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#buck 911
httpstaygold · a day ago
i’m sorry but i have literally already CREATED halloween ep scenes IN MY HEAD where buck is so sure there’s a ghost & the rest of the 118 are constantly teasing &/or pranking him and it’s so hilarious so if 5x06 doesn’t give me that i will die bc i’ve wanted this since S2 edit: it would be like this ghost legend in the firehouse
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treestomeetyou · 14 days ago
oliver stark logs on to instagram once in a while to make sure buddie nation is thriving and i appreciate that so much
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filmmakingismylife16 · 7 months ago
oliver stark tweeting about buck having adhd
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
this is so important.
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ilovefandoms102 · 26 days ago
My Fireman
Pairing: Evan Buckley x Reader
Summary: Your husband stops by, but not for the visit you’re expecting…
Note: A request from my dear bitch @halsmultibitch ❤️ hope you like this bby🥰
Warnings🛑: mentions of blood, hospital setting, medical care
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You never know what to expect when working as a trauma nurse…
Every night the 118 team is bringing in a victim with something obscure or downright odd hanging out of some body part. This was how you met your husband, and father to your unborn baby still growing in your tummy, Buck.
The two of you absolutely adored the other, you helped him when he was in a dark place, and it made him fall even more in love with you. Despite not being home a lot since both of your jobs have heavy work hours, one of you is always showing up at the others place of work.
Tonight, it was Buck’s turn, but this visit was unusual when you didn’t see him getting out of the firetruck.
He was on the gurney, your eyes widened as you rushed over to where Chim and Hen were pushing him in.
“Evan?!” you gasped, taking in his battered form.
“Hey baby! How’s my little one?” he coughed, trying to pretend of course that nothing was wrong.
“What the hell happened?!” you demanded.
“This idiot about got himself killed.” Hen chimed in.
“Did not,” Buck grumbled.
“Buck, honey lie down please.” you said as you began the standard testing once he was in a trauma bay.
“Babe I’m fine, really!” he insisted.
“If you don’t lay down Evan Buckley, I’ll strap you down myself.” you growled, and Buck cowered.
“Y-Yes ma’am.” Buck muttered, unable to deny that was insanely hot the way you yelled at him.
“Now tell me what happened.” you prompted as you got some fluids running.
“I may or may not have went back into a burning building…” he murmured, your movements stopping.
“Evan, wha-what the hell?! Why-you-you did this knowing you have a wife and a child coming?!” you almost screamed.
“Baby, sweetheart it’s ok…I had to. It-There was a kid still in there and I-I don’t know I just had to go get them. I thought about if it was us and something happened and I would do everything possible to protect them.” he explained.
“Oh Buck, see…this is one of the many, many reasons I love you.” you whispered, kissing his lips gently before you got back to work.
Luckily, Buck was able to come home that night, and the two of you did a lot more of yelling and screaming in a good way…
Tumblr media
@mrspeacem1nusone @illinterrogatethecat00 @kaitieskidmore1 @simpingbutch @mxltifandoms06 @beth-winchester21 @miraclesoflove @ashtynthebadass @skyesthebomb @mess-in-side @sea040561 @hollandxvoid @toni9 @kalamitykait @holding-on-to-starwars @mochionly @the-sky-writes @nope-thanks @midnightzonzz @halsmultibitch @jeyramarie
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ephemeralgalaxies · a month ago
No words can express the sheer joy I receive when a character starts taking care of another's child as if they were their own, bonding with the actual parent through their shared love for said child.
Edit: the fun part of this is trying to figure out which characters y'all are leaving notes for
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maygranted · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
evan “buck” buckley x troubled birds
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shmaptainhotchner · 6 months ago
Not So One Night Stand [Evan Buckley]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Evan Buckley x fem!Reader
Words: 8.9K
Summary: After a one night stand leaves you with a positive pregnancy test you did not expect the father to be involved, but looks can be deceiving
Warnings: mentions of sex, swears, some light angst, not very descriptive birth scene
A/N: okay this has been in the wips a while just waiting to come say hi so HI
Tumblr media
“So you’re...?”
“Pregnant yep,”
“And it’s mine?”
“And you’re sure?”
“You know for a first responder you ask really dumb questions,” you cocked an eyebrow up at him. “and look I wasn’t planning for this to happen, I rarely do the one night stand thing, but here we are. I told you, my end of the deal is up,” you patted your hands on your legs and stood up.
“W-Wait!” Buck stuttered, looking up at you. “You’re having a baby,” he wasn’t even talking to you at this point, just trying to process the information you had given you.
“Look, I might be a complete idiot for asking this, you want to be involved? I’m-I’m not planning on getting rid of him..or her,”
“You’d be okay with that? Like me coming to appointments and whatever else you need?”
“Well yeah I’m not against it,” you nodded. “I’m just surprised is all, forgive me for saying this but you don’t seem like the ‘arise to fatherly duties’ type person,”
Buck nodded, rubbing his neck nervously.
“Yeah, I could see why you might think that,”
“So you’re in? Like all in?” you asked carefully, looking down at him,
Buck stood up and nodded putting a hand out for you to take,
“All in,”
“Hey Pops can I talk to you real quick?” Buck asked, looking over at Bobby as they walked towards the empty locker room.
“Sure, what do you need, kid?” he said as they entered the room and sat on the benches.
“Um well, a-a...a girl I slept with she got, y’know...pregnant and I-I was just wondering if I might be able to get off my shift early tomorrow to go to the doctor with her,”
Bobby just stared at the boy, whatever he just said was like having his head dunked in a bucket of ice water, repeatedly.
“Bobby?” Buck looked at the captain oddly until he snapped out of his daze.
“Oh yeah!” Bobby looked up at Buck and nodded. “For sure I can cover for you,” he assured him. “I-I just have one question,”
Buck nodded for him to continue.
“Do,” Bobby lowered his voice, “do people know about this?”
“So far just you, I found out a week ago,” he explained. “And maybe if you could keep it to yourself just until (Y/N) and I figure things out a bit more, it’s a little hectic and I don’t think her parents are too happy about it all,”
Bobby nodded and patted the young man on the back,
“Hey I’m proud of you for stepping up like this, it’s big of you,”
“Thanks, Pops,” Buck gave him a light chuckle.
