thought of this drabble! love always,
—sana ♡︎
main m. list | mini m. list
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taleasnewastime · 7 months ago
Not that good
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s not that he’s always had rave reviews and it’s not like he is so into himself to think that everyone is into him, but he’s never failed to make a girl orgasm before. At least until you. And at least he thinks he’s always managed to please the people he’s been with. But you’ve planted a seed of doubt in his mind, made him think that maybe he doesn’t quite have the moves he thinks he does, and now you’ve worked your way into his head he can’t get you out.
Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: College/Uni au, strangers to lovers, smut, angst, fluff
Word count: 20k
Warnings: Verbal sexual abuse (nothing too bad but a warning nonetheless), (legal) alcohol consumption, the pov changes throughout the story, miscommunication, Explicit sexual content, oral (f receiving), kind of public sex, dirty talk, protected sex, there’s a one night stand, I don’t even know anymore, there’s sex and there’s angst basically.
Authors Note: Where did this come from? Your guess is as good as mine. I have so many story ideas and then this just came and took over me and voila! I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Hot, deep breaths fan across your neck. Damp strands of hair tickle your skin where they fall from his head. He flopped down onto you as soon as he came, a strangled noise leaving him before his hips stuttered to a stop. He at least caught himself before crushing you; that at least is a point in his favour.
You give him some time to recompose himself, run your fingertips lightly down his back to comfort him. You’re biding your time until he moves off you, don’t want to physically push him away and don’t want to verbally ask him to move. And really this is one of the nicest parts of the whole exchange, not that the sex was bad, it just wasn’t... amazing. It was good, possibly above average, but nothing to write home about. You don’t really know why you expected anything different, he’s hot, beyond hot, and in your experience it’s those guys that tend to get a little cocky, think that’s enough on its own, lack finesse. They become selfish to their own desire.
He’s still hovering over you, still in you. His chest still moving up and down as he continues to take large lungful’s of air, his skin touching yours with every expel of air. He really exerted himself. You could tell, he was really going for it right before he came, his hips pounding against yours. He was obviously enjoying it, but to you it was just, fine. You’d enjoyed it, gained some form of pleasure from it. You’ve had worse, but you’ll surely have better.
There’s a deep chuckle, the noise going right through you as it’s released near your ear. And then there’s a shift of weight as the man pulls away from you.
You wince as he pulls out of you and then he rolls away, getting up to stand in the room, you roll the other way.
“That was amazing,” his voice sounds out from behind you.
You hum, a light noise you don’t think he hears but let out anyway.
There’s some rustling behind you as you put your feet onto the floor. You slip your pants on before pulling the dress you were wearing tonight over your head. You rake your fingers through your hair, mirrorless you just have to hope the strands are sitting flat on your head. You glance down at the floor, search for any other items that belong to you, bend down when you notice the bra you can just shove in your bag.
“Oh,” you hear the disappointment thick in his voice, slow your movements down as you pick up your bra, mentally prepare yourself for the conversation that’s about to happen.
You plaster a small smile on your face as you stand, back still to the man, you take a small breath in as you twist to look at him. The time you bought yourself has at least given him a chance to school his face into a neutral look. Good, hopefully this won’t be too painful.
You wait, back in the dress you wore to the house party, bra now in your hand and not clasped around your back, hair not neatly styled, make-up probably smeared across your face. He stands naked in front of you. The rustling was obviously nothing to do with him collecting something to wear and more to do with him discarding the condom. Still, he doesn’t seem embarrassed by his nakedness, not that he has anything to be embarrassed about, but you at least respect that he can stand there proudly, no feeling that he should cover up.
“You don’t have to – I mean – I wasn’t going to ask – if you want -” He stops, takes a breath to recompose himself, lets a small awkward chuckle loose, itches the back of his neck. “I’ve already said it, but that was amazing. I had a really good time.”
You nod at him, lift your lips into a small smile. He itches the back of his neck again, eyes drift away from you to look at a spot on the wall behind you.
“You don’t have to rush off. I mean you can stay if you want. Not, like, overnight if you don’t want to. But I have tea?”
It’s sweet how he’s gone from the cocky-knows-he’s-handsome guy to this. Your lips twitch, threatening a more genuine smile.
“I’m just going to head off,” you say and to his credit, he doesn’t let the disappointment show too much. “But thanks.”
You start to move towards the door that you entered through earlier in the night. Pick up a few bits from the floor as you come across them.
It takes him a second, maybe your words haven’t quite registered in his mind, or maybe he’s just not used to rejection, but as you close in on the door he finally moves. As you reach down for your bag, he reaches for his pants, shoves them on as you shove your bits into the bag.
“Ok,” he says. “Well, I meant it when I said that was amazing. I had a lot of fun.”
You nod again, eyes focused on your bag as you manoeuvrer your bra around your lipstick and purse. After a beat you look up at him, give a small closed lipped smile before carrying on to your destination. You hear his steps trailing behind yours as you go down the hallway.
Maybe you should feel bad. Some people would label you a bitch, others a slut. But you don’t really care; you don’t want to stay, so why should you? It was nothing personal, you rarely stay for long, just something you don’t want to do. You’ve known plenty of men who do it, sleep around, have one-night stands, don’t do committed relationships, and yet they never get the same labels as you. So you try to not let any guilt seep in as you make your way to the front door.
You plop down onto the floor so you can better slip your trainers on. Focus on tying the laces and not on the figure looming over you.
“Can I get your number?” He asks. “Or can I give you mine? I’d love to do this again. Maybe meet somewhere other than a house party?”
You wince to yourself as you don’t answer him. Try to convince yourself that he’s the one that’s making this worse. But then you could just accept his number, it doesn’t mean you have to contact him. But you don’t want to give him any false hope. You’ve waited by a message-less phone enough times to not want to do that to someone else. Still, you feel like a bit of a dick for not even answering the man.
Shoelaces tied, you stand up, face the man to at least give some form of goodbye before you walk out his door. You’re at least not that much of a twat.
You’re met with his bare chest, have to crane your neck backwards so that you can meet his eyes.
“Did I do something wrong? Have I offended you somehow?”
You swallow, take a shallow breath before you plaster another small smile on your face. You try to at least not be patronising about this.
“No, it’s fine. It was good, I just want to leave now,” you shrug as if it’s no big deal, because it’s not.
You see his eyebrows pinch together, can almost see the calculations running through his head, slowly adding up everything to get his answer.
“You didn’t enjoy it?”
“No, I did,” you’re quick to jump in and correct him. “It was good Taehyung.”
His head tilts, whether because you’ve said his name, something you have no doubt that he thinks you’ve forgotten, or whether because he doesn’t believe you, you’re not sure.
“You just didn’t find it as good as I did.”
“I had fun, I enjoyed it. I don’t need to orgasm to enjoy sex.”
A look of shock passes over his face, and you know you’ve put your foot in it before he speaks.
“You didn’t come?”
You close your eyes for a second. Is he really this obtuse?
“It’s fine. Like I said, I had fun,” you know you’ve lost him, know he won’t believe the words even though they’re the truth. “I just also want to leave now. It’s nothing against you, seriously.”
You shuffle backwards, blindly look for the handle of the door so you can make your escape. Taehyung at least doesn’t follow you, just stands staring at your retreating figure.
“It was good. And you know, I’m happy you enjoyed it too,” you find the handle and wrench the door open but pause long enough to give him another small smile. “I’ll see you around? Maybe at another flat party?”
You don’t wait for an answer, just give one last smile and then twist on the spot. You pull the door closed behind you and then just keep walking. There are a few others’ seeping in from their night outs, you give them all small smiles as you walk through the halls back to your own room.
Tumblr media
“Have any of you ever had mind-blowing sex that the other person didn’t enjoy?”
“Good morning, Tae. Thank you for the coffee. How was your weekend?”
Taehyung frowns at Seokjin. “I didn’t buy you coffee?”
“Exactly,” Seokjin throws his hands wide as if he’s had a big argument and he finally has someone on his side. “Please, at least buy me something hot before diving into a conversation about sex.”
Taehyung’s frown deepens at the man. Is he making some weird joke again? He seems to make so many obscure jokes that Taehyung finds it hard to decipher when he’s being serious and when he’s joking.
“Who did you have this mind-blowing sex with?” Jimin draws all eyes to him, ignoring Seokjin completely.
“Some girl I met at a party,” Taehyung’s voice dips as if becoming less sure about bringing this topic of conversation up.
“Sounds hot.”
“And how do you know she didn’t enjoy it?” Jimin ignores Seokjin.
“She told me,” Taehyung shrugs.
Seokjin lets out a breath, his eyebrows shooting up his forehead. “Phew, that’s harsh.”
“Well, she didn’t exactly say she didn’t enjoy it. Or that I was bad. In fact, she said she had a good time, it’s just that she left so fast that it didn’t quite seem like she had a good time.”
He doesn’t know why he’s defending you. Doesn’t really know why he’s bringing you up at all. But ever since you left that night, he can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe it’s because no one’s ever left him quite like that before, no one’s ever been quite so blunt before, no one’s ever told him that he was bad at sex. Not that you said that, but you’d implied it. You hadn’t come for Christ’s sake. He’d certainly never had that before. Or at least he doesn’t think he has.
Whatever it was, you’d caught his attention. The sex was amazing, he wasn’t lying about that, and he would definitely be up for doing it again. It’s just that, now he doesn’t exactly know how to go about doing it again. You’d not even left your number as you ran out the door. And now he’s slightly paranoid that the next person he sleeps with will be leaving a similar review. He needs to work out what was so wrong with what he did so he doesn’t make the same mistake again.
“Have you got a small dick?” Seokjin asks it as if it’s an everyday question, something you ask alongside what’s your name?
“What?” Taehyung splutters.
“Comparing sizes again Jin? I thought we’d established you’ve won the competition for smallest penis.”
“Fuck off Yoongi,” Seokjin says it lightly even as his ears burn red. “We’re actually talking about Taehyung’s poor performance this weekend.”
“I never said my performance was bad,” Taehyung grumbles.
“It obviously was if you couldn’t make her come,” Jimin chips in and while Taehyung gives him a look of betrayal, Seokjin tips his pen at him in agreement.
“Jesus, are you guys dim?” Yoongi sighs, routing through his bag to get his books out. “You could have the biggest dick ever and not be able to please a girl. Or you could have the smallest and still blow her mind. Size doesn’t matter.”
“Spoken like a man with a truly minuscule penis.”
There’s a slight chuckle at Seokjin’s words but it quickly dies at the look that passes over Yoongi’s face.
“I know size doesn’t matter. But, I’ve just never had any complaints before.”
“I doubt that,” Yoongi mumbles clear enough for everyone to hear.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Taehyung sits up defensively.
“You’re saying that every time you’ve had sex the girl has come?”
Taehyung looks around to Jimin and Seokjin as if in support but both look at him blankly.
Yoongi huffs out some air in amusement but doesn’t say anything as he focuses back on the textbook in front of him.
“Why is that so unbelievable?”
“Have you actually ever spoken to a woman after sex before?” Yoongi refocuses on Taehyung.
“Yeah?” Taehyung says the word more like a question, as if he isn’t actually sure if he has or not.
“But like, have you asked if they enjoyed it? Or, I don’t know, did you ask at the start what they like?” Yoongi pauses, but there’s not enough time for Taehyung to answer, really, he knows Yoongi isn’t expecting him to say anything. “Maybe ask her if she’s enjoying herself before the end next time. Just a thought.”
Taehyung nods as Yoongi looks back down at his textbook. He does do that, doesn’t he? Maybe not this weekend, maybe not explicitly at least, but he’s done it in the past. Hasn’t he?
He’s at least done what a girl has asked in the past, touched her where she’s asked, gone harder or slower when prompted and there was that one slightly weird time when the girl wanted to be pressed against the fridge when he entered her. Surely one of those times it was because he started the discussion. He’s not a dick, he realises the act is a two-way street. Sure, he wants to feel pleasure at the end of it, but he also hopes the person he’s doing it with is feeling good too.
“Different people are into different things,” Jimin speaks up as if seeing Taehyung’s inner turmoil. “Maybe this girl just wasn’t into it. Doesn’t mean the next won’t be.”
Taehyung nods again. Yeah, that makes sense too. He’s definitely rocked some girl’s worlds. And he’s also had some less than desirable sex himself. Maybe it’s not him, or at least not something he’s inherently doing wrong, just that him and this one girl aren’t compatible in the sex department.
But it still doesn’t really add up. How could he have such amazing, please-let’s-do-it-again sex and she just doesn’t?
“And you got laid. You should at least be happy with that. It’s more than a lot of these losers can say,” Seokjin adds, doing a wide gesture with his hand.
“That hand better not be pointed at me,” Yoongi says, eyes not looking up from his book.
Seokjin chuckles, clearly happy to be pushing Yoongi’s buttons and then drops his hand in favour of clicking on his keyboard. “Anyway, now that’s over, I wanted to ask about this essay I have to write on Lord of the Rings. Surely one of you nerds have watched it.”
Tumblr media
It plays on his mind. Not enough to dominate, more a lingering thought in the back of his mind.
He knows his friends are right, that you not orgasming doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on him, but he still can’t get it out of his head. What if others he’s been with have faked it? What if he isn’t as good as he thought. Not that he thought he was some master, but, he’d never exactly had a problem picking up girls and well, he thought they enjoyed sleeping with him; some had even slept with him twice.
So, yeah, it was probably just that one time. And that’s fine. Even you had told him it didn’t matter. You’d still had a good time.
But, still, something plays on his mind.
He doesn’t really expect to see you around, but it’s not the biggest campus, so it also doesn’t come as much of a surprise when he walks into the union café to see you sat at one of the tables.
You haven’t clocked him, too busy studying whatever’s written in front of you. And as Taehyung queues he tries to work out if it would be weird to go over and take that empty seat opposite you. Ok, maybe taking the seat is a bit too keen, but just to stand and say hi, is that also too much?
He deliberates as he shuffles forward towards the till. Keeps glancing over his shoulder to see whether you’ve noticed him yet, whether you’ve become a mass of dust due to the speed in which you’re try to get away from him. You had left quickly the other night. Hadn’t seemed keen to stick around even though he wanted you to. Maybe he should respect that, maybe he shouldn’t force his presence on you if you don’t want it.
You don’t go though, don’t clock him, unless you’ve seen him in the short bursts he’s not been staring at you. You stay, sat reading your textbook.
Taehyung’s drink arrives before he can make up his mind. As he puts the heat sleeve on his takeaway cup, he knows what he’s going to do. Really, he’s known since he saw you.
“Hey,” your eyes shoot up at his voice, wide as if your mind is half stuck in the text you were reading and half trying to take in who’s talking to you. “Y/N, right?”
A few emotions flick across your face, some too fast to read, but he’s pretty sure he sees shock and worry in there. Your face finally settles on something neutral though, one of those small, fake smiles you gave him the other night coming to your lips. You sit up taller, lean back into the seat now you’re looking up at him and not hunched over your book.
“Sorry if I’m disturbing you,” Taehyung gestures to your table, now not so sure he should have come over. Why did he even come here? What has he got to say? “I just saw you and thought I’d come say hi.”
Your smile seems to settle into something a bit more genuine. Body relaxing a touch as if you were expecting him to say something he hasn’t. He wouldn’t call the feeling that blooms in him pity, maybe guilt dashed with a bit of anger at the fact that you’d feel like you have to put your guard up around men like him because some had so clearly not been nice to you. What dicks have you encountered to be worried about him approaching you? Whoever they are, he’s already not a fan of them.
“You’ve caught me at a good time, I was just about to have a tea break.”
He looks at the empty mug your eyes drift to and his eyes pop open in surprise.
“Oh,” he inwardly curses himself for being so awkward. “Can I pay for a refill?”
He sees the uncertainty start to creep back into you, can almost see you debating the risks to letting him buy you a tea, as if then you’d then owe him something.
He places his takeaway cup down on the table, hoping you’d let him turn it into a stay in drink and then takes his wallet out his pocket.
“Please, let me get it,” he tries to sound as genuine as he can without sounding like he’s begging. “How do you take it?”
There’s a pause long enough that he thinks you’ll deny him, but then you speak. “Milk, one sugar, please.”
He beams, smile so wide he’s sure people outside probably think he’s just been told he’s won the lottery. Before you can change your mind, or label him as a freak for looking so happy at the idea of buying someone a hot drink, he turns and head’s back to the counter.
It doesn’t take much time to get your tea, so he is back handing you the mug in no time.
He lingers for a few seconds before deciding that it’s weird to just stand and he should sit down. You wouldn’t have let him buy you a drink if you didn’t want him to stay.
“I can’t stay long, I have a lecture at 3,” he says as he pulls up a chair as if to reassure you that he isn’t invading your space.
You smile at him, unbothered, before you lightly blow on your drink, steam rising into your face.
“So, what were you studying before I disturbed you?”
Your lips tweak at the edges as if you’re finding this whole thing highly amusing, though Taehyung is failing to see the humour. He is being highly awkward, but he doesn’t know what to say, just knows he wants to talk to you.
“Feudalism in the 15th century.” You must see the dumb struck look on Taehyung’s face as you let out a light chuckle before clarifying, “I study Politics.”
“Ah, right,” he says, as if that explains everything.
“What about you?”
“Art History,” he says. “The subject for every failed artist.”
“And are you? An artist that is.”
“I think failed is the key word,” he smiles when you let out a laugh. “Nah, I mean I never really tried to begin with, so I can’t have really failed.”
“I guess that’s one way of looking at it,” you smile at him.
He shrugs, taking a sip of his drink before talking. “It’s more of a hobby, not something I really want to do. I mainly paint abstract faces. Kind of weird.”
You smile at him again but don’t reply verbally. A silence falls over the two of you, heavy and awkward. He doesn’t know you, doesn’t know what to ask. He’s never normally like this, can talk to anyone about anything, but the only things that are running through his head are things regarding sleeping together.
Taehyung toys with his phone, checks the time, and then thinks, why the hell not. It’s been playing on his mind so much and now you’re sat here, maybe you can just answer him. You might be the only person that can silence the thoughts of doubts.
“About the other night,” he starts and your eyes flash before you look down at your mug. He feels bad for making you feel awkward, but not so bad to stop him from carrying on. “I just want to apologise again if I did something wrong.”
You shake your head in a way that shows you’re not surprised by the question, but it annoys you all the same.
“I already told you, there’s nothing to apologise for. I had a good time.”
Just like the other night, the words do nothing to make him feel any better.
“But,” he leans in closer, voice dipping in volume. “You said you didn’t come.”
You let out an exasperated laugh. “Really?” You raise your eyebrows at him as if not believing him, but you must realise he’s not lying as you carry on. “Taehyung, a lot of girls find it hard to orgasm from penetration alone.”
His face scrunches. Sure, he’d heard that before, he’d just never experienced it. Well, until you that is. He kind of assumed it was one of those folklores or old wives tales that isn’t actually true.
“You know, you have ten fingers,” you smile at him as if finding this whole thing highly amusing. “I’m sure you could get really inventive with them.”
He can feel his face heating and he’s pretty sure, if your smile is anything to go by, he is also going bright red. He’s not normally shy about talking about sex, but there’s something about you, or maybe it’s just the fact you’re so blatantly calling him out. Either way, he feels awkward as hell, wishes he never brought the topic up. What had he even expected from this? You’d called him out the other night, why wouldn’t you call him out again now?
He checks his phone as if looking at the time, but he see’s nothing, doesn’t take in the numbers that are displayed there.
“Right. Yep. Great,” he tries to sound unbothered, but knows he’s spluttering out any word that comes to his head.
“Seriously, don’t take it personally. Just a tip for the next person.”
He doesn’t really hear what you’re saying over the scrap of his chair on the floor. He’s making this ten times worse by running away, didn’t intend to get so flustered, but he’s in too deep to back out now.
“Well thanks,” he pauses long enough to look down at you, a beaming smile now on your lips. “And nice to see you. It’s a bit of a walk to the lecture though and I hadn’t quite realised the time.”
You nod at him and he can quite clearly see the giggle you’re supressing.
He nods back at you before turning on his heels and rushing out the door. The cold air does nothing to stop the heat in his cheeks.
Tumblr media
It always feels cheap to go to a party with no booze. You’d probably get turned away, or at least get some less than appealing looks if you didn’t turn up with some beers. But you’re a poor student. Though everyone in the house could lay claim to that, some seem to care less about spending all their money on alcohol.
Clutching the pack of cheap beer in your hand you weave your way through the already crowded room. You’re not the biggest drinker anyway, enjoy a party, but you’ve spent too many days of your youth getting drunk in fields to enjoy doing it now.
The kitchen is full of people talking and pouring drinks. You easily slip your beer into the corner and then pick up a cup to pour someone else’s gin in. No one even bats an eye as you add the mixer.
“So, hear me out,” a voice says behind you. “Tom said he’d meet us at Velvet tonight and I know for a fact that he’s bringing Rich.”
“You mean Dick,” another more feminine voice adds.
“Just because he’s hopelessly in love with me but is too scared to admit it doesn’t make him a dick.”
You spin when your drink is made, met with the faces of a man and woman, both have smiles on their faces despite their bickering. You take a sip of your drink as you watch them.
“I just think Dick is a far more fitting nickname than Rich,” the girl shrugs.
“Y/N, tell her, we’re going to Velvet right,” the man pouts at you.
Before you can even think of replying though, the girl speaks up. “Of course we’re going to Velvet.” She steps up to the counter next to you, grabbing a cup and pouring out the same drink you’ve just made. “And when I say we, I mean me and you,” she adds, eyes firmly on the man.
“What the hell does that mean?” You ask, offended.
“Who was it last time Usama?” The girl smiles at the man, who has just as big a smile on his face. You silently seethe at them.
“I think the question is more, how long was it before she left us last time, Helena,” Usama replies.
You know they’re teasing, your best friends, the only people who you know don’t judge you. It would be pretty rich if they did, they may not sleep with as many people as you do, but they’re not exactly angels.
“I get it guys, I’m flaky. I’ll endeavour to do better,” you say.
“Please don’t,” Helena says, placing an arm around your neck and pulling you into her side. “It’s nice to know that at least one of us is getting dick.”
“Even if that dick is less than par,” Usama adds.
You laugh, rolling your eyes. “It wasn’t less than par.”
You can’t him over the loud music, but you know from the face Usama is pulling that he is humming in a way that would indicate he doesn’t agree with you. You don’t care, Taehyung wasn’t less than par, it just seems that no one believes you.
“He was hot,” Helena backs you. “Usama is just jealous he could never get someone that good.”
“Excuse you,” Usama looks as if his mother has just been insulted. “Harry was hot. You admitted Harry was hot.”
Helena looks at you, rolling her eyes and giving you a look as if it pains her to say the words, “Harry was hot.”
A satisfied smile blooms on Usama’s face at the words. “He was, wasn’t he.”
“Unlucky that he is the only hot person you’ve slept with.” Helena manages to step out the way just before Usama’s hand would have slapped her arm.
“Anyway, it’s not all about how hot a person is. Y/N will be the first to say that’s not equal to good sex.”
“You know I’m stood right here,” you say incredulously.
“Exactly, you can ask her now,” Usama says, looking at Helena as if waiting for her to do just that.
“Let’s just actually join this party, rather than stand like losers in the corner,” you roll your eyes, pushing off the counter.
“Speak for yourself,” Usama mumbles, but still follows when you start to walk out the room.
The party is much like any house party you’ve attended. Far too many people crammed into the dark space, all with drinks in their hands, all shouting over the loud music making it even harder to think let alone hear anything. You kind of love it though. The sweaty heat from all the bodies. Watching everyone interact. Catching someone’s eye and not knowing where the night might take the two of you.
You push through the mass of people, finding a space big enough for the three of you to stand and bob along to the music playing.
You’re not sure who’s party this is, who’s house this is. Usama had messaged the details in the group chat and you and Helena had accepted. A thing that happens most weekends and a fair few weeknights. It’s one of the reasons you don’t enjoy drinking too much; you take your studies seriously, actually want to do well, and that has never been synonymous with drinking a lot at parties. You need to wake up and do some work tomorrow and you won’t be able to do that if you’re hungover.
