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missdreamshade · a day ago
Yandere!Jungkook Imagine: Holiday Jailbreak
Since it’s officially less than a month from Christmas, I got inspiration to write a longer holiday version of my other post 💕 : Yandere!Jungkook Imagine: He Finally Found You
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader
Summary: Your psychotic boyfriend finally found you after you managed to slip from his clutches on Christmas night
Warnings: yandere content, abusive, toxic, unhealthy relationships/ themes, reader being held against her will, please read at your own risk
Tumblr media
Perhaps running away in the dead of a holiday night wasn’t your best idea. The sidewalks and roads were frozen over with thick layers of snow and ice. The outside air held a vicious chill that nipped you to your core. The sky had already blackened, leaving nothing more than dim street lights or cheap holiday decorations to illuminate your way. Any shops that were once open until later hours closed down early, not to reopen again until the next day. Which meant there wasn’t a single soul roaming around in sight that could save you.
Aside from the very man you fled from. The very man you were sure was somewhere on your trail. 
After zigzagging through the city’s streets for what felt like hours, you made a sudden turn and sprinted into a much darker alleyway, before ducking behind the nearest object. One that happened to be a large, open dumpster that both offered you sanctuary, yet also blocked your view of the alley’s entrance. Snow melted against the fabric of your sneakers as you crouched down. It sept in through the various cracks and seems until it froze the very last part of your body that held a sliver of warmth. 
But in your frantic and distraught mind - it was worth it.
Every second was worth it. The painful pulsing of your beet red fingers. The burning of your lungs as they sucked in the frozen evening air, which only made the stinging ten times worse. The tears that seemingly have iced over on your cheeks. Even the aching numbness that slowly began spread throughout your body. It was all worth it as long as it meant you could finally be free from him.
“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need..”
The silence that once could be considered comforting, shattered almost instantly, at the faint sound of an innocent song being hummed just slightly in the distance. 
“I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree..”
There was no music to accompany the sudden singing. No drums or extra voices that could speculate it coming from a radio, or maybe, a merry band of Christmas carolers. No, there was only one voice that sang the sweet lyrics with such a sinister tone. One voice that was far too eerily familiar to provide you any peace of mind.
It was him. Jungkook. Without a single doubt.
“I just want you for my own,” Jungkook’s singing got closer as the sound of snow crunching beneath his boots suddenly could be heard, acting almost like a disturbing background melody, “More than you could ever know.”
Your breath hitched as the noises grew closer and closer. An immediate feeling of dread washed through you, causing your guts to twist and fiery bile to rise in your throat. Thoughts of up and running swarmed inside your mind, but fighting against them, you forced yourself to stay put. Your body was too numb, and in too much pain, to even consider standing up. And even if you managed to, there was no way you could outrun him if he was this close. The best option was to not move an inch and stay hidden, or at least that’s what you told yourself on repeat - like a broken record. 
Yet the volume of the intrusive thoughts increased with every footstep, getting louder and louder, until everything stopped. Silence hung thick in the air as you held your breath, too scared to make even the slightest of sounds. But once your vision began to become blurry - distorted - you sucked some air in through your nose to ease at least some of the burning in your chest.
Just then, the singing started back up again. Except to your undying horror, the lyrics bounced off the alley walls, getting closer to your cowering frame. 
 “Make my wish come true..”
Again, for the second time, deafening silence flooded back in. A pin could be dropped down the street, yet it would be heard clearly from the corner you’ve tucked yourself in. Minutes ticked by, and still there was nothing. No shadows looming up the brick walls. No snow being smothered under a person’s body weight. It started to feel like you were safe, that Jungkook passed by your hiding spot without thinking twice.
However, your fantasy was short lived once a hand wrapped itself around your ankle and tugged roughly. While a sharp scream erupted from your throat, your body was dragged across the mixture of gravel and snow until you were laying flat against the ground, staring up at the man you desperately tried to escape from.
“Bunny, all I want for Christmas is you,” Jungkook finished singing his verse before a smirk tugged up on his lips. Even with the sheer darkness clouding your vision, you knew it was him. And you knew the grin was plastered on his features.
Shooting your free leg out, you hysterically tried to hit him, somewhere - anywhere - just to break free. But once his other hand pinned the limb to the frozen ground, tears spilled from your eyes as never ending sobs spewed from your lips.
“J-Jungkook, please, don’t! Please, let me go..” you cried, yet your pleads fell upon deaf ears.
“You know, it wasn’t very nice of you to run out on Christmas, of all days. And here I thought you said you wanted to spend it with me.” 
He bent down, after the words hit your ears, and shifted his iron-tight grip from your legs to your arms. In seconds. you were hoisted off the ground as if you weighed no more than a bag of potatoes you could find at any grocery store. Your legs began kicking again as you desperately squirmed in his grip; the tears never stopping, the fear never fading. 
“No!” Another scream squeezed past your lips once you realized you were being dragged out of the alley, and towards the street. 
It felt that your prayers were answered when Jungkook halted on the spot, but it was only for a split of a moment. He whirled you around, pinning your back against his chest, your arms at your sides. His hot breath fanned your cheek, offering only milliseconds of warmth, until his lips moved elsewhere.
“Scream one more time, and I promise you - you won’t be seeing New Years,” the threat rolled off his tongue in a low growl before his lips grazed across the shell of your ear, “Now, let’s go home, shall we? You haven’t finished opening up your presents yet, bunny.”
~ • ~
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pinkcherrybombs · a day ago
Oh My Lucifer | 03 - Mother dearest
Tumblr media
♡Summary: In hopes of achieving a high mark in your final exam you’re willing to give up anything, including your soul. However, when your drunken joke of a ritual suddenly comes true, how do you even begin to explain your logic to the seven demon lords seated in front of you.
♡Genre: Demon Au/ Poly Au.
♡Pairing:OT7 x Female Reader
♡Word Count: 4.1K
♡TW for this chapter: Explicit Language, discusses Child Neglect, Toxic behaviour , forms of PTSD, discusses Trauma, discusses Abuse. Very emotional so be warned !!!
♡Updated: 11/28/2021
(prev) | (next) | (masterlist)
Transparent tears pierced your soaked cheeks like glass as they continuously dripped down, only disappearing once they've vanished into your pillowcase underneath. Chest aggressively heaving from the uncontrollable gasps of air that kept filling your lungs, even in your semi-conscious condition, your body still went into full panic mode. As the cold sweat immersed every inch of your skin, you could feel your heartbeat unforgivingly speed up. Laying in a paralyzed state, your dream was being tortured by the familiar images in your head, each cutting into your mind like a knife twisting its way in.
Forcing yourself to regain control over your body, your eyes snapped open, your body finally reaching its awakened state. The nightmare is finally coming to an end, at least for now. Realizing that you've been holding your breath since waking up, your body hesitantly began to draw in regulated breaths. Even with your mind racing, you knew the basic steps to calm down, you needed to breathe, you needed to remind yourself that you are safe, and you will be okay. In moments like these, you were beyond thankful you actually paid attention during your university's mental health seminar instead of reading Tumblr like usual. Without even realizing it, you somehow maneuvered your way into a seated position on the floor, back pressed firmly against the bed frame, knees pressed firmly against your chest. Though you can't recall when you actually moved from laying down to the floor, you're not surprised, considering this has always been your comfort position since you were a child. Something about the closeness of your body made you feel safe, as though an imagery bubble was placed around you, keeping you protected from anything to come. The cold wooden frame added extra comfort as it grazed the curves of your back and neck, allowing you to feel something other than your own body shaking. You couldn't help the scoff that escaped your lips; how were you still not used to this after all these years.
See, Trauma is a bit of a bitch. It can dress itself up and masquerade as any number of issues, all the while seeping out of you like an infectious rotten poison. From annoying twinges and anxious thoughts to full-on episodes such as panic attacks, Trauma always finds a way to present itself. For you, it comes in the form of painful nightmares, horrific images from your past corrupting their way into your peaceful dreams, forcing your vulnerable mind to relieve every single moment.
Of course, they're always accompanied by painful gasps, a burning throat and your personal favourite, the tears. To be quite honest, you didn't actually mind the tears as much as the other symptoms. One time in high school, your science teacher Mr.Mikato explained how the salt in tears had been proven good for acne, so even if you're mentally exhausted after each nightmare, at least, your skin was being blessed. Sometimes the terrors would only plague your sleep twice per week, while in other weeks, it would be back-to-back for days straight. No matter how many times they came through, they always appeared a minimum of once per week. But hey, at least they were consistent, though. Wherever you went, however life was going, or whatever you were doing, your nightmares always followed like a clingy ex who desperately wanted to weasel their way back into your life. Honestly, you found it hilarious how even when you somehow managed to end up in Hell with seven fucking demon lords or whatever, your nightmares still graced you with their appearance. If anything, the nightmares have gotten worse and more frequent for the past two weeks you have been here. Just your luck, right?
Carefully peeling yourself off the floor, you hesitantly rose to a standing position, hoping that the upright motion would help to regain control of your mental and physical state. Slowly the looming cloud of disorientation began to drift from the air, letting the lump in your throat release back to its original state, the nightmare slipping your mind in a ghostly manner. In typical Y/n fashion, you knew you'd be restless at least for the next hour or so as your brain attempted to recollect your thoughts and get itself into a calm headspace. Your footsteps felt light as you made your way across the room, heading directly towards the dimly lit walk-in closet. After discussing the second day you were here, they soon realized that figuring out your situation would take longer than they initially thought, maybe even months as Namjoon so gravely put it, hence the fully stocked wardrobe.
The majority was comfortable casual wear, almost identical to Jungkook's personal style. Still, there were some more elegant pieces scattered around, apparently given by each of the boys’. Before you could question why they all picked out individual items for you, you were quickly cut off, and the subject never arose again. Peering across the rows of clothes, your hands reached out for the grey oversized hoodie Kook had given only a week prior. Yes, it was insanely large for you, and yes, you had probably worn it almost five times already. But, it covered all the way down to your knees and did an exceptional job of keeping you warm and comfy. Slipping into the piece of clothing, you sluggishly head out of the closet and towards the entrance of the room, getting ready to wander through the massive estate halls until you find the area you're looking for.
Since your first night here, you found the central balcony to be a source of comfort whenever your terrors became too much. You found it during the night, after an unusually horrible nightmare. As you lay on your bed desperately trying to comfort yourself, the air around you became increasingly suffocating, and you had no choice but to leave for a walk with no destination in mind. Making your way through the multiple identical halls, you ended up stumbling upon the balcony by sheer luck. Something about the space drew you in, feeling as though its aura was pulling you into a trance. Without even realizing it, you found yourself laying across the soft outdoor couches and lazily listening to the rustles of the forest in front of you, in a pure and calm state. That was also the first night you spoke to Hoseok. You must've been sitting out there for at least a couple of hours as you watched the stars flicker kisses across the sky. No thoughts filled your mind as your eyes slipped into a closed state, only fluttering open when your body felt the couch's weight shift to accommodate a new figure near your legs.
Glancing over your shoulder to see who was invading your "me time," you found a serene Hoseok, whiskey in one hand, blanket in the other. Without any exchange of words, he carefully laid the blanket across your form, with the remaining dangling over his lap. For a while, you both just sat there, both being present in the moment but minds likely wondering. You were about to break the silence, but for once, he spoke first. "Hobi." was all said before his gaze moved to meet your perplexed expression. "Call me Hobi." you nodded softly while muttering the phrase under your breath, wanting to make sure you didn't somehow mess up the pronunciation. "Thank you for the blanket, Hobi." Subconsciously you nuzzled the warm material closer to your body, oblivious to the heartwarming smile that was creeping its way onto Hobi's usually tense expression. From that night on, any single time you had a nightmare, it seemed Hobi would find his way to the balcony with his whiskey in one hand and a blanket prepared for you in the other. Each night exchanging just a few more sentences till the previous one
By the weekend, you both were filled with conversations almost every night, him usually leaving you clutching your stomach laughing or you leaving him puzzled with your constant internet slang. You found it easy to talk to him, and though you weren't aware, he found it even easier to talk to you. You couldn't deny how nice it felt to have someone other than Kook to finally talk to, even if it only really was whenever you had a nightmare. It's not that he ignored you or anything; it was just during the day, the majority of the boys were busy, and you never really saw them. Occasionally you'd catch a glimpse of one leaving the room as you entered or another rushing through the walls, phone on hand seemingly yelling off orders, but for the most part, if you weren't with Jungkook, you were isolated in your room or silently just existing. The loneliness only got worse since everyone but the two eldest left for their business trip a few days ago. Now you'd didn't even have your nightly chats to keep you company. You had nothing.
Which is why you couldn’t even begin to mask the utter shock that plastered itself across your face as you turned the balcony doors open, only to find the two eldest men casually sitting in your comfort spot. Hesitation filled your body as you stood there silently, praying that somehow the universe was on your side and they wouldn't pick up on your presence. It wasn’t that you were scared of them per say, it was more that you were already in a vulnerable state and didn’t feel like dealing with Yoongi’s snarky remakes or Jin's normal indifferent attitude. Your breath and posture remained painfully still, but your mind raced, wondering what the best escape plan would be. Maybe you could just dash back to your room and pretend nothing happened, no obviously that wouldn’t work they’re fucking demons they could just teleport there. At this point, jumping over the railing and hoping for the best was becoming increasingly more tempting than staying here. Each scenario in your head was immediately shut up when a low chuckle cut through the air. “We know you're there Y/n.” It was Yoongi that spoke up first, voice deep causing vibrations to run through your whole body. “Heyyyy” you somehow turned into a valley girl the way your greeting came out, and you couldn't help but physically facepalm at the tone. Thankfully their backs were turned to the door, as they were facing the forest and couldn’t see the embarrassment on your face. “We saw that by the way.” Jin commented, slight amusement being detected in his tone. Apparently the universe really wasn't on your side tonight, or ever for that matter.
Realizing that you weren't going to escape this encounter, you chose to instead accept it in full stride. After all, if you can’t beat them then join them, right? Slowly you headed towards the couch across from them, wrapping yourself in the familiar blanket you’ve grown so accustomed to. Eyes fluttering from the ground to match their gaze, you were surprised to see a look of concern on the males' faces. Hearing the slight strain in your voice, mixed with the clearly bloodshot expression of your eyes, immediately caused the men to perk up, paying more attention than ever to your presence, their bodies being filled with the foreign feeling of wanting to comfort you. "What's wrong?" Yoongi's whispered voice showed a softer side than you were used to. Typically you only heard him speak either when he was scoffing at you, critiquing you, or insulting you, which he did way too often for your liking. Like Jimin and Taehyung, Yoongi was very high on your “annoying assholes” list, whereas Jin was more neutral territory. Not necessarily starting fights like the other three, but not close to you either. Him and Namjoon very much resided in the same area, and you for the most part didn't mind. "Nothing's wrong I just -"
Don't, we clearly see something wrong, please just tell us?" Jin cut you off with the firm statement, indicating there was no room for arguments. However, somehow still presenting it in such a calm manner that you couldn’t help but feel yourself leaning closer, feeling the emotional pull of the men. It wasn’t often you explained your nightmares to people, usually opting to keep it private as you kept most of your life. Even Hobi only knew that they existed, but not their origin. The Trauma behind them was painful and even just thinking about the subject was causing your chest to squeeze tight as the images began flashing through your mind. You can still remember telling Lee for the first time and watching her face twist and morphe into absolute pain and disgust, as you recounted the story. You remember how guilty you felt, as though even just by telling her the story you were burdening her with your issues. But you were vulnerable right now, and they looked so comforting, you couldn't contain the words as they spilled out in a hushed tone. "I had a nightmare." Yoongi's eyebrows knitted together in concern, while Jin quickly re-adjusted his posture to lean closer to you, "About?"
"My past." For the first time, there was no fire in your eyes, instead replaced with a cold distant look. The boys could quickly tell you were emotionally exhausted, the feeling of despair rushing from your body into their own. One of the shitty cons about being a demon is feeling the emotions of those around you. Jin noticed it first, this wasn't a random nightmare that left you in this state; this was something ongoing, this was something that had a cause. He didn't bother to ask about the dream's content, knowing that it would only cause you more suffering to relive it in front of them. So instead, he chose to ask what both of the men were thinking, "When did it start?" A chill went down the spines of both boys at your sudden change, a flash of anger then emptiness filled your body, as your voice became distant and unemotional, within seconds your entire demeanour became detached.
"With my mother.
"She had me young," voice barely above a whisper, as your gaze remained locked to the dark sky above you. Batting your lashes to combat the glossy haze that was beginning to seep over your eyes, you took a deep break needing to collect yourself before continuing.
"Not insanely young, but too young to be a mother by her standards at least," a bitter giggle left your lips as you lowered your eyes to now meet the two men's unreadable expressions. "She always reminded me of that, how I stole her youth away, since the day I was born." Jin stood up abruptly, walking the short distance to now be seated next to you, carefully placing your hand in his; he stroked the outside of your thumb, silently letting you know to continue whenever you felt ready. Your voice sounds gravelly like you were digging into the deepest pits of your soul to tell them this story. This was something that was meant to stay shut until your deathbed, but you couldn't help but press on.
"The day of my birth, she held me for a matter of twenty minutes before she passed me off to my grandfather, wrapped this bracelet around me and never hugged me again." You peered at the band that laid across your wrist, on instinct fiddling with it slightly as it only reminded you of the naive little girl who looked for some form of love, not knowing she would never find it. Deep down, you knew it was silly that you kept the silver linked chain on after all these years, especially since it was the last reminder you had of her. Still, you couldn't bring yourself to take it off, something stopping you every time. Maybe you still were just a naive girl looking for some form of love. After all, old habits die hard, especially for you. By this point, Yoongi had joined you on the couch, fingers grazing every curve of your back up and down, in as comforting as a manner that he could muster up.
"For a couple of years, my grandfather stayed with us and took care of me. She would either be out partying high out of her mind or locked away in her room. Either way, her only goal was to simply ignore my existence." You breathed in sharply, knowing the next part would truly hurt you to this day, "the worst part was I still fucking loved her. No matter what she did, she couldn't do wrong in my eyes. I still treated her as if she hung the moon and stars. Even when she was drunkenly passed out in her bed, I'd sneak in and nuzzle my way under her arms just to feel like we were cuddling. Just to feel like she loved me." The warmth of the blanket drew you in, as you just simply wanted this memory to disappear. The silence around you as you took in each breath ate at your mental state with every second that ticked by. You knew the boys were waiting for you to finish, but the quietness of their breaths mixed with their now concerned looks only made you feel worse. The idea of burdening another with your family problems always made you feel uneasy. Sure they asked, but did they really want to know or were they just being nice? Either way, you already pushed the door open and needed to continue, if not for their sakes, then for your own.
"After a couple years, my grandfather left, said he felt my mom was responsible enough and to just trust she'd come around. She never did. By the time I was eight, I was basically raising myself, from meals to getting to school, homework, everything was on me." Tears slipped across your cheeks, falling onto your neck and chest, "I was lonely, so fucking lonely, no child should be that lonely. I used to have this bear, right? I cut out a picture of her smiling with her friends that I found and taped her face onto the bear. I called it mom and dragged it everywhere with me." Yoongi had never seen someone so vulnerable before. Working in his circuit of Hell, he was only used to anger, never heartbreak. Tears of his own started welding up at your story, wondering how someone could be so heartless to such a loveable child. Your chest began to heave with wet sobs, tears spilling everywhere as the hiccups began. You had never been more thankful it was night, so at least you could pretend in your own head that they didn't see how much of a mess you were. A tugging feeling pulled you out of your thoughts as Jin wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you towards his chest, the pounding of his heart acting as a calming mechanism for you. Fingers ran through your hair as though you were a child being consoled, and you couldn't help but cling to Jin even tighter, scared that he might just burst. Unbeknownst to you, both of the men would break a million times just to see some comfort on your face. Your pain was now their pain. Your wounds exposed to them in a way they knew you never showed others, and they silently begged you in their minds to let them fix it.
"It was my tenth birthday when she left. She woke up so excited that morning. It was the first time in years I saw her smile. Even now, I can still remember how beautiful I thought it was. Running to grab my head, she practically stuffed me into the car, telling me she had a big surprise for my eighth birthday. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was two years late. I was just happy she remembered." Your heartbeat quickened, knowing that the next part was the worst of all. The only part you still couldn't come to terms with. "So we get to this beautiful park, a-and she places me on this bench and says she's going to go grab my present." Your voice cracked with each syllable as you tried to continue without bursting into a mental breakdown. "She smiled at me and held my hand as she told me I had to let her go so she could go grab it. The fucking bitch told me to let her go, and I didn't even know what it meant at the time. She left me there."
A sick feeling grew in your stomach, so emotionally drained you thought you'd faint right then and there. The images of her smile now flash across your mind, mocking you for being foolish enough to believe her. Your gaze became hyper-fixated on the table in front of you, losing yourself to your thoughts, forgetting the world around you. For a second, you swore it felt like you were back at that stupid park, just emptily waiting. "She never came back. I sat there for twelve hours before some woman found me and called the cops. I know I should've left after the first thirty minutes, but for some reason, I was scared that if I actually left, she'd come back and be disappointed in me." Fiddling with the bracelet again, your mind somehow shifted to being blank, all your emotions finally being poured out into the open for all to see. "My grandfather took me in after, we could barely afford to meet, but he tried his best."
"That's why school is so important for you, isn't it? You want to provide for him." Yoongi's voice came out hushed as though he didn't trust himself speaking up, but the sad smile that twisted itself across your lips provided the answer for him. "He's sick now. The doctor says he doesn't have much longer to live; I just want to show him I'm not the burden my mother thought I was."
"He doesn't think that Y/n, trust us. You're too perfect to be anyone's burden." Jin's eyes met yours as he spoke, husky voice wrapping around your senses like honey. "I was my mother's burden-"
"Don't call her that. She wasn't a mother."
"She may not have been a good mother, but she's still the closest thing I have to one." you quietly protested, indicating the subject of her role in your life was incredibly sensitive. Choosing to remain silent, Jin merely pulled you tighter as your hooded eyes suddenly felt heavy on your face. It was no wonder you were drained from the nightmare to this. Your mind and body had basically done a ten-mile marathon. Yoongi bent over to get closer to your face, taking in every feature as though this was the most beautiful piece of art he'd ever seen. "I want you to know, and if you tell anyone I was ever this nice, I'll deny it. But you're not a burden to us. We love having you around. You can always come to us to talk. We will always protect you. I promise, princess."
Too tired to comprehend the nickname, you simply offered a small smile and light squeeze of his hand that somehow found its way to being entangled with your own. It was silent as they held you; however, the silence didn't feel suffocating for the first time in a while, instead just providing comfort. You knew they obviously had more they wanted to say. Still, you barely were able to comprehend all your emotions right now, let alone discuss theirs. This was the first time you allowed yourself to thoroughly think about what happened, the reality that your mother never loved you sinking deeper and deeper. Up until this point, you always dismissed her abandoning you as her being confused or doing what she thought was best. You always gave her the benefit of the doubt, feeling as though maybe you did take her youth away from her. But for some reason, recanting the story to them showed you truly how horrible the situation was. You didn't realize your eyes had shut until you were breath swallowed out, and your consciousness slipped into dreamland, this time not worrying about what may happen. You felt safe in the boy's embrace, and that's all that mattered.
Jin and Yoongi shared a glance between themselves, then at your sleepy figure sprawled across them. They had to protect you. They had no choice. You meant too much to them now. They both thanked fate that they were sitting out there when they were, knowing without this moment, none of them would have understood how much you've suffered in the past. Neither thought about moving, instead just focusing on holding you tighter and letting you finally get the peace you so desperately needed.
A/n : The third chapter's is finally here! I know this one was one the heavier side, but I hope it helped provide some background context for OC. I promise we will be getting back to our regularly scheduled lighter content next chapter. Also I'm thinking for the next chapter, OC will finally get a cutesy moment with either Jimin or Tae so let me know if you guys have any opinions below! Of course thank you for reading and let me know what you thought about it, feedback is always highly appreciated! Other than that I love y'all bye bye <3.
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mochitaekookie · 2 days ago
His Possession (pt1)
Tumblr media
A/N: please do tell me how it is. Also, ideas from you guys are accepted. I would love to hear your thoughts 😃 Short chapters ahead.
Taglist: @mwitsmejk @silversparkles11 @jiminiseternal @articpup @minshookie29 @sweetwolfcupcake @little-dark-empress @loquacious11 @anna1126 @iceprincessviviane @illnevertrustmyselfagain @oliviam008 @manchuria
You groaned in annoyance as slowly the rain started pouring, heavily. You had just gotten a promotion and your hard work had payed off. So you had decided to give yourself some treat.
After buying your favourite pastry, you happily departed the shop only to be met with heavy rain. Funfact, you didn't have umbrella.
"Aish, why does it always have to be me?" You groaned, your 'happy' mood not even lasting for a moment.
You decided it was best to wait for a few minutes as you do not wish for anything to happen to your pastry.
"Boss, I have got the information on the girl you've asked for." Choi handed Namjoon the file containing all your details.
Without wasting a moment and jerked from his seat and snatched the file from Choi's hands
He started looking at your information, eyes scanning each and every detail, as if desperate.
He was desperate. He just couldn't get your image out of his head, even if he tried to. Last night he even drowned himself in alcohol, only to have hallucinations of you. You didn't even spare him in his dreams. Thus, the reason for his lack of sleep, the eyebags under his eyes giving well needed proof.
"Y/N L/N, what have you done to me?" He breathed out as he caressed the your picture attached at the top.
His attention went on a specific information. It was about your line of work.
"She works as a kindergarten teacher?" He questioned. Doesn’t matter though. He doesn't wish to have her job, he wants her.
Choi's eyes widened as he saw who was running their way. With a swift he took away the gun from Namjoon’s desk.
Sounds of footsteps running soon echoed the hallway and in no time a small child came running in.
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heartbreakmotel13 · 10 hours ago
Singles' side-line | tennis player Taehyung x ball girl
Tumblr media
Summary: One of south Korea’s biggest prides - Kim Taehyung, the young talented tennis player who won over the nation by his agility on the field, with an impressive record of never losing a match, handsome looks and a recent Olympic winner. But when he faces his first loss - not having you, things turn sour.
Admin note: Parts of reader’s job aren’t 100% accurate, but for the sake of plot these details were changed.
Warnings: Tae forced himself on reader, victim blaming, yandere/obsessive behavior, nudity, reader gets hurt and hospitalized
Gif credit: vantegifs @ twitter
The atmosphere in the court was tense as Kim Taehyung and Park Sangwoo were head to head - battling for the number one spot of today’s national tournament. Both men kept the viewers on their toes as the ball bounced back and forth in incredible speed.
You folded your hands behind your back, watching how the ball flew from side to side, each hit by the racket causing it to pick up even more momentum.
“Deuce!” The official announced.
A few people gasped, while others applauded, and of course there were the girls who swooned over the tennis player who was currently serving the ball. As he threw the ball up in the air, he raised his arm which caused his shirt to lift along, briefly offering a peek at his trained abdomens before the racket came into contact with the ball and the shirt neatly fell back in place.
What felt like forever - which was actually a mere ten minutes - finally ended at the moment the winning point was made. The audience hollered and you applauded as you watched the champion head your way.
“Water.” Taehyung sat down on the chair that was placed there for him, breathing heavily as he tilted his head back. His dark locks stuck to his skin while the fabric of his shirt clung onto his chest.
“Here you go.” You handed the refreshing water to him.
Taehyung took it from you and didn’t speak as he twisted the cap off and chugged the water, desperately devouring every drop to quench his thirst.
“Do you need a towel?” You offered when you noticed how drenched in sweat he was. As you stood right next to him, you swore you could feel the heat radiate off his body.
“Yes,” He squeezed his eyes shut as he leaned back in the chair, panting as he tried to relax as much as he could.
At his request, you turned around and hurried to get a fresh towel from the nearly folded stack before returning to his side and handing it to him.
Taehyung patted his face dry, visibly feeling better after the drink and freshening up.
“That was a good game.” You attempted to start a conversation. “You seem to always know where the ball is heading to. I don’t think I know anyone with such precise aim.”
“Because everyone keeps their eye on the ball.” His face was flustered in a slight red. It was a blazing hot day, so it was no surprise that he was feeling so unwell.
“You shouldn’t keep your eyes on the ball. You have to keep your eyes on the ball’s destination. That’s how you improve your aim.” He offered a piece of advice before he stood from the chair. “Thanks.” He muttered, motioning at the used bottle and towel.
“Oh, yeah, just doing my job, but, you’re welcome.” This must be the first time Taehyung had ever bothered to thank you, or even invest in the small talk that you usually initiated. “See you at the party!” You called after him, not completely sure if he had heard you, as reporters were quick to jump on him to interview him about his recent win.
“Cheers!” You called in unison with the rest of the staff as you lifted your glass up high before tilting your head back and drinking the liquor in one go.
“Best year ever.”
“That last match got me clenching my asscheeks, not even gonna lie.”
“Ew, gross.”
You listened to the chatter around you. Everyone was in such a good mood, and their giddyness was contagious, so you found yourself laughing along with the group around you.
“Hey, where’s our superstar?”
You looked around, eyeing everyone in the room to try to find him but it was indeed true that Taehyung wasn’t here with you guys, celebrating his win.
“We can’t eat the cake without him!”
“Yeah, that just ain’t right.”
“I can go get him.” You offered, getting up from the chair. “Go ahead and get the cake, I think I saw him in the outside area. I’ll go fetch him.”
With that, you left the staff room and hurried down the hallways, but when you didn’t find Taehyung in the outside area, you roamed around the mostly empty building before you noticed a slightly opened door in the hallway.
“Taehyung..?” You wrapped your fingers around the door handle and pushed the door open. There, you heard the sound of the washing machine doing it’s round. That was all you could make out of the dark, your trailed along the wall and paused at the light switch.
Now, you could properly see.
The dressing room was empty, but there was only one bench that had some items scattered over it - you spotted a set of clothes, a phone and some shoes.
The water in the washing machine swooshed around before the swooshing turned louder and the machine started to judder, entering its last phase before it finished the cycle.
That thing was pretty old, and you told yourself to urge the manager for a budget for a new and better machine.
However, there was a different sound that also indicated that someone else was here, so you followed the pitter-patter sounds mixed with splashes and squirts of a bottle.
You weren’t that dense. You’ve worked here for 5 years, and you knew the floor plan of this building out the top of your head, from the loose bolt in the reception door to the swirls on the wall mural in the lobby.
Yet... why was curiosity taking over you?
You wanted to see what was behind that door.
Rather... who was behind this door.
You rested your fingers around the handle as you started to second guess yourself - wondering if you should do this or not... but after a sharp and low breath, you carefully nudged the door open, making sure it didn’t open too wide.
Your eyes scanned the large male restroom - there were two rows of 4 showers, four on each side. Unfortunately, you needed the door to be open a tad bit more until you got to see what you wanted to see.
Right there... the second shower on the left.
His hands rubbed across his face as he stroked away the sweat and dirt that had built up during the day. Taehyung’s head was tilted back, his eyes shut as he took in every minute of rest. It was obvious with how he didn’t flinch nor budged, that he didn’t notice you peeking at him from the doorway.
This felt so wrong but you couldn’t pull yourself away from the sight.
Your eyes lingered on how his face looked, before they traveled down to other parts of his body. Truth be told, you were far more interested in seeing whatever was hid under the uniform you usually saw him in. His hair was drenched in shampoo.. or conditioner, not that it mattered. The water rolled down his neck and broad shoulders while his back muscles were tensed from the hours of game play.
Then his ass, firm, soft which you had already envisioned from the way his shorts formed around his nice butt.
His thighs, which you’ve seen so many times already. Well toned, strong, and.. his torso? Yeah, he definitely had nice abs. Such nice abs and a strong chest. His eyes, oh his eyes and how the water made his eyelashes look longer and fuller..
You gasped before jumping away from the door.
Did he see you?
You swore you made eye contact, no, no, you probably didn’t see that right. Please, that couldn’t be true.
When you heard footsteps, you realized you had to get out there before you’d get caught.
With no time to make a run for the door, you bolted to a row of lockers and hid behind them.
A second later and you would’ve been caught by this man. The door opened with a loud swing before it came to a stop by coming in contact with the wall.
You barely managed to suppress a yelp at the abrupt loud sound that echoed through the dressing room.
A few seconds passed and you held in your breath, making sure to not make a single sound.
“Hello? Is anyone here?”
It wasn’t until you heard Taehyung’s voice, that you realized that this was really happening. Oh man, did you mess up big time. What were you thinking? What would Taehyung do to you? Surely he would be furious about being spied on, who wouldn’t be? You couldn’t believe yourself, you knew better.
You could feel your lungs burning from holding your breath, and you hoped that Taehyung wouldn’t go snooping around the room.
But fortunately, you heard his footsteps followed by the click of the door shutting. But you were still cautious, so you didn’t move just yet. It only felt safe for you to peek your head out when you heard the shower being shut off. Now was your chance.
You made a run for the door, you were so panicked that you didn’t realize that your hair had fallen down to your shoulders. A key detail that you would only notice when it was far too late.
“Congratulations, Taehyung! You’re killing it, man! Good work!”
As Taehyung was receiving praises and encouraging words from the other staff members, you didn’t dare to glance his way nor congratulate him like everyone else. It was as if shame engulfed you, and you felt nothing but embarrassment of your actions, and if you could turn back time, you would’ve have.
“Cut the cake, cut the cake!” A few of the women cheered.
At the cake being brought out, you looked up, seeing Taehyung pick up the knife from the table before he pressed the tip from the top to the bottom of the cake.
“Here, Y/N. Take a plate.”
He’d give you the first piece? You blinked as you stared at him in confusion. “For me?”
“What? Taehyung, you should cut yourself a piece, you’re the big winner here.” The boss chuckled as he patted his back.
“I couldn’t have won without my amazing team by my side, so please, let me give you guys a piece first.”
After he convinced everyone of his plan, you took a plastic plate from the stack before you moved it towards Taehyung so that he could place the slice on the plate.
Which he did.
But as his hand moved closer to your plate, you spotted something that contrasted with his skin.
Your eyes widened at the familiar fabric that was wrapped around his wrist. It was then that you realized that your ponytail didn’t sway wherever you went anymore - your hair was now down to your shoulders.
You brought your hand up to the nape of your neck, rubbing it up and down as you felt your body heating up, all down to your nerves, as you could feel your heart painfully rip through your chest.
Afraid, your eyes shot up to look at Taehyung, trying to gauge his expression. Trying to catch a glimpse of what he was thinking or how he was feeling.
He knew. He definitely knew.
His eyes filled with amusement as his strong gaze didn’t leave the sight of you as a small smirk tugged on his lips.
No, no, no.
With shaky hands, you whisper out a ‘thank you’ as you pulled the plate away. It took everything inside of you to not drop the cake.
The busy chatter and upbeat music faded to the back of your head as your brain made space for a repetitive screening of the events that transpired mere minutes ago.
There was no doubt in your mind, if Taehyung told anyone about what had happened, you could say goodbye to the job that you’ve worked so hard for. That, and you’d possibly risk getting into trouble with law enforcement for peeking at a naked man. Getting a job with sexual harassment on your criminal record would be a death sentence.
Perhaps, you could fix this situation by apologizing a million times, no, begging Taehyung for forgiveness. This industry - the positive burst of energy of the tournaments, the supporters and the tight community all meant the world to you, and you didn’t want to lose all of it because you were a curious little thing.
You weren’t able to force yourself to stay any longer, so you decided to leave the celebration party early.
“Wait, Y/N.”
You stopped and turned around at the voice calling for you.
“I’ll give you a ride. We need to talk.”
Never in your life had you been so grateful for radio stations. The random blues radio channel definitely made this 15 minute ride more tolerable, and when you spotted your house at the end of the street, you were relieved that you were so close to home.
Taehyung parked the car and you let out a breath out of relief.
“Thank you, have a nice-“
“I believe this is yours.” Taehyung interrupted.
You looked over and watched as he pulled the hair tie from his wrist and dangled it in the air.
“Uh, no, that’s not mine...” Your chest tightened as you forced yourself to not even glance at the familiar item he was holding.
“Is that so?” He hummed.
“I’ve never seen that before.” You fiddled with your sleeve.
“Hmm.. I am sure there was only one person who was wearing a red bow today. Matter of fact, I am sure that it’ll show on the footage of today’s match..”
“I...” You had to think of an excuse, and fast.
“Oh! Right! Soojin took some photos at the party earlier. I should ask her, I am sure I’ll see then who this belongs to.”
At that, you cracked.
“Taehyung, I, I didn’t peek!”
“Who said anything about peeking?”
Your hand immediately searched for the button of the seatbelt - so you could jump out of this vehicle and escape from the suffocating feeling. But Taehyung stopped you.
“Don’t be like that, come on now.” His hand held onto your wrist, a bit too rough for your liking.
“You are nothing but a dirty girl, aren’t you? Checking out naked men... how dirty.”
“No, no, no that’s not what I-“
“So, what did you see?”
“Taehyung, I don’t want to-“
“Answer me. Unless you want everyone to know what you did?”
The thought of the people you got along with hating you, calling you a pervert, caused you to grow nervous at his threat, and you gulped.
“I... saw.. everything..” You admitted, bouncing your leg as you could feel your heartbreak pick up.
“...Everything from the back. Your back, your... behind, your legs.”
“And?” He leaned in.
“Your torso, but I didn’t look down, I swear!” You whimpered.
“Hm. I see. What do you think?”
“I, I want to go home. I’m really sorry, I promise I will never do it again!”
“You must’ve liked it to keep on looking.” He added, before clicking the doors shut.
“Why did you lock the-“
Taehyung unfastened his seatbelt and leaped forward, your head snapped to the side as he grabbed your face. It all happened so fast that you could barely respond. Taehyung then smashed his lips against yours as his hands ran across your body, before it slipped underneath your shirt.
“Stop, Taehyung, stop!” You resist against his advances, but he didn’t stop.
Taehyung’s kisses were rough, it was as if he was devouring you on the spot. You groaned as he pulled your bottom lip with his teeth, sucking on it, before sliding his tongue in your mouth.
But when you felt his hand effortlessly slip into your skirt, down to your panties, you let out a scream and used all of your strength to push him off of you. When you successfully got him off you, you clicked the button of the seatbelt, pulled the door’s pin up and made your way out, not looking back as you heard Taehyung shout your name, demanding you to come back.
Despite last week’s incident shaking you up, you still went to work as usual. You kept your distance from Taehyung, telling yourself that you could keep it professional, and that even though you made a mistake that night, that it didn’t mean that you had to put your whole life on pause and fall into a hole of despair.
Chin up high, and forget about that night.
Taehyung left you alone, and you really thought he had forgotten about the event as well. But you were wrong.
“Oh, hey, Taehyung.” You look up as you tied your shoelaces. “What’s up?” You frown, holding up a hand to block the sharp sunlight nearly blinding you.
“We started off at the wrong foot, last time. I have some free time after today’s match...” He grinned as he looked down at you.
“I’m very sorry, Taehyung, but that.. night was a mistake. I love my job, and I am not interested in anything.. with you.” Maybe that was too blunt, but sometimes being blunt was for the best.
The grin on his face disappeared at your words, and he huffed in disbelief. “You don’t understand, darling. I’ve never lost anything I set my eyes on.”
“Well, newsflash, Taehyung. I am not one of your trophies or medals that you can just ‘get’, please respect my wishes.” You didn’t like the tone in his voice, so you gravitated towards the rest of the staff members, avoiding Taehyung the best you could for the rest of the day.
But it didn’t end there.
Taehyung kept harassing you, finding every opportunity of you being by yourself and using that to try to force you into giving him a chance.
It never stopped and you were fed up. No matter what you said or did, he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
So you made an appointment with your manager to speak about that night, and how you were not able to properly do your job if you had Taehyung harassing you every step of the way when all you tried to do was work.
“... So you’re saying he started groping and touching you in the car?” Your manager repeated.
“Yes, and since then, he has been bothering me. Yesterday, he tried to kiss me again, and honestly, sir? I can’t do my job like this. I want to feel safe at work, not violated.”
“Uh, well, I don’t know what to say to this.”
“What do you mean?” You shifted on your chair as you had a bad gut feeling about his tone or lack of empathy that dripped off his face.
“Y/N, there’s always two sides of each story. I will need to speak to Taehyung as well, or else any girl could accuse him of doing such things... and, he’s in the prime of his career. You wouldn’t want to ruin that by making his little teases bigger than they actually are, no?”
You sat there in silence as you listened to the man’s words, you tried to register what kind of bullshit he was sprewing but you couldn’t make any sense out of it. “Are you serious? Why would I make this up?! For what reason would I do that, tell me!”
“I’m just saying, Y/N, even if we did go to the police, how would you explain getting into the car with him?”
“You’re victim blaming me.”
“Y/N, I’m not! I am telling you that it might be difficult to prove your... accusations.”
“You know what? Don’t worry. You don’t need to pick between your best employee or some arrogant hotshot who thinks he’s all that. Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?”
“Y/N.” The man sighed.
“I quit. I’ll finish my last shift next week and then I’m done.” You stood from the chair.
“Wait, Y/N. Don’t get so worked up, we can talk this through.”
“No, thank you. If any of your ‘talking through’ is like this conversation, I rather throw myself in quicksand.”
For five days, you’ve denied every call from your manager. Even his text messages were left on seen, as you wouldn’t allow him to waver your decision to quit your job. It was final, as you refused to work for both a man who didn’t believe the victim nor a sportsman who thought he could do anything he’d like without consequences.
You placed the bottles of water in the fridge before folding the cool towels. The stands filled up with people, from young to old, from singles to families. The cameramen set up their equipment while the official was chatting with some of the staff members.
“You’re quitting.”
The familiar voice made you cringe.
“Yes.” Today was one of those days where you really didn’t want to deal with this man.
“And the reason is?”
“I can be professional in my workplace, but you can’t, Taehyung, so I’m quitting.” You kept your back turned on him, not wanting to face him.
“And you cried to the manager about that night. Aren’t you just a little snitch? Stop acting like I actually did something to you. Other women have it worse than you.”
Was he deliberately trying to provoke you or was he that delusional? Either way, you turned to look at him. Of course your manager would go running to Taehyung about it, how could you’ve not seen that coming? They seemed pretty buddy-buddy together.
“Please leave me alone.” You must’ve said this atleast a hundred times by now.
“I don’t want you to quit. You’re not leaving. I’m not letting you.” Taehyung stepped closer to you at which you stepped back.
“My substitute is already here. This decision is final and you can’t do anything about it. Please, leave me alone.”
“Hey, Taehyung! We are starting.” One of the staff members called at which he waved, he slowly moved away from you before looking back. “You will regret this.” With a jog, he headed to his position.
Like any other match, the ball balanced between the two players, and you stood on the side, watching the game unfold.
But the more you watched, the sadder you felt. You really loved working here and it was unfair how you felt the need to leave this lovely place.
To distract yourself, you turned away for a moment, taking one of the cold bottles of water. Again, it was a hot summer day and you took a sip as you watched Taehyung throw the bright green ball into the air.
In a split second, the two of you made eye contact, but you didn’t bother to keep your eyes in contact with his, not wanting anything to do with this man anymore. So, a nano second after you locked eyes, you tore your gaze away from his darkened eyes.
Taehyung’s fingers wrapped around the racket tighter for better grip, before he swung. He placed all of his weight and strength in this specific swing. It must’ve been one of his most powerful swings dated in all of his previous tournaments.
The ball launched across the court in a record breaking momentum - so fast, that when it was nearing towards you, that you couldn’t do anything to stop it.
You were knocked off your feet and collapsed to the ground, the water bottle that you held in your hands rolled away from you as you laid there motionless.
The audience all held in their breath at the sight of the ball girl going down, hoping for the best as everyone watched on in silence.
“Call medics, shit, call medics!” A voice ordered as multiple people collected around you, all going back and forth about the best course of action.
But then, as you opened your eyes, the pain surged through your head and you let out pained cries as you tried to sit up but was soon held down by some people you didn’t know.
Who.. were you? What was your name? What were you doing here? Why was your head hurting so much? Why couldn’t you open your left eye? Who were all these people?
When the people gathered around you, you felt lost and distraught. Not remembering their faces nor names, not even of the man hovering over you with an apologetic look on his face.
“Taehyung, we are getting the substitute set up now, and we’ve requested a quick break.”
“This is all my fault, oh my god, will she be alright?” He looked on in shock as he covered his mouth. “I’m such an idiot, oh my god..”
“No, accidents like this happen all the time, don’t beat yourself up.”
Taehyung... that didn’t ring any bells.
You were escorted off the court and then waited in a first aid room for the ambulance to arrive. Still, you had no idea who you were and why you were here. It took two days for you to remember any of that.
“Thanks, mom.” You smiled as the older woman placed a bouquet of flowers on the small table next to the hospital bed.
You’ve learned now that you suffered a concussion, broken your eye socket, and your nose. Thankfully, it could’ve been worse, and you only needed a small surgery, and a lot of rest.
“What does the card say?” You were curious at the stunning flowers that were delivered to you just a few minutes ago.
“It says, have a speedy recovery, I’ll see you soon, Taehyung.”
“Please throw those out, mom.”
“Throw out?” Your mother repeated. “But honey...”
“He did this to me.”
“I know, honey. But it was an accident. He feels so bad.. he has paid for your whole hospital bill and he even made a public apology even though it was an acci-“
“He did this on purpose, mom!” You retaliated.
“Isn’t that a bit too much? Honey, he...”
“He aimed at me on purpose, he waited until I was distracted and..”
“Mhm, sure, honey. I will just get the doctor for you, I’ll be right back.”
She didn’t believe you.
You sighed and laid back down, closing your eyes, as you try to forget the throbbing pain that you still felt from that horrible accident.
No one would believe that Kim Taehyung has done this to you.
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sweetwolfcupcake · a day ago
Love Poison
Tumblr media
Yandere Mafia Boss Namjoon x Reader
Seven days ago, I would have never thought of what I am going to do today, now.
I am to walk to the aisle, to the man I barely know. 
Seven days ago, I was weaving the vision of my future with the love of my life. 
But they were no more than castles in the air. 
The blooms of our love now lay before my eyes, as I crush with each step I take towards my doom.
This is not my wedding, this is my funeral.
I,(L/N) (Y/N), shall die thrice, I have died my first death a week ago, this wedding is my second death. 
And I will wait eagerly for the third.
Warning- This is planned to be one of my darkest plots. This story will contain sensitive and/or triggering topics and descriptions such as gore, murder, non con, dub con, and violence. Kindly refrain from reading if sensitive or triggered by any of the above mentioned warnings.
Suitable warning would be provided with the chapters.
This is a Flash Fiction request.
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worldwidemochiguy · a month ago
Still With You (Yandere Prince! Jungkook)
Tumblr media
➵ It’s simple. You’re a servant, he’s a prince. So when you become pregnant, you know you have to leave in order to protect his reputation. But he doesn’t seem to be able to let you go...
➵ Warnings: Obsessive behaviour, brief mention of possible abortion, 18+
➵ Word Count: 6.7k
➵ Masterlist
Tumblr media
We laugh together, we cry together
These simple feelings were everything I had
When will it be? 
If I see you again 
I will look into your eyes and say “I missed you” 
Tumblr media
You had always wanted what was best for Jungkook. 
The first time you saw him, he was training outside in the gardens. Princes weren’t meant to be outside for too long, but there he was, laughing as he dodged his sparring partner, sunlight bouncing off his sweat-gilded skin. You had been sent to gather flowers. Kneeling beside the flower beds, you did not pick a single one, watching as the prince danced past trimmed hedges and statues and the occasional stunned groundskeeper. He was so light on his feet, always moving, teasing. He looked like he was flying.
And then, somehow, you caught his eye. The two of you looked at each other. He tripped. 
You are ashamed to admit you ran away. Too scared of the consequences of causing a prince (the prince!) injury, you yanked a fistful of flowers from the bed beside you, flung them into your basked, and fled. Later, as you were being scolded by the girl who sent you for them, asking you how she could use such disheveled flowers for icing decorations, you didn’t even bother to listen. You could only think about him. 
Was he badly hurt? Was he angry at you? Was he, at this very minute, hunting through the palace to find and punish you? Or had he forgotten your face right away?
You hoped he forgot you. Even thinking about him made your stomach clench in fear and guilt. You hoped you never saw him again. 
A week later, a cupbearer got sick. You had been staying as much in the servant’s quarters as possible, dedicating yourself to menial tasks. It wasn’t hard to stay out of the way, only certain servants were permitted to be in the presence of the royal family, like chambermaids and stewards, and tutors. And cupbearers.
Taehyung, the tall, handsome boy a few years older than you, had apparently recommended you to replace him for the night. Because of that, you slightly regretted not telling him of your brief interaction with the prince — he was far too kind to have recommended you for the position if he thought you would face punishment. But you had been so embarrassed about it all. You didn’t know how you would explain why you crouched by the flowers and watched the prince for so long, as he joked with his sparring partner and grinned until his dimples showed and ran across the fountain wall, getting his hair wet with the spray.
Maybe Taehyung would have just told you that the prince wouldn’t care. That he had already forgotten, just one slight in a lifetime of pleasant experiences one after the other, having anything he wants. Having anyone he wants. One forgettable face wouldn’t stay in his mind for long at all. 
You chanted this to yourself as you entered the banquet hall, following beside the other cupbearers as they all situated themselves against with their backs against the walls, facing the table. Smelling all the delicious food in front of you was a benefit, the hunger in your stomach distracted you from the pit burrowed by your anxiety.
You were there long before any members of royalty arrived, early in order to be prepared and waiting to serve. Because Taehyung was the prince’s cupbearer — of course he was — you were stuck looking at the back of the ornate chair a few steps away from you. It didn’t look very comfortable, and you felt a pang of sympathy for the prince who must sit there every day and eat in front of the king and queen. 
Having an audience like that must be nerve-racking. You were lucky that you got to always take your meals alone (sitting in your box-room on your sleeping mat, eating the leftovers from the kitchen. Or the leftover leftovers. More senior servants took what they wanted first, and sometimes there wasn’t even anything left for you)
Then the big doors opened and you held your breath, keeping your head down like you were told to do as members of the royal family filed in. You did not look up as you heard the chair legs in front of you scrape against the floor, did not look as you heard the prince sat down, and did not look as the royal family started to talk amongst themselves. 
You did not even look up when you heard the voice of the prince call out “Wine.” 
You scurried to the table, raising your gaze only slightly to find the jug of wine. After that, you picked it up and stepped back, poised to pour it into the cup Taehyung told you would be raised and expectant. But the prince had not even picked it up. 
You couldn’t help it anymore. For the second time in your life, you locked eyes with the prince.
His stare was punishing, anger burning in his eyes with all the passion that you hoped would have melted away after the whole week you spent hidden away. You waited for him to call out to the king, to have you flogged or dismissed or… killed. 
But he did none of those things. After staring at you for a little longer, he slowly reached out, not taking his eyes off you once, and picked up his glass. You hastily looked away from him to focus on pouring the wine — you didn’t want to make him even angrier by spilling it! — and let out an exhale once it was done, ready to step away from the table and fade blissfully into the background. But when you tried, the prince grabbed your wrist. 
You flinched, expecting the worst. He seemed to be intrigued by this, those dark eyes twinkling as he cocked his head and pressed the glass into your hand. 
“Drink,” he ordered.
You hesitated for a moment, before realising. Taehyung had specifically told you the first cup poured for the prince would have to be drunk by you first to check for poison but in your tangled emotions of apprehension and anxiety you had forgotten. How stupid of you. Now the prince had another reason to be displeased with you. 
You gave a jerky bow in apology and raised the cup to your lips. You took a mouthful of bitterness and heady flavour, letting it slide down your throat; you had just swallowed something worth more than anything you had ever owned in your life. You tried not to wince. 
You handed the cup back to the prince, noticing your lips had left a slight mark on the rim. His hand closed over yours briefly as he took the cup and, eyes still burning into you, he placed his lips directly where yours had been as he took a deep mouthful of wine. You desperately retreated to the shadows but even though he did not turn around you could somehow still feel his eyes burning into you. 
The prince drunk four cups of wine that night, eyes on you has he drank every single one. He instructed you to stand by his side instead of darting back and forth so you stood there, ears burning even as as the rest of the royal family thankfully paid you no mind, practised at disregarding servants. Taehyung must have been mistaken when he told you that the prince normally took one cup, and quietly thanked Taehyung every time he served him. Or perhaps the prince hated you enough to alter his behaviour so drastically. 
You were only half surprised when the prince grabbed you soon after you left the banquet hall. He had retired earlier than the rest of his family, and you stood in the hall in silence with the rest of the servants until the whole family had left and it was time to clean up. By the time you were carrying the plates and leftovers out of the hall, it had been almost two hours since the prince had left.
You were surrounded by servants when the prince darted out of a corridor and yanked you away by the wrist, but they all looked the other way, ignoring the indiscretion as any misdeeds done by the royal family towards servants were ignored. There would be no one to help you. 
The wall that the prince pushed you onto was painful and cold through the thin layers of your smock. You couldn’t help but cringe as he leaned closer, enough to feel his wine-tinged breath warm against your cheeks. 
“You tried to run away again,” he said, the alcohol hot on his breath. 
“Your highness-” you began, hushed, unaware of what you were even going to say, but he placed his hand over your mouth. The other was braced beside your head as he leaned in. 
“My name is Jungkook.”
He took his hand away from your mouth and nodded at you, almost expectingly. What he expected from you… you had no idea.
“Your highness-” you tried again, but he interrupted you with a frustrated groan, pushing away from the wall and rubbing his face. You knew people acted strange when they drank too much, but you couldn’t predict the prince’s behaviour at all. The punishment you were dreading had not yet arrived and it was hard to predict what it would be. 
“Your highness, I apologise for making you trip in the gardens. I should not have distracted you,” you whisper into the corridor. It was not a main corridor, and the evening had deepened into darkness so there were no torches to illuminate the shadows playing across the prince’s face when he turned to you again. 
He came closer, and you pressed yourself flat against the wall in trepidation.
“You think I am angry because I tripped?” 
His tone suggested you had gotten something wrong, but you knew that you mustn’t lie to the prince so you nodded hesitantly.
Instead of getting angry, he huffed a laugh, blowing another waft of that alcohol-scent towards you. He must’ve drunk more in the hours after he left the hall. 
“No, I am angry because you left before I could get to you. And then-” he leaned even closer, enough that you could see the eyelashes brushing his cheekbone as his lids lowered, “you hid yourself away so I could not find you again.” 
“Your- your highness,” you stuttered, but yet again he interrupted you, indicative of the entitlement a prince expects to receive in all things. 
“If you are truly sorry then you must take responsibility for your actions,” he told you imperiously. You did not know what this meant. Your cluelessness must have shown itself on your face, because he laughed at you again and placed his hand on your cheek. 
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I promise I’m not truly angry. You delivered yourself to me tonight, and for that I am thankful. You did not make me wait long.”
The prince was inscrutable. He laughed again when you did not understand, and insisted on walking you back to your room, and was upset with you when you insisted that he could not enter the servant quarters, only relenting when you told him that you would be punished if you led him to your room. 
The next morning you were told by an equally confused servant that you were to receive tutoring lessons alongside the prince. You were given several dresses to wear — a uniform, you presumed — and brought to a quarter of the palace you weren’t even good enough to clean, let alone sit in beside the prince. 
Still, you tried to fulfil your duties. It was clear that the prince had requested some sort of lesson servant, presumably to clean up after him, dispose of his notes and brush away charcoal dust, that kind of thing. It is understandable that he wished for someone the same age as him to do this, after all, wouldn’t it be a little uncomfortable to have to sit besides an adult doing all of this for him during lessons, instead of a companion his own age?
However, the prince seemed to want to make your duties as difficult as possible. He stopped you from tidying up after him, making you sit down in your chair again each time and telling you to listen carefully to the instructor. Perhaps he wanted a study partner to aid his learning. But then every time you attempted to explain concepts to him, he seemed fully cognisant, and even asked you if there was anything additional you wanted him to explain! 
Perhaps this was the prince’s way of tormenting you for tripping him. But a year followed, the prince’s sixteenth name-day passing with you in his presence for the entire day, and you started to think he may not be punishing you. After all, despite the nervousness you felt in his presence at all times, it had been… rather pleasant, getting to receive tutoring like a noble-born girl, and sitting in the prince’s wing of the palace, and even talking to the prince. 
He insisted on you calling him Jungkook, and after a while, it felt less stilted and horrifically impolite and more natural. You had even called him Jungkook once in front of the other servants. Taehyung laughed and teased you for it with a strangely knowing glint in his eye, but the other servants regarded you coldly for a while. 
Some of them called you names you didn’t understand, or that simply weren’t applicable, but once it seemed to sink in, for them and you, that this was not a temporary arrangement, people started acting more kindly towards you. They would pat your head, smile at you benevolently, or give you food “to share with your prince!”. Those comments always made you blush, and Jungkook would laugh when you relayed them to him. Yes, of course. It was a rather ridiculous notion. Your prince.
After spending two years with Jungkook, you began to understand why he chose to spend time with you. Jungkook did not have many peers his own age, and even those that he was allowed to consort with were either awkward, unfamiliar, or sycophantic. The boys were eager to foster connections for a possible future alliance and the girls had clearly been instructed by their parents to ensure a marriage to Jungkook by any means possible. 
When you quizzed Jungkook on his marriage prospects after such meetings, attempting to help him sort out who he might want to choose, he would always smile at you happily and say “no one”. No one! It is not a surprise that your prince spent this much time with you if he was this happy to turn away any possible love interests. 
