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#bucky barnes fan fic
harrysgoldenline · 26 days ago
Let it Out
just a lil blurb idea that popped into my head, let me know what you think! :) if you want a personalized imagine check out my pinned post!!
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“Bucky, please.” You practically begged, reaching out for his hand as he was pacing back and forth, grabbing a few things before heading toward the door, “Please don’t shut me out again.”
“I’m just going for a walk.” He grumbled, stopping and run his fingers through his hair as he looked into your eyes, staring down at you a few moments before glancing to the door, ignoring your gaze, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“No.” you whispered, bottom lip trembling, rushing towards the door and standing in front of it, your much smaller body blocking his as you stared up at him, “You said that last time and I didn’t see you for two weeks. Please, stop pushing me away, Buck.”
“Let me go, y/n.”
You shook your head, biting your bottom lip as you stared up at the man, shaky hands coming up and running along his chest and up to his shoulders, “I’m here for you, James… I love you and I know you… and I know I will never fully be able to understand, but I want to try. Please talk to me, you’re going to kill yourself holding it all in.”
You watched as his fist clenched at his sides, fingers twitching as they aches to reach out and touch you but his anxiety plagued his thoughts, taking him over completely. You watched as his bottom lip started shaking and his eyes avoided yours as he ducked his head down in shame.
“Baby…” you whispered, grabbing his hands and leading him towards the bed, sitting down on the edge of it.
He instantly falls into you, letting out cries as he buries his face in your neck, arms coming tight around your waist, gripping you like your life depended on it.
“I got you.” you comforted, rubbing his back with one hand and another through his hair, kissing the top of his head, “I’m here, Jamie, I’m always going to be here, I’m never going anywhere.”
You held him as he cried, never removing your hands from his skin as you comforted him. Letting him release all of the emotions you know he has been hanging onto for so long.
His cries slowly slowed, breathing becoming more normal as he sniffled softly, nuzzling himself further into your neck before pulling back and wiping his eyes, looking at you with a shy smile, looking into your eyes and wrapping his arms back around you, pulling you onto his lap so he can hold on you even closer, pressing your body as close to his as he possibly could.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you slowly ask, attempting to pry back the layers more as you pulled back and looked at him, hands coming up the face and running along his scruffy face.
He shrugged, hands falling to your hips and leaning his forehand against you, “I… I don’t even know what to say, I want to it’s just… scary.”
“I’m here for you baby, whatever you want to say and if you don’t want to say anything you don’t have to.” you comfort, kissing his cheek softly before leaning forward and connecting your lips, “I just want to make you feel safe, like you make me feel.”
He nodded and you watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed, his fingers tightening their group on your hips a few moments before releasing, his hand coming up to your face now as he connected your lips this time.
“I just...” he whispered, “my nightmares have been getting bad again and they are all when I’m… him…I don’t want to become him again, I hate that I ever was him it makes me so angry and sad and… I just hate myself because of it. I don’t even know who I am.”
“You were never, ever him, okay? You are James Buchanan Barnes, the kindest man I have ever known, my favorite person in the world.” you reply, grabbing both of his hands and kissing them, holding his left one with both of them as you continued, “Why didn’t you come to my room if the nightmares came? I thought… does it not help anymore when you stay the night with me?”
He nodded, his jaw clenched hard as he looked down at the floor as his eyes watered again, “the new nightmares… I- he… hurts you.” he choked out, a single tear falling down his cheek, “if anything ever happened to you, god especially because of me? Fuck I would-“
You cut him off, not wanting to hear what he was going to say and you pulled him into your chest, letting him let out his tears, kissing the top of his head.
“I know you would never hurt me, Bucky.” you whispered, “and after Shuri the… words… haven’t done anything, right?”
“He’s still in there, the nightmares are… I’m him.” he choked out, fingers gripping tight onto your shirt, “I’m so scared.”
“I got you.” you whispered, holding him tight, fingers running through his hair, “how about I call Shuri and maybe we can go stay in Wakanda for a bit? You can show me around?”
“…You would want to do that?” he asked, eyes wide and innocent as he looked up at you, “what about… don’t you have work and-“
“You are the most important thing.” you whispered giving him a soft smile, “besides, I wanna see that goat farm you have told me so much about.”
Your heart fluttered as he smiles up at you, melting into him as he grabbed your face, pressing your lips together, pecking them a few times before pulling back.
“I would love that, I think… I think that would really help. Especially with you, you’re an angel, doll. My angel.” he whispered, “Thank you so much, I love you more than you will ever know.”
“and I love you, James.” you smiled, fingers running along his dog tags, “I’m yours.”
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bucky-soldat · 2 months ago
Leap of Faith
Pairing: Director of Studies!Bucky x Teacher!Reader
Summary: Bucky was torturing himself because he felt that his reputation was at stake but then one thing led to another and all hell broke loose. ;)
Warnings: Dom!Bucky x sub!reader, smut, praise kink, breasts kink, cum kink, a little rough, lots of teasing, shameless unprotected sex.
Word Count: 2,766
A/N: I watched something a while ago (not on Tumblr, ha.) and this idea crept into my mind. Self indulgent at best. Hope you will all enjoy this! Any feedback in the form of reblogs, comments and likes is always welcome (especially reblogs!) Thank you!
Tagging those who might be interested: @sableseb @buckysboobs @mymindslabyrinth @sebs-oceaneyes @tumblin-theworldaway @lokiskitten@buckybarneschokeme @spicynudlesoup @darkbucky @cevans-is-classic @lavendercitizen @bucky-daddy @theluxuriousfangirl @luxeavenger @hiddles-and-skittles @the-invisible-queer @thanksforallthesushi
Tumblr media
Buck, don’t you start…
Bucky has been eyeing his new teacher from across as he was stirring some sugar into his cardboard coffee cup, in the small kitchenette of his school. He’s been pining over her, ever since he conducted her interview to join as one of his language teachers. He tried to hire someone else, really he did. He knew that if he will end up hiring her, it would be too dangerous to keep his own emotions in check as a colleague. He was not just her colleague. He owned the school, he was the Director of Studies and she had to report to him directly.
Unfortunately, Bucky was a really picky guy and he would only hire the best teachers. His school held a rather esteemed reputation in all of New York City and Bucky was a highly respected Director. She was not only beautiful but her resume was rather impressive that Bucky had no other option but to choose her out of all the other applicants. Ever since she’s been there, his reputation has been hanging by a thread. The thought of bending her over his desk and fuck her senseless has been playing on repeat in his brain each time he would see her. She was a cheerful soul and extremely polite. It made his heart swell. He’s been acting different lately and his friends were noticing. His chipper mood never faltered at work, despite all the demands that came with it. Unless your name was Sam Wilson and would do anything to see your best friend brooding just because you found it highly amusing.
“…Earth to Bucky.” His thoughts were snapped as his best friend and fellow colleague was waving right into his face, causing Bucky to shake his head and clear his throat rather awkwardly.
“Dude, what the hell has gotten into you lately? You’ve been staring at the wall, you know that?” His friend laughed lightly, pouring some coffee into his cup.
Bucky’s jaw tensed, trying to keep his cool. “Aren’t you supposed to start tutoring?”
“Hey, I’m just trying to help a buddy out.” He stated defensively, chuckling again.
“Leave me alone, Wilson.” Bucky groaned, starting to walk away to go back to his office.
“Hey Buck,” His friend hollered him, making Bucky turn to glance his way. “I hear she’s single, so go for it.” He encouraged him with a light shrug. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Bucky didn’t answer him but instead scrunched his nose in a low huff and resumed walking. He appreciated Sam’s words but he was simply too conflicted. He was thinking too much about this situation and the only way he would ever resolve this, would be to either fire her, court her or skip courting altogether and sleep with her. He could not believe how this woman was making him feel like a teenage again, raging hormones, and all that.
Bucky would always stay over working. He would barely take any notice of the time except for when his teachers would go over to bid him goodbye. Sam had just left his office and thankfully for Bucky, he did not bring her up into the conversation that they just had.
He wanted to stretch his legs as he had been sitting for the longest time so he went back to the kitchenette to get another cup of coffee. But to his surprise, he almost bumped into someone and that someone was none other than his crush.
“Oh! I’m so sorry, sir!” She was gaping at him. At first Bucky was confused but then he felt his torso hot. His eyes widened as he finally registered that she had spilled hot tea all over his body. His white dress shirt was drenched and soon enough, he realised that the beverage contents had also dripped down his crotch.
Bucky’s face was hot, just how his whole body felt. She was also mortified at what was happening. “Hey, it’s okay. My fault. I didn’t realise that someone was still here.” He quickly tried to recover, trying to save them both the embarrassment.
“No, sir. I wasn’t looking…I am truly sorry.” She repeated, quickly setting the now empty cup on the counter to get some paper towels. Without thinking she invaded Bucky’s personal space again and started to wipe his clothed torso.
Bucky’s eyes went wild again, looking down, watching her hands working at trying, unsuccessfully, to get the large stain off. To make things painfully worse, without thinking, she brushed her hand over his crotch as she desperately worked her way down determined to clean the mess.
“Okay, stop.” He ordered sharply, wrapping his fingers around her wrists to stop her. His cock twitched his pants despite the incident and he surely did not want her to find this out. He did not mean to sound like that and he certainly did not want to use his force on her. He watched her purse her lips in a thin line, his eyes followed hers, landing on his metal hand, causing him to quickly drop her hands.
“I…” He started with a sigh, trying to find a way to apologise to her. She was clearly scared of him by now. Her gaze had dropped to the floor, biting on her bottom lip. He wanted nothing more than to cup her cheek and kiss her anxiety away. “Doll, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that I was hurting you.” He spoke gently, taking a step towards her, almost closing the distance between them.
He did not know what came over him suddenly but he was desperate to see her bright smile again. So without giving much thought, he lifted her chin with a curled index finger, forcing her to meet his boyish gaze as a small smile crept up across his lips. They silently stared into each other’s eyes for a while before Bucky took a leap and took a final step closer to catch her lips between his. The kiss was soft at first, testing the waters but as he felt her relax into him, he lightly slid his tongue across her bottom lip. Bucky’s metal hand slid up to cradle her cheek. She didn’t hesitate but pressed her body against him, despite the wetness of his clothing, her fingers fisting his soft brown hair.
Unbeknownst to her, Bucky was walking them back into the kitchenette as their lips never ceased to caress. She briefly stopped as she felt the dining table bump lightly her ass. Her eyes fluttered open, glancing back at Bucky’s dark and eager blue eyes. Biting once again onto her bottom lip she sat on the table.
Bucky wasted no time as he got in between her legs, as his flesh hand took her knee to allow him access. He was smirking down at her, pressing his forehead against hers. Her eyes never left his as she innocently looked at him through her eyelashes with a small shy smile.
“Are you sure?” Bucky’s voice rasped breaking the silence.
“Yes, sir.” She whispered as if all the appliances around them could hear them. Bucky’s cock jerked again painfully wanting to free himself. For some reason, he was enjoying how she was addressing him so he didn’t intend on ever correcting her, at least not for now.
“Good answer, doll.” He chuckled before taking a fistful of her hair into his metal arm, yanking her head gently to attack her neck with kisses. With his other hand, he tugged down her dress sleeve to kiss her collarbone and down her shoulder blade. He kissed her like a hungry animal, not easily tamed. He had been longing for this moment for the longest time so he had no intention to hold himself back. He wanted to ravish her completely.
At first, she did not know where to place her hands as she too had been dreaming of a similar situation like this. She could not believe her luck that her boss wanted her too. She had indeed figured that men like Bucky would be intense in such situation. He never outright exercised his dominance in front of her but she had eyed him well enough to know what might his sexual tastes were like, or at least that’s what she wanted herself to believe and clearly Bucky was not failing her.
Bucky’s lips were still attached to her neck but his hand left her hair to take both her hands to set them on his crotch. She took the hint and started to fumble with his belt, unbuckling it clumsily. She gasped and threw her head back just a little as Bucky tugged down her dress sleeves completely to reveal her clothed breasts, licking down with the tip of his tongue at her thin cleavage.
His cock was finally free as she slid her hands down his ass cheeks to tug down his pants and boxers at once. Playfully, she squeezed his ass, bringing him closer to her, causing a moan to break away from her lips as Bucky’s teeth sunk down her clothed nipple.
“Naughty girl…” He said huskily, his fingers unhooking her bra from behind, her breasts finally bouncing to his face. What a welcoming sight, she was a busty babe for sure and he wanted nothing more than to rub his cock between her breasts, among of course, taking her.
“I’m going to fill your breasts with my cum, doll. It will all be dripping down all over them.” He bit on his bottom lip as he took his own dick in his hand, sliding his hand up and down his shaft. As she watched him stroke himself, she couldn’t help but to lift her dress up to, move her panties to the side to touch her own core.
But Bucky, quickly took her hand away. “I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself.”
Her breath hitched in her throat as he looked at her darkly. “Do you want to come at all today, doll?”
She whimpered softly, desperate to be touched by the man that stood before her. Bucky was still teasing her as his fingers lightly brushed lightly her nipple, causing it to harden before his eyes.
“Yes, sir.” She bit back a moan as Bucky teased her again, this time by lining himself between her clothed pussy.
“Good girl.” Bucky praised her before diving his head back once again between her breasts, stuffing his mouth with one of her nipples, licking and grazing it with his teeth. After a while, gently, he lifted her off the table to get her to stand up, trailing soft kisses up her chin, as his hands were wrapped around her back to hold her steady. Her knees were weak but she bravely took his cock in her hand, pumping, coating the head of his cock with his pre cum. Bucky let out a throaty moan, as finished stripping her down completely. She stood bare before him, as she took a step to kick her sandals off along with her dress and panties from pooling around her.
Bucky was still in his tea stained dress shirt, but his fingers were now unbuttoning it to bare himself. The air in the stuffy kitchenette suddenly got too hot that if he stayed in it, it would have sooner further drenched, mixed with sweat. He had also kicked off his shoes and the remaining of his clothes, so that nothing would be in the way for them. He lined himself in front of her but held her with his metal arm around her, bucking his hips into her wet core. The way the tip of his cock almost made contact along her folds to take her apart, caused them to both hiss sharply. Bucky kissed her again, but this time the kiss was possessive. His tongue brushed along with hers as her hands cupped his unshaven cheeks.
With his metal arm, he lifted her to sit her down on the dining table once again. Her legs spread even more than before to allow him more room. He held one of her thighs as he braced her, sliding into her swiftly. She moaned while he groaned, feeling her wet folds envelop him completely. Her fingers flew up to his shoulder blades, digging into them as he moved into her in one motion. He was huge but he fit her perfectly. “Sir.” She sighed as he moved into her at a steady but dragging pace. She wanted him to fuck her hard and fast but he was enjoying the way he was ripping her apart. He watched her pussy glisten, listening to their bodies slap, as they became one.
“You’re so fucking tight doll…” He growled, picking up his pace, as he started to buck his hips slightly faster, his head falling on the crook of her neck to bite down on her shoulder as he continued to push into her. He kissed up to the side of her neck before he took her earlobe between his teeth. He wanted to mark her with each kiss he left on her body. His own cock twitched at the thought of watching her walk the halls with his love bites all over the side of her neck. She belonged to no one but him now.
“Sir…please…” She moaned once again, her orgasm about to rip through her wits. He felt her as he continued to thrust long and deep into her. His flesh fingers were onto her clit to stimulate her further. “Come for me, doll…go on…” He encouraged her, which did not take too much as her own orgasm ripped through her, squirting on his cock as he thrusted deeply into her, never ceasing his current pace. His fingers never left her clit either, circling her sensitive bud.
“That’s a good doll for me.” He praised her, before crashing his lips onto hers. She moaned breathlessly into the kiss as she was still coming from her high. Bucky’s fingers didn’t stop rubbing her clit. He knew he could drag her orgasm, breaking her completely. She was a whimpering mess, wincing at the pain mixed with pleasure as he stayed inside her but stopped moving.
His fingers left her core just as he slid out of her after a while. He was still rock hard as his intention was still to get off on her breasts. “Get up.” He took her hands into his to gently lift her up again. Her knees wanted to buck forward but Bucky never left her hands as she leaned into his chest.
“On your knees, doll.” He instructed her again. “I want to come all over your beautiful breasts.” He smirked as he took his cock into his hand once again to line it between her breasts. She knew immediately what he wanted so she indulged him and squeezed her breasts between his cock. Bucky bit on his lip, once again at the sight before him. Her own juices were slick between her breasts. “You’re so fucking perfect like this.” Bucky’s mouth hung open as he metal arm cupped the back of her head to hold himself steady as he was about to spill himself all over her chest. He pulled back from her breasts to jerk himself.
“I’m going to make a mess of you, doll!” He warned before his hot white cum spilled from the tip of his dick, on her chest, watching it trickle down her breasts. She cupped up one of her breasts, dipping her head down to lick with the tip of her tongue, wanting a taste of him.
“Fuck.” Bucky sighed as he watched her do that. He had indeed made a mess on her, but she proudly perked her ass up, tilting her breasts. With her index finger she brushed some of his cum before it would dry and stick, to her mouth, licking her finger. She didn’t swallow immediately but played with his seed, leaning down to drag it down on top of her tongue only to slide it back up and then swallowed.
Bucky could not believe his eyes, a while ago she was a timid girl and now she was driving him even wilder. She knew exactly how to please him. He was still panting softly, trying to catch his breath, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He knew that he made the right choice and he did not intend to ever look back. Work just had even more exciting. He was thrilled to take her apart repeatedly at every corner of his school.
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Unexpecting (2/2)
What happens when a super soldier who can’t get pregnant...does?
Words: 4k
Warnings: Pregnancy, some cussing maybe, a little angst, mostly good stuff
Not my GIF
Tumblr media
“It’s time to bring my husband home.”
Steve was suddenly wide awake. “Ok, I’ll call Nat. How long before you want to take off?”
“I’m not sure, I need to get a few things from my room and from Banner. Call you when I’m ready?”
“Sure. I’ll have everything prepped and ready to move when you are. Just meet us in the hangar.” He pulled you in for a hug, and then spun around to get his stuff from his room.
You turned and took off at a jog for the lab.
 “Banner!” you yelled as you rounded the corner. “Banner, I need your help.” He wasn’t anywhere in sight, but you had a hunch. Rounding the corner of his desk, you spotted his salt-and-pepper curls tucked under his desk on the futon mattress. “Bruce, wake up,” you said quieter, gently shaking his shoulder.
He woke up groggily and a bit disoriented. “What time is it, Y/n? Is something wrong with the baby? Are you ok?!” he asked, suddenly very panicked.
“No, we’re fine,” you laughed. “I’m going to get Bucky. But I need your help with a few things. Can I get a print out of all the medical records that said that I couldn’t get pregnant? And could you take another picture of the baby? I want an updated ultrasound.”
He stood up and gave you a hug, not unlike the one from Steve a few minutes ago. “Absolutely. Ten, fifteen minutes and you’ll be all set.” He typed furiously on the computer, pulling up the files and documents you requested. The printer started whirring as he guided you to the exam table. The equipment was still set up from the last ultrasound, so it really was about ten minutes and you were ready to go.
“Y/n, why did you want your records? Those shouldn’t matter anymore since, ya know…” Bruce asked as he paper-clipped everything together.
“Bucky accused me of lying to him. This is the best way to show him I wasn’t, and I want him to see our baby again. I think he’s just scared and not really angry. Ya know?” You shrugged your shoulders.
“I get it. Before I got control of the Other Guy, I would have reacted pretty close to the way Barnes did. I mean, I did…I ran out on Natasha. I’m sure he still loves you, and the baby. Call me if you need me.” He grabbed your hand, squeezed it, and then opened his door for you to exit.
You smiled at him, grateful for his insight. “Thank you, Bruce, for everything. You’re taking great care of us.”
 After packing the papers in a folder, changing into a comfy outfit that was still flattering, grabbing a few toiletries, a blanket, and a few other items you wanted, you headed to the jet. Steve and Nat were already inside. Nat quickly came to the back of the plane and grabbed the bag from you to store away. “Hey,” you chastised. “I’m pregnant, not fragile.” You sighed when you saw her scowl. “But thank you.” You strapped in and closed your eyes, hoping the flight would pass quickly. “Where are we headed?” you asked, but no one seemed to hear you.
 Thirty minutes later, you were descending in a field that was very familiar to you. There was a farm house at the bottom, separated from the jet by a small stream cutting across the acreage. There were apple trees to the left of the house, and a small garden behind it, but you couldn’t see it from your position. It hurt your heart to know this was where he had been staying. This house and land belonged to you. Well, to be more specific, it was your grandparent’s house that you used to live in. When they passed several years ago, it had been given to you. This was YOUR safe place. Bucky ran to your safe place.
“Ok guys,” you said as you walked toward the cockpit. “Y’all stay here, I’m going to go talk to him. Just…hang here.” You grabbed your bag from the bin behind Nat and walked out of the plane.
Navigating the hill wasn’t very hard, but it was dark and there were plenty of uneven patches. You knew he would be prepared for you. The jet isn’t silent and you weren’t pretending to be stealthy. In fact, about a hundred feet from the front porch steps you twisted your ankle in a hole and said “Fuck!” in a loud voice. Oh well.
You climbed the stairs and grabbed the door knob, pausing a moment to take a deep breath. You twisted and pushed, not surprised he had unlocked the dead bolt for you. The door swung open and soft, warm light poured out. Oh, you had missed this place. “We should come here more often,” you murmured as you walked in and closed the door gently behind you. “Hello?” you called out softly, nerves fraying and anxiety washing over you. You smelled something wonderful, so you walked through the entry way and into the kitchen. Two steaming cups of coffee were sitting on the table along with some wildflowers in your grandmother’s favorite vase.
“Hey, Y/n,” came a rough, quiet voice from the living room. “I made you some coffee.”
“Thank you, but I uh, shouldn’t have caffeine with the….” You looked down at the floor, not sure how to proceed.
“With the baby. I know, it’s decaf. I bet you’ve hated that part, huh, not having caffeine?” He walked around the corner, startling you a little because you didn’t even hear him get up. “I’m glad you got the flowers. How are you feeling?”
You picked up the mug to have something in your hands, for fear of reaching for him. After a good sip of the coffee, you cleared your throat. Your voice was quiet, but that was ok. “I’m ok. Tired, less nauseous, cankles in full swing. Actually, I twisted one of them on my way down the hill. Can we sit at the table to give it a break?”
Bucky walked quickly to one of the chairs and pulled it out for you. “Yeah, no problem.” He said.
“Could you bring me my bag? I set it by the counter.” You said, strength coming back to your voice. It was just Bucky, there wasn’t any reason to be scared and you were internally berating yourself for being nervous.
He set it down beside you and you pulled out the folder. “Sit down, please.” You requested, opening the file and setting it down in front of him once he was comfortable. “These are all my medical records. I want you to see them because I need you to know I’m not lying. These go back to before I signed up to test the serum with SHIELD. We haven’t talked about it before because it wasn’t an issue, but I had trouble before then. My body naturally has a hard time with periods, regulation, and other things. I’ve been aware that I would have a hard time getting pregnant since I was thirteen, Buck. When I was given the serum, they explained to me that it would change my body and the small chance I did have would probably go away, and that was ok with me. Bruce did checkups regularly for a few years and even he thought it was impossible. My body just wasn’t going to allow me to do what it’s doing right now. I would never have lied to you about something like this. I’ve always secretly wanted a baby, but because it wasn’t medically possible for me, I didn’t let myself dream about it or talk about it.” You paused to take a breath and let him look through the papers. When he got to the end of your files, there were pictures of each ultrasound you had had the past weeks. The first one was a copy of the one you had given him, that he had torn up.
You allowed yourself a small smile and pulled out a baggie of a few blueberries. “This is how big our baby was when I told you I was pregnant.” Bucky’s eyes were huge, staring at the baggie. You opened it and pulled one out, setting it in his hand.
He rolled it around his palm and picked it up between two fingers. “Serious?”
“Yeah,” you giggled.
“That’s tiny.”
You nodded at him and then pulled a fig out of your bag. “This is how big our baby was at ten weeks…Nat threw an announcement party to tell everyone we were pregnant that week. We just told people you were out…unavailable…so they wouldn’t ask questions.” You set it in his hand beside the blueberry. His eyes got watery, but he didn’t say anything and didn’t look at you. Just focused on the fruit in his hand.
“And,” you sighed, finally pulling a lemon out of your bag, “this is how big our baby is today.” You placed the lemon in his metal hand and he grimaced. “Look at me,” you said firmly. You waited until his eyes met yours. “You are not a danger to our baby. You are not a danger to me. It’s been months since we had a night that even bordered on worrisome. You have fought and worked to become healthy and your mind is calmer and more solid than it’s been in decades. If there was ever a time to have a miracle baby, it would be now.”
He wiped the tears from his face and set down the blueberry and fig. He cradled the lemon is both of his hands. “Will you help me? I’m scared…” he whispered.
You closed your hands over his, completely covering the yellow inside. “Yes. I will be with you every day, every hour, every moment you need me. I always have and that won’t change now. But, listen. I need you, too. Bucky, I’m scared. I’ve never had a baby before, and Bruce doesn’t know what to expect from two super soldiers making a baby. There’s no telling what this pregnancy will be like. So far it’s normal, but that could change overnight. I know without a doubt you will be the best father in the whole world. Please walk through this with me. We need you to come home.”
You and Bucky were both crying at this point. You got up and hobbled to the counter to get a tissue, but before you could get there he scooped you up. He swung you by the counter so you could grab the box and then headed to the couches with you. He set you down ever so gently on the sofa and wiped his face with a tissue. Then he pulled your boots off and rubbed your feet and ankles. “Please forgive me. I’m so sorry, I was horrible to you. I’ve missed out on so much time already, I want to be there for every moment of this.”
You blew your nose and pulled yourself together. “Well, I sure hope so. We’ve got pregnancy classes to go to soon.” You laughed at the way his lip curled at the thought. “Do you…wanna know what our baby is?”
Bucky’s eyes got wide again and you giggled. “Uh, yes? Of course I want to know what we’re having!”
