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#bucky barnes drabble
bucky-bucket-barnes · 17 hours ago
hello!! I would love your take on bucky with his pregnant wife/gf being an stressed out mess because she is also stressing out and it's just a big stressing situation idk. I love me some domestic/father-to-be buck. it could be angst, fluff, humour, whatever really!
Small Bump
Summary: Bucky has fought literal armies, survived multiple murder attempts, and still nothing worries him like his pregnant wife.
Pairings: bucky barnes x pregnant!reader
Warnings: tooth rotting fluff and pregnancy
Word Count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“I can get it,” you explained to Bucky, already feeling frustration rising in your chest.
“I know. Now sit down so I can do it for you instead.”
You shot your husband a tired gaze, sighing before turning around to face him. Bucky had always been the protective type to say the least, but with baby Barnes on the way, he was damn near obsessive.
“Am I in trouble?”
“I can get the damn cup.”
Ever since you hit the seven month mark, he had been doing this, wanting to do everything for you. At first, it was sweet, but soon you felt like you were going stir crazy. You want the remote? I can get it. I know it’s closer to you, I just want to help. Do you need some water? That’s all the way downstairs, I’ll get it instead. What do you mean you don’t need help to the bathroom? What if you fall? I am not being overbearing, I’m being careful.
He threw his hands back up in a defensive stance. “I just think I can help-”
Before he could finish his sentence, you were already on your tiptoes, reaching for a cup on the top shelf. Just as your fingertips began to grasp at the plastic, from behind your husband lifted you off your feet, picking you up before setting you down away from the cabinet.
You pouted as Bucky got the cup you had just been reaching for. With a bright smile, he handed you the small plastic dish before saying, “See? Wasn’t that easier?”
“I’m not thirsty anymore,” you grumbled before walking towards the nursery.
The smile quickly fell from his face as he trailed behind like a lost puppy, wondering where you were going.
“Doll, is something wrong?” He asked as he walked up the stairs behind you, hand on the small of your back to help guide you.
“You sure?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m just tired.”
“I can get you-”
“No!” you interjected. You reached the door to the nursery and shook your head profusely. His help was nice, but it could be overwhelming at times. You knew it came from a good place and this was the only way he knew how to help, but you could feel your patience slipping by the minute. Today your temper was extra short.
His bright blue eyes widened, taken back by your sudden volume. He carried the expression of a scolded child before he slowly nodded his head and whispered a small sorry. As his puppy dog eyes beamed into yours sadly, you felt yourself cracking.
Rubbing your temples, you swallowed as you apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m just- there’s a lot happening right now. You’re just trying to help. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” he assured, seeing the tears brim at your eyes. Stupid hormones.
“Stop saying that,” you broke down, crying into your hands. “You’ve been trying to help this whole time and I’ve just been cranky and a mess and I’m agitated all the time and I don’t even know why.” The words came out of your mouth like a spilled glass of red wine. You’d managed to not be an emotional pregnant woman thus far, but something about today was just extra trying.
“Hey, hey,” Bucky comforted before wrapping his arms around you, allowing you to bury your face deep within the crook of his neck. “You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You’re going through a lot and you’re handling it so well.”
He pulled back to get a full view of your face, using his thumb to wipe at the tears as they ran down. As you sniffled, he knelt down on his knees to see the bump protruding from your shirt. “When you get here, you have to remind mama how great she’s doing. She loves you so much and she’s going through a lot so you can be happy and safe.”
Bucky looked up at you with a warm smile as he continued. “She’s the most wonderful woman dad’s ever met. You’re going to be just alright, kid.”
“You’re just saying that,” you sniffled, tears subsiding as a smile broke on your face.
He shook his head before pressing a light kiss on your bump and then standing to press a light kiss on your forehead. “I mean it, doll. Now, what do you want for dinner? If it’s okay, I’d like to cook.”
“Hmm, I don’t know.”
“Well, what did you have for breakfast and lunch?”
You gave it a moment's thought as you glanced at the nursery. You had been folding and putting away clothes in it all day, occasionally stopping to just admire the soft green color of the room. What did I eat today? It was so easy to lose track of time there, day dreaming about baby Barnes. Imagining Bucky holding them close to his chest as he hummed a soft tune.
“So, it’s a crazy story actually.”
“Y/N?” he asked, his tone more serious and expression more stoic.
“Am I in trouble?”
“Did you not eat today?”
“I forgot,” you shrugged, trying to play it off. Pregnancy brain was real. It didn’t just mean sometimes you’d misplace your keys in the fridge or forget your phone was in your hands. It also occasionally meant letting other more important things slip from your mind. Whoops.
His bright eyes immediately blew up with worry as he panicked, “You haven’t eaten all day?” He looked like he was about to pass out, scanning you up and down as if you were about to faint.
“Look on the brightside, at least it means I’m not an emotional pregnant lady. I’m just hungry,” you joked.
Bucky did not laugh. He did not find the situation funny at all.
“We’re getting food in you. Now,” he commanded softly, taking your hand to help guide you back down stairs.
“Bucky, I’m okay, you don’t have to fret so much.”
“I can’t believe my wife and child didn’t eat today and I didn’t notice,” he scolded himself.
You couldn’t help but giggle at your husband. “Hey, I’m supposed to be the crazy pregnant one.”
Leading you to the counter, he placed a cup of water in front of you before rummaging through the fridge frantically.
“You’re going to give me a heart attack, you know that?”
“Easy there, old man, you don’t want to run up your blood pressure,” you teased, sipping at your water.
“You, Missy, are in trouble. I’m fretful because it works,” he announced, placing ingredients for a sandwich on the counter before tossing you an apple. “Eat that while I finish. Where was I? Yes, I was talking about how my tendency to worry is the backbone of this household-”
“Do you need anything?” His head snapped up from the poorly constructed sandwich he was making.
“I love you. Don’t change,” you praised, leaning over the counter, to press a gentle kiss onto his forehead.
“I love you too. Please remember to eat,” he answered, returning your kiss with one of his own.
As you watched your husband hurriedly throw together a sandwich for you and your kid, you knew everything was going to be just alright.
A/N: Thank you for the suggestion anon! All likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated. I thought I’d give y’all some fluff before I start writing another angsty^™ piece again, as I’m still getting comments about When It All Falls Apart.
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 days ago
ooh ohh!! may you please write a blurb about Plum being a complete mommy's girl and Bucky loving Reader and Plum's connection, but also wishing he had that with Plum!! can be slightly angsty but mostly fluff plz 🥺
AWH I ALWAYS IMAGINED PLUM BEING A DADDY’S GIRL 🥺 Plum is aged up a bit in this
“I don’t think she likes me very much,” Bucky sulked silently. He was watching you rock her back and forth in her arms as she slept.
“What would make you say that?” You frown at his words, “You’re her dad. She adores you, Buck,”
“But she doesn’t let me hold her when she cries, she doesn’t want me to help her when she’s sick. Only you, she won’t let me read her her favorite story. What’s wrong with me?”
“Baby,” you move Plum into his arms and she murmurs softly in her sleep, cuddling right into him “There are just some things mama does better. Ever notice notice how she doesn’t let me cut her pancakes? Or let me brush her teeth? She only likes it when you’re the one singing and dancing with her to her favorite kidz bop cd,”
“I don’t know… I just expected her to be a papa’s girl,” Bucky kisses the forehead of his gorgeous daughter, “I just don’t like it when she cries because of me,”
“She’s a mama and papa’s girl, Buck,” you run your hand over his head, “She cries because she’s an emotional character but we both handle it well. She loves you no matter what,”
Bucky wanted to believe your words but he’s seen how Plum is with you and he just feels it’s not like that with him. He’s glad you and her are the way that you two are, he just feels like he’s missing out sometimes.
“I feel like I’m a terrible dad somehow,” he huffed, not wanting tears to come to his eyes. Bucky always wanted to make sure he was the best dad he could be and he wasn’t feeling that, “I’ll be better. I just gotta find out what I’m doing wrong”
He was truly convinced something was wrong with his parenting, when he doesn’t realize your daughter adores him to the ends of the universe and back.
“She’s another you,” Bucky stared down at Plum and adores the way her brown cheeks shine and the way her mouth slightly hangs open as she sleeps, “I want to be the best dad I can for her. M-maybe she doesn’t have a strong connection with me because I-I don’t look like her,”
“Oh please,” you whisper yell and slap his shoulder, “You think she cares about that? She doesn’t know either. She knows you’re her dad! And nothing is gonna change that. I just happened to be the one carrying her for a good nine months so the connection is internal. My body created housed a soul. Connections are always different between parents,”
You miss his cheeks and you can tell your words mean something to him and helps relieve his stress for a minute.
“Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Doesn’t mean she’s not a papa’s girl. She’s our baby Bucky she’s gonna act different for each of us. That’s just the facts,”
“You’re right,” he kissed Plum’s head one more time and looks at you. He’s so blessed to have you two.
“But watch, I’m gonna win her heart fully and she’s gonna be team dad!,”
“One thing you need to realize is you already won her heart, baby”
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Hello World - Bucky Barnes x Reader
a/n: aww, you guys were so ready for Baby Barnes to make an appearance... here she/he is! i loved this. if you want the baby series to continue and want to see Bucky as a dad, shoot me over some ideas in my ask! :)
Bucky Barnes Masterlist Main Masterlist
tagging: @fandomxreaders, @bloodyproudpotterhead, @l0st-in-reality , @nervousbiscuitzonkslime
** if you want to be added to my tag list, please let me know! if you want to be removed, also let me know! **
Tumblr media
It was as though time stood still that night. Your life seemingly moved in slow motion when you awoke and felt the throbbing pain developing in your lower back. You were more than used to backaches, but something about this pain made you struggle to get your bearings. You were due in a week, so you wouldn't be too shocked if this child decided to make their appearance early.
Pushing a breath from between your tightly thinned lips, you gazed over to see Bucky in a peaceful slumber, not having a single idea of what was going on. You decided not to bother him. Maybe it was just Braxton hicks, you had been having them for the longest time. You remembered all of the online articles you read plus the advice Sarah had given you as time inched closer.
“If your contractions are five minutes apart, lasting one minute for one hour or longer.”
So you tried to lie back down, now extremely uncomfortable since you were awoken from an almost peaceful state. Pregnancy had caused you to not receive the hours you were used to, as you would always either be up in the middle of the night, or you just weren’t comfortable.
You cast your eyes over to the corner of the room, noting that the hospital bags were packed and ready to go if this was it. They had been so for the last month now. Stroking a hand across your swollen belly, part of you was excited, yet the other part remained scared. This was an entirely new field for you and Bucky. You had talked about it for months ever since you saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test. You dreamt of what the baby looked like, whether they were Bucky’s absolute twin or at least favored you some.
Moving the covers off of you, you quietly rolled out of bed and stood upright, but soon that dull ache made itself known again in your lower back, this time a bit sharper than before. It caused you to let out a groan of discomfort to which you felt the bed move instantly.
“Doll?” Bucky’s sleepy voice called your name. He rubbed his eyes with his hand, propping himself up on his metal arm. Glancing at you, his eyes widened instantaneously when he saw you doubled over the side of the bed, grimacing. Rushing out from under the blankets, he appeared behind you within seconds, his hands on your back. “What’s wrong?” He questioned.
You sucked a breath in, trying to breathe. “I-I’m fine,” You whispered. It had been about eight minutes already since your last one, so maybe this wasn’t it. “I think they’re just stronger Braxton hicks?” You quietly muttered, feeling as Bucky’s hand rubbed your lower back soothingly. You stood up and wrapped your arms around your fiancé, holding him close to you as you absentmindedly began to sway your hips back and forth.
“Could you run me some water?” You asked him in a hushed voice.
“Of course, love.” Bucky quickly said, kissing your forehead. He stumbled, still practically half-asleep, out from the bedroom and into the connected bathroom. You heard the water start to run, the scent of essential oils filling your airways, releasing waves of calm over you. You pushed yourself into the bathroom and began lazily taking off your clothes, your massive belly protruding. Bucky smiled warmly at you, rubbing his hand across it.
“Want me to join you?” He asked you gently, grasping your bare shoulders.
“Mmhm,” You whined to which he quickly began removing his clothes. Once the water was entirely filled, Bucky held your hand as you stepped over the edge, slowly sinking into the water. He always ran the best baths for you.
Bucky found himself slipping in behind you. He placed his hands gently on your shoulders, carefully pulling you against him so your back rested against his chest. You smiled contently as he poured handfuls of water over your stomach and shoulders, earning a delighted moan from your lips.
But as he poured the third handful over you, the pain reappeared, only this time you felt the tension in your stomach. You felt as it waved from your lower back, all the way to your midsection, wrapping itself around you. You let out a pained groan, rushing to grasp Bucky’s hands. You intertwined them in his, squeezing for dear life.
“Doll, are you sure this isn’t it?” He asked. You thought back to the previous two, noting that this one came a bit closer than the last. Which made you absentmindedly think that maybe it would be wise to head to the hospital.
“It might be,” You whined, pushing yourself off of Bucky so you could lean over the tub. He put his hands against your back and rubbed, making you grumble under your breath as it finally passed. Relaxing back onto Bucky’s chest, you exhaled deeply. “That one hurt a bit, not gonna lie,” You hissed.
You two remained in the tub for about twenty more minutes and you had three waves of pain, each progressing just a little more. Bucky helped you out and grabbed you a pair of clothes. You two decided to make the move to the hospital and that’s when your nerves began to develop. You hissed as you two exited from your home, another pain racking your body, which made you stop on the doorstep. Bucky finished loading everything into the car before he walked back over and grasped your hand, leading you to the passenger’s side.
The drive to the hospital was filled with your constant moans of pain as each one made its course through your body. You quickly sent a text over to some of your family members, knowing they would see it once they woke up. You knew this baby wasn’t coming for a good while, even though right now, the pain said otherwise.
When you reached the hospital and were settled into a room, you discovered you were already three centimeters, the doctor suggesting you would have a baby that afternoon.
“Are you opting for an epidural, Ms. Y/L/N?” The doctor asked you to which you shook your head no, Bucky’s eyes suddenly widening.
“Doll, I thought you wanted,” - You shook your head again, raising your hand.
“No, I want to try and do this naturally.” You smiled softly as another contraction made its way, causing you to cry out in pain and reach for Bucky who grabbed you immediately. You tangled your arms around his neck as he kissed your cheek tenderly. A tear couldn’t help but form in your eye as you inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly as you were instructed, Bucky trying his best to keep up with you. He wanted to be calming, he wanted to show you that he was your partner in this. He was trying to be the best father he could be before this baby made its appearance.
“Just think, doll,” Bucky whispered into your ear as you two stood in your room, swaying back and forth. He clasped his hand in yours and it looked as though you were slow dancing to something from the forties, which made you giggle against his shoulder. “We’re meeting our little boy or girl here soon.” He said as he kissed your forehead sweetly.
You smiled. “I know… I’m so nervous.” You mumbled.
“I am too,” Bucky admitted. As you were about to add to the conversation, another contraction hit you, this one a lot worse than the rest. You let out a cry and snatched your hands out of Bucky’s, only to toss them around his neck, holding him tight.
“I know, doll, I know,” Bucky coaxed, moving to push circles against your back. You whined desperately against him, the waves of pain making your vision go blurry as they continued to intensify.
Cut to about three hours later, you were nestled inside of the tub, warm water streaming across you. Bucky was on his knees in front of you, rubbing your arms soothingly as you bellowed through each contraction, whimpering towards the end.
“We’re never having sex again,” You moaned loudly, making the nurse who was in the room snicker. “I’m serious, Bucky!” You cried. “If you dare bring that thing around me, I’m cutting it off!”
Bucky clenched at your word choice, smiling gently as he rubbed your arms.
“You are officially at ten… I’ll be right back,” The nurse said. You looked up at Bucky, fear striking you.
“Oh my God,” You gasped. “This… This is really about to happen? You cried, another pain forcing itself onto you. You felt the immense pressure beginning to build which made you practically scream, clasping onto Bucky.
“I, I need you,” You moaned loudly, hands gripping him. Bucky simply obeyed and removed his shirt. He slipped into the tub and spread his legs, letting your back lay in between them. Moments later the doctor and nurse reappeared.
The pressure was building to a point you could barely stand and that’s when your body already started taking control, your cries erupting in the room. Bucky’s heart was shattering at the sounds you made. He only wanted to take it all away from you.
“Alright, on your next contraction, I just need you to take a deep breath and hold for ten, okay?” You quickly nodded, nearly about to strangle yourself from the pain.
You felt another contraction on the heels of the previous one. Bucky helped you to pull your legs back, his voice at your ear the entire time. You closed out entirely what the doctor was saying, your attention on the person behind you. Your safe haven.
You bore down, a scream eliciting from your throat as you pushed, Bucky coaxing you.
“Come on, doll, you got this, good girl,” He praised you as your breath left your lungs. You immediately went back, gripping into Bucky’s thighs as you cried harder, sweat already beginning to form around your head.
The burning sensation began which made you feel dizzy, groans emerging left and right from your mouth. “Y/N, you’re crowning, so just breathe. Don’t push.” The doctor looked at you. The pressure was building, you desperately wanted to.
“Oh my God,” You moaned. “I really need to,” Bucky rubbed your legs gently.
“Don’t,” He commanded you. “Just breathe, doll. I’m right here.” He promised you.
You felt a pop, the baby’s head fully out, the nurse smiling. “Baby’s got a head full of dark hair,” She smiled and tears fell from your eyes, already knowing this child was going to look just like Bucky.
Another contraction came and you pushed as hard as you could, Bucky counting to ten for you. You released your breath and you could already hear the excitement in his voice.
“Oh, doll, I’m so proud of you!” He smiled widely, his voice cracking slightly.
Your head flopped against Bucky’s shoulder.
“One more and you’ve got a baby,” The doctor grinned at you both.
“I… I can’t,” You mumbled, your every ounce of strength failing you. You felt like you couldn’t do it.
Bucky kissed your temple.
“Yes, you can, doll. Just one more push, okay?” He kissed you again.
You inhaled deeply and pushed one final time, relief washing over you as you felt the baby exit from you. You nearly screamed and saw as the child was lifted out of the water and placed directly onto your chest. Bucky released your legs and placed his hands on top of yours, both of you beginning to cry.
“Hello, lovely, oh my gosh,” You mumbled, running your hand across their sweet face. The nurse was quick to clamp the cord and handed Bucky the scissors. He cut it gently and you smiled, crying harder.
“Oh my, what are you?” You cried, looking. The doctor glanced at the baby and smiled softly.
“It’s a boy,”
You cried harder, Bucky’s own sobs erupting once he heard the sex.
• • • •
You cuddled closer into Bucky who was lying next to you, your son cradled in his arms.
He was absolutely beautiful. His hair was dark and his eyes were pretty blue. He looked as though he was Bucky’s twin with a few features resembling yours such as your nose and lips. Everything else was a spitting image of his father.
“What are we going to name you, little dude?” Bucky laughed, his eyes drying up from the cries he did a little while ago. You looked up at him, the name coming to you. You both had mentioned it in conversation. Bucky desperately said that if the baby was a boy, he wanted to name him after his very best friend… He wanted nothing more than this child to have a piece of Steve with him wherever he went.
“You’re thinking of that one name… aren’t you?” Bucky questioned you, making you giggle and nod your head in exhaustion. Bucky glanced down at the sleeping baby who had his hand wrapped around Bucky’s index finger.
“Welcome to the world…” Bucky smiled, throwing his head back before he stared back down at the perfect baby. With a tear in his eye, he sniffled. “Grant Buchanan Barnes,”
The baby moved within Bucky’s grasp, his tiny hand tightening around Bucky’s finger which caused a cry to erupt from your fiancé.
Grant was already the absolute love of your lives. He only made your bond become stronger.
And he was named after an absolute hero.
Steven Grant Rogers, this is for you.
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jobean12-blog · 2 hours ago
What's it like to be in the arms of a very beefy Bucky? 😳
Fall Love
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 836
Summary: You and Bucky spend the evening on the porch swing during a thunderstorm...and there are apple cider donuts.
Author's Note: So I day dream about this, thank you for the ask lovely anon! It's really just a dream come true in every way and I hope I somewhat captured it here. ALSO, my beautiful friend Nix apparently reads my mind and sent me the GORGEOUS edit in the moodboard yesterday and I was like...well, that's perfect! Thank you so much @nix-akimbo Hope you all enjoy, thank you so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: sweet and soft fluff, soft and fluffy flufferSMUT (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Edit in the moodboard is NOT MINE: Credit goes to @nix-akimbo❤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you cold doll?”
“Not at all. I’m so cozy Buck, thank you.”
You curl tighter into his chest and nuzzle your cheek against his shoulder. He uses one leg to gently push off the wooden porch and rock the swing. The light rain pitter patters along the wet leaves and you can smell the damp earth even over the sweet aroma of the apple cider donuts.
“How many have you eaten so far?” you giggle, wiping some cinnamon and sugar from his bottom lip.
He grabs another donut from the plate sitting beside him and takes a big bite.
“This is number four,” he mumbles through the mouthful.
You take the remaining piece from his hand and eat half of it, humming in pleasure at the taste. Bucky finishes his bite and opens his mouth. You hold up the last pillowy piece and smirk.
