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#bucky barnes fluff
buckysboobs · 3 months ago
Raw | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: she just wants bucky to fucking destroy her insides and rearrange her guts, but bucky's scared so he rejects her before another one of their love making sessions. she gets mad so making him jealous is the only way left to get him to fulfill her fantasies.
warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap y'alls fucking sausages you guys) bucky calls reader 'little girl' i think that needs a warning of it's own
She can feel his eyes on her figure as she dances; her hips sinfully pressing against the stranger's front, his fingers dancing over her exposed waist and lips placing open mouthed kisses against her sweaty neck.
She's playing with fire, she knows it. Knows how jealous Bucky gets when he sees her with another man. But she wants him, not his unsure touches and gentle fingers that treated her like a porcelain doll— no.
She wanted his rough movements. She wanted his stubble to scrape against her inner thighs. His teeth to nibble at her skin, fingers calloused from fights to pinch every part of hers that was calling out to him— she wanted him to corrupt her. Break her. Make her reach her limits, though she feels like with him she doesn't have any. She wants him to fucking ruin her.
Her eyes make contact with his dazzling blue ones, which, even in the dark club seem to be shining more than ever. The red and blue neon lights cast shadows over his figure as his jaw clenches, grip tightening on the glass he seems to be holding but not bothering to take a sip from ever since he got there with the rest of the gang.
To provoke him further, she reaches out behind her and grips the stranger's head, pulling him closer to her. With a slight upward curve of her red tainted lips, she smirks at him and he breaks.
She feels him before she can see him. His metal arm grips her waist, and with one glare at the stranger he has her pressed against himself. His flesh hand finds it's way into her hair and he yanks her head back, nostrils flaring when he sees her smirk grow wider.
"It's not been one day and you're acting like a fuckin' whore." He breathes out right into her ear, "And just because I rejected you? Pathetic, even for you."
His tone is fucking condescending and it makes her blood boil. She pushes him away with all her strength and flips her hair, scoffing up at him.
"Don't flatter yourself, Barnes. Rejected me?" She huffs out a bitter laugh, "I always knew you'd come running back to me. No other girl can make your dick hard the way I can."
His eyes darken immensely. She realizes that the two of them are having a full possessive fight in the middle of the dancefloor and before she manages to embarrass herself by continuing the fight which would probably end up with her on her knees and his cock in her mouth, she glares at him and walks away.
She knows that he'd follow her. Which is why she chooses to go right into the bathroom where they'll have a chance at privacy.
She was right, because as soon as she's looking into the mirror to fix her hair, she hears the lock click and sees Bucky leaning against the door, arms crossed over his chest.
"You make me sick." She stares at him in the mirror.
"I could say the same about ya."
She grinds her teeth, "I'm sick of you pretending that you don't want me."
Bucky huffs out a sarcastic chuckle at that, shaking his head in disbelief, "What part of 'I will absolutely destroy you' can't get through your thick skull? You can't possibly expect me to lose control around you, no matter how fuckin' hard it is."
She turns around to look at him, eyebrows furrowed. "What part of 'I want you to destroy me' do you not understand, James? I've done fucking everything to make you understand that I can protect myself, that i'm sure you will never hurt me. I'm tired of you treating me like a doll that would break with the slightest of touches. I see it in your eyes how much you want to fulfill my dreams and fantasies, but holding yourself back just because you think I can't hold my own is pretty dumb of you, I must say."
Bucky sighs, glancing down at the floor, "You have no idea how I get when I lose control."
"Then fucking show me." His head snaps up, "Or I won't expect you to be there to watch and come swooping in the next time I go whoring around looking for someone who fucks me like a bitch in hea—"
She doesn't get the chance to finish as she's pressed against the wall, metal arm against her throat and a furious Bucky glaring into her eyes.
"I'm not fuckin' leavin' you alone ever again. Not even after that empty threat." He swallows hard, tightening his grip around her throat as her lips fall open, "You're mine."
A dry chuckle leaves her mouth, she sounds like she's choking but for some reason even that is attractive to Bucky, "Prove it."
His lips crash into hers and he hoists her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as her arms wrap around his neck. He prods her lips with his tongue, nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth making her gasp before his tongue enters her mouth and explores every inch of her sweetness. They're breathing hard through their nose, revelling in each other's taste. She can feel his dick hardening and he presses it hard against her clothed cunt, making a throaty moan escape her parted lips.
"Bucky, please—" she begs as he starts kissing down her neck, his teeth nibbling on her collarbone, hands trying to unzip his jeans. She's panting hard, eyes closed and Bucky really wants to ravish her right there, against the cold and dirty wall.
"I won't be able to stop." He whispers against her skin and she helps him pull himself out of his pants.
"Fucking don't."
That's all it takes him before he runs his hands up her legs and thrusts his whole cock inside her without any prep. She cries out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure, but he doesn't give her time to adjust before he's fucking her raw without so much as a thought. He's fucking her like an animal— loud grunts leaving his mouth as her hands scramble to hold onto him. He doesn't have any of it though, takes both of them with one hand and holds them over her head as his metal arm wraps around her throat again, fucking her to the point she starts crying.
"Fuck, Bucky!" she cries out and he throws his head back, eyes closing shut.
"This is what you wanted, right?" He thrusts harder, angling his hips better so his dick presses right into her g-spot, making her gasp, "Me using you as nothing but a fucktoy, my thick cock fuckin' ruining that sloppy cunt of yours till you beg me to stop?"
His dirty mouth keeps her going as she feels herself getting close. She pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to get out of his tight grip because she just wants to touch him but he's not letting her. He groans loudly on hearing her moan his name like a prayer— bucky bucky bucky please bucky.
Her legs feel like jello when he speaks up next, "Open your mouth, little girl."
She obeys, slipping into her submissive role. He spits into her mouth.
Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she swallows and opens her mouth again, but before she knows it his metal arm connects with her cheek and she's abruptly facing towards the right.
She cries out at the burn.
"Don't be a fuckin—" he accentuates his words with a harsh thrust, "Greedy bitch and take what I give you."
He doesn't let her breathe, hips snapping so rapidly into hers, dick piercing through her tight little cunt and her fluids dripping all over her thighs— she's about to cum.
"Bucky— fuck, Bucky i'm about to cum—"
"Hold it."
She starts crying at that, fresh angry tears rolling down her cheeks and ruining all her makeup. She slams her head back into the wall, "Bucky please."
"I said hold it, little girl."
She starts begging even more, completely letting go of her pride and dignity as she cries about him not letting her cum. All that escapes her lips is a string of let me cum i can't take it please bucky, please and he smirks at that, shoving his fingers into her throat.
"That will shut you up for a while. This is what you wanted anyways, fuckin' bitch." She gags on his fingers, her pussy clenching sinfully around his cock, making him moan. "Why beg me to fuck you like a whore— fuck— when you can't take it, huh?"
She moans around his fingers, spit running down her chin as her pussy keeps clenching around his abnormally large and thick cock. She's eternally grateful to all the gods when he orders her to cum.
And fucking hell— she's never had an orgasm that powerful before. She sees stars as her whole body tenses up, an embarrassing groan leaving her throat as the milky white fluid runs down her pussy in such a filthy manner, even the kinkiest of the bunch would have looked away.
That doesn't stop Bucky from thrusting into her. He goes even faster as her body goes limp in his arms, using her pussy as a means to achieve his own well earned orgasm. Her cum works as lube, sliding in and out of her even easier and his energy doesn't falter when he holds her against the wall by the throat and breeds her like a bitch in heat.
With a last groan, he spills into her, thrusts turning sloppier as her pussy milks his cock like there's no tomorrow. She whimpers and he slowly and carefully pulls out of her, placing a chaste kiss on her lips. He offers her support with one arm while zipping his jeans with the other, and then pulls her into his arms.
"Fuck." she whispers and he cradles her head against his chest. Without another word, he hoists her up and walks out of the bathroom, where there were a few angry teenagers waiting for them to get the hell out.
Steve, Natasha and Sam give their passing figures a knowing smile as he walks out of the club and offers to get her home— and when she gives him a lazy smile in return, he feels his heart skip a beat.
Love is a fucking bitch.
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buckyblues · 3 months ago
Imagine Bucky having a staring contest with a baby or a baby being enthralled by his metallic fingers or playing with his dog tags 🌚
this is so cute... what the actual hell. not to be over dramatic, but i need to have bucky’s kids right now.
warnings; fluff, bucky with a baby, dilf bucky, this is so cute i sobbed.
Tumblr media
“I’ll get it,” you groaned as your baby’s cries rung through the monitor.
“No, no,” Bucky softly pushed you back onto the mattress. “I can handle this.”
It had to be sometime around three in the morning. Everything in the room was still dark, and you had almost gotten two uninterrupted hours of sleep.
“She’s so rowdy,” you looked to your husband as the monitor started going off again.
“I bet she gets it from you.”
Bucky slid out from bed in only his sweatpants and dog tags, messy hair and muscular back on display. “Starin’ is rude, babe,” he yawns.
He heads into the nursery. It’s constellation-themed, and he can still remember the joy he felt picking out decorations at the store when your daughter was on the way.
“How are you, little one?” Bucky leans over the basinet.
She lets out another wail, much to Bucky’s displeasure.
“None of that, bubs,” he whispers. “I’m here.”
He picks her up, cradling her in his arms. Her tiny hands reach for his vibranium fingers.
“You think that’s cool?” His arm whirs as he rocks her.
She giggles a little, it’s one of the few sounds she makes, and Bucky absolutely adores it.
Bucky gives her a kiss on the forehead. “I can’t believe you woke me up at this hour.”
It almost looks like she’s pouting, even though he doubts she can understand what he’s saying. She grabs at his dog tags, enamored by the jingling noise that they make.
She’s so delicate, Bucky thinks. He wants to do everything in the world to protect her. He never wants her to have a sleepless night. Ever since he first heard her heartbeat, he’s been completely dedicated to her.
“You got her to stop crying,” Bucky hears you laugh from the doorway of the nursery.
“Why are you awake, doll?” He asks.
Bucky is perfect — standing there, your daughter nestled in his arms. It’s the little things he does that make you fall more in love with him.
“Just wanted to see my two favorite people.”
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houseravenclaws · 2 months ago
never again
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x enhanced!reader
summary: natasha likes to touch bucky's dog tags and bucky, well, he just wants to know why his favorite girl isn't talking to him.
They aren’t talking.
Bucky’s not sure why though because you guys were good. Great even. Always talking, laughing, and touching. A few things Bucky thought he wouldn’t be good at anymore, scared of more like, but he was good at it with you.
So why were you so distant? It wasn’t like you to shut him out.
“Did you drink all the coffee again, Barton? Have a death wish or something?” Tony commented.
Bucky ignored him — him and the team as they bickered over breakfast as usual. Instead, he sat on the couch, waited for you to come out and have breakfast with him.
Natasha came over and sat beside him. They made small talk until you emerged from your room.
Your hair was still messy, smile still soft, and you were drowning in clothes. Bucky’s heart skipped a few beats. He might of looked too excited to see you or had some look on his face because you ignored him and took a seat at the table instead.
“Wanna sit on my lap, Y/N? I know you must be tired of Barnes over there,” Sam flirted.
You laughed, shaking your head. Bucky wanted to punch the wall because sitting on his lap was your thing. Your morning, having breakfast, and sitting on his lap thing. His favorite part of the day thing.
It didn’t help that later that day when he walked into the training room, you walked out.
You took one glance at him and walked out.
Bucky was getting frustrated.
And it didn’t seem to stop. When the team came together for their usual hike, you took a spot next to Sam and walked next to him until you reached the top. Bucky stayed close behind and clenched his fists when Sam made a stupid joke to make you laugh.
Bucky was getting really, really frustrated.
He thought maybe when he leaned down to tie your shoelaces that some of the tension would go away, that he would feel better.
“Got it, sweetheart. Lift your foot up for me.”
You did.
“I can tie it myself; you know?”
He didn’t say anything.
“Y/N,” he mocked.
You rolled your eyes.
“Keep your hand on my shoulder or you’ll fall.”
“I’m fine.”
“Y/N,” he sternly said. “I know you’re mad at me, but you can’t walk around like this. Just hold on to me.”
“You’re taking a long time and I can heal if…,” you mumbled. “and I’m not mad at you.”
You glared at him, “I’m not, Buck.”
Bucky sighed. “Seems like you are, and I know you are because I know you. Came to your room last night and it was locked. F.R.I.D.A.Y said you didn’t want to see anyone.”
“Had a nightmare?”
“Couldn’t sleep without you.”
You almost responded, almost, but Natasha came, and you didn’t know what to say. Couldn’t in fact, so you pulled away and walked away.
Bucky thinks he’s finally figured it out.
It was movie night the next time Bucky saw you and he’s wondered if you’ve asked F.R.I.D.A.Y for new routes so you could avoid him. Bucky was slowly losing his mind and he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t, so when you walked out of the room and headed to kitchen, he decided to follow.
“Tell me what’s wrong.”
“I’m getting popcorn.”
“Y/N,” Bucky breathed out. “I’m being serious.”
“Bucky, I don’t want to talk about this.”
“Well, I want to talk about— where are you going? Can you just stop — “
Bucky lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter. Placed himself right between your legs so you couldn’t move.
“Talk to me, sweetheart,” he placed his forehead on yours. “We haven’t talked in weeks. Did I do something wrong? Is it Natasha?”
“No. No, why would you think that?”
Bucky stared at you. God, he’s missed you — your eyes, your hands and your touch. Why wouldn’t you touch him? You always did and now…now it had been so long since he felt it, you, and he missed it. He missed how good it felt, how you felt against him.
You started playing with his dog tags.
Bucky swears his heart stops beating for a second. Swears he’s stopped breathing too because you weren’t touching him, no, but you were touching a part of him that meant a whole deal to him.
“Y/N, I — "
“Buck, you’re missing the movie. Steve’s about to have a oh— "Natasha interrupted.
You released your hand from the chain, “We should go.”
“Bucky, we need to go. Please let me go.”
He did.
He hated that he did, and he thought about it for the next week, till he was on his next mission. Maybe that’s why he was so distant with the team, why he didn’t pay attention to the briefing and Steve’s speech. He didn’t care, he didn’t.
It showed on the field.
Steve was mad.
“Why did Steve just tell me that you didn’t listen to the plan? That you ran into open fire? Let some guy punch you?”
Bucky didn’t respond to you. Just took a spot on the empty clinic chair.
“Is that what we’re doing now, Buck? Letting people punch us?”
Bucky shut his eyes and opened them back up to look at you. My God, you looked so angry. His girl was so angry at him.
Your hands were on his wounds in seconds and in seconds, Bucky was healed and, in more places, than just the parts that were beaten or bruised. You always reached more places than anyone else could, healed more parts of him than anyone else could.
“Are you going to talk to me?” You muttered, pressing your hand against his chest. “Buck?”
You slowly removed your hand, but Bucky grabbed it and placed right back on his chest.
“Just keep touching me, Y/N.”
You paused. Bucky watched as you got more red.
“Keep touching you? I thought you never wanted me to use my powers on you, thought the serum could heal it all. Are you even going to tell me what happened?" your voice was strong. "Did you really let this guy punch you? Beat you purple? Are you kidding, James? How could you let him?”
“How could you not talk to me?”
That shut you up. Bucky didn’t know if you understood what he was trying to say, hoped that you did because he really didn’t want to explain it — didn’t want to explain that he let himself get punched and beaten to have your hands on him.
“Never again, Buck. Never let anyone hurt you like this again.”
“Never not talk to me,” he admitted and pulled you onto his lap. His hands stayed on your hips, while your legs dangled off his lap.
You continued to place your hands on his wounded parts.
“She’s always near you.”
“Yeah…yeah and she’s always touching you,” you placed your hands on his dog tags. “Touching these and I know — I know how much they mean to you. How important they are, and you’ve never let anyone but....but”
“But you,” he finished, moving some strands of your hair away from your face. “Never let anyone but you touch them.”
“She has.”
“Never noticed. Too busy focusing on you.”
You shook your head.
Then you heard footsteps and out of corner of your eye, you saw that bright red hair and black bodysuit approach you and you almost got up — almost, but Bucky held your hips. Kept you in place and you heard him tell Natasha that he was busy, that he was doing something important.
You heard her walk out.
Then you wanted to say something, anything. Anything to get out of this situation, anything to fix all those red and purple spots on his body. Just anything, but you couldn’t. Walking away would’ve been so much easier.
“She’s nothing compared to you, sweetheart,” he confessed. “Nothing, okay? You’re everything.”
“Yeah, but — “
Then Bucky slipped off his dog tags and placed them around your neck.
“Everything,” he repeated.
You’re sure your world stopped. He was so good at making you speechless, always had been. Sometimes you wondered if he was made just to make you speechless. His lip was still a little busted and you reached up and ran your thumb across it, healed it in seconds.
“Promise you won’t do this again?”
“Promise you’ll talk to me?”
“Yeah,” you looked up at him, ran your hand through his hair. “Yeah, I’ll talk to you.”
No, he was made to be loved by you.
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melwilson · 3 months ago
sam wilson appreciation post.
there’s no one in the mcu more caring, and gentle, and empathetic, and kind. he is the best friend everyone needs. someone who will call you out on your bs. someone who is kind enough and loves you enough to tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t wanna hear it. someone who treats you like family and gives you a place to stay. someone who listens and takes ones feelings into consideration. he’s the one you call one when you’re in trouble and need help.
sam wilson is just a good man. i say it all the time, i know. i can’t help it.
and they way he interacts w everyone in the show just makes my heart explode. he tries to reason with his enemies. john walker deserved nothing more than to rot in cell, but sam still wanted to talk things out. he comforts bucky, yes, but he also tells him what he needs to hear. he’s there for his family and doesn’t leave them behind despite the war he’s fighting against the flagsmashers. he believes in karli. ugh, i could go on and on about this man.
and bucky barnes. let’s talk abt character development for a moment. first off, he smiled genuinely too many this episode. i cry. anyways, the way he recognized his wrong and APOLOGIZED. HE APOLOGIZED. writers and directors always just kinda blow it off and leave the viewers assuming that the characters have made up and that it’s all good. but bucky apologized to sam. that- that is what i’m here for. as a poc that means so much, bc a lot of non poc don’t even make an effort to understand, to try and empathize. he tried. and he did.
lastly. i love this show. i love these men. bucky barnes is beautiful. sarah wilson deserves the world. i wanna take aj and cass out for ice cream. sam wilson was lookin like a snack and servin us lots of beautiful melanin.
yeah, sam wilson is my hero. sam wilson is captain america.
end of the story. goodnight.
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buckycuddlebuddy · 3 months ago
summary ─ “fuck him,” you muttered. “fuck him sideways.”
pairing ─ avenger!alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, a/b/o dynamics, mutual pining, flirting, kissing, light choking (:d), rough sex, getting together, heat/rut sex, scenting, idiots in love
a/n ─ blame seb for that ig story picture. it made me do it. but seriously, can he choke me. anyway sfjdsjf hope you like it! leave a comment if you do! thankl youuuu <333 (italic is bucky, bold is reader) enjoy this 5.6k monstrosity. 
Tumblr media
You and Bucky had been flirting for some time, but it was more of a friendly flirting rather than something more. He would call you cute pet names and let you play with his hair on movie nights, and you would let him cuddle or hug you whenever he needed touch. You liked spending time and having a lot of fun with him.
Sometimes you scented each other, too.
His scent was reminding you all kinds of things that you considered safety and homey, so you never said ‘no’ when he wanted to scent you. He let you scent him back most of the time and you used it on his behalf; scenting him when he felt anxious, letting him bury his nose into your neck so that he’d calm down after a brutal mission or nightmare. It worked well for both of you.