“If you want to go get the folder, there’s a picture of what our baby looked like a few hours ago.” You smiled. He raced into the kitchen and grabbed the papers and brought them back to the couch. Gingerly, he flipped past the first picture, through all the rest, and to the final picture. You had tied a thin blue ribbon around the top of the photo. “We’re gonna have a little baby boy, sometime in the middle of January.” You couldn’t keep the joy out of your voice if you wanted to.
Bucky started weeping. You knew he didn’t need words from you, so you eased the file off his lap and set it on the coffee table before turning your body to face him where you sat. You pulled his bent head down to your chest and held him, rocking and humming a soft melody while he cried it out. You drew patterns on his flesh arm while you rocked, knowing it would help soothe him. After a while, his crying slowed and he sat up.
“I’m so sorry I left. That wasn’t fair to you or right. I’m sorry I called you a liar and I trashed our room. I’m sorry I just ruined your shirt and I’m just sorry.” He said, wiping his face furiously. “I was scared, I wasn’t mad at you. And I have been happy about it occasionally while I’ve been here, but I didn’t feel like I deserved to come back. Forgive me?”
You kissed him, soft and slow. “Of course I forgive you. Let me fill you in on what’s going on at home.” You took your time telling him all the happy, sweet things people had been doing for you the past couple months. You told him about the college fund for your boy, the credit card Tony gave you, the crib you bought, how Nat and Steve have been taking care of you, all of it. When you were done and he was laughing and smiling with you, you stood up gently. “I should let Steve and Nat know its ok, they’ve been waiting for the better part of an hour. Do you want to stay here or would you like to come home with me?” You reached your hands out to him and he stood with you.
He thought a minute, and then replied, “I’ll come with you tonight, absolutely. But I have a thought…what if we used this place as our home for a while? We could come back tomorrow or next week and set it up for the baby. When you go on maternity leave we can both come live here for a while to adjust to having…our son… and raise him here for a while instead of the compound. What do you think?”
Your face lit up while he was talking. “That’s a perfect idea! And when it’s time to have the baby, Bruce can get here quickly in the quinjet, so there’s no real trouble being away from everyone. We can paint, set up the nursery, and be a little family. It’d also be a nice change to not live where we work. I love you so much, Bucky. I’ve missed you.” You sighed and he pulled you in for another kiss.
Time stopped for a few moments, suspended in bliss. Then, you pulled back a little and whispered, “I hate to leave, but I’m so tired and a little nauseous. Can we continue in our room?”
Bucky agreed and grabbed your stuff, asking you to just stand still a moment. He checked the house, made sure everything was turned off for the night, then came back and picked you up. You hummed and leaned into him, closing your eyes to enjoy the ride back to the jet. Before you got there, you were fast asleep.
 Bucky didn’t dare set you down when he got back to the jet. He set your bag down gently and sat in a jump seat with you in his lap. Nat and Steve both left their seats and sat across the plane from him.
“Welcome back,” Steve said softly. “You’re an idiot. But, I’m glad you’re back. I wasn’t sure some days if Y/n was going to make it without you. You owe her big time.” He shook his head and glanced at Nat.
“I want you to know, Bucky, that your wife is incredibly strong,” she started. “I don’t think I would have been willing to come after you, much less wait until she thought you were ready to talk. Like Steve, I’m glad you’re back, but this has been a hell of a time. Don’t do this again. You’re going to be a great father, and your past will make you better, not worse. Listen to your wife, she’s wise.” She paused and stood up. “Let’s go home, yeah?”
Bucky nodded and Steve joined Nat at the front.
 Thirty minutes later, Bucky carried you and your bag from the jet to your room. Closing the door quietly behind him was a little tricky, but he managed. Once he was able to get you to bed and he cuddled up behind you, all felt right in the world. He wrapped his arm around you, but instead of going all the way around, he rested his hand on your lower belly, right over his son. Bucky resolved that the next months would be the best of your life.
 The Avengers helped you and Bucky load what you wanted to take with you in the van Tony bought you. He thought it was hilarious to see the Winter Soldier driving a minivan, but to you it was the hottest thing you had ever seen. With waves and goodbyes as if you were moving across the world, they sent you on your way. The drive was pleasant, five hours through the mountains into farmland and rolling hills. The jet was way faster, but you didn’t mind the ride. Bucky held your hand the whole time, frequently asking if you were feeling ok and pulling over more often than he would have liked to let you pee.
The two of you finally made it to the house and unpacked. Your husband wouldn’t let you carry anything heavy which was horribly frustrating. “Bucky, I’m a super solider too! I can lift almost as much as you! I’m fine, I promise!!” you finally shouted.
“No! I don’t care how super you are! Put the fucking box down, do you hear me? You are pregnant! Literally carrying the most important thing in this universe to me! And I…you deserve to rest and be taken care of! This pillow right here--” he exclaimed as he ripped the box out of your hand and replaced it with your favorite small napping pillow-- “is the last thing you carry today, ok?” His voice cracked and he swallowed hard. “Please, ok? Just, please let me take care of you now.”
You were taken by surprise with the emotion in his voice. “Ok,” you conceded softly. You took the small square pillow and hugged it to your chest. You leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to his lips. “I promise, this is it.” You turned and went into the house.
While Buck brought things inside, you directed him where to take them. It was a good system, and he let you unpack boxes while he was moving furniture around. When the sun had set, he came to the room you had picked for the nursery and leaned against the doorway, watching you fold baby clothes. You were humming some lullaby that you often hummed for him when he was sad or felt lost.
“Hey there. You hungry yet?” You asked. He came in and wrapped his arms around your front, pressing his chest to your back and laying his head on your shoulder. He nodded and kissed your jawline. “Good, because I’m pregnant and starving.”
“Oh my gosh!” Bucky gasped and jumped off of you. “I completely forgot to feed you! What do you want? I can make anything, or go get anything, you ask and it’s as good as done, I promise. I’m so sorry!” He whipped out his phone and started typing. “What do you want? I can order anything on this new app Sam set up, or we could make something?”
You laughed and replied that just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be good tonight. He ran out of the room saying “Your wish is my command!” and whipped it together.
 Over the next few weeks, you noticed that Bucky was jumpy around you, almost afraid of you. He would race to fix the pillows, bring you a glass of water, made almost all the meals, and anything else he could think of to make you “comfortable.” The problem was that it made you very much the opposite. This wasn’t your Bucky. Something was wrong and you had no idea what was going on, other than you were growing a person inside you. Finally, you had enough and cornered him in the kitchen one morning where he was making you breakfast, quickly and panicky, as if he was afraid you were going to pass out if you didn’t get food in you ASAP.
You grabbed him by the waist and turned him around to face you. “Bucky, stop.”
“Stop what? I can’t, I’ve got to get this in the oven and cooking so you can eat this morning. And then we are going to go shopping because I know you were really interested in those fancy car seats and I thought you would like to go look at them in person.” He tried to spin around again to keep rolling out the biscuit dough, but your hands grabbed his hips with a death grip and wouldn’t let him go. “Stop,” you said firmly. He froze, and you continued. “What is wrong? Why are you acting like this? I don’t want a butler, I want a husband. Talk to me, please, because you are not acting normal.”
“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just taking care of you!” You raised your eyebrow at him and shook your head. You didn’t buy it and he knew he wasn’t getting out of anything. “I’m trying to make up for lost time. I’m trying to take care of you and…trying to be as good as Steve and Nat were. I put you through hell, and I owe you big time. I’m doing my best to make right.” He rested his hands on your shoulders and the tension went out of his body. “I love you. And I’m sorry.”
You released your grip on his sides and slid your arms around him, laying on his chest. “You sound like Steve. ‘Owe you big time.’ That’s his thing. He and Nat gave you a talking to, didn’t they? I don’t need you to make up for anything darling. I just need YOU. Calm down and enjoy me getting rounder, huh?”
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Ok. I promise. You do look kinda round, though. And your tits are getting HUGE!” he exclaimed.
You leaned back and laughed, enjoying his attention and squeezes before he picked you up. “Take me shopping Sergeant Barnes! I need new bras for my swollen tits and clothes for my growing belly. And a hamburger from somewhere with salty fries!”
 Nine months passed by quicker than you thought. By January 10th, you felt huge. You hadn’t seen your feet in weeks, nothing fit, and you thought your ankles were never going to be dainty again. Bucky was so excited to meet his little boy. Every night before bed, he would lay on your legs and talk to him through your belly, telling all sorts of stories and about how ready he was to meet him.
On January 13, you started getting contractions, but they weren’t close enough together to be concerned. On the fourteenth, your water broke and Bucky cried. That night, he called Banner and the whole team showed up in the jet with medical equipment, presents, and ready to celebrate.
 On January 15th, at 3:43 am, you had a baby boy with a strong cry and a large appetite. Bucky cried again, but so did everyone else. You and Bucky decided to name him Steven Nathaniel Barnes after the two people who took such good care of you, but everyone called him Berry. Bucky turned out to be a wonderful father, just like you predicted. And every Saturday, he made the three of you blueberry pancakes to remember the miracle of Berry.
Thank you for reading!!
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duuhrayliegh · 6 months ago
Hello, darling! I was wondering if you could right some Bucky x reader, where the reader worked along Sharon during Civil War and she meets Bucky. Then she runs always with Sharon and meets Bucky again in Madripoor and continue their story. I hope that makes sense. Thank yooouuuu✨✨✨
hey babes!! yes i absolutely can! i kind of gave more background than i meant to making it way longer, but i hope you enjoy it anyway! i do want to continue this story and most definitely will be so be on the lookout for the other parts of it lovie <3. i hope you still enjoy it even though it isn’t quite what you asked for yet :)
A Friend of Yours
warnings: not much, canon lvl violence, some suggestive stuff closer towards to end, language, i think that’s it
word count: 6140 i went a bit overboard, it’s fine i’m totally fine
a/n: i got this request and then didn’t stop writing all day. i didn’t get anything else done all day. i got home at like seven-ish? and i’ve been sitting on the floor of my bedroom just writing this fic (for context it is now 12:47 pm where i’m at)
check out A Friend of Yours - pt. 2 and A Friend of Yours - pt. 3
p.s.: this is the first fic that i’m writing with an actual ‘x reader’ i’m so proud
xoxo ray
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Tumblr media
You grew up with Sharon, the two of you were best friends from birth it seemed. Honestly, Peggy raised you more than your own parents did. When Aunt Peggy got Sharon her first thigh holster, she got you one too. You enlisted together, moved up the ranks together, everything. So, it was of no shock to anyone that after the fall of SHIELD, you both moved together into the CIA’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.
You were inside the hotel with Sharon, Steve and Sam when the bombing on the UN took place. The look of unbridled fear that fell over Steve’s face as they announced Barnes as the primary suspect was heart wrenching. You weren’t able to watch it for long because your phone was already ringing off the hook.
“Look, you need to get me more information, and now.” You gritted into your phone speaker before quickly hanging up the phone and turning to a crestfallen Steve who was still watching the news casting. Sharon ended her phone call and turned to you.
“We have to go to work.” A few short hours on a jet later, you and Sharon were coordinating the operation. Close by, Steve and Sam were awaiting new information. Steve had this insane plan to find Barnes before the whole rest of the world did. Like that’s going to happen, it took the world 70 years to find Barnes. Of course, Steve and Sam are going to find him in about half that time.
You followed the blonde woman into a busy coffee shop and up to the counter. She slid a manila folder over to a well disguised Captain America. “Tips have been pouring in since that footage went public. Everyone thinks the Winter Soldier goes to their gym. Most of it’s just noise, except this.” Sharon was talking quietly, trying to not draw attention to the fact that she was committing a serious offense.
“We have to give the briefing, like now Shar, so we have to go.” The two of you pushed off the counter and you turned quickly to say one last thing. “And you better hurry. They’ve given the order to shoot on site.”
You left the shop quickly and made your way back to the white tent, passing the redheaded spy who was watching you like a hawk. A look of understanding crossed her features as you kept a calm facade. She fucking knows, how the hell could she read you that easily?
The next time you saw any of them, they were exiting the back of an armored prison van. It was no surprise that his eyes flitted over to his best friend from childhood. You glanced over at Barnes, who was strapped in all different ways, and your heart hurt for him. You tried not to pity him, you know you would’ve gotten a slap on the wrist from Aunt Peggy about it.
Bucky must’ve felt you looking at him because his steel blue eyes locked with your pair. This was the first time that you’ve ever actually seen the man in person. It was startling, in a good way. You grew up going to the Smithsonian and hearing Aunt Peggy’s stories about the great James Buchanan Barnes. You never thought that you’d get the chance to meet the man you did a history report on your freshman year of high school.
“Y/N?” Sharon’s voice cut through your thoughts, recalling you to reality and out of your past. “We have to go. We’ve been assigned to monitor Steve and Sam while they’re here.” Sharon was clearly not a fan of this, which made you laugh loudly.
“Oh, score! We get to babysit Captain America and the Falcon!” You spoke in an unnecessarily upbeat voice and then clapped your hands together. “Our dream job! Let’s go, Shar!” She stared at you for a millisecond before slapping a hand on your shoulder.
“Let’s go, you fucking dork.” You followed her through the office building into the control room where you observed Tony talking to Steve. Apparently, the conversation was not going well because both their faces held angry glares. Eventually, Tony left the room, leaving Steve alone with his thoughts and that can never be good.
“How you doing, Cap?” You asked as you less-than-gracefully plopped yourself into the chair across from him. He looked over at me and released a heavy sigh.
“Honestly, Y/N, not that great at the moment.” He looked at you with his iconic mom Steve stare. Wow, so that’s what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that. Sam walked in and sat next to you. You drowned out their conversation as your gaze focused on screens outside of the glass office.
The video feed of Barnes in his metal cage was displayed on a TV screen. How is this considered humane? Obviously you knew that the CIA had pushed boundaries in the past, but this was just insane. “Are those restraints really necessary?” Sam seemed to be just voicing his thoughts, not expecting a response back.
“Well, he is considered an international terrorist, so yeah, they’re kind of necessary.” You said quickly and then muttered under your breath, “No matter who thinks that it’s excessive.” Steve’s gaze met yours and he was about to speak when Sharon walked in and dropped a paper in front of Sam.
“The receipt for your gear.” A scoff sounded from Sam as he glared at Sharon.
“‘Bird costume’? Come on.” Always quick to defend your best friend.
“Hey, we didn’t write it up.” It came off snappier than you had meant it. Sharon shot you a look, signaling you to back off. You raised a brow at her as she leaned over the table to the intercom buttons.
The audio from Barnes’ evaluation echoed through the glass room. Everyone around you was unsuspecting the four of you listened in. The psychologist was talking to Barnes, who seemed incredibly closed off. Who could blame the guy though?
“I’m not here to judge you. I just want to ask a few questions. Do you know where you are, James?” The psychologist paused for a second, looking down and off to the side. “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, James.” The caged man spoke for the first time.
“My name is Bucky.” His voice was rough from not being used. A look crossed Steve’s face and he turned to Sharon.
“Why would the Task Force release that photo to begin with?” Sharon’s body turned to face the man speaking to her. Her brows furrowed while she answered.
“Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?” Your head tilted, trying to follow Steve’s train of thought.
“Right. Good way to flush a guy out of hiding. Set off a bomb, get your picture taken. Get seven billion people looking for the Winter Soldier.” Oh shit.
“You’re saying someone framed him?” You wanted to believe it with every fiber in your being.
“Steve, we looked for the guy for two years and found nothing.” Sam reminded in a calm tone.
“Yeah, you didn’t bomb the UN though. That turns quite a few heads. Especially if prominent people like King T’Chaka end up dead because of it.” You made a good point, but there were still pieces missing.
“That doesn’t guarantee that they would find him. It guaranteed that we would.” Sharon and Steve began examining the room around them. Your attention returned to the audio emitting from the intercom.
“You fear that,“ the doctor paused, “if you open your mouth, the horrors might never stop. Don’t worry.” He glanced down again and moved his hand to swipe something away.
“Guys?” You pointed to the screen as the doctor held up his pointer finger.
“We only have to talk about one.” All of the sudden, the screens went dark and the lights flickered off. Secretary Ross was yelling at technicians to get his video back. Tony was speaking to his AI, Friday, about locating the source of the outage. Steve and Sam tensed at the thought of what could be going on with Barnes.
“Sub-level five, east wing.” was all Sharon said as the pair ran off. You looked at her and threw your hands in the air.
“What the hell do we do now, Shar?” She glared at you as she started reasoning with you.
“They’re stronger than we are. If they can contain whatever the hell is happening down there then great. In the event that they can’t, we’ll be up here with Natasha and Tony to deal with it.” You nodded quickly as you both ran out of the room.
You quickly followed Natasha, Tony and Sharon to the main level of the building. Clearly Steve and Sam were unsuccessful in containing the situation because Barnes could be seen through the glass, fighting his way to his destination.
Tony stunned Barnes with a previously concealed Iron Man glove. Barnes started towards Tony and quickly attacked. After Barnes bested Tony, it wasn’t long before Natasha rushed the man alongside Sharon. It wasn’t hard for Barnes to throw Sharon across the room. Natasha took the opportunity to launch herself onto his shoulders, which caused Barnes to slam her into a table with his metal hand wrapped around her neck.
She mumbled something to him as you kicked his ribs, releasing his chokehold on her. He stumbled backwards, his hard gaze landed on yours as he approached. Your eyes locked on his as the two of you traded blows.
They weren’t the same eyes as before. Those eyes were soft and remorseful, these were hard and unattached. There was no emotion behind the pair staring at you. The fraction of a second that you were analyzing his eyes in your head was enough for him to catch you off guard. His metal fist landed in your rib cage. The opposite hand jabbed at your face, busting your lip and sending you flying backwards.
You hit your head on the concrete below, making your eyes roll back. The wind left your lungs and you gasped to get it back as Barnes and T’Challa fought in the background. It was a few minutes later that a concerned Sharon made her way over to you.
“Are you okay?” You looked her over as she did you, checking for any severe injuries. You offered a small nod, not wanting to shake your head too much in fear of a concussion. “Let’s go check in with Ross.”
“And how the hell did Rogers and Wilson even know where to find Barnes?” Ross’ voice boomed through the office. No one said anything, not wanting to incur the wrath of Secretary Ross. “I’ve already allowed Stark 36 hours to find them and bring them back here.” Ross turned to you and Sharon standing in the corner of the room. “If they contact any of you, report it immediately.” Rounds of ‘yes, sirs’ bounced around the room, then chaos ensued as everyone got back to trying to clean up this mess.
“Carter. Y/L/N. Elevator now.” He raised two fingers to point toward the elevators before walking into one. It was just the three of you in the enclosed space. He clicked the button for the ground floor. “I know you have some kind of connection to Rogers but do not let that cloud your judgement. The both of you are CIA agents first.”
“We understand, Secretary.” The elevator doors opened again and you went to step out when Ross stopped you again.
“I mean it, girls. This is your job on the line here.” You and Sharon shared a look before continuing walking. Did he just call us girls?
“Do you think that was supposed to be intimidating?” You laughed under your breath as you went out to the parking lot. Sharon sighed and shrugged her shoulders.
“Probably.” She looked at you over the top of her car. “You don’t have to come with me.”
“Where do we start?”
Getting that fucking shield and bird suit wasn’t easy. They had moved it from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre to the US Embassy to await transport back to the States. It made it easier but still damn near impossible to get. Thankfully, you and Sharon are good liars. Skills of a misspent youth.
The two of you walked in the front door and displayed your badges. “We’re here to pick up Captain America and the Falcon’s effects.” The man behind the counter didn’t even question it. Man, they need better people at the Embassy.
“You’ll have to sign some paperwork saying you picked it up.” There it is. You both flicked a brow and Sharon held her hand out for the clipboard. Small scratches from the pen in her hand were echoing throughout the empty building.
She handed the clipboard back to the man behind the counter. “Okie dokie, just pull your car around to the side of the building and we’ll get you loaded up.” He shot them a small smile and turned around to file the papers.
“That was easy enough.” You whispered to Sharon as you left, not wanting your voice to carry. You walked to your car that was parked in front of the iron wrought gate. Pulling your car around to the side of the building, you popped the trunk. The gear clad Embassy soldier carelessly tossed Sam’s suit inside before gently placing the shield on top of it.
“Hey, if there’s a scratch on that suit, it’s coming out of your paycheck buddy.” You held your pointer finger up to the man’s unimpressed face.
“Y/N, let’s go. We’ve got to get these to the jet or Ross will have our heads. Remember it’s our job on the line here.” What Sharon said made you laugh big while hauling yourself back into the driver’s seat of the car. As you pulled out into the street, Sharon was typing away on her phone and pushing it to her ear.
“This is a secure line but I don’t know for how long, so don’t talk just listen.” She took a deep breath and then continued. “We want to help. Meet us under the bridge on Route 6. We’ll be there in two hours.” She ended the call quickly and threw the phone outside the car. Glancing over at you, she nodded and sighed again.
“We’ve gotten this far.” You had one question burning in your throat that you were afraid to ask.
“Where do we go after they’ve gone?” She looked at you and she was biting her lip, something she only did when she was incredibly stressed.
“I don’t know yet. Do you have any ideas?” You smiled and thought of the one place that you wouldn’t be followed.
“Yeah, I’ve got one, but it’s rough.”
The drive to the underpass wasn’t a hard one. You had beat the boys there so you and Sharon were sitting in the car. You had the radio playing softly in the background.
“Who the hell do you know in Madripoor?” You laughed and shrugged.
“I’m supposed to tell you all my secrets for free?” You shook your head and shifted in your seat to face her fully. “I was tasked with tracking some artwork down there. One of my assignments when we went through initiation for the Agency.” You picked at the holes in your jeans. “I thought it was just all fake stuff, but I researched it more and more. Turns out, the underground artwork dealing is really lucrative over there.”
Sharon stared at you in amazement. “What did you do, Y/N?” You smirked.
“I haven’t done anything.” You held her gaze, “Yet.” She released a small laugh and her mouth hung open a bit. “I may have a warehouse out there.” You squinted one of your eyes, and leaned forward. “And the apartment above it.” She was going to say something when an old ass blue Beetle pulled up behind you.
“Now how the fuck did they all fit in that tiny ass car?” You both laughed as you stepped out of the car with big smiles on your faces.
“Not sure you understand the concept of a getaway car.” Steve walked up to Sharon and they began talking as she popped the trunk, revealing their gear. Your attention was on the men in the car behind them. Barnes was stuck in the back away from cameras and Sam was lounging in the passenger seat. Your eyes met Barnes’ again, they were back to the remorseful pair you saw the first time.
“You know he kind of tried to kill us.” You waved your hand in gesture to the man in the car.
“Sorry, I’ll put it on the list too.” He glanced back down at Sharon, who had migrated closer to him. “They’re going to come looking for you.”
She nodded, “I know.” Then the most awkward kiss in all of kissing history took place. Your brows shot up then furrowed quickly, a small wince overtaking your face. They pulled apart and traded more words. Sharon began walking back to the passenger side of the car.
Steve turned around and you looked back at the two men in the car. Both of them were wearing proud, smug grins. Steve threw his head back as if he was berating them.
“About damn time, Cap! She’s been pining over you for God knows how long now.” The windows were down in the Beetle so the other two heard you shouting at their friend.
“Y/N!” Sharon was a bit embarrassed.
“What? It’s the truth, Shar!” The two of you began bickering like an old married couple as you started the car again. Steve got all he needed from the trunk and shut it quickly, slapping it twice. You began driving off with Sharon giving you directions to an airport on the opposite side of the country.
That was the last time you saw Steve. Last time you saw anyone for a while. You had been dusted in the Blip. Sharon had followed you to your apartment in Madripoor. The two of you were able to figure the city out pretty quickly. Learning the ins and outs of the island, where to go, who to sell to. One afternoon, you and Sharon had been surveying a Van Gogh piece for your gallery when you flew away. In the middle of a fucking deal, what perfect timing.
Five years later, you were reunited with an even more successful Sharon. “I kept your room the way you left it.” She said as she led you through your shared home. “I figured that you’d be back and you’d be pissed off if I fucked with anything.”
You smiled at the woman gratefully and hugged her. Neither of you let go for a while. When you did, she started filling you in on everything. She had continued to split all her profits and had been depositing the money into your account. “Even if you didn’t come back, I could’ve used it if I needed to bug out. Win-win.” She explained with a smile.
The two of you had about six months of getting back into the groove of things. It was quickly cut off by a ping of your phones one day. A look of confusion and anger crossed her face, “Are you fucking kidding me?” She locked eyes with you and told you to get your gear.
“Where are we going?” She threw her phone at you and you looked at the screen. As soon as you read the notification at the top of it you understood. Repeating your question from before, you tied the knots on your Converse. You followed Sharon to the Low Town side of the island.
“Now what the fuck are they doing here, do you think?” The two of you camped outside of the Brass Monkey nightclub, ready for whatever came your way. Deciding that you were too visible to everyone else, you moved to the building across from the club. Something is bound to go wrong and the first place they're going to get ran to is this dead end alley.
Sure enough, not even ten minutes later, Sam, Barnes, and Zemo got cornered in the alleyway. Sharon had decided to stay on the ground floor next to the door. You shot two of the assassins following the group of three and Sharon took out the final one.
You made your way back down to Sharon, who was still holding her gun up. “You cost me everything.” She focused her gun on Zemo.
“Sharon, wait. Someone recreated the super soldier serum and Zemo had a lead.” Sam remarked calmly, trying to diffuse the situation.
“Explains why you guys are here and Selby’s dead.” Your brows shot up at that, must of been new information that she got while you were upstairs.
“Why are you here, Sharon?” Sam questioned.
“She was one of the ones who stole Steve’s shield, remember?” You stepped forward, raising your gun to gesture to the men in front of you. “And the wings, so your ass,” you waved at Sam, “could save his ass,” at Barnes, “from his ass.” You lowered your gun and stepped in front of Zemo, staring the man down. Your fist balled and you launched it at Zemo, landing a solid hit to his cheekbone.
