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How about an AU where the super-soldier serum was mystic rather than scientific, and what it actually did was turn Steve into a literal Angel- wings, halo, divine beauty, righteous wrath, and all.

And, man, oh man, is that a PR boost…

Likewise, the earlier version of the serum used on Johann Schmidt turned him into a demon, a nightmare of red skin and leather wings.

But, when they use the same serum on Bucky while he’s a prisoner at the Austrian Hydra Facility, nothing happens. At least not until after the assault on the train a few years later when he’s falling to his death and suddenly sprouts wings, as beautifully feathered as Steve’s own. 

They don’t save him though, as the strong crosswinds in the ravine catch Bucky and hurl him into the clift. Steve can only watch in horror as Bucky slams into the rocks, screaming loud enough to be heard over the wind as his left arm and wing snap before he plummets out of sight.

Only to turn up seventy years as Hydra’s resident demon- with one wing feathered and grey and the other one batlike steel to match his metal arm…

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The New World We Live In

Summary: In a new world without Tony Stark, the Avengers have to navigate their way through new hardships and troubles. With Hydra on the rise again, they need to move away from the New York compound. While everyone lays low in Sam’s secret home, they have to come up with a plan to stop Helmut Zemo while also avoiding other threats they face.

Warnings: Swearing, violence, stalking, & graphic depictions of death

A/N: I got inspiration to write this series after watching the 1999-2003 version of Watership Down and listening to Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Don’t worry I didn’t rip off the whole Watership Down storyline. I just got the idea of running away to a safe place and fighting the enemy from the TV show and made up the rest as I went on. Takes place after Endgame and Steve and Natasha are alive. 


Chapter 1: The New World

Chapter 2: New Threats

Chapter 3: Leaving New York

Chapter 4: The Encounter

Chapter 5: The Fight of Our Lives

Chapter 6: A Narrow Escape

Chapter 7: Plans

Chapter 8: The First Battle

Chapter 9: A Little Trick

Chapter 10: The Final Battle


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Now here’s part 2 to this imagine. Like its predecessor, this will be angsty AF. Based off this song.


“There are moments that the words don’t reach

There is suffering too terrible to name

You hold your child as tight as you can

And push away the unimaginable…”

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My headcanon about Bucky is that he’s a misanthrope, except when it comes to children. He peacefully let’s them do anything to him, like a big lion does with his cubs. He let’s them comb his air, climb on him, ask questions about his bionic arm, even play with his arm. And he always manage to stay calm, answer the billion questions, treat them gently. Because children are innocent and their interest in him isn’t morbid, they don’t want to use him or hurt him, they are just curious little people. And Bucky remember fondly that time of his life when he was a little curious person.

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Imagine Bucky becoming the Winter Soldier in the middle of a mission

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Words: 1.5k+

Warnings: The Winter Soldier, canon complaint violence

Requested by: Anon


Originally posted by kenrakenokwaho

Being honest, choosing to go on this mission wasn’t your best decision.

You had just joined the team three months ago, but everyone was happy with your fighting and tactical skills.

That said, you still weren’t allowed to go to any complicated and dangerous missions.

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SUMMARY : bucky accidentally comes across fanfiction you wrote about him on tumblr. instead of being freaked out, he’s actually quite flattered, and asks to see more of your writing. he finds that there’s a common theme with almost everything you’ve written about him, but he’s too dense to realize why that is.
PAIRING : bucky barnes x reader ( implied female, kind of ? )
WARNINGS : lots of pining, as that is a given. not really angst. FLUFF !
WORD COUNT : 5.2k. this now holds the title of ‘longest fic sophie’s written’
A/N : my first bucky barnes fic !! i hope you guys like it ! inifinity war and endgame ? never saw them, didn’t happen. the avengers are all happily alive and living in the complex together (but steve is retired so sam is still the new cap) and that’s final.

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i just want to clarify that i don’t hate chris/seb i just think that they’re being irresponsible by travelling out of the country at this point. we don’t know the full story and we will most likely never know the full story as to why they’ve travelled or what they’re doing overseas so my problem is with the travelling and travelling alone. they could be social distancing and sanitising they’re hands constantly for all we know (and from what we know about them they probably are) but i’m also upset about the double standard with travelling - i wouldn’t be able to go to spain or london but the rich and famous can? that just doesn’t sit right with me. also it’s not 100% on them - it’s also on the government (or whatever’s in charge of travel) for allowing them to travel. but it’s not unlike the government to give rich and famous people opportunities and privileges that the rest of us don’t have 🤷🏽‍♀️. again it MIGHT be essential travelling, personally i don’t think filming should be essential but idk what kind of precautions they’re taking, so i guess i can’t really judge what should be essential and what shouldn’t be. ALSO; i know the rules are more slack in london and spain than they are in the US and some other countries

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Let’s Take An Old Fashioned Walk

40s!Bucky Barnes x Reader


word count: 1.8k

summary: After a night out of dancing with Bucky, he asks to take you out on a proper date.

warnings: fluff, just very fluffy and sweet :)


Bucky Barnes was the most pursued bachelor in all of Brooklyn. Maybe it was the way his shining blue eyes crinkled when he smiled, or maybe it was how kind he was to everyone who crossed paths with him. Whatever it was, it made all the ladies swoon, including yourself. So, when you went out to a jazz club Friday night with Carol and Maria and the Bucky Barnes asked you to dance, you did not hesitate to say yes.

