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#bucky barnes fluff

Prompt: “You watch them, I’m going on vacation! Reader is a SHIELD agent assigned to be Bucky’s and Sam’s “handler/babysitter”; after driving her up the damn wall she drops them off tied up at old man Steve’s door with a note.”

Author’s Notes: Requests are open! Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a lil something :) Also nonny, if you’re reading this - thanks for being my first request <3

I pinch at the little expanse of skin on the bridge of my nose, directly between the eyes. My phone, pressed up against my left ear, is shrill with the high-pitched gruff call of who, in theory, should be the scariest man on the face of the earth.


I hangup.

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Hi! ❤️ Under the random category, can we get a #9 “Are you drunk?” but maybe an angsty drunk Bucky? Feel free to add a dash of enemies to lovers or whatever you’d like ❤️❤️❤️

I’m so sorry this is so late :(( 

No more requests pls!


9. Are you drunk? + Bucky

You snuggled deeper into the covers of your bed, Nintendo Switch in hand, Animal Crossing loading. Nothing but peace and relaxation after a long day of training recruits. 

Until a harrowing knock comes at the door. 

You groan loudly, debating whether or not you should open the door or not. 

It could be important… 

But my legs ache…

Another knock comes at the door, harder than the first. You huff, kicking the covers off and stalking towards the door. You open the door to reveal a smiling Bucky.  His eyes are soft, half-lidded and a misty blue. His cheeks tinted a soft baby pink. He looks dazed and relaxed. The opposite from his usual stern, grouchy demeanor. 

You raise a brow in suspicion. A smiling Bucky was rare. Bucky smiling at you was even more unusual. 

“Bucky?” you question. “What are you doing here?" 

"Y/N!” he exclaims with his hands in the air, “How’s it going, beautiful?”

He gives you a hug and now you’re even more worried. 

“It’s going fine.” The words slide off your tongue slowly and confusedly. “Are you okay?" 

He stands straight and puts his hands on your shoulders. "Better than I’ve ever been,” he drawls. 

Are you drunk?“ 

"No,” he shakes his head with a chuckle. 

"Yeah, you’re drunk,” you state. 

"Nope,” he denies with a popping sound at the end. 

You sigh, wanting to return to your game. "Can you please go be drunk somewhere else? I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with you right now,” you point out the door. 

Bucky sulks, letting his hands drop down to his knees and pouts like a child. 

"You’re always mean to me,” he whines. “It’s not fair. What did I ever do to you?" 

You roll your eyes while crossing your arms. "I don’t know. Maybe because you’re mean to me." 

Bucky crosses his arms. "No, I’m not,” he retorts, “I’m the nice type of mean. You’re just mean." 

"That doesn’t even make sense,” you exclaim. 

"It makes sense, you’re just being stupid,” he snaps. 

"See that’s mean!" 

Bucky’s arms fall. His lips start to quiver and his eyes gloss over. "Really? I’m sorry!” he sobs, hugging you tight. “I don’t wanna hurt your feelings." 

You stand stunned in his arms, trying to process the fact that the Winter Soldier was crying on your shoulder. 

"No, stop, you didn’t.” you pat his back in consolation, “Please stop crying." 

He lets go and sniffles. "Y'sure?" 

You chuckle and nod. "Yes, very sure." 

Bucky smiles wide and you’d be lying if you didn’t think he was cute. You stand there for a few seconds, smiling at him before you realized you were staring. You shake your head and go sit on your bed. Bucky comes over and plops himself next to you, turning to rest his head in your lap. Your body stiffens at his innocent action, but his easy smile calms your tense nerves. 

"You’re pretty,” his words were slurred. 

You chuckle. "Thank you,” you whisper with a smile, mindlessly weaving your fingers through his hair. A sudden rush of embarrassment washes over you by your own action and you quickly pull your hand out of his hair

He takes your hand and puts it back on his head. 

"Keep doing that,” he says. 

"O-okay,” you stutter, blushing hard. You’re thankful he’s drunk and hopeful he won’t remember any of this in the morning. 

"Can I tell you something?


"So there’s this girl,” he starts. 

Oh God. 

"I really like her,” he confesses. “Her name’s Y/N." 

