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has anyone made a gif of princess bubblegum kicking king of ooo in the face while carrying marceline over her shoulder in “take her back” bc i’m too lazy to look but i need it for science

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look at this adorable bubbline lineart by @peonypaint! please do consider commissioning them!

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I’m just your problem.

 Monster…….hope one day I will complete it.

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Bubbline and Ineffable Husbands parallel - part 1

I know we’ll never grow old together
Cause you’ll never grow old to me 

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Drew one of my fav couples #bubbline

Program Used: Clip Studio Paint EX

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[i.d. two color digital drawings of juno steel and peter nureyev dressed as princess bubblegum and marceline the vampire queen, respectively. in the first they are sitting back-to-back on a light reddish background & leaning on each other, wearing the outfits from the episode “What Was Missing.” in the second they are on a light bluish background, smiling and hugging with their foreheads pressed together and juno’s leg wrapped around peter’s, wearing the outfits from the “Stakes!” miniseries. both drawings have little surrounding doodles of stars and action lines, with a little annoyance tornado by juno on the first and a little heart by nureyev on the second. end i.d.]

click for quality! i am slooowly getting through this podcast while mostly just enjoying fan content with very little context but. look me in the eye and tell me these two couples don’t have the exact same vibe

oH and also bonus:


[i.d. a digital drawing of rita dressed as finn the human, sitting on a white background with a big grin and waving a bisexual pride flag. end i.d.]

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Adventure Time Distant Lands got me fucked up, I love how much bubbline they give us !!!

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In the finale of Adventure Time PB is 830 while Finn is 17. She approximately would have lived through 32 generations of Finn’s human ancestors. This pie chart demonstrates the level of awkwardness of Finn and PB as a couple if you consider age alone.

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