“Boop,” you say as you hit him on the nose with it, sprinkling cinnamon and sugar all over his shirt and his face. “Oops.”
His tongue darts out to lick his lips but he misses most of the sugar. With a smile you kiss his nose then move down and across his cheek, kissing off all the sweetness. He quickly grabs another donut and smears the cinnamon and sugar across his mouth.
“You missed some,” he simpers.
You giggle and kiss the corner of his mouth then work your way along his lips until they are clean. He chases your lips when you part and you shift in his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck.
The flannel blanket slips down your shoulder and Bucky’s fingertips follow the same path, his feather light touch making your shiver. Your lips brush over his forehead and you comb your fingers through his soft hair.
The rain becomes heavy, the big drops hitting the edge of the porch as thunder rumbles across the sky. A bright flash of lightning illuminates the trees in the yard and you cling to Bucky a little tighter.
“Do you want to go inside baby doll?” he whispers against your lips.
You shake your head no, bumping his nose lightly before pressing a kiss to his cheek. He finds your lips in a soft kiss and you sigh, melting into his arms. His hands sneak under your shirt and he explores your soft skin with reverence. Even though his touch is delicate, you can feel his biceps flex as he holds you close and smooths his hands along your back.
“I want to feel your skin,” he murmurs, carefully lifting the hem of your shirt.
You bring your arms above your head and he pulls it off, draping it over the back of the swing. His fingers ghost over your pebbled skin and he brings his lips to your neck, softly kissing his way down. You arch your back and tug on his shirt until he takes it off.
His skin is warm as you graze your fingers along his chest and then press yourself against his skin, taking a deep breath when you bury your face in his neck. The wind continues to blow and the lightning glows through the dark outline of the trees followed by low rumbles of thunder.
Bucky shifts, lifting you higher onto his lap and traces the curves of your body with his hands. He rests his head against your chest, snuggling closer with soft kisses and deep breaths. Your fingernails gently scrape over his scalp and you hold him close.
His hands continue to wander over your skin, every movement deliberate as he pulls soft sighs from your parted lips. You tuck a piece of hair behind his ear, grasping the ends and pulling his mouth to yours.
“Make love to me Bucky.”
He gathers the blankets out of the way so that nothing lay between your bodies except the soft fabric of his pants and your silky underwear. He splays his metal hand at your back and draws your closer, the tickle of his beard making you gasp before his soft lips meet your skin.
You rock against him, whimpering when he frees himself and pushes your underwear to the side. You slowly sink down on every inch of him, stilling when you’re completely full and stretched.
“Baby doll,” he groans, soothing you with gentle kisses and quiet praise.
Even when you begin to move he continues worshipping you, the slow build making your thighs burn as your stomach starts to tighten.
You tremble in his arms, falling apart with his name a chant on your lips. He follows, his moans muffled by your breasts as you cling to each other.
The rain eases and soon all that’s left is the drip drop of water falling from the drooping leaves and the distant roll of thunder. A light mist hangs in the air and the breeze is chilly but you’re warm and safe in Bucky’s arms, the gentle sound of his heart steady against your ear.
“I love you baby girl.”
Tumblr media
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buckyblues · 5 months ago
Imagine Bucky having a staring contest with a baby or a baby being enthralled by his metallic fingers or playing with his dog tags 🌚
this is so cute... what the actual hell. not to be over dramatic, but i need to have bucky’s kids right now.
warnings; fluff, bucky with a baby, dilf bucky, this is so cute i sobbed.
Tumblr media
“I’ll get it,” you groaned as your baby’s cries rung through the monitor.
“No, no,” Bucky softly pushed you back onto the mattress. “I can handle this.”
It had to be sometime around three in the morning. Everything in the room was still dark, and you had almost gotten two uninterrupted hours of sleep.
“She’s so rowdy,” you looked to your husband as the monitor started going off again.
“I bet she gets it from you.”
Bucky slid out from bed in only his sweatpants and dog tags, messy hair and muscular back on display. “Starin’ is rude, babe,” he yawns.
He heads into the nursery. It’s constellation-themed, and he can still remember the joy he felt picking out decorations at the store when your daughter was on the way.
“How are you, little one?” Bucky leans over the basinet.
She lets out another wail, much to Bucky’s displeasure.
“None of that, bubs,” he whispers. “I’m here.”
He picks her up, cradling her in his arms. Her tiny hands reach for his vibranium fingers.
“You think that’s cool?” His arm whirs as he rocks her.
She giggles a little, it’s one of the few sounds she makes, and Bucky absolutely adores it.
Bucky gives her a kiss on the forehead. “I can’t believe you woke me up at this hour.”
It almost looks like she’s pouting, even though he doubts she can understand what he’s saying. She grabs at his dog tags, enamored by the jingling noise that they make.
She’s so delicate, Bucky thinks. He wants to do everything in the world to protect her. He never wants her to have a sleepless night. Ever since he first heard her heartbeat, he’s been completely dedicated to her.
“You got her to stop crying,” Bucky hears you laugh from the doorway of the nursery.
“Why are you awake, doll?” He asks.
Bucky is perfect — standing there, your daughter nestled in his arms. It’s the little things he does that make you fall more in love with him.
“Just wanted to see my two favorite people.”
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bucksfucks · 4 months ago
 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙙 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃when your car breaks down on the side of the road and your dad can’t come rescue you, he sends the next best thing. 
pairing┃dadsbestfriend!bucky x f!reader 
word count┃ 2,434 words
warnings┃significant age gap [reader in 20′s, bucky in late 30′s], car sex, semi-public sex, unprotected sex, drunk sex, alcohol consumption, sloppy sex, bucky teases you a lot, thigh riding, pet-names, fingering, finger sucking, size kink, metal arm kink, praise kink, slight edging, bucky finishing in you, talk of masturbation [in passing] — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃if i see you plagiarize my work i will personally steal all of your left shoes and right socks
Tumblr media
   “I don’t know, the engine made a sound and now it won’t start.” You groaned into your phone, your dad sighing on the other end of the line as you leaned your head against your seat. 
    “Can you get it into a mechanic?” He asked as you rolled your eyes, “considering it won’t start, I don’t think so.” 
     You were just outside of town, almost making it home before your piece of shit car decided to crap out on you and die. 
    “I’m stuck in the office until seven, but I’ll get Bucky to pick you up, okay?” Your dad said, shuffling on the other end of the line as your heart dropped into your stomach at the sound of his name. 
    “Bucky?” Your throat was suddenly dry, heart hammering as you could hear it’s reverberation in your ears like the sound of waves in a shell. 
    “He’s good with cars too, might even be able to bring your car back to life long enough to get it into a mechanic.” Your dad’s voice was calm and collected, unlike the way your breathing was. 
    “Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s really nice of him.” You tried to act normal, like nothing was wrong. 
     Like Bucky hadn’t fucked you the bathroom of some gross college bar during your last year just a months ago. 
     You hadn’t seem him since. Last you heard, he had set off on a solo trip to California as he kissed you on the cheek at the end of the night.
   With his cum staining your thighs.
   And the scent of him on your shirt as you watched him walk out of the bar.
   Now he was going to come and rescue you from the side of the some dirt road.
   “You there, sweetie?” Your dads voice brings you back to reality as you shake your head, “yeah, yeah, sorry. The reception’s spotty,” you lie right through your teeth. 
   “Hang in there, sweetie, okay? Bucky shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes.” Oh good, at least you’ll have time to prepare yourself for the moment you’d see him again. 
   “Okay, thanks dad. I’ll see you soon then.” You both say your goodbyes before the line goes dead and you’re left staring at the nearly desolate road as the occasional car or semi roars by. 
    It’s getting late but thankfully it’s the dead of summer which means that it would be impossible to get cold, even with the sun down. 
    No matter how hard you tried not to think about Bucky, the memories of that night came flooding back with each gust of warm air. 
    The way his fingers danced up your shirt as he pressed you against the dingy bathroom wall. 
    The way he bent the bathroom door handle at an angle that would lock the two of you in there for some privacy—the sparks of gold and shining black flashing through your mind. 
    The way he found all your sweet spots and the way he would call you Kid to egg you on as you took shots with him until you were dizzy. 
    And the way he made you cum harder than ever before until you had no more breath left in your lungs. 
    You had to shake yourself free of those thoughts, the familiar burn forming between your legs as you decided to pop your hood to see if you could magically figure out what had gone wrong. 
    It all looked so foreign, like a different language as you stared at the various car parts—the only thing you recognized was where you re-filled your windshield fluid. 
    A rumbling engine caused you to peek your head around the hood of your car to watch that familiar Impala pulling up right behind your car. 
    Your heart kicked in your chest, throat going dry as your hands were suddenly clammy watching him step out of the car. 
    Dressed in all black, Bucky shut the door of his car as he took his sunglasses off and tucked them in the front of his shirt. 
   “I gotta say,” his voice is so much deeper than you remembered, “this isn’t how I thought we’d be meetin’ again.” 
    He smirks, coming to stand beside you to look under the hood, “if it makes you feel better, neither did I.” 
    Your words make him chuckle as he turns his body to face you, arms over his thick chest and the early evening sun bouncing off of the prosthetic. 
    The same fingers that were knuckle deep inside of you, coaxing sweet, sweet moans as you fell over the edge more times than you can count. 
   “Your car battery is dead,” he says, after a quick inspection—arms propping himself on the hood as he uses the shiny metallic hand to point at the battery, “it looks like it’s been leakin’ for a while. How old is the battery?” 
    His question strikes you and suddenly you feel embarrassed and useless, “I don’t know.” 
    He shifts again, tucking his finger under your chin so you look up at him. His eyes are soft and you find yourself lost in them. 
   “It’s okay, Kid, was just askin’. Unfortunately I don’t have any cables, even if I did, it looks pretty lifeless.” He explains, finger dropping from under your chin and you want to whimper. 
    You nod your head, “thanks, Buck.” 
    You don’t even register that you call him that, “uh, sorry. I mean, Mr. Barnes.” 
    Now that makes him laugh, holler even as he runs his tongue over his bottom lip. 
   “Please don’t call me Mr. Barnes, Sugar.” He says, the familiar pet-name doing nothing to alleviate the ache between your thighs. 
   “Why not?” You ask, genuinely curious as he takes a step towards you. 
    You’d also forgotten how much bigger Bucky was, in more than one way. He towered over you, remembering how he easily had you lifted and pinned against the wall as fuck fucked into you. 
   “'Cause,” he smirks, “I’ve heard you moan my name and I don’t wanna hear it any other way.” 
    Your breath gets caught in your throat, a gasp replacing it as you feel the familiar prick of goosebumps over your skin. 
   “C’mon, I’ll give you a ride home.” He adds nonchalantly as you were still repeating his words in your mind. 
    He looks at you for a moment longer before brushing past you, “it’s gettin’ dark.” 
    You managed to unfreeze, legs moving from under you as you grabbed your duffle bag and whatever other miscellaneous objects from your car before tossing them in the back of Bucky’s car. 
   “Nice car,” you comment as you slide into the worn leather seats. Bucky smirks, turning the engine over as it roars to life. 
   “Thanks, Kid.” There it was again, the same taunt he used as you both downed a shot of tequila. 
   “Don’t call me that, I’m not a kid,” you weren’t mad, the slight smirk on your face was telling enough as Bucky put the car into neutral. 
    He leaned back, thick thighs spread as he put his arm over the back of the seats, “I jus’ missed that pout of yours, Sugar.” 
    You didn’t even realize you were pouting until Bucky pointed it out, dark eyes watching you as you relaxed into the seat. 
   “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about this on the drive home to my father’s house.” You mumble, trying to contain the faint smile on your lips as Bucky leans into you. 
   “I don’t think havin’ my cock buried deep inside of you was very appropriate either, but you didn’t seem to mind,” he purrs, fingers falling onto the back of your neck. 
    A shudder travels down your spine when you feel his hand tighten around the base of your neck. 
   “Haven’t stopped thinkin’ ‘bout you, Sugar, you know that?” His voice drops an octave as the rumbling of the car’s engine make your pussy jump. 
   “You haven’t?” You whisper out, moving closer to him as he turns his body towards you. 
   “Havin’ my hand wrapped ‘round my own cock just doesn’t feel as nice as your tight pussy.” He hums, feeling his dick jumping in his pants. 
   “Haven’t stopped thinkin’ of your sweet moans, or the way your mouth felt ‘round my cock,” his smirk is darker now, cock growing in his jeans as you let out a soft moan.
   “Bucky, we-we,” you can’t even find the words, “this is so wrong.” 
    He hums, thumb tracing over your bottom lip, “then why does it feel so fuckin’ good?” He growls, tugging you into his lap as you let him, giving into the way his warm body feels against you. 
    You can feel him under you, his fingers instinctively digging into your hips as yours go to his broad shoulders so you can steady yourself. 
   “Tell me you haven’t thought of me,” he smirks, “that you haven’t touched that tight cunt of yours wishing it was my fingers or cock.” 
    You gasp, wetness pooling in your panties as you let out a whine, “Bucky.” 
   “Mmm, that’s what I thought, Sugar. My poor girl,” he hums, slowly rocking your hips over his with more fervour. 
   “Did I ruin men for you? Is that what this is ‘bout?” He taunts, holding your face in between his fingers as you’re forced to look at him. 
    You can see the lines in his forehead, pupils blown with lust as you’re able to pick out the grey hairs littered between the dark brunet ones. 
   “Your cock sure as hell did,” you pant, tangling your fingers in his hair and pressing your lips over his as he lets out a low grunt. 
    The kiss is messy, and you revel in the familiar taste of coffee and spearmint as your tongue glides against his along with the occasional bump of your teeth against his. 
   “You better start thinkin’ of excuses as to why you’re late ‘cause I’m about to fuck you,” he snarls, lips trailing down your neck as he sinks them into your sensitive skin. 
    “Grind yourself over my thigh, Sugar. Get yourself nice ‘n ready.” He smirks, hands already up the shirt you were wearing playing with your breasts. 
    Who are you to deny yourself the pleasure of riding Bucky’s thigh, the fabric of your jeans against your pussy mixed with the hard muscle causes a sweet friction that makes you mewl. 
   “Missed that sound, baby. Missed the way you felt, the way you tasted,” his lips are over yours, “but most of all, missed the way my cock fit perfectly ‘side you.” 
    Bucky had a way with words, knowing exactly how to make you come apart and that is what made him absolutely lethal. 
    He was like a wave that you rode, getting you high and wet and then slipping right through your fingers. 
    “Lie down,” he grunts, “on the seat.” It’s a messy and incredibly tight fit, but the couch-like seat allowed you get your back flat as Bucky shuffled in between your legs. 
    With some struggle, Bucky managed to get your pants down past your ass, your fingers quickly undoing his belt as you freed his cock. 
   “Fuck,” you gasped as he smirked, “what? Forgot how big I was?” He purrs, cradling your face, “it fit last time, it’ll fit today.” 
    You wanna chide back, think of a smart, witty remark, but your mind goes blank with lust and need. 
   “Not so fast, Sugar,” he cooes, “gotta warm you up first.” The fucking tease. 
    You whimper when you feel his fingers at your entrance, cock heavy against your hip as he slides a single finger in. It’s not enough, not by a long-shot as your walls warm up the cool metal. 
   “Bucky, please c’mon,” you whine, bucking your hips into his hand. It does nothing but make him chuckle.
   “You know I love hearin’ you beg, that’ll jus’ slow me down,” you nearly throw a fit, as he slowly curls the single finger deep inside of you. 
    He’s relentless, finally adding a second finger and hooking them against your g-spot. It causes your toes to curl and the heat to grow in your belly—but he never gives you the satisfaction. 
    Instead, he pulls them out, tapping them against your lips, “clean ‘em.” 
    A shudder rolls over your body, lips parting to take the heavy digits in your mouth as you maintain eye contact with Bucky. 
    You’ve always wondered if he can feel those fingers, but the groan he gives you answers your question. 
   “Good girl, missed that ‘bout you,” he praises, running his cock through your folds as you squeak out a gasp at the sudden pressure against your clit. 
    There’s not warning as he slides in, slow and long as he holds himself up on his forearms; warm breath fanning across your face. 
   “Feel so fuckin’ good,” his eyes flutter closed as he bottoms out, nostrils flaring when he takes a deep breath trying to control himself. 
    It’s unfair, the way he knows you’re body. 
    There’s no taking his time, you’re parked on the side of the road with Bucky balls deep inside of you. He’s fucking you and he’s fucking you good. 
    The car shakes, suspension squeaking as he thrusts into you; the strokes much deeper from the confined space. 
   “You have no idea how good you feel, Sugar,” he grunts, pelvis bumping your clit as you throw your head back deeper into the seats. 
    Everything around you smells like leather, sex, and Bucky. 
    Your abdomen tightens as your toes curl and—“that’s it, gonna cum for me, make a fuckin’ mess.” 
    There’s nothing you can do to hold back your orgasm. It hits you like the truck that speeds past the parked car and you let out a choked gasp of Bucky’s name. 
     You’re both panting, everything is a mess and you’re wondering just how you’ll have to act as if Bucky’s cum isn’t leaking into the panties you’re wearing. 
      “I haven’t come that hard since,” he chuckles, “well since that night at the bar.” 
     You can do nothing but smile, butterflies in your tummy as he helps you sit up, both of you awkwardly wiggling back into your jeans. 
     It’s silent, but not uncomfortable as Bucky pushes down on the brake and shifts into drive. The moves forward a few metres before there’s a powering down sound and the engine splutters. 
    “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” you laugh, turning to face Bucky who can’t stop laughing. 
    “Well it looks like we’re both stranded now,” he winks, pulling you into the slightly larger backseat, “might as well find a way to kill the time.” 
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nsfwsebbie · 4 months ago
baby, but you.
summary. | He hopes you can feel it, because nobody else can heal it but you. Baby, but you.
warnings. | smut, hate fucking (ish), enemies to lover, slight angst, birthdays, degradation, praise, spitting, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, rough sex, yearning, crushing, riding, couch sex, breeding, possessiveness, and more. 18+ MINORS DNI AND DO NOT REPOST MY STORIES.
word count. | 3.6k
pairings. | Bucky Barnes x Reader.
a/n. | happy birthday @asadmarveltrashbag ilysm!!! thank you so much for being there for me since like day one, for being such a good role model and for just being amazing. thank you so much for listening to me rant and giving me advice, i’m so grateful for you. i hope your birthday is amazing today, i love you so much!! don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (and i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He stands afar from you. A cold, calculated stare that you’re almost tempted to challenge with your killer one. There are only about two and a half meters of space separating you two, and even that’s not enough. You’re like a cat and a dog, constantly fighting about God knows what. Sometimes it’s the stupidest of things; other times, it’s the most reasonable. Either he has the television on too loud, or you come home too late. The other neighbours… Well, frankly, they don’t live here anymore.
It’s because they can’t handle his screaming when he has nightmares. You scoffed when you first heard it from your landlord, finding it absolutely insane that nobody is used to the sounds of a nightmare. As if they’re any better. You handle it like a champion, simply just putting on earbuds and your favourite songs at the lowest volume until you fall asleep. You almost feel bad for him when you see him with deep bags under his eyes.
But one short, snarky remark from him has the sympathy in you draining. Almost like the way his hands are the palest colour ever, and his skin doesn’t have the redness it should have. Almost as if the colours on a painting have been scraped off. You shouldn’t be noticing these things, really, but you just can’t help it. He’s almost a shell of the man he once was, at least in his words, but you believe that with some care (not from your hands, ew), he’ll be back to normal.
He shouldn’t notice the way you sigh every time you get home. The way you drag yourself through the carpeted hallway, out from the metal box that Bucky doesn’t trust. He doesn’t charge anything that has to do with heights, so that’s why he’s settled for the second floor. The drop in his stomach brings back so many memories that he can’t bear to remember.
Sometimes, he picks up the rumble of your stomach that he knows you’re embarrassed about, only because when it happens, you become the most fearful sailor to ever cross the shore. You always arrive right before Bucky falls asleep, leaving him at peace. ...No, no, no. It’s not like that. He totally doesn’t wait up until you come home safely before he can actually fall asleep so he can have a sense of calm. No, that’s absurd. Another absurd thing is the ungodly hour that you arrive home.
“Listen, you’re the one who bumped into me, okay? Let’s just leave it at that,” you huff, swinging your keychain between your fingers. Your digits are so soft, only ever coarse when you touch the skin between them. His hands, however, are almost the opposite. They’re rough and dry, but the crevices are a bit damp with sweat from pure nervousness. “No, no, you bumped into me, and we’re going to leave it at that, okay? Okay,” he nods, even though he’s talking to you.
“No, you bumped into me, and that’s that. Goodbye, Mr. Barnes,” you finish, throwing your bag over your shoulder and stomping down the hallways. You don’t look back once, simply just strutting your way to that darned elevator that you loathe. Suddenly, a hand wraps around your arm and turns you around. “I didn’t say you could go; we’re not done until I say we’re done,” he growls, gripping your arm tight enough to have you whimpering.