It doesn’t mean you don’t have a good time. You smile as you watch Usama throwing some shapes, smile even wider when you notice some of the disgruntled faces around him. He doesn’t care that his arms are hitting people, in fact you think the looks may be encouraging him.
Helena looks like she’s in her own little world too. Eyes closed, head leant back on her neck she sways as if listening to a ballad not the heavy bass tune playing.
You join them. Doing a simple two step, shoulder and arms moving to the rhythm playing. You continue to look around the room as you move, smile as you watch a group of boys awkwardly sway to the beat, a couple in the corner are already passionately making out, and a boy is dancing just as enthusiastically as Usama. The smile comes easily to your face as you continue to bop.
“You never told me he’s friends with Park Jimin,” your arm is tugged into a grasp as a voice hisses into your ear.
You turn, confused to find Usama gripping your arm in a vice, but his eyes are trained on a spot in the opposite direction to you. You try to see what he’s looking at but nothing you see adds up to whatever he’s talking about.
“You need to take us over there and introduce us,” Usama continues, oblivious to the fact you have no idea what he’s going on about.
“I don’t know Jimin,” you say.
At that, Usama looks at you. His face looks as if you’re stupid, as if you don’t know what you’re talking about, and if you’re honest, you have to agree with him.
“Of course you don’t know him,” he says as if it’s obvious. “But you know him.”
You look back over to where he points, and it’s as if everyone hears, the bodies parting enough to give you the perfect view of who he is looking at.
You feel your face drain of blood, though you are unsure why. His back is to you, but you still know it’s him. Though you wouldn’t pretend to know him well, the curves of his body and the curls of his hair are unmistakably him.
“I don’t think I should,” you say already knowing what Usama is going to ask.
“Come on,” Usama whines, pulling on your arm. “Call it an early birthday present.”
“Your birthday isn’t until May.”
“Then Christmas,” he amends and before you can further protest, he’s talking again. “Please, Y/N. Do it for me.”
You sigh, looking back over to Taehyung’s back. He still hasn’t noticed you.
You look at Helena and she gives a small shrug as if to say why not? Another look at Taehyung and you know what you’re going to do. You can’t tell if the feeling of wanting to go and speak to him, regardless of Usama begging for it, is a good thing or not.
You look back at Usama, hope sparkling in his eyes. At least you can hide your want to see Taehyung under the vice of Usama wanting introductions.
“Ok,” you’ve barely got the word out before you’re being dragged across the room.
You throw the few people you bump into apologetic smiles as something akin to nerves curl in your stomach. You shouldn’t feel nervous, don’t normally when you see someone you’ve slept with. But there’s something about Taehyung.
All too soon your approaching Taehyungs back, can more clearly see the people stood with him. Why is it that attractive people seem to attract each other? Because that seems to be exactly what’s happening here. You thought Taehyung was good looking, but now, met with three other handsome men and two beautiful women, you’re not as sure he is quite as hot as you thought. Still hot, just not as godly maybe.
You hardly notice being shoved in front of Usama, landing right next to Taehyung. Don’t notice the way his gaze falls to your face to see who it is, the way his eyes light up in realisation, the smile that spreads its way across his face. You don’t see any of it happen, only look up at him when it’s all fixed in place, think the look was something on his face before you arrived.
“Hi,” you say all eyes in the group on you. “I saw you from over there and thought I’d come say hey.”
Lame, so utterly lame. You wish Usama had given you more time to prepare. Or had just told you what to say. You kind of want the floor to swallow you up, or at least to be able to control time enough to reverse a few minutes so you can start this over.
There’s an elbow poking harshly into your side. “Right,” you twist to see the large, forced smile of Usama. “This is Usama. And this is Helena.” You point at them respectively. “And this is Taehyung.”
You look back at him to see the same smile on his face, his eyes still on you as if they never left. You shy under it, unable to maintain the look. Instead, you look around at the group who are watching you and Taehyung, let out a small hi as you meet all their eye contact.
“Nice to meet you,” you hear Taehyung say to your friends. “This is Jin, Jimin, Becky, Yoongi and Sarah.”
You feel Usama move as Taehyung gives the introductions. “I think we have a mechanics lecture together.”
Jimin doesn’t look phased by the statement so directly pointed at him, just smiles and says, “with McConnell?”
You don’t think you’ve ever seen a smile as big as the one that overtakes Usama’s face, and you know before he takes a step towards Jimin that you’ve lost him. If you’re being honest, you knew you lost him as soon as he asked you to come over here.
Helena easily slips into the space Usama created, her face looking a lot less welcoming.
“So you’re Taehyung?”
You internally groan, don’t miss the way his eyebrows raise with the knowledge you’ve clearly spoken about him.
“The one and only,” he replies and must see the knowing look that passes over Helena’s face as he asks, “I hope it’s a name you think is synonymous with good things?”
“I guess it’s subjective,” she says.
“What have you heard then?” His eyes flick to your face briefly before settling back on Helena.
“You have a Pomerania dog and you enjoy dancing in your spare time.”
His eyes flare wide, clearly not expecting that. You weren’t expecting it, Helena has been holding out information on you. But the look that crosses Taehyung’s face far outweighs the shock. You struggle to supress the giggle that rises in you.
“And those are bad things?”
“I told you, it’s subjective,” she shrugs. “Is it also true you took a job thinking it was for a nude model but turned up and found out too late it wasn’t?
The giggle is impossible to hold back now, and from the redness that creeps across Taehyung's face, you’re pretty sure it’s not a lie. Yep, you definitely need to find out what else Helena is keeping from you.
“You dance in your spare time? You’ll have to show me tonight,” you save him, and he gives you a grateful look.
“Jimin is the true dancer, I just join him. More for a laugh then anything,” he says.
“Still, I’d love to see.”
Are you really flirting with this man right now? And so shamelessly in front of his and your friends? Your face heats as realisation dawns on you. You were supposed to be sticking to your policy of not giving him any false hope. At least that’s what you’d been trying to do with him up until now.
“It’s not Tae’s dancing you want to see, mine will blow your mind.” A tall, broad-shouldered man approaches you, drawing your eyes away from Taehyung, and saving you from whatever that situation was. Jin, you think was what Taehyung called him.
“Yeah, it will blow your mind, just not in a good way,” Taehyung directs it at you but it’s loud enough for Jin to hear.
You laugh. “I think that makes me want to see it more.”
Jin’s face transforms with the smile that comes over him. He looks devastatingly handsome.
“Then I will be sure to show you.”
He does show you. And it does blow your mind, and you can’t really tell if he’s good or terribly bad. He’s expressing himself at least and you guess that isn’t a bad thing.
You lose Taehyung somewhere along the way, end up spending more time with his friends than him. Which, though you strangely feel sad about, you think is probably the better thing. You shouldn’t lead him on. Your new mantra it seems.
You still watch him though, see him do shots with his friends, watch him laughing, think you see Helena and Usama interrogating him at some point and when you try and save him Jimin conveniently steps in your way for a conversation.
And just like you watch him, you see him watching you too. Occasionally catch his eye when you look over at him, you sometimes give him a small smile, but mostly keep your eyes moving as if you weren’t looking at him and instead were just passing your eyes over in that general direction. You don’t buy it, and you know he doesn’t either.
Still, you don’t approach him, and still he doesn’t approach you. Hang around in the same group but don’t have any time together. Better that way, you remind yourself.
Usama disappears with Helena to a club at some point, they ask if you want to join but you say you’ll just see them another night. You don’t miss the fact that Jimin leaves with them. You talk to Jin a bit longer, before deciding that you just want to go home. You say goodbye to the few people around you, unable to see Taehyung you decide to just go to the loo and slip out. He probably won’t even realise you’ve gone.
You push your way through the thinning crowds, make your way to the stairs.
“Where are you going?”
You jump at the voice, turn to see Taehyung looking down at you. His pupils look large from alcohol no doubt. He has a small, attractive smile on his face. Looking at him, stood so close, you realise why it was a good idea to stay away from him tonight. You twist away from him again, eyes focused back on the stairs.
“The toilet,” you say as you continue to walk.
“The one on the top floor is the best,” his voice trails after you letting you know he’s following you. “It doesn’t get as many people going to it. Quieter.”
You can hear the connotation in his words but don’t stop to reply. Feet continue to go up the stairs. The first-floor hallway isn’t busy, only a single person milling around, but you still follow Taehyung’s advice and continue up the stairs to the top floor.
“Are you planning on watching me piss too?”
There’s a low laugh behind you. “I just wanted to talk to you. I haven’t really had much of a chance tonight.”
You pause long enough to look at him behind you, he’s far closer than you expect. You nearly trip on the step above you, but catch yourself before you fall backwards, and then turn and carry on your way. Taehyung’s steps continue to follow you.
“And you thought the best time for that is now?”
“I can wait outside,” you can almost hear the smile on his lips, but don’t trust yourself to look at him again.
“Well I’m sure as hell not inviting you in.”
Another laugh from him, and you’re glad he can’t see your face to see the smile that comes from the sound.
“I just wanted to see if you’d give me another chance,” a pause and then as if only just realising the words he’s spoken and how they could be interpreted he quickly adds, “I mean as friends. I mean can we start afresh?”
Friends? Were you ever friends to begin with? You didn’t know him before you met him on that night out and then slept with him. And since then, you don’t know if you’d really call him a friend.
“I want to get to know you.”
The words scare you more than they should. You should feel flattered, not like you want to run as far away from this conversation as possible.
You don’t talk, just keep walking, now on the third floor, Taehyung behind you, your only escape is the doorway at the end of the hallway hiding the door.
You don’t run, but your pace definitely speeds up. You make it to the door with enough time for it not to be awkward that you didn’t reply, and more importantly, quick enough that Taehyung has no time to add anything else on.
Closing the door behind you, you push your weight against it, pulling yourself together before pushing away and going to the toilet.
You spend far too long washing your hands, hoping Taehyung isn’t stood waiting for you. It’s silly really, you’ve been watching him all night, been wanting to speak with him, and now that’s coming true, you’re running. But the context of the conversation isn’t what you wanted.
You want to get to know Taehyung, but not in the way that you know he means. You don’t want a relationship with him, at least nothing past friendship. Sure, it’s all he said he wanted too, but you’ve heard that before and it wasn’t true then, just like you expect it isn’t now.
Still, you can’t stay and hide in here forever.
As expected, he’s waiting for you when you open the door. He pushes himself up off the wall he was leaning on, giving you a small smile as he does.
“You have nice friends.”
“Yeah, they’re great,” you smile back at him. “Yours are nice too.”
“Yeah,” he elongates the word, and you feel the awkwardness start to draw in.
“Right,” you add, unhelpfully.
You start walking, have to push past him to start back down the hallway. He follows close behind you, his body nearly touching yours.
“I meant what I said earlier, you know. I do want to get to know you.”
You don’t reply, don’t know what to say. He doesn’t seem to take offense though, just continues talking.
“And you know, about the other night, I’ve been thinking about it and –”
“I’ve told you not to worry about it,” you pause and Taehyung bumps into you.
“I’m not. I just want you to know that I can –”
“I’m sure you can,” you interrupt him again.
“I can,” he whispers deeply into your ear causing a shiver to go through you.
You start walking again, but don’t make it far as a hand encompasses your wrist. You stop again.
“Just give me a chance,” he says. “Stop running away from me.”
Again, you don’t reply and again Taehyung doesn’t seem to care. He moves, hand still holding your wrist as he comes to stand in front of you. Your breath hitches as you look up at him.
“Let me show you,” he says, voice deep.
“You’re drunk,” you say smelling the alcohol on his breath as you say the words.
“Not drunk. I’ve not had enough to be drunk,” he corrects, hand still clutching your wrist.
“I saw you taking those shots.”
“Believe it or not, that’s not enough to get me drunk.”
“Still,” you say, unable to finish the sentence as you stare up into his eyes, his face so close to your own.
He reads your unspoken words, huffs out a small breath of air as he shakes his head. Still, he holds onto you, and still, you don’t try to pull away from him.
“Was I really that bad?”
“I never said –”
He cuts you off by tugging you closer to him, your chest pressed up against his now. He leans his head down so that his lips are against your ear.
“I promise I can make you feel good.”
“I didn’t –”
“I can show you,” he cuts you off again and you don’t protest, surprisingly turned on by it.
His lips press up against your ear before his teeth are lightly pulling at the lob. His hand moves from your wrist to your lower back as if in anticipation for you arching up into him. Your front presses up against his and you’re reminded just how solid and well-built the man is.
“Here?” You hate how affected you sound, how desperate for this you sound. You can feel Taehyung’s satisfied smile press against your neck.
Taehyung hums into your skin, his lips moving away from your ear down to your neck, kissing the skin there, nipping lightly but not enough to mark you. Meanwhile his hand moves again. He goes back to your hip before inching down. Painfully slowly he moves inwards and then stops when his fingers are splayed across the inside of your thigh. Close, so very close to where you want him, but not close enough.
“Do you still need help in how to please a woman?” Your words come out breathy, clearly more affected by what Taehyung is doing than your words imply. But the words hit exactly where you intend them to.
A low growl emits out of the man as he pushes you backwards. Your back hits the wall as Taehyung pushes his body against yours. Pinned against the wall you have no escape, not that you want one.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Not a question he expects an answer to. “Shall we see just how much?”
He waits a beat as if to see whether you’ll deny him. But you know exactly what he intends, and you have no intention of stopping him. You want this.
You’re glad you’re wearing a skirt, jeans would have been so much harder to do this in. He couldn’t so easily move his hands upwards, couldn’t just push your pants to the side, couldn’t immediately swipe his fingers through your folds. You definitely wouldn’t be doing this, in the middle of a hallway in the midst of a house party, if you had to pull your jeans around your ankles. You’re not sure who’s gladder you’re wearing a skirt, you or Taehyung.
“Do you enjoy being fingered against a wall where anyone could see you?”
His fingers start to slowly circle your clit. It’s not hard enough, not fast enough, and yet you still arch into him in pure pleasure.
He huffs out a laugh, the breath fanning across your neck where his head still rests.
“You do don’t you.”
You can hear the connotation of the words. Can hear the word he’s not saying. Slut. And though he may not mean it in the way it’s meant, you’re glad he doesn’t say it. It may be something some people enjoy, but in any manner it’s said, you hate it.
“I may be enjoying it, but at this rate I’ll never come before someone finds us,” you enjoy teasing him, enjoy the reactions you get out of him. “The whole point of hooking up in a hallway of a party is it’s quick.”
His fingers stop circling, move backwards towards your entrance and you think you’ve baited him. But he doesn’t dip those long fingers into you, just settles them against your entrance, applies enough pressure to tease you in return.
“It doesn’t feel like it will take you long to come,” he says deeply. “But if that’s what you want.”
With little warning he dips a finger into you. You arch up into him at the same moment your legs buckle. You’re glad for the hand that remains on your hip. Glad that you’re pinned between a literal wall and the wall that is Taehyung’s body. You think you’d be a heap on the floor if not.
“Is this what you want?” His lips are against your ear as his finger dips in and out of you. “Am I making you feel good?”
All rhetorical questions, all questions he knows the answers too. But you still let out a small moan in encouragement.
The noise seems to spur him on. The finger that’s in you multiplies, your once neglected clit gets the attention it deserves. It’s a lot and it happens all at once. The moan that leaves you now is louder, seems to bloom somewhere deep within you, isn’t forced. And Taehyung’s single hand on your hip that was once enough to support you now isn’t enough. You wrap your arms around Taehyung’s neck, seemingly putting all your weight into it, but Taehyung deals with it, dips a bit under the added weight but doesn’t let you fall.
His long fingers seem to reach places deep within you, curl at just the right spot to cause the most pleasure. Your hips grind down into his palm involuntary, seeking a release that you can feel fast approaching.
You aren’t aware of much, just Taehyung’s fingers in you, his heavy breathing on your neck, his body pressed into yours. You’ve forgotten all about the fact you’re stood in a hallway, someone could walk past you right now and you’d be totally oblivious.
You focus on the feeling building up in your core. Your hips grind down into his palm, fingers create a vice like grip on his neck, while your own neck falls backward, head lightly hitting the wall behind you.
“I’m close,” you whisper out and get a hum in response. “I’m so close.”
He carries on at the same pace, doesn’t increase or slow down, which you’re glad for; you’ve had people get too excited in the past and even when they increase their speed it sometimes rips your orgasm away.
You come, hips sputter, whole body convulsing in Taehyung’s hold. His fingers keep moving, helping you through. Small, involuntary moans escape you and Taehyung only removes his fingers when your body stops moving, when no more sounds come out of you, when your breathing levels out. But even as he pulls out of you, he doesn’t stop holding on to you. He stays pressed up into you until you remove your arms from around your neck, and only then does he step away from you.
You straighten out your skirt, fix your pants at the same time you see Taehyung fixing the obvious bulge in his. You look up at him as you run your fingers through your hair, give him a small but genuine smile.
“Better than last time?” He asks.
“You’re still caught up about that?” You huff out a laugh but still give him an answer. “Yes, Tae, it was better than last time.”
His lips pull back revealing a large boxy smile, obviously satisfied with your answer.
“So it’s Tae now?” You see the glint in his eye, realise the smile may be less about his performance review and more about the nickname.
You look away from him, pretend to fix your skirt so you can compose yourself. You hadn’t even consciously realised you’d called him Tae, and you’re not sure why, but something about his reaction causes your insides to heat with embarrassment. You’re not close enough to him for a nickname, shouldn’t have presumed it’d be ok.
“It’s ok, I like it,” he reassures you.
You nod at him, store the information for later, though you’re unsure if there will ever be a time for you to use it.
There’s a noise at the end of the corridor and then two girls come crashing into view. Stumbling towards you they giggle as they bang into nearly every surface. You feel Taehyung step up behind you, creating space for the girls to pass by you. You can hardly meet their eyes as they stumble past, too conscious of what you’ve just done and how if you’d last just a few minutes longer they would have walked in on it.
When you hear a door bang open and then close behind you, the giggles muffled, you step forward and then turn to Taehyung. You’ve created a larger space between the two of you, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to care. And when you open your mouth to speak, Taehyung beats you to it.
“Shall we go down together?”
You can’t really dispute, and when you think about it, there is no expectation it his words. Just downstairs together, nothing more, no further.
You nod at him, watch as another genuine smile blossoms on his face. Still, you don’t talk as you go downstairs, no small talk, no questions about getting each other’s numbers, no requests to do that again. The tension in you lessens with each step you take. It’s not that you don’t like Taehyung, it’s just that you don’t really do anything past what you’ve just done. And it’s nice to have someone who doesn’t put any pressure on it, doesn’t ask for more, doesn’t make it hard to leave. It’s always the worst part, after, but he’s making it ok.
The music is louder now you’re downstairs, the number of bodies thinner than when you were last here; a lot of people already having left.
“My friends are over there,” he leans in close to your ear so that you can hear him.
You look over to where he’s nodded and see a small group of people talking with drinks in the corner. Jin remains, and so do the two girls, everyone else seems to be gone.
“Ok,” you say, twisting to look back at him, waiting to see what he says next.
“I had fun,” he smiles at you, eyes darting between yours. “I’ll see you around?”
You nod, give a small, breathy “yeah”, and then watch as he leaves you to go to his friends.
You should feel hurt that he’s left you, most people would. But you only feel happy. No expectations, nothing like the last time you slept with him. He doesn’t look back at you, doesn’t see you watch him until he’s back with his friends, and then doesn’t see you silently slip out of the party.
Tumblr media
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. So maybe that’s why he thinks about you so much after that night. Or maybe it’s just because of the sex.
It’s almost definitely the sex. He’s done it with someone else since you, and it wasn’t the same, wasn’t as good. He came, which is more than you did with him that one time, but this just wasn’t as good. And now he’s made you come with his fingers, he can’t stop thinking about doing it again, this time with other parts of him.
He can’t help but think that it also runs deeper than that. Sure, that first time he didn’t know you, had only met you that night and that yet the sex was still mind blowing. But that seems to have sparked something in him. He wants to know you, actually know you. And sure, he wants to have sex with you again, but if you don’t want to do that with him, then he’s also happy just being your friend. He meant it when he said he wants to get to know you, something that didn’t seem to go down very well with you.
He’s not a stalker, he promises, but he would never admit to the fact that he looks for you wherever he goes on campus. Though he’s not a stalker, it feels like stalker behaviour. He doesn’t see you in the café when he goes, doesn’t see you at any of the parties he attends, doesn’t hear any of his friend’s mention seeing you.
Maybe it’s fate that does it, maybe those strings of red that some people believe in are real and his is tied to you. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Whatever it is, he’s happy for it. First, he stumbles upon you in that café, now he sees you in the library.
Much like when he saw you in the café you’re scrunched over your work, oblivious to the world around you. But unlike that time in the café, Taehyung doesn’t hesitate when he sees you.
“Hello again,” he says as he pulls out the chair opposite you and sits down, that textbook he was looking for long forgotten.
You look up at him slowly, but unlike all the other times you don’t look confused or unsure at who it is. There’s recognition in your face even before your eyes meet him. The thought that you knew who it was from his voice alone, and the fact that you didn’t tense at the thought, makes something flutter in Taehyung’s stomach.
“Hey,” you smile at him. “How are you?”
“Oh you know, trying not to drown under the constant pressures of uni while also trying to maintain a healthy and balanced social life. The usual,” he sees something glint in your eye as he leans back into his chair. Comfortable, no longer the bumbling idiot around you. “How about you? How’s Feud or Ford or Fenty or whatever it is you Politicians read?”
“Feud isn’t a person,” your smile grows just like the feeling in his chest. “I’m actually reading about Socialism. I’d go into it, but I get the impression it’s not your thing.”
“Oh, I’m not so sure. I could do with a good nap,” the laugh that sounds out is enough for Taehyung to consider asking Jin all about his crappy jokes, he may not find them funny, but enough people do that he’s willing to give it a go if it will mean he continues to hear that noise from you.
“Brutal,” you say, the word still twinged with laughter. “How have you been outside of uni work though? It feels like it’s been a while.”
“Yeah,” he breathes the word, it’s nice to hear you’ve felt like it’s been a while too. “I’ve been good thanks. Not much has really changed; Jin makes the same jokes, Jimin flirts with the same people, and Yoongi still pretends to hate us all.”
You shake your head at him but the amusement is still clear. “I hear Jimin and Usama have bonded over having a shared lecture.”
“So I hear.”
It’s true, the days when he’s wanted to hear about you, he heard about Usama. He liked the guy, sure, but it wasn’t really the person he was hoping his friends would say they saw that day.
“It’s nice,” you say.
“Yeah,” he breathes the word out again.
Nice? That your friend is friends with his friend? Because that would mean you two are a little more connected, have a little more in common, have a way to see each other a bit more? Or is he reading too much into that one word?
“You know, I’m actually glad I caught you,” he says, deciding to take the leap now he’s got you. “I was wondering, now we’re friends and all,” he pauses a beat, as if waiting for you to correct him, but you don’t so he carries on. “Do you fancy going for coffee together at some point?”
He expects you to stiffen, to turn him down, to look like you want to run away. What he doesn’t expect is for you to smile.
“You know, I’d love that.”
He can’t control his smile. It grows big, his teeth on display.
“Great. How about tonight? Or a study break when you’re free?”
“Ah, I’d love to, but I have work tonight,” you must catch his glance down at your books as you clarify. “I work in a bookstore. I have a shift this evening and need to get this done before I go. But I’d definitely be up for it another day.”
“Oh,” he’s surprised, though he shouldn’t be. He has to remind himself how little he knows about you, but still, he didn’t know you had a job. “That’s cool. I mean, a book shop? Which one?”
You smile at him, the amusement returning to your eyes. “It’s just a small independent one on campus.”
He nods as if he knows what you’re talking about, but he has no idea. The only place he comes for books is the library, and even then, that’s because his professors expect it of him and not because he wants to. He can’t imagine shopping for books for fun.
