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#buck is bonding with taylor over knowing weird facts
ablazenqueen · a month ago
Five Easy Steps to Impress Your Crush
A Guide by Evan Buckley
Step 1: Figure out what he likes with *very subtle* prodding.
Tumblr media
Step 2: Find out the secret to his heart is math and suppress the sudden urge to cry.
Tumblr media
Step 3: Pretend you know math.
Tumblr media
Step 4: It’s too late, he already knows too much.
Tumblr media
Step 5: Try again?
Tumblr media
+ bonus
Accept the fact that you suck at math. At least you’re cute.
Tumblr media
(A Guide by Eddie)
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matan4il · 4 months ago
Buddie 414 meta
You know that thing where on the one hand you wanna write down every little detail from a scene and at the same time, you know that even if you manage to capture it all, you still wouldn’t nail the sum that is greater than its parts, the feel of it, the intensity? So, the end of 413 and everything Buddie in 414. I’m gonna try, but LBH, no meta post can capture the full depth and fanfic trope quality of the Buddie stuff in the sniper storyline.
I said last week I couldn’t wait for Buck’s response and it was amazing indeed! I loved everything. That Buck sprang into action once his brain was able to process the trauma of watching Eddie being shot in front of him, that he rolled under the truck while the sniper was still firing away, that he was screaming “I got you!” even before he reached Eddie and he kept repeating that throughout this opening scene, that he loaded Eddie into the truck and ripped open his shirt, saving Eddie both by removing him physically from the danger zone and by starting the required life sustaining actions… Buck could have stepped back once on the truck and let the other firefighter take care of Eddie, the one actually on the clock, but nope. It had to be him. Buck was Eddie’s literal lifeline in this scene. In this ep really, by taking care of Chris (while Eddie in their legal guardian convo was Buck’s emotional lifeline). And then he also added the “stay with me” line and I about expired. Stay with me! That’s a romantic trope line. That’s what they used for coded gay characters in the days when TV and movies still censored explicit same sex love, so it all had to be presented in subtext. On top of that Eddie had to make sure Buck wasn’t hurt. And only then could he let go and lose consciousness. I mean the level of fanficness was crazy! But you know my fave part?
Tumblr media
Buck saying, “I need you to hang on.” He could have said Chris, he could have said ‘we’, but in that moment, at the peak of his fear, Buck said “I need you”. Lastly, Captain Mehta asks Buck if he’s ok and as Buck watches Eddie being taken away, he says, “no”. It’s so honest and raw, it’s almost a continuation of the “No!” that Buck repeated earlier during the save. His well being and Eddie’s are a continuation of each other. That will only be reinforced later in the ep (when Carla asking about the job results in Buck talking about missing Eddie, which is so similar to Eddie missing Buck on the team in 218, except it’s MORE intense now ‘coz Eddie never experienced the 118 without Buck, but Buck was with the 118 for a whole year without Eddie, and when through Bobby we discover that almost losing Eddie causes Buck to crossover from reckless to intentionally making himself a target). And while this opening scene is bigger than the sum of its parts, I had to point out all of these details, because there is no way to even come close to explaining the impact and the extra nature of the scene without them.
We’ve seen Buck in emergency situations before. We’ve never seen him shut down quite like when he saw Eddie being shot. It’s true during that initial moment of paralysis that he goes through, but it’s also true later on, when we discover that at the hospital, waiting to hear about Eddie, Buck shuts out all calls, he shuts the whole world out, including Maddie and Taylor, because all that matters is Eddie. When he is capable of thinking of someone else, it’s Chris. The kid that Buck comes to love enough to accept a position as his legal guardian, but let’s never forget: Buck would have never spent enough time to Chris to get to know him and love him if Chris wasn’t Eddie’s son, while Eddie chose to let Buck in, he chose to trust Buck with Chris, repeatedly and on so many more levels than we realized before this ep. Chris is his own person of course, but his bond with Buck will always also be a continuation of Buck and Eddie’s bond, because the former wouldn’t exist without the latter. It’s a reflection of what a family unit all three of them truly are. These are the bonds that the show will never break.
