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#bucky barnes fanfiction
angrythingstarlight · 9 days ago
im seeing something i like
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Little bit o' smut, needy, whiny Bucky
A/N: Just a little something until I get back to my laptop. No minors.
“I have to go,” you say, gently shaking off the vibranium hand around your ankle. Laughter bubbling up when he only groans in response.
Bending over you grab your shirt from under the kitchen chair, you start to pull it on, then a dull thud has you turning your head, “Did you-did you just kick the floor?”
Bucky glares up at you with baleful eyes. “Maybe.”
Clutching the wrinkled shirt to your bare chest, you roll your eyes at the pouting super soldier. “Bucky, we spent all weekend together-“ You start, ignoring his loud huff. “-I promised my friends that I would go out for one drink and I....”
You swallow, your mouth going dry as you watch him pull his cock out of tight black briefs. “Bucky, stop it.” you finish weakly.
He tilts his chin up, his ocean blue eyes ensnaring yours and he moans your name, it’s sweet and sinful, as if he’s tasting it, tasting you with each slow swipe of tongue across his bottom lip. Then you remember he is and your knees nearly buckle as he wipes your slick from his chin and smears it over his cock.
He’s so filthy.
Bucky twists his hand around his shaft, precum dripping down from the red, swollen tip.
And he moans your name again.
Louder, vulgar sounds emitting from his chest, his hips rutting into his palm. Thick, long fingers laced around his throbbing cock. “You’re really gonna leave me, Plum.”
You want to tear your eyes away but you can’t. Not with his back arching off the ground, soft grunts mingled with your name filling the early morning air. You bite back a needy gasp when he lets his cock go, fisting his hands at his sides. “I can’t finish,” he gazes up at you, a deep wrinkle forming between his furrowed brows.
Bucky reaches out for you. “My hand isn’t as good as your pussy.” Oh fuck, the way he says that has you trembling. “I need you Plum, need your tight wet warm pussy around my cock.” He doesn’t play fair at all, you’re practically preening at his praise. “You feel so good, doll, so fucking good, please don’t leave me.”
Bucky stretches his legs out, patting his thighs. “Why don’t you let me show you how fucking good you feel Plum?”
You don’t realize you were walking back to him, drawn back into his orbit with each filthy word until he sat up, hands smoothing up your thighs, his breath washing over your glistening cunt before he tugs you down over him.
“Oh Buc-,” you cry out as he pushes you down, down “just a little more plum there you go, until his thick throbbing cock is buried in you, the first stretch knocking your breath out of your chest until you’re panting.
Bucky wraps his arms around your back, pulling you into his warm chest. “Now I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll never think about leaving me again.”
and I-
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙙 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃when your car breaks down on the side of the road and your dad can’t come rescue you, he sends the next best thing. 
pairing┃dadsbestfriend!bucky x f!reader 
word count┃ 2,434 words
warnings┃significant age gap [reader in 20′s, bucky in late 30′s], car sex, semi-public sex, unprotected sex, drunk sex, alcohol consumption, sloppy sex, bucky teases you a lot, thigh riding, pet-names, fingering, finger sucking, size kink, metal arm kink, praise kink, slight edging, bucky finishing in you, talk of masturbation [in passing] — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃if i see you plagiarize my work i will personally steal all of your left shoes and right socks
Tumblr media
   “I don’t know, the engine made a sound and now it won’t start.” You groaned into your phone, your dad sighing on the other end of the line as you leaned your head against your seat. 
    “Can you get it into a mechanic?” He asked as you rolled your eyes, “considering it won’t start, I don’t think so.” 
     You were just outside of town, almost making it home before your piece of shit car decided to crap out on you and die. 
    “I’m stuck in the office until seven, but I’ll get Bucky to pick you up, okay?” Your dad said, shuffling on the other end of the line as your heart dropped into your stomach at the sound of his name. 
    “Bucky?” Your throat was suddenly dry, heart hammering as you could hear it’s reverberation in your ears like the sound of waves in a shell. 
    “He’s good with cars too, might even be able to bring your car back to life long enough to get it into a mechanic.” Your dad’s voice was calm and collected, unlike the way your breathing was. 
    “Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s really nice of him.” You tried to act normal, like nothing was wrong. 
     Like Bucky hadn’t fucked you the bathroom of some gross college bar during your last year just a months ago. 
     You hadn’t seem him since. Last you heard, he had set off on a solo trip to California as he kissed you on the cheek at the end of the night.
   With his cum staining your thighs.
   And the scent of him on your shirt as you watched him walk out of the bar.
   Now he was going to come and rescue you from the side of the some dirt road.
   “You there, sweetie?” Your dads voice brings you back to reality as you shake your head, “yeah, yeah, sorry. The reception’s spotty,” you lie right through your teeth. 
   “Hang in there, sweetie, okay? Bucky shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes.” Oh good, at least you’ll have time to prepare yourself for the moment you’d see him again. 
   “Okay, thanks dad. I’ll see you soon then.” You both say your goodbyes before the line goes dead and you’re left staring at the nearly desolate road as the occasional car or semi roars by. 
    It’s getting late but thankfully it’s the dead of summer which means that it would be impossible to get cold, even with the sun down. 
    No matter how hard you tried not to think about Bucky, the memories of that night came flooding back with each gust of warm air. 
    The way his fingers danced up your shirt as he pressed you against the dingy bathroom wall. 
    The way he bent the bathroom door handle at an angle that would lock the two of you in there for some privacy—the sparks of gold and shining black flashing through your mind. 
    The way he found all your sweet spots and the way he would call you Kid to egg you on as you took shots with him until you were dizzy. 
    And the way he made you cum harder than ever before until you had no more breath left in your lungs. 
    You had to shake yourself free of those thoughts, the familiar burn forming between your legs as you decided to pop your hood to see if you could magically figure out what had gone wrong. 
    It all looked so foreign, like a different language as you stared at the various car parts—the only thing you recognized was where you re-filled your windshield fluid. 
    A rumbling engine caused you to peek your head around the hood of your car to watch that familiar Impala pulling up right behind your car. 
    Your heart kicked in your chest, throat going dry as your hands were suddenly clammy watching him step out of the car. 
    Dressed in all black, Bucky shut the door of his car as he took his sunglasses off and tucked them in the front of his shirt. 
   “I gotta say,” his voice is so much deeper than you remembered, “this isn’t how I thought we’d be meetin’ again.” 
    He smirks, coming to stand beside you to look under the hood, “if it makes you feel better, neither did I.” 
    Your words make him chuckle as he turns his body to face you, arms over his thick chest and the early evening sun bouncing off of the prosthetic. 
    The same fingers that were knuckle deep inside of you, coaxing sweet, sweet moans as you fell over the edge more times than you can count. 
   “Your car battery is dead,” he says, after a quick inspection—arms propping himself on the hood as he uses the shiny metallic hand to point at the battery, “it looks like it’s been leakin’ for a while. How old is the battery?” 
    His question strikes you and suddenly you feel embarrassed and useless, “I don’t know.” 
    He shifts again, tucking his finger under your chin so you look up at him. His eyes are soft and you find yourself lost in them. 
   “It’s okay, Kid, was just askin’. Unfortunately I don’t have any cables, even if I did, it looks pretty lifeless.” He explains, finger dropping from under your chin and you want to whimper. 
    You nod your head, “thanks, Buck.” 
    You don’t even register that you call him that, “uh, sorry. I mean, Mr. Barnes.” 
    Now that makes him laugh, holler even as he runs his tongue over his bottom lip. 
   “Please don’t call me Mr. Barnes, Sugar.” He says, the familiar pet-name doing nothing to alleviate the ache between your thighs. 
   “Why not?” You ask, genuinely curious as he takes a step towards you. 
    You’d also forgotten how much bigger Bucky was, in more than one way. He towered over you, remembering how he easily had you lifted and pinned against the wall as fuck fucked into you. 
   “'Cause,” he smirks, “I’ve heard you moan my name and I don’t wanna hear it any other way.” 
    Your breath gets caught in your throat, a gasp replacing it as you feel the familiar prick of goosebumps over your skin. 
   “C’mon, I’ll give you a ride home.” He adds nonchalantly as you were still repeating his words in your mind. 
    He looks at you for a moment longer before brushing past you, “it’s gettin’ dark.” 
    You managed to unfreeze, legs moving from under you as you grabbed your duffle bag and whatever other miscellaneous objects from your car before tossing them in the back of Bucky’s car. 
   “Nice car,” you comment as you slide into the worn leather seats. Bucky smirks, turning the engine over as it roars to life. 
   “Thanks, Kid.” There it was again, the same taunt he used as you both downed a shot of tequila. 
   “Don’t call me that, I’m not a kid,” you weren’t mad, the slight smirk on your face was telling enough as Bucky put the car into neutral. 
    He leaned back, thick thighs spread as he put his arm over the back of the seats, “I jus’ missed that pout of yours, Sugar.” 
    You didn’t even realize you were pouting until Bucky pointed it out, dark eyes watching you as you relaxed into the seat. 
   “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about this on the drive home to my father’s house.” You mumble, trying to contain the faint smile on your lips as Bucky leans into you. 
   “I don’t think havin’ my cock buried deep inside of you was very appropriate either, but you didn’t seem to mind,” he purrs, fingers falling onto the back of your neck. 
    A shudder travels down your spine when you feel his hand tighten around the base of your neck. 
   “Haven’t stopped thinkin’ ‘bout you, Sugar, you know that?” His voice drops an octave as the rumbling of the car’s engine make your pussy jump. 
   “You haven’t?” You whisper out, moving closer to him as he turns his body towards you. 
   “Havin’ my hand wrapped ‘round my own cock just doesn’t feel as nice as your tight pussy.” He hums, feeling his dick jumping in his pants. 
   “Haven’t stopped thinkin’ of your sweet moans, or the way your mouth felt ‘round my cock,” his smirk is darker now, cock growing in his jeans as you let out a soft moan.
   “Bucky, we-we,” you can’t even find the words, “this is so wrong.” 
    He hums, thumb tracing over your bottom lip, “then why does it feel so fuckin’ good?” He growls, tugging you into his lap as you let him, giving into the way his warm body feels against you. 
    You can feel him under you, his fingers instinctively digging into your hips as yours go to his broad shoulders so you can steady yourself. 
   “Tell me you haven’t thought of me,” he smirks, “that you haven’t touched that tight cunt of yours wishing it was my fingers or cock.” 
    You gasp, wetness pooling in your panties as you let out a whine, “Bucky.” 
   “Mmm, that’s what I thought, Sugar. My poor girl,” he hums, slowly rocking your hips over his with more fervour. 
   “Did I ruin men for you? Is that what this is ‘bout?” He taunts, holding your face in between his fingers as you’re forced to look at him. 
    You can see the lines in his forehead, pupils blown with lust as you’re able to pick out the grey hairs littered between the dark brunet ones. 
   “Your cock sure as hell did,” you pant, tangling your fingers in his hair and pressing your lips over his as he lets out a low grunt. 
    The kiss is messy, and you revel in the familiar taste of coffee and spearmint as your tongue glides against his along with the occasional bump of your teeth against his. 
   “You better start thinkin’ of excuses as to why you’re late ‘cause I’m about to fuck you,” he snarls, lips trailing down your neck as he sinks them into your sensitive skin. 
    “Grind yourself over my thigh, Sugar. Get yourself nice ‘n ready.” He smirks, hands already up the shirt you were wearing playing with your breasts. 
    Who are you to deny yourself the pleasure of riding Bucky’s thigh, the fabric of your jeans against your pussy mixed with the hard muscle causes a sweet friction that makes you mewl. 
   “Missed that sound, baby. Missed the way you felt, the way you tasted,” his lips are over yours, “but most of all, missed the way my cock fit perfectly ‘side you.” 
    Bucky had a way with words, knowing exactly how to make you come apart and that is what made him absolutely lethal. 
    He was like a wave that you rode, getting you high and wet and then slipping right through your fingers. 
    “Lie down,” he grunts, “on the seat.” It’s a messy and incredibly tight fit, but the couch-like seat allowed you get your back flat as Bucky shuffled in between your legs. 
    With some struggle, Bucky managed to get your pants down past your ass, your fingers quickly undoing his belt as you freed his cock. 
   “Fuck,” you gasped as he smirked, “what? Forgot how big I was?” He purrs, cradling your face, “it fit last time, it’ll fit today.” 
    You wanna chide back, think of a smart, witty remark, but your mind goes blank with lust and need. 
   “Not so fast, Sugar,” he cooes, “gotta warm you up first.” The fucking tease. 
    You whimper when you feel his fingers at your entrance, cock heavy against your hip as he slides a single finger in. It’s not enough, not by a long-shot as your walls warm up the cool metal. 
   “Bucky, please c’mon,” you whine, bucking your hips into his hand. It does nothing but make him chuckle.
   “You know I love hearin’ you beg, that’ll jus’ slow me down,” you nearly throw a fit, as he slowly curls the single finger deep inside of you. 
    He’s relentless, finally adding a second finger and hooking them against your g-spot. It causes your toes to curl and the heat to grow in your belly—but he never gives you the satisfaction. 
    Instead, he pulls them out, tapping them against your lips, “clean ‘em.” 
    A shudder rolls over your body, lips parting to take the heavy digits in your mouth as you maintain eye contact with Bucky. 
    You’ve always wondered if he can feel those fingers, but the groan he gives you answers your question. 
   “Good girl, missed that ‘bout you,” he praises, running his cock through your folds as you squeak out a gasp at the sudden pressure against your clit. 
    There’s not warning as he slides in, slow and long as he holds himself up on his forearms; warm breath fanning across your face. 
   “Feel so fuckin’ good,” his eyes flutter closed as he bottoms out, nostrils flaring when he takes a deep breath trying to control himself. 
    It’s unfair, the way he knows you’re body. 
    There’s no taking his time, you’re parked on the side of the road with Bucky balls deep inside of you. He’s fucking you and he’s fucking you good. 
    The car shakes, suspension squeaking as he thrusts into you; the strokes much deeper from the confined space. 
   “You have no idea how good you feel, Sugar,” he grunts, pelvis bumping your clit as you throw your head back deeper into the seats. 
    Everything around you smells like leather, sex, and Bucky. 
    Your abdomen tightens as your toes curl and—“that’s it, gonna cum for me, make a fuckin’ mess.” 
    There’s nothing you can do to hold back your orgasm. It hits you like the truck that speeds past the parked car and you let out a choked gasp of Bucky’s name. 
     You’re both panting, everything is a mess and you’re wondering just how you’ll have to act as if Bucky’s cum isn’t leaking into the panties you’re wearing. 
      “I haven’t come that hard since,” he chuckles, “well since that night at the bar.” 
     You can do nothing but smile, butterflies in your tummy as he helps you sit up, both of you awkwardly wiggling back into your jeans. 
     It’s silent, but not uncomfortable as Bucky pushes down on the brake and shifts into drive. The moves forward a few metres before there’s a powering down sound and the engine splutters. 
    “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” you laugh, turning to face Bucky who can’t stop laughing. 
    “Well it looks like we’re both stranded now,” he winks, pulling you into the slightly larger backseat, “might as well find a way to kill the time.” 
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jurassicbarnes · 2 months ago
baby fever
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (MCU)
summary: In which Bucky can’t figure out why he feels so restless when everything is perfect in his life... until he does.
warnings: sex (18+), breeding kink!!! copious amounts of fluff and bucky being an adorable goofball
author’s note: ‘tis finally here!!! first fic on the new blog! also thought i’d do something new with formatting my fics! and once again, i couldn't help with keeping it short n sweet sorry! [wc: ~5k]
Tumblr media
Bucky doesn’t know what’s gotten into him lately.
There is this restlessness that keeps bugging him in the back of his mind. Sometimes it doesn’t let him focus on things. Mundane things, really. When he’s brewing the morning coffee. When he’s reading the paper. Or when he’s mindlessly scrolling through his phone.
He’s happy and it’s been years since he’s felt genuine happiness. He’s a free man, free to do what he wants. Free to talk, to walk, to wear whatever he wants. To eat whatever he wants. To feel whatever he wants. To love whoever he wants.
To love you enough and more to marry you and start his little family. He has all of this, he’s at peace. He gets to wake up every morning and is blessed to have the most gorgeous woman sleeping next to him. He gets to make a home with you, memories with you. Share your love for each other in your space, fill it with more love with things you love and care about.
And he has done that.
He’s a stable guy now, he’s got a wife and a home and the most adorable cat.
He can’t complain, he’s got no right to feel this restlessness. God knows, he doesn’t take a thing for granted in his life. Everything he has and everything he wants is right in the palm of his hands.
He should be happy. No, he is happy. He just wants to be… happier? Would it be completely selfish if he wants to be happier?
You’ve always told him, it’s a good colour on him. He’s gorgeous when he’s beaming and all smiles. Like a bright sunny day at the beach, warmth from the ocean water, warmth from the sun gently beating down.
You never fail to tell him that he has every right to be selfish, either. You love to spoil him rotten sometimes. Shower him with compliments, and constantly flirting with him – even though it’s been a whole year you’ve been married, been together for three years before that – not counting five years after the Blip.
Safe to say, he’s going to grow old with you. If science can help him do that, that is.
So why does he feel restless?
His question is answered one day in the most life-changing way.
The two of you were at the vet’s clinic, just a regular check-up for Alpine. She was seated in Bucky’s lap. He refused to get one of those pet carriers when the pet supply store owner urged him to buy one for Alpine. With the way she hissed at the cage, he could tell she didn’t like it.
While waiting for your turn, Bucky kept petting her back. Long, comforting strokes and soft scratches behind her ear, because she tends to get a little nervous during these visits.
The woman before you was called out. She was struggling with her newborn baby in the bassinet, and her dog whining – she looked helpless. While she tried to haul the bassinet and the dog to the doctor’s office – who refused to leave his spot because he didn’t want to go – you got up to help her.
“Let me help you, I can look after your baby while you’re inside.”
Much to her relief, the woman sighed. Your face is trustful enough, a kind smile on your lips.
“Thank you so much, sweetheart!” She said and handed you the bassinet. You told her it’s not a problem and she picked up the dog and went in.
When you came back, you left a seat to place the baby between you and Bucky. You look at your husband and the pure joy on your face lit up his heart. You picked up the baby. She wasn’t crying or throwing a fit, but she was just so adorable and you had to have her in your arms.
You cooed and called her all sweet names, talking to her in a different voice, a tiny one that made him smile on his own. He wondered what it would be like to watch you play with your baby like that.
That sudden thought answered his restlessness. The puzzle was finally completed.
It took him by surprise, though.
Does he want a baby with you? Yes, he’s pretty certain about that. One day he would want a little bundle of joy in his arms. Half like him, half like you.
But does he think he’s ready to be a father?
Are you ready to be a mother?
Yeah, those are the questions to which he doesn’t know the answers to.
But what he does know, is that he wants to have a baby. He just needs to know if you’re on the same page as him.
So Bucky… starts dropping hints.
They’re very subtle, considering he’s a 106-year-old, retired Avenger, determined to know your thoughts on having a baby.
The first one is when he brings home the mail after his daily walk around the block. You’re sitting on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, eating a bowl of fresh watermelon, Alpine lazily draped next to you. Some movie plays in the background. Bucky, very subtly, drops a bunch of envelopes and magazines next to your feet and hands you the hydrangeas he brings you every day.
A sweet smile flashed his way when you smell the lovely flowers. Since you’re very comfortable in your position – and since Bucky doesn’t want to distract you from his plan – he offers to put the flowers in the vase for you.
“Stay here,” he gives your shoulder a little squeeze and takes the flowers from you. “I’ll put these in water.”
A mumbled thanks and you adjust yourself, your feet now under you. And something catches your eye. A parenting magazine lies under the heaps of bills. You shuffle them away with your fingers and grab the thick booklet.
“Mother & Baby,” you mumble, confusion lining your expressions.
All the while, Bucky is peeping at you. Standing at the sink in the kitchen island, the water in the vase is overflowing. He realises that when the cold water trickles down the vase and his hand.
“Shit,” he curses under his breath, closes the tap and throws the excess water. The flowers shoved inside the vase, eyes never leaving you. Licks his bottom lip as a nervous habit and wipes his wet hand on his jeans. Trying to seem busy and nonchalant as he blindly arranges the flowers.
“Bucky?” you call out, eyes never leaving the front cover of the magazine.
The vase nearly slips from his grip, he scrambles up to attention – very nonchalant – and hopes that his voice doesn’t squeak terribly when he answers, “Yes, baby?”
Baby. Did he have to call you that right now?
He could have called you anything, honey, angel, sweetheart. But no, he just had to call you baby.
“I think you got somebody else’s mail by mistake,” you said, placing the magazine back on the table. He walks over to you, “We don’t have a subscription for ‘Mother & Baby’. It might belong to that new couple who moved into 1C. I saw them with a stroller the other day.”
“Oh, huh…” he feigns a chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, uh, I guess I didn’t notice. All the mail was just shoved into the box.” He scoffs as if it’s the mailman’s fault when it was Bucky who stole the magazine from the top of 1C’s box.
“Will you please give it to them?”
“Yeah, of course.” he shrugs and picks it up. Slips into his shoes and as soon as he’s out and shuts the door, he bangs his head on it lightly. “Barnes, you fucking moron.”
The next hint is when Bucky offers to babysit their new neighbours’ baby boy. It was weeks after that magazine debacle. In that time he’d earned the trust of his neighbours enough to let him babysit their kid while the new parents had a date night to themselves. It was a win-win situation. They were thankful and Bucky got a chance to execute his plan.
You were more than happy to help Bucky. In fact, you were elated. As soon as you were introduced to baby Will by your husband, you picked up the chubby kid and kept him with you the whole time. You only let Bucky have him when he needed a change of diaper and clothes for bedtime.
“I guess, I’ll have to do all the nasty work with our baby, too,” he mumbles, struggling to get Will’s clothes on after he finished powdering and diapering his cute little tushie.
“Yes, obviously. We all have our duties. I carry it for nine months and then you take care of it after that.” You shrugged, hands on your hips.
But what Bucky hung onto was the fact that you didn’t oppose the idea of having a baby.
That made him smile, it was a small one. Though it took everything in him to not turn it into a grin. He was happier than before.
Another hint was dropped soon after that, because for some reason you just couldn’t take a hint. And for some reason, Bucky couldn’t grow enough balls to ask you.
“Do you think babies are adorable?” he randomly asks.
Both of you, strolling hand in hand, in a park. Which was filled with new moms with their newborns and toddlers running around. Did he bring you out here on purpose? Yes, yes he did.
“Of course, they’re adorable,” you said, leaning into his warmth, curling your hand around his bicep.
“I like ‘em,” Bucky comments, watching two toddlers running towards each other to meet in a hug. His heart melts at the sight. But nonchalance is still his motto. He truly doesn’t want to scare you off. Although, you’re stuck with him. But that’s beside the point.
“You know what I like?” you ask, your tone low and a bit dangerous. A finger curling around the chain of his necklace where his wedding ring is looped in. Bucky has tried wearing it on his left hand, but it keeps slipping off. And he’s afraid of losing it. Bucky hums in response, a slight furrow of curiosity between his brows. “The baby-making bit of it.”
He full-belly laughs at that. Head thrown back and eyes crinkling at the corners. “I couldn’t agree more, sweetheart.”
Laughter aside, Bucky came to his senses when he realised that both of you, in fact, need to go through the baby-making bit of it. Not that he didn’t think about it. He was just so preoccupied with the fact that he wants a child, the sex part had fused with excitement.
But every time you had sex, Bucky was incorrigible, horny, downright insatiable. It drove him insane that he would have to wear a condom for at least a few more days until he gets the courage to tell you what’s on his mind.
But the way he fucked you, he could tell something else would come over him. He felt like an animal in heat. He went hard and fast, was a bit sloppy at times, his cock would ache so much at the impulse control.
He swears, he could combust when he’d think about it. Think about not having to use that useless piece of rubber. Think about feeling your walls stretch around him. Think about nothing separating the two of you anymore. Think about filling you up, until he can’t anymore. Think about his baby growing inside your womb.
If he was being honest with himself, those thoughts were the only ones that helped his undoing every time you had sex.
So the fact that he was keeping it all inside his stupid little, fragile heart, didn’t help him.
God, why couldn’t he just tell you? You’re his wife, his other half, his soulmate. If he wants a baby, the two of you could start having the talk, at least get a headstart on the journey.
He’s pretty sure his emotions would burst out like an explosion. He’s taken back to the time when he was desperately and hopelessly in love with you, all those years back. When he met you in your restaurant, demanding the waiter to arrange a meeting with the chef because he wanted to give his compliments. You didn’t do that sort of thing at that time.
Now he thinks it would be a great meet-cute story to tell his kids. But how will he have them if he couldn’t tell you?
Just a few more days, and he’ll tell you. In those days Bucky conducts a little research. Google is his best option since he will not go to his friends to seek advice. Sam will only laugh in his face and Yori would start telling stories from his time – the old man could get a little explicit at times. Bucky could not live that nightmare again.
So in a world where people mostly searched, ‘My wife is pregnant, what do I do?’ Bucky searched things like, ‘How to get my wife pregnant?’, ‘How to get pregnant fast?’, ‘What are the best sex positions for assured pregnancy?’, stuff like that. He learned about the ovulation cycle. Learned how to record menstrual cycle frequency. Like any good husband would do.
Not that you will, but if you were to get a whiff of his search history, he would be mortified.
He knows there’s a fifty-fifty chance that your opinions on this baby matter could clash. But having absolute knowledge about this stuff is always good, right?
Bucky groans at the thought. He hopes there are no clashes in opinions. He drops his phone on his chest, heaving a sigh. The sunlight streams through the white cotton blinds as the wind gently blows them away. It’s been ten minutes since he’s been up. You’re already out of bed, probably cooking something. It’s Sunday, you like to take your time to make a big breakfast.
He finally gets up, padding over to the bathroom, splashes water on his face to wake his sleepy eyes. He notices that they’re out of toothpaste. Sighing, he checks the cupboard to get a new tube. While he was at it, he also noticed the box of condoms, which they’re almost running out of, too.
“This is a sign, Barnes.” he preps himself, huffing, “Man up and tell your wife you want a baby.” he nods to his reflection and brushes his teeth.
Bucky follows the smell of fresh waffles and berries and coffee, sweet maple syrup. Bacon and scrambled eggs.
But what really brings out his hunger is the sight in front of him when he enters the kitchen. You, standing at the counter, nursing a cup of coffee, dressed in his black button-up. Looking otherworldly, as always in his clothes. Always a pretty sight, always sexy. Always his.
The outline of your chest accentuated by the light material of the cloth. It leaves nothing hidden to his imagination. And boy, it’s running wild. Sweatpants hanging low, he feels himself twitch underneath the worn-out fabric.
Like a siren, you pull him in, and once he's standing behind you, he gives your waist a soft squeeze and your temple a loving kiss. Breathing in your sweet scent, combined with a hint of sweat and the activities that went down the night before. Hey, it was date night and you were wearing that particular dress he loves on you so much.
“G’morning,” Comes his sleep-tired greeting, thick with lack of use, but loving nonetheless. His mouth pressing on the area where your neck meets your shoulder, kissing languidly, running his tongue after he leaves a small nip.
Your reply comes in the form of a light giggle, the shoulder curling up against his honey kisses. “Morning… don’t tell me you haven’t had your fill yet?”
“With you?” More kisses to your neck, “Never.”
Soon his hands start to explore, pulling and squeezing wherever he finds soft skin. A little pinch your nipples, a harsh squeeze to your waist, deft fingers rubbing over your heat, slowly soaking your panties. You quiver, place the cup on the counter, afraid it will slip. His other hand massaging your relaxed shoulder. Lips as sweet as they are, keep pressing heated kisses along your neck and jaw.
“Bucky, we gotta at least get through breakfast… Please – oh,” A heavy sigh parts your lips when he nips at the pulse under the tender skin of your neck.
He can’t tell if you’re pleading him to go on or stop.
“Cheesy as it may sound, you are my breakfast, baby.” he cheekily says into your neck, hips pressed to your ass. His palm, large and callous runs under his shirt, pressing against your belly. That insane rush of electricity zipping down to his dick and he’s fully hard in seconds. Rutting against your ass once again.
The hand on your abdomen only seems to drive his brain towards the possibilities, and before he could gauge his words, he’s speaking, breath hot and clouding with lust when he says, “I wanna have a baby, honey.”
The way your body tensed before his own doesn’t go unnoticed by him. With a hand on your waist, he turns you around, cupping your cheek. Plush lips brushing against your own, reeling you into his touch.
“Let’s make a baby, sweetheart.” His voice is a husky drawl of a request.
And you’re astounded, “Bucky –”
“I know this is sudden for you.” he reasons, “But I’ve been thinking about it for a month now. And it’s killing me, not being able to tell you. We don’t need to do anything right now. I’m just –” he breathes hard, nose flaring, “God, the thought alone makes me so hard.”
A shuddered breath rattles out of your lungs, your bite your lip, but he pries it out with a gentle swipe of his thumb.
“Let me just fuck you right now. We can talk later. Just please, let me –”
“Okay,” you nod, fingers run through the short hair on his nape, the other hand fisting his shirt.
“Okay to what?” he stops to take a look at you, hand on your chin to make you look into his eyes.
“Let’s make a baby,” you kiss his lips once. But that just changes the entire course of this morning. A peck on his lips won’t cut it.
A sort of a growl leaves his lips, wetting his bottom lip, blunt nails holding you in a bruising grip as he turns you around once again. He rips your panties off your legs, using his foot to discard them once they reach your ankles. A nudge to your legs to part them and you brace yourself, a tight grip on the edge of the counter, anticipating his next move. Because, right now, you can tell he’s not the same Bucky anymore. Your affirmation on his request turned something entirely different in his brain – maybe he even short-circuited.
With a simple tug at the lapels of the shirt you’re wearing, he rips it open, the buttons falling on the granite countertops with a clattering sound. You’re bare before him in seconds, breathless before he even had a chance to touch you properly. A sweet whine parting from your lips when he squeezes your ass, his touch rougher than usual, spreads your cheeks and then –
“Oh, my God, Bucky –” he’s slipping his fingers inside you, collecting the wetness, holding your waist in a bruising grip. You roll your hips, trying to seek more of his touch. Your head feels heavy from the impact his words and his touch have on you.
You’re unbelievably wet, seeping down your thighs, down his fingers. Soaking him and still unable to stop yourself. His blood pumps a little harder in his chest, in his veins, breaths growing shallow with each passing of his fingers inside your tight, wet heat. Your legs start to shake after a particular thrust, unable to hold yourself up, crying out with tears burning behind your eyes.
You’re right there on the edge when his thumb stops circling and his fingers leave you empty.
“Why’d you stop?” you pant.
“I need to be inside you,” he groans, quickly taking off his shirt and sweatpants. His cock slaps wetly against his abdomen, twitching painfully when he touches himself. A few strokes, languid pulls that have his knees buckling, his hand joins next to yours on the counter and he lines himself along with your heat, “You sure you don’t wanna talk about this first?”
He can’t help but ask you, giving you an out before anything happens. He’s not sure why because he’s only wanted this for so long.
“Oh, Jesus – fuck, Bucky!” you pant, “Just fuck a baby into me already!”
The way he whimpers at your plea, desperate and frustrated, it’s hard not to comply with you, he slips right into you. He’s not met with much resistance, you’re impossibly wet and he’s sliding home in one long thrust. And the stunted breath that rags out of his mouth at the feeling of your walls clenching around his bare cock for the first time, it nearly sends him reeling.
Forehead on your shoulder, breathe hot on your back, Bucky holds off on fucking you right away. He can’t wrap his head around this feeling.
God, he needs a second.
“I can feel just how wet you are,” he whines, “Remind me, why did we ever use condoms?”
“The hell, if I knew,” you reply with a huffed chuckle.
“This has never felt so fuckin’ good,” he moans, starts moving, sliding out of you, leaving you almost empty before he’s rocking hard, back in. It’s enough to force the breath right out of your lungs.
“Do you know how many times I’ve thought about fucking you like this? With my bare cock inside you – Ah, shit.”
“Believe me, I have,” you’re surprised you could get the words out through your gasps.
This… new version of sex, where he can feel every soft glide of your walls, where you feel every smooth, hard ridge of his cock, drives you both insane.
Only makes him move faster, makes you spasm around him quicker. Your broken moans spur him on. He pulls you flat against his chest, his vibranium arm cool across your blazing torso, holding your body close to his as he picks up his pace.
It’s all primal. His instincts, animalistic. The only goal in his mind to fill you up full of him. His right hand travels down to your belly once again, feeling the outline of his cock moving inside you. Turns him on beyond his imagination. And he can’t wait to see you get round and big, to watch your breasts grow heavier, larger. He remembers reading they get sensitive, he wonders if you’ll come with just a touch of his hands, with just a swipe of his tongue when you reach that stage.
“Tell me you want this. Tell me once again,” he breathes out, fingers inch down to where he disappears inside you, again and again, collecting the wetness that trickles down your thighs only to help him circle your nub.
“I want this, Bucky. I wanna have your baby, oh please –” you writhe against him, push your ass back into his hips, your back arching away, cool vibranium fingers toy with your nipples.
“You have any idea the research I did for this?” he chuckles, helplessly, grinding into you, more so than thrusting, the tip of his cock brushing your sweet spot, deliciously, repeatedly once he finds that angle. “All the positions we could try out to get you pregnant? Just thinking of all the ways I could fuck a baby insida’ you. Drove me nuts, honey.”
“Bucky –” Your walls grip him tighter, and he almost stutters to a stops.
“You’re close, aren’t you? Shit, squeezing me like a vice, sweetheart.” You nod and at this point, you’re wailing. The only way to muffle yourself is when you turn your head, a hand at the back of his neck to guide him closer for a kiss. Your tongue laves at his, and he tries to keep up with his thrusts but they’re getting sloppy with the way you suck on his bottom lip.
A final push and a splurge of white-hot intensity distributes itself all over your body, starting from your belly, reaching up to your chest as it swells up, flushed. And he’s coming too, balls pulled up tightly, he grows painfully hard inside you right before he releases. Breath hot and heavy, sweaty chest shivering with the aftershocks.
“I wanna go again,” he says, panting, noses at the underside of your jaw. You turn around to face him, eyes wide, still trying to catch your breath.
“Really?” you croak out.
But he gives you that smirk, it turns your insides to mush, “What? Are you tired?”
“I’m not a super-soldier with an insane sex drive, baby. I might need a minute, though. I’m not sure if I can even hold myself up.” you huff out, resting your head on his shoulder, grateful for his arms around your body as it sags against his.
“That’s what I’m here for,” Bucky says before pulling out. He turns you around and picks you up before even a drop of his come can seep out of you. A yelp tumbling out of your lips as he hangs you over his left shoulder, your arms finding purchase on his body, though you know he’ll never drop you.
“Bucky! Put me down!” you squeal, all the blood rushing your brain for a second. His vibranium palm is secured around your legs, the other hand kneads your ass, as he walks down the hallway to your bedroom.
“Nope!” His answer is punctuated with a sharp spank on your ass.
He carefully settles you on the bed, body sinking into the soft mattress. You prop yourself on your elbows and watch him crawl up the bed on his knees. He stalks you like a predator, eyes hungry and dark, brimming with pure, unadulterated lust.
Your legs widen on their own, his hands rest on your knees as he settles between your thighs. That’s when you start to feel a sort of warmth trickle down your weeping cunt, but Bucky is quick to catch it.
“Not a chance in hell,” Two of his fingers gather the hot trail right before it soaks the sheets, he shakes his head, pushes it back where it came from. And oh, your head falls back, as a languid moan escapes your lips, you can’t help it. You can’t keep looking at the way he stares at you down there. Ready to devour you without a single breather.
He’s hard and sleek and glistening. Bottom lip trapped between his teeth, he curls his hand around his girth. Releases a shaky breath when his thumb grazes over the tip. He’s a throbbing, pathetic mess above you. Unable to control this insatiable appetite for sex that suddenly came over him. It’s surprising, but what else would you expect from a freaking super-soldier all set to breed you?
He slides himself between your folds, once, twice, a third time only to watch your writhe against the sheets. Hands caressing your curves, your breasts, tugging and squeezing. Legs somehow spreading wider.
“One more time and we’re done for today, yeah?” he asks, eyes finding yours, “I wanna try this one position I saw this morning.”
“Is that what got you all worked up?” you chuckle, “As long as you’re doing all the work.”
“Gladly,” he mumbles, and the slide is easy, and the moans that slip out of those plush pink lips, easier, softer. It’s so filthy – the wet, squelching sounds that now accompany your sweet love-making. Bucky leans down to be closer to you, a gentle hand cupping his scruffy cheek to guide him for a kiss as he sinks right in until there’s no room left.
Noses brushing, heads tilting, mouths divulging for deeper kisses, wet and warm and sloppy as he begins to move. He’s gentle this time, threading your fingers through his own next to your wild hair laid out on the pillow. His wedding ring lands on your sternum, right above your beating heart.
The overwhelming feeling from before, the primal instinct that had taken over him had settled down… for now. He just wants to make love to you, in your bed, create life inside you, for both of you.
He’s desperate, light-headed from all the blood rushing south. Even though you’ve done this countless times, you’ve never seen him like this. It turns you on beyond your imagination. How his hunger turned into anguish. How he’s the one that has turned into a pleading, whimpering mess.