Jungkook was lonely. You could feel it in the way he held your hand when you walked through the gardens; he didn’t want you to go too far away from him, even for a moment. He guarded your time, angry if others took up any part of it, especially those of a similar age such as Taehyung. You tried to get Jungkook to bond with Taehyung too, so that he could have another friend but Jungkook wasn’t very receptive. 
You theorised that he was probably quite shy and intimidated, meeting an older and, at that time, much taller boy. Jungkook did not like that theory very much at all and threatened to banish Taehyung from the palace if you talked about him again. Indeed, you thought pityingly, Jungkook must’ve been very intimidated by Taehyung if you weren’t even allowed to mention him. You hoped that he would overcome his shyness in due time.
He wasn’t at all shy with you, and as the years passed, Jungkook grew more and more confident, often embracing you and keeping you in his room until you insisted that you had to go back to your own quarters and sleep. For convenience, he had your room moved into his wing of the palace. 
Coincidentally, this room was an immense improvement from your former room. It was much bigger and well appointed, with a window that allowed you to see into the very garden where you first met Jungkook. After you told Jungkook all of this, he seemed very smug, and from then on you often found little trinkets or pieces of furniture that Jungkook bought for you in your room. 
You realised that, though Jungkook heard many words of false flattery, he did not often hear genuine words of kindness from those he cared about — his own family. So you tried your best to make up for it, telling him every positive thought about him that came into your head, and there were quite a few of those. It seemed to work well, Jungkook would always smile and often repaid you with jokes or teases that would make you flush entirely red. 
The worst was when he would pretend as if he were saying something sincere, something horribly embarrassing like I only need you or you make me happier than I’ve ever been or all I ask is that you never leave my side. On those occasions you would try to run away from him, but he would always catch you, dragging you back in with a smug grin.
It was on his eighteenth name-day that Jungkook kissed you for the first time. 
He was drunk after his birthday feast, during which you had sat by his side the entire time as requested, ready to obey his commands or help to serve him in any way. (but he never asked you to do anything. he just looked at you, all night). Back in his chambers, he crowded you against the wall and kissed you once, twice, then buried his face in your neck as he gripped both your arms, stiff at your sides.
“Jungkook,” you whispered and he hummed into your skin, which was slightly tacky with his spit from where he had been dragging his mouth along your skin, trying to kiss it. “you should go to sleep.”
“Alright, my love,” he said, and you almost tripped as he pulled away from you, tugging you towards the bed. “Let’s go to sleep.” 
And then he pushed you onto the bed and landed atop you, barely having the bearings to tug the covers over the two of you before losing consciousness. Try as you might, you could not rouse him, and it was difficult to push him off on account of the muscles he had packed on from training. The weight on top of you, however, was not uncomfortable. 
It was bearable, you decided, apart from the smell of alcohol on Jungkook’s clothes, but after you tugged off most of his outer garments which had the strongest smell, as well as your own which, though not particularly odorous were not comfortable to sleep in, it was agreeable enough that you fell asleep there in Jungkook’s bed. 
After that night, Jungkook seemed even more comfortable around you. He must have decided that since you had slept in his bed the two of you were as close as could be, and was content to practice all manner of things with you. 
The first was kissing, which you two practised a lot. It was also remarkably pleasant, an activity you would be happy to do with any friend! Except most of them were not blessed with a prince’s oral hygiene, and you guessed Jungkook was embarrassed that he was practising these things with you. He certainly did not want you to practice with anyone else.
It was a strange sort of contradiction. Jungkook was very eager to practice things in order to prepare for his future marriage, but was reluctant to secure any actual marriage. Many times, you would suggest the name of an eligible young lady that Jungkook could marry, and ask him if he was interested. And each time, he would look at you, kiss you deeply, and then say with an indulgent smile: “No.”
Next was… well. Marriage bed activities. When he first proposed it, you were quite nervous and asked him if it was really alright to do this before marriage. He then kissed you many times, demonstrating that practice yields very effective results, and with that evidence before you, you eventually acquiesced. 
This was the right decision because it was clear that Jungkook needed exceeding amounts of practice with this. 
You were also uncertain. After a lot of kissing, both on your mouth and… other places — perhaps Jungkook wanted the reassurance of doing something he was familiar with before diving right in? — he started to initiate the next phase. When he told you that he had to put his… thing… in there… you seriously started to question whether he was correct. 
He told you, blushing out of embarrassment — though there was no need for it, you were a beginner too — that he had studied many illustrations of the action, and he was sure that this was the correct way. Even so, it was painful, and he didn’t even put it in all the way before the two of you gave up, slumping back on the bed. 
You watched with a morbid fascination as his manhood slowly started to deflate. After a few minutes he told you to look away. Jungkook seemed very put out by the whole affair, and was not cheered when you told him that nobody is good on their first try at anything. In fact, this seemed to upset him more, and he told you to get out and go back to your chambers. However, he quickly relented when he saw you were having trouble walking and pushed you back into bed, pulling the covers back over you with a guilty expression. 
It took a week after that before you tried again. This time was markedly better — Jungkook confided in you that he had asked the physician for advice and had learned a great number of things. This was true, and after a few more tries you began to understand why men would pay for this kind of experience. Jungkook seemed just as keen as you and would instigate practice sessions practically every day. 
Jungkook never truly changed, and was still lonely enough that he would make you stay in his room even after practice, holding you in his arms all night and whispering meaningless things. You thought that whoever Jungkook married would be quite lucky — it was nice to fall asleep like that, and it must be even nicer for Jungkook’s eventual wife, because when he said those lovely things to her they would be true. 
And then you ruined it all. 
After waking up every week to the sensation of overwhelming nausea, you complained to Taehyung. Your normal recipient of complaints was, of course, Jungkook, but he was easily worried when it came to illnesses, and you did want to unnecessarily upset him. On the other hand, Taehyung now had his own family and lived out of the palace, so you thought he simply did not have the capacity to be too overbearing. 
But when he heard your description of your mysterious illness, he went pale. He then suddenly told you that you should go and visit his wife. You knew her and were indeed quite friendly with her, but the change of subject was strange. But he was insistent so you left that morning to go and visit her. 
She also did strange things, pressing a hand to your stomach and asking, mortifyingly, about your private time with the prince. When you confirmed that you had been practising marital duties with him, her face took on the same expression Taehyung’s had. And then she told you that you were pregnant. 
For some reason, you simply had not predicted this as a problem. Children came from marriage, everyone knew that, and bastards came from prostitutes. There was no category for servant-companions who were just helping for practice. You had thought that it wouldn’t count. Yet, it apparently did. 
You knew what you had to do. 
Stealing away quietly was the best thing you could do. You knew that Jungkook was a good man, and if you told him you were pregnant he would not hesitate to marry you. Would insist on it, even. But, though you did not do the work of a servant, or live the life of a servant, you were still unavoidably… a servant. As the people of the court loved to remind you. Jungkook could not marry a servant for his queen.
The other option was… you could not consider it. Though you had even helped other servant girls do that exact thing, helping to procure the necessary herbs and staying with them the whole time to try and help with the pain, you could not imagine doing it yourself. Inside of you, it was… the baby was a part of Jungkook. You couldn’t bear to hurt it.
If you left without a word, Jungkook would try to find you. He often had nightmares about you being taken from him or kidnapped, which you knew because you were the one to pull him from those nightmares, to kiss him and tell him that it was all a dream. You hoped he found someone else to fulfil this role for him once you left — you didn’t want him to spend too much time alone. 
So you told him that it was a short journey, an absence of two weeks while you visited your ailing grandmother. He was incredibly reluctant to let you go, but you stood firm. Perhaps your insistence, when you have always before bent to his will with little resistance, that persuaded him to let you go, even providing you with a horse and enough supplies to last four weeks. 
So you rode away on that horse and did not look back.
You travelled until you couldn’t anymore and found an abandoned farm house to give birth in. Your son came screaming into the world, screaming alongside you as you cried and bled in the cold barn. That was the only time you regretted leaving Jungkook. You were so tired, but so scared that if you fell asleep you would not wake again and that you would leave your son all alone, so you remained awake the whole night, cradling him in your arms and crying quietly enough to not disturb him. 
You named him Sungho. Once you were recovered enough to ride your horse again, you continued travelling. You had to, for it seemed that your disappearance had not escaped the notice of Jungkook, and there were stories about how the prince was “searching for his lost love”. The gossip you heard exchanged in taverns had been passed from mouth to mouth far too many times to be credible, but you had no choice to listen, and kept going until you no longer heard any discussion of Jungkook, or of the capital city in general. 
You found a small village to settle down in, a community to join with grandmas to spoil Sungho and children for him to play with and aunties to commiserate with you as you told them about your dead husband. This far from the capital, people did not even know the prince’s name, so you felt free enough to tell them it. After all, a lie is far more convincing if parts of it are true. It certainly worked — the village community was convinced that you were heartbroken.
Even now, three years since you arrived here, and four years since Sungho was born, village elders still visit you with food or invite you to their homes because “a widow shouldn’t spend all her time alone”. You pay their worries no mind. Why should you? You have exactly what you wanted. You’ve saved Jungkook from having to marry a servant girl, you’ve saved Sungho from having to face the contempt of the royal court, and you’ve saved yourself from… well, you’ve saved yourself from having to worry about the difficulties of Jungkook and Sungho!
You finally got what was best for Jungkook and what was best for Sungho. And you’re truly happy.
A happiness which is disrupted when you walk into your house to see a man sat at the table. 
An achingly familiar man. A man you barely recognise.
“Hello Y/n.” 
Jungkook greets you with a coldness you’ve never felt directed towards yourself. His tone is sweet, but his eyes are burning, the same way they burned all those years ago after you made him trip and he hated you. Across the table sits one of the ahjummas who always gave you extra side dishes to take home. You’ve never resented her more.
“You’re finally home, dear,” she says, oblivious to the tension rising in the room as you studiously avoid Jungkook’s gaze. “I was just telling this lovely young man that you would be here soon! How could you not tell this old woman that you had a brother!” 
Ah, so Jungkook told her you were his sister. You need to assess the situation, figure out whether he knows yet. Somehow, you don’t think he does, so if you can just get Jungkook away then  everything might be alright. Sungho is most likely playing with his friends so he should be out of the way. 
But things never have worked out for you, have they?
“The familial resemblance is uncanny,” the ahjumma says, and thankfully Jungkook does not seem to be listening to her at all, so if you could just get her to be quiet-
“He looks exactly like his nephew- oh! Sungho-yah! I was just talking about you!”
Your son runs through the door and is immediately trapped in Jungkook’s gaze. 
They turn to you as one, and it makes your heart hurt. In his absence, you convinced yourself that Sungho does not look too much like his father, but faced with both of them looking at you it is impossible to deny. Jungkook, at least, certainly seems to understand without having to say a word.
“I saw a man coming into our home,” Sungho tells you, “so I came back.” 
“Ah,” you crouch down and take your sons’ hands in yours, unable to resist the well-worn instinct to reassure your son even at this moment. “you don’t need to trouble yourself with this, Sungho-yah, just go back to your friends.”
Sungho risks another glance at Jungkook, whose facial expression seems to be frozen on you. “He looks scary, Eomma.” 
At this, Jungkook regains some awareness and, after a moment, cracks a convincing smile. Well, convincing to anyone who doesn’t know him as well as you do. You’re surprised that you can still read his feelings easily after all these years. It gives you a strange feeling in your heart.
“Don’t worry… Sungho-yah,” Jungkook says awkwardly, visibly taking a moment to speak the name of his son for the first time. He softens slightly. “You don’t have to be scared of me at all. I would never hurt you.” 
Sungho simply regards him with his little squint, and- oh, it’s the same face Jungkook always used to look at Taehyung with. You don’t even know why you remember that. 
“Ah, Sunho-yah, don’t be rude to your uncle,” the ahjumma — presumably the only reason why Jungkook is keeping a tight lid on his anger right now — says, “you should tell him about your name-day celebrations!”
“His name-day?” Jungkook flicks his gaze to you carefully. “His fourth one?”
“Yes, of course!” The ahjumma replies, “Don’t you know the age of your own nephew?”
“I know, how reprehensible of me,” Jungkook tells her with an easy smile, which sharpens when directed at you. “Family should always know things like this, right?” 
The ahjumma falters a little, finally beginning to sense the tension in the room. Sungho reaches for your hand and you take it, squeezing it reassuringly. Jungkook follows the motion with his eyes.
“Sorry, ahjumma, but I’d like to have some time alone with-” he smiles at you mockingly, “my sister.” 
She mumbles her agreement and a moment later her and Sungho are bustling out of your house, leaving only you and Jungkook. Alone. Together. 
Jungkook barely waits for them to be out of hearing range before slamming you against the wall. You open your mouth to explain but then Jungkook is kissing you and it’s too late.
You forgot what it was like to be kissed by him. Rainy days spent in libraries, picnics in the gardens of the palace, studying done under candlelight, all were made better with kisses traded between you and Jungkook. He grips you like you’re liable to run away again, and you can almost feel the bruises curving under the shape of his fingertips. That comforts you a little. Once he’s gone at least you’ll have a reminder for a few days of what it felt like to be touched.
He pulls away and you chase after his lips even though you really should focus on breathing. You feel all faint and fuzzy. Jungkook braces you firmly against the wall and looks you right in the eye, and his fury almost burns you. 
“The one thing I asked of you,” Jungkook growls, “was to not run away. Not where I can’t find you. Not for five fucking years.”
“Your highness-”
He kisses you again. His kisses are nothing like what they once were. The desperation was always there, yes, but the fear, the insistence, the anger… 
There are other changes too. The boy of eighteen who you abandoned has grown into a man. He towers over you even more than he did, and his arms can hold you much firmer with what seems like a lot less effort. Keeping you still almost seems like an afterthought as he ravages your mouth, like he’s trying to drag your heart out with its teeth.
He finally pulls away again and both of you are gasping for air. Old instincts make you rest your forehead on his shoulder. He tenses, and you almost apologise but then he’s wrapping both arms around you and squeezing like he’s never going to let go again. Like he’s never going to leave. 
He presses a kiss against your head.
“Call me your highness again I will drag you back home by your hair.”
“Your highness-”
“I’m going to chain you to the bed so you can’t even try to run away.”
“Your highness-”
“All this time I thought you could be dead but no, you were just hiding-”
“Jungkook!” you yell, and he falls silent. 
The two of you stand, intertwined in silence for a moment, before he reluctantly draws back. He still keeps his hands on you, afraid to let go even for a second, but he gives you enough distance to bend down and look you in the eye. 
“I wasn’t…” you falter. He watches you silently. He’s so different now. He has a scar on his neck, like someone tried to slit his throat and they only just failed. He has lost the chubbiness that makes Sungho’s cheeks so perfect to pinch and kiss. But he’s still… your prince. 
“I wasn’t abandoning you.” 
Jungkook recoils like you’ve slapped him, turning to pace around the room. The absence of his touch is startling. “You were. You did.”
“I didn’t!” you insist, feeling almost petulant. “I helped you.”
“Helped me?” Jungkook gives an empty laugh. “You left me alone with no one to trust, in a situation where my father died and I had no allies to rely on.”
“You think a peasant queen would have won you allies?” you counter, and the look he gives you is full of contempt. “Jungkook, if you knew I was pregnant you would have married me.”
“Yes!” he declares earnestly, “I would have married you.” His expression flickers. “Would you have hated it so much?”
The anger in his voice does not hide the sorrow, or the self-deprecation. 
And, even after all this time and everything that lies in between the two of you, you cross it all in that moment and embrace him. He lets you. You can feel his chest shudder as he takes in a deep breath and holds it.
“I wasn’t abandoning you,” you repeat, face pressed against his shoulder. “All I wanted was what was best for you.”
He pulls back to look you in the eye. “All I wanted was you.”
“Yes, but did you want Sungho?” you asked, but you regret it when you see the hurt that bleeds through his expression.
“You think I would have tried to harm him?”
“I… Jungkook, no-”
“You think I didn’t want a child with you?” He does it again, that empty laugh that is nothing like the old Jungkook. That’s what you did to him. “All I wanted was a family with you, to take care of you and our children, to provide for you and keep you safe.”
“But you couldn’t, Jungkook,” you persist, “the king would not have let you take me as your bride, nor would he have my son as the heir.”
“Well,” a resolute glint comes into Jungkook’s eye. “That king is dead. And now I can do whatever I want.”
He takes a step towards you. You take a step back.
“Your advisors won’t accept me as the queen,” you threaten. He shrugs.
“I’ll get new advisors.”
Another step.
“I don’t know how to be a queen.”
“You can learn.”
Another step.
“I’m not good enough.”
Your back hits the wall. 
He leans in until you feel his breath hitting your cheek. 
“You haven’t once said that you don’t love me.”
Your throat dries up. 
“One would think,” he continues, “that love is the most important aspect in a marriage.” His nose brushes yours. “So?”
The way he phrases the question is almost casual, but one look in his eyes and you can see all the fear and pain and anger that’s working beneath the surface. Jungkook’s eyes have always been so expressive. You don’t know how you never truly understood him until now.
“I…” you start, about to lie, and you see his expression shutter. Just like back then, when the two of you were curled up on Jungkook’s window seat, looking out at the gardens. And Jungkook asked you if you had ever thought about what you were going to name your children. 
Of course I haven’t, you laughed. Who thinks about something like that at our age?
Ah. Jungkook had said, and his expression shuttered a little, so you pushed yourself onto his lap and kissed his cheek, taking his face in your hands and squishing it a little. 
Sorry, sorry, Jungkook-ah, I didn’t mean it like that. Tell me then, go on.
And he told you he would name his daughter Jiho and his son Sungho. Ji for justice and Sung for victory, with Ho as the generational name for both. Ho for protect, because he would always protect them. And he looked at you like he had just given you his heart and you kissed him and didn’t understand. 
But now you do. 
“I love you, Jungkook.” 
The pure relief that washes over his face is too much to bear. You kiss him and he cradles you in his arms like something precious. You are something precious to him, you realise that now. 
Later on, you’ll fetch Suho and introduce him to his father properly. Jungkook will know his son, and they’ll start to build the bond that you broke all those years ago. The three of you will journey back to the palace and live in comfort and security, rising every morning with the sun and watching the stars together at night. 
For now, though, you let yourself be held. You finally accept the love Jungkook has been trying to give you this whole time, and realise that, despite the sacrifices and servitude and companionship you’ve dedicated to him in the name of his best interests… the best thing you could ever give him is yourself. 
Tumblr media
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darkestcorners · a month ago
polarity | 02 yandere!jungkook au
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere!jungkook x reader {f}
genre: yandere
warnings: 18+ , toxic relationships, unhealthy and obsessive behavior, smut, mentions of mental health, manipulation, blackmail, cheating,
word count: 13.2k
summary: Your best friend’s new boyfriend becomes infatuated with you...
Parts: 01 l 02 | 03
tag list:  @min-nicoleee  @moekoi02  @mawwnsterr @1-in-abillion , @envyvyvy  @brutallysour00 @mwitsmejk  @e-uph0r1a  @lolalee24 , @sunshyngal  @kyuinfpt​
A/N; This chapter was foul in so many ways. Anyways, thank you guys so much  all the support and comments on the first part! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to any of them (this is a side blog i made impulsively to post that fic and i didn’t think it would get as much attention as it did ) so yeah i’m sorry i cant directly reply to comments. i’m not sure if i’m making a final part yet, im kinda debating if i should end it like this but you guys let me know your thoughts?? hope you enjoy:) also I apologize if anything looks funky, my computer is acting up 😍
The situation unwrapping in front of you felt like a fever dream. You could feel tightness in your chest at the sight of your friend’s eyes on you. You were sure she couldn’t have been thinking something inappropriate, I mean truthfully it would be insanely out of character for you to begin with. However, you almost considered telling her everything right in that moment, pleading her for forgiveness and to get you away from the psychopath that sat next to you. But Jungkook’s warning rang inside your head, serving as an ugly reminder of the consequences of what your impulsive actions would bring. The worst part was how much you believed him, your mind racing with possibilities on just how wrong things could go.
You couldn’t help but think this was entirely your fault. If your feelings for Eunji hadn’t been so obvious then maybe you would have never been in this situation. You couldn’t begin to explain exactly how observant Jungkook was to have noticed the way you acted around her immediately, it was almost humiliating how easily he had wrapped you around his finger. Another part of you wondered if Eunji truly didn’t realize how you felt about her or if she had simply ignored it. The latter was mortifying to even think about, you couldn’t handle that embarrassment.
“Jungkook gave me a ride.” You didn’t realize you had been holding your breath, your voice trembling. You knew it didn’t sound convincing at all, your face probably giving away the distressed state you were in. A small part of almost hoped your friend didn’t believe you.
“I saw her walking home from the cafe, she looked upset so I offered to give her a ride.” Jungkook interjected, his voice holding the same concern it did when he had asked you if you were okay moments ago. It deeply concerned you how someone could put on a different facade so easily.
A look of understanding crossed Eunji’s face quickly followed by pity. 
Right, she probably already suspected how the job interview had went. If only she knew that was the least of your worries now.
“That was sweet of you, babe.” She said, eyes focusing back on you as she gave you a small smile. “ You’re soaking, Y/n. We should go inside and get you out of those clothes.”
It was then you had barely noticed Eunji’s attire. She wore a dark colored dress that hugged her figure nicely, her perfectly styled hair and makeup made her look even more stunning than usual. It was clear he was picking her up for a date, a thought that once would of made you envy Eunji’s lover but now you only feared for her instead. It looks like you had been right all along, your friend did have shit taste in men. 
You nodded, eager to get away from the man next to you. You still felt like you were about to pass out and your legs didn’t feel like they were attached to your body anymore. 
“I hope you feel better, Y/n.” Jungkook stated softly but you didn’t even dare look his way. You were sure you would break down if you did, his mere presence made you feel suffocated. The image of the charming guy willing to help you was long gone. 
“Thanks.” You replied, quickly unbuckling your seatbelt and just about stumbling out of the car. You barely noticed it had stopped raining. The sky was still filled with dark clouds, the chilly air hitting your face and making you shiver even more in your damp clothes.
“Babe I’m sorry , Y/n gets a little worked up in public.” Your friend explained as you stepped behind her. She had her body leaned inside his car, back facing you but you didn’t need to know the look she was giving him. The scene reminding you of what a parent would sound like when their child embarrassed them. You felt a ting of betrayal at the realization your friend had probably vented to Jungkook about your issues numerous of times before.
“Don’t worry, she shouldn’t feel bad about it.” You heard Jungkook say in response, he sounded so genuine and understanding that you really wondered if what he saying was something he believed or just a part of his twisted act.
“Make sure she gets out of those clothes before she gets sick.” He added in a more worried tone as he caught your gaze once again, sending you a tight lipped warm smile. 
What an actor, if you weren’t so petrified at the moment you would of complimented his skills. 
“It’s okay, I can change myself. You go on.” You persisted, knowing you were trying your hardest not to shed tears. That would soon change once you got to the safety of your room, you needed to get away from her before your emotions got the best of you. 
“Are you sure? Let me walk you to the door at least.”Eunji said as she studied your face, her hand coming to squeeze your shoulder. You shook your head despite her sweet action, you really didn’t deserve her.  “No really,  I don’t want to make you late for your date.” You assured, already starting to take a step back. “ I’m fine.” 
Eunji stll looked hesitant but she nodded. 
” Alright, text me later. Love you.” 
You had been avoiding Eunji as much as you possibly could. It had been a week since the car incident, the horrible memory haunting you every moment of the day. Some days you wondered if you had just imagined it all, it didn’t even sound real in your head. There was many times you had come close to telling your friend everything and praying she would believe you but the crippling fear stopped you everytime.
 Besides, you felt as if you it would even more unbelievable now that so many days had passed, why would you randomly admit that to Eunji? She would question why you wouldn’t have said anything right away. It sounded like an obvious lie. It sounded exactly like what Jungkook had threatened you with. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you knew how cornered you were. You had dug yourself into an even bigger hole by remianing silent this whole time.
 Most of your days now consisted of being tucked away in the small library a few streets down from your apartment building. You avoided spending much time in the apartment, fearing you would run into Jungkook knowing how much he came over to visit your friend. You had also avoided hanging out with her anywhere, giving her the excuse that you were studying hard for your upcoming exams. Of course she didn’t question you much, you were the type to indulge in studies a lot of the time and she knew you didn’t like going out much. That much had been easy but still, you felt as you were completely separating yourself from her life and you were lying if you said it didn’t hurt you. 
Some part of you was convinced that if you managed to disconnect yourself from her life as much as possible, Jungkook’s sick fascination with you would disappear. You figured it must be some type of kink he had, perhaps he just enjoyed being a cheater and having another girl on the side, even if that girl was his girlfriend’s best friend.
Of course you had also just considered contacting the police but what type of evidence did you even have? Jungkook was wealthy, it would be idiotic to even think you could go up against him in a courtroom. And what did you even have to defend yourself with? Your word? It meant nothing. The thought of having to go through with a police report alone made you panic. You didn't even want to imagine the look on Eunji’s face if she found out you wanted to press charges against her beloved boyfriend. After saying all those nice things about him just a week ago? She would think you were bat shit crazy. 
You couldn’t say you would even blame her, you weren't even sure you would believe yourself if you were in her shoes either. The thought Eunji turning against you was something you couldn’t seem to accept.
  Losing her wasn’t an option.
“Miss?” You looked up from your textbook . The voice came from a guy standing next to you, you had made sure to find the most reclusive spot in the library which hadn’t been that hard to begin with, the place was pretty small and fairly empty most of the time.
“Sorry, we’re closing soon.” He gave you a regretful smile, it sat pleasantly on his handsome face. Your face heat up in embarrassment.
“Right, sorry I lost track of time.” You began to gather your things in a swift manner, shoving everything inside your bag as you took a quick look at your phone. It was indeed getting late, you wondered how long you had been in here just staring blankly at a textbook , knowing damn well you hadn’t studied one bit.
“You’ve come here a lot this week, haven’t you?” The boy asked curiously and you noticed the name tag on his shirt. Hoseok.
“Yeah, just studying for some exams.” A lot was probably an understatement, you’ve practically lived inside this place for days now. It’s no wonder the workers had taken notice already considering there was hardly anyone else here.
“You must be a diligent student then.” He grinned, flashing his perfect teeth. You might have taken some interest in the attractive boy in front of you if your mind wasn’t so preoccupied with horrifying thoughts that seemed to eat at you every second of the day. 
“I guess you can say that.” You gave him a nervous smile and stood up, scrunching your hands up into a fist. Another nervous habit you couldn’t seem to break. You wondered if Eunji was back home yet. She had mentioned she was making dinner tonight and wanted you to join her, a thought that would have once been more than appealing you but now just made you sick to your stomach. The guilt and fear of it all didn’t let you relax around her.
“Well, I’ll look forward to seeing a pretty girl everyday now. Have a nice day.” The boy, Hoseok, commented. The grin still on his face before he walked off and you were left at awe at his words. You were unable to hide the smile that formed on your lips but you quickly shook it off and headed out the door. The sun was starting to disappear but at least it wasn’t raining today.
The walk was short for the most part but you had tried your best to walk as slowly as possible in order to buy some time, letting your eyes get distracted at all the shops you passed by. But at last, it was time to go home and you silently prayed you could get just a bit of good sleep tonight. You were convinced you were starting to look like a walking corpse, the bags under your eyes still visible after coating them was some concealer this morning.
 Before you knew it , you were inside the apartment elevators and you pressed your floor number, eyes scanning over the screen that displayed the increasing numbers. The doors finally opened and you rushed down the long dimly lit hallway, stopping right in front of your door.
As you slid the door open, you instantly saw Eunji sitting behind the kitchen counter, she turned head at you and gave you a bright small.
“Y/n! Come join us! “ Us? You knitted your eyebrows at her words and felt your stomach drop as you stepped closer, Jungkook’s figure coming into view. He was stood right across from your friend at the other side of the counter. He wore a simple black button shirt, sleeves rolled up once again to his elbows as they usually were, his black jeans completing his all dark attire. It displayed his large built more. He looked more his age today, and like the son of a wealthy business owner. It somehow made him look even more intimidating. 
“Jungkook made dinner, you came just in time. It’s delicious.” Eunji bragged as the strong scent of chicken hit your nostrils, you had been hungry just a few seconds ago but now your appetite was nowhere to be found. Jungkook’s eyes fell on you , taking in your whole figure that still stood by the door.
This is exactly what you had been dreading. You officially had the worst luck, if maybe you had managed to stay longer anywhere else then maybe he would of left before you arrived. You knew you were being ridiculous. You should of known this going to happen sooner or later, although it had happened a lot sooner than you expected. It was stupid of you to think you could avoid him forever, they were a couple after all and you knew how fond of him Eunji was, clingy even. For gods sake, she thought you were fond of him as well. Words couldn’t describe how much you regretted ever approving of him and even telling her that you liked him.
“Y/n?” Eunji asked with a chuckle, staring at your unmoving stance. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at you before he pushed a plate of food at the end of the counter.
“I made you a plate, come sit.” He stated, his tone light as if finding your stiff state humorous. But you knew better.
“I-I’m not really hungry, I just ate.” You blurted out, giving them both a sheepish smile and patted your stomach in an attempt to look more convincing. You watched Jungkook’s stare turn unwelcoming in a matter of seconds, his eyes picking you apart. It was obvious in that moment that he knew you had been trying to actively avoid him all week.
“Really? You told me you hadn’t ate when I texted you.” Your friend asked, frowning a bit. 
You wanted to bash your head against a wall. 
You had told her that earlier while you were still at the library when she was  checking up to see if you still wanted to eat dinner with her.
“Yeah but I got something on the way, you know how stressed I’ve been with school.” You reasoned, heart beating faster by the second. You really needed to go to your room.
“Yes but can’t you join us for just a little?” Eunji asked, glancing back at her boyfriend. “ I mean it’s a bit rude not to , Jungkook made an extra plate just for you.”
“I agree, it’s quite rude not accept my offer.” Jungkook said in a  playfully upset tone as he pouted. The sight would have been cute and amusing if you didn’t know the true character hidden underneath.
You were trapped. 
“Okay.” You sighed, completely defeated. You supposed it was better that your friend was here, knowing Jungkook couldn’t do much with her present. You slowly walked forward and took a seat next to Eunji, staring down at the plate of chicken and rice, with some type of pasta on the side. It indeed did look appetizing and you forced yourself to temporarily ignore the situation around you as you picked up your fork in hesitation.
“It looks good.” You complimented, voice so low that you wondered if either of them had heard you but Jungkook’s heavy stare and smile that came afterwards was enough confirmation that he did. He almost looked normal again, the sweet boyish smile back on his face and eyes twinkling at you.
“Right? I didn’t know you were such a good cook, babe.” Eunji expressed. “ My cooking looks even more embarrassing now.”
Jungkook smirked in response but he looked distracted, his attention had shifted to you entirely and he started to look fairly bored at what your friend was rambling about. You yourself had blocked most of it out but due to a completely different reason. You ate in silence, hating how good the food actually was. It was probably the first decent meal you have had in a while, you didn’t have much of an appetite lately.
“So, how’s studying been going?” Eunji asked as you swallowed the last bit of your food.
“Pretty good.” 
“You look tired, what exams are you studying for?” Jungkook chimed in and you met his scrutinizing stare once again. You were starting to think he could see right through every one of your lies.
“Psychology, and for an English course too.” You lied, adding a bit more volume to your voice. You hoped it didn’t leave any more room for questioning. 
Jungkook stared at you, seeming to contemplate your answer before nodding.
“Y/n is a bit of nerd. Although, lately she’s been focused on her studies more than usual.” Eunji commented, raising a an eyebrow at you in suspicion. “Maybe the library isn’t where you run off to all day? Meeting with someone perhaps?”
“No, none of that.” You forced a laugh, trying to sound as casual as ever.
“Of course not, it would take a miracle for you to actually get with someone.” 
It was the same playful banter you had shared with her as always but you noticed the how Jungkook narrowed his eyes slightly at your friend’s last comment, shoulders slightly tensing up. You awkwardly shifted your gaze back down to your plate.  
The tension was so thick in the air you could feel it.
Did Eunji feel it too? You hoped she did but you knew your friend wasn’t the best at noticing social cues. You wished for once that she would be as observant as her insane boyfriend, maybe then she would have noticed how uncomfortable you were. 
“Well if you guys will excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom real quick.” Your friend announced hopping off her seat and leaning over to give a quick kiss to her boyfriend and you turned away, not even thinking you could stand the sight of them displaying any kind of affection anymore. 
Your heart sunk at the sight of her disappearing down the hallway and you almost called out to her to come back. This night truly couldn’t be worse.
“What kind of ice cream flavor do you want, baby?” Jungkook asked casually once Eunji was completely gone. You watched as he lazily opened the freezer, eyes trailing over the tattoos covering his built arms. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.
“Don’t call me that.” You snapped in a low whisper, turning your head towards the small hallway. 
“She can’t hear us.” He assured taking out the two tubs of ice cream and setting them on the counter, effortlessly opening the lids.
“I don’t care.” You said and you watched his head tilt as he stopped his movement. He sighed and let the spoon fall from his hand, you flinched as  stepped closer, leaning his upper body over the counter. A loud gasp left your lips as he grasped your chin, his grip wasn’t painful but the sudden action made you nearly stumble off your seat.
“Don’t be like that, you won’t like what I’ll do if you keep that attitude up.” He whispered, his thumb brushing over your lips. “You’ve already upset me with how much you’ve been avoiding me.”
You swallowed, your breathing starting to quicken. You were still hoping he hadn’t taken notice in that and simply did think you were doing some intense studying.
“What?” He asked, eyes taking in your reaction as he tilted your chin up even more, forcing your eyes to meet his.
“Did you really think I believed that studying lie?” He asked, a smile slowly forming on his lips. “Cute.”
You struggled against his grip, tears already starting to form. You hated how sensitive you were , the anxiety building up in your stomach wasn’t helping either.
“What do you want from me?” You demanded. He almost looked offended that you had even asked that, eyebrows knitting together.
“What do you mean?” He asked, his tone genuinely coated in confusion.
“I want you of course. Why would you even ask that, Y/n?” He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. It sent chills down your spine, if anything that had left you even more confused. You let out a choked sob that you had been holding in for days now, the reality of your situation was sinking in.
“Shh, don’t cry baby.” Jungkook hushed you, quickly wiping away the tears that fell down your face. “Everything is fine.”
Everything was far from fine but you forced yourself to stop in fear of Eunji hearing you, quickly wiping off your tears. You took a deep breath, hoping it would calm your heartbeat that felt as if it was about to jump out of your chest. You felt hot and sweaty, it was getting hard to normalize your breathing.
“Calm down, you’re getting worked up.” Jungkook pulled away, reaching over  for a glass of water that sat on the counter and swiftly bringing it over to you as he made his way next to you. He guided the cup to your lips as took you took hurried sips. You felt his hand brush over your hair, in what you assumed was an attempt to comfort you but all you felt was fear.
“Y/n, you have to calm down. “ He whispered, breath hot against your ear as his hand continued to caress your hair but you heard the slight warning in his tone. He didn’t want you making a sudden scene.
What the hell was taking Eunji so long in that bathroom?
“Where’s your phone?” He asked, eyes traveling down to where your bag sat beside you.
“Why?” It was stupid of you to even ask, clearly knowing why he wanted it. He raised an eyebrow and wordlessly reached over to get your bag, you watched in silence as he dug through it, instantly finding it and taking the device out from the front pocket.
You wanted to protest but you shut your mouth, eyes following as he typed away, you made a mental note to actually lock your phone next time as you dumbly realized you didn’t have a passcode set up. Once he was done, he set your phone back down in front of you and walked back around counter, returning back to scooping up the ice cream.
“Now, what flavor did you want?” He asked again. He looked so sweet, sounded so domestic.
He truly was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
“Strawberry.” You mumbled, staring down at your hands. You heard him shuffling , scooping out the ice cream and setting it into a bowl. In that same moment, you heard Eunji emerge from the bathroom, her footsteps getting louder as she walked down the hallway.
“Oh! Ice cream!” She beamed, eyes lighting up at the sight of Jungkook making the dessert. You wanted to scream at her for help, so oblivious to who she had invited into her life, into our home. But as always you kept silent, flashing her a smile as she sat back next to you.
Jungkook continued to torment you throughout the weeks, harassing you through texts messages and demanding you communicated with him. It felt as if you were in an actual horror film at this point. You felt paranoid every time you stepped out of your apartment, expecting him to just pop out of any corner. You knew he was keeping tabs on you, his stalking was a constant reminder of how much control he had over you. You couldn't even deny it anymore, he slowly had become your shadow and you were growing afraid of how far he was willing to take this little sick game of his. You thought that somehow this could be some type of mind game he was purposely torturing you with to fulfill some kind of revenge. But you couldn’t figure out his motive, why would he dislike you that much? You had barely known him. You kept your mind on that theory in order to distract it from the exact opposite thought that lingered your head. Because if it wasn't a revenge plot, it was certainly the opposite and you weren't sure which was more terrifying. 
To make things worse, in the midst of all this your friend only seemed to grow more obssesed with Jungkook by the day. She would talk about him at every chance she could with you, about how amazing and perfect he was. How she had never met someone like him before. 
The other night she had even confessed to you that she might be in love with him.
In any other case, this news would of absoulately broken you. The insane amount of jealousy would have ate you up because despite your friend having had plenty of past relationships, you knew she had never actually came close to falling deeply in love. It caused that ugly emotion to settle within you once again, that Jungkook of all people would be the one to ivoke those emotions in her.
Life was indeed cruel.
But your own selfish jealousy didn’t even matter at this point, the deep concern over her own well being was what worried you most. You couldn’t let Eunji fall in love with that psychopath.
You soon realized how hard it would be to get yourself out of this situation. You had successfully refused to face time or call Jungkook, claiming that Eunji would hear you from her room. It was in fact very possible, you knew how nosy your friend could be and you more than anyone knew how thin these walls were with the visits Jungkook made to her room. You couldn't risk it, what excuse would you give? There was no reason why you should be talking to Jungkook on the phone or why he had your number to begin with. Any other times, you had simply used the excuse that you were in class and couldn't pick up his calls. However, escaping Jungkook wouldn’t be that easy, it was clear to you he was growing tired of all it. 
His passive aggressive texts were enough of a warning. 
From Jungkook: I’m a patient man, baby. But don’t test your luck too much.
You stared down at the text, not even wanting to find out what he meant by that.  Instead of replying, you shoved your phone back into your bag and focused your attention back to the textbook in front of you. You shut your eyes briefly, letting out a long sigh in frustration. If you thought you were drained before, it was nothing compared to now. You felt like you were starting to lose some of your sanity.
Why couldn’t he just leave you alone?
“You don’t look so good.” You blinked up at the familiar voice, the same cute library guy stood in front of you. Hoseok. A curious expression on his face as he raised an eyebrow at you.
Considering you didn’t even bother to hide your eye bags anymore, you could confirm you indeed didn’t look so hot these days. 
“Uh, yeah just tired.” You smiled, pointing towards your textbook.
“Still studying for those exams?”
“Not really but I need something to distract myself with.” You admitted, biting the side of your lip. You didn’t even know why you had said that, it wasn’t like you were going to tell him why you were so stressed. “ Yeah you know, it’s just my best friend’s crazy boyfriend who’s obssessed with me won’t stop harrassing me all day. Same old same old.”
“What’s got you so worked up?” He asks with a chuckle and turns to take a seat in front of you. The books in his hands that you assumed he was on the way to arrange somehwere in the library were long forgotten as he placed them on the table beside you.
“You know, just life.” You lied with a shrug, well it wasn’t exactly a lie. Your life was pretty shit at the moment.
“Right,” Hoseok grinned but before continuing. “Well, instead of distracting yourself with such boring stuff, why don’t we grab coffee sometime?”
Was he asking you out? You instantly felt your cheeks warm up. Life was truly playing a sick game with you. The first time someone manages to show interest in you after a while, it has to be when you’re dealing with such an insane situation. 
“Coffee?” You repeated as he nodded slowly, staring expectantly. 
“I think-”
You stilled as you heard the voice behind you that had cut you off. That voice.
It couldn’t be.
You slowly turned your head and let out a curse. Jungkook was making his way towards you, his expression disclosed no emotion at first but as soon as he approached you, a sickeningly sweet smile took over his lips. 
“Baby, you didn’t answer my last text. Are you ready to go?” He asked casually as he stared down at you, you felt his hand brush the back of your shoulder as he gave it a light squeeze. From an outside view, this looked like a normal couple interaction and your eyes shifted over to Hoseok’s more than confused look. His questioning gaze shifted from you to the man behind you.
What the hell was he doing here? And how did he even find out where you were in the first place?
“You have a boyfriend?” Hoseok asked, sounding dissapointed but also slightly offended. He was probably wondering why you didn’t mention him last time you were here when he flirted with you. You knew how it made you look and you felt a small wave of embrassment wash over you. 
“Sorry, who are you?” Jungkook demanded, his tone flat. He was glaring daggers at the guy and Hoseok immediately took his warning and lifted himself off his seat.
“Sorry man, didn’t know she was taken.” Hoseok lifted both his hands up in defense and swiftly picked up the books that he had left on the table before turning on his heel.
“Wait-” You started but Hoseok was long gone, he had practically speed walked away from you two and turned a corner, getting lost down the many book aisles. 
“If you’re done mingling with library boy, we better get going.” Jungkook stated, clear annoyance coating his tone. You stared back up at him in disbelief, not knowing what could of possessed him to pull that scene.
“What are you doing here?” You hissed, flinching back away from him and causing him to drop the hand on your shoulder.
“Picking you up, we are going to my place.” He replied, not seeming phased by your hostile reaction to him. “I’m cooking you a special dinner.”
The way he could act so nonchalantly about this was astonishing to you. He was treating your relationship as if it was the most normal thing in the world and as if he wasn’t quite literally cheating on your best friend.
“I can’t go today, I have class in a couple minutes.” You reasoned with a softer tone, hoping he would take the bait and leave. It was naive to assume  that because he instantly let out a low chuckle and rolled his eyes.
“Baby, I know your schedule. Why would you even bother lying to me?” You gritted your teeth at his words. It had been dumb of you but you had to give it a shot at least.
“Let’s go.” He helped you pick up your textbook and took your bag as you stood up. The action was so gentleman like that you again conlcuded he would of been the ideal boyfriend in another lifetime. Preferably one where he wasn’t absolutely demented. 
You followed silently behind him as he opened the door of the library, motioning you to go first. You didn’t even bother giving him a glance as you walked outside, the sun was about to set and it coated the sky in beautiful orange hues. You caught sight of the familiar black vehicle parked right in front of you. Jungkook’s shoulder brushed yours as he made his way over to it, opening up the passenger door and raising an eyebrow your way. Your legs wobbled as you hopped inside, the flashbacks of that day already starting to flood back into your mind. You didn’t want to be in this car with him again but luck was not on your side today. It hadn’t been since you met him.
Before you could prostest otherwise, Jungkook leans over and clicks in your seatbelt for you.You tried not to jump when the door closed beside you and your eyes were glued on him as he strided over to the other side of the car and got in. You decide to ignore him the entire drive, turning your head completely towards the window.  His presence unsettled you more each time you saw him. If Jungkook was upset by this, he didn’t showcase it. The drive was a good 40 minutes long and that wasn’t exactly shocking considering the fact that you knew he lived a good amount of distance from your apartment building. 
The area you were in now was admittedly much nicer than your own and you forced yourself to not gawk at the luxurious buildings and cars that surrounded you. Jungkook drives into an underground parking lot and before you know it, you’re walking into a brightly lit elevator that takes you about 12 floors up. The long luminous hallway made you feel nauseus and lightheaded all at the same time.
Jungkook opens the door for you and you force yourself to hold in a gasp at the sight in front of you. This apartment, or more like penthouse was another irritating reminder of Jungkook’s wealth. The dark lacquired marble floors and painted black walls seemed to mock you. The ceiling was accented with silver light fittings that displayed a gorgeous chandelier upon entrance. 
When Eunji mentioned Jungkook was rich, you didn’t imagine he was this loaded.
“It was my mom’s idea, I’m not a big fan of chandeliers. Too flashy.” Jungkook commented when he caught sight of you staring up at it. He locks the door behind you before setting your bag on a wall mounted coat rack next to him. 
He leads you down the hallway that reveals his equally extravagent kitchen with more black and white details accompanied with rows of dark wooden cupboards. Your casual clothing and worn out converse looked pathetic against this scenery. 
“Why are you doing this?” You felt like you had asked this question a hundred times now, not only to him but to yourself.
Jungkook turns over to you, looking mildly suprised you had finally decided to utter a word to him. ”I thought I was clear the first time.”
“I just don’t get it, why would you even pick me over her?” You wondered genuinely. He had everything with her.
Jungkook would admit your lack of self-esteem was a great advantage for him but he still found it a great shame that you didn’t think highly of yourself. It almost made him angry that you couldn’t see what he saw in you. Sure, your friend was attractive and fun and she had been a nice fuck but there was something about you that entranced him. Perhaps it was the lack of self awarement you had , how you truly didn’t notice the impact you had on people. Your secluded nature only left him wanting for more, you had an aura that was completely desirable to him. Your uninterested behavior and nervous glances that refused to meet his only seem to fuel him more.
He found it all so endearing in a way and he wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. After all, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But Jungkook knew you weren’t just temporary fun or a simple play thing he would soon want to get rid of. No. He was utterly obssesed with you, he didn’t even want to think of you ever slipping away from him. In his head, he had found his ideal lover, and like any other raised rich boy, he didn’t plan on ever letting his favorite prized possession go. You were his to keep and flaunt, his to take care of and love.
“Why do you find it so hard that someone would prefer you over her?” Jungkook asked, a curious look glinted in his dark eyes.
You fell silent at that.
“Is it because of your little crush on her that you haven’t gotten over?” He questioned again, this time sounding bored almost. He walked over to his stove, already starting to prepare dinner as you stood stifly near the kitchen island.
“It’s not just a crush.” You argued, I love her. Jungkook glanced back at you, a dark look coming over his face.
“For your sake, I hope it is.” His voice was deeper now. “I’d hate to see you so heartbroken over someone who doesn’t even deserve it.”
You knitted your eyebrows at his words.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you realize the way she treats you? She doesn't care for you as much as you think she does.” Jungkook added carefully as if he was the one who was afraid to upset you now. His words struck you and you felt your heart grow heavy. What was he even talking about? Of course she cared about you. You had been through so much together, made so many memories. 
This had to be part of his sick game and you wouldn’t let him get to you.
“She does care about me.” You stated firmly, not being able to hide the sudden anger that took over you in that moment. You watched Jungkook take in your reaction, a sour expression forming on his face as soon as the words left your mouth. His whole demeanor stiffened.
“Maybe, ” He tilited his head to the side as if considering your words before he continued. “ But she sees you as a burden. She’s told me about how much she wishes you were just normal and didn’t let your anxiety disorder rule over your life.”
His full attention seemed to be focused on the  vegetables he was chopping up on a cutting board but he sneaked a quick glance your way.
 “About how inconvenient it is to be friends with someone who can’t do simple things and let loose, someone who’s always so afraid and nervous.” 
His words felt like a stab right in the chest. You shook your head slowly, not wanting to believe him for a second.You knew Eunji , she would never say those things about you. He was just trying to pin you against your best friend. That has to be it , you couldn't be so naive to fall for his lies.
 “You're lying.” You accused, eyes watering as you tried to swallow down the lump that formed in your throat. You hated how easily he got you, the power he possessed to make you feel so helpless. You watched his face twist with concern when he caught sight of your teary expression and he rushed over to you, pulling you towards him. 
“Baby come on, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” His regretful tone made you actually believe him for once, his hands coming to push your head against his chest. He held you tightly as you sobbed, at this point you weren't sure if you just crying over what he had told you or because of the whole situation in general. 
His comfort was the last thing you wanted but in that moment you didn't care that it was him, you pushed your face further against and gripped his shirt. This is exactly what he had wanted, you thought. To have you this vulnerable for him, you hated yourself even more for giving in. 
“I’m just telling you the truth,” He muffled into your hair. “Cant you see I’m the one that actually cares for you? You don’t need a friend like her.” 
What he said only brought more tears and he hushed you, leaving a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
“Shh, it’s okay.” You felt that lightheaded feeling return but this time it lingered and completely took over you, your vision went blurry and the last thing you heard before you fell into complete darkness was Jungkook calling out your name repeatdly in a panicked tone.
Your eyes squinted as you stared up at a beaming bright light. It made you groan but it slowly diminished and your eyes soon adjusted to your surroundings again, the blurry effect lasted for a few seconds making you feel disoriented. When your vision finally cleared, your eyes focused on a tall figure standing a few feet away and your brain quickly registered who it was.
“Good, you’re awake.” You heard Jungkook say as you heard the sound of faint rustling and plates clicking against each other. You slowly lifted yourself up, barely noticing you had been lying down on a beige leather couch. 
“Dinner is ready.” He announced as you saw him walk over with a tray full of food. The smell of condiments hit your nostrils and you now were fully seated up on the couch. A pounding headache greeted with your new found position.
“What happened?” You mumbled as he sat the tray on your lap. The food on the plate looked incredibly delicious and your mouth practically watered. The only thing in your stomach was a bannana you had ate in a hurry on your way out this morning. 
“You fainted, it must be because you’re not eating enough.” Jungkook scolded, handing you over a pair of chopsticks. 
Yeah, because of you, you thought bitterly.
“What time is it? I told Eunji I would be home early today.” You brought the food up to your mouth, pausing for a second to inspect it as if you would even be able to tell if he had added something to it to begin with. Jungkook noticed your hestation and sighed.
“It’s not poisoned, Y/n.” He sounded greatly insulted that the thought had even crossed your mind. You didn’t know why, it was as if he hadn’t noticed he possessed all the traits of a literal serial killer.
You chewed slowly on your food as you watched Jungkook lay the top of his hand against your forehead, seemingly trying to tell if you had a fever. Once he was satisfied that that wasn’t the case, he dissapeared down the hallway and you quickly took the time to hurriedly shove the food into your mouth. You wanted to leave as soon as possible. The conversation you had before passing out still lingered in your head and you wished it had all been nothing but a nightmare.
“I texted Eunji that your visiting your aunt for dinner.” Jungkook stated as he walked back into the living room and your eyes widened.
“How do you know I have an aunt that lives in town?” 
“Well I didn’t until now, thank you for telling me that baby.” He grinned as he typed away on your phone and you inwardly cursed. This little fucker.
“Jungkook,” You started slowly, trying your best to keep your voice steady and calm. “This game of yours needs to stop.”
Jungkook lifted up his head at your words , pausing for a second before finishing whatever he was typing on your phone and letting it fall on the couch beside him.
“What game?” He asked and you didn’t hear any mocking in his tone. He had to be messing with you , right?
“This.” You explained, waving your hands around you. “Is this some sort of weird kink?”
Jungkook’s perplexed expression seemed to deepen and you grew more nervous by the second.
“Baby, this isn’t a game or a kink.” Jungkook replied, practically scoffing towards the end of his sentence. You stared blankly at him, not believing him. 
Well, more like you didn’t want to believe him.
There had to be a way out of this.
“I-I don’t want to do this anymore,” Your voice cracked, you were pleading him at this point. Your eyes begging for him to listen and find some sort of empathy for you and your state. He couldn’t actually think you could keep doing this for much longer, did he? You tried to convince yourself this was just another asshole who found pleasure in having some scandelous affair.
“I can’t do this to my best friend, please.” Your hands gripped the edges of the metal tray he had given you and shakily put it aside from you, Jungkook’s eyes followed your every move intently. Like a predator watching his prey make a poor attempt at an escape.
“Please, I won’t say a thing about us to her. She wont know anything but you have to leave me alone.” You rambled on, your mind frantically searching for every reasonable thought imaginable to grasp on. “I can’t keep doing this to her, i-it’s insane. We can’t keep doing this to her, it’s wrong.”
Jungkook was silent for an uncomfrotably long amount of time. Just watching you, his expression stoic. Not revealing any bit of emotion or even a hint of what he might be thinking.
“Baby,” He drawled out mockingly. “ Did you really think that would change my mind?”
“I thought you had realized by now that I dont want your friend, I want you.”
His words brought even more frustration. You felt like tugging your hair out and screaming “but why!”. It felt like a broken record at this point, you couldn’t believe you had gotten yourself into this situation. You were sick of feeling so helpless.
“I can just report you to the police, you know?” You were running your mouth now, no thoughts went into what you were saying next. You were too angry to even think clearly. “This is harrassment and stalking. A crime! You could go to prison for this! “
Jungkook looked amused by your words, as if he was biting back a laugh.
“So why dont you?”
“What?” Was he serious?
“Go on, go file a report against me.” Jungkook shrugged, raising one singular eyebrow at you. He was daring you to do it.“ You would need some credible evidence on your side. I wouldn’t reccomend the texts between us, you seem rather too compliant in them.”
His tone was daunting, as if he was actually giving you legal advice on the matter.
“But if you’re really going to, just make sure to let me know beforehand so I can notify my mother.” 
It took you a second to understand what he was implying.
“Your mom is an attorney?” You asked in defeated whisper. He looked completely estatic at your reaction and his next words held nothing but menance in them.
“The best in the city, some would even say in the country.” He confirmed as he nodded in feigned innocence. 
You were utterly fucked.
The way his demanor had completely shifted to the same condescending man he had been in the car that day was completely terrifying to you. He knew the power play you two had, he knew your position in society was no match for his. The worst part is that he was right in thinking that way, you were nothing compared to him in the grand scheme of things. Money and status was what determined how much power you possessed and you had neither. You were naive but not that naive. You knew that even if you did try to fight and file a report against him, he would still come out unaffected. 
Isn’t that the way things always went? The wealthy always had connections, they always had a loop hole to get them out of even the worst of crimes. They were untouchable. 
And Jungkook had no problem reminding you of your place.
You knew you needed to act quickly.
After that what happened with Jungkook, you were convinced you couldn’t get out this situation in the normal and rational way. If Jungkook refused to leave you alone and keep your best friend around in order to control you then you had to figure out some way for Eunji tol eave him. The thought itself sounded ridiculous but what else could you do? You were running out of options.
A part of you considered you should just admit you had been hooking up with her boyfriend and throw yourself completely under the bus. But you couldn’t bring yourself to ever admit to that sort of lie. The thought of having to sacrfrice your own friendship for Jungkook to leave both of you alone was infuriating to you. 
This was your childhood best friend, the love of your life.
All those memories of you together, all your time shared together and your unbreakable bond would be thrown to shit in a matter of minutes. You would lose her forever. You knew Eunji would never forgive such a thing, who would? If that was your plan, you might as well prepare your suitcase and a final goodbye. You knew she would kick you out and never want to see your face again.
Your feelings for her being so one sided all these years had been enough pain for you to deal with, you had already lost her in that sense, you couldn’t lose her all together.
No, that wasn’t an option.
There had to be another way.
Eunji was your best friend, you know that meant something to her. It must of meant as much to her as it did for you, if you confessed that you absoultely hated Jungkook and didn’t seem him as good fit for her, she would had to believe you. 
She had to, wasn’t it a sort of girl code to always believe your best friend over a dude? I mean it had never come to that before considering you didn’t involve yourself much in her past relationships. You had expressed dislikement towards a lot of them, most of them, but it was never anything severe for her to take it so seriously and break up on the spot with them. Plus, you were a firm believer in people needing to learn on their own when it came to bad relationships.
Not to mention, none of her past partners had been completely obssessed with you. This was a one of a kind case and you knew she wouldn’t be expecting this behavior from you. it was out of character for you to ever suggest or demand for her to break up with her partners. You had been careful of that before for the same reason of not wanting her to suspect you had feelings for her and were acting out of pure jealousy.
None of that mattered now, you thought.
You would have to become the overprotective and overbearing friend that she would have to believe.
You heard the front door click open and held your breath, watching as your best friend strided in with her usual cup of coffee in one hand and her school bag in the other. She seemed startled when she noticed you, taking a small step back.
“Oh, you’re home.” Eunji exclaimed with a smile, taking a glance at her phone. “Shouldn’t you still be in class?”
“Ended early.” You replied simply and she nodded, throwing her bag on the couch. 
“Eunji, I need to talk to you.” You blurtd out, instantly feeling your heart start to race. “It’s about Jungkook.”
There was no point in stalling, if you gave it more time you know would chicken out and not say anything. Eunji looked up at you with a questioning gaze as she slowly closed the space between you two. 
“What’s wrong?” She asked, knitting her eyebrows. She held the plastic cup of coffee tightly in her hands as she waited for you to speak and you could only imagine what was going through her head. She was probably expecting you to tell her he was cheating on her with some other girl and although the thought of feeding her that crap was tempting, you knew that was a quick way for Jungkook to completely expose the two of you.
“I,” You began, eyes shifting towards anywhere but her face.” I think you should break up with Jungkook.”
Eunji stared at you, her pretty features scrunched up in confusion. She let out a giggle but it quickly died on her lips when she noticed you weren’t joking.
“What?” She demanded in an incredulous tone. Her eyebrows furrowed as she shook her head.
“Why would you say that? Are you feeling okay?” She asked before you could say something else. She took a step back as if to examine your state.
“Eunji, I’m fine.” You waved off, wanting her to stay focused on the topic.” I just don’t think Jungkook is who he claims to be.”
“What do you mean?” Eunji questioned, waiting for you to elaborate.
“I-I just think he isn’t the right person for you,” You concluded, making sure you sounded as sincere as you possibly could. You didn’t know how you were going to make this believable but you needed to. 
“I don’t like him, he gives me weird vibes.”
Eunji still held that same puzzled look on her face.
“Y/n, what the hell are you talking about? Just a month ago, you told me he was the first guy you ever approved of being with me. You said he sounded perfect for me.” Your friend argued and you cringed because she was right. You knew how contradicting you were being, it sounded suspiscous and you didn’t know what you could say that would convince her otherwise.