Tumblr media
The fact that even before we discover about Eddie’s will, the show doesn’t so much as bother to explain why, in Eddie’s absence, it’s Buck who’s telling Chris about what happened, not Carla, Abuela or Pepa, or Ana, Eddie’s girlfriend who as an educator is supposed to have better tools to explain this to a child… The show itself acts like it’s that obvious that this is Buck’s parental role in Christopher’s life, even in the most challenging of situations. Despite his efforts not to break down in front of Chris, Buck is struggling. Even just talking about Eddie getting hurt is more than he can completely hide (despite the fact that he is good at hiding his emotions at times), but then the relief of knowing Eddie will be ok is overwhelming and Buck can’t keep it in despite his efforts. Then we get a parallel in Chris comforting Buck between this ep and 301, with the same exact line, only it means so much more now. Chris isn’t just telling Buck he’ll get over a lost career, he’s reassuring Buck they can handle this shared experience of almost losing Eddie. And accordingly, Chris doesn’t call Buck jokingly (in an imitation of Eddie) ‘kid’ this time, he refers to him by ‘Buck’. Which is the first of two instances in this ep where we see an elevated level of intimacy and connectedness between the Diaz Boys and Buck being expressed through Buck’s names. Eddie won’t use ‘Buck’, he’ll call him ‘Evan’. And it’s not the same ‘Evan’ that Buck’s parents use ‘coz they don’t know their son. It’s the ‘Evan’ that Maddie uses, the one that says, “I know you so well and I hear you’re struggling, so I need you to really pay attention to me now.” I thought Buddifer were close before, but somehow the show topped itself in unveiling whole new levels of how close they are.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then Buck stays to sleep at Eddie’s. And not just for that initial night, he stays over for a while! We get an explanation later, but I love the fact that the show didn’t think we’d raise an eyebrow for several long scenes before giving us Buck explaining his decision, plus the fact we never see Carla or Ana questioning this, nor Eddie for that matter, he wasn’t asking Buck for an explanation! That speaks volumes. If I said the show is emphasizing to us how close the Buddifer unit is, Buck stayed as close as he physically could to Chris, and as close to Eddie’s ghost presence in his house. There’s only one thing MORE intimate than being together with someone in their personal space - being there in their absence. It’s an even greater level of being worthy of someone’s trust. This closeness to the absent Eddie is only further emphasized by the way the morning scenes with Buck and Chris remind us of Eddie and his son’s similar scenes in 204. And like that’s not enough, Chris makes fun of Buck’s snoring! So far we’ve only ever seen him making fun of Eddie (repeatedly). This is how close Buck and Chris are, that we get the same kind of kid-parent teasing between them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good God, the Bathena and Buddie parallels were strong in this ep! Starting from Bobby opening up about what it was like to witness (through audio) Athena’s near death right after we had Buck witnessing Eddie’s near death, through the way we saw Athena going into a burning building to get Bobby out, no matter how irrational of a decision that was, just like Buck and Eddie have done for each other repeatedly, how Buck tries to go right after Eddie in 214 and 315, how Eddie leads the search for Buck in 405 and how Buck threw himself under the truck while a sniper was shooting at them in this very ep. Bathena beautifully mirrored to each other that they would always come get their loved one in 402 and 414, and Buddie have been doing the exact same thing, while even using the same words, Athena tells Bobby “I got you,” just like Buck chanted those words at Eddie.
(more under the cut to save your dashboards)
Ana was little more than a cardboard cutout in this ep. It feels like the ep tackled so much, and mainly from Buck’s POV, that it never followed through on Eddie’s convo with Carla about Ana in 413. I expect it will either come up in early s5 when these two break up, or if the break up happens off screen it will be referenced. It would just be weird if there is zero pay off for that.
If you read my replies to asks, you know I’ve said that Buck and Taylor would probably get together in some capacity and I also thought it would probably happen during 414, so I really wasn’t surprised that they kissed. At the same time, I’ll repeat that Taylor, at the end of the day, might be more developed than Ana (LBH, that’s not hard), but not much more. In 414, she’s still at the development level of yet another Love Interest. She had a reason to friendzone Buck before. We’re left to guess what it was, ‘coz the show doesn’t bother with Taylor enough to tell us what are her inner turmoils, what made her first reject Buck and what makes her get past it, decide to kiss him, and why at that specific moment. We could say it’s the danger, but hey, he’s been in danger before, this isn’t new. Or another thing, there’s a major change in their relationship for Buck, but it all plays out in this ep as second place to the space Eddie and Chris take in Buck’s life. Think of how Taylor leaves after their kiss, apparently expecting Buck to chase her, but instead he gets a call about Eddie and immediately goes to the hospital instead. These are his priorities. They’re not going to change, either.