You kiss him until he eases into your touch, delicate fingers running all over his hot skin, over the ridges of the muscles on his back, smooth and rippling. Over his erratically beating heart that you help calm down a bit. Tongue seeking out his own, to make him focus on this one feeling at a time. And he kisses you back, for what feels like an eternity.
When the need for air arises, he pulls away but presses his forehead against yours. Breaths mingling, hot and damp. Then he adjusts himself, in a way where he’s slipping inside you even more. Your calves are brought to be placed on his sturdy shoulders, secured there by his arms bracketing the outside of your thighs. It’s a good stretch, comfortable in a way that makes you purr like a kitten.
And then he begins his move once again, hips undulating, rolling deliciously, lazily. The sweet symphony of your love-making soon fills the room. Both of you moaning, panting, the sounds softer than before. He kisses you some more, pouring all his love, all his affection into this simple act because he cannot express it any other way. This right here, your cocoon of love and warmth, desire and lust is all you want, all you need.
He whispers sweet nothings, he calls you sweet names, he tells you how he cannot wait to start a family with you. How completely and hopelessly in love with you he is, and how it’s the only thing that helps him get up every morning. You, your love, the warmth that your offer him.
His lips catch a tear the dares to roll down the side of your face, tasting the saltiness. Legs giving out, slipping down his shoulders but he doesn’t stop moving.
Not when you’re both so close, not when your hand travels down to claw at his back, grounding him into you, not when you’re grinding yourself against him, and definitely not when you beg him not to stop.
Your soft hand around his sweaty neck urges him to look into your eyes. And he’s helpless when you whisper, “Come inside me.”
“Jesus, sweetheart –” He feels that tingling at the base of his spine.
“I want it, please, Bucky.” God, you don’t have to plead. Chest rubbing against chest, sweat sticking and fusing your bodies as one, hearts beating as one. Toppling over together.
“Oh, fuck me,” he all but whimpers, hips stuttering to an abrupt halt as he spills into you.
He stills once it’s all over. Those glazed, coral blue eyes gazing over your features. Lips pressing over the delicate frown between your brows, to ease it, to calm you. More kisses follow, on your eyelids, on your cheekbones, down your jaw and neck, and your clavicle, and finally a lazy one to your lips. You brush away the dampened hair that fall on his forehead, kissing him just as fervently.
“I love you,” he beats you by a fraction of a second because you utter the same three words right after him. A bite of your lip to stop the laughter from pouring out. The dimpled smile you give him clutches at his heartstrings. His chest swells impossibly large and he’s never been more in love with you.
“I hope this works,” you mumble, your knuckles gently brush over the top of his cheekbone. Eyes on his, soft and loving.
“It will,” He assures you, with a sweet kiss placed over the golden band of your wedding ring.
“If it doesn’t, we have all the time in the world to try more.”
“Hmm,” He grins, “Let’s hope we can try all the positions before we get pregnant.”
“But we can get pregnant and still have sex in those positions.”
“No, I wanna see which one worked for us.”
You laugh, “Why does it matter?”
“You never ask a man why the position matters.” He states it as it is. A stern but playful pout on his lips.
“That makes no sense.”
“We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed reading! as always feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
(a little part ii)
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sweetsbfreex · 20 days ago
ways writers can be inclusive 101
“my cheeks turned pink in embarrassment” → “my cheeks heated in embarrassment”
“his hand ran through my hair” → “his hand ran over my head/hair”
“her bright pink pussy” → literally anything else
stop using mood boards of only white couples/children (heavy on this one)
using children names like eveleigh ann (do i need to explain..)
her hair was put in a messy bun/her long silky hair...
Respectfully, I know it’s just fanfiction, but if you’re going to write reader insert fics then do the bare minimum of making sure it’s actually inclusive and not white coded. Many of us shouldn’t read an x reader fic and imagine a white woman every single time. Stop taking criticism from bipocs, saying your writing is not inclusive, as hate. Let go of the mindset that having a bipoc in your writing means they have to go through some racial struggle or you must talk about their culture (a lot of bipocs don’t know their culture/where they came from). It shouldn’t make you uncomfortable to write them in your stories, we’re normal people too. If it does maybe a reflection is meant to be had. Like i said, it’s just fanfiction and it’s supposed to be fun, but some of y’all are purposefully exclusive and still tag your writing wrong.
And if you can’t handle it, tag ur fic as an oc or white!reader. Because it’s not right for writers to attack people asking for inclusivity and playing victim bc they know they can.
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angrythingstarlight · 3 days ago
Bucky teaching u how to make pottery !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Art Professor Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem) mentions of anal, cum eating, implied edging, implied age gap surprise guest, Bucky’s fingers. No Minors, 18+ only, voyeurism
A/N: As always don’t copy, repost, rewrite or translate my drabbles. Sinday drabble #2 . Please comment and reblog, I love to hear your thoughts.
Professor Barnes teaches the most sought-after courses on campus. His classes are always filled the second registration opens. 
His pottery demonstrations are legendary, even other professors manage to sneak into his room to watch him work.
Bucky arrives on his sleek black motorcycle wearing expensive black or charcoal gray suits that are always tailored to his thick, muscular frame.
Halfway through his class, he’ll strip down to his undershirt, revealing the sleeve of tattoos decorating his left arm, his sleeves rolled up past his corded forearms as he shows the enraptured class how to set up the wheel. A splatter of clay drying next to the gray patch in his beard.
He insists on everyone calling him James.
Except you.
He said you could call him Bucky. “You’re going to be my favorite student,” he winked when you stuttered in response. He knows the effect he has on you.
Bucky knows it’s wrong but he can help but stare when you lean over the wheel, your  hands working the block of clay. Fuck you make him so hard, he forgets he’s surrounded by students. All he wants to do is bend you over his desk and fuck you so hard you stumble back to your dorm.
You don’t know that all the times he’s had to excuse himself from class “for a phone call” was really so he could jerk off in the faculty bathroom. His cock throbbing and leaking as he thinks about the way your pretty little mouth falls open when you’re concentrating and the way your breasts sway when you’re molding clay. His hand gripping his shaft, his forehead pressed against the stall wall, holding back his groans as he imagines making you cream on his cock until you’re begging to cum.
Fuck, you’re beautiful, he doesn’t know how much more he can take. Bucky’s imagination is not cutting anymore, he needs to hear you sob and cry out his name as he splits you in two.
He returns to class poised and relaxed, getting a twisted thrill out of sliding his fingers down your arms over your wrists to your hands as he corrects your technique, his peppermint-scented breath washing over the shell of your ear as he praises you for doing so good.
“So proud of you, you’re my best student, always so good.” His gravelly words have you practically keening as you clench your thighs.
His light touches across the back of your neck, the insides of your wrists are searing. And when he takes your hands in his and moves them the way he wants, telling you what to do, his deep voice commanding and alluring all at once, oh God you get so wet.
You want him so bad it hurts. Especially after today, he’s wearing all black, his intense gray-blue eyes locked on yours as he teaches a new technique. You’re trying so hard to listen to him but all you can see is his long thick fingers smoothing up and down the clay, stroking it as he forms the edge, his fingers pinching and rubbing as the vase takes shape. He’s working it so gently, your clit aching with each firm motion of his hands.
You swallow thickly, biting a whimper when he slaps the side of it with his palm. “-any questions about the final can be emailed to me.”
Blinking, the room is quieting to a low hum as your fellow students pack up their supplies and head out the door. Glancing down at your wheel you curse under your breath, you accidentally put a large dent in the side of your clay, and it’s uneven. You’ll have to start the whole thing over, thanks to your pussy for distracting you.
You lean over to pick up your bag when you feel his large hand settle on your shoulder. “I need to speak with you about your performance in class today.” He shoots a pointed look at your drooping vase.
Your stomach twists into a painful knot. Shit, he saw the way you were staring at him, he knows, fuck he knows you have a crush, he’s going to kick you out of his class, he’s going to report you’-
Lost in your thoughts, you almost miss Bucky saying goodbye to the last student, closing the door behind him. Raising your head, your brows furrow when you hear the loud clack of the lock sliding into place. “Professor?”
Bucky grins at you, a gradual curve of his lips as his hungry gaze raking over your body, freezing you in place. “How many times do I have to tell you to call me Bucky?”
He saunters to you, pushing his sleeves up to his elbows. He towers in front of you, bending down until his nose is nudging yours. “You’re going to redo your assignment until I’m satisfied, but first be a good girl and say my name.”
30 minutes later
“Professor,” you moan, dropping your hands to your sides. “Professor-oh please, right there, right-ah fuck.” You hear his displeased grunt seconds before Bucky raises his hand, smacking your dripping pussy with his palm. “Sorry, sorry Bucky,” the words spill out in a sharp squeal when he slaps your clit again.
“Good girl,” he chuckles in your ear. “Now finish your assignment and I’ll let you cum.”
Hot tears pool in your eyes as you gaze at the block of clay. You can’t and he knows it. You can’t focus on anything but him. Between his cock so fucking deep in your pussy and his fingers circling your clit, it’s hard to think. You shift your hips and a heady jolt of pleasure shoots through you as you cry out.
He’s so deep and all you want is for him to fuck. Bucky places his hand on your lower belly, pushing down, “feel me in there don’t you?” he states, his other hand sliding over your inner thigh. “told ya you could take.” He’s arrogant, but he’s right.
You had never seen a cock so big and thick, part of you sure it wasn’t going to fit, he saw the hesitation on your face and laughed. “Doll, trust me, I’ll make your pretty pussy take every inch.”
And he did.
He wrapped his large, calloused hands around your waist as you bent over with your palms flat on your pottery wheel. Your pussy throbbing as he guided your hips down until his thick head was pushing through your folds. You whimpered at the sheer intensity of his stretching your walls, the stinging burn had you gasping as your walls fluttered around him.
“That’s it, doll, almost in,” Seeing your cunt swallow him was the sexiest thing he’s ever experienced in his life. “Fuck you’re tight, almost there, just a little more, you’re doing so good for me,” he panted, watching his cock disappear into your glistening pussy. You’re so warm and tight and wet that Bucky almost lost control and came in you.
He pulled you back to his firm chest, pushing your legs over his while he took your hands and placed them on your misshapen lump of clay. “Now you’re going to listen carefully and do everything I say.”
That was almost thirty minutes ago, and now you’re delirious as he taps your clit. And you’re desperately forcing yourself to finish your stupid vase so you can cum.
“Good girl, almost done,” he smirks as you bite your lip, shallow huffed cries slipping through as you finish the final touches. Please, please, like it, please. Bucky watches you make the last turn, your shaking hands lifting in the air as he nods in approval. “That’s my girl.”
He thrusts up into your cunt, his pulsating cock hitting your sweet spot, setting off a visceral reaction as pleasure pools in your belly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes,” you shout, your back arching off him, almost lifting yourself off his lap as you jerk in his hold.
The sensations are overwhelming as he finds your clit again, his rough fingers rolling your clit as he grinds into you, it’s suddenly too much and you try to push his hand away, but he grabs your wrists in one hand, holding your arms above your head. “Better keep that mouth shut before everyone hears how cockdrunk you are, you want everyone to know you’re getting fucked by your professor don’t you,” he grunts, slapping your clit again.
Bucky keeps your legs open, his fingers strumming your clit as he pounds up into your cunt, your head falling back as you wantonly moan, not caring who hears because it feels so good. “Please let me cum, please I need it,” you beg. “Bucky please, please.”
Fuck those needy little sounds are better than he dreamed. Bucky barely finishes saying cum for me when your body tenses as your mouth drop open, chanting his name as you fuck yourself on his cock, greedily sucking him back in as the pressure snaps until wave after wave of pleasure crashes over you as your orgasm unwinds.
He releases your wrists, grabbing your hips as he frantically pounds your swollen cunt until his rhythm falters, he grinds you down on his cock, once twice before groaning as he paints your shuddering walls with ropes of his hot cum.
You slump in his arms, your body trembling as he pulls out of your cunt, his cum seeping out of you. Bucky kisses your shoulder, lifting his head. “What do you think, she earned an A?”
You turn your face up to him. “Huh?”
Bucky winks, “not talking to you doll.”
Your brows pull together as you look around the empty room, at least you thought it was empty, your stomach dropping when you spot your English professor smiling at you. Steve steps away from the wall, slowly clapping as he approaches. “She deserves that A punk, I told you she was going to be our favorite student.”
Your heart hammers in your chest as the tall blonde kneels between your legs, resting his hands on your thighs. “Now do you want to earn some extra credit sweetheart?”
“God yes, please yes,” you rush out quickly, not even embarrassed when they both laugh, matching looks of amused adoration on their faces. Bucky spreads his thighs, pulling your legs apart for Steve.
He drops his head down and inhales you. A deep vulgar whiff as he slides a finger through your messy folds. “Fuck she smells good like this Buck, we gotta keep her filled up all the time.”
“Stick your tongue in her Stevie, you won’t believe how tight her pussy is,” he declares, parting your folds with his fingers. Fuck, the way they’re talking about you as if you’re not freshly fucked and on display makes you whimper, more slick dripping from your pussy.
“Bet her ass is tighter,’ he teases, Steve’s eyes flick up to yours  when you clench down, “oh you like that huh, want me to fuck your tight little ass while Bucky fucks your face,” his filthy words sends a shiver down you because yes, you want that, you want it so bad. Steve promises you’re going to get everything and more as he drags his tongue up, up, up, and around your clit, you can feel him smirking in your cunt as you sob, your hands grabbing his golden locks. Bucky sucks a bruise on your throat, murmuring that you’re going to be our good girl, you’re going to let Stevie fuck you in the ass right doll, gonna be our fuckdoll.
By the time Steve slides his tongue in you, you’re screaming yes, yes please, you’ll be good, so good, please Steve. 
Buck kisses along your throat, stroking your skin as you wail, the sweet needy sounds making him hard again. He can’t wait to introduce you to his good friend, Professor Barber. Steve already took the liberty of enrolling you in his class. For your benefit of course.
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bucksfucks · a month ago
Tumblr media
    summary • when bucky needs a date to sam’s wedding, he makes a deal with you. when it starts to turn into something a little more real, you realize how deep you’re in.
    word count — 15,402 words [on going]
    chapters — in progress
5. MR. & THE MRS.
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barnestuff · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky always softens around his girl.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff.
a/n have a nice day/night <33 my masterlist
Bucky certainly wasn’t a ray of sunshine around people.
He usually didn’t smile around the team. He would wake up earlier than everyone, train earlier than the rest of the team. He wasn’t the one to talk a lot, just answering questions.
Bucky was cold, he couldn’t control it. It wasn’t easy to feel comfortable around people after what he went through.
You were an exception.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky finally came to your door after a long day, full of training recruits. He let out a breath and knocked on your door with his knuckles.
“Hey, doll”
“Bucky!” you said as you jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you up a bit.
“Did you miss me, baby?” he said and kissed your hair.
“Mmh, yes. How was your day?” you said as you left his embrace, walking him to the bed.
“Eh, ordinary. Missed you so much.” he said and you gave him a look, making him chuckle. You sat on the bed and patted the spot next to you, telling him to sit. Instead, he took you in his lap and layed down, you on the top of him, his hands on your waist and your hands next to the sides of his head.
“How was your day, doll?” he asked, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“It was fine, I did some work and baked cookies.” you said as you started kissing his neck. Bucky hummed at the feeling of your open mouthed kisses.
“Chocolate chip?” he asked, a big smile forming on his face.
“Yes” you chuckled and put your head on his chest. His hands started to draw patterns on waist and arm and he started humming to an old song.
Bucky was longing for peace before he met you and now that you were with him, he wanted to keep you forever. He wanted to wake up next to you everyday. He wanted to sing 40’s songs with you. He wanted to take you out on a date at that fancy restaurant Tony recommended.
He wanted to tell you everything. He wanted to tell you he loved you with the most beautiful words he knew. He wanted to write you songs, letters, poems. He wanted to express his feelings like everyone around him did.
He sighed quietly.
Instead of using his words, he took your face in his hands, caressed your cheeks with his calloused thumbs and gave you a tender kiss. His lips were soft and it made you forget everything else for a few good seconds, there was just you and Bucky.
“I love you too,” you whispered.
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sweeterthanthis · 26 days ago
Alright whore, you asked for this 😘
Stepdad!Bucky making reader squirt for the first time then going completely feral and shoving her face in the mess she made while he just fucks her into the mattress
Make A Mess For Daddy
Tumblr media
Holy fuck, I did ask for this didn’t I? 🥵
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+F!Reader
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, jealousy, stepdad/daddy kink, p in v, squirting, humilation, mess kink. 18+.
Word Count: 500ish 
Tumblr media
Bucky's jealously often reared it's ugly head, and he never failed to take it out on you.
He'd been waiting for you that night, sipping a whiskey over ice in his armchair when you crept through the door just after midnight - glaring at you accusingly as you kicked off your shoes and tried to ignore his frustrations.
You thought maybe tonight was different, that maybe he'd just let it go and allow you to disappear to your room without even so much as a snide remark about your date with Peter. You were wrong, of course.
"You fuck that kid tonight, huh? Walkin’ around dressed like a whore, bet he couldn’t keep his grubby hands off you." He grunts - sharp, insistent stabs of his cock against your cervix causing you to wince in discomfort. Bucky never cared for your pleasure when he was like this. Possessive, marking his territory, fucking you until all you can remember is his name. "I asked you a question. Better fuckin' answer it, princess."
"N-shit-no!" You rasp, your mouth dry from panting into the comforter. The sound of your pussy squelching around his cock is hypnotising. No other man would ever compare to him. "I didn't. I swear."
"That's right, you fuckin' didn't. You know who this slut cunt belongs to, don't you?" He fucks you harder with each word that slips from his filthy mouth, pushing you further towards the edge, an unfamiliar pressure building in your abdomen - burning between your thighs. "Let's see how much of a mess you can really make, shall we? C'mon baby, make a mess for daddy."
Bucky pulls his cock free of your cunt, nudging your knees apart as his hand slips down - fingers finding your clit and rubbing it with a ferocity that makes your eyes roll back. Your face pressed into the mattress, you sob at the pressure inside you, an intensity you've never experienced before.
"Daddy, I can't-" he shuts you up with a harsh pinch at your sensitive nub, but you can't stop. "Doesn't feel right, please, I think I need to-"
A sharp slap of his palm against your pussy sends you hurtling - bliss searing through your veins and your knees weak as you feel moisture pool beneath you.
"Well fuck, would you look at that?" Bucky hums, damp fingers curling around the back of your neck as he tugs you up against his chest. He tightens his grasp and forces your gaze down - the large, dark patch of moisture staring you in the face. "You did make a mess, didn't you baby?” 
Shame swirls in your gut as he chuckles against your ear, dragging your body backwards just enough so that when he forces you back down, your cheek squelches against the moist puddle of arousal - the taste of it marring the corner of your mouth. 
“My nasty girl, that’s what you are.” He grunts in satisfaction, sliding his cock back into your overworked channel, his balls slapping against your clit when he picks up the pace of his thrusts. “Lick it up, princess. Be a good girl and clean up after yourself.” 
God, it makes you cringe how much you enjoy it. Makes your pussy tighten up around his girth, has you rocking back against him - the globes of your ass bouncing off his hips.
You do as he says, tongue slipping out to lap at the mess beneath you; his palm splayed out against the side of your head, forcing to hold your position.
"That's it. Get it all. When you've cleaned that up, I'm gonna make a whole new mess - just for you."
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
𝙁𝘽𝙍𝙊 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀 [𝟭/𝟭𝟭]
summary┃when your roommate, bucky, begs you to be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding, you eventually say yes with some rules. but rules are set only to be broken.
pairing┃roommate!bucky x f!reader
word count┃3,254 words
warnings┃fake dating, fwb’s dynamic, talk of hook-ups, bi!bucky, unrequited feelings, beer is drunk, pet-name [sweets], praise kink, heavy make-out session, protected sex, slight degradation & mocking, reference to masturbation, oral, denied orgasm, edging, light dom!bucky, authority kink, lots of dirty talk, size kink [bucky is too big, but it works + he feels himself in reader’s lower tummy], squirting, lots of teasing, light breeding kink, cliffhanger [but only because part of series], confused feelings — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃yeehaw here we go again besties <<3
Tumblr media
  “Oh c’mon, you owe me this, Sweets!” Bucky was pleading, absolutely begging you as you continued to shovel cereal in your mouth. You had woken up just under an hour ago and Bucky was already picking your brains with this outrageous request. 
    “Owe you? Barnes, if anything you owe me for all the times I’ve pretended to be your girlfriend so that your terrible decision would leave our apartment in the morning.” You remind him, pointing your milky spoon at him as he rolls his eyes playfully. 
    “See, you’ve done it before so it won’t even be a problem!” He cheers and you can’t help but chuckle at the way he was very desperately trying to get you to agree to this plan. 
    “Why can’t you just ask one of the many girls in that little black book of yours?” There was a twinge of jealously in your voice, but you masked it well enough for Bucky to think you were just teasing him. 
    “I don’t have a little black book,” he grumbles, slumping over on the chair beside you as you move your bowl away from you to lean on your elbows. 
    “I’m askin’ you ‘cause I know we’ll have a good time no matter what,” he says, eyes meeting yours as you sigh. 
    “I don’t know, Buck, isn’t it...” you’re searching for the right word, “weird?” 
     He laughs, shaking his head, “we just have to pretend we’re datin’,” he clarifies and it feels like a kick to your gut because yeah, it would all just be pretend. 
     You shake your head, pushing away from the counter to drop your used bowl into the sink, “I don’t know, you’ll have to give me some time to think about it, okay?” 
     He sighs, nodding and standing up before he’s leaning down to give you a kiss on the cheek, “I understand, Sweets. Jus’ let me know, yeah?” 
     Bucky slips out of the apartment shortly after for work and you’re left mulling over the decision that he’s presented to you. 
     His best friend was getting married next and he and Bucky seemed to have made a long-running bet; Sam had bet that Bucky would still be single by the time he got married and well, Sam wasn’t wrong. 
     But this was a whole new territory, there’d have to be ground rules, a backstory that was air-tight, signals in-case something went wrong, and oh your anxiety was the one talking now. 
     You groaned when you fell back into bed, running your hands down your face as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth as you realized that you were about to be late for work now too. 
    “I think you should totally do it!” Sage cheered in her true hopeless romantic fashion. You just laughed and playfully rolled your eyes as you finished wiping down the last table of the night.
    “He’s my roommate, that’s...weird? Plus, it’s next week and I don’t have anyone to cover for me.” You shrugged as Sage shook her head, “now you do.”
    Your heart flipped at her words. Sage was the personification of a bright summer day—warm, sweet, and always left you with a smile on your face.
    “You really don’t have to, I’m sure there’s like a billion other girls he can ask.” You said as she hopped off the bar to grab you by your shoulders.
    “And yet he asked you.” She said with raised eyebrows as you tugged your bottom lip between your teeth as you felt butterflies erupting wildly in your chest.
    “I’ve seen Bucky. He’s hot to put it bluntly.” You both laughed, “and I see how you get around him, all giggly and happy.”
    Her words hit you harder than you expected. You’d always known that Bucky was hot, literally anyone could admit that. But living with him let you into another part of him.
    You saw him on his good days, when he got sick with a cold and acted like he was on his deathbed, drunk and then hungover, and the occasional sobbing mess as you both sang show tunes until you felt better.
    “This won’t exactly help my crush, you know that? If anything it’ll make me fall deeper.” You say and Sage groans.
    “He likes you!” She blurts, having to spell it out for your as you furrow your eyebrows and just shake your head, “there’s no way.”
    The downside of living with Bucky meant that you also had to see the string of unbelievably and wildly attractive men and women he would bring home.
    You were jealous, slightly, but also envious.
    How he managed to have one night stands and then forget their names the next day was something so exceptionally Bucky that it always racked your brain.
    “Listen,” she’s got you by the shoulders again, “just think about it, yeah? I’m not a matchmaker, but I’ve seen how you both look at each other and it’d be a shame if you didn’t end up at least fucking.”
    You choked on your own breath at her words while she laughed.
    The short walk back to your apartment was filled with nerves and questions of what if.
    When you stuck your key into your rusted lock, turning it and shoving the door open, you found it empty.
    Until you walked further in and heard the sound of the shower running. At least you didn’t have to talk to Bucky the second you stepped through the door.
    You were jealous that he got the shower before you, though, so you opted to get changed into the baggiest pair of sweatpants and sweater you owned.
    Both of which, ironically, belonged to Bucky.
    They didn’t smell like him anymore, at least you didn’t think so. Maybe you were so nose-blind that you were just used to what Bucky smelled like.
    You shook your thoughts of Bucky soon after, stepping into the kitchen to grab a beer out of the fridge.
    “Moochin’ off of my beers now, huh?” You weren’t prepared to be met with a nearly naked Buck as you turned around and popped the tab.
    You took a sip, eyes locked on his as you willed them not to wander down his naked torso. The naked torso that was still slightly wet from his shower, his metal prosthetic fusing to his broad shoulder as he swung to recalibrate it. 
    “It’s not mooching, it’s sharing,” you quip and he chuckles, disappearing into his room only to emerge in nothing but a pair of sweatpants that sit low on his hips. 
    It’s criminal, it really is, how much of an effect he has on you. 
    “So,” Bucky clears his throat, “did you, uhm, think ‘bout the uh, weddin’?” 
    You take a deep breath, letting your head fall before you’re looking back at him and even you don’t believe the words that fall from your lips. 
    “Let’s do it.” 
    Bucky’s eyes go wide, shining brightly as he claps his hands together and jumps to wrap you in a bone crushing hug where your cheek is smushed against his right pec. 
    He smells clean, like bergamot, very similar to the Earl Grey tea’s you drink in the mornings mixed with something a little more oaky. You could never distinguish exactly what it was, but it always left you feeling warm. 
    “Are you serious?” He asks, still in disbelief as he finally loosens his arms until his hands are resting on your hips. 
    It never did help that Bucky was very...affectionate. Kisses to your cheeks, forehead, nose, sometimes the side of your mouth when you were both stumbling into bed. 
    The feeling of him against your or around you was both comforting and terrifying. 
    “I’m serious, but don’t make me change my mind,” you poked his chest gently as you slipped under his arm and around the counter to grab your beer and sit yourself on the couch. 
    Bucky mimicked your actions; grabbing a beer, popping the tab, and joining you beside the couch as it dipped beneath it’s weight. 
    “We need ground rules though.” You said, pulling out your phone and heading to the notes section of your applications. 
    Bucky nodded his head, “good idea, Sweets.” 
    The pet-name caused another flurry of goosebumps and butterflies that you willed down with another sip of beer—drowning the unwanted emotions. 
    Half an hour later and you had three short, but very important ground rules. 
    1. Make it believable. 
    2. PDA is necessary, but don’t go overboard 
    3. It’s not real, so don’t you dare fall in love with me. 
    “Seems pretty fair,” Bucky smirks, finishing the last drop of his beer, “you think you’ll be able to resist falling in love with me though, Sweets?” 
    You snort, slightly out of nerves and slightly from the beer that’s gotten you loosened up. 
    “Do you think you’ll be able to stop yourself from falling in love with me?” You tease, joking around as Bucky’s tongue runs across his bottom lip as he lets out a hum. 
   “I’ll do my best, but,” he smirks, “no promises, Sweets.”     
    You groan, rolling your eyes, “you’re such a jerk.” 
    He shrugs his shoulders, chuckling before silence sets over the two of you again. It’s not uncomfortable, but you’re fiddling with the end of the sweater you’re wearing. 
   “So about rule number two,” you finally manage to break the silence, Bucky already looking at you. 
   “I just don’t want anything to be awkward,” you clear your throat. You aren’t really sure how to approach the topic. 
   “Why would it be awkward?” Bucky asks and you know he’s just egging you on. You sigh dramatically, dropping your hands into your lap. 
   “You know why,” you mumble, “our first kiss in front of everyone is gonna be our first kiss.” 
    Bucky slides closer to you, putting a warm hand on your bent knee as he cocks his head to the side, “it doesn’t have to be our first kiss.” 
    You’re shocked, breath hitching in your throat as you’re looking into Bucky’s eyes now. They’re warm, cool, and confident. 
    “We have a week of practice time, Sweets.” He purrs and you feel your heart kick against your ribs. 
   “You jus’ gotta lemme know what you wanna practice.” There’s a devilish smirk on his face before you’re swallowing thickly, “practice is good.” 
    Your voice is hoarse as Bucky chuckles, “practice is good. So wha’daya say? Should we practice?”
    You don’t believe this is happening, that Bucky’s hands are now cradling your face as he’s pulling you into his lap and against his naked chest until... 
    His lips are slotting over yours, warm and soft and faintly tasting of beer as you relax into his touch. 
    First kisses are never supposed to be this good. They’re supposed to be awkward and messy; teeth and tongue clanging and clashing together. 
    They aren’t supposed to feel this natural, like you’ve kissed Bucky a million times before, but it does.
    You can feel your body moulding against his, his hands now tightly gripping your hips and suddenly a moan slips from his mouth. 
    It causes a chain reaction, a domino effect where you’re tangling your fingers in his hair and tugging as he rocks your hips against his. You can feel him growing under you, the sweatpants doing little to conceal him and... 
   “This is so wrong,” you mumble against him, “then why does it feel so good?” Bucky retorts back breathily before you’re kissing him against with haste and need. 
    “This is good practice,” he mumbles, hands sliding up and down your body until they’re toying with the hem of your sweater, “and we do need all the practice we can get.” You reply and you can feel him smirk. 
    “Atta girl, Sweets,” he purrs, sliding his hands under your sweater finally and you’re shocked at how cold his left hand is. 
    “Practice does make perfect, remember?” He teases, leaning you backwards until he’s standing up with you wrapped around his body like a koala. 
     At this point, you don’t care about the friendship and if it’s ruined; you care about the way your panties are slick with your arousal and how Bucky seemed to tap into your praise kink incredibly quickly. 
     You fell onto his bed, door shutting as you were quickly engulfed in his scent. Bucky looked down on you like you were his prey, licking his lips before his eyes met yours. 
    “‘S’not easy watchin’ you walk ‘round in my clothes, y’know that?” He hums, taking a few steps closer as you can see the evident outline of his cock in the grey sweatpants. 
     You had to squeeze your legs together, but it only spurs Bucky on as he chuckles. 
    ““S’bad enough I gotta use my hand on my cock when ‘m jerkin’ off, but hearin’ your moans as you’re usin’ that vibrator of yours.” 
     You moan, you actually moan at his words as he drops to his knees at the end of the bed, grabbing an ankle and tugging you down to his level. 
    “Knowin’ damn well I could make you cum harder and faster than it,” you let your head fall back as he rips your sweats and panties off of you, hiking your sweater up until you’re helping him rip if off your body. 
     He takes a moment, his cock twitching as he takes in your body, “a fuckin’ masterpiece, Sweets.” 
     You shudder, watching as he hikes your legs over his shoulders until his cool breath is fanning over your core. He’s barely touched you and you’re dripping, fucking soaked. 
    “What a pretty pussy,” he purrs, using metal fingers to spread your folds and tease you as you arch your back at the light touches. You’d always been more sensitive, a big reason as to why no one but your vibrator has ever been able to make you cum. 
     Something tells you that Bucky might. 
    “M’gonna take my sweet time devouring you, have you screamin’ all for me in my bed tonight,” he growls, nose brushing the hair that’s decorating your mound. 
     He says nothing further, tongue flat against you as you moan as let him eat you out like no one ever has. 
     His tongue lap around you, prodding at your entrance before focusing on your clit as he lets his fingers do most of the work. He starts with one, slowly teasing you until you’re begging. 
    “C’mon, Buck,” you whine, “add another.” 
     He chuckles against you, vibrations sending shocks of pleasure through you before he’s adding a second and curling them deep inside of you. 
    “That what my greedy girl wanted? To be stuffed full?” He taunts, a high-pitched whine running through you before you feel yourself teetering on the edge of your orgasm. 
    “Don’ worry, Sweets. I’ll make sure to stuff you full tonight,” he growls, but stops his fingers altogether. 
     You whine, thrash a little like a brat before he’s pinning your legs down. 
    “Don’t try to pull that with me, Sweets. You know ‘m stronger and not against punishin’ you.” You know it’s a warning, but you wish it was a promise instead. 
    “You’re cummin’ on my dick, waited too damn long and now I got you all to myself.” He stands up and drops his pants and you’re in awe. You always figure he was big, but he was big. 
    “Are you sure you’re gonna fit?” You squeak out, watching as he wraps his hand around himself to stroke him. 
     He reaches into his nightstand, grabbing a condom and some lube, “oh, we’ll make it fit, Sweets.” 
    “Now be a good girl and get on your hands and knees, yeah?” You’d never seen this side of Bucky, a dominant, rougher side as you moved into the position with no hesitations. 
     The condom wrapper falls to the floor, the pop of the lube makes you squirm in anticipation before the mattress is dipping under Bucky’s weight as you feel him behind you. 
    “Are you ready, Sweets?” He whispers in your ear, gently as he gently massages your shoulder. 
     You nod your head, “fuck me already, Barnes.” You egg, smirking before you’re letting out a soft gasp when you feel the head of his cock sliding thorugh your folds. 
    “Forgot you had a smart mouth,” he grunts, squeezing lube onto his cock, “we’ll see how well you can use it when you’re so full of me you can barely think.” 
     Bucky takes his time stretching you, but when he’s finally fully seated, you can safely say that you’ve never felt as full as you do with him. 
    “God, you’re so fuckin’ tight,” Bucky groans, “takin’ me so goddamn well too, Sweets. Look at’cha, so full with me.” 
     He snakes a hand around your belly, pressing on your lower abdomen, “absolutely full of me.” 
     You wiggle your ass, whining, “need it, Bucky.” 
     He chuckles deeply, “my cock feel that good already?” 
     His hips snap harshly before you can reply, his skin slapping against yours as he picks up his speed. 
     You can feel a hand wiggle between your shoulder blades, applying pressure until your face hits the soft sheets, “wan’ you to be smellin’ only me, Sweets. Gonna have you thinkin’ of all of me when I make you cum.” 
     His words send a shiver down your spine and your toes begin to curl at the way this angle makes it so he’s able to brush the spot deep inside of you that you can never seem to find yourself. 
    “That’s it, Sweets, be a good girl and cum for me,” he bends his body over yours, “‘n don’t be afraid to make a mess.” 
     It hits you harder than you thought, sucking the air from your lungs as you feel your legs shaking and a familiar wetness running down your thighs when you realize what’s happening. 
    “Holy fuck,” you hear Bucky groan, “didn’t know you could squirt, baby.” 
     His hips stuttering as you continue to grip him, aftershocks of your orgasm washing over you, “gonna make me cum, Sweets. God, yeah, gonna get you nice ‘n full.” 
     Bucky’s voice is an octave lower as his moan rumbles through his chest as he squeezes the flesh of your hips as he spills into the condom buried deep inside of you. 
     You’re both exhausted and fucked out entirely as Bucky falls beside you in bed, condom discarded soon after until you’re both trying to catch your breaths and recover from the best sex you’ve ever had. 
    “I know they say practice makes perfect,” Bucky breathes, turning his head to you, “but that was pretty damn near perfect already.” 
     You laugh, closing your eyes as you wipe under your eyes, mascara smudged but you don’t care. 
    “At least it won’t be awkward at the wedding now,” you say, chuckling nervously as Bucky smirks.
    “Oh, that reminds me. There’s only one bed in the hotel room,” he winks and you playfully roll your eyes because of course there’s only one bed. 
     You just took a deep breath and hoped you’d be able to make it through the wedding without thinking of the many other ways Bucky could ruin you. 
    “For a fake boyfriend you sure gave me some real orgasms,” you quickly changed the topic as he shrugged, “I’ve lived with you for two years, I know what you like.” 
    “Plus, think of it as my way of sayin’ thanks for being my fake girlfriend so I don’t have to lose this bet.” 
     You could get on board with a fake relationship with real orgasms. 
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barnestuff · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
summary you take care of your drunk bucky.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings drunk!bucky, needy!bucky, pure fluff.
a/n I hope you like it!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“How did you even manage to get him drunk?” you said and sighed as you kept looking at your drunk boyfriend who was looking at you with a loving stare, Steve and Sam next to his sides, helping him stand up.
“I’m not drunk, baby.” Bucky said as he tried to shake off his friends’ arms on him.
“It’s that Asgardian Mead. We just wanted to try it but, well, Bucky carried on a little.” Steve said, almost like apologising. You sighed and shaked your head. Bucky had never got drunk before and you didn’t know what to expect.
“Okay. It’s okay. C’mere big boy.” you said as Sam and Steve left Bucky’s sides, him almost falling on the top of you.
“I’m not drunk,” Bucky said again as he tried to hug you, mostly leaning his beefy body on you. You tried to keep standing up as you mumbled goodbyes to Steve and Sam. They closed the door, leaving you with your drunk Bucky.
“Doll?” Bucky muttered as he kept hugging you. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his face was burried to your hair.
“I missed you. You smell good.” he said and smiled with delight. You broke the hug and looked at him. His hair was messy and eyes were a little tired, but he looked as good as always.
“Bucky, you had been away for 3 hours.” you mumbled, trying to walk him to your shared bathroom.
“I always miss you. Never leave me again, please.” he said and hugged you again. You tried to move away from his arms but it was impossible. It was funny to see your tall, beefy boyfriend clinging onto you like a baby.
“Bucky, I didn’t leave you. You just went out with your friends, remember?” you asked and he just hummed, kissing your hair.
