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#buck eddie
fandom-means-family20 hours ago
"That's how we practise our Spanish."
and all I could think about was
"Y yo a ti, Buck."
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz2 months ago
Bobby when he hired Eddie: He would be a perfect partner for Buck. He鈥檚 a veteran, an army medic. He鈥檚 serious, collected and wouldn鈥檛 let Buck jump into danger without thinking about the consequences.
Buck & Eddie on their first task together: *blow up the ambulance*
Bobby: I take all my words back. I think I made a mistake. Now I have two idiots to look after.
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I just binged the entirety of 911 in a week after seeing all of the buddie posts on my dash. I had assumed yall were exaggerating their relationship but like guys-
In literally one episode Buck goes from "this man is hot, I'm threatened" to "this man is hot and also just pulled a live grenade out of a mans leg and smiled at me and now Im in love" IN THE SPAN OF ONE EPISODE!
And then in the beginning of literally the second episode they're in together we have Buck awkwardly and with too much enthusiasm blurting "I love kids!" like some awkward drunk trying to hook up with a DILF.
Sorry I doubted y'all.
Also congrats I'm now obsessed
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porgthespacepenguin4 months ago
it just occured to me that Eddie first asks A*a out ... during the jinx episode.
The episode of epic bad luck.
The episode where literally everything goes wrong.
Yeah. That episode.
Tumblr media
Riiiiiiiight. The writers are not being subtle here.
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fuzziezss9 months ago
Tumblr media
Idk how people are saying Ryan and Oliver hate each other?! They are literally sitting next to each other in the story Oliver just posted! Like he only showed Ryan 馃槀
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caffeina236 months ago
I thought a lot about how I would feel once I finished 9-1-1.
Although I wanted to turn the page, but i had to watch the last two episodes hoping to change my mind.
I loved the final scene in 4x13, the idea of 鈥嬧媡he camera turning on them, them looking at each other, the absence of music.
I wondered how they can get back from this.They knew what they were doing and although it wasn't just them on stage, I only saw them, thanks to their undeniable chemistry.
We arrive at the 4x14 episode鈥 full of nice words, but nothing concrete.
- You become Cristopher's legal guardian,
- Eddie worrying that Buck is hurt,
- The collapse of buck,
- Waking up in the hospital,
- Eddie calling Buck "Evan"
- You act like you鈥檙e expendable, but you鈥檙e wrong
We do not get to realize anything.
The scenes feel a lot more like a slow burn than a friendship, but by now we know that it isn't.
This is a queerbait.
Every now and then they give the fans a sop, every now and then they take a step forward and then 10 back.
Because the reality is that they don't know how to put them together, they don't know how to make a couple out of nothing. Sorry, I meant that they don't know how to create a couple made up of same-sex characters.
As I always say if they were a man and a woman we won't even be talking about them.聽
In 2021 they don't know how to do it, it sucks.
But again they prefer a silly (in this case) straight relationship, than trying to see how it could have gone.
We can also talk about Ana, who is swept away by Buck's bulky presence. How their story has neither a beginning nor an end. How she looks more like a piece of furniture than a character.
Nobody cares that they don't like them, nobody cares that they don't have chemistry, it just matters that they are together. Even after Carla's words that at this point they could not put.
We get to the kisses of Buck and Taylor (I repeat I love the character of Taylor) but even here it seems very forced.聽
There is no story between them, there is nothing now. At least they could have actually made them friends and then developed the story. Instead we find ourselves at the starting point, an undeveloped story just to not prove nothing else.聽
Was it necessary for the plot? No, definitely not, but after all the buddie scenes, balance had to be restored.
Buck is straight, Eddie is straight, there are no other possibilities.
The point is that we are satisfied with the crumbs.
Because at the end of the day the problem isn't the chemistry between Buck and Eddie, it's that they are two men.
I wanted to end this show but I kept coming back.
I was hoping it wasn't a queerbait, but it is.
Now I'm ready to let go.
It was a good ride.聽
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deadcaffeinatedpoets2 months ago
Tumblr media
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mattzerella-sticks9 months ago
Okay, it's probably been said but I want to talk about a Buddie parallel in a very roundabout way - starting with 9-1-1: Lone Star. In Lone Star, Liv Tyler's character served two roles - as the lead paramedic and as a romantic interest for Rob Lowe's character (yes they weren't a couple in s1 but I am a long-con truther, the chemistry was there, it's just that their storylines were different). But, then covid hit and she had to leave her role. And, because of that, the gap her character left had to be filled by two new characters - someone who could be the new chief paramedic and a new romantic interest for Rob Lowe.
Sounds familiar right?
While unfortunate, I find it too coincidental to note how a main female lead from both 9-1-1 shows needed to be replaced, despite the reasons for it being different. But the characters cast to fill the gap left behind both characters, on 9-1-1 and Lone Star, fell into the occupational and feelings role.