Tumblr media
If you think about it, they match how Taylor and Eddie have made Buck feel. Taylor is one of the people who gave Buck the impression he wasn’t good enough (ep 208 and to a different degree in 412). Eddie has made Buck feel important from the moment he “courted” him, wanting them to get on, in the gym scene in 201. Even at their lowest, the 305 supermarket argument made Buck realize Eddie was so angry ‘coz he needed Buck so much that he basically fell apart. I don’t think anyone has ever reflected to Buck how much he matters like Eddie has (and that’s even before the legal guardianship of Chris). So this one’s gonna be an issue for any external character they bring in to be either Buck or Eddie’s LI, that character will never be able to compete with what Buddie have. Any LI will always be underdeveloped in comparison.
Tumblr media
The way that they shot Buck entering Eddie’s hospital room, it’s like that’s all Buddie have been waiting for. Like Eddie’s been holding his breath to see Buck, and in response, like Buck can breathe, finally really breathe, for the first time since Eddie’s been shot. It reminds me a bit of Buck stepping into the light in 408 in that this is how someone’s intended romantic partner is often shot. Not to mention we see Eddie talking to Chris through Buck’s eyes. Everything is framed like Buddie is the real couple here.
I find it amazing to see the levels of openness and sincerity between Buddie. Buck, the daredevil who often pretends to be better than he is, willingly shares everything with Eddie, including how badly he broke down when talking to Chris. He didn’t have to, he could have pretended to have held it together, but they’re partners through and through, including in taking care of Chris. As we see with Bathena, partners have to communicate. Which means Buck tells Eddie the truth, he even reveals his sense of guilt expressed in the sentiment that Chris would have been better off if Buck were the one to get shot. And honestly, no one has a healthier partnership than Buddie on this show that is full of good romantic partnerships. That says a lot.
Tumblr media
Eddie’s face after that and until they have their talk says everything about how much Buck’s well being matters to him. He doesn’t wait with their talk until they’re out of the hospital or he’s healed. If you think about it, there’s nothing urgent, it’s not like Buck’s gonna go out and do something reckless in the next 24 hours, when they’re off duty, this talk can wait. Except Buck’s in distress, so no, it can’t, Eddie has that conversation with him as soon as he’s strong enough to. What he shares shows a level of trust that isn’t usually reserved even for the best of friends. In explaining his decision, Eddie points out why he chose Buck to be Chris’ legal guardian over Eddie’s parents. But the truth is he chose Buck over them, Abuela, Pepa and Eddie’s sisters, uncles, cousins, everyone. EVERYONE. He verbalizes it too in a similar way to how he did in 303, “no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you” echoes “there’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you.”
Tumblr media
Except again, it’s MORE. Eddie has put his money where his mouth is when he changed his will. Just think of Eddie in the water in 315, fighting for his life, aided by images of his family, and they’re so predominantly about Buck in addition to Chris, and now we know he followed that with actually changing his will to legally establish this bond the Diaz boys have with Buck. I can’t even. But not just that, he knows there would be a legal fight with his parents, he trusts Buck to fight it, and Eddie gets on the spot a reassurance that he indeed knows Buck and correctly assessed that Buck would. And Eddie says that not only is what Buck has to offer the best of what any of Eddie’s relatives have to offer, it’s what Eddie wants. I cannot stress enough how emotional I get over every single time Eddie has shown Buck that he’s wanted. That he’s chosen. It’s what Buck needs and deserves. To cap it all off, Eddie spells the issue out: Buck acts like he’s expandable. Then Eddie stresses that he’s wrong. You’d think Buck would say something to that, or that there would be some banter to relieve some of the tension, but nope. Buck doesn’t need to say anything. This is for him to take in, and they don’t have to say a word to each other. The look they exchange is more than enough. They get each other in that moment and there is no need to back away from the meaningfulness of this.
Might I add that if in 413, we see a glimpse of Eddie’s St. Christopher necklace, in the scene where he tells Buck about the will change, it’s on full display. It’s so fitting as a subtle reminder that this isn’t a moment when Eddie relinquishes a part of his fatherhood in order to include Buck. This is a moment when he’s being Chris’ dad more than ever, taking care of his son by making sure that if Eddie’s not there, he will be taken care of by the person who cares about him most after Eddie, which is Buck.