“Let’s get you in shower, big boy.” you said as you tried to leave his embrace again but he whined.
“I don’t want shower. I want to cuddle, please. I missed you.” he said, cupping your cheeks and pouting.
“Buck-” you started and he sat down on the bed, pulling you to his lap with him.
“Please” he whined and you sighed. He laid down on his back and you laid on the top of him, your head on his chest.
“Oh god. I love you so much. I’m never going away again. Let's stay here forever.” he mumbled and kissed you. You giggled into the kiss. He grinned at you.
“Bucky, you just went out with your friends. I love you too.” you said and kissed his cheek.
“You are so pretty. You know that, right? God, I am a lucky man.” he kept rambling and you giggled.
“Bucky, you are drunk.” you said and closed your eyes, getting ready to sleep.
“Eyes are sober, doesn’t matter. I always think you are pretty. You are the prettiest girl ever. I love you so much,” he said, making laugh, you shake your head.
“You are soft.” Bucky said and tightened his arms around you.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you mumbled to his chest.
“No goodnight kiss?” he pouted and touched your chin. You rolled your eyes and leaned in, kissing his lips. He tasted like asgardian mead and you giggled again.
“Goodnight, Buck.”
“Goodnight, angel. I love you.”
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buckycuddlebuddy · 2 months ago
𝐩𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
summary ─ you were hypnotized. his handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x virgin!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, language, dirty talk, pet names, fluff, so much fluff, bucky is an adorable dumbass, softdom!bucky, kissing, first date, natasha romanoff is a very good bro, drinking, multiple orgasms, oral sex (f receiving), virginity loss, light fingering
a/n ─ this happened because of seb. hope you like it. please leave a comment if you do, i really worked hard on this one! thank you <333 (this is worst banner i’ve ever made btw pls ignore it) [enjoy this 9.2k monster. this is officially the longest one shot i have ever written]
title is from def leppard - pour some sugar on me.
Tumblr media
The lead guitarist had been eyeing you since the concert started. You were lucky enough to buy yourself a front row ticket, but you didn’t know you were that lucky to get the attention of the lead guitarist, James.
Commandos were your favorite metal band. Their music made everything better for you after you discovered them, and following the band for three years, you finally got to see them live. You were very excited while you made your way over the stadium where the concert was going to happen. Your friend, Natasha, accompanied you to the concert because she liked them, too, and even she could tell that James’ eyes were on you.
“Is he looking at you?” She hissed into your ear. You shivered with the excitement. You were bobbing your head to the beat, feeling every drag of James’ skilled fingers over the guitar strings deep in your bones. “Y/N, what the fuck, is he?”
“I don’t know,” you hissed at Natasha back. You didn’t want to get excited over something that was very unlikely to happen and just wanted to focus on the moment. “Let’s enjoy the concert, please?” Natasha frowned a little, but she nodded, both of you turned your heads towards the stage again.
You watched James getting lost in the song. His fingers were flying over the guitar; stroking the strings, hitting the notes and feeling every note he hit in his soul. It was so obvious that he loved doing this. It was written all over his face. You were hypnotized. His handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
Honestly, you didn’t understand how fast three hours passed until they announced that this was their last song and that they would be missing touring. You felt tears filling your eyes slowly. You loved them, valued their art and found yourself in their songs so much, it was hard to say goodbye to them now that you’ve seen them live.
“We’ll be back before you know it!” James said, sending the crowd a wink and making his bandmates and the audience chuckle. They waved and walked towards the exit, and with that the stage lights went off.
“This was a ride!” Natasha exclaimed. You nodded eagerly.
“It was better than I expected!” You were still shouting because your ears were howling. “I never wanted it to end!” Natasha pointed herself, meaning that she didn’t either. You held her hand, never letting go, because you didn’t want to lose her in the crowd. Both of you slowly made your way to the exit. Just as you stepped into the small corridor to get closer to the exit, you were stopped by a bodyguard.
“Miss,” the guy said, raising his hands in the air. “You were invited to the backstage with your friend, Miss.” You turned to your right to look at Natasha owlishly who was looking at you right back with the same expression.
“Us?” You asked. “Are you sure?” The guy nodded. You looked at Natasha again, hoping that she’d answer for you.
“Alright,” she said. “We’ll come.” The guy smiled, stepping aside, he showed you the way to the backstage. You thanked him. Tightening your hand on Natasha’s, you walked towards the entrance.
“What the fuck,” you hissed. Natasha just smirked and shrugged.
“He was looking at you,” she said instead. “He just proved it.” You gave her a disbelieving look, pinching her arm at the same time. Natasha chuckled. “James the guitarist has a crush on you,” she murmured. “It sounds good, doesn’t it?”
You rolled your eyes. Yes, it did sound good, but accepting their offer to get into the backstage? When it was passed midnight? God, you hoped you wouldn’t be fucked up tomorrow.
You slowly made your way inside, the bodyguard right behind you both to show you the way. All the guards you passed had smiled at you warmly. They were kind, hell, maybe even friendly, but you weren’t here to find out that. You were invited. Fuck.
“Walk straight, the main room will be on your right after you passed the number seven,” the bodyguard said, pointing at the number. Natasha and you thanked him. The guy just smiled at you both and bid you good night. After he disappeared, you took a deep breath and walked to the number seven that was winking at you at the end of the hall.
“Are you excited?” Natasha asked, sounding perfectly calm.
“Of course, Nat!” You hissed. “You said he was looking at me, and now, we’re invited to the backstage, and you’re asking me if I’m excited? Fuck yes, I am!” She grinned. Looping her arm to yours, she pushed you to walk a little faster.
“Maybe you’ll have sex with him tonight,” she said cheerfully. You whimpered. You wouldn’t dare. Would you? Who were you kidding, you would. “Maybe he asked you to come to him because it’d be a chaos for him to come up to you.” You huffed out a breath. She was right. You couldn’t even imagine the crowd that would be gathering around you if he were to come up to you.
“Yeah,” you murmured. Natasha pulled you towards the door on your right, and you realized you were about to pass the number seven. You stopped. “Nat,” you whispered. She squeezed your arm.
“It’s fine,” she said gently. “We’ll walk out if you don’t want to do anything with them. We could just say hi and bail.” You looked at her green eyes for a couple seconds, biting your lip. “It’ll be alright. Maybe, we’ll have some real fun. Come on.” You nodded. You weren’t going to back out. You weren’t going to miss this chance.
“Okay,” you said and continued to walk.
It took you half a minute to reach the door.
Tentatively, you stepped inside the huge room. It had three, different color, big couches, and one wall was covered with mirrors and make-up tables. The lights were yellow and dimmed; they weren’t hurting your eyes. There were a couple plants at the corners of the room. There was some chatter going on, chuckles and laughter were echoing from one wall to the other.
“Um,” you started. “Hello?” As soon as the word left your mouth, the chatter died. You tried not to cringe and get awkward with the silence. “W-we were invited?” You saw Steve’s, the vocalist, eyes widening and brows rising.
“Oh!” He said. “Bucky!” He called out, inclining his head backwards. “Your visitors are here!” You frowned. You didn’t know any ‘Bucky’, but when you couldn’t see James around, you assumed it was him. “Why don’t you girls sit down? He’s probably battling with his make-up.” He grinned.
“Sure,” Natasha agreed easily and pulled you to the couch with her. “Is he the only one who wears make-up?” She asked. Sometimes you were jealous of her making-small-talk ability, and right now was one of those moments. Steve chuckled.
“Sammy here also likes to indulge himself with some mascara,” he said. “Hell, I even saw him rockin’ white eyeliner once. It was dope.” You smiled. White eyeliner would look great on Sam, the bassist, you thought. “Thor likes mascara like Sam. Clint has his own make up with all the bandages he puts on his face,” Steve snickered when Clint protested. Natasha and you chuckled.
You looked around the room, at the people, and saw how tired but happy they were. Thor, co-guitarist, was sitting on a large armchair with his phone in his hands. Clint, the drummer, was sprawled on an empty couch with his drumsticks in his hands, spinning them aimlessly. Steve was humming, Sam was tapping his foot to some imaginary beat, and you could hear someone, probably Bucky, swearing in one of the dressing rooms.
“I swear to fucking God if Sharon fucks with my bag ever again─” Bucky stormed out of the room with anger etched on his face but cut himself off when he saw you and Natasha sitting in front of Steve. “Oh. Hello, girls.” He smiled warmly. You wiggled your fingers and saw Natasha smiling at him. “I hope they weren’t being assholes as usual,” he added, narrowing his eyes at his bandmates. Steve and Sam flipped him off simultaneously while Thor and Clint didn’t acknowledge him.
“They were nice,” you murmured, feeling your cheeks burning along with your body. Bucky smiled at you widely, making your stomach flip. He was so handsome, looked so pretty smiling like that, you sort of couldn’t believe you were sitting in front of him right now.  
“As much as this is nice,” Natasha started. Her green eyes were narrowed, and she looked a little terrifying. “Did you invite us here just to have a small talk or…?” You saw Bucky blush, Steve smirking, Sam elbowing Steve, and Thor wiggling eyebrows at Bucky. You frowned. Something was going on for sure, but you didn’t feel alarmed yet.
“Um,” Bucky murmured. “Well, I was going to come up to you but didn’t wanna make a scene. I was just wondering if you’d like to accompany us to the bar? We’re gonna celebrate our last day, and I thought maybe you would like to… hang out… with us?” Bucky looked shy and a little embarrassed, a scrunch was sitting on his nose adorably. Natasha raised a questioning eyebrow.
“Are you asking me or her?” She asked, making you choke on nothing.
“What? I know you wanna bone him, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to say no to that.” She rolled her eyes. “Besides they are gonna celebrate, Y/N,” she added, wiggling his brows, sending you a wink. You groaned. Covering your face with your hands, you whined.
“I’m gonna disown you from friendship when we go home, just so you know,” you mumbled, making everyone in the room laugh.
Bucky cleaned his throat with a light cough. “I was asking her,” he pointed at you, “but Sam here really liked you.” He placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder, alarming the guy and making his eyes widen. “He told me so, and I thought he could ask you to hang out with us himself, y’know. I’m that kind of a wingman.” He winked at Sam.
“The fuck,” Sam grunted. You snickered with Steve. Natasha smirked, it was a dangerous, seductive smirk. Uh-oh, you thought gleefully. Natasha was going to seduce the hell out of Sam, and he wasn’t going to know what hit him.
“Brace yourself,” you said to Sam, causing him to frown and give you a questioning look. Before you could answer him, though, Natasha slid off from her spot on the couch next to you and perched herself on top of Sam. You heard him making a mix of choking and gasping noise, eyes comically wide, he looked at Natasha. Steve was trying to keep himself from laughing while Clint was recording the whole thing with his phone. Sam wasn’t going to live this moment down, you knew that for sure.
“She’s gonna ruin him for other women, isn’t she?” You heard someone ask you, and when you turned your head to your left, the spot Natasha was occupying, you saw Bucky. He was still smiling, looking friendly and non-threatening. He had his usual combo on: A black t-shirt and tight, black jeans. His sleeves were on display, you could see his tattoo neck, too, and the piercing on his eyebrow was shining with the lights around him. He still had eyeliner around his eyes albeit faint, but he didn’t seem like it bothered him.
“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “She has that effect on people generally.” Bucky snickered. He slowly sat down next to you but put some distance because he wasn’t an asshole like his friends loved to call him. “You, um, still have some…” You stammered, pointing at his eyes. Bucky snorted, rolling his eyes.
“I tried to wipe them, but they don’t come off for some reason. They might be waterproof? I need to scrub them, I guess,” he said. You nodded again. You hated these awkward moments because you just didn’t know what to do.
“You could try coconut oil, though,” you blurted. Bucky frowned lightly. “It, uh, it helps t-to remove the, um, waterproof eyeliner.”
“Oh,” he murmured. “I think I saw a small jar in one of the make-up bags. Will you help me?” You froze for a second. Of course, you would help him, but that would mean you were going to be close to him, right? You didn’t know if you could handle it─
“Yes, she will. She helped me with the same situation many times,” Natasha chimed in. “She’s gentle.” You side-eyed Natasha. You were so going to hit her with a pillow when you went back home. She saw you looking and blew you a kiss.
“Y-yeah, I did. I- I will,” you said. Taking a deep breath, you decided to just roll with it because you weren’t getting out of here anytime soon, apparently. “Come on.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the room he stormed out earlier. You ignored all the whoos and cheers although they made your cheeks and body burn. “Show me the jar?”
Bucky nodded mutely. Without letting your hand go, he moved to one of the desks that were against the wall with big mirrors and lights all around just like the other room, he pulled out a bag. “Should be in this,” he said.
“Okay,” you agreed. “Sit down.” You let his hand go, missing its roughness and warmth immediately, you opened the bag to dig the jar out. You grabbed a small piece of cotton, dripped some oil onto your hand and turned to Bucky. He was on your level, now, sitting down. “Close your eyes,” you whispered. He did. Inhaling slowly, you stepped closer to him and slowly applied the oil on his eyelids.
His skin was soft, you realized. He had lots of small moles on his face. Most of them were hidden with his long hair and light scruff, but they looked beautiful on him. His lips had a pretty bow shape, their natural color pink-ish red. You suddenly wanted to lean down and kiss him to see if they were as soft as they looked. Blinking, you pulled your hand away and brought the cotton to wipe it off. The oil helped, of course, and soon, the cotton was all black with the make-up.
“There you go,” you whispered, signaling that you were done. Bucky slowly opened his eyes. They were dark and mesmerizing; his pupils were large and almost swallowed the pretty color of his eyes, and you felt stuck. You saw him licking his lips with the corner of your eyes. His hands came up to your waist, one of them moving to your face to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. His thumb stroked your cheek gently, so gently that you sighed and nuzzled against it without thinking. You heard him letting out a soft sound, and then his lips were onto yours.
Moaning in shock, you stood there, trying to process what was happening.
You were being kissed by James Barnes. The lead guitarist of Commandos. Your favorite band. You were being kissed by him. You pushed him away. Your hands still on his chest, you looked at him, the disbelief visible on your face.
Bucky cursed to himself silently. He should have known better than just kissing you like this, he should have taken you out first and let you that he was thinking of asking you out for real because he had been watching you throughout the whole concert, and you were so fucking pretty─
“What─ Why did you do that?” You asked him, interrupting his inner panicking. Bucky swallowed and looked at you, the color of his eyes had returned slightly.
“I─” He started, but realized he didn’t know what he could say. “Wanted to?” He cringed. God, he was hopeless. “I’m sorry, I should have asked. I’m─ Look, I wasn’t trying to force myself on you, I swear. I’m really sorry.” He tried to stand up, but you stopped him with putting your hands on his shoulders.
“Why did you do that?” You asked again. Yeah, he might have wanted to kiss you, but you had to know exactly why. Bucky held his breath.
“Because I wanted to kiss you,” he said with a soft voice. “Because you looked so pretty singing along to the songs I wrote with your friend, looked so carefree and gorgeous, I wanted to know you, wanted to kiss you so bad. Because you felt right when you were close to me. Because I wanted to keep you even closer, so that no one would try to steal you away fro─ Mmfm!”
You cut him off with pressing your lips against his. Of course, you were attracted to him. He was this devilishly handsome, funny and charming lead guitarist of your favorite band. How could you not? Him admitting that he wanted to know you was dizzying, to kiss you so bad was definitely passing out material.
Bucky sighed into the kiss as he brought one of his hands to rest on the small of your back and the other on your face. Tilting his head to his side slightly, Bucky deepened the kiss. With the hand on your lower back, he pulled you to him, making you step into his personal space even more. You hummed. Your hands were on his cheeks, fingertips playing with his hair while your thumbs stroked his cheekbones.
He kissed so nicely.
His lips were as soft as they looked. They felt like silk onto yours as he kissed your breath away. His body heat was setting your own body fire. His hands on you were like a dream come true. The way he held you close to him felt so good, you wanted to cry at the feeling. You were a little touch starved, but he was feeding you well with his itty bitty touches.
“Mmm,” he hummed as he pulled back for oxygen. He opened his eyes, watching you nuzzle in his palm, kissing his wrist, Bucky felt immensely happy. “Darling love,” he whispered. “You feel so right in my arms.” You let out a broken sound as you buried your face in his palm, partially hiding in it. He chuckled softly. “You do.” You wiggled even closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss.
Just as both of you were getting lost in the kiss, the knock on the door made you jump. “We’re leaving for the bar!” It was Clint. “Are you guys coming or not?” Bucky looked at you.
“Let me take you out?” He asked, hope shining bright in his beautiful eyes. “Let me treat you? Please, honey?” You nodded mutely. You were too stunned to answer him verbally. He smiled. “Alright,” he said and stood up. He, then, took a step back and extended his hand to you. “I’m James, but people close to me call me Bucky.”
You chuckled at his cheesiness. Holding his hand, you shook it. “I’m Y/N, but Natasha calls me dumbass sometimes,” you said, making him grin. Bucky held your hand in his as he brought it up to his lips, kissing your wrist.
“Can I take you out on a date? Buy you a drink?” He asked, then. You bit your lip as you grinned.
“Yeah,” you answered him. He beamed.
“Great!” He pulled you against him. “I know just the place.”
You’ve been at the bar with the band and Natasha for two hours now. You were having so much fun that you couldn’t stop giggling or cracking jokes sometimes. You felt incredibly lucky to get to know the band this way; they were a bunch of charming and funny guys who occasionally called each other asshole.
Thor was a weird one; he kept talking like he was someone from a Shakespeare play but he was a very funny dude. Sam was a sarcastic but a very charming guy; him and Natasha had kept the flirting going since she sat on his lap at the backstage. Steve was actually a pretty smart guy, but he loved fucking with others and playing dumb. He was almost as flirtious as Sam, but he kept the flirting to Thor only which you later learned that Thor and Steve had been dating for two years. Clint was… he was a real dumbass. He was a beast with his drums, but in general he was a walking disaster and the bandages on his face and arms sort of gave that away.
They were a good bunch.
Then, there was James. Or Bucky as he reminded you to call him that once or twice. He was funny just like the others. He was charming and actually a sweetheart. You learned that he was also the Mama Bear of the band while Sam had taken the Papa Bear role. They were the ones who kept the others doing shit. He was considerate, lovable and smart guy. He loved his music, loved playing his guitar whenever he could and loved exploring new things.
You might have been a little in love with him already.
“Aight!” Steve interrupted the chattering. He was a little tipsy, not drunk, and leaning onto Thor more than he probably should. “Round… four? Five? It’s on me. Who wants what?” Everyone placed their order with Steve and Thor, but you.
“Just water if they have such a healthy drink in here,” you said, chuckling. “I had enough.” You weren’t big on drinking your consciousness away, and considering this was sort of your first date with Bucky, you wanted to stay sober.
Steve and Thor nodded, not pushing you to drink when you didn’t want to, and made a bee line to the bar. Bucky was holding you against his side, his arm was either over your shoulders or around your waist, and you were leaning into him. He placed a soft kiss onto your temple, making your body heat up with the simple touch of his lips. With a sigh, you buried your head into his shoulder.
It was sort of surprising that you felt so safe and at ease with Bucky although it’s been only three hours since you met officially. Sure, you’ve known him partially from the interviews, but you spent three hours in his presence, and the closeness between you two felt like you’ve been like this, close and touching each other, for years. It was a weird but not unwelcomed feeling. In fact, you loved it a little too much.
“Are you okay?” Bucky whispered. His breath smelled a bit like beer, but you didn’t mind. Yours probably smelled the same. You nodded. “I can take you back home if you want or to a hotel? I… just realized I don’t know where you live.” You chuckled.
“I live around, don’t worry,” you assured him. “Like an hour or so away with car? I’m local.” You snuggled deeper into his embrace. “I’m fine, though, it’s been very fun so far.” Bucky hummed.
“Yeah, they are good guys,” Bucky agreed. “But say the word and I’ll take you home, alright?” He said, looking into your eyes.
“Okay,” you agreed, kissing his cheek. You have never felt like this with a guy before. Sure, you were a virgin, but you had boyfriends, you had dated. None of them made you feel this at ease around them. None of them but Bucky. You found that you loved this feeling. With a smile, you hummed happily.
After Steve and Thor returned with a new round of drinks, you’ve spent another hour and half laughing and talking with them. It was around 3 AM when all of you decided to call it a night.
“It’s technically morning, though,” Clint said, swaying on his feet a little. Everyone groaned. “Fine, geez. I ain’t makin’ any joke anymo’,” he grunted and flipped the bird. You snorted lightly. Clint got offended real easy when he was drunk, apparently.
“So, girls,” Sam started. “We can take you home if you want? Or put you in the same hotel we’re staying for tonight?” Natasha shrugged.
“It’d take us at least an hour to get home, I’ll take the hotel option,” she said, and you hummed approvingly. “We don’t need new rooms. I think it’s obvious where we’ll be staying,” she added with a smirk. You felt your cheeks burn.
“I’m so divorcing you when we go home,” you muttered, and Natasha snickered. You felt Bucky’s assuring squeeze on your arm.
“We can get you a new room if you don’t feel comfortable enough with sharing, though,” he said, ignoring Natasha. You frowned as you thought about it.
It wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, but you didn’t know what you’d do. Would you just cuddle and go to sleep or… You sighed. You wanted to take that step. You were in your mid-twenties and you wanted to get rid of your virginity already. It stuck with you for a long time. You didn’t want to push him for it, though. Frown deepening, you realized you wouldn’t mind whatever you chose to do when you shared a room. Even though you wanted to get rid of things, you really would like to cuddle with Bucky and go to sleep.
“It’s fine,” you murmured. “I won’t mind sharing a room if that’s okay with you.” Bucky shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.
“Of course,” he said. “Let’s go then.”
It took you fifteen minutes or so arriving the hotel and all of you quickly scattered your own rooms. You followed Bucky. He was holding your hand into his gently, you in front of him, his arms were around your waist and hands holding yours as you rode the elevator. When you were on the floor nine, you got off and walked down the hall.
Stepping inside the room 107, you felt nervous. It wasn’t Bucky who was making you nervous, but yourself, you knew that. You could come clean and tell Bucky; he had been so patient and loving with you all day and you knew he wouldn’t mind you telling him about your conflict.
“I can take the couch,” Bucky started. “I don’t mind. It’s actually pretty comfy,” he grinned. “Took a nap there before we hit the stage.” He wiggled his brows adorably. “I can lend you some clothes if you wanna shower, I’m definitely taking one. I have no idea how you put up with my stink for four hours.” You chuckled.
“You don’t stink,” you said. “You smell nice, actually.” Bucky tilted his head to his side and sent you a cocky smirk. Fuck, you thought.
“Nice, hm?” He laughed, then. “I half-showered with my perfume is probably why,” he added, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, you gonna shower?” You bit your lip. You were hesitating just a little, but you knew you had to take some steps yourself in these kinds of things.
“W-what if we take o-one to-ogether?” You stammered clumsily. “We, uh, both need one, anyways, right?” Bucky froze. His eyes snapped at yours, watching you carefully as he tried to see if you really wanted this.
“You really want that?” He asked. You nodded. There was nothing else you wanted more at the moment, you thought. “Honey,” Bucky murmured. “Do you know what you want? Do you wanna tell me?” Ye walked closer to him and placed your hands on his chest when you were close enough.
“I want to take a shower with you,” you said, surprisingly with a steady voice. “I… We don’t have to, but if you want, I, um, also want to have sex with you, too.” Bucky exhaled shakily at your words. They were affecting him, you could see it in his eyes. So, you thought, might as well drop the bomb. “I, um,” you continued. Your fingers were playing his exposed dog tags. “I really, really would like you to be, um, the first one to… you know…” You narrowed your eyes, looking at him and hoping that he’d understand.
“The first one to what, love?” He asked. His eyes were intense, now. They looked at you like they wanted to see through you. You shivered and licked your lips. Your mouth opened and closed, words wanting to get out but didn’t know how. “Y/N,” Bucky said when you didn’t answer. “Honey,” he called out. “Are you a virgin, love?”
You nodded. Your whole body was burning with embarrassment, burning under the intense look of his beautiful eyes. You fidgeted in your place, tearing your eyes from his, you gave your whole attention to his dog tags. You played with them until you felt his fingers gripping your chin gently and tilting up.
“Are you sure?” He asked. “Do you really want me to do that?” You nodded again. Words were hard for you, at the moment, you were beyond embarrassed. “Sweetheart, I’m honored that you see me worthy.” You snorted.
“Dork,” you whispered. He grinned.
“That’s me,” he said, making you snort again. “Alright, let’s take a shower together.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the bathroom. He left you by the sink to undress while he adjusted the water. You were stripping off your clothes one by one, not feeling so confident about your body, you had a strong urge to hide it.
It was Bucky, though. You may not have known for a long time, but you knew he wouldn’t mind. Still, you couldn’t silence the irritating small voice in your mind that had been whispering how different you looked from all the women Bucky had seen out with.
“Water is ready,” he announced, unaware of your inner struggle. He turned around as he yanked his t-shirt off his body. “Y/N? Are you okay?” His eyes roamed your body, moving up and down and up again. “What is it? It’s fine if you don’t want to do this─”
“It’s not that,” you muttered. “Well, sort of about it, not that exactly.” You shrugged. Your tears were on their way to fill your eyes, you could feel them, but you weren’t going to cry. “It’s just… I don’t have a model’s body, like, um, all the other women you’ve dated? I don’t have it, and um, it just makes me feel a little self-conscious?” You watched Bucky’s face going from worried to soft in a matter of seconds.
“Baby,” he whispered, stepping forward and getting into your personal space. “I don’t care.” He tucked your hair behind your ear, stroked your cheek and looked deep into your eyes. “I don’t care that you don’t have a model’s body. I actually like your body better than theirs because yours tell me that you’re happy and not starving yourself to look the way they do. You’re beautiful.” You whimpered. “It’s alright if you wanna back up, it really is, but please do not think that I won’t find you attractive because you don’t have a body like theirs, okay?” You sniffed lightly as you nodded.
You slowly got rid your t-shirt, dropping it on the floor like he did with his, and reached behind your back to unclasp your bra. He looked into your eyes all the while you undressed yourself. His eyes never flickered down once. They kept looking into your eyes, and his thumbs kept stroking your cheeks and your neck. Once you got naked, you fought with the urge to wrap your arms around yourself and cover your bits. Bucky liked your body, you reminded yourself. You were beautiful to him.
“There you go,” Bucky whispered. “That’s a good baby.” He leaned in and pecked your lips. “Let’s get under the water, alright?” You nodded. He quickly rid himself from his remaining clothes. His tattooed and pierced body’s naked glory was right in front of you, and you wanted to leave some marks. You wanted people to know that he was yours, now, no one else’s. “Come on, love.” He nudged you into the shower gently, pulling you out of your head. You carefully stepped into the tub, the water hitting your back immediately, you shivered with the warm water. Bucky walked in behind you and closed the glass doors.
Bucky plastered his front to your back, gently encouraging you to lean against him. His arms wrapped around your middle, he dipped down and placed kisses on your neck. The steam coming from the warm water warming your body, making his kisses feels even more sensual. You shivered.
“Let’s get you wet,” he murmured, eyes shining with mischief. You let out a soft snort and rolled your eyes. He grinned. He turned you around and stepped under the water with you still leaning against his body. You could feel his well-defined muscles on your back. His bulging biceps around your waist was giving you a nice feeling, too. His already warm body was even warmer now thanks to the water.
You sighed.
Bucky grabbed the shampoo and washed your hair, fingers massaging your scalp. After you were clean, it was his turn. He had to crouch down, later he went down on his knees since it was easier for you to reach all of his hair easily. As you washed his hair, Bucky held onto you, face buried in your stomach, he breathed calmly as you massaged his scalp like he did to you. You could feel the tension draining out of him. He must be exhausted, you thought, and suddenly felt guilty about springing this whole I-want-to-have-sex-with-you conversation. He needed rest, not more action. You huffed to yourself silently. Telling him to stand up, you grabbed the second loofah and dragged it along his body, washing away the dirt and sweat of the concert.
Washing away the shampoos and last of the dirt on your body, you turned off the water and stepped out, Bucky right behind you and still holding onto your waist. He grabbed a big towel from one of the cabinets. It was white and looked so fluffy. He smiled when he saw your wide eyes and wrapped it around your body, squeezing you into a hug with towel around you, he held you against his chest. You chuckled. Your face was right into the crook of his neck; his warm body was radiating heat even with a towel between your bodies.
“It’s so fluffy,” you said, amusement in your voice. Bucky snickered.
“Yeah, that’s what I love about fancy hotels.” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed another towel from the rack to dry himself. Both of you walked back into the bedroom again with your naked bodies covered with fluffy towels.
“Hey,” you called out softly. “We, um, don’t have to do it now,” you said. “I know you’re tired, and you need some rest. So, it’s totally okay if you─” Bucky placed a finger on your lips and silenced you.
“I want it,” he whispered. “I am tired, I’m not gonna lie, but I want to do this, too.” Amusement shone in his eyes. “Don’t be surprised if I fall asleep on you in the halfway, though,” he said. You chuckled. Your hand poked out under the towel and hit him on the arm gently. Bucky grinned. He leaned in and kissed your cheeks; they felt warm under his lips.
Bucky started humming as his hands grabbed the hem of the towel that you’ve been hugging tightly. You frowned lightly, trying to make out what he was humming. While you were thinking, Bucky took the towel off of you gently. You barely felt the cold air hitting your body because of his body heat. It was coming off of him in waves and warming you in a weird way. He smiled as he pulled back a little. His face was so close to yours, his moving lips were brushing against yours as he continued to sing the song.
“Television lover, baby, go all night,” he sang softly. “Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet,” he continued and pressed a kiss on the corner of your lips, arms pulling your closer to his body. “Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah.”
You frowned lightly, face scrunched in a very adorable way. “What are you singing?” You asked, still trying to making out what song he was singing. Bucky grinned.
“Ooh, in the name of love,” he started and saw the light bulb going off. “Pour some sugar on me. C’mon, fire me up.” He swayed to right and left, making guitar sounds just to make you giggle. “Pour some sugar on me. I can’t get enough!” You laughed.
“Oh my God, Bucky!” you exclaimed, tears in your eyes. “I can’t believe you’re singing─”
Bucky grinned even wider. “I’m hot, sticky sweet. From my head to my feet, yeah!”
Both of you cracked up. Bucky was still humming the song as he, too, discarded his towel. He came closer, looking into your eyes and searching for a ‘yes’ in there, which you gave him while still giggling. Bucky crouched lightly to grab you by your thighs and hoisted you up. You squeaked. Your arms were quick to wrap around his neck as he carried you to the bed.
“Crazy little woman in a one man show,” he continued to sing. “Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of lovee!” You snorted. “Sweet dreams, saccharine, loosen up.” He kissed your cheek. He lowered you on the bed, lying you down gently. You smiled at him. Bucky winked and leaned in.
His lips found yours with a sweet sigh escaping from you. Bucky hummed. His lips stroked yours gently, pried them open to deepen it with a small tilt of his head, and suddenly, you were kissing heatedly. You moaned when you felt his tongue licking at your bottom lip, his teeth nibbling on the soft flesh lightly. You opened your mouth, allowed his tongue inside and moaned again. Bucky grunted. He dropped his body onto yours, minding his weight, and caged you under him.
“Baby,” Bucky moaned when he pulled back for oxygen. His lips moving from yours to your neck, he hummed appreciatively. The light scruff he had was scratching the skin of your neck raw, but you didn’t mind. It felt so good, so nice to have his warm body onto yours like this and to feel his lips on your skin. Your body was on fire. Between your thighs, you were aching and dripping wet; the urge to press them together was strong, but Bucky was in the way.
“Bucky,” you sighed as he nipped on your collarbones. His breath was hot on your already heated skin. The rough texture of his hands drove your body into the edge of oversensitivity as they brushed and stroked every inch of skin they could reach. Bucky hummed appreciatively at the sight of your breasts on his face. His eyes flicked up at yours, silently asking for a permission. Heart beating in your mouth, you nodded. Every breath you drew in was burning you in the best way, making your head rush.
You gasped loudly when his hot and wet mouth closed over your nipple. His tongue was teasing the delicate nip gently; cheeks hollowing as he sucked on it, he slurped. One of his hands had closed over your other breast; the rough texture that drove you crazy was on your boob now, and his calloused fingers were playing with your nipple. Your arched your back. Your hands wound tight in his longish brown hair, pulling on them whenever he sucked too hard and twisted your nipple in a very good way.
“Oh, shit, Bucky!” Eyes closed, you threw your head back as you thrusted your chest against his face more. Bucky just grunted and switched nipples. His hand was now playing with your saliva covered nipple while his mouth had closed over your other breast. When you moaned high and very feminine, Bucky scrapped his teeth over the sensitive bud, making your hips buck against his unintentionally. “God, I─ This─ Shit, feels so good,” you sighed, breath hitching.
Bucky let go of your nipple with an obscene ‘pop’ sound and placed a kiss on your sternum. He kissed his way down, tongue dipping into your belly button and placing a kiss there, too. You tried not to squirm away when he finally made contact with your dripping core. His hot breath was licking your mound, making you hyperaware of his presence there and also making you even wetter.
Feeling how nervous you were, Bucky looked at you softly and kissed your inner thighs. You breathed in shakily. His lips were covering your inner thighs with kisses, hands stroking your sides and stomach, fingers occasionally finding your nipples, Bucky calmed you down. Soon, you were melting under his soft and loving touches as he made his way to your pussy slowly.
First flick of his tongue on your clit had you gasping, bucking your hips and grabbing onto his hands on your stomach. Bucky shushed you and placed a kiss on your clit, sucking it just a little.
“Oh my God! Bucky!” You moaned. He shushed you again with grounding strokes of his thumbs on the back of your hands. He dove in.
His tongue flicked on your clit over and over again, lips closed around the tiny bud and sucked little hickeys onto it. His scruff was rubbing on your inner thighs and making this whole new experience even better. You kept moaning, whining and whimpering; your hands never letting of his, you held onto them tight as you arched your back and buried your face into the pillow with your eyes closed.
You could feel your slick running down, dripping onto bed, because the sounds Bucky was making while eating you out were so hot, it made your thigh muscles twitch around his head. He was burying one groan after the other into your pussy, humming and grunting at the taste of your slick and your tight hold on his hands.
At one point, he pulled back. Freeing one of his hands out of your hold, Bucky swiped a finger from your slit to your clit. You cried out. The colors were exploding behind your closed eyes; your body was taut with the expected orgasm. Bucky swiped his fingers a few more times before he slowly dipped it inside you. An audible hitch in your breath, Bucky stopped. He pulled his finger back slightly only to push it back in.
“James,” you whined. You could feel the pressure gathering in your lower belly. “Please, God, please─” You groaned when he continued to move his fingers in you as he pressed his thumb over your clit. You were close. You were so close, you could fucking taste it. You whimpered. Your free hand found his body, and you grabbed the meaty shoulder, digging your nails deep. Bucky hummed and crooked his fingers.
You screamed when you came.
Your body went taut, muscles cramping, you felt them relaxing at the same time. It was a bit weird and amazing feeling which you loved. It wasn’t that you’ve never made yourself come, you have, but none of them felt like this.
“Your fucking face─” You heard Bucky growl lightly. He climbed his way up to your lips and kissed you passionately. “The way you look when you come? Gorgeous.” He kissed you harshly, nipping your bottom lip. “The way you taste? Magnificent. Pouring out some sugar for me, there, don’t you, baby?” You felt your cheeks burn at his words as he ducked in for yet another kiss which you gave him happily. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. He pulled back just a little and started kissing on your cheeks and neck. “You still wanna do it?” He asked. You nodded. “Speak up, bubba,” he nudged your jaw with his nose. You squirmed happily at the pet name.
“Yes,” you whispered. “Still wanna do it. Still wan’it to be you. Please?” You looked at him with wide eyes, face open and excited.
Bucky wanted to hide you in his bed forever because you were too good to be true. “Alright, love, okay,” he whispered. He reached for his wallet that he left on the bedside drawer and pulled out a condom. Bucky was quick and efficient as he put on the condom, discarding its small package.
You gasped lightly when you saw his cock. It was a little above average, wasn’t too big that it might really hurt you. He was uncut, but you could see faint lines of veins throbbing there. There was a shining metal going through his cock head, but to avoid panicking, you diverted your eyes to his ball. They were big and looked full, and suddenly, you felt your body burning even more with the thought of them slapping against your skin.
“It’s might hurt at the beginning, okay?” He said, drawing your attention back to him. “Tell me, please, just tell me to stop if it hurts really bad or you just don’t wanna do this anymore, alright?” You nodded. He tapped on your lips. “Words, honey.”
“Yes,” you breathed. “I’ll tell you to stop if I don’t like it.” He nodded with a big smile on his face.
“That’s right,” he whispered and kissed you. Settling in deeper between your thighs, Bucky kept kissing you. One of his hands was on your face, gently stroking your cheek, while the other had grabbed his cock and lined it up.
The slide in was smooth, and Bucky was going real slow. He really didn’t want to hurt you, make this experience a bad one, so he was being extra careful. He could feel how your silky wet walls wrapping his cock slowly as he inched in, in and in. His eyes were rolling backwards behind his closed lids. It was addicting, the way you felt around him. Bucky never wanted to pull out, wanted to stay buried in you forever because you were so tight, so warm and so wet, it was like a dream come true.
