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#bucky barnes fluff
buckysfaveplum · 2 days ago
summary: bucky’s moody and rude to everyone except you (the “i hate everyone but you” trope)
pairing: bucky barnes x female reader
word count: 1k
warning: just swearing, i tried to make this fluffy
author’s note: hey y’all just a lil something i whipped up for u <3
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Tumblr media
Bucky was seconds away from smashing the phone in Sam’s hand. His so-called “partner” decided it was unacceptable that he’d only liked 40s music. He’d taken it upon himself to play his playlist aloud inside the jet, forcing Bucky to be subjected to his strange music taste.
“Will you please turn this shit off?” Bucky said, his patience wearing thin.
“Ah, c'mon man! You don’t like anything,” Sam said, turning the music down slightly. 
“That’s not true.”
“That’s definitely true!” 
Bucky’s jaw clenched as Sam went back to listening to his tunes. He liked Sam, he was his family now. But god, did he get on his nerves sometimes. He glared up at Captain America, watching the man do small dances with his arms, trying to make Bucky crack. 
“Man, do you ever smile?” Sam asked, finally turning his music off. He could see his friend was not enjoying it.
“He smiles all the time,” Bucky’s head perked up at the sound of your voice. You made your way from the back of the jet up to the guys, settling down in the seat next to Bucky. “Besides, he has a different scowl for every mood.”
Sam just laughed as Bucky sighed at your comment. The tension and frustration he felt earlier melted away in your presence. You leaned against his side, resting your head on his shoulder. 
“Hey, play some Taylor Swift,” you told Sam, your hands playing with Bucky’s vibranium fingers.
“Nope, can’t do that. Cyborg here doesn’t like music!” Sam retorted.
“Put it on,” Bucky said, flat and monotone.
Sam grumbled under his breath as he scrolled through his phone, finding the music to play. A bright smile spread across your face, beaming up at Bucky. His scowl was gone, now replaced with a soft smirk.
“Hey Buck, can you set the table for me?” you asked, finishing up the pasta you had cooking on the stove. 
Bucky left his spot, glued at your side, to do as you asked. After a particularly grueling mission, you offered to make dinner for the boys at your and Bucky’s shared apartment. Sam and Torres were in your living room, going over a mission report. As Bucky finished setting the table, you waved the two over to join you. You all gathered around the table, Bucky pressed against your side on the bench seat, whispering soft thank yous into your ear. 
It was rare to get together like this. To just relax and not think about missions or government conflicts. Just bonding over your cooking with friendly banter and conversation. 
“No, but did you see Bucky whip out on the stairs today?” Sam asked the table, laughing hard as he recalled the moment from your mission earlier. Bucky just rolled his eyes as the table chuckled at his embarrassment. 
“I was kicked in the back of the legs,” he said, his voice low as he kept eating. 
“Don’t get upset, Tin Man,” Sam said; Torres, laughing at the name.
“Don’t call me that,” Bucky said, shooting a glare at the two across the table.
“Right, right, no nicknames. We remember,” Torres said, nudging Sam as the two laughed.
You watched the whole interaction, keeping your laughter internal, just a soft grin on your face.
“Hey, pretty boy, can you pass me the parmesan?” you asked.
Bucky just smiled, passing you the cheese. His arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you close to him as you chuckled to yourself at Sam’s agape mouth. Putting the cheese down, you rested your head against his shoulder. “Thanks, hun.”
“What the hell!” Sam said. “You said you hated nicknames!”
“She can call me whatever she wants,” Bucky said, rubbing his hand against your shoulder.
“That’s bullshit!” Bucky slammed his hands on the table before quickly storming out of the briefing room. 
You sat in your chair, stunned at his outburst. You knew he didn’t like going on certain missions, especially ones that involved Hydra. The military had asked for his and Sam’s help in clearing out an old Hydra base that was showing suspicious activity. Though he hated returning to those days, he was willing to help. Until he found out you were asked to go too. That’s where he drew the line. 
He refused to let you step one foot into that place. He knew you were a skilled fighter, possibly more so than him. But the thought of you in the place that caused him so much pain and suffering made his stomach drop.
After a moment, you looked across the table to Sam. A soft nod from the Captain was all you needed before rushing out the doors, looking for your Bucky. Down the empty hallway, you saw him. Resting against the wall on the floor, his knees tucked to his chest. The familiar scowl on his face, his clenching and unclenching.
“Baby,” you said, slowly approaching him. Looking up at you, his mask fell revealing a soft frown. He lowered his legs and reached up with his arms inviting you in. Your arms wrapped around his torso, resting in his hold on the ground.
“I don’t want you anywhere near that place,” he whispered, his face pressed into your hair. 
“I know, baby. But you’ll be there the whole time. It’s gonna be okay,” you said, rubbing soft patterns into his back.
“I don’t want anything to happen to you. I need you, I need you safe,” Bucky pulled back, taking your face in his hands. 
“And I don’t want anything to happen to you. It’s gonna be okay, Buck,” you said, pressing your face further into his touch.
He held you close in his arms on the cold floor, caging you in his warmth. He’d never felt as strong for someone as he felt for you. You were an anomaly. A mishap that never should’ve happened for him. But you were there and you loved him. He’d die before he let anyone think of taking you away.
“Think we can head back in?” you asked.
“Give me five more minutes, I just wanna hold my girl,” he said, his grasp around you tightening.
“Fine, but you better be on your best behavior after.”
“I always am!”
“Please, you’re such a grouch.”
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chaashni · 2 days ago
concept !!!
reader wanting to be incharge that night and she wants to try caging bucky/OR rockstar, but bucky/harry end up taking control anyway even when she’s on top. and then she slips a bit maybe and wants to be fucked so they taunt her and say they can’t coz they’re caged so no fucking tn <3
Come Through Tonight
Tumblr media
In the end, its all about the rough hands and bruising kisses.
A/n: This one screams beefy!drummer! Bucky(Highlighter!Harry wouldn't flit close to a cock cage ;D) That video is so fucking hot and it unleashed something in me, so here's this. Porn without plot.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut. This is filth at its finest. Cock cages. Established relationships. Sprinkles of D/S dynamics(they are fighting through it). Metal Arm Kink cause I'm a whore. Choking. Teasing. Face sitting. Taunting. That link is porn.
Tell Me What You Think. Fic Library is @chaashnifics
Patience is a tricky little bitch sometimes. You find your lower lip a little swollen from all the biting and suckling it has been subjected to in the last few hours, your beefy hunk of a boyfriend stealing every chance to grab your face, sweep your breath out of your lungs like it's nobody's business and go back to goofing around with his bandmates.
Fuck him.
Bucky's fingers curl around the glass of scotch easily, an arm languidly wrapped around your waist. His ring covered knuckles graze past the hem of your shirt to trickle on your waist, chuckling to something funny that Torres says, absently pulling you closer to his chest.
If you get any closer, you think you'd burst. Bucky knows it too- that little shit. He deliberately wets his lips, thumping the glass on the table with a 'clank' and spinning it till it reaches a point away from the edge of the glass surface. Sam's warning of "Watch it, Barnes" goes ignored as your boyfriend steels his eyes on yours, trailing his gaze downwards, from your lips over to his hands.
Oh damn.
Bucky fumbled around a little, pretending to search for something. Discretion flies out of the window as he shifted you on his lap, nestling you into his chest possessively and grinning as you yelp when your ass lands over his erection.
Way to go, Buck.
You've barely made through the shock of his boner poking through your pants, an airy gasp spraying out of your lips when you find him nonchalantly twirling a drumstick in his hands.
His palm stopped hovering at your waist, streaking forward and splaying over your stomach, crushing you against himself.
"What are you doing?" You whispered, accidentally moaning as his erection brushes the inside of your thighs. Your lips are under assault again, but this time it's your teeth tucking them in, faint lines of embarrassment perfuming your face as you cuddle closer to him, your eyes never leaving his hands as he flips to drumstick around.
"Having fun, kitten."
If this moment was taped and edited, those papery pink dews would definitely be sprayed all over it, because you both looked that part- mushy lovers who cannot get their hands off of each other. If the tape was given to your friends, they would add some devil's horns and vampire red eyes or have smoke come out of your heads because they knew what little shits you and Bucky were. Especially when you were sitting this close and you were a few shots in.
Your friend group called such moments 'The horny bitch hour'. These annoying little fuckets that you loved so much would place bets on who would snap first, who'd drag who to the first empty space, who'd be the first to be loud. And damn, your drummer had some interesting gambits in these situations, his skilled fingers and twitching lips orchestrating ways to get under your skin, both figuratively and literally.
You were fuming today. The early December chill and your discarded jacket didn't hold two cents to the heat storm erupting in your body. Every teasing touch of Bucky's fingers, every testing lick placed on your skin, each perfectly timed swipe of his knuckles along your neck had your skin burn in electrical flames, the cozy atmosphere your best friend had tried to create sweltering to a blue hot raze. Bucky Barnes worked like that. He had you dripping between your thighs with one look, your nipples erect with one graze of his knuckles down your side.
You sucked in a gasp, chest heaving as your fingers shakily cover your drummer's, his long fingers magnetizingly hot under yours. Bucky's tongue was tracing his lips again, a lock of hair dangling in front of his face. He didn't quite stop his conversation with Steve, dropping the drumstick and cuffing your hand under his, intertwining your fingers. With a sly smirk thrown your way, he brought your hand up to his mouth, wrapping his lips around your index and sucking it without a shame in the world.
"Bucky," you gasped, huffing before you grit your jaws together, shuffling back and grinding on his lap.
"Kitten," he retaliated, having the nerve to give you an innocent enough smirk
"Stop it." You tried to sound like you mean it, voice leveled and steelier, your attempts at dominance working.
Bucky stopped on command. His eyes glinted a little sharper, your hand rising to play with the collars of his leather jacket as he gave your finger a final suck, innocently popping it out of his mouth. Another dizzying grin thrown your way. Another attempt to grind you against his erection. Another subtle flex of his arms as he shifted in his place, spreading his thighs. Another smile throwaway smile granted to you before he was grabbing his drumstick and twirling it around again.
"Your word's the law here, baby girl. You make the rules."
Fuck. Him.
You were done.
You were glad Elena lived just a few blocks away, the December chill and Bucky's arm tightly wrapped around your waist being the only reason you hadn't jumped his bones right against some streetlamp or on the road itself. You had your eyes fixed on the little light spraying out of your bedroom, one which you had very conveniently forgotten to switch off, knowing you would both be stumbling inside haphazardly, attacking each other with a flurry of hungry lips and teeth and tongue.
So that's how this is going to be.
"Hey," Bucky started, drawing out his words, a little slurry from the alcohol and despite your indignation, you found yourself grinning.
"Hey, stranger," you started, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket and pulling him in for a kiss. Before things could get filthy, though, Bucky pulled back, smacking another kiss at the corner of your lips before giving you a once over.
"You should come through tonight. You seem like fun. I got drinks. Drums. Toys. The good stuff." He added a wink and you burst into a laughing fit, giggling against his shoulder.
"You're inviting me to fuck you?"
His grin remained, eyes darker, boring into yours intently. He inched his hand from your waist to your hair, wrapping it around his knuckles before he tugged it down, baring your neck to him. He breathed down your throat, coming impossibly closer and smirking at your hitched breaths, his tongue tracing a curve from your collarbone up to your jaw. He pressed his lips to your earlobe, growling low.
"We both know who's gonna be begging to get fucked tonight." He takes your earlobe between his teeth, biting lightly.
He can fucking wish.
Bucky had barely twisted the key in the keyhole, the door barely open and a streak of light streaming out, when you pounced.
It wasn't graceful, it wasn't on point. You hadn't even realized you were drunk till you were bouncing on your feet, your head in the clouds and vision dizzy as your boyfriend tried to steady you, bringing you crashing down to his chest and stumbling backwards at it.
Bucky grunted as you almost ripped his leather jacket off his shoulders, your nails digging into his chest through his tee as you shoved him inwards. Your drummer grinned, easily spinning you around and kicking the door shut dismissively behind him. Before you could pull him down for a kiss, he spun you around again, dipping you down and crashing his mouth on yours.
You grabbed for the collars of his jacket, finally doing away with the offensive material keeping you from your man before you were grabbing his face. You stumbled backwards, blindly letting Bucky navigate you to the bedroom before you felt his hands cup your ass, metal fingers running down from the crack of your ass and swatting the back of your thighs.
You yelped, feeling the corners of Bucky's lips lift in a condescending smirk as you inhaled sharply. Flesh fingers pinched your chin and lifted your face up, his tongue snaking its way into your mouth and exploring every corner, devouring your taste and leaving you breathless. He pushed you towards the bedroom door, his body slotted against yours, movements melting into one as he unzipped your jeans, the fuzzy material of your sweater already bunched up midway through your chest.
Just a second before giving in, though, something in you snapped. Your eyes shot open, landing on Bucky's hands, the beautiful black and gold caressing the underside of your boobs, and it's warm pair journeying all across back, slipping past your jeans and cupping your ass.
Why does he get to have all the fun?
He had spent the evening teasing you, didn't he? He had you on the edge all through it, your thighs clenching and panties destroyed from the heated stares and lustful touches. The groping, the kisses. What should have been a wholesome evening between friends turned out to be you hypnotized by that god annoying drummer you adore so much, panting and heaving and biting back moans as the boys throw back shot after shot, laughter and giggles and scoffs running around the room.
This was your time now.
How you both ended up on the floor was something you had no idea about, nor did you possess the imagination to think of how you both had stumbled down, an entangled mess of limbs and half-discarded clothes which you tried to roll off of your skin, your lips pulling you towards the other.
The carpet burned against your knees as you scampered over to Bucky, ripping his shirt off of his shoulders before you pushed him down, straddling him.
"Woah, kitten." A string of curses escaped Bucky's mouth as you wasted no time in pulling his jeans down his hips, his cock slapping against his abs as you pulled his boxers down harshly, cutting off his swearing with a heated kiss.
"What, is it too much?" You tease, panting against his mouth as he kissed you hungrily, cold fingers curling around your wrist. He pulled your fingers away from where you are marking up his abs, angry red lines springing over his skin entrancingly. You slappe his hands off, pinning him to the carpet by his broad shoulders before running your lips filthily over his pout.
"I make the rules, don't I?" You cooed, looking menacingly at your drummer, drinking in the sight of him, all veins and muscles and metal- pure perfection, sprawled under you. His adam's apple bobbed in his throat as he gulped down, hissing out a gravelly "fuck" before his hands hover over your waist, a charming smirk on his lips as he shrugs.
"Use me all you want, babygirl."
That's what brought you here. Bucky's cock locked in a cock cage, your thighs convulsing as his hands held on to your calves, your head thrown back with each furious lick of his tongue over your pussy, your juices running all over his face.
You had dragged him into your room, pushing him down to the bed and swallowing his giddy smirk as he allowed you to outpower him, complying as you asked him to. You teased his shaft, kissing the tip of his cock and pumping it before bringing it into your mouth, your drummer's slow smirk slowly fading as his face contorted with pleasure. He had his lips tucked between his teeth, his metal hand in your hair as you guided his length to your mouth, the veiny girth pulsating under your fingers, precum wetting your hands. You took him in your mouth, slowly, methodically, the months of training your mouth to take him entirely paying off as your beefy boyfriend groaned above you.
Then, to give him a taste of his medicine, you pulled yourself back, letting his cock jump out of your mouth with a pop. Bucky's disbelieving glare amplified when you took his metal hand, which remained frozen cold around this time of the year, and wrapped it around his shaft. When he was groaning in disbelief and flaccid enough, you smirked devilishly, clicking the cock cage around him, straddling him all over again.
Your lips pressed to every part of his neck, your teeth marking their trail against his throbbing pulse. Your fingers ran all through his back as you rode his arm, your mewls turning into shrieks as the metal whirred under you, the vibrations deliciously drumming against your pussy and making you wet in a way only Bucky could manage to do it.
You rode his abs next. "Use me." That's what Bucky had said, and you, you were his good girl. How could you not listen to what he says?
"You like this, don't ya?" Bucky chuckled as you whined and groaned, his fingertips denting your waist as you spluttered and crushed the sheets under your fingertips, a familiar coil burning in your stomach. Your thighs burned from rocking against his skin, his cold arm lingering over your breasts, your nipples tingly and popped up from all the suckling it had been subjected to.
Bucky groaned under you, his abs glistening from your wetness, a layer of sweat and musk and sex perfuming your room. You gasped and heaved, your breasts swaying over his face for him to tease, covered with just as many hickeys and bites as you had scattered all over his chest, your hair all fuzzy from his constant tugging.
You might have been the one on top, and Bucky might have been the one with a cock cage, groaning and cursing each time he moved, but you both knew who was in charge.
"See the mess you've made on me," Bucky hummed as you placed both your hands on his chest and fell forward in a heap, a spike of pleasure burning down your spine at the narrow brush of his fingers on your clit. He cupped your face, tenderly swiping a matted coil of hair away from your cheeks before capturing your bottom lip in his mouth, his neck arching to chase your lips as you try to sit up. "My filthy little kitten."
You moaned into his mouth, resolve breaking as you give in to the temptation of his lips. You cursed as he sucked your tongue with eager lips, his hand brushing lightly over your throbbing clit, your juices dripping into a wet patch in his chiseled abs.
"C'mere." Bucky grunted, cuffing the back of your neck and pulling you away from him. A veiny hand grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look him in the eyes as he gazed at you like you were some goddess for him to corrupt and ruin, before it slid down and wrapped around your throat. "Do you wanna cum tonight?"