“I know what I said,” You tried to reason.” But I take it back, after getting to know him more, he just seems off.”
“Getting to know him more?” Eunji repetead in a patronizing tone and she shook her head in disbelief. “You barely spend any time with him at all, last time he came for dinner, you couldn’t wait to go running back into your room.”
You felt yourself shrink more and more at her words. If only she knew.
“Exactly!” You argued back, no longer caring about sounding reasonable. “ I don’t want to spend time with him because I don’t like him! Something is off about him.”
“Alright,” She nodded, coming back to step closer to you until you were eye to eye with each other. “Then tell me what is ‘off’ about him?”
“I-I don’t know, he just doesn’t seem genuine. I think he’s playing with you.” 
Eunji stepped back once the words left your mouth. She stared silently at you, her eyes were becoming glossy and you knew your words had made some sort of impact but you feared it wasn’t the one you were hoping for. She scoffed and let her head fall, her gaze now on the floor.
“Are you jealous?” 
Your entire body froze.
“What?” This couldn’t be happening.
“ I mean, I get it.” She shrugged dismissively. “ I get that you never had an actual relationsip and I know it’s hard for you to form relationships with people but it doesn’t have to be this way.”
You replayed her words in your head about ten times and still couldn’t believe she had said that. You shook your head at her.
“What? No! This is not me being jealous of your relationship.” You denied. God damn it. How did it even get to this point? Suddenly you were reminded of Jungkook’s words that day in the car.
“An attempt to sabotage her relationship because she can’t fulfill her own love?” 
“Are you sure? Because I’m not mad if that’s the case. I told you I can help you find someone, you can even go back to therapy.” Her words stung more than you were willing to admit. Did your friend really think so low of you that you would try to sabatoge her relationship because of your own selfish reasons and your mental health?
You didn’’t know what to think at this point.
“Eunji, I know you think you’re trying to help but this is not the case.” Your tone was firm, and you tried your best not to lash out at her at this moment.
“I’m coming to you as a friend and as a friend, I think Jungkook is bad for you.” 
“A friend?” Eunji questioned. “A friend wouldn’t tell me to break up with my boyfriend and give no explanation as to why.” 
“I gave you an explanation!”
“Having a bad vibe? Really? Are we in high school?” Your friend mocked as she glared at you. 
“Please, I care about you and you need to trust me.” It was your final attempt , you knew you had to say the right thing if you had any chance of still convincing her. “You need to believe me, I’m your best friend and you have barely known this guy for a few months.”
“Trust you on what? A bad vibe?”
“Why won’t you believe me?” You knew it was a mistake to get emotional but you couldn’t help it. You were exhausted, you needed her to believe you. It was the only way out of this without you getting hurt. 
Without her getting hurt.
“I’m your best friend, not him. How could your four month relationship with him mean more than ours? We’ve known each other practically our whole lives.” You knew how hurt you sounded and you could only hope it would persuade her to consider your words but the more you stared at your friend, the more disconnected she had seem to become. 
“Y/n, chill out you’re starting to sound like a jealous girlfriend or something.” Eunji muttered and the look she was giving you was enough to shut you down completely. 
She was looking at like you had officially lost your mind. She sighed and walked back over to the couch to grab her bag before making her way to the door.
“I’m going out, we can talk again when you cut this bullshit out.” 
The loud bang of the door shutting was enough for you to fully break down. You fell to the cold wooden floor, bringing your knees up to your chest as you tried your best to breath through your uncontrollable sobs. You gripped your hair, letting out a load yell of frustration. 
“ Would she believe that her best friend has been secretly in love with her for years and is trying to sabotage all her relationships just so she can have her to herself?”
It was sickening. The way Jungkook had been right about your friend doubting you. It was all sickening. You hated him, despised him for being right. 
How could of he had been right? You felt the biggest sense of dissapointment wash over you, but it was quickly repaced with utter rage. 
It was the worst feeling of betrayal you had ever experienced.
You took a deep breath as you wiped away your tears, shakily lifting yourself off the floor. You couldn’t be this weak. 
You were sick of feeling like a victim and being treated like one.
You pulled out your phone, quickly scrolling through your contacts until you found who you were looking for. 
To Jungkook: We need to talk.
Perhaps your friend had been right, maybe you had officially lost your mind. You would admit the idea was insane but you were desperate. You had contemplated it over the past night, coming up with every reasonable conluscion possible. In your two years of studying Psychology, you had come across topics that were similar to what you thought you were experiencing now. Intrigue and captivation, the state of someone being so attracted to somebody and lust driven that it forms into a obsession. Obviously, this behavior wasn’t normal but what you did know was that Jungkook didn’t know you enough to be obssessed with your character. Intrigued? Maybe. Fascinated? Likely but not obssessed. No, his obsession had to be linked to a more shallow part of yourself. 
Your appearance. 
Any other time, this thought would of been laughable to you and it still kinda was. You didn’t consider yourself ugly or severly unattractive but you didn’t think you were anything special either. However, beauty was indeed in the eye of the beholder and you knew this, you had studied this behavior and the ins and outs of attraction. You knew Jungkook had to have found your appearance attractive to some extent, he had admitted it. And now, you knew had become obssessed with you the moment you met him in that cafe, you knew it. You had brushed it off but now that you looked back at it and replayed the memory countless times in your head, you were sure it had begun there. That must of meant he had to have formed this weird fixation on you with a superficial lense on.
While Jungkook was far from your average normal guy, he was still a guy. Meaning his obssession had a lot to do with lust. It was normal for a guy his age to be lust driven, obviously not to the extent you were coming up with but Jungkook wasn’t exactly normal. His upbringing must have had a lot do with it, he was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country, of course he had an ego and expected everyone to bow down at his feet. He wasn’t used to not getting what he desired right at that moment. 
And what if that was all it was?
What if Jungkook’s interest in you was simply a temporary temper tantrum over not getting to play with his favorie toy. The thought disgusted you but it made sense, you clearly had no interest in him and had never shown him the slightest bit of attention. What if he just thought of this as some sort of game of cat and mouse? What if the only thing he wanted was to sleep with you and then drop you immediately after that? After getting what he wanted, there was no reason to keep you around, the chase would come to an end.
The more you thought it over, the more it made sense. Jungkook had issues, that was clear as day but why would he become utterly obssessed with a average college girl who didn’t have much, if anything, to offer him at all? He was the son of a CEO. It just didn’t make sense. This ‘obssession’ of his could only run so deep. You knew Jungkook wouldn’t have given you a second glance if you had met him in any other circumstance. 
The forbidden and tabboo aspect of you being his girlfriend’s best friend had to be the main motive for his behavior.
Even if he himself wouldn’t admit it. He wasn’t exactly the most self aware person.
The sound of the door swinging open in front of you almost had you flying backwards against the wall. To say you were nervous was a beyond understatement.
“Baby come in.” Jungkook looked more than pleased with your arrival, his round eyes lighting up. After sending him that text, he had practically begged you to come over and despite him insisting on picking you up, you had managed to dodge that bullet by claiming Eunji was still home.
“What did you need to talk about?” You heard him ask behind you as you walked inside, you knew you were going to regret doing this but it was the only way.
Instead of answering him, you turned around and didn’t think twice before closing the space between you two and connecting your lips to his. Your hand gripped the back of his neck, pulling him closer towards you. Jungkook was caught off guard to say the least but it didn’t take him long to recover, his hands quickly made their way around your waist and he gripped you closer to him. You felt your breasts brush tightly against his chest as he continued to deepen your kiss, you felt so out of place that you practically let him do whatever he wanted.
The kiss wasn’t anything like the last one you had shared, it was practically child’s play in comparison. The passion Jungkook possessed had every part of your body on fire, it was a feeling you were so unfamiliar with and you hated how you had to experience it with him of all people.
You forced yourself to get rid of all of your repulsive thoughts of him, you had to play your part. The physical aspect couldn’t be hard, Jungkook was conventionally a very attractive guy but still, you couldn’t deny the great shame that filled you at every passing second.
This was Eunji’s boyfriend.
Yes and she didn’t believe a word you said, you reminded yourself in order to keep your head out of your guilty thoughts. You couldn’t let your better judgment ruin this.
Jungkook’s mouth continued to work against your own, his kisses becoming desperate and you only encouraged him as you ran your fingers through his dark locks. He groaned against you before breaking your lips apart for a mere a second to give you a questioning gaze.
You knew what he was asking, he didn’t know what had caused this sudden change in behavior in you but you had a feeling it wouldn’t matter either way.
“I want you,” You whispered, never believing you would ever say those words to anyone other than the girl who had just stormed off with your broken heart in her hands a few hours ago.
You didn’t know how you were going to pull this off if you were being honest with yourself, you had little to no experience in the bedroom and you knew Jungkook was about to realize that. It’s not that you should care what he would think but you still couldn’t help the insecure feeling at the thought of any sort of judgement being shown to you. The last thing you wanted was to lay there bare with practically a stranger but you knew you needed to do this despite it being the most out of character thing you would ever be doing in your life.
“Are you sure?” Jungkook panted against you. A part of you was surprised Jungkook had asked you that, you would have assumed he was beyond having basic morals but it seemed like he still had a few left.
You nodded eagerly and a sultry smirk took over his handsome face in return and you just about yelped when he practically dragged you down his long hallway and into another enormous room. You could only assume this was his bedroom, there was a few picture frames of a very familiar looking young boy that resembled him on the walls. A graduation picture also stood on his nightstand.
Your eyes explored the walls of his room as you felt his lips suck on the side of your neck, you let out an involuntary moan when you felt the tips of his teeth graze your skin. His room seem to fit the rest of the theme of his house, equally dark with some band posters covering the wall in front of his bed frame.
You felt your back hit the silky sheets of his bed and his hands instantly worked on unbuttoning his pants. You gulped as you studied his hurried movements, your eyes practically bulging out your skull when you caught sight of him.
He was huge.
He sighed quietly into the air, his hardness sprinting up against his stomach at the action.
“What’s wrong, baby? You look like you’ve never seen a cock before in your life.” Jungkook chuckled when he caught a look of what you assumed was a mortifying expression on your face.
You hadn’t up close before.
You felt Jungkook’s hands grip the side of your thighs, raising your skirt up further. His mouth continued to leave kisses on your lips, cheeks and neck. His hands came to lift up the ends of your shirt and you let him pull the the piece of clothing over your head. You instinctively came to cover your chest, feeling beyond uncomfortable with the exposure.
“Baby, it’s okay.” Jungkook whispered to you, his eyes holding nothing but adoration as he slowly pried your hands away from your chest. His eyes filled with desire as he took in the sight of your little piece of clothing that was left covering your breasts.
“You’re absolutely beautiful.” The way he had said it made you truly believe his words. His finger tips played with the top of the straps before they completely traveled behind you and unclipped the bra in one quick motion.
You let out a small gasp at it falling off your chest. Jungkook looked practically in a trance as he brought his lips down to your breasts, taking your nipple into his mouth and sucking. Your toes curled at the action, your body was betraying you in every sense of the word. You had never felt this type of pleasure before in your life.
“Jungkook..” You pant, your head was complete mush as he continued to violate your breasts, his wet mouth sucking on one while his other hand worked to knead the other.
You felt Jungkook’s hand travel further down your body until he reached the top of your skirt and he tugged harshly, easily slipping it off. You could feel your heart beat so rapidly against your chest, every doubt was returning to you in that moment. Were you really about to do this?
Jungkook seemed to notice your distracted state because you felt him grip your chin, forcing you to look up at him.
“What’s wrong?” His dark eyes studied you, searching for the cause of your unfocused behavior.
“N-nothing , I’ve just never done this before.” Solid save. Your hands practically trembled against his bare chest as you admitted it to him and you saw his eyes widen for a split second before a new domineering emotion coated them.
“Nobody has ever made you cum before?” Jungkook voice dripped in pure lust as a smirk formed on his lips, eyes trailing down your every curve. Then intensity of his stare had you a new feeling settling in your stomach, it felt like you were drenching down there.
It should have repulsed you but you couldn’t even bring yourself to feel guilty at this moment, you were too overstimulated to think straight.
“Nobody has ever fucked you before, baby?” Jungkook’s tone was a mixture of teasing and serious, his face came down to yours as his lips brushed the side of your ear. You felt the heat of his body heavy on you.
“So pure and untouched, and all mine “ He whispered roughly into your ear before playfully biting the top of it and you let out a gasp at his action. You didn’t know how to feel about his comment but your mind didn’t even get to fully process what he was saying because you soon felt his hands on the top of your last piece of clothing, you stared down as he pulled them down your legs. Not missing the chance to leave kisses on your inner thighs.
“I have to open you up,” He explains, his digits prodding at your entrance.
You nod in antcipation and watch as he slowly slides them. Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth falls open, he keeps them pressed, knuckle deep inside of you. You hear him hiss as he moves his fingers which causes you to whimper even more in return.
“You’re so tight,” He says breathlessly and your hips roll against his hand. He drags his fingers in and out, curling them in ways that causes your wetness to pool. Your body burns with want, craving a release and already tasting it. Jungkook brushes his mouth against your already swollen lips as he slides in another finger, the feeling causes you to moan and squirm underneath him.
Jungkook continues to brush his lips down your neck, trailing down to your collarbone and once again taking your soft nub around his tongue. The mixture of sensations races your climax and you try your best to swallow down your moans. Your hands are shaking again as you curl them against his biceps.
“I’m gonna cum.” You cry and Jungkook hums against you, pressing his hand flat against the top of your pubic bone and curling his fingers up.  Your back arches at the overwhelming sensation and Jungkook knows he has found that spot.
“Come on baby.” He groans in low rasp, urging your release and you gasp out, hands scratching against the sheets as your eyes roll back. He drags his fingers out, a trail of wetness dripping onto the sheets as he does. You can’t help but stare as you watch him duck down, his tongue capturing your cum as he laps at your sensitive flesh. He cleans you up and his moans against you alone nearly send you over the edge again.
You try to control your breathing as you watch him pull away, grabbing a condom out from his drawer that’s beside the bed. He tears the packet open, and you watch as he rolls the silky latex onto his hard length. His dark eyes are back on you instantly as he presses his body against yours again.
“Look at me,” Jungkook orders before you see his eyes soften for a moment at your skittish gaze . “Please,” He adds.
His thumb comes up to brush your cheek, and you feel your stomach dip at the unexpected tender action. He gives you a small smile before you feel the head of his cock along your clit and you gasp, your gaze leaving his momentarily to glance down. His jaw is clenched as he slowly begins to push into you, and he pauses slightly whenever you make any sort of high-pitched noise. He seems cautious of your sensitivity but you urge him on, he swallows as he presses fully into you.
The action causes a burning sensation but you force yourself not to react, Jungkook watches your expression intently as he thrusts his hips forwards, causing you to let out a whine.
“It’s okay,” He assures you with a firm kiss to your cheek, your skin feels sticky. You are sure you can feel his pulse as his hips start to move against you and your hands grip his arms tightly. He grinds his hips more roughly this time and your mouth falls open letting out a silent breath.
“Fuck,” He pants as he starts rolling his hips and creating a faster rhythm, you cry out again as the feeling of his cock pressed deep within you starts to feel so good that your vision begins to feel hazy. His focused gaze on you only adds to your pleasure.
“You’re such a good girl for me.” He rasps as he drops his head to the crook of your neck, letting out a moan. His hips move constantly against yours, the top of your head hitting his bed frame repeatedly.
“Jungkook!” You cry out as you feel his thumb press into your clit, your body instantly jerks and tenses at the sensation and your head falls back, scrunching your eyes close in pleasure.
“Cum for me baby.” He grits his teeth as your thighs shake around his hips and cum hard, he calms your quick breaths as he takes your mouth into his and he releases right after you with strained moans.
“I love you.” You ignore his words but your eyes are not able to away from his invasive stare.  He was looking at you with such sincerity and raw emotion, it almost frightened you. Still, you made sure to not even show the slightest bit of a response to them.
Jungkook looked unreal in that moment, his dark locks were coated in slight sweat and some strands managed to stick to his face. His lips were swollen and his skin looked vibrant, it shocked you how insanely good someone could look during this. 
You felt yourself throb around him, your legs still feeling as if they are trembling and you feel him slowly pull out of you. He kisses you again, swallowing every last whine and wimper that leaves your lips. You lay there in complete bliss and it takes you a good while to come back to your senses and realize what exactly you have done.
You turn your body, feeling Jungkook shift beside you and tug you to his side. You press your thighs together, still feeling the wetness in between them. A sickening reminder of your complete disloyalty. The guilt comes quick and it stays with you, not letting your mind be at peace even for a moment.
This has to work.
Now that Jungkook had gotten what he wanted, he has to leave you alone. He had to forget about you, for the sake of your and his own relationship, you hoped this is the last you will be seeing of him. Your eyes stare blankly at the ceiling of his bedroom as comfortable silence settles between you two and soon you hear his steady soft breaths on your shoulder, you glance over to him and see his eyelids closed shut.
He looked so peaceful sleeping, so innocent. If only that was the case, you wished for it to be the case so badly. His arm was still wrapped tightly against your waist and you figured you would be stuck like this for who knows how much longer, you turn your head and let your eyes travel around his room again. This time taking your time to take every detail in.
Your squint your eyes as you notice something on the right corner of his ceiling, a small, insignificant red light flashing. You knit your eyebrows together and lift your head up a bit more, attempting to take a better look at it.
Your heart sinks as you realize what you’re staring at.
The small camera was pointed directly towards his bed, the angle captured both your figures perfectly. The dark device was placed in a spot where it blended in with the equally dark painted walls.
It was hard to notice it all unless you were paying extra attention and that’s when it hit you.
You had severely underestimated how far and deeply Jungkook had planned all of this.
You had underestimated his intentions, the lengths he would go. Despite your efforts to psychoanalyze him, you had let your own bias opinions overlap with the reality of the situation.
The camera had been recording everything.
The sound of your phone notification going off made you wince, you glared down at your bag that was on the floor at the side of the bed. You carefully reached down to it and picked up your phone, your finger opening up the new text message.
From Eunji: Hey, I’m sorry about everything I said. I think you might be right about Jungkook. Can we talk?
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UPDATED: 8 November 2021
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin: Mafia Aesthetic
Kim Namjoon: Mafia Aesthetic
Min Yoongi: Mafia Aesthetic
Jung Hoseok: Mafia Aesthetic
Park Jimin: Mafia Aesthetic
Kim Taehyung: Mafia Aesthetic
Jeon Jungkook: Mafia Aesthetic
BTS Profiles as Mafia
Mafia! BTS - How they hug you / PDA
Mafia! BTS - You Flinch from Them
Mafia! BTS - You Don’t Want Them to Leave
Mafia! BTS - The Morning After
Mafia! BTS - You’re Wearing a Scandalous Outfit
Mafia! BTS - They find out your father is an abusive alcoholic
Mafia! BTS - You’re Crying
Mafia! BTS - You Are Having an Argument
Mafia! BTS - They’re Jealous
Mafia! BTS - A Rival Gang Kidnapped You
Mafia! BTS - They Make You Cry During an Argument
Mafia! BTS - You Give Them The Silent Treatment
Mafia! BTS - You Want a Puppy
Mafia! BTS - You’re Pregnant
Mafia! BTS - You Want to Leave Them
Mafia! BTS - You Faint because You’re Stressed Out Due to Your Studies
Mafia! BTS - You Don’t Want to Have Sex
Mafia! BTS - You’re Scared of Them because of Their Work
Mafia! BTS - You’re Affectionate with Them
Mafia! BTS - You Don’t Speak to Each Other because of an Argument and Meet for the First Time at a Gala
Mafia! BTS - You’re Drunk at a Party and You Get into Trouble
Mafia! BTS - Aftercare
Mafia! BTS! - You Fall Asleep with Them for the First Time
Mafia! BTS - They Had a Rough Day and They Need You
Mafia! BTS - They Are Angry with You for Putting Yourself in Danger
Mafia! BTS: Their Co-Worker Disrespects You
Mafia! BTS - They Find Out You’re Struggling Financially
Mafia! BTS - How You First Met
Mafia! BTS - You Meet the Rival Gang’s Boss
BTS Mafia Members - Most to Least Scary (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS - You Find Out They’re Mafia
Mafia BTS Members - How They Would React to You Wanting to Leave Them (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS - You Meet Their Ex-Girlfriend
Mafia! BTS - You Get Jealous/Insecure Because of Their Ex-Girlfriend
Mafia! BTS - What Is Their Apartment Aesthetic
Mafia! BTS - They Realize You Are Depressed
Mafia! BTS - How Would the Members Have Reacted if You Avoided Them in the Beginning (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS - Who Is The Most Possessive (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS - Their Ex Lies and Tells Them You’ve Been Leaking Info to the Rival Gang
Mafia! BTS - They Try to Get You Back
Mafia! BTS - They Take Revenge on Their Ex-Girlfriend after She Kidnapped You
Mafia! BTS - After They Save You from Their Ex-Girlfriend
Mafia! BTS - They Teach You How to Defend Yourself
Mafia! BTS - They Realize You Still Care about Them
Mafia! BTS - You’re Ready to Get Back Together
Mafia! BTS - The Rival Mafia Boss Likes You Pt. 1
Mafia! BTS - The Rival Mafia Boss Likes You Pt. 2
BTS! Taehyung - He Adores Your Bosom
BTS! Yoongi - You Notice He Got Buff
Mafia! BTS! Stockholm Syndrome: You Take Care of Each Other When You’re Hurt
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Mafia! BTS! Yandere: How They Punish You
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Mafia! BTS! Yandere: They Let You Go Outside
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - They’re Affectionate but You’re Scared of Them
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - You Get Your Period
Mafia! BTS! Yandere: Your First Kiss
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - Rival Gang Member Tries to Hurt You but They Think You Wanted to Escape
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - Who Is The Strictest (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - You Have Separation Anxiety
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - They Try to Be Affectionate but You’re Not Ready
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - Would They Ever Let Y/N Go out on Her Own? (According to Me)
Mafia! BTS! Yandere - What Your First Time with Them Would Be Like
Stray Kids! Mafia! - Profiles
Stray Kids! Mafia - How They Hug You/PDA
Who Am I?
Hi :) this is pretty important so please read!
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cardio | j.jk
Tumblr media
rating: smut with slight angst 🍒
pairing: personal trainer!yandere!jungkook x married!rich!f!reader
word count: 13,906 words aka grab the popcorn, this is long
summary: an encounter with your new personal trainer suddenly makes you forget about the silver band on your ring finger and your failing marriage.
warning: taboo relationships (single!jungkook and married!reader), toxic relationships, mentions of insecurities, murder, coercion, manipulation, affairs/cheating, infidelity, predatory behavior, harassment in the workplace, gore, age difference (the reader’s husband is thirty years older than her), mention of alcohol addiction, jungkook is the other man, shower sex, oral/fingering (receiving), unprotected sex (always use condoms y’all)
thanks for 200+ <3 
Tumblr media
A loud grunt escaped from his mouth as his body shuddered over you. Warm seed splayed across your stomach and lower abdomen before trickling down to your sides. His arms became too weak to support himself and slowly, he collapsed on the bed, only a few inches away from you. He shifted his back until he faced away, causing more separation between the two of you. A deep snore soon echoed throughout the large bedroom as you laid there motionless; another night of passionless love. His sweat had coated a few parts of your body and you couldn’t help but feel unworthy, as if you had done something wrong. The ceiling light no longer hurt your eyes when you stared, it was the same view you had for many nights. Your body had been exposed and traversed by a man who did not deserve it, but you endured each day for as long as you could. 
You rose off of the lush canopy bed and sat at the end. A box of wet wipes and your silk robe rested on top of your nearby dresser. Those were the only possessions you had in his room since there was no need for anything else. The only encounter you both shared had eroded to nothing romantic. You wiped off his white stains from your skin, shivering at the thought of his cum being on your body, before reaching for the robe and tightly wrapping it around your frame. Finally, you stood up and began to exit his bedroom. You glanced quickly at your husband before making your way to the door.
‘Disgusted’ was not the right word to describe how you felt about him. Somehow, it was stronger than that. You hurriedly enter into your own bedroom, welcomed by the fresh and familiar scent of your secluded space. Everything neatly placed to your liking instead of the pigsty you had previously been in; you would be a fool to let him enter your room and violate your belongings. Stripping out of the robe, you exchanged it for a flimsy nightgown that you wore when you were alone. You wanted to forget tonight and each moment his wrinkled hands caressed your body, but you could still feel the tingles on your skin. 
After a long day of the same routine, your body eased into your own bed. The pains of today washed away the moment you came in contact with the soft cushioning. You pulled the duvet to cover your entire body as the back of your head rested against a pillow. Sleep called you closer, but for some reason, the memories of the past year had flooded back. What an idiot you were to believe every single lie that slipped out of his mouth? The warnings had been present to you, and yet the dollar signs that floated around his name enticed you. 
Freshly graduated from university, luck had definitely been on your side when you were offered a job at a small yet successful, investment company in Seoul. Anyone in your position would accept the offer, surely it wasn’t a mistake. The pay was above average, the working conditions were humane, and it was quite easy to maneuver around the city. There were no red flags in the beginning, until the day you caught his attention: your boss and future husband, Kim Byung-Joo.
In the beginning, your interactions were certainly abnormal for a boss and employee relationship but you endured them. Soft compliments and light touches were his fortes. At your first company meeting, you can distinctly remember his lingering eyes on your body during your presentation and how he would always stick close to you wherever you were. After the meeting, he pulled you aside as your colleagues quickly exited the room.
“(Y/N), your presentation was a masterpiece.” He said while bringing his hand to your lower back causing you to tense under his touch. 
“Thank you, Mr. Kim. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” You reached behind and held unto his hand to pull it away from your body. A fake smile plastered across your face, a facade to how unhappy you truly felt. He seemed as if he wanted to continue the conversation, which were not your intentions. “I have somewhere to be tonight, hopefully we see each other tomorrow.” Before he could respond, you were already out the door, holding onto the small ounce of dignity you still had left.
There were more incidents that followed, too many for you to count, but each one held a distinct memory in your head. From the time you felt his icy stare on your exposed skin to when his fingertips lightly touched your thigh only for him to excuse it as an accident; they had all been ingrained in your thoughts. A series of back-handed compliments and strange comments about your appearance: “I’m shocked that your work actually came out good…” “That dress does your body a disservice, maybe try a shorter one next time…” Each time it happened, you swallowed your hatred and went home.
In hindsight, you should’ve reported him or at least be more upfront about your feelings towards him but that would be a treacherous task alone. Who would you report to? He was the head of the company and he definitely wouldn’t quit or take accountability. Going to the police would have been the most logical option but would you even press charges? You couldn’t afford a proper lawyer and there was no doubt that you would end up screwed over in the end.
The paycheck that satisfied your bank account was enough motivation anyways, or so you thought. You tried searching for other jobs, which was virtually impossible; no one wanted to hire a college graduate with little experience and pay her as much as you made working for him. The only option left was to save enough money until you could manage on your own for a bit before finding another job. Of course, doing so took more time and patience than you had.
Everyone in the company knew, from the janitors to the other executives working under him. Yet, no one was brave enough to address it. As if it was some unspoken secret, it gave you the suspicion that you surely weren’t his first victim. You hadn’t seen him act this way with any other employee, you were the only one. It was possible that you simply had not seen his actions with your own eyes, but the way he would ignore other women for you was surprising.
Byung-Joo was even dismissive of the women that threw themselves at him, if he could give you attention then surely he would give them the time of day. You wished for that to happen, but it never did. Whenever any other employee managed to be in the same room as you, they would scoff, roll their eyes, and walk away. Maybe it was jealousy? It was hard to find it believable that a group of young women would want to throw themselves at a man that was old enough to be their father. It wasn’t like there was much to be jealous about anyways, you would’ve gladly exchanged positions with anyone who wanted him.
It didn’t take long for things to escalate, which always happen in situations like this. Light grazes against your skin became rough fondles on your flesh. Whether other employees were in the room or not, he simply didn’t care. His arms would wrap around your body, like a serpent choking it’s prey, forcing you to be still in his arms. The mischievous smirk on his face only sickened you, almost as if he knew how compromised you were. He was well aware of how much you needed your job, and instead of treating you kindly or even ignoring you, he decided to play the cards in his favor. 
As the hours passed and the workday came to an end, you suddenly called by his secretary, a neatly dressed and shy woman. When you enter the room, the door is immediately shut as Byung-Joo ushers you to the seat in front of his desk. A few grey hairs stick out of his dyed hair and your reminded of all the actions that a man over thirty years older than you has done. He pauses in is chair before he begins to speak.
“I know this is a bit sudden but thank you for coming to my office, (Y/N).” His hands anxiously twitch together as if he has something on his mind but doesn’t quite know how to express it.
“That’s fine, but... is there a reason why I’m here?” You ask him shyly, an uneasy feeling erupted as if you had already known the answer. 
“I wanted to propose a sort of... promotion.” He cleared his throat as he waited for you to respond to his statement.
“Oh, what do you mean by propose?”
“I think the proper term would be a ‘transaction’ or an exchange… You see, it isn’t quite work-place friendly… you might find it a little inappropriate.” Byung-Joo shifts uncomfortably in his seat and as he finishes his sentence, you can tell that he’s planning something. “I’ve noticed something about you, (Y/N). You’ve had the opportunity to reject my advances multiple times, so why haven’t you?” He peered at you as you stared back at him visibly confused. You weren’t confused at his advances but mostly because you didn’t know how to answer.
“I- I don’t really know how to answer that question... actually, I think it’s time for me to leave, I have plans and-” Before you can excuse yourself from this uncomfortable encounter, he raises his hand and motions you to sit back down.
“I know you need this job, (Y/N)... so, I’ll offer you some extra tasks in exchange for... your company.”
“My company?” You subconsciously sit back down in the chair across his desk, curious about his idea. 
“Company as in meeting with each other outside of work. If you agree to meet with me, I’ll give you a promotion. A better salary, that is what you want, right?” He peered up at you intensely as he waited for your response. Thoughts clouded your mind and you processed his words. You weren’t sure about the ‘meet-ups’ he was insinuating since the only things that interested your mind was ‘promotion’ and ‘salary’.
“Of course, but... what do you want me to do?” You asked knowing fully that every possible benefit in life came with a downside.
“My wife and I haven’t been on the best terms lately.” The fact that he had a spouse, someone who he promised to take care of and wrote vows to, yet still engaged in this type of behavior with you was quite disturbing. “We haven’t been... intimate, in a long time. You, something about you is just intriguing... far different than her.” The way he spoke sounded as if he was confessing to someone he had a long crush on. “Just give me what she could never provide, that’s all. You’ll even get the same pay as one of my executives without any of the work, what do you say?”
“Alright.” Surely you hadn’t made any mistake? Agreeing to sleep with your married boss and ignoring his wife’s emotions, if only you would know the karma that would come your direction from that error.
The affair began rather smoothly, unlike what you had anticipated. His wife was nearly never home yet his house was always precisely decorated with a cozy feeling. Hours passed quickly when you were with him, something you were sincerely happy about. Every once in a while, he would always bitterly complain about her over simple things. Her cooking, her personality, and even the way that she dressed were some of the many critiques he had of her. One thing he made sure to mention was how much better you were than she was. It always surprised you how he was comfortable degrading her yet chose to marry her. Her pictures lined throughout the whole home, she looked as if she was not far from your age. Somehow, you weren’t surprised by this seeing as how you agreed to sleep with a man that was over thirty years older than you.
Dates were frequent and almost always ended in a night of love-making. Always in the same bed that his wife slept in as well, her perfumes scented her pillow and reminded you of each night you two shared. The only words that came out of his mouth were nothing but pure praises about how much better you were than her. He must’ve thought that you had actually enjoyed each time you two had sex, truthfully, you should be awarded for your acting. He was, without a doubt, the worst lover you had ever had in all the years you lived on this planet.
He was quite unattractive and the complete opposite of your type, yet each time you would bring a smile to your face and push through the night for the sake of your wallet. For some reason, Byung-Joo had always bought you gifts ranging from designer clothing and accessories to a new luxury car that glistened in your driveway. This had simply been the lifestyle you deserved, even though your body and mentality suffered in the process. It was quite clear to the two of you that the only reason you stuck around for so long was nothing but materialistic. 
Everyone in his vicinity knew about the deeds that you both committed, it was easy to tell by the stares of his neighbors whenever you were near his home. After another night, you stared up at his ceiling fan until the overhead light started to hurt your eyes. He laid silent for a few minutes as you thought to yourself, finally he spoke up.
“We’re getting a divorce.” He says bluntly and you remember not seeing a single piece of her belongings within the house when you arrived. 
“Oh... why?” You replied, not that you really cared but more so because you were curious.
“We never got along. I kicked her out of the house a few days ago, so you don’t need to worry about her anymore.” He paused again before resuming his sentence. “Why don’t we marry instead?” Maybe it was your hazy mind that stopped you from thinking clearly or you were simply not intelligent enough to express how you truly felt. 
And so, with a simple nod you had sealed your fate and the consequences that would arise sooner than you had hoped. It wouldn’t be horrible, right? If his interest in you never faded, surely you had nothing to fear. Things would be the same, the only difference was that he was now your husband. How naive you were to give your life up to a man that only cared about your body. To this day, you had no idea why he asked for your hand in marriage - maybe lonliness can drive a person to that extent.
His divorce went as swimmingly as he had hoped. The only problem was separating his ties to his reluctant ex-wife. She wouldn’t budge, too afraid that she would lose everything she worked so hard to keep. You felt pity for her even as her eyes pierced daggers into your body whenever she saw you, which was now often. She knew about the entire affair and threatened to release everything to the public in hopes that Byung-Joo’s company would collapse from such a scandal. Those threats never lasted long, his lawyers said they would sue for defamation and instead she would be the one whose life had been ruined. Eventually, she gave up her fight and you hadn’t heard anything about her since that time. The only things that you heard from other neighbors had been that she lost almost all of her assets and was near bankruptcy after the divorce finalized.
Everything had been rushed to the point where there were no other guests at the wedding, excluding a few of his friends. Your parents and other close relatives refused to come, it would be rather embarrassing for them to watch you sign away your life like this. The only person you knew that attended was your best friend, Mina, who had always been there to support you no matter what happened. People have tried to convince you, even Mina, but as stubborn as you were, you refused to listen. Even as the insults came to you, you still managed to remain firm in your decision.
In the beginning, it was rather peaceful, or so you had thought. Everything had been the same, except his former wife’s belongings had been replaced by your own. Yet, it hadn’t been long before you started to notice a few cracks in your marriage. Byung-Joo would arrive home later than normal with his clothes smelling like rosy perfume with lipstick stains on his collar. You weren’t dumb, you knew exactly what was happening since you had once been the perpetrator of infidelity as well. Maybe there was a part of you that didn’t want to believe it, for some reason you were devastated. You knew for sure that you didn’t have any romantic feelings for him, all you wanted was the lifestyle that he gave you. It was undeniable that your pride had diminished along with the respect that you had for him. Any person in your position would feel as helpless and unworthy as you did.
As the nights grew longer, his time away from you grew as well. He would return home with the sweet but nauseating scent of alcohol in his breath, stumbling into the house before collapsing on his bed. You didn’t sleep in the same bed as him anymore, it would be too much of a pain, instead you retreated to a nearby guest room every night since. The company had gone to a complete standstill and because of that, he decided to drink all his problems away. Many of your coworkers had been laid off, you were quite lucky to be saved from the chaos that ensued until he revealed that he couldn’t even afford to keep paying you.
The little funds that he managed to secure did not go towards you or even his failing company; he fueled his alcohol addiction, gambled away most of his fortunes, and spent the rest on desperate prostitutes. You were quite surprised that he hadn’t gone bankrupt but you knew that it was near. It hadn’t been long before you were erased down to nothing but a lonely housewife in a loveless marriage.
Eventually, your sex had come to a pause too, not that you minded. Once in a while would he usher you to his bedroom to do as he pleased. He found someone else, a person that was better than you, and decided to invest his money into them instead of you. This was your karma indeed, for sleeping with a married man, only to have to same exact things happen to you. You wished that you could’ve rejected his advances but it was all too late, or was it? You didn’t know, you were too distracted by the shadow of his previous wife taunting you everyday.
Tumblr media
Watching your life deteriorate before your eyes was quite painful. All the luxuries you obtained had vanished along with your happiness. Greed, you tried to take more than you could handle and lost everything in the process. It was all too good to be true anyways; Life isn’t a fairy tale and you should’ve used your senses before making idiotic decisions.
Alas, time was ticking. He was going to replace you sooner or later and you needed to find a way out on your own before you ended up like his previous wife, only God knows how bad you want to avoid that. Although he was going broke, he still had the resources to keep himself financially afloat. Everything had been in his name, you would lose every penny. The unfortunate part of that would be having to crawl back to the same people that disowned you after hearing about the marriage.
You needed to get out of the house, get some fresh air and keep yourself mentally sane, so you arranged for a meet up with Mina. You were a few minutes late when you pulled up to a local café and saw her sitting on a nearby table outside. Gingerly, you approached her as her face lit up once she saw you. She stood up from her chair and pulled your body in an embrace.
“I feel like I haven’t seen in such a long time! How have you been?” Mina said once she released you from her hold.
“Honestly, I could be better.” You sat in the seat directly across from her before continuing. “I just need to talk to someone, you’re the only person I have.”
“Tell me what’s wrong, you’re not acting like yourself…”
“First, Byung-Joo is cheating on me. Normally, I wouldn’t care but… somehow, it’s hurting my self-esteem? I’m just confused.” You slumped over in your chair and lowered your head to the ground.
“You don’t care that your husband is cheating on you?” She cocked her head to the side in confusion. “That’s a little odd.”
“Mina, you’ve seen him before. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about him.”
“Then why marry him if you never had feelings?” It was a difficult question to answer, but you needed to admit to yourself how you truly felt.
“I was stupid... Oh god, I’m screwed aren’t I? Mina, he stopped paying me after his company went bust… I literally have nothing for myself.” You buried your face into your palms, on the verge of tears.
“You caused that problem for yourself, you should’ve quit while you had the chance.” Unfortunately, the truth hurts to hear but there was no lie in her words.
“Don’t you think I tell that to myself everyday? I hope I don’t end up like his last wife… I heard that she’s homeless. Could you imagine me living like that?”
“No… I honestly can’t. It’s hard to envision you living any less than you do now.”
“Exactly, you might as well start getting ready for when I move in with you…” Although it was a half-hearted joke, it was the reality that you were starting to prepare yourself for. Mina paused for a few seconds, finally she let out a small gasp and started talking again.
“(Y/N), I have a friend… I think he can help you with your problem.” She said as you eagerly perked up.
“How can he help?”
“Well, he’s really good at... comforting women.” She cleared her throat as a light blush tinted her cheeks. When she noticed how confused you seemed, she continued her sentence. “Especially the married ones, if you know what I mean.”
“You’re really implying that I should cheat?” The light bulbs in your head finally started flickering and you understood what she meant.
“No... unless you want to. He’s about your age, looks better. He’s also a personal trainer.”
“I’m not sure if that will fix any of my problems. That’ll only make things complicated.”
“I’m sure Byung-Joo never hesitated when he was around other women. Have a little fun, loosen up. I really hate seeing you so stressed.”
“Even if I did bring your little friend over, it would look weird having another man in the house…”
“Tell him he’s your personal trainer, something believable? He probably won’t even care.”
“I’m not sure… I don’t know how this will help.” Truly, you had no idea how an affair could fix any of the problems within your marriage but regardless you were still curious.
“Just give him a chance, his name is Jungkook. He’s a really nice guy, I’m sure you guys will get along fine.” And so, you replied with the very same word that sealed your fate each time.
“Alright… I won’t be sleeping with him though.” Her face lit up after she heard your approval, it was hard to believe how genuinely excited she was.
“You won’t regret anything, (Y/N)! I’ll call him and schedule something for you two, I swear you’ll be grateful for my help in the next few days.”
You were certain that you would have some regrets over this decision, like the many other bad choices you’ve made in the past year. Some relief washed over your spirit when her fingers dialed the mysterious number, almost as if you were eager.
Tumblr media
Your fingers nervously played with the hem of your shirt as you waited for Jungkook to arrive at your home. A few days after scheduling an appointment with him, Mina mentioned that he would finally visit today and for some reason you were quite nervous. As usual, you were alone in the house. Your husband had left early for work but you were sure he was off doing other useless things. You glanced down at your outfit; a white cotton shirt with black sweatpants and sneakers.
Modesty was exactly what you were going for, despite Mina’s persuasion. Maybe you should’ve taken that offer, but entertaining another man was not on your agenda for the time being. She could be right, you had been feeling an itch for some sort of fulfillment lately. At this point, all you wanted was company, of any sort, and a hobby to keep your mind off of your situation.
A sudden ring on your doorbell broke you from your thoughts. You hurriedly walked towards the door, adjusting your clothes in the process and inhaling sharply as you unlocked it. A gust of wind escaped through the door and you were greeted by a rather tall and well-built man peering back at you. His hair had been tied in a bun and he wore a black hoodie with sweatpants, a large duffel bag hung over his shoulder. The piercing on one of his eyebrows definitely caught you off-guard; he was certainly not what you had expected.
“You’re (Y/N), right?” Jungkook asked after greeting you at the door. You stared at him, a little dazed, before responding back.
“Yes… yes, I am. Please come inside, it’s pretty chilly.” You move out of the way for him to step in before locking the door behind you. He takes a few glances around the small entrance area, in awe of the luxurious home that he’s inside.
“Mina told me some things about you, it’s nice to finally get to meet you.” He outstretches his hand and sheepishly bows his head. You grasp onto it, your body tingles in response.
“Likewise. I wish we would’ve spoke on the phone earlier, so that this didn’t feel awkward…” Your cheeks heated up as you spoke. It was embarrassingly hard to maintain eye contact with him.
“No worries, it’s fine.” For a few long seconds silence filled the whole home until you finally decided to speak.
“Well, let me show you the fitness room…” You head a few doors down a long hallway and opened a door. Inside was a few exercise machines, mats, dumbbells, and other things you thought would be necessary. “Sorry, I didn’t have enough time to prepare. I hope these will work.”
“I can work with these, it’s more than enough.” He sets his bag on the ground and faces you. “Are you ready to start?”
“Sure, I mean I don’t really do this often so you’ll have to guide me.”
“That’s alright.” He chuckled again once more before continuing. “My favorite type of exercise is cardio, the ones that are good for the heart. We can start with those and see where we go from there.” You nod along to his words, although you weren’t quite sure what he meant. “Let’s start with some basic stretches, they’ll help loosen up your muscles. Raise your right arm and lean your body to the left.”
You do as he says, lifting your arm and stretching your body across to the left side. Your eyes close once you feel your muscles pull but a light graze against your rib cage startles you. When you open your eyes, you see that he’s moved from in front of you to behind with his finger tips resting on your clothed skin.
“Just like this, but lean a little more.” His palms press against your side and adjust your positioning. He holds you in place for a few seconds before releasing his grasp and helping you repeat on the other side. “I can tell that you definitely don’t do this often.” He jokingly says as a way to break the tension within the air.
“Really? I thought you couldn’t tell...” You replied sarcastically and returned to your original position.
“Let’s try side lunges next. Bring the front half of your body down, like this...” His hands return to your waist and lower back, this time his grip is stronger as he motions you down. “Spread your legs apart and bend your left knee.” You comply while one of his hands trail to your inner thigh and lightly pull your legs apart. He’s quite tall, his figure casting a shadow over yours. His breath softly tickled the hairs on your exposed neck and caused goosebumps to erupt on your skin. “Am I making you nervous?”
“N- No, I’m fine… what makes you think that?” You snapped your head backwards to look at him, only then did you realize how close he was to your body. His chest was only a couple inches away from your back, so close that with every breath he took, you could feel the fabric of his hoodie rub against your skin. Jungkook’s lips curled into that same mesmerizing smile that pulled your soul closer to his, from this moment onward you were bewitched under his enticing spell.
“I don’t think you’ve paid attention to anything that I’m saying… you’re also trembling.” He pointed down at your shaky hands and you couldn’t help but let out a shy laugh.
“I guess I’ve been too focused on stretching…”
“I guess so too…” He backed away from your body and you could finally relax your muscles. “I’ll go over some cardio workouts we can try out together. We can start out at the basics and then move on after a few more days.”
Jungkook starts to name some exercises that you have never heard of, it’s easy to tell how engaged he is when talking about these types of things. Unfortunately for him, you were the opposite. In fact, if it wasn’t for the new abundance of male attention that you were receiving, you would’ve definitely asked Mina to cancel all of his future sessions. It was hard to explain, you weren’t interested in the activities but more so, him. You knew for sure that he was not an idiot, he also knew that you truly had no passion for anything that he was teaching you. Just like all the other women he would have as his “clients”, their only motivation to continue was because of him.
The light touches on your body were welcomed, as if he wanted to handle you with care. His fingers weren’t serpents lusting after your flesh, there was no sexual intent behind his actions. It was a change, which is why you never complained when his body came in contact with yours. This was your ‘comfort’ and proof that such a thing could exist after months of being used for someone else’s enjoyment. Slowly and gradually as the hours passed, you became more open. Only to an extent, but your new found interaction had awakened something inside of you that was lost for so long.
He was always patient with you and never felt any anger at each mistake you made. If anything was wrong, he was there to help. Whether he had to take care of other things or not, his attention always remained on you. At first, it was hard to believe — who could blame you for having doubts? — but it was quite easy to see how much care he had for you, even if you were merely a client. The self-esteem within your spirit that had been eroded by mistreatment and infidelity had begun to fill itself again and reminded you that you were still desirable and wanted by other people.
Finally, the two hours that you scheduled to have with him were up. You were barely covered in any sweat, mostly because you hadn’t tried as hard as you should’ve. Regardless, he seemed appreciative of your efforts and the change in your demeanor over such a short amount of time. He retrieved his things and headed for the front door, your feet hurriedly trailed behind him as he began to unlock it, for some reason he stopped in his tracks and turned around to face you.
“It was nice working with you… don’t be afraid to text me if you need anything, my phone is always open.” He bowed shyly to you once more after he spoke, his fingers clutched to the doorknob as if he never wanted to leave. 
“Y- Yea, I definitely will…” Your hands went behind your back and clasped tightly together while you anxiously swayed your body.
“Hopefully, we get closer over time. I’m interested in getting to know you, (Y/N)… I’ll be heading out now.” He closed the front door behind him as he exited, you checked the lock on the door and peeked outside to see him walking towards his car.
As soon as his car left from outside your home, a thumping beat in your chest wouldn’t flee. It was hard to admit, but you wanted him to stay longer with you and give you the attention that you deserved. You wanted his presence around to break you from the dull life that you were plagued with. Whether or not he was your savior, you weren’t sure, but you were almost certain that he was an escape and an experience that you wanted more of. It was a common story line; a lonely housewife being enticed by another, more youthful man. It was hard for you to understand how weak your heart was, it only took one encounter for you to miss him.
The only way to solve your separation was to invite him over more, a quick solution – or so you thought. And that was exactly what you did, words couldn’t describe how happy Mina was when she heard the news. The sort of joy that left you feeling uneasy, but you pushed those emotions down as much as you could. She is your friend, one of your only friends, there was no way that she would betray you. It was hard to even picture such a scenario happening, her loyalty had cast away any doubts. You always had her pass on messages to him, she preferred things this way and you were too shy to do so. Nonetheless, you were grateful to give him a chance, even though you were still weary. Mina always said that it was nothing to worry about but you couldn’t help being careful around people because of your history, common sense had convinced you that it was something more. It was far too late to listen to it now…
It turned from once-a-week sessions to nearly every weekday. Two hours after Byung-Joo left the home, he was always on time. Showing up at your door and ready to give you the companionship that you desperately wanted. There was never a moment when he denied you of your feelings even if it was completely unprofessional at times. When you were too upset to workout because of your marital problems, he pulled you aside, brewed you warm tea, and offered helpful advice. When your husband spent a holiday away from you to have fun with other women, he showed up to your home with a bouquet of roses and a heartfelt poem about how much of a wonderful person you were. If only the two of you met before any of this happened, how happy you would’ve been to know someone like this. There wasn’t much that you could do for the time being, the withered silver band on your ring finger held you back from doing anything you would regret later.
It was quite cute to watch how nervous he would become whenever you expressed some interest in him. Even the slightest squeeze on his bicep and he would melt right in front of you, blushing heavily and timidly avoiding eye contact. Risqué clothing was another one of your fortes; presenting yourself to him in a tight black sports bra and shorts that clung to your ass perfectly. Jungkook tried his best to be a gentleman and not stare at your supple sweaty skin, only failing a few times. It could’ve been the innocent blush across his face whenever he noticed these things, always seeming as though he wanted to return the favor but never knowing how to.
At times he would lose focus, only for you to ask him if “everything was fine?” Almost as if you were completely nonchalant about your behaviors and didn’t realize the effect that you had on him. Of course, it was all intentionally done; watching him squirm around to control any of the demons inside of him from overflowing. Jungkook’s jaws would clench tightly and his eyebrows would furrow ever so often, a clear sign that whatever you had been doing to him was frustrating, and working in your favor. To feel genuinely adored, it was an intoxicating emotion and unfortunately, just like all the other times before, you were too greedy.
After another two hours of your relentless teasing, he decided to linger around your exercise room for a few extra minutes with no intention of leaving. It was another unexpected change, he stared around the room almost as if he wanted to be in your presence a few minutes longer and you finally realized that the feelings between the two of you were now mutual. For the whole session, he refused to leave your side, even if the workouts had now become easy for you to manage on your own. It was apparent that he had some thoughts running through his mind and you wanted to know desperately about them. He watched as you drank some cold water, a single drop trickled down your chin and to your cleavage, disappearing right before his eyes. You could sense his hungry gaze on your body and without thinking clearly, you uttered unimaginable words. 
“It’s a shame that I’m married...” You said to yourself not knowing that he heard every single word that slipped out of your mouth.
“I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He mumbles under his breath, and just like him, you heard everything. At first, you were quite taken aback, but that all disappeared once you noticed how he spoke truthfully. “You’re a beautiful person, I wouldn’t want to intrude on your marriage.”
“It wouldn’t be intruding if we got to know each other…” You took a few brave steps closer to him until you were just inches away from his chest. His head lowers as if he’s in deep thought once again, divided on how he should react. A quick peek at your eyes and he wished he never looked as the most inviting gaze was cast upon his body. Finally, his hand firmly wraps around your arm and travels downwards until it reaches your fingers, he stays like this for a few seconds before responding.
“I thought you wanted to stay away from that.” The same infectious smile spread across his lips, a few strands of hair covered his eyes but showed enough for you to see him scanning over your exposed skin. Without realizing, your fingers intertwined with his own.
“Maybe I’ve changed my mind…” Suddenly, you broke your hold on his hand and exited the room, light but noticeable footsteps could be heard from behind you, not even caring that some of his things were still there. You stopped in front of your husband’s bedroom, which you tidied earlier today, and stared up at him while he still came to you as if he was a lost puppy. He knew the layout of your house pretty well, as you had given him a quick tour and access to some of your belongings yet he was unfazed when he noticed where you had stood in front of. “My two hours are up, you can leave if you want or… stay and give me some comfort…” Your body pressed against the hardwood door as you toyed with the doorknob, awaiting his answer.
“I’ll definitely stay…” Immediately after those words left his mouth, your lips collided with his as your arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders and neck to pull him close to your body. His fingers reached behind to unlock your husband’s door before raising you off the ground and taking you inside. A few seconds into the kiss, and you felt him gently place you on the bed before pulling away.
From the moment your lips met each other, you forgot about everything: the infidelity, your husband, his disappearing wealth, the possibility of divorce. It was almost like an escape from your troubling reality, a drug that you would soon be hooked on. Jungkook’s body hovered over yours briefly before you reached upwards and pulled him back towards you. His tongue licked the sweet lip gloss off your lips and begged for permission, which you happily gave. His sharp teeth sank into your moistened lips drawing blood as you winced in pain under him. His tongue excitedly explored every corner of your mouth, as he pulled away a string of saliva connected between the two of you before breaking. After some time, his lips moved from your own and traveled down to your exposed neck, peppering kissing along your soft skin. Occasionally, he would bite harshly until a metallic taste covered his tongue once again before sucking and ingraining marks on your neck. For a brief moment, you wondered how you would explain those to your husband but once you felt his wet tongue glide across an extremely sensitive part on your neck, you simply didn’t care anymore. 
His fingers hook around the straps of your sports bra before eagerly pulling the material over your shoulders and tossing it on another part of the bed. During this, he broke the kiss for a few seconds as his tattooed hands wandered around every crevice of your exposed body. Gently squeezing and massaging your mounds in his large hands before stopping at your buds and lightly rubbing them between his fingers. Your hands left his shoulders and slipped under his fleece hoodie, delicately grazing over his sides and feeling his hardened abs. A light moan escaped from your mouth as you felt his fingers toy with your chest while his free hand tugs at the waistband of your shorts and underwear until both pieces of clothing are down your legs.
He softly pulls your legs apart, the cold air causes your sensitive core to shiver. You notice him pause for a few seconds to admire the sight in front of him before leaning his head downwards. A few kisses on your inner thigh was enough to cause a soft throb deep in your glistening entrance. The pads of his fingers draw small shapes on your skin, a clear sign that he’s taking his time and teasing you tremendously in the process. His thumb moves to the hood of your clit, rubbing it in a circular motion before finally pressing his tongue against your opening and dragging it across. Your fingers immediately tangle within his hair while your hips grind against his face, you push your head deeper into your husband’s pillow. The scent of his strong cologne is coated on it, a sense of guilt should’ve spouted from your spirit but it was absent – already fulfilled by another man.
His tongue glides across your folds a few more times while his thumb increases its pace. He glances upwards to gauge your reactions and once he sees the pure bliss on your face he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. The few moans that flew out of your lips were enough motivation for him to continue. He removed his thumb from your bud, you missed the motion but became relieved when he replaced it with his mouth. His tongue lapped over your sensitive clit, catching any of your essence that threatened to seep onto the bed sheets. Savoring your taste as if he had been longing to try; you had been too hypnotized by his tongue to notice two slender fingers pressing on your opening before plunging inside.
“O- Oh, Jungkook... Fuck!” Enveloping around your pearl as his fingers explore your wetness, searching for your most delicate areas. His teeth grazed along the skin of your folds and nipped at your bud once more as sinful moans spewed from your mouth, a reminder that you would be undone soon. He was quick to take notice of your clenching walls and dripping cunt, increasing the pace of his fingers. You could feel him smile against your heat as if pride had swelled within him.
“He never did this to you, I can tell...” His fingers brushed against your spot causing your back to arch while you squirmed around under him. Toes curling and fingers desperately trying to claw at whatever lay around the bed, he was somewhat amazed at how beautifully your body reacted to him. “That’s it, just relax... come for me, baby.” Soon, a foreign wave of heat pooled towards your lower stomach from his angelic voice. One last moan escaped from your mouth, his name, while his fingers helped you ride out your orgasm. Only time can tell how long it had been since you had someone else bring you over the edge.
There was something mysteriously empowering about having another person give you something that no one else has been able to provide. That must be the allure of infidelity; receiving pleasure from someone because your lover fails to do so on their own. This was the first time, but definitely not the last time, you had ever had an orgasm on this bed. 
As your walls convulsed around him, a sticky clear substance coated them, something you hadn’t seen in a long time. Although the aftershocks still riddled your fragile body, you were still aware enough to notice him begin to peel his hoodie off his body. For a brief second, you were too enthralled by his toned biceps and spasming core to stop him. You sat up on the bed and reached out to grasp onto his arms before he could remove anymore clothing.
“N- No! Not here... not on his bed...” You weren’t sure where this sudden wave of guilt came from since you definitely hadn’t felt this way a few moments ago. Maybe you were too lost in the moment, but you couldn’t risk your husband finding out about this – not when your situation was dependent on his actions. Besides, too many bad memories and decisions had been made on this bed.
Jungkook seemed a little disappointed, perhaps thinking that you refused to continue committing sins with him. Yet his sadness diminished as he felt your arms wrap around his shoulders, instinctively his hands pulled your legs around his slim waist. He knew the layout of your home very well, even snooping around different rooms on his own merit, unbeknownst to him that you were aware of his behavior. He carried you bridal style to one of the few bathrooms that only you occupied. As your feet landed on the marble floor of your shower, you stared up at him in confusion.
“Why are we here?” You ask as he releases his hair from the tight bun and sheds off the rest of his clothing. Your eyes wander downwards on their own to his length while your face began to heat up, almost as if you’re too embarrassed to look. Only a meager glimpse, but you could tell for sure that he had surpassed any of your other partners which caught you quite off guard.
“He won’t notice anything in here... unless you want me to stop.” He paused in his tracks suddenly and awaited your response. In that space of time, you contemplated for a few seconds, was it really a crime for you to have fun on your own? Finally, you gave him a small nod before tugging him inside with you.
You turned on the shower, adjusting it a few times until warm water sprayed on your skin. With your back faced towards him his hands caressed your shoulders, trailing downwards until they reached your sides. He pulled your body towards him, having your bare skin brush against his chest, just as he had done the first day that you two met. The pads of his fingertips rubbed against you clit and spread your juices around your folds. Subconsciously, your head tilted to the side allowing him to lean down and press his lips on your wet neck. His hard member rubbed against your ass, trying to relieve himself with some friction against your skin. 
Gently, he pushed you towards the tile wall until your back arched enough for him. His hands hold your hips in place and help you sink down onto his length. More impure language spewed from your mouth as warm water trickled on your back. Nails dug into your skin causing pain to erupt in those areas, he tried his best to hold back for as long as he could. There was nothing that would stop him from enjoying this moment; truthfully, all he wanted was you all for himself, from the moment he heard Mina mention you, an indescribable emotion flared up within him.