Your eyes grow wide in amazement as your lips curl into a smug grin. "Yeah?" 

He nods. "But she hates me,” he states flatly. "I don’t want her to hate me. Like I know I’m an asshole to her but that doesn’t mean she has to hate me." 

Your brows knitted together in amusement, fingers still brushing through his brown locks. "I don’t see why she shouldn’t,” you shrugged.

"Because I love her!” he exclaims, waving his hands around. “And I wanna tell her but I get scared and I say mean things instead." 

You freeze when the words leave his lips. You blink at him once, then twice, then a third time for good measure. 

"Love is a bit of a strong word, Buck,” you reply slowly. "Ya sure about that?" 

"Yeah,” he nods in confidence. “like this one time she kicked ten hydra butts all by herself and saved me. And I was like WOW,” he shouts. "I like her a lot. And she has a really nice smile. And a cute laugh. And pretty eyes. And soft hair. I’ve never touched her hair but I think it’s soft." 

You try your best not to smile at his words, but find yourself failing and falling

"Gee, Bucky, why don’t you just tell her?" 

He huffs sadly. "Because I’m like Mr. Darcy and she’s like Kiera Knightley." 

"You mean Elizabeth?” you corrected. 

“Yeah, she’s pretty,” he replies. "Not as pretty as Y/N though." 

"Well, Mr. Darcy did finally tell her, didn’t he? Maybe you should too?" 

He shakes his head with a frown. "M'scared,” he mumbles. 

"Well, what if I told you that I talked to Y/N and she told me that she likes you too?” you reply “She likes you a lot but thought you didn’t like her.” 

Bucky sits up and looks at you with wide hopeful eyes. "She said that?” You nodded like an idiot. Bucky raises a brow in suspicion. “Are you lying to me?”

“No, Buck, I mean it,” you shook your head, a chuckle coloring your words. 

Bucky jumps off the bed and runs towards the door. "I gotta go see her!” he shouts, running out the door. 

You sit still for a few minutes, waiting for his return, but he doesn’t come back. Making you conclude that he must’ve gotten caught up somewhere. You get back into the covers and to your game, giggling like a fool.


Bucky grumbles against the granite countertop in the kitchen. He lifts his aching head and stretches his neck. That’s the last time he takes anything from Thor. 

"Good Morning, Mr. Darcy,” you chirped, eating a bowl of cereal in front of him. 

Bucky grimaces at the sight of you and rubs his matted cheek. You give him a wicked smile and he doesn’t understand what’s so funny. He gives you his signature glare.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

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when it's Sunday afternoon after a long week of missions, training & paperwork and you're having some lazy yet passionate & sensual sex and taking a nap afterwards with Bucky? love your fics man, you're one of my favorite authors here💞

Hello! This has been in my inbox since last year. I apologize. Thank you for the compliment!!🥰



Bucky can’t feel his tongue.

He knows it’s in there somewhere, the sounds and half-garbled words coming out of his mouth evidence of the fact, but he really can’t feel it. He can’t feel his arms or his legs either; can only chalk it up to non-stop flights and fights over the past week and a half, something about the new year bringing out the heavy-hitters to play. He could sink into the mattress below him, one of the few things he can feel pressing into his tired muscles, his weary bones.

That, and the comforting weight of your body, warm and thrumming above his.

“God, Buck,” you moan. “You feel so good.”

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Prompt: “You’re not leaving, are you?”

Author’s Notes: First time writing something like this, my heartt. Requests are open! Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a lil something :)

“Buck.” It’s her voice, soft and meek, that stops me stiff in my boots. “You’re not leaving, are you?”

I turn from where I’m standing in the doorway. She’s staring up at me with those big doe eyes, the knitted afghan I had covered her with now pooling around her waist. The room is dark but the TV is still flickering with light, nearly muted and bouncing white radiance off the side of her face. I smile softly.

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,518

Warnings: None

Author’s note:Chapter 13! All i have to say is thank you for Reading and being absolute angels when you leave any type of love, you have no idea how much that means to me, even if you’re just reading it, so thank you. With that being said happy readings angels, and stay safe! 


“Scrambled, or over easy?” Bucky called out to you.