The pressure on your jugular increased as you nodded your head, a condescending smirk sent your way as his flesh hand travelled down your spine and smacked your ass, five fingers burning over your skin.
"Sit on my face then. We'll see how much longer you can stay on top."
Bucky smacked your ass again, lifting you up and dragging himself over to the centre of the mattress. You rested your cunt on his face, a loud shriek tearing out of your lips as he harshly sucked your clit, swiping the flat of his tongue all through your pussy lips. You almost lost balance, his strong arms curling around your ankles and supporting you as he slurped your juices, picking up everything you could offer, feasting on you like you were the sweetest desert he would ever get.
"Stay still for me." He smacked your ass again, his growl rumbling against your cunt as you spasmed, your face a mess of sweat and tears as he lapped up your pussy, his tongue sliding into your hole and pressing on the walls. You tried grinding on his mouth, your quest for control long forgotten as you let Bucky and his skilled tongue rip you apart, your breast bouncing as you held onto the headboard, crying out in pleasure and wanting to be good for him.
He licked circles over your cunt, your mouth open and a string of drool streaming out, your voice hoarse from all the screaming you had done. Your neighbours might as well be calling the cops from all the cursing and moaning and screaming that you had done, and you wouldn't find it in yourself to care. Your mind burned and crashed around, all fuses snapping as everything just descended to Bucky, his hands, his lips, his tongue.
"Daddy!" You yelled out when he inserted a finger into your hole, his tongue repeatedly flicking your swollen nub. You could feel his chuckles vibrate under your cunt, your stomach coiled and mind blank, thighs clenched from the intense buildup.
"Daddy, now?" He hummed appreciatively, plunging another finger into your slick hole and massaging your walls, the cold of his touch sending a jolt through your spine. "Thought you were in charge?"
You whined as he mocked you, his lips curled in the most admonishing and arrogant smirk ever, and you could feel it despite all the tears and pleasure he was giving you. And you liked it. You liked your cocky asshole of a drummer when he was being mean to you. When he was manhandling you around, displaying you as his object of affection. When he was boasting about you. When he was playing with you.
"Fuck me, daddy." You whined out, shrieking as he inserted two more fingers into your hole, stretching you out.
"Look at that pussy." He started, tapping his thumb on your clit in sharp strokes, each one sending a shiver through your body. "Sucking my fingers so greedily. Kitten, you're so damn needy for me, aren't you?"
You only moaned, your legs shaking as your orgasm approached closer.
"But I can't fuck you. Can't please my pretty pussy here." Bucky lowers his voice to a whine, an indignant alarm in your head shrieking off "yes you can!"
"You got me in this," he must have gestured at something, that stupid cock cage. "So no fucking for you."
"The key. Take it!" You shrieked, half delirious. Your drummer had stopped his assault on your pussy, his words and their gravelly texture being the only friction you got as you sat perched over him, mind half snapped and too intoxicated by the pleasure you were missing to care for anybody else.
And then you were being tossed around, you body suddenly pressed to the pillows, your beefy boyfriend hovering over you, that goddamned smirk all over his face.
"Can I? You're still making the rules, baby."
You groaned, close to crying or probably biting his nipples or something just as crazy.
"Just do it. Fuck me. Show me you've got something."
That was a little much, wasn't it?
The darkened eyes, the clenching of jaws, the straight line which his lips had turned into, all of it indicated you had taken this too far. This was too much fun for you to back off now, and you were positive you wouldn't be able to walk for a while now.
The metal hand curling around your throat indicated just as much, the jiggling of metal in your peripheral missing your eyes when Bucky swooped down and caught your lips in a bruising kiss.
"I'll be showing you a lot tonight, babygirl. It'd be a show you never fucking forget."
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kinanabinks · a day ago
hey uh, i feel pretty shitty, can i get a bucky comfort where we watch some sitcom like family guy and just chill with some kisses at the end? love u (AND IF ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE AM CONCERT BLACK MARKET THING I FEEL YOU AND IM SO MAD TOO)
hi baby. of course you can <3 hope you feel better soon.
eyes on the screen
Tumblr media
content warning: best friend!roommate!bucky x reader, fluff, best friends to lovers, kisses.
Tumblr media
bucky watches you laugh at the stupid joke with a smile on his face as he stands in the doorway. the light from the television screen illuminates your face in the dimly-lit room, as though you're a lone star in the night sky.
"you just gonna stand there staring at me, or you gonna join me, buchanan?" you ask him with a raised brow, looking over at him.
"i don't know; i kinda like staring at you," he says with a grin.
holding out your arms to him, you sit up. "you can sit here and stare at me."
bucky gives in, strolling over before sitting next to you on your bed. he notices that you're watching family guy; your comfort show. "long day at work, boob?"
"ugh, it was terrible," you groan, rubbing your face. "i completely fucked up the event schedule, and mr. stark was so pissed off at me, and the cafeteria was all out of my favorite sandwich."
he pouts, wrapping an arm around you and rubbing your shoulder. "i'm sorry, booby. tell you what; i'm gonna take you out to coney island this weekend. get your mind off of work."
"that sounds fun," you smile, snuggling into his side. "wanna watch a movie?"
"actually," he checks his watch and sits up. "i should go get ready. i'm going out with the guys."
his words make your heart fall as you cling onto his t-shirt. "no! don't leave me, boob," you beg, widening your eyes at him.
"baby, i'm sorry, i-"
"i don't wanna hear it," you say stubbornly, pulling him closer. "you're just gonna go out to some bar and find some girl to have a one night stand with."
"and?" bucky smirks, nudging you teasingly.
"please, booby, don't go," you whine, rolling over to rest your head on his lap. "i don't wanna be alone tonight."
his features soften as he strokes your hair, before he leans down to kiss your forehead. "alright. i'll stay. but you owe me a one night stand."
you snort at his words, before sitting up with a victorious smile and cuddling him. "thank you, buck. you're the best."
he pulls the duvet over the both of you, tangling his legs with yours as you snuggle into his chest. his fingers flutter up and down your arm while you watch tv, his deep chuckles vibrating through his chest.
you melt in his embrace, grateful for his secure presence. for a few minutes, you feel him staring at you, making you glare up at him. "eyes on the screen, boob."
"hey, you said i can sit here and stare at you," bucky argues with a frown. "let me be a creep in peace."
turning your head, you stare back at him. "creep."
ignoring your comment, he scans your face, wonder in his eyes. "you're pretty."
his compliment makes you snort as you hit his shoulder. "shut up, weirdo."
"i mean it," he mumbles, stroking your cheek. "do you think i'm pretty?"
you smile and shrug. "meh. you're okay."
he immediately pouts before sinking down on the bed, laying his head on the pillow. "meanie."
"i'm kidding, booby," you promise, leaning over him and playing with his hair. "you're incredibly pretty. beautiful, even."
grabbing your hand, he holds it tight. "prove it."
confused, you frown. "hmm?"
bucky swallows thickly, placing his free hand on the back of your neck. "prove that you think i'm pretty."
a silence falls between you as you stare him down, wondering just how far he's gonna let you take it. his pink lips just look so inviting. slowly, you begin to lean in, waiting for him to pull away and call you a freak. but he doesn't. so you carry on.
gently, your lips meet his in a tender kiss. his hand tightens around the back of your neck as he deepens the kiss, pulling your legs over to straddle him.
"buck," you mumble, pulling away. "what are we doing?"
"do we have to know right now?" he asks you with a whisper, his eyes firmly glued to your lips. "can't we just... do it again?"
without needing to be asked twice, you kiss him again, feeling tingles up and down your body as he squeezes your ass. after a few moments, you pull away, giving him a bashful smile. what the fuck just happened?
bucky sits up, pulling you up with him and holding you close to his chest. he carries on watching tv while you play with his stubble, running your fingers over it.
"bucky?" you say, moving your head back and meeting his eyes.
"yeah, booby?" he asks, rubbing your lower back.
you smile at him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. "when we go to coney island, can we go on the wonder wheel?"
he grins at your innocent request, moving his hand down to stroke your thigh. "only if you let me kiss you at the top."
"boob, i'll let you kiss me at the top, bottom, and all the way around," you tell him with a giggle.
"in that case," he begins, cupping your face. "we can go on the wonder wheel as many times as you fucking want, baby."
and with that, he kisses you again, pushing you down onto the bed and getting on top of you, with no intention of ever getting off.
Tumblr media
bucky masterlist
hi! i no longer have a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifications, you'll know when i post 🥰
also, if you are willing and able, i would appreciate if you buy me a kofi - even the smallest of donations help me out so much! ❤
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Read Receipts | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi, friends! I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have accidentally sent the wrong text to the wrong person- but unfortunately, none of those instances ended nearly as well as this one.
As always send me any comments, suggestions, and/or requests! 🥰
Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @shadytalementality @everything-burns-down @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @emetophilily @breakablebarnes 💘💘💘
Nat responded to your text, pulling your attention from your New Girl marathon: "Just walk up to him and kiss him- I highly doubt he'll mind."
You chuckled as you fired off your response: "I can't just walk up to Bucky and kiss him that's so awkward!!!!!"
Almost instantly, you're phone vibrated- but it wasn't Nat.
"Hey, doll. Movie night tonight?" Bucky texted, immediately making your heart rate sky rocket.
"You know it, Barnes :) My room or yours?" you responded.
"My room? I have the bigger tv ;)" he answered.
Yet another text came in, this time from Nat: "Come on, do it! You know you want toooooo..."
The two conversations were happening almost in unison, confusing your fingers as you thought you were sending a reply to Nat:
"DUH. I want Bucky to fucking dick me down till I can't walk- but I can't just say that to him"
A few minutes passed without Nat answering, and you clicked back to your conversation with her to see if your last message had gone through- but the message wasn't there. Staring back at you was the last thing Nat had sent, and your heart leapt into your throat.
"Fuuuuuuck no, no, no-shiiiiiiiiit!" you muttered as you checked your text thread with Bucky and saw your explicit text staring back at you- accompanied by a tiny check mark, indicating that it had been read. Time seemed to freeze and you thought you might throw up as waves of humiliation washed over you. A vibration -a message from Bucky-pulled you back to reality.
"So...I'm guessing that wasn't for me?" he asked.
You prayed to Thor, begging him send down a lightning bolt and smite you into of oblivion, but no such luck. You drafted about forty different message to Bucky- apologies, explanation, rambling confessions of your feelings- but none of them seemed right.
"Should we reschedule movie night...?" he eventually sent, and an involuntary groan escaped your lips as you flopped down on your bed with your hands over your face. You considered running away from the compound, absconding into the forest so that you wouldn't have to face Bucky. Just then yet another text came in, and you read it with reluctance:
"I think we should definitely reschedule..." Bucky sent, "cause I'd love to use tonight to 'dick you down'".
You bolted upright as a mixture of nerves and excitement rushed through your body, making your heart hammer against your chest. "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit", you muttered as you began drafting a text to Nat filling her in on what had just happened.
You were interrupted, though, by the familiar sound of a metal hand knocking against your bedroom door...
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blanketbarnes · a day ago
first date
Tumblr media
summary: your first date with Bucky!
pairing: firefighter!bucky x fem!reader
warnings: fluff omg. so. much. fluff, swearing, Bucky is insecure about his arm.
likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated!
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Your laughter echoed across the room infectiously as you and Nat talked. Bucky couldn't help but grin wide at the sound, stealing glances at you and marvelling at how much more beautiful you looked when you laughed.
"So, Buck," Steve says with a smirk patting Bucky's back a little too hard for comfort.
"Ow, man! Watch it!"
"So dramatic."
"Says the theater kid," Bucky replies sarcastically making Steve laugh.
"Hilarious. Now back to what I was saying. Did you get a chance to ask y/n out yet?"
"Shut up, punk! She's right there!" Bucky whispers irritatedly, feeling like a teenager with a crush. But his 'crush' on you only grew by the day and he was frustrated that he hadn't done anything about it.
He thought you deserved better than him.
But the thing was that you didn't know anyone better. To you, he was better than the best. A specimen in every way possible.
"I can practically hear the cogs turning in your head, Buck. And I know what you're thinking. You're an amazing guy and I'm pretty sure y/n knows it too. Don't waste your time, man! Get your girl!"
"Thanks, Steve. Gonna do just that."
"Oh, Barnes is gonna make a move, alright." Nat says confidently, sipping her coffee as she leans against your desk.
"I don't think he likes me like that, Nat."
You didn't think beside all the very charming flirting and winking there was anything more. Total bummer because you so wanted more.
"Bullshit. Have you seen the way he looks at you? There's probably violins playing in slow motion when he does. And there's wind in your hair and yada yada yada."
"Shut up, he's right there!" you groan as you spot Bucky walking towards you. He looked... nervous? Something you'd never seen him look before.
"Speaking of the devil," Nat smirks before stealthily slipping away leaving you two alone.
"Hey," he says awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Hi, Bucky," you say with a smile and he swears he feels his knees buckle. "What can I do for ya?"
"W-would you like to-," get it together, you sound like an idiot, he chastises himself.
"You okay, Buck?" you ask out of concern.
"Okay I'm just gonna cut to the chase here. y/n, I like you, would you like to go out with me some time? I mean it's totally okay if you say n-"
"Yes. yes!" you squeal a little too loud. "I'd love to go out with you, Bucky."
"Thank god." he huffs with a little laugh.
"oh come on, you knew I was going to say yes,"
"Well yeah but doesn't mean i wasn't nervous,"
"Oh, hush. Also can we cut out the fancy dinner part?" you ask. "Can we just walk around and talk until we can't anymore?"
Bucky absolutely loves the idea. And he loves that your ideas of a first date are practically the same.
"I am so glad to hear you say that, doll. 7 tonight?"
"Perfect. Pick me up from home?"
"You got it," he says with a toothy grin before leaning over the desk and giving you a little peck on the side of your mouth leaving you flustered.
Central Park was just something else at this time of day. The lights with the pleasant breeze was just the cherry on top.
The two of you had had dinner at a cozy little diner before. You couldn't believe how good pancakes tasted at 7 pm.
"Breakfast for dinner, doll. Name a better concept." he laughs.
And now, you both had been walking for quite some time, simply basking in each other's company.
"I can't believe you were nervous to ask me out! I think it was pretty obvious I liked you too."
Bucky takes a deep breath before replying.
"I-it wasn't that. I uh... I thought you'd want someone better. Someone whole."
"What's that supposed to mean?" you ask with a frown.
"My arm. you don't think it's weird? Almost all the girls I went out with after I got it seemed to have a problem with it."
"Oh god, Buck. Listen to me. I like you for you. The fact that you look like you jumped off a Men's Health cover is just a plus point." you say making him let out a little chuckle. "Your arm is a part of you and I like all of you. I'd like to hear the story of how you got it if and when you're ready, but for now I just want you. Arm and charm included."
"You're just... you're something else, doll," he says, feeling a wave of reassurance wash over him.
"So are you, Buck." you smile.
You both don't even realise that you've moved so close. Your hands rest on his chest while his circle around your waist. The sensual and sweet sound of a saxophone permeates your senses like perfume as you both begin to sway.
The man plays the instrument skillfully as you both lean in, lips molding perfectly as you felt fire course through your veins in the cool New York breeze.
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bxcketbarnes · 7 hours ago
Ask Her Out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 2000+
First fic under the new name! Boy, was it a process to change all of my links... my shoulders now hurt lmfao. Anyway, I got the inspiration for this fic after seeing the gif set of Bucky’s expression after Yori told him to ask out the waitress, and this is what we got! I hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what you think <3
"You should ask her out," Yori mentions before shoving the piece of sushi into his mouth.
Bucky's gaze moves to the older man and gives him an incredulous look. "No, I shouldn't. She doesn't need someone like me ruining her life," he tells the older man.
"Shouldn't you let her decide that?" He asks before glancing over his shoulder. Your eyes meet Yori's and you give him a small smile. "I think she'd be good for you."
The super-soldier hums in response and glances back towards you, an itch of a smile coming to his lips. A loud laugh erupts from you as the girl you're with tells you some story.
"I don't know. I'll think about it, Yori," Bucky mutters while tapping his fork against the plate in front of him.
The older gentleman pats Bucky on the shoulder before standing up from his seat. "I'll be right back. Gotta use the restroom," Yori mentions, causing Bucky to nod his head in response.
You tuck a strand behind your ear as you intently listen to your friend's story about her date. Your eyes dance towards your right to see the older man walking up to your table.
"Sorry to bother you ladies," he chuckles while leaning his hands on the table before looking towards you. "My friend over there thinks you're really pretty, but is too much of a chicken to come say it himself."
"He does, hm?" You chuckle and bite your lip. Your eyes glance towards the younger man wearing a leather jacket for a few seconds.
The woman sitting across from you giggles and nudges your hand. "You should go for it. From what I see he's cute," she winks, causing your cheeks to grow warm.
"Okay," you whisper and slide towards the edge of the booth. "I'll, uh, go talk to him."
A nervous laugh comes from your lips as you fiddle with your fingers. You swallow thickly and make your way towards the handsome man, feeling your palms become sweaty.
You take a quick glance back towards your table to see your friend encouraging you. Courage begins to run through your veins and you turn back around to see his blue eyes looking at you.
"Uh, h-hi," you stutter and his eyes widen slightly.
He looks over your shoulder at the people behind you before releasing a sigh. "Hi," he mumbles as you sit down on the stool beside him. "Did he tell you to come over here?"
You chew on your lip while your fingers play with the hem of your shirt. "He might have mentioned that you think I'm pretty," you confess to him, causing his cheeks to redden.