“Sweetheart,” he croaked. “You feel so fuckin’ good.” Your breath hitched at his low voice calling you a sweet name. Between your thighs you were aching, hurting just a little it, too, but it wasn’t unbearable. You held onto him tight, reeled into the feeling of his cock sliding into you and just… felt.
You whimpered when his cock was fully seated. There was a throbbing pain, almost pulsating with the same beat as your heart. Bucky was panting in your ear. He wasn’t moving, was just holding you tight against him and trying to control himself until you gave him the go. You hummed a little as he pain subsided.
“You good, bubba?” He asked, lifting his head only a little to look you in the eye. You sniffed, tears had sprung to your eyes at the pain, but it was gone now. You nodded, hands tightening on his shoulders.
“Yeah,” you whispered. “Move, please?” Bucky groaned. He gave you another kiss on the lips: A sweet, chaste and soft kiss. You sighed into it.
Carefully, he pulled out a bit and slid back in, stealing your breath. His breathing was shaky. You could hear his silent grunts and groans. His hands were fisting the bedding until you grabbed them and twined your fingers together. He kissed your neck as thanks. He continued to thrust into you slowly. Every drag of his cock, you could feel it in your bones, deep in your body, and it was so goddamn good.
“God,” you choked on a moan. “Fuck, faster, please─” Bucky growled.
“Don’t wanna hurt you,” he hissed through his clenched teeth. Sweat was beading on his forehead, chest and back, making his skin glow. You whimpered as you turned your head to him where he buried his face into the crook of your neck and kissed his temple.
“You won’t,” you said. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, please!” You clenched your thighs around his hips, urging him to move a little faster. His growling increased; it sounded like he was almost snarling with each thrust of his hips.
“You want it hard, darlin’?” He asked, taunted. You whimpered again as you nodded. A wanton cry of ‘yes’ spilled out of your mouth. “You want me to fuck you faster, hm?” You let out another litany of yeses and tightened your hands in his. Bucky groaned deep and loud. His hips started to snap against yours. His balls hitting your slick covered skin, his cock started to move in and out of you at a rapid pace.
The pleasure it brought was fucking blinding.
You moaned when he gave you a particular hard thrust. You were moving up and down on the bed where you were lying on your back as Bucky thrusted in and out of you madly. You could feel the metal you saw through the condom stroking your sensitive walls, making the pleasure feel even better, and you knew you were going to come. You could feel how close you were.
“James,” you breathed, your face drowning in pleasure as he looked at you. “’m gonna come,” you whined. “’m so close, ‘m gonna come!” Bucky snarled.
Straightening up a bit, he leaned onto his elbows, still holding your hands. His thrusts were deeper now. He was hitting at a spot that got you choking on almost every moan that wanted to get out, stealing your breath with each thrust; you were delirious.
“Bucky,” you sighed. Your voice carried a panicking tone, but it was because you were so close to coming. “Bucky, fuck, I’m─”
“Come, honey,” he whispered, lips brushing yours. “Come for me, c’mon.” He ducked down to bite one of your breasts, sucking and licking at the same time. You gasped. Your thighs and walls clenched around him so tightly, Bucky’s eyes rolled behind his head, mouth open and he was almost drooling at the sensation. “Fuck!” He roared. The vice of your walls around his hard cock felt so fucking good, he started to move in and out of you rapidly. He was jackrabitting, so close to coming himself, and you didn’t mind. It still felt good albeit a bit too much.
“James,” you whispered. Your hand squeezed his and you lifted your head enough to peck him on the lips. Bucky moaned brokenly. He leaned down, fully pressing his lips on yours as he kissed you deeply. He was releasing moans and grunts and sighs into the kiss, into your mouth, and you smiled. “Come on, lemme see you,” you whispered again. Pecking his lips once and twice, licking his bottom lip, you bit it gently.
Bucky cursed. His thrust halted for a second. His balls jerked as he thrusted into you one last time, and he filled the condom with his seed, his face buried in your neck. You hummed. His weight on you was a welcomed one, it felt like a personal, living, weighted blanket and you hummed again.
“Oh shit,” Bucky whispered. It was quiet for a while. He silently and carefully pulled out of you and ditched the condom. He got up to get a wet cloth from the bathroom. When he returned, he gently cleaned the between your legs, taking away all the dirt and slight blood that he caused, and then cleaned himself. Dropping the cloth somewhere in the bathroom, he walked back inside the room, lay on the bed and gathered you in his arms, hugging you tight against his chest. You sighed contently. “How do you feel? Was I too rough?”
“Mm, no,” you murmured. Your face was squished on his chest. The barbells on his nipples were warm against your cheek. “It was perfect.” You smiled dopily as you pulled back. You kissed him on the cheeks and then on the lips. “Thank you.” He smiled at you back; the crinkles around his eyes showing themselves, he scrunched his nose.
“You’re very welcome, bubba,” he whispered, kissing your nose. You chuckled and settled back on his chest. You lay in the silence. Although both of you were tired, you didn’t feel the need of sleep immediately. Bucky was in agreement with you since he started to hum again. You frowned for a second until you realized he was still singing the same song from before. You chuckled. “Hmm,” he said.
“Same song still?”
“Yup,” he grinned. “Lyrics fit, don’t you think?” You made a questioning sound. His grin widened. He was expecting you’d react like that. “You got the peaches, I got the cream,” he sang, and you snorted out loud as your face burned yet again. “Sweet to taste, saccharine.” You started to laugh. “Cause I’m hot, hot, so hot, sticky sweeet!” He started to crack up slightly. “From my head, my head to my feet, yeaah!”
“Oh my God, stop!” You cackled, face buried in his neck.
“Never,” he said and went back to singing. “Take a bottle, shake it uuup! Break the bubble, break it uuuup!” He stopted, looking at your with the corner of his eyes. You snorted and bit his neck lightly. “Come on, sing this part with me.” You shook your head. “Come ooon! Do this and I’ll shut up, I promise.” You looked at his grinning stupid face. Rolling your eyes, you murmured a ‘fine’.
“Pour some sugar on meee!” Both of you sang, trying very hard not to crack up. “Oooh, in the name of looovee! Pour some sugar on meee! C’mon fire me uup!” Bucky flipped your positions, taking you under him again, causing your breath to hitch and stop you singing.
“Pour some sugar on me,” he sang quietly this time. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, deeply, lovingly. His lips traveled your neck, peppering kisses and then came back to your lips again. He whispered the last notes of the song as he leaned in close enough for his lips to crush against yours before he engulfed you into another hot and loving round of sex.  
“Ooh, I can’t get enough…”
Your grinning self was turned into a gasping and chanting his name with pleasure one real quick after that.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Pierced Through and Through
Summary: Bucky has planned the perfect vacation. All he has to do is get through the metal detectors without revealing his secret. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: TFAWS Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3.5K 
Warnings: Smut, exhibitionism, praise kink, piercing kink (Bucky has brand new c*ck piercing), mile high club public sex, airplane bathroom sex, oral (m receiving), p*ssy slapping, dirty talk,, dom/sub dynamics, begging kink, choking kink, Minors DNI
A/N: Beta’d by the wonderful @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog and @whisperlullaby and an entry for her challenge! All mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, translate, reproduce, rewrite or repost any of my works. Comments, likes and reblogs are welcome and cherished. By hitting read more, you agree that you are 18 and older. 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is a romantic, you blame it on his 1940s upbringing. It’s not unusual for you to come home to flowers, chocolates, and oh his home-cooked meals. Nothing like seeing him, all six feet of thick ripped muscles, standing in front of the stove wearing nothing but an apron, holding up a spoon dripping with fragrant marinara sauce, telling you to open wide and swallow like the good girl you are. 
For the past week, he’s been acting strange, hiding his laptop whenever you wander into the room. 
He keeps staring at you to the point where you’re looking down at yourself, wondering if you spilled something. Each time he follows up with his signature smirk, pure lust in his deep blue eyes. He’s always insatiable but something is different, he’s holding back something from you, often distracting you with mind blowing sex, in fact, the only warning you get before he’s on you, in you, is his bottom lip catching between a flash of pearly white teeth. 
When he announced the vacation it all made sense, his odd behavior, his increased libido. He’s been thinking about all the filthy things he’s going to do to you in another country. 
And you are ready for it.
Tumblr media
The ride to the airport is peaceful, the sky shades of dark azure and teals, the crescent moon visible to your left. The early morning traffic is light, so you arrive earlier than expected. While it pained you to get up before the sunrise, you have to admit it’s worth it to not deal with crowds of people. His hand, heavy and warm,  rests on your thigh as he pulls into the lot. 
“You can hold my hand or nothing at all.” He says, giving you a pointed look when you try to take your bag from the backseat. With a giggle, you lace your fingers between his as he shoulders all of the suitcases and bags in one arm. The airport buzzes with activity, people milling about, shops preparing for the rush in an hour or two. You squeeze his hand with excitement the closer you get to the check-in point. 
Soon you’ll be on a tropical island with nothing but him, drinks, and the sand. Nothing between you but the salt tinged breeze and the sun.  
Bucky’s steps falter when you near the terminal, ahead of you the airport security waving people through, checking belongings.
 “You okay?” you ask when he hesitates, his Adam’s apple bobbing twice, his eyes flitting across the space. Bucky smiles briefly before setting the bags down in the grey bins.
 You go through the metal detector first and turn to wait for your bags to travel down the conveyer belt.
He follows, setting off the alarm.
 He’s never done that before, not since he has had the upgraded arm.
“Sorry, Sergeant Barnes, protocol.” The TSA agent apologizes before he picks up the thin black wand, waving it over his body.
You watch him, fiddling with the strap of your bag. Bucky sighs, his eyes closing. He seems oddly resigned. Your brows furrow when you see sweat bead along the crown of his forehead. 
Bucky feels the back of his neck becoming hot, a flush creeping up his chest. He averts his eyes, aware that you’re looking at him, his breathing becoming heavier, more noticeable. The agent pauses at his abdomen, “Are you alright, sir?”
Bucky attempts a smile, the grimace putting you and the agent on edge. The wand dips lower.
The loud piercing sound reaches your ears, at first you assume it’s because of his belt. But then you remember Bucky isn’t wearing a belt.
He’s wearing loose gray sweatpants because you told him he should be comfortable for the trip.
The wand shifts back up. Beep. Right over his dick. The agent brings it back up and down. Beep. 
You take a step forward as the agent steps backward.
You speak in unison. Bucky’s face turns a deep maroon, nearly matching the red lacy bra you’re wearing under your blush pink sundress.
“It’s supposed to be a surprise.” He spits out through gritted teeth. His chiseled jaw clenched tight, a muscle twitching in his scruff-covered cheek.
You exchange glances with the befuddled agent. Licking your suddenly dry lips, you glance around the semi-crowded airport. Thankful that few people recognize the super-soldier with his oversized hoodie concealing his arm.
“Sir, whatever you have tucked in your pants-“ The agent begins, clearing his throat nervously when Bucky’s eyes land on him. You admire the man’s bravery, not many can face down your man when he’s giving them his signature death stare. “- you’ll need to put it on the conveyor belt.” His voice cracks when Bucky stands up straight, cracking his neck. 
Bucky crooks his index finger and motions for the agent to come closer. He looks back at you and you shrug, giving him a helpless I have no fucking idea what’s happening look.
You rock onto your tiptoes to try to take a peak, failing to seeing much. You can only make out Bucky’s arm moving forward, a shocked gasp, and the sound of elastic snapping against skin.
“Oh wow. Wow, I’ve never seen anything that big, I mean-” he looks over his shoulder at you. “-how are you not waddling right now?” His flustered tone makes you blink slowly. 
Tilting your head, you place your hands on your hips. “What?”
The agent drops his eyes, “M just saying, should be walking side to side.” He sings the last bit. Your lips pull down into a confused frown, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is going on, Bucky cuts you off with a loud groan.  
“I assume we can go.” He snarls, the sound making your belly twist, you don’t know what’s happening but you like it when he gets riled up. Bucky grabs his belongings out of the bin resting on the conveyor belt. 
“Sergeant, you can do whatever you want.”
“Excuse me?” you exclaim incredulously, eyes widening. “What is that supposed to mean?” 
Bucky grabs your arm, spinning you around. ”Let’s go.“
Tumblr media
He ignores your questions, his hand hovering over the small of your back, guiding you through the airport. You struggle to match his long strides, his blank, angry stare alone parting the crowds until you reach the gate. 
 Once you’re on the plane, you’re led into the private cabin, only three other people besides the flight attendant are in your section. You sink into your buttery smooth leather seat and wait for him to put up your bags. Suspiciously studying him as he reaches into the overhead cabinet, cursing yourself for talking him into wearing that large sweatshirt. You can’t make out a thing through the thick fabric.
Bucky plops into the seat beside you. His gaze fixated on the serving tray. He’s concerned, almost nervous. No, he can’t be. Nothing makes your man nervous. You touch the side of his face with the pads of your fingers, massaging his jaw. 
The word hangs in the tension thick air. 
He sighs, eliciting a deep groan from his chest as he tilts his head back. Running your fingers through his soft locks, you turn in your seat. “So you wanna tell me- “
“It was going to be a surprise.”
Scratching his scalp until he relaxes, you wait for him to continue, his blush returning. After a minute, you tug his hair. “You said that already. What is it exactly?” You retort, emphasizing “it”.
Bucky lolls his head to the side, his piercing slate blue eyes gazing into your curious ones. 
You stare at his plump pink lips, trying to process the jumbled words. “You what?”
Another groan. You stare at him gesturing for him to repeat himself.  
Bucky reaches down and pulls his hoodie up, the grey fabric bunching up over his chest, his darkening blues never leaving yours. Out of the corner of your eye, you see his black and gold hand reach under the band of his sweatpants. 
“What are you doing?” You hiss, looking around grateful that no one is paying attention to you. 
The flight attendant is talking to the wealthy-looking older couple a few rows ahead and the person behind you is sleeping.
When you drop your eyes back down, you gasp. Your hand flying to your mouth to stifle it. Your gaze sweeps across the cabin, thankful that no one heard you. 
His cock is out. 
Buck has his hardening cock in his fist.
The thick veiny shaft visible between his fingers, but it’s the head. The swollen tip with precum leaking out that has your attention. Holy fuck. The silver piercing going through it, making it look even larger. Your hand twitches, wanting to touch it. 
“Oh, fuck.” You breathe out, letting your hand fall from your face. “Fuck me.” You mean it, please fuck me Bucky. 
Bucky takes a deep breath, his eyes holding a hint of concern. “You know how I’ve been on the internet more.”
His hand shifts up his shaft and the rigid piercing moves slightly. “I saw a video. ”
You’re not even listening right now, too distracted by the silver gleaming under the fluorescent lights, it’s curved, two small balls attached to the ends. Your mouth watering at the thought of running your tongue over it. “Mm-hmm.”
Bucky can’t tell if you’re happy or not, holding himself tighter. He wonders if he should have asked you first. “Supposed to make you feel good. Enhance your pleasure.” He explains defensively, a cautious edge to his voice. 
“Uh. Huh.”
“I can take it out, doll.”
That snaps you out of your daze. “The hell you will.”
Without thinking, you drop your head to his lap, your tongue flicking over the leaking tip. His unique salty taste bursting on your tongue, you trace the smooth piercing, marveling at the contrast between his soft flesh and hard metal. 
“Damn, I love you.” His voice low and needy, the way you like it. 
He cradles the back of your head with his large palm, not pushing but waiting for you to guide him into your mouth, breathing through your nose, you ease down his thick cock.
 He tastes so good. His warm heavy weight on your tongue, the piercing a strange feeling in your mouth, bobbing your head, you hollow your cheeks sucking him until you feel his thigh tense under your hand. You know exactly how he likes it, loudly, sloppy with tears streaming down your face, you really wish you could give him what he deserves right now but you’re not even hiding the fact that you’re sucking his cock. 
You pull back, licking up the side of his shaft, the veins throbbing with each twist of your hand. Bucky murmurs soft praises that have you craving more, you swirl your tongue around it and he moans quietly, painfully aware that anyone can see his girl taking his cock. “Fuck, you’re good doll.”
You take him back in your warm mouth, gagging softly when he hits the back of your throat. Bucky whispers under his breath. “My sweet dirty little girl-” 
You hear a loud exaggerated cough coming from behind you. You pull off of him with a laugh, wiping away the string of spit, Bucky clenches his fists taking in a deep breath trying to control the urge to face fuck you in front of these nice people. 
Sneaking a glance over the top of your seat, the man behind you has his eyes shut, his lips pinched together. You slump back in your seat, face burning. You really gave Buck head in the middle of the plane. Looking down at his cock, you’re seconds away from finishing the job. 
“In five minutes, meet me in the bathroom.” His deep voice delivering the demand right in your ear. 
Oh fuck.
Bucky tucks himself back in his pants and saunters down the aisle. You grin at your clasped hands, containing your eager squeal. It’s about to go down. Your pussy throbs with every second that passes. You’re almost afraid to get up because of how wet you are right now. You keep your chin tucked to your chest, ignoring the chuckling from the person behind you, and dart down the aisle, mumbling sorry when you almost knock over someone. 
You open the door and peek inside. “Buck-”
He grabs you, shutting the door behind you. He shoves you up on the sink and for the second time in ten minutes; you struggle for air. 
Bucky is completely naked, pants pooled around his feet, shirt over the small toilet, the harsh white light reflecting off the piercing as his cock sways. His large muscular body crowding the small space, pushing you back into the mirror. He’s everywhere. His hands part your thighs,  cool smooth metal and warm rough hands, languidly rubbing your skin. 
Bucky grins at you. “I was going to have the first time be on the beach but I can’t wait doll.”
“Good.” You moan, his fingers pressing into your thighs.
His breath hitches when you reach out, telling you to don’t act shy now, it’s your cock doll. Even without his dirty praises in your ear, his hand guiding yours down to his throbbing erection between your bodies, you’re so turned on, ready for him. Your panties clinging to your sopping wet cunt, your dress bunched around your waist. 
“Take it.” He orders, every bit the Sergeant he is, daring you to defy him. 
You want him too bad to even think about teasing him today. 
You stroke his cock, in awe of the way the metal curves around his tip, gently caressing the end of the metal with your thumb, pulling the side of it. Bucky feels it through his entire cock, a vulgar grunt in his chest, his hands digging into your thighs. You’re going to be bruised tomorrow. 
You glimpse up at him through your lashes, he’s seconds from losing it. Your clit aches at the thought of him going feral. 
You stroke it again, harder this time, comparing the warm metal to his heated flesh and you twist your hand firmly. He groans your name, his hand grabbing your wrist, pulling you away.  “Keep it up and I’ll cum.”  
“I thought you said you could only cum in my pussy or mouth, Sergeant.” You say sweetly, biting your bottom lip. 
 The veins in his neck pop out his control splinters, his growl sending jolts straight to your pussy. Bucky leans down, crashing his lips down over yours, his hands lifting your hips off the counter, dragging your panties down until you can kick them off. 
You need him inside you, stretching you right now.
“So pretty,” he whispers, pulling you to the edge of the sink, his cock bobbing over your stomach as you grip the walls for support. Bucky is a fucking tease when he knows you’re the needy one. He knows how badly you want him, but he’s going to make you beg.
Holding his shaft, he eases his swollen head through your heated folds; you flinch when the metal taps your clit, its firm and cool on your pulsating bundle. A breathy wanton moan pouring out when he does it again. 
“Bucky.” You whine, wrapping your legs around him, trying to bring him closer. 
Bucky shakes his head, “Not until I’m ready.”  He smirks when you glare at him. “Wanna challenge me, doll?” 
His metal hand latches around your throat and you almost cry when he squeezes. You’re no match for him, he knows your body too well, how much pressure to apply to make you break, how to put you back together and rip you apart again without breaking a sweat. 
 He circles your clit, tracing intricates patterns over you, light touches that have you rocking forward desperate for friction until you whimper out please Bucky, please baby. Fuck I’ll do anything, just, please.  
“Not good enough, I don't know if you really want  it doll, doesn’t sound like you do?” He taunts, his hand tightening over your throat as you beg for him. 
 Bucky slaps your pussy with his cock once, twice and you jolt, sparks of pleasure shooting through you but it’s not enough, your throbbing cunt clenching down hard over nothing.
“Sergeant, please.” You plead, your heels digging into his back. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get him to move. “Bucky, please.”
You gaze into his eyes, the thin rim of blue barely visible around his lust blown pupils. God, he likes you like this begging and desperate, dripping for him. He slaps you again. Another whimper falling out of your mouth. You let go of the wall and grab his hair and yank hard. 
His head jerks back and he slams into you, the sudden burning stretch overwhelming you. Suddenly so full of his thick cock you can’t breathe. His name strangled on your tongue. 
“Fuck, you don’t know how good you feel Doll”.  His appreciative groan makes you even wetter and fuck he can tell. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he’s slamming back into your velvety heat. “M gonna stay buried in this sweet little cunt all week.” Your head flies back, his hand reaching around in the nick of time to keep it from bouncing off the mirror. He pins your hand above your head as his hips grind into yours. “Gonna fuck you everywhere on the island” 
“You’re making a mess of my cock” He says looking down between your bodies, watching his cock disappear into your tight pussy, coated with your slick with each thrust.  
He whispers more filthy things in your ear, the mirror fogging as he tells you all the ways he’s going to take on the beach, the surrounding forest. You’re not going anywhere until he’s satisfied. The fast, merciless thrusts have you keening louder and louder until he covers your mouth in a hot, sloppy kiss.
 You feel every inch enhanced by the smooth ends of his piercing gliding over your fluttering walls, his lips on yours are the only things keeping the entire plane from hearing your sobs. Bucky bites your lower lip gently before soothing it with his tongue. Your own dives into his wet mouth, deepening the kiss as he fucks you. 
 A knock on the door goes unanswered. 
You don’t give a fuck who’s out there, not when you feel this good; you don’t think it can get any better; he changes his angle, pulling you up and metal strikes your soft spongy spot. Pure electricity shoots you through. It’s fast and brutal in its intensity, your toes curl, back painfully arched off the sink.
 He swallows your scream, barely muffling the sound. You know they have to hear you, but then he does it again and your eyes roll back. All worries about being quiet are gone when he keeps hitting your sweet spot.
 It’s more than you can take.
His metal fingers drop to your clit. “So much, too much, so good fuck I can’t, I can’t.” You mumble into his mouth. 
He makes out your frantic pleas, his lips still on yours, and he grins deviously. Oh, you will, doll. He grazes your clit lightly with small circles, waiting until his next thrust, and he pushes his thumb hard over your sensitive bud at the same time his piercing drags over your spot. His muffled good girl pushing you over the edge.
You shatter. An incoherent, shrill moan erupting from you, breaking away from his hold as the orgasm surges through your body. With a dull roar in your ears, you see stars. Purples and reds blooming behind your eyelids, sobs, and moans wracking through as the coil unravels. His large hands hold you steady, letting him fuck you harder. 
Sweat clings to your body, the front of your dress drenched in it, your thighs burning and trembling around his waist. Tears burn your eyes, mascara dripping down your face, the small space impossibly hot.
Bucky groans, “One more doll.” He laughs when you shake your head. “You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” 
Bucky plants his hands on the mirror for leverage, grinding deeper in you, fucking you relentlessly until you cum again and again. Pleasure overwhelming you, your nails scratching red trails down his chest. 
You clench down again, riding through another orgasm, his pace falters as he feels his own climax building. His hips snapping erratically in you until he drops his head with a grunt. “So fucking tight, pussy was made for me.” 
 “C’mon Bucky, fill me up, god I want it” you moan, biting down on his shoulder, letting him use your body he spills inside of you. “Yes, fuck.” 
He rests his forehead on yours, his softening cock falling out of your spasming cunt. “Love you,” you giggle. 
Bucky smiles at you, reaching over to grab a handful of paper towels. “Love you too.”
You point at his cock, “I think I love him more though.” 
His face drops, making you laugh, reminding you how much you love these moments after he wrecks your body. He playfully grumbles as he wets up the towels with warm water and cleans up the mess between your thighs.
You fan yourself off with your hand, wiping off his forehead with the bottom of your dress. You rest your back on the cool mirror, the sweat drying, you bring your knees up to give him enough space to get dressed. 
Another knock on the door. Persistent banging while you adjust the straps on your dress. 
You look at him and he shrugs, his brow raised defiantly, pocketing your panties. 
He opens the latch, smiling smugly at the flight attendant. She looks past him and stares at you in wonder. You gaze back, eyes dazed, looking thoroughly loved and fucked. The smell of sex drifting out of the small bathroom.
“Ma’am” He asserts over her indignant spluttering for the both of you to return to your seats. He takes your hand and pushes past her, you stumble behind him on shaky legs when you lose your balance, he sweeps you into his arms. Bucky places you into your seat, reclining it for you.
 Snagging a bottle off a passing tray, he helps you take a drink of water, the cool liquid soothing your parched throat. 
He looks out your window, then at his watch. You yawn, lids drifting shut. “I’m not tired, doll.” His tone has your eyes snapping open. 
Placing a kiss on your lips, he rubs his nose along your throat, humming quietly. “We land in five hours”. He tosses the thin airplane blanket over you. His warm hand slipping between your legs. “Let’s play a little game doll.”
He grabs your chin with his metal fingers gazing into your eyes. “Make a sound and I stop.” Oh fuck. He pulls your bottom lip down, leaning closer, his warm breath brushing over your skin. “Be quiet and you get to cum.”  
“But if you make a sound, you have to do whatever I want all week long.” 
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bucksfucks · 10 days ago
      dilf practice
Tumblr media
abstract ; baby making sex with your husband.
pairing ; tfatws!bucky x f!reader
word count ; 2,521 words
content warnings ; talk of having kids, baby making sex [unprotected], intrusive thoughts [for bucky], pet-name [petal], baby-making sex positions, squirting, blowjob, oral, cum-play, praise kink, mocking & degradation [name called - slut], dumbification, alludes to public sex, soft and sweet moments — 18+ ONLY • MINORS DNI
notes ; starting the dilf!bucky protection squad because he deserves the world <3
Bucky Barnes wanted a baby. He wanted a family, a family that was his. A family with you. It was apparent that he’d been longing for it for as long as you could remember. 
For a super-soldier ex Russian spy, he wasn’t that sneaky. 
A list of baby names scribbled onto a piece of paper, tucked away in the pages of his favourite book.
The computer search history asking questions of how long does it take to get pregnant? A tab holding the question of best positions to make a baby? And, your favourite one yet, is 106 too old to be a dad?
Bucky had caught the baby fever. 
You think it was because Sam had become a new dad and Bucky jumped at the opportunity of babysitting whenever you guys could, offering his help whenever, and even asking Sam questions about fatherhood. 
It was sweet, wholesome, endearing, and it made you uncontrollably horny. 
Because Bucky? As a fucking DILF? Fuck, yes. 
Then he finally let it slip, cuddled up in bed, a comfort movie playing on the TV, but Bucky couldn’t pay attention to anything but the thought of starting a family with you. 
“I wanna have a baby,” he blurted, his heart racing as you turned to look at him all while trying to hide the smile that was threatening to break free across your face. 
“I wanna make you a mom,” he added, twiddling his thumbs and you could tell you nervous he was. 
You reached out for his hand, cold and sleek, as you squeezed the prosthetic. 
“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that, Buck,” you whisper softly, running your finger over where Bucky had his wedding band engraved where his fourth finger meets his knuckles. 
He’d worried about how he would find a ring, but he found a better, more permanent solution to that problem and it only made you fall more in love with him as he engraved your initials on his palm. 
That way, he could hold you no matter where you were. 
“Really?” He sounds surprised as he pulls you onto his lap. You have to giggle, because he really was oblivious for the deadliest assassin to ever step foot on American soil. 
“I wanna have your baby, Bucky. I wanna have as many babies as we want.” His eyes gloss over because truthfully, who would want to have a family with a monster like Bucky?
It took years of therapy, and Bucky was doing much better, but that’s the thing about intrusive thoughts; they never leave you alone.
So when Bucky got down on one knee, shaky hands holding the velvet box, he was sure that you would say no to his proposal. 
But he had to admit, hearing you say that you want to carry his baby...his dick twitched at the thought.
And you noticed, because you smirked, raising an eyebrow, “should we get started tonight?” 
That’s all it took for Bucky to flip you over, have you writhing under him as he whispered about how full he was going to have you. That you would be leaking by the time he was done with you. 
Sex with Bucky was always mind-fucking-blowing. 
But baby-making sex with Bucky?
Well it made you almost fucking astral project as he stepped up his already perfect game in the hopes of filling you with enough of his seed to make you nice and round. 
And so, when you got your period the next month, you had to remind Bucky that it was going to take a little time. Even with his super-sperm, you were still human at the end of the day. 
But Bucky just quirked an eyebrow, stepped closer to you and trapping you against the counter as he whispered, “guess that means I’ll be findin’ every and any excuse to pump you full of cum, isn’t that right, Plum?”
Leave it to Bucky to have you squirming at 10:32 AM on a Thursday morning. 
It didn’t stop there, no, not when you were wearing Bucky’s favourite sundress to the park. 
“You really expect me not to take you when you wear this?” He groans as his already wandering hands are grabbing and squeezing at your ass as you let out a soft giggle. 
Okay, yeah. So maybe this was part of your plan. 
“Baby my dick is so hard, I can’t go back there,” he whisper-yells pitifully as you’re hiding in the small wooded area. 
The fallen tree branches crunch underneath both of your feet as he has you pressed up against a thick wooden tree. It scratches at your exposed skin, but you don’t care now that Bucky’s hiking your dress up and...
“Oh you little,” he can’t even finish his sentence as he meets your bare pussy. 
He meets your eyes, they’re hungry as he licks his lips, “my little slut wanted to get fucked in the middle of the fuckin’ woods, huh?”
God, if this is how you and Bucky get pregnant, it would be one hell of a story. 
See that’s the thing about Bucky; if he wants it, he’s making damn well sure that he’s getting it.
It had been a few months of trying to get pregnant, being given the all clear by the doctors, so really all you had to do was have stupid amounts of sex.
Bucky fist-bumped the doctor, he cheered and joked that the doctor had literally prescribed you guys sex. 
He was just an overgrown fratboy with the skillset of someone who the KGB used to be afraid of. 
But truthfully, that’s exactly what you had left to do. And Bucky was very proud of his craft which meant he always left you shaking at the end of the night, kissing you and telling you how proud of you he was. 
Tonight was no different.
Dinner had been left on the table, cold and uneaten as Bucky pressed you against the wall and wedged his thigh between your legs only to pull back to gauge you reaction to the words that would come from his mouth next.
“’M hungry for somethin’ a little sweeter tonight, Plum. And ‘m feelin’ greedy.”
His words sent a shiver down your spine, gasping softly when he dug his thick, cool digits into the flesh of your cheeks effectively holding your face in whatever position he chose. 
“Tonight,” he smirked. “I wanna watch you squirm, beggin’ for my cock, beggin’ me to fill you up ‘til you can’t take anymore.”
You sucked in a harsh breath, “because I’ll take care of you,” there was a sinister look in his eyes. 
“But only if you behave.” 
You whimpered, audibly, as your knees buckled slightly and then his lips were on yours in a greedy and needy kiss. There was nothing more you wanted than to feel his tongue against yours, but even that he wouldn’t give you so easily. 
“Aww you poor little thing,” he cooes mockingly, “you gotta learn how to control yourself.”
As if his words would make you feel better. They only accelerated your heartbeat and the unevenness of your breathing.
“But Bucky,” you whined, not being able to get a single other word out as he shut you up by tightening his grip on your face.
“Shut up.” He growled, surprising you as your breathing stuttered in your chest, “get on your knees.”
You looked at him, dumbfounded, as if you didn’t speak English and he snapped his fingers in front of your eyes. 
“Well? Did your dumb baby brain shut off? Do I have to dumb it down even further for you?” He continued to taunt you, “get on those knees and open your pretty little mouth for me.” 
You’re being pushed down, strong hands on your shoulders before you’re met with his impressive bulge.
He’s teasing you, slowly undoing his belt and pulling his zipper down as you unconsciously lip your bottom lip in anticipation.
But Bucky catches it. “Desperate little thing, aren’t ya?”
Baby making sex with Bucky was never just about the sex. He always shifted his focus on you, knowing you better than you knew yourself, and making sure you were having a good time.
Which you really fucking were because your panties were fucking soaked. Drenched. Gone.
A shudder rolls over your body when he finally pulls himself free, giving himself a few strokes before you’re gently being slapped by it.
“Eyes on me, yeah? Focus, you pretty little thing.” He purrs with a wicked smirk, mischief in his eyes.
You feel the weight of his head against your lips, prompting you to open your mouth and slowly wrap your lips around him.
The hiss that leaves Bucky sounds like this is what he’s been needing — craving, even.
“Oh yeah, that’s it baby. Love your mouth so fuckin’ much,” he groans, eyes fluttering closed as you take him further.
You’ve memorized the spots on him that make him whimper and moan, hitting them with your tongue as his dick twitches in your mouth.
“Look’atcha,” he smirks, “mouth full of my cock and you’re squirmin’, huh?”
Shit. You were hoping he wouldn’t notice how unbelievably turned on you were — oh, who were you kidding?
Of course you wanted him to see how fucking wet you are.
Your brain was nothing but mush at this point, the only thoughts being anything and everything revolving around Bucky.
“Up,” Bucky said. “Stand.” His tone was much more demanding the second time around as you stood on shaky, wobbly legs.
Panties soaked, your core absolutely aching, and your makeup a mess as Bucky runs his thumb under your eyes and smirks.
“You look so pretty like this, Petal.” His voice is soft, but he’s going to think about this moment the next time you cry.
He loves it. He loves it when you cry because he gets to tell you how pretty you look — it’s fucked up, messed beyond belief, but you like it.
You enjoy being Bucky’s ruined little mess.
The moment doesn’t last and you don’t get to relish in it before your clothes are literally ripped off, leaving you with hard nipples at the sudden cool air surrounding you.
Then he pushes you against the even colder wall, chest against yours, “now I think it’s only fair we get you nice and ready.”
Bucky sinks to his knees, lips trailing down your body and he doesn’t break eye contact before he nuzzles his face between your thighs and his scruff sends a chill down your spine.
“Such a pretty cunt, God, I love this pretty little pussy,” he groans, placing your legs over his shoulders and he’s eating you out.
Eating you out against the wall, holding you up entirely as he digs his fingers into your hips and ass.
You think you’ll suffocate him with your thighs.
Bucky wants exactly that.
He’s lapping at you, licking, sucking, and drawing tight figure eights in your clit as you soak him with your slick.
When he lets out a moan against your pussy, you gasp as your walls flutter because of how goddamn close you are.
“Oh,” a whine cuts you off. “Oh Buck, so close.”
He already knows. He doesn’t need you to tell him that you’re about to cover him, drench him, he’s been craving it the entire day.
It’s so fucking hot he has to wrap a hand around his dick, slowly stroking himself because he’s painfully hard now — but he refuses to let himself cum until he’s buried deep in you.
Your orgasm rocks you, earthquake to your bones as you grip and tug at his hair before he’s coming up for air.
A cocky smirk and glistening lips, “could have you squirt over me every fuckin’ day.”
“But as much as I’d like to keep devourin’ you,” he’s standing up now, your legs wrapped around his torso as he’s making his way to the bedroom.
“I want to stuff you full even more.”
You’re thrown on the bed, relatively gently before Bucky is hovering over you with his dog tags swinging gently against your chest.
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, but it doesn’t happen immediately. Instead, Bucky groans as he furrows his eyebrows.
“I read,” he mumbles to himself, grabbing a pillow from beside you, “that this could help.”
He’s patting your bum, “lift your hips up for me, Petal.”
You do as you’re told, intrigued and hey, if it’ll help, you’re willing to try anything.
He places the pillow beneath your hips so they’re lifted — raised up — but comfortably so and you’re just anticipating how deep he’ll be able to get with this angle.
“C’mon, Bucky,” you whine, grabbing for him. “Fuck a baby into me already.”
You swear he growls, pinning your wrists against the mattress as his nose bumps you and smirks, “oh, I’ll be sure to fuck you so full tonight, Petal.”
He lines himself up, sending a wink your way, “don’t you worry.” He says before he pushes in and groans so lowly that you can feel the vibrations running through his chest.
“Baby,” he whines, “baby oh you feel s’good.”
His thrusts are slow, but deep, making sure to relish the way your warm walls grip him as the bed creaks and shakes under the both of you. And thank God for Bucky’s internet search history. 
Because this new position is not only comfortable, but Bucky is deeper than ever before. 
“Want you to feel how deep I am,” he grunts, grabbing your one hand and placing it over your lower tummy and applying pressure over your hand as you whine.
“Yeah, you feel that?” He smirks, “God, you take me so fuckin’ well.” 
The soft praises leave you reeling, clawing into his flesh trying to bring him closer but Bucky is set on watching his cum leak out of you so he can push it back in you.
His thrusts grow sloppier, brow creasing as he nuzzles his head in into your shoulder as you milk him with your own orgasm before he can no longer hold himself back. 
“Fuck,” he’s panting. “’M cummin’, Petal.” 
It leaves you shuddering, pulling him close as he sinks his teeth into you shoulder before kissing the indents of his teeth softly. 
He’s still inside of you, sitting back on his heels as he’s massaging your hips, “not wastin’ a single drop tonight.” He proudly grins as you give him a tired and soft smile. 
“Jus’ relax, baby,” he purrs, slowly pulling out of you after some time has passed. 
