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#buck actually
fireladybuckley · 20 days ago
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"You're always talking or texting each other, you sing karaoke, you do bufridays, you finish each other's sentences... Guys, come on! You're a couple!'
Buck's utter confusion as he figures out Madney is a thing before they do. 9-1-1, 2x08 - "Buck, Actually"
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 23 days ago
There's something so wonderfully poetic about Eddie not wanting a "ready-made" family. He's spent time and effort into making the one that he has, and it really is a lovely call back to the type of love you want not being found but made
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happy-buck · 9 days ago
I was just rewatching Buck, Actually and it’s actually hilarious how Buck pointed out to Chimney and Maddie that they were dating because of all these things that they do like hanging out & texting all the time and having things like buffet friday…so obviously that means they are dating right?
Now I’m just imaging someone saying to Buck and Eddie…
‘…You guys are dating.’
‘What? No, we’re just friends.’
‘No, you guys are always texting, you hang out all the time, you take his kid to the zoo!! You two are definitely dating.’
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outofoz · 2 months ago
A headcanon that I have is that Maddie has always loved to sing. It was something her parents would always stop and take notice of, and care about.
Doug however did not. A few years into their marriage, he showed her how much it pissed him off when he wasn't in the mood to hear it and she just, stopped.
She had gone to the karaoke night with Chimney a few times and admired the people brave enough to get up there and sing. Chimney had noticed her mouthing along to the songs, and just assumed she wasn't good, or didn't want to.
It wasn't until he went with Maddie and Buck and Buck asked her why she hadn't gotten up and sung yet, that he found out she loved it. "Maddie? Yeah Maddie loves to sing. She's great at it. Why haven't you gotten up their Mads?"
It was at Buck's questioning that Chimney looked over at her, "I will if you will. I know for a fact that they have Islands in the Stream..."
Maddie couldn't resist the looks of anticipation from Chimney and her brother, so she downed her glass of wine and nodded her head. Chimney went and signed them up, and once she got up there, with Chimney by her side, she finally let herself sing again, knowing she could now, if she wanted to.
(If you want to make it angsty, Doug had just gotten to town and was in the back of the bar, watching them, watching Maddie wrapping her arms around Chimney, singing her heart out. She clearly hadn't learnt, he thought, but she will, because Chimney is about to become Jason Bailey's new best friend.")
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sunshinediaz · 2 months ago
thinking about how one of the first buck-centric episodes was mainly about the Gays. that you don't find love, son, you make it. gay man advice for a non-disclosed-sexuality buck right before he died next to his gay man soulmate. head empty only gay thoughts.
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buddiemecca · a month ago
Buck and Eddie parallel to Lola and Norman. Not exactly as husbands but something more like Buck's self-pitying that no one will love him that everyone leaves him (assuming Taylor leaves Buck for better work opportunities) but Eddie stopped him. Just like Norman, Eddie saw not just Buck but he sees Evan. He sees Evan as someone who's been longing to be loved. He sees Evan who loves the people he loves with burning passion. He sees Evan as himself. Someone to be just ENOUGH for them. He saw Evan, the love of his life.
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halinski · a year ago
That's Love
Buck: I guess I can only hope to find that one day.
Thomas: You don't find it, son. You make it
Buck: *makes sure Christopher is able to come to the fire station with Eddie*
*finds a caretaker for Christopher to help Eddie*
*takes Christopher to meet Santa with Eddie*
*takes Christopher to the pier*
*saves Christopher*
*babysits Christopher*
*has emotional talks with Eddie with lots of apologies*
*gets the whole fire station together so Eddie and Christopher can spend Christmas together*
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deluweil · a year ago
Re-watching Buck Actually, Athena tasers the robber in the GasnSip and then my sister and I say along with her "Who's the dumbass now?" And laugh because we did not mean for it to sound so well coordinated 😂😂😂
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 2 months ago
After rewatching Buck, Actually just now, I’ve made an observation about the conversation Buck has with Thomas (the gay man in his 70s whose husband had just passed).
Mitchell is described to be the one who rushed into things. He’s implied to lead the adrenaline fueled activities the two had often partaken in. Thomas said that he was always there to follow him into those activities.
This is a direct parallel to Buck and Eddie respectively. Buck runs into the dangerous rescues, and Eddie has his back (and sometimes, it’s reversed, and Buck has his).
This parallel combines so well with the family that’s made by Eddie, Buck, and Christopher in the later seasons, especially after Thomas had told Buck that the kind of love he and Mitchell made wasn’t just randomly found but made.
Tl;dr Buck took the advice Thomas told him and made the family/relationship he’s always wanted with Eddie
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buddie4ever21 · a year ago
Okay another instance of the show saying Buddie could happen... 
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heavydirtysoul-24 · a year ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
911, season 2, episode 8
Buck. Actually.
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himbo-buckley · a year ago
I now believe that eddie has a protective mode just for buck, but also when the old man died after telling buck "you dont find love like that you make it", and buck is upset cause he was just speaking, eddie takes over. Then theres a moment when eddie/bobby look at each other before they gently tell buck he died .This was eddie being protective of buck in a different way
Hello friend! 🥰
Eddie is soooo protective of Buck and all the time!
I mean I have argued in my meta that it is a personality trait in both of them but omg, yes to that!
Eddie in “Buck actually” was so protective, just like in “What’s next” when he asked if Buck was okay 😍
Or in „The one that got away“ when he tried so hard to reassure Buck because he realized how worried Buck was and how much he considered Red his own future
And no I am crying a little
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fuck-evanbuckley · a year ago
the Thomas-Mitchell subplot still makes me cry after watching it for the nth time
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rewatching 2x08 i realized Maddie (well, Jennifer Love Hewitt) CAN SING. like she’s got some serious good voice there
i had no idea she was a singer.. guess now i need me more karaoke scenes in the future with Maddie and Chim, next time let’s throw the rest of the team in there aswell
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