“Well, maybe I could give you my number so you can let me know when you’re not working or studying?”
You open your mouth to reply, but then stiffen, the amusement and hint of a smile dying with it. He thinks he’s mess up somehow, thinks he’s pushed you too far. He’s about to apologise when someone steps around him to the end of the table and starts talking.
“It’s been a while Y/N,” the man says.
You don’t reply, seem to shrink in size as if you want to go unnoticed by him. The man is turned so that he can’t see Taehyung, but even as you shrink, Taehyung sits up straighter, corrects his posture, tries to make himself look bigger.
“You’ve not messaged me,” he carries on, oblivious to your clear discomfort.
“I don’t have your number,” you mumble, eyes flicking around the room before settling on the book still open in front of you.
“That’s right,” he huffs a laugh. “People like you don’t take numbers, don’t like to go back for a second go. Is that right? Am I not good enough for you?”
Taehyung bristles. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?
“Fuck off Dave,” you mumble, though your words contain some bite.
“What did you say to me, slut?”
He watches as you flinch at the word as if you’ve received a physical hit. But he doesn’t wait to see much more.
“Do you want to stop sexually assaulting this woman?”
The man turns at his words, as if only just realising there’s someone else there. He knew the words would be enough to catch him off guard, and by the look on his face and the way his eyes dance around the room to check who could hear, he is right.
“I’m not sexually assaulting her.”
“Oh, so calling someone a slut and shaming her for how many or little people she sleeps with isn’t sexual assault?”
The mans mouth opens and then closes. Taehyung can almost see the clogs in his head turning as if trying to work out if the statement is true or if there is an argument he can use. Taehyung jumps in before he can think of a response.
“Just because she doesn’t want to sleep with you doesn’t give you the right to judge her. In fact, I think it’s probably for that reason that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near you,” he says.
“Do you want to mind your own business?”
“This is my business.”
“Oh,” the mans eyes flick back to you before going back to Taehyung. “Never thought she would get a boyfriend. But, I guess certain types of people are drawn to each other.”
Taehyung bites his tongue, wills the anger that rages in him to settle down. He doesn’t need to do anything stupid, even though he really wants to.
“I’m not her boyfriend. I’m a friend. But, I guess you would have no idea what that means.”
“Yeah, great come back,” the man laughs, but takes a step away from the table, eyes flicking once again around the room and as if realising he’s losing, while also realising that he probably shouldn’t stay much longer with the attention he’s drawing.
“You know, a tip for next time; maybe don’t insult or belittle women you find attractive. It might actually work in your favour,” Taehyung says.
The man walks away, throwing his middle finger up behind him.
Taehyung really, really wants to run after him. Really wants to punch him in the face and see if that will knock some sense back into him. But he doesn’t, he stays where he’s sat and turns his attention back to you.
“Are you ok?”
“I’m sorry,” you’re still scrunched up, don’t look up and meet his eyes.
“You don’t have to apologise,” he can feel the frown form on his face as he leans in closer to you. He wants to reach across and comfort you somehow, but he doesn’t know how, so he settles for just trying to get closer to you.
“You shouldn’t have had to deal with that,” you shake your head.
“Nor should you,” he replies.
You let out a breath and he waits for you to gather your thoughts.
He hates that that just happened. But he hates the thought that if he wasn’t sat here you would have had to deal with that alone. It’s not that he wants to be your knight, or wants to save the day, it’s just that no one should be treated like that.
The fact that you’re acting like it’s not the first time that’s happened makes him even angrier. Is this why you’ve been pushing him away? He remembers that time in the café, when he’d gone to your table and you’d tensed when you saw him. Was it because you were expecting him to treat you like that?
The anger continues to burn deep in him.
“I’d still be up for that coffee,” your comment throws him, it takes him a second to process it, but you’re looking up at him now, looking so much smaller than before and he realises you’re changing the subject. You don’t want to talk about it, at least not now, not with him, and that’s ok.
“Yeah,” he says, forcing the smile to return to his face. “I’ll give you my number.”
Tumblr media
He meets you for a coffee. He meets you for multiple coffees in fact, all on different days. He gets to know you, and he can’t help but like you more because of it.
You open up to him. There’s things that he knows you’re holding back about, topics you close up about, but he’s ok with that, he’ll take anything you give him.
You don’t have sex; it’s never brought up. And again, he’s ok with that.
You meet mainly just the two of you, in the library or for a coffee and he likes it that way. Though you still see each other at parties where all your friends are, he doesn’t get you to himself, doesn’t get to talk to you about all the things he wants. He prefers it when it’s just the two of you.
He knows he’s falling in too deep. He knows you only want to be his friend and he likes you far more than a friend likes a friend. But he doesn’t pull away the way he should, instead he dives in deeper. He knows boundaries, just because he likes you more than you like him doesn’t mean he’ll do anything. He can be friends with you. He can accept that’s it. He’s willing to push his feelings aside so that you’re in his life, in whatever capacity that is.
His friends think he’s dumb. Taehyung knows he’s dumb.
He doesn’t know what it is about you, but he can’t help but stay. It’s not like you’re that extraordinary. Sure, you’re beautiful, but he’s seen prettier people, he’s been with people who are more stunning. You’re funny and happy and have a nice personality, but again, he’s had more in common with others, he’s been with people who can make him laugh just as much as you can.
But there’s something about you. He doesn’t know what it is, probably never will, but he’s drawn to you. He doesn’t think about it too deeply, just goes along with the flow.
Whatever you give him, he’ll take and be happy about it.
Tumblr media
He’s drunk. Way too drunk.
Yoongi talked him into having a whiskey before coming (which was an alcohol that never sat well with him), and then Jimin turned up and started pouring shots. It was a recipe for disaster from the start, and one he fell right into.
Things were wavy before he even walked through the door. And though he’s held off from any more alcoholic drinks, he still feels it buzzing in his system.
He starts the night with his friends but loses them pretty early on. He thinks that they were all sat on some sofa’s but one by one they started to peel off and he thought, why the hell not have a look around himself? It felt like a good idea at the time, but now alone, he’s not so sure.
And then he thinks he sees you and it’s like the sun peaking out through the clouds, all bad thoughts and feelings disappearing.
He didn’t know you’d be here. Though you message a lot these days, neither of you had said you were coming to this. He doesn’t really know why he’s surprised; he’s seen you at enough house parties now. But he still makes a mental note (one he surely won’t remember tomorrow) to text you about going to parties in the future. Maybe you could even go to one together and not stumble upon each other like every other time. That would be nice, he thinks.
But that is definitely you. Walking towards him. A massive smile on your face. He at least isn’t drunk enough to not know that.
“You’re drunk,” you beam up at him, clearly pleased by the fact.
“Jimin gave me shots.”
“And here I was thinking shots don’t get you drunk.” You’re making fun of that one house party and that thing he said, he knows, but his brain isn’t working fast enough to come up with a sarcastic reply.
“You haven’t had one of Jimin’s shots.”
He can’t quite hear your giggle, but he can see the way your face lights up.
“Do you need me to get you some water?” You ask.
“No,” his hand is clumsy as he grabs your wrist, stopping you from leaving though you haven’t tried to go anywhere. “Please don’t leave me.”
The smile lessens on your face, still there, but now tinged with worry. Though he can’t see that through his drunken haze.
“I’m not going anywhere,” you reassure him. “Where’s Jimin?”
His hand tightens slightly on your wrist as you look around the room for the man. He must move closer to you because when you look back at him you have to crane your head on your neck and the hand that isn’t restrained by him comes up to his chest to help you balance.
“I’m not going anywhere,” you repeat. “I’m just wondering why you’re all alone and where your friends are.”
“I thought you were my friend?”
You shake your head, stepping away to create a bit of the previous space. He closes it just as quickly as you create it.
“You are my friend Tae,” that nickname you’d started calling him a week ago goes right through him. All his friends call him Tae, but there’s something about the name leaving your lips that affects him unlike anyone else. “But where’s everyone else?
“Urm,” it’s as if the words your saying are only just sinking in. “Yoongi will be sat in the corner I imagine.”
Your hand tugs his and he finds his feet moving to follow you. You weave expertly through the crowds and he follows blindly behind.
You hand feels so small in his and he can’t help but think how nice that is. He’s not sure why it’s nice, he just knows it is. And the fact that you’re so small, and yet you’re carving a clear path through all these people. Power, he thinks, you’re so small but so powerful. He likes that about you too. There’s probably a long list of things he likes about you, maybe one day he’ll sit down and write them all down.
Though you’re taking him around the edge of the room, away from most of the dancers, you’re both still disrupting some of the swaying dancers. It’s not quite like Jin’s dancing, but it’s nice all the same.
He stops. His body becoming a wall you cannot move, meaning you also stop. It’s as if the thought of Jin dancing has sparked a memory in him and what better time than now to act upon that thought?
He looks at you, sees your mouth moving with words that he didn’t realise you were saying. He doesn’t much care, doesn’t think how rude it is to cut you off, just does it.
“Dance with me.”
You stop talking, look surprised by the request. Your eyes dart around the room, unsure, before you reply.
“I think maybe we should just try and find –”
“You said you wanted to see me dance,” he explains. “But you never did. Dance with me?”
He can see you trying to remember when you said that. You probably won’t remember; it wasn’t really that significant. But he remembers. He remembers most, if not all, things about you.
“Come and dance,” a whiney tone has slipped into his voice, and he doesn’t feel embarrassed as he lightly tugs on your hand to encourage you towards him. Encourage, not force. He could force you if he really wanted, could overpower you easily, but he would never do that.
You glance around the room again and when you look back at him he can see the smile however hard you are trying to hide it.
It’s his turn to start leading the way. It’s not far, but he does it a lot less graciously than you did. Sways a bit on his unstable feet, bumps into some disproving people, but he makes it to the destination.
He turns, keeping his hand in yours, before smiling down at you. He’s wearing the largest smile, and though your face doesn’t hold one, he can still feel the happiness rolling off you in waves.
He starts off freely. Waving your combined hands in the air, wiggling his hips to the beat, jumping up and down occasionally. He spins you round, sees the delight written all over your face, so does it a few more times.
Maybe it’s the alcohol, the loss of inhibitions. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s getting more tired. Maybe he just wants to feel you close to him. Or maybe it’s a bit of all of those combined. Whatever it is, as the songs dissolve one into another, he finds himself drifting closer to you.
You don’t stop him. You let him take a step closer, and then another. You let him place his hands on your hips. You let him lean into you. And in return he can feel you place your hands on his back, stroking soft patterns there before moving upwards to encompass his neck. He can feel you place your head on his chest.
He breathes you in. Focuses purely on you and not the other bodies pressing in around him. He’s drunk, but not so much that he won’t remember this, and with everything he has, he tries to scar it into his memory.
Friends. That’s what you are. That’s what you told him he will always be.
But this doesn’t feel like just friends. No matter how close he is to Jimin, he would never drag him out here and dance with him like this. Jimin would never hold him like you’re holding him. Nothing against Jimin, but surely it’s not just him that thinks that, surely you can see that there is something more than friendship between the two of you?
You’ve pushed him and he’s agreed to it. He knows you’ve placed him firmly in the friendzone, and though he doesn’t exactly know why, he’s accepted it. But stood here now, dancing with you like this; he’s not sure if he can accept it anymore.
“Why won’t you sleep with me?”
He knows he’s fucked it before you stiffen in his arms. You don’t push away from him at least, but you’ve stopped moving, feel more like a statue than a human now.
“I just mean, you slept with me once, you’ve slept with other people. Why won’t you sleep with me now?”
He’s trying to make this better, but the words are coming out all wrong and he’s fucking it up even more.
You do push away from him now. He lets you step out of his embrace, feels his arms flop lifelessly down to his side as he sees the hurt in your eyes. He did that, he caused that.
“I can sleep with as many people as I want,” you say defensively. He can almost see the walls you’d let fall start to build back up and he jumps to try and save himself before they’re fully closed to him.
“I know that. I just meant -”
“That I’m a slut?” You say the word with such venom that even Taehyung recoils.
“No. I would never,” he shakes his head, suddenly feeling completely sober. “You know I don’t think that.”
You don’t look sure. In fact you can hardly meet his eye contact. Why did he have to open his stupid mouth in the first place? Why didn’t he just enjoy the moment and not get ahead of himself? Why didn’t he just accept you were friends and nothing more?
“The words came out all wrong. That’s not what I meant at all,” he tries again. “Please, Y/N, I –”
“Let’s just find Yoongi,” you cut him off, your tone flat and void of emotion.
You twist before he can agree or disagree. This time when you weave through the crowds you don’t hold his hand. He has to do a jog to keep up with you, the path you form almost closing behind you.
He manages to keep up with you, manages to be there when you find Yoongi and just about hears the scolding he gets from you about leaving his friends alone and drunk. And then you’re gone and this time he doesn’t follow you even though he really, really wants to.
“Jesus, she was in a bad mood,” Yoongi grumbles behind him.
Taehyung can only look at the spot you disappeared from, thinking how badly he’s fucked everything up. He didn’t even get a chance to apologise.
Tumblr media
He wakes with a splitting headache and a broken heart.
He slept badly, he never sleeps well with alcohol in his system, but the images of your face, hurt in your eyes, was enough to keep him up all night. He’s messaged you, several times, but when he checks his phone there are no replies. Still, he sends a new message, just in case.
He doesn’t expect a reply, so he’s shocked when he gets one that afternoon. Though it doesn’t make him feel any better. It’s as cold and distant as you were at the end of the night. It’s void of emotion, void of you. Only a few simple words, each of them enough to tell him that you haven’t forgotten, haven’t forgiven and possibly never will.
He doesn’t blame you. He was drunk, sure, but that wasn’t enough to excuse his poor choice of words. If you never forgive him, he wouldn’t blame you.
It doesn’t stop him from trying though. Even if you don’t forgive him, he is determined to properly apologise, to make sure that you know that he didn’t mean what he said, or at least what his words had implied.
And though you respond, they are less frequent than his messages, still just as short and lacking any emotion. You’re replying, but you may as well not be.
He wants to meet you, he’s asked as much in a text, one which had conveniently gone unanswered. He thinks if he can just see you in person he can better articulate what he wants to say. If he sees you in person and says the apology he wants and you still don’t want to see him, then he will walk away. Not happily, but he’ll do it all the same.
As it has always been with you, it’s harder to see you than he’d like. He has occasionally bumped into you on campus in the past, but those times were few and far between. And just like when he was willing it to happen before and it didn’t, it now also doesn’t happen.
He once again looks for you everywhere he goes. Searches the library, waits in the café, he even asks Usama if he knows where you’ll be, but all of it brings no success (Usama having some very choice words for Taehyung, most he agrees with).
He doesn’t know what brings about the memory; nearly a week has passed since the incident, daily texts have been sent and most have received no response and he has yet to see you anywhere on campus, and then something pings in his brain. A distant memory of something you once told him. It never came up again so he can see why he didn’t remember sooner, and it’s still a long shot, but it’s a shot nonetheless.
He doesn’t know where the bookshop is, but he remembers you saying that its an independent one on campus and there aren’t many of those. He rushes to the nearest one, a small shop he has never been in. Hope blooms in him as the bell tingles overhead. If he can just see you, if he can just apologise. He doesn’t want anything more than your friendship back in his life.
The shop is as small as it looks, and even as he steps into the space he can tell you’re not working. A man not much older than him stands behind the counter and in a place this small, one member of staff is surely all it needs. Still, he decides to check behind the few bookshelves. Maybe you’re there restocking, or maybe it’s not your day to work, maybe he’ll ask the man about you on the way out, he could come back then.
But there you are. Hands trailing the spines of the books, trying to work out where to place the book you hold in your hand no doubt.
He stops as if mesmerised by the sight of you. You haven’t noticed him, and he takes the moment to take you in. He knows your whole body will transform as soon as you see him and he wants to take these few moments in before that happens.
As he watches you though, doubt starts to tingle in his brain. What is he doing? You clearly don’t want to see him, he’d asked you enough times and you hadn’t once agreed. So what right did he think he had coming here and forcing you? He’s no better than the man that assaulted you in the library.
The thought makes him stutter, he physically recoils a step and you must catch the movement out of the corner of your eye as then your twisting to look at him. He can’t duck out of sight quick enough, you’ve seen him and if he runs now it will only make this worse. Still, it hurts to see the look of shock and then displeasure transform your face before you manage to school it into a neutral look.
“Hey,” he says, giving a small, lame wave to further add to his embarrassment.
“Taehyung. What are you doing here?”
“I – uh,” he glances around the shop. He’s wanted to see you, wanted to explain, but now he has you his mind is suddenly blank. “I want to apologise.”
“You’ve already done that,” you turn away from him, looking back at the shelf and picking up where you left off.
He swallows, takes a small breath and then takes a small step closer to you. He can do this. He just needs to say his peace and then leave.
“But I wanted to say it in person.”
“You don’t have to do that,” you say.
“I want to.”
“I’ve already read it, why do I -”
“Y/N. Please,” he pauses, gives you enough time to tell him no again, but when you don’t say anything he assumes that’s his sign that you’re giving him a chance. “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said the other night. I was drunk, and I know that is no excuse, but it meant I wasn’t thinking straight.”
“Drunk words are sober thoughts,” you say, still not looking at him.
“No,” he replies firmly. “That’s no true. At least not these words. What I mean is, they came out all wrong, I didn’t mean for them to sound the way they did. I would never think that about you.”
“That I’m a slut?” He can see your jaw moving as you grind your teeth.
“I don’t think you’re a slut. I’ve never thought you’re a slut,” he says.
He watches as you close your eyes, and though he’s looking at your side, he can see the emotions start to crack through you. He hates that he’s caused this. He hates that he’s made you feel this worthless. You’re normally stood so tall and proud and confident, and though you’d only shown him snippets of yourself over the time he called you a friend, he knew that the confidence you showed the world had small but major holes. He saw it in the library when that man called you a slut and you seemed to fold in on yourself. And now he’s seeing it again, and he hates himself so much for it.
He takes another small step closer to you.
“I like you Y/N. As a friend and probably a lot more than that and that’s why I said what I did. Drunk words are sober thoughts, but mine came out all wrong. I know how they sounded but believe me when I say I didn’t mean them,” he hopes he’s making sense, hopes you understand what he’s saying and that even if you don’t forgive him, you’ll be able to repair the damage he’s caused you in the knowledge that he didn’t mean it.
You open your eyes, still look at the shelf in front of you as you finally find the slot for the book in your hand. He watches as you gently slide it in, but even when your hands are empty you don’t look at him.
He dips under an unseen weight. He knew this would happen, didn’t expect you to forgive him or talk to him or take him back in. But still, the reality of it is harder than he thought it would be.
“I don’t want anything from you. I’m just here to say sorry,” he says, his voice a lot quieter now. “I hope you can at least accept and know that, even if you don’t want to see me again.”
He waits another beat, the hope slowly dying inside him.
He came and did what he wanted. He’s achieved everything he wanted and though the result may not be what he’d hoped and prayed for, he needs to respect your decision.
The two steps he takes backwards almost shatter him, the fact you still don’t look at him is enough to crack his already broken heart. He’s fucked this up, he’s destroyed this, he has no one but himself to blame.
He swallows down all the emotions that rise within him. Can feel everything coming to the surface, but pushes it down long enough to get out of here.
“Goodbye Y/N,” his voice comes out hoarse even though he’s cleared his throat, and then he spins away from you and leaves the shop without looking back.
Tumblr media
You remember the door from all those months ago. It’s exactly how you remember it, though when you last entered it you weren’t exactly staring at it as you are now, more focused on the man opening it and what you were about to do with him. It’s not a very complicated design though, easy to remember. But the clean white paint is still the same and the silver numbers and the silver doorhandle with its lock. It seems that though your whole world has been flipped and changed so drastically, not everything else has. You don’t know if you draw comfort in that or not.
It’s been a few days since Taehyung came to the book shop. You haven’t seen or heard from him since, not that you had tried to get in contact, but neither had he. It seems he took the goodbye he gave you quite literally. You respect it, he’s done what he thought was best, given you the space you need, but the hole he used to fill in you has started to feel bigger without any news from him.
You thought it was best to let him go. And though he had apologised, and though you had believed him and knew he didn’t mean what he’d implied to you, you also couldn’t help but think that you couldn’t give him what he wanted and maybe it was best to therefore give him nothing at all.
You’ve known from the start he wanted more from you than you could give, it’s why you’ve never wanted to lead him on.
You’ve given yourself time to think about it, space away from Taehyung to process your thoughts. You spoke to Usama and Helena about it, received a scolding from Usama. Apparently, you are dumb and blind. You couldn’t help but agree with him. But still, you didn’t contact Taehyung. Perhaps you aren’t as brave as you lead people to believe, or perhaps you’re worried that, although it’s only been a few days, Taehyung has written you off like most people do when they don’t get what they want from you. Or maybe you just struggle to give yourself to people, prefer one night stands because you know that’s where it’ll end and that there’ll be no heartache or disappointment after.
You stare at the door some more. Notice the small bumps in the seemingly perfect door.
You should knock. You should just get this over and done with. What is it everyone says? Better to rip the plaster off. But you’ve stood here long enough for the threads of doubt to weave their way into your brain. He’s probably not even in. If that’s true then there’s no harm in knocking. But what if someone else is there?
You stop that train of thought before it can go any further. It’s been a few days since Taehyung’s grand speech. If what he said is true, no one will be here. And if someone is, well, then you’ll at least know the truth.
You raise you fist, bring it down lightly on the door, barely a noise sounding out. You bring it down harder the second time, a louder, more definite knock piercing the air.
You wait, stare at the same spot on the door. You don’t hear the footsteps on the other side, just see the door start to swing open.
“Jimin, I’ve already told I don’t need -” he cuts himself off as his eyes land on you, widening as they do. “Oh. It’s you.”
“Yep. It’s me,” you say.
His eyes glance behind you as if expecting someone else to be with you, but you know you stand alone in the hallway. Suddenly you feel less sure. Though, you didn’t feel that sure to begin with.
“Sorry if you were expecting Jimin. I can go if that’s -”
“No,” he rushes, hands coming up in front of him. “You’re perfect. I mean, you’re who I want to see. That is. Do you want to come in?”
You try not to smile. This is your favourite Taehyung. Sure you enjoy the cocky, slightly full of himself guy. But in your eyes, nothing will beat when he gets flustered.
He waits, steps back creating space for you to pass if you want to. He looks like he’s not expecting you to come in and your heart stutters at the fact that even though you’ve voluntarily turned up at his door, he would think that. Usama was right, you’re both idiots.
You step past him, slip your shoes off as he closes the door behind you. You haven’t been in here since the night you slept with him, he never invited you over when you hung out at all those coffee shops, and you never asked to come back. In the daylight it feels different, or maybe it’s because you know Tae now, can see the bits of art that are surely his, can see the organised chaos of his room that reflects his mad mind, can smell him in the air.
“Is everything alright?” He asks from behind you.
“Yeah,” you look over your shoulder to give him a small, closed-lipped smile. “Can we sit somewhere?”
He motions to the sofa and you go over and take a seat. You don’t talk right away, and you can tell it’s probably killing him, but you want to make sure you get this right.
“I’ve missed you,” you say, and watch as his eyes widen in surprise, just like they did when he saw you on his doorstep moments ago. “What you said really hurt me, I won’t lie, but I know you didn’t mean it. It might not have been the right way to go about it, I should probably have told you what was going through my head at the time, but I needed the space to figure it all out.”
He nods his head but doesn’t interrupt.
“I don’t think I realised how much you’ve come into my life until you left. And I miss you.”
“You really missed me?” His face scrunches. He doesn’t believe you.
“Yeah. Is that really so hard to believe?”
“Well, yeah. You did just completely ghost me,” you frown back at him, your face now a mirror of his. “I’m not saying I didn’t deserve it, or that you shouldn’t have done it, but, I wouldn’t have guessed you missed me.”
“Oh,” it makes sense, but you aren’t about to apologise for your actions.