Tumblr media
The fact that it’s Buck that takes Eddie home like a partner would is only amplified by the fact that he’s also the person who frames the whole scene of the reception party. He’s the one we see bend over to open the door before Eddie (even though this is Eddie’s house, he obviously has a key and would normally open the door for himself), then after the abundance of cheers and joy at Eddie’s return, Buck’s constantly in the background and after Eddie kisses Chris, the most important person in his life, the camera cuts to Buck, who’s beaming at them. Ana and Taylor are both there (even though the latter being there is kinda weird), but the most meaningful moment during Eddie’s welcome home party is more about Buck than about either man’s connection to his respective LI. Eddie will only later give Ana a chaste cheek kiss. Buck and Taylor won’t significantly interact. The scene is about Eddie getting back his home and to have this domestic scene with his family and his son, and the person who’s framed as giving all that to him after holding down the fort in his absence is Buck. EPIC. I kept capitalizing the word ‘more’. Because if I had to sum up the general Buddie theme of this ep? Buddifer bonding INTENSIFIES. Happy hiatus!
Thank you so much to the bright shining star @bicepsie​​ for the amazing gifs. *hugs* If you like my takes on Buddie, you can find more of my meta, fics and gifs here. Thank you for reading, and for every reblog and like. They kept me going recently more than you all realize! xoxox
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lemotmo · 4 months ago
911 4x14 - thoughts and rambles
Okay, I just watched the finale of 911 after I managed NOT to get spoiled all day long. I’m still proud of that fact by the way. I wanted to peek at spoilers so badly, but because work was so exceptionally busy I made it work. And I’m so happy that I had no idea what was coming.
I’m not one to write episode reviews or anything like that, but I feel the need to write down some of my rambling thoughts, because this episode really blew me away in many ways. It was like a good fanfic come to life. I have to admit that, when I opened Tumblr, I was a little surprised that, in between the positivity, there was still quite some negativity about this episode. All while I’m sitting here, still crying over that great ending with ‘Skyscraper’. So, let me get these random thoughts out.
Be warned! Spoilers and thoughts on the overall storylines from the episode, different characters and of course relationships between characters after the cut. Mainly Buddie positive relationship thoughts though, because this episode filled me with the Buddie-feels. 😊
1. The episode as a whole felt a little rushed. The sniper storyline wasn't well-developed at all. I think that probably has to do with the fact that they had to shorten the season because of—well, you all know why. Let’s not spoil my happy mood here.
2. Eddie and Buck and all the blood—man, that entire sequence of events with Buck rescuing Eddie was just *chef’s kiss*. And the way he was in shock and shaking when he was talking to Taylor. Such good acting by Oliver! Also, did Taylor call Chris ‘his son’? I mean—what? Even outsiders can see it now. The Buckley-Diaz family vibes are real.
3. Question: How is it that Athena seems to be the only capable police officer that actually does any work on this show? She seems able to do everything: patrolling, investigating, finding evidence without any problem or help, walking into a fire and shooting people… You name it and Athena Grant-Nash will do it. And other police officers just let her as well. Is there no hierarchy in this fictional police force? I love Athena to bits, but this was a bit too much for me, if I’m honest.
4. Maddie! Yes, she’s getting help. Thank God. Listen, I’ve been there, right after child-birth. There was no fluffy pink cloud for me either. Just a lot of greyness. I started talking to someone when I felt it was getting to be too much and it really helped. So hopefully, she’ll get through this eventually. I’m hoping that they won’t brush over it in S5. I want to see her progress.
5. Bathena. Man, those two. Such a strong couple. One of the greatest fictional couples out there. I’ve always liked Bobby. Hell, I started watching 911 because Peter Krause was in it and I used to be obsessed with ‘sports night’ way back when in the nineties. 😊 I just loved how Athena showed up and rescued her man in a direct parallel on how he showed up when she got attacked and he was ready to kill someone to save her. Couple’s goals, I’m telling you.
6. Nia was back! That is all! I loved that so much!
7. Albert wanting to be a firefighter felt a little strange to me, but okay. Good for him I suppose. I admit that I don’t really care about him that much. He’s not a character that really speaks to me.
8. Buck and Christopher. Pffff—THAT scene where Buck broke down and Chris consoled him that Eddie would be fine. I mean, yeah—they really pushed the whole ‘Buck is Chris’ dad’ storyline. And then Eddie went and actually made it official. What can I say? I cried— hard.