Sometimes, though, you wished something more from him. There were times where you wanted him to kiss you, to pull you flush against his muscle-clad, big and warm body and to touch you like that. You wanted to know how his arousal smelled like up-close, but you were valuing your friendship a bit too much to make a move; you were afraid that you’d lose him, and you couldn’t take the risk.
So, you kept it to yourself.
Times went by while both of you went on with your cute flirting and occasional hair-playing and cuddle/hug and scenting game. You knew you should have stopped scenting him back, you didn’t want to get in between him and his potential mate, since he’d been seeing other women sometimes. You overheard him and Sam talking about Tinder and getting dates from there. You also saw him carrying a gorgeous blonde to his room while kissing the daylight out of her.
You wanted so badly to be her, but it was just not possible. You knew it.
Sighing to yourself, you wiggled under your thick duvet, burying your body into the bed even more. It was way too late for you to be awake, but you couldn’t sleep. Your bed was comfy, warm and you put your duvet into a position that got you looking like a burrito. You were supposed to be passed out with these beautiful conditions, but your body was too hot, you felt too itchy to go to sleep. Your heat was close. You could sense it; you were in the pre-heat phase and you had about two days until it hit you.  
You growled to yourself angrily a little as you wiggled a bit more. Your head was partially under your pillow when you heard your phone ping-ing. Frowning, you stuck your hand out to grab it, seeing that you had one unread message. You opened it.
“Oh, fuck,” you moaned out accidentally when you saw what it was.
It was Bucky. He was shirtless and had his dog tags on. He was holding a cup in his big hands. All the muscles and veins were visible and bulging. He had a flirtatious look on his face. He seemed to wearing thin basketball shorts under, but they did very little to hide whatever he was… hiding there.
“Shit,” you whimpered. Your face was heating up rapidly. You felt your body was ready to burst, explode, whatever. Your heart was beating in your mouth. You could feel your pussy getting wet and even throb a little. You swallowed the spit that collected in your mouth when you heard another ping.
ah, shit, sorry, doll. i meant to send that to someone else.
Well, you thought and sighed.
“It’s not fair,” you whined and inched down on your bed, your legs spreading themselves instinctively. You bit your lip. You could finally make a move and say something suggestive, or you could just… chicken out. “Fuck him,” you muttered. “Fuck him sideways.” Your phone ping-ed again.
how is it look, though? i’m not sure about sending it rn
i think i’m chickening out
You rolled your eyes as his texts. Of course he didn’t like the picture where he looked so fucking sexy.
no, you look good, you texted him back. you look damn good, actually. idk why you’re chickening out. You saw the three dots that were inclining that he was writing and waited.
i dunno, he sent. she’s real nice, ya know. i don’t wanna fuck up
“Fuck whoever she is,” you whispered. “Fuck her if she thinks you’re fucking up when you send her a picture like this.”
why would sending a shirtless pic make you fuck up anyways?
she might think i’m a bit forward? idk honey i really care about her and i don’t want her to think i’m only talking to her bc i wanna fuck her ‘til she passes out.
“What the fuck,” you whispered again, your eyes narrowing and scent turning into its sickly sweet self by the half-dirty talk. Bucky never said anything to you like this before. You shared almost everything, but when the subject was sex Bucky was always a bit shy. Now, though, he didn’t sound shy. “I shouldn’t find this sexy.”
well, i don’t think she’ll have a problem with that, pal. esp with that pic
hell no
The three dots appeared again.
so you’re saying that she’ll know that my only purpose isn’t fucking her through her mattress?
i mean i know this isn’t a dick pic but still
You shake your head fondly. Even when he was trying to sext with a woman, he was being a gentleman. You liked that about him. He was always thinking how the other person would feel if his actions were to get misunderstood. It was cute.
you’re cute, you sent. she’ll understand.
Dots appeared but disappeared a second later. It repeated itself for a couple time before it totally vanished. You frowned but didn’t think too much about it. There really wasn’t much he could say to your last text, you thought. Maybe he finally sent the picture to the person who should have received it in the first place.
You took a deep breath as you looked at the picture again.
God, he was so handsome. He recently had a haircut, and it looked very good on him. He had faint stubble. When you first looked at the picture, you thought he had a flirtatious look, but actually he was just adorable. He was caught in mid-wink, you thought. His flesh hand was dwarfing the big navy colored mug he had in his hand. You knew that mug, you bought him that as a birthday gift, and it was a very big one. You never noticed how big his hands were before, but now that you knew, it was going to be hard to take your eyes away from them.
“Ugh,” you grunted, feeling the itchy sensation increasing. “Fuck me.” Locking your phone, you dropped it on your night stand. You were wet and horny, but you didn’t have any energy to touch yourself. So, you just hugged your pillow and closed your eyes.
The morning found you pouring yourself a cereal with still sleepy eyes. The sun was shining brightly, the kitchen was quiet and it seemed like you were the only living creature in the tower. You yawned as you put the cereal box down and poured some milk into your bowl. You perched yourself onto the chair by the kitchen island and dug into your cereal.
You had… vivid dreams last night. It included a pair of hands touching your naked skin, blur of colors and some moaning. You vaguely remembered that there were hushed whispers of a little dirty talk, but the details blurred as soon as you woke up.
That meant you were even achier than last night. You grunted into your cereal.
“Hey,” you heard someone murmur and jumped, it was Bucky. He looked like he just came back from a run. “Shit, sorry,” Bucky muttered. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” You shrugged as you slurped the last of your cereal. With the corner of your eyes, you saw his nostrils flare and realized he was scenting the air. “Y’alright, doll?”
“Mmhm, just achy,” you murmured and carried your bowl to the sink. Bucky stayed silent and watched you washing your bowl and rolling your shoulders a couple times. He could smell your scent; it was content but somehow… off. He also knew your heat was close. Your scent was too sweet albeit being a little off, it was like he just stepped into a bakery and got hit with freshly baked goods. It was mouthwatering. Eyes narrowing, Bucky murmured a silent ‘fuck it’ to himself, he stepped behind you.
“You seem awfully tense, honey,” Bucky muttered into your ear as he pressed his body to yours. “Couldn’t sleep well?” You tensed. You could feel the heat coming off of his body, could smell his clean sweat, cologne and his own musk; it was woody and fresh: like a bonfire in the middle of a forest. More importantly, you could feel all the muscles and ridges on his body against yours.
“Somethin’ like that,” you whispered. Bucky cooed at you softly. His arms wound themselves around your waist, pulling you in and making you rest your body against his. His scent surrounded you in a second, and you felt like you were being cocooned in your bed by your soft blankets.
“Breathe with me, love,” he murmured. “It will help you loosen up.” You swallowed and nodded. Feeling his chest moving behind you, you followed his movements. “That’s it,” he said, “You’re doing great.” You breathed in, in, and in and then let it ouuuut. You felt your shoulder relax a bit. “That’s it,” he whispered and─
His lips were right over your pulse. His stubble was rubbing the sensitive flesh of your neck. You shuddered uncontrollably. Bucky hushed you as his lips brushed against your skin. His hot breath was licking your neck, making the hair on your body rise. He nosed your glands there; taking lungful of your scent, Bucky grumbled to himself about how good you smell.
With a small grunt of his, he took a step forward and cornered you against the counter. You gasped.
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed, “You are tense, honey.” His lips found your jaw, his nose poked your temple and you shuddered again.
It felt like you were underwater but weren’t drowning; everything was peaceful quiet, and you were floating.
“Bucky,” you whispered. He hummed. “Bucky…” He kissed your neck, bit down on the flesh and sucked it a little. You felt your legs tremble when you felt your heat creeping in even closer and grabbed his arms around your waist for support. You tipped your head back, exposing your throat to him, and closed your eyes.
Placing kisses all over your neck, nibbling on your jaw, one of his hands grabbed your face to turn it towards him. “Tell me you don’t want it, and I’ll stop. I promise I’ll stop.” You didn’t say anything but leaned into his touch. “Tell me.”
“I want it,” you whispered, surpassing a shiver. Your heat was taking over your body, and Bucky needed the verbal confirmation before it consumed you.
“Honey,” he said softly. “Your heat is starting, do you want me to help you?” You gasped silently, realizing that you were feeling woozy a little and your vision was fuzzy around the edges, now.
“Yes,” you answered him. “Please, alpha?”  
Bucky’s chest rumbled lightly with approval and captured your lips with his. You moaned into his mouth. It was as soft as it looked and was caressing yours so nicely. You whimpered as you sneaked your hand into his slightly damp hair. You craned your neck to deepen the kiss, letting your tongue join the game, too. Bucky groaned.
“Fuck, love,” he whimpered. “Your skin feels so soft under my hands, your body is so warm… Mmm, I wanna eat you right up.” You wiggled in his arms.
“Please,” you whispered. Bucky bit down on your bottom lip. His other hand sneaked into your pajama bottoms, sliding right into your panties and nudging your clit gently. You gasped loudly as Bucky cursed.
“Holy shit, honey,” Bucky groaned. “You’re wetting your pajama bottoms with your slick.” You whimpered when you felt one long digit swiping the slick that gathered between the lips of your pussy. “Is it for me?” He asked, a low growl could be heard in his voice. You nodded. Bucky tugged on your hair. “Words. Use’em.”
“Yes!” You cried out. “Yes, only for you, Bucky, yes!”
“That’s more like it,” Bucky murmured and slid two of his fingers inside you. Biting your lip to stop yourself moan loudly, your hand tightened in Bucky’s hair and you bared your throat to Bucky by the throwing your head back even more, submitting him.
The way Bucky was fingering you was relentless; two of his long and thick fingers were stroking your wet walls, crooking them to graze over your sensitive spot sometimes while the heel of his hand was pressing down on your clit. You were being stimulated from almost all your open ended nerves so perfectly, you wanted to cry.
“I wish you see how you look right now, baby,” Bucky whispered. “You’re so deep into your pleasure...” You hummed and let out a gasp when he crooked his fingers again. “You take my fingers so nicely. My hand is drenched, baby, goddamn.” He nosed your bared throat, taking deep breaths, Bucky filled his lungs with your sweet heat scent. “Gotta get you to your room, love. The whole kitchen is gonna smell like your heat if we don’t.” You whined, but you weren’t lost in your head yet, so you knew he was right. You nodded. Bucky kissed your neck and suddenly, your world was upside down.
You were thrown over his shoulder like he was a caveman and you were his prey. “Bucky!” He chuckled, his metal hand slapping your ass, he stepped into the elevator and told Jarvis to go up to your floor. He carried you like that throughout the whole trip. You got to feel his back muscles all the way to your room, though, so you thought it wasn’t so bad.
Bucky dropped you on the floor gently. You were standing right in front of your room. “I can wait here,” Bucky murmured and continued when he saw your confused look. “While you are getting nest sorted out, I can wait here.”
Your heart swelled in your chest because ain’t he the most thoughtful.
“Aww, James,” you whispered. He just smiled and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Really?” He nodded. You knew he took these kinds of things serious because he was a bit old-school, but you liked that about him very much.
“Yeah,” he said. “Actually, why don’t you go ahead and sort your nest out while I get us some water and snacks?” You placed your hand on your heart.
“A man after my stomach,” you said dreamily, making him snort. “Okay.” He kissed your neck one more time and walked back to the elevator.
You had a spring on your step as you walked inside of your room and stripping the bed from unnecessary things. You pulled out your softest linens, blankets and pillows; arranging them on the bed the way you liked, you added some extra tiny pillows. It looked inviting, personal and smelled like you strongly. You smiled, pleased with your efforts. Just as you sat down on the bed in your underwear, you had kept your oversize t-shirt though, you heard a knock.
“Come in!” You called out and saw Bucky’s smiling, handsome face. He had arms full of snacks and water bottles, he also had other things which you couldn’t figure out what. You watched him as he put the things he carried into your room on your small desk.
“I, uh,” he started, suddenly looking bashful. “I thought you might want, uh,” Bucky stammered over his words and just handed you something.
It was his blanket from his bed and the sweatshirt you saw him wearing yesterday.
“I can always put them aside or bring more, whatever you want,” Bucky hurriedly added. You shook your head as you reached and took them from him. You folded the sweatshirt and put it right next to your bed where you would be reaching something to wear after you were through, and spread the blanket on your bed, rearranging your pillows. You took your t-shirt off before you turned and faced with Bucky.
You walked up to him slowly until you were standing right in front of him. You could see his nostrils flaring, pupils dilating and him scenting the air. “Kiss me, alpha?” Bucky let out a broken sound before he pulled you against his body, his flesh hand cradling your face gently, and leaned down to give you the kiss that you asked for so nicely.
It was, hands down, the most loving and gentle kiss you’ve ever had. It was nothing like the kiss you’ve shared in the kitchen. This one was chaste. Bucky’s lips were soft, and he was kissing you like a longtime lover. Moaning lightly, you tilted your head to your side and deepened the kiss a bit; pushing up on your tiptoes and winding your arms around his neck, you felt his arms wrapping themselves around your waist one more time.
You felt amazingly consumed and caged and overwhelmed, and you were fucking loving it.
Bucky pulled back slightly. “Bed,” he commanded. His voice was rough and low. His woodsy, fresh smell had taken a sharp turn and now it was more like burning wood and citrus. You loved how forest-y his scent was. You quickly climbed on the bed, and a second later Bucky joined you.
His big body caged yours under him. The body heat this man had was driving you crazy because he was so fucking warm, it made you want to wrap yourself around him like a koala and never let go.
“Bucky…” You breathed when you felt his teeth grazing over the sensitive skin of your neck, gasped when he placed a soft bite there. His light stubble was rubbing your skin raw, but you were loving it just like everything else. You felt him press his body against yours fully as he drew in a deep breath.
“God, your scent is drivin’ me fuckin’ crazy,” he murmured and kissed his way downwards. He stopped when he came across to your bra, looking up in your eyes, he silently asked for permission to take it off. You nodded. As soon as your breasts were free from their containment, Bucky latched on to one of your nipples, making you throw your head back and moan loudly.
“Fuck!” You yelped when he bit down and sucked and did… things with his tongue. He was licking and sucking, his saliva had covered your nipple and you could hear the slurping sound. It was so sexy, the pleasure was so intense; you felt like you were about to come. Whimpering, you slid your hands in his short hair, pulling and scratching his scalp. Bucky hummed. The vibrations and the graze of his teeth made you hiss, your body was trashing beneath his strong one.
Bucky pulled back with a ‘pop’, licking his lips, his fingers toyed with your other nipple. “How are you feelin’, love?” He asked. You panted lightly as you gave him thumbs up but yelped again when he pinched your nipple. “Words,” he growled. “I told you to use them.”
“’m good,” you whimpered, nipple throbbing deliciously. “’m good, I swear, ‘m fine, alpha.” Bucky hummed at the name. He always liked being called ‘alpha’ during sex before, he was never shy to tell his partners to call him that when he wanted to end his dancing night with someone, but hearing you call him that was turning him on in a whole different level.
Growling approvingly to himself, Bucky’s fingers found the hem of your panties. Before he could ask for permission, you lifted your hips to help him remove them easily. Bucky took a hold of the flimsy fabric, quickly dragging it down your beautiful legs, he threw them somewhere in the room. You were now under him with all your naked fucking glory, and Bucky’s mouth was watering at the sight of you. His gums were hurting with the desire to claim and mark you.
“You are gorgeous, baby,” Bucky murmured, fingers trailing over your soft skin and making you shiver happily. He leaned in. His light stubble rasped against your nipple as he nosed your collarbone, licking and sucking small marks there. You sighed. Your hands were buried deep in his short hair, the fluffiness of it turning into a messy state. “You feel so good against me,” he murmured again, lips brushing over the sensitive skin of your breasts. You whimpered. The ache between your legs was getting intolerable with each passing second, and you wanted him to take you already.
“Bucky…” You breathed. “Please, Bucky, alpha, I-I can’t, it h-hurts,” you babbled, hands now clawing his strong and wide shoulders. Quickly, Bucky shushed you with kisses, murmured filthy nonsense into your ear as he trailed one hand down your front. You gasped when his fingers brushed against your clit. It was already so sensitive and throbbing and aching─
“So wet,” Bucky whispered. “I’m gonna taste it later.” He brushed his fingers up and down for a couple times and pulled his hand back. “Now, we make your hurting stop, love.” You nodded. Your eyes were half-closed, you looked debauched without Bucky doing anything properly yet, and more importantly you looked drunk with only a couple kisses and touching from him.
If that ain’t the best kind of ego boost, I don’t know what is, Bucky thought to himself as he bit his lip and removed his clothes. Your sweet heat scent was filling his lungs and the room, and making him feel lightheaded. His skin was prickling with the intensity of your scent. He knew very well no matter how many times he’d shower that he would be smelling like you even days after your heat ended. Honestly, that would be a dream come true for Bucky.
His crush on you was getting stronger rather than dying down. He had tried dating with other people, hooking up or just spend his rut with at least a partner, but he just couldn’t because his body was yearning yours. His lungs were desperate for your sweet, calming scent filling them, his fingers were itching to feel your skin, and his lips were tingling to meet with yours… His whole body had been wanting you, no one else had made him feel this way before.
“God, Y/N,” Bucky breathed. His eyes were now fully black, face darkened with lust and his body heat had increased. He was about to enter his rut, he knew it. Bucky leaned forward and licked a fat line from your collarbone to all the way up to your ear, making your bonding glands throb. You gasped at the feeling.
“Fuck, Bucky!” You sighed, eyes screwed shut. Bucky hummed. His fingers moved south, were quick to find your dripping and aching core, he slipped two of his fingers in you. You moaned. His fingers were moving in and out of you rapidly, thumb pressing lightly on your clit. He could feel the poor thing throb beneath his fingertip, Bucky chuckled against your throat and nipped the skin there. You moaned one more time, but louder, your nails dug them deep into Bucky’s meaty shoulders. Bucky hissed at the slight pain, but all the pain during sex was welcomed in his book.
Bucky pulled his fingers out and pushed off of you, ignoring your little whines. “Present,” he ordered, his voice was still soft even though his commanding tone. Whimpering, you flipped onto your tummy, pressed your chest against the soft linens beneath you and lifted your ass high up on the air. Bucky groaned. “Damn, kitten,” he whispered. You shivered. He placed his hands on your ass, and then moved them up, up, up and slid one of them into your hair. “Do I need a condom?” You nodded.
“Birth control is no good for me,” you panted lightly. Bucky nodded, pressing a kiss on your cheek, he leaned sideways to grab a condom from his bedside drawer. You rubbed your face, wiggled your hips and fisted the bedding as Bucky put on the condom. As soon as he was done, he walked closer to you on his knees and immediately draped his body onto yours. You sighed at the skin-to-skin contact.
“Tell me if you want to or need me to stop because you don’t like what we’re doing, alright?” Bucky murmured. You nodded.
“I will,” you slurred slightly and earned another kiss on your cheek. You hummed happily. You felt the blunt tip of his cock against your wet folds and held your breath. With a smooth, slow thrust of his hips, Bucky slid into you. “Fuuuck,” you sighed, eyes closed and mouth open, drooling just a little bit. The ache in your core was disappeared as soon as Bucky filled you up.
“Goddamn,” Bucky gritted. Your pussy was hugging his hard as hell cock so nicely, Bucky felt like he was being wrapped with the softest blankets to ever exist. Falling onto his elbows, Bucky placed kisses on your bare shoulders. He moved his arms carefully and wrapped them around your torso. One of his hands was wrapped lightly around your neck, and you felt another flame taking over your body with the feeling.
“Move,” you whispered. “Alpha, please, move.” Bucky shushed you gently. Never stopping peppering kisses on your shoulder, neck and cheek, Bucky moved his hips slowly at first. You gasped, head thrown back on Bucky’s shoulder, you closed your eyes.
Your mind was fogged, body wrung tight with sexual frustration and the coil in your belly was burning hotter each passing second. You could feel your heat taking over your body. Bucky’s strong scent was covered with the traces of faint rut, and his scent was clogging up all your senses.
It felt magnificent.