“No, fuck you. I’m tired of constantly listening to you bitch and moan about things that aren’t even my fault. God, it’s like you’re twenty fucking years old with no maturity, it’s fucking pathetic,” you spit, trying to yank your arm away. But compared to a supersoldier, your strength is equal to a cool spring breeze hitting a concrete building—basically nothing. Bucky’s chest heaves, and for a moment, you’re scared.
But even though he has a temper, he could never hurt you. He’s not the Winter Soldier; you’re sure of it.
His jaw clenches, and you stare at him intensely. Work is long forgotten, just like the fact that today is your birthday. That nervous, jittery feeling that would pool in the pits of your soul isn’t there. You wonder if it’s because you’re all grown up now, or maybe it’s because you’ve been so busy that your birthday seems like any other day in your eyes. Your eyes fall to his lips, almost on instinct. They’re pink and plump, slightly damp from the wetness on his tongue.
He gently pushes you inside his home, and you stumble back in shock. “I have to go to work–” you start, but he cuts you off. “I don’t give a shit. I need to teach you a lesson,” he snaps, pulling off his leather jacket. It has blue hues to it, sometimes grey if shone under the correct lighting. It’s overall black, suiting that dark soul of his that some people claim he has. You keep your mouth shut, clutching onto the strap of your backpack that rests on your right shoulder.
Suddenly, that fiery haze of yours has faded out, and you just watch him dumbfounded. Your jaw is slightly slack, but your eyes aren’t bulging out. Bucky pulls off the unusual leather gloves that always seemed to be a little too big on him. The space between his fingers and the cloth is always too much, and you even contemplated ‘accidentally’ giving him a new, better-fitting pair.
They flop onto the floor with an almost laughable sound, but you know you shouldn’t even dare to crack a smile. “Always going on and on about something. You just need to be shut up for once, don’t you?” Bucky questions, snapping his head towards you. “N- No…” you whisper, looking down to the ground. Suddenly, you prefer looking at wood floors to handsome men such as Bucky.
“Oh… Right, I forgot. You don’t know what’s good for you, that’s why you go to work and come home so late in the night. Bet you don’t have any time to fuck around with those pathetic twenty-year-old douchebags. That’s why you touch that little pussy of yours before you head to work, right?” he questions, and you gulp thickly.
Did he really hear it all?
“Please, I heard the way you finger fuck yourself in the shower all the way here. You really need to learn how to properly lock your door. You’re lucky those old ladies were here when I heard you, or else I would’ve come all the way over there and taught you a real good lesson,” he snaps, and you genuinely feel like doubting every little thing you do. “And you know what’s so funny, doll? I even hear the way you moan my name when you’re about to come,” he whispers, standing so close to you, and you wonder how he even managed to get here.
Your faces are inches away, His warm breath fans against your skin, and Bucky can feel the nervousness seeping through your pores. “Need a refresher? Or are you just going to stay quiet?” he questions, raising his eyebrows. He has a stupid smile on his face, and you’re not sure whether you want to kiss him or slap him. Both seem very appealing, but God, that devil on your shoulder always did have a loud voice.
Your bag joins his gloves on the floor, and you tilt your head upwards to kiss him. Your lips slowly slot against his, the taste of stale coffee immediately fills your mouth as Bucky shoves his tongue past your lips. He cups the side on your face, and your hands remain bent in the air. You don’t know what to do with yourself, so you place them on his shoulders, hoping for the best. He tenses up for a bit, and you start to pull away.
He doesn’t let you go too far. His hands keep you near him, and he stares into your eyes. Blue, blown-out orbs give Bucky an even darker look, and you’re practically sailing the same ship. “Don’t… Don’t go,” he whispers, leaning his forehead against yours. “I won’t, but-” you begin, but he cuts you off with an open-mouthed kiss. It’s so rough, so passionate. Teeth and tongues clash at each other, and you whimper against him as his hands move from your face.
They run down your body before gripping your hips and pulling you closer to him. His front presses against yours, and you can feel his defined muscles through that black t-shirt of his. You wrap your arms around his neck, such a simple act and yet he’s swooning like the lovesick fool he is. No, no, no, he’s not lovesick, and he’s not swooning. He’s just wanting, and that is all, just like you are.
You roll your hips for friction, desperate for something. The faint feeling of Bucky’s hard cock sends shivers down your spine, and you just know he’s huge. He could probably split you in two if he really wants to, and maybe it’s what you want as well. God, just the mental image of his cock sliding in and out of you is so pleasurable. Wetness soaks your panties, and you moan into his mouth.
“Say ‘ah,’ slut,” he mumbles before pulling away from the kiss again. You quickly do so and watch as Bucky puckers his bruised, red lips. You’re not sure what to expect; a stupid, silly kiss or something else. Your tongue is stretched out inside your mouth, and you wait for him as your chest rises and falls. Your eyes watch him as he spits into your mouth, a wad of spit dripping onto your tongue and your eyes nearly fall out of their sockets.
You quickly swallow it as if it’s some sort of antidote to an incurable disease. “Oh, you’re such a dirty fucking girl, aren’t you? I bet you’d let me do anything to you, right? Let me fuck you silly, throw you around, treat you like the spoiled brat you are,” Bucky growls with a fierce smirk on his stupidly gorgeous face. Sculpted by the Gods themselves, you wonder why the world has been so mean to him.
No, no, no, you don’t. You’re just desperate and needy.
“You really are stupid, and I haven’t even touched that little pussy of yours yet, and you can’t even answer a simple li’l question,” Bucky says out loud, expressing pure shame and disgrace. You shake your head before placing your hands back on his hard, defined chest. There’s a specific spot on his chest where the fabric is too sheer. You can see the way his soft hair has been shaved down to a mere stubble, and you wonder what he’d look like if it was grown out.
“I- I’m a dirty girl, I’d let you do anything to me, James,” you whisper to him, looking up at him with unintentional doe eyes. “I know, baby, I know,” he smirks before pushing you backwards. You expect to collide with the wooden floors harshly and startle the downstairs residents, or maybe even on a carpet that would try to break your fall but would end up failing.
You don’t expect to fall back onto a soft, cushioned couch. It’s more so an armchair that is a greyish-blue colour, one that you’d see and Ikea and want so bad, but you’d quickly change your mind once you see the whopping price it’s set at. Bucky towers over you, and you tilt your head up, still watching has the features of his face twitch a bit. His hands run down to your thighs, smoothing over the fabric of your jeans before his nimble yet strong, thick fingers reach to the button and zipper.
He makes quick work of stripping your clothes off for you, and you try your hardest to do the same for him. But flying, clashing hands that are oh so desperate can’t really do much. So as he pulls your wet panties down your feet, you hurriedly kick them to the floor. Bucky pulls his shirt over his head, and you’re not sure if you’ve lost it or if time truly has slowed down. You’re able to memorize each freckle, each scar, each mole and each muscle of his upper body.
He’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Though everyone has their measly little flaws that can be so bothersome, in your eyes, he has no flaws. “Fuck, you’re so fucking pretty, baby,” he breathlessly tells you, making you struggle to fight the cheerful smile that forces its way onto your face. “You’re pretty too, James,” you tell him, reaching backwards to unclasp your bra.
Now, there’s nothing special about it, really. It’s plain black, and in some areas, it physically pains you, leaving branded marks behind that feel good when you gently run your hands over them. Nonetheless, you look gorgeous with it on. But when it’s on the floor, treated like nothing, you’re even more beautiful. Your slick has stained your inner thighs with stickiness, and your clit throbs with need.
Bucky parts your legs, watching as strings of wetness pull apart from each other. “Fucking hell, is that all because of me, slut? Say it, tell me who you’re so wet for,” he demands, and your breathing hitches. “S’all for you, James, I’m so wet because of you,” you whisper to him, and he smirks devilishly. You clench around nothing but air, desperate for his cock to be inside you. “I want you so bad, James, please fuck me,” you beg to him desperately, and he chuckles.
Bucky goes to start taking off his pants, unbuckling his belt and pulling down the zipper that sometimes gets caught onto the fabric of his boxers a little too much. The black fabric slips off his skin like an extra layer of skin, and the sight of his hard cock beneath his briefs is so sexy. You let out a shaky breath, and you can just see how fucking huge he is. Impossibly long with a thickness that’ll leave you limping for at least a week or two.
“You know what’s so fucking hilarious, baby? Just moments ago, you were cursing me out, fuming at me and calling me pathetic, but look at you; you’re the pathetic one here. Practically drooling for my cock, so needy as soon as I put my hands on you,” Bucky scoffs, and you know he’s so right. He pulls down his boxers, and you watch as his cock springs out, slapping his lower abdomen and near his pretty Adonis bone.
He roughly pulls you up and sits down on the couch before dragging you onto his lap. You straddle the sides of his thick thighs, and his big cock presses right next to your pussy, between your legs. Beads of precum drip down the shaft of his cock, and some of it even sticks to your skin. “You want my cock, baby? Well, go ahead, you can have it,” he tells you, resting his hands on your hips.
You exhale nervously, knowing that his cock is gonna stretch you out so much, it’ll be borderline painful and pleasurable. You lift your hips up a bit, and Bucky’s hand grasps the base of his cock. He’s sticky and pulsating, a raging red that is almost purple if you squint your eyes enough. He drags it from your swollen little pearl all the way down to your drooling hole. The mild friction is absolutely amazing, making you moan softly.
Bucky shudders as he slowly pushes the tip of his cock inside of you. He almost wants to tease you so badly, make you beg for it until you’re sobbing and going all ditzy for him. But he’s not all the mean, and he can’t possibly be so cruel to the birthday girl. In one swift motion, Bucky pulls you down onto his cock, burying himself inside of you. You toss your head back and cry out as he stretches you painfully. The wet squelching pounds of your pussy are loud, but your moans are much louder.
He curses and bites down on his bottom lip, falling in love with the way your pussy hugs him tightly and the velvet feeling of your walls. No, no, no, he is not falling in love. He’s just desperate, that’s all. It takes you both a few seconds to adjust, and the painful stretch dulls down to immense pleasure. You struggle to control your breathing, though, because you’ve never taken anyone or anything as big and him. Months of wanting and needing him have finally come down to this, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
He hopes you can feel it because nobody can heal it but you. Every single day he thinks about you, and his heart hurts. His heart hurts when he watches you leave and come home, it hurts when you both fight, and it hurts when he believes you could never love him. His mind still tells him that, and yet here you are, riding his cock on your birthday. He notices the way your bottom lip wobbles a bit, and he pities you.
“Shh, it’s okay, baby, you’re doing so good. Ride my cock, birthday girl, I know you can do it,” Bucky praises with the most innocent smile ever. You nod your head and slowly begin to rock your hips, moving them up and down his cock. Bucky is torn; he doesn’t know whether he should stare at your pretty face or at where you’re both connected. Your slick coats his cock and leaves it glistening, and he watches as it disappears and reappears over and over.
His hand returns back onto your hips, and he gently guides you up and down his cock. Your pained whimpers soon turn to loud, slutty, desperate moans, and Bucky begins to fuck up into your cunt, meeting you at every thrust. “Fuck, yeah, that’s my good girl. Riding my cock so fucking good,” Bucky coos, and you can’t help but giggle. Warmth fills your chest, and pleasure blooms immensely in your core, and it’s the exact same for Bucky.
His balls slap against your ass, and his cock drives in and out of you. You ride him at a quicker pace, moaning loudly, and he nudges against your sweet spot. “You look so fucking sexy riding my cock, baby. Could watch you forever an’ ever,” Bucky purrs, gripping your hips even tighter. Electricity crackles up your spine, almost like a burning wire in a destroyed fuse box. Everything is so sensitive, and the searing pleasure builds up inside the two of you.
Beads of sweat drip down your neck, and it is the same for Bucky. His skin shines just like his cock does, and the veins on the side of it throb with every movement. The wet noises and the sound of skin on skin fills the room almost impressively. The neighbours would’ve already filed noise complaints if they still lived here, but they don’t. So Bucky’ll fuck your brains out until you can’t make a sound.
“Fuck, you’re close, aren’t you? Can feel the way that nice little cunt is squeezin’ my cock,” he groans, staring up at you with his jaw slightly slacked. Your eyes have glazed over, and you stare at Bucky’s face. You ride him using his dick for all your needs and wants. It’s just like you’ve imagined, even down to the pleasure you’re feeling. “Mhm, gonna come all over your big cock,” you whimper at a specific thrust.
And he’s close too. Though the serum should make him last longer, your pussy just defies those rules. He fucks into you faster and rougher, and your legs have turned to jelly. You collapse onto his chest and let him pound your pussy into oblivion. Bucky’s chest rumbles with a chain of moan and curses, and you look up at him. His metal arm is icy cold, just like his eyes. But his orbs are darker than regular ice. They resemble black ice more than anything.
The elastic band in your stomach twists up tightly until it can’t do anything but snap. And so it does. The dam breaks, and you’re suddenly coming around Bucky’s cock. Your cum coats his cock and drips down his balls as your body seizes up. Your jaw falls open, and your eyes roll back while you moan loudly. “Fuck, you look so pretty when you come,” Bucky breathes, letting your head fall into the crook of his neck.
You cry out loudly as Bucky sloppily fucks you through your orgasm and chases his own. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum, knock you up with my kids. Fuck, you’d look so hot with a bump, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of your body,” he moans deeply, feeling his balls tighten up. He tosses his head back and curses, hitting his release. Ropes of cum shoot inside your cunt, painting your walls and even leaking out a bit. Somewhere, deep down inside Bucky, he truly hopes it sticks.
He moans loudly as his hips give a few shallow thrusts, prolonging his orgasm. You both sigh, slick with sweat and other bodily fluids that neither of you cares about. “Happy birthday…” Bucky whispers, pressing a kiss on the side of your head. “T- Thank you… How’d you know, though?” you question, even though his cock is still inside you. “Just did… Listen, I’m sorry–” he starts, but you cut him off. “Shh, I don’t care about anything but you, baby,” you tell him, whispering gently.
“Baby, but you.”
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celestialbarnes · 5 months ago
acquainted | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader (based on tfatws)
summary: in which you and bucky don’t like each other very much, not until one afternoon when you two finally decided to get acquainted. (enemies to lovers)
word count: 3.5k
warnings: nsfw, 18+, oral (m receiving), loads of teasing, unprotected sex, bucky making you beg for it, cocky!bucky, 
a/n: hello! i am back with another bucky fic because i love him so much, he owns my heart and i absolutely love writing for him! i hope you enjoy this lovelies!
requests are open!
thank you so much for reading love! please like and reblog!
Tumblr media
Nine in the morning saw you padding down the hallways of the apartment, sighing as you glanced over to the coffee table, last night’s drinks were still stacked on the wooden table, meaning that he had probably stayed over.
You made your way to the kitchen, the smell of freshly made pancakes wafted through the air, making your mouth water, your stomach grumbling in anticipation as you walked in, not surprised to see Sam at the stove, pouring the batter into the pan.
“Morning sunshine” he greets with an award-winning smile as he turns to you, a grin on his face as he stacks the pancakes one on top of the other.
“Morning Chef” you joke, not being able to stop yourself from laughing with the man standing before you who had donned an Elsa apron which you vaguely remember the neighbour had given him.
“Shut up” Sam grumbled as you doubled over in laughter, clapping your hands as the peals seemed they would not stop anytime soon.
“You can just let it go” you said in a sing song voice, giggling when your best friend shot you a death glare as you mimicked the famous princess, much to his annoyance.
“That’s it, you’re not getting any pancakes”.
“Come on Sam, it was a joke” you protested as he feigned anger, his arms akimbo, the Elsa apron looking a little too small on his frame, you stifled your giggles as you pouted, giving him your infamous puppy dog eyes.
Eyes that you knew Sam could never say no to.
“Please, I’ll do anything” that was partially true because Sam’s pancakes were to die for, literally, especially the chocolate flavoured ones.
“Anything?” Sam questioned, and you nodded confidently, knowing that the worse that could happen was you having dishwashing duties for a week.
“Bucky’s staying over for a few days-“
“No! Come on!”
“Just get along with him, Freaky Magoo’s not that bad”. Sam adds, raising an eyebrow as he picks up the plate of pancakes, tempting you with the treat.
“I’ll just have to take the pancakes away, hey AJ you want pancakes?” he asked, shooting you a grin and you sighed, snatching your plate over.
“Fine, I will try to get along with that ass” you mumbled, rolling your eyes, hating the fact that you had to see him again.
“Ouch doll, didn’t know that was how you thought of me” you groaned at the sound of the oh so familiar voice, grumbling as you turned back, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones
Bucky shot you a boyish smirk as he picked up a mug, his metal hard flexing around the handle as he fills it up with steaming hot coffee, his gaze fixated on you as he brought it up to his lips.
“That’s what everyone thinks of you” you retorted, picking up your plate of pancakes, believing that maybe, the treat was worth spending the next few days with the brunette, but the way he stood there, dressed in nothing but that black shirt that seemed just a size too small, easily stretching over his biceps and his sweatpants that hung a little too low on his hips had you thinking of something else entirely, not that you’d admit it.
“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?” Bucky replied, not missing the glare you threw his way, chuckling when you did.
God, did he love to push your buttons, there was something about the way you flared up that did things to him, pushed him forward, drew him to you like a moth to a flame, god how he wished to just press you face down against the granite countertop and fuck the sass out of you.
His eyes were glued to your figure, the way your nipples pressed against the flimsy tank top made him wonder what it would feel like to bury his face in between your mounds, or how it would feel to have your squirm under him as he eats your sweet cunt, bury his face in that pretty cunt of yours, feel your juices flowing down his chin, hell, all he wanted was to see your pink lips wrapped around his cock, your head bobbing as you choked on it. 
The way your shorts showed of the curve of your perfect ass was enough to make Bucky rock hard, he could feel his growing erection press against the front of his pants as his mind filled with thoughts that were far from innocent, and he couldn’t help but allow himself to delve further into it.
“None of your business Barnes” you shot back, crossing your legs as you cut into your pancakes, picking up the maple syrup and pouring it over your breakfast.
The brunette watched as you sipped on your iced water, his eyes following a bead of condensation that fell from the mug on to your chest, rolling down the valley between your breasts, fuck, all he could think was how god damn beautiful your tits were.
You smirked, licking your lips, rolling your shoulders back to accentuate your chest, your white tank top tightening around your mounds, the fabric rubbing against your already taut nipples, making them harder than they already were.
And in that moment, you will never forget the look Bucky had on his face, he has never looked at you like the he was now and you relished in it.
To make matters worse, you suck your index finger into your mouth, finishing up the maple syrup that stained it, letting it with a pop.
“You were saying Bucky?” You ask albeit too innocently, smiling when you finally made the brunette go speechless.
“Nothing doll,” he replied smoothly, watching, his eyes fixed on you as you placed your plate in the sink, walking out of the kitchen with a swagger in your step that kept his gaze occupied on your ass, your hips swaying and all he wished for was to feel his fingers dig into your hips, oh, how that would feel as he was balls deep buried in your heat.
“Staring much?”  Sam teased as the brunette groaned, his cock rock hard and painful as he tried to push the obscene thoughts of pounding into you mercilessly out of his head.
The way you had licked your lips made him wonder how good they would look around his cock, it wasn’t his first time imagining that and with you wearing those god damn shorts, it sure as hell wouldn’t be his last.
“Shut up” Bucky grumbled, ignoring his friend’s chuckles, the cup of coffee now forgotten as he made a beeline for his room, pulling off his clothes as he hopped into the shower, the cold water soothing his burning skin, cooling him down.
Tumblr media
It was two in the afternoon when you decided that watching a movie would be a great idea to spend the day, after all there wasn’t much that you can do since none of your friends were available to make any plans and even if they were, you were much too comfortable in your Led Zeppelin shirt and shorts to be heading out any time soon.
You turned on Netflix, pressing play on another episode of Friends, your hand digging into your bag of chips as you leaned back onto the cushions.
“Friends again?”.
“Mmhmm” you replied, chuckling when Ross came bursting into apartment. You made the mistake of turning your head to face Bucky, you jaw dropping as your eyes took in the sight before you, your heart thundering in your chest as you struggled to look away.
He was clad in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers that literally left nothing to the imagination.
His biceps looked a lot better than you thought they looked, you knew that he pakced muscle but hell, to see them was entirely different, you never even knew that he had abs, you bite your lip as you found yourself staring, well more like ogling at him, he sure had a nice ass, that much you could see.
“You should just take a photo doll, it’ll last you a lot longer” Bucky said, shooting you a grin as he plopped down on the seat beside you, propping his legs up on the coffee table much to your annoyance, he knew you hated it when he did that.
“Of you? No way”. You retorted as you slapped his hand away from your chips, ignoring the fake pout he gave you.
“Get your own” you grumble, as you continued to watch the show, trying to ignore the glances that Bucky shot you, your skin heating up as your heart raced, the feeling of his gaze upon you had you shifting just a little closer.
You looked over to the brunette who had his eyes fixed to the television, your eyes skimming his frame, cursing internally when you did that because you didn’t miss the way the front of his boxers was stretched at the front, and you sure as heck did not miss the way his cock bulged through the fabric, god, he was big, and you couldn’t help but wonder how it’d feel like for him to stretch you out so perfectly
You could feel heat pooling between your legs, your breath hitching in your throat when Bucky casually placed his hand on your bare thigh.