“I’m glad you do though,” he says softly.
“Ok,” you say, words don’t seem to be your forte at the moment.
“Are we friends again now then?”
“If you still want me.”
He shakes his head, his eyes dancing away from you, a smile forming on his lips. “I’ve always wanted you.”
Your breath hitches. Your body starts to heat. As a friend, he’s always wanted you as a friend. But even you know he means more than that. Wasn’t that the whole reason you pushed him away? Wasn’t that what he admitted in the bookshop to you? Isn’t that the whole reason you’re here?
“Then I’m sorry,” you say.
He shakes his head again, this time a small laugh leaves his lips. “You’re not the one that needs to be apologising.”
“You just accused me of ghosting you.”
“I –” he pauses, rethinks his words. “I’m still not very good with my words,” another pause, a flash of his teeth in what you think might be his attempt to smile. He looks nervous. “It should be me apologising.”
“Because of what you said to me?”
“Because of what I said,” he says. “I’ll never forgive myself.”
“But I’ve forgiven you,” you cock your head slightly at him.
“Have you?”
“Isn’t that the reason I’m here?”
He doesn’t answer you. Does he really not believe you? Does his self-hatred for what he did really run so deep? You knew he liked you, but you obviously didn’t realise quite how much.
“You know, there were some other things I thought about when we weren’t talking,” you take the plunge, you have a good feeling that it’s not going to go badly, but it’s still a massive leap to tell someone how you feel. You can almost see Taehyung holding his breath. “I really did miss you. Far more then I thought I would. And I don’t know.”
You can see his foot fidgeting out of the corner of your eye, his toes bobbing up and down, even as a small smile starts to spread across his face.
“You don’t know?”
“I don’t know,” you say a bit sharper, though there’s no bite. “I guess I thought about what you said to me. You said you meant it, that you liked me more than just a friend.”
“I did.”
You look at each other, the tension in the room growing in the silence. You should just say it, but the words seem impossibly hard to say.
But he’s said it. He’s put his heart on the line, so maybe you should risk it too.
“And I guess I kind of want to kiss you.”
“Kind of want to?”
You can see the nerves are still there, but a cockiness has creeped in. Part of you wants to wipe the smile off his face.
“I’m becoming less inclined to by the second.”
His smile only widens, your statement seemingly not discouraging him at all. In fact, you seem to only be giving him more reason to be cocky. The fact irritates you more then it should. Where was that shy flustered Tae when you needed him?
“You just have to ask me,” he smiles at you, foot no longer bobbing. “All you’ve ever had to do is just to say the word.”
“A single word? Because I’m thinking of multiple right now. In fact, it’s more a sentence then a single word.”
He laughs and despite yourself you smile back at him.
“Can I kiss you?” He asks, already starting to lean in.
You glance down at his lips, lick your own in anticipation.
“I thought you wanted me to say it,” you say, starting to move towards him, your voice dipping in volume now you’re getting so close to him.
“You were taking too long.”
You wait, but his lips don’t touch yours. You look back up into his eyes and see him looking at you as if waiting.
“What?” You whisper out.
“I’m going to need to hear you say it,” he says just as lowly.
You fight the need to roll your eyes. Bloody men.
“Yes, Tae, you can –”
You’re cut off as his lips finally meet yours.
It feels like it’s been a while since you last kissed him, in fact, you can’t remember when you last kissed him. He didn’t kiss you in that hallway, at least not on the lips, so it must have been that first time you slept together. But even that you don’t remember that well. You didn’t know him then, he was just another guy.
But now, now he’s Taehyung, the guy you’ve grown to know and like. It’s not like you’ve only ever slept with people once, as much as people probably think that’s true, you have slept with the same person multiple times. But this, this feels so much more intense than any other time.
His lips against yours, moving, moulding, consuming. But it’s the feeling that’s so different. You want this, want him, want to get closer to him, want everything he will give you. You’ve wanted to sleep with people before, sure, but this feels so different.
You edge closer to Taehyung, try to twist your body to straddle him while also keeping your lips attached to his, but you knock your knee on something as you lift it up.
“Ow,” you laugh as you pull away from him, clutching you knee in your hands.
“Oh god,” he laughs, his hand reaching out to help you. “Are you ok?”
“Yeah,” you laugh, hand rubbing your knee. “I’m fine.”
The smile that had dropped off Taehyung’s face comes back, his hands finding your waist.
“Come here,” he says before gently moving you so that you straddle him.
Your chests now touching, faces back to being inches away, you wrap your arms around his neck and smile as you watch his eyes flick around your face as if drinking you in.
“Better?” The word is low and deep and breathy, and it gives away how affected he is by all of this.
You bite the smile back, but it becomes so hard.
You don’t say anything as you lean back into him and reattach your lips. You flick your tongue along the seam of his lips and grin as he opens up for you. Your fingers toy with the strands of hair at the nape of his neck, enjoy feeling how soft it is while your tongue dances with his.
You’d be content to do this for hours, wonder why you thought this would be a bad thing. But when you shift to get into a comfier position Taehyung’s hand come to your waist stopping you and his lips pull away from you. His eyes are closed, breath heavy as he flops his head backwards on the sofa. You frown, reach a hand up to gently brush the hair on his forehead to the side.
“Please, don’t do that,” he says and your hand instantly stops.
You frown as you shift on his lap again, trying to get a better look at his face so you can work out what’s wrong. His grip on your hips tightens, stopping your movements once again, and you start to realise what he’s going on about.
“That. Stop doing that,” he says.
Your frown disappears, in it’s place a cheeky smile appears. Taehyung doesn’t see it, his eyes still closed, his breath still heavy. Your fingers start to move again, brushing his hair off his forehead and then you lean in, move so your lips are close to his ear.
“What? This?” You say the same moment your hips grind down into him.
A groan sounds out from him, part frustration, part pleasure. Though his hands tighten on your hips they don’t stop your movements. He allows you to continue to move your hips against his. You can feel his hardness there, swivel your hips enough so that he’s hitting you in just the right spot.
“I don’t think I’m going to last long,” he admits, and it’s like the words spur you on.
Your hips increase in speed, become harder as they grind down into him. Your lips rest against his neck as your head turns into him. Your hands find purchase on his wide, solid shoulders. You’re just as affect by this as him, probably not as close to your release as he’s implying he is, but enjoying it nonetheless.
Just as you’re starting to get into a good rhythm though you’re stopped. The hands that once rested on your hips become firmer. He reveals his strength, shows that before he wasn’t really putting much into it, because now he easily overpowers you, stops your movements with seemingly little effort.
“I don’t think I’m going to last long,” he repeats. “And I want to make you feel good too.”
“I do feel good,” you say, trying to move your hips again, but his hands stay firm, stopping you.
“Let’s go to the bedroom.”
He doesn’t wait for your response, moves his hands so they can sit under your hips and then easily stands. You squeal as he stands with you in his arms, you hadn’t expected that, but you can’t deny that you find it incredibly hot that he can so easily lift your weight.
You cling to him as he walks the short distance to his room. At no point do you feel like he’s going to drop you, but still, you can never be too safe.
He stops just before the bed, eyes flicking between yours.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
You smile, large and genuine. “Yeah,” you say. “I’m sure.”
He nods, swallows, but still doesn’t put you down. “I just want to say before we do this,” you frown as he starts to ramble. “I don’t think I’m going to last very long.”
You laugh, not at him, but you can’t help the small noise escaping you; was he really going to keep saying that? You thought he was going to say he was worried or maybe make some more references to the fact you have done this before and no matter what you’ve said he doesn’t think it went well.
“We haven’t even started yet,” you smile at him and then, not being able to help yourself, you lean forward and peck his lips.
“That’s the point. We’ve not even started and I already feel like I’m going to bust a nut.”
“Bust a nut,” you giggle. “Gross.”
He nuzzles his head into your neck and when he talks his words tickle your skin. “You know what I mean. You affect me.”
You hum. Your hand scratches the back of his head, taking in this soft moment so soon after such a heated one too.
“I want to see,” you wiggle in his arms, but his hands tighten in response, not letting you down. “Tae,” you whine. “I’ll be good.”
“That’s the problem,” he continues to say the words into your neck.
“Come on. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he says and as if to prove his point he lifts his head up, gives you a small smile, that does nothing to reassure you and then kisses you.
You wiggle in his arms and this time he lets you down. You look up at him and see the worry and nerves in his face. Did they ever leave from earlier or have you just chosen to ignore them?
“What’s up?”
“I – nothing,” he shakes his head.
“It’s something. You can tell me,” you wait and when it becomes clear he’s not going to speak you carry on. “Do you not what to do this? Because that’s fine, we can –”
“No, it’s not that,” Taehyung rushes to cut you off. “In fact, I think it’s the complete opposite.”
You frown at him, everything not quite adding up.
“I think I want this too much,” he clarifies. “I just – are you sure you want this?”
“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be. I was the one who asked you to kiss me.”
“You said kind of. You kind of wanted to kiss me.”
You sigh, roll your eyes. “Well now I really want to kiss you. Now I really want to do more than just kiss you.”
You step closer to him, press your body against and crane your neck to look at him. You can see the doubt still lingering in his eyes as he stares down at you.
“Last time,” he whispers the words as if it’s a secret and you can tell it’s because he feels ashamed or doubtful of whatever he’s about to say and your heart constricts because of it. “I didn’t make you come last time and I just don’t want that to happen again.”
“Last time? Last time you fingered me in the hallway of a party and I came all over your hand. What are you on about?”
He sighs, eyes lift to the ceiling as if exasperated, but you can see the smile he’s fighting, see his jaw working so as not to look happy by your words.
“I’m sure it will be good Tae. It wasn’t bad that one time, I’ve told you enough times I enjoyed it and I don’t need to orgasm to feel good,” you lean up into him, stretch onto your tiptoes so you can get your face closer to his, wrap your arms around his back. “I can give you some pointers along the way if it will help.”
You’re goading him, poking him into submission. But the words ring no less true, you can see it, you just need to try and get Tae to see it.
“Now,” you smile when he finally looks back down at you, your faces now so close your noses are only a hairs breath away from each other. “Where are your condoms?”
He laughs, deep and his chest rumbles against yours because of it.
“They’re in reach,” he says with a smile. “Come on. I’ll show you.”
You smile at him. “I like your style Taehyung.”
He groans, rolls his eyes, but this time doesn’t try to hold his smile back. You grab his hand and pull him to the side of the bed, push him gently backwards and he goes with it, sits down on the edge of the bed. He looks up at you, eyes wide with wonder as you pull your top over your head. He doesn’t say anything as he follows suit, top discarded next to yours as you pull your jeans down.
You get onto the bed next to him, and he takes the hint. He moves backwards while awkwardly trying to his jeans and pants off. You laugh as you watch but don’t offer to help; the sight is too amusing.
But when he’s fully out, fully naked, fully on display, the laugh dies.
He’s as hot as you remember, probably hotter than you remember, but that doesn’t seem possible because he was incredibly hot last time. But that’s Taehyung sat there. The same Taehyung who stood up for you in the library, who bought you teas, who walked you to lectures, who texted you late at night just to say hi. Sat here now, you wonder how you could have ever pushed him away.
He sits staring at you, you wonder if similar thoughts are going through his mind.
“Aren’t you going to make yourself useful?” You say, moving onto your knees so you can get rid of your pants. He raises his eyebrows in question. “I thought you said the condoms were in reach?”
He catches on the same moment you unclasp your bra, his eyes going to your chest as you throw it in the same direction as your pants.
“And I thought you said you wanted to see how affected I am?” His lips twitch in amusement as you scowl at him.
“And I thought you said you weren’t going to last long,” you throw back. “I can suck you off if you want, but if you’re really not going to last then I’d rather –”
“Yep, ok, I get it,” he cuts you off.
You laugh as he leans across the bed to his bedside table. You crawl up the bed and watch as he rips open the foil packet and then slides the condom down his hard length. He chucks the empty wrapper in the general direction of the table, his eyes back on you. The tension is back in the air, getting thicker the longer you wait.
You lift your leg over his, straddling him, this time with no crashes of your knees. His hands encompass your hips as you settle into place.
“Hey,” you whisper, eyes searching his.
You lean in, rest your hands on his shoulders as you attach your lips to his. You don’t rush into anything, just kiss, tongues toying with each other.
It’s you that takes it to the next step. Your hand reaches down between the two of you, wrap hand around his length. He pulls away from your lips with a slight hiss. You keep your grip on him, pump your hand up and down and watch as his face contorts with pleasure.
You don’t wait, just raise your hips and lower yourself enough to run the head of his cock through your holds. A moan escapes Tae as you huff out a breath. Fuck, he feels good.
He lets you do what you want, just sits there breathing deeply as you use him. When you finally swirl his tip around your entrance though the hands on your hips tighten their grip, not enough to stop you, but enough to know how affected he is. You keep moving though, brace yourself as you start to sink down on him.
You take him until he’s fully in you, swivel your hips in a small tight circle to get used to the feeling. As you go to rise though the hands tighten, this time enough to stop you.
“I just need a second,” he says, breathy but uncaring. He really wasn’t joking when he said he wasn’t going to last long.
You smile, your heart swelling as you lean in to kiss him. Your silent way to say it’s ok, in fact it’s more than ok. There is more than enough time, there is no rush.
You kiss, it getting deeper the more Taehyung gets used to the feeling of being inside you. But still you don’t move, wait until he’s composed himself enough.
“Fuck,” he says, finally pulling his lips away from you, lessening his grip on your hips. “I swear you feel better than last time.”
“I think I probably feel the same,” you laugh.
“Trust me, you feel better.”
You smile, lean in to kiss him again. You think he’s probably right though, all you’ve done is sat on him and you think this might feel better then anything before. Maybe its all the feelings currently swelling inside you.
He squeezes your hips as your lips stay together, a silent way for him to let you know that you can start moving. So you do just that. Raise your hips up off him just enough to sink back down onto him. You clutch onto his shoulders as you set a pace, don’t care as your nails start to dig into his skin.
You continue to kiss, but it becomes more awkward as both of your breathing become small bursts of air. You end up just resting your forehead against his as you continue your thrusts.
“I’m close,” his words come as no surprise, he’d been saying as much for a while now.
“Just a bit longer,” you reply.
He shakes his head, can’t even speak he’s concentrating so hard on not coming in you. He’s trying to hold off his orgasm so that you might come first.
One of your hands goes down your side so that it’s over his, grasp it and moves it in between your bodies.
“I told you,” you can hardly get the words out. “You need to get more creative with your fingers.”
He doesn’t understand straight away, but he cottons on soon enough. His fingers go you your clit, and when they draw harsh, tight circles there, your hips sputter. You curse as you arch into him. Clutching his shoulders again you restart the same pace as before.
You slam down into him, his moans becoming freer now. You know he’s going to come any second but you’re too focused on your own release to care. You’re distantly aware of the curse that leave his lips and then you feel him come in you.
His moan is guttural, his hips involuntarily lifting off the bed as his body convulses.
You keep going, replace his fingers on your clit. You don’t last much longer and when you come you fall into Tae. You roll your hips a few times to help yourself come down and can already feel Tae becoming soft inside you.
Unlike last time, now you’re in control, you don’t rush to get Tae out of you. Still leaning into him, you run your fingers along his shoulders until they reach the back of his neck, run them through the slightly damp hair you find there.
“That was good,” you’re the first to speak, your voice surprisingly level.
You lift yourself up off him, his hands still holding onto your hips as you swing yourself over him so you can sit next to him.
“It was good last time; it was amazing this time.”
You laugh, lean over to plant a kiss on his cheek, before pulling away again. He looks over at you. He still looks completely fucked, his pupils blown out in pleasure.
“It was amazing,” you agree with him.
You watch his eyes search yours as if looking for a lie, but he doesn’t look as full of doubt as earlier. Your words had affected him more than you thought, wormed seeds of doubt deeper than you realised. It would take time, but you were willing to help convince him you enjoy being with him.
“Will you stay?”
You reach a hand up, sweep some damp strands of hair off his forehead and watch his eyes close as you do.
“I’d love to.”
A small smile lights up his face from the words. Yeah, you’ll be ok, you think.
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s-sugarsweet · 4 months ago
thelema (m) | jjk
pairing(s) — jungkook x fem reader
summary — coming home with a stranger usually isn’t Jungkook’s forte. In fact, he’s never done it before. But, luckily, you were there to take his hookup virginity or you blow Jungkook’s tipsy mind with your inhuman sex skills
warnings/tags — no AU; porn without plot, blowjob, pussy eating, lots of making out, tit slapping, missionary and cowgirl
“ no lyrics “ - øfdream (slowed+bass boosted)
You weren’t supposed to feel like this.
Drunken hookups were supposed to be shitty and detached. Buried underneath the heady stink of whiskey and patron, isolated, uncalculated, uncaring.
But this?
It was everything but that.
A beautiful, sensual man had stood under low red lighting. Rolling, swaying, smiling, unsuspecting of you and the minerva wave of prowess and pleasure that exuded you.
It was three taps to his shoulder, dark, but risky smile that spread across your glossed lips like a little Devil of temptation that had drawn him to your body like a horny magnet.
Jungkook didn’t do hookups. Sex for him, was a private matter of passion, love, and connection with another being that he held dear to himself.
But you?
He couldn’t help himself if he wanted to.
And lord, did he want to help himself to you.
Your back hit the front door, messy lips smashing and rocking and fucking the other like you could make him cum just like that.
and maybe you could.
Muscle memory guided his fingers over the keypad. He couldn’t pull away from you, from your lips, from your tongue. You held him by a leash, dangling yourself over him like a treat he couldn’t quite catch in his teeth. It frustrated his body, deep down. How deep he wanted to be buried inside of you. In many ways.
He wanted to crawl into your skin and lay there, be a part of you, because being close to you wasn’t enough. He was a stranger to you, he didn’t know you, or your name, neither you his. He wasn’t a part of your life or who you were, but your bodies knew each other.
They were made for each other.
Your tongue swirled around his own, slurping at the saliva in mouth and squeezing the muscle with your lips. You kissed him like you knew his body needed. Every part of you moved in a way the was alien. Your fingers gripped his hair tightly like nobody had ever dared, commanding his body to feel all of you, need all of you.
And he did.
His heel kicked his door closed
When you pulled away, he gasped, moaning so loudly his body rattled beneath your hands.
He needed more, you couldn’t stop.
“Do you want to fuck me, puppy?”
Seven simple words that lit his body aflame.
Does he want to fuck you? What a stupid, stupid question. Yes, he wanted to fuck you. He wanted to fuck you so deep and hard that his brain spun in his head and his heart stopped pumping, but he knew you were in control, and he wanted it that way.
His head bobbed up and down, rushed and desperate. You smirked. He could barely see it in the darkness of his unlit penthouse, but you did, and it made his dick harden underneath his tight pleather pants.
“That’s good, baby. I want to fuck you too” your groaning voice lowered into a sensual whisper, fingertip dragging from his hair to his throat. One hand, one side, just laying there, pressing down on the skin in long, patient intervals.
The room was silent. Large open spaced penthouse drowned it sudden silence, the moon, and city lights through large windows spanned across each wall. Toned gray roof and polished gray granite floors that spanned through every room and every crevice. Minimalistic in color, but it seemed to match the hunk of a man that was currently drugged in your little bubble of nothingness but pleasure and secret promises.
A dining table was placed behind you, an attractive chandelier hanging down from the ceiling. A gray couch sat behind him, facing away from the two of you and towards the biggest flat screen t.v. You’d ever laid your eyes on, a cute, simple coffee table with a vase full of white lilies and a few magazines splayed across it.
Who was this mystery man.
A bob of his Adam’s apple brought your attention back towards his gorgeous face, deep, round brown doe eyes gazing directly into your own. His nose sloped beautifully about his face. Strong jawline, thin, pink lips, a little mole dotted underneath his bottom lip.
It was tantalizing, you wanted to kiss it.
Thick, well groomed eyebrows framed his face just slightly raised in desperation for your touch. His hair was pushed out of his face, jelled lest for a few strands dangling in front of his forehead. His piercings twinkled in the dim natural light pouring in through the windows, illuminating the sexy red of his thin silk cardigan and cheetah print shirt, unbuttoned thrice to parade his strong chest to welcoming viewers.
You were going to fuck him.
“Who are you?” He whispered, making your ogling snap from his lip ring to his eyes. Nothing but pure, unadulterated lust.
“The best fuck you’re ever going to have” cockiness. You were full of it, and rightfully so.
You were going to be, the best fuck he will ever have.
Your lips smashed together again, tongues slither and lips maneuvering as the two of your bodies stumble through the dimly lit abode, your fingers gripping at his silk cardigan and throwing it against a wall as you walk backwards into a bedroom, door left open without worry.
Your non dominant hand pulls him closer to yourself by the waist as you stop in front of his bed, dominant hand gripping his hair tighter between your fingers. He mewls, jaw going slack as you trail kissed down his face and necking, licking and sucking at any particular spot you can get beneath your lips.
His head tilts to the side, another moan as his hands dangle behind your back, arms thrown over your shoulder. You nibble at his throat, slipping one finger into his belt loop and gripping the waist of his skin tight pleather jeans in your palm before swiveling him around, facing his back towards his bed.
His whole body shivers, lips parted and panting as you release your hold on him, moving to unbutton his pants.
“I-In my drawer” he pants, lips closing to swallow before falling open again.
“Great. Might wanna sit down for this” you say.
Shoving him down onto his bed. He can’t comprehend anything, you getting down on your knees before him and already tugging at his pants and boxers to pull him out of his clothes. Big mistake on your part, considering you can already feel his hard-as-concrete floors digging into your knees.
You tug his clothes off with abandon, watching as his dick pops from his boxers.
His dick is almost just as beautiful as his face.
“Jesus” you whisper, spreading his knees and scooting yourself closer, ignoring the bright flush on his cheeks as you spread his legs so embarrassingly wide.
“Anybody ever told you, you were hung by the gods” you mumble, wrapping your left hand around his cock and placing your right on his thigh to keep his legs open.
God, his fucking thighs. So delectable and thick, like ripe peaches, begging to be nibbled and kissed. You could see them, feel them through his pants, but seeing them bare was just a new experience entirely.
“A f-few here and th— oh fuck!” Your tongue sticks out to lave at the head of his tip, enclosing your lips around the sensitive skin once you you’ve gotten it wet and rubbing your tongue on the under side of his girth, making him squirm. His sounds were delicious, cunt pulsing at every little pant, squeak, and moan.
You weren’t supposed to feel like this.
“Y-you’re so gooooood” he moans, head tilting to the side as his hands grip tightly onto the edge of his mattress, wobbly elbows holding him upright as you fuck your mouth further down his cock.
He’s never felt anything like this. So wet, so lewd, so naughty that it makes his dick jump in your mouth, hips canting like a needy little slut.
He knows it.
He is a needy little slut, for you, and for every way you touch his body.
Drunk hookup sex with a stranger is not supposed to feel like this.
You’ve made it halfway down his length, surprisingly. He’s thick. Thick like a mini soda can, and decently lengthed. Your mouth waters around his dick, gooey saliva dripping from your lips and tongue and aiding the twist of your hand at his base.
You want to take him farther, deepthroat him, but you can’t, so you stay like this, nodding your head quickly as you slide your mouth up and down, cupping his left thigh with your right hand and squeezing it, fondling it like his own cock.
“Noona, oh god, yes noona, yes!” His whole body shivered, balls aching and clenching as you fuck him with your mouth. It’s so wet and warm, tight and skilled as you drag and wiggle your tongue all over him. He’s gonna cum soon.
“Gonna cum! Shit noona, yeah— oh I’m gonna cum so good” he whines, shoulder digging into his cheek as his eyes fight to stay open, to watch as your head bobs up and down his dick, back arched naturally and ass sloped round and fat by the position. Your knees are aching horribly now.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck yeah! Please— oh go— please, oh shit noona, how are you— so good!” He cries. You can feel his orgasm as his balls practically jump against your hand at his base, dick twitching in your mouth and spilling his load into your throat.