His hips rocked against you at a tender pace, unlike anything you had been used to before, allowing you to properly experience every inch of his thick cock. Jungkook tried to fight off any temptations to completely indulge in your body and fuck you any way that he wanted, but he was quite scared to do so; maybe you would run off in fear and never want to speak to him again. After all the work he had done and all the patience he had, he couldn’t let you slip away from him. His time was running thin, he didn’t know when he would lose his restraint. Endless teasing and light-hearted jokes to each other, everything had boiled over past the point of return. His length fit perfectly into your entrance, almost as if it had been made for you specifically.
“F- Faster..!” You managed to choke out after you became too used to the soft speed. His hips immediately began to quicken as soon as he heard your command. Breathy moans from the two of you echoed throughout the large bathroom accompanied by the sound of skin colliding with each other. Steam covered the glass doors but you weren’t sure if it was the immense body heat radiating or the temperature of the water.
His fingers harshly wrapped around your fragile neck and pulled your body to his. He tilted your face backwards until you could look upwards and see his eyes peering back at you. The water cascaded down your chest and wet his long hair. A few drops ran down his face while his mouth remained agape with each moan that came out of it. His fingers tightened on your neck but for some reason you didn’t mind, your thoughts became so hazy and soon it was even hard for you to breathe in any air. Deep down, he wished that you wouldn’t touch any of the bruises he made, he wanted Byung-Joo to see them all. He wanted it to be obvious, to any passerby or anyone else that knew your business, you might’ve had your husband’s last name but he was the only one that you belonged to.
Instinctively, your eyes clenched tightly together as his hips snapped deep thrusts into you. A familiar shallow breathing filled your ears and you could tell that he was quite close. His grip became weak and he could no longer keep his head up, instead nuzzling it in the crook of your shoulder as if he wanted to rely on you. It wasn’t much, but for some reason it felt quite intimate — surrendering his body to you, just as you did to him.
One final thrust and he swiftly pulled out of you just in time, still holding you close to him, and releasing his seed over your lower back and ass. It didn’t take long for the water to wash away all of it off your body. Silently, you prayed that all of your other acts would have disappeared along with it. Just as he said, there was no way that your husband would even realize.
Jungkook stayed like this for a few minutes, desperately holding onto you as if you would leave him. There was no possibility that you would do that, the only thing you yearned for was this sort of affection. Not someone who would leave your side the moment that their own needs were fulfilled, but someone who could keep you in their arms and show you love afterwards. He ushered you to turn around and face him: his hair had been drenched, droplets of water coated his skin while chest still rose and lowered. His lustful expression was now gone, replaced by a quite relieved and elated one. You smiled up at him, wanting to say more to him but not quite knowing exactly what to say.
Suddenly, he extended his arm outwards and hovered his hand over one of your breasts. Before you could question his behavior, he pressed his hand onto your mound. At first you thought he wanted to try for another round, but it was already too late for that. Only then did you realize that his hand remained deep enough to feel the quick pace of your heartbeat. You weren’t sure why, but you were compelled to do the same; your hand reached upwards and stopped at his pectoral before resting on the muscle and feeling another heartbeat as well. The rhythmic pulse on the two of you was nearly identical or unnaturally similar to the point that it frightened you. Pull away, you wanted to retreat but you were too bewitched to do so.
The steam of the shower and the heat from your love-making fogged the mirrors and the glass. Too cloudy for you to see and too dense for you to breathe. As your hands removed from each other, the room engulfed your spirit and the contents that wanted to spill out. Something had blossomed from this moment but you wouldn’t dare find out what it was.
Tumblr media
It would be a lie for you to deny that you wanted it all to continue. You tried to keep yourself from doing such a thing but, alas, it was too difficult for you. It went on for weeks, each session would end in a round of a passionate love-making. At first it was discrete, only occurring in places where you were sure Byung-Joo would never notice, but your attempt at hiding it had disappeared along with your guilt. Even becoming daring enough to do unspeakable acts on his bed, only to change the sheets and freshen up the room to remove the sweet smell of sex. At some point, it became more obvious that you were now having an affair; from your sudden joyous behavior that replaced your usual frown, he had no clue. He would always return home with the same smell of lavender perfume and lipstick stains on his shirt, now hickies, bite marks, and bruises covered your skin and he seemed to have no care in the world. 
If anything, he seemed more upbeat than usual. One night, you overheard him on the phone with one of his executives in his office. His desk was covered in bottles of opened alcohol, some had been empty, he wasn’t drinking out of sadness but more so because he was happy. He mentioned that the company had finally began to improve again, only God knows how since he was on the brink of bankruptcy months ago. Finally after a financial drought, he managed to concur enough funds and make a few successful business deals. He spent the whole night in his office, not even bothering to share the good news with you. In fact, you had barely seen him for the past few days. Only having quiet meals together, that was the only ‘time’ spent between the two of you. If it wasn’t for Jungkook, you would’ve surely went insane by now.
After one round of intimacy, you two cuddled up together on your husbands mattress, ruining the brand new sheets that you put on earlier that day. A few minutes passed and you decided to break from his hold and exit the room, only to return later with a few drinks in your hands. Jungkook sat up in the canopy bed and admired your naked figure before taking a tulip glass and pouring himself some exotic champagne. You returned to his warm body with your own glass of the fizzy liquid and rested your head on his shoulder.
“For someone that’s had things given to them, you have a hard time being grateful...” He said as he sipped his drink, his hand rested on your head and massaged your temple.
“People with everything are never the happiest.” Your body relaxed into his own, the faint sound of his beating heart was enough to lull you to sleep. 
“So tell me, how did you even end up here? You’re young and he’s well... old.” He let out a quiet chuckle as if he was joking, but you knew better, he was genuinely curious about your history.
“I was young and dumb. I still am, actually. If it wasn’t obvious already, it’s a shitty marriage. He left his poor wife to be with me and the funny thing is now I’m in her shoes.” You could feel his body shift under yours, he was quite shocked to hear your revelation.
“You mean he’s cheating on you?”
“Yes... some bitch that I don’t know. Who cares anyways?” Untangling your arms from his body, you pulled away and sat up next to him. “I know my life is already screwed, I don’t have anyone... I gave up so many things and upset people, especially my family. They were so ashamed of me... I haven’t spoken to them since the wedding...” A years worth of tears began to cascade down your face after being held inside for so long. His arms pulled your body back to his and trapped you in a warm embrace. “They just look down on me like I’m a money-hungry bloodsucker... I never had the courage to tell anyone the truth.”
“Don’t say those things, there are people that care about you... Mina and I, we’re your friends, we would never betray you.” His thumb wiped the tears away from your cheeks. “What happened?”
“He used to be my boss and, at first it was bearable, but then he started taking advantage of me and touching me in places I never felt comfortable with. I didn’t know who to tell and I didn’t want to be fired. It was a rough time for me, I needed the money so I stayed. One night, he proposed that he would pay me more under the condition that we had relations outside of work. I didn’t think he meant much, so I agreed. I know I’m an idiot for going along with it. People don’t realize that I felt hopeless at the time and made decisions that I thought wouldn’t be any harm...”
“It’s not entirely your fault but you should’ve reported him to the authorities and quit. You can always divorce him, just leave him. Look at all the pain he’s caused. You have me, I can take care of you.”
“N- No. That’s not a good idea...” For the first time, he was able to fully reveal his feelings about you only for you to crush his confidence and reject him. Jungkook pulled away from you in disbelief and you begin to miss his touch.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m not as low as him. A relationship with you wouldn’t be healthy...” It was a harsh reality to admit but you were afraid of the complications from being in an entanglement with him. 
“Am I a bad person? One thing I know is that I’ve done more for you than he has in a year.”
“That’s not what I mean... Look, Jungkook, you’re an amazing person but I just don’t want to make things harder for me. You can understand that, right?” His face contorted in an unrecognizable look of disappointment and anger, surely one of the only times he’s ever made you feel scared.
“I thought you had self-respect but you’re no better than him. What does he have that I don’t? This whole time, you’ve just used me. You’ve used him too... I can’t help you if you won’t even help yourself.”
“You wouldn’t understand, I’m sorry. It’s best if we stop doing this. I think you should leave...”
“I was already planning on doing that.” He rose off the bed and quickly dressed himself before leaving the room, you didn’t bother showing him the exit since he already knew where to go.
It was supposed to a no-strings-attached sort of arrangement. You weren’t meant to have feelings for him and he was held under the same expectations. But why did you feel a heavy pain in your chest when he was no longer beside you? Why did you miss having his arms wrapped around your body? Those feelings only deepened when you heard his car drive away into the night, far away from where he needed to be.
Tumblr media
For the rest of the day, Jungkook’s words replayed in your mind. Maybe it was his absence that was truly impacting you, there was no other explanation for how disturbed you felt. The same routine happened again today; you made Byung-Joo breakfast, tidied the house, and found some activities to do that could fill your time until he came home. Until the past few days, Jungkook was not present and your heart felt empty, as if something had been ripped away from you. The suffocating silence within the house was enough to drive you mad but now that you didn’t have a single soul here with you, it had become much worse. Your demons of shame and guilt spread throughout your body and nearly consumed you whole; just as he said, you didn’t care about your husband at all and only the numbers in his bank account. The only thing that he was wrong about was you using him, in fact, you had now depended too much on him. Today was the day you would try to fix your problems.
The night came rather quickly, darkness covered most of the home. His dinner had been plated and left on the dining table along with your own. He unlocked the front door and was greeted by the fresh aroma of a home-cooked meal. For the first time in a while, he arrived home quite early and seemed to be in distress. He noticed you in the kitchen but didn’t greet you, instead he threw his briefcase on the ground by the door and hastily walked over to the dining table. You made his favorite dish, it was the last time he would have the pleasure of eating it. Byung-Joo sat in the chair directly across, and farthest, from you. Soon, you joined him at the table and watched as he feasted.
“Who is she?” You suddenly asked, this was the first time you and your husband had exchanged words in the past few days. To your surprise, there was no perfume scent on his clothes or lipstick stains on his clothes.
“Who are you talking about?” He stopped and stared back at you, it was easy to notice that his own demons were starting to show in him as well.
“The woman you’ve been sleeping with. Or is the better question who are they?”
“How did you find o- out?” Byung-Joo stumbled over his words as if he was drunk, but there was something definitely off. Usually if you spoke this way, he would curse at you and maybe even threaten to hit you, but now he remained still and frightened.
“I’ve known for a long time, I’m not dumb. Let me guess, you’re going to wander off and leave me for her?” He peered up at you wide-eyed and like a deer headlight, he had a secret and it was only a matter of time before it was revealed. “You look like you have something to say, you might as well tell me before I found out.”
“She’s pregnant.” He waited for you to respond but you simply had nothing to say, he decided to cheat and it was his own fault for creating another problem.
“You should gather the divorce papers and take care of your problem, I’m done.” His pleas for you to stay went unnoticed, you gathered all of your prepacked belongings and headed straight for the front door. 
You hurriedly walked towards your car before unlocking the driver’s door and climbing inside. Everything happened unexpectedly, you weren’t sure what to do. There was no cash on you meaning that you would have to sleep-over at someone’s house for the night, there was no way that you were staying anywhere near Byung-Joo’s home. There were only two options for where you could possibly go, and you were quite certain that one of those individuals wanted nothing to do with you. You pulled out your phone and began to dial Mina’s number, praying that she would answer. As soon as you heard her familiar voice on the other end you let out a sigh of relief.
“Mina, it’s me. Listen, I just told him I wanted a divorce. I walked out of his house but I have no where to go, can I stay over? Just for tonight.” You frantically said on the other end, hoping that she would have some mercy on you.
“(Y/N), I’d love to but I’m really busy right now. I have some family business to handle, I’m really sorry...” 
“Please, Mina! I already told Jungkook to leave me alone, he won’t want to see me...”
“Speaking of him, he wanted to apologize for saying those things yesterday and getting upset. He really misses you, (Y/N). I think you should give him a chance once the divorce has been finalized.”
“He told you everything that happened?”
“Yes, he did. I hope that’s not a problem for you. We’re quite close and share things with each other.” Although you wanted to ask her more questions, you did not have much time to chat with her on the phone and you desperately wanted to be far away from your husband.
“Fine, it’s alright. Just send me his address, I guess we’ll talk later.” She said her goodbyes before hanging up the phone. A few minutes later and she text you his residence along with some other details that you didn’t have time to read. 
You switched the ignition of your car on before beginning your journey to his home. Along the way, you weren’t sure how you would ask him to let you spend the night. He might have felt upset, just as Mina said, but you were ready to prepare yourself to sleep in your car if it ever came down to that. 
His neighborhood was definitely similar to your own, you pulled up into an empty parking space and parked near a small home that was supposedly his. When you looked into his home, you noticed that his car had not been parked inside his driveway. You pulled out your phone once again and dialed his number, he answered the phone surprisingly quick and greeted you.
“Hey, it’s me... Um, Mina gave me your address. I got into some problems I was wondering if I could spend the night?”
“Yea, sure... but I’m not home. I’m only a few blocks away. You’ll see me when I’m there, I need to hang up for now.” 
After a few minutes of waiting, you heard the sound of a horn in your direction. His familiar car came into view, you could recognize it from miles away since you had spotted it out of your bedroom window many times before. He pulled into his driveway and parked his car. As he stepped out of the vehicle, you noticed that he was dressed in all black, even wearing a dark face mask that covered more than half of his face. He wore his long hair down and had his hoodie on, both covering his eyes. You stepped out of your car and waved to him, an uncontrollable smile spread across your face; there you were, smiling like an idiot in front of him. As you walked closer to him, it was easier to make out his appearance.
“That’s a little odd to wear at night, you look like you’re about to steal something...” You joked to which he just laughed, in an uncomfortable manner.
“Don’t think too much about it... Let me take you inside.” He unlocked his front door and escorted you inside. His home was small, at least in comparison to your house, but still decorated quite well. It gave you a familiar, homey-feel like you had been to this place before. You hadn’t even made your way into the whole home before you realized that the whole house mirrored yours, it wasn’t perfect but it was obviously inspired by your home. He motions you to sit on the couch in his living room, almost the same color as the couch in your living room. “So, what brings you here at this hour?”
“I listened to your advice. I’m sorry for being stubborn...” Admitting your faults was harder than you imagined it to be, but still you wanted to find some closure. “I left him, just like you said. After thinking about things, I realize now that I do have feelings for you. It’s not sexual, it’s something deeper than that. It was weird, it started from the minute I saw you...” It was hard for him to hide his eager smile; of course he would be happy, this was exactly what he wanted. His hand rested on top of yours, gently caressing your soft skin.
“I wasn’t expecting that, I thought you still hated me...” The truth was that he knew you would come running back to him, even if he had to pull a few strings to get things his way. 
“I never hated you, how could I? If it wasn’t for you, I’m not exactly sure where I would be right now.”
“I’m happy to hear that... You know, now that you’re not tied to him, why don’t we try something? We can go out for drinks tomorrow and you can stay here as long as you’d like.”
“I’d love to do that but I still have to figure out some stuff first. My things are still at his place, I have to get our divorce papers ready, I might have to hire a lawyer-” 
“I don’t want you talking about him again.” His grip on your hand tightens and leaves indents on your skin, the smile he once had wavered. “He’s in the past now. Only focus on me, okay?” You simply nodded along to his request, it was odd, but you weren’t sure how else to respond to him.
His hand reached to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to his face. Jungkook leaned down and planted a kiss on your forehead before placing another kiss on your lips. Different than any of the others he’d given you, this one contained nothing but desperation and a desire for you to open yourself up to him. He deepened the kiss, roughly invading and fighting to control you whilst you submitted to every touch he brought to your body. He gently pushed your body until you rested on the couch. His hands held tightly on your wrists, forcing them above the sides of your head, only pulling away to admire your helpless body. Soon, you were too enchanted by his spell to notice any other warnings that night.
Tumblr media
A warm yet soft duvet covered your naked body as the morning light glared through his windows. You glance around the room, thinking at first it was your own room and the events of last night were all a dream, yet, something was off. The size of the room was smaller but the comforter and even the window blinds were an exact replica of your own bedroom at Byung-Joo’s home. You looked down at your body once more and each detail came flooding back. This was Jungkook’s home, so why was every single area of the room a reminder of your own? As usual, you two made love that night. Looking back at it now, you should’ve rejected his advances from the beginning. Your mind became so hazy, you couldn’t focus on anything; the only thing you could think about was him, pleasing him.
Your clothes were scattered throughout the room, every piece of clothing had been tossed on flooring that looked just like yours. You rose off of the bed and hastily put on each of the materials before opening the bedroom door. The scent of coffee and breakfast from the kitchen filled the whole living room. Jungkook sat on the couch playing a mobile game on his phone, his food rested on his coffee table alongside your own plate and a cup of coffee. The moment he heard the door shut behind you his head snapped backwards and lit up when he saw you come out of the room. He immediately came off of the couch and pulled you into a long embrace.
“You’re finally awake, I made you some breakfast.” He proudly pointed towards the coffee table expecting you to be amazed at his cooking skills but all you did was shove him away from you.
“It’s fine, I’ll pick up something to eat after I come back.” You tried to walk past him but his threatening voice stopped you in your tracks.
“Where are you going?” He reached out to hold onto your arm but you pulled away just before he could.
“I already told you, I have to go back home and speak to Byung-Joo.”
“I thought I told you not to say his name anymore.”
“Jungkook, he’s still my husband until all the paperwork is filed. I need to go back and get some things.” His irritated expression instantly began to soften, like a realization came to his mind. He took a step backwards and returned to his seat on the couch.
“You’re right. Go ahead. You did leave him a little heartbroken last night.”
“Alright... I’m leaving now.” He didn’t do much except smile smugly up at you. It caught you quite off-guard since he was always persistent in having you listen to him but he gave up quickly.
You quickly left the strange environment, a certain aura in the air left you feeling quite uneasy. As you drove back to your husband’s home, your body refused to shake that strange feeling. There was something that he knew and refused to tell you, why else would he let you leave without challenging you first? It was all too much to think about, you were already stressed about your encounter with him and didn’t want any more things to worry about. When you arrived at the large-scale property, you noticed that his car was still in the driveway. In fact, all the lights had been left on just as they had been last night.
You entered the home, tip toeing your way inside. The faint smell of your dinner still saturated the air inside. Your untouched dinner and his partially eaten meal were still in the dining room, he’s really too much of a slob to clean up his own food? Eerily quiet, the only sound you could hear was your soft footsteps against the hardwood floor. Maybe he was in his bedroom? Or busy in his study? None of those possibilities seemed logical, he always went to work around this time. He was probably drunk in the kitchen, where he stored all of his alcoholic drinks. You walked towards the direction of the kitchen until you saw a hand in your peripheral vision. You were right, he was passed out drunk again, just as he did many times and you began to walk closer to him.
The sound of wet yet thick liquid broke you from your thoughts. A glance downwards and crimson puddle was the only thing you could see. The blood trailed downwards until it reached his lifeless corpse. Your eyes widened in horror yet no sounds came from your mouth, a few more cautious steps away from his body and your stomach began to churn. A deep gaping hole had been cut through his chest, breaking right through his rib cage. His body was perfectly intact excluding the fact that he had been missing his heart. His veins had been cut through, blood still oozed out from the opening. Usually tan and vibrant skin had turned into a ghostly blue pigment, all the live was drained from his body and onto the ground.
You were frozen, unsure what to do when a sudden call broke you from your thoughts. Jungkook’s caller ID showed on your screen and you wasted no time trying to answer it. His frantic voice echoed through the speaker, he sounded as if he was somewhere outside.
“(Y/N)! You have to come quick, it’s urgent!” He said before hanging up the phone on you. You were conflicted; would you leave your already dead husband’s side or run home to Jungkook? Without much thought, you began to walk toward the exit of the door, making sure the wipe his blood off of your sneakers as you left.
Exiting his home as if nothing had ever happened and entering your car to drive back. You didn’t know why you left him there, he was already dead anyways, there was nothing for you to reep from him anymore. He was simply of no value, only to the insects that would feast on his decomposing body. As you reached Jungkook’s home again, you walked passed his car, clearly seeing the red spots on his driver’s seat. Air hitched inside your throat, you didn’t want to believe it so you kept walking. He opened the door and pulled you inside once he saw you park by his home.
There was nothing urgent about his demeanor, he seemed very relaxed once he saw you. Your eyes finally noticed a strange, barely visible red stain on his clothing. He started to speak but suddenly stopped once he noticed you staring at his attire, he looked down at the spot and a quiet menacing laugh flowed through his throat.
“Ah, you noticed… I guess I should’ve changed out of these before you came home.”
“W- What is that?” You took a few steps away from him as he watched how frightened you became.
“His blood.” He said in the most passive tone. There was no way, he had been with you the whole night until the early morning. You didn’t want to believe but it was right in front of your eyes. “I killed him this morning when you were sleeping.” You wanted to run out of the house, but it was too late. “Don’t be scared, I did it for you… he’s gone now, he won’t hurt your feelings anymore.” He tried to reach out to you but you flinched and took more small steps away from him, in fear that you were next.
“Don’t touch me, you’re fucking crazy, I’m calling the c- cops!” You fumbled through your pockets for your phone until he started speaking again.
“Your fingerprints are all over the house, you were the only other person that was with him. I won’t defend you if you call them.” Jungkook’s eyes trained on your movements, there was no point in calling the police since you were an immediate suspect. “I don’t think you ever loved him, I’m sure if you had the chance you would’ve killed him already. Some wives are willing to do that, you know? Some are cold blooded murderers.”
“No! That’s not true, I- I do care about him! I wouldn’t have killed him..!” You brazenly lied to him, you weren’t ashamed but all you could thing about doing was defending yourself as much as you could.
“Why did you leave him this morning? You came running home to me when he was bleeding out on the floor… try explaining that to the detectives. It won’t be hard to frame you.” Jungkook stretched his hand out, hoping that you would accept it. When your skin came in contact, he drew your body closer to his. “I can help you if you trust me, I can keep you safe.” He took your silence as an acceptance of his offer. “Look at this.”
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bloodied plastic bag. His fingers grasped around the object in the bag that was none other than Byung-Joo’s heart. Blood covered his hands and dripped onto the floor, some even stained your clothes. He brought the organ up to your face for you to see how disgusting it was, you nearly vomited at the metallic scent. He held it as if it was some sort of offering or even a prize; a trophy to show that he won over his conquest. For some reason, you wanted to hold it, but the little morality left in your being stopped you.
“His heart died a long time ago, along with his love for you.” He pointed to a blackened part of the flesh that already seemed to be rotting away. “It was still beating when I ripped it out.”
“Why are you showing this to me? Why did you do that?”
“He was hurting you, I didn’t know what else to do. Stress is terrible for your body.” He placed the organ in his other hand as red liquid dripped down his tattooed arm. He brought his fingers to your cheek, smearing the substance on your skin as he massaged it gently. “I can fix that, my love has always been good for your heart.”
Tumblr media
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amoc94 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
My Yandere BTS Fanfic Recommendation.
Read the warning carefully. As with any yandere story, expect some gore or non consensual / dubious consensual sex in some of them.
Everything here has plot, I'm not a fan of PWP, scenarios, text message stories, or reactions.
I don't favor incest either, so I won't recommend it here. (Pseudo-incest is okay.)
For non yandere recommendation, check full Navi here.
1. Allurement , Yandere Namjoon. Series of Drabbles, Slick and deceptive yandere CEO Namjoon.
2. Beloved, long oneshot. Yandere King Min Yoongi - My all time favorite, if you like asian historical dark romance, you'll love this.
3. Excitus Acta Probat, oneshot. Soft Yandere, Mafia Yoongi, feat. OT7.
4. The Tarot Series, A Collection of yandere oneshots based on Tarot Card.
5. Charming, oneshot. Cinderella AU, obsessive Prince Park Jimin. This is very beautiful the way the author describe the scenes and everything.
6. Ultimatum, miniseries. Yandere Sugar Daddy Taehyung, feat. Jimin.
7. Case Closed, miniseries. Yandere Detective Namjoon.
8. Boys Don't Cry, miniseries. Yandere husband Yoongi, feat. Hoseok.
9. Beastly Gods, oneshot. Yandere hybrid Taehyung, feat OT7.
10. Level of Restraint, long oneshot. Office AU, Yandere Jimin and Namjoon. BDSM undertone.
11. Something Wicked, series. Yandere CEO Seokjin.
12. Let The Villain Win, oneshot. Yandere thriller writer Namjoon.
13. Baby Mine, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi with OC.
14. Poison Apple, mini series. Yandere Taehyung feat. Yoongi. This is not for the faint heart. Proceed with caution. Hard non con.
15. A Dangerous Game, Yandere Mob boss Namjoon x reader. Long series, there is sequel. Hard non con in one of the chapters.
16. Bloodline, oneshot. Yandere Jimin feat. Taehyung.
17. Money Shot, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi, bank clerk reader.
18. The Devil's Patience, oneshot. Yandere sugar daddy / CEO Taehyung.
19. Solar Eclipse, long oneshot. Yandere Hoseok, time travel / after life AU.
20. The Stranger, long oneshot. Yandere Doctor Seokjin.
21. Persephone, long oneshot. Yandere mafia leader Namjoon.
22. Bad Guy, ongoing series. Mafia boss Seokjin. This one is not really yandere, per se, but the way Seokjin loves the MC is quite you know...obsessive.
23. Addiction, long oneshot, yandere student Jungkook x reader. He was insanely lusting over you and just how much he was willing to pay for it?
24. See No Evil, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Namjoon.
25. Nightcall, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung, mafia au.
26. Lovesick, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung is your sister's ex-boyfriend.
27. Trigger Happy, oneshot. Yandere mob Jungkook, undercover agent reader.
28. Visitation of a Lover, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Jin.
29. Until I Saw You, oneshot. Yandere mob Namjoon.
30. Fucked Up, yandere OT7. Polyamorous - Idol AU. This is actually a series, look in the author's masterlist. The full version is in author's AO3. (Beware tho, the long version is just like the title says, pretty fucked up, lol.)
31. Choices, oneshot. Yandere kingpin Namjoon.
32. Illicit Photography, series with a sequel. Soft yandere Jungkook with reader as his teacher.
33. Promise, long oneshot. Yandere boyfriend Jimin.
34. Break My Mind's Eye, series. Jungkook as mob boss x fashion designer OC, yandere undertone.
35. Every Breath You Take , oneshot. Stalker Jungkook x reader, feat. Namjoon & Hoseok.
36. Butterfly, oneshot. Your stepson, Yoongi, fucks you in the kitchen while your husband eats breakfast. 
37. Actually, The Devil Wears Gucci, oneshot. Wicked CEO Taehyung with assistant reader.
38. Positive, quite long oneshot. Yandere richman Yoongi, waitress reader is pregnant.
39. Forbidden Fruit, long oneshot. Jhope as mafia member, reader has inability to feel fear.
40. Predator, oneshot. Vampire Jungkook stalked on reader. I felt goosebumps reading this, nothing too gory tho.
41. Brother Knows Best, ongoing short story. Yandere Jungkook, reader is his step sister.
42. Tea For Two, oneshot. Yandere Prince Namjoon x reader, arranged marriage AU.
43. Isolation, short oneshot. Idol AU. Yoongi x reader.
44. Falling for A Lounge Singer, oneshot. Yandere mafia Taehyung, reader is a singer.
45. Black Swan, long one shot. Swan Prince Jimin x reader as a Princess. I'm not usually fond of story about faeries, this one is an exception. Hard to describe this, along with the hair that stood on my nape and that tingling feeling of fear and excitement while reading this. A truly masterpiece.
46. Allegiance, oneshot. King Jungkook x farmer's daughter reader. Almost all stories from this author left me spellbound. She is one talented writer.
47. Killjoy, long oneshot. Jungkook kidnaps you, after stalked on you for quite a while. Keyword here: plot twist. Kkkkkk
48. Making of A Lover, yandere Jungkook with his assistant reader. It's short but darkly entertaining.
49. Expectation x Reality, oneshot. Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader. Some hard dub con. With plot twist. 🤭
50. Delphinium, long oneshot, King Taehyung x queen reader. Soft yandere, angst. Beautiful with, ... again, plot twist.😈
51. In The Pain Of The Roses, long one shot, yandere king Yoongi x princess reader. Beautiful, poetic narrative. Read the tag warning, because it's really dark.
52. Anti Hero, long oneshot, yandere Yoongi x idol reader. Not many yandere story in idol universe, this one is not only one of the few, but also oh so so good.
53. Broken, oneshot. Seokjin x reader. Some dub con borderline to non con. Proceed with caution, because it's quite dark. I read this like a year ago, but everytime I read it again, it never failed to give me a shiver. It's on AO3.
54. Infatuation, series of one-shots. Light reading, darkly entertaining. Always fun to reread. It's on AO3.
55. Cardio, long oneshot. Personal trainer Jungkook x rich wife reader. Infidelity, angst, thriller. Very well written.
56. War Lords, miniseries. Namjoon x Detective reader x Hoseok, both men were crime lords. At first I'm not sure whether to put this story under yandere list, since the MC wasn't exactly forced to be with them. But the element of manipulation and mind games, dubious consensual and heavy bdsm sex scenes had me to put it under yandere instead. Heavy angst, very well written. Totally NSFW! You probably soak your panties in front of your colleagues or classmates if you do read it during work.🤣
57. Deviant Affairs, long one-shot. Jimin was your stepbrother who was crazy in love with you.
58. Motive, long one shot. College AU. Jungkook x reader x another girl. Angst, thriller, love triangle. It's hard to describe the complicated feeling when you read this other than it will keep you on edge dragged by your curiosity before 💣💣 boom! There it go, the plot twist.😂
59. Still With You, one-shot. King Jungkook x servant reader. Soft yandere (for me), nothing much in the tag warning, but very enjoyable.
60. The Mansion, long one-shot. Jimin x another man's wife reader. Very good, give you those old house horror scenes vibe.
61. Énouement, long one-shot. Doctor Taehyung x trophy wife reader. It's a part of interconnected stories with other members. Look at the author's masterlist. This is the one that I like the most.
62. Polarity, yandere Jungkook x reader. Infidelity around bestfriend relationship entangled with twisted obsession. It's really good!♥️
63. Throne of A Sinner, King Jungkook x servant reader, long one shot, open ending. Not sure if there will be continuation. Poetic narrative, quite intense and chilling. Read the warning, very descriptive non consensual sex scene.
I'll reblog everytime two new fics are up.
64. Knight in Bloody Armor, club owner Hoseok x reader. Ongoing series. Very well written and chilling. It's on AO3, and you need to log in to be able to read it.
These are all the ones that, you know, really give me some impression, goosebumps etc.
Very good.
Tumblr media
@sweetwolfcupcake @bang-tan-bitches @flowesona @bangtans-apollo @lemonjoonah @chaoticpuff17 @jooniyah @taequois @deepdarkdelights @sweetbunnykook @cosmostae @worldwidemochiguy @jingabitch @conversehigh1203 @jkeuphoriadreamland @flowerwrites06 @junqkook @yandere-society @smileyoongle @nomnomsik @persephoneyss @chummywchimmy @kaiseuphoria @avveh @ddaenqu @lovetalkhendery @chinkbihh @jessikahathaway @darkestcorners @99liners @yanderebts @jkooby
Let me know if I mistyped the tag list on author's name.
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sluttyandere · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings. yandere!yoongi x f!reader
synopsis. the evening comes quickly and you’re asleep on your bed. your room, dark with just the dim shine of the moon, hears your faint breaths and the occasional twists of your blanket. there’s a sound outside, a thud or two, and a faint creak. then, slowly… very, very slowly… your window begins to lift. 
genre. next door neighbor au. age gap (oc is 20, yoongi is 28). virgin!reader. suspense.
word count. 7.2k
warnings. smut (fingering/foreplay, m masterbation). noncon kissing and touching (oc is asleep). somnophilia. soft dom!yoongi. inexperienced!reader. physical abuse (mother slaps oc multiple times). emotional abuse. over-controlling parenting. toxic household. manipulation. murder. blood. gore. obsessive behavior. delusional behavior. allusion to kidnapping. yoongi smokes. he also puts out the cigarette with his tongue so that’s cool. he also has tattoos so that’s hot. but he’s also lowkey creepy so… anyways, enjoy!
Tumblr media
first greetings were always hard for you. your overprotective mother didn’t enjoy it when you met new people, always fearing that they’d have a bad influence on you. she didn’t know that you weren’t going on a short walk like you said; she didn’t know that you were too curious about your new neighbor next door. 
he stands on his porch, phone in hand and cigarette in the other. its end touches his lips as he scrolls through his feed, and the smoke that he exhales fascinates you almost as much as the tattoos on his arms, the simple white t-shirt and black jean outfit he bears, and the silver peace sign necklace on his neck. there are a few shiny earrings that dangle from his pierced ears. all the houses on this street look relatively the same; medium-sized and conservative; but the mysterious man’s presence makes his place seem so far apart. mother didn’t like that. unlike you, she didn’t stare at him with awe when the two of you first saw him carrying boxes into his house; instead, she scoffed and made you promise to never get near him, as he looked ‘dangerous’ in her eyes. she has taught you to listen and never talk back, she’s trained you to be content with the lonely life you have with her, but she hasn’t gotten rid of that inquisitive nature of yours.
you peer at him behind a thick tree. your mind tells yourself that the next hesitant step forward is a true one, that you should say hello without a second thought, but you can’t, not when first greetings are so hard for you. 
but your nervous feet cause a rustle in the autumn leaves below you, loud enough for your neighbor to hear. he looks your way. 
like a squirrel in hiding, you swiftly move to conceal yourself with the trunk. an anxious gulp is forced down your throat and you think about running back to the safety of your house, but the man talks before you can begin a sprint. 
“hey, don’t be scared.”
his voice is deep; makes your breath catch in your throat as you stare at the brown bark before you. you don’t mean to be rude by not saying anything back, but your neighbor doesn’t seem to mind. 
“you can come out,” he says with a comforting tone, “you want to meet me, no?”
after a second of silence, you lean to reveal half of your face. he smiles at you while you step from the tree and stand awkwardly. “hey,” it’s the second time he says it. it’s the greeting that expects an answer. 
“... hi.” your words are small, your head is turned down, and your fingers fiddle with the bottom hem of your romper. from the corner of your eye, you catch him beckoning you to come with a motion of his cigarette hand. the ashes fall from the stick to the wooden ground before you slowly walk up to him. 
by the time you’re at the stairs of his porch, his phone is in his back pocket and he props his arms on its railing. “what’s your name?” he asks, earning your first title in response. he hums with the stick to his mouth and a gaze flickering a quick up and down your body. “and how old are you?” 
another satisfied hum, another puff of smoke. 
you’re not sure if you should ask him the same, but your curiosity reminds your of why you came here in the first place. “wh.. what about you?” 
“yoongi. min yoongi. i’m twenty-eight.” 
his age takes you by surprise. he looks nothing close to that; looks as if he’s nearing twenty-five with his flawless skin, pretty pink lips, casually done hair. that slightly broad chest, those veiny hands, the rings on his fingers. he’s so attractive, and you stare without realizing that you’re checking him out. you let out an “oh” that trails off.
amusement traces his pupils as he parrots in a question, “oh?”
“oh, um.. you just seem younger than i thought…” 
his laugh is soft, boyish, makes you feel flustered, makes you look anywhere other than his smile and you decide to land on the art on his arm. there’s a snake around his bicep, poems of words, a flower or two, and so much more, a few that trail up under his sleeve; they’re all so beautiful, so mesmerizing. your neighbor notices your stare at his inked arm, “you want a closer look?”
a curt nod is given at the invitation. you walk up the stairs and round the pillar between the two of you, meeting eyes with him one more time as he watches you get closer. he’s turned around now, leaning back on the wood and smiling to himself when you widen your eyes in wonder at the extension of his limb. he puts the nicotine stick in between his middle and ring as he points to an intricate dagger on his forearm, “this one, inspired by a song i wrote with some friends.” his finger moves to the interestingly-fonted 28, “got this one on my birthday earlier this year.”
he shrugs. “just felt like it.” you’re impressed by the impulsiveness he recounts. “this,” he continues to the brown colored dog, “is holly. the most precious thing in the world.” he sees you smile at the puppy as if it’s barking to you. he asks, “you like that one the most?”
“.. it’s cute, but..” your pointer finger aims at a black spider crawling on a heart-shaped web. “i like that one a lot.” 
the action has yoongi’s eyes twinkling with subtle delight. “yeah?” he says, “it’s my favorite, too.” 
you watch him take a drag and he watches you back, smoke escaping his nostrils when he breathes out. the scent of the cigarette is foreign to you; it’s strong enough to cause a sudden cough. but you don’t hate it, you don’t hate it enough to leave, and he smirks at the thought. “ever thought about getting tattoos?” 
you’ve always wanted one of your own, believing that they were so cool and so grown; of course, you never mentioned the idea to your mother. “oh..” your eyes drift to your house adjacent to his, “my mom wouldn’t like that…”
“hmm… she makes decisions for you?” 
embarrassment heats at your neck before you defend yourself. “that’s just one of her rules if i’m under her roof.” one of her many, many rules; no tattoos, no driving, no finding a job, etc, etc. 
“ever thought about moving out?”
“... i have, i just… i can’t...” your head hangs low as you stare at your sneakers, unsure as to why you’re giving this much information to a stranger. maybe it’s because you’ve had no one else to tell, no one else to possibly comfort you. “she doesn’t want me to. she’s not gonna let me.”
it’s quiet, save for the breeze that passes and plays with your hair. yoongi kills the spark in his stick by pressing its end to an ashtray and dropping it in the pan. the regret of spilling too much comes quick to settle in your stomach, especially when the frown on his face is evident as he lazily pushes himself off the rail and walks to his door. but before you can stumble down the stairs with frustration towards yourself and your running mouth, he speaks. “you wanna come in?” you stare at his hand on the handle, then to his standing figure, confusion on your rather blank face. “i got some songs i want to show you. maybe it'll make you feel better.” the trace of hope in his words is evident and has you taking a few hesitant steps toward the opening door. you look at him warily, and yoongi reassures you with a light hand on your back (the seemingly-insignificant action makes your face feel hot, makes your skin prickle with fluster). “don’t worry,” he says.
you don’t even have the time to cease your worry. your name is screeched behind you like an alarm. you and your neighbor turn to see a clearly distressed woman stomping your way, who grabs your wrist and yanks you back. “what do you think you’re doing?!” she says, yelling an octave too high and an interval too loud, “i told you not to—” 
her words are put to a halt and a glare is sent to yoongi. he has his hands in his pockets and a tongue to his cheek. huffing, she drags you down the stairs, down the path home. 
the opportunity for goodbyes is slain. you can only wave farewell to your new neighbor, who raises a hand in return. he watches with lidded eyes as you follow your mother, hand still bound to hers and feet still tripping on the pavement, until you disappear behind your front door that shuts with a slam.
Tumblr media
the first slap hits hard. your face swings to the side, cheek stinging and eyes unconsciously tearing up at the impact. the both of you are at the entry of your mother’s house. the shoe rack next to your ankles hold her heels, her boots, her sandals; your only sneakers are on your feet and you stare down at them. 
“that one’s for going against my words,” she says before delivering the second strike. it hurts more, making you shoot your palm to your face to soothe the pain. “and that one’s for lying to me. do you have any idea how worried i was when i checked your location?” 
you bite your lip down. the protests beg to come out from your mouth, but you know better than to resist the lecture. 
“i can’t believe you were with him when i specifically told you not to get near him. you could have gotten hurt! i’ve been raising you myself all these years and you continue to disrespect me?!” she waits for you to speak, only to command you on what to say. “what do you have to say for yourself?”
“... i’m sorry…”
an exhausted sigh falls from her and she puts her shoes up. “go to your room. i’ll call you when dinner’s almost ready,” she orders you as if you’re a child, “and you’re not allowed to leave the house until you understand your privilege.” 
with that, she heads to the kitchen. the sounds of a stove turning on and dishes being moved is enough to hide your steps. you don’t bother turning on the lights as you make your way upstairs, towards the furthest room at the end of the hall. you hold the knob of your door and push, then close it behind you before you trudge to the bed. 
your hand smoothes over the rails of its frame and moves to the mattress as you flop down, face first with a chest pressed to the sheets. turning over on your back, you reach your fingers for the lamp on your wooden nightstand. your room now illuminates with a dim glow. the porcelain figure on your very full bookshelf shines white. it’s a woman holding a baby, and she looks at her child with a loving smile. 
no matter how bitter your heart is, no matter how long ago your mother gifted this to you, there was never enough grit in you to throw it away. 
you slide off your bed and head to the window to open the blinds. the sun is setting behind the houses across the street and the leaves on the trees gently sway to the music of the wind. surprisingly, yoongi’s still outside, squatting down and petting a stray cat in his front yard. you don’t realize you’re watching until he catches sight of you, tilting his head up and standing. 
again, you hide, hastily lowering yourself under the glass. but you don’t need his convincing to show yourself this time, rising up to see him wave. you give a shy wave back. 
a casual smile traces his lips. his downward fingers illustrate a twisting action, as if he’s unscrewing something invisible, then his hand motions up with a palm facing the sky. your eyes blink before they move to the latch at the bottom of the aperture. 
unlock your window.
you look at him once more as the pad of your thumb ghosts over the lock. the caution in your gut is pushed aside when you begin to turn it, but your courage is disrupted. 
your mother calls your name, voice and steps becoming louder as she approaches your room from the hallway. “come down and help set up the table,” she says. the knob of your door begins to turn and you stand abruptly. 
without a wave goodbye, you close the blinds before the entrance is open. 
Tumblr media
the evening comes quickly and you’re asleep on your bed. your room, dark with just the dim shine of the moon, hears your faint breaths and the occasional twists of your blanket.
there’s a sound outside, a thud or two, and a faint creak. 
then, slowly… very, very slowly… your window begins to lift. 
it’s stopped by the lock, and the silence that follows is loud. 
there’s nothing else for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
on the days like these, when your mother goes to the office, you usually spend your isolated time reading, cleaning, doing anything to ignore the sluggish clock. today, you spend it watching your new neighbor. you haven’t been able to do so for the past few days because of the rain; the heavy rain that splattered onto the floor under your neighbor’s porch cover, the booming thunder that had you keeping the shutters closed tight, the violent weather that had your mother staying home and pushing back work. but today, there’s just a couple grey clouds covering the hanging sun in the sky. yoongi’s on his porch again, cigarette in between his fingers as he takes a drag. you sit at your window and peer through the glass. although it’s been some time since you’ve last seen him, you remember each of his features and every ridge of his face. he has on a sage jacket, green shirt, and washed jeans. he has his earrings and peace necklace on, too. they always seem to be on.
catching sight of you peeping at him , he steps down his stairs and waves. 
you glance at your bedroom door and at the porcelain on the shelf despite your mother’s absence. then, you unlock your window and slide it open. the breath of outside air is refreshing, vivifying, nothing like the atmosphere of your prison. but even when being stuck inside isn’t much fun, it's not enough to make you regret meeting yoongi. the quick beat of your heart upon the sight of his smile tells you so. you try to give a smile back, though it’s tight-lipped and awkward. “hello,” you call, because you don’t know what else to say. 
“hey,” he brings the stick to his mouth and walks closer, “under house arrest?”
“i guess you can call it that.”
smoke flows out of his frown. “sorry, didn’t think my invitation would have gotten you in this much trouble. i should’ve been more aware.”
“oh, no, don’t be sorry… it was my fault. i shouldn’t have been nosy…”
he’s in your front yard now, standing in the grass with his head tilted up to you. “nothing wrong with being curious,” he smirks. “besides, i’m pretty curious about you, too.” yoongi peeks behind him when the sky rumbles warningly; he doesn't see how shy you get at his words. he turns back. “guessing that i can’t get your number?” a slightly disappointed click of his tongue paired with a shrug is heard when you shake your head. your mother goes through your device every day, scrolling through the history and making sure the only contacts are hers. “that’s okay. until you can come out again, i’ll keep you company just like this.”
you nod timidly before the clouds grumble again. “thank you, mr. yoongi… i think you should head back. it’s starting to rain.” your fingers clutch the edges of the panels when the drizzle starts. “goodbye, for now.” 
he grins back, ignoring the drops of rainfall putting out his cigarette. the warmth of his smile is almost enough to set it ablaze once more. “yoongi is fine. see you soon.” 
even after you close the window to avoid the incoming storm, he stands there, staring at your room, letting the water wet his hair and his silver necklace. 
Tumblr media
every time you would open the window and signal that your mother has left for work, your (not so new anymore) neighbor would stroll over to your front yard for conversation. standing or sitting on the ground with a cigarette in his hand, he’d ask you about your day, and you’d ask about his. that soothing voice of his always comforted you. you’d sometimes hear the meow of the stray cat he’d bring over, or the melody of his laugh that made you giggle in response. 
the freeze is enough to numb your senses. snow started falling last week, and the degrees on the thermometer have been declining ever since. yoongi shows up with a beanie and thicker clothes, but despite his promise of saying he’s warm, it’s not enough to keep him from shivering. and now that your mother’s on break, using her free time to check on you throughout the mornings and afternoons, the two of you are forced to have your interactions when it’s coldest: night.
heavy snowflakes descend from the sky as you say, “yoongi, please go inside, you’ll get s-sick!” you try not to be too loud in fear of waking up your guardian, but you can’t stop the noisy chatter of your teeth when a gust of wind blows through your open window. 
the orange hue of the stick end brightens in his inhale. it’s in his mouth, as he has both hands stuck in the pockets of his jacket. “don’t worry, i won’t. i got this with me.” he pulls out his lighter and flicks it to create a tiny, tiny fire. “i came prepared.”
you want to cackle at his stupid joke, but you stifle your laugh with a hand to your mouth. a yawn unintentionally files through your lips; you still haven’t gotten used to the new schedule. “no, yoongi, i’m serious… we can see each other next monday. my mom is going back to work by that time.” a few days of waiting for the weather to get better should be bearable; after all, unlike you, he’s free to do what he desires. but the pout on his face tells you otherwise.
“... but i wanted to see you today,” he says, “you did too, right?”
mother nature interrupts your response by bringing in a harsh rush of air that almost tips yoongi to the floor. he sinks his foot further into the thick snow for balance. when he looks back up, you bite your lip in thought with a finger feeling the ridge of the framework. your neighbor is a stranger no more, and seeing him in this state because of his willpower to keep you company has you calling out, “y-yoongi… you can come up to my room.”
his eyes widen. “really?”
after earning a firm nod, he gives a big, toothy grin and hikes to the wall of your house. 
then, without wasting a second, he climbs. 
his feet find security on certain bricks as he grabs onto wooden pieces jutting out. his movements, agile like a cat, take him up to where you are with ease. you tell him to be careful, but it seems that he doesn’t need your reminder. soon, he’s gripping the shelf of the frame, letting out a smoky breath, and hoisting himself up. you stand to take a couple steps back, allowing for him to enter. the window is closed, the blows of cruel air are stopped, and yoongi turns to face you. 
it’s the first time anyone other than your mother has been to your room, yet you don’t voice the realization. you don’t really need to, because it’s written in the way you stand stiff and gulp. “hi,” you breathe out.
he smiles, gaze flickering down to your large t-shirt and pajama shorts. “hey again— oh,” he takes the cigarette out his mouth and turns the burning end to his tongue sticking out. it pokes against the muscle a few times before twisting onto his taste buds, killing the sparks and letting him stuff the stick into the pockets of his jeans. an amused snicker files through his nose when he meets your shocked eyes bulging out. “sorry, thought it was the quickest way to put it out.”
“does it… does it hurt?”
he shrugs. “only stings a little after years of doing it.” his brows scrunch as he shakes his head. “tastes bad, though.” 
your reaction to his stunt isn’t of disgust, but rather of intrigue. if anything, you’re severely impressed by his experience. yoongi seems to know so much, and a fleeting thought of yours wonders the level of his expertise in other areas. despite your awe, you yawn, mouth opening wide and exposing the back of your throat.
he guides you to your bed by the hand, asking, “tired?”
nodding groggily, you sit on the mattress and sense the guilt settling in your stomach. “i’m sorry. i didn’t think i would be so sleepy now because i took a nap earlier today… i...” you glance at the porcelain on your shelf, thinking of your mother and her rules. if you asked her one more time, would she allow you some freedom? “i wish we could do this freely. out in the open.”
“don’t be sorry. being here with you is enough for me.” he helps you get under the thick blankets and fluff up your pillow. then, he stares at your eyes struggling to stop themselves from fluttering shut. “thank you for letting me in.”
sleep overtakes you before you can acknowledge his gratitude. he doesn’t seem to mind, though, pulling his hand up to your head to gently brush your hair. 
yoongi passes the next hour by walking around your cozy room. the furniture looks to be used for a decade or so, bearing some scratches and scribbles on their white surfaces. your bookshelf towers over him, its books neatly organized into sections by genre, and your desk has a journal on it. he opens it without hesitation, smiling when he sees some doodles of butterflies. a couple of photo frames on the wall catch his eye; some are of you as a child, others are of you in your teenage years. as you grow older in each picture, your grin fades more and more.
he turns his head to your slumbering state. you’re in deep sleep, little snores filing out your nose and cheek pressed against the cushioning. he comes back up to the side of the bed with lidded eyes boring into the image of your unconscious body. he sits on the mattress once more, his fingers tentatively fiddling with the blanket before he carefully lifts it up. after lingering his gaze on your legs, he watches your expression and reaches under to touch your thighs.
you make no significant reaction, just a tiny hum is heard, and he slides his hand up the skin until it arrives at your shorts. he palms your ass and gives a small squeeze, then, he moves to cup between your legs. the shiver that circulates in you makes his erection stir. 
the material of your shorts are thin, but your panties are thinner. his fingers can trace your untouched pussy through both articles of clothing and he unzips himself at the feeling. when he leans his face into the crook of your neck, your scent makes his cock harden more. his free hand fists up and down his length, movements desperate, but his breath remains calm and silent. waking you up like this, with his fingers at your intimate parts, with his other ones at his exposed cock, is undesirable. 
but what if you awaken, and yoongi is forced to fuck you now that he’s gone this far?
his slightly burned tongue licks your neck as he quickens his jerk, still touching you dirtily with more strokes of your clit. you unconsciously squirm, body sending a message and mind somewhere else. your thighs tighten around his hold as he massages you harder. it’s almost inaudible, but the moan you give him makes him come. “shhit!” he whispers, brows scrunching and fist tugging until his jeans are coated with white. some of his arousal got on the floor, but he’ll clean that once his breathing evens out. for now, he’s busy calming from his high while watching your dreaming expression. 
he kisses you, softly, his eyes closing and his lips connecting with yours. 
your first kiss, taken by your neighbor as you sleep. 
he moves his mouth to peck your forehead. “goodnight,” he murmurs.
by the time you wake, there’s no yoongi; there’s no neighbor. there’s only the window that isn’t closed all the way, a jacket rests on top of your blanket for extra warmth, and the smell of nicotine mixed with his cologne.
Tumblr media
the snow has melted and spring has come faster than you’d expected. time flies when you’re with the ones you cherish, and yoongi made that statement seem so real. even when the sunny weather is perfect for him to stand outside your window like he did before, you’d often find him lounging on your bed with one of your chapter books open in his hand, or him flipping through your doodle journal before snickering when you abashedly snatched it from his grasps. you don’t remember the last time you stuttered in front of him, nor the last time you hid from his gaze as he watched you talk under the light of the moon from the glass opening. the only instance where you turned your back to him was when he drew that beautiful butterfly on your nape using a permanent marker. 
you touch the pseudo tattoo as you sit at dinner, a plate full of food before you and your mother eating her own meal across the table. you inhale, then speak. “m-mom?”
she takes a bite. “yes?”
you want to do the same, but knowing that it’s hard to swallow your own saliva, you decide to keep nothing in your mouth, even your words. “i… i would like to have more freedom.”
the silverware in your mother’s hands is dropped to the floor, clattering against the ground as she says, “i heard you wrong, could you repeat what you said?” 
your mother never hears anything wrong with her sharp ears; she only uses that phrase as a warning. but despite the truth, you tell her, “i would like for you to grant me more freedom… please.” 
the belated act of politeness isn’t enough to stop the anger from rising to her face. “you have enough freedom. i allow you to roam around the neighborhood and-”
“that’s all you let me do! i’m already twenty, i’m an adult!” your breath is heavy and so is your gut when she shoots up from her chair, but you continue: “i feel trapped, i can’t experience life when you treat me like this! please, mom, just let me-”
this is the hardest she’s ever hit you, and you stumble to the ground at the impact.
“you deserve a hundred slaps for talking back to me,” she seethes with a hand raised high, “this is because of that man, isn’t it?! he’s the one influencing you, isn’t he?!”
“this is outrageous, he’s despicable! if the police don’t force him to move, we’re moving ourselves.”
“no! please, mom! don’t make us—”
the blows don't stop, no matter how much you plead, for your mother believes you as a disrespectful child who needs to learn her lesson. 
Tumblr media
when yoongi comes through the window during the late evening, he isn’t greeted by the smile you usually present. instead, he’s met with the sight of your body curled up on the bed, racking with sobs that are near silent. his grin is dropped immediately and he hastily shuts the the opening before dashing to your side. “what’s wrong?” he asks. 
the answer doesn’t come in sentences, but in the form of you holding up your arms to let him see the sight of your battered skin. your eyes are puffy from neverending tears and the color of your cheeks are darker than ever. his jaw tightens with rage as he mutters, “that bitch…” 
damn that impulsive nature of his, forcing him to swivel to the direction of the door. but before he can stride and do whatever his anger compels him to do, your hand snatches his sleeve.
“p-please!” you hiccup, “please… please stay…”
his expression softens and he sits next to you, petting your head with a mellow stroke. you lean into the motion like a whimpering puppy. “okay,” he says, quietly, as his lips lower to your arm, “i’ll stay.” pecks are put on the pelts, moving up to your sensitive cheeks. “i’ll stay with you.”
you’ve never had someone be this close to you; never had their nose touching yours nor their lips brushing against your cupid's bow. you’ve never had anyone made your tears dry this fast; never had your eyes closed as you ready yourself for something intimate to happen. yoongi takes the honor of ridding your inexperience by connecting the kiss. 
it feels weird at first. you try not to be so amateur with your lips as he hums against your mouth, but you can’t help the small yelp when he darts his tongue out to swipe against your bottom lip. “open up,” he says in a low voice. you let him kiss you deeper while he moves himself onto you, his forearms by the sides of your head and his knees by the sides of your hips. one of his hands holds your face when he pulls back. you gasp and pant, earning a smirk from him. his thumb touches your wet lips and he stares at them. 
“can i make you feel good?”
“... wh-what?”
he lowers to kiss your jaw, then your neck, to which he swirls his tongue on your skin and suckles with a pop. your jittery hands clutch his shoulders as you squirm. “i can make you feel good, here,” he continues when your breath hitches at the sensation of your pussy being held, “can i do that?” you grind against his palm, shivering at the feeling until he says, “answer me.”
“y-yes,” you gasp out, “yes, please, yoongi, please.” you’ve never felt so lustful before, as your mother would constantly reminding you how horrible it is to feel sexual tendencies, and you listened until some fantasies of yoongi would appear in your dreams late at night. for a second, you wonder if you’re dreaming about this, too, until the sudden coolness that hits your secret garden when he pulls down both your shorts and panties confirms that this is, indeed, real. 
he gazes at you like one would to a flower; a flower that’s ready to bloom in the new season. he nudges your hand away when it shyly tries to cover you up. “don’t be shy,” he says, “you look beautiful.”
you’re not given the chance to act bashful at his compliment. he’s on his knees as he pulls his shirt off and throws it off the bed. now it’s your turn to stare. 
there are too many tattoos that you haven’t seen before; one on the corner of his broad chest, some on his stomach, a few scattered on his skin. despite the variety, they all look amazing on him. parts of him you couldn’t see before, now in front of you. you would ask him to turn around to show the ones on the back if it weren’t for the intimacy in the atmosphere. “i like your tattoos.”
yoongi smiles and reaches to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “and i like yours, too.” he’s referring to the butterfly on your neck, ignoring the fact that it’s not real, or that it’s faded already. 
he removes the rings on his fingers one by one, giving you an opportunity to inspect that hand, those long fingers, those veins running down his knuckles like you always do. while slicking his middle and ring fingers with his saliva, he spreads your legs before circling the pads around your entrance. you gasp, “y-yoongi…”
“you’re so wet,” he says, “do you touch yourself? when you’re alone?”
not often, you would. you’ve only ever played with the bud of your clit and nothing more. fingering always felt funny and you didn’t know how to make it feel good. your inexperience makes you look away from him as you wish to learn more. “... s-sometimes…” you lean your face to the side to let him trace his lips against your lobe. “i… i think of you.”
“yeah? you think of me when you touch yourself?” he prods at your drenched core, whispering with a deep voice in your ear. “i think of you, too.” 
then, his fingers enter you. it’s a stretch that makes your hands shoot to your mouth to keep yourself from whimpering too loud. he curses at how tight you are, cock stirring at the thought of your walls clenching around him just like how they’re doing to his digits. he continues to push them and you continue to wince until his fingers are completely concealed within you. “does it hurt?” he asks, sighing in relief when you indecisively shake your head. “it’ll feel better soon. i promise.”
slowly, he pulls his digits out again to slide them back in, using a sluggish pace that has you whining with shivers. he reaches deeper than you could ever touch, rubbing against your sensitive areas and hitting the sweetest spot. yoongi’s promise is kept, because your legs twitch with pleasure when the heel of his palm continuously slaps at your clit with each thrust of his twisted fingers. he goes faster, harder, until he has to clamp his free hand onto your mouth to muffle your cries. your legs are spread wide and your knees are pushed to your chest, allowing for him to finger-fuck you so well. 
