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#bucky barnes

Definitely somber. It becomes a source of comfort but there are moments when he looks at them, at Rhodey’s amused exasperation, the arm hooked around Tony’s neck and it’s like seeing himself and Bucky 70 years ago and it hurts so badly.

And because of that–when Bucky comes back, Tony moves heaven and earth to bring him home.

And hey lookit that–Tony has a new person, a very loyal ex-assassin, a brand new James to love. Excellence all around.

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[Social Media AU]

You and Bucky met when you guys were kids. Everyone that didn’t know you thought that you were both dating, everyone that knew you thought that you both should be dating each other. “We’re just friends” “Yeah, We’re just friends” were what you both will say when others ask if you’re dating. But are you both really “just friends”?

Promise Masterlist

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[Note: I originally wanted to upload this last weekend but due to shit with tags and all I couldn’t. I also wanted to just delete this whole chapter and redo it but I really can’t bear to so here it is!]

[Side note: the girl in the first and fourth pic is Ocean Lewis! She’s super gorgeous and I really wanna be her. I’m also trying to be more inclusive in my pics and I’m trying my best to find pics so please bear with me!]


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Summary: You have to learn how to swing dance for a mission. Bucky teaches you.

Warnings: Gunfire, I guess? Maybe some swearing.

Word Count: 1,175


You raised an eyebrow at Fury’s hologram, looking up from the file. “Swing?”


“The party is 1940’s themed?”

“Yes.” Fury said gruffly, seeming to get annoying.


“I don’t know. Sykes is 87. Ask him.”

“The 1940’s was in the middle of World War II and the Great Depression.”

“Yes, yes it was.”

“I will never understand old rich men.”

Fury sighed. “Just go prepare. You have a week until the party. Use that time wisely.”

You nodded, grabbed the mission file, and left the room, heading to the elevator. From there, you made your war to Bucky’s room, where he was lying on his head, reading. You flopped down next to him, groaning.

Bucky Barnes: Your best friend and resident Soft Assassin Baker™. See also: Extremely hot and one of the nicest people you had ever met. He was, in short, the man of your dreams.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking up from his book.

“Due to the absolutely horrendous decision of one Mr. Kyle Sykes the first, I now have to learn how to swing dance.”

Bucky looked at you strangely. “You do know that I know how, right?”

You looked up in surprise. “You do?”

He chuckled. “I was alive in the 1940’s, doll.”

“Huh. Sometimes I forget that. You so young for someone who’s a hundred years old.”

He laughed. “Thanks,” He stood up, extending his hand. “You have…?”

“One week.” You deadpanned. “Because, of course, Fury couldn’t tell me sooner.”

“One week to learn how swing dance, then. And I am going to teach you.”

“You sure you can do that? Not gonna bust a hip?” You asked Bucky, taking his hand.

His grin grew, and he tugged you up, spinning you into his chest. I’m sure. In one week,“ He spun you out again, "you’ll be swing dancing with the best of ‘em.”

A week passed, and Bucky had been right. By the time the party came around, your swing dance had replaced your waltz as your best dance. Bucky had been an amazing teacher, and you were incredibly grateful.

“Thanks again, Buck.” You said, having stopped by his room on your way to the party.

“Anytime, doll.” He said. “Good luck.”


Your target, the 25-year-old grandson of Kyle Sykes (he was named Kyle Sykes III), had asked you to dance within your first five minutes at the party. You had no idea why. You had just been standing there elegantly, drinking a glass of champagne, after all.

“I hear you’re set to become the next CEO of Sykes Tech?” You said, in an attempt to make small talk. It seemed to work.

“Yes, I am.” Kyle said, puffing his chest out haughtily. You nearly threw up in your mouth.

“There’s talk that you’re going to stark making nuclear weapons?”

“Yes, I will be.”


“Why what?”

“Why are you making nuclear weapons?”

“To defend our country.”

“But doesn’t making nuclear weapons tell other countries that we mean them harm? And that we’re ready for a nuclear-level attack?”


“Why not?”

