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#bucky barnes
incorrectavengersquotes · 3 minutes ago
Sam: You are in big trouble. Dangerous men are looking for you, so we need to get out of here now before somebody else finds you.
[Bucky smiles.]
Sam: What's going on? Why are you smiling?
Bucky: We're friends. It sounds like a friend thing.
Sam: Oh, no no no no no no no. We're not friends. This is not a friendship thing. This is a I-don't-want-your-death-on-my-conscience thing.
Bucky: That's a thing about friends. They don't want each other to die.
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johnwinchesterhatepage · 3 minutes ago
cas does the bucky barnes knife flip to impress dean. dean pops a boner right there and then.
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agentkikirogers · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aside from the day I had towards the end AND NONE of the handicapped buttons working at the mall. I mean NONE....
I went to Gamestop to buy these blind bags for FATWS for the first time. I felt all 13 ones to find Sam with Wings. (Its NOT easy to just feel them. There's cardboard. I had to DIG UNDER IT)
Omg. I got two Sams and a freaking Bucky. I started to tear up and I told the workers God bless them and America. 😭😭😭
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1marvelsimp · 5 minutes ago
I wanna also start some one shots For the mcu like
-Maria hill
-pietro maximoff
-Bucky Barnes
- carol Danvers
- Loki
-Natasha romanoff
- shuri
Tumblr media
I need your help
Please send in any prompt requests I would greatly appreciate it 🥰
Prompts will be in the comments
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your-mothers-converse · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
what im hearing here is that bucky barnes could be absolutely is an astrology geek
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notborkybarnes · 11 minutes ago
May I please be tagged in your Notorious fic? I love Biker Bucky so much! ❤
Hello, I love you xo Of course, my darling!
Tumblr media
notorious. Tag list? Please send an ask.
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cjsinkythoughts · 14 minutes ago
i have been laughing at this for like 10 minutes now i can't breATHE
Tumblr media
Let's be honest - both him and Steve were in the US Army during WW2. This is totally realistic!
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itaintgudbro · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
shit um, anyways...
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dual-domination · 27 minutes ago
Zemo and Bucky staring at each other. For long, no words.
Bucky: Right, what?
Zemo: Feelings, James.
Bucky: Which feelings do you want?
Zemo: Yes.
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mercurysstars · 30 minutes ago
All That Glitters Is Not Gold (part 6)
Summary: Y/n gets hired to be the avengers chief physician and also happens to be an ex assassin.
Word count: 2.1k
Warnings: swearing, the reader getting angry, violence. 
A/N: hope you’re having a better day than Y/n ;)
Tumblr media
𝘞𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘦
𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘬𝘯𝘦𝘸 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘐 𝘥𝘪𝘥
𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘭𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨?
Y/n's stomach grumbled as she made her way toward the kitchen. Between getting her room organized and training with Peter for 2 hours she didn't get a chance to eat and it was really catching up with her now. She groaned rubbing her face while she yanked the refrigerator door opened. After searching for several minutes she decided to give up and make a sandwich.
Y/n grabbed the bread and a plate out of a cupboard, she returned to the fridge and pulled out meat, cheese, lettuce, and just as she was about to grab a tomato her phone rang. Without checking the caller ID, Y/n answered, balancing the phone between her ear and shoulder. "Y/n Y/l/n speaking."
"Hey, doc it's Matt we've got kinda a situation here." Matt hesitated, Y/n could hear muffled yelling in the background.
"Okay? What's up?" She was confused it wasn't like him to call out of the blue and it was especially weird for him to not sound sure of himself, he was a lawyer, and lawyers always put on a confident front even if they weren't. Y/n began to cut the tomato into thin slices.
"So I kinda have one of his men tied to a chair in my living room." He blurted out quickly.
Well, that was unexpected "Are you sure it's one of his?" She asked cautiously.
"Yeah I checked, he has the branding. I normally would have just questioned him and texted you but the thing is he only speaks Latin."
She sighed, all Y/n wanted to do was eat 5 sandwiches, snuggle up in her comfortable bed and binge-watch the umbrella academy "Alright put him on the phone."