Barnes grabbed your hand, twisting your body to slot against his with your arm bent behind your back. He leaned close to your ear, breath making shivers trickle down your spine. “I only let you do that because I’ve wanted to for a while now, so don’t get any more ideas.” Your breath hitched because of the proximity of the man behind you.
“Alright, give me my Y/N back.” Sharon said, lowering her gun to holster it. Bucky held onto you for a few more seconds than necessary and then pushed you towards Sharon as he released you. You scoffed, then shoved your gun into the waistband of your jeans. Sam and Sharon had already started their own conversation by the time you calmed down enough to face Barnes.
Sharon bobbed her head to you, an unspoken language between the two of you. After bringing them into your home, Sam began admiring the artwork in the first floor gallery. “Looks like breaking the law is treating you two well.”
“Before even graduating into the Agency, I had a place over here. Never had any intention on using it, but here we are.” You started, “Then, after having to flee Berlin, for you,” You shot a look at Bucky, “we figured if we had to hustle, might as well enjoy the good life. Do you know how much we can get for a real Monet?”
“Deactivate your hustle mode. You sell fake Monet’s.” Sharon shot him a look, about to defend us when Zemo cut in.
“No. She means real. This gallery is specialized in stolen artwork. Monet. Van Gogh. All the classics.” Sam made a face of disbelief.
“It’s true. You know, half the artwork in museums like the Louvre is fake. Real stuff sits in places like this.” Bucky gestured to the gallery. Sam pulled his phone out of his suit pocket.
“Okay, guys, I see what you’re doing. You’re more worldly than good old Sam.” He was typing furiously as he spoke. Bucky passed him, soundlessly following you and Sharon to the upstairs apartment.
“Yeah. What’s Google say?” Once the five of you got upstairs, Sharon began walking them into her office, telling them that they needed to change because we were hosting clients. It didn’t take long for the men to switch outfits. It was refreshing to see Barnes in something other than combat gear or a torn Henley. Sharon followed you in the office, making a remark at Sam while he apologised.
“Look, you know the whole hero thing is a joke, right? The way you gave up that shield, deep down, you must know it’s all hypocrisy.” She said as you plopped yourself on one of the plush chairs across from the couch, holding a clear glass full of whiskey.
“He knows. And not so deep down.” Zemo added quietly, since when is Zemo informed? Sharon glazed over his comment, opting for asking about the new Cap while filling a glass for herself.
“Don’t get me started.” Barnes spoke for the first time since being downstairs. You narrowed your eyes at the man.
“Please. You buy into all that stars and stripes bullshit.” You swung your glass to Zemo, “Before you were his pet psychopath, you were Mr. America! Cap’s best friend.” His gaze darted over to you, nose wrinkling at your comment.
“Do you know who I am?” He tried to be intimidating but it was just funny to you. You were taking a drink to moisten your throat to fire back a witty comeback, when Sharon spoke for you.
“Oh trust me, she knows. She did a report on you freshman year of high school.” You started choking on your drink as Sharon smirked from the couch next to Barnes. His brows raised and a smug smile graced his face.
“She did now?” Clearly he was a different man from the last time you saw him. Meeting his eyes for the fourth time ever, you were surprised with what you saw. There was almost a hunger lingering behind his eyes.
“Most definitely. I don’t even know how many times she went to the Smithsonian to see the exhibit about you.” You glared at Sharon, who continued to talk, unbothered by you. She raised her own glass to her lips, speaking into her cup, muffling her words.  “Honestly, think she developed a little crush.” Barnes’ eyes never left your face, his mind racing.
“Wait, so the entire time you were helping me and Steve, you had a crush on Tin Man?” Sam interjected, wanting to be included in the conversation. You rolled your eyes and gave a subtle nod to Sam. The action wasn’t missed by Bucky.
“Which is why I think it must’ve been really hard for you to ask him of all people for help. They comin’ down real hard on you out there?” You asked Barnes with a smirk and a head tilt towards Zemo. “I know he fucked you up real good, triggering the Soldier, Barnes.”
Sam laughed beside him. “Dude, that’s basically what you told Walker.” Barnes threw a glare at Sam, who had clapped a hand on his metal shoulder. The conversation dissipated after your comment, guess you killed the vibe.
Sam turned to a relaxed Sharon, “We need your help.” Her body tensed, neither one of you was ready to throw yourself back into enemy territory. “I can get your name cleared.” He dangled a huge bargaining chip in front of her face. You knew Sharon was eager to get back to the States. She misses her dad. It was unfair of Sam to use that as a way to gain her favor.
“Haggling with someone’s life like that isn’t okay, Sam.” You said quietly, focusing your gaze on the glass in your hand.
“It’s not like that, Y/N.”
“Yes, it is, Sam.” You said firmly. “You can’t just say something like that. I know you’re an Avenger. That’s great shit, but you need to realize that if you can’t deliver on your word, we go to jail or worse. You know that.”
“I don’t trust charity, Sam.” Sharon said from beside Barnes.
“All right, a deal then. You help us out, and I get your names cleared.” Your nostrils flared and you shook your head. Sharon agreed, blinded by the possibility of seeing her family again. You don’t doubt that she thought through all the outcomes, it just wasn’t the route you would’ve taken.
“We sell to some pretty connected people. Lay low, blend in, and enjoy the party.” She got up, exiting the office.
“Try to stay outta trouble, boys.” You said placing your glass on Sharon’s desk as you left. “We’ll see what we can find.”
You were standing next to Sharon when the three men joined the party. Leaning over to Sharon, you told her you were going to get a drink from the bar. You pushed your way through the crowd, planting yourself on a stool in front of the countertop. Nodding your head at the bartender, they passed you a bottle of club soda.
“Not drinking tonight?” A raspy voice questioned over your shoulder. You turned to face the owner as you shrugged your shoulders.
“Already had my fill. And technically, I’m supposed to be working, Barnes.” Your eyes met with his again. You couldn’t tell if it was the light in the room or if it was just him, but they were a deeper shade of blue than before. He leaned his weight on his elbow that was resting on the bar top next to you. He was so close you could feel his body heat rolling off him in waves.
His eyes roamed your face, stopping on your lips as he spoke. “You know you can call me Bucky, right?” You made a face, bringing your bottle to your mouth. He watched intently as your lips wrapped around the opening.
“We’ve never had a single conversation before today. And the first time you actually met me, you twisted my arm behind my back because I punched the dickwad standing next to you.” You took another sip and his eyes drifted down to your throat. He watched as it bobbed when you swallowed.
“So, yeah. I’m going to call you Barnes.” You leaned closer, “I’ve never been given permission to call you anything else.” You could tell you struck something. Something that he didn’t even possibly know about. His face heated and he had to clear his throat before speaking.
“Um, okay. Well you can call me Bucky or if you want, James.” Your brow quirked and you pulled back to take him in fully.
“How many people have you let call you that since you got your free will back?” Your tone was serious, but your face held a smile.
“None, doll.” His eyes ran over your face again. “I just want to hear how it’ll sound coming from your mouth.” One of his metal fingers came up to rest on your bottom lip as your smile grew.
“James.” You whispered, just for him. What he was giving you was a privilege, one you were going to revel in. One corner of his mouth tugged upwards.
“Again.” He growled as his finger remained on your lip.
“James.” The party around the two of you faded away. In your reality, it was just you and the man in front of you. A peaceful place, where nothing could change what was happening right at that moment.
Of course, reality is a bitch. And you never got what you wanted. Your jaw clenched as soon as your phone pinged. James dropped his hand from your face as he read the text with you.
Found Nagel. Meet us outside and if you find Bucky, tell him too.
You scrunched your nose and bit your lip. James’ hand was quick to pull your lip from your front teeth, before resting there for a second as he studied your face. He stepped back quickly, nodding his head for you to follow him.
You don’t know how the hell Sharon managed to find him, but she did. You were in a shipping yard for storage cars. “Madripoor could give New York a run for its money.” Sam said as the five of you weaved your way through the containers.
“With a bounty on your head, the longer you’re in Madripoor, the less likely you’re ever leaving.” She glanced down at her phone in her hand. Nodding toward a red container, “Alright, he’s in there. Container 4621.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out five earpieces.
“We’ll keep watch while you guys talk to Nagel. But hurry. We’re on borrowed time.” You said as you watched everyone situate their pieces. Sharon turned around and began walking down an aisle not far from the container Nagel was in. You stopped James before he could go anywhere.
“Hey, be careful.” His eyes met yours and they were back to the normal steel blue. “Don’t forget who you are, James.” Something flashed behind his eyes, but his face showed no change.
“You too, Y/N. Don’t make me come out here and save your ass.” His eyes flicked down quickly and a smile spread quickly. “I mean, not that I would mind.” You rolled your eyes and shoved his shoulder, turning and walking down the aisle Sharon did.
“So,” She was leaned against a rusted container with a smug smile. “You and Bucky, huh?” You groaned and stood next to her.
“I don’t know, Shar. Neither one of us should be in a relationship. Especially since we’re both Enemies of the State, well one of us is, the other one was.” You turned your head to look at her. “What do you think about all of this?” She opened her mouth to speak when you both heard something ricochet off a metal wall.
She raised a finger to her mouth and crouched down before pressing that same finger to her earpiece. “Guys, we have company.” She took off down one end of the aisle and you down the opposite, ready to attack from both sides. There were three men walking towards Nagel’s container, you shot a look down to Sharon and she nodded.
She came from the back with a baton, whacking the last guy once in the knees and once in the head, disarming him. When the front man turned to help his comrade, you did the same move to him with your own baton. You both continued trading blows with the men. You had effectively taken out the first man, using his thigh to latch yourself to the third man’s shoulders. Situating yourself to use your body weight to flip him over, definitely knocking him out.
“Every bounty hunter in the city is here. We gotta go now, boys!” You yelled to your earpiece as you watched Sharon fight off another opponent.
It wasn’t until the gunfire started that Sharon said something else into the piece. “Guys, we’re seriously outta time here.” You both split off, out of each other’s view, battling your own demons. You were currently dealing with two of those said demons, when a third approached from behind. Locking you in a chokehold as the other two continued punching your ribs.
One of the hunters was suddenly ripped away from you. Punches were landing and groans were echoing through the alleyways. You threw all your body weight forward, throwing your assailant over your shoulder. Two gunshots rang out and then a third one, which landed a bullet hole between your aggressors eyes. Your head whipped around to face James, whose arm dropped back to his side.
He walked towards you, putting a hand on your back leading you to where Sharon and Sam were standing. Zemo pulled up in a blue convertible car, “Supercharged.” was all he said. Sam pointed his finger at the man in the driver’s seat.
“You’re going back to jail.”
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” James sighed heavily, his shoulder sinking with the action.
“He’s right. We need him. And there’s two of us, and at least twenty of them.” James got in the front seat, leaving the door open for Sam.
“Fine. But if you try that shit again--”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Zemo raised his hands in surrender. Sam turned to Sharon.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion.” You leaned over the open door to talk to James. He looked at you with a sad face.
“Why don’t you come back to the States with us?” He tilted his head. “We could clearly use your help, doll.” You smiled at that and licked your lips before responding.
“You know we can’t. Not yet anyway.” He placed his finger back on your bottom lip, maintaining eye contact. “This isn’t the last you’ll see of me, James. That I can promise you.” He smiled and dropped his hand back to his lap.
Sam climbed into the seat behind James. “You’re not going to move your seat up, are you?” James smirked before replying.
“No.” You watched as they drove off, desperately wanting to see James again already.
You turned back to Sharon and the two of you began walking back towards High Town. “I think you should go for it.” 
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nomadicpixel · 2 months ago
Hi love! How about “I can’t believe you just did that.” With either Bucky or Steve?
Hey @goaskbarnes I hope you like it.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: A little angst, with a couple bad language words
Author's Note: I do not consent to have my work translated or reposted to any other site. I only post under NomadicPixel, and only on Tumblr or AO3.  If you are under the age of 18, do not interact with this post or my blog.
Tumblr media
You stormed into the tower lobby, slamming the door behind you without waiting for Bucky.
Absolutely furious, you snarled and press the elevator button repeatedly, hoping not to have to share an elevator with the world’s most unstable 100-year-old man. Your anger and Bucky’s timid pace left you with a win. The door closed behind you before he reached the button.
You wouldn’t have to see him until later. Or so you thought.
Served you right to race a super soldier in an elevator. He was waiting, arms folded as you stepped off to the communal area of the tower. “At least tell me why you’re mad?” he pleaded, sticking out his lower lip.
“Mad? I’m not mad. I’m furious! I can’t believe you just did that,” you growled, trying to step around him. The handsome jerk ran up 80 flights of stairs and didn’t break a sweat.
Sam giggled from his perch on the arm of the couch, grabbing the bowl of popcorn from the side table. “What did he do? I can’t wait to hear this!”
Bucky looked at you like a confused puppy, fanning the flames of your ire.
“We went to get coffee. Bucky offered to grab a table, so I was chatting with a cute guy in line. He asks me out, I go to give him my number, and this asshole…” you stop to point and sneer at Bucky, “… comes over to kill any hope of happiness!”
You knew you were being overdramatic, but you were angry, and Bucky saw nothing wrong with his behavior. “He put his arm around my shoulder, tells the guy ‘This one’s taken, pal’, and gives him the murder glare until he ran out of the shop.”
Sam nearly fell off the armrest from laughing so hard. Unfortunately for him, he spilled half of the popcorn onto the floor. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean up in a sec,” he bent forward, gasping for breath. “You’re sayin’ that this chump over here,” he paused, nodding his head over at Bucky, “scared off another one?”
You took a step back, pressing your lips into a fine line. He’d done this before? What the fuck?!? Folding your arms across your chest, you glared at Bucky, quirking an eyebrow at him. “Oh, do tell, Samuel. I think I need to hear this.”
Waving his arms in front of him in surrender, Sam dropped and scooped up all the popcorn into the bowl. “Sorry, I need to make more popcorn. Good luck, Buck!”
The centenarian gulped and gestured to the couch. “Why don’t we…”
“No,” you interrupted, shaking your head. “Just tell me what happened and why you keep doing this to me. I thought we were friends!”
Bucky scrubbed his hands over his face and sat on the now-empty couch, legs spread, and dropped his chin to his chest. “I may have given a few other guys the impression that you’re not single. And they might have thought that if they were to ask you out, that someone might break their kneecaps or another such appendage.”
You collapsed against the wall in disappointment. The last few months were extremely lonesome for you, and Bucky knew how hard you were working to put yourself ‘out there.’ There was only one more thing you wanted to hear from him. “Why?” you asked, your lower lip trembling in anger and frustration.
“I know you didn’t like being single. But they’re not good enough for you, honey. Nobody is.”
Head shaking in disappointment, you cracked your neck. “That’s not up for you to say,” you whispered as you turned to walk away.
“I was under the impression that it was. I’m sorry that I’m not completely clear on dating dynamics and protocols in the 21st century, but look at this from my perspective. For the last month, every day I’ve asked you out to coffee with me. Just you, nobody else. I offer you my arm on the way there. This time, you didn’t want to save us a seat, so I offered to do it and gave you my card to pay with. I thought that guy was coming on to you, so I was going to be chivalrous and ask you to trade spots with me, but you were giving him your phone number. What was I supposed to do?”
You took a deep breath to give yourself time to process. A date? Something didn’t add up here.
“Bucky–you and I go out every day for coffee. This is a daily routine for us. We’ve been doing this for what? A month? You didn’t ask me out on a date. This is just something we do together. And you always offer me your arm on the way there. And hold open doors because that’s just how you are. I stopped fighting to let you pay ages ago…” you clapped your hand over your mouth in realization.
“Please explain to me how long we’ve been dating and why the hell haven’t you tried to kiss me yet?”
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smokeybluebrooke-lyn · 3 months ago
Angel Hair (Chapter 3)
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Gender neutral!pregnant!omega!Reader
Summary: Just when you think things couldn't get any weirder, you have an unexpected visitor.
Word Count: 2276
Warnings: Imprisonment. Implied past torture. Talk of non-consensual artificial insemination. Mentions of hallucinations. Pregnancy and wriggly pups. Protective!Bucky. Feelings of abandonment. Language. Reader has a caffeine habit. Oh, Bucky 🤦‍♀️.
This one might not be heavy on the smut but this is still an 18+ blog so minors kindly redirect yourselves to these bunnies and rainbows in an orderly fashion cus the law, I thank you.
A/N: Enter reader stage left! I hope you all enjoy this new chapter and for the record, I had no idea how it was going to end until it happened. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Tags lists: OPEN! If you would like to be tagged in future chapters, let me know in the comments or send me an ask or DM.
Forever tags:
Angel Hair tags:
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Image credits: [x][x]
You jerked awake, panicked as the smell of alpha hit your nose.
‘I’m not going to hurt you,’ a voice whispered in your ear.
Your pup kicked inside your belly, the not-so-little bounce landing against the palm that rested on your side.
You could have sworn that you heard the guy straight up gasp.
It was only then that you registered the heat and the solid frame of another human being at your back.
The alpha's scent, however impossibly faint, was all wood smoke and rain. It enveloped you along with the sound of his voice, calming you in a way that didn’t make sense when you had an unbonded alpha all up in your space. Ordinarily, you might trust your gut's first instinct that this stranger bore you no malintent but with your skewed perspective on the concept of ordinary after months spent in this nutcase-infested hellhole, you weren't about to take any chances.
You may have seen some weird shit in this place but waking up to being spooned by a near-enough-Nazi was on a whole new level, especially when you were knocked up with some other alpha’s pup.
As it was accustomed to doing more than ever, your mind started whirring at a hundred miles an hour.
There was no guarantee that Hydra hadn’t somehow managed to manipulate this alpha’s scent or perhaps how you perceived it, through one of their experiments. Theoretically, the best way to control a potentially flighty omega - which, you had every intention of being when the opportune moment rolled around - would be to introduce an alpha with a scent they found as comforting as they did compelling. It wasn’t the craziest idea that you had ever heard and either way you couldn’t afford to drop your guard.
With that in mind, you readied yourself to punch the guy clean in the balls. Scent swayed or not, knocked up or not, you were well versed in what Tony called "the ways of kickass" and you weren't averse to fighting dirty if occasion called for it. If this alpha thought that you wouldn’t put up any resistance then he wouldn’t be the first or last to learn that there was nothing in this world more dangerous than a pissed off, caffeine-deprived omega. ‘I’m not going to hurt you,’ he said more decisively than before.
Was mindreading on his list of Hydra-given talents?
More likely, you realised with no small amount of embarrassment, you had been lulled by that irritatingly divine scent into telegraphing your intentions.
Fuck you, biology.
Fuck you.
‘Then why are you here?’ You asked, trying to sound as level as you could after having your insides used for soccer practice.
‘I...I had to find you,’ he said, the explanation sounding like a shy and slightly confused confession murmured across a high school dance floor, ‘I needed to know.’
‘Know what?’ You prompted when it was clear that he wasn’t going to continue of his own volition.
He took what seemed like a very long time to find not so many words.
‘How do you smell like me?’
Your heart almost stopped in your chest.
Both of you froze as your accidental scream echoed around the small room.
After whole long minutes of held breaths and pre-emptively clenched fists, it seemed that no one was coming. With the coast clear you pushed yourself onto your back as quietly as you could, appreciating the hand that he unconsciously placed on your arm to steady you as you rolled over to face him. 'Bucky, I finally found you!’
As though making sure he was real, your hands reached out to cup his cheeks, inadvertently smushing them together as you got caught up in the impromptu hysteria.
‘Who the hell is Bucky?’ He asked, from between forcefully and comically puckered lips.
You hadn’t been there for the last “who the hell is Bucky?” incident but you had comforted Steve in the aftermath. That you were hearing those same words had to mean Hydra had wiped him again.
Your hands loosened their grip as your heart sank.
Bucky studied you carefully, scrutinising your features with the acuity of someone accustomed to memorizing them. ‘I don’t know you.'
Ouch, a long-quieted voice spoke from deep inside of you.
Great, nothing like a little lowkey hallucination to make the day complete, you silently grumbled.
Gathering yourself, you channelled your disheartened reserves into the universal smokescreen commonly known as sarcasm.
‘Well, you threw me out of a window once. I guess that counts.’
He looked back at you twice as horrified as confused and of all the reactions that he could have had, that was the last you would have expected from The Winter Soldier. ‘Maybe shouldn’t have led with that,' you thought aloud, searching for a more palatable alternative, 'there was that, that one's not going to be helpful, either. Let's just go with, "it's complicated".'
With his brain visibly crunching over what little information you had provided and apparently not having such a great time of it, you decided that trying to jog his memory gently might be the way forward.
‘Long story short, I’m a friend of Steve’s,’ you said, watching the furrow in his brow deepen, ‘we’ve been looking for you for a couple of years, went to bust you out of some old Hydra base in Austria. Kind of backfired, though...well, for me, anyway. Then they moved us to the ass end of Siberia and here we are. Can’t get a message out for Steve and my friends to come and get us.’
You had never seen anyone look so completely mind-boggled.
So much for that theory. ‘Oh, Steve gave me and Sam something to tell you if we got to you first!’
Wracking your memory for a several-month-old piece of information wasn’t the easiest thing to do, especially with full-blown pup brain and a caffeine-free diet. ‘Uh...I’m here for...nope, that’s not it. I’m with you ‘til...the end of Buddy...?’
‘I’m with you ‘til the end of the line, pal,’ he corrected like his lips were moving on muscle memory alone and the words didn’t fully connect but they were in there. With his face scrunched up in contemplative shock like that, the cogs were definitely turning a little easier for it.
Then his attention snapped back to you.
‘You didn’t answer my question,’ he said, observing you with a softened look in his eyes that you shouldn’t be feeling your heart flutter over, ‘how do you smell like me?’
You couldn’t be sure if he really hadn’t put the pieces together or if he just needed to hear you say it.
Did Hydra feel the need to include the birds and the bees in The Winter Soldier handbook?
‘Well, this is awkward,’ you began with a deep sigh. When in you’re sappiest omega moments you had allowed yourself to imagine making such an announcement, this was not how it had all gone down in your head. ‘I’m kind of carrying your pup.’
The look on his face was a picture in a thousand words of blindsided which, you imagined was a big deal for the stoic Winter Soldier.
‘Well, they want to make more of you, 'cus Hydra and, from what I've gathered while I've been here, viable cloning is a little beyond their reach which, is hilarious. I know people who could do that in their sleep with a petri dish and a cup of noodles.’
He regarded you for a long, ponderous moment.
‘You’re exaggerating,’ he finally concluded.
‘Believe it or not, only a little.'
Bucky was thinking again but this time he looked like he was about to have a panic attack or punch someone in the face, order to be determined. His jaw clenched, the low rumble building in his chest buzzing through your nerve endings like lightning.
‘What did they do?’
You knew what he was really asking before the faint but biting pissed off alpha pheromones reached you.
Did they hurt you?
Perhaps responding to your spiking adrenaline, your pup started kicking like crazy. Discomfort clear as you wrapped one arm around your belly, Bucky placed his hands on your shoulders, then your face, then your arms, constantly switching it up as he floundered for anything more productive to do.
'It's okay,' you tried to reassure him, taking a few deep breaths as the internal rave began to die down, 'that happens. No big deal.'
You almost laughed at the ridiculousness of your own statement. A super pup using your diaphragm as a bouncy castle? Yeah, no drama there!
Looking at him now with his expression set in a cyclone of unbridle terror and brutal fury, keeping that to yourself was perhaps a good call. Adding the truly honest answer to his question into the mix seemed like it could easily end in a homicidal rampage and, while there was that omega bit of you that may just revel in him tearing the place up to avenge you, he would get himself captured, killed or both.
No! Hell fucking no! The voice piped up again and hallucination or not, this time you were inclined to agree.
Hoping to use biology to your advantage, you nestled into his shoulder and bore your throat to him. Reacting as you had hoped, Bucky instinctively dipped his head, inhaling deeply. His shoulders dropped as his arms wound around you, jaw relaxing the longer he nuzzled at your scent gland.
His scent was stronger with your nose in the crook of his neck but still not all that much. With the vague memory of Nat saying something about his suit masking his scent tickling on the edges of your brain, you found your hands moving of their own accord and pulling at the zip of his jacket. Bucky’s breath hitched as it clicked down through its own teeth until it hit the strap across his chest. He didn’t try to stop you, just pulled you in closer as a quietly rough purr bubbled in his throat.
You had never felt your whole body go so bonelessly calm, never seen someone respond to you in the same way. Your heartbeats synchronised, your breaths aligned, and when and only when you were convinced that he was suitably mollified did you answer the question that he had spoken rather than dare answer the one he hadn’t.
‘Artificial insemination.’
‘Artificial what?’ He asked, sounding more than a little scent drunk as he ran his fingers up your spine.
‘Figures that of all the technological advancements in the last century they’d only update you on the explody and or stabby ones,' you practically slurred back, 'basically, they took some stuff from you, some stuff from me, threw it all together, made a pup and then whacked it in here.’
The explanation paired with a light pat on your calming stomach seemed to hit home. There was a long silence while he took that in, one hand shifting to rest over your bump as he pulled back to look at you. You wished that you had an all-access pass to what was going on in that thoroughly scrambled head of his. ‘You do that starey thing a lot, don’t you?’
‘You’re so...calm,’ he responded, incredulous.
Maybe Hydra really didn’t do the whole birds and the bees thing. Then again, he was the assassin to end all assassins, you couldn’t imagine he saw a whole lot of calm from other people.
You gave a little shrug, unconsciously angling closer to his scent gland and its anaesthetic-like effects.
‘You smell I think we can blame Pupper for that one. She must know who you are.’
‘Well, I think she’s a she. Feels like a she. I know that sounds kind of crazy but -’
Bucky’s head jerked suddenly to the side like someone had punched him. You were astonished to find both his hands shaking uncontrollably, his lungs gasping as though he had run a marathon which, you knew from bitter experience he could do without even breaking a sweat.
Resting your hand on his cheek, you gently turned him to face you.
‘Hey, you okay? What happened?’