“Holy shit” he pants, chest heaving and head dropping back and he opens and closes his mouth, trying to catch his breath by alternating his breath between his nose and his mouth. His eyes roll back, fluttering closed and basking in the simmering pleasure of one of the most explosive orgasms he’s ever experienced.
“I should’ve—” he closes his mouth to swallow, taking a shaky breath “I’m sorry, I should’ve asked to cum i-in your mouth like that”
You stand up off your knees, having swallowed his bitter cum and catching your breath, you hum, wobbling a bit at full stance.
Tall, black knee high velvet boots decorate your strong calves. A shiny black pencil skirt and cropped long sleeve to compliment them. You don’t intend to take too much off tonight.
“You should have, but since you’re so fucking sexy, and that was probably one of the most enjoyable blowjobs I’ve ever given, I’ll let you off the hook” your hand cradles the back of his head, softening cock forgotten as you pull his head up, eyes opening to look at you. Your bent over, hovering just above his face.
His lips brush against yours, chasing the sensation, but you pull away every time.
“Left bedside table drawer”
You stand up, walking around his bed towards his left bedside table.
“Unbutton your shirt”
You pull the drawer open, fingers tapping the edge of it as you turn to look at him expectantly.
“Now” you say, as if it was obvious. And it was.
Truthfully, jungkook thought he was moving, but apparently that was all in his head.
You pull out a condom, plopping it on top of the night table before crawling onto the bed, stopping his excited hands as they go to remove his blouse.
“I said unbutton your blouse, not take it off” you say, guiding his hands to lay on the tops of your thighs.
“Do you have troubles listening, puppy?” Your hands let go of his own, palms dragging upwards from the ridges of his abs to his chest, rippling over the muscle as they go.
“N-no” he whimpers
You hum.
“Do you have troubles lying, puppy?”
He whimpers again, not saying anything this time.
Your palms lay flat against his pecks, rubbing and squeezing the skin under your fingers, rubbing over his nipples and raking your nails across the skin. He’s a little sweaty, but it just makes you that much more horny, squeezing his thighs beneath yours with your own.
You lift your hand.
A loud slap resounds throughout the silent bedroom.
Silent except for his soft whimpers and high pitched sighs.
He squeaks at the slap, body jumping under you.
“Such pretty tits, puppy, what’s your name?”
“Jungkook? Mmm. Pretty puppy, pretty body, pretty name” you compliment, making his stomach trickle with warmth.
“Well, jungkook, I’m feeling generous tonight” you begin, pinching at his nipples and reveling in the little moans.
“How should we fuck, tonight?”
Jungkook squirms, eyebrows tied up like little bows on his forehead. His mind is so clouded and hazy he can’t even think straight, you’re going to do what to him tonight? He’s not sure. He’s drunk off your voice and your touch, your panty clad cunt grinding against his once again hardening cock.
“I don’t know..” he whines pathetically, leaning into your touch as you caress his face between your hands, squishing his cheeks together. You smirk.
You weren’t supposed to feel like this.
“You don’t know” you coo mockingly, making his whole body shudder. He shakes his head.
“Mmmm, okay then” your voice sounds like a purr. A dangerous, warning purr that would send any sane man running for his life “I’m just gonna fuck you, and we’re gonna see if you can keep up”
“Just like that, jungkook” you sigh, hands in his hair as his tongue laps messily at your pussy lips like a starved mad man, wordlessly begging for your cum with every little sigh and whimper from his mouth.
Drunk hookup sex with a stranger is not supposed to feel like this.
His strong shoulders flex as he bends down to bury himself further into your cunt, hips tilting forward onto his tongue as he rubs your clit artlessly, aching to be inside you.
You taste like bitter flour and dewy grass, the smell of what he assumes is your body wash catching on his nostrils as he slurps up your cum and swallows you with a heady groan, licking and sucking before sticking his tongue inside your hole, wiggling around in circles against your pulsing walls.
He’s never felt so starved of cunt before. Like he needs everything inside you before he’s fully satisfied, but here he is, practically sucking the juices out of a woman he doesn’t even know at 1:00 in the morning.
“Use your fingers” you pant, hips jerking as his lips suckle at your clit, two fingers doing obediently as you say and sliding inside your cunt with little to no resistance. The feeling ignites his body with a foreign feeling, cock twitching against the mattress as your walls squeeze his fingers, sucking him deeper into your warm wetness.
His eyes glance up towards your face, hips stuttering agains the sheets as you look down at him, smirking before shoving his face harder against your clit, inhaling sharply.
“You’re doing so well, jungkook. You like that?” Jungkook’s lips tremble against your clit, nodding as his fingers fuck a little faster.
A little deeper.
“Shit. Up.” You command, pulling his face away from your twitching pussy. He pulls his fingers out, your hand reaching over to grab the condom and rip it open with your teeth.
“On” you hand it to him, ushering him to be quick about it with a wave of your hand.
Jungkook slides it over his tip, hips canting up at the feeling before tossing the wrapper out of his hand and climbing over you, colliding his lips with your own.
Your hands fly to his hair, one of his hands on his dick and the other lain by your head as he slides his tip over your hole, hips jerking and a whine falling from his lips as his cockhead catches on your rim.
“Ple-please” he whispers against the corner of your mouth, peppering it with kisses.
You weren’t supposed to feel like this.
“Mmm, fuck me, jungkook”
Drunk hookup sex with a stranger is not supposed to feel like this.
Jungkook’s hips slide forward, mouth falling lax as he finally sheaths himself inside you, slowly, inch by inch.
Nothing could’ve prepared him for this feeling.
He’d thought your mouth felt good, he couldn’t have ever even imagined what your pussy would feel like. Your ribbed walls, squeezing him, a satisfactory sigh falling from your lips as you lean your head back, rolling your hips upward into his.
Jungkook mewled, going silent before moaning, bottoming himself out inside of you.
The feeling of your cunt so wet and warm he felt he was going to pass out any second now.
“Ooooohhhh goddddd” he sobbed, heavy breathing and soft pants mixing together in bouts of pleasure as he began to roll his hips. Euphoria burst through this body. His balls clenched tight, cock jerking in your cunt before his hips picked up speed, jutting in and out.
His face began to twitch and etch in pleasure, you watched as his eyes closed, eyebrows furrowing and pointing towards the heavens, lip curling so deliciously as they lay splayed opening, drool rolling down his tongue and pooling in a small amount behind his lower lip.
What a sight to see.
“You’re so goooood” he moans, a favorite phrase of his for you.
“Oh I can’t— I c-can’t stop, holy shit” his cock fucked quickly into you, rubbing at your insides so deep and stretching you so wide you could barely clench, stinging a little as his balls smacked the cleft of your ass.
“Yeah? Feel good baby? Shit— jungkook you’re so deep” you sigh, egging him on as his face falls closer, hips jumping in a heavy smack that almost shoved you into his black wooden headboard. The open sides of his cheetah print blouse dangle at his sides, abs rippling and clenching as his hips move back and forth.
“Gonna cum?” You whisper, tugging at the black strands of hair on the back of his head, his hair that was once jelled back mostly dangling at the sides of his face by now.
“Gonna cum, gonna cuuum” he groans, dropping his torso against yours to roll his hips heavily.
“Fuck, me too” you murmur, taking the chance to clench your thigh, lifting your other to his side and flipping him over, earning a loud moan, echoing off the gray walls of his dark bedroom.
“Uh, uh, ah!—“ jungkook screams, head thrown to the side as you thrust your hips against his cock, thighs wobbling. It seemed like a good idea in the moment, but your legs are so wobbly you’re not sure if you’ll last.
“Cum, jungkook, be a good boy and cum for me” you pant. Your walls twitch, the sudden, surprising feeling of an orgasm making your clit throb as your walls tighten, spasming around his cock as your eyes shut tight.
“Uhhhh— fuck!” He cries, hips jumping up into your cunt as his dick twitches, spilling his load heavy into the condom “oh fuck, fuck, fuck” he whimpers, hips shivering as they thrust and jump 1, 2, 3, times. You clamp down even harder on him before going completely lax, catching your breath.
“God…damn” you pant with a chuckle, running your hand over your head as Jungkook’s chest heaves, dick twitching one last time.
“You okay?” You ask, pulling off his length slowly, tip popping out and falling towards his stomach.
“Yeah, just….” He trails off “I didn’t expect it to feel like that”
You laugh, plopping down next to him.
“I’ve always had a knack for this kind of thing”
a/n: wrote this at three am…oops
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bts-sierra · a month ago
Tumblr media
Taehyung x Reader
Requested: Prompt #3 Private Study and #23 “So good”
Genre: Smut, Angst, rich boy!Taehyung, Brother’s Best friend AU
Word Count: 3.3k
Warning: 18+, swearing, alcohol consumption, pwp, oral [f. receiving], penetrative sex, unprotected sex [wrap it before u tap it], hate sex?, teasing, grinding, praise kink, bondage, fingering, slight overstimulation, creampie, post-sex cockwarming?
Requests are open | Please refer to my Prompt List
Tumblr media
You grunt audibly, annoyed by the fact that you’re stuck at your brother’s best friend’s house. No; Correction — mansion. His parents were throwing one of those stupid, superficial, and overly grandeur parties for a social event that your family was also hosting.
“Come on, act a little entertained, y/n.” Your brother nudges your arm. 
Easy for him to say; he’s so accustomed to all of this, considering he literally grew up with his best friend. Not so much for you. Kim Taehyung was everything that you didn’t care for in life. 
“I can list at least a million other ways I’d rather be spending my Saturday night,” you snap back. 
You put up with this shallow lifestyle as much and as best as you could, but sometimes it really inconvenienced you. Like tonight, when you’d much rather be at the carnival with the boy of your dreams. But instead, you’re here because otherwise, “it looks bad.” 
You laugh inwardly just at the thought of the expectation. Why did they even care about your presence at this event? You barely indulge in their ways. 
“I need to leave this place for a while,” you inform him. 
“Wait, where are you going?” he asks.
“Somewhere that isn’t this suffocating. I’m sure there’s no shortage of such a place here.” You flash the most ingenuine smile his way before taking off.  
“Let Taehyung know!” You hear him yell after. 
Yeah, like you were crazy enough to engage with him by yourself. Not worth it. 
You grab a bottle of champagne off the table, such a superficial drink, but it’s the only superficial item you’ll allow seeing as it’s the only thing getting you through the night.
You hear the music and chatter die down as you make your way up the set of stairs by the entryway. Finally, peace. 
Or so you believed for a moment there. As you make a turn at the top of the stairs, you’re met with him.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Taehyung takes a step in your direction, blocking your path. 
“None of your business,” you roll your eyes before moving around him.
His arm wraps around your waist stopping you in your track unexpectedly. 
He can never leave you be, can he? 
You struggle to escape from his grip while he aims to steady your stance. His fingertips are cold, colder than it should be as he presses them to you. His eyes follow your gaze, taking notice of how the condensation from the chilled bottle turned the silk of your dress, a deeper shade of red.
What was the point of such a superficial dress when all it took was a little water to ruin it? 
“That’s a new record. Thought that you might survive with it on for much longer. I can arrange something for you to change into.” 
His suggestion alone was baffling. The audacity of this man. This was his fault, after all. Everything about him is everything that goes wrong in your life. 
“Your entitlement is showing, Taehyung.” You scoff. 
Removing his hand from around your waist, you make your way down the hallway attempting to recall from memory, the way to the one place in this huge, empty house that feels the most like home. The library. 
Just when you thought you had reached your share of dealing with the man for the evening, you hear his footsteps fall behind you. Fuck this. There was no knowing peace if he was ever around you.
Unsure whether he was following you, you slip behind one of the many doors in an attempt to catch a break. But before you get a chance to close it shut, he sticks his foot in between, the shoe barring you from doing so. Ugh.
“What do you want?” You bite back on your tongue from the frustration.
“You never answered me. Where do you think you might be going?” 
He pushes past the door before you get the chance to respond. Turning around, he brings his hand to rest on the door behind you, caging you in. 
You take a step back involuntarily until your back is met with the rich wood. It’s not cold like you’d expect it to be, or maybe you’re just really hot right now. 
“How does it matter to you what I’m doing in here?” 
“Because I like to keep an eye on you. And I was especially curious as to where you were headed off to looking like that, in the dress I bought for you.” 
What did he mean?
You suddenly remember how your brother had left the dress on your dresser, stating that the Kim family would like you to wear it for this occasion. And since you couldn’t be bothered with trivial things like dressing up for some fancy gala, you reached for it not thinking too much of it.
You shudder just from the thought of having something that he picked out, wrapped around your body. You don’t even try to hide the disgust as you bunch up the material to lift it off your skin. 
His hand moves from the door, down to you. 
“I thought so.” He smiles. And goddamn is it a breathtaking one. You know he’s teasing you, but you’re preoccupied wondering whether you’ve ever smiled around each other. Because if he ever had, you would remember it. 
Your breath hitches as you feel more of him on you now. His hands move down your side, smoothing out the dress. His dress. You reluctantly allow the rest of the fabric to fall from your grasp.
“If anyone gets to ruin this dress, it’s me, sweetheart.” 
His words get on your nerves, but you can’t deny that his deep, husky voice is your only weakness. How can a person sound so hot? And with the way he’s looking at you right now, you’re reevaluating all your weaknesses, because he seems to be every single one of them. 
“You’re such a menace.” 
You slip out from under him and make your way across the room. You face your back to him, trying to look busy as you fidget with the items on the table beside you. The room feels like it’s out of a dream, somewhat familiar but eerie at the same time. 
“You like it?” 
God. Why does he love torturing you?
“Like what? You? No. The dress? No. The party? No. There’s your answer. Now leave me be.” 
You watch as he moves closer towards you, and this is the first time you allow even a sliver of your attention to be consumed by him. The way he holds himself, the way his tongue swipes over his lips, the way his hair falls to his eyes in soft locks and his pretty eyes that hold your gaze.  
Has he always looked like this? Fuck me.
And then there’s the million-dollar watch displayed on his wrist, his all-black suit that’s tailored to fit his proportions, and the embellished jewelry that make his hands look dainty. How superficial. The only thing that seemed off though was the tie hanging around his neck. It’s the same shade of red as your dress. 
Your eyes go wide in realization. The tie looked more put together if he had you beside him. But, why? 
“No, none of that. Do you like this place?” 
You don’t know why you find yourself entertaining him still, but here you are. Your eyes scan the room until they settle on the shelves upon shelves of books. You grab a couple of your favourite ones that you remembered reading whenever you were over. They’re still here, your scribbles and markings evidence of it. They were all arranged in a haphazard manner that only you got, because you’re the one that put them there, in that way.
It begins to dawn on you that this was the very room you were looking for. The library. Except it doesn’t entirely look like the one from your memories.
It’s almost as if Taehyung picks up on your confusion that he speaks up. “It’s my private study. I had it remodeled.” 
Of course, he had to wreck the only good thing about this place. 
“I loved this place. That’s the answer to your question,” you sigh, defeated.
You’re too distracted by the world and the past that lay in between the pages to notice him. Your shoulders are pressed to his chest and his breath hits the back of your neck, causing you to become aware of his frame. He’s standing right behind you, and his arm reaches up for a book on one of the top shelves. It looks like a children’s book. 
He turns to the last page where it’s normally just an empty sheet of paper. But instead, there’s some writing and doodling with his name scribbled in tiny hearts. 
Ew. Who would ever willingly do that?
“It’s yours”, he says as he passes the book to you but there’s no way. You’d be crazy, possessed even to have been the one to waste ink on a name like his. 
“You were cute, always trying to catch a glance my way when you were a kid. Fought with me all the time just so I would give you attention. You had this well-hidden, I’ll give you that. But unfortunately for you, I decided to sort through them.” 
He had to be lying. Right? But the handwriting did look an awful lot like yours, thank God it’s gotten much better. You could totally act like it was never you and get away with it. Maybe. 
“You had the biggest crush on me, don’t you even deny it, y/n.” 
He was always teasing you, but you’ve never wanted to wipe that grin off his face more than you have at this moment.
“Can’t you ever keep that mouth of yours shut? You’re wrong. I really fucking hate you.” 
You set the book down. You need to get away from here. 
Before you even had the time to process everything that’d happened, he positions his hands at the ledge of the bookshelf, closing in the space between the both of you. You bring yourself to look up at him, his gaze flickers to your lips momentarily. He looks like he’s about to kiss you. And with that thought, he has you pinned against the bookshelf. His hands move to your hips, holding them in place as he lowers his lips to yours. And you tilt your head up to meet him, allowing him to kiss you.
To be fair, your mother had always encouraged you to try every drug at least once. He’s probably the deadliest of them all, but you’ll be fine as long as it was just this once. 
It’s the longest and softest kiss of your life but you don’t want to separate just yet. This wasn’t a proper kiss. You deserved more, better in fact. You move your lips against his, opening them wider as you glide your tongue over, deepening the kiss. 
It’s almost as if that triggered something in Taehyung because he switches up the pace in an instant. What did oxygen matter at this moment? His hands dig into your skin as if you’ll slip away from his touch, and he shifts his position, kissing you more aggressively. Your tongues intertwine as you lightly suck on his lips, tasting the same superficial champagne. 
His hands roam your body as he moves you both over to his desk, and his lips don’t leave yours for even a brief second. He lifts you onto the desk as he positions himself between your legs. You finally get to catch your breath when he begins to move down your jaw and to your neck, sucking and kissing at the skin. Not too hard but not gentle either. It was just the right amount to have to close your eyes and indulge in it. Your hand grabs onto his locks above his neck as he leaves a wet trail of saliva, providing you with the only relief from your burning skin. 
“I’ve. Waited. Forever. For. This.” He states between each kiss down your collarbone. 
You jerk him towards you, tightening your grip on his hair. He’s flush against you, and you can feel how strained he is. You begin to roll your hips into his, creating some friction to soothe your core. Breathy moans fall from your lips in reaction to his hardening length.
You move your hand to squeeze his cheeks with one hand, bringing yourself forward to kiss him. 
“I need you to fuck me, right now.” You say, almost like a warning. 
“Patience, sweetheart.”
His teeth sink down on your lips with one last kiss as his fingers come to your shoulders, slipping the dress off of your body. The metal rings sting against the heat from your body, causing you to shiver slightly. 
Taehyung starts to unbutton his shirt, and you yank on his tie, attempting to undo it. He takes it from your grasp and secures your hands together by knotting the tie. 
“I knew I picked the right tie for this occasion.” He smirks, pulling you towards him. 
Your legs wrap around him as his hands snake up your thigh, bunching up the fabric hurriedly and almost causing it to rip at the seams.
“Taehyung.” You warn.
He clicks his tongue in response. “It’s okay, I only bought this dress so I could take it off.”
Before you get the chance to talk back, his mouth is on yours again. What a perfect way to shut you up. He lowers you onto the flat wooden surface and momentarily pauses.
“I’ve always wondered how beautiful you’d look beneath me like this.” 
Fuck. The man knew how to use his words. 
“I bet I’d look a whole lot better with you inside me,” you challenge. 
“Shit,” he mutters under his breath. “You’re going to be the death of me, y/n.” 
You hook your arms around his neck, pulling him onto you. Your hip resumes grinding against him as you suck on the skin below his ears, earning a groan from him. 
He gives into you, rutting his hips harder, feeling your slick staining his pants. He breaks away, swiftly unbuckling his pants and discarding them. He then begins to rub your arousal along your slit through the lining of your underwear. 
“You’re such a fucking tease,” you whine. 
“Shh, sweetheart. It’ll be worth it, I promise.” 
And before you could speak up, he moves the strip of cloth to the side and starts his ministrations on your clit. Lowering himself, he brings his mouth to lick you, alternating between lightly sucking and sticking his tongue into you. You give up trying to squeeze your wrists through the tie since you’re only tightening it further. You lift your hips slightly trying to meet him halfway, unable to hold him in place.
Your moans get louder when he picks up his pace stuffing his fingers in you as his thumbs circle your clit.
“You’re so fucking tight, goddamn.” 
Your muscles involuntarily contract at the statement. 
“You need to learn not to do that,” he warns. “I’d be so fucked if I was inside you right now.” 
You whine in response. 
“Use your words, sweetheart.” 
“I need to come,” you sigh. 
“Not yet. You can’t, not until I tell you to.” 
Your hips stutter, pulling away from him as you try to control your breathing in an attempt to focus elsewhere rather than the knot building up in your core. Or so you hoped, until you feel his mouth sucking on the skin from your hips down to your inner thigh. He stops momentarily, holding your gaze before he bites into your sensitive skin.
“Fuck you, Taehyung,” you hiss. 
He brings his mouth back to your clit as his fingers continue to push into you at a relentless pace. 
“Please, please, Taehyung. Let me. I need to come,” you plead. 
“And when have you ever listened to me?” He smirks. 
God. Fuck him. 
He continues to switch his pace but never lets you catch a break. The more you pull away from him, the more he has you pinned down and the more pressure he exerts while working you up. It’s when he begins to curl his fingers inside of you, that you have no more control over your own body as it gives in to him. You come hard, your body shuddering as Taehyung slows down. 
He rubs his thumbs in circles to soothe you, before bringing his fingers to your mouth. And without being told to, you suck them clean. 
He unknots the tie and your hands immediately pull him in for another kiss as you taste yourself all over his lips.
“So eager.” He teases.
“How are you so composed?” You question in a daze. 
He wraps his hand around yours, bringing you to feel his length. 
“I’m barely surviving, sweetheart. This is what you do to me,” he whispers in your ear as you feel how hard and erect his dick is. 
You spread his pre-cum over his tip and begin to pump his length, playing with the underside of the tip. You slowly increase your pace and pressure as you move your hand up and down.
Taehyung grabs your wrist and guides you to a slower, softer pace. 
“I need you to stop or I won’t last.” 
You chuckle at his confession. Men are too easy. 
He places his hand on your face, his thumb stroking your cheeks as he presses a kiss on your nose. You tilt your head down, letting your hair fall to the front of your face.
What was that? 
Taehyung slowly moves his thumb to swipe across your lip while the rest of his hand forces your chin up. He holds your gaze for a long moment, smiling to himself before kissing you. 
He moves the both of you over by the book-wall before he props you against it, pulling you onto him so that he can support the both of you. You stare at him in a daze, unprepared for what comes next when you reflexively grind down on his erection.
You feel his tip slip between your folds a few times, gathering your slick and coating his dick. You move faster as your nails dig deeper into his shoulders, keen on feeling him inside you.
“I can take it,” you plead.
“Are you sure about that, sweetheart?” 
What was the point of the question if he didn’t give you the time to respond to it?
He positions himself at your entrance, slowly thrusting his hip slightly upwards to fit into you. You feel the stinging from having him stretch you out. You whimper, trying your best to relax so you can as much of him in as possible. 
“Shh, I know, sweetheart. I know.” He peppers little kisses down your chest to your boobs, trying you ease into you.  
His hands grab your ass, squeezing it as he brings you down into him until you’re flush with his body and he’s deep inside of you. You don’t know how you’re taking him, but you manage to adjust to the discomfort; the tears stinging your eyes are proof of your determination. 
You’re breathing sharpens in reaction to him while you try to hold back your moans. You want to show him you can actually take it, slowly pushing off of him and rolling your hips. You begin to move up and some way down his length at your own pace, watching him watch you, the way you move onto him, how you take to him.
“You’re doing so good for me,” he whispers to you. 
His praise fuels you to move faster, bouncing and circling your hips, as he sucks on your nips. You whimper as the pain slowly starts to transfer into pleasure. Taehyung picks up on how much easier it is for him to glide in and out of you and switches up the pace. 
Pinning you against the books, he thrusts further into you, alternating his pace between some fast and slower movements.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, just like that,” you scream out with each altercation as you rest your head against his, trying to even out your breathing.
Your arms wrap around his shoulder, fingers wrapped in his hair as you move against him, creating more force and friction between the both of you.
His grip on your ass gets harsher as he pulls you into him, moving you in such a way that you feel his tip hit the soft and swollen spot inside of you. After a few more, you can’t take it, can’t take him any longer. 