“If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask, kids are a big responsibility,”
“I know,” he nodded, pressing his lips together. “That’s why I couldn’t leave her on her own, it wouldn’t be fair, to her or the kid,”
Bobby felt as if he was talking to a whole new person, but it made sense, Evan Buckley always did have a soft spot for kids.
Buck sat anxiously in the dim doctor’s office, wringing his hands together and constantly looking back up at the door.
Finally, only a few moments before your appointment was scheduled for, you opened the door and walked into the office, Buck standing immediately to greet you.
“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late,” you apologized. “A few things came up and I-I just lost track of time,”
“No, it’s alright,” he assured with an awkward nod. “H-How are you?”
“I’m okay,” you nodded while he led you to the front desk so you could check-in.
“You can just head to exam room 2,” the receptionist told you and you nodded, giving a quick thank you.
When you got into the room the doctor there handed you a gown to go change in while Buck took a seat at the side of the room, waiting for you to exit the washroom.
You came back and sat in the chair with a little help from Buck to sit up there comfortably.
“Alright Mrs. (L/N) you and your husband are here for the ultrasound correct?”
“Um he’s not my husband,” you chewed the inside of your cheek while regardless, the man next to you gave you a hand to hold.
You both shook your heads again.
The doctor looked confused and Buck sighed, filling in the blank,
“Baby daddy, from a one night stand,”
“Oh now that makes more sense,” the doctor nodded while he flipped through his papers.
You pursed your lips and frowned, opening your mouth to say something before closing it and looking back at Buck in confusion.
“And what do you mean by that?” you asked finally.
“He just seems out of your league is all,” the doctor shrugged and you opened your mouth in protest, taking your feet off the stirrups and looking at him with an utterly and completely offended expression, but before you could cuss out the doctor Buck came to your defence with a blunt,
“Well I think she’s hot, I mean, I slept with her so that’s kind of obvious,”
Now you looked over at the father of your unborn child, your face contorted with bewilderment.
“Buck, not the time!” you exclaimed and he shrugged. “And I want another doctor please,” you added while Buck nodded, helping you off the chair and back to the front desk, but before you left the exam room, Buck turned back to the doctor and shook his head and said,
“You have terrible taste in women,”
Once you had cleared things up with one of the receptionists and she had gotten you to see another doctor within small opening she had, heading to another exam room you finally turned to Buck exclaiming,
“What the hell was that?!”
“What he said or what I said?” he asked for clarification.
“At this point both,” you huffed. “I mean what you said was nice and all, but I mean-I-I just don’t know what to say back to that,”
“You don’t have to say anything it’s just the truth,”
“God how was I ever convinced to sleep with you,” you muttered.
“Hey I am very likeable, ask any of my co-workers!” he countered playfully.
“Really? I’d love to, especially whoever your superior officer is, that would be great,”
“Well theoretically it would be but practically they don’t really know I knocked you up,”
“Then tell em, I’m sure that’ll butter them up real nice for me,” you chuckled.
“You’re feisty,” Buck growled and you slapped his arm.
“Hands off Buckley,”
“If you say so,” he raised his hands up in defence before resting them on his hips. “But we both know you’d hook up with me without a second thought,”
You would have responded with another bright retort but the doctor walked in, a happy smile on her face, ready to do her job, and now you could only hold your breath and hope everything was okay.
This was going to be a field day. And who said you couldn’t have a little fun with Buck, after all, half the time he was a bit of a snarky asshole so you got to get a bit of payback this time.
Outside of the station, you slipped on a fake pregnancy belly before grabbing your purse and heading inside.
“Excuse me ma’am can I help you?” one of the firefighters asked, she wore large clear rimmed glasses and bore a sweet smile.
“Yeah,” you nodded. “I’m looking for Buck? Evan Buckley, he said he worked here,”
The woman’s eyes went wide, but she quickly composed herself, calling out to her colleagues.
“Hey, Chimney! Athena! Bobby! Come here!”
There was a small patter of footsteps and soon you were joined by three more people. Perfect this was exactly how you wanted this to go.
“You know this kind lady is looking for Buck, I haven’t seen him have you guys seen him?”
“Woah! (Y/N) what happened did I miss a month or five?!” Buck exclaimed, running down the steps to meet the group.
“Since when did you knock someone up?!” Athena countered, watching as the young man came to your side.
You couldn’t hold it together anymore, laughing and slipping off the fake belly.
“I knew you weren’t gonna tell them,” you punched his arm. “Anyways, you must be Hen, and Chimney, Athena?” you pointed to the officer and she nodded. “And Pops,” you grinned at Bobby. “Nice to meet you guys I’m (Y/N), the baby mama,”
“Nice to finally meet you,” Bobby smiled, lifting a hand to shake yours.
“Could I get you some food, something to drink? Tea? Water?” he asked.
“Actually some water would be nice,” you nodded.
Buck looked over towards you resting an arm on your shoulder.
“So did you just come over here to scare the crap outta me?” he asked.
“Pretty much, I mean isn’t that kind of my job?”
“Oh screw you,” he groaned, before wrapping an arm around your shoulder and motioning for everyone to head upstairs.
“So are you two a thing or…?”
“Nah,” you shook your head. “Just a not so one-night stand,”
“And this one actually took on some responsibility?” Athena asked. “This dumbass,”
“Good Lord woman cut me some slack!” Buck responded and shook his head.
“It’s alright hon, I know what you mean,” you sighed. “I look at this one and decide he’s the best one like I can't understand how, he looks like he's a complete dog. I swear I have better judgment under normal circumstances,” you laughed and Buck looked slightly offended.
“That’s no way to speak about the father of your unborn child,” he poked your stomach.
“You say that as if you’re not sleeping with like ten other women right now,” you rolled your eyes.
“I’m not, I swear it! Ask Pops or my roommates,” Buck exclaimed. “I promise I’m not,” he turned you around, looking seriously in your eyes.
You turned your head and looked at the firefighters surrounding you.
“I-Is he being serious I can’t tell if this is a joke?”
“(Y/N) come on have I ever lied to you?” Buck insisted.
“I’ve known you for like two months,” you shook your head. “Barely gives you time to lie to me I don’t know if it counts,”
“But I haven’t, and here I’ll make a deal right now, I won’t sleep with anyone, not while you're pregnant and we’ll work it from there,”
“Take the deal, we can enforce it!” Hen exclaimed. “I'm begging you please,”
“If it makes the woman happy then it’s a deal,” you nodded. “They’ll be watching you,”
Bobby came and handed you a glass of water and you thanked him, taking a seat on the couch.