‘My Ma said that right before Becca was born,’ he said, sounding more breathless, less stilted, and all Brooklyn.
‘Your sis -’
The first syllable was barely out of your mouth before he was off the bed, up the wall, and into the open vent, somehow managing to zip his jacket back up and reattach the grill as he went.
In one soundless moment, he was just...gone.
Your breath caught in your throat like you had been torn from a glorious, white picket-fenced dream only to wake up in your worst nightmare.
Pushing yourself up onto your feet, you waddled over to the wall below the vent. ‘Bucky?’ You whispered as loud as you dared. ‘Bucky?’
It was as though he had evaporated into thin air and taken his worked-up Alpha scent with him.
It was a good, if painful, party trick.
Not again! The voice wept as hot tears began to burn your eyes.
'Shut up!' You heard yourself say, determined not to think about how utterly forlorn it sounded even to your own ears.
With his rapidly dissipating scent snatching the sense of calm safety from beneath your feet, you retraced your shuffling steps and curled up on the bed as best you could.
After a few stubborn minutes, you caved and buried your head in the pillow where his scent lingered the strongest, crying and berating yourself until that too began to fade. 'Stupid, scent swayed omega!'
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pisss-offf-ghostt · 7 months ago
Halcyon Masterlist
Tumblr media
Post End-game era Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are working together with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help make the world a better place. One night they are working to stop a human trafficking ring and they discover a woman with some abilities and a history they have to uncover together. (Series, slow burn, Bucky x F! Reader)
❤️ Completed❤️
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18*
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22
Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Thank you to @whimsicalrogers for the divider!
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theconstantsidekick · 4 months ago
Power Broker (6)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader, Past Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader, OC x Stark!Reader (brief)
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst.
Summary: Bucky breaks out Zemo. Sam suggests they need help handling him, seeing as he can push Bucky’s buttons unlike anyone else. So they go to the only person who can handle both Bucky and Zemo, the only Stark left in the Superhero business… well kind of. Only problem is, she seems reluctant.
Warnings: Swearing, definitely. Canon typical violence.
a/n: These are snippets of scenes that introduce y/n into the story as a character without making drastic changes. The plot points remain mostly same as they take place in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, except that y/n is also a main character with them. The rest of the MCU events stay the same as well. No drastic retcons. The reader is not only a Stark but also enhanced. Thanks for you support. And oh, I guess the tag list is open?
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Tumblr media
“Madripoor could give New York a run for its money,” Sam notes as they all follow Sharon, as she navigates through a maze of shipping containers at the dock.
“They know how to party,” Zemo chimes in.
“With that bounty on your head, the longer you're in Madripoor, the less likely you're ever leaving,” She warns, coming to a stop. “All right. He's in there. Container four-two-six-one.” She points at a red container ahead of them. “I'll keep an eye out while you guys talk to Nagel.” She puts out her hand in offering, for everyone to pick up an earpiece.
“I’ll come with you,” Y/n states.
“You sure?” Bucky asks, concern etched on every single line on his face. “You’re here just to keep me in check, remember?”
Y/n smiles, “I  just wanna avoid using my mojo, and for this... I really don’t have to.”
Bucky doesn’t seem unconvinced.
“Oh ye of little faith. Don’t you trust me, Barnes?” She challenges, before beginning to walk backwards while still looking at Bucky, cause try as she might, she can’t pull her eyes off him.
“Please hurry. We're on borrowed time,” Sharon warns before following Y/n’s footsteps.
Throwing back one last cheeky smile at Bucky, Y/n turns around. She and Sharon split up, going in two different direction.
“Hey, Sharon. You sure this is the right one? It's completely empty,” She hears Sam say over the comms. 
“Positive. It has to be,” Sharon replies.
Y/n swiftly makes her way over to the end of the line of containers in her sight. The shipping containers are stacked one on top of the other. She looks around, finally settling on a corner she thinks will provide her a good vantage point and begins making her way over.
She stands in front of a tight lane between two rows, takes a few steps back before breaking into a run. Her momentum carrying her through to the top of the containers, as she uses her speed and pushes herself off one container, to grasp onto the roof of another. 
As soon as she’s up there she maps out her surroundings and realizes they are far from alone.
“Well folks, guess we’ve got company,” She notes over the comms. “And they don’t seem particularly friendly.”
She jumps off the roof, lands gracefully behind four men and three women, without making a noise. First she pulls the man lagging behind, back, suffocating him easily with his neck in a vice grip between her biceps and lays him on the ground without a sound. Then she softly walks over to the next man cupping his mouth to stop him from speaking or well, probably shouting... She steals his gun from his holster and shoots him in the side. 
Before the rest of them even have a chance to realize what just happened, she pulls out knives from her belt, throwing them at the last of the two men and one woman, aiming for their necks. She then, throat punches the last woman, who falls to the ground, like the rest. She picks off another gun off of one of her assailants and walks on forward.
“Every bounty hunter in the city is here, we gotta go!” Sharon warns over the comms. She sounds out of breath.
Y/n turns the corner only to be met with gun fire, so she backs away as quickly as possible.
“Any way I could interest you lovely people into a truce so I don’t have to ruin these very pretty boots by bashing your skull in?” She shouts out, only to be met with more gunfire in response.
“Every single time,” she grumbles, sighing.
Y/n climbs onto the container she was hiding behind, running over to the end and shooting two of the four shooters. She jumps back down as they begin shooting at her again, kneeing one man in the gut, while maneuvering his gun to shoot the other. The first man falls back, holding onto his stomach with one hand, hissing in pain. He tries to shoot her again. 
She just takes a step away from him and back kicks him right in the face, blood splattering all over her beautiful white leather boots.
“CUM-GUZZLING MOTHER FUCKING COCKSUCKER!” She shouts out, annoyed as the man falls unconscious.
Before she can cry any more over her now tainted footwear though, she has to move out of the way because gunfire begins raining on her again. But she isn’t quite quick enough, getting scraped on her cheek in the process. “Shit,” she grunts in annoyance more than pain as she runs over and launches herself at the assailants.
She elbows one of them painfully in the chest, then uses him as a shield against the other one shooting at her.
As much as she used to harp on Tony to fight with his head, she doesn’t really listen to her own advice. But she’s been in the game for over half a century now, so she thinks she’s allowed to work on sheer instinct itself. And her instinct when it comes to kicking ass, is pretty damn immaculate. 
So trusting said instinct, she pulls out the Glock off of the human shield she’s currently using, and fires one shot behind her. Her bullet lands in the dead center of a man’s skull. 
There’s loud gun shots sounding from somewhere close by. Realizing it’s probably Sharon, she decides to go help and then circle back to the crate. Having made that decision, she looks back ahead, shooting two men and two woman coming her way and then discards the man she was using for cover before running over where she thinks Sharon might be.
Two men come at her with knives, she disposes one of them quickly by catching the knife in the air and throwing it back. The other she runs over to, jumping at him. She holds onto his collar for support and lands sharply onto his chest with her knees, punching him once to knock him out.
She turns the corner and again, trusting her instinct, shoots without thinking too much, landing a hit on the man’s chest, over Sharon’s shoulder. The man falls backwards, while Sharon looks back at her, “I had it handled.”
“‘Course you did, cupcake.” She remarks slyly.
Sharon just rolls her and they both make their way over to the crate where Sam and Bucky are at. She opens the door, ushering Sharon in.
“We’re seriously outta time here,” Sharon says running in.
Taking advantage of the moment, Zemo, the fucker, shoots Nagel right in the chest, killing him instantly. Sam pushes him into the wall in an instant before Sharon lunges over to disarm him.
“What did you do?” Sharon whispers under her breath.
But no one gets any time to react beyond that, because suddenly there’s a fucking explosion and the last thing Y/n sees before it hits is Bucky making his way over to her. 
The blast throws them on the ground. All of them are moaning in pain. Sam, Sharon and Zemo are on one side, while Bucky is covering Y/n with his metal arm. 
Bucky gets to his knees, he looks up at her. His flesh arm caressing the gash on her cheek so fucking gently that it hurts in completely different way. He asks, “You okay?” When Y/n nods, he pushes himself off the ground, pulling her up by the waist.
“Anybody see Zemo?” Sam chokes out.
Bucky moves over, pulls up Sharon and helps Sam up. Sharon stumbles a bit, but Y/n is there at her side, holding her up and dragging her out.
They make it out the container by the skin of their teeth before the whole thing goes up in flames.
All four of them spill out of the debris, mostly unharmed. But they’re already being shot at.
Bucky says something, but Y/n doesn’t pay it much mind, by the way Sam walks away, he doesn’t either. Sam begins shooting, and Bucky and Sharon follow suit. Y/n however, climbs over the debris and flames, running over to where the gunfire’s coming from. 
“Y/N!” She can hear Bucky shout, but being cornered is an awful strategy.
She dodges most of the rain of bullets, shooting as many people down as she can, only getting grazed a couple times. 
Suddenly, there’s movement above her, and she looks up to see Zemo wearing a god awful purple mask. And honestly what the fuck is up with villains and purple these days? He pulls out his gun and shoots the gas pipeline, causing a massive explosion.
“Son of a bitch,” she grunts out in awe as she watches him jump down and begin fighting.
Focusing back to her objective, she shoots a couple other men down before she runs out of bullets. But she doesn’t need more, anyway.
Upon noticing her presence her target prepares to shoot her but she throws her empty Glock at the man’s head, while back kicking another attacker. She runs over to the first man, swinging around while wrapping her thighs around his neck and choking him till he falls to the ground. Then she finally takes his machine gun off his neck and well, Madripoor is going to be her bitch now. She smiles.
Y/n begins raining down bullets left and right, making her way over to Bucky, Sam and Sharon.
Upon seeing her, they begin to make their escape as she covers for them.
“Y/n!” Bucky calls out. “Come on!”
“Hahaha,” she laughs, ignoring him, “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend,” she shouts out, before being pulled away by her collar by Sam, as her clip runs out. She discards the gun at the side.
“Calm down, Pachino,” Sam chides as they all begin running through the maze of containers.
There’s another hail of bullets from both front and back. Sam opens a container, blocking the woman attacking in front, while Bucky rips off a pole off of the container, hitting the man behind them. He uses the same pole to impale the attacker in the front. 
“Let’s go!” Sam says. So she pulls Bucky inside the container by his lapel, with the rest of them. 
They run over to the other side, and Bucky tears down the wall in front of them in one swift motion with his left arm and… Y/n is only human, okay? Well, maybe not. But either way, human or not, that was fucking hot. 
When they step out, they’re greeted with tires coming to a screeching halt.
Zemo’s sitting in the driver's seat of a classic muscle car.
“Supercharged,” he offers as an explanation.
“You’re going back to jail,” is Sam’s only response.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” Zemo asks, but they all know it’s meant to be rhetorical.
“He's right. We need him,” Bucky admits, taking a seat next to Zemo. “And there's three of us, and at least 20 of them. Come on.”
“Fine,” Sam concedes, climbing in behind him, as Y/n makes her way over to the other side, mimicking his actions. “But if you try that shit again…”
“I wouldn't dream of it,” Zemo lies.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion,” Sharon says easily, closing the door behind Sam, as he settles himself on the boot. Y/n sits down on the seat next to him.
“Come back to the States with us,” Sam pleads.
“I told you I can't. Just get me that pardon you promised me,” she says, while her tone is casual, the look she gives Y/n is anything but, and with that she walks away.
“Thanks for everything,” Sam throws back, finally settling down on the seat.
“You're not gonna move your seat up, are you?” Sam asks. His tone however, suggests he already knows the answer.
“No.” Bucky replies monotonously. And Y/n can’t help but chuckle as Zemo speeds them away.
tag list: @thisisparadisemylove @justab-eautifulmess @intothesoul @buckyisperfect @aryksworld @ceo-of-daichi @ireadthensuetheauthors @fckdeusername​ @hotleaf-juice @itspetitfantomestuff
Read part 7 here.
Find series masterlist here.
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dameronology · 6 months ago
more random bucky barnes headcanons
he does not have his shit together. at all. he's more likely to buy more underwear than bother to do the washing & one time he threw out his old plates and brought more because he couldn't work out how to use a dishwasher
with that said, his personal hygiene is impeccable. he always smells slightly of leather & afterhave.
he thinks it's hot when you wear his leather jackets & actively encourages you to do so
sometimes when you piss him off and he's whining at you, his first instinct is to say 'steve, stop'
luckily he's never accidentally said it in places he shouldn't, if you catch my drift
sam told him he couldn't handle the pain of getting pierced, so he got his left lobe pierced to prove him wrong
it's kinda hot
steve left his motorcycle to him and he's too scared to ride it
his music taste is mostly stuff from the 1940s but he also loves queen, fleetwood mac and the beatles
it took him a long time to stop sleeping on the floor and an even longer time to start sleeping beside you
sometimes, he's hesitant to tell you about the stuff he did as the winter soldier because he's worried you'll leave him
he binged every sitcom on the planet in an attempt to catch up; his favourites were schitt's creek, big bang theory, the vicar of dibley & miranda
he also loves john mulaney a lot, after sam introduced him
he complains a lot about modern technology but his alexa is the third person in your relationship
he always goes to therapy with your trust in him on his mind -- he knows that you want him to fully get better and for you, he'll damn well do it
bucky is a deeply, deeply complex person but loving him is pretty simple
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mollysolo · 5 months ago
Come undone for me
Summary: You make Bucky feel good after a long day.
Pairing: switch!Bucky Barnes X switch!fem!Reader
Warnings: Oral sex(male receiving), deep throating, teasing, size kink, smut
Word count: 948
this gif does not belong to me
Tumblr media
As Bucky sat on the edge of his bed, you raced over to him and straddled his lap.
There was stress written all over his face and body.
His shaky breaths fanned across your bare shoulder as you tenderly bit and kissed his neck. His hands rested on your hips as you continued to leave hickeys scattered around this area.
You pulled away for a moment and met his bright blue eyes.
He looked down at you nervously as you started to sit on your knees in front of him.
You ran your hands along his thick thighs as you began to speak. “May I? I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.” you asked.
A lustful and intoxicating look took over his eyes as he looked down at you and gave you a weak nod of approval.
“Please, I need your mouth around me now.” he begged as he knees grew weaker.
You smirked as you looked down again and saw that his cock was already hard, just for you and only you.
“I just wanna make you feel good. Try to relax for me, alright?” you said, your hands trailing up to the waistband of his thin shorts.
He nodded once more as his eyes stayed fixated on what you were doing for him.
You slowly pulled his shorts down along with his boxers and hungrily watched as his cock sprung out of the two pieces of fabric.
Your mouth subtly watered at the sight of it.
You softly bit your bottom lip then licked both of your lips before you started to please him. And you didn’t intend on wasting any time, you were going to take your time with him.
You swirled your tongue around the head of his cock. As you did this, his hand went to the back of your head as he let his head fall back with pleasure.
His quiet moans and grunts filled your ears.
Your hands then shifted to the base of his cock as you began to bob your head up and down on it.
You looked so hot with him stuffed in your mouth and Bucky truly couldn’t get ever over how good you felt around him.
He quickly decided to indulge his desires.
So, he dug his fingers into your hair and grabbed a hand full of it, his nails slightly pricking at your scalp. He yanked and tugged on your hair as you continued to suck his dick.
But you really made him come undone when you began to run your tongue from the base of his cock up to the head.
Over and over and over again.
He groaned as he forced more of his dick down your throat. You gagged for a quick few seconds as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Bucky could feel himself getting closer to his release.
It was quickly becoming hard for him to hold his orgasm back and he desperately wanted to shoot his load down your throat. 
You pulled his cock out of your mouth for a few minutes as you caught your breath.
However, your hands still never left his cock.
He gently smirked as looked down and saw you teasingly stoking his cock. He adored how big his cock looked in your hands.
You quickly said one more thing to him before your mouth and lips met his cock yet again, “Come undone for me baby. I know you want to.” you simply said as you looked up at him with dark eyes.
He collapsed back onto his bed as you began to deep throat his cock once more. Everything you did just made him feel so good and he never wanted your mouth to leave his cock.
His vision went white as he came and shot his load down your throat, just like he wanted to.
You removed your mouth from his dick and wiped your mouth as you sat on your heels. You lightly bounced your tits in front of his knees as you swallowed his seed. 
He tucked himself back into his shorts as you kept swallowing.
But he couldn’t wait any longer, it was now his turn to make you feel good.
He snaked his metal arm down your back and slowly removed your grey tank top. That lustful look took over his eyes again as he saw that you were wearing nothing under this tank top.
A warmth pooled in your stomach and your folds grew wetter as he beckoned you up to his lap again and you straddled his lap once more.
He firmly squeezed your butt in his hands.
Him doing this, made you moan in his ear and his cock quickly became hard once again. You shuddered as you felt his cock press up against your entrance.
He began to hungrily kiss your lips as you attempted to fish his cock out of his shorts yet again. He stopped kissing you and made a ‘tsk’ noise as he swatted your hand away.
“Not yet, doll. Be patient.” he whispered into your ear.
These whispers caused goosebumps start to appear all over your body.
You knew that Bucky liked to take his time with you and you didn’t know long you would be able to last until you were begging him to fuck you.
But you promised yourself that you’d try to be patient. After all, you always took your time with him as well.
Plus, you did want to be a good girl for him.
You’d do anything to make him reward you, even if that meant waiting for a little while until he was ready to fuck you.
smut marvel tag list: @dilanajx @lil-stark
permanent tag list:  @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Heaven by The Neighbourhood. and as always my inbox is open for requests. :))
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starryevermore · a month ago
traitor: i went and fell in love with you (2) ✧ bucky barnes
traitor ✧ steve rogers & bucky barnes series | ao3
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader; steve rogers x fem!reader (former); steve rogers x peggy carter
summary: steve pushed you away, and you fell into the arms of his best friend.
word count: 3,239
warnings?: insecure reader, mention of steve’s emotional cheating, steve’s just a dick, not proofread
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged.
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Life after Steve didn’t feel right. You hadn’t realized how much of your life he had touched until he was gone. He was everywhere in your home. His smell lingered. His side of the closet was empty. The jack side of the jack and jill sinks was without his razor, his aftershave, his hair product. You still left him space in the driveway. You still left out dinner on the counter, absentmindedly thinking that he would coming home from the office late. His presence remained in your life. He was like a parasite you couldn’t get rid of. 
Even outside of your home, he was everywhere you went. All of your friends were Steve’s friends. And it didn’t feel right to still spend time with them. It felt like you’d be forcing them to take sides. They reached out in the aftermath of the break up, but you slowly unraveled yourself from the, dodging texts and calls until it all eventually...stopped. 
You would make a life without Steve, you’d decided. It was the only way you thought that you could mend your broken heart. But, that left you without so much. Where were you to go to eat, when your favorite restaurant was one you always went to with Steve? Would you go to another grocery store in hopes that you wouldn’t run into him or Peggy when you were picking up a carton of milk? Did you have to abandon all of your favorite places, your usual routes? Is that what you had to give up to know peace? 
It was a lonely life, to live like that. And, at the end of the day, you realized that you could never truly avoid Steve.
Six months post-Steve, you’d found yourself at a bar downtown. It wasn’t your usual scene, but your co-workers constantly raved about it. They usually headed down there after work on Fridays to blow off steam. You had always avoided those when you were with Steve—at the end of the night, all you wanted to do was to go home and relax with your love. But, he wasn’t part of your life now. And you needed a new social life, so what harm could be had in going to the bar? 
Apparently, a lot. 
You were nursing a beer, listening as Yasmine talked about her crazy roommate who’d been trying to poison her cat, when you saw them. You saw Nat first, a flash of red hair in the corner of your eye. You turned, seeing her lean her head against Sam’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around her waist. Were they together now? That was cute, if they were. Sam had been head-over-heels in love with Nat for as long as you could remember, and Nat had always said that he was hottest of all the guys. You saw Bucky next, him looking over at you at the same time. His face went ghostly white, and he looked off to the side...Leading you to see Peggy and Steve. 
You didn’t want to listen to what they were saying, but they were so goddamn loud. 
“Have I shown you the ring yet?” Peggy said, waving her left hand in the air. 
Your breath caught in your throat as you saw the glittering diamond ring on her hand. No, it couldn’t...Please, no—
“It’s Ma’s,” Steve said. “Would’ve popped the question sooner, but I had to go get it polished and it took a while to get back.”
Polished? Why did it have to be polished? You took care of that ring as if it was the Crown Jewels. Was he...Was he trying to remove any traces of you? To show Peggy that she was the only woman he truly wanted? 
“You set the date yet?” Sam asked. 
“He just proposed!” Nat chided, smacking his stomach lightly. “They probably don’t even know where they want to get married yet.”
“No, we do know where! Oh, Steve found the most wonderful place,” you heard Peggy gush. “It’s this gorgeous orchard he found just outside of town! It has this stunning gazebo, where—”
You stumbled backwards, feeling as if you’d been shot. You caught Bucky’s eye again, and he surged forward, seeming like he was about to abandon his friends to come to you. But you were saying to Yasmine, “Hey, I-I’m not feelin’ too well, think I’m gonna turn in for the night. We can talk more about this on Monday, yeah?”
“Yeah, yeah, of course!” Yasmine said. “You let me know when you get home safe, yeah? You should probably call an Uber or—”
“I can take her home.” You looked over, gulping as Bucky stood next to you. 
“Who’re you?” Yasmine asked, looking him over, probably thinking he was some strange man who had ill intent.
“Oh, uh, this is Bucky,” you stammered. “We’re, uh...old friends. You don’t need to worry.”
“Okay, but you still text me, okay?”
Bucky led you out of the bar, to where your car was parked on the side of the street. “I can drive you,” he said. 
“I didn't have that much to drink—”
“Y/N, don’t. I’m not...Listen, I couldn’t live with myself if I let you drive yourself home. Anything could happen.”
“Why do you care?”
“Because you’re...It doesn’t matter. Please, just let me take you home then I’ll be out of your hair.”
“Won’t the others be worried?”
“Sam and Nat saw you, too. They understand.”
“And Steve and Peggy?”
“I don’t think they’ve even realized I left.”
“Oh, so you’ve been booted out, too.”
“You could say that. So, can I? Drive you home?”
You fished your keys from your purse, pressing them into Bucky’s open palm. “Us rejects gotta stick together.”
“Yeah, we do.”
The ride back to your place was silent. You couldn’t figure out anything you wanted to say. Was there anything to say? Do you apologize for disappearing? Comfort him for the way Steve was treating him? But you couldn’t figure out anything, until he was pulling into the driveway. He didn’t leave space for Steve. 
“Did you know?” you asked. 
“Know what?”
“That Steve was...I don’t know, cheating.”
“Are you asking if he was doing anything physical with Peggy while you were together?”
“It’s been eating at my mind for months now.”
“Steve wouldn’t...He did love you. And he was loyal to you. It’s just Peggy...”
“She was his true love. I was a love.”
“He didn’t do anything with her until he called everything off with you. But, his heart...I don’t know. I guess it was always Peggy’s. When she came back into his life, he just, he forgot about how happy everything else made him.” He looked over at you, his blue eyes filled with sympathy. “If I had known he would...I thought it was a phase, you know? That he was just reminiscing, and that he’d come to his senses. I never thought he would end things with you.”
“I pushed him too hard, you know,” you said, twiddling your thumbs. “He...He, I don’t know. I was just so scared that he was gonna leave me that I think I just made it a reality.”
“You had every right to be scared, Y/N,” Bucky said. “How many times had he said he’d always love Peggy? And then for him to blow you off all the time? To always be by her side? You’d be an idiot if you weren’t scared.”
“...thank you.”
“Steve’s an idiot, though.”
“Only an idiot would have a woman as amazing as you and just let you go.” He looked away, staring out the windshield. “I never would’ve let you go if you’d been mine. Never would’ve...” He looked back at you, his face all pale like a ghost again. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t—”
“No, no,” you said. “I think I needed to hear that. I just keep thinking about how I must’ve been the worst fiancée in the world for Steve to just leave me. I keep replaying every fucking moment, trying to figure out what made me unlovable to him...I just, I don’t know how to move on, because he was everything to me, and he took everything I was with him when he left.”
Bucky reached over, grabbing at your hands, squeezing them tight in his own. “Y/N, listen to me. You are lovable. You are whole. You are an amazing woman who deserves the entire fucking world. But Steve’s not that world. He’s a fucking jackass who had everything he could’ve wanted and threw it away for a chance to relive the past. And you know what? You’re better off now that he’s gone. You deserve someone who would go all in for you. Who’s in your court, who’s your biggest cheerleader. Who you’d know would never make you feel inferior to everyone.”
“I fucking mean it, too. You are a goddamn angel, and you deserve someone who’ll treat you like it.”
“...thank you.”
Bucky became something of a fixture in your life. And you liked it. You liked spending time with him. He made you laugh, harder than you ever had in your entire life. He made you smile from ear to ear, filled you with warmth and joy and fucking sunshine. You hadn’t felt that happy in...God, you didn’t ever know how long it had been. 
You’d once thought there would be no love after Steve. That he was your one great love, and that there would be no act to follow. But Bucky...You were convinced he made you feel more loved than Steve ever had. 
So, when months later, Bucky showed up on your doorstep with a big bouquet of flowers and a box of your favorite sweets, asking if you would go on a date with him, you knew there was only one answer: yes.
In a way, it almost felt wrong to be going on a date with Steve’s best friend. But, Steve decided he didn’t want you. And Bucky said he felt like Steve didn’t want him around either. Steve had no control over your actions, or Bucky’s. If he got pissed about it, he would never have to see the two of you again. It would be his loss. 
You made things official on the fifth date. Bucky had taken you out to your favorite restaurant, swearing that he was going to replace every tainted memory with Steve with a newer, happier version. And you loved him for it. You loved that he cared so much about making you happy. So much so that, as dessert was brought out, you asked if he would be your boyfriend. And oh, Bucky, sweet Bucky, spilled his wine down his shirt as you asked the question. “Yes,” he said, “of course I’ll be yours.”