“You alright princess?” He asked with a smirk, almost as if he knew what he was doing to you, and as much as you hated to admit it, your found yourself caving in to his advances.
“Y-yeah” you mumbled as you forced yourself to tear your eyes from him, keeping your focus on the television, shivers running up and down your spine as he slowly but surely slid his hand up higher, his fingertips ever so gently brushing against your skin, you knew just what he was doing and yet he was making you crave the feeling of his touch, to feel him touch you in all the right spots, a part of you wanted so badly to taste Bucky, to feel his lips moving against yours, to see if it was just as you had imagined it to be, if they were as soft as they looked, you wanted to run your fingers through his hair, pull him close as your lips mesh with his, you wanted it all, to feel his carelessly fuck you into oblivion, then filling you up to the brim with his warm cum.
The living room felt as hot as a sauna despite the air conditioner being set on the lowest temperature, the air was thick with tension as you bite your lip, feeling your heart hammering in your chest, your mind spinning with anticipation as Bucky’s metal digits slid up your thigh.
The sounds of the voices on television sounded like white noise as he brushed his fingers at the front of your shorts, you bite down on your bottom lip, stifling a whimper when he pressed the pads of his fingers against your covered cunt, gently rubbing on your bundle of nerves.
“Tell me you don’t want this darling, and I’ll stop” the brunette said softly, your eyes meeting his blue ones, your lips inches away from his soft ones, he leaned forward, everything about him reeling you in, the scent of his cologne and aftershave was addicting, and the thoughts that were swimming in your head urged you to and just like that you give in to him.
“Please” you whimper and in a span of a second, Bucky crashed his lips onto yours savagely, all tongue and teeth as he gripped the back of your neck, pulling you close to him as he deepened the kiss hungrily, his hand sliding underneath your shirt, groaning when he realised you weren’t wearing a bra as the cool of his metal fingers brushes against your tits.
Your body arched into his as he hooked his hands underneath your thighs, hoisting you up with ease as he roughly placed you down above him, your fingers carding through his hair as your tongues intertwined, fighting for dominance, one which he won easily, grinning into the kiss as he cupped your mound, fingers playing with your peak, earning a moan out of you.
The living room was filled with your soft whimpers and Bucky’s ragged breaths. He claimed you with his touch, his fingers digging into your hips as he bruised you with his kiss.
The brunette’s kisses were hurried and forceful as you took his bottom lip between your teeth, tugging it playfully as you rock your hips against his, teasing him, not stopping until. you earn a low groan from the back of his throat, you smirk as he squeezes your waist, his cock twitching in his boxers.
“You sure teasing me is the best way darling?” Bucky asks as you roll your hips against his, god the number of times he had imagined seeing you on flush on top of him was nothing compared to when you were, it sure was a sight to behold.
“I don’t know Bucky, but it sure as hell is fun” you purr as you pepper kisses down his jaw, your hand sliding down to palm him through the elastic fabric as you nuzzle in his neck.
The brunette chuckled, gently hooking a finger under your chin, tilting your face up as your eyes met his lust filled ones. “You gonna that pretty mouth of yours to work?” he growled as he gave your ass a firm squeeze.
“You know I will” you said, a sultry smile on your face as you got off him, getting down on your knees before him as he flattened his palms against the couch and lifting his hips as you pull down his boxers, his cock springing out, standing tall and rock hard, pre cum leaking from it’s swollen tip.
You lick your lips as you wrap your hand around his base, giving him a few pumps, using his pre cum as lubrication as you pumped him in your hand.
“Lost for words princess?” Bucky asked, a cocky smirk on his face.
“Hardly, I’ve had bigger” you said, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones that were blown wide with lust, watching as your tongue dampened his cock with your saliva, making it easier for you to pump him in your grip.
“Ffuck,” Bucky growled, the sight before him made him want to do nothing more than to pull you up, rip those shorts off and plough into you, wanting nothing more than to feel your warm, wet pussy engulf his cock.
You gently lick a thick stripe from his base to his tip, tasting his pre cum and peppering kitten licks on his thick length before you slowly took him into your mouth, your lips wrapping around his cock.
Bucky watched with bated breath as you bobbed your head up and down on his cock, groaning when you swirled your tongue around his tip.
“Aren’t you just a little slut, begging for my cock” he groans as his fingers knotted in your hair, tugging with enough strength to make you moan as he guided your head up and down his member, laying his head back against the cushion, trying to control his breathing as he stifled his moans, watching with his eyes half lidded as you took him into the depths of your mouth.
Bucky looked so beautiful with his bottom lip held hostage by his teeth and his hips bucking up to meet your warm mouth. His bare ass stuck to the leather of the sofa as your fingertips claw at his thighs as his tip hit the back of your throat, your moan sending sweet vibrations up his shaft.
Bucky was so close that you could taste the bittersweetness of his cum each time your tongue swirled around the tip of his cock.
Pulling out the big guns, you cupped his balls in your hands, massaging them gently, watching as Bucky’s mouth hung open, his grip on your hair tightening as he pushed your head further down his shaft, groaning your name as you basked in every sweet, angelic sound that fell from those lips as he rewarded you with ribbons of cum that you happily swallowed before letting him go.
Bucky didn’t waste any time, pulling you up as his lips devoured yours, his hands circling your waist as he pulled you down into his lap as his lips moved against yours in a feverish kiss, groaning when he tasted himself on your tongue.
In one fluid motion, your shirt hits the floor, your chest heaves and your heart thunders in your chest hard and fast.
Bucky growled as he presses open mouthed kisses to your neck, making you whimper as he stains your skin with purple bruises, his hand cupping your breast as he cages your nipple in between his thumb and index finger, rolling it.
“I-I need you” you whimper as he smirks against your skin, that was all it took for the brunette to flip you on to the couch.
“Hands and knees angel” he growls, making you moan as he smacks your ass, watching as you did as you were told, whimpering when his fingers trail your inner thighs before hooking into the waistband of your shorts and pulling them down, groaning when he saw how sopping wet your pussy was, you were dripping with anticipation as he presses a metal digit against your slick, your hips rolling back against him, the feeling of the cool metal stinging your cunt making you whimper.
“Tell me who’s making you this wet? You just wanna be fucked like the dirty slut you are don’t you?” Bucky growls as he slides his finger to your clit, a low moan escaping your lips as he rubs teasing circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves, clearly enjoying the way your body was reacting to his touch, your pussy throbbing in excitement as your body craved for more.
“You, Bucky, please” you whimper, and you hear him chuckle as he replaces his digits with his thick length, pressing his cockhead past your folds as you backed your hips into his, desperate for the brunette to thrust into you. But he only chuckled lowly, continuing to tease your dripping cunt with his dick,
“So, so eager princess, use your words kitten” the brunette said as he slowly pushed his cock past your folds.
“Please Bucky,” you cried out, “please fuck me” you plead, you could practically see the grin on his face as he knotted his fingers in your hair, pulling until your back was against his chest.
“You have no fuckin idea how long I’ve been waiting” he growls, nipping at your ear and without warning, slams into you making you cry out as he stretched you out deliciously, your walls clamping down on his cock almost instantly, making Bucky groan as he pulls out.
“Want to feel you cream around my cock, so fucking tight,” he adds, making you grip the cushions, your fingers digging into the leather as he thrusts back into your heat.
Bucky gripped your hips tightly as you rolled them against his cock, whimpering as pounds into you mercilessly, not caring if his fingertips left bruises on your hips as you cry out in pleasure, back arching as he slams back into you.
“My pretty little slut, so fucking pretty” Bucky growls, his hips snapping as you bite down on your bottom lip, your attempts to stifle your moans failing ever so miserably as you cry, tears brimming around the corner of your eyes as your walls tightened around him.
Bucky tugged at your hair, forcing your head back giving him access as he bites the flesh of your neck, the immense pleasure making you screw your eyes shut as he pushes you to the edge of your orgasm, his thrusts becoming erratic as he encourages you to dive head first into euphoria.
“I’m gunna cum” you moan, your body convulsing as he pulled you close.
“That’s it kitten, cum for me,” Bucky soothes as you cave in, entering a state of nirvana as your walls pulsates around his cock, white spots filling your vision as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you, your throbbing walls sending the brunette to his own release, groaning as he spills his seed inside of you, your body still trembling as you came down from high.
Bucky pulls out slowly, setting you down onto the couch, his cum trailing down your inner thigh and onto the leather as he collapses beside you, his arm around you as he rubs soothing circles down your back.
You were about to lay down on his chest when you both heard the familiar jingle of keys, the two of you gathering your clothes before up and running into your bedroom as the apartment door opened, you hurriedly threw Bucky one of his many shirts while you pulled on your own.
“Shit” Bucky curses.
“What’s wrong?”
“We didn’t clean the sofa, and I forgot-“
“I swear I’m gonna kill you both, the damn sofa is new!” You wince at Sam’s voice followed by Sarah’s laughter, knowing that they had probably found out about the bonding session you and Bucky had whilst he was gone.
“Wanna make a run to the boat?” you ask, panting lightly as you tossed him a pair of pants.
“Sounds good doll”
Tumblr media
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a/n: that’s the end of this fic! i really hope you like it love, and if you did, please, let me know, thank you lovely!
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boxofbonesfic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nonnies, i present to you: 
Title: overheat
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, breeding kink, dick too bomb
It’s those goddamn shorts. Bucky is trying hard not to glare at you, sprawled comfortably on the bed as you lounge. He’s got a love/hate relationship with those fucking shorts—mainly because every time you wear them, it’s just a torturous countdown to inevitable moment he rips them off. It’s miserably hot in the apartment—the central air is on the fritz, and the accompanying heatwave isn’t doing the apartment any favors. 
 You’ve stripped off the oversized t-shirt you’d been wearing, and now rested in only your strappy, black sports bra, your legs making a “4” as you tried to touch as little of your own skin to yourself as possible. Bucky’s sitting at the desk across from the bed, doing his best to respond to Steve’s emails about their newest client—but he can’t concentrate.
  Not when he can see the puffy, fatty curve of your cunt lips through the fucking fabric. Bucky’s half sure if he stares hard enough, the fabric might give a little, and maybe he’ll see even more. Your ass wiggles invitingly as you adjust a little, and Bucky groans quietly. You’re paying him less than no mind as you scroll through social media on your phone. 
 I have to respond to Steve about the security cameras. Bucky thinks uselessly to himself as he stares hard at the soft, tempting vee between your legs. Gotta okay the team for the install. You laugh softly at something before you sigh, dropping your phone as you pop up onto your knees. Oh fuck. You stretch like a cat, your perfect ass in the air and he can’t take it, pushing himself forcefully away from the desk as he storms over to the bed. 
 You squeak with surprise as his hands find your hips, yanking you backward. Your phone clatters to the ground, and your shrill “Hey!” is lost as he tugs at the elastic waist band of those tiny, godforsaken, perfect fucking shorts. He’s already hard, has been for he doesn’t even know how long, just from watching you. 
 “Shhh,” he says softly, and groans as he peels the stretchy blue fabric away from the pliant, round cheeks of your ass. “Teased me all morning in these fuckin’ things, doll.” He cups just underneath them, pushing up so that the soft flesh is compressed and then releases, watching mesmerized as it jiggles. “Fuck.” 
 Of course you’re not wearing any panties, and when he points it out, you giggle sheepishly. “It’s too hot for that, Buck.” 
 Fuck, he’s gonna ruin you. 
 He moves away just long enough to tug the offending garment down your thighs before settling between them himself. The bed is at the perfect height for him to nestle the thick, throbbing weight of his cock between your thighs, and he’s unable to contain the stream of curses that leak from his lips at the sight. 
 He pushes your thighs apart, and you let him, resting your head on your forearms as you peer cheekily over your shoulder at him. You wiggle your hips again, and you brush the curve of his belly. He’d been self conscious before, whenever he touched you, whenever any of his body touched yours. But as of late, that embarrassment has been fleeting, especially when he gets to focus on so many other riveting things—
 Like the noise you make when he runs an appreciative finger up your damp slit. It’s amazing, how you get wet for him so easy, like you were made for him. He pulls away and you mewl in disappointment. 
 “Buck—!” Whatever words you were going to say die in your throat as his tongue sweeps up the same path his finger took, slipping between your folds with practiced ease. You’re spread open before him like a fucking buffet, and he doesn’t have the self control not to taste you. “God!” You exclaim, pushing your hips back toward his face. “T-thought you were w-working!” 
 “Can’t concentrate,” he mumbles from between your legs, thrusting his tongue into the sopping mess of your cunt. “Could only think about this.” There’s a flood of fresh slick against his tongue, and he grins against you, wrapping his lips around your clit. Fuck, you’re so perfect. He’s not sure how he got this lucky, how he managed to pull this one off, but the smell and taste of you on his tongue assures him this is real. 
 You keen when his tongue travels up to the tight ring of your asshole, your hands fisting in the pillows and sheets. “Bucky, oh fuck, I—” You’re close, he can always tell, the way your body clenches and your words seem to fail all at once. There’s no time for displeasure as the head of his cock pushes at you, and Bucky leans back to watch, openmouthed and cursing as his leaking crown splits you apart. 
 Bucky’s as surprised as you are when you cum as he enters, and he curses, going down to one arm as he hunches over you, riding it out. You’re clenching down furiously around him, wetness spilling from your sweet pussy down onto his length, his thighs, the bed. It’s everything he can do not to join you in shaking completion—only because he wants more. Wants to take you further, wants to fuck you till you’re screaming and crying.
 “Such a pretty pussy, doll,” he growls raggedly, pulling out slow to marvel at your wetness on his cock. Your cunt’s like a wet fucking fist, tight and gripping onto him like you’ll die if he stays gone too long. You sob into the sheets and pillows when he bottoms out, his heavy balls tapping against your ass. God, he’s sure even if he didn’t move you could make him cum, feeling your wet-velvet walls pulsing around him. 
“Fuckin’ hungry cunt,” he curses, his fingers sinking into the softness of your hips as he bears down. “Gonna feed her for you, sweetheart, don’t you worry.” 
 There’s nothing leaving your lips but useless, meaningless babble; gibberish screamed into the sheets as he fucks you. Bucky leans down to wrap his arm around your middle, pulling you up to press your back against his chest. Tears stain your cheeks, and your chin is wet with drool.
 “Oh sweetheart. Fuckin’ ruined you, didn’t I?” He coos, cupping your chin with his vibranium hand as the other pins you against him. Again, you’re close again, and the thought fills him with delirious pride. Fuck, he’s so deep in you, it’s more than perfection, it’s heaven. And that’s before you part those pretty lips to say—
 “Wan’ you t’fill me up, Buck,” the plea makes his cock throb as his grip on you tightens for just an instant. He’s not even sure he really heard it as he slams back into you, your overworked cunt still sucking desperately at his cock. He growls at you, his teeth scraping across the skin at your throat as he thrusts harder, faster. 
 “Say it again,” he snarls, biting down hard enough to bruise. You mewl, more nonsense leaving your mouth. “Now.”
 “I—fuck, oh God—I want you t’fill my pussy up, Buck, please,” you whine, rolling your hips backward into his. He’s never heard you beg for it like this before, beg for his cock, his cum, and fuck it’s doing things to him.
 “Didn’t know my girl was such a needy fucking cockslut,” he bites the words out harshly between thrusts, and you grip him like a vice, the rising crescendo of your mewls and whimpers spurring him on. He bottoms out inside you, and a hoarse sob is his answer. “Whassa’matter, baby?” He taunts, panting. “Fucked you dumb?” 
 Your body convulses as you cum again, your walls milking him until Bucky cums with a hoarse shout. Pleasure crackles electrically up and down his spine, and he’s dimly aware of the bruising hold he has on your hips as he empties himself into your cunt. When Bucky can feel his toes again, he releases you, and you sag slowly down onto the bed with a satisfied little moan. 
 Bucky reluctantly pulls his softening cock from you with a hiss, admiring the thick drips of his cum that flow from your swollen, throbbing cunt. He collapses on the bed beside you, and you snuggle up against his side, draping your thigh across his own and your arm across his belly. 
 “What brought that on?” You ask tiredly, drawing absent patterns across his chest. Bucky grins down at you. 
 “Those fucking shorts.” 
 “Do you not like the color?” You chirp innocently up at him. “I’ve got more.” 
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
So, ummm Chubby Bucky and Alpine.
Tumblr media
This literally stole my heart ❤
Pairing: Chubby Librarian Bucky x Reader.
Warnings: Fluff. Alpine. Chubby Bucky wearing a sweater.
A/N: HC #1
Likes comments and rebogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is a softie. He’s as soft as his belly and you love him even more because he’s such a sweetheart. You watched your soft-spoken librarian patiently guide his elderly patrons through the rows of books and read off titles until they find the one they want. He waives fines for any kid who forgets to return their books on time because he’s just happy they’re reading. Bucky orders your favorite books and hides a copy of all new releases under his desk so you always have first dibs.
So it’s no surprise that he would adopt a stray kitten.
The night he found little alpine, it had been drizzling all day. The library was empty most of the day, so he spent his time organizing the shelves, catching up on reading and sending you risque pictures. Even when he’s sending you a filthy snap, his face is burning and you can practically hear his flustered tone when he sends a message right after the pic, asking if you liked it. The familiar shade of bright red gracing his cheeks has you giggling even as you ogle his impressive body. Yes. You like. You like it a lot.
And you planned on showing him how much when he gets off.
You’re waiting for him outside the library in his car with the seat pushed back, your feet on the dash, scrolling through tiktok while Bucky closed up the library. The steady patter of the rain on the windshield lulling you to sleep. Fighting off a yawn, you smile when his picture flashes across your screen. “Hey, Buck-”
Bucky cuts you off with a frantic gasp. “Listen Peach, stay on the line with me, kay?”
You sit up, brows furrowing in concern, you hear rattling in the background. “What? What’s going on baby?”
Bucky clutches the phone to his ear, holding a novel in his other hand, slowly raising it above his head as he peeks around the corner. “Someone broke into the building. They’re messing up my children’s section.”
“Hold I’m coming in-”
“The hell you are! “M not letting some crazy person hurt you. I-” Bucky swallows, pushing down his nerves into his chest, he takes a deep breath. “I got this.” He glances at the book in his hand. “I have a weapon Peach.” Bucky takes another look at his book. Actually no. He really likes this one. He gently sets it down on a table and balls up his fist.
He flinches at the loud crash echoing through the library, whispering that he’s okay. Ignoring your pleas for him to turn around, he follows the noises. This is his library and he’s not going to let anyone mess up his library. Bucky also wants you to think he’s brave but he’s not going to say that aloud.
Bucky skids to a stop, his blue eyes widening in horror. It's not the upturned potted plants or the displays scattered on the floor that he's worried about. One of his favorite novels is on the ground, the spine cracked. Someone hurt one of his books. It takes a lot to upset your man. So when he hissed that he’s going to lose his shit on whoever destroyed a Tolkein book, you sit up even straighter. You feel a tinge of shame at the dull throb that blooms between your thighs. But damn, you didn’t know his voice could get that deep and his angry tone sounds sexy.
You’ll explore that later.
“I’m going to kick their ass, I swear to-” Bucky glances up. His phone drops to the ground and you hear muffled “Oh my god, oh my god peach.”
“Bucky? Bucky!” you call out. The sounds of clattering and a dull thud echo through your phone. You repeat his name but he doesn't respond. Without hesitation, you jump out of your car, you let out a frustrated scream as you get pulled back in by your seatbelt. After a brief fight with it, you manage to free yourself. You run up the stairs to the entrance and burst inside, glancing around the empty space, you sprint past the main desk to the children’s section. Your heart is hammering in your chest, shit why didn’t you grab a weapon. You start to take a book off the shelf figuring you can at least throw it at the intruder. Then you see the author. Oh wait, this is Livingston, no you can’t throw Livingston.
There’s a strange soft rumbling, it sounds so familiar but in your panic, you cant’ fully recognize it, almost like purring but that can't be right, shaking off the thought, you look around. You see a flash of brown hair through the spaces between the books. “Bucky,” you whisper, ducking down. “Are you okay?”
“Heeey Peach.” You tilt your head at his chagrined tone. “You look pretty.” That has you slowly standing up. “I love you.” Your deep sigh reverberates through the room.
You saunter to the next row and immediately burst into giggles. Putting your hand over your mouth, you struggle to find words. You can’t believe what you’re seeing right now.
Your 6’4” sweater-wearing chubby man is cradling an oversized cotton ball with blue eyes. You stare at Bucky with your brows raised. “So you gonna kick his ass huh?”
Bucky ducks his head, his pink lips stretching into a soft smile “Her.”
You know by the way he’s gazing at the curious little kitten kneading her paws into his belly that he already loves her. “Can we keep her Peach?”
Honestly, he doesn’t even have to ask, you’d do anything for this man. You take the fluff ball from his large hands and snuggle the sleepy kitten while he cleans up her mess. By the time, he’s done, he’s already named her alpine and he’s made a space for her by his desk.
You and Alpine wait for him to lock up and you all head back to the car. You shrug when he sees the passenger door open, his smile growing wider. “Thank you for coming to save me Peach.” He kisses your forehead, placing his hand on your back as he helps you inside.