“I like her, can we keep her?” Chimney asked Bobby and you laughed.
“Well, she’s welcome here whenever she wants,” Bobby nodded. “Buck’s family so now you are too,”
“Welcome to the party pal,” Chimney grinned.
“Stop it with the Die Hard references! It’s just more annoying now that I understand them,” Buck groaned and you patted his head.
“Is it typical for everyone to pick on him here?” you asked and they all nodded vehemently.
“Perfect, I’ll fit right in then,”
“I’m sure you will (N/N),” Buck whined. “At the expense of my poor poor heart,”
“Benefits of being the mother of his child I get a free pass to make as many jabs as I want, score,” you grinned. “Maybe this won’t be that bad,”
“Oh shit it’s that bad,” you gagged, leaning over the toilet bowl. Lucky for you Buck had stopped by to drop off some food from Bobby when this wonderful bout of morning sickness came.
“If I could trade places with you I would,” Buck rubbed your back gently, holding your hair out of your face.
“No you w-,” you gagged again heaving into the toilet. After your stomach stopped lurching for a moment you spat out whatever bile was in your mouth, panting from the exertion. “No, you wouldn’t,”
“You’re right I wouldn’t,” Buck admitted and you couldn’t help but let out a small painful chuckle. “I guess you don’t want those Cheetos now do you?”
“Don’t even talk about food right now Buckley,” you warned, leaning away from the toilet and back into his chest.
It was odd, the warm feeling that came to your stomach. You weren’t sure what it was, hoping it was maybe because of morning sickness, but something told you it was more than that. The way the feeling lingered, felt right.
Maybe it was just because you were carrying his child, but everything in your head screamed that he was a guy who would only hurt you but that didn’t stop your heart from wanting him.
He tucked your hair behind your ear, making sure to hold you loosely so he wouldn’t upset your stomach.
“Hey look I have the day off,” he whispered. “If you want I can stick around, we can just turn on the TV and take it easy? I can take care of dinner,”
“You mean you can call Bobby to bring some more food,”
“Actually I was just thinking going down to the station and eating with everyone else,”
“You know what, right now that doesn’t sound too bad,” you sighed, “You sure you don’t have some single dude thing to do today?”
“No dating or sex until at least after the nine months remember? I’m keeping my promise,”
“Being a good example for your kid then?”
“Figure if I’m gonna be a dad I should at least try to act like one a little,”
“This is by far the weirdest arrangement I’ve ever come across,” you noted. “Like I’m serious, I thought I was in this alone,”
“Well not only did you get me but you got the crew, at this point, it’s a bit of a package deal,”
“And I couldn't be happier, they’re great, treat me like family…” your thoughts drifted to your parents for a moment but you shook your head, you didn’t need to think of that now.
“Course they would, you’’re really likeable,”
You chuckled lightly with a nod.
“Yeah that’s why you knocked me up, isn't it? My smashing personality?”
“And your great ass,” he added and you slapped him lightly, too exhausted to do anything else.
“You wanna sleep for a bit?” Buck asked and you nodded. “Come on, let me help you up,”
You stood on wobbly legs, following him to the bed where he helped you get under the covers, pulling them up to your chin.
Just as he was about to leave the room you reached out for his hand, just barely linking your fingers, pulling him back gently to stay.
“D-Do you want me to lay down with you?” he asked.
You bit the inside of your cheek.
“Could you? This is the first time I’ve gotten sick like this since I was a kid and my mom always used to stay with me, but…”
“Yeah, Yeah of course I can stay,”
Buck lifted the blankets and slid into the bed, carefully wrapping an arm around you and allowing you to readjust your position.
He gently rested his chin on the top of your head while you laid against his chest.
It was nice and you hated how you knew you really could get used to it.
“Chim you ready?” you called to the firefighter as he came up the stairs.
“Ready for what?” Bobby asked curiously while you both sat at the table.
“They eat like 15 meals a day together,” Buck explained. “It’s really hurting my pocket so Chim you better be paying for the diapers,”
“Seriously after five months of this, I’ve got you covered,”
“I’m surprised your appetite grew so early,” Bobby added. “When my wife was pregnant it took at least until month seven before she started eating our entire house inside out,”
“Well it hasn’t grown that much,” you said honestly. “Hmm how do I put this, have you watched Bones?” you asked and the man nodded.
“Think of me as Aubrey, I could literally eat an elephant by myself,”
“Yeah to be perfectly honest I’m hoping this-,”
“Ah no no no,” Buck plugged his ears and you gave him a look.
“I was gonna say, kid! This kid doesn’t need to inherit my appetite.” you tossed your hands in the air and facepalmed. “We-No I just found out the gender of the baby and Buck keeps saying he doesn’t want to know,”
“That’s because the surprise is the best part,” he countered and you rolled your eyes.
“You say that as if you didn’t just have a vocalized internal battle when I told you I knew.”
“Okay, but what is it,” he whined.
“See!” you exclaimed.
“Oh, I wanna know!” Chimney grinned and you leaned over and whispered it in his ear.
“Me too,” Bobby nodded, walking over to you.
“What are we doing?” Hen asked, making her way towards the kitchen.
“We’re finding out the gender of the baby before Buck,” Chimney explained.
“Oo 20 bucks says he’s gonna break before the end of the day,”
“No one’s gonna take those odds cause you’re damn right,” you chuckled, now telling Bobby.
“Awe that’s so great (Y/N) I’m really happy for you,” he smiled.
“Thanks, Bobby, now if you could convince your work son to just grow a pair and let me tell him that would be great,” you grinned. “Hen do you wanna know?” you asked and the lady nodded, jogging up to you so you could tell her.
“Awe it’s gonna be a little-,”
“Hey!” Buck exclaimed, eyes widening and just motioning to the air around them.
“Come on Buck she didn’t say it was gonna be a boy,” Chimney kicked his feet back and took a handful of blueberries, putting them in his mouth.
Buck’s eyes went wide and you chuckled with a sigh.
“Surprise!” you said lamely. “You’re having a son,”
Buck’s hands went to cover his mouth and you gave him a bright smile as he ran over to you, lifting you in his arms and pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Careful Buck,” you laughed. “I take that as you being happy about this?”