Bucky sucks in a harsh breath at the sight of his cum leaking out of you, fingers collecting it and carefully spreading it over you, “’m gonna be takin’ care of you all night long.”
What you didn’t realize is that tonight was going to be the night. 
A few weeks later, a positive pregnancy test, a teary eyed Bucky, and lots of kisses to your tummy as he whispers how much he loves the little Bean growing inside of you.
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barnestuff · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
summary in which you and bucky show affection in front of the team for the first time.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff, a brief mention of choking, pda, bucky and reader being an adorable couple, avengers being avengers.
a/n have a nice day/night <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
You and Bucky weren’t a huge fan of PDA for the first few months of your relationship.
It would never go further than holding hands while walking on the streets or Bucky’s hand on your thigh during dinner with your teammates. Sometimes, during galas or parties, Bucky’s hands would be on your waist protectively. You liked his touch, it was comforting but still, he wasn’t really comfortable with people around him and showing affection in front of them was a big step.
And maybe he was ready to take that step.
The whole team was in the jet, exhausted because of the hard mission. Luckily, nobody was hurt, just tired.
You sat next to Bucky like you always did. You were a little distant since the team was around but Bucky had different plans. He took your hand in his and pulled you to his lap, much to your surprise. You looked at him with widened eyes and he smiled at how frustrated you were. Your legs were thrown over his and his arm was wrapped around your shoulders. He kissed your cheek to comfort you a little and it worked. You put your head on his shoulder, inhaling the familiar scent. Even this was too much PDA for you usually, but if Bucky was comfortable it was always okay for you.
“Are you okay, pretty girl? Does it hurt anywhere?” he asked, his voice was worried but calm. He was protective and gentle at the same time. You loved how caring Bucky was, a side of him that only you got to see. You smiled at him and squeezed his hand a little.
“I am fine. You are not hurt, right?” you asked and he kissed your forehead.
“I am okay.” he said and you closed your eyes. You were exhausted and Bucky was warm, his scent was comforting.
“Are you sleepy?” Bucky asked and you mumbled a yes before closing your eyes. He kissed your nose, making you giggle sleepily and kissed your hand before closing his eyes. He put his head on yours.
“I love you, babydoll.” he whispered.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
“Looks like tin man is in love.” Tony said and Steve chuckled at his words.
“We better get used to it. I don’t think they will stop soon.” Natasha said and shook her head.
“I can’t believe this is the same man who choked me for touching his stuff.” Sam said as he looked at you two, sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.
“He looks so… loving.” Clint said and the whole team nodded in agreement. They’ve never seen Bucky like this before.
Steve’s eyes were soft as he watched you two. He knew that Bucky deserved this after everything. It was good to see his best friend happy, in love.
He never thought Bucky was the one to do love, but there he was, 70 years later, his big arms wrapped around your smaller frame to protect you from anything even when he is asleep, both of you sleeping peacefully.
After 70 long years, Bucky was in love.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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sweeterthanthis · 15 days ago
Tell me this isn't daddy watching you flirt with someone who isn't him 😏
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x 18+F!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings:  SMUT, fingering, teasing, jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity, stepdad trope/daddy kink, talk of cockwarming, dubcon if you squint but not really. 18+
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Bucky always arrives a little early to pick you up on a Friday afternoon. He likes to watch you interact with your friends, likes to observe you and watch your face light up when you spot him from across the parking lot.
He parks up, dark shades covering his curious eyes as he spies you walking around the corner of the building. His cock stirs in his trousers at the sight of your bare legs, watches you struggle with your overnight bag as you try to sling it over your shoulder.
He's about to exit the car - fingers lingering on the door handle - when he tightens his fist, the sight of you throwing doe eyed looks at the guy running toward you making him huff in annoyance.
Bucky watches, envious and unjustly enraged, as the guy holds his hand out - his fingernails biting into the palm of his hand as he watches you slip your cellphone into the little punk's grasp.
Bucky knows he's a hypocrite, but he doesn't care. As far as he's concerned, you belong to him. Your body, your mind - and dare he think it, your heart. He twists the car key in the mechanism, the engine rumbling to life loudly and your head instantly snapping up to find the source of the noise.
He watches as you snatch your phone out of your companion's hands, smirking at your attempts to make the encounter look as innocent as possible. He can't help but let out a chuckle when you pick up your pace; jogging across the parking lot, the hem of your skirt riding up with each bounce of your feet against the concrete.
Bucky grips the steering wheel tightly as you pull open the passenger side door, throwing your bag in the back seat and slipping into the plush, leather seat beside him.
He says nothing as he pulls out of the parking lot, a part of him revelling in your blatant discomfort. You already know he saw you, and you already know what kind of conclusions he's drawn from it. It doesn't matter what you say to try and convince him otherwise.
"Good week, princess?" He asks, taking a left turn and pulling up to a red light - shuffling in his seat to look over at you. "You got somethin' to tell me? Gonna start dating two guys now? I already felt sorry for Parker, but this guy, too?"
"No," you mutter, anger bubbling in your veins as you inwardly curse his vile hypocrisy, "but even if I did, you're one to talk." You had moments like this. Moments when you just can't bring yourself to sit pretty and apologise for the very thing he's doing so shamelessly.
"Careful," he warns, pulling away as the light turns green, accelerating harshly while you blow out a breath to continue.
"You gonna fuck her tonight?" You spit, kicking off your shoes and stretching your legs out in front of you, feet propped up on the dash purely because you know how much it pisses him off. "Are you? You gonna make me listen to it like I have to every fucking weekend?"
Bucky says nothing. He knows you're right. Knows he has absolutely zero standing to tell you what to do or who to date. That doesn't matter when his mind is screaming violence and his heart is hammering in his chest. He inhales a deep breath through his nose to try and steady himself, but you continue to poke at him.
"You're an asshole, you know that? I fucking hate you," you seethe, folding your arms across your chest and keeping your gaze fixed on the windscreen. "You come into my life, marry my Mom even though it's fucking obvious that you don't love her. If you loved her, you wouldn't be screwing her daughter every chance you get. You don't control me, you don't get to tell me how to behave."
You pretend not to panic when he pulls into a quiet side street, his demeanour calm and calculating as he shuts off the engine and puts the car in park.
Bucky looks to you, wrapping an arm around the passenger headrest and leaning in close enough that his warm breath fans your already burning cheek. "Someone's feelin' brave today, hmm?"
"I'm sick of being treated like a fucking whore," you tell him, sucking your bottom lip between your teeth before it has the chance to quiver and give you away. "I'm tired of being stuck in this shitty situation, tired of only getting the fucking scraps, and exhausted at having to watch you fake it with her."
"Who says I'm faking it?" He asks, his tone laced with that trademark arrogance that made you fall so hard in the first place. He regrets it as soon as it falls from his lips, but he can't let you know that. Has to keep up this ridiculous facade that you're just a hole for him to fuck when he needs a pretty young thing to entertain him. "Green's not a good look on you, princess. Oughta try being a little more grateful, coming all the way out here to pick you up. Could just leave you to take the bus."
"You only come out here to get your dick wet. Don't try to pretend that you're doing anyone a favour but yourself."
You're furious. You hate the way you let your emotions get the better of you, how you allow your jealousy to rip you apart inside, how you lack the strength to resist him and break off your affair. It's never going to end how you want it to.
"You think I have to drive all the way out here to get my dick wet?" He taunts you, his palm grazing the top of your bare thigh, snaking up below the hem of your skirt as you try to pull it down and cover yourself. "I don't even have to drive five minutes out of our fuckin' street to get some pussy if I want it."
His hand reaches further, fist nudging your thighs apart just enough for him to cup your cunt in the palm of his hand and squeeze it just a little, “could fuck any one’a those desperate, suburban housewives if I wanted. That why you get so jealous, princess? Thinkin’ I’m gonna get bored of this hot, little cunt and move onto the next one?” 
His words make your gut ache, because you know he’s right. You’re terrified that one day he’ll wake up and find a new toy to play with. You hate yourself for grinding yourself down against his hand, hate the slick that squelches against it as you seek that delicious friction you’ve been craving all week. 
“Please,” you whimper, reaching to grip his thick thigh, trying to steady yourself as you tremble beneath his touch. 
“S’that what’s got you so worked up? You just need to get fucked? Need daddy’s cock to make it better?” He coos, keeping up the charade that he could give two fucks about your feelings. Bucky can’t let you know that he could never get bored - will never find a sweeter pussy than yours. “C’mon, princess. Cat got your tongue now?” 
“Daddy, please,” you whisper, batting your lashes at him and doing your very best to entice him into giving you what you want. He smirks, tapping your cunt with his fingers and pulling them out from between your thighs. Your lips part as you start to speak, but his glistening digits slip between them before you get the chance to finish the first syllable. 
“You think I’m gonna give you what you want after that fuckin’ performance back there. Not to mention that mouth,” he tuts, shoving his fingers further down your throat and pulling a gagging sound from your mouth. “Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna suck those fingers clean, and then you’re gonna keep daddy’s cock warm with that mouth. All the way home.” 
“Mmmph,” you mumble, but with a mouth full of his fingers you can’t get a word out. He pulls them free of your mouth, leaning in to capture your lips in a heated kiss that sets your skin on fire. 
You’ll never get sick of those lips. The way he kisses you, so soft and so passionate. His kisses were the only clue you needed. The only reassurance you ever had to cling on to that you meant more to him than he cared to admit. 
His tongue slips between your lips, dancing with yours as you cling to the collar of his jacket - arching your body into his as his leans over the centre console, kissing you with fervor and desire. 
He pulls away, his forehead resting against yours as he catches his breath. “You’re gonna keep it warm for me,” he rasps, “because I missed it alright? I missed that mouth. I missed those pretty tits, missed that little pussy.” 
You think he’s going to tell you that he missed you. It’s right there on the tip of his tongue. He doesn’t, of course. But the intensity of his stare dizzies you slightly, knocking you off kilter completely when he brushes his thumb against your jawline. 
“Gonna wrap those soft lips around my dick and remind me how fuckin’ good it feels,” he purrs, nuzzling his nose against the soft spot behind your ear, “and then later, when it’s all quiet, m’gonna remind you why you belong to me.” 
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 24 days ago
I've been thinking about a priest trying to "save" the reader from demon Bucky, only to fail miserably and gets forced to watch Bucky fuck the reader in his own church
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, kinda public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism Minors DNI.
Word count: less than 1.5 k (?)
A/N: Written on my phone while at work. Will edit later. Do not copy,rewrite, translate or repost my drabbles.
You're sitting in Father Roger's office wearing a demure white lace dress. The matching stockings go up to your thighs, held in place by a pair of wine red garters. Buckys favorites. He loves how innocent you appear when you dress like this.
Your eyes hover over the bookshelf to your left, it's filled with religious literature. Even more books are stacked on his desk. Various pens and crosses are scattered across the uneven piles of paperwork. The overhead light catches specks of dust that dance in the still air. The faint scent of damp wood seeps into your nose.
You eye a particularly pretty cross, your hand drawn to it. Touching the tapered edge, you giggle when you feel a spark sting your fingertips. Withdrawing your hand, you continue to study the room while you wait.
You hum under your breath, perking up when you hear footsteps approaching. Straightening up, you smooth down the front of your dress.
Father Rogers closes the door behind him with a heavy sigh. "I'm so glad you could make it today."
He steps into your line of vision. You give him an alluring grin, widening your eyes ever so slightly. "Of course Father," you say, keeping your voice soft.
Folding your hands on your lap, you blink up at him. Steve watches you closely as he takes his seat, his eyes hardening when he sees the finger shaped bruises decorating your neck.
"There have been rumors that you were seen at the old church and that you may have been engaging in--," he huffs, removing his glasses, he pinches the bridge of his nose. In all his years, he never thought he would be having this conversation.
You lean forward, placing your palms on his desk. "Yes Father."
"Excuse me." He says, his brows furrowing.
You get out of the chair, keeping your hands on the smooth wooden surface. "I did go to the church. I did call for Bucky. And those activities they're whispering about are all true." You smile proudly.
Steve exhales sharply. He tosses his glasses down and grabs your hands. "Child, do you know what you have done? It's not too late, I can help you. We can rid you of this demonic presence."
His impassioned rant fades when you tilt your head to the side. Your eyes drifting over his shoulder. You grin, rolling your bottom lip between your teeth. "You hear that baby. He can rid me of your demonic presence."
Steve gawks at you, carefully withdrawing his hands. The sweet scent of lilacs and vanilla fill the musty air. The lights flicker changing from the dull yellow glow to an unnatural red.
Steve turns his head, startling in his chair. He curses under his breath, his heart hammering painfully in his chest as Bucky emerges from the shadows.
"Mmm language Father," Bucky purrs, gliding across the room.
He stands behind you, pressing down on your back, forcing you into a perfect arch. "Tell me, Father, just how do you plan on getting rid of me."
Goosebumps prickles across your skin as his large hands push your dress up your thighs to your waist. He plucks the garter, the band snapping on your tender skin. You hiss, loving the delicious sting. Bucky palms your ass. You hear shifting and rustling behind you.
Steve raises his hand, starting to form a cross. Bucky laughs a beautiful musical tone that makes you shiver. You're still not used to that mesmerizing sound.
Steve flinches, clutching his ears. He gasps when his hands are pulled down. His seat moving across the floor, the wheels squeaking and rattling as he's pushed to the desk.
Bucky licks up the side of your neck. He grips your hips and pushes into your slick walls with one firm thrust. Pleasure blooms from your core as he stretches you. Fuck, you never feel a burn with him, just pure bliss. You drop to your elbow, moaning as you blatantly stare at an aghast Steve.
Bucky grunts, snapping his hips into yours. "I'm so deep in her. She's so fucking tight." He lifts your hips and you cry out his name.
"You hear that Father," Bucky asks, a smirk forming as Steve struggles against his invisible bonds. Bucky pulls you flush against his chest, each stroke of his cock pushing you to your tiptoes.
He places his hand over your mouth, muffling your moans. The salacious wet sloshing of your cunt echoing in the small room is vulgar and filthy and it makes you even wetter, your slick dripping around his cock.
"Sounds like she doesn't want to let me go." Bucky taunts, lifting your dress, exposing your swollen pussy. Steves's eyes darken, a hoarse grunt caught in his throat.
"Her sweet cunt keeps sucking me back in." He groans, fucking into you harder and faster. You're not listening, too focused on the pleasure burning through your veins.
His tail wraps around your belly, keeping you still. Buckys mouth drops to your ear. "You know, I bet the good father is hard right now, bet his cock is aching to feel your tight pussy wrapped around him."
He flicks his wrist, lifting Steve out of the chair. Your grin hidden by Bucky's rough palm, he's right. Steve can't hide his lust-blown pupils, he definitely can't hide his cock straining the thin fabric of his pants.
You can help the moan ripping through your chest. Buckys large body surrounding you, Steve's piercing eyes on you. It's so debauched but you love every second of it.
"Aw look at that," he darkly chuckles. Bucky pulls your dress down exposing your tits, his thumb teasing your pebbled nipple while his long dexterous fingers circle your clit. "He wants you, little one, but you belong to me."
"Yes, yes I'm yours, all yours Bucky," you pant.
He nips at your bruised throat, his hips slapping into you so fast you're getting dizzy. It's too much, you're so close, so fucking close.
"All mine. Let's show him how pretty you look when you cum."
Steve crashes to the floor, his head tilted back as the desk flies across the room. His gaze locked on your pussy. "Cum for him, little one, let him see why your pussy is better than salvation. " He says, his fingers spreading your folds so Steve can see his large, thick cock pushing into your sopping core.
You clench down with a cry. It's a visceral reaction, the knot unraveling in your cunt, your body tensing as you fall apart.
"Good girl." Bucky groans, his deep voice rumbling across your skin. " Don't you agree, Steve?"
A sly grin cuts across his face, his blue eyes flickering to a deep black. "She's a very good girl."
He stands, shedding his cloak. "Now it's my turn to ruin her sweet cunt."
Part 1
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bucksfucks · a month ago
  𝙡𝙚𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙙𝙚 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃a new city, a new house, a new life, & a new hot neighbour who just so happens to be really good with his hands.
pairing┃neighbour!bucky x f!reader
word count┃2,600 words
warnings┃talk of cheating [readers ex-husband], talk of divorce, reader doesn’t want kids [kid-free by choice], character mention: sam wilson, sexual tension with bucky, pet-name [plum], mention of spanking, lots of teasing, bucky works out shirtless, sexual activities in the kitchen, bucky takes readers panties off with teeth, bucky keeps readers panties, oral, squirting, sex against window, exhibitionism, dog tag kink, choking [bicep], dumbification [dumb baby, stupid, big girl words], belly bulge kink, size kink, mocking + degradation, breeding kink, wife/housewife kink, unprotected sex — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃trying out a new format <<3
Tumblr media
    It was always men that managed to ruin your life.
    From your high school boyfriend abandoning you at prom or your that one college hookup that managed to say all the wrong things.
    It was always men.
    You thought your husband, ex, husband was different. That’s why you agreed to marry him in the first place.
    He was sweet and charming, whisking you away on dates and telling you how pretty you looked.
    The facade didn’t last. After the honeymoon is when things slowly started crumbling.
    He began picking up longer working hours, claiming that it was exactly what you guys needed to start a family.
    A family? He never listened to you.
    You didn’t want kids. In fact, you were incredibly happy being the aunt to all you nieces and nephews making sure that you were their safe space.
    It was never in your books to have kids.
    So when you discovered that you wonderful, loving, caring husband had cheated on you—you didn’t hesitate to draft up divorce papers, find a new place, and then spend six months travelling the world.
    You met amazing people and made amazing memories. But you were back again at a new city city, a new job, and a new house.
    It felt so…empty.
    Minimalism not by choice, but by necessity.
    A few pictures hung on the walls, some of your family and friends, but were mostly cheap prints you found at your local home goods store.
    A work in progress, is what you told yourself as you slowly settled in. It didn’t have to perfect.
    The neighbourhood was nice; cute, quaint, and quiet. The people were nice and helpful, welcoming you as you caught the eyes of a particular neighbour.
    Everyone called him James, but he introduced himself as Bucky as he extended an arm for you to shake.
    It was warm, a beaming smile on his face as he pointed to the u-haul truck in your driveway, “need any help?”
    You remember shaking your head, pride and ego too high before Bucky scoffed and said “you expect me to believe that a pretty little thing like you is gonna carry in an entire couch by herself?”
    You felt embarrassed. You therapist did tell you that it was okay to ask for help, so you finally caved.
    Bucky called over another neighbour; Sam.
    He made you laugh within the first five minutes as his nephews came barrelling down the street yelling “we can help!”
    And they did, the two boys probably did more than the three adults ever did—and the best part is that they still had energy by the end of it.
    “I don’t have much, but how about I order us some pizza’s as a thank you?” You offered, shutting your fridge as you realized you had nothing but a few beers and some ketchup.
    Sam laughed, “I’ll take you up on that offer next time, but I’ve gotta get back.”
    You thanked him profusely, telling that the pizza offer didn’t expire before it was just you and Bucky.
    The old you would have never asked for help, let alone offering a stranger dinner, but here you were.
    You both are swapping stories before the night grew young and you’d swapped numbers.
    Yeah, this neighbourhood was alright.
     Bucky had a habit of doing most things shirtless. 
     Not like you minded, in fact, it didn’t seem like anyone in the neighbourhood really minded. Only Sam ever giving Bucky shit asking do you even own any shirts? 
     It was Sunday morning which meant you’d woken up to multiple sets of lawnmowers and the faint sound of chirping birds before you’d decided that you’d add your brand new hydrangea tree to your front yard. 
     Lucky for you, Bucky had decided to workout at the same time. 
     He jogged past you, stopping to send you a wink, “lookin’ good, plum!” He chuckled, stopping on his driveway as you saw the gym equipment in his garage. 
     You could do nothing but shake your head and laugh as you continued to prod at the dirt. 
     The sexual tension that Bucky carried with him was obvious. You’d learned very quickly that everyone was interested in getting into Bucky’s pants, but no one had ever gotten that lucky. 
     He loved the attention though, he had to as he did pull-ups in full view of everyone. 
     It wasn’t long until his sweaty torso, dog tags clinging softly, was making it’s way over to you as he brushed a few beads of sweat off his forehead before crouching down beside you. 
    “What are these?” He asked, slightly out of breath as you dropped the small shovel in your hand, “hydrangea’s.” You answered, smiling as you finished patting the soil. 
     He hummed, “they smell sweet.” 
     You nodded your head, “they’re my favourite.” 
     Bucky looked at you, smiling, “not as sweet as you though, plum.” 
     It was an instinct to roll your eyes as Bucky chuckled, the two of you standing up as the local power walking club passed you; mostly paying attention to the shirtless Bucky. 
     You couldn’t blame them. 
    “You wanna come in for some lemonade? It’s freshly squeezed,” you enticed him as he chuckled, “I’d love some.” 
     Bucky knew your house all too well, his trips becoming so frequent that you had decided to give him the tour one night before dinner. 
     They were cookie cutter houses, an identical copy to all the other houses on the block, but Bucky still took the tour as if his life depended on it. 
    “Any plans for today?” You asked, opening the fridge as you grabbed the glass pitcher while Bucky slid onto one of the bar stools. 
    “I’ve got a few case files to look over tonight,” he groaned as you poured him a tall glass and slid it over to him before you did the same for yourself. 
     Bucky was an attorney, so it made sense as to why he didn’t have wife. 
     Or at least that’s what you told yourself because surely there’s eligible people that he’s shown interest in. 
     His work hours were hectic and never consistent, some days staying in the office until five and other until one in the morning. 
    “Well then here’s to the weekend,” you smiled, raising your glass as Bucky did the same, lightly tapping them against one another before taking a sip. 
     He let out an approving moan, eyes locked with yours as he licked the remaining lemonade from his bottom lip; but he knew what he was doing. 
    “Almost as sweet as you,” he was proud, the smirk on his lips telling enough as you shook your head, “you’ve gotta put that pent up sexual energy to use, James.” 
     The slip of his name always did something to him, watching the way his eyes darkened just a little. 
    “Plum if you call me James one more time I’ll have no choice but to put you over my knee,” he deadpanned, your breath catching in your throat at the prospect. 
     Was that something you were into? You weren’t sure, but for Bucky? You’d try anything once. 
    “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” you mumbled jokingly, half jokingly, as you began wiping the counter down to distract yourself from the fact that Bucky had stood up and was reaching his black and gold arm out to place over yours; stopping your movements. 
    “Let’s stop playin’ this game,” he purrs, heavy hand tugging you so you’re facing him. 
     His hair has grown since you’d met him almost eight months ago, pushed back from his sweaty workout as you meet his gaze. 
     It’s darkened, pupils consuming his irises as you swallow thickly, “what game?” 
     He shakes his head, looking down as another smirk tugs at his lips, “don’t act stupid with me now.” 
     A shiver rolls down your spine at the authority in his voice and the way he’s holding you by your bicep. 
    “Don’t act like you don’t think ‘bout me late at night,” he purr, voice dropping an octave and you can smell him. 
     There’s sweat and bergamot, presumably his deodorant as you’re chewing on the inside of your cheek. 
    “Do you wanna know what I think about, plum?” He then cooes, cupping your face gently with his cool palm. 
     You can only nod your head. 
     He turns your head, “see those windows?” He asks, your eyes scanning the large living room glass before you nod your head. 
    “They look out  into the entire neighbourhood,” he whispers, “and I’ve dreamin’ ‘bout the day I get to fuck you ‘gainst them for everyone to see.” 
     His words make you gasp, breath hitching in your throat as you have to bite your lip to stop the moan that threatens to slip past your lips. 
    “Dreamin’ ‘bout the day I get to make you mine.” 
     You feel butterflies, but not in your tummy. 
     He pulls you close again, pressed against his crotch and oh. 
    “That’s what you do to me,” you wiggle your hips instinctively, finding your confidence and Bucky sees this. 
    “Use those big girl words of yours, plum. I know you’re a smart girl,” he mocks, tapping your lip and suddenly you forget how to speak. 
    “I want you to use me,” you finally manage to spit out, watching the way Bucky’s face lights up and the way his cock twitches against your hip. 
    “Good girl, see what happens when you put that baby brain of yours to work?” He taunts you, already bunching your sundress until he’s hiking it around your waist so he can slip his fingers under your panties. 
     It makes you gasp, eyes closing and mouth opening as he runs warm fingers through your folds. 
    “So fuckin’ wet,” he growls, “barely need any warmin’ up, could probably take my cock right now, so desperate.” 
     Oh how his taunts makes your knees weak. 
     He’s quick to sink to his knees, nose prodding your covered core as he looks up at you before he’s biting your panties with his teeth and slowly tugging them down your legs. 
     That’s a new one. 
     It causes a moan to bubble, leaning against your counter as he shoves your panties into his pocket, “I think I’ll keep these.” 
     Do whatever you want, just touch me you keep repeating in your head as you feel his hot breath over your pussy. 
     His mouth is finally over you, lapping your juice up as he hums and moans against you. The vibrations are enough to have you teetering on the edge, his beard rubbing against your inner thighs and you’ll be feeling that tomorrow. 
    “God,” he groans, “you’re so fuckin’ sweet, plum.” 
     You look down, seeing the way he’s palming himself through his shorts all while he’s eating you out and it sends a shiver running over your body. 
     He pulls away, lips glistening under the light filtering through your windows, “have you ever squirted?” 
     The question catches you off-guard, mouth slightly agape as you stutter out nonsense. 
    “I-uh, I think? Maybe, once, I-I don’t,” you don’t know what the right answer is, but Bucky just hushes you. 
    “I want you to relax, okay? Don’t think, jus’ feel.” He explains as you swallow and nod your head before he’s back between your legs. 
     He starts slow again, with his tongue flat against you before feel his fingers at your entrance. 
     When he slowly stretches you, curling his vibranium fingers, there’s absolutely no holding back. 
    “That’s it baby,” he cooes, “can feel you squeezin’ me, I know you wanna,” it’s a slightly foreign feeling. The tightness and pressure mixing and meshing with each other as sudden waves start washing over you. 
     It happens all of a sudden, a loud yelp leaving you as you soak Bucky’s face and chest, and Bucky looks feral. 
     He’s up, standing, before pulling you into a kiss, your first kiss, where you can taste yourself. 
    “You ever done that, plum?” He asks, heaving chest and aching cock as you shake your head, “no.” 
    ““Course you haven’t, but that sweet cunt’s mine now, gonna have you squirtin’ every goddamn day.” He growls, quickly tearing your dress off of you, taking a step back and admiring you. 
    “You see this?” He pulls his cock free, pumping himself, “all because of you.” 
     You’re kissing him again, skin against skin, as you’re moving towards the large windows in the early afternoon light before Bucky has you pressed up against it. 
     The glass is cold against your skin, nipples perking up as you gasp again, “now everyone’ll know jus’ who you belong to.” 
     It makes you whimper, feeling him run the head of his cock through your folds teasingly. 
     He kicks your feet apart further before he’s wrapping his bicep around your neck, getting so close to your ear that you can feel his breath against you. 
     When he sinks into your slowly, you relax against him, “fuck,” he hisses, “so fuckin’ tight.” 
     Your walls flutter around him, greedily grabbing him as you swallow him. 
    “Takin’ my cock so well, baby. And all for the neighbours to see,” he chuckles lowly, bottoming out and pulling your back flush against his chest. 
     His warm, wandering hand starts down at your clit, teasing you before slowly running up your tummy before he groans. 
    “M’so deep ‘side you, can you feel me?” He purrs, pressing on the belly bulge as another low groan echos in your ear. 
    “Bucky,” you whine, wiggling your ass as you feel your slick against your own thighs now, without a doubt dripping onto Bucky too. 
    “Aww, sweetheart,” he’s mocking now, “you need’a be fucked? Can feel how wet and desperate you are.” 
     He rocks his hips, a gentle taunt as he gets even deeper. 
    “S’okay,” he cooes, “m’gonna take care of ya even better than that husband of yours ever did.” 
     He then snaps his hips harshly, taking the breath from your lungs as you’re pressed harder against the glass. 
     You can feel his now hot dog tags pressed against your back, clinking together as he fucks you deep and hard. 
    “C’mon, plum,” he grunts, “want you to squirt over my cock.” 
     The same pressure is there again, like a rubber band waiting to snap as Bucky’s fingers find your clit and you can’t hold it back anymore.
     You’re soaking his cock, pushing him out with the force of your orgasm as Bucky bites down on your shoulder before he’s slipping back inside of you. 
    “My dirty slut, gettin’ fucked for the neighbours to see,” he growls, “but ‘m not satisfied yet.”
     He’s grabbing your ass, squeezing the supple flesh, “cum for me, cream over my cock, plum. Let me breed you.” 
     You’re whimpering, voice leaving you as you feel your orgasm gripping your body in immense pleasure before Bucky’s hips are stuttering deep inside of you and you can feel the twitch of his cock. 
     The sound of Bucky cumming, deep, rumbling moans replay in your mind as you find your breath again, his bicep relaxing from your neck. 
     He presses soft kisses to your shoulders and neck, turning you around with a lazy smile. 
    “You’d make a great wife, y’know that?” He smirks, wiping your bottom lip, “sweet, innocent lookin’ thing on the outside, but fuck do you make my knees weak, plum.” 
     You can’t help but giggle, pulling him in by his dog tags, “take me to dinner first, James.” You purr teasingly, watching him bite his lip, “only if I can have you for dessert.” 
     Dessert, breakfast, lunch, dinner? Bucky didn’t care, he just wanted you always. 
     And he finally got you.
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multifandomwriter · 2 months ago
Accidental Pictures
Pairing: dadsbestfriend!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You’ve always had a crush on your dad’s best friend, but it’s always been easy to hide. That is, until you accidentally send him pictures meant for someone else
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: swearing, bra pictures, age gap, teasing, dirty talk, fingering, thigh riding, smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, praise kink, MINORS DNI (18+ ONLY)
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I’ll see you in an hour” you said, stepping out of the car. You grabbed your purse from inside the car and slid your arm through the strap. “I’ll see you then. Text me if you’re done early, and I’ve told you to call me Bucky. Mr. Barnes makes me feel old” he told you, slightly chuckling. You smiled and nodded, before closing the car door. You waved as he drove away.
Bucky was your dad’s best friend. He was always coming over to your house for barbecues and all sorts of parties. Over the years, you had grown fond of Bucky, but he was significantly older than you. You were only twenty four, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him.
You were visiting your dad for the next two weeks. Your dad was going to drive you to the mall, but he got called into work. So, he asked Bucky to drive you. After thirty excruciating minutes in the car, you were finally at the mall.
You never knew how to act around Bucky. He made your heart beat at a million miles per minute and always ended up turning you on. The brunette man was gorgeous, which made it hard to control yourself around him.
You walked into the mall doors. Forty minutes later, you were almost finished. You had returned the shoes that you bought in the wrong size and found a dress to wear to a party you were going to in a few weeks. All that was left was to buy a new bra.
You headed into Victoria’s Secret and headed to the bras that were your size. You instantly found a few that you liked and walked towards the dressing rooms.
You set down the few pairs of bras and felt your photo buzz. You saw a new text from Bucky:
“I finished my errands early. I’m waiting in the parking lot, once you’re done :) ”
You felt your insides tingle and felt a new rush to finish up. You quickly typed out a response and hit send.
“Okay! I’ll be out in a few minutes. I’m almost done”
You moved on to the bras that were waiting for you. You tried all four of them on and couldn’t decide between your top two. You quickly snapped photos in each of the bras. One was a dark red bra with lace, and the other one was a black bra that had some sheer panels.
You quickly sent the pictures to your best friend and asked which one she liked more. You looked into the mirror and looked closer at the bra, still trying to decide. You heard your phone vibrate, and you quickly grabbed it. You were eager to see your best friend’s response. You assumed it would make the decision easier.
Instead, you saw a text from Bucky that read:
“Fuck, sweetheart. You look hot in both of them, but I’m assuming you didn’t mean to send that to me”
You felt your blood run cold. Just to be sure, you checked and realized you had sent him the pictures. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run away and hide forever.
First and foremost, you wanted to never see Bucky again. You knew you would die of embarrassment. There was no way you could survive a whole car ride home with him.
You quickly decided to buy both the bras and headed towards the parking lot. You kept your head low as you looked for Bucky's car. You spotted it, and he waved you over.
You got into the front seat without saying a word. You couldn’t even look at him. “Hi, sweetheart” he said, softly. You muttered a quick “hi” and then looked out the window.
Bucky accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it and put the car in drive. He started the drive to your dad’s house, where you were staying.
After about ten minutes of silence, the car pulled up to a red light. Bucky looked over at you and saw you still looking out the window. “Sweetheart? Look at me” he said, tapping your thigh. You hesitantly looked over at him. He gave you a soft smile.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” you begged him. He placed his hand back on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb. You could feel your face heat up. “I know you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can both pretend it never happened. You really don’t have to worry about it, love. By the way, those pictures were pretty amazing,” his soft genuine smile turned into a smirk.
You felt even more embarrassed. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or if he was teasing you. You knew you had nothing else to lose. You grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him for a kiss. Before he could kiss you back, cars began to honk behind you.
You both pulled apart and realized the light was green. You were mortified. “I’m sorry” you muttered, wrapping your arms around yourself. Neither of you said another word to each other. You continued to drive. Bucky drove past the turn to get to your dad’s house.
“Bucky, you missed the turn” you said, finally willing yourself to look at him. Instead of turning around, he just smirked and kept his eyes on the road. “Relax, sweetheart. We’re making a pit stop” he said, moving his hand to rest on your thigh.
You could feel a fluttering feeling in your stomach as his hand inched up your leg. He was only inches from where you wanted him, and he stopped. You practically whined. “Patience, baby” he instructed.
You squirmed under his touch. You started to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. “You’re so needy, sweetheart” he said. His words practically made you moan.
He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your leggings. His fingers ran over your lace panties. “God, you’re soaked. Do you need me that bad?” He asked, not moving his fingers. You nodded while biting your lip. You started to grind down on his hand, trying to get the release he was denying you.
“Look at you, so desperate for my touch. The least I can do is help you out” he said, moving your panties to the side. He ran his fingers through your folds, collecting your wetness. Your hips bucked up and pushed against his hand.
He pushed two fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. He curled his fingers as he began to pump them in and out of you. “Does that feel good?” He asked you, quickening his pace. You bit down on your lip and eagerly shook your head.
“You don’t have to be quiet. Let me hear you” he commanded. His fingers hit your g-spot, causing you to call out his name. A cocky smirk grew on his face.
The car pulled up to a red light, and you could see a car creeping up next to you. “Look at me, sweetheart. No one gets to see this look on your face through the window. This is all for me. Only I get to watch how you squirm under my touch” he said, repeatedly hitting your g-spot. The light changed to green. He continued driving towards his house.
His thumb started to rub circles onto your clit. You threw your head back against the headrest. “Fuck—Bucky...faster please” you begged him, breathlessly. His fingers sped up, ramming into you as you clenched your thighs around his hand.
You could feel the coil in your abdomen begin to tighten. The pressure continued to build. “Bucky, I’m almost there” you moaned. Then, the pressure disappeared. You noticed he had completely removed his hand from you. You also realized you were in his driveway.
Bucky wiped his hand off on his jeans. “I was so close. My ex-boyfriend could never get me that close” you complained, the last part said more to yourself.
“That was nothing, sweetheart. I’m going to show you what it’s like with a real man” he whispered, before pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He unlocked the car doors, and you both headed inside. He grabbed your hands and pulled you into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping your hands in his.
You felt your nerves hit you like a brick wall. You realized how much this could change your life. There was no going back after sleeping with your dad’s best friend.
He moved his hand to cup your face. “Sweetheart, before we do anything, I want to make sure that you’re really okay with this” he said, gently. You pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wished for this to happen” you said, looking into his eyes.
That was all the permission he needed. He grabbed at your waist and pulled you into his lap. Your hands were instantly in his hair as you connected your lips. You started to roll your hips into his, chasing all the friction you could get.
He pushed you off his lap, and then pulled your leggings down your legs. You stepped out of them and stepped towards him. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish before. I wanted to be able to watch you fall apart” he said, kissing your temple.
Then, his eyes lit up. He patted his thigh. “Sit right here for me” he said, gently. You straddled his thigh. “Can I?” You asked, softly. He eagerly nodded his head and placed his hands on your hips. You rolled your hips forward, grinding against his thigh.
“Cum on my thigh, sweetheart. I wanna watch” he said, watching you. You rested your arms on his shoulders as you slid yourself back and forth on his thigh. The harsh material of his jeans only added more friction.
A soft whine passed your lips. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing so well” he said, placing light kisses along your jawline. His words only turned you on more. You could feel a warm feeling in your stomach as you got closer to your peak.
“Buck—almost...there” you moaned, breathlessly. The coil returned and continued to tighten. He began to bounce his leg up and down, creating more friction. “Oh...Bucky, fuck” you called out, moving your hips faster. You shut your eyes, overwhelmed with the pleasure. You were reduced to a whimpering mess. “Such a good job, princess. Let go for me” he said.
You fell over the edge; your vision going white. Your hips slowed down, and you leaned against Bucky’s shoulders. You panted as you came down from your high.
“You are so beautiful” he said, peppering kisses up and down your neck. You noticed his bulging cock against your leg. “I want to make you feel good too” you said, starting to unbuckle his belt.