“Tae, I- I don’t think I can…” you trail off, a series of moans replacing the rest of your sentence.
“You can, y/n,” he urges you.
You try to distract yourself, focusing on the thuds and thumps of the books from getting shoved onto them but it only reminds you of how well he can fuck you. 
“I can’t anymore, Tae. I-I’m gonna come.”
You feel your orgasm hit you hard, your thighs tremble from the overstimulation, and you squeeze down on him as he begins to chase his own high after you. 
His pace falters every few thrusts, but he still manages to hold you in place. You can tell that he's being more mindful of his movements so that it doesn’t get too much for you.
You move on him again, slowly, but it seems to be enough to push him to finish into you. His low grunts indicate his orgasm as he continues to fuck his cum into you. 
“Fuck,” he exclaims before slowing coming to a stop. 
He still has you wrapped around him until he falls back onto the couch by his coffee table. You're propped on his lap while his fingers still linger over your skin, tracing patterns onto it as he kisses down your neck. He’s still inside of you and you make no adjustment to move off him either, relishing in this sin for another moment longer. 
Was this just another superficial event? 
It did have a ring to it. Superficial sex. Just like the champagne bottle abandoned on the floor. Just like the dress you’re still draped in. Just like the interiors of this remodeled room.
A/N: Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, I tried to look over it as best as I could. Feedback is always appreciated :)
I know I haven't posted in a while but hopefully, this fic makes up for it <3
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kyutiekook · 3 months ago
Little Dove
Pairing: Mafia!Bts x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2.9k
Synopsis: You were gentle, innocent, and pure. In simple words, the exact opposite of the cold-hearted and callous mafia members who fell for you in such a cliché manner.
Warnings: Harassment, Violence.
A/N: I apologize for the slight cliffhanger, but this is a two parter! That being said, part two will be out sometime this week, or on the weekend. 
Tumblr media
You worked part time as a florist at the dainty store just a few minutes away from your apartment complex. It was an easy way to make quick cash to others, but you weren't entirely in it for the money. The sweet scent of flowers always made your day, no matter what.
Although there were always a few men who came in regularly to ask you out on dates, you always refused. Surely they were nice guys, but you were waiting for someone special. Someone who would make you feel a spark at the very first moment.
A bell-like sound was heard from your door, it was the wind chimes you had recently purchased. It was much easier with them, so now you knew when a customer would enter. You were wearing a white blouse with a beige garden apron over it. Dusting the loose soil on your clothing, you made your way to the counter.
There you saw a man, maybe a few years older than you browsing the different rows of flowers. To many others, they'd immediately be afraid of him. However, you weren't the slightest bit fearful. You had no reason to judge him based off his appearance, though you could admit his tattoos and piercings were a bit bold.
He wore a white turtleneck paired with a black leather jacket. His jeans were black as well, having slight rips in the fabric. He wore black boots, and had rather long legs. When he finally turned around in your direction, that was when you noticed him having a golden pin name plate stuck on his jacket.
Jeon Jungkook, it read.
" May I help you? " You smiled brightly in his direction, your hair swaying perfectly as a breeze whooshed past you. His face seemed to relax a bit, and he made his way over to the counter.
" Yes, actually.. " He said in a husky voice, biting his lip in confusion.
" This is my first time shopping for flowers and.. "
" Say no more! "
The man seemed to be surprised with your quick and determined answer, but you didn't miss the small smile that crept on his face. It was an innocent smile, not a smirk like some other customers gave you.
You lead him to the back of the shop, revealing a shelf stacked with beautiful vases with even prettier flowers inside. Each row was filled, and Jungkook stared in awe at the variety of colors.
" Beautiful, huh? "
Jungkook nodded and stepped closer to the vases, reaching his hand out to gently touch the petals of one of the pink carnations. However, another bouquet caught his eye. It was all the way on the other side of the room, but it seemed to call for him.
Without a second to spare, he began making his way over to the much lovely bouquet, filled with purple roses. Some of the roses were pale purple and others were lavender-colored He was fascinated to say the least, and you saw it in his face.
" These. " He said, grabbing the flowers carefully off the table and into his arms. You nodded and led him back to the counter to ring him up.
" Falling in love at first sight " You hummed, punching a few buttons into your register. Jungkook's eyes widened at your statement, and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
" Excuse me? "
" Oh, " You laughed in embarrassment, pink rising to your cheeks. So much so, that you could even blend in with the carnations you two saw earlier.  
" That's the symbol of purple roses.. "
Once those words left your mouth, Jungkook groaned internally. He felt so stupid for even asking what you meant, there was clearly only one explanation for you saying that.
Deciding he embarrassed himself enough he just nodded and looked down at the floor. It wasn't common for him to be embarrassed, in fact it was shameful he was feeling like this in the first way as one of the biggest mafia mafia bosses in the entire country.
" Alright, your total will be- "
Before you could even finish your sentence, Jungkook had already opened his wallet and handed you crisp bills, much more than the flowers costed. Your mouth widened and shook your head, only taking a few that totaled up to his total and returning the rest back to him.
However, he was persistent and gave you back the spare money.
" Keep it.. please. "
Even though you were highly suspicious, you accepted the money gratefully. Jungkook had no idea why he was being so kind to you, but you just seemed so innocent.. so sweet. Much different from him, and that made him want to protect you.
" Bye, Jungkook! " You chirped as he was walking out the door, he looked back at you with a perplexed face, how did you know his name?
Did you know who he was?
You pointed to his shirt, and he spotted the name tag he forgot to take off.
" Bye.. " He paused, realizing he didn't know your name yet.
" Y/n. " You finished for him.
Pretty, he thought before pushing the door open, your melodic voice still ringing in his ear like a pleasant memory. He couldn't wait to tell his members about you. In fact, they were the entire reason he went to your shop in the first place. He was out buying flowers for them knowing that business had been stressful recently.
" I'm home! " Jungkook called out into the large apartment that they all shared. It was hidden behind buildings, and took a lot of twists and turns to get into. There were guards on watch 24/7 outside the house to ensure safety.
All the other 6 boys were sprawled out on the couch, engrossed into the movie playing on the television. Namjoon paused the movie with a yawn, despite the others protesting to resume it.
" I got flowers. " Jungkook stated which got everyone's attention. They left the comfort of the couch, and walked over to the table as Jungkook unwrapped the flowers out of the pink craft paper and placed them into a vase of water.
" What's the occasion? " Jimin asked, eyeing the flowers.
" Just felt like it. "Jungkook debated whether or not to tell the others about you, but ultimately decided to. He couldn't stop thinking about you. He knew you were special, there was just something about you.
" There was a.. " He paused, choosing his words carefully. " cute girl working at the shop. "
" Don't you think you have enough company? " Yoongi rolled his eyes, punching the younger member on the shoulder playfully. He could agree though, he already had seven boyfriends to keep him company, but he really felt attracted towards you, like you were that missing piece in his life.
" She's just.. special. "
After that, they didn't talk about you anymore, but you still lingered in the back of Jungkooks mind. He didn't think he could ever forget a voice like yours, and he was correct.
" L-let me go! "
A small voice was heard by the boys on a cold night. They were walking home from a business deal, and they were immediately concerned. Normally they wouldn't go out of their way to protect someone, but Jungkook was absolutely positive it was you.
Without thinking, he quickly turned around and walked back to the alleyway where your voice echoed. Your screams and cries became louder which pushed him to break into a sprint. The other boys were confused but ran after him.
When he finally ran deeper into the dark alleyway, his blood boiled when he saw a masked man hovering over you in a threatening manner. Jungkook was quick to react, and his fist instantly meeting the side of his head, knocking him down on the floor. He continued to strike the man on the floor, not feeling one bit of mercy.
" Kook! " Hoseok yelled when they finally caught up with him. He didn't try ripping him off of the man, but looked to the wall and saw you. The rest of the members followed Hoseok's eyes in confusion, but frowned when they saw your trembling figure.
" Enough. " Jin ordered, realizing you were becoming more scared by the violent scene unfolding. Jungkook threw one final punch to the man's jaw and stumbled away from the now unconscious man. As much as he wished to continue, he knew he had to follow the instructions given to him.
Your mouth was dry, and nothing seemed to escape your mouth. You just stared at Jungkook in a stunned manner. His face was familiar, but you couldn't but your finger on who he was. To be fair, it's been at least a month since you've last seen him. It only hit you when the light from the moon shone on him, the gold name plate sparkling on his black suit.
" J-jungkook..? "
He looked so much different like this, his sleeves rolled up to expose more tattoos. Blood was dripping from his knuckles, and purple bruises beginning to form. It made your heart squeeze knowing he was hurt because of you. You would've felt the same way even if it wasn't Jungkook standing in front of you, and another man protecting you.
Without thinking, you quickly ran to into his chest. He stood there stiffly, not knowing exactly what to do. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, and you buried your face into his body for comfort. It was obvious you weren't letting go anytime soon. He wasn't quite used to affection like this, and had no prior experience with comforting.
He looked over in his hyungs direction urging them to do or say something. It was Taehyung's voice who broke the silence.
" Are you alright.. ? " His voice was hoarse and hesitant.
You didn't reply, only sobbing further into Jungkook's crisp black blazer. However, after feeling the dampness against your face made you pull away. You had caused him enough trouble, the last thing you'd want to do is ruin his clothes.
When you turned to the side to wipe away your tears, you saw six other terrifying figures. You assumed that it was just Jungkook and the other man, not a whole group in your presence. Feeling embarrassed, you quickly bowed in their way to not come off as rude.
You noticed that the other six men were wearing the same golden name pins stuck on their tops, to see clearly you blinked back the tears that were escaping your eyes and read them each carefully, trying your best not to make it obvious that you were looking at them.
Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung.
" I-I'm so sorry.. " The way your voice shook made their hearts ache a bit. Although it was rather inappropriate timing, all of the men found your voice sweet, and your manners cute.
" J-Jungkook.. Thank you.. "
" She knows you? " Yoongi perked a brow, shifting his attention to the maknae.
All the youngest could do was clear his throat, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of you. Its not like he could just blurt out " Oh, yeah! This is the special girl I've been talking about for the past month "
No way in hell would he ever risk his pride like that.
" Oh.. yeah. She owns a flower shop. "
A sly smirk formed on Jimin's face, and Jungkook knew what was coming.
" So you're the special florist our Kook has been rambling about. "
Your gaze changed between Jimin and Jungkook, your mouth gaping in an O shape. Him? Rambling about you? That didn't make sense at all, you two have only met once to be fair.
" S..Special florist? "
Namjoon hummed and said something about how Jungkook wouldn't stop talking about you, and you didn't miss the bright pink blush that was spreading on the mans face in front of you. If you had to say so yourself, this was not the same man that just knocked someone out less than five minutes ago.
" Shut up already! " He snapped, rolling his sleeves down and glaring at the line of men in frustration. You probably thought he was a creep by now.
“ It’s alright.. unless special is a bad thing. “ You joked, looking up at him with innocent eyes.
Oh, only if you knew what type of people they were. Maybe your answer would be different then. Perhaps you would already be long gone, dashing away from them in fear for your life despite them saving you.
They were dangerous people, and they knew that.
" We should hurry back. It's getting late. "
You weren't sure who said it, but you frowned knowing that you'd have to part ways with him. Due to the fact you were in grave danger less than ten minutes ago, you were still shaken up. You didn't want to walk home by yourself just in case something like that would happen again and you didn't have anyone to protect you.
Despite you being scared out of your mind, you didn't want to burden them any more with your troubles. They saved you once, and that was all you wanted to ask from them. Nothing more.
" Thank you again, all of you. " You mumbled, bowing politely once again but this time you were more hesitant and shaky due to the fact you were cold but that was expected. All you were wearing was an oversized beige shirt, paired with a white skirt. The only thing that kept you from freezing to death were your white high socks.
Finding that there was nothing more to say, you turned on your heel and started walking further into the alley, your back facing them. This was the route you used to get home, you'd have to walk all the way into the alleyway and make a right where it ended. From there, you walked straight for a few minutes and then you'd be home.
The gravel shuffled under your shoes but when you stopped to grab your phone out of the small brown purse you had around your shoulder, you realized that there were still footsteps heard. In absolute fear, you turned around with a wince only to be met face to face with all 7 of the men.
" Let us walk you home. " Jungkook smiled, and made his way next to you.
" Sorry if we scared you, we just thought we'd follow you until you arrived at your house. "
" Jin, that sounds so weird! "
" I agree with Hoseok, " Taehyung added, and then looked directly at you. 
" I promise, we aren't some weird stalkers. "
A soft giggle escaped your lips, and your heart felt warm. Something about them was different, they made you feel something you've never felt before. It was crazy thinking you just met them today, when in your heart it feels that you've known them forever, or that you were waiting for them forever.
When they heard you laugh, they all had this strange feeling in their hearts. Your laughter was like sweet music playing, and they would be lying if they said you weren't their ideal type. Although its hard to judge someone after knowing them for under an hour, the boys just had a connection to you.
The first few minutes of walking were undeniably awkward, but after a few minutes they began to let their guard down around you. Jokes were being cracked every second making you laugh until your sides hurt, this was genuinely the happiest you've felt in a while.  
Sure you had a warm welcoming smile plastered on your face when you worked at the store, but on the three days you don't work - you just stay home. You don't have much friends to hang out with, and your customers are really the only people you socialize with face to face.
" So, what do you guys work as? " Curiosity got the best of you, and it just slipped out. You guys have been talking about your job as a florist the entire time, so it was nature to wonder what their occupations were.
Suddenly, everyone stopped talking. You took a halt and looked up at all seven of the men who were sharing glances between each other.
" We work in business. "
" I'm not surprised. You guys look quite extravagant. "
After that, you quickly moved on to another topic. You made a note in your head. They don't like to talk about their jobs, got it. You weren't too sure why but whatever made them uncomfortable you'd gladly refrain talking about it.
Soon enough you arrived home. It was a small house, fit for only two or three people. The area was nice though it was pretty much empty. That meaning there were never issues going on and you could live peacefully.
" Thank you, again. "
" It's no trouble, you don't need to thank us. " Namjoon smiled, his perfect blonde-bleached hair being pushed to the side gracefully in the nights air. His glasses reflecting the celestial crescent moon that shone in the sky.
Before a word could escape your lips, they were bidding goodbyes and turning their backs to you. You stayed in place, your feet glued to the cement underneath your shoes. 
Your eyes followed the seven figures walking down the streets until they completely disappeared into the chilly night, their presence long gone - as if they weren't with you a few minutes ago.
Although you just met one not even a month ago and the other six just today, you couldn't help but wonder if you'd ever be able to cross paths with the seven men once again.
Tumblr media
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agustdakasuga · 4 months ago
The Way Of A Criminal (Hiatus)
Genre: Mafia!AU, Criminal!AU, Angst, Romance
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Dealing with the sudden passing of your father was more than enough, you were truly alone. Until one day, 7 boys appear and tell you that you are to live with them and be protected by them. 
Story warning(s): This story will contain depictions of violence, blood shed/gore, death, mentions of abuse, smoking, alcohol drinking and gambling. This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
Character Introductions
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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jellifysh · 2 months ago
Getting back Into the Swing of Things (part sixteen)
Or, Namjoon falls back in love with his ex (and his boyfriends do, too)
ot7 x reader (slow burn, roommates au, fluff, a really long chapter, we are wrapping it up, reader is called a whore twice but not by any of the boys)
A/N: taglist at the bottom!! Enjoy <3
The vacation was wonderful from start to finish, and the boys both loved and hated very moment.
Like now, on the day before it was time to go back home, when they had all decided to spend their last full day on the beach and boardwalk and then finish it off in the jacuzzi, a tight fit with eight people, no matter how big the tub was.
You had been wearing one of the strappy bikinis they bought you. Really it was a joke, something Jimin picked out to fluster you but didn't expect you to wear, and so far it had been serving it's purpose, the awkward blush that popped onto your face every time you had to awkwardly shuffle past it in your suitcase when looking for clothes to wear had been nothing if not entertaining.
However, all your bathing suits and been exhausted and were soaking wet from days of repetitive use. And instead of wearing a wet bathing suit, you went and grabbed the last dry one you had, the aforementioned offending item.
It looked great on you, honestly, but that was the issue. It was a cow print two piece, and a bit... ahem... cheekier than the others. It didn't offer much coverage for the chest either, triangles of fabric connected by strings tied into little bows. You seemed shy about wearing it earlier, but after a while, you didn't seem to have a care in the world, running up and down the beach to chase Jungkook around like you were right out of a Baywatch scene.
"So, what part of this was a good idea to you?" Taehyung hissed at Jimin from his seat in a beach chair next to him, eyes trailing after you as you splashed Jungkook with water down the beach.
"I didn't think she'd actually wear it!" Jimin defended. "She's getting really bold lately." He mumbled, more to himself, but Yoongi, who was in a chair on his other side, still heard.
"Yeah, she sure has. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse." He rolled his eyes, taking a sip from his mimosa.
"Jungkook seems to be taking it in stride." Taehyung commented in the way Jungkook seemed to be extra touchy with you lately, especially now, picking you up and throwing into the water only for you to emerge and jump on his back out of revenge, making you both fall into the water.
"Jesus, they're both feral." Yoongi sighed, rubbing at the bridge of his nose.
They loved being able to be close to you, and loved that you were comfortable being around them, they were some of the only people you trusted and that made them beam with pride.
But they hated the fact that they were still in public, especially when they were walking down the boardwalk and they could see all the people gawking at you. Jin had pulled you in close to his side with an arm around your waist and the rest of the boys had circled themselves around you, especially obscuring your backside from view.
"The sun is so hot, my muse," Taehyung said, with a tone that implied what he was saying was not exactly what he meant. "Why don't you use my shirt as a cover up? Your skin must be burning."
You weren't paying attention to his voice, too busy staring down the vanilla milkshakes in a store on your left. "Huh? Oh, sure, thank you, Tae." You said shrugging his offered shirt on.
New problem: you looked absolutely adorable in the shirt.
The sleeves fell over your hands and the hem was just at the top of your thighs, showing off your legs. It was preferable to everyone on the boardwalk looking at you, but still pure torture to the boys.
"Can we get milkshakes?" You asked, and the boys were already agreeing before you finished your sentence, walking up to the window with you and letting you order. Yoongi pushed himself close to your side, spotting a man and his friend leering over at you at the booth next to you and meeting his stare, getting him to look away.
They hadn't had to deal with people getting close to you all week, but now that they were one day away from leaving, people were all over you. People had been coming up to you while you lounged in the sun earlier, the boys practically swatting them away like flies. They would commenting on your sandcastle building skills, start random flirty conversations, even try to get you to join volleyball games with them. It was Hoseok's idea to head back to the hotel and stay in the jacuzzi once they realized the allure of a pretty girl on the beach was too strong for most people to resist, having to hold back Jungkook from picking a fight. Just you laying in your lounge chair was picturesque, the way the sun bounced off your skin was hard not to stare at, and too many had people had come up offering to help you put on your sunscreen.
Back in the hotel room, the boys took advantage of the alcohol selection and made their own drinks, Jimin doing tricks with the bottles acting like a fancy bartender and all of you oohing and ahhing to humor him.
You had severely underestimated how much Jimin could drink, and when he challenged you to a contest, you lost easily, him laughing at you barely able to hold yourself up in the tub. He held onto to you as you repositioned and you smiled up at him, drunkenness making open up.
"You're so sweet to me, Jiminie," you mumbled, playing with his hair.
He grinned back, maybe not completely immune to the alcohol's effect. "You have no idea how sweet I could be, darling."
That was met with a splash, ruining the mood, and Jungkook blinking innocently as he apologized. But it seemed to snap you two out of it. The white shirt being used to cover you up didn't work when it was wet, instead looking twice as tempting as it stuck to your skin. Taehyung stared down at his cards, trying not to focus on the way your long legs were draped over the edge of the hot tub, you pushing into Jungkook's side as you played with the waterproof cards he brought.
You were losing all of the games, but having so much fun you didn't care, setting the cards down with so much confidence you may as well have been on a winning streak. However, in the middle of one of the games, you sat up straight, remembering something and going down into the rooms without a word, tracking water all over the place. You returned with an envelope, handing it to Jimin, slipping back into the hot tub.
"I got you a present, Minnie, here." He took it eagerly, he loved presents, but was careful to dry his hands before opening it.
It was tickets, eight tickets to Xolani's fashion show, the show he's been wanting to go to for weeks now. "You got these for me?"
You nodded, looking proud of yourself as you saw how much he liked the gift. "I talked to Xolani. She remembered me and was all too happy to catch up again. I told her about you and she gave me tickets!"
If he wasn't sure about how much he cared for you before, this would've cemented it for him. You listened to him, and actually did what you could to get it for him, no money required. He was speechless as he looked up at you, smile wobbly and full of warmth, and he probably would've actually kissed you right then and there had your phone not started ringing. Jungkook passed it to you, and you answered it, your happy face becoming serious as you spoke to the person in the other line.
"Yes, this is she. An interview? I can come in on the 5th." You spoke, your face becoming more and more excited. "Yes. Yes. Thank you so much. Have a good day, thank you." You hung up, kicking your feet in the water happily.
"What was that, cupcake?" Jin asked, watching you bounce in place excitedly.
"I got a call back for a job! They want to interview me and I can start right after!"
A job? The words sunk in in everyone brains, and while they wished they could share in your excitement, it actually dampened their mood. You getting a job meant less time you could spend in the house. Less time playing video games, or cooking with them, or just being there for them to cuddle with.
"That's great, Y/n. What place is it for?" Namjoon asked eventually, taking the mature route.
"It's a coffee shop, the one a couple blocks away? Soobin and his friends work there, we'd be able to share the same shifts and stuff, so I'd be working with my friends! It's gonna be so fun." You cheered, Another silence. This time, you caught on, pouting. "Okay, what's wrong?
"Listen, you don't have to worry too much about getting a job, we are totally fine with helping you--" Jin said, but you shook your head.
"It's not just help though, at this point you guys are doing everything for me. I want to do stuff for you too, and I want to do stuff for me." You pleaded. "And it's unlikely that I'll be able to do anything professional without a degree."
They shared hesitant looks, then Yoongi sighed, "You'll really be happy with a coffee shop job?"
"Yes I promise. The atmosphere is so nice, and I'm already great at making coffee." You giggled at your statement, no one could disagree with that.
Hoseok, happy to see you happy, commented, "We have a couple spare cars you can use to go to and from work."
"I couldn't ask you to do that."
"Don't worry, bunny. You'll just pay us back later." Jungkook shrugged.
"Now I'm starting to think you guys are teasing me." You scoffed, splashing him with a small wave of water. He giggled, unphased.
"Oh, we absolutely are."
Going back home was both disappointing and exciting, you were ready to sleep in a bed that's all your own, even if you did like sharing it with the boys. And while you missed your daily life, surrounded by all your usual things, you knew you'd miss the luxury and convenience of an all inclusive resort vacation.
And being able to see the boys in swimsuits 24/7, but that's besides the point.
The boys were extra whispery on the way back, talking with smiles and hidden giggles until you would walk up, and they'd look at you with an unreadable glint in their eye. Were they talking about you? Was it good or bad? You hoped it wasn't bad. You had tried to take the advice of your friends and be more bold with them, but what if they didn't like you? What if they thought you were desperate and were laughing at how clingy you had been?
These were the thoughts you tormented yourself with while unpacking, until you heard Hoseok yell out from the living room. "Uh, guys? You might wanna see this."
This turned out to be a gossip news channel playing on the television, and as you all gathered in the living room in front of the TV you could see exactly who it was about.
You and Namjoon.
Well, technically, it was about Namjoon and a mystery girl who, reporters believe, he whisked off to have a romantic weekend with, just the two of them. No pictures had the other boys in it. There were just blurry, far-off pictures of you and Namjoon walking on the beach holding hands and playing in the hot tub together, and you must admit, you perched in his lap to escape from a bee did look an awful lot like a romantic embrace. Supposedly, people were formulating rumors that you and Namjoon had been secretly dating for a long time as you were in a lot of his closest friends Instagram pictures, and reporters were starting to dig up dirt on who you were.