“y— yoongi—”
his palm on your mouth loosens. “yeah?” 
“feels— feels weird!” 
it feels like you’ve swallowed a summer sun and it beams in your stomach, too hot to be resisted. there’s so much heat in your system, begging to be released; so much tension inside your lower regions, pleading to keep composure. what is this feeling, rising from your core to your ringing ears? why does it feel so weird, why does it feel so good? “puh-please, please, yoongi, feels— nghh! feels good!”
“feels good?” he says with his mouth parted open in a smirk. “feels good when i do this to you?”
“yes! y-yes, please— don’t stop—”
he obeys you, curling his fingers more and thrusting them into you with the speed that has your jaw dropping open in a silent moan, that has your body trembling and your toes curling, that has your eyes rolling up as you let go. you come, hard, so fucking hard that your arousal spills all over his digits and your cunt sucks them in so they stop moving. he watches your expression as he carefully takes out his fingers and slides them into his mouth. once they’re cleaned, they go back to massage your clit. you flinch at the overwhelming sensation, shaking your head with a plea to stop. he chuckles when you try to squirm away from his touch, but are unable to due to the limpness in your limbs. yoongi leans forward to kiss you deeply, then moves to trail his lips to your neck. 
but when your head is turned to the side and your eyes see the shelf, the pleasure in you soon turns to a gut-wrenching feeling. 
the porcelain figure beside your books shines despite the lack of light. the mother, staring down at her child with a loving smile, makes your heart stop. 
then, with eyes tearing up, with a mouth frowning hard, you bawl. 
yoongi pulls back with surprise. his hand covers your cries once again as he shushes you quietly. he lifts you so that you’re sitting up. “i’m sorry, did i hurt you?” his gaze looks all over to try to find where he might have squeezed too tight or held too hard, but the sobs that wrack in your body seem to be more from your emotions than physical pain. 
“m-mom,” you manage to choke out and yoongi furrows his brows at the title, “yoongi, mom’s… she’s going to… she’s making us move…” you hiccup as his face falls, despair lacing his eyes. “please, yoongi, please don’t let her…” your sentence is left unfinished and hope is lost; what could your neighbor possibly do to stop her? he can’t, he can’t do anything. 
you don’t see his expression when you bury your face into his chest, wetting it with hot tears. he pets your head, whispering words of comfort to you as your wails die down. it goes on like this for two hours until you murmur sorrows, body pressed against his as the two of you lay in bed under the blanket. you’re asleep, but yoongi’s eyes aren’t closed like yours. instead, he bores them into the figure on the shelf. carefully lifting your arms off him and tucking you into the cozy comforters, he stands. but unlike all the other nights from before, he doesn’t leave. 
damn that impulsive nature of his. damn it to hell.
“don’t worry,” he says, leaning down to kiss your forehead, “i won’t let her.”
Tumblr media
the crash that resonates throughout the house wakes you up. 
the area where yoongi laid is cold, though you think that the sunny rays from outside could help heat you up. but to your surprise, darkness fills your room. turning on the lamp, you allow for the clock on your nightstand to read three in the morning. you rise from your bed, feeling yoongi’s shirt on the ground with your feet. he must have left it here. at least, you think it’s yoongi’s shirt; you’re unable to see clearly because of how puffy your eyes are. 
but your other senses are heightened. there’s a blood-curdling scream that pierces the air and you jerk your head in its direction. the location, outside your room and in the hall. the high-pitched voice continues to shout and screech, and thuds sound about.
it’s your mother. 
you head to your door; it’s not closed all the way, but that’s the least of your worries. right now, there could be a burglar targeting this house, there could be violence you’ll face once you exit the safety of your cage. 
but before you come up with any other scenario formed from the paranoia that your mother ingrained in your brain, her cries stop. there’s a loud thud, then muffled thumps that make your heartbeat louden with fear. 
you walk into the dim hall that grows darker the further you go, and the sounds of nonstop strikes grow louder and louder. by the time you’re in front of the room of the scene, facing the closed door, you can hear squelching noises from inside. holding your breath, you put a hand on the knob and slowly… very, very slowly… you turn and take a peek through the one-inch crack.
a person straddles your mother on the bed as they continue to pound a hard object into her bloody face, crimson flying everywhere with each hit. you can’t figure their identity clearly, as their backs are towards you. even so, you stare, watching the way your mother’s immobile body twitches with each blow. barely, you can see how her eyes are gouged out, how her teeth are busted in, how the skin of her neck is dented with strangled marks. terror cripples your thoughts as your organs twist with nausea. you might puke if you watch any longer, but what else is there to do when your mother is being killed right in front of your eyes? do you run? do you fight? 
instead of doing either of the two, you move your gaze to the murderer’s nape, trying to make sense of the tiny wording, and your mouth parts in shock when it looks like the spelling of your name. then, you look to his arm. 
that’s when you see them clearly. 
the adrenaline rushes through your veins when your eyes land on the tattoos, focusing so hard that you can see every line and every splotch of ink. 
your voice is a whisper, supposedly covered up by the violent and disturbing noises in the room, as you say to yourself, “yoongi?”
you should have kept quiet, you should have left without a word, because your neighbor immediately stops with the object held high. then, he gradually turns his head to see a slightly opened door and nothing more. 
it’s silent. 
he doesn’t see you trembling as you stand to the side, back up against the wall and both palms clamped onto your mouth. you don’t see him, either, getting off the mattress and walking up to the entrance. but you hear him: step… step… step… you hear the moan of the door when it’s opened completely. you hear him coming closer, and closer, and closer. you have your head turned down, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to look up at your mother’s killer until he stands in front of you. 
your eyes are trained on the bloody porcelain figure in his hands. its head is smashed off, leaving nothing of the loving it once had, leaving only the sharp rimming that craves for doom. your gaze trails up his veiny hands that grips the object tightly, the dagger with scarlet on the ends, to the twenty-eight soiled with red, to the puppy staring at you with pity, to the spider on the web waiting to devour the butterfly. 
finally, you reach his face. scarlet paints his skin, his lips stretch in a wide grin, his hair is slicked back. 
your neighbor drops the porcelain figure and hugs your flaccid body passionately, “now that she’s sleeping for good, we can love each other without fear,” he sighs with delusion in his relief, “you don’t have to worry anymore.” 
a second of silence passes, making him pull back to see your passed out state. he chuckles before pecking your cheek that’s wet with fresh tears. “tired?” he murmurs lovingly, “that’s okay. i’ll take you to my place so you can sleep better.” his kisses move all over your face; his lips land on your closed eyes, your lips parted with fright, and your sweating forehead.
Tumblr media
note. well 🤠 what do u guys think 🤠 did u guys like it 🤠 if u did pls tell me cause that would make me very very happy ☺️ also consensual smut?!?! i finally wrote it after writing noncon nonstop?!?!?! and i’ve also realized that this is the first oneshot fic i’ve written where the yandere explicitly murders someone… what have i been doing for the past year here 🤨 and i made yoongi so likable until he pulled that shit in the end like 😐😐😐 i just gotta ruin it for everyone 😗 but … he still be sexy tho 😩 anyways, thank u so much for reading! hugs and kisses 💗 MWAH!
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aajjks · 10 days ago
The Conqueror | Teaser.
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner Reader.
note. wanna be tagged, reply under this post only! 👀❤️ lmk what you think, please please share your feedback! 😩❤️ also I love jungkook. lol if u think about it, he’s literally the conqueror of my heart LOLLL…
Tumblr media
He was the epitome of cruelty.
Jeon Jungkook, was the name of the King that ruled over Korea, His name alone was enough to make the people of his empire cower with fear. He was the one who changed the whole destiny. of the great Jeon empire.
The tales of his cruelty and his countless terrible deeds were infamous. King Jeon was was infamous. He was the one who wrote every single of his victories with the ink of blood. His command was the death certificate for countless of people. His huge palace was void of every sound except of bloodcurdling screams.
He wasn’t the one to forgive or forget. People at one point even began to believe that he didn’t have an organ in his body that could be capable of beating. His hands were like blades, his eyes were like a hawk, lips of a sinner and the soul of a devil.
So imagine, what could happen if a man no less than the devil himself fell in love with someone who was no less than an angel herself?
The name of his infatuation was Y/N L/N, and this bloodied, thrilling, pitiful tale is hers, the girl who drove the cruel king mad.
He could do anything to have her and she would do anything to free herself from his grip.
The devil and the angel weren’t made for each other after all, but the devil would never understand that, but the angel wouldn’t forget that.
Tumblr media
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angellgguk · 7 days ago
Classic powerful ceo seokjin×unwilling student reader!He goes to a university to deliever an inspiring speech,reader caughts his eyes,he stalks and gets obessed with her,promises her to get a job in his company but makes her a trophy wife.10-11 year age gap?
If you can plz make it non-con.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ genre : smut ]
[ content warning : dubcon/noncon age gap (reader is 24 and seokjin is 34/35 he has a few strands of grey lmao), trophy wife (ig idk), slight dumbification, breeding, virginity loss, size difference, cervix fucking THIS IS A MESS]
[ note : I'm so sorry for being ia for so long I wasn't intending to but due to unavoidable reasons I had to stay away from here for awhile, sorry! ]
Tumblr media
You saw Kim Seokjin on the front page of the daily newspaper when you were fourteen, peeking over your father’s shoulder and merely giving attention to your father’s constant praise over the young man who had managed to achieve what men his age couldn’t.
You were a blushing, gasping sixteen year old when your friends were gushing about the luxuries Kim Seokjin would give his alleged partners, brands you would never be able to purchase were name dropped making you wonder what dating a man as rich and influential comes with.
Kim Seokjin held back from letting his jaw drop when you served his coffee as a sophomore in SNU during the part time that gave you the money to work with your scholarship with a smile that promised him that you were a once in a lifetime chance but he didn’t quite understand why you had rejected his proposal two years later.
He later realized that even though you found him attractive and ached for a chance to work under him you didn’t have any thoughts on dating a man, who was old enough with visible grey streaks in his hair and you definitely were not interested to tie a knot with him at such a young age.
But he disregarded it all two more years later and had you on all fours, hand wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to his crotch and another holding your jaw closed around three of his long digits.
He fucks into you, making sure that you feel every inch of him in your inexperienced pussy. His hand travels down to your clit to rub circles around it, “pretty little cunt taking me so well” he praises and pulls his fingers out of your mouth, your drool dripping down your chin as soon as he does so.
Seokjin doesn’t give you a chance to become a babbling mess as he turns you to the side by your jaw to kiss the corners of your lips,”o-oh” you found yourself pleading and he found himself snickering as he let your jaw go to use the hand to cup one of your tits in palm, rolling the puffy nipple between his fingers.
When you realized that you were too intimidated to ask him to permit you to cum after he had ruined your very first release twice for the night you gripped onto the sheets below before falling down on the comfort of his bed. He chuckles and pulls your ass up to himself as he keeps ramming into you, your perspiring ass jiggling against his thigh.
“You wanna cum baby?” you refuse to answer and only claw onto the sheets beside as you sob into it, the pain of your virginity being taken by a man you never wanted was more agonizing than the pain of your pussy being stretched for the very first time.
His groans come out strangled, indicating that he too was close. With one hand still on your waist he sneaks the other under to rub your clit around sideways harshly getting watery hiccups from you. “I’m gonna fill you up baby” he promised with a chuckle under his breath.
He grabbed onto the globe of your ass to land a sharp spank on the supple skin, earning a loud cry from you. You clenched more around him at the stinging feeling and that only triggered the beast in him as his animalistic thrusts grew along with the squelches, skin slapping and your cries.
You felt his heavy chest against your back when he leaned down to nibble on your earlobe and to roughly grope your breast in his calloused palm once again, “fuck baby if you don’t start begging i’ll have to fuck you all night” he heaved and fondled with the flesh of your breast, smirking at your growing cries.
“Please” you pleaded under your breath and he hummed into your ear as he slid the hand below to your tummy, pressing down on your navel, he disregarded the whimper and pressed down on the bulge poking from your tummy “you feel me here baby?”
With your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth hanging open with drool dripping down your chin to land on the sheets you could only manage to groan, the feeling of his cock nudging your cervix was all too new for you, you screwed your eyes shut “too m-much” he snakes his hand below to draw circles on your clit and hood, the pads of his fingers grazing your labia during the process.
Your toes curled and you let a gasp out before trying to flail away from his hold but he was quick to grasp the situation as he grabbed onto your arm and pinned you down, eliminating all the hopes for your escape. “Don’t even fucking think about running away now” he growled and pinched on the bundle of your nerves as a warning before resuming the motions of his finger, harsher than previously.
Seokjin elicits a throaty moan as he continues to thrust into you without giving your sensitive clit a break, “i want you to cum all over my cock baby” you only squealed as you felt the unfamiliar coil in your abdomen, the urge to let it out rises as you let your senses lose to fuck yourself against him, earning a proud smack on your ass from your husband for it.
Your body trembles and your toes curl and you let out a loud cry as you let your orgasm wash over you, with irregular breaths he watches you cream his cock, never once ceasing himself from pumping his thick shaft in you, chasing after his own orgasm. You were not able to calm down from your very first orgasm as you shook below him from his continuous rams.
Bending down he buries his face into your tousled hair, groaning into it and you were only able to grip onto the ruined sheets to cry into it at the over stimulation. His hand gripped onto the back of your trembling thighs to spread it further, he pressed down on your clit, attempting to calm you down with soft hums.
You stuttered for pleas through your sobs as he twitched inside you, “I’m going to see you full with my babies soon, yeah?” his grip on your waist tightened as he filled your ears with one final growl before he let his own spurts of cum fill you up to the brim. The load was too much as strings of his release trickled down your thighs.
He refused to pull out from you, opting to rock all of his semen into you. Turning your head to the side by gripping onto your jaw he wiped away the tears that were cascading down your cheeks before leaning down to leave pecks around the side of your face.
He tucked sweaty strands of your hair behind your ear as he moved his lips down to your own to pull you into a breathless kiss, “you did so well” he breathlessly praised when he pulled out and hovered his lips over yours. His thumb rubbed over your cheek when he left another peck on your nether lip, “my dumb little baby, all mine”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pinkcherrybombs · 22 days ago
Oh My Lucifer | 01 - Besties
Tumblr media
♡Summary: In hopes of achieving a high mark in your final exam you’re willing to give up anything, including your soul. However, when your drunken joke of a ritual suddenly comes true, how do you even begin to explain your logic to the seven demon lords seated in front of you.
♡Genre: Demon Au/ Poly Au.
♡Pairing:OT7 x Female Reader
♡Word Count: 5.3K
♡TW for this chapter: Explicit Language, alcohol, toxic behaviour.
(next) (masterlist)
"You said you'd do anything." Each syllable that slipped out was soaked in a dangerously sinister sense of amusement. The seemingly simple phrase was enough to quicken your already high heart rate as your eyes quickly scanned the room. Lethal levels of fear coursed through your body as you attempted to find the best escape route out of your current situation, but you couldn't. This was it, and no matter how much you tried to fight it, you knew it was wiser to accept the consequences of your actions and your fate. Hesitantly your gaze landed on the figure in front of you, which was staring back with a wicked smile. Opening your mouth to speak, you were quickly interrupted with a whiney giggle as the woman in front of you who you currently regretted calling your best friend, was smiling proudly.
“Y/n, you pinky promised if I helped you with your annoyingly complicated essay, you’d have a horror movie marathon with me. Plus, tomorrow is fucking Halloween.” A dramatic scoff was all your body could muster up as you fell back onto the pillowy couch, silently hoping that the cushions would swallow you whole and let you exit the current nightmare you were facing. “ What does tomorrow being Halloween have anything to do with it, Lee?” you protested, only to be met with an obviously loud snort as she made her way from the living room towards the kitchen. “Because I work tomorrow, and since we are both aware you have no plans-”“How do you know I don't?”
"-roommates intuition. Anyways since you'll be stuck here alone, might as well celebrate it now." Without turning around to face her, you sighed in defeat before lazily pulling the blanket that had been previously discarded on the floor onto your lap to help get you in a more comfortable position. It wasn't that you hated movie marathons; if anything, you loved them since you were a child. No, what you despised was the stupid unrealistic aspect of horror movies. The way the main character always was a stuttering mess that fell right into the villain's trap never sat right with you, and you couldn't help but roll your eyes the whole time. Huffing, you slumped further in your seat as Lee now came to join you on the couch, nuzzling against the armrest opposite you. The remote cursor trailed from movie to movie as she read out the description resulting in either a groan or a sigh as she searched for something that piqued her interest.
See, opposite to you, Lee was a horror movie fanatic, constantly being intrigued by the supernatural, which is why it was no surprise that your shared apartment was filled with random dark occult objects. The most recent being a coffee table centrepiece that was apparently an accident book on demonic rituals. She claimed she picked it up at some random bookstore, but after doing some personal research, mostly out of curiosity, you found out that it was a very rare find. Supposedly it was highly sought out as it provided actual results. Lost in thought, you didn't notice Lee had now ended her search, settling on some 2005 indie horror movie. "Look at this one about some guy selling his soul for a million grand," she squinted, reading the description before starting the movie. "See, this is what I mean; what type of person would sell their soul over something so simple." you couldn't help the clearly annoyed tone slip from your lips as you settled your gaze to now semi-focus on the first movie of many.
Apparently, that is precisely the type of person you are. As you currently have been drawing specific demonic symbols across your small bedroom's hardwood floor for the past two hours. Maybe it's the fact that you've been using pink chalk from your old Hello Kitty Activities to create the pentagrams. Or perhaps it's the fact that you're wearing the matching Hello Kitty slippers that came with the set while listening to the Sailor Moon theme song on repeat, but for some reason, you can't help but feel incredibly confident in your selling of the soul ritual. Hair sticks to your dewy face with perspiration as you continue to aggressively erase and redraw the complex images, knees unforgivingly scratched up by this point from the amount of time you've spent on all fours. Mimicking the drawing in the ritual book Lee recently purchased, your lips begin to part as a drunken giggle escapes from your mouth. Slowly raising yourself back up to your original standing stance, you can't help but feel prideful at how beautifully your plan was coming together.
After all, when your professor randomly announced earlier in the day that the final exam's worth was suddenly changed from 20% to 45%, you couldn't help but feel a sense of desperation fall over you. When it came to academics, you constantly strived to remain at the top of your class, not by choice, though. You needed to in order to maintain your scholarship. Coming from a humble background, the only way university was accessible to you was through a scholarship, and in your first year of uni, you were lucky to find one that was perfect for you. A literature scholarship allowed you to expand and flourish your creative writing skills, with the only condition being that you had to maintain an 80 average in all classes. Which hasn't been an issue so far until your recent history class began. For some reason, the material wasn't clicking, which already led you to feel panicky. The recent rise in your final exams took your anxiety levels from a moderate to severe within seconds resulting in your binge drinking on Halloween night in hopes of forgetting about all your life's stressors, at least for the night. Unfortunately for you, however, you cannot handle your liquor well, especially not six shots of vodka. By the fifth vodka shot, your eyes were heavy as you sat there laying in bed, mind wandering to the movie you watched with Lee the night prior. The idea of selling your soul became more and more convincing. After all, if it did work, then boom, you no longer need to worry about history, and if it didn't, then you just use your usual methods of cram studying for the next two months. Selling your soul seemed to be a better choice. Obviously.
By now, you have successfully covered the entire floor in an array of symbols and bed bath and bodyworks candles that you snatched from Lee's room. Because, of course, it's not a proper ritual without the assorted smells of vanilla and any other random 3-wick candle you could find. Gradually lowering yourself into the middle of the pentagram, you pulled out your phone to decode the Latin phrases and slowly began to recite them in a barely audible whisper. Though the room felt scorching as the heat blasted across your apartment, a freezing breeze seemed to wrap around you as you continued the ancient chant. Closing your eyes as the instructions demanded, the breeze seemed to become more suffocating, as though it was pulling the air out of your lungs itself. Gasping for a deeper breath to calm your nerves as you now very reluctantly continued, you tried but failed. By this point, all confidence in your performance had been swept away, and you were left with an unfamiliar ache that grew from deep within your gut.
Carefully opening your eyes at an almost painfully slow rate, you couldn't help but hope that the longer you delayed looking around, the safer you would be. As your eyes finally snapped open, you were only met with complete darkness; the candles had all simultaneously blown out, leaving you alone in the dark in your nighty to contemplate what the fuck was happening.
Freeze was all your body could do as you tried to gain the courage to stand up and turn on the room's lights. Because once you turn on the lights, you'd be fine. Everyone knows that once you turn on the lights, no monsters can get you. It's like hiding under the covers when you hear a spooky noise; the logic is foolproof. Subconsciously you found yourself now standing at full attention, posture more straight than it had ever been in your life. Each step towards the lights felt more and more antagonizing as your wobbly legs threatened to cave at any second. The cool wall helped ease your nerves as your fingers trailed against it in hopes of finding the switch. Your eyes were still adjusting to the sudden darkness, allowing your other senses to heighten. Finally, you felt the familiar touchpad and quickly flipped the harsh yellow light back on, spinning around fast to take in your surroundings. Eyes flickered across the room, scanning for any inconsistencies with how you saw it prior.
But much to your surprise and relief, everything seemed normal, nothing way out of place. Usually, you would press the topic of how the lights turned off, but in your drunken state, you were just happy to finally feel a sense of ease. Not bothering to clean it up, you instead opted to just head to bed, knowing that you can worry about the mess in the morning when you're in a more sober state. Your eyes felt heavier and heavier as they happily shut, letting your mind wander off to dreamland.
Your eyes lazily fluttered open, facing up to the ceiling as you typically did every morning. One of the pros of sleeping on your back after so many years. However, this time, instead of facing your usual ceiling with your tiny glow in the dark stars that you’ve had since the first semester, you found yourself making eye contact with a pair of dark irises. Your breath hitched as you began to take in your surroundings. Without breaking the intense gaze you both shared, you let your body figure out what type of environment you were in. The harshly cold and stiff floor mixed with the multiple stalls your fingers could barely graze helped you indicate you were in an office bathroom. A fucking office bathroom. Your eyes quickly darted from the figure in front of you to take in more of their appearance. He seemed to be crouched over you, brows knitted in a confused expression, while his hand was resting against your shoulder. Realizing that this whole time you’ve just been staring at him, your body jerked up, pushing itself up, so you were now standing.
"Where am I?" The words barely came out as the shakiness of your tone caused you to hiccup midway through. Nuzzling yourself closer to the wall, the man seemed to follow your lead as he quickly stood up. It became undeniable very quickly that wherever you were, you definitely shouldn't be there. He was dressed in business attire sporting a navy blue suit that hugged his figure wonderfully, not that anything wouldn't with the way he was built. Silver earrings popped out from behind pitch-black neatly slicked back hair, leaving a few strands to lightly rest right above his brows. Looking down, you could clearly see markings that went across his hands but were skillfully covered by his undershirt, leaving the images up to the imagination. However it was his doe eyes that called you further, almost tempting you to get lost in them. His beauty alone had you in a trance, almost pulling you closer to him. However, as he opened his mouth to speak, your trance was quickly broken.
“A-are you a human?” His words came out in an even shakier tone than your own, catching you off guard. Placing his hand against the countersink to support his stance, his eyes scanned you up and down as though this was the first time he had ever seen someone in their pyjamas before. As your mind attempted to formulate a response, you found yourself going blank. The word choice of his question left you in a confused state, trying to quickly figure out who asks if someone else is human?
“Are you not?” the words slipped out subconsciously, and you immediately bit your lip to keep all your other thoughts to yourself. Casually a finger slid under your chin before prompting it upwards, you felt now being examined, and though you wished for nothing more but to move, fear was causing you to remain in a semi-paralyzed state. Your eyes peered at his face, being your own examination process, but as you trailed from his lips and nose to his eyes, it seemed your question was already answered. How did you not notice earlier? His eyes were shining a crimson red.
"No? I'm a demon. Why would a human work in hell? That-”
"Hell?" A loud shrieking noise came out of your mouth, sending shockwaves through both of you. Simultaneously, you both seemed to be surprised that you could reach an octave that high. Your legs gave in as you felt your body begin to collapse at the unexpected news. Finally piecing together where you were, you felt yourself start to go into a state of shock. Your vision began to blur, and an eerie feeling of numbness took over your body. There was no way you fucked up this badly. It was almost impossible. Wrapping your arms tightly around you, you could feel the tension in the room settle into your skin. Hands running up and down your waist in hopes of calming yourself, your eyes began to dart from spot to spot. However, as your gaze manically shifted, you couldn't help but stop on a familiar image.
"I-is that a Hello Kitty Tie" a sense of calmness overtook you as a whirlpool of curiosity fluttered across your mind. The man in front of you, dripping in luxury, seemed to have paired it with a baby pink Hello Kitty Tie with clearly customized devil horns on top of her head that were poorly done in a sharpie. You couldn't contain the giggle that fell out at how ridiculous not only your current situation was but also at how shitty the horns were drawn. "Yes, it is" his hands rose to grasp the fabric, clearly proud of his work. His voice lost its prior shakiness and was replaced with a deep soothing nature, lulling you into a more relaxed state. Instantly the atmosphere shifted, and you dropped your arms, allowing yourself to become more comfortable. Though you still felt a certain degree of uneasiness, it did feel safer knowing the potential demon you were dealing with was also a fan of the Japanese fictional character. How bad could someone be if they're wearing a Hello Kitty Tie. Still very wobbly, a foreign arm was now supporting your weight for you.
"Wait a second, how did you get here?" He guided you towards the sink and effortlessly lifted you up so you could sit on the counter. Muttering a simple thank you, he offered a reassuring smile. Taking a deep breath, you began to explain from the beginning what events had led up to your current position, only pausing to watch his face contort from curiosity to amusement. At least someone found this shit funny. But by the end, both of you were now gripping the counter, laughing at how fucked the whole situation was.
"So where am I?"
"Well, you're at Hell Inc." Noticing the look of confusion, he straightened up as he elaborated. "What most humans don't know is that Heaven and Hell are actually run as what you would consider to be a corporation, with different divisions, positions and all those other boring logistics."
"Wait, so every demon basically works an office job?" You were never the religious type but the idea of all-mighty Heaven and Hell simply being a corporation was pretty nerve-racking.
"No, not quite; Hell and Heaven are run extremely similar to your mortal world. We go to school, have clubs, universities, coffee shops and almost every career you guys do." His smile as he spoke only indicated your already existing idea that this was something he took pride in knowing. As he spoke, his demeanour became more and more comforting, going into mini tangents about how everything works, while skillfully not discussing his own position. Even mentioning how he failed his driving test twelve times.
"I'm sorry, did you say you failed twelve times? How is that even-"
"It's possible." His words are short and sweet, allowing for no further discussion of the topic, but clearly not offended at your outburst either. Suddenly he extended his hand. "Oh, I'm Jungkook, by the way." before grabbing your hand and locking it with his to attempt at a proper introduction. "Y/n, nice to meet you."
"Well, listen, Y/n, we need to get you out of here. You’re obviously a nice girl, a little dumb-"
"Excuse me?"
"Let me finish, a little naive but nice, and this isn't a safe place for you. We'll sneak you back to my office and from there figure out how to smuggle you home. Plus, we've been in this bathroom for too long, and I'm sure others are starting to notice your human scent." helping you off the counter, he quickly slid his arm to link it with yours before quietly exiting the bathroom. The scenery outside the door matched any other office space you've stepped foot in, except expectedly darker. You let out an internal scoff at how cliche the decor was, with the colour scheme being red and black in the dimly lit hallway, but with the rate Jungkook was dragging you, you had made sure to remain silent. After twisting and turning past eight different corners, you were met with a simple-looking door before he pressed the pin pad, letting him into his private office.
"You seem too nice to be a demon." your words came out soft and hesitant as you made your way through the door. Hoping that he wouldn't take it as an insult. Making his way towards his desk, he beckoned you over to sit near him in the empty chair in front before typing up something on the laptop in front of him. "I didn't want to work here; to be honest, I actually wanted to be a vet." he looked down as he spoke, easily singling that it was a sensitive topic. “So why work here if you didn’t want to?”
“It's complicated, it's kinda a birthright if that makes sense. My father originally was just going to have my hyungs run the company but at the last minute decided I needed to be involved too.” Wait, did that mean he runs Hell? Before you could ask any questions, he reached over and pressed a small button on the side of his desk. Suddenly, his office turned from the previous decor to filled with soft angelic clouds and images of puppies and kittens flashed across the wall with a simple snap. Raising his head, you could see the genuine smile that flashed across his face and the sincerity behind it. Tilting his head back to read the images on his screen, he excitedly pointed at the screen. However, before he could expand on his recent discovery, the door flew open.
“Kook, where were you, the meeting was- What is that?” Heavy footsteps and the slam of the door have now redirected your attention off the screen to the man standing right in front of you. A form-fitted black dress shirt with the top few buttons undone sat under a matching suit jacket, also with its buttons undone. Hand nestled in his hair midway through pushing it back, the man looked like he just came straight from Paris fashion week. His vibrant blue hair was neatly combed back with a few strands dangling in front of his sun-kissed skin. However, it was his eyes that were the most entrancing, twinkling so brightly that even the north star would hide in shame. As you continued staring, the man opened his mouth again to speak but was quickly interrupted by a soft-spoken Jungkook.
“Obviously these are puppies and kittens hyung. I know you hate when I bring them up but, I just enjoy having them around while I work. It helps.”
“No Kook, I meant the human. Why is it barely dressed in your office?”
“Oh...That.” However before he got the chance to explain you had interjected.
"Listen, I don't know who you're calling it with that Cookie Monster hairdo, but you better lose the attitude, okay?" Snorting at your own joke, you were too busy internally complimenting yourself at your quick wits to realize the annoying tension that filled the room. Before another word was spoken, a mere snap of the finger had all three of you now standing in a penthouse boardroom overlooking the city. The city was remarkably similar to your own, and a tinge of homesickness swept across you. You wondered how long you would have been here if Lee found your body just laying in bed, but more importantly you felt that you didn't want to be here anymore. Turning around, you now faced six unfamiliar men sitting spread out across a marble round table. They appeared to be mid-discussion before you three had popped up.
"It seems Jungkookie has brought a little thing into Hell." Cookie Monster's hair spoke, sarcasm dripping from his plump lips.
Glancing over at Jungkook, you now saw him scampering over to the table to defend himself in front of the seated men.
"No-I found her in the bathroom. She tried to sell her soul to us and failed, I-I." Choking on his own words, he eventually looked down out of shyness, not meeting the intense scowls of his older brothers surrounding him.
Wait, I thought the devil was only one dude," you huff, eyes continuing to look anywhere but at those sitting in front of you. Maybe it's because you refuse to look at them that they feel more intrigued to take in your appearance. Eyes wandering from the lace straps of your sheer nightgown down to the bare legs underneath. Subconsciously, your arms began to cover your chest as you swayed softly waiting for someone else in the room to finally speak."The devil is one-person dumbass." The man furthest from you said, fingertips sliding against the round table, allowing for his inked knuckles and rings to shine against the harsh boardroom lights. Your breath hitches at the sudden response to your initially planned rhetorical question, but not out of fear. Though you usually know it's never a good idea to get snappy in the middle of an unknown situation, your mouth tends to have a habit of moving faster than your brain, especially when you feel offended. Quickly your eyes now meet his gaze as you open your mouth to fire back, asking who the fuck he was, calling you a dumbass. However, your words become silenced as the man continues.
"I swear you kids these days do no fucking research before you try and sell your souls. Do you even know how much paperwork goes into these things?" With an exasperated sigh, his lips begin to curl at the edge forming a smirk, clearly remembering to mention his after thought. Running his hands through his dark almost grey silver hair, he winked before continuing, "Oh, and I'll call you whatever I want, sweetheart. Your thoughts aren't as secret as you think." the last part rang in your head as you watched his mouth remain closed. Great, assholes and mind readers. Fucking perfect for you.
"Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't research the proper way to sell your soul; obviously, I didn't think it would work." Pulling out the chair closest to you, you plopped down, unable to mentally process the situation at hand. A cluster of low chuckles began as you heard footsteps now approaching your seated form, fingers harshly gripping around your chin to force your eyes up. As much as you hate to admit it, he's beautiful, no, ethereal. Raven black curls hanging loosely over the face, eyes hypnotizing you in. Lips slightly parted as he stared with a soft boxy smile. His hand moves downwards, fingernails trailing the sides of your neck before wrapping them around softly, feeling each breath you attempt to swallow. In any other situation, you would have probably thought this was a heavenly sent angel now looking at you. Still, his harsh tone quickly brought you back to reality. "Listen, brat, we got shit to do, and you're currently in the way of that. So let's get a fucking move on and figure out how your ass ended up here, so we can get your soul, and you can leave." Pulling his fingers away from your neck, he slid his arm under yours and forced you up quickly, letting go, not before giving you a pissed-off glare. One by one, the men got up and began walking towards the exit, not saying a word to your halted form.
"If you guys still get my soul, does that mean I get my end of the bargain?" You remained standing, not moving without receiving an answer. "And what was that?" a voice huffed, clearly getting more and more hostile by the second. "An A+ on my history final." The words stuttered out, causing you to now realize how stupid the whole idea may have been. But in your defence, most ideas are stupid when you're six vodka shots in, alone on Halloween night and studying for a final worth 45%. Slowly the six men stopped, simultaneously turning their heads to look at you with dumbfounded expressions, while Jungkook softly and poorly discreetly chuckled. Sure they've heard of people selling their souls for money, fame, or love. But never for something like a university final fucking exam. Not even being able to come up with a response, they simply scoffed, walking into the dimly lit hallway, barely even checking if you were following them or not.
As you quickly shuffled behind, a hand slithered around your shoulders, pressing you firmly to their side. Leaning down, the dark silver-haired man pressed his lips to your outer ear. You could feel the smirk on his lips heating against your neck before the words even came out. "Dumbass."
Elbowing him in the side, you aggressively pushed past him in order to get back to the more familiar Jungkook. Thankfully he seemed more relaxed as he walked the hallways following his brothers’ leads, even grazing his fingers up and down the walls in a similar manner to how a bored child might. You found it quite comforting to watch his eyes trail from place to place as he calmly took his surroundings in. Though you didn't trust anyone you've met so far, he was the most trustworthy, and you felt safer being close to him than the other six. Leaning to get more relative to your ear level, he softly whispered, "Ignore Yoongi, he's a dick, I promise I'll get you out of here," before wrapping a protective arm around yours as you all made your way through another set of corridors.
"How come you wanna help me?" the question came tumbling out. After all, it was surprising the way he was so much more compassionate than his older brothers. Even if he didn't want to be in his current position, he was still a demon, right? "Hello Kitty besties, remember?" His doe eyes flashed a quick wink as he felt you nuzzle closer at the remembrance of your shared mutual ground. Without realizing it, you found yourself in another office similar to Jungkooks, except this one was probably triple the size and was dripping in luxurious themes. The far back wall and the left wall were entirely glass from top to bottom, allowing for city lights to dimly cascade across the office floors. Directly in front was a large dark mahogany desk, cluttered in folders and papers all marked up in red pen.
Noticing a white leather couch adjacent to you, you casually made your way over to sit, now feeling less scared and, if anything, more annoyed by your current situation. After all, you didn't even want to be here, so why was everyone except Jungkook acting like it was the biggest inconvenience in the world. Feeling a sore contraction in your stomach, you realize your hangover symptoms are now starting to kick in, and if you didn't eat soon, you'd be ten times scarier than any good-looking douchebag demons. Maybe it was hunger or the lack of social awareness, but you didn't catch the shocked looks the boys all shot at each other at your boldness to unexpectedly sit down. Though by now, they were well aware you really didn't give a shit about who they were, your actions still surprised them nonetheless. By now, the light-haired silver one which you had heard the others call Namjoon was sitting on the desk, hands folded, staring at you while the others all stood around. Except for Jungkook of course, who was seated next to you for reassurance purposes.
"I don't know if Jungkook had informed you of us, but we are the seven lords." He spoke a tinge of pride hidden behind the title. You couldn't help but catch the smirk that formed on all their lips except Jungkook's. Each of the men introduced their names, and you soon learned that Cookie Monster's name was Jimin. The rest were Jin, Yoongi A.K.A. Asshole, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung A.K.A Asshole number two and Jungkook A.K.A bestie. The room remained silent as they awaited your response, which Jungkook had to physically nudge you to do.
"Okay… Cool, I guess."
"You fucking guess?" Jimin snarled, almost lunging at you if Taehyung had not stopped it. "You're literally in Hell, a place for demons and dead souls; how the fuck are you so sarcastic?" Jin questioned, both amused and curious. However, his amusement levels seemed to sore with your quick response. "Easy, I'm already dead on the inside." This earned you another soft chuckle from Jungkook, but to your shock, the one named Hoseok joined in this time as well. The laughter stopped as Namjoon quickly asserted his control over the room.
"It's too high risk to keep you here while we figure this out, so you'll have to come back with us to our home until we know what to do with you." Too tired to argue the logistics made sense; if they really did control Hell, then you would be safest with them, plus Jungkook made you feel safe, and you wanted to stick as close as possible. And who's to complain when seven sexy demons invite you to their place? Even if more than half are obvious dicks. Nodding your head, you silently looked up, finally giving your full attention to all the men.
"Okay, but first, I have one request. I know I've come off as sarcastic, but this is a very important issue for me, and I'd rather address it now than once we arrive at your home." Your innocent eyes made contact with each man before bashfully looking down again, and each one could help but feel the tiniest slip of warmth spread across their bodies. It was nice to hear you speak without sarcasm, and when you did, they couldn't help but acknowledge the angelic voice you had. Seeing your sensitivity for the first time made even Yoongi feel a smidge of compassion, resulting in him speaking first. "Of course, what is it, Y/n?" He asked with a little too much excitement for his own liking. They all remained silent, waiting to hear your vulnerable confessions. But instead, they were met with a devilish smirk that had twisted itself across your lips. Raising your head to stare at their confused looks, specifically honing your gaze to Yoongi. "What type of snacks do you get at your place? I'm starving.
A/n : The first chapter is finally done! The beginning has a bit of a Jungkook emphasis but it’ll smooth out to being an OT7 fic in the upcoming chapters. I’m sorry it took longer than expected, but from now on updates will be every Sunday, just for reference. Of course thank you for reading and let me know what you thought about it below, feedback is always highly appreciated! Other than that I love y'all bye bye <3.
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Deviant ⫸KNJ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⫸pairing: Namjoon x reader featuring OT6
⫸genre: Yandere, smut, angst 18+ E
⫸w.c: 15.4 k
⫸summary: Jealousy can  be a powerful thing, and when Namjoon feels threatened by your behavior, he makes sure to  trap you in his web of seduction and charm--with nowhere left to go but deeper.
⫸warnings: Explicit, yandere, controlling, manipulation, aggression, dub-con sexual intercourse, rough touching, rough sex, pussy slapping, finger gagging, shaming, dirty talk, possessiveness, Namjoon finger fucks oc aggressively, masturbation, bleeding, dub-con taking of virginity, mentions of alcohol, jealousy, degradation, gaslighting, forced orgasms, obsessive behavior, stalking, panty sniffing, use of panties in a degrading manner, painful first time, ripping of clothes, impreg kink, belly bulge kink, car sex, sorta voyeurism, Namjoon spits his drink into ocs mouth because why not, praise kink, bruising, biting, oral, DOM!Namjoon, unprotected sex 
⫸a/n: Thanks to the amazing @chimoona​ for writing this with me. It was an honor! Go check out her content! It’s amazing! This fic goes out the my true mvp, the one that’s been there since I had about 300 followers or so, and who never left my side. She’s supported my content since day one and now I am honored to call her my friend. It seems fitting to close out with her as the recipient of my last fic @rmsbicycle​. Here’s one of the first posts I made about her. Thanks to her I stuck around. I love you <3.
Tumblr media
He was sick of it. This was the fourth weekend in a row that you continued to strut around Jin’s house like you owned it. For weeks he pretended to ignore you, let things play out naturally until his time came, but the way you looked standing in front of Taehyung smacking him on the chest because of some lame joke he said had him feeling disgusted. Namjoon shifted in the seat he was sulking in. Jungkook was going on about some new game he’d been playing, but Namjoon’s eyes could focus on nothing but you.
“Oh, looks like I ran out of soju. I’ll be right back, bro.”
As Jungkook left, Namjoon let out a sigh of gratitude that the younger friend of the group had finally got the hint that he didn’t want to talk. Not waiting for him to come back, he stood up and marched up to Jin, his premeditated intentions unwavering.
“Why does she act like such a slut with the guys? Doesn’t that bother you, Jin? I know she’s been a friend of this group for a long while, even longer than me, but doesn’t it just seem a little weird?”
Jin chuckled and turned to look at you. Surrounded by Jimin, Taehyung, and Hobi, Jin could see what Namjoon meant. There was, however, no way he would ever call you a slut. He’s known you for a long time and your flirty nature was just part of who you were.
“She’s not a slut, Joon. She’s always been cute with us. We consider her our little sister.”
“What! I don’t recall little sisters wearing skirts that short.” Namjoon huffed and almost growled when he saw Taehyung run a hand over your leg. There was no way you weren’t doing something with all of them.
“Sounds to me like you’re jealous. She hasn’t given you the time of day since you joined our group. Why don’t you say hello instead of moping around here like a little boy in love.”
“Love?” Namjoon's eyes darkened at the assumption. “Far from it.”
Respect is often required in order to love someone, and that’s exactly how he had to play it in front of the others. In this room, around Jin, Namjoon hadn’t felt an ounce of respect for you since the second he set sights on your pathetic attempts to draw attention. He acted nonchalant with a casual lean to hide how this act affected him. Aside from keeping up appearances, it really did make him furious to see just how easily you got what you wanted. Meatheads like Taehyung and Hobi were too easy, blinded by testosterone. Only he could see your true colors.
“I’m not jealous either,” he added.
Jin smiled and nodded, clearly disregarding everything Namjoon said. “Talk to her then, if she’s so easy.” He couldn’t hide his amusement as it spread across his lips. “I bet you couldn’t get her to like you. No offense, but you’re kind of an asshole.”
Namjoon smiled back. “Thank you. None taken.”
You laughed from the other side of the room and trailed your polished nails down the front of Tae’s v-neck. The sharp tip of your digit hooked into the collar of his shirt and lingered for a second too long, like you were beckoning him to fuck you in plain sight. You didn’t need to say a word--he knew what your intentions were.
Namjoon waited until most of the guys left to piss or grab a refill from the kitchen. Only Tae remained, bewitched by your slutty wiles. Just seeing the confident expression on the idiot’s face made Namjoon want to rid him of it permanently. He needed a good reason to come interrupt this bullshit flirting session you had going on because it really wasn’t a good look on you. If there was anyone you should be focusing on, it was him.
“I need a drink. I’ll be over there if you need me. Oh, and by the way, I’ll have her laid out for me before the night is over.”
Jin lifts an eyebrow intrigued and nods before taking a long drink of his beer. “Best of luck to you. I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Namjoon waves off the cynical nuisance he’s had to pretend to be friends with just so he could get to what he wanted--you. Because of you, he subjected himself to lame gatherings and parties just so he could get in with your crowd. It infuriated him how you could be so obsessed with these men, how you just threw yourself at them night after night. For whatever reason, they never took things further with you. Your teasing would have made him mad were he the one you doted on, but sadly, he wasn’t. And here he was yet again, at another party, except now you were present too. He’d been patient, getting to know each of your six male friends--talking to them, going to events with them separately, building their trust enough for them to welcome him to their homes.
It was months of torture knowing you’d been in the house just hours or even days before he was. He’d come to learn your habits and forgetfulness just by visiting the guys. Purses, sweaters, and even your hair ties were forgotten on many occasions allowing Namjoon to build up a lovely collection of your personal items. His favorite items to date were the extra pair of underwear you had stored inside of your small bag. He wasn’t even sure why you would need that when you were simply coming to visit your friends, and of course his mind raced with countless scenarios. That day he took them for himself, remembering to leave things behind so that it didn’t seem too suspicious that all your items went missing. It took him a few weeks but he was able to figure out that you hadn’t slept with any of them. It made him feel better to know you weren't tainted, and so he kept the underwear safe and in his pocket--always. Whenever he got anxious, he’d put his hand inside his pocket and rub the material between the pads of his fingers. If only you knew how much you and he were meant to be.
Realizing he’d been staring for longer than was acceptable, he began to walk toward the table that held all the liquor and made to reach for a cup. His actions resulted in Tae spilling his drink everywhere, including down the front of your shirt.
“Hey! What the fuck. Watch it, Joon!”
“Oh shit. Maybe you oughta get some napkins for that. If Jin sees this mess he’ll have your ass.”
“Wow, Namjoon. I just bought this shirt,” you whine.
“You know me--clumsy.” Namjoon gestures with his hands up in the air and smiles revealing his dimples.
“Yeah, sure. I gotta wash this.”
“Let me help.”
“No, I got it.”
“Come on, ___. Let me. It was my fault after all.”
At this point Tae was returning with the paper towels and you were giving in to the soft look Namjoon was giving you. “Fine. Just….don’t touch anything.”
Like a sweet puppy he followed behind you. He hadn’t gotten close enough to see your entire outfit, but the way your ass bounced as you walked had him balling his fists. Why were you wearing a skirt anyway? You were such a whore, and he realized more than ever how much you really needed to be taught how to behave. It actually took him back to the first time he saw you, this very outfit similar to the one that caught his eye. At the time he didn’t know any of the guys, let alone of your existence, but when he saw you walking by, swaying your hips, practically begging for attention, he knew he had to have you.
He’d gone to university at the command of his parents and he never really fit into crowds very well. Since he could remember he struggled to make friends simply because he was smarter than all of them. One night he went to a party after being handed a flyer. The excitement he felt from being invited was immense and his emotions were through the roof when they actually opened the door and let him in. After a few drinks he leaned against the wall seeking stability and then he saw you. How long has it been? Three? Four years?
He’d never fallen in love at first sight before, but there was no mistake you were the one. He knew he couldn’t just approach you as he was. Being called a freak for most of his life wasn’t easy, and he had to change--for you. He learned the hard way that not everyone would appreciate his form of affection, so he observed others and learned. He quickly developed a sense of style and personality that had many women vying for his attention. He’d fucked around with a few wanting to make sure that when his time with you came, he’d be ready. And now here he was, walking into the laundry room, alone….with you.
“This isn’t that big of a deal.”
The silence of the room was interrupted by your musing, peeling your shirt over your head without any thought as to who was around. In this case, it was Namjoon, who tried his very best not to gawk with his jaw on the floor.
Without the others flocking around you like birds to prey, you had a bit of innocence. A delicate pink lace hugged the swell of your breasts and covered just enough to hold your modesty. It surprised him, as he assumed you'd worn nothing at all with the way your perky nipples showed through your clothing. He was wrong. Pleasantly wrong, but still deeply critical of the way you held yourself around other men.
You swiveled around and shamelessly exposed yourself in front of the newcomer, which was another strike against your record in his mind. Absolutely careless--starved for attention. At least it was him and not one of the others who got to see you in such a state, however, it solidified his theory. You’re an insatiable whore who needs to be put in her place.
Namjoon averted his eyes to show respect. He didn’t want to, and it took every ounce of restraint in his body, but he managed to do it. Gestures like this were crucial to gain your trust. He learned this after a night of experimenting in college, in which he endured head from an overconfident co-ed. She was all lip and no tongue, but he gritted through it and smiled. When she shied away from swallowing his cum, he looked away so she could spit it into a tissue swiftly and dab the slick from her lips. He was a true gentleman then, even when it pained him to be. She called him back the next day and wanted to grab coffee--a domestic outing that he only hoped to have with you one day, when you came to your senses.
“Of course it’s a big deal,” he tutted, busying his hands with the washer dials. “I ruined your pretty shirt.”
You scoffed. “Don’t be so dramatic, Joonie.” With a long stride, you stood beside him near the machines and began to run warm water over the fabric. “It isn’t ruined, see?”
Oh, he saw. But he saw more than just rivulets of water wicking away the bready scent of beer. Droplets had escaped the sink and stuck to your bare chest; some so thick and weighty that it slid down into the valley of your breasts. He dampened his lips, but quickly, so you weren’t put off by his unabashed lusting. He didn’t want you to get the wrong idea and treat him like one of your many other suitors. Already, you were throwing yourself at him like a fucking steak he desperately wanted to sink his teeth into.
“Looks like you don’t need my help after all. It’s already clean.”
You smiled and wrung out the damp shirt, then tossed it into the dryer to bounce out the wrinkles. You must have found his meek demeanor endearing, because you leaned against the machine and raised your eyebrows to continue the conversation.
“Don’t look too disappointed. You still have to wait with me while it dries.”
It was working. How easily your attitude changed when he simply showed disappointment in not being needed. Is that how you broke for those other guys? Did they show you the cracks in their hearts that made you bend to their will in any effort to mend them? Weak and predictable. He’ll play the part to get you to notice him, but the act stops once he makes you his.
“It’s nice having you alone like this,” Namjoon said with a bold smirk. “Rarely get the chance to hear your lovely voice when Taehyung is talking over it.”
“Hah.” You tried to hide it, but he noticed how the compliment brought a blush to the apples of your cheeks. “He does get pretty animated when he’s excited.”
“Which is all the time!--”
“--All the time!” You cut him off, finishing his sentence in unison.
You two laughed, and your hand slid over his unknowingly. He let you hold it there until you noticed, then pretended like it didn’t happen despite how flustered it made you. He would have loved to indulge in the moment and grab you back, but this had to be your idea. You had to want this--him--more than anything else. No one should be able to compete for your affection, and that level of commitment took time. He knew this better than anyone.
The game had just begun.
“Anyway, I really am sorry about your shirt. Maybe I can get you a gift certificate for coffee or something. I hope that’s enough to cover the damages.” Namjoon offers the bribe with a wink hoping you catch the bait.
“No, no! You don’t have to do that. The shirt is almost clean anyway. There’s no need to get me a gift certificate.”
“Hm..” Namjoon thrummed a few fingers against the tip of his chin. “Then perhaps dinner?”
You quirk a brow at the offer. “Dinner?”
“I’m thinking spaghetti. I don’t know if you like Italian, but--”
“--Are you asking me out?” Your amusement was evident in the high pitch of your tone and light in your eyes. It really was out of character for someone like Namjoon to propose such a thing, but the oddity of it all really was intriguing.
“Me...ask you out?” He pretended to be appalled, holding a hand to his chest to clutch his pearls. “That would be far too forward. I’m the brooding quiet one, remember?”
You bite back a smile. “Mhm.”
“You have me pegged all wrong, ___. I’m not the dating type. However, if you just so happen to be eating spaghetti in the same vicinity as I’m eating spaghetti.” His hand waved in the air, spinning his tale. “And we happen to be seated at the same table with a lit candle and gentle acoustic guitar playing in the background...”
“This is quite the hypothetical scenario, I’m having a hard time visualizing it.”
Then it was his turn to bite back a smile, because it was absolutely perfect. You were so thrilling to speak to, he really began to feel the bloom of love and infatuation beat back into his heart without the others around.
“Then don’t visualize. Meet me at A Mano Italiano tomorrow night. Let’s say...eight P.M.?”
As if on queue, the dryer’s buzzer screamed.
“Eight P.M.,” you confirmed, tugging your shirt back over your head. “Perhaps you’ll find me eating spaghetti within the same vicinity as you.”
“If that vicinity is A Mano Italiano, then the chances are very high.”
You pushed him by the shoulder with a giggle, then stood from the washing machine to straighten out your newly ironed shirt. “Okay, dork. Don’t get too cocky. Let’s get back to the party before anyone jumps to conclusions and thinks you’ve seduced me or something.”
“Hah.” It was alarming how much Namjoon liked the thought of that. A large part of him wanted to find a reason to draw out your conversation so the rumor would spread, but thought against it. No...dinner was so close, he could taste it. “Wouldn’t that be something?”
Namjoon waited to enter the restaurant even when he saw you arrive first. He sat in his car, dark eyes watching the nervous tension practically pouring out of you as you entered and spoke with the hostess. He couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at his lips. For all the pretense you put on while around your male friends, at this moment you looked like a vulnerable little lamb walking toward the table all alone.
He was glad he set up the table he wanted beforehand so that now he could simply sit in his car and observe your behavior. Cute. It’s not like he’s never watched you before, but this time it was different. This time he asked you out, or at least that’s what was alluded. He enjoyed the way you fidgeted with your fingers and checked your phone constantly. Every microexpression upon your face had him unconsciously shifting in his seat. The dress you chose to wear could mean many things, but all he could focus on was your skin. It was clear you took time to prepare for this date.
There was no doubt in Namjoon’s mind that he could win you over. He knew he had you after the way you responded to him in the laundry room. It was something he wasn’t expecting right away, but then again, you were a renowned flirt. Maybe this date wasn’t even really a date to you but an opportunity to get laid. Too bad for you Namjoon had a much bigger plan.
After about fifteen minutes he stepped out of his vehicle and walked right in making a beeline for your table. You barely had time to even notice his arrival, too busy checking your phone to make sure you hadn’t missed his text.
“Hey, beautiful.”
Though you were annoyed that he was late, his greeting made up for it. The way he was dressed was also enough to make you forgive him for any future thoughtlessness. “You’re late.”
“Am I? As I recall, wasn't this supposed to be a chance encounter? I just happened to be nearby and decided to enter. It’s purely coincidental that I found you here.”
“Charming. Do you always lie to the ladies like this?”
“You’re calling me a liar, ___? It’s only our first date. How about you get to know me first?”
“So it is a date!”
This time he could not hide his smile as he sat down to pick up the menu. Without a response he merely read over the items and mentally noted how your demeanor changed. Your shoulders were now slumped forward, head bowed--a bit of your hair hiding your face. Were you feeling shy? Insecure? Whatever it was--he loved it.
“What are you in the mood for? Choose anything you like. Your dry cleaning bill must’ve been through the roof. The least I can do is repay you with my kindness.”
“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it was. They tried to remove the non-existent stain and had the audacity to charge me an arm and a leg. You’re going to have to pay me back big time.”
You suddenly get your nerve back making Namjoon realize you thrived on being teased. How fucking perfect. It’s funny how this behavior was the very same that made him notice you, and yet, it also set a flame in his belly. He didn’t like it one bit. With him, it was fine, but there was no way he could bear watching you continue to do it with the other guys. This night would be crucial.
“I’ll pay you back. Anyway you’d like.”
With a wink sent your way, Namjoon set his attention to the menu once again, though his eyes were no longer reading the words on the page. Your leg shaking under the table made the water glasses shake, and Namjoon bit back a laugh.
“So, have you decided?”
“I--y-yeah I think so. The fettucini sounds delicious.”
“Good choice. I’ll get the same.” Namjoon waved over the waitress, and once the food was ordered, he crossed his fingers in front of his face and stared at you silently.
“Is there something on my face?”
“Oh. Um, so...thank you for suggesting this place. It’s very nice.”
His one word responses had you squirming in your seat. You were already well aware that you were fidgeting, but his behavior was quite unlike what you were used to. It was easy for you to have the upper hand in almost every conversation with the men around you, but something about Namjoon had always been different.
“Why did you ask me out? I mean, we hardly ever talk. I see you around, but you always stay on the far side of the room. Are you scared of me?”
“That’s pretty presumptuous of you, ___. I’m just here to pay for my wrong doing. How’s that shirt by the way? I sure hope this skimpy dress you’re wearing doesn’t get any wine on it too.”
The moment your eyes widened like saucers Namjoon cocked his head and waited for your rebuttal. It took you a little longer than he expected. Perhaps you weren’t used to being told the truth, and yet something told him you liked that he had.
You grabbed the thin strap of your dress and tugged it higher suddenly feeling exposed. “This isn’t skimpy. It’s a summer dress. I dress like this all the time.”
“Oh, I know, ___. Trust me.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing, it’s jus--”
The waiter’s entrance interrupts his words and the way you pout makes Namjoon want to reach across the table and set you straight. You really needed to stop being such an attention whore. He would ask if the dress was only for him, but he knew it wasn’t. You liked being seen, being desired--except no one should desire you, but him. No one understood how perfect you were and how much attention you needed. There would be no one to fill that role better than himself.
You both ate in silence, the tension palpable, but Namjoon was quite humored. It seemed you had a bit of a bratty streak--nothing he couldn’t fix. After the meal was done, you still hadn’t spoken a word. Namjoon had to give you credit, you were tougher than he thought.
“I don’t appreciate what you said about my dress. I happen to really like it and I don’t need you or anyone telling me how to look. I wore it for this date and because it’s nice.”
“So you wore it for me?”
Namjoon stands up and offers his hand. It felt like the entire date had gone terribly wrong and you were sure he was going to see you off. Before he even says a word, you beat him to the punch.
“I guess I’ll be going. Thanks for dinner. I’ll talk to you--”
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet.”
“No. I think we’re done here. I don’t even get why you asked me to dinner. I can see you have this preconceived notion about me and it hurts.”
Namjoon paused for a moment, reigning in his temper a little. His goal wasn’t to lose control and yet being around you always clouded his head. He wanted you to want him, just the way you wanted the others. Unclenching his jaw, he sits back down and reaches for your hand.
“I’m sorry that you’re hurt. It was never my intention to do so. I don’t have any preconceived notions about you. To be honest, I’m just a little jealous.”
“Jealous?” The word caught your attention just like he knew it would. Bringing your hand up, he manipulates your fingers with his own all while looking at you over the edge of your knuckles. He kisses them for good measure relishing in the small sigh you release from those pretty soft lips of yours.