“You ask a lot of question.”

“And you’re surprisingly arrogant for someone who’s going to be running a company.”

“I didn’t come here to be disrespected like that.”

Suddenly, you saw a very recognizable man step through the doorway.

“I’m sorry, I have to use the restroom.” You said, effectively cutting off Kyle’s rant. “I’ll be right back.”

You ran over to Bucky, who met you a few steps down the stairs. You then dragged him down a corridor and into a broom cupboard.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You hissed.

“I was assigned to this mission.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Can’t I come see you dancing?”

“That’s a lie, too.”

“Fine. I wanted to make sure the mission went well, so I got myself a ticket and came.”

“I can take care of myself.” You growled, picking up on his insinuation, or what you thought he was insinuating.

“I know that. I just…didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“You could have just told me you were coming.”

“You never would have let me.”

“You at least could have tried.” Bucky gave you a look. “Yeah, yeah, I still wouldn’t have let you come, but it was worth a shot.”

“Not really.”

You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. “Look, I can take care of myself, okay? Now, I’m going to get back to my mission, and you are either going to leave, or stay out of my way.”

Bucky didn’t seem to like it, but he agreed. “Fine, I’ll-”

Suddenly, the door flew open. Kyle (the III, of course) was standing in the doorway with multiple security guards, all of them pointing guns at your heads.

“You can take care of yourself, huh?” Bucky muttered to you in Russian.

“Not the time.” You ground out, also in Russian.

“Going to the bathroom, eh?” Kyle asked, grinning. “Who’s this? Your boyfriend?”

“No. Just a friend.” You said, hand slowly moving to where you had hidden a gun.

“A friend who’s here to stop me from making nuclear weapons?”

“No. He wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Bucky had stepped forward slightly, and you were doing your very best to keep him back without them noticing.

“Is that why you’re trying to protect him?”

Crap. He noticed. “What are you going to do to us?” You asked.

“I don’t know.” Kyle shrugged. “Probably kill you.”

“Not if I kill you first!” Within a second, you had whipped your gun out, firing it at Kyle and shooting him in the chest. “You know, I really didn’t want to do that.”

From there, it was a blur of fired guns, bodies dropping, and you and Bucky running. “This was supposed to be a recon mission, damnit!” You huffed, as you and Bucky slid into the limo you had taken. “Drive, fucking drive!” You yelled at the chauffeur, who sped off.

“Well,” You panted. “That didn’t go as expected.”

“No shit.” Bucky said. “If you had just let me-”

“You weren’t even supposed to be here!” You interrupted. “There’s no 'if you had just let me help.’ There’s no 'if you had just let me do this.’ There’s none of that, because you weren’t supposed to be here! It was my mission, Bucky! Mine! And it would have gone much, much better if you hadn’t tried to 'help’!”

“As you had been yelling at him, your face had gotten ever closer to Bucky’s. You had not realized this, and were now thoroughly red.

Bucky, you were pretty sure, was staring at your lips. He licked is own at you stared at them, then leaned forward slightly. You met him halfway, and it ended in a kiss filled with a quiet passion and energy. It was soft, but it conveyed more emotion that could be put into words.

When you pulled away, mainly due to the pressing need for air, Bucky used his metal hand to press your foreheads together. "You’re blushing, doll.” He whispered.

“Oh, shut up.”

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Loki X Reader

Words: 1537

Warnings: Mischief, adult conversations, angst (blink and you miss it), implied smut, language

Summary: A prequel to the series Brassy. You meet Loki for the first time and begin your friendship.

@aesthetical-bucky ’s 1k Writing Challenge! Sarcastic/Sassy Dialogue Prompt: 4.  “Excuse me, I have to go and make a scene.” @tuiccim with Loki & Bucky

As soon as I saw this prompt I knew I needed to do a prequel of Brassy for the Loki/You meet. It was just too fun a prompt to pass up and seem to fit the backstory so well. 