9. Carla’s little talk with Buck. So many parallels to last week’s talk with Eddie. I mean, the first thing Buck thinks about is Eddie when he is asked how he’s doing. I’m a firm believer that Carla knows there is something unexplored there, right under the surface. If those dumb boys would just figure it out already.
10. That brings me to all the Buddie. Oh man, this episode soothed my aching Buddie-heart so much. It was like reading a good solid Buddie fic. It was all there, the terror and heartbreak, the fear to lose the other, the ‘you’re not expendable’, the ‘I made you his legal guardian’… all of it.
In the end Buck and Taylor happened (I’m not really surprised there as it was a season finale and 911 likes to end that with happiness for everyone) and Eddie and Ana still seem to be together. At least Buck and Taylor acted like a couple and kissed. Eddie and Ana have this weird dynamic going on. A kiss on the cheek? Really?
I will say this: I didn’t mind Buck and Taylor getting together. Like— at all. It -weirdly enough- didn’t even phase me.
Mostly because I was reeling so hard from the infinitely much more powerful emotional connection that Buck and Eddie displayed. Buck saved Eddie, but in the middle of it Eddie was worried about Buck. Buck was not fine after he delivered Eddie to the hospital. He seemed broken. And then Taylor kissed him and ran off. She later told him ‘You didn’t chase me’ (or something like that) and I’m like— no, he didn’t, because right then Ana called him and he knew this would be about Eddie and Eddie will always be more important. He didn’t run after Taylor. He ran towards Eddie. There's something poetic about that. And then Ana stepped aside, and Eddie looked at him with the biggest most soft heart eyes that I’ve ever seen. He’s never looked like that at Ana. In the last scene, when he told Buck about the guardianship he looked so sure of himself. Then he basically told Buck everything he’s ever wanted and needed to hear. Buck told Taylor earlier that he never felt like he was enough. Well, Buck— Eddie just gave you his entire world (his son). You are more than enough for him.
As a single mother I can attest that it’s very important to think about what you want for your child if anything ever happens to you. You don’t take the decision of guardianship lightly. I’ve been there. I was Eddie. It’s hard to make the right choice. For him to make that choice—to make Buck, his best friend, the legal guardian of his child? That’s incredible.
Combine that with Carla’s question last episode about following his own heart and not Christopher’s. It seems to me that Eddie has seen the light and he’s started to partially follow his heart. He’s still not completely there yet, but if this narrative continues, I can see him breaking up with Ana next season, because he realises that following his heart means following Buck, not Ana. And of course, by then Buck will still be with Taylor and there might be pining. I’m all for that.
There were so many parallels between Buck/Taylor + Eddie/Ana and Buddie. Not to mention the clear parallel between Bathena’s storyline and Buddie’s storyline.
I just— I feel really good about this when it comes to romantic Buddie. Listen, I have nothing against platonic best friends Buddie and if that is your jam, you do you! But, for me, the narrative is clearly pushing us towards a romance. I’m getting some really good slow burn vibes here. So far it feels as if Buddie is still right on track with no signs of slowing down. Now, I don’t have a crystal ball or anything like that so I don’t know what the future will bring and showrunners can always change their minds if they really want to, but –in my humble opinion- there is no reversing this kind of emotional connection. If the showrunners really wanted to stop the ambiguity between Buddie, they could have easily done that in this episode. All they had to do was feature more Buck/Taylor and Eddie/Ana to strengthen their connection towards season 5. Instead they focused on the bond between Buck and Eddie and intertwined them even more in each other's lives. So yeah, personally I feel like this is clear: There is only one way to proceed with the storyline and that is forward.
I’m actually really excited for season 5! A lot more than I thought I was going to be two episodes ago. And now there's Tim with his cryptic little quotes about Buck and Eddie. Another thing to obsess about! YAY! 😊 It's a great feeling to start the hiatus like that.
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shes-an-oddbird · 4 months ago
A Very long list of Season 5 Predictions/Wish List
I tried to hit as many of the characters as possible so this is really really long
The trickiest thing about this show seems to be the ever growing cast creating several stories at once and the fact that it’s a show about first responders so even characters that don’t seem like they would follow that career choice end up there and those that don’t sometimes feel out of place.