Bucky settles in his seat. “And you,-” he points at the yawning cat on your lap. “-no breaking stuff, do you have any idea how much-” Little Alpine perks up at the sound of his voice and climbs over to his lap. She gazes up at him, purring loudly, she places her head and tiny paws on his belly. “You can do whatever you want.”
You chuckle, muttering, “big ole softie.”
Bucky grins proudly. “Damn right,” Covering Alpine’s ears, he leans over, “but tonight I’ll show you how hard I can get for you.” His lips slot over yours, kissing you until you’re dizzy. Pulling away, he turns on the car. “But first, we’re going to the pet store and buying everything.”
Narrowing your eyes at a still beaming Bucky, you shake your head. If he spoils her the way he spoils you, you know he’s really going to try to buy everything cat item he can get his hands on. “No Bucky, she only needs a few things.”
“All the things Peach. All the things”
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itsapeterthing · 5 months ago
Cake || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
summary: you and your boyfriend bucky barnes head down to the wilson residence for a barbecue. sam’s nephews adore the both of you and as you watch bucky play with the kids you’re ready to tell your boyfriend that you’re pregnant
a/n: gif credit- @davidsfincher ; i will never get over this scene. reblogs and/or replies are super appreciated!!
word count: 2.7k
warnings: pure fluff based on episode six, mentions of pregnancy
masterlist || request || taglist
“I say we get the vanilla one.”
Standing besides you in the supermarket aisle with his arms crossed, your boyfriend turned to look at you with disgust written all over his face.
“Vanilla?” Bucky said, shaking his head. “Are you kidding, Y/n? All kids like chocolate.”
As he was speaking, Bucky reached out to pull one of the chocolate cakes off of the shelf it was sitting on, but you swat his hand away.
“Oh yea?” You asked. “And what makes you the expert on what kids like?”
Uncrossing his arms, he waved his hand in your face.
“Metal arm.” He said. “Also don’t pretend like Sam’s nephews didn't love me last time we were there.”
You couldn't argue with that. The last time the two of you had been to the Wilson residence in between missions, Sam’s nephews absolutely adored the super soldier. They couldn't get enough of the one hundred and six year-old man with the vibranium arm and the fun they had messing with him.
You had just as much joy watching the interactions between the three of them. You couldn’t help but entertain the idea of starting a family of your own with Bucky.
The two of you had been dating for years- not including the five year blip the two of you had been snapped from existence in- and had often discussed the idea of getting married and having children in the future. You didn’t think you would be ready yet, but as you watched children be in absolute awe of your boyfriend, you felt as though the pieces began to fell into place.
And funnily enough- they did.
You had been feeling sick and exhausted for the past few weeks, but you figured it was on account of the missions you had been going on with Sam and Bucky. When the symptoms continued while you stayed at the Wilson’s home for the weekend while Bucky helped Sam fix the boat- you had taken pregnancy test.
It was positive.
Although you knew that you and Bucky could handle it, you were still in absolute shock realizing that you were going to be starting a family- you were going to be responsible for more than just making sure you and your friends didn’t get killed fighting bad guys- you were going to be a parent.
The only person who knew was Sam’s sister, Sarah. She was the only one inside the house when you had taken the test and when she had heard you pacing around the bathroom, hyperventilating, she opened the unlocked door and immediately saw the pregnancy test in your hands. You had sworn her to secrecy, making sure she didn’t tell your boyfriend or her brother, promising her that you would tell them when the time was right... but with the mission in New York City coming immediately after your stay, you hadn't found the right opportunity to tell Bucky yet.
However, you told yourself that you finally would tonight... after attending the barbecue.
“Yeah, yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “I can’t argue with that. They did love you, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about cake.”
Reaching his hand out for the chocolate cake again he scoffed. “I’m not taking advice from someone who wants to bring a vanilla cake to a party-”
You swat his hand again. “We’re not getting the chocolate.”
“Yes,” He insisted, inching his face closer to yours. “We are.”
“No. We’re not.”
“Can I help you guys with anything?” You heard a worker ask from behind you.
Backing away from your boyfriend you smiled, shaking your head.
“No, we’re fine. Thank you.”
As you watched the worker nod before walking down the aisle, you turned back to your boyfriend.
“Okay fine.” You said. “We’ll compromise. Ice cream cake?”
You watched as Bucky’s eyes widened. “Wait! There’s ice cream cake?”
Twenty minutes later you and Bucky had arrived at the barbecue, your boyfriend taking the cake out of your hands as he stepped out of the car.
As you made your way around the front of the vehicle you watched as Sam’s nephews bombarded Bucky, play fighting with him as he faked attacking them back, making sure to dodge their fists from knocking over the cake in his hands.
You couldn’t deny the way the sight made your heart fill so much you swore it could’ve exploded right in your chest.
As you watched the scene unfold, hearing the laughter erupting from the children around him while he faked getting hurt, you heard Sarah come up behind you.
“You know,” She said, crossing her arms and standing beside you. “You almost scared me to death watching you on the news.”
Glancing at her beside you, you shrugged. “I was fine.” You said. “That wasn’t the first fight I’ve been in.”
“I just can’t believe they let you go.” She said.
“What? What do you mean?”
“What do I mean?” She laughed. “I can’t believe they would let you go do something so dangerous like that knowing you’re-”
Before she could finish her sentence you swat at her arm, rapidly shaking your head, checking around you to make sure no one was listening to your conversation or had heard what she had just said.
“I didn’t tell them yet.” You told her in a hushed voice.
“What?” She asked. “Why not?”
“I couldn’t tell them. If I did they would have never let me go- especially Bucky- but I couldn’t let them go in by themselves like that. You’ve seen the Flag Smashers, Sarah.”
“How long are you going to keep this a secret?” She asked.
“I was going to tell him today.” You told her. “We just needed to sort out the Flag Smashers before I could even think about telling him I’m pregnant-”
“You’re pregnant?”
At the sound of Sam’s voice, you and his sister immediately spun around to be met with Sam standing behind you, only a foot away.
You watched as his mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide and you felt your heart began to race in your chest, knowing that you had just exposed your secret to Sam- you and Bucky’s shared best friend.
“Sam...” You said.
“I-” He stumbled over his words, trying to piece the information together. “You’re pregnant?”
“Yes, but you can’t tell Bucky.” You pleaded, gripping his bicep. “I haven’t told him yet.”
“What?” He exclaimed looking between you and his sister. “How long have you known? Why haven’t you told him yet?”
Playing with one of the rings on your fingers, made anxious by the conversation, you focused your gaze on the water behind him, not able to meet his eyes.
“I found out last time I was here.” You said. “So I found out like a week ago. You can't blame me though, Sam, if I told him he would of never let me go help you guys in New York.”
“Yeah!” Sam nodded. “Neither would I. You could of died!”
“But I didn’t!” You said. “Just don’t tell him okay, Sam? I’m going to tell him tonight.”
Before anymore could be said, you heard the sound of your name being called by Sam’s nephews and spun around to find them running in your direction.
“Hey guys!” You laughed, a smile reaching your face once again.
Watching them run towards you, you knew what they wanted before they even had to ask. Stretching out your arms, you moved your hands in the direction of each of the boys, using your powers to lift them a maximum of three feet above the ground- not wanting to upset their mother. You smiled as you watched the boys laugh about how “awesome” it was in awe as they looked down at the ground three feet below them.
You felt Sam’s hand land on your shoulder.
“I’m happy for you, Y/n.” You heard Sam say, leaning in closer so no one outside of your current group could hear him. “You both are going to be great parents. Just tell him soon, okay?”
He pat your shoulder one last time before walking past you and his nephews you were still currently floating midair.
“How come when I ask you guys if you want to fly you say no?” Sam asked.
“She’s using magic!” Cass exclaimed.
“Yeah, Uncle Sam.” AJ agreed. “That’s way cooler.”
Sam threw his hands up in the air, walking in the opposite direction and as he did you lowered the boys to the ground, much to their disappoint. When they scurried off in the direction of their uncle, your eyes met Bucky’s staring at you, smiling from across the way of where you had just been levitating Sam’s nephews.
“Look at you!” He said, smiling, reaching out his arms for you.
“Me?” You laughed. “You just had a whole choreographed fight scene with the boys. You’re like their cool uncle.”
You watched as your boyfriend pulled off his sunglasses and smiled at you, resting his vibranium hand on your waist.
“Only if you’re their cool aunt.”
You smiled. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Afterwards the two of you went to eat and spent the remainder of the meal sharing a table with Sam, his sister and his nephews. Despite the dangerous mission the three of you had been dealing with the past week, the table was full of laughter and joy that you were happy to welcome in.
Even when the cake that you had brought was sliced, you and Bucky smiled at each other from across the table when the boys scoffed down their slice of ice cream cake that contained both vanilla and chocolate- your compromise having worked in the end for the better. At times you even used your abilities to pull the fork out of your boyfriend’s hand just as he was about to bite down on a slice of cake, hearing the boy’s laugh as they watched the super soldier roll his eyes at you.
“Ha ha.” Bucky would say. “Very funny... what is that? Three times now? Really, Y/n?”
But he knew you would continue to do it as long as you continued to hear the sounds of awes coming out of the boys’ mouths and he couldn’t fault you for that. Instead sneaking you a smile when you brought the fork back into his grasp.
At the end of the evening when everyone had began to make their way home, the sun setting over the horizon, you helped tidy up with the Wilson siblings. When the tables were all wiped clean, you brushed your hands off on your bottoms, watching as Bucky sat on the edge of the dock, the golden hue of the sunset setting on his features.
Glancing over your shoulder as Sarah ushered her children back home, you saw Sam throw you a thumbs up. When your eyes met his you smiled, mouthing a “thank you” before he turned in the direction of his sister, following her path back home.
Sighing to yourself you turned back to your boyfriend.
You were going to tell him. You were going to finally tell him you were pregnant.
You took one last deep breath, taking in the last moment before Bucky and your’s life changed forever.
Making your way towards your boyfriend you kneeled behind him, your chest meeting his back as you wrapped your arms around his chest.
“Hi.” You whispered.
“Hi doll.” He hummed, moving his hands to hold yours that were resting against his chest.
“Had a nice day?” You asked, leaning in to press a gentle kiss against his cheek.
You felt as his chest rumbled when he chuckled, staring out over the water while the sun continued to set, its reflection turning the water gold.
“Yeah.” He said. “I wish it could be like that every day, you know?”
You knew what he meant. You understood that he was talking about the peace, the joy, the laughter- the normalcy. You understood that he was talking about how your lives were so hectic and always would be due to the hand you had been dealt with super human abilities. You could never have a normal life, but you also understood that it was more than just never having to fight or go on a mission again- it was the feeling of family, of caring and of love.
“I know it can’t be like that every day.” You said. “But would you... would you settle for most days?”
You felt his hands squeeze yours a bit more, tilting his head back to get a better look at you.
“What are you talking about?”
“Would you settle for most days, Buck?” You asked again. “Would it all be worth it even if you still had to fight?”
He answered in a heartbeat.
“Of course it would.” Bucky said. “I’d fight for one day of this.”
You unwrapped your arms from around his chest, moving to kneel besides him on the dock so he could face you. Knowing what you were about to say, you took in the moment, breathing in the fresh air and memorizing the way his face looked in the golden hour.
“I’m pregnant.”
You watched as his face dropped and you were almost worried until a wide smile reached across his face.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked, so in disbelief he sounded as though the wind had been knocked right out of him.
You smiled, nodding your head and took his hand in yours. “I am. I found out a few days ago-”
“Wait.” He cut you off. “A few days ago? Did you know you were pregnant when we fought in New York City?”
Staring at his face now, confronting the issue, you were suddenly very interested in the frosting he had somehow gotten on the bottom of his shirt, tugging on the hem and scratching it off.
“Okay, yes. I knew.” You confessed.
Rather than the fed up, overprotective reaction you were expecting, you felt Bucky’s hands reach to cup your face, forcing you to look at him. Rather than anger in his eyes, all you saw was worry and you were wishing you had never gone and fought just so you could save yourself from seeing him like that.
“Promise me you won’t fight anymore.” He said. “At least until the baby’s here- God I can’t believe we’re having a baby- just promise me okay? If anything happened to either of you I wouldn’t know what to do with myself-”
“I promise, Buck.” You assured him, smiling and beginning to feel tears prickle in your eyes. “We’re gonna have a baby.”
You watched as he began to smile once again and the two of you couldn’t help but laugh- so consumed in complete and utter joy. You and Bucky had gone through so much- especially within the last few months- but as you both sat there, so happy you couldn’t help but laugh, you realized it was worth it and you would go through it all again if it meant that at the end of the day you two would come back to each other every single time.
For the first time in your life, you watched as tears of joy began to fill his eyes, almost as if they had begun to wash away the years of pain that he had suffered previously. Although he was sure he hadn’t fought his last fight... he was sure he was going to be okay. He was happy. He was going to share his life with you. He was going to be a dad.
“We’re gonna have a kid.” He repeated the words, almost as if to convince himself that they were true.
“You’re gonna be such a good dad, Buck.” You told him, laughing through the tears that had begun to fill your eyes. “If you’re half as good at being a dad as you are the ‘cool uncle’- our kid is in good hands.”
“You think so?” He asked.
“I know so, Buck.”
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canumoveurseatup-no · 22 hours ago
omg omg omg may we please get a blurb about Plum's first ride with papa and mama??? 👀🥺
AAAAHH AWWWH once again she’s aged up a bit
“We’re not taking her out on a ride, Bucky. End of discussion!“
“Why not? She’s always asking. She wants to be like her mama and papa. We can go on the back roads”
You stare at him and see the scar on his forehead from the accident. Heart dropping to the soles of your, you haven’t even been able to get over your own fear to ride your own.
“She’s going to be safe. We got her the cart to go on the side. You know Stephen hooked it up real good so she’s secure,”
“I’m not putting my daughter’s life at risk,”
“Y/N, she’s safe with me,”
“I thought the same thing when you were out on your own and the accident happened!”
“It wasn’t even my fault,”
“I know,” you whine. You were just so scared of something happening. You weren’t sure how he was able to bounce back from any of this, “I know it wasn’t,”
“Plum come tell your mama everything is gonna be okay,”
Plum comes running down the hallway, hair up in her coily puffs and leather jacket and mini combat boots. She had one of her dad’s bandanas around her head and stuck up the ‘rock on’ sign.
“Look mama! I’m a Winter Widow just like y’all!” She walked behind you to grab her helmet, buckling it on.
“Baby I don’t think you’re ready just yet,”
“I was born fo dis!!” She runs to the door and waves you to the door, “you welcomed me into the world of cruisin’”
You gnaw at your lip, debating if this was a good idea. But if he was taking you on the back roads then maybe you would be fine.
No, you will be fine.
“Get mama’s helmet”
“Right on!” Plum shouted, jumping in excitement. She’s been asking to go on a ride for as long as she could talk. You let your anxiety dissipate as you lace up your riding boots and walk out with them to the garage where his bike was sitting, looking shiny and pretty. Bucky took good care of his bike, that was his other baby.
“All right, let’s get you in here and buckle you right up,”
Plum was listening attentively as Bucky was explaining what to do and what not to do while they were riding. The side car that was added was big enough to avoid any issues of people not seeing her.
You said a quick prayer, positive affirmation or whatever you needed to to keep your mind in a positive space. You missed being on the back of his bike though to be honest. Bucky put the hood up on Plum’s side car and put some ear plugs in her ears to avoid her little sensitive ears from getting hurt by the sound.
“You ready?” Bucky called to her over the beautiful sound of him revving up.
“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!” She shouted, clapping her hands.
Bucky kicked his kickstand up and balanced you yo on it.
“Hold on tight, baby,” he said to you.
“I’ll never let go,” you kiss his cheek before he starts moving out of the garage, closing the door with the clicker on his bike and soon y’all are on the road and Plum is just awing at the scenery. It’s the same scenery she’s seen before but it’s different for her on the bike.
“Faster, papa. Faster!!” Plum screamed, bursting at the seams.
“Only a bit, okay?” You said to him.
“I got us, baby”
Bucky picked up the speed just a bit and when you got on the back roads is when he revved up loudly just so she could hear the sound. She was definitely y’all’s kid.
You smile at her, listening to her squeal filled your heart with joy. It was when she was crying in happiness that made you realize this wasn’t a bad idea after all.
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sweeterthanthis · 2 months ago
Alright whore, you asked for this 😘
Stepdad!Bucky making reader squirt for the first time then going completely feral and shoving her face in the mess she made while he just fucks her into the mattress
Make A Mess For Daddy
Tumblr media
Holy fuck, I did ask for this didn’t I? 🥵
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+F!Reader
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, jealousy, stepdad/daddy kink, p in v, squirting, humilation, mess kink. 18+.
Word Count: 500ish 
Tumblr media
Bucky's jealously often reared it's ugly head, and he never failed to take it out on you.
He'd been waiting for you that night, sipping a whiskey over ice in his armchair when you crept through the door just after midnight - glaring at you accusingly as you kicked off your shoes and tried to ignore his frustrations.
You thought maybe tonight was different, that maybe he'd just let it go and allow you to disappear to your room without even so much as a snide remark about your date with Peter. You were wrong, of course.
"You fuck that kid tonight, huh? Walkin’ around dressed like a whore, bet he couldn’t keep his grubby hands off you." He grunts - sharp, insistent stabs of his cock against your cervix causing you to wince in discomfort. Bucky never cared for your pleasure when he was like this. Possessive, marking his territory, fucking you until all you can remember is his name. "I asked you a question. Better fuckin' answer it, princess."
"N-shit-no!" You rasp, your mouth dry from panting into the comforter. The sound of your pussy squelching around his cock is hypnotising. No other man would ever compare to him. "I didn't. I swear."
"That's right, you fuckin' didn't. You know who this slut cunt belongs to, don't you?" He fucks you harder with each word that slips from his filthy mouth, pushing you further towards the edge, an unfamiliar pressure building in your abdomen - burning between your thighs. "Let's see how much of a mess you can really make, shall we? C'mon baby, make a mess for daddy."
Bucky pulls his cock free of your cunt, nudging your knees apart as his hand slips down - fingers finding your clit and rubbing it with a ferocity that makes your eyes roll back. Your face pressed into the mattress, you sob at the pressure inside you, an intensity you've never experienced before.
"Daddy, I can't-" he shuts you up with a harsh pinch at your sensitive nub, but you can't stop. "Doesn't feel right, please, I think I need to-"
A sharp slap of his palm against your pussy sends you hurtling - bliss searing through your veins and your knees weak as you feel moisture pool beneath you.
"Well fuck, would you look at that?" Bucky hums, damp fingers curling around the back of your neck as he tugs you up against his chest. He tightens his grasp and forces your gaze down - the large, dark patch of moisture staring you in the face. "You did make a mess, didn't you baby?” 
Shame swirls in your gut as he chuckles against your ear, dragging your body backwards just enough so that when he forces you back down, your cheek squelches against the moist puddle of arousal - the taste of it marring the corner of your mouth. 
“My nasty girl, that’s what you are.” He grunts in satisfaction, sliding his cock back into your overworked channel, his balls slapping against your clit when he picks up the pace of his thrusts. “Lick it up, princess. Be a good girl and clean up after yourself.” 
God, it makes you cringe how much you enjoy it. Makes your pussy tighten up around his girth, has you rocking back against him - the globes of your ass bouncing off his hips.
You do as he says, tongue slipping out to lap at the mess beneath you; his palm splayed out against the side of your head, forcing to hold your position.
"That's it. Get it all. When you've cleaned that up, I'm gonna make a whole new mess - just for you."
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baroquebucky · 4 months ago
smooth like butter
Tumblr media
bucky just loves flirting with you
word count: 3.7k
a/n: hi hi bffs !! hope ur all doing well <3 here is a flirty bucky fic inspired by butter !! he is so charming i am gonna punch a wall,, hope u all enjoy let me know what u guys think & remember to stream butter <33
Bucky didn’t think he had it in him anymore, he thought surely that part of him from the 40s was long gone, erased from him after all these years.
Then his eyes landed on you at the coffee shop, a bright smile on your face as you picked up your order and made small talk with the barista, you looked so happy and god you were the most beautiful person in the world. He felt himself blushing as you turned around, his gaze quickly focusing on the the coffee infront of him.
He pulled his phone and immediately texted Sam, not know how to handle the situation.
just talk to her buck, I’m sure you’ll fall into routine like back in the day ;)
Bucky scoffed at his message, looking up to find you but you were nowhere in sight. He frowned, looking out the window and seeing you walking down the street, coffee in hand. His heart dropped a bit, upset he would never see you again, but he brushed it off quickly.
Sam was over for the weekend, the two sat in Buckys living room, watching a soccer game and making small talk.
“was thinking of getting a cat” bucky mentioned, taking a sip of his beer and looking at Sam. The man smiled, nudging his friend.
“ooh okay! gonna get yourself a little grumpy staring partner i see” Sam teased and bucky rolled his eyes smiling at his friend.
“dunno if i should, you know since we go on missions all the time” he frowned and Sam shook his head.
“you can always ask your neighbors to cat sit if your gone for too long, I’m sure it won’t be too much of a hassle” Sam assured his friend and bucky smiled, nodding his head as the two friends relaxed.