Dating Bucky was easy. It felt like a walk in the park, the two of you complementing each other so perfectly. It felt like a dance, moving in sync as you dazzled the crowd. But, to each other, there was only the other. You had Bucky, and Bucky had you, and that was all that mattered. 
But, eventually, someone will trip. The music will cut. A move will be skipped. And you have to figure out how to start again. 
Nearly a year after starting dating, you and Bucky were at the grocery store, looking at the produce, Bucky mumbling something about how you need to pick up plums. He’d been on a plum kick recently, and couldn’t get enough of them. You had an entire bowl in your kitchen stocked with the fruit just for him, and he’d already blown through the ones you’d bought. 
You were in the middle of placing the plums in one of the plastic bags when you heard them. Steve and Peggy. They were looking at peaches. Steve had always liked peaches. Bucky heard them, too, winding his arm around your waist, tugging you close to his chest, as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. 
Steve had just looked up then. “Bucky, hey!” he called out. His voice died when he saw you. “H-How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you around lately.”
Bucky ground his teeth together. “Good, good. You? The wedding happen yet?”
Peggy’s attention was caught now, looking up and flashing a million dollar smile. “It’s tomorrow! Aren’t you coming?”
“Wasn’t invited.”
Steve frowned. “A-Are you sure?”
“He’s sure,” you said. Steve looked to you. “It’s a shame he goes from best man to not invited. But, I suppose there are worse demotions.”
You grabbed Bucky’s hand, tugging him away. You didn’t want to be around Steve, or Peggy. Or anyone who wasn’t Bucky for that matter. You just wanted to go home, to relax, to get your mind far, far away from Steve. 
But, you couldn’t. 
When you got home, all you could think of was the wedding dress hanging in your closet. You never had the heart to get rid of it. But, now, all you wanted to do was burn it and anything else Steve had left to ashes. You stood in your closet, the garment bag open, as you stared at the dress. 
“Hey, Buck, d’you know if we got any gasoline?”
“What, why?” he asked, coming out of the master bathroom. 
“Got a few remnants of the past I need to get rid of.”
“What’re you—” He paused when he saw the dress. “Is that...Is that what you were gonna marry Steve in?”
“Uh huh.”
“You can’t burn it!”
“Why not? It’s ruined.”
“It’s what I was gonna marry Steve in! He just...He ruined everything. This was my dream dress, what I always imagined I’d get married in. And then he—”
“You shouldn’t let him ruin things like.”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s your dream dress. Why do you have to give up on your dream ‘cause Steve’s an ass?”
“Bucky, it...I just...”
“You can still wear it. I bet you anything that you’d look stunning with it on.”
“I shouldn't.”
“Why not? Just give it a try?”
When Bucky had his mind made up, it was hard to change it. So, you slipped out of your clothes and pulled the dress on, Bucky helping you tighten it. Then, he led you to your full-length mirror, his grin stretching from ear to ear. 
“See? You look beautiful. Steve hasn’t ruined that.”
Tears welled up in your eyes. “Bucky...”
“You know, when I imagine myself getting married, I imagine my bride looking just like you, just the way you are now.” His hands rested on your hips, his chin on your shoulder. “We’d find some beautiful venue. Much better than some shitty orchard. We’d pick it out together, and we’d have the most amazing ceremony all of our friends have ever seen. It’d be beautiful, and we’d cry, and we’d love each other, and it'd be everything we’d ever want.”
“You mean it?”
“I do.” He pulled away, his hands leaving your hips as he reached up to his neck. “I don’t...I don’t have a ring now. And I’d wanted this to be more fancy, but, fuck, I can’t wait any longer.” He pulled his dog tags over his head. “Will you marry me, Y/N Y/L/N?”
“Oh my god,” you breathed out, turning around to face him. “Are you serious?”
“More serious than I’ve been my entire life. Whaddya say?”
“Of course I’ll marry you, Bucky,” you cried, leaning up to kiss him.
He smiled against your lips before pulling away for a moment. He placed the dog tags on you, admiring the way they hung around your neck. “Like I said, I don’t have a ring but—”
“This is perfect. This is more than perfect.”
“Yeah. God, I fucking love you.”
“And I love you.”
You spent the night wrapped in each other’s arms, affirming your love for one another over and over and over again. And you’d wanted to stay like that the entirety of the next day, but life seemed to have other plans for you. A knock on the door pulled you out of sleep. You pushed yourself out of bed, taking a moment to admire Bucky, before you got up, grabbing one of Bucky’s t-shirts and pulled it on. The shirt, combined with Bucky’s dog tags, made you feel all giddy inside. You couldn’t believe you were so lucky to have him.
But that happiness faded when you opened the door. 
For, on the other side, was a Mr. Steven Rogers, dressed in the best tux his money could buy. 
“What the fuck are you doing here?” you seethed. 
“Y/N, I made a mistake.”
“Damn fucking right you did! Why are the hell are you here though?”
“I can’t marry Peggy. She’s not the one I want.”
He reached out, trying to grab at your hands. “Baby, please. Let me make things right. I was an idiot, I was blinded by the past, and I—”
“Get the fuck out of here.”
“Wait, no, I want to make things right—”
“The only way you can do that is by getting the fuck out of here! I’m with Bucky now, and he makes me happy, and—”
“You’re only with him to hurt me back—”
You barely processed Bucky’s shouting or the way he was stomping up behind you. All you saw was your fist swinging at Steve, the satisfying crack! it made as it connected with his nose, the way blood started to dribble down his chin.
“Steve, you better fuckin’ watch it,” Bucky growled, tugging you behind him. “You gave this up. You had everything you ever could’ve wanted, and you chose to throw it all away. You don’t get to come in here after you see Y/N happy with someone who isn’t you. That doesn’t make up for the shit you put her through. And now you’re about to put Peggy through the same fuckin’ bullshit? God, I can’t believe I used to think the world of you.”
“Y/N said to leave. And you better fucking listen to her. The broken nose she gave you would be a helluva lot kinder than what I’d do to you for hurting my fiancée.”
“...fiancée?” Steve repeated.
“That’s what I fucking said. And unlike some people, I actually plan on getting married to her,” Bucky said. “Now get out of here before I call the police. Okay?”
Steve looked to you, ready to say something, but Bucky already slammed the door in his face. He turned around, grabbing at your hand, inspecting your knuckles. 
“You okay?” he asked. 
You didn’t answer, surging forward, connecting your lips with his. “I fuckin’ love you,” you breathed against his lips.
“I love you, too,” he said. “More than anything.”
You pulled away, your eyes filled to the brim with love as you looked at him. “Y’know, one good thing came out of Steve breaking my heart.”
“Yeah, what’s that?”
“It gave me a chance to find my true Prince Charming.”
“And I ain’t ever gonna you go.”
“And I ain’t ever gonna let you go,” you said. “You’re all mine.”
“Wouldn’t have it any other way, baby.”
Tumblr media
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harrysgoldenline · 2 months ago
hey can i have request a bucky fic where he is just head over heels for reader, and steve and sam tell him he’s whipped because he’s just so in love 🥺🥺🥺
also tag me please, because my tumblr is messed atm <3
Request by: @wintersoldierwhore
“C’mon! You’ve missed the last two morning training sessions,” Sam groaned, “you have to come to this one.”
Bucky just looked him over with a glare, bringing his coffee to his lips and downing a sip, shaking his head simply before turning back and checking his watch, heart picking up it’s pace a bit as the time you planned on approaching. 
“Did I just hear you’re not coming again?” Steve slightly chuckled, “Let’s go Buck, get changed and we can do a couple miles to warm up before doing some sparring.”
“Okay, slow your roll there buddy, not all of us are super soldiers and I am not getting lapped by both of you.” Sam said, crossing his arms over his chest with a chuckle glancing at a distracted Bucky, “what’s up with you man? You seem-“
Sam stopped when he saw you emerge into the hallway, Bucky eyes brightening and a wide smile growing across face when he saw you, rushing over and pressing his body tight against yours. Sam, who was about to open his mouth for a smart comment bit his tongue when Steve look at him and shook his head softly, reading his friends mind to let his life long friend enjoy his moment, relishing in seeing him so happy. 
“You look… wow doll…” Bucky blushed, hands running down your arms until they intertwined with your fingers, “You are so beautiful, I love this dress.”
“Thank you.” You blush, tucking a hair behind your ear and looking up at him with a wide smile. 
You, of course, already knew how much he loved that dress, especially considering he was the one who bought it for you for an anniversary, having it laid on the bed as he told you to be ready when he picked you up for dinner, beginning a popular tradition of him spoiling you. 
“You ready to go out for brunch, baby doll?” Bucky asked, “got both the bike and a car ready, whatever you wanna take- Oh! I almost forgot.” 
Bucky stopped his rambling as he ran off around the corner, quickly emerging with a bouquet of peonies, clasped tightly between his right hand as he offers it to you with a bright smile, “saw these when I was out for a walk this morning, made me think of you.” 
“Thank you, Buck, they’re beautiful.” You smile, taking them from him and leaning up, pressing a couple of kisses on his cheek before pulling back, “I’ll go run these to my and put them in a vase and then we can go?” 
Bucky simply nods, kissing you quickly before you turn on your heel and head to your room, a blush covering both of your cheeks as you look over your shoulder, your eyes meeting as you both try and steal a glance at one another. 
Sam’s light chuckles make Bucky turn out of his love struck gaze, causing him to look at his two friends with a slight glare, but the corners of his lips were twitching as he held back a smile, rolling his eyes as his friends smirk at him. 
Sam quickly mimics the sound of a whip a times, miming the movement and pointing it at Bucky as he laughs loudly, throwing his head back after watching one of his best friend interact with his lover.
“Oh stop, Sam, he’s happy. Let him be.” Steve scolded before walking up to Bucky, placing a hand on his shoulder and smirking, “I’m really happy for you Buck, you found a great one.”
“The best one.” Bucky quickly corrects. 
Sam snickers behind the two again, a serious look taking over both of their faces, Bucky famous glare causes Sam to put his hands up in surrender, “Sorry man, I’m happy for you too, it’s just funny to see you act like that when we always get you like this.”
Bucky opens his mouth, a sarcastic remark prepared but when he hears his best girl approaching, he quickly turns and mets you at your side quickly, grabbing your face and pressing a kiss of on your lips.
“Hi.” You laugh, taking a shy glance over at the two boys watching, Sam silencing mimicking the wipe again causing you to just shake your head with a laugh. As you look back up at Bucky, you’re met with his sparkling, blue eyes already looking at you, “ready to go bubba?”
Tumblr media
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bucky-soldat · 2 months ago
Pairing: Baker!Chubby!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky wants your opinion on the food that he does and you cannot simply turn him down, despite the way he's been making you feel.
Warnings: Nothing, pure fluff.
A/N: Baker chubby Bucky has been on my mind today. He's so adorable and I've been wanting to write this for a long while now. It was supposed to be something else but I went with what my mind was replaying over and over. Hope you will all enjoy this <3 Any feedback in the form of reblogs, comments or likes is always welcome. It would make me happy :) Thank you!
Tags: @bucky-daddy @wintersschildrenn @sableseb @tumblin-theworldaway @cevans-is-classic @buckybarneschokeme @sebs-oceaneyes @buckysboobs @mymindslabyrinth @spicynudlesoup @theluxuriousfangirl @lookiamtrying
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes had your heart, and you had no intention of ever taking it back. It’s not just the fact that he’s a really cute and adorable man, but he’s your baker best friend. You’ve been best friends for a long time now, you always forgot for how long but Bucky would always celebrate your friendiversary.
Your heart would melt each time he would celebrate your day. “It’s always me and you, cupcake.” He would smile proudly your way with a twinkle in his eyes. He was a large man and you purred to yourself each time he would envelop you into his arms, holding onto you. His belly hung a little low, which always made you chuckle at its softness, while poking playfully. He was your big cuddly teddy bear and you would never let go of him.
Your major concern was when Bucky would eventually start dating someone. At times you would tease him about women just to satisfy your curiosity. You were selfish like that. Bucky would shrug sheepishly, “too busy with this place, cupcake.” He repeatedly replied. You wanted him all to yourself but as a friend.
However, lately, you’ve been asking yourself why Bucky was in your friendzone. You weren’t the type to outwardly flirt with anyone in fear of rejection. You’ve been on countless of dates but you’d always go back to Bucky, because Bucky was the only one who always made you feel comfortable, loved and laugh. The thought of telling Bucky how you actually felt about him made your skin crawl with fear and anxiety. You tried your best to supress your feelings for him but each time you’d look at him, lately, it’s been hard not to pine over him.
You’d always spend your lunch break at his bakery because conveniently, it was in proximity of your workplace. But once again, lately you’ve just been dreading to go there. You’ve been wondering hard why the sudden change of feelings for Bucky. Was it the way he would look at you as he looks at food – thrilled and wanting at the same time? Or was it the way he would kiss your forehead almost each time he’d see you? First, he would cup your face in his large hands and place a soft kiss to your head, then ruffling your bangs as he does so with a grin. These were the little things that you’ve been noticing which you hadn’t before. It bothered you that it has been so long and neither of you had done something. Then again, you were convinced that Bucky Barnes did not see you in that way. You were his best friend, the one who would taste all the food that he makes. He’d only trust your opinion on the food he does and no one else’s, not even Steve’s. According to him, nobody took his love for food as seriously as you do.
Cupcake, it’s lunchtime, where are you? Your thoughts were snapped as you felt your phone vibrate next to you. You couldn’t help but smile and wince at the same time at his text. You wanted to lie to him and tell him that you’ve been swapped with work but – I’ve made something new and I really want you to taste, I might put it on the menu. Please come over, cupcake.Your groaned out in frustration making your colleague snap her head, narrowing her eyes at you. You wave her off quickly without a word then take your bag and your phone, heading down to the Bucky’s bakery. You could not say no to him, ever.
“Sooo, what do you think?” He was standing too close to you, watching your mouth move as you took a bite of the new cupcake he made. He was leaning on the counter while you were sitting right in front of him on a stool. It was as if there was nobody in the place except you two. Bucky had his eyes only on you.
You moaned a little, which you shouldn’t have done as you watched Bucky’s reaction to it. You felt his demeanour change, he became stiff, straightening himself, standing upright. You couldn’t explain the look in his eyes but something did flash before you, was it desire? Was it impatience?
“So good…Buck” You replied, gulping down the last piece. The cupcake tasted like coconut mixed with pineapple and a hint of lime. “Mmm…what’s it called?” You said as you lifted your hand to wipe your mouth with its back.
But Bucky was quicker than you as his thumb brushed your bottom lip, wiping the remnants of the soft icing that was atop the cupcake. Your breathing was caught in your throat, for a second there you couldn’t possibly breathe. He was much closer to you, invading your personal space as he was leaning even closer to your face. He casually licked his thumb, his eyes never leaving yours.
“Bucky…” His name came out as a whisper, a needy whisper. He was taking your breath away. You couldn’t think, your eyes roamed down to his mouth, watching him suck on his own thumb. You were hungry for him. In that moment you didn’t care whether he’d reject you for what you were about to do.
You closed the space between the two of you as you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, pulling him into a kiss. His plump pink lips tasted much sweeter than the dessert he had just given you. Bucky didn’t resist you, he opened his mouth, darting his tongue out running it across the inside of your upper lip, then teasing the tip of your tongue with his. You tasted divine, mixed with the taste of his pina colada cupcake. It was all he had ever imagined. Tasting you right after you’d taste his food. Countless attempts were made while you two were standing in his kitchen at his house but he never had enough courage. He would curse himself for not trying to hint at anything. Your friendship was far more important than being lovers. But to hell with friendship right now. Right now, he was savouring you, his large hands on your cheeks as he kissed the life out of you.
A gentle tap on Bucky’s shoulder suddenly brought the two of you back to reality. Both of you looked flushed, at the young waitress that stood before you, trying to catch your breaths. Timidly she passed on a message that a customer had told her. So, Bucky had to go over and tend to his customer. He cleared his throat, anxiously looking away from you, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked so adorable that it made you smile fondly. “Uh…I have to…” He sighed still looking anywhere but at you. “The cupcake will be called Pina Colada.” He mumbled again.
You laughed heartily at him before grabbing him by his shirt to peck his lips once again. “I’ll see you later James.” You murmured lovingly to your cute baker.
All the anxiety disappeared from his face, replaced with a toothy grin. “Counting on it, my cupcake.”
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ijustwant2write · 5 months ago
The Miracle Question-Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
(GIF credit to @sebastianruinedme​)
Summary: When Bucky doesn’t tell (Y/N) that he missed his appointment, nearly getting into trouble with the government, she becomes furious and upset with him. She demands to have a session with him, wondering if their relationship is as stable as they thought it was, and if it’s actually making Bucky worse. To add to her anger, the new ‘Captain America’ decides to step in.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic), John Walker x Reader (acquaintances), Lemar Hoskins x Reader (acquaintances)
Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)=Your last name
Warnings: Mentions of therapy, arguing, slight violence, fluff
Why would he do something like this and not tell me? He was doing so well with his appointments, and although I knew he wasn't enjoying them, at least he was going so he could get them over and done with. We hardly spoke of them, he was never the one to bring up the topic, it was always me; I just wanted to know how he was doing, I cared for him so much, and it was hurting me to think he wasn't able to open up.
"Sam." I got his attention as I briskly walked into the police station.
"Hey," he could see I was upset, immediately using a calmer tone,"he's alright. His therapist is here, she's got everything sorted."
"But why did it take me watching a video on twitter of my boyfriend being arrested to know about this?"
No one had called. Surely I was one of his emergency contacts? And if I (bizarrely) wasn't, why hadn't Sam called me?
Sam sighed."He didn't want you to know. He missed an appointment he had to go to and-"
"Didn't want me to know?!" I raised my voice, not caring if I grabbed the attention of anyone around us.
Sam held up his hands, trying to quieten me."Look, I'm not getting involved with your personal matters. That's up to you two. Just keep your voice down, we are in a police station."
I scoffed in disbelief."Why didn't he want me to know? He knew I would be angry, but I would never argue about it with him, or make him feel bad about it. I would support him."
"I know you wouldn't, and so does he. Bucky is still getting used to opening up, even with you. He just doesn't want to hurt you."
“Sam,” an older woman interrupted us,“I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Doctor Raynor, I’m James’ therapist.”
They shook hands.“It’s so nice to meet you.”
Raynor put her attention on me, also shaking my hand.“You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the girlfriend. I’ve also heard a lot about you.”
“You have? Oh, didn’t think he would talk about me that much.”
“Thank you for getting him out.” Sam quickly interjected. 
“Oh, that was not me.”
“Christina!” another voice called out.
We all turned to see who called, and I almost rolled my eyes when I saw who it was. John Walker, the new ‘Captain America’, was headed our way, almost swaggering. People immediately wanted pictures which he agreed to, and although I know Steve might have done the same in some cases, it wouldn’t be a priority for him, nor would he look like was was enjoying it. Although I didn’t want to judge others before knowing them, America had given the title to some random man, forgetting that Steve was not only a hero, but a friend and family to people like us. 
“It’s great to see you again.” Walker said as he shook someone’s hand.
“You gotta be kidding me, you know him?” Sam mumbled.
“Yeah, we did some field ops back in the day.”
“Heard you were working with Bucky so I thought I would step in.” he said as he approached.“Bucky’s not gonna be following a strict schedule any longer.”
“We haven’t finished our work. Who’s authorised this?”
“Um...” he smiled as he gestured to himself.
Who was he to come in here and change everything? Bucky was doing well in his therapy sessions...or at least I assumed he was, we never spoke about it. And I hated the way he called him ‘Bucky’; only close ones were allowed to call him that. 
A loud buzzer sounded throughout the station, and I whipped my head around, relieved to see Bucky walking out with two police officers. I no longer listened to Walker, running towards my boyfriend. He easily caught me as I threw my arms around him, not caring that the policemen escorting him out were watching.
“What are you doing here?” He asked, seeming both worried and annoyed.
“Bucky, you got arrested! I had to come see you, make sure you’re OK. Why didn’t you get someone to call me? Also, why did you miss your session anyway?”
“It’s a long story. And it’s not worth telling.”
“What are you talking about?”
Bucky’s eye line was now on Walker as he shouted over his shoulder,“I’ll be outside.”
Before I could say anything else, Dr. Raynor spoke,“James, condition of your release, session now. You too, Sam and (Y/N).”
“That’s OK. I’ll be out here with-”
She interrupted Sam.“That wasn’t a request.”
Bucky was silent as he slid away, reluctantly following the doctor. I tried holding his hand, but he was making it difficult to even grab it in the first place. My heart sank at the thought of Bucky not wanting me there, not even wanting to be comforted. When these sessions first began, he would come home and want to be held, be comforted; sometimes he asked if he could hold me, just to ensure that I was there with him, that I could feel safe in his arms. That was happening less and less now, it scared me to think he didn’t want this relationship anymore. 
We were sat in an interrogation room, Dr Raynor on one side and two chairs on the other. She told Bucky and I to sit first, and that she would deal with Sam later. Nerves suddenly washed over me, petrified of what sort of answers Bucky was going to give.
“OK, so we can all sense a lot of tension in this room. And although I’m going in a slightly unprofessional route, I feel that we all need to do this to ensure you are all OK, that is my job after all. So, who wants to go first?”
She looked between me and Bucky. Part of me wanted to get the confrontation out of the way, perhaps that would make things go quicker and we would get out of here sooner. But my fear held me back. 
“No volunteers? Wow, that’s surprising. Okay. We’re going to do any exercise. It’s something I use with couples when they are trying to figure out what sort of life they wanna build together. Are you familiar with the miracle question?”
I nodded.“Yes.”
“No.” Bucky answered at the same time. 
“OK, it goes like this. Suppose that while you’re sleeping, a miracle occurs. When you wake up, what is something that you would like to see that would make your life better?”
Shit, that was deep. There’s a million things I could think of that I wanted with Bucky. We used to talk about it all the time. He wanted security in knowing that I wanted a life with him, and I wanted the same, hoping that one day it would happen. Glancing at him, Bucky was slouched in the chair, staring at his hands folded together on his lap. It didn’t look like he was going to be saying anything soon, so I took the first step.
“Um...” I started, unsure how to word this.“I would want to take away any suffering Bucky has gone through, so that he could have a somewhat normal life, and didn’t have to force himself through things like this. No offence doctor. That way he wouldn’t have to feel pressured into opening up and he would tell me anything that was on his mind.”
“That’s a good start.” Raynor slowly said.“And it’s a very sweet sentiment, but it’s what you want, (Y/N).”
“That is what I want. All I want is for Bucky to be happy, I love him.”
“Again, very sweet, I know you care about him very much. But let’s try looking at it a different way. You want your miracle to be that James opens up more. That he lets you into the side of his life you don’t get to see in person.”
“I...I guess.”
“You feel left out of the equation, because James won’t express how he’s feeling?”
“Yeah, when you put it like that, that’s what I want. I want my boyfriend to be able to feel like he can tell me anything, no matter how gruesome, traumatic or even little it is.”
“Right. Glad we got there in the end. OK James, your turn.”
I watched in anticipation for Bucky to speak. What if I had messed things up? What if that was the opposite of what he wanted? 
“My miracle would be...not having you involved in that side of things.”
He didn’t even look at me as he spoke. He also didn’t look phased by his answer. So his miracle would be to not have me know about a huge part of his life? He was a hero for god’s sake! Why was he shutting me out? What had I done to deserve this? Had I hurt him in some way that made him feel that he couldn’t talk to me anymore?
“What? Bucky, have I done something to upset you?”
“I just think it would be easier for both of us.”
“You know I’m always here for you, right? We’ve spoke about this before, I don’t understand why you’re only expressing this now.”
Raynor tried to get us back on track.“Alright you two, I think we need to dissect this-”
“I’m sorry doctor but I would like Bucky to elaborate more on this matter, because I’m not fully understanding.”
“What’s not to understand?” he finally looked at me, but I hated this expression. It was as if I had asked the stupidest question in the world.
“Bucky, why are you being like this? You used to tell me about everything, what’s changed?”
He didn’t answer. I just scoffed, hastily grabbing my handbag and coat.
“(Y/N), please sit down.” Raynor asked. 
“I can’t. I can’t sit here and wait for an explanation that I’m not going to get. Just focus on the two heroes, I’ll find out about all of this never.”
I rushed out of the room, breathing heavily as I tried not to cry, but my eyes were already watering. Ignoring looks from people in the waiting room, I couldn’t stop myself from starting to cry. Although I had every reason to be upset that my boyfriend wasn’t communicating with me anymore, I also felt slightly guilty for just storming out of there. Maybe we would have resolved it. 
“Miss, you OK?” 
Oh, I did not want to deal with Walker right now. He would only piss me off.
“Do you need help? We can provide assistance if you need it.”
Although I had wanted to walk away, I knew I should have, my feet were already leading me towards him. I was embarrassed that I was still crying, but I tried to block that from my mind by now. He was leaning against a police car with his friend, who’s name I hadn’t bothered learning.
“You don’t look so good, shall we get a cop to drive you home?”
“Who do you think you are?!” I snapped.
“Well, I’m Captain America-”
“No, you’re someone who thinks they’re anything close to what Steve was. He didn’t go around introducing himself as Captain America, He didn’t care about the title. I understand you’re under a lot of pressure Walker, Steve has a huge legacy to live up to. But don’t you dare come waltzing in expecting those two amazing men to immediately work alongside you like nothing has changed.”
“You got all of that out of your system?”
My eyes widened at him.“Are you serious right now?”
“Look,” his friend butted in,“we just don’t think it’s a good idea for you to get mixed up in this. We’re dealing with something major here, it could effect the whole world.”
“Sorry, but who are you?”
He rolled his eyes.“Come on man, how many times? It’s Battlestar.”
My face remained emotionless.
“Lemar Hoskins? You know, the new Captain America with his-”
“I don’t think she cares.” Walker explained. 
“You think I don’t know anything about trying to save the world? My friends are part of the Avengers, my boyfriend fought against Thanos. He disappeared in the Blip and I was left by myself wondering if he would ever come back. I’ve been targeted, I’ve seen aliens close up. Nothing could effect me now.”