So when Abby left, we needed to fill the gap left in the call center and in her relationships, the main one being Buck at this time. Maddie came in to take the call center position. Eddie (and by extent Christopher) came to take the position in Buck's heart. Reading a ship into the relationship between Eddie and Buck was intentional and has been since s2 BECAUSE of who they chose to be the new firefighter. They could have easily gotten a female firefighter, single mother, who wants to be on the calendar because it's sexist that it's just men or whatever. REPLACING EDDIE WITH A WOMAN WOULD STILL HAVE WORKED INTO THE FABRIC OF THE SHOW! BUT THEY CHOSE A MAN!
Ergo, we were supposed to see Buddie. But because of network television and 'market studies', we couldn't get an immediate Buddie (nor would I have wanted it, they still have things to work through before it'd work). And having Rob Lowe's character getting back together with his ex-wife, a new character I believe was only brought in to replace Liv Tyler's character on the show as Gina Torres was, only further serves as evidence what Eddie as a character is supposed to mean in the framework of the show. Who he is supposed to mean to Buck.
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rienestcommetoi20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm sorry, I find this too funny.
Bear with me, please.
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fandom-means-familya month ago
Oliver: posts a 3 sec clip of himself watching Ryan in "Step up" and calls it work
My last braincell: BudDiE dANceScEnE! 馃お
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz6 months ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics:
鈻笍鈥淚 got you鈥︹ - Buck losing his mind while Eddie鈥檚 bleeding
鈻笍鈥淎re you hurt?鈥 - Eddie worrying about Buck in the first place
鈻笍Buck taking care of Christopher while Eddie鈥檚 in the hospital
鈻笍Buck being the one to tell the news to Chris about his father getting hurt
鈻笍Buck losing it after receiving a message about Eddie being out of surgery (I 馃挴 saw this on Tumblr)
鈻笍Buck dropping everything and running to the hospital when Eddie gained consciousness
鈻笍Buck taking Eddie home from the hospital
鈻笍Buck blaming himself that Eddie got shot
鈻笍Eddie snapping at Buck about blaming himself
鈻笍Eddie making Buck Christopher鈥檚 legal guardian
鈻笍Eddie calling Buck - Evan
鈻笍Buck calling Eddie - Eds
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tarlosbuddiesa month ago
Just saw a video of Oliver and Ryan filming and apparently Buck is screaming for Eddie and respectfully I will be passing away
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mooniemousea day ago
Creo que a Buck y Eddie le van a dar un comienzo (como pareja) de telenovela.
De repente uno va a caer encima del otro por accidente y se van a quedar mirando uno al otro por lo que parece una eternidad, perdidos cada uno en la profundidad de la mirada de su compa帽ero/mejor amigo.
De repente Eddie dir谩 algo en espa帽ol (en realidad amo cuando habla espa帽ol) como: "Eres hermoso" 贸 "Ay Dios mio" y sacara de sus pensamientos a Buck y caer谩n en cuenta de su posici贸n y se levantar谩n r谩pido, acto seguido fingiran que ese momento nunca pas贸 y seguir谩n con su trabajo ( o lo que fuera que estuviesen haciendo)pero, al final del d铆a todo estar谩 claro para ellos y no podr谩n evitar correr uno hacia el otro, con la luz de luna alumbrando el lugar donde se encuentran, el sonido de la ciudad apaciguado y una melodia de fondo que se hace m谩s fuerte conforme se confiesan y se besan...
Y como novela mexicana que se respeta, con escena de boda.
"驴Evan Alberto de Jes煤s Buckley aceptas a Edmundo Francisco de la Cruz D铆az?"
Ambos dicen si y viven felices para siempre!!!!!!
Si, as铆 quiero que sea. 馃
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porgthespacepenguin4 months ago
So I just got to the Math Date (yes, I know, I'm way behind!) and.
oh. my. god.
Full-body cringe. I legit thought some of you guys might have been exagerating.
But. No?! It's just that bad.
Even Eddie seems horribly uncomfortable.
Frankly, I get it. Me too, man. Me too.
Edit: Oh and WHY does she keep calling him Edmundo? His name is Eddie, lady, why can't you respect that?
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clipboard-buckley1182 days ago
Buck in the beginning: 馃槨
Buck at the end: 馃槏
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All I want from this season of 911 is Christopher to have a moment where he's watching Eddie and Buck fight (i.e. flirt), and they're all up in each other's space as usual, and go,
"Would you 2 just kiss and make up already?!"
With like a sassy eyebrow raise.
That's all I ask.
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krawallyx5 days ago
buck standing there, all broken with cuts and bruises and his voice cracking, trying to tell eddie that he lost his son
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