"O-Oh, he did? I-I'm sorry about him," he sighs.
"It's okay," you smile and shake your head. "I don't mind. You're… quite handsome yourself."
A laugh leaves the brunette's lips as he brings his glove-covered hand to the back of his neck. "I'm Bucky," he introduces himself with a small smile.
"Y/N," you grin and hold out your hand. He shakes your hand for a few seconds before letting go. "So, do you wanna go on that date with me?"
Bucky looks down at you with wide eyes, not expecting the bold question. "Y-Yeah, sure. If you actually want to go out with me," he mutters insecurely.
"I would love to, Bucky."
Bucky fiddles with the roses in his hands, feeling the nervousness take over his body. He lets out a huff of air before knocking on your apartment door. An array of noises come from inside the place, causing Bucky's frows to furrow in confusion.
Your door opens up and your eyes widen upon seeing Bucky at your front door. "Oh my god. That's tonight isn't it?" You ask before wincing, knowing that wasn't a good thing to ask. "I'm so sorry I've had a rough day, but come in. Let me get changed!"
You grab a hold of his hand before dragging him into your apartment. The smell of food being cooked hits his nose as you dash down the hallway.
"If you want we can just go another time," he calls out to you while setting the flowers down on the coffee table.
"N-No, no!" You yell and scurry back towards the living room. "I want to go, seriously. It's just been a really rough day at work and I ended up forgetting. I'm not usually like this, I swear."
Bucky chuckles and gently rests his hand on your forearm. "It's okay, I understand. Uhm, do you just want to stay in maybe? It seems like you're already cooking," he offers with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
"Are you sure? I want you to have a good time," you mumble before grabbing a hold of his gloved hand.
"I will if I'm with you," he whispers, causing your heart to flutter.
You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before grinning. "Okay then, yeah. Plus, this way you can see my cooking skills," you wink at him.
Before Bucky can say anything else you're running back towards your bedroom. His heart flutters in his chest at your energy as he actually feels good about something… for once.
It didn't take long for you to change out of your pajamas. You walk back into your living area dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a nice blouse. "Again, I'm sorry," you laugh awkwardly as you walk into your kitchen.
Bucky grabs the bouquet from your coffee table before following you. "I, uh, got you these," the brunette mumbles while holding out the roses.
You glance over your shoulder and release a sharp gasp. "You got me flowers?" You whisper before taking the bouquet from him. You take a quick step towards him and kiss his cheek.
The brunette blushes at your action while you smell the roses. "I-I'm glad you like it," Bucky stutters and runs his hand over his hair.
"Aw, you’re blushing like a rose," you giggle before biting your lip. You turn away from him and find a vase to put the flowers in as Bucky does his best to calm himself.
He walks further into your kitchen, seeing the grin on your lips as you fluff up the roses he got you. Your gaze moves towards him before heading towards the stove, stirring the Alfredo sauce you're making.
"I hope you like alfredo," you tell him as Bucky walks closer to you, glancing down at the creamy sauce.
"I've never had it before, actually," he mutters embarrassingly.
Your eyes widen at his confession and you look up at him. "You're serious? Never?" You ask him, causing Bucky to nod his head. "Oh my god, okay, we're definitely changing that now."
Bucky laughs and watches you frantically run around your kitchen, gathering the rest of your ingredients. A smile settles on his lips before propping himself up on the counter. "Can I sit here?" He asks quietly.
"Yeah, of course," you smile and pat his leg while walking past him towards the fridge. You grab a beer from it before handing it to him. "Beer?"
He nods and thanks you quietly, taking the glass bottle from your hands. You smile at him before attending to the pasta sauce you're making. Bucky ends up watching you again with a small smile on his lips.
You hum to yourself while shaking your hips, dancing to whatever song is stuck in your head. You toss the half-cooked pasta into the sauce and quickly place the pan into the sink.
"How long have you lived here?" Bucky asks you suddenly, causing you to glance over your shoulder.
"Uhm, I would say I've been here for about five years," you tell him and tuck some hair behind your ear. "What about you?"
Bucky wets his lips before quickly taking a swig of his beer. "I grew up here and ended up leaving for a few years… but I felt the need to come back. It's the only place I really felt comfortable in," he vaguely explains while pushing himself off of the counter.
"I assume the war wasn't what you thought it would be?" You ask him after turning the stove off.
The super-soldier's eyes widen at your question before his breath hitches in his throat. "W-What?" Bucky stutters.
You place the food equally on two plates and turn to face him. "Bucky, it's not hard to figure out who you are," you tell him while setting the plates on the table. "I should've said something, but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable… like how you're looking now."
"I'm just… I'm just shocked," he mutters and scratches his neck.
A sigh leaves your lips and you take a step towards him before wrapping your arms around his neck. Bucky tenses under your touch as you inhale the cologne he's wearing.
You go to pull away when Bucky finally places his hands on your waist. "Wait, don’t pull away… not yet," he whispers and starts to relax a bit.
Your heart flutters in your chest as the two of you stand in your kitchen. Bucky pulls off his gloves before tossing them onto the table. He steps away from you after a couple of minutes, feeling his heart pounding against his chest as your eyes glance towards his hands.
"I really like this color on you," you mumble while grabbing his vibranium hand. "You look good with it."
Bucky can't help but smile at your statement, noticing your cheeks redden. "You think so?" He mumbles, causing you to nod your head in response. "As long as you like it."
"C'mon, let's eat," you tell him before sitting down in one of the chairs. Bucky sits across from you before you push the plate over to him.
You keep your eyes on him as the brunette picks up a good amount of pasta before shoving it past his lips. You bite your lip as you can't wait to find out if he likes it.
His blue eyes meet yours and hum in delight. "Oh my god. This is really good," Bucky comments, and the grin on your lips widens.
"You think so?" You ask excitingly and Bucky nods his head in response. "Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I knew you would."
You feel your stomach flipping as the two of you wash dishes together. Bucky's arm brushes against yours every so often as you steal small glances.
"Thanks for tonight," Bucky mumbles before glancing down at you. "I haven't felt normal since the forties."
"You're welcome, Buck," you tell him as your eyes meet his. A small chuckle leaves his lips, causing you to furrow your brows. "What?"
"You've got a little somethin'," he mentions while his thumb rubs the corner of his lips. Your cheeks flush as you bring your hand to your face. "Here, let me just-"
Your breath hitches in your throat as Bucky brings his hand to your face. His eyes are trained on your lips as his thumb wipes the residue of alfredo sauce off your face.
"Thank you," you breathe out as his thumb glides along your bottom lip. Your eyes flutter shut and butterflies swarm through your stomach. "As much as I would like you to kiss me, please don't."
Bucky furrows his brows and watches your eyes slowly open. "Why not?" He asks in a whisper, tilting his head slightly.
"You're old-fashioned, Bucky. You… you got me flowers for the first date. We can at least wait until the third date to share a kiss," you explain to him with a small smile.
The super-soldier's heart flutters in his chest at your respect of taking it slow and moves his hand to cup your cheek. "So, there's gonna be another date?" He questions with a smirk, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.
"If you want one," you mumble and bite your lip.
"I do. You're… cute and interesting," Bucky smiles as you lean into his touch.
A sigh leaves your lips as you pull away from him. "God, you're gonna have to leave," you joke with him as you walk towards your living room.
"Wait, why?!" Bucky asks while following closely behind you.
"Because if you keep being sweet to me, I'm gonna wanna kiss you," you giggle and plop onto the couch.
Bucky's lips part before he ends up grinning. "Oh, well, if you feel the urge to kiss me before our third date, please let me know," he mentions while heading towards your front door.
You push yourself back up and walk towards him as he opens up the door. "And what would you plan on doing if I were to tell you?" You ask him with a smirk, crossing your arms over your chest.
"Well, I would kiss you," Bucky confidently says while taking a step towards you.
Your heart pounds against your chest as Bucky's scent hits your nose. God, he smells so good. You bite your bottom lip and glance up at the brunette, seeing the dimples indenting his cheeks as he smiles at you.
Bucky leans forward, his face growing closer to yours. Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel his breath fanning your face. Your eyes flutter shut again, your fingers reaching out to grab ahold of the jacket he's wearing.
"Seems like you want it, Y/N," he whispers and your heart lurches at the feel of his lips brushing yours. You attempt to kiss him when Bucky swiftly kisses your cheek before pulling away.
Your breathing picks up as you glance up at him. "B-Bucky," you stutter as the super-soldier grins cheekily.
"You said the third date, doll. We can wait a little longer, right?" He asks you with a teasing smile, causing you to scoff.
"You little tease," you laugh while shaking your head. You go to punch his chest when Bucky grabs a hold of your hand. "You're lucky you're cute."
He chuckles and brings your hand up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. "Until the next time?" Bucky mutters, his blue eyes looking at you through his lashes.
"Until next time, Buck."
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stucky-my-ship · a day ago
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha and Wanda book Y/N a Christmas trip as an escape from her uneventful love life while Sam and Steve book Bucky a trip to get over of his break up. (Modern AU)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: mention of cheating
Word Count: 1.7K
Tumblr media
Y/N and John Walker had been dating for about a year before she ended it recently. She didn’t fall out of love with him, he just thought they were in an open relationship. He had been cheating on her throughout the relationship.
That was five years ago.
She was now sitting in her living room watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. Her two roommates, Wanda and Natasha, had just arrived from their Christmas gift shopping for their co-workers. They were always very early with the gift. They believed in the system ‘if you don’t get to it first, someone else will’.
They placed the gifts on the kitchen counter and stared at Y/N. she was dressed in all sweats with a messy up-do, munching on chips, popcorn, different candies, while drinking her red bull energy drink.
“Isn’t that cute?” Natasha said which made Wanda laugh. Y/N looked at her roommates and with a mouth full of popcorn and chips, she asked, “what?”
Wanda suddenly jumped up and down while clapping with a smile on her face, “oh! Oh! Do you know what she needs?!” She asked Nat excitedly. “What?” Natasha asked curiously. She wanted to help her friend get out of her dry spell. Wanda then leaned to Natasha’s ear and whispered her idea.
Y/N saw how Natasha’s face lit up and immediately knew she wouldn’t like the idea. Whenever one of the whispered something to the other and their face lights up, she knew it was going to be something she wouldn’t like. She knew that from experience.
Natasha nodded fast at Wanda. “Okay, let me stop you guys there. I am not going to go out to a party. I am not going to meet a guy. And I most certainly am not leaving this couch.”
She turned back to the TV as Wanda and Natasha looked at each other with a defeated look on their faces. But they won’t let her stay like this. She has to go out. She can’t live her life hiding from the world.
Natasha composed herself and stomped over the the living room, grabbed the remote control, and turned off the TV.
“What the fuck, Natasha?!” Y/N explained. “You have been cooped up in this apartment since you and John broke up. It’s been five years, Y/N. You have to move on!”
“I am!” Y/N defended. “How?! You have never ask a man out, you never say yes to a man when he asks you out. Wanda and I even tried to set you up with women because of how unattracted to men you seemed!”
“She has a point, Y/N.” Wanda said from the kitchen. “Actually I am moving on. You would be happy to hear that I had a sex dream about Ryan Reynolds last night.” Y/N said, happy with herself. Natasha just stared at her friend and shook her head.
“Listen Y/N. We’re going to do what’s best for you which is for you to go out and have fun. Plus, Christmas and New Year’s is coming up. Don’t you want a boyfriend to be with you during that time? You love what you do on the holidays and the last five years you didn’t seem to enjoy yourself.”
Wanda had a point. Every Christmas and New Years, Y/N wouldn’t really look forward too. Even though she had a smile on her face, it wouldn’t be as big as when she was with someone. She loved sharing the holidays with someone she loves and who loves her back. She knows Wanda and Natasha love her but she wants a love that’s more than friends.
Y/N sighed and told them, “alright. I’ll go take a shower and get dressed and we can go to the club.”
“Actually not what I had in mind.”
Y/N gave them both a confused look. “We have decided to give you a vacation from this place. We are going to book you a trip where you can enjoy yourself, not think about John or watch any of these old boring movies. “And who knows? Even meet a guy.” Wanda explained
“Yeah. Good luck with that one.” Y/N chuckled sarcastically.
Tumblr media
“Ughhh.” Bucky groaned in his bed. His face was smashed into the pillow, drool forming a wet circle on his pillow case. He was laying on his stomach and his limbs spread everywhere.
His bedroom door suddenly opened and an annoyed looking Sam stood there. “If I hear you groan one more time, I’ll give you something to groan about.”
“Give him a break, man. He just got out of a relationship.” He heard Steve’s voice yell from the living room. “Just?! She broke up with him 3 weeks ago! He need to go to the bar and hook up with someone.”
“Not everyone is like you, Sam. Some of us have it rough.” Bucky mumbled into his pillow.
Steve walked into the room, sat by Bucky’s head, and sighed. “Alright buck. You need to go out. Doesn’t have to be for anything. Just like a walk in the park. Out in the snow. Get some fresh air.”
“Tried that last week. Didn’t work.” Bucky mumbled. “Maybe this week is the week. Maybe today when you go out, you’ll feel so much better.” Steve tried again. “Doubt it.” He mumbled again.
Steve sighed. He looked at Sam, who was motioning with his finger to follow him.
Steve patted his friend on the back and went to Sam, where he was waiting in the kitchen. “We got to something, man. Bucky hasn’t been the same. He barely gets out of bed to shower anymore.” Steve informed Sam.
“Tell me about it. Ever since Dot did what she did, he’s become this thing that lives on the bed and washes the pillow covers with drool. He doesn’t do his own laundry. I keep having to take out his dirty underwear from the floor and clean them. I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and I can’t take it anymore!” Sam ranted. They never talk about what Dot did to Bucky. She seemed like such a nice, kind-hearted woman. But she was the devil in disguise.
“He shouldn’t go out in New York. He should go somewhere else. Like a different state. Or even a different country.” Steve suggested. “I remember he always wanted to go to London but he never got the chance to. He wanted to take Dot but I told him it was too early in the relationship to travel to another country together.”
“Anyways it’s like she would let him take her to London. ‘Why don’t you take me to a fancier place baby? It’ll be more fun and classier than those posh people’.Don’t think she even knows what posh means.” Sam imitated.
Later that night, Steve and Sam walked into Bucky’s room and to no one’s surprise, he was in the same position. “Hey bud.” Steve peaked his head into the room. Bucky just mumbled something they didn’t understand. “Hey, so listen. Sam and I have been talking and we think you need to get out of here.”
Before Bucky could mumble some incoherent word, Sam added, “and it’s not clubs or a walk on the street. It’s a vacation. To London.”
Bucky looked at them from the corner of his eye. He always wanted to go to London. Steve sighed. “Listen Bucky. It hurts me to see you like this. Maybe this could be exactly what you needed. Go. Get some time to yourself. Come back as our Bucky. Please.” Bucky knew his friend was worried about him but he didn’t know how much. He sighed and nodded. “Good because your plane leaves tomorrow night.” Sam said Better exiting the room.
Tumblr media
The next night, Natasha and Wanda had dropped off Y/N at the airport. “Alright, have fun. But not too much fun. We don’t want to get a surprise when you get back.” Wanda joked. “Alright, then I guess I won’t bring back a guy.” Y/N shrugged sarcastically. “No! You better bring someone with you! And she meant pregnancy but you better meet someone there.” Natasha said.
“I thought I was going to London to move on and get a fresh start once I come back?” Y/N raised an eyebrow. “That too.” Wanda added.
“Alright. Bye you guys.” The girls hugged each other tightly and waved each other goodbye as they went their separate ways. Y/N couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement flow through her. She was happy she agreed to do this.
After Y/n checked in, she felt a little hungry. She checked into the lounge, got a plate, and filled it up. She got a drink to help wash down the food.
After a few moments, she heard someone ask, “excuse me. I’m sorry but is this seat taken?” She looked up from the phone and saw a handsome brunette with the most gorgeous ocean blue eyes. She shook her head no. He put his things near the chair, sat in it, and took out his laptop. She looked around the lounge to see that it had been filled up.
After a short while, the woman on the intercom spoke, “attention all passengers for flight XS0569, destination London. The plane is now boarding, gate 12. Attention all passengers for flight XS0569, destination London. The plane is now boarding, gate 12. Have a safe flight.”
Y/N and the brunette got up at the same time and went towards the gate. “So to London, huh?” He asked. “What are you doing there?”
Before she could answer, he sighed and shook his head. “I’m sorry. You don’t need me butting into your business. I’m sure I sound like a creep like I’m going to follow you around London. I swear I’m not.” Y/N laughed and assured him, “no it’s fine. I’m going there for vacation. My roommates actually planned this for me.”
The man nodded and smiled, “my roommates, too. I got out of a relationship recently and according to my roommate, I’m a slob.”
They both laughed. Once they got their ticket checked, they made their way through the jetway to the door of the plane. The stewardess told them their seats and as they walked through the aisle, he said, “I hope to see you around.”
Tumblr media
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moodybluemoon · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You and Bucky have an arrangement consisting of three rules. Two of them will be broken tonight.
Warnings: Some curse words, mentions of friends with benefits, real tiny flashback where they’re doing it, I think that’s all
You could feel your heart sinking as you watched Bucky with the new agent from across the room.
Of course you knew that your little arrangement had to end eventually, it was clear when you guys made up the rules. The fucking rules.
No feelings,
no telling anyone,
and no more fucking if one of you got involved with someone.
You had broken rule number one long before you two even made it, so of course you knew it was stupid to agree to it, but any chance to be with Bucky.
