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Someone recently asked me to talk about some of my favorite Japanese songs, and I’ve found myself in that perpetual BUCK-TICK quandary again: As soon as you try to discuss them at a deeper level, it’s automatically verging on boundary encroaching lewdness that can shatter fragile new friendships before they’re even formed.

There’s just no way around it… The lyrics, the performances, their very personalities- it’s who they are. And you can’t censor that, and be true to what they are artists. You really want to talk about it as a fan, but you can’t discuss it in depth with most people.

So you share a YouTube video or two of some classic favorites and clam up, stumbling and searching for some way to explain what it’s about, and why you like it… and come out with nothing safe to say.

It’s… frustrating.

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Putting in some quality game grinding time on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and discovered how hilarious it is to have my little guy running around in his boxer shorts doing that weird ninja Swallow (bird) running thing on the ocean beach in a snow storm, scouting fish to BUCK-TICK.

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Sakurai Atsushi, 1988 [Pati Pati Tomato Live]

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Imai Hisashi, 1988 [Pati Pati Tomato Live]

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это песня ,которая чаще всего крутиться у меня в голове :3

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приветики .

я всегда рада видеть тут гостей . надеюсь тебе понравится у меня :3

меня зовут Эф .

эта “кличка ” образовалась спустя долгое общение с людьми и я даже не помню кто мне её дал или же я её сама придумала ,дабы не палить свое реальное имя.

но я больше склоняюсь ко второму варианту .

- - - — – ——- —

базовая информация обо мне :

  1. я пансексуал и гендерфлюид.
  2. мне нравится внимание со стороны окружающих .
  3. люблю уточек и собак . любимая порода это бульдог . я в принципе люблю смотреть видео с животными ,ибо они всегда милые и позитивные. надеюсь, что когда-нибудь заведу кота -сфинкса .
  4. на данный момент я учусь в десятом классе и имею проблемы с ментальным здоровьем . (шизотипическое расстройство и депрессия) . моя семья любит меня и без неё мне было бы тяжело справляться с болячками .
  5. моё день рождение 21 января. старость не в радость :-:
  6. я очень люблю японскую кухню и дико фанатею с Japan X и BUCK TICK. в принципе меломан . Ни дня не проживу без музыки . Ем под музыку ,сплю и живу .
  7. любимые иллюстраторы это Йошиката Амано ,Харука Тачикава и etherane
  8. я не самый лучший собеседник. мне тяжело общаться в силу своего инфантильного поведения в разговоре из разряда “ получать что-либо без взаимной отдачи ”. не ждите от меня большего.
  9. не могу жить в стрессе .

ух,думаю всё :3

остальную информацию можно узнать в моём блоге .

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Got a message that informed on the release of the ABRACADABRA album to be pushed back to february 5th 😬 damn I can’t wait any longer~~~

but they said BUCK-TICK used “out-of-the-ordinary materials“ for their overseas album 👀 the paper and the ink are supposed to be different~

They know how to keep me exited 😂

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This is incredible.

The UK release version of BUCK-TICK’s 「ABRACADABRA」 is on sale January 15, 2021 on HMV Japan’s website… yet it is up for preorder and goes on sale in the USA on Amazon on January 29th, and the UK’s Amazon isn’t even offering it currently at all!


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Thank you for your patience this past month as I’ve been battling health problems which delayed the publication of this article.


This is the third article of many; a psychological astrological series about the members of BUCK-TICK. I’ll be exploring their personalities, creativity as artists, and more.


Sakurai 3: Mercury & Mars

Sakurai’s Mercury is in Aries on the very cusp of the end of the 8th and beginning of the 9th house, which creates a blend of the two. Though it is always present, we can clearly hear this Mercury placement’s voice in their early years, the “tall hair” years. The bounding, almost naive energy is a hallmark of its brush with the 9th house, which is the natural location of Sagittarius, but with only minutes to spare, it’s still in the 8th, which is Scorpio’s house of sex, death, and esoteric thought.

His Mercury is also conjunct Mars, deepening that blunt, aggressive Aries flavor, although his Mars is still in 8th house Pisces. This is where it starts to get complicated.

Pisces is a lousy host for Mars, and dampens its energy. It’s further damaged by a conjunction with Chiron, and also his 8th house Pisces, Saturn, and his Sun. This fosters more of that aforementioned vague drifting, self censorship, repression, and shyness that he dealt with not only in his childhood, but is apparent in fits and bursts throughout his career. He’s commented on the subject in a recent magazine interview, that it’s been difficult and he’s working on setting that aside again- it happens in waves with Pisces. It also strongly points towards being on the submissive side, especially with his Mercury in sextile to Venus.

Conversely with that Venus sextile and Saturn contact, when these stifling conjunctions aren’t silencing him, it also voices as very skillfully crafted, often overt and blunt, Scorpio flavored, esoteric, kinky, dark, BDSMish lyrical content.

It is further activated and modified by other intense aspects- we’re exploring the core engine of his chart right now- but it’s too much to take on in one article.

Next Up: Moon, Uranus, & Pluto!

January 25th, 2021


@mysterioususerx has 17 years of experience as an astrologer at a near professional level. In BUCK-TICK years, that’s just before the release of Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE.


If at any time you wish to not have this series appearing in your feed, it has a special hashtag that you can use to filter it out in your Tumbler settings:

#buck tick astrology

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