Y/n heard what sounded like the phone getting set down and the floorboard squeaking under Matt's weight. She heard a bit of wrestling and the sound of tape getting ripped off of something. She heard a quick shuffling and Matt picked the phone back up "Here he is."
"Sumus iens ut satus off facile. cur in New York." She questioned. Y/n started to make her sandwich again. We are going to start off easy. Why are you in New York?
"Im 'non adnuntiant vobis cacas." He hissed. This man was definitely one of his. Y/n rolled her eyes not in the mood for this. I'm not telling you shit.
"Iniuriam. Te volo experior quod iterum?" She purred. Wrong. You want to try that again?
At that moment Bucky decided to wander into the kitchen he heard someone speaking Latin and his curiosity got the better of him. He saw Y/n leaning against the counter talking to someone on the phone. Her eyes snapped up to meet his 'You want one' she mouthed to him nodding toward her sandwich. He shook his head and she shrugged.
The muffled talking through the phone caused an angry tick to Y/n's jaw "Pone super daredevil." She gritted out through clenched teeth. Put daredevil back on.
Y/n had to take a moment to collect herself before she threw something at the wall "Hey I'll be there in a bit." She hung up and when she turned back to Bucky her face softened.
He didn't know what to say, he's never seen someone 180 that quickly in his long life "Quite the conversation you had going on there." He tried to break the silence.
She chuckled nonchalantly "Oh yeah just some idiot that won't do what he was told."
"I didn't know you knew how to speak other languages." He quipped.
Oh Bucky you only know a part of me, I am a universe full of secrets she thinks. "I don't kiss and tell Sarge." She instead said.
Right after the words left her mouth Tony walked into the kitchen. "Hey, Sunshine I've got a meeting so I'm going to have to cancel for tonight."
Y/n's eyes lingered on Bucky for a few seconds then she turned to Tony "Convenient because I have some business in Hell's Kitchen to take care of."
Tony opened his mouth to press further until she added "Don't ask because you don't want to know."
Bucky ever the curious couldn't help himself or keep his mouth shut and blurted "What if I want to know."
Y/n raised an eyebrow at the super-soldier, amused "Would torturing a man until he confesses answer your question?"
She turned and walked out of the kitchen. Bucky's eyes went comically wide "She's joking right?"
Tony pinched the bridge of his nose at her recklessness and shook his head "Stay safe." He yelled back to Y/n.
Y/n let herself into Matt's apartment he have given her a key when he moved in. When Y/n was younger her father decided that she needed further training so he hired a blind war vet that specialized in martial arts. There she met Matt they clicked instantly him being only 2 years old, he taught them how to hear things others couldn't smell more things that you wouldn't believe was possible, how to heal faster, and even how to fight without seeing.
Y/n walked down the poorly lit hallway leading to his living room just wanting to get think over with. In the living room, the man had a cloth covering his eyes, hands were tied behind the chair behind his back and each leg was tied to the bottom of the chair. Matt was leaning against the counter already waiting for her arrival, he nodded toward her, acknowledging her presence.
Y/n sauntered over to the man, she lifted up the corner of his shirt and tisked "Mark of Cain, definitely one of his men."
The man began to thrash around hearing her voice, she pulled the eye cover off and smirked "Heu est dere." Hey there hun.
"Pedicabo ego vos bitch." He spat furiously.  fuck you bitch.
Y/n frowned at him "Bene quod suus 'non ut salutaret domina." That's no way to greet a lady.
She stood up and patted his cheek giving him a sickening smile that gave him the chill "Sit scriptor committitur. Cur ipse mittet vobis?" Let's start. Why did he send you?
"Irrumabo." He growled, the man jumped at her but the restraints didn't allow him to get far. Suck my dick.
Annoyance began to trickle down her spine and anger rushed through her body. "ego suadeant vos satus loquentes." She snapped in an angry tone. I suggest you start talking.
"Terrebis me non ex vobis, qui non vis tua boyfriend est vulputate." I'm not scared of you or that want to be superhero boyfriend of yours.