“Very,” he nodded. “Wow, I’m gonna have a son, Pops you’re gonna be Grand Pops,” he looked over at Bobby who rolled his eyes at the comment.
“If you guys are taking name suggestions can I throw in Chimney junior?”
“He’s not your kid Chim, he can't be junior unless it’s yours, and Chim isn’t even your real name,”
“Really?” he asked, surprised and Hen just shook her head.
“I don’t know, the name will come when it comes,” you nodded. “Right?”
“Mhmm, finally something we can agree on,” Buck pressed another kiss to your cheek and you hoped they couldn’t see how flustered you were. So instead you just held him closer, hiding the warmth in your face from him, but making whatever bubbling feelings inside you all the more obvious to the three firefighters surrounding you.
“(N/N)! You ready?”
Buck walked through your apartment tossing his keys on the table and looking around.
Buck walked into your room, hearing the soft cries from the washroom.
He quickly ran inside, seeing you curled up on the floor in between the wall and the bathtub. Your hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and your eyes were red and puffy, making him assume it had been a while that you were like this.
“Woah, what happened,” he asked, bending down next to you and picking up your phone but you inched further away from it.
“N-No take it away,” you begged. “I don’t wanna be near it,”
“Okay, Okay,” Buck assured, quickly removing it from sight and sitting down next to you and pulling you in his arms.
“What was it?” he asked. “You sick? Did you see something that bothered you?”
“My parents,” you whispered. “Again,”
“Shit,” he muttered. “What did they say this time?” he asked.
“I-I-I just wanted to tell them I’m fine and healthy,” you sobbed lightly into his shirt. “But they think I’m making a mistake. They didn’t want me to keep it, they think I-I’m some whore that goes sleeping around,”
Buck cupped your face in his hand wiping away your tears with his thumb and delicately pressing his lips to your forehead, hoping it might offer some comfort, not knowing it really just made things so much more complicated.
“What happened to ‘we’ll support you no matter what’? Is that just a white lie parents tell their kids?” you whispered.
“I don’t know (N/N),” he admitted in a soft voice. “But I do know I hate seeing you like this,” he pressed. “It’s not good for you and it’s not good for the baby, a-and when you live on the other side of town I can’t be there every time something happens,”
“Buck, what are you saying?” you asked.
“I… I want you to move in with me,” he said quietly.
“W-What?” you faltered, turning slightly to look him in the eye.
“It’s close to my work and that means I can be close to you so if you need me I’m there,”
“Just think about it okay, I hate seeing you like this and I wanna help,” he insisted, tucking some hair that made it out of your ponytail behind your ear.
You took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay… You know what, what the heck,” you nodded. “I’ll move in with you, it’ll be good for-for the baby,” you said, your eyes trailing down to your growing stomach, a visible bump now having formed. “It’ll be good he’s close to his dad,”
Buck pulled you in tight again, resting his chin on the top of your head.
“One weird family… and (N/N)?”
“When we tell this little guy we’ll support him no matter what… it’s not gonna be a white lie. I promise,”
“Alright Pops what are we making today?” you asked, coming over to Bobby’s side while he cooked.
“Your favourite,” he chuckled. “Figured you’d appreciate that,”
“Oh you’re the best,” you grinned, stepping up on the stool and sitting on the counter next to the stove. “In another life, you would’ve made an amazing chef,”
“So I’ve been told,” he nodded. “How’s the move been with Buck?”
“Not too bad actually, he makes breakfast which is nice if it’s not burnt,”
“You know we actually banned him from cooking here,” Bobby explained and you frowned curiously.
“God, what did he do? No, I take it back, what genes are my child inheriting?”
“We do a rotation for dinner sometimes and it was maybe his first week here and he somehow almost burnt the kitchen down making pasta salad. Pasta salad. You only need to boil water for that! And can you imagine, a firehouse on fire!”
“Oh good Lord,” you shook your head while Bobby offered you a spoon to taste what he was making. “Is he really that dumb?”
“I don’t know if dumb is the right word,” Bobby pursed his lips together. “It’s more like could be smart but he doesn’t think before he does stuff, you know?”
“Yeah, I can see that,” you agreed. “But even aside from all that he’s just… he’s Buck y’know,” you smiled softly to yourself.
“Yeah,” Bobby nodded, knowing that look anywhere. “I know what you mean,”
“He’s been really great through all this,” you found yourself admitting, “I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting when he said he wanted to be involved, but I don’t think this was it,”
“Yeah, I've learnt that when it counts Buck rises to the occasion,” Bobby exclaimed. “And boy if that kid doesn’t think you count. I haven’t seen him as happy as he is now, while also simultaneously being responsible and-and using a little will power and it’s just something all of us didn’t think we’d see,”
“Glad I could be of service,” you put a hand out to shake Bobby’s but he pulled you into a hug instead.
“You’re family (Y/N), don’t forget that,”
“I’ll try not to,” you smiled softly, trying to push back the tears welling in your eyes. “Really though Bobby, thank you,”
“Of course. Anytime,”
The way your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach could not be attributed to anything but what was being shown on your TV screen.
Don’t you dare Evan Buckley I swear to God-
He dared.
There had been a landslide after a minor earthquake, only a 4.2 in magnitude, nothing LA wasn’t already used to. The fact of the matter was, the city wasn’t built in the smartest way. People didn’t stay away from the dirt mountains causing things like this to happen, harming normal citizens and putting the first responders who needed to save them in danger.
In a way, the landslide was kind of like a mix of an avalanche and earthquake. Like the avalanche dirt would slide down, trapping whatever was in its way and like an earthquake, there was normally more to come afterwards.
Right now from what you could see a poorly placed restaurant was almost covered in rocks and dirt, damaging the structural integrity of the building and making it difficult for some of the firefighters to get in there.
But that never stopped Buck.
You could see behind the reporter how he rushed into the building, right before another rumble of rocks and you swore you could feel the baby kick as if he was telling you he saw it too.
Looking past the entrance to the restaurant on the screen you were able to see the pile of rocks just waiting to roll down the hill, probably crushing anyone left in the restaurant.
Bobby and Hen pulled out a few uninjured people while Chim came around with a few others pulling somebody out of the debris on a gurney.