“Alpha,” you moaned when his cock touched a spot in you, your body suddenly waking up. Bucky grunted. His rut was making him a little non-verbal, but he was okay with it. “Faster,” you whimpered. “Faster, harder, alpha, fuck!” The breath knocked out of your lungs with Bucky’s hard thrust.
Grunting and rumbling deep in his chest, Bucky started slamming into you. Your slick was now covering his inner thighs and groin, making these obscene sounds to echo in your room and your skin to stuck each other whenever Bucky’s pelvis kissed yours. You whimpered. Your body was both loosening up and tightening even more as Bucky’s thrusts became harder and deeper. Your body was melting under his, muscles were getting lax because of the rut scent and soft rumbles Bucky was occasionally letting out.
“Mmm,” Bucky hummed, nose poking your bonding glands. “You smell so good, omega,” he murmured, and you shuddered under him. Bucky chuckled darkly. His hot breath licked over your pulse. His short fangs grazed over the sensitive skin, tongue poking out to lick and suck as his pace turned into even something more feral. The sound of skin slapping skin was so loud, you were deafened by it.
You whimpered when you felt his teeth again. You had no fear of Bucky mating you, you knew him enough to know that he wouldn’t do that, but feeling him dragging his fangs up and down like that on your bonding glands was incredibly turning you on. You grabbed onto his arms when he slightly straightened up so that he could drive in you deeper.
“Shit,” you gasped. Bucky growled. His arms around your neck tightened its hold a bit, enough to make you feel every drag of oxygen. “Fuck, Bucky─” His cock was driving in and out of you at a mad pace, balls slapping against your clit and obscene sounds of your wet pussy was driving you even crazier.
With a snarl, Bucky pulled you up against him, flipping you on your back in a matter of seconds. When he slid into your once again, you felt the bulge of his knot at the base of his cock. You gasped, looking down, your mouth hung open on its own. Bucky chuckled.
“That mouth of yours is hungry, ain’t it?” He asked, a filthy smirk on his face. You tried to swallow the spit, but he didn’t let you. He stuffed three of his metal fingers into your mouth. “Suck on’em, honey,” he ordered lovingly. You moaned as you did what you were being told and felt his pace falter for a second. “Fuck.” You hummed around his fingers. His rut scent getting stronger, covering your body, your bed and leaving its mark deep into your bones, you felt like a cat under the sun.
Bucky placed his flesh hand on your pussy. His hips were moving with a rapid pace, your fluids were mixing with his. His thumb found your clit and started to play with it. You cried out. your back arching, you moaned around his fingers, your pussy tightening on his cock. Bucky gasped and grunted. His balls were hurting because of how full they were.
“Come for me,” he whispered. “Fuckin’ come for me, omega,” his harsh whispering voice commanded. You felt your eyes roll back as the pleasure and blinding orgasm took over your body. Bucky cursed as he felt your mouth watering even more around his fingers, pussy walls clamping on his cock and knot. Gasping, Bucky leaned in and pulled his fingers out your mouth so that he could kiss you. Bucky was so close, so fucking close─
“Mmm,” you hummed into his kiss. “C’me f’r me, alpha,” you murmured, placing sloppy kisses on his mouth. “C’mon, breed me, fill me up, make a mess─”
Groaning loudly, Bucky slammed forward one last time before he felt his knot popped. His balls seized so hard, Bucky let out a wounded sound. You shushed him. Placing your hands on his face, you kissed him. He sighed into the kiss as he thrusted in and out of you slowly, fucking his come deeper into you.
“Fuck, honey,” Bucky breathed out when the intense part of his orgasm washed away. You smiled, kissing him again. Bucky kissed you back soundly. “Damn, I’ve never come that hard before,” he said, chuckling.
“Good,” you said. Your scent flaring up with smugness, Bucky laughed.
“Yeah, alright, you’re possessive,” he said with a smile on his face. You felt your cheeks heat up and ducked your head. Bucky continued to smile but couldn’t stop himself from leaning down for another kiss.
After a couple minutes of lazy make-out, Bucky carefully re-arranged your positions so that he could cuddle you without crushing you. You lay like that in silence, feeling content. Your heat and his rut had diminished for the time being, giving you some time to recover. You were playing with his metal hand when the thought struck you.
“Hey,” you murmured, and Bucky hummed as an answer. “What did she say?” You asked him. He made a confused sound.
“Who? About what?”
“You sent me a picture last night and said you were chickening out because she was real nice and you don’t wanna fuck it up,” you explained, a little bit jealousy slipping into your scent. “Did you send her the picture? What did she say?” You felt him freeze momentarily, but then he let out a small chuckle.
“I sent it, yes,” he said. “She said that I look damn good and that I can’t fuck this thing up, not with that picture, and that I’m cute and she’ll understand why I sent it.”
You froze.
“It was intentional,” you murmured. Bucky hummed in approval, kissing your shoulder and tightening his arms around you. “You asshole,” you shrieked, hitting his arm. “You could have just come to me!” Bucky laughed as you hit him again.
“I’m sorry!” He said. “I actually didn’t mean to send you that picture, I swear. I hit send accidentally, but I also said ‘might as well’ afterwards, so,” he murmured, shrugging.
“God, I can’t believe this,” you grumbled. Bucky nuzzled your neck. “I couldn’t sleep last night because of that picture,” you admitted.
Bucky frowned. “Why?”
“I was horny, Bucky,” you said. Bucky let out a loud laugh.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he murmured, but you knew he wasn’t sorry at all.
“No, you’re not,” you rolled your eyes, pouting at the same time.
“No, I’m not,” he agreed, slowly moving on top of you. “I can make it up, though…” Kissing your cheek, he poked your nose with his playfully. “You said you were horny, right? How about I do something about that?” You smirked.
“I’m in heat, Barnes,” you said. “You better make it up to me.” Bucky smirked right back at you.
“Your wish is my command, m’Queen,” he said, sweeping you into a passionate kiss. 
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buckyblues · 3 months ago
ribs , bucky barnes
— (fem!avenger!reader x avenger!bucky)
summary; When Bucky arrives at the compound after years of loneliness, the person he finds comfort in is you.
warnings; fluff, angst, kissing, fools falling for each other, mentions of trauma, some medical stuff, reader likes to steal things.
word count; 2,037
a/n; okay, i had so much fun writing this piece, it’s my baby. enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Steve lightly knocked on your open door.
“You’re back,” you set your copy of Frankenstein to the side. It had been a gift from Banner for your birthday.
Steve leaned his broad frame against the wall. “I need you to stay up here for awhile, we brought him back.”
There were a lot of him’s that Steve could have brought back. Hostages, fugitives, ghosts that the government had long forgotten.
“Bucky,” he clarified. “He’s in medical.”
You knew who Bucky was. Former sergeant of the 107th, Steve’s best friend, and recovering Hydra assassin, among other things.
Steve and Sam had been looking for him for months, scrambling and chasing after him to get him to the compound. You were convinced that Bucky would consistently outrun the two for as long as he could, and the government would just catch him first.
“Is he here legally? He’s a wanted criminal,” you looked at Steve like he had five heads.
“Might’ve pulled some strings,” he shrugged. “Just don’t come out of your room, he’s unstable.”
Were they always going to treat you like you couldn’t handle anything around here?
“Rogers,” you huffed as he began to walk out. “I have some of the best medical knowledge in the compound, and you’re makin’ me sit here?”
“Yup,” his feet padded softly across the floor, and you watched him disappear down the stairs.
You flopped onto the bed like a starfish, making a mental list of things you could do to entertain yourself. Nothing really, that was your answer. You should be down there helping the medical team with any wounds Bucky may have, but Steve will scold you silly for leaving your room as soon as he gets the chance.
Well... Steve would get over it.
Thank god you were a trained spy, more or less, because the compound was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Medical would be crowded when you walked in, you’d bet the knife you stole from Nat’s collection that Bucky was strapped down to a bed as someone tried to bandage his nasty cuts.
Your instincts proved right.
Bucky was groaning, calling out for something you didn’t understand, legs and arms strapped down. He’s unstable, that’s what Steve said. Steve has a hand on Bucky’s shoulder in a weak attempt to comfort him as the medical personnel rid him of the caked dirt and blood on his skin.
You should be slapped over the face for being so curious, but Bucky has always fascinated you. Sam is in the corner of the the room with his head down, and you remember looking over Bucky’s records with him late at night, or that trip to the Smithsonian to see if you could catch Bucky lurking at his own memorial.
Something about Bucky was beautiful. Broken, but still beautiful. You can’t register it now as hot tears streak down his face, but it clicked with you when you read about him, or when Steve told stories.
“What did I tell you?” Suddenly Steve was stood over you, arms crossed.
“Oh... Captain,” you shoved your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. “I was just—“
Bucky groaned and cried out in pain. Sam tried to do what Steve had done, placing a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. He didn’t seem like the touchy-feely type.
“He could lash out at you,” Steve blocked your view of the hospital bed. “He doesn’t know who you are.”
“So? I’m the only person that can really help with his stitches. He’s hurting.”
“Fine,” Steve said through gritted teeth. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
You walked through the small crowd of nurses tending to Bucky, and naturally, they let you through. A prodigy, that’s the word they liked to throw around, with an organic understanding of human anatomy. The whole compound was surprised you had never gone to med school, and that you just preferred to play checkers with Wanda or help Sam on a mission.
“It’s okay,” you whispered, observing the deep gash down the inside of his right arm. “Can I touch you?”
Bucky thrashed around again, and Sam backed away. “Y/N, he’s having a moment. I wouldn’t go near him.”
“Sam, I have to seal that up,” you disregarded the danger you were in. “He’ll get an infection.”
The infamous Winter Soldier, and he just stared up at you with glassy blue eyes and fearful expression. He mumbled incoherent things under his breath, you wanted nothing more than to understand him.
It seemed like he hadn’t been understood in an awfully long time.
You grabbed all your things from the table to quickly mend him, holding a bandage between your teeth. He fought you, his metal arm tearing one of the restraints, but Bucky eventually let up.
“Relax, Buck,” Steve urged him from behind you.
“All done,” you smile and step away. “Everything else looks fine, you can handle it?”
Steve simply nodded, and you went back to your room.
A week had passed by since Steve brought Bucky to the compound. The air got cold and it rained almost everyday, which meant morning runs were no longer on your daily agenda.
You hadn’t seen Bucky come out of his room. It wasn’t surprising, Sam mumbled a few things here and there about him having a hard time adjusting, that he still got erratic. Being used as a human weapon for over half a century will do that to you.
Being on a mission would’ve been ideal right now. You’re bored in the compound, like a sad princess in her ivory tower. A knock on your door stirred you out of your haze.
“It’s open,” you flipped to the next page of your book. It’s about surgical history, you figured the medical team downstairs wouldn’t miss it from their decorative bookshelf.
Bucky stood in your doorway, looking slightly less upset than the last time you saw him.
“Steve told me this was your room,” he swallowed. “I’m across the hall.”
“I know,” you stared at him for a bit too long. It was strange, hearing him speak.
He pulled his shirt sleeve up, showing you the stitches you had made not long ago. “Can you check these?”
“Of course,” you patted the space on the mattress beside you. “Sit for me.”
Bucky sat down, eyeing his arm where the stitches were. His dark hair fell in his face, and you wanted so badly to push it behind his ears, to see him.
You checked the area around the stitches, making sure they were all intact and that nothing was infected. You had told Steve to make sure Bucky puts Neosporin around the wound every night, and it looked like he had been doing just that.
“Looks fine,” you took your hand away from his arm. “I can take them out soon.”
“Thanks,” he pulled his sleeve back in place. “I hope I didn’t bother you.”
“Not at all,” god, the way you wanted to reach out and touch him.
Bucky’s eyes shifted to yours, glimmering blue.
“When can I come back? For you to take them out?” He asked.
You let out a breath. “Three days.”
He stayed like that for awhile, just looking at you. Maybe he’s searching for something, perhaps fear. You’re not afraid of him.
Your hand moved to his face. That could be considered a calculated mistake. Bucky flinched, his metal hand balling in a tight fist. You brushed the long hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his left ear.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” you whispered.
His face warmed up a little bit. “What if I hurt you first?”
“I’ll try and calm you down. I’m not hurting you back.”
“That’s a bad idea.”
“Doesn’t matter,” you sighed.
Bucky nuzzled into your hand that was cupping his jaw. “I should go back to my room.”
“You can stay.”
No one knew why you and Bucky held hands all the time, so no one said anything.
Steve thought he had the right to know, and that maybe he could press his best friend for some answers. Was it a thing? No, you did it for solace. Bucky liked having something to hold.
Bucky Barnes had been a constant in your life for a few weeks. He enjoyed your company just as much as you enjoyed his, it probably had something to do with your lone wolf personalities. You were happy to be a part of his recovery, even if you found he didn’t say much.
“They healed really nice,” you ran a finger over where his stitches used to be.
His eyes looked more innocent than you’ve ever seen before. He was focusing on not flinching, you knew that. Bucky was still getting used to you touching him so often.
“If I ever need them again,” he squeezed your hand in his. “Can you do it for me up here?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t like seeing you strapped down to that bed.”
He wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. If he ever got treated like that again, you’d lose your mind.
“Why aren’t you a doctor?” Bucky squinted at you in curiosity.
“I wanted to be a surgeon,” you answered. “But being a spy paid more, I guess. Now I’m here.”
He didn’t have a counter for that, just listened. You liked that about him, he’s a good listener. He listened to you read books aloud so he could fall asleep to the sound of your voice, he listened to you talk about your favorite things even though he didn’t always understand them.
When Bucky first came to the compound, he was covered in bruises and cuts. Now, almost a month later, he looked a lot more at peace, physically and mentally. It’s like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
“It feels nice, being here with you,” his metal hand came up to stroke your cheek. “I was thinkin’ about staying locked in my room forever.”
You chuckled. “You’ll get used to everyone else.”
Something inside you ached. You just wanted to be close to him. There was that pang of guilt inside of you, telling you no, that he’d get scared if you did such a thing and it would be all your fault for wrecking his progress.
You moved closer to him so your nose was touching his. “I kinda hope that I’m your favorite.”
“You are,” he hummed, lips brushing against yours and giggling. “Don’t tell Steve.”
There’s nothing you’d rather do than hold him for the rest of your life when he giggles. It’s the most precious thing on earth, he’s letting himself be free.
“Bucky,” you buried the side of your face into your pillow. “Are you feeling okay?”
No answer, just his chapped lips pressed to yours. It felt inexperienced and static, but butterflies filled your stomach nonetheless.
“I wanted to do that with you,” he admitted.
You brought him back into a deeper kiss, still chaste, but more like what you believed he was striving for. He vaguely remembers the feeling of someone’s lips, back in the forties. His body is perfect, molding against yours like you were made for each other.
It’s so nice and warm that your toes curl a bit. The kind of long, sweet kiss that makes your brain reduce to mush, that’s what it was. You really don’t want to come up for air, he is air, that’s what you think.
You did eventually have to breathe, and you just held him for awhile. You stared at him too, shamelessly. That’s a perk of getting to be alone with Bucky.
“Thanks for letting me in here,” you poked at his chest.
He didn’t understand. “Where?”
“That big heart of yours,” you blushed.
Bucky wrapped his big arms around you tighter. He wanted to cry, or melt, but in a good way. He was still working on conveying his emotions. “Thanks for being my friend.”
“I don’t think we’re just friends anymore.”
A goofy smile spread across his face, his eyes crinkling at the sides. There was nothing more beautiful in the entire universe.
And he’s in your arms.
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houseravenclaws · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: bucky never talked much. he fell in love anyway.
Bucky wasn’t a man of many words.
And you noticed that fairly quickly. In fact, it was one of the first things you noticed about him when you first joined the team. Quiet, reserved, gentle Bucky Barnes wasn’t a man of many words.
But his eyes spoke volumes.
“You don’t talk much, do you?”
His gaze fell, “Not much to say.”
“I find that hard to believe.”
And you pushed him a lot to do so. Always asked him about the 40s and what he was like. You remembered asking if he was just as quiet then as he was now and Steve laughed from across the room saying, “You’re kidding right, Y/N? Buck was a real smooth talker.”
So, you teased him about that often. He didn’t like it, always said something about not being that guy anymore.
You reminded him that he could be any guy he wanted.
So, yeah, Bucky wasn’t a man of many words, but you two got close.
“I know you stole the remote, Buck.”
He circled around the kitchen counter, walking away from you.
“Is it because you don’t want to watch that Disney movie with me? I know you secretly like it and —“
“I don’t have the remote, Y/N.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what’s that hanging out of your pocket?”
You saw that little grin form on his face and you hurried forward and grabbed it before he could say another word.
He chased after you.
Then there were those times where he did thoughtful little things. Where he let his heart show through that thick wall of his and it made you realize just how much he spoke without speaking.
“Did you guys drink all the coffee again? Really? Does no one —“
Bucky handed you a cup.
“Two sugars, right?”
“Yeah and —“
“A dash of cream.”
That was until he added salt into your coffee one morning.
“We ran out of sugar!” he defended.
“So you added salt? Buck, that’s —“ you eyed him. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”
He took a sip of his coffee.
“Oh, you’re getting brave. I can —“
You grabbed his coffee and headed straight for your room.
He chased after you again.
So, yeah you two got close.
Bucky wasn’t a man of many words, but you two still got close.
He never let his walls down completely though. Never enough to let you know what he was feeling anyway, if he was hurt. It didn’t bother you so much until you realized he was always hurt, always hurting and that stung a little too much.
“Buck…can you let me in? Please?”
“We can talk tomorrow, Y/N.”
You sighed, standing outside his door.
“I don’t wanna talk tomorrow. I wanna…we don’t have to talk at all, Buck. I just wanna be with you right now.”
No response.
You’ll want to talk anyway, you practically heard and you sighed because it was true.
You knew you’d ask him a bunch of questions and Steve already told you — he already told you that Bucky liked his space. That he got distant sometimes when the world got too much or people got too much for him. Sometimes his mind got too much and Bucky wanted a break. You slid down against his door and sat there for ten minutes hoping for a change of heart.
You weren’t leaving though.
“Hey, Buck, how about this?”
You continued when he didn’t respond. You knew he was listening.
“How about we create a system? One that doesn’t involve you talking or me asking. It can just be...our thing. It can our thing, Buck.”
“And we don’t have to do it all the time. Just when we need to. When I need to know things and you don’t feel like giving. Think you’ve already given too much, don’t ya think?”
Nothing again.
You sighed.
But then you heard the door open and you fell back a little. Bucky looked down at you, what system? his eyes read and you patted the ground in front of you, signaling for him to sit.
He sat.
“Okay so, two taps anywhere like this,” you pressed your fingers against the back of his hand twice. “Means you’re okay. That you’re fine. Three taps, however,” you pressed three times against his skin. “Means you’re not. That you’re not okay.”
He stared at your hands.
“And I don’t have to explain why?”
“Never, Buck. Not unless you want to.”
You tapped him four times.
“What’s that?”
“Four taps means you miss me.”
Bucky got up.
“Aw, c’mon Buck. Humor me a little!”
You didn’t miss the little grin on his face.
Somehow you thought he’d give you two taps just for that comment.
Bucky wasn’t a man of many words, so he liked the system.
He first used it three days after it was created.
He’d woken up and strolled in for his first cup of coffee. Wasn’t the least bit surprised when he found you already there, cup ready in hand with eggs to match because coffee isn’t breakfast, Buck. He’d usually argue about it. Coffee’s the only breakfast, he’d say, but he didn’t have that in him today.
Maybe it was because he hadn’t come out of his room in three days. Or maybe it was because you hadn’t said anything to him yet, but Bucky didn’t argue. He just found himself tapping your hand twice when he reached for the cup.
You grinned.
Bucky liked that.
And you found that was the one he used the most.
Two taps.