Unfortunately, while you two came up with this genius idea, you were both drunk as shit. Part of your drunken mind was convinced it would turn into something more, the other part just wanted to get laid.
Back then it seemed like being with Bucky would be worth all the pain that came with it. Now, not so much.
,,You're staring.'' And of course Steve fucking Rogers was onto your crush from day one.
When Bucky arrived to the compound, you two immediately hit it off. Steve noticed how you'd always make sure there'd be enough coffee left for his best friend. How you always included Bucky in everything, always going the extra mile to make sure he was comfortable. He noticed how you always smiled a little more around Bucky, and how you tried acting nonchalant when another one of his one night stands sneaked their way to the elevator.
Steve noticed the little things. Bucky needed a huge sign in front of him, telling him exactly what's going on.
,,I'm not staring.'' you told him, knowing that he won't buy it.
,,You know, if you'd just tell him how you feel-'' ,,Well I won't''
He sighed, knowing that this was a hopeless discussion to have.
,,She's pretty.'' you stated, the drink in your hand long forgotten.
,,Not compared to you.'' Steve says, making you smile sadly.
,,Your friend doesn't seem to think so.''
,,Come on, you know he just likes to sleep with them, I've told you he likes you! '' hah, if only he knew.
Truth is, there were some moments when you'd thought the same. Even the night before, when you were falling apart below him. The memory of his raspy voice telling you to come for me pretty girl, that's it, doing so good for me, and how you were his best girl, all fucking mine. How he always held you in his arms afterwards, making you breakfast in the mornings and sometimes even taking you to dinner.
But how could any of it matter if he never held your hand in public? How could it matter when he didn't want a future with you?
,,Even if he did, isn't that a shitty way to cope-'' you stopped talking, looking to the other side of the room once more. They were gone.
,,y/n?'' Steve's eyes followed your gaze, making him look the other way.
Tears were threatening to escape your eyes and roll down your cheek, but you managed to keep yourself together. Deciding some fresh air would do you good, you stood up and walked outside. Steve followed you, trying to fix his friends stupid mistake.
,,That doesn't mean anything y/n, I told you, I know him. He hasn't brought one single girl around for five months now, we don't know that they left together.'' you rolled your eyes. Steve was just trying to make you feel better, but nothing would be good enough to keep your heart from breaking.
,,My god Steve, you think you know him so well. You don't know shit!'' he just stared at you, not understanding.
You continued, lowering your volume. ,, He hasn't brought anyone home, because him and I well- you know.'' his eyes went wide, then he raised his eyebrows, like he was repeating your words inside his head.
The second rule was broken after you told him everything that happened in the last five months, only leaving out the details.
,,I don't understand, why would you do that to yourself?'' there was no judgement, he was genuinely concerned. Typically.
,,Sometimes I do stupid things, you know, I kinda thought he'd- well doesn't matter now. It's over. He's with her now, it's probably for the best.'' Steve pulled you into his arms as soon as the tears started falling.
,,Hey, it's going to be fine y/n, he's just a guy.''
,,What's going on?'' speaking of the devil.
Steve inhaled deeply, letting go of you a little. ,,You've got some nerve. Figure it out, asshole.'' he whispered the last part, but Bucky still caught it. ,,Hey!-'' ,,Steve-''
,,That's how you treat a girl nowadays huh? You know y/n's not some fucking toy you use to fix your own fucked up issues-'' ,,What the fuck are you talking about?'' ,,Steve, it's fine. Please.'' your cheeks were burning red from embarrassment, but you knew Steve only said what you'd never be able to.
,,What's going on doll?'' he dared to ask after seeing your tear stained face. ,,I'm okay Steve, thank you.'' he went inside after getting the hint, but not before sending Bucky another look.
,,Sweetheart? What happened?'' your tears fell once more and Bucky wanted nothing more then to hold you in his arms and make you feel better, but as soon as he stepped forward, you took a step backward. He swallowed, but gave you the space you obviously needed.
,,It's stupid.'' you claimed, looking down to the floor. ,,I knew what I was getting into, you don't owe me anything.''
,,Did something happen y/n? It's me, you know you can tell me.''
Did something happen? Surely, he must be joking.
,,Bucky it's fine, I know what we agreed on. Just say it, so I know it's over.'' he looked around, what did Steve tell you?
,,I didn't mean for it to happen doll, honestly. But we were drunk, you know? It made sense in a way. God, how did I mess this up?''
You finally looked up at him, he had a look on his face like he was nervous? Scared?
,,Bucky, what are you talking about?''
,,Okay, I didn't think I'd ever say this out loud, so please be patient with me. When I first met you, I was speechless. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I already had a crush on you, and then I got to know you. And you did all these little things that only made my crush grow. God, you're just perfect. But I know it's not realistic. I know you're out of my league, I've always known. I was just so happy that you'd given me the time of the day. I didn't even realize how obvious I was being until Sam told me I was whipped, and it's true, because there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. So when we were drunk in your room and you wore that dress, god you always wear these dresses doll.. all logic just left me. So I came up with the idea, and I thought maybe you'd see me in a different light which obviously would never happen. I'm just sorry that you had to hear it from Steve. I won't bother you anymore. I'm sorry doll, so fucking sorry.'' he finished his rambling half expecting you to roll your eyes and leave, though he knew you were too kind for that.
,,Bucky what are you sorry for?''
,,For not telling you I love you. For letting you think that I just wanted to have sex with you.''
,,So Steve was right? But you brought all these girls home before?'' your voice was almost down to a whisper, but Bucky still heard.
,,I tried to move on from my crush, I know that doesn't make any sense. But nothing I've ever done has made sense. Nothing but loving you.''
I love you too was all you wanted to say, but there was still another issue.
,,The girl. You took another girl outside. What about her?''
Bucky wanted to punch himself right in the face for being so stupid.
,,Nothing doll, I swear. She came onto me and wanted me to take her home, but I took her outside to get her into a cab.''
,,Oh... I thought you'd uhm,'' you trailed off.
,,You thought I'd give up having you under me for some other girl?'' your face was heating up again. ,,Buckyy''
,,Were you crying because you thought I'd end it?'' he asked not believing the words himself, but a guy can dream.
,,Yeah, I kinda love you too Bucky.'' finally, he came closer.
,,you do?'' you nodded up at him.
He cupped your face with his hands.
,,And Steve knew? All along?'' you nodded again, making him chuckle.
,,What a sneaky bastard. I told him how I felt about you months ago.''
,,Seems like you should've told me.''
,,You too.''
you were both grinning at each other, your face still in his hands.
,,Can I have a kiss?'' you asked him shyly.
,,You can have anything you want.'' he promised ,,I'll give you the whole world if you want it.''
,,Just a kiss for now.'' he leaned in and pulled your face towards him, you put your arms around his neck.
He kissed you deeply, it was different than before. There was no uncertainty, this was it.
Steve had never seen two people so stupid and so perfect for each other, he thought as he went to check on you. Idiots, he smiled.
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doll1917 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Coming Home - b.b.
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Warnings: mostly fluff, just some self loathing in the beginning.
Summary: I’m sure we all know how it feels to come home from work feeling like your day could’ve been better so what better way to come home than to your man who has his hoodie and his messy bun skills waiting for you. 🖤
A/n: a big thank you to @buckys-left-middle-finger for proofreading! Ily 🤟
Masterlist | Taglist
People at work hate you.
They find you annoying.
You’re not /that/ good at your job.
They’re only fake nice to you, like they are with everyone else.
These were the things you told yourself, spoke over your whole being as you drove home from work. There was no reprieve from those thoughts as you braved the cold walking up to your apartment complex. Completely deprived of a ‘breather’ you weren’t sure how things would go inside your apartment. Inside waited a patient and loving man who adored you. But here you stood, completely spent and damn well near tears and the last thing you wanted was to talk, or to share any details that may incriminate you. Make those thoughts true. You feared if you voiced how you felt he’d somehow agree. You let out a shaky breath as tears brimmed your eyes, causing your vision to blur.
With a whirl the door opened up and you heard him before you saw him. “Babydoll…” he took in your form and gently wrapped his arms around you, ushering you inside with soft words. You never came home like this so it worried him that today may have been too much. He sat you on the couch and peeled off your shoes, rubbing your feet for a few seconds. “Talk to me baby,” his voice came through your light fog and you sighed. You knew you could tell him you just felt silly and overwhelmed with too many feelings.
“I hate work…” is all you could say. You weren’t crying, not yet at least.
“Yeah? Wanna quit? Stay home with me all day..” he smiled as he sat beside you and wrapped you up in his strong arms. As good as that sounded, you both knew that wasn’t a possibility.
“That’s honestly the dream, Buck.” You say as you curl up to your loving boyfriend. Leave it to him to make you feel instantly better. Even if you didn’t vent all of your frustrations to him right then and there, to know he had your back made it better. You sat there in silence letting the waves of calm that came from Bucky just wash over you. After about ten minutes you felt him move from under you.
“Let’s get comfy, babydoll. You can wear my hoodie and I’ll put your hair up in a messy bun. Emphasis on the messy because I’m still bad at it.” He chuckled and you couldn’t help but smile. He loved you so well.
“Carry me away lover boy,” you grin as he chuckles and picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. He sets you in the bed and hands you his hoodie and within seconds your shirt and pants are off and you're in the warmth of his hoodie that fills your nostrils with the warm scent of him. You felt a warm hand gently rub your cheek, your eyes opening to see sea blue ones already focused on you.
“Feeling better?” He asked as his hands started to pick up your hair, dealing with your mane the best he could as he tied your hair in a hair band. “That…looks better than the last one,” he feigned a slightly apologetic smile and you couldn’t help but laugh.
“As long as you don’t mind looking at me like this I don’t mind,” you said as you rested your head on his chest, you were ready for cuddles and to sleep off the horrible day you had.
“I never mind looking at my girl, it’s my favorite thing to do.” He said as he moved you both to the bed under the crisp covers. He pulled you close and pressed soft kisses to your face as his hands traveled down your side, gently massaging the small of your back. You content hums told him you were finally relaxed and out of your funk, nearing sleep he was almost sure. “Goodnight babydoll,” he whispered before falling asleep with you.
@peyda @yiamalfoy @hallecarey1
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sweetdreamsbuck · 10 hours ago
Congrats on 1k, girl!!!! You deserve it!! ❤️ for your your sleepover, what about about the “surprise” prompt from list 1? Cause I think that’s the most Bucky sounding thing I’ve ever read lmao.
prompt "Rudolph should have stabbed that little punk reindeer who kept messing with him."
warnings: fluff fluff fluff, slight angst: mentions of bucky's fear and anxiety of his arm in the cold of the winter months, some implied sexytalk but nothing crazy.
words: 3k
join in on my holiday season & 1k+ sleepover!
Tumblr media
Bucky knew how much you loved the holiday season. You hadn’t been in a relationship for longer than 6 months, but this season was special; it’d be your first one together.
Even in the harsh heat of summer, you could spend hours recounting the feelings of holding a fuzzy blanket up to your chin, wrapping yourself up in oversized sweats and your favorite Snoopy hoodie, holding a mug of hot chocolate to your lips, tasting the joy of the season in every sip and inhale of the cold air.
What you couldn’t seem to wrap your mind around was doing all of the things you usually enjoyed about the season alone but with your Bucky.
In your many frantic ramblings about all the films you had to show him that he never cared to watch, the gifts you couldn’t wait to shower him with, all the yummy baking and aromatic smells from the millions of candles you’d buy him despite his groans of protest in them being a fire hazard— he never seemed too enthusiastic about it. All with good enough reason.
He didn’t have his family with him any longer— lost memories of his ma cooking up a turkey and chocolate pudding pie somewhere deep in the thoughts of someone he no longer was. Sam was spending more and more time with Sarah and the kids— he usually just stayed with him. But this year, he wouldn't. But you would be there.
Bucky missed out on all the holiday classics— all the real heartwarming films, especially of the Rankin Bass film canon. They were perfect; the music used, the character voices, the beauty in storytelling, and the animation a stark contrast to today’s overly perfected depictions of already false situations— he’d love them. You knew Bucky. He craved something real— something genuine— something filled with the lost innocence of his past he couldn’t bring himself to reminisce on.
You started with Frosty the Snowman and he couldn’t help but think about how his sister probably loved this one. The way his eyes filled with happy tears at the thought sent your brain whirling.
You moved on to their Santa Claus films; Bucky particularly loving The Year Without A Santa Claus as Ignatius reminded him of you; and then on to their first film, Rudolph. A very big mistake on your part.
It was his least favorite you’d shown him so far. Every time someone brushed Rudolph aside, he couldn’t help the big huff of hot air that left his equally as frustrated body to match that of his breathing. Each whine of annoyance and groan of irritation with how the characters were treating Rudolph made your heart swell with love. It was the cutest thing in the world, your gigantic super soldier going soft over a fictional reindeer; safe to say you were really enjoying spending the holidays with Bucky by your side.
“Why don’t we take a break from animated films, hmm? How about a comedy?” you ask him one December afternoon. He had just got home from the gym and taken a quick shower, leaving him in the clothes he had quickly grabbed before heading to the bathroom. He walked out wearing sweats and your favorite sweater you’d gotten him. A gorgeous dark forest green crewneck with the most beautiful stitching you’d ever seen— and a size too small. He looked so adorably giant in it.
Looking at you already snuggled up on the couch with your favorite winter socks and a mug adorned with a printed picture of the two of you on it, he smiled and softly nodded his head.
“Okay baby, no funny business like last time. This one won’t make me mad, will it?”
Your eyes quickly close at the thought of another lecture from Bucky on his distaste for the movie. “Ugh Bucky, I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d hate it that much. It’s a beloved Christmas film! You were supposed to find it cute!” groaning, you still manage to bring the piping hot drink nestled between your hands to your lips, unable to stay away from the creamy drink for long.
A sly smirk softly spread across the scruff of his cheeks, stifling a low laugh as best as he could. “I’m just messing with you baby, come on. Put something on. And gimme a taste of that, would you?” Grabbing a blanket of his own out of the hall closet, he comes and sits close next to you on the couch.
You open your eyes and glance at his large form, filling up the rest of the couch. His towering figure completely overshadowed by the warm blankets and soft clothing. He looked ethereal— the lowlight of the Christmas tree and tv screen making him glow softly while the delicate cottons surrounding him made him look impossibly enticing.
Leaning forward with a slight purse in his lips in what you assume was him getting closer to your mug, you bring the drink to meet his lips halfway. He scoffs softly as his eyes widen in shocked disgust. “‘Scuse me, I meant a kiss. Getting me annoyed already…” he grumbles out, mumbling even more incoherently as a fit of giggles leave your lips and fill the air of the room.
“Oh, a kiss? Hmm I don’t know, this drink is really good. Wouldn’t want it getting cold on me.” You bring the mug back to your lips, humming coyly as the warm liquid dances around your tongue.
He growls lowly as you continue to toy with him, closing your eyes and feigning innocence as if you didn’t feel the exact same way. Knowing his grumpy mood will dissipate once you get your arms around him, you bring the mug back towards his lips, a silent offering he’d usually melt for.
But not right now. “Y/N if you don’t give me a damn kiss right now I swe— “ the warmth of your chocolatey lips cuts him off before he has the chance to finish his empty handed threat. Whether it’s from your inability to tease him any longer or your own need to feel him, your lips find their home in his plump ones. He wastes no time in dramatically ripping the mug from your hands, placing it on the coffee table without breaking apart from you. You giggle softly into his lips at his state of need, always so wrapped around your finger.
Your newly freed hands find their way to the back of his head, needing to feel him closer after a day without him home and wanting to make sure he knew you were only joking around.
Soft hums leave his lips as he softly leaves light pecks along your mouth. He can’t seem to ever get enough of your soft caress or of your sweet lips that grant him such joy, especially now that they’re dressed in remnants of chocolate and peppermint. You’re his own Christmas miracle, a bundle of joy wrapped in the coziest of clothing, all for him.
Your lips continue to move against each other as you revel in the feeling of holding each other after a day apart. This could never get old. Breaking away from his lips, he whines and chases after you, another chuckle leaving your body.
Grabbing his face between your hands, you press soft kisses all over the skin of his forehead, trailing down to his cheeks and making sure to pay attention to that perfect dimple at the base of his chin.
“Are you done being grumpy now?” you mumble against the skin of his flushed cheek.
His lips turn down in a soft pout, one that always causes you to turn to putty in his hands. “Are you done not wanting to kiss me, now?” a play on your words that leaves you lightly rolling your eyes.
“Buck, I just gave you like 25 kisses,” you whisper dropping a few more hurried ones to the side of his jaw.
“But they weren’t proper kisses. Like on my lips…” he trails off, completely serious in his confession. The shine of innocence in his eye reminding you of the man you love and the youth that was taken from him all too soon.
You slowly bring your lips back to his, moving against him with such love he can’t help but smile into you, opening his eyes briefly as not to miss any of the love you had for him. The dance you two always shared as the world around you slowed while your mouths reminded the other of what it meant to live was one of the more perfect things in this life.
Slowing your movements, you lightly kiss along the outline of his lips, holding his face so he couldn’t move away from you. Dropping one last kiss to his lips, he brings his metal hand to the base of your neck, holding you to where he loves having you most. You shudder at the new temperature and cling to him tighter.
Finally pulling away from him, you slide your hands down to his arms and pull at the tight fabric of his sweater. “All better now?” you question, laying back on the couch, pulling him to lay on top of you.