“Well, I’m sorry you’ve had to endure that.”
“Do you two just not listen to anyone but yourselves?”
“(Y/N), listen,” Walker dared to put his hand on my shoulder,“you’re a normal citizen like us. No super powers, no hidden strength, yet here you are with a super soldier that’s over a hundred years old! I mean, do the maths here, you could have walked away from all this danger. And yet, here you are, by yourself at a police station, whilst your boyfriend cares more about his ‘job’ than making sure you’re safe.”
That was it, the last straw. I slapped his hand off of me, preparing to punch him square in the face, when someone pulled me back.
“No (Y/N)!” Sam raised his voice as he made sure to distance me away from Walker. He quickly stood in between us. 
“What did you do, Walker!?” Bucky quickly stormed over.“Did you touch her?!”
Sam was desperately trying to diffuse the situation, knowing that people could be watching.“Bucky, calm down.”
“Did he do anything to you?” Bucky asked me quietly, his hands cupping my face as he looked over me.
My heart raced at the gesture, forgetting for a second that I was upset with him. I shook my head with his hands still on me, and they slid down my arms, one wrapping around my waist to keep me close to him. 
“I didn’t touch her Bucky, I was just trying know what, it’s not even important. Can we talk, privately?”
“(Y/N) is staying.”
Walker sighed.“Look, if we divide ourselves, we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.”
“So what do you got?” Sam said.
“Well the leader’s name’s Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians who’ve been helping Karli move from place to place.”
Lemar spoke up.“They geotagged a location, then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe.” 
“We think she’s taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.” Walker added.
“Well, there are a lot of those all over the planet since the Blip.” Bucky pointed out.
“Hundreds probably.” I said. 
“So I guess you’ll have to look real hard.”
Walker smirked.“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?”
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?”
“No, we don’t know, Bucky.” Walker was agitated.“It’s only a matter of time before we find out.”
Bucky had to push his buttons even more.“Things are really intense for you, aren’t they, Walker?”
Sam came to stand between us and Walker.“Take it easy. Look, Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kind of authorization you have to get. We’re free agents. We’re more flexible. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to work with you.”
Sam and Bucky turned away, Bucky guiding me with him. Walker called after us.
“A word of advice, then. Stay the hell out of my way.”
I instantly became defensive.“What the hell is that supposed to mean-”
“It’s OK.” Bucky reassured me, making sure I didn’t go back. Frustrated that Walker got the last word, I hesitantly followed my boyfriend. 
“Hold up,” Sam stopped us,“I think you two need a quick chat before we delve into anything else. You both know that this is something big, we don’t know what we’re fully dealing with yet or how to fix it. Before we do all of that, you two better resolve whatever happened back there. I’ll be waiting Buck.”
We both watched Sam walk away, unsure how to start this conversation. He clearly showed that he still cared for me back there, but should I still be worried that our relationship was headed in a rocky direction?
“You OK?”
“Honestly? No, not really.”
“Do you realise how much you hurt me back there? I don’t want you to feel like you can’t speak to me anymore. And about me not being involved; what do you think the last years have been like? I know everything, you’ve expressed so much to me, opened up about your past. Why has that suddenly changed?”
“Because we have a chance now. The world is...relatively back to normal. I got an opportunity to make sure you’re safer, keep all of these nightmares away from you, not pass on my torture to you.”
“Bucky...what have the past years been for? Nothing needs to change. Just because things are getting back to how they used to be, it doesn’t mean we need to forget about the past. If I don’t know what’s going on with you, how can I look after you? How can I help you?”
“You shouldn’t have to do this-”
“I already made that decision when I knew I wanted to be with you. But we can’t revert back to how it was Bucky, not after all the work and effort we put in.”
“I’m sorry. I really thought I could make everything better.”
I sighed, reaching out to hold his hand.“They already were. I know whatever you’ve got yourself into is big, but I’m here for you Bucky, I always will be.”
“I’m sorry again, I’ll make sure I keep opening up to you. That’s the least you deserve.” 
I went on my tip toes to kiss him, still worried despite everything he had said. Bucky was still fragile, but now he was on another mission. I wasn’t sure if it was the best thing for him, something for him to focus on. Or it could send him in a spiral, and I wouldn’t know anything about it. I had to stay close to this mission, even if it meant I was in danger. Though what would change there? I had to keep an eye on him, I had to make sure he was OK. I loved him too much to let him slip back into the dark.
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A Friend of Yours - pt. 3
pairing: bucky x reader
warnings: TFATWS SPOILERS!!!!!, language, canon lvl violence, soft!bucky, some suggestive content, it’s ten thousand words so i’m sure i missed something, just lmk and i’ll tag it accordingly babes.
word count: 10,246 (i may have gone a little overboard)
a/n: this is the last part, unless y’all want more. i’m rlly proud of myself w this series, granted MUCH of the content was already written for me, nonetheless, here you go. i hope y’all like it <3
read A Friend of Yours - pt. 1 and A Friend of Yours - pt. 2
p.s.: my requests and tag lists are open!!
check out my m.list here!
xoxo ray
Tumblr media
The Wilson family house was adorable. Two stories with chipped blue paint on the walls and yellowing white on the columns. You had beat Sam there, so you decided to just look around for a few minutes before meeting Sarah and the boys. You walked out to the dock in front of their house, admiring the water, how still and calm it was. You were staring into the distance when you heard small footsteps from behind you.
“You know, it’s rude to sneak up on people.” You weren’t sure which boy it was, but you were trying to present a non-threatening front.
“You know, it’s rude to invite yourself onto someone else's property.” You were surprised when you heard Sam’s voice respond to you. Turning quickly to face the man with the confused expression. “I thought you wouldn’t come to the States because of the whole Enemy of it thing.” He walked away from you, gesturing for you to follow as he picked up your abandoned duffle. “He’s not here if that’s who you’re looking for.” You shook your head as you crossed the threshold into the living room.
“I’m not here for him, although he would be a much welcome bonus.” The two of you shared a laugh. “But no, I’m here to help you however I can.” Sam’s eyes narrowed, wondering if he should question your generosity. Your eyes must have given away your desperation for a home because he decided against it.
“Okay, but if you’re here, you’re gonna work. We’ve got a lot of shit to get done if we’re going to fix this boat up.”
“What boat?” You smiled at him as he began explaining what was going on. He just skimmed the top of what was really happening, but you could tell he was worried even though he wore a good facade.
“Get changed into some clothes you don’t mind getting messed up.”
“Am I going to be doing, like, manual labor?” He gave you a ‘duh’ look to which you groaned, “So, shorts are out of the question?” Sam had already walked into the kitchen before replying.
“Only if you want to freeze your ass off!” You changed quickly into a pair of ripped mom jeans that you cinched with a belt at your waist and a white short sleeved shirt.
“Do you have an overshirt I can borrow?”
“You mean, a flannel?” Sam shot back as he exited the room.
“Yeah, an overshirt.”
“No. A flannel. Come on, say it with me, flannel.” He tossed one your way, which you put on the rolled the sleeves up to your elbows.
“It’s an overshirt, Sam. I’m not seeing the issue.”
“Y/N, it's a flannel. Just say flannel, why you gotta make it all fancy?” He walked out the back door and onto a wooden bridge that led to the marina the boat was docked at. He didn’t let the flannel thing go the whole way over, making you laugh loudly and shake your head. As you walked up the dock, you could see several people helping Sarah and Sam with their boat.
“This is all you guys?” You were amazed, you hadn’t seen togetherness like this since before Aunt Peggy died. “Wow.” You said mostly to yourself as Sam walked you up to the woman of the hour.
“Sarah, we’ve got another one. Sarah, Y/N. Y/N, Sarah.” You stuck your hand out for Sarah to shake, which she did kindly. “I’m going to work on getting some of the siding off the boat. Sarah, Y/N is all yours.” He darted off, leaving you with Sarah.
“What ya got for me, Sarah? I’m here to do whatever you need.” She began instructing you to help with cataloging everything that people were bringing. Whether it be rusty spare parts or a couple twenty dollar bills, Sarah wanted to know and she wanted a record of it. A truck pulled up next to the boat and Sam got out hugging the men that exited it.
“Tommy, Carlos, man, this is amazing.” They exchanged a few more words before one of them asked the inevitable question.
“How do we get it off the truck?” A loud scraping sound emitted as the pallet was taken from the truck bed. Bucky lifted the bundle of parts over his head effortlessly, dropping it on the ground. He turned to the group of three men staring at him.
“You’re welcome.” You laughed as you approached. Bucky hauled a gray and black case onto the truck bed, speaking to Sam about it. Suddenly, one of the pipe fittings went out of whack, causing a steady stream of air to escape on the boat. Sarah stopped in front of it on the dock.
“Sam!” She was holding her clipboard as she watched Sam try to stop the leak with a crescent wrench. Bucky walked up next to Sarah, saying hi before telling Sam he was doing it wrong.
“Men. They even mansplain to other men, can you believe that?” You said from beside Sarah while Bucky finished fixing the leak. You tilted your head to admire him, “But we love to watch them work, huh?” She laughed as you wiggled your eyebrows at her. Bucky and Sam turned back to you and Sarah and Bucky’s eyes widened when they landed on your figure. Sam walked toward the front of the boat as Bucky stopped to introduce himself to Sarah.
“Sarah--” His eyes flicked to yours, “Y/N.” Then he quickly followed behind Sam.
“Oh, what was that, Y/N?” Sarah teased, two can play at that game.
“I don’t know, what was your thing about, Sarah?” You said her name like Bucky did to mess with her. She shoved your shoulder away and pushed you back to work.
You had to admit, watching Bucky do domestic type things with his metal appendage did things to you. Just knowing that he was comfortable enough to be around Sam’s whole family with his arm fully on display, made you happy.  The sun was beginning to go down, and you were sharing a beer with Sam and Bucky. Bucky hadn’t spoken to you directly since he got there and it was starting to irk you. You thought that you had something, but maybe not. Bucky rose from his position on the boat, clinking his bottle with Sam’s, claiming he needed to find a hotel room so he could catch his flight tomorrow.
“You’re just gonna set me up like that, huh?” Sam joked.
“I just don’t wanna make it weird for your family.” But Bucky’s eyes caught yours as he spoke.
“Just stay here, man.” Sam began a rant about the people of the town, ending with, “Plus we already got one freeloader for the night, what’s one more, right?”
“Oh goodie! Are we going to braid each other’s hair and play Seven Minutes in Heaven, too?” you teased Sam, but Bucky stiffened.
“We can do whatever you want.” Sam said, then he pointed at Bucky, “Just don’t flirt with my sister. Cause if you do, I’ll have Carlos cut you up, feed you to the fish.” Bucky made a face at Sam before smiling again.
Later that night, after you had all eaten dinner and the kids had gone to bed, you contemplated what your next move was going to be. You were sitting in one of the patio couches outside, a blanket wrapped around your legs, watching the stars reflection in the water. Bucky walked out on the porch, a pair of sweats-- that he had to borrow from Sam because he didn’t pack anything-- slung low on his hips, his blue Henley stopping just before the waistband of his boxers.
His gaze met yours and he approached you as if you were a wild animal and you were going to run away if he made any sudden movements. Your legs had been sprawled across both cushions of the couch, so instead of letting you change positions, Bucky just lifted your legs and then rested them on his lap. His left hand was rubbing back and forth just above your ankle.
“Is there a reason you’ve been avoiding me, James?” He ignored your question all together, opting to ask his own.
“Do you remember when we first met?” You thought back to the first time that you ever saw him. Chained to a chair, hair hiding his face from nosy onlookers.
“Uh, yeah. You were being treated like an animal, caged in a glass box. Why?” His left hand never stopped its motion on your leg.
“When you first started staring at me, I was absolutely positive that it was out of fear. Then when I actually looked at you, you were curious.” You nodded your head, recalling the emotions.
“That was a stressful day.” You could sense that Bucky didn’t need your input to get to where he was going.
“Then, when we were in that stupid tiny blue car that Steve had crammed us into,” he paused to laugh at the memory, “I was sure in that moment, that I was never going to see you again.” His gaze hadn’t left his palms on your legs, refusing to meet your eyes. “And when I saw you in Madripoor, I was positive that it was just someone who looked a lot like you. It couldn’t have been you, I wasn’t that lucky.”
His left hand gripped your leg as he spoke, “But then you started talking and I would’ve known that voice anywhere. All I wanted was to be close to you.”
“Bucky, you almost broke my arm because I sucker punched Zemo.” He shushed you.
“All I wanted was to be close to you, but I’m also a violent person.” He brought his head up, locking his steel blue orbs with yours. “Then you kept talking and you were so smart. So beautiful.” His metal hand left your leg to cup your chin. “Every word out of your mouth mesmerized me, even when you were kind of insulting me.” His thumb stroked your jaw, traveling up to your bottom lip. “And God, the way you said my name.” Your nostrils flared and your brow raised.
“What? James?” You trapped your bottom lip in between your teeth, giving Bucky reason to pull it out with his metal thumb. Your tongue shot out to wet your lips out of habit and Bucky shot you a glare.
“Doll. What’re you doing to me?” He dropped his thumb back to your cheek as his eye flicked over your face. He brought his hands down to your waist, holding it tightly and pulling you closer to him. Your ass now rested against his right leg, and he transferred his grip to wrap around your blanket covered thighs. A squeal escaped your lips without your permission, making your face contort.
“When we were sitting at the bar in your gallery I wanted nothing more than to smother you with all my love and affection.” Your heart rate increased, you want that too. “I’m glad I wasn’t able to though.” Your stomach dropped, a feeling of rejection washing over you. You began to pull away from him, wanting to escape his touch. He gripped your legs tighter against his body, “At that time, I wasn’t what I should be for you. I’ll probably never be exactly what I should be for you, but I’m selfish enough right now that I don’t care anymore.” He twisted his upper body to face you.
“What are you talking about, James?” A visible shiver ran down his spine as you said his real name. He brought both his hands up to grip your face. The cool air added to the temperature difference of his hands.
“I’m talking about this.” It wasn’t a half a second later that his lips were on yours. It took you a second to respond, but you did with fervor. Your hands traveled to his neck to show him that you wanted this too. His fingers fanned out, cupping behind your ears to bring you impossibly closer to him. His tongue traced your bottom lip, seeking entrance which you denied playfully. He brought his thumbs to rest on your chin, applying pressure as he asked again. At this point, you didn’t care about the pardon, or Karli and the Flag Smashers, or Sharon and the Power Broker, or even Sam, Sarah and the boys. You could only focus on James’ lips that were molding so perfectly with your own. You eventually had to break apart, your fingertips coming to rest on James’ kiss swollen lips. You locked eyes with him again, his pupils blown wide, and the two of you laughed.
“Oh, that.” You traced his lips while holding his stare. “Is that why you haven’t been talking to me?” He nodded quickly, gaze drifting down to your lips again. He leaned forward wanting to steal another kiss, but you stopped him. “That’s not okay behavior, James. You can’t just not talk to me because you’re frustrated with yourself.” He hummed a noise of assent, kissing your fingertips on his lips. His palm came up to keep your fingers pressed to his lips as his eyes roamed your face. “What does this mean, James? You aren’t just going to get my hopes up and then walk away right?”  He pulled back from you, a look of disappointment crossing his features.
“I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel like that would be a possibility.” He took a deep breath, “After my time in Wakanda, after Shuri de-programmed me, I thought I finally had a group of people I could trust. Then, Ayo was able to remove my arm within the blink of an eye, but not the way that they had when they were tweaking it.” He rested his body against the back of the patio couch. “My therapist had been telling me that I needed to trust someone, and up until that point, I did. I thought I had people who fully trusted me as well.” He looked over at you, silent tears racing down his cheeks. “This clearly isn’t a good excuse, but I felt like you wouldn’t have trusted me either.” Your hands came up to his face, wiping away his tears.
“James, I’ve known of you for years before I met you. Remember how Sharon said I did that report on you in high school?” He nodded as much as your hold on his face would allow him to. “Well, that’s when I first fell in love with the idea of you.” His eyes widened as you continued speaking. “Then, I was lucky enough to meet you and it felt like everything fell into place. After Sharon and I ran off to Madripoor, I wasn’t sure if I was going to see you again, and I was okay with that because maybe you were better left as an idea.” You laughed as you looked down at your lap, dropping your hands from his face. “Then I got dusted during the Blip, which is a whole other thing and then Sharon said that you were in Madripoor.” You shook your head then faced him, eyes locking with his red rimmed pair.
“I would love to fall in love with you. And right now, I want nothing more than to let the trust we have for each other grow into something more.” A wide smile spread across his face and he bared his teeth at you, scrunching his face at the nose.
“I want that too.” He leaned forward slapping a sloppy kiss onto your lips, which you returned with equal intensity. When Bucky pulled back from you to catch his breath, he left his forehead resting against your own. Your breaths synchronized and he patted his hand twice on your outer thigh, signalling you that he was going to get up. “We better get some sleep.” He stood in front of you, offering you his hand. You smiled as you entwined your fingers with his metal ones.
Luckily, Cas and AJ were kind enough to share a room tonight so you could sleep in the other. Bucky’s hand never left your side as he walked you up the stairs. Once you had reached the closed door, he wrapped his arm around you, twisting your body to face him, back pressed against the cold wood of the door. He pushed his whole body forward, molding your bodies together as his hands hooked into the waistband of your sleep shorts.
“I’m glad that we talked, Y/N.” He pecked your lips, pulling back afterwards to stare at your face.
“I’m glad we did too, but what are you doing?” A nervous laugh left your lips and Bucky’s eyes followed the movement.
“You’re just so pretty.” He leaned forward kissing your cheeks, “I’m happy,” A kiss to your chin. “that I’ll be able to,” one to your nose, “call you my doll soon.” His lips lingering on your forehead before bringing his chin up to the top of your head, pulling you into him for a hug. You brought your arms up to wrap around his waist, your face pressed into the spot where his neck and collarbone met.
“Am I not already your doll?” Your question was muffled against his skin, but he heard you.
“Not until I specifically ask you. You can be mine without being my doll, but I want to wine and dine you before I feast.” Your brows raised again and your lips rolled inwards.
“Before you feast?” You were holding back a laugh, so Bucky pulled back, his hands gripping your shoulders, face serious.
“Feast.” He reached behind you opening the door. He gave you a quick smooch before pushing you into the empty room, alone with your thoughts. You had a harder time falling asleep that night. Bucky, on the other hand, had no problem, sleeping like a rock with a smug smile on his face.
You woke up to the sound of eggshells being cracked and forks hitting the sides of ceramic plates. Walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, you saw Sarah working over the stove while Cas was scrambling eggs. Sarah heard you coming down, ever the always aware mother.
“Hey, hope you’re hungry, ‘cause you aren’t leaving this kitchen without eating somethin’.” She watched as you peered into the living room, searching for Bucky’s imposing figure. “I think he’s down at the dock with Sam. They left real early this morning and girl, I swear to God if they’re messin’ with that water pump, I’m going to strangle the both of them.” You laughed, taking the plate of scrambled eggs that AJ was holding out to you.
“Did you tell them that the water pump wasn’t the issue?” She nodded as she stirred the eggs in her pan. “Then you know that they are, Sarah.” The two of you shared a laugh as Cas and AJ sat down to eat, as well.
“Y’all better hurry up before you’re late for the bus.” The boys quickly shoved their remaining food into their mouths, rushing out the door after kissing their mother goodbye.
“How do you do it?” Sarah’s head tilted, wondering what you were referring to. “Being a single mother and managing a business? Does it all get to be too much sometimes?” She could tell you were genuinely curious, so she sighed.
“It’s definitely challenging at times, but thankfully I have a good enough relationship with AJ and Cas that we’re able to get through pretty much anything. After we lost their Dad, I was all alone and scared. I’m still scared a lot of the time, scared that I’m going to mess them up, you know?” She paused a second to recollect her thoughts. “It’s just by chance that we live in this amazing community that helped me whenever I needed a little bit of assistance.” The conversation between the two of you fizzled after that, perhaps it was too heavy a topic for breakfast to handle. You followed her to meet a group of people at the marina, but the journey there wasn’t silent.
“So, I have a question, but you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to. Although I feel like if you don’t answer it, you’re kind of answering it.” You encouraged her to ask whatever she wanted to. “You and Bucky are a thing, right?” You coughed, unsure of how to answer. “That’s all the confirmation I needed.” Sarah smiled at you as your mouth struggled to form words.
“We are, but we aren’t?” Sarah gave you a look making you roll your eyes. “I don’t know he said that he was excited to see where this was going and then we kissed, so yes?”
“Oh, he looks like a good kisser.”
“Right? Just like he’s got the bone structure and lip plumpness ratio down to a T.” There was a brief moment of silence before the two of you burst into a fit of laughter. The walk down the marina dock wasn’t a long one, so you were able to see Sam and Bucky hunched over a pile of scattered parts.
“Uh-huh. No. No.” Sarah’s head began shaking as Sam was arguing with Bucky, who wasn’t paying attention to him. Instead, his eyes were roaming your figure, lingering on your face. His eyes darted to Sam before he greeted the two of you with a wave of his hand.
“I told you specifically that the water pump was not the problem, and yet, here you are.”
“Yep, Samuel.” Bucky teasingly berated, taking Sarah’s side.
“You’re in just as much trouble, you by-stander.” Your voice lilted into a playful tone as Bucky made a shocked face at you.
“In our defense, we were supposed to be done long before you woke up.”
“I don’t come up to the sky to tell you how to barrel roll, so don’t come down here and mess around with things you don’t understand.” Your fist came up to your mouth.
“Oh, that’s a-burn, Bird Brain.” You pointed a finger at Sam, clutching your stomach with your other hand as Sarah swatted the two boys away. Bucky stopped next to you, wrapping his metal arm around the front of your body, delivering a soft kiss to your temple. He left with Sam, arguing the whole way to the house while you stayed with Sarah, reassembling the water pump.
By the time you had gotten back to the Wilson house, Bucky was hauling his backpack strap onto his shoulder. You slowed your approach, holding your open palms in front of you, confused as to what Bucky was doing.
“Where are you going?” He turned to face you, a smile spreading over his face. His metal arm wrapped around your waist again, pressing a kiss to your temple.
“I’m heading to New York, I’ve got some stuff to wrap up there. I want you to come with me.” You were taken aback, what about Karli and the GRC?
“We haven’t finished this whole thing with the Flag Smashers, or Walker. Bucky, we can’t just walk away from our responsibilities.” Bucky’s hands clasped around your shoulders.
“We aren’t, Y/N, I promise. Sam has Torres doing something with some signal do-dads and he’s going to call us the second he gets a lead.” He spoke calmly and you thought it over. At least he wasn’t trying to run away again, he was accepting that he had a real role in this. You could feel a shift coming, you weren’t quite sure what it meant, but you were hoping it was a good one.
“Okay, let’s go to New York.”
The two of you hadn’t even been in New York maybe twenty minutes when Sam texted Bucky that he had a line on where Karli was. Supposedly she was heading a takeover of the GRC meeting in Lower Manhattan. If being in New York as a wanted person was nerve wracking enough, now you were going to be surrounded by hundreds of government officials and some of New York’s finest. Bucky was on the phone with Sam, talking through the plan when your phone buzzed. Pulling the device out of your pocket, you saw Sharon’s name pop up.
“Heard you were having a bit of trouble with Karli again. Don’t worry, help is on the way, dear.” Your eyes rolled, still not over your argument before.
“You don’t need to be here for this Sharon.” You paused for a second, your left hand resting on your hip. “How did you even hear about this? Sam just now called Bucky, and I guarantee that he didn’t call you first.” Sharon chuckled on her end of the phone.
“You underestimate my reach, Y/N. I’ll meet you outside the building.” Your jaw clenched.
“Sharon, you said you didn’t want to help. What the hell changed that you’re so willing to put yourself in the middle of all this shit?” She was silent on her end.
“I figured you would want me there.” Well, shit what the fuck were you supposed to say to that?
“Lower Manhattan, keep quiet.” You hung up the phone before she could say anything else. You hated not talking to her, and being mad at her was next to impossible. This was your way of saying ‘I forgive you,’ and you knew she would understand. Bucky didn’t say anything as he watched you push your phone into the pockets of your jeans. He could tell something was off, but he could also see that you definitely didn’t want to talk about it right now. Instead he jerked his head for you to follow him, leading you through the streets of Manhattan.
The two of you could see the red lights illuminating the streets, letting you know that you were here. Bucky turned to you, holding his hand out to you, a single earpiece laying in the middle of his palm. As you took it, his hand drifted to your jaw, lifting it to face him. He placed a sweet kiss to your lips before nodding for you to stay behind him. You pulled the brim down on the hat you wore as you stuck to Bucky like glue. He led you through the barricade, one of the soldiers addressing him accordingly.
“Sergeant Barnes.” You made a face beneath your cap, holding back a laugh as Bucky came to a stop in front of you.
“Oh, Sergeant Barnes.” Bucky looked at you over his shoulder as his skin twitched. Your eyes widened. “Does that turn you on, James?” He wasn’t able to answer because of an interruption by Sam’s voice in your ears.
“By the way, I called in some backup.” An agent approached the two of you while Sam kept speaking. “Also, please remember that I can hear everything you say, Y/N. And I don’t need to know what makes the Tin Man tick.” You laughed at Sam’s statement as a twinge of pink ran up the back of Bucky’s neck.
“Excuse me, sir. Are you supposed to be here?” The agent’s hand came up to his hairline. A click sounded as the agent’s face began to glitch. “It’s me.”
“Sharon, what the hell are you doing here?” Sharon pointed an accusatory finger at you.
“Why didn’t you say that to her? The same people who want me in the Raft, want her there too. Or did you forget that?”
“Do I hear Sharon?” Sam asked as he listened in on your conversation.
“Unfortunately.” Bucky grumbled back.
“Hey Sam. I thought I’d get the band back together.” She threw a wink at you as she stepped closer to Bucky. Sam said something else to her, but you had zoned out to watch Sharon. “I hear pardons aren’t all they’re cracked up to be anyway.”
“Depends on the therapist.” Bucky said as he backed away from Sharon and closer to you.
