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Pairing: Bucciarati / AFAB Reader / Abbacchio

Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Word Count: 3200+

Tags: Not SFW, AU - Everyone Lives, Bondage, Whipping, Dom/Sub, Stand Play, Standcest, Anal Sex, Gay Sex, Name-Calling, Face-Sitting, Polyamory, Dom!Bucciarati, Dom!Reader, Sub!Abbacchio

Synopsis: Bruno and you are dominant lovers and your partner Leone loves it. This time Bruno decides to spice things up. How convenient Moody Blues can be.

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Hello everyone! I am taking Danganronpa Pixel Commissions via Ko-Fi. Link will be in the notes. Or you can dm me with any questions you have. If the slots are full, please dm me so I can notify you when they are open again.

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FR Salut !
Voilà presque deux semaines que mes actions sont bloquées sur Insta (je ne peux plus liker, m'abonner ou poster une photo avec une légende) et je ne sais pas encore combien de temps ça va durer. Cela dit ça ne m'empêche pas de dessiner xD Ma semaine a été assez tranquille donc j'ai pu me permettre un après-midi digi !
Du coup, voici notre Mama italienne préférée (en vrai c'est un gars mais c'est son petit surnom) : Bruno Bucciarati >w< (et oui, encore du Jojo xD) ; j'en ai fait un format sticker mais, encore une fois, ce n'est pas pensé pour être vendu
Prenez soin de vous !
(Logiciel : Medibang)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

EN Hi!
It’s been almost two weeks that I’m blocked on IG (I can’t like any post, follow anyone or even post a photo with a caption) and idk how long it’s going to last. However, it doesn’t deter me from drawing some stuff xD This week has been quite tranquil so I managed to spend one afternoon on making digital art!
So here he is, our favourite Italian Mama (actually he’s a dude but it’s his little nickname): Bruno Bucciarati >w< (and yes, it’s about Jojo again xD); I did it with a sticker format but, like last time, it’s not supposed to be sold
Take care!
(Software: Medibang)

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ok but what if bucciarati actually got to be the boss of passione?

…i’d still love him idc. click for better quality ✨

SPOILER PART 5 AND 6: if bruno was alive in jjba universe it wouldn’t have been reseted it’s all im sayin-

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Bruno Bucciarati (mami mafia)
#jojosbizarreadventure #jojo #jjba #jojopose #pose #bruno #bucciarati #brunobucciarati #golden #wind #goldenwind #vento #aureo #ventoaureo #mamimafia
#likeforlikes #likesforlike #like4likes

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hmmm know how we were talking about Bruno being a slow reader [due to having to leave school at a young age, after his father’s death]? and that he doesn’t have that much paperwork,, he’s just slow at reading.

I raise you,,, Giorno hated Italy when he first arrived and put every effort into remembering Japanese and it took a while for him to be like oh okay i should probably actually learn italian,, so he’s slow at reading Italian

and everyone thinks oh,, Bucci and Giorno are in charge they have so much paperwork,, but really they are both slow readers and,,,, l/dkfilfg this is why they need Fugo

Prompt by @achairwithapandaonit.

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He walks over to a stomach-down, unconscious, and incapacitated Giorno, whose suit top is slipping off from the effects of Sticky Finger’s zippers. Bruno walks closer to finish the job, until he notices an odd coloration on the skin of Giorno’s back. He peels back the clothing to take a closer look, only for his vision to be exposed to a dreadful collage of welts, scars, and cigarette burns. Guilt ensues.

- by @cryran88

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