“Mhm,” he mumbles into the fabric of your chest, his scruff still prevalent even through layers of clothing. Your hands slowly make their way to his face, smoothing out the worry lines and dancing around his skin to card through his soft locks.
Turning to find the remote, your hands leave him for a brief moment, pressing play on a movie you know he'll love, Elf. He whines into your chest when you don't return your hands right away, quickly moving to find your arms and placing them back in his hair. You shiver at the touch of his cool arm and laugh, his needy nature being something only you ever got the privilege of witnessing.
"Okay needy, sorry I disturbed you," you sigh lightly as your fingers start playing with his hair again. His body feels a bit rigid, the air not quite leaving like it was a few minutes ago.
As the movie continues on, you try and ignore the new and obvious tension in his body. He usually loved laying like this, but something seemed off. He wasn't melting in to you like he usually did; his arms always caging you in tighter, never seeming to be close enough to you. But not now. His brain seemed to be on high alert right now.
As if he could read your worried thoughts, his voice broke his unusually quiet stupor, "Baby? Why do you like having me lay on you so much? Don't I crush you?"
"Only in the best way baby. Feels good," you quickly say, dropping a kiss to his shoulder.
The sound of Mr. Narwhal's booming low baritone emanating from the speaker of the screen, completely missed by Bucky. You know that would've been his favorite part, too.
"Even the metal? It doesn't bother you?"
"Bucky, where is this coming from? You know that will never and has never been an issue for me."
"No, No I know. I was just thinking... about how it gets cold from the chill in the air and you flinch in the winter and I don't know..." you cringe internally at this, thinking back to a few minutes ago when you jumped at his cold touch.
"Only for a second baby. I don't mind it, really. Keeps me on my toes, that's for sure," you counter, dropping another quick kiss this time to the shoulder of his left arm.
"Yeah? just wish it didn't have to be that way, s'all"
"But I just love it. it's so uniquely you. it's comforting, lets me know you're always there. And it feels pretty amazing other places too" your voice lowering, tickling your hand down his back and squeezing at his perfect ass.
He chuckles softly, not quite reaching his eyes like usual. “Oh, I know baby. Thankful for that, very much. Yes."
"But that's not the issue, baby. I can tell. What else is bothering you, hmm?" pulling his chin up slightly to look him straight in his frosty blue eyes, their glimmer brighter than any of the bulbs hugging the soft green of your 7ft tree.
"Well... I don't know. I can't help but feel that way right now. I’ve never had someone to hold in the wintertime.”
"God you're seriously the most precious person ever, Bucky" you groan out, quickly kissing any skin you can find.
"What? What does that mean?" you giggle at his confusion and the shock swimming across his now crinkled features. Taking your fingers up from his chin, you cradle the sides of his face trying your best to smooth out the tension.
"You're so fucking precious, is what I mean. I’m so glad I’m the first person you get to hold in the wintertime. What an honor, huh sarge?"
"Ugh forget I said anything," his eyes close against your chest, his annoyance with his struggle to express his thoughts evident now more than ever.
"No buck, come on. What's going on in that pretty head, hm?"
Blushing slightly at your words, he lets a sad smile grace his face, "and well— I just want to be normal for you. Not that my arm isn't normal— no that's not what I mean. My arm is very normal. I just mean like..." his frustration still apparent, his brain moving faster than his mouth is able to keep up with. You continue moving your hand through his hair to help calm him down again, Elf now long forgotten.
"What is it buck?"
"Am I your Rudolph?"
"James Barnes, what in the world? The reindeer? The beloved Christmas icon? You're not a reindeer, baby."
"I’m serious. That damn cartoon just felt similar in some ways and it just made me think..."
"I’m gonna stop you right there. Come back to me, James. You are—"
"I’m not being self-deprecating," cutting you off before you even had to chance to stop his distant rambling. "It just.. made sense? Not because he deserved to be alone. But he finds those toys on that island and they all learned to appreciate each other and Rudolph found his people. And they never looked at each other weirdly or expected anything more and uh"
Bringing his eyes back to yours once more, you whisper "Buck?"
"I found you. But god, you're... well perfect actually. Am I making others look at you weirdly? Like in Rudolph? Do people think you're crazy because you stick around me? Am I... your Rudolph?”
Unable to help the burst of giggles that erupt from your now rumbling body, he sighs as you rub at the muscles of his upper back. "I’d love nothing more than for you to be my Rudolph. Always would know your way around the dark down there too, right baby?" you joke, wrapping your legs around his waist and rutting his hips softly against yours. "Not that you need any help navigating that sleigh."
He groans loudly at you, hiding his face further into the bunched-up fabric of your shirt, moving his head side to side. "Y/n come on, baby. You know what I mean." Chuckling, you continue softly scratching your hands along his scalp and through his hair.
"Do you remember what happened at the end? When he was able to save the Christmas though?"
"Do you remember what happened? You can't seriously be trying to make me feel better with that guilt trip of a children's movie."
Giggling you nod softly, "Okay buck, fair enough. Then why are you using it to justify this anxiety of yours?"
Ignoring your point, he lays his head so he can look up at you better, "That movie is just making bullying look good because then the bullied comes out on top and saves everyone from their mess they didn't prepare for in the first place. What is the goal there?"
"I would've never shown you that film if I'd known you'd have felt this strong against it,” shaking your head lightly at him, your teasing against the seriousness oozing out of each breath he took.
"Babyyy I’m serious!" he whines, pretending to be annoyed with your teasing. He knows you're only trying to keep his head swimming through the raging torrents that unfairly torment his mind. It’s what you do.
"I don't know, it's looking pretty good for me this holiday season from where I’m laying, cuddles from my own personal furnace and a cool touch of metal to help balance my heater's extremely hot temp,” you jab, popping the p at the end of temp.
"Hey, you always say love how warm I am!"
"I do. And you’re so warm sometimes I need to cool down, your arm fixes that for me. Don't even think you realize it or that you unknowingly do it. I will not be tolerating any metal arm slander. You're my Heatmiser and Snowmiser all in one. And you save my day every time you embrace me in these strong arms. Stop letting your mind do that to you. I need this arm just as much as you use it. Understand me?"
He nods softly and drops a kiss to your chest, "Okay baby, thank you."
"Now, what's this about me being the first person you get to hold in the winter?”
"Ugh yeah, yeah, get over yourself. Should've never said anything," he groans while dropping a quick kiss to your forearm and turns his head back towards the tv.
"I don't know, according to you, I’m 'perfect actually'. Your words, not mine. How am I supposed to get over myself when you say stuff like that?"
"You're lucky you're comfy. Or I’d go find another bed to watch this movie on.”
"Hey, weren't you just complaining about how they bullied Rudolph for no reason? Stop being mean to me," you pout at him, wearing your best puppy eyes and jutting out your lip the way he loves, your joking evident in your tone.
Groaning at the renewed mention of his Christmas nemesis, his eyes clench tightly while he props himself up on his forearms that now cage you in. As he opens his eyes to find yours, you see a wave of the most serious shade of blue flash across the high points of his face. "Rudolph should have stabbed that little punk reindeer who kept messing with him."
"Bucky! It's a children's movie!"
"Don't be so dramatic, you’re thinking the same thing. That poor reindeer, all because of his nose. If that was me you wouldn't tell me to stab them? Never too early to teach children abo—"
"Wait a minute, are you suggesting I stab you?" he laughs brightly at you, a deep contrast to the earlier sadness looming behind his kind face.
"Mhm," biting down on the skin of your chest, exposed from the drooping neckline of your oversized hoodie, "that's exactly what I’m saying. If I'm being mean don't let me continue. Stab me, maybe I’ll stop. Probably not though. Like seeing you grumpy."
"You’re so weird," you whisper in disbelief, shaking your head at his idiocy.
"Oh NOW who's being mean. Gonna go find my own island of misfits."
"You already found one with me, baby," dropping a sweet kiss to the crown of his head, you feel him snuggle deeper into the ever-growing warmth of your love. Your body temperature could never reach the depths of that of his own, but he found solace in the heat of your steady and strong heartbeat, always seeming to blink with a red glow just for him. His sign you were always to be his guiding light in times when his brain fogged over with the bully of his own demons.
He hums lowly against you in agreement and brings his metal hand up to your arm, watching as goosebumps form at his gentle touch. You catch his gaze along your arm, his internal battle with actually touching you, evading the front of his mind.
Reaching with your other hand, you bring the metal one flush to your skin. His eyes find yours, a soft smile making its way up to his eyes. You jiggle his arm a bit, softly letting him move his arm up your skin and to your cheek. You grab his hand and drop kisses along the cool metal of his knuckles, moving to each digit of his hand.
He smiles at you brightly, unable to contain the joy you bring him even in the smallest of actions. Maybe the holiday season wasn’t so bad at all, not when you had the right person to help quell your troubles.
And as long as Rudolph never played ever again.
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subwaysurf45 · a day ago
Our Home to Heal (Ep. 1)
Tumblr media
Summary:  working at the VA, you’ve found your place. helping people in the sobriety unit as well as cooking for the food back, the VA had everything for you. Bucky Barnes has a not-so-good first impression but after dealing with a dark recent past he find you to help him heal.
Episode: One
Words: 3,329
Warning: overdose, pills, therapy, Dr. Raynor hate train, mild panic attack
Tumblr media
The air had never felt thinner. 
It seemed as though his feet couldn’t keep up with how fast Bucky wanted to walk, or borderline run, away from Dr. Raynor’s room. The pill bottle that was almost about the crack in his hand was mocking him as he ran away, the jingle of those familiar pills wouldn’t quiet down. There was a new found fear Bucky had developed of pills, he didn’t like touching or thinking about them, he also hated taking them. This fear had not thawed with him and came from the forties, the phobia was new, the wound was still very much open. When his fear was handed to him in an orange-tinted bottle by the person that was supposed to listen Bucky blew up, he screamed at Raynor. 
“I can’t fucking believe you!” Bucky stood. 
“James,” Dr. Raynor looked uninterested, she was looking over her notes rather than looking at Bucky, “these will help, they aren’t the same pill as before.” 
“I don't care,” Bucky picked up his leather jacket, “I told you how much those pills fucked with me, I told you what I did… I can’t understand why you of all people would put me back into a situation like this again!” he shoved his arms through the sleeves. 
“James,” she started again, “I’m trying to help and you obviously didn’t do the chart or the breathing exercises so we need to go to medication,” she finally looked up and closed her book. 
“It’s not what those pills do, Doc,” Bucky walked over and picked up the bottle, it felt like fire against his skin, “It’s what I did with them.” 
“Back to speaking all poetically again,” Raynor rolled her eyes. 
“Fuck you!” Bucky yelled, “I’m sorry I’m taking cautious steps to not fucking overdose on pills again, I’m sorry!” he was yelling sarcastically, “I never want to get to where I was before, I’ve been doing so well and for you to give these to me feels like a slap in the face,” Bucky’s eyes began to gloss over, “and I’m so fed up with the way you treat me, Doc.” 
“Well,” she looked into his eyes and saw the tears fighting to stay put, “it’s not like I chose to be your therapist, talk to the government,” she sighed and stood, “someday you’re going to realize that all these things in your life that make you feel terrible aren’t made out that way, you interpret everything as an attack, that’s something I’m trying to work on with you but you just don’t seem to get it.” 
Bucky stood in shock with the pill bottle in his head, laboured breathing timed with the two tears that fell out. Raynor didn’t break either, she just sat there and watched him take in what she just said. All at once Bucky turned and left the building. 
That’s where he was now, going as fast as he could to get to fresh air. The door to the therapy office seemed to crawl further away from him every step he got closer to the doors. When his hands pushed the door the cold winter air cleared his nose and lungs as he continued his breathing, he could see the smoke-like air in front of his face, it was so cold even the heat he felt with rage was steaming off of him. The therapy building was so far from his house, he’d normally take a train to get there but because he left so early a train wouldn’t be there for an hour or so. 
“Watch it,” a harsh voice came right before someone walked right into his chest, it was a man in a very clean suit that looked like he was running late, “ever learn how to walk?” he yelled from over his shoulder. 
Bucky walked with the flow until he managed to get to a back alley, without caring what was down there, he turned in and fished his phone out of his pocket. His left hand seemed to be glued to the pill bottle. “Pick up, pick up, pick up,” he whispered with quick breathes as his cold finger tapped the only saved phone number, when the phone was ringing next to his ear Bucky took the chance to finally look around to get a feel of his surroundings.
“Sam!” Bucky leaned forward, “man, I can’t even think right now…” Bucky’s breathing had not flattened, rather gotten faster. 
“Hey, what’s going on?” Sam sounded very concerned on the other line. 
“It's doctor Raynor, she-she…” Bucky look up to the other side of the alley, he was just met with a brick wall but that allowed for a perfect space for him to project the recent memories. He saw the pills and the bottle, he saw Sam and Raynor standing over him. “She gave me fucking pills again, almost the same ones I-…” his breath got caught in his throat, he vowed never to say what he had done and caught himself accordingly. 
“Hey,” Sam started again, this time with a very calm demeanor, “Bucky, listen to me, it’s going to be okay, you hear me?” Sam only got a whimper in response, “you don’t need to keep those pills, you don’t need to take them, it’s going to be perfectly fine, alright?” there was a hint of stress coming from Sam’s side, he knew Bucky’s complicated relationship with pills and how difficult this was for him. “I need you to listen to me, Buck.” 
“Oh-okay,” Bucky closed his eyes and continued to grip the bottle. 
“Now, I know you have shut down going to the VA, but if you go there and give them your pills someone will take them, no questions asked.” as Sam talked over the phone he couldn’t see Bucky vigorously shaking his head. 
“No,” Bucky rasped out, “I told you I’m not fucking going there,” he bent at the waist and pushed against the wall. Sam was trying to get a word in but Bucky kept talking, “I told you I don’t like it there - you know it - I don’t care - you don’t know - oh, would you shut up!” Bucky screamed and threw the bottle against the other brick wall. The lid popped off which led to the contents flying everywhere, the pills rolled around and some landed back at his feet. Both ends of the line were silent as Bucky breathed into the phone, slowly Bucky began to weep as he shrunk down the wall. His knees bent and he slowly fell to the floor, “I don’t want to go through this again, I can't Sam, I can’t.”
“I know,” Sam was back to being calm, “and you don’t need to,” Bucky sniffled as his tears rolled down his cheeks and curved under his jaw, “go to the VA, ask for a hot lunch and some space that’s quiet, they’ll give it to you- and if you want company, then ask for a Y/N, okay?”
“Who’s that?” Bucky cried.
“She’s a staff member there and she’s been known to sit beside someone and radiate comfort, she also has lots of mugs and tea if you’d like, I hired her, she’s great.” Sam sounded sad, “I’m sorry I can't be there, I really am.” Sam was still in Louisiana, he went back after the entire Karli ordeal. “Promise me you’ll go there?”
“I-I promise,” Bucky gasped for air as he stood up, “I’m gonna go now, okay?” 
“Perfect,” Bucky could hear him smile through the phone. Sam waited for Bucky to say goodbye and hang up. 
The walk to the VA was short, it was very close to his therapy office. With the air pushing against his face, Bucky was happy he found a good excuse for the crying, the harsh wind made more tears gather in his eyes so he lumped them all together. It was only his face that felt cold, Bucky had his leather jacket topping over his t-shirt under a long sleeve as well as cargo pants that he found deep in his dresser. His hands were shoved deep in his pocket to avoid people seeing his left arm as well as keeping the right one warm. Though Bucky’s nose was probably red and cold he couldn’t help but love the winter, the like the nippiness to it all, he also liked seeing Christmas lights; overall, he liked a good reason to stay inside. 
There was no bell that rung when the VA doors opened, it seemed the people walking around has no idea he even walked in. that was until a lady saw him blankly standing there, she walked over and asked what was wrong. 
“My friend is Sam Wilson,” Bucky breathed, “he’s friends with Y/N, she here?” Bucky looked around very confused, he had never stepped foot in the VA, it was hard to remember why he hated it so much. 
“Yes, she’s in her room doing some work, I’ll take you to it,” the lady then began to walk Bucky down the hall. He felt like a lost puppy as he walked behind her, his eyes looked everywhere to take in as much as he needed. There were people of all personalities and looks, wheelchairs and fidget toys, as well as old men and young people. They all said hi and waved, Bucky just looked away. “There you go,” the lady had stopped and turned around. 
“Thanks,” Bucky whispered. 
You were sat on your chair with a water bottle beside you, your laptop lit up the otherwise dark room as you responded to emails and wrote down ideas for your groups. You had heard talking outside your room but you paid no mind, people talked all the time everywhere, it would be selfish to think they were always talking about you. You had been hunched over your laptop all day, it was difficult to remember when you started and how long you had been writing for. Your gentle hand rubbed your stomach as it growled at you, part of you reminded yourself you’d be getting lunch very soon. 
“Excuse me, miss?” your back straightened as you whipped around to see a guy standing in your doorway. “S-sorry for being a bother-”
“it's perfectly alright,” you stood up and walked over to him. There was no light in your room so he was only lit from the back, you could barely see his face. “Anyone who walks into my room is a friend, so hello, I’m-”
“I know who you are,” the voice cut you off, the more he talked the more you realized his voice was horse and shaking a bit. 
As you stood in front of him your hand swiftly flicked the light on. The first thing you saw was his eyes, they were magnificently blue but you couldn’t help but notice the red taking up most of the space. Then they travelled down to his body, he wore lots of layers and had a killer leather jacket. It was a little off-putting to hear someone you didn’t know, tell you they knew who you were, but he seemed to be really upset so you didn’t dig too deep. 