He grabbed your wrists and stopped you. “You don’t have to do that. I just wanna be inside of you, sweetheart” he told you. You pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He used his metal arm to flip you over. He was laying on top of you on the bed now.
“Stay” he said, as he stood up and took off his jeans. You watched him as he stepped out of his boxers, and his cock sprung free. You heard it slap against his stomach. You clenched your thighs together as he thought about having his large cock ramming into you.
He stroked himself a few times. You whimpered to yourself, and your hand found itself inside your panties. “Sweetheart” he said, catching you. You quickly removed your hands and looked back into his eyes.
“I can’t wait to fill you up and have your pretty pussy wrapped around me” he said, crawling on top of you. You cupped his face and pulled him up to kiss you. He moaned into your mouth as one of your hands stroked his length.
He pulled your panties down your legs and carelessly threw them aside. He teased you, lightly drawing figure eights on your clit. You quickly pulled off your T-shirt. He stopped what he was doing as he realized you were wearing the dark red bra.
“Fuck” he muttered under his breath. You noticed that his cock was throbbing. “Your tits look so fuckin’ good” he said, cupping your breasts through the bra.
You reached around your back to unclip the bra, but he stopped you. “Don’t” he practically growled. You smirked as you watched the effect you had on him.
“Keep it on. I want to fuck you while you wear it” he said, not moving his eyes from the lacy material. Then, without warning, he pushed into you.
He watched as your face contorted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking big” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on as he thrusted into you. He smirked down at you. He wrapped your legs around his waist. “You’re taking me so well, sweetheart” he moaned in your ear. You grabbed on to his shoulders, leaving little crescent indents. You moaned as he continued to stretch you out.
“Bet your ex never made you feel this good” he said, hitting your g-spot. Your walls clenched around him. Your eyes rolled back, and you threw your head back against the pillow. “I’m getting close, sweetheart. You’re so tight” he moaned.
You pulled him into a kiss. “Need you to—faster” you begged him. He listened, speeding up his pace and bringing his thumb down to rub circles on your clit.
You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach. “Close” you mumbled. He moaned out your name as he quickened his pace. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. It was like he was in overdrive. He was ramming into you. The sound of your skin slapping together and the squeaking of the mattress filled the room. He kept going faster, chasing his high.
“Sweetheart” he moaned, and then you could feel him cum inside of you. It was enough to send you over the edge, and your orgasm hit you. “Oh shit” he moaned, as your walls tightened around him.
You could feel yourself pulsing. You both laid like that for a while, neither of you moving. You both tried to catch your breath.
Eventually, he pulled out of you and then cleaned you both up. Bucky crawled back into bed with you and began placing kisses up and down your chest. “Can you call your dad and say you’re staying over a friend’s house?” He asked, lightly kissing your lips.
You nodded your head. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said, pulling you in for another kiss.
“Bucky, that was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. No man is ever going to measure up to that” you whispered. He smirked to himself, proud of his work. “Well I guess it’s good that this wasn’t a one-time thing” he said, running his fingers up your arm.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as you listened to what he said. “It wasn’t?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Hell no, sweetheart” he said, before pulling you in for round two.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-babe17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan
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cupidsbarnes · a month ago
i’m begging for you (take my hand)
this fic has 18+ content! MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. this is for your safety and mine! please respect that. 
by continuing to read you are stating that you are over eighteen and understand this content is not meant for minors.
summary // bucky doesn’t do love, you love bucky. being friends with benefits makes sense, right? [bucky barnes x female!reader]
words // 19.0k (BUCKLE UP IT’S A LONG ONE)
warnings // modern!bucky, fwb! trope, brief love triangle (steve x reader x bucky), overall toxicity, cursing, daddy issues (bucky’s dad left), drinking, excessive use of nicknames (sweetheart/sweets/baby), oral sex (f! receiving), penetrative sex, unsafe sex (do not have unprotected sex!), spitting, thigh riding, bucky has a metal arm but it’s not explained why (it was a car accident & that is already known by reader)
notes // title from willow by taylor swift (this fic was originally titled heartbeat and inspired by childish gambino’s song of the same name) i just could not get modern bucky not knowing how to deal with feelings out of my head & it became this catastrophe [ive never written 18+ before so pls be gentle in your judgement of those scenes omg] happy reading! 
if you enjoy this, reblogs & replies are greatly appreciated (especially when pieces take this much work)
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
“To Bucky Barnes, my now forever lawyer.” You hold out your wine glass and he meets you halfway in a cheers. Bucky laughs brightly as you praise him. “And now my sugar daddy, since he makes an insane amount of money as senior associate.” 
The two of you are halfway through your second bottle of wine. “I’ve been a lawyer for four years. I’m just now becoming your go-to?” He holds a hand to his chest in faux hurt. 
You lean towards him as you laugh. “I needed to make sure you were a good lawyer. Get me off murder charges good.” It feels like the two of you have been scooting closer to each other all night. 
“Sweetheart, you know I’d be there to help you hide the body if you needed me to.” He leans towards you in a conspiratorial whisper. Your eyes move from his eyes to his lips before snapping back up. “Then get you off the charges.” He breathes out. 
You can feel his breath on your face. The scent of red wine hits your noise and you can see it staining his lips. You want to kiss him so desperately, but you just can’t make the first move. You don’t think you could handle that rejection. 
“I’m gonna kiss you.” He says quietly, his eyes scanning over your face for any sign of rejection. You swallow thickly before nodding. “Okay.” You whisper back before letting out a nervous giggle. 
Bucky’s hand comes up to rest against your cheek. Its coldness relieves some of the heat that’s risen to underneath your skin from his proximity and the wine you’ve consumed. 
Your eyes slide shut as he leans in. His nose nudging against yours before you feel his lips. You bring your hand up to rest on his chest. His lips are softer than you expected and taste like the wine they’re stained with. It’s everything you’ve dreamed of when dreaming of kissing Bucky. 
He pulls away and looks at you with half lidded eyes. “You’re so pretty.” He mumbles. You feel heat crawl up the back of your neck at the honesty in his tone. He presses a kiss against your jaw. Then your neck. Your head falls to the side to allow him better access. 
It’s easy to move into his lap when his hands grip at your hips. “Fuck.” Bucky moans as you grind down against him. You throw your head back in a moan as his lips trail down from your jaw to your neck. 
“Shit.” You say breathlessly as his hands run up and down your sides. Your hands drop down and begin to work on his jeans button and zipper. Bucky lets out a groan when they brush against his already hard dick. 
You stand from his lap and he pulls his jeans off while you move to unbutton your top. As you work on the shirt, Bucky’s hands reach out to undo your own jeans. When you’re standing in nothing but underwear in front of him, Bucky isn’t doing anything but staring. The heat in his eyes makes you feel flush and goes straight to your core. “Fuck. You’re gorgeous.” He says quietly.
You crawl back into his lip and Bucky’s hands find you again immediately. You rub against him and both of you moan at the slight relief it offers. Bucky’s hand drifts down between you two and he begins to rub over your clothed clit.
You grind down on his hand and let out a whine. “More. More. Please.” You whisper. Bucky laughs softly at you before slipping his hand into your underwear and running a finger over your slit. “Oh my god.” Your head falls to rest on his shoulder.
“That’s it. You look so good like this, sweetheart.” He murmurs into your hair. The praise makes you moan as you grind down against him again desperate for more.
You pull back to look at him, one of your hands tangled in the hair at the back of his head. In a breathless tone you say, “Fuck me.”
Bucky groans. “Oh shit.” His hips buck up against you. “Yeah. Okay.” He pushes you off of his lap gently and moves to pull his briefs off. You follow suit and pull your underwear off.
“Come here.” He groans as he pulls you back over his lap. You giggle as he presses a flurry of kisses across your chest. He holds a hand out in front of you, “Spit.” He orders.
You glance at him in shock before following the order. His eyes roll back as he watches you before he moves to use the spit to lube himself up. “Fuck me. Please.” You whisper to him as he teases your entrance.
“Don’t have to ask me twice.” Bucky slips into you and you both let out loud moans. “Fuck. Fuck. You feel so good.” His forehead rests against your chest as both of you relish in the feeling for a moment. After a few seconds of shaky breathing, you yank at his hair gently so he’s forced to look at you again. A smirk spreads across his face at the feeling and you smile down at him, “Gonna fuck me? Or are we just sit here?” You tease. 
Bucky’s hands grip your hips tightly and he steadies his feet on the ground. “Yeah, sweets. ‘M gonna fuck you.”
Your eyes focus in on Wanda as she waves a hand in front of your face. You can feel your body grow hot at the memory of Bucky and you. “What’s on your mind? You’ve been zoning out all night.” She laughs softly.
“Bucky and I had sex last night.” You blurt out, unable to keep it to yourself any longer. You swallow tightly when Wanda’s eyes brighten in excitement before confusion takes over.
She watches your face, like she can tell something was wrong, and doesn’t move to do anything for a second. When she does speak, it’s hesitant. “You’ve liked him since we were in school. Is this good or bad?”
You frown. She was right, you had liked Bucky since he had come barreling into your life senior year of college with bright eyes, mischievous smiles and maybe too many issues to ever be in a real relationship. You had sat through his flings and tried to move on with you own, but every guy had ended up being jealous of Bucky or too boring compared to him.
“He doesn’t-” You suck in a deep breath. “He doesn’t want a relationship.” You say quietly. You take another sip of your wine when Wanda reaches over with pity filled eyes and grabs a hold of your hand.
She shakes her head like she doesn’t understand what you’ve just said to her. “What do... What do you mean?” 
You run your hands over your face in despair. “I don’t... We had like two bottles of wine and we hooked up.” You look up at her with tearful eyes. “When I woke up this morning, he went on about how he loved me and he didn’t want to hurt me.” 
Wanda’s watching you with wide eyes. “Start from the beginning. What did he say? Are you sure he said he doesn’t want to be in a relationship?” She’s shaking her head in disbelief. 
You take a deep breath before launching into the story. 
His bed is empty when you wake up. Your stomach sinks as you stare at his bedroom door left ajar. You can hear him in the kitchen talking, but you can’t quite make out what he’s saying. 
You take a deep breath before getting up. You had hoped he would sleep in with you. That cuddling in the morning would lead to confessions of hidden feelings. Your hopes diminished as you creeped down the hallway towards the kitchen. 
“No.” Bucky sounds anxious as he talks into the phone. “I’m telling you. I fucked up.” You step in the kitchen and he glances over his shoulder with wide eyes. “I’ve got to go. Bye.” He hangs up abruptly and turns to you with a tense smile. 
You give him a small smile in return. “Morning.” You tug at the hem of his t-shirt nervously as he stares at you. “We should-”
“I wanted to-” The two of you laugh awkwardly as you speak over one another. You hold your hand towards him. “You go first.” You move to sit at one of counter’s barstools. 
Bucky’s watching you with wary eyes and if his words to whoever was on that phone weren’t warning enough, this new demeanor around you certainly is. “You’re my best friend.” He comes to stand directly across from you. “And I care about you a lot. You’re one of the most important women in my life. I don’t want to ruin our relationship.” 
You nod slowly as he attempts to reject you kindly. If it weren’t so painful, you might laugh at how awkward he looks. “It’s not...” You trail off unsure of what to say. “Bucky, it’s not that serious. We’re fine.” You reach your hand across the counter palm up for him to take. 
His brows furrow. “You’re not mad at me?” He asks in confusion. “I thought-”
You shake your fingers and he smiles before holding your hand tightly in his. “It was consensual. With a guy I trust with my life. And it was great sex. I’m not mad at you.” You smile reassuringly. 
It’s not a lie. Not at all. Everything you said was true, you had just left out the part where you had been hoping for more. But you could get over this. A one time fling. You could survive it as long as you didn’t lose him. 
“You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that.” Bucky’s shoulders relax. The tension on his face transforms into a cocky smirk. “Great sex?” 
“That’s...” Wanda trails off as she digests your words. “Why didn’t you tell him how you feel?” She asks. 
You look at her with wide eyes. “What do you mean why didn’t I tell him? Should we start with me overhearing him telling someone how much he fucked up or his rejection for dummies speech?” You laugh sarcastically. 
Wanda gives you apologetic eyes. “How can you be sure he was talking to the person on the phone about you?” You scrunch your nose up at her and she sighs. “Okay, whatever. At least now you know he doesn’t want a relationship! You can move on and find someone with a bigger dick.” 
“Wanda!” You can’t help but laugh. You give her an appreciative smile before letting out a sigh.  “I don’t know... I guess I just always thought we’d end up together. It’s stupid.”
You trace your finger around the base of your wine glass. Wanda watches you for a moment before flagging down a waitress. She looks at you with a twinkle in her eye. “Can I get a round of tequila shots, please?” She asks. 
The waitress nods before walking away. “We’re going to get you drunk and make you forget all about Bucky Barnes.” 
You laugh softly. “Yes please.” 
Four glasses of wine and two rounds of shots leaves you struggling to get the key into your apartment door’s lock. 
“Fuck.” You mutter when you push too hard and the keys clatter against the floor. You sigh deeply before bending down to pick them. You lay one palm flat against your door in an attempt to steady your shaky feet as the other reaches for your keys. 
Then you’re falling forward and your shoulder hits the floor harshly. “Jesus, sweetheart. I thought you were some weirdo trying to break in.” You groan as you look up and see Bucky staring down at you with furrowed brows. 
He’s wearing nothing but sweatpants, his metal arm and abs on full display for you. You give him a dopey smile. “Hey, handsome.” 
He laughs loudly. It’s bright and contagious and makes you giggle as he bends down to lift you to your feet. “Missed you tonight.” He says softly as he wraps his arm around your waist.
You allow yourself to rest your bodyweight on him, knowing he’s strong enough to lead you to your room. His soft words leave you feeling like you’re floating. It’s like the night before had never happened. 
“Missed you too.” You whisper. Your words are slurred, not that you can change that, but you know he understands them. He presses a kiss to your head in response as he leads you down the hall and into a room. 
The room is spinning around you, but you know it’s Bucky’s from the blank walls and dark furniture. Bucky sits you down on the edge of his bed and your fingers immediately grip his comforter tightly. “Why’d you bring me here?” Your grip is the only thing that keeps you from falling backwards onto his bed. 
You try to focus your eyes on him, but he’s moving around the room too fast. From what you think is his dresser then his closet. “I’ve got to make sure you don’t choke on your own vomit tonight.” 
“‘M not gonna get sick.” You mumble as he comes to a stop in front of you. He holds out a pile of clothes to you. “I have my own clothes in my own room.” You stare up at him defiantly. 
You can see Bucky push his tongue against the inside of his cheek, a tell that he was getting a little annoyed. “C’mon sweets. Just put the clothes on and get in bed.” 
He’s still holding the clothes out in front of you. His earlier rejection running through your mind. “I’m not having sex with you tonight.” You blurt out. You would have never said the words sober, but you didn’t want him to think it would become a recurring thing. 
Bucky laughs awkwardly and drops the clothes on the bed beside you. “I’m not trying to have sex with you. I’m trying to take care of you and make sure you don’t die in your sleep.” 
Your eyes narrow, but you feel far too dizzy to actually get up and move to your room to prove a point. You lift your arms and look up at Bucky, “Help?” 
He smiles victoriously and reaches for the hem of your shirt. You can see his eyes trail over your bralette and feel your cheeks warm, but you blame that on the alcohol. 
“Do you want to sleep in this?” He whispers as his fingers trail over one of the straps. You shiver as one of his cold fingers presses into your skin and leaves goosebumps in its wake. 
You bite down on your lip, but nod your head. “I’ll be fine in it.” 
He nods and you raise your arms again as he slips one of his black t-shirts onto you. It’s soft and smells like him leaving you warm all over and suddenly tired. Your head falls so your chin is resting against your chest. 
Bucky kneels down in front of you. “Is it okay if I take your jeans off? So I can put sweatpants on you?” He moves his head so you’re forced to make eye contact with him as his hands come to rest on your stomach. He fiddles with your jean’s button, but doesn’t move to actually undo it yet. 
You nod softly before falling backwards onto the bed. Bucky’s hands move quickly as he unbuttons and unzips your jeans. There’s a sharp inhale once he gets your jeans off, but you ignore it.  
“Sweetheart.” You lift your hips when you feel his sweatpants get stuck underneath you. “Thank you.” He says quietly.  
“What did you do tonight?” You mumble as you move around his bed to crawl under the comforter. You wait until he’s situated beside you before pulling the blanket up to cover the bottom half of your face. 
He pulls the blanket down and holds out a wipe. “You complain when I let you fall asleep with the makeup.” 
Your eyes flicker to his in brief shock, unaware of how much he actually listened to you. “Than...Thank you.” You begin to wipe it across your face. It’s not your normal routine, but it was better than nothing. “Tell me about your night.” 
Bucky moves so he’s sitting against his headboard. “I just waited for you all night.” He shrugs. 
You drop the wipe onto the side table. “Shut up. What did you really do?” You shove gently at his shoulder. Bucky’s hand wraps around your wrist and he pulls you into him. 
He’s stronger when you’re sober, so your drunk body falls into his side easily and you wrap an arm around his waist. “I’m telling you the truth, sweets. I just waited all night for you.” He presses a kiss to your temple. 
You look up from his chest to find him looking down at you with soft eyes. He’s being kind and you’re sure all that he can think of is how happy he is that your friendship hasn’t been ruined. 
But all you can think about is how no matter how soft he is with you, he still doesn’t want to be with you. No matter how much he says he loves you and misses you, it’s not the sam way you mean it. It leaves a crack in your heart that you’re unsure will ever be healed. 
She’s pretty. You think bitterly as you watch from across the room. 
Bucky’s firm had a party every few months for donors. Bucky hated them. He always complained that schmoozing wasn’t his specialty, law was, so you were usually dragged along as his plus one to “Keep me from dying of boredom, please.” 
You usually didn’t mind. Bucky flirted for money, you got to enjoy to open bar to cope with his non-existent feelings for you. Tonight felt even worse. 
You force yourself to look away and look back down at the drink in front of you. You’re glad Wanda isn’t there to look at you with the same pity filled eyes that you had been getting since revealing the details of your hook up, but you wish you had someone to turn to. 
“You look great in that dress.” Your head whips up at the familiar voice. Steve is smiling at you sweetly and you can tell he’s keeping his eyes respectfully on yours. “Definitely your color.” 
You laugh. You and Steve weren’t particularly close, he was a childhood friend and you were college. The two of you really only spent time together in groups or with Bucky there. “Thank you, Mr. Rogers.” You tease. 
“Please.” He throws his head back in an over dramatic groan. “Steve! So many people have called me Mr. Rogers tonight I’m going to fall into an identity crisis.” 
You give him an ill-suppressed smile. “Thank you, Steve.” He sits down in the barstool next to you and waves the bartender over. 
“Water for me and…” He glances at the empty glass in front of you, “another glass of wine for her?” His voice ends in a question and he smiles brightly when you nod. 
“I could be wrong, but aren’t you supposed to be flirting with rich women to fund your pro bono cases?” You run a finger around the base of your glass. 
Steve’s eyes trail from your manicured nails up to your teasing smile. He swallows and forces out a soft laugh. “I’m not too good at the flirting that’s uh-.” He looks over his shoulder before looking back at you with kind eyes. 
You ignore his insinuation. Ignore the idea of Bucky and Steve feeling pity for you over Bucky. “Everyone deserves a break.” 
The man in front of you gives you a relieved smile. “And what better way to take a break than talk to a pretty girl?” 
You smile sweetly. “You could get 100k easily with that charm.” Steve throws his head back in a laugh and his arm lands on the back of your seat when he leans back in. 
You find yourself leaning in too. He’s got a nice laugh and sweet personality. You can feel the warmth radiating off of him and it’s relaxing. 
For a moment, Bucky is forgotten as Steve gives you all his attention, the first person to do so all night.
Bucky stops to stand next to Sam as he takes a sip of his drink. His eyes scan over the party in search of you. 
“Good for Steve.” Sam says into his glass before taking a sip of his drink. Bucky’s eyes cut to him in question. Sam nods in front of him and Bucky’s eyes settle on you at the bar. With Steve. 
“What do you mean good for Steve?” Bucky asks. He can’t take his eyes off of you as Steve slides a glass of wine towards you. 
Sam shrugs nonchalantly. “He’s had a crush on her since that Halloween party last year.” 
Bucky’s mind drifts to you in your skin tight superhero costume. He wasn’t blind, he had seen the guys who had come up to you and their eyes that had trailed after you. 
“He hasn’t said anything to me.” He feels a surge of pride at the fact that he can’t explain when he thinks of how at the end of the night, you had come home alone with him, content to sit on the couch and watch horror movies. “He’s not her type.” He adds on after a moment of silence. 
Bucky isn’t too confident in his words though. Steve seemed to be the perfect kind of guy for you. Kind, funny, made good money, and was always the guy who listened with open ears. Bucky just couldn’t fathom you with anybody that… He doesn’t know, but he knows Steve doesn’t feel right.
Sam snorts. “Yeah. Try telling you about wanting to take her out? He’d rather live.” Bucky watches as Steve leans in closer to whisper something into your ear. 
He feels rage surge through him, but forces himself to stay in his spot. “Not like we’re dating. He could have told me if he wanted to. Or made a move.” He wasn’t sure why he felt so angry about you and Steve. It wasn’t like you two were dating, he hadn’t lied to Sam.
Sam looks at Bucky like he’s grown two heads. “Come on, Buck. Not dating? You call her all these nicknames, never let other people flirt with her, always take her home.” 
“We live together.” Bucky defends weakly. His mind drifts to kissing you while wine drunk. He shakes his head. “Of course I take her home.” 
Sam looks a little bemused as he asks, “Are you two seriously not dating?” 
“Of course not! She’s my best friend.” He glances at Sam before looking back over at Steve. You’re leaning in too. It’s not like he was lying, the two of you weren’t dating. But he had brought you as his date tonight and he’ll be damned if Steve weasels his way into your heart. 
“I was just cur-“ Bucky shoves his empty glass into Sam’s hand before beginning to make his way through the crowd towards you. 
He can vaguely hear Sam shout a goodbye, but all he can focus on is getting your attention onto him and off of Steve. 
You feel him before you see him. His hand trailing up your back before landing on the spot where your neck meets your shoulder. His grip isn’t tight, but it makes you shiver. 
“What’s going on here?” His voice is a possessive drawl and you look up at him with a confused smile. 
You sit up straighter and Steve immediately pulls away. His blue eyes follow Bucky’s arm to his face and they narrow. “Just keeping her company. Noticed you were busy, so…” Steve trails off with a shrug.
Bucky’s grip on you tightens. “Well, I’m here now. You can go back to schmoozing.” He nods his head in the direction of the party, but Steve doesn’t budge. 
You’re extremely confused by Bucky’s sudden possessiveness over your attention and turn to him with an annoyed glare. “Actually, Steve was telling me about how that’s your specialty. He’s far too sweet to mindlessly flirt. ” 
You feel Steve’s shocked gaze on you, because he had definitely not said that, but you don’t look away from Bucky. His glare melts into a sickly sweet smile as he turns to look at his childhood friend. “That so?” 
Part of you feels bad for pushing Steve into the middle of whatever this tension was between you and Bucky. But you can’t ignore the pleasure that rushes through you as Bucky’s grip tightens and his attention focuses solely on you for the first time all night. 
Steve looks back and forth between you two before he stands from his seat. “It was nice seeing you.” He leans down and presses a kiss to your cheek before slapping a hand against Bucky’s back. “See you later, punk.”
You swallow as Bucky moves to take Steve’s now unoccupied seat. He orders a drink and you can only watch in shock as moves around so casually. When he finally looks back at you he just looks confused by your silence. 
“What’s up?” He asks with a smile. 
You roll your eyes at him. “What was that?” You gesture in the direction Steve had gone before looking at him with wide eyes. 
Bucky looks down at his drink and shrugs. “Didn’t want anyone bothering you.” 
“Anyone bothering me? That was Steve!” You laugh incredulously. “I know Steve. You know Steve. He was keeping me company.” You can’t wrap your head around his random behavior. 
Bucky shakes his head like you’re the one who’s being confusing and acting weird. “You just looked a little uncomfortable. I came to your rescue.” He gulps down the rest of his drink. 
“My rescue?” You shake your head at him. “Buck, it was Steve. Steve Rogers is one of the most polite men in New York.” 
Bucky shakes his head. “He likes you. Sam said he was definitely trying to make a move on you.” He immediately feels bad for blurting out Steve’s secret, but he just can’t let it go. 
You scrunch your face up in confusion before letting out a breath. “That’s not your secret to tell.” You grab your clutch and stand up quickly. “Why would that even matter anyways?” You look down at him now, he’s still sitting on the barstool. He won’t look up at you.
“Can we just go home?” He asks quietly as he taps his fingers against the bar counter. You bite down on your lip before finally nodding. “Fine.” He lets out a sigh before standing to follow you. 
You’re shocked when you feel his fingers slip in between yours as the two of you walk towards the elevators. Holding hands with Bucky wasn’t new, per say, you’d done it at bars to get out of creepy guys flirting with you, amusement parks so as to not lose one another, but this… This felt different, softer and more insecure. 
You swallow before squeezing his hand in return. You hear the relieved breath he lets out as the two of you stop in front of the closed elevator doors. 
He whispers your name with a tug of your hand. You turn to look at him as the two of you step into the empty elevator. “I didn’t… I didn’t mean to screw things up with Steve. I just… I don’t know.” 
Your heart breaks a little. You weren’t sure what you expected. Maybe an admission of jealousy, that Bucky realized he didn't want you with Steve or any other guy, he wanted you with him. But the words never came and you feel stupid for letting your hopes get the best of you.
You shrug. “It’s fine, Buck.” The elevator is slow in its descent. You almost groan when you see how high you are and the fifteen floors left to go down. “I don’t like Steve… I just… It was nice to have some company. You were busy all night.” 
You try to hide the emotion in your voice, but Bucky can hear it. He can see it too, written on your face as you try to keep your eyes on the descending numbers. 
Your words cause a wave of relief to crash over him. You didn’t like Steve. You didn’t like Steve. He felt bad for his friend, but not bad enough to stop his next move.
He tugs at your hand again. The elevator is almost all the way down if you could just ignore him for a few more seconds-
His lips are on yours before you even have a chance to think about why he’s pulling you towards him. You’re still with shock, your hands clasped between you two, as Bucky kisses you. 
You don’t kiss back, too stunned to. Bucky pulls back when the elevator finally dings and you try to rush out only to be stopped when you realize you’re still attached to Bucky’s hand. 
“What the fuck was that?” You hiss. “You can’t just… Just flip out about Steve flirting, tell me you’re not jealous and then kiss me!” You yell.
Bucky swallows thickly and glances around the empty lobby. “I… It…”
You stare at him with lifted brows waiting for an explanation. “You need to figure your shit out, Buck. I said I was fine if you wanted it to be a one time thing but I’m not here for you to yank around.” 
“I’m not trying to yank you around!” Bucky defends. “I just… What if it wasn’t just a one time thing?” He asks quietly, his voice almost a whisper. 
You want to cry. “Wh...What?” You ask with a shake of your head. 
“I feel like such a dick.” He admits taking a hesitant step closer to you. When you don’t move away, he places a hand on your cheek. “Stuff with work has been so stressful lately and… and I never have the time or energy to do anything. The other night, with you, was the most relaxed I’ve been in a while.” 
“What are you saying?” 
“I’ve been thinking of us helping each other out.” 
“Like a friends with benefits thing?” You blurt out when you realize where he was going with this. 
He nods. “I just… Got to thinking after you left that morning. It was great sex, best I’ve had in a while.” You swallow and your eyes dart away a little embarrassed. “And I know you and don’t have to worry about you giving me some disease. We live together and we wouldn’t have to go out or wait for some random hook up.” 
You can’t really wrap your head around his words. “But you don’t want… You don’t want to have a relationship?” 
“You know me.” He laughs tensely. “Not a relationship guy. I love you, you’re my best friend, but-“
“That’s good.” Your blurt, already regretting the words. “I mean, I love you, you’re my best friend too, you know? Neither of us really have time for one anyways and… Life is stressful.” 
“You… You want to? Do the benefits thing?” Bucky looks like he can’t believe that you’re agreeing. Quite honestly, you can’t really believe the words coming out of your mouth either. 
Because you liked Bucky. You had for so long now it felt like it was a piece of you. You were sure you loved him. You were sure he didn’t feel the same way and this… This was a way to be with him, no matter how fucked up it may be. 
And life was stressful. A full time job with New York City rent and bills. You hated going out. You hate hook ups, they always left you disgruntled and disappointed. Bucky had… Bucky had been good. The best, probably. And it would be nice to have someone other than yourself every once in a while. 
“Yeah.” You whisper. “I… I want to. I’m kind of sick of my hand.” 
Bucky snorts then laughs and it immediately calms you down. He was still your Bucky. Just with the added bonus of sex. “Me too, sweets.” 
He presses a kiss to your forehead and pulls you into a hug. You suck in a deep breath. “I think you said something about going home.” You mumble into his suit jacket. 
“Yeah.” He whispers back, tilting your chin up to look up. He smirks down at you. “I did.” 
“Fuck. Fuck.” You moan as Bucky kisses down your chest. “Please, Buck.” You whimper when his right hand comes up and begins to play with your nipple. 
He doesn’t respond, his tongue flicking over your other nipple. You’re arching your back into him, it feels good, but you want more. His left hand is settled on your hip and you want it on you in a different way. 
You groan when he pulls away to look at you. “What do you want, sweetheart? You gotta tell me or I won’t be able to give it to you.” His tone is sweet, but he’s looking at you with blown pupils and a cocky smile. 
“Your fingers, Buck, please.” You try to lift your hips up a little, but his left hand keeps you pressed against his mattress. You look at him pleadingly when he still doesn’t move. “Please, James.” You murmur. 
You didn’t call him by his first name often, he had introduced himself as Bucky and you hadn’t even learned it until a few months later. Sometimes you pulled it out to tease him, but tonight… You wanted to see if it would push him. 
“Fuck.” He mutters, leaning over you and beginning to press a line of kisses down your stomach all the way to your pelvic bone. “Fuck, that’s hot. Say it again.” 
You throw your head back in a moan when his hand begins to rub you through your panties. “James. I need you to-“ 
“Gonna give you more than my fingers, sweets.” He hooks fingers in the waistband of your panties and yanks them down. “Finally gonna get a taste of you, if that’s okay.” He glances at you and you nod hastily.
“God. Yes, please.” Your eyes flutter shut as his hands force your thighs open. His grip on you is tight and harsh and makes your entire body tingle. 
“So pretty.” He murmurs just watching you. If you weren’t so turned on you would be embarrassed by his stare, but his words just make you even more desperate for him. He settles on his stomach, head between your thighs. He begins to bite and kiss his way up your inner thigh. “Been thinking about this since you let me fuck you, sweetheart.” He admits in a murmur before finally putting his mouth on you. “Thinking about how you taste.”
“Oh shit.” You moan, a combination of the pleasure of his tongue and his words giving you butterflies. “Yes. Fuck.” 
“Knew you’d taste good.” He moans, the words go straight to your core and he knows it. He knows what he’s doing. His hands gripping at your hips tightly, thumbs rubbing calming circles into your skin. He flicks his tongue over your sensitive spot and your back arches. “So good.” You murmur breathily. Your hands are clutching the bed sheets as you try to grind your hips up. 
Bucky pulls one hand away, it gives you a little more freedom to move but not much, and begins to tease you with a finger. 
“Yes. Please, your fingers.” You beg him. Bucky chuckles against you, sending hot breath and a small vibration straight to your core. It feels good, he’s good. 
He pulls away slightly and you whine. “Come on, sweets.” He urges, pushing his finger into you. You moan at the feeling. “What happened to calling me James? Said I liked it.” He adds another, your slick heat allowing them easily.
“James.” You look down at him with blown pupils. Bucky almost comes right there, his fingers inside of you, your chest heaving and you looking at him like that. “James. Please. Want your mouth on me again.” 
Now that you’ve started saying his name, it’s like you can’t stop. The name tumbles out of your mouth like a prayer. He rewards you for it though, his mouth is back on you, licking over you steadily, and you can feel the tension in your stomach the closer and closer you get. 
“So good.” Bucky murmurs into your skin. You moan out again. “Gonna come for me, sweetheart?” He pulls away to ask, his breath fanning across your skin. Your hips buck up towards him in desperation and Bucky groans. “Come on, sweets. Can you come for me? Please.” 
He curves his fingers and flicks his tongue over your already sensitive bud again and your back arches. “Fuck. Fuck.” You moan as your orgasm washes over you. Bucky works you through it and your legs are shaking by the time he pulls his mouth away to smile cheekily at you. 
“I like it when you call me James.” He whispers as he crawls up towards you. You roll you eyes with a tired smile. He fingers trace circles over you stomach. “You tired?”
You nod your head. Your eyes trail over his body, his hard dick making an obvious tent in his briefs. You smirk at him, your hand moving to trail down from his stomach to his dick. Bucky moans as your hand grips him. 
“Still want you to fuck me though.”
Bucky thinks maybe the two of you should establish some ground rules. No dates, if you sleep with somebody else let the other know, use protection, don’t fall asleep together. 
But he can’t imagine the two of you not having your regular Sunday breakfasts together after his runs or forcing you out of his room when the two of you had shared beds long before this ever happened. 
So, he ignores it. He decides to enjoy your warmth in his bed and assumes you’re not seeing anybody else. It’s good. It works, even if his friends think he’s being an idiot. 
Steve is on one side while Sam is on his other and they’ve both been standing in silence now that Bucky has finished explaining what happened when the two of you left the party.
He feels bad when he sees Sam’s eyes flicker to Steve in confusion, but Steve’s face holds more pity than annoyance. It makes Bucky feel uncomfortable in his spot as he takes a sip of water.
“I don’t understand why you’re not calling her your girlfriend.” Steve finally says. 
Bucky rolls his shoulders with an annoyed sigh. “I just said. We’re both busy with work and friends, there’s no time for relationships. This works for the both of us. We don’t have to rely on shitty hookups and we trust each other.” 
Steve gives Bucky a look that screams you’re an idiot while Sam just laughs loudly. “You have to know how ridiculous that sounds, dude.” Sam slaps a hand against Bucky’s back. “You guys live together. You have all the time in the world to actually date each other. I thought you guys were dating each other with how you act. you’re having sex now and you still won’t call her your girlfriend?” He asks incredulously. 
“I...I don’t want a relationship. It leads to marriage and kids and fights.” Bucky shudders. “No thanks. This way I get great sex and my best friend.”
Steve sighs heavily. “She deserves better than that, Buck. You know that.” His voice is full of disappointment. The same tone Bucky has been getting for years when it came to his relationships. 
“Like you?” His tone is defensive and his words are meaner than they should be. Bucky knows all Steve wants is for his friends to be happy. “She’s a grown woman. She can decide who she wants to have sex with.” 
“Come on, Buck. You’re not an idiot. She’s had a crush on you for years.” Steve lets out an exasperated sigh. “This is a great way to drive her away and lose her for good.” 
“I’m not-”
“All,” Steve raises his voice to cut Bucky off, “I’m saying is she’ll figure out this isn’t what she wants and find someone who can give it to her. Then you’ll be left in the dust realizing what an idiot you were for letting your irrational fears talk you out of being with her.”
Bucky runs his tongue over his lips. “Who? Are you gonna steal her?” 
Steve rolls his eyes. “Will it be stealing when you’re the one who drives her away?”
His bed is empty when you wake up, but that’s no surprise, you knew Bucky ran Sunday mornings with the guys. You almost expect to feel more shame or pain over falling into this friends with benefits thing. But, you feel okay. Bucky was still your best friend. Just with mind-blowing sex. He didn’t kick you out at night and didn’t seem put off by you. 
Your phone vibrates somewhere in his room from the inside of your clutch. You groan and finally move to sit up. Bucky has picked your things up and folded everything into a neat pile on the top of his dresser. Your clutch is sitting on the top of the pile and you can see the vibrations of your phone shaking it slightly. 
You pick his shirt up from the floor and slide it on before reaching for your underwear underneath the clutch. 
When you pull your phone out you see a few missed calls from Wanda, one last night the one you’ve just missed. You crawl into Bucky’s bed again and call her back. 
“Hey!” You smile at Wanda’s voice. “I called you last night, but I forgot you had that lawyer thing.” You can imagine her nose scrunching up in disgust at the idea. 
You mess with a loose thread on the comforter. “Yeah. Buck dragged me along.” There’s silence on the other end. You sigh heavily. “Shit. Wanda. You’ll never guess what I did last night.” 
Your eyes take in the room. Bucky doesn’t have many decorations or knick knacks, but he has a couple pictures sitting on his nightstand. You move to his side of the bed and pick one of them up. 
“You go home together?” Wanda doesn’t need to guess, there’s a twinge of disappointment in her voice but all you can focus on is the sadness you hear. Like she’s just hurting for you at this point. 
You stare down at the photo in your hand. It’s from Bucky’s last birthday. “We live together.” You defect. The photo is the two of you sitting at your kitchen counter with two glasses of wine in front of you. The wine is red and you can faintly see it staining both of your lips. His arm is wrapped loosely around your waist and you’re pressing a kiss his cheek. The photo makes your heart ache. “You sleep in your room?” Wanda laughs. You drop the photo on the bed in front of you. “You’ve gotta tell him. Tell him how you feel, really.” She urges you. 