You started to feel dread grip your bones, you had no idea how the rest of the boys would interpret those pictures. What if they believed the media, and thought you were trying to seduce Namjoon that night? You two did look a little too close for friends. Biting your lip, you slowly slipped out of the room, escaping to avoid their reactions.
Namjoon rubbed at the bridge of his nose. "I guess we couldn't expect complete peace. Yoongi, your lawyers would probably handle this best."
"Already on it." Yoongi said, phone pressed to his ear.
Taehyung shook his head, pretending to scold Namjoon. "Letting the paparazzi catch you on a romantic getaway. What an amateur."
"She sure looked cozy in your lap." Jungkook added with a matching teasing grin.
"Oh, shut it, she was just trying to get away from a bee that was behind her." He chuckled, turning to you so you could defend him, then noticing you weren't in the room. "Where's Y/n?"
"She was right behind me when I came in..." Jimin said, brows furrowing. "Princess?" He called out. No response.
"You don't think she's upset, do you?" Jin questioned and they all looked at each other, then went back to looking for you with twice as much urgency. They spread out, calling your names, looking in different parts of the house.
Yoongi, however, went straight towards his home studio.
He slowly opened the door, trying not to make any noise, and there you were. Under the blanket he kept on his couch, shaking and sniffling, the lights of the room not even turned on. He stepped over to the couch, quietly crouching by your side. "No one's mad at you, kitten."
You stopped sniffling, popped your head out, tears streaming down your face. "But I made a rumor and--"
"No, kitten, the paparazzi made a rumor. It's okay. Dating scandals happen all the time, you wouldn't believe how many we've been in. This is nothing new. And none of us are angry about it." He explained softly, wiping the tears off your cheek and holding your face in his hand. "Okay?"
"Okay." You mumbled back and he lifted the covers, slipping in next to you as you squeezed him tight, getting comfort from his hold on you. He pulled out his phone firing off a quick text to the other boys that he found you.
No more than a week or two after you all got back, Namjoon got a call from his father to come meet him immediately. Urgent calls like that weren't common so he hurried down, wondering about what his father might have to say to him. He talked with his father often, and had a pretty close relationship with him and still couldn't decipher what this meeting would be about.
And after getting to his dad's office and speaking with him, Namjoon had what felt like a complete bombshell dropped on him.
"What did you just say?" He asked, not believing it the first time.
His father sighed, head in his hands as his mother rubbed his shoulder in an attempt to soothe him. "Your grandfather said that you either take over the business, or he shuts it down. He wants you, as the heir, to be the next CEO and would rather see it destroyed than in the hands of someone other than our family."
"That's not even fair." Namjoon protested. "Everything this business has become is because of you, if anyone should have the say over it shutting down, it should be you."
"Yeah, but it's all technically still in his ownership. He set conditions." His father looked defeated already.
"What conditions?"
"He wants you to take over, and he wants you to have a wife within the next year who is able to produce an heir with you."
"That's crazy."
"I know. I'm going to tell him that we're not going to do it." His father moved to pick up the phone and Namjoon stopped him. His father had worked too hard to give up all his earnings like that, no one was a more dedicated person than his father. It was where Namjoon got his work ethic from, where he got his motivation to strike out on his own.
"No, you can't, the business is like your baby."
"Namjoon, you're my baby, and I won't force you into an arranged marriage." His father looked up at him, just as stubborn and determined, and it was Namjoon's turn to sigh now.
"I... Lemme figure something out." He said eventually.
His mother smiled at him warmly. "That big brain of yours is always thinking. We'll let you think about it, but don't rush into anything."
Going home was a quiet drive, nothing, not even the radio was on as he thought of the possibilities, mind racing. As he walked in the door he was still lost in thought, attracting the attention of his boyfriends on the couch.
"Hey, Joon." Jimin, Jin, Taehyung and Hoseok were in one big cuddle pile on the couch, greeting him cheerfully, the others elsewhere in the house. He smiled back, but it was obviously strained, as he walked past the couch.
"What's wrong?" Jin asked, grabbing his arm and pulling him onto the couch.
He sat, reluctantly, and explained the situation after a bit of coaxing. "I just don't know what to do. I need to find a wife within a year that won't be just trying to use me or some crazy fan trying to break us apart."
"I always thought your grandfather was a prick." Hoseok scoffed.
"Yeah, he is." Namjoon chuckled. "But now, he has the power to let everything my dad has ever accomplished die, unless I marry someone I don't care about."
"Yikes." A voice at the door said. It was you and Jungkook, a cup in your hand. "Sorry, we just came down to get some water and heard your voice. Are you okay?" You asked, eyebrows crinkled in concern.
Namjoon shook his head, waving you off. The last thing he wanted to do was bring you into his family business. "I'll figure something out."
"It sounds like there's only two things you can do." Jungkook shrugged, joining the cuddle pile.
You walked up, worried. "Joon, if you need help, I wouldn't mind."
Namjoon shook his head, adamantly. "I can't do that to you."
"It's fine. And besides, me not helping you won't make the problem go away." You insisted.
"She's probably your best bet, Namjoon." Jimin added. "The media has already even you two together, people already think you're dating. If you marry some random person, people will get suspicious, and you know as well as anyone that suspicion can ruin a business."
"And we know that bunny would never try to use you or hurt us." Jungkook said, reaching out to pinch your cheek, and you swatted his hand away playfully. "I stand corrected." He fake pouted.
"I'm okay with it, Joon. I want to help you, and getting married to you wouldn't be the worst thing in the world." You said again and he looked at you, wanting to make sure you were really okay with it.
"Really? I mean don't think you have to--"
"No, honestly, it's fine," I don't see myself marrying anyone else after the kindness you've shown me, you thought to yourself. "Think of it as me repaying your kindness." You said instead.
"This is a big ask. We'd be getting actually married. Like, legally. And if we wanted to unmarried we'd have to go through divorce and papers and... what if you meet someone who you love, and can't go after them..."
You cut him off, anyway knowing there's no way that would happen. "Joon, I want to help you. Please?"
A long look passed between the two, you him looking in the eyes, and him really looking and searching you for the slightest bit of hesitation, finding none. "If your really okay with it. Then fine. But we'll have to act like we're an actual couple. We have to make people believe that we're in love or else everyone will be sticking their nose in our business all the time."
"But, i have a question," you began to ask. "Aren't you guys dating? Won't the public find it weird if we get married when you have six boyfriends?"
"Well, no one really knows we're together." Jin shrugged.
"We never said anything explicitly, but we're always together." Jimin said. "If they haven't figured it out by now, that's on them."
Namjoon chuckled, then stood up with his phone in his hand to tell his parents the decision. "I'll let my parents Know. They actually don't know we got in touch again... I wonder how they'll react."
"My baby!" Namjoon's mother wrapped you up in her arms, nuzzling into you like a lion with its cub and pulled away for a moment to swat Namjoon's shoulders angrily. "Why didn't you tell me that you were talking again?" She turned back to you, all warmth and kindness again. "I've been worried sick about you, darling, how have you been? You must tell me everything."
His parents' reaction, or rather Namjoon's mother's reaction, was to throw a giant engagement party, which she said was make to sure the media caught wind of the event, but Namjoon was starting to think it was just excuse for her to see you and talk with you again. You really were like the daughter she never had, and when you broke up with Namjoon, she was upset that she couldn't see you as often.
As Namjoon's mother swooped you and Namjoon off, introducing you to guests and catching up, the boys settled at a table, resigning themselves to just watching you flit around and look pretty as you charmed everyone you spoke with. They had spoken about this, from now on, they couldn't show any romantic affection to you or Namjoon in public, which wasn't a problem, they weren't big on flaunting their relationship anyway, but it was a little saddening that they couldn't hold you close like they wanted to. The closest to you they could get was probably if they were slow dancing, but even that would look suspicious if you getting too close to someone who wasn't your future husband. They would have to put their plans of getting you to date them on hold as well, at least until all of this quieted down.
"They really do look perfect together." Yoongi said. The natural way Namjoon's arm wrapped around your waist and the way you would lean into him while talking with guests made it look as if you two had been together all your lives, which technically you had.
"And she's obviously winning over everyone in the room." Taehyung said, everyone who spoke with you left with a pleasant smile on their face, charmed by your kindness.
"Does Namjoon have to be all over her though?" Jungkook laughed, referring to the way Namjoon wouldn't leave your side for a second, a hand or arm always on you.
"He's having too much fun with this." Jimin chuckled.
And honestly, both of you were. There was something so comforting at being able to be close with Namjoon like this again. And reuniting with some of his family members that ere invited to the party. Namjoon's grandfather wasn't there, but that was probably for the best. You doubted you would be able to play nice with someone who didn't care about others.
And Namjoon's mother was so kind, you really did miss her so much. She reminded you of your own mother. She stepped away to grab some snacks for you, imploring Namjoon to come with her to help her carry stuff for her and you waited idly, looking around and observing the party.
"Hey, honey," your mother's voice filled your ears and you sighed. Gosh, you were even hallucinating your mother's voice now.
"Y/n L/n, don't ignore your mother!"
You turned around, seeing your mother and father standing there, you mother's hands on her hips. Wait, your mother was really here?
You rushed towards them, flinging your arms around them in a giant hug, holding them close for a while but they weren't complaining, hugging you back with the same energy.
"I can't believe your here!"
"We wouldn't miss our daughters engagement party." Your father smiled.
"Which you didn't invite us to." Your mother added, and you had no way of explaining it without going all the way back to the beginning.
So you did. You told your mother everything, even the things you didn't tell her before, finally coming completely clean with them. When you finished, you mother was wiping a tear away, saying, "I can't believe all that happened to you honey. Why didn't you tell us anything?"
"I wanted to be independent. I didn't want you to think I couldn't handle being on my own."
"Darling, we are so proud of you. But I wish you would've let us help you. We went so long not hearing from you, it worried us sometimes."
"I know. And it'll never happen again."
You went through the rest of the party, your parents going off to reunite with each other as they had been best friends too. As the night started to approach, Namjoon went up to the mic, pulling you onto the stage with him.
"Thank you all for coming, I don't usually do parties like these, but this was too important to let go by. It's me and Y/n's anniversary, and I have something I wanted to tell her." Namjoon then got down on one knee, making the room quiet. You pretended to be shocked, like you had planned, this was supposed to be a surprise engagement on you and Namjoon's anniversary.
"Y/n, ever since you have come into my life you have lit up my world. Everything is better with you around and I never want to be without you," he reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a box, opening it to reveal the shiniest diamond you ever seen in your life. "So, will you marry me?"
"Yes!" You answered immediately, everyone cheering and whistling as Namjoon slid the ring onto your finger.
"Hi, fiancee." He whispered to you and you held back a giggle. This was really happening now. You were en route to marry your first love. Fake marry, but still, you couldn't find it in yourself to care.
As it turns out, being fake engaged was a lot of work. You and Namjoon were in the public eye, showing off your relationship as much as possible. You really must applaud people who do relationships as a publicity stunt, you never understood how much work it was to look like you're in love.
Namjoon would take you on big dates, renting out restaurants to take you out for dinner, big romantic gestures that the paparazzi was never too far to witness. You felt bad for taking away his time with the boys, but they honestly seemed overjoyed, complimenting you both when you would get dressed up to go on dates. They'd pick out outfits for you, pay for you to get your hair done, drive you around to work. The media ate it up, happy to see you spending time and getting to know Namjoon's "friends". And some people who had initially labeled you as a poor gold digger even changed their tune after finding out you still worked at a cute little coffee shop after being engaged to Namjoon and not weren't with him for his money and to be taken care of.
It was going perfectly, but you were starting how fake the dates really were. When you two would sit across from each other and actually get invested in conversation, forgetting that it was all for the camera, when you would go on moonlit walks and hold hands and he would call you honey even with no one around to hear. It was all starting to feel too real. And somehow, it was only making your relationship with the rest of the boys stronger-- you didn't know that the marriage gave them a sense of security, a feeling that they had actually you to themselves now, if they couldn't all marry you, at least one could the rest of them could just spoil you to death. And spoil you they had, all the dress and jewelry you and been wearing had been gifts from them, they would've bought you your own car if you hadn't stopped them, settling for one of the spares they had offered you and just getting some decorations to make it feel more like yours.
But right now you were driving to Namjoon's office, stopping by to see him and go home together. He could drive, but he preferred not to, usually carpooling with Yoongi.
You walked up the steps, lost in thought about how weird you're life been lately, in a good way, definitely, but usually life takes a hammer and beats you down every once in a while.
And maybe you just jinxed yourself.
"Y/n!" Your ex calls out your name, stepping away from the wall he was leaning against. You instantly freeze in your tracks, you hadn't even noticed him there. You look around the mostly empty sidewalk. If you needed to, you could make a break for the lobby but hopefully there would be no need for that.
He stepped up to you, casually starting conversation like you ever wanted to see him again. "Thank goodness, I've been trying to contact you, did you change your number?"
"Um.. yes." You squeaked out.
"Yeah, I figured, you weren't picking up any of my calls." He rubbed at the scruff of his beard. He didn't have a beard when you broke up with him. Everything about him seemed different, rougher. You didn't like it.
You tried to cut off the conversation before it started, keeping your hands firmly in the pockets of your coat as you took small, subtle steps back. "Listen, I don't know why you're here--"
He cut you off instead, tone getting louder. "Why I'm here? I'm here because the guys you've been traipsing around with are hounding me. What did you tell them about me?"
You stuttered, not liking the way his voice was raising abs having no idea what he was taking about. "I-I didn't, I don't--"
Your ex barreled on. "You didn't tell them anything? Then why is it, that I'm getting calls from my lawyer telling me that your new rich friends are going after me. Are you trying to get more money? Huh? You wanna sure me? Or put me away so you can take everything from me? Are you that upset about me breaking up with you that you started whoring yourself out to seven guys so they do your bidding and try to lock me up?!" You were starting to hyperventilate now, visibly trying to back and get away from him, which he didn't like. "Answer me!" He yelled, bringing a hand down to, most likely, hit you.
But it never reached you.
Namjoon stood behind him, firm grip on his hand keeping it from ever touching you. The expression in his face was nothing but fierce loyalty and hated fur the man in front of him. "That's enough."
"Our cameras have all of that recorded, sir, please step off the premises, and never contact her or us again." Yoongi said, coming down the steps with two security guards in tow. He stood at your side, slightly in front of you, putting himself between you and your ex and the guards pulled him away. "But thanks for giving us evidence we can use against you in court."
"You fucking whore! I'll make sure you regret this!" Your ex yelled as the guards escorted him away. As soon as he was a safe distance away, Namjoon pulled you into his arms, pressing you close to his chest.
"You're safe now, baby, I promise no lowlife like that will ever hurt you again." He murmured low so only you could hear. You focused on his comforting scent and the steady rhythm of his heart beat. As you looked up at his and Yoongi's concerned faces, you smiled. You really were in good hands.
Finally, it was the day of the wedding, and you must say, your mothers had outdone themselves. It was a classic sort of wedding, white and timeless with chandeliers, and crystal candle holders and bejeweled flower centerpieces. All of it screamed elegance and money and you felt bad for making Namjoon's parents foot the bill, but every time you looked at the expression on Namjoon's mother's face you couldn't help but feel like she was getting too much satisfaction out of planning a fake wedding. Even your own mother looked too pleased, fixing your dress for you before you stepped out with happy tears in her eyes.
"Mama, please, this is nothing to cry over," Though your words may have sounded a bit unkind, you were smiling, wiping her tears away for her. It was so comforting to have your mother here with you after so long without her.
"Look at you shaking and trying to tell me it's no big deal." Your mother teased, grabbing your hands to steady their trembling.
It was true, your hand were shaking, but you chalked that up to the countless media figures and celebrities here to publicize your marriage. All eyes were going to be on you, judging your looks, judging your dress. You really liked your dress. It was everything you had ever dreamed of and more, and fit you perfectly thanks to the boys personal tailor. Though, you're sure the tailor was more than a little stressed with how the boys would stare her down as she worked, every time a pin pricked your skin you could feel the room's temperature drop.
But you were here now, veil on, dress and shoes on, and waiting for your cue to walk out. Which was soon, you guessed from the way your father stepped in to take your arm.
"My beautiful daughter," he sighed, smoothing a loose hair of yours back into place. "I'm happy for you."
"This is just an arrangement, dad." You corrected again, and he shook his head, a proud smile on his face.
"The wedding, sure. But you still have these great men in your life to take care of you. I'm happy for that."
You had just enough time to give him a genuine smile before it was time for you to walk down the aisle. Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself before the doors opened, revealing the crowd of odor waiting in their seats, turning towards you. Gasps filled the room as the opened, people awed by your dress and hair. Whispers came next, you hoped they were good things, but really you couldn't care one bit.
Because Namjoon was waiting for you at the end of the aisle, looking every bit as awestruck as a real husband would seeing their future wife walk towards them, his bottom lip wobbling slightly. His suit looked incredible on him but what else was new, hair slicked back with a little curl hanging over his fore head, the style you always said was your favorite back when you were together. You stepped towards him, one foot in front of the other to the music, thinking of everything you'd been through since you found each other again. How you apologized for everything and finally got closure, the stability you received from them each other and the others boys, the courage to completely detach yourself from your ex and your old life. The way you had been learning to love yourself again with every bit of kindness the boys gave you, the closeness, the cuddling, the compliments, the unconditional care. You looked around the room, spotting the boys-- your boys-- turned around looking at you in the front row, every bit as awestruck as Namjoon looked, smiling with encouragement.
And you were so stupid to think you could do this with no feelings attached.
You kissed your father on the cheek as he gave you away and took Namjoon's hands, stepping up across from him as the officiant began reading through the usual marriage script. But you didn't hear any of it really, the two of you staring into each other's eyes like the secrets of the galaxy were in there, smiles slowly growing on each of your faces and for some reason you were holding back laughter. You were always laughing around Namjoon, always blissful and at peace.
"Do you, Kim Namjoon, take this woman to be your wife, in sickness and in health, til death do you part?"
"I do." He responded without hesitation, squeezing your hands tight, still not breaking his stare.
"Do you, Y/n L/n, take this man to be your husband, in sickness and in health, til death do you part?"
Namjoon's intense brown eyes felt like they were burning into yours and you took a deep breath before finally saying, "I do."
The officiant gave you rings, the two of saying, "With this ring, I thee wed," as you placed them on each other hands, the urge to laugh at how unreal this all felt still too strong, biting your lip to hold back the unexplained joy bubbling up inside you. Why were you so happy, just to be standing here with Namjoon, looking into each other's like you'd never see them again?
The officiant continued, "I now pronounce you husband and wife."
And before the officiant even finished half his sentence, Namjoon was grabbing your face and pulling you into a deep kiss, the room going up in cheers. As you parted you glanced at where the boys were sitting, some them tearing up too, and let go of the giggles you had been holding back the whole time as Namjoon swept you up off your feet and carried you back down the aisle towards the limo waiting to drive you to the reception.
"We did it!" You laughed, as the limo door shut. "We got married." Even saying the words sounded unreal. Namjoon took your hand again, intertwining them with your hand and wedding ring facing up. It was a simple gold band, very bland compared to the glimmer and sparkle of the engagement ring but you liked it just as much.
"We did." He repeated. "You are now, officially, Mrs. Kim Namjoon."
The two of you were quiet for a moment then burst into laughter again.
"This is so crazy. Did you ever think it would all happen like this?" You shook your head.
"I always hoped we'd get married for real." He said, still looking down at your hands together. They looked nice together.
"Right. Although I'm sure now you would much rather be marrying one of the boys." You looked down now, mood dampened a bit. "I'm still sorry I'm taking that away from you."
He shook his head, wordlessly telling you not to worry about it. "We gave up on marriage a long time ago. It's not exactly legal to marry six people."
"I guess not." You chucked.
Another moment of thoughtful silence, then, he spoke again. "You look incredible in your dress."
"And you look very charming in your suit. I still love your hair like this." You reached up, laying with a few strands. "It looks better on you now somehow. I guess you age like a fine wine."
"Me? You look just as beautiful as you used to, maybe even more now. Your more... I don't know, mature." He sighed, leaning his head on yours. "I feel like we were so childish back then."
"That's because we were."
"Promise me, for real this time, that we'll never lose touch again? No more excuses, no more hiding." He said, face serious and earnest as he spoke, looking you directly in the eyes. "I don't think I could live without you again."
"I promise." And you meant it.
The reception was just as beautiful, a venue with a large, sparkling, cream marble floor, and exquisite food. You and Namjoon were sitting at your own little table in the center of the room, already having cut the cake yet still trying to get it all over the other persons face, you having frosting on your cheek and him having it on his nose as you pushed bites of cake towards each other, giggling like you were only people in the room.
"They look so cute together." Jin sighed from the boys' own table, close but not close enough, wanting to be right there with you both. They were there as Namjoon's closest "friends", still dreading the fact that they couldn't do anything that might be perceived as romantic touching or gestures.
"Yep. They're officially together now, I don't think anybody here thinks they're faking it." Taehyung commented, looking at the reporters that were invited eating up every cute thing you and Namjoon did. "No more PDA with Joonie though." He pouted. Not that they did much before, but still.
"Truly a shame." Jimin added pseudo-solemnly, then started whining. "It just sucks that they get to hold each other all night and we can only talk to them, I'm so jealous--" He turned towards the table again, only you weren't over there. You right in front of him, making him yelp in surprise. "Princess! Geez, you can't just sneak up like that."
"Sorry for spooking you." Your smile turned sad. "And I'm really sorry that you guys aren't the ones getting married. I know how much you all love each other."
"It's okay, lovebug. If Namjoon's happy, we're happy." Jin reassured you, smiling warmly.
"You guys should come on the honey moon." You suggested, making Yoongi choke on his drink.
"What?" He rasped, wanting to clarify that you didn't say what he thought you said.
"I mean, we're going on a 'honey moon' so it doesn't look suspicious, but I don't think we'll be doing anything. You guys should come, keep Namjoon company."
"What will you be doing then?" Jungkook asked.
"I don't know, probably staying in a soundproof room far away." You giggled. "But you guys deserve a honey moon with Namjoon more than I do."
"We'll go, but there's no way you're just staying alone the whole time. We'll pick somewhere fun, maybe another beach, more private this time." Hoseok suggested.
"My parents have a beach house and a strip of private beach, we can go there, and you can play with the crabs again." Taehyung offered, almost reaching over to play with your hand before pulling back.
"Good. As long as you're there. You mean the world to Namjoon." You sighed, happy that they agreed.
"You do too." Yoongi said.
Speaking of Namjoon, he stepped up behind you, kissing you on the cheek. "Why'd you walk off, honey?"
"Uh oh, someone's had too much alcohol." Jimin teased.
Namjoon scoffed. "No, I didn't. It'd look suspicious if I wasn't affectionate with my wife on our wedding day." He said, wrapping his arms around your waist as if proving his point.
"Riiiight." Jimin said, totally believing him.
All in all, the wedding went off without a hitch, no one talking about you in any scandalous light anymore, and article after article being published about how cute you and Namjoon were and you both being everyone's newest favorite couple. Some of his fans were still wary of you, but for the most part they were receptive, theorizing that you were reason for Namjoon's recent uptick in love songs, which you scoffed at. You doubted that was true.
And the, quote un quote, honeymoon had you excited, happy to be going on another trip with the boys, and this time you had saved up enough to buy souvenirs for them yourself.
You and Namjoon had flown out first separately, making a big public event of it to give the reporters something to focus on while you were gone. Namjoon's grandfather couldn't be happier at all the attention despite the fact that he hadn't even shown up to the wedding, something that made you feel before Namjoon chuckled and calmed you down, assuring you that he didn't care what his gramdfather did. His father's company's was safe and he was happy, and you figured that was all that mattered.