He had a charm to him, something you couldn’t explain. It felt like the room lit up with just his presence. As he took your hand to dance and pulled you towards him, you caught a whiff of his cologne. He smelled of cedarwood and fresh linen, it was a subtle smell that just barely covered his natural scent. As the two of you made it to the floor, the band started to play In The Mood by Glenn Miller. It was an upbeat number that soon enough led to the two of you swing dancing. He twirled and swirled you around like it was no one’s business, you had the best time of your life dancing with him. You felt so free and light, laughs of delight were bubbling out of you the whole evening.

You two danced ‘til the last song of the night played; it was slow, romantic. You had your head in the crook of his neck, just swaying together. It finally gave you a chance to catch your breath while Bucky hummed along to the song by your ear. You felt like you were in a dream; he was so warm, so comforting. You never wanted to be out of his arms. Even after it ended, you still swayed. You looked over his shoulder and noticed that your friends had left. Though not just them, many who were still there headed towards the doors as the band was packing up to leave. You knew it was time for this wonderful fantasy to end, you pulled back with a sigh saying that it was time for you to start heading home.

“If you want darling, I can walk you home.” You sent a sweet smile upon hearing those words. Maybe he didn’t want this moment to end just yet either. Or perhaps he was simply a gentleman.

“I’d like that very much.” You two were already out the door, hands brushing against each other, sending flutters to your heart.

“Well then,” Bucky gave a cheeky bow and offered his arm to link with yours. “M’lady”

The two of you walked the few blocks back to your apartment arm in arm. There was a comfortable silence between you two, just enjoying each other’s company while it lasted. Your door was in sight, and for the first time, you dreaded coming home. Bucky walked you up the steps to the door, he still stayed with you as you fished your key out of your purse. With the key in the lock, not turning it yet, you spun ‘round to face Bucky as he spoke up.

“I guess this is where the night ends.” For the first time, he looked sad. Neither of you wanted to let go of tonight just yet.

“I guess so…” A pause on your part before you blurted out: “Thank you, by the way, for giving me a nice night out and for walking me home.”

“My pleasure doll.” He gave you a smile just then that nearly made you melt right where you were standing. “Are you free next Saturday? I’d love the chance to take you out on a proper date.” You stared in shock for a while, the feeling of your cheeks heating up was very present. Bucky Barnes asking you on a date? You nearly pinched yourself to test if you were dreaming. You cleared your throat and took a moment to compose yourself.

“Yes, I’m free then. And I would love to go on a date with you.” Bucky’s smile just widened before you had the chance to question if your response was too forward.

“I’ll pick you up at 7?”

“7 works for me.” You swear his smile was so big and bright that it gave the sun a run for its money. Bucky then leaned in, placing a soft kiss on your right cheek. He pulls back before your mind has a chance to process.

“See ya on Saturday.” A cheeky wink your way, and then he turned to leave. You could hear him humming to himself a cheery tune on his way down the steps. You finally unlocked your door to go inside and had a smile on your face for the rest of the night.


Saturday finally rolls around, and you’re a mess. It takes you a good two hours before you finally settle on something to wear. Bucky never did specify what the date would be, so you had no clue how to dress for it. You dicided on a pretty blue dress with some low heels. You were ready just five minutes before 7. You sit in your living room, staring at your clock. You could be perched by your window, but you didn’t want to come off as too excited for his arrival. At 7 sharp, you heard a knock at your door. You got up, flattened your dress, and took one last look in the mirror before opening the door.

The first thing you notice are the flowers he’s holding; sunflowers and daisies with baby’s breath around it. As you moved your gaze up to take in his appearance, you couldn’t help but swoon. He looked absolutely dapper in a crisp button-up with pressed trousers and suspenders. He handed you the flowers as he gave a low whistle.

“You look gorgeous, darling.” You had a feeling that as long as you were around him, there would always be a permanent smile on your face.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Barnes.” He let out a chuckle when you glanced over his shoulder and noticed an unfamiliar car.

“Did you drive here?”

“Yeah! It’ll be nice riding with the top down.”

“Oh, but I’ve spent the afternoon fixing my hair.”

“Oh! Uh…”

“How about a movie?”

“No, it’s too late for that, they’ll be sold out of popcorn. Say I know! How about we take an old-fashioned walk, how’s that sound?” You considered it for a bit. An old-fashioned walk? Not the romantic date you were looking towards, but you’d take anything as long as it meant spending time with Bucky.