The next day bucky headed to the nearest animal shelter, nervous to pick out his new feline friend, his eyes shining as they took him around the facility, presenting each of the cats with utmost pride.
“this guys name is alpine, he’s quite mellow and sweet, very well behaved and house trained” Buckys eyes met with the cats and he smiled, the cat purring into Buckys hand.
“I’ll take him” he smiled, the cat cooing up to the super soldier with ease. As he signed all the papers, alpine continued to purr into Buckys touch, excited to finally have a home.
“you can pick him up in two to three weeks after we finish up checking him out and giving him some shots! We’ll give you a call two days prior if that’s fine with you?” The receptionist smiled and bucky nodded, waving goodbye to alpine and walking out the shelter doors.
Bucky had a smile on his face and his eyes were for once off the floor, smiling to himself as he shopped for his new friend, getting him all sorts of toys and treats. He easily went up the stairs to his apartment before stopping at his door and realizing he need to unlock the door. The boxed and bags he had so delicately balanced came tumbling down as he set them down to reach for his key.
“fuck” he whispered, trying to balance everything only to have him drop his key.
“let me help!” he heard a sweet voice, he was too embarrassed to look up, fumbling with everything as you took half the things in your hand and let him grab the keys. Bucky looked up and met your eyes, his heart raced and he realized it was you, from the coffee shop.
He didn’t let his state linger for long, quickly moving to unlock the door and grab the rest of the things from the floor, holding the door open and inviting you in.
“you can set it on the counter, thanks so much” he smiled, you nodded, placing everything down gently as your arms already shook from how heavy the boxes were.
“you’re getting a cat?” You smiled and bucky heard sams words ringing in his ears, just be yourself, let the 40s flow back to you, he had scoffed at him before but now here was bucky, letting himself just trust his gut.
“yeah! i get lonely sometimes and ive always wanted a cat” bucky smiled, your knees buckled. God his smile, that had to be the most charming smile in all of Brooklyn, you were sure of it.
“oh nice! I used to have a cat, his name was mittens” you smiled, nervous as he looked at you, your fiddled with your fingers before realizing he probably wanted you to leave.
“I’ll get going don’t wanna bother you” you smiled, waving goodbye to him.
“wait!” bucky called out and you stopped in your tracks, face flushed as you turned around. Bucky smiled at you before speaking up.
“what’s your name? I could’ve sworn I’ve never seen you around, i would’ve remembered someone a pretty as you” he asked and you chuckled lightly, blushing at his words and your palms sweating a bit.
“y/n, I’m two doors down” you smiled and he returned it, walking up to you, your heart raced in your chest as he stuck his hand out for you to shake. You shook his hand quickly, noting the way his hands were much warmer than yours and how his calloused hand felt against yours. Your stomach was in knots by the time you pulled away, mind racing and wondering if he felt how sweaty your hands were.
“I’m bucky” he replied, “I’ll see you around i hope” bucky grinned and you nodded.
“if you ever need anything you know where to find me!” You shot him one last grin and walked out, face hot and heart racing. You felt a bead of sweat rolling down the side of your face and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing once you shut the door to your apartment, you were so flustered by him you were fucking sweating.
You had seen bucky in the halls a couple times, flashing each other a smile and making small talk. Each and every time you found yourself nervous under his gaze, sweating once the two of you parted ways and you hoped to god he never noticed. Bucky being the observant super soldier he was, did notice, but he found it sickeningly sweet. His heart fluttering as he noticed the way your heart rate quickened around him, the way you fumbled over your words at times and fiddled with your fingers.
Bucky took any and every opportunity to talk to you, helping you with groceries even if you weren’t struggling, dropping stuff on purpose for you to help him out. He even invited you out for dinner a couple times, the two of you getting along perfectly and conversation flowing easily.
“you know you have a really nice smile” you complimented him as you stopped infront of your door.
“do i?” Bucky grinned and you nodded, heart racing as you looked away from him, “then whyd you always look away when i smile at you?” He teased your mouth flew open.
“i- well it’s just- you-” he cut you off with a small laugh.
“just teasing you doll, i have the same smile as my mom” he spoke softly and you smiled, you hand squeezing his slightly, “you should get to bed, don’t you have work in the morning?” Bucky grinned and you nodded.
“You’re quite the charmer james” you whispered and you looked into his blue eyes, leaning in and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’ll see you soon” you smiled before walking into your apartment, leaving bucky outside smiling like a fool.
The shelter called bucky a couple days after that date and bucky couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough, excited to bring home his new friend. Scooping him up into his arms and signing a couple more papers before walking out of the shelter with a wide smile, cooing at the white cat.
“got someone who i think’ll wanna meet you buddy” he smiled, pulling into the apartment complex and walking up to his apartment, letting himself in and setting down alpine to explore.
“youll pee here, this is your litter box, best of the best for you” bucky smiled, pointing everything out to the cat. He played with him for a bit, giving the cat sometime to get used to his surroundings before going two doors down and knocking, a smile on his face.
Your heart jumped at the sudden sound, you weren’t expecting anyone so who was this? You looked through the peephole and saw bucky, a small smile on his face as he looked down at the floor and then back down to his door.
“oh god, oh fuck” you whispered, looking at the mirror next to you and taking in your appearance, you were in sweats and a t shirt, hair slightly messy. You tried fixing your hair to the best of your abilities before taking a deep breath and opening the door.
Bucky could hear you panicking, he bit his lip to stop the smile on his face. But he failed miserably as you opened the door and gave him a shy smile.
“hi bucky! i wasn’t expecting you” you laughed softly and he gave you a small smile.
“sorry, i just- i got alpine- my cat, i picked him up today and figured maybe you wanna meet him?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck and your eyes lit up, a smile on your face as you nodded quickly.
“oh! yes oh my god yeah let’s go!” You giggled, following bucky quickly down the hall and into his apartment. Your eyes landed on the white cat and your hands flew to your mouth.
“he’s so cute!” You cried out, bucky smiling at your reaction, alpine quickly noticing you and walking up to you. “hi little kitty, are you alpine? such a sweet name for a sweet boy!” you cooed, smiling as you crouched down and let the cat. Bucky couldn’t stop his heart from fluttering, cheeks flushing as he watched you.
“can i pick him up?” You asked, looking up at bucky and he nodded, you swiftly picked the cat up with a wide smile.
“you can sit on the couch if you’d like” bucky smiled and you thanked him, gently sitting on the couch and bucky followed suit, giving you some space. The two of you took turns petting and cuddling on alpine, soft giggled filling his apartment.
“thanks for introducing me” you spoke and bucky grinned at you.
“‘course, had to show him the most beautiful gal here” bucky smiled and you blushed at his comment, but he didn’t stop there. “i was wondering actually uh- stark has this gala thing- i mean you can say no it’s just- do you wanna go with me?”
Now it was Buckys turn to blush, he knew there was a huge chance you’d say no. I mean you hardly knew each other, the longest you had talked was for like 30 minutes in your apartment when he helped you bring up groceries two days ago.
“me?” You questioned, eyes wide as bucky nodded.
“I’ll get a dress for you and everything, just need to take someone and I’d prefer it be you” he smiled, how could you say no to him?
“uh- i wow- i mean” you sputtered out before stopping yourself and nodding, “yeah okay” you smiled and bucky grinned.
“thanks so much doll” he spoke and you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face, giddy with excitement.
Soon enough the gala came and bucky dropped off your dress, letting you know he’d drop by at 5:30 to pick you up to head to the dance. You were nervous as you slipped the gown on, it was a black to match the suit he’d be wearing, somewhat simple but had some pretty accents throughout that made it absolutely stunning.
You got ready quickly, bucky knocking at the door before you had a chance to slip your shoes on. You opened the door with a smile, Buckys mouth falling open.
“oh wow” was all he said, immediately closing his mouth and clearing his throat, “i mean- i- hi” he chuckled and you smiled, letting him.
“i brought you flowers” he grinned and you blushed, smiling at the beautiful roses he handed you.
“bucky barnes ever the gentleman” you grinned and he smirked.
“only the best for my gal” he shot back and your heart raced, moving to put the flowers in water and rushing to slip your heels on.
“let me just finish getting ready, I’ll be done in a minute” you smiled, looking at him through the mirror as you put on some earrings.
“you’re so gorgeous, melting my heart like it’s butter” he smiled, dazed in your beauty. Your heart continued to face and you smiled, rolling your eyes at him.
“oh hush” you protested, finally finishing and holding the door for the two of you to head out. He offered you his arm and you gladly too it, taking the elevator and stealing a glance at him. Bucky noticed and smiled, standing up a bit straighter.
As the two of you arrived you grew self conscious, there were so many other people here, so many girls that were much prettier than you and most likely much better than you. Bucky noticed your discomfort quickly and pulled you closer to him, giving you a reassuring smile.
The two of you walking over to where the rest of the team was and he smiled widely as Sam and steve made eye contact with him. Tony flashing you a smile.
“hey guys” bucky smiled and you followed his lead, grinning at everybody, trying to appear composed even though you were absolutely yelling your lungs out on the inside. “this is y/n, y/n this is- well this is the rest of the team” he chuckled and you laughed softly.
“hi! it’s a pleasure to meet you all” you greeted and they smiled, wanda immediately coming up to you and giving you a hug.
“I’m wanda! It’s nice to meet you, do you wanna get a drink?” She asked and you looked at bucky quickly before smiling with a nod, natasha following the two of you as you all walked over to the bar, bucky sitting next to steve and Sam.
“you’re dating bucky?” She whispered and you blushed, shaking your head.
“oh no! we’re just neighbors- well we’re friends, we talk sometimes” you rambled and Natasha smiled.
“ever since you helped him with whatever it was last week or two weeks ago he hasn’t shut up about you” Natasha whispered and you blushed, looking over at where bucky was and your heart raced as you made eye contact with him, quickly turning your head away from him.
“it’s true, even came to me for advice, I’m the one who suggested he ask you to come tonight!” Wanda smiled widely and you took a sip from your drink.
“let’s change the topic, what’s your favorite pasta shape?” You smiled.
Steve and Sam cheered on bucky as he sat down next to them.
“told you she would say yes!” Sam smiled, patting his back.
“i knew you still had it in you” steve smirked and bucky couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he watched you talk and laugh with nat and wanda.
“shes perfect” bucky mumbled, face beating up as Sam and steve made a fuss, “oh will you two shut up” he rolled his eyes, smile still on his face as his two friends continued to tease him, forcing him to spill his guts.
“can i buy you drink sweet cheeks?” You heard from behind you, but you ignored it, thinking they were talking to Natasha or wanda. The two girls looked at you with wide eyes when you didn’t react. Your eyes wide when you realized they were talking to you.
“me?” You asked, laughing slightly as the man nodded, a smirk on his face. You looked over at wanda and Natasha and they gave you a wink, your heart raced.
“uh- okay i guess” you smiled, ordering up enough for the three of you before smiling at the man, downing your shot with wanda and Natasha and ditching the man before he could even see where the three of you headed off to.
Bucky smiled as he watched the way you doubled over in laughter with the girls, wiping at your eyes softly to stop the tears of joy from ruining your makeup.
Soon enough the three of you walked back to the team, you sat next to bucky, letting yourself relax into his touch. After a couple minutes you saw steve and bucky both perk up, the sound of some 40s song playing as couples swayed on the dance floor.
“would you care to dance with me doll?” bucky asked with a smile and your heart raced.
“oh i don’t know how to dance” you whispered and Buckys smile only grew, “I’ll teach you darlin” he smirked as he easily pulled to to your feet, leading you to the dance floor and ignoring the whoops and cheers from the others.
With seconds the two of you were on the dance floor, bucky looking at you with soft eyes as you stood in front of him, looking around at everyone.
“eyes on me doll, or else you won’t learn” he teased you felt your stomach flutter. “side step right left to my beat doll, just follow the flow of the music” he spoke softly, your arms snaking around his neck and his cautiously let his hands rest on your hips.
“look at you, already getting the hang of it” he praised you and your heart raced, smiling up at him, you were only inches away from his face.
“you know nat and wanda told me some pretty crazy things” you whispered and bucky hummed.
“things like what?” he smirked, already knowing what you were gonna say.
“like how you’ve been talking ‘bout me” you spoke, the two of you still swaying to the music.
“i have been doll” he replied quickly, spinning you around before catching you back in his arms once again.
“what’ve you been saying?” You asked, breathless as the two of you were closer than before.
“oh you know, just how you’re the girl of my dreams, how i wanna make you my girl but i dunno what you’d say” he spoke smoothly, his cool tone causing your knees to buckle. Bucky held you up firmly, smiling at you.
“oh” you managed to squeak out, “well i wouldn’t say no” was all you managed out and bucky laughed softly. Your blue eyes met his and you felt your heartbeat in your ears, eyes flickering down to his lips. “what- what else did you say” you asked and he smiled.
“let me show you, talk is cheap and don’t mean a thing” he mumbled, slowly leaning into you, without a moments hesitation you crashed your lips onto his, your eyes fluttering closed as your mouths moved together, smiling into the kiss and pulling at the hair at the nape of his neck.
For a second the world melted away, it was just the two of you, rocking back and forth to the soft music as you smiled into the kiss, pulling away breathless with sparkling eyes and pink lips.
Then everything came back to you, suddenly everyone’s presence was a little too prominent for your liking, face growing hot. Bucky smiled at you, not wasting a second before grabbing your wrist and pulling you along, walking out of the venue and waving goodbye to everyone hastily. Wanda and Natasha shot you a thumbs up and you smiled brightly.
Within moments the two of you were alone outside, the cool Brooklyn air refreshing both of your flushed skin.
“you know, was gonna ask you to be my girl with a bunch of flowers and over a candle lit dinner” bucky chuckled and you smiled softly at him, your fingers intertwining in his hand.
“why don’t you?” you asked softly, he smiled at you as he threw his head back with a soft groan.
“cant wait that long doll face, i just wanna be yours already” he grinned, looking at you with soft eyes, adoration clear on his face.
“what’re you waiting for barnes?” You teased, stopping in your tracks and crossing your arms over your chest.
“for us to get back to your apartment so i can kiss you all night” he shot back with a smirk, loving the way you looked at him with wide eyes and your heart raced. He pulled you into his chest, kissing you on the lips quickly before pulling away, not caring that he had red lipstick all over his mouth or that it was now smudged on your lips now.
“will you be my girl y/n?” He asked breathless, the stars twinkling above the two of you and the cold New York wind cooling your hot bodies.
“depends” you smiled, “how much time do i get to spend with alpine?” Bucky smiled brightly at you, picking you up in his arms and walking to the car.
“of course I’ll be your girl james” you replied, kissing up his neck and leaving a trail of red lipstick. Bucky opened the door with one hand, easily holding you up with his other before setting you down in the car seat.
“i know, just wanted to hear you say it” he smirked and you gasped.
“you’re too cocky for your own good” you teased him as he slid into the drivers seat.
“not cocky, just charming, that what you called me didn’t you” he replied quickly, leaning over and kissing you before starting to drive back to your apartment.
It’s safe to say that you spent a lot of time with alpine, cat sitting when bucky was away on missions and lazing the weekends away cuddled in bed or on the couch with bucky.
There was never a dull moment in your relationship with bucky, constantly flirting with you as if he hadn’t been dating you for years already. The Brooklyn boy was head over heels for you and was not afraid to let the world know.
Which is why he reminded you everyday how much he loved you. Because to him, you were his whole world and all he’d ever need.
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buckyblues · 4 months ago
ribs , bucky barnes
— (fem!avenger!reader x avenger!bucky)
summary; When Bucky arrives at the compound after years of loneliness, the person he finds comfort in is you.
warnings; fluff, angst, kissing, fools falling for each other, mentions of trauma, some medical stuff, reader likes to steal things.
word count; 2,037
a/n; okay, i had so much fun writing this piece, it’s my baby. enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Steve lightly knocked on your open door.
“You’re back,” you set your copy of Frankenstein to the side. It had been a gift from Banner for your birthday.
Steve leaned his broad frame against the wall. “I need you to stay up here for awhile, we brought him back.”
There were a lot of him’s that Steve could have brought back. Hostages, fugitives, ghosts that the government had long forgotten.
“Bucky,” he clarified. “He’s in medical.”
You knew who Bucky was. Former sergeant of the 107th, Steve’s best friend, and recovering Hydra assassin, among other things.
Steve and Sam had been looking for him for months, scrambling and chasing after him to get him to the compound. You were convinced that Bucky would consistently outrun the two for as long as he could, and the government would just catch him first.
“Is he here legally? He’s a wanted criminal,” you looked at Steve like he had five heads.
“Might’ve pulled some strings,” he shrugged. “Just don’t come out of your room, he’s unstable.”
Were they always going to treat you like you couldn’t handle anything around here?
“Rogers,” you huffed as he began to walk out. “I have some of the best medical knowledge in the compound, and you’re makin’ me sit here?”
“Yup,” his feet padded softly across the floor, and you watched him disappear down the stairs.
You flopped onto the bed like a starfish, making a mental list of things you could do to entertain yourself. Nothing really, that was your answer. You should be down there helping the medical team with any wounds Bucky may have, but Steve will scold you silly for leaving your room as soon as he gets the chance.
Well... Steve would get over it.
Thank god you were a trained spy, more or less, because the compound was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Medical would be crowded when you walked in, you’d bet the knife you stole from Nat’s collection that Bucky was strapped down to a bed as someone tried to bandage his nasty cuts.
Your instincts proved right.
Bucky was groaning, calling out for something you didn’t understand, legs and arms strapped down. He’s unstable, that’s what Steve said. Steve has a hand on Bucky’s shoulder in a weak attempt to comfort him as the medical personnel rid him of the caked dirt and blood on his skin.
You should be slapped over the face for being so curious, but Bucky has always fascinated you. Sam is in the corner of the the room with his head down, and you remember looking over Bucky’s records with him late at night, or that trip to the Smithsonian to see if you could catch Bucky lurking at his own memorial.
Something about Bucky was beautiful. Broken, but still beautiful. You can’t register it now as hot tears streak down his face, but it clicked with you when you read about him, or when Steve told stories.
“What did I tell you?” Suddenly Steve was stood over you, arms crossed.
“Oh... Captain,” you shoved your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. “I was just—“
Bucky groaned and cried out in pain. Sam tried to do what Steve had done, placing a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. He didn’t seem like the touchy-feely type.
“He could lash out at you,” Steve blocked your view of the hospital bed. “He doesn’t know who you are.”
“So? I’m the only person that can really help with his stitches. He’s hurting.”
“Fine,” Steve said through gritted teeth. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
You walked through the small crowd of nurses tending to Bucky, and naturally, they let you through. A prodigy, that’s the word they liked to throw around, with an organic understanding of human anatomy. The whole compound was surprised you had never gone to med school, and that you just preferred to play checkers with Wanda or help Sam on a mission.
“It’s okay,” you whispered, observing the deep gash down the inside of his right arm. “Can I touch you?”
Bucky thrashed around again, and Sam backed away. “Y/N, he’s having a moment. I wouldn’t go near him.”
“Sam, I have to seal that up,” you disregarded the danger you were in. “He’ll get an infection.”
The infamous Winter Soldier, and he just stared up at you with glassy blue eyes and fearful expression. He mumbled incoherent things under his breath, you wanted nothing more than to understand him.
It seemed like he hadn’t been understood in an awfully long time.
You grabbed all your things from the table to quickly mend him, holding a bandage between your teeth. He fought you, his metal arm tearing one of the restraints, but Bucky eventually let up.
“Relax, Buck,” Steve urged him from behind you.
“All done,” you smile and step away. “Everything else looks fine, you can handle it?”
Steve simply nodded, and you went back to your room.
A week had passed by since Steve brought Bucky to the compound. The air got cold and it rained almost everyday, which meant morning runs were no longer on your daily agenda.
You hadn’t seen Bucky come out of his room. It wasn’t surprising, Sam mumbled a few things here and there about him having a hard time adjusting, that he still got erratic. Being used as a human weapon for over half a century will do that to you.
Being on a mission would’ve been ideal right now. You’re bored in the compound, like a sad princess in her ivory tower. A knock on your door stirred you out of your haze.
“It’s open,” you flipped to the next page of your book. It’s about surgical history, you figured the medical team downstairs wouldn’t miss it from their decorative bookshelf.
Bucky stood in your doorway, looking slightly less upset than the last time you saw him.
“Steve told me this was your room,” he swallowed. “I’m across the hall.”
“I know,” you stared at him for a bit too long. It was strange, hearing him speak.
He pulled his shirt sleeve up, showing you the stitches you had made not long ago. “Can you check these?”
“Of course,” you patted the space on the mattress beside you. “Sit for me.”
Bucky sat down, eyeing his arm where the stitches were. His dark hair fell in his face, and you wanted so badly to push it behind his ears, to see him.
You checked the area around the stitches, making sure they were all intact and that nothing was infected. You had told Steve to make sure Bucky puts Neosporin around the wound every night, and it looked like he had been doing just that.
“Looks fine,” you took your hand away from his arm. “I can take them out soon.”
“Thanks,” he pulled his sleeve back in place. “I hope I didn’t bother you.”