“They’re going to move on the building soon. Be ready.” Sam brought you all back to the task at hand, switching into Captain mode. Bucky nodded to you and Sharon.
“Go with her.” You made a face at him, about to protest when he cut you off. “I don’t care. Stick with her, Y/N. Don’t get arrested though. We’ve got a date.” He wrapped his arm around the front of your waist, like he did at the Wilson house. He pressed a kiss to your temple, staying a little longer than necessary and giving your hip a squeeze before he released you. You heard glass break above your head as Sam crashed through one of the windows upstairs.
“You guys are going to have to do something. Don’t let ‘em out of the building.” You walked behind Bucky to enter the building, the metal detector going off for both you and Sharon. You shared a look with the woman.
“Oops.” Bucky pointed at a guard in tactical gear while he stepped forward.
“He’s one of them. I’ll get the evac.” He left before you could stop him, leaving you and Sharon to deal with the man he pointed at. The both of you followed him to the parking garage, where he was standing post next to two black armored vehicles. The two of you were waiting behind a pillar as you debated what to do.
“We need to stop him.”
“If we take him down now, they’re going to be suspicious and we are going to get arrested. Cool your jets, Y/N.” Your nostrils flared at her tone, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Why didn’t you tell Sam you were already coming?”
“What?” Sharon seemed startled by the question as if you didn’t catch the slip Sam said earlier.
“Sam said that he called in backup. I’m assuming he meant you because we’re the only four people he knows. So why didn’t you tell him you were already coming, or already here or whatever?”
“I didn’t think it was important.” She said dismissively, you could tell she wanted you to drop the subject, but you wanted the truth. Throwing a glance up to the guard, you saw him helping the GRC officials into the vans.
“Damn it Bucky, you had one job.” Bucky ran past you, grumbling a response as he loaded his weight onto a motorbike.
“We aren’t done with this, Sharon.” You pointed at her before she walked away from you. You watched as she ran into the guard then apologized profusely to him. When you caught up to her, she clicked a button in her hand, releasing a noxious gas in the guard’s face. You saw his skin being bubbling and sizzling.
“How’d you do that?” Your eyes hadn’t left the man in the car.
“Mercury vapor, amongst other things.” The two of you continued walking out of the garage, a helicopter started taking off from the helipad on the top of the building.
“Sam, that chopper’s about to take off.”
“I don’t fly, man. That’s your thing.” Sam groaned in the earpiece and then you saw him shoot out the window again, chasing after the helicopter. You walked alongside Sharon, following Bucky’s path after the NYPD vans. You got to the barricade just in time to see Scruff holding one of the cars back from falling off a ledge. You were too far away to be able to get to him in time to help, though. You stood next to Sharon as he was ripped away from the back of the car. Your heart dropped as your gaze went to Bucky, who was standing directly underneath the car that was about to crush him.
The crowd around you was holding their phones in front of their faces, at an angle that all they could see was the back of the NYPD van full of GRC officials screaming for help. As the car slipped farther and farther down the platform, your stomach churned more and more. Suddenly, the car stopped, hovering over the opening in the ground. You could make out Sam’s new wings on either side of the car. He pushed forward, lifting the car back to a safe position and then moving away, allowing the crowd to see him fully. The star on his suit glinted proudly as he stood still for a second. The crowd erupted in cheers for the savior. A man to your left cheered for ‘Black Falcon,’ but the man beside him corrected him before you had the chance to.
“No. That’s Captain America.” Red Wing left Sam’s suit to undo the locking mechanism on the back of the van and the GRC officials evacuated the vehicle quickly. Sam turned in the air, removing his shield from his back and throwing it at the Flag Smashers below, knocking them off their feet. At some point, you began moving toward the edge of the platform, ready to help and away from Sharon.
An explosion went off to your right, causing you to search for the source. Puffs of smoke were being thrown in the pit where Sam and Bucky stood and you could see Karli getting away in the confusion. Bucky’s voice rang through your ear.
“Hey. We’re underground. We entered the tunnel on William. Heading south.” You searched for Sharon so you could join up again, but you couldn’t find her. You could hear Sam telling Bucky that the Smashers had split up, and you knew that Bucky would’ve gone with Scruff to keep an eye on him, the unstable bastard. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Sharon crouched behind a stack of pallets, and your brows furrowed. She began whistling and then you heard Karli’s voice.
“Dovich? Is that you?” Sharon emerged from behind the stack, holding her gun in front of her.
“I’m disappointed in you.” Karli brought her gun up as well, speaking to Sharon as an old friend.
“That’s what I was gonna say.” Sharon brought her hands up in surrender, and your head tilted, what the fuck is going on? “You know, when you first came to Madripoor, you reminded me of a young me. I took you in, gave you an opportunity, and you betrayed me.” Oh hell no.
“Because you wanted to control a world that hurt you.” Karli lowered her gun but all her senses remained in overdrive. “But I wanted to change it. I’m not interested in power or an empire. I have bigger dreams.” Sharon scoffed, looking around, her eyes darting over where you were hidden behind a stack of boxes. Could it really be? Was Sharon really the person that you thought you knew?
“What, like this?” She stepped closer to Karli. “Come back and work for me again. All of you. We can make a difference together.” Sharon was trying really hard to convince Karli, but she wasn’t having it.
“You just want me because you need your muscle back. Without us Super Soldiers, how much power does the Power Broker really have?” Motherfucker. You zoned out a bit, trying to decide what to do. A male voice began speaking in French causing you to refocus.
“Four times, or--” You could see Batroc’s gun pointed at Karli and Sharon’s face was indifferent.
“I don’t do blackmail.” Sharon gripped her gun tighter, raising it quickly to shoot Batroc. Karli panicked and shot Sharon in the process. The gunshots were loud enough to give Sam an idea of where you were all located. You came out from your position, gun gripped in your hand as you stood closer to Sharon. Maybe you could salvage this situation before Sam got here.
“Karli, calm down.” You kept a tight hold on your pistol as you talked. “Look, I get it. You’re scared, but I’m going to need you to put the gun down.”
“I’ll put mine down when you do.” You could hear a slight shake in her voice. You tilted your head at her apologetically.
“You know I can’t do that.” You cast a glance at Sharon who was clutching her stomach, attempting to stop the blood flow. Karli gulped as she raised her gun again.
“Well, I can’t have any loose ends now, can I? You taught me that, Power Broker.” She sneered at a groaning Sharon. A blinding pain began radiating from your shoulder and your hand immediately when to the area. The force of the bullet knocked you off your feet, slamming your head into the ground.
“Shit, what the fuck Karli!” You could make out Sam’s figure coming up from behind Karli. You saw him process Karli standing over one dead body and two injured ones. The wheels began turning and he started speaking.
“So, what’s next, huh? You kill ten this time, then, what, a hundred? Where does it end?” He stepped closer to an agitated Karli. “Please, let me help you.” He kept his voice calm.
“Don’t try and manipulate me.” Karli approached Sam ready to attack. Their fight continued as she pushed Sam backwards.
“I’m not gonna fight you!” She knocked Sam down to the ground, with the swing of a metal bar.
“Stay down!” She shouted at him. You pushed yourself to your knees, adrenaline pumping allowing you to get to Sharon to help hold pressure on her stomach. You watched from over Sharon as Sam rose to his feet, holding his body in a fighting stance.
“I can do this all day.” She launched herself at Sam, throwing his body back into a bunch of cinder blocks. Sam held his shield in front of him, protecting from her punches.
“Fight back!” She shouted as she delivered blow after blow. Sam ducked low, grabbing onto her torso, using his thrusters to send the both of them flying. Karli used the momentum to push off the ground, to bring Sam up to the ceiling. You sat back on your knees, worry lacing your features.
Sam held one of her hands to his chest as she continued throwing the other into his shield. She gripped the top edge of the shield, using it to gain leverage. She pulled her hand away from his chest, tossing his body forward. The shield slipped from Sam’s arm and he laid on the ground, recovering from her attacks. Karli leant down to pick up her gun and you pushed yourself to your feet, ready to tackle her.
She raised her gun, aiming it at a now shieldless Sam. Karli hesitated, staring at Sam before committing to her cause, ready to kill Captain America. You were steadily creeping forward as she debated, but you could see the moment she decided to pull the trigger. Just before she could, a gunshot sounded from behind you. A gasp left your lips as Sam ran to hold Karli.
Your head whipped around to see Sharon leaning against the stack behind her, gun still smoking. Sharon shook her head at you as she holstered her weapon. Sam lifted Karli into his arms and carried her away from the both of you. You stood a good three feet away from Sharon, hand on your gun in the waistband of your jeans.
“When were you going to tell me that you’re the Power Broker.”
“What the hell are you on about now, Y/N.” Your brows raised and your mouth opened in shock.
“I was fucking here when Karli was talking to you, dumbass. Is that why you shot her? ‘Can’t have any loose ends,’ she said you taught her that, Sharon. What the fuck?” Sharon laughed at you.
“You’re imagining things, Y/N.” She rose to her feet and began walking away from you.
“Sharon, don’t fuck with me right now. How long have you been the fucking Power Broker?” You followed her up the tunnel and out to where you could see Sam lecturing a Senator. Sneaking around to a medical bag, you grabbed two pieces of gauze.
“I’m not the Power Broker.” Sharon rolled her eyes at you, leaning against a car behind the ambulances. You were about to say something else when you saw Bucky and Sam approach the two of you. They took in the two of you, an angry look on your face and an annoyed one on hers.
“You’re blocking my light.” Sharon bit out to Sam.
“We got to get you to a hospital.” Sam told Sharon as Bucky walked up to you, pulling your gauze away from your shoulder, checking your bullet wound.
“It’s through and through and you know they aren’t going to listen to you.”
“It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me all week.” Your eyes glared at Sharon as you spoke. How long has she been doing this behind your back? Someone called for Sam’s attention.
“I think he’s talking to you.” Sharon said, turning away from the newcomer’s view. “Look, I’m sorry for how things ended down there.” Your jaw clenched but you remained silent. “For what it’s worth, the suit looks good on you.” She played a good victim, that’s for sure.
“Alright, can we get out of here, please?” Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist, leading you away from the ambulances and news cameras.
“I didn’t forget my promise either, guys.” Sam nodded at the two of you before turning to do his Cap duties. Bucky remained silent beside you, content with just being in your presence again.
He led you to his apartment, bringing you to the bathroom where he pulled out a first aid kit. He placed it on the countertop, placing his hands on your hips and lifting you onto the granite.
“You’re gonna need to take your shirt off.” He flipped the top of the kit open, searching for what he needed.
“Trying to get me naked already? At least take me to dinner first, Sergeant.” You winked as you peeled your shirt off. Bucky glared at you then quickly looked at your shoulder.
“This is going to hurt, just so you know.” He didn’t give you time to say anything else before starting to clean the hole in your shoulder. You hissed as stings radiated from the wound, cursing under your breath as he blew on it. “Alright, here we go.”  Bucky began stitching, returning your body to its former glory in his eyes. “How’d you managed to get shot?”
“I was attempting to get Karli to drop her gun.” You debated on telling Bucky what you learned about Sharon. “Who do you think the Power Broker is?” You asked gauging his reaction. His attention never wavered from his task. He soon finished with the front side of your shoulder, backing away and telling you to face the mirror. Bucky leaned forward, his hips pressing against your ass as he set to work on the exit wound.
“I have my theories. What about you?” You looked at the granite below, tracing the different lines, not answering for a few minutes.
“Mm, not really.” Was it naive to keep the knowledge to yourself? Probably, but this way you could deal with Sharon on your own and not have to involve Captain America.
“Y/N. You lived there for years, you’re telling me that you never encountered the Power Broker? Never worked for him before, procuring a particular art piece?” You shook your head as you felt him start to wrap your shoulder.
“No, I made sure that all my dealings were as clean as the illegal art trade could be.” Bucky nodded, closing the first aid kit and placing it back under the sink. He walked out of the bathroom and into his kitchen, pulling out a bottle of Advil. He shook two tablets into his metal hand and gave them to you along with a water bottle from the fridge.
“Take these and then go lay down. You need to sleep so your body can heal.” You could tell something was bothering him. You reached out to grasp his metal wrist.
“Hey, what’s wrong? Hmm?”
“Nothing. I’ve just got something to do.” You nodded.
“Do you want me to come with you?” His head shook back and forth in denial.
“No, I need to do this alone. I’ll be back soon. Whenever I get back you better be asleep in that bed.” He pointed at the door to his room. He walked up next to you, wrapping his arm around the front of your waist and giving you a kiss on your temple. “I’ll be back, doll. I’ve just got a few things to wrap up.”
He left soon after, leaving you alone in his barren apartment. It was easy to see that he hadn’t made it his home. Probably feeling like he had no reason to, no ties to anyone here. Makes it easier when you have to bug out in a pinch. You walked into his room, searching for a shirt to wear to bed. Finding one of his shirts hanging in his closet, you pulled it over your head after removing your bra. You took off your jeans, trading them for your sleep shorts from your bag.
You climbed into his bed, waiting for his scent to envelope you, but it never came. Has he ever actually slept in this bed? So you laid there, unable to fall asleep, too many thoughts swirling in your brain. How long has Sharon been the Power Broker? Did it start when you first got to Madripoor? Or was it after you were dusted and she was there alone for five years? None of this changed the fact that she needed to be stopped. The amount of influence she had was too great. Your phone buzzed on the nightstand next to the bed, so you rolled over to pick it up.
Court hearing with the Senators tomorrow at 8 A.M. for you. -Sam
You thought about the possibility of being welcome back into your own country and not being treated like a criminal. Thought of the possibility of going to work for the government again. Of working with Bucky and Sam. Of being with Bucky without having to look over your shoulder all the time, and it made you smile. Your phone buzzing brought you out of your trance.
Also, you and Bucky need to come to my house tomorrow. Sarah’s throwing a party, they got the boat finished so we’re celebrating.
That made your smile grow, you were happy for the first time in a long time. The lock of the front door clicked and you jumped out of the bed, grabbing your knife, ready for an attack. You waited behind the door to Bucky’s bedroom, then swung it open. Your hand came up to the intruder's throat and your mind switched out of attack dog mode when you saw Bucky’s raised brow.
“Is there a reason for this?” His eyes were red and he had tear stains on his cheeks. You flipped your knife back down and placed it on top of your jeans.
“Sorry. Are you okay, James?” He shook his head and you opened your arms to him. He walked into your embrace, before exhaling harshly into your uninjured shoulder.
“No, but I will be.” He backed away for a second, taking in your form. “Didn’t I tell you that you were supposed to be asleep when I got back? Also, is that my shirt?”
“Yes, you did and yes, it is. Do you have an issue with that, Sergeant?” He quickly shook his head back and forth, leaning down to pick you up by your thighs and tossing you onto his bed.
“Not at all, doll. You look better in it than I do.” He smiled at you as he stripped down to his boxers before climbing into bed with you. Bucky tossed his arm over your waist, pulling your body into his. He sighed contentedly, basking in the way you smelled.
“Sam got me a hearing for a pardon.”
“Oh yeah? When’s that?” Bucky’s voice was muffled because he had buried his face in your neck, peppering small pecks there.
“Tomorrow morning at nine. Are you going to come?” Bucky thought on it for a moment, before shaking his head.
“I have one more thing to take care of.” You nodded.
“They got the boat fixed and Sarah invited us to the party. Sam says we have to go, it’s tomorrow too. I don’t actually know what time though he didn’t say.”
“Alright, I’ll pick something up to bring after I finish my thing.” You turned to face him, a smirk plastered on your face.
“So, Sergeant does it for you?” You giggled as he groaned and removed his arm from your waist. His hand came up to run through his hair, scratching his head
“Are we doing this right now, Y/N?” You released a cackle of a laugh, nodding in response. “Oh that’s how you’re gonna play this?” He attacked your sides, beginning to tickle you causing you to react accordingly. Somehow, he managed to end up on top of you, in between your thighs. He stopped suddenly to watch as you writhed and giggled.
“What?” You started getting self-conscious, afraid that there was something on your face. Your hands came up to hide your face from him, but Bucky wasn’t having it. He took your hands away from your face by trapping your wrists beside your head. “What? Why are you doing that?” You questioned, only halfway serious.
“You’re just so pretty.” He leaned forward, his lips meeting yours in a gentle kiss that soon turned into something else. His hands traveled back down to your sides, resting on the bare skin showing from your shirt having ridden up. The temperature difference shocked you enough to make you gasp, giving Bucky the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth, escalating the situation.
Your hands came up to the back of his head, holding him in the kiss, guaranteeing that he wasn’t going anywhere. They made their way down his body to rest on his shirtless back. He pushed forward with his hips, the fabric separating the two of you becoming increasingly annoying. Bucky pulled back slightly, nudging you to open your eyes. There was a silent interaction between the two of you in that moment, neither of you was ready for anything intense, so the momentum slowed, but the energy level remained.
Bucky’s hands never left your body that night. Exploring and memorizing every ridge, every stretch mark, every piece of you that made you, you. You drifted your fingers over the scarred skin next to his arm, tiny feather touches that made him hum. Falling asleep in his arms was the easiest thing you ever had to do. And for Bucky, being able to hold you as you flutter asleep was beautiful. He watched as your face relaxed and all the tension left your body, allowing yourself to melt into his embrace. Bucky didn’t like to admit it, but he was a touch starved human being. All those years in and out of cryo and isolation gave his body plenty of reason to crave genuine human touch. And to have a human as charming and annoying as you was a dream come true, his doll.
You woke up before Bucky the next morning. You looked over at his face, tranquility lacing his features, unburdened with no glorious purposes. He was just your James. The two of you had separated sometime during the night, so you scooted closer to his frame. His metal arm is thrown across the pillow behind your head, giving you perfect access to his neck and chest. You glanced at the clock across the room, the hands telling you that it was seven thirty in the morning. If you wake him now, you could have at least thirty-five minutes of bliss, plus some heavy petting if you both were feeling cheeky.
You leaned forward towards his neck, placing tiny kisses from the base of his ear to the puckered skin of his shoulder. You were so focused on your task that you didn’t recognize the change in his breathing pattern.
“Good morning, doll.” If you could melt into the mattress, that would’ve done it. His fucking rasp grated you into a fine powder of a human. You hummed at him, not stopping your kisses, instead climbing up to his jaw and then to his lips. He turned his head and playfully laughed. “Nuh-uh, we’ve got morning breath, ya nasty.” You groaned, retreating from his figure completely.
“Fine, we will brush our teeth together and then come right back to this bed and you will love me, damn it.” Bucky laughed at you as you drug yourself into his bathroom. This was the type of bliss you wanted, and you only wanted to share it with a particular metal armed super soldier. It didn’t take long to brush your teeth, and you pushed on Bucky’s back to get him into the bed quicker. When he did get back into the bed, he was grumbling.
“I don’t know why we’re getting back in bed, we’re already up now.” He smiled as you glared at him. Bucky’s back was leaned against his headboard, so you swung your leg over his thighs, straddling his lower half. His hands rested on your waist as you brought yours up to the sides of his face.
“You frustrate me.” You said with a loving smile and tone before pecking his lips softly as he laughed. “What time do you have to leave for your thing?” You played with the strings of your sleep shorts as he answered you.
“Around eight-thirty, it takes me about thirty minutes to get there and it doesn’t open until nine.”
“I’m gonna be leaving around then, too. What do you wear when you’re going in front of senators to be pardoned for stealing a metal frisbee?” Bucky huffed a laugh, pulling you closer to him wrapping his arms around your back. “I’m thinking a crop top that says “Fuck You,” would that be too obvious?”
“Yeah, that one might be a little on the nose.” Bucky checked your shoulder as he spoke. “Your shoulder looks good, no infection, thanks to me.” He plastered a wide smile on his face afterwards. “Do you know what time Sharon’s hearing is?” You stiffened slightly at the mention of Sharon.
“Uh, no. Sam just told me my time and I haven’t talked to Sharon.” Bucky’s head tilted.
“Everything okay on that front?”
“Not really?” You went back and forth on what to tell him. You didn’t want to give him the extra burden of knowing what Sharon was. “We had a fight a few days ago and neither one of us has cooled off about it, so that’s a bit rocky.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” You shook your head, so Bucky just held you tighter. “Okay, you don’t have to.” He held you for a few more minutes, before backing away. “Alright we need to get ready.” You groaned, slackening your body, making everything about you dead weight.
“No. I don’t wanna.” You sounded like a child.
“You sound like a child.” Oh you whore, get out of my head, butt munch. Bucky said, pushing your body off his. He walked to his closet as you laid spread out like a starfish on his bed. Bucky had already picked out a shirt and put on pants whenever he walked back in and you were still laid on his bed.
“You’re gonna be late.” He leaned over your head, appearing to you upside down. His arms were resting on either side of your face, dropping down he pressed a kiss to your lips. “You’ve got to get up, Y/N.” He went to the other end of the bed, where your feet dangled off the edge. He grabbed your ankles and pulled you, you slid off the bed, taking the comforter with you. “Oh my god, this is pitiful, Y/N. You’re a grown woman!” Bucky shouted at you as he left the room.
The two of you parted ways after you got dressed, but not before Bucky wrapped his arm around the front of your waist and placed a kiss on your temple. You wondered why he did that so much, but you weren’t going to argue with the attention because you loved it. You walked up to the extravagant building that was bustling with people. Everything was white, you always wondered why that was. White represented innocence and America was anything but innocence. You ended up wearing your casual clothes for two reasons. One, you were being pardoned, why couldn’t you be comfortable for that? And two, you had somewhere to go after this and that was just as important as this court meeting to you. Walking into the courtroom, you took in all the faces in the seats. Your name was called immediately, so you approached the podium.
“Ms. Y/L/N, on behalf of the United States Intelligence Community, I’d like to offer you and your family our sincerest apologies.” You wanted to scoff, but you bit your tongue. “You’ve always been an incredible asset to our country. Today, we begin to set things right. We begin to repay some of the debt that is owed to you.” You bowed your head.
“Thank you, Senator. It’s been a long time coming.” You could see the Senator’s jaw clench, not used to being brushed off.
“And we’d like to offer you a full pardon. There might be an opening in your old division. Is that something that you’d be interested in?”
“Actually, Senator. I would like to thank you for that opportunity, but no. I’ll be working with Captain America.” The man’s whole body seemed to twitch.
“You aren’t authorized to make that kind of decision, Ms. Y/L/N.” This time you did scoff.
“Yeah, okay. Well thanks for the pardon.” You tapped the podium twice, leaning to walk away. “This has been great, I really feel like we’ve both said our peace. See ya later, Senator.” You walked out as you heard him calling your name. You pulled your phone out, dialing Bucky’s number.
“Hey doll! How’d court go?” You started walking to where you and Bucky had planned to meet after you got done with your respective tasks.
“Oh great! I’m working with Cap now.” You could almost see Bucky’s face.
“Wow, how’d you manage that?” You smirked.
“I can be very persuasive when I want to be, James.”
“Oh is that so, Y/N?” You could hear his smirk as he spoke. “Maybe you’ll have to be persuasive with me one day.” You laughed.
“James, I don’t have to be persuasive with you.” You caught sight of Bucky walking down the street with a store-bought cake in his hand. You held up your pinky finger wiggling it for emphasis, “I’ve got you wrapped around my finger.”
By the time you got to the marina that docked Paul & Darlene, you were buzzing with excitement. Bucky was giggling at your antics, you were practically bouncing in the passenger seat. As soon as Bucky got out of the car, Cas and AJ latched onto him. He went along with them, playing as if he was going to slam the cake into their faces. You walked past Bucky, hugging everyone who greeted you. Once you reached Sarah, you sat down on the picnic table for a second before taking off again. You stood to the side as you watched Sam take picture after picture with pretty much everyone from town.
Bucky stood next to you, chuckling about everyone’s reaction to Cap being from their hometown. One woman almost knocked Sam flat on his ass when she hugged him, a huge smile stretched over her face. You went back to the table Sarah was at, taking a seat next to her. Suddenly Bucky climbed on top of the table, holding his vibranium arm out with two children dangling off it. He was talking animatedly with his other as he told a story about Sam. You had zoned out just staring at him with the kids.
“You know, this could be you.” Sarah said as she leaned next to your ear.
“What could be?” You made a face at her.
“The kids, the community.” She looked over at Bucky, “That hunk of a man over there.” You slapped her shoulder softly before humming.
“I’ve thought about it, but that’s a two person decision and I don’t think either of us are at a point in our lives to raise another tiny human.” Sarah nodded, her features disbelieving.
“Just don’t let that one get away.” Her finger was pointed at Bucky who was playing with the kids at the edge of the dock. Bucky must’ve felt your gaze on him because he looked up, removing his dark sunglasses to lock eyes with you.
“Oh I don’t plan on it.” You smiled at her. You joined Bucky and Sam as they stood in front of Paul & Darlene, taking in the sunset reflecting on the water. Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist, pressing a kiss to your temple. You definitely don’t plan on it, you thought to yourself as you leaned into his embrace.
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samhainduchess · 2 months ago
Got a prompt!
29. “Uh ... how long were you standing there?” 
Summary: A phone call with your mom ends with a situation you never thought would happen between you and your roommate.
Warnings: Kissing, fluff, overbearing parents
A/N: For the 200 Follower Sleepover and chosen from this list. Come and join the sleepover! It’s happening until the 30th!
»»————- ♔ ————-««
It was something as simple as a phone call to your mom that broke the fragile peace. You would always remember that phone call as the one that finally made the damn burst and changed the way you and your roommate acted around each other.
Bucky was at work and you were at home folding laundry on your day off. You’d decided to call your mom while doing it since you hadn’t spoken in a while and it was always good to hear her voice, even if she was nagging you about settling down.
Your cousin had just gotten married a month before and everyone had kept looking at you and Bucky, who you’d convinced to come for the free food and drinks, with knowing smiles and couldn’t help but coming up to congratulate you on finding such a ‘handsome boy’ to take care of you.