You’re shaking your head even though she can’t see you. “It’ll ruin everything.” You say quietly. Losing him would be worse than loving him like this. “We... We agreed on a benefits thing last night. I think it can work.” 
“That’s a great way to get hurt.” Wanda says. You glance at the other picture he has sitting on his nightstand. 
It’s a photo of him and Steve. The two of them are children standing with hands wrapped tightly around the straps of their backpacks and they’ve got bright smiles on their faces. You smile at the sight, both boys happy, carefree and full of life.
Bucky’s left arm is still flesh in the photograph. He doesn’t talk about the accident much, he had come out with one arm and a completely changed person. Sometimes you wonder if things would be different if it had never happened.
You hear the front door slam shut. “I’ve gotta go! I’ll talk to you later.” You hang up before Wanda can say anything else. You leave the picture frame sitting in the bed, moving quickly from Bucky’s room to your own. 
Bucky’s bedroom door is open when he gets home, but you’re nowhere to be found. Your clothes still sit on his dresser and there’s a picture frame partially covered by his comforter that makes Bucky pause.
It’s his favorite picture of you two, wine stained lips and happiness radiating off of you. He wonders what had made you grab it and what had made you drop it. Steve’s words come to mind she’s had a crush on you for years. 
Bucky wasn’t an idiot. He had seen the nervous smiles and bright eyes in college, he had done everything he could to stay just friends with you and it had seemed to work. You had moved on. Boyfriends and flings had come and gone, your eyes had shifted into a caring stare and you stopped nervously fidgeting with your hands around him, so Bucky had assumed your crush went away. Even now there was nothing that really stood out as you liking him. It sounded like Steve was making assumptions to mess with Bucky’s head. And it was working.
He stares at the picture for another moment before placing it back on his nightstand. Bucky wasn’t afraid of relationships, Steve was wrong, he just hated how they ended. He wasn’t afraid of holding hands or expensive dates, he was afraid of the unavoidable hurt and falling out of love that would cause him to lose you.
He couldn’t lose you.
“Bucky?” Your voice jolts him from his thoughts and his head turns from the photo to you, standing in his doorway in nothing but his t-shirt and a pair shorts. “What should we order for lunch?”
Bucky lets out a deep breath before smiling up at you. “We should get some wraps from that cafe down the block.”
“That sounds good.” You smile. Your eyes move over him and Bucky has to look away. You’ve always been good at studying him and knowing if something was up. “Everything okay?”
Bucky shakes his head. “I’m just thinking.” He offers a tense smile that makes you step further into his room. Bucky’s eyes move from your bare feet up your legs to your face that’s watching him with concerned eyes.
“That can’t be good.” You tease as you take a seat next to him. You rest your head against his shoulder and Bucky feels a little calmer with you next to him. “What’s got you spacing out like that, Buck?” You ask gently.
“You’re not…” Bucky swallows thickly and looks down at his lap. “You’re not gonna leave me, right? This isn’t gonna fuck us up?”
He feels you tense against his side and begins to panic until your hand intwines with his. “Not if we promise not to let it fuck us up. You’re my best friend, Buck. I don’t wanna lose you either.”
“I promise.” Bucky squeezes your hand. “Do you?”
You squeeze his hand in return, but don’t say anything. Bucky takes the action as promise enough.
Days turn into weeks which turn into months and suddenly it’s November, fall in New York becoming winter much sooner than expected. The cold bites at your cheeks and seeps into your bones. Bucky becomes your warmth despite the constant ache in your heart at what you really are to him. 
Bucky comes into your room or you sneak into his. You ignore the looks from your friends when you all go out and don’t heed to any of Wanda’s advice.
The lines are blurred to you, because it feels like you’re in a relationship. It’s almost like you’ve fallen into one naturally. It’s not just secret sex in the middle of the night. It’s all your normal things, reading together on Sundays and watching your favorite show together Saturday nights. Only now it’s started to include footsie and make-out sessions.
There are some nights the two of you go out, whether it to be to dinner or to see a new movie, and they feel like dates. Bucky never lets you pay and holds your hand in the theater.
You almost want to ask him Why. Why aren’t we official? Why can’t you call me your girlfriend? But you’re far too afraid. For every small gesture that feels like love, there are nights out with your friends where Bucky ignores your existence or awkward introductions to coworkers you run into at the movie theater. 
Life moves on though. Day by day. Even if feels like you’re on a train moving full steam ahead towards a wall and impact is inevitable. 
It’s nice to have a taste of what it could be like to have him. 
It blows up on a Thursday night, at eight thirty-two pm, to be exact. 
Bucky didn’t feel like cooking, he was relieved when you had suggested going out to grab dinner, but now he just wishes the two of you had stayed home.
There’s a tense and awkward silence as the two of you walk home. You’re about ten feet in front of him and not talking at all, it honestly looks more like he’s some creep following you home at this point. If he weren’t so upset he would probably laugh at the scene. 
If Bucky had just kept his mouth shut.
“Oh my god.” You groan, slouching down in your seat and covering your face with your hands. “Fuck.”
Bucky looks between you and the entrance of the restaurant confused by your sudden annoyance. “What’s wrong?” He asks leaning towards you.
“I went to high school with that girl.” You whisper. “We were friends until I stole her boyfriend.” You roll your eyes.
Bucky chokes on his drink mid-sip. “You stole her boyfriend? Right on! I didn’t know you had that in you.” He laughs, completely shocked by the idea of a you in high school who steals guys when all he’s ever known is the sweet, loyal girl.
“I didn’t actually steal her boyfriend!” You hiss. Bucky notices the girl do a double take when her eyes catch on you. “He broke up with her and asked me to prom two weeks later so she assumed I stole him. She hated me and made the last few months of senior year absolute shit for me.” You explain slipping further into your seat before taking a heavy sip of wine.
“Incoming.” He chuckles as she makes a beeline for your table. You sit up ramrod straight when her hand lands on your shoulder and your name comes out in a fake giggle.
“Eliza.” Your smile is equally as fake as you stand up to offer her a quick hug. “How are you?” Bucky watches with amused eyes as Eliza launches into a story about her boyfriend, who’s watching the scene with bored eyes from across the restaurant.
He smiles awkwardly when the two of you turn to face him. “This is my boyfriend, Bucky.” You smile tightly at the woman and Bucky watches uncomfortably as she trails her eyes over him. “Really?” Eliza asks.
“Just friends, actually.” Bucky can’t stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth with an awkward laugh.
Your eyes narrow at him before they flicker away. Bucky watches in what feels like slow motion as your shoulders hunch in and you close yourself off, absolutely embarrassed as Eliza turns to you with a proud smirk. “Is that right?” Her tone is nasty and Bucky is filled with regret immediately, but there’s nothing he can do because you’re grabbing your purse and jacket and storming away.
Eliza smiles at him. “She’s always been one for the dramatics.” Bucky shakes his head as he pulls out some bills and leaves them on the table, moving the chase after you. “Thanks.” He says to the woman sarcastically as he pushes past her.
That had lead him here, trailing after you silently, as you fume from a distance. “Sweetheart, come on.” Bucky pleads. The words make you freeze and spin around to face him. 
Bucky stumbles backwards as you walk towards him with fury in your eyes and your finger pointed at him accusingly. “Don’t call me that.” 
“I’ve always called you sweetheart,” Bucky frowns. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just-”
“You didn’t embarrass me, James.” Bucky flinches as you spit out his first name like it’s poison. “You humiliated me. Was it really that big a deal? That I introduced you as my boyfriend? Does the idea of dating me disgust you that much?” 
Bucky throws his hands out in front of him in a defensive gesture. “No! I just... We’re not dating. You know that!” He shakes his head. “I mean, dating you doesn’t disgust me... I just... You know?” 
You raise your eyebrows at him. “No. I don’t know.” You say coldly. “It’s not like we’re not dating. You have to see that.” 
“See what?” Bucky asks, completely exasperated. “We do everything we used to do and sometimes have sex.” 
“Oh my god!” Your laugh sounds manic as you pause and look up at the sky like you’re searching for an answer. “Have you ever thought that maybe we weren’t ever just friends, Bucky? That we didn’t act like normal best friends do?” You cross your arms and look back at him. 
Yes. Bucky thinks immediately. “No!” He swallows. “I’ve always seen you as my best friend! Never... Never...” He’s dug himself a deeper and deeper hole every time he’s opened his mouth, but this is the nail in his coffin. He says your name gently, but you’re already backing away, hurt all over your face. 
“I guess I read everything wrong then.” You say quietly. “These stupid dates and us falling asleep together at night. All the holding hands and cuddling, right?” Your voice is filled with wet emotion and Bucky is sure if it wasn’t so dark outside he would see tears brimming your eyes. “You do that with all your friends. I mean nothing.”
“That’s not what I said!” Bucky exclaims. “You know you’re one of the most important women in my life. Please. Don’t do this.” He pleads. 
“I’m done. Okay? This stupid benefits thing? These friend dates, Sunday mornings together, movies? Done with all of it.” You hiss. You suck in a deep breath, like you’re preparing to deliver the final blow. Bucky braces himself. “You wanna be just friends? I’ll do you one better, we can be just roommates. That way there’s no confusion.”
Bucky can only stand still, watching as you walk away. 
Wanda has a kind enough heart to not say I told you so, when you show on her doorstep with mascara running down your cheeks. She just pulls you inside by your arm and wraps her softest blanket around your shoulders. 
“What happened?” She places a cup of tea on her coffee table in front of you. You can vaguely hear Vision trying to move around in the kitchen as quietly as possible. There’s an unspoken question that lingers in the air. What did Bucky do?
You sniffle. “We ran into Eliza tonight.” Wanda’s eyes widen and you nod. “I… I introduced Bucky as my boyfriend. It just slipped out, but he totally panicked and corrected me right to her face. I was so humiliated, I bolted.”
Wanda takes the seat beside you on the couch. “That’s awful. I can’t believe that idiot,” she hisses the word, “couldn’t put aside his dumb fears for five seconds and just have your back.”
You rub your eyes harshly. “That’s not the worst part of the night. I think the worst part was when he reiterated we were just friends and that he’s never seen me as anything more than that.” 
Wanda’s mouth drops open in shock and you can even hear Vision murmur something along the lines of oh shit in the kitchen. 
“Good way to get hurt, huh?” You reiterate Wanda’s words from weeks ago and her face falls into a look a pity. “I’m so stupid. Why did I even agree to doing benefits with him?”
“We all do dumb things when we love someone.” She says soothingly as she rubs her hand across your back. “I know this hurts, but look at the silver lining. Now you can move on, for real. Bucky’s made his intentions clear and you can find someone better.” 
You look at her sadly. “What if there isn’t someone better?” You almost choke on your own breath as you talk through your tears. “What if no one makes me feel that way?”
Wanda shakes her head and reaches up to grip your chin between her fingertips. It forces you to look into her blazing eyes. “Bucky’s nothing more than a man with commitment issues. We’re in New York City, there are millions of them. And for every Bucky, there’s a…a…”
“Vision.” You offer up with a teasing smile. Wanda blushes, but nods. “There’s a Vision. And yours is out there, he was just waiting for Bucky to fuck up.” 
You let out a choke laugh. “Yeah…” You trail off. “Can I crash here? I don’t think I can-“
“-Of course.” Wanda cuts you off. “For as long as you need.”
Bucky doesn’t even want to go inside. He just stands outside his apartment door staring blankly at the lock. It doesn’t feel like home without you there. 
You haven’t been home in three days and if it weren’t for your instagram stories with Wanda and Vision, Bucky would think you were dead.
You haven’t reached out at all, he isn’t sure if you had come by the apartment to grab personal things and when he had asked the guys if they had heard from you, Steve had just given him an I told you this would happen lecture. 
Bucky feels like a fucking idiot. Bucky is a fucking idiot. He shoves his key into the lock with a sigh. 
“Bucky?” A voice calls out. It makes him freeze in the doorway. It’s your voice. He’s sure it is. Nobody else had a key to the apartment. You pop out of the kitchen with a smile. “It is you!”
Your demeanor has done a complete flip. There’s no harsh stare or fiery eyes, just smiles. It leaves his head spinning. For the past three days he’s been trying to figure out how to make things better and you’re…fine? 
“He…hey.” He pushes the word out. “Um. What are you doing here?” 
Your brows furrow. “I live here?” You laugh softly before turning back into the kitchen. Bucky follows you dumbly, completely awestruck by your sudden reappearance. 
“I thought… I thought you were mad at me?” He asks hesitantly. 
“I was. Now I’m not.” You shrug. You move around the kitchen easily, putting groceries away that Bucky hadn’t even noticed with his entire focus on you. 
He moves towards you. “Sweetheart-“
You interrupt him with your name and suddenly the fire is back in your eyes. Oh. This isn’t Bucky’s best friend coming back into his life. 
It’s his roommate coming back home. 
Just like you had promised. 
Bucky tries to catch you some days. He’ll tilt his head in an attempt to force your eyes to meet his while you talk about nothing after he gets home from work. 
You always avoid them, terrified one look into the blue you’ve loved for so long and you’ll crumble at his feet. You chatter about nothing important, the weather outside and your neighbor upstairs who always stomps around at four in the morning. 
Bucky always listens intently and you begin to feel a little guilty for cutting him out completely. You just needed some time to get over him, then one day you could come home and watch Law and Order with him again and cook dinner together. 
But for now, you pretend he’s nothing more than a roommate and like you’re not desperately in love with him. 
It’ll work. It has to work. 
Your name is like honey coming from Steve’s lips. He’s got a kind smile on his face as he hands over your coffee. He had slipped behind you in line at the coffee shop with a sheepish hello.
“You didn’t have to do that.” You say softly as you take it from him. “I can pay for my own coffee.” You can see the ingredients scribbled onto the side of his paper cup and it makes you smile into your sip.
Steve Rogers had a sweet tooth. 
“Day off? Or just a break?” You hold the coffee shop door open for him to follow you out onto the street. Steve gives you a thankful smile. 
“Break. I’m heading back to the office now.” He takes a sip of his drink. There were two weeks left of November and the streets of New York were doing their annual flip. Christmas lights going up too early and gloomy skies overhead.
You walk beside him, one hand shoved into your pocket. “Mind if I walk with you? I’m off today and I am so bored just sitting around the apartment.” 
“Not at all!” Steve answers quickly. There’s a slight flush on his cheeks that you attribute to the wind nipping at both your cheeks. “I could use the company of someone other than corporate lawyers.” 
You laugh at his dramatic eye roll. “You know most of your friends work at that firm.” Steve gives you an unapologetic smile. “Two friends and I can admit they can both be dicks sometimes.” 
He looks at you like he knows something and you swallow, turning to look straight ahead of you. “I disagree.” You finally say after a moment. He looks down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “Sam is always a sweetheart.”
That startles a laugh out of Steve, who looks at you with a shine in his eyes. He shakes his head and looks down at the sidewalk in front of him. “You okay? I know that-“ 
“-I’m fine.” You cut him off. You look up at him with a half smile. “And we don’t have to talk about it. In fact, let’s not.” You force out a laugh and Steve nods slowly.
You end up walking the rest of the way in a comfortable silence. Steve has a reassuring presence, something you don’t think you’ve ever even realized until now. Warmth radiates off of his body and his eyes give everything he feels away. Steve is a good apple. At least that’s what your grandmother would say if she had met him.
“This is me.” Steve says softly as he slows to a stop outside the corporate building. If you look around you’ll notice every building near by looks almost exactly the same. “Thanks for walking with me.” He says softly with a nervous smile.
You smile back. “Thanks for buying me coffee.” You hold it up towards him as if to show him. “And for letting me tag along.”
Steve shakes his head. You’re sure he has to get back to work soon, you know their days are usually full and small breaks like this were just that - small. “You don’t have to thank me. I… I like hanging out with you. You’re cool.” He scrunches his nose up when he realizes what he’s just said but you giggle.
“Cool?” You ask with a teasing smile. Steve looks down at his feet with red dusting his cheeks. “I think you’re cool too.” The words are soft as you nudge his boot clad foot with yours.
Steve looks up with bright eyes. “Yeah?” You nod and he smiles to himself. “We should… We should hang out more.” He suggests hesitantly.
Your eyes widen as you look at him. Steve looks about two seconds away from being sick with nerves and it’s sweet. Completely and utterly tooth rottingly sweet that someone is this nervous around you. Your heart picks up at him wanting to hang out more.
“Like dates?” You question quietly. Steve turns a bright shade of right and you’re reminded of Bucky blurting his secret out weeks ago. “I would like that.” You don’t give him a chance to respond to your first question.
He smiles so bright that you’re blinded by it. “Yeah?” You nod with a small smile. “Yeah. Now go back to work!” You shove his shoulder lightly which makes him laugh. “You have my number.”
He’s nodding happily as he backs away. “I do! I’ll text you?”
“Please!” You laugh as he pushes through the glass doors backwards, almost running over a women. He smiles awkwardly at her before facing you once again. You wave as he disappears into the crowd of people. 
When he’s out of sight you let out a sigh. He was kind and incredibly endearing. Steve was a man every woman would be lucky to date. Why did you feel so guilty for flirting then? 
You know why. 
You ignore it.
Bucky watches with pursed lips from his spot by the front desk as you and Steve chat outside. He tries his best to read lips, but your both standing at an angle that makes it near impossible.
“You’re not creepy at all.” The voice makes him jump and he turns to look at Sam, leaning against the opposite side of the reception desk. Martha, the woman who runs the desk, looks between them in amusement. “Steve is some kind of psychic, huh?” He snorts.
Bucky turns his glare onto Sam. “It’s not my fault they’re out there for everyone to see.” He snaps before turning his eyes back on the scene in front of him.
Sam laughs loudly and Bucky watches his Steve embarrasses himself by running into a girl leaving the building. He would feel better about it, if he couldn’t see you smiling brightly at the man.
Bucky loves Steve, but he wants nothing more than to punch him in the face for not staying away from you. Even though Bucky is fully aware you’re both adults with minds of you own, he had never imagined Steve would actually sweep you off your feet.
When Steve makes his way towards Sam and Bucky, Sam has got a cheesy smile on his face and Bucky can do nothing but glare. “Got myself a date, boys.” He smacks a hand against Bucky’s back.
“It’s like… She was run right into my arms.” He smirks before making his way towards the elevator. Sam follows behind Steve with another loud laugh.
Bucky is left standing in the lobby alone. He watches your form retreat across the street and sighs. He had made a mess of things, huh?
You can’t get the dress to zip up all the way. You’ve tried a multitude of angles, from pulling the dress up and trying to reach it over your shoulder to almost breaking your arm at an awkward angle.
You sigh in defeat as you stand in front of your mirror. You can hear Bucky in his room across the hall, music playing a little too loud and his footsteps around the room. He’s got his cleaning playlist on, it forces a small smile to appear on your face.
You suck in a deep breath. Roommates helped each other with zippers. It was normal, Bucky could help you with a zipper.
“Bucky.” You knock softly on his door. There’s no answer, he probably can’t hear anything over the music. You knock harder. “Bucky?” The music stops and you suck in a nervous breath.
His door flies open and his eyes widen when he sees you standing in the half zipped dress. His eyes narrow. “What’s up?”
Your fingers fidget in front of your stomach as you look at him nervously. “Can you… Can you help me zip the rest of the way? I just can’t get it.” You admit sheepishly.
Bucky nods. “Turn around.” He orders softly and you do as he says. His fingers find the zipper stuck halfway up your back and your breath hitches. You think you hear his do the same as he begins to pull it up slowly.
It’s a tense silence as his hands rest on your back for a second too long. When he drops them back to his side, you turn to look at him. He shuts his eyes tightly and sighs. “Listen. About what happened-“
There’s a knock at your door that makes you step away. You look at Bucky apologetically. “I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.” You take a few stumbling steps away.
You feel his eyes on you as you move through the apartment and collect your purse and jacket. When you open the door, Steve is standing there with flowers and it makes you pause.
Bucky’s bedroom door slams shut when you pull the flowers into your own hand. His music starts playing again as you get them into water. You and Steve smile awkwardly at each other.
When Steve’s hand lands on your lower back to guide you out of the building, all you can think is Bucky’s hands there earlier, warmer and somehow softer, you try to ignore how wrong it feels.
You were moving on. It would get better.
Bucky’s pathetic. That much he knows. Four drinks in and he’s missing you desperately. All he can think about is Steve’s hand on your back and how you look in that red dress.
Did you know it was Steve’s favorite color? Is that why you had worn it? He had seen the black lace of your bra underneath when zipping the dress for you, had you worn that on purpose too? 
He feels like he’s hit rock bottom. Like it can’t get worse than this. His best friend on a date with his other best friend who he wasn’t talking to anymore because he wanted a friends with benefits thing. 
I had other friends, he thinks. Friends who I could stand to lose. Why did I want her? Why did I do that?
Annoyingly enough, Steve’s voice is what answers him. You’re in love with her. The words make Bucky jolt up in his seat because, well, he’s never thought that before. He’s always known he loved you in a platonic sense and that he cared for you deeply, but being in love with you?
That can’t be it. Bucky didn’t really do being in love. He’s seen what that does to people. He saw what it did to his mother, heartbroken and left with two kids to raise on her own. He’s seen what heartbreak has done to Becca, who used to lock herself away in her room and spend hours crying over boys who weren’t worth it.
He snorts to himself, taking another sip of his drink. They say you can only go up from from rock bottom. Bucky thinks he’s got some kind of special ability to go lower though as he stares at his phone. 
He wants to text you and beg you to come home. He calls his mom instead. “Ma?” He asks quietly when she picks the phone up. “It’s Bucky.”
“I have caller ID. I know.” She lets out a laugh. “What’s up? You sound upset, my love.” She asks gently.
“I fucked up, Ma.” Bucky admits after a moment of silence. “I…” 
“What’s wrong? What happened?” She sounds panicked and Bucky immediately feels bad for worrying her. 
“No I mean, like, with Y/N. I fucked up with her.” He explains. His mother inhales sharply at the sound of his best friends name.
“What happened?” She asks softly, almost knowingly.
“We… I… I’m not meant for relationships? You know? Love? It always ends bad so I told her we could just be friends with some benefits.” He feels a little embarrassed sharing this with his mother, but he doesn’t have anybody else to turn to. “And I fucked it up. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.” Bucky can admit that he blurred the lines. That he didn’t treat you like just a friend, but when had he ever? You’d always been a little closer than normal friends. 
“Oh Bucky.” His mother murmurs, her tone isn’t disappointed, just sad. “I’m so sorry your father did this to you.” Bucky rubs a hand over his face. “Ma-“ 
“-No, Bucky. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the value of romantic love. Of love that keeps you warm and love that makes your heart race.” She says quietly. 
“It always ends in heartbreak. I don’t need it.” He says defensively. It’s silent, Bucky listens to his mom breathe before finally whispering, “What if I’m like him? What if I ruin her life?” 
“Oh sweetheart, you’re nothing like him.” Her voice cracks. “You’re good. You’re a good man. You’re empathetic. You care deeply. You don’t have to be afraid of ending up like him, you’ve already proven you won’t.” 
“Doesn’t feel like that.” Bucky lets out a short laugh. “Feels like I already am.” 
“James Buchanan Barnes. I am not going to sit here and listen to you talk about yourself like this. You’re not like him because you see what you’ve done wrong. Because you feel remorse.” She says heatedly. “Your father never felt bad for what he did or who he hurt, that’s what makes you different. That’s what makes you better.” 
Bucky wipes hastily at the tears that he hadn’t realized were falling down his cheeks until now. Has he always been this much of a light weight? Full of emotion and regrets that are only amplified by his drunkenness. 
“I love that girl like she’s my own.” His mother’s voice brings him back. “So, what are you gonna do to fix this? I already bought her Christmas present.” 
Bucky laughs. His chest feels a little lighter. “Leave her alone.” He answers genuinely. He can almost see his mother’s mouth open in protest. “She’s on a date with Steve. I can’t ruin that for either of them.” 
There’s a sigh on the other end of the line. “You’re a good man, Bucky. Every good man makes mistakes. It’ll all work out.” She says vehemently. 
“I love you, ma. Thank you.” Bucky looks at the bottle in front of him. “I love you too. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” She asks gently. “Okay.” He nods as she hangs up. 
Her words help, but he’s still filled with guilt as he thinks of you. He had never wanted things to become this messed up with you. The last thing he wanted was for you to hate him.
Then why’d you do it? Bucky pulls at his hair. Since when was his subconscious so annoying? Was it the drinks? It’s your voice next. I mean nothing to you? 
“No. Shut up.” Bucky says to himself before standing up, his knee knocking against the coffee table painfully. He groans, but doesn’t stop moving. He feels like he’s going to be sick. He is going to be sick, he realizes as he forces the bathroom door open. 
He throws up. He’s not sure if it’s from the drinks or this overwhelming feeling of pure angst in his chest. A feeling that makes his lungs constrict and his heart ache.
He briefly wonders if this is heartbreak. And if it was, did that mean Steve was right? Bucky loved you?
He makes it back to the couch and starts a random movie in an attempt to stay up and wait for you. To talk or something. He was so, so sick of not talking to you.
But he falls asleep less than fifteen minutes later and he doesn’t hear you step into the apartment.
“I had a really nice time tonight.” You say quietly. It’s almost midnight and you’re sure your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate you waking them up. “Thank you for taking me out.”
Steve stuffs his hands into his jacket pocket and gives you a grin. “Thanks for letting me take you out.”The two of you look at each other before breaking eye contact with awkward laughs. “We should do this again.”
You nod. “We should!” You lean up and press a kiss to his cheek before turning towards your door. “I’ll see you later, Steve.” You say softly before pushing the door open.
Steve gives you a short wave with a happy smile. “See you.” He begins to back away, down the hallway. “I’ll just.” He jabs a thumb over his shoulder before spinning around to walk straight.
You laugh silently to yourself as you finally step into your apartment and shut the door behind you. With your eyes shut tightly, you lean your back against the door and let out a sigh.
Your silence is disturbed by a groan and your eyes shoot open. Bucky’s laying on the couch, one arm hanging off and a bottle of whiskey sitting almost completely empty in front of him.
“Oh, Bucky.” You let out a sad sigh as you drop your purse and keys on the entryway table. His eyes are squeezed shut, you can tell he’s in a deep sleep.
When you stand in front of him, you push the stray hairs that are stuck to his sweaty forehead back. He’s flushed and you don’t know exactly how much he’s had to drink, but he was definitely drunk. You allow your nails to trace over his cheekbones and jawline in admiration.
You move away, suddenly aware of what you’re actually doing. You move quickly, picking up the empty glass and whiskey bottle and moving towards the kitchen. You leave the glass in the sink and stuff the bottle back into your drinks cabinet.
You think of just going back to your room, but you know you can’t leave Bucky shivering on the couch. You grab a clean glass and fill it with water before placing it on the coffee table in front of you. You pull out your travel Advil from your purse and sit it next to glass. His favorite blanket is draped over the back your lounge chair. You pull it off and drape it over him gently. Bucky snuffles then turns so his face is pressed into the couch.
You look down at Bucky again before leaving him in the room.
It’s like there’s a shift between you and Bucky after your date with Steve. You’re kinder and you seem to be more open with him again, while all Bucky wants to do is hide away in his room.
Every time you sit across from him in the living room or join him for dinner, he feels panic rise in him like vile and he ends up sitting tensely beside you.
Because you’re figuring your shit out. You want to be friends with Bucky again while Steve takes you out every weekend. It’s perfect. Going swimmingly, really.
Except, Bucky is falling apart. Every time you go out with Steve he makes himself sick thinking about what you’re doing. He’s stuck in this constant cycle of why does it hurt so much and you love her you love her you love her.
He just wants to scream so what? Even if he did love you, what did it matter? It’s not like it would change anything. You had never told him you loved him, you had only been angry because he had given you mixed signals. Now, you had moved on to someone easy, someone without commitment fears and who didn’t give you mixed signals.
So, even if he did love you, why would he say anything. Why would he ruin something good for you? He wanted to prove his mother right. He was better than his father, and he wouldn’t ruin something good for you. Not when he was the one who had driven you away. Sick sense of irony, the way this worked out.
You’re trying. You can tell Bucky is too. As you come further out of your shell again, he sticks to staunch boundaries and has ceased all of his old affectionate gestures. You know it makes sense and it’s for the best. Even if it does nothing but remind you of what you had grown used to with him before all this.
Besides, you couldn’t blame Bucky for not feeling the same way you did. Not when you had agreed to just benefits and not when you had never told him the truth. 
And Steve was sweet. Steve was gentle and kind and kissed you like you mattered. He held your hand in public and introduced you as his date when you ran into people he knew.
He was good. You cared for him, a lot, and you were desperate for it to work out. For it to work out with Steve and for it to work out with Bucky.
That’s how this night started. These thoughts and a plan. A stupid fucking plan for moving on. Drinks with everyone. Wanda, Vision, Sam, Steve… Bucky.
Bucky who was talking to a redhead at the bar. Bucky who you couldn’t stop staring at as he smiled and charmed her. Your fist tightened around your glass as you watch her nails inch towards his hand.
“Another round of drinks?” Sam’s voice pulls you from your stare. You shake your head to yourself and glance around table. Everybody’s glasses are empty except yours. “I’ll go!” You offer as you drain the last of your drink quickly.
You stand up before anybody at the table can question it. “I can help you.” Steve goes to stand, but you place a gentle hand on his shoulder.
“Bucky’s up there. I’m sure he’ll help!” You give him a big smile, one that he answers with furrowed eyebrows. You don’t think much of it as you spin on your heel and make a beeline for the bar.
You don’t see the look Wanda shoots you or the glance Sam and Steve share. You stop right behind Bucky and lean on the counter as you order then you tap him on his shoulder.
He spins quickly. “What’s up? Everyone okay?” He asks, his eyes shifting between you and the table of your friends.
“Yeah!” You give him a small smile. “I was sent for drinks and I didn’t realize how many there were. Think you could help?”
He glances between you and the redhead, who’s giving you a kind smile as she waits. You smile in return before looking up at Bucky again. “Please?” You tack on with a pout.
Bucky laughs. “Yeah. Whatever.” He looks down at the woman again. “You wanna join us? Promise everyone is super cool.”
Your eyes widen as the drinks are placed in front of you. She wasn’t supposed to come. This was supposed to… You pause.
This was supposed to get him away from her. Back to your side.
“Yeah!” You give her a fake smile. “You should join us, we could always use more girls.” You chuckle as you lift three glasses.
Bucky grabs the other three before looking at the woman in question. She shrugs before grabbing her own glass to follow after you two.
You hand out the glasses before taking your seat beside Steve again. He arm comes up to rest behind your chair and you can’t shake the urge to push it off.
“Guys, this is Natasha.” Bucky gestures to the woman besides him before pulling a chair out for her. “Natasha. Wanda, Vision, Steve, Sam.” He points everyone out before finishing off with you. She smiles politely at all of you. You grind your teeth as he sits beside her.
The group seems to take a liking to her right away. She laughs at Sam’s jokes and compliments Wanda’s engagement ring. You’re burning with jealously as Bucky flirts in front of all of you.
It’s wholly irrational, a sober you would know that this jealously doesn’t really make sense. Three mixed drinks in though and it feels like Bucky is doing this to hurt you.
It feels like he’s showing you what he could never do with you. He never flirted with you in front of your friends or allowed his hand to inch towards yours on the table in front of them.
Bucky was secretly affectionate with you. It was tangled feet on Sunday mornings and cuddling Saturday nights. Sex in the middle of night and… heartbreak the next morning.
So his drifting hand and charming smile directed towards Natasha is suffocating you with insecurity. What did she have?
“I’m going home.” You stand abruptly when Bucky leans towards her with a laugh. Your shaky on your feet and Steve reaches a hand out to stabilize you. Everyone looks at you with confusion. “I… I don’t feel good.”
“I’ll walk you home.” Steve stands immediately.
You shake your head. “No!” When he freezes and looks at you with hurt eyes you smile tightly. “I mean, I’m going to take a Lyft. You stay here, have fun.”
“At least let me wait with you. So you’re not in the cold alone.” He insists and you nod slowly.
You really want to be alone, to wallow in this feeling, but Steve was nice and of course he wouldn’t let you go alone.
You watch Bucky for a moment, like you expect him to say something, to offer to come with you. Like he always did, but his attention shifts back to Natasha as Steve’s arm wraps around your waist.
It’s silent as he guides you out of the bar and tense as you order the Lyft. “Fifteen minutes.” You say softly.
Steve nods and looks around the almost empty street. You open your mouth to break the awkward silence, but he beats you to it.
“What happened between you and Bucky?” He asks quietly, his hands stuffed into his jacket pocket, and his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip.
You swallow thickly. “He didn’t tell you?” You ask instead of answering the question.
“He told me you guys had a friends with benefits thing going on. Then he told me you didn’t.” He doesn’t look angry, just sad as he stares down at you. “You know Bucky, he doesn’t share a lot.”
You look down at the sidewalk, your heel scuffing against it nervously. “I don’t know. I read things wrong, I guess. I… I thought we had a chance?” Your tone is questioning and you let out a laugh in a self-deprecating manner.
“You still love him?” You eyes shoot up to meet Steve’s. You open your mouth to say something, anything, to turn this conversation around but the door opening takes your attention off of the conversation.
It’s Bucky and Natasha, laughing softly with one another. You turn away quickly and feel the vomit rise in your throat. “I’m gonna be sick.” You murmur before throwing up all over Steve’s shoes. He grimaces and takes a step back as the couple turns around at the sound of you.
Bucky calls out your name. You can’t look up, instead you drop to the ground and sit on the sidewalk ledge.“Are you okay?” Bucky kneels down beside you as you cough.
“I’m fine. You can go. Go.” You urge, unable to look up at him. Bucky doesn’t budge though, his hand coming up to push back the hairs stuck to your forehead. “Bucky. Please.” You groan.
“I’ll walk her home.” Bucky says to Steve, ignoring your pleas. “The air will do her some good and the car moving will only make her feel worse.”
Steve looks between you two hesitantly. “I don’t know, I can take her.” You still feel nauseous, especially at the idea of Steve who you’re pretty sure just broke up with you wanting to keep you away from Bucky for your comfort.
When you look up, Natasha is standing behind Bucky with worried eyes. You feel tears gather in the corner of your eyes as they move to Bucky. He smiles gently, his hand still resting against your cheek. “Let me walk you home, sweets.”
The nickname makes your heart soar. Months of nothing but your first name and you feel like you’re floating at the sound of it. “Okay.” You nod, your hand coming up to rest on his. “Okay.” You pull out your phone to cancel the Lyft.
He helps you stand. “I’ll see you.” He says apologetically to Natasha. She doesn’t look upset, in fact she smiles at him like she knows something you two don’t. “I’ll let you know when we get home.” He says to Steve, who nods before following Natasha inside.
You feel flushed and hot all over. A horrible mixture of drinks, jealously and nausea settling in your stomach. It makes you horribly dizzy and you’re forced to lean against Bucky heavily for support.
“One step at a time, sweets.” Bucky says softly, his metal arm wrapped tightly around your waist.
“Almost there.” Bucky exhales a deep breath as he all but carries you towards the couch. He’d given up on getting you down the hall, you had pretty much become dead weight and getting you down the hall to the apartment had taken a lot out of Bucky. “Few more steps, sweets.”
Bucky’s cheeks are red and his entire body is warm. It’s been so long since he’s been this close to you and he can’t help but feel his heart grow as you latch onto him.
“Easy. Easy.” He murmurs as he sits you down gently on the couch. You mumble incoherently as you head lands on the back of the couch.
He pulls away from you and pulls his phone out. Sorry to leave you, maybe we can catch up another time?
Maybe. As friends, of course.
Bucky glances at you before looking back down at his phone, he begins to type but another message pops up quickly.
I saw the way you looked at her, I don’t think you’re looking for a girlfriend! It’s okay :)
Bucky leaves the phone sitting on the coffee table as he focuses his attention back on you. You open your eyes and look at him sadly. “What’s wrong with me?” You ask quietly.
“Nothing.” Bucky responds immediately, his hand reaching out for your cheek. The moan of relief you let out at the coolness of his metal appendage goes straight through Bucky. “Nothing is wrong with you.” He forces his voice to stay steady.
He takes a seat next to you on the couch and drops his hand back to his lap. While you stare at the carpeted floor, Bucky’s eyes trail over you. He takes in the skin tight pants and soft sweater. The way your legs look makes him swallow thickly. You were beautiful and Bucky loved you. 
The thought makes him pause, but it doesn’t scare him nearly as much as he thought it would. He did. He loved you. He knew looking at you now that the months of questioning it and then trying to make himself believe it was just as a friend as you dated Steve, was all in vain. He loved you. Maybe he had loved this whole time. 
You look up at him suddenly, like you can hear his thoughts, and Bucky is frozen in his spot. You move towards him slowly and he can’t do anything but watch. 
You crawl into his lap and Bucky’s hands immediately rest on your waist to hold you steady. “What… What’re doing?” He can’t hide the shock in his tone. He has to hold back a moan as your hands come up to run through his hair. You left yanks gently at the hair on the back of his head to force him to look up at you and Bucky is unable to stop the moan from slipping out then.
You smile down at him cheekily. “Want you to fuck me.” Your already slurred words are murmured, so Bucky almost doesn’t understand you. “It’s been so long, Buck.” You grind down and he chokes on his own spit, not expecting his night to end like this.
“You gotta stop, sweets.” His grip on you waist tightens in an attempt to halt your movements. “You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing.” He says, looking back up at you. 