No longer being able to control her anger Y/n grabbed him by his hair and tilted his face up "Take a vultus, vultus diu, et bonum dicitur lets videre tua si adhuc durat." She fumed. Take a look, a good long look, and let's see if your statement still stands.
The man studied her face for several moments before recognition flickered through his eyes "Lamia." He breathed. Lilith.
"Nunc autem dic mihi, quid invenerunt in me pater meus!" She shouted her patience ran out long ago and she didn't hesitate to show it. Now tell me how he found me!
"Cur te et ipsum interrogate." The man taunted. Why don't you go and ask him.
The grip on his hair tightened and she lowered down eye level to him "Ego suadeant tu dicas, quod primus est I. cut off vos erant 'iens ut ne nimis" she pulled out her knife and nodded downward. I suggest you tell me because the first thing I cut off you're not going to like very much.
The man's eyes went wide and he attempted to squeeze his legs together. Fear settled into his stomach, he didn't know if she would keep her promise but he also didn't want to find out.
"Hoc tantum scio, aliquem cum Vindices compositis ei" He squeaked out. All I know is someone at the Avengers compound told him.
She didn't let her shook show, she kept her face cold and calculated even though her heart was beating a million miles per minute. "Si igitur deus, auxilium tu mihi mendacem." So help me God if you're lying.
"Im 'non ego promissionem." He exclaimed and Y/n believed him, she tended to have that effect on people. I'm not I promise.
"O Deus, hes 'iens ut interficias me." He muttered shaking his head. Oh god, he's going to kill me.
The man kept whispering to himself and Y/n grew tired and shoved a sock in his mouth. She stood back up and turned to Matt. "Dump him on 23rd street, my father will take care of him soon enough."
Y/n blew on her hot cocoa watching the mini marshmallows swirling around, sure it the middle of September but it was her comfort drink. She tried to go over everyone she knew in the compound. How could she be so dumb? How could she let her guard down? She was trained better than this. It didn't matter now what she did or didn't do, but Y/n knew she wouldn't make the same mistake twice.
Y/n could hear the elevator ding from her office and she was confused. All the Avengers were either busy with training or on a mission. She set down her mug on her desk.  A blonde head of hair peaked its head in. "Dr. Y/l/n?"
"Teresa how can I help you?" She questioned. Y/n was confused as to why she was up here Teresa shouldn't even be able to get past the 5th floor.
Teresa stepped closer with her hands behind her back "I got a paper cut stapling some papers together and I came up here for a bandaid."
Teresa was looking everywhere but at her. Y/n could tell she was lying but about what? Then it clicked, how he found out where she was, the weird look she gave her, what Sam said about her sudden move down to the front desk, but then the question struck again. Why was she up- she was up here to kill her.
Teresa lunged at Y/n with the knife she had hidden in her hands behind her back. Y/n went to block but she wasn't quick enough and Teresa cut a long strip down her arm and she hissed, it hurt more than she remembered. Teresa went to slash her again but Y/n grabbed her wrist and twisted causing her to drop the knife.
Y/ n grabbed her mug and smashed it over her head, Teresa staggered backward falling into a bookshelf. Teresa cocked her gun and began to fire, Y/n leaped over the table to take cover behind her desk. Her gun was on the other side of the office strapped underneath a chair. Bullets blew past her body, she shielded her head with her arms, the gun clicked signaling it was out of bullets.
She rolled from under her desk onto her feet. This time Y/n rushed toward Teresa, she threw 2 punches which Teresa both blocked, but the 3rd one Y/n got a hit to her cheek. Teresa attempted to throw a kick but failed, she went down and swept her legs. Y/n fell backward, she rolled onto her hands and shoulder, she pushed up causing her to land right side up, Y/n's movements were a bit slower and staggered due to the blood loss.
Teresa went to hit her but then Y/n grabbed her arm and the back of her neck and smashed Teresa's face into a mirror. With a bloody face, Teresa peeled herself off the wall Y/n collapsed feeling lightheaded. Teresa stood over with her knife ready in hand, she brought her hand up into the air, but Y/n grabbed the from under her chair and shot her right between the eyes. Teresa collapsed backward and the knife slide across the floor.
"FRIDAY Initiate the red button protocol." She coughed out.