You had recently joined the Avengers and tonight was your first time attending one of Tony’s galas. Your short dark green dress had a deep V in the front. Wanda had said the dress looked fabulous and you felt amazing in it. Hopefully, someone else would notice. 

As you entered the party you were greeted by Tony and Pepper and then they moved onto other incoming guests. You head towards the bar to get a drink and then join Sam, Steve, and Bucky standing off to one side. 

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N). Looking good.” Sam says.

“Why, thank you. You guys all look mighty fine yourselves.” You smile at each of them. 

“Looking forward to the night?” Steve asks. 

“Yeah. It’ll be fun. I’m not a great dancer but hopefully I can find someone to lead me around the floor a couple of times.” 

“Bucky, that’s your cue.” Sam smirks. “You were the big dancer back in the day.”

“Is that right, Bucky?” You smile at the gorgeous super soldier. 

“Once upon a time, Doll.” Bucky said. 

“Then I’ll look forward to a dance later.” You smile at him. 

“Thor’s here.” Sam pipes up. “And look who he brought with him.”

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: ~ 300
Warnings: Fluff
SUMMARY: Bucky helps you when your head hurts.
Request from @teetles-and-other-stuff: Soft Bucky drabble? I just need to be held.

A/N This is really short and I tried to make it fluffy, I hope you like it <33


Originally posted by sheisraging

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pairing: highschool!bucky barnes x reader

warning: angst, death of major character

summary: falling in love was scary, but thrilling especially when it was with bucky barnes

a/n: this is the second part to the lover series!!! i have received such positive feedback about i forgot that you existed and OMG it makes me incredibly happy:) also i know that during the times bucky went to high school it was all white students BUT that would suggest a white reader, and my aim is to make the reader as fitting to YOU as possible. I get it i’m indian and the pain, but yeah so were just gonna pretend were in those times but with todays diversity:)

song: cruel summer by taylor swift 


Originally posted by classylena

gif credits to original creator


Fever dream high
In the quiet of the night
You know that I caught it

You were walking through the halls with your friends June and Sara, careful not to bump into anyone. “I can’t believe that you and Connor are going out Sara” June said with a big smile on her face. “Oh for lord’s sake June, calm down its not that big of a deal” “Oh Sara darling, it IS! I mean Connor is one of the most well known boys in school plus he’s as cute as a bug’s ear” 

You laugh at the banter between June and Sara when you accidentally bump into someone.You bend down to pick up your books, but not before someone does it for you. You stand up and look at the attractive man standing in front of you. Your eyes meet the steel blue eyes in front of you. “I’m sorry doll, didn’t mean to hurt ya there. I’m Bucky” you smiled at him “I know, Bucky. My name is y/n, thanks for helping me” You smiled at the attractive man in front of you and made your way back to your gaping friends. “That was-” June paused “Bucky Barnes” Sara completed for her friend. “Oh stop it you’re gonna get flies in your mouth. He’s just a boy, now come on we gotta get to our class” What you didn’t notice was Bucky staring at you and your friends, a small smile etched onto his face. 

Bad, bad boys
Shiny toy with a price
You know that I bought it

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Chapter Summary: It’s time for the anticipated party.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.1k

Warnings boytoy!Bucky, mention to casual sex, open relationship, someone catching feelings.

A/N: No smut in this one… Thank you to my sweet Les for having my back. The link to my masterlist, where you can find the other chapters, is on my description. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Tag list for this story is closed.  


Originally posted by steviesunshine

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Okay guys creative juices has been running dry lately so I thought I could open up requests yaaaay!!

I’ve included a few links for prompts list you can request from. Simply send an ask for one (or two) prompts and a character you’d like me to write it for. Feel free to take prompts from different lists.

Dialogue prompts lists

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

AU prompts list

1  | 2


18+ prompt list

For requests I have decided in going to try and write for more characters. I will be writing reader as gender neutral unless it’s smut or otherwise stated in the request.

Star Wars: Poe, Finn and Rey

Marvel: Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, basically any of the avengers

Okay that’s all byeeee


Originally posted by rosiitea

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Once again, Julia stood in front of the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine. Daisy and Sam stood at her side, Simmons was at the control panel while May was in the recording room.  