“Mmm scrambled please.” you replied, your eyes scanning the pantry for the pancake mix. Spotting the box, you reached for it on the tips of your toes, pulling it from the cabinet. Shutting the door to the pantry you turned on your heel watching Bucky who was occupied with cracking several eggs into a bowl.

You couldn’t help but smile watching him, you let out a small laugh at the thought of making breakfast for dinner, though after ten minutes of going back and forth on pizza or spaghetti, making breakfast at this hour in the evening was the only thing you could seem to agree on.

You poured the remaining contents of the package into a bowl Bucky had left there for you; the milk already poured in for you. You and Bucky moved and worked around each other in a comfortable silence. It was kind of hard to imagine, much less picture that this was something that you both had done so often together in the quiet yet peacefulness of your home. Nothing would be able to remove the smile that was plastered onto your face, you don’t think you’ve ever felt more at peace than you do now.

You were finishing whisking at the batter, when you heard the sizzling of Bucky pouring the eggs into the hot pan. You grabbed another clean pan out of the sink bringing it over to the other side of the stove. Your arm was pressed up against his as you placed your pan down. You went to turn on the flame when suddenly Bucky was gently pushing you out of the way.

“That’s as far as you’re getting doll.” He said with a small chuckle.

“But I wanted to help!” You whined, a pout forming on your lips.

Bucky grinned his hands coming up to grasp your cheeks, “sweetheart the last time we were both in this kitchen, a small fire was lit, were not going through that again,” he explained with a twinkle of amusement in his eye.

“Fine.” You grumbled crossing your arms across your chest, “what do you want me to then?”

“You,” he started “are going to sit right over there and  look pretty for me.” He spoke softly, his hand reaching up to tuck your hair behind your ear.  

You wanted to give him a snark remark but instead remained quiet a warm blush coating your cheeks.  Bucky sent you on his way as he went to the task of preparing your food. Sitting yourself down on the chair closest to him you watched as he cooked, alternating back and fourth between turning the eggs, and flipping the pancakes. Occasionally his eyes would meet yours, a warm smile on his face as he watched you sitting there

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Title:  Deepest Desires [9]: A Proposal

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  You come to terms with what happened between you and Bucky. He has a proposal for you (no, not that kind of proposal).

Deepest Desires Master List

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x female reader

Word Count:  4493

Warnings:  angst, strong language, strong sexual content, oral sex (male receiving)

Author’s Notes:  This is a re-imagining of a previously posted series. It is a representation of a healthy, not-abusive, BDSM relationship. 

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites (AO3, Wattpad, etc.) without my express written permission. Reblogs are fine.***


Originally posted by starbucky

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Mob!bucky and telling him you’re pregnant please?

I love soft mob!bucky!!❤️ thank you for the request!❤️💞


Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes

You stared down at the test in your hand, the two red lines glaring back at you as you leaned against the bathroom counter, the only sound other than your bated breathing was your heart thundering in your chest as you looked down at the five other tests you have taken which had all tested positive.

You didn’t know how to tell Bucky, and even if you did, would he even accept it?

He was the leader of the most ruthless and dangerous mob in all of New York, people worshipped the very ground he walked on, and women threw themselves at him.

That was until he met you, you had been defiant, not flinching even when a gun was pointed to your head and he had immediately taken a liking to you.

Before you knew it, you were appearing at all his galas, dressed in expensive dresses that you didn’t even know the brand of, and his men respected you, for fear of the bullet that their boss wouldn’t hesitate to place in between their eyes if they didn’t.

That one time a new member of the mob had tried to get frisky with you, not only did he end up with a black eye given by yours truly, he ended up in the basement and by the sounds of his screams, you knew that Bucky was taking his time.

“Darling?” You froze hearing Bucky’s voice at the door, god the mansion was humongous and he had to choose this bathroom of all bathrooms.

“C-coming baby” you called out and in panicked frenzy, threw all the tests into the bin, praying to whatever god that existed that Bucky would not find those.

You opened the door, forcing a smile. “Is everything alright princess?” Bucky asked worriedly to which you nodded.

“You sure?” He asked softly as he pulled you close, the scent of his favourite cologne filling your senses as you wrap your arms around him, tightly.