This is not to say that I don’t LOVE AND ADORE FIREFIGHTER ALBERT HAN! (but really kind of thought it came out of nowhere and yet I’m not surprised because what else were they going to do with him?)
It seems unlikely they’d assign Albert to the 118 unless Bobby requests him like he did with Eddie, but I think Bobby might have some hesitations about that. They’re already as close as family and sometimes make dangerous decisions because of it. He might feel its better for Albert to be with a different fire house or maybe Chimney would.
But he’s a regular so putting him with the 118 would be the best way to give him screen time
I personally think he’ll be assigned to the 133 since we’ve seen a bit of them this season. I’d love if there was a fun rivalry between the two firehouses (whichever one Albert ends up at.) I’ve said it before that the 118 is probably notorious at this point for the weird situations they get into. The teasing and the taunting would just be so much fun to watch. Albert talking to Chim or Buck and just being like, so the guys told me about this time…
Actually can we take a moment to appreciate that the 118 got ANOTHER firetruck destroyed and this one wasn’t even theirs. The 133 spends FIVE MINUTES with Buck and Eddie and their truck is in shambles.
On a more serious note, we might meet Chimney and Albert’s dad. I’m thinking he’s not going to be thrilled about his youngest joining the fire department and show up to talk some sense into him and scold Chimney for letting him do it.
I’m so confused about how much time has passed? How long does it take to become a firefighter? They must have some sort of plan for him because cutting out him going through training seems like a lost opportunity. It’s a story we haven’t really seen through anything but montages. Is it difficult? Would he try to quit? I’d have liked to see him making the decision in the first place.
putting the rest under here because its really a lot
We’ll also miss Eddie recovering (and Bobby too actually), which I’m a little bummed about but not devastated. It sounds like we won’t see much in the way of the effects of either shooting but can’t do anything about that now unless they flash back and have them work towards that moment on the roof.
My biggest concern with the time jump is missing literally any of Maddie’s story. I don’t know much about PPD or if its called recovery or overcoming it but I do want to see Maddie work through that and Chimney and the others supporting her.
I think her leaving the dispatch center will be temporary but it may take half or all of next season for her to return.
Maybe she’ll take over for May, if she does go off to school
Or May might continue working at Dispatch and going to school.
If she doesn’t go to school Athena is not going to be very happy with her. But maybe we could get Maddie and Josh being big siblings to May which is an underappreciated dynamic. Maybe it will help Maddie cope with how useless she’s feeling with Jee.
I’ll need to rewatch to see if they say what May wants to do but maybe she’ll study journalism or something that will keep her in the loop of the main characters the way it does Taylor.
And speaking of Taylor, she is actually a very interesting character, whether you like her (morally) or not. I think we’ll see more of her in season 5 and I genuinely think she’ll fall hard for Buck. And I think everyone needs to chill about how it’ll destroy her character.  We’ve already established that Taylor is like the female version of Buck (with a bit more sense maybe but a mirror if him non the less). If Buck is allowed to grow and want an actual relationship, is anyone really surprised they’d have Taylor go through that too.
She’s just a few steps behind, like he’s in relationship phase and she’s just coming to terms with her own feelings for him
My big concern, since they like to break Buck’s poor little heart, is that she’ll leave. She’ll get a job opportunity and pick it over Buck. I think it would be a hard decision for her but in character. Or maybe they’ll surprise us and make Buck and Taylor endgame (I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that but I could see it happening that way)
On the flip side I don’t know what’s going to happen with Eddie and Ana. I know she’s pretty much hated but its super unclear what the plan is other than that they’ll eventually break up per what Carla implied. I suspect they’ll be together for a bit of season five until Eddie figures out what’s up with what his heart wants. I don’t think Ana is some awful witch so the break up will probably be mutual or at the very least Ana won’t be surprised.
But hopefully we get more than just that as far as Eddie goes. The episodes we do get that are focused on him are really some of my favorites. They are wrapping up his moving on from Shannon arc which is cool. The trying to be a good father to Christopher will always be there, that’s something that will never change and always be a growing/learning experience.
I’d love to meet one or both of Eddie’s sisters. They don’t have to stick around long term like Albert did but to have them pop up with some crisis would be interesting and we could learn more about Eddie and the dynamic with his family which seems loving but strained.