“Not at all,” god, the way you wanted to reach out and touch him.
Bucky’s eyes shifted to yours, glimmering blue.
“When can I come back? For you to take them out?” He asked.
You let out a breath. “Three days.”
He stayed like that for awhile, just looking at you. Maybe he’s searching for something, perhaps fear. You’re not afraid of him.
Your hand moved to his face. That could be considered a calculated mistake. Bucky flinched, his metal hand balling in a tight fist. You brushed the long hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his left ear.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” you whispered.
His face warmed up a little bit. “What if I hurt you first?”
“I’ll try and calm you down. I’m not hurting you back.”
“That’s a bad idea.”
“Doesn’t matter,” you sighed.
Bucky nuzzled into your hand that was cupping his jaw. “I should go back to my room.”
“You can stay.”
No one knew why you and Bucky held hands all the time, so no one said anything.
Steve thought he had the right to know, and that maybe he could press his best friend for some answers. Was it a thing? No, you did it for solace. Bucky liked having something to hold.
Bucky Barnes had been a constant in your life for a few weeks. He enjoyed your company just as much as you enjoyed his, it probably had something to do with your lone wolf personalities. You were happy to be a part of his recovery, even if you found he didn’t say much.
“They healed really nice,” you ran a finger over where his stitches used to be.
His eyes looked more innocent than you’ve ever seen before. He was focusing on not flinching, you knew that. Bucky was still getting used to you touching him so often.
“If I ever need them again,” he squeezed your hand in his. “Can you do it for me up here?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t like seeing you strapped down to that bed.”
He wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. If he ever got treated like that again, you’d lose your mind.
“Why aren’t you a doctor?” Bucky squinted at you in curiosity.
“I wanted to be a surgeon,” you answered. “But being a spy paid more, I guess. Now I’m here.”
He didn’t have a counter for that, just listened. You liked that about him, he’s a good listener. He listened to you read books aloud so he could fall asleep to the sound of your voice, he listened to you talk about your favorite things even though he didn’t always understand them.
When Bucky first came to the compound, he was covered in bruises and cuts. Now, almost a month later, he looked a lot more at peace, physically and mentally. It’s like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
“It feels nice, being here with you,” his metal hand came up to stroke your cheek. “I was thinkin’ about staying locked in my room forever.”
You chuckled. “You’ll get used to everyone else.”
Something inside you ached. You just wanted to be close to him. There was that pang of guilt inside of you, telling you no, that he’d get scared if you did such a thing and it would be all your fault for wrecking his progress.
You moved closer to him so your nose was touching his. “I kinda hope that I’m your favorite.”
“You are,” he hummed, lips brushing against yours and giggling. “Don’t tell Steve.”
There’s nothing you’d rather do than hold him for the rest of your life when he giggles. It’s the most precious thing on earth, he’s letting himself be free.
“Bucky,” you buried the side of your face into your pillow. “Are you feeling okay?”
No answer, just his chapped lips pressed to yours. It felt inexperienced and static, but butterflies filled your stomach nonetheless.
“I wanted to do that with you,” he admitted.
You brought him back into a deeper kiss, still chaste, but more like what you believed he was striving for. He vaguely remembers the feeling of someone’s lips, back in the forties. His body is perfect, molding against yours like you were made for each other.
It’s so nice and warm that your toes curl a bit. The kind of long, sweet kiss that makes your brain reduce to mush, that’s what it was. You really don’t want to come up for air, he is air, that’s what you think.
You did eventually have to breathe, and you just held him for awhile. You stared at him too, shamelessly. That’s a perk of getting to be alone with Bucky.
“Thanks for letting me in here,” you poked at his chest.
He didn’t understand. “Where?”
“That big heart of yours,” you blushed.
Bucky wrapped his big arms around you tighter. He wanted to cry, or melt, but in a good way. He was still working on conveying his emotions. “Thanks for being my friend.”
“I don’t think we’re just friends anymore.”
A goofy smile spread across his face, his eyes crinkling at the sides. There was nothing more beautiful in the entire universe.
And he’s in your arms.
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bucksfucks · 5 months ago
  𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝙢𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙡 𝙞𝙞 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃boundaries are blurred and nudes are sent, but you finally get what you’ve both been craving.
pairing┃roommate!bucky x f!reader
word count┃1,913 words
warnings┃mild phone sex, snapchat nudes, shitty date, unprotected sex, lots of teasing, bucky getting jealous, possessive!bucky, cocky!bucky, making out, bucky eating you out + fingering you, (face) squirting, light cum play, light breeding kink, bucky’s head board breaks, bucky masturbates with your panties — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃i’m not ready to let roommate!bucky go
Tumblr media
    What had started out as an innocent date has transformed into you squirming in your seat as you desperately tried not to think about Bucky. 
    Your date was...well he wasn’t a good date at all. 
    Talking about his accomplishments in the stock market, how he dropped out of business school and made it on his own—with the help of daddy’s money of course. 
    He was not only boring, but you knew there was no way he would compare to Bucky. 
    The only reason you went out with him is because a mutual friend had set you both up, saying it was a good idea since you were both single. 
    But were you single? Were you really truly single if Bucky’s dick flashed across your phone screen? 
    It was quite clear the Bucky didn’t approve of the date, a shiver rolling down your spine at the thought of what Bucky would do to you. 
    Your date continued chatting, blabbering about how much money he’d made today in stocks—stroking his own ego as you opened the familiar yellow application. 
    The first picture was tame, a shameless mirror selfie of Bucky in those grey sweatpants you adored sitting snug and low on his hips. 
    You could see the evident outline of his cock, the next snap becoming a more risqué as he held his cock through his pants. 
    Captioning the photo hope the date is going well, sweets and it made your stomach flip in utter excitement. 
    Now that you were staring at the purple square you couldn’t care less about what your date was talking about—he was clearly getting something out of talking him and only him. 
    You had to be subtle, eyes widening only slightly when you opened Bucky’s Snapchat. 
    Easier said than done when it was your black lace panties wrapped around his cock as he jerked off with the caption thinking of your sweet pussy. 
    You couldn’t take your eyes off the screen, watching the small circle turn before the video cut out and suddenly, your throat was dry. 
    A gulp of water later and you still couldn’t shake the image of your panties around Bucky’s cock. 
    “Would you excuse me, I just have to run to the bathroom,” you said with a tight-lipped smile as he practically shooed you off. 
    You wove in and out of the various tables and chairs until you pressed your body against the bathroom door—relieved to find it was a single person one. 
    It was locked, staring at yourself through the mirror as you quickly punched Bucky’s number in and held your phone to your ear. 
    It rang, it rang again, and then he picked up. 
    “How’s the date goin’, Sweets?” You could hear the smirk he wearing as you paced the small space. 
    “You think that’s funny?” You sounded exasperated and sexually frustrated as Bucky just laughed on the other side. 
    “I think it’s pretty damn funny that you think you’ll find someone who makes you come as hard as I do.” His words are low and raspy as you hear him take a sharp breath. 
    “Come home, Sweets,” he purrs, “I miss you.” 
    Your pussy jumps at his words, the ache growing and you can feel the wetness in your panties before you hear the familiar sound of his lubed up cock. 
    “Bucky, are you masturbating right now?” You’re not offended, nor are you mad, instead, your voice is a low hum as you close your eyes. 
    “I told you I couldn’t stop thinkin’ of you,” he groans and you can hear his soft pants along with his hand moving over his dick. 
    “You know, ever since that night where we touched each other,” you shiver at the memory, “my own hand just doesn’t feel as good as yours.” 
    A shudder rolls over your body, leaning your body against the cool tile wall of the bathroom as you let yourself listen to Bucky’s low moans. 
    “Come home and let me make you feel so fuckin’ good, Sweets.” Bucky cooes and you can’t deny it anymore. 
    You nod your head, looking at yourself in the mirror, “I’ll be home in fifteen.” 
    You gave your date some piss poor excuse how your friend was in an emergency as you placed some money on the table for your half of the meal—not looking back as you flew out the door and into the streets. 
    The only think on your mind was Bucky and Bucky’s hand and the prospect of Bucky’s dick filling you up like you’d been dreaming of for the past year. 
    You cursed to yourself as you dropped your keys in a haste attempt at trying to shove the into the lock. 
    When you finally got the door open, throwing it closed and toeing your shoes off Bucky was standing, well, leaning on the frame of his door just watching you. 
    Neither of you said anything as you threw your arms around Bucky’s neck as you kissed him with need. 
    He picked you up, your legs wrapped around his waist—the only thing he was wearing were the same grey sweatpants from his Snapchat videos. 
    You’re dropped onto his bed, Bucky closing his bedroom door before he’s stalking back over to you. 
    “I think it’s cute how you thought another man could please you how I do,” he smirks, fingers gripping around your ankle to tug you to the end of the bed. 
    “And I’ve only used my fingers.” He’s confident and cocky, rightfully so as he tears your pants off of your body until you’re just in your panties. 
    “You must be imagining what my cock could do, hmm, Sweets?” The nickname falls off his lips gently as you’re whimpering under him already—nodding your head. 
    “These are cute,” he comments, tracing his fingers over your panties. “Did you wear them for him, or for me?” He whispers, cocking his head as he rips your shirt off your body. 
    “You, Bucky,” you mewl, left only in panties as you feel the heat coming off of his body as he kneels down at the edge of the bed and between your legs. 
    “And why’s that, Sweets?” He asks, teasing you as his mouth hovers over your clothed core. 
    You wriggle under him, “because only you can make me come!” You whine, begging him to touch you already. 
    He chuckles, low and dark before pressing a kiss to your panty covered clit. 
    It relives some of the tension for a second, Bucky’s hot breath over you before the panties are crawling off your legs. 
    “This pussy,” he groans, sliding two cold metal fingers through your folds, “is mine.” 
    Your fingers tangle in his hair trying to tug him to where you need him as his fingers continue to tease and play with you. 
    “I wanna hear you say it, Sweets. Then I’ll eat you out until you can’t breath,” he growls, eyes dark as your head falls against his pillows. 
    “Fuck—all yours Bucky, only yours,” you pant, the second those words leave your mouth his mouth is on you. 
    It startled you, lewd moan falling from your lips as he wraps his lips around your clit. 
    It’s exactly what you’ve been begging for, exactly what you’ve been dreaming and only ten times better. 
    “That’s my girl,” Bucky purrs against you, fingers knuckle deep as he coaxes soft pants from you. 
    Your legs squeeze his head, thick thighs keeping him anchored to your pussy as he licks, laps, and sucks until you’re close to the edge. 
    “‘M so close, Bucky, so close,” you feel like you’re in a trance as his fingers hook inside of you brushing your g-spot with intent. 
    He uses the opportunity to press his palm into your lower tummy, applying gentle pressure as you nearly thrash under him from how intense the buildup is.
    “Come for me, Sweets. Make a mess all over my face and mark me as yours,” he growls before you feel yourself snapping as your orgasm flows through you.
    Bucky rides you through the orgasm, tongue lapping at your core as your legs are left shaking.
    “That’s a new one for you, Sweets, isn’t it?” He purrs, climbing over you as you manage to flutter your eyes open as you catch your breath.
    You’re confused for a second before you see his beard glisten under the moonlight streaming through his curtains as you gasp out a moan.
    “It’s not that you can’t squirt,” he purrs, cupping your face as he brushes his nose against yours.
    “It’s just that you’ve been pickin’ men that can’t even find your clit.” He smirks, pressing his lips against yours.
    You taint yourself on his tongue, palming his cock through his sweatpants as he groans against your mouth.
    He tugs them down and off of his body, leaving him naked and you can’t get over how good he looks.
    “I’m not gonna make love to you tonight, Sweets,” Bucky mumbles, “I’m gonna fuck you tonight and spend tomorrow between your legs.”
    You moan at his words before you’re flipped over and Bucky’s slightly warm metal hand is pressed between your shoulder blades to keep you pinned against the bed.
    “You look so good like this, Sweets. Ass up, face down in my bed as you’re waitin’ for my cock to fill you up,” he purrs, teasing your entrance with his fingers making you whimper.
    “Can’t wait to fill you up,” he groans, his heavy against your entrance as he grips your waist—slowly pushing into you.
    The feeling of him stretching you is euphoric, digging your fingers into whatever it is that you can as he bottoms out inside of you.
    “Fuck—Sweets,” he almost whimpers as he gets impossibly deep inside of you.
    “Feel s’fuckin’ good, ruined any other pussy for me, you know that?” He grunts, snapping his hips once against you, sending you forward up the bed.
    His thrusts are deep and slow before he can’t hold back and he’s fucking you into the mattress where the only thing you can smell is his cologne and the fresh linen.
    “Gonna make me cum so hard ‘side you, have you leakin’ for me.” He grunts, gripping his cheap headboard with his bionic fingers as you hear the cracking of the wood.
    Your toes are curling, walls fluttering and tightening around him as he hits every spot imaginable.
    “That’s it, Sweets. Cum ‘round my cock, yeah—shit,” he hisses when you snap, locking him inside of you as he paints your walls.
    The headboard creaks, old springs of the mattress creaking as the room fills with Bucky’s loud moans.
    It’s your favourite sound.
    He’s panting, just like you are, feeling him pull out of you as he watches the way his cum slowly trickles out of you and down your thighs.
    “You like the way my cum streaks your thighs, Sweets,” he teases, smirking as his fingers trace up your thighs.
    You can’t verbally respond, exhausted against the pillows as you hum in response.
    “I gotta admit, I like seein’ you like this Sweets. Fucked out and covered in my cum.” He whispers in your ear, goosebumps on your skin as he cleans you up.
    You look up at him once you’re both settled back in bed, running your fingers along his jaw.
    “Hey, Sweets?” Bucky whispers, watching your eyes meet his.
    “I think I’m falling in love with you,” a smile blooms on both of your faces as you can’t stop the giggles, “the feelings mutual, Buck.”
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vanderlustwords · 2 months ago
hi lovely! your writing is amazing. too good!!! thank you for sharing it. i was wondering if you could do a bucky fic where he starts getting more comfortable doing pda with his girl in front of the team, and they notice how soft and sappy he is now he’s dating her, and inevitably (but lovingly) tease him for it. only do this if it inspires u though! hope you’re staying safe and healthy x
These Hands Are Meant to Hold
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs & Comments are much welcomed ♥
Note: I was super inspired to be fluffy as fuck. This is just a wholesome drabble. Thank you so much for sending this in, lovely! Making a comeback and so, a temporary taglist is open for the next 5 fics. Comment to be added to a bucky, steve, or both taglist!
Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff. Also unbeta'd.
Count: 1.3k
Otherwise known as Public Displays of Affection (1): Acts of intimacy in front of others.
What is considered to be acceptable varies from culture to culture.
Your friends seem to like engaging in such activities, often cuddling or quick kisses.
But Bucky is not an openly affectionate person.
In public, even handholding for no reason doesn't ever occur. In private, he's overly gentle, like he's afraid he might accidentally break you.
Although it's been a couple of months since you've been dating, you can say nothing physically has quite changed between the two of you.
But...those things don't bother you.
Because in private, Bucky can't keep his hands off you. At first, he was cautious, making sure to only touch you with his regular arm. He tried to say that he liked touching you with his regular arm because he could feel you on the pads of his finger.
You didn't care much for that, though. You always made sure to give his metal arm equal amounts of attention. Just as Bucky liked stroking your arms, playing with strands of your hair, and kissing your neck—you'd be holding his regular hand while your other hand trails up his metal one.
Telling him you liked it when his metal arm held you at night because it kept you cool helped.
Bucky just thinks you're so...strange but so lovely. How could you look at him with such adoration in your eyes? He hopes you can see the same look in his eyes when he stares at you.
It was slow at first, but Bucky's whole body is starting to itch for the need to touch you in any kind of way in public too. It started one day when he watched Steve so openly hug you and pinched your cheeks, and you swatting his hands away with a frown before grinning.
And Bucky realized that he was jealous. Not of the prospect or suspicion of Steve—no, Bucky knows the two of you would never do that to him. But he was jealous of Steve in the way the other man could so easily be affectionate with you.
Bucky spent the rest of his day wondering why he was so...afraid of touching you in public. After that, it started small. Just the caress upon your hand with his picky, metal one or not. You had brushed it off as the two of you standing too close.
Then, it was interlacing his pinky with yours, hiding it behind his back as he sandwiched himself against you. You looked at him curiously, a low heat in your cheeks, but you smiled, and Bucky felt like he was doing something amazing—something right for once.
There had always been a certain kind of distance in public, but it seemed Bucky was intent on closing it.
"Hi, doll," Bucky greets you with a chaste kiss to your cheek.
"Hi," you replied shyly with a bright smile.
"Alright, get a room you two!" Clint jokingly moans while rolling his eyes.
Natasha gasps scandalously while she was holding Nathaniel. Steve lifted his hand to cover Nathaniel's eyes.
"Bucky!" Steve mock scolds. "So inappropriate, think of the children!"
Bucky rolls his eyes while he slings his arm around you, pulling you close to slot his lips against yours in rebellion.
"Oh, god, he's out of control," Natasha smirks. "Steve, do something!"
"Sweetheart, think about your propriety!" Steve looks at you, and you burst out laughing.
Bucky throws a crumpled piece of paper at Steve. "Stop calling my girlfriend sweetheart," he drawls.
Steve sighs. "You've turned into a possessive sap. Long gone are the days of Mr. Heartbreaker and now you're doll dizzy."
Bucky tuts while he waggles his fingers. "Incorrect. I am doll dizzy about one girl."
Your face is set aflame as you listened to Bucky speak about you. Ignoring the teasing, you rest your head against Bucky's shoulder, warming because he holds you a little tighter.
When the day is over, and you lie next to Bucky, his metal arm over you, keeping you cool, you turn to face him. He's still awake, sleepily, but awake.
"Hi," he husks.
"Hi," you smile.
"What's on your mind, doll?" Bucky's eyes are closed, but his metal arm is stroking light lines on your bare back, drifting to your spine.
You shiver as you shift closer to him.
"Just thinking how...different you are," you tell him.
Bucky's eyes flutter open as he zeroes in on you. "Different?" He asks.
Your hand moves across the small distance between you two as it lands on his neck. You can feel his pulse in his neck, and you like how steady it is. For all Bucky's insecurities and sadness, his pulse is always steady.
"Well," you start to say, throat raspy as you're suddenly overcome with how in love you are with Bucky. "Just—I never thought you'd be the type of person to do PDA. Not that I mind either way," you say quickly. "I never want to make you uncomfortable."
Bucky just smiles as he rests his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer to him—until he can feel your body line up perfectly against his. He begins to entangle your legs together with his, and there's no escape for you.
You bite your tongue because Bucky smiling. Him grinning so genuinely makes your heart thud painfully in your chest. He deserves so much more of those smiles.
"I admit it wasn't something I was...comfortable with at first," Bucky concedes while you look up at him. "I just...this arm," Bucky emphasizes by moving his metal hand against your back. "It's just a visual reminder of what I'd done—what I'd become. I'm not a regular soldier from the 40s anymore where my only concerns were my job and making sure Steve didn't get into any scraps he couldn't handle."
You listen quietly because Bucky seems to be just talking, not really looking for you to reassure him that you love him and his metal arm doesn't define him.
"And in public, it feels like everyone is watching me. Tony is still glaring at me, glaring at my arm and I don't blame him. Steve sometimes stares because he feels guilty, and Natasha pointedly looks at my face—which is nice of her," Bucky licked his lips. His eyes were open, staring pointedly over your head as he held you. Then, he looked down, eyes half-lidden as he gazed at you.
"So, I...felt bad if I touched you in public, where everyone could see. It was like a giant neon board would appear that said, 'Look! The Winter Soldier is touching and kissing someone! Will he crush her?'" Bucky grimaced, and you frowned, moving your fingers to touch the corner of his lips. Bucky smiles as he moves his head to kiss your fingers.
"Bucky..." you say softly, tightening your legs around his.
Bucky just kisses your forehead to soothe you before he continued on.
"But then I just kept seeing everyone with you. Everyone is so open with you. I'm pretty sure many people actually think Natasha is your lesbian lover," Bucky's smile causes you to laugh. "I mean I wanted to touch you, be near you in any way always, but then after, I couldn't stop thinking about how I wanted to be the one who holds your hand, touches you, and kisses your cheek in public. If only I wasn't so hesitant. I know it probably took a long time to get where we are, but I love you for being so patient."
You wonder if it's possible to burst from happiness. You wonder how it's possible for the colony of butterflies to have lived in your stomach this long.
Bucky lifts his metal hand, opening and closing it, almost marvelling at how he can look at it so easily now.
You grab his hand, feeling the cool metal against your fingertips.
"These hands are meant to hold, Bucky," you smile as you lace your fingers together.
Bucky quirks his brow with a smirk before he rolls over you, nose to nose.
"Incorrect," he licks his lips, the tip of his tongue just barely grazing your lips. "These hands are meant to hold you."
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: this is one of my favorites & it was inspired by the endings beginnings gif set
pairing: bartender!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, oral (m & f), fingering, unprotected sex, fluff, sorry for any missed typos
words: 3.4k
Tumblr media
The bar has cleared out from its peak hours. All that is left are: the regulars, a few college kids playing darts, and a newly single girl sitting alone at a small booth in the corner.