“Mhm. I don’t get as much attention as the guys. I feel like you and I should get to know each other better. Let me start over, yeah? How about you come over to my place for some drinks. I promise to be good.”
You thought over his offer for a bit, his large presence yet sweet demeanor confusing the hell out of you. It was hard to read him since you’d only interacted with him while others were present. He seemed like a nice guy overall, and the others wouldn’t socialize with him as much as they do if he were a bad guy, right?
“I don’t know, Namjoon. I just feel like you might get the wrong impression. What are you even jealous about? I’m friends with everyone. That’s just me.”
“That may be true, but I have yet to experience that friendship. I think a little alone time will allow us to become closer. Come on, ___. Just for an hour or so, and then I’ll take you right home. Promise.”
“Say yes.” As he speaks these words over your knuckles, he kisses over the middle one, wrapping his lips over it as if it were the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. The action sends shivers throughout your body that settle right between your thighs.
Namjoon walks around his car to open the door for you hoping that his gentleman-like behavior weakens your resolve. Being so near you wasn’t easy especially when you looked so gorgeous. When you slide past him to sit, he almost loses his composure--you smell fucking delicious. He focuses on making sure you’re seated fully before shutting the door and making his way to the driver side. You were already behaving exactly how he wanted and now that he was taking you home, he’d make sure not to fuck it up. He drove the entire way without saying a word, but the tension was palpable. As soon as he arrives, he turns off the ignition and jumps out of the car.
Tampering down his excitement, he lets his hand fall to the small of your back as he leads you out of the car and up the stairs to his front door. It took everything within him to let go so he could unlock it, but he had promised you he’d be good after all. For a moment, as he twists the knob, he feels vulnerable. You would be the first girl to see his apartment. All this time he slept in the beds of random women, all so he could become the man you couldn't resist. For him to allow you inside would be a big step, but he was more than ready.
When you walk in, he focuses on your face, watching the awe spread over your features. He steps to the side, hands clasped behind him letting you take it all in. He worked hard for what he had, and knowing you loved it just as much as him was rewarding.
“You live here? How can you afford this?”
Another thing you didn’t know about him. Namjoon was intelligent and smarter than most high honor university students. His last year he lucked out with an internship that got him the job he’d always wanted. Now he was living the way he wanted, except there was still one thing he didn’t have.
“Yeah. I was lucky enough to land my dream job right from school.”
“That’s amazing, Namjoon. So where is this drink you offered me?”
Namjoon gestures to take your purse and sets it on the couch. He walks over to the mini bar he had put in the corner of his dining room. It’s immaculate, like the rest of the room, furnished with all the trims a proper bar would have. Olives, citrus garnishes, cherries--anything your heart could desire. However, he doesn’t pause to ask you what you’d like. He clearly has something in mind as his hands become busy behind the counter, clinking ice into a chilled lowball.
“You can handle your liquor can’t you?”
You smirk and playfully roll your eyes. “Yes, Joon. I was in a sorority, I think I know how to drink.”
“I bet.” He begins to pour you a drink he suspects matches your tastes, the way you cross your legs and lean into the bar solidifying his assumption. You were easy--a dessert laid on a platter, and with a little liquor and a lot of attention, god knows what you would be willing to do.
“I hope you like something on the sweeter side.” The drink he chose was sugary enough to mask the amount of alcohol he poured into the glass. If he had to measure it properly, it would probably be 50% liquor and 50% fluff. But you need it on a night like tonight, for him to truly get to know you as he always intended.
Namjoon builds up the drink like it’s the elixir of life, serving it on a gold coaster and sliding it to the edge of the bar closest to you. The condensation on the glass is beautiful as it glides down the lip. You want to taste it and quench your thirst. If anything, it’ll serve as a nice distraction from your surroundings.
“This looks really yummy.” You swipe over the rim once and lick your finger, noticing Namjoon’s jaw tick.
“Maybe you should taste it and let me know how yummy it really is.”
Placing it on your lips, you let the liquid slide down your throat, the burning sensation revealing the amount of alcohol in the glass was more than appropriate for the drink. You didn’t comment, however, the sweetness distracting you if but for a moment. When you finish the contents, you set the glass down and lock eyes with Namjoon.
“Mm,” you hum, bringing the glass to your lips and lapping at the side of it to clean off a stray droplet.
You take far too long for Namjoon’s tastes. And the way your eyes narrow seductively to look at him while your tongue makes work of his glassware is sinful, to say the least. Discreetly he adjusts himself thankful that the counter was a little above the buckle of his belt.
“You must have been thirsty.” He comments casually while his fingers mindlessly fiddle with a olive spear beneath the ledge of the bar, jabbing the soft pad of his thumb with the tip of it.
There’s so much visual stimulation and he’s unsure of what to make of it. Your tongue swipes over your glossed lips and makes them shine under the low light. They naturally pucker, likely adjusting to the aftertaste of the alcohol on the back of your tongue. Those fucking straps on your dress keep falling, and he can’t stop his gaze from following them as they slip down your shoulders. But you keep adjusting them, like it isn’t a big deal.
“Very thirsty. You make a good drink. Perhaps you could make me another?”
Namjoon clinks his glass over the decanter, his own drink untouched. He swirls it in his hand and takes a small sip letting his eyes fall back on you. Lifting up his eyebrow, he sets his glass down with practiced control. The truth was, he was about to lose his mind.
“Sure. But you’d better keep an eye on those straps. Can’t have you being tipsy and falling out of your dress.”
Perhaps it’s the alcohol in your system, but you settle into your seat and recline for comfort. You adjust your posture and swing a leg over the other to rest a hand on your bare knee.
“Wouldn’t you hate that,” you giggle. Your unoccupied hand floats over your thigh and inches the fabric of your dress up a bit. “You’ve already seen me topless, Namjoon. Don’t act like a prude.”
Namjoon steps around the bar, his drink long forgotten and your second serving neglected as well. He enjoys how your head turns to follow him, completely caught off guard and not expecting him to boldly come to stand before you.
“Am I being a prude? Is this more to your liking?” His hand settles on your knee gently, jaw clenching and dragon eyes locked onto yours and nothing else. He waits for your refusal, watching your fingers twitch in an almost attempt to deny him, but he knew you wouldn’t. He tests the waters sliding up a little more, breathing out his frustration, the satisfaction of being able to touch your skin releasing years of tension.
When you don’t make a move to stop him, he slides your leg off of the other and opens them so he can settle between them. The hem of your dress climbs higher and again a strap falls over your shoulder.
“Baby, this will not do. This fucking pathetic excuse for a dress--useless fabric, made for nothing but ruining.”
You’re startled by his forward nature. Up until now he’s been quite reserved, aside from the playful banter over dinner. Now his hand lays on your thigh, and the heat of it warms your skin through the ‘useless fabric,’ as he stated it.
Namjoon tsks and reaches over towards the counter to grasp his drink, hand still lingering on your leg.
“I’ll stop acting like a prude when you stop acting so naïve.” In a smooth motion, he brings the glass to his lips and drinks heavily. The sound of his throat constricting as he swallows the liquid is powerful, like he needs it to survive. “Open your mouth, ___.”
At first you’re unsure, the entire moment surreal. A tiny pinch to the flesh of your inner thigh causes you to gasp in shock. Looking back up, you shrink at the smirk Namjoon wears proudly.
“I said open.”
Perhaps it was the alcohol in your system, or the way his knees begin pushing yours open, but you find yourself hesitantly doing as he says. Tipping your neck back, you open wide and close your eyes not wanting to know what he will do. It’s exciting but also anxiety inducing.
“Good girl.”
Namjoon drinks the remnants of his glass and leans forward, head tipping in admiration of your beauty. He’s never been this close before, but your essence was intoxicating. He noses along your cheek and jaw, your reaction to him setting a fire in his belly. Your legs attempt to shut, but his stronger ones don’t allow it.
He doesn’t say anything or move further once his lips dance over yours. His breath tickles your skin and causes your lashes to flutter in anticipation. When you lock eyes, that’s when he parts his lips to share the alcoholic remnants with you. It’s still cold from the chilly cubes in his glass, but tastes like him.
You swallow what you can, but a small amount dribbles over your chin. It doesn’t make it very far, Namjoon’s tongue is already collecting whatever was lost.
“You’re right. It is yummy.”
You barely begin to process everything, your mind now a bit hazier with the amount of alcohol swirling through your system. “I--”
You feel a tug against your shoulder, the front of your dress now falling forward to reveal a bit of the top of your breast. The culprit stands before you with the tiny string dangling in his hand and a shit-eating grin plastered on his lips.
“Like I said...useless.”
He doesn’t stop after that. His moves are calculated and dominant--who are you to stop him? There’s a moment of indulgence from his end as he stares at your bared breast, weaving his fingers around the other strap.
“Everything you’re wearing is fucking slutty, baby. But that’s the point, right?” His grin grows wider, and then he gives a harsh tug to break the other side. “You wore it for me, so I get to choose whether I want to see it on your body or not…”
His hands make fast work of your clothing, tugging at it to expose more of your skin. In front of the other guys, he’d strain not to say anything while you were shamelessly exposed for their enjoyment. But in the comfort of his apartment, between the two of you, anything goes.
“Take this off and sit on the couch. Now.”
The low growl of his voice makes you jump and you don’t wait to see what the consequences of your disobedience will be. You slide your dress off, shame washing over you at the fact that Namjoon will be seeing your underwear as soon as he comes closer. The dress was fitted and panty lines would have ruined the look, so you couldn’t help but wear your tiny seamless pair. Kicking off the dress, you go to sit as instructed, but Namjoon’s voice stops you.
“What do we have here? I bet you did this for me too, didn’t you, dirty girl?”
He’s much too close, the raspy sound of his words causing goosebumps to spread over your skin. He continues to play his game of proximity and no touch, a game that drives you completely insane. The way his seductive energy had you submitting to him in less than an hour was unlike you. You never gave it a second thought, never imagined him to be this sexy, but you weren’t complaining.
You feel the tips of his fingers work their way up your spine, the feather-like touch drawing a gasp from your lips. He stops at your shoulder, the nail of his index finger following along the outline of your body as if he were memorizing your curves. He makes it back down to your hip and then replaces his finger with his hand. Sliding it down and over your pelvis, he finds your heat and cups it. He doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, his body pressed against your back and breath tickling the sensitive spot on your neck. You want to scream at him, beg him to touch you the way you need, but you knew it would only fuel his already established opinions of your reputation.
“Nothing to say now? That’s funny since you’re always running your mouth, flirting with all the guys--talking all this game--and yet here you are. I would ask what you want, but the way your cunt is soaking my fingers tells me all I need to know. Filthy, filthy whore.”
With a sharp tug he rips the underwear down your legs, the action ruining the fabric and stretching the elastic so that they are no longer wearable. He pulls them from you and stands back up, the low moan that escapes you catching his attention. You bite your tongue in hopes that he hadn’t heard--but he had.
“Yum. You sound as good as I expected. Let’s see what other sounds you can make.”
He leans you forward and kicks your legs open. The position is awkward so you bend further letting your hands support you on the couch cushions in front of you. The hiss you hear behind you causes you to bite your lower lip, the fact that you could get him so strung-- intoxicating. You don’t get to dwell in this victory long, the sharp blow onto the tender flesh of your ass much too painful.
“Do you think this is funny? I find you’re really the worst kind of brat. Wanting all the attention but never able to handle the punishment. Tell me--for how many men have you stood with your cunt spread open like this? I bet if I opened you up like this in front of the boys you’d cum untouched.”
He leans over your body, placing the fabric coated in your juices into your mouth before delivering another slap, this one more angry. You can already feel the welts rising on your skin and it’s hard to find your voice with the way your mouth is stuffed full of your arousal. If you told him he was wrong, he might think you were lying, and if you admitted he was right, he might get even more angry.
There was no explanation for what you were feeling, but for some reason you wanted him to see you in a positive light. You didn’t want to disappoint him, and you don’t know why, but just the thought of him seeing you any other way made you feel sick to your stomach.
“No one!” You barely muffle out when you feel his body jolt a little in preparation to deliver another blow. You weren’t fearful of receiving another, the truth was, you were so incredibly turned on. But something about needing him to know that you were not a whore, that you truly have only ever let him do something like this was so important for you. Whatever this hold he had over you was, his perception of you meant everything.
Joon snickers at your response, the high-pitched declaration music to his ears. He knows you are somewhat innocent with men, and that you flirt mainly for attention, but he needs to be sure that there is still an untainted part of you in there somewhere.
“Good.” Gently he straightens you and moves you to the side so that he can sit on the couch in front of you. With a light tap to his thighs, he gestures for you to straddle him, and you do so without a second thought. His large hands come to wrap around your waist allowing him to hold you down flush against his obvious erection.
“I like you. I can feel how much you like me too. Look how much you need me. You’re ruining my fucking pants, baby.”
Guiding your arms to wrap around his shoulders, he settles you to neatly on his lap, the closeness so incredibly erotic. He’s still wearing all of his clothes while you sit completely ruined and exposed before him. You try to look at his face, follow along with the seduction game that has your entire body surrendering without question, but you feel too shy.
“What’s the matter, whore? Suddenly you want to act innocent? That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think? You act like such a fucking slut with every other man. I think I deserve the same.”
One swipe up your slit with his fingers draws a gagged whine out of you. He continues to rub back and forth, his middle finger probing at your entrance but never pushing further. Your thighs begin to shake, the little strength you have left working toward keeping your control in order to prove to him that you aren’t the slut he believes you to be.
“Tsk, tsk, baby. You’ve soaked my hand. Is my girl needy? Do you want to cum all over my fingers?”
You somehow manage to lift up your face to acknowledge his question, your orgasm already so close it’s embarrassing.
“Know what I think? I think you would love to be mine. Wouldn’t you, baby? Mine to kiss and touch whenever and wherever I want--my shameless whore. That is what you want, isn’t it?”
Whatever he says, you agree to, your sex-hazed mind too focused on reaching your high and not on the words you so easily agree to. It was like he was saying everything exactly how you needed to hear it and you were already too far gone.
Namjoon continues rubbing back and forth, the palm of his hand hitting your clit relentlessly. It was fun watching you lose yourself, your frustration making you impatient and desperate. He doesn’t want to waste this time entirely, his goal to ensnare you never too far from his mind. He does, however, want to give you a going away present, one that will have you crawling back to him.
Deciding to indulge himself, he squeezes your nipple and tugs harshly. When you open your mouth to complain, he pushes a finger into you and swallows your moan eagerly, then snakes in his tongue and rips out the sullied fabric with his teeth. He spits what used to be your underwear to the floor carelessly so his tongue can keep your mouth busy, forcing your tight cunt to take another thick finger.
“You’re dripping, ___.” Namjoon swallows tight when feels how you become a soaked wreck just from the pressure of his digits stretching you out. “Gonna make a mess all over my nice pants, aren’t you? Fuck...”
Your body is perfect, the way it welcomes him so easily--it’s impossible for his ego not to inflate. He knows what to do, has worked so hard to get to where he is now. A woman’s body was always so much fun to navigate and he was quickly learning what made you weep. Small thrusts, and tiny lip bites have you broken-- exactly how Namjoon likes it.
“What if I do this?” He hooks up, right into your gspot, and thrusts with vigor. From the lewd squelching sounds that follow, he knows he can make you cum like this.
“W-what are you...Joon, don’t!” Your voice cracks pathetically as you strain to compose yourself. The alcohol must have gone straight to your bladder, because this feeling is overwhelmingly foreign, yet so familiar. If he continues, you’re certain you’ll release everything right in his lap. It’s embarrassing, but there’s nothing you can do but ride his digits and whimper for relief.
“Don’t?” His lips curl into a devilish smile and then he nips your bottom lip until the skin nearly breaks. He laves over the sore flesh with his warm tongue and whispers sin into your mouth, picking up his pace until he feels you begin to trickle. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
You tense your muscles to hold it in, until you can’t anymore. “I’m--Joon, s-stop!” Your head snaps to the side to bury your shame in the crook of his arm, face beet red and sweating.
With that, he withdraws for a mere second, only to sink in three long fingers, hooking into you hard and fast. “Cum on my fingers, little whore. You want to make me happy, don’t you?” He bites you again, this time at the slope of your neck, embedding his sharp teeth into your skin and creating a possessive mark. “Now.”
You nod, still hidden in his soft clothing. His jacket smells like cologne and his musk, and in this moment, feels like the greatest comfort as your legs shake beneath you. You’re certain you’ve lost all control of your body when you cum hard and scream silently with eyes clamped shut. All you can feel aside from the blinding pleasure is how soaked you’ve become, ruining Namjoon’s pants with your release.
“Fuck, you’re filthy.” He rasps into your ear, breath hot on your lobe. “Is this how you treat your gracious host?” His fingers thrust into you even after you’re spent, to draw out as much of your slick arousal as he can muster. The oversensitivity has you whimpering for him to stop, but he doesn’t relent. Though his movements are slower than before, it still hurts and you squeeze his solid arms, your nails digging into the fabric.
“ hurts.”
“Come on, pretty baby. I know you can give me one more. Be a good girl and try.”
Deciding to have mercy, he moves his thumb over your clit and presses against it, slow and calculated. He moves in a circular motion, then flicks over it rapidly all while his other fingers are still embedded inside of you. He moves them perfectly, as if he’s known your body for years.
It doesn’t take long for you to cum again, but this one felt more intimate, like he wanted it to be more pleasurable than forced. Unable to move, you lay against him, the wetness beneath you bringing a chill to your flesh. You feel embarrassed, but then his soft kisses on your shoulder calm you slightly. The evidence of your reckless behavior is hidden beneath you, but you can find no energy to care. It’s only when you hear him suck in his breath that you move from him in worry.
“___. Why are you bleeding? Are you on your period?”
Your heart thunders in your chest., not this...not now.
He holds his fingers up so you can see--a droplet of blood slides down his palm and collects with the rest of your juices. “What is this?” His eyes narrow on yours, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Are you?...” There’s no way. You can’t be..
You slowly nod with cheeks furiously heated. That was all the response he needed. “You’ve never been with a man? I could have sworn…”
His words are leading into the territory you fear. You know he thinks of you as a whore when the truth is, you’ve never been touched by a man this thoroughly. The realization makes you feel pathetic, but you also wonder why you let him have you so easily. You suddenly feel completely exposed, and your nakedness isn’t helping. You look for something to salvage your dignity, but Namjoon is quicker, his jacket coming off of him as he swiftly places it over your shoulders.
“Thank you. I-- I don’t know what to say. I’ve never done this before. You’re the first.”
“You’re a virgin then. You’ve never had an orgasm?”
“No, I have-- just...not with someone else.”
Your confession makes Namjoon feel soft. This was a new revelation--one he wasn’t expecting at all. “I see. Did I hurt you?”
You can’t say the entire experience was without discomfort, but everything toward the end was just amazing. His touch was intoxicating, making the pain subside quickly. There was nothing done you didn’t want to happen. The proof was all over his pants.
“No. It felt really good. I’m sorry about your clothes. I’m so embarrassed.”
Namjoon tilts his head and brings your face to his own. He kisses you softly before pulling away slowly. “Please don’t be embarrassed. Forget the pants. How about I show you to the bathroom and find you a change of clothes?”
You nod nervously, surprise coming over you when he manages to lift you off his lap to set you down on two wobbly feet. “There. Now, follow me.”
He grabs your hand and leads you down the hall where he provides everything he promises. You can’t even look at yourself in the mirror after your shower, the water not having done enough to wash away your debauched behavior.
Namjoon waits for you to get clean and exit the bathroom. He offers to take you home, but you insist on taking a cab. He doesn’t want to push you, not now, not when he had you right in the palm of his hand. You were going to be easier than he thought. It would be like taking candy from a baby, except in this situation, innocence from a woman.
You don’t know how it happened, but your relationship with Namjoon took an unexpected turn. After you almost ran out of his apartment an embarrassed mess, he called you the next morning to make sure you were alright. By the time you’d hung up the phone with him, there was a flower delivery at your door, and before the day was through he managed to find his way to your apartment for a movie night.
It felt like a dream the way things fell into place so quickly. Over and over he worked to show you that he was truly interested in the real you, and although nothing was official, he made hints often about you being his and no one else’s. You often took it as teasing and flirting, but a tight grip over your hands and an even tighter hold of your waist whenever you went out together said a lot. You didn’t want to be silly admitting to liking such possessive behavior, but something in the way Namjoon swooned you was unlike anything you ever experienced before.
Every guy you’ve ever met flirted heavily with you in the hopes you’d give yourself to them, but not Namjoon. As a matter of fact, ever since the night he made you cum all over his pants he hasn’t attempted a single sexual advance. For a bit you assumed it was because he was trying to be a gentleman by getting to know you without the cloud of sexual desire, but now you were wondering if maybe he didn't like what went down that night.
As you stare at yourself in the mirror waiting for Namjoon to pick you up for your tenth date, a bit of doubt creeps into your mind. Tonight would determine his interest, the sexy black dress you were currently wearing with no underwear beneath, a temptation he most certainly wouldn’t be able to resist. He never really said what his sexual tastes were, and all you really had to go off was one night’s events to guide you. Your best guess was, if he had ripped your other pair right off, surely he preferred women without them.
You sigh out and arch a brow at the pathetic look on your face. “You really are dumb, ___,” you chastise yourself. Here you were trying so hard to get his attention, but you had no idea what steps to take. The ringing of your phone snaps you back into the now. A text from the man that consumes your thoughts glows on the screen and you rush to read it.
Joon: [I’m here, beautiful.]
Walking to the door, you swiftly open it and hurry to the elevator to meet him in the parking garage. As soon as the doors open, Namjoon glances up and swallows hard. Good.
He is leaning against the side of the vehicle looking like temptation itself. You needed to remind yourself of the goal you had set. This night was to entice him, not the other way around. Walking over to him, you smile and lean in to kiss his cheek. The air is crisp and you know for certain your nipples are clearly on display. You make sure to lean against his arm and brush against it, annoyed that now you’ve teased yourself in the process.
“You’re a bit too sexy in that dress don’t you think, baby?”
You smile and shrug your shoulders in response--he doesn’t like it. When he comes around and opens the car door, he dips down and breathes in your scent, his nose tickling the nape of your neck. You almost forget who the experienced person is in this little game you were playing. Sitting down, cross your legs and look up at him with your best innocent eyes.
“I put it on for you, silly.”
Namjoon shuts the door and says nothing more. When you arrive at the club, his arm instantly wraps around your waist to hold you close. The entire night he’s either next to do, holding you, or watching you from afar. You mostly laugh and have fun dancing with some random girls you meet, but when a man comes much too close, the entire night comes to a screeching halt.
“___, let’s go. Now!”
“But, we just got here.”
“I said now!” When he goes to grab your hand the mysterious stranger decides to speak up.
“Hey, my guy, we were just trying to have a good ti--”
Namjoon pushes the guy without a second thought causing him to land on the dance floor. He tugs you harshly and leads you all the way outside. The entire time you throw a fit and tell him he’s being crazy. The moment the cold air hits you both, he lets you go and turns to stare you down with fierce eyes.
“Don’t you ever do that again.”
“Namjoon! What the fuck. I was only dancing. Why are you being crazy?”
“Crazy? You wanna see crazy?”
You don’t get a chance to speak anymore. He drags you around the corner to the empty alleyway and presses you against the brick wall of the club. “I don’t know how many fucking times I have to tell you. You’re mine. That is what you told me, isn’t it? You said no one has touched you before...only me. That means you’re mine.”
“Joon, I know, but I wasn’t--”
“Baby, please just stop talking. Look at you. Look at this fucking dress. Don’t you know how sexy you are? I can’t even be close to you without---”
He has both fists pressed to the cement beside your head in frustration, his breathing rapid and eyes burning with a fire you almost guiltily take pleasure in. Was it right to find his jealousy attractive? To see the desire eating him he could lose control at any moment? The truth was, you were turned on by it and you needed him to know.
“Then touch me.” Reaching for his hand you guide it right to where you so desperately needed him to be. You remember the way he used his fingers--it’s all you can think about, but he tugs his hand back and away. “Joo-”
“My needy little whore. Do you think I want to touch you where anyone passing by can see? Is that what you like?”
“Wha-- no, I just thought.”
Namjoon grabs your hand once again and leads you to his car. He doesn’t say a word as he coaxes you inside, not even looking at you as he begins to drive. In that moment you felt like a true whore and were even more worried that you’d made him think even less of you. In less than an hour you’d managed to disgust Namjoon and push him away. You felt dejected and the memory of his opinion of you surfaces. After all this time, he really did think of you as a cheap slut, and you weren’t helping the matter.
When you arrive at your apartment, you assume he’s just going to leave you there, but he parks instead. He opens your car door and grabs your hand, tenderly this time, and walks up with you to your building. The entire elevator ride is awkward and you want to say something so bad, but the fear of making things worse stops you. When you get to your door, he simply stands to the side and waits. You glance over at him hoping to soften whatever may come, but the way he clenches his jaw and looks up to the ceiling isn’t a good sign.
You open and walk in, set your purse on the table and remove your heels. Now that you’re smaller in height, his tall frame dwarfs yours and you fold into yourself.
“I hope you know how much you hurt me tonight. I wasn’t happy at all. No man should be looking at what’s mine and no man should even touch what’s mine. You don’t get it do you, ___?”
His words set a rage within you. How did you hurt him?
“What! I didn’t even do anything! I was just dancing and he came up to me! What am I supposed to get when you don’t even want to touch me? Do you even like me, Joon?”
You’re halfway seated on a stool near the counter of your kitchen when Namjoon steps forward--you instantly regret your choice of seating. The corner is blocked off with nowhere to go.
“There you go again running that mouth of yours. It’s so fucking pretty too. It should be busy gagging on my cock, shouldn’t it, baby? Open up for me.”
Without a word, he slips his fingers past your open lips, your shock humorous to him. It was cute how tough you thought you were. He presses down on your tongue and when you wrap your lips around his digits, he smirks hungrily.
“Good girl. I’m going to need you to be quiet while I tell you what you did wrong. Can you do that for me, baby?”
You should be having an adult conversation with him right now instead of letting him manipulate you with his sexual prowess, but you’ve been needing his attention for so long. You simply nod and moan in response, the action earning you a chuckle from the man you so desperately want to please.
“Good. Now, listen closely so you don’t miss it. I want you to understand that when I pushed these very fingers into your untouched cunt, I claimed you. That means that no other person is allowed near what I own.” He presses his fingers further when he feels your tongue sucking him in. “You see what a fucking dirty whore you are? If anyone else saw this, they might try and take you from me. We can’t have that. I wouldn’t like that at all.” Again he pushes further and when you gag he pulls them out and then places them into his mouth, running his tongue down the length of them, all the way to his fingertips. “So yummy, baby.”
With a gentle kiss to your forehead, he walks off and right out the door without so much as a goodbye. Your current state is a mess and you can longer wait to satiate your body’s cravings. You run to your room, sliding your dress right off and jump into the bed where you search for your vibrator in the nightstand. You’re so wet you don’t even need lube, and by the time Joon texts you his routine goodnight, you’ve already cum three times.
A couple weeks passed, but the time dragged on. Minutes felt like hours around Namjoon -- some of them pleasant, but most of them not. It seemed your boyfriend had more layers of himself to unveil to you, bit by bit, day by day. You enjoyed the time you spent for the most part...until you didn’t. At those points, you told yourself it would get better, and it always seemed to.
His mannerisms began to shift once he was provoked at the club. As you gagged around his hooked fingers that night, he made it very clear you were his to play with whenever he pleased. You didn’t mind, as he began to kiss you more and show his affection physically. He never tried to fuck you though, but he’d do things to your body that, in your mind, were second best.
He’d cup your pussy while standing behind you at the grocery store where no one could see, or palm your breasts while watching tv. He’d be slow at the start, until he got himself worked up. One night while watching The Bachelor and you made a passing comment about how the man had a nice smile.
“Is that what you want, ___?! Apparently that’s all it takes to get your filthy pussy dripping--a nice fucking smile. You want to throw yourself at that dickhead like every other whore on the show? ...Huh?!” He began to get rough, biting marks into your neck and down your chest, but you were told you’d learn to like it.
While his possessiveness increased tenfold, you found it oddly times. The marks on your skin ached at the start, but they faded to pretty little bruises, subtly showing his claim. No one has ever gripped you with such passion, and there was no doubt Namjoon had passion coursing in his veins. Sometimes he became too passionate, tightening his hold on your wrist when you stumbled upon an old friend from high school.
“He’s just a friend,” you quietly assured him as you walked back to your apartment. But he wanted you to prove your loyalty, so you did.
He scared you a bit with his manic energy, but you did your best to remind yourself that this is how he expresses his affection, so you expressed it back. You got on your knees the second you stepped through the doors, sucked his vascular cock until you couldn’t breathe, and stroked him fast, to finish all over your face.
“What would your ‘friend’ think if I sent him a picture of you looking like this?” He squeezed his cock hard until a few lasting drops drooled over your lips. “You’re so pretty baby...Thank you.”
On one particular Saturday morning you awoke to the sounds of someone at your door. You were extremely exhausted after having stayed up until almost dawn talking with Namjoon. If he couldn’t be with you, he insisted you stay on the phone until he could hear your breathing even out signaling your sleep. You didn’t get up to answer but curiosity had you bouncing off the bed to see who it was.
When you open the door, all you can see is a huge bouquet of flowers that is so large it covers whoever is holding them. The delivery guy sets them on the ground, asks for your signature and leaves. You have no idea who would send you such beautiful flowers, but a tiny note sticking out of the top would clear things up in no time.
‘To the sexiest and most beautiful woman I know. Mine always - Joon’
It doesn’t take you long before you text to let him know that you got his present. He was probably sleeping, so you didn’t call, and now that you were giddy with love, your sleepiness left you. You knew you should at least take a nap because tonight you would be going out to meet up with the guys again with him. It feels like ages since you last saw them.
You mentioned to Namjoon several times how you missed them and wanted to see them, but he always managed to change the subject, making you forget what you asked for. It wasn’t like you meant to stay away for so long, but having a relationship took up a lot of your time and you knew this to be true of many of your friends when they started their relationships. So tonight you would make sure to have a good time and apologize for being such a terrible friend.
The day flies by and soon you’re on the elevator ready to make your way to meet Namjoon and be on your way. The ride to Jin’s house doesn’t take long, and the minute you enter, a booming cheer resounds throughout. Namjoon had asked you before you entered not to leave his side and hold his hand because being away from you would make him miss you, and you honestly tried to stick to the promise, but the boys tug you away faster than you could refuse.
You made sure to glance back at Namjoon, often trying your best to work your way back to him, but Jungkook kept wanting to show you some new videos he edited and Jimin had a lot of dating fails he was eager to share. Eventually you made your way through Hobi and Yoongi who talked about their music and dance club and then Jin had only greeted you the moment you entered, which left Tae. You had the intention of meeting up with him too, but you could see the look of annoyance on your man’s face. Although he was also talking to the guys and drinking, he wasn’t happy.
Finally free, you start to make your way to him, but Tae catches up with you first.
“Hey, sexy. Long time no see. Now that you’re Joon’s girl you can’t say hi?”
“Shut up, Tae,” you giggle and then hug him in greeting. “I was going to come say hello, but everyone was keeping me busy. I was actually just going to go talk to Joon real quick. Could you give me a sec?”
You turn to walk away, but Tae grabs your arm and spins you right back. “Why are you in such a rush? He gets to have you all the time. I’m sure he’ll move on from whatever he’s sulking over.”
“Tae, it’s not like that. You don’t know him. I’ll be right back.”
Again you spin and Tae grabs you once more, but this time he doesn’t turn you. He gets up close, right to your ear, and whispers. “What the fuck? This isn’t like you, babe. You and I could talk about anything. We used to fuck around. Why are you bei-”
“Get your fucking hands off of her.” Namjoon’s voice booms and you close your eyes already expecting the worst scenario.
“Shit, Joon. What the hell? I’m not going to take her from you.”
“Fuck off. Let’s go, ___.”
You feel torn because this is the last thing you want to happen, but one stern look from Namjoon has you moving. You get a moment to say your goodbyes noticing the look Jin gives you--was it pity? You weren’t sure. Before you know it, you’re back in the vehicle on another awkward ride home. You knew his jealousy was becoming too much, but he always made up for it somehow. It wasn’t like him to be jealous of his friends, though. You didn’t even know what he was so jealous about. It’s not like you were going to sleep with any of the guys. Hell, Namjoon hasn’t even taken things that far with you, so why would he think you’d be that way with someone else?
Although you’d been sexual in some ways with him, you still hadn’t had actual sex and you wondered if it was because he might not want to actually be with you. Maybe he was acting jealous because he knew how pathetically in love you were with him. Neither of you have said the word, but you were blatantly obvious, while he just got into fights. What was this relationship anyway?
“Joon. Why are you being this way? It’s obvious you don’t want me the way I want you. You always fight with me, get jealous, and then we end up getting each other off somehow. Is that even what a relationship is supposed to be? I’m trying here but I don’t get why you even wanna be with me.”
Namjoon hits the brakes of his car and parks off to the side of the road. His hands grip the steering wheel so tight you can see the white of his knuckles. Instantly, you swallow your words.
“I don’t want to be with you? Is that what you think, ___? You think I’m over here protecting you from people like Tae and other obviously desperate men because I don’t want you? Look at you! You’re so fucking hot and beautiful. Every man is out here trying to take what’s mine and yet you’re so painfully oblivious. Fuck!”
He smacks the steering wheel and then resumes driving, his foot pressing on the gas a little faster than before. You don’t know where he’s going and you’re too afraid to ask. He manages to pull into a park that overlooks the city, the trees so dense it’s hard to find the location unless you know exactly where it is.
“Get over here, baby.”
With a softer voice, he gestures for you to climb onto his lap, and you do so already knowing what’s coming. He always covered up your issues with sex, something you wish he wouldn’t do. There’s no way your relationship would progress like this. His lips, however, work their magic over your neck, and soon you’re melting right into him.
“Namjoon, we need to talk about this...we can’t just...ughh.”
Your words are stolen as soon as his fingers find their way into your panties. You almost didn’t wear any, but knowing this particular dress tended to fly up with even the smallest pick up in the wind, you didn’t take a chance. It didn’t even matter at this point. Your man found his way to your clit easily and his fingers were already experts in your pleasure.
He removes your jacket, teeth and tongue nipping and tugging on the flesh of your shoulders and neck the second they're exposed. Your arms lay upon his shoulders, thighs holding you up slightly to give him easier access. You think he’s simply going to make you cum and then sit you back down, argument forgotten, but the feel of his soft tip against your entrance stops the motion of your hips.
“What are you doing?”
“Shh, calm down baby. You love me, right? Hmm? You love me as much as I love you, right?”
His words are tender, eyes soft and brows creased as if the sudden revelation of weakness made him feel pain. You couldn’t deny him. Not when he just admitted to loving you in return. You blow out a breath and close your eyes, the tears threatening to spill over due to the overwhelming feelings flowing through you.
“Yes, Joon. I love you. I love you so much.”
“Good.” Your vulnerability was his drug, and wanting to prepare you for your first time, he slid in two fingers, working you open easily since your cunt was used to them. This time, he decides to press in a third without warning and the gasp you release makes him feral. You’ve taken them before, but not so quickly, and the way your body relaxes into them tells Namjoon you were more than ready.
He works your clit with his thumb while he scissors his other fingers into you, proud at the way you drip onto his palm. Knowing that it would only take a second, he removes his hand and then lowers you right onto his cock and thrusts up. You cry out into the vehicle, and dig your nails into his shoulders. He holds your hips down and slowly rotates them in order to bring pleasure back to you.
He centers you with a kiss, his mouth distracting you from the burning sensation you feel after taking his thick cock so quickly. His thumb finds your clit once more and the crease in your brow softens when he flicks it teasingly.
“’s gonna feel better soon, baby. Look at my good girl filled up so full. I didn’t know if you were ready to take me, baby. Maybe I should take it out…”
“No! Please...don’ feel sooo..gooo-”
“Yeah, baby? How good?”
Namjoon knows you can’t speak, but he can’t help teasing you. He can feel exactly how good, your cunt sucking him in so deep he can barely move. He knew this wasn’t the ideal place, that taking someone’s virginity, especially yours, should be done in a more romantic way, but he couldn’t let you go on thinking you could behave the way you had. And even more, he had to wipe the notion that he didn’t want you clear out of your mind.
When he knows you’ve completely surrendered, he tugs your hips forward, helping them to move against his rock hard cock. It was starting to hurt, being inside of you without moving a muscle, but he’d given you enough time to adjust and now it was his time to enjoy it.
Your sounds of ecstasy are enough to break any man, yet he remains in control, fingertips digging in deep and now settling on the round of your ass, hands motioning you faster and faster. His hips have now begun to meet yours, the in and out motions his cock is experiencing becoming too much to bear.
You feel so good, so warm, and so perfect. Your face is buried in his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders and interlocked behind his neck. He could feel you trying to move, your hesitance adorable and evidence that this was certainly your first time. He’d practically taken your virginity with his fingers before, but being inside of you was another feeling entirely. He knew you took birth control to regulate your period, but he wasn’t certain if you took them faithfully. He didn’t care. You were his anyway.
With the way events unfolded, there had been no time to take out a condom or ask if you would get pregnant. All he knew was that you were his completely and the only thing left for him to do was claim you officially. Once he spills his seed into you, no man would ever be allowed to know this feeling. He would know you inside and out, just as he should.
You start rocking faster, the now pleasing feeling of his length rubbing against the walls of your cunt, something you never thought would feel so euphoric. When he starts pulling you down onto his lap and thrusting his hips faster, you feel as if you could faint. It was heaven, the moment, the pleasure--the pain. His breathing labored and heavy against your temple has you feeling more aroused even though he’s already fucking your brains out. He complains a little when his dick gets squeezed by your hungry cunt, but you can’t help it. You were so close to cumming, of that you were sure, but you struggled to find the end.
Namjoon, of course, senses your trouble. Pulling the dress above your head, he takes your bra off quickly and latches onto a nipple. Immediately he sucks and tugs on it like his life depends on it. Your neck is now exposed, back arched, and thighs shaking at the overstimulation. And just when you think you’re about to lose your mind, his thumb meets you at just the right moment. A soft stroke is all it takes for your body to lose control and rock uncontrollably. You don’t know what it is about Namjoon, but your orgasm is incredibly intense and lasts longer than you're used to. Small repetitive spasms continue to hit you and you shudder in his grasp. He continues to roll over the already swollen and sensitive nub, his solid cock letting you know that he wasn’t ready to finish just yet.
“Such a good little whore. Give me one more, baby.”
“I can-- I can’t,” you cry against his shoulder, already worn and ready to collapse.
“Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to feel me inside of you? Right here?”
His hand comes to settle on your lower belly and it quickly becomes clear what he means. He adjusts you slightly so that he can fully settle inside of you. He thrusts up using his powerful legs to balance him, and completely sheaths himself. The tip of his cock hits up against your cervix and you can see when his cock protrudes slightly from your lower belly. He does it over and over, gentle but firm and your whimper at the strange yet uncomfortable feeling.
“That’s my good girl. I’m gonna fill you up nice and good, claim this little pussy for me. You’re gonna be my good bitch and take my cum, right, baby?”
“Yes, oh god...yessss”
When he hears your broken voice, he can no longer hold back. Returning to your clit, he begins to rub desperately needing you to cum at the same time as him. He knows you’re close, so he swirls and rubs it in just the right pattern. As soon as you take in that familiar deep gasp, he spills himself inside of you as you both reach ecstasy.
The car is a million degrees hotter and your body is coated in a light sweat, but Namjoon’s soft laugh is all you can focus on. Barely able to speak, you moan in complaint and he chuckles a little louder. “What’s so funny?” you whine.
“Nothing, baby. I’m just thinking about how I’m the happiest man in the whole world.”
You smile and lean your head on his shoulder, arms limp at your sides. He was right. You were also happy and without realizing, you too felt a giggle creep up to your lips. As you both sat in the car catching your breaths, you realize that whatever fight you’d been having didn’t even matter. He loved you more than anyone you knew and that was the best feeling in the world. Namjoon was right.
Kissing his cheek, you smile and hug him tight, his dimples too adorable to ignore. He was utterly gorgeous, and so amazing to you. You couldn’t remember the reason why you were upset in the first place. “Let’s go home, Joonie.”
A few days passed but everything had changed. Namjoon became more attentive and gentle, even spending more nights with you at home, and you were glad for it. Your relationship was in the best place it could ever be. He must’ve said I love you a billion times already, but you never grew tired of hearing it. This was the softest you’ve ever seen him be and you were falling even harder.
Last night he made love to you too many times to count, the evidence of his presence clearly marked over your inner thighs and belly. You lay in the bed stretched out like a cat listening to the shower come on. You felt sore, yet you couldn’t get enough. Needing to replenish your body, you decide on making a huge breakfast for the both of you, but Namjoon’s phone rings on the nightstand.
You walk around to see who it could be, and Jin’s name flashing on the screen makes you curious. “Hmm, why would he be calling?”
“Oh, hey, ____. I was hoping to talk to Namjoon. Is he around?”
“Sorry, he just jumped in the shower.”
“Good. Listen, ___. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Oh? What is it?” There has always been a level of mutual respect between you and Jin. He’s not known for beating around the bush either, which is a breath of fresh air.
“Tae and I spoke about the other day, and, well...we didn’t like how Joon was treating you. It didn’t sit well with us.”
“O-oh?” It wasn’t what you expected to hear, but then again, you really didn’t know what to expect. The fresh marks along the slope of your neck and the tender ache of your cunt return as Jin continues to speak.
“He snapped at Tae. Drug you out of the house like a dog. ___, we hadn’t heard from you in weeks. Then we see you, and, were barely allowed to look us in the eye. It’s so unlike you…”
“It’s not like that, Jin.” But then why is your lip trembling and your eyes welling with tears? “He loves me a lot. I know it’s soon, but...sometimes these things can’t be controlled. It’s just the way he expresses himself, and…” You stall to think of the right response, but it sounds muddy and wrong, even to your ears. “Really, I’m okay.”
“Okay?!” Jin never raises his voice, let alone at you.
“Jin--” The pitch of his tone snaps you farther from the floaty bubble of comfort Namjoon has created for you in your room. “Why are you being like this? I said I’m fine--”
“Tae followed you two.” He speaks in deadpan, like he can’t risk the time it takes to add pleasantries and a soft tone to his response. “He was so scared Joon would do something stupid based off the way he was acting, so he wanted to make sure you would be okay.” His breath grows ragged with emotion, noticeably trying to reason with you. “He saw, ___. The way he treated you in his car...he said it didn’t look consensual, but he couldn’t be sure. So he waited until he could see your face.”
“He followed us? Watched us?” Jin I--”
“Despite being safe, he said there was something in your eyes that didn’t look right. Like they were cold and...lost.”
You don’t know what he’s talking about. What happened in the car versus what a spectator could see are two completely different things. Plus, if Tae saw...god knows his own fondness for you could muddle his perception of things. The news is so sudden, and it gives you no time to mentally prepare or form a rebuttal. Why do you need a rebuttal? The relationship between you and Namjoon is amicable...copacetic...loving and kind.
“Lost?” A lump forms in your throat as you take a ragged breath in. “Jin, I’m okay. I’m fine, see? I’m talking to you, I’m happy. I’m in love, Jin. I love him a lot…” Your voice trails on. Some of what you’re saying registers and some of it doesn’t. In the end, it all sounds like noise.
“I don’t believe you,” Jin states bluntly. “I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I can’t believe that someone who treats you that way is someone you could love. And as for Namjoon, ___, I didn’t want to say this at the start because you seemed too happy, but Namjoon used to hate you. Spoke about you like you weren’t worth a millisecond of his time.”
“He...he what?” You weren’t blind to the way Namjoon thought lowly of you before you were together. The way he tore that dress off of you the first time he sunk his thick fingers into your cunt was telling of how little he cared for your sense of style or the way you carried yourself around other men. But it made you feel speci--
“He said you were a slut. That you were easy. He didn’t respect you then, and I don’t think he does now.”
Jin’s words cut deeper than if they came from Namjoon himself. Hearing them from one of your closest friends makes it feel...real. Like the micro insults thrown your way were more than jealousy and possessiveness.
Just as your mind begins to trail back to Jin’s voice, another one takes its place--
“Babe, who are you talking to?” Namjoon’s lips curl to a frown. “Is that Jin? I heard you say his name.” He shouts over your reply as you attempt to speak. “Hi Jin! Thanks for checking in. We’re great!”
In a flash, he’s by your side; snatches the phone from your hand and hangs up the call, then tosses it to the floor.
“What the fuck did you say to him?” His stare is intimidating, darkened beneath narrowed lids.
“We were just talking--”
“What did you say?!”
Tears stream down your face. You’re rattled, trembling to speak out. “I said we were happy. T-that I love you, Joon.”
“Why?” He takes one step closer and shoves you onto your back. “Clearly you needed to defend our relationship..” His hands are rushed and rough as he peels away your clothing, making you equal to his level of vulnerability, towel slipping off his hips. “Am I a monster, baby? Am I bad to you?”
“No. No!”
“Those fucking pricks think I’m bad for you. I knew they would. They’re jealous, just like I’ve been saying all along!” A TV remote tangles in his feet as he paces by your side of the bed, so he grabs it and tosses it at a wicker chair, splintering the framework. “Fuck! Don’t you see? God damnit, they’re ruining everything!”
You nod, because what else is there to do? You see the darker sides of your boyfriend--his temper, for one. You believe a part of what Jin claimed. Plus, the way Namjoon is handling your body is alarming--aggressive, fast, powerful. He could harm you if he really wanted to, but hasn’t. He’s positively agitated. You trust he’d never do anything to harm you, but for some reason, you’re terrified.
“We should stop, Joon. Uh...put some clothes on and talk about this.”
“Stop?” He shakes his head and closes his eyes, burying his face in his hands. “You want me to stop. I thought you loved me..”
“I do!” You’re quick to come to his side, coaxing him to sit on the bed beside you. “Baby, I love you. I just need you to calm down, okay?”
He laughs and uncovers his face. “Words mean nothing. I need you to show me.”
He grips you at the wrists and presses your back to the bed. “Spread your legs if you’re a good girl for me.” He does it for you before you can comply, using his other hand to pry you open. “There it is. Mine,” he hisses, “Wet little cunt, dripping wet, waiting for me to fuck it.”
You wriggle in his hold as the circulation in your wrists begin to pulse, but you don’t say a word in protest. He’s right, you are madly responsive to his touch. Even if he scares you, you can’t help the way your body reacts.
“It belongs to you,” you coo through a few stray tears.
“That’s right.” He shows you his agreement, using two large fingers to rub through your arousal and cost your lips, holding you open to see your tensing hole. “Mine to use whenever I want. To fill with my cum, as many times as I can. You want my cum inside you, right baby?”
Your eyes grow wide as he turns over his hand and places the backs of his fingers against your clit. “Mmhm. Y-yes.”
A harsh smack follows, right against your most sensitive skin. There’s no space for a yelp or questioning before the next smack lands. This time, he finds the spot he was looking for, directly over your clit. Smack. Smack.
“Joon! Ah--s-stop!”
“Don’t cry, baby. It’ll feel good soon.” Your boyfriend assures you with gentle words while he picks up the pace, harder and faster, smacking your pussy and inner thighs until you grow numb. “Accept it...accept me. Doesn’t this slutty body want to be fucked? If you can’t take this, you can’t take my cock.”
You try, but the pain grows too strong. You can feel the hot heat of your cunt swelling from the shock, so you back your hips to escape the next blow. SMACK.
“Aghh, ow, fuck!” Tears spring from your eyes.
“Unless you want someone else’s cock?” Namjoon rises to his knees on the bed and shows off his glistening length, how it drips pathetically to fill you raw. “Is that what you want?” The anger returns to his eyes as he shouts, gripping his shaft and stroking it. “Tell me, ___! Choose now--me or them?! Be a petty little whore for those liars. Go ahead, but you’ll never see me again...” He lines himself up at your entrance and prods the tip in without warning. “Answer me!”
“You! You!” Your cheeks are stained with tears and beet red.
“You’ll never see them again?”
“Promise me!” Namjoon spits, thrusting his fat cock into you. “Say it!”
Your vision blurs. The pressure of him entering you fully catches your breath in your throat and causes you to choke, struggling to respond quick enough. “I promise! I’ll never see them again!”
“You’ll stay here with me?”
A smile curls over Namjoon’s lips as he gives you another firm thrust. “Good girl.”
In his eyes, he’s finally won. It was a long road with a lot of twists and unexpected turns, but he finally broke you down. He doesn’t have to fear the thought of you giving yourself to someone other than him, or running away to have your mind turned against him by nosy friends. You want everything he has to offer--your mewling lips are enough to indicate how badly he affects your body, and how undeniable his touch has become.
“Say you love me,” he pleas, railing into your cunt with slick smacks. “One more time, so I can cum.”
Like clockwork, you comply. He’s won. You’re all for him, and all he has to do is snap his fingers. In this case, he rolls his hips and fucks you deep until he can feel the familiar slick of your cum trickle over his bare thighs. Now your body is hardwired to his. With a little punishment and a rough fuck, he can turn you to putty.
“Like that,” he groans. His hips angle upward to pulse inside you, spilling everything he has. “F-fuck, all mine. All of you...forever.”
Tumblr media
↳ All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland. Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
Thank you for all your support!<3
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darkestcorners · a month ago
darknets | yandere!jungkook au
Tumblr media
pairings: yandere!jungkook x reader (f)
genre: yandere
warnings: 18+, obsessive & unhealthy behavior, spying, stalking, doxxing, non-consensual videotaping, tormenting, manipulation, kidnapping,
word count: 11.6k
A/N; Hi guys so bad news left the final draft of my second halloween fic on a writing app on my ipad at home like an idiot and im out of town right now so i won’t be able to post the second installment of my halloween series until monday ( i will try to have it up sooner but please bare with me!) im posting this fic that has been in my drafs for months, the events happen during halloween times so its good enough for some spooky vibes. im so sorry but i hope you enjoy this fic in the meantime!:)
summary: You should of known better than to chat with strangers online….
The raindrops were loud against the small bedroom window .The wet pavement outside created a glare against the night sky and you watched as the intersection lights changed from green to yellow, to red and back again. The slight fog made it difficult to fully make out the cars from where you sat but instead you observed the strangers that made their way back home, likely from their night shift, a somber expression on their faces as they tugged their jackets and coats tighter around their bodies. You eyed the way they stepped on the muddy puddles on the sidewalk ever so often.
It was safe to say you were beyond bored. Enough to stare at pedestrians out your window instead of finishing what you were supposed to be doing which was writing your essay for your sociology class.
You pulled your gaze from the window and stared at your laptop screen, watching as the little blue icon lit up. It was taking forever to load which wasn’t a surprise, you were in need of a new computer for years now but you were not getting one anytime soon. Much less now with your father’s plummeting health.
Your fingers tapped against your flimsy wooden desk impatiently, sighing in relief as your screen finally loaded and you logged into your Microsoft account.
Your eyes glossed over your assignment instructions again and read over the Professor’s notes.
“Make sure it’s in MLA format blah blah blah..” You muttered as you clicked out of your college website and pressed on the saved Word document you had started yesterday.
Much to your disappointment, you still had a lot to work on. You barely had a two paragraphs written and you ran your hands over your face in exhaustion.
Your shift at the grocery store had kicked your ass today and you really wondered why so many people had woken up today and practically swarmed the store.
Granted, you were only a cashier and it wasn’t like you were doing the actual hard labor but it was just as stressful, you didn’t do well under pressure and customers yelling at you was the last thing you had needed to start your morning off.
The knock on your door did little to waver your attention from your screen as your fingers worked to type and rename your essay.
“Y/n!” You heard your little brother call from behind you, it was followed by a click and the door squeaking open.
“What have I told you about opening my door without permission?” You whipped your head at him, clear annoyance in your tone.
“I knocked!”
“And? I didn’t say ‘come in’.” You turned back and faced your screen again, continuing to type.
You heard him sigh, clearly fed up with your reaction and bad mood.
“Mom said dinner is ready.” He stressed in a whining tone, you wondered when he would grow out of that habit of his. It bothered you to no end.
“Since when does mom cook?” Your snorted.
You felt bad for the comment but it was true, the last time your mother had cooked for either of you was when you yourself were a little girl. A part of you wondered when you would see that side of her again, the doting and affectionate mother because what was left of her was anything but. You were sure you could blame your father for that but you wouldn’t dare bring that up while he was sick.
“It’s takeout.”
You hoped it was Chinese.
“I’m not that hungry right now, I’ll get some later. “ You dismissed him.
That was a lie, you were kinda of hungry but you didn’t feel like sitting at dinner with your parents tonight. It was the same ordeal everyday, it has been ever since your father had been diagnosed. Dinner was always painfully uncomfortable, consisting of your mother’s passive aggressive comments in an attempt to not lash out at her neglectful husband while still somehow trying to keep the peace and savior her failed marriage. All while your father sat idly in his seat, barely uttering a few words in response. It was clear he was over it and had been for a while.
But you weren’t sure if he was over your mother or all of you in general.
You could practically feel your brother still lingering at the door.
“What are you doing?” Ji-hwan questioned and you sighed, not wanting to entertain your brother’s nosey questions.
“An essay, now leave. Go play some video games or something,” You mumbled the last words mainly to yourself and finally hear him shut the door behind you.
You clicked on the backspace on your keyboard relentlessly as the screen seemed to freeze up and you groaned. You couldn’t lose the little work you had written, you were already on a time crunch.
“Come on,” You clicked on your mouse, moving it around in an attempt to get the laptop to start working again. You were starting to get fed up as nothing seemed to be working but you refused to shut it off like you usually did, the thing would have to start working eventually.
A black window suddenly appeared on your screen and you squinted. It looked like some type of web browser but you didn’t recognize the name, you were sure you had never used it before, let alone installed it.
“I swear to god if I got a virus..” You cursed as you tried to exit the window but when you tried , it only duplicated and a website popped up. It didn’t look like a regular website, there was random codes all over the dark screen in a green text. It was a bunch of different letters and numbers being repeated over and over.
You were sure you had virus now.
You thought back to what you could of possibly downloaded to get it but nothing came to mind. You rarely downloaded anything, the few times you had were only school related. The only other people who had been on your laptop recently was your brother and your friend, Mina for a project you were doing together a couple of weeks ago.
Your bets were for sure on your little brother.
Suddenly, the codes disappeared and your screen went black again, it had a username in and password requirement in the middle with a red log in button beneath the letters.
You tried to click out of it but when your fingers tapped against your mouse, the screen loaded and displayed what seem to be some type of video playing.
You furrowed your eyebrows, watching as the video showed nothing but an empty bedroom. Your eyes traveled across the screen, a bright red text read ‘LIVE’ on the top left corner.
What the hell?
Your eyes met the chat box down below it that was moving a bit too fast for your liking.
[ Live Chat ]
0kj12: come on show us already!
tae-h23fk: he didn’t do it lmfao
jk_97: the fucker totally pussied out of it
jm138p: why the hell is he stalling so much for
What they were saying only left you more confused and your curious gaze met the video again , you saw someone shifting from the corner of the room, the side of his body slightly coming into frame and he seemed to be pulling on something.
What was going on?
jk_97: i told him he should’ve planned ahead , he acts too impulsively
jm138p: i sent him the [encrypted message ] last week and he didn’t listen to me
0kj12: those are a bitch to get a hold of, i ran them through last month and it took me a good 5 hours to decode it
jk_97: 5 hours?? are you serious haha
tae-h23fk: hey not everyone is a pro like you man
Your curiosity got the best of you and before you could think twice, your fingers met the keyboard.
[ user na21_ has entered the chat ]
na21_: what is this??
You didn’t even know why you could chat in the box or where that username had come from, you figured it was just due to not being signed up on whatever the hell this website was that it randomly generated you a user.
tae-h23fk: nice of you to join us
0kj12: hey did you get the email i sent you ? and the file?
Email? File? What were they talking about?
na21_: what file?? and what is this video ?
jk_97: why are you playing dumb you know what it is
0kj12: the [encrypted message ] i need it , payment is due this week
na21_: i have no idea what you’re talking about
jm138p: typing….
jm138p: you’re stoned aren’t you
You frowned as you continued to type.
na21_: idk how i got here it just popped up on my screen
tae-h23fk: cut the bullshit when are you going to have it ready
jk_97: typing…..
jk_97: hold up i need to check something
You sighed in frustration.
na21_: i’m not playing with you now will you tell me how to exit this fucking thing
tae-h23fk: the hell are you on about
You scoffed, these definitely had to be some preteens acting all tough behind a screen.
When you went to type again your message wouldn’t send. You re-tried to send it again but the same thing happened, your message wouldn’t show up in the chat box.
Then one username in the chat box was highlighted, the texts a bright red.
jk_97: how did you log into this account? this is a private chat
You knitted your eyebrows. You went to type again and this time it let you but your messages were in gray now instead of black, you figured this must of meant they were only visible to the one user that was highlighted because you watched the rest of the chat continue to have a conversation that was completely unrelated to you.
na21_: im telling you idk , it literally popped up on my screen
jk_97: there’s no way you could of accessed this without downloading the software required so stop playing stupid
jk_97: tell me how you logged into this specific account
na21_: idk! i just clicked the screen and it automatically logged me in?? can you just tell me how to exit out this thing
jk_97: i don’t recognize your IP address so you definitely haven’t been on here before , who are you?
You bit your lip as you contemplated how to respond. You were getting a bit sketched out by how seriously he was taking this whole thing.
jk_97: forget it, i’ll found out myself
Your eyes widened as you read over the message. What did they mean by that?