“Are you ready?” they heard May ask through the speaker.

Julia felt tensed up, and tried to control her breathing. Memories of the last time went through her mind. A soothing hand on her shoulder. She looked to her right and saw Daisy.

“This time we will stop. I promise. He’s not here,” she reassured.

Julia nodded and took a deep breath. Slowly she walked to the machine and took her place. This time, Sam held her hand as a comfort. The machine clicked on and the humming sound filled the room again.

“Okay Julia, try to remember as far back as you can.” Daisy asked.

Julia closed her eyes and took some deep breaths to help herself remain calm.

“Pain. A lot of pain. I’m bleeding. He carried me,” Julia summed up after a moment.

“Who carried you?”

Julia opened her eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Bucky,” she whispered. “I felt weak. I listened to the rhythm of his heart and then I fell asleep.”

Sam bowed his head in sadness and gulped down a lump in his throat.

“Can you go deeper in your memories?” Daisy asked. “To the moment before you met Bucky?”

Julia closed her eyes again and took a few deep breaths.

“Try to remember your first meeting with the British man,” Daisy advised.

In the meantime, Coulson and Elslander entered May’s area and started to watch the scene. Elslander took a trembling breath.

“She looks so bad,” she stated as she swallowed down her tears.

“A villa. I remember a villa,” Julia said after a while. “With another man. He hurt me. A lot. And crystals.”

Julia looked at Daisy.

“The crystals you’ve talked about. I broke one and stones covered up my body. After a while I broke free from it.”

“Okay, what else can you remember?”

Julia stared at the ceiling.

“I got scared after he hurt me again and I tried to escape. I was stopped by a red-golden iron suited man. And somebody in a red-blue spandex kind of suit,” Julia continued. “They wanted the crystals. But they were gone, out of the villa. I got on to the roof of the villa with the blue-red figure. The figure, it shot webs out of its wrists and was able to catch a suitcase. I got shot, fell off the roof and got covered by stone again.”

“Shot by who?” Daisy asked.

“By somebody out of a black SUV. Then I broke free from the stones. There was a soldier who spoke Russian, I think. He kissed me and I…” Julia took a deep breath and swallowed. “I killed him…with my powers. Then he was there.”

“Who’s he?”

“A British man, The Sir.”

Daisy looked at Sam.

“I guess we’re getting close.” Daisy looked back at Julia. “Anything else, Julia?”

“He offered me a hand. I could have run away but there was a group of soldiers. The Sir followed me. He reassured me he would take care of me because he promised her.”

“Her?” Sam asked.

Elslander closed her eyes as a tear went over her face.

Julia stared at the ceiling and was silent for a while. Daisy, Simmons and Sam waited patiently till she started talking. Julia saw the blonde woman again. The woman was looking at Julia and smiled.

Coulson laid a hand on Elslander’s shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“It’s better not to interrupt this with your powers, Wilma,” he advised.

Julia saw the blonde woman slowly fading away. She blinked her eyes a few times.

“The woman of my hallucinations. She was here again,” she admitted.

Daisy looked at the window and saw Coulson and Elslander. Coulson nodded at Daisy as a sign to continue.

“Can you go back to the memory about HYDRA and The Sir?” Daisy asked as she looked back at Julia.

“The Sir took me away,” Julia continued. “To the Swiss Alps where it was safe, according to him. He gave me food and new clothing. I had to give him all my belongings.”

“Do you know his real name?” Daisy asked.

“I had to call him The Sir, out of respect. The Madame, she called him Daniel.”

Daisy looked at May. May went over to a computer. She typed in the information she had just got about The Sir. After a few seconds she got the result.

“Daniel Whitehall,” she informed them.

“Oh my god,” Elslander gasped.

“Then Daisy guessed it right,” Coulson said. He looked at Elslander, who looked back at him, shocked. “I know it’s hard, but I want you to ask her if he is The Sir. You can go to the interrogation room and wait for her.”