"Alerting Avengers now."
Y/n grabbed her arm and hissed, she shouldn't have collapsed this soon, even if it was a cut this big, and the sting was worst too, but then she put it together Teresa would have had a better chance to kill her if she laced the knife with something.
She heard Bucky calling out her name "In here." She chocked out. Bucky rounded the corner to her office and ran in, there were papers scattered everywhere, the desks and chairs knocked over, glass broken. He crouched beside Y/n she was fighting consciousness.
"No Y/n don't you fall asleep on me." He demanded putting her head in his lap.
"It'll be okay Buck." She patted his cheek in a comforting manner.
"No, no, no, hold on they will be here in 30 seconds" He pleaded. That was the last thing Y/n heard before everything went dark.
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mercurysstars · 30 minutes ago
All That Glitters Is Not Gold (part 5)
Summary: Y/n gets hired to be the avengers chief physician and also happens to be an ex assassin.
Word count: 1.7k
Warnings: Avengers doing domestic things.
A/N: A silly chapter before some shiii starts going down. Also I’m posting two chapters because I really hated this one.
Tumblr media
𝘚𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳
𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘴' 𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘯 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘴
"Come on it's not that hard just up and over." Bucky once again demonstrated to Sam how to throw the knife over his arm and catch it. Wanda had her feet kicked up on Y/n's desk painting her nails and Y/n was watering her plants on her office window seal.
Sam took the knife from Bucky and attempted to do what he showed him but failed which caused the knife to fall and slide across the floor. He muttered a few curse words and picked it up. Sam once again flung the knife up, he went to catch it but Y/n was quicker snatching it out of the air.
"No more throwing knives in my office, you're going to cut off your fingers, and IM the one who's going to have to stitch them back on." Y/n hissed.
"Oh come Y/n don't be a buzzkill you should trust me," Sam exclaimed.
"No, I'd trust a sketchy party clown for hire who likes to take 'bathroom brakes' more than you." Wanda scoffed.
"Don't you guys have a job to do? People, to save instead of bothering me?" Y/n put her hands on her hips.
"Don't lie to use doll we know you like having us around." Bucky grinned.
"No, no I don't. You guys are like cockroaches in a shitty Brooklyn apartment that no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to rid of." Y/n waves the knife around in her hand pointing to the three Avengers.
As much as Y/n loved her newfound friends they were distracting and caused her to get little work done, though Tony probably wouldn't care as he was the number one slacker, Y/n still liked to pull her own weight.
Y/n walked back around her desk and plopped down next to Wanda, she took the nail polish and began to do the nails that Wanda couldn't.
Bucky rolled his eye "Anyways, when are you going to move in?"
"Well, Tony said I could hook the SHIELD trailer onto my car and I have everything packed I just need someone to help me move." She shrugged.
Wanda perked up and grinned "I'll help, I've always wanted to see the apartment that you're found enough of to drive an hour and back to every day."
"An hour? I thought you lived in Brooklyn." Sam said.
"Nope." Y/n popped the 'P' "I live in Hell's Kitchen."
Bucky frowned "That neighborhood with all those vigilantes?" Y/n just nodded.
"Well, I and Buck will help." Sam put his arm around Bucky. He tried to shrug it off and Sam pulled tighter.
Y/n thought for a moment, it would definitely help to have more than one other person to do the heavy lifting, and anything she didn't want anyone seeing was packed away so it could work.
She shrugged "Okay we can go we I get off which is in about 30 minutes."
Y/n stood up "But in the meantime, I need to work and I can't do that with dumb and dumber around." She started to push Bucky and Sam out of the room.
"Oh come on Y/n don't be like that." Bucky teased.
She gave the final shove "Wanda and I will meet you by the first-floor elevator in 45 minutes."
Both Sam and Bucky opened their mouth to protest "Bye." Y/n waved and slammed the door.
"Men am I right?"
Y/n scoffed "You're telling me."
Wanda and Y/n stepped out of the elevator to see Bucky and Sam leaning against the wall waiting for them. "Boys." She nodded. Y/n and Wanda began to walk over to the front desk while both men trailed along like lost puppies.