“How do you know me?” you stepped back and allowed him into your room, but he didn’t step forward, “you can come in.” 
He hesitantly stepped forward and noticed the mugs and the kettle, “I’m friends with Sam, Sam Wilson.” 
“Oh,” you whispered, “Bucky Barnes, yes?” His eyes went wide as he stumbled to find the door again, “no, don’t go,” you stepped forward, “it’s okay, I talked to Sam after the Flag Smashers thing and he brought you up a couple of times,” he seemed to calm down, “am I right, is it Bucky?” 
“Yeah,” he whispered, you quickly guided him to the couches. He took a seat and you saw him look around, you didn’t know in what way - for cameras? Or because he was interested?
You clicked on the electric kettle, “you drink tea?” you asked as you sifted through the bags, you could tell Bucky had turned to look at you but you didn’t look at him. 
“S-sure,” he straightened his posture. 
“What kind?” 
“What kind do you have?” 
“I have almost everything in the world,” you turned and met his gaze, Bucky quickly looked at the floor, “so…?”
“I like London fogs if you have milk- if not I’ll take earl grey.” 
“I think it's going to have to be just earl grey, you caught me there.” you paused and picked out a mug, “I don’t have everything,” you faked a defeated huff. 
Bucky quickly became worried, “oh no, it wasn’t a competition thing, I was just- I never wanted to- I’m really sorry for all this, I should just leave-” he stood but you cut him off. 
“Hey, wait.” You reached out but didn’t touch him, “I was joking, don’t worry,” the electric kettle finished and you poured two cups. You had found that eating or drinking with someone in a vulnerable position makes them open up easier. You served Bucky first, both your hands wrapping around the warming mug. 
“Thanks,” he whispered but he wanted it to be louder. 
You went back and grabbed your own mug, taking a seat adjacent to him. For a while, you both just blew on your teas to cool them down, slowly you placed your down on the table and Bucky seemed to copy you. “So,” you started, “what brings you to the VA?” 
He brought his hand to the back of his neck to rub, “I’d rather not say, I just called Sam after… something and he said to come here and find you, so I did but I didn’t think it through.” He looked everywhere except you, his eyes found the mugs and the colourful chairs. 
There was something that you wanted to dig out of him, so you changed your path. “Where were you before coming here?” you asked and picked up your mug. 
“I was at therapy actually,” Bucky looked down to his mug, his eyes never leaving the slightly translucent liquid. “After that session, I wasn’t feeling too great and I would have gone to Sam’s house but he’s holding down the fort in…” Bucky nodded and pressed his lips to a thin line, still not looking at you. 
“Where do you go for therapy?” you asked, your voice sounding as soothing as possible. 
“Um,” Bucky actually had to think, “the, um, New York Reach Out Centre, a few blocks down.” 
“I go there too,” you genuinely smiled and nodded. 
Only then did Bucky look up, “what?” he breathed, “you go to therapy?” 
“Yeah,” you shrugged like it was nothing, “I fully believe everyone should go to therapy, my guy is Dr. Sheppard, he’s way better than my last girl, she was awful.” you faked a shiver which made Bucky’s lip twitch upwards. 
“I don’t like mine either but I can’t leave like you did,” he thought that was the end of his sentence but you looked at him and silently told him to keep going, “well, the government assigned me to her but I didn’t get a choice, I didn’t get to test her out, she just showed up and I feel like she doesn't like me. Hell, she gave me- uh, never mind,” Bucky coughed and picked up his mug, “tastes nice.”
You chose not to dig there, “I talked to Sam a while ago and he said he’s been trying to get you in the amputee group, is that true?” Bucky just nodded so you kept going, “how come you haven’t shown up?” 
“I don’t want to,” Bucky said plainly, “there’s already too much shit going on, I’m dealing with something else and I’ve decided to just put that part of me in a box and off to the side for a second, maybe at some point I’ll come here but I-” he sighed and wiped his face, “there are other pressing matters.”
“Anything I can do?” You scooted forward and your chair, “I have the ears and the time if you want to rant and then make me forget everything,” there was no reaction from Bucky, “you want to talk or do you want to sit here and enjoy your tea while I answer some emails?” he stopped looking at you again, you didn’t know if that was going backwards with the small process you made. 
“I don’t really know,” he sighed as he brought a hand up to cup his chin, his head shifted so he could look at you, “you’re being too nice, I feel like there’s something up.” 
“Am I being nice or are you just used to being treated like shit?” 
You didn’t think that would hit him as hard as he did, his entire posture changed. Bucky tensed and leaned back in his chair as his shoulders rolled inwards, his eyes looked to the ground again. “Sorry,” he whispered. His eyes went wider and you noticed his chest was falling quicker, “sorry,” he said again as he brought a finger up to check his pulse, “sorry,” once more. You quickly moved over beside him as his breathing picked up. 
“Shit,” you placed both your hands on his knees but all that did was cause a whimper and him to curl up even more. He kept repeating ‘sorry’ but to no one in particular, you knew it was bad when the wheeze was incredibly loud and tears gathered on his water line. “Hey, hey, hey,” you pushed his knees down so he could see your face, “your tea is still hot, can you blow on it for me?” you asked and held out his cup. 
Bucky leaned forward and looked at his tea, there was no steam but he took your word for it. Very cautiously he pursed his lips and took a deep breath in and a steady one out, making sure he didn’t blow too hard and spit tea in your face. His breathing slowed down as the pursed-lip breathes continued, his face went back to normal colour and he seemed calmer. After a while you offered the cup and Bucky took a sip, fully unaware of how you made him breathe in a controlled manner. 
“Thanks,” he whispered and finished the cup, “that was really kind of you.” 
“No worries,” you smiled, “I’ll try to be less…” you tried to find a way to put it, “less harsh about those things, it was too much.” 
“I should go,” Bucky stood. He headed to the door and you walked him all the way to the very front doors, “do you run the amputee unit here?” he asked as he zipped up his jacket.
“Sobriety unit,” you couldn’t help but laugh at how defeated he looked when you said that, “but, I can give you my number if you ever want to talk an ear off, how does that sound?” 
“Like it’s too good to be true,” Bucky pulled out his phone and handed it over. 
“Well, Bucky,” you spoke as you saved the contact, “you should learn that not everything is too good to be true, I think karma is making its way back to you.” 
“I don’t believe in karma,” Bucky put the phone in his back pocket. 
“Me either,” you smiled, “but now I know. I think you should learn that good things happen to everyone, even you, Sargent Barnes.”
“I should go,” his face was pink with a blush, “thank you for everything, really.” 
You just waved and watched him walk down the street before turning to a side street, when he was out of sight part of you felt a bit of guilt flood your stomach. You pulled out your phone and dialed Sam’s number, before the Flag Smashers you hadn’t talked to him for a year. He deserved an update on his best friend. 
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ohheyjanie · 2 days ago
12 Days of Christmas {7/16}
Day 5: Christmas Tree Lighting @ Rockefeller Center, with Pietro Maximoff
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, platonic Avengers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: ~1.9k
Warnings: FLUFF, some swearing, mutual pining, idiots in love
Summary: Petro is running late and you're starting to get nervous, but they you spot a familiar face in the crowd as you wait.
Series Masterlist || Series Playlist on Spotify
Tumblr media
It’s December 1st, meaning it’s now socially acceptable to openly start getting ready for the winter holidays. You never understood the outrage, to be honest. Personally, you’re already secretly gift shopping and listening to holiday music even before Halloween has passed. In a world that can be unforgiving and relentless, what’s wrong with taking a little bit of extra time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year? You love getting festive!
However, you most certainly aren’t feeling very festive right now, despite being in the courtyard of Rockefeller Center getting ready for the tree lighting ceremony. You had debated just going to do some carolling, maybe collect some money for the Salvation Army while you were at it, but Pietro had something more in mind.
“That’s a very nice idea, draga,” Pietro had said to you in his velvety accent. “We can do all that, and maybe something a little extra?” He had suggested that maybe he and whoever else decides to tag along could do the actual tree lighting. The staff at Rockefeller Center went ecstatic at the idea. Soon, they were announcing that Quicksilver would be at the event and you couldn’t back out now. Besides, if Pietro wanted to do a little something extra, what right did you have to stop him? The crowd would absolutely love it. Pietro promises to pose for photos too.
This was all his idea, yet it is quarter to seven and he is nowhere to be found. He had texted you almost an hour ago, saying he was running just a tiny little bit late but he would definitely be on time for the ceremony. As the minutes ticked by, however, you find yourself standing with the event organizers who are growing increasingly impatient. In fact, they’re looking at you as if it’s all your fault.
“I’m sorry; he’ll be here any minute. Even if he leaves the Tower right now, he’ll get here in less than three minutes, probably.” You’re rambling, because despite your words you are anxious too. Hoping your smile doesn’t look too fake, you turn away from the staff to mumble under your breath, “If he isn’t, I’ll literally emasculate him.” You scan the crowd for any signs of his arrival, but instead, you find yourself swimming in the clear blue eyes of your favourite sergeant. He waves at you amongst the mass of strangers. You smile, because by now you probably should have expected to find him here. It seems Bucky is making a habit of pleasantly surprising you.
You signal to the event organizers to give you a minute while you practically sprint towards Bucky, who just smiles wider and wider as you approach. “Hi Buck,” you’re feeling bold, so you greet him with a hug. As soon as his arms wrap themselves around you, you realize you’ve made a mistake. He’s so warm on this cold December night that you don’t want to pull away. The two of you stand there for a moment, arms around each other. You wait for him to get sick of your clinging, but he stays put, resting his chin on top of your head. Your cheeks tingle then—no, not from the cold, but from the realization that Bucky is obviously waiting for you to be the first one to let go.
“I heard Maximoff was going to be late,” you hear him say, his deep voice causing his chest to vibrate slightly against your cheek. “I wanted to see if you were okay. And… well, if he doesn’t show up on time… I could… I don’t know.” You pull back then to look up at him, hoping you’re not swooning too obviously. Is the adoration you feel for him right now showing on your face as clear as the night sky? Bucky never looks away from you, his hand still flat on your upper back, your arms still wound around his waist. If anyone were looking at the two of you now, what would they think your relationship was?
“You would do that?” You ask him, knowing that he avoids being in public as much as he can. Just standing here in the crowd must be agonizing for him.
“For you? Anything.” Bucky seems determined to make this unfair for you. How are you supposed to not fall for him when he says stuff like that, all the while practically shining in the moonlight? “I mean, if you think they wouldn’t be too disappointed that it’s just me.” He looks almost shy, and you sneer at the thought of anyone being disappointed to see him under this grand Christmas tree, looking soft and sweet under the bright lights.
“Don’t sell yourself short, Buck. You’re pretty popular, you know?” You opt for a joke to ease his nerves. “Ever been on Tumblr?” You ask, laughing when he just looks confused and shakes his head. Then you remember the contents of some of the posts you’ve read and you hope he doesn’t look it up anytime soon, just to save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain how you knew about it in the first place. He also doesn’t seem to notice the group of girls standing just a few feet away, giggling like schoolgirls and pointing in his direction. You feel petty for it, but decide not to bring it to his attention, especially when his attention seems to be focused solely on you.
“I’m sorry I’m late, love!” A sigh of relief comes tumbling from your lips at the sound of Pietro’s voice. Even though Bucky had said he didn’t mind, you can see the tension in his shoulders ease now that the intended guest is here. Your heart warms at the thought, so grateful that Bucky would do something that clearly made him uncomfortable if it meant he could help you out. You wonder if he knows you would do the same for him, without hesitation. You hope you have the courage to tell him one day. “Although I see you’re enjoying yourselves…” Pietro looks between you and Bucky with a conspiratorial smile, and you realize that you’re still holding onto each other. The two of you pull back instantly as if you’ve been scalded.
“It’s—” You check your watch. “Three minutes to seven! Let’s go!” You hiss at Pietro, dragging him back to where the event organizers are probably about to have heart attacks right about now. He just laughs at your attempts to look intimidating. Curse you and your short stature, for which the team always good-naturedly teases you about. Actually, you’re not even sure you really are that short. You had always thought you were of average height… maybe it’s just that everyone else on the team are practically giants—well, maybe except Tony. Oof, let’s hope he never finds out the thought ever crossed your mind!
“Alright, alright,” Pietro says, putting his free hand up in surrender as he follows you. Before turning away, you send Bucky an apologetic look but he just waves it off, motioning for you to hurry up and go. Once you turn around, Pietro leans back a little to whisper to Bucky, “I’ll bring her right back, Sergeant, I promise.” With a wink, he allows you to lead him towards the tree so he can plug in the damn lights and get it over with. Bucky rolls his eyes, but he watches fondly as the two of you bicker and argue.
When the lights finally turn on at seven o’clock sharp, the crowd cheers as Pietro revels in the attention. He waves like he’s on a presidential campaign and poses for pictures with children and their families, before gathering a bunch of friendly strangers to start singing Christmas carols in the middle of the courtyard. You’re standing off to the side, taking some quick pictures of your own, likely to show the rest of the team when you get back to the compound later tonight.
Suddenly, Bucky notices you’re pointing your phone right at him. Your lips quirk up into a cheeky grin as he hears the sound of the camera going off. When you realize he’s watching, you start posing dramatically like you’re paparazzi, angling the camera in different directions, constantly snapping photos of him. He smiles despite himself, even though he’s usually annoyed when people try to take pictures of him. He puts his hand up to cover his face and turn away, but then he hears you laugh and he is compelled to look back at you. Your smile and your laugh, now that’s a sight he never wants to miss.
After looking over your shoulder to see that Pietro is still occupied, you run over to where Bucky is standing. He’s still got his hand up to block the view of your camera, but then you’re grabbing his forearm and gently tugging it down. “You know, we don’t have any pictures together, Buck.” He knows he’s dug himself into a hole now, because just a few minutes ago he said he would do anything for you.
So, with a resigned sigh, he lets you pull him close as you raise your cell phone into the air. Bucky leans down a little so you’re both in the frame and pretends to be looking at the camera, but he’s really looking at you on the screen. You’re beaming, smiling wider than he’s ever seen you do. If this is what makes you happy, then he would do it a thousand times over. You press the shutter button on your phone, letting out a small squeak of excitement when you step away to admire the selfie you just took. He doesn’t like the sudden distance between you.
“Can we take another one?” Bucky asks, hoping it’s not too obvious that he just wants to be next to you. Nodding, you ask a nearby stranger to help you take one with the tree in the background. Bucky takes his place next to you, but doesn’t really know what to do with himself anymore now that there’s an audience. The stranger with your phone points the camera at the two of you.
“Come on, put your arm around the pretty girl!” The man suggests, laughing because Bucky’s just standing there, stiff as a board. Complying quickly, Bucky throws his arm around your shoulders and makes a note to thank this person later when you’re not looking—especially when you burrow into his side, your own arm snaking around his waist to tug him that much closer against you. Your warmth lingers even after you’ve pulled away to thank the kind stranger, and you let out an adorable squeal when you show him your screen.
“Look how pretty! Hang on, I’m sending this to you.” After a few taps on your phone, Bucky’s own device vibrates in his back pocket. When he pulls it out to check, the glare of his screen gives you a full view of the small smile that appears when he looks at the two pictures you’ve sent him.
It is a very pretty shot. The two of you are smiling shyly at the camera in each other’s arms, the lights adorning the tree seem to twinkle in the background, all the while little flakes of snow are falling gently around you. Bucky would stare at the picture for days after you sent it to him, marveling at how you looked under the glow of the lights, like a beautiful angel sent here to erase all the pain he’s ever experienced in this cursed life.
He also makes it the wallpaper on his phone. Tony practically has a hernia trying not to tease him about it in the upcoming weeks.
To be continued!
Up Next: Day 6 — Talent Show @ The Brooklyn Expo Center with Spider-Man (coming Dec 5th)
Tumblr media
Taglist will be in the reblog post! <3
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coffeecatsandcandles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The votes are in...
In my interactive bucky x reader series:
Bucky is- divorced
This one was tough, and though I did have a personal preference for widowed, I love how this one took a turn! I love an idea of having an ex-wife in or out of the picture.
The Reader is- divorced
This was one I was hoping for. The drama of an ex-husband? Abandonment issues? It's so good.
How many kids does Bucky have? 2.
There will be more questions pertaining to the genders and names of the kids, but I like that each of them have two!
How many kids does the Reader have? 2.
The names of the kids will be my favorite part, I can just tell already.
How is Bucky's parenting style? Easygoing.
This one was a nail biter! Strict parenting was in the lead at the beginning, and even still it was a very close race. I can't wait to write sweet, easygoing dad!bucky.
How is the Reader's parenting style? Easygoing.
I also figured this one would be an overwhelming majority. I guess we're all hoping to be / already are easygoing moms!
Does Bucky still have a military background? Yes.
This one was also an overwhelming majority (of course, we all love Sergeant Barnes), but I was kind of interested to see what would happen had "No" been the majority vote! Oh well, but hey, I'm not complaining about our favorite Army man!
But there's still more work to be done!
Next form here
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mulltifangirll · 11 hours ago
Y’know what would make a great poster? The avengers eating shawarma but it’s a hole in the wall so it looks like an opening to a shawarma restaurant with a god, a couple old men, and a hot woman just stuffing their faces
Tumblr media
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Bucky Barnes Fluff!
Hi, friends! This is the place where you can find all my fluffiest Bucky content! Some of these contain a lil angst too, just so ya know :)
Tumblr media
Be My Sidekick (Inspired by Sidekick by walk the Moon) | You and Bucky are best friends, but you've got a bad crush on him, and things come to a head one night after a movie.