Elslander nodded as she accepted the task, and left.

“Okay, one last question, Julia. Did you volunteer to become one of HYDRA?”

“No. But I had to,” Julia admitted.

“Why?” Daisy wondered.

Julia looked at her.

“They would punish you if you refused an order, or kill you if you escaped.”

Daisy was shocked. She swallowed, nodded and looked at Simmons.

“I think we have our answers,” she told the doctor.

Simmons agreed and switched off the machine. Julia rubbed her face with both of her hands, while the machine went off. Then she slowly sat up.

“You did very well,” Daisy complimented her.

Sam just smiled proudly at her.

Then Coulson came into the area. He stood close by Julia. She looked up at him with fatigue in her eyes.

“Thank you for doing this. You are very brave,” he told her. “Do you think you can do one more interview?”

“If it’s necessary for you, yes,” Julia answered.

“I’ll tell her you’re in.”

He turned around and left.


Natasha opened her eyes. She felt something vibrating in the pocket of her jeans. She took the small device out of it and answered the call.

“Yeah?” she mumbled, groggy.

“Nat, we need to talk. Now,” she heard Clint demand.

“About what?”

“Don’t take her to the compound. She’ll put us all in danger,” Clint warned.

She sighed.

“Friend or not, just don’t do this!” Clint continued.

Without saying anything, Natasha cut off the conversation. She sat up and massaged her forehead with her fingers as a headache emerged. She looked up when she heard footsteps entering the room.

“Feeling better now?” Sam asked.

“Not really.” She looked at the phone in her hand. She sighed. “Clint called. He warned me not to bring Julia to the compound.”

Sam just shook his head with a smile as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“You couldn’t change his mind with your charm?” Sam remarked.

Natasha had to chuckle.

“I’m too tired and he’s too stubborn.” Natasha looked at Sam. “Any news?”

This time Sam sighed.

“They have the answers they wanted.” He shook his head. “The Sir’s name is Daniel Whitehall and he manipulated her badly, just like Pierce did.”

Natasha hung her head and mumbled a curse.

“He took her to the Alps,” he continued. “Where it all began for her.”

“Where is she now?” Natasha asked, worried.

“She had to undergo another interrogation.”

Slowly Natasha left the bed.

“We have to go to Fury and convince him we want Julia in the compound,” she announced.


Clint cursed at his phone after Natasha disconnected. He looked up at Tony who sat next to him.

“They’re sticking to their plan,” Clint said annoyed.

“Well, I have received her words from Fury. We can show them she can’t be trusted,” Tony told as he showed the list of words on his phone. “Once she is back in the compound, I can use FRIDAY to sum up the words since some of them are hard to pronounce.”

Clint agreed to his plan.


The door opened and she cautiously took a few steps inside. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at the women sitting at the table in front of her. Julia couldn’t find the ability to breath. Golden wavy blonde hair, just like her own but shorter. The woman had the same diamond shape face as hers. The woman looked up and saw Julia standing there in fear. Elslander lips curled up into a small smile.

“Hello Julia. Do you remember me?”

Her voice pulled Julia into a memory of her childhood. Julia as a young girl, crying on her bed after being slapped by the man she grew up with. Her mother sneaked into her room and comforted her. She held her daughter in her arms, with her head on her chest so the young girl could listen to her heartbeat. She hummed a song until her child went calm.

As the door clicked shut, Julia snapped back into reality. Her heartbeat pounded in her chest. Her eyes widened as she took a step backwards. Frantically she shook her head. She remembered who this woman was.

“No. No, this can’t be!” She glued herself against the door. “You can’t be her! You’re a fake!”

“I’m not, Julia,” Elslander said as she slowly stood up. “I’m your mother.”

Quickly Julia turned herself around and tried to open the door. It was locked. She started to pound with her fists on it.

“Let me out! Let me out of here!” she screamed.

Julia left some dents in the door, but the door wouldn’t open. Elslander went closer to her.

“Julia, listen to me.”