No matter how many times you told aunties and grandmas you and Bucky weren’t a couple or that you weren’t together in any way shape or form. They just smiled and walked away whispering to one and other behind their hands,
“Honey you’re getting older now don’t you want a nice boy to settle down with?” your mom asked making you roll your eyes,
“Mom I get by just fine on my own. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I’ve got a job, an apartment, a life. I don’t need a man to come in and disrupt all that”
“That’s not what I mean” she huffed, “your father and I would just like to see you looked after. The city is a dangerous place!”
This launched your mother’s famous lecture about how dangerous the ‘big city’ was and how it broke her heart when you moved so far away and wouldn’t you not consider moving home? Followed immediately by the list of single men in town whether they were your age or not.
“Mom I’m not gonna start dating someone just because they’re single. I don’t want to date anyone right now!”
“It’s that boy you live with isn’t it? You brought him to the wedding and I knew something was going on, if you’re dating him you can just tell us. Your father didn’t mean what he said about owning a shotgun”
“I know he doesn’t own one Mom and Bucky and I aren’t dating!”
Not that it hadn’t occurred to you in the past. When you’d been looking for somewhere to live after moving to the city you’d found the advertisement in a laundromat a block from where you’d been staying. The advertisement was asking for a roommate, someone your age, non smoker, all the usual pre requisites and you could hardly believe it when you’d called the number and been told that the place was still available. You’d looked at the address on google and it seemed to be in a really nice neighbourhood so how was it that no one had snagged the roommate position yet?
You weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, the temporary lease you’d signed originally was about to run out and as long as the guy you spoke to wasn’t a mass murderer you were ready to sign anything he put in front of you.
It didn’t help that Bucky was hot. Like hot, hot. Like ruin your life hot. He’d been so affectionate with you from the moment you signed the lease, calling you little nicknames, getting your favourite soda on his way home from work, paying for pizza when he knew you had a shit day at work. Perfect boyfriend material honestly, if he wasn’t also a massive ladies man.
He wasn’t what you’d call a player or a fuckboy but he did have a steady rotation of girlfriends and women who seemed to fall at his feet for the smallest thing. You didn’t want to be one of them, didn’t want to ruin a good thing by messing around with your roommate,
“Well Melissa says that he’s head over heels for you and he was so nice to your Aunt Helen at the wedding”
“Maybe Aunt Helen can date him, she and Uncle Roger are divorced now after all” you suggested, “besides Bucky has never once said a thing to me about being ‘head over heels’ or anything else”
“Well that’s cause you never asked” a male voice cut in and your head whipped around to see Bucky standing in the doorway with a grin plastered across his face, “if you’d have asked I’d have told you”
“Mom I gotta go!” you didn’t even wait for her response before you ended the call. Your face was burning and you could tell it was beet red, but Bucky was still grinning at you. Perfect, he probably thought you were another love struck idiot mooning over him in your free time, “Uh how long were you standing there”
“Long enough sweets” he responded, “head over heels huh, i don’t think that’s what I said but I guess it’s still accurate”
“You, wait, what?” your brain was struggling to keep up with whatever was happening in that moment, “Bucky what?”
“You know for someone so smart you can be really dumb” he teased, “why don’t I just show you?”
Bucky crossed from the door to the couch where you’d been sitting and leant over the back to place his hands either side of your face before bringing his lips down to connect with yours. You were initially startled, sure, you really really hadn’t expected your roommate to be kissing you today but after a second to get used to the idea you were grabbing a hold of Bucky’s t-shirt and dragging him closer to you.
When you finally broke the contact because your lungs were screaming for air all you could do was smile dreamily and stare up at Bucky,
“You know what? I think Melissa was right. Head over heels is definitely the right phrase”
»»————- ♔ ————-««
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Angel Hair Masterlist
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Gender neutral!pregnant!omega!Reader
Summary: When The Asset scents an omega that smells like him in an underground Hydra base, he's not sure what to make of it but he's determined to find out.
Warnings: canon divergent post CA:TWS, a/b/o dynamics, true mates, Hydra putting the A in assholes, angst, imprisonment, torture, experimentation, drugging, brain washing, non-consensual artificial insemination, pregnancy, labour, canon typical violence, minor character death, bereavement, PTSD/anxiety/depression symptoms, language, illness, epic amounts of fluff, beefy!soft!manbun Bucky (that's a warning, ok!), the occasional cliff hanger, probably possibly very, very, very eventual smut (I haven't thought that far ahead yet).
These are the big ones but warnings will be stated for each chapter so please check those before reading and if any of the warnings weird you out, take good care of yourself and give it a pass 😘
This one might not be heavy on the smut but this is still an 18+ blog so minors kindly redirect yourselves to these bunnies and rainbows in an orderly fashion cus the law, I thank you.
A/N: I said that I was going to wait until this is finished on AO3 before posting on Tumblr but I a) didn't think it would go on this long and b) could honestly be at this one for another year (it's already been nine months, seriously, how did that happen!?). So, I've decided to start doing some editing/rewrites on what I have so far and I'll post them here as I go while I'm still adding to it.
Those of you who have stuck with me through the "first draft" on AO3 up until now, thank you so much for all the support and feedback, you guys have literally made my year! I hope you enjoy the new and hopefully improved version (I'm not changing anything major but, you know)!
If you would like to be included on the tags list, let me know with a comment, ask or DM!
Chapter list under the cut because there's a literal metric shit ton already 🏋️‍♀️
I hope you enjoy it!
(And I finally had a proper crack at the whole moodboard thing. I know, will wonders never cease! 😱)
Tumblr media
Image credits: [x][x]
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Chapter 14
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Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
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Chapter 21
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Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
And more to come, believe me I'm not done yet!
Chapter 39
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
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"I'm not even sorry!"
Submission #1 for @bucky-soldat 's writing challenge.
Submission #2
Congratulations on your graduation!!💐
Pairing: Bucky x Female Avenger Co-worker (In Relationship)
Summary: The mission became a case study in Murphy’s law and the aftermath puts a strain on Bucky x Female Avenger’s relationship.
Murphy's Law states: “If anything can go wrong, it will.”
Warnings: Mentions of violence and strong language.
Word count: 1.4K
Tumblr media
“How many more of these doctor visits do I need to attend?” I huffed as I hung up the patient gown on the rack and gingerly walked over to stand in front of Doctor Wade’s desk.
“I would like you to come back in three days to check on those abdominal stitches and to change the wound dressing on your back,” Doctor Wade replied ignoring my impatience. “Agent, if the leg starts to feel numb… come back.” He stands and proceeds to open the office door to let me out. “If you feel a stitch move… come back. If you ever want to talk about it….” The doctor paused dramatically and narrowed his eyes at me as he blocked the doorway.
“…I should come back,” I muttered under my breath. “Correct!” Dr. Wade swung the door open and I rushed out into the cold hallway. “Thanks, Doc!”
I could tell that he was close. That magnetic pull usually made me feel safe and at home. I could feel it all over my body but this time it made me anxious and self-conscious. I pulled up my turtleneck and stretched my sleeves over the tips of my fingers hiding the severity of my bruises.
“Doll?” Bucky called after me.
I had not heard his voice or seen him in a week. The last time he was this close he was pulling me out of a burning tunnel. I remember him chanting in my ear, strong and confident, “Everything is going to be alright, I'm here now. You can rest."
Now, his voice was so soft and full of apprehension. It sounded so small. I immediately turned around wanting to know what was wrong. What I saw made me gasp. The man in front of me looked so different. The vibranium arm, the hoodie he stood in, and the blue eyes staring into mine were familiar. However, the deep, dark circles under his eyes, the hollow in his cheeks, and the full beard were all new. He reached out to touch me. My entire body tensed up and I froze in place. He pulled back his hands seeing my reaction and ran them through his hair bewildered. The pain that ripped through my stomach immediately forced me to relax my muscles. The tears that prickled in my eyes had nothing to do with the ripping sensation I felt along the line of my stitches. An ache in my heart overtook that pain. I hated seeing him in distress.
His eyes were frantically searching mine. “Are you….. okay?” he asked. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I just nodded and swallowed, pushing the tears down. Words began to fall out of his mouth in a tumbled mess “I tried to come in to see you. I…. I just wanted to hold your hand through it. They would not let me in. Even after the surgery. I begged Dr Wade… you have to believe me.. I… ”
“I asked them not to let anyone in,” I spoke over him quietly. His brows furrowed as he processed what I said. Confusion, sadness, defeat, and fear. I counted the emotions as they flashed across his face. I tore my eyes away from his and looked down to the floor.
“Are you angry with me?” he asked softly. “I promise there wasn’t a moment I did not know exactly where you were. No one expected that tunnel to cave in on itself. We drilled through the rocks as quickly as we could.” He vowed. I believed him. I knew that already.
The mission dissolved into chaos the second we stepped onto the train tracks of that tunnel. Qasim and his terrorist goons knew we were coming. We weren’t five minutes inside when that explosion went off. The tunnel fell in around us separating me from the rest of the team. The falling rocks were a kindness compared to the evil that waited for me inside.
“I’m not mad at you. I think the only thing that kept me from breaking was knowing that you would be coming for me.” I reassured him. He stepped forward placing his warm hand on my cheek to lift my face to meet his. I stumbled back out of his touch overwhelmed by fear.
“Why wouldn’t you let me in the room? Why won’t you let me touch you? What happened in that tunnel?” he pleaded with me to answer him. “Please baby, talk to me!”
My mind was blank and my mouth was dry. I did not know what to say. What could I say?
“Sergeant Barnes to the main armory.” Heard Over the intercom pierced through the silence and space between us. Relief washed over me and I relaxed.
He sighed reaching into his pocket and offered the keys to our shared room in the palm of his hand. “Please take them.” I reached out and took them. He blinked in surprise and held onto my hand. Closing his eyes, he placed the softest kiss on the back of my hand. “I will see you in a bit,” he promised before walking towards the armory.
I walked back to our room absentmindedly. How would I tell him that I felt ashamed, dirty, and embarrassed? I was just wrecked. I felt broken.
Our bathroom was warm, small, and felt oddly comforting. I had not seen my reflection in days, let alone my naked body. I saw a necklace of black and blue in the mirror. Red blotches covered my arms and torso. I looked insane. I turned on the water to wash my face and I was immediately back in the tunnel.
I was a trained mercenary but my specialty was earth defense strategy and xenolinguistics.  Naturally, Qasim had some questions for me. For three days they tried to torture the codes to earth’s defenses out of me. It was ruthless and unrelenting. The night Bucky and the team finally got in, the torture of choice was good old waterboarding. The sound of water from the faucet caused a burning in my lungs to return. I couldn’t breathe and, in a panic, could no longer tell the floor from the ceiling. I had not realised I was sobbing loudly until Bucky crashed through the door taking it off the hinges. He pushed the door out of the way and came down to my level on the floor. His eyes locked on mine, hands-on my cheeks soothing me and wiping my tears away. He moved to hold me and I could see the horror on his face as his eyes swept over my body. I felt anger rolling off him in waves like I had never seen before. He picked me up carefully and took me to our bed. He held me so close to his chest and rocked me as I cried until I fell asleep. “You’re safe now, baby girl” was the last thing I remembered hearing.
“BREACH IN PRISONER HOLDING BAY 4! ALL AGENTS TO PRISONER HOLDING BAY 4!” Was the siren that startled me out of my sleep. The cool bed sheet was all my searching hands found and my gut churched. Where was bucky? I quickly and painfully got dressed and rushed out the door.
“Enough Sargent Barnes!” I heard Fury’s voice cautious now. “Seargent Barnes!”
I pushed past the semi-circle of agents aiming guns at the prisoner's cell. I heard his movements before my mind registered what I was seeing. A black and gold arm slammed at superhuman speed again and again into Qasim’s chest and face. Bucky was going to kill him. I was the only one who would even think to step near a former Winter soldier in this feral state.
“Bucky, stop,” I whispered. He dropped Qasim immediately and tightening his jaw, turned to face me. Blood dripping from his metal arm.
“Both of you! Briefing room! Now!” Fury glared at us.
“How many times do I have to remind you people to Keep. It. Professional. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. You do not take revenge into your own hands under my watch on THIS compound” He pointed at Bucky.
I could not even tell if Bucky was hearing what Fury was saying. He was ultra-focused cleaning his metal arm.
“Barnes? Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Fury asked exasperated.
Bucky looked up at Fury and said with a menacing calm, “I’m not even sorry!”
The Biggest thank you to our fearless leader @buckydaddy for proofreading.🥰🥰🥰
Gif by @chris-hargreeves
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Power Broker (3) | b.b
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader, Past Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst.
Summary: Bucky breaks out Zemo. Sam suggests they need help handling him, seeing as he can push Bucky’s buttons unlike anyone else. So they go to the only person who can handle both Bucky and Zemo, the only Stark left in the Superhero business… well kind of. Only problem is, she seems reluctant.
Warnings: None I can think of. Swearing?
a/n: These are snippets of scenes that introduce y/n into the story as a character without making drastic changes. The plot points remain mostly same as they take place in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, except that y/n is also a main character with them. The rest of the MCU events stay the same as well. No drastic retcons. The reader is not only a Stark but also enhanced. Thanks for you support. And oh, I guess the tag list is open?
sidenote: y/f/n is your full name. y/n is a shortened version which you prefer to go by.
Power Broker (2) | Power Broker (4) | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The butler walks out of the cockpit, handing out a glass of champagne to Zemo, “Apologies if that's a little warm, the fridge is out. But I will see if there is some good food in the galley.”
Zemo replies something in sokovian, to which the butler replies with a chuckle. And while Bucky does not understand the language, he makes a mental note of not putting anything in his mouth. 
“It's good to have you back, sir.” The butler says before making his exit.
Zemo takes a sip of the champagne, and then says, “You don't know what it's like to be locked in a cell,” he pauses and then, the asshole adds, “Oh. That's right. You do.”
“Why don't you tell us about where we're going?” Sam asks frustrated. 
“I'm sorry. I was just fascinated by this,” Zemo ignores Sam completely. “I don't know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?” He says while pulling out a little red notebook from between the pages of the book in front of him, Bucky’s red notebook. 
Bucky’s on him in a second. His left arm grasping at Zemo’s throat, “If you touch that again, I'll kill you.” He warns, fury evident.
“Y/n! This is the sorta thing you’re here to stop!” Sam screams out to Y/n who is sitting away from the three men, in her own little corner, behind Sam.
Bucky can see her shrug nonchalantly in his periphery. His grip doesn’t loosen.
“Y/n!” Sam calls out more desperate now.
She exhales audibly and then, “James.” That’s all she says and for reasons even he cannot understand quite well, his body very willingly complies with her silent request. He sits back down.
Zemo rubs a hand across his neck and then says, with his voice breaking only a bit, “I'm sorry. I understand that list of names. People you've wronged as the Winter Soldier.”
Bucky is about to counter, but suddenly something flies across the fuselage. Landing sharply into the wall next to him, and there is a sound of glass shattering. It’s Zemo’s glass of champagne, broken and scattered in his hand. At first he thinks it’s a knife, due to the sheer force of the impact, and the way it remains embedded in the wall. But a second later, when the shock wears off, he realizes it’s a ballpoint pen. Y/n’s ballpoint pen. The three men turn their heads over to the lady in the corner.
Y/n is looking out the window, so terrifyingly calm, that Bucky’s kinda scared. Her gaze doesn’t falter as she says, “Next one’s gonna stain red.”
Well, fuck.
“As I said, I do apologise. But it is quite an interesting read. You’d like it as well,” Zemo pauses, shoving away all the shards of glass off of him, cleaning his hands with a hankerchief. “You make an appearance as well.”
Yeah, this was a horrible, bad, stupid, dumb idea. Bucky’s gonna kill Zemo himself. Because somehow that—that manages to break Y/n’s calm, who looks back at Bucky, only for a second. And then she turns her gaze to Zemo, “What?” She asks, confounded.
“You’re on the list. Has James not told you?” Zemo asks, smugness clear in his voice. 
5 minutes, empty room, Bucky’s metal arm and Zemo’s very soft yet bashable head, that’s all Bucky can think of as he glares daggers at the Baron in front of him.
“Why?” She asks. Bucky’s eyes flint back to her because, for the life of him, he cannot understand why she sounds so confused.
“Is it not obvious? To make up for his wrong,” Zemo replies.
“What wrongs?” She sounds even more confused.
...Has she? Has she lost her memory? Is she okay? He really should’ve checked in on her sooner.
“Perhaps for being responsible for the assassination of the couple who took you in, gave you a home. Perhaps for brutally beating the man you called your brother into a pulp, with the help of your lover, Captain Rogers…” Zemo pauses and begins to grumble, “well former lover, now I presume.” He lets out a breath and then, “Or perhaps, for all the times he broke you down while you were with Hy—”
Bucky can’t fucking breathe. His heart is in his throat and he thinks he can hear his hands shaking. The metal clinking.
But Zemo is cut off.
“—Prison really screwed up your head, didn’t it?” She asks, smirk on her face. That vanishes with the next words, “That was Hydra… All that was the Winter Soldier, not James.” 
Well fuck, times two.
Bucky can see a smile creep up on Sam’s face.
“If that is what you believe, then why drop a building on him?” Zemo counters.
Y/n just laughs. And once it fades, she asks, her words mocking, “Are you sure, you’re the man who broke us? The man with nothing more than a ‘can—do’ attitude and thirst for revenge who managed to singlehandedly break The Avengers?” She fixes him with a pointed look and adds, “Cause that man would've researched me enough to know who I was, what I did… choices I’d made. He’d know I would never blame James for shit that was never in his control to begin with.”
Zemo, for once Bucky has to admit, is at a loss for words.
So Sam cuts in, “So did you lose control? With the building I mean? In Siberia?”
“Nope” She says, popping the ‘p’. Bucky thinks he might really like the way that makes her lips pop out.
Wait, WHAT?
“Then?” Sam asks, before something clicks in his head, Bucky can tell because Sam’s wearing that look. The look he wears when he’s figured it out. “Oh hell nah! That was—”
She cuts him off, “—me, very politely telling Steven, to lose my number.”
And all three of them look absolutely confused. 
Y/n looks away again, ending the conversation, right there.
There is a silence in the air as all three settle back into the seat. Sam breaks it again. “I've seen that book. It was Steve's when he came out of the ice. I told him about Trouble Man. He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What'd you think?” He asks Bucky, excitement clear in his voice, cutting all the tension in the fuselage.
“I like '40s music, so…” Bucky answers.
Tumblr media
“You didn't like it?” Sam asks, offended. 
“I liked it.” Bucky tries to defend.
“It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive,” Zemo cuts in, “It captures the African-American experience.”
“He's out of line, but he's right,” Sam says reluctantly. “It's great. Everybody loves Marvin Gaye.” 
“I like Marvin Gaye,” Bucky defends, eyes flickering back to Y/n who sits quietly looking out the window, unbothered.
“Steve adored Marvin Gaye,” Sam states.
Zemo butts in his ugly head, “You must have really looked up to Steve. But I realized something when I met him. The danger with people like him, America's Super Soldiers, is that we put them on pedestals.”
“Watch your step, Zemo,” Sam warns.
Zemo continues, unfazed, “They become symbols. Icons. And then we start to forget about their flaws. From there, cities fly, innocent people die. Movements are formed, wars are fought.” He pauses to look over at Bucky, “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon. Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull?” Bucky wants to throw himself off this plane. But with how bad his luck had been, he might even survive that. “That is why we're going to Madripoor,” Zemo finishes.
“What's up with Madripoor?” Sam asks, “You guys talk about it like it's Skull Island.”
“It's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s.” He informs Sam, but his gaze is fixed on Y/n at the back.
“It's kept its lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.” Zemo pauses and turns over to look at Y/n whose jaw is slightly clenched, which seems to be the only indication of the fact that she’s even listening. “And Y/F/N will have to become someone entirely different.”
“What? Why?” Sam asks, alarmed.
“She’s quite famous in her motherland, Sam,” Zemo answers, “Not many are capable of crawling their way out of a broken little orphanage in Madripoor to become one of the world’s most revered heroes. For the residents of that nation, she’s quite the alluring fairytale come true.” Zemo smiles.
Read part 4 here. Find series masterlist here.
tag list: @thisisparadisemylove​ @justab-eautifulmess​ @intothesoul​ @buckyisperfect​​ @aryksworld​​
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poison-in-my-pen · 6 months ago
How does it feel?
A/N: The Reader goes to therapy with Bucky and it doesn’t turn out as expected.
“I could have used your support back there, you didn't have to throw the bus at me.”
“Throw under the bus.” I corrected.
“What?” He says annoyed.
“The idiom is throwing someone under the bus.”
“That doesn't make sense. Throwing someone under the bus," he paused. “Why would I do that when I could just throw the bus at them. All I'm saying is you could've had my back.”
"By lying to your therapist whose job it is is to help you. She asked me a question and I answered truthfully, more than you've been doing.”
“What are you getting at?
“You try to hide it, but I see it, your therapist sees it, you are not doing well and it's going to be a matter of time before all that guilt you keep inside boils over and you do something you will regret."
“That's not fair."
“Fair. What's not fair is watching you struggle and not being able to do anything. Three, you've had three nightmares this week and they are only getting worse. Do you know that when you’re having one of your episodes I sleep on the couch because I’m afraid to wake you up, afraid of what you might do.” I instinctively reached for my neck.
“And I apologized for that.” Bucky has woken up many nights to find her on the sofa and he assumed it was because she couldn't sleep, not because she was afraid that he would try to strangle her if she tried to wake him. Somehow having this bit of information didn’t ease his angst, he gazed at her and let his thoughts carry him to the days when he was whole before Hydra ripped out the parts of him that made him James. She would’ve loved him then and not the broken version of himself that stood before her now.
“You don't touch me anymore.”
“That's not true.”
“When was the last time we…” 
“Six weeks, four days and twelve hours.” He thought. “A while.” He answered.
“Six weeks. Almost two months. And I feel horrible for bringing it up because you're dealing with what you're dealing with, but I'll be lying if I didn't say that I miss making love to my boyfriend. I miss your touch, your lips, your scent, everything. I miss all of you yet you're standing right there. Untouchable.”
He took a step towards her and he felt her quiver before he touched her. He knew the effect he had on her, he always enjoyed prolonging their foreplay because he was more fascinated by her body's reaction to him than the act itself. Staring at her while he's sitting with his legs spread open gets a different reaction than him standing mere inches from her like now.
He pulled her into his chest and she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly releasing the tension in her shoulders. “I'm scared for you, James. If I could snap my fingers and make your pain disappear I would do it in a heartbeat. But I can't and it scares me.” He closed his eyes and listened to her heartbeat, feeling her warmth pressed into him. “Say something.” She murmured into his chest.
He wanted to tell her everything, but how do I tell her that those nightmares are about the innocents, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. How do I put words to all the death and pain that I've caused. “My suffering is my penance. I made my bed and I will sleep in it." He said aloud.
“But you weren't you, you know that.” She lifted her head, so that she could look up in his eyes. “That wasn't you James that was the winter soldier, you're no longer him."
“You speak of him like he's a symbiote.” He held my gaze as he spoke the next words. “I will always be the winter soldier until the day that I die.”
She pulled away from him and he let her go. "And that's the problem. Until you are able to see James and not the soldier you will never have peace and I won't have a front row seat to that destruction."
“What are you saying?” He knew what this was, this wasn’t an argument about him not talking to his therapist about what was truly going on inside his head, it was about her no longer being able to be with him, he knew it was coming and he braced himself.
“Maybe we should put us on pause until you figure out who you are.”
“You're all that I have.” he thought. “Yeah, maybe you're right.”
He saw how quickly the tears came to her eyes, this wasn’t the response she thought she was going to get. She wanted him to fight for them, for their relationship, but he won’t do that to her. No, he’ll do something more sinister, he kissed her deeply and her body reacted, as he knew it would.
He picked her up and carried her to the bed, he lifted his shirt over his head and she fumbled with the buckle of his belt, he dropped her panties on top of his shirt and inhaled her warmth. He kicked off his pants and she pushed her hand into his boxers and he heard her breath hitch as her fingers wrapped around his steel that was as strong as his Vibranium arm.
He buried himself deeply inside her, moving slowly then hard. He had three paces; slow, hard or rough. If he went rough she would become too giddy and wouldn't sleep, too slow and he would fall asleep inside her and waking up a short while after to continue where he left off, but a steady hard pace would render her unconscious, it didn't take him long to figure out her body's response to him and he always enjoyed the moment after her wall-clenching orgasm when her eyes would glaze over as a deep sleep overtook her limbs. Most times he would pull her back before she went over the cliff and give her multiple o’s until she was physically drained, but tonight he took the cowards way out. He couldn't look her in the eyes and say goodbye, so he did the only thing he could think of that would make her hate him and forget him.
“Jamessss.” She hissed, she took one last look at him before the delicious sensations exploded in her veins.
Her dripping walls enclosed around him and he held her hips, slamming into her as her body clenched. she flung her head back in ecstasy and her body lifted from the bed as her orgasm reached its peak, he grunted as he emptied himself deep within her. She loosened her grip on him and he gazed down at her spent and satiated sleeping form.
He kissed her lips and her forehead, “I'm sorry.”
Tumblr media
Post Note: Hi my lovelies! Not sure if I should turn this into a series or leave as a one shot. Let me know if you enjoyed this. 
*ALL Fics Permanent Tag List: @melconnor2007 @iamwarrenspeace @a-little-squirrely-sunshine @mcuimxginerp @megs4real @somethingwitty-somethingsweet @omgsindylove @princessesnaddy @fairytailrocker @xxqueenofisolationxx @4theluvofall @alex-hamiltonian @qnzdiamond104 @stay2ne1 @rashinyx2002 @louxise @sarahmatthews7 @kgbrenner @goshdarnitthatsalongname @leslieandjensen @isnotashtonstan @ragingsavage @debra77 @abeautifuldisplayofgeek @hufflepuff-always-and-forever @supernaturaldean67 @starstruckzonkoperatorbat @all-the-fand0ms-blog​  @abeautifuldisplayofgeek @zorrics @aspiringtranslator @jasmindaughteroftheworld @armyhollander @maytrixy​
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