Two taps whenever he went off to bed. Two taps when you played that Godforsaken Disney movie for the 5th time that week. Two taps when Thor made some stupid comment about wars during dinner one night.
It was two taps.
Always two taps.
So you were more than a little surprised when your first three taps came.
It was right after a mission. A long one. One that Steve had gotten hurt on because Bucky hadn’t gotten there fast enough. It wasn’t his fault though. Wasn’t anyone’s fault because everyone was too preoccupied with the bad guys at hand to notice the knife coming for Steve’s left side. Bucky took the blame though. Beat himself up about till he got into the jet.
The words were on the tip of your tongue, are you okay? You wanted to say it. Wanted everyone to say it because how could they not notice?
You didn’t though.
Instead you sat next to him and waited for him to say something, anything. At some point, you felt yourself giving up and drifting off until you felt his hand on your thigh.
He squeezed it three times.
You rested your head on his shoulder.
Then there was that time you left for six days. Fury had you and Natasha assigned to some undercover mission in London for the next six days. It took the whole six days, while the boys jetted off to New Orleans to deal with some asshole causing a ruckus in the city.
They came back in two.
“Buck!” you shouted, waking through the compound and dropping your bag at the front door.
“Buck, I’m back! Where are —“ you grinned, finding him resting at the bar stool in the kitchen. He was reading some file and you dropped your head onto his shoulder from behind.
“Hey, Buck. Miss me?”
He stopped.
“No? Ouch, well, I missed you,” you turned your head, kissing his cheek. “Look, I even brought you back a keychain. Nothing fancy. Just has a cat waving the British flag and when I saw it, I thought of you. The cat looks grumpy.”
Bucky didn’t say anything and you removed your head from his shoulder. He must be really into the file, you thought and you didn’t want to bother him so you left the keychain on the table and turned around to head to your room.
Bucky grabbed you and tapped your waist four times.
You launched yourself at him and covered his face with a series of kisses. Everywhere. Anywhere you could reach and each one was followed by a string of  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it’s.
Bucky never wanted to use the four taps again.
Except he did. All the time.
Bucky wasn’t a man of many words, but he thinks he was starting to fall for you.
Because he did four taps whenever you left the room for too long. And when Steve briefed them for too long that one time about some mission, Bucky found himself tapping your leg four times even though you were right there.
Right there. You were right there.
He even recalled nudging his nose against yours four times when you fell asleep on him during that damn Disney movie the previous week.
“Miss you,” he mumbled.
But it was okay because when you woke up the next morning, you nudged your nose against his cheek four times.
Bucky woke up with a bright gleam in his eyes.
“What was that for?” he asked.
“Missed you, obviously.”
“Yeah, Buck.”
And then there came a time where Bucky decided he wanted to create a new one.  A new tap.
Bucky wasn’t a man of many words, but he knows he finally found love.
“Sweetheart, damn, can you slow —“
Because you were stuffing popcorn in his mouth. You were laying in front of him, in between him to be more exact, and throwing popcorn behind like it was nothing.
Most of it didn’t even make it into his mouth.
“Shh, this is the best part.”
“You say that everytime. We’ve seen this movie a —“
“Shh, Buck!”
Bucky laughed and pulled you up so you were closer to his chest. It wasn’t anything special that made him realize it. Thinks it was the familiarly and the comfortability that made him put the pieces together, but Bucky leaned down and pressed his lips against your hair three times. Just three and that was enough for you to tear your eyes away from the screen and look up at him.
He didn’t say anything.
“Did I throw too much popcorn again? You know I get excited when Lucifer gets on screen. He reminds me so much of —“
Bucky tightened his arm around you and tapped his thumb against your stomach once.
You knitted your brows.
“One? Buck, one doesn’t mean anything. We don’t have —“
“One means I love you.”
“One tap means I love you. It means I love you, Y/N.”
It took a few seconds for your brain to register but once it did you jumped up in his lap and turned to face him. Bucky's sure the popcorn bowl had spilled all over the floor, but he didn’t care. Not when his girl looked at him like that and leaned in to kiss him like that too. So fiercely and full of love.
“Okay, okay, baby! I said one tap.”
“One tap gets you a million kisses each time.”
“Mhm. I’m okay with that.”
You giggled, I know you are, you mumbled against him and kissed him a little harder. He felt brighter, more happy and he knew he wasn’t one to say much, but his eyes always did and that was enough for you to pull back for a quick second before leaning in to give him one, long, seething kiss.
One kiss.
And at that moment, Bucky knew the kind of guy he wanted to be.
He wanted to be the kind that was loved by you.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Sweeter than Sugar
Summary: She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader, mentions of former relationship with OFC.
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem receiving), body shaming by OFC, language, mentions of insecurities. painful break up (not reader) bit angst, fluff. As always 18+ only.
A/N: Do not copy, rewrite, repost or translate my works. Comments and reblogs are welcomed. Beta'd by the lovely @deann and @makbarnes but all mistakes are my own.
A/N II: @star-spangled-bingo 2021 Squared filled: Curtain fic and @gotnofucks Body positivity challenge
Tumblr media
"Wait till you try this. I think this is my best batch yet." Bucky promises as he pulls the tray out of the oven with his vibranium hand.
You cringe for a second before remembering that he can handle the heat.
You stretch, looking around the large bright kitchen. A fresh breeze floats through the open window carrying in notes of rain and freshly cut grass and the faint sounds of the neighbor's kids playing with their dogs.
Leaning back in your seat, you turn your gaze back to him, a faint smile on your lips as he blows on the pastries, cute little puffs he named after you.
His blue eyes shine under the soft yellow lights, an apron under the swell of his pudgy belly. He looks incredible, wearing only a pair of black boxers that stretch across the curves of his ass. His hair is pulled back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, and there's always something smeared across his cheek.
Yesterday, it had been red velvet frosting, and today, cherry.
Bucky scoops a puff on to a small white plate, grabbing a fork from the drawer. He beams, his entire face radiant as he walks towards you.
That's the look that makes your stomach twist and leaves you feeling dizzy.
Dating Bucky has been a dream. He's loving, kind and he looks at you with such love that you lose your breath just thinking about him.
According to him, you've improved his life in several ways; he swears his food tastes better now, that you somehow make his cakes perfect, his frostings sweeter, and well, he can’t look at a peach without grinning like a drunk-in-love idiot.
You’ve spent many late mornings and lazy afternoons watching him patter around the kitchen, listening to him explain his baking processes while you lounge in a chair.
You don’t understand half of what he’s saying, but he speaks with such passion, his hands animatedly flying in the air as he talks about chocolates, melting points, and the differences in pans.
Bucky has discovered early on that he loves to watch you eat. To be more specific, if it's his food. Only his food, if he’s being honest. He gets so nervous every time that his stomach plummets because he wants to make things for you.
Give you so many things.
Starting with your own custom-made pastry.
“Here, Peach, it just melts on your tongue,” his deep voice lowering to a near moan.
He slips the pastry into your open mouth, his thumb grazing over your bottom lip as you swallow. Oh, your eyes almost roll back in your head when the flavors explode on your taste buds. You’ve never tasted anything that wonderful.
“Oh my god, Bucky,” you gasp, leaning forward for more. “I-that’s so good! Can I have another?”
He grins, lopsided and wide, his heart thundering so hard it feels like it might fly out of his chest. Bucky will give you pastries as much as you want if you keep looking at him like that. He puts his all into his baking and the fact that you enjoy it makes him feel as if he can walk on air.
Bucky kisses your forehead as you chew, pushing away from the table, he slides on his sock-covered feet to the fridge. “What do you want to drink?”
“What do we have?” You giggle as he dances in front of the fridge, calling out options for you.
It’s hard to believe that the carefree man in front of you is the same one that was ashamed to remove his shirt a few weeks ago.
Tumblr media
Bucky holds your hands at your sides, fingers laced between yours as he feasts between your thighs. He promised to make you come for him at least three times and you swear it’s been double that by now. His warm, wet tongue flicking over your swollen, sensitive clit over and over, sucking and pulling it into his mouth like he can’t get enough of you.
You moan incoherently, voice hoarse from begging and mewling, your legs limp around his broad shoulders. “Buc-Bucky, oh right there, Bucky,” you plead, feeling pressure build in your belly as his tongue traces patterns over you.
Bucky grinned, his face covered in your slick. He can’t remember the last time he had a better meal in his life. “That’s my girl, so sweet, need one more taste, just a little more,” he whispers before his lips wrap around your clit again. Your mouth falls open in a wordless scream, back arching off the bed when he gently shakes his head, sucking so hard that you see stars.
Bucky groans actually groans deep and vulgar when you cum,and you feel it as your body explodes, waves of pleasure surging through you until you’re gushing on his beard. He eases up, nuzzling into your puffy folds as you come down from your high. Bucky looks up, his dark slate-blue eyes taking in your heaving chest, a bead of sweat rolling down your belly.
“One more?” he says hopefully, wanting to dive back into your pussy.
Your eyes widen as you frantically shake your head. “No. Oh no. Bucky, I can’t, I really can’t, I’m not sure I can handle any more.” You laugh breathlessly, tugging one of your hands free from his tight grip. You rake your fingers through his hair, smiling down at him. "Besides, I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me until I can’t walk.”
A faint blush sweeps across his cheeks as he averts his eyes. “Peach,” he mumbles shyly like he just didn’t spend the past hour worshiping your pussy with his mouth.
Bucky stands up, wiping a hand down his face. He stares at his glistening palm for a second, and then his pink tongue darts out, swiping across the wet surface. You wonder if he’s aware that he's moaning, your pussy throbbing at the guttural sounds.
“You’re filthy,” you jest when he does it again. His face gets even redder as he sucks on his finger.
“You taste better than my pies,” he retorts. “I could eat you all day, every day.”
“Tomorrow, for sure, but right now I want you inside me.”
His smile drops a little when you tell him to get undressed. He’s been dreading this moment, doing everything he can to avoid it. You scoot back on the bed, reaching out for him. Bucky looks down at his body, at his belly, his eyes narrowing, he scratches the back of his neck, telling himself he can do this.
He lifts the edge of his navy blue Henley, freezing when he hears her voice in his head. “Who would want a fatty? No one is going to love you looking like that.” Even now it stings thinking about her. Bucky glances over at you, his heartbreaking at the thought of you rejecting him.
Bucky drops his shirt and reaches for the lamp. “One second.” He says. An unmistakable hint of sadness in his voice has you sitting up. He’s never sounded like that before.
You tilt your head to the side, searching his face. “Bucky, what’s wrong?”
“Just gonna turn the lights off first.” The corner of his lips lifts in a weak, watery smile.
You move to your knees and grab his large hand before he can switch them off. “Why?”
Bucky swallows, “no reason, just like the lights off, 'is all.”
Bucky’s admittedly good at a lot of things, but lying isn’t one of them. He briefly meets your gentle gaze, worry and fear swimming in his beautiful clear blue eyes.
Placing your hands on his chest, you grab his chin. “Bucky, look at me.” He immediately follows your soft command. “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”
Bucky blinks, shaking his head, almost confused at the thought that you could do anything wrong. “No, no, you’re perfect! It’s me. I don’t wanna disappoint you.” His voice tapers off in a whisper, hearing her sharp laughter the last night they were together. “I know I’m fat, so it would be better if we turned off the lights, that way you don’t have to look at me. “
You stare at your generous, doting boyfriend. “Why wouldn’t I want to look at you?,” you question, befuddled because who on earth would jump at the chance to see a naked Bucky Barnes.
He shrugs a shoulder, his somber eyes drifting down. He grabs his belly and jiggles it. Another shrug followed by a quiet, “I look different with my clothes off.”
You crane your head back, “I love your belly, it’s perfect. Who made you feel like you have to hide it?”
Bucky sighs, rubbing his cheek into your palm. “My ex, Moxie- “
Tumblr media
Bucky dated her two years ago. She latched on to him when he and Steve bought the bakery, wanting to be the girlfriend of the rising baking star.
Bucky slowly gained weight as he sampled his baking and designed dessert menus for local restaurants, his joy for baking expanding each day, finally getting to see his dreams become reality.
He hadn’t noticed the changes in his body until one night Moxie cruelly pointed them out.
He was getting ready for bed, eager to be with his girl after a full day of running around. He had been telling her about how another restaurant wanted his input, so excited to share his news that he didn’t notice the way she glared at him.
Tossing his shirt in the hamper, he turned to her and smiled, his hands on his belt. “I’ve been thinking about you all day baby, I can’t- “
Moxie sneered at him, pretending to gag. “Are you serious?”
Bucky’s brows furrowed. “Um, what?”
“Um, what,” she mocked, pulling the blanket up to her chest. There's a pause, tension seeping into the room. “You know what, I have to say it, I can't take this anymore James. Look at you and look at me, why the fuck would I let you touch me anymore?”
Moxie sighed, “can you put on your shirt back on or something because that- “she gestured at him “-is disgusting” She let out an irritated groan when he flinched at her words.
A punch to the gut would have hurt less. Bucky felt his heart split. “Moxie,” he whispered, unable to find words to express the pain currently ripping through him.
“Look, I didn’t sign up for this, you were in shape when we got together, what the hell happened to you? Why do you think I stopped letting you touch me.” She ranted, ignoring his soft pleas for her to stop.
“Either lose the weight or I’ll fuck Steve, at least he still looks good.” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, yawning, “can you go somewhere else, I don’t want you accidentally rolling over me and squishing me in your sleep.”
His mouth floundered open, but he couldn’t speak. It all hurt too much, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe, the air was too thick and his chest grew tighter with each breath; he needed to get away, terrified of what might happen if he cried in front of her.
Bucky shuffled out the room, his heart shattering with every step. He thought she was happy, that he made her happy. Her laughter following him out to the hallway made his head droop even more.
What did he do wrong?
He spent the night on the couch, staring at his old pictures through tear-filled eyes, Bucky always had a little fullness to him, but he was always happy with his body. And he had been having so much fun with the grand opening and all the new opportunities that he never noticed that he stopped needing belts and his shirts were a little snug over his belly.
Bucky called Steve, his best friend fuming when he told him what happened. By the time he was done speaking with him, Bucky felt a little better, his heart may have been in pieces but he knew what he needed to do.
He kicked her out the next morning.
Much to Moxie’s surprise and Bucky's. He may be chubby but he's not going to be her pushover either.
Bucky ignored her apologies and said she had to go. It shocked her when Steve had shown up with a roll of garbage bags, tossing them at her feet with a sharp quip that he doesn’t fuck losers. Both men stood side by side, watching silently as she packed her belongings.
The only things she left behind were his broken heart and a few nagging insecurities that plagued him.
Tumblr media
He finishes, his broad shoulders slumped under the weight of his confession, you want nothing more than to stamp out the sadness marring his beautiful eyes.
“I thought she loved me but--“ he sighs, “--I don’t want you to look at me the way she did, I love you too much, Peach, and I know I should probably lose a few -”
You’ve never been angrier in your life. You want to punch little Ms. Moxie in her throat, she better hope she never runs into you because they will have to pry you off of her.
Clearing your head, you clasp his face in your hands and pull him down for a kiss. “Bucky Barnes, you are the sweetest man I know, you’re beautiful and I love everything about you.”
You silence his objections with another kiss. “I mean it Bucky, I love all of you. You don’t need to change anything.”
Bucky swallows the small protest, letting himself relax. You’re not her, you won’t hurt him. Placing a kiss on his soft, round belly, you murmur, “you have no idea how sexy you are, honey.”
You stand on the bed, holding on to his bicep for balance, and tug his shirt off. Looking down at him, you bite your lip. He’s ridiculously handsome and you’re going to prove it to him.
You pepper kisses along the curve of his neck as you sink back down, praising him and telling him how much you love him, describing in vivid detail how each part of his body is perfect.
His confidence and love for you growing with each word. By the time you reach the band of his boxers, he panting, his eyes darkening with an almost feral need to possess you.
Bucky tears off the last barrier keeping you from him and he pounces. You giggle as he pushes you into the soft blankets, the solid, comforting weight of his body encompassing you as he kisses you with such passion you forget to breathe. His warm lips melding into yours, his wet tongue dipping into your mouth, the taste of you still lingering on his tongue as it dips into your mouth.
Bucky reaches down with one hand, grabbing his cock, his other hand cupping the back of your head as he deepens the kiss. He breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on yours so he can gaze into your eyes. Bucky watches your mouth fall open, a gasp pouring out when he guides his thick cock into you.
He rolls his hips, moving deeper into your wet, hot heat. “That’s it Peach, you’re so good,” He brushes his lips across yours, swallowing your oh Bucky as he stretches your tight pussy around him. The slight burn gives aways to pure bliss, you circle your hips after a minute. A quiet I’m ready breathed into his mouth.
Bucky thrusts languidly into your pussy, each deliberate slow drag of his throbbing cock against your soft walls sends bursts of pleasure up your belly and down your spine. His lovemaking tender, yet so possessive that your head is reeling.
He makes sure that you feel all of him, each inch as you clench down, greedy for more of him, even as he goes deeper and deeper, his soft lips caressing your neck. His body keeping you pinned, so you have to take everything he’s giving you.
That pressure builds again, heavy and hot in your belly, digging your heels into the top of his thighs, you meet his strokes, pleading with him to please move a little faster, you need it so bad.
You don’t have to beg; he wants you to cum for him; he wants to feel your sweet pussy flutter around him as you cry out his name.
Bucky sucks a bruise on your throat, his hips pounding into yours. The headboard smacking against the wall with each powerful thrust. The dull thuds drowned out by your loud moans, the pressure getting more intense.
“Bucky,—” you cry out, scratching his lower back when he grinds his hips down, “—oh fuck, do that, do that again,” you frantically chant, slapping your hands on his ass, keening when he does, god yes, he does it just right, hitting a tender spot inside your cunt so hard that you bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming.
“That it Peach, is that what you need.” He slips a hand between your bodies, his wide fingers circling your clit, “Go on, cum for me, give it to me Peach, be my good girl, and cum for me.”
You do, your walls clenching down as the pressure snaps, sensations firing off as your orgasms winds through you. Bucky’s pace falters, becomes erratic when he feels you milking his cock, unable to hold himself back any longer he lets himself go, relishing in your warmth until he spills inside you.
He tries to roll off of you, but you wrap your arms around him, murmuring for him to stay for a minute. You smooth your hands over his slick back, Bucky relaxes on top of you, grinning at your contented sigh. “I love you Peach.”
“Love you too,” you respond, plotting all the ways you’re going to let him know how much he means to you.
Tumblr media
After that night, you began to praise Bucky, complimenting his body every chance you got, smacking his ass whenever he walked past you, hugging and kissing him.
The first couple of weeks, he would hide his face behind one of his large hands and his cheeks would resemble one of his bright red apples. “Peach, you don’t have to, I mean I’m-” he would stammer each time, always tucking his hair behind his ears.
It took you three days to figure out that he has a praise kink and you amped it. He barely opened his eyes before you were saying something that made him hide his face behind his pillow, laughing when you wiggled under it to tell him how good he looks when he smiles.
While you loved making him blush, you cherished how confident he became. And you reaped the benefits, one second he was a bashful baker with buttercream frosting on his forehead, the next he was bending you over his counter, railing you so good you couldn’t even scream his name.
After a while, he stopped avoiding the bathroom mirror in the mornings. And you couldn’t wipe the grin off your face, the first time you saw him cooking, shirtless, in the kitchen. He turned when he heard your footsteps, his face turning that familiar shade of red as you openly gawked.
“C’mon Peach, don’t you start-” he playfully grumbles, his lip twitching as he held in his smile, he moved back to the frying back, turning off the stove as he braces himself.
You squeal, flinging yourself at him, peppering his back with kisses. You couldn’t contain the litany of praises on your tongue, so proud of him. Bucky twisted in your grasp, cupping your face in his hands. “God I love you Peach.”