“NO!” Julia yelled and ran away from her.

Julia went to the table and took the chair. She held it in front of her as a shield.

“Prove that you are my mother,” she growled.

“Your name is Juliana Wilhelmina Berger. You were born on December 10th 2001, at 3:41pm,” Elslander stated.

Julia wasn’t impressed by the information while she still stood aimed with the chair. Elslander took a deep breath as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Your father is not Julien Beckers. Your father’s name is Claus Berger. He died at a bank robbery caused by HYDRA when you were a baby.”                                                                                       

Julia’s face turned into shock as she felt something breaking inside her heart. Suddenly she remembered pictures of the strange man on the wedding pictures and pieces of the puzzle fell into place. She dropped the chair and sank through her legs, holding her hair firmly. She started to scream and cry hysterically. Elslander rushed to her and held her daughter in her arms. Carefully without touching her skin, she moved Julia’s head against her chest and started to rock back and forth. She even started to hum a song.

“And all the winds are like a kiss. And all the years are nemesis,” Elslander sang a song of Enya. “And all the moments fall in mist. And all is dust, remember this.”

She continued humming. Slowly Julia became calm as she heard the woman’s heartbeat and her humming.

“Mom?” Julia sobbed.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you…you?”

Elslander sighed relieved.

“Yes, sweetheart. I am here. I’m not dead,” she reassured.

Julia looked up at her, feeling confused.

“But how?”

“It’s a long story. But I guess you deserve the truth,” Elslander answered as she released Julia.

Julia watched her mother as she walked to the table. Elslander picked up the fallen chair and replaced it at the table.

“Have a seat and I’ll tell you everything.”

Over the next twenty minutes, Julia was updated by her mother. Elslander admitted she had been a secret SHIELD agent for Julia’s whole life, and got kidnapped by HYDRA during a mission while she was just pregnant. During the same mission she come in contact with the Terrigan Crystals. She explained how the hallucinations appeared in Julia’s mind, caused by her powers. Also she shared that her death was a set up by SHIELD, and she attended her own funeral in disguise.

Julia took a deep breath.

“So you were at your own funeral?” she asked with a shaky voice.

Elslander nodded.

“He had chosen awful music, huh?” Elslander remarked.

“Yeah,” Julia admitted softly.

“It was more his taste of music than mine.”

A moment of silence as Julia was staring at Whitehall’s picture.

“Did he care about you?” Julia suddenly asked.


Julia tapped on Whitehall’s picture.

“No, it was all tricks,” Elslander admitted.

A tear went over Julia’s cheek as she still gazed at his picture. A small smile on her lips.

“He cared about me. After every punishment, mostly by the Madame, he was there. He caressed me. He gave me food and…”

Elslander took Julia’s gloved hand. The teenager looked at her mother.

“Please, I beg you. Whatever he did to you as kindness and any word he told you, don’t believe it!” the mother warned.

“But he cared about me,” Julia whispered confused.           

Elslander became worried.


Natasha and Sam were walking through the hallways of The Playground. At the other side of the hall, they saw Agent Coulson walking towards them.

“Hey,” he greeted them. Sam and Natasha greeted him back. “Everything okay?”

“Kind of,” Natasha admitted. “Where’s Julia?”

“She’s meeting her mother,” he answered.

The two Avengers were slightly shocked.

“Her mother?” Sam remarked amazed.


“Wasn’t Julia an orphan?”

“SHIELD faked her mother’s death in a scene at her mom’s request. Actually she was hoping she would be found by her daughter so we could bring them both into safety. But it was Julien Beckers, Julia’s stepfather, who came home early and the whole plan went wrong,” Coulson explained.

“SHIELD had used the Tetrodotoxin-B drug for this set up?” Natasha asked.

Coulson nodded.

Natasha’s phone went off again. She took it out of her jeans and saw it was a private number. She picked up.

“Hello?” she answered as she walked away from the men.

“Nat, it’s Clint again.”

Natasha sighed.

“Clint please…”

“If you bring her to the compound, there will be consequences,” he warned.