“Firemen have been able to evacuate all except one child still remaining in the building,” the reporter stated and you grimaced knowing that meant he wouldn’t leave unless he managed to get the kid.
“Come on Buck, Come on,” you whispered, balling your hands into fists, staring so intently for any sign of him coming out.
Not before long, you heard a rumble and quick,
“Get out of the way!” from Bobby, seeing the rocks tumble down the hill. Quickly you grabbed the remote and shut it off.
That didn’t just happen. You didn’t just watch him get crushed in a building.
You could feel your throat closing and your heart start to beat erratically while you stared at the blank screen.
If he was gone, who was going to raise the baby with you? Drive you to the hospital? What happened to, I’m all in?
You frantically wiped the tears from your eyes, grabbing the tissue box and clutching it close.
No, it wasn’t real, he could have gotten out. Buck always got out.
You fumbled around through your tears, trying to find your phone, dialling Bobby’s number knowing you’d have better luck getting a hold of him.
The phone rang through to voicemail and you hung up and tried again, and again, and again, even switching to Hen and Chimney, hell even Athena if she knew more than you but nobody was picking up; you could only assume that was because what they needed to say to you couldn’t be said over the phone.
An ungodly noise escaped your throat as you staggered back into the kitchen table, grabbing onto the edge for support.
Your body was quick to respond to the stress, sending a shooting pain in your lower abdomen causing you to hold on to your belly and curse mother nature for making Braxton-Hicks contractions a thing.
You bit back a groan of pain while the tears streamed down your face. It was just too much. Too much to think about, too much to feel, you wanted Buck here. More than anything you wanted him by your side.
The way he supported you, treated you like family, even bringing you into his own, the feelings of love and acceptance were unparalleled when you were with him and you never wanted it to end. But all good things come to an end, right?
After around an hour, still no word from anyone at the station house, your tears had calmed slightly, just waiting for someone, anyone to call or knock on the door.
What you were expecting was for it to click unlocked and open, in walking what looked like an extremely exhausted and worn-out Evan Buckley.
You quickly pushed yourself up off the couch and ran up to him, giving him a prompt slap across the face before pulling him into your arms, letting yourself sob into his shoulder.
“Don’t do that!” you exclaimed. “Don’t go making me think you’re dead, a-a damn phone call Buck that’s all it would have taken!”
“Hey, hey I’m sorry, the cell towers were down,” he gripped onto you, pressing a kiss to your temple.
“You can’t just-just leave me okay,” you whispered “It’s not just me, there’s-there’s the baby a-and as much as I want to think I can do it by myself I can’t. I can’t,” you sobbed.
“I know,” he nodded, pressing his forehead to yours, a thumb brushing away your tears. “I’m here I promise. I’m here for both of you,”
“I-I saw you! I saw you in the building,”
Buck gently started to move you away from the door, shutting it with his foot and pulling you along through to his room.
“Come on let’s just lay down a bit okay,” he said quietly. “It’s gonna be fine I’m not going anywhere,”
You listened to him carefully lowering yourself down into the covers, watching as he made his way around to the other side, coming next to you wrapping an arm underneath you, his free hand resting on your stomach.
You grabbed onto his shirt tightly, your head tucked into his chest.
“Why did you go back in?” you whispered.
“There was a kid (N/N), a-and I just kept thinking of you and the baby and if anything happened I’d… I don’t know what I’d do with myself,”
“‘Thena’s right, you damn Buckley’s have hearts of gold,” you sniffed, looking up at him and ran a hand through his hair.
“Really? She said that?” he chuckled through some light tears.
“Mhmm,” you nodded. “I-I just...When I thought you… I’ve never felt that way before and I know it’s in the job description, but… you’re gonna be a dad,”
Buck nodded, hugging you again, peppering your hair with kisses.
“I know, I promise I’m gonna be careful,” he assured you. “I’m gonna be there, I’m gonna look after you, I’m gonna do everything to keep you safe. I promise,”
“And I’m counting on you to keep it,”
“Come on you guys barely have any photos,” Hen pushed, kicking her feet up on the table.
“Yeah come time when the little one wants to see any pictures of the pregnancy, what are you gonna show him?” Athena asked.
“I don’t know, I just-photos haven’t been at the front of my mind right now,” you chuckled lightly.
“Then let us take them,” Bobby suggested. “Here come on let’s do one right now,”
“Bobby I’m not sure that’s a good idea-,”
“Okay if not for you then for me,” he smiled. “It’s my work grandbaby,” he joked and you couldn’t help but laugh along with the rest of them.
“Alright,” you sighed, pushing yourself up with slight difficulty, accustoming yourself to the added weight in the front. “Let’s do this, Buck up you get,”
“M-Me?” he asked, pointing to himself.
“Yeah you’re the father of the baby are you not?” you asked and he shook his head with a smile, hopping up and wrapping his arms around you from behind.
“Okay say cheese!” Bobby grinned and you and Buck both smiled for the camera, allowing Bobby to take a few pictures of the two of you together.
“You guys look adorable,” Hen cooed. “This kid’s gonna be lucky, he’s really got a great pick for parents,”
You chuckled lightly, “Thanks Hen, only a few months to go, then we’ll see if we’re really up for the challenge,”
You took a seat back on the couch and Buck sat on the ground, next to your legs facing your stomach.
“You gonna talk to him?” you asked. “I can go get that microphone thing your mom sent-,”
“Nah it’s okay we’ll just do it the old-fashioned way,” he grinned. “Well what to say,” he sighed. “Hmm, well kid it’s me, your dad-,”
“Tell him something he doesn’t know,” Chim jabbed and Buck rolled his eyes.
“Well, did you know that clouds come from these factory machines-,”
“Woah, woah, woah,” you stopped him, holding your stomach. “Did you just say clouds come from factories?”
“Yeah, don’t they?” he asked and you burst into a fit of laughter.
“Buck you can't be giving our kid false information before he’s born!”
“Wait they don’t?! What is that then?!” he exclaimed.
“Evaporated water that's condensing in the sky idiot,” Athena noted with a chuckle and Buck shook his head while yours was thrown back in laughter. He pressed a soft kiss to your stomach,
“Sorry little man, maybe you shouldn’t listen to dad,” he admitted, resting his forehead against the baby bump and letting out a chuckle. “God where did I come up with that one,”
Neither of you could see Hen pulling out her phone and snapping a few more photos of you, texting them to Bobby and Athena.