“Buck” you started as he plopped down onto the bed, your eyes fixated on the gun that was on the desk, sure it was something you were used to seeing given Bucky’s status, a gun was probably the tamest weapon you had seen.

“Yes darling?” He asked, his nickname for you still sending chills down your spine as he patted the spot next to him.

“W-what do you think of having a baby?” You mumbled as you sat next to him, his hand that was gently placed on your thigh soothing your nerves.

“I think “It’s a great idea darling,” he said as he pulled you closer.


“Yes princess, I would give anything to have a baby with my best girl” Bucky said. “You wanna start trying now?” He teased, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“The thing is, there’s already one” you said, biting your lip as you looked up at your boyfriend. His eyes was as wide as saucers before he grinned, his blue eyes lighting up wth joy.

“You mean we have a-a

“A baby Bucky, I’m pregnant” you said, your tears brimming with tears as he lifted you up into his arms, pulling you into a tight hug.

“We could have a whole nursury doll! We can have a crib and we could buy those onesies-

“Bucky it’s size of a seed” you said giggling, watching as he chuckled, pressing his lips onto yours in a loving kiss.

“Have I ever told you that you’re the best thing that has happened to me?” Bucky asked as he gently brushed the tears from your cheeks.

“Everyday” you replied, smiling as your lips connected with his once more.

Maybe telling Bucky was a great idea after all.


send me an AU prompt and I’ll write you a blurb!❤️

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Sugardaddy!Bucky x reader in which he has to make up for royally pissing her off with gifts and sweet talk and some ~personal attention~ if you catch my drift c: tysm xxx

ooo, this is my first time writing for Sugardaddy!bucky, and I hope you like this!❤️:)


Originally posted by hellyesmarvel

“I don’t care James, I saw you with her!” You exclaimed, shaking your head as you stepped into your penthouse, well it was technically his but he did gift it to your on your twenty second birthday. The automated lights turning it as you stepped in, the air conditioning following suit.

“Angel, it’s not what it looks like” Bucky sighed as he followed after you, his heart breaking when you turned, tears brimming in your eyes. Oh god what had he done. He hated to see you cry, it was the worst, because it breaks his heart to see you sad when he had promised you to give you the world.

“You’re b-bored of me aren’t you?” You whimper, looking down at your feet, it was true, you had been so deep in college debt you were pretty even if you had worked your whole damn life you wouldn’t able to pay it back.

Your parents wanted you to live on your own thus a year after a high school, you found a college and you struggled with debt.

And then Bucky appeared, you had bumped into him on the busy streets of New York, your frame slamming into his firm chest, and your iced mocha spilling all over the poor guy.

Your life changed after that, he had offered to pay for your debts despite your insistence that you should be paying for your own fees.

He made sure that you lived a more than comfortable life, he showered you with gifts that you would never be able to pay for in a lifetime, Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel purses and Christian Louboutin heels and many more.

God, it hurt so much to see him with another girl, he had his arm around her waist and he had the same smile he wore when he first met you, his blue eyes filled with adoration, in a spite of jealousy you had stormed off, not bothering to reply to any of his fifty texts and twenty seven calls.

“No angel, you’re my only one princess” Bucky soothes as he comes up to you, pressing a kiss to your temple, still you weren’t convinced enough.

“I can’t do this Bucky, I know we’re not exclusive or anything but I-I” you whimpered, tears sliding down your cheeks as Bucky held you close to his chest.

“You’re my only darling, I’ll do anything for you baby,” he adds with a reassuring smile.


“Yes princess” he said softly, pressing his lips gently against yours.

“Come on i want you to bring you somewhere” he said with a boyish grin and you shot him a confused glance when he insisted that you put on a blindfold.

“Just wear it darling” he said softly and guided you up the stairwell to the roof, you could feel the gentle wind blowing against your face.

When Bucky pulled off your blindfold, your eyes widened in shock, you were jaw slacked at the sight before you, a helicopter sat in the middle of the roof, it was a pristine white, brand new with your name printed at the side of it, it was gorgeous with a red ribbon tied to door.

“Bucky…” you started before he shook his head with a smirk.

“It’s all yours baby,”

“But this must have cost a-“

“Nothing, princess, making you happy is my only priority angel” Bucky said softly, using his thumb to gently brush away the tears that had unknowingly made its way down your cheeks that were tinted pink.