“Sounds nice, there’s a park a couple blocks down from here. We could head on over there.” Before you two start to leave, you bring in the flowers and set them down in a vase by your door.

“You ready to go, doll?” Bucky has his arm out for you to link with. During your stroll to the park, both of you seem to be bursting with talk about anything and everything. You talk about your families, hobbies, stories to get a laugh out from each other. You pass a fountain on your way back and decide to stop there to rest for a bit. Your feet are aching from doing the whole walk in heels. It’s night at this point, and from where the two of you are sitting, you can see the stars perfectly.

You have your head resting on his shoulder as he starts to tell you of the wonders that exist in the night sky. He points out constellations and tells you about just how vast the universe is; that there is so much we don’t know about. But what we do know is fascinating. You didn’t have much to contribute to his facts, but you shared his excitement. Space had always intrigued you, and how you wished you could’ve had the chance to study it in depth.

You two must’ve been there for an hour when a breeze starts to pick up, and you let out a small shiver. Bucky wraps his arm around you in an attempt to warm you up. It’s not long after that you try to stifle a yawn. He takes notice and looks down at you with a soft smile gracing his handsome face. He gives you a nudge before saying: “We should start heading back to your place doll.”

You let out a sigh, not wanting to go back just yet. But Bucky stands up and pulls you up along with him. You lock arms again, and he goes to reach for your hand; with fingers intertwined, you can’t help but smile even bigger. As you were heading up the steps to your door, Bucky spoke up.

“I heard that there’s a good movie in theaters; Casablanca is the name, I think. Should still be there next week, wanna see it with me? Say Friday at 6?”

“I would love to see it with you. I’ve been looking forward to watching it; some of the girls said it was really good.” Bucky gave you a boyish grin of excitement.

“Great, then it’s a date.”

“It’s a date.” Your voice came out soft, happy. Like you couldn’t believe that this was happening to you; that it was still somehow a dream that your mind must’ve been making up. Though, instead of a pinch, you leaned forward to give him a kiss on his cheek. As you pulled back, you noticed some of your lipstick had made its imprint on where your lips had been. It prompted a smirk of satisfaction from you.

“Goodnight, Bucky.”

“Sweet dreams doll.” He gives one of his classic cheeky winks.

“I’ll try and dream of you.” Now you’re the one winking, and you can see the start of a blush tinting his cheeks. You turn to go inside before he can notice that you feel just as flushed as him, or maybe more so.

You don’t even think twice as you immediately go to look out your window. Bucky is still standing by your door with a big smile on his face, he notices you at your window and blows you a kiss before heading down the steps to his car. You watch until he’s long out of sight and sigh to yourself. You’re wrapped up in the thought of getting to see him again next week as you head towards your bed; it excites you to no end. One thing you don’t know yet is that you’ll be seeing Bucky Barnes for the rest of your life, and every one of those days will be just as exciting as they are now.

A/N: ahhh I’m so excited I finished this!! It’s my first oneshot and my first time writing for 40s!Bucky. I personally think I did okay and I really hope you guys like it! Btw, the title was inspired by the song Lets Take an Old Fashioned Walk by Doris Day and Frank Sinatra, it’s a cute song, give it a listen!! Anyways, I love y'all so much and I hope you like it!!💓💓

Btw let me know if you would like to be on my permanent taglist so I know to tag you on other series or oneshots

Taglist: @daffodilsbucky // @seasaurusrrex // @sunmoonandbucky // @beaglesaremajestic // @bonkyboinkybucky // @propertyofpoeandbucky // @jxlb // @auroralwriting // @elew223 // @alrightythenbabe // @asadmarveltrashbag // @bellamys // @professionalreblogs // @fangeekkk // @ravennightingaleandavatempus // @piper-koko-barnes-rogers // @viarogers // @dianadov // @simplyhemmings // @kakakatey // @kiki5283 // @slytherinyourrpants // @thelostallycat // @spidizzlemizzle // @ptrprkrss // @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog // @everything-is-awesomesauce // @deliciouslyenchantingpenguin // @darthseph // @inez-lannister-stark-martell // @https-bucky // @cap-just-said-language // @deathofmissjackson // @nerdy-bookworm-1998 // @thewackywriter // @augustdearly // @wiensrsoldier // @binkysteebnpewter // @team-lads-ass // @ollovae3 // @iwillmakeyoucraveme // @nsfwfangirl // @punani // @thefridgeismybestie // @clarinette07 // @bvcky-is-my-baby // @jbbarnesgirl // @oh-hey-janina // @peterpandco // @sexyvixen7 //

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Moodboard by @princess-evans-addict

Pairings: Steve Rogers x OFC x Bucky Barnes

Warnings:  Swearing, exotic dancing, drug use

Summary: Being born with the words of two soulmates was rare, and you were one of them.  You had no idea that when you started a new job as Pepper Potts’ personal assistant you would end up finding both of your soulmates.  Things start off great, but what happens when Steve and Bucky find out about your double life and your side job?

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