It seemed so obvious to everyone but you and Buck that you were both clearly in love with each other. As weird as the situation was, there was a connection there, an emotional connection and they only hoped you could grab onto it before things changed.
Working at eight months pregnant was not pretty. Your feet were swollen and you were exhausted from standing all day.
You loved your job, seeing small newborn babies every day, the way their parents would light up when they held them, you couldn’t help but hope that’s what was in it for you.
“Good Lord does the back pain get any better?” you asked one of your patients, resting a hand on your lower back and trying to stretch it out.
“Unfortunately not, it gets worse,” Laura sighed.
“But I’d say it’s worth it,” you smiled, grinning at the small baby in the cot.
“(N/N) your shift is up,” Cecelia came into the room and let you know.
“Well that’s my cue Laura, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you waved.
“See you (N/N),”
You grabbed your things and clocked out, heading into your car and driving back to Buck’s apartment.
You weren’t expecting him to be home, he had a shift after all.
You unlocked the door and pushed it open, surprised when you were overcome with a welcoming aroma and warm lighting.
“Buck?” you called, walking into the apartment, still clad in scrubs.
“Oh hey, you’re back home!” Buck grinned, stepping out of the kitchen and tossing the dishrag to the side.
“What is all this?” you asked, taking off your jacket.
“I just thought you might be able to use a bit of a-well I don’t know, just something nice. Here,” he smiled, taking a bag off the couch and handed it to you. “I remembered when we were looking for baby clothes at Macy’s you said you liked this dress so I thought it might be nice to get it for you,”
“Buck,” you cooed, looking inside to see the floral pattern dress. “Let me go put this on then we can eat. Did Bobby come over and cook?”
“Nope this one’s all me,” he grinned.
“No way” you laughed. “I’ll believe it when I see it, Buckaroo,”
“Just go put the dress on,” he rolled his eyes.
You nodded coming to press a thank-you kiss to his cheek before heading off to your room and taking off your scrubs and trying on the dress.
You had to applaud Buck, he managed to get something that fit you perfectly.
With a tired yawn, you walked back out to the dining room where the table was nicely set and Buck was bringing over some food.
“Candles, my favourite food, you really went all out,” you noted while he pulled out your chair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.
“We’ll come on, a guy can’t treat the mother of his child?” he asked. “And you look amazing,”
“You don’t have to say that, I look terrible, I’m eight months pregnant and just finished a twelve-hour shift,”
Buck only served you some food and shook his head, handing you a glass of non-alcoholic wine.
“(N/N), do I have to tell you the same thing I told the doctor when we went into the first appointment,”
“Oh shut up,” you blushed.
“Hey I was thinking, I have a name,” he suggested.
“A name? The wind blew you in a direction?” you asked, eating a bite of salad.
“Yeah,” he nodded with a small smile. “It’s just after everything that Bobby’s done for us and I-well I think we should name him Nash,”
“Nash,” you smiled to yourself. “I-I love that,”
Buck chuckled, “Glad we could agree on something, I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous bringing it up,”
“Why? You think I was gonna fight you on it?” you asked.
“Honestly I wasn’t sure what I was expecting,” he took a deep breath. “I just want to make sure your happy, with everything,”
“And I am Buck, really you’ve been more than great,” you assured him, putting down your fork. “But what about you? Are you happy? A-And I mean we haven’t talked much about what happens after the baby is born-,”
“I want you to stay here,” he interrupted quickly. “I mean if you’re okay with that and that’s something you want, but… I want to be present. I’m not gonna be the dad that flaked on his kid,”
“And that would make you happy?” you asked.
“More than anything,” he reached out and squeezed your hand.
“What about you getting your life back to normal?” you asked. “Isn’t it kind of a bit of a cock block if I’m here?”
Your heart clenched as you said the words, but that’s just how it was. You and Buck were separate people, not a couple, just happened to be having a child together.
“We’ll figure everything out when the time comes, I’ve still got a month of celibacy to go,” he chuckled. “Don’t worry about it (N/N), I’ve got it,”
“Course you do, you’re Evan freaking Buckley,” you grinned, reaching back for your fork with your free hand and continuing to eat the delicious food Buck had allegedly prepared.
Right about now life felt really good.
“Oh my God!” you cried in pain, lurching forward on the hospital bed. “I hate you so much right now Evan!”
Buck’s knuckles were turning white as you squeezed onto his hand so hard he thought all his joints were gonna pop.
“Come on (N/N) you got this! He’s almost here!” Buck exclaimed in encouragement.
“I can’t,” you sobbed with exhaustion, falling back down to the bed. “I can’t it’s too hard,”
“(Y/N), (Y/N) look at me,” Buck insisted, turning your face to look him in the eye. “Who are we?”
“Huh?” you frowned.
“Who are we (N/N) come on!”
“We’re… we’re Buck and (N/N),” you panted.
“And what do Buck and (N/N) do?” he asked.
“We-We prank people? Buck where the hell are you going with this?”
“Yeah sure we do that, but you know what we don’t do?” he grinned. “We don’t give up, now come on gorgeous show me what you got,”
You took a deep breath, squeezing his hand and nodding before letting him go stand with the obstetrician.
“Okay we’re going to start pushing (Y/N) are you ready?”
“No?” you asked and Buck shook his head in a chuckle. “Fine yeah, let’s get this little S.O.B. out of me,” you nodded.
“Alright start pushing in three, two, one,”
On the doctor’s count, you started to push, crying out in pain as you did so.
“Hey, hey! I can see his head!” Buck noted. “Come on (N/N) you got this, keep going!”
You pushed again at the doctor’s instruction, almost laughing when you heard Buck say,
“Oh, well yeah definitely a boy,”
“One more (Y/N), can you give me one more?” the doctor asked and you nodded pushing one more time, finally hearing the cry of your baby and falling back onto the bed while Buck came to tend to you, wiping away the sweat from your forehead with a spare towel.
“You did so well (N/N),” he smiled, happy tears in his eyes. “You were amazing,”
“Oh me? I did nothing y’know just carried a baby for nine months then kicked him out of my uterus, what’s new?” you chuckled tiredly and he laughed along with you, pressing a firm kiss to your temple.
“Miss (L/N), Mr. Buckley, I think you’ve got someone who’d like to meet you,” the doctor said softly walking over to you with a wrapped bundle. She handed you the baby and you carefully adjusted your arms to hold him comfortably.