Tumblr media
Bucky and Steve are celebrating the grand opening of another bakery. The largest one to date. The new building is full of investors, press, other bakers and chefs, a live band playing in the corner, drinks, and food everywhere, and of course the tower of desserts in the middle of the room. The atmosphere light and airy, glasses clinking, people dancing and every kind of cake, pies, and pastry imaginable on silver platters through the room.
You’ve never had so much fun, although a slightly buzzed Bucky is having an even better time because you’re wearing one of his favorite dresses. You remember when he first saw you in it, you twirled out of the dressing room and he nearly lost it in the middle of the store.
The more he celebrates, the more he’s giving you that look. Steve has to keep interfering, he’s close to going feral in front of all his guests.
Steve sent him to the kitchen after he caught him trying to put his hand between your thighs. You’re laughing as a contrite Bucky gets up from the table to refill the rapidly diminishing display.
“You know I’ve known Buck my whole life and I’ve never seen him this happy.” Steve remarks as he takes a seat across from you. His warm blue eyes glistening. “Thank you for that. He’s been through a lot and you’re the best thing that happened to him.”
Your cheeks get heated at his words. Steve leans forward, holding your hand between his. “I mean it, even though he’s getting on my last nerve talking about you.“
Steve squeezes your hand as he looks up at the ceiling for a second. “God, the man never shuts up, and I’m this close to strangling him if he compares you to another peach, but I love-“
He cuts off, his head jerks back so fast, you think something struck him. “What the fuck is she doing here?”
You turn around in your chair, searching the crowded room. “Who are you talking about?”
“Moxie,” Steve spits out, his hand curling into a fist. “White dress by the bar.”
You find her flirting with one of the investors. Moxie puts her hand on his chest, her shrill laugh cutting through the surrounding conversations. Whatever she tried fails spectacularly. The tall, sturdy blonde grimaces and walks away. You would almost feel bad if you didn’t want to slam her face into the wall.
She spots Steve and waves, making her way through the crowd. “Hey, long time no see.”
Steve raises a brow, his eyes hardening. “Why are you here?”
She laughs, patting his shoulder. “I’m here to apologize to Bucky, I know he misses me, he must be lonely.”
“Really?” you question, keeping your voice light and even.
Moxie dismissively glances at you before returning her attention to Steve. You chuckle under your breath, tapping your heel on the floor.
Don’t ruin your man’s event. Don’t ruin your mans’ event. You repeat the thought as you inhale through your nose.
“So I heard you two are doing really well.” She says, her manicured nails roaming over Steve’s suit. “Really well.”
Steve flicks her fingers off him, “We are. No Bucky’s not lonely. He doesn’t miss you. He’s very happy. With her.”
Moxie’s polite veneer cracks when Steve points at you. Waving your fingers at her, you grin at her. “You go near my Bucky and I’ll rip that cheap necklace off and shove it down your throat.”
She turns to Steve, gesturing to you as if she's the innocent one here; he raises his glass, blowing a harsh breath through his lips. “Don’t look at me, I still don’t fuck losers, but I’ll call if you if that changes.”
You laugh in your empty glass when she sputters. She turns to you, hand on her hip. You slowly raise your eyes, returning her stare. Part of you wanting her to do something, so you can wipe the smirk off her overly painted face.
“Whatever, I don’t need this. Keep the fattie. I can find another rich loser like that.” She snaps her fingers, storming over to the bar. You blink a few times in disbelief. The audacity of this bitch, thinking that she can stay and mingle at his event.
You're debating if you should have her thrown out by one of the staff or if you should drag her out by her hair.
You look her up and down as you ponder your choices, pausing when you see the edge of a tag sticking out the back of her dress. Hmm, interesting. She must plan on returning it after tonight.
A devious smirk slowly takes over your face, you know exactly what you’re going to do to little Ms. Moxie.
You glance at Steve, picking up his wineglass. Steve shakes his head while grabbing your hand. “Hey hey, I know what you’re thinking, and no.”
Before you can say anything, he’s pouring more burgundy wine into the glass until it’s nearly sloshing over the sides. “If you’re going do it, you gotta do it right.”
You exchange knowing glances. No one hurts Bucky. You saunter over to her, keeping your hand steady, not wanting to lose a single drop on the floor.
“Hey Moxie,” you call out. She turns around and you ‘trip’ over your heels, the deep red liquid flying forward in a perfect arch, splashing across her ivory dress, her face and you even got some in her hair.
“Oops, gosh, I am so clumsy,” you state, hiding your grin as she shrieks.
Steve jumps up, offering to help before she can swing at you. “I got you, darling.”
He places a hand on her back, quickly ushering her away “a little club soda will get that right out,” he reassures a pouting, whining Moxie.
He's lying through his teeth, that stain will never come out. Steve gets a peek at the price tag, almost laughing at the $899 imprinted on the card. He maintains his façade, leading her through the room, he stops, giving her a wide smile.
“And you can find some at the drugstore down the street.” He states, opening the front door and pushing her out. Her indignant shouts cut off when he slams the door in her face.
You throw your head back and cackle, startling some guests around the bar, you apologize for your outburst between fits of laughter, wiping the tears pricking at your eyes. You wave down the amused bartender, placing an order for you and Steve.
Steve joins you, raising his fresh glass of wine in a toast. “No one fucks with Bucky.”
"No one."
Neither you nor Steve realizes Bucky saw the whole thing. He ducks back into the kitchen, clutching the tray of Cannelés to his chest. For weeks after the breakup, he had rehearsed what he was going to say that next time he came face to face with Moxie.
But what you and Steve did was even better, the love of his life and his best friend always looking out for him.
Loving him unconditionally.
And just like that, the last traces of his insecurities vanished.
Tumblr media
Later that night, you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He smiles at your hand on his belly. He places his large hand over yours, wondering how he got so lucky to have you.
And if Steve would kill him if he named another dessert after you.
He’ll risk it.
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skyeisawizard · 3 months ago
Drunk, Y/N buys a load of magnets and sticks them to her boyfriends metal arm while he sleeps
Fluff! This is fluffy as fuck and i can’t believe someone hasn’t written this already (is they have send it my way pls I wanna read it)
Thank you for 400 in such a short space of time! It really means the world to me
Send in requests, come flirt a little ;)
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” she hissed as she stumbled into the apartment. The bag full of magnets was nearly splitting at the bottom, the horn of the unicorn magnet poking through the plastic.
It was the dumbest idea ever. So dumb it was almost brilliant.
Girls night had taken a little bit of a wild turn when Y/N and her friends moved past the corner shop. One of them stopped and the others followed suit, looking at all of the pretty things inside. Once Y/N saw the fridge magnets, she knew what she needed to do.
Fifty dollars. Fifty fucking dollars went towards buying those magnets. It hardly seemed worth it and Y/N knew she’d regret it when she was sober. Or once her boyfriend realised what she was doing.
Their cat was snoozing away on the sofa as Y/N crept past. She toed off her shoes and threw them in the box in a not so quiet manner. “Shush,” she whispered to the still sleeping cat. “He doesn’t sleep very well! We can’t be loud.” The only problem was her whisper and how it was so much louder than she intended. “I gotta get me some water!”
The bag in her hands swung from side to side as she struggled into the kitchen. It smacked against the counter several times, definitely waking Bucky up, but drunk Y/N was too tired to notice.
She pulled a glass from the cupboard, nearly dropping it in the process, and filled it with water.
Only when a heavy click filled the air did she sober up a little. Only a little. She turned slowly, holding the glass against her chest and sloshing it down her dress in the process. “Bucky?” She called into the darkness of their apartment.
He came out of the hallway, holding his gun in his metal hand. Only once he saw it was Y/N did he put it down by his side. He opened his arms wide and marched towards her. “I was wondering when you were going to get home,” he said and helped her put down her glass. Bucky kissed the top of her head and eyed the bag in her hand suspiciously. “Do you wanna tell me what you bought tonight?”
Y/N pressed her finger to her lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh, Buck. It’s a secret!”
He shook his head, his freshly cut hair falling into his eyes. “Alright, doll. Whatever you say.” Taking her hand, he led her into the bedroom and helped her to get ready for bed. He let her throw the bag under her bed, promising not to “tell Bucky”, whatever that meant, and helped her into an old shirt of his and pyjama shorts.
Bucky pulled back the covers and Y/N dove under. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. Bucky climbed in after her, wrapped his flesh arm around her waist as pulled her in close.”
It was almost five in the morning and the sky was already bathed in a soft orange glow. Slightly more sober than the night before, Y/N remembered her mission. She reached under the bed and opened the bag. The material rustled under fingertips and she kept her eyes on Bucky, praying he stayed sleeping.
When her fingers connected with the first magnet and Bucky still hadn’t stirred, she knew her plan was a success.
Rolling back towards him, she snuggled against his side and threw her arm over his waist, reaching for his metal one. It wasn’t uncommon for them to sleep in this position and Bucky’s unconscious mind thought nothing of it.
As soon as the first magnet, a rainbow magnet, attached to his arm, Bucky’s eyes flew open. Instantly he looked at the figure to his side, checking her over for anything wrong. But her chest was rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes squeezed shut. Bucky looked at the door and saw nothing. Brushing it off, he fell back to sleep.
Y/N waited a few more minutes to reach into the bag. She picked up three at a time, a sad cloud, a donkey in front of a gate and the unicorn one.
One by one she began attaching them to Bucky’s arm. Her giggles were uncontrollable as she placed the sad cloud beside the rainbow. Her body shook, finally waking Bucky up.
At first he was concerned. It had taken him a while to get used to sleeping in a bed but once he was, he slept like a log. His eyes moved to his girlfriend and his worry dropped.
There she was, cheeks red, water spilling from her eyes and her hand slapped over her mouth. The unicorn magnet was still in her lap, her fingers clasped around it. “Doll, it’s so early,” Bucky grumbled and looked up at her through his lashes. His head was still against the pillow, his fingers reaching around for her. “What’s the matter?”
“Bucky!” She suddenly whined and crawled over to sit on his chest. “You’re ruining all of my fun.” Pouting, she placed the unicorn magnet on his arm and crossed her own over her chest. “All I wanted to do was make your arm look like the fridge but you just had to wake up.”
Bucky’s thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “Did you and your friends buy a bunch of magnets when you were out?”
“I’m not telling you unless you let me decorate your arm.”
There was no way out of this one. Eventually Bucky was going to cave. He would’ve given her the whole damn moon if she had asked for it. Compared to that, covering his arm in magnets wasn’t going to do any harm. He nodded his head and Y/N instantly jumped off the bed. She grabbed the bag and moved back to sit on his chest.
Before starting with the magnets, Y/N leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you bucky,” she whispered and kissed him again.
He grumbled out a response, something along the lines of “love you too,” and Y/N began placing magnets up by his shoulder, starting with a turtle wearing sunglasses.
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buckyblues · 3 months ago
baby fever , bucky barnes
— (fem!reader x tfatws!bucky)
request; Smutty fic where the reader wants Bucky to put a baby in her after she sees how he is with Sam’s Nephews
warnings; smut, fluff, bucky being a sap, marriage stuff, handjob, car sex, babymaking, breeding kink, bit of a praise kink.
word count; 1,131
a/n; domestic bucky makes my brain short circuit. i hope you enjoy! <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
It started when you arrived at the Wilson’s.
You weren’t aware that your fiancé was extremely good with kids of all ages, playing games with them outside or indulging them in silly stories. Damn him for having a hidden talent.
Something about Bucky entertaining Sam’s nephews stirred something in you. Sure, you and Bucky had agreed on the whole future family thing and working stuff out after you got hitched, but you didn’t need it to be organized. Fancy doctors and fertility calendars are overrated, you should just start now.
You’re both full-grown adults, there’s no reason for you to be holding off on a pregnancy.
Now this weekend getaway to Sam’s is making you question everything you and Bucky had planned out. You’ve waited so long to just marry him, why would you wait even longer to raise a beautiful baby with him? Everything was finally at peace, no more crazy missions or alien invaders, and now you could just be.
“He’s good with the kids,” Sam sat next to you at the pinic table, beer in hand. “Tell me, when’s Bucky Junior comin’?”
“We’re not even married yet,” you gave your friend a playful jab on the shoulder. “No mini-Bucky’s right now.”
“Y’all should babysit then,” Sam laughs. “Sarah could use it.”
“Just give us a call.”
Bucky ran over with a spring in his step, the two kids attached to his sides scurrying away. He takes his sunglasses off and sets them on the table.
“How’s my future wife?” His hands lightly grip your shoulders.
He’s so... dreamy. All big muscles and cerulean eyes. “I’m good,” you reply.
Sam glances over at you both. “Do you lovebirds need a minute?”
You both just nodded.
Fair enough. The closer you and Bucky get to your wedding date, the touchier you get. Sam thinks he’ll get a cavity from how sweet you two are.
“Bucky,” you whisper as Sam walks away. “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course.”
Your shyness was catching up to you. “Can... we have a baby?”
“Sure,” he shrugs. “I thought we agreed on that.”
“No,” you pout a bit. “Right now.”
“Babe, aren’t we gonna get married first?”
You just shook your head.
“Seriously?” Bucky sighs.
“Dead serious,” you say. “I’m off the pill, you could put a baby in me right now, James.”
Bucky looked around for a second, barely anyone was within his range of sight.
“Why do you want this?” He asks sincerely.
“Because I’m in love with you, and I see how much you enjoy being with those kids. I know you wanna be a dad, why wait?” You smile.
A smirk spreads across his face. “I’ll have two people callin’ me daddy if we have a little one runnin’ around.”
“Bucky!” You gasp. “You’re a menace—“
He grabs your hand and leads you to where the car he rented is parked. It’s nestled neatly in the woods at the front of the Wilson’s property, unable to be seen. He unlocks it, the beeping noise startling you a bit, and you both get in the back.
“I’m gonna get you so fuckin’ full, doll,” he pulls your body impossibly close to his. “I promise we’ll have a baby.”
You kiss him, completely passionate and messy. His hands roam under your top and his tongue dives deep inside of your mouth.
“Please,” you fumble with the zipper of his jeans.
“Go ahead,” he encourages. “Only if you’re sure.”
The only thing you’ve ever been more sure of in your entire life is that you’re hopelessly in love with James Barnes.
You take his half-hard length out of his boxers, stroking it up and down. His glassy eyes are focused on you, and it makes you feel special. He’s always had a way of making you feel priceless.
“How unceremonious,” he runs his palms over the warm skin of your thighs. “We’re in the back of a goddamn rental car.”
“It doesn’t matter where we do it.”
You’ve gone completely mad and you know it, the way you’re rushing the process of getting Bucky inside of you speaks for itself.
“Slow down,” he says softly. “Got a bit of baby fever, huh?”
“Maybe,” a blush creeps up your face.
He lifts each of your legs up with ease, helping you slip out of your shorts and underwear. Bucky leaves tender kisses on your neck and does everything so languidly, he hasn’t been like this in awhile. He’s typically rough with you, and it’s not like you don’t enjoy it, but this new approach is making you dizzy.
“I love you,” he mumbles into your lips when he finally makes his way back up. You’re melting into each other like candy under the hot summer sun, and it feels so good.
Your fingers card through his short hair, a silent I love you too. Bucky firmly grabs your ass with his flesh hand, blunt nails slightly digging in, and pulls your soaking core closer to him.
“Tell me what you want, pretty girl,” he rasps.
“Give me a baby, Barnes.”
The air in the car seems way too thick as he slowly guides his cock to your entrance. God, this is actually happening. You sink down onto him, nice and slow, your hands exploring the taut muscles underneath his t-shirt.
“Always so fuckin’ tight,” he grunts. “So good for me.”
Bucky ruts up into you, watching your fucked-out expression as he does so. You’re such a mess and it’s so dirty, biting your lip as your walls clench his cock.
“James,” moans fall from your mouth while the pleasure hums through you. “Fuck, feels so good—“
“It’s gonna feel better when I fill you up,” he grips your hips a little harder. “I’ll fuck you ‘till you’re dripping.”
“Please, I want it so bad,” you whimper.
Bucky is pistoning into you at a vigorous pace, and you can feel how close you are. Every muscle in your lower body is spasming, and the intensity of the situation just makes everything better. He’s hitting spots inside you that you didn’t even know existed.
“I’m gonna cum,” your eyes screw shut. “C’mon, Bucky.”
Your release drives him to the edge and he lets out an animalistic noise as the floaty feeling encompasses both of you.
The warmth of him emptying inside of you makes your walls flutter around him again. You relax into his sweaty body and give him a weak smile.
“Do you think we made a baby?”
“I don’t know, it might take a few tries,” he strokes your hair gently.
“I really hope we did,” you savor the way the faint sunlight cascades over his beautiful features. “But that was a good run.”
Bucky quirks an eyebrow at you. “When’s our next run?”
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angrythingstarlight · 23 days ago
You need a fake boyfriend to chase off an ex or some other creep. There’s two men in the crowd you’d consider asking to pretend to know you and help chase this other guy away. Do you pick mafia Bucky or lumberjack Bucky? Is there another guy in the room that I’m not seeing that you would want over these two?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Bucky x Reader
Warnings: implied past abusive relationship (omc x reader) protective Bucky
Word count: 965
A/N: Written on my phone. Don't copy,rewrite, translate, or repost my work.
You've been dodging your creepy ex all night but he's getting more persistent and frankly, you're frightened of what he's going to do.
It took everything you had to break up with him. The last time you left him, he found you and dragged you back. No one had helped you then. You can't let that happen again. Clutching your fist to your mouth, you hold back a sob. You can't let that happen again, you can't.
Looking around the room, you see a tall man with chestnut hair and clear blue eyes. A bright, genuine smile cutting across his bearded face as he speaks.
You go to him because he radiates a gentle energy and he towers over everyone in the room. You don't why but he seems safe. You say a silent prayer that for once in your life your instincts about a man are right.
Looking over your shoulder, you see your ex stalking towards you, his bleary eyes staring you down. He’s drunk and when he drinks, he gets even meaner.
Fear knots in your belly, an all too familiar sensation that sent a jolt of adrenaline through your veins.
You speed up to a near sprint, stumbling into the lumberjack. He looks down at you, his smile fading into a worried frown at the sight of your tear-filled eyes.
“Please help me,” you rush out, glancing back again. “Please-“
Bucky follows your gaze, his eyes narrowing at your ex. “He hurt you?”
You swallow thickly, mouth suddenly dry. You drop your head, you shouldn’t be ashamed, but you are. And it makes you hate your ex even more.
Bucky stares at your downcast face, his eyes flitting to the drunk idiot stumbling in your direction. And he’s angry, it’s raw and instantaneous. He thinks of his family and how he would kill anyone who hurt them.
He doesn’t know you yet, but he knows that he can’t stand how scared you are. And he knows that whoever that man is doesn't matter, he will never harm you ever again.
“Steve, Sam come here a sec,” he calls out across the room. You turn to see two equally tall men walking towards you. Bucky tilts his head down, he reaches for your chin but then stops. “Hey, don’t worry about anything, I got you.”
“I- thank you.” You keep your eyes averted, flinching when you hear your ex scream your name, telling you to get your ass over now.
Bucky laughs, his eyes hardening. “This is the last time you’ll have to worry about him.”
You shrink back when Bucky storms through the crowd, Sam and Steve following him. The room goes quiet when Bucky lifts him up by his neck and shakes him like a rag doll.
He slowly walks out, keeping your ex in the air. The conversations resume when the door closes behind him.
You weren’t expecting that. For once, your ex looked terrified and you can’t lie, it looked beautiful, you wish you could have taken a picture.
You wait nervously by the bar, perking up when Bucky and his friends come back in. He looks around, his face lighting up when he spots you. As he gets closer, you see his bottom lip is split open and his bruises mar his large knuckles.
“I’m sorry,” you say, “I shouldn’t have asked-“
Bucky gently waves off your apologies. “This is nothing, I once tripped and landed face-first in a pile of wood, gave myself a black eye and broken nose.”