You stare blankly at your empty glass, spinning it slowly in your hands. The glass has been empty for quite some time- you desperately want to get more, but your body felt glued to the booth cushion.
The alcohol has worn off and all that is left is the light fog around the front of your head.
With all the strength you can muster, you scoot off the booth with the glass barely hanging from your fingers. You sniffle and take a deep breath before walking to the near-empty bar.
Plopping yourself down on one of the stools, you wait patiently for the bartender to get to you.
He has been refilling you all night- you’re surprised he hasn’t cut you off.
He watched you the whole night to make sure you weren’t going to get out of hand- but you never reached the “security come to get her”.
Just sat in the booth the whole night, dressed in your black skirt and a graphic t-shirt that's tucked into the sides- with your hair pulled away from your face.
You intrigued him every time you came in- coming in happy as can be, ordering fruity cocktails. It all turns to shit the moment the man, who he assumes is was your boyfriend, comes in. That's when the sweet fruity cocktails turned to the bitter taste of whiskey.
The same man was with you earlier, but he had left in a fury a couple of hours ago. This interaction wasn’t the first time he saw him leave like this.
He caught glimpses of the sour relationship throughout the months, as this bar is was “your spot”. He thought how much of an asshole the guy was when he’d leave like that, sometimes in the middle of you talking.
His blood would boil at the sight, wishing you’d leave him already- growing protective whenever you'd come in, security on stand by every time.
When the man left, you wouldn't drink much after- only sit for an hour or two. Based on the unusual amount of whiskey you consumed tonight, he assumed there was a breakup.
From years of experience, he knew not to cut off someone freshly broken up with. There were rules he had set for situations like this.
Number one: do not comment about what is wrong.
Number two: do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
With the experience, he knew to never break these rules- it would lead to unnecessary yelling and people hysterically crying.
You were handling the loss of the relationship much differently than previous customers. From the months of watching from the sidelines, he had a desire to comfort you.
You didn’t cry- not really, just sat in the booth downing glasses of the cheapest whiskey the bar offered. Every now and then your eyes fill with tears, but that’s when the whiskey would come into play- prolonging the sulking session.
Nonetheless, he watched you made sure nobody messed with you, and left you to cope on your own.
“Refill?” He asks, bringing the bottle to the counter and twisting the bottle cap off.
“Water, please.” You lightly shake your head.
“Whiskey’d out?” The glass fills and you take it, not bothering to make eye contact with him.
“Uhm, yeah,” A faint smile appearing and disappearing.
He looks at you- your eyes are red from the strain. Sitting quietly, you sip the glass of water.
There is a mental battle going on inside his head. Debating back and forth about breaking his rules, but his mouth is faster than his brain.
Number one: Do NOT comment about what is wrong.
“For what it’s worth, he seemed like a dick.” Giving in, he says, attempting to cheer you up, but you are caught off guard by the comment.
You didn’t think he was paying attention to the events that happened at the booth. Glancing up at him, you finally pay attention to the man who has been supporting your drinking habits.
He wears a red and black plaid shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and you could faintly smell his cologne from where you were sitting. His hair is tossed about and facial hair covering his jawline.
You are mesmerized by the sight in front of you.
“He is, but I'm the idiot that keeps going back.” Mumbling defeated, you finish the glass of water.
Beginning the spinning again, zoning out on the empty glass.
“But… I think this time is for real,” You add.
Raising an eyebrow, he tilts his head in confusion.
“Cheated.” Anger builds in the pit of his stomach as he nods along.
“His loss.” He brings the water tap to the glass, stopping the spinning.
You let your grip on the glass go, letting him refill it.
Your eyes flutter to his, taken back by how icy they look. He breaks the focus by putting the tap back down. He holds out his hand-
“James, but people call me Bucky.” You hesitantly shake his hand. His palms are smooth, the grip soothing you.
Swallowing hard, you pull away.
“Y/N.” You give your best smile you could manage.
Bucky smiles back before tending to the other customers. You watch him pour fruity drinks into glasses and laugh with the others.
He is charismatic, but not over the top. It’s a natural charm he has, one that’s captivating. He is whipping away the fallen liquid and crumbs from the counter. The smell of the grease had eased, leaving you to assuming closing time is soon. The college kids have left, leaving the dart vacant.
The regulars are finishing their drinks, before throwing a five-dollar bill down before disappearing outside. Meaning the only person left is the newly single girl.
Every now and then, Bucky glances at you while he cleans up.
The bar closed almost fifteen minutes ago, but he didn’t mind the company. His managers and co-workers leave him, but not without reminding you to lock up and kick the girl out.
He had no plans of kicking you out till he is finished. The TVs are playing reruns of friends.
Glimpses of a smile would appear when a comedic scene would come on. Bucky wished he had seen it more, but it would fade like the fruitiness of the drinks.
“Oh god, I didn’t even realize you guys closed. I’m so sorry-“
You frantically getting up from the stool when you see Bucky locking the front doors.
“You’re alright to stay longer if you want,”
The truth is you didn’t want to leave because the moment you leave, you know you’ll be forced to face reality.
“I don’t want you to have to stay longer than you have to.”
He shakes his head, pulling out another small glass.
Filling it with water as well,
“I don’t mind the company.”
The words fell from his lips making your stomach flutter.
Number two: Do not go past the bar (including helping to the car or walking home).
Bucky scrunches his dirty apron that hung around his waist. Tossing it in the hamper that stays by the entrance to the kitchen.
You tense up as he takes a seat next to you. Bucky smiles gesturing to cheers your glasses. You smile nervously, clinking the glasses before bringing it to your lips.
Resting the cup on the counter, he is staring at you- mesmerized by your beauty, even in the aftermath of a disaster night.
You’re avoiding eye contact as you are flushed. He chuckles at the reaction. You go to hide your face in your hands but being cut off by the gentle sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Don’t hide, you look great.”
This only furthers your desire to hide behind the tallest wall you could find. The real truth is that you haven’t been looked at like that in so long.
Your ex only looks at you like a prize he has won, showing you off like a trophy. This gaze was soft and admiring. You manage to look back at him with a soft grin, the first time one this genuine appears across your lips.
“Are you okay?” The smile fades from your lips.
Bucky’s face scrunches with concern. You take a deep breath and begin to talk about the break-up.
Bucky intently listens as you begin to vent about the severity of the break-up. He had cheated throughout the whole relationship, gaslighting you whenever you’d bring it up. Making you believe this next go-around would be better, he’d stop the affair, he’d stop lying- all the make you stay.
None of them were true promises, because weeks later he’d be back in a random girl’s bed.
You explain the insane reasons you stay, and this brings Bucky to an unusually heated level. Normally when people would use him as a free therapist while bartending, he wouldn’t be this emotionally attached to the events.
Bucky wanted to find him and beat him to a bloody pulp by the end of the story. If he had known how badly you were treated by him, he would have spoken up at previous nights.
“You’re too good for him anyway. Fuck him.”
Bucky’s tone comes across as more aggressive than he wanted it to. You crack a smile at the protectiveness. It was nice to have someone to be protective for once.
“I don’t know…” Your voice is soft and just below a whisper.
When you look back at Bucky, his bottom lip is tucked under the top. He bites back the urge to cup your face and press his lips against yours.
Showing you how you should truly be treated. Making you feel like you’re worthy of every good thing in the world. His eyes are pleading and yours are begging for him to do something.
You wish for him to take your mind off your shit ex. Wanting to forget the shit evening you had experienced. You need his soft lips against yours. The two of you stare into each other’s eyes. Knowing you both want the same thing, his gaze drifts to your lips.
Bucky leans in closer to you. Your breath hitches, begging with your eyes that he’d bring his lips to you.
Number three: do not kiss or flirt.
He takes the side of your face in his hand, fingers resting just below your ear. Bucky’s thumb rubbing lightly against the corner of your mouth. He watches your lips slowly part. His thumb runs over your bottom lip, before licking his own. Your chest is heavier and the amount of self-control you were exhibiting should be awarded.
Bucky takes one last breath before bringing his lips to meet yours. His tongue slipping so effortlessly into yours. Colliding against yours hungry and desperate.
Your eyes are tightly shut and your body aching to be against his. Bucky's lips pull apart from yours, leaving the two of you panting. It is quiet for a moment, the two of you mentally decide the pros and cons of what is about to happen if you continue.
You bring your lips back to his, more eager. This time, Bucky’s other hand is brought to the other side pulling you up and out of your seat. One hand moves from your cheek to your waist, guiding it back toward the pool table.
“Jump.” Bucky breathlessly mumbles against your lips.
His hands leave the sides of your face, assisting you. You are roughly placed on the green felt, letting your legs spread open for Bucky to move between them. You are washed over by the guilt of using him. You pull away from the kiss using your palm as a barrier between your bodies.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky is quick to back away in fear he hurt you in some way.
“I don’t want to use you.”
His facial expression changes.
“You’re not using me- I just want to make you feel good if you want to stop-“
That is all the confirmation you need from him before you reach and pull him back between your legs. Bucky brings his hand back to the side of your face, cupping it rougher than before. His other falls to your waist, scooting you closer to the edge of the table.
You grip the edge of the pool table, digging your nails into the felted edges. His fingers are searching desperately for the edge of your skirt.
Bucky finds the end and slides his palm along your thigh, slipping underneath the fabric. Your breath hitches and a quiet whimper falls from your lips. You break away from the kiss looking down as his palm lifts the fabric up.
Bucky drops down in front of you, pressing his lips against your leg. He peppers kisses on the inside of your leg, not breaking eye contact with you.
The intimacy of eye contact is foreign to you- intimacy is foreign. Passion is foreign. Watching a man worship your body is foreign. This is an experience unmatched by anyone you’ve been with, especially for someone who you barely know.
His kisses are innocent till he reaches your inner thigh. His eyes are darker than before, you watch in awe as he doesn’t leave a piece of skin uncovered in a kiss. Bucky held the sides of your hips as he began to trail kisses closer and closer to your clothed heat. He wants you to feel better. He wants you to know that someone is willing to treat you like you’re supposed to.
“Do you want me to stop?” He breaths, ready to devour you.
You shake your head, granting him full access to your heat. It began aching the moment Bucky dragged his finger over the covered area.
You try and steady your breathing but watching him focus so intently on you made it harder for you to breathe. He becomes eye level with your heat. While licking his lips, he tugs on the band of your panties.
You gently lift, allowing them to be slid off in a swift motion. The cool air hitting the moist area sending shivers down your spine.
“Shit,” Your voice is soft and quiet, as Bucky's tongue dips in between your folds- tasting your arousal.
It is a taste he could easily become addicted to if he wasn’t careful. A craving that will sneak up on him at any hour of the day.
“So sweet,” His stubble grazes your inner thigh adding to the sensation that is unfolding.
His tongue is warm, soothing the chill. He is licking up all the juices that are leaking from you. Your soft whines encourage him to lick around your clit. He is teasing you every time he reaches it and pulls back down.
One hand finds a rake through his hair, tugging lightly for him to continue. Bucky's lips work their magic, licking you all up. Gliding between your folds. His lips stop at the top of your heat and he uses his fingers to spread you open, revealing your clit.
It is calling his name and Bucky's thumb rubs small figure eights around the sensitive nerve, warming it up. You’re shocked at the motion, whimpering.
“Please, stop teasing,” You whine,
“Whatever you say, baby,”
His lips close around the nerve, sucking lightly at the flesh. His fingers push into your heat, soaked in your juices. Your mouth falls open and a string of curses escape. He hums against your heat swirling his tongue around your clit.
His fingers move faster, curling every few strokes. Hitting your g-spot every time, forming the small knot in the pit of your stomach. You felt the stir of the orgasm creeping, you don’t hold back any sounds.
His cock twitches at the sound of you. Throbbing against his jeans, begging to be freed and buried inside you.
“Bucky, I’m gonna cum,” You buck your hips against his lips, unexpectedly as he picks up the pace of his fingers and his tongue.
The grip on his hair tightens as you feel your walls closing around him. Waves of sensitivity and pleasure overtake you, leaving a whimpering mess. You finish around his fingers and his tongue is catching all the juices that surround the area. He hums sweetly at the taste of you.
Bucky's palms are rubbing your outer thighs, soothing and cooling you down from your high. You relax your grip and place them on the pool table, attempting to steady you breathing.
“You okay?” Bucky chuckles, standing up once more.
His facial hair glistened with your arousal. You look down at him still in his t-shirt and jeans, his flannel thrown on the floor during the heated make-out session. You glance down to see his bulge.
“Very okay.” You chuckle, flushed red cheeks and chest still rising and falling.
You reach for Bucky's belt, tugging it toward you. Your lips collide again, this time slower and more passionate- not as hungry and desperate. Your fingers undo his belt and unbutton his jeans.
Before you could reach inside and return the favor, he stops you.
“I want to be inside you.” Your nod, scooting back to the edge of the pool table.
Bucky pulls himself out, his cock dripping with precum. He was ready for you the moment you kissed him. He strokes himself, coating his precum around himself. Your heat aches at the sight of him.
Bucky runs the tip between your folds, gliding up and down, teasing you. You whine each time he passes your hole. He positions himself at your entrance, you wrap your arms around his neck, closing the gap between you. Bucky's low moan is music to your ears as he slides himself inside you.
He is much bigger than you had anticipated. His strokes are slow and deep, allowing your body to adjust to his size. Bucky's lips are attached to the crook of your neck, sucking and nipping lightly at the flesh, his tongue soothing the nips.
“You’re doing so well, baby, with my cock buried deep inside you,”
His praises make your stomach flutter and your back arch. Bucky takes the opportunity and lays you down. Only removing himself to climb on top of you. You feel the roughness of the felt against your bare ass, but not having time to dwell once his cock fills you again.
“There you go baby, nice and deep,”
Bucky gains more access to go deep and faster than before. Your hips dig into the pool table at the intensity of the strokes. You are a whimpering mess, legs wrapped around his waist, anchoring him inside you, fingers clawing at his lower back- begging for him to go deeper.
Bucky's grunts and curses are all you hear as you feel the familiar stirring in your lower abdomen.
Bucky's cock twitches and his strokes becoming lazier. Your hands leave his back as Bucky's hands reach for them. You interlock your fingers, and they rest above your head. The passion between you increases the faster his strokes become.
Each stroke grazing your g-spot, simulating you further.
“Bucky, I need-“ Your eyes roll back as one hand finds your clit, rubbing small circles around the nerve.
He knows your close, but he is almost there too. Bucky speeds up his thrusts, but not removing the stimulation around your clit. His grip on your hand tights as he brings to grunt and curse.
“Fuck!” He grunts.
Both of you reach your highs. You see stars as you’re being filled up by him. His fingers loosen their grip around you and your clit. You’re hips buck and your walls pulsating wildly, milking Bucky dry of his load.
The two of you are breathless and exhausted. Never once has a man been able to make you finish twice in one go-round. Bucky collapses next to you on the small pool table. You turn to face him, but he is already staring at you.
“You are absolutely incredible,” You breathe.
His cheeks darken with red and his hand cups your face once more, pulling you for another kiss. You pull away, staring at each other for what felt like forever. Bucky is taking in everything. Your eyes, your lips, the small drops of sweat that were around your forehead.
Number four: do NOT by any means, take a girl home.
“Come home with me?”
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agentofbarnes · 7 days ago
I'm the one who sent in the ask about dilf!bucky and prompt #71. It's from the first list :)
mirror, mirror ~ bucky barnes
pairings ~ dilf!bucky barnes x neighbor!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, mid-twenties/late twenties!reader, mirror sex, little bit of degradation, talk about being meant to be bucky’s whore, really it’s porn without plot
71) "I'm gonna fuck you in front of the mirror, I want you to see how pretty you look when you're spreading your legs for me."
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you have to ask yourself how you ended up here. How did you end up standing in front of the large mirror in the master room of your neighbor’s house with nothing but pair of panties on and Bucky fucking Barnes’ hands exploring your body?
Honestly, you weren’t sure. You think it started the day you welcomed him and his son to then neighborhood. You had come by that skirt you own, the black leather one that you wear when you feel frisky. That was weeks ago and ever since Bucky Barnes had been nearby almost constantly. He was everywhere, running his route around the neighborhood, working on his motorcycle in his garage, and he did it all without a stupid fucking shirt.
Really, it’s no wonder you ended up in his bedroom with his lips trailing wet kisses down your neck and over your shoulder. You gaze at him in the mirror, his metal hand sinking down into your panties until two fingers find that sweet bundle of nerves.
Bucky grunted at the sound of your moan, he drank up with a smirk.”God, I’m going to fucking ruin you, sweetheart. You want that, huh?”
You didn’t even think, just nodded with a whine when you feel his fingers prod at the twitching hole between your thighs that just begged to be filled.”Bucky…”
“Such a pretty girl,”Bucky smirked, nipping at the base of your neck just as two fingers sank into your sopping cunt.”You’ve fucking soaked your panties for me. Tell me, you think about me when you touch yourself?”
You felt shame rise in you, but you don’t care anymore.”Every night,” you answer with a gasp.
“Dirty girl,”Bucky licked up your neck, leaving kisses up your jaw as he fucked you open with his fingers. He adored how you whimpered in want for his cock, how you trembled and barely kept yourself upright when your orgasm sent shockwaves through your body. "I'm gonna fuck you in front of the mirror, I want you to see how pretty you look when you're spreading your legs for me."
As soon as the words left his mouth, a rip of fabric echoed in the air and your panties fell to the floor in scraps. You can barely keep up with incredible movements as he kicked your legs apart and bent you over with a firm hand on the back your neck. Your face was just barely not touching the mirror, breath fogging up the glass while your cunt stretched around the biggest cock you’ve ever had.
Your eyes widen in the mirror, pupils blown with lust. With your lips parted, you let out a wanton moan at the size of his thick shaft plunging into your wet pussy. Your legs feel weak, but Bucky’s hands keep you steady when he pulls your arms behind your back to restrain you.
“Fuck, look at this, look at yourself all already open for me, taking my cock like a good girl, shit, your pussy is addicting, so fucking tight, squeezing my cock,”Bucky groaned, admiring how your walls convulsed around him. His cock looked so good stuffing your tight pussy, he can see how you stretched wide around him. You cling to him, swallowing his cock like you never want to let it go.
“Oh god,”You mewled quietly, breathing heavy as you try to accommodate his impressive size. His cock was deep inside you, reaching places no man ever has. It’s almost too much to have him balls deep in your cunt, but you take it.
Using your arms as leverage, he pushes your body forward. He spits down on your ass, watching his salvia drip down on his cock and your pussy. He watched how his cock glistened with your slick as he pulled nearly all the way out. Your pussy twitched around the head, almost as if it were begging to be full again. He granted your wish, pulling your ass back against him in one fluid motion.
The moan that fell from your lips was sinful, followed by a series of gasps when Bucky continued to hammer his cock into your cunt like you were nail that needed to be driven into a wall. His power was unparalleled, hips smacking against your ass aggressively as you stared at yourself in the mirror.
“Bucky, please, oh my god, yes,”You gasped, biting down on your bottom lip as he pounded into your cunt with no holding back. You cried out his name and he swears his name has never sounded so beautiful.
“You like this, baby? You like being fucked hard and used like a whore?” Bucky taunted, pulling you against him to meet his thrusts. The lewd sounds of your bodies smacking together and the squelching of drenched pussy being obliterated by his fat cock echoed between the walls of the room.
“Yes! I like being your whore, Bucky, I love it, I love you cock, oh god, never been so full…” You moaned out, throwing your head back when he slammed into that sweet spot. You feel your legs wobble underneath you and you’re afraid you’ll collapse with Bucky railing you into oblivion.
Bucky smirked, feeling your tight walls close in on him and he just knows you’re about to let go. You whimper and whine his name until bliss explodes in your belly, like a fire catching and spreading all through your body. Bucky pulled out of your soaking cunt, cock wet with your juices.
Your knees give out from under you, causing you to fall to the floor in front of the mirror. Your knees hit the ground hard, but you can’t find it in your to care with how good you feel.
Bucky towered over you, cock hanging heavy in your face.”Go on, baby, wanna see that pretty face covered in cum.”
Your body worked faster than your brain, your hands coming up to stroke his cock quickly. Bucky threw his head back, moaning your name as his face flushed red. His lips parted as his balls tightened, spurts of white ropes overflowed from the head of his cock. He painted you like you were the greatest artwork in the world.
Cum covered you as you looked up at Bucky with a pleased smile. He smirked at the sight of you so fucking ruined. Bucky wiped just a little off your cheek with his thumb before pushing his fingers into your mouth. When you lapped your his cum, you pulled off with a lewd pop.
“Look in the mirror, pretty girl,”Bucky whispered and you did. The image of your on your knees was alluring. You glistened with sweat, face covered in his mess, and Bucky stood behind you with a cockiest grin.”So beautiful like this, god, so prefect. This…baby, this is where you belong, with me, covered in cum and begging for more.”
You smiled at him in the mirror, wiping your fingers through the cum on your face and licking it up obscenely. Bucky watched in complete admiration, already feeling his cock fattening once again. He was right, you did beg for more and you just kept coming back because you were meant for this. You were meant for him.
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