“Hey baby,” you smiled, whispering quietly, not wanting to disturb the small child. “I’m your mama, and this is your daddy,” you said, turning to look up at Buck, the tears clearly welling in his eyes. “It’s nice to finally meet you, right, Buck?”
“Yeah,” he nodded with a sniff. “It’s real nice,”
You lowered your head and pressed a gentle kiss to his head before lifting him up slightly and started to hand him to Buck.
“You want to hold him?” you asked and he nodded his head carefully, reaching out his arms and enveloping the small baby in them.
“Hi Nash,” he sniffed again. “Jesus kid it hasn’t even been five minutes and I’d give the entire world to you if I could,”
“I’m sure you’ll find a way,” you yawned, the exhaustion finally catching up with you.
“You should rest (N/N),” he whispered, leaning down and resting his forehead on yours. “You’re just… you’re amazing okay?”
“Okay,” you whispered back. “But I can be amazing after I sleep,”
“Of course you can,” he chuckled. “I’ll be right here, rest well,”
“Someplace for a first outing,” you looked over at Buck and he shrugged. “Come one he’ll love the story when we tell it to him. Plus I forgot to tell everyone you had the baby until yesterday so either we come here or they go to the hospital and find an otherwise occupied room,”
“Alright, alright,” you nodded, taking Nash out of his car seat while Buck took care of the baby bag.
When you entered the station you could hear a very loud and obvious,
“They’re here!” from Chimney, causing you and Buck to laugh, quickly making your way upstairs to meet with everyone.
“Oh my God look who’s here!” Hen exclaimed giddily, making her way towards you and taking a peek at the small baby. “Guys he’s so precious,” she cooed. “And I can’t believe you didn’t tell us for a week that she had already had the baby!” Hen looked over at Buck and slapped him upside the head.
“Ow!” Buck groaned, rubbing the back of his head. “Do you want to meet the kid or not?”
“Fine, fine,” she rolled her eyes and Bobby, Athena and Chimney quickly came to join you guys.
“So does the little guy have a name?” Athena asked curiously.
“Yeah he does,” you nodded. “The wind blew us in a direction and that direction was Nash.” you grinned looking over at Bobby who seemed incredibly surprised by the revelation.
“Nash as in Captain Nash?” Chimney asked and you and Buck nodded.
“Thought it was appropriate after everything you helped us with,” Buck explained. “W-We hope you don’t mind it kind of just happened and we agreed on it,”
“N-No it’s… it’s really thoughtful,” Bobby nodded, trying to keep his composure, “Can I-,”
“Hold him? Of course,” you nodded, placing the baby in his arms, watching as the group crowded around him.
“Man, Bobby’s gonna make this kid fat as hell,” Hen muttered and you and Buck shook your heads with a laugh.
“As long as you guys love him, honestly, this kid could do a lot worse,” Buck noted, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his side.
“Yeah, and he’s got two great parents to walk him through life,” Athena gave you both a smile. “And a whole fire station too,”
“Peach sister!” Chimney held up a hand and Athena humoured him with a high five.
Station 118 finally, after nine long months, had its newest addition, little Nash Buckley.
“Finally managed to get him down?” you asked, holding a mug of hot tea and looking over at the view of the city.
“Yeah, he was a bit fussy, but what am I gonna expect, he’s a mama’s boy,”
Buck made his way towards you, standing right next to you and looking down at his feet.
“You know I’ve been thinking about our agreement, you know the one about me not sleeping with or dating anyone while you're pregnant,”
“Hmm,” you hummed, glancing at him for a moment. “Oh yeah, that,” you nodded. “Wanna get back in the game? Go back to whatever it was you were doing before?”
“Actually… yeah, b-but no,” he nodded. “I-uh I met someone and I wanna, I wanna do right by her. Try and do things differently. Do them right, not like the old Buck,”
“She must be special,” you sighed. “Does she… know about me? And Nash?” you asked, placing your mug on the nearby table, finally looking up at Buck.
“Yeah I think she does,” he smiled with a soft chuckle.
You swallowed thickly but continued.
“Well, who is she? What does she do?”
“Um, you see,” Buck said, licking his lips and taking your hands in his. “S-She’s a nurse and she’s got this amazing laugh a-and she just so happens to be the mother of my child,”
“(Y/N), just… just hear me out,” he interrupted you. “You and I we-we work together, something about you just makes me want to be a better person and I wanna make you feel-,”
“Buck shut up,” you whispered, slipping your hands out of his and grabbing his face, firmly pressing your lips to his while his hands wrapped around your waist.
Months, you had been waiting months to do that. And when your lips finally parted, slightly swollen and chuckling while you took in some air.
“I guess you were right,” you murmured while he continued to press soft kisses to the corner of your lips.
“About what? I’m almost never right,”
“You said given the chance I’d hook up with you, without a second thought. Let’s just say there aren’t many thoughts going through my head right now,”
Buck laughed, pulling you into his arms, allowing you to rest your chin on his shoulder.
“Guess everything kind of worked out didn’t it?” he noted.
“Yeah, I guess it did,”
Buck slipped his hand into your hair, pulling you back gently and pressing another kiss to your lips, his forehead resting against yours only to be interrupted by soft cries coming from your bedroom.
“Nash can mom have like three minutes of peace?” you whined, stomping your foot and Buck laughed.
“Well if mom wants she can stay in dad’s room tonight, get some real rest?”
“Mom would like that,” you nodded, pressing one last kiss to his lips before going to tend to Nash. “She would like that a lot,”
“Buck there’s some people out from who wanna talk to you,” Hen called. “Looks like reporters,”
“Huh, okay,” Buck wiped his hands and nodded, jogging down the stairs and meeting the reporter out front.
“Hey, firefighter Buckley right?” the reporter asked.
“Yeah, just call me Buck,” he nodded and offered his hand for her to shake.
“Well Buck I’m Carolina Saunders, with one of the local news stations, we were wondering if you might be able to answer some questions for us about a recent call you had,”
“Oh yeah, um for sure,” he nodded as the woman with her held up the camera.