Maybe we will see Eddie working more with Hen too. I was wondering if they’d make Eddie a full paramedic to take over for her eventually, which I decided they probably won’t do. But one episode of Buck distressed over the fact that he and Eddie wouldn’t be partners anymore would be fun drama.
The two really are just at a loss without each other and I love that. They get so pouty when they’re apart.
I don’t know what other plans they might have for Buck next season. I suspect we’ll see him worrying over Maddie and I’d kill to see him watching Jee-Yun.
I don’t know how old she’ll be because of the time jump but can you imagine Buck watching the baby and it just being an absolute disaster. So he starts calling everyone in a panic and we get firefam taking care of Baby Jee, maybe while Chim and Maddie are at a therapy session or just a weekend away for themselves.
I’m convinced the Baby would love Eddie. I think its just me projecting my desire for Eddie and Maddie to interact more. But like Hen teasing him because of course the baby loves him, all the girls love Eddie, he’s got the pretty face. Buck being super jealous that Jee likes him more. Eddie being genuinely surprised because he felt like such a failure when Chris was a baby. 
Denny, Harry and Christopher are all getting older too so there has got to be a story there with at least one, if not all of them. Harry was sidelined this season but I love that kid, he is the spawn of Athena and Michael and we already know he’s a little trouble maker. Match that with Christopher who is sassy and too smart for his own good and Denny who is clearly the good kid of the bunch. I don’t know, it’s another lost opportunity if they don’t do something with that.
They could assign Karen and Hen an older foster kid who’s maybe not such a good influence at first. Unless they opt for just younger ones, I’m not really sure how that works. But they could get one that’s not as easy as nia and they have to work for that bond.
Might be they adopt them at the end
I hope we see more of Hen’s mom and med school friends but not like a crazy amount. The cast is already too big but I love them so an occasional appearance would be welcome.
I love David and Michael too but they always seem like the hardest to work in because, as stated, they are not first responders. David is a doctor though so maybe we’ll see some interaction with him and Hen. And all the Bobby and Michael content is welcome.
I NEED A WEDDING NEXT SEASON! Just pick a pair and marry them please!!! Maddie and Chimney!!! Michael and David!!! Someone, please! Even just a proposal?! Maybe? Please?
And there will be another crossover event which is exciting because I really enjoyed the first one. I wonder if they’ll come to LA this time and what would bring them there. With the scheduling of the shows next season they won’t have to tie them together so much time frame wise. They literally could just be popping in for a visit. I’m not gonna lie when I thought about another crossover I really wanted Bobby the self-taught chef to meet Charles the actual chef but now I can’t have that and it makes me so sad.
Putting all this out there is a really good way to insure it never happens, but still, they seem like logical places to go as of the finale.
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matan4il · 7 months ago
Buddie 408 meta
Tumblr media
In the first call of the ep, Buck and Eddie were paired up as partners and with the jumper call, we see them having parallel conversations about the problems that dating has introduced into their lives. That’s on top of the parallel dating timelines that I mentioned in my 407 meta and continues in this ep. Basically, no matter where the show takes them, it also links them together, even through the small things. Always.
Tumblr media
* * *
During Ana and Eddie’s ‘big date’, we learn that he spends his time solving math problems, which… what kind of a date even is that? And the flirting in the scene doesn’t quite work for me personally, because not only do we not know Ana as a character, we also don’t know them as a couple. ALL we’ve had so far is flirting, but where are the bits where they connect, where you can see how they fit as people in real situations? When a show is invested in a Love Interest, it gives us those scenes. Not just heavy handed flirting. Same goes for Ana meeting Chris at the end of the ep, we don’t know what she’s like with him, only that he loves her because she used to be his teacher, which is a very lazy way of establishing their bond. And the most meaningful scene in the ep? Didn’t involve Ana or Chris with her. She’s still not being invested in. So yeah, she’s around, but she still doesn’t feel like she’s meant to be long term.
Tumblr media
I found it jarring (in a good way!) that right after his date, not only does Eddie come home to Buck (let’s not talk about how Buck walks into the scene a bit like a revealed love interest would, for example like Athena’s walk into the restaurant revealing her as Bobby’s date in ep 110) and it then plays as such a domestic scene (given the bit of teasing with “you’re late!”, and how Buck is shown to be so great with Chris, as well as being there for Eddie), the fact that this happens right after the almost completely contentless date is a contrast that emphasizes just how much more meaningful this relationship is. It also served as a reminder that while Eddie hesitated in re-introducing Chris to his own mother, while Eddie was now unsure and uncomfortable telling his son about the woman he’s dating, when he met Buck, there was no hesitation. Just like Eddie instinctively knew he and Buck would have each other’s back, he knew he could trust Buck when introducing him to his son. Again, the comparison screams how meaningful the Buddie bond is and has been since day one! This is not how you sell a new Love Interest to the audience. Or get shippers to stop shipping.