Y/n put both arms on the desk and leaned forward. The blonde at the desk looked up with a smile, it dropped for split second, so slight that if you weren't watching you wouldn't have noticed.
"Dr. Y/l/n what can I do for you."
Y/n put on a fake smile and curiously narrowed her eyes "Teresa right? Well, Tony said the trailer was already hooked up to my car I just needed someone to let me into the garage."
"Of course, when you hear buzz head right on."
"Thanks!" She exclaimed.
Y/n turned around and her smile immediately dropped, she walked back over to Wanda and the boys, and they all started to walk to the garage.
"What's her problem?" Y/n nodded over towards the desk.
"Teresa? Well I know she used to be a high-level SHIELD agent but requested to be moved to the front desk, it was a pretty big deal. It happened just right before you started working here actually." Sam told her.
Y/n hummed and opened the door leading to the garage. They walked toward the back and stopped in front of a grey 2010 Honda Civic.
"Here's my baby." She made jazz hands to show off her car.
"This is your car? Being friends Tony Stark I assumed you'd have something newer." Bucky joked.
"I call shotgun," Wanda yelled hopping into the passenger seat.
30 minutes into the ride Y/n and Wanda are screaming blank space by Taylor Swift on the top of their lungs while Sam and Bucky are crammed in the back seat trying not to cringe at their 'god awful' singing.
Another 20 minutes and Y/n pulls in front of her apartment. The car was barely at a stop when both men scrambled to get out Wanda chuckled and Y/n just shook her head.
They went inside of the building and once again crammed into the elevator. "You have a really shitty apartment," Sam stated matter of factly.
Y/n rolled her eyes and stepped out of the elevator the three Avengers followed suit and walked behind her while she lead them to her apartment. Y/n pulled out her keys and opened the door.
"Welcome to my humble abode."
Bucky was the first one to step in, he felt something rub against his leg and meowed. He looked down to see a white fluffy cat with emerald green eyes. The cat meowed again and stretched its paws onto his pant leg. Bucky smiled and pick the cat up. The cat immediately began to nudge into him and purr. Bucky turned to Y/n.
"What's his name?"
Y/n arms were crossed and was leaning against the doorway with an amused looked and her face "Her name is Alpine."
"I forgot you said you had a cat." Wanda squealed.
Y/n chuckled at the redhead and started to walk down her hallway "Alright we only need to grab the boxes and the furniture in my room. Matt said he could take the rest of the furniture and use it for his law firm."
Bucky's face slightly fell and his heart skipped a beat "Matt is that your boyfriend?" Bucky tried to sound as though he was genuine even with the sick feeling in his gut.
Y/n felt as she could sense some slight jealousy in his statement. She got a quick sensation of butterfly's and started to feel a little hope at the possibility that he could be interested in her but she quickly shoved that thought down.
"No, no, you could call him a childhood friend." She breathed.
Bucky's heart began to beat normal again and the wide smile was put back on to his face. Wanda walked over and pulled the cat out of Bucky's arms. Alpine snuggled into Wanda falling back asleep in her arms.
"Well, what are you boys standing around here for, get to work," Wanda exclaimed clapping her hands to show she was serious. Y/n chuckled and both men began to pick up boxes.
Y/n and Wanda sat on the couch watching as Sam and Bucky brought boxes to the car. Y/n and Wanda smirked at each other as they watch Bucky and Sam lift her bed. Seeing the way their muscles move definitely a sight for sore eyes. After an hour of talking and moving they were finally done. Y/n stood up off the couch and stretched her arms.
"Guys that was hard work."
Sam scoffed "All you did was hold the cat while watching us doing the heavy lifting."
"Whatever," Y/n murmured.
"Wanda, why didn't you just use your powers?" Bucky asked.
"I was holding the cat." She shrugged.
Both men rolled their eyes in sync "Will you guys stop whining if I buy you food?" Y/n raised an eyebrow.
"I would never say no to free food." Bucky grinned.
Bucky woke up to the feeling of vibrations on his chest, he peeked an eye open to see a blob of white fur. Alpine noticed he was awake and nudge her face against his scruff, he chuckled and sat up.