Your mouse tapped against the screen, trying to click on anything else to somehow close this window but your attempts were no use. The website didn’t even have an exit button. You tried pressing the ‘esc’ key as well which usually would of worked but it didn’t this time. Of fucking course .
Your attention traveled back to the video above that was playing. The camera was moving angles and a person finally appeared behind the screen, it looked like a man but what really threw you off was the Vendetta mask he wore. The image was already disturbing but your eyes nearly bulged out of your sockets when you took notice in what was behind him.
There was a woman chained to his bed, what looked like duct tape was covered around her mouth and her muffled screams hit your ears. She shook vigorously around the bed as the man positioned the camera upwards, fitting both of them into the frame as he held it up with one hand. It was as if he was vlogging the entire experience and the casual attitude in the midst of her frantic behavior was incredibly unsettling.
You watched as he flipped over the camera, no longer showcasing himself but only her instead. She wore a simple tank top and some gym shorts, one sock still on her foot. The man behind the camera came to grasp her face gently, caressing her tear stained cheeks as she flinched back from his touch, another high pitched muffle leaving her.
This couldn’t be real right? This had to be some type weird roleplay. You knew some people were into that stuff but you couldn’t shake the heavy feeling in your chest. If this was simply a roleplay, the girl could act her ass off.
But what if it wasn’t?
Your gaze fell back on the chat box underneath that you had forgotten for a moment.
0kj12: ah fuck you actually did it..
jk_97: it was about time
jm139p: fuck shes hot you’re a lucky bastard
There was no way you were reading all of this correctly. Your eyes darted back and forth to the video and the chat box, trying to figure out what was happening and how real it all actually was. You knew there was certain websites that indulged in certain strange activities but nothing about this screamed pornography, at least not yet.
That one user was back to a highlighted red.
jk_97: you’re a little college student, aren’t you baby girl? and a pretty one at that
jk_97: you shouldn’t be on here but i think you already figured that out
You felt your heart sink at the message. The irritation you had been feeling quickly replaced with fear as you read over the message again and again.
Okay, maybe you were wrong.
This was definitely not just some random sketchy website. No, you were starting to suspect it was a bit more than that and you could only hope you were wrong and these people were just fucking with you.
You took a deep breath and decided on the one smart thing to do for once since you had acted so impulsively up until now.
na21_: first of all im a dude and i’m in high school so idk what you’re talking about
A clear lie and you knew it was unlikely for them to fall for it but you didn’t no what else to respond. It’s not like you were about to confirm what they just said.
jk_97: you’re scared, did the video frighten you?
jk_97: don’t worry, the girl is in good hands. in fact, it was long overdue.
Was he implying that it wasn’t a roleplay? Or was this part of the act?
na21_: is this one of those extreme roleplay sites?
jk_97: you’re too cute
jk_97: you should get out of this web browser before you come across the wrong people
You had a feeling that you already did.
jk_97: and one more thing….
jk_97: you look extra pretty when you’re scared
How could they have possibly-
Before you even finish your thought, your eyes darted over to your webcam, the green dot glaring back at you.
You slammed your laptop shut and let out a gasp.
The desk shook as you pushed yourself off your chair and took a step back, as if the distance you were creating with your computer would help ease the anxiety.
You were being dramatic, right?
The chances of this stranger knowing your personal information that fast wasn’t likely. Plus, you had not even shared anything at all or downloaded the website? Granted, you were not the most tech-savvy person but you were sure you needed to actively look for and download certain browsers to access those parts of the internet.
But how had they accessed your webcam? Or had you turned it on beforehand unknowingly? You knew you had used it a while ago for your speech class video assignment but you were sure you hadn’t used it again since. Had you? Even if you had it on, you didn’t understand how they could see you, you didn’t see yourself being displayed on the website at all.
It couldn’t have been what you were thinking, the web browser had popped up like some kind of ad, there was no way it would have given away all your information like that. Especially not things so specific.
Still, you were a bit shaken up. The added stress of the school work that awaited you didn’t help at all. You sighed and took out your phone, deciding to get some of your essay done on it instead. You didn’t feel like opening up your computer again yet.
You paced for a while before you made your way over to your bed and let yourself fall on the comforter.
Chill out, you thought to yourself.
It was most likely some fucked up people trying to get a laugh.
But no matter how much you tried to rid yourself of the intrusive thoughts, your mind kept going back to that video you saw. The man, that creepy mask and most importantly the girl. Was she okay? That was dumb to even wonder, she didn’t look okay at all, she had been completely frantic and you couldn’t help but wonder if she really did need help.
What if you had actually witnessed a person being held hostage?
Stop it, no you didn’t.
There was no way someone would post something like that online, exposing themselves completely.
Unless it was what you thought it was. You had heard of the dark web before, I mean who hadn’t? But there was no way that was what you had accessed. Plus, you had heard how hard it was to access in the first place, the stories usually involved you needing to download certain softwares and search engines. You needed to know your way around it to some degree and you were positive you never came close to accessing or ever wanted to. It certainly wasn’t a simple click away on some random pop up.
“Y/n!” Your mother’s sudden voice made you flinch and you sighed as you pressed your hand over your chest.
“Dinner!” She yelled, her voice easily traveling through the thin walls of the confined apartment.
“I’ll be there in a second!” You shouted back, letting your phone drop beside you on the mattress as you got up to walk towards your door.
Chinese takeout could maybe help your illogical nerves.
The last thing you wanted to be doing right now was attempt to put a colored eye contact in your little brother’s eyes without completely blinding him in the process. Your pointer finger grasped the top of his eyebrows while your thumb stretched the skin beneath his eye to widen them further.
“Stay still.” You muttered in deep concentration as you brought the contact closer to his eye , but just as the tips touched his orb he blinked harshly causing the contact to slip from your unsteady fingers .
“Jih-wan!” You yelled in frustration.
“Ow,” He groaned as he blinked rapidly and a few teardrops slipped down his cheeks.
“You know , I don’t think Jason needs red eyes.” You concluded as you took a look at his poorly done costume, the plastic white mask far too big for his face hung loosely around his neck and he wore a simple ripped t-shirt underneath his jacket.
But you really were in no position to critique , you had a far less inappropriate outfit on and it wasn’t much more creative either. The tight black mini skirt you wore was just a slight breeze away from showing your entire backside. It was a good thing you decided to wear black tights underneath.
Obviously you had your own concerns regarding your costume considering it wasn’t even a costume, just some skimpy outfit with a pair of cat ears.
Then again, that was what the majority of college student Halloween costumes consisted of.
“Besides, didn’t you get these at a dollar store? You will surely get pinkeye by the end of the night.” You frowned as you stared down at the carpet floor, there was no way you would be finding that tiny contact now.
“Whatever .” Ji-hwan replied as as he fixed the smeared blood over his face. “It was meant to make it look cooler.”
“You’re dressed as the most basic horror movie villain, some contacts aren’t going to make it more impressive.” You state dryly and watched him scowl at you.
“At least I have an excuse, I’m twelve.” He scoffed, pointing towards your outfit. “ You’re twenty something with some cat ears.”
“I’m nearly twenty, you brat.” You defended, pretending his words didn’t offend you just a tiny bit. “ and I had little work with, we’re on a budget.”
The night was already not going as planned. For one, your parents had burdened you with the responsibility of babysitting your brother and taking him trick or treating tonight. It wasn’t as if you weren’t used to babysitting your brother your whole life but tonight was different, you had been invited to a Halloween party by your crush, the same guy you had been infatuated with since the beginning of high school.
Of course your parents had to get in the way of your plans but what bothered you the most is that it wasn’t because of something important or work related, well technically they were attending a Halloween party at your father’s office but it wasn’t directly related to his job.
Besides, who actually throws office Halloween parties? You thought they only threw Christmas ones and spent most of the time gossiping about how much they hated their coworkers rather than actually getting along.
A bunch of middle aged adults gathered up in a small office with cheap wine and some undercooked microwaved pizza didn’t exactly sound appealing but then again maybe that would change when you turned forty and had kids.
Your friend Mina had texted you saying you should stop by the party but you were having doubts. Plus, Mina had sent you a picture of her costume and she had looked amazing as always, you were a little bitter she had not told you to dress up with her considering she was dressed as Bubbles, a power puff girl that you could of easily matched with but you knew she hadn’t expected you to come in the first place. You had mentioned how you were planning on staying home with your brother and watching movies instead.
From Mina: Girl you better come, you look hot asf.
You smiled as you read over her reply to the quick mirror selfie of your outfit you had sent her.
But the smile quickly was wiped off your face when you noticed another notification pop up.
From Unknown Number: Cat ears?Come on you could do better than that baby. Just because your friend is dressed like a whore doesn’t mean you have to.
You knitted your eyebrows at the crude message. Who the hell was this?
Your phone buzzed again.
From Unknown Number: But I must say, you do look sexy in that little skirt.
“What the fuck..” You muttered as you tapped on the number.
To Unknown Number: Who the hell is this ??
You couldn’t begin to explain how freaked out you were , had you accidentally sent the selfie to this random number as well? But as you scrolled up, there was in indeed no picture that was sent. This only left you feeling more confused, how the hell did they know what you had sent?
You looked down at the new message.
From Unknown Number: Did you forget me already ?
You stared blankly at the message, thinking over what they were saying.
No way.
There was no way it was one of those people you had chatted with, right?
The shady incident had happened over a week ago, it had long left your mind and you had completely forgotten about it up until this moment.
Now everything was coming back to you and that same paranoia greeted you once again.
Your fingers grazed over the keyboard and you saw the little blue dots forming, they were typing again.
Before they could even send another message you quickly tapped the block button.
Your fingers trembled slightly as you brought your phone down and took a quick glance around the room, was someone possibly watching you? Is that how they know what you were wearing?
Or was it maybe some sick Halloween prank? Maybe your friend had given out your number to a weirdo you went to class with or had shared your selfie with someone else? You were thinking of every possible reasonable explanation but even those seemed to far fetched. You knew Mina wasn’t the type to give out your number randomly.
Not to mention they had messaged you nearly right after you had sent her the selfie, how could she have had time to send it that fast to someone else? No, there was no way.
Calm down, calm down.
It could of just been a simple glitch in your phone.
“Are we going now?” Your little brother whined beside you and you blinked at him, as if barely realizing what you had been doing before the weird texts.
“Um,” You nodded, clearing your thoughts. “Y-yeah, yeah let’s go.”
You shoved the plastic orange pumpkin bucket towards him and grabbed your keys off your dresser. You followed behind him as he made his was over to your bedroom door but you couldn’t let yourself feel completely at peace as you took another look behind you.
“What are you doing?” Ji-hwan’s tone was just as judgmental as you expected it to be but you ignored him as you turned back and crossed the room, coming to make sure your curtains were closed completely. You wished the material wasn’t so thin but you supposed it was better than nothing.
After making sure there was in fact no possible way someone was spying on you, you made your way back over to to your brother and practically pushed him out the door.
Your eyes trailed over the rattling tree branches, the strong wind was relentless tonight. Your eyes squinted slightly as you stared up at the dark sky, the full moon out completely. You had been to five houses already and only two of them had been worth it. You wondered when people had started to be so stingy with candy but then again your own family wasn’t so generous with treats. You didn’t feel like being a hypocrite tonight so you decided not to comment on it. Halloween was quite strange in general, kids taking candies from complete strangers was accepted on this night only despite the obvious red flags that were presented.
You watched as your little brother held out his pumpkin bucket to the old lady as well as the rest of kids next to him. The house was covered in the usual ‘scary’ decor, filled with spiderwebs on the front porch and a fake skeleton that greeted you at the entrance. It glowed a dark green color when it opened his mouth and your eyes trailed over the giant blow up pumpkins that stood behind the fence.
“Nice,” You muttered at the sight, you shifted your weight to your other leg and you stood awkwardly beside a group of parents next to you. One lady gave you a long side-eye you chose to ignore while the middle-aged man behind you seemed to be taking a good look down your ass, which only made you tug on your jacket around you tighter.
“They had the good kind of chocolates.” Jih-wan exclaimed as he walked back over to you and you didn’t waste any time before you sped off in front of him, itching to get away from the judgmental parents behind you
“Great, can we leave now?” You asked him, eyeing his bucket of candy. It seemed fairly full and you only hoped he had enough so you could tuck him inside his room with some Halloween movies to watch for the restof the night .
“What?! We barely started!” You inwardly cursed, you didn’t feel like stopping at any more houses , the platforms you were wearing were already killing you.
As you continued to walk down the sidewalk, your eyes took in a tall figure walking in the opposite direction. You swallowed as you neared him, he wore a dark mask over his face that only revealed his compelling dark eyes. His sharp eyebrows only added to his intense gaze and your stomach dipped a bit at the sight. The earrings decorating his ears shined , one shaped as cross dangled from his left ear.
When you passed him, he glanced over your way. His stare made shivers run down your spine. You felt his shoulder slightly brushed yours and you were unable to break your gaze from him even after he walked past you. You turned your neck, eyeing the way he made his way down the sidewalk.
Could it be?
You watched as he stopped by the house you had just left, seemingly waiting for someone, a kid you assumed.
A sigh of relief left your lips.
You were really starting to lose it.
Were you really going to start suspecting of every stranger around you? You didn’t even have the slightest idea of what those people in that chat looked like, for all you knew you could of had been chatting with greasy old men.
“Let’s go there!” Your little brother announced, causing you to turn your attention back to him. He was pointing towards a large house at the end of the street and you could already tell this one was giving out some good stuff judging by the extravagant decorations.
“Fine but this is the last house.” You stated sternly, watching as he skipped ahead of you.
You felt your phone go off inside your bag and you went to take it out, pressing on Mina’s notification.
From Mina: Bad news. Just saw Jaehyun making out with the girl from our chemistry course.
You felt your heart sink a little as you read her message. The girl from chem? You thought back trying to remember her name, you knew she was often seen hanging around your crush but you never thought it was anything serious. Well, it wasn’t like them making out at a party entailed there was something serious either but you didn’t want to admit it was probably clear they liked each other.
You had been hopeful but you had seen the way Jaehyun had stolen glances at her in class, not to mention they had always partnered up for projects. From the little you had seen of it, the clues were there.
To Mina: Guess I’m skipping out on the party lol
From Mina: You can still come? Don’t let a guy ruin it for you.
From Mina: but you might want to hurry, I think someone called the cops because some idiots broke out into a fight by the pool
You frowned . That didn’t sound like it was about to be a good time, not to mention you didn’t feel like being stuck in the same space as your crush who was probably planning on getting laid with another girl tonight.
To Mina: Think I’ll pass, have fun though!
“Honestly, I think I should of gone for a deep red shade instead.“
You stared at Mina’s bright blue highlights, inspecting them further. Her hair was in fact vibrant but you didn’t think it looked bad.
You were sitting outside of the college building on of the outdoor benches, your attention span had been worse than usual in your lecture today and to make things worse you had gotten a bad grade on that essay for your sociology class.
“I think it suits you, you can always dye it back when you get sick of it.” You stated as you stared back at the notebook besides you, tapping your pencil against it.
She frowned at your words and let out a sigh.
“That means you hate it.”
“I don’t!” You denied , mouth agape in shock.
She laughs as she runs her fingers through the semi dry strands again.
“It’s okay, I hate it too.” She assures you and you sighed as you shook your head.
“You look hot either way.” You reply as you write down more of your notes, trying your best to keep your usual routine but you had been a bit on edge. The messages had stopped, you hadn’t received any new ones after blocking the number, that relaxed you at least.
“I know,” She smiled and her eyes settled on your face, taking in your expression.
“What’s up? You look kinda worried.”
You didn’t know if you should burden her with your issues, was it even smart to involve her in it? If this was truly a more serious situation involving a possible stalker, you didn’t want to involve anyone else. You had heard horror stories about the dark web, after all that’s all you had been researching for the past week. Alright, maybe Reddit wasn’t the most reliable source but still, all those people couldn’t have been lying, right?
“Ugh,” You whined, “I don’t even know if I should tell you.”
She tilted her head, now seeming more concentrated in what you were about to say.
“What?” She urged, and her eyes widened. “ Are you pregnant?”
Of course Mina’s mind would immediately go that scenario first.
“What? No!” You chuckled at her ridiculous thought. She knew you had broken up with your ex nearly a year ago now , there’s no way you could have been pregnant.
Well, technically there was but you weren’t really the type to hook up casually.
Except if it was Jaehyun that is. But he didn’t seem to pay you any mind these last few days.
“Then what is it? You look scared as hell,” She stressed , leaning forward.
You really did need to confine in somebody already.
“Okay, this is going to sound crazy but I think I may be getting stalked..” You say lowly . Mina’s eyebrows knit together at your words and you elaborate.
“I- I think I may have accessed the dark web somehow.” You add and watch as a stoic expression takes over face before her lips tilt upwards.
“Wait what? What do you mean?” She snorts, shaking her head.
You didn’t even know how to explain this without sounding like an idiot and a lunatic.
“I don’t know, about two weeks ago this really sketchy browser popped up on my screen, I clicked it and it sent me to this weird website, “ You explained.
“There was this super strange video of a girl tied up to a bed by this guy with a mask and I messaged with the people in the chat box.”
Mina’s face went from being skeptical to concerned in a matter of seconds.
“You talked to the people on there ? What did they say?”
You tried to remember their messages to you and how much none of it had made sense, it was as if they were speaking about some type of business deal involving payments.
“I don’t know, it didn’t make much sense. Some of the messages were encrypted.” You shrugged but held your hand up as you brought up the particular message you were concerned about.
“But, there was this one user who talked to me directly and he made a creepy comment about knowing I was in college and said he was looking at me through my webcam.” You confessed, that sounded even worse out load and you felt a shiver run down your spine.
Mina seemed to be processing your words, leaning back a bit before she finally shook her head.
“You probably have a virus, it must of been one of those really kinky role-play websites. “ She dismissed , smirking a bit.
“ I doubt it’s anything serious, there’s no way you could of accessed those nets, you’re pretty bad with technology. “
You grinned at her joke but you couldn’t shake off the feeling of paranoia. She was right, that’s what you had been assuming this whole time but what about that text message that was sent to you? Had it even been related at all? Most likely not.
“Why don’t you let me borrow your laptop?” Mina asked , nodding towards your backpack beside you . “My cousin is a tech nerd and all that shit. He could get rid of the viruses and install some privacy protection stuff.”
“Really?” You asked, staring down at your backpack, you reached over and slowly took out your laptop. “ How much would he charge me?”
Mina scoffed and waved her hand.
“Nothing, he loves doing this type of shit. I’ll just tell him you’re my friend.” She says as she takes the old laptop from your hands.
“Thank you,” You sigh in relief, feeling a weight lift off your shoulders already. “It’s been stressing me out so much.”
Mina rolled her eyes as she gave you a grin from ear to ear, her bangs lifting up from the strong breeze that was starting to pick up around you.
“You worry too much, it’s all good.”
You chewed on your granola bar as you depressingly scrolled through your feed on Instagram. A comedy sitcom was playing in the background and you could hear your brother obnoxiously playing some video game down the hall. The usual Sunday night.
Your fingers tapped against your screen, debating whether or not to search the profile you had in mind.
It wouldn’t end well, you knew it. You were almost positive you would find something on Jaehyun’s page that would crush you. You had a feeling that girl would be on there and it was petty but you couldn’t hide the burning jealousy inside you.
It was a simple crush, you knew that but one of your many flaws was how much you spent idolizing your crushes and thinking they were a lot more special than they actually were.
Despite that you still went against your better judgement and started searching his username.
You frowned as his profile didn’t come up on the search bar.
You bit your lip and as you went back to your profile and searched through your following list but you didn’t see his profile there either.
Did he..?
Why would he do that? You two were fairly friendly with each other, there wouldn’t be a reason why he would block you.
You felt embarrassment creep up, had you done something unknowingly?
You groaned, trying to think about every possible reason he could of just randomly blocked you for but Jaehyun didn’t seem like the type to do that. I mean, you didn’t know him that well but he always seemed too chill for any sort of mindless drama.
The sound of a notification buzzed through your phone and it pulled you out of your deep pondering.
You clicked on the text message.
From Unknown Number: You should start going for people who actually like you baby girl
From Unknown Number: And a History major? What a bore and a pretentious douche
Your mouth hung open at the messages.
Was this the same person from last time? Who was this?
It had to be someone you went to college with, how else would they have known Jaehyun was a history major?
You were about to reply to the message but your phone buzzed again in the midst of typing your text .
From Unknown Number: Btw, you might want to lock your bedroom window. It’s quite rickety.
From Unknown Number: I do like your curtains though, floral right? Suits you
You felt your heart sinking further with every text.
No way this was happening to you.
You tossed your phone aside and bolted towards your bedroom, making your way down the small hallway . The door of your bedroom slammed the wall by how hard you had swung it open. You ran towards your window , hands shaking as you tightened the old lock. You pressed down on it more with your thumb and hissed as you finally heard the ‘click’.
You stared out the window, eyes inspecting every single detail outside your building. There didn’t seem to be anyone , and you watched the traffic driving on the intersection a few feet away. Your gaze fell on a few people walking down the sidewalk but they quickly passed by, disappearing into the darkness of the night.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
That was until you caught sight of what was beneath the street light ahead of you. There was a hooded figure, you couldn’t make them out completely but judging from their build and height, everything pointed towards a male.
At first you suspected it was just a random person out for a smoke or waiting for the bus but then you realized the bus stop wasn’t until a few more blocks down.
It was unlikely.
But it wasn’t, none of it was unlikely after what you had just read.
You watched as the man lifted up his hand, sending a slow wave your way.
This was no coincidence anymore.
You stared at his almost calculated movements, you couldn’t see anything. Couldn’t make out his face at all. It was just a dark shadow, only slightly illuminated by the orange dim light of the street lamp he stood underneath.
It made it all more terrifying.
You shut your curtains harshly and stepped back.
What had you gotten yourself into?
Someone was following you.
You were sure of it.
Yet you couldn’t let yourself look behind you.
They had began following you since you had left work, once you were out of the parking lot and had made your way to the sidewalk. You had noticed someone, a tall someone with all dark attire lingering behind you as you crossed the busy street.
When you had turned , they had also turned. You had started picking up your pace, testing to see if they would also but they didn’t. They followed slowly , distractingly almost.
You had been walking for a good 10 minutes and they still had not got in another direction, no matter how many corners you had turned. You decided to take another route to your house, a longer one.
You weren’t sure if you should even head home to begin with, you always heard you weren’t meant to walk straight to your house if you were being followed.
But what if this was the same person who had been standing outside your window the other day? The one who had been practically harassing you with vague and disturbing text messages of your private life.
You had told Mina about them, calling her immediately after the incident but she had told you to relax and that it must’ve of been some douchebag from one of your classes messing with you. She had stressed that it had to be someone that you knew, even in passing and had gone to school with.
However, this wasn’t middle school and whoever was messing with you had a disturbing way of showing interest. You didn’t buy it for a second. The intentions were malicious, what sane person would play those types of games ? You knew college guys were immature but this was too severe. It was downright creepy and invasive.
You insisted that it couldn’t be just be an innocent joke to Mina but she had told you she would help you resolve it when she got back from her trip next week and even accompany you to the police station.
You had debated contacting the authorities right away but you were scared, you didn’t want to burden your family with more stress than they already had. It almost seemed pathetic to you, your father battling cancer and your worn out mother trying her best to take care of him while struggling with the financial situation you all were in. Her daughter being stalked would just be the cherry on top.
Now you were regretting that decision.
You decided to take your chances and take a quick glance behind you, the person was still a good distance from you but they had gotten closer.
The sun was going down, and you knew that was a clear warning sign you needed to hurry up and get home.
You quickened your pace again, staring down at your shoes in determination. Your apartment was only a few blocks away now.
You took another look behind you.
The person was walking faster.
You felt your heart begin to race, you turned a corner , walking down the familiar street you always took home.
Of course the person also turned and they were right on your tracks.
You could hear them behind you now, their footsteps getting louder. This only encouraged you to pick up your pace even more, you were jogging now.
It was clear you were trying to put as much distance as possible between the person and any other normal pedestrian would of taken notice of this and slowed down or stopped completely. Even turning another way.
But no, the person behind you kept that same steady pace. They were speed walking towards you.
You cursed as you heard them almost right behind you.
They were coming to get you.
You were going to die.
You turned down the last street, finally seeing your apartment building a few feet away .
That’s when it stopped.
The footsteps stopped abruptly.
You turned, slowing down as you saw the person continue to walk straight ahead. In completely different direction from you, quickly disappearing ahead behind the tall fences of the surrounding houses.
You breathed heavily, looking around you.
Had you really been that paranoid?
You still felt shaken up and you wondered if this was just a set up, what if they rounded the corner and came back to run up on you ?
With that you took off, practically full on running towards your apartment now. Your legs flew up the metal staircase , hurriedly putting your key in the lock and shutting the door behind you.
You closed your eyes briefly as you leaned back against your front door.
The apartment was quiet, signaling your parents and your brother weren’t home.
The sudden knocking that followed made you jump forward.
You turned around, eyeing the door as the knocking continued then stopped. You swallowed as you took a cautious step forward, taking out your phone in the process.
You had 911 ready on speed dial as you leaned forward and took a look through the peep hole of the door.
It was a guy, he wore a black cap that covered his messy dark locks. He lifted up his head, displaying his face. Handsome features stared back at you, and your eyes trailed downwards, noticing he was holding a familiar looking laptop in his hands.
“Shit,” You mumbled as you put your phone back in your pocket and unlocked your door, swinging it open.
He looked a little startled by the action, taking a step back before he gave you a small nod in acknowledgment.
“Hey, are you Y/n?” He questions uncertainly , raising an eyebrow at you. He holds up the laptop in his hands. “ I’m Mina’s cousin, she told me to drop this off .”
“Uh yeah, sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone.” You admitted, your heart rate slowly normalizing now.
“It’s alright,” His lips tilt up, as if finding your skittish state amusing before he hands the laptop over to you.
“ You had a couple of viruses, I got rid of them and I installed some ad blockers along with some privacy protection.”
You took your laptop and nodded, your gaze studying him. He was undeniably attractive. You noticed he had an eyebrow piercing along with a lip one, the ring shining against the side of his mouth.
He also had a few earrings on both of his ears, one in particular stood out. It was a cross, dangling from his left lobe.
That earring, where had you seen it before?
“Thank you so much,” You gave him a grateful smile, tapping your fingers against the laptop.
“I honestly don’t even know how I got those viruses.” You wondered with a frown.
“Well, it’s easy to get them, downloading unknown stuff, clicking on ads..” He informed you with a tilt of his head.
“Porn even…” He finished with a sheepish smile and your cheeks warmed at his implication.
You were going to kill your brother.
“I-I don’t, I mean I don’t usuall-“ You stumbled over your words.
“ I have a little brother.” You blurted out finally and watch an understanding look cross his face. “ Preteens, you know?”
“Definitely, been there.” He nods with a tight lipped smile.
This was far more awkward than you had intended it to be.
“I also downloaded a few updates, hope you don’t mind. It should make it work better since it is an old model.” He added, biting his lip.
“I appreciate it. “ You stepped back, holding the side of the door. “ Mina told me you wouldn’t charge me but I feel bad.”
“I only cleaned your laptop, it’s really nothing at all. Took a few minutes.” He assures you with a shrug.
“I’m really clueless when it comes to technology, sorry.” You felt pretty dumb for not knowing the basic ins and outs of your own laptop but to be fair, the outdated device always worked so slow that you didn’t bother much with it besides to do schoolwork.
He smirks at that.
“It’s alright, we all have our specialties I guess.” He turns his head before he takes a step back. “ I better get going.”
You nod as he turns to leave and you’re about to close the door before you remember something. You pop your head back out.
“Wait!” He turns his head slowly at the sound of your voice, his hands gripping the top of the metal staircase.
“Sorry, I forgot to ask for your name?”
His eyes bore into you, licking his bottom lip before he drawls out.
“Thanks again, Jungkook.” You smile before shutting the door and taking out your phone quickly.
To Mina: Why didn’t you tell me you had a hot piece of ass for a cousin
Thankfully your laptop had been working better now, faster even and you assumed it had to do with some of the updates Mina’s cousin had mentioned.
You had to admit it was more stress relieving to work on it now that you were sure nobody was spying on you through the webcam and didn’t need to place a sticky note over the camera.
That software had not popped up again, no ads at all even. You couldn’t thank Jungkook enough.
The smell of something burning hit your nostrils and your gaze fell on the pot on the stove, you could see the bubbling soup was spilling out from the sides and spreading all over from your seat on the couch.
You hissed as you ran to shut it off and moved the pot to the side, the towel you had gotten to grab it wasn’t enough to not burn you in the process.
Your mother emerged from the hallway with a startled look on her face.
“Oh god,” She sighed as she came to grab the towel from your hands to wipe off the mess on the stove.
“I must’ve fell asleep, your dad wanted me to make him some soup..” She said and you could see the eye bags on her wrinkled face.
You knew your mom had fallen into a negative state ever since you’re father was diagnosed with the terminal illness but it was hard to see her actually worried for him. They had spent nearly your entire childhood fighting and insulting each other, you couldn’t remember the last time they had even been neutral with each other.
But now, she had even tried to cook for him? You almost wanted to tell her he didn’t deserve that but you kept your mouth shut. He was still your dad after all, no amount of bad mouthing was gonna change that.
“Mom its fine but don’t leave stuff cooking while you nap, you’re gonna burn down this apartment.” You sighed.
“Where even is dad?” You question, noticing you had not seen him all day.
“The pharmacy, he’s picking up some prescriptions .” She replied as she waved the towel around the smoke that still lingered in the air . You were wondering why the fire alarm hadn’t went off but most things in the apartment didn’t work accordingly.
“Oh by the way, that package came for you earlier while you were out.” Your mom pointed to the side and you followed her gaze, a square package was placed on the kitchen table.
A package?
You didn’t remember ordering anything.
“Y/n , you better not be wasting money online. You know we are in a tough situation right now.” Your mother scolded behind you.
The fact that she needed to remind you of the amount of medical bills we still had to pay was insulting. You were well aware of the situation, your entire paycheck was always handed to your parents.
“I’m not.” You snapped, unable to keep your attitude from slipping out.
Your fingers tugged on the seal, ripping open the package and you held in a gasp at what was inside.
It was a necklace, you took the delicate material into your fingers, eyeing it.
The necklace looked familiar and it took a few seconds for it to register in your brain.
It had been the same necklace you had been looking at online the other day, it was from a small business and you had visited their site a couple of times before but this necklace had caught your attention.
The price had been way out of your budget and you had not planned on actually buying it, if anything you had been checking to see if they would be some miracle lower the price or have a discount available.
You eyed the sapphire jewel, it was as beautiful and dainty as it had appeared on the website.
But you had not purchased it, so who did?
Your mind automatically went to Mina but you wondered how your friend would of even known you had been looking at this specific necklace. Not to mention your birthday was still a few months away.
The package was still in your hand so your eyes searched through it, looking for some type of note.
There was indeed something inside but it was not a note, instead a red long envelope was placed inside.
You picked it up and noticed there was no writing on the outside so you immediately tore it open and reached inside.
What the fuck.
You let out a shaky breath and swore your heart stopped completely at the sight of what was in your hands.
They were pictures.
Pictures of you.
It was you sleeping in your bed s and the angle of the picture suggested it was taken from someone hovering over you. They had zoomed in on your neckline.
Your fingers trembled as you looked through more of the pictures, there all practically the same. Just you sleeping, blissfully unaware that someone had taken a picture of you. You were wearing a different shirt in each picture, meaning they had been taking on different days.
“What’s in the package?” The curious tone coming from your mother hit your ears and it took everything not to turn to face her.
“N-nothing, just a book.”
You practically stormed Mina’s house, shoving right past her when she opened the door, not bothering to even ask if you could come in. You were in far too much of a panicked state.
She must of been so caught off guard, you hadn’t even bothered calling her before you came.
“This is bad, this is so bad.” Your hands trembled as you paced back and forth in her living room. You heard her shut the door and rush over to you, gripping your shoulders.
“Y/n! Wait what’s going on?” She demanded, staring at you frantically as she tried to get you to focus on her.
You handed her the pictures in your hands, your breaths had not steadied at all. Your entire body was quivering uncontrollably and your eyes were bloodshot and burning from all the crying.
You watched as she studied the pictures carefully, going through them.
“Someone has been in my room.”
They had been standing there. Taking pictures of you while you slept unknowingly. You shuddered at the image, you didn’t even want to think about it. The thought of a stranger watching you like that, it filled you with complete disgust, you felt so incredibly exposed.
“Oh my god..” Mina whispered, looking back up at you with wide eyes.
You tugged on your hair in exasperation.
“We need to go to the authorities, whoever is doing this is insane!” More tears fell down your face and you hiccuped between sobs.
“They could be planning something! What if they want to murder me?” You cried out, the idea wasn’t too far fetched at all.
This person was clearly disturbed. Who was to say their next step didn’t involve slicing your body up? Choking you in your sleep?
“Okay, okay calm down.” Mina nodded as she gripped the pictures and tugged on your arm, leading you through the hallway that connected to her kitchen.
“You need get yourself together first, it’s gonna be okay.” She comforted you as you took a seat down at the table.
You couldn’t even focus on what she was saying but you watched as she took a mug from the pantry and started putting water into a kettle on the stove.
“I can’t! This person has been watching me for weeks, Mina.”
You recalled back to that instance in the window, those texts and the pictures.
It was all connected. It had to be.
“They’ve been in my room, in my house.” You rambled on as you let another cry of distress.
“Oh my god, my family is in danger too.”
The thought of them possibly being in any sort of danger right in this moment made you feel sick to your stomach. You needed to tell them, it had been so idiotic of you to try and keep it from them, this wasn’t only about you now.
Mina takes a deep breath before she walks behind you. You hear her shuffling, looking for something you assume. Tea bags, maybe.
“Do your parents know you’re here?”
You shook your head wordlessly, your hands rubbing over your face.
“No,” You reply back and furrow your eyebrows as you thought over her question, had you heard her correctly?
“Why would that matt-“
“I’m sorry, Y/n.”
You hear Mina say behind you before you feel an excruciating pain in your head. You stumble out of the chair and hit the floor, your vision immediately going blurry.
You feel the cold tiles against your cheeks, your head felt numb, like it was buzzing.
You groan, blinking rapidly in an attempt to recover your vision but the blow to your head was too severe. You could feel your body giving out, and soon your surroundings disappear completely.
“Why the fuck did you knock her out?”
“Relax, she will be fine.”
“I gave you the damn tea for a reason.”
“I panicked, okay! I thought she might’ve run off before I had the chance to give it to her.”
“If she’s seriously hurt, you’re fucking dead”
“This is all your faul-“
“Shut up! She’s waking up..”
The voices sounded so muffled to your ears, you could barely make out what they were saying.
It felt like you were spinning and your head was throbbing. Your eyelids slowly blinked, trying to adjust but it took you a while to clearly see anything.
You lifted yourself up, letting out a pained cry when another shot of pain hit your head.
“Shit, I’m sorry baby.” You heard a voice say beside you as you felt something being pressed behind your head. “ I know it hurts.”
Your eyes slowly met the figure, you squinted as you made out his features.
“J-Jungkook?” You croaked, trying to put the pieces together.
What the hell was Mina’s cousin doing here?
“Where’s Mina? What happened?” You try to lift yourself up more, noticing you were laying on a bed but that’s when you felt the restraints. Your eyes fell on your wrists, taking note of the right ropes tied around them.
Both your hands were confined to the bed frame.
“W-what is this,” You swallowed, you were still so incredibly disoriented and it was so hard for you to take in what was happening. Your brain seemed to be working in slow motion.
“Stay still,” Jungkook ordered, and that’s when you see he’s holding up an ice pack to your head. Blood was coating it.
“What the fuck happened?” Your lips trembled, your stomach sinking as you tugged on your wrists more.
“Why am I tied up?”
He ignored you.
You stare at him, he was wearing a simple dark hoodie, exactly like the one he had on that day he stopped by your apartment. Your eyes fell on that damn dangly cross earring of his.
That earring.
It finally clicked. The memory of the guy you had scene walking past you on Halloween night.
“You…” You began but something else caught your attention.
You turned your head, taking in your surroundings. You were in a large dark room, there was a bunch of PC’s in front of you. The monitors were widely spread against a long table. The lights of the keyboards blinked against the dimly lit area, there was headsets everywhere, tripods, cameras, tablets. It was filled with all types of devices.
You flinch as Jungkook’s presses the ice pack harder against your skull.
One monitor in the middle was displaying some footage that made you freeze. Your eyes watched as the camera zoomed in on a girl, she was undressing herself. She walked towards her closet, looking through more of her clothes before she stood in front of a mirror to try them on.
The girl was you.
“What the fuck!” You yelled as you pulled yourself away from the man beside you. You had to be dreaming right now.
“What is that!?” You point towards the monitors, your arm only going up so far due to the ropes holding you back.
Jungkook sighed , dark eyes staring into you.
“You.” He replied with a casual tone.
This couldn’t be real. Where the hell was Mina?
“You sick fuck!” You shouted at him, a look of pure disgust on your face. “ Where the fuck is Mina!?”
“Did you do something to her?”
He scoffed.
“You really are too innocent,” He states, narrowing his eyes. “ Mina was the one that smashed your skull with a vase, baby.”
Your body chills at his words.
“What?” You whisper, backing away further into bed. The walls around you were made out of bricks, there was no windows in sight and your eyes searched for the door but you didn’t see one around you.
You jolted as you heard the sound of metal screeching above you. Looking up, you saw a part of the ceiling that was outlined in the shape of a square. It opened, and a staircase unwrapped itself from the top, hitting the ground roughly.
You saw as someone started to climb down and you caught sight of the familiar white sneakers and blue highlights as they fully descended from the steps.
“Mina!” You called out, leaning forward but you hissed at the thick material around your wrists tugging you back once again.
“You’re hurting yourself.” Jungkook reprimanded , pushing you back against the bed frame again.
Mina slowly walked towards you, an unreadable expression on her face.
“Mina! Help me! What the fuck is going on!?” You screamed, widening your eyes at her but she stood there, watching you.
Not moving an inch towards you.
“Why are you just standing there!?” You sobbed, the ugly realization settling in but you were in denial.
This didn’t make any sense, this room or whatever it was. All these computers, these devices, it was all mortifying. The more you observed them, the more you saw every possible detail about your life on them.
Diagrams and blueprints of your entire apartment complex, a map the entire city with pinpoints leading to your address, your workplace, even the local coffee shop you always stopped by.
It even showed your little brother’s school, your parents workplace, their pictures stared back at you.
Everything. They had every aspect of your life on those screens.
Had Mina known about all of this? About what her cousin had been doing?
“I’m sorry.” She said, her eyes were blank and this wasn’t your friend. This wasn’t the Mina you had known for years .
“How long?” You demanded, not even sure you wanted to know the answer. The pain on the back of your head felt worse with every movement you made, making your entire head feel heavy.
“You shouldn’t have responded to that chat, Y/n” Mina shook her head, disappointingly at you. “ How could you be so stupid?”
“This wouldn’t have happened if you had not talked to the chat!” She snapped , clearly fed up with you and the entire situation. She seemed so fidgety and her eyes watered as she stared at you.
Jungkook watched his cousin with an almost thoughtful expression on his face as his lips twitched.
“Wow,” He drawled out, voice dropping a few octaves. “You’re an even better actor than me.”
Mina’s eyes slowly met his, glaring at him.
“Why do you even bother with it anymore, little cousin?” Jungkook shook his head, turning to face you now and his thumb smoothed over your cheek, wiping away some of the tears.
“She’s never leaving.”
His words cut through you and you felt the rising panic return to you, you let out a breathless laugh .
“You’re crazy,” You told them, your eyes darting between him and your friend, or used to be friend. “Both of you! Why are you doing this? Why me!?”
“Jungkook always get what he wants.” Mina shrugged, taking a step towards the monitors . There was resentment in her tone, at least that’s what you wanted to believe.
“And he wanted you.”
“Don’t act like you didn’t help,” Jungkook replied to her , not bother to even glance her way as his eyes took in your face , observing you too closely.
They were demented.
These people were criminals.
You watched as she handed Jungkook a phone and he lifted himself off the bed.
“Why are you letting him do this!” You tugged on your restraints again, fighting against the ropes that just wouldn’t budge.
“He’s family.” Mina replied , as if it was the most obvious justification to exist . She took a step back, facing the monitors completely as she typed something on the keyboard.
“I’m sorry you for the blow to your head baby girl, my cousin is quite reckless.” Jungkook sighed, still eyeing the side of your head before a smile met his lips.
“But you look so pretty regardless, I can’t believe you’re finally all mine.” He stated, eyes trailing slowly over your figure and you felt a wave of disgust wash over you at his action.
“ You know the cops will come looking for me right? You guys are fucking insane!”
“Shh, don’t struggle so much unless you want to pass out again .” Jungkook almost cooed , clicking his tongue disapprovingly.
“They aren’t going to find you, Y/n.” Mina broke the news to you with a straight face.
“They aren’t many traces of you, your laptop has been completely wiped out, we have your phone. The most they will do is create a search party for you, looking for your body in the nearby woods, “ Jungkook interjected , rolling his eyes. “ Like the idiots they are..”
“Then they will investigate my cousin here, your family and maybe the couple of people you knew at college. But they won’t find anything, you’ll just be another cold case. After all, how many other young women don’t go missing on the daily, baby girl?” Jungkook said , you could hear the slight condescending tone.
You had started to sob again in the midst of his cynical explanation.
“Jungkook.” Mina warned, urging him to stop.
You couldn’t bare the thought of never seeing your family again. Your mother, your little brother and even your father who you had thought you didn’t care much about anymore but at this moment all you wanted to do was see him.
He was ill, he would pass before you ever got out of here.
If you ever managed to.
“It’s better for her to start getting used to the idea,” Jungkook gave his cousin another biting glare. “ and don’t involve yourself in this anymore, I don’t need your input.”
Mina cowered at the look he was giving her, immediately going silent and backing away.
You watched as Jungkook slowly brought the camera up to your face, then angled it towards your entire frame, recording your entire body.
Then, he reached to pull out something behind him.
“We’re live.”
Mina’s voice made you bring your attention back to her but she refused to meet your gaze, staring towards the monitors instead.
You looked back at Jungkook, finally realizing what was in his hands.
A white mask.
A Vendetta mask.
You shook as he placed it over his face, stepping closer towards you as you stared directly at the lenses of the phone camera.
The scene was all too familiar.
All you could do was scream.
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chummywchimmy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING : Yandere!Hoseok x Reader
SUMMARY : The Mating Season is a wondrous time for all the wolves. Well, as wondrous as Alphas fighting against Alphas for their desired Omegas can be. You wish for it to pass quickly. Receive zero offers or worse, get mated to an Alpha that had been the part of the group of wolves that had bullied you throughout your childhood. However, bad luck comes knocking at your door in the form of the Alpha’s son, also the reason you were ostracized and tormented as a child.
GENRE : Yandere AU, Werewolf AU, Omegaverse AU
WARNINGS: Bullying, Mature Language, Omegaverse, Yandere Behavior, Misogynistic Behavior, Child Abuse, Mentions of Blood, Mentions of Dead Animals, Violence etc.
I do not own BTS. This in, no way, reflects their real personalities. The only reason they have been mentioned is to indicate the physical appearance of a FICTIONAL character.
My intention is not to glorify toxic behavior nor do I believe BTS member would ever act like this. It’s just a figment of my imagination. Know the difference. Please.
Part I    Part II
Tumblr media
He was staring at you. Again.
Wait, that's not right. Glaring was the right word. Dark, hooded eyes burnt holes into the back of your neck as you adamantly stared ahead. You curl in on yourself, the force of his intense gaze on you feeling like a physical hand upon your nape, bending it, forcing it into submission.
You didn't need to look back to know who it was. It was always him.
And despite having grown up with his murderous, intent gaze on you, it never stopped your spine from being wracked by shivers each time the two of you were in close vicinity.
The murmurs around you, the plethora of smells attacking your newly sensitive nose and the feel of your best friend's arm brushing against yours as he stood by your side, all bled into the background under the sheer power of his sight.
Your head, that had been up until now timidly turned down looked up as a powerful voice boomed,
"Wolves of Lucine, welcome. Today marks the commencement of the Mating Season, under the ever watchful eye of our Mother Moon. Step forward and announce your intent!"
The Head Alpha's words got varying reactions from the crowd of the young wolves. The large clearing contained the unmated alphas, most of which growled and released heavy pheromones at his words, as well as the omegas who flinched and began to fidget, a reaction their biology imposed upon them, whether they liked it or not.
You could feel Kylo shiver beside you. He links his fingers with yours, the two of you being each other's strength. You don't look at him, neither he you but you rub your thumb on the back of his hand, hoping to calm him down.
Every omega around you is similarly affected, some even smelling of involuntary slick. Your forehead furrows. You knew very well that some of your fellow omegas did not wish to be mated, having barely crossed nineteen summers, yourself included. But no matter how much you or they wished to retreat back into the safety of their caves, they wouldn't be welcomed. Spoken or unspoken, the sentiment in every pack member, especially the Alphas would remain the same,
' All Omegas of worth are mated by the age of nineteen.'
To remain unmated later than that, an Omega was considered unworthy, something that must be lacking, faulty, defected.
You licked your lips as the silence elongated the moment. The Alphas were expected to declare intent first.
The ground shook or maybe it was all in your mind as he stepped forward. Walking with agile steps, similar to that of a panther roaming the jungle, he strode forward till he reached the side of the Head Alpha. You dared not look up, lest you meet his eyes. Your stomach felt tight with nerves as it is.
Your heavy breathing was all that you could hear before his baritone fell upon your ears. You stared hard at the ground, wishing for this moment to pass quickly.
"Jung Hoseok, Alpha. Intent to Mate." His voice ended in a growl.
Your breath hitched. A similar reaction was inspired in the crowd, Alphas and Omegas alike.
Alpha Hoseok had never declared intent to Mate. Ever since he had turned nineteen, he'd always attended the Intent Ceremony but always declined during the declaration. You'd never known why. Kylo's Omega sister ,who was now Mated, had told the two of you in hushed whispers about it, when she'd recall her experience of the Intent Ceremony to the two of you.
You'd always been curious about it, despite not wanting to Mate. You'd wondered if atleast some of the Omegas were happy, excited. Today was your first time attending and you'd quenched your curiosity thoroughly.
The Intent Ceremony was a grim, solemn affair, atleast for the Omegas. Their downturned heads, if raised would expose their glassy eyes, dreading the future. A future that depended solely on the mercy of their Alpha Mates. And sadly for them, the merciful ones were far and few in between.
The best representation of the kind of Alpha that each Omega standing here dreaded was standing at the very head of the clearing, digging holes into your trembling form.
Alpha Hoseok stood with a confident stance, legs spread apart, hands clasped behind his ramrod back. Traveling up his form, your gaze fell upon his legs, muscles making clear indentations even through the brown breeches. His torso clad in a loose white tunic faced your direction, strong lean arms, bulging even in the relaxed posture. He was truly the pinnacle of an Alpha that all the Omegas dreaded yet exactly what their Nature forced them to want, to pine for, to submit to.
And you had never despised Nature more than now, as you looked at his eyes, dark as ever. His face that had been stoic, pulled up into the lightest of smirks as your eyes met his.
Your core responded to the gaze of the virile Alpha and you wanted to cry. Your ears burnt with shame as your body shivered.
Omegas were truly impaired by their biology.
The sight of that smirk widening brought back a barrage of memories, none of them pleasant.
Tumblr media
The walk to Lucine had been so long. Your small, chubby legs ached and the soles of your feet throbbed. You squeezed Mother’s hand, looking up at her tired form and making what you hoped was a pitiful face. She squeezes it back, an apologetic look overtaking her beautiful face for a fleeting moment before she schools it back into a neutral one.
You sighed. Father had said that this would only be a two hour walk. But it had been so long! Your teacher in the previous pack had yet to introduce the pups of your age group to reading a sundial, so you couldn’t say for sure how long you had kept walking in the thick forest.
But even if it had been longer, what could you do really? You look at Father’s imposing backside, plodding ahead, and wonder how badly you’d get beaten if you threw what he called a ‘tantrum’. You didn’t know what that word meant but it would anger Father whenever you said anything that wasn’t in agreement to his words. The last time you’d done so, he’d slapped your back so hard that you couldn’t lean it across the bark of the tree during the class for an entire week.
As you were walking, the sight of a beautiful sparrow made you look up. It sat upon the thinnest branch of the tree ahead, free as ever, going wherever it wanted. In your childish brain, it felt like her eyes were on you too as she stared back so you decided to wave and smile at it, hoping that it understood that you wanted to be friends.
Before it could respond, your foot got caught in a shallow hole filled with viscous mud. You went tumbling down. At the very last moment, Mother’s grip on your hand tightened and prevented you from having a mouth full of mud.
You squeaked as you looked down on your favorite yellow dress, now stained with dirty brown as it dripped down the hem. Eyes filled with tears, you looked down, noting your now dirty legs.
The commotion alerted Father to the scene behind him and you didn’t have to look up to know that the familiar look of fury was upon his face again. Heavy steps filled your vision as he came towards you. You could feel the grip Mother had on your hand tighten even more but she didn’t say a word.
She never did.
You feel your vision shake as he grasps your upper arm in a vice grip and pulls you forward. Lip trembling, you expect his hand raised in fury to meet your cheek any time but it stops mid-air.
You peek up at his face, jaw clenched and eyes burning with anger.
"You stupid chi-! Let's not do this here. We're about to arrive and you better not make a fool out of me in front of the new pack. And you!" He spits out, looking at Mother.
"Better be on your best behavior. Only speak when spoken to. If you go off running that dumb mouth, only Mother Moon what knows what would happen to my position in the Council." His words end with a look that smarts, even though it is directed at Mother.
She looks down, biting her lip and nodding meekly.
The three of you plod ahead, eager to reach pack grounds before sunset. The no man's land is not one to be relaxed in.
You move forward, even though your legs scream with fatigue and each step feels shaky.
This time you don't get distracted by any birds.
After walking for what felt like hours, your Father's back disappeared into a thick covering of shrubs, vines and overgrown plants.
Mother tugged upon your hand to pull you into it as well. Your child brain wondered if you would even be able to come out of it on the other side. What if thorns prickled you?
Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself and moved forward, putting one step ahead of the other.
Surprisingly, you came out on the other side fairly quickly. But in walking through the cover, a few leaves and loose twigs attached themselves to wetter mud stains upon your beloved dress.
Mother picked off some of them discreetly as Father looked around, taking in the large area.
Surrounded by large, thick tress and wilderness on all sides, multiple caves lay ahead of you. A large fire pit acted as the centre of the clearing, the caves all equally distant from it. There was a hut on the far right, which you assumed was the Pack Kitchen since huts like these were used for such purposes in your previous pack.
But this pack was nothing like your previous pack. At least, on the basis of its location. For one, it was much larger in area. It had many mores caves than you had ever seen. The surrounding greenery was also much thicker. You didn't know what that meant but that's what Father had said to the elder's in the previous pack when he declared his decision to leave. Something about getting a better position, he had said.
And it seemed like he had got it since there was a group of people coming towards the three of you, with smiles on their faces. There was a little boy with them too, similar in stature to you. You were happy to see this, you wanted to make many friends here!
As they came closer, they bowed to each other, Mother putting subtle pressure on your back to remind you. You bow and look up at the boy, giving him a wide smile. He waves back, a meek smile upon his face.
The conversation between the adults is lost on you, your eyes distracted by the large pack area, not knowing where to look. Wolves of all ages were going about their daily lives, sometimes looking over at your group before resuming their activities.
"This is my pup, Y/N." Father's call of your name brings back your attention, the adults now looking at you. You bow again, hoping Father will be happy now that you're keeping quiet and bowing well. The three adults nod at you. The youngest of the three pushed the young boy forward.
"This is my brother's pup, Kylo. Kylo, welcome your new pack mate nicely." The tall main said, giving you a quick smile.
Kylo walked forward in your direction. Giving you a small smile, he looked up at your father, asking him in a meek voice,
"Can I take Y/N to meet my friends?"
Father took a deep breath, trying to figure out the pup's subgender. Satisfied that Kylo smelled like an unpresented Omega, he nodded, once again becoming engrossed in talking to the adults as Mother gave you an encouraging smile.
You slipped his hand into yours and let yourself be pulled along.
You come across many adults on your way, almost everyone giving Kylo a smile and a pat on the head. He smiles back at everyone and you decide then that you're going to be a good friend to him. Smiling people are so pretty!
"Do you like to play tag?" He asks in his melodious voice. It might even be softer than yours.
"Yes! Do you have many friends that we can play with? Tag is so much fun with many friends." You speak, a large grin stretching your lips. You wanted to make lots of friends here just like you had in your previous pack.
He nods, pulling you in the direction of a large area where pups of all ages were playing. A small group that looked to be close to your age looked like they were playing tag. You were going to join them!
Kylo hopped to the group, smiling. You stumbled behind him, eager to make friends.
"Guys! This is Y/N. Uncle said she's going to be our friend now."
You bowed and waved, giving everyone a large smile. As you were looking at everyone, you noticed a boy holding a bird plushie. It was yellow and looked so soft.
Kylo began speaking again, wanting to introduce you to everyone.
"Y/N, this is Hoseok. He decides which games we play each day because he's the eldest." Kylo smiled at the boy standing at one corner of the pups that were forming a semi-circle around you.
The boy waved as you gave him a large smile. He looked taller than everyone.
"Do you like to climb trees?" You asked, hoping he could teach you. You always wanted to learn but Mother insisted that she wanted you to be taller first. Since he looked tall, he must know, right?
He looked confused and furrowed his brow.
"Why do you wanna climb trees? Mom says it makes our clothes dirty." His face belied his disgust.
What was wrong with dirty clothes if you got to enjoy yourself? He was so weird.
You looked away from him at the next boy. You didn't want to talk to Hoseok anymore.
"Hi, what's your name?" You smiled at the boy holding the plushie.
He waved,
"I'm Jungkook. Do you wanna play with Beetle?" He extended his plushie, a timid look on his face.
You beamed at him.
"Plushies are so stupid, Jungkook. Stop acting like an Omega." Hoseok scoffed, standing in front of Jungkook, blocking him from your view.
Plushies were not stupid! Especially not bird ones.
You move forward, eager to play with the plushie and Jungkook.
Taking the plushie from Jungkook's hands, you look at Hoseok. Looking up, you stared in his eyes and exclaimed in anger,
"Plushies are not stupid! You are stupid. And don't talk to Jungkook like that. Come Jungkook, we'll play with Beetle." You take Jungkook's hand into yours and move towards Kylo, who had been watching the entire scene with his mouth hanging open.
Hoseok stood there for a moment, looking chastised. Suddenly, his face twisted. As you were moving away, he turned around and pushed you hard, causing you to fall on the floor.
You let out a sound of pain, eyes filling up with tears. It hurt so much, hitting your hip on the hard ground.
Hoseok stood over you, his mouth twisted and eyes hard. Suddenly, he looked so much older than you and any other child standing there, watching the scene in front of them, silently.
“Who let you into our pack? Or are you a rogue? You look like one. Am I right guys?” He questions looking at all the kids around him, a cruel sneer upon his young face.
Everyone apart from Jungkook and Kylo sneak glances at each other before nodding, almost hesitantly.
Basking in their agreement, he smiles and tilts his head while looking down at you. You notice Jungkook’s doe eyes glistening, probably feeling bad about your pathetic position.
Suddenly, your tormentor kneels down and tugs at the hem of your stained dress.
“Did they throw you out of your pack, you ragamuffin? Hm? Everyone, look at this dress, does it look new to you? Can your Father not hunt well? Is that why you have to wear such dirty clothes?” He speaks loudly, pouting his lips in malicious concern. The kids around you laugh, either for supporting their assumed leader or out of genuine amusement. Kids can be cruel like that.
Tears are spilling down your cheeks, humiliation coloring your face red. You weren’t thrown out! 
Before you could open your mouth to retort angrily, a pup your age picks at your hair harshly, pulling out a small leaf that had been left behind. She shows it to everyone as they laugh and holler.
Hoseok stands now and joins in the laughter, his eyes still trained upon your red face.
Kylo and Jungkook take each of your arm and tug you up, pulling you away. The three of you walk far away from the group of hollering pups, your heads down.
Things did not get any better after that damned day. The three of you were ostracized by all the other children. The next day you had gone out to play, hoping you could be friends, despite feeling thoroughly humiliated. Hoseok hadn’t been there but the pups followed his commands nonetheless, refusing to let you play. When their leader arrived, he took it a bit further by insulting not just you but Kylo and Jungkook as well, saying that ‘wimps should only play with wimps.’
You were pissed. Insulting you was one thing, but your friends too? At first, you felt guilty. It was because of you that they couldn’t see their other friends. 
When you were old enough to learn under the care of the pack teacher, your feelings of guilt worsened. As the three of you would walk into the small shack, all the kids would hoot and shout nasty words. The teacher, an old, hunching man with eyes that could barely distinguish between colors, would simply ignore the commotion or mutter a weak, ‘silence!’
Your writing board would either get stolen or damaged when you went out to have lunch. Either that or some kid would accuse you of stealing something from them and when the teacher checked, it would magically end up in your sack. You would get pushed, mocked and humiliated, all as that monster laughed, always looking on from the sidelines.
In the beginning, when Mother found a purple bruise upon your shoulder, she urged you to tell her how you’d gotten hurt as she applied the medicinal herb. Under her gentle hands, hands that wished to soothe and not hurt, you broke. Telling her everything, you bawled in her arms and begged her to leave this pack. No one likes you here, they make fun of you and every school day is torture. As she tightened her loving arms around you, you assumed that she would do something about this.