He gestures at his face. “This doesn’t even hurt. And around here we don’t hurt women, so don’t apologize and don’t thank me either. I’d do it again.”
“Thank you,” you say, unable to stop yourself. “And I’m sorry that you got hurt.”
“How about you stop by Martha’s diner tomorrow morning and check on me?” He smiles at you, his blue eyes widening a tad as he playfully raises his brows. “Make sure I’m not dying from my injuries. “
Bucky scrunches his nose at you as he places his hands in his pockets and hunches his shoulders. He’s trying to make himself seem smaller, hoping he doesn’t scare you.
It's working. You feel protected for the first time in forever.
“I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” You question, fighting to keep the smile off your lips.
Bucky shrugs. “If it gets me a date with you, I’ll go out back and fall into another pile, a car, whatever I can find around here, hell I’ll use this counter,“he laughs, tapping the marble surface with his knuckles.
You snort, hiding your face behind your hands. Bucky can’t remember the last time he saw anyone as beautiful or sweet as you. He wants to make sure you never have that scared look in your pretty eyes again.
“I don’t wanna pressure you, I’m guessing you’ve been through a lot, so we can go as slow as you want.” He grabs a napkin off the bar counter and snags a pen out of his pocket.
Bucky finishes writing and slides the napkin to you and backs away.
“Something tells me, I would regret not asking you out, so here’s my number. I eat at that diner every day before work, it’s an open invitation so just show up whenever you want.”
You watch him walk away before looking down at the napkin. Under his number and name, is a tiny stick figure with oversized biceps face-first on the ground.
A wide smile stretches across your face. Yeah, your instincts were right about him.
Breakfast with Bucky sounds really good.
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celestialbarnes · 3 months ago
acquainted | b.b
pairing: bucky barnes x reader (based on tfatws)
summary: in which you and bucky don’t like each other very much, not until one afternoon when you two finally decided to get acquainted. (enemies to lovers)
word count: 3.5k
warnings: nsfw, 18+, oral (m receiving), loads of teasing, unprotected sex, bucky making you beg for it, cocky!bucky, 
a/n: hello! i am back with another bucky fic because i love him so much, he owns my heart and i absolutely love writing for him! i hope you enjoy this lovelies!
requests are open!
thank you so much for reading love! please like and reblog!
Tumblr media
Nine in the morning saw you padding down the hallways of the apartment, sighing as you glanced over to the coffee table, last night’s drinks were still stacked on the wooden table, meaning that he had probably stayed over.
You made your way to the kitchen, the smell of freshly made pancakes wafted through the air, making your mouth water, your stomach grumbling in anticipation as you walked in, not surprised to see Sam at the stove, pouring the batter into the pan.
“Morning sunshine” he greets with an award-winning smile as he turns to you, a grin on his face as he stacks the pancakes one on top of the other.
“Morning Chef” you joke, not being able to stop yourself from laughing with the man standing before you who had donned an Elsa apron which you vaguely remember the neighbour had given him.
“Shut up” Sam grumbled as you doubled over in laughter, clapping your hands as the peals seemed they would not stop anytime soon.
“You can just let it go” you said in a sing song voice, giggling when your best friend shot you a death glare as you mimicked the famous princess, much to his annoyance.
“That’s it, you’re not getting any pancakes”.
“Come on Sam, it was a joke” you protested as he feigned anger, his arms akimbo, the Elsa apron looking a little too small on his frame, you stifled your giggles as you pouted, giving him your infamous puppy dog eyes.
Eyes that you knew Sam could never say no to.
“Please, I’ll do anything” that was partially true because Sam’s pancakes were to die for, literally, especially the chocolate flavoured ones.
“Anything?” Sam questioned, and you nodded confidently, knowing that the worse that could happen was you having dishwashing duties for a week.
“Bucky’s staying over for a few days-“
“No! Come on!”
“Just get along with him, Freaky Magoo’s not that bad”. Sam adds, raising an eyebrow as he picks up the plate of pancakes, tempting you with the treat.
“I’ll just have to take the pancakes away, hey AJ you want pancakes?” he asked, shooting you a grin and you sighed, snatching your plate over.
“Fine, I will try to get along with that ass” you mumbled, rolling your eyes, hating the fact that you had to see him again.
“Ouch doll, didn’t know that was how you thought of me” you groaned at the sound of the oh so familiar voice, grumbling as you turned back, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones
Bucky shot you a boyish smirk as he picked up a mug, his metal hard flexing around the handle as he fills it up with steaming hot coffee, his gaze fixated on you as he brought it up to his lips.
“That’s what everyone thinks of you” you retorted, picking up your plate of pancakes, believing that maybe, the treat was worth spending the next few days with the brunette, but the way he stood there, dressed in nothing but that black shirt that seemed just a size too small, easily stretching over his biceps and his sweatpants that hung a little too low on his hips had you thinking of something else entirely, not that you’d admit it.
“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?” Bucky replied, not missing the glare you threw his way, chuckling when you did.
God, did he love to push your buttons, there was something about the way you flared up that did things to him, pushed him forward, drew him to you like a moth to a flame, god how he wished to just press you face down against the granite countertop and fuck the sass out of you.
His eyes were glued to your figure, the way your nipples pressed against the flimsy tank top made him wonder what it would feel like to bury his face in between your mounds, or how it would feel to have your squirm under him as he eats your sweet cunt, bury his face in that pretty cunt of yours, feel your juices flowing down his chin, hell, all he wanted was to see your pink lips wrapped around his cock, your head bobbing as you choked on it. 
The way your shorts showed of the curve of your perfect ass was enough to make Bucky rock hard, he could feel his growing erection press against the front of his pants as his mind filled with thoughts that were far from innocent, and he couldn’t help but allow himself to delve further into it.
“None of your business Barnes” you shot back, crossing your legs as you cut into your pancakes, picking up the maple syrup and pouring it over your breakfast.
The brunette watched as you sipped on your iced water, his eyes following a bead of condensation that fell from the mug on to your chest, rolling down the valley between your breasts, fuck, all he could think was how god damn beautiful your tits were.
You smirked, licking your lips, rolling your shoulders back to accentuate your chest, your white tank top tightening around your mounds, the fabric rubbing against your already taut nipples, making them harder than they already were.
And in that moment, you will never forget the look Bucky had on his face, he has never looked at you like the he was now and you relished in it.
To make matters worse, you suck your index finger into your mouth, finishing up the maple syrup that stained it, letting it with a pop.
“You were saying Bucky?” You ask albeit too innocently, smiling when you finally made the brunette go speechless.
“Nothing doll,” he replied smoothly, watching, his eyes fixed on you as you placed your plate in the sink, walking out of the kitchen with a swagger in your step that kept his gaze occupied on your ass, your hips swaying and all he wished for was to feel his fingers dig into your hips, oh, how that would feel as he was balls deep buried in your heat.
“Staring much?”  Sam teased as the brunette groaned, his cock rock hard and painful as he tried to push the obscene thoughts of pounding into you mercilessly out of his head.
The way you had licked your lips made him wonder how good they would look around his cock, it wasn’t his first time imagining that and with you wearing those god damn shorts, it sure as hell wouldn’t be his last.
“Shut up” Bucky grumbled, ignoring his friend’s chuckles, the cup of coffee now forgotten as he made a beeline for his room, pulling off his clothes as he hopped into the shower, the cold water soothing his burning skin, cooling him down.
Tumblr media
It was two in the afternoon when you decided that watching a movie would be a great idea to spend the day, after all there wasn’t much that you can do since none of your friends were available to make any plans and even if they were, you were much too comfortable in your Led Zeppelin shirt and shorts to be heading out any time soon.
You turned on Netflix, pressing play on another episode of Friends, your hand digging into your bag of chips as you leaned back onto the cushions.
“Friends again?”.
“Mmhmm” you replied, chuckling when Ross came bursting into apartment. You made the mistake of turning your head to face Bucky, you jaw dropping as your eyes took in the sight before you, your heart thundering in your chest as you struggled to look away.
He was clad in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers that literally left nothing to the imagination.
His biceps looked a lot better than you thought they looked, you knew that he pakced muscle but hell, to see them was entirely different, you never even knew that he had abs, you bite your lip as you found yourself staring, well more like ogling at him, he sure had a nice ass, that much you could see.
“You should just take a photo doll, it’ll last you a lot longer” Bucky said, shooting you a grin as he plopped down on the seat beside you, propping his legs up on the coffee table much to your annoyance, he knew you hated it when he did that.
“Of you? No way”. You retorted as you slapped his hand away from your chips, ignoring the fake pout he gave you.
“Get your own” you grumble, as you continued to watch the show, trying to ignore the glances that Bucky shot you, your skin heating up as your heart raced, the feeling of his gaze upon you had you shifting just a little closer.
You looked over to the brunette who had his eyes fixed to the television, your eyes skimming his frame, cursing internally when you did that because you didn’t miss the way the front of his boxers was stretched at the front, and you sure as heck did not miss the way his cock bulged through the fabric, god, he was big, and you couldn’t help but wonder how it’d feel like for him to stretch you out so perfectly
You could feel heat pooling between your legs, your breath hitching in your throat when Bucky casually placed his hand on your bare thigh.
“You alright princess?” He asked with a smirk, almost as if he knew what he was doing to you, and as much as you hated to admit it, your found yourself caving in to his advances.
“Y-yeah” you mumbled as you forced yourself to tear your eyes from him, keeping your focus on the television, shivers running up and down your spine as he slowly but surely slid his hand up higher, his fingertips ever so gently brushing against your skin, you knew just what he was doing and yet he was making you crave the feeling of his touch, to feel him touch you in all the right spots, a part of you wanted so badly to taste Bucky, to feel his lips moving against yours, to see if it was just as you had imagined it to be, if they were as soft as they looked, you wanted to run your fingers through his hair, pull him close as your lips mesh with his, you wanted it all, to feel his carelessly fuck you into oblivion, then filling you up to the brim with his warm cum.
The living room felt as hot as a sauna despite the air conditioner being set on the lowest temperature, the air was thick with tension as you bite your lip, feeling your heart hammering in your chest, your mind spinning with anticipation as Bucky’s metal digits slid up your thigh.
The sounds of the voices on television sounded like white noise as he brushed his fingers at the front of your shorts, you bite down on your bottom lip, stifling a whimper when he pressed the pads of his fingers against your covered cunt, gently rubbing on your bundle of nerves.
“Tell me you don’t want this darling, and I’ll stop” the brunette said softly, your eyes meeting his blue ones, your lips inches away from his soft ones, he leaned forward, everything about him reeling you in, the scent of his cologne and aftershave was addicting, and the thoughts that were swimming in your head urged you to and just like that you give in to him.
“Please” you whimper and in a span of a second, Bucky crashed his lips onto yours savagely, all tongue and teeth as he gripped the back of your neck, pulling you close to him as he deepened the kiss hungrily, his hand sliding underneath your shirt, groaning when he realised you weren’t wearing a bra as the cool of his metal fingers brushes against your tits.
Your body arched into his as he hooked his hands underneath your thighs, hoisting you up with ease as he roughly placed you down above him, your fingers carding through his hair as your tongues intertwined, fighting for dominance, one which he won easily, grinning into the kiss as he cupped your mound, fingers playing with your peak, earning a moan out of you.
The living room was filled with your soft whimpers and Bucky’s ragged breaths. He claimed you with his touch, his fingers digging into your hips as he bruised you with his kiss.
The brunette’s kisses were hurried and forceful as you took his bottom lip between your teeth, tugging it playfully as you rock your hips against his, teasing him, not stopping until. you earn a low groan from the back of his throat, you smirk as he squeezes your waist, his cock twitching in his boxers.
“You sure teasing me is the best way darling?” Bucky asks as you roll your hips against his, god the number of times he had imagined seeing you on flush on top of him was nothing compared to when you were, it sure was a sight to behold.
“I don’t know Bucky, but it sure as hell is fun” you purr as you pepper kisses down his jaw, your hand sliding down to palm him through the elastic fabric as you nuzzle in his neck.
The brunette chuckled, gently hooking a finger under your chin, tilting your face up as your eyes met his lust filled ones. “You gonna that pretty mouth of yours to work?” he growled as he gave your ass a firm squeeze.
“You know I will” you said, a sultry smile on your face as you got off him, getting down on your knees before him as he flattened his palms against the couch and lifting his hips as you pull down his boxers, his cock springing out, standing tall and rock hard, pre cum leaking from it’s swollen tip.
You lick your lips as you wrap your hand around his base, giving him a few pumps, using his pre cum as lubrication as you pumped him in your hand.
“Lost for words princess?” Bucky asked, a cocky smirk on his face.
“Hardly, I’ve had bigger” you said, your eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones that were blown wide with lust, watching as your tongue dampened his cock with your saliva, making it easier for you to pump him in your grip.
“Ffuck,” Bucky growled, the sight before him made him want to do nothing more than to pull you up, rip those shorts off and plough into you, wanting nothing more than to feel your warm, wet pussy engulf his cock.
You gently lick a thick stripe from his base to his tip, tasting his pre cum and peppering kitten licks on his thick length before you slowly took him into your mouth, your lips wrapping around his cock.
Bucky watched with bated breath as you bobbed your head up and down on his cock, groaning when you swirled your tongue around his tip.
“Aren’t you just a little slut, begging for my cock” he groans as his fingers knotted in your hair, tugging with enough strength to make you moan as he guided your head up and down his member, laying his head back against the cushion, trying to control his breathing as he stifled his moans, watching with his eyes half lidded as you took him into the depths of your mouth.
Bucky looked so beautiful with his bottom lip held hostage by his teeth and his hips bucking up to meet your warm mouth. His bare ass stuck to the leather of the sofa as your fingertips claw at his thighs as his tip hit the back of your throat, your moan sending sweet vibrations up his shaft.
Bucky was so close that you could taste the bittersweetness of his cum each time your tongue swirled around the tip of his cock.
Pulling out the big guns, you cupped his balls in your hands, massaging them gently, watching as Bucky’s mouth hung open, his grip on your hair tightening as he pushed your head further down his shaft, groaning your name as you basked in every sweet, angelic sound that fell from those lips as he rewarded you with ribbons of cum that you happily swallowed before letting him go.
Bucky didn’t waste any time, pulling you up as his lips devoured yours, his hands circling your waist as he pulled you down into his lap as his lips moved against yours in a feverish kiss, groaning when he tasted himself on your tongue.
In one fluid motion, your shirt hits the floor, your chest heaves and your heart thunders in your chest hard and fast.
Bucky growled as he presses open mouthed kisses to your neck, making you whimper as he stains your skin with purple bruises, his hand cupping your breast as he cages your nipple in between his thumb and index finger, rolling it.
“I-I need you” you whimper as he smirks against your skin, that was all it took for the brunette to flip you on to the couch.
“Hands and knees angel” he growls, making you moan as he smacks your ass, watching as you did as you were told, whimpering when his fingers trail your inner thighs before hooking into the waistband of your shorts and pulling them down, groaning when he saw how sopping wet your pussy was, you were dripping with anticipation as he presses a metal digit against your slick, your hips rolling back against him, the feeling of the cool metal stinging your cunt making you whimper.
“Tell me who’s making you this wet? You just wanna be fucked like the dirty slut you are don’t you?” Bucky growls as he slides his finger to your clit, a low moan escaping your lips as he rubs teasing circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves, clearly enjoying the way your body was reacting to his touch, your pussy throbbing in excitement as your body craved for more.
“You, Bucky, please” you whimper, and you hear him chuckle as he replaces his digits with his thick length, pressing his cockhead past your folds as you backed your hips into his, desperate for the brunette to thrust into you. But he only chuckled lowly, continuing to tease your dripping cunt with his dick,
“So, so eager princess, use your words kitten” the brunette said as he slowly pushed his cock past your folds.
“Please Bucky,” you cried out, “please fuck me” you plead, you could practically see the grin on his face as he knotted his fingers in your hair, pulling until your back was against his chest.
“You have no fuckin idea how long I’ve been waiting” he growls, nipping at your ear and without warning, slams into you making you cry out as he stretched you out deliciously, your walls clamping down on his cock almost instantly, making Bucky groan as he pulls out.
“Want to feel you cream around my cock, so fucking tight,” he adds, making you grip the cushions, your fingers digging into the leather as he thrusts back into your heat.
Bucky gripped your hips tightly as you rolled them against his cock, whimpering as pounds into you mercilessly, not caring if his fingertips left bruises on your hips as you cry out in pleasure, back arching as he slams back into you.
“My pretty little slut, so fucking pretty” Bucky growls, his hips snapping as you bite down on your bottom lip, your attempts to stifle your moans failing ever so miserably as you cry, tears brimming around the corner of your eyes as your walls tightened around him.
Bucky tugged at your hair, forcing your head back giving him access as he bites the flesh of your neck, the immense pleasure making you screw your eyes shut as he pushes you to the edge of your orgasm, his thrusts becoming erratic as he encourages you to dive head first into euphoria.
“I’m gunna cum” you moan, your body convulsing as he pulled you close.
“That’s it kitten, cum for me,” Bucky soothes as you cave in, entering a state of nirvana as your walls pulsates around his cock, white spots filling your vision as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you, your throbbing walls sending the brunette to his own release, groaning as he spills his seed inside of you, your body still trembling as you came down from high.
Bucky pulls out slowly, setting you down onto the couch, his cum trailing down your inner thigh and onto the leather as he collapses beside you, his arm around you as he rubs soothing circles down your back.
You were about to lay down on his chest when you both heard the familiar jingle of keys, the two of you gathering your clothes before up and running into your bedroom as the apartment door opened, you hurriedly threw Bucky one of his many shirts while you pulled on your own.
“Shit” Bucky curses.
“What’s wrong?”
“We didn’t clean the sofa, and I forgot-“
“I swear I’m gonna kill you both, the damn sofa is new!” You wince at Sam’s voice followed by Sarah’s laughter, knowing that they had probably found out about the bonding session you and Bucky had whilst he was gone.
“Wanna make a run to the boat?” you ask, panting lightly as you tossed him a pair of pants.
“Sounds good doll”
Tumblr media
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a/n: that’s the end of this fic! i really hope you like it love, and if you did, please, let me know, thank you lovely!
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itsapeterthing · 3 months ago
Cake || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
summary: you and your boyfriend bucky barnes head down to the wilson residence for a barbecue. sam’s nephews adore the both of you and as you watch bucky play with the kids you’re ready to tell your boyfriend that you’re pregnant
a/n: gif credit- @davidsfincher ; i will never get over this scene. reblogs and/or replies are super appreciated!!
word count: 2.7k
warnings: pure fluff based on episode six, mentions of pregnancy
masterlist || request || taglist
“I say we get the vanilla one.”
Standing besides you in the supermarket aisle with his arms crossed, your boyfriend turned to look at you with disgust written all over his face.
“Vanilla?” Bucky said, shaking his head. “Are you kidding, Y/n? All kids like chocolate.”
As he was speaking, Bucky reached out to pull one of the chocolate cakes off of the shelf it was sitting on, but you swat his hand away.
“Oh yea?” You asked. “And what makes you the expert on what kids like?”
Uncrossing his arms, he waved his hand in your face.
“Metal arm.” He said. “Also don’t pretend like Sam’s nephews didn't love me last time we were there.”
You couldn't argue with that. The last time the two of you had been to the Wilson residence in between missions, Sam’s nephews absolutely adored the super soldier. They couldn't get enough of the one hundred and six year-old man with the vibranium arm and the fun they had messing with him.
You had just as much joy watching the interactions between the three of them. You couldn’t help but entertain the idea of starting a family of your own with Bucky.
The two of you had been dating for years- not including the five year blip the two of you had been snapped from existence in- and had often discussed the idea of getting married and having children in the future. You didn’t think you would be ready yet, but as you watched children be in absolute awe of your boyfriend, you felt as though the pieces began to fell into place.