“Is this a threat?” Natasha asked confused, feeling slightly attacked.

Natasha looked at Sam and Coulson who met her gaze.

“Just listen for once for your safety! Accept this as a warning. We have her words. I love you,” Clint said and disconnected.

With shock and confusion on her face she removed the phone from her ear.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked worriedly.

Natasha looked at Coulson.

“Where’s Fury?”

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“This cock isn’t gonna suck itself.”

The mission is a close call. Bullets slice through the air in a way that reminds you of a hot knife on plastic, and who knew a ditch outside of Central Park would make a damn good sniper cover? Bucky kind of feels like he’s back in the trenches.

He also looks sexy as a motherfucker. Strapped up with a bigass M4, thick film of dirt caking atop his face. The blue of his eyes shine nearly white in contrast to the dust, and it’s all you can do to not jump his bones right there as the last target hits the ground.

You all but drag eachother to the S.H.I.E.L.D. dispensed armored vehicle. Bucky shoves you inside unceremoniously, stepping in himself with those thick boots and a look in his eye. The look.

Kneeling down close, he tenderly hooks a whisk of loose hair back behind your ear. The touch nearly burns fire through your cheek, and when he speaks, Bucky’s voice is a breathless purr.

“You look so pretty with your face covered in blood.”

With that he rises to a standing position, hands leisurely going to yank at the buckle of his belt. “But this cock isn’t going to suck itself.”

nsfw drabble game

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sebby is a dom and we all know it 😤

a very short but sweet headcanon to get me started on writing again.              

i love sebby. thats it. thats the sentence. i love sebby.                                  


-i feel like he would be VERY rough with his hands

-like SIR please CHOKE ME 

-but he’s totally the type of guy that would actually choke you

-maybe you’ve been a brat

-or he’s having a bad day

-and fucking you senseless would be the only thing that relaxes him

-he’d choke you in bed

-“know your place, babe”

-maybe after he’s done with you he would be back to normal seb again

-he’d be very very soft

-and i mean REALLY mean soft

-“are you okay sweetheart?”

-“did i hurt you?”

-“let me run you a bath, babe”

-and you would always say no because he would never hurt you

-you would again, get in the tub with him

-he’d massage your tense shoulders

-he would kiss you

-and again just like that things got VERY heated

-he would say

-“ready for round 2 baby?” with a sly smirk on his face

-both of you would go on for hours

-like HOURS

-and at the end of the day, there’s nothing that makes both him and you happier than being in each other’s arms

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Pairing: Student!Reader x Professor!Bucky
Description: Like tons of other students you struggle with finances, but you can’t get any aid since your parents are filthy rich. The system doesn’t care that they broke off contact after you came out as bisexual. There is, however, someone else that cares. The prof of your class on PTSD and trauma. Professor Barnes.
Warnings: 18+, f/m smut, secret relationship, not beta read.

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Seeing his presentations before he presented them in class really helped with studying faster for some reason. And it also helped with the fact that you spent half the lessons actively and passively teasing him.
He told you many times that you shouldn‘t stick your tongue out while taking notes or to just fucking sit like a normal person would. But it was just too good to see him lose track every now and then because of your little quirks and active teasing.

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Pairing: Bucky x Thor

Warnings: Fat shaming, a few curse words

A/N: This is what pain medication and a quarantine brings 😂 I’ve had this brain baby for a while now and I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope that y’all will like it. I just love the idea of Bucky and Thor together, I think they just get each other. But, I hope y’all are staying safe and healthy during these times.


No one on the team knew how Bucky and Thor started dating. They went from being complete strangers to cuddling and canoodling during movie night. In Sam’s opinion, they don’t have anything in common, that this was just some sort of rebound fling for Bucky after Steve left. But as Thor and Bucky started talking they realized that they had a lot more in common then both men had originally thought. Both were men that had the will of others inflicted on them. Both were now trying to find who they wanted to be in a strange world, without their friends or families. And it also helped that they both love Fortnite, but don’t tell Sam that.

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