Instead, in her smooth voice, she advised you to not say a word in front of Father, for your own good. You cried that day, unable to understand why Mother wanted you to accept this. As you grew up, you realized that it truly was for your own good. If Father got the wind of this, he would be a thousand times worse than those pups. You see, Father firmly believed that a wolf that breaks under pressure will not survive long. Ever since you could hear and comprehend, his favorite phrase had been “survival of the fittest.” Showing emotions, worse even, crying was a cardinal sin. If he got to know how you were being treated, instead of standing up for you, he would instigate those hateful children, encourage them to “teach you to weather every situation in life.”
Each day was miserable. However, Kylo and Jungkook stayed in your life like a ray of sunshine, your hope that there were still good wolves left on this Moon-forsaken place. Your small group would play together in one side of the garden while everyone else clustered around Hoseok, asking him what they would play during recess. The three of you would be playing with Beetle or having a competition to see who could stack stones atop another the quickest. And each day, the other pups would play tag and purposefully come near your little corner to break your stone tower or kick Beetle. 
As an apology to Jungkook, the three of you would go to the lake every weekend to wash Beetle clean. Seeing his beloved plush toy shining and clean, his doe eyes would shine bright and a toothy grin would spread upon his face. Jungkook had always been a sweet soul. Once during lunch, you had remarked to him, 
“Your smile is so pretty, Kook. You look like a bunny when you smile.” You had said as his smile widened, nose scrunching up. Kylo pushed his shoulder and tried to imitate his smile.
The moment was broken, as always by the bane of your existence. A carrot came flying and hit your friend’s head. Your head whipped around, as Hoseok came towards your little group, smirking.
“Why, little bunny. Did that hurt? Of course it did.” His mocking smile morphed into a sneer, “An imposter. A bunny among wolves. That’s what you are, runt. Go away and join a pack of bunnies instead of staying in our pack and pretending to be a wolf!” His words were as cruel as ever. 
Seeing the rivulets of tears tracking down your friend’s chubby cheeks inflamed your anger. How dare he?! 
High on the euphoria of everyone around him laughing and cheering on his malicious words, your bully failed to notice you standing up and swinging a punch his way.
It hit his jaw with a crack, the sound silencing everyone. His head whipped to the side with the force of the hit, staying there for a good minute before he looked back at you. The look in his eyes almost made your resolve crumble but you stood your ground. Face now wiped of any amusement, his eyes threw daggers at you, his hands clenched and nose flaring with fury. You wondered if he was going to hit back and prepared yourself for it.
Instead he smiled and walked back, turning his back to you. His expression had changed in a split second, relaxing his face into it’s normal look of nonchalance.
Before school the next day, you steeled yourself for the bullying becoming way worse. Maybe you’d get a few punches and your bottle would be stolen again. Nothing you hadn’t experienced earlier, right?
Oh, how wrong you were.
Kylo had taken a while to come out of the school hut. Worrying that he’d miss lunch, you walked in, telling Jungkook to stay put.
It was quiet, as expected. All the pups were supposed to be out, playing and eating. 
“Kylo, come out! Lunch is about to be over.” You called out, still making your way in.
A hand clamped itself against your mouth as your hands flailed. Your attacker bound them against your back. Almost immobile, you were dragged to the washroom.
You tried to scream and cry, all in vain. The ambusher was strong and determined. Your blood pumped with such hurry, you thought you were going to faint.
The washroom exposed to your eyes the sight of Kylo being similarly restrained as you as he cried silently, begging you with this eyes. And of course, the scene was complete with Hoseok standing above him, scissors in his hands. He snipped them in thing air, making you acutely aware of the sharp blades. Your mouth became dry.
He smiled at the expression of terror upon your face and threw the scissors to the girl beside him who began walking in your direction. Now struggling even more fiercely, you kicked and tried to scream, all to no avail. Everything was done in absolute silence. 
The girl with the scissors walked behind you and began snipping, the sound of the scissors the only one you could hear above the blood thumping in your head. For a second, you wondered why you couldn’t feel any pain. 
The realization brought horror.
Clumps of hair fell all around you, snipped in an uneven fashion. Tears blurred your vision as your rising sob was muffled in the hand around your mouth. A wolf’s hair was their pride. To have them taken away in such a crude, degrading manner was the death of one’s pride, even your young mind could understand that. 
In your devastation, you looked at the boy standing in front of you, wishing you could kill him with your eyes. He looked at you, unblinking, face as neutral as ever.
You never thought your young heart could hold such hatred for someone.
Tumblr media
The walk back to your cave was filled with the dreaded silence. Despite walking close together, Kylo and you were far away in your minds. After the Intent Ceremony had ended, all wolves had left for their caves.
You were scared and apprehensive. Just the thought of being mated soon brought shivers down your spine. You’d have to leave your cave for a strange one. Being an unmated Omega, you had to live with your family until you moved to the one where your mate lived. This was the only space that you had called a home, after your cave in your last pack. On top of all that, living with a stranger. You grimaced.
You could sense that Kylo wanted to say something. He looked up at you and then looked back down, a conflicted look upon his soft, cherubic fact. Giving your best friend a tight lipped smile, you nod at him to reveal what was in his mind.
“Do you...” He purses his lips for a moment. “ You think Jungkook might ask for your hand?” His look of meek hopefulness lifts your mood for an instant before it plummets back down.
Looking up at the darkening sky, you wonder if Mother has brought the washed clothes inside. It looks like it might rain. 
“Don’t know. He might have his eye on someone.” You don’t look at Kylo as you speak, wishing to maintain a calm, nonchalant facade. feel like the two of you are as good as strangers. Ever since you and him presented and grew into your respective sub-genders, you weren’t allowed to interact outside of any pack celebrations. Even then, Omegas were expected to keep to themselves and not interact with any unmated, unrelated Alpha too much. 
Ever since, the two of you went your separate ways- him with the hunting practice and you with learning the tasks required of Omegas such as sewing, cooking, cleaning and the likes- you were unable to see much of your former best friend, if any.
Well, you still considered him your best friend but you weren’t sure just how much that feeling was reciprocated. Ever since he had returned from the woods- it was mandatory for every Alpha wolf that comes of age to spend an year in the woods alone- he had grown from a boy into a man. Apart from his brawny physique, he had also changed in demeanor, becoming more stoic than you had known him to be earlier. 
Kylo sighed and moved his head in a nod. Despite his wishful thinking, your words made sense. It wouldn’t be right to assume that he’d choose you as a Mate out of some sympathy for your position. There were a ton of beautiful, unmated Omegas in the pack and with his capable nature, he’d be able to fight for Omegas who were far from being an ostracized wolf like you.
You gave Kylo a half-hearted smile as you reached near his cave and waved him goodbye, staying in your spot before he disappeared into the mouth of a medium sized, light grey cave.
Thunder cackled behind you and your steps quickened to reach home. Kylo’s words ran in a loop in your head. Despite the nonchalance you portrayed in front of him, you couldn’t help but hope that Jungkook would declare intentions for you. You didn’t particularly have any romantic feelings for him but it might be nice to be mated to an Alpha who hadn’t bullied you as a pup, which unfortunately was not true for majority of the Alphas of the Lucine pack.
A light shower from the heavens above jolted you from your hopeful thoughts, literally raining upon your parade. You snorted.
With your cave in sight, you saw Mother rushing outside, hurriedly grabbing the clothes drying on the large rock beside it. You run towards her, forgetting all thoughts of Alphas and dreadful Matings in favour of saving the half-dry clothes.
Tumblr media
The sound of the cave's entrance rock being moved aside jolted you from your fitful sleep. You sat up on the hard floor, rubbing your eyes of the lingering whispers of rest. Mind still feeling as if it had been stuffed with wool, your eyes chose the nearest wall to focus upon, replaying vestiges of the dream you had been having.
It had been dark, very dark. An open field, trees flying by as your feet thumped against the grass, running. You couldn't recall whether you were running towards something or from something. All you recalled was adrenaline firing up your veins.
Father's voice accompanied by the heavy sound of something being dragged against the rocks made you stand on your wobbly feet. You were pretty sure it was still very early in the morning; Mother always woke you up before Father did - as a good Omega should be up before the Alphas of the cave woke. So what could be disrupting the early morning peace in your cave of three?
Covering up your chest with a thin shawl, you peeked out from the protrusion in the cave rock that divided your small sleeping area from the rest of the cave.
Father stood in the middle, talking animatedly with a figure that stood upright, shoulders back and hands clasped behind his back. Lean muscles bulged through his thin coverings, face alight with a heart shape smile.
On his feet lay the dead body of a large boar, enough to feed an entire pack twice. It looked as if it was brutally killed, mauled and gouged as it were.
Instantly grasping the situation, you froze. Hoseok had come to present your guardian with an Intent Offering, asking for your hand in Mating.
For a minute, you thought it must be a cruel joke. He liked pulling such pranks. Maybe he intended to present Father with this offering and retract it as soon as Father's eyes shone with glee, ecstatic to have such a personal relationship with the current Alpha's only son.
Your feet feeling glued to the floor, you hoped beyond hope that this was indeed what he intended. Your prayers, however, went unanswered as Father patted him on the back, a smile you had never seen before glued to his lips. The center of attention, the young Alpha nodded and laughed, face the very picture of innocence. Bile rose up in your throat; how could he pretend that he hadn't tormented you your entire life?!
Heart racing, your body reacted by emitting the pungent scent of an Omega's distress. Perhaps this alerted him or he was already aware of your presence because dark brown eyes clashed with yours as he looked at you, face losing all traces of the previous amusement. Rumbling, he stepped towards you, holding out his hands.
Your heart slowed despite your mind still screaming in stress. Realising he had begun to release calming pheromones, your mouth twisted into a snarl. How many times would your biology betray you?
Hoseok's presence was so overwhelming, almost suffocating in the small space that you failed to notice Father beginning to walk towards you until he wrapped his callused palm around your bicep, pulling you into the still Alpha's direction.
You looked at his face and came upon the realisation that something about it had changed ever since he had come back from the woods. Apart from the sharpened features and higher cheekbones, something else had changed too, something much more significant than his outer appearance. Earlier his face used to hold a mocking smile as it looked at you. But now his face would go almost slack, relaxing whenever he would look at you. However, the eyes stayed the same, dark voids that stared at you with such intensity that you felt it like a physical touch that almost edged on painful, unbearable.
The same look lingered in his eyes as he looked at you being dragged, pearl-like tears dropping down your face as you silently begged with Mother who stood watching the entire scene from against a wall, passively.
Hoseok reached into a large leather pouch that hung from a twined rope that lay around his slim hips. This time you couldn't hold back a shriek as he grasped your hand and placed upon it a dead bird, it's yellow feathers soaked in crimson blood, lifeless eyes looking back at you. You wished to loosen your hand, let it fall from your grasp; it reminded you too much of Beetle, sinuses clogging from unshed tears from the memory. However, the towering male in front of you closed his larger, rougher hand around yours, cupping it and forcing it into a fist, forcing you to accept.
"You like birds, right? See, I got one for you. Cook it tonight and tell me if it tasted nice when we meet on the day of the Choosing." His eyes chased yours as you tried to look away, palm burning yours as blood from the bird dripped down.
As tears rolled down your cheeks, he quirked an eyebrow,
"Not gonna say anything?"
Father's grip upon your bicep tightened, scared of loosing the Alpha's favor. You wanted to laugh. You wanted to tell him just how much Hoseok hated you. How all this was a big, fat joke. He was three years older than you and still hadn't taken a Mate. How could Father be so easily convinced that he'll suddenly change his mind for a social outcast. He was probably waiting for the day of the Choosing where Father would give his consent for the Mating and then call it off. Call you all sorts of things he'd already had in your childhood, in front of the whole pack.
But Father didn't know all this and so he put a hand to the back of your neck and forced your head down in a bow, an unverbal acceptance of his gift.
His tinkling laughter richochetted off the rocks as he spoke, eyes burning a hole on your bowed head,
"It's no matter. We'll have plenty of time to talk after the Mating."
Tumblr media
Your eyes stung. The need to blink your eyes to rid them of the moisture or simply look away was all too consuming. You gave the knife in your hands a temporary rest as you sniffed and turned your head away from the green onions.
“You’ve spent more than 8 years in front of the cooking pots and yet sniffle at the sights of an onion?” Mother spoke. A stranger might take her words as a sign of beratement but only you could recognise the amusement underneath. Despite the onions and the smoke stinging your eyes, you like it. Cooking with Mother. It is the only time you spend with her, away from Father, where Mother barely speaks due to fear.
 Peering at her face, you notice the lines around her eyes deepening, her frail back beginning to hunch all under the weight of old age that now dawned upon her. You were hit with the realisation that she was growing old. The thought that someday she might not be here shook you down to your core. Your ultimate protector, even though she could do naught to save you from Father’s wrath and cruel words of the pups that still rung in your head, atleast she was there to soothe you afterwards. Who would protect you later?
The very idea of needing protection brought the image of a certain tall, strong wolf with an acerbic tongue to the forefront of your mind. At present, he was the one you needed protection from. Being his Mate? Even his name accidentally falling upon your ears as you walked past giggling Betas on the way to the weekly market caused you to flinch, the horrors he had inflicted still too fresh in your heart.
Perhaps it was the thoughts raging in your head or the sound of a wolf’s paws thumping against your cave entrance that the knife in your hand came down onto the onion with too much force. Well the onion and your index finger.
Crimson colored the cave floor, seeping into the garish grey, staining everything it touched. Blood flowed steadily and it was not surprising that Mother was quick to notice, attuned as she was to her pup. Gasping, she knelt near you and put your finger into her mouth, willing the blood to stop. You stood there, eyes looking into nothingness.
Mother looked at you, concern shadowing her face but before her opened mouth could voice her concern, the all too familiar baritone of Father rang out, telling you to come out.
In front of the entrance stood a wolf that easily looked into your eyes while being on it’s four paws, tall as it was. It’s midnight fur was thick and glossy except in places where it was missing, torn out by an opponent in a fight, probably in a desperate attempt to get away from the clutches of the nightmarish creature that stood before you to tell that tale.
You avoided his eyes, instead staring off into the distance. The weekly market was bound to be set up tomorrow. You had to buy a few new bowls, the older ones were already being filled with the side dishes. 
Hoseok’s wolf nudged at your hand that lay at your side, trying to direct it’s attention to the dead bird that lay at it’s feet. It was always a bird. He had been getting you these ever since he had come to your cave, asking for your hand. And everyday, you would look on passively, cementing your face into a look that did not betray anything.
This time, however, the wolf smelled something different. Your blood. A snapping growl was what brought your attention back, the wolf sniffing your finger where blood lingered. It whipped it’s large maw towards the direction where Father stood, a crazed look in it’s eye.
Before anyone could tell what had happened, the wolf changed into the man and Alpha Hoseok stood before you, the hand of your injured finger clutched into a death grip. His muscles shook and the look on his face made you shiver and curl into yourself. He stopped his growling only to demand,
“What is this?” 
Your mouth opened and voiced out, 
“The knife. Kitchen. I..” Words involuntarily spilled out, years of being intimidated by him catching up to you.
The world blurred for a second, and the next thing you saw was golden skin stretched taut over straining muscles as he pulled you close by your wrist. Looking up from his chest, you look at his face. Teeth elongated, eyes blazing and a scent that threatened to bring out a whimper, you felt yourself hyperventilate. He looked angry. Was he going to hit you?
“What if you got injured? Huh? Why are you using a knife? It’s too dangerous.” He spoke, eyes roving over your face desperately.
You failed to process his words, the instinct in you telling you to flee. 
Not gaining a response from you, he looks at Father.
“She’s not to be let near the fire again.”
Father looks bewildered by the whole scene.
“Did you understand?” He cuts the older man off, a look that could lead grown wolves into pissing themselves, looming over his features.
You are brought out from your shock by your injured finger being swept into a hot cavern. His tongue laves over the pad of your digit insistently, cleaning it with saliva. You cry out, mind flinching from disgust as your body shivers, warmth flooding your veins. Tears drip down, you want to separate yourself from this traitorous physicality.
Before you can control it, your nails dig into his face, causing him to open his mouth so you can snatch your finger back and run into the cave. You find your nest, huddling in the threadbare wool, wanting to throw up.
Mother never let you cook with her again.
Tumblr media
“So what happened after that?”
Putting the bowl with pink flowers painted on it back down on the red cloth clad vendor’s table, you looked up at Kylo, shrugging. Before you could continue telling him about Jungkook’s visit to your cave with an Intent Offering, you were jostled by the crowd. Considering this was the time that it began to flood with wolves looking to buy wares, clothes, pots and the like, you continued without looking back, perusing through multiple plates and bowls lying on the small table.
“I mean, Father had to accept it. It isn’t like you can turn away an Alpha asking for an unmated Omega’s hand. But I could tell that he wasn’t pleased.” You spoke, mouth falling into a straight line at the mental image of Jungkook’s Offering, a gorgeous painting of a flock of birds flying freely in the sky, lying sadly in one corner where Father had put it.
“Yeah, I know what he can be like. If it was up to him, he would’ve sent you away with that bastard the day he had come scratching at your cave.” Kylo said, huffing.
The mention of ‘that bastard’ made your stomach turn. Uptil now, you were deluding your mind into believing that if it just didn’t think about the looming Mating Ceremony, you would somehow be able to escape it.
Kylo noticed your crestfallen face immediately.
“But don’t worry. Jungkook won’t let it happen. See, I told you he would offer for you.” His words brought a new wave of anxiety over you. Looking at your dearest friend, you exposed your fear.
“But what if he’s doing all this in the name of our friendship, Ky? I won’t be able to live with myself feeling like I’d made him miss out on having a real mating, one where romantic feelings are involved.”
Kylo’s face broke into a smirk. By now, the two of you had shifted over to a jewelry vendor’s table. Picking up a string of pearls, she held it up to your neck.
“And what makes you think he doesn’t have feelings for you?”
Your mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. The thought of your childhood bestfriend having feelings for was too much! But the image of his smiling face, the glimpses of his golden skin that you had caught after he’d returned from the woods, all of it brought a blush upon your face.
“Nice, huh?” In a daze, you could only reply with a small ‘yeah’ to Kylo’s question.
“I am talking about the necklace, dummy.”
Before you could retort, muscled arms slid around you, catching the necklace in warm hands and putting it around your neck. Kylo’s mouth popped open. Without needing to look back, you knew who was standing close behind you. That scent of dry logs burning in a fire and a spice that that you couldn’t identify assaulted your nostrils. 
Ripping yourself away from him, you fled into Kylo’s arms, shivering from his proximity. Hoseok stood before you, digging into his brown pouch and flinging a few coins at the vendor, who sat watching this interaction with an open mouth.
You pulled at Kylo’s arm, desperate to get away from him and every single wolf in the eerily still market who was now staring at you.
“What? Won’t thank your Alpha?” A lopsided smile played at his mouth, eyes shining with mischief.
Your lip pulled back into a sneer. Ripping the pearl necklace away, you threw it at his feet and spat,
“Wear it yourself. And you’re not my Alpha.”
A giggle spilled out of his heart shaped mouth, eyes shining under the moonlight.
“It’s only a matter of time, my little wolf.” He stretched his hand to graze your chin, a fond look upon his face.
Kylo, wrapping his arm around you pulled you away before his skin could touch yours. Hoseok’s eyes snapped to your friend, as if noticing his presence only now. Eyebrows lowered, he stared at him, trying to intimidate him. However, Kylo stood his ground, even though his Omegan nature made him waver and look away from his opponent’s eyes every now and then.
“Jungkook will be fighting for her too, you know?” Kylo challenged him.
Hoseok’s expression became all the more menacing, if that were even possible. His aura suffocated you, left you little room to breathe. Hands cleched so hard that they turned white, he shifted his stare to you.
“Better convince your little friend to not come between us, little wolf. I’m sure his mother would like to be able to recognize his face in his funeral.”
Tumblr media
Your walk to your cave was more similar to running if anything. Now that the adrenaline of talking back to an Alpha had fizzled out, your body shook with dread. What if his pride was hurt and he challenged the Alpha of your kin, your father to a duel? Father would push you off the nearest cliff himself.
Kylo struggled to catch up to you, his breath creating small clouds in the fall evening air.
“Wait, Y/N!” Holding yourself, wishing not to fall apart in the path, you ignored Kylo’s shouting of your name.
Your mind was buzzing with fear. The very sight of him brought your fight-or-flight instincts to the forefront of your being, forget talking and being under his dark stare, having his attention fixed upon you.
Not looking where you were going, you stumbled into the warm body of what smelled like another Omega. In a rush to get home, you mumble a small apology and made to move past her.
“Wait, Y/N.” A surprisingly familiar voice whispered near your ear.
The breathy voice belonged to a face you distinctly remembered. The soft features brought back the memories of that dreaded day when you had arrived here. Brenda.
One of the many faces in the crowd that had tormented you alongside Hoseok. Pulled your hair, laughed when he had called you names or, if she were in a merciful mood, ignored your existence.
You step back, bumping into Kylo. He holds you by the shoulders as you look at him, confused.
“I’ll make it quick. I owe you an apology for being a bitch all those years ago.” You frowned at her words. 
Before you could tell her that her apology won’t heal years worth of trauma, Kylo spoke up.
“Just listen to her, Y/N. I asked her to talk to you.”
Brenda looks at Kylo before resuming her staring at you. She looks stoic as ever, her small stature nonchalant as can be. You can only find a slightly apologetic look if you peer closely.
“I know Hoseok’s Offering for you and I think you deserve to know this.” She speaks, words almost slurring with the speed at which she speaks.
“Why wo-” She cuts you off, a sort of panic in her voice.
“Just listen to me quietly. I don’t have long and I can smell him on you.” Begrudgingly, you nod and she resumes speaking.
“As you might know, my father is the healer and I heard it from him. So if you don’t want my entire family to hang from the trees, please keep quiet about what I’m going to tell you.” Her words scare you but you continue to listen to her.
“When the group of Alphas had gone to the woods, Hoseok had been one of them. A month before they had left, he had fought with his Father about the Head Alpha position. So to prove himself, he had separated from the group to prove that he could survive the woods by himself. And he did. Except.....when he had come back, something about him had changed.” A look of horror settled upon Brenda’s face.
You look at Kylo, squeezing his hand into yours. To live separately in the woods, it was unimaginable. Hunting alone was extremely difficult, even seasoned hunters struggled with it. Not to mention, living alone as a wolf. Wolves were social creatures, isolation could literally kill one.
“When he was brought back to the pack.....he had gone feral. Biting, snapping at everyone. He couldn’t even recognise his own mother. It was horrible. It was kept a secret, as you can imagine. One day, he escaped from the healer’s hut. We thought we had lost him to his animal forever when he returned, saner. He was no longer delirious but ever since then......his animal is more in control of him than ever. For the first month, he had struggled to even speak properly, growling his words.” She looked like she wanted to say more but she held back, worried that the wind might take her words far.
“Just.... take care.” She turned around, getting ready to leave. But she turned to look at you one last time.
Moonlight illuminated her profile as she opened her mouth, words tumbling out,
“Oh and remember, you can get a Mating annulled if one wolf claims for freedom, under certain conditions.” With this, she was gone, leaving you staring off into the thin air.
Horrified by what awaited you in your future.
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darkmulti · a month ago
Can you do possessive!ex!Jungkook picking up his stuff after you break up with him, only for you to give him the wrong hoodie that’s actually your brothers. Jungkook gets the wrong idea and thinks that you cheated on him so the next day he tells you to come to his house to pick up your stuff up and instead fucks you really hard because he’s mad… thanks💕
-> sorry for any mistakes
Yesterday, you broke up with your boyfriend of 1 and a half years
The reason why is because he was showing multiple red flags and by the day you were becoming less happier
He was controlling, manipulative, overprotective and possessive
You were becoming sick and tired of being trapped in your own relationship
When you broke up with him, he was in disbelief
After realizing you weren’t joking, he started telling you how much he loves you and how he’ll change for you, but you stood strong by your decision
He eventually gave up and left without saying anything
It was incredibly hard for you but you thought it was about time to finish that chapter of your life
You texted him this morning about him picking up his stuff
You packed it nicely for him and even wrote a thank you card cause for some reason you were feeling incredibly guilty
You packed all his hoodies, tshirts, shorts and sweatpants he lent you
You waited for him all day and he showed up at midnight
You weren’t in the greatest mood since you were tired, but maybe he was out getting his mind off of things
After all, it had only been a day since you separated
You went outside with a box full of his stuff in hand
“Wow, that’s a big box.”
“You gave me a lot of your clothes, silly. All your missing hoodies were in my closet.” You chuckled and smiled afterwards
“I’m gonna miss your smile.”
You slapped his arm playfully and responded, “it’s not like I’m dying. We can still be friends… right?”
“I guess.”
He put the box in his car and got in the car himself
“Thanks for all my stuff. I’ll text you when I’m home so you can pick up your stuff.”
“Sounds good.”
You went inside while Jungkook drove back home with tears sliding down his cheek
He hated crying
But he couldn’t help it
He just lost the love of his life
The girl he was sure would be his future wife and the mother of his kids
Once he arrived home he took the box of stuff and unpacked it
How’s he supposed to forget about you when your scent is all over his clothes
He cried while unpacking until he came across an unfamiliar hoodie
He clutched it and observed the hoodie
This was definitely not his
His heart was on the floor once the thought of you cheating on him came across his mind
It all made sense though
That’s why you suddenly wanted to break up
Because you were cheating on him!
His sadness turned into anger and he was ready to drive back to your place to confront you
But a better idea came into his mind
The next day he practically stalked you to see if you were out with someone else
You went to a nearby coffee shop and sat with an unknown male
That was all Jungkook needed to see
Later that evening he texted you saying that you can come and collect your stuff
You were expecting a box full of your stuff but instead he made you come inside and pack your stuff yourself
You didn’t mind but it was kind of awkward since Jungkook was sitting on the edge of the bed watching you
While you were packing, he came behind you and bumped his bulge on your ass
“Where were you today?”
“Tell me.”
“I don’t have to tell you . We’re not together anymore.”
That sentence hit Jungkook hard
Although, in your head you were just teasing him, he was losing his shit
You said it like it was nothing
Were you not sad?
It was heartbreaking and frustrating for Jungkook to witness
Without thinking twice, he pulled you up from packing and started kissing you roughly
He pushed you against the wall and picked you up so he could grind
You immediately started moaning and responding to his touch
It was out of your control
His body never failed to satisfy you
“What a needy, little slut. Look at you, so submissive to my touch.”
He threw you onto the bed and pulled down your pants with one hand and ripped your shirt with the other
You immediately spread your legs as he ripped off your underwear
He pulled his sweatpants down and teased your entrance with his hard length
You thought he’d slowly enter but no
He pounded you as soon as he went in
Jungkook grabbed your neck and started thrusting hard, making you cry out loud
“What a fucking slut?! Giving me another man’s hoodie, knowing it’ll make me jealous. Bet you planned this all just for my attention, needy slut.”
You couldn’t even comprehend his words because his cock was so good
His thumb was playing with your clit and his cock hit all the right places
It hadn’t even been a full minute and you already came because of all the pleasure he was giving you
Your legs were high in the air while Jungkook fucked the living out of you
You were moaning so loud and were begging for more each thrust
10ish minutes had passed and you had your first orgasm of the night
You cupped his cheek and kissed him passionately while he slowed down and rolled his hips, letting you recover
You don’t know why you were feeling this way
But your heart was breaking in your chest
You couldn’t let him go
The thought of it scared you so much
You still loved him so much
He flipped you onto your stomach and entered in from behind
He spanked your ass multiple times
“Such a bad girl. Apologize to daddy for trying to leave him. And apologize to daddy for meeting up with another man and showing him so much attitude.”
You were in ecstasy
You clenched around him and apologized for being bad
“I’m so so so sorry, daddy. It’ll never happen again. I love you so much, please don’t stop!”
Jungkook smirked and thrusted faster, causing you to abruptly come
You lost track of time but it was okay because you felt amazing
Your cum sliding down his dick while you rode him
Your vision wasn’t even clear
That’s how good he was
After having your third orgasm of the night, you fell into his arms and snuggled into his neck
“I love you so much, princess. Don’t do anything like that ever again.”
“I won’t. I love you too.”
Little did you know, you fell back into his trap
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cosmostae · 10 months ago
Honey and Milk
Tumblr media
Summary: Your stepbrother teaches you how to kiss. 
Pairing: Fem! Reader x Yandere Kim Taehyung
Based on this request: 
Tumblr media
Warnings: implied murder, manipulation, pseudo-incest, corruption kink, overprotective! tae, innocent oc, dub con, implied non con (somnophilia), explicit smut (dom! taehyung, fingering, squirting, dirty talk, handjob, implied sub drop etc.), yandere behaviour
Word Count: 4.8K 
Tumblr media
His bedsheets smelled like the summer breeze. Crisp, clean and warm, as though they were still fluttering on the washing line outside. Yet, in the sun’s absence, the celestial moon hung in the night sky. A crescent, akin to the sliced oranges arranged like flower petals on your plate, courtesy of your mother.  
It was placed within arm’s reach, on the nightstand, as you laid on your stepbrother’s bed. Your mother’s head peeked around the door and left it ajar before she pitter pattered away. You watched him study while your parents were watching a black and white movie downstairs. Taehyung hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights, the lamp on his desk casting a golden glow upon his features.
Just like the facts written in his textbook, your stepbrother’s beauty was irrefutable. You saw glimpses of his father, in the curve of his jaw and his lips. You had never met his mother prior to her death but you had seen the grainy, coloured pictures preserved in a family photo album. He had his mother’s eyes.
Standing side by side, Taehyung and you looked nothing alike. It used to bewilder people until they understood that your relationship grew from nurture rather than nature. However, even if you were related by blood, nothing guaranteed that you’d win the genetic lottery like he did. Living in a country plagued with unrealistic beauty standards and lookism, your stepbrother was always put on a pedestal for his beauty. A halo surrounded him wherever he went and perhaps, it was difficult to not think of him as an angel when he looked like something entirely out of this world.
Taehyung never wanted you to worry about such inconsequential things. The number on a scale or the mould society expected you to fit – our souls are beyond all of that. Whenever you were hungry, even if it was in the middle of the night, he’d cook something up for you or drive you to the nearest diner where you’d sip on a milkshake while he sliced your steak into perfectly chewable pieces. It didn’t matter if it was his last penny, he’d buy that pastry which you kept on eyeing and wipe the cream off your lips with a chuckle and a sparkle in his eye. You’d find yourself within them as though you were a diamond reflecting light in his eyes.
However, money to spoil you with wasn’t much of a concern ever since he picked up modelling work in which your closet was filled with pretty clothes he bought for you. He studied Law but loved the Arts in which he could draw you from memory, perfectly, as though the curve of your cheek and the lights and shadows of your face rested on the back of his hand. You didn’t understand why he’d dedicate inches of graphite and hours of his time to draw you but he simply answered that you’re his muse and said, “If everyone else saw you the way I did, they’d be in love with you too.”
His sentiment was laced with sweetness, but it didn’t delight you. You’d always been seen as Taehyung’s stepsister before anything else. People didn’t bother to remember your name. All the boys saw you as a little sister and treated you nicely, all to be in your stepbrother’s good graces.
You had never been asked out unlike Taehyung who’d receive propositions on the streets. He’d state that you’re his girlfriend so they’d retreat, however not everybody had the decency to do so. You’d see the look of disbelief on the stranger’s face (but never the way Taehyung gouged their eyes out in some dark, secluded place).
Taehyung would always comfort you afterwards, with food or any pretty item on the shelves of luxury retail stores, anything to wipe the frown off your lovely face. But, no matter what your doting stepbrother did for you, it’d never change the fact that you’ve never had a date, a first kiss or your first time.
Despite being a hopeless romantic, you were completely inexperienced. People always wanted the things they couldn’t have and you were no exception. You’ve harboured hopeless crushes and made mortifying love confessions to which you’d always be rejected. They’d turn you down, gently of course, if they didn’t want Taehyung’s fist in their faces.
Although you didn’t have much success in your social circle, you decided to widen your horizons by using dating apps. After many dry, one-sided conservations, you eventually matched with a promising boy named Yeonjun. He had cotton candy pink hair and was just as sweet. Tomorrow would be your first date and you had no idea what to expect, although your friend teased that at the end of it, he’d give you a kiss.
Your anxiety and lack of experience was a tangle of thorns for the butterflies that danced in your stomach. You had seen countless kissing scenes in movies. They made your cheeks warm and made you wonder if you could ever share such burning passion with someone – to want to kiss each other breathless like there was an unrelinquishing fire in their stomachs. If anything, you knew you didn’t want to kiss like a dead fish.
You’re shy but eager. You wanted to kiss and to be kissed. You didn’t want Yeonjun to think you were a boring kisser and even fretted over your breath, making sure you’d carry a pack of strawberry gum, just in case. You watched tutorials, read articles and even practised with your pillow (a secret you’d carry to your grave.)
You became filled with dread as these thoughts filled your head and distracted yourself by watching your stepbrother instead.
Your gaze lingered on his slender, long fingers as he typed away on his keyboard. Curiously, plum-coloured bruises bloomed on his knuckles. He came home late today. When you asked, he explained it was the aftermath of a boxing match with his friend. It was meant to be a playful, casual one but Jungkook had always played rough, he said.
You nodded understandably before you rose from your horizontal position, stretching and preening like a cat in your silk pyjamas.
While he turned over the page, Taehyung watched you move from the corner of his eye. In the dim light, he caught a sliver of stomach before your thin, loose top fell over it.
Your dusty pink shorts only reached the tops of your thighs and his gaze slid down the length of your bare legs as you got out of his bed.
You moved towards the door but Taehyung grabbed your wrist before you could take another step.
He asked, “Where are you going?”
“To the bathroom.”
Taehyung’s grip loosened, allowing you to walk to the bathroom across the hall. From the cabinet, you fetched a jar of ointment and quickly returned to his room.
Taehyung’s gaze dropped to the jar in your hands and soon enough, dropped even lower, as you got onto your knees before him.
Taehyung raised a brow. You couldn’t see his dilated pupils and the way his lips curled in amusement. His eyes liked what they were seeing as they fell on the delicate shadow of your lashes, your bitten lips as you gnawed upon it and your chest where he could clearly see you weren’t wearing a bra. As much as he enjoyed looking down your shirt, he took the jar out of your struggling hands and easily unscrewed it.
“Here, baby,” he murmured as he handed it back to you.
He watched you dip your fingers into the ointment. It smelled like jasmine. You pulled his sun-kissed hands into yours and gently applied the smooth, oily salve onto his knuckles with your fingertips. Taehyung relaxed in his chair, widening his legs where you sat between them, with your nose obliviously close to being pressed into his crotch.
Once you finished with one hand, you moved onto the other. Taehyung curled his free hand into your hair, lightly scratching your scalp, although his fingers itched to pull on it. You hummed in contentment, loving it whenever he’d run his hand through your hair and lull you to sleep. However, the upcoming date crept into your mind again and you sighed.
Taehyung plucked the jar out of your hand, placing it on his desk before hooking his fingers under your chin. He raised your face to meet his and you gulped at his narrowed eyes.
“What’s bothering you?”
With downcast eyes, you muttered, “Nothing.”
Taehyung gripped your chin harder and moved in closer, until you could count each and every one of his thick, long lashes. His warm breath hit your lips as he said, “You’ve been sighing all night long, baby. You think I can’t tell when something’s going on inside your pretty little head?”
Much to your dismay, you sighed once more and pouted when Taehyung chuckled at you.
“You know there’s nothing you can’t tell me, little one.”
You were slightly embarrassed but his warm honey eyes patiently waiting for your response soothed you somewhat. His left thumb was rubbing circular motions into your trembling hand while his right thumb rested on your lips. His eyes were dark as he rubbed the pad of his thumb onto your lower lip, watching the pillowy flesh move from side to side.
At your hesitation, Taehyung’s thumb started slipping in, enough for him to feel the wetness of your mouth. As though, if you had taken a second longer, he would’ve pulled the answer right out of you by sinking his fingers deep inside your throat. Instinctively, you wrapped your lips around his thumb and just like that, all the blood rushed into Taehyung’s cock. The way you were looking up at him and subconsciously sucked on his thumb like it was a pacifier made him want to plug your pussy with his fat cock very badly.  
It wasn’t the first time he’d done this. He liked putting his fingers inside your mouth, liked having you drool all over him. Sometimes, it’d be the cream he’d just whipped for a fresh strawberry cake and he’d beckon you to have a taste. He’d scoop it up, too much for you to lick all at once and push it deep inside your mouth until you felt like you’d gag around his fingers. You didn’t like it so whenever he placed his digits in between your lips, you’d suck them hard to not let them get in any deeper. All he was able to do was rub his thumb against your tongue.
“Baby,” he said deeply, “I want you to be honest with me or else, I’ll have our parents ask you instead.”
You nodded defeatedly. He took his thumb out of your mouth and his tongue darted out to lick up the wetness. Taehyung hummed in contentment.
“S-So…I’m going on a date tomorrow.”
Taehyung nodded. He was already aware of this since he’d be driving you tomorrow. Yeonjun and you agreed to meet up at the mall and Taehyung would pick you up afterwards.
“Have you changed your mind? You don’t want to go anymore?”
“No!” You adamantly shook your head. “No…I really want to go. It’s just - I'm nervous.”
Taehyung cocked a brow. “What for?”
“Well,” you breathed, “I t-think I’m going to have my first kiss tomorrow but I’m scared I won’t be much of a good kisser.”
“Baby, no one’s expecting you to be an expert.”
You pouted, “But I still want to be good.”
“Hm,” Taehyung feigned contemplation, “You’ll get better with practise, baby. Why don’t you let me help you?”
Your eyes widened. “How can you help me?”
Taehyung smirked. His deep voice dipped even lower as his gaze dropped to your lips. “By showing you, of course.”
“B-But you can’t do that. We’re family, Tae.”
Taehyung shook his head. “Oh, darling. That’s why I should teach you – because you can trust me. As your stepbrother, I wouldn’t have any ulterior motives – I’d be merely helping out my baby sister, don’t you see?”
You frowned and he sighed. Cupping your face with both hands, he forced you to look him in the eye.
“Do you feel comfortable with me, little one?”
“Of course,” you breathed.
Taehyung smiled sweetly and pressed his lips to your forehead. Your eyes instantly fluttered shut, allowing his warmth and comfort to seep into your heart.
Taehyung always tucked you into bed every night, kissing your forehead while gently telling you to close your eyes. He’d stay by your side as long as you needed him and just before you fell into a deep slumber, you’d feel the ghost of his lips on your nose and cheek.
Growing up, he’d kiss your scraped knees and lick the blood off his lips. Whenever you got your period, he’d prepare chocolate, ice cream and heat packs on your bedside table and would crawl onto your bed, lift your shirt and give you tummy kisses. Taehyung’s kisses had always been comforting and perhaps, a kiss on the lips from him would take all your worries away.
Taehyung cooed, “Baby, I think you’ll feel much better if you get your first kiss over and done with. You won’t feel as nervous, hm? I’m sure you already have many other things to worry about - like that adorable outfit you’ve been trying to pick out all day.”
You frowned. “I just want things to go well.”
“I know, darling, but if you worry too much, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. And I want you to have fun, baby.”
You chewed on your lower lip. “Can you really teach me?”
“Of course,” Taehyung smiled. “Don’t I teach you everything?”
Taehyung was right. He was the one who taught you many things like how to ride a bike, how to dress yourself and how to make friends. Consequently, Taehyung knew about all of the people in your life.  At the same time, he never bothered teaching you how to tie your shoelaces because he wanted to always do it for you. He never wanted you to pick up a knife or for you to even clean your room.
Growing up, your parents were always working and Taehyung was in charge of taking care of you. You never truly overcame your fear of the dark because Taehyung would always be there to hold you to sleep. You never learnt how to properly deal with your periods either as Taehyung would sort it out for you. You’d stand there naked in the shower, arms around yourself, while Taehyung placed the showerhead onto your pussy to clean the mess between your legs. Your thighs would quiver and you didn’t know why but it tingled whenever the water rushed over your folds.
On other days, he’d have you sit on the edge of a bathtub while he shaved your pussy with a razor. It always made you feel awfully funny and you’d whine, “Tae, it feels like I need to pee.” Taehyung would scold you to sit still or else he’d nick your skin. But deep down, he knew what he was doing to you. He loved watching you squirm and enjoyed spanking your pussy when you moved too much.
It’d be even worse when you’d finally sit on the toilet and nothing would come out. Yet, you still felt that aching heat in your core. You’d beg Taehyung for help, feverish and desperate, but he would simply spank you for wetting your panties and change you out of it. It frustrated you to no end because you knew it wasn’t pee. But, you didn’t understand why something wet kept leaking out of our pussy whenever Taehyung touched you everywhere.
Taehyung patted his thigh. “C’mere, baby.”
You tilted your head to the side in confusion, much like your family dog Yeontan did.
“I can’t kiss you when you’re all the way down there, silly.”
Bashfully, you stood up. You hesitated to sit down on his lap, afraid that you’d crush him with your weight. But you yelped when he yanked you down, your hands grasping onto his shoulders to steady yourself as you sat on his sturdy thigh.
Taehyung wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his body. When he did, your clothed pussy slid over his thigh and that funny feeling returned again.
You had always thought your stepbrother was pretty, like a doll. Face to face with his awe-inducing beauty, it was hard to think of anything else. He was so warm beneath you and suddenly, you felt shy.
“I-I think I should get gum.”
Taehyung tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before rubbing the shell of it between his fingers. “Why, baby? You trying to run away from me?”
You gulped. “No, I’m just worried about my breath.”
“I want to taste you.”
You fidgeted. “But what if I taste bad?”
“I’ll like the way you taste,” Taehyung said lowly, “I’m sure of it.”
“B-But what if my lips are too chapped-“
Taehyung hushed you, placing his ringed finger on your lips. “Your lips are perfect, baby. Everything about you is perfect.”  
Calloused yet delicate hands brushed your skin. Goosebumps rose everywhere he touched, your heart fluttering like the curtains dappled by moonlight. His fingertips thrummed upon your shoulders, danced their way to the nape of your neck before gliding through your hair. His touch pulsed through your skull and you shivered when he whispered into your ear –
“Relax for me.”
Your shoulders slackened and the tip of his nose brushed yours in an eskimo kiss. Slowly but surely, the tip of his nose traced its way to your cheek before he moved in closer and grazed your cheekbone with his lips.
Your breath hitched and once more, he pressed a kiss to your forehead then between the furrow of your brows, softly over your eyelid and down to the tip of your nose. They were featherlight kisses but your heart was thumping like a rabbit in your chest. You couldn’t move, couldn’t speak – all you could hear was his quiet breathing as he stared at your lips.
His hand on the small of your back crept under your top. You felt the heat of his palm as it slid over your bare skin. His fingers gently caressed the tiny hairs on your back.
He swallowed before gazing into your eyes intently, imploringly. “This is your first kiss, yes?”
You whispered, “Yes.”
Without hesitation, he pressed his lips to yours, stealing your breath away. Your lips were trembling as he kissed you, feeling the firm pressure of his mouth on yours. But, before you can properly feel the warmth of his soft, luscious lips, he pulled back. It was meant to be a chaste kiss yet it left you wanting more.
He murmured huskily, “That was your first.”
To your surprise, he quickly moved in to kiss you again. This time, he was rougher. He pressed his mouth onto you hard and to your delight, his hot tongue darted out to lick your lips. They glistened with his spit and with his teeth, he gently nibbled on your lower lip before sucking on it hard. You felt a tingle down your spine, amplified by his hand caressing your back and the way his teeth tugged on your lips before letting go. You whimpered when he moved away once more.
“And that was your second.”
Without warning, his hand curled into your hair and he pulled you to him this time. Your eyes fluttered shut as he kissed you hungrily and he growled against your mouth. “Open up for me.”
You obeyed and gasped when his tongue slipped in, circling the tip of your tongue before sucking on it. Involuntarily, you moaned and when he pulled back, a trail of saliva lingered between your mouths.
He rasped, “You sound so fucking hot, baby.”
Your chest was heaving as you panted for breath. “I-It’s not embarrassing? When I make those noises?”
“No,” Taehyung licked his lips, “I fucking love it.”
Before you could protest, your stepbrother’s tongue slithered its way into your mouth once more. He had an unquenchable desire to taste you, not even wanting to move away to catch his breath. You tasted like nectar on his tongue and similarly, his kisses made you feel intoxicated.
He grunted, “Place your hands in my hair, baby.”
This was him teaching you, you realised, and you obeyed. Your hands buried themselves into his glossy black hair and if possible, he pulled you even closer, until your breasts were flattened against his chest and you were sitting right on top of his bulge. Taehyung groaned into your mouth, so imposingly deep and full, that it made your pussy throb.
His hands placed themselves on your hips, gripping them hard, as he forced you to move back and forth on his erection. Your stomach was fluttering and your palms were sweaty as they fisted his shirt. You didn’t know why it felt so good whenever that bump rubbed against your clothed pussy but all your body knew was that it wanted more. You looked down and embarrassingly, you saw that you had left a wet patch on his pants as though you had peed. You mewled like a kitten against his lips, “Tae Tae, I f-feel weird.”
Taehyung growled, “What are you feeling, baby?”
You gasped. “I f-feel hot.”
“Yeah, baby?” Taehyung didn’t even need to hold onto you, you were grinding against him on your own like a needy slut. Your stomach clenched every time your swollen clit grazed over his cock and Taehyung’s large palm on your belly felt it. His palm started sliding up your chest and rested right on your beating heart.
“Your heart is racing,” he said.
Taehyung’s thumb rubbed your stiff buds and you whined. They were sensitive but Taehyung kept on flicking and pinching them. “Your nipples are so hard, baby.”
Taehyung’s nimble fingers unbuttoned your pyjama top and slipped it off you halfway, just enough for him to lean down and capture your nipple into his mouth. His tongue gave it kittenish licks before he loudly sucked on it, releasing it with a pop before moving onto the other. He nibbled and sucked your nipples until they were swollen and sore. It was a sensation you had felt many times before, when you woke up in the morning, clueless to why they were in pain. Taehyung would apply cream onto them and massage your aching breasts with his large hands, assuring you that it was perfectly natural.
But, you’d always feel that tingling heat in your pussy, just like now. It felt better as you kept grinding on your stepbrother’s thigh but you needed it more. It just wasn’t enough. You whimpered, “Help me, Tae Tae. Please help me!”
“Help you with what, darling?”
There were tears in your eyes as you frustratedly wailed, “I-I don’t know…it feels f-funny down there.”
“Down there?” Taehyung smirked at how cute you were. His hand cupped your pussy, his thumb stroking your folds through your silk shorts. “You mean here, baby? Your princess parts?”
You moaned loudly and bucked your hips into his hand. “Yes! Yes! Please, more!”
Taehyung shushed you, “Baby, you gotta be quiet. If mummy and daddy hears you, I will have to stop touching you. Do you want that, baby?”
You shook your head. You’d rather die than have to put up with the pulsing heat in between your legs again. Taehyung chuckled at the sight of you. You were twitching in his lap, pleading him desperately with blown out eyes to touch your tight little pussy. He squeezed your thighs comfortingly. Taehyung cradled your head and encouraged you to bite down on his shoulder to quieten your noises.
His shirt was clenched tightly in between your teeth as his fingers caressed your stomach. They slid lower to your crotch where he then petted your clothed pussy. You bit down hard as he kept on touching you like that, teasing you, barely giving you what you wanted. You whined in frustration.
That was until his hand slid into your shorts and your entire body flinched when you finally felt his fingers on your bare pussy.
“Fuck, you’re soaked,” Taehyung whispered in awe, “Dripping all over my fingers, so fucking filthy, princess.”
You mewled as his fingers stroked your wet pussy lips. He gathered your wetness before moving lower and plunged two fingers inside your cunt. It was such a strange feeling, you’d never had anything inside you before.
But, you were so wet that his fingers pumped in and out of you easily. His fingers were so long, they were able to reach deep inside you and brush against your sweet spot. As a result, you moaned into his shoulder and knowing that he’d found it, Taehyung slipped another finger inside you. The painful stretch of his three fingers being shoved inside you was alleviated by them hitting your g-spot over and over again while his other thumb rubbed your clit.  
He pressed his mouth to your ear as he said, “You like the way my fingers fill you up, baby?”
You nodded fervently. You were drooling onto his shoulder and tears threatened to spill from the corner of your eyes, you had never felt so good in your life. His fingers kept on curling inside you and scissored your tight cunt open so your pussy would accept a fourth finger. You felt so full as all four of his fingers moved inside you hard and fast, it was already too much for you and you whimpered into his shirt, “I-I’m gonna pee.”
Taehyung knew you didn’t know what cumming was. But, he knew that you were right, in a way. Your pussy was so wet that you squelched around his fingers every time he moved back inside you. His four fingers pounded against your sweet spot hard until you were shaking breathlessly in his lap. You were biting into his skin now, undoubtedly leaving marks, but Taehyung didn’t mind. He bit down on your neck as well, making you cry out his name. He sucked on it until a hickey bloomed on your skin, marking you as his.
The combination of his fingers digging deep inside your cunt and his thumb roughly pinching your clit was more than enough to send you over the edge. You let out a silent scream, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your release gushed out of you. He kept on fingerfucking you even as you were squirting, making you shudder for the entirety of it. Your release soaked through your silk shorts, left a puddle on Taehyung’s lap, dripping onto his chair and onto the floor. Once it was all over, you collapsed in his arms, utterly boneless.
Taehyung scooped you up, your head resting on his chest, as he placed you on the bed. You were still twitching all over, gazing at him with hazy eyes.
You whispered brokenly, “C-Can you teach me how to touch myself, Tae Tae?”
“Sure, baby,” Taehyung smiled sweetly, “I’ll teach you everything.”
Taehyung leaned down to kiss your forehead. But, you weren’t falling asleep yet. You merely laid there in a semiconscious state, as though you were floating on a cloud. Your eyes were on him, but he didn’t know if you knew what you were doing – didn’t know if you knew that your hand was wrapped around his cock.
His hand was placed over yours, forcing you to make a fist for him to fuck into.
Taehyung couldn’t wait to cum, knew that he’d be spilling all over your face and surely, you wouldn’t mind. He made you feel good, to the point you squirted all over him. You weren’t selfish, were you? Of course, you weren’t. He gripped your hand hard and made you move it up and down his cock, as though you were jerking him off yourself.
Taehyung imagined driving you to your date tomorrow but he’d be mean and lock the car doors, not letting you leave. You’d whine and complain but you’d be moaning soon enough when he starts touching you underneath your shirt. You’d be nervous to take his big cock but he knew you’d be able to take it, considering all the times he’d kissed and fucked you in your sleep.
He’d have you bouncing on his cock, his fat cock splitting your pussy open. He’d bully you, saying that any passerby can see how much of a slut you were, although his car windows were tinted. He’d drill you so hard, you wouldn’t even be able to walk to your date. But it’s not like it’d matter when Yeonjun won’t be turning up anyway, not in the state that Taehyung left him in that dark alleyway.
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bangtangalicious · 7 months ago
death valley | masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize 
genre: smut. thriller. yandere. mystery. gang!au rocker!au fightclub!au
pairings: drugdealer!jungkook x reader, rockstar!jimin x reader, producer!yoongi x reader, songwriter!hoseok x reader, officer!seokjin x reader, gangster!taehyung x reader, fighter!namjoon x reader
series warnings: ok this is really meant to be a fun & thrilling sexual adventure for you. think edgy, sexy, hot summer vibes. yandere behaviors & darker stuff (manipulation, coercion) lots of different kinks, power dynamics, & lots of drug/alc use! specific warnings on each part. drug abuse & addiction are very real issues, and this is not a realistic portrayal of those themes. please do not read if this is triggering in any way! full masterlist | ask box
death valley finale (dark version)
there are two paths you can take after part 10. the finale (light version) is a more digestable ending that allows more creative freedom in how the story ends. DVF (dark version) is my original ending which includes reader ultimately ending up with one of the members. dark version is not as 'happy' as light version ending. in the finale (dark version) au, part 11 does NOT occur. events in that ending will leave off at the end of part 10 (so like,,,hobi is alive, etc).
Tumblr media
ᐅ part 0 | smut ft: jimin x reader; jungkook x reader 
ᐅ part 1 | smut ft: taehyung x reader; hoseok x reader; jimin x reader 
ᐅ part 2 | smut ft: jungkook x reader; namjoon x reader x hoseok; slight yoongi x reader 
ᐅ part 3 | smut ft: jimin x reader; taehyung x reader; namjoon x reader 
ᐅ part 4 | smut ft:  yoongi x reader; jungkook x reader; namjoon x reader 
ᐅ part 5 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, taehyung x reader 
ᐅ part 6 | smut ft: jin x reader, jimin x reader 
ᐅ part 7 | smut ft: hobi x reader, jin x reader, yoongi x reader 
ᐅ part 8 | smut ft: jin x reader, slight taehyung x reader, jungkook x reader 
ᐅ part 9 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, jungkook x reader, jimin x reader, jin x reader 
ᐅ part 10 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, namjoon x reader, jimin x reader
ᐅ finale (light version) originally part 11 | smut ft: namjoon x reader, yoongi x reader, taehyung x reader
death valley finale (dark version)
ᐅ part 1 | smut ft: namjoon x reader, yoongi x reader, slight taehyung x reader
ᐅ part 2 | smut ft: jungkook x reader, jin x reader
ᐅ part 3 | smut ft: - jimin x reader, namjoon x reader, jin x reader  
ᐅ part 4 | smut ft: - x reader, - x reader - RELEASE DATE: TBA
ᐅ part 5: epilogue | smut ft: - x reader - RELEASE DATE: TBA
drabbles: vmin x yn smut | the jin journals coming soon | taekook x yn smut
Tumblr media
F U L L D E S C R I P T I O N S under the cut
ᐅ part 0 | smut ft: jimin x reader; jungkook x reader your coworker invites you to a big fight at death valley, a notorious local hotspot. you didn’t think you’d end up witnessing your favorite rockstar shooting someone…and then also have his cock in your mouth the next day
ᐅ part 1 | smut ft: taehyung x reader; hoseok x reader; jimin x reader back again for the rematch, you’re determined to keep namjoon safe. after making love with a stranger who somehow knows your name, your fears become realized, and you get a glimpse of the man who might be behind it all
ᐅ part 2 | smut ft: jungkook x reader; namjoon x reader x hoseok; slight yoongi x reader a wild night of drunk fun at death valley ends up with you getting kidnapped by an unknown person. you find out that you’re in a lot more danger than you initially thought, the question is why–and from who?
ᐅ part 3 | smut ft: jimin x reader; taehyung x reader; namjoon x reader the fear within you grows when you find out truths about the people you thought you knew. a breathless encounter with someone you hate leaves you questioning everything. ending up in the hospital, you remain unaware of the looming danger right besides you
ᐅ part 4 | smut ft:  yoongi x reader; jungkook x reader; namjoon x reader jimin is down, your house gets robbed, and all you can do is go to your boss for help. you team up with the only person you still fully trust, only for them to still end up turning on you. broken threats, confusing lies, and so many drugs—you crave the pain that will make it all go away
ᐅ part 5 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, taehyung x reader falling in love is dangerous, but even more so when the guy you’re falling for might be the most dangerous man out there. you and jin get locked away and try to put the puzzle pieces together, but nothing adds up and you’re left dazed and confused. jimin needs to find you, and he’s willing to go to any extent to do so, even if it means starting a full on gang war.
ᐅ part 6 | smut ft: jin x reader, jimin x reader with yoongi holding you hostage, you find out just how big of a role he plays. it doesn’t help when jimin decides to take your relationship public. and when it seems like things can’t get any worse, well…it does
ᐅ part 7 | smut ft: hobi x reader, jin x reader, yoongi x reader yoongi has now placed his life in your hands, a burden which you have only just begun to realize. new allies get made, and old flames get rekindled. the big night has arrived, and its sure to end with a bang.
ᐅ part 8 | smut ft: jin x reader, slight taehyung x reader, jungkook x reader secrets spilled over shots of tequila, a wild night of fire and snow, loyalty gets put to the ultimate test. you thought you knew what was coming, but even you weren’t ready for this.
ᐅ part 9 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, jungkook x reader, jimin x reader, jin x reader there’s nothing quite like the exhilarating high of torture. believing in the ones you trust most may prove fatal once again. the thrill of fame, power and love tempt you. welcome to the chase.
ᐅ part 10 | smut ft: yoongi x reader, namjoon x reader, jimin x reader all eyes are on you, and there seems to be no way out. tired of being manipulated and used, you seek to find your own answers. but the truth may only bring more pain that the comfort of lies you knew.
ᐅ finale (light version) originally part 11 | smut ft: namjoon x reader, yoongi x reader, taehyung x reader only you have the power to bring down death valley, the question is, are you going to? when heartbreaking secrets get revealed, you decide you’re tired of being a puppet and take matters into your own hands.
ᐅ finale (dark) part 1 | smut ft: namjoon x reader, yoongi x reader, slight taehyung x reader the dead man turns out alive, taking you back to the place it all began. you learn that your fantasy man exists only in your dreams, and the reality of the monster you call your lover is more horrid than you imagined. regretful choices lead to impulsive decisions. you find yourself slipping away, eager to latch on to any sense of power you can
ᐅ dvf part 2 | smut ft: jungkook x reader, jin x reader jimin is nowhere to be found, and you realize the full extent that your lover is willing to go to keep you in his grasp. guilt turns to loyalty for a last shot at redemption. and the sweet taste of fame makes even the best men delusional. now it’s your move, will you be a queen or simply another pawn in this wretched game?
2K notes · View notes