Bedside Manner | A migraine knocks you on your ass, but Bucky is right there to take care of you.
Body Talk | an especially rough day chips away at your confidence and leaves you feeling terrible about your body, but Bucky knows how to make you feel better.
Chain Round My Neck | Bucky buys you a sweet gift that he fears may be too old fashioned, but you melt at the sight of it.
Drunk Words are Sober Thoughts | Bucky gets a little inebriated at a party and his loose lips let his secret slip.
Good to Be Home | When Bucky finally gets home from a mission, you notice he's acting strange. He's sneaking around your apartment late at night while you're asleep, and there's clearly something he's hiding from you.
I Need You | An especially bad night terror puts Bucky in a weird place, and the only thing that can make him feel better is your touch.
The Invitation | Your mom wants you to come home for thanksgiving, and she wants you to bring Bucky…but you’re not so sure it’s a good idea.
I'm Not Even Tired | You get home late from work and find that Bucky has attempted to wait up for you.
Keep Warm | Staying with Bucky in a safe house in the middle of nowhere sounds great, too bad it’s the coldest night of the year and you forgot your pajamas.
Late | Work keeps you from getting home on time and you arrive home to find an unhappy Bucky waiting for you.
Like Real People Do (inspired by Like Real People Do by Hozier) | An under cover assignment has you and Bucky pretending to be a couple at a swanky event. It’s almost too much for you to try and focus on your mission while Bucky is acting like your husband.
Moving In | You and Bucky are in the process of moving in together when you have to leave for a weekend away. He texts you updates on the move and makes you miss him.
Neighborly | living in the apartment down the hall from Bucky Barnes is definitely not what you expected-and you definitely didn’t expect him to show up bleeding at your door.
Number One Fan | Everyone knows Bucky has feelings for you, but he just won’t admit it, so Sam helps you concoct an evil plan to get to the truth.
Off Limits | Bucky meets you at Clint’s backyard barbecue and can’t help but fall for you. Nothing will stop him from asking you to dinner-except maybe your last name.
Open Door | Bucky finally agrees to stay the night at your place after months of dating. He’s not honest about what makes him comfortable, so he can’t sleep- but you’ll do anything to make him feel safe.
Our Spot | After the events of Civil War, Bucky finds refuge in Wakanda. Shuri works to heal his mind while, with your help, he works to heal his heart.
Panic | You have a panic attack when you wake up and can’t find Bucky, but he helps you get through it.
The Pit | You and Bucky go to a metal show together and join in on the mosh pit chaos. When the two of you get separated, Bucky makes it his mission to find you.
Play Pretend | After being relentlessly pursued by a creepy guy at a bar, you ask a handsome stranger to be your fake boyfriend-turns out, he’s not completely a stranger.
Read Receipts | You mistakenly send a rather risqué text to Bucky…
Sad Girl Music | Some not so sound relationship advice from Sam has Bucky reading way too much into your music choices.
Scarred | You and Bucky finally start to hook up after tons of flirting, but he's self conscious about his scars from years of doing Hydra's dirty work.
Sick Day | The flu hits you like a ton of bricks and you have to cancel date night with Bucky. All he wants to do is take care of you, but you’re reluctant to let him.
Something Came Up | A mandatory yoga class at the avengers compound puts you and Bucky very up close and personal.
Souvenirs & Keepsakes | While looking for an old sweatshirt, you stumble across some strange souvenirs of Bucky’s…
Star Crossed | Fluff for days: Bucky comes home to find you sobbing over a sad movie on the couch, so of course takes care of you and makes you feel better.
Stargazing (inspired by Constellations by Jade LeMac) | Bucky often needs a release after a stressful mission, and he always finds himself coming to you- but it’s complicated.
Stay With Me | this is a series and the first fanfic I ever wrote! Bucky’s mission runs long and messes with his head, and you’re the only one who can help him out of it. Part one.Part two. Part three. Part four.
Sunday Morning | A typical Sunday morning for you and Bucky involves books, tea, and 40’s music.
Take a Break | You've been overworking yourself and stressing about your job. Bucky hates how it's affecting you and wants to take care of you.
Take Care | one rogue move of your knife during dinner prep leaves you bloody. You’re really not in the mood to get stitches but Bucky is not tolerating any protest from you.
That Time | fluff: Bucky comes home and finds you completely incapacitated by your period, so he dedicates the rest of the night to looking after you.
Wake Up | fluff and a sprinkling of angst: Accidentally waking a sleeping Bucky proves to be a big mistake when he’s immediately thrown into a panic attack upon opening his eyes.
What’s in a Name? | so much fluff: an accidental slip of the tongue makes you call Bucky a pet name, something he’s never experienced.
Find my Bucky angst here 💔
Find my Bucky smut here 🔥
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anotherwritersblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Title: B Could Be For...
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 670
Warnings: fluff, a lot of B words 38 not including the words that contained the letter and the letter on its own
Author's Note: I saw a prompt I wanted to do about dancing by the tree, but it ended up turning into this 😅 Welcome to my brain and how it functions sometimes! Any mistakes are my own.
Any and all reblogs/likes/comments are appreciated.
In no way, shape, or form, do you have permission to repost this anywhere
Days of breaking wishbones and giving thanks were finally over.
Days of chilly afternoons were beginning to creep into the early hours of the morning.
The last leaf had finally fallen for the year and it was finally feeling like winter.
This also meant that the time had come to do what you were looking forward to most all month: decorating your home for Christmas.
Before you started pulling bins from the storage closet you had in your small apartment to create the cozy little space you’d seen across your Instagram feed the past few weeks, you opened up Spotify to your holiday playlist. You had made certain that your Bluetooth speaker was fully charged for this specific day.
You were able to get your small, five-foot plastic tree up in the corner of your living room, decorated with your favorite childhood ornaments, plus the new ones you’d found at the store last week.
The wreath that hung on your front door spoke to your neighbors that you were finally in the Christmas spirit, if it wasn’t the consistent singing that they’ve heard all afternoon.
Garland graced your bookshelves and tables, adding a little bit of snow to the aesthetic, while the stocking with your initial hung next to a new one you had also picked up at the store. A nice little surprise for your visitor later.
You glanced at your phone and saw that time had crawled away from you. Your boyfriend would be over to pick you up shortly for date night.
Some time later, you were about halfway through fixing your hair when your phone started ringing.
“Hi. Yes. I’m in search of a beautiful woman in need of some good nachos and drinks. Maybe even a chance to go ice skating and watch her man make a fool of himself as he falls endlessly, not only on the ice, but for his girl again and again. Do you know where I might be able to find one?”
You giggled, reaching to push the necessary buttons needed to open the gates at the front of your apartment complex.
“I think she’s still getting ready, so you’ll have to let yourself in.”
“Thanks, doll!”
You heard the unlocking of the front door as you were slipping into your favorite sweater and jeans. You grabbed your boots and made your way into the living room, where your man was gazing at all your efforts.
“Everything looks so good. I’m sure you’ve had a relaxing afternoon putting everything-” he was cut off by the sight of the stocking you had hung earlier. A smile crept onto your face as he eyed the big cursive B next to your stocking.
“Doll?” he turned to see you with a grin on your face. “Is that for me?”
“Well…that B could stand for many things,” you started, sitting to lace your left boot.
“B could be for Bold,” after lacing the right.
“B could be for Bewitching,” making eye contact with the love of your life across the room.
“B could be for Badass,” giggling, watching him make his way to you.
“B could be for Beloved,” pulling you up into his arms.
“B could definitely be for Beefy,” you whispered, running your hands up the muscle of his arms. He playfully rolled his eyes at you, but soon was returning your smile.
“B could be for Big-Hearted,” placing your hand over the left side of his chest. You could feel each thump, almost synching up with yours.
“But, if I remember correctly, at the end of the day, it stands for my Blessing of a Boyfriend. Bucky.” His hand reached down to cover your hand with his, as he uses the other to tilt your head up. Your eyes watch his glow from the love you give so freely to him.
“Doll, if anyone is a blessing, it’s you,” he murmured, before capturing your lips with his.
His beautiful, blissful lips.
Doing nothing more than taking your breath away.
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moongoddessmox · a day ago
Happy Place. (Bucky Barnes x Reader) MoxMas Day 1
Tumblr media
Warning: some language, kissing, but mostly just fluff
Word Count: 1,210
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky go Christmas shopping and you make him wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Overall just fluff and happy!Bucky!!!
Prompts: Sweater Paws + Cuddles / Christmas Shopping Together
A/N: I am going to attempt to write a little fic for every day of December now that it is Christmas. I don't know what to call it tho, what do y'all call December writing? I know October as Kinktober and stuff but what y'all call Christmas ones?? Crossposted on mox-writes for notification purposes!
Masterlist | Mox-Writes | MoxMas Masterlist
Prompt List 1 | Prompt List 2
“Hurry up! We don’t want to get caught in the crowds!” Bucky’s voice rang through the house as he waited for you. He slipped on his leather jacket and gloves and waited by the front door. You were about to go Christmas shopping together for the first time, a new experience for Bucky since becoming a super-soldier. He had finally found peace with you and cherished these little moments, something he thought he’d never have. But you did it, you had domesticated him and he loved going shopping with you and doing everyday things like mowing the lawn, decorating for holidays, and making real homemade dinners together. He was finally letting himself relax.
You bounced into the room excited to finally go Christmas shopping with him. Last year he was still uncomfortable with the idea of doing things like this, still blaming himself for what he did as the Winter Soldier, and he didn’t have many people to shop for anyway, just you. But now he found a second family with Sam, and he had become an important part of their community and had opened himself up to making real connections with your family as well. This year was a real step forward for him and you loved it because he deserved the world.
Bucky grabbed your coat from the rack and helped you into it, zipping it up all the way and kissing your forehead. You smiled up at him, kissing his soft lips and sneaking the keys from his pocket.
“I’m driving.” You rushed off to the car, giggling the whole way. Bucky preferred to drive because you “couldn’t drive a shopping cart” or something. He groaned as he got in the passenger seat and jokingly prayed for his life.
At the store you had a full shopping cart of things for the whole family, and some things for Bucky hidden under toys for Sam’s nephews. Bucky pushed the cart as you browsed the clothing section, hinting at items you liked that Bucky would secretly take photos of when you walked away so that he could come back later.
“Oh!” You exclaimed, startling Bucky as he rushed over to you. You had a large grin on your face as you turned to look at him, holding up two ugly Christmas sweaters. He slumped his shoulders as the worry left his body but fear crept back on his face as he gazed upon the ugliest shit he’d ever seen.
“No.” His voice was stern, to the point. You inched closer to him, the smile never fading.
“Y/N, no.” He wouldn’t win this battle, he knew that, but he had to try. You laid the sweaters in the cart and he sighed.
“They only had one size left so it’ll be a little big, but bigger is better than too small!” You explained. He raised an eyebrow at you, a pained look on his face as Santa stared at him from the bright green fabric of the sweater.
“I’m not wearing that,”
“Too bad, I’m getting it and you’re putting it on tonight.” You turned on your heel and pulled the cart with you.
“Tonight?” he wasn’t aware of any plans you’d made for tonight, now he was worried.
“Mhm, don’t worry about it.” You smirked to yourself, not explaining further. Bucky sighed, heavy boots following you as you got too far away from him.
Later that night, you had Bucky forced into wearing the sweater. He came out of the bedroom with it on, the long sleeves fully covered his hands and the biggest pout you’d ever seen on another person was spread across his face. You giggled and embraced him, pulling him into a sweet kiss. You showed off your equally-as-large sweater, flopping the ends of the sleeves around until he broke into a smile.
“You look very cute, Buck,” you stroked his face with your thumb through the thick sweater. He melted into your touch, maybe not as mad about the ugly-ass sweater as he liked to act. He loved getting to have these moments with you. Something felt so real, so loving about it. He was trying to realize that he didn’t need to be so cold to everything, that things could just be good. That there was no ulterior motive, that it wasn’t going to be taken away from him, that these moments were true and real. He reached his hands up and held your face with his sweatered hands, bringing your face back up to his, leaving passionate kisses all over your face and neck. Bucky grabbed your thighs and picked you up with ease, holding you against the wall as your long sleeves draped over his shoulders.
Knock, knock, knock. Bucky pulled away looking at the door, confused as to who was there. You giggled and wiggled out of his grip, dipping under his arm and heading to the door. As soon as you opened it, the whole Wilson family barged in with loud greetings and laughs. Bucky’s face tightened up and he straightened his back, crossing his arms over Santa’s face on his chest. Sam came over to him and laughed, the sleeves of Bucky’s sweater hung over his arms and he looked like an adorable kid.
“Nice sweater, Buck,” Sam slapped a hand on his shoulder and laughed. “That’s nice, that’s nice. Y/N you did that?” Sam couldn’t stop laughing, he looked at you and pointed to the sweater. Your eyes crinkled with the big smile on your face, taking pleasure in teasing Bucky.
“He needed a little color, he always wears black,” you responded, helping Sarah lay out the food they brought. Bucky shoved Sam’s hand off of him and they playfully slapped each other. The sleeves flapping around were not an intimidating sight.
Later, the night had calmed down and you laid on a long bench outside with Bucky. This patio was one of your recent additions to the house you shared and you had built a beautiful fire pit that came in handy on nights like these. Your head was in his lap and his metal hand rubbed your scalp, the soothing sensation almost putting you to sleep. He looked on at the kids playing in the snow, all bundled up and throwing snowballs. Sam, Sarah, and some of their friends sat around talking. It felt like home. Bucky was calm, the peace he wanted so badly was finally here. You looked up at his rosy cheeks and nose, snow melting on his dark hair, and turtleneck brushing against his scruffy chin. You loved him. You loved who he was, who he is, and who he would be.
Bucky looked down at you, seeing tears forming in your eyes as you watched him. He pushed his brows together in confusion.
“What’s wrong?” his voice was soft, his thumb, still hidden by his sweater, brushed the tears away from your temple.
“Nothing is wrong, quite the opposite actually. I just love seeing you happy.” You smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist as you buried your face into his abdomen. Bucky’s eyes started to water then, the realization hitting him that this was it. This was his happy place.
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wckdszn · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
i currently only have three pieces of work, but wanted to make a quick list to have them all in one place. hopefully there will be more to add soon! each story has a small description and any warnings attached.
thank you guys and i hope you enjoy!
if you’re interested in sending in a request, you can do so here!
harry styles
dad!harry - fluff (warnings: mentions of pregnancy)
summary : harry & reader with their first born (requested)
sebastian stan
home alone - angst (warnings: mentions of a break in)
summary : sebastian & reader. reader is home alone when a break in occurs. (requested)
“do you ever think about leaving me?” - angst
summary : sebastian & reader. after a big fight, you wonder if sebastian has ever thought about leaving you. (requested)
bucky barnes
coming soon
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twilightrogers · 2 days ago
— ❝ tainted by my touch ❞ | b.b
Tumblr media
pairing // brothersbestfriend!bucky barnes x female!reader
Tumblr media
author’s note // surprise!! i was looking through my files and found this half finished so i finished it,, im a sucker for sub!bucky | you have no permission to copy or repost my work
warnings // (18+ minors dni) sub!bucky, dom(ish)!reader, handjob, slight overstim, think that’s it!
word count // 1.8k
Tumblr media
He never joined in with them. They’d be arguing about which girl had the best tits in their year or laughing about one of the other guy’s lady troubles, but not once did he join in. A fake laugh would be huffed and then he’d sit. Not really listening or keeping any of the misogynistic information, just zoning out or playing with your puppy, Thor.
It was refreshing. But you couldn’t decipher why he didn’t. It’s completely unimaginable that he didn’t get any attention from girls. Just look at him. The pouty lips and the fluffy hair. Plus, the flushed cheeks whenever you catch him staring. Anyone sane would be wanting a slice.
You had overheard your brother talking about how Bucky was just shy. Too nervous to ever possibly make the first move. And you found that… endearing. And in an odd way, exciting. Like a challenge.
Bucky would freeze and stutter with you and ever since you had met him you wanted to have him. Get his eyes all glassy and have his chest panting, just for you. If all you needed to do was make the first move, it was going to be easy.
Tumblr media
That familiar mop of brunette hair trudges up the stairs, towards your brother’s room. You expect, as Bucky let himself it, that your brother isn’t aware he’s here yet. So, you take your chances.
“Hello, James.” You interrupt, with a smile and a tilt of your head. He whips around like he’s been shocked and wide eyes stare at you. Those baby blues look at your body, gazing at the mini skirt and the tank top which showcases your boobs perfectly. Utterly flattering and enough to have him gulping and finding the floor a more interesting view.
“Hi, Y/n.” he replies. His voice is meek and unsure; it makes you hungry.
“You know that book we were talking about last week? The Bell Jar? I have a copy in my bedroom if you want it.” you try your best not to sound too overly convincing. Not wanting him to feel trapped. Although he might like that.
“Oh, I should probably-” he gestures behind his shoulders to your brother’s closed door. But his answer fizzles out when you lead one of his hands with you back to yours. It’s not a surprise when he follows you like a puppy. A good boy. Already well trained.
He takes a moment to look around. Eyes like saucers as he looks at the bookshelves lining the walls.
“You’ve been in here before, what’s so different this time?” Sat on the bed just letting him wander. You like watching him, not in a creepy way, he’s just pretty.
“Yeah, but I- I’ve never been in here with just… you.” It dies in volume as he says it and he busies himself with the spines littered on the shelves.