“Wanna go to France for dinner?” Bucky asked with a grin on his face, chuckling as he watch you go speechless.

F-France?” You mumbled.

“Oui ma chérie” Bucky teased, as he pressed his lips to your ear gently, his hand wrapping an arm securely around you.

“I’ll draw you like of my French girls”. He joked laughing when you smacked his chest playfully, he helped you onto the helicopter, the pilot greeting you with a smile.

“I still can’t believe this” you whispered, glancing down at your penthouse that was growing smaller and smaller.

“je t'aime” Bucky said softly as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“I love you too”


send me an AU prompt and I’ll write you a blurb!❤️

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Pairing: Bucky x The Love of His Life (unnamed FC)

Word Count: 1,451 

AN:Here’s my first drabble for @the-ss-horniest-book-club​ DDs. I hope this is okay for the person that requested it!


“Sweetheart, will you look at me?” Bucky asked as the love of his life was pacing back and forth in a panic. “Come on now, it’s not that bad.”

“NOT THAT BAD?!” she screeched as she continued her pacing. “I’m sorry, a life changing decision is ‘not that bad?’ Are you kidding me Barnes?”

Bucky rolled his eyes as he let out a small sigh. “Baby, please stop with the pacing,” he said as he stepped in front of her and stopped her with his hands on her shoulders.

“What!” she huffed at him. Her eyes, desperate to look anywhere else, darted to the counter before looking back to his face.

“I need you to take a deep breath. Just breathe with me for a minute.”

“This is stup-”

“Breathe.” Bucky exaggerated his breathing to get her to do the same. She finally complied. “That’s better.”

“I.. I just,” she started. “Ugh. Okay. I just don’t understand why this isn’t a big huge deal for you like it is for me? Bucky this affects you more than it does me!”

“I’m not saying this isn’t life changing. I’m just as excited and nervous about this too, but you want to know why I’m not panicking about it?” Bucky looked directly into her eyes. He saw all of her fears and anxieties swimming through them. “I have you. It’s as simple as that.”

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A/N:  Written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club​ Drunk Drabble endless quarantine as long as there are prompts we’ll write them thingy and a prompt from Anon.  I hope this hits the spot and that you enjoy <3  Prompt in bold.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader with aprox 700 words.

Warnings: slightly smutty, video chat / phone smut, needy lonely reader. Fluffy soft Bucky also.  18+ please.


“Hey baby!”  You smiled despite the ache in your chest. Two months without him and your heart was breaking.  Your bones itched to feel the warmth of his body, lips longed to kiss.  Your soul pined for the sound of his voice and the scent that was so perfectly his.

“There’s my best girl!” Bucky’s face came into view on your tablet; the long-distance video chat wasn’t the most stable but it would have to do. “They had better TV signal in the forties.”  He grumbled, tweaking something on his end that made the picture sharper and suddenly everything was crystal clear.  “Nailed it!” He sing-songed as he settled back on a sleeping bag with his laptop between his legs.

“How’s everything going over there?”  You knew the answer already; the team should have been home six weeks ago but there had been complications.

“Since we spoke last week we’ve made some progress but I really don’t want to talk about the mission,” his expression was soft, “how are you holding up?”

“I’m ok.”  You weren’t ok.  It was coming up to that time of month again and you were feeling needy as hell.

“Your last message seemed,” he paused for thought, “off.”

Tears prickled your eyes as they fought to be free.  “I just really miss you.”  You swiped them away before they could fall.

“I know sweetheart, I miss you too,” he cooed.  Bucky was always so soft when you needed him to be, and he always knew when that was.

I wish you were here with me right now,” you sighed, curling up on your side where he could still see you, “a really big cuddle would be great right about now.”

“Darlin’, I’d get my hands on you and cuddles wouldn’t be the first thing happenin’,” he chuckled and you grinned big, “it’s been months since I got to kiss you and touch you.”

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A Bet

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky rises to the challenge.


Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Warnings: smut 18+

This is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk Drabbles with the prompt “I bet you can’t find my G-Spot!”

Author’s Notes: it’s currently 1am and my pain meds aren’t working 😓


The only thing pleasurable about this was the muscular man with a six pack grunting and plunging in and out of your wet hole.