“So is it hard to manage being a firefighter and just living life. You’re what in your mid-twenties,”
“Yeah I’m twenty-five,” Buck nodded. “I don’t know, shift work is tricky sometimes but we make it work,”
“And what about your calls, was this past call one of the most interesting or different types of emergencies,”
“I’m still a rookie,” Buck explained. “So I don’t have nearly as much experience as half the people at the station, but uh that call was a hard one.”
“But you saved four people,”
“Yeah, but it doesn't get less hard when you lose people,” he explained. “No matter how many times it happens,”
Carolina nodded and moved onto the next question.
“Well out Twitter seems to be blowing up,” she noted, just as your car pulled up into the lot. “Everyone’s wondering if you’re single,”
“Um, I am-,” he cut himself off when he saw you were struggling at getting Nash out of the car. “Could you excuse me a moment?”
He ran over to you, saying a quick hi before unbuckling his son from his car seat and cradling him in his arms while you took care of the baby bags.
“I gotta go back quickly,” he said, “You’ll be okay?”
“Yeah, go finish the interview I’ll be okay,”
Buck jogged back to Carolina and apologized.
“Sorry about that,” he chuckled. “What was the question again?”
“Oh just something from our Twitter followers, they’re asking if you’re single,” she laughed.
“Well I’m not sure if you could tell from this little guy, but no I’m not,” he smiled, looking over at you. “That’s my girlfriend and this is our son,”
“Oh, could we ask her some questions?”
“Sure if she wants,” he nodded. “Babe, c’mere,” he motioned with his head and you nodded.
“Hi,” you smiled and the reporter introduced yourself and asked if she could ask you some questions. “Sure,” you agreed.
“So what’s it like dating a first responder?”
“It’s hard sometimes, we’ve had some close calls but Buck loves it, I can’t imagine taking that away from him,” you explained.
“Oh that’s so sweet,” Carolina smiled. “Well we’ll let you go for now, but we’ve got permission from your Captain to stick around a bit longer and just get some filler footage if you don’t mind,”
“Yeah, yeah for sure,” Buck nodded and then turned his attention to you grinning like an idiot and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
“Hey,” you chuckled.
“Hi,” he responded. “You good?”
“Great,” you assured him just a few of the people from the station house came outside to greet you.
“Oh look who’s here,” Bobby grinned, holding his hands out to Buck just as Nash mimicked his namesake and babbled at him to be held.
“You wanna see Bobby?” Buck asked. “You wanna go see Bobby?”
Nash squealed in delight as Buck swooped him over to Bobby who tossed him a little in the air before bringing him back down and peppering his face with kisses.
“Oh hey baby,” Hen smiled. “Nash seems to be having the time of his life with Bobby,”
“What can I say, my baby picks favourites,” you chuckled and hugged Hen.
“I’m not complaining,” Bobby grinned while Nash tried to bite off his nose.
“He teething?” Hen asked and you nodded.
“He loves chewing on Buck’s fingers, it’s gonna start hurting pretty soon, but for now it’s pretty cute,”
“We got Denny a teething necklace, it worked like a charm,”
“Oh I’ve seen those,” you nodded, “Hey Buck maybe we should think about getting one?”
“Yeah, ask long as it keeps my fingers out of his mouth. We can get him some of those chew things you put in the freezer too,”
“Oh look at Buck being all like a super dad,” Chimney chuckled and came over to join them.
“What can I say, I can be responsible,” Buck puffed out his chest only to be slapped in the head by Athena. “Ow woman!”
“Give him a break ‘Thena he’s good,” you chuckled, wrapping your arms around your boyfriend. “Real good,”
“So when’s the wedding?” Bobby asked. “Cause you guys have got a perfect ring bearer,”
“If I get anything to say, soon, but we all know that never happens,” Buck chuckled.
“You’ll never know if you don’t ask,” you said in a sing-song voice.
“Count on it gorgeous, it’ll happen,”
Tumblr media
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macarenaandrad3 · 6 months ago
AU-Musician Buck
Tumblr media
Commission I did for someone awesome!
This is about a fic so check it out.
Commissions still open!
fic by @princessfbi
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chimreaper · 3 months ago
okay but the idea that after Maddie gives Buck all of his post cards because he doesn’t have a memory box, Buck just starts keeping everything. While out at a call at a doctors office, Chim jokingly gives Buck a pamphlet from the front desk that he thinks fits Buck, and he just… holds onto it. Hen finds a sticker of a little golden retriever and sticks it to Buck’s clothes because “now there’s two or you” and even after the sticker is no longer sticky, he tapes it to his locker at work or to his fridge at home. Him and Eddie go see a movie they’ve been talking about forever and instead of throwing the ticket out he puts it in a small box in his drawer, next to the tickets he kept from when they took Christopher to the zoo and one of the many cards Chris drew for him, even though he has 100’s by now. Bobby hands him a torn out page from a magazine he was reading that had a recipe he wanted Buck to try, and even after Buck has perfected it and committed it to memory, he throws the paper in the box as well. Every birthday or get well soon card he receives, even if it’s just a thank you card from someone he saved once, he keeps them. the superhero themed ring that comes on top of the store bought cupcakes from Christopher’s birthday party. The carnival tickets from when Buck took some of the 118 kids. Michael and David’s wedding invitation. Christopher’s 8th grade graduation program. A page from a local newspaper that focuses on the 118 and their heroics. Sometimes he even prints off pictures he took of special moments and adds them to the pile as well.
Even as the pile gets too big to stuff in a drawer and he has to actually put them in a box, he keeps collecting, because these things are pieces of the people he loves. They are moments where someone thought of him and moments where they went “this reminded me of you.” They are proof that Buck loves and is proud of everyone he knows. That they are his family, and that these people, his chosen family, make up his memory box, not whatever could’ve possibly been in his if he had a baby box.
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The Buddy fandom gives me so much hope for the future, it's unbelievable. But then I remember Destiel and my brain just...shuts down. "Nah, nah" it says. "Not gonna do it again".
I guess I'm used to disappointment
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Someone made a post comparing Buck in 4x13 to "The Morning Star" by Alexandre Cabanel. It really does look like he is losing everything here. I decided to try to do a painting in somewhat of that style. Don't know if I succeeded, but I loved painting Buck.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Taylor: Hey, do you know the password to Eddie’s computer?
Buck: Fuck you, Taylor.
Taylor: Hey!!
Buck: No, you misunderstood, the password is "fuckyouTaylor".
Taylor: Oh, no numbers? Not very safe.
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