Your hands rest on his shoulders and you shake your head. “I know I hated seeing you with her. I hate not having you. Please, I miss you.” You whisper pleadingly.
The words pain Bucky. “I miss you too, but you don’t want this.” He gently pushes you off of his lap and back onto the couch cushions beside him.
Your head falls to your hands while your elbows rest against your legs. “Why don’t you want me?” You look back up at him with wet eyes. Bucky freezes. Is that what you thought? That he didn’t want you? 
“Sweetheart, you have no idea how much I want you.” He admits, reaching out to pull your hands away from your face completely. You shake your head and pull yourself away from him. 
“If you wanted me you wouldn’t have flirted with her all night. In front of me. In front of our friends.” Bucky looks at you with wide eyes. How could you be upset with him over that when you had gone with Steve? When you had been dating Steve? 
“You’re with Steve.” He reminds you. “Am I supposed to not flirt with other people? You told me we were just roommates. We’re barely even friends!” He exclaims. 
“No! I told you that because you hurt me.” You wipe tears off of your cheeks. “You… You made me feel like I was something to you then told me I was just a fuck. I was hurt.” You explain. “God, you- I loved you so much and you just - just-“ 
“You love me?” Bucky cuts you off. He knows you’re drunk, but the words make his heart race. He feels his eyes soften as he stares at your form. 
The tears gathered in your eyes begin to fall down your cheeks as you shake your head hastily. “Loved you. I loved you. But you didn’t love me, so I moved on.”
Bucky didn’t know it was possible to physically feel your heart break, but here he was, his heart cracking painfully as you look away from him.
“I’m so tired.” You whisper. “Why could you flirt with her in front of all our friends? Why… Why was I a dirty secret?”
Bucky doesn’t know what to say to you. Doesn’t know how to explain to you that he wasn’t afraid of losing her the way he was you. He didn’t know her at all, he certainly didn’t know her the way he knew you.
“We should get you to bed.” Bucky stands abruptly. His hands come down to hold your arms gently as he helps you stand. “We can talk in the morning.”
You allow him to pull you up, it looks like you’ve given up on furthering the conversation. Bucky picks you up bridal style to carry you down the hall.
Your arms rest loosely around his neck. “Steve broke up with me.” You say as Bucky drops you onto your mattress. “He knows about us. He doesn’t want someone who… who…” You trail off before falling into a fit coughs.
“We’ll talk in the morning.” Bucky says softly, his fingers trailing over your cheeks. “I promise, sweetheart.” You already have a water bottle on your nightstand, so Bucky searches your vanity for Advil.
He leaves two pills beside the bottle. You’re already dozing off, your eyes fluttering shut, so Bucky leans down to press a kiss to your forehead. When he goes to pull back, your hand shoots out and wraps around his wrist. “Stay. Please.” You whisper.
Bucky hesitates for a second before nodding and sitting beside you on the bed as he pulls his shoes off. His heart races as he moves to lay beside you and he feels flushed as you curl into his side.
He allows himself to relax with you in his arms. It had been so long since you’ve been beside him like this and Bucky lets himself feel love as you do. 
Is this what he had been afraid of the entire time? 
You wake up hot, nauseous and with a pounding headache.
And something wrapped tightly around you. When you open your eyes fully, the first thing you see is a metal arm wrapped tightly around your waist. You groan when your eyes trail up and the sunlight streaming in from your window hits you.
A deeper groan is returned and it makes you freeze. You rack your brain for what happened last night, but all you could remember was getting sick outside the bar and Bucky taking you home. Had you said something? Had he?
You turn over in his arms and look up at him. His eyes are still closed and he’s letting out steady, soft breaths.
“Bucky.” You whisper, your hand coming up to rest against his chest. “Bucky, wake up.” You say a little louder.
His eyes snap open and immediately he pulls away from you. “Shit. Sorry. I’m sorry. You… You…” He sots up and rubs a hand over his face.
“I don’t… What happened? I just remember you walking me home.” You sit up slowly. You’re still wearing your leggings and the sweater from last night. You groan. “I’m sorry I took you away from…” He shakes his head. 
“It’s okay. I offered. You asked me to stay when I got you into bed, I’m sorry if you’re uncomfortable.” His apology is sincere and you suck in a deep breath.
“It’s okay. I don’t… You know I don’t mind falling asleep with you.” Neither of you move or say anything, just sit on opposite sides of your bed in awkward silence. “I-“
“I love you.” Bucky blurts effectively cutting you off. Your eyes widen and your pulse quickens as you stare at him. You had not been expecting that. “And… I’m sorry it took all of this. Not being friends, Steve, drinks, for me to realize, but I do. I think I’ve always loved you, I just… I didn’t know it.”
You shake your head as you try to process what he’s saying. “I don’t… I don’t understand. Where is this coming from?”
“I… Seeing you with Steve. I didn’t… It killed me inside.” Bucky admits.
“And you think that means you love me?” You spit out. “You said it yourself, Bucky Barnes doesn’t do relationships.” You shake your head. “You’re just jealous because you don’t have my attention anymore.”
“That’s not true.” Bucky says adamantly. He turns his body on the bed so it’s facing you. “It made me realize I love you. It made me realize my favorite time of the day is when I get to spend time with you. That our Sundays spent reading and Saturdays watching Law and Order were always better than bars or parties because I was with you. I… I want to do the relationship things with you. Holding hands, just sleeping together. Telling people you’re my girlfriend.”
You stare at him tearfully. “How do you know it’s love? That you didn’t just miss me?”
“I know what it’s like to miss you. This feeling? This warmth in my chest when you’re around and the ache there when you’re gone? That’s not missing you. I...” He pauses. “I love you. And It’s okay if you don’t feel the same anymore-“
“-Anymore?” You question. Your eyes squeeze shut as you headache gets worse. “Bucky, what-“
“You told me you loved me last night. You were drunk, I know, but-“
“Fuck.” You laugh to yourself as you take in everything he has said. Pieces of last night come flashing back to your mind. Crawling into Bucky’s lap, crying, admitting you had loved him. “Oh God.” You groan, rubbing your hands over your face.
“Bucky you don’t have to-“ You shake your head. “You don’t have to try and make this something it isn’t because you feel bad.”
“I’m not.” Bucky reaches a hand out to rest on your back. “What can I do to make you believe me?”
You look over at him. “Prove it.”
Steve meets him for coffee later that morning. You’re out with Wanda for Sunday brunch and Bucky is on his final stop of his apology tour. 
“Hey.” Steve looks up from his phone and smiles at Bucky. “Can I sit?” Bucky motions to the chair across from him and Steve nods.
Steve pushes a black coffee over to Bucky, whose nose scrunches up at the scent. Fair, Bucky thinks. “What’s up?” Steve asks quietly. “You missed our run this morning.”
Bucky looks down at the table. “I had some stuff to deal with. You know with-“ Bucky cuts himself when Steve nods. “Listen, I wanted to say I’m sorry. Shit was never supposed to get this messed up.”
Steve shrugs. “You tell her?” He gives Bucky a knowing smile. “That you love her?”
Bucky gives him a small smile in return. “I did. Yeah.” He taps his fingers against the table. “She’s got some, uh, trust issues with me. But it makes sense. We’re gonna take it slow.”
“I’m happy for you, Buck.” Steve admits after taking a sip of his drink. “I was never mad or angry with you. I always knew she still cared for you and I think I always knew it would never be anything serious.”
Bucky nods. “Thanks, Steve.” He looks down at his coffee with an appreciative smile.
“Besides,” Steve smirks, “Natasha is super cool. We exchanged numbers last night after she asked about what was going on between you two.”
Bucky invites you to spend Christmas with his family. You don’t even have to think about it before you say yes. Christmases with his family were always full of warmth and love; You absolutely loved it. 
You’re more excited to be here this year too, to celebrate with him in this way. As his girlfriend, you had heard him tell Rebecca over the phone when informing her of his plans to drive up to see them Christmas Eve. 
You had the perfect gift for him too, well, you have a few gifts for him. Most of them could wait for Christmas with his mom and sister, but there were two you were just desperate to see his reaction to.  
That’s why you slip out of his room in the early hours of the morning when the sky is still dark and everybody is asleep. 
That’s how Bucky wakes up, a small, wrapped box sitting on the nightstand and you nowhere to be found. Bucky eyes the box warily before looking around the rest of his bedroom. Your suitcase is unzipped and he can tell it’s be riffled through before being shoved back into the corner os his room.
His door is pushed open quietly. “Why are you up?” His voice makes you jump and spin so your back slams against the door. Bucky has to bite back a laugh as you take a couple deep, calming breaths. 
“I...I was going to wake you up.” You tip toe across the room and crawl into bed beside Bucky. You suck in a deep, nervous breath. While you and Bucky had been dating for the past few weeks, you had also been taking it slow. “For gifts.” 
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow as he sits up a little straighter in bed. “Gifts? It’s five in the morning, I promise Becca and my mom are in such deep sleep we couldn’t wake them if we tried.”
Kind of what I’m banking on, you think. “No. I mean.. Our gifts, for each other.” You explain in a soft voice, before reaching over to pick up the small box you had left sitting on the nightstand. “I didn’t want to give you this in front of your family and I don’t think I can wait.” You admit a little sheepishly. 
Bucky looks down at the box with a soft smile. “Just let me get one of your gifts.” He sits it down on the comforter before crawling out of the bed and moving to his suitcase. He picks up a small box, wrapped in the same gift paper his is because he had stolen your roll, and smiles up at you.
He hands it over and the two of you just stare at each other with bright, happy smiles before tearing into the wrapping paper at the same time. Your mouth drops open in shock when you open the box.
A bracelet is staring back at you. A silver band filled with charms that make you smile as you run your fingertips over each one. Your alma mater’s mascot. The Brooklyn Bridge. A bottle of wine. “Buck...” You trail off in awe. “This is beautiful.”
“Sweets.” He says the nickname gently and you look up to watch him pull the watch out of the box with a small smile. “This is...” He flips it over in his hand and his eyes widen when he notices the engraving on the back.
the best lovers start as friends.
“I love you.” He runs a finger of the engraved metal as you whisper softly, “I... I’ve loved you for so long, Buck, and having your love in return is unlike anything I could have imagined.” 
Bucky drops the watch on the bed between you as he reaches across to pull you into a bruising kiss. You drop your own gift onto the bed and reach up to rest a hand on his chest. 
“I love you.” Bucky pulls away to whisper the words. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” He punctuates each sentence with a kiss to your skin. You giggle softly as he moves towards you and his hand settles on your waist. 
“I have something else for you.” You pull away to remove the bracelet and watch from the bed. Bucky watches as you move so you’re on your knees with intrigued eyes. You smile coyly as you move to pull his shirt over your head. 
Bucky lets out a low moan as his eyes trail over your body, covered in dark green lace. “What’s this?” His fingers come up to trace over the lace and leave goosebumps in their wake. 
“Your second gift.” You murmur breathlessly as he fingers drift lower and lower. Bucky smirks as he leans towards you and presses a kiss to your neck, then across your collar bone until he’s trailing kisses down the valley of your breasts. 
He pulls away after a moment and looks up at you questioningly. “Are you sure?” 
You smile down at him and wrap your arms around his shoulders. “I wouldn’t have dropped this much money on lingerie if I wasn’t sure.” His arms wrap tightly around your waist as he pulls your body flush against his. 
“What did I do to deserve a gift like this?” He looks up at you with a bright smile. You run a hand through his hair. “Love me.” You answer genuinely. Red dusts Bucky’s cheeks at your words as you lean in to kiss him. 
You shift so you’re straddling Bucky’s lap. “Gonna fuck me?” You murmur in question against his lips. Bucky moans against you and his hips buck up involuntarily. His hand drops from your waist to your thigh and he trails his fingertips up. 
“You look so pretty, sweets.” He smirks up at you as his hand pushes the lace aside. He runs the tip of his index finger over your wet folds and you push down already wanting more from him. “Patience, sweetheart. Let me take you in. I wanna enjoy my gift.”
You moan as he begins to rub slowly against your clit. “Want you to ride my thigh first, sweets.” Bucky shifts you so your legs are straddled over his left thigh.
You moan as your clit rubs against his thigh. You pull at the waist band and his sweatpants and he helps you pull them off of his legs before situating your body back over him. “Fuck.” You let out a deep sigh as his hands land on your hips.
His eyes are dark and pupils blown as he stares at you above him. Bucky’s already hard, you can see his dick straining against his briefs. He doesn’t do more than lightly guide you by the hands on your hips, but his eyes watching you intently as you moan is enough to make your stomach twist in pleasure.
“Fuck, James.” He groans as his first name tumbles out of your mouth in a breathy moan. “You look so pretty on my thigh, sweetheart. I love watching you.”
He leans forward then, to press kisses across your breasts as you move back and forth against him. “Feels so good.” One of your hands twists in his hair and Bucky moans against your skin.
You move faster against him as you feel yourself get wetter. You moan his name like a mantra as Bucky’s hands grip you tighter and tighter.
Bucky’s hands force you to a stop. You whine at the lost of pleasure, but it’s not long before Bucky has you flipped so you’re laying on your back beneath him.
“Gonna fuck you, is that okay sweets?” He leans back to pull his shirt off and you nod hastily as your hands come up to pull at his briefs. It’s not long before you’re bare underneath him, the lace garments discarded to the floor of his bedroom.
“Gotta be quiet.” He runs his tip over you folds in a teasing manner that almost makes you moan out. Instinctively, your hips buck up with a quiet whine. His hand comes up to cover your mouth. “Don’t want Becca to hear. She’s just down the hall, sweets.”
It’s a warning and it makes heat spread through you. You’re not sure if it’s the idea that you could get caught in his childhood bedroom or the way Bucky’s voice deepens, but it makes you tired of waiting. “Please.” Your beg is muffled by his hand, but he hears it. He doesn’t wait any longer, he pushes himself all the way in and you both let out relieved moans at the feeling. “Fuck. Fuck. You always feel so good, baby.” 
Your back arches into his body as he begins fucking you at a slow pace. When he seems satisfied that you won’t make too much noise, his hand moves from your mouth he rests his forearm on the pillow beside your head. “James.” It’s a whispered moan that makes his hips stutter. “Faster. Please. I’ll be quiet.” You promise, your legs wrapping around him. Bucky leans down to press a bruising kiss to your lips as he fucks into you faster. You moan into his mouth as pleasure rushes through you. 
There’s something extremely intimate about the way he fucks into you, one hand holding onto your hip and another resting beside your head. It’s love, you realize when he pulls back to look at you with soft eyes. It does something to you, makes want rush through your veins and pulls the air from your lungs. “I love you.” You whisper into the space between you two, Bucky still pushing in and out of you. 
“I love you.” His eyes slide shut and his head falls to nuzzle into your neck. “You look at me like that again I’m not gonna last, sweets.” He press a gentle kiss to your neck before beginning to suck harshly. You’re sure there will be a mark there tomorrow that you’ll never live down, but you can’t bring yourself to care when his tongue runs over the mark and your stomach clenches in excitement. 
“Fuck. I’m so close, Bucky, please. I- I need-“ His hand is reaching between your bodies before you can spit the sentence out. His finger rubs against your clit as he quickens his pace. “Yes. Yes.” You moan, and you can immediately tell it’s too loud when Bucky freezes. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You mutter, so close and desperate for him to resume his pace. 
“I know, I’m close too, but we can’t wake the house up.” You throw your head back and bite down hard enough to draw blood when he resumes his movements. He’s rubbing at your already sensitive clit and fucking you quickly, it’s all too much as your stomach tightens in pleasure. “Yeah. I can feel you, baby. Come for me, please. I need to feel you.” His tone is deep and possessive in your ear. 
When he slams into you hard, your orgasm washes over you. Your mouth opens in a moan that Bucky catches with a messy kiss. You can feel his hips stutter against you as he reaches his own high and releases into you. 
The two of you stay like that for a moment, just breathing with each other. “Merry Christmas.” You laugh softly as Bucky pulls out and moves to grab a towel from his desk chair. 
Bucky smiles as he comes to lay beside you again and wipes gently at your thighs.  He pulls the comforter up so it’s wrapped around both of you again and pulls you so your head rests against his chest. “Merry Christmas.” He whispers in return.
You glance out the window and find that it’s snowing again. You’ll probably be snowed in for the next few days, but you don’t really mind, not with Bucky here and in your arms the way you’ve always wanted. 
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
notes // this took weeks to finish and i truly hope whoever reads it through enjoys it! 
my writing is free & will remain free. if you enjoy it and you have the resources, consider donating to my ko-fi :)
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Sweeter than Sugar
Summary: She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader, mentions of former relationship with OFC.
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem receiving), body shaming by OFC, language, mentions of insecurities. painful break up (not reader) bit angst, fluff. As always 18+ only.
A/N: Do not copy, rewrite, repost or translate my works. Comments and reblogs are welcomed. Beta'd by the lovely @deann and @makbarnes but all mistakes are my own.
A/N II: @star-spangled-bingo 2021 Squared filled: Curtain fic and @gotnofucks Body positivity challenge
Tumblr media
"Wait till you try this. I think this is my best batch yet." Bucky promises as he pulls the tray out of the oven with his vibranium hand.
You cringe for a second before remembering that he can handle the heat.
You stretch, looking around the large bright kitchen. A fresh breeze floats through the open window carrying in notes of rain and freshly cut grass and the faint sounds of the neighbor's kids playing with their dogs.
Leaning back in your seat, you turn your gaze back to him, a faint smile on your lips as he blows on the pastries, cute little puffs he named after you.
His blue eyes shine under the soft yellow lights, an apron under the swell of his pudgy belly. He looks incredible, wearing only a pair of black boxers that stretch across the curves of his ass. His hair is pulled back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, and there's always something smeared across his cheek.
Yesterday, it had been red velvet frosting, and today, cherry.
Bucky scoops a puff on to a small white plate, grabbing a fork from the drawer. He beams, his entire face radiant as he walks towards you.
That's the look that makes your stomach twist and leaves you feeling dizzy.
Dating Bucky has been a dream. He's loving, kind and he looks at you with such love that you lose your breath just thinking about him.
According to him, you've improved his life in several ways; he swears his food tastes better now, that you somehow make his cakes perfect, his frostings sweeter, and well, he can’t look at a peach without grinning like a drunk-in-love idiot.
You’ve spent many late mornings and lazy afternoons watching him patter around the kitchen, listening to him explain his baking processes while you lounge in a chair.
You don’t understand half of what he’s saying, but he speaks with such passion, his hands animatedly flying in the air as he talks about chocolates, melting points, and the differences in pans.
Bucky has discovered early on that he loves to watch you eat. To be more specific, if it's his food. Only his food, if he’s being honest. He gets so nervous every time that his stomach plummets because he wants to make things for you.
Give you so many things.
Starting with your own custom-made pastry.
“Here, Peach, it just melts on your tongue,” his deep voice lowering to a near moan.
He slips the pastry into your open mouth, his thumb grazing over your bottom lip as you swallow. Oh, your eyes almost roll back in your head when the flavors explode on your taste buds. You’ve never tasted anything that wonderful.
“Oh my god, Bucky,” you gasp, leaning forward for more. “I-that’s so good! Can I have another?”
He grins, lopsided and wide, his heart thundering so hard it feels like it might fly out of his chest. Bucky will give you pastries as much as you want if you keep looking at him like that. He puts his all into his baking and the fact that you enjoy it makes him feel as if he can walk on air.
Bucky kisses your forehead as you chew, pushing away from the table, he slides on his sock-covered feet to the fridge. “What do you want to drink?”
“What do we have?” You giggle as he dances in front of the fridge, calling out options for you.
It’s hard to believe that the carefree man in front of you is the same one that was ashamed to remove his shirt a few weeks ago.
Tumblr media
Bucky holds your hands at your sides, fingers laced between yours as he feasts between your thighs. He promised to make you come for him at least three times and you swear it’s been double that by now. His warm, wet tongue flicking over your swollen, sensitive clit over and over, sucking and pulling it into his mouth like he can’t get enough of you.
You moan incoherently, voice hoarse from begging and mewling, your legs limp around his broad shoulders. “Buc-Bucky, oh right there, Bucky,” you plead, feeling pressure build in your belly as his tongue traces patterns over you.
Bucky grinned, his face covered in your slick. He can’t remember the last time he had a better meal in his life. “That’s my girl, so sweet, need one more taste, just a little more,” he whispers before his lips wrap around your clit again. Your mouth falls open in a wordless scream, back arching off the bed when he gently shakes his head, sucking so hard that you see stars.
Bucky groans actually groans deep and vulgar when you cum,and you feel it as your body explodes, waves of pleasure surging through you until you’re gushing on his beard. He eases up, nuzzling into your puffy folds as you come down from your high. Bucky looks up, his dark slate-blue eyes taking in your heaving chest, a bead of sweat rolling down your belly.
“One more?” he says hopefully, wanting to dive back into your pussy.
Your eyes widen as you frantically shake your head. “No. Oh no. Bucky, I can’t, I really can’t, I’m not sure I can handle any more.” You laugh breathlessly, tugging one of your hands free from his tight grip. You rake your fingers through his hair, smiling down at him. "Besides, I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me until I can’t walk.”
A faint blush sweeps across his cheeks as he averts his eyes. “Peach,” he mumbles shyly like he just didn’t spend the past hour worshiping your pussy with his mouth.
Bucky stands up, wiping a hand down his face. He stares at his glistening palm for a second, and then his pink tongue darts out, swiping across the wet surface. You wonder if he’s aware that he's moaning, your pussy throbbing at the guttural sounds.
“You’re filthy,” you jest when he does it again. His face gets even redder as he sucks on his finger.
“You taste better than my pies,” he retorts. “I could eat you all day, every day.”
“Tomorrow, for sure, but right now I want you inside me.”
His smile drops a little when you tell him to get undressed. He’s been dreading this moment, doing everything he can to avoid it. You scoot back on the bed, reaching out for him. Bucky looks down at his body, at his belly, his eyes narrowing, he scratches the back of his neck, telling himself he can do this.
He lifts the edge of his navy blue Henley, freezing when he hears her voice in his head. “Who would want a fatty? No one is going to love you looking like that.” Even now it stings thinking about her. Bucky glances over at you, his heartbreaking at the thought of you rejecting him.
Bucky drops his shirt and reaches for the lamp. “One second.” He says. An unmistakable hint of sadness in his voice has you sitting up. He’s never sounded like that before.
You tilt your head to the side, searching his face. “Bucky, what’s wrong?”
“Just gonna turn the lights off first.” The corner of his lips lifts in a weak, watery smile.
You move to your knees and grab his large hand before he can switch them off. “Why?”
Bucky swallows, “no reason, just like the lights off, 'is all.”
Bucky’s admittedly good at a lot of things, but lying isn’t one of them. He briefly meets your gentle gaze, worry and fear swimming in his beautiful clear blue eyes.
Placing your hands on his chest, you grab his chin. “Bucky, look at me.” He immediately follows your soft command. “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”
Bucky blinks, shaking his head, almost confused at the thought that you could do anything wrong. “No, no, you’re perfect! It’s me. I don’t wanna disappoint you.” His voice tapers off in a whisper, hearing her sharp laughter the last night they were together. “I know I’m fat, so it would be better if we turned off the lights, that way you don’t have to look at me. “
You stare at your generous, doting boyfriend. “Why wouldn’t I want to look at you?,” you question, befuddled because who on earth would jump at the chance to see a naked Bucky Barnes.
He shrugs a shoulder, his somber eyes drifting down. He grabs his belly and jiggles it. Another shrug followed by a quiet, “I look different with my clothes off.”
You crane your head back, “I love your belly, it’s perfect. Who made you feel like you have to hide it?”
Bucky sighs, rubbing his cheek into your palm. “My ex, Moxie- “
Tumblr media
Bucky dated her two years ago. She latched on to him when he and Steve bought the bakery, wanting to be the girlfriend of the rising baking star.
Bucky slowly gained weight as he sampled his baking and designed dessert menus for local restaurants, his joy for baking expanding each day, finally getting to see his dreams become reality.
He hadn’t noticed the changes in his body until one night Moxie cruelly pointed them out.
He was getting ready for bed, eager to be with his girl after a full day of running around. He had been telling her about how another restaurant wanted his input, so excited to share his news that he didn’t notice the way she glared at him.
Tossing his shirt in the hamper, he turned to her and smiled, his hands on his belt. “I’ve been thinking about you all day baby, I can’t- “
Moxie sneered at him, pretending to gag. “Are you serious?”
Bucky’s brows furrowed. “Um, what?”
“Um, what,” she mocked, pulling the blanket up to her chest. There's a pause, tension seeping into the room. “You know what, I have to say it, I can't take this anymore James. Look at you and look at me, why the fuck would I let you touch me anymore?”
Moxie sighed, “can you put on your shirt back on or something because that- “she gestured at him “-is disgusting” She let out an irritated groan when he flinched at her words.
A punch to the gut would have hurt less. Bucky felt his heart split. “Moxie,” he whispered, unable to find words to express the pain currently ripping through him.
“Look, I didn’t sign up for this, you were in shape when we got together, what the hell happened to you? Why do you think I stopped letting you touch me.” She ranted, ignoring his soft pleas for her to stop.
“Either lose the weight or I’ll fuck Steve, at least he still looks good.” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, yawning, “can you go somewhere else, I don’t want you accidentally rolling over me and squishing me in your sleep.”
His mouth floundered open, but he couldn’t speak. It all hurt too much, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe, the air was too thick and his chest grew tighter with each breath; he needed to get away, terrified of what might happen if he cried in front of her.
Bucky shuffled out the room, his heart shattering with every step. He thought she was happy, that he made her happy. Her laughter following him out to the hallway made his head droop even more.
What did he do wrong?
He spent the night on the couch, staring at his old pictures through tear-filled eyes, Bucky always had a little fullness to him, but he was always happy with his body. And he had been having so much fun with the grand opening and all the new opportunities that he never noticed that he stopped needing belts and his shirts were a little snug over his belly.
Bucky called Steve, his best friend fuming when he told him what happened. By the time he was done speaking with him, Bucky felt a little better, his heart may have been in pieces but he knew what he needed to do.
He kicked her out the next morning.
Much to Moxie’s surprise and Bucky's. He may be chubby but he's not going to be her pushover either.
Bucky ignored her apologies and said she had to go. It shocked her when Steve had shown up with a roll of garbage bags, tossing them at her feet with a sharp quip that he doesn’t fuck losers. Both men stood side by side, watching silently as she packed her belongings.
The only things she left behind were his broken heart and a few nagging insecurities that plagued him.
Tumblr media
He finishes, his broad shoulders slumped under the weight of his confession, you want nothing more than to stamp out the sadness marring his beautiful eyes.
“I thought she loved me but--“ he sighs, “--I don’t want you to look at me the way she did, I love you too much, Peach, and I know I should probably lose a few -”
You’ve never been angrier in your life. You want to punch little Ms. Moxie in her throat, she better hope she never runs into you because they will have to pry you off of her.
Clearing your head, you clasp his face in your hands and pull him down for a kiss. “Bucky Barnes, you are the sweetest man I know, you’re beautiful and I love everything about you.”
You silence his objections with another kiss. “I mean it Bucky, I love all of you. You don’t need to change anything.”
Bucky swallows the small protest, letting himself relax. You’re not her, you won’t hurt him. Placing a kiss on his soft, round belly, you murmur, “you have no idea how sexy you are, honey.”
You stand on the bed, holding on to his bicep for balance, and tug his shirt off. Looking down at him, you bite your lip. He’s ridiculously handsome and you’re going to prove it to him.
You pepper kisses along the curve of his neck as you sink back down, praising him and telling him how much you love him, describing in vivid detail how each part of his body is perfect.
His confidence and love for you growing with each word. By the time you reach the band of his boxers, he panting, his eyes darkening with an almost feral need to possess you.
Bucky tears off the last barrier keeping you from him and he pounces. You giggle as he pushes you into the soft blankets, the solid, comforting weight of his body encompassing you as he kisses you with such passion you forget to breathe. His warm lips melding into yours, his wet tongue dipping into your mouth, the taste of you still lingering on his tongue as it dips into your mouth.
Bucky reaches down with one hand, grabbing his cock, his other hand cupping the back of your head as he deepens the kiss. He breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on yours so he can gaze into your eyes. Bucky watches your mouth fall open, a gasp pouring out when he guides his thick cock into you.
He rolls his hips, moving deeper into your wet, hot heat. “That’s it Peach, you’re so good,” He brushes his lips across yours, swallowing your oh Bucky as he stretches your tight pussy around him. The slight burn gives aways to pure bliss, you circle your hips after a minute. A quiet I’m ready breathed into his mouth.
Bucky thrusts languidly into your pussy, each deliberate slow drag of his throbbing cock against your soft walls sends bursts of pleasure up your belly and down your spine. His lovemaking tender, yet so possessive that your head is reeling.
He makes sure that you feel all of him, each inch as you clench down, greedy for more of him, even as he goes deeper and deeper, his soft lips caressing your neck. His body keeping you pinned, so you have to take everything he’s giving you.
That pressure builds again, heavy and hot in your belly, digging your heels into the top of his thighs, you meet his strokes, pleading with him to please move a little faster, you need it so bad.
You don’t have to beg; he wants you to cum for him; he wants to feel your sweet pussy flutter around him as you cry out his name.
Bucky sucks a bruise on your throat, his hips pounding into yours. The headboard smacking against the wall with each powerful thrust. The dull thuds drowned out by your loud moans, the pressure getting more intense.
“Bucky,—” you cry out, scratching his lower back when he grinds his hips down, “—oh fuck, do that, do that again,” you frantically chant, slapping your hands on his ass, keening when he does, god yes, he does it just right, hitting a tender spot inside your cunt so hard that you bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming.
“That it Peach, is that what you need.” He slips a hand between your bodies, his wide fingers circling your clit, “Go on, cum for me, give it to me Peach, be my good girl, and cum for me.”
You do, your walls clenching down as the pressure snaps, sensations firing off as your orgasms winds through you. Bucky’s pace falters, becomes erratic when he feels you milking his cock, unable to hold himself back any longer he lets himself go, relishing in your warmth until he spills inside you.
He tries to roll off of you, but you wrap your arms around him, murmuring for him to stay for a minute. You smooth your hands over his slick back, Bucky relaxes on top of you, grinning at your contented sigh. “I love you Peach.”
“Love you too,” you respond, plotting all the ways you’re going to let him know how much he means to you.
Tumblr media
After that night, you began to praise Bucky, complimenting his body every chance you got, smacking his ass whenever he walked past you, hugging and kissing him.
The first couple of weeks, he would hide his face behind one of his large hands and his cheeks would resemble one of his bright red apples. “Peach, you don’t have to, I mean I’m-” he would stammer each time, always tucking his hair behind his ears.
It took you three days to figure out that he has a praise kink and you amped it. He barely opened his eyes before you were saying something that made him hide his face behind his pillow, laughing when you wiggled under it to tell him how good he looks when he smiles.
While you loved making him blush, you cherished how confident he became. And you reaped the benefits, one second he was a bashful baker with buttercream frosting on his forehead, the next he was bending you over his counter, railing you so good you couldn’t even scream his name.
After a while, he stopped avoiding the bathroom mirror in the mornings. And you couldn’t wipe the grin off your face, the first time you saw him cooking, shirtless, in the kitchen. He turned when he heard your footsteps, his face turning that familiar shade of red as you openly gawked.
“C’mon Peach, don’t you start-” he playfully grumbles, his lip twitching as he held in his smile, he moved back to the frying back, turning off the stove as he braces himself.
You squeal, flinging yourself at him, peppering his back with kisses. You couldn’t contain the litany of praises on your tongue, so proud of him. Bucky twisted in your grasp, cupping your face in his hands. “God I love you Peach.”
Tumblr media
Bucky and Steve are celebrating the grand opening of another bakery. The largest one to date. The new building is full of investors, press, other bakers and chefs, a live band playing in the corner, drinks, and food everywhere, and of course the tower of desserts in the middle of the room. The atmosphere light and airy, glasses clinking, people dancing and every kind of cake, pies, and pastry imaginable on silver platters through the room.
You’ve never had so much fun, although a slightly buzzed Bucky is having an even better time because you’re wearing one of his favorite dresses. You remember when he first saw you in it, you twirled out of the dressing room and he nearly lost it in the middle of the store.
The more he celebrates, the more he’s giving you that look. Steve has to keep interfering, he’s close to going feral in front of all his guests.
Steve sent him to the kitchen after he caught him trying to put his hand between your thighs. You’re laughing as a contrite Bucky gets up from the table to refill the rapidly diminishing display.
“You know I’ve known Buck my whole life and I’ve never seen him this happy.” Steve remarks as he takes a seat across from you. His warm blue eyes glistening. “Thank you for that. He’s been through a lot and you’re the best thing that happened to him.”
Your cheeks get heated at his words. Steve leans forward, holding your hand between his. “I mean it, even though he’s getting on my last nerve talking about you.“
Steve squeezes your hand as he looks up at the ceiling for a second. “God, the man never shuts up, and I’m this close to strangling him if he compares you to another peach, but I love-“
He cuts off, his head jerks back so fast, you think something struck him. “What the fuck is she doing here?”
You turn around in your chair, searching the crowded room. “Who are you talking about?”
“Moxie,” Steve spits out, his hand curling into a fist. “White dress by the bar.”
You find her flirting with one of the investors. Moxie puts her hand on his chest, her shrill laugh cutting through the surrounding conversations. Whatever she tried fails spectacularly. The tall, sturdy blonde grimaces and walks away. You would almost feel bad if you didn’t want to slam her face into the wall.
She spots Steve and waves, making her way through the crowd. “Hey, long time no see.”
Steve raises a brow, his eyes hardening. “Why are you here?”
She laughs, patting his shoulder. “I’m here to apologize to Bucky, I know he misses me, he must be lonely.”
“Really?” you question, keeping your voice light and even.
Moxie dismissively glances at you before returning her attention to Steve. You chuckle under your breath, tapping your heel on the floor.
Don’t ruin your man’s event. Don’t ruin your mans’ event. You repeat the thought as you inhale through your nose.
“So I heard you two are doing really well.” She says, her manicured nails roaming over Steve’s suit. “Really well.”
Steve flicks her fingers off him, “We are. No Bucky’s not lonely. He doesn’t miss you. He’s very happy. With her.”
Moxie’s polite veneer cracks when Steve points at you. Waving your fingers at her, you grin at her. “You go near my Bucky and I’ll rip that cheap necklace off and shove it down your throat.”
She turns to Steve, gesturing to you as if she's the innocent one here; he raises his glass, blowing a harsh breath through his lips. “Don’t look at me, I still don’t fuck losers, but I’ll call if you if that changes.”
You laugh in your empty glass when she sputters. She turns to you, hand on her hip. You slowly raise your eyes, returning her stare. Part of you wanting her to do something, so you can wipe the smirk off her overly painted face.
“Whatever, I don’t need this. Keep the fattie. I can find another rich loser like that.” She snaps her fingers, storming over to the bar. You blink a few times in disbelief. The audacity of this bitch, thinking that she can stay and mingle at his event.
You're debating if you should have her thrown out by one of the staff or if you should drag her out by her hair.
You look her up and down as you ponder your choices, pausing when you see the edge of a tag sticking out the back of her dress. Hmm, interesting. She must plan on returning it after tonight.
A devious smirk slowly takes over your face, you know exactly what you’re going to do to little Ms. Moxie.
You glance at Steve, picking up his wineglass. Steve shakes his head while grabbing your hand. “Hey hey, I know what you’re thinking, and no.”
Before you can say anything, he’s pouring more burgundy wine into the glass until it’s nearly sloshing over the sides. “If you’re going do it, you gotta do it right.”
You exchange knowing glances. No one hurts Bucky. You saunter over to her, keeping your hand steady, not wanting to lose a single drop on the floor.
“Hey Moxie,” you call out. She turns around and you ‘trip’ over your heels, the deep red liquid flying forward in a perfect arch, splashing across her ivory dress, her face and you even got some in her hair.
“Oops, gosh, I am so clumsy,” you state, hiding your grin as she shrieks.
Steve jumps up, offering to help before she can swing at you. “I got you, darling.”
He places a hand on her back, quickly ushering her away “a little club soda will get that right out,” he reassures a pouting, whining Moxie.
He's lying through his teeth, that stain will never come out. Steve gets a peek at the price tag, almost laughing at the $899 imprinted on the card. He maintains his façade, leading her through the room, he stops, giving her a wide smile.
“And you can find some at the drugstore down the street.” He states, opening the front door and pushing her out. Her indignant shouts cut off when he slams the door in her face.
You throw your head back and cackle, startling some guests around the bar, you apologize for your outburst between fits of laughter, wiping the tears pricking at your eyes. You wave down the amused bartender, placing an order for you and Steve.
Steve joins you, raising his fresh glass of wine in a toast. “No one fucks with Bucky.”
"No one."
Neither you nor Steve realizes Bucky saw the whole thing. He ducks back into the kitchen, clutching the tray of Cannelés to his chest. For weeks after the breakup, he had rehearsed what he was going to say that next time he came face to face with Moxie.
But what you and Steve did was even better, the love of his life and his best friend always looking out for him.
Loving him unconditionally.
And just like that, the last traces of his insecurities vanished.
Tumblr media
Later that night, you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He smiles at your hand on his belly. He places his large hand over yours, wondering how he got so lucky to have you.
And if Steve would kill him if he named another dessert after you.
He’ll risk it.
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