During a game of Never have I ever, you had accidentally let it slip that you had never felt your g-spot from sex. Most women find it instantly, and apparently it gives them mind blowing pleasure, yours however seemed to have taken a hike somewhere. Even with toys and a guide on how to find the g-spot, nothing worked.

That is until Bucky took you up on the challenge, educating you that every woman had one, it just meant yours probably wasn’t as sensitive or previous lovers didn’t do their job right. He promised he would find it with his cock, if he somehow couldn’t, then it was a free shopping spree for you. If he could, then you had to go out on a date with him.

“I’m telling you Buck. It’s not in there.” You rolled your eyes as your hands grabbed on to his biceps.

“It’s there somewhere.” He protested. You groaned in frustration and slammed your head back into your pillow.

At least someone was having real pleasure out of this.

Bucky set back on his knees and changed your position slightly. Your legs draped over his forearms and they were bent back towards your chest. Bucky pushed his hips forward and started with some gentle thrusts. The new position meant he could go deeper. His pace picked up, rocking against you and- ohhh.

For the first time this session, a wanton cry slipped out. This felt good, this made your pussy clench around his cock tightly and he smirked knowingly, a scream forced itself up from your throat and you were seeing stars in your vision.

“There it is.” He sing-songed. Hitting the same spot over and over with hard thrusts.

“Bucky- oh my-” Bucky was able to pull moan after moan out of you. Since this was the first time you’ve felt pleasure just from penetration, it didn’t take long for your coil to snap. And when you did, you could have sworn your soul left. You were plummeted to a completely different dimension of time. Your tight walls squeezing Bucky was too much for him, you milked him of everything he had. Bucky grunted as long ribbons of cum shot deep inside in you like some whipped mayonnaise.

His thrusts slowed and you panted, coming back to reality.

“Are you okay?” He asked. You let out a slightly breathy laugh and nodded. “I feel amazing.” You grinned. “I’m glad doll. Next time we’ll experiment further but for now, you owe me a date.”

“And you owe me a shower.” You gestured to your sweat covered body. Bucky winked, and motioned towards your bathroom.


Taglist: @sebbbystaaan @jobean12-blog @marvelgirl7 @criminal-cookies

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Hey boo thang! I was wondering if u could do some awkward smut with Bucky x reader that has someone getting a leg cramp and falling off the bed. I’m really excited to see what U come up with😊😊

Thank you anon! 

Warnings: SEXUAL THEMES, +18

A/n: I made this gender neutral just because.


It was quite in the Avengers tower, in the dead of the night. All members we sleeping peaceful, but there were a few exceptions. Tony was tinkering in his workshop, Clint was playing Mario Kart and two others were up also but behind the safety of their bedroom door. 

Bucky and Y/n couldn’t sleep so they were tiring themselves out the only way they knew how to. The brunette was on his back enjoying the view of his lover sinking down slowly on to his hard aching cock. “Fuck, Bucky.” Y/n breathed out as the thick head penetrated their entrance. As they continued, Y/n was fully seated on their boyfriends shaft, grinding down on them in a teasing way. The mans hands went to Y/n hips, holding them tight. “Please move, doll.” He groaned. Y/n had been teasing him for a while and it took all his strength to not just flip them over and have his way with them. 

The one on top giggled at the man beneath them. They slowly raised up a few inches only to go back down at slower pace. This went one for a few more minutes and Bucky had sat up by now and his feet were anchored on the floor, ready to piston his hips up. Y/n arms were wrapped around his shoulders and their pace had picked up speed. They gasped as their wall were being stretched open wide by this man. Bucky let out a soft moan into their neck as they forcefully dropped back down onto him. 

“Shit, shit, shit!” Y/n cried out. “Is that your sweet spot, Baby?” He husked into their ear. “Nope! It’s a cramp!” And with that they broke out of Bucky’s hold only to tumble backwards. Bucky leaped up before they even hit the ground, but wasn’t fast enough to catch them. “Shit, Y/n are you okay?” Bucky asked as he pulled them up. ‘Yeah, But my leg is still cramping.” They stated while walking around the room, trying to relieve themselves. 