"How did you get in?" He looked over to see his door still closed and locked, he frowned.
Alpine gave him an innocent look, he lightly nudged the cat to push her onto the bed. Bucky stood up and grabbed his pants, he put them on and grabbed Alpine.
"I've got to bring you back to Y/n's room mommy probably misses you." Talking to a cat wow a new low Barnes He scoffed at himself.
Bucky opened his door and walked the far distance of three feet to Y/n's door and knocked. He heard a muffled come in. He walked into her room to see her going through her boxes. She looked up, saw him, and smiled.
"Hey, Bucky what's up."
"I think this belongs to you." He chuckled nodding toward Alpine who was curled up like a baby in his arms.
"Where did you find her?" Her eyes lit up at the sight of her car.
"Actually she found me first I woke up to her laying on me."
"I think someone's got a crush." Y/n teased.
She grabbed Alpine then she noticed what he was wearing, rather the lack of what he was wearing.
Her eyes traveled down his toned chiseled abs landing on the sweatpants laying low in his hips just above his V line.
"Y/n?" That snapped her out of her trance.
"I'm sorry what were you saying?" Her eyes darted back up toward his face.
"I was saying I'm going to make breakfast do you want some." He raised an eyebrow with a smirk. Y/n's face instantly flushed oh my god he totally caught me checking him out.
"Uh yeah, sure."
Part 6
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milliedazzledust · 30 minutes ago
Please tell me I'll Come Back for You is getting a part 2! The ending was so sad and I need Bucky to be happy!
Honestly, I wasn't sure that story was any good so I didn't plan a part2
Funny thing also, this is not the original version I wrote. The first one had a happy ending where they both safely escaped 🤐
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lmao we got more confirmation that bucky x sarah was and is INTENTIONAL! loool sooo many people tried to deny it and now they're crying about people shipping them after only "a couple of interactions" when these are the same pathetic losers who ship people from different movies and tv shows who have and will NEVER even meet. all those racist motherfuckers can go straight to hell. buckysarah wins again lmaooooooooo! 😂😂😂
I saw that and it made my day. The antis can kiss my ass at this point.
Sarah and Bucky makes 1000x more sense than Bucky and Tony, Bucky and Zemo, Bucky and PETER (that truly grosses me out like wtf), Bucky and Clint, etc. They can go cry about it at this point cuz we don't wanna hear it.
And they can stop using their flirting to justify Sambucky. Sam is protective over his sister, not jealous; THAT'S why it would bug him to see Bucky flirting with her. They need to stop jumping through hoops like a big cat in a circus. We know they're clowns for thinking this way, but come on🤡
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wakandacoconutoil · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
"It makes its way back..."
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gaily-daily · 37 minutes ago
Winterbaron Meta
Look, I'm giant slut for hero/villain ships but the more I think about Winterbaron the more convinced I am that they are PERFECT for each other!
Bucky needs someone to see both the bad and good sides of himself and accept all of him. I LOVE Steve and Sam, but their response to Bucky's darkness is "That isn't who you are." Wrong. That is who Bucky USED to be. He used to be this adorable, wholesome man who believed in others and his friends. Bucky is different now. He has fundamentally changed. Zemo looks at him and understands it doesn't have to be a bad thing to have a bit of darkness inside you.
Don't get me wrong, people like Sam and Steve ARE good for Bucky. I believe that. But to be with them romantically is something I don't think this version of Bucky would be able to let himself do. He would never be fully comfortable in a relationship with someone that he deems to be too pure or too good for him. He believes himself to be tainted, and by proximity he would be staining anyone that got too close in that way. Zemo is just as tainted as he is. Bucky doesn't have to worry.
And Zemo? Zemo who broke his code, his set of morals for one super soldier? He sees this tortured man trying to be better. It gives him hope. That if Bucky can survive decades of the shit HYDRA put him threw, decades of loss, and still come out a halfway decent person, then perhaps Zemo can be come out the other side too. Plus, he needs someone who can simultaneously put up with his bullshit but also fall back and give control.
They are both broken. They are not searching for people to fix them. Merely understand their trauma, and accept them anyway.
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