And funnily enough- they did.
You had been feeling sick and exhausted for the past few weeks, but you figured it was on account of the missions you had been going on with Sam and Bucky. When the symptoms continued while you stayed at the Wilson’s home for the weekend while Bucky helped Sam fix the boat- you had taken pregnancy test.
It was positive.
Although you knew that you and Bucky could handle it, you were still in absolute shock realizing that you were going to be starting a family- you were going to be responsible for more than just making sure you and your friends didn’t get killed fighting bad guys- you were going to be a parent.
The only person who knew was Sam’s sister, Sarah. She was the only one inside the house when you had taken the test and when she had heard you pacing around the bathroom, hyperventilating, she opened the unlocked door and immediately saw the pregnancy test in your hands. You had sworn her to secrecy, making sure she didn’t tell your boyfriend or her brother, promising her that you would tell them when the time was right... but with the mission in New York City coming immediately after your stay, you hadn't found the right opportunity to tell Bucky yet.
However, you told yourself that you finally would tonight... after attending the barbecue.
“Yeah, yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “I can’t argue with that. They did love you, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about cake.”
Reaching his hand out for the chocolate cake again he scoffed. “I’m not taking advice from someone who wants to bring a vanilla cake to a party-”
You swat his hand again. “We’re not getting the chocolate.”
“Yes,” He insisted, inching his face closer to yours. “We are.”
“No. We’re not.”
“Can I help you guys with anything?” You heard a worker ask from behind you.
Backing away from your boyfriend you smiled, shaking your head.
“No, we’re fine. Thank you.”
As you watched the worker nod before walking down the aisle, you turned back to your boyfriend.
“Okay fine.” You said. “We’ll compromise. Ice cream cake?”
You watched as Bucky’s eyes widened. “Wait! There’s ice cream cake?”
Twenty minutes later you and Bucky had arrived at the barbecue, your boyfriend taking the cake out of your hands as he stepped out of the car.
As you made your way around the front of the vehicle you watched as Sam’s nephews bombarded Bucky, play fighting with him as he faked attacking them back, making sure to dodge their fists from knocking over the cake in his hands.
You couldn’t deny the way the sight made your heart fill so much you swore it could’ve exploded right in your chest.
As you watched the scene unfold, hearing the laughter erupting from the children around him while he faked getting hurt, you heard Sarah come up behind you.
“You know,” She said, crossing her arms and standing beside you. “You almost scared me to death watching you on the news.”
Glancing at her beside you, you shrugged. “I was fine.” You said. “That wasn’t the first fight I’ve been in.”
“I just can’t believe they let you go.” She said.
“What? What do you mean?”
“What do I mean?” She laughed. “I can’t believe they would let you go do something so dangerous like that knowing you’re-”
Before she could finish her sentence you swat at her arm, rapidly shaking your head, checking around you to make sure no one was listening to your conversation or had heard what she had just said.
“I didn’t tell them yet.” You told her in a hushed voice.
“What?” She asked. “Why not?”
“I couldn’t tell them. If I did they would have never let me go- especially Bucky- but I couldn’t let them go in by themselves like that. You’ve seen the Flag Smashers, Sarah.”
“How long are you going to keep this a secret?” She asked.
“I was going to tell him today.” You told her. “We just needed to sort out the Flag Smashers before I could even think about telling him I’m pregnant-”
“You’re pregnant?”
At the sound of Sam’s voice, you and his sister immediately spun around to be met with Sam standing behind you, only a foot away.
You watched as his mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide and you felt your heart began to race in your chest, knowing that you had just exposed your secret to Sam- you and Bucky’s shared best friend.
“Sam...” You said.
“I-” He stumbled over his words, trying to piece the information together. “You’re pregnant?”
“Yes, but you can’t tell Bucky.” You pleaded, gripping his bicep. “I haven’t told him yet.”
“What?” He exclaimed looking between you and his sister. “How long have you known? Why haven’t you told him yet?”
Playing with one of the rings on your fingers, made anxious by the conversation, you focused your gaze on the water behind him, not able to meet his eyes.
“I found out last time I was here.” You said. “So I found out like a week ago. You can't blame me though, Sam, if I told him he would of never let me go help you guys in New York.”
“Yeah!” Sam nodded. “Neither would I. You could of died!”
“But I didn’t!” You said. “Just don’t tell him okay, Sam? I’m going to tell him tonight.”
Before anymore could be said, you heard the sound of your name being called by Sam’s nephews and spun around to find them running in your direction.
“Hey guys!” You laughed, a smile reaching your face once again.
Watching them run towards you, you knew what they wanted before they even had to ask. Stretching out your arms, you moved your hands in the direction of each of the boys, using your powers to lift them a maximum of three feet above the ground- not wanting to upset their mother. You smiled as you watched the boys laugh about how “awesome” it was in awe as they looked down at the ground three feet below them.
You felt Sam’s hand land on your shoulder.
“I’m happy for you, Y/n.” You heard Sam say, leaning in closer so no one outside of your current group could hear him. “You both are going to be great parents. Just tell him soon, okay?”
He pat your shoulder one last time before walking past you and his nephews you were still currently floating midair.
“How come when I ask you guys if you want to fly you say no?” Sam asked.
“She’s using magic!” Cass exclaimed.
“Yeah, Uncle Sam.” AJ agreed. “That’s way cooler.”
Sam threw his hands up in the air, walking in the opposite direction and as he did you lowered the boys to the ground, much to their disappoint. When they scurried off in the direction of their uncle, your eyes met Bucky’s staring at you, smiling from across the way of where you had just been levitating Sam’s nephews.
“Look at you!” He said, smiling, reaching out his arms for you.
“Me?” You laughed. “You just had a whole choreographed fight scene with the boys. You’re like their cool uncle.”
You watched as your boyfriend pulled off his sunglasses and smiled at you, resting his vibranium hand on your waist.
“Only if you’re their cool aunt.”
You smiled. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Afterwards the two of you went to eat and spent the remainder of the meal sharing a table with Sam, his sister and his nephews. Despite the dangerous mission the three of you had been dealing with the past week, the table was full of laughter and joy that you were happy to welcome in.
Even when the cake that you had brought was sliced, you and Bucky smiled at each other from across the table when the boys scoffed down their slice of ice cream cake that contained both vanilla and chocolate- your compromise having worked in the end for the better. At times you even used your abilities to pull the fork out of your boyfriend’s hand just as he was about to bite down on a slice of cake, hearing the boy’s laugh as they watched the super soldier roll his eyes at you.
“Ha ha.” Bucky would say. “Very funny... what is that? Three times now? Really, Y/n?”
But he knew you would continue to do it as long as you continued to hear the sounds of awes coming out of the boys’ mouths and he couldn’t fault you for that. Instead sneaking you a smile when you brought the fork back into his grasp.
At the end of the evening when everyone had began to make their way home, the sun setting over the horizon, you helped tidy up with the Wilson siblings. When the tables were all wiped clean, you brushed your hands off on your bottoms, watching as Bucky sat on the edge of the dock, the golden hue of the sunset setting on his features.
Glancing over your shoulder as Sarah ushered her children back home, you saw Sam throw you a thumbs up. When your eyes met his you smiled, mouthing a “thank you” before he turned in the direction of his sister, following her path back home.
Sighing to yourself you turned back to your boyfriend.
You were going to tell him. You were going to finally tell him you were pregnant.
You took one last deep breath, taking in the last moment before Bucky and your’s life changed forever.
Making your way towards your boyfriend you kneeled behind him, your chest meeting his back as you wrapped your arms around his chest.
“Hi.” You whispered.
“Hi doll.” He hummed, moving his hands to hold yours that were resting against his chest.
“Had a nice day?” You asked, leaning in to press a gentle kiss against his cheek.
You felt as his chest rumbled when he chuckled, staring out over the water while the sun continued to set, its reflection turning the water gold.
“Yeah.” He said. “I wish it could be like that every day, you know?”
You knew what he meant. You understood that he was talking about the peace, the joy, the laughter- the normalcy. You understood that he was talking about how your lives were so hectic and always would be due to the hand you had been dealt with super human abilities. You could never have a normal life, but you also understood that it was more than just never having to fight or go on a mission again- it was the feeling of family, of caring and of love.
“I know it can’t be like that every day.” You said. “But would you... would you settle for most days?”
You felt his hands squeeze yours a bit more, tilting his head back to get a better look at you.
“What are you talking about?”
“Would you settle for most days, Buck?” You asked again. “Would it all be worth it even if you still had to fight?”
He answered in a heartbeat.
“Of course it would.” Bucky said. “I’d fight for one day of this.”
You unwrapped your arms from around his chest, moving to kneel besides him on the dock so he could face you. Knowing what you were about to say, you took in the moment, breathing in the fresh air and memorizing the way his face looked in the golden hour.
“I’m pregnant.”
You watched as his face dropped and you were almost worried until a wide smile reached across his face.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked, so in disbelief he sounded as though the wind had been knocked right out of him.
You smiled, nodding your head and took his hand in yours. “I am. I found out a few days ago-”
“Wait.” He cut you off. “A few days ago? Did you know you were pregnant when we fought in New York City?”
Staring at his face now, confronting the issue, you were suddenly very interested in the frosting he had somehow gotten on the bottom of his shirt, tugging on the hem and scratching it off.
“Okay, yes. I knew.” You confessed.
Rather than the fed up, overprotective reaction you were expecting, you felt Bucky’s hands reach to cup your face, forcing you to look at him. Rather than anger in his eyes, all you saw was worry and you were wishing you had never gone and fought just so you could save yourself from seeing him like that.
“Promise me you won’t fight anymore.” He said. “At least until the baby’s here- God I can’t believe we’re having a baby- just promise me okay? If anything happened to either of you I wouldn’t know what to do with myself-”
“I promise, Buck.” You assured him, smiling and beginning to feel tears prickle in your eyes. “We’re gonna have a baby.”
You watched as he began to smile once again and the two of you couldn’t help but laugh- so consumed in complete and utter joy. You and Bucky had gone through so much- especially within the last few months- but as you both sat there, so happy you couldn’t help but laugh, you realized it was worth it and you would go through it all again if it meant that at the end of the day you two would come back to each other every single time.
For the first time in your life, you watched as tears of joy began to fill his eyes, almost as if they had begun to wash away the years of pain that he had suffered previously. Although he was sure he hadn’t fought his last fight... he was sure he was going to be okay. He was happy. He was going to share his life with you. He was going to be a dad.
“We’re gonna have a kid.” He repeated the words, almost as if to convince himself that they were true.
“You’re gonna be such a good dad, Buck.” You told him, laughing through the tears that had begun to fill your eyes. “If you’re half as good at being a dad as you are the ‘cool uncle’- our kid is in good hands.”
“You think so?” He asked.
“I know so, Buck.”
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baroquebucky · 3 months ago
could you write something about the reader playing/fiddling with bucky’s dog tags?
a/n: no bc I’m literally obsessed w bucky and his dog tags it’s so bad ,, i hope u enjoy !!
bucky is always wearing his dog tags, you like to keep your hands busy
word count: 866
Tumblr media
You touched the dog tags, quickly pulling your hand back when you realized what you were doing.
“you can mess with them doll, i don’t mind” he smiled, you looked at him for a second before grabbing them softly, fiddling them in your hands.
“they look good on you” you smiled, looking at him as his ears turned red. He grinned at you, watching the way you ran your fingers over the words on the metal.
“wonder how they’d look on you doll” he mumbled, moving to take them off and place them on you before you could say anything. Bucky felt his heart thumping in his chest, the sight of you wearing his dog tags made his heart face. You were his.
“is this your way of drafting me?” You teased, taking the tags in your hands and messing with them, taking them off and placing them back on bucky.
“you looked really good with them on” he spoke breathless, a smile on his face still. You felt your face heating up as he spoke, shaking your head.
“they look better on you” you spoke, grabbing them and pulling them to get bucky closer to you, your faces inches apart. You smiled before crashing your lips onto his, one hand still firmly grasping the dog tags and the other holding snaking to the back of Buckys neck.
You pulled away with a smile, knees weak and head spinning, bucky let out a breathy laugh, leaning in for another kiss.
After bucky let you mess with his tags the first time there was no stopping you after that. You found yourself fiddling with them constantly, not even noticing some of the times.
The two of you would be laying in bed, talking about your days and making easy conversation. You used to fiddle with the the end of the blanket, now you found yourself closer to bucky as you talked, his dog tags in your hands as you spoke, concentrating on your story as you moved the metal in your hands.
You would be at the grocery store, talking to bucky as you waited in line to pay and you would reach to hold his dog tags, moving them between your fingers as you listened to bucky talk about the soccer game he watched this morning.
It drove Bucky wild. The way you so naturally gravitated towards them, seeking them for comfort and to focus your mind. You would vent to him, not wanting to look him in the eyes and fiddle with the dog tags, reading the words and numbers over and over to ground you.
One time you were stressed beyond belief, crying twice within the hour and even yelling at bucky for trying to help you. He didn’t hold it against you, brining you some water and placing his dog tags on you, giving you a gentle kiss atop your head before leaving the room.
You sniffled, your hand fiddling with the dog tags, a smile forming as you got back to work, concentrating a bit better now that you had something to fidget with.
When you had finished your work a couple hours later you left the little office area, wanting to apologize to bucky and have him cuddle you to sleep. Bucky gave you a bright smile from the couch, patting the seat next to him. You walked over to him quickly, sitting so close to him your thighs touched.
“sorry for yelling at you” you spoke, hands still messing with the dog tags. You took them off and placed them back onto bucky, smiling as they rested on his chest.
“don’t, i understand how stressed you can get doll” he replied sincerely, grabbing your hand and kissing it gently.
“why’d you leave ‘em with me?” you questioned, laying your head on his shoulder as he sat back, finishing the episode he was watching.
“figured they would help you focus” he smiled, eyes focusing on the dog tags that now lay on his chest, jingling softly as he moved to turn the tv off and pick you up.
“they did” you replied, letting Bucky pick you up as your wrapped your arms around his neck, excited to finally sleep after your long day.
“you can always wear them when you need them doll face” you smiled at him softly. Your heart fluttered, you knew how much meaning they had to bucky. Yet here he was, giving you all the liberty in the world to take them from him whenever you pleased.
“thank you buck” you whispered as he set you down softly, the two of you going to brush your teeth and get ready for the night.
As the two of you settled into bed you looked at him with a smile on your face, telling him about what you were working on, dog tags already in your hands.
Bucky loved the way you fiddled with them, he loved how much comfort they brought you. He loved that it was all because they were his. They helped you focus because it was him that helped you focus.
It was bucky that always brought you comfort and helped you through it all.
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angrythingstarlight · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
A beefy!Bucky happy trail.
That’s it.
That’s the post.
Tumblr media
I did not ask to be attacked on this Sinday. In my house. In front of my innocent followers. Also.....NSFW thoughts below. But soft NSFW.
Rain patters against the window, creating a soft steady drum that fills the peaceful, hushed room.
All you hear is his heartbeat under your ear, his warm skin on your cheek, your hand tracing along the firm planes of his stomach. You know each scar and mole on his body, a story written on his skin, your own personal map of Bucky.
It’s been hours of the two you wrapped around each other. You never want to leave this bed, the soft linen sheets tangled around his waist, your own bare legs stretched out next to him. You giggle when you realize that he’s snagged every sheet. Again.
Bucky is a blanket hog-no matter how many duvets and sheets you layer on at night, they all end up around him-you don’t complain, he’s warm enough to make up for it.
Any protest about you needing just one sheet Bucky withering away when he draws you into his side tucking you right under his bearded chin, a heavy warm arm draped over your waist, his deep voice in your ear, all sleepy and disoriented, mumbling that you’re just too far away, bunny, c’mere, I’m cold without ya.
Today has been one of those rare lazy days. No missions, no work, no phones, you turned off them before anyone could call. No need to make excuses for why you wanna stay in, you can save that for tomorrow. Sorry Sam, no brunch today, no Scott, you can’t borrow Bucky’s arm for Cassie’s show and tell.
The rain continues to drum on the rooftop; the skies fading to cloudy azure blues and grays, the light in the room dimming, as you continue to trace your finger up and down his belly. Across the soft tawny hair trailing to his growing bulge that’s not quite hidden by the heap of sheets gathered around his legs.
The pads of your fingers find the vein running down his stomach and you press softly, grazing it with the edge of your nail. His quiet hiss draws your eyes up, past his heaving flushed chest to his face.
Bucky is giving you that look. The one that sends you spiraling headfirst into the abyss, the one that will have you agreeing to do anything if he just keeps looking at you like that.
He’s gazing at you, love and adoration darkening his blue eyes. He always says you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.
And when his blue eyes settle on your face, his breath shuddering and he stares at you, enraptured as if he could fall to his knees and worship the ground you walk on.
When he can’t keep his hands off of you for more than a minute, when he seeks you out in a room full of people, drawn to your smile, your eyes, your laugh.
When he tilts your chin up, just to get a closer look and maybe sneak a kiss or two....well you have to believe him. How can you argue with that?
“Whatchu thinkin’ about Bunny,” he enquires, voice rough, gravelly breaking the silence, his hand drifting over the small of your back. You shiver at the feel of his calloused fingers on your skin.
Pursing your lips, your playful eyes flit between his relaxed face and the tent between his legs. “You.”
A grin stretches across his face, his bearded cheeks creasing as it widens until the corners of his eyes crinkle. You trace the vein down, down, down, unhurried, hearing the small hitch in his breath as you push your hand under the sheets, keeping you from him.
Flicking them away, you lick your lips at the sight of him. Hard and throbbing, a long vein making its way to the red, swollen tip. You draw your thumb across his head, smearing drops of precum down his shaft with a twist of your wrist.
Bucky chokes out your name when you do it again, his cock twitching under your light touch. Glancing back up at him, his blue eyes nearly black with lust and need, his lips parted as he takes a deep breath in.
You preen, your giant super-soldier coming undone at your touch is well-it’s intoxicating especially when you make him groan, his hips lifting off the bed as you stroke him.
“Thinking about how much I want you inside me, stretching me until I can’t take anymore,” you confess.
“Hold on, hold on,” Bucky reaches down, his fingers closing around your wrist. “That feels too good,” he chuckles, needing you to stop because if you keep touching him the way you are, this is going to be over before he can take care of you the way you deserve.
And Bucky never lets you down.
“Get on top and use me, bunny,” he states, his hands folding behind his head. "If you can handle all this," he jokes.
You narrow your eyes at him. You can handle him, maybe. Damn, he's big. The last time he pinned you down and fucked you swore he was in your chest, unable to even scream as he pounded you. You may have passed out. Yeah, you can handle him.
You swing your leg over his large thigh, grabbing his shaft with one hand, bracing yourself as you ease down his thick cock. “Oh fuck,” you gasp, feeling the slight burn as you take him in, your silken walls stretching around him.
It always takes a minute to get used to him, each inch makes you feel so full, soft mewls slip past your lips as he disappears inside you. Slapping your hands on his chest, you drop your head, breathing through your nose. He’s so deep, so deep, all you can feel is him.
Bucky smooths his hands up your thighs, massaging small circles with his thumbs, “take your time sweet girl, doing so good,” he praises.
You circle your hips, nails clawing at his chest at the first burst of sensations. He lets you set the pace, a slow steady rhythm that builds until you’re bouncing on him, your tits sway in front of his face, his hands running up and down and your thighs as he continues to praise you for taking him so well, fuck you feel so good bunny, you’re so tight bunny, you feel so soft, so good, that’s my girl.
Your legs burn, muscles shaking as you chase your high, you slip forward, your hands sliding up to his shoulders. You’re so close, but you can’t move fast enough, tears prick your eyes as you try. “Bucky please’-” you cry out.
“You need me, don’t you, Bunny?” he murmurs.