The mood was ruined because it was not a turn on for your partner to pain. Well at least in Bucky’s case. “Do you want to play around a little more before we go to bed?” Bucky looked at Y/n who laid down beside them. “Only if you top.”

Let’s just say no more cramps were had that night.


Send me a marvel head canon or au.

Or a Speech prompt or awkward Smutty Prompt?

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The Reader moves into a new town and refuses to become twitterpated by her handsome neighbour. Then a storm literally crashes through the world she knows and she finds herself open like never before. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Y/N)

Warnings/Promises: FLUFF, cottage AU, neighbours AU, panic attack + ambulance triggers

Word Count: 2300 (holy shiz)

Note: I wrote this in a dizzy/vertigo haze, so if there’s weird spots that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Feedback would be great, especially with this fic since it’s the longest one I’ve written since hitting my writing slump. Comments, reblogs, keyboard smashes, and gif reactions are all appreciated. Enjoy!


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There are over one hundred moments a day when we are blind. It’s when you put on a shirt and can’t see anything for the cloth. When the sun shines through your windshield and the road is nothing but light. Or when you’re turning so fast the world is only a blur. We are blind. And vulnerable. 

There is another kind of blindness. It creeps in. Slow. Unseen until it grips your heart and suddenly you can’t breathe. The word around you fades and all you can see is what did this to you. 

You didn’t know any of this when you moved into town.

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Headcannon that Bucky rlly thrives from having pets so he has pet rats. They sit on his shoulders and in his hair and hoodies + scares the everloving heck out of Steve

Y’all are delightful.

  • I assume he has a therapist and they recommend that he should get a pet to improve his mental health 
  • And if he has a pet he’ll have to take care of it and in order to do that he’ll have to take care of himself
  • He doesn’t think he’s ready for a pet yet
  • So Steve takes him to an animal shelter and signs him up as volunteer
  • At first he was mad then when he got there he was like ‘omg there so precious, how do I not have one?’
  • This goes on for several weeks
  • Everyone can tell he’s so much more happier 
  • He decides he’s ready for a pet
  • Then he gets called on a long term mission 
  • At some point he’s by himself and sees two little ‘mice’
  • He takes them home 
  • Nobody knows until his little friends decides that his shoulders are very comfortable 
  •  It’s early one morning when Steve comes and greets him in the kitchen 
  • “Hey Buck-WHAT THE FUCK!”
  • And Bucky’s really confused and just tries to eat his froot loops
  • “What?”
  • Steve just looks at him dumbfounded, and guesses he doesn’t know that their are rats on his shoulders
  • “Don’t freak out but there are literally two rats on your shoulder!.”
  • “They have names, Steve. Don’t be rude.”
  • “You named them?”
  • “Why wouldn’t I?” And then he gives his pets some froot loops 
  • He says this likes it’s an every day thing 
  • He tells Steve how he found them
  • Their names are Scrabbles and Remy
  • It scares Sam too except he found Scrabbles chillin on his shoulder
  • No one has ever heard him scream louder
  • This keeps happening to each team member 
  • Steve is still not use to it
  • One time Bucky was freaking out because he couldn’t find Remy and Scrabbles was just taking a nap on his head 
  • Then from the other room Bucky thinks he hears Wanda scream so he rushes over to her
  • But nope it was Steve
  • How can he even scream that high pitched?
  • Steve found him on accident because Remy licked his ear
  • What scares Steve the most is when Bucky wears hoodies and can only see there eyes 
  • Steve respects the rats 
  • He fears what will happen if he doesn't 

Send me headcanons! Or Send me a an awkward smutty prompt or speech prompt?

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 658

Summary: Steve gives Bucky some fashion advice so he asks you what you think about the new addition to his wardrobe. 

Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club continuation of drunk drabbles and the prompt below! This was so fun to write and I hope it makes you laugh. Thank you and thank you all for reading ❤❤❤


Warnings: Lots of fun fluff, sweet Bucky and then he gets sassy and sexy :)


It was the smell of pancakes that roused you from your afternoon nap. Stretching and throwing on your slippers you walk out your door and toward the large shared kitchen in the compound. There you find Bucky, standing at the island and whisking a large bowl of pancake batter.

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