The rest of the boys flew in a few hours later, more secret and landed in a different airport so if anyone found out it looked unrelated, them having their own alibis for why they were leaving the country. They met you in the beach house, dropping their bags and squeezing you both into big hugs. You settled on the floor by the bed, unpacking your things into the drawers by the bed, the boys all settling into spots around the room, some on the floor and some in chairs, Taehyung slumping on the large cushy bed next to Namjoon who was sitting there to unpack.
"I've wanted to do that since the engagement party." Jungkook said, sitting on the floor behind you and leaning against the bed.
"It has felt like forever since we've had anytime to ourselves." Jin sighed, collapsing onto a comfy chair.
"Look how pretty your rings look. You two really do make a pretty couple." Jimin cooed, looking at your ring. "Fake or otherwise." He winked and you giggled.
"Oh! That reminds me, Namjoon?" You gestured at him and he nodded pulling out a large velvet box from on the bags. You turned back to the boys, bouncing in place as you could hardly contain your excitement. "This is for you. All of you." You held it out, and Jimin took positioning himself on the floor in front of you.
Jimin carefully opens the box, each boy leaning in to get a look. Inside, there were six rings lined up, each unique with a name of one of the boys underneath them in fancy script. They froze in disbelief, looking to you both for an explanation.
Namjoon started to explain, "Y/n wanted to give you all a gift."
You shook your head. "It came from both of us. But I figured, if anyone should be getting married it's you all. So, we would bought you rings too. The love you guys share is so beautiful, it would be horrible not to have something to represent that."
"It was all her idea. All I did was buy them and her what sizes you were. She picked them out and came up with the idea." Namjoon insisted, making sure they understood his much you wanted to do this for them.
The room was silent, the boys all slipping their respective rings on, all in awe from your sentimental gift. Only you would make your wedding about someone else. Jimin actually started to cry, but Jungkook was not far behind, blinking back tears as he stared down at the ring. "And they all match our engagement rings. They're part of the same collection." You added, holding your hand up next to Namjoon's so they could see the way the designs matched, even though they weren't exactly the same.
Done holding back as he was overcome with emotion, Jimin pushed forward, kissing you deeply, almost desperately on the lips, wanting you to feel the emotion you made him feel, Taehyung taking his place as soon as he pulled away and kissing you just as fiercely. Not one to be left out, Jungkook did the same, holding your face in his hands as he kissed you, pulling back while biting your lip, watching the plushness plop back into place.
"Boys, please you're going to overwhelm her." Jin sighed, but he was smiling, watching the dazed look on your face as you caught your breath.
"I guess you really liked your present." You breathed, still a bit awestruck, making the boys all laugh.
Yoongi chucked. "No kitten. We really like you."
"What?" You blinked, not daring to hope they were saying what you thought they were saying.
"You're so sweet to us angel, more than we deserve, thank you," Hoseok leaned, kissing you gentler than the maknaes but no less intense. As he pulled back he noticed your eyes watering.
"I'm.. confused." You said, voice choking up.
"We love you." Jin explained gently, tilting your head up towards him. "We have for a while now. You are such a kind, genuine soul and since you've come into our lives we've never seen happier. You've taught us so much about love and understanding and kindness." You were full on crying now as you listened to his words. This was really happening. They loved you. Jin moved his hags to cup your cheek, wrong the tears away. "Darling, please say something."
"I love you too." Jin dipped down to kiss you at those words, his relief and unleashed love overpowering and intense, leaving you dazed again as he pulled away. You looked so perfectly flushed, the softness of your lips teasing as you licked them absentmindedly, making Yoongi lean in for one too, a firm hold on your chin as he kissed and nibbled on your lip.
When you pulled apart, all the boys looking at you with overwhelming love and affection, you looked up at Namjoon, who returned the same look. "I guess this wedding wasn't as fake as we thought, hmm?"
You laughed, throwing yourself into the arms of the nearest person, crying into their chest with happiness. "I've liked you all forever too, I never thought you would like me back, I didn't want to hope for something I couldn't have." You said, muffled into their chest but they heard every word. You pulled back, looking at them all again, face wet but happy, hopeful. "But I can have it? I can have you? And love you like this?" You reached out and Taehyung took your hand in a firm grasp, solid and real and comforting.
"We're all yours baby."
You sat there, all basking in the love and warmth in happy silence, until Jimin spoke up.
"This is my favorite part of weddings."
"What do you mean?" You asked, someone's hand stroking through your hair lulling you to sleep.
"Oh, princess don't you know? After a wedding comes the honeymoon." Jimin said with a devilish smile and you couldn't help but feel anticipation waking you back up.
You were in for a ride.
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bangtanscumslut · a month ago
BTS reaction to finding your nudes online (hyung line)
Namjoon : 
Tumblr media
"Do you think we should tell him?" Jimin and Jungkook discussed what to do with the images they had just seen. "Tell me what?" Namjoon, who was sitting opposite to them, had noticed them constantly peeping at him and looking back at the phone in Jimin's hand.  "Hyung, I'm not sure you wanna look at this," Jimin let his words trail as he reluctantly handed the phone over to Namjoon. Namjoon saw the images on the screen and read the title. Leaked nudes of famous rapper Namjoon's girlfriend. Jimin and Jungkook expected him to explode in anger but surprisingly, he handed the phone back to them and went back to reading his book. The two younger boys exchanged confused looks. Namjoon's phone rang loudly and he turned it over to see the name on the screen. Y/N. He excused himself from the room and answered the phone. "Did you see?" you croaked, your throat stuffy from crying. "No," he answered shortly. "Jimin and Jungkook showed it to me but I didn't open it." "Great! You must be so disgusted," you chuckled bitterly. "Calm down, y/n. I'm not mad," he sighed. "You're not?" you asked, confused. "No. You were obviously young when it happened, it's been brought up because you're with me. If anything, it's my fault." "Joon.." you sobbed, wiping the tears pooling at your chin. "It was a long time ago. My ex leaked my nudes as revenge porn. Back then I didn't have the courage to file a case against him." "You don't need to explain anything to me, love. If it makes you feel better, I'm down to help you file a case against that scumbag. Come home, I want to cuddle and make you feel better."
Jin :
Tumblr media
Jin, Hoseok, Taehyung, Yoongi and you were watching a movie in their dorm. You were in the kitchen making popcorn for everyone. "Hyung, isn't this Y/N?" Hoseok shoved his phone in Jin's face. At the mention of your name, you peeked out of the kitchen to see what they were talking about. You watched as Jin took the phone from Hoseok's hand and frowned while staring at the screen. Yoongi and Taehyung leaned into Jin to look at what was on Hoseok's phone. All of their eyes went wide and their heads snapped in your direction. Jin immediately shut the phone and tossed it back to Hoseok. "Excuse me for a while," he said and stood up. You watched in confusion as he left the room. "What's going on?" you walked towards the boys and asked. "Noona.." Taehyung hesitated. "Tell me what's going on right now!" you demanded. Hoseok handed you his phone. You read the article on the screen and tears automatically filled your eyes.  "Noona, please don't cry. The person who did this is a total scumbag," Hoseok tried to comfort you. "I agree," Yoongi nodded. "Excuse me," you mumbled and left the room in search of Jin. You found him sitting in your room, talking to someone on the phone angrily. "Jin?" you whispered as you entered the room and closed the door behind you. He turned to look at you. Upon seeing him, your tears fell easily. He shut his phone and threw it aside and waited for you to approach him. "Are you angry?" you asked, sitting next to him. "Yes," he answered bluntly. "Oh," you felt your heart break into a million pieces. You thought this was the end of the road for the both of you. "I'm so fucking angry at the assholes who decided to slander you like this publicly." "You aren't mad at me?" you asked, taken aback by his answer. He noticed your puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks and sighed, reaching for your face and rubbing the tears away. "Of course not, jagiya. I'm working with some people I know to shut down those articles. Wait for a little while, okay? I'll get rid of that nonsense," he said and kissed your temple. You nodded, feeling relieved. "Aren't you curious about the pictures?" He shook his head, "I don't need to know. All I care about is that you're mine now and I will do anything to protect you."
Yoongi : 
Tumblr media
"Rock, paper, scissors!"  You threw a scissor in the air as Yoongi threw a rock. "No fair," you pouted instantly. "Why do I always get stuck with toilet cleaning duty?" Yoongi laughed and ruffled your hair affectionately. "I'm sorry baby. Maybe try to not suck at rock, paper, scissors next time." "Jerk," you playfully slapped his butt and walked away to go find the cleaning supplies. Suddenly, your phone started to ring, making you stop in your tracks and fish it out. "Oh hey bestie!" you chirped into the phone. "Y/N, this is bad," your best friend spoke hurriedly. "This is so, so bad. I don't know what you're going to do. This is a nightmare. You have to leave Korea right now!" "Hey, slow down," you frowned, turning on your feet to look at Yoongi who was standing a few feet away, watching you. What's wrong? he mouthed. I don't know, you mouthed back. "Y/N! Your douchebag ex leaked your nudes online. It's all over the internet. Yoongi is getting dragged over it, too." You felt your heart stop for a second as the phone slipped from your hand and clattered to the ground.  Yoongi ran to you in a flash and picked up the phone before grabbing you by your shoulder and shaking you gently. "What's wrong?" "Yoon.." you breathed shakily, tears automatically filling your eyes. Yoongi watched your face pale and stuck the phone to his ear. "Hello, what's going on?" The call disconnected and your phone dinged with a message. Yoongi opened it to find a link to an article. You snatched your phone from his hand hurriedly. "It's nothing," you tried to shove your phone back into your pocket and walk past him but he grabbed your arm and spun you around. "Don't do that, y/n, you look like you've seen a ghost. Tell me what's wrong." You clicked open the article and read it. Yoongi leaned into you to read as well. "What the fuck?" he grunted. "I-I can explain," you sobbed. "No need," he raised a hand in the air and sighed. He turned around and started walking away. "Yoongi," you tried to follow him but he stopped in his tracks, making you stop as well. "Please, just give me a few minutes. I need to think." Feeling heartbroken, you nodded and let him go.  An hour later, you were lying in bed crying into your pillow, reading every single article and hate comment that mentioned you. You felt  terrible that Yoongi was also being slandered because of a mistake you made in your past. You were pretty sure Yoongi would break up with you. You were preparing yourself for the worst when a knock on the door startled you. You sat up to see Yoongi by the door. "Hey," he approached you slowly and sat at the edge of the bed. "Hey," you sniffed and wiped your nose with the back of your hand. He sighed deeply before inching closer and taking your hand in his. "I'm so sorry for reacting the way I did. I think I kind of went into shock for a few minutes. I know it was very wrong of me to leave you to yourself while you're feeling like absolute shit. I should be there for you no matter what. I'm sorry I'm so bad at this." You shook your head, "you don't have to apologise, Yoon. I understand. I would be shocked too if I was you." "No," he continued, "I can't imagine what you must be going through. To have something so personal be exposed to the public, it must feel so horrible." Tears spilled down your cheeks as you choked on a sob. "I thought you'd break up with me." "What?" he frowned. "Baby, I'd never break up with you over something like this. Yes, I needed a few minutes to process it, but that doesn't diminish any of my feelings for you. This doesn't change anything, sweetheart. I'll always love you." "I love you," you croaked as he pulled you into a comforting hug.
Hoseok : 
Tumblr media
"I'm not sure who should be the one to tell him," Jin mumbled. Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook and Yoongi were sat in their living room with the laptop on the table, the article to Hobi's girlfriend's scandal on display. "I think we should just let him find out himself," the youngest said, looking at the others for approval. Namjoon shook his head. "No, we can't let him make a fool out of himself when everybody else already knows. That would hurt him more." Jin nodded in agreement and met Yoongi's eyes across the space. "I think you should do it, Yoongi." Yoongi immediately shook his head. "I can't, I'm sorry." The front door suddenly opened and Hoseok stepped into the living room with a smile on his face. "Hey guys, what are you all doing?"  His eyes flickered from the members to the laptop on the table. Taehyung jumped forward and quickly shut it. They looked at each other nervously as Hoseok approached the table reluctantly.  "What was that?" he questioned, the smile on his face faltering. "Hyung," Jungkook licked his lips nervously as he looked at the older member. "There's something we think you should see." Namjoon sighed as he clicked open the laptop and handed it to Hoseok.  The rest of the members watched as Hoseok's eyes flitted as he scrolled through the article. After a few seconds, he shut the laptop and handed it back to Namjoon. "Who all knows about this?" he asked. "It's not a well known website so we think it can be easily taken down," Jin tried to reassure him. Hoseok simply nodded before excusing himself to his room. He sat on his bed with his phone in his hand, his finger hovering over the call button. He eventually pressed it and waited for you to answer. You hadn't seen the article yet and had no idea about it. "Hobi!" you chirped happily upon answering his call. "Hey y/n," he greeted you softly. You immediately knew something was wrong from his tone of voice. "What's wrong babe?" you asked. You heard him sigh, "have you seen the article about you?" "What article?" you asked. There were countless articles that would pop up on gossip sites everyday ever since you and Hobi went public with your relationship but you both had never given a single moment of your time to them. "Y/n, there's an article of you sucking someone's cock. I'm assuming it's your ex boyfriend." "What!" you shrieked. Your phone buzzed with a message from him and you clicked it open. You clicked on the link and held your breath as it took you to a website. The first thing you saw was you on your knees, and your ex boyfriend's cock in your mouth. Your eyes immediately watered. "I didn't even know about this.." you trailed, unable to digest what you were seeing. Hoseok remained silent as he waited for you to finish scrolling through the entire thing. "Hobi," your voice cracked as you wiped under your eyes. "I don't know what to say." He sighed again and you could hear the frustration in his voice when he spoke. "Neither do I, Y/n. How am I supposed to react to finding my girlfriend on some porn site?" "I just want you to know this wasn't consensual. I was in a really abusive and manipulative relationship a few years ago. My ex groomed me and abused me. I thought I would never have to face something from that period of my life again but here we are," you said bitterly as your body shook from a sob. "I'm sorry," he said immediately.  "Why didn't you tell me this before?" You stifled a cry before answering him. "I didn't know how to. It was the lowest point of my life and I didn't want to even think about it, let alone talk about it. I thought that if I pretend that it didn't happen, then it would actually go away. Clearly, I was wrong." "Baby," he said, his voice now sounding a lot calmer. "Come home. I want to be with you right now. I don't want you going through this alone."
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kookieswan · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Taehyung x Reader (f)
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: Fluffy but also spicy, Big Dick Taehyung who steals your leggings lmao, Porn with some plot, Pussy eating, Fingering, Lots of dirty talk, Vaginal sex, Unprotected sex, Creampie.
Notes: Requested by the lovely @parkdatjimin Thank you love, you gave me LOTS of inspiration babydoll lmaoooo ❤️🌸 Also this picture very much inspired me so…
“I’ve missed you so much love! It’s been such a long week.” Running to Taehyung, you wrap your arms tightly around him as soon as you’re close enough to do so. After being gone for over a week, you’ve found that being without him is a complete nightmare when you’re stressed out. The door slams shut behind you, leaving the both of you alone in your apartment to reunite after a week’s absence. He slides his hands up and down your back, bringing you as close as he can to his body.
“Mmmhm, I’ve missed you too pretty girl.” Glancing up, you ponder on how he looks so handsome, curly hair swept back out of his face in a small ponytail. You can tell he’s just woke up not too long ago, face still a bit swollen from sleep, still shirtless with his cute tummy on display. Trailing your eyes down from his naked chest, you pause, mind going blank at what you’re seeing.
“What are those?” Staring down at his legs pointedly, you slowly glance up to see what the hell’s going on. He doesn’t seem to be even the slightest bit abashed though, boxy grin coming to his face rather quickly. Giving a little spin, he shows you the whole view of the situation and holy fuck. His ass looks absolutely fantastic in them, plush globes of yumminess…
“These? They’re my leggings.” You blink once, twice, thrice. No, no those are not his leggings. Not unless he decided to go and buy the same exact pair that you own in his free time. He props a leg up on the couch, stretching it out to show off the floral fabric on the legs that fades into black around the thigh.
“No, I’m pretty sure they’re MY leggings Tae. You literally got them for me as a gift like two months back.” You’re not really complaining though. The view is… something else from the front. Leggings aren’t really made to support a dick, and Tae is making that very apparent every time he shifts even a little bit. Which also leads to you to believe he isn’t even wearing any underwear… Interesting.
“Yeah, but like, I look hot in them, right? And they’re comfy and smell like you so... You should get more by the way; I’ve gone through at least seven pairs since you’ve been gone.” Seven pairs of your leggings, defiled by Taehyung’s dick. You can’t decide if the situation is hilarious or just downright horrifying.
“Please tell me you haven’t been wearing them out in public at least. Think of the elderly…” You can only imagine how many grandmas he’s permanently scarred for life. Poor old ladies….
“Why shouldn’t I? They’re comfy baby…” He’s staring at you, but you’re zeroed in on the monster in his pants. He glances down, then back up, and then down again at his crotch. A look of realization blooms over his face, which turns into a goofy leer. He jumps a few times in place, and you try not to let your face heat up in embarrassment when you see a very prominent outline in his pants jump as well.
“Here I am, trying to be comfortable, only to have my wife come home from a work trip to objectify me. I know I’m like, gigantic, but I’m more than just my cock babe.” Sputtering, you hit his bare chest, face finally heating up from slightly. He’s caught you in the act
“I’m not objectifying you! I’m just… appreciating some of your assets.” Coughing a bit, you can’t help but to grin slyly to him. He smiles back, lips twitching as he nods his head slowly, eyes bright with humor.
“Oh, you wanna see my assets?” Tae spins around, this time very slowly, shaking his ass and twisting his hips from side to side. You try not to laugh, hiding your mouth behind your hand as he slowly swivels his way over to you. He doesn’t stop, walking forward till his body is flush against yours, hips grinding into your crotch slowly. If there wasn’t a bulge in his pants before, it’s certainly growing there now.
“I want to see yours too love… I’ve missed you and your assets so much.” His voice drops down to a husky whisper, hot air blowing against the side of your face. He slides his hands around your back, slowly grazing his fingertips up and down till they sneak under your shirt. You let him take the lead, allowing him to pull your shirt over your head, leaving your top half bare except for a simple black bra. His hands are on you almost instantly, cupping your breasts in his large hands, playing with them as he giggles to himself.
“Enjoying yourself dork?” He nods his head, hands honking at your boobs like a damn horn. You go to swat them away, but he quickly slips his fingers underneath, the pads of his fingers running across your nipples like a feather. Gasping a bit at the feeling, your reach behind yourself to unhook the bra quickly, allowing it to fall to the floor with a small sigh.
“Mmh, pants too love. I think it’s only fair that I get to see your cute little pussy since you get to see my cock so clearly.” Agreeing wholeheartedly, you slide your slacks down, allowing your panties to go down with them. Tae pushes you back gently until the back of your legs hit the couch, and you fall back onto the plush cushion. Sprawling out your legs, you can’t help but to laugh a bit at how intently your husband stares between them. He doesn’t waste much time, leaning down to lick a stripe up from your pussy to your clit.
“My beautiful girl, you have such a sweet pussy for me, tastes so fucking good.” His voice is still husky, reverberating through your ears as he dives back into your folds. He’s eating like a man starved almost instantly, tongue digging deeper and deeper into your throbbing cunt. You grasp at his hair with one hand, the other coming up to toy with your nipples. Tae’s own hands grasp at your thighs, keeping them spread out wide so he can continue his feast.
“Ah, fuck Tae, feels nice baby, you treat me so good.” He groans into your cunt, nose brushing against your clit over and over again. He raises his head ever so slightly, only to wrap his lips around you’re the num in a vacuum like grip. Bucking upward, you whine out as he holds you in place, lips leaving you absolutely undone. One of his hands creep up, his fingers sliding against your sensitive folds as he continues his assault on your clit. You nearly lose it as you feel a long thick finger sink into your pussy, setting a slow pace at first, but gradually speeding up as you buck against him.
“Feel good love? My fingers feel good fucking your tight little cunt? I know it does, you’re fucking soaked.” You moan out shriller, chanting out ‘yes, yes, yes’ as you feel yourself about to cum. He pulls back then though, a satisfied grin on his mouth which is covered in your wetness. You whine again, this time for a completely different reason, the loss of his body against you.
“Just wanted to get your ready to take me baby, I think you’re wet enough now. Keep yourself spread out for me, hm?” Tae makes a show of it, hooking his thumbs into the waist of the leggings before slowly pulling them down. You watch close, hypnotized by the way his dick bobs as it pops out of the leggings. The skin if flushed a red color, almost purple in tone from how hard he is. You see now that you were very correct about him not wearing any underwear
“As much as I’d love for you to fuck me, I can only think about how there’s probably cum stains on the inside of my leggings now.” He rolls his eyes dramatically, pulling his legs out of the thin material before flinging them to the side of the room. Grabbing at your legs, he repositions you so that you’re laying properly on the couch, letting him settle properly between your legs. You keep your eyes on his dick as he moves around, watching as it bounces with his movements, and fuck you aren’t a whore but you’ll be one for your husbands dick.
“I’m still not sure how you even fit inside of me… I think your dick would scare anyone else.” You go quiet as he slaps his cock against your slit a few times, the scene insanely arousing as he raises an eyebrow at your words. Running the tip up and down your slit, he does this for a bit before slowly skinning the head into your opening, a low moan leaving his lips. He leans in, sinking deeper as his lips brush against yours. There’s a slight burn, but you relish in the feeling, finding pleasure in the fact that he’s stretching you out so well. You lazily make out for a bit, his tongue licking into your mouth insistently as you grow accustomed to his size.
He starts to thrust gradually, hips raising and falling in short bursts to get you used to the feeling. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fucked; his size is always something you have to get used to… Not that you mind.
“You good? It feels okay?” He pulls back to check in, a small trail of spit lingering between where your lips were once connected. You confirm that you are, and in turn he picks up the place rather quickly, dick driving dep into your sopping cunt. You know it wont take much to make you cum, you’re already so worked up after having him eat you out like a damn twelve course meal. He keeps up the pace for a while, hands gripping at you tightly as he holds you in place.
Leaning in again, you whine out for him to kiss you, wanting to feel him close. He complies easily, lips brushing against yours again. It’s the perfect mixture of gentle and needy, and it feels so sweet in contrast of how desperately he’s thrusting into you. Pulling back, he leaves your lips only to leave small kisses against your cheeks, forehand, and even your neck in slow succession.
“Gonna cum on my fat cock beautiful? Feels so good, hmm? You’re taking me so well…” He reaches down to the best of his ability, allowing his fingers to find your swollen clit as he continues to thrust into you. The sound of skin slapping against skin is loud now, echoing through the room along with your grunts and moans. The neighbors probably fucking hate you right now.
“Fuck! Tae, ahhh~~~” His dick reaches deep inside of you, you swear it’s hitting your cervix with every thrust, your walls stretched to their limits. At the very least, he’s brushing against your g-spot with he way that he angles his hips. He rubs his finger against your clit faster, and you feel the coil in your stomach about to snap. Wrapping your arms around him, you grope at his ass as you start to cum, loving the feeling of him in your hands. Trying to pull him deeper into you, you sigh as he pants into your ear hotly, body twitching lightly at the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“God, I’m gonna fucking cum. Want me to cum inside of you baby? Yeah? Want me to cum in this tight little cunt? You’re so wet, fucking soaked for me, shit.” Trailing your hands up from his ass, you bring them up to his shoulders and slowly scratch down his back. Turning your head a bit for a better angle, you kiss his cheek, then leave a small lick against his earlobe before whispering into it.
“Come on Tae, want you to cum in my pussy so bad. Wanna feel you cum inside and then feel it all seep out.” It pushes him over the edge, he’s always had a bit of a fixation with creampies. He pulses inside of you, a noisy groan leaving his mouth as his body falls flush against yours. The room is quiet now with the exception of your loud breathing, both of you feeling rather tired. There’s a loud knock against the wall and you both pause, glancing at each other before looking to the offending wall as a voice calls out.
“Please, for the love of everything holy, stop fucking so loud! You filthy asses!”
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