Bucky sits up, pulling you into his chest, your nipples brushing over his sweat-laced skin with each frantic roll of your hips. You place your hands on his back, biting down on his shoulder. All you can think is how good you feel, so good, drowning in pleasure as you let him take control. His massive arms wrap around your body as he meets your thrusts, pounding up into your fluttering walls, the bed shaking and creaking.
“Bucky, fuck, oh fuck yes right there, right-oh fuck,” you rasp out, a bead of sweat rolling your spine.
Bucky sweeps his lips across your shoulder, peppering kissing along your neck, nipping and sucking bruises on your throat, you’ll proudly wear his marks for days his steady deep pace making you cry out. His name slurred on your tongue as the spring gets tighter and tighter.
Bucky wrenches your head back, biting your throat until you whimper his tongue soothing the small marks left behind. His feral eyes roaming over your pretty face with pride. He’s not going to stop until he sees you fall apart.
“I got you, bunny. Let go for me, go on, I got you,” he grunts, his lips slotting over yours. His grip tightens when a deep thrust hits your sweet spot so hard your body goes rigid.
“There you go, cum for me, cum for me,” he chants, his needy words muffled as he deepens the kiss, the feel of his wet tongue gliding past your parted lips drives you over the edge.
You keen, a high thin sound that makes Bucky smirk, your slick walls clenching over his cock, greedily pulling him back. Your hips jerking rapidly over him as your orgasm hits you, the tight spring coiling in your belly shatters.
Bucky groans in your ear, clutching you to his warm body as he pounds into your spasming cunt. It’s too much, yet you want more, the potent pressure building again. His face buried in your neck as his thrusts become erratic, warmth spreading in your pussy as he cums, his fingers rubbing your clit, “one more, bunny, need ya to cum one more time, “breathed into your skin until you wantonly sob, your body trembling as another weaker orgasm washes you over.
“Good girl,” he pants, lifting his head up, his lips moving over your jaw. More soft kisses peppered along your skin, his mouth slotting over yours passionately, languidly until you’re dizzy.
Breaking the kiss with a pleased sigh, he leans back on the sheets, keeping you flush against him, arranging your limp body over his.
“Let’s stay like this,” he hums when you sit up. “I’ll get you cleaned up and fed in a minute, just wanna feel you wrapped around me, bunny.”
You can do that. All night if he wants.
You smile, laying back on his chest, you card your fingers through his damp hair. The sounds of the rain pelting on the rooftop fading away as you listen to his deep voice telling you how much he loves you.
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houseravenclaws · 22 days ago
all the good things
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: bucky's been more than a little happy recently. sam thinks it has something to do with the pretty girl on the team.
author's note: based on a prompt and idea sent in by a lovely anon of mine, "i haven't seen him smile like that in ages." hope u like it x
It was a stupid lie.
One that Sam thought would be funny and harmless and okay, maybe a little cruel, but harmless regardless.
It was supposed to be harmless.
Because Bucky never smiled like that. Never looked so happy.
And Sam noticed it.
He noticed it the morning they had to leave for Germany.
“Plane’s all loaded. Tony said he’ll meet us in Berlin. Everyone ready?”
Clint groaned, “We’ve been ready since your five a.m. wake up call, Rogers.”
“Why was that necessary again?” Natasha asked.
Steve narrowed his eyes, “You know why.”
“We’re not always late, Steve. Cut us some slack and Clint - Clint don’t you dare take my spot. This is like Moscow all over again —“
Sam zoned them out because he noticed Bucky standing there. Right by the door with his hands twitching and he knew something was up.
Something that involved a really pretty girl, dragging herself in all late with heavy, sleepy eyes. You looked like you hadn’t slept all night and something about it made Sam want to laugh.
He didn’t though.
He couldn’t.
Not when you dropped your head on Bucky’s chest like that.
Sam watched as his hands stopped twitching.
“‘m so tired.”
“Yeah? Maybe you shouldn’t have stayed up so late watching those reruns,” Bucky pointed out.
You grumbled something and Bucky laughed.
“I got her bag, man.” Sam interrupted.
Bucky looked over at him and nodded.
“I got her,” he quickly said, without thinking. “Got you, right, Y/N?”
“Mhm. Got me, Buck.”
Bucky smiled and Sam noticed that smile didn’t move from his face for a long time. A good twenty minutes. He didn’t know why he was paying attention to them so much. Maybe because he knew something was there. Something good was there between them and Sam liked when his friends had good things.
Even if those good things came during a ten hour plane ride.
“Alright, so Fury set us up in this hotel across the club. Tony said it gets pretty crazy around there, so going undercover will be no problem. However, we do need to watch out for these guys,” Steve handed out some profiles. “Ex-assassins. Pretty intense. Last Fury heard of ‘em they were in Chicago doing some high intel work for —“
You walked in, yawning and took a seat right next to Bucky. To everyone else, it seemed normal. You always sat next to Bucky and you always looked like that when you did. All bright-eyed and happy. Sam just didn’t know if the team knew what that was because they were too focused on Steve.
Sam focused on you though.
Focused on the way your head fell on Bucky’s shoulder and focused on the way Bucky moved his hand so you could look at the profiles together.
“Sleep well?” Bucky murmured.
“Yeah, yeah. Missed you though.”
Sam acted like he couldn’t hear them.
Like he hadn’t heard them.
But he had and he did and he needed to talk to Steve about it because he couldn’t be the only one noticing them, right? Everyone had eyes just like he did so they must have noticed.
They must have.
At least Steve would’ve.
“There’s something going on between them,” Sam tried explaining to Steve in the middle of the market. They were in some farmers market in the middle of Berlin. “I’m telling you, man, you —“
“I know.”
“You know?”
“Yeah, Bucky’s —“ Steve sighed. “He’s tryna figure it out. Doesn’t think he deserves her.”
Sam took a sip of his coffee.
“And you haven’t tried convincing him that he does? Just - just look at em’” he nudged his head over to you.
You were walking around the market with Bucky beside you. It looked like you were trying to keep an eye out, get a good glimpse of the area surrounding the club, but really couldn’t when one of the workers stopped you. Stopped to talk about some fruit he was serving and Bucky stopped too. Wrapped his arm around you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder.
Sam knew he had to do something when you reached out and instinctively tangled your hand in Bucky’s hair. The worker said something that made you two laugh and Bucky turned his face into your neck to stop from laughing too much. From smiling too much.
“I haven’t seen him smile like that in ages.”
“Me too,” Steve agreed.
So Sam had to do something. He had too and alright, maybe he hadn’t gone about it the right way, but it got him where he wanted and that’s all that really mattered.
Sam swore he’d never seen Bucky so pissed off before though.
“Is she getting it?” Bucky asked.
They were at that stupid club. The one that was about to get ransacked by those ex-assassin assholes if they didn’t move fast enough. Bucky was at one end of the bar while you were at the other, trying to get some code from some German guy. Sam passed by to make sure things were going smoothly.
“Yeah, she’s trying too. He won’t stop flirting with her though.”
Sam watched as Bucky’s gaze fell.
“Is she flirting back?”
“Think so. Think she’s trying to get his number and code in one go. Pretty impressive if you ask me.”
Bucky’s fist clenched and Sam mentally praised himself. He shouldn’t have because yeah, he lied, but it was harmless, okay? And just because you weren’t flirting with stupid German guy didn’t mean he couldn’t lie about it because stupid American guy wasn’t making any moves either. So, getting him a little pissed wasn’t going to hurt anybody.
Except maybe the ex-assassin assholes who walked through the door. Sam believed Bucky knocked all five of them out in less than ten minutes.
Steve didn’t even have to come in and Clint and Natasha stayed on the roof. Tony too.
No one got hurt the entire night.
Except maybe Bucky.
And you because the next morning on the plane Bucky wouldn’t speak with you.
“Hey, Buck,” you greeted. “Someone didn’t come to my room last night to watch our reruns.”
Bucky didn’t respond.
You looked at him.
“Hey, Buck, I’m talking to you.”
You tugged on his sleeve and he didn’t budge.
“Grumpy,” you teased. “Grumpy, hey, we don’t take off for another 10 minutes so why don’t stop staring out the window and look at me? Hm?”
“Don’t you have some German guy to text?’ Bucky shot back. “Real shame if he didn’t hear from you before you left the country.”
Bucky wanted to scoff. He wanted to scoff so bad.
“German guy? What German guy? Buck I —“
“Can’t even reply to my text when we’re one floor apart, but you’d do long-distance with him?”
“Long-distance? Who said anything about long distance and what German guy?”
You waited for him to say something and he didn’t.
“What German guy, Buck? And would you stop grumbling things under your breath and just look at me? Please.”
Your hand went to his jaw and you turned it to face you.
Bucky removed your hand from his skin.
You sighed and a part of you wanted to be irritated, it really did, but he was just upset. He looked really upset and you didn’t want to make him more upset, so you didn’t push. Not too much anyway but there was still a misunderstanding and you needed to fix it.
Now. You needed to fix it now.
So you got up and took a seat on his lap. Right on his thigh and rested your back on the window.
“That isn’t safe.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, “Pretty sure I’m safer here than there. Don’t ya think?”
Bucky didn’t say anything.
You held back a grin.
“Now how about you tell me what’s got you all grumpy? Hm? I can see that little crinkle on your forehead and you know —“ you smoothed it out with your thumb. “You know how much I don’t like that.”
“I can’t fix it if you don’t talk to me, Buck. Communication, remember?”
He remembered.
“You could’ve told me you wanted to…see other people. I know we aren’t together and I know it’s stupid that I’m being like this and if you want to be with German guy than —“
“What German guy?”
Bucky looked away from you.
“What German guy, Buck? There was…is no German guy. There’s no one but —“
“That guy from the club. The one you were flirting with.”
You were taken aback for a moment and stayed quiet. Really, you didn’t know why you stayed as quiet as you did for as long as you did, but Bucky must’ve thought that he was right when you did. That your silence was an I caught you moment because he started moving you off his lap. Started unwrapping your arms from around his neck but you stayed put.
“I wasn’t flirting with him. I would never —“
Bucky scoffed.
And you’d be mad, you really would, but he was just hurt. He was hurt so you leaned forward and nudged your nose against his cheek. Against his stubble.
“Hey, grumpy, don’t do that. You know I’d only flirt with you.”
“Sam said —“
“And Sam jokes a lot. What makes you think he wasn't joking?”
Bucky didn’t say anything.
“You really think I’d do that to you?”
Bucky sighed, “No, no I know you wouldn’t. I guess it just —”
Sam cleared his throat and Bucky’s head shot to him. There was a smug grin on his face and Bucky immediately went, “I’m gonna kill him.”
“No you’re not.”
“I am. I can’t believe he really...“
And he didn’t have to continue for you to know what he wanted to say. You really didn’t flirt with him? You really didn’t want him? It was written all over his face and all you had to do was tighten your arms around his neck. Card your fingers through the back of his hair for him to get the message.
His head fell on your chest.
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“Am crazy about you, darlin’,” he looked up at you. “Just thought I lost you before I could make you mine.”
You stopped breathing.
“You wanna be mine, right?”
You blinked for a few seconds then pushed him back into the seat, kissing him a little too hard. Yeah, grumpy, I wanna be yours, you squeaked out because you were that excited. That giddy and Bucky laughed against your lips. Laughed and pressed his lips against that beautiful smile of yours even harder because he’d only been dreaming about kissing you like this for months. You even wanted to add that you’ve wanted to be his, well, since the first time you caught him watching reruns of that stupid baking show you always turned off.
Because to you it was too intense and fast and your life was already like that. Already too chaotic, but to Bucky it was calming. He found it calming so you started watching it with him.
She didn’t even leave it in the freezer long enough. How did she expect it to hold itself together? It’s chocolate, not glue, you’d always say. Always go on some tangent and Bucky really liked it. Found you funny and comforting and it really could've just been your voice. Your voice was sweet and smooth, but it wasn’t just that. It was you and all of you and he fell in love with all of it.
All of you.
Just like you fell in love with him when he rested his head on your shoulder and fell asleep right between you one night.
“Got me, Y/N?”
“Got you, Buck.”
So, the kiss felt like that. Like sleepy nights and baking shows and home and just everything good.
Sam could tell.
After all, he liked when his friends had good things.
Even if he had to make a few harmless lies to get them.
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barnestuff · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky always softens around his girl.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff.
a/n have a nice day/night <33 my masterlist
Bucky certainly wasn’t a ray of sunshine around people.
He usually didn’t smile around the team. He would wake up earlier than everyone, train earlier than the rest of the team. He wasn’t the one to talk a lot, just answering questions.
Bucky was cold, he couldn’t control it. It wasn’t easy to feel comfortable around people after what he went through.
You were an exception.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky finally came to your door after a long day, full of training recruits. He let out a breath and knocked on your door with his knuckles.
“Hey, doll”
“Bucky!” you said as you jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you up a bit.
“Did you miss me, baby?” he said and kissed your hair.
“Mmh, yes. How was your day?” you said as you left his embrace, walking him to the bed.
“Eh, ordinary. Missed you so much.” he said and you gave him a look, making him chuckle. You sat on the bed and patted the spot next to you, telling him to sit. Instead, he took you in his lap and layed down, you on the top of him, his hands on your waist and your hands next to the sides of his head.
“How was your day, doll?” he asked, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“It was fine, I did some work and baked cookies.” you said as you started kissing his neck. Bucky hummed at the feeling of your open mouthed kisses.
“Chocolate chip?” he asked, a big smile forming on his face.
“Yes” you chuckled and put your head on his chest. His hands started to draw patterns on waist and arm and he started humming to an old song.
Bucky was longing for peace before he met you and now that you were with him, he wanted to keep you forever. He wanted to wake up next to you everyday. He wanted to sing 40’s songs with you. He wanted to take you out on a date at that fancy restaurant Tony recommended.
He wanted to tell you everything. He wanted to tell you he loved you with the most beautiful words he knew. He wanted to write you songs, letters, poems. He wanted to express his feelings like everyone around him did.
He sighed quietly.
Instead of using his words, he took your face in his hands, caressed your cheeks with his calloused thumbs and gave you a tender kiss. His lips were soft and it made you forget everything else for a few good seconds, there was just you and Bucky.
“I love you too,” you whispered.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
The next dad Bucky would be....
Bucky with a breeding kink? Has to be. He wants more children. I volunteer to do just that 😏.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x reader
Warnings: smut, creampie, breeding kink, Minors DNI, 18+
A/N written on my phone, will edit later. Do not copy, rewrite, repost or translate my work. Even if you credit me. Comments and reblogs are wonderful!
Tumblr media
Bucky wants more babies. With you. He wants his little family to grow. He wants little ones with eyes like yours running around the house. Filling his home with laughter and comfort, the kind he only seems to find in your embrace.
He loves seeing your belly become more round and swollen as you carry his babies. He cherishes every minute of your pregnancy, loving that you made him a father.
Bucky never asked for much, but somehow received the world when he met you. He would have been ecstatic to just have known you, but then you loved him in return. You gave him things-home, love, family- things that he never thought he could have.
Lately, Buckys been a bit more clingy.
It started when you asked him to clean out the nursery; he had a brief flash of melancholy darkened his blue eyes. You thought you imagined it at first.
But then it took him hours to pack up the baby clothes that your youngest had outgrown. When you finally went to look for him, you found Bucky in the nursery sitting on the floor surrounded by the baby’s clothes and toys going through pictures on his phone.
“I miss this.” He murmured under his breath, as he gazed at the picture of the two of you. He’s standing behind you with his chin on your shoulder and his hands cradling your belly.
More and more you noticed the longing in his eyes whenever he found a picture of you pregnant and smiling or whenever he saw a baby.
He may not admit it, but Bucky has baby fever.
And it’s contagious.
Tumblr media
You’re tangled up in soft, lavender-scented sheets with him hovering over you. His hands lingering over your belly as he gives you that look again.
“Bucky,” you sigh when his large palm, rough and warm, rubs your belly before he goes down your thigh.
He hums in response, tracing up your hip with his fingertips. A thick callous on the pad of his thumb pressing into your skin as he makes his way across your waist.
You push your head into the downy soft pillow, shifting back to see his face. Warm deep blue eyes gaze down at you. There’s so much passion and love in his expression that it encases you, spreading across your being like wildfire.
“What are you thinking about?”
He leans down, his nose nudging your cheek. “You.”
You shiver from his deep voice smoothing over your skin. The twist of his lips tells you he felt you.
“You.” He repeats, his tone thick with unspoken emotion, it’s hard to breathe with him looking at you the way he is, his eyes don’t leave your face as his hand finds its way back to your belly. “You round and swollen with my baby. You glowing and beautiful as you carry our child. Maybe a little girl with your smile.”
Tears prick the corners of your eyes. His lips brush over yours, his large body easing over you. “You want that,” he murmurs, “wanna have my baby?”
You nod, parting your lips, his tongue dipping into your mouth. You do, you’ll give him as many babies as he wants. His scent, fresh and masculine, encompasses you as he deepens the kiss.
You moan into his mouth when you feel his cock, throbbing and hard, on your thigh. You slide your hands between your bodies and wrap your fingers around his thick, veiny shaft, guiding him to your aching core.
“So wet and tight for me,” he groans, your silky walls stretching around him as he sinks into you. “So fucking good, fuck you feel so good.”
He can’t stop praising you, telling you how sweet and good are you, how much he loves you with each deep stroke until your body is thrumming with pleasure.
“-gonna fill you up so good, you’re going to feel me for days,” he pants in your ear over the salacious slapping of his into yours as he drives deeper into your pussy. “Gonna keep your pretty pussy stuffed until you’re nice and round.”
“Yes, oh fuck yes Bucky.” You keen, a high thin wail, when he lifts your hips, making you meet his powerful thrusts.
His fingers intertwine between yours, pinning your hands by your head.
Bucky pushes you into the bed, dropping his weight on your body. “ And he grinds his hips down, his cock dragging and stretching you, pressure building in your core, you claw his back. His name a vulgar, desperate chant on your lips.
Bucky feels you flutter and tighten around him and he pounds into you, the headboard crashing into the wall, throaty, frantic sobs escape your mouth.
“Cum for me, cum for me please, cum-,” he insists, his eyes watching your face contort with pleasure. The pressure in you cresting higherhigherhigher until you snap. “-fuck, good girl, just like that doll.”
He fucks you through your orgasm, sensations twisting and burning with each slow push of his cock into your spasming cunt.
You feel all of him, his warm, sweat-slicked body surrounding you as he moves deeper in you. “S close doll, fuck I can’t, so good-“ He mumbles, groaning your name when you clench down. “So good for me.”
He tilts his head, kissing you as he tenses over your pliant body, you hear the low, deep groan in his throat, his hips stuttering until warmth floods your core, your belly nearly bulging from how full you are.
He drops onto your body with a shaky laugh, “damn you’re good. I could stay in your pussy all day.”
“Bucky,” you breathe out, biting your lip, his joyous grin making your face burn."Too heavy." You playfully slap his ass before brushing back his hair.
The room spins as he rolls you over until you’re laying on his chest. You slide off him, stopping when he grabs your ass.
“Let’s stay like this for a minute,” he says. Bucky doesn’t you to leave him just yet, you’re too warm and snug around him to let you go. He’s already planning on fucking more of his cum into you until he’s sure it takes.
You settle back on his chest, propping your chin on his chest. Bucky rubs small circles into your back, a comfortable silence drifting over you.
“I didn’t pack up the nursery.”
You laugh, placing a kiss on his chin. “I know.”
His swollen lips curve into a smile. “If we have a girl, I want to repaint the entire room. Then I want to build a rocking chair like the one my dad made for my sister.”
You rest your head over his heart, listening to him play for your baby’s arrival. His raspy deep voice washing over you, lulling you to sleep.
Bucky looks down at you, muttering a thank you to the universe for giving him someone so wonderful.
Everything he wants from the world is right here in this bed, in his home with you. And if he’s lucky, his small family will have a new addition in nine months.****
Part 1
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