You watch as his body tenses up when you stand. Freezing when you come closer. Even if you’re a meter away you still render a physical effect on him.
“Do I make you nervous, James?” you’re looking at him and he can only meet your eyes for a split second before they dart away.
His answer is a short laugh, glazed with anxiety and you shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as you are.
“You’re the only one that calls me that.” he swallows, “James.”
Now he looks at you and despite the height difference, he seems so small. So weak and you feel protective. A foreign feeling stirs in you and it’s the one that is in a different language, but you hear it a lot. So much so that even without knowing what it says, you have a level of understanding for it. Like living in a city where you have no idea what everyone’s saying but you know it’s all the same language. The same complex, misunderstood strange syllables in beautiful accents. But unknown to you.
You’re an outsider when you look at him. And somehow it’s comfortable.
“Why do you do it? Call me James, that is.”
“Because you react so beautifully.” It’s honest and simple and it’s enough to have him fucking whimper. “Just like that.” You smirk.
It’s in quick succession that his large hands frame your face, pulling you in so your nose touches but he doesn’t go further. Instead, his eyes wait for yours, he waits for your permission.
His lips are soft and plush, cushioning the blow that was your desire. He’s hesitant at first but once you slip your tongue in and invite his, he’s all in.
Quite happy to let you have your way with him, he lets you dominate it. When you bite his lip and soothe it with a kiss he moans and if you were to pull away you would be met with a pink blush spreading from his neck to his cheeks. Embarrassment floods him momentarily but when you pull him closer, messing up his hair and touching him all over it retreats.
He’d been hard since he saw you on the landing so when you softly cup him through his trousers, he tries to hide his face in your neck.
“Don’t hide from me baby, love how responsive you are.” Placing kisses in his ruffled hair and rubbing gently over his rock-hard cock. It’s big and you just know it’s as pretty as he is.
He speaks and you try your hardest not to outright moan yourself at just how sweet he sounds. “Feels s’good.” It’s mumbled and said between sloppy kisses on your neck. Little gasps leave his pink lips and they’re quickly becoming addictive.
“Gonna let me make you feel good? You want that?”
You feel the hair move in a nod, “Need words, use your words, sweet boy.”
“Yes please.”
You move him over to the bed, letting him sit down and spreading his legs. Kneeling between them and cupping his cheeks for a kiss. Distracting him whilst you unbuckle his belt and stroke his cock under his pants. His kisses become sloppier and more desperate, and you pull him away just so he remembers to breathe. But the whine that pulls from his lungs is his way of saying he’d rather kiss you than breathe.
When you do pull him out you nearly miss the groan he lets out because you’re so focused on his cock. Exceeding all your expectations, it’s big and heavy in your hand. The hot weight fits comfortably so that when you drag your fist up and down, it feels natural. The tip is turning purple and beads of precum are leaking out. It’s instinctual when you take your thumb and wipe it, bringing it up to your mouth whilst maintaining eye contact with the panting man before you.
Taking it in your mouth you moan and feel your eyes flutter shut. Maybe it’s just because it’s Bucky, your James, but he tastes fucking heavenly. You want to taste him entirely and by the obscene moan he let out, from watching you do that simple but sinful performance, it won’t take long.
Tightening your hand that’s wrapped around him you speed up a bit, watching as he bites his lip. Sitting up more your free hand reaches his mouth, thumb tracing over his bottom lip before pushing in. It’s involuntary when his lips wrap around the digit and suck and it makes you wet. Those cerulean eyes have a glaze over them as you pump him in your hand and the image before you makes you speed up, needing to see what he looks like when he comes.
“God, you look so pretty like this, baby,” you whisper although it’s no secret, “You close?”. You know the answer before he nods, his hips are shifting and his chest is expanding more with each intake. His large hands are gripping your sheets, overwhelmed with pleasure.
When your thumb slips from his mouth an onslaught of whimpers tumble out after.
“Oh, f-fuck, close, please, please,” his voice is rough and he sounds like he’s not in control of the noises coming from him anymore. So uninhibited and free and desperate. You don’t have the heart to tell him he doesn’t need to beg, you’d give him anything he wants, not when he looks so drunk on what you’re giving him.
His cock starts twitching in your hand and you sit closer to him, starting to push him up against your tits. When you tell him your plan, it’s impossible to stop his orgasm.
“Want you to mark me up, wanna walk around with you all over me, come for me, James.” your voice is like honey dripping in his system and it switches off his brain for a moment, blacking out as he comes.
His head is thrown back and blindly your free hand finds his, letting him get comfort from the gesture. White ropes hit your chest, grazing your neck and painting your top. You’re glad you wore white, it blends almost perfectly. Almost.
Seeing him being drowned in pure satisfaction because of you, it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the world. One you wish you could photograph and keep for those lonely late-night solo sessions.
Stroking him through it and letting him slowly float back to earth. The haze that clouded his eyes has dissipated and he looks at you with a sated smile, somehow still dripping with shyness despite his come decorating your chest.
“Hey pretty baby,” you smile, before leaning down and licking at his cock. You’re being as gentle as possible but from the way he squirms, he’s still too sensitive,
“Hey, wh-what are you doing,” he moans out the last word as your tongue moves up the underside of his softening cock.
You shush him quietly. “Let me clean you up, yeah?”
He whines and fidgets as you do it but he lets you have your way with him. Obeying your light command. When you consider him clean enough you sit up and tuck him back into his jeans.
“Did so good for me, James.” you kiss his cheeks, his nose, his forehead and then settle on his lips. Letting him deepen the kiss until you’re pulling away and standing up. Taking his hand with you.
Leading him to the door you push him out slightly and he looks confused and worried. Like you’re done with him entirely.
“Don’t look at me like that. You came here to see my brother, remember? When you’re done with him, come meet me in here because I am nowhere near done with you. You’re mine now.”
You follow him out the door and it’s comical the way his eyes widen looking down at your chest.
“Your, you’re going out with, on your chest,” his words are jumbled and you adore it.
“‘Course I am, want everyone to know who I belong to.” Red jumps up to his cheeks, making them scarlet and he’s look at you like he can’t believe it. “Just like you’re mine. Isn’t that right?”
“I’m yours.” it’s the one confident thing he’s said since the first time you saw him today and it makes your heart warm.
And he smiles, beams as he trails to your brother’s room. You’re going to break him and put him back together again and you can’t wait.
Tumblr media
reblogs and comments appreciated!!
[message me to be added to my taglist]
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Shower Me in Praise
Summary: Bucky knows what you need after a long week without him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral fem rec, size kink, praise kink, Bucky is 6'4"
A/n: requested.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rivulets of hot water rain down on your back, a thick mist clouding the glass surrounding the shower. This is what you needed after a busy day, the heat soothes your aching muscles. Resting your head on the cool shower wall, your arms dangle by your sides and you relax for the first time in days.
It’s been such an exhausting week and you’ve been looking forward to finally getting to spend time at home. Just you and Bucky. The couch, an old worn knitted blanket, and whatever movie is on tonight. Wine, cheap, greasy takeout, and passionate sex on the living room rug before the credits have a chance to roll across the screen. You’ve been looking forward to tonight all week.
But first, you need to let the stress of the real world fade away. You’re nearly done with your shower when you hear the soft click of the door opening.
“Hey Bunny.” Your head cants back at the sound of his raspy deep voice, your body instinctively responding to him. Glancing over your shoulder, the water pours down your face as you watch him through the foggy glass. “Missed you.” The longing in his tone makes your chest tighten. You’ve missed him too, more than words can express.
“I’m glad you’re home,” you respond with a smile, turning around to get a better look at him. He's handsome, a shadow of a beard forming on his sharp jaw, his pink bottom lip caught between his teeth as he eyes you through the glass. Bucky leans against the sink, tapping his fingers on the surface. 
His eyes peirce your eyes through the mist and when he rolls his bottom lip between his pearly white teeth, you shiver. Your body's calling him like a siren and he can never resist you. 
Bucky removes his red henley, real slow making sure you see his muscular abs and pecs ripple as he stretches his arms above his head. You can’t look away, the sight of him peeling layer after layer off of his massive body is mesmerizing. Soon all he has left on are a pair of tight auburn boxers, you can see the outline of his erection and your thighs clench together in a desperate bid to quell the growing ache between them.
He slides them down his muscular legs, your eyes following his movements until they pool around his feet, his cock springs free, smacking him on the stomach. Your mouth goes dry as you gaze at his pretty cock. There’s no way you can hold back the growing throb in your pussy now that the only thing separating you from all of him is a thin sheet of glass. You bite your lip, wiping the condensation to get a better look at your man.
Bucky notices your eyes drifting down to his stiffening cock, a smirk curling the ends of his pink lips up. He’s missed you Bunny. He can’t wait to show you how-actually hold on. He reaches inside and adjusts the knobs. His fingers gingerly test the water as he glares at you.
“Bucky,” you laugh, tossing your washcloth at his head. “It wasn’t that hot.”
He scoffs before turning the knob a little more. “Not that hot Bucky,” he says mocking your tone. You laugh even harder, remembering the first time he jumped in the shower with you
The blast of fiery molten liquid startled him, his feet slipping across the porcelain surface. “What the fuck?” His eyes had widened so quickly you thought they were going to pop out of his head, his brows almost touching his hairline as he screeched. “Why is it so fucking hot bunny? What the fuck!”
You burst into hysterical laughter, nearly wheezing, tears streaming down your face while you slide down the shower wall. He flailed around you trying to dodge the water before landing ass first on the cool tile floor.
Of course, Bucky claims that he never screamed, he yelped. And he didn’t fall, he slipped. You have no idea what the difference is but he insists that the latter is more manly. “You know I nearly died that day. Boiled alive in my own home while my girl laughed at me.”
“Aw poor Bucky,” you coo, scrunching your nose at him. “I still don’t know how you thought you were going to fit in there with me.”
Finally deeming the water tolerable, he steps inside the shower. Instantly his large body takes up most of the space, without even meaning to he crowds you. “There are a few places you didn’t think I was going to fit Bunny,” he hums, his tongue moving across his bottom lip. “What did you say? Something about me being too big?”
Those words squeaked out the first time you saw him naked, his large cock hanging between his legs. He was soft but you couldn’t believe that he could get any bigger.
Then he got hard and you realized how wrong you were. That’s not going to fit Bucky. You were so sure that he was never going to get all of that inside you.
“Remember what I said Bunny?”
Oh, you do.
“You and your pretty pussy are prefect, like you were made for me.”
The way he says that made you preen, you’ve never felt more loved or cherished.
In one swift motion, he corners you, his large palm splayed across your belly, taking your wrists in his metal hand he pins them above your head. He always makes you feel so small. Your nipples brush over his warm chest with every shaky breath you take in.
He steps even closer until his body is pressing into yours. His head dips down slowly, his large palm glides up your wet skin, his fingertips tease your pebbled nipples sending sparks straight to your clit. You start to squeeze your thighs together but he nudges them apart, his thick hair-covered thigh grazing over your clit so lightly it makes you shiver.
“You’re so tight,” he murmurs, his lips sweeping over yours, teasing you with a chaste kiss. “But I knew I was going to fit.”
He did. 
Bucky spread your legs apart, resting his head between your thighs, eating you like he was starving, making you cum over and over on his tongue and fingers. He was methodical, learning his way around your body, studying your face whenever he tried something new, ticking away every single thing that made you gasp, sigh and moan his name.
You were still crying out from the last orgasm he pulled from your trembling body when he thrust inside you. "Told ya I'd make it fit, look how pretty you are stretched around me." And you made a sound you never heard before. You had never felt so full in your life, your tender walls stretched over him, a delicious burn coursing through you.
Before he even moved, you knew that you were ruined for other men.
Bucky sees the way your eyes darken, your breath hitching in your chest. He was going to draw this out, tease you until you were begging for him but he can’t. Not with you looking up at him so sweetly, he can’t deny his pretty girl anything.
He reaches down and lifts you up with one hand, your back slides up the wall until you’re looking at his face. His deep blue eyes capture yours and he’s gazing at you as if he’s seeing you for the first time.
“You’re gorgeous,” he says quietly and reverently, almost unaware that he’s speaking. “I dream about the way your face looks when you cum for me. You don’t even know how perfect you are but I’m going to show you until you believe me.”
Bucky keeps your wrists above your head, reminding you of his incredible strength, the way he can easily manhandle you makes you even wetter. Your legs lock around his waist and you look down to see him gliding his thick swollen head through your folds.
“Eyes on me Bunny,” He demands, his tone soft, almost pleading. Your eyes snap up to his, only a thin rim of blue surrounds his lust-filled pupils. A quick shift of his hips and he’s inside you. Buckys eyes flutter shut, he lives for that first thrust, the way your warm tight walls enveloping him is indescribable.
You both gasp but his is more guttural and drawn out, your pride blooming knowing that he sounds wrecked and desperate because of you. He buries himself in your aching pussy, inch by inch, soon he’s so deep you feel him in your chest. “Bucky,” you moan, your heels dig into the small of his back.
“That's it, that its,“ he whispers resting his head on your forehead, watching your cunt swallow his cock, “you can take it, just a little more Bunny.”
More? You look down and whimper. Oh fuck, you swear he’s even bigger. One more shallow thrust and he’s bottomed out and you're so full. “See,” he chuckles, “your pussy can handle every fucking inch I give her.”
The corner of his lip lifts in a satisfied smirk. And that's your only warning before he’s pulling out of your tight heat before you can begin to feel empty, he’s slamming back inside you. Your head lolls back from the force, jaw going slack as a wave of sensations surges up.
Bucky drops his head down, his lips finding yours and his tongue delves into your mouth. His kiss is sloppy and passionate, he greedily inhales your frantic moans as his hips drive his cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster inside you. The coil in your belly winds tighter until you feel like you’re going to explode.
Bucky knows you’re close, he knows you need to cum, your wordless cries in his mouth begging him for more, your walls clinging to him trying to keep in. You have no idea how much he wants to stay inside your sweet little cunt but he’s going to take care of you first.
His fingers strum your clit the way he knows you like. You feel everything, your clit rolling between his rough, calloused fingers, his warm skin pressing into yours, the filthy grind of his hips, the water dripping off his head onto your chest. “I know, I know bunny,” He mutters, his lips moving to your ear, “I got you, go on and cum for me pretty girl.”
You feel all of it.
And then he angles his hips, his cock hitting something inside you and then all you feel is ecstasy, pure pleasure, as the coil bursts inside you, leaving trails of sultry white heat in its wake. “Fuck Bucky, oh god yes,” you gasp, raking your nails across his broad back.
Bucky groans, scraping his teeth across your throat before sucking a bruise on your skin. You’re gripping him so tightly he struggles to pull out, once he does, you immediately drag him back in and he loses it. His smooth fast pace becomes erratic, his soft grunts of your name echo across the bathroom as he chases his release. “One more bunny, one more,” he pleads. “Be a good girl and give it to me.”
Bucky lets your wrist go, his hands curving around your waist to bring you down on his cock, you can only hold on to his large slippery shoulders, taking his wild strokes. “You feel so good, let me feel you cum again,” he says, his mouth sweeping over your jaw, reclaiming your lips.
You’re already so wound up from your first orgasm that it only takes one more roll of his hips before you’re coming undone, a thin high wail leaving your lips as another searing orgasm pulses through you. 
As soon as your walls flutter around him, you grab his throat and clench down around his pistoning length. "Fill me up,Bucky, make me yours, please," you moan. His feral blue eyes widen as you squeeze tighter 
You always know how to push him over the edge, Bucky lets go with a guttural grunt, spilling into your tight, warm heat, folding himself around your body, his arms wrapping around you, keeping you pressed into his chest.
Bucky laughs breathlessly, tilting your head back to kiss your forehead. “Fuck you’re good, Jesus I can’t- god damn,” he rambles, slipping out of you, murmuring softly when you wince. Gently setting you back on your feet, he places his hands on your waist, keeping you upright. Your legs tremble uncontrollably, and you know if he doesn’t hold you, you’ll collapse to the floor.
Bucky grins, taking in your sated and wrecked appearance with pride. “Bunny,” he says, “told you, this is all mine and I always take good care of her” he cups your mound, pushing you back into the corner.
“But I made a mess, look at what I did to my pretty girl.” Your eyes warily move up his flushed chest to his face, not trusting his soft tone, when he starts talking directly to your pussy you know he’s not done with her. 
And damn her, she starts aching for him again. He lowers himself, his hands moving down your sides, trailing kisses on your skin until he’s kneeling at your feet, his long hair plastered to his forehead, he winks before focusing on your pussy.
"Now tell me about your day," he says placing your leg over his shoulder. “While I’m cleaning her up,”
Tumblr media
A few hours later, you're propped on the couch, his head on your belly, the faint sounds of the movie playing in the background. 
Bucky gazes up at you, his bearded chin grazing your skin. "Ya know," he starts, his brows raising, your own furrowing in response. "I think I missed a spot."
"You know damn well you didnt-" you screech, breaking into laughter as he sits up and yanks your panties down. 
Bucky swipes a thick finger through your folds, holding the glistening digit in front of your face. "Look at that, still messy," he hums, popping his finger in his mouth with a sinful moan. 
"What would I do without you?" 
Bucky pauses, his head lifting slightly. "Dont worry, you'll never have to find out. I'm always going to take care of you and her." 
Before you can melt at his sweet words, his lips surround your clit and all thoughts leave your head. Bucky listens to your pretty sounds, he decides he's going to spend the rest of the night making you sing for him. 
Tumblr media
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