And I couldn’t help but notice that Eddie’s date gives us a scene of both Buck and Eddie returning home. Eddie is completely comfortable and happy when he returns to his house, because he’s in his element, seeing Buck and Chris (other than the moment when he doesn’t feel comfortable telling Chris about Ana). Buck in comparison is highly uncomfortable returning to his loft, due to Veronica being there and his sense of Albert’s betrayal. This continues the theme of showing that really, Buck’s home is with the Diaz boys.
* * *
Tumblr media
In contrast with Ana, Taylor has been back for only one ep and already has been shown more as a character on her own, getting a mini redemption arc, as well as having a more developed and multi-faceted history with the guy she’s been brought back for. Taylor will clearly continue to show up, and I think a friendship between her and Buck could be interesting. At the end of the day, I can’t ignore that the biggest thing she said to show she does know Buck isn’t what she spewed in a moment of anger. It’s that he already has meaningful relationships - with the 118. Which of course includes, as this ep highlights, Eddie and Chris. Who knows? Maybe at some point, she’ll get to say something about this to Buck.
* * *
Speaking of friendships, I love so many of the platonic ones on this show. Athena and Hen’s just rules, Bobby and Michael’s is so freaking pure, and now I’m also adoring Buck and Albert’s. I LOVE that Al chose friendship over romance. That we got the show saying good friendships matter more. I love that Buck got to see his friend putting him first. I wanna take a sec to applaud this! (that Al and Buck are roommates as well and still less domestic and each other’s partner than Buck and Eddie are is just a bonus)
* * *
The date scene’s only meaty part is establishing the problem Eddie has: he’s not comfortable yet with telling his son about Ana. Normally, him resolving that would have been the climax of his story arc in this ep. Instead, his coming to terms with having to tell his son about his dating is played semi-comically, against the backdrop of the guy whose jumping from the roof the team is betting on. His scene of talking about it to Chris isn't the climax either, since it isn’t the one where Chris gets to open up and share his feelings, allowing emotional progress. Instead, that climax scene happens between Buck and Chris. And why would Eddie’s dating dilemma climax happen with a scene between his son and his best friend? Showing us how deeply they’re tied together? That’s not how these stories usually unfold... (another symbol of that is that dating stories with an interrupted kiss are usually resolved by seeing the couple getting to kiss after all before the end of that storyline, but Eddie and Ana don’t get that)
Not to mention that when Buck talks to Chris, he already knew about Christopher’s outburst, meaning he was updated about this right away, despite this being the night of his weird double date (not for example the next day), and Eddie had to have told him before he told Ana. Buck is SO Eddie’s real partner. I also found it interesting that what Chris confesses is his fear of more people he loves leaving. But who is he scared will leave? Eddie dating doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. And Chris can’t be that afraid of losing at some point this new person that he doesn’t even yet know if he’ll like. So who might drift away if Eddie starts dating? It’s “Dad’s friend”, whose house is the place Chris chose to run away to. The guy whose reassurance - that he will always be in Christopher’s life - is what calms down this confessed fear.
Tumblr media
And if that doesn’t say everything about how central Buck is to Chris as more than just his dad’s friend, consider the fact that Chris’ fear of being abandoned parallels Buck’s as he had expressed it to Maddie in 316. This scene might have used the word ‘friends’ for Buck and Chris, but in every other way, it presented them as a family (and by extension, Eddie too). And this is a show that repeatedly points out how real family matters more than anything else, in whatever form it may come. That it’s a bond that cannot be broken. And that’s what these three have.
Tumblr media
Thank you endlessly to my amazing friend @bicepsie​​ for making her incredible gifs for this meta post! xoxox Also, if you like my takes on Buddie, you can find more of my meta and fics for them here. Thank you in advance for any like, comment and of course reblog, they all help so much! As we go into this break in eps, I’ll still be here, making content and answering questions for anyone interested. Have a pleasant hiatus everyone and be well! xoxoxox 
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